The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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, .. YORK, MON>.A MAY 27, 1878. WHOLE NO 692 llat ltblttf ..-.a.aLUIIBD 1184,] PUBLI8BED vay MO.DAY MOitiiiNC ta I'VJ.'I'QII 8'1'BEE'l', JfEW TOB&. IDW .&aD BUJt.ldt. FOB]( G. GB.An, Buslnea Kanaser. ........ O .. TBIE PAPB&. FRED'K DeBARY 41 48 warren Sweet, l\Tew SOLE ACENT8 FOR TH. "EL. PRINCIPE DE \ \ KEY W'ES'I" r,, AND THE CIGAR F ACT9RY OF :YORK. SEIDENBERG & CO. 84 a 88 B.BADB STBBET, JI'EW YORK, Importers of Ha,va,na, Toba,cc ALSO MANUFACTURERS OF THE 220 New York. Vigelius, PACKERS OF SEED JiEAF I IMPORT.ERS J OF fiAv ANA TOBACCO HOW TO GET .. DARK TOBACCOS AND BOW TO MAKE rHEM BlJB.N GOOD. THH &'V"R,E I Jo to haTflyour goodl Bolwlclled and Sweated by {). 8. Pbii>IPS. U ;you poor buming .tobaQco send me a few and by retnrn of mall I will prove to you what can be done. U ldauufaciurers will send me their Ligbt.{)olored Sbrtings, I Wlll "'tum them lll&.ovBO {)OLeae, Slle a.., ot ....,. ohellllcals or any arWIR.::EE... BEST MA ERIAL & SUPR-IIIE. MatG4 to Order. AND STYLE. OF KE, (Patented September 25, 1877.) M"O'T:J:OEJ. All Infring_..,.ta on tlda Patent will be Pro..cnted to the full extent of the Law, ALSO MAJ\"'UF ACTURER OF PURE TIN AND OTHER FOILS I ROLLED TO ..L"T GUAGE AND CUT TO SIZE. BOTTLE CAPS, all Sbeo, PLA.Il( AND COLORED. OFFICE: 163 Mulberry St., N.Y. '' El PorveDir,'' c:: c:: ,WElL & CO., 65 PINE STREET, NEW YORK. lilt lolrattt l'itlf. NEW YORK, MONDAY, MAY 'P, 1878. A G:rea.t Opportunity! ::EMPC>R. TER.S, however, their presence in an official capacity is deemed an affront by the majority of our most upright citizens. THE SEIZURE OF A. TOBACCO FACTORY AND ARREST OF A TOBACCO :MA:NUF A.CTURBR.. Considerable excitement been producad in this city and Brooklyn during the current week by the THE TOBACCO TRADE DIRECTORY announcement of the seizure, under the direction of Revenue Agent E. D. Webster, of the tobacco manu.&0,000 Jf.AIIES and ADDRESSES. alpha..U..alq arr-.:ad b:y STATES and TOWNS, witJo REVfi'UE DISTRICTS, tO CLOSE OUT THE 300 COPIES J'ewtntac of SECOND EDITION. OritPBaJ Price, U. WILL BE SOLD FOR $2.00; factory of Messrs. Buchanan & Lyall, located in Brooklyn; and the arrest of Mr. Buchner, of the tobacco manufacturing firm of D. Buchner & Co., this city. The offence charged against these eminently' respect able firms is that of having packed fine-cut chewing tobacco in one-ounce packages over-weight. The lia bility of tobacco manufacturers, if they do not constantly watch their operatives, to accidentally Or M>Dt to Sv.bocriben to THE TOBACCO LEAF, witb this technical violation of law, is so well known, and a cop:y of THE for One Year, for 110 generally excused on account of the diJiiculty of WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. Th..e tobacc,o interest, all br!J.nciles of it, in_this citr, judgi.lrg bythe expressions of opposition )!:eard on all sides, eBtertains such a feeling of aversion to Mr. Isaac HIU'vey, Deputy eellector of Internal Revenue, that his resignation sliould be accepted without a moment' s It is averred that this community will not tolerate him in an official capacity. THE REIGN OF TERROR RESTORED. preventing it, that the friends and acquaintances of the alleged offending firms were greatly surprised, as well as grieved, to learn that the revenue authorities had resorted to extreme measures for the purpose of punishing them for the unintentional irregularity; indeed, much indignation is expressed on the subject by nearly all prominent tobacco tradesmen. The reputation and standing of these manufacturel'l! are so well established as to render it impossible for any one to believe they would connive at an infraction of the revenue law in their respective establishments; and Within the past few days events have transpired in the harsh usage to which they have been subjected is