The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (9 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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VOL.' XIII.---NO. 49. YORK, JANUARY l4, 1878 lkt loltacco [ESTABLISHED PUBLISHED FRED'K DeBARY oo., 41 d: 43 WarreD Street, lVew York, SOLE ACENT8 FOR THE EL PRINCIPE DE KEY "VVES'1, CIGA..RS, AND THE '' EtLER & KAEPP.Et, nii:POB.'i'EB.s OF THE ROSE HAVANA TO 220: Pearl Street. New ... 4 LAWSON, 33 STREE'1", N. OF THE -"EL CLUB DE YATE" KEY WEST HAVANA OIG,AR.S. PROPRIETORS OF THE RiU.ND, 16 CEDAR .STREET, i. tll .&. ...... NEW YORK. A ROVE PRICES WILL REl!IAIN UNTIL ADVISED. G-EC>. 'VV. Fl.El..&D DIRIGO CIGAR FACTORY. CC.,. IAN UP !CTU BBBS 0 P PINE CI&ABS FRANK McCOY.] 101 BOVVE"R.Y. YC>B.K rEDWARD T. McCOY I WJLLLU1 WICKE, AUG. :ROESLER CIGAR 163 to 181 Goerak Street, N'E'VV' IIR MAKE. --Spanisb, American and Germu Cigar Ribbons. 1, liTL ....... Y.U.W ............... J::dn ........... 11.80 ....... Jr .. lH l.'l"O H UIO .. ...... ...... .. 727U 1.36 ....... a ....... ,.,.,.. tAO ........... ................. } ......... 1."1'6 e .... H 1.86 ..................... a....... .. 'm7U 1.60 .. ......... .... 1 ....... .. ,.,... 1.1'6 :: :.:.::.."..:..:. .. :: : :_: ........,.. ..... ............. .. )....... .. ,.,... 1.66 : .. .. .. ....... : ,.,... 1.16 --""'" a....... 1. -. Y.U.W ..... ....... 1 ... ,-1 "1'2:rtb 1.36 .. ........... 2 ... w .. ,. :rd. 1.20 ......... .... a .. 4-8 '1'27Cla o.M Loadrea (OWee) .... 1 .. 3-' :U:rtb 1.16 (CJidao) .... .... 3-4, .. :u,... 1.10 Loaolrea YeJiew ............. 1 -"1'-8 :U:rtb LAI6 .. .. .. .................. 'J-8 .. 1.:16 .. ...... ....... a .... 1a-11" :u,.. 1.111 "10 .... 13-le" :U7U L" "16 .... '\'-8 Myda o.16 "lt() .... t:J-M" 0.86 .. "6Q .... tao-JI" :u,..a 0.80 :a..t .......... .... t ... 'f-8 Myda 1.86 -" t .... l:J-M" 'IM:rda LtO -........... .. "" ........ ... 3-8 .. 'lltyda 0.80 .. .. y.u.. ....... .... 3-8 0.1'6 atra ltyles of Ribbons Mede to Order. RIBIOIS CUT & PRINTED ANY SIZE AND STYLE. &II Orders TerJD8 Caoh, PRICES OF CIGAR BOXES-AND SAMPLES OF RIBBONS SENT ON APPLICATION. !S w -I!!!!S m -JOHN J. CROOKE, MANUFACTURER COIPOUND TIN POlL TOBACCO, MEDIUM AND TISSUE. home. Commissioner Raum is elated the ipunE>diatc pros pec t .of gettipg Erie Basin, Brooklyn, New York; Townsend A. Thomas a chance at the thmg. Hesays he has YLSLted thoEe and Ewing M Tho1llils, inspectors. On Monday after-places diBgUOted with tbe noon last the steam tug William Fletcher conveyed from m frumlies live upon _the earni.nge made m thlS way m filth, the aroma of mcotine and moder the foot of 'Yl).itehall Street to the stores quite a num-ated poverty. Whlln told that the Board of Health ber of the prominent representative3 of the Western decided. t\te _!lystem was nqt : con\lucive to the leaf tobacco trade of this city who were desirous of spread of lnfectJOus d1seases, he said he kn.ew that, but examining the new premises, concerning which much th3t the of the weed in itself and in its coun:e favorable comment had been previously expressed, and of preparation for manufactnre into cigars was suffi. of testifying .to the whic h the Messrs Thomas CLent create not infectious, but emaciating-. He dtd not thmk that people ought to sle e p where were held by the of the leaf tobacco of tobacco is dampene4 sweating its way to fermen thi6 city. The tug was charterllcl by the Messrs. tatJon. The drew a map of a block of Robinson for 1 Vl8 yth" dm bl ad u JOn, an mg m the are a Tlrha y apted to the proper handling worlato do with the e(forts now making in and out of e of hogs-Congress for a redll(ltion.-of .tbetOOaceo tax, and yet can be convemently stored m the both gentlemen acco--'ing to the ev'd -..A bl half h l ence presented pro.,.. y one-t. Ls number on the ground by the World and Herald, vigorously roclaim to and second floor s alone; and If the demands of trade public their hostility to tenement 0 p uf h f th k'' d th ad Jgar man acl9nes requtre mvre room o e same m e reqnlStte on the orie side and red need ---t th land d h tal W>..L

I THE TOBACCO LEA,F. !.!. J. DOHAN. NEW YORK. Aier.tJ for the followiag well-known and reliable Manufacturers: I. B. PACE, W. .1. YARBROU8H I SOIS1 TUBPII I BRO., C, T. BIIFORD, BOODMAI I IYEIS, L H. FIAYSER I CO.; L .1. IRAIT I 80., R. W. OLIVER, T. W. PEMBRTOI,. JOII W. CARROLL; ud others. SOLE AGENT-8 FOR THE ORIGINAL able Coli, Bonne Bouche, 43 LIBERTY STREET, 1-:1;1 (l) n c::: lZf ?:: Fl "1 Kanufaot;a.rei'S' Agents the sale of all Popular !ran4a of YIRCINIA, NORTH CAROLINA & WESTERN Jwla.nufa.ctured, Smoking & Fine-Cut Toba.ccos, AGENTS FOR JOHN F. ALLEN & CO,'S V ,l., BRANDS 1 OF SMOKING TOJIACCOS AND CIGARETTES, SA.JI. AYRES' ''HYCO.'' ete.. DEPOT POR J, W. CARROLL'S LONB JACK, BROWN BUlK, ote. LOUISIANA PERIQUE, Qut ad :ln Carrot.. ..,..._ 4s and 6s, Single and Double Thlok ALSO, AGENTS FOR w. T. & CO.'S L NE JACK & BROWN DICK Genuine .. SMOKING TOBACCO. Stocks of Ma.nufactured Tobacco of Every Suitable for the Home Trade aad for Foreivn Market.-. :K:.ep't Co:n.s'ta:n.'tl.Y o:n. TBE VIRGINIA TOBACCO :JD-tabll.ah.ed. :Lase. M:. GARDINBR, TOBACCO GODISSION MERCHANT, 84 FRONT STREET, NEW YORK. EIPORT ORDERS .FOR PLUG TOBACCO PROIIIPTLT FILLED. ALi:XANDER. XAITLANj). L F, S MACLEHOSE. ROBERT L. MAITLAND. ROBERT L. MAITLAND 6c CO,, Tobacco, And .(Jenera} CommiAion lleJ.chants, 43 Broad Street, New York, AGENTS FOR THE. WELL-KNOWN "" . "' Brands of Tobacco, Manuf"'*"'ed for EXPORT TO AUSTRALIAN d OTHER FON.EIGN PORTS: an ALEillDIR C' vVD01J & c o AUSTRALIAN TWIST-In' ANDREWS, .llJllll.ll .n 'l VENUS, CABLE, OUR GABE, BLACK :E'I, "V' a, DIAMOND, AUSTRAI.(A'IIIT LUMPS-SIGNET OF VIR.Gil'IIA, VENUS, ALl. THE RAGE, FLOWER OF ALL NATIONS. ENGLISH LUMPS-PRINCE ALFRED. JILLIAI GUIIRON & BRO. MA. {' 1 AUSTRALIAN LUMPS-TWO SEAS, \' -OUR CHIEF, ORION. INDIAN LUMPS-HAVELOCK, CHAR'> DIER, &c. \;.),;"" ENGLISH LUMPS-VICTORY, ROYAL NAVY, &C. "' \ SOUTH AliiERICAN LUMPS-LA DE LICIA, LA FELlCIDAJ? l'. U L INDE C F. LINDE. C C. HAMILTON. 8. MAROOSO. R. ASHCROFT SEED LEAF TOBACCO INSPECTION TOBACCO INSPECTED OR SAMPLED. Certllftcates given for every C8861 and delivef.ed case b;r case, as to number or Certificate. N. 8.-We_Aiso Sample in Merchants' Own Stores. F. C. LINDE & PhlladclDhia :w. DICKERSON, Corner Arch and Water Streets. PRINCIPAL OFFICE8-142 WATER STREET, and 182 to 186 PEARL STREET. W A.REHOUSE8-142 WATER, '7 4, '76 k '78 GREENWICH STREETS, and HUIJSON RIVER RAILROAD DEPOT, ST. JOHN' S PARK.. _BENSEL & CO., 1 CliA'S FINKE & CO TOBACCO INSPKCTOBS TOBACCO INSPECTORS, WATER STRiiET, 155 WATER ST., NEW YORK. l!JEW YORK, C{)UNTKY SAMPLING PRO!IIPTLY ATTENDED TO. N;ih"Fronr sr.l sYRAcusE BRANcH:= c P. lUER" co. ELMIRA de c ....... J R DECKER. KALTIMORE do E.WISCHMEYER.CO KA!lTFORD do ..... : .w. WESTPHAL. HA'l'l'lll.LD, Maso. do ........... ] &I P <;ARL. D J. GARTH, CHARLES M. GARTH, HENRY SCHROEDER. n. J. So1.-. & : COMMISSION MERCHANTS 44 Broad. N. "Y'. BRANCH HOUSE: GARTH & CO., 390 MAIN STREET, IUP STAIRS> LOUISVILLE, Ky. "U.:rao't" ., .._.,OR!Pftl DA"RKNA."VT, El'roRANTRlilS. DAR}( NAn, .Wlllli:'l' MORSEL DARK NAVY, HONEY P&,.CH BRIGHT :NAVY; AND ALL POPULAR BRANDS or FANCY ANti LIGHT PR'ESSED. 1 rnn:0 CU:F.._MANUF.A.ClTURED BY SPAULDll!JG & MERRICK: LD CHARM-QF_T_ WEST, SWJI:ET BURLEY, q.'::a. &. Oa.rre>ll, COMMISSIO N MERCHANTS 1 FOR TilE BALK OF Kentucky 311d Vb.-gbda .Leaf 50 BROAD ST., NEW MANUFACTURER OF :ars: m m :a. so :a: Au :M: AND AMBER GOODS, 398 GRAND ST., l'fEW YORK. AND YIEN NA,J: Austria. JNO. T. HAURIS, s. R. BOWMAN. BUEHLER tc POLHAUS, 0, iiiliiiiiiiii CUY PIPI And all Kinds of ATICLES. IYo.. FROMT STREET, 83 Chambers and 65 Reade Streets, 'New York. Ill. SALOMON, 11:. 8ALOJION. S. E TI:oar-. E P. G:uoh S -E.111UMPSOR & CO., Ci RE'USENS, TOBHtO FArtORt O General ComntlssiH ltrchMts, S4 & s6 BROAD ST., : DIS MOAD. STREET, p, o. Box 3698. NEW YOB.Ko !fEW YORK. LEE ET & BLASOI:l w. TATGBNHOR S 'r, H. s ..... IIT.' Rokohl Bros & Soelter ,. F. w. TATGEMHORST a. co., OftiNGIR & BROTHER1 OF I IIIANUFACTUREilS OF TO:BACCO KENTtJCKY ,,_ F I N E c I GARs I'Rf11AL JEDPHAJ"' LEAF TOBACCO) 168 & 170 East St., Ofilll!llil b Ill aa UH llb Ia, I aS3 ST SYRACUSE, N. Y. 68 BR.OAD 48 BBOAD S'l'B.III11J!, "' ,,_...,. MEW YORK. -Ne-..v York.. ..._:::_ NEW .. ?,-' -AND IMPORTERS OFHavana Tobacco and aa 2\II:.A.:J:XJEN" :Lo.A.N:EJ, -ALSoMANUFACTURER OP PINE .CIGARS. ,. :m..._au.h.ed. TOiBACCO LABELS, '1... l FOil BMOBDI'G AJI1) MAIIVJ'ACTVJLIJD !rODAOOO FURNISHED BY THE HATCH LITHOGRAPHIC coMPANY, 3a -" 34 VBSJIIY 8'l'B.!II1'l', KIIW' YOIUE, AT GR.EA.TLY RlmtJ;OED PUCE& DOMESTIC; And lmportt>n o f FOREIGN TOBACCO i I 176 F'JJ.ONT STBBET, nw vou. I FELIX GARCIA, IMPORTER OF THE BRAlm OJ' "'Fl.ord. C." REYNES BROTH.ERS & CO., 48 -" -18 EUGEXE DU BOIS, -I CODISSIIII IBBWH, VS I'BOKT BTalaiiJ!I, l'fEW YOB.Jt, WOODROW & LEWIS, GENERAL AUCTIONEERS. Special attenUon given to the Sale of Tobacco and Cigars. No. 94 PEARL STREET, NEAR HANOVER 1lQ ARE, FOX, DILLS & CO., lmportertt. of A'S'D PACKF;RS OF SEED LEAF TOBCCOS 1!1'5 W'ATBB. S'!I.'B.BJIT, NEW YORK. E. 11. cu:vmmu, IMPORTER & DEALER IN LEAF TOBACCO,; lSS" Stzoeet, P.o. BOX 3479. NEW YORK: Importe"' of SPANISH and Dealers l n LEAF TOBACCO; COMMISSION MERCBAKTS AMD OF SEED LEAF, 131 Maiden Lane. Newt York. H. KOENIG, WHOLESALE DEALER. IN HAVANA AND SHHB LHA' No. Bowery, New York. SUBERIIJ.I, WHOLJ:SALE DEALE'R IN ..-AND-DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCO, 14 North Canal Street, CHICAGO ILL, B. SCHOVERLIRG, ALL KINDS OF SHED LKAP TOBACCO : l-l2 WATER ST., NEW YORK. 'lli7' Packillir }louse in New Milford. Conn. W, SCHOVERLUIQ .. 00. CBAS. F. T.IG & ol SPANISH ud D ea l ... In aH ktndo o1 tEAF TOBACCO, 184 Front Street, IDIW TOJI.K. .. G. REISMANl\T, OARJ4 'UPKANN, Commission Merchant, .HAVANA LEAir OBACUO -J.ND-167 WATER ST., New York. The above Brand of Leaf is .e..g-. &. GERSREL & BRO., PACKERS AND DEALERS IN !:SED LEAP TOBACCO, 191 PEARL STREET, .. .. -1 T6 HA

JAN. 14 JACOB BIIIELL, JIIANUJ' ACTURE1 fW 'I GAR. BOXES, SUPERIOlt MAKE AND Prime Quality of CIDAR WOOD, 295 &: 297. Monroe St., NEW YORK. -BASCH ct. FISCHER, -Dt:PORTERS OF HAVANA E.ery factlity afforded Dealen and C orrespon d e n b c o u i ltf!Dt wiU.. Sou ad B. BOCROLL, Preaideat. II. JP. RIU.D111Q, ,WM EGOBRT 8c CO. I MP ORTERS OF T H E '1' 0 B A C 0 0 L E A F LBONARD I'MIBI 0 5UCCES SOR T O WALTER FRIEDMAN Ill FREISE, I JJIPORTE&: o A. H. SCOVILLE cfC CC tSliCCESSOR8 TO PALMER olr. SCOVILLE,! IMPOB.TlCB.S OF Sl?ANJ:S:E AND J OBBERS lN AL L KI N D S OF TOBACCO!'., I Ko. uo WATBB. &'l'ILEB'l', II'!JW YOIUE, OOJOrECTICUT SEED LEAF WRAPPER OF OlJB. OWX "AVINA $ TOBICCO, ._ 203 Pearl Street. New York. t: Kaufmann Bros. & Bondy, AND I DEALERS IN LEAF 'l'OBACCO, .179 &. 190 PEARL STREET, NEW YORK ----.-FOR MANUFACTURERS FINE CIGARS AND ll!IPORTERS A N D l!I. UiUFACT1JR E B S O F I PIPES AND SMOKERS' ARTICLES, 129 and 131 GRAND ST., aa::: :n, NEW YORK. ... 1111 LiiJuTDBfcco, COMMISSION nl PEARL STREET, lEW YORK. \.l Brr.llch, 94 K&in St., &clmlatl, 0 Gut J'KIN o -ltl>wmv ...... o,J NEW YORK. LaoNA.RD F a g No. S. BABNETT, Importer of BAVAKA AN D JOBBER IN SEEDLEAF TOBACCOS, 162 Water Stnet, lew York. M. a S. STIRIBERGER, lOII&I m nu BAIDBS. No.-EXCJLUIG E PLACE,l!i, Y. Draw Bills of Exchanc_e on the p ri nctpai cltle1 gf Europe ;tsao.e Clrcu!.ar'Le t tei-s ofCreditt o Travelers, a nd Commerdal Ct"edlt! : Mr.aey on Deposit, 1ubjec t o Si1bt Checks, upon which int e r est will b,., allowed; pay particul a r attention t o the Negotiation of L oans. Special attention Jrlven to Buying and Selling of Callfornia Dividend hying llllntng Stock& LBAP TOBACCO, l 66 Water Street, NEW YOBK. NEW YORK.,. THE PAD E SOLICITED ONLY, TBDIDS G. LlftLI, TOBAttU SWIATII&, ,.. 1 92 Pearl Street, JI'IIW YO:&Jr.. SAWYER, WALLACE & CO., MERCHANTS,: OF G-LC>EIE 'fiNECUT CHEWING &SMOKING! The To.bacco, DRY OR MOIST, o'C Cl:E'l. -c;_S:U:XN"G-XT, And Causes No in Weight by ,Oust. PRICE, $35. Boxing and Shipping, $1.50. I V. URI, 12a0 AY. NEW YORX, IMPORTATIO N OF --.g(, Turkish Loaf Tobacco .ana "' ... ..... ALSO OF MIISH. SMDmG No. 47 Broad Street, THE ABovE Is AN IMPRINT oF ouR AXD CIGARETTES. &T.A:MP OA.NCJ.EJ:J:Jilil'R. NEW YOitK. u .. daadEndo .... dbyth ePrlndpaiManufactu rero. 'PRICE 011' IT&IIP,wlthMan llfact uren'oame, f!'f m ,_ t -A-. -H-. -CA_B.D_O_Z_O_, Lo

