The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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VOL XIV.--NO. 15. [BftABLI8mm t8M.] NEW YORK, MONDAY, MAY 20, 1878. I AR!ro.lL IRlaJiiiPiW.IB ..._,A.D. a...w --....... c............ ........... ts.Of r-n..-.......... ........... ........ .... 6.0f .... .. l'IQID. JOBB" CJ. ti.&ft', .. I........... .._ ED'K JDeBA.RY & co., 43 Wrreu. Sh-eet, lll'aw York, 80LE FO THII Cl DE 6ALES' CIGARS, M a 88 .READE STR.EBIIJI, NBW YORK, Importers of Ha, vma, Tobacco, ALSO MANUFACTURERS OF THE liA.NUFAcro Rf!Jls, t&a to 101 Go6rok aa-eet; "YOR.:K.. BEST MATERIAL & SUPERIOR MAKE. Spanisb, Cigar Ribbons. 10 l.fl. ..._T.u..r .. ........ ............ .....,,.,...nao .. .. ........ 0.16-8 M ,.,... L'lO : : .. II ....... .. ,.,... LIO . .. ...... ,. ,. ,... 1.36 .. .. ..... .. .. ......... .. ,.,... 1-'0 -...a .......... ............ 1.. ..... ,.,... L'l6 .. .. ................... ... 5-fl ,.,... 1.85 M U ............. ,. ,, U .... N ,.,... L60 ............... .... .............. J ......... ,.,... 1.16 .. ..................... ...... .. 11,... 1.86 ............ ...... a .... 5-fl ,. ,... 1.60 ....... .......... : ......... 1 ......... ,.,... 1.66 M : .. oo ',', ........ N ,.,... 1.16 ............... a .... w : ,.,.., 1.-T.u..r ... ......... 1 .... w -,.,... 1a .. ....... ,.. .. ,.,... 1 ....... ..... a .. H 11,... o.a& (CJWee) ...... 1 ........... ,... 1..26 (0Joie9) ... .. .. :J-6 .. ..,... 1.10 :r-b.. ............ <:<'' 1 .... 'f-8 _,... J.86" U U 2 .... 'J'-8 H :U 1.36 .. : .. ......... IUJ"la : ... ...... ,. Ill-IUJ'oJL -: :: .:::::.::::::: :i:J:-::-a:s :s ..... ................ l .... 'f-s ,.. lA ............. ......... Ja.... LIO ._ ................. :................ .. ..,.. '' Y.u..r .............. ,_,._ 0,,.. xtra 8tylea of Ribbons Made to Oreler. RIBBONS CUT & PRINTED ANY SIZE AND STYLE. All Onlen Prompal,.lb:eea&ed. Tera c .... PRICES OF CIGAR BOXES AND SAMPLES OF RIBBONS SENT OK APPLICATION. J. OROOKE, MANUFACTURER 01' 1 O:Pll"%0:.11 65 PINE STREET, NEW YORK. lilt lolra.c.ct NEW YORK, MONDAY, MAY 20, 1878 A Great Opportunity! THE TOBACCO TRADE DIRECTORY I 60,00() NAKES and. ADDBESSES, alpJaabetlcaJl:r arraqecl lt7 STATES &lld TOWNS, witJa REVENUE DISTRICTS, te CLOSE OUT THE 300 COPIES ._ababac of SECOND EDITION. Orfcinal Prt..e, U. WILL BE SOLD FOR $2.00; Or ent to SabiCriben to THE TOBACCO LEAF, with a oop:r of THE LEAF for One Year, tor $15.00. THE'DAWN. Conversation with the merchants in and about Pearl, Water and Front Streets elicits testimony indicative of a wholesome confidence in the present and prospective condition of the S!led leaf tobacco trade here and else where. No one boasts of either an active demand or a large volume of business in any particular direction; but every one when spoken to on the subject refers to the imllrqvement perCeptible in the situation every where, and promptly recognizes the advent of the dawn of promise so long and l!O eagerly looked for. The hopeful auguries are ,-ather in the capacity to do than in what is d 9ne, the stocks being in quantity and character such as to give assurance of steady prices and easy transfer whenever the season for activity sets in. In a long while, apparently, there has not been a better adjustment of means to ends than now, old supplies of wrappers adapted to the requirements of manufacturei-a being barely sufficient to cover the period to intervene until the new ones are brought into requisition for use; and the new ones, as a rule, exhibiting almost in their entirety evidence of future serviceableness. The tobacco raised last year in the best Seed leaf districts is generally approved of, the -COIPOltiD rll IlL! 0 1 TOBACCO, MEDIUM AND TISSUE. existing prime essential of color being more nearly satisfactory than for several years past; and it ill. a.J,d mainly by the legitimate or regular distributors of this variety of leaf, which insures both reliable handling and an absence of speculative manipulation. In Con necticut the 1877 crop was bought up quite early in the 220 Pearl New York. Bavemeyers Vigelius, IMPORTERS OF .HAVANA TOBACCO. AND HOW TO MAKE THEM' BURN GOOD. TEl F* S"'D"R.E 'IIi tohaveyoursoocfsRehaDdled and Sweated by C. 8. PHILIPS. It you have poor burning tobacco send me &few and by return ot. man 1 will prove to you what can be done. If Jlanulactureta.,.,.ill send me-their!Ja'bt-Colored Sorlings,I wni return them MADURO CJOLORS, wftb.out the use of aay cbemio&IB or aa.y artificial coloring, aod without Injury to the Leat'. There Is enoug. h natural coloring matter in aJI tob&.ccos :It .._,. are only ha.Ddled in aucb a ID&DD8I' u to it out and 1lx: the color. THIS IS THE ONLY SUCCESSFUL TOBACCO SWEATINC ESTABLISHMENT in ez:latence.. and many toDA of tobacco are turDed out daJ.]y of good Dark Colors and good Burning quality. HAVANA. goods are also ACCeBSfully Rehandled a$ tbia Establishment, and put back into the original bale-s in such a manner as not to show tbey bad been Rehandled. Send a bale or case as a trial. 8atllllle&lon Garauteed. Charges as low as will admit or good work. Ple&8e me tor any information J"OU may wish and oblige c: S. PHU;JPS, 188 PEARL ST., NEW YORK. -ifilOBR, FliSs a. MANtJJ'ACTtnUCBS of OIC:AltS, AND DEALERS IK LE..A.F TOBACCO, 161, 163 & 165 WEST THIRD OFELI. CINCINNATI, 0. DIRIGO CIGAR --. cc:.,. liN UP ACTU BEDS 0 P PINE Cl&ABS FRANK McCOY.] IEDW ARD T. McCOY (Patented September u, 1877.) N"C>TXO:ID. Alllnl'rh1cemeJat on tlab Pateat will be Proeeouted to tbe tall ezt.nt of the Law. ALSO .MANUF Am'URER OF buying season, the merits of the as well as the prices at which it was obtained, commending it to the attention of the regular dealers. As an evidence of the estimation in which this crop is held, it may be mentioned that a prominent local firm that packed liberally in the Housatonic Valleyhas, during the past week, added by purchase to its own stock of the same kind between five and six hundred cases-in actual .PURE TIN AND OTHER FOILS! figures, five hundred and forty-nine cases. This lot was made up of selections from the stocks of two or three well-known city packers and dealers, and the :PX...AXN" ..&.N::o ROLLED TO ANY GUAGE AND CUT TO SIZE. BOTTLE CAPS, all Sbeoo, PLAIN AND COLORED. transaction practically illustrates the observation al ready made respecting the prevailing confidence in the situ<\tion. Much good, useful tobacco has been bought in Massachusetts, as well as in Connecticut, as also in Pennsylvania, and it is even probable that within the ensuing month the purchases in the latter State will have embraced the bulk of what was grown there of a really desirable character last year. The most of the little that was available in New York .State has OFFICE: 103 Mulberry St., N.Y. '' EI Porvenir,'' r:z: .. c:; VALLEJO been appropriated, and the same is true of ":'as wanted from Ohio and Wisconsin, some of that from 14 the latter State having already, we have bi3en assured, = ente:Nld into the manufacturing consumption of the country. ; Our dealers have bought early and have bought l:i well, and to these two circumstances, and especially the latter, they are mainly indebted for the strong position which they occupy at this time. They have acted prl.\dently, and been met in most instances in a prudent spirit by producers everywhere. For their last product growers have not received as much as they expected, and, perhaps, not as much as they were. entitled to; but their compensation will come in due coume through the improved position of the trade now upon the point of realization. With the present taste for dark material, light goods have been for years a source of loss to dealers; and the prices wli.ich they could afford to pay have, in a measure, depended upon the quantity of dark leaf which they. could obtain from any given lot of tobacco. Thus restricted, they have been obliged to buy close; and this necessity having been finally recognized and conceded by producers, the way is'made clear both for the expansion of busi ness and the doing of business on a safe and permanent basis. With' moderation exercised in planting this year-which seenis every reason to anticipate an advance in prices on good, stock that will extend next season, if not this, all the way from dealers to producers, and this the export trade revives or not. Stocks are comparatively light in all the mar kets at home and abroad and in the interior, and a spirited inquiry must, in the nature of things, spring up before the a.O.vent of the coming autumn. A few of our great manufacturers are car;rying and have se cured liberal supplies, but the great mass of manufac turers throughout the country are unusually scant of stock, and may be reasonably expected upon' the market soon. And the condition is much the same abroad. Note stocks of Seed leaf in first, 'or even other hands, in Germany, and then consider the com paratively meagre imports of this variety of tobacco there, and the inference is a fair one that at current prices something materially we had of late may be looked for ere long from that quarter. The current week closes as we go to press with the largest sal;ll! of the year, as if in confirmation of the above reasoning. WHOLE'NO 691 KINOR EDITOBIAI.S AND NEWS ITJD[I, GRADUALLY GROWING. -America annually sends England 4,000,000 cigars. ---BACHELOR OF DIVINITY.-We are pleased to observe that Yale College has conferred the of Sacrre Theologi, V a. FOR SALE.-AJresh supply of 100,000 pounds genu ine "DEERTONGUE" flavor for smolting tobacco manu facturers, in lots to suit purchasers, at lowest figures. MARBURG BROS., 141>, 147 and 149 S. Charles Street, Baltimore, Md. LARGE SALE OF SMUGGLED ClGARS.-In the seizure room at the Custom House extensive preparations are being made for the next sale of comiScated goo(ts. There are 1122 boxes of cigarettes (261,000) and 80,000 cigars, which have been in for six months, and which will be offered at public auction next month. THill" METRIO SYSTEII[-TREATY WITH FR.\NCE.The Senate, in executive session, ratified a treaty between France and thll United States providing for a convention to be held at Paris next summer with a view to the adoption of a metrical system of weights and mea sures. The treaty was concluded about ALONG THE 0HIO.