connection with the internal revenue service in this looked upon by those who know them as something vicinity which justify the assumption that we hav.t. closely allied to persecution. The following statements or are about to have, a restoration of the reign of terror the affair were made to us by Mr. Lyall in the tobacco and cigar trades which for several years and Mr. Buchner, Jr., the gentleman suffering arrest. disgraced the administration of the revenue laws in Mr. Lyall said:-New York and environs, and culminated, finally, in "Mr. Harvey and Mr. Hawley came to our factory the compulsory removal in disrepute of the officials on Saturday, May 18, and requested to see our fine-cut who inspired it. We allude, as may be inferred, to department. I took them up-stairs and they com the seizure of a tobacco factory, and the menced to our 'Flush' tobO:cco a brand of arrest of a member of a tobacco firm. chewing which we are making in conjunction with our other manufactures. We weighed several To make our caption clear in this connection, it is lots, and, to my surprise, found them heavy. I then proper to indulge in a brief retrospect. From Septemcalled our foreman of the fine-cut factory, and apprised ber 1, 1862, when our internal revenue system was in-him that our tobacco was over-weight and asked him for an explanation. The foreman said he thought the auguraood, until the of July 20, 1868, went into scales must be wrong. We then tried other scales and, neither tax-rmyen nor revenue officers were found the same resnlt. I called the subjoot to serious statutory constraint. The several superiutendenta:r.d asked him why the 'Flush' tobacco intervening laws were more' or less crude, and the obwas put up in excess of thu required weight and he ligations and duties of both tax-payers and officials said he waa not aware that it was over-weight. I a.t once ordered our operatives to sto)J packing and to were few and vaguely defined, Under this condition unpack all the tobacco and repack it right, also of things many unintentional and some intentional not to send out from the factory any of the tobacco acts of omission and commission in alleged and actual until it had been submitted to the revenue authorities .contravention of the laws were brought to light and I made no note.during the operation of weighing but Mr. Harvey's memoranda indicated that there was an punishment. At the official qead of. the tobacco and over-weight on the first, second and third half-grosses cigar interests here during all that period was a man weighed. As the officers were about to leave I asked who ruled these interests with the sway of an emperor. them to come in and try our plug tobacco. Mr: Harvey With the aid of assistants, he disclosed; or seemed to said he supl_)osed that all rfght, and he would not give the subJeCt any consideration then. He told disclo,.se, irregularities in all directions, and imposed me to call on Webster at 11 o'clock on Monday. I did and collected fines and effected compromises ad libi-so, and found Webster and Hawley in the office tum, the laws allowing him, as informer, one-half of Harvey coming in shortly after. After talking awhile' all he collected from real or supposed transgressors. Webster said that he have to put a keeper in He continued in this position until the spring of 1870, factory, an!l I told hun that was unnecessary, as we were not likely to run away. He then made an a when his operations becoming so offensive to his offipointment to meet me at 2 o'clock at the factory aJd cial superior resident here and to the tradesmen subhe came be a keepP,r with hi:U, at ject to his oppreBSions that he was no longer endur-which I was not a little surprised and gTieved for our factory was thus practically under seizure. I told him able, he was compelled to leave the service of the to :.:eport th.e case to the author:ities at Washington, Government a reputed wealthy, but widely-contemned which be .said he would, aBd do It fairly. I went to man. In the last two years of his official career he Washington on Monday night and saw the Commis was a terror alike to good and evil men, and by some sioner and Mr. Kimball; and as a result of my visit" ha d him h and explanation, our factory was promptly released of those who c rge Wlt wronging them he was and the case was referred for further examination tO 1"1"'1 E figuratively likened to a brand of fire which carried Collector Freeland of our district. 