The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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VOL. XIV.--NO. 4. ESTABLISHED 1864.] NE' W YORK, MOND. A Y, MARCH 4, 1878. WHOLE NO. 680 lllt lsltaccs [ESTA.DLI!IH.ED 1864.1 PUBLISHED EVERY MONDAY MORNINC BY TOBACCO LEAF" PUBLISHING COMPANY, ft FULTON STREET, NEW YORK. Editor. Business Manager. .ADVERTISING 1\ATES. ONE SQUARE (14 Nonpareil Linea,) Over One Ool11Jn!l, One Year, $28.00 I OverTwoOolumns, One Yeor, $M.OO do do Sm Months. 15.06 do do Six Konths, 28.00 do do Three Months 10.00 do do Three 15.00 TWO IIQ11A..RE!I (28 Nonpareil Linea.) Over Two Columns, One Year ......... ...................... ...... $100.00 do do Six Jlonths ... $5-1.00 I do do lllontlla .. 18.00 JI'OUB I!Q11A..BE!I (/i6 Nonpareil Linea.) Over Two Columns, One Year ...................................... $i100.00 do do Six Konths .. $100.00 I do do !llonths 54.00 JI'IBST PA.GE-One !lq_uare, (14 Nonpareil Linea,) Over Two Columns. One Year ..................................... *UiO"OII on the Seventh Page, 25 Cents per for NamEIIJ.. and Addl'\e88e8 alone in "Busineea Directory cf Advertisers." Seventh POll". One Year. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. Sl D.OO Remittances for AdTert1.8ements and Subscriptions should be made invariably by Post-Omce Order, Check or Regiatered. Letter. Subocrlbers not receiving their paper regularly will please inform us at oace. ED'K DeBARY & co., 41d! 43 Warren Street, New York, SOLE ACENTS FOR THE WlLLIAll WICKE, AUG ROESLER MANUFACTURERS, 153 to 161 Goerck Street, 'YOR.:K.. BEST MATERIAL & SUPERIOR MAKE. R.ED"D'OEID PBICE LIST 65 PINE STREET. NEW YORK. lllt loltacto :I:MPC>R.TER.&, OUT CHEWING TOBACCO HEREAFTER PUT UPON THE :MARKET SHALL BE PUT UP EXOLUS!VEJ,Y UNDER OUR OWN NAllES. An agreement to this effect is practicable. and every NE w 0 manufacturer of standing would probably cheerfully YORK, MONDAY, MAR H 4, 1878. .enter into it if arrangements to that end were made." Spanish, American and German Cigar BRANDS AND FINE-CUT It is hardly necessary for us to observe that this 1, 1178, TOBACCO. whole question is one of very great importance, and .._.Yellow .._.....__ __ ... __,_ L80 deserves the careful consideration of all branches of u PRINCIPE DE ; ............. .......... .....,_ .r-I One of the apparently compen,sating features of the ------Xo.1----H "12:rcla 1.'1'0 the tobacco trade. We .invite communications from 2: ... w "12-" n revenue act of July 20, 1868-that act of innumerable CIGARS, .. .r-those desirous of expressing their views. ....... 2a ... w "12:rcla 1.3& novel restriction!! upon the tobacco trade-was the AND THE CIGAR FACTORY OF NEW YORK. HAVANA-CIGARS. IBPOB.'l'EB.S ,OF THE ROSI 22. 0 .Street., New ycr ALL &._ LAWSON, 33 l'IURRAY STREE'1,, N. MANUFACTURERS OF THE 3 ... :5-8 "12y., :LBO -to 900 ST., "S!"OR.:I.. FACTORY. DIRIGO CIGAR &. ce.,. IANUF ACTH BBBS 0 P PINE Cl&ABS FRANK McCOY.] 10.1 BOVV::W'RY. N:EI"VV' YC>B.:K... rEDWARD T. Mccov sixty to thirty-six cents or l ess per pound; and the goods though bearing the same brand name and.the.same manufacturer's lawful designations, are but the shadow-hardly that-of what they were when the /orders were first received. Consumers, on -disc ov ering'the deterioration, complain; then it is, and then only, that they learn who the actual D).anufacturers are. So long the goods are acceptable to consu mers, proprietors p _refer to be exclusively known in connection'. with the goods; but when they are no longer popular, the identity and responsibility of the manufacturers are promptly brought into the foreground. Manufacturers of established reputation everywhere. exceedingly regret the necessity for the production of low grades of goods, and if allowed their choice, would prefer to put upon the market only such goods as would be desirable and creditable. But the prevailing system that has placed the distributors in the van ahd di-iven the manufacturers to the rear obliges them by force of competition to put up for the. market anything that may happen to be wanted. Having only prompt and large sales in view: jobbers will trifle with the standard of goods in a way that manufacturers, having a pride in their reputation, would never think of resorting to. In looking for a rem.ldy for the present state of affairs it is difficult to determine what to choose. We have not much faith in combinations to regulate and establish prices, the fa cilities of manufacturers for production varying so much. We have faith, however, in this: We believe the fine-

I. Z A I". MARCII 4 I DiiiiAJ, ciiiiiOtt IOB::-MerchaJl ts, 104 FRONT STREET, NEW YORK. At!ef,ta for the followm!!! w e ll-known and reliable Manufacturen : -I. B. PACE, W. J. YARBROU811 SOlS, TUIPII BRO., C, T. BIIFORD, IGOIMAII IIYERS, L 1 N. FRAYSER CO., L J. IRAIT 10., R. W. OLIVER, T. W. PEMBTOI, W. CAIIIOLL, and others S OLE AGEN11S FOR THE .ORIG INAL Coli, Bonne Douohe,4 and 6s, Single and Double Thick. ALSO, .A:GENTS FOR THE Stocks of Manufactured Tobacco of Every S uitable f o r th e H ome Trade for Forei v n M a. keto. ::S.ep"t Co:n.s"ta:n. "t1Y on. d. lTHE VIRGINIA TOBACCO AGENCY, :m-ta.b:U...h.ecl. JAS. M. G.&RDINBR, TOBACCO GODISSION MEBCWT, 84 FRONT STREET, NEW YORK. aXPOB'I' ORDIIIRI FOB. PLUG TOBACCO PROllll"J'LY FILLJIIID, ............... --.&LEXA'JiDER KAITLAND. L. F S MACLEHOSE. II.OBERT L. MAITLAND. ROBERT. L. MAITLAND &: COr, Factors, hd General Commission :Merchants, 43 Broad Street, 1\lew York, AGENTS FOR THE WELL:_KNOWN u 0 .A. ::M: E R. 0 N' Brands o f T o bacco Exprosel y f o r EXPORT T O AUSTRALIAN and OTHER FOREIG N PORTS: ALnmTI) c j WlmQV & co AUSTRALIAlf TWIST-IT. Al'IDREWS, J!a1l .I.JilM _n I Vlll'ltJII, CABLJC, Ot1R &AlliE, BLACK "V'Ao DIAliiOND. AUSTRALIAN LUMPSSIGNET OF VIRI!II!HA, VENUS, ALL THE R AG, FLOWER OF ALL NATIO!'r!l, ENGLISH LUliiPSPB.INCE ALFRED WILLI!I CAHRON & BRO. TWISTRAVEl'r, lii A -"V'a.. 'AUSTRALIAN LUliiPS-TWO IIEAII, \ OUR. CHIBF, ORION. ) ,.. INDIAN LUMPSHAVELOCK, CHAR- lti&R, c. ENGLISH LUIIIP5-VICTOaY, ROYAL N Avy, a.c. SOUTH AKER.ICA:N. LUJIPSL A DE LICIA, L A FELICIDAD. F C. LINDE. C. F. LINDE. C. C. HAMILT ON B. MAROVsO. R. ASHCROFT. :N'E"'WV' SEED LEAF TOBACCO INSPECTION TOBACCO INSPECTED OR SAMPLED. r 0<>'0.1%1. ry .A. :eD.ded -to. Certiticates given tor every case, &nd deli vered. case by case, as to number of Cenl.ftcate. N. B.-WE ALSO SAMPLE IN MERCHANTS' OWN STORES. F. C. LINDE & CO. PliiLADELPHIA BRANCHES: E. W. DICKERSON, Corner Arch ond Water Streets. J ONAS ME T Z, 64 North Front Street. SUF FIELD, Conn.:-EDW. AUSTIN. FOREST. PRINCIPAL OFFICES-1 4 2 WATER STREET. and 182 to 1S6 PEARL STREET. W AH.EHOUSES-142WATER. '14., '16 & '18 GREENWICHSTREETS,andHUDSON RIVER RAILROAD DEPOT, ST. JOHN'S PARK. .BENSEL & CO., TOBACCO INSPBCTOBS, WATER STREET, SY R ACUSE DRAN C H : ... G. P. HIER & CO. ELMIR A do ......... ] R DECK E R BALTIMORE tdo E.WJSCHMEYER&CO K A RTVO'RD do ........ W WESTPHAL. HATFIELD, W aso. d o .......... ] & P. t:ARL. CHA' S nNKE&CO TOBACCO 155 WATER ST., NEW YORK COUNTRY SAMPLING PROJIIPTLY ATTENDED TO, PIDLADELPIDA BRANCH:-JONAS METZL 64 North Front St. D. J. GAM'H, 1 CHARLII:8 M. GARTB, HENRY SOBBOEDiiR. p. J. Gar-th, Son & Co., COMMISSION MERCHANTS 44 Broad S"tree"t, N'. 'Y. BB.AXCH HOUSE: GARTH & CO., 390 MAIN STREET, (1JP STAIRS> LOUISVILLE, Ky. 111:, PAUCON, TKOS. CARROLL, Jr, &,,-Oarrc::ll, COMMISSION MERCHANTS FOR THE SALK OF Kentucky and Virginia Lea.f Tobacco, 50 BROAD NEW YORK JNO. T. HAlii.RIS, S. R. BOWHAN. "LOG Cl\BIN" & "iofiAMQNG. THE ROSES': TOEI-4!LOOO. ::M:a:n. U1'ao"t" Tobat,oo. .,.A. 'YO._ DA:II:K"lfl."VT, DA'l\K. IIWICICT liiO&IIaL D.&.&K :NAVY, ROllEY A.:ND PlllACR BIUGHT NAVY; AND AJ.L P OPULAR IRAICDS OI'.)'ANCY AND LIGHT l'RE SSED I Pl1fE OUT. KAinJFACI'UB.ED BY SPAULnnra .it HEIUI.ICK: -lJLD or.oay;-CII.UUnW T&a.WBII'I': liW&ii'T BtJiif.;sY;-BEE, 'I'B11lllPII, WIQ W A.Q IIUQLB, N a P AILS AND ,IIARREL. S. DEPOT FOB. E. T. & Co.'S CELEBRATED "'JIRUI'l'S & FLOWEiS" & COJDWNW!.ALTH 11 Smokinll To)laccoa. --PRICE LIIITII VURNIIIHED OW APPLICATION. "a DZPO'l' I'OB SXO'W'S PATUT CAILD-BOLDEJUI, G. W. HAJ.'TSCH, een We shall continue t o manufacture the finest o f Durham Smoldng T obacco, at N. C., and hope, by the character o f our goods, strict attention to b usinesS, q uick sales a n d profits, to merit an Increase of the patronage hitherto bestowed on o u r establishments. Address W DUKE, } B. L. DUKE. J. B. DUKE, B. N. DUKE. W. -DUKE & SONS, Concerning the Right to Brands, Trade Marks, &c. In this connection, we desire to My to UJ.e trade, 'We notice that it iR asserted by eo me of the leading Journals, and we are also lntonned that certain parties are endeavoring to produce the impreSSlOn that Blackwe ll & Co. of this town, bave t li e exclusive n right to use the word 1 DURHAM" as applied to S moking Tobacco. To this end, tht" decision in Blackwell & Co. vs. Dlbbrell & Co.i in tlie Circuit Court ot Virginia, is being extensivel y circulated, in whlch it js hel d that the comp ainants have "th e exchuive right t o t he 'U8e of t h e 100r d .utD t.nnbol of their trade mark." It wlll be observed thAt the oplnion o t t h e court, i n reg ard to t h e word "Durham," Is based on the considerations: 1. That the defendants were manuracturing in Richmond, V&. 2 That the word Durham h&S a local geographical signi.flcance ln the mn.rket 3. That the phrase, Durham Smoking Tobacco," indicates&mong all dealers and consumers, the fine tobn.cco marketed and manufactured at Durham, Nort h Carolina. It will also be noted that the decree expreuly declort that the word "exclUB'lve" does not apply to other parties manufacturing at this place, and that person s other than the defenaant S are not bound by the decree." Our right to manufacture" GENUlNE DUKE OF DURHAM u and The Genuine "PRO BONO PUBLICO Durham Smoking Tobacco, is clear and indisputable. We ha1e no desire to me anvbody' s bull. or infringe any one's rights. Webave our own brands and our own trade-marks, whicharel:iOOured to us by pat-ents1 and have manufactured them here at DURHAM N.C., for eleven years, and have never hearo even a. BELLOW except at a distance. The insinuation that we have no right to use the word "DmwA11. 11 i s false, groundless, and intended to deceive. We guarantee all customers against an:r l oss or trouble from any claim for infringement of a.nother.;.s righh a.n

