The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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Tobacco Leaf Journal

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voL. 37. [ESTABLISHED 1864.] NEW, YORK, WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 24, 1877. WHOLE NO. 661 lhe leaf [ESTABLISHED 186fol PUBLISHED l:very Wednesday Morning -BT-JI The Tobacco Lear" Pnblishilli Co., U2 Faltoa St., New York. EDWARD BURKE, ---Editor. JOHN G. GRAFF. Business Mana[cr. __ / W" All Let ten sllould be plalnly addreose<\ ol THE Toucco LLur ,, PuBLISHING Co. TEIIJ!IS OJJ' THE PAPER. SINGLE CoPIES .......... 10 Cent.A ... m"" Remember that the cost to tlle Yearly or Monthly subscriber Is L TBJ.N EIGHT CENTs PmWEEK. ANNUAL SUBSCRIPI'IONS ABROAD. OREAT BRIT .. IN AND CANA.D.t. $5.04 Ba&JIEN, H..u1BURO THE CoNTDfKNT ... 5.01 At181'R.Uli.1 ETC., via ENCJI...lJi'D .......... CuBA., 1 o No orders for tbe paper will be considered unless accompanied by corresponding amount. r;wRemittances ahould1 In every Instance, be made by money order, c.ueck or drb.ft. J:Jills are liable to be atolel'l,. a.nd can only be sent at the .rreatest risk to the sender. (For Advertising Rates .ree Seventh Page.l Business Directory of Advertisers. NEW YORK. Tobacco Warehomes. Abner & De his. 100 PearL Allen Julian, 17'.1 Water. Barnett 8., 162 Water. Bucb & Fischer, 1M Water. Bulldey &: Moore, 7t Front. Oardozo A. H. 66 Broad. Crawford E. lll. 168 Water. Dohan, Ca.rroll & Co. JOl Front. DuBoiS 75 Front. Wm. o& Co 171 Pearl. :lilQglebacn F. 156 8. Washington Square Fox, Dills & Co. 175 Water. Friend E. & G. & Co. 129 Maiden Lane. Gardiner J. Ill. 84 Front. Garth D. J., Son & Co. 44 Broad. G.....,rt J. L & Bro. 160 W&ter. 6erohel L. & Bro. 191 Pearl. Giebel & Van Ramdohr, 176 Water. Hambul1Z:'er I. & Co. 151 \Vater. Harris & Bowman, 102 Front HerbSt Brothers, 183 'Wa.ter. KoenlE H. 329 liowery. Kremetberg & Co. 160 Pearl. Lachenhruch & Bro. 184 Water. Lederer & Fischel, 213 Pearl. Ill. H. 162 Pearl. Llchte!UiteinollroOL Jill Bowery. Lobenstein & Gans, 101 Maiden Lane. lla.ltland Bobert L. & Co. 48 Broad. Jl&rtia & Johnson, 79 Front. lluoller Ernst & Co. 122 Pearl. Neuberger & Stelnecke, 131 M.alden Lane. Oatmali Alva, 1611 Water. Ottlncer Brothers. 48 Broad. Paullteeh M. 147 Water Prfoe Wm. II. n M.alden Lane. Jsel;omalm G. loli8 Pead. S&wy";;", Wallace & Co. 4t_ Broad. Schmitt J. 893 'l'lllrd Av. Schoverling H. 14,2 Wa.ter. & Bon, 178 Water. Schubart H. & Co. 148 Water. Soov!Ue A. H.. & Co. 170 Water. Spingarn E. & Co. 5 Burling Strair..on & Storm, 178 and 180 Pf' \ rl. Strohn & Reltzenstein, 176 .li'ront Sutton John R. Ca' na.l. To, Charles F. li Son. 184 Front. Tatgenhorst F. W. & Co. 68 Broad. Thompl!on S. E. & Co. !>I and 56 Bn ,d. Upmano, Ca.rl, 178 Pearl. Tobacco Balers for Export. Guthrie & Co. 22:> Front. Wettern ancl Virginia Leaf Tobacco Commis. sion M e r chants. & Ca1ro U, 50 Broad Leaf 1"obacco S weati' ng. Philips C. S. 188 Pearl Littlo Thomas G. 102 Pcn.rl Commi88ion Merchnnts. Reynes Brothers & Co. 46 & 48 Exchange Place. Buyer of Tobacco. Reuaens G. 55 Broad. Tobacco Brokers. Ca.ttus John, 127 Pe:1rl. Fischer Chas. E. & Bro. 131 Water. Fischer FredeMch, 41 Broad. Kinnicutt & Bill, 52 Broad. Osborne Charles F. M Broad. Rader M. & Son, 50 Beavor. Shack A. 129 Maiden Lane. .Man.u.fs oj Srno'l...;.ng and Oheu:inq Tobaccos.! Anderson John & Co. 114. 116 and 117 Liberty. Buchanan&: Lya.ll, 54 Broad. Buchner D. 213 and 215 DWilne. Goodwin & Uo. 007 & 209 \Vater. Hoyt Thomas & Co. 404 Pearl. Kinney Bros. 141 west> Bt-oadway. Lorillard P. & Co. 114 Water. Mc.Alpin D. H & Co. cor .A. venue D and Tenth. Miller G. B. & C o. 97 Columbia. Pioneer Tobacco Company, 124. Water. Agents for Chewing and SmoJ....'ing Tobaccos, etc. Engelbach F. 5G S. W ashington Square Hen A. & Co. 48 Liberty. Lindheim :u. 1 5U W a t e r Wise & Bendheifl\ 121 Bowery M a n:ujactUI 'CTS' of Cigars. Bondy Charles, 53 Bowery. Glaecum & SchlOBSer 15 Rivington. Hartcorn J. A. 21 Bowery Heilbroner & Josephs, 634 t.o 640 E. Sixteenth Hirsch D. & Co. 128 and 130 Riviugton aud S8 Wall. Hirschhorn L. & C o 89 Water. Kaufman Bros. & Bondy, 129 & 131 Grand. Kerbs & Sv!ess 1014 to 1020 Seoond A.v. and 310 to 314 Fifty-fourth Levy Bros, 125 and 127 Broome Lichtenstein Bros. & Co. 268 and 270 Bowery Lichtenstein A & Co. 34 and 3<% Bowery llcCoy & Co. 101 Bowery Mende1 M. W. &: Bro. 151-,2 Bowery Orgler S. 295 and Greenwich &kohl Bros. & Soelter, 283 Pearl Seidenberg & Co. 84 n nd 86 Reade Smith E. A. 11 Bowe1y Smith M. M. 42 Vesey Sta.chelberg lll. & Co., 92 and 94 Liberty Stra.iton & Storm, 178 n.nd 180 Pearl Sutro & Newmark, 76 Park Place .Manu.facttuers of Fine Harona Cigars. Bonnett, )lchenck & Earle, 18 & 20 Astor Place Foster, .wlson o!i: Co. 77 ana 79 Chambers Sanchez, Hoya & Co. 130, 132, 184 Malden Lano Impvrle:rs of Hmmna Tobacco and OiuarB. AJnnrall J. J. 16 Cedar E. Ui7 Water Friedman Leonatd, 203 Peal'l Garcia F. 16'1 YVo.ter Gonzalez A. 167 Water 161 Maiden Lane. Maiden Lane i Vega & Bernheim, ltn' Pearl Well & Co. 65 Pine Manufacturers of Key West and Importers of 1avana Oiyan. DeBary Fred'k & Co. 41 and 48 Warren McFall & Lawson, 83l\Iurray Seidenberg & Co. 84 and 86 Reade Depo t of the 11 Flor del Sur Cigars Alces George, 173 Water Manufacturers of Meer.whaum and .Amber Goo!U. Weia 898 G<>nd lrnporters of Clay Pipes. Batjer H. &: Brother 77 Water Buehler &, Hs Chambers Demuth wm. &: Co. 501 Broatlway Goebel J. & Co 129 Maiden Laue. Hen A. & Co .{8 Libe1ty Kaufmaun Bt"OS. & Bondy, 129 n.nd 131 Grand Manu{acttcrer s of Briar Pipes and Impmten of Smokers .Article. Buehler&:; Polhaus, 83 Chn.mbers Demuth Wm. &: C o 501 Harvey & Ford, a65 and 367 Hen A. & Co. 4i! Liberty Ka.ufmann BI'Os & Bondy, 1.29 and 131 Grand Reja.ll & Becke1; 99 Chambers .Manufacfttrers of Licorice Paste. McAndrew James C MWater Stamford Manufacturing Co. 157 Maiden Lane Weaver & Sterry 2-1 Cedar Impo1t e rs of Licorice Paste. A.nsado N R. 14 Broadway Glft'ord, Shmman & Innis, 120 William Arguimbau, W a I lace & Co. 29 and 81 S. William lt:cAndrew Jame;r; C 50 Water Weaver & Sterl'y 24 Cedar Zuricalday & Atguimbn.u, 102 Pearl .Manutactu1ers of Tobacco Flavors. Hllller's R. Sons & Co. 60 Cedar Schl&relin w. H. & Co. 110 and 172 Wll!io.m Importers of Gu7n8, Tonqua Beans, etc. Merrick T. B. & Co. 130 and 132 William 1Canujacturer1 o_f Powdered Licorice. Brinkerhoff V. W. 47Cedar Hillier's R. Sons & Co. 60 Cedar Wea.ver & Sterry, 24 Cedar ,t::Pe-.1. Leaf Tobacco IMpedion. Bensel & <: > I'll% Water Finke C: v .. r:Ls. 155 Water Linde F. U. f.. Co. 14.'1 Water National Toba= In.p.Co. t5 Broad Tobacoo Preuer.s. Guthrie & Co. 220 Front Man.ujactut-e-r of Otgar Bou1. HenkeU Jacob, 293 a.nd 205 Monroe StraUBS S. 171 and 181 Lewis Wicke Wll!iam & Co. 153-161 Goerck in OigarBoz Cedar. Uptegrove W. E. 465-475 East Tenth Steam Boord Outtitt{l a1td Band Saw Mal for Outtittg Oigar-Bo:e Wood. Read Geo. W. & Co. 1S6-l!OO Lewis Spanish and German Cigar & ;Maurer; 22 and 24 N. "rnuam Lobenste.l.n &;. Gam;, 101 .na.iden Loth Jos. & Co. 444 Broome StrauBS Simon, 17'9 Lewis Wicke Wm. & Co. 153-161 Goerck Manufacturer of Orooke 1 Oontpound Tin. Fofl, Tobacco, Medium and Tissue. Crooke John J. 1631\Iulberry Manufacturers of Tobacco Tin-Foil. Marutlng H. S. & Co. Ill Liberty Importet'lf of Tin-Foil. Wlttemann Brothers, 184 William Tobacco Bagging. Howard, Sanger & Co. 462 to 468 Broadway Toba= Labels. Hatch Lithographic 0o. 82 and 84 Vesey Heppenheimer & Mn.urer, 22 and 24 N. William Oigar Box Labels and Trimming. zt N. William Manufacturer& of Ki: n.ney Brm.' Oiflarettu. Kinney F. S. HI West Broad way La, Fernte Ru.uian Oigarettu. Eckmeyer & Co. 4.S Broad and 48 New Manufacturers of Semi-Cigar Oigarettu. Buchanan & Lyall, 54 Broad Jlanvjcu.-turer& of Cigardte1. Hall Thomas H. 76 Barclay Sichel Joseph M. & Co. 135 Chatham Sutton Johil R. 217 Canal In. 100 State London & Bid well, 226 and State Sls!;on A. L. & F. 184 l!aln Westphal Wm. 226 State HOPKINSVILLE, K;r. Tobacco Brokers. Clark lll. H. & Brother LANCASTER, Pa. Dealer in Loof Tobacco. Sidles & Frey, 61 and 03 North Duke LIVERPOOl:,, Ena;. Smythe.F. W. & Co. 10 North John LOUISVILLE, K;r. Plug Tobacco Manufacturer. Finzer J & Broo. 1!U and 186 Jacob State of Kentuclcy Tobacco Manufacturing Co Tobacco Commission .Mercllants. Wicks G. W. & Co. 2!11 West Main Tobacco .Broken. Callaway James F. corner Ninth and Market Gunther George F. Harthill Alex. Eleventh and Main Lewis & Brother, 848 West J4ain Meier Wm. G. k Co. 56 M. B. Pragoff W. F. 894 West llaln Stemmer and Dealer in Cutting Tobacco. Clark J a.mes, Thirteenth and Rowu Tobacco Factor$ and ehant.r. Kremelbe.rg, &: Co. Ele-venth and Main Garth & Co. Ninth and Market Buyer of Tobacco. Opdebeeck C. 2 East Main LYNCHBURG, Va. .Manufacturer of Tobacco. Carroll John W. Tobacco Commis6ion lferchcint. Nowlins B. H. & G. H. :NEWARK, NJ. Campbell, Lane & Co. 484 Broad NEW ORLEANS, La. Tobacco Factors and Commiuion Merchants. Gunther & Stevenson. 162 Common Kremelberg, Schaeffer & Co. 186 Comman PADUCAH, Ky. T o bacco Brokers. Clark H. & B :P. M a n ttJ ,...( turers Qf Tobacco. Bishop & Burgau To( c o B u yer. CohbR. & Co PETERSBURG, Va. Tobacco Commission Merchant&. &per LeRoy & Sons of Plug and Sm.oking Tobacco an& Dealers in Leaf 1'obacco. Vennble S. W. & Co. PHILADELPHIA. Tobacco Warchome8. Ana than l\1. & Co. 200 North Third Bamber,g:er L. & Co. Ill Arch Bremer s Lewis Sons 322 North Third Dunn T. J. Fifteenth and Vine Elsen1ohr Wm. & Co 115 South Water 'vater lloore & Hay 85 North Water Sank J. Rinaldo & Co 32 North Water Sorve1, Cook & Co. 105 North Wate1 Steiner Smith B r os. & Knecht, 225 Race Teller Brothen;, 117 North Third Vetterlein J. & Co. 135 Arch Wartman M. & Son, 13 North Fifth Wells A. J Third and GimrdAv Woodward, Gnrrett &Co: 33 North Water CommiBBion Merchants for tM Sale of Ohio and Othe r Leaf 2'obaccos. Badey & Co. 211 N. Third Importer of Havann Tobacco and Cigars and Dealer in Seed Leaf, Costas J. 131 Walnut Manufacturets of Plug Tobacco. Miller, Cills & Co. 212 to 218 Cn.rter Manufacturer of Snuff and Smoking Tobacco. Wallace Jas. 67ll North Eleventh Manufacturers of Oigars Batche1or B ros. 8Q! Market Hildebrand & Klingenberg, 87 North Seventh Knecht, Smith & Co. 131 North Thlrol Ludy Jno J. 623 South Twentieth Theobald A. H. Third and Poplar Wells A. J. Third and Girard A v Dunn T. J. Fifteenth and Vine Tobacco Broker. Fougeray A. R. 88 North Front JQr' Agetl fur Pl11g and Smoking Tobacco. Kelly F. X. Jr. lOG Arch .Manufacturers of Clav Pipu. Pennington, Price & Co. 19 North Seventh PITTSBURGH, Pa. Manufacturers "Excelsior Spun Roll" a .nd Other Tobaccw. Jenkinson R. & W. 287 Libe1-ty RICHMOND, Commiuion Menhant.s. Wise James M. & Peyton, 27 Thirteenth Leaf Tobacco Brokera. Dibrell Wm. E. 1410 Cary Mills R. A. .Dealer. in Licoriu Pcute and Mfd. T.oacro .. Wright J .t Co. I Tobacco Exchange :ROCHESTER, N.Y. of Tobac<:o. Whalen R. & T. 182 State of "Putl.eBB" and .Fi'f* Out Tobacco and "Vanit-y Fair" Toba= and Oigarettu. Klmhall W. S. & Co. SPRINGFIELD, Mass. Smith H. & Son, 20 Hampden ST. LOUIS, Mo. Tobacco Wareli.oUBe!. Domtitzer C. & R. & Co. 128 Market Buye r of Leaf Tobacco. Ladd W. M. 21 North Main Tobacco Btoker. Hay:Jles J. E. 27 South Second Tobacco Buyers. M eier Adolphus & Co. SYRACUSE, N.Y. Pa.cktt"il in Seed Leaf and Dealers in Havana. Tobacco. Hler G. P. & Co. 25 North Salina Manufacturers of Cigar Boxe1 Leeret & Blasdel 168 and l'i'O East Water Patent Tobacco Stripper. Hull D. H :JG West Genesee TOLEDO, O. Manufacturer of Chetoittg and Smoking Tobaccos. Messinger Charles R. Manufacturers of .7'obacco Dampeners and StJrayers. Messinger C. R. and Smith Jon&, WESTFIELD, Ma Packer and Dealer in Seed Loof Tobacco. Bngcbmann John C. NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 24, 1877. WILUAJII WICKE, AUG. ROESLEB.. 't \CKE & co., CIGAR BOX MANUFACTDRERSJ 153 to 161 Goerck Street; """Y'C> R.:K.. BEST MATERlAL & SUPERIOR MAKE. FRED'K DeBARY & co., 41 a 43 'Warren Street, New York, SOLE ACENTS FOR THE PRINCIPE DE '' EL CALES'' KEY 'WESr:I_ .. CIG-ARS, AND THE ,.,. ---,,, CIGAR FACTORY OF NEW YORK. --' r. -. SEIDENBERG & .. :H. E I: "'1:.7 0 E I: 84 a 88 READE STREET, NEW YORK, PRICE LIST .r I I t f H Spanish, American andGerman Cigar Ribbons. ,,,. m:por ers 0 To Broad Yellow .. . ..... ... 5tnai.,'N:ru 1Ui5 ALSO MANUFA.CTURERS OF THE .. ... .. No. 1 12:rds l.'TO .. .. s-8 12 :ru 1.eo . 2a .. 1)-8 '12 :rd 1-'0 ...... a .... s-s 12 Fd I-'0 Br?.ad . . . . :: 1 6 : 12 :rda 1.80 .. .. .. .......... ..... 2 -5-8 12J'da 1.10 . . . . 3 .... 5 .. '12 :rd 1.60 . . . . 1 .... 1) '1'2 ;rda 1.80 ., .. ..... ..... ..... .. 2 .... 5-s U:rda 1.10 ....... .. .. .. ..... 3 . 5 12y11a Narrow Red ................. 1 -' '1'2;rU 1.60 :: .. ...... .. .. .. ... 2 -'-8 .. 'tl:rcl. 1.30 ................. 3 ... 4 ,..,... 1.-Y.pow ............ 1 ... -i 12yda 1.35 .. .. ...... ... 