-Mr. "Graff telegraphs us from Henderson, Ky., that the reports received from England are very unsatisfactory to stammers along the Ohio River, many of whom lost money on last year's operations. He also states that business is dull and prices are low. In Henderson and Webstsr Counties and the Green River section planters will raise this year butt half a crop, as they' are dissatisfied with the low figures paid for tobacco. STOLEN CIGARS.-Twenty thousand cigars, valued at $700, we-re stolen on Tuesday night from the manufac tory of Glaccum & Schlosser, 15"Rivington Street. The thieves drove up at midnight with a horse and and halted in front of No. 11 They entered that build ing, made theK wt.Jr.W the roof, and crossed over to. No. 15, where l>roke open the scuttle. They tQok off with as much as theycould cou.veniently carry. Where w..ere the police!' 'Echo, "Where!" A LoT OF CIGARS.-The second trial of the suit of John C. Fuller aiid James. R. McKay vs. Josiah D. Hunt, William A. Robinson, Henry B. Bunster and Abijah Richardson is now in progress before Judge Barrett and a jury in Part I. of the Supreme Court. The action is brought to recover $15,000 for alleged conspiracy and false pretenses by the defendants whereby the plaintiffs were induced to give 700,000 cigars in the fall of 1871. THE REGIE.-The newspaper El MenUJTandum, published at Santa Cruz de Tenerif(e in the Canary!lds, in its last just to hand, speaks of the br1ll1ant results attained by growing tobacco in the Canary Islands. It says that the great financial and agricultural problem has at last boon solved and an incessant demand may soon be expected fo; the fragrant Azorian weed. The amount prepared so far is 3,649 bales, weighing 196,261,700 kilogrammes or 4,266 quintals, which has realiz

D SIBil!, oh.e, LARGE STOCKS OF MANUFACTURED TOBACCO OF EVERY DESCRIPTION FOR THE H OME TR--\DE AND FOR FOREIGN MARKETS lllli:EPT OON&T.A.NT.X.Y ON Till VIRGINIA TOBACCO .I' AS. M. G.&B.DIRBB., nBACCO GODISSIOI IEICBAIT, 84 FRONT STREET, NEW YORK. OR-ILl FOR PL17G 'J'OBACCO PROliiP'I'L'I' JI'ILLJIID. IIAlTLAifD, L. F. S. Mo\CLKIIOSE. ltOBERT L. !olAITLAND ROBER! L IIAITLAND & CO., Tobacco Factors, l G&Deral Oommjss:ion G"B:road Street, .. New York, n .A.GENTS FOR THJ WELL-KNOWN "' o .a. m "" ..... T-ollacco, Maalll-ed Kzprllllly for EXPORT TO AUSTRALIAN and OTHER FOREIGN PO IItTS: .11 ft .1111\Vl) c I 'rlmOV & co A'UII'I'llALIAJ( TWJ8'1'-II'I'. ANDRJIIWI, JLUAUUfiR AJli'JJl ,R 'J VBWVI, C.A.BLB, OUR Q.I.JIB1 BLACK. ,._'PDaad _...._ ,.,.. DU.XOJID, 0 .A.'USTB.A.LlAJI LUIIPS-IIGJIET 011' VIJlGINIA, VB'Ii171, ALL THE RAGB, JI'LOW.R OF ALL NATIONS. -GLJDI LUIIPS-PRINC:Iil ALFRED "wnn.&J C'AWVDOJ & BRO .&usnII TWIST-RAVEI'f, lilA, Jl WIIIJl 4JIU ZKPPA, OKJO:N. 'VAC A'USTBALIA5 L'UIIPS-TWO SEAII, 0 017& CHIEF, ORION. IXDI.&lf L'UKPB-BAVELOCK, CHA.R .HJCR, .-.c. .. ,;;, ,,. -GLIBB L'UMPI-VICTOR'I', RO'I'.I.L BAVy, .. c. f" :. SOUTH LtriiJI'&-L.A. D LJ'Cli.A.1 LA Ji'Jii:LIC:IDAD. + F c; UIIDB.' C F. LINDE. C: 'c. HAIIILTON. 8 R. ASHCROFT NOEi"WV', SI!BD LHAF TOBACCO INSPHCTION TOBACCO INSPECTED OR SAMPLED. Oo-'tr'y BaznpllD.. Proznptl:y for every case,. and deUered cue by cue, u to number ot Certlflcate. I. B.-WE ALSO SAMPLE IN MERCHANTS' OWN STORES. I F. c. LINDE & co. PHILADELPHIA BRANCHES: B. W. DlCKEIII!ON Comer Arch and Water Streets. JONAS METZ, 64 N orth Fronlstreet. llv.FIBJ.D, Conn.I-EDW. AUSTIN LAI'ICASTER,,..Pa.-HENRY FOREST PBJI'fCIPAL OPPICEtl--1-lS WATER to 188 PEARL STREET. W WATER. 7 '1'6 & '1'8 GW!il!ii'l w CH STREETS, and HUDSON RIVER RAILROAll DEPOT, ST JOHN' S PARK. BENSEL & CO., TIBACLO IISPICTOBS, 178-" WATER STREET, XJlW TOBit, -::-=-::: -SYRACUSE BRANCH ....... G P. BIER & CO ELMIRA do .......... J R. DECKER. BALTIJIOBE do 1!f. WISCIDlEYER & CO HARTFORD do ........ ,W. WESTPHAL. EAS'I' WHATELY, Mass.; do .... : E. BELDEN. CHA'S FINKE&CO TOBACCO INSPECTORS, 155 WATER ST., NEW YORK. COVI'i'TBY IAKPLIII'G PRO.-A'TioY ATI'JiliiD-TO. Llllle..eer (Pa.) Branela 1 F. CUNNINGHAM, 508 W. Poplar St :stEIJlC'.H.VJ & .. (!J..,_ .. or to F. W. Tatgei.laorsi> & Co.) 1 .} TOBACCO AND GENERAL OOIIISS'ION IHICBANT, :ea Broad &'t.,. Ne""VV ]), J. G.lRTJII', Clu& :M.\TB, SclooEDJDL SAWYER, WALLACE & co., D. J. GARTH, SON & CO., CODISSION Dll.CEANTS Merchants No. 47 Broad street, No. 44 BROAD STRE&;T, NEW YOIIK. THOS. CABBOLL, Sr. -&, Carrell, COMMISSIO' N MERCHANTS FOB TBlt !I&LE OJ' Keutuc)Q' and VIrginia. .Leaf Tobacco, 60 BROAD ST.,' NEW YORK :J lftiiGill & BRO'lliQ) I G. BEUSENS, KENTUCKY BUYER OF LIAr TOBACCO 55 Broad St., New York. T. H. MESSENGER & CO., A. H. cABDOZO, UlPOBTBJIB ANJ;l IN :x.. ..., TOBACCO & COTfOJ f !C'lORl Cigars & Licorice Paste .&MD 161 MAIDEN LANE, N. Y. ._.. lomlulon Meri.MI1 """'-S.JieiM&Dd Boph-torl'oreiga ... 18 BaOAD ---- tc lllarketo .. .. Kanufacta.rm' .\guts VIRCINIA, N Ka.nufa.ctured, ::IPor 'th.e OFo'b..,m .... AND DEALERS IN PENNSYLVANIA CICARS. Office: 643 PENN STREET; and'. Warehouse: 636 COURT STREET, \ P.&.. CUTTING 14'.4QJ:Jo,;. salt (MULLER'SPATENT) ...... THE OliLY WBIOH t.ISV" ... ., \ -NBW ToBit AodCIU H.ORDENST/N, 306 Broadway, <(-)o Lobcnstein & Gans, CIGAR MOLDS, 175 WaterBt.11!o .. York. 101 Maiden Lane. Oor. Jo'ron' .t L wrenoe St., Cla cirm' atl. 0 REFERENCES. MesSrs M, W. Mend e l & Dro ., N ew York City. I Me!"f!rs. K endn.ll C loc k A:: Co., Binghamton, N Y .. L. Simons & Bro. u 11 J. C otm & C o ., Chjcaso, 1!1. :M. M. Smi t h, 1 \Vil so n B ros. D e troi t, M1c h, Sutro & Newmark, 11 u I 11 Hnck Cignr Mfg. Co, Springfield. ... 0. P Merryman & Co Baltimore, Md. Orden&tl!ln & C o San FrWlc iseo, CaL JOHN W. CARROLL; Sole Manufacturer of the Paa:ious and Werld reaowned Brand of VIRCINIA SMOKINC TOBACCOS, LONB JACK AND BROWN DICK, Manufactory: TWELFTH STREET, LYNCHBURG, VA. .....,. .. and orompt17 to. Prke Lilt FANCY S:atOKING PIPES -IN-BRIER AND FANCY WOODS, MAI'IUFACTURED BY HARVEY a FORD, SALESROOK-386 & 38'1 CAJIAL STREET, XJlW Y'OIUL FACTORY-LEDGER PLACE, PMLADELPHJA, IlL SALOMON, E.I3ALOJION D'.L &. E. El-'t T O::IItEO:N", PACKERS OF SEED LEAF, -AND IliPORTEIIS OF-H&VQfiQ and, &a DIE A X. 1 :N:I!I"'S7V lLP.G..-L I. !IID.PSOB & CO., AID ........................ 54 & s6 BROAD ST., ... o......... 'I'ORK. Wlll li'RIEDLAEII'DER, JOSIIlPH SICHEL. Wm.FRIEDLAENDER & CO. WlaoiMale Dealen In DOIHSTIC LHAF TOBACCO 9 .. C ncerning,tfte R1gbt to Brands. Trade Marks, &c. In this connection, 11'e desire to say to tlie tl'llde, -..e-"liOtlee that Ilia """"rted b;y some ot the leading journals and we are a lso informed that certain parties are endeavoring to produce thea Jmpreiidon that Blackwell 1c Co .1 _of ildll town, have tlie eDluaive '! r:icht to use tlte word DUR11AM as apptied to 8mO&tog Toba ll""bol of thew.....,. mark. It will b e observed that the opinion ot the couri, iD regard to the word is based O n the considerations: 1. Th&t the manufacturing in Richmond, Va. 2 That the word 1 1 Durham" hu a local iD tlte market.. 8. That the phralle, "Durham Smoking Tobailco," lndlcaies .._all doale111 and _,..ers, the fin e tobacco marketed and mauutaetui'ed at .Z>Id 'lrilllng to make good our guamntee. Not only have we, but a llall-dozen otber JDaiiUI&et\ll"eJ'8 In the town ot. Durh&m. the A&m.e right to use tbe word ''Durham" as Blackwell a Co and we chaUenp deldal of our right, as we have lcmg wit.h our goods. It Is n o t OWl porpooe to assail or ID;jure the Jecltlmate buslneas of any other parties, but w e are deMrmlned to protect our cuatomers1rom annoyance, and assert and i:n&lntaiD. our rights. \DOZ..PH GUIDO JlKITZKNSTallf STBOHN & REITZENSTEIN. :ODISSION' DRCIIANTS, ALSO D!t.&LERS IN' DOMESTIC A.nd lmponen of FOREIGN TOBACCO, 1.76 FBONT STBJI:ET,, 1mV \'OIL r I 1 l : f AND DBtrsps IJI ........ Kiii:JIWI UF W. DUKE & SONS. REYNES BROTHERS & CO., Kercha.nts,

MAY 20 J.&DIIB WM. EGGERT & no.,-DIPORTERS OF AND DEALERS IN SEED_LEAF TOBACC0-248 Pearl St., New York. Jlnuaeha-84 lllala rt CllljldDRaU, 0, _ID_t_ ... ".8SCIIUJI', y _,. .. el -.e OD tM llrincipal cltte .. l ._...., .... _. .-C Crecllto 1 racol?e Moaey oa ....._....., .... lot Cloecko, _. wbloh Intel'___ .._ 01-1-portiftlar-lklltotbe ............ .,.._ ......... aDd =.-........._.:-JIQIIIcKbilDtflltoab.. CUTHRIE & CO., COVXISSIOH KD.ClLAB'l'S, ...... fULEIS IF TMACCI Fill EJIIIIT. ._,T..-.,,...-Ial>aloomtloeWeot ...... Meolcoa &ad Coatral .t...rlcaa P..U,---. l.u. TOBACCO PAilKED IN HOGSHEADS. DJIA,LERS IN Seed Al!ID H-.VANA TOBACCO, : -.PUll. I'IIIII', 1lliW. !01&. A. T. Stephens 'And Dealer in Domestic LUP TOBACCO 168 WATER STREE't, :N'e..,...... Y'ork. 1 :at, :11. SMIXH, B.&.N11PAClT11BEB Oil' .&ND DBA.LEB IN LEAF TOBACCO. Olces: 42 VESEY ST., YORK. 'l'BI: .lOBBING T.BAD.E SOIJCITED ONLY DOlUS B. LITTLE,. TDBACC O S\V-IATIIG, I 92 p earl Street,' lUIW TOB.Jt.. .THE TOBACCO LEAF. J. E. SAXTOJI, Sec' y aad. Treaa .. Hnu GaA.NGn, Sapt. WAWl ICGBJW Cl, MANUFACTURERS OF GLO::EDD FINECUTCHEWING &SMOKING TOBACCOS, I 31, 33 &. 35 Atwater St., East, They sta.nd a.lone throughout the TJ'. S. a.s the Mtiiii.S. NAPOLEON DU BRU'-& CO. 1 :Hanumot111irs of Cigar Kakm' Buppli-, NEW YORK BRANCH, 441 te 443 St., CINC.INN.ATI, O. lt. OlmiNS'l'BIN, 30G Broadway. FREISE,' OF TBlC FI1Ul OJ' WALTJCa 'riiD:DliUN .t J'lUEIIIB,) DIPOB.TEB. OP Wll. GLACCUII, JACOB SCHLOSSER c;.r.acou SCRTOSSBR K.urt1P.t.crv&JUU or aPOift'IIJL_Oll' HAVANA 203 Pearl Street. New York. Kaufmann &, Bondy, MANUPACTUHHBS PINH CIGARS A.JOID .&JOID lii.&J0111PA.ClT11BEJlS Oil' CALifORNIA COMPANY, EA.STEB.W OFnCB .... D SAl 'ESB.OOih:N'o. aa &1:ree-&, :N'ew Y'o:rk., liiA..N11P .&CT __ B_, 011' STRICTLY PURE HAVANA CIGAR ff.LAVOR, Tbe materlaJB employed in the preparatfon of ueo'ritretable and other nhllt&noM from which the aroma and la.ste fta'YOl' aaO gives cbaracter to COilUilOft. and cootaina COD8tttuelrt parta of fl.De8t Havana The c1JrecUoDe how 5o :m.aJce Hav..,...tobaoco outol.--l!'lavoriegleo wi&I .._ of tile UDII.ed, G.-t Brltaln,:Francio SANCHEZ, HAYA tc CO., 130, 132 lr. 134 MAIDEN LANE, NEW YORK, MANUFACTUllEllS 01' J __ tOBENSTEIN GANS, _.. WIIOLBSALE DEAL-S. D saED_AND HAYANA TOBACCOS; SOLE AGlCNTS AND DIPORTEBS OF TilE GEliUINJl 1f .t lL C:J:G-.A..R. Prf:!t&&es, Straps & Cutters; IldPORTERS OJ' GEIUIAN .t BPANl!IH CIGAR RIBBONS ; 181 :N'e"VV York..


