The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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III.---NO. 48. [ESTABLISHED ;1.864.] I NEW.YORK, JANUARY ;7, 1878. WHOLE 672 THE 'tOBACCO LEAF. GauT ........ 11\.0ol BRIDU:J<: ............. .......... 6.0ol ............... :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: i: STABLISHED 1864.] PUBLISHED / ADVEBTUIXG lU.TU. EVIERY MONDAY MORNINC // ONE SQUARE (14 l'roaparell Llaell.) rover Year, $28 .00 I OverTwoColUJlliUI, One Year, $54.00 BY do do ""' Jllontbo. 1Mtl do do Six l!IODtbs, jlj,IJO THE TOBACCO LEAF" PUBLISHING COMP do do Three l!lontb.o, 10.00 do do 13.00 TWO llqUABE8 (i8 Noa-.arell Llae.) t Over Two Oolumn.o, One Yo&r ................................ ...... 1100.00 do do Six Jllontbs ... I do do Three Months .. 111!.00 JPOU& 8qU&BEII (116 Noaparell LlaMo) cper Two Columns, One Y....................................... U2 FlJ'LTON STREET. NEW YORK./ ilW ARD BURKE, lHN G. GRAFF, do do Six Montbs .. SIOO.OO 1 do do Threellontbs M.()( "" JPIB8T P&GE-One 8ctuare, (14 Noaplll"eel Llae.l Over Two Coh1m1111. One Year .............................. : ...... $110 00 Transient AdvertiBemeota on the 8wt'flrllth Pace, Z Oeuta per Line. for each ill8ertion. 1 TEJI1118 OJP THE P RD.. Names and alone In BufDNI Directory ct AdvertlserRo;; SeventbP,.,..,.O...,Year ........................................... SIO. Remittance& fQr Advertlaements and Subscrtpttona .should be made in vruiably by Poot.Qmce Order, Check or Letter. ::::::: :::: ... ::: .. SJ:J: MONTU8. . . . . . . ... 8.00 Subocrlben not receiving tbeil' paper-regUI&J'Iy wW pleaoe ln!onn us at once. 220 '' DeBAR & co., Warna Street, 1\Tew Yok, SOLE ACENTS FOR THE INCIPE DE a AL.ES" "VVES'J..., CIGARS, AND THE CeIel'c: ,, CIGAR FACTORY OF NEW YORK. ., 88 READE STREET, 'NEW YORK, of Ha, va,na, ALSO MANUFACTURERS. OF THE ROSA ISP!IOLI wEST. HA.VANA-OIGA.RS. IMPOB.'rEBS OF. THE '' roaa ceo. Pearl New York. M"FALL 4 LAWSON, 33 l'IURRAV STREE'1", N. WJLLL\11 WICKE, AUG. ROESLER \CKE & CIJ., CIGAR BOX IIA.NUF 153 to 161 Goerck Street, BEST MATERIAL & suPERIOR MAKE. R.EID"D'OED PBICZ LIST --Spanish, American and Ierman Cigar Ribbons. 1 .\.NUABY l, 18'1'8. Broacl Yellow ........ ....... Eztn. .. -6-8 'broad, 72 7da 11.80 ....... No.l .... 6-8 'T27da 1.70 .. .. .. ............ 6-8 .. 'T2yd. 1.80 ... 6 .. 72 74 1.36 .. .. .. .. 3 .... 6 72 74 1.40 WElL & CO., :XnlrPC>B.TEB.&, OFFICE: No. 65 PINE STREET, NEW YORK. NEW YORK, Jt{ONDAY, JANUARY 7, 1878. SELLING ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS' WORTH OF LEAF. "No less than thirty bills, introduce d in the House, are before the Committee of Ways and Means, to per mit the producer of tobacco to sell leaf tobacco to the consumer." Thjs extract is taken from the interview, fll\d equitable tax that be imposed. .A.rgumg these definitions and varied opinions out to their legitimate, logical conclusions, justification would be found in past e:lllpe.rience for each of them. But the bias, and opinions of people are subordinate. to the questions at isstl.e in $is instajice. facts t? be determined 1a!-"tl. first:, Al"!J present taxes on the manufactures of heavier than the tobacco industry can afford, or ought 'to bear? Second: Can the Government reduce these .ta.'Ces without im posing an income tax? Jn these two inquiries is presen the only issue now thrust upon the tobacco trade for Opinion even in the trade itself, is divided respecting the answer-'that should be made to the first interrogatory, but the preponderance of public sentiment, exclusive of consumers, is in favor of low e r tobacco taxes, both on the ground of necessity and And it will generally be admitted thai if the taxes on staple are reduced, an income tnx certainly follow The .fonner income tax began with our present in ternal revenue system in 1862, and. expired with the collection of the tax of 1870. The following exhibit shows the collections from this source from its com mencement to its close, with their percentages of the total revenue:Peroontage of Total.Revefiue. 1863. : . . ..... $ 2 ; 741,858 !5 6 1864 ............... 20,294,731 74 17 :ar.a. RoM ... ............ 1 .... 6 72 7da 1.16 ................... I ... 5-8 72 7u 1.86 in another column, between a Herald correspondent ........... .... 1 .... 6-8 72 7da 1.60 and a .representative of the Internal Revenue Bureau 1865 ............... 32,050,017 44 15 1866 .............. 72,98,2,1ri9 0:3 23 :::.::.:::::::: : ;; L ::: :: at Washington. the correspondent ..................... a .... 6-8 72 74. 1.60 furtheradds, will report a bill to do so to the extent 1867 .. ............ 66,014,429 :34 j4 l$68 .............. 41,455,598 36 21 1869 ........... ... 34,791,855 84 21 Narrow :a..t ...... .. ........ t .... j-8 72 ;vds 1.45 of $100 worth a year." There is something so ineffably : :::::::::::::..::: :: J::::r.: stupid in this project that one hardly knows how to 1870 .......... < .. 37,775,873 62 .20. These enormous amounts were derived from capital; and corporate and individual earnings; atn time when, in addition; every businees and pursuit was separately taxed in other ways. At present, we believe, there are but seven interests subject to internal taxes; and if an incDme tax calling for' from fifteen to twenty milli-::.... dollars annually be added to the, list, it will ha::dl y be thought more than the country can uncomplainingly endure in view of what was borne from 1862 to 1870, as above disclosld. The llJlmber of persons assessed for income tax on t)le annuaJ list of 1866 wa.s 4!10,170; in 1867, 259,385; and in 1868, about 243,723. An income tax that should now exempt salaries and be confined mainly to profitably invested capital, and levy at the outside not more than $20,000,!)00 llllllually, would inN.......,... Tello............ J .... ,-a 72 74s deal with it when it. cmnes up, as it does at every. meet: ;; .......... ::: :: t"t: :; (OJW.o) .... :: 1 ... a- : 34 74 1 1 .2106 the interest and the revenue from their < Ciaioo ).... 1 .... a- a 7d Loadreo Y.U................. a .... 'T aj7d 1.65 passage, and would be interesting to know on what ... ...... : t .... 'f-8 :U7tla 1.35 ground they ju!'tify their action in the pr,em.ises. The ............. ..... 13-16" :U7ds House has passed bills favoring th_e scheme on two .. .. .... .... .. "10 .... 13-16" 347ds '' ............. ":aa .... 'J-8 34 7u 0.86 occasions, and but for the Senate 1t would now be a '' ............. "11 .... 13-16" :U:rds 0.85 part of the law. We would again apprise our repre" ...... "IJO .... 1a" 34 :vola 0.80 bl b fi ................ u 1 .... 7 8 347da Ulli sentatives that no .apprec1a e ene t can accrue to ............. 1 ..... 13" :u7u 1.20 farmers from the privilege so persistently sought, and .......................... 3-8 'TI!7da .admonish them that if it is finally o;:onceded, improper Y.U.... .................. 3 'T27ds 0.16 advantage will be taken of it. xtra Style of Ribbons M .ade to Order. RIBBONS CUT & PRINTED ANY SIZE AND STYLE. All OrT:XOEJ. AlliDfrbacemeat on this Patent ....uJ 'be Prose outed to the r.11 extent of the Law, ALSO MANUFACTURER OF PURE TIN AND OTHER FOILS P:X...&.:XN" OC>:X..C>B.EJ::I:l. ROLLED, TO ANY GUAGE AND CUT TO SIZE. BOTTLE CAPS, all Sbea, PLAIN AND COLOBJ:D. THE DUTY ON CIGARS. convenience but. a <;omparatively few perSons. W Af iHINGTON, D ecember 30.-SOJ;ne ;imporni.nt sugBut the income tax fS not objected to on account of gestions will be made to the .. \V ays and MeilJ:J.s its inconvenience, .but on aecount of the pre tee within a few days by a number of the largest im1 d fin d porters of Hayana cigars in this country. They will vwus Y e e and others. Referring to this matter prcpose two plans for remodelling the tariff on im-in his report for 1869; Columbus Delano, who was then ported cigars. First, a uniform duty: of $2.50 per Cooimissionerof Internal Revenue, said:-" My opinion pound. This, they say, is an exorbitant tax, but it is that so long as a large internal revenue is required,. would result in a larger importation of first-class a portion oi that r e venue should be collected from cigars, and. keep out the common brands. Ninety per cent. of the Havana cigars now imported are inferior incomes. This tax reac hes simply the profits of trade brands, and only ten per cent. first <;lass Tljey pay and business. The objection most frequently made an average duty of $37.25 per first class against this tax i s it lead!! t a ystem of C!lpionagc paying $55. If the simple rednctivuur into priva.te,.,affairs. I do not see why this objection per cent. duty be made, none but first-class cigars would be imported, and pay a duty of.$35.50 per thoumay not be urged with equal force against all taxes sand, as their average we1ght would be fourteen pounds upon personal property. Such taxel!l cannot be collected per thousand. The inc rease in importation would without the amount of taxable property exceed the present receipts, while the actual reduction possessed by the tax-payer. The law imposing a tax of duty would be only about $2 pllr thousand. This duty would give the same that the manu-on incomes does nothing more, if so much. It simply facturers of Havana cigars in the United States now requi,res a truthful and honest statement of the actual have under the existing duties. income of the tax-payer for the preceding year, which The second proposition is to make a uniform tariff of can be complied with as easily, and with as little ex$1.50 per pound on all Havana cigars imported. At this rate cigars would pay about $21 per tbousand. posure of private affairs, as l!oi,J.Y other law-national, This rate would still leave a margin in favor of the state or rp.unici,R_Ijo).-which seeks to raise a ,.revenue manufacturers of Havana cigars in the United States from the personal estate of tax-payers. After ail, it is of a'bout $12.25 per thousand. The n<:tual duty of 35 but a tax upon the increased wealth of the nation; and cents per pound 6n leaf tobacco would be reduced to 25 cents per pound, because with fine imported cigars when it is understood that Government securities are at lower prices, cigars made in the United States of exempte'd from taxation, and th&t tl).e'inte,rest on Havana tobacco would be sold cheaper, and. tp.eir .. coQ.securities produces a large amount of .the incorr sumption would be largely increased. Tlie tax-payerS, I submit. if 'it will be WiRe to abr ture of cigars from American tobacco would. riot 1/e inincome tax so long as the labor, industry P jured, because the c h eapest cigars 'which could be im-ported from Havana would cost $62 per thousan. R.EA.D 00. 188 "to 1100 :x..:anw:x)B II!JT., ( CIGAR FACTORY ce.,. "1TJ4.CTU BEDS 0 F FJNE CI&ABS ...,.0\IVJEfRY. N:m-vv. YC< (EDWARD T. Mc.COY C.A. "V'TIOJ!W'. t To Manufacturers, Eox-Matm and Lithof}'aphcrs. Having received info .rmation that persons are our brand of imported cfgars, Romeo and JuUetta., we hereby notify all the above. as weitlJtcigar dealers generally, that said brand or tiade-mark is duly paten ted by us in the United Stn.tes, and that we shall pur sue all persons making or using said counterfeit with the full rigor of the law. A liberal reward will be paid to person who will furnish sufficient informatiqn and evidence for the conviction of any party making or using said brand or trade-mark. HORACE R. KELLY A CO. NEW YoRK, DOOmber 26, 1877. :P Ohioap, Dl. W ..tern ( In regard to the duty on paper cigarettes an impor-from common good tant suggestion is made. '!'he duty and revenue tax It is "galling;", so on cigarettes prevents largely the imd;ortation of tl:iese d can it," s, and paralyzes an important in ustry. The duty 18 $2.50 per pound and the revenue tax $1.75 per thou-di@lsand cigarettes. One pack o( cigarettes is about equal tp one cigar, and the duty should be the same, say $1.5r per pound, a:p.d the revenue tax $6 per thousand pnc1 of twenty-five cigarettes each: Such a modificatior the tariff and tax would cause a much larger man ture of cigarettes in the United States, and, to I' extent, stop the free manufacture which is nov on by smokers, who buy fine-cut tobacco an<" paper and make their own cigarettes, and paying the internal r evenue tax, The above information is from the Nev January 3. Upon inquiry we learn th? of the kind .referre d to in the extrar from the prominent cigar f it was first announced that the C and Means was c onsid ering a pFO. ; duties on cigars, the importers l -over together, but made no 1" subject; nor have they since would sincerely approve of' express the opinion that t' average of 60 per cent now reacP,es an avera? year on the imports member of this pari immense product' 000,000 annually namely, 35,000,r ceptible differer in almost free beremembe rates, the tl: wouldhav struction If th duced 1 in I


