The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (10 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
Time Period:
1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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v 0 L. XIII.---N 0. 50. [ESTABLISHED 1864.] NEW YORK, MONDAY, JANUARY 2t, 1878. lkt lolntctg [E8TA.BLISIIBD 1864,] PUBLISIDCD EVERY MONDAY MORNINC BY "THE TOBACCO LEAF" PUBLISHING COMPANY, U2 FlJLTON STREET, Jf.EW -YORIL Editor. EDW A.RD BURJCil, JOHN G. GRAFF, Business Manager. TJUIRS OF THE PA.PEH. :::: :::::::._ 1:: ::. :: _.._ ._.1o_ Sm :MoftD .............. ....................................... 2 .00 FRED'K ADVERTISING RATES. !IQlJA.RE (14 Nonpareil LlnM,) Over One One Year, OverTwoColumus, OoeYear, 864.00. do llonU... 10.011 do do 8lx llontbo, 28.00 do 'ftlree 10.00 do do Th""' llontbo, 15.00 Over Two .. .... $100.00 do ... (UOO do do llonths .. 28.00 Over Two lJa .... .. $*)0.00 do 8lx lllontlul .. $100.00 1 do do Three lllonths M.OO FIRifl' .a.GE-One ... -re, (14 Nonpareil Llnee,). Over Two Clabulmo, One Y..,.. .. .. . .. . . .. . $111 Oil Traoslent AdTert;J.sements on the Seventh Page, 20 Cen'b\ per for eacllinoertlOD. .Namea aad alone ln '' BWIID.e88 Dtrectory ct Advertisers.' Seventh Pap, One Y..,... .. . . .. . . . . .. .. ... 110.00 Remlttanceo for Advertloements &Dd Subscrlptlone ehould he made Invariably by Poot-Oftlce Order, Check or Regi&t..-ed Letter. Subecrlben not receiving their paper regularly will please inform us at once. & 0 co., 41 d! 43 Warren Street, New Yok, SOLE ACENTS FOR THE EL PRINCIPE DE REV "VVES'I." CIGARS, AND THE '' ,.,. I' 84 a ,a STREET, JI'BW YORK, Importers of Hava,na, Tobacco; ALSO MANUFACTURERS OF THE .lii:POBTEB.S OF ROSE HAVANA BRAND'' TOBACCO. 220 Pearl Street .. New York. ON, 33 STREE'I", N. York!' MANUFACTURERS OF THE "EL CLUB DE YATE" KEY DAVANA Cl B.S. 16 CEDAR STREET, PROPRIETOBS OF THE BRAND, ,t. us ... NEW YORK. CEI.D.A.:R,. CIGAR-BOX LUMBER! P1n.1sl:l.ed.. Fl.ead..y :ror Use. FIRST QUALITY at 3 %c. SECOND QUALITY at 2%c. POPLAR-1st QUALITY at $15 perM. Feet; 2d QUALITY at $13.50 perM. Feet. El't:J"].'I;l':J:)X..X].'I;l'Gr A.N':J:) O.A.H.'T.A.GrEI .A.:J:):J:):J.'TXC>].'I;l' .A.X... A.BOVE PRICES WILL REltlAIN UNTIL ADVISED. NO ORDER RECEIVED FOR LESS THA.N 1,000 Feet. G-:ElC>. 'VV. R.E.A..D co .. DIRIGO CIGAR FACTORY. elk CC.,. IANUPACTU BEBS 0 F FINE CI&!BS FRANK McCOY.) 101 BC> \IV ::&l"R Y. NEJ-,;1V fEDW ARD T. McCOY WILLIA1I WICKE AUG IWESLER IIANUFAarORERS, 1&3 to 161 Goerck Street, 'YOR.:K.. BEST MATERIAL & S Spanish, American and Gel'lllll Cigar Ribbons. 1, 18f8, .._. Y.U..W ............... :ztra .. H...,..,12ycla IL80 .. ..... No. I .. .. H 12ycla t.'lo ....... a....... 1.60 ....... Ia...... : 12Tcla 1.3& ....... a....... 12T'TXOE. AU Infringements oa thia Patent 'lrillbe Proeecuted to the tall extent of the Law. :A.LSO MANUFACTURER OF WElL & .CO., lkt lobattl NEW YORK, MONDAY, JANUARY 21, 1878. ABREAST OF THE TIMES. Tp. be in advance of all our contemporaries, whether daily or weekly, we devote a large portion of our regular space iii this issue together with a Supplement Sheet, to reports of proceedings connected with the subject of the tobacco ta.X. We look upon our labors for the week as evidence of j ournalistic enterprise, and doubt not our readers will entertain a similar view of the matter. THE TOBACCO-TAX IN WASHINGTON. MANUFA.CTUREJRS, DEALERS A.ND WARE HOUJJEMEN IN CONVENTION A.ND BEFORE THE COMMITTEE OF W A. YS A.ND M.EA.NS AND THE cOMMISSIONER OF IN-IMP OR. TER.&, to pay a generous and well-merited compliment to Dr. T R. Spence, of Cincinnati, a circumstance we are glad of an opportunity to chronicle THE CONVENTION. The tobacco manufacturers favoring a reduction of the tobacco tax metin convention at the Natioual Ho tel, Washington, on the evening of Monday, January 14th. The delegates named below were present on the as were, also, the following Senators and Representatives of the United States: Senators McCreary, of Kentucky; Johnson and Withers, of Vir ginia; and Herreford, of West Virginia. Representatives : Cabell, Tucker and Douglass, of Virginia; Rob bins, of North Carolina; Burchard, of Illinois ; Willis, of Kentucky; House, of Tennessee; Crittenden, of' Mis souri; and Judge Elam, of Louisiana. The, membera of the convention resolved themselves into a perma nent organization, to be known as the National Tobac co Association, with George C Ayres, of Danville, Vir ginia; as President, and C. H Conrad, of the same place, as Secretary. The discussion at this meeting took a wide range, embracing all the topics involved in the various questions relating to tobacco now before Congress. }4:r. Burwell opened in an elabomte address of nearly an hour's duration. He was followed succes sively by othe!delegates and the Senators and Repre sentatives, the latter evincing great interest in the pro ceedings, and appearing to be much impressild by the remarks of the speakers for the tobac co trade. The question of allowing farmers to sell tobacco to others than licensed or privileged buyers, was considered in -all its bearings. Probably never before was this bmnch of the tobacco question so thoroughly venti lated. A.t the close of the deliberations the delegates adjourned to meet on the following morning, Tuesday. Below will be found a full report of the proceedings on Tuesday. Possibly in one or two instances the re marks of speakers will appear in connection with the wrong name, as the names of delegates were not an nounced, when they rose to speak, and it was impos sible with the rapidity of the movements to obtain the names in!aJ.l!cases afterwards. PROCEEDINGS ON TUESDAY. The National Tobacco Association re-assembled in ro<1m 10 of the National Hotel, at 10 A 'M., on Tuesday the 15th. The meeting was called 01der by Mr. Geo. C. Ayres, the president of the association, who stated the object of the meeting, and added, that the privilege of the floor of the House of Representatives had been extended to the members of the association .Eie then called for the report of the' committee on resolutions, which had been appointed at tlie preliminary meeting, held the night before In resp<:mse, Col. W. P Burwell, of Richmond stepped forward anll presented the report, which the committee had agreed to ap.d instructed him to present to the association .recommending its adoption. The preamble' and reso lutions are substantially the same as those adopted by the Tobacco Board of Trade of Louisville, Ky:-. There were present at the meeting the following named gentlemen: Col. W. P. Burwell representing Cincinnati and Richmond L H. Frayser, J. Leigh Jones, P H. Mayo ; all of Richmond; C. B Raine, of C .A. Jackson & Co., Petersburg; G. W. Smith, of Lynchburg, his associates, J. M. Booker, R. T Lacy and W. H. Lloyd having previously returned home; C. G. Holland, J. J. Talbott, Goo. C. Ayres, Conrad, who also represented W T Blackwell & Co., of Durham, N.C., 'of W. S: of Va. : B. F. Parlett. Loms W arrmgto'!: J. B. Staff oro, Edward Norville, of Baltimore;' M .1!<. McDowell of Philadelphia; T A.llen, New York; and Harry .Weis singer, of L<>uisville. Mr D. Hirsch, of New York was among the visitors. The preamble and resolutions by the committee of the National Association, .were as follows: WmcREAS, It has been evident. from the 3d of March, 1875, the date of the passage of the bill increasing the tax on tobacco to twenty-four cents per pound, and that now, after nearly three years of sad experience it amounts to a positive knowledge that the present excessive tax of twenty-four cents on tobacco pre cludes a remunerative profit to the and dealer; and WHJtREAs, the average price of leaf tobacco is about five cents per pound, and the average price of manufactured tobacco forty-six cents per pound, which makes a greater percentage of difference than ever existed before between the raw and manufactured ar.ticle ; and WHEREAS, A.n artificial value placed directly on a article has much to do with the check in}iof its consumption j and _HEREA.S,A decrease ef the tax would not only lo er manufactureP. article, and thereby cau!le an increased consumption. but, we believe, enhance the of_ the raw material, and thereby restore a just eqmhbrmm between the raw and manufactured arti cle ; and WHEREAS, The high tax checks the natural increased consumption of manufactured tobacco, diverts it to the raw material, and encourages the growing of it in truck patches, and consumption thereof much to the detriment of the culture of tobacco as a commer cial product, and to the interests of-the manufacturer; and WHEREAS, tJ:Ie enhanced. value of currency and the depreCiated pnce of labor mto consideration the present tax is much greater than it was during highest times of general taxation; and WHEREAS, During the pending of the tax questionin Congress an almost complete cessation of the manufacturing of tobacco will take place; and WmcREAS, .we know that a prompt reduction of the tax would result in the profitable revival of all bmnches of this industry; therefore, Resolved That it is .the belief of the National Tobac co Association, that the tax on inanufactured tobacco should be reduced to at ltllll:lt twelve cents per pound at the earliest possible time. Mr. Talbott, of Virginia. offered as a substitute to the resolution the foHowing:Resolved> Therefore, that we approve the bill intro duced by the Hon. George C. Cabell i.ri 'the following features only, viz:-To'reduce this 'tax to 1-? cents per pound, and to allow a drawback oLthe difl'eren ce between the new and the oJd rates of all tli&stocks stamped in the manufacturers' hands, their agents and others at the time the new l a w takes e ffect. Mr. Cabell's bill was introduce'd. in the House of Representatives November 5, 1877, read twice referred to the Oo=ittee of Ways and Means an. d to be printed. It is now pending in that Co=ittee having been referred by the Chairman, Mr. Wood, tO a Sub-Committee on the Internal Revenllle, consisting


J .JilaX. FOIUifA!C-M. J DOHAN. THOS. CARROL!. DOBAI, OABBOLL & TOBACCO Commission Mercha,nts, 104 FRONT ST-REET, BOX t386. NEW YORK. "' p TU for the well-known and reliable Manufacturers : W. J, YIRIROU8H I SOlS, c. T. II.FOID, L I. nAYSER I CO., R. w I OLIVER' .tOIII W CliROU, lid. others SOLE AGEN'I'S FOR THE ORIGINAL Stocks of Manufactured Tobaceo of Every Suitab le f o r the Home Tr.ade a n d for Forciv n Matlrets. Co:n.s'ta:n. 't1y o:n. d.. lTBE VIRGINIA TOBACCO AGENCY, ::m.-ta.bllah.ed. :J.aae. .T.&S. Bl. GA;RDIXBB., TOBACCO GOIIISSION MERCHANT, 84 FRONT STREIET, NEW YORK _.._.;;;;X;;_PO.;_;;R;;.;;T_;O,;;;;R;.;;,;DB;;;;;l\;;;;,I,.;.FO.;;,;R;;..:_;PL;;.;;U,:_G ,.;.TO;;,;B;:.AC;;.;;C,:_O .:.,PR:;;O;;;;;M;;;;,P'I';;;;;L;_:,Y,.;.II'IL.=:;:LB;::D:.;_ -ALl!:XA!IDER lil AITLA!ID. L. F. S MA C L E HOSE R OB ERT L M AITLAND. ROBERTL. MAITLAND &: CO,, Tobacco Factors. ADd General Commission Merchants, 43 Broad Street, New York, ., 43 LIBERTY STREET, (1'. o.Box 36l1Bl lEW YORK, IIIIPORTEB.S OF Mm_ach&umJ Briar Cby w n o Ul 0 w 0 Xeufact,nrm' Agents for the sale of all Popular llr&1141 of YIRCINIA, NORTH CAROLINA It WESTERN Ka.nufa.ctured, Smoking & Fine-Cut Tobaccos, AGENTS FOR .JOHN F. ALLEN & CO.'S RICHMOND, VA.., BRA.NDII OF 8110Kil!IG TOBACCOS AND CIGARETTES, SAJI. AYBESt dJJ"''CO," ete. DJIIPO"l' FOR .J. W. CARROLL'S LO .. E .JACK, BROWN DICK, eto. LOUISIANA PEIUQUE, Ct' &Dol Ia Carrot.. G. W. HANTSC H JD PACKER.S OF SEED LEAF TOBCCOS CIGARS. NEW YORK. I. 11. CRAWJOID, TQEACC6 LABELS, .. LEAF TOBACCO; I MPORTER It D E A LE R. m :1'0& .6.JI'D MANlU'.&CTVlLJID Hli.&COO FURNI SHED 'tJy 1e.s Water HATCH LITH.OORAP.HIC COM-P-ANY, NEW AGENTS F O R THE WOCL-KNOW N "' 0 .a. ::a.t: ::m B. <> N' '' BraDd& of Tobacco Man..C.....ied Exprellllly f()r EXPORT TO A USTRALIAN and OTHER. :32 ... AND DEALERS IN. Office: 643 PENN STREET; and fOREIGN PORTS: AT I'V lllnJR c j WVDQlT & co AUSTRALIAN TWUT-IT. AllfDREWs, li6.AA.l1JJ AJilJUl .R \ 'I VBlnJS, CABLE, OUR GAXB, BLACK Rj,oJ:aaD.o:a.d., "V&o DIAMOND. AUSTILALJA.N LUMPS-SIGNET OF VIRGINIA, VBl!IUI, ALL THill RAG.I!l FLOWER OF ALL N ATIOII!I. ENGLISH LUIIPS-PRIIICB ALFRED. cAmow & BRO .. TWIST-RAVEN, MA::Ii"'eier."bur 'Va.;; AUIITRALJA.Jr LUIIPS-TWO lEAS, ,.. ...., OUR CHIEF, ORION. INDIAN LUIIPS-HAVELOCK, CIIAR MER, tit-C ENGLISH LUIIPS-VICTOBY, ROYAL NAVT,AC. SOUTH AMERICAN LUIIPS-LA DE LICI A L A F ELICIDAD. !<'. C LnmE. C. F LINDE. C. C. HAMILTON. S. MARCOf\0. R. AsHCROFT. :N'E"WV' SHED LEAF TOBACCO INSPECTION TOBACCO INSPECTED OR SAMPLED. Oerttftoates give n for every case, and deU .,.ered case by caee, as to number of Certificate. N. B.-We Also Sample in Merchants' Own Stores. F. C. LINDE & CO., Philadc!Dhia Branch-E. W DICKERSON, Corner Arch and Water Str88ts. PBINCJIPAL WATER STREET, and to 188 PEARL S TREET. W ATER, '74, 78 k 78 GREENWICH S TREETS, and HUDSON RIVER RAILROAD DEPOT, ST JOHN' S PARK. -BENSEL & CO., TOBACCO INSPHCTORS, WATER STREET, NEW YORK. SYRA C US E BRANCH:= a. P HI11R" c o 11L111IJU de ........ J Ft. D ECKER. BALTIIIlORJt do E .WlSCHMEY KRI!:CO JIARTJORD do ....... W W BSTPHAL. HATFlltl.D, l!laao. do . . J .t P t;ARL. CHA'S nNXE&CO TOBACCO INSPECTORS, 155. WATER ST., NEW YORK. C O tTNTRY' !lAMPL lNG PROIUPTLY ATTENDED TO. PHILADELPHIA BRANCH:-JONAS MHZ. 64 North Front St. D J. GART H, .CHARLI:II Jl. G ARTH HENRY SCH ROEDER. D. J. Garth, Son&, Co., COMMISSION 44 Broad S'tree't, N v. 1 BRANCH HOUSE: & CO., 390 MAIN STREET, IUP STAIRS) LOUISVILLE, Ky. Jl![. P.&.UCOI'f0 THOS. CARROLL, Pa."U.cen &, C&.rrc:ll, COMMISSIO. N MERCHANTS FOR THE SALE OF Kentucky and Virginia Leaf 50 BROAD ST., NEW YO:QK. AoEN c r&s H ,OROENSTEIN 306 Broadway, 4(-)o Lobcnstein & Gan.s, 101 Maid e n Lane. :n.:m.