The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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.... \ VOL. XIV.---NO. 10. {ESTABLISHED 1864.) NEW YORK, MOND.A Y, APRIL 1878. WHOLE NO. 686 IJat l#bJCCO' [BSTA.BLIIIJU!D 1884.] PUBLIBHED vRY MONDAY MORNINC BY THE TOBACCO LEAF" PUBLISHING COMPANY, 1'21'l7LTON STREET, NEW YOBX. Editor. :BDW AJ:U) BURKE, .TOB:lf G. GRA:I'F, Business Manager. TBBIII8 OP THE PA.PEB. 8mGL1: CoPIES ..................................... ........ 10 Cents. :::::::::::: ::: A.DVEBTDING BATES. ONE !IQUA.BB (14 Nonpareil Llneoo.) Over One OolllJD!>, One Year, 00 I Over Two ColllDliiB, One Year, SM.oo do do SIX Months, 15.06 do do Six !lonU!s, l!S.OO do do Three Months, 10.00 do do Tbree Kontha, 15.00 TWO I!QUA.BBI (28 Noaparell LinN.) Over Two Co1Ulllll8, One Year ....... ..... . .............. S100.00 do do Six 11ontbs IM.OO I do do Three Months .. 28.00 POtJB I!QUA.BBS (,8 Nonpareil Llnee.) Over Two ColumDI, One Year ........................ .... . PJo.OO do do Six Months $100.00 J do clo Three Months 54.00 PIBIT lqaare, (14 Nonpareil Llae.l Over Two OollllnDS, One Yeo.r ................................. $Jeo oo on the Seventh Page, 25 Cents per t.or Remittances for Advertlsemeato and Subocriptlons abould be made 1J1. variably by Poot-OI!Ice Order, Check or lleglstered Letter. Snbocribem not receiving their paper regularly will pleaeelnform us at oace. FRED'K DeBARY & co., 41 d: 43 warren Street, New York, SOLE ACENT8 FOR THE _,, EL PRIN .CIPE DE OALES" KEY CIG.A.RS, AND THE : ,, ,, CIGAR FACTORY OF. NEW YORK. SEIDENBERG & CO. 84 a 88 READE STREET, NEW YORK, Im:porters of ALSO MANUFACTURERS OF THE LA BOSA.ESPAIOLA KEY A.-CIGARS. 220 Pearl Street., New York. Bavemeyers Vigelius, PACKERS OF SEED LEAF I IMPORTERS .OF .HAVANA TOBACCO. HOW TO GET DARK. TtJBACCOS AND HOW TO M:AKE THEM: BURN GOOD. O::N'L"Y' &'UJR.E "WV' A. "Y' Is tohaveyourgoods Rehandled o.nd Sweated by C. 8. PHIL.IPS. If you poor burning tobacco send me a few leaves &net by return of mail I wlll prove to you what ca.n b e d o n e rr 1\lauufacturers Wlll send me their Ltght Colored Sortings, I wlii return them MA.DiJ'.Ro COLORS, wlthout the use of &ny chemicals or any artitlcial coloring, and without injury to the Lee.f There is enough natural coloring matter in all tobaccos if they are only handled in such a manner a.s to bring it out and tl.x: the color. THIS IS THE ONLY SUCCESSFUL TOBACCO SWEATINC ESTABLISHMENT In existence and many tons of tobacco are turned oUt daily of good 'Dark Colors and good Burning quality. HA..VA.NA goods are also successfully 'Rehandled at this and put back into the original bale s in 8Uch a manner as not to show the y h&d been Rehandled. Setld a bale or case as a triaL 8a1lsftle&loo Guaranteed. Charges as low as will admit of good work. Please wri't e me for any information you may wishJ and oblige C. S. PHIIJPS, 188 PEARL ST., NEW YORK. ir,-LOVJI KBODJI", LJI:OPI)LD FElli, 11108 KBOHl'f, KROHN, FEISS 4 C.O., MANtJ111A.CTtJRJCaS of CICA.BS, AND DEALERS IN LEA.F 161, 163 & 165 WEST TBmD OINOINNATI, 0. CIGAR FACTORY:. 4. 'CO .. ,. IANUPACT-.U BBBS 0 F PIN I EfGJBS FRANK McCQY.] 101 ::BOVVOEJ"RY. NEJ"VV" [EDWARD T. McCOY W1LLIA.K WICKE, AUG. ROESLER \CKE & co., CIGAR BOX :IIANUF ACTURERS, 163 to 161 GOerck Street, N'E'VV BEST MATERIAL & SUPERIOR MAKE. R. E :I: "V' C E :I: PRICE LIST -or-Spanish, American and German Cigar Ribbons. .J'A.N"A.BY 1, 18'1'8, .._. Y .Jlcnr ..... ......... Eztra .. -6-811roatl. '12 :rd IUIO :: ;: ....... l'fo. 1 ...... 8 : '12 :reb 1.70 2 .... w '12 :reb 1.110 .. 2& .. .-a '12 :reb 1.36 ....... a .... 6-8 : '12:ru 1-'0 .. ................. :: 1 .... 6-8 '12:reb 1.75 .. ::::::::::::::::::: := J'.paaola. .. .a .. 1 ... 6-8 '1'2 ,.a. 1.15 :: :: ::::::.:::.::.::.::. :: t:::=: :: := x&Z"'""W Jted ..... .......... t .... w 12,.u 1..46 2 .... '12:reb 1.25 :::::.:::::::::::: a .... '12:v4' 1. &ITOW Y eUow .. . 1 .... .tS '1'2 7d.a 1.35 ............. 2 .... '12:reb 1 .... .... ..... a.. 4-8 72 :rd 0,95 Loaolreoo (Cbico) .... 1 .... 3-4, :U :yeb 1.25 < Cbico) .... 2 .... 3-4< :u :reb 1.10 Lo...trea Ycnr .. ........... 1 .... 'J-8 :U:reb 1.66 .. ........... 2 .. .. 7-8 :u ,.... 1.36 ............. a .... ta-16" :U:rda 1.25 ............. "to .... ta-16" :u7eb 1... .. .. .. ...... "l6 .... 'J-8 :u :yeb 0.86 ............. "20 .... 13-16" :U:rtl 0.85 ........ -.... 60 .... ta-16 :u :reb 0.60 lletl .. .............. 1 .... 'J-s :u,... 1.65 .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 2 .... 13-16 ':u :reb L20 :a-Nblton lletl ............ .......... -3-8 '12 :reb 0.80 YeJ1ow .................. 3-8 '12:yeb 0.75 Extra Styles of RlbbQns Made to Order. RIBBONS CUT & PRINTED ANY SIZE AND STYLE. A.ll Ordero Promp&J:r Executed. "Term Caah, PRICES OF CIGAR BOXES AND SAMPLES OF RIBBONS SENT ON APPLICATION. (Patented September 28, 1877.) N"<>T::J:OEI, All lnlringemeJltll 011 tbt Patent will be Prose outed to tke fall ezteat of the Law. ALSO MA.NUF ACTURER OF HAVANA TOBACCO. WElL & CO., 65 PINE STREET. NEW Y .ORK. lkt lobaccg NEW YORK, MONDAY, APRIL 15, 1878. A Great Opportunity! THE TOBACCO TRADE DIRECTORY .0,000 NA.liiES mall ADDRESSES, alphabetically arraqed b:y STATES au.ol TOWNS, with REVENUE DISTRICTS, to CLOSE OUT THE 300 COPIES Remang of SECOND EDITION. Origtllal Price, 14,. WILL BE SOLD FOR S2.00; Or oeJlt to Subscribe!;' to THE TOBACCO LEAl', with a oop:y of THE LEAF for One Year, for $61.00. ''I'HE PROSPECT IN WASHINGTON. Interviewing Mr. John Straito n, as he jumped from the Washington train at 4 P M. Saturday, we succeeded in extracting from him the following statement:. -THE BONDED WAREHOUSE. From appearances, I judge the Bonded Warehouse bill is dead; dead beyond resuscitation, the opposition having developed a strength that has killed it THE TOBACCO TAX. With regard to the tobacco tax reduction, it may be said, its passage is contingent on the approval by Congress of the income tax. The propositions to reduce tho tobacco and cigar taxes are in a separate bill, and will not be acted upon before the g e n e r a l Revenue bill comes up for consid eration. The chances for the income tax are very slender. Mr. Sayler, who vote d in Committee to report the Income Tax bill to ttte House, reserved the right. to vote against it when it came b efore the Ij:ouse ; and e v e n in Committee, if he had voted according to his preferences; he would have voted againpt it. CAUTION NOTICE. There was objection in the Office of Internal Revenue to the omission of manufacturers' name s from cigar boxes and tobacco packages, but that objection does not now prevail, and the Commissioner is satisfied that t}).e retention of the factory number, district, and name of the State will be all the protection the Govern ment will need. Mr. Tucker, Chairman of the Sub-Com mittee, favors the abolition of the requirement, contingent, however, on the concurrence of the Com missioner, which has been obtained. A provitlo will be prepared in the Office of Internal Revenue, covering the caution notice question; and in accordance with the sugge!;!tion of Mr. Kimball, it" will be left optional with manufacturers to put their names.on or not. J:MPC>R. TE:Fl.S, WESTERN LEAF FOR THE QUARTER ENDING MARCH 31. The bad effect of the prolonged uncertainty respecting the subject of the tobacco tax is clearly seen in reviewing the business done in this city in Western leaf tobacco during the three months ending March 31. The sales fell 2,300 hogsheads below those for the COl' responding period in 1877, the aggregate for the past quarter having been 8,700hogsheads, against ll,OOOthe preceding one. That the deficit this season is chiefly, if not wholly, due to the circumstance named is made apparent by the knowledge in possession of all dealers in the staple of the cautious way in which manufacturers, cutters and jobbers were obliged to operate as a consequence of it. With production and sale diminished respectively perhaps one-half, the former two classes of buyers had neither incentive nor inclination to purchase l:ieyond actual necessities; while the latter were constrained to reduce their transactions both on account of the slackened home demand and the unsatisfactory character of the bulk of the supplies. The following comparative :ligures serve to sustain the position assumed:llanu'rs. Hbds_ 1877-Sales from Jan'y to April ... 4,135 1878-Sales from Jan'y to April. .. 1,625 Cutters. Jobberl. Hhdo. Hbdo. 976 1,291 314 873 The exports for the same intervals were :-1877, 11,711 hogsheads; 1878, 13,883-an excess in 1878 of 2,172 hogsheads, a result due to the low prices prevailing for certain shipping grades rui.d the extra demand consequent upon the tax agitation in the German Empire. Taking transactions for the last quarter in successive monthlyorder the following exhibit is presented: Receipts. Sales. Exports. Hlids. Hhds. Hhds. January ... : ...... 3,072 5 ; 604. February ... : ... 4,784 2 ,500 8,887 :Maych .... ......... 9,068 2,500 4,392 Total' ........ 16,924 8,700 13,883 The range of prices in the interim has been steady, th.e only quotable change being that on low light lugs, which declined from 3 to 2;!i cents. Stock in inspec tion warehouses declined 1 ,938 hogsheads. One of the needs u f the market has been the want of good, sub stantial leaf. Our stock of really desirable tobaccos was meagre even in January, and something, undoubtedly, is chargeable to this fact in accounting for the falling off in sales. More would have been done, the other on both home and foreign account, if supplies had been more satisfactory, for prices have been generally enough to encourage operations for future use. At the Western break markets trade for the past quarter has been in excess of that for the same time in 1 877-largely so in Louisville, where the sales in 1877 were 12,096 hogsheads, and in 1878 17,021. Of the sales in the latter year, 15,261 hogsheads were 1877 crop, anO. SALESROOM AND FACTORY: 1,760 hogsheads old crop. In NewYorklittleattention PURE TIN AND OTHER FOILS The cigar manufacturers in this city and elsewhere has been given to the new crop until this wee)>:, as it who happe n to be so unfortunate as to have only one was not required-in view of the stock of old-nor, room in which to manufacture and sell cigars, are not as a rule, was it servic eable here. But prompt apdisposed to quietly submit to the orde r of the Commispropri.ation at Louisville served, as usual, to enable ROLLED TO ANY GUAGJ;: AND CUT TO SIZE. BOTTLE CAPS, all Sbea, PLAIN AND COLORED. sioner of Internal Revenue requiring them to put up that spirited market to roll up a handsome volume OFFICE: 163 Mulberry St., N.Y. El Porvenir,'' of business in the three months under consideration. partitions in their rooms on and after May 1. Meet-ings on the subject have been held by those interested The sales this season in Cincinnati compare with in ::-l"ew York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Cincinnati, those of last season as follows:-In 1878, 11,468 hogs Chicago and St. Louis within the past few days, at heads, against 8,175 hogsheads in 1877, which is a very some of which a determination was expressed to test satisfactory gain, considering the general state of the legality of the order. The opinions of ominent trade. Transactions there this year appear to have counsel and of members of Congress have. been ob been about equallydivided between old and new crops. c.,.:) VALLEJO c:: c:. "" r---t ,.. taine4. which concur in the belief that the requirement The ensuing quarter will necessarily" show a marked is without warrant of law-that is, that it is a forced improvement in the exhibit made by tlie New York "' construction of the law. THE TOBACCO LEAF has been market, as both the wants of the contractors and the !II large manufacturers located here will be disclosed Ill foremost in demolll:!trating this attempt to infringe the and, in the case of the latter, enlarged during this time: !II natural and legal rights of poor manufacturers as un= warrantable on the part of the Office of Internal Rev-The reduction of manufactured stock incident to the enue, and it is glad to see that these rights will not be tax agitation makes a void that manufacturers here and elsewhere will be ready and eager to :fill between now and the close of June; and through them and the struoo, that will justify the order to divide cigar contractors, along with the purchases of the regular manufactories and salesrooms. The idea that separaexporters, whose operations maY be augmented by the tion might lawfully be insisted upon had its origin in moderate prices at which tobaccos are selling, the half the desire that separation should be effected. Acting year should end.on June 30 with a very full aggregate upon this desire, somebody in the Office of Internal of sales here. It may not, to be sure; but the chances Revenue induced Commissioner Raum to allow the are that it will. Only one thing that we can think of letter of November 22 to be sent to Revenue Agent is likely to prevent it, and that is the possibility of too Hale, of Buffalo, N. y_ Since then we have had noth extensive planting this season. From present indica ing but vascillation regarding the question. The Hale tions on this point a full average crop is estimated, letter was intended as a ruling to be enforced imme-but this quantity may be increased or diminished by diately Protests from tradesmen and revenue collec-the planters themselves, according as they find their tors drew from the Commissioner the circular letter prospects affected by the condition of affairs in Europe. 