2 J.r. J. DOHAN. TUOS. CAR"ROI.So DOBAN, OARROLL & 00., TOBA.OOO Mercha,n ts, STREET, BOX '385. for the followiDg -ell-known and reliable Manufacturen: I. B. PACE,. W. J. YARBROUIH I SOlS, TUBPII I BRO., C. T. BIIFORD, IOODIAI I IYERS, L. H. FIAYSER I CO., L. J, BRAIT I 10., R. W. GUYER, T. W. PEIIIRTOI, l JOIN W. CARROLL, ud ether1o THE SOLE AGENTS FOR THE ORIGINAL AGIIII!ITS li'Oa .JOHN P. ALLEN a oo.s aicHMGND, v "- BaA.III'Ds Oll' lliiOKUIG TOBACCOS AND CIGARIIITTES, 0 b a.&.K. AYBES' ete. a le Coli, DoDDe Bouche, Dill POT POR .J. w. cARROLL's LONE JACK, BROWN DieK, *" 4e and De, &Ingle and Double Thick. .LOUISIA:NA PUlQUE, Cat ... au. Canot.. .t;. ALSO, AGENTS FOR THE CELEBRATED..! w. '1' BLACKWELL. & CO.'S LONE JAC. K & B ROWN .. DICK Genuine ouR-.HAM Tobacco SMOKING TOBACCO. Stocks of Manufactured Tgbacco of Every Description, Suitable for the Home Trade and for Foreivn llbrl<"t... con..s"tan.. "t1Y on. d. ,THE VIRGINIA TOBACCO AGENCY, :m."tAbl.Sahec:J. J.&S. GABDINBB., TOBACCO GODISSION .MERCHANT, 84 FRONT STREE:T, NEW YORK. EXPORT ORDERS PLUG TOBACCO PROMPTLY FILLED. ALl:.XANDKR MAITLAND. L. J', S. MACLEHOSE. :kOBERT L. MAITLAND. ROBERT L. MAITLAND & COr, -... -;t'ohacco Factors, Ana General Commission :Merchants, 43 Broad Street, New York, AGENTS FOR THE wELL-KNOWN '' 0 A. ::atE E R. 0 N '' Brands of Tobacco, Expressly for EXPORT TO AUSTRALIAN and OTHER FOREIGN PORTS: ALli'X "'DER (lAMERON & (10 AusTRA.LiA.:w TWIST-liT ANDREws, J!l Al1 lJ lJ l VE!IVI!, CABLE, OUR GAllE, BLACK 'V Ao DIAJIOND. AUSTRA.LIA.Jf LUMPS -IIIGNET OF VIRGINIA, VENUS, ALL THE RAG, FLOWER OF ALL NA'HONS, EJfGLISH LUJIPS-PIUNCE ALFRED. WILLIA! CAMERON & BRO. TWIST-R!.VEN, MA- 'VAO 'AUSTRALIAN LUMPS-TWO SEAS, OUR CHIEF, ORION, INDIAJf LUMPS-HAVELOCK, CHAR )7- MER, .. C. EJfGLISH L'C'JIPS-VICTORY, ROYAL N!.VY, .. c. .o.'t SOUTH AMERICAN LUMPS-LA DE LICIA, LA FELICIDA.O. c LINDE. c F. LINDE. c. c. HAMILTON. s MARCOSO. R. ASHCROFT. 1 SHED LHAF TOBACCO INSPECTION TOBACCO INSPECTED OR SAMPLED. Certtftoates glen for eery cue,. and dellvered case by case, as to number of Certificate. t4. B.-We Also Sample in Merchants' Own Stores. C. LINDE & .Jtranch-E. w. DICKERSON, Corner Arch and Water streets. WATER STREET, and to 186 PEARL STREET. 1.2 WATER, '1'4, '1'6 k '1'8 and HUDSON RIVER RAILROAD DEPOT, ST. JOHN' S PARK. e 'I CHARLES FINKE,! TOBACCO INSPECTOR 155 WATER ST., NEW YORK. CHAS. H. CONRAD & CO.'S CELEBRATED "LOG CABIN" & "LOVE AMONG THE ROSES" &:M:O:&:X:N'Gr o;ro::a.&.ooo{ -u.:rac"t-u.rect Tobacco 1: AYOan. DA.'RKlfAVY, E:NCH!.NTRiif!JII DARK .WEET liiORIJEL D!.BK NAVY, HONEY AND PE!.CH BRIGHT NAVY, AND ALL POPULAR BRANDS OJ' FANCY AND LIGHT FRESSIW. PllOl CUT MA.JfUPAC'I'1Jll.llD BY SPAULDIKG c!t MERRICK: -OLD GLOft'Y-; CHARM-OF THB WJ!i8T, SWEET HUKLI!:Y, q,'qJIIEN .BEE, TRUJII.P!J, .WIG WAG, BUGLE, IN FAlLS AHD BARRELS; 1 DEPOT FOR E. T. c!t CO.'S CELEBRATED .. l Fll.t1I'l'S & FLO WEltS" & CODONWEAL'l'R Smokin;r Tobaccos. IIOF PRICE LISTS FURNISHED ON APPLICATION ....... DEPOT POR S:NOW' S PATENT CAR.DHOLDER.S. 0. W HANTSCH, (ESTABLISHED 1836.) D W CROUSE. Bantsch a _Crouse,-CIGAR MANUFACTURERS :&"or 'the Jobb!.:a.5 Trade, AND DEALERS IN PENNSYLVANIA CICARS. Office; 643 PE"N STREIT; and Warehouse: 636 COURT R.EI.A.X>X:N"Gr, P.A.. Patented January u, t!J69, May 23, 1s71 These Moulds are used In maklagtbe PI nest Branda of Havana Cigars, aud a cknowledred b7 all who bave' uted tbe a t o be the bet t Moula. everiaTeDted. PRENTICE'S CI&AB SRAPIIG MOULD AND RETAINERS. NoCreuein theC'car. Da.rable&CompacL Uniformity in Welirbt and Sin of th CiJKar Unskilled Labor can be Employe d in M aldag LeSI Skill is Requ1red in FhaisblPJ" PRICE 1115.00 PER IIBT. Wanaated perfect In every r espec:t.. Send for Ctrcg.. lar or caU and judg'e for JOUOU!lftlo W. H. JlinuTactuter and Fr'!J'nl!tor, tJ4, JIIAID:S:l!l LANE, :.:S:W YORK FANCY SM:OKING PIPES -IN-BRIER AND FANCY WOODS, MANUFACTURED BY HARVEY a FORD, sALEsROOM-386 &: 38'7 CANAL IIITR.EET, :rn:w roRJL PACTORY-LEDGEB. PLACE, pun ADELPRI4.. l ... ... ..... 11 B.EJ ALL &; BECKER, MANUFACTURERS OF AND IMPORTERS OF ... FRENCH BRIAR PIPES & SMOKERS' ARTICLES BRANCH:1'1'o. gg Chambers Street, 'llrth Front St.1 '"\EDER. "11'1B8T PRIZE liiBDA.L, .,.ARL 'W'ID'EIS VXEI'il'iA 'laHDJJ!I'IOJII1 %1r73o ... MANUFACTURER OF :atE E El ::E'l. & 0 EE A "C' :H AND AMBER GOODS, 398 GRAND ST., :NEW YOBX. AND VIENNA,::; Austria. BUEHLER tc POLHAUS, MANUFACTURERS AND lMFORTERS Of WOOD, MBHBSCRADM & CLAY PIPES, And all Kinds of SMOKERS' ATICLES. and 65 Reade Streets, New York. E. SALOMON. o:, E. &.A.LO:DSO::N', ERS OF SEED LEAF, -AND IMPQRTERs OF. TobaCCO E:N' X...A.:N'E, y-c:>s.:&:. Soelter, '\ Of J Cigar Boxes 0 170 East Water St., N. Y. i n & MAURER'S CIGAR BOX AND HY. WISCHMEYER. & co. :HANTS, ore, M:d. TBE BES-r ALL-TOBACCO CIGARETTE "BETWEEN THE ACTS" B. BA.LL,222 GREENWICH STREET, COR. OF BARCLAY, -ALso-MANUFACTURER OP PINE CIGARS. :ma'ta.bu.:b.ect. TOBACCO LABELS, FOJL SMOEil'IG .Al\1l) MA1VlJJ' ACTl.T.IUID :J:ODAOCO FURNISHED BY THE HATCH LliHOGRAPHIC. COMPANY, a: A.P:Ii'ltEifti!J, 32 tk 3-1 VIISIIY S'rB:BBT, XIIW, YOBK, AT GREATLY REDUCED PRICES. EUGERE DU BOIS, COHISSIOIIHBCRAIT, t'S I'B.OKT KEW TOJ\1[. WOODROW & LEWIS, UJJlclUJ.LIL.U..LJ AUGTIONHHRS FOX, Importers of SPANISH TOBCOOS P o. nox 3OLPH STaON!t GUIDO RKITZaNST.Ut STROHN & REITZENSTEIN.' :OMMISSION' MERCHANTS, ALSO DllALDS ll'f, DOMESTIC A.nd lmporten of FOREIGN TOBACCO J 176 FRONT STREET,, REYNES BROTttERS & CO.,_ Commission H tk U Jl'lace, N"e"QV York..' YEIA & BERNHEIM, AND PACKERS 011' SEED LEA 131 Malden Lane, New WHOLESALE DEALER IN UV ANA AID SHKD LKAI No. 329 Bowery, New York. B" SUBBI\IIJI' WHOLESALE DEALER IN EE .A.. V .A..N' A. -AND-DOlfESTIC LEAF TOBACCO, 14 North Canal kreet, ORICAOO. ILL. H. SCBOVERLIIG, ALL KINDS OP LBAP TOBAGCO 142 WATEB. ST., KEW TOR.IL ., Pack.ioe' House In Milford. Conn. W. SCHOVERLIIII'G & CO. CHIS. F. t.IG a so, llaportoro of SPANISH aH :0.. .... Ia oR kiado o1 LEAF TOBACC01 .. 184 Front Street, ..... 'W'OJUI,; E. SPINGARN & CO., RAVANwrAonrTERsOo,.BACC. n HAVANA & DOMESTIC TOBACCO No. 5 BURLINC SLIP, 1 NEAR WhTER-STREET. lld. General Commission :Merchant, ,. L. GASSERT. 178 Pearl Street, 1SSPeu1 StZ'eat, J L ASSERT BRO Y'OR.:&:.. NEW YORK I I CX, a, CODIS5ION MERCHANTS. WM Mp PRICE, AND I>EALit;RS IN .A.LL KlNDS Ulo' LEAP TOBACCO, LEAF TOBjCCO, No. 160 \V,.ter St., New Y'ork. ll9 Maiden Lane, NEW YORK L. DERSBEL & BRO., PACKERS AND DEALERS IN ltL W. MENDEL 1: BRO. MANUF!.CTURERS o CIGARS SEED LEAF TOBACCO: AND DEALERS IN 191 PEARl:-STREET, LEAF TOBACCO, I NEW YORK. IDU BOWERY. NEW YORII N. LACHBKBRUCR & BRO., No. 164 W.ater Street, Ne'lltl" Yor, k WIIOI.BSALB DRALERS Ur HAVANA & DOMESTIC Leaf Tobacco. J. A. HARTCORN of F ._.,. 1DB: "''" ;#


JAN. 7 JACOB BIIIILL, CIGAR BOXES, SUPERIO:R. MAKE AND Prime Quality of I CEDAR WOOD, I 293, 295 & ':1.97 Monroe St., I .......... NEW YORK ...... .. St., C!ncl:anatl, 0. E. & LEAP Draw Bills on tbe principal 'cities of EaropelsaueC ar aad. gra'at .Co ercial C edhs; r ,ceive Mc.ney on to Sight Checks, upon which inter est will b.. IJowed ; pay t o the 'Nerotiatl of Loans. Sooclal ttentton Jrl,veDtO se : Iing o f O.llt9"'ia Dividend-Paying ,Hlnlng Stoek& HAVANA And Dealer in Domestic LB!P TOBACCO, I 66 Water Street, NEW YOBK. M: M:. SM:ITB, lllloNUPACTURBR OF II!ND -lADE CI&ARS, No. 42 VESEY STREET, NEW YORK. THE JOBBING TRADE SOLICITED ONLY, ftO.lS G. LITTLI, TOBACCO S\VKATIIG, 192 Pearl Street, IOI'W 'Z'OBK. SAWYER, WALLACE & CO., CODISSION MERCHANTS, 47 Broad Street, NEW YORK. A. H. CARDOZO, J TOBACCO & toTTON FACTOR; AND 1 General Comml11l011 lfo, 66 BROAD STJ!lE!IT. Jl Co, ..,... L B LEAF TOBACCO IN DALES AJID HOGSHEADS FOR FOREIGN MARKET!. J E SAxToN, Sec'y and Treat. HtRAM GRANGJt., Sept. WALKIIB, MtGBAW CU., MANUFACTURERS OF OFFICES: 610 East Nineteenth St., 166 Water Street, THE -ONLY ESTABLISHMENT IN THE WORL D W Jol. GLACCUM, JACOB SCHLOSSER US RJ:VJ:NGTON NEW' YORK. Proprietors of the C e lebrated Br.ands "REPUIILIC" a ad "HIGH AXD DRY." OFFIOE G.K.COOD&CH. 92 Chambers St. NEW YORK. JOliN 'VV. CARROLL, Sole Manufacturer of the Famous and Worldrenowned Brand o/ VIRCINIA SMOKINC TOBACCOS, LONE J ACK AND BROWN DICK, Manufactory: TWELFTH STREET, LYNCHBUR-G, VA. O..d11rJ1 resuectful1y attesaded to. P ric e IN WHiCH OLD,-G-REEN, LIGHT AND POOR CO LORY TOBACCOS ARE BROUGHT .PARK COLORS, ANII THEIR DU'ICIE:NT QUALITIES IMPil.OVED. AlliED CJ:GARETTES. Co:pe's Tobacco A MONTHLY JOURNAL for SMOKERS. Published at No. 10 LORD IELSOI STREET, LIVERPOOL ENGLAND. Price Two Shillings (English> per Annum. Where Su.t.criptioos may be acldrlilsaed, or to ''THE TOBACC:O LEAF". OFII'JCB. ,u.Q;B!CA!l'f PER .A.l!fJru]o[, POSTAGE PAID. I 3 OFFICE-No. Ill FIRST ST., 'JERSEY CITY, N. J. New York Salesrooms--lo. 1141'/ater St., one d011r from Wall. El'IPLOY 2,000 HANDS, PAY V, fs. GOVEB'NDBNT $3,00!),000 THIS YEAJ&


