The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world. Page 1-2 missing.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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MARCH 1 1 ... '.r H E T 0 B A C C 0 L B A ep 3 JABOB HllKELL. MANUFACTTJRE .. (9F CIGAR BOXES, SUPERIOR MAKE AND Prime Quality o! CEDAR WOOD, 293, 295 & 'l97 Monroe St., NEW YORK. BASCH & FISCHER, DtPORTERS OF HAVANA. A Ni> PACKERS O F SBRB LHAP 155 Water St., W1arMaidenLa11e, NEW YORK. BBOADWAY1 co r. C e d a r S t NEW YORK. Ii $1,000,000. #" /ft'orded t o Dealers a o d Correspoadenta with S o und B anking B. B.OOBOLL, Presid ent. .DlNG. C ;ishle r EGGER' & CO. IMPuRTERS OF 3: A. v "'-N" .A. AND IN .ll LKAP TOBACCO, 111 PEARL STREET, llEW YORK. llra.nch, 9 4 Uai n St., Cinc innati, 0 E. & 0. FRIEND & CO., I m.porters an d ;)eater s i n LEAP TOBACCO, 129 Lane, Ja., NEW YORK. LEONARD FRIJND. S. BABNETT, Importer of DAV.AKA AND J O BBER I N !!lo. 44' EXOJIA!JGE PLAVE, !I. Y. Draw B ill s of Ezcba.ag_e o n the p rin cipal citlee e f .Europe; issu e C1rcu1ar Lette r s of Credit to Tra-.elers, and grant Commercial Cr-edits; receiv e Money o n Depasit, 1ubjec t o Slsht Checks, upon which int e r est wiU allowed j pay patticvlar attent\o n t o the 'N.,-otiation of L oan s a.ttent:J.oo. aiven to Buyin g and Selling of. California. Di vidend'l>a.ying )l]n1ng Stocks. CUTHRiE &. CO., 221> Front Street. OOMKISSION KERCIIANTS. AND ,BALERS OF TOBACCO FOR EXPORT. --Lea f Tobacco pressed in bales fo r t1le Welt lndlel, Mexican and Central American Ports, and otber mar. tets. Tmurco PAC!:KED I N HOGSHEADS. AHNER & DEHLS, DEALERS IN LBAP TOBACCO, 1so Pe&z-1 st., .. l NEW YORK. a. a scovn.r.E 4' cc (!JCO(JEISOBS TO PA.LlllEB &> scovn.LE.l J:XPO:S.TJCE.S or SP.ANISE: AND J OBBERS I N ALL KINDS O F LEAF 'TOBACCO, Ko. l'rO WA'PBB. S'l'B.BB'l', itEW 'rOB.K. OOJDJECTIOUT SEED LEAF WRAPPER. OF OUR. OWl'I' P.A:OKIJrG, STORM, MANUFACTURERS OF CIGARS, DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO, 178 &. 180 :PEARL STREET, NEW YORK. WE HEREBY CAUTION ALL PARTIES INFRINGING UPON OR IMITATINC OUR BRANDS, LABELS AND TRADEMARKS, t ha t w e will s p a r e no pains in prosecutin g such parties i n protecting the rights secure d t o u s b y Ac t o f Congress dated August 14, 1876. STRAITON & STORM. FOR J. MARTIN, TOB..A..000 SCHRODER & BON, DD'OBTER.. op 178 WATER STREET, NEW YORK, :I:m.por"ters or Spa:n.:lsl:J.. HAVANA TO.BACCO, DOMESTIC ... lEif T O B ACCO' -203 Pearl Street, New York. r,:-, _,.;.,_ _____ ._.....;,;...._ ....... ..__ Kaufmann Bros. & Bondy, FINE CIGARS .. AND Il!IPOKTEKS AND O F PIPES AND SMOKERS'_ .ARTICLES, 129 and 131 GRAND ST., ua::::AY, NEW YORK. HERMANN BAT JER tc BROTHER, CODISSION MERCRil'I'S &. IMPORTERS OF T'1 W AT:z:a ST,1 Hlt W YO:a.Jt. WA,. GLACCUM, JACOB GLACCU1!Nu.!Tu!1LOSSER, 1& RJ:VJ:NGTON STREET, NEW YORK. P roprietors of the C e lebrated Brands "REPUJILIC" a n d "HIGH AND DRY" Other F11.vorlt e Brands made to order P. W. SIYTJD &: CO., ECKMEYER & CO., Alex. Fries a Bros. MA!fUFAOTUREBS OF ME BC BAITS H Av A N A c I GA R F LA v 0 R' BRETHERTON BUILDINGS, 16 C 11 P1 .... -BETWEEN WARREN N y k, SAW, ODESSA., DRESDEN. 0 ege UM;e, &MURRAYSTREETS, ew or No. 10 NORTH JOHN STREET .}rEW 'YORK. l'. O .BornS6. 48 le. 50 EAST SECOND ST., CINCINNATI, OHIO. Smalle&1' Elo1'1'l.e, $0. Se:n:t O. <>. ::0. LIVERPOOL, ENC. M. WALLENSTEIN, THE CODHRGIAL AGENCY DEALER IN 109 4 Ill WORTH ST., :Ne"OV "York Seed. Lea:f", McKILLOP & SPRAGUE CO. CALLE NEPTUNO N9178. AND IMPORTER OF The Commercial Agency Register Havana Tobaccos, ls lh e standal'd book o f rererence, glV!ng th=<'.1t ratings of merchant& 159 WATER ST., NEW YORK, A.sloclatedOl!l ces or t h e principal citi!l"of tho COMM l SSIO N MER c H ANT'. CALI NY' 79 FRONT ST NEW YORK.. :No. ea o::e"OV "York, U Dited stales, Great Brlta.l n France and Germally. SANCHEZ, HAYA tc CO., 130, 132 & 134 MAIDEN LANE, NEW YORK, J .E.SAXTON,Sec'yandT reas. H1RAMGRANGER,Sup t STRICTLY PURE HAVANA CIGAR FLAVOR. WAI.KBR, CU., MANUFACTURERS OF MANUFACTURER S OF I FINECUT CHEWING &SMOKING! TOBACCOS, 31, 33 &. 35 Atwater St.,, DETROIT, MIOH. -The materials empl oyed. in the preparadonor IlavanaClga.r Flavor are vegetable and other substances trom which the aroma ancl taste are extracted. The flavor distinguishes and gives character to common t obacco, and contains constituent parts ot the tinest Havana. tobacco. The directions how to make Ha.vane. tobacco out of Domestic tobacco "'ith Flavor is given v.ith each order. FINEST BLEAR BAV ANA GIG!RSI A warded Rig heat Medal Exhibitim, lS76, thiladelpli1a, .A. "t"ten. "t:lon. .A. "t"te:n. "ti.on. ALSO IMPORTERS O J' KIMMEL & HAVANA CIGARS&: LEAF TOBACCO, 1 .. 1 --SIMON STRAUSS. E'Ve .. ry ho-u.1d S1'Ve 11; .... Tr1a.1. MANUFACTURE R OJ!' 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OBDENS'l'EIN, 306 Broadway. S END FOR CIRCULARS. N". EIO:R.GEJT.'QT'S Imnrond Tobacco Scran MacbinB, FOR CIGAR IANUF AGTURERS. It hao a CapacitT of about 600 lbs., and can be EaDly Worked. THE ONLY ESTABLISHMENT IN THE WORLD IN WHICH OLD, GREEN, LIGH T AND POOR COLORY T OB ACCOS ARE B R O UGHT TOI,! P ARK COLORS, AND T HEIR D EFICIENT QUALITIES I MPROV E D > I V. VALLAURI, 1Z60.BROADWAY, NEW YORK, DIRECT IMPO R T A TJON OF TnrkiBh Loaf Tobacco and A L SO OF YEIIIUI TllBiUH TBBAm .AJ!llD CIG.ARE"r.l'ES.. LE"fY BROTHERS, ::l::n'eact. of on. UBEIC::l::NG-zT, M:an. '1fao"t' <>f And Causes No Weight by Dust. FINE CIG .ARS PRICE, $as. smppjng, to and 72 BOWERY, NE' w 510 East Nineteenth St., 156 Water Street, P. LOBII.I.ABD a co. AWARDED HIGHEST MEDALS FOR :s_ LOBENSTEIN & GAIS WHOLESALE DEALERS IN SEED AND" TOBACCOS." SOLE AGENT S AND IMPORTERS O:F THE GENUINE W 4r: M. ,j c::r.i:GA.EI. M:OULD&, PRESSES, STRAPS $ & CUTTERS, 11 Importers of Berman and Spanish Cigar lio.' 101 JllAIDElf LANE, lrEW YORK (SUCCESSO R TO Jos. M. S 1CBJtL & .CO. ) J!IA.!IUFA.(JTUBER, OF Cigars and Cigarettes,. 136 Chatham st., Near Pearl, New York. .. /


' THE TOBACCO LEAF. MAROH11 many manufacturers m the city of New York of this official requirement, It was long before the require .ment could be strictly enforced, mvolvmg, as it did, radical changes and not a httle hardship Retailers whose smgle room was too small to be divided, and who were too nnpecunious to procure other quarters, were obliged to abandon their pursmt All others finally yielded compliance, and have done so for from au: to seven year.s COUNTERFEIT TRADE MARKS -M Applebaum of No 134 Pitt Street, was arrested Friday on a charge of counterfeitmg the trade mark of cigarettes manufac tured by W S Kimball & Co of Rochester known as Vamty Fair Cigarettes" Other counterfeit brands were found m the prisoner s possession He was held m $3,000 bail by Comm1ss10ner Shields but one of my cred1torsi whose paper I hold for nearly double the amount he c aims w J HOODLESS, 45 Broad Street NEW YORK, March 9, 1878 -FDITOR TOBACC O LEAF I this week served a warrant granted me by Judge Ot terbourg on the Editor of the U S To'bacco Journal for publishing falsehoods about me Respectfully, DAVID LEVY Now, we strenuously mamtam there was no warrant of law for this reqmrement m 1870, and that there is none now In the mterest of the revenue there may have seemed an excuse for thus mfrmgmg mdividualrights, but there could be no Justification of it The proposed action of Coil1II11881oner Raum 18 entirely without precedent m extrenuty, and appears deficient m the attnbutes that nught be expected to give it a color of propriety Like his predecessors he proposes to perpetuate a construction of the law that neither its word nor spmt, nor the sp1nt of our mstitutions, seems to JUSt1fy but unlike them, he will no longer take for bis rule of guidance-though havmg done so for close upon three years-the one they formulated and abided by "Th1S provision of the law," he says, "cannot with the sanct10n of this office be rendered null and v01d by permittmg a manufacturer to use one half of the room as hlS factory and the other half as his sales room or store," etc He announces a new departure, and it is to be regretted that the direction he has chosen 18 one so littlp likely to co=end itself to considerate men Our people have an malienable right to make and sell at retail cigars m one room and not even Congress has ever presumed to abridge that right Congress or the Colllilllss1oner of Intenial Revenue may prescnbe the mode m which the two branches may be prosecuted ma smgle apartment, but no power on earth can lawfully say both branches shall not be prosecuted there To enforce this contemplated regu lation 18 to depnve of proprietorship and home fully one fourth of the cigar manufacturers of the Umted States, and if the absence of positive law authllrizmg hnn to proceed m so summary a manner shall not mduce the Commiss10ner to hesitate, there 1S yet reason to hope the same spirit of compass10n which 1m pelled him, as md1cated m bis letter of January 10, to defer action until May, will agam assert its sway and secure an mdefimte p ostponement of it CAUTIONroCio.ut 111.urorAcroRBllS, Box Milnl!ANDLITROGllAPllDS -Having :received information that certain persons are imitating_ our brand of \mported RolOW A.lfD Jm.mTI'.&., WE.hereby notify a.II the above as well as c ar dealers generally that srud brand or trade mark la dilly patented y us in the Unlted States and that we shall pur sue all making or 1l8inJ1: said counterfeit with the tull riJror of the law A liberal reward will De paid to any person who will turnish 5\lfftctent information and evJdence !or the conviction of any party making or using said brand or trade-mark.-New York Dec 26 il!71. 610-6IW HolWl& R KELLY & Ca. It does not, as 1s assumed, ''render the law null and void to both make and sell c1garn m the same room On one side of the railing that divides the room cigars can be, and, by honest men, are, sold by the box of 25, .50, 100 250, or 500, and on the other side they are law fully sold at retail DlBhonest men may evade the law, but, fortunately, they are few That few, ho"l'I ever, can contmue to evade if manufactory and sales room are separated by a permanent part1t10n We here reprnduce petit10ns relatmg to this subJect which emanated from St LoU1S, and were presented to Congress and the CommlSSloner of Internal Rev enue m February HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES, WASHINGTON, D C We beg leave to call your attention to the pet1t10n, addressed to the Comnussioner of Internal Revenue, concermnl! a very oppressive, and, m om; opmion, a very needress regulat10n, about to be enforced agalllSt manufacturers and dealers m cigars The petition will .explam to you what is mtended by the Revenue De partment, as well as the serious results which will ne cessarily follow from an enforcement of the order re ferred to The class of persons affected by the pro posed regulation is large, and the consequences of turnmg so many fa=lies out of an old and well estab li&hed means of subSlStence, cannot be overestrmated these hard tnnes Believing that the views presented m the petit10n will co=end themselves to your ap proval, we respectfully ask you to fresent the same to the Comnussioner m person, and i further legislation 18 necessary, to take such steps m Congress as you may deem necessary and proper to accomplish the desired obJect To the HON G B RAUM, Commisswner Internal Rev enue -The undersigned respectfully state that they are manufacturers and retailers of cigars at --, belong mg to that class of dealers who sell their own manufac ture by a retail store lllllDed1ately m front of a workshop, divided by a partition wall, and so arranged ,a,nd connected with wmdows and doors as to pernut ,the propnetor to work at his trade m his shop, and at the same tnne overlook a store and attend to the calls orted to b&Cco can be deposited m bond and duties paid only on quantities withdrawn 3 The duties accordmg to the actual tariff are For cigars and cigarettes, 36 francs per kilogramme, for other manufactured tobacco, 25 francs per kilogramme A propos1t10n has been pre sented to the French Legislature, by the Mmister of Commerce, lookmg to the modification of the tariff aR follows Cigars and cigarettes, 36 francs per kilo gra=e, Eastern tobacco, 25 francs per kilogra=e, smoking tobacco from any other country except east ern part of Europe, 15 francs per kilogra=e, snuff and chewing tobacco, 15 francs per kilogramme It is behaved that the proposition will be adopted by the Legislature BUSINESS MENTION, Loa CABIN and LovE A.MONG THE ROSES,,, manufactured