'of January 10, in which enforcement was deferred to One fact is certain, and that is that even an average May ensuing. Up to March 11 the apparent design of crop is not wanted-indeed, would be ruin this year, the Commissioner was to thoroughJy and permanently A half crop is the utmost the trade can safely carry; divide by wall or partition each cigar manufactory A few figures will go far to demonstrate this. Here is an exhibit of stocks marketed:from each salesroom. On March 11, however, an article appeared in THE ToBAcco LEAll' which proved most ::!:\:: 1877. hhds 83,387 16,057 18'76. hhds 25,614 13,126" conclusively that such division could only be made by Stock in Liverpool March 1 .... 84,349 a forced construction of the law, and on March 21 a Stock in London March 1. 22,260 11 f h Offi f In Stock in Bremen )larch 1. . . 3,601 cn;cular was sent to co _ectors rom t e ceo terStock in New Orleans :March 27... 2,826 5,414 6,429 10,888 17,429 880 5 ,847 12,558 22,481 nal Revenue-and w:J:!i6h was p-qplished in these. Stock !n Baltimore Marc. h 80 ..... 20,120 columns two weeks the following conStock m New York April1 ....... 18,681 cession to the trade:" When a cigar manufacturer has a store in a room adjoining his factory, a door and windom may be allowed between the factory .and store; and, if necessary for light or ventila_!;io!l J the upper portion of the partition between the factory and store may be of glass or wire-cloth." This, it will be seen, was a great gain to all cigar wufacturers having more than one room i but those having only one room are to be proceeded against ac to the original design. Against this invidious distinction, as against the who le attempt to interfere with the legitimate prosecution of their business, the small -manufacturers' here and everywhere in the country properly protest. 101,887 89,054 80,20$ The estifuated. growth of 18'77 was 287,000 hogsheads to which add stocks in open markets at the of 1878, 116,156 hogsheads, 'giving a total supply of 403,156 hogsheads, against inr 1877, and in THE REVENUES AND ExPENSES.-The :first nine months of the current fiscal year, July 1; 1877, to March 31 1878, yielded to the Treasury from ordinary and mi&. cellaneous revenues $194,9()0,000, or wiithin $8,000 000 of year before. The. are I99,000 >0Q0, 'the exmses 80,000 ,000, and).he ini8cel1ii.neol receipts are The defiCiencies _lut yeaf!'anj in the $6,oOO,OOO, and m rmseeiiimeous $2 000 000. Th enee in customs from 1877 is le&s 'thaD. $300, BROS., DeRJers iu. LEAF TOJl.ACCO, Chicago, m will find it to their advantage to deal with ua. .. ,)


... X.J.DOH AN. ntos. CA.RllOLL DOHAN, CARROLL & CO., TOBACCO Oommission ts, 104 FRONT STREET, .. JIV.&: '386. NEW YORK. for the foUowiug well-known and reliable M a nufacturers: B. 'ACE, ,, J. YA_RBROUGH SONS,. T BPIN BRO., C. T. IFORD, BOODMQ..IliJERS, T L. L co., L J, BRAIT CO., R. W OLIVER, T W PEllE.,., ; .10111 W. CARROll;, and athena SOLE AGENT.S FOR THE Gable Coli, DoDD.e Dou.cbe, 4s and 6s, Single and Double Thick. ALSO AGENTS FOR THE CELEBRAT I!:D" LONE JACK & BROW N DICK tn g LARGE STOCKS OF MANUFACTURED TOBACC O OF EVERY DESCRIPTION SUITABLE FOR THE HOME TRADE Al-'D FOR FOREIGN l!ARKETS COJSrS'T.A.JSr'TL"Y' OJSr TSE V IRGINIA TOBAt!CO AGENCY, :m.1i:aibl.i.ah.ecl. :Laae. .J AS. M GABDINBR, 'MBACCO COMMISSIO N MERCHANT, ; 84 FRONT STR'EET, NEW YORK. EXPORT O R DERS FOR PLUG TOBACCO PROMPTLY FILLED. ,_. ....................................................... --A LEXANDER MAITLAND L. F. S. MACLEHOSE. ROBERT L. MAITLAND. L. MAITLAND & C D r T .obacco Factor s A:i:J.d General Commission Me:t chant s 43 Broad New York, A!}ENt:S FOR THE WELL-KNO W N ) ... : 0 .A. :al El R.. C> N" Bran "PB.mTs & FLOWERS''& COMMONWEALTII" l>!iJ"' l-ISTS ';031 AP.PLrcA.TIOI\l. "U DEPOT FOR SNOW' S PATENT CARDHOLDEII.S. G. W. HA,."'TSCH, (ESTABLISHED 1836,) NE"W"YORK AOll:l'WI'BS H.ORDENSTE/N, 306 Broadway, <(-)> Lobenstein & G ans, 101 Maiden lane. REFERENCES. Messrs M, W. Mendel &i Bro., New York City. u L Simons & Bro. H u 111:. }!(. Smith, 14 Sutro & Newmark u '"' O. P. Merryman &'co. Baltimore, Md. !Messrs. K e ndall, Clock & Co.,Binghamto n N.Y. J. Col m & Co., Chicago, Ill. 41 \Vil s on Detroit, Mich, Huc k Cigar : Mfg Co., Springfield. Ordenstc1 n & Co., San CaL JOHN llV'. C A R ROLL, Manufacturer of the Famous and w.,rld-renowned Brand of VIRCINIA SMOKINC TOBACCos; LONE JACK AND BROWN DICK, Manufactory: TWELFTH STREET, LYNCHBURG, VA. Aoo.l"'r rermeetfally aolicited and DI'Om'Ptl7, atteaded to. Price Uat F ANCY SMOKING PIPES -INThe above Brand of IIAVANA TOBACCO CtGARET!'ES made ocly T:p01. S B. 222 GRE ENWICH STREET, COR. OF BARCLAY, -ALsoMANUFACTURER OF FINE CIGARS. El!lta'b1:lsh.ed. 1S3G. OFFICE OF W. DUKE & SONS,. JJIIA.NUPACTURBRS OF THE ORIGINAL AND GENUINE Pro Bono Publico" & Duke of Durham" SMOKING TOBACCOS. DURILtll, N. C., Feln-uarg 9 1878 11!......._ W DUKE and B. L DUKE two o f the leading manufa.cturel'S o f Smoking T obacco at Darha.m, North Carolina, announce to thei r cuatome111 and the trade gen er&ll y tha.t they hav e united their bW!lness, whic h llil1 h ereafter be carried on under t h e name and sty l e of W D'UXE 8& SO N S. The justly celebrated brands o f "GENUD!E D'UXE OF DUR HAM S M O KING TO B ACCO," hitherto man ufactured by B. L Duu, a n d the "PRO BONO PURLICO DlJRHAM SMOKING TO BACCO heretof ore manufactured b y W DtntK, will continu e to be o ff ered to the trade b y the new firm, under thei aame styl e and label as heretofore, and with I ncreased facllitles, expect toJn&ke these brands even more worthy o f t h e public f avo r than they have bithflrto been. We shall continue to manufacture t h e finest of Durham Smoking T obacco, at Durham, N C., and hope, b y the character o f o u r good.B, strict attention t o business, quick sales and small proftts, to merit an Increase of the patronage hit herto bestowed on our establishments. Address W DUKE, } B. J4 DUKE, J B. DUKE. B. N, DUKl'!. W. DUKE & SONS, JSr. c. Concerning the Right to Brands, Trade Marks, &c. In this connection, we desire to say to the trade, we notice that it is aaserted by some of the leading Journa.lsh and we are a tao informed that certain parties are endeavoring to produce the impressaon that J:Slackwell & this town, have the excl usive right to use tlae word '' DURH.All11 as applied to Tobacco. To this end, in B lackwell & Co. vs. Dibbrell & Co. in the Circuit Court of Virginia, is being extensiTel y circulated, in which it is held that the complainants "the exclusive right to the o/ word MD sym.bol of their trade m.ark." It will be observed that the opiD.Jon o! the court, in. regard to the word "Durham," is based o n the considerations: 1 '.fhat the defendants were manufacturing in R i chmond, Va. 2 That the word u Durham has a local geographical significance in the market. S. That the phrase, Durha.m Smoking TobaCco," indicates among all dealers and consumers, the fine tobacco marketed and manufactured at Durham, Nortb. CarolinCJ. It will also be uoted that the decree expreul11 declarea that the word doe& not apply to other parties manufacturing at this place, and that ,. penK>na other than the defenawus are not bound by the ctecree 11 Our right to manufacture., GENUINE DUKE OF DURHAM" and The u PRO BONO PUBLICO" Durham Smoking Tobacco, is clear and indisputable. we have no desire to 'Use any. body's bull. or infringe any one'srights. We have our own brands and our own trade-marks, which are secured to us by pa.tents. and have manufactured them here at DURH.A.M, N. 0., for eleven years, and have never heard even a BELLOw. except at a distance. The insinuation that we have n o right to use the word "Dulla.ul'' is false; groundless and intended to deceive. We guarantee all customers against an:y 1088 or trouble from any claim for infringement of righh_ and are able, ready 1 3d willing to make good our guarantee. Not only have we, but a hau-dozen other manUiacturers in the town of Durham the same right to use the word 'Durham" as Messrs. Blaclcwell & Co., and we challenge deitl.a:I of our right, as we have long cha.llenged with our goods. It is not ourl)urpose to as8ail or inJure the legitimate busiuees of any other parties, but we are det.ermined Co protecS our customers from annoyance, a.nd assert and maintain our rights. w. DUKE 6. SON&. '.OGLP H STROHI't GUIDO Jt&lTZ&NSTBI N REYNES BROTHERS & CO., BRIER AND FANCY WOODS, STROH, N REITZENSTEIN. MANUFACTURED BY JOMMISSION .MERCHANTS, :Merchants, BAR VEY & FORD, ALSO OEALRRS IN SALESROOM-365 & 361 CAJfAL STREET, lfEW YORK. D 0 M E 8 T I c FACTORY-LEDGER PLACE, PmLADELPHIA. And 46 4Sc. 48 Exchange 'VVEI FOREIGN TOBACCO, 11':1RI'l' E'.lUZE CARL F VUilNlH. III:DDDm'Mnv, 18t'.a. J 'RONT STREET APRIL 15 W. Y. .Merola._, BULKLE Y & MOORE, Tobacco Commis sion Merchants IUGIU'DU BOIS, I !rS I'BOK'l' JfEW YORK.. WOO.DROW. & LEWIS, GENERAL AUCTIONEEBS. Special'attentlo n given to the Sale of To-.:.. aDd Cigars. No. 94 PEARL STREET, NEAR HANOVER SQUARE, JSrE'VV FOX, DILLS & po., Importers of SPANISH .AND PACKERS OF S EED lEAF TOBCCOS 1!VA'l'J:tl STJLJ:: :E:T, NEW YORK. E M. CRAWFORD, IMPORTER & DEALER LEAF TOBACCO, l6S' 'Water Street, P, o 3479. NEW YORK; M. H L EVIN, of HAVANA AND DEALER IN ALL K1NDB OF LEAP TOBACCO, 162 Pearl Street, lew Yort. R H NsusUaau. NEUBUR'IER & STEINECKE, lmporten of SP AlUIJR De&len Ia LEAF TOBACCO; COMMIIISIOJI' IIE.RCHAJJTS AHD PACKERS OF 8BBD LBA5', 131 Malden Lane. New York. H. KOENIG, WHOL E SALE DEALER IN RAV AlA AID SBHD LUI TOEI.A.OOOI!I, No. 329. Bowery, New York, B .. SUBERT, WHOLE S AL E DEAL E R IN VAN A -AND-DOMESTIC LEAF TO:BACCO, 14 North Canal Street, cmcAGO ILL. B. SCBOVERLIIG, ALL KINDS OF LBAP r,J42 WATER ST., JfEW YORJt., #II U"' Packillil' House in New Ml1ford. Coon. ( W, SCHOVERLIJ.'I'G A CO. \ CHIS. F. T .&G a: SDK, lmperten ef SPAN I S H an.d Dealeuln a U k i a.d1 el LEAF TOBACCO, 164 Front Street, KBW 'W'OBK. E. SPINGARN & CO.,, DIU..L:EB!I IN l'li:W YOU YEBA & BERNHEIM, -HAVANA & DOMESTIC TOBACCO. BA V AI 111QBACCO No.5 BUIILINC SLIP, MANUFACTURER OF ::ME E :El. S 0 :EI: A. 'U :act: AND AMBER. GOODS, FELIX G_A GIA, 398 GRAND ST., IMPORTER OF BRA."fD 01!' HAVANA LEAF TOB CUO JfEW YORK. ..... AND VIENNA,.., Austria.. -AJIDBUEHLER tc POLHAUS, G. .Biil! 67 ST., Net.W.. York. 83 Chambers and. G5 Reaae Streets, lew York. .. !IU.OII.ON -AND UIPORTEBS OF-Havana Tobacco and Cigars, No ... 80 Wtater at., New tork. aa lll4 A TT)'IIJJ!g" w L. GIBBBIL 1: BID., I J. H.-MESSENGER & CO., PACICDS .t.JfD DKAL&&S Ilf DIPOB'l'SII8 Aim DEALEBII Illf A. H. CARDOZO, TOBACCO & COTTOI SEED LBAP TOBACCO C1gars & Paste AND 161 MAIDEN LANE, 111. Y. 191 PEARL STREET, hatral C..lsslon lerolut, tj... NEAR WA:TER-Sf'RIJE T .a.n.c!t STQ'tt' NEW Y O'Rlt. u.L '-- NEW YORK. M. W EIDIL a BRO. MANUFA.CTUB.K!I.S Olr CIG.&:RS AND D EALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO, 77] .. I+AAtta 6 DOMI:8TIC Leaf' Tobacco. HOLT, SCHAEFER & CO., LYNCHBURC, VA., BUYEII8 AND HANDLERS O F LHAF TOBACCO. ............ ............. ...... NEW YORK. IBU 80WERY. NEW YORK Sol.:J :t."tecl.