---. 4 THE TOBACCO detennine. Ooo or one hundred buildings, so long as A PEERLESS OFFER.-Messrs Wm. S. Kimball & Co., f_rom every source; and, in the State of Uley connect, may be mcluded 'under the heAd "of a of"" Vanityl"m''> reputation, N. Y., h&ve SOHlf B. OUTIIltm. Virgmm, lU less than one year, you will have one hun-cigar factory for all that the law prescribes or implies resolved to preeent t o every P!lrehMer 01 a-ten-pound dred new small factories in the plug tobacco line of their-celebrated brand 'of fine-cut, On Tuesday e-vening January 8 Mr John B Guthrie h f rt tift t to d Th to the contrary. The Commissioner may "make the bl k k w ere 0 y or y eXIS ay. e prmcipal dea ue-Jac et rue el-plated revolver. This is really a died at his r'Jidence in Brooklyn, N Y., in the 70th mand for this !,'eduction, as I understand from the proprietors shut up the gates," and so cut off conpeerless offer, "when we consider that this splendid to' year of his age. The announcement of his death pronewspapers and correspondents, comes either from nection-where connection is maintained in that way; bacco has a reputation of thirty ;reara' standing. Five a ed f r ::J.IIUi V1rmrua and North Carolina, or it comes from the bui will he be justified by the statute in doing so! If .first prizes, including Centennial Ihedals, have Jbeen 00 a ee mg of t "" unitt, and especutters. The during the last two or awarded this brand. We hope Wm. S. Kimball & Oo. c _i:l;y in the b circles in; which he formerly three ye tb h t w te ha the authority for bonding the teueme.. nts:, and thtW dell be "'l k n z_"" 11. ars roug e es rn ve Wl llu e to eep 8ma 'guh .llltory goiJl#l:. m ed. He had veen aJ;J. invalid for many years, and been reduced so fine, that a number of hcusee have .troying them, is to be foun1i in the law, what is the for the past five yea:ni had no been able to visit his gone out of the business; some failed, others sold out public to think of the succ8111!ive revenue admillistra-ME88RS. RADER & SoN.The financial misfortune ___ ._ Deb"li -'d d to. new finns. who are trv. in1a hand at 1 t Others are that has overtake'"" .... essrs Rader ._ So tobac w ... ..,..ou.te. ty: mc1 ent to advanced age an ted tions that have allowed and provided for the con. u ..,_ "" n, co dlSgUs others have lost t eir capital and are tryinoo brokers of this ctty, 111sulted from the depreciation of prolonged-Suffering from a catarrhal affection led to to find h .., tmuance of these esta_ bliShments fQr a senes.?f years! real-estate which they have. ,,.,_ied for years. The' n "?me one green en9ug1 to take their places. And h t to be th ht f Co Ra d bted t be b d the illn888 of -which he-died. There IS another point which many fail to compr!j w a 18 oug 0 mmiSslOner um m e -I\.ess 0 mem rs 0 t e to acco tra e IS or Mr. GuUlrie was the founder and h of the finn of hend, and that is; that all "fine-cut tobaccos may be himself, who for some two years has permitted them l'?8fl8 to th_em to meet tqeir real obligapnt up in bulk k F irl dad to flourish with no privilege impaired and in the tions. Thetr bul!mess as b!Okel;'S, which they Guthrie & Co., leaf tobacco preseers and bal!lrs ; 225 and be =; te h lly .. ted d. 'ted th 1 It have conducted for a generatwn w1th s1gnal honor to Front Street, this city. Both himself i>ersorul.ny and special brand desired by the buyer; consequently the m. nm, as Vl8l lnspec em and satisfaction to their patrons, is in his house were well and favorably known in New York, manufacturer' s identity is lost. Messrs. Murray & will be no valid excuse for h1m to say he found the nowtse affected by or connected with their failure. his business C&l"eer in the one pursuit of pressing and Mason, who had a fine market for their brand ,76 system as it is, and until now was reluctant to disturb CAUTION TO CIGAR MANUI!'ACTURERs, Box-MAKERS baling tobacco for export covering a period of between, find that it has gone out ol the public mind because it. Wron Bhould be promptly righted, no matter AND LrrBOORAPHEI\S. ,-Having receivea information thirty-five and forty ye&r8. Quite an extensive trade Thomas Smith, other who hall sanctioned it. Nor is it a good excuse for that certain persons are imitating our bl'and of im' has been done by his house, nearly all doe JO rs 8&1 : ent emen, we don't want to sell a neglect of duty that "this question 'has neverbeen rted "R J h b goods under the brand of '' '76 ; we want it under our. po c1gars OMEO AND ULIETTA, we ere Y mestic leaf tobacco shipped from this port to Central own special brand. They yielded to that and before him for adjudication." If tenement-b9use cigar notify all the above, as well as cigar dealers gener-and South America, Africa, and other distant p-'of '76" has gone out of the market, and ike all ufact illegal d h ally, that said brand or trade-mark is duly paten..,_.., h man unng 18 rmproper or to-ay, lt 811 us in the United States, and that we shall pur-the world, wit_hin the past twelve or fifteen years, ot er manufacturers, lose not only their reputation been equally so ever eince Mr. Raum has been Comd but _they lose their profi,ts, from the simple fa_ct that sue RCrsons making or using sai counterfeit with having been prepared for export by this firm. His th t 1 la .all be missioner. His advisers could have, and should have, the f:ull rigor of the Jaw. A libe-' reward will be pai"d em erna revenue ws ow It to put up under .,... demise will effect no change in the nature or di" .... on spec!al pn"vate brands informed hinl of all the facts in the case if h e d1.d not t h ill f h uffi t f t" '"''""' 0 any J!erson w 0 ")'V UrniS s Clen m orma !On of the business, his son Samuel Guthrie, Supewisor at MR. MeAL. PIN:-. Mr. Chairman, I think at this point k th and ev1dence for tne conviction of any making d fini now e m "d b d t d k N k D 2 Large of Kings County, who has been connected with spme e te actwn &hould be taken upon the motion Mr. Kimball, speakin:g as a ,representativeof the ra the est -ablishment for about twenty years, andfor be!,:>:Othec house. Burea11 of Rev.eJ}qe, both in what we pub...,._ QXSTOOK :-Before the motion is taken, I desire -nearly half that time its manager, aided by his bro.ther, to have the Secretary read the folloWl"ng ap h' h lished and omitted to pub" li'sh, has placed the Bure au "HoLDERs SEc u E A 1-1 tte f h' h th P er, w tc R eire......e r, 0 w Ic e continll:ing its scop e and conduct aa b.eretofbre. The .hBI! been handed to me by a gen"tlenian who""desires his squarely '"""in"st a reductt"on of the 0 th a cop'l, has been forwarded tn their ctlllf.o-----' -,n e manu-b "' deceased was much esteemed in Brooklyn, where he nallltl !luppre"""'"'' f'!Ctures of tobacco. He is repol't.OO as saying, "I &Dl mers k essrs. Lorillard & Co. : Office of P. Lor Petition against any change of tax on cigars.-To here to protect the reienue and do at all times forthe. illard Co., No. 111 First Street, Jersey City, N.J., had long resided; and though passingawayinlthefullthe Honorable Senators and Representatives of the January 5, 1878.-Gentlemen: Uncertainty a11 to the ne.Ss of years, his death leaves a void not easily tilled. United States f Am etbl d y Government what is best. I do my duty, and oean only final action of the present Congress the to. 0 enca m assem e : our err in Judgment in its All who know b&cco tax, P,r,qbabiy causmg serious apprehension on of cigars-including ciga.l'"u rt :fl b MEETG Of TOBACCO MA-1H1fA"'TURERS IN rett.e&-iu .l'>lew York Ciy, earnestly deprecat.e any this capable and faithful attache of the Revenue Bur81j.u Y:our. pa 0 oss Y reason of the contt'mplated reducIn .nu 11 J,lroposition,_ discussion, or action whatever on the subwill admit his zeal and helpfuln-in the eervice in twn m the rate to 16 cents, or less, OJl such plug tobac-W K TY JOOt of a x:eauction oi the tax on cigars and arettes co as you may have on hand, we now propoee to guarN YOR Cl OPPOSED TO A REDUCd f th h f -which engn-A. His .,..,neral intelli.,...nce and liis. ..... firm t 1 b f now rmpose or e reasons erema ter state ial ... .o-0 an.., zour agatns any 01!8 Y reason tpe re-TION Of THE TOBAnnO TAX i .. First.7The govert;)p.lent finances, as we understand spec knowledge of tobacco ail affected by taxation, duction Of the tax on plug tobacco as you may "" I theiiY, will not admit of the reduction of the tax qpon investhi8utteranceswith more Ameeting.of !lle-cut tobacco was tobacco and cigars without providing for increased tance_ whenever and wherever he r11fers to the subjeet. tlti!! Jt ,yoiJ, a;vail of this offer, we wlll repay you held .on. J anua;7 U, at the office .o.f revenue from some other source. There are few persorui, however, who will be disposed the difference between the new and the old rate of tax Goodwm 9o., 207 and 2()9 Water Street, ,to Second. The same amount of internal revenue can to admit that it is a part of his. duty, or even a part of on such goods after the new law takes effect provided the propoSltwn now before Congress for a of not be raised from any other sourCe as ea8ily as from sufficient and satisfactory proofs are furni.!ilied us as the on the tax on tobacco; for the manufacturers are the his right, to &BSist a newspaper correspondent in makto the &Dlount of stock on hand on such future date A. was the first sveaker. He medium through which the government collects that ing UJ? an elaborate communication designed to defeat Re full S&ld :-This meetmg 1s not called exactly m the name tax; and the tax follows the tobacco, reaching and dif-the -proposition to diminish the heavy burden resting spect Y & Co of the old fine-cut association, but the objec t is to call fusing itself among the consumers, who in the end th tob i d t A d together the-general tradeof thisand Jersei{ ;city. I pay it and. make no complaints. on e acco n us ry. 8 an m ividual it is his te f ha. M D d C f N 1'hird.-The manufacturers and the trade have ANNUAL MEETUIG The Cigar Manufacturers' As nomma or c rrman r av1 amplle o ewprivilege to deprecate a decrease and as a representa. 110k N J t t h Th t" adapted busm eao to the presentrateo +--. . c1atwn of this City held theu annual meetmg onF'nday ar e w ersey, o ac as c airman. e mo 1on was "" ....... t1ve ?f the _revenue .service to t_estify, when called upon J anu"'ry 11, 1878, at their rooms at the Cooper carried. prices, both wholesale and retail, have been adjusted by hiS officialsuper1or or supenors, as to his knowledge After. the reading of the minutes, the treasurer' s report On motron of Mr. Comstock Mr. Emory waB chosen on that basis. and belief respecting the evil to result from a lower -wJ?.lCh _showed a balance on hand-etc ... the secret..1.ry. Fourth.-No difficulty is experienced in collecting rate of tax on tobacco. but beyond this he should not Mr. E. A stated .that h& had recetved The CHAIRMAN then said : The for calling you the tax at the present rate which would not be experi. a pet1t10n to Congress which specified reasons why the together, was to get the views of the trade upon the enced in collecting the tax at any other rate. nor w1sh to go The speCial functiOn of the Bureau, tax should not be reduced. After some discussion the proposed reduction of the tax, and to take such action Fifth.-Every change, for the time being, and dur of Internal Revenue is to collect the taxes imposed by matter was laid over until the next meeting. The as you may see lit. If it is the sense of the meeting its discll88ion, disorganizes business, dil!turbs the internal revenue laws, not to espouse the cause of president then state4 that he. had heard from a good that we reduction, let it be freely expreseed. pnces, discourages and unsettles the trade, causes the advocates of either_high or low taxes. Wiih this that_ Congress likely the duty. on Which way we decide let UB unite, and in such. union great losses by suspension of manufacturing, and t . 1mported c1gars making 1t a specific one,and domg we will have a great dool of effect.. throws thousands of laborers out of work. rna. ter It has nothing to do. Mr. Krmball feels away with the ad valorem duty. The duty :woul;llikely M.A YOR C!UllLES SIEDL!CR :-In to the For the11e reasons and others, which we mi8ht name, .a JUSt pnde m the large revenue derived from the be between :J3 and certainly not less than $3. -m!ltter before -this a:nd tq e;oc;p:.:essl?n, I we ear.nestly and respectfully petition your,honorable tobacco interest,. as also in the legal devices-many of This measure will not hurt the domestic cigar manuwill freely say,. m our Judgml!nt 1t IS unWISe, mexbodies not to change the preeent rate of tax on tobacco, them the offsprinr of his own fertil b -b h. h facturing as the duty will incTflfU!e the price, and _to the best of cigars and cigarettes. ...., : e ram Y w !C of the lower grades of cigars, while there THECHAIRliAN:-Thequestionnowis, shall lt has made poes.ble to so vast an &Dlount would be a reduction on the lietter classes of Havana m the of tax; and further, that ":e as a_ body this as the se1111eof this body 1 (Oontinuing, the a smgle source, and he IS reluctant to have any cigars. He also stated that in the Bill now before the memonalize Oongress to leave the tax as 1t now _Is, unchairman said) : -So far as my personal obse)."Vations change effected that seeJDlJ calcuJ,.ted to diminish the Committee of Ways and Means there is a clause abolill the finances ot t):le counU"y warrant a reduction. I go, I am oppO!led to this petition. The first point made lustre attaching to the work he has. done But his ishing the registering of cigar-makers. This Bill re-mov'! that br1ef remarks be adopted as the. sense here is the stagnation of businees; and you will have quires that the growers of leaf will be required to report of thiS meeting. For myself and my I will say stagnation as long as the present rates continue. I am should not the redress of an all sales made by them to their respective collectors of t!'