' \ 4 TBE I. .a. :r. MAY20 but rou see the iDducellllint I give JOU. U you 'ba.y' box Of these ltoods. which M my store pay for, I sell tnem io you for-the .same and you thirtr.-six chances to get' this table; ancl .w on ad &nfinttum. FCJr instance, OD:ald!Pi.Kinney's mgarettes, Hall's 'Between the Acts of goods I. I sell at thei6ame ol!l Th1s JS no lottery, gifj; or il We& method of brother's inv to 8elJ PI', .75 _,rth of 'the shortest time As soon as thrs amount at retail, a single number will be taken f box. and number gets the bil liard table. I 0 advertlae the winning number in TB:z ToJWJCO LluJ' for four oonsecut.ive weeks, and also int9-Uil;r Why, I aclver UaiDg tile numlier m your paper for anJthia&." CIG.&B. .&JID a'I'OD I'Oa 11.&1& A !QI-I(:JI -----inl'onlp ud-o ClpiiJ, TOi1..oud-' ... 11 llllak-, !low Lo-. coaa., 'llllaloa---'\f for -el--lo II\ IIJe tci&oaoo ..... Ill iolterprlrlbJII:R-JI:DIIuld ..... for pirtleuJuo, p, o .... 10001. WM. P. BURWELL, .&....__T s.a._, No. 509 TWELTH ST. WASHINGTON, D. C. LOUI8VILLE. The bulk of tobacco sold tl)is season in Louisville was shipped to the Pickett, \lt.a:Nmth Street, aDd the Kentucky Tobacco Association Warehouses. find every indu9ement and facilitY. in these ments. ', We .attention to a card on our lixtq page Of Metisr8. Finzer Bros., l.oWsville, repreaentipg 1illil patent "indentify:ing" trade-mark of .m& firm. ll:ach plug of Navy tobacco bears the mark of Finzer Pros im pressed eight times, 'CODII8qUently the consumer, when a small piece of plug, sthe D&DW. of t.he before him. Of ail trade-rna we think this one of the simplest and beet inven yet. The proce. by which it is done is a patent. M-. ll'iDMr lime. are doing an immehae bW!ineBB, 'and even now in filling orders. !l'heir taxes last year amounted to about as mucli as all the Louisville manufacmrers paid together. JJmiA!UPOLfS. On the sixth page of this week' s paper we publish a card of the fimi of P. L. Chambers. Iridianapoliti. Mr. Chambers is the proprietor of a large wholesale establishment for the Bale of manufaCtured to])acoo, cigars and pipes, and we do not say too .much .b.Y, of the 1lnest store in IndiaDapolis. Domest1c and Havana tobBcco are a specialty, as he has a large trade in the interior of the State. Though still a young man, Mr. Chambers is an old hand in our buainess. iU practice in the CoURT 011 CL.uxs and 'SUPUJQI 0611M' Ollt ftn: Ul!llTBD 8'1'AT1111. a; i =. !9 !_ i! He will make a of_all TOBAOOO Clauns. 8. JJ 0 I ::1 -""!-w before the lln'mlltAL DBPABTliDT at Wasp., ,.... ""1 ,.. : S .,oo ington, and the FI:DKJU.L CouRTS. "' A .,. o 1!0 1> "5! <> o Attention will be given to the Beitistration of all 'C j "' ,... g ,... i2 .2 4 .:i S "' :1 l1 Cl TR.u>E-MAB'D and the SJWURING = ,! 'So E ,J!i '0 Claims for Tobacco, Cotton and other staples, iaken = E-< .. 10"'"' 8 i :g S : 3 under Propertl:. and Abandonment Act of .,. ., I =-g 0 "' p. ct will iall looked liD I .. 8 '6 0 S -"'"' Ill .. "' after. 1i Ill l! ::::: !S .,;E-< fl"' = of h 26, 186,. tie spec 1 li ._ -i =--= Refers to Senator Jno. w Johnston, Hons. J. Ran-!f t j il B 688:895 ... ""'ao. i j. _! ... i 1 .!'a'ij :; "" <> o o.,-cCI <> m ca BU8Il'ilil88 KBlf'l'IOlf. z 0 .. o .,. .., .., .. "'2 .. = )(R. JoBlll R. SUTI'ON, the popular manufacturer of "' il ,. J d ki to' b h fitted h liD .., ,Q = 0 .... .a .. ::s cigarettes an smo ng acc?1 .,.as up IS es111 :a<> !!! o g tablishment at '1/T Fulton Stroot, 'UliB city, in attractive c :3 B 111 1:1 8-5 i ..-le. Th!! building' occunied by him is five ston_es 11: 0a.! .a -J f th fi t ft hi h ..,. i! j. .. o o high, and with the except10n o e rs w c aD i ... .. w = .. embraces his jobbing and retail departments, IS all de"'" 'll .2 e ,... o o!'l f: Jr1 8 voted to his manufaCturing purposes. c1 "' "' 1:: 8. .! .... a-c leaf .. j ,..-a o .. "' o0 = M11:88RB. CILutLBs E. FISCHER, the well-known tl 1 ::: ,. ::; r .. ol tobacco brokers, appear to be very agreeably li .: ., ct 'Cl i!l in their new quarters,134 Water Street, nearly oppos1te 'f s a ill:* t: M"c their old place. The firm will doubtdeBB rece1Ve the i 0 a ., = H .. .... congratulations of their large constituency of _patrons .:1 .., lii o o 'Cl ., -c 3 .9 o for having appropriated so acceBSible and desirable a li< j :g ., .!t .. = ct.!-! .1!! position in the heart of the tobacco market. ., 0 3 o ., "' ;j c..!! f "'. S ,Q E-< .... = : = g tf ;a ol'g .. .;; KB. GBAFF'B BOTU BY TBB WAY. The tobacco trade along the entire line of my travels is in a very unsatisfactory conditioB, and particularly the plug and smoking branches. This, of course, is a very natural consequence of the tax agitation, as retailers as well as jobbers hold back and only buy from the manufacturers what they need to-day. Some Western manufacturers of Jllug and smoking have given in case of rOO.uction and they confess that tliey have been doing a good trade; othe_rs and among those the largest man'Ufacturers m LouiS ville have given guarantee on thirty days from date of saie. The Seed leaf trade and business are less affected, as the reduction of 11 \Vlll benefit them very little. The general opinion among all branches of olll' trade is that no reduction will be passed either by the Senate or House of Representatives, and all that our dealers and manufacturers are asking is to settle matters, no matter whether it is 16 or 24 cents. It cannot be denied that the trade has suffered fearfully; and should tbe tax remain as it is, it will be a long time before the trade will be ready to touch the tax question again. West of Baltimore one finds but one sentiment and that is 16 cents, with the exception of some commission houses who do not care for a reduction. CINCINNATI. Cincinnati is doing, a.s ueuali, a lively trade, and some of our large mgar estab118hments can hardly fill orders. A new feature of Cincinnati' s Seed leaf trade is the forming of an association for mutual protection with Mr. Griest as president, and Mr. Henry Meyer 'as treasurer, both estimable and subetantial men. Should they succeed in their enterprise, other Western citieil will do doubt follow suit. The Cincinnati "breaks" are very lively; plenty of buyers, larll:e receipts and good prices are the order of the day. From 1, 090 to 1, 500 hogsheads has lately been "the weekly average. : s .: .. s-.s t !!. e : o e ., ...... ,.. :a o :;: !!Po<>" 0 .. = .!l .. i ;;j .. i!l 1!:1 i l .-s"-:a:! i II: 1-I< ::::: c .... 'C .. ., i"' ;:: e QS ......... 00 0 = s:; .... ,-c i _, ,Q .0 ... MCflll = .. .. = ... 2 ., "' <""'"' :s t&iv:;" lli' o-f -..d 0 lXI d 0 ., 13 I! s .g 5 1!:1 J ; : !Z o ., ,8 en w ., ;:: ., :1!1 o ,.. : "' <> "' o 1l '" B; ,Q G>.Q<50,.PJil .. !_ 'S jl .s .c.E a ,! "' -:a .. >< z :g j!: g t.h>< s., <7;1 "'s_g '3! I'! .,._o ,.. OS oo w JJ .; e -., .... --= :!!.Sl ;ra 1: 3 0 0.! --; rj en "'' 1 ::o .;; ll I> &o "" .-< ..d .. &liJ :. : =:Ja::s ., ... ... ,.: "' : : : .. .. 8 t>'"' :=l ... -c .. .. 03 ;a o"'""'>o I 7a ;a,! 8. l al Cl H Eo< ::So p., g ol ......... .,.. E-< ............ oo g .g_ i j ... CORRESP.ONDENCE. We are happ:r_ to state that our old, substantial friend Mr. J. P Spence, of the eminent' ftrriJ of Spence CINOINNATI May 16, 1818. Bros. & Co., has so far recovered _his health as to be EDITOR ToBAOOO Sir: i' was verr SOf'!r able to attend to their large establiShment. on my arrival from a short trip to the State o MichiMessrs. Henry Besuden, Richard Mallay and Col. gan to hear that your accomplished representative, J T. Johnson, whose faces are so familiar to those who Mr. Grafl', had called during my absence; since I not visited the Cincinnati market for the past twenty onl:y hold him in high esteem personallyJ but amesvears or more and names w honorably connected with pec1ally delighted to meet my old friens from New tts tobacco trMie, are, we are happy to say, still inhabi-York as they pass through tbis section. Mr. Grafl' will tants of this terrestrial globe and are e.s energetic as doubtleBB have informed you ere this reaches you that they have always been. I have gone back to my old salt, viz. tobacco manu"'-. .,__,_ Prague, the Cincinnati tobacco inspector, facturers' agent, which you know will briniZ me in ........ ..,........ b contact with the general wholesale tmde of tlie West, has done m01'6 for the succeBB of his city as a to acoo and will enable me to comply with Mr. Graff's request, market than any other person who has ever held that f th ta f d responsible J:lit1 on. The only trouble is that friend and adVJSe you from trme to t1me o e s te o tra e too hard fo r his own '--' etc., in this section. Prague wor gvvu. At present you are well aware transactions in manu-To our foreign friends as well as to. our domestic fact'ured tobacco are limited to the actual necessities buyel'll we take p18!'8ure. m Mr. F. Vf. of the trade, on account of the tax agitation; so that Dobrmllml of CincmnatJ as a rq_liable to pur-no real basis ,for future prospects can be established -ohase 1lr" :DohtmaiUl bllyB 11tr1ctly on comYilt. and I fear the settlement of the aforesaid tax mission. :q11estion will come so late that a steady market cannot A lrfasoll says that one stick of _De !IDti! fall. The changes I have. tobacco 1rith l!llx branches from 85 to 40 pOJ.llldil, to npte at tliis time Js the gradual increase of the plug and that when cured this one stick will only yield from and decline of the tine-cut trade, caused principally by to' s pounds. the general improvement of quality in goods of the lleB81'8. &lbuberth & Nowland have opened a splenformer, and increased quantity of now manufacdid store oD"V'irie Street, between Fourth BI!d Fifth tured of latter_; but more ABpecially, perhaps, -Streets. ThV! ftrm are for the well-known 11.rm cause P.lug 1s relat1vely than and. m Walker, McGraw & Co s (Detroit) fine-cut chewing these tilDes of economy th1s feature JS w1th tobacco alsO -for Heppenheimer & Maurer, of New consumers. Let our plug manufacturers to York cigar m&Illlfacturers' supplies. make only K?od goods, and the good old times of ._._'H. A :Ri, b tobacco manufacturers' agent ,... c ey, M able paper 1s exteDSJvely quoted m this sect1on, and of New York, and lately of the firm of adreoo""';""""' yet as the leading tobacco trade paper of 4u Bros. has removed to 15 West Second Street, and 18 S 0 '1' will hereafter report the plug market of Cincimlati for the Uru tates. LD IKBB. TBII ToBACCO Liu. llesai-s. Krohn, Fiess & Co., the widely-known Cincinnati cigar manufacturers, are very comfortably Jocated in lbeir new factory at Elm and Third Streets. In of hard t.imes they employ their usual number of liimds, and are doing a remunerative buain-. )(lal'll. Weil, Xalm & Co., cigar manufacturers of many years' &tanding, have removed to 118 Main Street, almost; their old stand. This .is far superior to the one they formerly occupied. It JS five stories high 200 feet deep, with a splendid sub-cellar for storage of leaf. The packing room is on the fifth door and it cannot be excelled, as it is not only large, but has faeiliiies for light second to none in any fac-tory we ever saw. Messre. B. Lowenthal &; Co., another of nati's leading cigar manufacturers, are full of work. Hard times have left their mark on Cincinnati as well as everywhere else, but MeBBrs. Lowe'nthal & Co. state that buainess the first four months of this year has be8n better with them than at any tjme since they have been established. This is a feature for the Cincinnati cigar trade to be proud of. NA8HVILLB. Nashville's largest tobacco emporium is owned by MeAerS. Rosenheim Bros., who do a successful jobbing busineBB. Nashville's tobacco market was prominent before the War. The market was reorganized in 1872, it drawing its supply from three prominent tobacco growing sections, the West Tennessee, Upper Cum berland and Clarksville districts. The tobacco in spection warehouses are the following:-Gordon Bro. Co ., Nevins, Terrass & Co Chase. & Co., J M. Carsey, Bon &: Oo., and F G. Hams & .Co. The average l!8oles amount to 10,000 to 15,000 hogsheads per annum which are mostly bought for foreign account, some of the Kentucky and West Tennessee counties supplying a long, rich, fat article. The receipts have been very heavy of late, and pricee are firm, and our Eastern friends may find it much to their advantage to favor Nashville. For the many courtesies extended to me by Mr. Poston, of Gordon Bro. & Co., &lld Mr. W. W; Kirby, I thank tbOSie gentlemen. Mr. W. W. Kirby, tobacCo broker, willlhereafter re1,10rt the Nasbvil!e marketh:!d our friends in that section of the country may d him their subscriptions to our paper. PHILADELPHIA, May 16, 1878. EDITOR ToBAcco LEAl' :-In your paper of May 13 you have reported a jud81Uent against us for $2,809.1_0, which was taken by Messrs. L. P. & J. Frank m mistake, they having no claim against us, and since your laet ,PUblication the judgment has been stricken oft'. Hopmg you will correct this, we are yours, etc., M. ARATHA!f & Co. ANSWER TO CORBESPOBDENOE. Obligation ot Inspectors. ALBANY, N. Y., May 14, 1878. EDITOR TOBACCO l&u':-In your issue of April 29 you lllJSwer certain questions in regard to the appointment and responsibility of tobacco inspectors, and for which information myself and other manu facturers are obliged Now I would ask for fur ther information, vjz. : 'Who would 'be responsible, and to whom would a purchaser of tobacco look in case a party should buy sweepings, rubbish, nails and sticks from a re-packing house, and pack the same in cases and get an inspector to select the best leaves, and, encasing the scraps, sweepings, nails and rubbish, and tying them up like a carrat of Havana wrappers -being t.ied in three places t.ightly with cords, and sealh.g the t.ied card and guaranty on one end so the samples could not be opened without des\roying them as samples, and the owner that he has a lot of Seed leaf packed loose (or not tied up in hands -the usual way of putting up), and in all other respectstheleafisallO. K., when, mfact, it was as above stated, containing rubbish, etc.