JACOB BIIKILL, CIGAR BO.XES, SUPERIOR MAn AND Prime Quality of CEDAR WOOD, !193. 295 &: Monroe St., YORK. "' .ASCH ct. FISCHER, DIPORTERS OF HAVANA mn iilrCKrboiAccn 155 Watln.-St., ._.Kai4GL&u, NEW YORK. Tho Gorman-Amorican Bank 60 WALL ST., lfEW YORK. Capital, S I ,000,000. Eoery facility alfonled to Dealers and Col'n!Sj)Ondents consistent with Sound Banking. H. R.OOHOLL, President. ; .. P. BEADI'NG C:ta hier. .WM EGGERT & CO. IMPORTERS O F AND DE.'-u.ERS IN 'liiB LIAP TOBACCO, llt PURL STREET, lEW YORK. Bruch, 9i llaln st., Cblcbmati, 0 E. A 8. FRIEND A CO., I_.-u4.t>ulenla LIAP TOBACCO, I :29 Malden Lane, GIJillhi.ND, Illbwun F ..,D.Ja., NEW YORK. le:A.JU> F t .. D S. BARNETT, Importer of BAVAJI'A AND JOBBER IN S _EED LEAF TOBACCOSJ 182 W1ter Street, lew York 4 S. STIRIBERGIR, ftlllSI AID BmW, Jro. EXCD.A.NGIIt PLACE, llf, Y Draw Bille of Ezchange o n t h e principal cities e f Eorope; t.ue C l rc D a r Letters of C redit to Trnt!le rs, aad annt Comme rcial Credit a; rt>ceive r on D epdatt, aabjec t o Sirht Checka ts.pon which Inter ut wUI bl! a ll owed; pay p arUc:ular otttenUon to tbe 1(...,-oeL. I!Diclal .-on r:t-.en to and BeiiiDg of OalJtornla Dlvldelld:Paylng llfinlng StocD. CUTHRIE ct. CO., 225 FrOAt Street. CODISSION :MERCIIA.NTS, A N D (ULEIS OF TOBACCO FOR EXPOIIT. -1.-f I n b o le: ftn 1.1> Weot I .. o:, lleakan and America n Ports, and o(ber marbU. TOBACCO PAO:ItED IN HOGSH E ADS. DEAU:RS IN Seed Leaf" AND A.-OATMAN, CW HAVANA And Dealer in Domestic LUP 'OB!CCO, 166 Water Street, NEW YOBK.. JI.I.N1JPACT1JBBB OP 0 ...... .I. N D DBALBB IN LEAF TOBACCO. omccs: 42 VESEY ST., NEW YORK. Tim JOBBING TilADB SOLIOl'l'IIID ONLY. DOMAS G. LITTLE, TIBACCO 192 Pearl Street, XEW YOBJL ROKOHL & : SOEL TER, MANUFACTURE R S O F FINE CIGARS, 283 PlC.A,JU. S'I' ., NEW YORK. LEERET & BLASE I MANVFACTUB.&RS or Cigar 168 &. 170 East Water St, SYRACUSE, IJ. Y. D-la HII\PP&i4HKfMIIR & MAURm's CIGAR IIOX LABEL S AND TRI MMlNGS. THE TOBACCO A. H. SCOVIT.T.E "' CC tSUCC)E.IOIII. TO PALn:EB .. -vu.LE,) IKPOB.'l'JC:R.S OF SFA.laSE AND JOBBERS IN ALL KINDS OF LEAF. Jl'o. U'O WATJIB. _..,.. 1r'OB.K. OOlOIEO'l'lCtrr SEED LEAF WltAPPER. OF OU,R. OWN PAOKDrG. sTRAIroN & STORM. f MANUFACTURERS OF ciGARS, AND DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO, 176 &. 160 FEA.RL_STREET, NEW YOPJt :N'e>a;rxc:s. WE HEREBY CAUTION 4LL. PARTIES I NFRINGING UPON OR IMITATINC OUR BRANDS, LABELS AND TRADEMARKS, that we will spare no pains in prosecutiDg suc h parties in the rights secured to us by Act of Congre ss da.W August 14, 1876. I STB.AITON & STORM James Gardiner, 84 Front St., N.Y., Sole Agent This Space is Reserved FOR J. W. MARTIN, TOE_A_OOEJ BONDY':& LE o ERER lll:.tUiVFACTWEB OF FINE CI.GARS, AND DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO, 96,98, I 00, I 02, I 04, I 06, I 08 & II 0 Attorney St. ::ISI":J!I"VV' y-C> :E'I..:&::.. BllNEST. FREISE, (J"OBIIBBLY OJ' THE FI1U[ OF W..t.LTJ:R Fl!Ili:D.IUN .t J'B1118B,) DIPOR.TER. OF Spanish Leaf Tobacco, 11:1'7 "VV' ..S..T:J!I:E'I.. .&T., JSI":J!I"VV' Y"C>:E'I..:&::.. Wl4. G L AC C UM, JACO B SCHLOSSER QI.ACCUM & SCHLOSSER JIANUPACTURERS OF 15 RXVXNGTON NE'W YORK., Proprteton o f t h e C e l e brat e d Bnnd s "REPUBLIC" a n d "HIGH AND DRY Othr JJ'3Ynrtte RnTu's m ll tt .. t n LBONARD PB.I**DM41W &UCCI!.SSOB. TO WALTI!.R FRIEDMAN & FREISI!., DIPOKTJIIK. 011' HAVANA TOBACCO, 203 Pearl Street, .New York. Kaufmann Bros. & Bondy, MANUFACTURERS s FINE CIGARS I AND IJIIPOBTEKS A ND lliANUPACTVB EBS OP PIPES AND SM.OKERS' COMMISSION M E RCHAN' T 7 9 FR-DNT ST., NEW 129 and 131 GRAND ST .a::::u, NEW YORK. Alex. & Bros., HIRAM WALKER. Pte!oot. J. E. SAXTON, Sec'y and Treas. MANUFACTURERS OF GLOBE HAVANA 16.CoUegePla.ce, New York, 48 4 DO lEAST SIECOND ST., CINCINNATI, OHIO. 8:a:a.aUe: :ac.H1-, .g. &e:a.1: 0. <:>. 2:11. ..... CAlLE CAllf.ORNIA ... DISlllliNG COMPANY, EASTERJI' OFFICE AND SAT FS'a0011 :No. DB "VV':I:1l.1a;D:1.&1:ree1:, xO.O.,. "'!Z'"ork., lliANUFACTUHBBI!I O.P STRICTLY .PURE HAVANA .CIGAR 'FLAVOR. ... t e mployed i n the preparation of Havana. Cigar Flavor and other mbllltaneee rom w.lU,\; the &roma and taste are extracted. The flavor di6tingu.ishes &lld gives charaoter to commo n tobacco. and contains constituent parts of the finest Havana. tobacco The directions bow to make Havana tobacco out of D omestic tobacco with this Flavor is given wita e&cb order :N'. :EIO::R.G-:tEITDT'S Tobacco Scrau FOR It han a Capaeity of ahoat 600 llo ... and caa H Eadly w ....... It("& OUTS :rhe Tobacco, DRY OR MOIST, C o:r O:E'I..l:TII!ii:EI:Z::ISI"G-:J:T., 0 And Causes No Lo!!_ in Weight by Dust. B PRICE, $35. Shipping, $1.50. i t11o EBrSt st., 156 Street, c.D 8 :N ::m"" "'Fe:> :::a...&:.. ::::::. HERMANN BAT JER tc BROTHER, I _; COKMISSIOllT MERCHANTS &. Im'ORTEll.S OF C:J.--.y pc;s. .,7 w .6. Tza u:a:w OFFICE-IIo. Ill FIRST ST., JIERSEY CITY, N .1. lew Tort Sallsnoms-lo. 114 Wamr St., 8Ae n n. lal BIID"J.OY i,OOO HANDS. PAY V. 8, GOVEHNJII:ENT $3,000,000 THJI YEAr. 3 t r MANUFACTURERS OF CIGARS, SlO, 22, 24, 26 &; 28 2d AYE., cor. 1st St., ECKMEYER lc CO. 48 BROAD I 48 I.EW STREEts,' P. SIYTIIK & CO., -OF-\ COMMISSION COMPAGNIE LAPEBIB IEBnaAT 8 u 11 ., E.P ."Gt..-:BRETHERTON BUILDINGs, s ... J. !IIDMPSDR a ca., No. 10 NORTH JOHN sTREET, TBBlCU All COHOJrmos. -AJOD-LIYERPOOL, ENC. lerll r--', 54 & 56 BROAD ST. JIIEW TOIUIO, M. WALLENSTEIN, THE GODERGIAL AGHNGY DEALER IN I 09 4 Ill WORTH &'f., Y"ork.. ', McKIUOP & SPRAGUE CO. AND IMPORTER OF Havana Tobacc The Commercial Agency Register OS, 1 IalheiiiAIIdaro bookofreterenoo.glv!Dg-. o f merchant&. 159 WATER. ST., JlrEW YORK, A.ociated()tll,_ of the priDcipal ollies olo.e u--. GrMt. Brllaln,Fraaae .SANCHEZ, HAYA tc CO., 130, I & 134 MAIDEN LANE, NEW YORI(; IIIANUFACTUB.lUI.S OJ' ? .. HI FINEST GLE!R H! V ANA GIGlRS, A'W&I"ded iighelt. JCiail.'-lzhibitic, lS'TG, MeleJpb!J, ALSO IUPOR.TlliR.S 0 1' 1260 :BROADWAY, NEW D IRI!.CT UlPORT ATIOI+ OF Tnrkisb Loaf Tobaa:o and ALSO OF YUIIUI mmB SIOIII& 135 Chatham St., Nea r Pearl, New York.