0 MARU H 4 T B B T 0 B A C C 0 L II .A.u:P_ : JACOB A. LBORARD PRI=Bl&N 5UCCESSOR TO WALTER FRIEDMAN a FREISE, 'SCBBODEB & tStiOOESSOl\8 TO PALMER 6> SCOVILLE,) IKPOB.TES.S or SPA:Nl:_SS: AND JOBBERS I N ALL K INDS OF LEAF-,-TOBACCO, CIGAR BOXES, SUPERIOit MAi{.E AND .o. U'O W.&l,l'IIB. BTB.BBT, :WJ:W -Prime Quality o! OOJIJ!IEO'rlClJT SEED LEAF WRAPPER OF OUR OWN PAOIUJI'G, CEDAR WOOD ... STRAITON &i-STORM, 295 & Monroe MANUFACTURERS OF CIGARS, NEW YORK. BASCH A FISCHER, IKI'ORTERS OF I!AVAilA A G c 0' 155 Water St., IITtfol' Ka!4enLane, NEW YORK. A N D IN SliD LKAP TOBACCO, Ill PEARL STREET, NEW YORK. :Branc!l, 94 Ka!n St., Oincbmatl, 0 & G. F.RJEND & CO., lm.portetl and Vealen In LEAP TOBACCO, I 29 Lane. J a., NEW YORK, LsoNARO F atg:to. S. BARNETT, of BAV.Alt'.& AND JOBBER IN SEED TOBACCOS, AND DEALERS IN LEAF TOJ;IACCO, 178 &. 180 PEARL STREET, NEW YOBX. This Space is Reserved ftlll&l UD DIJIISTIC BAIIW. FOR lfo, 44 EXCII.&lfGE PLA:J:1 .A. "t"ten_ "ti.C>:J:1 ALS O IMPORTERS OF MANUFACTURERS OF LBAP TOBACCO, G-LOBE KIMMEL & BAVARA CIGARS & LEAF TOBACCO, ... SIMON sTRAuss, 190 Peazol St., NEW YORK. FINECUT CHEWING &SMOKINGl TOBACCOS, E...,..ery :IWI:a.ZL'I11'&01:"l1rer S:l...,..e :l.t & Tr:l.a.1. MANVF ACTV:Ri:.R 01' CICAR BOX-ES tc SHOW FICURESr LEDERER & PISCHEL. DETROIT, lOCH. SalnpleFree, No. 83 CHAMBERS STREET, NEW Impo-rter of a.nd. Dealer in Spanish Ribbons, 31, 33 &. 35 Atwater St., East, DEA L ERS I N Seed LeaC f\'\,. \),-, .. \l...U\) \ .. \, To Kaka Fine Cigars A. fiRE TIN CICilll MDEJJS HAVANA And Dealer in Domestic They sta.nd alone throughout the U. 'S. a.s the MD. rHE ONLY.. ESTABLI,SHMENT IN THE WORLD NAPOLEON D"U BRUL &. CO. IN WHICH OLD, G R EEN, LIGHT AND P OOR COLORY T O B ACC O S ARE B R O UGHT T0\1 J)ARK COLORS, AND THEIR DEFICIENT QUALITIES -IMPROVED. LI!P TOBACCO. 166 Water Street, NEW YOBK. M:. :M. OF AND DEALER. IN LEAF TOBACCO. Olll.ces: 42 VESEY ST., NEW YORK. THE JOBBING TRADE SOLICITED ONLY. THOMAS G. LITTLE, TOBACCO SWIATIIG, Ka.nufa.oturers of Oigar 1faken' Suppliel, NEW YORK BRANCH, 441 & 443 Phlm St., CINCINNATI, O. E. 'ORDENS'l'EIN, 306 Broadwa y SEND J'"O"R. r.TR.CU'LARS ::N'. Imnrond Tobacco Scran Machine, FOR CIGAR I!NUF !GTURHRS. It bas a Capacity of ahoa.t 600 11 aad caa 1oe Eadl;rWmokeL The Tobacco, DRY OR MOIST 1 Zll18tead. CJE'I. 'C"&::a:::r:N'Gr XT, And Causes No in Weight by Dust. PRICE, $35. Boxing and Shipping, $1.50. V. V.A.LL.AURI, 1260 BROADWAY, NEW YORE:, DIRECT I M PORT ATION O F Tnrtffih Loaf robacco and A L S O ANUFAC T U R E R OF liD-m YUIIUI TIIBIIn SMOG THBAtCI .Allln CJ:G.AB.E'T'TES.. 192 Pearl Street, ... 1r01UL 610-East St., P. LORII.I.ABD a co Rokohl Bros. & Soelter, 156 Water Street, AWARDED mGHEST KEDAL'3 FOR N liD \N "Ye>mr. FIN E""C"iG A R s I Bl as3 P:a:AEL ST., VbsTE!I!. d!' SJ' : .g NEW YORK. acto .an t c;: LEERET a. BLASDEL, COJrll'l'.l.l!ITLY Ol!lll.&l!ID Al!ID l!IEWDESIGJrl MADE TO ORDBR. .P-., 22 and 24 NOIITH WILLIAM STREET, NEW YOIIK. c:,:, JOH!,!., .. j VIIICINIA SMOKINC TOBACCOS, GERMAN CIGAR MOULDS, PRESSES,< STRAPS, CUTTERS, E'l'O .,_ lVSt &. 181 l.llWJB BTB.BBIIJ', KBW YOB.B.. Allll.Wd:a td Figurea Cut to aad. Repaired. tn. the S..t Styie. 'l'h.e Trade tht.ppll.eCI LOBENSTEIN & GAlS W H OLESALE D EALE:RS IN SEEDAND "HAVANA TOBACCOS, SOLE AGENTS AND IMPORTERS Ot' THE GENU I N E W. & M. \ OZG-A.B. PRESSES, STRAPS.,& CUTTERS1 1 hnperters of Ierman anll Spanlu Olpr llllliteai,J.f' lfo.' 10111.AIDEJI' I..A.lfE, lfEW YORK (SuOOEI!SoR ro J as. M.. StCHEL & Co.) IIIANUFACTUB.EB. OF and Cigarettes,. St., LONE. JACK !JD BR011J'II DICK fJ 11 OFFICE-IIo. Ill FIRST 8T., .IER8EY CITY, 11 .1. Manufactory: TWELFTH STREET, LYNCHBUR-G, VA. I lew Tort SailltOIIIIS-. 114 Iller St., .. Mlal '136 Chatba.m St., lear Pearl, New York. ,..,.. ... .. Price Lilt .at ....


,. THE TOBACCO LEAF. over the ground a.t race-horse speed! He is not think ing about the a.irs to b e assumed while smoking, but how he ca.n make a sale of that last lot of tobacco b e bought;having been sold, how he ca.n sell somebody else. Life is short and money is fleeting, at_ld when he sees a cuetomer, even in the far distance, the average tobacco ma.n Cloes not wait to reflect upon how he sba.ll attitudinize when closing a bargain, but he flies for his victim with his utmost energy. The description will not suit the merchant. It ma.y apply to the festive Wall.Street clerk or other young men of his kidney, but they are liable to do anything. If any of our dignified merchants of the tobacco regions of this city should like to try the experiment of a. cigar according to the above description, will they please inform us of the time and place, so that we ma.y be there to see? POPULAR DIRECTORS.-At a late meeting of stock holders of the Baltimore & Ohio Ra.ilr{)ad, Mr.Decatur H. Miller was re-elected Director of that road for one year. We are also pleased to note the re-election of two other gentlemen in the tobacco trade, Messrs. Jos. B. Stafford and W. A. Boyd, who hold over another year as Directors, to represent the city, being chosen as such by the City Council. CAUTJONTOCICJ.lllM.unrr.lCrUB&B8,Bol<-MAIIIRUlrs, 110@80 do; fillers, 30 do. Export without parallel, in anticipation of the tax. Seed on hand, February 1, 669 cases. lmportB since January 1, 900 cases. HARD TIIIE8.-A Graves County correspondent writes to the Mayfiel.t (Ky.) Mcmitor as follows:-There is a; general complaint of bani. times and scarcity of money through our neighborhood, and unless tobacco brings better prices than it does now, the people cannot pay .their debts. THE W AB IN CuBA.-The majority of the Cuba.n -cnieftains l).nd their adherents have surrendered to the Spanish forces, and soon the fiag of Old Castile will wave once more over the length and breadth of The Ever-Faithful Isle." This new state of. things will give1 it is a renewed impetus to the groWth of gooa tobacco in aifferent parts' of the island. TIN TAG CAVENDISH. ALLEN &co. PAT. APPLIED F:OR. We oft'er the publi c something new and cheap: a Plug of Toba.cco in a Tin Box, that can be retailed at Five Cents, mad e by Me881'8. P Lorillard & Co. for us only, with their Tin Tag at tached; packed in balf-groM wooden boxes, with a fine lithograph label on each box OWing to the uncertain state of the tax law, we hereby agree t.o pay to purchasers of these goods from us the amount of re duction o( tax that may be made by the preaent Congre01 after the law takes effect provided s uftlcienl and 1!8tl8factory proof is furnished us of the amount of stock on band at the time. ALLEN & CO., 113 & 175 Chambers St., New Tort. BUSINESS MENTION. MESSRS. SPEAR & HELD, dealers in leaf tobacco, remove to-day from 169 to 17872' Water Street. Though the firm is composed of men, it is looked upon as a very enterprising and reliable one MEsSRS. NEUBURGER & STEJNECKE, importers of Havaaa and packers of &led leaf tobacco, will move on or before May 1 into a larger and more co=odious warehouse at 172 Water Street. They contemplate making improvements in the lower part of the building, so as to make it a model tobacco warehouse. THE OLD AND WELL-XNOWN firm of I. Hamburger & Co., of this city, consisting of Messrs. I Hamburger and Moses Wallenstein. was dissolved by mutual consent on the 28th day of February. We are happy to say that although the firm has been dissolved, the gentlemen formerly composing it will still remain in the trade. Mr. Hamburger will continue the business a.t the old stand, and Kr. Wallenstein will do a leaf tobacco business at 159 Water Street. A NEW FIRK.-We call the attention of the trade to the card on our sixth page of the firm of John H. Fowler, reeently established at 27 South Gay Streetl Baltimore. Mr. Fowler is a gentleman of' wealth ana sta.nding1 and bas been connected with the mercantile commuwty of Baltimore for many years. Packing Seed leaf in all its branches, and dealing in Havana tobacco, will be the principal feature of the business of this firm. For the. general management of the business Mr. Fowler has selected our old friend Geo. T. Deford, whose acknowledged ability and ma.ny years' ence in Cuba as well as in this country cannot fail to be serviceable in insuring success to the new firm. He will secure for it the favors both of his old patrons and all those whose acquaintance he may hereafter form in a business way. The name of the Defords has been known to the tobacco trade for over half a century. The fact may be mentioned here that Mr. Deford was the first to resweat Seed leaf tobacco; and having de voted his entire personal attention to this branch for the past twenty years1 he has attained a proficiency in it that is unsurpassea. The new house bas our best wishes for its future s uccess. ToBACCO CHARGES. -The Richmond Tobacco Asso ciation has adopted the following schedule of charges for storing and turning out tobacco, whether in public or private warehouses :-For storing and turning out hogsheads weighing 1100 pounds net or over, ,1. 