-and the fact should transpire that the inspector and owner both knew it was rubbish, etc. would the J!lea of an inspector, that he did not or the owner would attempt to sell such samples as tobacco," relieve him from respomibility when he bad neglected to make a.ny note or mark on his sample card that there were any BCTGpB, 11ails or ndlbish in the case the samples represented, or any mark to indicate that it was not all perfect tobacas the outside of sample (or all that could be seen) innicated 1 In such a case is the i1111p8Ctor or the owner responsible! or are they jointly liable A SUliiORIBD. RII:PLY.-In a case like the one described both the in spector and seller are liable, and reclamation can be obtained from them jointly or from either of them, as collusion is fairly predicable. MeB81'8. P. P. Peck and W B. Dortch have established the first stemming house in Nashville, under firm name of P. P. Peel & Co. Nashville oft'ers many advantages for such an enterprise, the U]lper Cumberland River sections producing considerable thick and porous to bacoo, so eminently fit for strips. Where a case contains scraps, sweepings, dust, nails, etc., whillh the ihSpectOr can see, specimens of these materials should be placed in a bag, which should be tied at its mouth, thus making it poBSible for the pur-eheser towhat ibe ease contains. It is impossible to tie .Buch up into the ordinary sample, and the inspectQr would do 1vrong to leaves 'from the case and make the same up into a sample to a c8lc Of ru If orlr or anyboay llsj JbW,s le(l,vet ol 1DAfe up into hands ill gootl, olean coadition, whill tile CMe fl;>m wTilcb they were drawn on examination reveals rubbish; etc. i or ll&lllple hands with rubbish, etc., COJl(lealed within intpecWJ: ia ,or.any dif ferepce or jua clafln t JUT appear or be prlllenied. --r "Speculator," Augusta, Ga.Will reply to your mquiry in next issue. W ASHING'JOlf, Kay 17 Notbi!lg IJu been done in U.e Houae or BeprMOnlaiiT IIWr week e>:oept lo 1lljii>Uoter OYer C1ar'bon N Potier's 1'801nUon to U.e oo..a.d Preoldeqllal r..rdo. I am UD&ble to "'po" llD7 fur IJ1er -ill the W&y of JePdaUon On the oubjec& or tariff Or IJ1tenral ......,. .. lll--, N-, lluUrougbllilloiRIJIQ' tl1IDfr IIWr -exaept Qro &Dd U.e deacl lool betw-uie Democr&ta &lid BepubllcaDalu tl1e HoUM. Jllow, -ier, tl1&C Bepubllc&n o1rotlllacyllu Mercome bJ Demacoialle numben, and tl1e---ot u.ew_,., W-wlll conald-on ol hlo lart!f bill; &lid oU.... matters pertalnlDg to tl1e reverwe, iDoludiJIIr t.lle to-----TIDI OOUPOlf OJG,All III'AJIP. 11ucl.1o belnc l&id ..... otamp. larelo IIWr 811bjoct I ban....., 0817 d&la, whlcl1 I b&ft oblaiDod partiJ my OWD .-rchee &rrd partiJ a per!IDD wllo 1i1f1Y be eoaoldered nry b!Jb, &rrd Urererore unqueottonabl lo lo be placed upon orrery clpr conlai',""'ID BUch, bo:o:1 Qro o1amp 1111d coupon be&rlloiilolie.-D\llllericalllfurw. This oplniOJJiafoWJdod upoi, tl1e p U.emiD oeetlon 3,446 of the Revised 8t&tutaa 1o alter, renew or chaDge the form, style and device ot any st.&!RP. IDAI'k or l&bel .._t wrder any )lroviloloa or U.e law relating to dlsUIIed oplrtta, tobacco, IDu!f &rrd efilll'8, when In tllelr Jud&mellt neceiiOILI')' for tho collection or the re'J811ue tu or &he prevMUOJJ or detection or frauds thereon, &rrd may mab pulolloiJ replatloDir far U.e uae of ouch m&!'k, llamp or J&belaa'llle;r-requlolte. But br no .,0.. ohall oueh renewal eK\errd to .., al>udoi1D18Dt or the general chaof U.e llampo above merrtloned, nor lo tl1e dlopeDIIDg wltl1 any provlrrlou ,.. qulriJ1 tl1atouch slampo &hall be kept Ia book-form and han tbereon the lllgnatWWI of rel'enue oftlcera. My informant continues :-" In com mcothJg upon tl1lo 11!1Ct!OD tile AUOrDey'General ealled &tteodon to .. fact tbat the Jibraoeology employed conlempl&ted the poeslble wre of aome ma.rk or label ill addition to Lhe stamp itaelf; and further remarked that &nf ch&Dfe, while it preserYes the general character ot the stamp. U.e book-form &rrd omcl&l olanature, II auUJorized. With regard 1o IIWr la&t remark, my lnl'orm&Dt, 'll'ho lo weU ,..on tl1la subject, B&.J'II that there is no pro'rildon of law, and there is no regulation of the CommJa.. llloner ot Internal Revenue, and there never has been any, whlob requirell that starnpo fortlle payment of the uponclganr ob&u be kept Ill book -form, OJ' tb&t Ule:r olrall u...-U.e llipature or any reerrue olllcer. He 1&)'11 that It 18, therefore, tl1at U.e cl&uae forbidding a.n.y renewal or cb&Dp in clear lltamp& can olllJ' refer to the. general character ol Qro -..p; &rrd that It doc--'IIT'ely that U.ere olr&11 in no case be sach a nmewal or cbaDge u thaD extend to aa. abu.doament o.t. the pneral of the st.ampe. I quote froM this aelltl JD&D:-"ltt)1enbec6meeanlmportant IDqulry to li:no" precl8ely wbal;ll U.e general """""""r or tl1e ...... llampo ..... Ill-which U.e taw thi!O emphatically prohibit!S a renewal or change-su c h as amoa.ot to an abeDdomnent of U.e rener&l charrleter ot tbe stamps. As .-keadr, U mated. Ito general character is not fu:ed d.termlned by Ito being required to be )lute and satJafactory evidence at all times and In all places tbat the GoYera ment tu has paid on the clganJ encloaed in the boxes on which said stamJIIS are s81xecl; and no revenue oftloer wW ehalleDge a box of cigara covered bJ' euoh a stamp, or thJD.k Olf o"'ntac the same and examining its oonlato; he, ID faet, bas only to do wiU. the outolde of the to aeelf the proper marks, brands and labels are there, and that the stamp 11 a genalue tmit, with no evidence of havlag been before U8ed. Bow ta it 'wltb tbe rro-called Jlllnter coupon -pi Tlrla proposes U.e \188 of a etamp upon the box to: be a:llzed and canceUed ID the B&me manner as the at& now in UM are dll.xed. and cancelled. This 8tamp, however, ta to be no longel" eTid.eo.ce that the tax. baa been paid on the 9igara within Ulo box. ,t,ddltlonal evldenoe is l'equlred that the ta:o: 1w1 been paid, and tbat addltloQI 10 l1&iled up 'lfithln the box. n 1o a 001IJlOI1 wttl1 a oerl&l AWDber upon )o corresponding with the serial number prlnted. l)n U.e stamp attached to the outolde of tbe box. It IB a eoupoll oD nailed up and oovered up by 8Uceeasive layers of cigar&; so that If the box is opened and the top layers appear to have procoupou attached it wW not therefore follow that all the clgaro have &he proper ooupoDB; nor can that tact be ascertained without re movlnir trom tl1e bo:o: each separate layer and examlnlnc eaob'cigar Ill the box to 1ee wbetber the aerial number corresponds, aQ:d whether each coupon is geuulne, and whetller each cigar has a coupon or not." Theae are the chief argumenta which $his uses qalnst the proposed coupon cigar stamp. I may dloc\188 U.e subject further In a ouboequ-lettar. B. P G. LEAFLETS. 'Ole death of Profeuor Henry is a la. to science throug)iOut the worlll. Tbere wao an anial of Bpanlsb licorice juice at this port last 11rat, we learn, for many years. Dr. You.o.g, of"'tbe Bureau of St&tiBtics., is wrltin a series: of valuable atats.tieal articles for the .fta.depen.den.t, He shows among oLher thiogs that owiDg to the continued of our exports over Imports, our aggregate foreign IDdebteclneoor on April! """ hut over 1 ,000 m!Won doll&rs llr. W. H. Trowl>riclge, the popular moldng tobeceo manufacturer of Danvt.lle Va., has written a capital letter to a Westem contemporary on tile tobeceo lax que&tlon. From his o'-'vatlonslt IB evident he and Tllli TOL\OOO !.au are ID perfect accord oo tl1la lmportantwbject. llr. lllaac Harvey Is repo.ted to be ag&ill In tbe Internal Revenue ser vice, hevlng been appointed a Deputy Collector to co-operate wltl1 Rilv enueAgent E D Weboter In m&il:lnc lllvesUgatlou connected wiUl tobeeeo &Dd clgaro Ill IIWr city and:Jirooklyn. THE REASON Wh7 do you aptt so mueh, my dear!',' 1DI dear Jemima mee; And comes the answer quick and clear, "I oplta -1 ehews. "-{LoulovWe Courier Jourual. Beportecl Fallure and Business Arrau,rements. CLEVIILAlm, 0.-Cball. Ashbeck, Cigar Manufacturer; judg-l!:lent &P-iost for t4Q2.24. DUBuqm:, IA.-H. Karberg, Cigars; mortgaged or made bill of &ale. JAIDI:BTOWN, N. Clprs; judgment against for .19UO. LARIIINOBUI\G,_N. Y.-Robt. Turley Tobacco and Cigars; 1111-slgned. PmLADBLPHIA, PA.-James Daley, Wholesale Tobacco and Cigars; sold out by the sheriJI'. T W. Marsh,n, Cigar Manufacturer ; closed by execution. QulliCY, ILL.-M. Bogd81'8ky, Cigars and Tobacco; chattel mortpge on stock, ft xtures. etc ., for tt57. STRATI'ORD, ONT.-J O'Donoghue, Cigan, etc.; attached by aherijf. WESTFIELD, MA88.-A A. Lloyd, Cigars; chattel mortgage on all business property for $400. BusineBS Chan&'tlll and New Firms. AruwN, S. Woodfteld, Cigars; sold out to F. C. Robinon &Bro. BALTlXORE, MD.-Micbael Marek, Tobacco and Cigars; deceaaed. CBBRoKEB, KAN.-Lucas & Gerry, Tobacco and Cigars; dis solved: H. C. Gerry succeeda. CmcAoo, ILL.-L. J. Hobart; removed to 13 and 11! Dearborn Street. .. CniCINNATI, 0.-H. A Richey Tobacco Manufacturers' Agent; has removed to 15 West Second Street. Schuberth & Nowland, Wholesale Tobacco and Dealel'll; new ftrm; 185 Vine Street CLBVBLAI'I, O.-ClaU88 & Wilson. Cigar Box Manufacturers; dluolved; Geo. H. Wilson continues. DBTIWIT, Htca.-A. Parker & Co., Tobacco Manufacturers; sold out to Walker McGraw Co. HAVARA, CUBA. -CorliDa, Mora & Co., Cigar Manufacturers; di1110lved; F. G. CortiDa and J. Suarez continue, under style of Cortina & Suarez. JoLIBT, ILL.-8. Hammerslaugh, Tobacco, etc.; out of business. Lo1Jl8VILLB, KY.-Wm. G. Meier & Co., Leaf Tobacco Brokers; from 56 to 68 Seventh Street. E. Holbrook, TobaccoM&Dufacturer; H. Wirgman admitted; tlrm name now E. Holbrook & Co. J. F. Calloway, Tobacco Broker; has removed to Eighth and Main Street. W. F. l'rag(rlf, has removed to 81 Eighth Street. MAsoN CrrY,IA.-D. M. Tllfany & Co., Tobacco and Cigars, diBSOlved; C. B. 'D1ke succeeds. Nw O:aLBAllll, L&.-Frank llaaich, Cigars, etc.; out of husi neBS. E. Neaatad&, Tobacco ; sold out at auetlon. Pn nBUBaH, PA.-Wee&ern Clpr llaD.ufacturing Co.; now BeJ'D&nl Hom & Co. PLATTVILLE, TEx.-Moeller & Gartman, Cigars and Tobacco; dluolved p.a..r*IC'T Special Crop Beport to "The Tobacco Leat." Hamburg-Julius Bandtmann Aug. Wo1tel'8, Dr. Tre:emacher, Dr. Gutschow. i'tau&u-L. Hamburger, lfind8or, was a very C. Jung, C. Lucan, Bru.llina:. He' berg-Dr. G. severe frost in the Connecticut Valley last Monday Herth. HeilbroDDG. Haw -Jul. Ci-aod it waa chorius. CNIM, Llah t tobac lants b t b o\ mann, N 1 'lbe killing a grea many co oS:;than18 subject under discu&Bion was the question of a GOv-thecaae,,IDrit U!tkesaven-mu ernmentmonopol kill them, they are 80 C Jio the ground A resolution condemning bOth was introduced, in that 1t cloeM uot iniure them, wilese 1t fr\leaes the as follo>ws:--" The iollacco monopoly, as gJOIDlcl. 1$ tro. a lew plaat& 5llaL l"entlarlte well as the systeDi 'Of taxation in view of f,t the ti]JI .or th4l la.t11t leaves, but the b'* lit jheirinevit49le on nte are inadunmjured, Wlll'l.outIanting, Ariny. Then, by aliber:aJ,. same which is unusually early; but any information given ?f revenue would be derived from thl8 induatry, wh1ch now isDot at all reliable, as we have nothing definite 18 now to be squ-ed out of the people bJ.!plliUVI o! a upon which to base any opinion. monopoly. In fact, Goverment could gam nothing TEN1nliii8BB by a wanton of the n...-her' uillB Montgom_,, Co. May &.-W A. E. resolutiOn ; as reported above, was aclopted by a .,reuc; 3 .LUi ......, .. II t UD8DJID0U8 VOte. reports :-Bmce my last the fieab';'gs The next 8Ubject under discussioD was the proposed have depredated verr exteDSJvel:y, we ftymg statistical canvass introd'Uced in Parliament, the pro runJors of almost entire destruction m ceedings of which will be published ill the ext number hoods. Heard a report from West Christian Co., Ky., near here, that the plants were scarcer tban in 1874i of our paper. that, however, is not the case in this neighborhood )l'OBACCO .