The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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Tobacco Leaf Journal

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VOL. XIV.--NO. 14. [ESTABLISHED 1884.] NEW YORK, MAY.l3, 1878. WHOLE NO._ 690 ANNUAL I!UB8CJIIP'nONB ABROAD. .. BaJTm. .UID 0.XAD.O. ... . ....... ta.Of !".:" '1'1111: a-..-......... ... ..... ....... 5.ot lllt r lobatto,.., [BST.&BLUIIBD 18M.} PUJU''SRED ..... .' ..... .&DVEBTDDG IU.TES. I!VIUtY MONDAY MOitiiiNC JIY u THE TOBACCO LEAF" PUBLISHING COMPANY, JOHN G. GRAI'J', FRED'K DeBARY & co., 41 a 43 Wai-z-en Street, New SOLE ACENT8 FOR THE PRINCIPE DE KEY OIGA.RS, AND THE '' CIGAR FACTORY OF NEW YORK. I' 84 a 88 RBADE STREET, lVBW YORK, Imcportets of Ha, vana, ba,cco, ALSO MANUFACTURERS OF THE DIPOB.TEB.S .OF THE --:-.. WJLl.UJI WICKE, AtJO :ROESLBB :IIA.N"DT AC'IUREPS, .153 to 161 Qoeitok Street, voa::K.. BEST MATERIAL & SUPERIOR MAKE. R. :EI :I: "U 0 Ell D PB.ICE Ll81' -65 PINE STREET. NEW YORK. cigar boxes; and the Commissioner advises that the manufacturer, instead of the manufactory, num bered, and the manUfacturer's name be kept off bex. The committee will adopt this recommendation. Spailisb, American and GermaCigar Ribbons. A Great Opp_ortunity! A DISGRACEFUL cAAPTER IN THE HISTORY _..&RtJ.&BY 1, llf,, OF OUR INTERNAL REVl:NUB LAWS .._. T.U.W ....... : ...... Z:an. ...... llle&4.'12,. .. e1.80 On Monday and Tuesday laat, in the Marshal's sale : : :::::::,:t-t::t: : THE TOBACCO TRADE DIRECTORY 1 of the stock and fixtures of the to):>acco manUfactory ....... --a '127.. 1.36 belonging to Christian H. Lilienthal, of this city, the .. ....... a.... '12,.U lAO '>.000 !fAKES aa4 ADD'R.ESSES. alpha'betloallJ' last act of a drama was performed which appears to Br...t Bed, ................... J.... 'ni,.U L'16 ................... 1 .... &-e 12,.._ l.l6 aad TOWNS, witJa have no parallel in injustice in the annals of our na-" .................... .. a....... '12,.U 1.60 R.EVEI!f'DE DI.STB.ICTS, to tional jurisprudence. Through public notice pre-..... .... ............. J ....... '12,.U 1'16 CLOSE OUT. THE 300 viously.given, tradesmen were attracted to the manu ...................... e...... ,.,.. 1a .. ..... .. .. ........... ....... .. ,. ,.. L60 factory during those two days with a view to buying x_.._. Bed, ................. 1 .... w 12 W ld6 Jlem''PC of IECOl!fD EDI'I'IOl!f. Orfcbaal Prloe, U. such articles and goods as m'ight be offered for sale, by ..... \ ......... a'cr e .... w ,_,.._ 1.16 aE SOLD F.OR 82.00; reason of forfeiture,' under the authority of the United .................. 8----'-8 '12,.._. L-a.. .... te a .. Wcri"ber to THE States"Government, and at the close of Tuesday after-; T C!.OPJ' o(TBE LEAr tor Ye ... to>:_ .a.oo. noon the' entire -contents of the' establishment had ....... ..... 3:---H '12J'IIa 0.8& changed owf!ers : Lilienthal's is one of Luulree E r,.,. 1 .. .':a :M,.U' 1.1!6 THE TOBACCO AX AND TARIFF. the, oldest cutting _toh.nn c o manufactories m this .. (,OJdM)[ ... ..... .. :M,... 1.10 .,. ---, """'"' ............. J .... 'f :M,. .. L86 On Monday last Mr. Shelley, of Alabama, at the country, it having lleen founded about the year 1800, ............. 1----'1-" :M 7118 1.36 request of ;Messrs. Robbins, of North Carolina, and :Mes8rs. P. Lorfll.arcf &; co.'s and Mrs-:" B. Miller&; ............. 11-.. ._" :M' J'Ib 1.16 Tucker, of Virgm' ia, moved to suspend the. r- es and Co.'s es ta.blishments alone antedating it, and, ............. "10-.. Ja-B" :M ,.U L...., ....... .' ...... "J6 .... 'f.. :M J'U 0.8& pass the hill reducing the tax on snuff and on chewing year 1868 a shadow of discredit never rested upon it or ..................... IH8" :M ,.U 0,86 and smoking tobacc_o to 16 cents a pound; OlJ. cigars to its proprietors. In the long itlterval'.of sixty' eight; .. .. ... :: ..... "60----18-18" :M,.U. 0.10 -.. ................ J .... 'f-8 :M,... 1.86 $4 per 1,000; on cigarettes weighing not more than years it had grown from a small property into one of ............... 1.. -18 ':uJ'Ib LtO pounds to the 1,000, $1.25 per 1,000; and weighing over large dimensions, and its business had become vast 110o:o--.. ....................... 3-8 -'12yU 8.80 pounds, $5 per 1,000 ,.he motion waa not agreed and remunerative. Mr. ChristianH.Lilienthalwasborn T.U.... .............. :H '12fda. 0.'16 to-yeas 120, nays 115-not two-thirds voting in theaf and reared on the pr:emises, and in 1846 purchased the Ext!'& Styles of Ribbons Made to Order. firmative. businEljj& from his father, its foun.der. In 1868, and RIBBONS CUT & PRINTEIJ.ANY SIZE AND STYLE Commenting upon this event, a correspondeJlt sit long b efore that time, he was recognized as orie of 11 ; ting high in" council writes us:-" Be not discouraged the great wealthy tobacco manUfacturers of "the -" Orden PromptlJ'Exeea'e4. Term Caah. at the small ID,t\jority of 5 in a vote of 120-to 115. We United States. He possessed one of the largest and PRICES OF CIGAR BOXES AlfD SAMPLES OF feel certain that this can be changed to 13; and possi then most perfectly appointed fine-cut tobacco fac-RIBBONS SENT ON APPLICATION bly 15. We had frjends absent who can make this tories in the world; waa in the enjoyment for many ...,!!!!!1!!! ..... .;;.,;;.......,.....,,;;,;;;;,;,;,;..,,;,;;,;,..;;;;,;.,;;;,;;,;;;,;,;,;;;;, ..... ,.. change. We labored underthedisadvantageofhaving years of an extensive trade, and lived in princely style J to take a vote withoat explanation, because there was on a beautiful estate of his own on the Hudson. An 0 H N J CRooKE no debate" honorable,courteous,intelligentgentleman-onejustly; The qf the amended Tariff bill is not bril proud of his reputation as w e ll a s his p o ss e ssions -he liant, even inthe_ House, as shown by the proceedings D:J,Oved in Qur iiOcial and busine ss circles on terms of during the week, though Mr. Wood has succeeded in equality :with the best men in public and private life. bringing it off triumphantly in the two instance s in On March 25, 186!!, Joshua F. Bailey ,' Collector for MANUFACTURER OF B B. A I D COIPOUID TIN FOIL I T 0 8 A c c 0 I TOBACCO, MEDIUM AND TISSUE. HAVANA which votes were taken on points of the Fourth OollectioQ.;,Dilltzi e+ .r Y"'*= bJmpel{ An effort is now being made at a compromise in the afterwards a defaulter to _the in a large. Internal Revenue bill at 20 cents per pound on tobacco amount-seized Mr. Lilienthal' s manufactory for vioia:$5 per thousand on cigars, and $1.25 per thousand on tion of the internal revenue law. The charge8 against cigarettes; in words, to restore the status existthe proprietor were :-First, That lie made a :fictitious ing March 3 1875. Frorp. an i!lterview with Mr. John sale of tobacco just before the Act of March 3, 1865, Straiton, who returned from W il.shington on Saturday went into effect, which Act imposed a higher rate of morning, we obtaine d the following statement on this tax than the one paid on the tobacco by him, and point: He said :-As a rule the members from the to-that he failed to pay tax on the same tobacc o after it bacco districts. are fl.oo,Ied with'letters fro m their conwas actually sold. Second, That he paid 15'cents per stituents urging a speedy settlement of the tobacco pound tax on ''extra long smoking tobacco, Vl"hereas tax agitation. In most c ases the writers would rather he should have paid 40 cents per pound tax. Third, have an unsatisfactory settlement than no settlement That he failed to make a return of the tobacco manu at all.' The members from thes e districts are tenacious factured by him, as required by law, and transferred to have a reduction to 16 cents per p ound on tobacco, goods from his wholesale department to his retail de220 Pearl New York. -Bavemeyers Vigelius, -ANDIMPORTERS OF HAVANA TOBACCO. HOW .TO GET DARK TOBACCOS r AND BOW TO 'MAKE THEM' BURN GOOD. O:N"L"Y" &"V"R.E "WV .A. ""2" Ia to b&e_;roar goodl Bebaadled and Sweated by c. 8. PHILI.PS. If you have J)90r bun,ing tobacco send m e a f e w leaves, and by' return of mall I wllfprove to you what can be done. U Manu!&eturers w!U send m e their Llo:ht'Colored Bort!ngo,l will return them RA.DUBO E't.:K... fEDWARD T. McCOY

DOHAN, CARROLL & 00., I TOB;&G"Q wv ...... o,:C; !!exChantS, 104 FRORT STREET, NEWYOB.K. # b the followhai ..,11-known md reliabte ManufactureJS: I I. Pl., -* L YIRBI0881 1: SOlS, TIIPII 1: BIO., 0. T IIIFIID, IOODfUI 1: IJERS, L L fUTSEI 1: co L.l. liT .... OU'mt, 'k lau "tMIOLL, 1111 ot11.,.. AGENTS !rott THE OUGIMAL 0 ble Coli, Bouche, 4e and Ba, 81'l81e anti Double ALSO, AGENTS FOR THE CELE;BRATED LONE JACK & BROWI DICI &:iD.oJ:ctnrr URGE STOCKS OF TOBlcaJ OF EVERY DESCRIPTJON BUITABLE 1'0R THJ: HOJilB -FOREIGN .IURKETS OC>lSr,EII"X".A.lSr"X"L"Y" C>lSr EE.A.Np 3 TIE VIRGINIA TOBACCO :u:aae. M. oaINBR, TOBACCO 'GODISSION mcBUT, 84 FRONT STREET, NEW YORK. EXPORT ORDERS FOR PL11G TOBACCO PROMPTLY FILLED. Ai.BXANDEll. MAITLA)rl). L F. s. MA.CLI!!HOSE. li.OBERT L, MArrLAND. ROBERT L. MAITLAND & CO,, Tobacco Factors, And General Commission Merchants, 43 Broad Street, New York, : I' I AGENTS FOR THE WELL_:KNOWN -"OA::a.t:::&lB.ON' Braado .U Tobacci>, for EXPORT TO AUSTRALIAN and l OTHER FOJ.UUGN PORTS: ALHA'"'IR cnnnov & f1Q A1lii'1'R.AJJAXTWIST-tn' AliiDR&Wil, ____ JUJ AJilllll l, IJ 'I VJCJil7S, CABLB, OliB G.&JIIE, BLACK V.a .. ,.... DLUIOXD. A'IJSTJlALIAW LUJIPS -lliGNET OF VIB,GiliiA, VE!, ALL THE RAG.B, II'I.OWIIIB OF ALL NATIONS. EXGLDH LUIIPS-PRINCB ALFRED iiLLI!I CAIIROI & BRO. MA-Poterbur V-.. 'AUSTBALIAX LUMPS-TWO SEAS, \ i OV& CHJBF, ORION. -''!-;,.. DQ)IAJ( LUiiPS-HAVELOCK, CHAR n:aa, c. J J:llfGLDH LUJIPII-VIC'l'ORT, ROY.U. WAVY, A.C. tr: .. SOlrl'H AMERICAN LUJIP5-LA Dill LICIA1 LA FBLICIDAD. II'. C. LINDE. C. F. LINDE. C. C. R.UIILTON. B. R. ASHCROFT. .N"E"WV' t SEHD LEAF TOBACCO INSPECTION TOBACCO INSPECTED OR SAMPLED. Ooula:try &a::on.pll:n.s :Pro::on.pt1y to. Certltlcates given for every case, and delivered case by calei aa to number ol Certificate. N. B.-WE ALSO SAMPLE IN MERCHANTS' OWN STORES. F. C. LINDE & CO. PHILADELPHIA BRANCHES: E. W. DICKERSON, Corner A.rch and Water Streets. JONAS METZ, 64 North Front Street. StJFFIELD, Coon.:-EDW. AUSTIN. FOREST. PRINCIPAL OFFICES--142 WATER STREET, and 182 to 186 PEARL STREET. WAHEHOVSES--142WATER. 74, 76 6:78 GREENWICHSTREETS,andHUDSON RIVER RAILROAD DEPOT, ST. JOHN'S PARK. ..;BENSEL & CO., TOBACCO IIVSPBCTOBS, WATER STREET, NEW YORK. f SYRACUSE BRANCt(::-:-:-G. P. HIER & CO l!:l.lii!RA de ........ T. R. DECKER. BALl"IMORE do E.W!SCHMEYER&CO HARToORD do ... W. WESTPHAL RAT!"IELD, Mus. do ..... J. & P. C:AR.L; CHA'S FINKE&CO TOBACCO INSPECTORS, 155 WATEi ST., NEW YORK. COtJNTRY SA.M'PLINA PHO!IIPTI.Y ATTENDED TO, Lancaa&er (Pa.) Braneh t F. CUNNINGHAM, 508 W. Poplar St. S::J:E:EIER.T, :tl!G'Go. ,: . -. .. Nxw YottJC AoENcn:s H,ORDENSTEIN 306 Broadway, <{-)> Lobenstein & Gans, 101 Maiden Lane. REFERENCES. Me88r8. J\f, W. Mendel & Bro., New York City. L. Simons & Bro. u u M. Smith, u :: Sutro & Newmark, O. P. Merryman & Co. Baltimore, :b1d. Kcn,dul1, Clbck & Co., Binghamton, N.Y. J. Cohn&, Co., Chicugo, Ill. '\'i'ill'l c m Bros., Detroit, Mich, u Huck :Mfg. Co., Ordcn&t!Jlll & Co. S lln Francisco, JOHN 'VV'. CARROLL, Sole Manufacturer ot the Famous and Wrld renowned Braud of VIRCINIA SMOKINC TOBACCOS, LONE JACK AND BROWN DICK Manufactory: TWELFTH STREET, LYNCHBURG, VA. n..l""r'ueaneetiullr and nremptiJ attended to. Price Lt.t FANCY SMOKING PIPES -IN-BRIER AND FANCY WOODS, MANUFACTURED BY HARVEY a FORD, SALESROOM-385 & 38'T CANAL STREET, WEW YORK. FACTORY-LEDGER PLACE, PHILADELPHIA, CARL VV'EIS, ,. MANUFACTURER OF :M. E E ::E1. S 0 El: A U:K / AND. THE BEST A LLTOBACCO CIGARETTE: "BETWEEN THEimFS" 'l"ke above Brand o f lfAVAlfA TOBACCO C[GARETTES made only by -AL&O--,... MlNUP!CTUBER OP Pill CIGAllS lrB("JL & C#O., IMPORTERS OF HAVANA. LEAF TOBACCO : AIID MAIIVPACTUaJr.RS OP T_!PI Et. DE GAL::!I BRAXD OJI' HAVANA KEY WEST CIGARS, 190 PEAftL ST. N.I!W YORK D UBH.AM, N. 0., 9, 1878. Messrs. W DUKE and B. L DUKE, two o:Crthe leading manufacturers of Smoking Tobacco at Durham, North Carolina, Announce to their custome111 and the trade general1y thAt they ha.Ye united their business_ which will hereafter 'be carried on under the name and style of W. DUKE & SONS. The justly celebrated .brands ot "GENUDlE DUKE OF DUJUIAM Sli!OKrnG TOBACCO," hitherto manufactured by B. L. Dmu<, and the "PRO BONO PUBLICO DUJUIAM SMOKING TOBACCO," heretofore mo.nufactnred by ,V DUKE, will continue to be offered to the trade by the new firm, under the same style and label a.s heretofore, and with increased faciUllea. expect to make these..brands even more worthy of the public faTor than they baTe hitherto been. We shall continue to manufacture the flneat of D urham Sm.oklng Tobacoo, at DurbJun. N. C and hope, by the character of our goods, strict attention to business, quick salee and small profits, to merit an increase of the patronage hitherto bestowed on our establtsbme nta. Address f.f.=} W. DUKE & _SONS, B. N. DUKE. JSr. O. -----Concerning the Right to Brands, Trade Marks. &c. In this connection, w e desire to say to the trade, w e notice th&t it Is asserted by some of the leading ;Journals, and w e are also informed that certain parties are endcmroring to produce the impreSSIOn that Blac kwell & this have the exclusive" right to use the word DURHAM" as applied to Smbring Tobacco. T o this e nd, thtdecilion in & Co. vs. Dibbrell & Co. in the Circuit Court of Virginia, is b eing eztoi'IIively circulated, 1n which it iY held that the complainants have "the r;ight to oJ the word ..urn svmbol of their tradt tnark.." on that the opinion of the court, in regard to the xord Durham,"la based 1. That the defendants were manufacturing in RJchmond, Va. 2. Tba.t the word "Durham" has a. l ocal geographical in the mar k e t. 3. That the ph1ase. Durham Smoking Tobacco'' indicates among all dealers and consumers, the fine tobacco marketed and manufactured at DuTham. NortA. Cqrolina. It will also be uoted tliat the decree exprf*ltl declart!a that the word u exclusive 11 does not apply to other parties manufacturing at this plac e and that "pers' ons otbe'r than the defencltmts are. not bound by the decree.'' "GENUINE DUXEOFDURH.AM" and The Genuine "PRO BONO PUBLICO DUr ham Smoking Tobacco, is clear and indisputable. We :ru:we nO de&re to 'U.8e (l,nybody's lntU. or infriDA:e &n.Y one's rights. We haye our own brands and our own trade-marks. which are secured to us by l)ate'nt s, and have manufactured them here at DURHA.M, N .C., for eleven years, and have never heard even a BELLOW, ezcept at a distance. Tbe insinuation that we have no riht to use the word DUIUI.lK" is false, and to deceive. We tee aJI customers against any l oss o r trouble trom any claim for mfr!l)gement ot anothtn..'