.. 4 HYllENEAL -" Mr and Mrs J Fr1edman request' In Memoriam. your presence at the marnage of thetr daughter LoUise At a full meetmg of the Tobacco Trade of Philadel to SlDlon Pretzfeld, Wednesday January 9, phia, held December 31, 1877, at the office of J Rmaldo at 5 o'clock,, at tbetr restdence 671 Mtchigan Avenue, Sank & Co, the comnuttee, consistillg of I J Dohan, Chtcago, 1878 R B. V. P." Such lB the courteous W. G Miller, and U F. Muzzarelli, reported the fol and tasteful announcement that reaches us as we go to lowing resolutiOns press and appnses us of the umon,m wedlock of WHEREAS, It becomes our pamful duty to chronicle bers bt two falnilies which It has been onr-pnvilege for gf A Buck nor, one pf the :{>IOneers of the years to rank among our cheriShed frwnds We cantobacco trade of th1s City, theretore be 1t not be present on the auf!PICIOUS occaBlon, but our best .Reaolved, That 1t lB proper and becoming of the Towishes Will mingle with th01!6 of mao,y other adiilll"6rs bacco Trade to put upon record thetr sense of appreCia for the future happiness and prosperity of this happily twn of hts high character and many sterling virtues mated prur. .Reaolved, That ill h1s death we deplore the loss of a valuable, upright citizen, and an enterprtsillg, honoraIN His OLD F AMILlAR PLACK -Manv of the patrons >Of b!e merchant. Messrs. Schroeder & Bon were gladdened the past wee!E: .Resolved, That we deeply sympathize with his afflicby once more seeing actively engaged ill his old f&;IIllted family ill their great loss liar place m the firm, the very able and effiCient WHEREAS, At the advanced age of 83 years, and after ex-Mayor of Brooklyn, Fredenck A Schroeder. Vol-an active busmess life of nearly 50 years m thiS ctty untarily renouncing the cares of office, Mr. _Schroeder ahnost exclusively m the unportatwn of Havana Cigars: on New Year's day wtthdrew from public hfe and re-it has :P.leased an All-wl86 ProVJdence to remove from turned to the scene of his former labors m the tobacco our rmdst Mr. Stephen Fulrllet, known m mercantile trade, where he early attained both reputation and life for his stnct busmess n1tegrity, and ill soCial circ1es fortune How long he, will be pernutte4 by his polit-for hts gemal compamonsh1p; therefore be 1t teal fnends to remam m the rettrement he 'has sought, Resolved, That m the death of Mr. Stephen Fuguet the future alone can determme. Next week he W:ill the Tobacco and Cigar Trade of Phtladelph1a have lost vistt Havana m the mterest of h18 firm, and for a bnef a valuable and energetic member and the City an period of recreation estimable Ctttzen Resolved, That the members of the Trade be requested to attend h1s funeral as a mark of respect and esteem for a life begun and ended w1thout reproach, and yet of such lQngevtty as rarely falls to the lot of man CHANGE OJ!' RATE8.-0n the let inst the Peper To ba.coo Warehouse, of St Lou18, made tho followmg of rates of fees and storage -Outage and mspectwn per hogshead, one-half to be paid by the buyer and one half by the seller, 12. Outage and inspection per box or cask;" one-half-to-be patdthe, buyer and. one-half by tho $1 Storage per hogshead of 800 fOUll.d&, or over, per month or yart of a month 50 cts Swrage pe1 box or hogshead o less than 800 pounds, per month or part' of a. month; 25 cts Thtrty.days' 81iorage before, and thirty days' storage after offering, freeof charge. ReVIews thirty days' additional storage free, before offering It IS probable that the other wbacco warehouses will do lili::ew!S6. OBrru.iRY.::.:On New y-ear'8"'Day, Ji5el B -Ayres, Esq of RossVIlle, Staten Island, depa.Tted thia life, 56 y.ears. Mr Ayres was an old restdent of Rossville, and by bts upnght dealings and kmdly nature had_ endeared hrmself to his netghbOrs Havmg connected hlllU!6lf with the Methodtst Church over thirtl years .Resolved, That a copy of these resolutions l:le pub hsbed in the trade papers and the Evemng Telegraph of Philadelphia A .)L ]fRKOHIE, Chrurman. A. R. FOUGERAY, Secretary Iteported Failures and Business Boll'l'oN, Mus -Leopold Davidson. Ctgars, failed CmcAoo, ILL -Samuel Jclonak, Cigars, Judgment against for $444 .H E Schabel, Ctgars and Tobacco, applied for relief in bankruptcy Enm, P.t. -Stancliff Bros Tobacco, suspended payment MotmT CLEXKNs. MICH -Heath & Stevens Cigar Manulac lurers; fatletrs, chattel mortgage for $200 ST Lours, Mo.-E l' Jordan, Ctgnrs, chattel mortgage for f500 SYl\AOUBE, N Y -Hermon WeiChert, Ctgar Manufacturer ludgment agamst for $00 19 '' Why, no, of course not In the first place we want all the revenue from this easy and satisfied source that we can get. It lB a luxury, and by our stam:{l system the Governnnmt getsM8 money w1thout fr1ctwn or trouble from comparaftvely few people, who pay us the tax and collect 1t themselves from the consumer We collect at least mnety-five per cent of all the tax due us from thiS source, and that, I thmk, ts domg well Bestdes, the manufacturers, as a body, are op posed to any change of any kmd m the tcbacco tax rate, and so 18 the Treasury Department The rate will not be changed this year, and 1t ui a shame to the questiOn, because 1t throws so many people out of employment and hurts the revenues from tobacco" demand from stemmers havmg slackened, their recetpts of Leaf 20bt snuff, patd a tax of 20 cents a pound Thts of tobacco as a !'.ommercial product and to the mterests was mbreas,;a. March 1 f8'rn tO twenty-four cents per of the manufacturer, and whereas, takt;ng the enpound. -' hanced value of currency and the depreciated priCe of The producer pays,D.o tax. He'lll obliged to selltt to labor mto constderatwn, the present tax IS much a liceriaed manufll.ctnrer and-the latter pays all the greater than 1t W811 dunng the htghest trmes of general tax that lB ever collected 'trom it. before he can move and whereas, the pendmg of the tax an ounce of 1t from his factory. It may be wellm this ques.ton in an iWnost complete cessatiOn of connection to show the desperate attempts that are the manufacturmg of tobacco wtll take place, and now made to undermine those laws. whereas we know that a prompt reductiOn of the tax No less than thuty bills mtroduced m the House m the profitable renewal of al_l are before the Comrmttee ways and Means to per' of th18mdustry, therefore resolved, that tt lB the belief mit the producer of tobacco to sell leaf tobacco to the .of the tobacco trade of LoUisville, K;y, that the tax on consumer The Comm1ttee will report a bill to do so manufactured tobacco should be reduced to at least 12 to the extent of $100 worth a year TwiCe has such a cents per pound at the earliest poss1ble t1me. Resolved bill been reported from the Ways and Means Comrmt that we collectlvely and mdtvtdually pledge_ ourselves tee, passed m the House by an almost unanlDlous vote, to do oll m OUI'" power to obtam the destrea end, and and twiCe has it been beaten m the Senate The tariff that we wtll apl.'omt two of our number a comnuttee bill of 1872 was almost beaten by the perststency of the to gQ to tal and properly present our cause beHouse sending 1 t back to conference comnuttees to save fofe the Comnnttoo of Ways and and the that provlSIOn. The argument was and IS plaustble. Finance Comnnttee Resolved that we mvlte the A planter can partly pay off h1s hands m tobacco for a.ct1ve co operation of all leaf dealers and growers m use or trade 1 t to the store for prov1swns farming our efforts to have the tax reduced, and_ permanently implements, drugs, whisky and clothing he fixed so that It may not annually be a d!Bturbillg ele-lB a small fellow rrusmg les s than a hogshead and be ment m the tobacco trade. can sell or trade'tt ut the country store. The kw now says that he can only d1spose of 1t to a licensed dealer or manufacturer, and the licensed man goes round to buy 1t or the planter carts 1t to town for h1m The producer asks, Why was that propos1t10n always defeated as 1t 18 likel;y1t always will bel Because, it IS argued, 1t would kill the system of denvillg revenue from tobacco A farmer can cut leaf tobacco wtth h!B corn cutter or kntfe, fill a hog's bladder full and put a vanilla bean m 1t for fiavormg, and if he uses the best leaf he will have the best smokmg tobacco. He can twlBt the best leaf and dampen and sweeten 1t, and have the best chewmg The tact 18, that the better the leaf the lees flavoring and sweetemng ts needed. Stop pmg there, and realizmg that the manufactured tobac co, whtch alone pays the t'ax (for the producer's leaf pays, none), is simply cut and flavored, or pressed and sweetened, It can readily be seen that the Government steps m wtth 1ts clarm for protectiOn of the revenue For that reason the U mted States Government, through 'its Internal Revenue Bureau and John Sherman, then Senator and Charrman of the Fmance Co=ttee, and now S ectetary of the Treasury, always mt&rvened to prevent tts passage even beyond the Fmance Comnut tee' s portals The questiOn always asked by the Trea sury Department, When would a planter get through sellmg $100 worth of leaf tobacco to a consumer!" lms never been answered except by a shake of the head, a. of the shoulders, and a quotatiOn of the general belie f that they are all honest men, who could not be mfiuenced by such a premium upon fraud BUSINESS MENTION. CHANGE OF FIRM -Mr Charles Fmke the wellknown tobacco sampler and we1gher, of thui Ctty, an nounces that hereafter hlB busmesfl will be carrted on under the firm name of Charles Finke & Co he bavmg adm1tted Mr. F Ruscher. 1.1r Fmke has enJoyed for se't'"eral years the confidence of the houses that have entrusted him w1th thetr bUBllless and we earnest!;! bespeak for the new firm a good share of the trade s samplmg and wetghing. GENERAL AUCTIONII:BRS -On the second page of our to-day's tssue will be found the ad verttsement of Messrs Woodrow & Lewis, general auctiOneers, 94 Pearl Street Though a. firm of only a few months' standmg, both gentlemen, S. A Woodrow and Edward L Lewis, have been for several years connected With the auctwn busmess We can frurly recommend the firm to the constderabon and patronage of our trade, as they mtend to pay parttcular attentiOn to the sales of tobacco and Cigar& SHORTS. -It IB rumored that a prominent representative of the tobacco trade of Mannhetm, Germany, has failed A w e ll dressed Omaha lady can walk up and down the depot platform smokmg a bnar-root ptpeand exc1to no comment. -The proposed new reg1stered plug tobacco stamps for 10. 20, 3 0, 40, 50 and 60 pounds, w1th nine coupons attached1 each coupon representing the tax upo n one pound or tobac co, wtll be IBSued as fwlt as supplies of the diffe r ent denommatwns of the old issue stamps are exhausted. On the 17th of Decembe r the present agttatwn of the change of the rate of taxatiOn took shape m Omcmnati m a m eetmg of fin e cut and smokmg tobacco m(I.Ilu facturers 'hen r e solutiOns, s ent to the House of Rep resentattves, covered two co!ullllls of the Cmcmnat1 papers n ext mormng Whe n the first dtscussion of the question took place, Among other letters recetved here from tobacco manufacturers, the followmg from P. Lorillard & Co the tobacco manufacturers m the United States, ts an mteresting contrtbutwn to the present dtSCUSBlOn -We are opposed to any change m the rate of tax by Congress during the present sessiOn, or even any agt tation of the same, the stones already Circulated through the press to the effect that a red uctwn ill the rate to twelve cents per pound was contemplated havmg had the effect of curt:ulmg busmess m the to bacco hne everywhere It obhges tbe manufacturers to reduce thetr productiOn at least one-half, and m some tnstances to close thetr factorteR entuely, and as long as Congress lB m sessiOn, or until the law IS changed, trade will be confined striCtly to the supply of what tobacco IS absolutely necessary Our mam reason for opposmg any I! ductron m the rate Is, because we bebeve the finances of, the Government do not warrant any decreased :revehue f1 om thts source, and we greatly fear that It would result m mcreasmg the rate agam next y.ear. J!ft:8quent changes m the rate of tax, or dtscusstons awl agttattons a change m the rate, always pt-oduced either stagnatton or specula tiOn. Both Qf them are detnmental to the manufac turer arid hurtful to the employees, who are mther overworked m consP.quence or depnved of work alto gether The only persons benefited are the speculators '!'here 1s no source fot_raiiJmg revenue which lB so easily borne or so readily collected as the tax on tobacco under the present Stamp law It 1s borne by a class of consumers who can afford 1t, and ts patd wtthout a murmur Speakmg of ourselves we shall pay the Gov ernment thiS year $4,000,000, and th1slarge sum lB col lected of us through tbe usual channel-the Internal Revenue office of thiR department-with an addttwnal expense of scarcely a dollar. The Government pnnts the stamps and sends them to the Collector, who wtll not allow us to have them until we have gtven him the money therefor, netther can we Issue our tobacco until the stamps are duly cancelled.and affixed to the pack ages of tobacco It IS mfimtely better than an mcome tax, which 1s unJUSt illqUISitonal, uneven and gallmg to every honest mdivtdual, while every dlShonest man can escape It tf he will. In our Judgment the Govern ment should not make any reductiOn ill the rate of tax on tobacco until It lB prepared to accept a much less revenue from that source for a. ser1es of, and there IS every reasonable mdiCatwn that 1t cannot afford to accept such a reduced rate of revenue for years to come. If the Government lB prepared to accept any less revenue from tobacco, we would advise that mstead of the rate bemg reduced, the manu facturer should be allowed a 1"61UtS m December, 1877 1 873 hhds Sales m December, 1877 879 hhds Stock on hand December 31, 1877 -Inspected 257 hhds Umnspected 82 hhds 339 hhds. NEW OltLEANS.