The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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Tobacco Leaf Journal

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v 0 L. XIV.---N 0. 6 [ESTABLISHED 1864.] NEW YORK, MOND.AY,MARCH 18,1878. lilt ; lolratto [BST.&BLISHBD 1864,] PUBLISHED EVERY MONDAY MORNINC BY : u THE TOBACCO LEAF" PUBLISHING COMPANY, 1 I'VL'I'Oll STB.EE'I', NEW YOB.K, Editor. liDW ARD BUJUD!l, JOliN G. Business Manager. TBBMS OF THE PAPBB, 8-..o OoPmo ............................................. 10 ()onto. ?:: J.::::u;:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::.:::::::::::::::::::: ADVEB.TISING RATES. O"NI! llqlJAK.E ( 1 4 Nohparell Llneo,) Over One Oolumn, One Year, $28.00 I OverTwoOolumns, Ooe Year, $64.00 do do 8b: Months. 16-.06 do do Six Months, 28.00 do do 'lb.ree :Mont'bs, 10.00 do do Three Months, 15.00 TWO I!!QlJ.&K.ES Nonpareil Linea,) Over Two Oolumns, Ono Year ............ ; .......................... S100.00 do do 8b: MonthB ... $54.00 I do do Three Months .. !S.OO FOlJK I!!QlJ.&KI!S (56 Noaparell Llneo,) Over Two Oohumuo, Ooe Yeor ....................................... Stm.oo do do 8b: Months .. $100.00 I do do Three Months 1>4.00 FIRST PAGE-One Square, Nonpareil Lin.,.,) Over Two Oolumwo, One Yoar ..................... ............... $11!0"00 on the Seventh, 25 Cent. per I.J.neJ for Namee and A..ddrwl&es alone in 11 BuaineM Dtreetory c f Advertisers." BeTenth Pap, Ooe Yeor.................................... .. .. $10.00 Bemftt&ncesfor AdTertilements &.D.d Subscription& should be made In variabl y by Poot-Ol!lce Order, Check or Registered Letter, Bubocrlbenlnot receiving their paper regularly will pl....., Inform ua at oaee FRED'K DeBARY & CO., 41 a 43 Warren Street, New York, AUG ROESLEJI. "lUCK & co., CIGAR BOX MANUF 153 to 161 Goerck Street, 'YOR.::B... BEST MATERIAL&. SUPERIOR MAKE. :a. Ell .:.::: "D' 0 Ell :.::: PRICE LIST FoR THE Spanish, American and German Cigar Ribbons. DE 'GALES" U80 EL SOLE ACENTS PRINCIPE '' KEY :: t:::=: :: '-.::Jf" 2a -fi-8 7cla 1.36 AND THE ,, ,,. CIGAR FACTORY OF NEW YORK. SEIDENBERG & CO I' 84 a 88 READE STREET, NEW YORK, Importers of Ha,va,na, Toba,cco, ALSO MANUFACTURERS OF THE LA ROSA ISBIROLA KEY wEST HAVANA-CIGARS. WEISS, ELLER & KAEPPEL, IMPORTERS .OF THE ROSE HAVANA' TOBACCO. 220 Pearl Street, New York. L& 33 JliURRA Y STREE'I.\ N. MANUFACTURERS OF THE "EL CLUB DE YATE" KEY WEST -BAV AN A CIG.tARS. FifSs &. KA.NtJF ACTt1BERS of CICA.RS, AND DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO, _161, 163 & 165 WEST THIRD OINCINNATI, 0. ----------------------------------.:--Almirall & Co., frvTPCET.r;Rs C..JY .Havana -.pRIEiORS O F T!it: BR I pRv t LAS AND 'U v'c NEvv Y'ORK J. J a --___c:...., ______ J l6 C EDA.R ST. \t_ _________ -r_-----a_: L1JFTS TO LET. With Steam Power. Two Lofts 35 by 1 '( 5 each, light on both sides, with Elevator, Yard and Stable Roon1. 'Very desirable Location, and well adapted to Manufact..;ring Pmposes requj.ring good Light and Power. Apply to G-EO. R.EA..D db CO., :LOG "to 200 ST., N'E"'VV Y'C>:FI.:O::. DIRIGO CIGAR FACTORY. CC>.,. l t!NllPACT U BBBS 0 P FIIB CIGARS FRANK KcCOY.j ;, 101 ::BO VV' :EJ'ft,''E'. N:&J"1i'V' YOB.:K.. I"EDWARD T. McCOY ....... 3 .... w 1-'0 Breacl Red, ..................... 1 .... 6-8 727cla 1.76 ::::::::::::::::::: ;; L :::: :: t::8 z..-ota 00 ................... } -5-8 '1'2 7.. l.'T6 : .... ... .. .... ......... .. 2 ... fi-8 72 74 1.66 .. .................... 3 .... 5-8 : 1..60 ................. :: L :::: ;.: .. .. :::::.:::::::::::: 3 .... -s 1.Warrow YeDow ............. 1 .... -i-1 '1'274& 1.36 : :: ............ :: 2 .. ._s :. 7cla 1.20 .. .. ........... a .. ._. 0.86 ...._.... ( CJUoo ) .... 1 ... 3-4o 34o7cla 1.26 < CJUoo ) .... 2 .... 3-4o 34o7cla 1.10 Loaar.. Y .. ow ............ 1 .... 'J-8 :U,.U 1.86 .. .. ............. 2 .... 7... 34o7cla 1.36 .. .. ........... 3 .... 13-18" 34o7cla .. ............. "1() .. 13-18" 34o7cla 1... .. ...... 16 7-8 34o 7cla 0.86 :: :: . .. . .. .. 20 .... 13-18 34o ,-cia 0.86 ............. "6() .... 13" M7cla 0.80 Red,. ............ 1 .... 7-s 34o 7cla 1.66 ........ ...... 2 .... 13-18.. ':u7cia L20 :a.:r IWa]:o Red, ....................... :Mi .. 0.80 Yellow .................. a-s 7c1a 0.75 lxtra Styles of Ribbons Made to Order. RIBBONS CUT & PRINTED ANY SIZE AND STYLE. A.Jl Ordera Promptly Executed. Terms Caah. PRICES OF CIGAR BOXES AND SAMPLES OF RIBBONS SENT ON APPLICATION. JOHN J. CROOKE, MA.NUF ACTURER OF COIPOllND TIN POlL TOBACCO, MEDIUM AND TISSUE. T':J:OE. All Infringement on thia Patent will be Prosecuted to the fall &%tent of the Law. ALSO MANUFACTURER OF PURE TIN AND OTHER FOILS! PL.A.:J:N' .A.N':J:> OOLO:FI.E:J:>. ROLLED TO ANY GUAGE AND CUT TO SIZE. BOTTLE CAPS, all Sizes PLAIN AND COLORED, OFFICE: 163 Mulberry St., N.Y. '' El Porvenir,'' >-< a: C) c: 1-0 m (,.) Ill "l I ....... = c:c "" :a::-!II La.. 0 .lli: I -a = a: :a::-.. a rca "' 0 :1:;::11 .. c.... --- c::t y GRANDA, O.A.LLE S.A.N' :FI..A.F.A.EL N'o.72, :EI:.A. v .AN' .A.. HAVANA TOBACCO. I w. & c. I WElL & 00., 65 PINE STREET, NEW YORK. lilt iolracts NEW YORK, MONDAY, :I.IARCH 18, 1878. A Great Opportunity! THE TOBACCO TRADE mRECTORY I 30,000 NA.lloiES and ADDB.ESSES, alphabeticall,arra.nce4 by STATES aa4 TOWNS, witll B.EVENUE DISTRICTS, to CLOSE OUT THE 300 .COPIES Remahablc of SECOND EDITION. Orfcinal Price, U. WILL BE SOLD FOR $2.00; Or to Subocribers to THE TOBACCO LEAF, with a copy of THE LEAF for One Year, for $6.00. THE .PARIS EXPOSITION. In the list of exhibitors of American manufactures at the Exposition at Paris we notice the following members of the trade:-Messrs. P. Lorillard & Co., Jersey City; J. F. Allen & Co., Richmond; R. P. Archer, Richmond; W. S. Kimball & Co., Rochester; P. E. Sarrazin, New Orleans; all of whom will show manufactures of tobacco; James C lark, E. C. Jenkiru! & Co., and Samuel McPherson, of Louisville, Ky. ; J. D. Clardy, Newstead, Ky.; and the Shelton Tobacco Curing Co., Asheville, N. C., will exhibit leaf tobacco; Mayer Bros., New Orleans, "La., will exhibit a cigar making machine; Thos. D. McGuire Philadelphia, solid-top cigar moulds; and Mellor & Rittenhouse, Philadelphia, licorice. We understand that Mr. Law rence Lottier, of Richmond, Va., will a l so have a handsome !lisplay at the Exposition. We must confess that the smallness of the number o f exhibitors surprised us, for we were of the opinion that all of' tho manufacturers who made such a fine display at our own Exposition would .try to surpass their previous endeavors. They must have by this time become aware of the benefits derived from a showing of fine goods, handsomely arranged ; and one would suppose that they would make an effort to still further ex;tend the fame of their manufactures. Take, for instance, the cigar manufacturing branch of the trade: at the Centennial there were quite a number of exhibitors, but not a single manufacturer has seen fit to try and make for himself an European market by sending goods to this forthcoming Exhibition. We are making a fine article of this class in this country at present, equal in many respects to any made, and which would find a ready marke t abroad, but the opportunity is allowed to slip by. If American cigars were judiciously placed on the markets of Europe in competition with Havana cigars, we think they would fairly hold their own. It is no more trouble-in fact, not as much-to s end cigars from New York to Paris or London than it i s from Havana to those citie s Those interested in leaf tobacco grown in the Con necticut "Valley, in Wisconsin, Ohio, and P ennsylvania, have been as derelict as their brethren, the cigar makers. The only leaf shown will be the growth of Kentucky and North Carolina-at least, so we judge, as the only exhibitors are from those sections. In Pennsylvania an attempt was made to show some of the leaf produced there, but the growers could not agree respecting the display, and the attempt was abandoned. Elsewhere, no move has been made t o place on v iew the growths of_ the respective sections. When we consider the increased use of what are termed "substitutes abroad, and as their mission is to supplant our tobaccos, we regret that our farmers and dealers have not made an effort to regain lost ground. We do not wish our readers to think that we are of the opinion that the exhibit made will not be worthy of us. Far from it. When we take into consideration ::J:MPC>R. TER.S, that the firms who will show their manufactures are among the first in the co untry, we do not fear for the result. If the Commissioner had made a selection he could not have done better than what chancei,has done. The displays, we may safely predict, will be very fine, and we sincerely hope that the gentlemen who have shown so much enterprise will reap a golden harvest from the seed which they are sowing-thus benefiting by their actions not only themselves, but the whole of th(lir country. THE SEIZUB.E OF TOBACCO AT NE.WARK Personal investigation of the circumstances that led to the seizure by revenue officers of tobacco in the hands of a number of dealers in manufactured tobacco, at Newark, N.J., last week, enables us to announce that the trouble grew out of the fact that Collector Hathorn of that p lace is trying to do what the revenue authorities elsewhere, and especially in this city, have been trying for years to do; that is, put a stop to the sale in bulk of tobacco that is neither fine-cut chewing nor coarse-cut smoking, but a cross between both. This is an issue which our readers will recognize as an old one, and, unfortunately, as troublesome as it is old. Periodically, for the past six or seven years, raids exactly like that inaugurated anew in Newark have been occurring all over the country, and in each instance for precisely the same reason, namely, the lack of agreement between the representatives of the Internal Revenue Bureau and the members of the cutting trade as to the precise, or even the approxi mate, point at which fine-cut chewing ends and cut smoking begins. ,About three hundred pounds altogether have been taken by Collector Hathorn froJ;D the following named dealers in Newark and Jersey City:-Scho!lll Bros., T. F. Langstroth, Gustav Streissguth, William Wolf, Joseph Lelarge, Joseph Girode, Joseph DeGoode, and Jacob Ungerer, Newark; Emilio Rodriguez, David Levy, and C. & F. Schrieber, Jersey City. This to bacco was put up chiefly by two old and reputable manufacturing firms of New York City, that of one firm being regularly labeled and branded as chewing tobacco. Through the courtesy of the collector we were permitted to inspect the forfeited goods in the basement of his office. They were cased in ten-pound wooden boxes, and each package bore on the outside. all the evidence of legitimacy required by the statute. The contents of the packages were not such as ar& known as fine-{!ut chewing tobacco, but rather what is known as low-grade cut tobacco, which is used by the poorer classes of consumers both for chewing and smoking. Many manufacturers claim they have a legal right to pack and sell this grade of tobacco in bulk so long as they sell it for and brand it as chewing tobacco, while the representatives of the Bureau of Internal Revenue maintain that only such tobacco as was known as fine-cut chewing at the time of the passage of the Act of July 20, 1868, can lawfully be packed in bulk. The manufacturers who made and sold this tobacco believed they were acting within the letter and spirit of the law in placing it on the market in bulk:; and Collector Hathorn, on th. e other hand felt that. in seizing it he was acting strictly in cordance with the ruling on the subject of the Bureau which he represents. The whole question turns upon the point that divides fine-cut chewing from cut smoking tobacco. The law itself establishes no dividing line, and the Revenue Bureau in seeking to make amends for the omission in the law has adopted a standard which, though intended to be fair both trammels the cutting trade and leaves cutte;s and revenue officers quite uncertain as to what are their respective rights and duties. Some three or more years ago, our readers will remember, a conference of prominent tobacco manufacturers with Mr. Kimball Chief of the tobacco division of the Bureau of Internai Revenue, was held at 83 Cedar Street, this city, for the purpose of establishing, if possible, a line of demarca tion between cut chewing and cut smoking tobacco but the deliberations resulted in nothing definite, and the matter has since in abeyance. The existing law i s the real source of all the annoyance to manufacturers and revenue officers are sub jected in r elation to this question, in that it involves the anomaly of requiring a dietinction in the mode of packing chewing and smoking tobacco when the necessity for that distinction has ceased to exist. The distinction was inaugurated when chewing and smok ing tobacco were taxed at different rates; and when the law making the rates uniform was enacted, the old distinction was p erpetuated. The revenue authorities at Washington assume that it is desirable to continue this discrimination to prevent the illicit manufacture and sale of smoking tobacco, it being a ssumed that this article is more easily prepared and dis posed of in fraud of the revenue than chewing tobacco, and that putting it up in small packages-that is, jn from two to sixteeiJiounce packages-checks fraudulent transactions. But for this theory, the Commissioner of In ternal Revenue would probably long ago have caused the law to be amended in this particular. The question now arises: Should not the law be amended 1 promptly amended! Manufacturers do not want to be unnecessarily trammeled; nor do revenue officers desire to spoliate tobacco in dte possession of honest dealers which dealers have bought and manu facturers have sold in good faith. Newark manufac turers said to us: The tobacco seized on this occa sion is not such as we believe is allowed to be packed in bulk:, but if it is so allowed we wish to know it, so that we too can pack it in a similar manner." The d e spoiled dealer& said to us: "We pa.i.,d forty-five cents per pound for the tobacco that has been summarily taken away from us, and we want to .know by what right the Government thus suddenly deprives us of our property when we'have done nothing to legally forfeit it." SD'lT.EB. BBOS., Dealers ln. LEAF TOBACCO, Chicago, m .Western Clpr Ma,nufacturers will find it to their advantage to deal with us. :....