&.:oe-Yc;:, ;p ..a;. .. ::.: . . REFERENCES. LEVI OOHN, P r oprie t o r 1 2 Greene Street, ALBANY, N.Y. )tessrs M W. M endel & Bro., New York City. M e!'srs. Kenda:ll, C lock & Co., Binghamton, N Y. L. Simons & Bro. 11 J Cohill & C o Chicago Ill M. )I. Smith, ..,. Wusolll B ros .. Detroit;:MiCb f'"' .... :; Sutro & Newmark, 11 11 Tin c k CUlar )(fg. Co., Sprln.ldle l d. II' 0. r. M e rryma n & Co. Da1timore, :i\l d. Ordenst:Clu & C o., Snn Francisco, Ca l. FANCY SMOKING PIPES -IN-BRIER AND FANCY WOODS, MANUFACTURED BY HARVEY a FORD, .... SALESR.OOII-386 & 381 CANAL &TR.EET, Jf'EW rOBK. PLACE, PRILADllLP'JDA, 1Vo. 88 Chambers Street, Tork.. ,s:::r OARL 'VV'EIS, MANUFACTURER O F 11W1: E :El ::E1.. & 0 :EI: .A. U ::M AND AMBER GOODS, 3918 GRAND ST., NEW YORK. AND VIENNA,l: Austria. J NO. T. HAl'l.RIS, -s. R. BOWMAN: BUEHLER tc P ,OLHAUS, MANiiFACTUaEOOTiiiiECo, No. 102 FRONT STREET, 83 Chambers and 66 Reade Streets, New York. N'e-vv"York... 8 E. -r--. E. P. Gn. oo.,. s ... E. 'lBUrDSOR Bt. CO., Ci.\ B.EUSENS, AID I PAtTW. TO CO hntral ComMisslte ltrabants, J S4 & s 6 BROAD ST., aD MOAD STREET, r. o. Bolt 3098 !lEW TORE. NEW YORIL F. w T A TGKNHORsT. H S1aaaT. F. W. TATGEMHORST & CO., OftiiGn & BROTHER\ I 'rO::BACCO KENTUCKY -AND&mm CIDimDI lltRAITS.t LEAF T 0 B A C 68 B R O A D STREET, I 48 .___ XEW YQBK. -Tork.. M. E.BALOKON 1W. &. EL PACKERS OF SEED LEAF, AND INPORTERS OF-Havana Tobacco ai1d Cigars, 95 Z....A.:NE, JSrEI"VV YOR.B::. Rokohl Bros Soelter, MANUFACTURERS OF FINE CIGARS, LEERET & BLASDEL, MANU FACTURERS OF Cigar Eozes 168 & 170 East Water St., SYRACUSE, N. Y. Dealers \n HEPPENHEI MER It MAURus CIG A R ... cs .. FELIX-ARCIA PORTER OF T HJI B RAND OF de :trt.C.'' lmporten of SP A.NISH and Deal e rs in I.EAF TOBACCO; IIERCBAl'fTS ANI> PACKBR.S OF SEED LB.A.F, 131 Malden Lane. New York. H. KOENIG, W H O LESALE DEALER IN' RAVAIA AND S EED LHAI No. 329 Bowery, New York. B. SUBBRT, WHOLESALE DEALZil I N -AMD-LEAF TOBACCO, 14 North Canal Street, CHICAGO ILL. B. SCHOVERLIIG, ALL KINDI OF SHHD. LHAP TOBACCO. c "2 WATER ST. NEW YORX.ii 'flil'" Packifto( House l n New M ilford. Conn. W. SCHOVERLIIIG .. CO. l No. IS BURLINC SLIP N:&.&R W.AtTE&!Jnl.EEr, NEW-YORK. HAVA'A .TOBACCO _N"E_ w_TOR_lt. G. BE ISM AN 1\1', CX<31-'.A.R.S, CARL UPMANN, commission Merchant, 1 '67 WATER ST., New York. TOBACCO 'TheaJveBrandof-LeaflsReg ia General Mercbant; lEAf T .OBACCQ, ll. L. GASSU.T. J. L. GASSERT A COmSSION URCIWITS. 1 7'8 Pearl Street, 1SS Pearl Street, JSr:III"VV YC>:R.:&:.. NEW YORK. N. L!CIIBNBRUCH & BRO., WM. Mp PRICE, AND DEALJI:RS IN ALL KINDS O F No. 164 Water Street, New York, T&BACCO, LEAF TOBACCO, W'MOLB$1\L& I K No. 160 W,.ter St.. New fork. 19 :Maiden Lane, HAVANA It DOMESTIC L. GERSBEL 1: BRO., NEW YORK. Le:f Tobacco. P ACKERS AND DJULERS IN M. W EHDEL 1: BRO. MANUFACTURERS OF CIGARS SEED LEAF TOBACCO, 191 PEARL STREET, AND DEALERS I N LEAF TOBACCO, NEW YORK. BOWERY, NEW YORK. J. A. HARTCORN, Manufacturer of Fine Cig,ars, And Dea.ler in LGAF :21 BOWERY; "'h-....-" _7l&W YOBK. 0 :.-.,-, \


JAN. 2 1 JACOB BIIKELL, MANUFACTt!RE1 CIGAR 9 BOXES, SUPERIOR MAX.E AND Prime Quality of A H. SCOVILLE CC l tSUCCESSOR8 TO PALMER .to SCOVILLE,) IKPOB. Tli::S.S Olr SFANISH AND JOBBERS IN ALL KLND S OF LEAF TOBACCO, 1'1'o. U'O WA'l'I:B. STB.::'1', IDIW YOBK ooJflfEC:iTICUT sEED LEAF WRAPPER. or ouR oWN PACltDfG, CEDAR WOOD, STRAITON di -295 & St. MANUFACTURERS OF NEW YORK. ." BASCH a: FISCHER, D4PORTERS OF HAVANA AND PACKERS OF A.ND DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO, 178 & 180 PEARL STREET, NEW YORK. SliD LBAP -TUBAC CD,' ;wE HEREBY CAUTION AL L PARTIES INFRINGING UPON OR IMITATINC OUR BRANDS, LABEL S AND TRADEMARKS, 155 Water St., that we w ill spare no pains in prosec uting such parties in protectin9 the :111earK&idenLne, NEW YORK. rights secured to u s by Act of Congress dated 14,1876 TftJ .. &EBIAI AIIIICAI -BAll, STRAITON & STORM. This Space is Resetved ()a_v.tal, $1.,000,000, I < Eftry acUity alfor ded to Dealen and Correapoaden bl coo aia teo.t wit h Sound Baokinar. B. R.OCROLLo Prell d ent. ""-- P. REA..DJ111G 1 Cashier. 8. & STERNBERGER. FDII&I m B-l'fo, PLACE, l'l Y. Dri.w Billa o r Exchange on the principal dtlet of Europe; Issue Circa Jar Letters of Credit to Travelers, and grant Commercial Credi1s; rr.ceive M(ney on Deposit, subjec to Slaht Checks, upon wh lch inter est will be aJiowed; pay particular ._ttentton to the N erotlat ton of Loans 1 Special attention give n to Buying Selling ot California Dividend-Paying Mining Stocks. And Dealer in Domestic LEAP TOBACCO,-166 Water Street, 'NEW Y OBK. M:. H. SMITH, O F BAND -lADE CIGARS, No. 42 VESEY STREET, NEW YORK. THE lOBBING TRADE SO LICITED O N L Y TBOM.IS G LITTLE, TOBACCO SWEATING, I 92 Pearl Street, ln:'W 'I"O:aJL SAWYER,. WALLACE & CO., CODISSION .MERCHANTS, No. 47 Broad Street, NEW YORK. _,; _____ A. H. CARDOZO, TOBACCO & COTTON FACTOR\ AND r &utral Co alsslon lerohait. J(o 66 BROAD X ..,.. -------. FOR J E. S A xToN, Sec'yand Treas. HIRA M GRANGEJt, Supt. WALKBH, CD., MANUFACTURERS OF 1S RJ:VJ:NGTON NE'W YORK, Proprietors of the Celebrated Brands "REPUBLIC" a n d ''HIGH AllD DB.Y." Oth.M" FAnrlte Rnnds made order. OFFICE &. K. coon & en. 92 Chambers St. THE ABOVE IS AN IMPRINT OF OUR oza-.a.::a. &T A "'TP OANOEZ J"'&'!El.. ndorftd by the Prlnc.ipal Manufacturers ... > PRICB O F ST.<iP, with Maullfacturers' name, Lor. : ati.on, Box et Dales good for Eight Years, Pads, Figures, etc. complete, 14.50 C. 0 D. JOHN 'VV. CARROLL, Sole Manufacturer of the Famous and WQrld-reuowned Brand oi VIRCINIA SMOKINC TOBACCOS, LONE JACK AND BROWN DICK, Manufactory: TWELFTH STREET, LYNCH BURG, VA. BrderaresoectfulJy ..!2!!!!_ed and ilttesaded to. Pr;ce Lbt aeat: AND ll-'IPOKTE K S AND lliANUFACTlJK EKS OF PIPES AND SMOKERS' ARTICLES, 129 and 131 GRANP ST., ua:::: n NEW YORK. TRUS TEEIN_ BANKRUPTCY OF OFFERS FOR sALE, FOR CASH, V. V .ALL.AURI, 1260 BROADWAY, NEW YORK, DIRECT IMPORTATION OF Tnrkisb Loaf Tobacco and ALSO MANUFACTURER OF FIIE-tUT YEIIIIJE AKD CIGARETTES. .Cope's, Tobacco A MONTHLY JOURNAL for SMOKERS. EBNEST FREISE ,. (FORMERLY OF THE FIRM OF WALTER FIUEDMAN & FREISE,) IIIPORTER OF LEAF TOBACCO, 157 Water Street, New York. LEVY BRO THERS, of' FINE CIGARS 70 and 72 BOWERY, NEW YORK ECKMEYER &: co., -THE GODERGIAL AGENCY )48 BROAD I 48 lEW STREETS, 109 &. Ill WORTH ST. SOLE AGNTS FOR THE U. S OF 'Y"o:rk.. lnssian & Turkish Tobacco McKILLOP & SPRAGUE co. -OF, COMPAGNIE L APERlE ST. PETERSB U RG, MOSCOW. WAR-r&tlngs of merchants. SAW ODESSA., DRESDEN. Associated Oftlces ot the principal cities ol the NEW YORK, P.o. Box 47i6. Uplt

4 KINOR EDITORIALS A.ND NEWS ITEMS o& BENT A warehouse with a fac li es to packing. nea Jbrietta close to railroad In cente or be& tob&cco-fatmlng land n LaDeaste County Pa. size QO by 36 feet, tine cella amp e stMage ,_, AddrHB DA VlD ]I( EYER, Schock a Mills, Pa. lA FOR SALE SEVENTY 0) OASES Oll' FINE OLD RE IIWEA.T PENNSYLVANIA OU'M'INGB EXTRA QUALITY BY GuoouM & SoHJ:.OSSER 15 RrvlNGToN ST NEw YoRK THERE are no brands of Smok ng Tobacco on the market more popular than those of Love Among the Roses and Lo$: Cab n made by Messrs C H. Con ra.d & Co DanVIlle V a manufactured of the finest Vtrgm a leaf They possess a flavor most delightful CAUTION roC GAilltUlroi'.&C'J"tJB.DDI. Box M.utaM AlfD LITB:ooJU.PIIDI Jla'rinc recei ed ntonnation ha certa n peraons are imita ina" ou ...,.d of rmported RoKZO AIOunds of tobacco at at m e and I must have tobacco that ts not put on the reven e book then I must have some for my own c gars I can t pay taxes on all my c gars There are so many c gars that are be ng carr ed around n baskets by tenement house vorke sand the r agents and others packed n old boxes all of wh ch never pay a cent to the Government that when I ask apr ce for my goods wh c h would enable me to pay the Govern ment I am laughed at and If I want to live I must do as others d o And these men tell no more than the naked truth Go to some of the ord nary saloons or observe the peddler m the streets and see If anyone could d scover by the appearance of the c gar box from wh ch they sell f they had been new wtthm the last two years These are all old boxes filled over 11-nd over aga n by the illiCit manufacturers w th c gars procured from tenement house workers These goods do not furn sh the large manufacturers wtth a compe tttton for the most of them are poor tnuJh to say the least But the_y rob the Government and press heavtly upon the smaller manufacturers and makes them wbat they would prefer not to be-dtshonest m their deal ngs w th the Government Th s bUI;mess of II c t manufadunng IS grow ng for there IS away m which t can be done and there are those who would rather bu;r ill c t goods than legtttmate procured at tl e same pr ce It s the duty of the Government to suppress thts traffic 1f t IS n their power OBSERVER OBITUARY PB.A.NI NEVIN Frank Nevm of the firm of Nevm & Mills d ed yes terday at the house of h s old fnend A C Cutler n Vassar Tuscola County M chigan after an llness of several months durat on "'hich he bore "' th patience He was born m Ireland arne to Amer ca when he was qmte young and d ed at the age of flfty-etght years HIS life was one of busmess acttv ty and prommence Two c ties Lomsville and DetrOit honored him for his h gh commerc al ab lity and mtegrtty In the forme tty he was well known as a youth of pronuse and worked hts way steadtly from one posit on to another until he obtamed the recogmt on of the mercant le commumty as a safe and lead ng man He came to Detroit from Lou sville nearly a quarter of a century ago and soon became known here as a member of the prom nent firm of K C Barker & Co Here he soon acqmred a reputat on and succeBB whtch attended hrm until h s death and wh ch won for him the respect of bus ness men He left this firm to JOin wtth Hon Merrill I M lis m the establishment of the large tobacco house of Nevm & M lis n wh ch lie contmued a part ner until h s death The prospertty and standmg of thiS house are household words n M ch gan and through the country The relatiOns between h m and the late K C Barker as well as between him and Mr Mills wore not snnply those of bus ness but assumed the form of personal and faro ly fr endship 1tfr Nev n was a !SOldier m the semce of the Umted States d u ng the Mex can war was a member of the Detro t Commandery of Kmghts Templar for a penod of ove r twenty years to the t me of his death and an old Henry Clay Wh g n poht cs but after the d sband ment of hts party he became a Democrat ThiS IS a short sketch of an eventful life-a hfe m wh ch a poor enugrant boy worked for and attained the poSit on of a great merchant Dunng th s penod he not only acqu red a fortune for himself but by the wtse use of capital and abtlity helped to ennch others The firms with lfh ch he was connected have been large factors m the elements of Detro t li gro and he nvested hJS means w th his partner Mr M lls n stove wo ks and othei enterpr ses which are and long have been regarded as great publ c benefits To hJS employees he was the kmdest of employers and t may be doubted tf among the thousands who have worked for hnn there JS one wb,o will not regret his decease No name n Detroit had more devoted fr ends and no man was a truer fr end than he He was 1 beral n hJS expend tures and char table Few men gave more to the de serv ng He was tenac ous of his r ghts respected the nghts of others and unfimching m liJS duty to every h man bemg who had a clatm upon him It may be sa d of hrm truthfully w thout ntrudrng upon h s pr vate relat ons that to brothers and s sters nephews and n eces his generosity was only lnntted by their necesslttes In h m the ctty of Detro t loses one of her leadmg men-men whose worth to the bus ness health of the commun ty and the prosper ty of c tiZens 111 ncalcul able Detro t F ee PrC88 Mr Nevm was well known m this ctty among mem hers of the trade and by them was h ghly respected He was a valued friend of the firm of Messrs L Ger schel & Brother of this ctty The loss of a man hke Mr Nev n s not only a loss to h s own commuruty but to the whole trade throughout the country CORRESPONDENCE Owners Wanted BALDWINSVILLE ONONDAGA Co l N Y Janu"ry 8th 1878 I Messrs D BuCHNER & Co 213 and 215 Dua e Street New York C ty Ge tlemen-The books of the Delaware L & W R R at th s statiOn Bald show three bales of leaf tobacco (Havana) to have been shipped from New York c ty and cons gned to Wm Weller of Baldwms vtlle December 3d 1875 Fre ght charges $1 76 lfetght 390 lbs and delivered December 6th 1875 At the t1 ne of the am val of the tobacco here Weller had sold out hts stock and trade to the McGmgan Bros and had d sappeared Weller had for some months preVIous to November 5th 1875 been carrymg on the manufacture of ctgars here and also kept a c .:!'ar store The tobacco n guest on was d mped mfro 1tof the store of the McGu gan and them placed n store Soon after th s one Dr Jat es E H lts a dent st domg busmess here cla med to o n the tobacco+.. and sold the same and collected of the McGu gan vros the pay therefor The cons gnors of th s tobacco are not known here but It s supposed to have been sh1pped by your house and never pa d for Should this prove to be the case you wtll doubtless be pleased to learn that t s possibl& to collect of Hilts the value of the tobacco If the tobacco was not sh pped by your house please take a l ttle pa ns m the mtet es t of frur dealmg to ascerta n who sh pped the tobacco and mform your servant CAPT R D