25; for SHORTS. .storing and turning out hogsheads weighing less than 500 pounds net, 63 cents. -The Troy building perishoo from a lighted cigar. We were about to say that you must smoke .ABoUT BooKS AND NEWSPAPERS.-The American your cigar without lighting it, but the Elmira Bookseller, published semi-monthly by the American says the moral is that you must never own a printing News Compa.n;r, 39 and 41 Chambers Street, New York, office.-Buffalo E:x:press. contains, as nnght be expected from the vast facilities -James B. Pace, Esq., the well-known tobacconist, of its publishers, a great amount of useful information of Richmond, who has already contributed so gen -concerning books, old and new, as also in reference to erously to Randolph-Macon College, has lately offerePle C';ln affoJCd to smoke unportea which was not very satisfactory. We then went to tobacco,themassbemgsatisfiedw1thhome-grownweed. his store. It was closed, but he opened a side door, The tobacco are ther!lf?re backed by a and was very much to see us, and did not number, and they are complam,mg, not o!lly of like to let us in, but did so. He was taking stock in ? of the tax, but also m compar180n the the store, but we got him down stairs, where he had of the duty on tobacco, the mcrease his office. After a little got him between us and m the tax on 18 _too great._ !or the pumped him dry. He has verr little stock in his place, the latter, whwh to be when It 18 lD a mar be ,500 to $1,000 worth lll all. His liabilities he fet::mented State,_ 1S tO be V_lrtuall_y fourteen t1mes clauns to be about $21,000, but could not give us any pa1d before, while the on tobacco wi.!J. idea what assets he has; pretended h e could not tell. be only thNe and a half t1mes as h1gh as before: It 18 anything about his book accounts; could get no satis-to_ be feared, therefore, that the home_-grown faction from him, only that he would show up ever;rwill no longer be able compete Wlth the foreign. thing. 1 tried to get a chance at his books. He Ba.ld The tJ:aders among do not seem first that he bad no objection if the atlsignee was will-to beheve they m the Chan ing. 1 went to see him; he said he did not object, but cellruary 7.-Measrs Schaap & VBil Veen. Tobacco Brokers. r e port .t.o THE TouACOO LEAP u follows:-We bad more activity in th e market tor the pan week. Bales of Java toi.Jacco m06ltly for cullinl{ purpose Jllll' ticipated for a large number, 7,003 bales, in ex pectation of the projected duties h1 Germany upon the t-obacco article Th e sold parcel s w e re mostly of the January stock of cargoes, which bad not been granted by subscription in the last year and had been brought In the beginning of this month in public sale The opera tions in American tobacco were lhmted t.o 56 bhds of Marvland and 7 bhds of Kent\lcky to bacco. Of _:Manila stock BsS bales found buyers. Arrivals, none. Stock to-day:-609 bhds Maryland, 169 do Kentucky; 4,000 bales East India. 1 ,1173 do Java, 130 do Sumatra, eo ilo Carmen. IIi 101 Iii! z ... .... 0 z = s ., z "' f-o 101 K; !!! ;:; '" .... p:: -= : "' "' __ 1'<1"" .. ... .... '"-:< = .. ' ... ....... ...... !{) .. ';j ilo Jl .s,g o:J .. "' "' P:;j "' "' ... ;o"'e ?"'4'f""40 .. :==:g;: >! )C) .. .. .,...., .. ::l gg rJi ;-OOCI?g;: :::"' _,.... ..: : :cc) <-.... IX> IX> --., .. ;'=""' : ....... : cd ..... r-. = =' = ; --; ..., i!-S.., .8s0l.::s 8 ....... g Q 0t'f""4 ... e>t--u ........ 0 .:. :.:: .,_ .; ... 8 .... 1 > 2-S; .....;.,...; --c )l;l s ._ .......... .,..: 2' a 01 .. .,..: .,.; .. o--'1 "' ] !!l ...;_ .. .;_ 0"" I! : ."'8! ..... .118 ... -0 filioi ., ... ; z = ,; _,. 8 .... : !Oi .c ...... oi "' bai ..... .... ---....... "ofci ,.jc:o.,... >< :..s -LIVERPOOL, Febrttary 16.-Messrs. F. W. Smythe 4 Co., Tobacco Commission Merchants, report t.o 'I'HB ToBA.CCO LEAF as follows: -Our market was inanunate during the put week e.nd there was not &uMclent business with any branch of our trade to fairly test prices. Imports, 89 bbds; deliveries, 31i3; stock, 34,7711, against 88,921 same time last yeaz-. LONDON, FeimuJ,ry 13.-Meaan. Grant, Cbambers & Co. report to Tlllli To!IACCO LEAF as follows:-There has been but littl e general business in American growth. Some few sales have been effected of the better gradea for borne trade purposes, but for th e classes there is still no inqul.ry For exportation there has been n9lnoquiry. Western Leaf and Strips-There Is a fair demand for colory classes oftbe former; In the latter a few sales ell'ected. Vi.rginia leaf and stripe have bad but little attention. Maryland and Ohlo-Colory descriptions continue in demand, but lower gradea are di111cnlt t.o place. Cavendish has been neglected. ;,.;;;=


MAROH4 THE DOMESTIC TOBACCO MARKETS FOR THE WEEK ENDING SATURDAY. MARCH 2. NEW YORK.-There has been a. fa1r busmess done in leaf tobacco durmg the past wook m a.ll branches of the trade, but m none of them were any stgns of spemal a.ct1v1ty v1S1 ble. Trade 18 regmlar and con but confined mamly to a.ctuat wants For Western leaf the mqmry was steady and resulted m sales of 864 hhds, dtstrihuted m about the usual pro portions among manufacturers cutters, JObbers and exporters Until the Reg1e operators commence to move w1th their customary vernal m omentum we cannot exJ?eCt notrceably large transactiOns for shrp ment Pnces for this variety are steady, and con stdenng the nature of the supplies, reasonably firm New crop rece1pts are moderate m quantity As a rule the crop shows lack of character, and the md1ca tions are that all destrable tobacco will be m good request at better pr1ces than previously antiCipated 1st week week. 3d week 4th week 5th week. Total JWluary 1 ,52 8 589 952 sa1 3,700 February 474 760 402 854 2,500 Messr s !I Hader & Son, Tobacco Brokers, 1n1 theu ctrcular of March 1 say -Our reduced and sorted out "tocks of Ken tucky tobacco rccetved very little destrable addthons dunng last month, so that naturally busmess was confined to small lots, except the sale of 750 hhds hy New Orleans samples for Italy, and as many more for Spam The sales are 2 500 hhds, of whiCh 700 l!.hds to home trade Hecetpts of new crop are very Uttle of desuable quahty, we look for 1m proveme as the season advances :&Iessra J Garth Son & Co observe m tbe1r c 1tcular We have o record another qmet month, duung wh1ch sales have aggregated only 2,500 hhds, agamst 3 40() last February The sales IS clearly attributabl e to the very hght denl3nd from anufacturers "ho have largely curtailed the1r busmess since ngress ha.s been ag1tatmg the tax questwn Unless an early ectsJon 1s reached m this matter of the reduc twu of the tax, ;,cks of old tobacco may be serwusly all'ected, as new tillers w soon lind favor wtth manufacturers The export demand as matermlly decreased, owmg to the un certainty of tbe actwn of the German Parliament on the duty question, whjh ts st1ll pendmg. The ch1ef demand IS for heavy oEd ort leaf of medmm to quality, and parcels of this riptwn can be readily placed New wrappers are also 1n equcst, especially those of solid red color, but we oh !erve that dark wrapper> do not meet wtth much favor, unless very fine. All kinds of wrappe rs are getting more plenttful, and manufacturers are consequently more rigtd m thetr selectiOWI Heavy styles of new export leaf are bemg taken to a limited extent as trial shipments Nothmg can he done w1th common 111\W leaf or lugs, and we must caution our friends agaiDBt buying such grades freely unhl the order becomes safer 1 Md the proepective demand less diStant No A!ncan trade was develoMd durmg the past month, though we can 11dently look forward to some demand from this source m the near future. Receipts of new tobacco contmue qUite liberal and from what we have seen the order 18 generally good The recent soft weather which has prevailed m the West lias probably brought to market some tobacco m uneafe cond1tion, and we strongly adv1se sh1ppers to avoid everythmg of this de8Crlptlon. With the large crop to come forward, many hogsheads must be earned n long time, and it 1s not wise to purchase anything that w1ll not keep Hecent and personal observatiOn m lhe tobacco growmg distncts of Kentucky and Tennessee have confirmed our opm10n m regard to the excess of productwn 10 1877, as compared wtth average years The quality of the crop is now generally conceded to be mferior to expectatwns formed dunug the !!rowmg season, and the proponion of sttlctly heavy leaf wtll be moderate Sales for the month were as follows -Exporters, 1,821 hhds, jobbers, 302 do, manufacturers, 377 do Hr. John Cattus, Tobacco Broker says 1n hts monthly cu cular ot March 1 -Onlr a moderate busmess wa consumma ted dur1ng the past month, the much reduced and undesirable stock permttting no enlmnced transactions Pr1feS have re mamed steady, and show no mater1al varmtwn Of new to bacco the receipts have been on the Increase, and m most m stances the qnallty of the same shows Improvement, the better and desuable pdes have met with a fa1r reception, and the prices for tbem have been at full rates, consldermg the present t4oderate ataadard of values. TransactiOns. however, were not large enoop to establish quotations The Western mar kets have been In full ft!Celpts of new tobacco, and report an act1ve business at pretty steady 11gures The quality and con dit10u of the tobacco, though not yet quite commg up to expec tat10n, have matenall.y Improved Vtrgma Leaf.