-&t we are strenuously opposed to the proposed reduc-not willing, as a manufacturer, to pay this enormous admttted grtevance. The maJonty of those engaged internal revenue in whose district they may be. The twn, becal!se we do Df?t beheve that the finances of the ta.."'l:. It began at five, and ten, or fifteen .cents per in the tobacco industry, with the addition of five or president l_)roposed a comJ?ittee be appointed. by try will warrant 1t. If the present q<>ngress pound, and finally reached itshighMst rates during the six able Congressmen, sincerely: believe the tobacco the executive to wrut upon Co;ngress. think proper io reduce. the tax, two tlJ:!.ngs Will wa.-, when we were willing at that l;ime to pay it. Our tax sh uld. b d.'alied fif tably follow: first, an mcrease-ef taxatio1_1 on representatives unwisely and injudiciously, for the es o e lmlDl ty per cent., but Mr. whichresultedinthere-electionof:Mr Edw A Smith goodsundertDetariff, and next, the .JAN. 1-4 nsk its modification so far as to admit the importation oi pure and. unadult erated fine-cut and granulaWd tohoocc011. .Mr. P1errepont suggest e d t.hat such a request emanatin g from y o ur Depar t ment would have his cru"P.ful attention ana we have ac c ordingly to request that such the premises may be given him as you may deem eoessary and and w e wol.d add that we hope for the eake of t.his great mdustry that hl6 eJI'orts will result iu bavlag the ruUn somodi4ed. We .ha-.e the h"'or to be, sir, ery respectfully, yomr obeo;lieut SCrTBDIS, 8TRAlTON &; SToRM:. The Secretary of State referred the letter to the Sec retary of the Trea> he .may please to gnre. Th1s has been done. It is believed that the will be that the Board of Trade will relax the order, thereby open up a very important market for our to1>acco cutters. W. P. C. Reported Failures and Bosinegs Arrance.flnts. BUFFALO. N. _Y.-AdoiJIIIII Leith, Clgara and 1'obtccoJ jlldg ment agamst for $1;M6. 72 BosTON, H..l;ss.-.E. ,)(. I'Jri:swell, Cigars; mortgaged or made a> bl1J of sale I CLEv;EI.AND, 0 .-Rudolph Huelson, Cigars ; mortgaged or made a b11l of sale. lLJ,.-J'ohn Murdoch, Tobacco; cQ&tlel mortgage fOl" CJNCINJ'!ATI. 0.-Ed\\ard Wues t CiO"ar Ma.;ufacturers gfvea bill of sulefor $800. lLL.-Geo. Dudeuilofer, Cigars 8Jld Tollacco; as-Signe d to Chao. Hess. DEs :MoiNES, IA.-M. C. Shortrldse Cigars: sued. DUBUQUE, IA.-Karbug & Tiede, Tohoocco; assigned. lNnpBINGFIELD, ILL.-John"R. BooLh. Cigars; chaUel for $900. 8ELKA, ALA.-J. :A. Vogel, and C.'igara; failed. ZANEI!YILLE. 0 -'-Marshall & Strur, Tobacco; ll88igned. Changes. ALmxv N. Y.-Coruclius Whalen, Cf&ar Manufacturer ; burned out; in&ured for $500. BunLJNGTON, IA.-Smitb, Cook & Co., Tobeeco Mauufac&urer., d;issolved; R. W. Gordon retiring; remaining partners con tmue styl e same. CINCINlUTI, 0.-Diehl & Paxton Bros Wholcsalo Tobacco dissolved; Paxton Bros. & Co. coatlnue. Dunn.L\l, N. C.-TW. Duke, Tobacco Manufacturer bas formed a co-partnership under "';rle of W. Duke & s.;us; M-rs. B. N & J B. Duk e adm1tted. DETROIT, MICH.-Nevin & Mills, Tobacco Manufacturers; T. Nevin deceased. KA>ius CITY, Mo.-A. D. Schwarz, Cigars; 1101d out or selling oul LUCHBURG, VA,-HutchinBon & FriAllkliD. Oomm.ission To btcoo; dissolved: W.J. Franklin coatllllaea. NEw YORK.-Levv Bros., Manufacturers of F"me Cigars re-moved frbm B25 .Proome to 70 IUld 7::! Bo1tery. S. M Parker & Co Tobacco Factors ; removod from 130 Pearl to 89 Broad. NEw 0BLII:ANS.-Joho E. King& Co TobiiCco Oommioaion; dissolved: John E. King settles. PmLADELPJIU.-J tl. Batrolf admitted to1he of Sellen & Ke.rn; present style, Sellers Kern & Co. Bush, Trexler & Co., diBBolved and gone into liquidation. J&mes Stitzer and John H Boltz, new llrm; under firm name of Stitzer & Boltz; aur.eeasoril to BIUb, Trexler & Co. RICHMOND, Y A.-8. M Bailey, Tohacoo Manufacturer; IIOid Ollt. I Conrad & Co., Wholesale and Retail 110111 out. t SAN FRANCISCO, cu:-Bremer & Bro., W.&Oiesale 6ig8ni and"' Tobacco ; dissolved; Wm. H Bremer retiring. Sr PAUL, MmN ..:...Holterholf & Co. Wholesale Cigars and tobacco : dissolved by P Verplanck and 0. Gerstlug retir ing; style same. VICKSDURG, :M:Jss.-ltl. H. Gotthelf, Cigars; cloeed out .Kimball elects to publicly throw great influence of lj.ll president, Mr. s. Japo"j> vice-preSident; lifi.. Louil tax. We all know that the people the dtd 1t for politrcal effect-and put 1t on tobacco, whteh tbe.Hureau he l"ewesents into scale of -the opposiSptess ae treasurer; arid Mr. 1 Teichman as secretary. country generally arc_ .tariff rate,and was unwiSe Reference has made to France, bui tion. He does1jhis, undoubtedly, in the belief that he The executive committee "'!"iss then '?hosen, t_o serv. e f?r we also li:now, from past e:x;penence detoo must remembeY &be is a monarchy and has a righi th t h ,. three years: Messrs. B Lichtenstem of Lichtenstein nvedfromthepeoplehaseve1 110laythetaxwhereshepleases. Fnw.cederivesalar18 us .Pro acting t e revenue. But the advooat!Js Br08 & Co.; A Kerbs, of Kerbs & S iess; John erally disliked, so unfair, so unj.w;tly levied, so burdeR -ger revenue from tobacco than England, but not so .of reductiOn propose that the temporary diminution of Straiton, of Straiton & !:ltonn; for two Mlls81'B. 110me on the honea!. m an, and so easily eseaped by the great as our own country. She is a producer; and makes revenue shall be made up from some other source or L Hirschhorn, of L. Hirschhorn & Co. ; A Iaufm&nll, diebonest as tbe mcome tax. Experu;mce shoW!! a monOJ;><>lY of it, laying her duties"her own way. Now :sources now untaxed, and in the light of this fact the of Kaufmann Bros. & BoDdy; and" F. McCoy, of F. that .the governments (i)f the f?l?--world it is unJust to relieve everything else and keep such a Memorial of the DanvUle, va., Tobaooo Trade. ed t" f his . McCoy & Co for one year Me88r8 G Bence Joseph tummg theuattention toward the abolitwn of all111thigh rate on tobaccli)... I am in favOI' of reducing it fl'eBum mo 1ve or IS not Cohn, of Jos." Cohn & Co a:Jtd TheO. of'Lev & come taxes, and relying upon oneo or two articles like d.own to twelve cent, but I doubt wheUterwe will live To the Hanorable Senate and HOWJB of Repruen-taxes be lowered and a substitute pro Neug&BS. vy, Y tobacco and spi..J:its a s their mm (;)f revenue to see that d a y We .have got the agiiation and the tatives of the United States:Your peiitioners respectVided w1thout detrunent to the Government and withTo illustrate: EI; at the prtlllent trme demands 8' staplation before UB" ; the !ltagnation will continue as flrl:IY represen1i that' they are a commi-. duly ap out disturbing any of the existing for colBUSINESS :MJIN'l'ION. duty of shi.lli.Dp and two pence on leaf tobaooo, Jong !18 the high rate' of taxatian exists. pomted to represent the tobacco trade-oY .. &be city of . and five shilling8 fl.'om the manmacturer. It affortis I hear the most bitter complaints against this tax. Danville, in the State Of Virgini&1 with to lectwn to which Mr. Kimball. IS wedded. With this ALEx BAsS ON THE Wma-Everybody who her an immense ineome. France xelies upon her tobac-Where we used to seiJ. hundreds and thousands of before your hollOTable bodjes the grievances of d th h ld be b t f tobacco knows Al e x BaBB, and be in tum knows h 1 t f th x t" one ere s ou no o JeC 10n rom any quarter. bod oo interest almost entirely for sustaining her govern-nouods, we now sell ten pounds" and n n wards. What IC we comp1am as ariSmg ou o e e IS mg ........ every y Representing the famous B1ackwell's .---= I 'ed b th Go t ............ __. to'--'It is a sh&Dle," Mr."Kimball is reported as saying, Durham, the Atlanta (Ga.) Constitution ol him:ment; Spain ditto?; likewise; Aus.iria the same. 18 the cause of this, unle2s it be the excessive tax. The eyl Y e vernmeu on man..._ .... ..,.. .....,co; to agitate the question because it throws so many w t lat t d c w Ale B .... d 1s lookmg tf?warlis this co1.1ntry argJment that with a reduction to twelVe cents we and in behalf of those whom we as well as e me e yes er ay x. ass, o.ue. m e our system of. mtern&l:p-evenue lawsm willlhavi!'S1J.Ch an increwsed number of of ourselves, we submit that the existing people out of employment and hurts the revenue from fatigable agent for the Dur tobaeco. He to order that she may Bee whether can derilve a suffi I dG ihink Will hold, Ff>d. We will, &aTe no more is unjust in itseff. tobacco." we judge it will hardly be thought "by the trip, but be wilf make the country cient of revenue from to pay the defl: dealers than we have now, for, as has been stated, the 1st. To the produqer, because it taxes one article of maas of OUJ' peopl!l a shanie to ask for opin her governme.ntal expenses The German business does not pay. I do not doubt move-agricultural ind_UBtry to the exeml'tion of all othert1 P ression. nor will the grievance of the few people who :M:li:BIIRS. H..mvn & FORD, manufacturers of brier and Minister at 'has been au.thonzed to collate ment originated :with people who had little or no capi2d. It taxes I industry of' certam., lam the New York Billletln. art1cle, thus placing it in reach of the grea$ IllBIIB of a 1 u the1r success Ill .fe. e1r pnnc1_.wor th .7 W.ABBINGTON, January 11. laboring people and creating t; -----" consists ef fine Havana ci.,.,.rs and amowr their lead-an causmg: em t? for the necesl!&rles A t' f _.__ to f t f consumpt1"on wo ld "thin af consequen .. TmiAtlanta(Ga.)eon.titutionofarecentdatesays: b d te th...,-"An' till ''Poet" d of lite dl8CO"'""""""' theubusmess and effectmga fi quesh1ono graveunpo._.ce manuacurerso u ,w1 a ..... ...., wu -On Friday last llr. w. T. Blackwell, of Durham, DriJ:n s we qu? e es, an com trade. ne-cut c ewing and ,cut and SJ?:e astrously the v1tal mteresta of all CII.AB. H. Comw> & ()(). 's "Log Cabin" and "Love informl us that the business heretofore carried on d -' f tobaccry pd parif ndul f honor to call o! preeent UISUUg and lar; open the avenues to defloaud the Go t the Rolel." n..n..,.;n .. Vi 4 hill iilbll d tedh "-d san pounwoo oa ay,= Of<'""'"' .turn tothe. l.a!portatJonmtoGreatBntaiuofcertainclusesofmauu-W. h vernman --;,. ""'be"tlii!lii- h .t; 80-con,:Ji" h'!r ut-t.,v.Ive; a a day,-aad-..w 'recfllllll&.youB.iaqueatkill eoulliA&a of .n the Board >UMol sample order at once. "The .. are tG..ftMe, IJevered when the n ol a redaction 18 decided" ; of 'J)ade"of that dat ed A.prii '.D, 1867, tlie 18' no a. a Bili"theee good!l are packed iB !JU1"8, to take the _eye-,f ewJrY KJo, Duke 1I8IUl'ell us th_e -of hj8 11M mfor 1ihe' jobber at naturally lllliylt, We cannot importation of ea' CiftiiCll&h" ,, cut aegm-bead." moTe. tax 1n pari, jllllti u .long u itl .. loTer Of fragrant tobacco. ci:"ealell -1.0(1" per oent. w1Uim the twelve send ;y:ol1 an: otder to ew 1!;ork or Jeme;r. d.ity A.Ube Uae ilnuJce of thla order mueh of"the be-eul r.nama at the p.-nt enormous rate of twenty-four and the timrgual"&Dtree to "tile frade $bat tlley will al &he g00u areio 1oag oa the way Qat we may be or IO-C8Iled "cut aad een18 per.ppun4 liDiler" TJIJI ToB.AOOo OoAii"T "01' OA.l.mla-NJ times be equal, both in_ and to_ aay caught wiUlalarp amount Oil hand.. Whila.bmlsr-imi*Md lato Great Brilala, mo., or .!eli llavoriq t;J,e 00118&ant /Blii!Pt of.._ hiJ!h!'IAit wu.-Hr. Felton, the former .._, ill tlrle eity of &he pnulate4 toD&cooo made. .. The ftrm h8e -our beSt has t.hi8 under considerationwe Wit bU of-our home or which wu, ud Memetl lldulteradoa, ...a of tax. Take off t1Ua tbe iurdla OJlCfJ prominent tobacco .and OOD.Cel'll of the abon wishes for the new year. --ufA .. -. il l t f th objeet of &De erder w the prenatioa of the llltrodnctioa paid uc:;:j! Jlet i* f:rM or 'to fow oa ill. the-_.. has tit ted t nst 11 Parks to tab. ,._,. a. -..., .... --., ..... our: are ... ep. ou o e ulto the eoUlltry of IDhleco ao act.lterMed.. Ural l. f and lil G. W .. tw our-.ier e o commereetb.;. new .e m-" "'"""'. du:t"?'n' ng .. ...,, .. an' d 1 11 for .t'--__ ,_ of th-6,__ nent old of t.,ftbounce \0 tile tiacfe, m an iDADiie amount labor to get that tiade baek (.To)la 81r.ltoaJ,IIl.peraa, 'eUuM t,o lie iDfeftdilUD tiW'GiW' r.cilitiell ""vu ....,,2 ""' -"' _.....,..., a new that h'an opeaed at 100 Water -cain-A.moq the m&ll7 other riM Mil which might erument Tobacco Ia LolldOB eam lee ef Wille h wu ..._ itl compa.ny'!l whic.h fact Hr. Pub lleniee. No thi!l c1ty1 .an oft! co fop &he I:Maeral to bacco aad _118 mp1 a reduetion in tlUI of tax I will A.JuerlaD liM-cut mt!t'\IIJe'.uNd tor;::; 0 t!IOOil be oubled. If thGie whole bTeB 'haTe-bMo de given yet. J .aame We who "tftth -a-new of them to>ba=J -t!'IU of .Grea& TeNd. to this to lulow better ita 'etcwture.and rare b andone we known are in the manufacturiltC buainaM k:Dow 'With that deservedly _popular the .Atllerioan to the entire tobacco commuruty, has the management ftfty, or one lauadred, two hundred thoWI&Jid dolTheof -plu wu by tile Cuatoma o.lllcen, ula 1m1vehlal teBtfmony that if tlJe GovePDinen5 Grocer, is duly appreciated:-"We con.,.,.,.tulate our of the new house. The packing of all kind!l of Seed lara can ::Jl do eo much busineM if the rate il "riolatlcJaof the abon-mefttio.aed older, the 1amplea W:ill lay UJlCIQ it a li,r;hter buad it will become mont To .. leaf and the importation of tobaceoa will be the one-it naturally follows tb&t we can do a were free from alllldulteratlon of every tlad wbuoenr. mmble mudi more rapidly to the COIU!Umer. 