1 have been in desolation. to everything it touched: The collector formed by our customers that M.r. Harvey has ordered under whom he served at this latter period absconded ther_n not to sell an:y more of our heavy 'Flush' tobacco at the timeof this man's return to private life an al-until further advised, which order-will n6ceasarily result greatly to our pecuniary detriment." leged defaulter to th:e Government to the amount of Mr. said:-" Mr. Harvey and Mr. Hawley a: IIIII: c.::J C3 VALLFJO J! nearly $140,000. came m our place on Friday, May 17, said they 'I In 1869 an internal revenue assessor was in the same wanted to see our one-ounce 'Gold Com fine-cut office in which the man referred to reigned a Jesser chewing tobacco, but did not ask to see anything else. We showed them samples, and after weighing a packmagnate. 'In the brief space of about one year this age they found it did not weigh more than an ounce asse,sor succeeded, it was averred, in enriching himM;r. Harvey asked for eight packages of the self by enforcing the collection of an enormous agkind and weighed them, and they did not exceed an te f om the banks and bankers of this t ounce each. He next called for ten packages making grega .... x r ci y, eighteen thus far1 which when weighed varied little which tax :was paid under protest, and or nothing from tne proper legal weight. Finally he returned by the Government. After achievmg this eighteen packages, .and then, result, he 1'\'ithdrew, not only unregretted but generally the whole thirty-siX an over-weight disliked, to other departments of activity. Eighll _was found of an oun<:e a!ld a half m the .total quarter f bl fr gross, the tobacco bemg m a damp condition having years-years o reasona e exemptwn om oppression been just taken from the packers. The next 'da Colunder color of law-have passed away smce these un-lector Blake, in company with a deputy called ror the popular men ceased to have power. to. interfere with of weighing our one-ounce _tobacco !!>gain. He the business interests of this community but today weighed a quarter of a gTOBS, havmg had It brought h t" d fresh from the packers' tables but it showed no excess are _m. aut andori y,ithanthagarn exertmg of weight: Subsequently he 'tried another one-ounce theirpower"ormJury, w esame 18regardof brand which had been packed and on th the pr;oprieties of official intercourse as that wh.ich shelves f!Jr a weeli:i and that weighed less formerly characterized their proceedings. the reqUired wmght, or than on'! ounce to the Since 1870 a notably pure and generous administra-package. M:.:. Blake and CO!Jlpamon then went mto the pn.ckmg-room and mvestigated the manner in which the tobacco was put up by the packers H ; but these men, though only a comparatively afterwards consulted hiS deputy, and oui tol: faw days in office, are already beginning to re-inMr. Buchner, that they were not through with troduce the tyrannical and odious practices of the our and that we mqst be vez:y careful in ,...,_ "packmg our tooacco, as the plea of aoctdental over-preVIous eight years. ......,y ... ve commenced, for an weight would not be an excuse for such irregul t unintentional technical violation of law, with the The next we _was that officers had been seizure of a tobacco factory owned by a firm which is to our patrons :m difJ:erent parts of the city and orknown