-We note sales of both new bnght and dark wrappers, and also of old smokers at priCes wtthm range of oqr quotatioW! in table Seed Leaf-The sales of Seed leaf amounted to 1,569 cases, agamst 1,100 cases the week prevwus For ex port, as w1ll be seen below, there were tramactwns to the extent of 400 cases. Messrs Chas E. F1scher & Bro., Tobacco Brokers, 131 Water Street, report as follows concernmg Seed leaf -We notice a fatr 1mprovement m the demand for all kinds of Seed leaf tobacco swtable for home trade; the busmess done 18 mostly allm a Jobbmg way, no sales of any slZe havmg been made m any one kmd For export a few lots were taken to fill orders for other than German ports. The total quantity d1sposed of foots up to 1 569 cOBeS, of whtch 400 cases for shippmg Connecticut-Good wrappery lots. crop 1876, met w1th a fiW' demand; also seconds. Of the former 200 cases at 14c1 and 100 cases of the latter at were sold malunK a total of 300 cases of this sort are m011tly of an mferior character. About 100 cases of wrappers, crop 1876 for which from 9@llc was reahzod, founa takers York State IS dealt in very lightly at Onondaga at l1@13c for b1g fiats. Not more than 100 cases changed hande. Pennsylvanta meets with a f&r demand, prmctpally for wrappers of crop 1876, of which kmd about 200 cOBeS were sold at 15@26c per lb. Ohio-In this sort the largest busineBS, was done, sales footing up to 789 cases, of whtch crop 1874, 1875, and 1876 400 cases for export at the balance consisting part of early-packed assorted lots on private terms, and part wrappers at 12@15c for home trade W1800'1'18tn-Oftenngs are very hnuted. Good lots would meet with ready sale for home trade. 80 cases were sold at 7c Our Bremen special, dated February 16, says -BusineBS here lS almost at a standstill, w1thout much pros pect for unmedmte unprovement. Sales, 447 cases 1876 crop Ohio, 110 do 1874 75 do, and 105 do 1875 do, total, 662 do. The March c1tcular of Messrs. J S Gans Son & Co Tobac 'eo Brokers, saY" -The month JUSI closed was an dull one With the lack of proper assortments and numerous failures, which have very much shaken confidence, but little (l()U)d be expected for home trade Transachons for export have been very linn ted, nor can any Improvement be hoped for until the duty questiOn m GcrmWly 1.8 settled Packmg of 1877 crop has been done to a fait extent In ConnectiCut, and very moderate operations are gomg on in Pennsylvama Sales.-Orope previous to and including the one of 1874--New England, 150 cases, New York, 100 do, Ohio, 100 do, 100 do for export. Crop of 187G-New England, 300caees; New York, 100 do, Ohio 100 do, 100 do for export Crop of 1876--New Eug!Wld, 900 cases, Pennsylvania. 1,100 do, New York, 400 do, Ohio, 600 do, MOdo for export, W1sconsm, 400 do, 75 do for export, total sales, 4,350 cases, 875 do for export Export of Seed leaf smce January 1, 6,556 cases, same time last year, 6,167 do Spanish.-Havana contmues m good demand, particUlarly so for old goods, of wh1ch 400 bales changed as also about 400 bales of the new crop. From 87lk: for good, and $1@110 for fine lots were paid. A member of a c1t;r unportmg firm, JUst returned from Havana, man mterv10w w1th us, referred to af fairs m that City as follows -" There Is pi.mty of to bacco m Havana, but very little of the 1877 crop smt able for this market. The stock IS mostly of a hght, flimsy character, and the wrappers are a dead sc>rt of leaf Ula.t will not burn. Of Partidoa there are about 000 bales only-all of wh1ch 18 m the hands of the operator m that class of goods He always bolas at very high pr1ces, and that, I supJ?ose, ls a. reason why he has so much on hand at th1s t1me The new crop of .Remedtos JS a total failure. The crop has been ent1rely destroyed by rams and storms, so that planters have abandoned the idea. of harvestmg 1t There are only about 3,000 bales of the 1877 crop left all m the hands of one party Holders m Havana know that this is the tobacco wanted for the Umted States on account of its fine appearance and leafy character, and they have advanced thetr demands, so that to-day Ula.t class of tobacco can be bought m th1s market cheaper than It can be Imported The new Vuelta crop-one-fourth of 1t the early cuttmg-1s re)!IOrted to be very fine, but not adapted to th1s market It 1s "thin mlea.f m consequence of the frequent rams m the district 'W'here It lB grown The balance 18 very much injured by rams and storms, a goO<:! part of It havmg been destroyed. What lB left IS fully as hght as the 1877 crop The Parttdo d1strwt will yteld a better class of tobacco-about the same as that m 1877-as 1t has not suffered so much from the ralllS. The holders of the 1877 Vuelta crop m Havana wlil probably have to sufier very great Joss, but at present they are encouraged by the bad reports from the country to still aiihere to high prices for a class of goods that th18 market would not take at a very great reduct10n from their demands. Large quantities of tobacco have been sent this year to Germany in antiCipation of the mcreased tarift." of the cigars at present obtainable in Havana, the same gentleman says.-" It 18 as difficult to get 8 really fine ctgar m Havana as 1t ism New York. In the first place, 1t 18 hard to get a good burnm.g wrap and when one lS found 1t lB hkely to be doefect1ve m quality. The use of too much guano m cultt1vating tobacco m Cuba has produced the same effec1t that 18 VUilble m Connecticut tobacco." THE TOBACCO LEAF. MONTHLY STATEMENT OF STOCKS OF SPANISH TOBACCO Cuba Yara Total Bales Bales Bales 298 24,371 242 6,042 Total 29,873 540 Sales and reshipments to }'ebruary 28, 1878 7,000 228 Stock on hand )[ar 1, 1878 22,873 312 do do do 1877 23,769 19 50 do do do 1876 15 ,779 319 30 413 7,228 Manufactured -Trade m th1s branch IS stlil de pressed, as a matter of course, by the pendmg tax agttatwn l<'or export the1 e IS considerable busmess dmng, but m tax-pa1d goods sales are made almost en tirely for 1mmed1ate wants ::;o m e pretty good slllp ments have been made durmg the week to South Am erlCa, but from other expo1 t quarters the demand has been hght From Cuba there 1s now httle or nothmg recetved and the vilthdmwal of some of the troops from Indm has curtailed the orders from that sectwn Dealers m tax-pa1d goods are lookmg around, but seem reluctant to purchase m quantrty, even when guaran teed, on account of the uncerta.mty about the tax Low-pnced. out of order goods-bnghts-are among the reported transfers The exports for the week were 362,779 J?OUnds, agamst 195,343 pounds last week Smoking -We note sales of all grades and styles of smokmg tobacco for local and mter10r trade The de ma.nd 1s steady but necessarily hght pendmg the ad justment of the tax question Otgars -C1e;ar manufacturers and Importers both report a satisfactory trpde. Nerther branch announces any specral feature. Gold opened at 101%,and closed at 101.')4. Exchange -Messrs M &; S Sternberger, Bankers, report to THE TOBACCO LEAF as follo"s -Exche.nge.has heeu very act1ve nnd Jlrm during \btl week QuotatiOns -Sterlmg, 60 days nommnl, 484>f, stght, nommal, Sterling. UO days, actual, 484, stght. actual, 486 Cable transfers, Commcrcml sterlin;l', pTJme long, good long, Pans hankers ', UO days. 520%, sight, 518V. HeJChsmarks, (4), bankers ', 60 94%, (4), s1ght 9/l% Fretghts.-Messrs. Carey, Yale & Lambert, E're1ght Brokers, report to THE ToBACCO LEAF Tobacco Fre1ghts as follows -Ltverpool, steam 45s, sail 30s London, steam 40s, sat! 80s, Glasgow steam 40s sa1l 30s, BTJstol, oteam 45s, saJ! 80s, Havre, steam $12 sa1l $8 Ant"erp, steam sail 35s, Bamburg, steam 46s, sa1l 30s, Bremen, steam 45s, sa !I 30s IMPORTS. The arrivals at the port of New York from foregn ports for the "eek ending 111arch 2, mcluded the followmg consign mentsllAYAGU.EZ -J. de H1vera & Co 18 bales tobacco. HAVANA -A Cohn. 268hales tobacco, Schroeder&Bon, 281 do M &.E Salomqn, l21 do, Wetss, Eller & Kaeppel 27 do S Serpa 14 do, C F Hagen 592 do, J J Armuall & Co, 37 do, L Friedman, 51 do, Jlijlrchants' Dispatch Co, 56 do, J. M Aguero, 9 do; F Alexandre & Sons, 340 bales, 10 bags t'Ut to bacco, Vega &Bernhetm, 11 C"''es cigars,Sanchez Baya & Co, 7 do, C PalaciO & Co 2 do, C I<' Hagen, 4 do, H R. Kelly & Co 5 do. Purdy & Nicholas, 15 do, S Lmmgton & Sons, 13 do, lllerchants' Dispatch Co 13 do, G W l<'aber, 30 do, Boward lves, 14 do, Schroeder & Bon, 2 do, W B Thomas & Bro 85 do, Acker, l\lerrall & Cond1t; 13 do, Park & Tilford, 19do,Kunhardt&Co,4do,J A Norman,5do,A S.Roscn baum & Co, 2 do. B A G1aef 's Sons, 2 do, M Ltlienthal, 3 do, l\1 & E Salomon. 5 do, D Macarthur, 1 do l\flchaeliB & Lmdemann, 4 do, L P & J Frank, 4 do, A Owen. 8 do; R D Jackson, 4 do, CMs T llauer & Co, 2 do, F Knowland, 2 do EXPOR:l'S. From the port of New York to foretgn ports for the week ending March 2, were as follows ALICANTE -485 hhde ANTWERP -462 hhds, 484 cases, 37 hales ARGENTINE HEl'U.BLIC -"26 pkgs (4,fl98 lbs) mfd BRAZIL.-1 case, 16 pkgs (1,280 lbs) mfd BREMKN.--37 hhde 287 cases, 1,134 bales 12 pkgs (1,440 lbs) mfd BRISTOL -11 hhds, 49 pkgs (5,200 lhs) mfd BRITISH AUSTIIALIA -208 hhds, 5 cases, bales, 889 pkgs (887,328 lhs) mfd BRITISII WEST INDIES -17 hhds, 37 hales, 23)1 pkgs (29,973 lbs) mfd BRITISH POSSESSIONS IN AFRICA --3 pkgs (307 lhs) mfd. CANADA -77 bales CANARY ISLANDS -19 hhds, 20 cases CAPE DE VERDE IsLANDS -50 pkgs (3,2/lS lbs) mfd. CHINA -31 pkgR (5,328 lb s ) mfd DANISH WEST INDIES -9 hhds, 21 pkgs (1,869 lhs) mfd DUTCU WEST INDIES -30 pkgs (1,060 lbs) mfd GIBRALTAn -237 hhds, 172 cases, 50 pkgs (8,912 lhs) mfd GIJON -294 hhds HAMBURG -2 hhds 8, 108 bales HAYTI -14 hhde, 199 bales, 9 pkgs (4,050 lbs) mfd HAVRE --411 hhds LISBON -189 hhds LIVERPOOL -40 bhds, 20 cases, 28 pkgs (4,888 lhs) mfd LoNDON -42 J\hds 207 pkgs (28.804 lhs) mfd NEW: ZEALAND -166 pktrs (37,063 Jbs) mfd. PERU.