-Messrs Gunther & Stevenson To bacco Factors. report to TIIE ToBACCO I,&AF as follows Stock on shrpboard and m warehouses Sept 1, '77 8,5!14 hhds Heceipta smce Sept 1, 1877, to date 938 hhds Exports since Sept 1, 1877, to date. 9,522 hhds 6,071 hhd Stock on shipboard and m warehouses Dec 26, '77. 3,4111 hhds Sales since Dec 19. 1877. . 57 hbds Receipts smce Dec 19, 1877 15 bhds Exports -To Bremen per steamship Surlntm. 110 hhds, to Genoa per bark Domm1co La.71414, 60 do, to Gulf coast and mtenor. 32 do, total. 202 hhds. January ... February lllarch April. May June July .. An gust September October November December 1876. 1877. 492 42 2,283 99 3,842 244 6,935 203 4,787 2 ,033 3,592 2,078 2,270 1,J86 1,600 800 968 596 547 71 159 213 146 66 1876 686 1,239 1,354 988 4,130 1 850 4 670 1,300 697 470 40 1877 1,665 416 490 255 454 777 923 1,947 232 468 261 1,424 Totals 27.621 8,031 19,660 9 312 17.107 13,662 Jam.w.ry 2 -Stock in warehouses and on shipboard Sept 1, 1877 8,584 hhds Recmpts sillce Sept 1, 1877, to date 1,038 hhds Exports smce Sept 1, 1877, to date Stock m warehouses and on shipboard Sales smce Dec 26, 1877, tO date 152 hhds Rece1ptssmceDec 26, '77, to date 1 00 hhds Exports -None 9,622 hhds 6,071 hhds 3,551 hhds 1,760 Jbs j RICHMOND.-lfr R A 1l Comnussion Merchant, reporta to follows -Our Jllllrket has not yet ful nothing to report of mtfrest to your comparative statement of mspectmns also transac!Jons for the past weei Tobacco Broker ud LtuJ.P aa opened, hence I have era. Enclosed I hand stock to the 1st inst Comparattve statement of the inspectt tobaceo, together with stocks on hand houSCfi m the 'CJty of Richmond, from 0 deliveries, et.c of the dttferent wsre1, 110 Dec 31, 1876 .. and 1877 Shockoe Mayo' s Seabrook' s Public Anderson's Myers' Planters'. Wilson' s Crenshaw's Shelburn's Conrad's Total ,, Hhds. Trcs &:: Bu Up'd& 741 142 934 302 1,171 92 1,281 350 352 40 367 33 983 146 65 84 14 5,894 1,189 14 DELIVERIES 2,920 187\t. 189 II'Tf 1,068 448 4U 110 6,636 STOCKS ON HAND 1876 .6,m !,606 9,877 LOOSE TOBAOOO. 1876 lbs. 1,221,900 10,998 12,000 94,500 18J 18 t7 74 ': 7 45 l!2 3 10 1G Total 1,.o5 398 Transachons for the past week -121 hbdi, 8 hD, 4 trca. MONTHLY REPORT-RlCIDIOND, VA JA!fUARY 1, 181'1'. Bl'8k1 durin&" December 1877 t87'S Inspections 514 btldR 1Uit hb!W Uplands 6 hbds hbda Reviews 1M>. hhds tllO hhcla Total for Lhe month lnspect10ns during Dec PrevioWI Total from Oct Ito dal, 4.000 bales East Indmn. 1 ,209 do ]lamia, 195 do Sumatra, 11,780 do J ava LlVEltPOOL, December 22 -Messrs F W Smythe & Co Tob acco Commtssion 1\Icrchants report to 'l'IIE ToBAcco L E F a s follows A mode 1 >te bus mess was dono" 1th manu factur ms dunng the pa st" e ek who took slnps unci dry leaf for tmmcdmtc '\ants The y obtmncd some concessiOn In p11c e s, m ore e spcc mll) f o r the commoner I,>Tades of tobacco. t:lales for e xport Imports 127 hhds, delivenes 581. stock 37,458, agamst 36,427 same date last LONDON, Decembe.27 -llessrs Grant, Chambers & Co, Tobacco Commtsswn Merchants, report to TilE ToBACCO LEAl!" as follows -'l'lllc t e l1as been no busmeSIVWorthy of notice done dunng' the pa s t week, but there is more disposition on lh pm t of buyers to g tve att e ntron to better grades, while th e comm o n cl"sse s con t mu e negl e cted In exportatiOn but httl r h a s bee n done western leaf and stnps hav e fulJy partiCipated m the general dullnes s and there I S nothmg to report y, 1 gma l eaf and stups has also not been operated rn, the be cla s ses are difficu lt to lind Maryland and few sales made o f colo 1 y descnptwns Oa vcndilih stow of sale ----,


;AN.7 THE T O BAC' C O LEAF. ifE DOMESTIC TOBACCll MARKETS FOR THE WEEK ENDING SATURDAY, JAlfUAR 6. tamed The mam deahngs were for export, and wh1lc tile RegJCs were f:mly represented, the open markets-mamlv Ger many-were partiCularly mterested the latter actuated by r e n ewed rumors the tari:fi queshon m that country lt '" generally surnnsed thnt an 1ncreas e of duty w11l be levted on tobacco durmg the next session of the RelChstag and the actiOn of dealers ev1dentlv mamfests the behef m a reahzt1hon. of the now current ronjectur es Notbmg of a rel11ble nnt11re bM vet transptrcd nnr '" 1\) ikely that anythmg qetirut e wtll be known before the sessw n convenes whiCh our concsponde nts thmk will take place about first February proxtmo Meanhme co111mon grades whic h seem to attract the greatest attention wlll have the c all and fre1ght room to Bremen "111 be m de maud Th1s unexpec ted outlet rcheves our market o f cons1der able dead wmght wh1 c h other wise mtgbt have suffered !\further shnnkage m VAlue owmg to tile apparent surplus on hand In what form the antiCipated mcreased duty will be apphed IS now purel y a matter of conjecture and unt1 l measure of a de fimte nature 1s decided on we cannot tell how It may affect the future of common lugs m this country Meanwhile we would caut10n our frwnds to use due dJSCrimJnatwn Jn values for common and good lugs w1th the v1cw of this market Manu fac turers bought more hbcrally prmctpally plug fill e rs and we can now look for a contmuatwn of demand UJltll the crop can be made serviCeable b'tock 1n -v.;arehouses show a reductwn of 4 172 hogsh e ads as compared w1th last month and by actual count the stock on sale m th1s market 1s now 18 784 hhds ugamst 18 500 do sa me tlmc la s t ) ear and 18 100 do m 1875 The ne" crop arm cs slol\l) and we have not yet see n a suffictent llSSortmcut to form a JUSt estimate of 1ts merits We hope hm\ ever before the present month closes to be m stock snftlcwnt t<> 'cnture a line of valuesm our next circu lar In enleung upon the new year "" me r ely beg to refer our frtends to the tattsllcal pos1t10n of the weed, the general depresswn of trude at home and abroad as a gutde to control future opero.twns II an) practiCal less o n of expert ence can be drawn from the past) ea r they should no t b e for Cigar Facto:ry! BROWN & EARLE, NEW YORK.There IS httle to r eport concerrung the tobacc9 market this week beyond what 1s contamed m the admirable annuals for which we make room, and those wh1ch go ove,r to our neXt Jssue for wan,t, of space whereof there are several at hand A fair busmess has been done m all branches of the trade, but no transactions of magn1tude have been reported The trade sales of Western leaf were hght as were, also those at auctwn, the latter reaching only 2 hhds For V1rgm1a leaf there was some mqmry-a.nd tl8 pec1ally for br1ghts-and some sales Of Havana, 8ales were made to the extent of 600 bales at from for frur to good fillers and fine old lots brought from $1@11:5 In manufactured or Cavendish tobacco there was a moderate busmess done both for home consumption and export, the transfers for the latter account runountmg to 192 744 pounds Smokmg to bacco was in fwr request and sales were effected em bracmg all grades and styles A regular d emand pre vailed for ClgSrs, and both domestic and 1m ported stock changed hands m about the usual weekly quantity Supply for 18'1'6 3<3 02t 1877 333 (Saee<>MON o BONNETT, SCRBNCJ[ .tt EABLB,) .MANUFACTURERS OF FINE CIGARS, 58, 51:1 do 3 7 :E'L.A.O:ID, ::N' .._,,._.7 T.HOS. G LITTLE, Supt-..a::.5 .......... W. MARSHALL, C):Jr" ::PX:JSI":ID T ALL-HAVANA CIGARS, AND SOLE PROPBIETOB O F T H E CEJ.BBBATED BRAND O F C IGARS, EL E&Q"LJ. I ," I 12 NORTH 4th ST., PHILADELPHIA, PA. Branch: 106 Bth Ave., Chlca :Messrs Chas E Fis()her &:. Bro Tobacco "Brokers 131 Water Street, report to THE TOBACCO LEAF as follows concenmqg Seed leaf -The market has not vaned Exporters owmg to hm1ted offenngs here as well as mdllferent ad viCes from abroad, are unable to operate, while for home trade a light busmess only could be done The total sales of the week foot up 800 casee Connecttcut was dealt m to a moderate extent only, pnnCipally wrapper lots, crop 1876, of which 200 C&llll8 were taken at 14 @23c, also, 50 cases 1874 .and 1875 cropll, low IWII!Orted at 7Y.9c, and 50 case,s do wrappers on pnvate terms, making a total of 800 cases Massach'UI!fltu remamed unchanged, the busmess done bemg1n small lots, crop 1876 part assohed, at 8%@ llc and part wrappers at 18c New York State con dull Without any sales worthy of not1ce Penn3ylvanla meets w1tli a fa1r demand only, at present niling priCes Slight concesswns on the part of owners have resu1tea m sales of 200 cases, crop 1876, m small lots n1011tly fau" assorted lots at 10@Hc and :wrappers at from 15@30c, accordmg to grade Ohw -100 cases of which part wrappe1'11, crop ftl76, at "9@17c, and part 11880l'ted 'at pnvate terms, will cover the week' s domgs w-n.a.Dd Illmou meet w1th little favor Sales of wrapper!!, crop 1876 were made m a retail way at 8@12c. not exceedmg 60 cases Our speCial Bremen report, dated Decembe11 22, :).877, says -Our market presents no n e w features sales of the w lle k footmg up to !19 cases, of which 126 cases crop 1876 Ohio, 34 cases crop 1878 do, and 119 cases crop 1873 WJBconsm Prices underwent no )D&tenal change Stock on hand conaJBts of a moderp;te quantity of fair quality goods We w1ll not venture on m estmatc of the demand unhl Apr1l or May, when we w1ll know the amount of the Reg1e contracts We nre mformed however from htgh nuthority that these Will not Ilk ely be mcreased on accoust of the pre vrullng low prices Whtchever way the German duty IS ar ranged that country "Ill be,.!>ountlfully supplied With old to bacco burned m f1om all quarters to take advantage of the mcrease The only probable rcqmrements of Bremen there fore w1ll be d ()()() to 10 ()()() hhds of heav y tobacco for her Northern trade A duty wo11.ld be a death blow to s tems England has two years snppl'[ now on hand and renll,r onl) needs 5 ()()()to 10 000 hhds o co lory owd other specmlites to her assortment We !Jear 11 stated -that this years Western stemmmg will probably amount to :lO 000 hhds or enough for two year more Well bevond 5 000 to 10 ()()() snec1alhes that IS pure speculation the w1sdom of wh1ch will be de}ernuned herepfter by other events Ami, mdeed operatwnsm crop generally must be unusually speculutrvc m ihetr character because whtlc the suppiJ IS excesstve the real reqmremcnts owmg to two years of large exports are un usually small We mentiOn 1hese particulars Ill enforce what we have sa1d m former Circulars the proprtety or puttmg up ,rour tobacco Jugs and leaf m sound keepmg order of supply mg the markets moderately ao t)ley w1ll bear 11 and of largely curtailing the pluntmg nqxt sprmg a1mmg at qut>llty mstead of quantity Just a year ago we quoted the opulion of a Western that another large crop would break most buyers and tha' then purchases might be made at 2 .centa. by those "ho had the 2 cents left How ncar the truth th1s wrtlcr was we new tiadly kno" lmt can only 1mugme thC' m creased dtsaster 1f we pcrs"'t m our foohsb cour:se Havmg rc pealed the salutary warnmg for whiCh we llave got more k1cks than ha pence we will !for a. wb1le substde mto mere chromelers of our market B1shop Ames usod to tell a story of a darke), to v;hom h10 master sanl Pompey I hear you gotten but Improved upon PASTE! M:e881'8 Sawyer waua:ce & Co s Circular of January 2 says -.American Leaf Tobacco-Hece1pt8 m December U!;7 (mcludmg 777 3 225 hhds 1876 1 615 do 1875 i! do 1874 S 2113 do l:!mce January 1 1 877 (includmg 18 645 Vtrg:tma) lOS 2011 hhds 1876 115 825 d o 1 87 5 47 200 do 1874 124 Cill7 do Indudnl? New Orleans the rec e 1pts of Weatern crop are 88,288 JWds this year agamst 121 546 do last year 43 804 do 1n 1875 nd 28 8l!8 do m 1874 Tile total reoc1pts o W ester n at seaboard compare as fol lowsTo llanufs. hhdl! 187711009 1876-9 060 1875--5 518 1874-14 000 Cuttero hhdl! 2 489 2 476 2 572 4 681 Jobber8. hhds 6 187 3 080 2 760 10 S32 We make no chan:c m quotatwns The extra German de -mand was about ll fmr offset to the extra supply from New Orleans The bulk of the sales were at about ,and holders seemed willmg to gPl nd of the unfartunatq stuff .._. best they. eould The demand for good In!!!' was hm1t e d few brmgmg -over 4c Good new wrappers and an occas i onal baler found buyeTI!