PETTIT to P Lo1 illard & Co Office of D B chner & Co Nos 213 and 215 Duane St New York -EDITOR LEAF Dear Str In the ssue of the Herald of the 3d a letter s gned P Lorillard & Co appeared concernmg the now much ag tated quest on of the tobacco tax and as some of the oonclus10ns arr ved at by the author of the same are erroneous you would confe a favor on us by g vmg our opm on on the same questwn space n your valu able JOUrnal We have been connected w th the man ufactur ng of tobaccos all through the dtfferent stages of taxes when they were ra sed ag well as when reduced and we have mvanably found that the change of the same never vaned the result of the year s busmess as m the case when the tax was ra sed we were very busy for a month or so prev ous to the advance and had little to do for a month or so thereafter and n case of reduction JUSt th& reverse were the results and tf as P L & Co assert, the ag:ttatwn of the quest on at the ttme has nad already such a dlSSStrous result then t would be mfimtely better for Congress to step m and finiSh up the busmess no "' by reduc ng the tax to a JUStifiable hnut and keep tt at that until we can diSpense w th t altogether for accordmg to the r own theory to drop the quest on now tate 1t agam at some future sess on of Congress wh ch ts sure to be the case would subJect the manufacturer to anotl er heavy lOBS But we hold on an average the factones are not domg any less now on account of the ag tat on of the tax quest on Our own exper ence IS that we have not sold one pound of tobacco less but on the contrary our orders bave mcreased for the past few months and we have t from good authonty that D H McAlpm & Co the next largest manufacturers to P L & Co m this sect on of the country have turned out more tobacco w th n the past two months than they have n a similar pertod for several years past ThiS proves nothmg however one way or the other the fact IS if some factor es employ only half the usual number of thetr help now and tf others have closed up the case must be looked for m the low pt ces whtch have been ruhng for manufactured tobaccos There was a tnne when th s busmess was a good one and speculat ve people had an dea the only thmg necessary to make a fortune n this busmess was to put up a factory and run t Manufactones sprung up the same as ron furnaces paper mtlls and other like enterpr ses the rroducts of wh ch far exceeded the demand hence the great compet ton which has brought rum u:pon many of the prdpnetors As to the tax Itself nothmg more need be sa d except that It IS h ghly unJust unw se and detnmental to the mdustry m questiOn as no mdustry can develop tself properly when on an average three fifths of the proceeas of tts products goes to the Government The tax on to bacco ts prop01 tionately larger n thiS country than m any other coUntry m Europe where the govern ments depend also to a large extent on t for revenue In Engla td for lllStance all dut es on nn ports and manufacturmg taxes are almost as perma nent as the planets and when a deficiency does occur m the revenue t s ahnost nvartably remedted by an mcrease of a fract on of a percentage on the ncome tax If our Congress would fix a tariff as well as m ternal revenue ta:xes reasonably stable and endurmg and levy a seal ng ncome tax begmmng wtth $1 000 to $5 000 or over reduce or ncrease the rate at each ses s on of Congress as the necessity of the treasury may requ re then the tradesman as well as the manufac turerneed not fear these constant agttat ons and con sequent al f!uctuat ons of wh c h Mess s P L & Co complam There would also b e more JUStiCe m com pellmg those who can well afford It to help carry on the Government of makmg one class pay near ly one fifth of the whole there would be more JUSttc& to compel P L & Co and others who ares tuated like them to pay somethmg out of the r tmmense ncomes toward defraymg the expenses of the Government than to make farmers mechanics and laborers pay cents for every ounce of tobacco they may se Last ly if tobacco 1s so heavily taxed on account of Its bemg a luxury we would suggest that other luxur ous art cles such as candy coffee tea gold watches pleasure carrtages and horses yachts and many other art cles whtch the wealthy can only enJOY be taxed and the proceeds of the same be deducted on the to bacco tax Whether thiS be done by a d scount or otherw se IS tmmaterial If a plan of taxation like the above suggested one was adopted by Congre!lll the treasury would not su1Ier the tradesman and manu facturer would be better off and the wealthy classes could not be aggneved by such a reasonable change D BUCHNER & Co Reported Failures and Busrness Arranaements ATLANTA GA Jordan & Loyd Tobacco fa ng cond t on AuBURN N Y -Chas Low Ciga s cha e mortga0e for $443 84 BuRLINGTON lA -Jacob Ockert C gars chattel mortgage for $400 BALT MORE Mn -Geo W Speake Tobacco and C gars judgment_aga nst for ,296 59 Joseph R Werwg Tobacco and Manufacture of C gars fa led BoYERTO r;N P -Dav d Engle Cigar Manufacturer ass gned CINCINNATI 0 -S Goldsm th & Co C ga B and Tobacco at tached by shenfi CmCAGO ILL L Leon C gars judgment of eco d DETRO T MlCH -W !son Bros C gar Manufacturero chattel mo tgage for $10 000 GAL oN 0 -W P Mader Toba co lef\ for pa s nknown HARTFORD CoNN Jame Goodacre Tobacco and Cigars ofier ng to comprom se at 25 cen s INn ANAPOLIB hm -August Root C gar Manufacturer real estate mortgage for $200 KANSAS CITY Mo A. Schultz C gars and Tobacco offermg to compromiSe MILWAUKEE W 8 -H K Phillips C gars and Tobacco ap pi ed for rei ef m bankruptcy li:ONTRE.U. PROV OF QUEBEC -Wm Cunwngham attached NEw YoRK Manuel Gonzales C gas ass gned Mandev I e & S g er C gars applicat on made to fo ce n o bankruptcy John F Sooge C gars ass 1gned PEORIA ILL W L Curt s Cigars advertiSed to be sold out by sheriff RocHESTER N Y -Feltenste n & Blumbe g C gar Manufac turers Judgment agamst for fi52 20 ST LoUis Mo -Jos Zimmere C gars trust deed gtven for ,1300 STRATFORD PRov oF ONT -R H Coulter Tobacco a tached To -EDO 0 -S ockton B os C gars chattel mortgage for $400 WmTE HAVEN PA W H Fatrchild JUdgment aga nst for $200 Yonx PA.-Chalfant & Jllyers C gar Box Manufacturers exe cut ons IBsued for $6 800 JAN 21 would be requ red only that if he sells the tobacco and del vers the export cert ficates he must gtve such mformat on to the Collector as w II enable him to be sure that the tobacco IS actually exported He should g ve not ce the manufacturer does Mr Stratton asserted that the decreased revenue from ctgars 111 due solely to two reasons first the fac 1 ty wtth which flo c gar maker can buy a small quantity of leaf secondly the fact that no tax s pa d upon Cigars made from such leaf The Durham Trade Matk WASHINGTON January 15 Judge Hui;hes m the Umted States Ctrcu t Court at Alexandna Va yesterday delivered an mportant de:ClSIOn n the case of W T Blackwell & Co vs W E D1brell & Co known as the Durham tobacco case The dec BlOn s elaborate and concludes as follows -The use of the pnnc pal charactertStiCs of the r trade mark by manufact trers not conductm_g thetr bus ness at Durham IB a deceptiOn put upon the pubhc and may be enJomed on that ground alone rrespec t vely of the trade mark rtght The use of the trade mark mvented by Green under which he and his s c cessors built up hiS trade and built up the town of Durham 1 ke the use of the word Akron n the etors of the commerc al art cle beanng that name belongs exclusively to the sue essOis of Green and the court should secure 1ts exclus ve use to them I had some doubt whether n a I t gat on between Blackwell & Co on one hanEI. and the defendants not do ng busmess m the town of Durham on the other tt was competent for the court to decree that Blackwell & Co have the exclus ve nght to the use of the word and symbol charactenz ng the r trade mark but 1t IS competent for us to render a decree respons ve to the Issues made up by the allegations and demals of the blll and answer ,_one of wh ch IB this r ght of excluBive use claimed by vlackwell & Co As between the com pla nants and defendants m th s smt therefore we may so decree even though other persons than the defendants m thts record be not bound by the decree About Tobacco Frauds [F om the New Yo k Tribune W A8HINGTON January 10 The ComiDlSsJOner of In tarnal Revenue has recently had some very nterest mg mtervtews wtth Mr John Stra ton of Stratton & Storm New York large c gar manufacturers whose bus ness here was to prevent if poss1ble the strik ng c gar makers from illic tly recetvtng small suppl es of leaf tobacco from dealers and others The collect ons from c gars and Cigarettes durmg the last fiscal year were as follows Cigars taxed at $6 per 1 000 Cigars taxed at $5 per 1 000 C garettes taxed at $1 25 per 1 000 C garettes taxed at $6 per 1 000 Total for year ended June 30 Total for year ended June 30 Decrease 43 994 The receipts from these "Sources have m proportion largely decreased smce June owmg to the strike but some nftuential persons have trted to make It appear that the decrease was chtefiy due to an ncreased use of c garettes Mr Stratton satd the strike of course had a great deal to do w1th the recent falling off but that wtth the extens on of trade last year the decrease shown nstead of mcrease m the manufacture of ctgars pay ng tax as there should have been was not caused by the mcreased use of cigarettes but by fraud upon the revenue wh ch the Comm BB oner had the power to 11top and should stop as a matter both of duty and patnot sm The Commtsstoner sa d he was j;lad of the suggest on and des red reformat on upon th s po nt Mr Stra ton sa d that t stood to reason that an n creased use of c garettes would not lower the tax be cause four c garettes would pay about the same tax as one c gar and that a c garette smoker .. ould smoke more than four c garettes for every c gar smoked by a ctgar smokflr so that mstead of the use of Cigarettes reducmg the revenue t ought to mcrease It by the snnplest rule of ar thmetiC Mr Stratton adm tted that the use of c garettes has greatly mcreased but sa d that the trade n them was a spasmod c one and never bothered the c gar manufacturers because t takes a spurt once n a "'hile and d es out ltke a fash on m shoes The smoker always returns to the solid comfort of h s c gar or p pe as the l votee of fashion does at last to h s comfortable e Mr Stratton quoted the summary of the Comm n h s report on tobacco and sa d It was only necessary to carry t out as he would suggest and nearly all the frauds would be stopped The summary referred to after show ng what had been done s as follows These results are bel eved to be largely due to those provJS ons of law whtch were ntended to gtve to the Government a general ontrol over the movements of raw or leaf tobacco regulat ng ts sale transfer and shipment and prevent ts bemg sold for d rect con sumpt on w thout the payment of any tax and m com petit on wtth manufactured and tax pa d tobacco and n my optmon a cont nuance of those features of sard law ts necessary to ma ntam the present amount of re cetpts from the same source The fraud satd Mr Stratton begins on the tobacco plantat on It s not commttted by the planter but through the buyer of small quant ttes of tobacco that busmess s too loosely conducted You can go at any t me to the farnter and ask hnn how much tobac co he has sold and to whom he sold It and he will answer as far as his nformat on goes He may even gtve the names of Snuth Jones and Brown who clatm to be licensed dealers n leaf tobacco but who may not have been But your agents seldom ask for special mfonnat of fa -mers and if they d d 1t would be generally unsat sfactory It ts the duty of the revenue officer under the law to follow tobacco from the leaf to the tax paid or exported manufactured arttcle and no law linuts the power Mr Stratton then out the necessity of reqwnng the farnter to assure htmself that the buyer of h s leaf IS a duly licensed dealer m or manufacturer of tobacco He satd the lots of leaf purchased of farmers an