2 --8 12:rd 1.20 .. . . . a -8 12 :ru o.95 T:J:CE. All I:nfringe:ments on this Patent will be Prose cuted to the full e:rlent of the Law. ALSO MANUFACTURER OF PURE TIN AND OTHER FOILS l E"X...A.:J:N" .A.N"XJ ROLLED TO ANY GUAGE AND OUT TO SIZE. BOTTLE C .APS, all Sizes, PLAIN AND COLORED. OFFICE; 163 Mulberry St., N.Y. THE CIGAR-MAKERS' STRIKE. Since our last issue nothing extraordinary has oc curred in connection with the cigar-makerli' strike in this city. Accessions have been made to the ranks of the discontented operatives, and they have heia meet ings almost daily; but beyond this nothing has been done or projected by them calling for special remark. The National Cigar Manufacturers' Association has convened once in conf9rmity with previous announcement, and its Executive Committee has prepared a Statement for the public press. The latter, together with a summary of the proceedings of the manufacturers' meeting, appears in THE LEAF to-day. If it should seem to our readers at a distance, as well as near home, that the report of the meeting which we publish is less elaborate than it ought to be in view of the apparent importance of the event which it purports to chronicle, we can only say in reply that neither its nor its breadth are of our fa.'lhioning; but it appears in our columns just as it was sent to us for publication by an officer of the manufacturers' asso ciation. Had a representative of this journal been permitted to be present at the meeting, our report would probably have been more in detail than the one we are privileged to present. By uniting for the purpose of common protection and defence the manufacturers have placed themselves in a better position than they previously occupied to cope with this gigantic rebellion. They now share the advantage at first possessed exclusively by their workmen; and if they fail to make good use of their acquisi tion, the fault will be their own. With capital, credit, and generally right on their side, and, in addition, harmony of interest along with harmony of action, it will be singular if they are compelled reluctantly to yield to the demands of the men on strike. Both parties, employers and empl oyees, are now resolved into hostile camps, the former, as will be seen by the resolution embodied in their report, expressing a determination not to make concessions under any circumstances; and the latter, equally defiant, protesting their inten tion and ability to hold out until their terms are com plied with. It remains to be seen which side will triumph. We have said above that the generally have right on their side, and we think the assertion is true. If we doubted it we not, as we sincerely do, hope for their success in this laKB.OHK, FliSs cl co:; MANt1F ACTt1RE:RS of CICA:RS,_ AND DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO, 161, 163 & 165 WEST THIRD OF ELM. CINCINNATI, 0. JOS. J. AL.IRALL, HAVAN AMPORTTOFO:SACCO, 16 CEDAR STREET, PROPRIETOR OF THE BRAND, "t LAS :r. :r. 4 q_,( NEW YORK. Cigar -Box Manufacturers, LOOK AT THIS!!! WE WILL FURNISH DURING THE MONTH OF OCTODED Spa:n.:lsl::l. Cedar C:lgar Bo::x: L'U.:n:l. ber AT THE FOLLOWING PRICES, NET CASH :-1st QUALITY at 1 2d QUALITY T::EA::J:S :M:E.A.N"S EIUS:J:N"ESS. SEND A SAMPLE ORDEB FOR 1 to 5 l!I FElli:'J', G-ElC>. R.E.A..D 100 -to aoo ST.; DIRIGO CIGAR FACTORY. ._.. C* + ., IANUPACTU DEBS 0 P PINE CIGARS FRANK McCOY.] 101 EIC> VV E R Y. :LVEJ'VV ':'E"OB.::S::... rEDWARD T. McCOY HAVANA TOBACCO. WE HEREBY NOTIFY ALL PARTIES WHO INFRINCE ON OUR TRADE MARK, I w. a c. I Acquired under the Lawsofthe United States, thattheywlll be prosecuted byLa,w. Office, 65 Pine St. &, CO. SU'i."!TER BROS., Dealers in LEAP Chicago, m. Western Cigar will :lbui it to their advantage to deal with us. ..


2 mentable contest We bel e e that n some stances complailled of the operat ves ha\ e been nadc 1uately .compensated for then labm but m this admrttecl fact we see no JUstificatiOn for t velve or fifteen tho "and men and women attemptmg to coerce manufacturers who illt'Ve been stead ly paymg rem neratrve vagcs mto paymg-n ore than they o rght to o can afford to pay Agamst th s abommable sprr t of Commumsm we protest and shall always protest Probably nme tenths of the manufacture s agaillst whom the str ke has been illstttuted supposed up to the very moment that rt was illaugurated that the ;vages they vere paymg were m e\ ery way satisfactory to then vork people It IS equally probable moreover that had the stnke not been set n mot on nillety nme hundedths of all the c gm makers that are no)V c lamormg for an mcrease of pay would have been at th s moment cont(lntedly srttmg down to then work They rose en masse as work people always do m similar e ner gencres not because they were oppressed e t 1 a888 by illSUffi 1enj; compensatiOn but because t seemed to them the proper thmg to do once the s gnal fm revolt was sounded The ock went as rt al" ays oea, rth the bell weathei and wrth the bell weather t should be allowed to roam at large until rt IS heartily s1ck of Its nture;; That s the only way to stop the pract ca The plam uty of the Nat10 al C gar Manufa:ct ers Assocratwn at this tnne rs to crush oU:t rf possrbl this d sposrt10n on the part of !l gar makers tp assert theu supposed I ght to a ctate the manner n which the manufactor es shall be conducted The manufac tortes be ng then o vn they not the workmen have the r ght to declare upon "hat terms employment shall be grven and dnected Thrs done the next most 1m _portant moral obi gabon of ts members s to asce1 tain who among them has been m the habrt of under paymg 4 s employees If upon mvestigatwn 1t be shown that ihe wages hav., been madequate let a scale of pnces be prepared and adopted by the membe s that will be JUSt to the .vorkmen and honorable to the trade THE THIRD QUARTER OF 1877 Wrth Se ptemlle!:. ilJ the thll:d quarter f the year 1877 reached ts close In exarnmmg the statist cs of busr as recarded pu; Journal a very marked rm provement m quant ty as was to be expected iS per n the trade m 1eaf tobacco du ng thAt per od Below we gwe the pts arrd sales of hog&head to acco at all the prmc pal markets of the country from July 1 to October 1 which e hibits !how p. sat s factory movement f th i'l staple Unfortunately for :the lower grades of l f rt cannot be saJd that pnces have been equ y satisfactory Lugs and kindred s<;)tts'ha've""llel:lmed at a raptd rate but oth r d,escnp ttons as a rule have held their own tolerably veil For the depreCiatiOn of lo grade goods compensa twn partral if not entire has been had m the rmpetus that has been grven to therr appropr atron Under the msprrat on of low prrces a mass of material that other wiSe would have remarned here and that could be ""ery well spared "as sh pped a ;vay and nobody :presuma,bly r s sony fo ts 1 ddance unlebs rt be some {)Ue who "as rmprudent n the adJustment of hrs average m tpe buy ng season m tlps event good will ent re to hun that h as cause to reprne m the le mculcated at the openmg of the current buymg season Itas to be hoped so Revrewmg the transactions of the seve al rna kets n cal order from July 1 to Oetober 1 arrd for the preoAding six months the followillg deta.Jls con cer recerpts sales and stock on hand vealed-rots 160 406 107 659 260 604 196 179 104 079 Our returns here for the Vtrgm a markets owmg to the difficulty of separatmg sales from del ver es and estrmatmg loos e tobacco by hogsheads are necessarily mcomplete but wrtl tl e omtss ons uncons dered the aggregates of recerpts and sales both for the last and precedmg two q arte s are larger rt will be perceived than would have been mferred from the appearance of trade as effected from day to day Add ng to the stock on harrd as above mdicated the quantrty of leaf held m E Irop e at the date of last adv ces namely 64 709 hogsheads the v s ble supply of old tobacco about October 1 s show 1 to l ave been 168 788 hogs heads or 14120 more than at the same trme last year The stock held m the Un ted States abo t October 1 was 1 973 hog&hcads less and ill Europe 16 093 more than at the same date n Contemplatmg the available supply m conJunctiOn w th the enormous crop JUSt housed rt s not easy to forecast the =ed ate future of the trade Are to be lower or higl cr t" n are at present 1s questiOn that nearly every mterested person rs now askmg himself or others and rt rs a d fficult questiOn to ans "er At first glance rt vould appear as if they must be lo" er and unless a specu Iatrve movement based upon the expectatron of smaller and l ess desrrable crops for the next sue ceeding year or two supervenes they cannot well be hrgher They wtll probably not vary greatly from the present range The export for the re ma nder of the season rs not likely to be large as pur chases for this purpose will be confined mainly to grades that can be had at low rates Yet m these there will be s ffic cIt clone m a retail vaJ for Regre and open market Mcount to reduce the supply to an average q 1ant ty by Janua y 1 1878 As no v sold these grades d splace all competmgsubst tutes and the 'ped by an uncond twnal submiSSIOn to secure constderation from the Court on mercy they had thrown themselves After reqmrmg competent bail for therr appearance the Com t sus PElnded sentence until next term Penalt es affixed by law to offences to wh ch they pleaded gurltv are under sectiOn 3 308 fwm $500 to $u 000 fine and three years n pr sonment under sectwn 3 375 be ng a felon:,; from $1 to $o 000 fine and fwm two to :five years rm priSonment under sectiOn 5 440 conspnacy from $1 to $10 000 fine and two years ImpriSonment A. letter from Greensboro says -It was m behalf of these offenders that so much clamOJ has been lately made aga nst revenue offic als m Notth Ca ol na whom t was the purpose to diSmedrt some of the former bemg prom nent and wealthy c tiZens The names of those pleadmg guilty are Jerome R Gilmore R E Reeves M C Reeves Wmston Fulton Wm I\1 Banner John M Brower John L Worth C M Lewrs Ruf s Robe1ts MadiSon Hmes Lazarus S Marwn Le ;vrs N Mnr on John R Patterson and Wile) E Patterson all c t zens of Surrey County N C -Mr D J Garth of Lo svrlle Ky and Ne v York IS n to vn -Mr Archibald BOllmg has been elected ass stant auctiOneer of the R chmond Tobacco Exchange -The crgar packers want to help the Cigar makers no v on stnke but who ll help the packers if the crgar makers remam long out of work Trade secret es mother c t es promiSe ass stance to the New York crgar makersJ but does the assiStance come! Sympathy rs cheap out t wont buy meat and bread -Mr E Salomon of the firm of M & E &'tlomon rmporte1s of c gars and tobacco 85 Maden Lane left fm Havana vta steamer Sa atoga on Thursday October 18 -That was a good rdea of the c gar maker who sug gested "hBll rt was announced at a meet ng that the leaf tobacc o dealers vere m sympathy vrth the stnkers that a committee be appo 1ted to ascertaill how much money the dealers would contubute m ard of the strike -The c gar makeis say the ex stillg str ke rs all the fa lt of the manufacturers lhe marrufacturers they assert have built p a colossal monopoly like the Govo nment tobacco monopolies m Europe and seek to subJect the operatrves to rules as tyi anmcal as those pi evailing m the Government man facto es Along w th a monopoly of huge propor twns accord illg to the c 1\'ar makers the mar ufactmers have ere ated a competrt on among themselves that ob i &'es them to contmually reduce vages They cant reauce the marke t p ce of mater al and so to sell crgars cheall they dimllllSh the earnmgs of theu operat ves This IS a new diScove y m polit cal economy Hrtherto rt has beE>n supposed that monopolies did a vay v th compe trtiOn MISSOURI. Br nsunck 07 an to Go Octobel 20 J A M re ports -No kill frost m this section of Missouri up to the present wrrtmg which has not occurred befor e for many years But t rams rams and continues to ram wrth barns cro "ded and cot srderable tobacco still out on the scaffolds We we e hop ng that we would be favoied w th fine seasons th s fall for curmg the crop b t w tn the ncessant ra n that has fallen for nearly two weeks past we g :eatl) fear vrll 1 esult m damag ng cons detable tobacco the barns to say nothmg about what s yet out exr osed to the weather lle (Va) Tt es Octobe 19 -The crop of to bacco has been cut and most of rt cured There .vas no frost to mJure rt and a fa r:roport on of rt we understand s fine That t will be a large crop no one ve p esume w ll for a moment doubt TENJI;"ESSEE Sprzngfield Go OctOber 18 -C C B re ports -The crop "as safely housed wrthout damage by frost The barns are all full this trme and the cveatber has been very :fine fo1 cur ng the late cuttmg VIRGINIA Farmmlle Pnrwe Edw(J// d Go October 19 C W D repo ts -We are I av ng a most del ghtful spell of weather up to this t me-no frost and cot!ld o 1 farmers have foreseen It and le then tobacco 1emarn m the :fields rt would have ripened and been much better Ho ;vever ve hope and expect to see a good deal of fine tobacco m this market the connng season only a few parcels of new have yet appearedm market Pr ces will rule low from the present outlook Exchange Crop Reports Mtamtabt?g (0) Bulletm Octobe 12 -A matter wo thy of mentron rs the fact that belts of country north and south of tltis mty were favored "Ith raills shortly after crops were topped and conseq_uently are 1 ot n eluded m reports concA n ng crops n thiS mmed ate neighborhood. Planters hereabo ts are confident they will have muc.n better leaf than was expected after the drouth Durham (N 0 ) Tobacco Plant Octobe 16 While some of om farmers have succeeded admnably m curmg the r tobacco many of them and we fear alar ge maJor ty have not succeeded so "ell Abundant rams kept the "eed on the hill very green which IS a s.euous drawback m curmg fine yellow tobacco and the stormy veather has also been a source of annoyance to curers The crop we th nk "ill be above an average m quantrty but far below n quahty PetmsbUIg (Va) Index Appeal October 20 All the tobacco and the most of the per shable crops that could be InJured by frost have been safely harvested and the planters are busy now seed ng oats and wheat The new crop of tobacco pronuses to be a large one and we may expect soon to see rt commg mto market ill consrderable quantrtres .Market; Reports Boston (Mass ) Amer ca l Gultwato October 13 Sales are constantly occurr ng but at pr ces that are not qurte up to the expectatwns of holders Yet here and there are growers who want to use the funds m vested m therr crops and rather than to attempt to borrow they let their tobacco go at a less tate than thllY mtended. These scattered sales tell the story for the crop We report sales ill Whately of 12 cases at 14c and 5c 14 cases at 13c and 4c 3o cases at 13c 6c and 4c marked we ght Hadley-23 cases at llY.c 80 cases at 12%c 7c and 4c 60 cases at 12}2c and 4c :10 cases at lOY.c 9 cases seconds at 7}4c Northampton-19 cases at through So th Deerfield 9 cases at 147ilc and 5c Buyers are crrculatmg through the Valley constantly and on a look out for goo d crops Octobe 20 -Sales are constantly occurr ng at some pomt m the Valley The number of partres looking for desrrable arrd purchasable crops was never larger We have sales to report as follows Conway t volots of 1876 crops about 25 cases we1e sold at an advm ce on prevrous priCes also the tobacco that as grown on 14 acres on the poles at from 12Y.@14c through Montague-a cases at 12@5c 12 cases at 13@5c North field Farms-one lot at 13y.'