even to the Revenue Bureau at Washington 88 dered them to discontinue the sale of our tobacco. On f th t h bl d t ufac Thursday, Mar 23, I was arrested and broUght before one o e.mos onora e an enunen man turmg u. s. Commissioner Shields, and w&i.ving t>XAmiMti8ll firms m the Umted States, and the arrest of a repre-expressed my wish to have the matter submitted at sentative of a firm against w.hich a suspicion of fraud once to the Grand Jury. or wrong-doing .has been harbored by any; fair-"We draw our own .inferences why raid Willi d h h made on our Gold Com' tobacco. If 1t was not so IID;nded person, an "'.ere t ey will end, n?body at very pOJ:>Ular and selling so well, the raid probabl th1s moment can determme, as rumors of furilier harSh never wlfuld ha e been inaugurated. But we hare-..i measures to be instituted by them are current as we notify and inform our Clltltomel'l! that we shall eolj: write. For what reason and by what baleful influence tinue put up the 1 Coin' and supply it to them, C Ra 1 f and will assume any risk they.may have in selJing-il: olll.DllSSloner um-a gent eman enJoymg or hiS" If they are put to trouble by officers uld b superior intellectual enclowments and amiable dis-thankful if they would inform us of th"':efS:tas we position the sincere esteem of every tax-payer in the believe we are iJ?of means to country-has assented to ,the appointment to official Peor.le not with of tobacco station under him of men whose records are 88 ob-doJ?t know how difficult It 18 to gtve an ounce weight to every con&umer and not exceed rune pounds noDous to our as are those of these two to thegroBS. The only poBSible way to comply with a men, we have no means of knowing. This we do rigorous requirement of the law w,ould be to cheat r


\ 2 104 -FROIT I .STREET, NEW YORK. for tbe fol)o.,iog well-luoown and re1iable Manufacturers: B. PACE, ., ) -J. YlUROUIIH TURPIN R I 'C. t. kiiFORD IOODMAII l MYERS, L. H. FRAYSER l CO.; L. J. GRANT l CO., lt. W. OLIVER, T. W. PEMBERTOI, .IOHN W. AIRDLL, and outll'l'\l SOLE AGENTS FOR THE ORIGI1'i4J. Gable Coil, Bonne ouche, a a d 6s, Single and po lok. ;_' ALs6, AGENTS FOR HE L E J II& 8 SP1bkin.g ILARGE "R"EI"PT ON' THE J VlltGINIA TOBACGO 'fOB!CCn GOMMISSION. 'MERCHANT, 84 FRONT STREET, NEW, YORK Jl)XPORT ORDERS FOR PLUG TOBACCO PROMPTLY FILLED L. 1'. S MACLKilOSE. J.OBICRT L. NArtLA:ND. & 'OBERT MAIT.LAND & I co; Toh'acco. Factors, hd General 43 Broad Street,. New. ork, AGENTS FOR THE WELL-KNOWN ..,. -I ) .. .. Manufaohlred fqr EXPORT TO AUSTRALIAN and OTHER FOREIGN' .PORTS: al w nmliiR f'IA'Ut'RON & (10 AUStRALIAN TWIST-ST. ANDREWS, Jl.IIJIU\AJ.1JJJ!J ll Jfl.I!J U 'I VENUS, CABLE, OUR GAME, BLACK R:loh.ltt:1o:n.d.. "Vao DIAMOND. : AUSTRALIAN 81GliTE'I' OF VIRGil"IA, VENUS. ALL THE I'I.AG.E, FLOWEI'I. OF ALL NATIOJITS. ENGLISH LUMPS-PRINCE ALFRED 111TTTHM CAMEROV & BRO AUSTRALIAN TWIST-RAVEliT, MA" WlJ!AIJl 11 ,1 ZEPPA, ORION. f 1 Peterbur .. "Va AUSTRALIAN LUMPS-TWO SEAS, OUR CHIEF, ORION. INDIAN LUMPS-HAVELOCK, CHAR MICR1 &C. ENGLISH LUMPS-VICTORY, ROYAL lVAVT, ,to(), SOUTH AMERICAN LUMPS-LA DE LICIA, LA FELICIDAD. J.l'. C. MNDE. C. F LINDE. C C. HAIIIILTON S. M'ARO(>OO. j R. ASHCROFT. ':N'E""WV', I SHED LEAF TOBACCO INSPECTION 3 I-NSPECTED. 0" SAMPLLED. Oo'U-21-try &a.D1p11:n.s ProD1p-t1y -to. Certifioate8 given for 'very case, and delivered case aa to numyer of Certificate. N. 8.-' WE ALSO SAMPLE IN MERCHANTS' OWN STORES. F. LINDE & CO. .PHILADELPHIA BRANCHES: E. W DICKERSN, Corner .Ar<:q and Water .JONAS METZ, 64 North Front Street. W.AKEHOlJSE!i-142WATER. ,.,4, 76 & 78 GREENWICH STREETS, and HUDSON RIVER v !: RAILROAD DEPOT, ST :!;'ARK. BENSEL & CO., TOBACCO INSPHCTOBS, WATER STREET, NEW YORK. BAL'l:l!lORE do E WISCHMEYER & CO. HART,!:o.RP-' do ''I'' ..... W, WESTPHAL. W1IATELY M"l"'.1 .. E. BELDEN. CHA'S FINKE&CO TOBACCO INSPECTORS, 155 WATE2 ST., NEW YORK. COUNTRY 8A.!IIPLING PROJRPTLY A'I'TENDED TO. LBGeaeter (Pa. ) F. 508 W. Poplar St. SXEl""'B:R.T, to F. W Tatceuhont & Co.) l :; L ToBAcco. '.AND ffOIIISS'IUN IEBCH!NT; 68 :Broad 's-t.; Ne-vv "York.:. ll .J. M. G4RTH, SAWJER, WALLACE & co., D. J l S,ON & CO., CODISSION MERcHANTS No. 47 street, No: 'AA' I ROAD ,NEW YOIIK. THOll. CABBOLL, Jlr. W. HANTSCII, <118T.