JAN. 21 THE DOMESTIC TOBACCO MARKETS 11'0R THE WEEK ENDING SATURDAY, .JANUARY 18. NEW YORK.-The leaf tobacco market m its en tirety may be reported fa1rly active for the ,Past week, though for Western leaf, the mqmry, judg:1ng b;r. the sales-, has been light Below will be found details as USUalW H llm an, 2 cases mfd; F H. Le ggett & Co 2 cases mfd, Wm Broadhurst. Jr., 6 do, E DuBots, 175 qtr bxs mfd, 12 caddes do; Carhart Bros 81 half bxs do, Ernst Mueller & Co 1 box samples, R M .A.llen & Co 1 do. Order, 5 hhds, 8 trcs, 5 cases mfd BY THE Nxw YonK & NEw HAVEN BTEAllliOAT LINEFox, D1lls & Co, 16 cases, .A.. L & C. L. Holt, 25 do; C has. F. Tag & Son, 1 do, .A. H Scoville & Co 62 do, Bunzl & Dor mitzer 31 do. Wm Ego-ert & Co, 23 do, J Pohlman, 1 do, Btraiton & Storm, 1 do, :foseph Beligsberg, 37 do, C. B Philips. 1 do. BY THE NBw You AND HAnTJ"ORD BTKA!lBOAT LINR. E. SpinJ:llrn & Co 70 cases, L. Gershel & Bro 3 do, E. M Crawford, 10do, H Wasserman, 17 do, C Langenbach, 8 do. Bv THE NEw YoRK AND BRIDGEPORT LINE H Schubart & Co, 27 cases, N. Lachenbruch & Bro, 84 do Fox, Dills & Co., 26 do 8,288 2,817 4,234 18,007 1Q,635 12,996 12.811 62,283 STATEMENT NO. 2. Inspections for the year 1877 llaryl&nd 7,943 11,403 8,708 10,468 383 Ohlo 4,836 1,216 4,129 1117 12,576 33,905 22, 914 STATEMENT NO. 3 LEAF. 10, 808 9,187 11,807 51,684 Keat'y 183 156 7 87 383 5,437 3 ,765 5,!)23 23,440 Virgmia aDd stems 44 14 3 61 Massasoit Cigar Facto:ey BROWN & EARLE, -ANUFArififlifiS.MifffiiE CIGARS, au. a a do a7 ::E"'..&.::FL::s::. :E"L..&.0311. Messrs. Sawyer, Wallace & Co. report to THE TOBAC co L&AF as follows-Western Leaf-The market dunng the past week has been unusually quiet, s hippers doing little and the home trade waiting upon W as hmgton The sales are 689 hhds, of which 372 tm export, mcludmg 100 tp 200 hhds of new Africans for Boston at about 8 cent Manufacturers took 110 hbds, JObbel'!l 94, and cutters 33 We note no change in pnces The sales at auctiOn were 26 bhd s BY THB NEw YoRK AND Bu.TL"ORE TRANSPORTATION LINR -Schroeder & Bon 7 bales l eaf, 1 pkg do, G W Gail & .A.x, 1 bale do W1se & Bendhe1m 22 cases smkg, 12 pkgs, H. Cole ll, 9 cases smkg, E Bloch & Son, 1 do, M. Falk, 11 do, N & J. Cohn, 1 do, J Pohalsk1 & Co 1 do, Rice & Meyer 1 do January 1, 1877-Stock in warehouses, and mcluding THOS. G. LITTLE, Supt. .-, 1st week 2d week. 3d week 4th week. 5tk week Total. .January .. 1 ,528 589 2,117 FROX NEw ORLEANs -Chas F Tag & Son, 5 100 hhds on shipboard not cleared ..... InspectiOns 1877 llaryland Ohio ... .. hhds 38,9()5 22,914 Leaf.-&!es of new bright wrappers are reported for the past week for local manufacturing use Receipts have been small. cases, Order, 3 pkgs Kentucky .......... .. V1rginia and stems 383 61 w. MARSHALL, PARTICULAR NOTICE. &ed Leaf.-There has' been a very good home demand for Seed leaf, and the sales foot up to 1,568 cases Berlin news of the 16th mst IS to the effect that the Govern ment has finally determmed to submit to the 1mpenal Parha ment 8 motion for an mcrease of the tax and duty on tobacco as the tlrst step in a general reform of 1mpenal taxation. This intelligence adversely affects our shtppmg market Every reeale is suppoeed to be at an advaoce on Ant the prioe8 obtainable by gJ'Oll'ent of tobacco, therefore, will <uys be somewhal lower than these quotations Making total supply 62,263 75 174 :DI.I:.AN''C'lii".AOT'C'::FI.E::FI. C>F lii":J:N'E AI4I4-HAVANA CIGA.RS, QUOTATIONS OF WHOLESALE PRICES. WESTERN LEAF DIRECT SHIPMENTS OF MARYLAND OHIO FOR 1877 I..i,o:htLAatct. hhds. 14,371 18,888 1,840 A.ND SOLE PROPRIETOR OP THE CELEBRATED BRAND 011' CIG.I.JU, .A. local manufacturer recently returned from the Connecticut Valley says-" The 1877 crop as a whole (so far as he has seen it) 18 light in calm and not adapted to the present wants of the trade. There 1s some good tobacco m the crop, as good as ever grown, perhapa as good as ctrk State-The sales of thts kmd foot up to 100 cases, part low &880rted at 7Y.BY.c, and part b1g fiats on pnvate terms. Pm""YlMnia-The position in this 8 rtJCle remains unchanged &les were made amounting to 449 cases at 7 c for fillers, and 14 @17c for 11.8Sorted lot s crop 1876. Ohio was taken for home trade and export to the of a'l'CI cues crop 1876 li.Ssortcd on pr1vate terms &nd W...tern met w1thsome attention, and y;e note sales of 68 cases for home trade nt 7Y.c. Our special report from Bremen dated January 5, saysSeed leaf wli.S more act1ve dnrmg the past ee k, Without any change in price Owners of l ots m first hands, in antiCipatiOn of an increased taiift, are firmer m theu v1ews as to pnces, and in some mstances have advanced their figures to such an extent 11.8 to make dealings in the arttele for the present time impol!8ible The sales reached 816 cli.Ses, diVIded as follows 591 Ohio, crop 1876; 203 do, crop 1875, and 90 W 1sconsill State, crop 1873. Spa.nish.-For fine old Havana fillers there has been a bnak demand, and we have to report sales to the number of 1 ,000 bales at priCCil ranging from 88@95c for good and $1@ 1.15@1 2/l for tine Manujactured .-The agitation of the tax quest10n atill aftects this market. People are to buy unless they are guaranteed agamst loss by a reduction of the tax. Sales are reported emb racmg assortments fQr home and foreip use, with some transactwns m bright 11 mch a.t low pncee, llli, alao, in goods out of order The exports amounted to 65,803 moderate business was done in smoking 10bacco Cigare.-The demand for has continued with out perceptible change Oommon to good lugs Commonleat Medium Good FmA. 4 @. 6 8 @ 1(%@ :cl@ @ 6 6@'% 6 @ 8 9 @II 12 @10 13. @17 m!g 617 8 10 10 16 4 20 2 @ 8 W1800N8m-Crop 1874 to 1876-AII80rted lots 6 @ 7 MAMAOHUS.-rro--0rop 1876-A900rted lot.& '% 9 SPANISH LEAF IYarc>-'I(J @1!0 Al!oorted lo ... 85 @95 lOll @IJD 1!0 @90 JIIANUFACTURRI!ID TOBACCO. Parcu IN Bmm-Tu Sl Cmml na Pomn> Blaeka-li lbo, 10' a.nd 12'8 13@18 & Navy 4'tt,_ 6's, 3'8 and!<> lhs 14@18 & 110@211 Navy ltle or pocket pfeces 16@2l Negrohead Twlat 22@33 CIGAIIS 611 12,886 2,726 Total direct . 4.6,822 ," Coastwise shipments of Maryland and Olno reinspected and packed and taken by home manufacturers. .. ............... .. Shipments of Kentucky and Vir&'lma, Balli more inspec,twns . Leaving stock in 1"archopses January 1, 1878 STATEMENT NO 4. 541 Showing stock January 1, 1878. and how divided Virginia Warehouses. Karyl&nd Ohio Kent'y. stems. No 1 8,212 1,136 No 2 3,491 1191 No 3 3,813 1,351 No 4 3,492 262 No 5 136 5 ,697 Total 14, 144 8,337 STOCK ABOVE DIVIDED. 73 140 7 90 310 12 133 4 149 Ky, Va., lila ryland Ohio. and stems In first hands........... 7 ,749 11,914 260" Shtppers and speculators 6,148 2,482 178 . 247 441 C Total ................ 14,144 8,887 459 CINCINNATI.-Mr F .A. Prague. Leaf Tobacco Inspec tor, reports to THE ToBACCO LEAF as follows -The tots! offerings for the week and the expired portiOn of the current month and year were as follows, also comparative table of former years r---WEEK----.., li1IM lm8 Totals, 1878. 871 14 Totals, 1877. 665 103 Total s, 1876 403 192 Totals, 1875. 335 142 Totals 1874. 367 161 ,.---HONTll----.., hhds b':, s1ght, actual, 484 Cable transfers, 485 Commercial prime long, 478Y.Y., good long, 477J4@ hhda. BY THE CENTRAL RAILROAD OF NEW JERSEY -H Colell, til cua; C H Spltzner, -'8 do, H. Wasserman, 2 do BY TBll OLD Do14INION STEAilsHIP LINE -Pollard Pettus & Co 4 hhds D J Garth, Son & Co, 8 do, F W. hol'!!t & Co., s'do, R Moore & Co, 4 do Jos. D Kmlly, Jr., 20 do .A. J Purcell, 3 do, Faucon & Carroll, 9 hhds, (i trcs, 1 box Rmples. P. Lorillard & Co, 7 do, 15 do, 1 box do, Thomp IOn, Moore & Co., 3 hhds, 66 caddies, Jos D. Evans & Co., r; hhdll 10 cases mfd, 1 e1ghth box do, W. 0 Smith & Co 75 hhds S1 qtr trcs 18 e1ghth trcs, 38 cases mfd, Chas. F To.g & Son '7 trcs R C Jrlorton, 9 do, F E Owen, 5 do, Pioneer Tobacco 6 do, 2 bxs samples. J H Bergmann, 1 butt, 14 ha.lf bxs mfd J. W. Martin, 2 cases mfd, 3 do smkg, 9 do c gars Wise &'Bendheim, 1 case mfd, 8 caddies do, 1 do CJganette; .A.llen & Co 4 cases mfd, 24 caddies do, 439 cases smkg .DoW:.. Carroll & Co 100 cases mfd. 12 half bxs do 2 third bxs A. Hen & Co., 1 case smkg, 2 do cigarettes, I Falk, 1 case smkg, P. Hart, 8 do, I Isaacs, 6 do, P Frankel, 6 do; G SNUFF 815@-88 Subject to dilcount to the Whol&o I Am&rican Gentleman -----88 --@ I 00 sal e trade LIOORICJ!: PASTE 28 28 28 26 25 21 21 22 BALTIMORE.-Mesars Ed W1schmeyer & Co ., To bacco Con'lmiSSIO'n Merchants. r eport to TnE ToBACco LEAF as lollows -There i s very little busme9S domg in leaf tobacco, and generally the market is In a perfect nommal condition The speculatiVe movement has enhrely subsided, and beyond the sales of a few small l ots to shtppers, there IS nothing doing Shipments are gomg on bemg favored ltv the open winter, and tend to a general reductiOn of s tock hi warehouses W c continue to quote Maryland-mferwr and frosted ..... $ @ 2 00 do sound common 2 50@ 3 00 do good do 3 50@ 5 00 do middling . 6 00@ 7.00 do to fine red 8 00@10.00 do fancy . 10 00@15 00 do upper cou ntry. .. .. 4 00@20 00 do leaves, new 2 00@ 8 00 Oh1o-inferwr to good common 3 00@ 4 50 do greernsh and brown 4. 50@ 6 00 do medium to tine red 6 50@ 9 00 do common to medium spangled 6 00@ 8 00 do fine spangled to yellow 10 00@15 00 ](entucky-common to good lugs 3 00@ 5 50 do Clarksville lugs . .. .. .. 8.50@ 6 00 do common leaf. 5 50@ 6 50 do medium leaf 7 00@ 8 00 do fa1r to good 9 00@12 00 do fine 12 00@14 00 do selectwns . 14 00@16 00 V ugt.rna-common and good lugs 3 00@ 5 50 do common to medium leaf 6 00 8 00 do fa1r to good leaf 8 00@10 00 do selectwns 12 00@16.00 do common to fine stems . . UiO@ 3 00 lhspected this week -152 hhds 111aryland, 34 do Ohio, 8 do Kentucky: total, 194 do Cleared same period hhds tobac co to West Indies ToiJacco Btale7Mnl. January 1 1878 -Stock on hand m Btste Tobacco Warehouse, and on shtpboard, not cleared .. 23,440 hhds 194 hhds 115 hhds Inspected this week . Inspected previously this yea.r 23,749 hhds 371 hhds 00 hhdll 421hhds Stock in warehouse and on shipboard not clea.rcd 23, 328 hhds Same time m 1877 12,070 hhds Manu(H olfenngs this week were 116 hhds The quality was rather better and the marke t firmer, though we noted no matenal change m priCes still contmuc, planters not bemg sattsfied w1th the priCes obtamed, and only those sell whose necesstlles require tt. QUOTATIONS. Common lugs 8 Good lugs 8 @ 4Y. Common lmtf 4 @ 57i Medmm leaf 6 @ 7Y. Good leaf.... 8 @ 9Y. Fine leaf .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .... 10 @11Y. The weather is mlld, and fau progress is bemg made m hand ling the crop. Stemmers contmue thetr efforts for a large make of strips, many of whom before the year is out will no doubt wtsh that they could put the stems wh1ch they are now pulhng out so rapidly back mto the leaf agam. The loose market has received a new impulse, and ol!ers are now being made of 7c round for :line and choice crops with some sales at those tlgures DURHAM, N. C.-Messrs. Walker, Lyon & Co of the Farmers' W arehottse, report to THE ToBACCO LEAF 8S follows Receipt s have Increased some, w1th better feeling. Qnotat10ns :Dark !U!,"B, 1 50@2.50, do leaf, 3@4 50, common bnght lugs, 2.50@5; good do, o 50@10; tine do, 10@15; extra fancy do, 15@ 20, leaf common, 3@5, do good, 5@8; wrappers common, 8@ 12, do medium, 12@20, do good, 25@35, do fine, 40@50. HOPKINSVILLE, Ky.-M. H Clark & Bro, Leaf Tobacco report to 'l'HB ToB.\Cco L&AF 11.8 follows : Receipts since last report, 52 hhds, to date, 1,148 hhds, same ttme last year the sales had not commenced, same ttme m 1876, 1,425 hhds Bales smce last report. 83 hhds; to date, 390 hhds, eame time in 1876, 1,224 hhds, Our market continued un changed, and we qnote.lugs, common leaf, 3%<1P5c; medmm leaf, good leaf; The oftermgs ah owcd much bad order nnd very little tobAcco of obaracter or usefuln ess, and consisted largely of the rejections from previous sales Mr Geo V Thompson, Tobacco Broker reporta to THE ToBAcco LEAF as follows -For several weeks past we have had very unfavorable weather for handling tobacco, consc quently receipts have been Q,Uite light. No change m market worthy of note; unless it 1s a weaker feeling on best grades Prices about the same-Common to good lugs, 1 75@3, com mon to medium leaf, 4 50@7, good leaf, 7@9, tine leaf, 9@11. LANCASTER, l"a.-Our speCial correspondent reporto 11.8 follows -There h11.8 been 8 little more activity Ill the to bacco market this week Bales of 1876 crop were about 100 cases, in the new crop there is also more domg, 11.8 a number of Califorma buyers are in the market, also two or three New York houses .A. number of crops have been sold th1s week at prices ranging from 15@25c for wrappers, 7@10c for seconds, and 3@5c for tillers I have heard of one fancy crop being sold for 30 10 and 5c to a California house I have no doubt In the course of the next week: or ten days all the promment New York houses wlll have the1r representatives here, but what amount be bought at present figures remains to be seen LOUISVILLE.-Mr Wm J Lewers, Secretary of the Tobacco Board of Trade, reports to THE ToBACCO Lli:AF as follows:-Receipts this week about 800 hhds. 8.A.LB8 FOR WEBK, ETO. W arehou.ta. Planters' Louisville. . .. .. Nmth Street... .. .. .. ... . Gilbert .......................... .. P1ckett .......................... Boone.... ...... .... ..... .. Farmers' ...... Kentucky AssociatiOn Wuk. 118 19 209 22 225 88 104 134 914 Mmth. 244 43 442 52 501 259 261 383 2,245 YMr 244 43 442 52 561 259 261 383 2,245 hhds. hhds Stock January 1 Rece1pts durmg year 686 1,729 17,586 9 ,925 971 19,188 Total. .... Delivenes for sh1pment. Deliveries for city mfrs Stock December 81 18,272 11!,295 4,248 1,729 11,6(;4 7 ,031 3,778 846 17,022 12 164 3,886 972 20,160 1ll,970 4,206 :1!,924 NEW ORLEANS.Messrs Gunther & Stevenson To bacco Factors, report to THE TOBACCO LEAF as follows Stock in warehouse and on shipboard Jan 1, 1878 3 ,5G1 hhds Rece1pts since to date . ..... _. 89 hhds Exports smc e to date 1 3,590 hhds, 162 hhds Stock on shipboard and m ware houses Jan lG, '78 3,428 hhds Jan 9 to date. 18 hhds Bales smce Jan 9 to date . . 67 hhds Ou(market, owmg to absence of new tobacco, the desideratum of exporters, has exhibtted but little activ1ty We are hopeful of early :rece1pts, when we shal l agam be able to report an actt ve market PADUCAH, Ky.-Mr 1'. H Puryea r, Leaf Tobacco Broker reports to 'l'HE 'l'onAcco LEAF as follows -Our re celpts and sales are still very small this week, ne1ther has qwte reached 50 hhds The weather m the m8.1n bas remamed wet and cloudy, making the already bad 10ads still worse, and bus lness must contmue very light unttl there IS a favorable change Quality IS without 1mprovement and pr!Ces are unchanged QUOTATIONS. hur/8 -Cemmon $ 2 00@ 2 50 Medmm 2 00@ 2 75 Good .. 2 75@ 3 25 Lt