@5c At Hatfield 20 cases at lOc through marked wetghts 5 cases wrappers at 15c a lot of seco 1ds at 7Y.c 2 ... cases seconds and fillers at 712 and 4c At Whately-one lot of 1876 crop 12 cases at 13c tlto gh Hu lley 56 cases at 12Y. and 4c 84 cases at 19% 7 and 4c 20 cases at uy.c 9 cases at lOY.c The ne v crop rs generally c red down well the success on of damp foggy days helpmg rt wonderfully ill the absence of ramy voather We hear excellent reports from those who are str p pmg of the quality of the crop It IS better than any other for some years past It IS fine even colored and sound Mwmtsburg (0) Btllet 1 Octobe 12 -There s no material charrge m prrces and very little of mterest to report The ,PreparatiOns for an elect on occup ed general attentiOn, dur ng the week and consequently few sales :vere effected Lancaster (Pa ) New Era October 13 Complete stagnatiOn has charactenzed our home market dur111g the past week Not a smgle transactiOn has come to our notice although a number of buyers from abroad have visrted our most promment packer-s The reason that the crop has not moved more rapidly IS undoubt edly because of the high figures at whiCh tt Ill held Thrs has been made necessary by the high prrce pard for rt to the growers Packers want to make some money on rt and this makes rt drag m the market now Accounts from all g arters abroad as well as here at home agree m saymg the crop of 1876 has cured ad nurably The color s musually dark and this IS what s chiefly sought after now Indeed some large crgar manufacturers have been obliged to declme l a1ge orders because they called exclusrvely for a dark artrcle It may safely be sard that last years crop s the best ever gro" n m thrs State a fact evrdenced by the unusually htgh prices pa d for the best grades Lancastm (Pa) New Era 20 -The past to have been an off week m the tobacco mar ket Not a smgle lot has changed hands that we have heard of Inqurry at the Pennsylvama and Readmg Railroad depots revealed the fact that a promment packmg house rs about to send off 2 000 cases but whether mtended for New York or Europe we were unable to learn We regret that there should be such an mdispos1t10n on the part of neaily all our home packers to make public the sales they effect from week to week Of course It can be of no advantage to the public to know the names of dealers who have effected sales but the sales themselves are matters of public mterest and we would cheerfully suppress names for the sake of making known the weekly movement of our great staple An actrve mquuy for medium goods and fillers and seconds was made dt rmg the week One small packer could have closed out hts entire pack mg of fillers at remunerat ve pucos but refused to do so Mtamtsburg ( 0 ) Bullettn October 19 -Weather warm and dry Crops m this neighborhood are regorted n farr condit on but greatly m need of ram ] e v sales or offers conceriUng the new crop are noted Plante1s hold 76 crops at 8c but the demand JUst now ts not br sk We expect to receive samples ns soon as the new leaf can be handled Meeting of Cgar A meetmg of the NatiOnal C gar Mam facturers Assocratwn was held Friday October 19 Edward A Sm tl pres dent m the charr Among the firms represented were Kerbs & Sp ess Lrchtenstem Bros & Co Ed va1d A Sm th S J acoby L Huschhorn & Co Sutro & Newmark ] oster Hilson & Co Isaac Tiecaman Kaufman Bros Levy Bros Levy & Ull man Wangler & Hahn McCoy & Co G P Lres & Co ,_Chas Bondy Leopold Cohn Deutsch & Fuchs M .!1'1 Sm th Swartz & Spohr :IYI W Mendell & Bro Glaccum & Schlosser L S mons & Bro Stachelberg & Co A Greenhall Belcher Park & Co Holtzman & Reilbronner & Josephs H Go1d stem & Co J Conn & Co Monrs J acobr & Co H :M: Blasskopf A Berger A L chtenstem & Co Edward Frey Meyer & Molk J E B Wilt ch and others Letters arid telegrams from dealers m all parts of the country :vere read urgrng the employers to stand firm m the r determmat on 1 ot to make any concess ons to the workmen no v on strrke They p1omrso the r ad and co operation to t de them over the stoppage of busmess and asst re them therr trade shall not suffer by the r present nab lity to fill all orders One of the largest grocery ho Ises n the mty extensively engaged m the c gar busmess wrrtos We w ll stand by J ou n th s stnke and wrll not en courage any deserters from your Ianks We thmk that if you inform the ti ade generally of the backmg down of any of your number that they will unaru mously support ;[OU by leavmg hun and his goods severely alone We feel this way and thin..!;: t IS the sentrment of the trade It was nanunously Iesolved that we will make no concessiOns whateve1 to the workmen no v on strike that ;ve will not employ any members of the C gar Makers Umon at any prwe The pres dent appomted as an exec tiVe comnuttee BcnJ Lrchtenstem A Kerbs (of the firm of Kerbs & Spiess) LoUIS Hrrsch horn A. Kaufman and M Kind (of the fum of Stachel berg & Co ) A comm ttee for the rev s on of the Con strtutwn and By Laws of the Assocmtwn was ulso Statement of the NatiOnal C1gar Manufacturers AssoCiatiOn In Relation t;O the Clgar Makers Stnke At a meetmg of the Natwnal Crgar Manufacturers Assoc at on the folio vmg statement of tl err pos twn With regard to the rwsent str ke of the 1 workmen and their refusal to comply w th the demands of the strikers was I repared for publication 'l,Jle membe1s of the assoc ation feel that they have been llllSrepresented by the r employees and are of the opm on that a fa r expos t on of the true condrt on of affa rs s due to themsel es and the public In thiS c ty prev ous to the st ike about o ght mil lwns of crgars were made weekly and of these abont four:iifths ere manufactured by the firms belongillg to the assoc at on The ope1atrves m our factor es are drVIded nto srx classes as follows -Strrppers boys and grrls from fourteen to seventeen years of age each earnmg from $4 to $9 per week bookers boys and guls from s xteen to twenty years of age each earnmg from 5\8 to $121 er week bunch makers boys and g:t s f om fourteen toe ghteen years of age each earnmg from $6 to :;;14 per week crgar rolle s men and women each earmng from $9 to per week c gar makers on hand work men and vomen each earn mg from $10 to $18 per voek Packers were earnmg from $18 to $3a per veek It s hue that these wages are less than those pad up to 18 3 'Ihe pamc of that year and the consequent de prec at on of all values was ne<;essaril) felt m the c gar ousilless but the reductiOn of wages has not been so great m thrs as m other brand es of trade No great skill nor bod ly strength s reqmred for this wo k nor s there any ex:posme to the veather It IS carr ed on under shelter m well ventilated veil warmed rooms all the year round and good operatives can all'i ays obta n employment In many other branches of trade there are long mterruptwns on account of the seasons and on account of fluctuations m the demand for labor The members of the assoc at on bel eve that the rates of wages pa d by them are h1gher than those pard by any other employers of the same class of labor and that tho r hands a e more steadily employed than any class of workmen m this c ty In many of tl e establishments represented m the assomatwn the much talked of tenement system s m operatiOn In some lilStances the tenements are leased by the manufacture s mothers they only g ve there quill te bonds In both cases the rents are the same as m other houses of a s mtlar class rang ng from $ to $12 per month accord ng to locatron and the number of rooms All the mater al necessary for the manu facture of crgars rs deliveted at the houses of the workmen The system was adopted w th the obJect benefitmg the operatrves and at the r request as by t they are enabled to do therr full quota of vork arrd at the same t me attend to the necessary house hold dut es Tenement house workmen are not generally em ployed on the finer grades of crgars but they make ta wages nevertheless The average wages of a fam ly generally consiStmg of man and nfe are from l4 to per week It must b e nderstood however that no operative whatever m a tenement or a shop IS requrred to vork for a stated number of hours per day Therr time rs absol tely at theu own drsposal and they are pard by the p ece It has been urged that the manufacture of c gars m tenement houses IS deti mental to the health of the operatrves The exper ence of the assoc atwn s that the health of ctgar makers m tenement houses IS bet ter than that of those vho work m the shops and that the health of crgar make s m general lS better than that of any other class of workmen To substantiate these statements we cannot do bet ter than subJo n a fe v extracts taken from the report made to the samtary super ntendent of the Board of Health m 1874 and publiShed m the Ctty Record of of November 7th same year conch siVely showmg the superror1ty m every respect of the tenement house over the workshop EXTRA.CTS FROM THE REPORT OF THE BOA.RD OF HE.ALTH Ltght The shops are usually well 1 ghted by wu1 dows at both ends and the tenement house workers labor at the wrndows Both have plenty of l ght -The shops and tenements can both be "ell ventilated by ope nng the "mdo" s and doors Food -Those who work ill tenement houses have an advantage over those wl o vork m shops m the pos sesswn of greater facil1tres for the preparat on of the nud dav meal Olea tltness -In this respect rt m 1st be confessed the tenement houses are far m advance of the shops There rs less 1 tter upon the floors less odor m the at mosphere and far greater eVIdence of care and prrde m the condrtron of the apartments Nothing certainly can be urged agamst the manufacture of crgars m tenement houses In our opnuon the home workers labo r under qmte as good samtary condrtrons as the shop workers Wrth regard to the emanat ons from the t obacco the best eVIdence "e could command was that afforded by the sense of smell The odor of tobacco was much less pungent and untatmg m the rooms of the home-work ers than many of the shops which we vrsrted The halls and passages of the houses m which crgars are manufacturad are almost entnely free from the tobac co odor and other familres hvmg m the same hollSe have testrfied to liS of the cleanly habrts of the artr sans and the unoffensrve character of therr employ ment Another quest on rema ns to be consrdered vtz whether the tobacco leaves act as fonutes and serve to propagate contag ous drseases throughout the houses mto whrch they are mtwduced "'A e have been able to diScover no evrdence that such "IS the case The report concludes We find that the home workers have more arr space as good ventilatiOn light and food that therr apartments are qurte as cleanly that then children appear as healthy as the shop workers In add tion to t.tns they earn more money are enabled to 1 ve m better quarters have better food and can afford more of the luxur es and elegancies of life arrd ill so far are livmg under better hygremc condrtwns that they pass therr hours of sleep under pxobably as favorable conditiOns and that they do not as a 1 ule occaswn any nursance to therr ne ghbors It s the opm on of the assocratron that the effoi t now be ng made to abo! sh the tenement house system IS nothing more than a movement on the part of the C gar makers Uwon to throw out of busmess many women who could not or would not "ork ill shops When the strike began some of the manufacturers compronused th the operat ves m order to fill therr pendmg 01der-s even at a loss and made advances on the rates pmd B t m a fe weeks the employees made still turther demands "h ch the manufactm ers could not comply wrth as they felt that they were paymg as much for labor as the present market p rce of c gars would "an ant and most emphatiCally dec! ned to y eld to demands that f acceded to would only result m illJury to all concerned In conclus on ve will state that tl e men now on sti ike have shown no drscrimlllat on between the man ufactmers who pad then vorkmen the most liberal p ces and those who pard the lo" est wages but have asked the same advance from all The moons stency of the demand mr st be apparent to all Charles B0ndy 53 Bowery A Berger 33 Bowery H M Blaskopf LewiS Street I Kohn & Co Col umbra Street Deutsch & Fuchs 92 Bowery Leopold Cohn 269 Bowery I. John E Domschki 171 Allen Street Fos ter Hilson ar; Co 79 Chambers Street Ed 74th Street and A enue A H Golds tom & Co 358 E 4th Street Glaccum & Schlosser 15 R1vmgton Street A Greenhall 38 W Broad vay L Hrrschhorn & Co 89 Water Street Heilbronnel. & Josephs 640 E 16th St eet Holzman & Deutsch berger 154 Attorney Street S Jacoby & Co 200 Chatham Street M Jacoby R dge Street Kerbs & Sp ess 2d Ave and 54tl St eet Kaufman Bros 331 Bo very L chtenstem Bros & Co 270 Bowery Levy Bros 12a Broome Street Geo P Lres 49 Lafayette Place A Lrchtenstem & Bro 34Y. Bo ery Le"y & Ulima 1 B oome Street M W Mende & Bro 15 Bowery }[ayer & llfork 60 Ave C McCoy & Co 105 Bowery Sutw & Newmark 76 Park Place Sch varz & Spohr 13 Bowery E A Snuth 11 Bowery L S mons & Bro 16o Chambers Street M M Sm th 42 Vesey Street Isaac Te chman 62 Church Street Wangler & Hahn 29l! Bo very B W ttwh Houston St eet SATISFAOTORY A correspondent of the Rrchmond (Va) D spatch wntmg from Danville says I stated m my letter of the 2d mstant that several ne v measures were proposed m the annual meetmg of the Tobacco Assoc at on whrch were drs cussed w th much arumat on and that I thought an other meetmg would be necessary S nee that tune the diSag eements have been so great as to lead to the f01 mat on of another tobacco assomatron I am m formed this mornmg that the matters m dispute have been referred to JOmt comm ttees of the warehousemen and the new Tobacco Assoc1at on and that there IS a farr prospect of a final and sat sfactory agreement In the mean tnne there has been but little tobacco offered for sale and the quotat ons have remamed unchanged 00'1 24 JUdgmcnL C Qwmby Tobaccon st de Tobacco and C gars sold out burnt out loss d ssolv ed II A October Meeting of the Lancaster Tobacco Growers Association [La ca e ll ee!.ly Intelll{lenced already the veathe1 lately had been very favorable for curmg and he expected the crop to turn out un usually ell Henry Kurtz of Mount Joy sard the tobacco gener