.. I .. THE TOBACCO L E AF. APRIL 15 l!UNOR EDITORIALS Al'iD NEWS ITEMS. ATTBNTION is called to an advertisement on our fifth page of Messrs. C C Warren & Co., Toledo, 0., manu facturers of extra fine and pure powdered licorice. This firm is known as a reliable and responsible one ; and judging by the list of teetimonials from many leading tobacco manufacturenl, published in our last issue, who are using their productions, they are d e serving the patronage of the tmde at large. BANK BooK LosT.-Bank-Book No. 448,888 of the Bowery Savings Bank is missing. The finder is re-1 quested to return it to the Bank. If not restored before the 12th day of May, 1878, application will be made to the Bank for a new book. LoG CA.BIN AND "LovE THE RosES (])an ville, Va.) smoking tobacco are manufactured by MeBBrs. Chas. H. Conrad & Co. of the choicest of Vir ginia leaf, and for sale at all tobacco O!f STBID. -The Spanish and Cuban cigar-makers in the employ of Messrs. Greeiihal.l, Pohalski & Co., Warren Street, to the number of about seventy. are on strike for higher wages. They. demand a higher rate than haa been paid by the finn for the past two years. AT THE JlEII:TING of the creditors of Bonnett, Schenck & E!Lrle at the office of Register Ketchum, on Friday last, a dividend of 20 per cent. was ordered to be paid. This is about one-half of the amount go far collooted. Besides this amount there remains in the hands of the trustoo J;Oult S18,000 worth of good collectable and assets. ScHEDULE Fn.Jw.-There has been filed in court the schedules in the matter of the assignment of Charles A. Siecke and Augustus F. T. Wannack, comprising the firm of Siecke & Wannack, cigar manufacturers, to William S. Kieling. The liabilities are stated at S1.81108.79; nominal assets at $7,785.61, and real assets at 14:!88.65. We have been informed that they have seWed with their creditors for forty cents on the dollar. A PRoTBST AGAINST THE PROPOSED GERJIIAN MON OPOLY.-A petition was circulated on Saturday among the leading shippers and exporters of tobacco, addressed to Prince Bismarck, requesting hiin not to continue his support of the project of making the manufacture of tobacco a monopoly in Germany. This peti tion has been signed by all of those in this city who are in any way connected with the Bremen market. THE INCOME TAX.-The Committee on Wa:ys and .lleans decided, by one majority, in favor of an.mcome tax. The yeas were Messrs. Tucker, of Virginia; Say ler, of Ohio; RObbins, of North Carolina; ll1uris, of Georgia; Burchard, of Illinois, and Louisiana.-6. The nays were Messrs. Wood, of :New York; (Jarfl.eld, of Ohio; Banks, of Massachusetts; Kelley, of Pennsylvania, and Phelps, of Connecticut-5. The det&ils of the measure have yet to be prepared. l1f B..unrnuPTCY. -Ingnats Nissen1 dealer in cigars, at 'IT Warren Street, has been adjudicated a voluntary bal,krupt on his own petition; liabilities amount to 113,1100; no assets. The debts were contracted mainly by the firm ofl. Nissen & Co., dsalers in tobacco, in 1873 and 1874 ; the firm was composed of Mr. Nissen aad Hainman Nathan, the latter being now in Europe .-11 the petitioner does not know where the books of tile concern are. The principal creditore are :-Barnes & Geromes, $6,769.95; Solomon $4,900; estate ol J. :Mayorga, 12 541.24; Lome Spitzer, $2, 200; E. N Wilcox, $1,858; L. F. Auga, $1,700. FOR SALE OR LEASE SPLENDID LOOATION li'OR Seed Leaf Dealer or Cigar Manufacturer Four-etory brick building No. 241 Pearl Street, running through the block to Cliff Street and including No. 16 Cliff Street. Total depth 197 feet, and 28 feet wide. Insures at lowest rates. For particulars apply to owner, George G Sanlpson, No. 241 Pearl Street, between 11 and 3 o clock. 684-681 A8BIGtomMT.-Messrs. Lederer&; Fischel, dsalers in teal tobacco, made an assignment on Friday to Mr. R. Lederer, wn of one of the firm. The liabilities are IIDl&ll, only amounting to $10,000, distributed among fl...-e or six houses in this city. The firm have done a fair business since they '.llltablished themselves about years ago, and enjoyed a reputation. The absence of Mr. Fischel from thiS city during the first of the week on a collection tour, from which he had not returned when the assignment was made, caused considerable talk on the street. The assignee stated to our reporter that he knew of Mr. .l'iachel's whereabouts. Had he returned in trme with :funds, all would have been well. AuRMBD SPANIARDS.-The organ of the Spanish Gov in this city, Las Navedn.deB, returns again in itis iBBUe of yesterday to the great danger now threateoillg the tobacco interests of Cuba in the 6hape of the propOeed bonded warehouses in this country, m which oigars can be made and shipped to Europe. "F. 'Birndes & Co., of Havana, m their tobacco report, Jlhow that they fully understand the gravity of the remarks our Spanish approv The Havana manufacturers of Cigars maintain

APRIL 15 THE TOBACCO LEAl'. 5 TUHI:E DOMESTIC TOBACCO MARKETS Gold opened at and closed at Merrill 9do, Pollard, Pettus & Co., 15 do; Orde r, 645do Exchange.-Messrs. M. & S. Sternberger, Bankers BY THE OLD DoMINION STEAMSHIP LINE -Sawyer, Wallace FOR THE WEEK ENDING SATURDAY, APRIL 13. NEW YORK.-The leaf tobacco :market for the past week shows a very decided impnovement in departments. In fact, this may be constdered qu!te an exceptional week, there having p-een a large In crease in the sales m the prmcipal brapches of the trade. Sixteen hundred hogsheads of "\Vestern leaf have been sold which quantity offers a marked con trast to the tra;,_sactions, as recorded, of the pruit few weeks. There .has been a brisk export demand for this variety apparently-, of a regular kind, the war and rumors war havmg nothing to do with It, as far as can be discerned. For new Western leaf of character there has been a good inquiry, but for nondescript descriptiOns there has been no demand; nor has there been any noticeable mqmry for now lugs. France and Italy have been the prinCipal buyers, with a fair quantity t;t,ken for Germany. These markets have seAmed willing to take at present' prices anything actually adapted to thetr wants. For home tr:ade sweet, Green River and Kentucky Rtver styles have oeen m gO(jft request. From the West we hear of dry weatller and dimin ished recetpts, but note active market.s and some advance in the heavy districts-predicated, l?erhaps, more upon the Improvement here than anything else. The l?assage in the English House of Commons of_ the bill to mcreaBe the duty on rmported leaf tobacco eight cents per pound has made no perceptible difference as yet in this or the English markets. The bill has yet to pass the House of Lords and be signed by the Queen, &fter which, possibly, some upward movement may ensue. English visitors of experience in the tobacco trade say, however, that the advance, if established, will not make any material difference m current trade, as the present duty-about 75 cents a pound on leafis so heavy as to prevent purchases to any appreciable extent for speculation. In other words, It requires too much capital to begm speculation with. Messrs. Sawyer, Wallace & Co. report to THE TOBAO 00 LEAF as follows:Western .Leaf-It gives us :pleasure to announce a much more active state of busmess in our market than has prevailed of late, the sales of the week summing up 1,600 hhds, of which 1,300 for exp([)rt prmCipally substantial, smooth Clarksville and Paducah leaf to France, Italy and Germany, at for common, 8@9c for medmm, and a few good at 10c and over. It is necessary to note that these prices apply only to strictly substantial leaf, and of the above growths. Where any hogsheads were taken as reducers ot less body, the prices were 1 and 2 cents lower. Very few of Ohio or Green River were selected, and onTy when they resembled the Clarksville types. In addition, 100 to 200 hhds of old Missouri leaf and old fermented lugs were taken by shippers, at Manufacturers bought 167 hhds, and jobbers 93 old, .sweet tillers and cutters, the stock of which is running low. Lugs and light leaf of the new crop are not in quired for yet, and their value IB nominal. lot weel<. 211 weel<. 3cl weelc. 4th week. 6th week. Total. .January .... 1,521:! 689 962 681 8 ,700 .February. 474 760 402 864 2 ,500 March.. .... 845 881 986 525 2,500 April. ..... 248 1,ll00 1,848 Virginia Leaf.-For serviceable Virginia tobacco there has been a good inquiry, and we have to report sales of wrappers, shtppers and smokers. S8ed Leaj.-The sales of Seed leaf foot up nearly 8,000 cases-2,910 in actual numbers-whiCh is an excellent exhibit for the times. New crop Connecticut .seconds and tillers have been sold in large quantities, and we hear of one :firm that have parted with their entire packing, mcluding wrappers. The movement thus is a month earlier than usual and betokBDS both satisfaction with the crop and confidence in the prospect. Both the Hartford and Housatomc Valleys have come in for their share of the extra demand, and there seems to be a feeling in all circles ihat better times are ahe'ad. If It were proper, we could mention the names of finns and dealers that have reason to be satisfied with the result of their experience this week. The prospect is that all crops of the growth of last year will sweat well and burn well, and, moreover, fauly meet the requirements as to color, Bremen, March 21.-0ur special says:-Prices of Seed leaf tobacco are very firm, and are likely to re main so. Bales for week ending March 21 were 310 case11 and 60 do cuttings. Receipts were 180 cases and 1111 do cuttingl!. Stock m first hands:-1,350 cases Seed leaf, including 15 Florida. Quotations:-Florida, 45 BJ pf. Seed leaf-Wrappers, 60@250 pf; binders, 45@ 60 pf; fillers, 35@45 pf. Messrs. Chu .11:. Fischer & Bro., Tobacco Brokers, 131 Water Street, report as follows concernmg Seed leaf: Business continues quite active, both in old and new tobaccos, for home trade only. The former were principally sold to manufacturers, with occasional sales for jobbing purposes. Export continues dull, only 150 cases being disposed of for that purpose. The total .sales of the week foot up to 2,910 cases. Connecticut Of this sort we can report sales .amounting to 2,150 cases, of which the following are the details :-500 case& wrappers, crop 1875, at 18@22c; 350 do do, crop 1876, at 1,000 cases seconds and tillers, crop 1877, both here and in the State of Connecticut, to New York parties, at for former and 6c for the latter; and 300 cases assorted, crop 18'17, (a complete packing of wrappers, seconds and fillers) on private terms. Ma/18Cl.Ch.usetts received out little attention, sales being made in a small way, not exceeding 100 cases old tobacco. PennBf1lvania--The busmess done in 1876 crop fell short of that of our last report. About :200 cases have changed hands, wrapper lots at 15@25c. Besides thia, an assorted lot, crop 1877, was sold for home trade on terms. New YOrk State-No sales of any account have been made. Ohio-A few small wrapper parcels for home trade; also a low MM>rted lot: in all, nearly 200 cases were of. From was paid. continues to meet with little attention only. For export 100 cases assorted at and for home trade aoout 60 ea.. tillers were sold.Our Bremen special, dated March 24, says :-Our market continues quiet, with sales of 319 cases 1876 Ohio and lJI do 18'13-75. Il'or Hav&Da tobecoo there has been a fair deriiand, aad the reported sales are about 600 bales, at for KOOCI, and fl@Llll for fine lots, with 188 bales exka tine at $1.25. The principal inquiry is for heavy tobacco, but there baa, nevertheless, been con siderable done in the new crop, and we hear of sales <>f new by a single Importing house since the :first of March of over 1,000 bales. Our special account from Havana is that in general the crop is washed; that its burning capacity is superior; that the wrappers are fair, and that the average quality is mild. The crop of Remedios is gone alwgetlMJr. The better growths of the Partido district and the Vuelta A.bqjo district will be the leading features of the crop; all the reet is badly washed, and 18 not available for our market. The stock on hand of the 1876 crop does not amount to 500 bales. Wrappers of the 1877 crop are not to be had ; $145 is asked for them. Whatever reiii&nB of Remedios outside of -stock, are valueless, and this tirm i8 selling freely at $45@55 per qtl, without wrappers. 