6 Ad ver"tisem.en-. TELLER BROTHERS, Patters, C1 lasl Merolllala, ull ftoltllll 1D. Poreip and Domestic Leaf Tobaooo, "-! 117 Third Street, Phlla,delphla. PACX.ERS AND WHOLESALE DEALEilS IN LEAF TOBACCO, s. S-t., Pl::l.llad.e1ph1.a. W. J:ISENI.OHR, S: W. CLARK. PiiiL. BONN. II L. BAMBERGER &: co., DEALERS l.M ,LEAF TOBACCO, And Manufacturers of all Grades of 11 Arcii St., Philadelphia,Pa. LEWIS BREMER'S SONS, I Wholesale Dealers in 'LEAF" AND J.Wll1!'Ae'l'O!ED TOBACCO, I NO. 322 NORTH THIRD STREET, PHILADELPHIA. IF A large assortment of all kinds of LLU" ToBACCO constantlv on hand ... \V!' '' ,' 'l" '"!I.' J r-N I THE Bal:timgi-e Advertise-:m.e.uta. "WM. A. BOYD & co.,. .... lliiD'Q &TED AND DOIIESTIC B. WILKENs a co., .A.GrENOXE&: New York: M. FALK, 122 Chambers St. Philade!Dhia: .BATTIN& BRO., U2l3d St. L. W. : I JAN.21 WESTERN ADVERTISEMENTS .W. E. RAGSDALE, BICBm IALLAY&:BBO. 115 & 117 WEST FRONT STREET, Comer of Elm a.nd Second t;treets. .LEAF 11!1! TOBACCO BROKBBS, llilf 146 & 148 WEST SECOND ST., CINCINNATI, O. CINCINNATI. TRB ST.&TB 01' KBIVTUCKY TOBACCO GO., Choice Brands of PLUG TOBACCO, And Pateotee of the Celebrated Braud of MADE IN ALL SHAPES AND WEIGHTS. g-EVERY PLUu HAS OUR PA.TEI!IT l.I'A.ITENER AT THE -,;11 REFERENCES. BY PERMISSION. Jnow C. LAtham, Baok of Hopkinsville; S E, Trice, Pres't Planters' Bank, S. G:-Buckiler, Comm.ission Mercnt. M. H. Clark & Bro. Cl&ri<9v!Ue, Tennesaee; F. G Irwtn, Cla.rksville. TenoetJJee S F. Beaumont, President 1st National Be.nt. larksville, Tennessee; F. W TataeDhorst &: Co., New York; A El Caraozo, .. Garrott & Grinter "' B"" ORDERS SOLICITED. Wl WESTPHAL, COliDIISSION IIERCHARTr And De.ler ID COIIIECTICUT SEED LEAF Tobacco, State St Hartford. Conn. HINSDALE SKITH & SON, (Sucee!SOfl to H SMITH & CO .) PACKERS AND. JOBBERS OF Connecticut Leaf Tobacco 20 HAMPDEN ST., S. LOWBRTHAI. A 00., Springfield, Mass. FINE CIGtARS, A1ID DEAL Ill LEAF TOBACCO,: 180 WlliST 2'0"Cl!LTB ST:aBlliT. ..... COKKISSION DiCllANT C IN 0 INN AT I OH I 0. In LEAF and JrfA.NUF AO'l'UBED TOBAOOO, F. G, Tobacco Works, Toledo, Ohio, :12 Central Wharf. Southern AdvertiemenP. GENERAL COMMISSION MERCHANT AND TOBACCO FACTOR, No. 9 &OU':L"EL G-AY &TR.EJ::EJT, D!L:J:). CHARLES R. MESSINGER, Redd, Woonon & Co., 11F. G." AND NATIONAL LONG CUT SMOKINGS. REDO'S WAREHOUSE, AND WHOLESALE DEALERS IN Also, the Indian and Sun Flower Chewing Tobaccos. "'"' G&NR.lL CEO. KERCKHOFF tc CO., LEAF TOBACCO, ADVA.NCEJIENTS MADill ON CONSIGNMENT!! TO MY ADDRESS. LEAF TOBACCO No, aao North Thircl St., Philaclalphia. -eac,-e..-s of See .:I Leaf w .. BESTB, Ch=; LOII.IN PALMER, New York; w H. RUSSELL, Chicaro. .. A .__ .nST. BUSSBLL co., MOORE d: AND DEALERS IN SPANISH TOBACGOS, (Succeuon to JOHN C. PAURIDGU CO.,) WM. E. DIBRELL, .. St., LUP' TWCCD BBBDI, Packers, Commission Merchants & Dealers in "GOLDEN CROWN" CIGARS,. 141 Cary Street CIGARS AND CIGARETTES. Lake Street and 41 State Street, Chicago, 111. RICHMOND, VA. ( SEED LEAF tc HAVAN. A ALSO AGENTS FOR THE FOLLOWINd WELL-KNOWN FIIU.IS A M LYON & co JU:A.NUFAUTUKEKS OF T,HE CELEBRATED P. LORlLLA.RD &. co., New York; Slii:IDENBERQ &. co., New York; HAVANA MIXED S M 0 KING T D B A C C 0 J w. s. KDIBA.LL .. co.'s "VANITY FA.IB," Roch ester, N Y.; 1 1 'J No. 35. North Water-st., Philadelphia. GtrMPERT BROS. .. J w. T. JJLA.CKWELL,., co., Durham, N.C.; l!anut..,turersof theCelebratedB..andof J. J, BAGLEY "'co.s "MAYFLOWER." D etroit, lllch.; 214 W. BALTIMORE STREET, J. w. CA.RROLL'S"LOXE .JAOK," Lynchburgh,Va. ORT HORN . . ofFINH CIGARS, STORE: 1341 C!IESTNUT STREET, FACTORY: 1230 :cLOVER STREET, P .A.. THE LARGEST CIGAR FACTORY IN THE STATE. JOSEPH LOEB, PACKER AND DEALER I N I ;EAF TOBACCO, AND OF CICARS, :__....62. NORTH FRONT STREET, PHILADELPHIA, PA. {KEYSTONE CLAY TOBACCO PIPE WORKS, f1a N. SJCVEN'l"B: sor., PHILAD:B:LPHIA. PBNIRGTON, PBICB & CO. MAN!;FACTURERS AND DBALERS IN [CLAY, WOOD, ENAMELLED, GERMAN C. D., & OTHER TOBACCO PIPES. UNITED STATES CIGAR MANUFACTORY. T. J. DUNN a CO.,'I IANUPACTUBEBS s PINE CI&ABS Fac-tory a:a.d. 219, 221 A 223 NORTM BROAD ST PHILADELPHIA. DOHAN &T.Arr.r. W, K BA:R.KER G. WAGGN'ER. BARKEl\ & WAGGNER, F. IMPORTED and DOMESTIC SUCCESSORti TO LEAF TOBACCO F. Iii! BISCHOFF, B..U.TijiiORl!).. MD. Depot with F. Engelbach, 29 Soath GaJ St. Baltimore, Md. 66 s. wAsHINGToN sqvAKE, N. "'-e Iovitt the attention o f Manufactureu to our Sloe\:. of DARK RE-SWEA.TED WRAP PER!!h of which we make a Specially. MERFELD & KEMPER, P-ACKERS 0>' Co:n:aeo't:icu 't Seed And \Vh., letoale :Bcalers i.n Havana and Yara Tobaccos I I '1 Loi'JH)ard Street, BALTilKORE. MD. D : D. M:ALL()RY, TOBACCO SBII"I"IKG AND 1 Commission Merchant, E. E. WENCK, Manager. 46 and 48 ST. CHARLES STREET, S.-,y CO.D-!--tombard St., BALTiltiORE, H.D. Jos. S...-..-ao&DER, A. N'cousssw. G. H. M. Marriott, JOS. SCBROIDER 1: CO:; DEALER IN Commlasloo aod Wholesale Dealers ln LEAF AND IMPORTED and DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCO, Kanufactured Tobacco 25 German St., Baltimore, Md. -.. cm.&BS, DARK WRAPPERS CONSTANTLy ON HAND. .. 11 Place, B..U.TDIORE. I:M:PC>R.T.A.N"T N"C>T:I:CE! Let this be timely Wal"Dina: to allllaaufaeturera and Dealers in CIGARS that the Renowned Brandt! of &, CO.,, Rave been fully secured by registration of their Trade-Marks and Labels in the U. S. Patent Omce. The more p rominent Trade-Marks EL AGUILA DE ORO" (Golden Eagle)," BOCK y Ca., "REGALIA de PREFERENCIA." Any person, firm or corporation found to infringe on any or said either by prlntlrur counterfeits thereof, or by using counterfeits on Cigar Boxes. will be promptly prosecuted when detected: The law makes the imitation of a registered Trade-!tlark a crime, punishable by heavy .ftne and imprison ment in State Prison. Full dama.ges are also recoverable by the party aggrieved. A:f1y Information pointing to frauds wW be thankfully received by R. S. STROBEL, 18 Commerce St., Baltimore, Md. PETERSBURC, VA., ADYERTIS. E .ME.NTS. S:W. VENABLE Ofllce: Cor. Byrne & Halifax Sts., l"etersbargh, Va. Factory: 19 1 District, WM S KIMBA..L:. & fO'S VAI\'!TY tAITI Tf>;fCO r C!G'IP.E-:'TFS ROUH' TE", NY. Chicago Tobacco Works. H: .. riET,IG & BROTHER, H. c. CHAMPION & CO., MANUFACTURERS OF (Su ccessorstoJomB.A.CCOB : Kanui'actl!rers' Agents for the Sale Of Leaf JDSIPB w ALLACI. "lii:CLIPJiE" 'IrA. VY, 11, *' 31i, ad 10. vrr [llll' a V;s\lom and Kontncj,y "ST. GEORQE" BRIQHT NA.VY, 1, )ta, 3e, 4s, Ga, &1, 'fl, 81,91 --.d 101. BJJ ll WI U I. BSTA.DLJSHED 1846, SucceaontoCOOPER 4r W'ALTJtR.. 'VIRGINIA. DARE" BUIQBT NAVY, 1, 3, 5, 6, 9and 10. t "A.NNOT LYLE" BRIGHT NAVY, h,3,4, lh,&, 'fa, so,9oandl0o. TOBACCO RIBALDO SA .9co Maaofacturen of 'UNION .JACK" MA.U:OO.&.liY POUNDS, K Ud 5. TOB.&Ca.ncog;, SNUFF anA S!DKING .. fiT. JAMES" DARK POUI!IDS, );I, ll h..f '!_rchaslng other r;oodo, thi h o 08 gettinr; OOlr9. Evert Butt e.nd CaddY. 1wl H;l'f'S BEST" lnil'"""""" into it by a EoeryPiug has our Trad&-mark strip "J AC BEST" aa per dlagram &wlexed TRY IT UNDER OUR GUARANTEE, and it not to te be that Wfl it, we WILL PAT FREIGHT BOTH W ..&.. YS. SOLD BT ALL LEADING JOBBERS TlU\OUGBOUT UNITED STATES. ED. WISCHMEYII'R, HY. WISCHMEYER ED WISCHMEYER & CO., TOB.A.CJCJO COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 39 SOUTH CALVERT ST., Baltimore, Md. Also of the Well-Kno\vn Brand ot &:tt:n.ok..i:a.s Tobacco. ccs-.:ai "ta.:K1a.." A.nd lfannfacturers of all styles of & Black PLUG & TWIST TOBACCOS. Factory: 24 Twentieth St:; 'V' .A. J. M:. PRICE, DANVILLE, VA., HAYING EIGHT YEARS' EXPERIENCE, Offers bis Servi c e f.or the PURCHAS[ofLEAFTOBACCO R-:!fcn to the Baoh and Bu!linesa Men W. H. Trowbridge, Jd:ANUFACTURER OJ" A.LL STYLES OF Fine Virginia Smoking Tobacco, INCLUDING THE FOLLOWING BIWIDS: 'J=' Heot, j Double Eqle, Knight, -., Better, Beauty, Danrtlle, Gdod9 .. Cla Ete. JAS. G. PEMBERTON & PENN., / Tobacco Commission Merchants With a long ex pet imce ;,. the busi;zus tljfff their services to fill orders fof' Lea} r ManufiZdureti Tobaccos. l>.&.KVJLLE,1 JOHN D. BOLT, lmlllU!ID HOLT. SCHAEFER & CO., COMMISSION MERCHANTS For BuPDt: and Handling of LEAF TOBACCO, LYNCH ST., bet. lOth llth. 'V'a. J. E. HAYNES, DEALER IN WESTERN LEAF TOBACCO, 27 South Second Street, J. L. PENN, J. u Pl!:l'<.N. J. L. PENN & CO., COMMISSION MERCHANTS FOR THE PURCHASE OF LlCAF TO:BACCO -AND-TOBACCO STEIIS, "'VV:b1a1:o:a.. N". c.


AN. 2t THE L ,siness Directory of Advertisers. NEW YORK. Tobacco w .... e,_, .. "'Dehls, )9() ... dey & Moore, 74 Front. iozo A. H 66 Broad. wford E M. 168 Water. ta.n, Carroll & Co. 104 Front. lois Eugene, 75 'Front "ert Wm. & Co. l7l Pe&ri. lebach F. !168. WaahJnlton Sq....., Di..ils & Co. 175 WatEir. 1nd E & 0. ll Co. 1291faiden Lane.. liner J. M. IU Front !!:..flr. be t L. &; Bro. 191 Pearl. >el &; Van Ramdohr{ 176 W a.ter. I! & Oo. 15 Water ris & Bowm1.11, Front 1!1<>,;/acfurer of Crook' Oorro!'O""'' 7'lR Foil, Ttmacco, Medi'"m and Tissue. Croe John J. 168 Mulberry Importers of Tin-Foil. Wltimann Brothers, 184 Xobareo Bagging. Howrd, Sanger & Co. 462 to 468 Broadway Tobacco La.l>els. eo. 32 a.nd 34 v-y H e pn.heimer & Maurer, 22 and 24 N. William Oigar-Box Labeb and H e vD61 Brothers, 81.1'\t tor. nig'-H. 1 J t"'P"''' of Turioh Tobacco, 1 ..., I1U Leaf and OigaT'fUU. r Tobacco Oo. A.. C&pparda.chl M b.enbruch &:: Bro. Water. erer & Fischel .218 Pearl. f9" :n M. H. 162 POIIJ'I. 1tens tein Bros 121 Bowery. enstein & Gans 101 Maid e n Lane, ;land Robert L. & Co 43 Broad. till J. W 79 Front oller Ernst & Co. 122 Pearl. berger & "stelnecke, 1 3 1 .Maid e n Lane. :nan Alva,. t66 Water. nger Brothers. 411 Broad. Htsch 11:, l\17 Water e Wm. M 119 M.o.iden Lane. mann G 188 Pearl. ycr, Wall ace &: Co. 47 Broad. .>" H. 142 Water. roeder & Bon, 178 Water. obart H. & Co. 148 Water. nlle A. H. & Co. 170 Wa.ter. < gam E. & Co. 5 Burllrlo: Sllp. Jtou &: Storm, 178 and 180 PearL )ha & s t eitJ., 176 Front. Charles F. & Son. 18f Front. F. w .t co. 68 Broad. mpoon S E & Co. M and 56 Broad. na.ue, Ca.r l, 178 Pea.rl. Tobacco &pori. brl e & Co. 2i5 Front. stern. and Virgi?l.ia Leaf Tobacco 06mmis-8ion JlercllOrne Charles F. 54 Broad. der M. & Son, 50 Beaver. .wk A.. 129 .Maiden Lane. nuja of Snwking and Chewinq !'oba.ccos .derson John & Co. 114. 116 and 117 Liberty. cbanan & Lyall, M Broad. .chner D. 213 and 215 Duane. oowin & Co. 007 & 009 Water. yt Thomas PI!IIU;l, nne:r B I> Brotl!lfty. rillard ?."&: Co. !ndy Charles, M Bowery. laecum. & SchlDfiMr, 15 RJvington. artcom J. A. 21 Bowery eilbroner & Jooephs, 6iU to MO E. Sixteenth irsch D. & Co. 128 and 130 Rivington a.nd 88 Wall. ; licnd Olgarettu, and Jlan't/acturer of Geni4je S""'kl"ff Tobacco Vallat:ri V lll60 Broadway. MUn.Ujl.cturer of the "Blue Glaa" .AU.Tobaoco Oigarette M, 200 Pe&rl StTars, (.'utter """ Germer> Cigar .MOIG.X.&Co.!lj!Ch!.: "',.. Ciqar 1>0.Ckers. Cigat:,Pa.ckers' Societ y 8. Michalis &Co. 4First A. venue, or E. M Gatterdamy1pil]!orfqlk Gltusd Patented Piv 9if'ltl18"' GbtcAa. .LichYi"!"', 1014 to JO';)J"Seooad A.v. and .M"" Ed. &: Co. 311 South Calvtri Jrown a-5.'1 Park Place BIJioD i Co. '17 79 ChAmbers 1 7'obocco Manufacturer. ;Jncb.:Z, Hay a & Co. 130, 1311, 134 Malden Llino FeUlner F W. & Son, 90 South Cbarlea 1 t Tobacoo nd (Jjgf;J, GaiT & .A:x 28 Barre r.fu:E':JJ. "J.'J"'16 =" a r., MarblJr&' Brothers, 145 to 149 South Cha.rlea il'relse E. !57 Water WllkeM H & Co. 181 West Pratt !'riedm&li Leonard, 208 Pea.rl Pat eturer of .Murschaum and Amber BREKEJI', German7. Good! Tobacco Commission Wels Carl, 39ll Grand Inlf)Orters of Clal/ Pipu. Fallenstein Son Bat:ler H.&: Brotker,_7t Water CHICAGO, DL Buehler & Polh&us, Chambers Demuth Wm. & Co. 501 Broat.lway Whole,mle Dealers in Seed Leaf and Havara.a Hen A.. & Co. 43 Liberty Tobacco. Kau!mann Bros. & Bondy, 1211 and 131 Grand Subert R. 14 N Canal Manu.facturera of Briar Pi pea and Importer Sutter BrotherS 46 and 48 Michigan A venue of Smokers' Artielu. Wholela.le Dui.ln-s in Leof and Manufactured Buehler a: Potha1J.S, 8S Chambers Tabacco and Oigars. Demuth Wm. & Co. 501 Broad':! Llierssen G. and Co. 188 and 1110 East Ra.ndolpb ::--.:: _f 867 Ca M'f'r o f Oigr>r& and Dealer in Tobacco. Kau!mann Broo. I< Bondy, 129 and 181 Grand Maurer C. F 187 CID.rk Rejall &:: Becker, 99 Cb&riloen Manufacturers' .Agents. Manufacturers o.f Licorice Prut.e. Mulleu & LO"ve, apd 21 Randolph b.A.ndrew JamfiR C. 5G "Water Dealers in Leaf Tobacco. &tam!ord Manuf'a.ctllJ'ing Co. 157 Maiden Lane Sa.sdhagen Bros, 17 West Randolph Wea.ver &: Steny, 2t Oecfar .lmJ)Orlers oj Licorice .Pa.ate. Man"M.jacturffl of F'irnt..OUt OMtcing CJnd Ansado N. R 14 Broadway Smok;nu, a..nd Dealers in Leaf Tobaoco. Gifford Shennan & Inruo, 120 William Beck & Fe!Qkamp, 44 and 46 De.>rborn Argui.m.bau, W alla.ce &: Co. 29 and 31 S. William .Manufaclurir of FiruJ Cut C!hewlng and :McAndrew James C. 56 Water Smolci>>n and S11u"'. Weaver&' S'tet'l'Y, 24. Oed.a r y" f.JJ Zuricalday & .Arguimba.u, 102 Pearl Champio n H. c:Co. 59 South Canal Manufacturers of Tobacco Flavoh. Wholesale TobaccOnists an.d M'f'rl, Agents, Hillier's R Sons & Co. 60 Coda.r Best, ,Russell &-Co. 67 a.od 41 State etc C JfOHIN.u'I. 0. Ma,.ufacturers of Powdered Licorice. Ik:aters in1ia111ana a.nd Domestic 'Leaf Tobacco Brlnkerboft V. W. (7 Cedar Besuden Henry, l4ll anct'US West Second Hillier's R Sons & Co. eo Cedar & Bro. lJ5 \Vert Front Weaver & Sterry, 24 Cedar 8 i n Spanish amd Cigcr Leaf Tobacco. Eked Le. tM Water Manuf'l"tl'r..,., of 1 .Ii'i7j!i.Out 0/ul;wiag a>fd Unde F. C. &: Co. 142 Water ;ro<>aeco. To6acco Ioupection.. Spence 1f.>o. ep.'f>2 !i>\11 Ji4 Tlllrll 1, Hoodl-W.J. &>0o.