ally IS drymg mcely though he knows of some the leaves of which are mo ldy from five to erght mches This had been cut m an unfavorable tuno arrd .uutfg too close As a general thmg the crop IS geod some of It IS ready for stnppmg but he was not m favor of early str ppmg. Mr W L Hershey of East Hempfield sard the to bacco ill the sheds m his nergh '>or hood IS curmg mcely and some of rt had been air ady str pped There IS still on hand a good deal of l.tst years tobacco Some local b ryer s have recently old out therr stock at satIsfactory figures llfr I L Landrs of Me aheun kne of some local buyers who had drsposed of therr stock at a good advance He agreed wrth what had been sard by others relative to the new crop STRIPPING TOBACCO How The questron postponed from last meetmg long after strrppmg should tobacco be cured! was taken up for discussiOn Mr Sylvester Kennedy of Salisbury satd he had proposed the C(Uestron because It rs weh known that rt IS much easrer to cure tobacco llllllledrately after str ppmg than to defer casmg rt until some trme after wards but rs rt as saFe! Is the tobacco not more liable to mould 1 If rt can be cased wrth safety a great deal of labor llllght be saved by do ng It at once He thought It llllght be well to case rt at once-not for the purpose of selling and sending 1t away-but to keep rt m the best possrb1e conditiOn He would like to hear what more experrenced tobacco growerfl thought of rt Mr A H Yeager of East Lampeter thought rf the tobacco was per nutted to hang unttlrt had drted suf fie ently t mrght safely be c rred as soon as str1pped Mr Henry Shiffner of Upper Leacock sard when ever tobacco IS ready to strip rt IS ready to case In ariSwer to a questwn he sard when the stem IS green rt rs not fit to case nor rs t fit to str p Mr Kennedy thought that rf the leaf was dry to break rt nnght be str ppocl even f the butts were green There was an IID)Jress on among tobacco men that tobacco was 1 ghter m ve ght unmed ately after drymg than twas a month or two afterwards He .vould like to know rf this were so and whether there would be mcreased we ght by lettillg t hang Mr Kurtz said rt would not ncrease m weight by hangmg He agreed With those vho sard that if t was not fit to case rt was not fit to str p But farmers pressed for trme nught stnp when the stock IS green and bale the tobacco and rank It wrth the buts outward In this way rt will d y rap dly and soon be fit for cas mg Tobacco after bemg stnpped will ga n n we ght and sweat better if placed m deep cellars Mr I L Land sa d the quest on was a ery rm portant one and po Y rs the time to d scuss rt We should get all the mfo matwn we can and make the best use of t He hoped members would not be back waru m expressmg therr vrews Mr Kurtz sard that owmg to the "arm weather we have had the tobacco rs curmg earlier thrs year than m former year-s While much of t appears to be fit to str p, he thought t would be better to let It hang until the weather gets cold If stnpped and 1 anked m warm weather t will sweat and dealers will not pay much for rt Mr Kennedy sa d we must make hay wbile the sun shines It rsonly once m a while that the weather s fit for str ppmg tobacco It s therefo e necessary to make good se of proper weather even if the stems are a I ttle green They can be dr od n the bales as suggested by Mr Kurtz Mr A H Yeage drd not favor early stnppmg h e had last year stripped a part of his crop early arrd after t had s veated he notrced that the leaf ;vas very tendet Mr Kurtz sard It rs reasonable to expect tobacco to sweat rf strrpped when tl e weather IS warm and If tt sweats rt frequently spo Is There need be no hurry rt gett ng It off the poles the buyers are not ready for rt yet Let 1t hang until cold weather sets m He made reference to some experiments made by Mr -of York who had sown the seed of Cuba tobacco some years ago arrd ra sed the first year leaves about e ght mches ill length By careful cult vatron from year to yea he had mcreased the siZe of the leaves to thirty s x mches m length The tobacco IS very fine and s lky but not so dark m color as om Lancaster to bacco Pres dent Kend g would not st tp h s tobacco early enough tp cause rt to sweat He thought a good test to detennme when rt was dry enough to str p s when the leaf at rts JUnctron .vrth the stock s dry and breaks off easily l\fr Hershey sa d a good test was not to strip at all until the ground has been "ell f ozon Mr Sbifl'ne1 sa d rf t bas been cut off ea ly t may be strrpped m Novembe It wont s ;veat after that tnne M1 Kennedy sard that last wmter there were only a few days m which the weather was fit to strrp tobacco If we put rt off until the ground IS frozen "\\e may not have an opportumty to stnp rt till spr ng and then rt Will not be readyforthebuyerswhentheycomeround He would stnp early if the "eather vere favorable BARNS BURNED -We learn from the Chatham Tr b me that Mr James M Swanson had a bam of fine tobacco burned thA other tlay The same nusfortune happened our young frrend C M Hutchings of the :firm of Murrre Hutchings & Co who has a farm m the county MaJ John G Lee of Caswell also lost a fine barn Qf fine tobacco (Va) 1es


' OCT 24. THE TOBACCO MARKET DOMESTIO NEw YoRK Octobe1 2J The leaf tobacco market has been fauly actn e the past week m all branches of the trade Of Westein leaf the sales amount to 1 280 hogsheads w1th a very large proportwn for export There has been a more general demand for low grades and while the pnces obtamed are not altogether satiSfactory yet the fact that the oven markets are willmg to take lugs at any price mdiCates an Improvement on the conditiOn pre vwusly prevailmg Several hundred hogsheads of this discriptwn are reported as havmg been sold to parties other than the usual buyers '!'he low pnces have mduced a demand from some of the open mar kets that have been hitherto holdmg off To effect sales m that directiOn moderate pnces have been ac cepted Messrs Sawyer V allace & Co report to THE TOBAC co LEAF as follows Wettern Lerk-Nothmg of mterest t ansp1red m th1s sort sal es 80 cases at 7@8c for assorted and 10@12c for "rapper lot Pennsylvama ag:un took the lead Sale s to 800 cases were made all of whtch mop 1876 1t 7@8c for tiller 10 @15c for low assorted and 2o@40 f01 wrapper lots 0/1w-Owmg to contmued unfM ora ble advwes f1 om abroad but very hllle could be done 10 that duectwn 450 cases were sold of wbJCh 100 case. fo1 the abovepmpose and balance home t1adc f om 7@15c was p111d W18eo1!8l nccts w1th httle fav01 at pre se nt 100 cases at m sm til lot s Wtll covet the sales of tht s week Ha vana fa lly act vc wtlh sales of 800 bales at 85@90 for fatr and $1@$1 15 fo fine lot s Our speCJ tl Bremen report dated October 6 says -Of the 1 oOO sample. arr ved hete bv l ast steamer only 48 cases Ohio 1876 crop RDd 33 C{!Ses Connect cut crop could be dts posed of The demand fo1 1876 crop Ohw has fallen off con s1derably sm ce om last report wmch partly be attnbuted to the fact that l;tte arnvals h ave been mm e or le ss of an infe nor chamcter Spanuh -Havana has been fairly active with sales of 900 bales nt 85@9Clc for fau $1 00 15 for fine and $1 25 @1 for extra fine lots Manufactured -BuSiness fOI the past "eek m this denartment of trade was of the usual character The sales embraced assortments fo home and account w1th rather les than usual done for sb pment There was m qmry for line blight goods and orders for fancy bnght and black" ork for expo It There was also cons1deJ able demand for very low pllced out of orde1 br ght goods tw1st etc The exports were 194 457 pounds Smokmg -A fmr trade IS reported m this branch There was some demand for expo t and "e hear of sales for Rw de Janmro Tile local hade has been qutct buyers m Sist ng on havmg lo\\ grade goods and tbey crumot get them low enough Czgars -A regular trade 1s reported m cigar mrcles Notwtthstand nothe discont nuance of work m the local man ufactones the1e JS abundant stock to fill all present orders Gold Opened at 102Ys and closed at 102% Exchange -Messrs :M: & S Sternberger Bankers report to TITE ToBACC o LRAF "" follows -The quotatwns arc as folio" s -Sterllllg GO day s nom mal 481 s1ght noDIL nal 486 Sterhng 60 days actual 480 s1ght uctu.U 485 Cable tran sfers 486X>' Commeimal ste llg prune long 479 good !on 478y.' Pans bankers 60 da) s 5227f s1gbt 5184 Re1chsm uks (4) banker. 60 days 94% (4) s 1ght 94 Fretghts -Messrs Carey Yale & Lambert Freight BrokCJS report to THE TOBACCO LEAF robucco Frma-hts as follows -Liverpool steam 35s sat! 30s Lo don ste::m 85s sa I 30s Glasgow steam 40s Bnstol steam 45s Havw steam $15 Antwerp steam 50s Hamburg s t ea m 50s Bem e n steam 45s THE TOBACCO LEAF. 3 83.953 24 676 82,985 6 498 618 PARTICULAR NOTICE Every resale is supposed to be a.t an advance on :tint cost the pnces by groweJli of tobacco theref01e will always be some vha.t lower than these quotations QUOTATIONS OF WHOLESALE PRICES WESTERN LEAF Wrappe,._ Common to medium Good to very good Fine to extra :fine Smokers (old or new) Dapple nappers Okw--15 @25 16 @26 00 @30 lnlenOl to good com 3 B own and greerush 5 Medium and fiue red 7 Com to mid spangled 6 Fme spangled to yello" 10 @00 1g lJl fJ Jg 8 liO 45 86 28 @30 23 @25 @85 @m 6 9 12 18 7 90 @95 @28 @00 @15 $16@40 $54 @100 s electiOns 13 stems common to fine 1 50@3 Inspected this week -669 hhds Maryland 74 do Oh10 2 do Vng ma total hbd s Cleared same penod per s teamer Gen W e rder fm B emc n o OJhbdsMmyland 212 do Ohto 83 do V1rg1ma 173 do K entncl y tobacco and 202 cases Seed l eaf per steamer B 'Unschwg 1m Br men Mi> hhds j\fmyland 85 do Oh10 64 do V1r,Rmtn 753 do Kentucky tobacco 95 hhds V1rgm1a stems 10 do Kentnck) nd 1UO cases Seed leaf tobacco Tob= Statement January 1 1877 -Stock on hand m State Tobacco Warehou se and on shipboard not cleared Inspected th1s "eek Inspected pre\ IOusly this year Expmls of :ilfaryland and Ohio smce Janul\ly 1 36 5.,5 hhds Shipped coastw1sc same ttme 4 800 hhds ----41 355 hhds Stock 10 warehouse and on shipboard not cleared 28 509 hhds Same t1me m 1876 15 838 hhds Jfanu(act ured 1'obocw -Bus ness ln this branch for the past w ee k v. as qmet wants of buyers hgbt and pLJccs unchanged Rece1ved per Rwhmond ste 1 ners 4BO bxs 98 bdls 292 pkgs 72 cases 40 C:l.ddies and 5 keg s per Norfolk steamers 587 pkgs per Petersburg steamers 402 pkgs CINCINNATI October 20 -Mr F A Prague Leaf Tobacco wpector reports to THE ToBACCO LEAF as follows The offermg s of leaf tobacco at the auctwn warehouses dunng the past week have been unusually large for so late m the season The cause cannot be attnbuted to any spec1al act1v1ty m the market but mm e to tbc fact th 1t shippers and holders are hecommg more willmg to accept pnces now current whtch for all useful sorts for both cuttmg and plug work rcmam sterrdy at quotatwns No change m Seed leaf l'he oft'ermgs at auctwn reported by the warehouses for the "eek JUSt closed and the expned portiOn of the current month and yea1 "e1 e as follows r.--'VEEK--.. ..--MONTH-'""""\ ,----YEAB-----.. hhd" ox llhds 292 1 892 4j! 2i>4 13 797 19 239 2 440 167 108 561 246 530 28 Total s 1877 1 229 16 o 220 262 rotnl s 1 001 2U4 2 8tiB Totals 187o 480 280 1 59 816 Total s 1874 8B9 184 3 937 873 ld!ds bu 8 899 2 522 8 560 357 6 429 4 161 6 464 182 6 234 997 Quotatwn s -Cuthng Leaf Fancy 25 00@26 7o fi1 e 18 00@24 00 good 12@18 medmm 9@12 common dark leaf 7@9 good colmy stuppers 7@10 common colory st:J ppms 5@7 nondescnpts 3@4 Ohw Seed Leaf -W mppers fancy non P sellmg wrappCI s _good 10 50@18 50 wrappers medmm 8@9 00 bmders 6@8 lijlers 4@6 smokers common 3@4 50 WISConsm See(l L eaf -W1appers fancy none sellmg wrap pCis good 8@12 w ra ppers medium 7@8 70 wmppers com mon 6@7 50 :fillers 3 o0@4 smokers common 3@3 o O The sales at the diife1ent "are houscs for the week were as follows "93 hl ds M[\Son Co Ky D stuct trash lugs and leaf-44 a t 2 Ou@3 9o 96 at 4@o 05 267 at 6@7 05 146 at 8@0 90 26 at 10@14 13 at 15@1V 1 at qo 00 2 boxes at 4 2o@4 50 3"8 hhds B1 own Co 0 D1stnct -21 at 2@3 90 42 at 4@ 5 95 15o :tt 6 @ 7 70 114 at 8@9 90 33 at 10@14. 75 10 at 15@ 19 oO 3 at 20 20 o0@26 7o o1 hbds Owen Co Ky DIStnct -4 nt 3 35@3 85 12 at 4@ 5 90 11 at 6 {)5@7 80 18 nt 8@9 oO 8 at 10 25@12 3 at 17 1 8 2o@2o 17i hbds Pendleton Co K y D1str ct -18 at 2 90@390 21 at 4@5 90 81 at 6@7 95 35 at 8@9 90 8 at 10@14 50 4 at 15 75 @18 oO o at 20@25 2" 2 hhds Boone Co Ky 3 65 120 cases Cigar leaf common smokers to fine wrappers -91 Ohw -o6 2@5 6o 26 at 6 2o@9 60 17 at 10@14 7o 12 at 15@17 50 15 cases W1scon s m 7 at 2 1o@4 50 2 at 6 40@7 85 4 at 8 90@ 9 65 2 at 10 25@12 oO 8 cases Ind ana 4 at 2 2o@ o 80 4 at 6 40@9 60 6 cases Connecticut 1 at 19 7o 5 at 20 50 @23 oO CLARKSY;[LLE TENN Octobe1 20 -Messrs M H Clark & Bro Leaf Tobacco Brokets reuort to 'I'HE TOBAcco LEAF as follows -Tiie t1 mactwns m th s market are about whittled down to a pomt Rece1pts are very light and our offermgs this week we1 e only 16 hhds The quality contmues very pom and the offermgs therefore meet a dull market The sales are too hght to make a market and quotatwns are th e re fore m the main nommal We quote common lugs good lugs 4y.'@6c commo n l eaf medmm leaf 7@ 8y.'c good leaf O @ lOy.'c fine leaf 11@12,Y.c rhe weather l>as m the mam b een warm and dry and the new crop IS cunng up w e ll though m some c1 ops there 1s a suRplCIOn of bouse b nn from over crowd ng which was ve ry hmd to avOid from the 'ery large yteld N othmg bns yet been done Ill the new crop Plante rs talk gene 11lly of 7@8c and slemmers of 4c as bemg fan va lu es fm the crop d e hve10d loose Gold IS nearlv at par the ma kets of tile world are caJTymg full stocks and the hard pan of nnt e be lit m p1 ces will h ave to b e reached bef01e "e shall agam have a healthy busmess 111 the weed LOUISVILLE Octobe? 