--()tberwll!e there 1 s no mqmry for the last crop llONTHL1l STATEVENT OF Tm< STOCK A:r INSPECTIONS !!tock on howd 1 1877 24 791 hhds Rece1vedsmce 1 928 hhda OeliTered smoe Stock on hand January 1 1678 20 619 hhds of wh1ch 18 764 hh da on sale mostly lugs and low 18 500 last year The stocks of Western for !1111<: 1n 1111 the sea board markets amount to 16 000 agamst 26 325 hhds a y ea r a,ro Stock in Ltverpool December 1 8tock 111 London December 1 Stock m Bremen December 1 Stock 1n New Orleans December 29 8tock In Baltunorc December 29 -Stock m New York January 1 1878 1877 1lhds 38672 24134 6 810 8464 20 619 ll6 11i6 118 084 There haB been more doing In the English markets at lower and Irregular prices A Ltverpool cucnlar puts th!l sttoatwn thus -The ample stocks make the trade anythmg but anxmus buyel'B while the low range of pnces give to holders that sort of aeremty whtch results from a behe f that things cannot be .much worse That s the sort of seren1ty prevalent m these parts B1smarck has bamboozled Bremen I 1ke the rest of us he wowts more money o-ut of tobacco but whether he will get 1t ADd bow b_e wtll get 1L-by creatmg a Reg1e or taxmg the art1cfe. or tncre&!lmg the duty on the raw material-seems to puzzle our fnends there and r enders theu .movements erratic Theu circulars Tcported a 11ood November busmess 5 678 hhds of all aorta at st1ffenmg pnces then came leltertl saymg the auty excitement had cnhrcly subs1ded lastly a cablegram mforms us that 11 had revtved We heheve m BISmarck If he would guarantee to postpone actwn fnr three months he should have our last lug and a few tbousa.nd hhds of stems But he don t speculate won I prom1se delay fretght room IS not to be hAd by steamer th1s month and should we charter a sa1le we fear the stuff" ould be too late for h1m and would fall mto bands of these amiable JObbers who "ould g1ve nothmg for It and afterwards clmm reclamatiOn for false packmg t\.ntwerp and En11land may have a better chance of run rung m thetr low grades m t1m e The Western markets are qmet and steady Lomsv1lle has sold over 2 ()()() hhds new crop m ostly Kentucky R1ver at fau _pnces to s temmers and rehandlers The m o re Southern ma1 kcrs m c abo rece1 vmg rather freely from farmers but sa l es me small as pnces are un satisfaetory !Lnd th1s IS also the case 10 the country so that we cannot yet call the market fauly open ed Enough how ever, has been done to mdteate that the pnce m Mssoun wll bkely average under m Indlllna and Illm01s 2Y.c the stemmmg reg10ns of Kentucky, 3c Clarksv1llc and" estern de tr1ct 4c although m each fine crops sol d h1gher There 1s more uncertmnty about the Eastern dtstrlCt and more apparent destre to secure thiS crop both for home trl'de owd stemmmg In thll! section 1t IS not a large ene and m quahly comes nearer to 1ts early promtse than elsewhere Many thmk the Western crop as a w bol e no better m qualitl' than last year's but th1s w e fancy 1s a revulsiOn from the first exaggerated opm1on of 11., and we mnst beheve 11 to be much tictter than 1ts mtserable predecessor We put 11 m s1ze at 165 ()()() hhds at seaboard but th1s IS below many mtell1gent estimates wh1ch reach 180 000 to 200 000 and even over It I S nc doubt very large yet ourely a great deal w11l be held back owd we doubt1f we re ce1ve 165 ()()() Total FROU DECEMBER 1 357 bllds 245 hilda 1186 hhds 248 hhds 2 908 hhds 152 hhds 57 hhds From the circular of Mr Fred FISCher we collute the follow lng synops1s of exports from New York owd New ;from 1st January to date 18'11! hhdl! 38 158 15 948 17 487 6 591 9508 1 40S J B O..ns Bon & Co Tobacco Brokers m theu Monthly 1obncco Reportr and Abnual Revtew forJan'uary1 1878 say SEED LEAF-December h1lll no exception to the usual state of trade at th1s season W1th the cgar manu troubl es not yet stttled and the atisence of strangtlrs always durtng the hohday sea.on but httle was to be expected 'Ve not1ced a conJtnual mquuy fQr cheap useful wrappers resultmg pnnc1pally m the sales .of New Engl!!nd \obacco as noted belo" and wtth the opemng of the new year we look 1or an Improvement 1n bus1ness From Bremen we learn of an act"'" market with large sales of low lots based on the probabtllty bf an lncreMed duty while better goods had so far remamed neglected The stock In fint banda has been "elJ consJtlerably reduced Our market has contmued bare of SUit able shippmg lots, -and exporters eVInced but httlc destrc to The undersigned continues to manufacture and Import Spanis h and Turkis h Liquorice Paste, which he offers to the Trade at Reduced Prices. Manufacturers will flnd It to their Interes t to apply to him before purchaelng e lsr where. operate James C. McAndrew, oo Water Stt-eet, New York. SALES are a pteacher? Yes Masso. de...Lord do help me powerfql somehmes "ell Pompey don t you -the negroes steal httle thmgs on the plantatiOn 1 se m1ghty fnud they does Massa The n Pompey I want vou to preAch a. sermon to the neriroes agruast stcahng After a lmcf rc!lectwn Pompey rcphed You sec Massa dat "ont New England Pennsylvama New York Crop o! 1875 Crop o! 1876 Of which to Exp t 100 cases 1,300 cases 100 do 700 do ;o do 50 do our larg e manufacturers and not over 4 000 c:lses remam to be of OhiO lu1d been so much lDJUrcd by pole sweat 1\S t o reduce the actualljuanl!ty' cased to not more tbap 28 ()()() cases nnd bas b een freely tnkeu for export and home con sumvttou l eavmg u n sold f r9rn 6 000 to 7 000 ct\Ses mostly m tuc <>f mlaud and. p r oducero W t sco n s m llhnm etc produced consi derable of really desuable leaf which cured very well tile bulk has been hberally taken for consumptiOn pnces ruhng rather ubove the VIews of exporters w1th "hom these growths w ere only fa.vorttc s when ]ow pnces were the mducement 7 000 cases w1ll cover all that remams unso ld Our frtend :Mr Edward Young Chief of the Bureau of Stat 1st1cs W aslnngton has agam supphed u s w1th the followmg statement of the number of c1gars and che roots upon whiCh the mternal revenue tnx hl\8 been pa1d durmg the fiscal yc0 Total 51 000 do 714 jlo Total Sales 550 do 3 050 do do cause t would thro" such a col ness over the meetm The ctrcular of 1tlr John Cattus Tobacco Broker says Kentuck,r Tobacco -TransactiOns durmg the last month were qmte satisfactory 111 so far as the amount I S concerned as by mcreased orders from Europe and qUJtc hheral on the p!U"t of manufucturers sa le s amounted to 6 500 bhds of whiCh Export of Seed Leaf durmg 1877 The Havana crop of 1876 was by no means a destrablearttcle whtl e that of 1877 of wh1ch earlym the season the most favor able reports reached us hM thus far proved a general dtsappomtment the fillers lack10i the do.rk riCh color and body which our demand require and the wrappers bemg parlly of unrehablc burn The busmess of the past year haB been satl8 factory and a.n Improvement on that of 1876 Yara has been more freely recerred but 1t of such quality "" to make 1t a ready sale Of whwh cuttmgs 4 300 for export 1 500 for manufacturers and 700 fnr jobbers Stock on hand shows a reducllon of some 4 000 hhds from previous month, and leaves a balance of 20 600 m warehouses of which 1t IS com;mted 13 ()()() hhds arc for sale constsllng mostly of nondescript grades and the lower classes Orders cnllingfor better tobaccos have to stand over unttl the new crop renders us enou(;h to make prope r selectwns from Pnces have ruled qUJte nrm and at present va)ues there seems to be a good dtspos1t10n on the part of buyers to continue the r operatiOns The Wastcrn markets bave shown a slight and trregular. advt>ncc m pnccs m our place however d1d not share constdenng anJ spurt only the Impulse of the moment Rece1pts of last year s how n d ecrease of 12 956 hhds m companson w1th the same of 1876 Sales sbo" a decrease of a 900 hhds of" hlCh 3 900 hhds w e r e le ss for export 2 900 do to speculators and an 10creasc of 2 900 hhds for home trade and manufacturers Sh1pn\ents last year 10 compan so n wtth 1876 result m n mmus of 8 671 hhds and the rclattv e proportwn of sales here for export to the actual shipments 1s SO per cent m 1877 a.ga10st 40 per cent 10 1876 and 50 per cent m 1875 As a natural consequence m n retrograde marke t ""hen pr1ces are s lowly but surely dechmng "1thout any mtc rm edmtC' pause or !luctuatwn the of the ) ears busmcss can only be an unsnusfactory one for the d ffcrcnt pnrtws mtercstcd and our market has been onu of th1s sort for the whole of the year Pnces for tobacco aftm a dechmng t ende ncy o about two years previously onened moderately r ea.onaiJle m January and some hopes "ere entertamed durtng the carhe,r months that<.the then v.alues would be mamtalncd but "hen the ne" CfOR came to market and the mtserable quahty of the same became mamfcst combmed w1th aull and overstocked markets and a d ep rE)Sstnn of bus 1nes s )}II over tlie world pnces commenced gradually tQ r ecede until they found their le,el or about the .lowest pomt toward the latter])art'of November "lien a steadier and firmer fe e ling made Itself apparent caused by mcreased European orders prmc1pally from Germany m anllc1patwn of a proposed m crease of dut) b) the Government Pnces as stated became firmer and m so me mstances a slight advance was obtamed fhe whole year was d1stmgmshcd by a great scarmty of good line hcayy and ncb tobaccos and the present stock cons 1 sts mostly of the lo" er and nondescnpt SIJ les Holders of to bacco '1'ere qmte ready sellers and were 10 ftuenced 10 the1r proceedmgs by the 1 ftattermg reports of the new crop the descrlptwn of which both m regard to quahty and quant1ty was most reassurmg Late!) however some apprehensiOn has arisen that the great supenority of the quality lu.d somewhat been exaggerated and thiS was m consequence of of new tobacco whose standard dtd not qu1t e come up to expectatiOns We mus t make however due allowance to the es tablished fact that the poorer c las ses make genernlly the1r appearance at fir st m the market followed by tbe h1gher grades wh1ch 11 takes more t1me and labor to handle !