&liD 1'1'8 uima. be)leve tJlai, wilih good aud oft-repeated seasons, we Jt:ill enQugb tQ l!!!t ol\t a full crop; somjl persons are scarce, but others can supply them. GOOd extra favorable seasons will be necesasry to insure a full planting. Some few persons have J.ll&nted a little. Plants very forward. May 16.-Acontinuation of wet weather grows plants rapidly, but interferes with preparing land for their reception. I still insist that there are enough plants to set the crop in this n e igb borbood1 and that a full crop, or rather an average crop, will be planted if the seasons are"Jrood. The season is forward, and a good deal is alreaQy plante.t. I think the bulk of the crop will be planted by the 5th of June, if seasons are propitious. Insects are not as numerous as was expected. Springfiekl1 Robertson. Co ., May 7.-C. C. B. & Co report:-Tbe weather is quite favorable, and toB8cpo plants are growing well ; we have heard of some few being set. It is too early )tet to-tell what part of a crop will be set out i but owing to the scarcity of plants, and the indifference of plantere to plant a full crop, we do not think that there will be three-quar ters of an average crop set, even under favorable cir cumstances. May 15.-We have had about one week of cool cloudy weather, with considerable rain; to-day it is clear and get&ing warmer. Our planters are some tobacco; many of them have planted part of thell' tobacco landsi.b. corn, as plants are too scarce to plant a full crop. About one-quarter of the crop of 1877 is yet in the hands of the planters, and is held at rather stiff prices. Some improvements in the wheat prospects. Ha.rt.tn1leJ Trousdale Co., Tenn., May 5 .-J. G. L. reports :-I nave b'Ut little more to report than I did last week. We have bad several day11 of warm, damp weather, and planters have been quite .busy getting their tobacco ready for market. A good deal has been. sold in the past few days to local buyers, the prevailing price paid for good average crope being $2 and $4 per hundred, prized and aelivered on the river. It is true fine cropsllring considerably more than this, but these are like angel's visits, few and far between. There is a determination among the tobacco planters to largely curtsil their crop tbis year. I allude, of course, to the Iru:ge_planters. Small farmers, renters, etc., are compe.Ued to raise tobacco or starve. This class will, of course, attempt their usual-size crops; but the hea'::f p nters-men 'Yho cultivate the weed largely-will in a great measure play "hands oft." May 19'.I have but little new in the tobacco line to say to you since my last report. The fact still that the crop of 1877 was without doubt the, meanest ever raised in this section. About one-bali has been shipped to market i the remainder is still in the hands of planters ana shippers. Cumberland River is going down rapidly, and as we never have, as a general thing, a shipping tide after' June, the chances are that a considerable amount of what is on hand at present writing will remain in the country. I hear of one enterprising farmer, Judge William Storey, who has set out (and it is growing finely) 4,000 plants. Planters have begun to sing that old, old tune, "No plants, no plants;" you kDow how this is, better than I can tell you. The wheat crop, from present indications, will be a .total failure thrOughout the length and breadth of the Cum berland Valley. Corn fine; never more promising. VIRGINIA. Fa.nnvilk, Prince Edward Co., May 7.-C. W. B. reports::-Beceipts keep up very well, and prices on all Jn'ades have advanced. they llo_pe one witli another to be able to set out a crop m this sect.ion. I have thOUfjht for some time that not over half a croJI would be aimed at. Prices have been very low, and those who sold early did not realize enough to pay tlleir labor, muoh leRB buy fertilizers to make more. Those who have plants say that they are forwarder than I ever knew them, bei114r ready now (if it was not too early) to set out. May 16.-0ur to bacco market very active for all grades; we are pay ing prices than any market in the State for flrie shipping; and I quote fine leaf from It has always been said that Farmville market coUfd not be excelled on fine shipping. Big frost last night, but land too wet to do any damage. Some few planters have been setting out, but plants are scarce generally, and not over half a crop will be planted in this section of the State. The Tobacco Tax in Germany. At the late convention of the representatives of the German chambers of commerce and boards of trade at Cassels, previously referred to, the details of the pro jected tax were thoroughly explained by men of well knwon influence in tlie tobacco market. A steno f;l'aphical account of the l?roceedings of that body has JUSt been received, and 1n consideration .of the importance of the meeting as far as the pendinJJ: question and the interests of the trade are concernecl, we will give our readers a summary of the :{lroceedingB. The convention organized by the election of Messrs. A. Haurand, of Frankfort, as president; Bchoep)>8Dberf{, of Berlin, and Von Griesheim, of Cassels1 VJce-pre81-dents; and Dr. U!winstein, of Berlin, an Lucan, of Hanan, secretaries. The following are the names of the delegates :-Altenherg-Edmund Schmidt, in firma Gustav Schmidt. Aschatfenburg-Gustav Lippschitz. Berlin--Bchopplenberg, Gustav Ermeler1 etc. Biele feld-Gustav Colbrunn, G. Buskuhl. Bmgen-Graft', Ben., president; Graff, Jr. Bremen-H. H. Meier, Nebelthan, Papendieck, Geyer, Barth, W. Frahm, in firma Berm. Upmann & Co.; F. L. Biermann, in firma Leopold Engelliardt & Biermann; G. H. Bruns, Jr., H. Drechsler, T. P. llall;ens Ad. Bchorling (L. B1ermann & Bchorling). Bu@-Pr;;. Kopfer. Ca.rlshafen-L, Schirmer, L. Baurmeister, Gustav Baurmeister. Ca.rls ruhe-Adolf Wilser. Cassels-G. Knetsch, Dr. W. Moldenhauer, A. Von Griesheim, f. Th. Breda. Cheumiu.:..Bergmann. Coblenz-Herm. Graeff. Darinstadt-fr. Aug. Wenck. Dresden-Emil A. Morbe. Dusselsdorf-lsaac Edward Bchonwasser, etc. -A. Haurand, Otto Puls. Giessen.:..L. Georgi, G. Wartmann, Gail, Kempf. J'rom. U.e ad"""'" obeeta of U.e Maqtu; .. bJ Bejall.t Bechr, ob_. :n Sinoe the year 1861 the prOduc\ioo of amber in Prus18ia has been prQved throug_h th& enterprite of the flml of Sianlieu: Jt BeQer; -in =el. The Government em lpf at a number of drag&" t keep tfe 'strait c!W fM-Is plying between and lleJD411). As it often happened when dredging the ground tb'At small pieces of amber were brought to the surface, it occurred to this firm to propose to the Government to do this dredging free of au expense to the GQ-vetnment; and not only this, but they $1ered to pay11on tax in return for the 8%bluaive pr'tvilege of I; pro duction of amber at thtt Kurian Gmt The vern ment accepted this proposition, allji theP there has been established at BclLwarzort a system of amber dredging, by means of which larg!'l amounts"of this valuable r etmioid are produced. Tlj.e 'tiBDle fiJ1,1l fince then, however, has introduced two other .methods of raising_)Wlber from the bottom. First, by means of divers, when a certain diving apP!P;!ltUB of in vention was used, which in the meantime has been riously improved. Laier, after they had obtained pos: session of large tracts of ground along the coast of the Bamland, the firm set to work a regular system of mining operatio118 for the production of amber. Thus a problem was finally solved wbich the Prussian Gov ernment .bad been unable to wlvei notwithstanding since the last century repeatedly arge ameunts of money had been e:qJendecf in entel"prisM of this kind. Although the depth of a mine may be only 170 to 200 fest, they usually lead through such loose stratums and layers of clay and sand, and the rush of the water from all sides through .the tnines is 10 sudden and violent, that heretofore it was not held to be poBSible to carry on tbe work on a mining basis. 1 To furnish the reader with an idea of the extent of the amhet-works of this firm of Stantien & Becker, it will be sufficient to state that at the present time no less than2,400 men and 120 divers are employed, while there are 18 steam-dredgers, two.steam tugs, eleve11 steam-engines and steam-pumps in operation night and day, representing a force of 1,400 horse power. All these toeether with a larlte factory for the manufacture of 1mplements and toolii, an iror foundry and several repair shop11, are under the direction of an American engineer. (To (]ontinutd.) (Continued from. Fifth Page.) as also did 437 do of Java. Pricea are runniac t.he 81111le way. Re&lll good &Dd fair qualities are this year again poorly repre sen\ed, and when they come are well paid for. Imported, 1!,451 bales Java o,n,d 6,618 Stoc:kaday:--468 hbds Maryland, 14,1118 bales &ulllli&r*, 19,4111 Java, and 4,000 East Indian LIVERPOOL, May 1 -Meallrs. F. W. Smythe .t Co., Tobooco Couu.iseion MeraiJ&Dis, w TaTUt\OCO Lur. -Monthly I:CP9n:-Duinglbe laity pM1 of oar *-'ket was very quiet; latterly there bas been more doing, 88 manufacturers made in f&ir quaa&ity, llJ8Ir atlelltlon being principally confined to Mioaouri leaf and the commoner grades of strips. A moderate bWiineoll In leaf with sublltance was done' for the Continent. for Africa w-linli ted to a few !l!ll8ll parcela of new tobacco. Prices are llGlDinally unchanged ; but althouJEh it ia pnerallJIIIIPJIOBed tbfi &he bot tom has been touched, lioldl!l'll are lltlll free 8elliors when oppor tunldes present themselves Imports, 1,811! hhds; deliveriee. 11,8112 del: stock, 31,204, againllt SO',IJH do ll&llle time in 1877. Jlti., 4.-A moderate, general bWIIneaa WaR done during the past week, and pri'1." wete Common leaf wau; freely olfered, &Dd pHoea for Imports, m hbds; deliveries, 494 do; stock, 80,943 do, apinst same time in 1877. MELBOURNE, Karch 20.-:Mr. H. C. Fraser, of Meen. Fraser & Co., Tobacco Broker, reports u follOWII:-A TerJ quiet month has been experieaced in this staple. ftere is liUle demand, anci'that only of a retail chuscalr. The poUti, cal crisis still continues, and appears 88 far frQm aeltlement a1 ever; this has very m.uch Interfered with the usual course O J trade. 'l'he failure of two tobacco houses bas contributed stii further to the present extreme depreealon. At a sale by auctiot on W edne8tlliy last, the 18th iJJBt., some of the finest linea 1m ported were olfered; but not half the pareela were quiUed, an( thoae could only be dispooed of by accepting leas rates tluu those obtained the previous &ale of the 8UD8 brands W anticipate a dull market for .some time, until the stocks of til tlrtD8spoken cf above areJina!Jy disposed of. The entire stocl of one house is advertised to be sold by tender. Twist -N I transactions have come under our ootice, except a lot of 1 pkgt'l of" Black Swan," damaged, account of the concerned, 8 1s llr!:d@ts l)l4d. Tens.-Very little demand at_present. i paree1 of 50 tbree qtr Ius and 18 cases ''Over the Water" wer quitted privately. 80 three-qtr bxs "Two Seas," were sold a auction at ls II )lid; this fall in price i8 no doubt eaused in great measure by the uncertainty 88 to the pncea thM may b accepted for the parcela of the same brand in the two eotatll, referred to. Aromatics. -Some ftne Iota were disposed of 8 auction, but at lower prices than thoae rilliqg. Th trade WIIB fllirly represented, but the were languid there being an evident unwillingness to increase atocka in tb present unsatisfactory state of the market. rers are well8upplied. We bear of a aale of 18 pkga al Iaiit rates. Cigars.-Very liWe doing ; no demand. Twist.-The quotations are:-SoUthern, 1s 9d.' to 1s 8C Barret's Anchor Is :1<1; Black Swan, 1s 6d; Raven, 1s 6d; S Andrew's 1s 5d; Our Game, 116d; 8hellard's, 1s 6d, in h& and qtr Ires and cases. Quotations nominal. Tens.-Northen 7d to Sd, best brands; medium, 7d to 9c; Southern, 1s 3d to 1 best brands Half-Pounds.-Northem, 6d to8d; Souther (tortoise-shell), 9d to l8 ld; Southern (black), 10d to 1s 4< Aromatic.-Weatern Halves, none; pounds, none; Souther pounds, 10d to 1s Bd; pounde, la 9d. to 28; halve none; twist, ls to ls 5d; pieces, lOd to 1o 9d; Gold Bari ls to 1s 9d; Navy half pounde and pounde, 1s to la 7d; eight sixes, etc., 1s &o 1s lid. Leaf 8Uips.-8d to 1s 3d. Cigars.Cheroots and Manllu, H. 8., 7&1 to 8Cie; Cheroots, 80 Ormond's IIlia 8d to Ilk 8tocb: -Jielbourne, March 9, 187 73 half trcs, 2,186 qtr trcs and kegs, 8,1!li8 three-qtr bxs ar bxs, 6, 735 manufactured; 6110 hbds and casks, 2li6 C88E 708 bxs, bales and bundles unmanufactured; 1.300 caaes cigar Sydney, February 1111. 1878, 288,118 lb& manufactw:ed, 7911,71 lb& unmanufac1ured, 58,480 lbil cigars. Adelai le, March 1878, 99,1146 lbs manufactured, 8,4119 lba IIJUJW1ufacture 71,476lba cigars. Brisbane, Karch 8, 18'18, 1811,780 lbs man factured, 6,869 cases cigars.