-84 pkgs (11,500 lbs) mfd RoTTERDAM -10 hhds, 98 cases U. S oF CoLOMBIA.-77 bales, 106 pkgs (8.290 lhs) mfd VENEZUELA.-! hhd, 80 hales, 86 pkgs (5,469 lbs) mfd PARTICULAR NOTICE. Every reu.le Ia supposed to be at an advance on :fhwt COHt, the prioee obtainable by growers of tobacco, therefore, will alwa:ya be somewhat lower than these quotations QUOTATIONS OF WHOLESALE PRICES. WESTERN LEAF. Llatht LM!-ct. Heavy Leaf-ct Common to good lugs 8 @ Lugs @ & Common le&l' it!@ 7 Common & Medium @ 9 Mediwn 8 Good Good Fwo 10 @ll! Fine 1:1 VIRGINIA LEAF to good Good to .flne LeafCommon to good Good to ftne Extra fine Dark wrappers 5 @ 6)i 10 @I3 9 @14 OIDO AND MARYLAND LEAF OMoInferior to good com 8 @ 4)i Brown and l10@90 DOJIIESTIO RECEIPTS. The arnvals at the port of New York from domestic lntertor and coastWise ports for the week endintr March 2 were 1,044 hhds, 147 trcs, 87 qtr trcs 2,451 cases, 52 bxs, 10 three qtr bxs, 4 half hxs, 105 qtr bxs, 6 mghth hxs, 31 caddies, G kegs, 3 bbls, 326 bales, 135 cases 3 do Ctgarettes 2 trcs snuff, 3 crates do, 33 bbls do, 80 half hbls do, 73 bxs, 1 pail do, 6 jars do, con stgned as follows BY THE ERIE .RAILROAD -Sawyer, Wallace & Co, 2 hhds, J B Moore & Co, 40 do. S l\1 Parker & Co, 2 do, E Ros enwald & Bro, 295 cases, B K Thurber & Co, 25 do, Allen & Co., 2G do, F C Linde & Co, 84 do, Order, 82 hhde, 4 pkgys B THE HUDSON llivBR R.ul.ROAD -Sawyer, Wallace & Co, 2 hhds, F C Lmde & Co, 108 cases, c H do, E Rosenwald & Bro, 44 do, Order, 35 do BY THE NA'IIONAL LINE -D Dows & Co li hhds H lfoore & Co, 1 do P Lonllard & Co, 245 do, Sawyer, Wal lace & Co, 3 do Hce & Mayer, 20 pkgs, Order. 36 hbds BY THE PENNSYLVANIA RAtLIIOAD -L. & E Werthe:mer, 70 cases, Bunzl & Dormitzer, 15 do, M Ahenhe1m & Co, 4 do Chas F Tag & Son, 20 do, J Berlmer, ll bxs, Joseph !IJL)Cis Sons, 1 do, F H Leggett & Co 1 caddy, Appleby & Helme. 6 Cflses tobacco, 2 trcs snuff 32 hbls do, 30 half hhls do, 1 pu1l do, 3 crates do, 73 bxs do, 6 Jars ..Jo, Hohinson, Lm d & Co 1 c use c1gars, E C Hazard & Co 1 do, Moore, J enkms & Co 1 do BY THE NORTH RIVER BoATS -Krcmelbcrg & Co, 6 do J) J Garth !Son & Co 27 do A H Cardozo 3 do R Moore & Co, 12 do Pollard, Pettus & Co, 1 do, Sawyer. Wallace & Co ll6 do, Halgarten Bros 10 do, Order, 44 do BY THE OLD Do11UNION J,n;& -Squires Tuylor & Co 2 hbds S.nvyer. & Co 9 do R L 11fottl>'nd & Co 3-Uo, Pollard Pettus & Co 15 do, :F' IV Tatgenho1 s t & Co 8 do, D J Gouth Sou & Co, 15 do, F S Kmney 2 do, E P Beach 4 do, Blakemore, U.oyo & Co, 2 do, H 111oorc ,\:; Co 16 do, W 0 Sm 1th & Co, 4 hhds, 80 trcs 37 qlr t1cs. 50 ca.,cs mfd 1 box samples P Lowlurd & Co 49 hhds, 30 Ires, ii l>xs s ample s D Buc!Jue r & Co 1 hhd 3 tws. 1 box samples, Buc hanan & Lyall, 8 hhd, 3 trcs, 1 box samples, F E Owen, 20 trcs J D Keilly, Jr 18 do, Pwneer Tobacco Co, 26 t1cs 5 bxs samples, Thompson. llome & Co, 2 cases mfd, 10 three qtr hxs do, hxs do, 9 qtr hxs do, 6 e1ghth hxs do, 4 caddws do, G W Htllman, 10 cases mfd, 8 bxs do, 6 qtr bxs do, 6 caddies do, Wse & Bendhmm, 12 cases smkg, 12 caddws mfd 20 qtr bxs do, 2 cases cigarettes, Allen & Co 10 cases smkg, 2 do mfd, C E Lee, 5 cases mfd 10 qtr hxs do, 8 caddtcs do, J W l\lartm, 12 cases smkg, 12 do c1gars, E DuBms, 2 cases mfd, 5 kegs do, 60 qtr bxs do, I Falk, 1 case smkg, 20 bxs mfd Jos D Evans & Co 2 cases rnfd. 50 half hxs do F B Leggett & Co 40 smkg J W Carroll, 3 do J R Sutton, 4 do, Arents & Young, 1 do, J R Swezey, 8 do, Moore, Jenkms & Co, 18 do, Kissam& Allen, 10 do, Wm. Broadhurst, 16 cases mfd, MatHer & 21 do, A Ben & Co' 1 case Cl"arettes, n M Allen & Co' 1 box samples, Chas F Tag & Son, 1 do Order, 63 hhds, 8 trcs, 2 bxs samples. BY THE NEw YORK & Nnw HAVEN STEA>mOAT LmE Wm Eggert, 28 cases, M Oppenhermer & Bro., 79 do, S. Barnett, 37 do, E & G Fenn, 13 do, }[oeller Bros, 24 do, Chas F.-Tag & Son. 56 do, Brenner & l\larks, 2 do, Brown & Earle, 7 do. G P Wallace, 18 do, A. L. & C L Holt. 1i6 do, Fox, D1lls & Co do G. W Gail & Ax, 4 do, A Whitman, 1 do, J S Gans Son & Co, 10 do, Joseph Sehgslterg, 15 do, Bunzl & Dorm1tzer 87 do, M Abenhe1m & Co, 1 do; E M Crawford 29 do, E Hosenwald & Bro 56 do, N Lachen bruch & Bro, 36 do, C E F1scher& Bro, 1 do, Order, 9 do BY THE NEW YORK AND HARTFORD 8TEA>mOAT LINE G Falk & Bro, 80 cases, S Barnett, 14 do. E Halfman & Son. 67 do, Stra1ton & Storm, 138 do, Fox, Dills & Co, 12 do, Joseph 4 do, B. Schubart & Co, M do, B Grotta, 9 do, E 8pmgarn & Co, 16 do; Bavemeycr & Vtgehus, 120 do BY THE NEW YOIIK AND BRIDGEPORT STK.UrnOAT LlNE F B Lohmeyer, 13 cases; E Hosenwald & Bro, 12 do, Bunzl & Dorm1tzer, 1 box BY THE NEw YoRK &B.AJ.TnlOBB LINB W1se & Bendhe1m, 17 smkg, 3 hbls do, 1 hhl snuff, Oelrtchs & Co 9 caBes leaf, M Falk, 13 cases smkg, Allen & Co, 1 do CoABTWliiE FROM KEY WEST -McFall & Lawson, 11 cases ClgJ\rs, 2 bales scrape, Seidenberg Co 78 do, 24 do, 300 hales leaf, H R Kelly & Co 21 cases cigars, L P & J Frank, 4 do, Davts & Co., 4 do, Boward Ives, 1 do, F. Marrero, 1 do BALTIMORE.-Messrs Ed Wischmeyer & Co, To bacco CommiSSion Merchants, report to THE TOBACCO LEAF as follows -Hece&pts of leaf tobacco were hght the past week, as IS Ullual at thJs and the market continues In a dull and stagnant condttton, With no specml changes. There '" some httle demand for good fades of new crop Maryland, and such lot as are arnving fin buyers at steady priCeS, but all other descnptions are neglected The new crop Ohw 10 repre sented as supenor m quality, the season for curmg havmg been all that could he desued, and was wtthout frost The market at present, however, IS very dull, only a few hhds sold the past week No return of actlnty 1s looked for unlll later m the sprmg, when tbe receipts wdl increase Pnces are steady gen erally, and we quote as beforeand frosted 2 00 do sound common 2 50@ 3 00 do good do 3 50@ 5 00 do mtddling . 6 00@ 7 00 do to fine red . 8 00@10 00 do fancy . 10 00@15 00 do upper country 4 00@20 00 do le aves, new 2 00@ 8 00 Ohio-inferwr to good common 3 00@ 4 50 do greelllsh and brown 4 50@ 6 00 do medmm to fine red 6 50@ 9 00 do common to medmm spangled............ 6 00@ 8 00 do :fine SpiWgled to yellow 10 OO@lo 00 Kentucky-common to good lugs 3 00@ 5 50 do Clarksville lugs 3 50@ 6 00 do common leaf 5 50@ 6 50 do medmm leaf 7 00@ 8 00 do fair to good 9 00@12 00 do fine 12 00@14 00 do selectiOns 14 00@16 00 Virgmia-common and good lugs 3 00@ 5 50 do common to medium leaf . 6 00@ 8 00 do fait to good leaf 8 00@10 00 do selectwns . . 12 00@16 00 do common to 11ne stems . 1 50@ 8 00 Inspected thts week --SilO hhde MarylWld, and 78 do Ohio, total, 428 do Tobauo Sl weeks, sweet old very, scarce. LYNCHBURG.-Messra Bolt, &haefer & Co, Com mtssion Merchants in Leaf Tobacco, report to THB TOBACCO LEAF as follows -Recetpts during the past week were very large and our market has been well supplied Wlth all the Yarlous The selectwn of dark tobaccos still remams unsatis factory, and although a portion of our oll'eTJugs is of desirable quahty, the bulk sttll consists of common and nondescnpt grades Of hnght tobaccos we had a fatr supply, and on tho whole the quality of our offerings is gradually 1mpro\ ing Although the demand for tobacco3 of decided character rema.IDII active, prices are hardly as firm We do not make a change however, m our last quotations Lugs common dark 1 @ 2 good dark heavy 2@2% 3 colorv common 2 @ 3}4 common br1ght. medium brrght 6 @ good bright 9 @12 tine br1ght scarce. Leaf common dark 3 @ medmm 4.')4@ l1;00d 6 @ tine . .. 9 Wrappers common reddiBh 6 @ 8 good reddtsh common bright 7 @ medium br1ght 10 @15 tine bright . 16 @25 and fancy bright 25 @1)0 MAYFIELD, K7. .-}[r W J Melloo reports to THE TOBACCO LEAII' as fo""'ws -Our market tbts week a shade lo"er on lugs and low leaf, but fully up on the better grades wtth sales of 121 hhds, as follows -59 hhds medJUm to good leaf at 8, 7 75. 7 70, 7 30, 7 10, 7 05, 7, 7, 6 50 5 75, 6.10, 5 5 6 35, 6, 5 45, 5 60, 5 15, 5, 5 80, 6 25, (j 80 5 50, 5 80, 6 10, 5 40, 5 90, 5 10, 5 05, 5 05, 5.30, 5 25, 5, 5, 6 80, 6 10, 5 90, 5, 6 80, 5, 5 65, 6

6 :ti'Jt.ilailelphia Ad vertisem.t..ralOI!I. TELLER BROTHERS, Paokera. a..lnln NIIuta1 aDII ...... Dtaltn 1 Foreign Domestic Leaf Tobacco, .-., H7 North Third Street, Philadelphia. PACKERS AND WHOLESALE DEALUS IN LEAP TOBACCO, 116 &. "VV" a;te:r .S't., W, lt!SENLOHR, S: W. PliiL. BONN. L. BAMBEiflfER & CO., DEALERS lN .LEAF TOBACCO, AnQ Manufacturers of all Grades of Cigars, ll'o.: J 11 Arch st., Philadelphia,Pa. LEWIS BREMER'S SONS, Wholesale Dealers in LEAF" AND KANUFACTU:RED TOBACCO, NO. 3,Z2 NORTH THIRD STREET, PHILADELPHIA. .. A laree assortment of all kinds of LEAF ToBACCO constantly on hand .., 00., Paoken, Commission Merchants AND WHOLESALE DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO :No. aao No:rth Third St., Philadelphia THE TOBACCO LEAF; MARCH 4 WESTERN _ADVERTISEMENTS W. E. RAGSDALE,t VVM. A. BOYD & co., BI&DIDRUITTIYLBJO IKPQ .RTED AND DOHESTIC llliD .III.Jlnft \\1. LEAF TOBACCO, LEAF TOBACCO HENRY BESUDEN, DEALER IN TOBACCO BROKER, K.y. O!llce In Haln Stroot W BEFERENCES. BY PERMISSION. No. 33 South Street, B.A.L'T:DWOEL:&J. XANUFACTURED BY H. WILKENS a CO., B.A.LT:I:::att:C>R.El, ::att:D. .A.GEN'C:J::m& 1 NewYort: :M. FALK, 122 Chambers St. Philadelphia: BATTIN & BRO., a21. 3f St. li. W. GUKTIDIR, GENERAL COMMISSION MERCHANT AND TOBACCO FACTOR, No. 9 SO 0 TEL G-.4. Y &"1"ELE:JD-r, DILD AD'V Al'rCBMIIll'JT8 MADill ON CONSIGNJIIE!i'Tll TO MY A.DDRES!Io BROB.BRS, LEAP 146 & 148 WEST SECOND sT., 115 & 117 WEST FRONT STREET, CINCINNATI, 0. Corner ot. Elm and Second l:itreets, CINCINNATI. JHB ST.