M.J.DOHAN. nros. CARIIOI& 1 DOHAI, OABROLL &; 00., tln mission Mere han ts 104 FRORT STREET, NEW YORK. for the .ell-known and reliable Manufacturers: L PACE, W. J. YlRBftOU8H a SOISt TIIPII I B!Ht.', C. T. BIIFORD, IOODIIll I IIYERS, L H. FRIYSER a CO., L J. BRAIT I R. W. oLIVER, T. W. PHIRTOI, JOHJI W. CARROLL, and otlltrl LZAI'. \ MARCH 18 Y. Co:'IDDlission :Merch-.:: BtJI.KLEY & MOOilE, VIRGINIA EUGENE DUBOIS, SOLE AG.EN...," FOR THE ORtGI""AL AGENTs FoR JOHN F. ALLEN & co.s RtcallloNo, v \., uaa.Nos n OF SMOKING TOBACCOS AND CIGARETTES, ; CODISSIIJI IBBCDIT, SA.JI. AYRES' 'liYCOt'' cte. Oablo Coli, Bonne Bouche, DII:POT FOR J. w. cARROLL's LONE JACK, BROWN Dies:, .... LOUISIANA PE IQUE, Out aud Ia Carrot.o. 4e and 6s, 81-ngle and Double Thlok. -ALSO, AGENTS FOR THE CELEBRATED_! w. T. BLACJJ,WELL & co. s NEW YORK LONE JACK & BROWN DI-CK Genuine DURHAM Tobacco. James M. Gardiner, 84 Front St., N. Y'., Sole Agent. 'rBE BEST ALL-TOBACCO CIGARETTE WOODROW & LEWIS, GENERAL AUGTIONEEIS. MOKING TOBACCO. ocks of Manufactured Tgba.cco of Every Description, Suitable lor the Home Tr N" Braada of Tobacco, Manvfamsrcd Expressly for EXPORT TO AUSTRALIAN and OTHER FOREIGN PORTS: "ill'Jill) CAJnjiRou & flo AUSTRALIAN TWIST-ST. ANDREWS, Jl.baA J!J!\ Jllfl _n \J 'J VKJIUI, CABLE, OUR GAlllE1 BLACK. :R,:I.cJ::utD.o:o.d. V" Ao DJA.IIIOND. AUSTRALIAN LUHPS-SIGl\"BT OF VIRGINIA, VENUS, ALL THE RA.GS, FLOWER OF ALL NA.TJONS. ENGLISH LUMPS-PRINCE ALFRED WILLIAM CAMERON & BRO. TWIST-RAVEN, J!IA.-::E"'e'terb-ur5. 'Va;; 'AUSTRALIAN LUMPS-TWO SEAS, OUR CHIEF, ORION. INDIAN LUMPS-HAVELOCK, CHARl!IER, kC, ENGLISH LUMPS-VICTORY, ROYAL NAVT,kC. SOUTH AMERICAN LlJJIPS-LA. DE LICIA, LA. FELICIDA.D. F. C. LINDE. C. F. LINDE. C. C. HAMILTON. S. R. ASHCROFT. N'E"WV' SHED LEAF TOBACCO INSPECTION TOBACCO INSPECTED OR SAMPLED. ::E"'ro:a:n.p'tl.y .A.'t'te:o.ded. 'to. Certificates given for eveey case, and delivered case by case, as to number of Certificate. N. B.-WE ALSO SAMPLE IN MERCHANTS' OWN STORES. F. C. LINDE & CO. PHILADELPHIA BRANCHES: E. W. DICKERSON Corner Arch and Water Streets. JONAS 1\lETZ, ll4 North Front Stroot. SUFFIELD, Conn.:EDW. AUSTIN. LANCA.STER,,.Pa,-JIENRY FOREST. PRINCIPA-L OFFICE8-14c2 WATER STREET, and 182 to 186 PEARL STREET. WAREHOUSE8-142WATER, 7'!_, 76 & 78 GREENWICHSTREETS,andHUDSON RIVER RAILROAlJ DEPOT, ST. JOHN' S PARK. .BENSEL & CO., TOBACCO IISPHCTOBS, 178!4 WATER STREET, NEW YORX, -::SYRACUSE BRANCH ..... G. P. Hlli:R & CO. I: LMIRA do ........ J. R. DECKER. BALTIMORE do E.WISCHMEYER&CO HART.FORD do ........ W WESTPHAL. HATFl&LD, Man., do .......... ]. & P. t:ARL. I CHA'S FINKE& co TOBACCO INSPECTORS, 155 WATER ST., NEW YORK. COUNTRY 8.\l!IPLING PROJIU'TJ.Y ATTENDED TO, PHILADELPIDA. BRANOH:-JONAS METl. 64 North Front St. &XE::EIER.T, (Successor to F. W Tatgenhorst &; Co.) TOBACCO AND GENERAL COIIISSION IBBCBANT, aa Broad. B"t., 'York. D. J, GARTB, CRA..S. M GARTH, :HxNRY ScHROEDER. D. J. GARTH, SON & CO., SAWYER1 WALLACE & co., C M h COMMISSION MERCHANTS. ommiSSIOn ere ants' No. 47 Broad Street, No. 44 BROAD STREET, NEW YORK. 111. FAUCON, THOS. CARROLL, Jr. & Ca.r:rc::l.l., COMMISSIO N MERCHANTS FOR THE SALE OF Kentucky and Virginia. Leaf Tobacco, 50 BROAD ST.; NEW YORK. .JNO, T. HA-.R:ftJ, S. IL BOWMAN. Harris &,_ MANUFACTURED TOBACCO, No 102 FRONT STREET, G. RElJSENS, OT'fiiGill & BBOTIOOl} BUYER OF KENTUCKY. TOBACCO LIAF 55 Broad St., New York. CI!:LEBRA TED -"LOG. CABIN" & "LOVE. AMONG THE "ROSES" S::ati:OB:XN"Gr TO::EJ-4-000-'U.:Cac"t" Tobacco: ,_...._ :m!RJII:I.lft'R-DARK l'U.V.., .WIIIBT IIIORSEI. DA.BK IIAVT, HOl'IBT JlliiD PEA.OII BRIGHT NA>VT; AND A.LL POPULAR BRANDS OF FANCY AND LIGHT PRESSED. l1lrn Q.ljEEN BEE, TRUlllPS, WIG WAS,, -BV&LE, .IN PAILS AMD BARRELS. DEPOT FOR E, T, &; CO.'S CELEBRATED "JIRtn:TS & FLO WEBS" & COJWONWIALTR" Smokintr 'l'obaccOL -PRICE UIIT8 PURI'IliUJED ON APPLICATION. "'g DEPOT FOR SNOW'S P.TEJIT CARD-HOLDERS. G. W. HANTSCH, XN"Gr, ::E".A. REFERENCES. CIGAR MOLDS, 17 6 Water St., New York. Cor .l!'ron\ k Lnwre ooe St1., Cindunatl. 0. M essrs. M, W Mendel & Bro New York City Kendall, Cloek & Co., Blngbamton N.Y. L. Simons & Bro. '' J Cohn & Co., Chicago, Ill. M. M. Smith, Wilson Bros., Detrott, Mich, u Sutro & Newmark, Buck Cigar Mfg Co., ... O P. Merryman & Co Baltimore, Md. Ordenstelu & Co., San Fmncisco, Cui. FANCY SMOKING PIPES -IN-BRIER AND FANCY W()ODS, MANUFACTURED DY HARVEY. & FORD, SALESROOM-365 & 38'1' CANAL STREET, JfEW :r'OB&. FACTORY-LEDGER PLACE, pun ADELPHIA. -REJALI. & BECKER, MANUFACTURERS OF ACTS" Tls.e.a.bove Bra.nd of HAVANA TOBACCO CIGARETTES made oDiy by 'I'BO.&S,-11. 114.LL, 232 .GREENWICH STREIT, COR. OF BARCLAY, MAmiCTUBER OP PINE CIGARS. AND MANUPACTUR JtS OP THE PRIJ!!ClPB DE BR..UID 05' HAV A.NA A.ND KEV WEST CIGARS, 19Q PEARl. ST., YORK-OFFICE OF W. DUKE: & SONS, lii:ANUF.A.CTURER8 OF THE ORIGINAL AND GENUINE Pro Bono Publico" & "Duke of Durham" SMOKING TOBACCOS. DURHAM, N. C., Februmy 9, 1878. M...,.. W DUKE and B. L. DUKE, two ot the leading manufacturers ot Smoking Tobacco at Durham, North'Carouna, announce to their cust.omenJ and the trade generally that they have united their business, which will hereafter be carried on under the n&me and style of W DUKE &: SONS. The justly celebrated brands ot "GENUDlE DUKE OF DURHAM SMOKING TOB.A.CCO," hitherto manufactured by B. L. DUKE, and the "PRO BONO PUBLICO DUBHAM SMOKING TOBACCO," heretofore manufactured by W DtntE, will continue to be offered to the trade by the new firm, under the same style and label as heretofore, and with increa.aed facilities, expect to make these bmnds even more worthy of the public favor than they have hitherto been. We sQ.all contil\ue to manufacture the finest of Durham Smoking. Tobacco, at Durham, N. C., and hope, by the character of our goods, strict attention to business, quick sales and small profits, to merit an increase of the patronage hitherto bestowed on our establishments. AddressW. DUKE & SC)NS, J. B. DUKE, B. N. DUKE. X>-u.rh.a:a:n., N". 0. -----Concerning the Right to Brands, Trade Marks. &c. In this connection, we desire to say to tJJe trade, we notice that it fs asserted by some of the leading }ournals and we are a.lso infonned. tha.t certain parties are endeavoring to produce tbe impression tha.t Blackwell & Co.1 _of this town, have the exclusive right to use the word DURH.AM ''as applied to Smoktng Tobacco. To this end, the decision in Blackwell & Co. vs. Dibbrell & Co. in the Circuit Court of VIrginia., is b eing extensively circulated, in which it is held that the complainants have u the exclmive right to the we of the word .MD 1ymbol of their trade mark." It will be observed that the op1nlon of the court, in regard to the word "Durham., 11 is based on the considerations: 1. That the defendants were manufacturing in Richmond, Va. 2. Tha\ the word Durham has a local geographical significance in the market. 3. That the phrase, .. Durham Smoking Tobacco, 1 indicates among &11 dealers and consumers, the fine tobacco marketed and manufactured at I>u.rham, Nortl Carolina. It will be noted that the decree exprusly declare8 that the word "exclusive n does not apply tootbet-parties manufacturing Cit this place, and that persons other than the defendant-s are not bound by the decree." Our to manufacture ''GENUINE DUKE OF DURIIA.M, and The Genuine ''PRO BONO PUBLICO Durham Smoking Tobacco, is dear and indisputable. We have no desire to use any body's bull, or infringe any one's rights. We have our own brands and our own trade--marks, which are secured to us by patents and have manufactured them here at DURH.A.M, N C for eleven years, and have never heArd even a B&LLOW, except at a distance. The insinuation that we have no right to use the word .. l>trR.Iux" is false, groundless, and intended to deceive. We g1,1o.mntee all customers against a.n:y loss or trouble from any claim for of right, and are able, ready nd willing to make good our guarantee. Not only have we, but a. half-dozen other man\'Ja.cturers in the town of Durham, the same right to use the word "Durham" as Messrs. Blackwell & Co., and we challenge demal of our right, as we haYe long challenged comparison with our goods. It is not our purpose to &SS&il or injure the le gitimate business of any other parties, but we are determined to protect our customern from annoyance, and assezt and maintain our rights. W. DUKE & SONS. \DOLPH GUtDO REITZKNSTBIN Special attention given to the Bale or T..-u4 Cigars. No. 94 PEARL STREET, NEA.R HANOVER. SQUARE, TO:E'I.B:. POX, DILLS & 111}., Importers of SPANISH AND PACKERS OF SEED LEAF TOBCCOS 1,-5 WATEB. STB.IIIIII', NEW YORK, B. M. CRAWFORD, IMPORTER & DEALER IN LEAF TOBACCO' 1SS' Water Street, P. o: BOX 3t,'J' NEW yoRi{) M. H. IMPORTER of HAVANA AND DEALER IN ALL KllfDB OF LEAP TOBACCO, 162 Pearl Street, lew York. R.. STIUNECXB, K. NxusuRGBit, NEUBURIER & STEINECKE, Importers af SP A.Jfi&H and Dealers in LEA.F TOBACCO; COIUIISSION MERCHANTS AND PACKERS OF SEED LEAF, 131 Malden Lane. New York. H. KOENIG, WHOLESALE DEALER IN HAVANA AND SBIB LIAF TO.EI.A.OOO., No, 329 Bowery, New York, B" SUBBRT, WHOLESALE DEALERIN ::EI:A. VAN" .A. -ANa-DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCO, 14 North Canal Street, CIDCAGO ILL. B. SCBOVERLIIG, ALL KINDS OF SHBD LBAP TOBACCO 142 WATER ST., NEW YORX ... 57 House in New Milford, Conn, W, SCHOVERLING .t. 00. CBAS_ F. T .I:G 1: I MEERSCHAUM & AMBER GOODS, STROHN & REITIENSTEIN. AND IMPORTERs oF :OMMISSION MERCHANTS, Conlmission ld:ercha.nts, REYNES BROTHERS & CO., Imperten of SPANISH a11d Deale .. In all ilndo ol l LEAF TOBACCO, 164 Front Sileet, .;. i 1'111111' TO&K. FRENCH BRIAR PIPES It, SMOKERS' ARTICLES ALSO DEAL&RS IN' 4G & 48 Exchange l'lace, l'l'o. gg Chambers Street, N"e.....v 'Y"ork.. -Ril'P a.JZE IIDDO.U.. VDIN-IIIRUm'l'IO!II:; 8ABL 'VV'EIS, MANUFACTURER OF :BilE i:El El H.. S 0 :a: AU :alE AND AMBER GO.ODS, 398 GRAND ST NEW YORK, :f!"" AND VIENNA;-.. Austria. BUEHLER tc POLHAUS, BBIBR i: CLAY And all Kinds of SMOKERS' ATICLES. 83 Chambers and. 65 Reade Streets, New York. !1. SALOMON, E. SA.LOHON. :LW:. &, E. S..&T-01WO:N'; PACKERS OF SEED LEAF, -AND IMPORTERS OF-Havana Tobacco and SB ::ati:.A.x:DEIN" X...A.N"E, YO:EI.B:-DOMESTIC And Importers of 1 fOREIGN TOBACCO, 1.76 FBONT STBEET,: ? l'f:E:W YOH. FELIX GARCIA, IMPORTER OF THE BRll.'D OF hF1or de P.G-." HAVANA LEAF TOBAGGO -J.ND-CXG.A.R.&, 167 WATER ST., New York. The above Brand ot Lear is Registered. ]. L. GASSERT. K. L. GASSERL J. L. GASSERT & BROa, York.. -VA & BERNHEIM, E. & IMPORTERS OF HAVANA & DOMESTIC TOBACCO. HAVANA TOBACCO No. 6 BURLINC SLIP, NEAR WATER-STREET, NE'W'-YORK. .,_ lS"' STIEET. N3W YOU. G. REISMANIV, CARL UPMANN, Commission Merchant, TOBACCO -ANDGeneral Commission .Mercbant, 178 Pearl Street, YO:E'I.B:.. AND DBAUJl IM ALL ICJ!IDS OJI' LEAF T .OBACCO, 1SS !'earl Street, NEW YORK. CODISSION MERCHAJTS. WM. M.: PRICE, N. LACBJINBRUCH & AND DEALERS IN ALL IUNDS OF LEAP T&BACCO, LEAP TOBACCO, No. 164 Water Street, :New York; No. 180 Water St., New 'fork. ll9 Maiden Lane, HAY-ANA ft DOMESTIC Leaf' Tobacco. NEW YORK. L. GERSBEL a BRO.,. A. H. CARDOZO, TOBACCO & COTTON JOHN D. BOLT, -EDJlUND SOH.A.EII'Elt:'" T. H. MESSENGER & co.. PACKERSANDDEALERSIN ._ w. MERDEL a BRO. HOLT. SCHAEFER & co., SEED LEAP TOBACCO, C MJQTAilB S f: COMF!f!!t Cigars & Licorice Paste 9 PEARL sTREET; AND DEALERS IN x.'E *"F ToBAcco, 161 MAIDEN LANE, N.Y. LEAF TOBACCO, LYNCH ST., bei.10ihaad.l10.., LeatTobaccomBalesandHogsheadstorForeip NEW. YORK. IDM BOWERY1 NEW YORK. L-yaobbUZ" Jlarke$o, AND 8utral Co-lllloa ........ .... .... .. c. ..