>nd would therefore not lose our fa1th m the good quahty but smcercly bell eve that the crop "111 furms h an abundance' of good fine and useful tobaccos The quant1ty 1s not d1sputed nnd v. e may expect some 140 ()()() hhds to eo me to the seaboard wh1ch will prevent any mate11al r1se m pr1ces as th1s lar ge amount l1a to jJe v. <>rked off which can only b e done hy moderate 'alues If therefore any adVlce should be tendered. It would be tO our markets and, fnends not to be awqy by too sangume hopes and perhaps subsequent reports of the crop to be planted etc but to accept the genmne truth and stluntton of our staple and be gutded ent1rely by the nn diSputed m:1x1m of trade Supply and Demand as any de Vlallon from th1s "111 surely be avenged Actmg upon th1s prmc1ple there IS uo reason to be seen why the new year should not be a very profitable one owd open a prosperous era to all parlles, conaerned Messrs Robert L Maitland & Co observe m th e u Circular -We have to report a very fau total of sales for the month ot December !laY 6 500 hhds of whiCh exporters took 4 800 hhds manufacturers 1 500 hhds and jobbers the remrumng 700 hhds The Gennan buyers m the early of the month bought qu te freely of low grades m antcpat10n of an mcrease d tax hkely to be 1m po se d at the next meetmg of the German Re!Chs rath and followmg tilts demand we had 110 mqmry for Spam and by these mean s the stock of de s 1rable lugs has been much reduced The Italian buyer hl\8 also taken freely of such stock aa wag smted to h1s wants The demand from manufacturers was mamly for fillers rangmg m price from 5@6c_.. and to a moderate extent of a better grade at an average of about Oc Advtec s f10m the West are gencraUy to the effect that the m01e the crop IS exammed the more unfavorable 1 s the opm10n of 11 We only hope our fnends mny consider the quahty when the) IIUrcbase and make due allowance m price patd, fQr from the p resc m outlook there 1s llttle hope for a profit unless crops are bougnt at a pnce Which "'II matenally curtail plant mg next season The an"nual cucular of 1t1 Rader & Son, Tobacco Brokers says -KcntuckJ Tobacco -The demand dunng the past month has been qmte active for low and mcdmm grades tlS bestde the purchases for and open ports manufacturers and jobbers ha'e s hown a dpos1110n to stock more f1eely Prices are firm Without any quotable change Sales 6 1!00 hbds of whiCh 4 300 hhds for ex port For se.eral sea&ons back our annual 1ev1ew has been anythmg but f avorable to the trade tile pnst year has proven one of the most d1sastrous we s hall but bnetly touch the mmn pomts wbteh brought ahout such n reoult fbe quahty of the 1876 crop as very poor and the packmg 111 general very much miXPrl so th11t from the begmnmg to the end of the low pnces were the rule Added to th1s the p1eva1lmg finnncml d1strcss at home and abroad stifled a.ll enterpnsc and had 11 not been for the h eavy purchases for the Spameh Itahan ru>d Fench RegJCs and later m the seaso n f o r the Mediterranean and German ports mduced bJ the low priCes and a probabthiJ o f mcrease of duties m the latte r country w e w o uld hardly have had any outlet for th1s staple The only rcdccmmg feature under these Circumstances IS that our market here has lost none of 1ts v1tahty wh1ch re ce1pts and s .. Jes compared w1th the prev10us years e:o to show Hcce1pts m 1876 were 92 ()()() hhds 80 ()()() hhds m ten wh1lel the sales m 1876 were 61 ()()() nnds m 1877 57 400 hhds The Western crops of 1877 are large w1th estimates varymg from 140 ()()() to 170 000 hhds to the seaports the quality very leafy but the quantity of real heavy leaf Wllrllkely not prove so abundant liS expected Seed Leaf Tobacco -This article had also dunng the pllSt year to contend w1th the un fortunate situatiOn of busmess m general as well as w1th other mtluences "h1ch made the traftlc anythmg but remunerative A number of our larger manufacturers hav e of late J ea1 s d1a" n then supplies d1rect from the producer wbtle on th e other hand the export trade has been much affected by packers and holder s of Seed leaf tobacco partiCularly of such grades as were most m demand for export not bmng "'llmg to accept the low pnccs at which export buvers d eemed 11 safe to venture commenced sh1ppmg for the1r own account whether to their advantage or not remams to be seen An additwnal drawback has been the latmg stnke of the opernt1vesm most of our factonea .A1; Will be see n by the statistiCs stocks on hand w1th the mcommg CI op of 1877 are ample for the d emands of the present season the favorable result of whiCh w11l mtunly depend on moderate pnccs !Iessrs D J Garth Son & Co remark 1n thmr cnculnr -The market durmg the p11st month was charactenzed by con stderable activity and the amount of b u s(ness transacted com pares very favorably w1th any correspondmg month of prev1 ous years The lower grades of leaf and lugs wore prmc1pally the bROil! of bwuness and pnces of such were mam SALES IN THIS MARKET DURING THE YEAR 1877 CROP OF 1875 Total January February March ay .Tune July August S e ptember October No, e mb e r December Total January February }larch Apnl May June July August October November December Total Crops of 1870 to 1874 New inclusive England of all ld nds State. Cases Cases. 2 300 1 500 1 134 1 000 766 1 150 1 400 1 000 1100 1 200 BOO 1025 728 BOO 841 1 oOOr 220 1 000 160 800 so 400 100 9 029 11 475 Penn !!tylvania c ..... 700 2 ()()() 1 ()()() 1000 1100 700 400 000 400 160 100 8 450 New York c--. 300 500 300 200 1000 1200 200 100 100 100 100 50 4150 011' WHICH FOR EXPORT 73 59 100 50 68 150 100 443 69 CROP 011' 1876 .... NoW York eas .... 5 y 300 100 32 2300 125 4500 100 1200 104 700 iiO 14 ()()() 9105 411 112 32 490 Ohio Cases 8 500 5 393 Ohio c ....... 400 700 600 500 200 250 400 600 600 150 150 250 4BOO 2021) 283 400 811 400 200 2,044 200 78 914 1546 615 367 700 394 296 405 1 141 2 5()4, 704 1100 900 9768 DESTINATION 011' SIDPMENTS 011' SEE LEAil' TOBACCO To t al 3 =] Cs Cs Cs Cs Cs CH Cs Cs Cs 1 m 2 2 1 O J5 2 M:l "76 206 a12 ao 444 118 114 23 3 600 22 534 2 2011 3111' 2,331> i5i 2\19 li06 312 33 950 EXPORT OJ' SEED LEAF FOR YEARS 187:7 1876 1875 1874 1873 1872 187 1 1870 t86g 1868 Cases Cases Cases CaseR Cases Cases Cases Cues Cases Cues .'18,950 51 426 .'l5:o15 8 1 801 8:.1 Gl7 96 8t9 1 682 7 8I2 2 1 23 1539 SALES OF SEED LEAF IN THIS MARKET FOR TEN YEARS 1877 1876 1876 1874 1873 1872 1871 1870 !869 1008 Cases C u es Cases Cases Cases Cnses Cases Cases Cases Cases 73 1114 84,508 7!1751 112 65-112115 56 050 45,000 6i 000 36,000 Num.O.r Ctgars and cheroot domestic and unported 1 BOO 009 256 Statement of the quantity value rate of and duty on to bacco _and of entered mto consumptwn m the Uruted States durmg the fiscal year ended June SO 1677 Pounds Values RateofDuty DutyReeeived. :Leaf unmfd and npt 7 000 1109 $.'!,roo 584 8> 85 cts lb $2 4112 918 45 C1gars; aod cheroots 529198 1 989 628 05 82 00 '!Jib & 25 p c 1 8:1)403 13 Ssull'f &: anuft' fiour of all kinds Stem d & all mfd not 15 788 800 00 50 ctli lb 7 00 provided for 145 84.5 .'18,349 26 00 cts lb 7ll m M Stems 60 2 50 15 eta :D> 00 From the precedmg we have !Jke m former years co mptled a statement showmg the consumption of Seed leaf tobacco for c1gar purposes m the U mted States for the fiscal year ended June 3 0 1877-Leavmg domestic etgars stamped At an average -of 28 lbs wmght to the mlile Less formgn tobacco MtUe 1,800,009 49 165 452 7,036,910 42,128,1542 8,425,708 88,702 834 At an average of; 880 lbs marked we1ght to the case cases s.s 69,2 COMPARATIVE STATEMENT OF THE 11'1VE PAST FISCU. YEARS END)i:D JUNE 30 Imported Foreign to-r Ho'me con oigara en baceo e n sumption tared lor Domestlo tered for of Seed leat coosump c1gal"8 1 COD81JD1pfor clear 'Ion stari.l6ed Uoa. Mtll Mtlle Pmt'lllh ()as"' 1873 75 018 1 ,699 732 10,662,661 80,659 1874 6p 060 1 792 789 9 218,679Y. 89,140 1875 5'7,345 1,869 317 7,539 598 71,785 1876 48,410 1,780 S97 7 067,066 68,789 1877 44 100 1, 755,909 7,036 910 88,692 In our cucular of the first of last November we estimated the new (1877) crop at abont 135 000 roses we are smce In receipt of the followmg correct es1amat es -New England 30 000 cases conta1mng constderab l c fine leaf part of the Con ne ctlcut Valley somo Massachusetts and the bulk of the Housatomc have been purchased Pennsylvama 45 000 cases some very line andconsiderable red nd colljmon only a few crops have. been sold New York 10 ()()()c-ases nveragequahty Obw 25 ()()() cases useful tobacco but httle sold Willconstn, Illmo1s etc 20 000 caSCjl fully up to average quality, a small quantity bought total 180 000 cllSes STOCK ON HAND JANUARY 1, 1877 ConslStmg of crop 1873 I 1874 1875 Cau& 6,000 12 000 32 000 Crop' 76 estt'atedJan 1, 77 140 000 Lesa for overestrmate 11,000 50,000 129 000 89 000 34 000 123 000 56,000 130,000 186 000 Alt!Jough th1s IS not a very mrge quant1ty we must not lose stght of tb e fact that manufacturers are by no means bare of s to ck and 1t 1s under all and an) cucumstances a. s uillcwncy to la s t until the 1878 crop comes mto market and we must suggesl to our fnends great mod e ratiOn as to now they mvest m the crop The1 e IS nothmg m our hom e trade to l ead us to expect h 1gher pnces and II would be w ell to con s 1der what effect the piopos1t10n no" before the Committee of Wa.ys a.nd }fenns to reduce the duty on Imported c1gars (from *2 50 per lb and 2o per ce n t a d valorem to a spec1fic duty of $1 00 per lb) would have-o n the value of domestiC leaf and as far as export IS concerned forClgn markets seldom (and 11lmost In vanably w1.h d1snstrou s results) have taken Seed leaf m large qunnt1h es at h1gh Dr ICes and v. Jth the present ag1tat10r> for e 1ther an mcreased duty or the makmg of tob acco a Govern ment monopoly m GcrmanJ 1t IS certamly to the mtcrest of producers and dealers to supply Europe With large quanL11les of good and u se ful tobacco at priCes MONTIIL1l BTUKMENT OF STOCKS OF SPANlSii 'I'OD .. CCO Havana Cuba Yara. Total Bales Bales Bales Bales 1 1877 25 118 874 25 992 11 124 1187 11 711 Total 36 242 Sales and reshipments to D ece mb e r 31 1877 10 000 1 1878 26 242 ANNUAL 8'1:ATEUENT Stock on hand Jan 1 Rece1ved s mce Havana Bal es 77 28 714 101 739 Total 122 453 Snles and reshipments tn December 31 96.,211 Cuba Bales 49 49 49 1461 37 708 682 10 682 779 27 021 Oen Yara. fuef.o s Total Bales Ba es Bales 167 20 881 1 985 103 773 2 124 6154 1373 !)7 633 779 27 021 167 20 881 Gold opened at and closed at 102 % Exchange -Messrs M & S Sternberger, Bankers, report to TIIK ToBAcco LEAF as follows -The Exchange market remams qu1et The quotat10ns are as follows -Sterlmg 60 days I).Ommal 482 Sight nommal S!erhng 60 days actual 481?) stght actual 4.85 Cable transfers 4.86 Commercml sterling pr1me long good long Ptms bunlacco We1ss, Eller & Kaeppel 1154 do Strohn & Rettzenstem 136 do J L Gassert & Bro 104 do J A Robmson 13 do J Garcta 10 do H R. Kelly & Co 8 cases cigars Sanchez Htlya & Co 7 do Ho1t ard Ives 8 do G W Faber 2 do Kausche & Dowomg 3 do Kunhardt & Co 3 do Mtchaeh s & Lmdemann 2 do 'A H' Retthnger & Co 1 do, C F Hagen 426 bales tobacco, 63 cases ctgars 1tiARSiiliLLES -Weaver & Bten-y 2/l bales lavender !lowers, 10 bblw oll aesame 100 eases olne od Rece1pts of hcortce at port of New York for week endlns December 29 reported expressly for 'fnE ToBACOO Thomas & Muth Balttmore per Nary Q Halo from 11anlelllee, SO hales hcortce root Weaver & Sterry per from Barce lona 1 204 bal es do Order per BMlgal from Malaga 20 cases Spamsh hconce paste Argmmb&u W allaoe & Co per Ftrrre.-. from Tarragona 100 cases do Chaa P Hardy & Co per BotlmY:J from Liverpool GO caaee licorice stlcks EXPORTS From the porto New York to foreign ports fot the 1teet endmg January 5 were as follows AFRICA -47 hhds 6 bales ARTWERP -204 hhds 80 cases ARGENTll'IE REPUBLIC -6 bhds 165 546 !"'4 mfd. BRAZIL -9 pkgs (324 ]bS) mfd BRIIKEN -0011 hhds, 2,030 cases, 787 bale& BRISTOL.-88 bhds BRITISH PossxssroNs n AF:1l!CA -I! hhds, 93 pkgs (lO,GOI' Jbs) mfd BRITISH WERT INDIES -6 pkgs (880 lbs) mfd CANADA -10 hales CISPLATlNN REPUBLIC -7 hbda 10 })ales 62 pkgll (10,il11 lbs) mfd CUBA --40 pkgs (1 037 ]bs) mfd Gusoow' -'56 hhds 195 pkgs (16 M9 lbs) mid. HAKBuno -663 C88C8 4.ll2 bales HAYTI -"-7 hbds 20 bales LIBDON -10 hhd1 LIVERPOOL "--6 hhds 009 pkg'i! "(84 806 lbo) mfd. LoNDON -51 hhds 277 pkgs (43 102 lbs) mfd. MEXICO -2 pkgs (458 lbs) mfd 0POIITO -3 hba PERU -159 pkgs (30 164 lbs) mfd RoTTBRDAil -274 cases SANDWICH IsLANDS. -52 pkgs (6 434 lbo) mfd VBli!EZUELA -2 hhds, 113 pkgs (6, 426 lhs) mfd. DOIIEITIC RECEIPTS. The arr1vals at the port of New York from domeetle lnl -D J Garth Bon & Co 8 hhds R L Maltlllfld & (;o 5 do, Pollard Pettus & Co 1 do' Ottmger Bros 14 do Order 108 do 2 PA" BY THE HunsoN RIVER RAILROAD -J. L Gassert & Bro 65 cases Havemeyer & Vtgellus 221 d'? M Abenhetm & Co 15 do Bunzl & Dorm1tzer 23 do OhM F Tag & Bon, 42 do: Order 23 do Bv TIIE NATIONAl Lu.'E -A H Cardozo 5 hhds p Lorlllard & Co 7o do J H Moore & Co 14: do Sawyer & Co 1 do Pollard Pettus & Co 7 do Order 154 do 457 pkgs BY THE CENTRAL RAILROAD OF NEw JEII8BY-C H. Bp1tzner 27 cases H Colell 6:! do BY TUE PENNSYLVANIA RAILROAD -Charles F Tag & Bon lli cases tobacco L & E Werthe1mcr 36 do Levy & Neugaao' 1 do & VIgelms 10 do J f'\ Gans Bon & Co .. i do E Rosenwald & Bro 9 do 1 case samples, H Wasserman, 1 bale E Bach 1 & Son 1 do 8 Orgler 1 box Appleby & Helme 8 cases tobaGcO 9 bbls snuff 18 bxs do 1 keg do BY TIIE NEw YoR:a: & NEw fun:N STEA11BOAT LU!IL Fox Dtlls & Co 14 cases Wm Eggert & Co 2 do J Del monte 8 do, Joseph Mayers Sons 8 do Chas F Tag & ioll, 11 do B1< THE NEw YoRx: AND HARTFORD STEAliBOAT LIJOI. F Schulz 11 cases M H Levm 5 do Bunzl & Dornutzer 71) do Basch & Ftscher, 12 do Fox D1lls & Co 5 do BY TilE NEw YoRK A-,..'D EnrooEPoRT BTEM