by H Conrad & Co Danvill!), Va continue to grow m popularity as tnne advances WE PUBLISH TO-DAY a complete and correct statement of the assets and liabilities of the firm of S Eliel, Jobber m cigars and tobacco, Bloommgton, Ill The fail ure of that firm, which 18 reported to be of good stand mg, was caused by losses and shrinkage m busmess MESSRS A GREENHALL A.ND F POHALSKI have con solidated their establishments and will after this manufacture cigars under the firm name of Green hall, Pohalsk1 & Co at 45 Warren Street, this city Both gentlemen are manufacturers of several years' standmg, and are the proprietors of several well known brands of cigars, of which the celebrated "Monte ChrlBto" is the one We need only add that the firm has our best wIShes WM HACHFELD is the name of a new firm JUSt estab lished at 42 Great Burstah Street, m Hamburg, Ger many Mr Hachfeld was for many years connected with the old rehab le firm of U pmann & Co m Havana, and is therefore well q,ualified for the bu.smess he has engaged m Foreign cigars on commlSsion and his own account will be the prmc1pal feature of this firm Mr Hachfeld has many warm friends among the leadmg houses of our country, like Carl Upmann, Faber, etc EVERY BUSINESS MAN knows the rmportance of lll surmg his goods, but very often he is so busily engaged that he has not the tnne to spare to.;nsure his mer chandise to hlB advantage To ass1s1; him m domg this, Mr W H Germame has opened an office at 31 Pine Street for fire and marme msurance Mr Ger marne has been connected with the German Amencan Insurance Co 1 and has been m the employ of the German American Bank He 1s endorsed by both mstitutions and by a number of our tobacco merchants THE WHOLESALE GROCERY FIRlll OF E C HAZARD & Co 192 Chambers Street, this city, are heavy dealers m cigars and tobacco The house is an old one, and of first-class standmg Among the different brands of cigars sold by this firm are the Parrot and "Valise," of both of which they make specialties The '' Parrot" cigar has a small show card m each box illustrative of this brand, and the "VallSe" brand 18 packed m a beautiful httle vallBe and is very attrac ti ve The :package does not, like many other packages, add anythmg to the cost of the cigar It 18 a new idea and 1s patented Mr A Stern 1S the manager of the tobacco and cigar department CORRESPONDENCE. NEW YORK, March 9, 1878 EDITOR TOBACCO LEAF -A local JOUmal haVlllg re ported my failure, I desire to say that the facts are these I have been m busmess for over thirteen years and never had a dollar of paper protested The general depression m the trade, losses on tobacco and the failure of other houses made it very difficult for me to meet my paper, and caused a. temporary suspeilS1on only, es"I have mad-ea satisfactory settlement with all OUR WASHINGTON LETTER From Our Own Correspondent W .ASHINGTON, March 2 A statement has been made by the Treasury Depart ment, showmg the items of decrease and mcrease m the.revenue for the first seven months of the present fiscal year The decrease on spirits amounts to $3,210, 274, on tobacco $326,838 on banks, $178,272, the whole sale dealers m spirits, $59,520, total The mcrease is as follows -On cigars, $405, 725, dealers and manufacturers of tobacco, $36,098, total mcrease onto bacco $441,823 From this statement it will be seen that the actual revenue from tobacco for the first seven months of this fiscal year was $114 985 more than was for the same time last year, when there was no agitation of the quest10n of reduct10n, found by de ductmg the decrease of the actual revenue from smok mg and chewrng tobacco ($326,838) from the total m crease of the revenue from cigars and the manufac tures and dealers of tobacco The statement shows at the same tnne that the revenue from spirits m every way has very materially decreased although the ques tion of reduction of the tax on that article has been practically settled These facts, it is argued, explode the theory of the Co=iss10ner and the Secretary of the Treasury that the great falling off m the revenues has been owing to the agitat10n of the tax question on these two prmcipal sources of revenue It follows that the falling off must be due to other causes The m crease m the tobacco revenue undoubtedly shows an additional number of men entermg the tobacco busi ness The Committee on Ways and Means are still consid ermg the tariff bill They will not reach tobacco before some time next week As to the quest10n of tackmg the tobacco tax on the tariff bill I have obtamed the views of the members of the Sub Committee on the Internal Revenue Mr Tucker says he is decidedly m favor of it, for the good of the measm e itself Person ally he says he would prefor to have the bill providmg for the reduction put throuJi:h separately, if that were possible as 1t would not then be subJect to the delays which may attend the passage of the tariff bill He feels, as many others do who are mterested m the quest10n, that there are many members who care nothing about the question of reduction and would probably vote agamst it m a separate bill but if the question comes upm a general tariff bill recommended by the cotnm1ttee, they might feel mduced to vote for it He says that the feelmg m the committee and m the House 1S qmte general favormg puttmg the subJect of mternal revenue m the tanff bill This is especially true of all friends of reduction who fear the force of the argument that while they do not oppose relievmg the tobacco mterest, they at the same trme do not thmk this relief should be at the expense of any other mterest Such members might oppose the reduct10n if it comes from the comnuttee m the shape of a separate bill But if it comes with the tariff bill its passage seems to be msured The tariff is undoubtedly a most popular measure m the great Northwest, where tobacco 1S not grown, and its mterests have but few representatives on the floor of Congress They will favor the embodi ment of this tax, therefore, m the tariff bill, as it will carry with it a large support from the other sections of country, and probably secure the passage of the tariff bill They feel that to leave it out nught at least Jeopardize its passage In the case of Mr Burchard, the other member of the Sub Co=ttee, he feels that the tax on tobacco is op press1ve to the production of that article yet having no special mterest m the and takmg a deep mterest m the tariff, he is unwilling to see the friends of the one dlSconnected from the friends of the other At the same time, he holds it to be the duty equally of the friends of the tariff revision and the frrnnds of the mternal revenue rev1s10n that they should be mutual m their support of any measure lookmg to a relief of all mterests of the country He says he takes no special mterest m the tobacco quest10n He is however, dlS posed to do what 1S right toward the friends of the to bacco mterest There are a large number of members who take precisely the same view I am very much mdebted to Mr Burwell of Richmond, Va, who is still here, watching faithfully and wisely the mterests of the tobacco people, for many suggestions on this all absorbmg topic He says that it 1S his opm1on, from the temper of Congress, that they will not legislate on the subJect of taxes piecemeal The reduction of the tax on tobacco is a part of the general proposition to relieve the mdustries of the country He also says that he believes that it is the purpose of both the Committee and the House that all proposed taxat10n should be passed upon m a smgle bill, as it was m the legislation of 1872 on this subJect The tobacco representatives are equally mterested m that portion of the tariff measure relating to liquorice, which will give free liquorice to the manufacturers for domestic and foreign consumption, and this matter is rece1vmg favorable consideration by the Ways and Means Colllilllttee Mr Pilkmton, a tobacco man from Richmond, Va was here this week, and had a talk with the members of the Sub-Committee on the revenue but their views have already been sufficrnntly detailed, and nothmg new was elicited from them by that gentleman He was here partly on private busmess1 but while here took it upon hrmself to contribute his snare of mfluence on behalf of the same general mterest B P G I WASHINGTON, March 8 Senator Beck's speech m the Senate last Tuesday 18 the key note to the whole subJect of taxation It was probably the most complete argument delivered this session of Congress on the question of tariff and taxa t1on His speech has caused considerable comment among men of all classes, and his views are the reflex of those entertamed by a large maJor1ty, I thmk, of members at both ends of the Capitol After g1vmg at great length his reasons for a general reduction of tax at10n as a rehef to the country1 he speaks of a special class whose mterests demanaed a reduction This class consisted of tobaceo peoJ:>le who are suffermg greatly from the present stagnation of busmess caused largely by the high rate of taxation Petitions have been commg m by the scores to members and senators protestmg agamst the proposed mcome tax These men say that it is virtually a tax on mdustry and thrift, and contmue to say that obJects of taxation are more properly m the vices and luxuries of the :people, such as whiskey and tobacco, from which the md1vidual who ultimately pays the tax can abstam, if he so pleases, without detriment to the co=umty Mr Beck's reply to these arguments 18 very pertment He says that those gentlemen would doubtless be glan to have their property and mcomes continue free from all taxation, and let the day laborer who has nothmg but hlB wages pay as much as he now does to support the Federal Government, as they do with their prmcely fortunes England m 1876 he contmues, collected from them and the tax that year was only one third of wnat it had been for t:h.e greater portion of the time smce 1861, and they forget that the raismg of tobacco, which they seem to regard as a vice, is as legitnnate an mdustry as any other, and is followed by four tnnes the number of men who ever paid an mcome tax He said that he :proposed to exanune the issue they present so sharply m their zeal to avoid payment of their legitimate portion of the expenses of the Federal Government, by a statement of the exactions rmposed and wroni;s done to the people he represented by the laws relative to tobacco He had laid before the Senate petitions by the dozen, signed by hundreds of men as honest, as deservmg of consid eration as the millionaires who seek to oppress them, humbly beggmg for relief He produced a letter from one of his =ediate constituents .on the subJect of the tobacco tax This letter was from W J Kennedy, at Headquarters, Kentucky, dated Jan 14, 1878 It says Inclosed you will please find a petition to the Senate and House of Representatives askmg a reduc t1on of the tax on manufactured tobacco In 1873 and 1874 I made money In 1875 the tax was mcreased from 20 to 24 cents, leaf declined llllmediately 4 cents on the pound I have lost money every year smce the tax was mcreased Last year I bought tobac110 for less than the cost of production, and yet I made no money I am now buymg leaf tobacco at 2 to 5 cents per pound for the best crops. Ordmary and common will not pay to ship it to market The farmers who raise tobacco are all small farmers, own small tracts of land m the hilly portion of our country, and the entire fanuly-women and children-work m thfl tobacco patches Tobacco 18 now so low that they can hardly sustain life They have to go m rags, and the children half clad m wmter Where there was once a fair amount of money and happmess, there is now want and almost starvation The people m the tobaccogrowmg d1stncts1 to use a common phrase1 are hard up We willing to bear our JUii proport10n of the tax The present tax of 24 ceats per pound on tobacco is entirely too much One acre of Ia:D.d worth $ or $20 18 made to pay the Government $240 If the Gov P.A.TIN'T ernment was to tax evmy acre or the product thereof the same as tobacco, it would pay the entire debt of the Umted States m one year If you will lend a part of your tnne and talents for the reduct10n of the t a x on manufactured tobacco to at least 12 cents per pound, you will confer a lastmg favor upon your constitu ents m the tobacco growmg districts without a smgle obJection" A.s Mr Beck said, this is a truthful presentation of the condition of at least five hundred thousand poor families all over the South and West, whose sole