'f!DD. r:u principal features of the new firm. The rt1pntation of pro.,Ortionally larger &Dlonnfi of buaine8811'ith;the S&IDe were what Ia tnoWIII to the 'rade u "virgin pure." ltld We also to your honorable bodie1 ance o err JO ore ng UIU 1. the firm's D&Dle, lUI well .as that of Hr. Kuchler, i!' a capital; but, bear also in mind. that the lower the rate entirely unllavored or 11.Mtf..,tened. that the of question has tended much to means more reBders, and is an excellent indication of guarantee of succeM; and to thoee who may deal With the less a,mount of money it will take for outsiders to f "!'e"' they were IIH eut, lrreopectln unsettle trade and hold 1t m suspense, thereby serioua-& holllle we may safely predict that their intere!lt enter the y !'u know, also, that there are o It to .:te other maaidactured tobaccoe of affecting the interest of all concerned from tho which as a trade paper is a credit to the interest it will be well taken care of. scores of skilled operativee, foremen and sub-foremen American or other manufacture are "mitted into Great P anter to the conBUmer. 'Y e therefore respectfully represents. BBOBTB. iii your various factories, who, Jlllrhavs, have, a good Britain when they are in any other form than fine-cut or pray may be brought to aa name a liuded. amount of capital w1th BOrne credit, granulated early an a JUS ment 118 practicable. RHn!E AND RltAsoN.-When a coupon stamp for each cigar was being urged for acceptance, somebody tossed the following rhyme into the scale along with the argiJlllents for and against the measure, and helped to turn the beam on therigJtt side:Stamp, boys, stamp, stamp care, A coupon stamp on each Cigaire; As fpr the c ost, 'tis no mattaile, Let manufacturers curse and swear. Claoru8:-Stamp, titamp; stamp .. All for the of the inventaire.' -The Commissioner of Agriculture says the product and they will enter the manufacturing line. You will The manufacture in the United of llue-cut and l:l"fUlU of the 1877 tobacco crop may reach ,000,000 pounds, have your manufacturing business deJ>ressed more lated tobaccoala one of the greatest importance, and yields to about 60,000,000 above the estimated product of last than it is to-da;r,. In all my experience m the tobacco the United States oue. of ita revenues, and Ia, year. bnsin!lllll, I don t know a single year when fine-cut and moreonr, one of the pnnctpal mdustrtee of the country. -Mr. J&Dles Gallagher, of New Haven received.theo smoking tobaccos were on a ]ower basis of profit of these facts It would seem to be a of nomination of his for Speaker of th&n t.hey have been within the past year. If I can Oll;r Government sh?uld u_se Its every the Connecticut House of Representatives. J'udge others by myself, I can Safely say the business mfluence consistent w1th 1ts .honor to BBBI&t so 1mportsnt a F ,orthcoming Auction Sale. By John H Draper & Co., 112 Pearl Street, ou Friday, Jan uary 18, at A. x., in their store, cigars, cigarettee, etc., seized for violatwu of the revenue laws. f the t t rth t"t" If th b branch of trade by the openmg of new fields for the con-o e P'!S year 1s no wo repe 1 ton. e us1sumptiou of its products. ness which I had no branches, I Our Mr. Straiton waited upon our Mlalster, .Mr. Pierrepont. be very gl&4,. mdeed, to abandon 1t take my captin Loudon, tnd submitted a statement of these facta to him, tal and put 1t out at seven per cent. ; 1t would pay bet-IUld requested him to call the attention of the Board of Trade ter. If you reduce the rate, you invite a host of comof Grea' Britain to its vague ruling of April 2G, 1867, and to Special Correspondence of H The Tobacco r-t,,. Spryngjield, Robertson Co., Tenn., January 1.-C. 0. B. wntes;-We have had a long warm spell suitable for handling and planters e-re preparing their crops for market. The dealers in loose tobacco are now offering and buying at from six cents round for fin e crops to a very low price for common; but the pnces most generally offered are from five to six cents. Plantllrs are generally slow to at. these prices, ru .l many of them. say that they will pnze and hold their tobacco unless they get better offeis. TOB.A.COO."


JAN. 14 THE LEAF. 5 T --. "" to move slowly. Heavy stock of old held br manufac U 8 OF CoLOHDIA -37 38 pkga (2, 789lb) mfd : turers, and a large stock unsold, but no sales Rece1pts of new J'OR THE WEEK ENDING SATURDAY, NEW YORK.-The tobacco market has been fairly active the week, with pretty full sales in all the leaf departments. For Westem leaf there was an liD proved mqmry, and sales, It IS surmised, were made for manufacturmg and cutting account even in excess of those reported Both of the ll-egie buyers have been.m the market, as also have, a.s will by specifications below, some of the other-operators m export goods The market is stea!ly and the is encouraging, If we except the feeling of diBappomtment witll res11ect to the new crop The sales at auction were 18 liogsheads. Messrs. Sawyer, Wallace & Co. report to THJe.ToBAC oo LEAF u follows -Wutm-1> Leaf-The sales smce the 1st instant amount to 1,528 hhds, of which 1,040 for export, in cluding 612 to l3pam, the reot to Italy, Germany and tne Mediterr81Ulall, almost all low ltfades. M.anofaetur e rs purchased 328 hbds cutters 7ll old briglit Virginia smok:e111, and JObbers 112. We no change m the Ulllrkct, which we call quiet and llteady. The German demand bas largely expended 1tself, and our own tax qneshon has c urtlllled the busmess of mllllnfac turel1! one-half. Very little new tobacco has yoet been recmved, and very httle mquiry for It A few colory cutters at m1ghl be oold for Germany and good wrappers would find purchasers '" fair priCes if here JSC. week., 2<.1 week 3d week. wee k Gtll week: Total January .. : 1!1 1,. 880 78 40 Total .. . 4,1!8 100 375 920 '78 5,601 .Sale& in Dec, '77..... 2,841 100 285 229 78 3,033 Tow receipts in 1877 .. 18, 886 394 670 1,104 1,437 21,991 Total sales m 1877 .. .. 22,781 922 1 ,142 1,656 1,552 28,010 -&ock hand Dec. 81, '77 1,455 . 90 400 . 1,945 Spanish.-Havana was in good demand, and sales are reported amounting to 1,200 bales at prices ranging from 811@91ic for fair to good an.d '1@1.15@1.25 for fine and. extra Jine tiller lots Manufdctured.-An observer reports to ua.-"The pao& has beeB unusually quiet, and ant1cipatioq of a -chaDge in tbe tax has stopped all sales of tax-paid .except for immediate use It is to be hoped the tax qnest10n w1ll be settled quickly, and when the rate is fixed that it may not be changed for some years, too much legislation is bad. For export tbe dem,.nd baa been very limited; many of the foreign markets have been over crowded by collSl!fnmenta from manufacturers. I have quotations from Great Bntaln of 6@7d for lOs can ohippcrs st..nd those prices ? I presqme the mllllu factun{.g of tobacco, like everything else, ill overdone .. The >Official exports were M,8a9 pounds. S'lfWkiT"fl.-For smoking tobacco there "rasa steady Inquiry throughout Lhe week and the sales embraced full as-eortmcnts Cigars.-A regular and'ly good demand is reported for both domestic and imported c1gare. Gold. opened at 10231 and closed at 10234 Exchange.-Messrs. M & S Sternberger,. Bankers, report to THE TOBACCO LEAF"" follows-Exchange hu been dull ..ud lower. Gold has also declined. Quotations .-Sterlmg, 60 days, nomi.Bal, sight, nommal Sterling tiO days, actual, 481, s1ght, actulll, 484. Cab le transfers, Cotnmerci&l prime long, 479@480, good long, ol78@ 479 Pari8 banke111, 00 days 521.),(, oight, 520. Reicll.lmarks, (4), banke111', 60 days, 9434, (4}, s1ght 95.J,(. Freights.-Meesrs. carey, Yale & Lambert, Fl'etght Brokers, report to THE TOBACCO LEAF Tobacco Freight& follows:-Lverpool, steam 40s, 8811 30s London, steam a7a 6d, llail, 80s, Glasgow, steiUII, 40s, Bristol steam, 40s; Havre steam, '14; Antwerp, steam, 45s, Hamburg, oteam, 45a; Bremen, steam, (5@. IIIPORTS. The arrivals at the port' of New York from foreip J!Qrts for the week endiug 12, included the followmg con lillmnenta:lJABTHA.QENA.-Pim, Forwood & Cc., S10 bales tobacco. &r. JAoo.-J. De R1vera & Co 91 bales tobacco. VBB.+. Cnuz -A. H. Jlojarrieta & Co 8 bales tobacco; Wm. Pattenoll, 1 case cigars. Carroll & Co 37 do BY 1'HE NEW YORK AND BAJ.TIMORE TRANSPORTATION Lnni -Wise & Bendheim, 23 cases smkg, 5 bbls do, M. ]'alk, 17 CSBes smkg, N. & J Cohn l do H. Abrahams, 4 do; Geo. J. Kuchler, 1 do, H Colell, 1 do CoASTWISE FROM NEW ORLEANS -Order, 4 pkgs CoABTWISE l!'ROX KEY WEST -Seidenberg & Uo., 87 cases cigars, 27 bales scrap; McFall & Lawson, 11 do, 2 do, F De Bary & Co, 33.c....,. c1gars; W. H. Thomas & Bro ,121 do, H. R Kelly & Co 111 do: L. P & J Frnnk. 5 do; L. Rodriguez' 6 do, F. Marrero 3 do; V .)fartinez Ybor & Co., 10 bales scrnps; Straiton & Storm, 2 do, J C. ,Peuhatton; 1 case cigars. BALTIMORE.-Mcas111. Ed. Wischmeyer & Co., To bacco Commission Merchants, repor t to 'fHB ToBACCO LEAl' as follo\'l!s.-The market for leaf has relapsed into a state of decided inactivty and pendmg the dec1sion of the tax question m Germany there IS little prospect of any improTe ment of importance. There are ome occas ion al purch8SCs being made of good grades of Maryland but the low grades are agnin neglected 1'he r ecent purchases have, however consid erably reduced the stock of th1s description. Ohio moves very slowly. and we only note sales of 20 hhds to shippe111 Pnces are without change, and we quote as before:llaryland-lnfenor aDd frosted ................ -@ 2.00 do sound common . .. . 2.50@ 8 00 do good do .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 3 50@ 5 00 do middling ..... : ': .. : ... : .... ... 6 00@ 7 00 do to fine red ........ ,.. .. .. .. 8 00@10 00 do'' fancy ........... .................. 10.00@15.00. do upper country .. .. .. .. .. 4.00@20.00 do ne,vi, ..... .' ......... 2 00@ 800 Ohio-infenorto good common ................ 3 00@ 4 50 do greenish and brown .... .............. -: .. (50@ 6.00 do medium to tine red... 6 50@ 9.00 do common to medium s pangled .... .. .. 6 .00@ 8.00 do fine spangled to yellow . . . . 10 00@15 00 Kentucky-common to . . . 3.00@ 5 50 do C larksville lugs. .. .. .. .. .. .. 3 50@ 6 00 do common leaf......... ........ .. .. 5.50@ 61!0 do medium leaf .... .... .. .. .. .. 7.00@ 8 00 do fair to good .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 9.00@12.00 d'o fine. 12.00@14.00 do selectiOns .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..... 14.00@16 00 Virglnia-<:ommon and good lugs . . 3.00@ 5.50 do common to medium leaf . . .. 6.00@ 8 .00 do fair to good leaf,..................... 8.00@10.00 do oeleetions ............... : ............ 12 00@16.00 do common to fine stems. .. .. .. 1.00@ 3.00 Inspected this week: --U hhds Maryland 44 do Ohio; total, hhds Exported period -14. hMI Ke11_tucky tobac co to I verpool. TobauA Bta.tmr&e.U. January 1 1878.-.Stock on hand in State Tobacco Warehouse, and on shlpboord, not .... 23,440 hhda IllllpCcted this week....... .. .. .. .. .. 108 hhds IllllpCcted previously this rear.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 7 hbds Exports of Maryland and Ohio since January 1 1878..... .... .. Shipped coastwise same time ... 365 hhds 4hhds 28,/iM hhds 869 hbds Stock in warehouse and on shipboard. Bot cleared 22,186 hhds Same time m 1877.. .... .... .. .. .. ......... 12,711 hhds lfanufactured Tobaecc -We continue to report a dull and nomin&lly unchanged market Exported tlus week -1,008 lbs to Uio and 6,160 lbs to West Indies Received per Richmond steamers, 7 cases 314 pkgs, and 820 bxs CINCINNATI.Mr. F A. Prague. Leaf Tobacco Inspec tor, reports to THE ToBAC<;O LEAl' as follows .-The market for leaf tobacco during the pul week has been unusually stron15 for all thA better sorts of old cuttmg stock, but is unchanger the week re ce, pta and eacl;l d1d not much exceed 1!0 hhds T.herejs no improvement whatever in the quality wh1ch, with the hmited busmess, is not to ))e wondered at. P 'rJcea rule steady :.t last quotations CORRESPOND ENE. t QUOTATIONS. T.he Tobacco Tax in Virginia. Lug1 .