6 TELLER BROTHERS, Ctmluloa lcroht and Wholesale leatera Foreign and Domestic Leaf' Tobacco, 117 North Third Street, W. EISENLOHR & 00., PACKERS AND WHOLESALE DEALERS IN TOBACCO, LE .&F \ -115 s. .. Pl:1:l] 'N, EISENLOHR. S' W. CLARK, PiilL. BONN. BAMBERGER 5: CO., DEALERS IN LE.A.F TOB.A:CCO, And Manufacturers of all Grades of Cigars, lV o.3 J 11 AIPoit. St., Philadelphia,Pa. LEWIS BREMER'S SONS, Wholesale Dealers in AND KANUFACTtm.ED TOBACCO, NO. 322 NORTH THIRD STREET, PHILADEL'PIUA. JiF. A large assortment of all kinds of LRAF ToBACCO constantlv on hand .J!t M. & 00., 'Packers, Commission Merchants AND WHOLESALE DEALERS IN LEAF'TOBAC60 No. 220 North Third. St., Phila.clelphi& IYIOORE d: IIAY, Packers, Commission :Merchants & Dealers in SEED LEAFtc HAVANA TOBACCOt' No. 35 North Water-st., Philadelphia. GUMPERT BROS. MANUFACTIJHHRS of FINE CIGARS, STORE: 1341 CHESTNUT'STREET, .. ;fACTORY: 1230 CLOVER I T H E '.l' 0 B A C C 0 L E A F, / Baltimore Advertiseme.uts. WESTERN W. E. RAGSDALE, "WM. A. BOYD & co., BDIIILAY9B,BO. TOBACClJ BROKER, DlPQ.RTED AND DOKESTI_ C BICIIA Jlll \ll 1 ::EI:<>pk.:l:na-v:ll.l.e, L E A F T 0 8 A c 0 0 LEAF TOBACCO tB!P DI:TALEOR BIN "R.To. 33 South Str--t. I M. H. Clark& Bro. Clarksville; Tennessee; .& F G Irwin, Clarksvill e Tennessee; B "B o .... 18 s S. F. Beaumont, l'resideot lst. Natioual Ba;ot-.. .a. ,.. .u .a. 146 & 148 WEST SECOND ST., 115 & 117 WEST FRONT STREET, CornerofElmandBecondStreela, J;r ORDERS SOLICITED -CINCINNATI, 0. CINCINNATI. .. WESTPHAL, I .1 -COMMISSION MERCHANT TBB STATB .. O:P KBNTUCKYAnd Dealer In KANUFACTURED BY B. WILKENS a CO.,. ::JY:::O. .A.G-EN"O:J:EJ&: New York: M. FALK, 122 Chambers St. PhiladelDhia: BATTIN & BRO., 142 N. 3d St. __ z.. GENERAii COMMISSION MERCHANT ... -r -. "" AND TOBACCO FACTOR, ADV A!IICEliiENTS JIU.DE ON CO!IISIGNJ!IENTS '1'8" lilY ADDRESS. COINEi:TICIIT SEED LEAF TOBACCO GO., -x,. Choice Brands of PLUG TOBACCO, And Patentees of the Celebrated Brand of P ROG-RESS, MADE IN ALL SHAPES AND WEIGHTS. 11<7 EVERY PLU(J HAS OUR PATENT FASTENER AT THE END. "'U S. LOWE.TBAL a CO., MANUFACTURERS 'OF FINE .CIGARS, AND DE.AJ.ERS IN LEAF TOBACCO, 150 WZS'r FO"C':a TEl: STE.EZT CINCINNATI, OHIO l\ G ... Tobacco. Works Toledo Ohio CHARLES R. MESSINGER, .. MANUFACTURER. OF -The Oe1ebra.i:ed. HINSDALE SMITH &. SOli, (S ucce!aon to H. SMITH & CO.) PACKERS AND JOBBERS OF Connecticut Leaf Tobacco 20 HAMPDEN 8T.1 Springfield, Mass. HINSDAL:a SwiTR, B H. SMITH. C. 0. HOLYOKE, COMKISSION KERCHANT In LE..A.F and MANUF 4-0TURED TOBAOOO, I 12-Cent'l'al Wharf, BostMie -So,uthern Redd, Woonon & -co., PROPIUE'l'OBS .. F. G." AND NATIONAL LONG CUT SMOKINGS. REDO'S WAREHOUSE, Also, the Indian and Sun Flower Chewing Tobaccos. _.,, """Illw. DULEBS"' CEO. KERCKHOFF, tc CO., LEAF TOBACCO,, Packers of seed I.eaf W.BESBBST LiusSBLL : Rco'Cblcago. AND DEA.LERS IN SPANISH TOBACGOS. (s.:ces.on to JOHN c. co.,) LHAP TOBACCO BBDDil IMPORTERs, :tu:A.NUFA.CTURERs .&ND DEALERs IN ., '' GOLDEN CROWN'' CIGARS, 1410 Ca. Street AND SOLE :M.&NUF.&CTURERS OF La Honradez Havana Smoking Tobacco, 214 W. BALTIMORE STREET, Baltimore, Md w. K. BAIU'Elt G. E. WAGONER.F w FELGNER SON BARKER & WAGGNER, I WOIUES, IMPORTED and DOMESTIC TO TOBACCO, F.29. Soat. h BIJ SL, Baltimore, Md. with F Engelbach. --56 s. r.57 Lake Street and 41 State Street, Chicago, 111. ALSO AGENTS FOR THE FOLLOWING WELL-KNOWN fiRMS,_ P. LORILLARD & co., New York; 8JCIDENBERG .._ CO., New York; W. S. KIMBALL&. CO.'S "VANITY FAIR," Rochester, N.Y.; W. T. 'BLACKWELL & CO., Durham, N.C.; J. J. BAGLEY olo co.s "MAYFLOWER," Detroit, Mlcb., J. W. CAI\ROLL'S "LONE JACK," Lynchburgb. Va. WM S K!MBALL & CO'S VANITY FA lll TOR ,C.CO CHiAKETTF> RO!iHE5TER, N y. Chicago Tobacco Works. H. C. CHAMPION & CO., 1 1f!ucces&ors to Jo!DI WATr &: SoM). Manufacturers of Chewing, MULLEN & LOVE, Mannf'r& RICHMON:P. VA. P::E3:l:L.;A.DElLP::E3:X.A., P .A.. We hntta. th.e attention of Manufac. tutf!T8 to our SMOKING TOBACCO .t; SNUFF. bealeroba 19 & 21 RANDOLPH.' STREET, 'fHE LARGEST CIGAR FACTORY IN THE STATE. JOSEPH LOEB, PACKER AND DEALER IN -I;EAF TOBACCO, AND MANUFACTURER OF -Ill' 62 .NORTH FRONT STREET, PHILADELPHIA, PA. PBNI:NOTON, PRICB CO., MAJ+t;FACTURERS AND DEALERS H( (CLAY, WOOD, ENAMELLED, GERMAN C. D., & OTHER I TOBACCO PIPES. I. B.lcDOWELL & CO., DOHAN & TAITT. TOBACCO Tobacco Commission Merchants, AND llilneral GoBllllission lerchants 107 ARcH sTREET, I ae :NOBTH W &TaR ST., J>lallad4olpllla. _,. A.,...ts f the ale of all Jdads o( Maoofac... t-D4LoafTobooco.q[l J. A. COUB.TNEY; EIIT.&BLISHED 1848. 83 North Front St., Phlla., BIIALDO S.UK a CO. TOBACCO AliD :ciGAR TOBACCO, AND GENERAL CODISSIOI IERCHANTS, JI:O. Sl :Nerth Water Street "' ..__ 30 Korth Phila.clelphia. BATCHELOR BROS "PECULIAR" CJCAR COIIIII88IOJf MERCHAJfT. AGENT FOR THE STATE 011' KENT1!CKV TOBACCO KA!IIl1JI'ACTil...nrG CO., LOVISVILLE, K.Y. F. W. FELIIER a SOl, Baltimore, Md. JOSEPH WALLACE. o!z WALTER,-w ... facturen of SlfOFF ani EIOIING TOBACCO, G8G, 668, 670 ad 672 North EleTIIItll 8\., pBJT,Al''ELPHl.A. JUm7J' AS'l'VIEill, sosiarbut... F. X. KEL.LY, Jr., ..__......,_ ______ '_L_'D-II!_L_PJIIA._.... KANUFACTUJli:llS" AGENT FQil JOHN J. L UDY, -Plug:&; Smoking Tobacco, Koouuctaror of tbe Cele....,.k4 101 Arol II.' Phlladtlpllla, Pa. d d Littl Wanderer ,54'?a.a AcoaMT oa 1 e an D HA .. Jll!t BEEBE A CO., Qalncy, IlL 1 U BUCHANAN lt LYALL, New York OX G-A. El.&_ Wiloleoale aDd Retail aaler ID All Bnuda of Jl. W. OLIVER., B.lcbmd, 'YL; A. II. LVOW A CO lllehmond, Va MER.CHAN;rs TOBACCO CO., Boatoo, }l:ua,; SHEPPABU a SMITH,Da-:illot Va..; NAVY i, TOBACCO, WILSON, SORG CO.,Kiddlelowa,O. Ia Jl 625 BOU'l'K 2Dt'111T. PmLA. A H. THEOBALD .A. R. FOUGERAY, TOBACCO MANUFACTURER OF '; "\ FINE-CICARS,> IrnJF ACTURERS' !GOT, Spanish an;;o:::L::f. T ebacco, 33 North Front x. w.eer. Popiaret.., Phlladelpl"a.' 'AGENT FOR HlLLER &: PETERS' CINCINNATI Plt:LADELPtR. T .A.N"T-N".C>.T:I:.O:El Let this be timely W&.rDiDa: to all Ma.nufai!J;urer and Dealero i. CIGARS that Ue Reaow:aetl Brands of &, co., Ha.bano, Have been :tully aecured by registration ot. their and Labels in the U. S. Pateni Omce. The more prominent Trad a-llaru are" EL AGUILA DE ORO. (Golden Eagle), "BOcK: :r Ca., "REGALIA de PR:EFERENCIA." A..ny person, firm or corporatiun found to lntr:l.nge on n.ny ot. said Trade-Marks, either by printhur counterfeits thereof, or by usinf counterfeits on Ci.Kar Boxe s, will be promptly prosecuted when detected: The law ma.kes the imitation o a registered Tradelr&rk a crime, puniaha.ble by heavy tine &D.d Imprison ment in State Prison. Full damages are also recoverable by the party aggrieved. Any information pointing to frauds v.-111 be thankfully received by R. s. STROBEL, 18 Commerce St., Baltimore, Md. PETERSBURC, VA., ADVERTISEMENTS. S. W. VENABLE, E. C. VltN ABLE. S. W. VENABLE & CO. 08lce: Cor. Byrne & Balifax Sts., Petersbargh, Va. Factory: 19 i District, 59 SOUTH CANAL.ST .. CHICAGO, ILL. Wau... AAKON KAIIM A. Wau.. W eil, Kahn & Co., ( Su.cceuora to S. Low&NT.ffAL &: Co.) )II&Dufacturers aad Wholesale Dealers in CIGABS & Lill. TOBACCO 134 Main St.. Cincinnati. o::ar:::r::o.a.a.o, ::r::_x...x.... Hz:B.A.OOOS 1 Kana!&ct.11Hn' Agenta far the Sale o ., ECLIPSE" BRIGHT NAVY .... J( o, 3o, 4o, llo, &o, 'l'o, 8o, Oo ancllOo. VIr' [llll' a Missonn' and Kontnclry GEORGE, BRitilHT WAVY, la, )fa, a ..... a. a, &jjl, .,. s 91 and lOa. lJ LU l Brands of 1m ported llcorice aiW'Iyllon hand. Uberal Cash advanc ea made on 'VIRGllllA DARE" BI(JGHT NAVY, 11. 3a, &a, &a, 9a aud IOa J "A!IIKOT LYLE" BRIGHT !IIAVY,ll.3o,u llo,6o,'7o,8o,Ooand10o. TOBACCO w .... "'UNION .JACK n MAHOGANY POUNDS, Jta Rad &a. e ,JII.e "ST .JAMES" DA.RK. POVNDS, ,I{ a, 4:a, 5a, Ga, 'Ia, 8a, 9 a and lOa. of FIXE TWIST of rradeo Bright and Mabopny und.rlbe f ol'low!Dtr I vI D TUB ceo uuvun "ADMIBATIOII'," "TIIOBM4WDY," 291 West Main Street, IIJIJU' Jl llUI, "IIB.AB.T 01' GOLD," & "I.IVII OAK,"" .ABOB," LOUISTILLE, Ky. "Dl: SOTO and "GOII'QV'I:B.OB.." w WlCJF-Also ot the Well-Known Brand ot &zn.<>k:lll15 T<>, And Hannfacturel'll of all styles of Bright & Blaok PLUG .t; TWIST TOBACCOS. Factory: 24 Twentieth St:, .R.XO::ar:DII:ON":O, "V' .A.. J. M. PRICE, DANVILLE, VA., HAVING EIGHT YEARS' EXPERIEN:>Jt:J.. N". c. W. 'T. NOEL, TOBACCO BROKER -Evansville, Ind. B U Y S STRICTLY O:Y ORDER. ,r


THE TOBACCO LEAF ... Directory of Advertisers. NEW YORK. .l.hnf1l" & Debls, )()() Pearl. :B&n>l>tt S., 162 Water. &Fischer, 1M Water. r. :Bulkley & Moore, 74 Front Cardozo A. H. 66 Broad. Cllawford E. M 168 Water. Dohan, Carroll & Co. lo.l Front. DuBoia Eugene, 75 Front. !Dggert Wm. & Co. 171 Pearl. II:Dgleb&ch F. ll6 B. Wuhln.,toB Square J'ox, Dlllll & Co. 175 Water. Friend E. & G. & Co. 129lllalden Lane. Gan:liner J. M. S4 Front. 1 Gershel L. & Bro. 1{)1 Pearl. Glebe! & Van Rrundohr, 176 Water. Hamburger l & Co. 151 'Vater Harris&: Bo\\"JJI&n, 102 Front HerbSt Brothers, 183 Water. Xoeuig H. 829 :Uowery IAchenbruch &: Bro 1M Water. Lederer & Fischel, Pearl. Levin M. H. 162 Lichtenstein Bros. 121 Bowery. Lobenstein & Gans, 101 Maiden Lane. llaitland Robert L. & Co. 43 Broad. Pearl. Neuberge r .t:. Steinecke, 131 Malden Lane. Oat.m&n Alva, M Water. Ottinger Brothers. 48 Broad. Paulitsch M. 147 Wate r Price Wm. M. 119 Mah.lcn Lane. lleJsmann G. JeS Pearl. Sawyer, WaUace &: Co 47 Broad. H 142 Water. Schroeder & Bon, 178 WAter. SChuhart H. & Co 146 Water. ScovtUe A. H & Co. 170 Water. Spi_.,. E. & Co. 5 Burllog Slip, Stratton & Storm, 178 a.od 18> Pearl. Strobn & Reitzenateln, 176 Front. Charles F. & Son. IM Front. Tatgenhorst F W. & Co. 68 Broad. "i'homp&on S. E. Co. M and M Broad. Upmann, Carl, 178 Pearl. TobaCC<> Bakfpr Export. Guthrie & Co. 225 Front. Western and Virginia Leaf Tobacco Commi,. siOM Merchant. Fau110n & Carroll, 50 Broad Loof Tobacco Su.-eating. Philip C. S. 188 Pearl Little Thom&S G. 192 Penrl. Cotnm.ission Merchants. Reynes Brothers & Co., 46 ..t 48 Exchange Place. BulleT of Tobacco Reusens G. M Broad. Tob<:ro Brolm-o. Ca.ttus John, 1Zl Pearl. Fi9cber Chas. E. & Bro. 181 Water. Fl!Jcher Frederlch, 41 Broad. Xinnicutt & Bill, Broad. Osborne Cba.rleHF. M B1-oad. Bader M & Son, 50 Beaver. ack A. 129 Maiden Lane. Jlanuja of Smokiag and Chewi1UJ !"obacco1. Andonl<>n John & Co. 114. 