20 -Mr Wm J Lewers Semetary of tile Tobt ceo Board of r1ade repor ts to TuB To BACCO I EAll' liS follo VS -Recmpls thiS week 209 hhds most of wh ch "as from othe markets SALES FOR WEEK ETC Week 20 213 82 87 37 100 146 151 Month 49 638 123 203 95 313 48.7 330 836 2 238 9o7 3 544 Year 496 1 466 Year 1 232 5 Sales of w ee k and year divided as follows 648 8 175 5 2 501 In the sal es of th e week were one bhd of 'l'ennesee (new crop) medmm leaf at 5y.'c 2 hhds of heavy cutting at 13_!,( and 2 hhcls ltght cuttmg at 15 and 17y.'c and a crop o! b11ght Hart County Ky (for plug pmposes ) the leaf of "1\hlch brought 11% 16)4 20 28Y. 30 31 33y.'c Common lugs and sour leaf (except long for Afncans ) are dull all sweet to baccos are taken Ie adlly at slightly highe1 figmes thau for the same last w ee k QT:O'l'ATIONS Nondescnpt Bodud-.. Conunon GOJJd Common Good 2'4% 2'4@3 3)4% 3 4 @li 23 4 a BY. 3% 3Y. 5 @6 Com l eaf 8 @ 4 5 @7 4 @5y.' 6 @8 Good leaf 4 @5 7 8 @10 Fine l eaf @ 6 @8 7 @0 10 @13 Sel ectiOns @ 8 @10 12 @17 9 @10 13 @16 Faulty many partteular lower than above j\fr Alex Hattlllll '1 obacco Broker reports as follows to THE TOBACCo LEAF -At the tml end of the tobacco ) ear (the new one commencmg on :N ovemucr 1 ) the market presents few rtems of mte1est at piesent A steady demand exists for all very desuable manufactur ng and cuttmg tobac cos all such realizmg full pnces the same hemg scarce w1th except10n:U hhds realizmg from $1 @1 50 more than for some !Jme past I he lower grades of dark leaf have been steady wh1le dark heavy lugs have been well sustamed by some purchases on speculative account Out of the few 1876 bnght Kentucky wrappm tobaccos ra1sed last year 3 hhds good sold this week at $28 50 $30 and $31 with only 1 hhd of the 1877 crop of medmlll dark leaf at $5 50 The "eather until Thursday has been wmm d1 y and clem and very favorable for ripemng the outstandu g portwn of tile crop Yesterday 1t ramed heav1ly whiCh was m ell "anted genera lly Quota! ons remam un changed Sales to day 92 th1s week 836 m 1876 957 ReceJpts this week 209 aga nst 293 last week NEW ORLEANS October 19 -Messrs Gunther & StevensoN Tobacco Factors report to TilE TOBACCO LEAF as follows -l:ltock on shtpboard and m warehouses September 1 1877 8 584 hhds tobacco Rece1pts Slllce September 1 1877 to date 683 hhds total 9 217 do Exports smce l:leptember 1 1877 to dale 2 864 bhds Stock on shipboard and m ware hot ses October 19 1877 6 3o3 bhds sales smce October 19 1877 to date 62 hhds rece1pts smce OctOber 19 to date 4 hhds Exports ---'l'o N e" York per steamship 2 hhds to New Ymk per steamsb p New 01lean 108 hhds total 110 do PETERSBURG October 22 -Messrs !4lRoy: Roper & Sons robacco CommiSSIOn Merchants report to THE LE'F as follows -There 1s very httle domg as the stock of old IS very much reduced and very common m both lugs and leaf We quote leaf 13@14c Jugs 2g,(@6c The new crop "'11 beglll to anl\e soon PHILADELPHIA October 22 -Mr Arthur R Tobacco Manufacturers Agent reports to TilE To BACCO LE ' 72 Clarksv1lle lugs 35 132 do assorted 60 3u do 57 25 do all leaf 70 28 fine Clarksvlle lugs 40 23 LouLSville Jugs 31 18 do 28 22 do 35 23 Kentucky factory lugs 21 22 Kentucky Smokers 31 22 Cmcmnatl cuttmg 37 52 do 47 18 do 48 13 do 53 32 Vugmia lugs low and medmm leaf assorted 39 24 do 45 48 do leaf ii2 72 do fine Ohio 77 2 443 77 1 947 Penn St.'lte 24 375 150 Conn Total 78 8106 19o 2 292 Total 4 390 174 315 186 273 5 398 Sales m Sept m c lud ng s ties to nd Sep t 30 77 2 627 24 375 186 3 290 LONDON October 10 -111essrs Grant Chambers. & Co robacco CommiSS on j\felchants r eport to TllE LBAli as follow s -There has been lather more mquny for Amencan tobacco cluunl\ tbe pa s t eek and some few sales have been effected mclumng one or t"l\ o lot s of the la s t 1mport the sa mplmg of wbJCLI I S now freely gomg on and a constder able portwn LS much m1xed m chauwter Westerc t Leaf and St ps hflve attracted a few pmchasers but the sales contmue upon a lnmted s cale l7i 'I' '"' kif and St zps-the former with col01 "nted o.lso tbe la tte r of goo d spmn ng character Ma oyk nd and Ohw whe11 of bt gbt col01 nects a ready sale ha s been 1ath e r more opGJ!ttcd r CORRESPONDENCE NEw YoRK October23 18i7 -EDITOR ToBA.coo LEAF -There IS at present much exCitement among all classes of dealers m cigars and tob::tcco g:owmg ott of the present strike among the cigar makers of the mty of New York There 1 s and has. en for the past three years great discontent among classes of leaf dealers and small manufacturers They have viewed w1th alarm the fallmg off of then b'hsmess and Wltnessed at the same tnne the wonderful mer ease m the busmess of a few manufacturmg firms m this mtv The cause of this change and th1s comp1ete revolutiOn has been attributed to many causes Some have said It was the hard times others the bond system others agam the tenement houses etc but all ha> e and do agree to one fact That a few firms have so completely monopolized the mgar busmess that they have destroyed the prO!!' penty of hundreds of firms engaged m leaf dealmg and. cigar manufacturmg Now let me m a few words try to get at the root of this whole matter The causes are these -1st 'I he tenement house labor which IS obtamed here lower than many other part of the country 2d And most Important of all the license system whereby a manufacturer here IS pernutted to take out any number of hcenses for firms all over the country, and to conduct then busmess here keepmg a separate account or set of books for each firm and the manu facturer furrushmg the bonds and selling them the to bacco This system although periDitted by the des partment rs contrary to law and IS carried on so loosely that at anv time the Government could step In. and seize the establishment as well as the firms permittmg therr names to be used If large houses m dif ferent Cities of the Umon who are pernnttmg then names to be used by others m manufacturmg cigars" d1d but reahze the risk they run they would cancel at; once every license they have out The fact IS should any miStake occur m the stampmg cancellmg or proper accountmg for the stock used the house thus pernnttmg therr name to be so used are liable to have therr establishment seized and perhaps every dollar they have m the world taken from them by the Gov ernment What good busmess house would thmk of givmg power of attorney to different parties m diS tant Cities to s1gn their name keep their books mak& the:n liable for any amount under the sun by dishon est practiCes or by nnstake or For our part we have looked at this matter With wonder That good busmess men should allow this to go on and as.. sure as the sun nses and sets daily so surely will some houses come mto trouble if this careless unbusmess like make-shift to decerve cover up and evade the lettm of the law IS pernntted to g on By means of obtammg licenses from all the prmcipal mgar dealers and grocers throughout the country the four large manUfacturers are enabled to monopolize the trade control and depress the leaf market sell goods at pnces below what small manufacturers can do by reason of havmg the labor under therr contwl and by thus holdmg m their hands the faimers the laborers and dealers 'Ihey break down all competitiOn and are enabled to do this by the system of hcensmg deal ers m other Cities as manufacturers here Let this system be aboliShed let every manufac turer have a fair chance to sell his goods m any mar ket and not be prevented by a system whiCh IS not only unfarr but contrary to law A FRIEND OF THE TRADE -The tobacco men of Owens bow to the number of twenty five held a meetmg one day last week to ar range the prelimmaries for the orgaruzation of a To bacco Board of Trade SKUFS & I'BEY, Packers and Dealers in Pennsylvania, Leaf Tobacco,61 and 63 North Duke St., La.ncaster, Pa,.


M. J D OHAN TTTOS. DOHAN, CARROLL & UO., TOBAOCO_ Merchants, 104 FRONT STREET, O. BOX 4.385 NEW YORK. .Aq:e! .t5 for tbe followio!! well-known and reliable Manufac turers' J. B. PACE, W. J. YARBROUGH I SONS, TURPIN i BRO., C, T. BINFORD, SOODMAN i MYERS, L. H. FRAYSER i CO., L, J. BRANT i CO., R. W. OLIVER, T. W. PEMHRTON, JOHN W. CARROLL, 1i1d SO L E AGENTS FOR THE ORIGINAL Gable Coil, Donne Bouch.e, 4s and 6a, Single and Double Thick. ALSO, AGENTS FOR TH;E ... t.ONE JACK & BROWN DICK SMOKING TOBACCO. Stocks of Manufactured. Tobacco of Every Description, Sui t a b le for the H o m e T ra d e for F or eivn Mad.'S RYCHMON D V.\..1 BRANDS OF SMOKING TOBACCOS AND CIGARETTES, SAM, AYRES' "HYCO, ote. D EPOT FOR J. W. CARROLL' S LONE .7 ACK, BROWN DIVK, ote. LOUISIANA PERIQUE, Cut and in Carrot AGENTS FOR W 'S'" 81-ACKWS%..%- CENUINE DURHAM TOBACCO ANDW. $. UIM8A%-:L <8c C011'8 VANITY FAIR TOBACCO AND CIGARETTES. MANUFACTURED TOBACCOS: FAVORITE DARK NAVY, ENCHANTRESS DARK NAVY, SWEET MORSEL DARK NAVY, HONEY A.ND PEACH BRIGHT NAVY, AN D A L L POPULA R BRAN D S O F F A N C Y AN D LIGHT PRESSED FIJtf, BEE, TRUMPS, WIG WAG, BUGLE, IN PAILS A N D BARRELS. DEPOT FOR E. T. PILKINTON & CO.'S C E L EBRATED .. FRUITS & FLOWERS & CODONWEALTli" Toba.coos. U" PRICE LISTS FURNISHED 0.!11 APPLICATION. ""g DEPOT FOR SNOW' S PATENT CARD-HOLDERS. H. 'VVULSTEIN, (SUCCESSOR TO lJORGFELDT & DEGH U E E ) PATENTEE (AND SOLE MANUFACTURER IN THE U. 8,) OF IMPROVED TOBACCO MACHINERY OFFICE-114 CENTRE ST NE'W YORK-P. O.l!OJ: 5091. C ON S TANTL Y ON H AN D THE BEST IMPROVED M ACHINERY FOR GUTTING, GRANULATING & SIEVING TOBACCO by HAND or STEAl POWER. A l a rge nrlety of Machiner y for Cilt'a.r Han.ufacturers, such as for Cutting o r Gran u l atin g Havana and othe r F'lllers for Cigars, Stem Rollers, Bunch ing Machines, S t e mmin g Machinea, a n d other M a obiues fo r Crua h inJl and Flattening the Tobacco Stem in the Leaf, Cigar ette Machines, etc. 'l'bo attention o f Cigar Manufa cturers ia especially called to my newly-lmJ,Jroved lland .T.obacco Cutting Machine for Cutting Sorap Fillings for Cigars. .. :!: t!:::i n pn5aedlnto a Retai n erlii-a -:Dioist state and the s o f orme-f. calr:e h p ut' lnle tbe b o x o f the Machin.e for c uttin.r. The sam e c uts from 8oo t o 1,200 lbt o f Leaf Tobacco per day, from a t o .a i n c h a!. savi n g fully 3 3 per cent. o v e r the former way o f manufacturing avotdm.g the no m stems, o r o ther waste; n o 4ust-, less Tobacco required, aad better a n d ts the only pracl1eab1e a n d reltabl e way of maktng a unilorm mixed Cigar. A J the leada.ngCt.gar of N.ew York C ity are u111lnr , Machine. Extra Feeding Attachment f o r Cuthng Fme-Cut C:hewmR' or Stratght-C u t for Cigarettes For the same purpose, of cuttin g Havan a and oth_er for the manufactur e of Cigars. I offt:r my lately-invented GRANULATOR on "!ht c h Leaf can be cut into e v.en scraps 1n a moist & tate, without du:st or shorts fhis lhts purposf', a n d entirely d ifferent frnm my s ame size Granulal! c for makmg Ktlhck.tnK:k o r C a aart.;.He J obacco. It wor ks the S t e m s as well the Le;wes. a n d a of from 300 tn 400 lbs.per he. Report the Judges of Awarcls of the Centennial Exhibition refers parti. c ularl y t? tht! u mform1 t y of c uttm g and hieh speed w it h which it cut.'1 Tobacco, also to the and of the same,nnd to the mndt>r ate prlrr at whic h it ho fo;Olilto the Traci e LEVY BROTHERS, 1\f:a:n. ufac"h.1rers of FIN"E.CIGARS 125 & 127 BROOME ST. NEW YORK. FANCY SMOKING PIPES -IN-BRIER AND FANCY WOODS, MANUFACTURED BY HARVEY & FORD, sALESRooM-385 & 36'1' CANAL STREET, NEW YORK. FACTORY-LEDGER PLACE, PHILADELPHIA. REJALL & BECKER, MA N U FA CTURE R S OF MEERSCHAUM & AMBER GOODS AND IMPORTERS OF FRENCH BRIAR PIPES & SMOKERS' ARTICLES No. gg Chambers Street, N'e""""' Y'ork.. FIRST PRIZE MED AL, CARL """'EIS VIENNA. EXHIBITION, 1811'3, MANUFACTURER OF 1\f:EEB..SOEI:::.A. U:M: / AND AMBER GOODS, 398 GRAND ST., NEW YORK. AND Austria. BUEHLER tc POLHAUS, Q, BRIER WOi[DBSCHAUii i CLAY PIPES. And .all Kinds of SMOKERS' ATICLES. 83 Chambers and. 65 Reade Streets, New York. D. B. HULL'S PATENT TOBAC'CO STRIPPER. PATENTED MARCH I 4 1 876. The Most Perfect and Rapid Stripper In the World. REFERENCES: KER.B S It SPIES S, New YOTk ; LlC PACKED5 OF SEJIID LEAJII', 131 Maiden Lane. New York. H. KOENIG, WHOLI!i$ALE DEALER I N IIAVAIVA AND SBHD UAP TC>::EI:.A.OOOS, No. 329 B'owery, New York. B,. S1JDBR-r,. WHOBESAI'..E D EALE R I Nl AN" ..a. _..,.,_ DOKESTIE. LEAF TOB!CC'O, 14 North Canal Street. CIUCAGO ILL. B. SCBOVERLIRI. SRHD TOBACCU U2 WA'rER:. ST., NEW 'rOB.K_;: fl.,' Q'"' Packtn-r Bouse i n New Milford, tot w;, SCHOVERLll'Ul. .t1. CO.. : DEl4ELll E R il co., Jt6o !':EARL ST., NEw YoRK:. J. l>, XII.EM"!PlEM & CO., BALTWOR E M-.. III.EW:Ll!Eia SCEAEFEI!. .\: CO., N EW O..r..EANS, LA. DElltEL!DB LomsvrLLE, Kv. CftiMISSml IERtHAm CBAS F. T .IG & STROKN I). REYNES BROTHERS & CQ,, Gel .. lm.porten of SPANIS H and Deelt1"1 i n a H k ind of Commission :Merchants, LEAF TOBACCO, D 0 ME S T I(; '1 a. '18 Exchange Place, 184 Front Street, And lmportmof York.. !IBW 1rOBJL FOREI.GN TOBACCO, 1.76 FRONT STREET,_ YOBI. FELIX GARCIA, I MPORTER OF THE BRAND OF "F1e>r de F.G-." HAVANA LEAF TOBAGGO _,.,..,_ C::J:G-.A.:R.&, 167 WATER ST., New York. I 'lbe above Brand o! Leaf is Registered. ]. L. G ASSER T l"l L GASSERT. VEGA & BEIRHEJM, E. SPINGARN & CO., IMPO RTERS OF DJ:J...J,.ERS IX HAVANA TOBACCO HAVANA & DOMESTIC TOBACCO. .A.:n.d OXG.A.B.S. c. '?EARL STIEE'l'. NIW YOI!.L CARL-UPIIA.NN, TOBACCO I AND COIIUSIOI I'DCH!ft No. 6 BURLINC SLIP, NEAR W.ATER-S T REET, N EW'-YORK. G. REISMANR, Commission Merchant, A N D D"&ALBR IK AU. IUl'fDS OF LEAF T .OBACCO, J. L. GASSERT A -_, _178 PU.BL S'l'UI'J.', -101WY8BX 1BS PH.Z'l suet, ----" NEW YORK. Rokohl Bros. & Soelter, LEERET BLASDEL, COMIISSION MERCHllTS. WM M.. PRICE, F 1 N E""C"iG iRs cii'.;E;;,;es Lilir&i AC C 'o, LEAF 'rOB AC C 0, 168 & 170 East Water St., No .f80 water st., New rork. !19 Kaiden Lane, SYRACUSE, N. Y. NEW YORK Deale r sin -----HEPPENHEIMER .. MAU RER'S C I GAR BOX LAB E L S AND TRIMMING S ; F W. TATOitNHOUT. H St B aaT. NEW YORK. L. GERSBEL 1: BRO., N. LACBBNBRUOII & BRO., No.164 Water Street, New York. WKOLKSALa J)ULaas llf HAVANA & DOMESTIC Leaf' Tobacco. WALLACE & CO., A. H. CARDOZO, F. W. TATGENHORST & CO., O'l'TlNGiR & BROTHEll1.. l:ODISSION XERCHANTS. TOBACCO & COTTON FACTOR' t 'I'O:B.A.CCO KENTtJCKY .-SEED LEAF TOBACCO J. A. HARTCORN, M anufacturer o f Fine Cig:ars. PACKERS AND DEALER S IN :MAY BROTHEBS.1 No. 47 Broad Street, NEW YORK. AND General Commission Merchant, :No. 88 BROAD l' -Oll'eii.Tli:B8 011' smnAL mnmAm. LEAr 191 PEARL STREET,' 68 BROAD STREET -18 DaOAD S'l'lUIII'l', French Cigarette Pa.per,) 37 MAIDEN LANE, .... NEW YORK. L. G&RSNJJL, I. C*.UHEt.. NEW YORK. And Deale r in LEAF 21 BOWERY; wYoa&.