&TB OP KBN'l'UCB.Y TOBACCO GO., Choioe Brands of' PLUG TOBACCO, ADd Patentees of tbo Celebnted Braad of PROGRESS, JUDE IN ALL SHAPES AND WEIGHTS. liT EVERY PLUC. HAS OUR PA.TBNT l!'A.IITBIIIJ:B. AT THE END, "U S. LOWB!VTHAI. a 00., FINE CIGARS, F. AIID D.RALERS 1 1eo WBS'l' 2"01ni.TB; CINCINNATI ... G. Tobacco Works, Toledo, Ohio CHARLES R. MESSINGER, Jno. C ltham, l're&'t !lank of Hopk!nsvWe; S. E. Trrice, Pres't Planters' Bank "' S G B : uc.knert Commission lmbt, lll B Clark &: Bro Clarbvtlle. Tenneseee; F. G Irwia, Clarksville, Tenneoaee;__ S. F. Beaumont, President 1st ro&Uonal la.rksville, Tennessee F W, Tat.M Also, the Indian and Sun Flower Chewing Tobaccos. w. BEST, Chicago; LoR.rx PALMER, New vorl" w. 11. RussELL, chtca1 o. LEAF TOBACCO,' CEO. KERCKHOFF tc co., BBST. RUSSBLL' co., of Saeci Le-(Successor I JOHN c. PARTRIDGE 1ft CO.,) Refer to PACE BROS. & co., JOHNill'ON a: ..-Aw w cmcx:, w J. cLARK & co .. D!MLI.Il. v ... BAY a AND DEALERS IN SPANISH TOBACCOS WHOLESALE TOBACCONISTS wM. E. 018REu, Packers, Commission Merchants &, Dealers in 9harles st., LID TOBACCO BBOUl SEED LEAF 6 HAVANA T OBACCO.. 57 L k S 141 Car_ Y' St:raat ...::..,....._...r,.... --=-..., a e treet and 41 State Street, Chicago, 111. ....... ..-:;;a.. W"W" ................... ALSO AGENTS FOR THE FOLLOWING WELL-KNOWN FIRMS,-RICHMOND. VA. No. 35 North Water-st., Philadelphia. GUMPERT BROS. a '' MANUFACTIJRHRS uf FINE CIGARS, STORE: 1341 CHESTNUT STREET, FACTORY: 1230 STREET,. P .A.. THE LARGEST CIGAR FACTORY IN THE STATE. Joseph Loeb a Oo., PAt.C.K.ERS At.ND DEALERS IN LEI...A..,Pi TO:&.A.CCO AND :IIA.N11FACTURERS OF CIGARS, 62 NORTH STREET, PHILADELPHIA, PA. ,: KEYSTONE. CLAY TOBACCO PIPE WORKS, N. S:ZVJI:NT:S: ST., P:s:rt-AD:Z:x.P'R'tA PBNDTGTON, PRICB & CO., MANOFACTURERS AND DEALERS IN [CLAY, WOOD, ENAMELLED, GERMAN C. D., & OTHER TOBACCO PIPES. UNITED STATES CIGAR MANUFACTORY. DUNN & CO., I!NUFACTUBHIS a FINE CI&ABS Jll"a.o-tor:v a.Jl1d 1 219, 221 A 223 NORTH BROAD ST., PHILADELPHIA. McDOWELL & 00., no HAN & TOBACCO Tobacco Commission Merchants, AND ooneral Commission !ero1lutz, liD NORTH WATER ST., J"lailadelphla. liV' Agents for tbe sale of atlldad of 1daaufac ... tu.re4 a.nd Leaf ESTABLISHED 1846. J. RINALDO SANK & CO., _..,.,_ General Commission Merchants, 31 North Water Street -.AND-30 North Delaware Avenue, E"'Eit:EX..A.DEJX.E"'Eit:E.A.. BATCHELOR BROS "PECULIAR" CI'CAR KAmTr AS'l'ti'BElS, 808 !ilar ket St., PHIL.U)BLPHIA.. JOHN J. LUDY, of the Celebrated S11Dlly8ide atd Little Wanderer o z a. .a. n. s. 107 ARCH STREET, JDSEPB WALLACE. Suc:c:oeoors to COOPER & w-ALTER.Maauf&cture.:. of SNUFF SMOKING TOBACCO, 66S, 668, S70 and. S72 North Eleventh .St., PHil ADELPHIA, F. X. KELLY, Jr., MANUFACTURERS' AGENT FQR. ,_ Plug &, Smoking Tobacco, 106 Aroh St., Philadelphia, h. Sot.z AcaNT oa BEEBE & CO., Onincy, 111.; JIUCHAI'IAN 1ft LYALL, NewYerk; R. W. OLlV&R., Richmond, Ya.; A. )f. LYO)f _.CO R.tehmond, Va. ; MERCHANTS' TOBACCO CO. Bostoa,llus, i SHEPPABn &: SNlTH, DauriHe, Va. i WILSON, SORG &r: CO., M\d41etoWD., 0. A. H. THEOBALD OF FINE CICARS, AND DEALER IN Spanish and Domestic Leaf T ebacco, Who.'eolle and Retail 4ealer Ia All Brands of N w. eor. N Poplar lite., PhUaalelphla. And Wlaelooale l)ealerola NAVY & SMOKINQ1 TOBACCO, iw 11 626 BOtl'l'll 2ot.11 ar. :rm.A. SORVER, COOK & CO SYLVESTER & l'ACDBS, OOKDSroll' DICEAN'l'S, BR.C>:K. Ul PENNSYLVANIA LEAF TOBACCO LEAF TOBACCO ::E.oo._.. lE'"ri.oed OS.&r-, 156 N. Queen St., LaRCister, Pa. HAVANA. ANED INDQMESTJC p, "V.I.NITY I A M LYON & co ,.. W. T. 1JLACKWELL a. CO., Durham, N.O.; 1 I If -n 1. Jrar Leaf Tobacc. o. J. J. DAGLEY .. co. s "II.I.YFLOWER," Dluufacture"' and WholesaleDealenoin SPENCE BROTHERS D. "0 Tobaooo, IMPORTED and DOMESTIC SUCCESSORS TO ., Q lo CC&-.:a1'tan.a.'' LEAF TOBACCO, F. CIGW LH4P.TD.BAGCIJ :m.a.,::; 5!!:xa;::,2 err. 29 s afh a SL Balli Md Depot with F. Engelbach. 134 SLA GillCIIlflllli, o.' Da. 0 IJ I MOfl, 56 S. WA.SHINGTOl'r IIQUA.KE, l'f. lro We Invite the attention of to oar W H 'rro brl.dg B. GEISE & -.._.-.._ -. _. c 1 ANI> '' h .,......_.A.... DIOLUDING THE FOLLOWING BRANDS: --nn.eo..--u. .. ommlSSlOn .... ere ant, BB.O::K.EB., -;.&.-...... _.._ Beu, IDonbleEacle,,Sir:&DlfihC. E. E. WENcK. Manae:er. OFFICE. COLLEGE BUILDING. CJcn BOX paCTOBY, e, 1 1 7 Lombard Street, 49 and 48 ST. CHARLES STREET, And 87 'Wilst Front St., lUl Jl B.AX.TIKORE. KJ), 8. W -r--lit., BALTIMORE, MD. G H lla.rrl tt, A. IN Jos. scHROEDER a: co:; IMPORTED and DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCO, CommisMon &ad Wholesale Dealers in LEAF AND Manufactured Tobacco 25 German St, Baltimore, Md. AWD ciGARs, DARKWRAPPERS CONSTANTLYONHAND. W Place, BA.LTDIORl!l'.. PETERSBURC, VA., ADVERTISEMENTS. b. W. V.l!:NABLE, S. W. VENABLE & CO. No. 93 CLAY STREET, ClliCIJII!i'A. Tl, 0. HENRY MEYER & CO., COMMISSION MERCHANTS, OHIO C. & B. noum.m & CD .. LEAF ToaAcco, Dealers and Coll111118S10n lerellanil m 46 Front St..Cinoillnati,O. LEAF TOBACCU. F. W. DOHRMANN, 2 N lrilll Kaln w. Kaln a 1eecm4 BtL. S'r, LOUDI, 110. Q:t" Brands of Importe d Hcorice alwaYI on hand. LEAF TOBACCO BROKER, ... ... -.1 Cuhadvancea madeoa Con;.,,.,.nts W. M:. LADD, Ofll.ce: Cor. Byrae &. Balifu: Sts., l!'etenburgh, Va. O. LJII TUJIPPO JBVVll Factory: 19 'Se_cond1 District, Dr Alii U UUI, PLaUG'"tbeTCiiiwBWRiDKG G. w. WICKS & co., S:M:O"EC T'N'G-TOBA.C<::X>S I ''ECLIPSE" llRJGIIT .A VT, 11, X., 31, 4ft, 5, e., 2", 81, 91 IUI.d 10. "'ST. GEORQ.En BR.IGRT lVAVY, 1, 3, 61161, 'ta, Sa, 91 and.101. 'VIRGI:Nf.A DARB" liAVY, 11, 31, 51, .. 91aDd 101. "Ali'NOT LYLE" BRIIIRT l'IA.VY111. 3a, H 5, e., T, 81, 9aad to "UNION .JACK"'Y P0Ul'ID8, -"' 5 "1'11. JAMES" DARK POUXDS, Js:a, H, 5a, 61, '11, Sa, 91 aad 101. 4JS? a .,-reat variety of FIXE TWIST of several grades Bright and. Mahoganr u.oder the f.M1owlac cele&ated brands:-" ADJIIII%JLA.'l'IOK "'l'BOllJ.WI.AKDT "BJ:.4B.'l' 01' GOJ.D," &. "I.IVII OAK," ,.KABOB," "DB SOTO" aad "COXQ'U'BB.QB.." The foJlwing a r e OUR for tbe Salc.._ofllA.NUi'ACTURED GOODS:C. W. V A.N A. LSTINE k CO .JS Contra! Wharf Boston X....., P. CJAVA.NAGH, 41 and43 wabashA venue, chicago, Ill.; A.. HAGEN k C'JO., 68 N. Front Street, Philadelphia, Po.; N.H. CHP.ISTIA.N, Galveston, Texas; .70HN TITUII, CiDciD11&ti, 0.; Kanufact.uren' Agents for the S&le of Vir[inia, Missouri, and Kentucky TOBACCO, 291 West Main Street, LOUISYILLE, Ky, Gao. W W1cxs. N.FvuY. Paclucah Tobacco Works. BISHOP & BURGAUER, (FOR THE TR.A.DE,) 21 N. Main St., St. Louis. Five Brothers Tobacco Works JOBR FIIZER & BROS., MANUFACTURERS OF TOBACCO, I 94 & 96 Jacob St., LOUISVILLE, KY. T. H. PURYEAR, BU""F'ER. J tl. I'EMnERTON, ]As. G. PENN. PEMBERTON & PENN, Tobacco Commission Merchants With a long expa imce in th e bus in us offe their to fill oJdeiS for .Leaj 11r Manufiulured Tob,ucos. l'AI

l1:AROH 4 THE TOBACCO LEAF. 7 Business Directory of Advertisers. NEW YORK. Tobacco Ahner & Dehls, 100 Pearl. Allen & Co, 173 and 175 Ch&mbens Barnett!!,.\ 162 W&ter Buch & 1nscher, lM Water. Bulkley & Moore, 74 Front. C&n!ozo A. H M Broad. Crawford E. liL 168 Water. Dohan, Carroll & Co. 104 Front. DuBois Eugene, 75 Front. Wm. &: Co. 171 Pearl. Jl:aglebaell F. 56 8. Waebl....,n Square Fox, Dins&: Co. 175 'Vater. Friend E. & 0. lc Oo. 121J lllalden Lane. Ge.rdiner J. M. a=J:li. 6en;hel L. & Bro. lVI Pearl. Giebel & Van Ra.mdohr, 176 Water. Ha.mbtl.I"ger I. & Co 151 'Vater Harris & Bov.-man, 102 Front Herbst Brothers. 183 Water. Roodless W. J 45 Broad Koenig H. 8;!9 .Yowery L&cbenbmch & Bro. 164 Water. Lederer & Fischel, 213 Pearl. Levin M. H lfi2 PearJ. Lichtenc;;tein Bros. 121 Bowery. & Ga.ns, 101 Maiden Laue. llaitland Robert L. 8: Oo. 43 Broad. Martla J. ,V, 79 Front Mueller Ernst & Co. 122 Pearl. Neuberger & Steineck&, 181 Maiden Laae. Oatman Alva, 166 \Vater. Ottinger Brothers, 4S Broad. Paulltach M. 147 'Vater Pnce Wm. M. 119 Maiden Lane. Beiamann G. 168 Pearl. Sawyer, Wallace & Oo. 47 Broad. Schoverling H. 14.2.\Vater. Schroer4er &: Bon, 178 Water. Scbubart H.&: Co. 146 Water. Scoville A. H. & Oo. 170 Wnter. Splngal'll E. ill: Oo. 5 Slip. Btralron & Stonn, 178 aad !'earL Btrohn &: Reltzensg, 176 Front. "rar;, Oharl"" F. & IM Front. Tatgenhorst F. W .t 68 Broad. Thompson S. E. .t Co. and 116 Broad. Upmann, 178 To/Jar .&.pori. Guthrie & Co. J'roll Wutern and Virgift-i Leaf Oommif.. aioR "'Merchanta. Fauson & Carro;. 80 Broad StcMtin.g. Philip o.-6. 188 Pearl Little Thoma& G. 100 Pearl CommiBSion .Merchants. Reyues Brothers & Co., 46 &: 48 Exchange Place. B"yer of Tobacco. Rell30ns G. 55 Broad. Tobacco BroUn. C&ttus John, 127 Pearl. Fischer Chaa. E. ill: Dro. 181 Water. "'18cher Froderich, Broad. .ilimk>utt & Bill, 1!11 Broad. Osborne Charles F. M Broad. Rader ill. & SoD, 110 Beaver. Shack: A. 129 Maiden Lane. Manufs oj Brnoking and Chewinq l'obaccoa. Anderson Jobn & Co. 114. 116 and 117 Liberty. Buchanan ill: Lyall, 54 Broad. Buchner D. 2131;Luct 215o Duane. Goodwin 8: Co. ro1 & 209 Water. Hoyt Thomas & Co. 4()t Peerl. Kiriney Bros. 141 West Broadway. Lorillanl P. &; Co. 114 Water. Me.Alpln D. H.&: Co. cor Avenue D aud Tenth. Miller G. B. & Co. 97 Colwnbla. Plooeer Tobacco Company, Water. for Ch=ing and Smoking Tobacc01, etc. J:ngelb&ch F. 56 S. Wnohlngton Square Hen A. & Co. 43 Liberty. Runt H. W. 69 William Lindbeim )1. 