CIGAR BOXES, SUPERIOit MAKE AND Prime Quality ot CEDAR WOOD, 295 & ':1.97. Monroe St., NEW YORK. .. BASCH & FISCHER, IMPORTERS OF HAVANA AND PACKERS OF SIRD LBAP TOBACCO, 155 Water St., arKaldanLae, NEW YORK. THE GEHIAI AMERitU BAll. BROADWAY, cor. Cedar st. NEW YORK. ()o,pital, $1,000,000. Kftry facility afforded to Dealetll and Correspondent& cousi&tent with Sound Baoldnr. '"'---H. ROCHOLL, President, .. :1'. R!ADING, c .. hler. WM EGGERT & CO. IMPuRTERS OF :S:.A. VAN .A. AND IN SliD LEAP TOBACCO, Ill PEARL STREET, NEW YORI. :Brl.nch, 94" Kaill St., eillclmlatl, 0, E. & G. FRIEND & 00., lmporten and .i)eaJers Ia. LEAP TOBACCO, I 29 M111llten Lane. JR., NEW YORK. LfONAAO FR.lND S. BABNETT, Importer of B.&.VAJI.&. AND JOBBER IN SEED LEAF TOBACCOS, ,.: 162 Water Street, New York. 1: S. STERNBERGER, lOII&J AID DOIISTit BAmllS. No. *4 EXClHANGE PLACE, N. T. Draw Bills of Exchange on tbe principal citlel!l ef E1K'Ope; issue Circular LettersofCrcdittoTravelers, and rrant Commercial Credits; Mc-.ney on Deposit, subjec to Si1ht Chec'ks, upon which estwl-11 allowed; to the 'N erotiation of Loans. SJlllcia.l attention f::a::m FINECUTCHEWING &SMOKINGJ TOBACCOS, 31, 33 &. 35 Atwater St., East, \)\\. To Make Fi:a.e Cigars A. OATMAN f/SE FIN CICAJI MDEIJS IMPORT!!R oF They stand alone throughout the U.S. as the HAVANA NAPOLEON DU BRUL & CO. THE T 0 B A C C 0 L B Avl'. : 3 AND IIIIPORTEBS AND III.&NUF.&CTUHEHS OF. PIPES AND SMOKERS'' 'ARTICLES, 129 and 131 GRAND ST., BH::::u, NEW YORK. Leaf Tobacc.o, 15'7 ""gV .A.TEJ:E'I. &T., :N'E""gV Y"<>:E'I.::a;;: WM. GLA.CCUM, JACOB SCHLOSSER l HERMANN T JE. R fc BROTHER, COJrD4ISSION MERCllANTS &. IMPORTERS OtherFavoriteBrandsmadetoo-rder. C::Jc..y p4pffiiw . w .6.'r.D. s-r mi:W YO:a.E.. I P. SIYTBI & CO., TUrUshsTobacco Alei. Fries a Bros., COMMISSION COMPAGNIE-LAPERlE HAVANA 11G11i o FLAVOR, IIERCHAKTS, 16 College Place, New York, s E. THOMPSON & co., 48 a. 60 EAST "SECOND ST., CINCINNATI, OHIO. No. 10 NORTH JOHN STREET TOBHtO AID conn &zn.a11e: Boe1J11, &ell:11: o. <>. D. -AMI>- LIVERPOOL, ENC. General Commlssl011 l.rchants, .. M. WALLENSTEIN, I DEALER IN Seed. Lea.:f, 54 & _56 .8ROAD S1\ THE GOMMHRGIAL .AGHNGY 109 a. Ill WORTH. ST., :N'e">DV 'York,. McKILLOP & SPRAGUE CO. A.ND IMPORTER OF The Commercial Agency_ Register CAL 1 F 0 R N 1 A 01 ST 1 L L 1 N G c 0 M pAN y, Tobaccos, 159 WATER ST. NEW YORK. Asooc!ated Ol!lces of the principal citleo of tho EASTERN OFFICE AND SALESROOM :' Uliited States, Great Britain, France tlerma"Y-:N'<>. aa "'gV:L11:la.:JtXL &1::ree1:. :N'e">DV 'Y"<>rk. M:ANUFA.C:I'UHEUS.OF HAYA tc co., 130, 132 & 134 YORK, tobacco, and contains constituent parts of tbe finest Havana tobacco. The directions how to make FINEST EtHAR HAVANA CIGARS, KIMMEL & SCHMIDGRUBER'S Awarded Jlishest Kedal Ezhibitillll, l876, .P!rilaaelphia, Patent Tobacco Coloring HAVAXA ciGARs a: LEAF'=toaAcco. Wa1".ranted not to Injure the Flavor, Q.nalUy g,r Burning. i E"Ve:ry.IJUEJiLER,.. &hPoi:HAirs,-Tr:L1 SIMON _STRA.uss, &c:>LE .A.G-E:N'TS0 MANUFACTURER OF Sa111pJeeFree. No. 83.CHAMIIEI'tS STREET, NEW YORK. CICAR BOXES fc SHOW FICURESr Importer of and Dealer in Spanish Cigar Ribbons, GERIAN CIGAR MOULDS, PRESSES,< STRAPS, CUTTERS, ETC., 1!79 & 181 J.BWIS STI\EB'JI, -IIBW .AilldDd.. Figure Cut to OTder and Repaired ln tile BtH!It Style. The SJJ.pplieil LOBENSTEIN & GAN S WHOLESALE DEALERS IN SEED .AND TOBACCOS. I SOLE AGENTS AND IMPORTERS OF THE GENUINE W. & l\L O:I:G-A.::a : JWQ'CL:P&, .. THE ONLY ESTABLISHMENT IN THE WORLD Jla.nnfa.otu:rers of Qi.gar Jlai:ers1 Supplies, IN WHll:H OLD, LIGHT AND POOR CO LORY TOBACCOS ARE BROUGHl' TOy NEW YORK BRANCH, 441 & 443 Plum St., CINCINNATI, o. __ And Dealer in Domestic PRESSES, CUTTERS. Importers of Germin and Spanish Cigar Blbbons,.f ap TUB acco :a:==. -=OR,-DE-=N'==S'r=Em_,--=30=6 C'TROULARS. Jill _11. N'. 166 Water Street, NEW YORK. -H. M. SMITH, OF AND DEA.LEH IN LEAF TOBACCO. omces: 42 VESEY ST., NEW YORK. THE JOBBING TRADE SOLICITED ONLY. THOMAS G. LITTLE, TOBACCO. SWHATING, 192 Pearl Streety l'IBW Rokohl Bros. & Soelter, ,. MANUFACTURERS OF FINE CIGARS, 283 JtJCABL ST., NEW YORK. FOR CIGAR !ANUF AGTURHRS. It has a Capacity of about 500 lbs., and can be Eadly Worked. The Tobacco, DRY OR MOIST, :J:ll11i11:ea.c:l. o-r O:E'I. :J:T, And Causes No Weight by Dust. PRICE, $35. Boxing and Shippjng, $1.50. OFFICES: 510 East Nineteenth St., 156 Street, :N'E""gV Y"c:>:E'I.:&:. V. V .ALL.AVB.I, 1260 BROADWAY, NEW YORK, DIRECT IMPORTATION OF r.--.:!1., Turkish Loaf Tobacco ana ALSO MANUFACTURER OF YUIBJI TIIIliim!ID CIGARETTES. LEVY BROTHERS, JY:an. '1.1fao-turers <>f FINE CIGARS 70 and 72 BOWERY, NEW YORK. P. LOBIILABD a CO. A W ARDE:O ffiGHEST MEDALS FOR MAIDEN LANE, l!fEW YORK E_ POLLA..:K:, (S_uOCEOSoR ro Jos. M. SICHEL & CO.) )!J:A.NUF.&CTUHER, OF Cigars and Cigarettes, 135 Chatham St., Near Pearl, New York.


"!'HE THmD OF MARCH, 1875, ASSESSMENT The accompanymg letter relatmg to the ruling of Ex Internal Revenue CommlBBIOner Douglass on the Act of March 3d, 1875, by which tobacco and Cigar manufacturers were, m many lll8tances, compelled to subm1t to what 18 believed to have been an illegal as seasment of four cents per pound on manufactured tobacco and one dolla:r per thousand on Cigars, will be read With mterest Havmg been requested to refer once more to this st.J.bJect we embraced the occas1on to soliCit from Col W P Burwell the successful coun sel for plamti1fs m the case of Salmon & Hancock, to bacco manufacturers, of Richmond, Va VB R Burgess, Collector of Internal Revenue for the Third D18triCt of that State, infonnat1on respectmg the present status of that case, as placed at bar on appeal before the Supreme Court of the Umted States, such infonna tion seemmg essential to the presentatiOn of any obser vations that might now be made m these columns m regard to the ruling m question Col Burwell has re sponded, as will be seen, to our note of mqmry w1th a fullneas that leaves nothmg to be desired from that source The general merits of this matter are so well understood by our readers, and, moreover, are so fully covered by the remarks of our well mformed cor respondent, as to make It unnecessary for us to enter mto details at this time Wtth respect to partiCula:rs, It will be sufficient to state that the Revenue Act of March 3d, 1875, mcreased the taxes on the manufac tures of tobaccoll8 follo'WB -On tobacco the rate of tax Wll8 ra1sed from twenty to twenty four cents per pound, on c1gars and cheroots from five dollars to su: dollars per thousand, and on Cigarettes from one dol Jar and :t'lfty to one dollar and seventy five cents per thousand This Act was de1ngned to go mto effect lm merObably be reached very soon after the reassembling of that court If not reached m 1ts turn m the docket by April, I wtth the consent of the Attorney General, to ask the court to hear 1t as a pnvileged case As to your mqu1ry about the menta of the case, I have to say that the construction placed on the Act of of the 3d of March, 1875, by the then Com ID.18810ner of Internal Revenue, by which many thous ands of dollars were taken from the pockets of the manufacturers of the country, was based on the authonty of a decw on of the Supreme Court m Arnold vs Umted States, !t Cranch, p 104, which mvolved a questiOn as d18tinct from that mvolved m the con structwn of th18 act of Congress as 1t 18 poas1ble to conce1ve of In thiB dec1810n of the Supreme Court the quest10R which was then and there dec1ded was whether th11 runended Tan:lf Act went mto effect on the 4th or 5th of July, 1812 That court very properly de cided that that act went mto effect on ihe : Hllzu.umLrraooUPUUBa.,... reoeiTed information that certain pereona are our braDd at Imported r:riara Rooo .um wt hereby notify all the &boTe, aa well u c .-r dealers that aaid braDd or t.iade marl!: Ia dUlJ' patented 7 ut1 In the Vnlted Btatee, omd that we ohall purouela all -maldDg or Uolng oald eounterfelt with the tun JU:or of tho W A Uber&J. reward will be paid to any person who wffi furnish sadlclent information and for the eonvicttoD or &DY party lll&kiDK or......, oald hr&Dd or trade-mark.-New York,_ Dee lie I1171. 0'1'0'181 BOJWlll .... KELLY & Co. FAOTS -Th1s country boasts of 128 custom houses, With total receipts amountmg to about $127,000,000 last year, of whiCh New York alone returned $89 000,000, leaVIng the sum of $38 000,000 to be accounted for bv the 127 Some of these, Senator Beck, of Kentucky, thinks can be easily abolished, as they do not pay expenses, and are only feedmg hungry politi Cians We agree With the Senator TIN TAG CAVENDISH. ALLEN &co. PAT APPLIED FOR We offer the public somethmg new and cheap a Plug of Tobacco m a Tm Box that can be retailed at Five Cents, made by Messrs P Lorillard & Co for us only With their celebrated Tm Tag attached packed m hall gross wooden boxes, with a fineJithograph label on each box Owing to the uncertam state of the tax law, we hereby agree to pay to purchasers of these goods from us the amount of re ductwn of tax that may be made by the present Congress after the law takes effect, preVIded suffiCient and satisfactory proof 1B furrushed us of the amount of stock on band at the tune & CO., 113 & 175 Chambers St., New York. ADULTERATING LICORICE -The Toledo, 0 Sunday Democrat of March 3 says -One of the most ex tens1ve and startlmg smts at 1a w that has of late come under the notiCe of the legal authorities 18 that whiCh has been begun m the Court of Common Pleas by Joseph Power and Arch1bald Stuart, compnsmg the firm of Power & Stuart, propnetors of the extensive tobacco w.orks on Ottawa Street They sue C C Warner & Co, owners of the extensive spice nulls on the corner of Monroe and Erie Streets, for $60,000 drunages which they, the plaintiffs, clarm to have susj;am;;d at the hands of the defendants, who have, they charge, been of adulteratmg large quan t1t1es of liconce which they have purchased of Warren & Co for use m the manufacture of tobacco As 1s well known vast quantities of liconce are used by tobacco manufacturers m the preparation of chewmg to bacco! and m extra brands SJ>eClal care 18 taken that 1t sha I be faultleas m qualtty The plamti1fs clarm to have purchased of Warren & Co, from Apri11, 1877, to tlie latter part of October, 1877, 30,107 pounds of licorice, at a cost of $1,933 87 They aver m their vetltlon that they manufacture several brands of chew mg tobacco wh1ch have become manifestly popular One of the brands 18 the Board of Trade;' for wh1ch they have patented a peculiar style of J?acKage These tobaccos! they aver, finally began to fail to give good sat18fact1onJ as was formerly the case, and knowmg that they nad not failed to take the same pruns as usualm the manufacture of the goods, they bethous-ht themselves that the fault nught be m the fiavonng extract They put the liconce to the test of a thorough exammatwn by a competent chem18t, whose mvest1 gatwns revealed the fact that but 50 per cent of 1t was pure licoriCe, while the other 50 per cent was made up of unwholesome and deletenous compounds A PATENT CASE -Chwago Inter-Ocean March 12 -Considerable mterest has been runong the tobacco trade by sUits JUSt commenced m the Un1ted States Ctrcutt Court by Messrs Drummond and Okell, prestdent and ChiCago manager of the Dausman & Drummond Tobacco Company, of .Alton, Ill agamst Mr Ruffner, agent of the and Finzer Br011 of Loutsvtlle, Ky It would seem tnat BOrne t1me last year Drummond and Okell obtmned three patents, as well as a trade mark for what IS known as tbe "croas bar" or ''creased" tobacco The deviCe 1s very srmpl11, and would to the UlllUittated appear to be of httle value It consists srmply m 1mpressmg mto and upon the face of a pound plug of tobacco lines or mdentatwns markmg the plug mto dtv.lslons equal m SIZe and wetght w that the retailer, by the use of a common tobacco kmfe, can d1v1de and sell the tobacco m plugs wetghtng from one ounce upward It lS claimed, neverthele68, that the deVIce 1s the only mventwn for the purpose mdtcated The manufacturer can manu facture pound plugs at leas cost for the same grade than he can m smaller plugs The retailer, by the use of this device, can have an exact measure for his goods, and can sell any siZe Without carrymg a dozen different kinds of itobacco The consumer 1s benefited by the fact that the tobacco put up m pound plugs 