reli a.nee for the money with which to purchase their sugar and coffee, the blankets, clothing medicme and other necessaries for their comfort and support is the sale of the little crops of tobacco they have produced mainly by the labor of the women and children while the husband and father cultivated the corn and other crops necessary to feed them "Will any man say," Mr Beck said, that the cult1vat10n of tobacco is not as an mdustry and as honest a mode of utilizmg the soil as the production of corn wheat or grapes, which may be converted mto whiskey race horses or wme! Yet tile producer of tobacco is pro hib1ted by law from sellmg hlS crops to any person but a licensed dealer, who cannot sell agam m quantities less than a hogshead unless he pays a special license of not less than $500, which 1s more money than he ever saw These poor people, m very many mstances, live far remote from any licensed dealer Many of them have no means of carrymg their crops to market, and if they do succeed, they must take what the nearest licensed dealer sees fit to give, for there is generally only one, and he the agent of some large distant manufacturer, many miles from the pomt which they have often with great difficulty succeeded m reachmg Yet when we complam of these things and ask a nutigation of the oppression, when we show that 24 cents a pound, coupled with such rumous re strict10ns, is destructive of all the rights of the pro ducer, we are met by petitions of the nch men of the East who think that these poor people have no rights which Congress ought to respect Surely people who r8.1S0 an agricultural product which furmshes $41,000 000 of revenue and $32,000,000 of our foreign exports are entitled to some cons1derat10n, even if the deficiem l y caused by gr antmg the relief should be made up from the mcome!l of Mr Astori Mr Drexel, and their co pet1t10ners Why should al the machmery of Government be mamtamed to guard and protect their colossal fortunes, aud they be required to contribute comparatively nothmg and escape all the burdens imposed on the iioor pAople descnbed m the letter I have read! This speech of Mr Beck is regarded as havmg the true rmg It is counted a very able speech on the subJeCt of ta11ff and mterBal revenue The progress of the Ways and Means Committee is very slow It will not do to hazard a conJecture as to when they will re,Port the tariff bill to the House Nothmg new especially needs to be said regardmg the proposit10ns relatmg to the tobacco question The reduct10n to 16 cents is a foregone conclusion as far as the committee is concerned A.ll other questions per tainmg to the subJect are practu)ally settled, and have already been foreshadowed m THE LEU' B P G Statement of S. Eliel, Bloomington, Ill. The followmg are the details of the busmess affairs of the above firm of Jobbers m tobacco and cigars, recently failed, as made up on February 25, 1878 -LI.ABlLITIES $23, 045 95 NOJllIN AL ASSETS Accounts entnely lost before January 1, 1878, and marked lost $ 5, 708 08 Accounts lost by goods sold lately, and marked bad 451 09 Accounts doubtful, worth, say, 50 per cent 1,632 87 Accounts which I consider good 2 ,794 07 Notes lost of ao value before January 1, 1878 886 SO Notes now held, worth say, 50 per cent offace 3,41114 Stock on hand, about 6,500 00 Real estate (lots m Chicago, cost $250, lots m Leroy, cost $100), no value 350 00 Cash on hand 97 00 $.21,831 05 ACTUAL .ASSETS Doubtful accounts at their value of 50 per ct Accounts considered good $ 816 43 2,794 07 l,'(05 57 6,500 00 Notes at their value of 50 per cent Stock Cash RlcaIDDCS. CincUlll&ti do do do New York, do do do do do do do Joliet Petersburg Va Detroit do do do St Louis do do Quincy Jersey City Covuigton do Chicago do do Philadelphia do Lowsvillo, Roch Hellrun Pa Baltrmore do Richmond 97 00 $11,913 07 LIST OF CREDITORS Kerbs & Spiess LichteDateln Bros & Co AOOKPTANCB OB Accotnrr AKomrr account $ 466 00 account 1 080 00 accept l 786 20 accept $3 1189 66 account 746 11)._.4 8315 7 5 account 669 a> accept 671 00--1 il40 SO account 251 70 accept 251 70--503 40 account 346 00 a.ccept Hl8 88 accept 140 account 42 35 account 260 00 account 182 50 notes 2 500 00 accept 2 036 74 account 275 00-2 310 74 accept 1 128 ?Ml accept 433 t50 account 62 00 account 46 60 accept 157 76 account 675 36-733 10 account 706 00 account 45 63 accept 859 86 account 270 00--1129 86 accept 866 70 accept 538 80 acoount 149 20---688 00 account 48 00 account 395 65 accept 11012 account 2!I i50 accept 3117 88 accept 181 O"l accept 212 00 account IDS 87 account 130 00 account 100 00 account Zl' 00 account fT/ 45 $23 046 9fi The firm have offered m settlement 35 cents on the dollar m three, six and nme months secured notes, and their terlllS have been accepted by most all their creditors Export Tobacco Bonded Warehouse. Mr Bliss, of New York, on the 6th mtroduced m the House the followmg bill to establlSh an export bonded warehouse at the port of New York for manu factured tobacco, which was referred -Be it enacted, etc That there shall be established at the port of New York one or more bonded warehouses to be known as Internal Revenue Bonded Warehouses for the storage of manufactured tobacco m bond for export the same to be under such regulation as may be prescribed by the ComilllSsioner of Internal Revenue fr om trme to tnne .And be it further enacted, That the act of February 8 1875, is hereby amended b;li allowmg the transporta t10n m bond from any manufactory, under good and sufficient bonds, to a bonded warehouse at the port of New York, manuufactred tobacco mtended for exporta t10n, and the same may be stored m such bonded warehouse, under such rules and regulations as may be prescribed by said Commissioner of Intenial Revenue, and may be withdrawn therefrom from time to time for exportation, m such quantities as may be desired by the owner thereof, and said tobacco may remam m srud bonded warehouse for the term of three years from date of entry .And be it further enacted, That all acts or parts of acts mcons1stent with thlS act are hereby repealed This act shall take effect upon its approval by the President New Revenue Regulation. DEPARTMENT No 18, INTERNAL REVENUE, March 1, 1878 Special No 184 Concernmg the starnpmg of goods on hand by facturers of tobacco snuff and cigars, and closmg up their Government accounts with .collectors at the tnne of dISContmumg busmess On and May 1, 1878 all manufacturers of to bacco, snuff and c1gan; will k; required, on concludmg busmess, to render closmg mventones as rrov1ded lll sections 3,858 and 3,390 Revised Statutes o the Umted States, to pack and stamp all manufactured goods on hand at that trme, and close up their accounts as manu facturers with their several collectors By renewmg from year to year their special tax stamps, and them posted conspicuously m their places of busmess, by contmumg to render monthly reports of all purchases of stamps and sales or removal of goods, by keepmg their J!laces of bus1 ness legal factories, and themselves legally qualified as manufacturers, though not actually engaged m manu factunng or ma.kmg taxable goods, they can enJOY all the pnvileges the law accordS to manufacturers of to bacco, snuff and ciglU'S, and keep their stock of goods unstamped at their factories until they are sold or removed. This decl8lon is reached after a. careful exammation of the proV1Blons of sections 3,355, 3,358, 3,367, 3,369 and 3,373, relatmg t.o tobacco and snuff, and of sec t10ns 3 ,387 3 390 3 395 3,398 and 3,405, relatmg to cigars of the Revised Statutes of the Umted States, made m consequence of numerous mqmrres by collec tors as to w hethei there is any linnt to the tnne dunng which manufacturers can hold goods of their own manufacture after they have d1scontmued manufac turmg and ceased to pay special tax as manufacturers All rulmgs decisions and written or verbal mstruc tions mcons1stent with those herem contamed are hereby revoked GREEN B RAUM, Commissioner SHORTS. -Smuggled cigars and cigarettes c:mtmue to arrive at this port Who has energy enough to stop this ? A Philadelphia pi,ess dispatch of March 7 says Meyer and Nathan Anathan of N Ana.than & Co recently failed, were arrested, charged with secretmg goods to defraud their creditors Bail was gn en m the sum of $20,000 each -Tobacco grnwers everywhere complam of the low prices offered for their crops They thmkmg ser10usly of curtailmg their plantmg That is the way to cure the evil While tobacco goes dealers cannot afford to pay more than they are otfermg Re1>orted Failures and Business Arrani:ements. BALTIMORE, Mn -J ulms Brmgman, Tobo.ccomst, Judgment agamst for $142 Louis Y Sirata Tobacco and Cigars, chattel mortgage BATTLE CREEK Mrcrr -Jobn E bym & Co Tobacco and C1 gars chattel mcrtg:age for $146 BntsTOL R I -Jo.mes F. Stetson, Tobacco Judgment o.gat for $259 71 BROOKLYN E D -Chns Schmidt Cigars, chattel mortgage for $800 BRillPrON, PROV OF ONT -0 D Mereness Tobacco ar-' Cigars failed out of busmess BLOOMINGTON !LL -S Ehel Jobber m Tobaccc 1 ofl'ers 85 cents on the dollar at three, six and,, secured most all have accepted E H Picker Cigars mortgaged or made a bill CINQINNATI 0 -August Beckemeyer, Tobacco, gage for $525 DENVER OoL -A H Root Tobacco and Cigars, t made to force mto bankruptcy HATFIELD MASS -Silas G Hubbard, Tobacco, LYNN MASS -Wm Ciawford Cigars chattel stock and fixtures for $150 MuiITowoc, W1s -Wm Ehrhardt, Cigar Manlh !ailed MONTREAL Pnov OF QUEBEC -DavIS & Phillips Cig\) ufacturers attached by sberifl' for $230 15, Mr E.,. .-iws assignee, habiht1es, $6 000 direct, and $18,000 mdirect NEW YonK -Israel Isaacs Tobacco and Cigars assigned NEWTON IA -John Baldridge Tobacco mortgaged or made a blll of sale PHILADELPHIA., PA -J E Prettyman, Cigars JUdgment of record Charles L Irwm Cigars Judgment of record John B Cohn Cigar Manufa c turer Judgment of record W H Leahey Cigars ;,udgment of record PrT'rsBURGH PA -l' W Wurzo.11, Cigars, Judgment agamst for $400 PouGHKEEPBIE N Y -Nicholas Wmter, Tobacco and Cigars, chattel mortgage on stock and fixtures for !J865 PROVIDENCE R I -Ezekiel Potter Cigar Manufacturer chat tel mortgage for $500 50 QUINCY lLI -Harns Beebe & Co Tobacco Manufacturers, Albert Beebe trust deed given for $12 000 SPruNGFIELD ILL -J J Kent Cigars chattel mortgage on stock for $57 41 WESTFIELD fuss -Massachusetts Cigar Makers Co-operative Association offermg to compronuse at 30 cents hab1hties $7 000 assets $3,500 .Business Chani:es. CHATHAM Puov OF ONT -J E Alexander & Co Cigar Manufacturers dissolved Geo G Martm retitcs, Angus Martm admitted style same CmcAGO ILL -Goodman & Rettig Tobacco, dissolved HAMllURG GERMANY -Wm Hacbfeld formerly connected with H Upmann Havana has established himself m Hamburg for the sale of foreign cigars LNCASTER PA -Thaddeus S Dickey. Cigars and Tobacco, John K Metzger adm1tted new style Dickey & Metzger NEW ORLEANS, LA -Chas Fisher Tobacco and Cigars de ceased NEW YORK -L Hirschhorn & Co, Manufacturers of Cigars, will remove to morrow from 89 Water to Second f.. venue and First A Greenhall and P Pobalski have consolidated their different establishments under the firm name of Greenhall, Pohalski & Co for the purpose of manufacturmg cigars at 45 Warren J Pohalski & Co Importers and Manufacturers of Cigars, have opened a branch at 254 Broadway PmLDELPHIA PA -Bucknor Wormlev & Co Wholesale Tobacco dissolved Obas Buck.nor contmues manufactur ing cigars Stewart Bros Dealers m :Manufactured Tobacco and Cigars, have removed from 41 Centre Market Square to northeast corner Charles and Lombard RrcmroNn VA -McCoul Sullivan & Co Tobacco Manufac turers dissolved, NeJ! :McCoul and J E Sulhvanconlmue, style same WATERTOWN, N Y -Chas C Chambers, Tobacco and Cigars, sold out to Geo C Scott WICHITA KAN -Chris T Pearce, Tobacco and C1g1Ipes Up to that trme the tobacco pipe consisted only of one or two and tube Soon after the use of the clay pipe a third part was added to the mouth piece A.s the clay: tube has the disagreeable attnbute of sticking to the fips, the end of the tube was covered with a quill, or, as now, with a piece of Indian rubber. When Chinaware began to be used for pipe bowls, another part was added to the pipe-the cast or cylinder. This is a flctile of different shapes with two holes, one of them for the tube, the other for the bowl Thl8 cylinder receives the most of the Juice, and keeps the tobacco dry m the bowl In order to lessen the stiff ness of the connect10n of tube and mouthpiece, an other part was added-the hose, a spiral wire covered with wool or silk, to which the mouthpiece 18 fastened. By reason of the complexity of such v1pes they are used much less than the short wooden pipes, which are more available and durable The most popular of them m England, France, the Umted States, etc, are such as made of llmarwood with .amber mouth pieces (To be C1mtinued) T<>B.A.OO<>e" I