&,'WJ.l]lBED Hantsch; .. C 'IG-AR MANUFAClURERS :l!"or 'the trc!.bb:l'D.S Trade;. AND DEALERS IN PENJIIS"{LYANrA CICARS Office: 643 PENN STREET; and Warehouse: 636 COURT STREET, \ "P.A.. JOHN 1IV '. CARROliL, Manufaffturcr of the Famous and Werld reuOW'ned Brand of VIRCINIA TOBACCOS, LONE JACK AND BROWN DICK, Manufactory: TWELFTH STREET, LYNCHBURG, VA. f nd t Price Llat unt ..... ;..a. I BRIER AND FANCY WOODS, MANUFACTURED BY HARVEY & FORD, SALESROOM-3661 C361' CANAL S:TREET, NEW roax., FACTORY-LEDGER PLACE, pun,ADl:LPHIA, QF OF THE OBIGINAL Al'!D GENUINE Bono Publico" & Duke of Durham" SMOKING TOBACCOS. iJ URHAM, N. 0 ., FelYruM'1/ 9, 1878 M_,._ W. DUKE and 1l. L DUKE, two oPthe 1elwJng man!ltacturera or Smoking Durham, North Carolina, announce to their customers and the trade generally that they have united their bUsiness, which will hereafter be carried on under the name and style of W. DUKE .t SONS. The juiltly ce)ebfated brands of "GEN'Uzy]: DUKE OF DURHAM SJ10KING TOBACCO hitherto manufactured by B. L DUKB, and the 'PRO BONO 'PUBLICO DURHAM Sl\IDKING TOBACco," her,etofore ma.nutactllr'M by 'V. --von;, 1ffll oonttulie \o be <>trefed. to Uic trade by the neW tlr!m, under tli'e IAUile style and label a.s herctot6ft, nnid with expect to xyke these b:rnnds even more worthy or the pfbllo av_}r tblw they been. 8baU to manufacture the finest of Durham Smoking Tobacco, at Durham, N. C., or the character of our goods, strict attention to bU$1ness, quick sales and small pr9ftts to merit an increase ol the patronage hitherto bestowed on our A dress W. DUKE, } B. L DUKE, .J. B.I)_UKE B. N j'UJIJ!!. W. DYKE & SONS, :ou.rh.a:llr:L ::N'. c. Concerning the Right to Brands, Trade Marks, &c. n this CODJlection, we desire to say to tJ:Ie trade, we notice that It ls asserted by some or the leading and we are also informed that cert&in parties are ende&' to produce the impression that Blackwell & Oo. of thiJJ town, have the exclusive 11 right to use the word 11 as applied. to Smoking Tobaeco. To this end, thf:' decision in Blackwetl & Co. vs. Dibbrell & Co.j in ttie Circuit C ourt of Virginia, is being extensively circulated, in which it is held that the comp ainant.s have "the excluAive right to the use oj the word AND symbol of their trade nuwk." It will be observed that the opinion of the oourt, in regard to the word "Du.rham," ia based on the considerations: 1 That the defendants were manufacturing in Richmond, Va. 2. That the word "Durham" bas a local geographical signlftca.noe in the market. 8. That the Durham Smoking Tobacco,'' indicates among all dealers and consumers, the line tobai:co marketed and manufactured at .Durll4m. Nortlf. Cund by the decree." Our to manufacture" GENUINE DUKE OF DURHAM" and The Genuine "PRO BONO Ppp!JIC Durham Smoking Tobacco is clear and indisputable. We ha,e no desire to rk.. YEll ll IEINIIEIM, DO>o:a:nu or MAY27 DB BOll, GOHISSIIJN IIIIIT, ,.5 JrEW y()fi,: ) : .. WOODROW & tEWIS, .. GENERAL !UGTIONRBBS. Special attenlloo g!Yen to the Salo o( Mid No. 94 PEAllL STREE't, 1Ul!l>:f4 BQpARE, "VU 'Y <>:a ::K.. M. NEUBURGXR, R. STEDli:C&Ii. Neuburger & Steinecke, JJnporters of SP Ali'lSHi aud Dealers In LEAl' 'l'OBACCO; COMMISSION MERCHANTS _.,___ PACKERS OF SEED LEAF, 172 Water New York. 0 NIG, -HAVANA AND SRHD LHA' No. 329 Bcrwer New York. 14 North Canal Street, oma,a.oo. ILL. B. SCBOVIBLIIG, ALL KTNDII OP SBBD LIAP TOBAGCD ftU2 WATER ST., liEW YORK,, 4 w;r HO\&ae lu New Milford. Cona. w. co .. E. SPINGARN & CO.,:: DK.ll.lrll8 IX HAVAifA & DQMESTIG TOBACCO $LIP, T, A Consta,rtly on Hand Ol.atlaaa lit,_. .... WWiaa.a. '1'.