oCT. 24 THE TOBACCO LEAF. ..., JACOB BENKELL, MANUF ACTUREll CIGAR. BOXES, SUPERIO:R. MAKE AND Prime Quality of CEDAR WOOD, 293, 295 &: 2.97 Monroe St., NEW YORK. BASCH &. FISCHER, IMPORTERS OF HAVANA AND PACKERS OF SBBD LBAP -TOBACCO, 155 Watc:r st., HwlrtaidenLaae, NEW YORK. THEJ&EHMU BANK, BROADWAY, st NEW YORK. Capital, $1,000,000. Every facility afTorJed : t o Dealers and Correspondents t;Onsi s tent Sound Ban 'king. H. ROCHOLL Presldeat. -M. F. READING. CAShier WM EGGERT & CO. IMPoRTERS O F AND IN LBAP TOBACCO, 171 PEARL STREET, NEW YORK. llrancll, 94 ':tr!ain St., Cincinnati, 0 :e. & 0. FRIEND & CO., lmportons and Dealers lu LEAP TOBACCO, 129 MPlden Lane, Uus N E Eowuo B"RoKND, Ja., W YORK. FRIEND. S. BABNETT, Importer of AND JOBBER IN SEED LEAF TOBACCOS, 162 Water Street, New York M. 1: S. STERNBERGER, FIIBEI&I AID BAmU No. 44 EXCHJ\.NGE PLA.CE, N.Y. !Draw Bills of Exchange on tbe p rincipal cities of Eut'ope; i ssue Clrcu ar Letters of C redit to Travelers, .and gnot Commercial r Yceive Mf,n_ey o o Deposit, subjec t o Sight Checks, upon whlch loter -es t wlll allowed; pay particular attention t o the :Newotiation of Loans. Special attention p-iven to Buying and Selling of California Dividend-Paying Mining Stock::;. JULIAN ALLEN, Seed-Leaf and ".1"C>::EJ.4.00C>, 172 Water Street, N. 'f CUTHRIE &. CO., 22& Front Street. COMMISSION MERCIIANTS, AND BALERS OF TOBACCO FOR EXPORT. --Leaf Tobacco pressed in b3.1es for t1te West Indttll, Mexican and Central American Ports, and other mar. kets. TOBACCO PAQ:KED IN HOGSHEADS. A. H.. SCOVILLE ,SUCCI>S-"OHS TO & SCOVILLE, I I:M:l?O!t'I'E:RS OF SFANIS:E JODUEUS lN ALL KINDS LEAI1_, ,..._._ .... OBA.CCO, No.170 WATBB. STB.EET, NEW'YOllB., OONNECTICUT SEED LEAF WRAPPER OF OUR OWN PACKING, 135 Chatham St., near Pearl. MANUFACTURERS OF CIGARS, DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO, 178 &. 180 PEARL STREET, NEW YORK. T. H. MESSENGER, S. LARREMORE. AWARDED the HICHEST MEDAL and DIPLOMA At the Centennial Exhibition. to DUBRUL'S PATENT CIGAR MOLDS THE 1$ ._.,.. Thellew Improved The l!l'ew Improved 'riN CIGA.B. :Y:OLD WOODEN CIGAB .MOLDS. Produce& the fofut lVor k. ....,., Of our mamifactur are guar-Maku n.o in the bunchu. er combine! with N, DUBRUL ID.. CO, tho filler perfectly "" on ex, hand-mad< cigan. ll'o ofll>l Juohnlleetllll'7 Are MORE DURABLE tha.n Wooden Molds. Ove r 300,000 in 'Use, tb1 d-1mtanJ lnrriJI111 GIVE THEll: A TRIAL. -MANUFACTURERS, O::IN"O:IN"N A 0. H. ORDENSTEIN,Atent, No. 806 BroadwaTo NEW YORK, f' AHKER & DEHLS ---,I LEAF "TOBACco AMERICAN CIGARETTE MACHINE, No. 1 CEDAR ST., NEW YORK. 190 Pearl St., Pa!ente d 4, 1877. ll:lcat. AHNn,J NEW YORK, fOHN A D&KLL LEDERER & FISCHEL. DEALERS IN LBON.&RD :PB.IEDMAN SUCCESSOR TO W_,t.TER FRIEDMAN & lRJo:lSE, IMPORTER_ OF SCHRODER cl: BON, HAVANATOBACCO No.171tWATERSTRET,NEWYORK, ; 203 p 1 St t N y k J Importers of Spa:r,ish ear ree ew or -AND HERMANN BAT JER -BROTHERi'; PACKERS OF DOMESTIC COMMISSION MERCHANTS&. IMPORTERS OF LEAF C::J.--..y p.e;. 77 'W.A.T;a:::a. l>TJCW YORE-----.---.-----......;....;...--..__._ __ l "BLUE GLASS" "CONGRESS" SPAN.Is:a: AND AI&) L E k F T 0 B A C C 0 goa Pearl. S't ., N'e-vv Y'e>rk. 157 w te w THE A.BOVE BRANDs ARE coPYRIGHTED. a r Street, New York. GD ARANTEED TO GIVE ENTIR. E S o"OS A T'Isp 1.1 177. .t1cTioN MASSASOIT CI.GAR FACTORY. BONNETT, SCHENCK & EARLE, MANUFACTURERS of FINE OIQARs. P".4.0".1"C>R..::I:ES: t514, t51t5, t518, t520, !714, !JUS and !718 IIASIJ.I l'IIRTB STB.BET. OJ"JriClC -lS and. 20 ASTOR ::Pl.AClC J THE ONLY ESTABLISHMENT IN THE WORLD lN WHICH OLD, GREEN, LIGHT AND POOR COLORY TOBACCOS ARE BROUGHT PARK COLORS, AND THEIR DEFICIENT IMPROVED. HEPPENREIMER & MAURER, 170 and 172 \VILLIA:tr! STREET, '2'0RX. SANCHEZ, HAYA tc CO., 130, i 32 & 134 MAIDEN LANE, NEW YORK. .MANUFACTURERS FINEST ELEAR HAVANA CIGARS, Awarded Eigllest Medal Exhibition, lS76, !'hil!ldelphia.. ALSO IMPORTERS 0>' HAVANA CIGARS & LEAF TOBACCO,. SIJH::ON STRAUSS, MANUFACTURER OF CICAR BOXES tcsHOW FICUR.ESr1 ImpGlrter of and. Dealer in Spanish Cigar Ribbons,. GERMAN CIGAR MOULDS, PRESSES,'" STRAPS, CUTTERS, ETC,, ;.> l79 &. 181 LEWIS STB.EE'l', NEW YOB.B.. AU kind oC Figure Cut. tn Orclcr n.nd Repaired In the Be!'t Style. The Seed Lea:C : P:racrt1.oa1 L1."tl:l.og:rapl:l.e:rs, BNGR.(\ LOBENSTEIN & GANS .. AND HAVANA TOBACCO, -l1batt1 and "'r..AIL STUET, 1:iEW A. OATMAN, IMPORTER OF HAVANA And. Dealer in Domestic 166 Water Street, NEW YOBK. :M:. II. SMITH, IIUNUF.I.CTURER OF BAND -IADB CIGARS, No. 42 VESEY STREET, NEW YORK. THE IOBiliNG TRADE SOLICITED ONLY. CO., rOB.lCCO AID CIGARS, AND J;."ALIUtS 1M SNUFF, PIPES, etc., .ltTORIES AT 484 BROAD STREET, IEWIRI AND IN C.&LDWELL N. :J. THOMAS G. LITTLE, TOBACCO. SWIATIN&, 192 Pearl Street,' NEW "rOI\K. THE ABOVE MACHINE IS IN ITSELF A NOVELTY. Makes Cigarettes and Cheroots of all Kinds and Shapes, from, StraightCut and LongCut Tobaccos. IS Siil'l:PLE IN ITS CONSTRUCTION AND C .o\ N DE WORKED BY CHILDREN, ANY CHILD CAN TURN OUT FROM 1200 TO 1500 PER DAY WITH EASE. Pr!.ce, $7 .50. Send for Circular. .A..a PE.A.R.L, Se>1e't. 16 RJ:VXNGTON NE'W' YORK,. Proprietors ofthe Celebrated Brands "REPUBLIC" and "HIGH AND DRY." O th.-r Favorite Rrands to OFFICE G. K.CUOKB & CH. 92 Chambers St. NEW YORK. THE ABOVE IS AN IMPRINT OF OUR O:J:GrA::R. &".1" O..&.No:BJT J i'lh'El.. Used aed J:::ndorae d by the Principal Manufacturers. OP. ITA.BP, with Man.ufa.ctnren', Lor.a.tion, Box et Dates good r lLight Years, Pa.ds, Figure .. etc., complete, t4:.50 C. 0. D. CONSTANTLY ON HAND AND NEW DESIGNS MADE TO ORDER. 22 and 24, NORTH WILLIAM STREET, NEW YORK. N". ::BO:R.G-PEL:J:T'S Tobacco Scran Machine, FOR UIGAR MANUF AUTURERS. It ha a Capacity of about &00 lbo., and oa.n be Easily Worked. The Tobacco, DRY OR MOIST, or 'C'S:at:J::N'G-:J:T, And Causes No in Weight by Dust. PRICE, $35. Boxin_l!nd Shipping, $1.50. OFF7CES: 510 East Nineteenth St., 1 .56 Water Street; :N'E'V'&7' _V. VALLAURI, 1260 NEW DIRXCT IMPORTATION OF Turkish Loaf Tobacco ana Ui[arottos; ALSO MANUFACTURER OF. FIIE-tlfT YEIIIYE 1mUH AND CXGARETTES. a E. SALomoN, Silo""" Cope's Tobacco Plant, _PACKERS OF SEED LEAF, A MONTHLY JOURNAL for SMOKERS. M. SALOMON, H AND IMPoRTERs oF Published at flo. 10 LORD IELSGN STREET, LIVERPOOl, EIIBLAID. avana Tobacco a:rid Cigars, Price Two Shillings (English> per Annum. 85 MAIDEN ..:ANE, N.Y. ''TIIB TOBACCO LEAF't OFPICE. .__ __________ ....;.-------8tJII8CIUPTIOJIS. PER AllflfUM, POSTAGE PAm. WHOLESALE DEALERS IN J SEED AND TOBACCOS.1 SOLE AGENTS AND IMPOJtTE.R.S Oi' THE GENUINE W &t M. O::I:GrA::B.. :::JY:C>UT...:J:>&, PRESSES, STRAPS",& 1 lmportus of Garman aRd SpaRiah Cigar BibbensrS No." 101 MAIDEN NEW YORX P. LORILLABD a CO. AWARDED HIGHEST MEDALS FOR PLUG TOBACCO .OFFICE-No. Ill FIRST ST., JERSEY CITY, N. J. New York Salesrooms-lo. 114 Water St., one door from Wall EMPLOY HANDS. PAY V. S. GOVEBN!IBNT .3,0001000 TBIB YBA,Ja.


\ 6 THE TOBACCO OCT. 24 KNECHT, SMITH & CO., '1'0 STEINER, SMITH BROS, do KNECHT, 'iEALERS IN ALL KINDS OF .LEAF TOBACCO, A1fD BAK111' ACTURERS OF A:ND DEALERS IN CIGARS. 13'1 Korth Third Street, :Philadelphia. e TELLER BROTHERS, Paoktra1 Commlssloa lortbaats1 and Wholesale Beaters Foreign and Domestic Leaf Tobacco, .117 North Third Street, Philadelphia. W. EISENLOHR & OOr, PACKERS AND WHOLESALE DEALERS IN LEAF TODAC.CO, 11ri s. S"t., .. N. ElSENI.OHR, S: W. CLARK, I PiifL. BONN L. BAMBERGER & CO., DEALERS lj:l LE.AF TOBACCO, 'And Manufacturers of all Grades of Cigars, l\T J 11 Arch St., Philadelphia, Pa. LEWIS BREMER'S SONS, Wholesale Dealers ia 'LEAF" AND MANUFACTURED TOBACCO, NO. 322 NORTH THIRD STREET, PHILADELPHIA. M"A larg e assortment of all kinds of LEAF ToBACCO constantly on hand.. M. ANATHAN & 00., Paokers,Commission Merchants AND WHOLESALE DEALERS IN .Baltin1ore Advertisements. 'WM. -A. BOYD & CO., DIIPO .RTED AND DOHESTIC LEAF TOBACC0, No. 33 South Street. EIA.LT:J:M:C>B.E. L. W. GENERAL COMMISSION M8RCBANT AND'TOBACCO FACTOR, No. 9 SC>U-r:EL 'GAY STEl.EET, ADV A.NCEIIIENTS lilA DE ON CONSIGNMENTS TO lilY ADDRESS. CEO. KERC. K -HOFF tc CO., Packers of Seed. Leaf AND DEALERS IN. s PANISH 49 South Charles St., Baltimore. Md. GEO. KERCKHOFF. GEO. p, UNVERZAGT. H. WILKENS & CO. 181 W. PRATT STREET, MANUFACTU'RERS OF SMOKING TOBACCO -AND- ED. WISin:R.WiscHMEYER. PlUG TAOBEACCrnO AND LEAF com:r.n..:ilssi.o:n. 'CB 1 T 0 8 A 0 c 0' 39 SOUTH CALVERT 5T TATE. &CO F. W. FELGNER & SON, No. 880 North 'rhird. Philaclalphia. 9 .1.11 ., TOBAt#CO WO:B.KS. lYI ORE JIAY T 1Jbacco Comm1ss1on Merchants succEssoR, To 0 ...:;: ... ;. F. D. BISCHOFF, Packers, Commission :M:ercha.nts & Dealers in LEAF T 0 B A 0 0 o, BALTIDJORE, lip. 69 E h PI Depot with F. Engelbach. SEED LEAF tc HAVANA .... _M_n_.a_c_e__ No. 35 North Water-st.,Philadelphia. JOSEPH LOEB, PACKER AND DEALER IN I;EAF TOBACCO, AND MANUFACTURER' OF CICARS, 62 NORTH FRONT STREET, PHILADELPHIA, PA. 11. B. McDOWELL & CO., JULIUS VETTERLEIN & CO TOBACCO Seed Leaf and ffimeral Merchants, as NORTH WA.TER ST., Philadelphia. "U. S. Solid Top CIQAR MOULD," ...,Agents for the sale of all kinds of Manufac .. tured. and Lea( 135 ARCH ST., PHILADELPHIA. Pa. DOHAN & TAITT, 211 COMMISSION MERCHANTS FOR THE SALE OJ' 10'2' ARCH STREET, Philadelphia. BATOHELOR BROS "PECULIAR" CI'CAR HAm:Tr ACT'tl'REiS, 808 Market St., PHILADELPHIA.. A. J. WELLS, Manufacturer of FINE CICARS, Aud Deale r in Ohio and Other Leaf Tobaccos, Consignments of OHIO especially solicited. MICHAEL WARTMAN & SON, Commission MerchantS: For and WHOLESALE In liD AID AND OIG.A.El.S, 11 KORTH Flri'H ST., A)ld 5. W. Co WATEB and ARCH STS., PHILADELPHIA, Pa. JOSEPH WALLACE. Succes. ffW.VENKBLE &VCO. Ollce: Cor. BJI'De a. UaUfa.x Sts., :Peteraburgh, Va. Factory: 19 :second 1 Dlstrtct, VIrginia ;I P L"iJ(itotheTOeiiKiiWRiDK G -ANll-TOBACCOS: "' ECLJ:PSE '' BRIGHT N'AVT, 1&, X: a, 31, 41, 51t Os1' 2'1, Sa, 98 and 101. ''ST .. GEORGE" BRif;HT NAVY, 11, 3e, 4s, 5a, 61, 'fs, Sa, Ds ad lOs. 'VIRGINIA DA..RE" BltJGHT NAVY, la, 31, 51!1, 6a, 9aand 1.01. ''ANNOT LYLE" BRIGHT NA.VY'll.l., 31, <1:1 5s, 6s, 71, 81, 9aaacll01. ''UN" ION .TAClC" MAHOGANY POUNDS, Jta ft.nd 5s. "ST. JA..MES" DARK POVNDS, )fa, 4-a, Gs, 7, 8, 9t a.a.d 10&. 4.1Bo a great v.-riety of FINE TWIST of aeveral grades Brig t and Mahogany uoder the following brands:-'' .&DDIZB.A. TIOK, '' '' TBOBMAKDlr,'' "BB.&:B.T 01' GOI.D," a." I.IVB OAK,"" KABOB," Dll SOTO and COKQV:BltOB." The followingare OUR Agonts for t he Sale of MANUFACTURED GOODS:c. W. VAN ALSTINE. No.13 Central Wharf, Boston, Mass.; P. CAVANAGH, No,s. 4-t aud -43 Wabash Avenue, Chiugo, I11.: A.. HAGEJf .If, CO., No. 63 N. Frout Street, Philadelphia, Pa.; N, H. CHRISTIAN, Galveston, Texa!; JOHN TiTUS, Cindnnati, 0.; T. W. BELL. No. 415 Maguine Street, Ne" C'rleane.. La; J. E. ltiA 1'0. N o ::n6 N. Second Street, St. Louis, Mo. i IIERIUAN No. 61 S Gay Street,J.h.ltimort", Md.; COOPER & ( \).., Madioon aud Front Sts .. Memphis, TenD WESTERN ADVERTISEIUENTS atcum lmAY &:BRO. LEAF. TOBACCO BROKBRS, tBAP 146 & 148 WEST SECOND ST., t 15 & 117 WEST FRONT Corner of Elm a.1Jd Second Streets. CINCINNATI. 