-3 r1ght, and a r e able, ready ::1d willmg to make good our guarantee. Not only have we but a. halt-dozen other manUfacturers in the town of. Durham, the same rlght to use the word "Durham" as Messrs. Blackwell & Co., and we challenge dental of. our right, as w e have loog challenged comparison v.ith our goods. It is not our purpose to assail or injure the legitimate busiuess of any other parties, but we are determined to protect our customers from annoyance, and assert and ma.illtain our rights. I '.OOLI'H STROKl'l GUl!)O aiUTZ:KNSTBIM STROHN & REITZEHSTEIN, DB.CHANTS, ALSO DltALJlRS .IN' DOMES'TIC And lmport.ets of} W. DUKE 4 SONS. REYNESBROTHERS & CO Co;Qlmission Kercha.nts, H c1r. r18 Exchauge :Etlace, Ne""'V York.. FOREIGN TOBACCO,---------:1.76 .FRONT STREET,, -:ta:W YOU. YIGA & BERNHEIM, "'blPO.&TERS OF AMBER GOODS, FELIX. GA:JifJIA., HAVANA TORACCO sgs a RAN o sT., u. IMPORTER OF THE BRAND OJ' r J1EW YOltK. l 1 '"::F!l.or de A.D.CI. OXGAB.S. AND HAVANA TOBACCO !'1.-.II. srmr. BUEHLER tc C::J:G-.A.R.S, CARL Q,BBIHB 100[0 iiiii: CLAY Pll'l And all Kinds of SMOK.ER8' ATICL'ES. "' '-GAssnT. 178 P-earl Street; 83 Chambers and 65 Re de l'ew York. & BRO., _._"VV' M. SALOMON, E. SALOMON. comsmJJ BBCH!ITS. 101. M PRICE, AND DEAl,IUlll Ill ALL IUJIDII OF MAY13 _WOODflOW &lEWIS, GENERAL -AUCTIONERIS. Special attenllon given to the Bale of Tob&coo 11114 ... .. ag.U:.. No. 94 PEARL STREET, NEAR HANOVBR 8Q11All81 JSr =--,;)IV v <>a:&. POI, DILLS & Importers of SPANISH AND P CltE!tS Oli' SEED lAF TOBCC WAIJ.IEJL SIJ.IJLBil"l", NEW "YORE. I. l'tf. CIA WFORD, IMPOR.,ER & J;NLEAF TOBACCO, 196" Water Si:eet, NEW YORK: Neuburger & Steinecke, 1mportenor SPANISH ud DMienlln LEAF TOBACCO; OOHHISSION IIEBCBANTS -.&JIJ>-PACEERS OF SEED LEAF, 172 Water Street, New York. H. KOENIG, WHOLESA{.E DEALER JN HAVANA AID SHHD LKAf "X"C>:B.A.OOC?&, No. 329 Bowery, New York. B,. SUBERT, WHOLESALE DEALER IN v .A.N' A. DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCO, 14 North Canal Street, CHICAGO. ILL, -B. SCBOVERLIIG, .U.L KIXDS OJI' LBAP TOBACCO f!.J'2 WATER ST., NEW YO.._ 1IEi"" Pa.cldDi' House in New Milford. Coaa. 1 W, BCBOVERLIIIIG .-, CO, CIAS. P. T .&G & SOl, EAF TOBACCO, 184 Front stteet, BBW 1roaa. E. SPINGARN & co., D:m.l.l.ZJIS m HAVANA & DOMESTIC TOBACCO. No. 6 BURLING 8LIP, I.-&.-. ..__.,._ UIL .. ..,.., ..... Q-. Commission Merchant, K. LAftiiiUIUCB. BBO., KENTUCKY LEAF TOBACCO BUYER OF LEAP TttB.lCCO, LEAP f8BlCC01-.No.164:::.s:::=eYork, !19 Jlaiden Lu.e, HAVANA I& DOMEaTIC :LW: &, E. S.A.LOl.W'ON"; PACKERS OF SEED LEAF, AND IMPORTERS OF-M BBOAD S'l'li.ZE"l", 55 Broad St., New York. Havana TobaCCO and 85 1\r!I:.A.:J:X>EJ:Sr :J:...A.JSr:Z, NE""'V VC>lE'l.:&;. T. co.. A. H. cARDozo, TOBACCO & COTTON TBBUtO AlB unn C1gars & LICon ce Paste AND -AKD-161 MAIDEN LANE N.Y. G __ C ---I I b t, ltneral Commlas ... ltrtbuls1 en..-.. o ....... sen tro -, 54 & 56 n ROAD ST., Leal T-..oo iD &leo and Hogahe&da for J'orelga u o. 88 BBOAD 8r.ilfto X r. o. Boa aen. JfEW TOBKo W14. FRIEDLAENDKR, JOSEPH SICHEL. Wm.FRIEDLAENDER&CO., Wlaoleeale Dealera Ia :a:: .a. v .A.N' A. DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCO 9 NEW "tOftK.o No. 80 Wter St., New fork. L. GERSBIL & BRO.,. NEW YORK. PACKJ:RS AND DEALERS ltr M. W. MEIDEL & BBO. IIU,N11FACTUREII.S OF CIG.&B.S SEED LEAP TOBAOOO, AND DEALERS IN 191 PEARL LEAF TOBACCO, !: :::. NEW YO.R.L ID.K BOWERY, NEW' YORK. Lea!' T.obaooo HOLT, SCHAEFER & 'CO., LYNCHBURC, VA., BUYJCBS AND HANDLimS OF LHAP TOBACCO.


,, MAY 13 TBB. TO.BA.CCO 3 JACOB !DULL, A. :a. scov ITJ,z "' cc. ScHRODER a BON tSliCCEIIIIOBS '1'0 1!'.&.-a. ._ -YILLJD.l CIGAR BOXES; :Da'OllTlDJ!t.S Or SF.AJ.Cr%SB 178 WATER STREET, NEW YORK, AND JOBBERS IN ALL KllfDS 01' Z:!%1por"ters or LEAF TO BA.C 0 O, Al'I"Jt l!'.&tlKBBS Ol!' NEW YORK. ECKMEYER & CO., 11'1' ...... aUVRG, MOSCOW, WAR-IIAW, DBB8DEll. f_DW YOBK. P O Box" BASCH a. FISCHER, DIPOB.TEltS OF liA V A:IA SID Jipc:fBoiAGCI, _166 Jlrate St., -."4nLau. NEW YORK, ri'o Alllortcan Bank 60 WALL ST., JfEW 'I:OBJL Capital, Sl ,000,000. Eftry tadllt7 aftorded to Dealen an!! Correspond.,.;. .,.,..,_, with Soond H. BOCHOLL, President. :-. CaHI .... WM. EGGERT & CO., lllll'ORTERS OF v .A.N' .A. AND DEALERS IN SEED LEAF TOBACCO Pearl St., New York. BriUleh t-94 lldn st., ()Jnelnnau, o. Ko. lnt WA'l'IIB. l!IBW 0C)J0r.E("t'JCUT S.lreD LEAF "'llr"B.A'pPEB OF OQR. OWX PAOJUXG, E. & a. FRIEND It, co., James M. Gardiner. 84 Front St., N.Y., Sole Agent. LEAPToi.icco, Space is Reserved 1 Sl9 Malden Lane. FOR r-.. NEW YORK. J w MARTIN r .. MeD!!C. CUTHRIE a. CO., 226 Froat Street.' COKKISSION KERCIIAN'l'a AKD I BALERS OF TOIACct FOil EXPORT; Leal Tobacco pressed tn ba1et for the Welt Mexican aud t:ntral American Porta,. and other ketl. TOBACCO PA!l:KED IN HOGSHEADS; AHNER & DEHLS, DEALERS IN LEAP TOBACCO, 190 Pearl St., NEW YORK. LIDIRIR A FISCHEL. DEALERS IN Seed Lea:C. AND H11AK WALJCt&"R, Prl'!st. J. E. SAXTON, Se c'y and Treas. W ALKIIl CO,, MANUFACTURERS OF G-LOBE ... FINECUT CHEWING &SIVjOKINGi TOBACCOS, 31, 33 &. 35 Atwater St., East, They stand alone throughout the U.S. as the MO&IJS. l HAVANA TQBACCO, -. PUlL IBD'l', NEW TOU. NAPOLEON DU BRUL &. CO, Ka.nufaoturers of Oiga.r lfa.ken' Supplies, NEW YORK BRANCH, 441 & 443 Plum-St., CINCI.NN.ATI, O. 11. OB.DENSTEIN, 306 Broadway. IMPOB.TJtB. OF HAVANA. I '' And Dealer in Domestic ,. Lll!P TOBACCO 168 WATER STREET,. :N"e._. Y"o:rk.. I uou s, LiftLE, TBBA.CCO SWBATIIG, 192 Peart Street, 11:11117 'I'OBJL LEERET' & BLASDR, MANVFACTUilJUtS 01" Cigar Sozes 168 &. 170 East Water St., SYRACU8E, N. Y. Denlonla SEND FOR CrRCULA:RS. The TObacco, DRY OR MOIST, XT, And Causes No Loss in Weight by Dust. PRICE, $35. Boxing and Shipping, S 1.50. OITJOES: 510 East Nineteenth St., 156 Street, :N":J!rD!v T"OR..B:.. FINE ._ Al'rD DB4LEB8 IN LE:AF TOBACCO, 96,98, I 00,102, I 04, I 06,108 & II 0 Attorney St. I "YOR..B:.. EB.NBST FREISE,-(FOBJQ:BLT101" THE Fll!IH 01' W'ALTEB J'II.IEDilAN .t JI"IIEISX,) lli'IPOBTEB OF MANUFACTURERSJ OF CIGARS, 20, 22, 84, 26 & 28 2d AVE., cor. let St., YO:R.K:. Spanisn Leaf Tobacco, 16'7 ST., "Y<>:RH:. WEBER Pianoforte. Jl.ea4 t._e WonderfUl OFFICI.I.L V !i CENTBNI'riAL WM. GLACCUM, JACOB SCHLOSSER E:a, C'OliWE::E"'XiBT::BI :RZU':M:::P:EE. "For ..,._pmhette, Pure, and Bleh Toae., eomltlaed wUh GreateC Po'W'er1 _:rk.. McKILLOP & SPRAGUE CD. AND IMPORTER OF The Commercial Agency Register Ha Tobaccos, rs the staiul&rd book of reterence. gtvlng ratings of merchants. 169 W ATEB ST., JfEW YORK. Associated 01!1ces of the princlpal cities oi the United States, Great Britain, Fru.u.ce and Genuaay. SANCHEZ, HAYA. tc CO.-, 130, I 32 & 134 MAIDEN LANE, NEW YORK, MANUFACTURERS OF FINEST ELEAR HA f ANA GIGARSl Awarded llighest Medal lS7G, IMPORTERS Olo' HAVANA CIGARS &: LEAF TOBACCO. V.,. V .ALLAUR.I, 1260 BROADWAY, NEW DIRi:CT IMPORTATION OF Turkish Loaf Tobacco and ALSO MANUFACTURER GF YUIIUI TUIIIg Sllll. .AKD W .:t k&&. lOBENSTEIN & GANS, DEALEllS, IK SHED AND HAVANA. TOBACCOS; SOLE AGENTS AND IMPORTERS OFTHE GENUINE W .t lL CZG-.A.R. Pre'.es, Straps & CUtters; IMPORTERS OF GEIUlAN .t f!PANISH CIGAR RIBBONS ; 1a1' M:a:lde:u. :J:.oa:u.e. "Yc:::rk..; __,._..._. ....


4 THE TOBACCO LEAF. mous sum of nearly one million dollars. ThlS IS a fearful loss of Itself, but when to that IS added the stain which for ten long years ha.s rested upon his reputatwn for want of pubhc knowledge of the real facts ill h1s case, the extent of the mJury done him can be readily .appreciated. It 1s tune the story of h1s wrongs wa.s told Nothmg that can now be sa.1d or done will restore to hun the property or the peace of mmd of whwh he has been depnved, the action of the Supreme Court has rendered that measure of redress imposs1ble by further legal process But 1t IS or should be possible to restore to h1m the good name of wh1ch he has been despoiled, and to thls end we sha.ll proceed to review, ill the order of their occurrence a.s above given, and w1thout the OIIUSSIOn of a smgle one, the counts of the indictment. Taking the first charge, nantely, that of making a "fictitious sale," it 1s to be Ba.ld -Under the Act of June 30, 1864, Mr. Liliilllthal was manufacturing a brand of smoking tobacco ca.lled Ormoco," and paying a tax of 25 cents a pound on it By the Act of March 3, 1865, the tax on this grade of tobacco was mcrea.sed to 35 cents. The "Orinoco" wa.s made ch1efiy for army consumptiOn, and havmg a. considerable qua.nt1ty on hand, and desiring to a.vmd the payment of the mcrea.sed tax, which he would have had to do 1f he kept 1t, Mr Lilienthal sold, or a.ssumed to sell1t, m March-the new tax not gomg mto effect until Apr1l 1-to his neighbors, Messrs Kearny & Waterman, of New York City, and paid the lawful tax of 25 cents a pound on 1t He supposed, a.s any one would, that this was a. perfectly legitliDB.te transaction, the local revenue officers, who were cog ruza.nt of 1t, making no obJection, and Senator Fessenden and Representa.t1ves Morrell and Fenton, whom he consulted m Washington, a.ssurmg him he could lawfully sell to whomsoever he pleased m order to save 10 cents a. pound tax, the Hon Mr Morrell suggestmg Mr. Lilienthal's own clerk or bookkeeper as a proper person This lot of tobacco was subsequently consigned by Mr. Lilienthal to a Mr Coleman at San Fra.nclSCo, but not until the tax rate had been aga.m changed, and this trme reduced on this grade to 15 cents a pound, and on this consignment the Government claimed a second tax This cla1m was the ground for the charge madeJ.n the first count of havmg failed to pay the tax when the tobacco was actually sold. It was generally understood that tobacco and c1gar m.a.nufacturers m all parts of the country sold the1r old stock m advance of the new tax, as Mr Lilienthal did, and nobody m the tobacco trade 1magmed there was any rmpropriety m doing so. Wruvmg a.ll other to the legality of thiS transactiOn, It is enough to show Its legality to say that if a prospective nnpendmg law IS a bar to sale at the eX18tmg rate of tax, sales at the exiSting rate can never be lawfully, smce a new law With a h1gher rate lS liable to be and inlposed a.t any)inle when Congress 1s in sess1on. The second count refers to the "Extra Long" smok mg tobacco. The Act of July 13, 1866, prov1ded that Smokmg tobacco, if manufactured or cut m such a manner as to mclude the entire stem, and w1thout be ing sweetened, 1s liable only to a tax of 15 cents per pound." Mr. Lilienthal prepared the '' Extra Long brand by taking out of the leaf from two thirds to three fourtllS of the stem and subsequently addmg stem m excess of that removed to the extent of 14 pounds to every 100 pounds of leaf To assure hun self that th1s tobacco was taxable at 15 cents per pound, instead of 40 cents, he took pams to ascertrun the v1ews of the CommiSSIOner of Internal Revenue, E A Rollins on the subJect After protracted consideration he was mformed by the Comrmss10ner that the tax was 15 cents COmmlSBIOner Rollins test1fied under oath before U S Comml8Swner Osborne respecting the frequency of Mr Lil1entha.l's commuwcat10ns and mterviews relative to this subJect, and the d18cussiOns m hlS office w1th Deputy COIDm!BBloner Harland, Mr Kimba.ll, Mr. Parnell a.n!l Mr Lilienthal at d1fferent t1mes Here IS a synops1s of some of his tes tnnony -" Mr Lilienthal brought me samples to illus trate the process of manufacture I dec1ded with Deputy Comm19s1oner Harland that the tax was 15 .cents, and assented to h1s telegram to Mr Lilienthal flrmanent associatwn, w1th E H. Gnest as pres1dent, and H Meyer as treasurer. The Idea IS a laudable one, and we should be glad to see 1t prevailing in a.ll branches of the tobacco trade. Gon ABROAD -Among others who have made the ParlS Expos1t10n an occasiOn for leaVIng the Unitet States for a temporary sojourn m Europe this summer, we are penmtted to mention Mr. Joseph Ha.ll, the noted retired c1gar manufacturer, who left this e1t;r on Saturday ma steamer Devoma for Glasgow. Th1s 18 the third or fourth v1s1t that Mr Ha.ll has to Europe withm the past few years m pursu1t of recrea tion, his wealth and leiSure enabling him to gratify his taste for travel to an unlliDlted extent Havmg repeatedly gone the rounds of Great Br1tam and the Contment, there 18 little m the way of novelty for Mr. Hall to seek from his present tnp, but his observant nature and thorough appreCiatwn of everything that IS good, whether old or new, are a. guaranty that he will succeed m derivmg both enjoyment and dlverttsement m h1s rambles amid familiar scenes. The best wishes of m.a.ny steadfast friends w1ll attend h1m in his journeymgs, and a welcome awaits hiS return litrSINESS XENTIOB. MESSRS J & A FRKY, mgar m.a.nufa.cttirers, 62 Cortlandt Street, cla.1m unusual mer.ts for their patented &jed and Havana. ''Diplomat c1gars MESSRS. A LINDHEIIII & Co of this city, who are manufacturers of fine, have removed from 1695 FirBt A vl!llue to 210 and 212 East Third Street. AJIONG the list of cred1tors of Bondy & Prochaska ill the name of Joe Scllroeder, to whom the firm owe 18,839. Messnl Jos. Schroeder & Co 79, 81 and 83 Exchange Place, Balt1moreJ request us to state that this does not refer to them, as the firm does not and never d1d owe them anythmg THE firms of Wilham Schoverling, New Milford, Conn and Herman Scboverling, New York, have consoi1dated under the style of Schoverlmg Brothers, and will contmue, as heretofore, to conduct the bus1 nees of packing and dealmg m Seed leaf tobacco at New Milford, and 142 Water Street, this City. Hr. Herman Schoverhng has JUSt salled on a joillt pleasure and busmess tr1p for Europe, and m h1s absenve Mr. J. W. Ware, who has an mterest m the busmees, and for the past twelve years has been popularly known m to bacco Circles, will represent the firm here. The Messrs Schoverhng are enterprlSillg busmess men, and are a.mong the best packers m the Housa.tomc Va.lley, of the last growth of which they are sa1d to be carrymg an excellent stock. dif11ers-frbn1 that mmali-f f the result of over fifteen years experience He has cert1ficates from many promment Cigar manufacturers testifying to the great Improvement he can effect m the quality, flavor, and espec1ally m the colors, of the leaf handled b,Y hrm, a.s h1s process produces those ncb maduro colors now so uruversally sought by all buyers of cigar leaf We bespeak for Mt. Thayer a. liberal share of the patronage of tbe-trade MB. GRAFF'S NOTES :BY THE WAY. MBSIIRS. .A.UER & BoRG, manufacturers of plug to bacco, of Middletown1 0 who withdrew, some t1me ago, from the firm ot WilsOn, Borg & 0o are now making arrangements to resume manufacturing a.gam on a. large scare. They are bmldmg a solid, four story br1ck factory, 50 by 150, oppos1te the Short Lme Rail road Depot The new factory will have an entnely new set of machinery w1th the latest nnprovements. MiddLetown IS truly becommg a prormnent place ill our buSlll8SS MESSRS. WILSON & McCALLAY, plug tobacco manufacturers, of M1ddletown 0 make some of the ch01cest goods on the m.a.rket These are sold extensively m our Eastern e1t1es, Philadelphia, pal'twularly, 1s very partml to some of th1s firm's brands. M1 Kelly 18 thmr Philadelphm agent MESSRS. MERFELD & KEMPER, Importers .of Havana and packers of Seed leaf tobacco, for many yea1s established m Balt1more, have been very large packers of Pennsylvama tobacco th1s year They p10cured some of the finest crops WE refer our readers to an advert18ement on the Sixth page of this week's paper of Mr S W Trost, manufacturer of CJgar boxes, Cillcmnat1 Mr Trost established himself about a year or so ago ill the "Queen C1ty," the central poillt of the great West When we take into conSideration the ma.gmtude of the tobacco trade m thlS City, and particularly-the of cJgar manufacturers, not only ill Cmcmnatl but ill a.ll adJoining States, It w1ll be clear to our readers that JUSt such an extensive establishment as that of Mr Trost was not only needed, but a necessity to the c1gar m.a.nufacturers The factory 1s located at 519 to 525 West Street Every machme IS run by steam and 18 of the most 1mproved pattern, bavmg a full capacity of 20,000 boxes per week Mr Trost lB a young man of great eMrgy, well liked by the trade, and IS sure to carry b1s pomt In the very branch of busmess m which he ill engaged. MEssRS VOIGE & WINTER of CmcillnatJ, a. house of many years' good standillg, have removed to 175 Ma.m Street. The prmc1pa.l feature of the1r busmess 1s the sale of m.a.nufactured and smok1ng tobacco and c1gars The;r are the owners of the well-known brands of "La Optima.," "Prometheus," and "El Florentme", and sole agents for Cmcmnat1 and 1ts VICimty of our promment Balt1more tobacco manufacturers, Messrs Grul & Ax:, Marburg Bros, H Wilkms & Co, and F W. Feigner & Son For mtegr1ty and dealing there 1s no house better known than that of Messrs Vo1ge & Wmter Tbe1r advertisement will be found on our seventh page OUR WASHINGTON LETTER. W ABHINGTON, May 10 T llo L.