MAY 27 JACOB BERKELL, MANUFACTURElil ("7 SUPERIOR MAim AND Prime O"afltJ of CEDAR .woon, STRAITON: 295 4 Monroe St., MANUFACTURERS I ,... AND j DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO, 178 &. lSO .P:SAE.L_STREET, NEW YOPJ: & 4ofil ,EI:m.A. 'V':B:a. lai:'X' WE HEREBY CAUTION ALL PARTIES INFRINGING UPON OR SOLE AGENTS roll THE U. S. OF lu.' p tt &""'lrinl.T. b IMJTATINC OUR BRANDS, LABELS AND TRADEMARKS, ,ll*lan 11l!areuCS !Wllill 0 aCCO that we will no piuns in prosecuting such parties protecting the fOIP!&NIE-LAPERIE to us by Act of & BASCH & FISCHER,' DiPbnmts OF-HAVANAwn Liirc:TDOBACCD, 155 Wate St., .Ml'KaMazlL&u, YORK. ThB Gorman-Amorican Bank b I ( fiO WALL ST., NEW YOB,K. Capital, $ 1 ,000,000. i f Every faciUty atrorded to.llealers ann Correspond ents ponoistent w jtjJ. Sound Banking. 1 H. JLOCHOLL, President. : RJ!IIADIJIG, Caehler. 'WM. EGGERT & GO., Q lli IlilPORTERS OF :::S::.A.. v .A.N' .A. AND IN SEED LEAF TOBACCO. Pearl St., !New York. Braneh&-94 Main 8t.; Clnclnaatt, o. Jro, 44. IIIXCIIANGB PLACE, N, Y. llrtaw JJtu. ol Ezcbanc_e on tbe _principal e;:itlcs ef ..,e; lsne Cll'C1l !ar Letters gf Credit to Traelers, aDtl ,.,.at CGIIliDel'cial Cf'edita; rPce ive Mc.ney oo Depadt, aubjee to Cbeckt, upon which Inter .. twill b4 al1owed; pay attention t o the lfe.,Uatloa o Loaas. Bl>a:Vl att>eDIIon lI C"') C t .r ; t n i J' \ 1 .OPFICE711o.lll Fuf.T 8T., .IERSEY CITY, .1 .. Tart Ia. 114 1118' St., :dolr hill 111. _..,. ........ ............ 3 M. WALLENSTEIN, THE GOIIBRGIAL AGENCY '' DE.liLE!t 1N 109 A: Ill WORrt'H ST., :N'e"'V' "York.. McKILLOP & SPRAGUE CO. AND IMPORTER OF The Commercial Agency Register Ha Tobaccos, r. the standard book of refeN!nce, giving the creeit j ratings Of merchants. 159 WATER ST., NEW YORK. Associated Offices of the principal cttteso1 the United States, Great Bt;,France and I SANCHEZ, HAVA tc CO., 1 130, I 32 & 134 LANE, NEW YORK, MANUFACTURERS o FINEST GLE!R HAY AN! GIG!Rir Awarded Highest_ Kedal Exhibition, 18'1'6, .PhhaaeltlUa,. A 'LS O IMPORTERS OV BA VAMA CIGARS &: LEAF TOBACCO, V : ... VJl.LLAVRI, .1260, BROADWAY, NEW ALSO MANUFACTURER eF PIII-tfiT YIIUUI mmt 1111 .a..u r;ua. Fa a&&. L'O N &. GAN,S, WHOLU.I.LE DE.I.LEil!l Ilf SEED AND HAVANA ., 1 fPLE, AGENTS AND OF'TifE Gli:N1/D'E 'W'. & lf. C;EQ-AR. :u::q-qz....:ps,. Presses, Straps & Cutters; OF k SPAN;ISH,.CIGAlllllllliOI'IB ; 181 N'e"""" "!!I!' or&. 136 St., lear lfew York. j j r-


\ 4 THE TOBACCO LEAF. every consumer out of more or less tobacco, because m we1ghmg an ounce of anythmg to a person the buyer will reqmre down we1ght-he don't want the scales &gaJnst h1m-and by we1ghmg out one hundred and forty four ounces smgly, g1vmg each ounce Just we113'bt the over wmght on the sum total cannot be av01ded" For an acc1dental excess of we1ght of one and a half ounces per quarter gross, Mr Buchner was arrested and dragged before the Uruted States CommiSSIOner, Collector Blake havmg JUStly declined to seiZe hiS es tabl!Shment for such an offence For an accidental over we1ght of fourteen ounces per half the stam of a sBJzure was put upon the respected firm of Bu chanan &; Lyall In the factory of the latter, fine cut 1obacco 1s a mere mc1dent of the1r busmess, but the firm seek to prepare their fine-cut for the market m strict conformity With law, as do Messrs Buchner & Co and all other respectable manufacturers In February last, when HeB8rs Buchanan & Lyall were first authontat1vely mformed that their tobacco was run nmg over we1ght, they Immediately corrected the Irregularity, and so they did, as will be seen by their statement, m this second mstance Both of thet!B firms have been, as 1s shown by the1r voluntary admis81ons, by acCident techwcally, &nd only technically, tern por&rily trahsiressmg the spmt, though the letter, o( tlie law this bemg conceded, .harm whatever has been done thereby to the Government In new of all the facts, the duty oJ the Government found guilty and fined The fact of such an occurrence havmg taken place became nOised about, and the whole commumty was made fullY. aware that such proceed mgs were not lawful, and 1f tire farmers are now wlll mg to take nsks m actmS' a.s they have, they have no JUst cause of complamt If they are VIgorously dealt w1th Collector