-Cemmon .......................... 2 00@ 21!0 M.edium.. .... .. .. .. .. .. .. ... .... 2 50@ 2 75 RICHMOND, VA., January 7 1878. Good .. : .. ............ : . 2 75@ S 25 EDITOR TOBACCO LEAF : -Will you do me the kind . _. . .... : 3 00@ ol 50 ness to give space in your valuable paper to the en-Medium .... ... : .. .. . 5 00@ 6 50 closed copy of resolutiOns adopted by the manufactu-Good (at present, nomim\1) . . 7 OO@l 8 00 rers of Va., and reported m the LynchFme :". ......... -.. . none o1fering burg News. The trade her-e will have a meeting to-day PHILADELPHIA, Pa.-Mr. Arthur R. Fougeray, to adopt similar resolutions, and will forward you copy T o bacco }lanufacturel1!' Agent, reports to THE ToHA.CCO LEAF of rroceedings as soon a8 possible. Our resolutions af follows -The past week's receipts of plug tobacco show a wil ask for 12 c ents tax. Truly yours, decded incr ease: at the same time we are pleased to be able to J. B. PACE. chronicle that manufacturers have made rndical improvements A large meeting of tobacco manufacturers, dealers, m workmanship and material of goods forwarned to this planters, and others interested in a reduction of the tax market, giving our jobbers a sp lendid opportunity to select on plug tobacco was held at Friends's Warehouse Jantock which must give entire sat1sfa<:t10n. Nevertheless, uag 3, 1878 -Colonel M. S. Langhorne m the chrur. dealers continue to buy with their usual caution; but their J R T c d d d add d stockS bemg very light; a larg e ipcrease of sales f. or week h on. : uc ... er was moro uce an resse has followed. A gradual Increase in arrivals of fine cuts is t e meetmg,m regard to proposed of t:tte noticeable. and an 1mprovement in quq,lity is fast tl\king the tax other matj;ers gtvmg much Inplace of common grades. Heceipts from various terestmg mformatiOn, and makmS" suggestions bxa, 2.678 caddies, 986 cases, 40 kega .and 985, pails of fine-cut. as to. the best means to the WIShes of the Exported .to Liverpool per steamship Penmylvama of manu meetmg; whereupon MaJor J. H. Flood offered the factured tobacco, 11,774 lbs. following re&olutions, which, after being freely disSmoking Toba=.-A moderate increase in receipts of popular cussed were adopted seriatim:-braads of granulated and cut and dry Is observ.Able. Ruoiooa 1. That the tax on manufactured tobacco Oigar..-Manufactur_ers of all grades report that their busine88 should be reduced to SIXteen cents per pound. has greatly Improv e d smce the 1st mst.. 2. That the bill reducing the tax should take effect L6qf TC!bacw:-The past. week contmues to show a. shght from the date of its passage. Improvement m the handlmg of Seed leaf for domestiC use, 3 Th t il t 111 f t b f with the principal sales confined to Connecticut 1\Ild Peunsyl. a PO pnv ege 0 se ea o acco or consumpvania. Manufacturers of eigars still complain very bitterly of twn free of ta.:r shOUld be granted to any one. the want of dark colors in all kinds of leaf. Considerable in 4. That section SS71 of. the revenue law_s should be 80 quiry for and some sales of Ohio and Wisconsin were noticed amended as to prevent. assessments agamst manufacl118t week, Ulllnufacturers from ..rtjoining co untie 111quiring tures for 88Sumed defiCiency m productiOns. 1 them fot the purpose of manufacturing low-grsde Mr. J M. ;Booker presented. a report of proceedmgs Prices of de s irabl e leaf remain steady, whife inferior is reported of meetmg of Danville trade rn reference to same sub somewhat off. Reeeipta are light-Connecticut, 62 ject, and moved appointment of committee to act with Penusylvania, 105 do; Ohio, 80 do Wisconsm. 21 do; Havana other committees re_Presenting this interest when the leaf, 31. bales. and 156 hhdsof Virginia, :Maryland and Western Chair appointed MaJor T. H. Flood (chairman), llajor leaf, with sales. for home p_urposes of C&.;'e& Connecticut, 80 C. V Wmfree, Mr. J. M. Booker Mr. G. W. Smith do Pennsylvama, 24 do Oh10, 28 do W>seonsm 40 bales Havana and Mr John W Carroll leaf, and 7 hhds of Virginia "and Westeru leaf. Exported to Liverpool via steamer Penmylronia of Western leaf. 21,865lbs, ACTION IN RICHllOND. to Antwerp Tla steame r Vadm-land of. Western leaf, 187,980 [Bicbmoad Dally Dispatch, January 8.] lbs; to Liverpool via steamer 0/>W of W88tern leaf, 29,964 lbs A meeting of the Tobacco Manufacturers' Mutual Pace, Lewis H. Frayser and -Dr. R. :A.. Pattel'!lon executive committee. The Association meets _on the call of the president, at the request of the executrve comnuttee ora majority of the members. INDIANAPOLIS, January 3 1878 EDITOR ToBACCO LEAF :-Under heading of '' Failures and Business Arrangements" in issue of D ecember 24 an Item appears whtch, if unexplained, is liable to us an injury. It states that a JUdgment for $2,753.88 has been taken against L M of firm of L. M. Fitzhugh & Co., and a careless readmg of It has catJBed some parties to think it a judgment the firm Neither L. M. Fitzhugh nor any firm w1th which he haS b een connected has ever been sued for a personal or firm The judgment taken was on a note of $2,600 given by a commission firm in this city and upon which another party:and Mr. F1tzhugh were accommodatu)n endorser?, Mr. F.'s liability being limited to one-fourth of the amount, so that even if he received nothing from the makers of the note his loss at the outside would not be over f700. Further, the suit was allowed to be brought for other reasons than inability or unwillingness to pay, and Mr. F. could not prevent it except by paymg the whole $2,600 when he was re sponsible for but *650 of the amount; and further still, the endorsers hold security that will save theni from any loss whatever. Very respectfully, L. ll. FITZHUGH & Co. Tlle TarUf on Clprs. . NEW YoR!:'I J .. m EDITOR TOBACCO J:'EAI!' -The article .ill your issue Of the 7th inst purporting to have emanated from the New York Sun of the 3d inst., sets forth in glowing colors various advantages to be gained by 80'me obsc11\'e scheme of reduction of the tariff on Cigars but the two more distmct plans there foreshadowed' seem to be about as far apart one a?d one hundred, both of which would a large mcrease of impae Cc., Ky. :-;-3 ".ew at 80. 10 old at 9 20e "Tili-To'DlcooJ&ar; : "'; {:!; 3 bbdl, '-"w YirKI.npa at 2@7.flo'l, 1 .1\()x at-'ttlll; 14 Caou s.ta LN. ... ll.il16 JM,IIIN >eomm6n.Ohio...Beed smOli:ers at. 2.10@-&.811, 17 Clllles do at Uonnectlcut:........................... 7,787 \ :PenBSJCLv ... la.. .. .. .. .. ................ 7,fU Ola:o : ............. ................... i,S88 After corutiqerable discussion th'e foUowiag rlli!O:. lutions were adopted seriatim, and then as a whole:-. .RellollH!Cl, That we approve of the bill introduced by 1 JIOJl.' p. Cabjrl.t, in the following features, D&lllel:f" :::..:r-o 'reiluce the la.x 10 i.\l cents 'IM"''JIOUDd.cand to Allow a dra-..:l:lact ol diftUrence'between lhe a8w an4\he old all stamped in n'i.anur&cturirs' buds, their and others, at 1he W:De the new law Sakes effect. Ot Iaterut to .QPr .. -.. 810 a a 185,!17& OijoD .... .. .. : li@4. M .friTate .... lllla:llhhdalluollCo.,KJ.,at1@2S. ..,._ .. 11 WI... 1tl,lll 111110ke111 =:-M:I 'a:a.m. '-= 710iwttau ....-z .... llaYtl ... M 7,411 t;1W t:tO, 11 at 10014.110;.2 at 1lf.G0@16.liO;S-new at 2@ll. M ; ... IJ 4 7.1'n Jlull,.... ... ,,. .81 J:t1C1i Wlaconaln: 7 at I at 8aU07JI6, 10 .. 17,111110, lJI!IIl a .... .aetOiiO; 4 --&diana at !IOCJ.80. ='"'= : ; .. : a.ilt X. H. Clark. '-' ... 1.: : .. : -,m 1,.l 'ft.:t= Bro., Leaf P'obelleO :BrOkers. r8port to Tlm Toncco Lzu as 11 16 .m -.. w.. II followe:-Our eJreriap coatiDue small, alld witll llO impro. .t..Oclla. I I ilt,l..!f -1,111 : _, &be totallo for the week were 78 hhcla. Then -.a II -114 11"!!! .. :!"'81 BO t.lo"-aboat two-\hlnta of tile 1 :1 1 t;.e8 tiO ... -p1aa$era belllg mqeb dlelatla11ed willl &be ,_,o ... e. otrertlel; The w..sher has become mUd ap\n, and eur ......................... 8,Q111 New York!Btate ............ ............ ll8li -. .. --111,!103 HaTlUI&, Klee. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 8,00& an4 Jeir.f, ncs. ... r.1C1 Xxpwted of !eat to'--o of variou khula from \Ilia port for the ye.r 187'7 .......................... n.tt7,11116 lb:ported ef JD&Dufaetured toheeco from \hill port for lhe year eadin December 81, 187'7 . . . ,084 )I][ ported of JD&AUfaetured 111ulr ... ... 11,800 .Ruolved, ThAt our represeniatives be requested to !wing kl the earliest vote' uy bill which may be reJIOriecl on ll:r Uae Committee of Wa:r ud 11eBDB for the redudio11 'Of this taL Buolved, That in our orinion an.y bill introdueed lookin to the .eduction o this tobacco tax or other inieru.alaubjecta should be kept separate SRd apari from iariJ! biD, in order to secure ihe earliest actiOn MWnable.. ., Tile circnl .. le&S.r baa r..-.., lleD$ -.. _.__ Da.l1brreque CODeC\Q-r;-.:-- ov 'TuuuaY OFrlca or lrlwur-AJ. Ratuo-. W uunro"rO D. C. .Jan 10 187S. .. .. "; =.ilico t .. a breaks will &bell All up, whell it Ia to be buyers 'ud a..-... 41 a ,;:: loU .. .. lletJ w.ill r llo4 be apart j.n Tiewa. The 1oo1e =:;;;: -: 1. .. ; ... -'IIIII. :. .. '::: market Ia dUll, will!,' 'Hltle ,doln!f, buyers a de-Ooftmlla. l,llf 11 .. llaa-a,Ja .. .. .. cliBt, whleh plallter8 refuae to aubmit to. The' ranp ofprien ClaM-aa, 111 ae.m. 11, for illspectlon ofreringa may, howeTer, aoftell the of Du.. ;,-i "'iii io 11,741 Trleole.'. 481 : the !attar. DutdlWI a 118 lr.I,IIBO Valetocla. li,7M 40 .-.; ....,_ DutdlB.L .... 1,11!1 V-IS ICIO ....-l'r. W.L.. 110 .. .. ---ms --m Qoaoa .... l,lllili 4,llOO ,111.1118111,117 f'l, 7,1111, QUOTATIOli'B. Commoa ............................ 8 Goodluga ............................. S @ Jr. C.-Ke.n. Redd, Woo\!f!n-' Co Toboiece Warvlloul!8 rieton aacl DeaHin hi Uat 1'ob.tco, reJ>ort to TB& Toucco Bil u follo.wo:-In couequof baclllO lrOrth DGtlm lillae our ]jist -and _bul lilLie Cllll unr l!l e moderate Well\ber prnai18. Our P.laJilel11, who lnarke tobaeco loose, keep it hanging Oil stitka till ready to aell; therefore, It is neiOl-r_,'ed, That Congress be requested in its revision of the tari1f to allow stick and mass lic6rice to. be ad. in our factories in bond free of duty. Sta:-Referrina tO 'the letter irom ib1; o.iBo.; under elate of November J:l, 1877, addnaekga (12,688 lbs) mfd. HAKBUBG -529 bales. fuVliB.-11 hhda. fuTTI.-7 hhds 185 bales. hhd.s. Common leaf.. .. .. ....... .. .. .. 4. @ Medium leaf .. .. .. .. .. .. G @ 7 Good leaf.... .. ..................... 8 @ Fine leaf.. ............................ 10 @11 CLINTOlf, Hickman Co., Ky.-Messrs. :ft B. Nevill & Co Tobacco Dealers, report to THE ToBACco LEAF u folloW& -For the Jut week or two we have h..rt good weather for stripping. We :find, after examining the tobacco through this county, that it is of good color and of medium body, and not u much house bum as we expected to find. There is not a great deal of tobaeeo moving In this county, though I think the buye111 will begin to stir themselves and open the market. DURHAM. N. C.-:Meaers Wslker, Lyon & Co. of the F...mers' Wareh011se report to THE ToBACCO LEAF as follow :Tbe tobacco trade teema to move very slowly, and the outlook seems to be veiled with mystery and clothed with uncertainty, RICHMOND.-Mr. R. A. Mills, Tobacco Broker and CommiliBion :MerchanL, reports to TJm ToBACCO LEAl' "" follows -Our market has not yet fully opened, and hence there is nothing to report of interest to your readers. Receipts and offerings are small, and the market in a very unsettled condition 'There are oeveral causes operating to depress busi ness. In the first place the agitation of the tax question ill always deleterious to the interest of the manufacture111, but under the present contraction and stagnation In bmlnesa it is Ruolved, That a committee of three be appointed to de-vile ways and means to carry out these our resolv61!. The Chairman appointed Messrs. Peter H. Mayo, J. Leigh Jones and Lewis H. Frayser as the committee. The Association will pay all expenses incurred by their said committee in furtherance of the above resolutions. Colonel William P. Burwell will doubtless be re tained by the Association to aid the comnuttee m the work 88Signed them. The following are the officers of the Association: Miles Turpin, president; Joseph G. Dill, vice-president; Charles T Binford, secretary and treaa\ll'er; James B. further, it has been represented that it would be, m tn.a:DY cases, a great hardship to require, at the present trme, such a change to be made as would 00. in order to carry into effect; the rule laid down m the letter to Agent Hal!e. You are, therefore, mstructed not to in your district at the present time, nor until the cobunence ment of another _special tax year, the enforcement of that rule, except m cases where you have strong reason to believe that frauds are being committed. Respectfully GREEN B. RAUll, SJtnES & I'BEY, Paekers a.nd Dealers In Pennsylva.nta Leaf 61and 63 North Duke St., Laneaster, Pa.