18 better than the same tobacco put up m smaller lumps It 18 clrumed that the excellence of the patent has partially taken awaJ< the protection the patent laws are mtended to The cross bar tobacco took rm mediately on bemg placed m the market, Its sale ex from Chicago all over the country, and 1t 18 now srud to be difficult to sell poul'ld plugs not thus marked The patentees further charge that other manufacmrers made tobacco havmg the srune or srmilar devices, and placed them on the markeththus placmg the Chtcago mventors m a contest Wit the largest tobacco manufacturers m the country In the present 1nstance the mventors have attacked directly the pnnc1pal mfnngers, mstead of resortmg to the merchants, whomightinnocently purchase the goodsthe latter course bemg much deprecated by Judge Blodgett m other patent contests The fight pronulllll! to be a vigOrous one, and If the patent ts sustained the mventors will doubtless reap a large return from their enterpriBe -Pat1ence 1s a great virtue mond's case BUSINESS MENTION WE CALL THE of the trade, and particularly of those west of the MISSISSlppi to a card of the whole sale tobacco house of Esberg Bachman & Co of San FranCisco This finn 1s one of the leadmg ones on the Pac1fic coast dtstributmg the1r goods-which consist prmCipally of leaf, manufactured tobacco and cigars all over the Western States and Terr1tor1es They are the sole agents for F S Kinney s celebrated Cigarettes, the Pioneer Tobacco Co 's and Salmon, Hancock & Co 's plug tobaccos, and the Sunnyside foil tobacco Mr E. Ehnnan, 98 Will1run Street, 1s the representa tive partner for the Eastern States MR S ORGLER, manufacturer of c1gars, 295 and 297 GreenWich Street, th18 City, who for over twenty years has been connected With our trade, mforms us that he has settled hl8 finanCial affa1rs satisfactorily to all concerned Mr Orgler manufactures the brands of c1gars, Cuba Ltbre and Climax IN A CIRCULAR recently ISSUed and distributed by Mr Henry Siebert, of the late firm of F W Tatgen horst & Co tobacco and general commissiOn mer chants, 68 Broad Street th1s City, 1t 1s announced that Mr Siebert has succeeded the above firm, Mr Tatgen horst bemg deceased, and will carry on the busmess as heretofore under h1s own name In conformity w1th the articles of the1r copartnership, Mr Henry Siebert Wlll liqUidate the aflrurs of the former firm, and the fnends of the concern may rest assured that their mterests will be well taken care of Mr S1ebert has been connected with the finn of F W Tatgenhorst for nearly twelve years, and was adnutted as a partner m 1877 Wtth a thorough knowledge of the busmessand ample msans at h18 d18poaal, Mr S1ebert 18 competent to fill and worthy to occupy the positiOn he will here after sustain For further particulars attentiOn 18 directed to a card of the new fum on our second page '' LoG CABIN and ''Love among the Roses," C H Conrad & Co 's fragrant Dru!ville, V a.1 bright smokmg tobaccos are foun-i bales tobacco and 16 111 374 c1gars February, 10 508 bales do, and 18,11S6,820 do, total bales smce January 1 20 962 total cigars smce January 1 34 -267,694 Tobacco -Vuelta Abajo-Crops We believe ;t hAs never been before so d1ftlcult a matter to arrive at a ..walac tory solution of what crop IS or IB not to be We have no doubt II receiVed great IUJUry, !Jut tO What extent? thalli the questiOn Although the crop must be expected to be m some respects like 1s predecessor sttllit "1ll essentially diJfer from 1t as regards the g10wth of such or such diStriCts at leas' as far as we can make It out there will he good and bad m all sectwns without much d1stmctwn Owmg to the crop bavmj!: all been eut and housed under so many different auspice&, 1t will requue grellt mteihgence to tell good from bad before lhe tobacco has gone through the usual proceBS of bemg and cured and reached the stage when It may be worked. We may mention though that most contractors have come to a.n understanding with the planters to as much as poas1 hle the temprano med10 t1empo and tard1do cut from each other also bad from good, and pay all alike Market There has been but a very !muted busmess during the put month. In view of the unfavorable crop prospects, manufacturers are laymg m some additiOnal stock U mted States standard are more mqUJred after, too All descriptiOns of fillers contume also in good demand but with the exception of the lowest grades (refuse) are scarce Low priced vegll8 are bemg taken sparmgly for Germany Shipments Those of last month amoaat to nearly the saRlll number of bales shipped In January, 16 wbich month our export fell off about 20 per cont aa compared With December Stocks are estimated lit about 80 000 bales, con sJstmg mamly of llllddhng and Inferior descriptions 10 fact prime lots swtable for first class m&Dllfacturers are hardly to be found m first hands Of previous crops about 2 000 bales consislmi mamly of the United States standard, are still wd to be on hand Prices .A. high standard of claaai lltatwn quality and bnlk to match, JB to be quoted at from $800@340 per bale for lsts and 7ths and the remamder m proportiOn. A lo" er but comparatlvely still a good quality ca.n easily be bought at from $240@260 per bale for 1ats-tltha or 1sts-7thl!, u the case may be, $120@150 for 8tha f50@80 for 9ths, and $26 for 10ths, etc according to claas!llcatlon, quahty and bnlk Infenor vegas, whlch are piontifnl, are to be qnoted at from $25@30 acconhng to assortment and quality, the lower figure coming WIIhm the range of filler pnces. As sorted Jots Un1ted States standard are worth from per qti Fillers of the snme deschptwn cannot be bought for less thaa gold per qtl if found )lore or leu clean, hut pxrme fillers cost from $26@30 per qU. &he same grade of a lower order from f20@25, and refuse from $,14@15 gold per qtl Sales Of all the forementwned desctlptiona there have been transactions at the affixed quotations on a limited scale Semi Vuelta .A.baJO -Crop The continued ralna which belong by rights to the summer IIC880n have also heeD tho order of lho day in this section, drownmg to some extent the young and old plants alike Sales We understand that 183 bales were taken for the Untted States at $43 gold per qtl good, clean 1llters are paid from $24@27 per qtl but scarce, inferior ones at $15@17 gold per qtl Partido -Crop Wet weather has been also In this aection prevailing up to lhjs day A small piOneer lot of 16 bales, we understand, has just been shipped for Germaay at about $36 gold per '1.11 and others are soon to follow Owmg to the un favorable prospect of the crop, the stock on hand, reaching hardly 2 000 bales mostly m possession of one party, 10 held firmly at f43@48 per qtl for llBSOrteillots of the Un.1ted States standard, and from $82@42 gold per qtl for supenor fillers, w hereus descnut1ons smtable for Germany are to be quoted at $30@86 according to quality and assortment We understand that owmg to holders not meeting the views of buyers no sales have been made Remedios -The 1"81ns are said to have been fatal also m this Circuit the stock amounts to upwards of 2 000 bales, and consists altogether of Umted States standard bemg held aceordmgly We hear of about 300 bales taken for the Umted States at from $40@45 gold per qtl Yara.-'I'he rams have had the same eJiect as In Remedios, m VIew of the httle planted II wont make much dllference Peace will naturally brmg about a change for the better next year Gibara -Contmued heavy rams have also placed the new croe In jeopardy bnt havmg plan.ted late In the season, hopes prevail that It may still be saved 200 bales are reported to have been sold at $19 gold per qtl Porto R1co -'lho Import of last month amounted to about 1 000 bales the demand has fallen off -Much wanted and paid from t20@88 per qtl OigaTB -There IS not much of a change to be not1ced since our last report Quality-The Improvement in t.he quality of the C1gars (even noticed abroad) '"well kept up Light colora do not abound liB much as they did at the early part of lhe season however as the are turned out now. by most makers they will not only keep better hut go on 1mpromc all the lime Demand-The demand f01 brands ef good renown IS well sustamed at full prJces, whereas manufacturers of minor note are m less request and have become lately more phable We notice that the fine and high prtced si.Zjls &Ie more mquired after than the commoner ones for all the U mted :States, English German and other markets Low priCed Cigars are ver) much neglected Stocks have not thUB far accumulated 'I he strikers domg just "hat they pleased omo ltme ago, are now nowhere and wages may bt, eXptlCJ.ed to become lower soon It IB generally mamtlllncd that deliveues m .1! ebruary have been short of those of the previous month, on account of the royal festivals leavmg only lb working days 10 &he month, still a would appear from the custom house returns that ship ments have somewhat mcreased We remmd the trade once more that most manuracturers havmg become WISe by last year's ex penence are generally working now on a comparatively moderate scale so as to guard as much u possible against foreign markets bemg overstocked JiJ:u4ange -Owmg to the unsetlled state of husmess our quotatiOns are more or leu nommal, VIZ Sterimg 60 days 17@18 per cent.-P R. Marks per cent UO davs Umted States gold, 11@6, 3 days do 6@7, 00 days Um!ed States currellcy, 1$@4, 8 days do Francs 3X@4, Spamsh Gold LIVERPOOL, FdJruary 23 -Messrs F W Smythe & Co Tobacco Comnus1on :Mercluwts, report to THE 1 OBACCO LEAF as follows -Our tobacco has been quiet durmg the past week Manubcturers made purchases generally of su j:enor leaf and stnps paymg frur rates Sa1ea for export were unimportant Imports llO hhds delivenes, 404 do, stock, 34, 451 do agamst 33 605 same lime last year LONDON, February 27 -Messrs Grant Chambers & Co report to THE TOBAcco LEA11" as follows -There baa been nothing domg dunng t.he past week In American tobacco, and small buyers have refra1ned from operating and the general mclmatwn IS t<> work up what stock IS held before makmg fur ther purchases For ex port nothmg done Western leaf and strips have presented no new features, and sales have been tr!llmg Yirgmia ie&f and str1ps may be reported m a similar state only the finest classes tUe wanted Maryland and Ohio -In the former nothing to sell the latter of hght color In frur demand Cavendish slow of ale Our monthly Circnlar IS as follows -There has been very little busrness done m Amenoon growths dunng the paat monlh, m fact It IS almost the qmetest on record, buyers havtng held aloof from operatmg, and no transactiOns of rmportance !lave been entered mto The home trade has only taken such as was reqwred for Immediate need and uo desire has been shown to purchase for stock 'I here has no demand for export although there are descriptions m this market wh1ch are sn1d to he dttllcult to find elsewhere Prices for good to fine descnptwns are firm but for the lower and miXed holders are willing sellers at a concessiOn on market rates for such however there IS scarcely any mqmry Conftictmg reports as to the character of the last crop contmue to come to hand Substitutes also experienced less lnqmry and only a moderate busmess has been done m the most desirable quality and ctgar tobacco has had but little attentiOn, but fine classes are much Wlillted Imports 220 hhd Delivenes 824 hhds agamst 986 m the correspondmg month of last year Stock 22 260 hhds 16,557 hhds m 1877 13,126 hhd!l in 1876 17 104 hhds m 1875 14 860 hhds In 1874. 13,100 hhds m 1873 and 17 305 hhds m 1872 Vugm1a Leaf and Strips For lhe former of medmm grades there has been mther more demand resultmg m moderate sales, but atrtps have been little operated 10 owmg to the miXed and mfenor character of what IS offermg m the market Kentucky and M!Blloun-Leaf, except fine hght leafy descnptions continues slow of sale, a.nd but little busmess has been done For stnps what httie mqmry there has been durmg the month has been confined to the tlnest and most leafy descnptwns but the total transactions have been upon an extremely limited scale holders of the medium and common grades arc willing sellers but for the better classes prices are steady Maryland and Ohio-Ill the former there has been nothing done but for the latter when of good light color there 1s a ready market The llll.Xed and lower classes are slo" of sale, except at reduced rates Havana cigars are without change buyers show little dispositiOn to opemtc m the old Imports while for the new crop of good quality there IS an active demand Havana, Cuba and Yam For the former, except of fine llavor, there 1s little Inquiry; of the two latter growths there IS no stock m tho market lfanila cheroots and Cigars contmue m good steady demand Some of the late arnvals haVlllg turned out m fair condition a.nd of smtahle we1ghta read1ly found buyers and other parcels Will shortly be offered m the market Kamia tobacco has attracted. but little attention and transactiOns have been limited to small purchases of the most smtable descnpt10ns Turkey, when moderately leafy and of good color, IS more sought atler, but mixed and ordmary parcOOls are slow of sale Latakia has sold rather more freely, but at very low pnces Negrohead and Cavendish-The former 10 trilbng demand, U.e latter has had rather less attentiOn than usual prices are lD f8YOl" of buyen Stalks and smalls m moderate request