116 and 117 Liberty. Buchanan & Lytill 54 Broad. :Buchner D. 213o1Uld 215 Duane. Goodwin & Co 007 & 20!1 Water. Hoyt Thomas & Go. 404 Pea1L Kinney Bros. 141 West. Broadway. Lorlllard P. & Co. 114 Water. McAlpin D. H. & Co. cor Avenue D and Tenth. Miller G. B. & Co. 97 Columbia. Pioneer Tobacco Company, l.!M Water. .Agents for Chewi?lg and Smokitl{l Tobaccos, etc. Engelbach F. 56 S. Wnshlngton Square Hen A. & Co. 43 Liberty. IJndhelm .M. 159 Water Wise & Bendheim, 12:1 Bowery _i\(anu(acturl"i11 of OiUtj'f!l. Bondy Charles, !l3 Bowery. Glaccum & Schlooser, 15 Rivington. Hartcorn J A. 21 Bowery Heilbroner & Josephs, Ga4 to 640 E. Sixteenth Hirsclt D. & Co. lilfl and ISO Ri vington and 88 Wall. Hirschhorn L. & Co. 89 Water. Kaufman Bros. & Bondy, 129 8r. 131 Grand. Kerbs & SpiesS, 1014 to 1000 Seoond Av. and 310 to 3H Fiftyfourth Levy Bros, and 127 Broome Lichtenstein Bros. & Co 268 and 270 Bowery Lichtenstein A. & Co 84 and Bowery Bowery Orgler S. 295and 200' Greenw1eh Rokobl Bros. & Boelter, 283 Pearl Seidenberg &: Co. aud ti Reade Smith E .A. U Bowery Smith M. M. v...,y StalB. BU ... & KAI!l>pi!l, 2:!0 Pearl Ybor V. MarU.n.eZ. ;.. Co. tSKJ Pearl .Jfanw.faclu.rers of Key a7id of Ci!}arB. DeBary Fred'k & Co. 41 e.nd 43 Warren :McFall &: Lawson, 83 MWTa.y Seidenberg & Co. M and 88 Reade Depot of tM "Flor del Sur" Cigars. AlceS 173 Water ManufacturcrtJ oj Ateerschaum and Amber Good&. Weis Carl, 398 Grand Imtwrten of Clay Pipes. Batjer H. & IfrotAer, 77 Water Buehler & Polhall8, M3 Chambers Demuth Wm_ & Co. 501 Broadway Hen A. & Co. Liberty Kaufmaun Bros. Bondy, 1.20 and 181 Grand Ma:nufacl urers of Briar Pi pea a?ld im.portert of ArUcla. Buehler & Polhaus, 83 Chambers emutb Wm. & Co 501 Harvey &: Fonj, 3615 and 867 Hen A. & Co. 4\J Libert)" Kaufmann Bros. & Bondyl 129 and 181 Grand j&U & Becll:er, 9!l Chamocrs Mf:l.nujacturers of Licorice Paf!lte. McAndrew James C. M Water Stamford Ma.oufactuting Co. 157 Maiden Lane Weaver & Sterry, 24 Cedar Importer'S of Licorice Paste. oN. R 14 Broadway Gitlord, Sherman &:. Innis, 100 William Argulmlmu, Wallace & Co. 29 and 31 S. William McAndrew James C. M Willer Weaver & Sterry, 24 Cedar Zuricalday & Arguimbau, 102 Pearl Manufa.ct urer.B of Tobacco Flavors. Hillie r's R. Sons & Co. 60 Cedar Importers of Gums, Tonqua Beans, etc. Meniek T B. & Co. 180 and 132 William ... Mll'llufacturert of Powdered Brfukerbotr V. W. 47 Cedar Hllller' R. Sons & Co. 60 Cedar Weaver & Sterry, 24 Cedar &ed Loof To00coo lnopectim. BeDOel & Co. Water Finke Charles, 1M Water Linde F. C. & Co. 142 Wate r National Toba.cco Inspectwn. Hood!,_ W. J & Co. 45 Broad Tobac co Prtuers. Guthrie & Co. 225 Front Manufacturer.! of O.gar Boxes. .Henken Jacob, 298 and 295 Monroe Strauso S. l 711 and 181 Lewis Wicke William Ill; Co. 153-161 Goerck .Dsaler in Spanish Ci{Jf.r-Box Cedar. Uptegrove W E. 46&-475 East Tenth Steam Board Outti"'l atUI BatUI Saw Mill for Ou.ttUtg Oigar-Boz Wood Read Geo. W. & Co. 1Lewis Spanish atUI German Oioar JUbbottt. Heppenhelmer & lfuurer, 22 and 24: N. William Lobenstein & Gans, 101 Lane Loth JOR. & Co. 441 Broome Strauss Simon, 179 Lewis Wicke Wm. & Co. 15.'1-I&IGoerck W. ]. IIOODLESS. lll-o(actur.,. of Orook;,'s CompoUnd Tm FoiJ, Toba.cco, .Medium and Ti#Ue. Cro<>k'e John J. 16a Mulberry Manufacturer.! of Tobacco Tm--Foil ManiDng H. S. & Co. 1l1 Liberty lmperterf!l of Tin.-Fbir. WUtemann 184 William XoOOcco Bsgging. Howaro, Sanger & Co. 462 to 468 Broadway Tvbac<:o Labell>. Hatch Lithographic Co. ll2 and 84 V e-y Heppenheimer & Maurer, 22 and 24 N. Wllllam Cigar-Boz Labels anG Heppenheimer & )laurer, 22 aml 24 N. William Wull! Chas. A. 5 1 Chatham Man.ufacturen of Kinney Bro.a.' cco. DETROIT, Mich. Man urn of Chewing and Sr.wking Tobacco Barker K. C. & Co. 74 and 76 Jefferso n Av ParJ.:er A. & Co. 49 to 57 Jefferson A v Walker, McGraw & Co. 31 to 35 Atwate'r .Manujact-Krers of Cigars and Dooler11 in i:e'ad Tobacco. Sullivan & Burk, 48 and 50 Congress, East DURHAM, N. C, Man-u.Jactu.rers of Smoking Tobacco. Blackwell W T. & Co DukeW. L;ro"" Z. L & Co EVANSVILLE, Ind. Toba.cco Commilision Merchan.t11 Morris C J. & Co Tobacco Broker. Noel W. T HAVANA, Cuba. Lenf Tobacco Chmmission Deetjen, J. Alfred. 57 delltonte Oigm MR. SA.LEl. A Fresh Su:pply of 100,000 Pounds Genuine ''DEERTONGUE" Flavor, foe SMOKING TOBACCO !Ianuracturers, in lots to suit purchasers, at lowest flcures. MARBURC BROTHERS, 146, 147 aD4 148 s. Clwlo& s-.t. Bal--. Kd. Ueed for Boxes having Hinged Fronts, which, when folded down, expose to view the endS of the Cigars contained 1n tbe Box. The8e Catches are made of Flat Shee t Metal, and are pivoted to the upper edges of the end boards in 8\lCh a way that their turn .down front parts lap over the face of the closed front. The Catches tben serve to hold &he front the box.t.. but can be S"WUDR" aside to allow0thNe fzvnUo be let down. g-8Al\IPLE:; AND PRICI:S ON .A.PPLICATI ...., UCHTENSTEIN BROS. &. CO., -TO Bowery, Jlfew York. ., Medals aWa.rded .for Beauty of Skill Displayed in ; l'Ol'ULAR STYLE and CHEA.l'NESS. SHOW FIGURES IN METAL AND WOOD A SPECiALTY. Sutro N' eW'lDark, IIANUFA.CTURERS OF C:t:GARS:J AND DEALERS IN TOBACCO. 76 PARK P ,LACE. NEW YORJL J4. FOSTER.. liD. HI'LSON. &UOOLPH WYMAJI RELIANOE OI&AR MANUFACTORY. FOSTER, HILSON I, CO., 77 I& 79 CEAKBBRS S'l'. 3 lloo:'ll West of llrcadwq, I T .. MANUFACTURERS OF Fine Cigars, AND SOLE PROPRIETORS OF THE CIGAR BOX. KERBS & Manufacturers of Fine Cigars, And Dealers in LEAF TOBACCO, 1014, 1016, 1018, 1020 SECOND AVENUE, 310, 312, 314 FIFTYFOURTH STREET ADOU' KERRS. LOUIS SPIESS. A. LICHTENSTEIN & BROTHER, SYLVESTER & BERNARD, MANUFACTURERS OF THE ''ELK" ane. "ONWARD" 0 IQARS, IN PENNSYLVANIA LEAF TOBACCO And Dealers In LEAF TOBACCO, AND :E"'rioec1. O:lsar, Nos. :34 and BOWERY, 155 N. Oueen St., lancaster, Pa B. LICHTBN8TBII. r


LICORICE PASTE. w .AI.Lie "' co. Tobacco manu.fact._urers and. the tcRde in general are particularly requested to examine and test the superior propertlls of this LICORICE, which, being now brought tb the highest perfection is of. fered under the above style of brand: We are also SOLE AGENTS for the brand 1'. Cl. & G. 0. AcknowleR.:IIIm' N':m-gv Ybmr. 4 !be Trade b&..tDc clemanded & Superior aDd Cbo&per Article tbap that hitherto Wled, thlo Compe"7 llm&Dafr.ct.uring,aodoA'eriDg Corl&le, LICORICE PASTE (uDder the o1d '''Sanford" bnu>d)of a QUALITY aDd at a PRICE which can lul:dly Call to be acceptable to all giving It a. trial. LEAF TOBACCO, 295 & 297 GreenWich St., :Kew York :J:"ftti'POlA. TElA., 4'7 CEDAR. STREET; N. T. Mellor a Rittenhouse, N'.,aact &"t., :J;ah1.1aci.e1pl:J.1.a, lii&NUFACTUBERS OF an.d LICORICE PASTE. tw-Centennial Medal awarded f o r Purity, CheapnesS, nnd General Excelle nce of Manufacture." Aho M. &; R. BRAND STICK LICORICE, all Wholesale A!ents: SHOEMAKER, VOUTE & BIRCH. 126 S. Delaware Ave., Phlla. D. HI MCALPIN & CO,, DEPOT .AII'D ACIBKcnr 111 OF THE MANUFACTURE OF. MANUFACI'URERS OF THE CELEBRATED FINE-CUT VIRGIN LEAF &NAVY CHEWING And all or SMOKING. TOBACC"lll AMD D&ALitRS lM Cl:prs, nug 'l'ob&cco, SnufF, Snd Flour, tt.G. MANUFACTORY ANa SALK8ROOM: Cor. Avenue D a Tenth St., lew York. MRS. G. B. MILLER a co.,_ fOBACC 0 MASUF !CTORY, (liETEP. "' COLLINS, MusT.) 97 ,Cot!umbla Street, NEWYOBK, JU.,MUPACTUABRS 01" "l'Hb C&LIUIRAT&D ..... G. B. MH!er & Ct>. Chewing and Sm9kiag Tobacco, tht.. only Genuine An\erican Gentle-n 8uuff; M..s G. II. Miller & Co. MaccaboJ and Scotch Snoff; A. II. Mickle & Sons' Forest RoAe and Grape '3'obacco; Mrs. G. B. Miller 1r Co. Reserve Smoking and Chewin11 Tobocco. tw'" All ord:rs promptly executed. .... JI,Bou; &. W. &AIL. & AX, SALTIMORE, -AT121 BOW.RY, NEW YORK. 1llrDB, ACIIIJft'. FR ENGELBACH, "gV::EJ:OX..JI!J&..a..x..JI!J TOBAGGO DEPOT&AGHNGY For F. W; FELGNER &; SON'S, Baltimore, To'baooo.&llcl Cicarettes 56 S. WASHINGTON N.Y. BOODWIN & CO., MAl'IIUFACTUtu:RS OB' Fille-Cut To 207 209 WATER STREET, NEW YORK. THE CELEBRATED NZWYOBE Ac:&:NCY, A. HEN & CO. 43 Liberty Street, oppo&ite Post Office, Tbe only Scale made witb Protected BeariPJ&. PAGE 1: CO General Ae:'ts, Xo. 3 PAR.K. PJ.ACE,.JQ:WYO:al'x. (Jar ol'!lal,.. are u by the fotlowior eauaent tDaDDfact oren :p, LORILL.lRD A> CO., New York; BUCHANAN' 4r. LYA.LL1 NPw York' JAil. B. PACE. ... p, MAYO .. BRO., lluo hm{:tnd, Va.; E .. W. VENABLE 4 to., Pf'teuburg, Va.: FllWZER BROS., Loubwille. Ky. HENRY WULSTEIN, !llaeeeuor to Bcrl(i'eldt Desh-) 11<&. CENTRE llTREET, l'IEW li'ORK. P 0 Bo.: 5091, 'ew York. Com:tantly on hand the Be11t fmprnved for AJIID SIEVING TOBACCO. BV HANlJ UR Srl!:AM t"U""EM. A v a rie1y or Maehtery fnr Cl11ar Manufac turer ... ,;och as fo r or Grattulatlnlil' Havana and other !:-'Tilers for l,;\_nrs. S{em Rollen Bunching W.acbinc Stemming Mar.hlnrs. and abo ft1achinrs for Cru: fiiOJZ' 1\lld Jo'JattenJng the 'fobac o Stem in the 'Leal, Machiftet. etc. S o l e A,ent in tbw U.S. f o r F FLINiCH'S on Main, GH many) celebrated Jbcbine11 for Packing Manufactured Tobacco. :tKPo::aor:zae o:r SKO"B'E'B.S .A.Jt'l'ICX.:Ze, Cigar Manufacturer& DEALERS IN TOBACCO, SECARS, SNUFFS, 4.c. Are iDformecl that we are able to npply the Trade with fustclass PACKERS at 1hort aotlce. Pleue address c arrespoadeDC41 to tiM CIGAR PACKERS' SOCIETY. S. :MICHA.LIS .& Co., 4 First Avenue; or E. X GATTERDA:M (Controller oCVo.cancles), 100 Norfolk Street, N e w York Ci GREAT CENTRAL TOBACCO WAREHOUSE. I I LICBTBRSTEII BROS .. PACKERS AND DEALUlS IN LEAF TOBACCOS, 121 BOWERY 121 w. E. UPTEGROVE, andBeoterSto., NEW YOJm. SPAIISB CBDAR BROTHEBS FOR CIGAR. BOXES. AGENT FOR OSTRUM'S CIGAR-BOX MACHINE. foot lOth I lith St., East Rlnr, NEW YORK. II. S. BI4KHIHG A CO., OF ::Ec:x=r ., FOR ALL USES KNOWN TO THE TRADE. 111 LIBBRTY STRBIIT, N.Y. Send. for Pr:l.oe L:l.a!l't.. WILLIAM BUCHANAN, DAV).JJ C ..... BUCHANAN & LYALL, Off:l.ce :-64 Eroad. St., Ne'W York.-P.O.BOX nu. Factory:-No. 2 FIRST DISTRICT. SOUTH BROOKLYN. MANUFACTURERS OF THE FOLLOWING CELEBRATED BRANDs OF PLUG, CHEWING aDd SM:OKING TOBACCOS_ ALSO MANUFACTURERS OF SEMI-CIGARS. -' PLUG. NAVV. 11,. ){1, 31141,51,81, 't, 81, 01,101. SA.ILOA'S, -" 3a. 4:. a., &a, 7. 8, 9a. JO lliJPORTEIU OW' French Cigarette Paper, 37 MAIDEN LANE, Housa .A. T P .AatL JrEW YOIUU-TOBACCO BAGGING. IMITATION SPANISH LINEN, FANCY STRIPES,. Ad all Wckl of Gooch used for puttlDf up S.011,. loi'Tobcc.o. Al!o, complete nortmea.t of Smokers' A.-LJ.:ies for the Trade. hOWARD SINGER & CO., 462 to 468 Broadway, ltw York. CHARLES A. WULFF, Ac't, Lithographer, Printer & Manutacturer of A Large Assortment Constantly on Hand. 61 Ch,.tham St., aor. Wllllam, N. Y, CHA.r;I.El'IGE, lbo. 'WASHINGTON, J(o. JllEPTtlNE, Double Thlek, brt. drk. IIAGGIIII MITCHELL. NARRA-GANSETT. ALEJI:A.l'IDRA. 8ElliiATIOI'I, II'LOtlli'DEKII. .BUCHA!i'Alll, lOo JACK 011' CLUBS. 3 KING PHILIP. GRAPE AND APRICOT. 111li00NQ,U.ERED. "tCKE"P'aaeyBrt.-ht Poarl TECt1118EH,IOe. PALM. GOLD BAR 011' THJI: REGIMENT. POt!KET PJBCI!Ia. '" lSI' A "VT P:J:N':m c::'ri::7T OB:B \10' 4'J'Gr. ACME SMOKINC AND CICARETTE TOBACCO. VIRGIJUA BRIGHT C11T C.l VEIIDIIR. WO:aLD'S FAD:t. AND Jt'tr3Y, Branch Offlce: Central Boston. P. 0. BOX 996. PIOIBBB TOBACCO COIPAIY, 01' BROOKLYN. N. Y. BUSINESS OFFICES : 124 Water St., New York, 16 Central Wharf, Boston; 25 Lake Street, Chicago; 51110RTB WATIR STRBIT, PBILADILPBU; Factory : No. 1 First District, N. Y. THE-CEIEBR.ATED "MATCHLESS,' "PIUIT GAKB," BRICHT. All Sizes; MAHOCANY, All Sizes; P :I: 0 N E m "E''. Dark, all Sizes. A .rnmpari11nn nf nur Celebnkd Rrands of PLUG TOBACCOS wUl coo vi nee all partl. l o( the WONDERFUL MERJ.TS cont. uut=d 1ht:udn. PLUG TOBACCO. HERBST HA.VANA tc SEED LEAF TOE.A.GCO :J 183 WATER STREET/ NEW LIBERAL_ ADVANCEMENTS 'MADE ON_CONSIGNMENTS. PRICES GREATLY REDUCED. JOSEPH LOTH & MANUFACTURERS OF ALL KINDS OF CIGAR RIBBONS. CONSTANTLY ON HAND A FULL AS SOR'fMENT AT LOWI!:ST IAKKET -PRICES. I Fac.tory' s.a ...,o ... E WEST,


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