(5Broad. ., Tobacw Pruoero. -F w CQI'.,;: t<.Nillo : Guthrie & Co. 226 FrOnt J. ll[orrls W. G. 87 W. Front..... T "' !T"n" Manufacturer of -D!IIll!'rl i M 1 steam 'Oigr>rlJOZ ac!O.,. cuod Berman Olfcr Ribbono. & Brother, 93 Clay Heppenbelmer & Mnure!, 22 and N. William CLARKSVILLE, Te--Lobenstn & Gans, 101 .malden Lane ---.. Loth Joe. & Co 444 Broome Stra.usa Simon, 17'9 Lewis Wicke Wm. & Co. 153-l&l Goerck I l 1 J. CO,. K4f!DUL TOUCCOUSPICTioK, 'lttlceiviBg & Fonrarding .r. Foot pf Van Byke and Partition Sts.,1 'I:. Bill aU 'J.' obacco care N&tion.allnapecUoL OJPII'IVEII J--4-5 Bread Street, N. Y.; Partltlo.a St., Drookl,_ CIGAR = MANUFACTURERS WANTING Will find Three well adapted in every r espect with ,I Continuous 1 COMPLETE, A.T .:::JEIO 281,1283 & 286 Broome St. APPLY ON THE PREMISES Lo.!\! to Let WELL LIGHTED, corner building, 240 CAN..l.L STREET, suitable for CLEVELAND, 0. Dealer. in Seed Leal and Havana Tobocco an.d Jobbers in all kinds MOIIW{actwred Tobacco Got;Jaon & Semon, U2 Ontruio ,1' DANVILLE. Va: com ... Merehant.. I Pemberton &: Penn Commismn u.aj Tobar-eo Brow1. StrictlJI on Order. Pe&l'I!On J R. & Co. .Mr>nufach. 390 !\lain Buye r of T obaCOil.. Opdabeeck C. 2 East 1\Wn LYNCHBURG, v._ Carroll John W e5'm1'flis6ion M'erctwnN. Bolt, Schaefer &"Co. NEWABK, N, J, campbell, Lane &: Co. 4& Broad NEW ORLEANS, La. Tobacco Factor and Commillfion .MercAanl.l. & SteveM:Oft. 162 Common PADUCAH, X,. Tobacco Bro"-. Clark M. H. &; Bro. Plll")ear T. H Man-ufacturer of 7bbaot. Bishop&: Burgauer PETEBSBUR.G, v._ TobMph, 6 North Front McDowell :M. E. & Co. !It North Water Moore &: Hay M North Water Sank J RiwiJdo &: Co. 801 North W&IOI' Sorver, Cook&; Co. 105 North Water Teller Bro .. b.ers, 117 .N o;-th Th.Jrd .Manufrs of J:i'iruJ Cigar and AU.Ha11a111J Tobacco Oigarette8. Gumpert Broo. 1341 Chestnut .. Importer of Havana Tobacco axd Otga.n CJ.ACI Dealer in Seed. Leaf. Costas .J. 131 \Valnut Manufacturer of SnuJ! and Sm.ers of Pltug &; Smok g TobacM, J ones James L e 'gh Lottier L. Lyon A :M. & Co. Lea! Tobacco B roken. Dibrell Wm. E. !410 Cary MillB R. A Bealers in Licor ice .P alie and Mfd. T9bacoo .. Wright J lt Co. l Tobacco Exch&I>ge lii.OC}l:ESTER, Y. Ma.r,vJaclurers of Tobacco Whalen R. & T. 182 State Manufacturers of n attd Pla-tn. FineOut Tobacco a-n.G "Vanity Fair" Smoking Tobu. Kimball \V. S & Co Sl"RINGF:u;LD, K-.a. Smith H. & Soil, 26 Hll.illpd e n ST.-LOUIS, Mo. Tobacco Wa rehou.teB. Dorminer c. & R &:. Q!>. 1 B'll!ftr. of Ll 21 No{th lil.alil, o t J'. E, 2f, 8Quth stit!fod 'J.A,' Ul Tobacco ufacturers. Inquire of DELATOUR or MONTEATH 151 CeDtre Street, New York. Wanted. Uaod for Boxes ba.vl.,g Hinged F;onto, which, wben folded down, expoM to view the ends of tlie Ciga." contained in the Do%. The.. Catches are made of Flat Sheet Metal and pivoted to tho upper edges ot the end boards in such a. way that their turn-down front parte lap over the face of the closed front. then se"e to hold the :front closed the bo..!J.. but Can be aside to allow the fron$ to be let d own. 113F' AND PRICES ON APPLlCA.TfON AP.A.RTNER with about $2-'S,OOO to extend the Ma.nuracturiRg of FineCut &; Smoking The faotory In fnll operation. :Machinery of late rmprovementa. Stock, machinery and business. free of debt o r any 1oc umbra.nces whatever. Apply to CHICAGO TOBACCO WORK&, H. C. C.IIA.li1'ION & Co 59 South Cau!ll St. Chicago, 672-llt LICHTENSTEIN BROS. A CO., ----.__ :no Bowe..,., t'few York. J wM 0 MANOFACTURERS OF s;' 4:r 501 BROAD"VV AV, NEW YORH. I I Design, Skill in Fabrication, a.nd. SHOW FIGURES IN METAL. AND WOOD A SPECIALTY. .SEN'r) FOB. OAT.ALC>G-"C'E.. KA-Ji'11F.ACWUJ\EJUI OJ'! 76 PARK PLACE. VO:R. J{ II. IL YOSTER. KD. HILSON. RELIIIOE CI&AR MANUFACTORY. FOSTER, HILSON &r CO., 77 .t 79 Clli.KUBS S'l'. 3 Doors West of llroa4w&y, lj. MANUFACTURERS 011' Fine Cigars, AND SOL E PROPRIETORS OF THE PATENTED WILLOW CIGAR BOX. K,_ LICHTBNST.EJlf, Y .. And Dealers in LEAF 1014, 1016, 1018, 1020 SECOND AVENUE, 310, 312,. 314 FIFTY RTH STREET. A. LICHTENSTEIN & BROTHER, MANUFACTURERS OF THE ''ELK" ane ONWARD" 0 IGAR.S, And Dealers In LEAF TOBACCO, Nos. 34 and BOWERY, JJEW YORK. LOU!Ii SPIESS. SYLVESTER & BERNARD, B:Fl.C>::B'-.El:Fl.S IN PENNSYLVANIA LEAF TOBACCO Alo'D x...o:..,..,. F:r:l.oed. O:l.sar 155 N. Queen St., Lancaster, Pa. A, BRUSSEil, B. UCBTENSTEil(, 'T


THE TOBACCO LEAF. JAN.21 1'. Q; 411. G. 0. JOHN CATTUS; TOBACCO BROKER 4 27 Pearl Street, NEW YORK. OBAB. I. FISCBBB & BRO., Acknowledged by consumers to be thfl best in the market. And for the brand of Licorice Stick Tobacco Brokers, 131 St., NEW YORK. KOBI. 411. GO., In all r&spects equal to CALABRIA., Consumers and J obbe[S would do well to apply direct. TKOS. K.IWNICWTT, CH .... :. BlLLt J KINNICUTT & BILL, Licorice Root, leleot aad Ordt.aaq, .... Kaatly hand. BROKERS IN w=VBB STBBB.Y., 86 cfedar l!oire'C'V York., [IMPORTERS -yp SPWSB LICUBIGII &Bill LICUBICB. I ALL SPECIAL TIES FOI PLII AID FilE-CUT TOBACCO. OLIVE OIL, TORC.l BlAIS, GUliS, PL.l VORS, Powdered Licorice Boot, .AND P.A TERT POWDERED LJ:COR.I.CE. t'l( STICK LIC01JCE WE HAVE THE I'AVOiliTI!. BRANDS:-,'. ... L, ne.a.nm .&.-. CIUSOiolll'l. UI WES'r BROADWAY, NEWYORK. CIGARETTES, TOBA.CCOS :RICE PArER.. T. a CO. IMPORTERS, 130 & 132 WJJj.TA'M S'l'., NEW YORK. SPEC:J:A.LT:J:ES I Gum Tragacanth, Gum Gedda, Siftings in Casks ; do. do. Sons in Bales ; Gum Arabic,. do. do. Tonka Beans, ANGOSTURA. LICORICE PASTE. THE STAMFORD MANUFACTURING CO., 1G'7 :DI! A '!"D'IIIM" X...A.N:m, :NJI!Ioogv" TOJE'UEE:. Tb6 Tnde Ia...mi demanded & Superior a'i. d Cheaper Article tloan that hitherto uaed, this IIIDI&IlutactariD&',&ndolrerlng forl&le, LICORICE PASTE (UDder lhe old "Sanford" J?r&od)of & QUALITY uc1 &t a PRICII which c&D ha.rdly fail to be acceptable to &11 gi!ng it a trial r 1 1 Mellor a Rittenhouse,. !2l..B N'. !:;1!2d &"t., Pl::l.11ade1pl::l.1a, l'IIA.NUFACTUREHS OF a:n.d LICORICE 'PASTE. t.r Centenni&l Medal awardet' for "Purity, a.nd General Exc ellenc e or Manufacture. n Also M:. &; a; BR.A.JfD STICK LICORICE, all Sbeo. Wholesale ALents: SHOEMAKER, VOUTE & BIRCH, 126 S. Delaware Phila. D. HI MCALPIN & no., DBPOT AII'D .&.GBK01E' U OF THE MANUFACTURE OF MANUFACTURERS OF THE C::ELEBR.A.TED !'lifE-CUT VIRGIN LEAF &NAVY CHEWING And all Kinds o r SMOKING TOBAOOO AND DBALKRS IN Cigars, Plug Tobacco, Snulf, Snulf Flour, etc. MANUFACTORY AMU SAI.ESROOM: Cor. Avtnut D l Ttalll St., ltw Yort. .).BS. a. B. MilLER & tOBAOO 0 IARUFAO!ORY, '(PETElt ""COLLINS, JhuTJ 97 Street, NBJY YO.lU!, C&LUUTSD ..._ G. B. Miller 1: Co. Che..m, IHld Smoldag Tobacco, OD!y Genoine Ammcau Gentle Sou&"; G, B. Miller a: Co. Kaccabor ad Scotcll Sno&"; A. H Mickle 1: SoU' Forat &au and Grape Tolw:co; Mn. G. B. Miller 1: Co. Reoene s-ldal aDd Chewinc ToiiMco. IF All..,.._ pr-ptl:r czecutecl. O:.EIDA 'rO:aACCO WOR.KS. D. BUCHNER & CO. U 11'-.r!J S. S. ltDMOHtTON .&< Bo. ,) MUUPACTUR&U OF n-a-1-CUT CBIWIRG AND BIOIIN& TOB!OOO, 2t3 l 211 Duant St., ltw Ytrk. ct-.a CEJ.EBI\ATED Bl\AlfDS.OHEW:tG llol4te a.l, ieviV'e_rJ 014 'l'lmll, lnterprlae, 111 ectal' Leaf. POlL ;), Goldlll BU.!, lim !'lower, 1r &1'.111'11 Leal, Gmt CDV&I, .IIIOKIKGt hl4e of the Vlllted Bt.atea, :loctut. :Bl&cUbar;, 'VIqln!&I.u{, &.1.&!11 &AX, SALTIMORE, -ATf21, BOWRY, NEW YORK. WI&&, ACIIDI"'". FR. ENGELBACH, TOBACCO DHPOT & AGHNGY For r. W.I'ELGJfEB & SON'S, Baltbaore, Tohcoo .... Cicaretteo 56 S. WASHINGTON SQUARE, N.Y. &OODWII & 01., KA.IIVuc:ruaus or !'Uie-Cut Tobacco 207 & 209 WATEB STREET, II YORK. THE CELEBRATED Eatablished t8!!Q ., ORIGINAL GREEN SEAL/' And other Choioe Brands of MEERSCHAlJM SMOKING TOBACCOS cut from VJrg\nia Plug. W, C. EMMET, Sole 'f-1, PUIB STREET, .NEW'_ YORK. 18-1,8. K. C. BAUER & CO., Ma.tacturen of the Celebrated FINE-CUT TOBACCOS,, AKEB.ICAN EAGLE" -AN!a-"ox.%PP:&J::El.." Also all other Ctadea of Flat-Cat l Smtldac Tobaooos, DETROIT, IIICH. A.atde from paddf!L ou.r ltAG_LE" aad u CLlPFER" io the woodea packalt"", 10, 20, 40 and 6o lba., we a lso 2at both of tbeae P nry atcelylo 0H OVJK T Fou. PACJt4Ga,paeked ln )t( H ....... TL\11& I&AIUt. .... to tbe JobblaJ '.r.I.:a-,y Mao. It. ARIUIIIIAU, WAUIS l CO,f WESTERN & VIRCIHtA Ill II 31 Snth William lt.reet. LEAF TOBACCO, aa BROAD ST., NEW YORK. CHABLIS F. OSBORIII, JAMES G. TOBACCO BROKER, AND UL SPECIUTIES FOR TOIACCO MANUFACTURERS, B. HILLIER'S SONS & OFFICE, {)AR STRt.\.\' 54 BROAD STREET, NEW YORK. We bel'. to call the attention of Tobacco Manufac-. toreruod D ealers to lbio SUPERIOR AND PURE -------------article. Sole for the States of North Carolin a and VIr -DIAMOND __....--.........._MILLS rto!a: Maus. DAVENPORT & l\40RRIS, Rich ,.......-:-V" W" a----mood,Va. ""/ LJ()()BJCE ROOT-.t......,a and Alle .. te. _../' Y. selected d <>rd!nory. l'VUL! .&liD FINELY POWDBBED ZURICALDAY & ARGUIMBAU, IPA.NUH LJ()()BICJII ROOT, I 02 PEARL STREET, IP.UVIIH LJ()()BICE IEXTRACT, DEER TOKG1111:, lfBW YQRX, LA.UBEL LICA.VEI, TOliB:A. BE.UVI, POWDERED LIQUORICE. ORANGE PEEL, FmEsT q;u ALITY. ..AIUIEBD, c.&.aA. w A. ... sEED, COJI,IAJ!IDER SEED, Ianafaetured at Poughkeepsie, lfew York. LA. VENDER .,LOWERs, GIFFORD, SHERMAN & INNIS, 120 William Street., HEW YOII.Jt. S. OR.Q.LER., JIIANUFACTURER OF FINE CIGARS, AND DEALER I N LEAF TOBACCO, 295 & 297 Greenwich St., New York GUlli A.RABIC,GRADr .&.liD POWDERED, GUM JIIYRRH, L11JIIP AND POWDERED, GUM TRA.&A.CA.l'ITH, FLAKE AND ESSENTIAL OILS, &J POWDERED, OLIVE OIL, LUCCA. CREA.ltl IN CASES, LEV ANT IN BBLS, Tonka Beans, Angostura&, in Casks, Balsam Tolu, in Original Tins Clucose, French, in Casks. PRICES CURRENT ON A.PPLICATIO Y. W. BRINCKERHOFF, X:a!I:PO::E'I. 'T:BJ::E'I.. ,, m:DAR. STREET, lf. Y. NEWYO:BE ACZNCY, A. HEN & CO. 43 Liberty Street, opposite Poet Office, The ooly Scale made with Protected Bearl.Daa. PAGI & CO General Ag'ts, Jlo. 3 PAJUt PLACE4JIEWYOJ1X. ow lScaloa uo -h7 t1ao followlac -llOIIl .....ractaren :- LORILLA.RD &> CO, New York 1 liUCHAA &>LYALL, 'New Yodt; B. PACE, RlchiDond, Va ; P. :IIAYO A BRO., lt.l fhmond, Va.; Jil, W. VENABLE&> CO,, Peteosborg, Va.a PINZER BROS., Louisvillfl. Ky. HENRY WULSTEIN, (l..,.,. .. er to &> Decll11M1 ) 114, CEl'ITRE STREET, JllEW YORK. P 0 S091, New York. Consta_!!_t!7 nn haod the Bet Improved Machiece for CUTJ'T"' G.,,ORA:IIalLATIJIG.A. SJ:EVJ:NG TOB.AC::I 0 llY HANO OR S'l'EAiol 1-'0WER. A variety of Machi1111ery for Cl.,ar Manufac ... ture rs, as for Cuttin!l' or Gnlnulattnlf Havaq and other Ftlle::u f o r C...:ig;us. S tem Rollen Buncbloa Jl& c hint""', Machine, allo Machine. for CriUibinJl and lJattenlng the "1"obact o Stem Ia tbeCig-.uette Machines rtc. Snte Ia U.S. f o r F PLlNSCH'S !Offenba(:h on Maio, fJer. many) for Packing Manufactured T ohaco. Da'O:Et.T::s:B.S OF SKO'B'E:Et.S .A:R.TlC%.ES, Cigar Manufacturer& DEALERS IN Are loforme N :::EJ E B. Dark, all Sizes. A of ()\lf of PLUG TOBACCOS will convince a ll of the WONDERFUL ltiERlTS PLUG TOBACCO. HERBST BROTHERS. 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j particular bill. I fear hy doing so we v.ill prejudwe our cAuse; that 1t will antagomze those men who have offered bills themselves. There are eighteen bills offered now, and if we favor any particular bill the authors of the others may take offense, and this would result in injury to our cause. MR. PARLETTI make the root10n that we leave out the leaf. clause. It seems to me that to say that weendorse Mr Cabell's bill is to go too far. If we leave our resolution worded in that way, 1t strikes me that we approve every feature in it; which we do not. If w.e are opposed to the leaf clause and at the same time endorse the bill, it may be embodied in the bill and seem to have our approval. I should thrnk this leaf matter might be left out. I call for the reading of the resolution. "f_. The resolution was then read, and on motion of Mr. ALLEN the word "only" was inserted after the words following features," makmg the rtlsoh:ition more spe Cific in 1ts terms, the resolutiOn as was then adopted: MR. BURWELL:-Whatever bill the sub-committee (composed of Mr. Tucker and llfr. BUl'l,lhard ) of the ways and means committee adopt, the two members own in being nearly in accord, and repreRentatives of the two factors. or jobbers, to a drawback of such taxes great parties will be reported to the whole coronnttee, to a sum and amount equal to the difference between and by it reported to the House of Representatives in the tax rates of 12 and !14 cents; the same to be had or the same shape it was drafted bl the sub-comnnttee; :recovered under regulations to be prescribed by the just as the tariff, or whatever bill is reported by Mr. CommissiOner of Internal Revenue. Wood, Mr. Gibson and General Banks, they being the : tax, as a dealer representatives of the two great parties m the House. i a re&1-dealer in leaf tobacco, And whatever bill is reported to the House by these 'shall be assessed against or collected from any farmer sub-committees, through the chairman of the whole or planter for sellmg or d1sposmg of, to any person or committee will be passed by the House. Therefore, 1t persons, leaf tobacco of hiS own product10n, or tobacco IS important to first make an impress1on upon this sub : received by h1m as compensatiOn or rent from tenants committee, to whom the subject we are mterested in :or others who have raised the same upon his lands or has been referred. They are the parties onlr that can lands under h1s control, to an amount and v'llue not be heard, and if we accomplish anything 1t must be ;exceeding $150: Provkd, That the same shall be Rold through them. You will find that whatever 1s adopted -by such planter or farmer or h1s agent on the m the House on the subject of the tariff on Internal 1where produced: .And provided futther, Rev nne will com:e from these sub-committees. I Bald farmer or producer shall make sale of 'rlie PRESIDEN'l: :-I will state for the mformation of raised by him, or obtained from tenants as the association, that it will be impossible to get a full ;elsewhere than upon h1s own premises, sale Ol' bearmg before the full committee but that :Mr. Wood Total . . pose, like all other trades throughout the country, 1s Twelve cents on this number of pounds will IllOre or less depressed by: the hardness of the t1mes. produce.' .. .. ....... ..... would l)e y 1f were p.ot so; but the Tax on dealers in. manufactured tobacco of wuce show ..... t 1-our busmess has 'l'ax on leaf df)al.... .. .. ........ ,' that is to say, if We are to JUdge Special tax on manufacturers. increase in the manufactured article, Special tax on peddlers. . Y;}!. Vfl roanufacture1 and S:t upon the market very TBx on Snu1f ...... ... . . .. n l.y six millions o Lpoun more tobacco durmg Export tax. .... D, : past fiscal year than prev10usly1 and that 1s an Total. collection on Cigars and Cigarettes mdication tllai; your trade is certaimy ,l)rosperous. I suppose that yqur profits are J;J.Ot so great as they have Total. ........... : ....... . . tsll,462,117 been in tim!!ll past. The export trade of tobacco, too, Here, then, Chairman, we have moJ'e than is increasing, and of course we are all mterested in $33,000,000, an J!bount of J'evenue beyond which our seeing that. I have OOday had a conference w1th the te ask, and tb$representativeB Commissioner of ARri.culture, and he is taking steps of the great tobacco belt of States ought not to conaent to have your manu:factured product at the that it shall the Treasury from this industry Baris Exhibit10n, and I would be very glad 1f all the annually. It Jl:l more than its proportion of the burdens leading manufacturers in the United States would of this Government. Why, when tjlere are so manf. take steps tp have their products presented there. I other sources of taxation untouched by the General think it wo ld stimulate the business v.ery matel'lally. Government, should this tobacco plant be made to As far as manufactm-ers are concerned, you make, I bear nearly one-half of the interest of the National suppose, as good profit upon your exported product as debt! you do upon that sold for home consumpt10n. In 1872, Mr. Bl Ooks o'f New York, then on the ComMR. BURWELL:! am very happy to hear you say nutteeof Ways and Means, stated that the Government that you desire an increase of the export of manufac would be perfectly satisfied with $29,5001000 from this tured tobacco. The convention -assembled, look w1th source. A few years before, Mr. Schenc.K:, one of your great interest upon that subject Upon that point they predecessors, declared tothetobaccotradethat$25,000,are in hearty accord with you. I see by the recom000 was all that was wanted from this industry for the mendation that you made in late report to ConTreasury. Yet, contrary to these pledges of the legisgress, that you ask that alcohol be allowed to go mto lative branch of the Government, the Commissioner the cologne factories free of the internal revenue tax, insists year by year m rmsing a larger revenue from in order to advance the exports of the manufactured this source. articles in this country. We invoke the same prmCI I think I can safely say, if revenue was the only ple in regard to manufactured tobacco. If thelicorwe aspect m which the Commiss10ner look at this and the essential mgred1ents were allowed to go into great industry, ibM even on tliat ground alon&-if thill the fac. t&ries free, 1t will advance equally the,exporta rate of 12c 1s lished for a series of ten years+ tion of manufactured tobacco from the country. I that the Governm,at would get an of revenue upon that pornt we fully: \loP.'Ele. greater than that lt'bwh will be produced at' the present UoHMISSIONQ RAUM -'fhat subJect relatQjj more oppress1ve rate of ,We. The figures of the especially to the Custom House branch, and I have no in the past, both ob whiskey and tobacco, authorize doubt Secretary Sherman would second any pJPper me to say th1s for future. effort that IS made in that dire<;tion. Th1s reductwn beaeftt ouly the',lllanufac-MR BURWELL:-! know it belongs to the Custom turer, but especiaD the tar I would l"lllse the House department; but any bill tbe.t...would authoriz;e price of leaf and stimulate the now langmshing market these essential elements to be mtroduced mto the factor the manufactured article. It would stop the raistor1es free, would first have to undergo your super mg of patches and gardens of leaf tobacco for convis10n ; that is, such a bill would have to regulate the suropt1ve purposes in non-tobacco-raising States, and machinery by whwh they: are passed mto the factor1es. thus confine the culture of tobacco to those States Th1s bill must b e submitted to you for your considera that are adapted by soil and climate for its profitable tion, srmply becaus e the transfer must be made under cult1vat10n. the roachmery of the Internal Revenue department. We ask moreover, Mr. Chairman, that a drawback It is w1th that view that I call your attentwn to this be allowed on all stocks in the bands of manufacturers, subject. their agents, or others, equivalent to the difference beCoMMISSIONER RAUM-I think the conditions of this tween the old ana new rates at the t1me the act goes office are all favorable to the manufacturer of tobacco. futo effect. We think this would be just to men who I know it is our object to so admmister the oftlce as have embarked tlt41lr money in the old stock, and not to oppose any one. would not be to the Government. MR. McDowELL:-You s.Pe!'k about our increase of Suppose there lie four millions of pounds stamped trade being six million pounds. I am afraid you only m .the hands of JObbers and others at see it so this year; for, unless something is done to the time the new takes effect, the Government 9.uell this agitation about reduot10n our businefll will would only lose by allowmg this drawback. fall off very materially, so that it will scarcely be half In conclusion I to call the attent10n of the of what It IS now. Committee, in its 18"riaion of the tariff, to the fact that RAUJ[tWould 1t not be well to con the exwrt of tobacco could be greatly sider'the matter aimpl:v in this light, that the tobacco if not doubled, if licorice and other essen-manufacturers really do not pay the tax, that the con tial i.ugreuients of manu,factured tobacco were allowed suroer pays the a.nd the tobacco manufacturer to enter into the free o.f the import duties. It IS simply the medii tor between the Government and must be a great objllc1; t(> your Committee to foster the the consumer. Why not have all umte m asking Con branch of ef!'!l{ trade, inasmuch as it is the basis gress to pass a resolution tottie effect that no reduction olthe imports, fn turn forms the basis of cus-should be made. toms revenue-the t revenue of the Government. MR. McDown.t.:-We were speaking of the present While the Gove tnight lose $330,000 tariff duties cond1t10n of our bUI!inSIS; 1bAI etfect of this agitation on licorice, yet, by crease of the export of manu-is felt all over the country, Everybody around Phim-factured tobacco, be returned to the delphia says:-We are not;,soing to bu;runl;il this mat-United States in pe increase of the im-ter IS settled. I ftn that a pumber of of Conrevenue d t be increased three gress are oppoeed to thereduct10n y say they he amount 1 by th!! d s on licorice. And have no idea of such a thing. But a bill as been in-this ill! true of all essen ingredients of manu-troduced prop<)Bing a reduction, and the result is our factui'ed tobaccos. would greatly aid business 1s If we ooul'd have that reduction the Dffnufacturers .1J' y, and would result made at if tb8re ia tO be no reduction, and in that .....,..._ of export roanufac-that matter oowa ) 1111ttled without delay, our busitured tobacco wh' w p Canada which can ness would go on illJ usual. We calcu'lated to do a o,uly be manufact 'reason of theiT laws greater amount of business this year than we did last; allOwing these art r ports free of duty. and here comes up thill report, whwhihaveoDly heard Allow me to than you, i' irman, on behalf of within the last two or three weeks a bola "''tt'k.g down. this )arge delegation here 8181lml>led for the very kmd and stops all our for this yeari: stope our ad and patient hearing whlcl you nave rendered to us. ditional trade, ana if we do one half ot wliat we did When Mr. Burwellc his speech, the Chairyear in case thM on, I 8hall be sur-roan of the Committee, Hon. Fernando Wood, reprised. sponded :COMMISSIONER RAUM :-I suggested in my annual r& Mr. Wood spoke at some length, but ae he would not port that the agitat1dn of the question of the reduc allow a verbatim report of his remarks to be taken, tion of the tax on spirits and tobacco would so disturb only a brief synops18 of what he said can be given the trade that it would be a material injury to the here, manufacturer of both spirits and tobacco. I find that He commenced bf saying he was pleased to the that is so to a very alarming extent; and I fear if the elegation, and to listen to the statements of their rep-thing continues, 1t will er10usly affect a very large resentati'V)l .speateroab.J Oicasioil. He would say, number of busmess men throughout the countrr. however, '1Y frankly, all those who h!l.d ap-MR. WEISSINGER:-Mr. Commissioner, the obJect of peared befOre him in i'el&tion to '1\ reduction of taxes, this delegat1on is to try to have the tax reduced. We the present delegation had aaked for the greatest are in favor of reductlOn and we come here for that amount of reductiOn. rrhe Government needed specific purpose. The agitation has already taken amount of money to meet its annual ORijgations-tlie place, and 1t has done all the damage It can do until interest on the debt I alone requiring' hiltween ninety the matter is settled. We ask for a settlement; and and a million dollars, and tliene was no other the 9.mckest way to get t:hat settlement IS to get a re way Pl:'OVlded for money but by taxation. dueiion of the tar. From rnternal and customs taxes the treasury Wand ColiiKISsiONJ:R RAuM:-May I ask you in must be mainly supplied, and upon the committee of our opinion, the amount of tax-the aggregate couec which he was a member, devolved the duty of aiding tion-"Will be increased or reduced by a reut aought only the good of the Government which be served, and the welfare of $c tobtlooo interest In his judgment 'it was best for all to leave the tex as it is until it can be permanently dispensed with. Re brie fly but and well, as is hi s cuRtom ""d. whea tlle delegation bade him adieu it W&S manifeRt !!iat he W&S retOf: nized by 1ts members as a oterlmg and able friend OPPOSilfG A REDUCTtOli OF THE TAX. (From our own C<>rreopondent ] W A&RJNOTOJ<. January lt. Mayor Charles Siedler. of Jersey City, N. J &Dd Meesrs. Buchanan and Edward A. McAlpin, of N e w York, met the ot the Ways and Me&IIS Committee this mo111lllg, according ment. Mesl'B. Tucker and who compose that committee. gaT them a patient heanng but said nothing m response tbat would their pomtion on the subject Mr. Siedler traversed the same grouJid substantially that he went oover in the mterview I had with him Wt evening While he oppoees the reduct1on of the tax, be s&ylJ he would favor the dmwback H e undertook to show by estimatefl and 11gu,n tpa.t this reduction would result in great detnment to the internal reYeD.U. Be says, at the S&trle time, the m&nufacturer cannot atron:l to have bls ... p1tal and bW!lness jeopardized at eYery meeting ot Congreos b;y t 8!;tatlon ot this subject. In hla &rgument this monllng he attempted answer the assertion that it the rate ot t&x on tobacco was reduced to 11 cents the consumpt1on would be very materially increased He said -t several yell.I"M ago, when General Schenck wu Chairma.n of the WaJW ..rd. Means Committee, he was called upon to collecttrom GoTernment IIOIII'DIIIi. statlstlcs showing the quantity ot tobacco raised each year. the exported, and the quantity t..'Onsumed. He went as tar bac.k, he saki. 1814, and found that the average consumption to as per census reports, was three pounds, three ounces and a third for man, woman and child in the United States. Whether the prloe of leaf tobacco was high or low, whether the goods were taxed or Dot. the average consumption per capita per annum was always the 8ame. He ea11 that. therefore, the argument that the ooll8tlmptfon would be greater a.. cordmg lio this reduction was ''no man chews tobacco bl. ca.use 1t 18 cheap, and very few Indeed f ac.l!ew it beCawse it 18 dear." He 1says that the pla.llters and growenJ of loir tobacco obauJd endeaYOr to prevent any acil&tlon ot this subject by Ooaa>-, tor llle .......,n that leaf tobacco a.t pneeQ$ 1o .,..., much uep,.._ It Is so low -that It d._ not afford them a fair n!llllllleratlon tor ralolvc it. &lid wldle thla agitation e:nsts the price ot -Is stm ftmloer Again, he says, staUo&fea lbow &bat dur!Dg the pal$-U coot tbe lldernal l!eYenue Department Pill"to collM the tax 011 -=o at 1M oentB per pound. It thu-tu Is reduced -.llalt, thea I& tollowo tbat ft will coot the---' s* cent. -,ea. "" the IUIJO macblllery will be requiiWI for the and If aa bocome taz .. a very h,..,-addition lo the ftlnlling of tlu! will be -necessary. ADd .apln, ot llne-ettt tolN!oeo for the last two or three ,._.. llas-e been cutting each other' thn>IIU escetlRlve competition The ll'loe ha8 been reduced fru91 76 cents to 88-1:1, a.nd trom GO lo GO centa; 1J!diJ lvithln a tew months past It hal! tallen to 40 cents. To-day, he S&ya, be Jai.ows oert&jn ma.nutacturen of ftDe.cut bacco Who are 8olllng u low as 35 and 86 cents per pound, 24 ceate ot which &1'8-. Thent bu bolen a. correopondlng decllne In otherquaiUI'"' otto b._.;-those wllo lla-.e been losing lay the blame at the door of the lntemal reoenue In illot the dlmaglng effect of the uncert&lnty aboolt wJaat figure the taz lo robe becl Mj he stated that m November last the lloai1o of Lonllanl& Co. rece&nd Ol'dera tor upwArd ot 1,200,000 pounds of liUIIllltactured robaeoo, whlle Ia Deeember, after the tobacco delegatiooa llocaa the &glta&ioD, the on!