'fhe available stock of Partido on the Island has changed, to its disadvantage, having lost Its ruce appearance, and is looking gray; and even for these lots which contam a large pro,PortiOn of small tobacco, $40@45 are asked and paid. GQod Vuelta vegas are sellmg to-day at from 38@24 reals for firsts to sevenths, and trom 20 reals, accordmg to assortment, for tillers. For our market, the available stock of Vuelta Aba,Jo is not to be taken mto considera tion, owing to its quality and lack of burnmg capacity. Ths production ot a J:-arudo wrapper vega of, say u bales, are divided as follows :-2 bales firsts, 2 thirds, 2 bales fourths, 4 bales Sixths, 8 bales sevenths 1 bale caprado; from sixths down, no wrappers. Manufactured.-An observer reports:-"Trade the past week has been dull. The suspense awaiting the action of Uongress m regard to the tax 18 cing past endurance. 'fhat our trade should be pereCl in this way every few years is a diBgrace. We hear of no Bales of any impor\ance either for export or home coiiiiUillption. 'fhe export trade has been so overdone by manufacturers (who are shippmg goods to England and elsewhere, and allowing them to be sold for ma.ny cents per 1b less than they will take here). There ill no port where a shipper can send goods witllout the prospect of a heavy loss. We hear of sale& of Mae in London at lllo( pence; the same goods cannot be bought here under 12 cents. It costs about .20 per cent. to ship. Stocks of old delirable goods are very much reduced, and will not be replenished until the tax w eett;led." The exports for the week were 97, 741 poUIIda. SirlolM41.-11or IIIDOking tobacco the demand has been fair, ucl -embraced aseortments for local and interior Wilde. Stocks are light everywhere and only the settlement of the tax question is needed to make business go<>d and remunerative. ... Oigars.-There Is a steady and fairly active demand for cigars of all good grades and styles. report to Tim ToBAcco LEAF as follows -Exchange dull, and & Co, 29 bbds: Sqmre, Taylor & Co., 10 do, JarviS & Co, 59 gold low Quotations:--Sterlmg. 60 !lays, nomwal, 487, do,D J. Gnrth,Son&Co,63do,R.:&1oore&Co.,12do,J D s ight, nommal, Sterling. 00 days, actual, 486; stght, Keilly, Jr., 1 do, 23 trcs,D. Buchner & Co .1 do, 1 do, Faucon actual, 489 Cable transfets, Commercial ste rling, prrme & Carroll, 9 do, 3 do; W 0 Smith & Co 83 hbds, 54 trcs, 25 lon g good long. 482@483. Paris b ankers', 60 days half trcs, 53 qtr trcs, 98 cases mfd, 200 three qtr bxs do; P. 515, stght, Rmcbsmarks (4), bankers', 60 days, 95%, Lorillard & Co, 12 hhds, 6 trc s, 2 bxs Sllmples, Cbas. F. Tag (4), stgbt, 95Yn & Co., 2 do, 6 do. 1 do; Dohan, Carroll & Co 4 bhds, 4 cad-Fteights.-Messrs. Carey, Yale & Lambert, Freight dies, 6 half bxa, bxs; Jos D Evans & Co., 7 hhds, 25 Brokers, t eport to TnE TonAcco LEAF 'Tobacco Freigh ts as half bxs; F S. Kmney, 7 Ires, John Devenny, 2 bhd.s, 1 box follows -Liverpool, steam, BOs, sat!, 27s 6d. London, steam, samples; Pioneer Tobacco Co., 11 Ires, 2 bxs F. E. 35s. sa il, 27s 6d Glasgow, steam, 35s Brtstol, steam, 40s. Owen, 27 do, Bulkley & Moor e 5 half trcs, 69 cases m!d, 1:1 Havre, steam, $ll, sat!, $7. Antwerp, steam, 4.'Js. Hamburg qtr bxs do; Wise & Bendbeim, 1 case smkg, 2 do mfd, 14 cadsteam, 45s; Bremen steam, 4.'ls. dtes do, 4 sixth bxs; J. W. Martin, 13 cases smkg. 11 do mfd. IIIIPORTS. 12 third bxs do, 9 cases cigars; I. Falk, 6 cases mfll, 4 do smkg, 5 bxs do; Thompson, Moore & Co 20 cases smkg, 53 do m!d, The arrivals at the port of New York from foretgn port& 32 halfbxs do; Henry Welsh, 28 cases smkg, 16 do mfd; H. K. for the week ending April13, included the followmg constgn& F. B Thurber & Co .. 2 cases mfd, 6 pkgs do; Allen & Co., ments:-253 cases smkg, 4 do mfd, J. R. Sutton, 4 case smkg; Jas L. .A.NTWERP.-H Batjer & Bro., 1,202 cases pipes; Wm. Davis & Co., :!0 do, James :M Gardmer, 20 cases mfd 10 bxs Demuth & Co, 724 do. do; R. L. Maitland & Co., 24 cases mfd; R. W. Cameron & GLASGow -J,inden & Meyer, 278 bxs pipes. Co., 112 do; Wm. Broadhurst, Jr. 26 do; J B. Brown, 2 do: MAle. Of From the port of New York to foreign porta for the week Ohio we note sales of about 100 hhds old crop to shippers, the ending April 1 3 were ss follows:-new crop not having been touched yet. Prices are Bteady gen .A.NTWERP.-94 bhds, 157 cases, 87 bales, 26 pkgs (8,762lbo) erally, and we quote as before : mfd. ?tlaryland-infenor and frosted._ .......... .... $ @ 2 00 BREMEN.-34 hhds, 324 cases, 21 bales. do sound common .......... -........ 2 50@ 3 00 BRITISH OOI.ANA.-6 hbds. do good do . . . . . 3 50@ II 00 BRITISH NORTH AHERICAN COLONIES.-12 hhds. do middling...................... 6 00@ 7 00 BRITISJI WEsT -INnms.-9 bhds 4 cases, 77 pkgs (6,477 lbs) do to fine red..................... 8 00@10 00 mfd. do fancy. . . . .. . . . 10 00@15 00 CANADA.-18 bales. do upper country...................... 4 00@20 00 CoRUNNA.-544 hhds do $"round leaves, new................. 2 00@ 8 00 GENOA.-428 hbds, 100 pkgs (10,000 lbs) mfd. Ohio--infenor to good common . . . . 3 00@ 4 50 GLA!Gow.-22 hhds, 112 pkgs (19,698 lbs) mfd. do greenish and brown....... . . . 4 50@ 6 00 HAMBUR0.-122 cases, 678 bales. do medium to tine red. . . . . . 6 50@ 9 00 HAVRE.-33 bbds, 52 pkgs (8,416 lbs) mfd do common to medium spangled............ 6 00@ 8 00 HAYTI.-8 hhds, 40 bales. do fine spangled to yellow .......... ....... 10 00@15 00 HuLL.-20 bhds Kentucky-common to good lugs............... 3 00@ 5 50 LIVERPOOL.-97 bhds. do Clarksville lugs..................... 8 50@ 6 00 LoNDON.-47 hbds. 172 pkgs (29,106 lbs) mfd. do common leaf....................... 5 50@ 6 50 RoT:rERDAM.--59 bbds. do medium leaf....................... 7 00@ 8 00 U. S. OF CoLOMBIA.-16 cases, 240 bales, 132 pkgs (15,829 do fair to good ......... -... . . 9 00@12 00 lbs) mfd. do fine ............................... 12 00@14 00 VENEZUELA.-10 bale3, 52 pkgs (4,456 lbs) mtd. do selecllODll ...................... .... 14 00@16 00 Virgini&--eommon and good lugs . . . 8 00@ 5 50 NOTICE, do common to medium leaf.............. 6 00@ 8 00 Every resale Ia supposed to be. at an advance on fll'llt coot, the pt1oeo do fair to good leaf ... -........... .. . 8 00@10 00 obtainable by growers or tobacco, therefore, w1ll alwaya be aomewbat do selections. . . . . . . 12 00@16 00 lower than tlieae quotations. do common to fine steins. . . . 1 50@ 3 00 QUOTATIONS OF WHOLESALE PRICES. Inspected this week:--561 bhds Maryland, 296 do Ohio, 8 do WESTERN LEAF. Virginia; total, 864 do Exported same period .--4.5 bhds Kenr..&r-ct. lucky tobacco, per steamer &rdtnia. to Ltverpool. .. January 1 Good .... .... Good ... 1<%@ Warehouse, and on shipboard, not cleared .... 23,805 bhds Fine .. .. 10 @li Fine li @ IDllpccted this week ...................... . 864 bhds VIRGJNIA LEAF. previonsly this year... . . . . 6,561 bhds Lan-Brll20 Bmo ers. 15 Shipped coastwise same time ... .. 8,041 bhds 600bhds 8,641 bhds Stock in warehouse and on shipboard not cleared. 21,589 bhds .... ..... -----Dark wrappe111. .. 9 14 OIDO AND MARYLAND LEAF. Ohio-Ma'1flandIntorior to good com 8 @ '% FI'Oflt.ed to common it!@ 2 Brown and greenloh '%@ 6 Sound common .. . @ 8 Medium and 11ne red 1%@ 9 Good do . @ 6 Oom to mid. op&ngled. 6 @ 8 Medium ... .. 6 @ 7 Fillespangledtoyollow 10 @15 Goodto!l.nered ........ 8 @10 Fancy.... . 10 @16 Upper Ooun @25 do e ..... 8& Wrappers........ @30 Selections ........... -. 4.5 L'rop 1ll76-I876-FU!ero common . 1%@ 7 Uers . & @ 6 do ! . 8 Fair lleconda........ 8 @129 Asoorted fall' ........ 12 @1& Fine Secondo 10 @ do ! . 18 @20 A.saorted .. 1Q @15 N.,. York State-Crop 1876to Wrapporsfalr. .. 12 @15 A.saorted Lots .......... 8 @10 Wrappel'llllne .. .. 20 @26 1,._ ..... 12 @18 Ma .. aa. .... 18'15to 181'6-"'-SecoFille"' .. .. --AIIIJQrted... .. . .. .. .. 9 @11 nda . 9 Wrappers.. ... A.laorted.... .. .. . 8 @11 w...,...n-Orop 11!75 and Wrappers ...... .. 10 @15 A.aaorted lots. . '1>2@10 EXPORT QUOTATIONS. PJt>lt7 @ 8 A..ssorted lots.... ..... 9 Asoo:::J'lots . 7>2 .. . . 4 @ Fair &MOrted lots 6 @ Good do 8 @ 1% SPA.NISH LEAF. Old crop. lii:@ 83oi: Good lugs .... ........................ 4 @ II Common leaf . . . .. .. .. .. .. 4 @ 6 Medium leaf ............................ Good leaf ................................ 9 @11 Fine leaf ................................ Selections ......... ...................... @15 No bhds sold above but a choice selection would easilf have touched 11\c, or perhaps gone beyond, had 11uch quahties appeared on the breaks. DAYTON, O,-Mfl88rs. Miller & Brenner, Packers and Dealers in Ohto Seed Leaf Tobacco, report to TBE ToBACCO LEAF:-There appeara to be no change from day to day in our m11rket, without it may be a growing disp011ition on the part of the planters toward asking higher prices aod being firm at the advance About the amount of crop has been taken this week at prices from 4@8c. Cigar Factory BROWN (Sncceooon to BONNETT, SCBENCK k EARLE,) MANUFACTURERS OF FINE CIGARS, 1 5a, 55 .,., 57 P..&.:a:s:. PX..&.0211, N Y"O::R.JEE.. l T. W. MARSHALL, :DIJ:..