18 THE TOBACCO LEAF. 5 DOMESTIC TOBACCO MARKETS BY THE HUDSON RIVER RAILROAD -Strohn & Re1tzenstem, 24 CIISeS, Chas F T ag & Son, 5 do, Joseph .Mayers' Sons, 40 do, C. H Spitzner, 42 do, Order 4 do. Bv THE NATIONAL LINE -Pollard, Pettus & Co., 8 hhds, Sawyer, Wallace & Co, 27 do, D. Dows & Co, 9 do J H Moore & Co, 51 do, Taylor & Co, 3 do Ottinger Bros, 16 do P Lonllard & Co, 380 do, Kre melberg & Co, 5 do, Order, 89 do preoent co nsumptiOn Stocks here m rete1vers hnnd s me un u sua lly small, and hkely to continue so unt1 l the tax questiOn IS defimtely settled, so as to encourage production Hccmv e d p e r Hicbmond steamers. 106 CIISeS aiid 20 boxes FOR THE WEEK ENDING SATURDAY. MARCH 18. W YORK.-Nothmg new IS to be said of the t o J market m th1s City. busmess'contmumg qmet m apartments For the wee k the sales of Western to Saturday afternoon amounted to only 331 hhds, .mst 345 the previous week Just before the close the marke t the Spamsh buyer 18 reported to have ken from 400 to 500 hhds of medmm leaf, a transac .on that augmented the general volume very ma ,enally and that was naturally very welcome The here and the markets everywhere the burden of the large supply, there IS no doubt about It, and the proble m IS, bow Is the burden to be dunmished1 Everybody says this IS only to be done by reducmg the plantmg thiS season, and this, undoubtedly, !S true, but will the truth be heeded by those to whom m this mstance It apphes1 BY THE PENNSYLVANIA RAILROAD -Havemeyer & V1gelius, 217 cases J S Gans' Son & Co 106 do, Chas F Tag & Son, 5 do, L & E Werthe:mer, 50 do, li K & F B Thurber & Co 1 box, Appleby & Helme 7 cases t c bacco, 1 trc snuff, 25 bbls do 37 half bbls do, 9 crates do, 15 Jars do, 216 bxs do, F A Goetze & Bro, 1 bbl do, B Payn, 2 do, G. F. Young & Bro 8 do, 8 jars do BY THE CENTRAL RAILROAD OF NEW JERBEY,-L Ger CAIRO, IU.W M Williams, Secretary Three States Tobacco Assocation reports to THE ToBACCO LEU' as follows Sales at the Farmers' Warehouse last week "ere 20 hhds 11 hhds low leaf at 3 80, 3 .80, 3 80, 3 95, 3 35, 8 45, 3 40, S 55, 3 95, 3 85 aiid 3 60, 1 bhd medium leaf at 4, 8 hhds leaf at 5 4 95, 4 80, 5 hhds planters' lugs at 2 10, 1 90, 2 50, 2 10 and 2 G5 Sale s to day 16 hhd s 7 bhds planters' lugs at 1 20, 1 90, 2 10, 2 35, 1 60, 1 55 and 1 85, 6 hhds low leaf at 3.60, 3.50, 3 75, 3 75, 3 90 and 3 45, 3 hhds medmm leaf at 4 85, 4 20 and 4 W e hav e no change to report; cvcrythmg drags, however pnces compare favorably with other markets Messrs. Sawyer, Wallace & Co. re{>Ort to THE TOBACco LEAF as followsWestern .Leaf-We have no Im provement m oar market to report It continues .almost unprecedentedly dull. The week's sales amount to 331 hhds, all old, and m paltry lots Manufacturers took 82, cutters 3, JObbers 27, and shippers the balance We note no change m pnces, but they are weak and lower than the cost of the new which IS bemg received. 'I'he attentwn of every one LS now d1rected to the plantmg, and If we were only assured that that would be small we would be hopeful of a steadier mark!lt 1 Jst week 2d wsek. 3d" eeJc. 4th week. 5tll week Total ugg March 345 331 676 Virginm Leaf.-Tbe inqmry for this staple was m&lnly confined to wrappers, shippers and smokers, moderate lots of each hav1ng changed hands, an out-of town manufacturer talnng a quantity of smokers Messrs Chas E Fischer & Bro Tobacco Brokers, 131 Watsr Street, report as follows concerning Seed leaf:Our market underwent no matenal change this week, compared with the prevwus one. Sales amounted to 1,400 cases, of which for export about 100 were taken. Connectu:ut-In this kmd a pretty fair business was done, 400 caaes 1876 crop, includmg 150 cases Housa tonic wrappers, changed hands at prices ranging from 1'018c for wrappers, and 9@10c for seconds. Mauachusetts--100 cases 1876 crop assorted and wrappers were disposed of m a retail way at for former, and 11c for latter. New Ym:_lt-Of ibis sort !!-bout..250 cases assorted 1876 crop Onondaga. were sold at Penmylvanm IS m pretty farr demand, with sale of 400 cases 1876 crop wrappers and low assorted at 11>@. 25c for former, and 8c fu latter Ohfo--In th18 sort very little was done, the sales not exceedmg 200 cases at 6;.ic for 1874-75 crop, and 8 for 1876 crop. WiBctm81n was moderately dealt im, about 50 cases 1876 crop wrappers changed hands at 8c. A Bremen report Df February 21 says .-The market lor Seed leaf tobaccos IS very firm1 and sales rather small this week. Imported dunng tne week, 540 cases; sales, 420 do, stock m first hands, 2,110 do, of which 10 do are Flonda tobacco. ,Quotations -Flonda, 45@280 -pf. Seed leaf -Wrappers, 60@260 pf ; binders, 45@60 pf. ; fillers, 35@41i pf. Spani8h.-For Havana tobacco tlie mquiry has been rather active, the sales reaching about 1,000 400 of which fine 1876 on pnvate terms and the balance at SSc@$1.15. Manufactured-We have to report a moderate business w tax-pa.1d goods, m fact, only a slight unprove ment over tbe previous week's. Sales might have been increased materially but for scarcity of stock; no one, of course, will think of ordering on goods in the present uncertamty The sales made were generally at very low prices For export there have been very few orders received, and only small ones. In that branch, trade has been poorer than for many weeks. The total exports were 27',697 pounds Messrs. Bulkley & Moore havmg secured by registra tion in the Patent Office the exclusive right to use as a trade-mark for plug tobacco the brand and label "La Favorite.," dated March 12, 1878 cautwn all persons not to infrmge their nght under penalty of law Smoking.-The trade in smokmg tobacco IS confined to supplies for current use, and will contmue so until it 18 known what the tax 18 gomg t() be. Orders embrace assortments and come from all quarters, but are generally for hm1ted qnant1ties ()tgars.-A steady but not notiCeably active trade IS reported in cigars of both domestiC and foreign pro d uction. Gold opened at 101)4 and closed at io1,%. E=hange.-Messrs. M. & S Sternberger, Bankers, report to T1111: TOBACCO LEAF as follows -Exchange hM been very active during the past week, and close firm The quota twas are as follows -Sterlmg, 60 days nommal, 486, sight, nommal 488 Sterbng, 60 days, actual, s1ght, actual, 487)>i Cable transfers, 488, CommerCial sterlmg, prime long, good long, }!arJS bankers', 60 days .514%; Sight, ReJCW.marks, (4), bankers', 60 days, 95%, (4), sight, 96 Qiiilders, bankers', 60 days, sight, 41 Freights.-Messrs. Carey, Yale & Lambert Freight .Brokers, report to Tlllt TOBACCO LEAF Tobacco Freights as follows -Liver pool, steam 85s, sail 30s. London, steam 37s 6d, sail 308, Gia81(o'!", steam 408, Bristol, ete&m 45s,Havre, steam, ttO, aail t7; Antwerp, steam 45s sai135s, Hamburg, steam 458, sail 358, Bremen, steam 45s UIPORTS. The arrivals at the port of New York from foregn ports for the week ending March 16, mcluded the followmg ments:-BRE>EN.-Chas F Tag & Son. 50 bales tobacco HAVRE -Merchants' Dspatch Co 1 case tobacco LoNDON -Order, 1 case cut tobacco MANILA.-Bar1ng Bros & Co, 7 cases cigars ROTTERDAJI -Tbos Smith 108 bxs p1pes HAVANA -Schroeder & Bon, 257 bales tobacco; M. & E J3alomon, 119 do; Well & Co, 218 do; F Miranda & Co. 190 do, V Martmez Ybor & Co 65 do, A. L. & C L Holt, 45 do, F Garc)a, .150 do, A Gonzalez, 101 do A Cohn, 4511 do, J J Almirall & Co 37 -OHIO AND MARYLAND LEAF MarylandInferlor t.o good com 8 0 '% Brown and greenloh Frosted to common Sound common ll!edium a.nd fine red 9 Com to mid opaqled 6 8 J'lne opangled to yellow 10 @I5 Good do Jl(edlum Good to fine red Fancy Upper Country Ground leal, new FOR HOME TRADE. SPANISH LEAF '70 @80 AMor\ed Iota I Yara---86 @115 100 @120 lUNUFAaruRRED TOBACCO CIGARS Havana per Joi tro@!OO J Seed, per Joi Seed and Havaaa per :M 40@ 90 GRANULATED SlliOKING TOBACCO Kedlum t.o good S38 OM I Good t.o fine SNUFF 80 OliO $16@40 $64 @I go Bnulf-I Amerle&n Gentleman., -@88 Joiaoooboy... 815@88 Subject t.o dlocount t.o the Who!., li"Nnch ---@ 1 00 ll&le trade. ScOtch .. Lundyfooi 75@-86 Common --66 LICORICE P Al!TE H .18 M F" lV CINCINNATI.-Mr F A Pl'l!goo. Leaf Tobacco lnspec tor reports to THE 'l'oBACCO LEAF as follows -The dry weather of last week bas had the effect to very sensibly de rece1pts of new tobacco, and as a consequence the busmcss done at the auction warehouses dunng the week has been comparatively hght, only 928 hhds havmg been off e red, a large portion of which were old, for which there has been an act1vc demand, at showmg an advance of from per pound New, bemg m hght supply m fa1r demanu, has rule d strong, with an upward tendency in pnces The weather of the past few days bas again baen soft, givmg a bulkmg and pnzmg seas on, whwh will doubtleos cause larger recmpts n ext wee k The lMt offerings of Seed wele chiefly common grades of new, for which the market is dull and lower, while old, 1 good IS w active demand at full pnces The total oJienngs at auction for the week JUSt closed and the exprred portwn of the current month and year were as fol lowsYEAR ..-WEEK-.. ..-MONTH-.. ...-YEAR-.. ltluU lxl:. llluU ixl: hluU ba:s Totals,1878 923 20 2 ,182 211 9.460 1,821 Totals, 1877 636 148 1,526 444 6,647 2,136 Totals,1876 422 266 1 134 725 5 340 2,211 1185 219 890 341 4.250 1,488 The offenngs of new and old (excepting Seed leaf) were sub divided as fol(ows ,.-WEEK--,..-HONTR-.. New.. 607 20 1 ,390 28 4,641 166 Old 00 0 316 742 5 4 ,819 7 Total. 1123 20 2,132 83 9 ,460 163 QUOTATIONS. NWJ OultiTifl Leaf-Common lugs 00 ...... 2 211@ 3 00 Medium lugs .. .. .. 8 00@ 4 00 Good lugs 4 211@ 6 2G Common leaf I! 25@ 7 00 Good leaf . 7 00@10 00 Fme leaf .. .. .. ... 10 00@14 00 Old Outtt11{1 Leaf-Fancy .. oo 00. 00 00 .. 00 ... none oJferin&' Fme -oo .. .. .. 18 00@22 00 Good ................ 12 00@18 00 Medmm . . .. 00 .. .. II 00@12 00 Red leaf .... 0 ........ : oooo. 8 00@ 9 00 Good colory stnppers 7 00@10 00 Common colory strippers . 5 00@ 7 '00 Oolory smokers ...... 00 00 .. _, 3 50@ 5 00 Cotnmon dark smokers . 2 50@ S 1!0 Ohw &ed Leaf-Wrappers fancy ... 00 00 .. 00 none .ofl:ermg WrapJ>!lrs good . . . 12 00@18 50 Wrappers medmm . 8 00@10 00 Binders .. .. oo. ... .. .. 6 00@ 8 00 Fillers .. oo .. oo .. oo .. .. .. oo .. oo .. 4 95@ 6 00 Smokers common .......... oo .. .. 00. 3 25@ 4 25 W"""""'n &l Leaf-Wrappers fancy oo none selling Wrappers good.... .. ... 00. 8 00@12 00 Wrappers medium 7 00@ 8 70 Wrappers common . . 6 00@ 7 50 Fillers ........... oo ... oo oo .... oo oo ... 8 50@ l@ Common leaf.. 4 @ 5 Medium leaf 5)>i@ Good leaf.. .... 00.. 8 @10 Fme leaf..... .... .... oo Select10us..... .. 00 _,_.. .. 18 @14)>i Our breaks do not improve much in quahty, bemg generally of common to medium grades With a spnnkling of the better sorts .18 VB" 26 Stella 1% Gold !8 21 26 Apollo I8 Currency fl7 T W. S 19 "!17 AOK'' 18 u 2i S 211 G" IS BRITISH HoNDURAS -1 hbd, 38 pkgs (1,419 lbs) mfd. BRITIIIH NORTH AliERICAN COLONIEII.-14 hhds, 1 CIISe. 1!0 BALTIMORE.-Messrs. Ed Wischmeyer & Co To bacco Commission Merchants, report to THE ToBAcco LEAl' as followa -There ,. nothmg whatever new to note m the mar ket for leaf tobacco, and we still report It slugg1sh and inactive There 18 some demand for go o d grades of new crop Maryland, and such lot> as are offerm:: find buyers at steady pnces, but all other descriptions are neglected and nommal A more active market IS looked form a few weeks, when the rece1pts are expected to mcrease Prices are steady generally, and we quote as before CLINTOl'f Ky.