MARCH 11 THE DOMESTIC TOB A C C O MARKETS FOR THE WEEK ENDING SATURDAY, MARCH 9 NEW YORK.-Thetobacco market dlScloses no es sential change durmg the past week. Trade contmues quiet. Western Lrof-The sales of this variety comprised 212 hogsheads for export, 46 for manufacturers, 60 for jobbers, and 27 for cutters, total, 345 At auct1011 10 hogsheads were sold If prices were a consideration, the market might now be fairly adive mstead of apothetic, as for very many years tobacco bas not been offering as low as at this time It seems, however, that even this unusual mducement is msufficient to impel buyers to operate beyond their current meagre requirements Low-grade goods-lugs especially-are so extremely low as apparently to present a temptmg opportumty for speculat10n, provided there were any speculative spirit, after late sad experience, to be found m tradesmen With a short crop next summer -and 1t may be borne m mmd that the wmter has not been such as to promise a large crof, either of tobacco or anythmg else-the holder then o tobacco bought at current prices would appear to be m a favorable pos1 tion to turn an honest penny on his mvestment. lst week 2d week. 3d week. 4th week fith vo eek Tot.a.I January February March .. 1,528 589 952 631 3 700 474 760 402 864 2,500 345 Messrs Sawyer, Wallace & Oo 's monthly cucular of March 1 says -Amtr1can Leaf Tobacco -Receipts m February, 1878, (including 1,441 Vtrgnua) 4,784 hhdo, l!i77, 2,083 hhds, 1876, 6,472 hhds, smce 1st January, 1878, (includmg 2,325 Virgm1a) 7,856 bhds, 1877, 3,889 hhds, 1876, 10,560 hhds Exports lll February, 1878, 3,887 hhds, 1877, 4,1166 hhds; 1876, 3,588 hhds Since 1st J wuary, 1878, 9,491 hhds; 1877, 9,233 hhds, 1876, 7,018 hhds Sales m February, 1878, 2,500 hhds, 1877, 3,400 hl)ds, 1876, 2,000 hhds, smce 1st January, 1878, 6,200 hhds, 1877, 8,400 hhda, 1876, 5,900 hhds Our market has been ex ceedingly dull durmg the past month The delay of Congress in the tax question, the exhaustion of our stock of de s1rable leaf, and the fear of a general European war. have curtailed purchases by beth home trade and foreign buyers, while the unexpected suspension of the old and ie spectable firm of R L. Maitland & Oo and the death of our worthy young neighbor, Mr Tatgenhorst, cast a gloom over the trade and evoked its smcerest sympathy We note 1,775 hhds for export, about one half for 8pam at 3@4 There has been a daily mqu1ry for old free dark leaf for balmg, but the stock of this kmd seems qmte exhausted, and buyers had to take the nearest to it they could get, paymg generally 7@9c A fat spinners were .. u of the new crop taken for export llaiiufacturers purchased only 323 hhds, complarnmg of the reduction of their b u smess New wrappers, when at all de sirable, have found ready sale at 7@10@12c Cutters bought 44 hhds, and JObbera 358 hhds Smee 1st January the sales ureTo o. 1878-1,287 231 614 4,068 1877-2,868 798 792 3,907 25 1876-946 350 164 1,920 1875-154 77 282 1,391 219 It will be seen from the above that the fallmg oil' 1s entirely in the home trade, which we hope will soon be freed from its legislative shackles, and resume its wonted activity. Pnces have been steady, but we reduce our quotations for common lugs, to mclude some which have hitherto been unsaleable, and there are still lower depths of meanness which we don't quote, for though offered at 2c, nobody Villi have them They had far better be left on the ground as manure In add11lon to the above sales, the Italian bu) er purchaseT a 2-i CDTS PD Pomm Blacks-2 .. I 7 8 10 1D 16 4 @20 2 @8 80 @00 la tbs, !O's &nd a l/1@18 &: 20@'l6 N'av;y ., 6'o, a. Navy liJ's or pocket pieces 16 22 andi.lbs 14@18&:= Negrohead Twist 211 SM 01 oo :n 1 9 19 18 llll 18 DOMESTIC RECEIPTS. The arrivals at the port of New York from domestic mtenor aud coast wise ports fo1 the week endinir March 9 were 1, 703 hhds, 90 trcs, 50 qtr I res, 2,534 cases, 25 pkgs, 63 bxs, 137 three qtr bxs, 133 half bxs, 21 qtr bxs, .f8 caddies, 50 kegs, 2 palls, 26 cases c1!$ars, 2 do cigarettes, 5 trcs snuff, 4 crates do, 8 hbls do, 12 half bbls do, 80 llxs do, 65 bxs pipes, consigned as follow. BY THE EnIE RAILnorn -J H Mooie & Co, 23 hhds, Sawyer, Wallace & Co, 9 do, Blakemore, Mayo & Co, 5 do, L Gershel & Bro, 22 cases E Hoffman & Son. 71 do, Have meyer & V1gelms, 44 do, Kerbs & Spiess, 42 do, F a Lmde & Co, 84 do, E Rosenwa l d & Bro, 186 do, Order, 364 hhds, 10 pkgs BY THE HUDSON RIVER -F C Lmde & Co, 49 cases. 0 H Sp1tzner, 133 C Upmann, 343 do, Have meyer & V1gehus, 27 do, Order, 36 do BY THE .NATIONAL LINE -F W Tatgenhorst & Co, 7 hhds, Sawyer, Wallace & Co, 10 de>, D Dows & Co, 10 do, R Moore & Co, 4 do, Jarvis & Co, 16 do, Sqmres, Taylor & Co, 3 do, Pollaid, Pettus & Co 2d'O, P Lorillard & Co, 251 do, 5 pkgs, Order, 154 hlids BY THE PENNSYLVANIA RAILROAD -L &E Werthe.mer, 60 cases, E Block & Son, 15 do, Obas F. 'fag & Son 66 do, Allen & Oo, 4 cases c igars, Kimball & Gaulhc1, 2 bxs do, Appleby & Helme, 5 cases tobacco, 2 pails do, 5 tree snuff, 7 bbls do, 1.2 half bbls do, 80 bu do, 4 crates do, Allen & Dun rung, 1 bbl snuff BY THE CENTRAL RAILROAD OF NEW JEnSEY.-M Paul 1tsch, 28 cases, L Gershel & Bro 9 do, Lobenstem & Gans, 2 do BY THE NORTH RrvER BOATS Order, 666 hhds BY THE NEW YORK & NEW HAVEN STEAMDOAT LINE Strohn & Reitzenstem 1 case, E M Crawford, 47 do, M West heim & Oo, 31 do, N Lachenbruch & Bro., 52 ao, B Grotts, 27 do, F M Wilde, 1 do, Chas F. Tag & Sou. 7 do, Fox, D i lls & Co, 29 do, Esberg, Bachman & Co, 51 do, Wm Eg gert, 1 do, 0 S Phlhps, 4do, J Delmonte, 3 do, Davis&Day, 4 do; Herbst Bros, 5 do, J J White, 18 do, Straiton & Storm, 52 do, C E Fischer & Bro, 1 do, A L & 0 L Hol t, 10 do, M Oppenheimer & Bro 16 do BY THE NEW "YORK AND HARTFO:UD STEAMBOAT LINE G Falk & B ro, 120 cases, H. Wasserman, 12 do, H Schubart & Co, 77 do, B Grotta, 1 do, Fox, Dills & Oo 23 do, S Bar nett, 6 do, C ]!' W ahhg, 4 do, Straiton & Storm, 35 do, A D Parker, 13 do, I B1jur, 11 do, Davi s & Day, 2 do, E Hoffman & Son, S do BY THE NEW YORK AND BRIDGEPORT STEAlllllOAT LINE Bunzl &Dorm1tzer, 12 cases, E Rosenwald& Bro, 7 do, F H Loymeyer, 44 do, N Lachenbruc h & Bro, 2 do BY THE OLD Dolll!NION STEAMSHIP LU1E.-F W Tatgen horst & Co, 9 hhds, J H Moore & Co., 3 do. Appleby & Helme, Sawyer, Wallace & Co., 28 do, R Moore & \Jo, 4 do, F E Owen, 3 do, 3 Ires, 2 bxs samples, P Lorillard & Oo, 6 do, 27 do, 1 do, W 0 Smith & Co, 16 hhds, 37 trcs, 4 cases smkg, 1 do cigars, 1 do c1g .. rettes, R M Allen & Oo 2 hhds, 1 box samples, Faucon& Carroll, 12 do, 1 do, L Gershel & Bro 18 trcs, F S Kmney, 8 do, Pioneer Tobacco Co 7 do, 2 bxs samples, E DuBois, 5\1 qtr trcs mfd, 50 cases do, 50 kegs do, 135 three qtr bxs do, 25 half bxs tlo, Dohan, Carroll & Oo, 4 cases mfd. a4 half bxs do, 2 qtr do, 20 caddies do, Thompson. Moore & Co 6 cases mfd, 4 cadd i es llu, 5 half bxs do, Wise & Bendhc1m, 9 cases $mkg 9 do mfd 2 bxs do, 4 caddies do, Wm Green, 5 cases smkg, 2 half bx3 do, J W llfartm, 3 cases smkg, 17 do c1gais, Allen & Co, 338 cases smkg, 2 three qtr bxs mfd I l<'alk, 10 cases smkg 11 bxs mfd, Oarhait Bros, 4 caddies mfd, 50 half bxs do, 19 qtr bxs do, B K & F R Thurlier, 20 cases smkg, J R Swezey 1 do, P Hart, 5 do, Hirsch, V1ctonus & Co. 10 do, W Broadhurst, Jr, 16 cases mfd, Bulkley & Moore, 50 do, Jas M Ga1dmer 2 do, F B Leggett & Oo, 1 do, G W Hill man, 16 caddies do, J os D Evans & Co 2 half bxs do, Marcb Pnce & Co 5 do, Obas. F Tag & Son, 2 bxs sampl es, Peter Ryan, 65 bxs pipes, Order, 51 hhds BY THE NEW Yonx & BALTDIOllE TnANSPOIITATION LINE Wise & BendhelID, 14 cases smokmg, 1 do cigarettes, Allen & Co, 5 cases smkg, M Falk, 13 do, M Wachter, 1 do, H Colell, Ii do, Thompson, Moore & Co 52 bxs mfd, C E Lee, 10 pkgs do, RoblllSon, Lord & Co, 2 cases cigars BALTIMORE.-Mess r s Ed Wischmeyer & Oo T o hacco Oommiss1on Merchants, r eport to 'l'HE TOBACCO LEAF as follows -Receipts of leaf tobacco co n tinue hght, and the market sluggish and maetive Good grades of Mary l and are m some demand, and such lots as are offering find buyers at steady pri ces, but all other descript i ons are neg l ected and nom 1 nal The market for Ohio remains qmet, and n o sales worth y of mentioning We understand that the lla lian Government are sohc1tmg proposa l s for 4 ,500 hhds Maryl and and Ohio, the contract to be awar ded abo u t April 1, a n d t his w i ll doubtless g i ve some impetus to t h e market Maryland-inferio.and frosted $ @ 2 00 do sound common 2 50@ 3 00 do good do S 50@ 5 00 do middling 6 00@ 7 00 do good to fin e red. 8 00@10 00 do fancy : .. 1 0 00@15 00 do upper country 4 00@20 00 do ground l eaves, new 2 00@ 8 00 Ohio-mferior to good common 3 00@ 4 50 do greenish and brown . 4 50@ 6 00 do medium to fine r ed . 6 50@ 9 00 do common to medium spang l ed . . . 6 00@ 8 00 do tine spangled t o yellow . . 10 00@15 00 Kentucky-common to good l ugs 3 00@ 5 50 do O l a r1:Ji" ::&"XN'EJ ALL-HAVANA CIGARS, A.N D SOL E PROPRIETOR 011' THE CELEBBA.TBD BRA.N D OP CIGA.BS, '' 'EJT. 12 NORTH 4th ST. PHILADELPHIA, PA. Branch: 106 6th Ave. Chica o LIQUORICE PASTE! The undersigned continues to manufacture and Import Spanls.h and Turkish Liquorice Paste, which he offers to the Trade at Reduced Prices. Manufacturers wlH find It to their Interest to apply to him. before purchasing else where.. James C. lYlcAndrew,. h e 55 Water Street, New York. 163 hhds Brown Co, 0, District -77 new 24 at 2 35@3 95, 32 at 4@5 95, 19 at 6 05@7 50, 2 at 9 70@11, 86 hhas old 10 at 2 35@3 85,33 at 4@5 95, 30 at 6@7 90,12 at 8 25@9.80, l at12 9 0 hhds new Owen Co Ky District --{;7 at 2@3 90, 23 at 4@5 90, 9 at 6@7 60, 1 at 8 180 hhds Pendleton Oo Ky District -168 new 79 at 2@ @3 95, 68 at 4@5 95, 19 at 6@7 70 2 at 8 JO, 12 hhds old 2 at 3 25, 10 at 4@10 75 22 hhds new Boone Co, Ky 14 at 2 30@8 95, 3 at 4 10@ 5 30, 5 at 6@8 40, 12 hhds new West Virg=a at 2 60@7 70, 1 box do at 8 65. 11 boxes Southern Indiana 4 old at 3 90, 7 new at 2@4, 1 hhd uew Tennessee at 4.10 'fhe offcrmgs of cigar leaf to day (March 2) were 280 cases Ohio, mumly common smokers to good wrnppers, as follows 273 cases Ohio 229 new 4 at 1 50@1 95 101 at 2@3 95, 93 at 4@5 95, 32 at 6 10@7 85, 44 cases old 5 at 4@4 60, a at 6 80@ 750,10 at 8@980,16at10@14,4at15@1750, 5casesindiana at 2 50@2 80' 4 do w ISCOllSill at 4 90@7 40 CLARKSVILLE, Tenn.-Messrs M H Olark & Bro Let>f 1'obacco Brokers. to THE TonAcco LEAF as follows Our receipts contmue full, and sales for the week foot up about 600 hhds The market was active and stron!\ at full puces for all kmds smtable for Germany, t!Je fact bemg ful l y developed now that these kmds are not abundant in the present crop, and therefore the present desire to secure them as they appear Other g r ades were more or less neglecte d and sold at comparatively easy prices The mar ket, however, all through showed a good deal of irregularity QUOTATIONS Common lugs 2 @ 3 Good lugs 8)4@ 4).4 Common leaf 4 @ 5 Medmm leaf.. li71'@ Good leaf 8 @10 Fine leaf ..... Se l ections . 1272'@14 Though none of the latter grade has yet appeared on the breaks, yet 1t 1s manifest from prices paid o n other grades that they will command full r ates when they do appear The loose tobacco season is about o'er, and we h ear of but few tralli! act10ns of late DANVILLE, Va.-Messrs. Pemberton & Penn, Leaf Tobacco Comrmss1on Merchants, report to THE TOBACCO LEAF as fo llows,-Smce our last, our market has been of but ilttle mter est Farmers are now doubtl ess taking advantage of clear, good working weather in preparing for this year's crop, hen ce the cause of hghi receipts In the offermgs t h e r e IS a small proportion o f good, des i rable sorts, t h e bulk bei n g common and nondeocnpt grades T he better types a r e fully up to last quotations Low sorts continue to pass at easy :tlgures We offer no new quotations and woul d contmu e last FAR MVILLE, V a .-Mr C W Blanton repo r ts to THE TonAcco LEAF as fo)Jows -Receipts contmue heav;i;.,, and prices weaker, except for strictly :line Our farmers will ce r tamly c u rtail their crops this year, t h ey ca nn ot b u y fertilizers and pay hands at present prices The buyers are equall y as low down, and do not know where to sell what they are buymg, even at these low prices I do hope to be able to report so m e thmg better m my next H OPKINSVILLE, Ky.