-fell ott to le88 300,000 pounds. He clalme4 that tax (Jf -)waslow,ucompared with tbatot Englawl, France, Gei'III&JIT-A.-la, the tax In England being 3 ah1lHngs oniMt and & shlllluaa 011 tobaooo He said the price of leaf to bacco depeMed .ureJ,;y qpon the oupply and demand, and that the ..,.. sumpt1on wu eatlrely lrreBpecUve ot the price; that there were onq 8 ,000,000 COiliUDlel'l. corwnmtmg an average o! 15 pounds, and tbat the pnce had DOthing whatever &o do w1th the number of oonsumers or with amount oo-, awl tha< the tax ahould be reduced to Ill """"' the revenue will M deu 'lid to one-halt. He argued that the reuoa w)Qr It 18 so unproatable to Vlrgial& manutacturera l8 becaUAe they shlp to com ... mls8lon merehazrta. and, further, that Virginians do not have the ad vantage ot the cbemklal proceooes which are had ln New Yerk, &lld tha& they were manutactunng inferior goods for the purpoee of undereellluc. He was of the opinion that the smaller and poorer manutacturen were more liable to defraud the Government thaD were the larger eldabJtab.. ments, and that it would be beneftcial to the Government to concentrate the manufacture in the latter. He a.dmitted. that toba.cco waa very 1o1r now, lugs in New York and Western markets being but 2 centsw aDd In Virginla 3 cents Mr. Siedler said that the source trom which the &pPM! cornea tor a re duction In the rate ot tax Is certain manutacturen ot Virginia &lld North Carolina., 'who, generally speaking, are very poor in purse, and who have for the last four or :ft...-e yeal'B tailed to appreciate tb&t & reTolutioa h .. taken place In the lll&DUtacture ot ping tobacco Mr. Buchanan simply 81!88nted to the views expressed by Mr. Siedler / without tormally add, the commlttoo. Mr. Burwell was also p..-nt, and preoented h1B views, which accorded with those expressed before Mr Wood and the Com.ml88ioner He urged the mcorporat10n in the Internal revenue and tariff bill the reduction and dfa.whaclt as asked b;r 'Boe Jlanut--., .issocl&tioD. It Is dl1l!eult 1o state when the comml-will m&ka a report on the .,bjeet. It '" my lm p-n, received from a ._,-a! --with Hr. Tuclter. that the bill will Htely be tiFebruary. Hr. Cabell :re 1t 1o h1o lmproeMJon that the ot Ills bill. or ouch portio"" ot It AI ma;y be adopted by the committee, will be lnc&rporied In the tart hill; and that lf this Is the caM I\ will .be at length In the Houee, and at much g...ter length thaD It It came11pln the torm ot a separate bill Mr. Cabell .,.. m reterenoe 1D h1B tbat the tax upon the manutacturlng and prodaclnC 111-lo very !up, which, considering the genera,l8hrlnkage of all valaee, oome to 'be enormously and even oppre681ve. He thinb, from 1l"hat he lalowa ot the viewR of) otl'er Hembenl, that a reductlo'n would-It It Ill reported by the a.ltlJoull It ma;r 110t be more than rr-110 16 "'"'*" He thlnb that both ot !lie willon tills; at least h e kno"s that Mr. Tucker 18 t&Yorable to It, and has been informed.., that Mr Burchanlls In accord with him. He oays that those memben mootly Interested In the IIUbject came trom the South and West aod3 1 generally favorable to reduction; while thoee :trom the East are 'ba.t T R. Spence, Cincinnati; Major Butler, St. Louis; L. H. Frayser. Richmond; J. J. Talbott, Danville; W. S. Graves, Liberty; B. F Parlett, Baltimore; J. Iicult to see how aey-m.aterialreduction could be made MR. BuRWELL.-! suppose there would be a falling without impairing that interest. If the tobacco tax is off of about twenty per cent. from the present reduced, the resultmg-deficit of n!venue must be made a=ount {41 millions), or e1ght millions. While we are Interested m the subject, &nd will not, theretore, very actively op1 B.P.G. objectl!d to the adoptiied themselves in listening tQ the legislative proceedmgs of the House. ,About o 'clock Mr. Wood was at leisure and mvited the tobac co delegations to the room of the committee east of the hall of the Bouse of Representatives. INTERVIEW WITH THE CHAIRHAN OF THE COMMITTEE OF WAYS AND MEANS. On appearing before the Chairman of the Committee, Mr. Burwell said:-Mr. Chairman: I appear as the organ of a body of tobacco men from different parts of the country who paid into the Treasury of the United States more than of the i41 ) 000,000 collected durmg the last fiscal year, and in ten years past more than $326,000,000, frOD;?-ihis staple In view therefore of ita re a"t10n to the puohc revenue, and' as a great ir{dustry, to receive the fosteriDg' rather than the hostile hand of the National Government, we ask your Committee to listen to our arguments in behalf of a reduction of this now ruinous tobacco tax of 24 cents to 12 cents per pound. We beg you to observe that in asking for a reductiOn to 12c per lb, we do not ask for a reduction of the revenue one-half; for if there is one more clearly established by the reports of the Commissioner of Internal Revenue than another, 1t is that a reduction of rate doee not in volve any reduction of the a.mount Of 'revenue. By the legislation of Congresa 'of 187l.t.lle rilt4!. of tax was reduced from 32c to 20c peilb,ano: yet"'tlie ment derived $34,000,000-$1SOO,OOO more than 1t d1d at the htgher rate the year before. We ask the Gov ernment to-day to lighten its hold on this tobacco plant to the satne extent as it did then, giving it the as surance on the faith of the figures of that fiscal year that 1ts revenue w\Jl not be reduced more than twenty> per cent. of its present revenue 141,00o,o.OO. We mvite the attentiOn of the CoiD.IIU,$tee to thQ follow ing figures:-Po undo. the amount of tobacco consumed last year; as shown by C.ornmissioner's report .... 116,72%,055 / up from some other soutce, and ..,_hat SOJlrce could be asking a reduction of one-half m weight, we do not Tobacco Bonded Warehouses. relied upon for that purposewould have to be deter-expect the reduction in the aggregate amount of NEw YoRK, January 17, 1878. mined, and is, at best, a :matW of conjecture. The revenue received will be. one-half. We do not expect EDITOR ToBACCO LB:u-:-Wishing to ventilate m htheh will lose the proport10n m ideas on the injustice perpetrated on our city by tb w I? t e rate IS lowered. For mstance, when the abolition of the Tobacco Bonded Warehouses I forward taxes, butt e committee could not pass upon the quesm 1872 was reduced from 32 cents to 20 cents the the following -Amid the general dissatisfaCtion and tion without :mature comdlrat10n, a.nd nothing conld revenue was for the next fiscal year five hundred utter prostration of trade, produced in a measure b be determined upon or foreshadowed until the reports thousand dollars more than for the year before the re-the present of the tobacco tax of the sub-committees were completed and had been duc:ed tax went mto effect. It was equally true of another quest10n of vital importance and special inter fully considered. wh1ske_y. We say the may safely expect to those in the exportatlOn of tobacco lb. CABELL erob:raced the from a tax of twel:l"e ts; !md i lut.v& no an warehouse It a to.!>Jfer ome 'pertm'!nt rn doub't-tiiAt a few yearJ!!_e twel e can s act of incgpaWeration and in oE':'el'll an obJect ?f the uelegatwiO. to the of tlie be \n&terially larger than if it lla remaiJJ.ed' at 24 of Congress,' in conjunction with who sou Comm1ttee due attentwn. The Chanroan asked cents. The consumption will be greater, and the sub-bought theiT abolition thereb roducin ang Mr. 1f t!:Iought tobacco. m3;nufacturers stitution of manufactured tobacco for the leaf now mountable detnment to the pand os would be satisfied 1f, of free licorice, 11: consumed so large ly, at a low rate, will be greatly in-fruits of our labor into the of thep were allowed on the licol'lce actually the1r creased. manufacturers. The past ar roent for the b lit' manufa.c:tures;_and, on rng lle1rig arwwtll'lld m tlie" MR. WEissmai:Ju-We agree. with you to of warehouses review lon aftlrmat1ve, sa1d he'jlers6nallf wtnild bll lri favor o1 the CommissiOner') that the consumer J?BYfi the tax; ments of to-dOY in relation to th tain rr that measure. but what we complain of JB, thali there 18 no profit to present '!hich' self-klte,eate .0 tese A.ftel:' the meetmg m the CODl!,IlltteerCiom of ";S, of the tax to the jiealers, and this affirmaw 1th that fear produced b p the a k 9omm1ttee on Wa:r_s aod Means, the delegates re .. Irttl' t10n 1s confirmed by your annual report. iYour report edgements of ril which othe :/d. b c nofu m a body to the Departm!'Jni. There shows a falling till or the frOJ!i, special recipient& Qf. Qar' h:.o bee ecome 8 called on Mr. Kimball, wa!! rntrod_uced to-the tax levied forth year 1877 on those 'wlid"deM in leaf ously placed as a; 001 u n our ro strenu different delegates;_ which they rep&Ired to the 1and manuf3;ctured t?bacco, by which it will be seen be repealed, thereby aga.iD vin of the of Internal Revenue, who that something like SIX hundred people have ceased to tage to cope with thOIIe wrose ideal eqof trad received them. very cord1ally. deal in leaf tobacco; while for the same time abont monopoly. Yours res tfull Y J e 18 MR. AYRES mtroduced the delegates, after which he forty-two hundred have ceased to deal in the manu-pee y, CASUAL. said. "We called on you as a body representing factureu article, making m all forty-eight hundred the tobacco _of the country. We a pleapeople who have quit in tobacco for that year. Correspondence of" The Tobaeco Lea." sant talk th18 mornmg With r. Wood, chaJ.rroan of We do not know what these people are dealing in now. LANCASTER, PA. January 15.-0ur special correthe Ways and Means Comnnttee, and we now They may be dealing clandestmely in raw material. spon_dent writes as follows :-Since my last of called on you. We come to see as a social bod RA!l:M :-1; suppose depress10n m busi. particular note has occurred in this county 'lrith methfng tfl o w1tll' this. tobacco. A. few lots of 1877 crop have been in diffel'!ll!ces between _us will not mar the harmony of MR. KwBA.LL:-ft would seem to any one walking parts of the oou_n_ty at what I call full ngures our VISit or the relat10ns that have always ex18ted be-along the streets in Washington and not1cing the (1f th1s lB to be the price); but suppose it is tween your office and :>ur trade. number of dealers that the b;.siness has not rna the. cr!l&m of the tooacco; pnces realized sofararelofB Col\IJIIISSIONER RAuM_:-I lam.very glad to meet you ter1ally diminished. weighing from 1,500 to 10,000 lbs, paying from 17@60 mdeed. The tobacco rnterest 18 of. verr grBB;t rm-MR. BURWELL--If the tax were reduced, of course up_ to 17c thl:'0Uf5h; 15. 16 and through were portance to t!:Ie at this time pomt of the consumptlOn would be greater. In that case, 1 paid part1es m the Lampeter townships. North of revenue 1t produces, and,_ as a rule, I thmk ihe re-think you could safely expect 161 million pounds of the our City no sales (but one at 20@5c) have been made lat1ons of the tobacco trade With the Treasury Departmanufactured artwle next r,ear at twefve cents thls b'!lt buyers are calling now and then to inspect ment ar; agreeable-at le8J!It that we attempt to would amount to over 19 million dollars. The snuff different crops, and from present appearances may .!f!ke t e so. 4.nY effort mad_e,to han amount-to three mill10n more; that would commence to buy in the course of two or three weeks law, asba z:r\iNi!mS. 4w:hile the tax on cigars, which will at such figures as they deem sufficient to bear them eca t 18 e ly c 0 f that there will btl no through. Ie"gi!l&tive brairoh 6f GOv t to tH reduction-will amount fo $11,600,000. So the aggre-laws. Here we execute such laws as may e placed gate would make $33 ,600,000. 1 think you may safely the 16th inst. a serious !1-POn the statute books. Of course measu:re rely on 33 nnllions shootmg and affray took place at Danville, IS passed, and whatever may be our v1ews upon 1t, Va., between L. Grasty and W. P. Robinson. Mr. after it becomes a law, it is the duty of all of us to ColllliiiSSIONER RA:UM:-I am satisfied that Gra:sty, who IS at present engaged in the tobacco bow to it, and endeavor to enforce it. I have no doubt the system of taxation may be on tobacco and whisky, business, called UJ>On Mr. Rohinsonrespecting payment the on '\\"ays z; ra e 11. may rest IJerfectl:y assured that t he Government wages hrm as book-keeper by the latter. A. very e carefullh w o t w from dlBiP.ute, blows were struck, and then a bowie the7 c i y can for you. e c l?t'L :-If tb t.rade'uld lie aasured that )Qlife an4 pistol,were brought into requisition. RobiD.ject Of ffie re uction of ons1dera th: u t. the w u d l!e a reduction witll a drawbacli, or that lfol! cut Grasty several times in the left shoulder and and I am strongly inclined to the opinion that the there will be no reduction at all, then we could go :wr1st\ -:whereupon fired, breaking a small bone Government Wishes to collect forty millions of tax ahead; the trade would resume its acti'!}ty:, but as it m Roornson's arm. Fri!lllds interfered and ended die from and that "ODt1: 9 om: "tl'Ude is falling off; dealers will not .buy. encounter.


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