6 .t"'hila!1elphia Ad' v eJ:-r;isementll. TELLER BROTHERS, Patktra1 Ctmmlaalea lnhlatat 1Dtl wtlsal Dtattrala Foreign and Domestio Leaf Tobaooo, 117 North Third Street, Philadelphia. W. EISENLOHR & COr, PACltERS AND WHOLESALE DEALEilS IN LEAF TOBACCO, 11a s .. .S't., Ph:ll.a.d.e1pb:la. "1/, EISENI.OHR, S! W. CLARK, PiilL. BONN. L. BAMBEifG!R &: CO., DEALERS IN LE.AF TOBACCO, And Manufactuters of all Grades of Cigars, Noll11 Arch St., Philadelphia'' Pa. LEWts BREMER'S SONS, Wholesale Dealers ia-'L E AF" AND KANUF ACTUUD TOBACCO, NO. 322 NORTH THIRD STREET, PHILADELPHIA. llFA la!'j!'e assortment of all kinds of LEAF ToBAC CO constantly on han ct'...B co., Paokers, Commission llerohants AND WHOLESALE DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO No. aao North Third PhUac!elphia Packers, Commission Kercha.nts & Dealers in SEED LEAF tc HAVANA TOBACC011 No. 35 North Water-St., Phi1adelphia. GlJMPERT BROS. MANUFACTUHHBS of FINH v ... STORE: 1341 CBESTNVT STREET, FACTORY: 1230 CLOVER S'EREET, P::EIXL.A.DElLP::EIX.A., P .A.. THE LARGEST CIGAR FACTORY IN THE STATE. JOSEPII LOEB, PACKER AND DEALER IN I:;EAF TOBACCO, AND OF CICARS, _.. 62 NORTH FRONT STREET, PHILADELPHIA, PA. iKEYSTONE CLAY TOBACCO PIPE woRKS, r1a N. S:ZVZN"rH S"r., PEn..A.DlCLPHIA. PBNINOTON, PRICB & CO., MANCFACTURERS AND DEALERS IN (CLAY, WOOD, ENAMELLED, GERMAN C. D., & OTHER TOBA.CJO. O PIPES. I. McDOWELL & CO I DOHAN & TAITr. TOBAcco ., II Tobacco Commission .Merchants, frilneral Merclumts 107 ARCH STREET, I I 39 NORTH WATER ST., Phn.dol.bia. ......;, ________ U'" Agents for tbe ta.l& of a111dAdl of Mau.ufa.c. J. A. COURTNEY, ESTA.BLISHED'IS46. 63 North Front St., Phlla., RlllLDO &Alii & CO. TOBACCO AID CIGAR TOBACCO, AND GENERAL CODISSIOI !BRCillTS, NO. :u l!i orth W &ter lltroet & Wo .. 30 Jforlh Delaware A.veJBu. Philadelphia. AGENT FOR THE STATE OF KENTUCKY TOBACCO CO., LOUISvu.LE KY. F. W. FELBIIER.I: SOl, BaHimore, Md. SORVER, COOK A CO FALLENSTEIN & SON, l'ACDBS, OOKWSION :ait.C!LA.N'l'S, TOBACCO And Wboleu.le Dealen in LEAF TOBACCO Commission Merchants, 103 Jl'. WAIJIII:a BIJ.'., PHII.ADEJ',PHIA. -pk.:I.ZI....,..:I.lle, :&::v. OfDce in Hain Street W a.rehouse. REFERENCES, BY PERMISSION. Jno. C. Latham, Pres' t Bank of Hopk::i.nsville; S. E. Trice, Pres l t Pl&nters' Bank. u S. G. Buckner, Commission Merch't, M. H. Clark & Bro., Clarksville, Tennesoee; F. G. Irwin, Clarksville, Tennessee; S. F. Beaumont, President lst Natioual BaDk, eta.rksville, Tennessee F. W. Tat,;:eDhorst &:; Co., =:New YGrk; A H C ardozo, '1 u Ga.rrot.t It; Grtnter, u """" ORDERS SOLICITED. Wit\. WESTPHAL, COl!DtiSSIOli JIEB.CJUBT And Dealer In COINECTICIJT SEED LEAf Tobacco, Sts.t.., St Hartford. Conn. HINSDALE SMITH &. SON, (Succet:son to H. SMITH &: CO.) PACKERS AND JOBBERS OF Connecticut Lea.f Tobacco 20 HAMPDEN ST., S pri ngfleld, Mass. HtNSDA.LK SNI't'H, E. H. SMITH. C. O. HOL YOKE1 MERCHANT \ \ New York: M. FALK, 122 Chambers St. PhiladBlDhia: BATTIN & BRO., 142 N. 3d St. CINCINNATI, OHIO. In LEAF and MANUF AoTolU:D TOBAOOO, Redd, Wootton & Co., PROPBDCTOBS REDO'S .WAREHOUSE, ..L"''D GENERAL DlUI..ERS IN LEAF TOBACCO, W BEST, Chicago;. LOa.IN PALMER, New York; W. II. RUSSELL, Chicaro. 1\T. C. Packers of Seecl Leaf BBST. RUSSBLL & co., GENERAL COMMISSION MERCHANT. AND TOBACCO FACTOR, No.9 aouz:a: GAY A.DV A.liCEXENT!I BADE 05 CONSIGI!rlllli:NTS TO MY .A.DDRE81. CEO. KERCKHOFF tc CO., 1.2. Central B06bm. 'Southern F. G. Tobacco Works, Toledo, Ohio. CHARLES a ... MESSINGER, MANUFACTURER. OF 1 "F. G.'' AND NATIONAL LONG CUT SMOKINGS. Also, the Ind_ian and Sun Flower C .hewing Tobaccos. AND DEALERS IN SPANISH TOBACGOS (Successors t o JOHN C. CO.,) WM. E. DIBRELL, 9harles St., LW TOBACCO nom. &. CO., GOLDE. N CROWN" CIGARS 141 Cary Stzoaet IMPORTERS, MANUFA.CTUHER!I AND DEA.LERS IN CIGARS AND CIGARETTES ; SOLE MANUFACTUBERS OF '-' La Honradez Havana Smoking Tobacco, 214 W. BALTIMORE STREET, Baltimore, w K, BARK!tll G. E WAGGr TO lEAF .TOB.ACCO, :F. Depot with F. Engelbach, 29 South Bar St. Baltimore, Md. 56 s. WA.SHINGTGN'SQUARE, N. r. We invlt the attention o f to ()Ur S tock of DARK WUAP PERS, of whic h \ve mak,.. :\ MERFELD & KEMPER, PACKI!IRS OF Co:n.neo'ticu."t Seed And Wh>lesale Elcalers in Havana and Yara Tobaccos. I I 7 Lombard Street, BALTUlORE. D. D. D. M:ALL.ORY, 'I'OB.4.000 SHIPPING AND Commission Merchant, E. E. WENCK, Manas;er.' 46 and 48 ST. CHARLES STREET, S. W. COEa ,,.._.oDlbard St., BALTIMORE, MD. los. SCN'ROilDtta, A. NICOLASSB G. H. II. lla.rriott, JOS SCRROBDBR 1: CO; DEALER IN Commiulon WholecaJe Dealers in IMPORTED and DOMESTIC LEAF AlfD l E A F T 0 B A C C 0 Kanufactured Toba.cco 25 German S.t., Baltimore, Md. .... on cm.&IIS, DARK WRAPPERS CONSTANTLY ON HAND X ll Exeh.._ Plo.eo, .U.TIIIOIUI'o. N'C>TXOEl! Let thia be allllllanufacturera and Dealers :In CIGARS that the Renowned Brand of &. CO.,, HaRe bee n fully secured b y registration of their Trade-Marks and 'Labels in the U. S. Patent Otflce. Th e more promin ent are EL AGUILA DE ORO" (G<>Iden Eagle) "BOCK 7 Ca., "REGALIA de PREFERENCIA." Any firm or corporation found to in friDge on any of said Trade-Marks e ither by prlntllu!: counterteits t.hereof, or by using counterfeits on Cigar Boxes, will be promptly prosecuted wllen detected'. The law makes the imita.tioh of a registered Trade-Mark a crime, punishable by heavy flne and imprison ment in State Prison. Full da.magee are also recoverable by the party aggrieved Any information pclintlng to frauds. wUI be thanll:fully ....celved by R. S. STROBEL, 18 Commerce St., Baltimore, Md. PETERSBURC, VA., ADVERTISEMENTS. S W, VENABLE, C .,.l:..f\AJ.oL.r.. CO PEJTE::R.&En:r:n.o... 'V .a... At the OENTDNIAL ,EXPOSITION, 117, 11176, THIS TOBAOOO WAS AWARDED ,..,.TBE'II"'"'W't HIGHEST PRIZE. We can especial to the manner ln our Packages are put that neither Dealer nor Chewer may: bergostld J.l''!!'cb&sing <>tlier goodsi thinking ho Is gerung ours. Every Butt and Caddy bas B:SON'S EST" impressed Into t by a die. Every Plug bas our Trade-mark strip "JAC N S BES aa per cliagram &ljnoxtld. TRY rr UNDER OUR GUAR.U.'TEE, aDd !l not To to be &II that we repreoeno it, we W1L!PAY FREIGHT BOTH WAYS. SOLD BY ALL LEADING JOBBERS THROUGHOUT UNITED STATES, 57 Lake Street and 41 State Street, Chicago, 111. ALSO AGENTS FOR THE FOLLOWING WELL-KNOWN FIRMS:-p, LORILLARD & CO., New York; SEIDENBERQ & CO., NewYorlt; W. 8. KinBALL ,._ co.l "VAXITY FAIR1 Rocbeotet, N.Y.; W. T. BLACKWELL & CO., Durham, N. 0.; J, J, BAGLEY A-CQ.s "MAYFLOWER," Detroit, ll:lcb.; J, W. CARROLL'S "LOJfE JACK." Lyncb.bur1h, Va. C _hieago Tobacco A BROTHER, H. c. /:CHAMPION & CO., MANUFACHTRERS OF (SUCceaSol'8 to JoH:N WAT.r & SoN). . _.. 'r A. I -r. 11:::11 Manufacturers ot "'-' 1/::::.' Fine-Cut Chewing AND DEALERS IN SJIOB:IN(JTOBACCO&SNUFF.' LEAF TOBACCO, 216 WEST FIFTH ST., 59 SOUTH CANAL ST .. CHICAGO, ILL. CINCINNATI. 0 ]ACOB WJttL. AARON KAHN A. Wa:IL. W eil, Kahn & Co., (.Succeasors to S. LoWENT-HAL & Co.) Manufacturers and Wholesale Dealen ID CIGARS & J.WI TOBWJ 134 Main St.. CincinnliL 0, AMBROSIA TOBACCO WORKS. SPENCE BROTHERS 8t. GO., 56. 58, 60 and 62 EJ.A..ST ST. CINCINNATI. OHIO, Da. R. SPENCE. J P. SPENCE, w. H. .. w. G. B. GEISE & BRO., Leaf Tobacco .s-r:mAM: Bu' x PcT0Y, And}S7 Front St.. Cinoimlati, U 8 ft BIIRY IIEYBil & CO., COMMISSION MERCHANTS1 And Wboleule Dealecs ia OHIO AND CONNECTICUT LEAF TOBACCO, 46 Front St Cincinnati, 0. F. W. DO.IRMANN LEAF-TOBACCO BROKER :tl. E. en. Vme and Front CINCINNATI, 0 No. 93 CLAY STREET, Cll!iCINNA.TI, O. C. & B.OOUITZI & CO .. Dcarers and CollliiUssion .Morcllants IN LEAF TOBACCO. 2 Ntrth K&ln St., bet. K&lnA; Secou4 SY.," ST. LOUIS, JIO. Ch..i.ce Brands of Imported li c orice a twa., on hand. Liberal Cash ar'lvances made on < W. 11. LADD, LBAP TOBACCO BUYKl (FOR THE TRADE,) RICHMOND. VA. Also of the Well-Known Brand of &:D1e>k.:l.:u.c Tobacco, s"U.l.1:a.:K1&" And Manufacturers ot all Btyles of Bricl&t. & Black PLUG & TWIST TOBACCOS. factory: 24 Twentieth -v .&.. J. M. P RICE, DANVILLE, VA., HAVING EIGHT YEARS' EXPERIENCE. Offen bis Services !or the PURCHASEofLEAFTOBACCO to the Banks and Mea uoera11r. W. H. .Trowbridge, MANUFACTURER OF ALL STYLES OF Fine Virginia Smoking Tobacco, INOLUDING THE FOLLOWlli'G BRANDS: Beot, JDoobleEacle, Better, Heanty, n:vWe, Good, .Fame, Ee, auao Boat Clu 27 South Second Street, St. LOUIS., J. L. PENN, J. o. Z'El