MAY20 TH DOMESTIC TOBACCO MARKETS TBB.. TOBr&.CCO BALTIMOBE.-Meeara. J:d. Wlaolaaeyer A Co., To bacco COIDDtission .Merchants, report to TBE ToBAcco LltAP : Inspections the past week were lighter of :Marylaad, but for Ohio show an Inc-, compared wl&la sevval preYious w.eeu. The mark-' is without any material ijulre fair for the better grades of the free stiJI!Itzare oean:.e -command full rln Obiothe is alllbag woriby of' the mark'e&, Ill'" of 'renc:h entii:ely n Virfinia and Kentuo::ky there ill no stQCk here to !&net attention o buye'n; 6 ill lupected thia week:-1,124 hhds :llarylad, Mt' do total; 1,'J00-.4o. 5Tf l'lell ,8riod-:...;:..Per-.-wer Werd to tine .............. SM @1 oo ,, SNUFF. r Bnnll!-I Alllerie&ll Gentleman.. --88 :Maceo boy ............ -: liS@;88 Sqbject to dlscounl to the Wh?Je. Rappee, Fronch ..... 00 sale trade. Scotcla Lundytoot. 811 Common ............ A LICOIUCIC P A8TE. Bpanlah-"G, C ." ................ Gold .. 211 "P. 0."" .. 28 "Wallis B:l:.". .. .. .. .. 28 "Piiar". . . . 26 "0 0 C&." 25 y .......... .. ul. 0 & Co. 11 Currency. Zl ::swi"!Y . tl 27 L&BOoa. ....... 22 Turldah-"W. B." ................ Gold .. 21 "M. J'." ................ .. JU uv.B ....... ........ u I 'Stella, H II ".APQ!lo.". . . 18 ''T. W. B." ........ CUJ'l'elley 19 ......... u 18 ........... !.. :: 22 o,' .. ta DOIIESTIQ BJ:CEIP'rll, The arnvals at the port of New York froJll domestic interior and coaatwie ports for the week endino: May 18 were 2,130 hbds, 242 tree, 10 Jitrcs, 2,474 cases, 210 pkgg, 1 bdle, 2 pails, 42 bxs, 192 ;.( -bxs, 118 28 47 la:-bxs, 12 Kbxs, 191 caddies, i'! caaea cigarettes, 4 trcs snuff, 30 bblll do; i!3 bbls do 41 cases do, 13 jars do, B bbls licorice root, consigned 88 followo:BY T.BI ERIE "Wallace & Co. 45 hhds; J. T. Murphy, 1 do; Order, 459 do, 50 pkgs. BY TUB HUD80111 RIVllll RuLBom.-4J. H. Bpltzner, 36 cases; BtNhn & Reltzenstein, 180 do; A. Hen & Oo., 10 do; Flits & Austin, 90 pkgs; E. C Chapman& Co., 90 do; H K. & F. B. Thurber & Co 25 do; H. Welsh 15 do; Order, 24do. BY TBE NATIONAL LJNJt.-R. Moore & Co., 15 hhds; Blake more, Mayo & Co., 36 do; P Lorlllard & Co., 208 do; D. Dows & Co., 3 do; Pollard, Pettus & Co., 16 dr llle ..._. O.aa u ta a more aael7 pow .. re4 arUele lhaa an7 o'be:r, eoaaefiaeatlJ' maeb. more eaa h the eat aa be abaor'bed b7 th" mohtar" or all" lear, wtthou&.JI:(Tiq llle Jl:oo .. 4utJ' appearaDee, aa411 wt11 aot eloa &he ll:alYea aa4 preYeal a .-oolll en&, u Ia tile .,..., wtlll eontalalq the uaaal --nt or a:a.d. 11!!!!8D.'t o:a. OPPICB and S&LBSBOO!IIIa-11S, 111 & 11'711110NBOB.8T,} C C .R-CO IIIIILI.S:..:..ns, SIO & Sii BBIB IJTBBBT, e e W'W' '-=-'' g, e LIQUORICEr. PASTE The undersigned continue to manufacture and Import 8panleh and Turkleh Llqu_orlce Paete, whloh he offers to the Trade at Reduced Prlcee. Manufacturere will find It to their Interest to apply to him, before purohaelng ltlee where. .. ,. 'j week. While they han put more life and animation in tbe inarkcf, th ey do not pitch in brash enough to cause a spurt in prices Two oj them are regular from large stemming districts. the other from Richm'ond, Va., here 16 stay, at least through th e season. We hav e had m,ore s h ort-crop" talk this week than any week yet, mu c h o f It from parties who have been travelling through counties south and we s t of us, drum ming for w areho u ses here. Plautcrs J r o m srune sections all sny thl\\ hut" s mnll crop will be planted. W e have ro om for a few "short-crop" buyers, and sho uld they come forward in the next tvvo or three w ee k s and raise price s X'Ic round, plan tel'$ might uc persuaded to stick in a few extra plants. 'I ha ve heard of uo of p lants as ;yet. QUOTATI ONS NondellCript. BotliedJ.---, Outtinq Moperately. Really. have been too small up to the present writing to give reliable quotations and clll88iftcations. I hope in the course of a week or so to be able to give both. Transactions:-8110 hhds, 118 tres and 11 bxs Offerings at auction :-May Ul, 12 pkgs sold at 4.10 @21; 14 Iuke n in at l li0@22 May14 74 do sold atl. 00@72; 18 tak en in ut 1.00@20. May 15, 39 do sold at 1.20@511; 22 t>. k e n in at May 16, 56 do sold at 75@57; 27 taken in at 2.10@51. 111ay 17, 54 do sold at 1 1()@52; 22 taken In at 2.60@19K May 18, a5 do sold at 1.60@51; 24 taken inai2@36, Compar atiVe statement of the Inspections, Deliveries, etc., of Tobueco. together with stocks on hand at the .di1Ierent ware h ouses in the city of Richmond, from October 1 to May 1, 1 877 nnd 1878:c:--,.-1877 Bhds. Tcs& will only be temporary, and that in our next we shall be able to report the command Forward" baa been $1Ven. The sales were confined to brands of local notonety. but dealers need so few the price asked is con ceded without a murmer. Goods void of this requisite are now rarely offered, as they are considered by the trade valueless for present use .liineOuU.-Boft tobaccos show a considerable reduction in with the goods sold largely conllned to better grndes. Smoking To0aeco.-The past week has proven very small in receipts, with the jobber still selling mostly low grade goods. Cigar1.-Thle branch, in sympathy with the others, makes a poor show tbe past week for business for fine, medium and common. Cigar manufacturers plain bitterly of sudden stoppage, and they too fail to understand lhe cause of 11. EJ;ported to Australia, via rail to New York (Jity, 11,385lbs of manufactured tobacco; to Bar'badoes, per schr E. A. IJeHarl, 11,387 lbs do; to par steamer 12.009 I be do. Peceipts for the week, 4M bxs, 2,328 caddies, 1,118 cases, 432 pails of fine-cuts. Leaf 1bbauo.-Dealers and paekers both claim the past wee)<'s business in Seed leaf remarkably quiet and di.tllcult to explam; for, to use their words, raw material is needed by the manu!ac turers of all grades, and yet they will not buy, but seem to be holding back, waiting for something to tum up wbich will give an encouraging apur to business generally. It is believed Von greas could help very materially in bringing about 'his desire_d change by adjourning sooil Connecticut and Pennsylvania still command the bulk" of attention, and w'hen sold bring very fair prices This week may be considered a poor week for Ohio and Wisconain Seed. Havana leaf Is readily handled if up to sta11dard. Exported to Barbadoes via E. A. IJc Hart, 8,880 lbs Weatern leaf; to Liverpool via steamer Penmylwnia, 145,8241bs and Western leaf Receiptll from all pornts :-242 caoes Connecticut, 178 do Penn sylvania, 46 do Ohio, 42 do Wisconsin, 18!! bales Havana, and 98 hhds of Virginia and Western leaf. Sales for domestic use were :-918 case11 161 do Pennsylvania, 48 do Ohio 38 do Wisconsin, 112 bales Havana, and 18 hhds of Vir ginia and Western leaf tobacco BICHMOND.-Mr. R. A Mills, Tobacco Broker and Commil!slon Mercbant, reports to TBE TOliACCo LE.ur :The better feeling and advancing tenMncy of our market baa been fully the past week, and our market closed very firm wilh a decided upward tendency. From bad seasons for tobacco, and a disposition Pn the planters and dealers to hold back their tobacco, our rece1pts have been very small up to date, the large to J:N: marketed; l!"'d our receipts must unprove soon, both m quantity and quahty, though the proportion of fine tobaccos are very small in the crop still we will have (judging from what baa already come forward) .Ome very fine shipping tobaccoa in the present crop. Fine bright wrappers will be scarce throughout the season, and pric81 for thoae gradee will rule high. Biles of ahlpping leaf Public .......... 3,311 792 3,311 Anderson' .... 703 68 1 023 111yers' ..... ..... 1,042 256 2 1151 Planters' ....... 2 494 398 17 2,524 Wilson 's ........ 310 102 405 Crenshaw's ..... 247 26 871 Shelburn s ..... .. 109 173 255 Conrad's ..... . 183 Smoot s ....... Owen's ......... 170 524 14 ,799 3,224 22 14,627 DELIVERED. 1877. Bhockoe .......... .. 2,964 Mayo's ............ : .. ,.. 2,412 'Seabrook's ............. 2 .481! Public ... .' ..... :.. .. .. s ; 517 Anderson's.......... . 670 Myers' .. : ........... .. 500 Planters',,, ............. 3,330 Wilson's....... .. .. 343 Crenshaw'" . . . 189 Shelburn s .. .. . 80 Conrad's .... : : ... ... Smoot's ................ Owen's ................. 16,420 STOCK ON BAlm. 1877. Inspected ............... 6,871 Un!D8pected ............ 2,618 9,484 LOOSE TOBACCO 1118 124 355 104 29 175 68 80 188. 1,807 1878. 4,446 itii 382" !,208 3111 414 2,731 4811 41, 208 168 816 260 1ll,ll36 -' 1878. 11,:1117 8,0111 8,239 1877 Bbockoe ........ 2,8091900 lbs Kayo' s : : 2, 779 lbs Plllnteri, .... : ... 241,!177 lbs Crenshaw's, SliO,OOO lbs 1818. 4,6211,000 ljMJ 3,40Uil61be 1,228,2711 11,81l8,1l7tllblr 8,404,356 \be .... : .... ...... ...... ll,448,1128lbs 11 11 ST. LOUIS.-Mr. J. E. Haynes, Dealer in Leaf Tobacco, reports to THE TOBACCO Lllln:-Recelved, IillO hhd8, 396 the previous week. 01ferings have been light, ana the market steady and :firm ainee our last. Desirable manu!aetur. mg -'OCk cont.inuea scar<:e and wanted at fulL pricee; bu_ t most of the wrapping leaf offered remained unaold OII.IICCOIUI\ of the of sellers We note a hardening of pricee for hags, liut no change In common dark leaf. Reported sales frOm P.urs