> a vote taken on Monday has judicated that it is in fAvor ot. tlio reductic n ot. the tu: on tobeoco to 11 cents. This pla.ces the que tion of reductlon, so tar u the HoWle Js concerned, beyond peradventure The tsubject wa.s CAlled up by llr Shelley, ot Alabama, who introduced oubotantlally the oame bW as that reported from the Committee on Ways and Means and move d a suspen.."lon ol the rules that it might be put upon 116 pnssage lllr Shelley Introduced the bUI at the request of Mr Robbins and Mr Tuc.ker, who being Interested Jn the measur-e were not entitled to the 6oor tor the purpotie Alter the bill wu.s introduced and read, Mr Fort, of Dlinol.s, wanted to have it modified so as to make the ta.x Instead o! 18 but the Speake r cut him otf by declanng that debate was out or order The vote upon the question to suspend th& rules was 120 ye&8 to 116 nays, not votlng, D8 A number of members who werepree&nt were paired, and dtd not vote An analysis o! vote would show that the measure was chiefly wpported by Southern and Western members. li!R ROBBINS'S SPEECH In my last letter I the speech of Mr Robbins, of North Carolina, }\'hieh he delivered in the kouse df Representatives on last Wednesday, I could in that letter cover only a few ot the excellent polnta that he made In this speech he favors a reduction or the tax to 12 <.:ents1 but JS ,,.illing to accept the 16-cent tax it he cannot secure his wishes .He says that the ag1tation that has occurred on this subject has caused great loss and distur.b&ilce to the trade But b e says he saw that the agitation sure to come, whatever course he nught pursue So long as the tax is exorbitant, the agitation cannot be kept down It is not withintbe control of any member of Congress to stop such a thing The people demand a reduction of this onerous tax Seeing he says, that the agitation was coming, and knowmg that It could not be prevented as long as the tax was so abnormally high, he Introduced a bill at the earliest po&Sibie moment for the purpose of ba.etening the settlement of a tioa so Important to the trade He trusted that the House would take the que8tion up in regular order at an early day, and dispose of it finally He then proceeded, as I hM e sho"' n, to g1ve his reasons why the tax should be reduced. He)ald down thlS general proposition that wheneTer you impose a tax, or whenever you Increase a tax, and it does not pro duce a corresponding Increase in the revenue, such a tax ts unjust and works rb.ere oppression to th.e.industry ''hich is the subject of 1t The etrect of a high tax hi to diminish the number of men who have capital enough to go Into the manufacture It bas a tendency to throw the whole manufacture of tobacco mto the h&nds of a few He osked v; ho were opposing this reduction It was the manufacturers of the great centers who wished to monopolize the business, men he aa.Jd, like the Loiillards of New York, who want to keep everybody from manufacturing tobacco except themselves H e sa.yB'Remove your high tax, let the bUSI.neu of manufacturing toba.cco be opened to men ot small means a.nd limited capttal Thil Will make the manufacturers numerous, the lea.! growe r will have a larger number of customers to sell to, and will receive conse quently a larger price for his commodity He showed tha.t in conse quence of the high tax 60 million pounds or tobacco were raised and prepared by consumen themselves, and consequently patd no tax He claimed that the revenues were on thts ground greatly injured, and that the habit of raising e. home supply of leaf is rapidly extending over the country He says there is only one way to stop this those who use the leaf in th1s way would prefer to have the regular article manufactured and prepared in the proper manner But U they are compelled to pay such an exorbitant taJ:: .and high price for it, they Will resort to this m ea11,1 of suppl:ying themselves and mate Jt do If you keep up the tax, he said, you break down the regular tobacco trade and break doll n with it the revenue THE EFFECT UPON THE REVENUE Be u.ld that last year the re"'enue from tob&cco was Sit 106,Mft Of this, $1,898,500 was raised from 1peclal taxes on dealers, etc They have not proposed to change that tax The amount raised from cigars is Sll,OII1,278. We propose to reduce the tax on these merely from $6 to $5 a thousand. There wuraiaed. 12!,148,767 !rom manufactured tobacco and mulf, and on thfo the proposition Is to reduce the tax to I6 centa Tbeoe cbangee In the tax, aecordlnr to the moot Uberal estimates, will not cut down the revenue even for the next year more than six mlllion dollars. Tbooe being thellgil...,., he hoped tblo CoDgi'OIII would not refuae to make the reduction when be h&d lbown that we have an excess of revenue o! 18 million dollara, if thelfntlng fund be suapended, "" be hoped It would be I!US))Onded. The Committee on Ways and Means have agreed to report In ta.or of oupendlnr further payments Into tblo fund untU 18811, and. be hoped the Bouee would adopt the report But if gentlemen continue to fnolat upon paying tbe principal of the Public Debt, be asked if 5!,1500,000 a month. or ao mllllons a yea.r, il not paying it fast enough U, be said, we Jl&R8 the Income TAX bill, we aball have &eTeral more milllon dollars than be had eotfmated, and if Instead of leaving the tariff u it now fs, raising only 80 millions, the new bill would be pa.ued, acoordiDc to calcu l&tJona which he did noC think extravagant, they would raise many more miWon.s. From whateYer point of Tlew he looked at the subject, the justfee, tbe propriety, and the practicabUlty of reduclntr the tobacco Ia:< are clear Mr Robbins made a very eloquent appeal Q01 behalf of hio St&le u the cloee of bfB speech-AT MR, XIMBAU.!S. llappelliq to stroll into Mr.";;lmball's olllce In tbe Internal ReveDue Department the otlter day. I hit upou as I b:J.Oflt always do' there, several interesting Items M,r. K:lm!iall Bhowed me & letter he had receiTed from John Straiton, of Straiton .t Storm IJir Straiton In his letter calls attention to the recommendalious of the committee In reference to the penalty The fifth count rof ers to mcorrect and untrue monthly statements and annual inventones. All that lS charged here 1s 1m plied m the precedmg two counts. The apparent, not rea.ll, dlscrep11.11cies complamed of between the monthly statements or returns and an nual mventories arose from the practice of entermg -the amount of tobacco manufactured m coaformity with the a.mount sold. The stock manufactured and in process of manufacture, by common and ofBcia.l WE take pleasure m callmg attention to the card on our seventh page of Mr James H Thayer, of the former well-known firm, DeFord, Thayer & Co of this City Mr. Thayer has established himself at 61 Front Street m the busmess of cunng and sweatmg leaf tobacco. He ha.s fitted up h1s premtses With the most _perfect apparatus, and brmgs to the busmess a pract1cal experience of many years His process of cunng leaf for a 'Yiolation of the coupon .tampe and other changes tn the present blll. He Myl -10 I ft.nd that Is a gr-eat deal of excitement among some of our beat leaf dealers aahuit the amount of penalty as stated at the foot of page 32 This is abeurd, and iA a terrible ret!ectfon upon the chara.cter ot some of the dealers That is "their way ot looking at It l pay little .,ttention to it. As tar u we are eoncei"Ded we do not cai'e what the amount Is. It Ia pretty severe, nevertI should not be unwiJUDg to see Xr ltaum haTe all the powerB to alter and change the character of th& a tampa. becaWJe I look upo11 him u very !air and exceptionally just, but there is no knowing who bla succeeaor maybe, and !or that reaaonthe amended aection 1s not u It should be That coupon stamp is ana8ominatloa, atlllyet it baa &droeateo. It would be better to -an act ot CoiU(l'MB compelllng ita &dopUon, than that It should be left to the op{aion of one man It can never pus as a separate bill The trade would 110t allow It to pa88. I am p-e&tly dfsappolnted, however, that you are not clearly perouaded In your mind that tbe change could be made with eaf'ety in the matter ot the oJDJ.Ion ot the manutact1ll'el''s name I am tree to Y, and I belle'9'e many large and 1101all ma.nufacturera in the country will bear me out that It does not deprive the Government of a particle of saferuard, but that it 1o looked upon u the moot arbitrary thing connected wit.h the revenue lawa, and no more neceasary Shall the Government act only when it ia apparent that the changes are for the better' If so, we claim that for the manufacturers and jobbers this WQuld be better, but If it d068 not appear to be better for the GoTernment, any argument Jt may aet up I am sure can be met, and I ctaun that what ie better for the manufacturer ie &1Bo better for the Go'\ ernment, whoee place and duty 1111 to bolp the !nduatry that yields it revenue, and not lo oppress it. I have written to llr Covert-by Ute way, a very promi81Dg and worthy repreMDtatiTe from our dfet.rtct, and who baa promised to keep g-uard oTer the matter and -.t ua In that the committee in Ita Revenue bill an amendment which will cover the caae '' (The ameDdment be relem to provldea that the name of the manufacturer BhaJl be left off the caution notice.) llr Straltop continues -"I cannot aee what objection the Go'9'ernm.ent can have to this amendment It has been pet;Uoned from tfme to time for tblo change. The whole trade can not be wrong and tbe Department alone rfrbt. We all know that It 1o u much the inlereot of the m&nufacturenl u ft is the lntereot of the GoTemment that fte ta%ee are pafd, and It should be the place of the Government to g!Yee.-ery facWty to the trade to do Ita legitimate work Wltb that end in view I w1ll exert myself, and I hope you will eoon be found OD Our a1ae a W!:L ... MR. Kll\IBALL'S VIEWS Mr Kimball said in reference to the demand to have the name ot m&nu facturer left olf the caution notice, that the purpooe of the dealOI'f! befog to pre.-ent the public from knowing who ma.nufactured the tobacco, that Department did not Wlsh to lose this safeguar)! that it wanted to know who were respoltflhle partfea. Another letter has been received at the Department from a large manu t&cturing ho1.1.18 in the West, in&istmg that the markiDg of packages of ten pounds should be peremptory, and that the manutacturer a n&m.6-&Dd no other should appear on such packagee The letter states that this is tbe only way In which tbey can Identify tbefr B P G LEAFLETS. We have made to publish h ereafter a full report of Cin clnnati s Seed lea.t and plUJ market weekly We shall gtve the .news up to Saturday wght at 6 o'clock. We have rece1ved upon gOlD& to praM a telegram from Cincinnati., which says -Salea large, J,OOO hOl(sheeda a week. Jleceipto veey heavy'.. prices firm, with an upward tendency, plenty of buyera, new plants in abundance, and are looldng ftne In all the principal counties. Oope 1 7bbacco Plant for April comes to ua. as UBual, full or fresh, original and lDStructlve matter, and .ecomp&med by &D. Illustrated Pyth mlcal Key to Cope s correct card of tbepeerless pflgrlmar;e to Sl Nicotine ot. the Holy Herb 'Ve cannot make room for the good things of either the .Ptaat or the Ke11, but we enjoy them, neverthelesa, as eTel7bodY does Messrs. Thomas Maaon, George B Bently, proprietors, and Charlea A Wit.he1'8, editor, ot the Weatern Tobacco Journal Wna.e and Ltqvrrr Re porter, announce on aMUming control of thAt creditable publication that they will drop the second half of its title and devote its columns to tobacco ma.lnly, if not exclusively This i8 well There 1a DO atftnity between tobacco and whi!ik e J and their &.."J90ciation in the Journal always seemed<'J)OI. Business Chi\DI:'es, New Firms and Removals. BALTIMORE, MD -Elderkm & Sm1th, Tobacco and C1gars, d1ssolved, D C .Elderkin contmues Jos & Co w'lll In future deal only m Seed and Havana leaf tobacco ME -F B Sw1ft, C1gar maker, chattel mortgage on stock for $525 BRADFORD, PA-T Kahn, Tobacco and C1gars, burnt out, partially Jnsured BROOKLYN, N Y -Mrs Thekla Matthey, Cigars, etc mort gaged or made a b1ll of ale CHICAGO, ILL -E Hesse, m hands of P H Hemmerich has bought out E Hoffman, 22 Clark Street, and gave mortgage !or $100 Chas Wagner hilS j;Jven mortgage for fll2 Wolfson & Wollstem have moved to 174 Randolph Street H B Chandler & Co have moved to corner of Lake and State tltreets P10neerTobacco Co have moved to 15 Wabash Avenue Loms Cohn baa moved to corner of Wabash and Lake 81 Lowenthal Kauffman & Co have moved to corner of Lake and Dearborn Streets, under Commercial Hotel Pearson & Snow have opened a branch oppos1te the Post Office on Dearborn Street C 0 D Uobinson C1gt>r Co have moved to 13 and 15 Dear born Street W Y Damels, going mto the manufacturmg busmess CINCINNATI, 0 -Jacob Lev1, C1gars, apphed for rehef in bankruptcy S Foster, Jr & Co, Cigars, gone mto bankruptcy P L1ppman, Manufacturer of Fme C1gars, new firm, ISO West Pearl Street Vmge & Wmter, C1gar Manufacturers, Wholesale Dealers In Tobacco, etc moved from 159 161 to 176 Matn Street, H D Laullow, Jobber m Manufactured Tobacco and CIgars, new firm, 15 West Second Street Henry A R1chey. Tobacco aud C1gar Manufacturers' Agent, removed to 15 West Second Street Fntz Bros, C1gar Manufacturers, removed to 234 Main St CLEVELAND, 0 -Henry Bleckmg, C1gar llanufacturer mort gaged or made b1ll of sale A T. Kinney, C1gar Manufacturer, creditors petiiJon bankruptcy DETROIT, Mrcn -A Parker & Co, Tobacco Manufacturers, sold out GnANn UAPrns, Mrcn -M1ss Jenme Gonzales, C>gars, mortgaged or made b1ll of sale GUELPH, -J A Hatsler, Tobacco, left for parts un known W B Halstead, Tobacco and C1gars, reported to have ab sconded HACKETTSTOWN, N J -D J R1egel, Cigars and Tobacco, Judgment of record HAGERSVILLE, liD -S S Gerhart. C1gar Manufacturer, judg ment agamst for $600 HILLSBORO N C -Jas Y Whtlted & Co, Tobacco Manu facturers, d1ssolved, T W Par1sh r,ellres, R Cotton 3d mitted, and busmess contmued by remammg partners under same style LOUIBVILLE, Kv -McG1ll & Marchland, 01gars and closmg out MIDDlETOWN, 0 -Auer & Sorg, Plug Tobacco }ianufactur ers, new firm, both members were formely of th e firm of Wtlson, Borg & Co of the same place W1lson & McCallay }fanufactnrers of Plug Tobacco, new firm NEW 0RJ;EANS, LA.