-Messrs R. S Nevill & Co report to THE ToBACCo 'LEAF as follows -Smce we last wrote you, much of the crop hM been bought, at 11gures ranging from 3@1 for common to 6)>i@2)>l for the bl!st crops of the country, at present, however. buyers are oJienng about 4@2 for the best tobaccos, not more than one thud the crop bas been bought Prices here are tendmg downward Not much preparation 1s being made for the new crop some beds on the hills have been sown, and much w11l be m the bottoms as soon as dry enough. The usual1mpression prevails tb&t b1gh pnces w1ll follow low ones-thmking none w1ll be ra1sed-and the consequence will be, I think, for this sectwn, a good deal of tobacco though not a full crop pkgs (5,894 lbs) mfd. BRITISH P0118EI!8ION8 IN AF'RICA.-10 pkgs (1, 831lbs) mfd BRITISH WEST INDIES -6 hhds, 10 bales, 67 pkgs (6,388 lbs) :mfd. HAKBURG -15 hhds, 10 bales -10 hhds, 347 bales, 26 pkgs (7,600 lbs) mfd LIVERPOOL -12 hhds LoNDON -30 hhds Nsw ZEA.LAND -127 pkgs (21, 650 lbs) mfd ROTTERDAM -li hhds, 25 cases U S OF COLOILBIA.-1 hhd, 220 bales, 21 pkgs (2,865 lbs) ufd VENEZUELA -2 cases 19 hal e s, 16 pkgs (1,380 lbs) mfd Atrlca Allcante 851 310 34 I 4,555 5,658 Macyland-inferHJ<' and frosted.... .$ 2 00 do sound common . 2 50@ 3 00 do good do 3 50@ 5 00 do 1n1ddlmg .. 6 00@ 7 00 do 1\'ood to fine red 00 .. .. 8 00@10 Oil do fancy .. .. 10 00@15 00 do upper country 4 00@20 00 do leaves new 2 00@ 8 00 Ohio--mfenor to good common.... 3 00@ 4 50 do greemsh and brown 4 50@ 6 00 do mei dark good 4 @ 5 Smokers common 5 good .. 5 @ fine 8@10 and 12 fancy 15 @20 scarce Leaf bnght common 5 @ good 8 @10 Extra fillers 10 Wrappers common 10 good 15@20 and 25 fine 25 @llll fancy 40@55 and 60 mahogany common. 10 @15 do good 18 @25 do fine 25 @85 Massasoit C igar Factory BROWN & EARLE, (Sueee .. oro to D ONNE'I'T0 SCIIENCK & EADLE,) MANUFACTURERS OF F INE CIGARS, aa, aa c1:t 5 7 :F'.A.::E"-.::0::: :F'x....a..o:m, "'r.2"" I THOS. G. LITTLE, Supt. ......... ,a:a .-, T. W. MARSHA L L D.!I:.A.N''C':II".A.O'T'C'::E"-.JID::E"-. C>:ll" :II":J:N'JID ALL -HAVANA CIGARS, .A.ND SOLE PROPRIETOR O P THE CEI..EDK.A.TED -.A.ND O P CIG.A.)J8, cc EJT 12 NORTH 4th ST. PHILADELPHIA, P.A. Branch: 106 Dth .Ave. Chl c a PASTE! The unde111lgned continues to manufacture a n d Import Spanish and Turkish L iquorice Paste, whloh h e offers to the Trade a t Reduced Prices. Manufacturers will find I t t o thei r Interest to a p ply t o him before purchalng elM where.. James C. McAndrew, 53 Water Street, New York. LANCASTER, Pa.-Our special correspondent reports:The tobacco market has been qmte active the past week, both for old and new crop The sales of 1876 crop foot up between 600 and 700 csses to New York and Philadelphia buyers, and about 100 cases to the West, tbeee are the larg011t sales we have bad 1n any one week since the lot of January There bas also been a p:eat many sales of 1877 crop this week, all the pal NewYork 11nd Ph1ladelpbia houses have been buymg hvely at priCes rangmg from S@lSc for wrappers, and S@5c for tillers Our East Hemp11eld correspondent writes as follows -In your last issue a mistake was made m my commumcatwn I wrote that one buyer purchased 411,000 to 50,000 lbs (pounds) not hogsheru/.8 ll.s published, Pennsylvama leaf not being packed 1n such huge cases Buying of new leaf continues very bnskly at present, and will without doubt contmue so for some time to come, as prices &T'C In fact low LOUISVILLE.-Mr Wm J Lewers, Secretary of the Tobacco Board of Trade, reports to THE ToBAcco LEAF as follows:-Receipts this week abeut 1,850 hhds. Leaf Tobi 2%@8 8 the cty of Boston, at No 54 Broad Street under the general Good lugs 2%@2% 3 @4 3 @ management of the pop'!lar favorably-known gentleman Common leaf .. 2)>i@3% 2%@4 4 6 Mr A W Ward It IS their purpose m establishing this Good leaf i 5%@7 6 @ 8 branch to be always on hl\lld to promptly and accurately fill all Fme leaf .. @.. 5)>i{ 7 8 @11 orders from their Eastern friends for celebra t ed brands of SelectiOns . @.. 8)>i@12% 11 @15% manufactnred tobacco, which they hold ent1re control of. Outside figures m really heavy bodied and cuttmg for the RICHMOND.-Mr R A Mills, Tobacco Broker and best crops, wh1ch very ocarce All fl\ulty tobaccos )4c to Commillsion Merchant, reports to THE TOBACCO ldAI!' ,.. 1c lower than above quotations. Sweet old tobaccos, su1tmg follows -Smce my last report there bas been no change in our for plug work, m good demand, at to 6c for common market-that IS t1 stereotyped saying and you need not alter fillers to lOc for good fillers No bnght or fine dark wrappen your types, and while it 1s very for the printer or type tb1 s week setter It is nry disagreeable to me and death to the trade but Sales Saturday, 160 bbds Common leaf dull, good leaf and it is the unfortunate condition of our market, and I must lugs firm. facta, though they mo;r be stale or disagreeable If your patrons LYNCHBURG.-Messrs Holt, Elchaefer & Co., Buyer> are as tired of readmg no change worth of note in our and Handlers of Le&f Tobacco, report to THE ToBAcco LEAF market" as I am of wntlng it, they must fee disgusted every as follows -Our receipts th1s week were only moderate and time they glance at my report. I am SICk of 11, and every time the selection very unsatisfactory, the bulk of our offermgs conI wnte It I hope pray and trust I will have something else to sistmg of low and nondescnpt l!'rades The week opened with next week I hope Congress will have done or do some an active market and with a brJSk demand for tobaccos of sub-thmg With that never-endmg tax questiOn but weeks and stance and character Prices of thes e were h1gher, but to day months drag their weary length along and shll the queation ia they are eas1er agam, and we close at our former quotatwns. unsettled But "hY. wnte or why appelll? It is time, ink and Our farmers bemg busy at home prepanng for thiS year's crop paper expeqded ID '810 so gentlemen Congressmen, take rour -the weather, bestdes, bemg dry and harsh-our receJ;>ta may tJme, the dear people are learnmg to be patient Transactions perllaps be also for next week, but after. the 1st of 949 hhds, 77 trcs and 15 bxs. Offerings at auction -March 11' April we look for contmued heavy sales w1tb a l&rger propor 80 pkgs sold at 2 10@51, 29 taken m at 1 00@20 March 12' tlOn of the better grades 20 do sold at 1 30@58 29 taken 1n at 1 80@50. March 13 :U dark do sold at 2@25, 29 taken in at 2)>i@29)>i March 14 s2 do Lugs common "" """ .... 1 @ 1 % sold at 2 20@61/, 23 taken in at 2 "arch 1', 1' .. med1um dark and brown . 1%@ 2% "" """" '" u .. ...,. good riCh dark and brown 2)>i@ 3 sold at 2.10@29. 22 taken mat 1 30@29 arch 16, 27 do sold colorv common 2 @ s at 2 30@36%, 23 taken 10 2)>i@80. pommon bright i report to Tm: TOBACCO LEAF as follows -The weather con good bnght tinues to be quit e warm and pleasant for the season of the year. :line bright 10 @20 Peach blooms are out and tobacco planta coming up 10 abunLeaf common dtll'k 3 @ dance wheat and all other vegetatiOn that 18 out 18 medmm 4)>i@ 5% rapidly; all o which we regard as bemg too early for safetr &ood 6 @ 7 J,i bcmg hable to lDJUTY 1 there should be late frost Dealers I.;. fine 7)>i@ loose tobaceo are agam looking around, after a long opell of common colorJ' 4 @ qmetness They all seem to be looking after the best crops mediUm do 5%@ 6)>i tbat are unsold offering 5)>i to 6)>ic for such Common crops good do 6%@ yet neglected, but occasionally some are sold at 2 and 4 to 1 fino do and 5c. Wrappers common J;"eddtsh. 6 @ 7J.i ST. LOUIS.-Mr. J E Haynes, Dealer in Leaf Tobacco ,good reddish 7)>i@ 9 reports to THE ToRAcco LEAF -Received, 311 hhds agains't common bnght 260 the previous week In the latter part of last obout med1um bright 9 @ll)>i 200 hhds of old stock were sold at private sale and shipped good bri{ht 12 @15 East, buyers taking advantage of the low rate of freight. We fine brig t 15 @25 understand the sales were made on a basis of 2@2 25 for lugs the year. Prices of standard brands remain firm, but goods not favmably known have no fixed value In corroboration of tb1s I was shown, a very fau p1ece of black Navy made by a well known Richmond manufacturer, which was bought at 36 cents, and 1t is 0 K 1n every respect so far as the Government is concerned, but the poor manufacturer is a fearful sufferer Jliu-Outi-Soft tobaccos are bemg put on the market in moderate quantities, with the largest proportion confined to low grades. -QUOTATIONS :I'OR NEW CROP. Common dark lugs 1 711@ 1 9G Fair to good dark lugs .. .. oo 00 2 00@ 2 50 Fair to good bnght lugs.. .. .. .. .. .. .. 2 25@ 8 00 Inferior, nondescript dark leaf . . II 25@ 2 7/S Common dark leaf ....... oo .. ... ... 3 00@ 3 7/S Medium dark leaf .. .. .. 00 4 00@ 5 00 Medium red leaf .. .. .. .. .. oo ll 00@ 6 00 Good red leaf ... 00-. ... .. .. 00 6 50@ 8 50. Bright wrappers . . . nominal. BY THE ERIE lUILROAD -I> Buchner & Co, 7 hhds, D. J Garth, Son & Co., 10 do,J. H Moore & Co, 21 do; E Ros enwald & Bro 127 CIIBCB, Havemeyer & Vigelius 10 do, Order,

TELLER BROTHERS, hlk .. Ct"'loa .......... ,, and Wboltlllt Beaters 1a Poreign and Domestic Leaf Tobacco, 117 North Third Street, Philadelphia. \V 00,, LEAF TOBACCO, 1.16 s. ""VV'a:ter Pl:1lla.d.e1ph1.a. W S E NLOHR, Sl W. CL ARK, P HIL. BONN. L._ BAMBIIftfER & CO., DEALERS lN LEAF !'I,.OBAQllTED AlfD DOIIESTIC TOBACCO, LEAF TOBACGO BERRY BESUDEN, DEALER IN lVo. 33 South Street. EJ.A.LT:J:M:C>E'l.E. HANUFACTURED B Y H. WILKENS & CO.,. B..<XJ.\li:C>R.El., ::a.:D. .A.GEN'O:J:ES: New York: :M. FALK, 122 Chambers St. Philadelphia: BATTIN & BRO., U2l3d St. 11. W. GUKTIIER, GENERAL COMMISSION MERCHANT AND TOBACCO FACTOR, A.DV A.!'rCBilENTS liiADE ON CONSIGN.IIIENT8 TO IllY. A.DDREII, BROKBBS, 115 & 117 WEST FRONT STREET, CINCINNATI, 0. 'HAP 146 & 148 WEST SECOND ST., Oomer o! Elm and Second Streets, CINCINNATI. 'I a F: STATB OP BBN'IUCKY TOBACCO GO., Choice Brands of PLUG TOBACCO, A n d Patea.tees of the Celebrated B rand of PROGRESS,. .IIIAD E I N A L L SHAPES AND WEI G HTS. 11i7 E V ERY PLU u HAS OUB. PATENT FA.8TtJ:liE, K AT THE E N D "'U S.. LOWEN'rH AT. oo., MANlJFAillURERSJOF; FINE, CIG!ARS, ABD. LEAF::.. TOBACCO. 1f50 W:&ST :ro."C':B:rB S'r:Bll:li:T, CI NOtNN.ATI,' OHtO. !'.G Tobaooo .works, Toledo, ohio. CHARLES R. MESSINGER, MANUFACT URER O F The Oel.e'b:ra'ted. 'f. G.'' AND NATIONAL LONG CUT SMOKINOS. Also, the Indian a.nd Sun Flower Chewing Tobaccos. W Blt;ST Chlcaso; LOII.IN P ALM E R New Yort; W.H. RUSSELL, Chica&"' CEO. KERCKHOFF tc CO., BBST. RUSSBTL & CO., Packers of Seed Leaf (S u ccessono t o JOHN c P A RTRIDGE" C O. ) AND DEALERS IN SPANISH TOBACGO.S .WHOLESALE TOBACCONISTS 49 South Charles St., Baltimore. M:d. GA.NOnLsoDLEEPKNoPaCETRoaOs Wop GEO. KERC K HOFF GEO. P UNVERZAGT. Jl!IIW'O. DEALER IN HAVANA AND DOMESTIC Oigar Leaf Tobacco,. 27 South Gay Street, Baltimore. &, 00., JltlPOR TERS, MANUF A C T U R ERS A N D DEALERS IN CIGARS AND CIGARETTES; MANUFACTURERS O F THE CEL EBRA.T ii: D H 'AVANA M IXED SMOKING 'TOBACCO, 2 1 4 W. BALTIMORE STREET, Baltimore, 5 7 Lake Street and 4 1 State Street, Chicago, 111. A L SO AGENTS FOR THE FOLLO WING WELL-KNOWN FIRMS,_ p, LOKILLA.HD & co. NewYori:; SBIDENBEKQ & CO.,NewYork; W. S KIM BAL L.._, CO.'S 'VA.JIITY F.A.IB.," Rochester. N.Y. ; W. T. JILACK.WELL A CO., Durham N 0 ; J. J DAGLEY C O .'S "JII.A.YFLOWER, Dt=tro i t, Xicb.; J. W. "LOWE JA.OK," Lynehburgb, Va. wr. S .KIMBALL & CO'S 1'.\lR. TO'Rl.lCOh v Chicago Tobacco Works H. C. CHAMPION & CO., (Successors to .Jollll WATT & SoN). !t!anufacturers of Fine-Out Chewing, SMOKING TOBACCO &; SNUFF. Dealer. in PLUG TOBACCO, CIGARS -PIPES, Eto. 59 SOUTH CANAL ST .. CHICAGO, ILL. TJKTJ G ARN OLD Tr&TlG. H. TIETIO A BROTHER, M ANUFACTURERS OF C ::J: G-.A. B.. B, AND DEALERS I N LEAF TOBACC0,-215 WEST FIFTH ST.,, CINCINNATI, O. W. E. RAGSD.L TOBACCO BROK. :&:. Oft!ce Ill 'Hain Street WBo1'8house. BY PERMISSION .Jno. 0 Latham, Pres' t !!.ink o r Hopld.navllJe; S E. Trice, Pres' t Planters' Ba.nk. S G Buckner, Commission .lrlerch't, u Ill. H Clark & Bro Clarksville, Tenn.....,; F G. Irwin, Clarksville, Tennessee;.,. .. S. F Beaumont President 1st .