Wiley IS author1zed to report those who have evaded the law, and to ascertain the amount due by them for taxes ---WM. P. BURWELL, .4:t1:or:n.ey at No 609 TWELTH ST WASHINGTON, D C Will pract1ce m the CouRT Oil' CLAIHS and SUPREME COURT OF THE UNITED STATES He w1ll make a specmlty of all TOBAOOO Cla1ms before the INTERNAL REVENUE DEPARTMENT at Wash mgton, and the FEDERAL COURTS r AttentiOn will be to the RegistratiOn of all TRADE MARKS and the SECURING 011' PATKNTB.. Claims for Tobacco, Cotton and other staples, 1iaken under the Captured Property and Abandonment Act of Congress of March 26, 1863, will be spec1ally looked after Refers to Senator Jno W Johnston, Hons dolph Tucker and Goo C Cabell of VIrgirua BUSINESS. JD:NTIO:N. J4ESIIRS AsHTON &; BELINSKY have established them selves m the lower part of the Bowery, openmg a new c1gar store, and engaging m the manufacture of fine Cigar!\ -MR. SllWEL F TATB IS off on the road for Mr M Pnce LBA.l'LXTB. 11 8ublcrlber'11 letter will appear Dezt weR. WllleJl clpr factory Toledo 0 .,._, burDed J'rld&y Bee C H Croeby 1 card on thlo page Tohlleco shlppeno are lalereeted. The Chicago Uof ""71 kladly th!Dp ot our l'!ght-lwid Gralf for which wo ...., duly oblqrod llead lllr ltlmbtJI'I oboe .. atio'ns on tbe roupon ot&mp as emboby tbo colloCtor The mbilmum of tbo peul oum of bonda 1o 11100. Thbond.laro a guaraDtee to tllo GO'termnont tba& tbo manu fadarer 'Ifill pay all taxes due to the Gonornmom aDd comply 'lfitb all the reQIIItomenll of tbo iaw-npla&lq blot--A man m111t baTe .-ae claareo&er or-.ome who are w:WIDa' &o beCome -for him lief oro bo can -In IIIIa b....,_ :-llltborto thlo 11M """""' ot JnM bei1:61!C to tba GoTOraDIOilC M woU U to -DIAIIUfao. a-'ltllolaw Alid U o ot -!will eom-co tbo _......, ud -of clpn; WIUaoW &M boDdud u.. o&ber quaWieaelo to oo......_ =e=nfectqfW ., &e.t lo-to tell to ouch_. lMt to-U they do ..U. Qoey l!lC!!I' of a lout M I'IOtali IMt tlo.lor et 111110. ..,....,.. eeat. peiii.rty.-K\'Oil witb able liability leaf--. do, liDd.oabMdlT, now U leAf t.o .:me ext.eD.t Bemo.e tht8 &ad aU -Ia Cbe wif JII'OCOIIrinlr loaf tohlleco....., tatoDot too war ot 1 ...... utaci'.detMted ex&mbi& oa of hlo o"" boobortw tbe booliaot 1eit dIe 1o acbiiUted by almoot aTery one a& all familiar witb tba b....,_ tba& 11Mrly all tbo 1011 ot renonuo oa clpn -from tho nMUUac ot bozeo bylinaliiiiAIUlfacC1uoo With limited premloM and with retail store wUh each other, aU In oloee proz ADd wbo oollat rMal1 ,all or nearly all the elgaro they mate, bua &lalo.l>...._, 10 fu aa it Ia carried on lraudllloatJ,J, Ia llnilted, for tbo .......,.,. J ben otated The m&Dutaotureno of wbo PPI.r tbe naera1 market wi1h clpn, who loU an uabiOk"" do pa;r Ule Government tu: aDd on thi8 poblt I can aDd do uae su.ooeMtW contradiction. WUl.the coupon Qatem of preTent the refllliDK of bo>:oot I anower empbatleally No. Coupona wbicb han boen llien from c1gan1, If coup<>011 are Oiled to abe e:rtent conteml>lated 'Ifill Ia a,.._, or two beCome as common &b.d as.,to be obtaiDed u autumn .,.Tea, ADd wbat 'Ifill prevent tbe tonement-bonoo manufacturer, tbo IIIAD1Ifllc' turer In garret or cellar or hoTel from usiDJI them I What terror for bim baa the Jaw with Ita awful penalties of tine imprt.:lnment forfeiture of. '!loCk. tools, lmplomonta, factory land etc Ho bu no money to tlneo, and no one lo bound for bim iila lmplomonll ....., a lhoem.aker 1 lmlte and a piece of board 14 incbea by 00 As for lmprlaoament, bo lr:nowa ery weD tb&\ no jury of hJs countrymen will teua poor de'YU like blm from hlo family and send him to prison for the lhortoot term proTide1anufac turer has removed to 102 and 104 South !