-Wm I Brooks & Co, Perique Tobacco and Cigarettes, dissolved, Geo E 13ovee and E S Stod dard continue, under style of Bt>Vce & Stoddard, 82 Grav10r Street Wm I Brooks & Co Dealers m Penque Tobacco Wm I Brooks and Edmuu I >Eourgo:ns have formed a co partner sh1p under the above style Maunce V 1et, Tobacco, etc sold out to Adolph Waekerbath NEw YoRK CITY -Thos Geraty, Tobacco and C1gars, gone mto bankruptcy S Uossm, Leaf Tobacco Dealer, bas admttted his s0ns, LoUis and Morns, as partners firm name now S Rossm & Sons. A A Martmcz C1gar Jlianufactur er ass1gned F A Goetze & Bro Tobacco Manufacturers, Jacob C. Hader has purchased the busmess and will contmue under the same style He1lbronner & Josephs, C1gar Manufacturers; have moved from 634-640 East SL-.:teenth St1 eet to 358 Bowery OMAHA NEn -H Douft'el, C1gar Manufacturer, c hattel mort gage on stock, fixtures, etc for $300 PARSONS, KAN -Voss, C1gars fatled PHILADELPHIA, PA-M Anatban &;Co Wholes1le Leaf To bacco Deale1 s. Judgment for $2,ou>l w PROSPECT, VA -J W G1lls, 'lobacco, burned out PuoviDENCE, R I -W A Johnson, C1gars, mortgaged or made bill of sale Rocx IsLAND, lLL -Sam'! Tobacco, etc., out of busmeas SPRINGFIELD, MAss -Juhe H Miller. C1gars, WEST ANDOVEU, 0 -Mason Bros Tobacco and v1gars, out of busmess WOONSOCKET, U I -A P Holly Cigars, etc failed WoRCESTER MAss.-Fretl'k A Utpley, Tobacco, etc chattel mortgage on stock and fixtures for tooO COBB:ESPONDENCE. The Other Side. EDITOR TOBACCO LEAF -The writer of the art1cle in younssue of March 4, under the head of "Propnetory Brands and Fine-Cut Tobacco," tnes very bard to find a. scapegoat for the evil of which he complruns. A tree planted m ncb ground that uses all1ts energy to send out large succulent branches and leaves, to overshadow. a.ll the smaller plants around 1t, 1s not likely to bear much fru1t, such a. tree needs pnmmg at the roots fully as much as the top. The concessiOn to dealers which he so much 1s a very small affair, as far as the wr1ter knows, it lS ouly the privi lege of havmg the dealer's name on the caut1on not1ce, wh1le the m.a.nufacturer's name 1s on each package twwe, branded or stenc1led on s1de or end of each package over ten pounds, 111 plam letters, and wr1tten on each Government stamp The matter of brands and labels the Government don't interfere w1th, as that ill only a necessary convenience between the m.a.nufacturers and dealers; the consumer seldom knows or cares who of the thousand manufacturers made the d1me or quarter's worth of tobacco or cigars which he buys, prov1ded the art1cle pleases hnn It IS well known that 1t Is ouly since the advent of buckets or pails as pac;ka.ges for fine-cut that labels have come illto common use on fine-cut tobacco. At first the m.a.nufa.cturer had a label for each of the five or SIX grades of tobacco they now they have a dozel1 or more for each grade, sending them around as regularly as they do the1r sa.mples, and often show them before they do thSlr tobacco. This 1s not a.ll, they w1ll put a label on ten palls to a retailer w1th his name prmted on 1t, and some of them w1ll put up two under the same label-to two different buyers, of course. All m.a.nufacturers don't do this, 1t ill done by too many of them, nevertheless. Again, there are very few jobbers\ 1f any, that get up their own labels and own them aDSOlutely, when tliey find a tobacco that pleases them and takes well w1th thmr customers, they natura.lly w1sh to retain the sale of 1t; not for the purpose of cuttmg under the1r ne1ghbors, but that the;r may obtain a better margm Without the fear of their compet1tors cuttmg pnces I cannot comprehend wllat a JObber would be thinking about that would deliberately have put up an infe rior grade of tobacco under a. brand that he had gotten up a good profitable trade on, wh1ch 1s the only obJect of havmg a pnvate brand, nor can I conce1ve how a manufacturer that had any regard for the repu tation of his goods would consent to do it, especia.lly as m nme cases out of ten the label IS hlS own, although he may for a time have giVen 1t to a dealer I know of nomsta.nce where a manufacturer was not benefited as well as the dealer by JUdiCiously giving the Jobber tbmr own labels On the contrary, I can giVe a number of mstances where 1t was of mutual benefit I have known a common smoking under a private wrapper sold mvanably at one cent a pomld higher than the same tobacco under the factory brand, and that continuously for some years The dealer d1d not keep nor sell the factory's brand, but all hiS competitors d1d, and theu nrune was legion. To-day that same factory brand IS bemg sold at cost, less the fre1ght. The same {>nvate brand could be sold to-day largely at regular pnces, but It lS out of the market. I know of MAY 13 an arrangemen t w1th a Richmond, Va house made in 1866 The contract on the s1de of the factory was an old discarded label, not to be given to any one ebie anywhere, the tobacco to be fully up to sample at all t1mes On the other s1de an order for 5,000 cadd1es tobacco to be ehvered during the summer, and from then to 5,000 cadd1es yearly afterwards This arrange ment, I tbmk, was mutually beneficial for rune years. Another arrangement was made With an Eastern house m the same way, but on different terms to suit the cnso. Th1s one lasted five or six years. I know of several equa.lly benefimal arrangements for fine cut It would take too much spa.oe to cite them I Will mention one of a. hundred msta.nces on the other Blde-.a large Western plug house, whose to ba.ccos was ill every one's mouth (no pun) m four or five Western States Th1s tobacco was never put up under any pr1va.te brand. In 1870 It wa.s being sold in one State at one cent less than factory pnoe, and in another State at factory prJCe to one cent over. Nearly every jobber kept It m stock, and every retailer would ask for It The coneequence was, it was cut out of ex1stence m four or five years from the firet time 1t WIIS made The next thmg to be considered IB a remedy for the evil complamed of Your writer suggests a combina tion Well, d1d he ever have any experience in that lmei I guess not, or he would know that comb1natioJJII seldom last long enough to let the ink dry w1th which are wntten I cannot g-Ive a remedy, but I w11l g1ve my exper1ence A few years salesman of a large concern came mto my office to sell me toliaccO: It lS not necessary here to g1ve the conversation we had, even if I could. Before he went out he got a pretty large order, probably for four times more tO bacco than he expected to sell 1n the city. He wu very naturally pleased, so much so that he could n,ot keep It to himself, but went out to one of and I suppose, as an mducement to buy, discloSed the whole transact1on w1th me One of t'h., members of tb,e firm told me of ,1t m -lesa.l;han half an hour. A member of another finn paesing the door, said to me, '' Ah, you gave Blafik a pretty good order for tobacco to day A JUruor member of a large retail house told me of 1t on the street, all mside of two hours after. I was provoked I natura.lly concluded that he told all the other Jobbers and large retailers in the city before he left town I countermanded the order that by telegraph A year_or so the agent of a large called on me for an order I gave h1m one a.s if not larger than the one I gave the former, be boliilted 1t !'nd b1d me good day, saymg he must hurry to.., railroad. On bemg asked 1f he was not goillll' to call on any of the other houses, "No," he sa1d, .,., I have sold all the goods here 1 want to : Any manufac,urer that reads the above may draw his own conclusiOns. There 1s one more subJect I wtll refer to and have done That 18 the deterwratwn m the average quality of the fine cut tobacco now sold Your writer tr1es to shove th18 evil on the dealer. ThiS II! a matter ne1ther the manufacturer nor dealer can obv111.te The difference in pr1ce between the loweet and the highest grade of fine cut at the factory 1s 40 cents a pound, and a still greater d1fference at the retailer's Money, in the West espeCially, 18 very scarce; consumenJ of to bacco must economize, as well as others. one that would not thmk of usmg a. low grade of 1f the d1fference was only 10 or 20 cents a pound, will buy and use a very low graqe the difference IS 40 to 60 cents The demand for {>lug is the reverse; the difference m the lowest and h1ghest grades 1s not over 10 <:ents, therefore the demand for the better grade of naVies contmues, and ill fact mcreases It lS harder to sell a poor navy tobacco than to sell the lowes$ grade of fin& cut Th1s matter of economy IS still more appliCable to cigars than fine-cut, as any one may well know that IS aware of the great demand for stogies My steam IS exhausted A HolJsTON, Jobber m Manufactured Tobacco, ColumbUI!, 0 Special Crop Reports to "The Tobacco Leaf." CONNECTJCUT Wtndsor, Hartford Co, May .8We have had a very early sprmg thiS season, and, therefore, the tobacco plants are very early, and some growers are taking off the glass from thmr hot beds so as to keep back the plants The growers never had such luck before m ra.Ismg plants as they have had this year, for they all sowed the1r on the 'don't care pnnciple (priCes bemg so low last year), and I think abOut every. grower has plants enough of hiS own th1s year. The acreage Will be reduced sowewhat from that of last season, but not as much as year before. There lS but a very httle fert1lizer used th1s year, and this will be of some benetlt to the quahty of the crops. KENTUCKY Olmstead, Loaan Co May 8 -T E B reports.-It is difficult to make estimates of crops before they are planted, as contingenCies of seasons and other agenc1es calculated to illCrease or reduce them cannot be fore seen and valued I have made a close and careful m vest1gat10n of the present situatiOn and state of preparatwn for the commg tobacco crop, and have formed the followmg conclusiOns -That the prepara tiOn IB for one less acreage than that of year, that planters, bemg fully convmced that a large crop th1s year Will 1 esult m st1ll lower prwes, and havmg an unusually large acreage of other crops, are md1f ferent as to the tobacco orop, and that, owmg to de struct10n of plants by the fly, not more than half of> last ;rear's acreage can be planted, w1th the propabili tleB m favor of an acreage less than half Cadtz, Tl'tgg Co Mau 7 -J F W reports -The {>rospect for Ia.Ismg a. tobacco crop ill this and the ad JOmmg count1es 1s very gloomy, but I th1nk 1t 1s somewhat better than ill 1876 Some of the earliest plant-beds are tolerably well. but a. large m.a. JOrlty of them prom1se to y1eld but few, if any, plants. I 1100 no abatement m the ravages of the bngs, they are doubtless domga.ll they can The last year's crop, bemg a. very mean one, is movmg slowly at very low pr1ces The wheat crop IS believed to be a total frulure, but It Is too early yet to deterrmne anythmg for certain. Chnton, Hwlcman Co May 8.R S. N. & Co. report: -Last week we had a good season, and farmers took advantage of 1t. and those that had sold finished de hvermg, as a general thing. There 1s a good deal of tobacco m the hands of farmers unsolil; they are wa.1tmg for h1gher figures I hear a goOd deal ot com about the bugs destroymg the plants. ScottllV'I.lle, Allen Co May 10 -M & W report The farmers are not makmg any arrangements plantmg tobacco this season. Plants are IICarCe, and 1f they had them they would not set them,-they can't sell the tobacco they have on hand for enough to JUStify another crop -------Infringement of the "Durllam" Trade-Mark. An examination WIIS held on the 8th inl!t. before U. S CommiSSIOner W1nslow. 1n Brooklyn, m the of Umted States1 vs. A J. Purcell. The priSoner 1'1'8.8 arrested by v1rtue of the Act of Congret!ll, approved August 14, 1876, to pumsh the counterfeiting of marks The prisoner was chrged With dealing in selling and offering for sale packages of smoking to wh1ch were a.ftl.xed la.bols havmg prlllted-thereon colorable 1ID1tat10ns of the duly registered trade-marks of Messrs W T Blackwell & Co, of Durham, N C., m viOlatiOn of the flrst sect1on of the Act of Consr above referred to A number of Witnesses were ex ammed on behalf of Messrs. Blackwell & Co and it appeared m eVIdence that m the year 1871 Mes&rll. W. T. 1Jlackwell & Co registered ill the Patent Office two trade-m.a.rks for smoking tobacco, to w1t:-First, A S1de-v1ew representatiOn of a bull Second, The word Durha.m," 'respElct1vely numbered 122 and 464; and that they claim the sole and exclus1ve of usmg the same as trade-marks to diStinguish smoking tobacco manufactured and sold by thenl. It furtber ap.-,red that some time durmg the month of Apnl, 1878, W. T. Blackwell & Co, through thetr New York Messrs Allen & Co, 1711 Chambers the1rattorney, Mr Ov1de Dupre, to notify_thepnsoner to des1st at once from dealing m or sellmg tobacco marked w1th colorable liDitatiOnB of either of th&r registered trade-marks above mentioned. and that pur suant to such 1nstructiollll, the attorney of W. T. Blackwell & Co m company w1th a w1tness, went to the tobacco factory of the prisoner at the corner of Park Avenue and Srulford Street, Brooklyn on the 23d day of Apnl, 1878, that Blackwell & Co. 1 s attorney had then r.nd there an mtei'Vlew With the prisoner, and exhibited to the priSOner certified copies of the registered trade marks of Messrs. Blackwell & Co; told him not to use the word '' Durham" and a sideview representatiOn of a cow" on h1s labels, that that WIIB a colorable =tat10n of :Blackwell & Co 's trade-marks, and that hlS mstructwns were to prosecute cnmma.lly and c1villy all persons who infringe the aforesaid trade marks of W. 'T Blackwell & Co. The pr1soner rephed that he was pirating the trade-ma.rks of W T Blackwell & Co., t;hat he was usmg the word Durham and the picture of a "cow," and not that of a "bull," that lie had a nght to uee the word "Durham," as well as the p1cture of a "cow," and would contmue to Ull8 the same JUSt as long as he pleased. It appeared m evidenee that a few days after this mterv1ew between the._p_rlSoner and the a1;tonley of (Contmued on Fifth Page, LaM Oolv11&1t.)