&.JSI'UF.A.OTU:R.E:R. OF :F':J:JSI'E ALL-HAVANA CIGARS, AND SOLE PROPRIETOR OF THE CELEBRATED BRAND OF CIGARS, EL ESQU I I ," IIORTH 4th ST., PHILADELPHIA, PA. Branch: 106 8th Ave. Chlca liQUORICE PASTE! The undersigned continues to manufacture and Import Spanish and Turkish Liquorice Paste, wttlch he offers to the Trade at Reduced Prices. Manufacturers will flnd It to their Interest to apply to him before purchasing else where. James C. McAndrew, orthe 55 Water Street, New York. POWDERED -L-ICORICE. c. c. A:R.R.El!llir co., TC>LEIZJC>, MANtJ'I"AVTtJ'REKS 01" THE EXTRA FINE' & FINE' Brands of Pure Powdered Spanish Licorice Root. Our Dills are oC peeullar eonstruedou, and. entirely our owu delcn, and. are, we belle"Ye, eapal ot prod.uctnc a more thorouchl)' impalpable powder 1ban any o&b.en know-a. We coJUldendy elalm for our "EXTRA PINE'' a superiority O'W"er any other rice tor w.e In F'lne Tobacco, {or the rea110n "tba* U le a more powdered article than any other, coaeequea1ly mucb. m.ore can be uaed In 'the cut and be ab110rbed by the mohture oc 1he Ieac, without ch'tnc the coodo a duety appearance, aDd will not eloc tho k.nlve and preven a SDI.ooth cu1:, l 1:he cae with contalD.lnc the ueu&l am.oua't of" ftbre. a:n.d. JE"'r:lce e:n.1: o:n. OI"Ji'IVE and SALESROOMI-118, 115 .tc 11'2' MONROE ST.l C C & CO MILLS:-818, 320 ole 322 ERIE STREET. f e et 0 DURHAM, N. C.-Messrs. Walker, Lyon & Co ., of the I dard brands continue to receive the usual price, but all other Farmers' Warehou se, report to TilE TOBAcco LEAF as follows:-brands and grades (if tax-paid) must be offered at a reduction Tere bas been much dullness in our market for the past two nearly equivalent to the contemplated decrease of tax in order weeks, with receipts. and we are of the opinion that but to find wtlling buyers. little will be done in tobacco until the tax question is settled; F'in11-0uts.-Sa!es were strictly confined to daily WlUlts buythere has been but little doing and prices favor the buyer. ers, however, still favor better grades. More than stx monlbs of the tobacco year has_l'_assed, and not Smok1ng Toi>aew.-This branch of the trade remains on more than one third of the crop bas been sold. W1th a crowded pleasantly quiet, dealers ordering as they need and in Tetf market during tbe summer months, which must of necessity moderate quantities be, we can see but httle prospect ahead for much impovement received are mostly for medium and low in prices. grades, with buyers using strong for a reduction of HOPKINSVILLE, Ky.-M. H. Clark & Bro., Leaf price. but manufacturers so far, hold 11teadfast. Receipta for Tobacco report to THE ToB.'I.CCO LEAF as follows:-the week, 498 bxs 2,468 caddies, 1,018 cases, 83 kegs and 1$32 Receipts since last report 506 hbds; to date, 5 786 bhds; same patls of fine-cut. Exported to Liverpool via steamer .lnrd time last year 1,010 hhds, same time in 1876, 5,937 bhds. Olt'OfJ of manufactured 29,986 lbs. Sales since last report 269 hbds; to date, 3,477 bhds; same Leaf tn linter County than is really stated. I bel1eve that fully 20,000 report to T!IE TOBACCO LFAF as follows:-Since our last cases are sold; they are still buying al a rate that leads me to our leaf market bas exhibited no feature of special interest to believe that all desirable leaf 1s wanted by the packers the trade, having continued remArkably uniform with quotaLOUISVILLE.-Mr. Wm. J. Lewers, Secretary of the twns l!"'t you, with of a slight improve Tobacco Board of Trade, reports to THE 'ToBACCO LEAli' aa ment m rteb, waxy parcels Within the last eight or ten days. follows -Receipl& this week about 700 bhds. Having had a grades _are likely_ to be more in demand, at stiffer ligures, abort stripping season throughout this and adjoining Stalei a ltttle later m the Sprmg, when manufacturers will be at work this week, we look for larger receipts for some time. in fu _force. But .the present shght does not jnsttf;y SALES li'OR J'lRBT l!'.IVE DAYS Tms WEEK, ETO. 11 revJSton of quotatwns m your possessiOn, so we await eome Wq.relwuau. Week. Mtmlh. y,.,.._ marked chanie. The outlook for a full average crop thecomiq Gilbert. . . . . . . .. 26 77 626 season is not very promising. Our planters, discouraged b;y Pickett. .. . . . .. . . 125 384 8, 732 low prices alld beavy taxation of the weed," seem very in Boone ......... ><.. 82 192 1,714 different, are buying hardly any fertilizers, and manifest but Farmers' ........... -.............. 52 175 2,126 little interest in the fate of their plants, reports of the destrucKentuck;y Association. . . 73 201 2, 75/i lion of which come up from all"!lctlona. All indications pomt Planters'.. . . . . . .. 75 200 2,24:1 to the planting of a smaller area, better cultivation, and the use Falls City. .. .. . . . . 17 62 456 of home made manures, resulting in the producUon of richer Louisville ... .. __ ...... -......... 54 184 1,194 and better tobaccos. Ninth Street. . . . . 222 489 4,095 RICHMOND.-Jiir. R. A Mills, Tobacco Broker and 726 1,914 Year 1877 ................. :>. .. 1,121 1 ,975 Year 1876... .. . . .. . . 1,235 2,991 Year 1875. .. .. .. . .. .. . 599 1,798 18,98J 14,071 15,898 8,51!8 Sales of week and year divided as follows:We<'k. Yea-r. Original New ........... -.... ........... 560 15,607 Original Old ......................... -...... 43 1,:145 New Iteviews....... .. . .. .. . . 115 1,3118 Old Reviews.. . .. .. . .. . . . 8 58J Order and handling generally very good, have quantities of very lar!fe showy, dark leaf. but none, hardly, with body and gum, 'lhe best we had this week was possibly 10 bbds, not really heavy bodied leaf, at 8@9c. No tine cutting or bright wrapper leaf this week. Prices have ruled steady through the week at fili:Ure& of last Saturday, which was slightly lower on common fuga and low grades of nondeS<:npt and moderately beavy bodied tobacco No improvement in cbruacter. QUOTATIONS FOR NEW TOBACCOS (CROP 18'77), Noruiescnpt. ,--Hemy Bod:i.ed.---.. Gutti1&1J. Moderately. Really. Common lugs.. 2 !4 2%@ 3 Good lugs..... 2 M 3 3 @ 4% Common leaf.. 2lo(@3 6 Good leaf ...... 3 @4 5 @7 6 @ 8 Fine leaf....... @.. 5 7 @9 8 @11 Selections. .. @.. 9 11 @14% If faulty in weight or order, ,\4@1c less than allove. Sales of crop of 1877 to date, 18,191 hllds; this embraces 2,484 hbds that bad been sold before the commencement of the present vear Receipts on Saturday, 76 bhds; sales, 70. Prices firm at quotations. MAYFIELD, Ky,-Mr. W. S. Melloo reports to 'f1m TOBACCO 1.\v as followa:-Our receipts are still small, owl.lg to the continued dry weather, but hope we shall have a goou season soon. Our market tbts week ts firm, and more active especially for all substantial grades. &lid this week 6a hhds, and I quote as follows:QUOTATIONS. Common lugs......................... 1 50@ 175 Good lugs,_ .. .. .. . .. .. .. .. 2 00@ 2 50 Common leaf .......... . . .. . 2 75@ a 50 Medium leaf ............... .. . 4 00@ 6 25 Good leaf. . . . . . . . 6 50@ 8 00 Fine leaf ..... ....................... none o.tfering. PHILADELPHIA. Pa.-.Mr. Arthur R. Fougeray, Tobacco Manufacturers' Agent, reports to TRB ToBAcco L&Av as follows :-Recetpts of manufactured plug tobacco the paat week would atroogly Indicate that dealers are deterouned to have every brand and grade of tobacco familiar to the trade put up in small boxes, in order to en&ble the smull dealer to supply his wants, and at the same time comply with tbe requiremoniS of the Internal revenue laws as construed by the honorable Commissioner. As a consequence, receipts were largely aug mented in cases and caddtes. in addition, qmtc a large lot of 6 12 inch twist. suitable for smoking purposes, found wilhngpur chasers, because :t was sold at reduced figures. Prices of stanCommission Merchant, reports to THE ToBAcco LE.uas follows .-Another week of inertness and extreme dullne.s has passed, and we seem no nearer the goal than we were three months ago. It seems Congress has forgotten that the tobacco tax is a question o f great moment to thousands of people in this broad land, while thousands are su1fering for the necessaries of life from bemg thrown out of employment by the agitatiOn of this tax questwn, planters not realizmg enough for theu to. bacco to pay transportation and warehouse expenses Congress is spendmg whole day s in discussing the merlls or dements of a doorkeeper, and like kmdred subjects; but what is the good of complaming? "No good." I would remark that a great deal of tobacco is sold privately at prices the auct ion sales reported. Til e sales public and private auout amount to the number of packages inspected. The transactions w ere:-474 bhds, 52 Ires and 40 bxs. Offenngs at auction -April 8 12 pkgs sold at 90@13 25, 21 taken in at 1.10@35. Apri19 Sa do sold at 1@40, 17 taken in at 1@30. Aprtl 10. 37 do at 2.10@59; 27 t&ken in at Aprilll, 23 do sold at 1 20 @17.50; 84 taken m at 1@23. April12, 28 do sold at 2.20@ 31.50; 24 taken in at 1 20@25. April13, 18 do sold at 1 .50@ 45, 21 t&ken m at 1. 75@24 MONTHLY REP-ORT li'OR APRIL. BreaJcs duriq M&rcb: Inspections... .... Uplanda ... .. .. Reviews Total for the month .... Inspections during March PreviOUS 1!118 4,176 hhds 24hhds 566 hhda 4 ,768 hhds 4,176 bhda 6.061 hhds Total from Oct 1 to date .. 10,237bhda ShlpmenU!duxjng March: Tobacco. Stems. . hhds hbds Coastwise 1,684 hhds 2!U hhda Total during the month 1,&84 hhdB 224 hhda Previous 6,188 hhda 1,51131lhda Total from Oct. 1 to dat e s;oca on March 1... . Add receapts 8lllce... .. Oft'. delh'' fes d'nng-month Stock of 1D8pected tobacco OD band .... A.od tor lnspection 7,822 Bhds 1,"7 hhda 5,107 hhda 4,:i00 hhda 9,807bhda 8,300bhds 1877 2,432hhds 2bhda 1.18ihhda 3,&18bhda 2,439 bhds 8.759 bh