) JAN. 14 THE .TOBACCO E A F. 7 lllnsiness Directory of Mvertisers. NEW YORK. Tobacco w .... -... Ahner & Dehls, 1190 Pearl. Barnett S., 162 Water. lluch & J'tocher. 15li Water, Bulkley & Moore, 74 Front. Cardozo A. H. 66 Broad. Crawford E. M 168 Water. Doban, Carroll & Co. IO Front. West e ,.,. a&d Virgi..U. Lea.f Tobacco Comnsil-4'ion. Jlerchn.nt1. Fau1;0n & Cal"l'OU, !10 Broad Lea.f Tobacco Sweating. PbiUps C. S 188 Pearl Uttle Thomas G. Pearl. Commi.wi.on Merchant& Reynes Brothers &: Co ., 46 & 48 Exchange Place. B"li'J<" of !lbbacco. Reusens G. M Broad. Jl>baa:o/JTOI,)ers. Cattus John, 1Z7 Pearl. Fi>lcher Chas. E. & Bro. 131 Water. Flecher Jll'ederich. 41 Broad. Kinnicutt &.BiU, 52 Broad. Osborne Charles F. 54 Brond. Rader M. &:: Son, 50 Beav er. Shack A. 129 Maiden Laue ..' Manuf's of S m .oking ancl Clwwinq Toba.cao.s. Atiderson John & Co. 114. 116 and 117 Liberty. Goodwin & Co. 207 & 2U!J Hoyt Thomas & Go. 404 Pearl. Kinney Broo. 141 West Broadway, Lorlllard P. & Co. 114 Water. McAlpin D. H. & Co cor Avenue D and Tenth. Miller G. lJ. & Co 97 Columbia. Pioneer Tobacco Compnny, 124 Water. .Agents for Chewing and Smoking Engelbach F. IX, B. Washlr'IJton Square Hen A. & Co. Liberty. Llndheim M. 1!50 Water Wise & Bendheim. 121 Bowery Man1.L{actttrcrt of Ci.[Jars. Bondy Charies, 53 Bowery. Glaecmn & Schlosser, 15 Rivin.gton.. Hartcorn J. A. 21 Bowery Heilbrom>r & J._:,ha, 6ll4 to MO E. Stxleenth H1rscb D. & Co. 128 and 130 Rivington and 88 Wall, Hirschhorn L. & Co. 89 Water. Kaufman Bros. & Bondy, 129 &: 131 Grand. l(erbs & Spiess, 1014 to 1()":10 Seeolld Av. and 810 to 814 Fifty-fourth Bros, 70 and 72 B'owery Lichtensteia Bros. & Co. and 270 Bowery Lichtenstehl A.&: Co. 34 and 3:!>-2 Bowery XcCoy & Co. 101 Bowery :Hendl'll )1. W. & Bre. 15 1-! Bowery ()rgler 8. D and 2117 Greem\'ieh Bokohl Broe. &: SOelte1, !MI Pea.rl Seidenberg & Co. 84 !16 Reade Smith E .A.. 11 Bowery Smith Jl. M. 42 Veoey M. & Co., 92 o.nd 94 Liberty StntftoQ & 'Storm, 178 and 1tll Pea.rl Sutro & Newmark, 78 Park Jfa.nufacbureis 61' F'lne Havana Cigars. Brown & Earle 158.J'ark l'lao<> Foster, J:Uif?on &: Co. 71 .and 79 Ohampers .. Sanchez,llaya & Co. 130, 132, 134 Maiden L&ne Importers of Tobacco and Cigars. Almirall J. J. 16 Cedar Freise E. 157 Water .. 208 Pearl Garcia F. 167 Water Goll7.ale.z A 167 Water Messenger T H & Co. 161 Maiden Lane. Pascual L. 156 Water Sanchez, Haya. & Co. 130,_132, 134: Maiden Lane Scoville A. H. & Co. 17tt Wo.ter Seidenberg & Co. 84 and 86 &:>Ale Solomon M. & E. 85 Maiden Lane Vega & Bernheim, 187 Perul Well & Co.., 6llo Pine Weiss, Eller&: Kaeppel, 220 PeaT! Ybor V. 1!. Co. 100 Pearl ldmt.uJo.ctv:rers o_f Key West and Importer of Havana Cigars. DeBary Fred'k & dd. .ma &: Lawson, 33 Murray Seidenberg & {)o. 84 and 811 Ueade Depot of the "' Flor del Sur" OigarB. Alces George, 173 Water Manujact"utrer8 oj Meenchaunt. and .Amber Goocu Weis Carl, 398 Grand Imvorter1 of Clal/ Pipe&. Bat:ler H. & Ifrotker, 'i7 Water Bnehler & Poihawl, 88 Chamben Demuth Wm. & Co. 501 Broadway Hen A. & Co. 43 Liberty Kautmaun Bros. & Bondy, 120 and 131 Grand .Manufacturers of Briar Pipes and Importer of gmokers Buehler 4" Polhaus, 83 Chambers Demuth Wm. 1/, Co. 501 Broadway Harvey k: Ford_1 806 and 007 Canal Hen -'. k: Co. w Liberty KaufmaDD Bros. 1:. Bondy, !l19 and 131 Grand Reja.ll & Becker, 99 Chamoers Manu!actvret-s of Licorice Paste. HcAndrew .fames C. 65 Water Stamford Co. 1.67 Maiden Weaver 8 Sterry, 24 Cedar Iraporteh of Licorice Pcute. A.n.sado N. ll 14 Broa.dwny Gif!ocd, Sherman & lunis William Argnimba.ut.. Wallace & Co. 29 and 31 S. Wtlha.m McAndrew .James C. 55 \Vater Weaver 8l Sterty, 24 Cedar Zurlcalday & Arguimbau, 102 Pearl Manufactu.rers of Tobacco Fkn-ors. Hillier's R. Sons & Co. 00 Cedar Importers of Gums, Tonqu.a Beam, etc. Merrick T B. & Co. 100 and 182 William Manufacturers of Powdered Licorice. Weaver & Sterry, 24. Cedar Seed Lea/ To!Ja<".co r,..pect;,.. Benoel & Co. Water Ftnke Cbarl68, l!i. (;o. 1M Water Linde F. C. & Oo. 14ll Water NCJtiOnooco .ho8pecti N. William wu:ur Chae. A. 51 Oha$ham Manufacturer-a of KiftfWfJ Brw.' Kinaey 141 Weot Brood way La 11 Ro> FigureA ... Demuth Wm. & Co. 1501 Broadway Man.u/fM:turmof Slww Figures. Strat:l8S S. 179 and 181 Lewis Sole ..ManujactuJY:r of thR Original Green Seal Smoking :I'obacco. W. C. 7-4 Pine Patent Cigat Cases Samuel S. L. 57 Cedar &ate.. ITowe Scale Co. Page & Co. Agents, 3 Park Place ltnporter of French Cigarette Paper. Brothers, rn Mniden Lane Cigar. Stamp Canceller. Cooke G. K. & Co. 92 Chambers Oiga r Packers' Society, S. Miclihlis & Co. 4F.irst Avenue, or E. M. Gntterdam, 109 Norfolk Glu:ud's Patented PiVoted!, Lichtenstein Bros. & Co. 270 Bowery of Cigar Flq,11on. California Co, 83 William Fries Afex. & Bros., 16 College --"Place Patent Tobacco Coloring, Bueh,ler & Polhaus, 88 Chambers Crmutla'cial .Agen.cil"At. The J. M. & Son Co. 279 Broadway The McKillop & Spl"1411le Co. 109-1U Worth Ge'MT'tJl 'Voodrow & Lewis, 94 Pearl 'Maaufacturen of ToMcco. Greer's A. Sons, 822 Broadway BALTDIORE, Jld. Tobacco Warehouses. Barker & South Gay Boyd W. A. ,., South Gunther L. 9 Bonth Gay Kerekholf & Co. 49 South Charles Kremelberg J. D. & Co. :blallory D. D.; E. E. Wenck, Manager, 46 and 48 South Charles Harriott, G. H. M. 25 German Merfela d!: Kemper H7 Lombard Schrooder JO& & CO. 81 Exchange Place Wischmeyer Ed. & Co. 39 South Calvert Tolxu;co Manufacturers. FelKner F. W. & Son., 00 South CharJes Gail & .Ax, 28 Barre Mar burg Brothers, 145 to 149 South Charles Wilkens H. & Co. 181 west Pratt Patent Stem Rollers. Kerckholf G. & Co., 149 South Charles PackRII' of &ed Leaf and ImpO'l'Wr$ of Hava na 'l'oiJacco. Becker Bros. 98 Lombard Imporror & lt!nftnof Cigar & Oigaretu. Martinez & Co. 214 W. Baltimore BOSTON, Mass, Comnu:&sion Merchant. Holyoke C. 0. 12 Central "1\'luu-t Dealers in Haw11.a a1td Dometic Leaf To-bacco and Oiflara. :Qa-.:enport It Legg, 69 Broad. of Smoking Tobacco and Cigars., F L. & J. A. 136 Hanover BREMEN, Gel'll1aJ17. Tobacco Com.miuion Merchants. Fallenstein & Son cmcAoo,DL Whole.oal< Dealero in &W. Lea./ a..d Havana 7'obacco. Subert B. 14 N. Canal Sutter BrotherS, 46 aud 48 Michigan Avenue Wholesale Dealers in Le";{ and Man'Wofadw-ed Tal>aa.uio. Besuden Henry, 146 &.Dd. 148 West Second Mallay R. & Bro. 115 West Front Dealers in Spaniah a-nd Cigar Leaf TobaCCo. lleyer Hy. & Co. 46 Front Wa.nk:elxnan F. & Co. 82 Front .Jla,.u:jactlo I"'1JectiCJcoo. Buoochmarm John C. CAD'l!ION. NEW YORK, 270 BOWERY, JULY 14, 18'17. W iw .BOODLESS & CO. are hwelf7 CiiitloDM IIPirfli& 11111!>8' PIVOTED CATIIBI '" a: co. -FOllCIGAR BOXES. FOR. S.A.LE:. A Fresh Supply of Uaed lor Boxes having Hinged Fronts, which, whon folded down, e%p08e to view the endS of the Cigars contained ln the Box. 100,000 Pounds "DEERTONGUE" Flavor. These catches are made of Klat Sheet )'[etal, and are pivoted to the upper edges or the end boards in such n. way that their turn-down front for SllOKING TOBACCO Manufacturers, p&rts lap over the face of the closed front. The Catches then serve to in lots to suit purchasers, a.t loweat figures, hold the front closed agf! but be swung aside to allow the MARBUitC -BROTHERS, ftvnttobeletdown. DrSAM!'LJ!O"> AND PRICES ON ... Ao.. 145.147 LICHTENSTEIN BROS. & CO., ----------....._ 270 'Boweey, New York. I MANUFACTURERS AND IMPORTERS OF I Centennial Med.als awa.rd.ed.. ;or Beauty. of Design, Skill Displayed in Fabrication, .. POPULAR STYLE and CHEAPNESS. SHOW FIGURES IN METAL AND WOOD A SPEClALTY. Sutro JIANUF.ACTURERS OF C .J:C3-ARS::. Manufacturers of Fine Cigars, AND DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO .. And Dealers in LEAF TOBACCO, 1014, 1016 1013, SCCOND AYENOE, 310, 312, 314 FIFTY-FOURTH STREET. ADOLF KRRns. LOUIS SPIE'!S, 76 PAR.K PLACE NEW VOR.K_ JE.IL FOSTER. liD. HILSoN. R.UDOLI'H WYMAM RELIAifOE OIGAP. FOSTI:h, .. .t CO., A. LIOHTENSTBIN & BROTHER, MANUFACTURERS OF THE 1 ELK" anC. "ONWARD" SYLVESTER & BERNARD, 77 Iii 79 Cll:AD!IIS ST. 3lloo:'l West. of Broa!wa,-, 1, 1' .. MANUFACTURERS OF Fine Cigars, 0 I GARS, And Dealers In LEAF TOBACCO, Nos. 34 and BOWERY, ..W YORK. IN PENNSYLVANIA LEAF TOBACCO """ z..o._, Pr:loed. O:l5ara, AND SOLE PROPRIETORS OF THE 155 N. Queen St., Lancaster, Pa. BOX. C:IGA1t A. BRUSSEL, B. J,ICHTENSTEI}{,