'l'RB STATB OP KBNTDCKY TOBA[CO MANUFACTURING GO., MANUFACTURERS OF ., Choice Brands of PLUG TOBACCO, And Patentees of the Celebrated Brand of .. :<" ....... PR'OG"'RESS, .MADE IN ALL SHAPES AND WEIGHTS. g-EVERY PLU' uF. G.'' AND NATIONAL LONG CUT SMOKINGS. .Also, the Indian a.nd Sun Flower Chewing Tobaccos. W. BEST, Chlca0o; LORIN PALMER, New York; W. H. RUSSELL, Chicago. BEST: RUSSBLL & ( Successors to JOHN C. PAATRlDGE & CO.,) WHOLESALE TOBAUUONISTS AND SOLE PROPRIETORS OF THE GENUXNE CROWN'' CIGARS, 57 Lake Street and 41 State Street, Chicago, 111. ALSO AGENTS FOR THE FOLLOWING WELL-KNOWN FIRMS:p, LOR(LLARD & co., New York; !IEIDE!IIBERQ 4 CO., New York; W. S. KIMBALL & co.s "VAMITY FAIR," Rochester, N.Y.; W. T. BLACKWELL 4 CO., Durham, N. 0.; J. J. BAGLEY & co.s "MAYFLOWER," Detroit, llich.; J. W. CARROLL'S "LONE JACK," Lynchburgh, Va. }ACOB 'Vau .. Weil, Kahn &Co., (Succeesors to s :LoW!:N'T.oHAL & Co.) Manufacturers and Wholesale in I CI&ARS & LIAP TOBACCO 134 Main St.. Cincinnati. 0. H.&NRY TntTIC, ARNOLD TIBTTG. H. TIETIG ct, BROTHER, MANUFACTURERS OF' AND DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO, 215 WEST FIFTH ST., CINCIM:NATI, O. W. G. MOU.RIS, AMBRO.SIA Leaf Tobacco TOBACCO -woRKS. :ao:K.EB., SPENCE & GO., :a 56, 58, 60 and 62 4 BUILDING. E.A.S'T' ST. And S7 Wast St., Clncilmati, CINCINNATI; OHIO, DR. R. SPEXCT, J. P. SPENCE, w. ir. LEWJS. EASTERN ADVERTISEMENTS. J .. DIX & CO., Packe,.. Gftd DeaZM-11 in cnmmm LW mAtta 217 STATE STREET I HARTFORD CGlli'llo Wl't. WE.TPHAL, COMMISSION MERCHANT And De&le< Ia CDNNECTICIIT SEED LEAF Tobacco, StatA St.. Hartford. Conn. HINSDALE SMITH & SON', (Su..:ce!snrs to H. SMITH & CO.) PACKERS AND JOBBERS OF Connecticut Lea. Tobacco, 20 HAMPDEN ST., Springfield, Mass. HtNSDALK SJ\t.lTH, E. H. SMlTK. C. 0. HOLYOKE, COMMISSION MERCHANT In LLA.F and MANUFACTURED TOBAOOO, 12 Ceittral Wharf, Boston. Southern Advertisementfl.l J. M. \Vtsa, Danville, Va. P. W1sa, Richmond, Va.i M. & PEYTQN WISE, : COMMISSION' MERCHANTS For the Purchase of LEAF TOBACCO. Alidress us nt 1\iehmond. or Danville, Va., As you may wish to buy in the one or tho other market WM. E. DIBRELL, LBAP TOBACCO BROUl 14l.O Cary S'b:'eet RICHMOND. VA. -------..... :a. A. MTTIS Tobacco Broker AND General Commission Merchant, OffiCE IN TOBACCO EXCHANGE, SHOCKOE SLtP, RICHMOJi'D, V&."-LH BOY BOPBR & SONS, TOB.A.OGO COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 1"!1-:t'J.I'BSBVB.G,VA. J, H. PEMDERTON. JAS. G. PENN. PEMBERTON & PENN, Tobacco Commission Merchants BEf(RY MEY-ER & CO., COMMISSION 'MERCHANTS, '-. And Wholesale Dealers With a long expoiwu i.-1 the B GEISE & a R o offer th eir servzr

' I O CT. 24 SUTRO NEllV'lYIAR.K HANUF .A.CTURERS OF GooD Tnms AGAIN.-The other day Mr. 1Iiddlerib stopped at a grocery and bought some onions, givmg the groce 1 a if2 bil. l. Among the change handed bac k to the customer was an old one dollar bill. It had been taken that morning for kerosene oil and there was just a dash of the oil on it. that had been spilled in the morning. Then the grocer had laid it down oua pile of codfish while he fixed the stopper in the oil can. 'fhen he had AND DElLERS IN LEAF TOBACCO .. 78 PARK PLACE, NEW YORK. i t on hisfingerswhilehecutoff a coupl e of pieces of cheese and the cheese on the bill struggled with the codfish and kerosene for pre-eminence. Th n it' got a little touch of macke1 1 a d a1 lit-tle tincture of stale egg on it, and at last the grocer stuftecl i t int hisj .r.-KBRBS a SPIBSS, of Fine Cigars, pocket along with n p!ug of and 1inally when 111r.' Midtllel'i)J t it And Deales In LEAF TOBACCO, 1014, 1016, 1018 1020 SECOND AVENUE, with his he held it to his os once or b;icc. sniffed it with ani vesti'gating ail and at last walked 1t o the store with a cheerful couuten n ee, saying:-" By Gcnrge, we're all now. G.oocl times are here again, tho GoYernment is paying one hun elro d scents on the dollar.' -Bu ling310, 312, 314 FIFTY-FOURTH STREET. ADOLI' KERBS, :NEJ"VP'; LOUIIil SPIESS. HILSoN. WY,.,... to'' 1-Ia tckeye 1 1-I Fine Cigars, I -An exchange unkindly remarks; Ten ;in the New .I:Iuv<-'I:\ Jail have struck because at the top page o t their tobacco. If some of the Connecticut Seed leaf we've fleflp is a sample of the kind we think the other fellows whose supply wasn't stopped mo the o ue:; who ought tu do tile striking. AND SOLE PROPRIETORS O F T H E PATENTED WILLOW CIGAR BOX. TOBACCO TRADE DIRECTORY An exchange wants to know where the fire goes wb,en it goes out/ Our de,il suggests that it goes out to smoke. 1m. W. MEiDEL & BRO. For l..B77 an.d. Jl..8"78. TO CLOSE OUT THE BALANCE OF SECOND EDITION. MANUFACTURERS m at $2 PER COPY. CIGARS AND DEALERS IN LEAF THE "TOBACCO LEAF" PUBLISHING CO., BOWERY. NEW 142 FULTON STREET, N.Y. 1 LIOHTEN-STEil( & MANUFACTURERS OF THE ''ELK" ane ''ONWARD" WE HEREBY CAUTION ALL PARTIES INFRINGING UPON OR IMITATINC OUR BRANDS, L ABELS AND TRADEMARKS, tJ:!at we will spare no pains in prosecuting such pilorties in. protecting the rrghts secured to us by Act of Congress dated August 14, 1876. 0 I GARS, And Dealers In LEAF TOBACCO, .Nos. 34 and BOWERY, STRAITON & STORM. _mw Yoax. LIQUORICE PASTE. BP.ANZ&B: LZQ'UC>"RZOE. TU::n.:S:.X&B: OF TilE Vl'IDEBIIIGNED CONTUillES TO IMPORT .&liD lll.unrFA CTVRE PVRB. SPANIS H Am'l'li'RKET LIQ.UORICB. AND Gl/ARAJITEIIID TO GIVE SATIS FACTION TO EVERY TOBACCO .MANVFAO'l'li'.RER TIIB OLD FAVORITE BRAND OF ,J. C 'Y Ca. I S A LWAYS R E&DY FOR D ELIVERY AT T H E SHORTEST NOTICE, ALIO 4L_0, C .. P. T. <:>AN D KlS OTHE R BRANDJI OF T URKIS H P A STE,ALLOFWHIC H A R E GIVING Il'l'c-CREAIIED S A n,.FAV'l'ION, A"' l NilTAN C D BY THB RAPIDLY GROWING DEMAND A N D ENTIRE AB!!El'ICE OF uliiPLAII'fTS, CAUTION .. It having come"to my knowledge that, in sever a l inStances, Liquorice Paste fa lsely repre ente1l as bela g o f m,. ma.aufacture b as been offe red f o r aa1e b y parties to l!lult their own pur p oees, who bave n o a uthority to s"ll my brands the prcaent servy t o CAUTION all Tobac(;O Manu fac turera against,the same and to give notice that hereafter every case of my manufacture will be branded with mr Trade Mark, acquired under t h e laws o f the United States, "a any unprincipled person c;.ounter f etUng Trad e Mark w ill be r igoroYsly prosecut e d JAMES C. McANDREW, 56 Water Street, New B arn We hear of several bar n burnings. There is really no legitimate cause for it, and it must be the result of carel essness o r mismanagement. when we have light, chaffy tobacco, the ground leaves firing or drying on the stock before the top ones are bright, then there i s very great danger of such leaves catching on fire and burning the barn. But this year tobacco is green to 'the ground, ancl so full of sap that it will bear unusual hard fir ing. We have no doubt that the fires occur ring are from hoisting and crowding dry toba<;co in the top of the barn in order to make room 'below for .another cutting. This should never be done; always move out the cured tobacco, storing it away in pens or sheds. If it is not convenient to do this, crowd it to one 'Side, one tier over another from top to bottom and put the green to the other side, hanging to the top so as to let t h e heat escape. When cured tobacco is generally :stored or crowded in the top of tho barn, thus prevent ing the escape of the heat, the risk of burning is doubly increased by the hard firing necessary to cure the green. Better buil d rail pens and cover with wheat traw for storing awuy cured tobacco when room is scarce, than to crowding' it in the roof of the barn, where it is most sure to catch. Rail pens can be very easily and quickly built on this plan, II_ hang over to prevent weather beat. A great deal of !obacco C<'l.n be stored in this way. When tho curing 1s complete stnp and move mto the bru:n.-Clmks ville ( Tenn. ) Tobacco Leaf. A BUSINESS ENGAGE:UENT.-An exchange says not lo!lg ago a young merchant who lives up town told his wife that he was compelled, from consideration of ex pediency, to take a customer from the country to the theatre. When his elderl y wife made comments on the elaborate nature of his toilet for a rural person of the male tiex, he "Oh, yot! see, everything depends upon impressing that 'Sort of people favorably." At tlus moment the merchant's office-boy made his appe..1.rance. "Well." said the deceiving husband, "did you see the gentleman I sent you to?" 'Yes, sir," replied the m essenger. "And you t ol d him I had tickets fol' the theatre?" "Yes, sil'; and he said he was much obliged to you, and he w ould be happy to go with you, and he would wait fm yon. What was h e doing!, said the unsuspectinowife. '' He was just fastening the strings of his pull':'back, answerou the ;y-outh He found hnnself a moment afterward on the curb s tone, where he listened with a sweet smile to the shrill sounds of a woman's tongue. ., I MPORTE R S OF 501 BROA.D"W A. Y ; NE""V YORK. Centennial Medals awarded for Beaut y of POPULAR STYLE ) ........,..,., if' jl: H i; H1H :: !: :; i i1ij i: II 1 : H [lli !i !I HI!: ilii iii i: 1 :11 li il ji, i ilil! !1: 1': H ,, ill l H !i !1 :! ;, ii i :: fi jj 11 1: I jj ii ii :i F r jf li !I !1 !/ [j q i! Design, Skill Dis p laye d in Fabrication, and CHEAPNE$S SHOW FIGURES IN METAL AND WOOD A SPECIALTY. TOBACCO CRoP.-The c rop is a ll housed in fine condition, and with the car e usually bestowed upon i t in cur i n g, we shall have an abundant crop of fine quality.-Nashville (Tenn.) Cotton ana Tobacco Record, Oct. 20. CHARLESTON TO HAVANA.-A meet ing of Charleston business men have appointed a committee to solicit a subscription of $25,000 for the pur chase of a new steamer to run be tween Charleston and Havana, and another committee to decide whether a route via St. Augustine and Nassau, o r one via Key West, is most eligibl e -Weelcly Floridian. O.ATA.X.C>G"C'E. Agency Wanted. BY an experienced, wel1-recommended gentleman, eetablis hed in Liver pool, and representing a first-class tobacco firm of Holland out England, the Agency FOR A GOOD AMERICAN LEAF TOBACCO HOUSE or any other arti cle ap pertaining to the Tobacco Trade. Ftrst-class references given. Address, H. T. D. office of" THE LEAF. W. J H O O D LESS BEN. BERRY. W. J w HOODLESS & CO,. N ATJONALTOBACCO INSPECTiQ, Receiving & Forwarding W a.Mho--...:es, Foot of. Van IJyke and P arti t ion .Sts. Brooklvn. liCHTENSTEIN BROS. I CO., DESTRUCTIVE FmE.-The tobacco and snuff factory of Messrs. Joseph E Venabl e & Son, located on the Uppe1 : Appomattox Canal\ one or two miles west of the ctty, was destroyed oy fire on the morning of Friday\ qctober 19, between two and three o c l ock. In the were several thousand pounds of snuff a large quantity of smoking tobacco ready prepared for market, a quantity AND PRICES ON APPLICATION. LICHTENSTEIN BRO S &. C O., 27'0 Bo,very Ne' v York. NEW YORK, 270 BOWERY, JuLY 14, 1877. pARTIES are hereby cautioned against using PIVOTED le to desist from m.a.nufg.cturing either the Scnl of Virginia. or the Virginia Seal Smoking Tobaceo, as we hold patent and copyrights of both brands. Baltimore, Sept. I 187;1. 653-665 H. WILKENS' & CO. S.A.LE. A Fresh Supply of 1 00,000 Pounds Genuine u DEERTONGUE" FlaV"or1 ror SiiiOKDIG TOBA 0'racturers, in lots to suit purchasers, at lowest figures MARBUR C BROTHERS, 1?5, 147 and 149 S. Charies Si;rect, Baltimore, Md 1!