-M B Clark & Bro Leaf Tobacco Bokers, report to THE Tonrnco LEAF as follows Receipts smce last report, 443 hhds, to date, 3,374 hbds, same llme last year. 458 hhds, same time in 1876, 3,943 hhds Salee smce last report, 234 hbds, to date, hhds. same time l ast year, 163 hhds, same time m 1876, 3,466 hhds Undesirab l e styles of both leaf and l ugs are irregular, with a steadily softenrng tendency, while on all other kinds our market remams without any material change Very httle tobacco of decidetlly fot character is offermli QUOTATIONS 3 @472' ax-@ Ii GU 8 @10 lOX-@12 W ith better weatbei for handling, we expect to see, l ater on, much bette r order in the offermgs L A NCAST ER, P a. .-Ourspecml correspondent reports I have another qmet week to report m 1870 crop, sa l es foot up about 150 cases. In 1877 crop the market has been qmte acti ve, and a great many sales have been made this week at prices ran ging from 10@16c for wrappers, 5@7c for seconds, and 3@ Ge for fillers All the buyers sti ll complam of the scarcity of rea ll y fine tobacco in the 1877 crop Our East Hempfie l d correspondent reports Smee my l as t considerable act1v1ty has been shown m the leaf business, but nothing in comparison to former years I have been with one buyer who has bought principally all fine leaf (which is indeed hard to find) adapted for manufacturing, who has secured about 45,000 to 50,000 hogsheads, which he considers very mce l eaf., but m makmg these se l ections he has rnspected fully ten llmes t h e amount he bou1jht, for "hich he paid fair pri ces compared to what some other buyers that are now looking after leaf have, viz 8 and 4c for ftllen, 5 to Sc for secon ds, and two lots at 12c, and the balance at 14 and Ilic, but the greater portion at 16c for wrappers A large amount of to bacco has been bought al 8, 10, 11, nu to 14c for wrappers, accordmg to quality, and 3c for ftllers and seconds. In other places it is reported that farmers a r e se lhng at 8 to 3c The crop m general IS not what has been cla i med for 1t before actual mspection of it took p l ace It has too many colors m a smgle leaf, more or less of white and green vems, and m general runmng too hght m color for the manufacturers, who as a rule want it almost black I do not believe that the crop will be bought up, even at these low although a good number of local buyers are and will be m the field, mcreased by parties who have never mvested before m l eaf, but who are now out and purchasmg from 10 to llc for wrappers m whi ch a ge n eral variety of colors can be selected and will not change by sweat, and who, 1f I nm mistaken, w i ll never see the return of the funds which they nave been paymg out Thi s is thei r :first trial and w ithout trymg notbmg can be learned, aud m learn mg you ge n erally have to pay for it, which will without doubt be the case m this year's c1 op Very few sales of 1876 crop have taken place, few cases so l d at 20c origmal weight for good l eaf. LOUISVILLE ,-Mr Wm J Lewers, Secr etary of the T obacco Board of T r ade, reports to 'fHE TonACCO LEAF as follows Receipts this week about 1 ,400 hhds. SALES FOR WEEK, ETC. W arehousea Kentucky Association ........ ... P l anters' ................... .. Falls 01ty ...... .. Lomsv 1lle Nmth Street G i lbert ............. Pickett ........... Boo n e .......... Far mers' Week. 165 128 36 123 322 69 226 146 142 M()Tlth, 254 196 46 156 400 69 876 151 205 1,357 1,853 Year 1877 864 1,300 Year 1876.. .... 878 1,588 Year 1875 .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 659 1,513 Yo!M 1 ,537 194 693 2,651 393 2,611 1 ,141 1,578 12,905 8,262 1 0,161 5,050 S al es of week and year divi ded as follows Wuk Year. Onginal New .. ... .. .. .. .... .. .. .. .. :1,160 1 0,826 Origin al Old ............. .. .. .. .. 41 1,004 New Revi ews .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 100 600 O l d Reviews .. .. .. 54 416 We have so l d 18,410 hhds of crop 1 877 to date, 2,484 hhds of which was sold before commencement of present year Prices more settled, and J.4@%c J.ugh er on low grades and good leaf, n o change i11 :line or select l eaf of any desc r iptio n The con dit ion and handli n J o f offermgs this week was rathe r better than h eretofore, with a l arger p roportion of commo n to good moderatel y h eavy tobaccos of good SlZe and co l or, but Jacking gum and a few wiLh flll r body, dark and rich l eaf, selling ..... 175@ 2 50 275@ 3 00 a 00@ s 50 81i0@500 ti liO@ 7 00 7 9 00 9 00@1000 ST. LOUIS.-Mr J E Baynes, Dea l e r in Leaf Tobacco reports to THE TOBACCO LEAF -Received, 260 hhds, ag1unst 238 the prev10us week We note a dull market smce our last for o l d crop lugs and common leaf, and only a very few of the offermgs of old crop were sold Very httle tobacco smtable for man ufacturing was offered, but the demand was steady for new crop, both for manufacturmg and shipment, the present low rate of freight mducmg shippers to buy. Sales on Thursday, Friday and Tuesday (no pubh c sales on Saturday and Monday) 55 hhds, of wh ich 50 were new crop 8 at 1 70@1 80 24 at 2@ 2 80, 12 at 3@3 80, 3 at 4@4-40, 2 V1rgm1a wrappmg leaf $20 1 do at 22 and 5 old crop at 1 90, 2 40, 3, a 90 and 6, 11 box.,,; new crop 2all.65, 8atl 70@180, 3 at210@2 70, Sat3@3 60 In the same t i me 34 hhds old factory dried were passed, 3 hhds old Vrrgmia wrappers passed, or bids rejected at 15 25@29 5 hbds new Y 1rgn11a wrappers passed, or bids reJected at 13 25@ 23 50, and bids were reiected on 27 hhds new crop 5 at 1 7 0 @ 100,7 at-2@2.90, 8 at 310@3 90, 5at4@410, 1at5, 1at7, 29 hhds old ciop 1at1 50, 5 at 1 80@1 90, 8 at 2@2 80, 7 at 8@ 830, 3at420@440; 3at5@580, l at640, lat775, and 3 bxs new crop at 1 60, 5 and 6 75 Wednesday the were all new crop, and while there was no quotable change m price, nearly two thirds of the b i ds were reJected Sales 11 hhds. 1at1 90, 5 a t 2@2 30, 3 at 3@3 90, 1at4 30 and 1 at 5 20 Bids were rejected on 18 hhds, 3 at 170@1.80,4 at 2 50 @2 90, 9 at 3 25@3 80, 1at4 60, and 1 VJrgmia wrapf.rng leaf at 1 6 50 Our sales Thursday were as follows S at 80 1 90 and 1 80, 7 at 2@2 90, 15 at 3@8 90, 1 at Ii and 1 at 6 2 pUsea and 9 rejected at 1 75@20, the latter Virgmla wrappers' mostly of new crop, of which there are sma ll receipts to date' and none of it good l eaf as yet Our roads arc drymg up pretty fast, and we l ook for mcreased receipts pretty soon New lugs range fro m 1 70 to 2 50, as m quality and cond1t 1 on, and t hey are much better than the last crop The market is steady on all merchantable lugs, freight 20c oor 100 lbs from our warehouses to New York Quotations unch anged STATEMENT. Stock m warehouses February 1. .. .. Receipts at warehouses m February .... Receipts shipped through 187d hhds 2,401 437 328 1 877 hhds. 880 770 213 Total receipts in February . . 7611 983 Total rece ipts smce January 1 . 1,080 1 ,141 Shipments in February .. . .. 780 346 Total shipm e n ts smce January 1 ............. 1 ,832 447 at warehouses m February . 812 591 Dellvenes from warehouses in February 891 488 Stock in warehouse March 1 . . 1,947 l,ll50 R I CHMOND.-Mr. R A. Mills, T obacco Broker and Commiss ion Merchant, reports to THB TOBACCO LBAIP aa follows S mee my l ast report there has been no change m our market worthy of note In fact, we are comparatively nothinw, hen ce Lhere i s n othing to report The trade is a l most entireljin the hands o f the re handlers and dry stcmmers (Continued on Seventh Page. ) SlrDFS &; FBEY, P&nkel'S and Dealel'S in Pennsylvania Leaf TobaccO,61 and 63 North Duke St., Lancaster, Pai. j


6 Jt'hil111Ji1elphin. Ad' vertisem.e:nw. ..:: I 11 TELLER BROTHERS, PaU.1ra, Commission Mcrchuta, and Wbol1aal1 Dealers 1n Foreign and Domestic Leaf Tobaooo, 117 North Third Street, Philadelphia. ..;.. ... I r w.'EISENLOHR & oo;; I PACK"&RS AND-WliOL.ESALE IN LEAF TOBACCO, 11fi s. "VV"a:te:r .S"t., Pb.ilad.e1pl:11.a. W EtSENl.OHR: S! W. CLARK, P!ilL. BONN. DEALERS JN ,LEAF TOBACCO, Ang Manufacturers of all Grades of Cigars, No.; J 11 Jl:rci:t. St., Phlladelphia,'Pa. LEWIS BREMER'S SONS, Wholesale Dealers in I ''LEAF" AND KANUFACTtraED TOBACCO, NO. 3::12 NORTH THIRD.STREET, PHILADELPHIA. IFA larg"e assortment of all kinds of LEAF TOBACCO constantly on band.,8 WM S KIMBA IL I'< l 0 ',; VA'< 11 Y FAJH TO!lAITO /. CWARE'E'l.E.. B R 0 K E R s hlill : MANUFACTURED BY JI. WILKENS Cl CO., B:A..LTl::1'/C> Fl.El, :1'/D. .A.G-EN'OXEIS: New York: ld. PALK, 122 Chamucrs St. Philadelphia: BATTIN & BRO., 142 N. 3d St. II. W. GUHTBER, (JENERAL COMMISSION MERCHANT AND TOBACCO FACTOR, Ne>. 9 SC> U G-.A. Y 8"1"El..EIET, :El A XTXJMl:C>::E"l.E, JMLD. ADVANCJElllENTS MADE ON CONSIGllf.llENTS TO MY ADDRESS. J"J!!ir<>. DEALER IN HAVANA AND DOMESTIC 146 & I 48 WEST SECOND ST., 115 & 117 WEST FRONT STREET, Comer of Elm and Second st.reets, CINCINNATI, O. CINCINNATI. TBE STA'l'E_OI' KElW'l'DCB.T TOBACCO GO., Choice Brands of PLUG TOBACCO, And Patentee!! of the Celebrated Brand of PROGRESS, MADE IN ALL SHAPES AND WEIGHTS. 9" EVERY PLUfJ HAS OUR PATENT FASTEllfER AT THE END. "U S.. LOWEmTHAI. & 00., MANURACTURER.S FlNE CIGW, .AJ!lD D&:ALER. S IN LEAF TOBACCO, 1"50 WJl:ST :l'O't:J'D.TB S'I'm'l', OlNClNNATI 0-H 10, \\ F. G Tobacco Works, Toledo, Ohio. CHARLES R. MESSINGER, MANUFACTURER O F The Oel.ebra"t;ed. "F. o.n AND NATIONAL LONG CUT SMOKINGS. _Also, the Indian and Sun Flower Chewing Tobaccos. W. BEST, Chicago; LOR.IN PALMER, New York; 57 Lake Street and 41 State Street, Chicago, Ill. ALSO AGENTS FOR THE FOLLOWING WELL-KNOWN FIRMS,_ P. LORILLARD & CO., New York: SEIDENBERQ & CO,, New York; W. S. KIMBALL & CO.'S "VANITY FAIR," Rechester, N. Y.; MARCH 11 W. E. RAGSDALE, TOBACCO BROKER, I 0111.ce in Main Street Warehouse. REFEIU:NCES BY PERMISSION. Jno. C. Latham, Pree' t Bank of Hopkinsville; S E. Trice, Pres't Planters' Bank. S. G. Buckner, Commission Mercli 't, M. H. Clark & Bro., Clarksvllle, Tennessee; F. G. lrwin, Clarla!vllle, Te=essee S. F. Beaumont, President !st No.tiona.I Ba.Ilk; la.rksville Tennessee F W. Tat.o:enhorst& Co. New York; J.... H. Caroozo, Garrott & u ,, ORDERS SOLICITED. J .. DIX & .CO.,-.\ Pa'l(;kB'I' and Dealers in 1 rnmm:UT WF TDWCO. 217 STATE SJREET, WI\. WESTPHAL, Co11Miss10N llERCHANT, And Dealer in CONNECTICUT SEED LEAF Tobacco,. State St Hartford. Conn. HINSDALE SMITH & SON, (S11cceaeon to H SMITH &: CO.) PACKERS AND .JOBBERS OF Connecticut Leaf Tobacco 20 HAMPDEN ST., Springfield, Ma,s. HtNSDALK SMITH, E. H. SM:JTK. C. O. YOKE, COKKISSION DRCHANT In LEAF and MANUF AOTURED TOBAOOO, 22 Cent.rcil Wharf, Boston. Southern Advertisements Redd, Wootton & Co., PllOPmm'OM REDD'S WAREHOUSE, A.ND GENEJUL DEALERS Cf LEAF TOBACCO, ::E"l.ei.d."Vi.l.l.e, :N". o. SOLIOIT ORDERS &om the TRADE. Refer to PACE BROS. & CO., JOHNllTON & CHICK, W J Cl.ARK & CO., DA..'<''ILLE, V .._ GUMPERT BROS. Gigar Leaf Tqbacce>, 27 South Gay street, "Baltimore. W. To lJLACKWELL .tu CO., Durham, N.C.; J. J BAGLEY .ri, C0.'8 ''MAYFLOWER," D etroit, llich.; J, W CJARROLL!I "LONE .JACK." Lyncbburgh, Va. WM s KIMBAJ,J ... tosvANlTY FAll; JES '{ W .M. E. DIBRELL, LW TOBACCO BRDDl MANUPACT. UDil. R s nf PINE r111ARS,. &.-co., nn u (J lJ ,IMPORTERS, llIANUFAC'l'URERS AND IN CIGARS AND CIGARETTES ; Chicago Tobacco Works. H. C. CHAMPION & CO., (Successors to JOHN w JoXr &: SoN). )fa.n ufacturers of HMJlY TJSTICt AKl'fOLD TI&TIG H. TIETIG BROTHER, MANUFACTURER& OF 1410 Cary Streat RICHMOND. VA. ------------A. M. LYON & CO., STORE: 1341 CHESTNUT STBEET, FACTORY: 1230 : AND MANUFACTURERS OF OXGARS, 62 NORTH FRONT STREET, PHILADELPHIA, PA. CLAY TOBACCO PIPE WORKS, /1S N. S:&:VlCN'I'B: :PHILAD:&:I.:P'B'TA. PENINGTON., PRICE & CO., MANUFACTURERS AND DEALERS IN (CLAY, WOOD, ENAMELLED, GERMAN C. D., & OTHER .TOBACCO PIPES. UNITED STATES CIGAR MANUFACT9RY. I T. J. DUNN Cl CO.,. IANUPACTUBBBS a PINB CI&ABS :J!"ao"t;ory '.'<><>JtD. : 221 4 223 NORTH BROAD ST., PHILADELPHIA. I. E. McDOWELL & CO., TOBACCO A)ID Clilllllissron !erchaits, 89 NORTll WATBR BT., Philadelphia, la'"' f\-gents for the sale of an 1dad1 of Ma.aufac and Leaf Tobacco."qfiil EITABLlllJIBB 1846. DOHAN &T.Arrl'. Tobacco CoIJlmission Merchants, 107 ARCH STREET, P JEICXL.A.DELE"JEICX.A.. JOSEPH WALLACE. Succ_,.,, t o COOPER & WALTER,-Maaufacture.:s of llIANUI!'ACJTURERS OF THE CJEllEBRATED HAVANA MIXED SMOKING .. :TOB. A .CCO, 214 w. BALTIMORE STREET, Balthiiore, Md. Fine-Cut Chewing, SMOKING TOBACCO &: SNUFF. Dealera In PLUG TOBACCO, CIGARS PIPES,Eto. 59 SOUTH CANAL ST .. CHICAGO, ILL. BARKER & WAGGNER F. w. &""soN, ]AW;il, TOBAt#CO WOJlKS. (.Snee.....,... to S. L ow NTilAL & C o.) IMPORTED and DOMESTIC SUCCESSbR.s"Td Manufacturers and WllolesaleDealersin LEAF TOBACCO, F. CIGW & LIM TOBAliCO 2 9 Soath 611 St., Blltl110re, Md. Depot with F Engelbach, l34 Main St. CinciMalii. O. 