-1 : l liANUJ' AC\'URED BY Ia H. a GO., A .A.G:EINOX:Ji1B1 Neyi]fk: !. F ALK, 122 Chambers St. "PhiladclBhia: BAHilf & BRO., UH. 3d Bt. lie. 38 Nertla Water-st ... Phnadelpliia.Po"" DB&LBB 1111 And 214 STATE S-:it'tEE1o ..;:,;;._.=-:-.::. -. HAVANA AND DOMESTIC c;Jigar Leaf 27 South Gay Street, Baltimore. BA1'CBEUR BHDS "PECULIAR" CtCAR -. wmI'ERN ADVEBTISEIIENTS. J. P. SPEJfCE. Jf, :r. aPEJfCZ. O .&.. SPEJfOE. !IBIOSIA TIB!CCB lOllS. SPENCE BROTHERS & CO., 56, 58, 60 & 62 Eaat Third Street, CXNCXNN' A.,TX. PI:D.zer &, .&!111JJI' U lTVKBBi OP' I CINCINNATI, 0. a o:P ewroc ..... ay TOBACCO Choiee Brancls of PLUG TOBACCO-. A ad Paton tea of tloe Celobrat.d Btaad of PRO.GRESS,-MADit IN ALL SHAPES AND WEIGHTS. 87 IEYJ!.R.Y Ft.UO HAS OU& P.&.TIDI!I'I' PASTIINER AT THE END. ,._ MAY 20 1 1 .E. ;u. s ........ C. HOLYOKE, COVVISSION ..a KAJIVFA.OTUI.ED 'fOBAOOO, u c.NrGl 1J"'1&Grf, .Bo8IM. .Ad,; Woonon .&: Co., ==-..-. .. REDO'S WAREHOUSE, ., LEAF TOBACCO, :.. a. 80LI(JI'I' ...... -.... ......_ --..-14> PAOli -a CO., II CfiCI[, w .r. CLAJUt aoo., D::!:uo -WM. E. DIIREU., SAM'L W. liD TD1cca -StCaJH CIGAR-BOX MANU-FACTORY F. G, lTobaeoo Works, Toledo,, Ohio. CHARLES R. MESSINGER, -OF : .,,F. G." AND NATIONAL LONG CUT SMOKIN8S Also, the Indian a.nd Sun Flower Chewing Tobaccos. W. BUT, Cloiap 1 LOll. IN PALMER, .New Y <>

Ahner &; Debl8. :190 pe&rl. Allen It: Co, and 175 Cbambeftl ll'locUer. IM Water. ljulldey It: oore, 74 Oardoolo A. H. 86 Broad. Orawtord 111. 1118 Water. Poi>&D, Canon & Co. 101 J'roat. DuBolli Eugene. 75 Front. Wm. &; Co. 245 P$rl. Jlllg'eblloc4.F. 86 8. WI>OhlnCt<>n Square J'os:; Dlllt! <1: Co. 17!5 Water. l'riend E G._s Co. I Malden IAa g:{: Giebol.tvaa Ramdobb !'Ill Wa\er. Hamburger t. & C o 151 Wter Bavemeyers & m Pearl Hemot Brotlulrs. Lo.chenbl'u<:h & Bro. 164. Water. Lederer & illS Pearl. Le'lbl K. H. !1'!11'!"!!. E. & oOo. 6 BurliDI! Slfp. lliepimlll A."'!'. 1118 Water. Btralron & Storm, 178 and 180 Peart l:lll F.ront. Charles J': & Son. IM Front. Th paon B E ll Co. M and 58 Broad. Up ann, Carl, 178 Pearl TobacCD BakN fol' .&port. Guthrie & Co 22;> Front. Wte m CJRd V irginia L:r.J Tobacoo Oom.n\i#.Wn. l!e Jclu;tnb0 FallllOn & .Carroll, 50 Broad Len/ aooocoo Sweati11g. PIIW .. C. S. 188 Pearl G 192 Pearl. Leaf Tobac c o C u r ing. Thayer, J......., H. S1Front Cmnm.iuion. Mercha.n.U. BeyneoBrothca 46& 48 ltichauge Place. ., 2blxzccil. BeuseM G 55 BrO&!I. ToOO..O llrokenr. catQJs l'llcllor Ohaa E {t )ko. rn. Water. Ba.gedoro. R. 4.1 lsl"Qad. XinDJcutt & llill, 52 Broad. Osborne Charles F M Broad. Rader M. & S on, 50 B ea.,er Bhack A. 119 .IIUiden La.n e I JltJpf"B of 8rnokifl4 and OhetoCnQ Anderson .John & Co. 114. 116 aad 117 IJherty. Bnobenen & LYall. 101 Wa.ll Buchner D. 213' and 215 Duane. Goodwin &; Co '1m & 00!1 Water. '11Klm8B & Go. 401 PearL Jtlliney Bros. 141 WeJ;t Brood way. LQrlllard P. & Co. 114 Water. llc.A.lpin D. B & Co. cor A venue D and Tenth. 1ti11o< G. B & Co 97 Columbia. TOiteoco Company, l:U Water. ..4.uent.for and Smoking 7'ob ana. 130 Rivmgton an80, .IJ&ya & Co. 180, 18!1, 134 lfaiden Lane Impor'"" pf H""""" TobacCD and Oigan. .A..Imlrall.J .J. lti Cedar l'reiBe E. 157 Water .-IAoQ8rd. 203 Pearl Garola F. 167 Water spw l!lphes GeOrge 178 Wa.ter of Munldla""' aood ..4.mbor GOOOI1en PtUit. .. & lJiO WWiam Co.llland3!8. William K ameoC.MWater "w-& 9MrrT, 1111 Cedar lllr'o H'IY & .&ipimb&U,IOIIM..,.,., .. .,.,...,.. of 2l>bacco """""' BlllW B. Boas & Qo. Cedar ofQomu, Tollqold Boa..., efc. T. B. & Oo. 180 aaol 182 William of Po..dered Licorice. ..BriDIl>ou. N. WDllalll 1: Qua, :1111 ._ Loth Joe. a: Co. 444 Broome ,_!limon, tn Lewlo WlcH Wm. & Oo. Gom:k lJ. prove d Tobacco Scrap Mach'ine /0'1" Oiga.r lfanufacturu.t. !IOrgf eldt N H 516 East 19th and !56 Water &rap (htt!i11fl Ordoustei.n, Agent, 31)6 Brondway Tolxzj:oo Outt>ng .MaeliintTI/. HeBry, 114 C entre. .. Bank& 50 Wall .. Intt rnal Reven-ve Jourge nsen, C. 87 Liberty Foreign and Ba1t'lrerJ. Sternberge r 1!!.-.1: 8. +I ExohBDI!e PJaee. Ma ufactunws of Metal and Woodett. 8ltottl Jl'iguru. Demuth CO. 50lllrOadWay M..,..)'aclure)-of S'laOIAI ....,,.,... Strauss S !?II and 1 8 1 Lewis -8o1 Manufacture r of tht Origi11Gl Grtt;. Seal 8moki11!1 Tobacoo Eminet W C. 74 Pine Pate .. t !Jignr an.... SamuelS. L. 57 Cedar .Bocil. 81 Exchange Place Wischmeyer Ed. & Co 39 South Calvert Tobacco Manufacturer. F e lgt1er F. W & Son, 00 South Charled Gafl & Ax, 28 Barre Marburg Brothers, l!l4:tl> nJ!'l!I! .PI!arleo Wllkecs H. & Co. 181 West Pratt Patent stem Rollers. Kerckhoff G. & Co 149 South Ckarles Pa ciw>s of Seed LC!if .and Imp()!l'tef'B-<;f Hav a rtcPIWHu:M. Becker Bros. 98 Lombard I Imrx;rters & M n ff'sfJ(Jidfrr & OiqaretteB. Martmez & Co. %'14'w. Hattlciore BOIIiiON Ma .. Nan uj'ooflur era of Plug Tobaooo M erchantt; Tobacco Co, 30 Broad Merchant. Holyoke C 0 12 C entml Wharf Dealer m Hab:c": ::::f 1JoMalie Leaf To-Dav-port Leca:'tsr'Broad. Manufaet' n of Sowlu"W. mod CigeT Lr.f Tobacco. }(eyer By. & 'Oo. FroDt Wankeim&a F. & Co. Ill Front I of .Fi..,.Oul mod 8lnOklng Tobeeco.---..., SpeDee -& Oe. 611 and 6UI:Ui Third Lea,/ Tobcw:co Brolcen. 1 Dob.rm&DD F. W. cor a.. e. Vluaad. l'ront lllallay II< Bro. 116 Weet l'l'ont Morris W. G. 17 W. Front Jleler B. & Co. 81 Water Manufadur.,.. of Qir/an atod Dskrt1 U. IAaf -.,, KroiiD, -#. Co. M1 to 161 w. 'l'h1rd cor llllm 8. & Co. IIIII Woo& Fourth Tletig H. & Bro. 1116 W :nrth 8 Mfr of Ci9" DeGler In :11/d V'olge&W 4 AID "'1''toof -=--448l'lulll .Lebacoo Broker. W W Kirby NEW ARK, N. J, Campbell, Lane & Co. 484 Broad NEW ORLEANS, La. T.bbacco Factors miG Commialion. MercA!Ift.t. au ther & Stevenson. '162 CO.J!UilOll PADUCAH, K7. Toba c co B1oken.. Clark M. H. & Bro. Puryear T. H Jdanu.facturera pj Tobacco Bishop&; Burgauer PETERSBURG, Va. Tobacco Metch.aft.ta Roper LeRoy & Sons Manufacturers of Plug and Smoking Tobacoll and Dea'lers in Leaf Tobacco. VenableS. W. & Co. Man ufacturer;_$ o f S1neet Nllii!'!L 1 l!81M"D, .Jackson C .A..& Co. .., PHILADELPHIA. ... Warehousu. Anatha.n M. & Co. Third Bamberge!7L & 00. 111 Bre's LewJJISons 322 Nol'tJl Do !ian & Taitt 107 :&rch Elsenlohr Wm. & Co 115' SOuth Water McDowell M. K & Co 8tt North Wat Moore. Co. 35 Sanlt'.J J Rinald<>& Col32North-Watw Sorver. Cook & Co. 105 North Water -)[eoolnger Charlell B. Jlaftu/aetur.ra o/l'DIIIduecll LkorlcL Warren CJ. C. & Co. 113 to 117 Komoe WESTFIELD,.._ NEW YOJIX, 270 BOWERY, Jvw 14, 181'1, PA.DTI-....., hereby cau&tonro aplnst nolng Pn'eTBII C.IGAR BOXES ot.lwr t.han th.-muafao. turedunlier OL1111D'8 PATENT (No !ll4,039, Nov. 7, 1811; .-, No. 7 ,7f11, Jlay 21, 1871), Ullcoed to us. Any wBl be rigorously LICHTEIISTEIII aROS. A CO. A, A. VOIOE, :\N GREAT 7.6 Park Pl.aoe, Yorl:S.:. FOSTER, .HILSON & Bill ::DTe"'PV' Toi-:114 MANt>FACTURERS OF Fine Cigai-8, AND SOLE PROPRIETORS OF THE PATENTED WILLOW CIGAR BOX. KERBS d! SPIESS, a.n Ufacturers sf Fine A. LICBTBNSTBIX & BRO!IIBB; ane ONWARD 0 IGARS, And Dtalm Ja LEAF TOBACCO, Nos. and BOWERY, __ DW YUILKo Misery 5uaints a man-with strange bedfellows/ T.his is one of those terse, muchmeaninc opg e rvt.tio;ns with which the comprehensive genins of Bbllkespesre has endowed the w J rld If the "Bard of Avon were alive now h might remark with equal truth and t e rseness, '' Bi{/71! acquaint &liUID with the b est cigars." TRANSPARENT GLASS SIGNS. Dealpo & BoUma tee Ji'al'D.Ialle4. JOHN MATTHEWS, 883 E. 21l&ll lit..._ Y. -