<: e BA.LTUlORB., I!NUFACTUIEIS s FINE CIGARS PETERSBURC, VA., ADVERTISEMENTS. S;, W VENABLE, Jli"ac1:ory a:n.4 21&, 221 cl, 223 NORTH BROAD ST., PHILADELPHIA. S. W. VENABLE &, CO. Ollce: Gor. Byrne c1c. Balj&x Sts., Petersburgh, Va. And Wholenle i a OHIO AND CONNECTICUT LEAF TOBACCO, 46 Front St., Cincinnati, 0 F. W. DOHRMANN, LEAF TOBACCO BROKER. N, E. Cor. 'VIne a.nd Front Street. CINCINNATI, 0 Dcalllrs and Cill1111li8Sion lel'Cilantl IN LEAl' TOBACCU 2 N Katn St. !let. JI&I:D II SecoD4 sta., ST. LOUIS, :110, Brands o Importe d licorice alwa.J"'!fon hand. C as h adnncea made on Consipnmeots. W. M:. LADD, I. E McDOWELL & CO., TOBACCO AWD ooneral Cllllllllission Merchants, DOHAN &T.Arrr. Tobacco Commission Merchants, 107 ARCH STREET, Factory: 19 'Second I District, P :LaniJ(itotbeT(iiiwiiB W R iDifG G. W W ICKS & CO., WP TOBACCO BmL ( FOR THE TRADE,) 21 N. Main St., St. Louis. .Five Brothers Tobacco Works JOBI FIIZER & BROS., 39 N ORTH WA.TEK S T Philadelphia. B::M:C>"FC TN"Q. TC>B.A.CCOB I IS" 1\laaufac.. /yDSEPB WALLACE. "'ECLIPSE" BRIGHT lfA.VT, la, -"'' a..,M, S a 6a,'7'a1 8a, 9 a aad lOa .. U 'ST. GEORCilE" BKIQHT NAVY, 11, X.;"3a, ... 51, 6 1 'fa, 81, 9s &llld 101 .._. u VIRGIN .lA. DA.R.E u BRIGHT IIAVY, 11, 3a, lh, &a, 9 1 aad lOa BSTA.BLIIIHBD 1848. SucceucntoCOOl'ER & WALTER. 'ANNOT LYLB" BBHHIT ZIA.VY l a 3 a Y Ga, 61, 7a, 8a, 9a and 1 0 1 y: fac f "UNION .;JACK." M AllO& AliT POUNDS, -"'' .U... 3a. J RINALDO SANK & Co a.ou t u rer.5o IT. JAMES" DA.R.K. P011BDS M .,H,lh 6 .. 71, 81,91aDdl01 o I I' SNUFF SMOKING TOBACCO nf FINE TWIST of oemal s B right a a d Mahopny under tb e ronowia g TC>B..&CCC> "AD:MIB.ATIOlV," "TBOIUIIAI'ID'2',",668,670an467 2NorthElevent h St., "lll:AB.T Ol" CJO:r.D," c1c. "J..JV!: OAK," "KABOB," General Commission Mercbants, PHILADELPHIA. "Dl: SOTO and COlVQ'U'l:B.OB.." The fo11ctwmg a rt! O U R for the S al e of :MANUFACTURED GOODS: (J, W. VA.N ALSTINE & Wharf, B ostonhiM ass., 31 North Water Street _..,.,._ 30 North Delaware Avenue, BATCBELitR BROS "'PECULIAR" CI'CAR IIAm1J' AC'I'ti'Uli.S, 8 0 8lila rket St., PIJILADBLPHIA. 'JOHN J. LUDY, Mnnafactureroftbe Celebrated -YBillll and Little W andcrer 0 :I: a-A. :a.. s. F. X. KELLY, Jr., MANUFACTURERS' A GE N T FGR Plug & Smoking Tobacco, 106 Arch St., Philadelphia, PL SOL E A G ENT POJt HARRIS, BEEBE & CO., Quincy, Ill.; UCHANAN & LYALL, New York; R. W OLIVER, Richmond, Y a ; A M .LYOM & CO., Richmond, Va ; MERCHANTS' TOBACCO CO Boston, Mus.; SHEPPARO 4 Va.; WILSON, SORG & CO M\ddletowu, 0 A H. THEOBALD MANUFAC TURER OF '; F.INE Cl C ARS, j A.ND DEA.LEI!. IN Spanish ,and Domestic Leaf J ebacco, 'WbooMale aad lleU!t dealer Ill All Branda or Jl, Wo eor. N 4lo Poplar.._., -lplaia. NAVY. & SMOKINI] TOBACCO, I!Ji. II 615 8011'1'! 20lb. \!1'1', l'HIL.L And 1l"llol-.le Doalenutacturers of Choice Bmnds of KENTUCKY NAVY, Made R. T ..&N'T N'C>TICE Let tlda be timely Dealen ba CIGARS that :EIOO::EE. &, CO.,, H &.., been fully aecured .by registration of their TradeMarks and Labels Ill the U B. Patent Oftlce The more promineat T rade-I!IAI' kS are EL AG'OILA. DE ORO" (Goldun Eagle), "BOCK 7' Cr., "REG.&.LIA. de PREFEREXCIA." Any pe!'BOil, 1!rm or corporation found to Infringe o n a n y o l said Trade-MaJ"ks, either by pl"lnttDa' counterfeits tbereof, or b y using counterfeit. o n Cia'a.r Boxes, will be prom ptly prosecuted w.h.en cfetected: The law mai: eo the Imitation o r a Trade-l!ark a crime, punishable by h s..,.ane IUUllmprilon in 8t&te Prl8oll. Full dam&itM are &lao recoverable loy the party agpteed. A:rl71D.formatlon po!Dtlng to traoda will be tb&Dkfull7 received b 7 R s._ &':f _ROBIEL, 18 Commerce St., Baltimore, Md. 114, CBli'I'RB ITRII:ET, !fEW YORK. P 0 o n huad the Beat I proved for C IJI&I.R.AJ9-Fc:ATING(;C( co. A la rre nr:le t y o f Hachiaery f o r Cigar M anufac t.urers,_ a ucb as fo r Cuttin g o r Granol:att nJr H a va n a and other Fillers fo r Stem Rollers Bunching Ma chines. Stttmmi n g Mach ines, a n d alao Machines for Crusb.img a.od the 'Tobacr o Stem i n the L eaf, Cigarette Nacbiilea, etc. Sole Agent in the U .S. for F FLINSCH'S (Offenbach o n M ain, G e r many) c e l ebrated Machines for Paekinc Manufactured Tobacco. W. H. Trowbridge, MANUFACTURER 0!' ALL STYLES OF Fine Virginia Smoking Tobacco, JNOLUDING THE FOLLOWING BRANDS: 1=' !lleot, j Doable llql e Kul&ht, -, Bette r Bea1l1.J', D, Goocl, (Jia ECe J H. PEMBERTON. JAS. G PENN. PEMB E RTON 8t. PENN, Tobacco Commission Merchants With a long e:xpet ience ill tlze offer their service s to fill otdets .for Lea } 1r Man u .flldured Tobaccos. DANVILLE, J. E. HAYNES, DEALE R IN WES T ERN LEAF TOBACCO, 27 South Second Street, St._ LOUIS. :a. .6.. "'"T.t.S' Tobacco Broker Al'tD General Commission Merchant, OFFIC E IN TOBACCO EXCHANGE, S HOC1<0E SLIP RICHMOND, VA..< I H. CLARI & BROTH1m, "" TOBACCO BROKERS,


MARCH 18 -THE' 7 Directory of Advertisers. .NEW YORK, Tobacco Wareh.oulea. & Dehls lOO Pearl. Allen&: Co, 17'3 and 175 Chambers Barnett S., 162 Water. Basch & Fischer. 155 Water. Bulkley & :Mooi-e, 74 Frqnt. Cardozo A H. 66 Brond. Crawford E. M. 168 Water. Dohan, Carroll & Co 104 Front. DuBois 75 F1ont. l!lggert Wm. &: Co. 171 Pearl. .]!:Dglebach F. 15118. Waahl-n Square Lane. Gardiner T M. 84 Front. GarUJ. D. J. SOJl & Co. 44 Broad. Gassert J L & Bro. I60 Water. 6ershel L. & Bro. 1 9 1 Pearl. Giebel & :Van Rlundohr{ 176 Water. Hamburger 1. & Co. 10 'Vater Banis & Bowman. 102 Front Hert>st Brothers. 1 M Water. Hood less W .J. 45 Broad Koenig H. 329 Yowery. Laehenbl'luch & Bro. 164 Water. Lederer & Fischel, 218 Pearl. Levin )L H. 162 Pearl. IJchtenstein Bros. 121 Bowery. Lobensteln & Gans, 101 Maiden Maitland Robert L. & Co. 43 Broad. 11a.rtla J. W. 79 Front Mueller Ernst & Co, .122 Pearl. Neuberget & Steinecke, 131 Maiden Lane. Oatman Alva, 166 Ottinger Brothers. 4S BLoa.d. Paulitsch M. 147 'Vater Price wm. M. 1 HI Maiden Lane. Reismann G. 1 Wallace & Co. 47 Broad. Schove.riimr H. 142 Water. Schroeder & Bon, 178 water. Schubart H. & Oo. WI Wate<". Scoville A. H. & Co. 170 Water. Siebert Henry, 6S Broad. 'Splnlrorn E. /!;; Oo. 6 BudJng Slip. ;Sl.raft.on & StOim, 178 and 180 Pearl .Strohn & Reitzeustein, 176 Front. Charles F. &: Son. 184 Front. Thom)l1ohn, 127 Pearl. Ffscber Chao. E. & Bro. 131 Water. Fischer Frederich, 41 Broad. K.innlcutt & Bill 52 Broad. Osborne Charles F. 54 Broad. Rader M. & Son, 50 Beaver. Shack A 120 Maiden Lane. Ma.,.,uf't of Smoking and Chewinq Tobaccos. Anderson John & Co. ll4. ll6 and 117 Liberty. Goodwin&: Co. 207 & 209 'Vater. Hoyt Thomas & Go. 404 Pearl. Kinney Bros. 141 West Broadway. Lorillard P. & Co. 114 Water. llc.A.lpip. D. H. & Co cor Avenue D o.nd Tenth. }Iiller G. B. & Co. 97 Columbia. Pioneer Tobacco Company1 1;M Water. Agent& for Chewing and Smoking Tobaccos, Engelbach F. 56 S. Washington Square Ben A. & Co. 4.3 Liberty. Hunt H. W. 69 Vi!ba.m Lindhelm l:I. 159 Water Wise & Bendheim. 121 Bowery Manufacturers of Cigar. Bondy Charles, 53 Bowery._ Glaecum & Schlosser, 15 Rivington. Heilbroner & Josephs, 6.34 to 640 E Sixteenth Hirsch D. & Co. nnd 130 Rivington and 88 Wall. Hirschhorn L. & Co. 89 Water. Kaufman Bros. & Bondy, 1W & 131 Grand. Kerbo & Spiess, 1 0I4 to 1020 Seoood Av. and 310 to 914 >'ifty-fourt. h and 270 Bowery Lichtenstein A. & Co 34 Bowery Xc(Jqy & Co. 101 Bowery Men.del M. W. & Bro. 15 1-2 Bowery Orgler S. 295 and 297 Greenwieh Rokohl BrDB. & Soelter, 283.Pearl Sei01:1ers of Ha1Xltta Tobacco ana Oiga,... AlmU'8ll J J. 10 Cedar .Fi'else E. 157 Water Friedman Leonard, 203 Pea.rl Ga:rcia F. 167 'Vater -Gonzales A. 167 Water 'fJI 161 Maid e n Lane. Ha.ya & Co. 180, 132, 134 Maiden Lane Scoville A.. H & Co. 176 'Vater Seidenberg & Co. 84 and 86 Reade Solomon M. & E. 85 Maiden Laue Vega & Bernheim, 187 Pearl Well & Co. 65 Pine w eJaa1_Eller & Kaeppel 220 Pearl Ybor v. Ma.rtinez 100 Pearl .Manufacturers o_f Key West and Importers of 11avana Ciyars. De Bary Fred 'k & Co. 41 and 43 Warren 'llcFail &-Lawson, 33 Mwra_y &ldenberg & Co. 84 and 86 Depot of tlte F:Xor del Bur" Cigar8. Alces George, 173 Water of Meerschaum and Amber Goods. Weis Carl, 398 Grand Importers of Clay Pipes. .Bat1er H. & Brotker 77 Water .Buehler & Polhaus, Sa Chambers 'Demuth Wm. & Co. 601 Broadway .Hen A. & Co. 43 Liberty Kaufmaun Bros. & Bondy, 129 and 131 Grand Manufacturers of Briar Pipes a'Kd Importers of Smokers' Articles. .Buehl e r&: Polhaus. 83 Chambers Demuth \V m. & Co. 501 Broadway Harvey & Ford. 365 and 867 Canal Bon A. & Co. <:l Liberty Kaufmann Bros. & Bondy1 129 and 181 Grand Rejall & Becker, Chamoers .ManuJadurers of Pcute. McAndrew James C. 55 Water :Stamford Manufacturing Oo. 157 Ma.tden Lane Weaver & Sterry, 24 Cedar Importers of Licorice Paste. Ansado N. R 14 Broadway Gifford1 Shennan & Innis, 120 William Arguimba u \Va1lace & Co. 29 and 31 S. Will iam .McAndrew James C. M Water Weaver & Sterry, 24 Cedar Zuricalday & Arguimba.n, 10'2 Pearl Manufacturers of T obacoo li'laj}QTB. .Hillier's R. Sons & Co. 60 Ce'dar Importers of Gums, Tonqua Beam, etc. MerriCk T. B. & Co. 130 and132 Williain Manufacturers of Powdered Licorice Brinkerhoff V. W. 47 Cedar Hilli er's R. Sons & Co. 60 Cedar Weaver & Sterry, 24 Cedar Seed Leaf Tobacco Inspecticm. .Bensel & Co. Water F1nke Charles. &:. Do. t55 Water IJnde F. C. & Co 142 'Vater Tobacco Pre&!er.s. Guthrie & Co. 225 Front Manufacturers of Otgar Boxea. Henkell Jacob, 293 and 295 Monroe Sti-aUS6 S 179 and 181 Lewis :Wicke William & Co. 153-161 Goerek Ds a ler in Spanish OigarBox Cedar. Uptegrov_ e W E. 465-475 East Tenth Spanish and. German Cinar Ribbons. HepJ)enheimer & }Iaure!; 22 and 24 N William Lobenstein & Gans, 101 .JU.aiden Lane Loth Jos. & Co. 444 Broome Str& Simon, 1f9 Lewis Wicke Wm. & Co. 1()3..,1&1 Goerck :MCJtl.facturer of Orooke's Oompou.nd Tin Foil, Tobacco, Medium. and TisBtte Crooke John J. 163 Mulberry Imperters of Tin-Foil. Wittemann Brothers, 184 William Tobacco Bagging. Howard, Sanger & Co. 4.62 to 468 Broadway Tobacco Labels. )leppenheimer & Maurer, 22 and 24 N. William Oigar-Box Labels and Trimmings. Heppenheimer & Maure r, 22 anci 24 N. William Wu-uf Chas. A. 51 Chatham Manufacturer of Cigarettes. Pollak B. 175 Chatbam Manufacturers of Kinney Bros.' Oigarettea F. S. 141 West Broadway "La Ferme Ru.&ian Oigarettes. E ck:meye r & Co 48 Broad and 48 Nffi\o of Oiga1 ettes. Hall Thomas H. 76 Barclay Importers of Turkish. Tobacco, Manufactured, Leaf and Oiyarettes Bosphorus Tobacco Co., A Ca.ppa.rd&.cbi 51 Exchange Place Im.porter oJ Turkish Leaf and Cigarettes, and Manufacturer of Genidie Smoll;ing Tobacco. Val'lawi. V. 1260 Broadway. straps, Cutters and Germ.a-n Oigar Moulda. Lobenstein &: Gans, 101 Maiden Lane Manufacturers of Cigar Moulds. Bo rg:feld.t N. H. 010 East Nineteenth Depot for Dubrul r Moulds. Dubrul Napoleon & Co. 441 and 443 Plum LeaJ Tobacco Inspecticm.. Prague F. A 92 west Front Steam Cigar Box Factory. Geise B. & Brother 93 Clay CLARKSVIIJ.E, Tenn. Leaf Tobacco Brokers Clark M H & Bro CLEVELAND, O, Dealers in Seed Leaf and Havana Tobacco and Jobbers in aU kinds Manufactured Tobacco. Goldson & Semon. 112 Ontario DANVILLE. Va. Commiuicm Merchants. Milfer & Co Pemberton & Penn Com-mision Leaf Tobacco Brokers. Strictly on Order. Pearson J. R. & Co. }t!an '!ifacturer of Smoking Tobacco. Conrad Chas. H. & Oo. Trowbridge W. H Price J. M. B1t.yer of Leaf Tobacco. DAYTON, 0. Packers and Deate1s in Seed Leaf. Miller & Brenner DETROIT, :Mich. Manuf'rs uj Chewing and SmOking Tobacco. Barker K. C & Co. 74 and 76 .Jefferson Av Parker A. & Co. 49 t.o 57 .Jefferson Av 'Vutker, McGraw&: Co. 81 to 35 Atwater Manufacturers of O,:gars and Dealers in Leal Tobacco. .,, Sulllran & Burk, 48 and 50 C9 n gress, EMt DURHAH, N.C. Manufactur ers of Srnoki11.