MAY13 THE DOMESTIC TOBACCO MARKETS FOR THE WEEK ENDING SA'l'U&DAY, HAY 11. N'EW YORK.For all'ldnds of leaf tobacco there has been a good dema.nd durmg the past w.eek, and we b&ve to report very fatr sales in each branch of the, 'lhe Regte demand still contmues tor medmm to good Western leaf of Clarksville lityles Thts applies especially t o the French contract The sales of Western leaf amount to 1,000 hogsheads, mamly ior export, and illclude transfers to the French and Spanish Begies, as also Atncans to Boston. We hear rumors of other sales of considerable magmtude, but cannot1definitely trace them; among others, one of 800 hogsh,eads are mentioned as sold for Europe, the lot compns1ng old stock d1Bposed of to clear out rem nants. Messrs. Sawyer, Wallace&; Co. reporu to T)iiE TOBAC oo LEAl' as follows 1 W.tern Leaf.-The &ales' reported since our last amount, w 1 ;000 .hogsheads; although some of them were made previOusly. We note 186 to JObbers, mostly old lugs and fillers, 162, pnnc1pally Mason Colloty, to nome and Vtrgmia 57 to cutters, and the balance for export, largely composed of select10ns of decldedly' eubeta.p.tia\, smooth Clarks ville leaf, whwh, when found, ormgs frur pr1ce1. The type samples for Italy and France have arrived, am! been generally ex.amined. -The bulk of thl:*l for Italliitipresent very choice tobacco, and we fancy will be <:wt to obtsm; and 1i -i}blialned, only at fuU prices. 11'ranee on the contrary, has lowered her standard cons1derably, and her reqwrements can be easily fillttd. lst ... eet. 3d week. 3d week tth week. 6tll week. Total. January .... 1,528 681J 6111 11,700 Fe'IJrauy. 474 760 ....,. 884 2,500 :March. 0 0 34lj 8al 52/i 2,500 AWII...... 248 1,1t00 830 600 787 4,000 llaJ" 460 1,000 .. 0 .. 1,.00 Virgiltia Leaj.-For Virginia leaf of all kmds there b&e been a very good inqutry, and fair sales are re portell of both brtgM and dark wraiEPers, as also of smokers. Stocks are hght here, and 1t IS d1fficult to obtain in Virginm such wrappers as the trade requires For lemon-colored wrappers we note an unusually bnsk demand, and if procurable in quantity, would sell readily at full prwes. Bd.Lsaf.-There has been a good home demand for Seed: leaf tobacco, and the sales amount to about the sa.QW as at the date of our preVIous wnting, bemg 1,200 cases this week (of which 80 for export) agamst 1,250 last week. Pr1ces continue regular, and the market .,uows prospects of contmued anrmation. Our ooiTesp&ndent at Big Flats, m thlB State, writes as follows.-"The 1877 crop has all bee n liought up, at prices ranging all the way from 4@14)!4c per pound. The principal buyers are llt'essrs. Rosenwald, Hoffmalt & Son, Gershel, .l(erbs & Sp1ess, Havemeyers & V1 gehus, Rosenbaum & Co and Bunzl &; Dormitzer. Messrs Chas E. FISCher & Bro., Tobacco Brokers, 184 Water Street, report as follows concernmg Seed leaf: We can report a frur week's busmess m nearly all kinda, at firm .Pnces. Owmg to lrmited recetpts of tobacc08 for shippmg purposes, but llttle was done m thlB kind. The sales ot the we"k foot up to 1,200 cases, of which for export 80. Connectlcut was dealt m to the. extent of 200 cases 1876 crop wrappers at 13@20c. MaMachusetts-Of thiS sort about 150 cases 1876 crop were sold, at 10@15c for wrappers and 8@10c for as sorted. PtmMYltoania-In this kind the largest busmess was done; m all, 700 cases 1876 crop changed hands, at 14@ 18c .for .-orted and 7c for fillers. OIJ,w was moderately dealt m 80 cases, 1876 crop assorted were sold was also sparingly dealt in; 75 cases 1875 crop assorted were disposed of at 7c. In additwn to tlle above w e also hear of -the sale of an entire pacldng. of 1877 crop PenWiylvania on pr1vate tenns. Our special Bremen report, dated April 27, says -The state of the market tor Seed leaf tobacco 18 un change.Q. Rece1pts are small; sales,' 1 50 cases 1876 crop Ohw and 112 cases 1873 crop Connect1cut. For the week end1ilg April 25, the sales were 350 cases Seed; 1mports, 203 do Seed; stock in first hands, 1,387 do Seed and 10 do Flor1da. Spanish.There was an achve inqwry; for Havana tobacco, and the regular sales reached 1,300 bales, 1,000 at 88c@,1.10, duty pa1d, and 300 at BeSldes thts, 100 bales were sold m bond on pr1vate terJDS. The "Hav8118 Weekly Report" says:-" People just back from the growing districts are unammous m statmg that this year's crop will be quite nnxed, there bemg some lots whlCh promise to turn out of a very good quahty, especially as concems the burnmg, while the greater part of the gathermg m all dtstncts, particularly that of Remedios and l'artidos ts most likely to be strawy, of a srmilar kmd a.s l ast year's crop. Some cop1ous showers, lately fallen, have favored to a great extent the curmg of the leaf prev10us to 1ts bemg assorted." ManufacturedThere b&e been a steady but moderate demand throughout the week for Cave'ndtsh tobacco. The sales embraced all styles and grades, mcludmg 96 ,70 7 pounds' for export In tax-prud goods qmetude still' prevails, as a matter of course, and w1ll contmue to do so until it 1s defimtely determmed what the future tax 1s to be-which it lB to be hoped w1ll be known wthin the next few days. SmQ/ring.-For smoking tobacco the demand has been regular, but contlned as usual m these ttmes to goods for immediate use. Local and inter10r buyers are anx10us to mcrease thetr stock, but do not dare to do so until there has been an adjustment made con cerning the future rate of tax. Ctgars -Manufacturers and importers announce a fairly act1ve demand for both mty and country. trade. Orders from JObbers are daily received and promptly supplied. 'l'he quest10n of the rate of tax, whether It shall be as now, per 1,000, or as proposed, IS per 1,000, does not seem to matenally affect the mquey, buyers appearing ruuious to secure cho1ce goods as soon a.e they are offered. Havana adVJces are as follow11:-" The unexpected withholdmg of'Iarge orders from abroad has compelled several of our leadmg manufacturers to d1sm1ss a number of their b&nds, and b&e imparted a duller tone to the JQ&rket in general. About the announced alteration in price liata, nothing new b&e transpired as yet. Gold opened at and c1oeed at lOOU. B:l:ohange.-llessrs. M. & S. Sternberger, Bankers, repon \0 THB TQBA.OOO L.:.u:-Excbange qtilet, wtth very Uule demand. The quotations are as follows :-Sterling. 60 daya, llQIIliDal, light, nomiDal, m. Sterling, 60 days, aclaal, 486; 81fhl, actual, Cable tranafers, 489, Com merclal eterllhg, prime long, 484@6841; good fong, 488@484. Part. b&nkurs', 60 days, 516; sight, Reichmarks, (4), bankers', 60 dafi, 13Ja; (4), qht, 110. GUilders, bankers 60 da;ya, Freight6.-llM&r8. Carey, Yale & Lamberl Freight Brokem, reporC \0 Tlm ToBA.cco LB.u 'fobacco Fretghts as follo1n:-Liverpool, ateam, HOe; sall, 2.58. London, steam, SOB; sail 2.58. GlasgOw, a team, Ms. Brirnol, steam, 40s. Bull, Iteam, 4011. Hamburg, steam, 456. Aillwerp, ateam, 4GI. DD'O&'l'L The arrivals r.l the port of New York from foretgn ports for week ending Hay 11, lDc:ludl!d the folloWlDg cotungn menw:-ll.uonrBG.-Order, 22 bales tobacco. RlrrTJIBDAK.-Wm. Demuth & Co, 1,830 b:n plpea. JIAT&lu.-Vega&Bernheun,201 bales tobacco; A Gonzales, 110 do, J. Feruawlez, 411 do; Odio & Perozo, 58 do, F Garcia, 113 do; M. H. Levin. '11 do; Hc:hroeder & Bon, 107 do; Welu, Eller& Kaeppel, 88 )liranda & Co ,162 do, Well & Co., 1116 do; Almtrall & Co., 77 do Kunhardt & Co. 15' do; Sanchez & Haya, 8 cases cigars, G. W Faber, 3 do Purdy & Nicholas, 11 do; L. P. & J. Yrank., ll dd; Howald Ives, 6 do; H R. Kelly & Co 38 do; R. D .. Jackaon 2 do; R. S. Strobel, 3 do, F. Knowl&nd, 4 do, R. Patrick & Co., 1 do; G. Coombs, 1 do; Park & Tilford, 28 do, Merchants' Dtspatch Co., 15 do; F. AleDildre & &De, 2 do. Receipts of licorice &t port of New York for week end!Dg Mafll, reported expressly for TKJi: TOBACCO LEAI':-Dix ilt Honi.a, per O'll'BLIC.-28 hhda, 13 cues, liS pkgs {2,642 lbs) mfd. 0 pkgs (8, 722 lbs) mfd. FiumCH EAST INDIES.-10 hhds. GIBBALTAB.-4111 hhda, 10 cases. Gu.SGOw. --60 hhds B..umllii0.-101 bales JIA VJUII.--80 hhds, 11 cases. LIVEBPOOL.-11' hhds, 14 cases, M pll:ga (6,8110 lbs) mfd. MaxspJ.BA.--11 hhds. Nxw Zur.Alm.-lii!O.pkgs (43,384lbs) mfd. U. S 01' COLOHBIA.-164 bales, 26 pkgs (3,350 lbs) mfd. VEBBZIJBLA.-3 hhds, 1 case, 3ll pkgs (2,881i lbs) mfd. DOIIIlft'IO &80llD"a. The amvala r.1 the pori of New YoJk from domestic Interior ,JLd COII8twiee poria for the week ending llay 11 were 2,9li6 THE LEAF. hhds, 101 trcs 8 7 qtr trcs, 6 h alf trcs, 1, 708 cnses, pkga, 24 bxs, ao three qtr bxs, 142 half bx s, ua thud bxs, ti6 qtr bxs, 26 eighta bu, 87 OMldiee, 80 kegs 79 bales, 5 bbiB, 176 cases ctgars 10 do etgnrettes, 7 tres sntrll', 19 bbls do, 27 half bbls do lOa bxs d o, 18 jars do, consigned as follows-BY TRE ERU: 11AILIr Rrvlm RAILROAD.-Bchroeder & Bon, 18 caseli, Strollo & Retuenstem, 65 do, S 3 do, J. R. Sutton, 10 do, G W. Gall & Ax. 27 ilo, 01der, 23 do. BY THE NAriONAL LINli-Wa tjen, 'l'oel &; Co., G2 hhds; Sa"ver, Wallace & Co., li1 do, D Uows & Co, 8 do; Jarvia & Co ,"10 do R Moore & Co, 42 do, R J\Iurrell, 13 do, P Lori! lard & Co, 64 do Pollard, P ett u s & Co, 14 do, A. C L & 0 do;Berry & BryiiD, 1 do; Basch & Ftscber, 40 caaes Buchanan & Lyall, 16 do, A. S Rosenbaum & Co, 88 do; Order, M hhds. H Levin 17'Jcasos; S Ros>tll & Sons, 93 do. Chas F Tag & Son 1 do, Strohn & Retuenstcm, 20 do, Bunzl & Dornmzer, 7 do, L. Stmona & Bro, 42 do, A. Lmdhetm & Co, 1 box, U S. Philips, 7 do, E C Hazard & Co, 1 """" c1gars, Appleby & Helme, 9 cases to bacco, 7 trcs snu1f 16 bbl! do, 27 half bbls do, 103 bxs do, 18 JIU'S do. BY TliE CENTRAL RAILROAD 01' NEW JERSEY -E Rosen wald & Bro 2 c88es M :A.benhelm & Co, 5 do, L. Gersliel & Bro 46 do, Lobenstem Gans, 38 do BY THE NoDTH !liVEn BoATS -J H Moore & Co, 48 hhds ; Sawyer, Wallace & Co, 183 do. Pollard, Pettus & Co, 41 do, D J Garth, Bon & Go 16 do, R. Mutrell 10 do, Blake mqre Mayo &Co, 28 do, D. Dows & Co ,10 do, Jarvis &Co, 26 do, 01der, 848 do, 80 cases Bv THE Nxw Yom< & NEw HAVEN STEAllllOAT LlNB. Cbas. F. Tag & Son, (19 cases, J Delm onte 3 do, E Spmgarn & Co, 30 do, L V Walters, 4 do, B Atwater 12 do, M Westhelm & Co, 1 do, Wm Eggert & Co, 11 do! D Do"s & Co 40 do, Joseph Mayers' Sons, 28 do BY THE NEw 'I; onK AND HAn rForm STEAMBOAT LllGBPOBT !l>rBAJIBOAT Lll!IB. E Rosenwald & Bro., 37 cases; N Looltenbruch & Bro., 36 d(). By T.IIB OLD DoMlliiiON STEA.liBHIP LINE -Kremelllerg & Co., 14 hhds, Read & Co, 2 do, Sawi)'er, Walla ce & Co, 107 do, D. J. Garth, Son & Co., 57 do, H Setbcrl. 2 do; Blake more, Mayo & Co .. 1.2 do, J H Moore & Co., 26 do, R M Allen & Co 6 do, Pollard, Pettus & Co 8 do, R. Moore &; Co., 17 do; J R Dodd & Co, 3 do; J. D Keilly. Jr, 10 do, 24 trcs .Faucon & Carroll 17 do, 1 do, P Lorillard & Co do, 8 do, 1 box snmp les, F S Kmney, hhds, 1 case, W 0. Swtth & Co., 58 hhds, ii4 trcs, 37 qlr trcs, 0 e1ghth tres, 27 cases mfd, 4 do smkg, 1 do Cigarettes, 1 box samples, Jos D Evans & Co 1 hhd, 2 cnscs mfd, 20 three-qtr bxs do, 58 half bxs do, F E Owe n 51rcs, Pioneer Tobacco Co, 1 do 1 box samples Bulkley & Moore. 14 cases mfd, 1 half box do 30 qtr bxs do, 25 eighth bxs do, 3 pkgs do, 8 -caddi es do, bohan, Carroll & Co. 1 case mfd, 45 thn-d bxs do, 8 caddies do; C. E. Lee, 5 cases smkg, 4 do mfd, 23 third bx s do, 5 qtr b,xs do, J W Martm, SO cases smkg, 10 qtr bxs mfd, All e n & Co 213 caseasmkg, 1 do mfd, 8 caddies do, Thompllon, Moore & Co, 6 cases mfd, 87 half bxs do 10 bxs, Wise & Bendhem1, 6 cnses smkg, 8 Cliddie8 mfd. 15 cases cigarettes, F H Leggett & Co., 7 cases mfd, 5 qtr bxs do, A Hen & Co, 13 cases smkg, P. Fnwke ll 16 do; H K & F B Thurber & Co., 1 case mfd, Arkell. Tufts & Co 10 do. Jas Gardiner, 3 do. R W. Cameron & Co. 60 do D A Shotwell & Son 1 do, H. L. MaitiiiDd & Co 8 pkgs do, Carhart Bros 65 half bxs mfd, 20 third bxs do, E. DuBois, 28 kegs do, 16 qtr bxs do Acker, Merrall & CoQdtt, 4 cases ctgarettes, Funch, Edye & Co., 1 box samples, Order, 144 hllds 8 trcs. 6 cases smkg, a bxs sample s BY THE NEw Yom< & BAr.TIMOHE TRANSPOIaccos wet e never ind eed, the dem8Dd for these seems far beyond the supply, .hence "they are pressed, each and every patccl, to extret;!!el) htgh figures Low grades abundant and pMs at l pw priqes So soon as there IS a seaso n for stripping and marketing our market wtll doubtless be better supplied, and perhaps wtth better grades. Pncos may then ease do-Wn To day we quote 1 L eaf common bright. ........ .... "'-' .. 5 good ..... ...... 8@10 and 12 fine workmg .. _.. ".. .. 12 @111 Wrappers conunon brtght .......... '.. ... 12 @1.'! gOOd . 18@26 and 30 fine .. .. .. .. .. ,., ll5 @45 v fancy .. .. .... .. .. .. 50@75 and 8:1 Some parcels h1gher MahoglUUefl are scarce. mahoganies common.. .. 15 @18 good ....... 20@26 and 30 fine .. ........ 35 @45 extra parcels ... 50@55 and 60 We offer no change in lower grades, and contmue last quota DURHAM, N. C.-Messrs. Walker, Lyon & Co .. of the Farmers Warchou!!;C, report to TRE TonAcco LEAF as follows -The past week has been marked with some act1v1ty The re ce tpts h ave been free, with considerable ammallcn on all de strable grades of hght goods, wh1le mferior grades ha-ve been very abundant and very much neglected QUOTATIONS. Common dark lugs 1 @ 2 Red lugs .... .. .. 2 @ 3 Common dark leaf 2 @ Medmm to good .. .. ... .. .... '..... 3 @ 5 Brtght lugs . .. ............ : .. .. .. 3%'@ Medium lugs . .. .. .. .. .. 4)i'@ 7 Good lugs............. .. .. .. .... 7 @10 Fme lugs .............................. 10 @15 Extra fine lugs. .. .. .. .. .. ... 15 @22 Common bright fillers . . 4 @ T. W. lYIAllSBAI.L, DII:..&.:NUP'.A.OT"C'::n.3:R. OF P'::E:N':I!I A:t.E-HAVANA CIGARS, .&!I'D SOLE PROPRIETOR OF THE CEL8-:A.TE. BRAND 0 .. ftG.&BI, cc "EJT. EEIQU:&:M ," U! RORTH 4th ST. PHILADELPHIA PA. 106 Dth Ave. JJICORICE. o c. "'WV .A.R.:a.ED!IIII' oo., TOX..::ai:EJO 0:&:::1:0, 111:.