159 Water Wloe lc BendheiDI, 121 Bowery Manufacturer# of Cigan. Bondy Charles, !iS Bowery. Ot&ecum & Schloeser, 15 Rivington. Hartcorn J. A. 21 Bowery Heilbroner ill: J._,hs, 63>1 to 640 E. Sixteenth D. & Co. tal and 180 Rivington and 88 Wall. Hirschhorn L. & Co. 89 Water. Kaufman Bros. & Bondy, 1.29 & 131 Grand. Kerbs ill: Sill-1014 to lWO -d Av. &Dd. 81Q to 314Tifty-fourill 170 Bowery Llchtenatehl A. & Co. M Bo,.ery McCoy & Co. 101 Bowery llendell\L W. & Bro. 15 I! Bow0ry Onder S 295 and 291 Greenwieh Roltohl Bros. & Boelter, llll3 Pearl Beldenbe'I& Co. 81 and 86 Reade Bmlth E. II Bowery Bmlth H. liL fiVeeey Btachelberg M. & Co. 00 and M Liberty Stralton &: Storm, t7ii and lltO Pea.rl Butro 4 Newmark, 76 Park Place Mwn:u/_Q.Cture:rt of Fiwe Cigars Bro\\-n & Earle, M Pnrk Place Poster, Hflson Co. 35 Bowery Sancnez, Hay a & Co. 130, 1S2, 134 Maiden Lane Imvorter of Hovana Tobacco and Oigaro. Almlrall J. J. 1U Cedar ll'relse E. 1117 Water Friedman Leonard, 203 Pearl Garcia F. 1117 Water Gonzalez A. 16'7 Water =:rL. 'fM 161 Malden Lane. Sanchez, H&ya & Co. 18pel, 2aJ Pearl Ybor V. I Co. 100 Pearl Manufact'l'rers of Key West and Importers of Ha-vana Cit.,ara. DeBary Fred'k &; Co. 41 and 43 Warren McFall & Ln.w.son, 88 Murray Seidenberg & Co. 81 and 86 Reade Depot of the Flor del Sur" Cigar. Alces George, 178 Wnter Manuja.ctufet"B oj Meerschaum and Amber Good.a. Wels Carl, 3118 Grand Importer of Olav Pipu. Ba.tjer H. & Brotker_,_77 Water Buehler & Polhaus, .., Chambers Demuth Wm. & Co. 001 Broadway Hen A. & Co. 43 Liberty Kaufmann Broo. di: Bondy, l.ll9 and 131 Grand .Jranufactu.Ters o_f Brlor Plpu axd Importen of 9nwkerl' Artick1. Buehler .t; 88 Chambel'S Demuth wm. &: eo. 1101 BroadO:.!f Harvey & Ford 366 and lllr7 Hen A. & Co. 4i! Liberty Kaufmann B...,.. & Bondy, l.ll9 aad 131 Grand Re;iall & Becker, 99 Chamoers ManuJCJ.Dturers of Licorice Paste. McAndrew J&mea C. 55 Water Stamford Manufacturing Co. 157 M&i.den Lane Wea,er Sterry, 24 Cedar Importers of Licorice .Paate. A.nsado N. R 14 Broadway Gilford, Shennan & Innis, 1.00 WWiam Argulmbau, Walla<:<> & Oo. 29 aud 31 S. William lleADdrew James C 00 Water Weaver & Sterry, 24 Cedar Zlcalday & Arguimbau, 102 Pea,rl Mm.'lifactu.rers of Tobacco .J'la.wra. BUlier's R. Sons & Co. 60 Cedar :1 InO:f?:J.\fJ:::n ek. Manujacturera of Potodered Liccrice. .Brlnkerhotr V. W. 47 Oedar Hillier's R. Sons & Co. 60 Cedar Weaer & Sterry, 114 Oedar Sud L.f Tobaoco .Bensel & Co. Water Finke Charles. l!i t:o. 155 Water Unde P C. ill: Co. Water Tobacco .Pre&tJera. Guthrie ill: Co. 2!lll Front of ()._-B_.. Benkell Jaco b, 293 &nd 295 Monroe Slratma B. I'll! and 181 Lewis Wicke William & Co. 108-161 Gcerolc Doakr in Spanish OivarB<>:o Cedar. Uptegrove W. E. >IM-475 Eaat Tenth Spanish ao.d German Cigar .Ribl>ono. Heppenhelmer ill: llaure!J 29 and 114 N. William Lobenaleln & O&DI, 101 .,alden Lane Loth Joa. lc Co. #I Broome 8ti'&WIII8fmOn, 119 Lewis Wicke Wm. & Oo. 1611-161 Ooerck Ma"MufactuTer of Crooke's Compound Till-Foil, Tobacco. Medium and Tis.nte. Crooke John J. 163 Mulberry 11n.porters of Tin-Foil. Wittemann Brothers, lSI William Tobacco Bagging. Howard, Sanger & Oo. 462 tu 468 Broadway Tobaao Labels. H eppe1nheimer & Maurer, 22' and 2t N. William Ci.garBcxc Label& and Trimminga. Heppenheimer & Maurer, 22 and. 24 N. Wi..lll&m Wulll: Chas. A. 61 Ohatham JfantJ.facturet of Cioarettes. Pollak B 175 ChaJ Green Seal Smoking Tobacco. Emmet W. 0. 74 Pine Patent Cigar Caaes. Samuel S. L. 67 Codar Beales. Howe Scale Co. PQ.2'e & Co. Agents. 825 B 'dway IpoTter of French. Cigarette Paper. May Brothers, 87 Maiden Lane Oigar Packers. Olgar Packers' Society, B. Michalls &: Co. 4 Flref; A venue, or E. M. Gatterd&m, JOY Norfolk of Cigar FlatJOTl'. Calilornia Dilltilling Co 88 Willl&m Fries Alex. & Broo., 1il (J;;ncge Place Patent Tflbacoo Coloring, Buehler&: Polhaus. 83 Chambers Ageftdu. The J'. M Bradstreet & Son Co. 279 Broadway The ll!cKIUOJ>9 Broad. Man:ufact'rs of. Smoking Tobacco aft.d Cigars. Raddin, F. L. & J. A. 1116 Hanover BREKEN, Germany. Tobacco ComRtission Fallenateln & Son CHICAGO,DL Wholesale in. Seed Leaf and HatKI'tiQ. Tobacco. Subert B. I( N. Canal Sutter Brothers. 46 and 48 Michigan Avenue Wholele Dealers in Leaf and Manvfactured Tabacco and (.'igars. Luerssen G and Co. 188 and 190 East Randolph M' j'r of Oigar,s and Dealer in Tolk!coo. Maurer C. F 187 Clark Manvfacturers' Agents. Mullen & Love, and 21 Randolph Dealer in Leaf Tobacco. Sa.H.dhagen Bros, 17 W P.St Randolph Manufacturer& of Chewing a'Rd Smoking, and Dealers in Leaf Tobacco. Beck & Feldkamp, 44 and 46 Dearborn. Manvfacturer of Fine-Cut CMtoing and Smoking Tobacco, and Snuff. Champion H. C. &: Co. 1!9 South Oannl WMlesale Tobacconists and M'f'rs' Agent.. Best, Russell & Co 67 Lake and 41 State CINCINNATI, O. DealerBinBavanaandDomeaticLeafTobacco. Benry;146 and M8 West Second Dealers in Spanish anrt Ci{J6r Leaf Tobacco. Meyer Hy. &: Co. 4li Front Wankehnan F. & Co. 82 Manufacturers of Fine-Cut Chewing and Smoking Tobacco. Spence Bros. & Co. b2 and 54 East Third Leaf Tobacco Brokers. Dohrmaan F. W. cor n. e. Vine and Front Mallay R. lt 'Co. 115 West Front Morris W G. 87 W. Fronl Jlanujaduren of Oiga and JJe..aler in Leo/ Tobacco. Krohn, Felss ill: Co. 161 to Iilii W Third cor Elm Lowenthal S .t Oo. 1511 West Fourth Tletlg H. &: Bro. 215 W. Fifth Weil, Kahn ill: Co. 134ll!aln Shed Metal Cigar Mou!do. Dubrul Napoleon & Co. 441 and 448 Plum Leaf Tobacco 1oupoction. Prague F. A. 9!1 Wesl Front Steam Cigar-BO:ll B ll. Brother, 911 Clay CLARKSVILLE, Tema. Lea/ To/Ja:o unnmiuion M""""""'"' Holt, Sohaefer ill: Co. NEWARK, N, J. Col!>pbell, Lane ill: Co. 484 Broad NEW ORLEANS, La. Tobqcco Factor and Oommiuicm. MercAbacco Wareh.ou3fo .... Anathan M. & Co. 2aJ North Third Bamberger L. & Oo. 111 Arch Bremer's Lewis Sons, 322 North Th.iN. Dohan & Taitt 1117 Arch Eisenlohr Wm. &:: Co. 115 South Water Moore. Hay & Co. 8:i North Water Sank J Rinaldo &: Co. 32 North Water Sorver, Cook&: Co. 105 North Water Tell& 117 .Norl.h Tbird Manufn of 11\"n<> Cigars and .AU..Ha!la11.<11 ToOa.oco Cigare!tea. Gumpert Bros. 1341 Chestnut Importer of Havana Tobacco a'Ad Oigars and l>Mler in. Seed Leaf. Costas J. 181 Walnut Manufacturer bf Snuff and Smoking Tobacco. Wallace Jaa. &66 to 67fNorth Eleventh Manufacturers of Cigars. Batchelor Bros. 808 lllarket Ludv .Jno .T. 523 a.nd tl2rt South Tv..entlet:ll Marshall, T. W. 12 North FOllrth. Theobald A. H. Third and Poplar Dunn T J & Oo. 219 tu 2-:lS North Broabaccoo. M-oger Oharlee R. WESTFii:x.D, M-. Packer and DB.A.CCC>., CIGARS AND LICORICE. PASTE, :UJ:J. niE.A.ZDEN" L.A.N"E, 1'11". "Y". Leaf Tobacco f.a Bales n.l!d Bopb-.ds for Foreign.' Markets. &, Cc.., LEAF TOBACCO COMMISSION MERCHANTS, Dan. -vi.11e, V a. Partlcaln.r attention to orders for all Grades of Virgin.ta Leaf and Smoken. Origin&! Invoices turntahed and satisfaction gual'llDteed. Correspondeace IIOiicited. J. :Dt.E. PR.XOE, XJ.A.:N', 'V' .&. Having Eight Years' Experience, offers his servioeB for the aN AGENCY for Boston and New England for aline of CliG.I.BS or PL 1JG TOBACCO. Knows all the Trade in New England, ot references. Address P. W. n .. Box 3106, Boston P. 0. 1579t 679-4t FOR SALE. TORA(JCO PEDDLERS' WA. GON, Full Box, Enclosed, with Carriage Top, suitable tor two horses, in excelhmt condition j no repairs necessary. Apply at the ManUiactory of ALLEN A DUNNINC, 65 and 67 VanHouten Street, Patel"80D, N.J. T Let TO CIGAR :MANUFAC'J'URERS.--Corner Btore oppo-0 site Earle's Hotel now occupied tor sale of establlehed 1862, Also light rooms :;;lth steam power. Inquire of'Hoii-teath, 151 Centre Street. 677-68:2 Dissolution. THE ftrm of I, HA.MDUKGEK & co., conalstlng of Isaac Hamburger and Mosee Wallenstein, was dissoiTed yesterday by mutual consent. Isaac Hamburger will collect all outstanding debts due the firm, and is authorized to sign in liquidation. The business will be oontJnHf'Mt"i Hamburger at 151 Water Street, under t!>e style and 1lrm of L GER & CO. M. M. WALLENSTEIN has eotabllehed h1mlelf under his O'II'D name at Water Street, this city. 680-lt & MA.NUF .A.CTURERS ANJ? IMPORTERS OF 4IJ. KINDS OF SMOKERS' ABTICI.ES, 501 EIR.OA.X"WV'A.'Y', :N"E"WV' VOR:EE'. BRIAR AND -APPLEWOOD PIPES CIGAR HOLDERS IN GRE.A.T V .A.RIETY. CLAY PIPES In Metal & Wood A SPECIALTY. CIGARE'l*l'E PAPER. Centennial Medals & Diploma awarded for Beauty and Appropriateness of Design and Skill shown in Fabrication, Popular Style & Cheapness. SEN":J:J Sutro Newmark, MANUFAcruRERS OF CJ:GA.RS:J AND DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO, 76 PARK PLACE. NEW YOR.IL KERBS SPIESS, 1 Manufacturers of Fine Cigars, And Dealers in LEAF TOBACCO, 1014, 1016, 1018, 1020 SECOND AVENUE, 310, 312, 314 FIFTY-FOURTH STREET. ADOLF KERRS, LOUIS SPIESS. B. 1 .J'oS'l'EJl. KD. HtLSoN. RUDOLPH WYJILUI RELIANCE OI&ARc MANUP l. LICBTENSTBIH & BROTIIEB, "Discretion is the better part of valor!' If "Honest Jack Falstaff" were alive now, and understood the ins and oula of the tobacco trade, he would certainly say: FOSTER, HILSON & CO.l MANUFACTURERS OF THE ELK" .... ONWARD 861 "Y"orl&., MANUFACTURERS OF Fine Oiu;ars,. 