'We Invite lhe atte1ltlon of Ma11afacturer11 to oa.r Stoel< o f DARK RE-SWEATED WRA.P PERS, of which we m ake a. Specialty. MERFELD & KEMPER, OF Seed. And Whoi...alo :Sealen in Havana and. Yara Tobaccos[ I I 7 Lombard Street, BALTU!ORE. HD, 66 S. WA.SHINGTON S(l:UARE, N. 'I{, D. D. ::tlALLORY, TOBACCO SlllPPlm'G AND Commission Merchant, E. E. WENCK, Manasz:er. 46 and 48 ST, CHARLES STREET, S. W. oor. St., lt.ID. G. H. IL :MB.rriott, DEALER IN .... .. IMPORTED and DOMESTIC CommlcolonandWho1eaa10Dea1era,10 LEAF AND L E A F T 0 B A C C 0 Ka.nufactured Tobacco_ 25 German St., Baltimore, Md. _, .u cIGillS, DARKWRAPP.EBS CONSTAJITLYONllillD. U Plaee, BALTDIORB. PETERSBURC, V.A., S. W. VENABLE, E. C. VJtNAiii:.""" S.W.VENABLE & CO. W. G. MORRIS, Leaf Tobacco BE'l.C>:B:.ER., OFFICE. 4 COLLEGE BUILDING. And 87 Front St., Cincinnati. BERRY MEYER & CO., COMMISSION MERCHANTS, And Who l e1ale D ea lers iA OHIO AND CONNECTICUT LEAF TOBACCO, 48 Front St Cin.cinn.ati, O. F. W. DOMRMANN, LEAF TOBACCO BROKER. C:J:G-.A.R.&, AND DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO, 216 WEST FIFTH ST., CIJfCIXNATI, O. AMBROSIA TOBACCO WORKS. SPENCE BROTHERS & GO., 58, 5:8, 60 and 82 El.A.S. T ST. CINCINNATI, OHIO, DR. R SPENCE, J P. SPENCE,, w B. LBivt B." GEISE & STEA"M C1&AB Box P acTDBY, No. 93 CLAY STREET, CINOINNATI, O [ & B.IlOBIITmt & CD .. Dealers and Collllllisston lercllani IN LEAF 'l'OBACCU. a NG;Z'W, .Kain S\., !!A. J111n a Beoo1141KL, ST. LOUIS, MO, 1 Brands of Imported llcorlce always o n hand. ...!:!.,.beral Cash adva nce made on ConsiJ,mments W. ::ti. LADD, Ollce: Oor. BJl'lle c. BHfax Sta., Petenbargh, Va. CIMCINNATI, o. 11'11' IPftDICGO B1JV1111 Factory: 19,SecondJDlstrlct, __... ...... ..__. _____ ___ U.llf IUDJl UIWI, p LuUGtotbeTOii'BBWRiDKG G. W. WICKS & co., -AND-liitanufactureTB' Agent.a 'filr Sale er &JWCC>=e::: 'J'N"G-TC>BA..CCO& v v d K tu J, ''ECLIPSE" BRIGHT WA.VY. l, X,3,4.,S,6'7,8a,9a.nd.l01. Ir[lllla D1l&SOUIT an en Cl tr ''ST. OEORQE tt BKJQHT NAVY, 11, 3a. 6, 8, Ta, S, 9& au.d lOa. J t J ''ANNOT LYLE" BRX&HT NA.VY, la. 3s, .. lia, 6a, Ifs, Sa, 9& and IO&. "UNION JACK" MAKOGA.NY POUNDS, J(a &n.i 5a. (FOR THE TRADE,) 21 N. Main St., St!' Louis. Five Brothers Tobacco Works JOBK FllZIB & BROS., Jrlanuracturers ot the Celebrated Brand of SHORT HORN. Also o f the WellKnown Brando! SJtD.<>k.:l:a.s Tobaoo<>, ''&'11."ta,zia-'' And Manutacturers o! all styles o! Bright It Black PLUG &: TWIST TOBACCOS. 24 Twentieth St:, "V' .A.. W. H. Trowbridge, MANUFAartJRER Olf ALL STYLES OF Fine Virginia Smoking Tobacco, INCLUDING THE FOLLOWING BRANDS: 'f=' Beot, J Double Eaiile, Knl&h&1 -, Better, Beau. ty, Danville, Good, .... cia Ete J. RINALDO SANK & CO., TC>BA..CCC> "VIRGINIA DARE" BRIGHT llfAVY,h,3a,lh,e,9oandl01. TOBACCO "ST. ,, DARK POUNDS, )ia, 4, 5s, 6 ... 'Ts, Sa, 9a and 10a. SNUFF SMOKING TOBACCO, 4,lso a rreat variety o f FINE TWIST of several grades Brlght aad Mahogany under the fonowtorr "TBOB.MAl\TDY," 291 Main Street, MANVFACTURERS OF TOBACCO, J. H. Plt><111<1tTOK. J AS. G. Pl!KN. PEMBERTON & PENN., Tobacco Commission Merchant.a -![)General Commission Merchants, GG6,66S,670a.nd.672NorthEleventh Sl, ":111:.4.B.T O!' GOl.D," & "I.IV!: OAK," "lVAJIOB," LOUISYILLE, Ky. PHILADELPHIA. Goo. W W1c.:s. N Fvan. DJ: SOTO and COJ.VQU'J:B.OB. 194 & I 96 Jacob St., LOUISVILLE, KY. 31 North Water Street -.&.ND-30 North Delaware Avenue, PJEICXL.A.DELPEICX.A.. BATCHELOR BROS "PECULIAR"; JLtNl1F AG'l'traDS, 808 lllarl:et St., PRILADBLPHU.. JOHN J. LUDY, M1111ufact11rer of the Celebrated and Little Wanderer 0 ::c G-.A. E'l. &. F. X. KELLY, Jr., MANUFACTURERS' AGENT FQR Plug & Smoking Tobacco, 106 Arch St., Phlladtlphla, Pa. SOLK A G1tKT FOR HARRIS, BEEBE & CO., Ouincy, !ll. 1 BUCHANAN&. LYALL, N'cw York; R. W. OLlVER, Richmond, Ya.; l A M. LYOlif & CO. Richmond, Va.; MERCHANTS' TOBACCO CO Bostnn. Maas.; SHEPP ARO&. SMITH, Daurille, Va.; WILSON, SORG&. CO. Middletown, 0. A B. MANUFACTURER OF FINE CICARS,. AND DEALER IN Spanish and Domestic Leaf T ebacco, Wlloleoale and Retail dealer In All Branda of N W eor. :Id"" Poplar 8U., SMOICANBtTOIAOCO, A.GENT Iii 515 IOU'm. l'l'. 1 1'mLA. SORVER, COOK ct CO SYLVESTER & !!:.'! l'AQDBS, QOYVRIS!ll\t KDCEANTS, IN PENNSYLVANIA LEAF TOBACCO LEAF TOBACCO Claar, 1 n., 15511. Uueen St., Lancaster, Pa. AaG Wkot ... le DealH ia The folltJwing a r e OUR Agents for the Sale oflANUFACTUR E D GOODS:- CJ. W. VAN ALSTDIE &,; CJO.,_! SCe,;:tra!Whart,Bosto n i M&M., P. ill.; A. HAGEN & 00., 63 N. Front Street, Philadelphia P a.; N. H. CHRISTIAN, Texas; .J"OHN .TITUS. Cincinnati, 0.; E. w. .. 818 FroBt St., San Francls4p, C&l ;s llIAYO llIATftEWS & PRICJE. 420 N "'1 St., _..o.; -HEkMAN ELLIS, 67 S Gay Street, Baltimore, Md.; COOPEll & CO., Oor. Madison ano. Front Rt ., Memphts, :i..enn. JACKSON a GO. llCAln A9TUJ\EBS OF ALL STYLES OF Sweet Navy Chewing Tobacco, THJ: CELEBRATED BRAND 011' JACKSON'S BEST P ....... "V' .&. At \he ClCNTENNlAL EXPOSlTION, 27, 1816, TBIS TOBACCO WAS AWARDED THE mGBEST PlUZE. We call eopeelal-&o U.. llUUUler ID wlllch our J16lther Dealer DOr other iroods. bola oan. Jl'l'ery and Cadd;r. ha If bb]llWld 1mo It llJ' a l:Tery P)ug baa oar Trad .. m&rlc mtp "JJ&.0 u per .U..-&llllend. TRY IT UNDER OUR UA.ll.iUITJIK. an4 tr _Tc '' -._-I&,"" WILL PA. Y l!'llll:IQHT llOTli WA.YB.. ,. SOLD BT ALL 1g'QIJ(G JOBBBJIS TBBOUGBO'D'T OnlTBD ftATU. Paducah Tobacco Works. T. H. PURYEAR, BISHOP & BURGAUER, BU"YEJFl.. --OFManufacturers o! Choice Brands e! KENTUCKY NAVY, Made oI SELECT KENTUCKY LEAF, LBAP TOBACCO Paducah, Ky. Paducah, Ky. ED. WISCHMEYER, HY. WlSCHMEYER. ED WISCHMEYER & CO., T<>:EIA.CC<> COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 39 SOOTH CALVERT ST., Ba.lthllore, ::tld. :J::1'/PC>Fl.. T A.N"T N"C>T:I:CEJ Wilk a long txpet ience in Ike / offer tkeir seroius to fill ordus for Lea} 'r Manufat:tured Tobaccos DANVILLE, J. E. HA YNES, DEALER IN WESTERN LEAF TOBACCO, 27 South Second Street, St. LOUIS. :a. A. MTTJS Tobacco Broker A>tD General Commission Merchant, OFFICE IN TOBACCO EXCHANGE,SHOCln1 prominent Trade-M&rks are EL AGUILA DE OB.0" (Golden.Eagle), "BOCK cco 7 Ca., "REG.ALIA de PB.EFEB.ENCIA." Any person, firm or corporation found to in!r!n on any o! said Trade-Harks, either by prlntfnJr 1 counterteit:M thereof, o r byl.18lng counterfeits on Ctn.f Boxes, will be promptly pn:>&eCUted wllen d etect.ea. The law makee the lmlt&llon of a registered Trad&-l!ark a crime pwilahable by he&"J' dne and Imprison-ment In State Prison. Full damaee ..,.., a.l9o reooer&ble 1'y the party qgrle.Od. A.ny Information pointing to traucla will recelrecl by R. S. STROBEL, 18 Commerce St.; Baltimore, Md. BOPimllVILLE. &:,. 'P.U>ll"8. .. .,.


.i MARCH 11 Business Directory of Advertisers. ') NEW. YORK. TobaCM Wo;rf Tobacf Havana De Bary Fred'k & Co. 41and48 Warren McFall & Lawson, 33 Murray Seidenberg & Co. 84 and B6 Reade Depot of tM Flor ckl Butr 11 Cigar. Alces George, 173 Water Ma:n:ufacturers of Meer9Chaum and Amber Good&. Weis Carl, 8\111 Grand Impf Briar Pipu and l'lp.po.-Urs of Smokers' Articlea. Buehler & Polhaua, 83 Chambers Demuth 'Vm. & Co. 001 Broadway Harvey & 361> aud 867 Canal Hon A. & Co. 43 Liberty Kaufmann Broa. & Bondy1 129 and 181 Grand Rejall & Becker, 99 Chamoers Manu_fac-turera of" Licorice Paste. M:cAndrew James C. 55 Water Stamfonl Manufacturing Co. 157 Maiden Lane Weaver & Sterry, 24 Cedar lmpm>lsh and German ();qar RibboM. Heppenheimer & and 91 N. WllJlam LobeDOteln & GBD.8, 101 J1UUden Lane Loth Joe. & Co. +w. Broome Strauss Simon, 119 Lewis Wicke Wm. & Co. 11111-1&1 Goerck Ma"H.ufacturer of Orooke's Com .pound Tin Foil, Tobacco, Medium .. and Tissue. Crooke John J. 163 Mulberry Importera of Tin-F&il. Wittemann Brothers, 184 Vt1'illlam Tobacco Bagging. Howard, Sanger & Co. 462 to 468 Broadway Tobacco Labela. Heppenheimer & Maurer, 22 and 24 N. Willi&m. Oigar-Box Labela and Trimminga. ft 91 N Wllllam Manufacturer of Oigarettes. Pollak B. 175 Chatham Jfanoufaeturers of Kinne11 Brot.' Oigarettu. Kinney F. S. 141 West Broadway 1 La Ferme 1 1 R ussian Ciga.rettu. Eckmeyer & Co. 48 Broad aDd 48 New Man-wfacturera of Cigarett.e. Ha.ll Thomas H. 76 Barclay Im. porter& of Turl.." Tobacco, Man'lifactawed, Leaf and Oigarettu. l!osphorua Tobacco Co., A. Cappardachi M Exchange Place Importer of TurJ.,"ish Leaf and Oiga.rettu, and Manufacturer of Genidje Smol."ing Tobacco. Val!auri V. 1:a60 Broadway. Straps, (.,"utters axd German Cigar Mould&. Lobeustein & Gans, 101 !la.Iden Lane .Man-ufacturen <>/ Oigar Mouldl. Dol'!}feldt N. H. 510 Nineteenth L>qxit for 1>u1>ru1 AioS:t'.' Cinclnnau OifJ<1lf Ordenstein H. 006 Broadwa.y Impowd Tobacco Scrap Machine for Oigar Ma,,.,ujacturera. Borgfeldt N. H 510 East 19th and 1511 Water &rap Cutting Machi ne. Oi:de11Steln H., Agent 306 Broadway Tobacco Cutting Machinery. Wulstein Henry, 114 Centre. Bank<. Gel1Il8.n.American, cor Broadwa.y and Cedar Internal Revtn:tie Books. J o urgensen, C. 3'I Liberty Foreign and Domatic Banker.. Sternberger llL & S. 44 Exchange Place. Manufacturer of Metal and Wooden IJlwu> .Figure.a. Demuth Wm. & Co. 501 Broadway Manufacturer of Shoto Flgura. Strauss 8. 179 and 181 Lewis Sole Manufacturer of the Original &rm Bea& Smoking Tobacco. E1nmet W. C. 74 Pioe Patent Cigar Cases. Samuel S. L. 57 Cedar Scales. Howe Scale Co. Page & Co. Agents, 325 B 'dway Iport.r of ftr Paclters. Cigar Packers' Soclety, 8. M.ichalil &; Co. 4 First Avenue. or E. M. Gatterdatn, 109 Norfolk Man1.1:facturers o/ Oigar FlaV. Tobacco Brokera. Clark !!. H & Brother Ragsdale W. E. LANCASTER, Pa. Brokers in Leaf and Cigar&. &: Berna.rd, IM North QUeen Dealer in Leaf Tobacco. Skiles & Frey, 61 and 68 North Duke LIVERPOOL, Ena Smythe F. W. & Co. 10 North John LOUISVILLE, K7. Plug Tobacco Manu/acturera. F1nzer J. & Bros. 194 and 186 Jacob State of Kentucky Tobacco lllauufacturlnlr Co Tobacco Connni&tion Merchant.. Wicks G. W. & Co. 291 West Main 7bbacco llrokera. Callaway James F. comer Nlnth and Markel Gunther George F. H&rthlll Alex. Lewlt! A. H 348 W"" M&ln Meier Wm. G. & Co.. 56 Seventh NashM.B. Pragoi! W F 814 West M&fn Stemmer and Dealer in Outting Clark James, Thirteenth and Row&D Tobacco Factor and Com.mi#ion Merel'lotlU Kremelberg, & Co. Eleventh and Mala Bu:ge, of Tobaco... Opdebeeck C. 2 East lllaiu LYNCHBURG, "\>'a. Manufacturer of Tobacc.. Carroll John W. Tohacco ComniBBion Holt, Schaefer & Co. NEWARK, N. J, Campbell, Lane & Co. 484 Broad NEW OB.LEANS, La, Tobacco Factors and Conimis.aion MercAanta. Gunthet & Stevenson, 162 Common PADUCAH, K;r. Tobacco Broken. Clark II!. H. & Bro. Puryoor T. H. Manufacturers of Tobacco. Bishop & Burgauer PETERSBURG, Va. Tobacco Oonimiuion Metckanta. Roper LeRoy & Sons Manufacturers of 11ug and Smoking Tobacoe and Dealers i1 Leaf TobaccO Venable S. W. & Co. Manufacturers of Sweet Na'l>y !,hewing. Jackson C. A. & Co. PHILADELPHIA. Tobacco Warehouse.a. Anathall II!. & Co. 220 North Third Bamberger L. & Co. 111 Arch Bremer 's Lewis Sons, 322 North Thir Dohan & Taitt 107 Arch Eisenlohr Wm. & Co. 115 South Water Loeb Joseph & Co. 62 North Front McDowell M. E. & Co. 89 North Watw Moore. Ha.y & Co. 85 Nm1:h Water Sank J. Rinaldo & Co. 32 North Wat. Sorver. Cook & Co. 105 North ' Teller Bro11hers, 117 Third Manufrs of Fine Cigars and AllrHa11aM Tobac-00 Uigarettu. Gumpert Bros. 1341 Chestnut Importer of Havana Tobacco a'R.d Cigars a..a Dealer in Seed Lea/. Costas J. 131 Walnut Manufacturer of Snuff and SmoJ.."ing Tobacco Wallace Jas. 166 to 672Nortb Eleventh .Manufacturers of Oigars. Batchelor Bros. .Market Ludv Jno J. 523 a.nd 525 South Twentieth Marshall, T. W. 12 North Folll"th. Theobald A. H. Third and Poplar Dunn T. J & Co. 219 to 228 North Broa4 Tobaeco Broker Fougeray A. R. Front Man11factmeia of Lieorice Paau. Mellor & Rittenhouse, 218 North Twenty-8eoond Mfr' Agent for Plug and Sm.oki7111 Tobacee. Kelly F. X Jr. 106 Arcb Manufacturer& of Clay Pi.pea. Pennington, Price &:. Co. f9 North Seventh PITTSBURGH, Pa, Man1tfacturer1 "E:.tcel.tior Spun RoU .. aft.d Other Tobaccos. Jenkinson R. & W. 287 Liberty READING, Pa. Manufacturers of Oigars. Hantsch & Crouse REIDSVILLE, N. C. DeaJers in Tobacco. Reid, W cotton & Co RICHMOND, Va. Manufaotu1;ra of Plug & Smok' g Tob!JW>. Jones, j a.mes Leigh Lotii& L. Lyoa A. M. & Co. Leaf Tobaoco Brokers. Dibrell Wm. E. i410 C&ry Mills R. A. Z>ealers in Licorice Pba.11 w. s. & Co. SPRINGFIELD, Ka Smith H. & Sou, 20 Rampden ST. LOUIS, Mo. Tobacco Warehomes. DQnnitzer C. & R. & Co. 123 Market Buyer of Leaf Tobacco. Ladd W. Ill 21 North lllain Tobacco Broker. Hayaea J. E. 