&1\'UF.t.CTURERS OF THE I EXTRA FINE' & 'FINE' Brands of Pure Powdered Spanish licorice Root. Our lll:llla are oc peeallar eoatruetloa, aad euti.J'ely our owa ........ and are, we eapule ot pro4uetna a more .._orouchly Impalpable poW'cler than any o1ben known. We co11ftden&ly elabn t'or our ''BXTBA PINE'' a nperlorU.y over any oCher Licorice :for Ia PlaeTobaeeo, for the re .. oa &lua& U I a -.ore Gael,.-powdered article &han any con.equentlJ' .mu4,'!h more e&D M .._. :lD. 'tile ea& ... be al>aorl>ed l>:r the molture oC the leaf, wUb-t &i'f'ba& the coo ... a atJ appea .... .,.,, aad will aot e1.,. th.e knlvee and pre-ven' a mooth cu&, -- &he ea.e whh. Lleorlee containing the ueual amount oC ftbre. au.d lP:r:l.o--u. opu. ..&.ppUoa:t:I..Pu.. OFFICE ..... S.&LESROOil'll-113, llli "'11'7111:01\'BOE ST.} c. c. WAK'D'"N & co. lii:ILLSt-318, 6: 3lli BRIE lrrRE.BT. The undersigned continues to manufacture and Import Spanish and Turkish Liquorice PaSte, which he otrers to the Trade at Reduced Prices. Manufacturers will find It to their Interest to apply to him. before purchasing else where. James C. McAndrew, 55 Water Street," New York. of pl.mters are very conflicting in regard to their mlentions for this year Tliose from the Kentucky Rtvcr cutting district are about eq ually d1v1ded m the 1esult of theu sa les of last crop, one half getting satisfactory pnces, and fully determmed to rai se another full crop the other half, bavmg poor stuff and getlmg qUJte small pnces (say 2c for lugs, 3c for common leaf and 5c for good leaf). not r enlizmg more than 2)i'c round at home, swear they wtll not rai se n plant The geneml lm p1esswn 1s thllt the otcmmmg distriCts w11l plant near full avemge acreage, hnvm g m a 1 kcts convement, and delivering loo se from through the wtnter a nd early &,Pring at fatr hvmg pr:ces Th10ug}l the cent ral ""d southe rn portions of tbls !State and Tennessee, where they prize and haul a long dis lance t o a railroad, then pay freights etc and get returns at, say, !or lugs, fo r coml':lon leaf, and 5@6c for best leaf. averagmg about 4c b e te (less than 3c at home), is very d1s coumgmg, and v c 1 y many say they wtll not plant, and their pe1ghbors are of the BIIDle opm1ou My td(\ll ts that all of our regular tobacco growers, havmg land adapted to the growth of the weed, wtth barns for properly handling 11, will plant about as muc4 as and 111m to make a superior article It would b e a good thing foi the trade if the scallawag crop pers could be co mpletely shut off thts year. w1th th1s element out, our c rop would niouut to about one half of IMt year's crop m quantity tf we h ave a good growmg season. QUOTATlO:NS, N{)ndacript ,.--Hea"l/ Bodted --.. Outting. :Moderately. Really. Common lugs 2 @2,l4 3 Good lugs 2,l4@272 S @4 8 @ 5 Common le a f 4 5 @ Good leaf ...... a @4 6}i@ 8 Fmc leaf . .. @.. 8 @ll SelectiollS. . @ 7 @9 10 @1S 11 @15).4 Bnght wrappers, none th1s week. If faulty in weight or order, less Saturday's rece1pts 830 hhds, sales, 148 do LANCASTER.-Our spemal correspondents say-This has b een an acttve week in toe tobacco market, both for old and new crop Sales of 1876 crop foot up fully 500 cases, and buying of 1877 crop co ntinues very active and it looks now as though the entue crop would be bought up Prices r ema in about th same, good crops bring as much now as they did early m tbe season, m edmm and low g rad e goods sell at from 6 @12c for wrappers and 2@8c for fillers. The tobacco is cnrmg very well, and I think a great portion of the crop w1ll be eq ual in color to the 1873 crop, wb1ch gave Pennsylvania tobacco 1ts great reputation. I also thmk the crop has been greatly over RICHMOND.-Mr. R A Mtlls, Tobacco Broker and Commtssion Merchant, reports to 'l'ml: TOBACCO LBAY -Our receipts of all de s 1rable grades of tobacco contmue smau. Heceipts and offerings of common and nond cscnpts are full, and prices for those grades contmue low AIL the bette r ATades are in better reque s t, and prices rule firmer, wtth I1D upward tendency, parttcul arly for good to fine bnght wrappers. There seems to be more dtsposttion ou the part of 01r manufacturers to buy, and the 1mpr essw n seems to be general nnw that there will be no change in the tob acco tax and that the lonl!' agitllted questwn w1ll tis qu1etus m the n ex t ten days. The transactwns for the past week wcre-1,011 hhds and 121 trcs. Off e rmgs at anctwn were May 6, 19 pkgs sold at 1 00@ 14)!4, 28 taken in at May7, 52 do sold at 1 50@i6 24 tak en m at 70@24% May 8, 65 do sold at 1 00@20 '28 m at 60@29 May 9, 69 do sold at 1 50@49, 29 ..;ken m at 65@73 May 10, 43 do sold at 1 30@30 24 taken In al 1 50@13 May 11, 29 do sold at 1 75@24, 18 taken in all 60@ 27;-2 ST. LOUIS.-Mr J E Haynes, in Lea f Tobacco reports to THE TOBACCO LEAY -Rccetved, 396 hhds. a,e;aill8t 576 the prevwus week. Wtth moderate offerings IIDd pretty steady demand, the marke t bas been fauly steady since our l nst. Good leaf for purposes continues scarce and wanted at full prtces A decrease of 180 bhds m the re. ce1pts as compared wtth those of the prevwus week, 1s quite r emar kable for the season of the year, and probably indtcates that plan te rs and country dealers prefer the chances of tbe fu tm e to acceptmg present prt ces The quality of the receipts has Improved somewhat yet lugs and common grades cont inue to largely prcpondc1ate Lugs and common grades of leaf steady Sales from Thursday to Tuesday, Inclusive, 197 hhds: 2 at 1.45@1 50, 6 a t 1 60@1 65; 85 at 1 75@1.95 81 at 2@2 90 26 at 8@3 90, 20 al (@4.90, 11 at 5([Jl5 60, 5 6@6 90, 1 at 7 40. 1 at 8, 2 at 9@1l.75 ; 1 Mtssoun at 14.50, 1 Vuginia al 15 25, 2 Mtssouri at 18 8 do at 20, 20 50 and 30 and 9 boxes at 1 50, 1 70, 1 80, 1 ,85, 1 90, 2 10, 2 40, 2 60 and 9 40 In the same time hhd Osage Co bright was passed (taken before the sale at 40 ) and btds were rejected on 73 hlld s 9 at 1.60@ 1 95, 24 at 2 10@2 90, 19 at 8@3 90, 10 at 4@{ 60: 5 at 5 10@ 5 90; 1 at 8, 3 at 14, 15 and 20 50, and 2 Virginia at 16 Wednesday. markft steady IIDd firm Sales 81) hhds 14 at 2@2 80, 5 at 8 90, 13 at(@4 90, 3 atll@5 80 2 at 8 30@ 6 70, 1 at 7.20, and 1 at 10 1 hhd was passed, bid s were reJected on 7 hhds 1 at 1 90; 1 at 2 60, 2 al3 30@3 80 2 al 4 70, and 1 at 6 70 Warehouse, and on s bijlboard, not cleared .... 23,805 hhds Inapected this week .. .. .. .. .. . 2.240 hhds Inspected previously this year . . . 12,807 hhda Good do do .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. o)i'@ U Fme do do . 9 @12 est1matL-d as to quantity; and inst ea d of 50,000 cases, as W88 generally we would have I do not thmk 11 will exceed 40 000 cases, and may not reach that amount. I have JUSt beard of a sale of new pnclting, 1877 c rop, by a country packer to a manukcturer on prtvate terms. Thursday the sales were 7 at 1 80 00 16 at l!@2 00 11 at 8@8 80, 7 at (@4.60, 4 at 5.2 0 1 at 6 20 1 at 8 10 1 at 10 2 bxs at 1 50; Btds reJected on 2 at 3 '10@3.00,'3 at 4 20 @4 90; 2 Missouri at 12 75 and 15 75. 1 Virgmia at 16 Our market very steady, wtth a s light advance on all grades Good fine bnght wrappers .very scarce, and are wanted here and would bring a good pnce 88,852 hbds Expot:ts of Maryland and Ohio since January 1 .. ... .. .. .. 9,532 hhds Shipped coastwise same time 1 200 hhds ---10 ,732 hhds Stock in warehouse and on shipboard not cleared 28,120 hhds Same time in 1877. ... .. .. .. .. ......... 14,748 hhds Mm>ufactu.tWl 7bbaceo.-Builnees in this branch continues dull aa heretofore, and wtll not; change to the better untll after the wx btll haa been dlspoaed of. Recetved per Richmond steamers, 28 cases 107 pkgs and 63 bxs, per Norfolk steamers, 82 do, 48 do and do. CAIRO, Ill.-W. M Williams, Secretarv Three States Tobacco:Aaao<-tatlon, reports to Tllll: ToBACCO LE.u as follows: -8wce my last report I have been through the tobacco belt adjacent ro our market and lind that the crop of 1877, as ellli mated by me, will fall 110mewbat short in quantity as well as quality. The crop of this season will not exceed i n acreage my former estimate of one half the preceding year There will be plenty of plants lhe ravage of the bugs Our market ts full up in prices with liD advancing tendency, condition of tobacco generallf JtOQd. :I'he crop moves slowly, and there is a demand for griufes not yet placed on lhe market. Since my last report we have sold about 300 hhds at prices entirely satis factory to planters Sales to-day 22 hhds. 8 hhds good com mon leaf at 6.9.'1, 5.90, 5 915, 15, 6.26, 8.00, 6 and 5 65, 8 hhds common leaf at 8 9.'1, 4 80, 4.60, 4 00, 4, 8.50, 4 75 aq,d 4; 6 hhds lup at 2 95, 2 90. 2, 2 45, 2 65 and 2 70 The attendance was fur and the bidding spmted, which showed clearly thai buyers were sall.a11ed they knew what they were dowg. CHICAGO, Ill.-Our special correspondent repQrts: The tobacco market has ahown increased actiVIty 1ast week. The bulk of the business conslated of by maif, only a few customen haviag arnved in town, as the aprwg trade now belongs to the past The belief that the cauaes now crippling ocr trade will soon be stopped by the final aettlement of the t.u; question, 11 gaming ground among all dealers. Our leaf ho11868 are well stocked. and entertain the best hopes regarding the future. The Chicago 7n1>u...,, under date of 3d of May, de fends the rtghts of the \Obacco and cigar manufacturers, up holdintt \he trade as IJ 1lo\lrlshing indUBtry, and contains the followmg statement illustrating the ruinous elfects of the tax agitation. The Government -derived in Chicago s revenue for tobacco twd cigars as follows:January ........ : ... Jrebruary ............ March .................. 1877. 126,600 108,540 126,918 1878. 1011, 377 90,888 10.2,417 862,058 298,182 Decretiae.. .. .. 63,921 There are conlllantly complaints of annoyinj{ 1nterferences on the part of our revenue olllctals with the legittmate business of our cigar and tobacco dealers The and fnvo loUB pretexts are given for seiZmg goods and pullmg the un fortunate dealers to a great amount of trouble. The olllcials do not claim any fraud, but only the omission of small details. "k is alrange thai our dealers should stand the they receive from the collector and his deputies CINCINNATI.-Mr F. A. Prague, Leaf Tobacco Inapec \Or, reports to THB TOBAcco LEAr as follows.-Tbe week's hUBiness in leaf tobacco has been the largest of the season, -ly 1,1i00 hhda having been offered at auction On lbe 1lrst two daya lhe buoyancy which characterized prtces last wetk wu fully maintained for both old and new, but afterward, while DeW kept and unchanged, old weakened per ceplibly, and where offered freely was generally rejected, bolde1'8 feelwg that the light stock does not juetify submitting to any decline. Receipts continue large, but \he proportion of fine to fancf cutting leaf coming forward is unusually mall. The hulk o the crop aeems to be of a red; heavybod1ed leaf, better suited for plug \han for cutting purposes. Seed leaf is Extra .. .. .. .. 12 @15 Wrappers common bright............... 8 @19 Medmm .. . .. .. .. ......... 12 @20 Good ................................. 20 @40 Fine ..... ........ 7 ............... 40 @50 Fancy. .. . .. .. .. .. . .. . .. .. 50 @15 HOPKINSVILLE, Ky.-M. H. & Bro., Leaf Tobacco B!okers report to THE as Receipts since laat report, 8211 hhds, 16 date, 8,1166 hhds; same time last year, 2,773 hhds; same time in 1876, 7,841 hhds Sales since last report, 65.'1 bhds; date, 4,8211 hhds aame time last vear 1,408 hhds, same time In 1816 6,848 hhda Our market was without animation, although hght leaf was slightly easier, we note no quotable ch&nge tn priQeB. QUO'IIATIONB. bug1.-Uommon.. .. .. .. .. .. $ 150@ 2 00 Medmm. . . .. . ... 2 711@ 3 711 Good ............ 00 00 .. 4.00@ 5 00 Lety.-Common .. . .. . . .. 4 00@ II 50 Medium .. .. .. .. .. .. . .. .. .. 6 00@ 8 !Ill Good.... .. .. .. . .. .. .. 9 00 Fine ............................. 11110@13 00 Selections ......................... 1!150@14 211 There have beeD aome few lllll8!l plantings, but \ObacCo planted 10 early is generally taken by the cut worm, or pro duces a lifeless, chall1., uaelesa atyle of leaf. Some sections have plen\y of plants. while othen are deci.dedi:r -t short; and the present range of prices Is conaidered 10 fow by planters thai those who have not a full supply of plants aeem very indifferent aboul 1t. We think it likely lbat the geueral. planting will be cut short from Ibis cause. LOUISVILLE.-Mr. Wm. J. Lewera, Secretary of the Tobacco Board of Trade, reports to THB ToBACCO LEAr: Receipts for first live days this about 1,650 hhds. SALES J'OR J'IRST J'JVJC DAYS TBI8 WJCIZ. liTO. WU.l:. ILOAIA. YIM. Planters' .. . .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 147 288 9,8118 Falla City. .. .. . .. .. .. .. .. 89 64 640 Louisvtlle. .. . .. .. .. .. 110 20.2 1,658 Ninth Street.. .. .. . .. 356 636 6,1548 Gilbert.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ... 77 141 980 Pickett .. . .. .. .. .. .. 229 490 4, 788 Boone .. .. .. .. .. . .. .. .. 76 1415 9 ,0113 Farmers'........................... 110 170 111,61(1 Kentucky Association. . . . 1411 2M 8,862 1,288 2.361 Year 1877 ................... : .... 1,087 11,975 24.487 20,940 21,889 11,848 Year 1878....... . .. .. .. .. 1,80'7 1!,994 Year 1875..... ... .. .. .. .. .. 990 2,041 Sales of week and year divided as follows Wuk. YIIW. 1,088 20,870. 29 1,(178 182 1 ,9011 Or,lginal New ................. .' ......... original Old ........................ ... ... New Reviews ............................. Old Reviews .. . .. .. .. .. .. .... 