{J Tobacco. Blackwell w. T. & Co & Duke W & Sons Green Lucius Lyons Z. L & Co EVANSVILLE, Ind. Tobacco Commission Men:hant.. Morris C. J. & Co HAVANA, Cuba. Oigar Man11facturers Bejar R. y Alvarez Vallejo y Granda, Calle Sun Rafael No. 72 HARTFORD, Conn. Pa<:kers and Deakrs in Seed Leaf Dix J. & Co. 217 State Gershel L. & Bro. :.!20 State Lee Geo 150 State Westpnnl Wm. 228 State 'Villoo x S. ,V, 576 Main HOPKINSVILLE, Ky. Tobacco Broken. Clark M. H. & Brother Ragsdale W. E. LANCASTER, P ... Brokers in Leafand Cigar8. Sylvester & Bernard, 155 North Queen Dealer in Ltlbf Tobacco. Skiles & Frey, Bland 63 North Duke LIVERPOOL, EDg, Smythe F. W. & Co. 10 North John LOUISVILLE, Ky. Finzer J State of Kentucky Tobacco Manutactlll'ing Co Tobacco Commission Me:r:chants. Wicks G. W. & Co. 211 \Vest Main Tobacco Broken, Callaway James F corner Ninth and Market Gunther George F. Harthill Alex. Lewis A. H. 318 West Main Meier Wm. G. & Co. 56 Seventh }!. B. Pragoff W F. 394 West Main Stemmer and Dealer. in Cutting Tobacce. Clark James, Thirteenth and Rowan Factors and Commission llfm eiaanU Kremelberg, & Co. Eleventh and Ma.ia B-uyer of Tobaco-. Opdebeeck C. 2 East Main LYNCHBURG, V'a. Manufacturer of Carroll John w Tobacco Commiuion MercAan.N. Scbae!er & Co. NEWARK, N. J, Campl>ell, Lane & Co. 484 Broad,. NEW ORLEANS, La. Tobacco Factors and Commiuion .MtrcAantl. Gunther & Stevenson, 162 Common PADUCAH,KJ'. Tobacco Clark M. H. & Bro. Puryear T. H. Manufacturers of Tooacc.. .,. Bishop & Burgauer PETERSBURG, Va, Tobacco Comm;uion Metch.ant. Roper LeRoy & Sons Manufacturers of Plug and Smoking Tobacoe ami Dealers in Leaf Tobacco. VenableS. W. & Co Manufacturers of Sweet 'Navy LheunTif. Jackson C. A. & Co. PHILADELPHIA. Tobacco lVarchou,se..s. Anathan M. & Oo. 220 North Thlrd Bamberger L. & Co. 111 Arch Bremer'S Lewis Sons 322 North Thlnt Dohan & Taitt 1<17 Arch Eisenlohr Wm. & Co. 115 South Water Loeb Joseph & Co. 62 North Front McDowell M E. & Co. North Water Moore. Hay & Co 35 North Water Sank J. Rinaldo & Co. 3:! North Wate. Sorver. Cook & Co. 105 North Water Teller 117 No-;i;h Third Manufn of Ji\ine Oigars and All-1'obacco Oigarettes. Gumpert Bros. 1341 Chestnut Importer of Havana 'l'obacco a?Ui OigarB aM Dealer in Seed Leaf. Costas J 131 \Valnut Tobacco. Manujacturers of Cigars Batchelor Bros. M Market Ludv Jno J. 528 aild 525 South Twentieth Marshall, T W. 12 North Fo\U'th, Broa To baeco Broker. Fougeray A. R. 33 North Front Manufactwr ers qf Licorice Past.A.N'"V':J:Z..Z..E, "V' ...a..., Having Eight Years' Experience, otters his services !or the PURCHASE OF LEAF TOBACCO. Refers to the Banks and Business :Mren generally. S.A.LE. A Fresh Snpply of 100,000 Genuine "DEERTONGUE" Flavor, t for SKOXING TOBACCO Manufaeturers, in lots to sui' purchasers, at lowest llgureo. MARBURC BROTHERS, J-. :145, 147 and S. Oh&rleo illnllt., BaiUDwre. Xd. -PARTIES are hereby cautionf'd against using PIVOTED CAT :F'C>H. C.A.T.&LC>Gr.:IT.JIL Newmark, HANUFACTURERS OF SI::IW:C>:N' l!:IA.NUF A.CTURER OF CJ:GARS::J AND DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO., '2'6 ;pARK PLACE, NEW YORK.;. CIGAR BOXES AND SHOW FIGURES; IMPORTER OF AND DEALER IN SP .4..N':J:S:E3: C:J:G-.A.E'l. H.:J::B:BC>N'S, L :U. JI'OSTEL liD. HILSON. RUDOLPH WYIIAJI GERMAN CIGAR MOULDS, PRESSES} STRAPS, CUTTERS, ETC., RELIANCE CIGAR" MANUFACTORY. FOSTER, HILSON & CO.l 8B :Bovvery, N'evv Y'ork, MANtJFACTURERS OF Fine AND SOLE PROPRIETORS OF THE PATENTED WILLOW CIGAR BOX. J[ & SPIZSS, Man11facturers of Fine Cigars, A:b.d J)ealers in LEAF TOBACCO, 1014, 1016, 1018, 1020 SECOND AVENUE, 310, 312, 314 FIFTY-FOURTH STREET. ADOLF KERBS, LOUIS SPIESS. !. LICBTBNSTBIN & BROTRBR, MANUFACTURERS OF THE 11 ELK" ane "ONWARD" When shall we three meet again, In thunder, lightning or in rain? 0 Il GARS, And Dealers In LEAF TOBACCO, The place where they did meet next was a cigar shop, each one having been e ntic e d in, a.s he passed, by a glass sign, marked, "Kerbs & Spiess, New York Cigars." They liked them so well that each went off with a boxfull under his arm. TRANSPARENT GLASS SIGNS. l17A! The Trade Nos. 34 and BOWERY, Detgns & Estltna'tel!l Fnrnlahed. F. S. ... _JiEW YORK. JOHN MATTHEWS, 333 E. 26tl!. St., N.Y. liCHTENSTEIN BROSi I CO., CZG&R -AKUPACTVR RS .. SOLE AGENTS FOR Kinney's Celebrated Cigarettes, rJ) Q) 3 0 cP' :;, :z: Ill :I () 0 () 71:' # () without giving the story of the English correspondent who some years ago went prowling around the Palazzo Pitti anxious to get into the King's apartments and write a description of them. At last h e went up to a gentleman who was leaning at a side door smoking, and asked him how he might be able to get a sight of th.e King's rooms. 'Come in," said the gentleman, who showed and explained everything to him. He the n invited hiu to sit down, offered him a and on his departure shook hands warmly with It was only some time after h e h a d left the palace that it dawned upon the correspondent that the King himself bad been his cicerone and entertainer. (I) (I) s::: IL ,"'-' 0 ? (I) 'tl A..'I'ECDOTES OF THE LATE KING.-[Manchester Guar dian. ]-Victor E=anuel never ate in public. He sat out all st..'\te dinners a t which h e was obli!'ed to be present with his hands resting on the hilt of his sword, without tasting anything, except p erhaps some trifle at dessert Hts long and super-abundant moustaches were the cause of this public abstemiousness. He made up for it. however, in private, when he could bind up his obstructives on each side of his face without be coming a public H e was no f/Ottrmet, and his contempt fo1 the art of cookery was a constant Lhorn in tho si

1;a.rertt. HOYT & co_.,: MANUFACTURERS OF FJ:J.'II'ECUT CHEWING AND SMOKINGil ..OBAGGOS &. SIIU'I"I". OUR BRANDS !;:HEWING' a"CM_..a,..a-SDII, B'A'I'%0B'.&L JIJUGJI'J! OWIIJI', Jlr.nLA OAVZIIDI8B, B'AJIOB. 4.06 PEARL ST., NEW YORK 8.. SMITH. ) General Partnera. S. COMSTOCK, W. L<1CKWOOD, Special. Tobacco lWianafact JOHN ANDERSON & CO. KANUFACTU.R.ItRS OF THE SOLICimmm TOBACCOS 114 I 118 UBRTY STIEET, JfEW YORK, U.a to direct the attention of I be Dealen Ia Tobacco throa.l'toat the United Stalt!l and the Wor14 to their CELEBR.A.TED SOLACE FINE-CUT CHEWilfG TOBACCO. which Is belnlf ance more manu facta red uDder the immediate supervision of tbe origloatr, MR. JOHN ANDERSON, ancl now stands, M iormerly, w ithout a rival. Order forwarded tf'Atrough the usual channels wilt wltl meet prompt attention. co., roBACCO AID CIGARS, .ut"D I)&ALIUtS m SNUFF, PIPES, etc irtTomES IT 484 BROAD STRm, mJIRI AKD m (!ALDWEJ.L WBAVBB A; STBBBY, [IIPORftRT !fi::J4;rnPACTlmERs. SPAIISH LICOIICII &Bm LICOBICB I ALL SPECIAL TIES FOR. PLUS liD FilE-CUT TOBACCO. OLIYE OIL, TOICA BEAlS. GUMS, FLAVORS. Powdered Licorice Boot, .AJ.'II'D PATEJ.'II'T PO'WDERED LICORJ:CE. 1tM STICK LICORICE WE HAVE THE FAVORITE BRANDS: l ZO. a., J!'XCIB'A'!I'J!IL%.1 AB'D CIV'I'iO:r.DI'I. Q6.lRETIES;TIIBA.a:OS. T. B.lYIEBBIGK a GO. IMPORTERS, 130 & 132 WII.LIAM' ST., NEW YOBX. \ LICORICE. LICORICE PASTE. W AT.T.IS CQ, Tobacco manufacturers and the trade geaeral are particularly requested to and test the superior properdes this LICORICE, which, being now )lwought to the highest perfection is of. tered under the above style of brand. We are also SOLE AGENTS for the brand 1'. G. ck G. G. !Acknowledged by consumers to be best in the market. And for the brand of Licorice Stick .OBit & GO., In all respects equal to CALABRIA. Consumers and Jobbers would do well to apply direct. Lieorlee Root, 8eleet aad OrdiD&rJ", .... e&aatly on haad. IIBUIMBIU, WILUS I C0.1 29 lc 31 South W!lllam Street AND ALL SPECIALTIES fOR TOIACCO MANUFACTURERS. 6J R.HILLIER'S & CO.-\. 0AR TOBACCO BROKERS. JOHN TOBACCO BROKER 4 27 Pearl Street, NEW YORK. OIW. :K. FI8CIIBB & BRO., Tobacco :Brokers, 191 Wate:... St., NEW YORK. THos, KntNlCUTT, KINNICUTT & BILL, BROI:ERSIN WESTERN & YIRCINIA LEAF 152 BROAD 8T., NEW YORK. CHABLIS F. OBBORII, JAMES G. OSBORNE,-TOBACCO BROKER, 54 BROAD STREET, NEW YORK. N. R.. ANS.A.DO, M:. RADER & SON, OF TOBACCO BBOKBRS LICOBJCH PASn STICKS, No. so Beaver street .&lii'D ALL SPECIALTIES .B'OR TOBACCO MANUFACTURERS 14 Broadway, New York. SP AN"ZSEI: LICORICE PASTE. <:t!f lr. We beg to call the attention of Tobacco Manufac tnren aod Dealeno to tbio SUPERIOR AND PURE article. NEW YORK. A. SRAOK, TOBACCO BROKER, 129 KAIDEN LANE, NEW YORK Sole Aeota for the States of North Carolina and VIrDI l VONIJ __-..........._MILLS Jia!a, Maasas. DAVENPORT .t; MORRIS, Rich 11JD. ....--y W ............... ROOT-&ragoa aaa Alleaate. I Selected and Ordinary. m!LY AND NFmELY ZURICALDAY & ARGUIMBAU, SP.EO::J:..A..LT::J:.E& 1 I 02 PEARL STREET, IIPA:tn:IIH LICORI:E't. "r:J!J:E't., 4.7 CEDAR I!ITR.EET, Ill. Y W. E. UPTEGROVE, SPAKISB CEDAR FOR CIGAR BOXES. ACEN'f. FOR OSTRUM'S CIGARBOI NAILING MACHIXE. Foot lOth I lith St., East Rlnr, NEW YORK. :EL"D"G TO:EI.A.CCO. THE IEICHANTS' TOBACCO CO., BO B:E't.c:>.A:J:) Sl"r:E't.EIET, B<>S Tc:>JSI', Make the best Sold or Used. ONE DOLLAR lawful money in each 60 pound box, containing large Plugs made of long stock. TWO DOLLARS in one, or ONE DOLLAR In two of the caddies in each case containing large plugs mac,le of long stock. PATENT METAL LABELS on Plugs. Ask for this and get the Best Chew or Smoke that can be had. SILAS PEIRCE, Jr., President. J'OHN H. SANBORN, 'l'r....,. WILLIAM BUCI1ANAN, DAVID C. LYALL : BUCHANAN & LYALL, Office :-64 :Broad St., New York.-P.O.BOX nu. Factory:-No. 2 FIRST DISTRICT, SOUTH BROOKLYN. MANUFACTURERS OF THE FOL.LOWINC CELEBRATED BRANDS OF PLUG, CHEWING a11.d SMOKING TOBACCOS_ ALSO MANUFACTURERS OF SEMI-CIGARS. PLUG. ,PLANET NAVY, 111, .K, 3s, 4s, 5a, 61, 7s, 811, 9s, 1.011. SAILORS 1s, )611. 3e, 4s. 5s, Ga, ?'s, 81, 9s., l.Oa. CHALLENGE, lba, WASHINGTON, ){I. NEPTUNE, Double Thkk, brt. drk. MAGGIE MITCHELL. NARRAGANSETT. ALEXANDRA. SENSATION. FLOUNDERS BUCHANAN, lOo. JACK OF CLUBS. KING PHILIP, GRAPE AND APRICOT' 1JNCONQ,UERED.. "ACME'' Fancy Brl'f:ht TECUMSEH, 10.. PALM, GOLD BARS. I'RIDE OF THE REGIMENT. POilKET PIECES, lSI' .A 'V"2'" PXN'E O'D"T OEI::J!J \N Xlli\TG. A.CME. SMOKINC AND CICARETTE TOBACCO VIRGINIA BRIGHT CUT CA. VEI'IDIIIH. WOBLD'S Jr AND :a 'tT::BY, Branch Office: 49% Central Street, Boston P. O, BOX DOG. T :EJ: .El I I PIONEEB TOBACCO COIPAH, OF BROOKLYN, N. Y. BUSINESS OFFICES: 124 Water St., New York, 16 Central Wharf, Boston; 25 Lake Street, Chicago; 51 NORTH WATER STREIT, PBILADILPRIA. Factory: No. 1 First District, N. Y. THE CELEBRATED '.l"HE CEL&BR.A.TED "MATCHLESS,' "FRUIT GAKB/' BRICHT, All Sizes; MAHOCANY, All Sizes; '' P NEE 'R.," Dark, all Sizes. A compariscm of nur Celebrated Brands of PLUG TOBACCOS will c onvince all partiu of the WONDERFUL MERITS contained therein. PLUG TOBACCO. Co:pe's Tobacco A MONTHLY JOURNAL for SMOKERS. Published at lo. 10 LOilD IELS.OI STIEET; UVPOOl, EIIIIGWD. Price Two Shillings English) per Where Subecriptioas may be addt'esaed, t to '' TDB TOBAe<:G LJBAP H Orii'IC.. :.. PBR. AXli'UII. POSTAGE P.A.ID. HERBST BROTHERS, HAY ANA. tc SEED LEAF. rr o :a.A. c c o :J 183 WATER STREET,' I NEW: LIBERAL. ADVANCEMENTS illAD:E ON CONSIGNMENTS. MARCH 18 IIPROVEll HOWH 8GALBS. made w!U. Proteoled llellliJ>p. Page & Co., Gen'llgents, 326 BROADWAY,IIIEW YORK. O.r bea.l are uM lay the foUowlac .atDeDt -Dofacturers :-li". LOKILLA.RD A; CO. NewYnrlq ucnA:NA!W LYALL,'New Yorlr.: JAI. B. PA.CE. Ricbmoad, Va.: P. BA.YO 6. BRO., Va.; E. W. VENABLE A; CO., p.,teuburg. Va..; PINZER B.KOS., Louisville, Ky. g., HORTHORN Also of the Weii-KDo'll'tl By cc&-.:al."ta:na.." And lllanufa.cturera of all atyleo of Brtct & Black PLUG & 'l'WIST TOBAOCOII. factory : 24 Twentieth ..R.::I.CEltlttll:c:>JSr:J:), 'V .A. Cigar Manufacturers Are informed tllat we are able to aupply the Trade with irst-dus PACKERS at abort notice. Pl..,. addrus cort_espondeace to the .. CIGAR PACKERS' SOCIETY. S. IDCH.A.LIS & CO., 4 First Avenue; or E II GATTERDAM (Controller of Vacancies), 1011 Norl<>lk Street., N""' Yorlt: City. ;BEAT CENTRAL TOBACCO WAREHOUSE. LICBTIKSTIIR BROS., PAOKJ:RS AND DEALE.RS IN LEAF 121 BOWERY 121 _G,..... a ad Beater Sto JfEW YORK. IIAY BROTHEBS. UIPORTERS 011' rench Ciga.rette Pa.per, 37 MAIDEN LANE, Houu .a.T PARIS. NEW YOU& TOBACCO BAGGING. IMITATION SPANISH. LINEN, F.A.NCY STRIPES, And alliKt\ds of Good s .u!ed for puttblr up Smok ing Tobacco. A lso, a.stOrtmeut of Smokers' Artdes for the Trade. 110WAl!D SANGER & CO., 462 to 468 Broadway, law York, CHARLES A. WULFF, Ag't, Lithographer, Printer & Manufacturer of e A Larg e Assortment Constantly on Hand. 61 Cha.tlaa-St., t1or. William, Jf. Y PRICES GREATLY REDUCED. ,>q J03EPH LOTH & CO. MANUFACTURERS OF ALL KINDS OF CIGAR RIBBONS. CONSTANTLY ON HAND A FULL ASSORTMENT AT LOWEST ltARKET PRICES Faetory: SaJeroonu : WST 4llth ST., 444 BROOME 8'1'. 'York. INTERNAL REVENUE BOOI8 The Original Internalltewenue PubUtbing Houle. c.-'JOURGENSEN! SoL& SucCESSOR TO EsTEll & SMITH, P.O. Box s.6o7 37 LIBERTY ST., Jf. Y. :Branding Irons & Stencils a E':FILXN'TXN'G-Of every


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