'rl South Second Tobacco Buvers. Meier Adolphus & Co. SYRACUSE, N. Y, Packers in &ed Leaf and Dealers in Bava Tobaf =_and 8moki"ll Tir :Messinger Charles R. WESTFIELD, K-. Packer and D., LEAF TOBACCO COMMISSION MERCH1ANTS, Da.:n.-;v-lll.e, 'Va. Particular attention i:tven to ordel"I for all Grades of Virginia Leaf and Smokers. Original Invoices furnished and satisfaction gua.ranteed. Co1TeSpondence eolicit&d. J. 1W. PR.:l:CE, :J:>A.l.'IT'VXJC..oJC..o::l!J, 'V ..a.., Having Eight Years' Experience, offers his services for the PURCHASE OF LEAF TOBACCO. JletBl'll to t.he Baab anti. llusblsm llloD renerally. FOB.. &.A.LE. A Fresh Supply oC 100,000 l'ounds Gellulne "DEERTONGUlt" Flavor, for 8110Kllm TOBACCO Mauufaeturers. In Iola to Bult purch880""' at: low08t new-. MA.RBURC BROTHIRS, 4. Ml, 147 ucl 8. Obariee ...... BoltlmoN. 1lld.. NEW YORK, 2iO BOWERY, JULY 14, 1877, PAR'l'J.ES are hereby cautionod against using PIVO'.I'ED CATCHES FOR C .IGAB BOXES other than those manufactured under GLUUD'S PATENT (No. l84,08!l Nov, 7, 1876; reissue, No. 1,707, May 00, 1877), asmgned to us. Any infringemeut will be rigorously prosecuted. 67Mt LICHTENSTEIN BROS. & CO. FOR SALE. TODA.UCO PEDDLERS WA GON, Full Box, Enclosed, with Carriage Top, suitable for two horses, in excellent condition; no repair& necel!l8&l'f. Apply at the!actory of ALLEN & DUNNINC, 65 and 67 Van Houten Street, Paterson, N. J. JOHN D. HOLT, IIDJlll1lm SCH.6.E!l'ER. HOLT' SCHAEFER & COMMISSION MERCHANTS For and Handling ol. LEAF TOBACCO, IJlfCH 8f.l',, be$. 10th an 11tll, LJP.::D.Qh"burs, tl'nited States Internal Revenue Tll.l(. 'l'h *"" on all kinda of llfaiwtactnred, Tobacco lo 9' cents ti I>; Snulr, 32 cenDI ti I>; CW&rs, S6 til thoueand i Cigarettes weighing not oTer 8 as II thoUB&nd, $1. 'r.t per thousand; and Che.roots over f 'Ille!!! tboaand, l'l 'fl lholl881ld. The duty on Foi:eign Clgani lo :P.llO ti> IUld l!l5 cent. ad 1'alorem. Ciga.rettee oame duty as c!gars. Import.ea Clprs, a..-and Obezoole also b Leaf Tobacco stemmed, llO cente 'II Jb; Xanutaotured Tobacco, tiO cents lb; Scraps, ro cents lb. Xanufacttured Taha.coo and Scrape.are also subject to the Internal Revenue tax of IM centa 'II II>, and must be packed l.ll conformity with Internal .. THE TOBACCO 7 WM. DEMUTH & MANUFACTURERS AND IMPORTERS OF 4LL KIND$ $MOKEBS' ARTICiiBS, 501 ::EIR.C>.A.X>'W' A. "Y', N"EW "Y'C>R.::EE.. r I BRIAR AND APPLEWOOD Moorscllanm Pinos PIPES. AND CIGAR HOLDERS IN GREAT VARIETY. SIDI FIGURES CLAY PIPES In Metal & Wood AND A SPECIAL TY. CIGARETTE PAPEB.. Centennial Medals & Diploma awarded for Beauty and Appropriateness of Design and Skill shown in Fabrication, Popular Style & Cheapness. IBIEl1'T:J:> OA.T.AX.aC>GUE. Sutro Newmark, KERBS & SPIBSS, Manufacturers of Fine Cigars, C:::C GA.RS :J AND DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO. 76 PARK PLACE. NEW YORK And Dealers in LEAF TOBACCO, 1014, 1016, 1018, 1020 SECOND AVENUE, 310, 312, 314 FIFTYFOURTH STREET. ADOLF KERBS, LOUl5 SPIESS. LIL YOSTER. ED. HILSON.. R.UDOLPI! WY ... RELIANCE MANUP ACTORY. &. LICHTENSTEIN & BROTHER, "Breathes there a. man with soul so dead, That never to himself hath said" "This is the place t o buy Ki'fmey's St. FOSTER, HILSON .t CO.l MANUFACTURERS OF THE ''ELK" anc. ONWARD" James Cigarettes?" At least this is what a sion in the window says, and since it was hung up the demand for them there is six times as great as it was before. 8151 1'Te-c;iv 'York, .MANUFACTURERS 01' Fine 0 I GARS, And Dealers In LEAF TOBACCO, AND SOLE PROPRIETORS OF THE .Nos. :34 and 34Y. BOWERY, TRANSPARENT GLASS SIGNS. NEW TORK. Designs & Esiim_ate Pnrnlhed. JOHN MATTHEWS, 333 E. St., N Y PATENTED WILLOW CIGAR BOX. liGHJlENS TEIN BROS. & GO., CZGAR AKUFACT'URBRB, l'I[, LICHTENSRJN, IMPORTANT DISCOVERY! ANTI EPILEPTIC REMEDY, officially exalnined and recommended. by Medical Authorities, authentical and radical against the most terrible of all diseases, I EPIT EP&."Y', As well as .against all Nervous Maladies. This remedy is of great importance to all suffering people, and thousands of persdne owe their recovery to it. This is an unquestionable and well known fact to the press, both domestic and foreign. Upon remittance of 25 francs a parcel containing Six Bottles will be sent to any address. The success ill warranted. In exceptional cases a double dose ought to be taken. Orders and in quiries should be addressed to the General Depot of C:" F.-KIRCHNER, 's.-.w. Jeruealemer Str., 9, BERLIN, CERMA.NY. T L t TO CIGAR Store oppo0 e Bite Earle's Hotel, now occupied for sal e of CiJran; established 1862., Al8o Ugh& rooms with steam power. Inquire of lloe.-teath, 151 CeDtre Street. (Continued from Fifth Page.) Manufacturers and shippers are doing verr little. I see no chance for any decided Improvement in business until the tax question is settled. The transactions were 1,116 hhds, 35 trcs, 19 bxs and 1 hhd scrape. 01ferinp at auction :-March 4, 24 pkgs sold at 1. 70@32; 27 taken in at 1. 85: March 5 14 do sold at 3.20@391,6; 30 taken in at 1.90@39 Marcb 6. t5 do sold at 1.60@22; 24taken In at arch 7, 34 do sold at 24 Wien in at 2.60@li7 March 8, 19 do sold at 2.40@36; 20 taken in at 9.10@41. March D, 19 do sold at 1.90@15; 29 taken In at PHILADELPHIA. Pa.-Mr. Arthur R. Fougeray, Tobacco Manufacturers' Agent, reports to Tmt: ToB.A.cco LEU' as follows :-The week's transaction in manufactured plug tobacco shows no nnprovement; buyers continue confine. their purchases to standard brands and daily wants. No ordim1ry inducements have any e:tlect: as a reAult a number of brands have been o:tlered In the market showing ftne workmanship and excellent stock-in fact, jnst what the tiade n-1; but owmg to the lack of l ocal notoriety and the agltatioa of the. tax they have been compelled to take a back seai. This condition of things would soon be remedied if Congress would only oome A. BRUSSEL. to a positive conclusion In regard to the tax. Prices of stan dard goods are very well sustained; all others arc off. Low grade six and twelve inches twist are offered very low in l:.rge lots. ..ltine-Cuta.i-The usual amount of soft tobacco was received this week, l)ut principally low grade, with a singular desire on tile part o f each manufacturer to sell lower than his competi tor. Smoking Thba=.-Trade in this branch is disagreeably quiet, while dealers have a meagre stock, but will not order. A de mand for the usual spring stock from the interior would make a radical change in the countena.nces of agents having charge of granulated goods in this city. R eceipts for the week were 610 bxs 2 ,216 caddies. aot cases, 27 kegs, a nd 584 pails of ftne cuts. Exported to Oport6 3110 lbs manufactured tobacco Cigars.-Manufacturers of fine grades are working very moderate ly, wbile dealers and manufacturers of medium und common report in c reased orders. Prices continue to rule very low. Leaf Toba=.-Some of dealers in Seed leaf report an in creased demand for Pennsylvania and Connecticut from their Western trade the latter part ot the week, whil e city munufac tnrers are on ly occa s ionally seen on the market. Wisconsin and Ohio find takers in moderate amounts from adjoining counties at low figures. Receipts for the week-159 cases Connecticut, 318 do Pennsylvania, 46 do Ohio, 81 do \Vis consin, 142 hales Havana leaf and 296 hhds Maryland, Virginia and leaf tobacco; while sales for llome purposes foot up 106 cases Connecticut, mt do Pennsylvania, 30 do Ohio, 70 do Wisconsin 129 hales and 4li hhds of .Western, Vir ginia and Maryland leaf tobacco. Exported to Antwerp per steamship Switzerland of Western leaf, 390,230 lb s; exported to Liverpool per t eumship Illi nois of Western leaf, 33,695. Receipt.s of manufactured tobacco for the month of February. 1878, at this point :-2, 767 bxs, 9,180 caddies, 2,527 cases, 75 kegs, 2,530 pails of tin e-cu ts. Receipts of leaf tobacco at tbis port for the month of February, 1878:-Connecticut Seed .................. _. ............ rennsylvanla Seed .................. ............. Ohio Seed ............... ....................... Wisconsin Seed ................................. 543 cases 336 cases 123 cases 91 cases 1 093 caaes Havana leaf ................................... 280 bales Virginia, Maryland and Wes tern leaf ... . la7 hhds Sales of leaf tobacco at this port for the month of February 1878:-. Connecticnt Seed ............................... ,. 516 casea Pennsylvania Beed .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 376 cases Ohio 8eed ................ .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 104 cases Wisconsin Beed.. . . .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 84 cases New York State Beed............................. 9 cases I 1,089 cases Havana leaf ............................... ,., .... 207 bales Virginia, Maryland and Western 40 hhds :Exported of leaf toi.ccofrom tllis ort during 111onth of February, 1878 .............. ... ............ 181,038 lbs B. J,ICHTENSTE'II. Exported of manufactured tobacco from this port in month ot-February............................. 3 068 lbs HAMBURG, Feb. 14.-The offerings of Seed leaf during the past week were very small. The sales were 167 cases, of which 57 were sold for future delivery; 226 cases were a lso sold to arrive. Imports during the week 276 cases Seed leaf; sales, 393 cases. Stock in first hands, 1 990 cases, of which 10 cases are Florida tobaccos. Quotations :-Seed leaf wrappers, 60@250 pf. ; binders, 45@60 pf.; fillers, 35@45 pf.; Florida to bacco, 45@280 pf. MELBOURNE, Jmuary 28.-Mr. H. C. Fraser, of Messrs. Fraser & Co., Tobacco Broke r. reports as follows: Since our last report this colony has been passing through one of the most extraordinary periods of its political history. Busi ness has con sequently been somewhat interfe red with. Three public Sales have been held during the month. Of those lines that were quitted tile prices realized were not satisfactory. A trinl shipment of Allan & Co.'s tobaccos, of Richmond, Va., was submitted to public competition. The tobaccos were handsomely gotten up, and comprised plug and cut tobaccos, but the limits imposed were too high. The whole lot, except ing one case was passed in. Twist.-A fairly average busi ne ss has been done during the past month, principally for export. Sales reported of 260 pkgs Shellard's and Barret's, In half and qtr trcs and cases ; also trade sales of" Black Swan." A parcel of Shellard's (50 cases) was sold by auction on account of those concerned; terms at ls l;Y.d nnd ls 1;;.j'.d pet pound. Tens.-' l rade sales of "Two Several lots of various brands have been offered at a uction but without leading to business; by private treaty a line of some 50 cases "Derby" tens; price not transpired; also small lots of "Over tbe Water." Aromatics are still in large supply: a shipment was o:tlered at auction, but not a single package wns quitted. A prime parcel of T. C. Williams & Co.'s manufacture was offered; the bids were and the hulk was quitted nt about previous rates. Leaf Strips.-The market is well supplied; some 46 pkgs have been qniued during the month. Twist.-The quotations are as under:-Southern, ls 2d@ls 7d; Barret';i Ancho.-, h Od; Black Swan, ts 61}; Raven, ts 7cl; St. Andrew's, ts Our G8lne, ls 6d; 8helnrd' l s 6cl; Mnzewa, ls 6d, in fui!f and qtr trca and cnsei;. Qn.otittions nominal. Tens.-Northern, 7@8d, best brands; medium, 7@lld; Southern, ls 4d@ls 6d, best brand&. Hall-pounds.-Northern, 6@8d; Southern (Torroise shcU), Od@ts ld; Southern (Black), tOd@la 4d. Aromatlc. W cstern Halves, none; Pounds. none; Southern Pounds, 10dO l.Ji 3d; LightPressed Pounds, ls 2d@2s; Halvea, none; Twiat, ls@ls lid; Pocket Pieces, lOd@lll 20; Gold Ban, lll@la Navy Half-Pounds and Pounds, lsls 7d; eights, sixes, etc., ls@ls 2d. Leaf Strips.-8d@ls 8c[ Cigara.--Oheroots and Manilas, H. B., 711sSOs; Oberoota, 808; Ol'llMlllda, .Qa 6d@8tis. J11Duary 12.--60 half tml, $,ll8G qtr tres and kegs, 8!800 three-qtr bn and kel!B, 6,907 cuee mfd, 678 hhds and casks, 174 ca,ses, 783 bxs, bales, and bdia unmfd, t,149 caaes cljJars. Sydney, Jan. 12, Jba mfd, 778,788 Iba ullmfd, and 85,957 lbs cigars. Adelaide, Jan. 12, 1878. -156,708 lb s mfd, 37,728 lbs unmfd, and 78,000 lbs cigars Brisbane, Jan. 11, 1878.-138,818 lbs mid, and 4,988 lbs cigars.