39 734 opened) bhds We have now sold 22,854 original (first time of last year s crop. Order and weight of \Obaccoe 110ld \hla week very good. No improvement in qnallly. We have !JUUiities of showy leaf; in color, length, width 11Dd nice handlmg, It is all that could be aaked, but only a very few hhds had body and pm; these few sold al prices ranging from 9@1Sc; all taken for export. In cutting kinds we had a fair proponion, about 150 -hhds, of which about 16 hhds were Ane leaf, at from the lugs of these fine crops sell at from Prices have been irregnlar on all except 'bright cutting and such as plugmakel'll could use, or good to 1lne dark lontt leaf for rebandlmg, whtcb altoge\her consti\Ute about one third of amount of week's sales, the other two-thirds is made up of stemmers' trash (very common luge); nondescrlpta, and the sightly, half way kind. being neither one thing nor \he other, I class as moderately heavy bodied. We hear of some planting in diJl'erent localities. The viewa PHILADELPHIA, Pa.-Mr. Arthur R..fougeray, To bacco MIIDufncturers' Agent, reports to THE ToBAcco Li:AJ': Judging from receipts, and lone of conversation of middle-men and jobbers, the past week s business m manufactured plug to baccos bas not been satiSfactory, m fact, the summlllj! up at the end or lbe week shows considerable falhng off m total amounts .from the previous week 's. This sudden change is undel'!ltood to be caused by the recent vote of the Lower House of Congress on the tobacco tax, or rather the UDcertainly thai follows the result of this particular action, for it Is a well known fact \hat jobbers are carrying a 'Very light stock-so light that they experience dilHcuiLy In supplying their trade promptly with all their vaned brands and styles; yet when queationed wtth regard to thiB mjud1Cioua course, their answer m"ariably is, .. We cannot tell bow soon the tax may chanr: we prefer to work aloa.g wltti. as small stocks as posstble Therefore, "'!hat ,stock ia oold is prmcipally stapdard brands, ,.bleb, 10 far, command full quotattons, but an unk.tiown brands are strll'erlng fearfully In regard to litTUOutf -The fine grades are picking up nlcelr, which Ia very creditable Smoking Tobaud, 837 833 pounds Western leaf tobacco; to Liverpool per steamer Ift/lw11Q, 40,110 lbs do, to Liverpool per ateamer 'l\uc4ny,161,688lha do. Receipts from all points .-:157 cases Connecticut, 181 do Penn Bflvania, 49 do Ohio, lil do W lSCODsin. 157 balea llanna, and 840 hbds of Virginia and Western leaf Sales for domestic use were --286 cases Connecticut, 163 do Pennsyl,.ania, 62 do Ohio, 411 do Wisconsm, 130 bales Hanna, and 26 bhds of Vir ginla and Western l eaf tobacco. Rece1pts of leaf tobacco at thts port for the month of April, 1878-Connecticut Seed......... .. . 1,87'7 cases rennsylvania Seed . . . 789 cases Ohio Seed .. .. .. . . .. .. .. .. 821 cues Wilconllln Seed... .. .. .. .. .. 1 267 cases 2, 7ii4 cases Havana leaf... . . li3U bales Vuguua, Maryland and Western leaf .... 1,211 bhds do do do 282 pkgs Sales of leaf \Obacco at lhla pori for the month of April, 1878:-Connecticut Seed .. .. .. .. .. Pennsylvania Seed........ .. ..... Ohio 8eed ........................... Wisconsin Seed ....................... 997 cases 754 c!aseS 287 cases 254 cases 2,292 casea Havana leaf .. .. .. .. .. . 447 bales Virginia, Maryland and Western leaf.... 8li hhds Exporte4 of leaf \Obaccofrom U!.is port during month of April, 1878 ............................ 2,0116,048lba Exported of manufactured tobacco ..... . .. 48.6116 lha Receipts of manufactured tobacco for the month of Aprd, 1878-2, 288 bxs, 10,174 calidies, 4,207 cases, 183 kegs, pails of fine cuts; total, 19,2711 pkgs. QUOTATIONS FOR NEW CROP. Common dark lugs... . .. .. . 1 70@ 2 00 FBJr to good dark lugs.. .. .. . . 2 00@ 2 80 Fair to good bngbt lugs . .. .. . 2 25@ 3 00 Inferior, nondescript dark leaf... . 2 2.'1@ 2 715 Common dark leaf ...................... 3 00@ 4 00 Medium dark leaf.. .. . .. .. 4 25@ tl 00 !ledtum red leaf.. .. .. .. .. .. .. (I 110@ 6 50 Good red leaf . .. .. .. .. .. .. . 7 00@ 8 110 Medium half bright wrapping leaf. ..... 10 00@12 110 Medmm bnght wrapping leaf ..... ..... 111 00@20 00 Fair to good bright wrapping leaf. 21> 00@3.'i 00 WUCDSOB, Conn,-Our special correopondenl reports -There bas been quite a lively tune the past few daya lD Ibis and. the adJOining \own& after old awealed tobacco, with 1871J selhng at 22c for atld 9c for seconds Of the 187'1 crop. wrappen brought J 8 and 20c, and seconds 7 and Sc. The moat of the buyers were Boston parties w bo were lookiq for lighter colors than have been called for for aome time. FOREICN. LIVERPOOL, Apnl27 -M1111on. F. W. Smy&Jte & Co Tobacco Commission Merchants, report to THB 'l'oB4000 -There was rather more in our tobacco market du the past week. Manufacturers' attention was conftned to common strips and Missouri leaf which they cured at prices no doubt satisfactory to themselves. Some sales were made for the Continent; operations for Africa were unimportant. Quotations are nominally unchanged Impona liOO hhdo, deliveriee, 376 do, swell: 31,167, 11&1nai 80,0811 c10 same ltmd laot year. .April 24.-Mcssrs. Grant, Chamben & Co report to THE '1-0BAcco LB.uo as follows -Another dull week, mterrupted by the EMter holiday, has been p The only sale has been a small lot of Vlrgmia leaf at a price we ahrmk from stating The olight increase of duty on the ra. w material will, for a, tlme, at least, give good drinking sub. stitutes a preference over American tobaccoe. The only Ill quirles here are atlll for good spinniag qualilie& April SO -We have bad a quiet week In our tobacco and ":as done, buyers, u a rule, ob' some concesston m pnces. lmporlll, 26 hhds, deliv erres ll19 hhds; stock 82,219 hhds, against 31,809 do same lime laot year (Continued from Fourth Page.) W. T. Blaek:well & Co., the pr1soner sold twentyfive pounds of smoking tobacco to E. A. Hathaway a to bacco dealer in Brooklyn; that the packageB of co sold to Hathaway had posted thereo11 labels on which were prmted a stdevlew representation of a cow, and the words, Genui ne Durlw.m Smoking To bacco, manufactured frrYm Durlw.m Leaf,-" and it further appeared that the prisoner b&e .dealmg in smoking tobacco so branded for the past three or four years. The prisoner clarmed that he did not believe that his label was an mfringement of W T. Black well & Co., and that 1f he han believed that he was infringing the trade-marks of Messrs. Blackwell & Co he would have stopped at once. ., U{'On this state of facts the prisoner was held to awaJt the action of the Grand Jury. Mr. Theo. E. Allen, of New Yw:ll;: City who waa called as a witness by prisoner's stated that he is the agent of W T. Blackweu &; Co.m New York City, and that he has positive instructioWI frlftn Blackwell & Co. to proceed against each and every one who pirates either of the two trade-marks above referred to Ovide Dupre, of New York, appeared for W T. Blackwell & Co., and John J. Allen, of Brooklyn 'al!: peared for the prisoner. 1


6 !'! BROTHERS, Pubn, 111 Ih lanl I _. at11 Ia n 'II I' v UICl DRaa llie Lf 'l'a.aaeo, ,., 117 North TlttFd Pbtladelptala.' -9'. W. EISENLOHR &_Q.Or, PACJ:US AMD WJIOLE,LU.K D .. AU&i lH LEAP TOB.A.Cc-o, na . pbtl W. -DILOIItl, S: W. CLAILL J,'!IIIL. _..: .. L BAKBIBGD &: CO., IIEALBllS llf TOBACCO, AR<;f Manufacturers o f all Grades of Cigars, Ro.e J 11 AJ!Icil St., Ph.Jladelphla,Pa. LEWIS Wholesale Dealers ia r.BAF" ; AND JUNUFACTUIED TOBACCO, NO. '888 NORTH THtRb STREET, ftHILADELPHIA. IrA qe auortme11t of all kinds of LEAF Toucco constantlv ?D. hand .a \-/ '' ; .._. r l t I 1 > 1 I l 1 ,_1 .T ,... ltl. ANATRAN & 00., Packers, Commission Kerrihtm.ts AND WHOLESALE DEALERS l'N LEAF t"OB, A .OCO JA'o,.aaQ..Worih St., :Phtlad.elpld&: No. 36.North Water-st Phi1adelphia. And 214 STATE STREET, HARTFORD, CONN. GUMPERT BR0S. MANUFAC'rlJRHRS of FINH CIGARS, STORE: 1341 CHESTNUT STREET, Factory: 444 to'448 North 13th Street, P::E3::J:L.A.DELP::JB::J:.A.., P .A... 'WM. A. BOYD & CO., IIIPQ A'D:D ..urD :DOJD:&'I'IC LEAF .TOBAC-CO, Ro 33 South Sb-t. :a..&.LTXM:o:a.m. IANUJ'AC!'UIUm BY B. WIIK;ENS & CO., :SA.LT:J:JY:C>R.E, JY:D. I BAn'IJ.BRO. PO""LEJR.," DEALER HAVANA AND DOMESTIC .. :, Oigar Leaf 27 South Ga.y Street, Baltimore. ::tw.L.&.::E&TI::N'" *""!: &, 00., IMPORTERS, lli:ANUFA.CT1JREBS .A.N. DEA.LBBSIN CIGARS AND CIGARETTES; ITIAN1JFACTURBKS OP THE CELEBRA.TIU) HAVANA MIXED SMOKING. TOB.ACCO, 214 W. BALTJMOAE STREET, BaJtbnore, THE .LARGEST CIGAR FACTORY IN THE stATE. Ji!iiiKit & wili&tiiii F. w. FEUlNER & soN, JOSEPH WALLA.,.E TOBAeoo WOlUts. v IMPORTE D and SUCCESSOR s TO. ro COOPER& WALTER) MANUFAC"rURER OF LEAF T 0 8A c c 0 F SNlfPF AND SIOIIN& TOBACCO, 29S..tkBaJSL, Bolflmoro, d. 666 668 670 d Weinvlt the attention of to our 1 an 672 NORTH ELEVENTH ST., PHILADELPHIA. WRAP D D M:A.LLORY CLAY TOBACCO PIPE WORKS, MERF.Elj]K;S !EMPER, BBIPP:UVQ' ,.18 :R'. SJDVJCN'I'B S'I'., PHILADltLP::BIA. Oo:nnec:,-ucu.:tseect. C AND.,; ... h : t PBNI"'U'GTO.... PRICB Q. co And Wh> lesalo Elealers IJo omm1SS10n .ere a.n .... ..,. ., -. ., Havana. and Yara Tobaccos1 E. E. Manaer MANOFACTURERS AND DEALERS IN I CLAY WOOD ENAMELLE o GERMAN C 0 & OTHER II 7 Lombard street, -tti.and 48 ST; CHARLES STREET, 1 1 1 'I BALTIKOR.E. LW.-r.Lembarolat.,JU.LTUIORB,MD. TOBACCO PIPBS. UNITED STATES CIGAR MANUFACTORY. T. J. DUNN & I!NlfPACT.UBEBS .. s PINE CI&AIS sue, 221 l BAfCBEIIlBRll3 HPECULIAR" CtcAR MANUFACTURER OF f.INE CICARS, AND DEA.LE:R. IN Spanieh Domestic Leaf T ebacco, .':' Ploikolelphla. .&4i11111T .J'O& mu..-a: (DI(Dl(AD OJtfilllB .... ... lll'liU8, :.c. SORVER, CGOK & CO. 1'.6/ZIII, noer-mrr lmJiOO altl little Wandenr Aad. WJtolesale Jll"let"l Ia LEAF TOBACCO OXG-.A.::El.B. Rebdt All Brudo .t --AVV A -..nii'WAJ TftD&Gftft G. B. JOS. SCHROEDER & : CO., IMPORTED and DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCO, 25 German St., Baltimore, .. Md: DARK WRAPPERS CONSTANTLr ON' HAND. OF ..... SEED LEA.F AND IMPORTERS OF 79,81 & 83 EXCHANGE PLACE, Ela1't:l:D1ore. lld.. PliTiiRSBURC, VA., C. A.JACKSON & CO. IIA.l01PAOTUBEBS 01' ALL STYLES 01' Sweet Navy Chewing Tobacco, AliD T.HJ: CI:LBBIU.TBD BBANP. 0'1 JACKSON'S BEST! PB"X'B.R.a:EI'D':E:a.G-, V' .A.. At ilul CIIlNTENIUAL IIXPOI!lTION, September K'T, 18r6, THIS TOBAOOO WAS AWARDED ..... i'll_.... HIGHEST PRIZE. We ..a ...,....u-to t1oe -a-ID wbleh...,. put npl that aeitber De&ler nor Chew ... other ROOdo. he ls geli ng OUI'B Every and .bM lido it by & e. Eve Plug haa our Trademark & &auexed. TRY .+JI.ANTD, WES'rEBN. ADVERTISEMENTS T. R. SPEifCE. J, P. SPENCE. If, T, SPENCE. c. A.. SPENCE I AIBROSIA TOBACCO WOIIS. SPEN.CE BROTHERS. & CO., 56, 58, 60 & 62 East 'l'hird Street, CXNC:J:NN .A.. T:J:. BlliBm llliAY&:BBD. G. W. WICKS & CO., .&tent.a for the Sale of LEAF TOBACGO Viluinia, Missouri, and Kentucky B B. 0 K B R s, TOBACCO, 115 & 117 WEST FRONT STREET, 291 West Main Street, LOUIBYILLE, K'IJ. CINCINNATI, 0. Gao. W Wu:JCS. N.FvaaY ora = s-r.&TB oP BBNIoCKY TOBACCO GO., Choice Brands of PLUG .TOBACCO, 1 Aa.d. Pateatc. of tbe Celebrated Braad of PROGRESS, MADE IN ALL SHAPESAND WEIGHTS. _. EVE!il:.Y PLUCJ HAS OUR PATEJIIT Jii'A.STiill'IER AT THE END. "'U MAY 13 J. DIX 1: CO.,. -.4 Dder '" rnmmmmn wr 217 _STATE IJIEET, II.Ul'D'O-.,... WLI. wnaTPHAL, COIDIISSIO:i' ....._ .. CDIIE:CTICUT 11:1:1 LEAF Tobacco, State Bt .. Hartford. CoD. RmSDALE SKITB: &. SON, (SeceHOro to 1L SMITH &: CO. ) PAOKEJUI .&liiD JOBBER.S or Leaf Tobacco 20 HAMPDEN ST., S pri'ngfield, Mae BtllaDA.LB SMITH, S. LOW&J.11'l'H AL A 00., C. 0. HOLYOKE, MANUFACTURERS .OF FINE COKVISSION JmtCHANT AJID lN LEAF TOBACCO. 1a0 W lliST :I'O'tnt.TB CtNOtNNATI. W. CIGAR-BOX MANUFACTOR AND DEALER IN CIGAR-BOX TRIMMINGS, LABELS, PAPER, ..A.JSTD ..A.Z...Z.. or O:J:G-..A.:E:a. :E:a.:J:EIEIC>JST&. 519 to 525 West Sixth St., Cincinnati. .. F. G. Works, Ohio, CHARLES R. MISSIRGER, MANUJI'ACTUIUllR. OF 11F. G." AND NATIONAL LONG CUT SMOKINGS. Also; the India.n a.nd Sun Flower Chewing Tobaccos. W BEST, Chieago ; LO:kiN PALMER, New York; W. Ii. RUSSELL, Cbical'o. BBST. RUSSBIL & CO., (Succ .. o ors to JOHN C. PAI'.TRIDGE &: CO.,) AND SOLE PROPRIETORS OF THE GENUJ:NE GOLDE N CROWN"' CIGARS, 57 Lake Street and 41 : Chicago, Ill. ALSO AGENTS FOR THE FOLLOWING WELL-KNOWN FIRMS: -p. LORILL&RD ..., CO., N e w York 1 SEIDENBERG &:. CO., New ork; W. 8. K.IltiBALL &. CO.'S "VANITY FAIR," Rocbester, N.Y.; W. T. JILACKWELL 61, CO., Durham, N.C. ; J J, DA.GLET ._ co. s "MAYFLOWER," D VAN11Y h\IH TOhArCO & RO(JHESTER. N y Chicago Tobacco Works. H."itET.IG & BRIJTHER: H. C. CHAMPION & CO., (Suec$80rs to Jom1 WATr & SoN). Fine-JSTD, V' .A.. W. H. Trowbridge, MANUFAm'URER Oil' ALL STYLES OF 'Fine Virginia Smoking Tobacco, INCLUDING THE FOLLOWING BRANDS: )' Beo1, j :Doohle Ea&Ie, rlr Klllah .. Beauty, ... YIDe, Geed,: .1'.-e, .. c. '-Cia 31 I OLIVE STREET, IEIT. Z...O'D'ZI!il. & A. VXTJS Tobacco Broker AND General Commission Merchant, OFFICE IN TOBACCO EXCHAIIGE,SHOCkOE SLIP, BIOBiiOJiD, V a.. 0 I H. CURl & BRO'l'HIB, "!! TOBACCO BBOIEBS, TOB.A..OOO COMMISSION MERCHANTS,