6 .t".b.ila!ielphia Ad' verusemeu-.. TELLE: R BROTHERS, Pallera, Ce- ltl'lllatat 11H1 ... llaalt 'Ia l'oreip and Domestic Leaf T .obacco, *"" 117 North Tlhlrd Philadelphia., W. EISENLOliR & COr; PACKERS AND WHOLESALE DEALERS IN LEAF' TOBACCO, 116 &. .St Pl:1:l.l.a.d.el.pb.:l.a.. W EI!Ii:NLOHR, S: W. CLARK. PliTL. BONN. .. LEWIS BREMER'S Wholesale Dealers ia r.EAF" AND KANUFACTtm.ED TOBACCO, NO. 3:22 NORTH THIRD STREET, IFA assortment of all kinds of LBAF ToBACC O constantly on hanct ..f8 ROOHLSTill..N y AND DEALERS IN_ LEAF THE TOB.A.CCO Baltimore Advertisem.euta. 'WM. A. BOYD & CO., DlPQ&TED .AlQ) DOIU:STIC LEAF TOBACCO, No. 33 South Street. EJ.a.LT:I:'t40B.E. MANUF AOTURED BY lL WILKENS a CO., B.A.LT:J:l.'\l[C>R.E, ::aii:D. .A.G-EN'OXE.EI: New York: M. FALK, 122 Chambers St. Philadelphia: BATTIN & BRO., 142 N. 3d St.. L. W. GUHTBER, GENERAL COMMISSION MERCHANT AND TOBACCO .... No. 9 GA."Y Jl4.:0. A.DVANCEIIIENTS MADB ON CONSIGNKENTS TO JilT ADDRESS. WESTERN ADVERTISEMENTS LEAF TOBACCO B -ROKERS, 1EAP 146 & 148 WEST SECOND ST., 115 & 117 WEST FRONT STREET, 0. Corner of Elm and Second t)treets, CINCINNATI. 'iBB STATE O:P KENTUCKY TOBACCO GO., Choice Brands of PLUG TOBACCO, And Paleo tea of the Celebrated Brand of PROGRESS, MADE IN ALL SHAPES AND WEIGHTS. U" EVER.Y PLU() HAS OUR PATEl.VT PUTJIINBB. AT THE END. "U s. LOWBJI'TBAT, oo., MANlJ.FAcTURERS oF .FINE CIGARS, AND DEALERS Ill LEAF TOBACCO, :uso WBST ST:aJCJC'r, CINCINNATI OHIO. n F. G. Tobacco Works, Toledo, Ohio. CHARLES R. MESSINGER, MANUFACTURB!l OJI' The "F. G." AND NATIONAL LONG CUT SMOKINGS. Also, the Indian a.nd Sun Flower Chewing Tobaccos. W BEST, Cblc-.-o ; LOR.JN PALMER, New York; W. H RUSSELL, Cb1c&,o. APRIL 15J, W. E. RAGSDALE, TOBACCO BROKER, K.y. 0111c10 m llaln Street w..-,.._ REF!ERJI:NOES. BY PERMIS8IO!f. C. LatbouD, l'rel' t Banli: or Bopl .= .c 1410 Cary Street RICHMOND. VA. HENRY WULSTEIN, ( ,laece .. or to .t; THE LARGEsT CIGAR FAcToRY rn THE sTATE:-BWA.KR.B ; K EERR & w A G.GE.G WNAGGENER R F ; w. FELGNER & soN, ]Acw;n, AMBROSIA TOBACCO WORKS. "'W'Ol\ES, ( Successors to S. & C o.) Manufacturers and Whole!ale.Dealers ln Oo., lEAr=TO"BACco r. CI&ARS&'WFTOBACCO SPENCE-B.R.DTHERS & CO., 56. 58, 60 alld 62 .a E .A. S T T ::iB: X :E'I. :0 ST. 0 LEAP TOB.A.CCO 29 Soath Bay St., Baltimore, Md. Depot with F. 113 Main St., Cincinnati 0. CINCINNA'l'l, OHIO. 1-,... ... ..... RD OF CIG ... 'DS, _s_G_s_. w_A_SJJJ_N_G_To_N,_s_q_u_ ... a_E, N._'f"_. .ll&.a..&."' 1.1&' .& Welnvtte.tbe attention of ManufactuN:rs toour 62 NORTH FRONT STREET, PHILADELPHIA>, PA. "'. D. D. MALLO;RY, w. G. MORRIS, a l GEISE & Da. R. SP.,m:; .. J. P "SPENCE, W. R. LIIWls MERFELD & .. KEMPER, TOBA.Qco sm:PPDI'G Leaf Tobacco . ., CommissionMD Merchant, :s:aon::m:a, aTEJA"M PE .... I .... GTON:. :PRICE co. and. Yara Tobacco s : E. E. WENCK, OFFICE. 4, COLLEGE BUILDING, Jcn_ .Box FACTOR. Y, .MI .MI ., f 17 Lombard 46 and 48 ST. CHARLES STREET, And Front St., Cincinnati, IJ nD MANUFACTURERS. AND DEALERS IN BALTIKORE. JIID, s.w. St., BALTIMORE, MD. (CLAY, WOOD,' .. C, D., 1 & OTH:ER los. scxxososR, Nc oussn, .. No." 93 CLAY STREET, TOBA.-..-.0 G. H. M. JOS. SCHROEDER & BERRY MEYER a: co.; CUTCINXATI, o. ____ V.....;.._V __ &I COMMISSION MERCHANTS, UNITED STATES CIGAR .MANUFACTORY. LEAF 'TBBACCO, AndWho, .. alDlenift C.&llDOUITZKH &CO .. T. J. & CO.,. .. I Comwssion lcrcJJanU' I!NUPACTUI'"I" s FI'TB CI&AR" s PETER&BURC. VA." ADVERTISEMENTS. ., :.s 1i al 1' Cia.-Brands of hnported lkw!ceolwa"'?n,hand. Jll"ao1:ory a:a.q l s. w. VENABLE,.... .. .. . :E. c VENABLE. I LEAF.TOBACCO. BROKER, Lll>e DEAL&It IN ,.. ,and Domestic leaf T ebacco, Wholooal e ud ll.eUII dooler ID Allllranda of ]!!, W .,..r. N "" Poplar J8tlo., PloUaclelplti&. NAVl. & TOBACCO, 8 .11 5I& SOV'l'll all ft. Pa:ILA: : : . SO RVER, COIK SYLVESTER & .BERNARD,. rAaDI., I!CIOIWIOI .. :SR.C>::K.ER.S .bd ?a: .. IN PEIISYLVANIA LEAF TOBACCO LEAF TO:BACCO ..,., X...o-.v-Pr:Loecl. 101 R. W.&TBa ST., 155 N n S La t P PHU4BELPHIA. t., neas er, a. "DB SO'!rO aad OOKQ'UIJB.OB.." LOUISVILLE KY. The out A.,eo.U for the SaleofKANUI'ACTURED GOODS:' c. w. v .&N &LSTINE & co.t...!s c.;;;:,..,.) Whart. Bostonhlllaso., Paducah Tobacco Works. P. CAVA.NA.GH,41and43WabashAvenue,Ub.icagoi I.; T H "D' A., HAGEN k CO,, 63 N. Front Street, Phllade phla, Pa.; 1 0 U ,Q, .& N, H. CHRUTJAN, Ga!Teston, Texas; .JOHN. "ri'J'VS. CinclnMtl, 0.; ... E, W, 318 F1"01\t St. San Pranclso?1 Cal8 i,, "-' .&. lii:A. TO lii:A.raEWS k PII.ICE. 4.00 N "" t., .,.. HElUJ:A.N ELLIS, 67 S. Gay Street, Baltimore, Md.; COOPER A; co., Cor. Madison and Front St., Memp Manufacturers of Choice Brands ef I KENTUCKY NAVY, Made oi SELECT KENTUCKY LEAF, Paducah, Ky. Paducah, Ky. A. J .4:CKSON a co. ED. WISOHMEYFR, r I HY. ; OF ALL STYLES OF ED WISCH MEiER & co., sweet Navy Chewing Tobacco, .. ... ...... BESTl. I "V .A.. At tbe OEI!1TENNlA.L EXPOSlTION, Seplembor :R, lSitl, THIS TOBACCO WAS AWARDED ,...10'HE...,... HIGHEST PRIZE. We ea11. _.,.,w .-to-III&IIDer in wbleh..,. are put Ull! that neither Dealer nor other J:oodo, thinking be Is g"""ng ours. Every Butt and ha8 0 '8 T" IDipawoed. into it by a die. Eo-ery Plug ha8 our Trade-mark ot:rh> ";J (l ES u diolcr&m aanexed. TRY IT UNDER OUR eUARANTElll, ,....flf-S. we WILL PAY I"REEGHT BOTH WAYS-SOLD BY ALL LEADING JOBBEBS TUROUGHOVT UNITED STATES, Let W.. timely ":,'ld Dealer hi. CIGARS tlaat BOC:EE. &, CO.,, Have been tully secured by registration of their Trade-Marks and Labels i n the U. S Patent Oftice. The more prominent Trade-Marks are EL AGUILA DE ORO" (Golden Eacie), "BOCK :y Ca., "REGALIA de PREFERENCIA." Any person, firm or corporation found to infri.nge on any of sa.i.d Trade-Marks, efther by _printing counterfeits thereof, or by using counterfeits on be promptly proeecuted wken detected. The law makes the imitation of a registered Trade-1tf:arlt a cnme. punishable by heavy fine and imprison ment in State Prison. Full damages are also rec:overable By the party aggrieved. Any Information pointing to frauds will be thankfully received by R. S. STROBEL, 18 Commerce St., Baltlmore7 Md. CEl.VTRE STREET," NEW YORK, P 0 Box: soqr, York. Con!rtantly on. haad tbe Best Improved Mach _il!!!l' for CUTTT"NG,a..9RANtTLATING AND SIEVI.w G TOBACCO BY HANO OR. S T!>:AM 1'0\VEK. 0 A largo variety of Hachiwery f o r Manufac turers such as for Cuttir'f o r Granulatin.ll Havana and other Fi11en for Chrars. S terD. Rollers Bunching Na .. Stemmiag Machines. and also MAebines f01 and Flattening the Tobac' o Stem in the iLeRf, Cigare.tte :Machines, etc Srtle Af!ent in the U.S. for F FLIN'SCH'S (Offenbach on Ma'in, Ger mafly) c e lebrated Machines for Pack log Manufactured Tobacco. W. H. Trowbridge, MANUFACTURE R Oil" A.LL STYLES OF Fine Virginia Smoking. Tobacco, INCLUDING TBll: FOLLOWING BRANDS: ) Best, J DOubleEacle, Kllldi.C, Beter, -ay, DaariOe, Good, Fame, Ete, -a Boa$

APRIL 15 Business Direatory of Advertisers. NEW YORK. Tobacco Warehouel. Almer & Debls, 290 Pearl. Allen & Co, 178 and 175 Chambers Bulkley &"'Moore, 74 Front. Carooio A. H. 6ti Broo.d. Orawfl>nl E. H. 168 Water. Dol!.a!>, Carroll & Co. 11li Front. DuBOis Eugene, 75 Front. Wm. & Co. 171 Pearl. F. li6 8. 8qual'e Fox, Dills & Co. 17!5 Water. Friend E. & G. & Co. 129 Maiden Lane. Gardiner J .M. 84. F1ont. 6erahei L. & Bro. 191 l!'earl. Giebel & Van Ramdohr, 176 Water.. I. & Co. 151 'Vater Barris & BO\'>'ma n 102 1<'1ont Bayemeyers & Vig e liu s, 175 Pearl Bernat ;Brothers. IS31\"ater. Hoodless W. J. 45 Broad .Koenig H. 329 Dowe 1y. "Ln.chenbruch & Bro. 164 Water. Lederer & Fischel, 213 Pearl. Levin M. H. 162 r e ar!. Lichtenstein Bros 121 Bowe1y. Lobenstein & Gaos, 101 Maiden Lane. Maitland Robert L. & Co 4lJ Broad. .Martill J. \V. 79 Front Mueller Ernst & Co. 122 Pearl. :Neuberger & Steinecke, 131 Maiden Lane. Oatman Alva, 166 'Vater. Ottinger Brothe rs. 4S Broad. Paulitsch M. 147 Price Wm. M. 1HJ Maiden Lane. ReiBmann G. 188 Pearl. Sawyer, Wallace 1!:. Co. 47 Broad. ,Schoverllng H. 142 Water. '8obroeder & Bon, 178 Water. Schubart H. & Co. 146 Water. Scoville A. H. & Co. 170 Water. :Siebert Hem-y, 68 Brood. E. & Co. 5 Burlm,g Sl_ip. .:Stralton & Storm, 178 and 180 Pearl Strohn & Reitzensteln, 176 Front. Tar, Charles F. & Son. 184 Front. 'Thompson S. E. & Co. 54 and 56 Broad. Upmann, Carl, 178 Pearl Tobocco Balers for l!ll:porl. Quthrle 8t. Co. 225 Front. Western and Virginia Leaf Tobacco Oommis aion Merchant.. & Carroll, 50 Broad L<4J Tobacco SWeating. Philb> C. s 188 Pearl Uttle Thomas G. 192 Pearl. Gommi&tion Boyueo Brothers & Co., 46 & 46 Exchange Place. of Tobacco. BeUBens G. M BrOad. Tobacco Brokero .(Ja.ttus John, m Pearl Fiaeber Chu E. & Bro. 181 Water. "Hagedorn R. 411Jroatt. Klnnlcutt & Bill; 5I Broad. Charles F. M lld. Bader M. & Son, 50 B., :Sbaok A. l!l9 Ha.iden UY>e. Manur of Smoking an4 CM!oinq Toi'Jdccoo. .Andermm John & Co. 114. 116 and 117 Liberty. .. -Goodwin & Co. 'Ml & 209 Water. Hoyt Thomas & Co. 404 PearL Kinney Bros. 141 West Broadway. Lorlllard P. & Oo. 114 'Vater. D and Pioneer Tobacco Company, 124:Water. .Agent for Chewing and Smoking Tobaccos, etc. 'Engelbacb F. 56 8. 'Vashington Square Hen A & Co. 4-1 Liberty. Hunt H. W. 69 \Vill1am Lindholm JL 1119 Water "Wise & Bendhelm. 121 Bowery of Cigars. Bondy 111: Lea.erer, 96 to 110 Attorney Otaecum & Schlosser, 15 lU \iDgoon. HeUbroner & J osep_hs, 684 to 640 E. Sixteenth Hirsch D. & Co. ml and 130 Rlvington and 88 Wall. Hirschhorn L & Co. 20 to 28 2d A venue Kaufman Bros. & Bondy, 1.29 & 181 Grand. Kerbs &: Spjess, 1014 to SecOild Av. and 810 to 314 Fifty.fourth Levy Bros, 70 and 72 Bowery Lichtenstein Bros. Sr Cq 268 270 Bowery Lichtenstein A. & Co. 34 aud Bowery McCoy & Co. 101 Bowery :Mendel M. W. & BnJ. 15 1 Bowery Orgler S. 295 and PI Green with RokoW & Soeiter, 288 Pearl Seidenoerg & Co. 84 and 86 Reade Smith E. A.. 11 Bowery Smith M. M.. 4.2 Vesey Stachelberg M. & Co., 92 and 94 Liberty Straiton & storm, 178 and Pea.rl 8utro & Newmark. 76 Park Place Manufacturers oj Fine Ciga.r. 8rown & EaHe, 211 'and 2111-W 6oster Foster, Hlloon : Co 35 Bowery Sl\ncllez, Haya & C<>. 130, 132, 134, Malden Lane Importers of Tobacco and Oigars. .Almlrall J. J. :16 Cedar Freise E. 157 Water Friedman Leonard, Pearl Garcia F. 167 Water Gonzalez A. 167 Water M;,:;n:-T B' & 0<1: 161 Malden Lane. I' lli6 w &te.r Sanchez, Raya & Co. 130._132, 184 Malaen Lane Scoville A. H. & Co. Water Seidenberg If Co. 84 and 86 Reade Solomon M.-& E. 85 : Maiden Lane Vega & Bernheim, 187 Pearl Wei! & Co. 65 Pine Weiloo, Eller & Kaeppel, 200 Pljarl YborV.Kartinez-"Oo.lfiOPeari Mll:nufacturers of Key West and Imporlen of Havana Oiyars DeBary Fred1k & Co. 41 and 43 Warren McFall & Lawson, 38 Murray, Seidenberg & Co. 84 aod 86 Reade Depot of the u Fl6r del Sur" Oigart/' Alces George, 178 Water Manufacturers of Meer3Chaum ana Goods. Weis 398 Grand Imwrter of Clay Pipu. Batjer H. & grotller,_77 Water Buehler & Po1haus, M Chambers Demuth Wm. & Co. 501 Broadway Ben A. 111: Co. ol3 Liberty Kautm&un Broo. & Bondy, 129 and 181 Grand Manufacturers of Briar Pipes and Importer of gmokers' ..Articlu, Buehler & Polhaus, S8 Chambers Demuth Wm. & Co. 501 Broadway Harvey & 365 and 367 C&nal Hen A. & Co ... Liberty Kautmann Bros. & Bondy1 129 and 181 Grand llej&ll & Becker, 1111 Cbamoers Jloa\d'acturer of .IAcO't"iu Paate. McAndrew James C. 55 Water Stamford .ManufactUI;ing CO. 1!)7 Maide n Lane Weaver&: St.eny, fU Qedar lOOal G'reen &c.! Smcking ToOO<;co. Emmet W. C. 74 Pine Patent Cigar Caaea. Samuel S. L. 57 Cedar Seal ... Howe Scale Co. -Page & CO. Agents, 325B'dway Impor.Ur of French Cigarette PBper. May Brothers, 41 .1\ola.Wen Lane Cigar PaCkers. Cigar Pacjrers' SoCiet;v, S. MlchaUs & Co. Avenue, or E. M. Gatterd&.lll;. 109 Norfolk Manufacturers of Oigar Fla't}()N. California Distilling Co, 83 Willlam Fries Alex. & Bros., 16 College..Piace Patent Tobacco Coloring, Buehler & Polbaus, 83 Cbambers Crmunercial A.gen.c-ie&. The J. M. Bradstreet & Son Co. 279 Broadway The McKillop & Sprague Co. 109-111 Worth General A uetionU'I's. Woodrow & Lewis, M Pearl _, lt/:anufacturer of Glass Signs, Matthews John, 383 East 26th Wholesale in. Hava71.a and Domestic Leaf Tobacco 'Vm. Friedlaender & Co. 9 Howery ALBANY. N.Y. Manujacturerl of Tot.acco. Greer's A. 822 Broadway BALTIMOR.E, Md. TobaccO Warehouses. B11rker & W aggne':iJl!l South Gay Boyd W .l.. & Co. oo South Fowler 27 South Ga.y Gunther L. w. g South Gay Kerckhoff & Co. 49 South Charles Kremelber'bJ. D. & Co. E. Wenck, Manager, 46 and Marriott, G. H :M. 25 German 1\Ierfel!l & Kemper, 117 Lombard Schroeder Jos. & Co. 81 Exchange Place Wischmeyer Ed. & Co. 39 South Calvert Tobacco M[JJ!u[ac..turers. 