. \ .. I THE TOBACCO LEAF JAN.14 'l'o'68ooova&ufao'turerta. Tobacco Dlanufaot urers THOMAS HOYT & CO., MANUFACTURERS OF FXRECUT CHEWING AND SMOKING'-. I1L SIIVI'I'. OUR BRAND& CHEWING: 80BX1f'IIIDII, B'AftOKAL BUGJIII' OWIIB', llrnLA OAv:a&D.dll, RABOB. .. PEAI'I.L ST., NlllW YOI'I.K. S. OOlllSTOCK. Ia.. SMITH. J General Partners. W. LOCXWOOD, Special. ClGARITIES, TOBACCOS "' ECEWDL JOBN ANDERSON & CO. KANUFACTURERS OF THE SU,&Ciuumn TDBACGOS 114 116 UHRTY STIEET I JfEW TOBK, lJe to direct the attention of the Dealers ia T obacco \he United Statf!l and the Wodd to U.elr CELEBRATED SOLACE FINE-CUT CIDiwDIG'TOBAOOO. which il be\Otr once IDOre maafactured ua.der the immediatesapervlsiOD of the odgiaator, MR. JOHN ANDERSON, aDd ow standi, as formerly, without a riYal. Orders ferwarcled til rough tbeuual cbaaoels will wlll meet prompt atteutioa. 141 WEST BROADWAY; liEWYoRK. T. B. a CO. IMPORTERS, 130 & 132 W IIJ,IAM' ST., :NEW YORK. SPElC::I:.A.LT::I:ES I Gum Tragacanth, Gum Gedda, Siftings in Casks ; do. do. Sorts in Bales ; Gum Arabic, do. do. Tonka Beans, ANGOSTURA. LICOlU:CE. TOBACCO BROKERS. LICORICE, PASTE. JOHN CATTUS.' 'W ATJ.JS cA CQ TOBACCO BROKER Tobacco manufacturers and the tnde in geaeral l!re particularly requested co 1 27 Pearl Stree examine and \est the NEW YORK. of' this LICORICE, which, bemg now -----------brought to the highest perfection is of. fered under the above style of brand. We are aiao SOLE AGENTS for the brand 1'. G. ck G. G. Acknowledged 11y consumers to be the best in the market. And for the brand. of Licorice Stick ck ao., In all respects equal to CALABRIA. Consumers and Jobbers would clo well to apply direct. Lleorlee Root, Seleet aad OrdbaarJ', oalltantly oa baud. WALLIS l CO.t 29 a; 31 WlJliam lt.reet 1J1W. Jt, FISCIIBB & BRO., To Brokers, 131 Wate:r st., NEW YORK. THos. k.tMNICUTT, BILL, Ja. KINNICUTT & BILL, BROKERS IN WESTERN & YIRCINtA LEAF,.T .OBACCO, 6!2 BROAD ST.,NEW YORK. CHARLES F. JAMES G. OSBORNE; TOBACCO BROKER, 54 BROAD STREET, NEW .YORK. NEW YORK. We hec to call tbe attention of T o bac c o 1\faaufac.. --to thi1 SUPERIOR AND PUllE -----------article. Sole AAODis for tbe Stateo of Nonh Carolinaaod V ir DIAMOND !ILLS lflala: MasRS. DAVENPORT a; MORRIS, Y. W. B. moad,Va. -.........:: '' -/ LICXJRICE ROOT-1.-Il and Al ...... te. .,. ......_,_ / v N Y. selected ""d Drdiaary. ,. 1'11iELY AND FINELY POWDDml ZURICALDAY & ARGUIMBAU, SPANISH LICOl'I.UllC ROOT, I 02 PEARL STREET, 8PAI'JI8H LICOIUCE EXTRACT, bEER TOl!I:GUE, KBW YORK. LAUREL LEAVES, TOIIKA BEANS, POWDERED LIQUORICE. cnnwiOJr, ORANGE PICI!:L, I'INEST Qt1 ALITY. ANISEED, CABA. WAy BICED, ::BIJ."'T N':J!I"'gV 'Y'qmr The Trade IMvlng demanded a Superior &lid Cheaper Article than that hitherto used, this Company Ill manufacturing, and cfterlng for ll&le, LICORICE PASTE (under the old "Sanford" brand) o f o. QUALITY aDd at a PRICE which C&ll hardly WI to be aooept&ble to all lflvlng It a trial. Mellor a Rittenhouse, 21a N'. 22<1 P1::1.11aete1p1::1.1a, l'I.IA.NUFACTUKEKS OF an.Cl LICORICE. PASTE. c=w-Centennial Medal award <'d. f o t Chea p n ess, and General Excell ence o f Manu facture." Aho M. & B.. BRAND STICK LICORICE, all Sizeo. Wholesale Uents: SHOEMAKER, VOtlTE & BIRCH, 126 S. Delaware Ave., Phila. D. HI MCALPIN & "0.' DBI'OIIJ!' Al!I'D .A:CIB1V01r lJI U OF THE MANUFACTURE OF OF THE CELEBRAT.ED F INE-CUT VIRGIN LEAF &NAVY CHEWING And a ll K iud:!l o f -SMOKING T;>BACf"tl ANt> DUALRIIS l:>l Cigars, Plug 'l'obcco, Sn11ff, Sn11:fr FIOIIf, etc. MANUFA C TORY ANU 8 AJ F.:8ROOM:: Cor. Avenue D I Tenth St., lew York. ,MRS. G. B. MILLER & CO., 1'0B!CC 0 M!NUF !OTORY, (i'ETE P COLLINS, "'sST. ) 97 Columbia Street, NEWYOBK, MAMUPACTUUR6 or "rHt.. CKLB.BJit.AT&D G. B. Maler & Co. Chewing and Smokint Tobacco, tht only Genuine American Gentle -n Snuff; M,.., G. Jl. Miller & Co. Mac:cabo! ud Scotch Snuff; A. H. Mickle &Son.s'Fon:lt 1lo"" and 'Grape 'tobacco; Mrs. G. B. Mlller II: Co Reserve Smoking and Chewinc Tob.occo. IF All promptly executeil. OXEID.&: 'rOJ!.&OOO WOJUU. D. BUCHNER & CO. ,, J FOIID.rty S. S. li:owowiTOH & Bao. ,) rinTUcil\mG 810 Ill tfD TOBAOOO, a 211 st., ... '"'" Q'""'L CBLEBB.ATED JDLAJIJia.CHBWII'JGo Gold Seal, ltviver, 014 'l'IIDtl, Ent.lrpiial, N ecia7 Leaf. II'OIL: : Gal4tll Bell,. 11111 !'lnlr, N&talral Great Oatra1, SJIOKII'JG; Prlae of the trmW., Joqun, llt&ckalq. 'VIr&IDl&IAr. 'IUIIokiDSck. &. i.-&!11 & AX, SALTIMORE, -ATf2l BOWRY, NEW YORK. B. WIDI, Afllllft'. ENGELBACH, 'V'V':13:0X.EI&.A.x.EI TOBACCO DEPOT &AGENCY For F. W. FELGKEB. .t: SOX'S, Baltimore, TobaGoo .... Cia;arettes. 56 S. WASHINGTON SQUARE, N.Y. &OODIII & 01., KAJIVJ'ACfVU&S OF Fine-Cut Tobaccc, CELEBRATED II!Q. ., ORIGIN !L GREEN SEAL,'' And othe r l .hnice Brandl!i of .-JCICR8CHAVB SJIOKJ!IIG TOBACCOS cut from Vir ginia Plug. W. (l. EJIKET, Solo Jlanufaot.arer. PII'JE STREET, !'JEW TORE. B_lllbh ... K. C. BARKER 1: CO., lllaaalactann of the Celebnted FINE-CUT TOBACCOS, "AMERICAN EAGLE" -AND--II c::a:..xPPEEl.." Also all othe r Crades of Flnt-Cat l l11oklllc Tobaocoa, DETROIT. IIICH. Aside from packii!J_ nor "AMERICAN :EAGLE" aad "CLIPPER" u.aua.l.tzed wood"ea package to, 40 a ad 6o tbs. we also pat both of ap Yery atee11 Ia OJ1111 Oullca Tnr Fon. PAC&.A.GU.paclr.edin Ji and X _....,... .. ............ TltAJ)J: IIAIU::. Lllloehl Prl--to the JobbtB Trade,-\ J. J.a.u. .... Mas. x c BA--.:&Jt, AND DEALER IN LEAF TOBACCO, 295 & 297 GreenWich St., New York PRICES CURRENT ON APPLICATIOI'J, Y. W. BRINCKERHOFF, X:ati:POR. T'::a:IB.. n CEDAR aTREET, X. T. NEWYO:a.E A. HEN & CO. 43 Liberty Street, oppo<e Post Office, The ooly Scale made witb Protected BeariDa PAGE 1: CO General Xo. 3 PAllK PLACEt.JrEWTCJK. oar are a..4 by tbe tollowiD ..uan.t .aDafactu.r-en :-LORILLARD A 00, N.,."York: lltJCHAKA:N .. LVALL,'New York; JAS. B. PACE. R1cbmond, Va.: P. :MAYO ._ BRO., 'kihmond, Va.; E. W. VEliABL& &-CO., Peteuba.rg, Va..; FI:NZER BROI., Loui Kvi!le IC.y. HENRY WULSTE1N, ta.eceuor to Bcr..,.eldt CE:NTBE STREET, !'JEW TOIUL P 0 8011: 5091, New York. Constantly o n haod the for Q]J'T'J'TW RAli[_VQ TDI'G _A.JQJ SJ:EVI.n G TOBACCO Ill/ HAND OR STEAM I'OWEk. 0 A lar.'-'e of lbchiery fnr Cil(ar Manufac ture r!:l, a.s for or Granulathur Hanaa aad other F11Jers f o r Stem R o llerA Buncbinll( II _Ma r.hinel&, and abo Maehtn.-a fot Cru,.bthjl a:nd tbe Tub'at:r 1 o Stem in the Leaf, C i g a r ette Ma cbines, etc. Snle in tM U.S. Cor F FLINiCH' S (Offenbach on Maio, t;er. m auyl .Machines for t'acking Manufactorfl! T oh:.t "CCI. tKPo:a..rr:m:as o:r sxoE:m:as .A.:a"'', Oigar Manufacturer& DEALERS IN TOBACCO, SECARS, SNUFFS, &c .. Are i aferm.ed that we are able to aapply the Tracle wJtll flnt-claa PACKERS at ahortDotlce. PIUH ad.dress cerrespoDCHace to tbe CIGAR PACKERS' SOCIETY. S MICB.A.LI8 It 00., ( Finst .A.Yenue; or E. M: GA'fTERDA.lll (Controller ofVae&DOieo), 100 Norfolk Street, N e w Y ork City. CENTRAL TDBlCCO WAREHOUSE. j LICRTEISTEII BROS., PACKERS AND DEALJ:ii.S Ul LEAF TOBACCOS, 121 BOWERY 121 I w. E. UPTEGROVE, Bet..Graa4aadBeaterSto., JfEWTOa&. SP.AIISB CEDAR MAY BROTHERS FOR CIGAR BOXES. AGEN1 FOR OSTRUM'S CIGARBOX NAILING MACHINE. French Cigarette Paper, 37 MAIDEN LANE, Foot lOth lllth St., East River, !....ou_ .. _A_T-PA_IU_ .. ____ _EW __ T_o_ax___.c' :NEW YORX. B.S. ACO., MANUFACTURERS OF FOR ALL USES KNOWN TO THE TRADE. 111 LIBBB'IY STBEBT, X. Y. for Pr:l.oe L:lst. WJLLIAMlBUCBANAN, DAVUJ c .t..). .t...Lo BUCHANAN & LYALL, Offioe :-54 :aroac! St., Ne'W York..-P. o. BOX nn. Factory :-No. 2 FIRST DISTRICT, SOUTH BROOKL Y .N. MANUFACTURERS OF THE FOI.LOWIN G CELEBRATED BII.AlQ)S OF PLUG, CHEWING aad SMOKING TOEACCOSALso MANUFACTURERS OF SEMI-CIGARS. j PLUG. Pl.ANET N..,\ VV. 1a, X a, 3e, 4-, &e, 8, '2", 8a, 9, 101. CHOICE, la, 3a. &1, Ck, 'Js 8a, 9a.JOe. CHALLENGE, lba. WAIHil'IGTON, J(o. NEPTUNE, Double Thlek, brt. drk. liiAGG MITCHELL. NARRAGANSETT, ALEXANDRA. IIEI'JSATION. BUCHAN ... N. IOo. JACK 011' KING GRAPE AJID APRICOT. UliUlONQ.UE.RED, "ACME" F&taeJ' B ht Po-do. TECUJISBB, 101. PlllERLIISI. PALM, CjiOLD BARir. PlliDE 011' TH REGIMENT. POC.:KET PllCCII:S. i N' :IP':J:l.'OI'B OUT aa:::m \N :&:UG'G. .AOME. SMOKINC AND CICARETTE TOBACCO. VIRGINIA BRIGHT CUT CAVEI'JDilJH, WO:aLJJ'S Jr .6.m. 4.NlJ :a "C'3T. Branch Office: Central Street, Boston.; p, o. JU)ll! 1196. OP BROOKLYN, :N.Y. : . : 124"Water St;, New York, 16 Central Wharf, Boston; : 26 Lake Street, Chicago; 51 IOB!R WATER STREIT, Factory: No. 1 First District, N. Y. THJ! CELEBRATED CELEBRATED "MATCHLESS,' "FRUIT GAKE," BRICHT. All Siz e s ; MAHOCANY, All S i z es; '' PIC> N' E ::EI "B. Dark, all Size,. A cninpari!wm of o u r Cel e b rat.:. tl B ranch; of P LUG T O D ACCOS will convincl! a ll p arti 8 o f the WOX-DER:B'VL 1\IElllTS J PLUG TOBACCO. HERBST HAVANA tc SEED LEAF TOBACCO :J 183 WATER. STREET,. NEV\{ '"" LIBERAL ADVANCEMENTS :MADE ON CONSIGNMENTS. TOBACCO BAGGING. IMITATION SPANISH L:INEN, FANCY STRIPBS, And all klod of Goode used for puttiar up Smok iDE" Tobacco. .Al1o complete. a1110rtment of Aru.:ies for the Trade. I


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