MAY13 N:&W YOKK. TobcJcoo Warl!howel.. Almer& Dehla l90Pearl. Allen & n., 1 iii a.nd 175 Cbamben Buch.t n8cher. 1M Water. .t Moore, 7 4 Front. Oordc!io .A.. H. 66 Broad. Crawford &. Jl 11l8 Water. DobaD, Carroll & Oo. IOi Frot1t. DaBollJ Eupne. 75 Front. 111111ert 11'11'1. a: Oo. 215 Pearl. EDgt.-F. M 8. Squaro Fox, DIOB & Co. 175 Water. Frieucl 1:. &: G. &: Co. 12!1 Maiden Lane. J M. Sl Front. Garth D. J0 Son & Co. 44 Broad. Guaert J. L & Bro. 160 Water. Gersbel L. & Bro. 191 Pearl. Giebel&:: Van Ra.mdoh':_t 176 Water. Bambllr%er t. 101 wn.rer Bavemeyer.:: & Vig;eliuct, l.ZS Pearl ll!S'Waler HoodleM W. J. < Broad Koenig H; 820 owecy. Lachenbruch & Bro. 164 Water. & 213 Peart. Levin H. H. lu:i Pearl. I.Jchtenstein Bros. 117 M a.idftfl Lane. LobeiUitein & Gans, 181 Maiden La.ue. L. & C o. 43 Broad. lllartln..J. W. 79 Jfroot llueller Enu:;t & Co. 122 Pearl. Neuberger & Steinecke, 172 Water Otttnpr BrothE>rs, 48 Broad. Paulitsch M. 143 Water Pnce Wm. M. 11\1 Maiden Lane. Relsnuum G. 188 Pearl. S.wyet', Wallaee & Co. 47 Broad. ScboverUng H. 1 1 2 'Vater. Schroeder k Bon, 178 Water. Schubart H .!: (Jo. 146 Water. Sc<>vllle -A. H. & Co. 170 WAter. Siebert Hemy, 68 Broad. Sptngarn E. & Co. 6 Dut Jing Slip. StepheniA. T. Je8Wa.ter. BtnJton a .BtOf!ll. 178 aad l.llnuf of SPMkittg -Ch.,.-tf lbllaoooo. Anderson Johu & eo. tl4. 116 and 117 Liberty. Buchanan & Lyall, 101 Wall Buchner D. 213 sna 215 Duane. Qoodwin & Co. M & i'09 Water. Hoyt ThomM &: Co. 404 Pearl. Kinney BI'OS. 141 West BrOadway. Lorlllard P. & Cv. 114 'Vater. McAlpi n D. H. & Co. cor A venue D and Tenth. Hiller G. B.&: Uo. 97 Columbia. Pioneer Tobacco Company, 121 \Vater. .Agents for Chewing and SmoT.:ing 2'obacooi, etc. E:ngelbAch F. :l& S. WR.Shington Square Hen A. & Co. Liberty. Hunt B. W. 69 Wilham Lindheim .M. 15!1 Water Wise lt Bendheim, 1.21 Bowery .Manu{acturert of Oigar1. Bondy & Lt>oer&, 96 to 110 Attorney Gta.equm &. Schlosser, 15 Rivington. Beilbroner &: .Jcwephs. 358 Bowery Hirsch D. & Co. t2tl ana 130 Rlvwgt<>n and !!8 Wall Hirsci.Jhorn L. &:: Co. 00 to 2S 2d A venue Kaufman Bros. & Bondy, 129 & tat Grand. Kerbs & BvlO!II._ IOif to tO':lO SeoODd Av. and 310 to 81-t Ylrtr!ourth Levy Bros, 70 n.nd 72 Bowery Lichtenstein BrOs. & Co. 2US and 270 Bowery Lichtenstein. A. & Oo. 34and KcCoy & Co. 101 Bowery Mendel M. W. & Bro. 15 aud 297 Qreenv.ieh rg I Co. 84 and 06 Reade A 11 Bo .,.,..Y M. 42Veroy Stachelberg M. & Co., ll2 and 94 Liberty Straiton/J:. Storm,, and I Ill Pearl -! 8utro & Newmark. 76 Park Place Jlsn.ujacturers of Fine Oigart. Brown & Ka.rle, 2!1 and 213 Wooster Foster, Hilson oX" Co. 35 Bowery Sancnez, Hayn & Co 1M, 18!1, !114 Maiden Lane bnporters of Hrwan.a Tobacco and OigartJ. Almlrall J. J. 16 Cedar Fre1RE.167W&Ier Friedman Leonar4. Pearl Garota J'. 187 Water Gonzalea A. t67 Water llleooenger'l'. H & Co. 16l.llaiden Lane. Paocual L. t56 Water Sanchez, Hayn. & Co. l&?t.tlf!, 1M Kafden Lane Scoville A. H. & Co. 17tt water Seidenberg & Co. 84 and 86 Beade Solo"""' !II. & E. Maiden Lane Vega & Bernhelm, 187 Pearl Well & Co. 61> I?Ule Welos._.Eller Yhor Marlbtez 190 'Pearl's Of West and: of lia-Cili"TO. De !1&'7 Fred'l< & 0<>.' 41 and 4.'1 :HcNI La,..., 1!8 fll:nrray Seidenbefi & Oo. ll4 &Dd 86 Beade Depot of the u Flor del Sur" CifllW Alcee George, 173 Water of M..riehaum and .d.,.,_ Welo 398 Graul! Iiripo-r!ll?'l of Clay Pipu. = &: :nwater 1t. Polhau&, oo CbambeN t .t' Oo. 50t Broadw117 Hea A .t Oo. 43 Uberty Kaufluooa li
    . 156 Water Unde F. 0. & (Jo. t411 Water 7bbccoo l'ruHn. Guthrie & Oo. 2llli Front JCanujact1.tT'er oj Oa:gar Boa:a. Henl-ilrh Cigar-Btnc Ceclor. Uplelrove W. E. 466-475 East Tenth Sp. 11&-lft Goercll: MaMII&/acturcr of Crortke's Oompound :l'in Foil, Tobacco ? Medium and Crooke John J. 163 Mulber:!J' -ImJ><>rler ot Tin-Foil. WI temann Brothers, 1M WllU&m Tobacco il.sw;ng. Howard, Sanger & Oo. 4112 t:o 4fi8 Broadway Tobaceo Labell. Beppenheimer &: Maurer, 22 and Sl N. WiJllam Cigar-Boz I...tJbelJ aM Trimmi1!f11. Heppenbeimer IJ:. Maurer, 2! ancl & N. WW!&m Wtillr Ch,;>s 51 Chatha!n Pollak of Cigarette. of Zil<-lho&' Kinney F S. 141 Weat Broadwq u La Ferme" Rvaicln Ciganft.a Eckmeyer & Co. a Be&'V61' of Ciforollu. Hall Thomas H. 'IS Barclf.r Inport r. of Tlac<:n, -/aclvred, Le,f cmd Oiquretloo. Bo!!pl>orus ToOo: A. Cappardad>j. 1liiiG Ba:oadway Import"' of ToorkiM Lea./ Gild OiQart!tf.., GAd Man:u.Jacl-urer of,Je 8ntolri11g 2"obra0t. VaiiAurl V. tiii!O Broad,.ay. jStrn!", C:uttera a..a GenloaK Cigar N<>Mld&. Lobenstein &; Gau, 131 JlaldfiD Lane Manufaclurmr of Cigar Jf<>Mld&. Bol1!feldt N. H. 510 EasfNineteenth Depot for ..f1.u6ru! Chitoerv. WuJlste.iii Heflry, 114 Centre. Br>nko. Germmh\.merlcan, M Wall Internal Revenue B(}(,)k& l nw-gensen, C. :J1 Liberty Foreign and Domestic Hanken. Sternberger M. & S. 44 Exchange Place. Manu/actvren of Metal and WOOrt B. 14 N Canal Sutter Brothers, 46 and 48 Michigan A venue Wholesale Dealer8 in Lea/ and 'Manufactured o!uden Henry, 146 and 148 West Secoad D-t!aler1 in and Cigsr LJ1 Tobacco. lleyer Hy. & Co. -" Front Wankelman F. & Co. 82 Front Manufacturer& of Fine-OUt Ch.etoiRfl and 8mo/rif19 ToiJacco. Spence Bros. & Co. Ill &ad 54 E< Thin! Lf TOOacco. Krohn, Felss & Co. 161to 165 W. Thin! cor Elm Lowenthal S. & Co. 159 Weat Fourth Tl&tlg H. & Bro. 216 W :nrth Wall. Kahil & Co. Maul Jffro of Oig lAid Wltoluale Dealero ;,. JLfa Tobacco Volge & Winter, 176 !'fllin .. Shut Metal d_. Jfotlldo Dubrul Napoleon & !\! aad 448 Plum .lMil..T<>bol' t>nd H-Tobocco-cl Jobben in all l:i..J. :l'ullacco. GoUaoD a: -. 1st Ontario DANVILLE. Va. Co"""iulon Mer. 74 and 'lll'lf(erson A Fli.rl (Xgarettes. Gumpert Broo. 1341 Chestnut Importer of Havana il'obdcco ana aftd Co.sta.s J. 131 Seed Leaf. Manufacturer of Snulf and Smoking Tobacc9. Wallace Jas. 06tf to 67'J North Eleventh Manufacturers of Cigars. Batchelor Br06. Market Ludv Jno J M2 and 625 South Twentieth :rtrarshall, T. W. 12 North Fow-th. .A. H. Third and Poplar Dunn T. J. & Co. 219 to 223 North Broa4 Tobaeoo Broker. Fougeray A. B. 33 North Front Manufa. orurers of Lie. J-J ...... Leigh 'Lotller L. Lyoa A. Jl & Co. DlhreU Wm. &. l4t0 Cary MilleR. .... Dealer In Ptute arid JLftl. .. Wright J. & Co. I Tohae<:o Exchange Whalen of Tobacco. Jianujacture-r of j Peerlea" and Plain FineOut Tobacco oM "Van.ifw .Jbir" hloking Tobacco and Oit// Tobacco. Ladd W I'lL ill North Kaln 7'obacco .Brolbaccol Charles R. Manujacturtra of Powdered Licorice. Warren 0 C. & Co. 113 to 1I7 Monroe WESTFIELD, 11a ... PacAior Gild Dealer ... -IAal Bnechmnn John 0. THE TOBACCO LEAF. 7 DEMUTH & eo., MANUF.ACTUREBS AND IMPORTERS OF KINDS OF sMOKERS' ARTICiiRS, 601 :BIOEIW 'YOR.FC. I I BRIAR lND APPLEWOOD PIPES. Meerschanm Piucs f CIGAR HOLDERS SHO I PI&WBHS IN GREAT VARIETY. CLAY PIPES AND In :Metal & Wood A SPECIAUTY. CIGARETI'E PAPER. Centennial Medals & Diploma awarded for Beauty and Appropriahmess of Design an d Skill sbown ln Fabrication, Style & Cheapness. I S::m:N'::O O.A.T.A.X..<>G-"''"E. "7. 6 Park. P1aoe, Y"ork.. &._11. ST.EL BD. MILSoN. .ku.Uu.Lt'.ti WYM.AII RELIANCE CIGAR' MANUFACTORY. FOSTER, HILSON & CO.l SIS, :N'e'PI7 'York., 01' Fine Cigars, AND SOLE PROPRIETORS OF THK PATENTED WILUJW CIGAR BOX. KERBS d: SPIESS, .Manufacturers of_ Fine Cigars, And Dealen iD LEAP TOBACCO, 1014, 1016, 1018, 1020 SECOND AVENUE, 310, 312, 314 FIFTYFOURTH STREET. KERBS. LOUIS l LICBTENBTBIH & MANUFACTURERS OF THE !'.ELK" ONWARD" 179 & 181 Lewis Street, New York. 'AU klnda or Flcure B. SJY:<>:K.::E1\TG-T<>:::B.&.OO<> :.:.:. dt o<>.a 'V:lra:I.ZL:la, :11". Fe].aZLer dt SoZL' CLEAR THE WAY &z:a.'s Tob. Cope's Tobacco Plant A MONTHLY JOURIAL FOR SMOKERS. Published at I 0 Lord Nelson St., Liverpool, Eng. Price Two Shillings
    PAGE 8

    THE TOBACCO LEAF Tobacco Manufacturers. JOHN ANDERSON & 00. MANUFACTURERS OF THlt SOLACE TOBACCOS LICORICE. LICORICE WALLiS dk CO. ,:m.:E.TR..A.. Tobacco manufacturers and the tude 114 a 116 LIMRTY STREET, In geReral ale particularly requested to MEW TOR.K, examine and test the superior properties .U.a to direct tbe attention of the Dealenlo Tobacco af this LICORICE, which, being DOW tbroall'>oat tbo Uulted Stat .. and tbe World '-rought to the highest perfection ia ofto tbdr CELEBRATED ., TOBACCO BROKERS. JOHN CATTUS.: TOBACCO BROKER f 27 Pearf &tree ; 'NEW YORK MAY 13 The Beale wi!Jll'Jotecled SOLACE FINE-CUT E. FISCHER & BRO. CHEWDI'G TOBACCO, brand whlch:sbei:if,OD SUNNYSIDE, NATIONAL, rOBlCCO AID CIGlBS well to apply direct. &._BI.LL,. BRIGHT OWEN, NABOB!.. f Lleorlee aoot, .. leet aad CbdlllarF,-> BJi!.OltltRS IN, EXTRA CA VEHDISH. AND J>lrALBU ... : .._tly oa haad. WESTERN & YIRCINIA. Pearl St., New York. IIBUIUAU, WALLIS. co.. L EA r To B A c. 0 -A. s. COMST()C!', f General Partners, t 29 &; 31 .William 8trtot F W. LOCKWOOD, Special. .AND IN' CA,LDWELL fl, ;6. WBAVBR STBRRY, ../ CHOIClt BRANDS OF LICOBICII GBm LICUBICK t ALL SPECIALTIES FOR. PLUB AID FilE-CUT TOBACCO. _. IX L OWDERED .. fP LJ:GORIC .....-w I '< .... _.... -' CHARLES F., OSBORIE, ."\ ..L ."": i JAMES G. ,..,_ ... TOBACCO BROKER, ...-...... .. OLIVE OIL, 'TORC.A BlAIS. GUMS, FLAVORS.,_ I Powdered Licorice Boot, : 54 BROAD STREET, AND. P A. TEN'T LJ:CORJ:CE..; rN STJCK LICORICE WE HAVE THE FAVORITE BR' ANDS:' 'II JP. 8., nR'AOZ'Illoi.Z AIID GVZO:r.un: ; CIBAREITES ;TOMCCOS J<' 141 1l'lES'r BROADWAY, JiEWYORK. T. B.lVIElUliCK a CO. IMPORTERS, 130 & 132 WILLiAM ST.; NEW YORK. We be to eall the atteatlon-of Tebacco Mahulat: turon aad Deolera to thla SVl'EIUOR AND l'URE article. Sole Aeats far tbe Statu of North Carollaa aa.d VIr rrlla 1 MU.u. DA VltNPOBT .. MORRIS, Rlchraoad, Va. LICORICE ROO'I'-A-.ea &lle-&e. Selected asad Ordinary. ZURICALDAY & ARGUIMBAU, 102 PEARL STREET, J!!W TOBJ[: .a. SHACK, TOBACCO BBODB, 129 VAIDEN LAJTE. NEW YORK. !VULY .6ltD rZnLY POWDDID 8PAIU8H LICORIO. BOO'I', BPECXA.LTXES I GIFFORD, SHERID l IDIS, SPANISH LICOJUC& EXTRACT, Gu Tr th FOB .bEER.'1'0NGUE, m. aa-acan Cigar Makers. 120 :wnnam Street, lTIW YOU. r D B. C>R.G-LER. CASSIA Brons, G G dd S"f c k CLOVES AND CIN!f.,.:W:OR', um e I m s; FINEMANUFc"'=IGOAF_.-RS SEED, d d S B I CORIANDER 8EED, 01 01 orts m a es AND DEALER lN LAVEJJDER :f'L0"'!'1!'1RS; .. 1 GUU ARA.lliC, GR,.\pr'ANDPoWDERED, Gu A bill c d d LEAF TOBACCO, GUM MYRRH, m -ra 0 0 GUM FLAKE AND 295 & 297 GreenWich St., New York ;: POWDERED, 'To.'!-nka Beans. ANGOSTURA. CABEll, 7' B H. MILLER, J L. BRENNER. SES,UIE OIL LEVAN"l' IN DBL8, LICORICE PASTE. Cas ks, OHIO SHED LEAF TOBAGGO Balsam Tolu, in Uriginal Tins, THE STAMFORD MANUFACTURING CO. u North..Jetrereon Street, .. J V. W BRIItCKERHOFF, .. 1a'7 JM[.A.X:O::mN" x...A.N:m, vo::n.:a::. D A YT 0 N 0 H I 0 rr:m:n.. -'T-TbeTradelao1Dcdemandeda8uperil>r aad Cheaper Article t!W'that hltbertoused,thlaOompaoy l!r'"ORDERS PROMPrLY ATTENDED TO. 4.7 CEDAR. STREET, N.Y. ism&a:lutacturing, and offering for sale, P A.STE (under the old 11Sanford" brand) of a QUALITY -at & PRICE wblch can f&ll to be acceptable to all &ivlng It a trial lVIeiiQr a 218 N. 2!2d. S"t., Ph:l.1ad.e1ph.:La, DA.NlJFA.CTlJBEBS OF BP..A.NXS:E3: an.d. LICORICE;. PASTE. nv-Medal 'awarded for "Purlty, B_!ld General Excellence of Manufacture.,. Alllo.:M. & R. BRAND STICK LICORICE, all su-. Wbolesalo :A[ants: SHOEMAKER, VOlJTE & BIRCH, 126 S. Dolawaro An., Phila. ". B. ICALPIN & co.' DBStOT AID) AGB.Olr OF THE MANUFACTURE OF C. i. GAIL & AX, all Kinds of SMOK.DCG TOBACfln AHD D&AL.JI.$ Uf Cigars, Plug Tob&oco, Snuff, Snuff Flour, etc. UARUFACTORY ANl) BA1.88ROOM: Cor. Avenue D l Tenth St., lew York. BALTIMORE, -AT-' 121 BOW.RY, NEW YORK. WIIal, ....... MRS.G.B.MILLER&CO. FR. ENGELBACH, TOBA!R TOBAGGODHPDTffiENGY 97 COLUMBIA STREET, ForF.W.FELGMER.&SOl'f's, York. Balttaore, To-.,o aad Cigarette.. OJ' THE Ca.DUTED 1!ra. G. B .ll!lllle & Oo Chewlnir BOd Smold"8' Tobacco; the only GeDuine American Geotlema.o. Snutf 1!ra. G B. llliller &: Oo.'s Maccaboy-aad Scotch Snutfi A. H Mickle & Boos Foreet Rose aD4 Grape Tonacco; llln. G. B.ll!llller& Oo. Smoklug and Chewing Tobacco. --ALL ORDERS PROMPTLY l!;XECUTED. 56 S. WASHINGTO. N SQUARE, N.Y. BOODWIN & CO., MANUFACTU<RS 01' W. E. UPTEGROVE, SPANISH CBDAR FOR. CIGAR. BOXES. AGENT FOR OSTRUM'S CIGAR-BOX NAILING I!CBilfE. Foot lOth a nth St., East BIYir, NEW YORK. r TOEI.A.OCO. THE IERCHANTS' TOBACCO CO., 80 B::iaO.A.:O BT:JaEET, BOSTON", Make the best Sold or Used. ONE DOLLAR lawful money in each 60 pound box, containing large Plugs made of lc>ng stock. TWO DOLLARS In one, or ONE DOLLAR In two of the caddies In each case containing large plugs made of long stock. PA.TENT METAL LABELS on Plugs. Ask for this and get the Best Chew or Smoke that can be had. SILAS PEIRCE, Jr., JOHN H. SANBORN, Treaa. WILLIAM BVC!lANAN, DAVID C LYALL: BUCHANAN & LYALLIJ O:lllce: 101 WaJl St.9New York.-P. 0. BOX 1712. Factory:-No. 2 FIRST DISTRICT, SOUTH BROOKLYN. MANUFACTURERS OF THE FOLLOWING CELEBRATED BRANDS OF PLUG, CHEWING aDd SMOKING TOB.ACCOS_ ALSO MANUFACTURERS OF r 1 PLUG. PLANET NAVY. 1, )(, aa, 4, 1s., &, 7, s", 9, xas. SAILOR'$ CHOICE, 1, "" 3 411, 5s, 61, 81, 91, l Oe. CHALLENGE, lba. WASHINGTON, )(a. NEPTUNE, Double Thlell<, brt. drk. MAGGIE MITCHELL., NARRAGANSlllTT. ALE.XANDRA. SENSATION. FLOUNDERS. BUCHANAN, lOa. JACK 011' CLUBB. KING PHILIP. GRAPE AND" APRICOT. .WJrCOI!iq,UERED. "ACME .Faney Brilitbt Po1anda-TECUMSEH, lOa. PB.EKL&88. PALBl. GOLDBARII. PR.WB OF TH:R. REGDIENT. POCKET PIECES. N" .A'vv lP'XlSTB O'O"T c:::r.B:m w war. -. .A.OME. SMOKINC A -ND CICARETTE TOBACCO. VIRGilUA BRIGHT CUT CA VENDI8U. :rAm .A.ND :au:av. :. Branch Office: 49!4 Central Street. Boston. P. 0. BOX 11118. PIOIEER TOBACCO COIPANY, OF BROOKLYN, N. Y. BUSINESS OFFICES : 124 Water St., New York, 18 central Wharf, Boston; 25 Lake Strf;'et, Chicago; 51 BORTH WATER STREET, PHILADELPHIA. Fac>torj : No. 1 First District, N. Y. THE CELEBRATED THE. c:iJ:J.URATED OJfZJDA TOBACCO WORKS. Fine-Cut To ba,cco D. 207 &.. 209 WATE. R STREET, llJI:u""CUTAcTuCBJWiJG NEW YORK. Tb.e SIOKIR&AMDTOBAOOO, : "MATCHLESS,' "PRUIT GAD," 211 l 211 llai SL, lair Ttrk. ....... & ...... BRICHT, All Sizes; MAHOCANY, All Sizes; p X..c:> N m :m "El. all. SIJ:ea: r A c:omparl101t of tt'IIT Brands of PLUG TOBACCOS will partlts of tha WOK-DBBVUL J:UCRJTS contained. therelu. PLUG TOB:ACCO. LEVY BROTHERs, of FINE CIGARS 70._ and 72 BOWERY, NEW YORKi HERBST .. :BROTHERS, HAY ANA' .tc SEED LEAF T o .:B A. s .. c 9, 183 WATER STREET,' NEW : LIBERAL ADVANCEMENTS :MADE ON CONSIGNMENTS u.r .... a : re u& by the followin ....U ....r.ctaTen :-P. LORILLAR.D .. co., lfewYork1 BVCHA.5A5 &. LYALL1 Nf'w Ywk; JAil. B. PACE. Rtcbmond, Va.; ..., P. M4YO VLf E. W. VER"A.BJ41C A CO., Petea1...,., Va.a FINZER BROil., T.nnhwllle. Ky. HENRY WULSTEIN, (11-.,cc .. or to 6o De ...... 11* CE!ITRE. 8TR&ET, l'lll:W "I'O:&Ko P 0 Box :5091, New York. Conatan' n haad the Best Improved In' HAND Ult STJ:!:Aj,l rOW.ER. A larRe variety of Hachlaery fnr CiJZar Yao'Ofac turers, sach &t for Cut tin.( or Granulatln'f Havaaa aad other Fillers for Stem BunchiDI' ... and also .Machioel foe CrUMbing and Flattening the Tobac"'o Stem ha 1M Leaf, Clprctte Machinea. etc. So l o AfleOt ia 1M U.S. for f' FLJN.;CH'S (O IIellb::lch on Min, CJer .. many I celebnte


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