--loreign Duties on Tobacco. In Austria, France, Italy and Spain the tobacco commerce is monopolized by Governmen!J_ under direct.iGn of a Regie. In th13 duty on American Leaf Tobacco Is 4 tli.a.lers 'I! 100 ms. In Belgium the lmi'OM is reckoned after deducting 15 '8 cent. for tare. The duty is 18 !ranee 00 centimes ($2.40 100 kilogrnrnmcs(lOO American lbs kilos. ) In Holland the duty is 28 cents, gold, per 100 kilos. (:180 Amencan 11>s being equal to 127 kifos.) In Russia the duty on Leaf Tobacco Is 4 roublea 10 kopeks f pud; on Srupking Tobacoo 26 roubles 40 cop. DUd, acd on Cigars 2 rou. 2'J cop. pud. The t' pud" is equal to American tt>s. Io Turkey the duty is 50 cents, gold, per Amelican ounccii. In the dutie9 aro on Uumanutactured: stemmed or stripped and unstemmed, containing 10 tt>s or" more of moisture in every 100 lr>s weigh&; thereof (besides 5 cent. and an additional chn.rgo of % cent. on 1"& from bonded wat-ehouses), 8s per lb; containing less fhan 10 tbs of moisture in every 100 weight (exclusive of the extra charges noted above) 3a6d 1h. On Manufactured: Cavendish and Negrohead (cake or twist), 4s. 6d. {llb; all otber kinds, 4s. lij! 11>. tlnited States Internal Revenue Tax. The tax on nll of Manufactured Tobacco is 24 cents 1h Snuff 32cents l'@lb; Cigars, $6 thouso..od; C igarettes not ov6t 31b5 $1.75 per thousand; Cigarettes and Cheroots weighing over 31bs thonsand, $6 J thousand. Tha duty on Foreign Cigars is $2.60 1ft lb and 2S cent. ad valorent. Cigarettes san;te duty as cigars. In1ported, Cigarettes and Cheroots also bear the _prescribed InternAl Revenue taxes, to be paid bv stamps at the Custom House. The import duty on Leaf Tobacco is &; cents, gold, i@ 1b; Leaf Tobacco stemmed 50 cents tp 1b; Manufactured Tobacco, 60 cents 1b; Scraps, 50 tt>.' Manu raetared Tobacco and Scraps-are nlso subject to tbe Internal Revenue to.x ('f 24 centq lb, and must be packed in conformity with Internal Revenue law and regti..lation. ADVERTISINC RAT ES. ONE SqUARE (14 NonpareU Line. ) Over Orte Col WilD, Que Year, $82.00 I Over Two Columns, One Year, t58.oo do do Six K onths, 17.08 do do Six Months, 801.00 Throe Months, 10.00 do do Three MonthS, 17.00 TwO SqUARES (28 Nonpareil L i nea. ) Over Two Columns, One Year ....................................... $115.00 do do Six Months ... $M.OO k do do Three Months .. 82.00 FOUR SQ.UARES (.,6 Nonpareil Line., ) Over Two Columns, One Year ....................................... $:1110.00 do do Six Months .. $115.00 1 do do Three Montbs 60.00 FIRST PAGE-One Square, (14 Nonpareil Line,) Over Two Columns, One Year ...................................... $165.00 SEVENTH PAGE-One Square, (14 Nonparell Line.. ) ::::::::: :::$40:oo. oru.-y.;.u.: :::::::::::::::: Tran."'ient Advertisements on the Seventh Page1 30 C811tl per for each iAsertioB. Narn06 and ..Wdr""""'' ILialle In llusilleell of .A.dverUsenf." J.llJ'atif'a,go1 Ou.o 7


.THE TOBACCO LEAF. OCT. 24 THOMAS HOYT & CO., MANUFACTURERS OF FXNE-C.UT CHEWING AND SMOKING .-oBAOOOS -". Sl'I'VJ'I'. J. F. FLACO &. CO., OUil BRANDS Ci:HEWI:ICG: 1'1'6 .t; 1'1'8 FIRST ST., BROOKLYN, E. Doe au IIID., K.&ROKAL Manufacturen of the Celebrated B.nn'cll B_ai&B'J!' oWJIB', AliOB Harvest, Surprise & Seas1de 2I%'2&A CIA VIIJIDJ:aB, 441* ., oa P&AR.L BT., l!Ut:w Yoax. Gr.lazT, Ivanhct and :Bellwether, Greulat.e4 )Geaenl PartD.... FireSi46 JollyBoysaniRcdJactct,Loll[Cut lr 11'. Special. I AU GradeB-8Dn11' --r:a. &. a. o.Acknowledged by consumers to be the best in the market. And for the brand of Licorice Stick 1'1'0111. &. 00., In all respects equal to CALABRIA. Consumers and Jobbers would clo well to apply direct. Lleorlee Root, lol .. t aacl Orella...,-, -.tant17 oa. !laud.. AI8U11J8AU, WALLIS l 00.1 29 .. 31 Bo.t.h William lt.reet. AND Atl $PECIUTIES FOR TOBACCO MANUFACTURERS. R.HILLIER'S SONS & V OFFICE, 0.1? JOHN CATTUS.' TOBACCO BROKER ; 27 Pearl 8'i:reet, NEW tJBAS. E. FISCHER : & BRO., Tobacco Brokers, 1Sl Wate:. st., NEW YORK TKOS. JCnuncUTT, CHAS. E. BILL, Ja. KINNICUTT_ & BILL, BROICER.SIN WESTERN & YIRCINIA LEAF TOBACCO, 62 BRQAD 8T., NEW YORK CHARLES F. OSBORKB, JAMES G. OSBORNE, TOBACCO BROKER, 54 BROAD STREET, NEW YORK. N. R. ANSADO, M. & LICOBICHIMPASTi STICKS TOBACCO BROKERS AND ALL liPEciALTIEB FoR No. 50 Beaver Street, NEWYQBE ACJCNCY, HEN & CO. 'l'he only &ale IIUMH ?itb ZearlDAI PA-GI& CO General Ae:'tS, Jl'o, 3 P AiJt PLAOEolJIEW 'l'oll'x. V1ll' ue .... bf tlae foUowi.Dr emtDe" .. ufact11ren :1'. LORILLAaD .t; CO., New York; liUCRAl'rA.llf .t; LYALL, New Yod:; .JA. B. P.A.CB." lUcbatond, Va.; p, JIAYO .t; BRO., lli#hmond, Va.; JC. W. VJ:WAIIL ... 00., Peteuburg, rniZlli:R BaOII., Lo.loville, Ky. HENRY WUL8TEIN, J {1--to .t; Delo-), li \>' 11t, CENTRIII ITRlli:lli:T, NEW YORK. P 0 Box 5091, New York. ConataE._t_!y on haad the Best Improved for AND SIEVING TOBACCO BY HAND OR STEAM l'OWER. A large nriety of llacbiaery for &Sanufae .. turers, such as for Cuttin or Granulating Havana and other Flllel'l for Stem Roll en Buuching Koh .. chines, Stemmiol' Macbioes,.. and abo Machines foe Crushing and Flaltelliaw Tobac<'o Stem in the Leaf, Cigarette Macbiaes, etc. Sole AJfent in U S. for F FLINSCH'S (Olen bach on Main, many) celebrated ltb.chioe for .Packiug Manufactured Tobacco. Cigar Manufacturers .A.r-e laformed that we are able to lllpply the Trade with lirst-dou PACKERS at ohort notice. Plouo 43 Liberty Street, opposite Post Office, TOBAcco MANUFACTURERs NEW YoRK. o:r exoxzas ..A.::R.Tl:C::t.Ee, 14 Broadway, New York. DEALERs IN. addiea eorrNpoadeuc::o to u .. c IGAR PACKERS' SOCIETY. UI WEST :BROADWAY, NEwToRK. 4. SHACK, sEc.ARs, SNUFFS, &c. TOBACCO BROKER, a. s. MUJrmG A oo .. S MICHALIS & CO ., 4 Fil'St Avenuei or E. M GATTERDAM (Co n troller of Vacancies) 100 Norfolk Stree t N e,.,, York City z ILA 129 MAIDEN LANE, ClGARETIES, TOBA.CCOS K 'RICE PAPER.. T. B. WWEB.B.ICK R-CO. Wehegtocall the attention of Tobacco Manufar-l .&WA to. this SUPERIOR AND PURE IMP 0 RTE Rs for the States of NonhCarollnaand V!r1 DiilfOND NEW YORK. glnia: Maas DAVENPORT /IIi MORRIS, Richw -a..........__ mond,Va. -y LICqRICE ROOT-Aracea aad A.llcaate. / v 130 & 132 WIIJJAM sT., NEW YORK. ZURICALso:\'v&0A1RG.UIMBAU, &PEO:I:.A.LT:I:El& : I 02 PEARL STREET, IPANISR LICORI<;Ii: lli:XTRACT, Guill Tragacan_ t_ h, _cigar FMakers. yi _iKQ.UORICE. G G dd C k CLOVES AND CINNA'I!lOl'r, Ulll e a, S1ftmgs m as s; FINEsT QGALITY. SEED, S B I CORIANDER SEED, d do Orts In a es I Manufactured at Poughkeepsie, LAVENDER FLOWERS o. I GUn! ARABIC, GRAIN AN'nPOWDERED, Gum' do. do. GIFFORD, sHERMAN & INNis, GUJI Ml"RRH,LUMPANDPOWDERED, GUDI TRAGACANTH, FLAKE AND 120 wm;am Street, NEW YORE:. ESSENTI_AL OILS, POWDERED, Tonka Beans. ANG' OSTURA. OLIVE OlL, LUCCA CREAM IN CASES, r S. QR_Q.:J:...E]::JE=l., SESAME OIL LEVANT IN BBLS, MANUFACTURER OF Tonka Beans, LICORICE PASTE FINE CIGARS, Angosturas,inCas ks, e Balsam Tolu, in Original Tins, AND DEALER IN Clucose, }'rench, in Casks The Stamford Manufacturin[ :1.57 l.v.I:.A.XX>EN' :X....A.N'E, NEVV The Trade having demanded a Superio r u.nd Gqeaper Article than that h itherto u sed, till s Company is manufacturing, and offering for sale, LICORICE PASTE.(uuder the old "Sanford" brand) of a QUALITY and at a PRICE which can fail to be acceptable t o a ll g i ving it a trial. DBrOT AKD AGENCY OF THE MANUFACTuRE OF &. i. &AIL & AX, SALTIMORE, -AT121 NEW YORK. :N'. W'J:SJI, ACI-111'1'.1'. ECKM.EYER & CO., 48 BROAD I 48 NEW STREETS, SOLE AGENTS FOR THE U. S OF FR. ENGELBACH, VV:E.:C>:X...ES.A.X...E TOBACCO DEPOT & AGENCY For F. W. FELGNER & SON'S, Baltimore, Tobacco and Cigarettes. 56 S. WASHINGTON SQUARE, N.Y. GOODWIN & CO., MANUF ACTtlilERS OF Ffne-Cut Tobacco Bnssian & Tnrtish TobaGco 201 &t. 209 WATER STREET, -oF-NEW YORK. COMPAGNIE LAFERME --IT. PETERSBURG, JIOSCO,V. WARD B MCALPIN & co.' SAW, O.OJ:CSSA, DRESDEN. I NEW YORK, P.O. Box.,s6. MANUFACTURERS OF. THE CELEBRATED ,FINE-CUT 14RS. G. B. MILLER & co.,VIRGIN LEAF&NAVYCHEWING i'OBACC 0 MANUFACTORY, And all Kinds of "'ETEP '"' COLLINS, SMOKING TOBACnn \"l AND DKALitRS IN 97 Columbia Street, Cigars, Plug Tobacco, Snuff, Snuff Flour, etc. MANUFACTORY ANI> SALESROOM: NEW YOBK, Cor. Avenue D l Tenth St., New York. II.AlruPACTt.ralllt$ 0 .. 'I'Ht. CHLltllllATitb rs. G. B. Miller & Co. Chewing and Smoking Tobacco, thb only Genuine American Gentle-D Snuff; M,.;. G. Jl. Miller & Co. Maccabof pd Scotch Snuff; A. H. Mickle &Sons' Forest j &ose and Grapo To8acco; Mrs. G. B. Miller A Co. Reoene Smoking and Chewing THE CELEBRATED g-"All ol':r E"':r1.oe Lia't. WILLIAM BUCIIANAN, DAVID C. LYALL, BUCHANAN & LYALL, Office :-54 :Broad St., Ne'W' York.-P. o. uox nu. Factory :-No. 2 FIRST DISTRICT, SOUTH BROOKLYN. MANUF'ACTURERS OF THE FOLLOWING CELEBRATED BRANDS OF H. TROWBRIDGE'S ESE'I..A.N'XJS, Embracing all kiods<:>f Out and Fancy Smok-ing Tobacco. I )8 I '1:!, .,.,, I Doable Bacle, I Sir Knla:llll "1P JleUer, Beau.&,., Danville,. Qoocl.NauaaF.:::_;,_,lult. Ete. Dan.v1l.l.ez Va. 6. GOIIBIIZ A 00.; lmporten and Manaf&c;turera of GERIIAJf AND SCOTCH Heinrich Goebel Sohne, Genuine Grossalme.rode Pipes, .... 128 Maiden r.ane. K. Y. PLUG, CHEWING aDd SMOKING fOBACCO BAGGING. T 0 E A c c 0 s SPANISH LINEN, PL. u G. FANCY STRIPES, ls, Us, 3s, 411, 5s, 611, 7R, Sa, th, 16s. SA ILOU.' S 1s, 3th 4&. as, Oil. 'ts. 91._ 1 oa. And all 'Wttds of Goods used for puttiug up Smok CHt\.LLENGE, lbs. WASHINGTON, )fs. NEPTUNE; Double Thick. brt. drk:. ltiAGGJE iugTobacco. Al! o, complete assortment of ltii'I'CHELL. NARRAGANSETT. ALEXANDRA. SENSA'l'ION. FLOlJNDERS. Smokers' for the Trade. BUCHANAN, lOs. JACK OF CLUBS. KING PHILIP. GR!\PE AND APRICOT. hOWARD SANGER & CO UNCONQ.UERED. "ACME" FaneyDril{ht Pounds. TECUMSEH, lOo. PEEllLlilSS. ., PALn. ooLD ARs. PRIDE oF THE REGIDIENT. POllKET PIEcEs. 46_ 2 to 468 Broadway, N ew Yorl-. N' .A. 'V'Y" PX:NE OUT cs:::m \IV XING. ACME. SMOKINC AND CICARETTE TOBACCO. VIRGINIA BRIGHT CUT CA VENDJIJH. WO:RLDs :1' Al:R AND :a. 't1:BY, Branch Office: Central Street, Boston. P. 0. BOX tltl6. H. H. TODD, Aaont. W E UPTEGROVE, SPANISH CEDAR FOR CIGAR BOXES. AGEX1 F O R OSTRUM'S CIGAR-BOX NAILING MACHINE. Foot lOth llltb St., East River, NEW YORK. I AC:TURED BY BUCHANAN & LYALL, 54 Broad St., New York. PIONEER TOBACCO COIP!NY, OF BROOKLYN, N. Y. BUSINESS OFFICES: 124 Water St., 'New York, 16 Central Wharf, Boston; 25 Lake Street, Chicago; 51 NORTH WATER STREET, PBILADELPBIA. Factory: No. 1 First District, N. Y. THE CELEBRATED THE CELEBRATED "MATCHLESS,' "FRUIT GAKE," BRICHT, All Sizes; MAHOCANY, All Sizes; '' P :I: 0 N" E EJ n. ," Dark, .all Sizes. A of t"ur C elebmtad Brands o f PLUG TOBACCOS will convince all partits of the WON DERFUL c onl.dlut:d t h e teiu. PLUG TOBACCO. HERBST BROTHERS, HAVANA tc SEED LEAF TOBACCO 183 WATER STREET, NEW LIBERAL ADVANCEMENTS MADE ON CONSIGNMENTS. CHARLES A. WULFF, Ag't, Lithographer, Printer & Manulacturer of A Large Assortment Constantly on Hand. ol ChRtham l!it., cor, William, N.Y. Patented l"ebreary t869. I I STATES RIGHTS FOR SALE. JOSEPH LOTH & CO., MANUFACTURERS OF ALL KINDS OF CIGAR RIBBONS. CONSTANTLY ON HAND A FULL AS SORTMENT AT LOWEST PRICES. Factory 1 S.lenooau : WEST t,5tlo BT., BROOMIIl 8To 1'ire._ 'Y"ork. INTERNAL REVENUE BOOKS The Original Intemalllnenue Pub1bbinl' Bouae. C. SoLa Svcce.sso1t TO Esraa & SMITH. P. 0. Bo ,,6 3'1' LIBERTY ST., N. T. Branding Irons & Stencils a Specialt7. Pn3:l.VTXN'G Of e\'ery description at Lowest Priers. SEXD FOR PRICES. TINFOIL! Lightest Pnre Tin, 10,368 Sq, Inches D. lb. ALSO TOBACCO & OTHER FOILS. WITTEMANN BROTHERS, 184 William St., New Y!!!L_ Giobol & van Ramaohr, LEAF 176 WATER ST., NEW YORK. Cub Adnnced on Consignments o


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