'I THE TOBACCO LEAF. I Tobacco l!!l.anufact. JOHN ANDERSON & CO. MANUFACTURERS OF THE SOLACBunomn TOBACCOS .LICORIOE. LICORICE PASTE. WALUS ECICTB..A.. Tobacco manufacturers and the trade 114 I 116 LIBERTY STIIEET, geaeral are particularly requested to NEW YORK, and t-est the ller to direct tbe attntioa of the Dolen In Tobocco this LICORICE, which, bemg now throug'bout UnHed Stales and the World br ought to the highest perfecti011. is Of to thetr CELEBRATED f b d fered under the above style o ran SOLACE FINE-CUT We are also SOLE AGENTS for the ,.HOMAS HOYT & CO., MANUFAC'!'URERS OF FXNECUT CHEWING ANO SMOKING;,. 'rOB.&OOOS & BllVl'I'. OUR BRANDS ::mM' X...A..l.V:J!J, 1'TEJVV The Trade be.Ting demanded a Superior a.nd Cheaper Article than that hitherto used, this Company U.mannfa.cturlng, &nd offering for sale, LICORICE PASTE (under the old "Sanford" brand) o[ a QUALITY aDd at & PRIOlll which can h&rdly fail to be acceptable to all giving It a trial Mellor Rittenhouse, gia N". S2!2<1 &'ti.,, lU:A.NUPA.CTUBBRS OF SP .A.N"J:SEJ: a:n.d. Grr-R.EE::e;.. LICORICE PASTE. CeMermlal llledal awarded for Cb.rn;--a.nd General Excellence of Ma.nufacture." .AJ.o llll. & R. BBA.llD S K LICORICE, all Sise blesale A[e11ts: SHOEMAKER, VOUTE & BIRCH, 126 s. Delaware Ave.I Pbila. n. B. CALPIN & 111 01 DEl90'1' .AllD .&a11xc'I' v "' u or THE OF MANUFACTURERS OF THE OELEBB.A.TED FINE-X..El&.A.X..EJ TOBACCO DEPOT & AGENCY For F. W, FELGNER & SON'S, Baltimore, To'bacoo .... d Cigarettes. 56 S. WASHINGTON SDUARE, N. Y. BOODWIN & 00., lllAliUF ACTUJU:RS OF Fine-Cut Tobacco 207 & 209 WATER STREET. NEW YORK. The Celebrated SIOKINGANDTOBACCO, "a: "ORIGINAL 213 l 21& Duane St.; lew York. SEAL" QJ'nt CELEBRATED BRANDS:-, CHEWII!IGt 8ol4tB Beal, 11.niv'!J 014 'l'!m.ea, Eatabliahed !Q. lllterprlae, ectar Leaf. 11 "RED SEAL," FOIL ROI CAROTTE" & II SUNSHINE" ;'.)cnm:I Gol4t11 Stai, Ba. J'!o'WC', BRIGHT VIRGINIA MEERSCHAUM SMOKING litr.iural Leaf, Qftat, Cct.rr.I, TOBACCOS, cut from Virginia Plug. f SKOKlllGt u. of t.lie 'tl'nltecl. vv. o m JMC :a11: E or, ..-n..., SOLE MANUFACTURER, Jotut..lllactahf;,Vlrl!Dla 7 PIJl'E STREET, NEW YORK. .. ...... ............. K: C. BADER & CO., -lllactaNrw of the Celebrated FINE-CUT TOBACCOS, -:. AVERICAN EAGLE-" -AMP--" ox.zPP::&JR.." Also all Gracia of Flltlwt l S11oklll1 Tobao111, DBTBOIT. JllCH. Ml.. PK!tlq__our AllElllC.tN :I.AG.LE" aDll CLIPP&ll" tu t11.e uul-tri.aec: woodn io, 40 ud 6o lbl. we atS1 ""'botllol -...... "P"T7cel:rla0 Tm l'aa. P....,,._,poetedla .I{ ODd Ji .'IT'...::i--..ic. .... to e Jabb!q Tn4e:' '.f,Laa-.? LICOQICB PASTE, STICKS, No Street AND ALL SPECIALTIES FOR I We bew to call the attention of Tobacco Manufac .. turers and Dealer. to tbl1 SUPERIOR AND PURE article. Sole ARtmts for the Statea of Nonh Carolina and Vtr. ainia: MosRS. DAVENPORT & MORRIS, Richmond, Va. LICORICE and Alleaate. Selected and Ordil:lary. ZURICALDAY & ARGUIMBAU, 102 PEARL STREET, NEW YORK. POWDERED LIQUORICE. J'IKES'r Q.11ALI'l'Y. Jlan11factured at Poughkeepsie, New York. GIFFORD, SHERIAN & OOHS, 120 William Street, DWYOU. C>R.G-LER., MANUFACTURER OF FINE CIGARS, .AND DEALER IN LEAF TOBACCO, 295 & 297 GrBBllWiCh St., New York NEW YORK. NEW YORK. DIAIONDEl.A.OO<>. THE IEBCHANTS' TOBACCO CO., ao El<>&TC>:N', Make the best Sold or Used. ONE DOLLAR lawful money in each 60 pound box, containing large Plugs made of long stock. TWO DOLLARS In one, or ONE DOLLAR In two of the caddies in each case containing large plugs made of long stock. PATENT METAL LABELS on Plugs. Ask for this and get the Best Chew or Smoke that can be had. SILAS PEIRCE, Jr., Preddent. JOHN H. SANBORN, T]l'eaa. WILLIAM BUCHANAN. DAVID C. LYALL; BUCHANAN. & LYALL, Office :-54 :Broad St., New-York.-P.o.uox nu. Factory:-,No. 2 FIRST DISTRICT, SOUTH BROOKLYN. MANUFACTURERS OF THE FOLLOWING CELEBRATED BRANDS OF PLUG, CHEWING and SMOKING TOE.A.CC OS_ ALSO MANUFACTURERS OF SEMI-CIGARS. PLUG. PLANET NAVY, 3, 4-1, &1, 61, IJ'1, 811, 91, 10 SAILOR'S CHOICE, 11, 3(1 31. 41. 51, &1, 7 81, 9, 101. CHALLENGE, Iba WASHINGTON, 1' NEPTUNE, Double Thick, brt. drk. HA.GGIB MITCHELL. NARRAGANSETT. ALEXANDRA. SEl'fllATION. FLOUNDERS. BUCHANAN, lOs. JACK OF KING PHILIP, GRAPE AND APRICOT. 111!1'001'1Q.UERED. "A.CME" Fang B ht Pu.uads. TECUlllSEH, IOo. PBEBLllSI PALJll, GOLD BARii. P!l"IDB OF TH REGlllllllllT. POCKET PIECES. "-1'1' .A. 'VY Jl!":EJ.VEI CJUT VV :ENG. AOME. SMOKINC AND CICARETTE T08ACCO. VIRGINIA BRIGHT CV'r CA. YBll'DDll, WOltl:.D'S :I' Am. .A.l'fD :a vDT. Branch Office: Central Street, Boston. P. O. BOX 996, PIOIBEB TOBACCO COIPAIY, OF BROOKLYN, N. Y. BUSINESS OFFICES : 124 Water St., New York, rs Central Wharf, Boston ; 25 Lake Street, Chicago; 51 KORTH WATER STREET, PHILADELPHIA. Factory: No. 1 First District, N. y. THE oELEBB.A.TED THE oELEBRAm "MATCHLESS GAIE '' o-.' BRICHT, All Sizes; 4' MAHOCANY, AUSizes; P :rC> N El :El "El.," Dark, all Sizes. A of Celebrated Brands of PLUG TOBACCOS ,;.il l all partits of the WORDERF'UL MERITS contained therein. PL.UG TOBA.CCO. Co:pe's Tobacco A MONTHLY JOURNAL. for SMOKERS Publl1h1d at lo. IO LORD IELSOI STIEEt, LllERPOOL, EllUID. Price Two Shillings !English> per Annum. Where lillbefrlptioo"" -he e< to "Tll1ll 'f'OBACCO LB.&P" OPPJ'.C&. MER'oOA.if .PBB A.Jf1R111[. POSTAG& PAID. HERBST. BROTHERS, HAVANA tc SEED LEAF TOE.A.COO :J 183 WATER STREET,' NEW LIBERAL ADVANCEMENTS :MADE ON CONSIGNMENTS. MARCH 1t T a_ The onl,r Scale ma4e with Protected llearh>gs. Page & Co., Gen'I Agen1s, 326 BROADWAY, :NEW YOBK. lhlr ocat are ma.ct b7 the followiaa emiocu.t manufacturers:-P. LOR.ILL.II.RD .&; CO. New York: BUCHANAN ctr.. LYA.LL,'Nf'w Yuck; JAB. B. PA.CE., R ichmond, Va i P. MAYO 4 BRO.t Jtkhmond, Va.j E.W. VENABLE &.. Co Pete111burg, VL9 FINZER BROS., l .o ui svillc. Ky. HENRY WULSTEIN0 (Suceeor te Borgt'eldt dr,. 11 CENTRE STREET, lfEW YOBS. P 0 Box SOCJ Nair York. Con!ltant _lY on hand the Best Im.proved for CUTTINQ, GRANULATING A S:IEVJ:NG TOBAC 0 BY HAND OR STEAM !'OWE!<. A large variety of llachlwcry f o r Cigar turers:, such as for Cuttin or Granu.latin,;r Havana and other FH lcrs for Cirs. Stem Rollers Bunching Jlil"t.-Stemming Machines, and also Machines for Crusbinjl' and Flattening the Tobacr o Stem in the Lea f, Cigarette Machines, etc Sole Aent la the U.S. for F FLINSCH' S ( Offenbach on Main, Ger many) celebrated .rt.facbines for Pac.king b'lanufactured Cigar Manufacturers Are informed that we are able t9 supply the Trade with tint-class PACKERS at ahort notice. Pleue addren corre1pondence to the CIGAR PACKERS' SOCIETY. 8. 1d1.CHALIS Zr. CO., ( First Avenue; or E. 14 GATI'ERD.All (Controller of Vacancies), 109 Norfolk Street, New Yorll Clt,r. GREAT CENTRAL TOBACCO WAREHOUSE. LICHTENSTEIN BROS., PACKERS AND DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCOS, 121 BOWERY 121 (;;raD4 aad Beiter Su., NEW Y_OBK. 11.A.Y BROTHEBS illPOBTERS 011'. rench Ciga.rette Piper, 37 MAIDEN LANE, Hou1a AT NEWYOBKa TOBACCO BAGGING. IMITATION SPANISH LINEN, FANCY STRIPES,. And all &ftid11 of Goods ui.ed fop puttiJig up Smok. ingTobacc o Also, complete asEK>rtment of Smokers' Art1.:ies for the Trade. MWARD SANGER & CO., 462 to 468 Broadway, ltw York. .CHARLES A. WULFF, Ag't, Printer & Manutacturer of A Large Assortment Constantly on Hand. 11 Cbthana St., eor, William, Jf. Y, Patented Febnlar:r s. 186,. S. L. SAMUEL. JOSEPH LOTH & CO., MANUFACTURERS OF ALL KINDS OF CIGAR RIBBONS. CONSTANTLY ON HAND A FULL AS SORTMENT AT LOWEST l!ARKET PRICES. Factory :t 8aleroo ... 1: WEST 4llth ST., BROOlllE ST. T'<>rk.. INTERNAL RRVENUH BOOIS The Orlainal b:a.t.rnal kevenue Pu.bllab.lng Boue. C. JOURGENSEN: SoL.S Svcc&S&Oa TO EsT&a a: SITN, P.O. Boz 5,6'7; 3'T LIBERTY ST., JI', T. Bra.ncling Irons & Stencils a Specialtf. Of every description at Lowest Prices.' SEND FOR PRICES. TINPOIL Liihtest Pure Till, 10,368 SQ. Inchos D. lb. ALSO TOBACCO & OTHER FOILS. WITTEMANN BROTHERS. 184 William St., New York. Giebel & van Ramdohr. -LEAF TOBACCO" 176 WATEI ST., HW YORI. (


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