90 South Charles Marburg Brothers, 145 to 149 South Charles 'Vilkens H & Co. 181 -'!"1,. Patent Stem-Rollers. Kei:Ckhoff G. & Co., 1<1!1 South Charles Packers of &ed I.;eaf and Irni!M'tdrs of Ha'l!ana Tobacco. Becker Bros. 96 Lombard Irnp01'ters &: nftrs of Oiga1s & O{g,V,.ettes. M.aninez &-co. 214 W Baltimore BOSTON. Mass. ltfanufacturers of Pllllg Tobacco :r.rerchants' Tobacco Co, 80 Broad Com11liB8ion Merchant. Holyoke c. o. 12 Central Wharf Dealers in. Ha'VUna and Dome1tic Leaf To-bacco and Cigars. Davenport & Legg, 59 Broad. Manujact'rs of Smoking 1 obacco and Olgar. Raddin, F. L & J. A laG Ha.nover BREMEN, Germany. Tol.iac('O Commissio-n Merchants. Fallelistein-& CHICAGO, ill. Whole3ale Dealers in &ed Leaf and Havaft4 Su'bert B. 14 N. Can2Jbacoo. Sutter Btothers, 461llld 48 Michigan Avenue Wholesale Dealers in Leaf and Manufactured Ta'bacco and Cigars. Luerssen G. and Co. 188 and 1110 East Randolph M'J',. of Cigar :and DecJer in Tobacco l'.tlaurer C F 187 Clark Manufacturers' Agents. 1\Iullen & Love, and 21_ Randolph, Dealers in Leaf Tobacco. SaBdbagen Bros, 17 W ""t Randolpb Mqnujacturer of FintH>ut Ch.eviag and SmoA:ing, and Dealer in Leaf Tobc:ICooJ Deck & Feldkamp, 44 and 46 Dearborn Manufacturer of Ji'i"M-Out Olw!cing ansljjecond Dealers in SJ>anialo and Oi{lflr IA4/ Tobacoo. Meyer Hy. & Oo. 4ft Front Wankelman F & Co 88 Front Manufacturer of FI,..Oiit Chevling and Smoking Tobcco. Spence Bros. & Co. 52 and M East 'nUrd Lea_f To/Jacoo Brokera. Dohrmaan F. VI. corn. oo. VIne and J'ron& lll&uay R ill: Co. 115 W-Front Morris W. G. 87 W. Front Marnuja.cturert oac:l LtiG/ Krohn, FeiM & Co: W. '1'blrd oariClm Lowenthal S .t: t'lo. IIIII West Fourth Tletlg H .t: Bro. 918 W J'ltth Wjlil, Kahn & Oo. ua-.a SltMIIIIIW Cigar Mould& Dubnll & QD. toil andtfll Plum Tobacco IMpeelion.. Prague 111'. A. Weal; Frollt stffJ.,. Oigolr-Ik .Jlletorr. 0e1se B .& Brotber, 911 01&7 CLARKSVILLE, T--. IA4/ Tobocco Broiero ;,. alllrindo Third Manufrs of Jl'ine Oipm s and All-Havana Tobacco Cigarettes. Gumpert Bros. 134 J Chestnut Importer of Havana Tobacco and Oigar& and Dealer in Seed Leaf. Costas J. 131 Walnut Manufacturer of SnuJf and STTUJking Tobacco. Wallace Jas. G60 to Eleventh Manufacturers of Cigars. Batchelor Bros. &13: ].[arket Ludv Jno J. 523 and 525 South Twentieth Marshal l, T W. 12 North Fottrth. Theobrud A. H. Third and Poplar Dunn T. J. & Co. .to 228 N<>rtb Broail Tobaecn B'roker. Fougeray A. R. 33 North Front Mamifact,rers of LicIHiccc>8. Xeaolnger Charleo R. Manujacturer3 of Powdered Licoriu. Warren 0. C. &:: Co. ll3 to 117 Monroe WESTFIELD. Ma Packe.r and Dealer m &led IA4/ Tobac< .. Bu8cbmann John C. WM. & MANUFACTUR;ERS AND IMPORTERS OF A'' KINDS SMOKERS' ARTICT.ES, 501 :EIR.OA.D"WV' A. "Y' J.IIIII"E"WV' BRIAR AND APPLEWOOD PIPES CIGAR HOLDERS CLAY PIPES IN GREAT VARIETY: SHOW PI&UBBS In M:etal & Wood A SPECIALTY. PAPER. Centennial Medals & Diploma awarded for Beauty and Appropriateness of Design and Skill shown iit Fabrication, Popular Style & Cheapness. BEJSr::O FOB. &TR..A.V&S, l!IA.NUF' A.CTUII.EII. OF CTGAR B -OXES AND SHOW Fl&.URES; ll!IPOII.TEII. OF A.ND D"EA.LEK IN iBIPAJSr:J:S::a:: O:J:Gr.A.:R. Sutro 4 Newntark, JIIA.NUFACTURERS OF DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO., 76 PARK PLACE. NEW YORl.{_ GERMAN CIGAR MOULDS, PRESSES, CUTTERS, ETC., RELIANCE CIGARoN. MANUF WY>&U F. bO :l D. c) (,) 0 () () CIS .0 0 ... .. Q) CD r::: .2 D. FOSTER, HILSON & CO.l aa JSrevv "York, MANUFACTURERS OF Fine AND SOLE PROPRIETORS OF THE PATENTED WILL0W CIGAR BOX. KERBS & SPIESS, Manufacturers of Fine Cigars, And Dealers in LEAF TOBACCO, 1014, 1016, 1018, 1020 SECOND AVENUE, 310, 312, 314 FIFTY-FOURTH STREET. ADOLF KERRS. "YC>E'l.JEE:., LOUIS SPTESS A. LICHTENSTEIN & BROTHER, MANUFACTURERS OF THE ''ELK" anc "ONWARD" 179 & 181 Lewis Street, New York. \All kind or Vut to Order and Repaired In Ole Bet le, "X'h.e Trade &-u.pp:l:l.ed.. 0 1 G A R S, ''Fair tresses man's imperial race ensnare, And beauty draws us by a hair." Tile drawing powers of "a smgl e hair' may be very !)Teat, but as a means of draw. ing "man's 1mperial race, into investing money in the purchase of your cigars, a. singl e plass 8ign is worth a bushel of "fair tresses." SOLE .&GENTS FOB s. Kinney's Celebrated Cigarettes, (t) !. 3 0 cP' :l z Dl :I s.1 =\.Cj () 0 () I"' .. 9. n 9 ()" Ill '"EWYoRIC, 2'10 BOWERY, Jt1LY 14, 18'17, PA.II.TIES "re bereby cautioned aga,i"nst using PIVOTED C .4..TCHES FOR CIGAR BOXES other tban those manufactured under GLUUD'S PATE!!I'.r (No. 184,039, Nov. 7, 1876; reiollu ... No. 7,7ffl, !lay 29, 1877), assigned to us. Any infringement will be rigorously p...-cuted. LICHTENSTEIN BROS. & CO. I.E AF TOBACCO W1ll. FJUEDLAENDER, I COMMISSION MERCHANTS, WM. FRIEDliAENDER Dan.v1.lle., Va. wsoLEIIA.LE .. IN .. DODSTIC LEAF TOBACCO l oo,ooo Pounds Genuin.e u DEERTONG'OE" FlaVOJ", tor SHOKING TOBACCO lllanufaeturers, ln Iota to Bult purehaoerll, a\ -llgiJJW. MARBURC BROTHERS, 1411, 1<1'7 and te s. CbariM ......, lid.


THE TOBACCO J.. E APRIL 15 LICORICE. JOliN ANDERSON & co. PASTE. MANUii'ACTUURS OF THE W A IJ,TS "" CO. SOLJCJIJJD 1mB TOBACCOS Tobacco the wade 114 a 116 LlllfRTY SDEET, _. )n are p articularly_ requested to NEW YORK, 1"1\"_ exam me and test the supenor prope!Uis Jlee to direct the att.nllon of the Dealett!ln Tobacco of this LICORICE, which, being now tllroupout the Ualted and the World \Jrought to the highest perfection is of. to !Aeir CELEBRATED fered under the above style of brand. SOLACE FINE-CUT We are alao SOLE AGENTS for the miEWDfG TOBACCO, which Ia belnl' once more manufactured uader the THOMAS H Q YT & Q 0 lmmediatesupervbl"" ofthoorlglaator, 1.. UF CTURERS OF -......!1.. MR. JOHN ANDERSON, MAN'Wr AE C.,.,. Tt and now 11tanda, v i:ormerly, without a riva1. Orders F J: .&,. '.. forwarded t!'rou.-h tbeuaual channels will CHEWING AND SMOKING wm.., ,p.-.... p u u.n. & CAMPBELL LANE i, CO. OUR BRAND& G:HEWING: MANUFlCTURERS OP l'I'AUOA.&lli' rDBACCO AID CIGABS, BUCIII'Jl' Owm&', AND DIB.K:. The Trade b&vlng demanded a Superior a.nd Cheaper Article than that hitherto used, this Comp&.nT IIIIIIAilul&cturing, and offering for sale, LICORICE PASTE (under the old "Sanford" brand) of a QUALITY aDd at a PRICE which can hardly fall to be acceptable to all giving It o. trial Mellor & Rittenhouse, Ql..S N". !2!2cl. St., Ph:L1ad.e1p111.a, JIIANUPA.CTUBEBS OP 1 SP .AN"IS::El: an. d. LICORICE PASTE. arCentennial Medal awarded tor" Puritr, Cheapness"-' a,:td General Excellence ot Manuta.cture." Also M, & R. BRAND STICK .Lo.LCORICE, all Sbea. !holesale Agents: SHOEMAKER, VO.UTE & BIRCH. 126 S. Delaware Ave.! Phila. n B mcALPIN & co DJ:POT AlVD .a.a:a:c1r /&. f:&ifL'&Ax. SMOKING TOBAccn SAL TIMORE, ANJJ DJtALKRS IM Cigars, Plug To'b&cco, Snull', Snull' Flour, etc. -ATKANUFA..CTORY ANO SALESROOM: Cor. AYIDUI D a Tenth St.' lew York. 121 NEW YORK. ,MRs. a. a. MILLER"'1'. tOBAOO 0 IANUF ACTORY, (PETER. 9: COLLINS, l!UsT.l 97 Coi:Umbia 'street, TOBACCO DEPOT &AGENCY NBW'YOBK: 11.\KVPACTU&EU o .. CBJI..BBRA.Tm Jrrs. G. B. Mmer &: Co, Chewin,g and Smoking Yobacco, tht. only Genuine American Gentle -SnufF; Mrs. G.Jl. Miller & Co. Maecabor IUld Scotch Snuff; A. H, Mickle &: Sons' Forest 'kose and Grape Tol.acco; Mrs. G. B. Miller lr Oo. Reserve Smoking and Chewinlf Tol>oco, gAll orR.G:LER., l!IANUF AaruRER OF FINE CIGARS, AND DEALER IN LEAF TOBACCO, 295 & 297 Greenwich St., New York B. H J. L BRENN&& MILLER & BRENNER, PACKERS AND DEALERS IN OHIO SEED LEAF TOBACGO 14 North Jdoraon Street, DAYTON, OHIO. PROMPI'LY ATTENDED T O 8PAIIR8H LICORICE ROOT, SPANISH LIOOB.IOIII IIIXTIU.OT, DEER TONGUE, LAUREL LEAVES, TONKA. BEANS, CASSIA. Bli!DS, CLOVES AND 0DI!I'AliiON1 ORANGE PEEL, !ANISEED, CARAWAY SEED, IEED, LAVENDER FLOWIIIRS, GUill ARABIC, GRAIN AND POWDERED, GUM MYRRH, LUMP A.ND POWDERED, GUM TRAQAOANTH, FLAKE AND ESSENTIAL OILS, POWDERED, 0LrE OIL, LUCCA 01\EAIII ll'f CASIII8, SESAME OIL LEV ANT IN DBLS, Tonk.a Angostura&, in Casks, Ballam Tolu, in Original Tins, Clucose, French, in Casks, PRICES CURRENT ON APPiliOATIOl'r. Y. W. BRINCKERHOFF, X:&PC>:E'I. TEJ:E=I., CEDAR STREET, N. Y, Tbe made with Pr-ot.ected BeariDp. Pa,ge & Co., Gen'l Agents, 325 BROADWAY. JfEW TOBK. u.r are ua4 by the loUowtaa -.nalactarera :p. LORILLARD .._ 00. NewYork1 trt)RAIIAliA LYALL,'Nrw Yol'kJ .JA.S. B. PACE. R1cbmond, Va.; P. MAYO A BRO., ltihmond. Va.; B. 'W. VENABLE a. CO., Petetabaq:1 Vw lnNZEJI. Ba08., Louisvi\J.e. Ky. I Also of the Welllrnown Brand of Tobaooo, s-ul:ta,na-" And Manufacturers of all style& of' Brfclt.t & Black PLUG&; TWIST TOBAOOOB. : 24 Twentieth St.\ .R.10lEI:JWI:C>lSTX, 'V .&.. ;,_ Cigar Manufactureni Are informed that we are able to napply the Tftde with Ant-cla11 PACKERS at obort aotlce. Ploue addteu to the CIGAR PACKERS' SOCIETY, S. mCHA.LIS & 00. 4 :F'Int A venue; or E. X GATTERD.A..M (OootroUer orvacan.-,, 1011 Norfolll: Street, New York City. w. E. UPTEGROVE, GREAT CENTRAL TOBACCO WAREHOUSE. SP LICBTERSTEIR BROS., AGENT FOR PAOKERS AND DEALERS IN 0 sTRuM, s LEAF TOBACCOS, CIGAJl-BOX NAILING MACHINE. 121 BOWERY 121 Foot lOth&: lith St.' East River, and Bester Sts., NEW YOBK. NEW YORK. :PLU'G TOB.A.CJCJO. THE IEBCHANTS' TOBACCO CO., 30 :EI:E'I.C>..A.D ST:E=I.:JIJET, EIC>STOJST, Make the best Sold or Used, ONE DOLLAR lawful money In each 60 pound box, containing large Plugs made of IC!Ing stock. TWO DOLLARS in one, or ONE DOLLAR in two of the caddies in each case containing large plugs made of long stock. PATENT METAL LABELS on Plugs. Ask for this and get the Best Chew or Smoke can be SILAS PEIRCE, Jr,, Preoident. JOHN H. SANBORN, Treas, WILLIAM BUCHANA-N, DAVID C LYALL! BUCHANAN & LYALL, Office :-64 :eroacl St.;, Ne'W York.-P. o. BOx Factory : -No. 2 FIRST DISTRICT, SOUTH BROOKLYN. MANUFACTURERS OF THE FOLLOWING CELEBRATED BRANDS OF PLUG, CHEWING aDd SMOKING ALSO MANUFACTURERS OF SEMI-CIGARS. o PLUG. PLANET NAVY. Is, 3s, 4:s1 &s, 6s, IJa, 8e, 9&, IGs. SAILOR'S CHOICE, ls, 3a, 41. 5&, 6a, 7'a, 8, 9a, :t Oa. ORA.LLENGE, lb1, WASHINGTON, it' NEPTUNE, Double Thick, brt. drk. MAGGIJil MITCHELL. NARRAGANSETT, ALEXANDRA. SENSATION. FLOUNDERS BUCHANAN, lOs. JACK OF CLUBS. KING PHILIP, GRAPE AND APRICOT: ll'Kp CONQ-UERED. "ACME "FancyBrflrht Poundo. TECUMSEH, tOo. PEERLIISBo ALM. GOLD BARS. PRIDE OF TH REGIMENT. POt:KET PIECES, ,__ 1ST ::PXlSTE OUT OEI::J!I \IV LNG. ACME. I IMOKINC AND CICARETTE TOBACCO. VIRGINIA BRIGR'l' OUT OA. VENDIIH. WOBLD'S rAm. AND ::Et'C":eY, Branch Office: 49U" Central Street. Boston l>. O. BOX 11116, PIOIEEB TOBACCO COIPAH, OF :BROOKLYN, N. Y. BUSINESS OFFICES: 124 Water St., New York, 16 Central Wharf, Boston ; 25 Lake Street, Chicago; 51 RORTB WATER STREET,-PBILADELPBIA. Factory: No. 1 First District, N. Y. THE CELEBRATED THE CELEBRATED "MATCHLESS,' -PRUIT GAlE," BRICHT. All Sizes; MAHOCANY, All Sizes: "' P :::ll


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