THE I.E A :F .UCOBICZ, LICORICE PA w+! c1c -'.:.. Tobacco manufact11rers ud tbe tnde 14 ... Ullin TI&T' getieral are .. xw TOJUL' exami11e and test the superior p1ope; ... U..wcllrecttbeatttl.aeltbeDoalenlaT""-tJf this LICORICE, which, beiug DOW Wor14 \lroupt to the Jaicbeet perfecti011 of. SoLACE rer;te tbe ca&WDO 'l'OJU.OOO, bond : wlalcll factot'ed aader tiM . ... ,.m.w. of, ..., THOMAS HOYT & Co MR. JOHN ANDERSON, /acknowleclged by eonstnaers to be the ....s-nao, ... tormeriJ,witll""tari..t. 0n14n 'bat Ui the market. And for tbe braoc& TOBACCO BROKE.&. 1 -'1 27 Peari.JUeet, NEW YOIIK. CH E. FISCHR & BRO. TOBACCO XAlll1F.AC'l'UliZIIII or r_a,.ed 'I '"h 11oe <.....,,,, w111 of Lic:Oric:e Stick FilE-CUT CHEWIIIG & SIOKIIG ..ul-ot-ptatto-:N:m'VO" a"OU t1l. GO., TOBACCOS 8t, SNUFF I CAMPBELL, LANE & ID clo Toa.ltlcvn c .... BILL,} Oar Braada C::lae.._, KAN\W1CTUitDS or KI .... ICUTT .... B111L aUJIJIYIIDE. JfATIOJrALt roJflco AWft Clllll to apply direct. .. Gil .. t B:a.IGHT OWEJI', JI'ABOB, AU -U I -.-... lli.OIUUI.S IN EXTRA CAVEJIJ)lSJL .. ...,..,.,_. WESTERN fl YIRCINIA 404 & 406 St., New Yort sNUFF, PIPEs. etc.. LE F TOB "C"O ,j,_ R. I General Parluerw, 'ITOIIIES AT at BROAD STREIT I _.. a A u. .. ,j., 8. COill!Tuct<, r .&IWD u f:ALDWELL Y'. W LOCKWOOD, Special. WRAVfM SI!'BRRY, :IIPoRfiis-iiDiiiiificfmBS. SPOISI LICIIUCici Bli.ANDS elm LIGOBICII ALL SPEOIALTIES FOR PLUI AID FIIECUT TOUCCO. OLIVI OIL, !OICA BlAIS. GD.S, FLAVORS, Powdered Licorice Boot, Al!IID PATENT POW'DER.ED LJ:COR.J:CE.. W STICK LICOIUCE WE HAVE THE FAVORITE BRANDS'-> CIG.lREittS, 'TOMCCO! 8., AJID GVSO:z.DI1. UI WEST :BROADYlAY; ,NEwYcuuc. 'We beg to call the atteutlon of Tebaceo Manofac: .. tiiiVO ODd Dealen to tbla SUPEII.IOR AND PUll.& arilc:le. Sole for the State. of North Carolina &ad VirMu .. s. DAVENPORT & MORRIS, lllcb moad, Va. LIC::OBICE BOOT-.a_.. aa4 AHeaate. SelR.GLER.., um e a, m Casks; FINENUFciGA.Rs. do. ,. do. Sons m Bales ; ANl> DEALER IN G A b d LEAF TOBACCO, ra IC, do. 0. 295 & 297 Greenwich St., New York .Tonka Beans,. ANGOSTURA. J L. BBBN!IEB. LICORICE pASTE. THE STAMFORD IANUFACTURING CO., 1al'7 :all: A TD::ml!lir X...A.N':JD, :N:JIII'VO" Y"OR.B:, $'!'bot Trade la'riac 4tii1AIMied a Superior ....S Cheaper Article than that hitherto used, this Comp&IQ' -"""'*"r*ac. aD4 for-.le, LICORICE l'Al!'l'K (under the old "Sanford" brand) of a QUALITY ..& a& a PBlCB whlcJo.,... barc1J;r fall to be aooopt&ble to all aivlng It a trt&l. ;" Mellor a llittenhouse, 218 N". 2!;;ld. B"t .,, l!IAN1JI' Ac::TlJBBBS 01' BP.A.N:J:B:E3: a:n.d LICORICE PASTE. aJ""" Centennial Medal awarded tor u Purity, and General Excellence of Manulacture. '' 'Also 111. & 1\, BBAND STIVB: LICORICE, all St.e.. Jholosale .Uents: SHOEMAKER, VOUTE & BIRCH. 126 S. Delaware A ve.J Pllila. IJ. B. ICALPIN & Col' DB2'0T .&JID AGBKG'I' Or THE MANUFACTUllE OF &. i. &AIL & AX, And all Kinds of SIIIOJUNG TOBACr.n A.Nu zw 01pn, l'lug 'l'o'bacco, Snu!f, Snu!f Flour, etc. BALTIMORE, -ATMANUFACTORY AN() 8Al.IUJROOM: 121 BOW['RY NEW YORK Cor.IYinllt D I TMth St., law York. r,u. Willii, ACRI1ft', MRS. G. B. MILLER & co. FR. ENGELBACH, TOBfcGODHPDTffiiimY 97 COLUMBIA STREET, :Ne'VV "York. Ml'rol'.a.cnmzlul or TBB CaLIIBIU.TK D :rw F. W. FELGJrER & IOJI"S,, Toltaooo 56 S. WASHINGTON SQUARE, N.Y. &OODIIlf & 08., Xrs. G. B. Hi.lle1 &: Co. Cbe"1ng aud Smoking Tobacco; the only Genuine Amerio&n Gentleman !'>":ft; lllrs. G. 'B .Miller .t Co. 'o lllaceaboy aacl Snuff; A. H. Mickle & Boos' Forest Roee and Gmpe Tobacco; lllrs. G. B.llllller & Co. Smoking and Chewing To-. KAlWFACTV&ali.S 01' --ALL ORDERS PROJI:l'TLY EXECUTED. TOIU.CCO WORKS. Fine-Cut Tobacco D. 207 &.209 WATER STREET, fJIJ.:oifTuCBiWJIG NEW SIOIIlflf .. TOBACCO, 1 211 l 211 Blat St., ltw Ytrk. t< liiU. 1: C. BARIIR a CO., -of U.e Celebnted FINE-CUT ;.TOBACCos:, AKEIUCAN EAGLE" -AMD-"' CILZP'P::t!JEL" A1ao all othec Craoloa of Flit-CUt l S11okllg Tollaooos, DllTBOIT, JQCB .Aolde &om poc\lar ou "AMII!.lliCAN aodtLIPPER"Iutlteuaalbe4 10. 10, 40 aDd 6o lbl., we al betla of U-lftd ap nry uicel:r .ta 0. OtniD T Fcw.PACLlGD,packed Ia 01-.llouo. L Ll ............. liMo Joltbbt6 3, lba.Lc........._ DAYTON, OHIO. nr"'ORDERS PROMPrLY ATTENDED TO. IPAIIUII &Ool' UOAIIUII LIOOiliCB .IBBB 'l'OXOVB. LAUREL LBATJU, TOlii'KA -AXI, CAISU BVDII, C::LOVBS AND C::ll'IWA11011, ORAJIGB PBBL, Al'OSBED, C,U4.WAY IBED, CORIANDER IEED, LA VJDNDElt" rLOW..... GUM ARABIC, GBADJ AIII'D POWD--, GUM IIIVRRH, LUliiP AND POWDBRBD, GUM TRA.&ACAXTH, li'LAK.IC AIII'O POWDBILIID, ES!IENTI..U. OILII, ( OLrvE OIL, LUCCA CaB.ul 11'1 C::A.UCI, IUIIIAJIE OIL I.BV .A.ll'l' Ill' IIIIL.s,_ Tonka Angosturas, in Casks, Balsam Tolu, in Orisinal Tins, Clucose, French, in Casks. PRICES CURRENT ON APPIIIC.&TJOI(. V. W. BRINCKERHOFF, 47 CEDAB STREET, Jf. T. W. E. UPTEGROVE. SP AI ISH CEDAR FOB CIGAR BOXES, AGEI\1 FOR OSTRUM'S ClGARBOI NAILING MACHIXE. Foot lOth lllth St., East Rlvtr, :NEW YORK, :PL"D"G TOB.A.OCO. TIE IEBCJUNTS' TOBACCO CO., ao ES::E'LO.A.D aorx':a:m:mar, :aoaaro:N, Make the best Sold or Used. ONE DOLLAR lawful money In each 60 pound box, containing large Plugs made of leng stock. TWO DOLLARS In one, or ONE DOLLAR In two of the caddies In each case containing large plugs made of long stock. PATENT METAL LABELS on Plugs. Ask for this and get the Best Chew or Smoke tkat can be had. SILAS PEIRCE, Jr., Preddeat. JOHX H. SAJI'BOBN, Trea.. W'ILLIAM BUCilANAN, DAVID C. BUCHANAN & LYALL.; Oftlce: 101 WaJI St., York.-P. 0. BOX 1712. Sl FIRST DISTRICT, SOUTH BROOKLYN. MANUFACTURERS 01' THE FOLLOWING CELEBRATE!) BRANDS OF PLUG, CHEWING aad SMOKING E[IOB.ACCOS_ ALSO MANUFACTURERS OF SEMI-CIGARS >.. P L U G. PLA1VICT NAVY .11, '}tl, 31t 41, 51, 61, 'J'e, 8a, 9a, 191. SA.JOOR'S VHOifJE, Ia, -"' 3a, ,.,, &a, 81, 7111, 811 9a, 101. OIIALLENGE, lba. WASHINGTON, X NEPT1JliiE, Double Thlek, brt, drll:. MAGGIE MITCHELL. l'IABBAGANSETT. ALEXANDRA. SENSA.TIOl!l. FLOUIII'OEII.S, BVC::HANAN, lOo. JACK OF K.IlG PHILIP, GRAPE AND APRICOT. "ACME" Fa Dey B ht PoUDdo. TECUXBEH, lOa, PEEKLIUS. P.U.M. GOLD BARS. P"BIDE O.I''TU BEGIJIE!VT, POtXET PIECES, '5' .&. 'VT :IP'XNEI CJOT O::a::aaW'XWG. ACME. SMQKUiC AND CICARETTE TOBACCO. VIBGII'IIA BRIGHT C::l!T CAVJDIII'DISU. WO::BLI)S FADt.. AlnJ :R"''ST. Branch Office: Central Street. Boston Po 0. BOX 0011. BROOKLYN, N. Y. BUSINESS OFFICES: 124 Water St., New York, 16 Central Wharf, Boston; 25 Lake Street, Chicago; 51 IOBTB WATER STREIT, PBILADILPBI.l. FactOry: 1 First District, N Y. THE CEI EJIRATED THE CELEBRATED "MATCBLBSS," "PBUIT GW MAHOCANY, All Sizes ; MAY 20 IIPROVHD HOWB SGAIJiB. .... .... -I>J tbe -.fK'tNn:- W.OaiLLAaD .. CO., N""tJ'eoftl .VCILUIU .. LYALL, NPW ........ olAaii: B. R1ehmond, Va. J "p, ATO .. 1111.0., ._,,h,_4,1'a.J ..B. W. TBXABLB .. ()0,, Pow ........ .,.ZER. BaOI., Loalrrllle ._l' 114 CIIIJI'I'IUil ft'llBB70 ...... 'I'Oaa. P 0 Bos: _5091, New YOt"k. Conoto.!!_l!1 on haad tbe Beol BY HANU OR. STKAM .l'ufilK. 0 A larJe variety Gf Jbcbiaery for Clat Maoofac tren, ucb for Coutnlf or Grana lalla Haaaa alld other F1llers for <.:hran. Stem RoUer. Bundalaa .... ehlne:o., Machines. and al.o lot aehiael foe Cru!Jbing and FIttenini tbe Tobacr o Stea Ia the Leaf, Cigarette Machines, etc. Snle AJ!ent ha the U.S. for f' FLJN.;CH'S (Offenbach on Ma\a, Ger.. mallJ) celebrated M acbines for t'acldo1 Mana!actv.d Tobacco. Cigar Manufacturera An lafenaocl,.. an alole to nppiJ U.e Tn4e wftl> lntelaao PACltli:._S at D011ce. CIGAR PACKERS' SOCIETY. 8. lllCRALill a CO llln& A-; or :&. X GATTERl>A)[ (Controller otV...-). 1011 Norfelk Street, NYork W)'. LICHTENSTEIN BROS., PACKERS AND DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCOS, I 17 MAID.N LAN, Ne'VV "York, MAY BROTHERS, l1olPORTERS OF CIGARETTE PAPER, 386 BROOME ST., Houu AT P"-am York. TOBACCO BAGGING. IMITATION SPANISH LINEN, F A.NCY STB.IPBS, A.nd all ..,_ds of Goode used for pattbaa' up Smokbae Tobacc o Ako, eomplete a110rtmeDt of Smoken' Aru.;iea for the Trade. hDWl-RD SANGER & CO., .t62 to 488 lroatlway, hw Ytlt. CHARLES A. WULFF, Act. lithographer, Printer & Manufacturer of A Large Assortment Constantly on Hand. 61 Cb10thaa St eer. WUU... W, T, JOIEPH LOTH & 00.1 MANUFACTURERS OF ALL DNDS Or CIGAR RIBBORS. CONSTANTLY ON HAND A FULL AS SORTMENT AT WWEST MAII.ltET PlliC&S. JP.eW171 .... ._, 'WBWr ado. 11'1'., U. BBOO-ll'l'o --Toa-J&. INTERNAL REVENUE BOOIS Tbe Ori,.taal luteraal kneaue hbUalablc BoU!L C.' JOlJ'B,GENSEN:' SeLB SuccltSS()Jt Td 'Esn:s a S.ITII, P.o. BOll' 3'T LIJIEllTT ST T. Irona .f .S'tencila a BpiO!alt,.. PR.ZNT%NG Of every de.c:rtptton at Loweat .PrlctL FOR PRICES. TlNPOIL f Li[btcst Pnrc Till, 10,368 s,. Inches D. lb. ALSO TOBACCO & OTHER FOILS. WITTEMANN BROTHERS, 184 William St., New York. Giobol & V8ll Ramdobr, LEAF TO-BACCO, '76 wATER ST., lEW YORK


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