0 I GARS, And Dealers In LEAF TOBACCO, "Getting glaaa l!ig.111J is the better part of advertising!" especially for a dealer with a first-class specialty, like Hall s "Between the Act." TRANSPARENT GLASS SIGNS. Det.rn & Eathnate :Farnlhecl. Nos. 34 and BOWERY, AND SOLE PROPRIETORS OF THE PATENTED WILLOW CIGAR BOX. _JIIl:W TOBIE. JOHN MATTHEW&; 888 E. ll6ta St., N.Y. BROS. & CO., C::!GAR -AKU.PACTURBRS .. M:. LICBTENSTEJW: -IMPORTANT DISCOVERY! ANTI EPILEPTIC REMEDY, officially ex &mined and recommended b Medical .A.uthoritiee, authentical ana radical against the most terrible of all diseases, EPXLEPS'Y', .A.s well as against all Nervous :Maladies This remedy is of great importance to all suffering people, and thousands of persons owe their recov ery to it. This is an unquestionable and well known fact to the press, both domestic and foreign. Upon remittance of 25 francs a parcel containing Six Bottles will be sent to any address. The success is warranted. In exceptional cases a double dose ought to be taken. Orders and in quiries should be addressed to the General Depot of C. F. KIRCHNER, 8 W. Jerusalemer Str., 91 BERLIN, CERMANY. Cope's Tobacco Plant A MONTHLY JOURNAL FOR SMOKERS. Published at I 0 Lord .Nelson St., Liverpool, Eng. Price Two Shillings ... ., ., "''::IJI' _., .,!D y ... ... w 0 .. roo 0.,. ld tftl Sll I,IJ ld .!I The Tax on Tobacco. At the National Agricultural Congress recently held in Washington the following resolution was offered by Mr. W. P. of Virginia, and upon his motion was adopted and referred to the Committee on Ways and Means of the House of Representatives:WHEREAS, It is evident that the tax of twenty-four cents per pound on tobacco has been the prinCi.J;lal cause for the extremely low and unremunerative priCe of the leaf tobacco in the hands of the farmers and planters in tbe great markets of the country, and if continued, will operate still more injuriously to those interests as well as those who deal in and manufacture the article; WHEREAS, The long period in which the second staple production of the country has been so excessively and unjustly taxed at this war rate should not serve as a precedent for continuing the wrong, but rather presents the strongest argument for reducing the present excessive rate and giving relief to the producIng classes engaged in its culture; WHEREAS, the value of currency and wages of labo1 into cons1deration, the present tax is much greater than it was during the highest period of general taxation; and WHEREAS, The present move before the Congress of the United Ste.tes was commenced, and is now being carried on by the Representatives on the floor of Congress of this vast agricultural industry, extending from the shores of the Chesapeake across the central belt of States to the Kansas line, embracing the great States of Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, Ten nessee, Kentucky, Missouri, with Southern Ohio, Indiana and illinois; WHEREAS, .A. speedy reduction of the tax would, greatly relieve all branches of the great industry, and especially the planijng and farming interest here represented; therefore, Resolved, That it is peculiarly proper in this National Congress of Agriculture that we should, for the reason above set out, petition the Congress of the United States to reduce the present excessive rate of twenty four cents per pound, which is nearly four hundred per cent. on the average prices of the farmers' produc*, to twelve cents per pound, a rate which will give the Government all the revenue which it is proper to be raised from this industry, and will at the same time harmonize..i$aelf with a much greater produ.ction and consumP.*fon o! the article. -------Thackeray, like Burns, loved to get away by _himself and enjoy the flavor of a rank tobacco p1pe; ctgars were too light for him. ;!. ;


CI"G!RETTES;TOBA.CCOS ... 'lUCEI'APEIL 141 WEST BROADWAY, fu:wloRK. T. B. MERRICK & CO. IMPORTERS, 130 & 132 W II.UAM ST., NEW YORK. SPEIO:J:.A.LT:J:EIS I Gum Tragacanth, Cigarll'iikers. Gum Gedda, Siftings in Casks ; do. do. Sons .in Bales ; Gum Arabic, do. do. Tonka Beans, ANGOSTURA. LICORICE PASTE. THE STAMFORD MANUFACTURING CO., 4 :LG'7 JloiE.A.X:O:BI:N" X.....a..2'1T:m :N"EJ"'ttV 'lb8 Trade laving demanded a Superior and Cheaper Article than that hitherto used, this Company leJII&IIDfacturing, and oll'erlng for sale, LICORICE PASTE (under the old "Bunton!" brand) of a QUALITY -o.t; a PBICE which can b&rdly fall to be acceptable to all &'lving It a trial "'' Mellor a Rittenhouse, N. ggc1 &'t., Ph.:11ade1pl:l.:la, l'lllA!IIUII' .I.CTUBBR8 OF a:n.d G-R.EEIB.. LICORICE PASTE. ur-Ce-.nnial -..! awarded tor" Purity, Cheaj)n-_ a_ud General Excellence of Manufacture." A1ao 11; & 1L BILA:ND STICK LICORICE, all Sbea. WlloJesale Agents: SHOEMAKER, VO.UTE & BIRCH, 126 S. Delaware AYB.1 Phtla. n B. MCALPIN & ,0,, DBPOT AB"D AGBKC"'' \f U OF THE MANUFACTURE OF MANUFACTURERS OF THE CELEBRATED FINE-CUT fiR GIN LEAF & NAVY CHEWING And of SMOKING TOBAcr.n AND DEALERS lN' Cigars, Plug Toba.cco, Snuff, Snulf Flour, etc, MANUFACTORY ANh BAJ.EBit OOM : Cor, Avenue D I Tenth St., New York. MRS. G. B. MILLER 8t. CO., tOBACCO MANUFACTORY, (PETEP. '"'COLLINS, JllusrJ 97 Col :umbia Street, NEWYOBK, NANOPACTVJ!lERS Of' THL. CB.LEBilA.TED ll[rs. G. B. Miller & Co. Chewing and Smoking Tobacco, only Genuine American GentleIliAD Snuff; MO'S. G. B. Miller & Co. Maccabol md Scotch Snuff; A. H. Mickle &Sons' Forest lloe and Grape Toloacco; Mrs. G. B. Miller & Co. Reserve Sllloking and Chewing mAll ord:rs p romptly executed. &. i. GAIL & AX, BALTIMORE, -AT121 NEW YORK. X. 'WDIII, .&CI:IIl!n!' f.R .fNGELBACH, TOBAGGO DEPOT &AGBNGY For F. W. FELGNER & SON'S, Baltimore, Tobo.cco and CJ.earettes. 56 S. WASHINGTON SOU ARE, N.Y. BOODWIN & CD., MAliUF ACTUURS OF Fihe-Cut Tobacco 207 209 WATER STREET, NEW YORK. The Celebrated -AJI'D--. '"OLXPP:IDR.." Abo all other Cradoo of Flnthl a S11oklng Tobaooos, DETBOJT, IIICH. A.alde from our "AliERICA.lf' ... ''CLIPPER "Ia tile ... a1-d _._,..,.., .. alld6olbo.,-alao pt loetb"ef ........... ap ;::z:l .. lf_la On OUIIca Tul J'oa. PACXI-od Ia K-N -. .............. ,UMni..._ ........ MWu'r..ole. I lllls.1t.C.-. 1'. t1l. G. G. by consumers to be thf! best in the market. And for the brand of Licorice Stick KOBli &. GO., In all rupects equal to CALABRIA. Consumers and Jobbers would do well to app l y direct. Lleorleo Root, S.Joot aad OrdlaarJ', Raatly OD aad. ARIUIIIIAU, WAUIS a C0.1 S9 31 Sollth Wllllam lt.rtet AND ALL SPECIALTIES FOR TOBACCO MANUFACTURERS. ci! R.HILLIER'S SONS & V(l<.': OFFICE, 0 A R CJW. 'If, FlSCIIBR & BRO., Tobacco Brokers, 131 NEW YORK. THOS. KJ"MlCUTT, CHAa '.BILL, Ja. .KINNICUTT & BIL:.L, BllOKERSIN WESTERN It YIRCINIA LEAF TOBACCO, D2 BROADST.,NEWYORK. CHARLES P,; OSBORIE, ,_:: JAMES G. OSBORNE, TOBACCO BROKER, 54 BROAD STREET, r NEW YORK. -------------------N. R. ANSADO, M. RADER & SON, IMPORTER OF TOBACCO BROKERS LICOftiCH PASTl STICKS, No. 50 Beaver street, AND ALL SPECIALTIES FOR TOBACCO MANUFACTURERS 14 Broadway, New Ycrlr. &P .A.J.VX&EZ LICORICE PASTE,_ We beg to call the attention of T o-bacco Manufac turers and Oealen to tbia SUPERIOR AND PURE art1cle. Sole AaenU for the State or North Carolhaa &Dd Vir ainia: Massa. DAVENPORT 1111 MORRIS, Rh:h. .. ond. Va. LICORICE ROOT-.6racoD aad .&Ucuate. Selected and OrdlP.Uy. ZURICALOAY & ARGUIMBAU, I 02 PEARL STREET, :NEW Y9J5.X. POWDERED LIQUORICE. FINES'!' Q'UALITY. Jlalusfactured at Poughkeepsie, llew York. GIFFORD, SHERIAN & IBIS, 120 William Streei, S. C>R.G-LER., lllANUFACTURER OF FINE CIGARS, AND DEALER IN LEAF TOBACCO, 295 & 297 Greenwich St., New York NEW YORK. .;a,. SBACK, TOBACCO BROKER, 129 :U:AIDEN LANE, NEW YORK. N. Y l'VIBLY AND FmELY l'OW'DIJUD) 8PAIUIIH LIClOJI.ICB ROOT, SPAIIIIIIH LIClORICB BXTK.I.CT, .bBER TONGUB0 LAUREL LEAVEll, TOJrKA BEAIIS0 CAIISIA BIIDB, CLOVBII .I.IIID Cllii!IIA110110 OR.I.IIGB PEBL, IAI!I'ISBED, CAR.I. W A. Y IIEBD, 'CORIAIIDBK SEED, LA VENDER JI'LOWJDRS, GUlli ARABIC,GRAilll AIIDPOWDICRBD0 GUlli MYRRH, LUIIIP AND POWDBRJI:D, GUlli TRAGAC.I.l'IITH, FLAKE AIID EIISBNTJAL OILS, I POWDBKBD, OLIVE OIL, LUCCA CRBAllf lllr C.uiEB, SBIAIIJB OIL LEVAII'l' IN BBLS, Tonka Beans, Angostura&, in Casks, Balsam Tolu, in Original Tins, Clucose, French, in Casks. PRICES CURRBNT ON APPLICATIO!II. V. W BRINCKERHOFF, XlloiE:PO::R. T:BI::R.. 47 CEDAR STREET, :N. Y, NJI:W YO:BE .ACJI:NOY, A. HEN & CO. 43 Liberty Street, opposite Post Oft'lce, Da'O:B. T:z::a.S 0:1' SKOKE:B.S Aa'l'lCLES, DEALERS IN .... W. E. UPTEGROVE. SPANISH CEDAR FOR CIGAR BOXES. AGENT FOR OSTRUM'S CIGARBOI NAILING MACHINE. FootiOth nth St., East Rlnr1 :NEW YORK.. PLU"G .TOEI.A.CCO. THE IERCH!NTS' TOBACCO CO .. 80 EIR.O.A.Xll BT::R.EET, EIC>BTO:N" Make the best Sold or Used. ONE DOLLAR lawful money in each 60 pound b()x, containing large Plugs made of long stock. TWO DOLLARS in one, or ONE DOLLAR in two of the caddies In each case containing large plugs made of long stock. PATENT METAL LABELS on Plugs. Ask for this and get the Best Chew or Smoke that can be had. SILAS PEIRCE, Jr., Preoldent. JOHN H. SANBORN, Troas. WILLIAM BUCSANAN, DAVID C LYALL. BUCHANAN & LYALL, Office :-54 :Sroaci St., Ne-w York..-P.o.nox nu. Factory:-No. 2 FIRST DISTRICT, SOUTH BROOKLYN. MANUFACTURERS OF THE FOLLOWING CELEBRATED BRANDS OF PLUG, CHEWING a.Jld SMOKING TOBACCOS_ ALSO MANUFACTURERS OF SEMI-CIGARS. PLUG. PLANET NAVY. 11, }{It 31, 4-lt til, 61, 7', 8a, Oa, 19a. SAILOR'S CHOICE, 11, 31, 4. lh, &a, 7'1, 8e, 91, 101. CHA.LLIIINGE, lba. WAIHINGTON,l(a. NEPTUIIIE, Double Thick, brt. drk. MAGG:UC MITCHELL, NARRAGAIIISETT. ALEXANDRA. SENSATION. JI'LOU!IIDER!I. BUCHANAN, 10o. JACK 011' CLUBS KING PHILIP, GRAPE AND APRICOT, lJJrCONQ,UBRED. "ACIIE "ll'ang Brlii;bt Poaad .. TBCUMSEH, lOa. PBBILLIII8. P.ALIII. GOLD BARS. PlllDB OF THE REGUU:l!IT. POVKBT PIBCBB. lSI" .A. "VT ::PXN::ID O'O"T \N ::C:WG. ACME. SMOKINC AND CICARETTE ToBACCO. 'WO:B.LD'S Jr.AI:a AND :B.V:SY, made with Prolected --Page & Co., Gen'IAgentS, 326 BROADWAY, llW YOR.JL uar :c:ates are ua-4. by tha followlllr emtlld maua.fac:taren :-1!'. LOKILLARD A ClO., New York 1 BUCEJA.IIA!II otr. LYALL, New York; JA8. B. PACK. Richmond, Va. ; P. JIA.YO A BRO., ltif:bmond, Va ; E. 'W. VBNABLB. CO., Pete rllburg, Va..; FINZER BROS., LouiUle. Kr. HENRY WULSTE'IN, (Buee.,ooor to .._ Doch-) 114 CEII'l'RIC IITRBBT, l!IBW 01111:. P 0 Bol[ 309' Nur York. Consta.!!_t_!y on haad the Beat Jmpl"oved Machfit.M;or CUTTIN G..__GRANUJ.


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