\lam Street PARKERSBURG, W VA -J K Manner, Tobacco, burned out PHILADELPHIA PA -SAm I J Kean, Wholesale and Retail Tobacco now Kean & Ketler J W GiliCSpJe & Co Dealers m Leaf Manufa ct ured To bacco C1gars etc have removed to 106 North Thud Street oppos1te the1r old stand ST Louis 1\fo -Ferd Oppenhmmer & Co C1gar Manufac turers have removed to 810 North Ma n Street I H&l.le C1gar Manufacturer, has removed to 808 North Mam Street D D1lienberg & Co Wholesale Dealer s m Tobacco and C1gars have remo\ed to 124 "nd 126 North Second Street A. J Helmerrchs Manufacturer a11d Dealer m C1gars and To bacco has 1emoved to 410 Chestnut Street F R Toewater Tol.acco BuJer has remo\ed to 222 North Commercial Street Memorml ofP. Lorillard & Co.m OppositiOn to an Increase of the Tobacco Tax. To the Honorable Members of the Senate and House of Rep1 esentatwes w Cong1 ess assembled GENTLEMEN -Your pet1t10ners engaged m the tobac co manufacturmg busmess at Jersey C1ty N J would respectfully set fo1 th that, by reason of the d1s cusswns whwh have taken place relat1ve to a contem plated reductiOn of the rate of tax on tobacco, thBJr busmess, as well as the general tobacco manufactunng mdustry of the country, has been senously paralyzed About 300,000 dealers throughout the land who traffic m the article, bemg apprehensive that they would suffer serious loss on such stock as they have on hand m consequence of such reductwn of tax, have reframed frompurchasmg any manufactured tobacco save what was absolutely necessary, and as a result, tobacco fac tones are lymg still thousands of operat1ves are thrown out of emplo:yment, causmg great suffenng, trade relatiOns are dlSOrgaruzed, a correspondence which has cost years of labor and vast sums of money to estabhsh, 1s severed and destroyed We are aware that many pet1t10ns have already been presented to your notice, calling for a reductwn m the rate of tax, from manufacturers located m d1fferent parts of the country They abound m m1s statements, and 1t IS With a v1ew to correct. the false rmpress10ns enter tamed and for the purpose of praymg that an Immediate d!spos1t10n may be made th1s subJect, that we make th1s appeal It has been alleged that the present rate of tax, v1z 2<1. cen.ts per pound on chewmg and smoking tobacco, and 82 !Ients per pound on snuff, very onerous and burdensome, secondly, that 1t pre vents the conaumptwn of tobacco, and thirdly, that It reduces the pr1ce of leaf tobacco, a'nd consequently IS very oppressiVe upon the planter all of which reasons may m reality be condense!l m one, Ylz that the rate of tiU 1s such a hardship that a man of hnnted cap1tal cannot control as large a busmess as he could If there were no tax, or as his .ambition desues It 18 not the obJBCt of your pet1t10ners m appeal to argue m favor of a h1gh rate of tax, a low rate would benefit \Is In the same rat1o that 1t would all others 1n bUSiness, but-we are not willing \o a re_ll!tition of occurrencol of the past ten years, m which & number of changes have been made m the rate of taxation on tobacco, what the tobacco mdusU'y of the country IS stability Whenever a reduct1on 'ln the rate 18 dlSCuseed m Con.gress. a .general disorgarusation iak Die apecwa1ors onl7 are beodtted If we could have an 888urance1hat a reduced rate-of tax by Die ofwould be lastlntf aDd bindiug for a penoo of wn years, we would favor such a as heartily as any 01141, but we are also aware ftl4t SiB GovernmBilt requuee a very lal'ge sum of .money an llUiillJ!fG:r' iDMM al'ld"cunent exJielises; and tl:W such a recfuct10n in the race as has DeeD for, Without a corresponclbur inCrease 1n some otlH!r dltec tlon, would create a cfeAclency durmg the ensumg fl9Cal year, and consequ611$ly obhse the reunpolntion of a higher rate the foUowmg sesswn, when liusmess would agam become demoralized and diSOrgamzed With your mdulgence we desJ:re to present a few facts bearing upon the quest10n, wb1ch will enable any mtelli8eDt person to arnve at sound conclUSions First we deslrB to answer the statement that the present rate of tax of 24 cents per pound on tobacco, and Sll cents per pound on snuff, Is onerous and bur densome In former years the Internal Revenue De partment baa collected as high as 40 cents on chewmg tobacco, or cents per oz, subsequently It was re duced to 3.2 cents, or 2 cents per oz The present rate IS cents per oz and the general pnce throughout the retail trade at the present day for an ounce of tobacco Ie e1ther II or 10 cents, accor(bng to quality Smce the consumer IS the man who really pays the tax, the manufacturer merely actmg as agent for the Gov "oa=w She manufactured m 1875 about 37,000,000 pounds of all kmds, at a cost for leaf and labor of 48,000,000 lires, the gross revenue from wh1ch was 1.28,000,000 hres or a net profit of 811,000,000 lires, say about $17,000,000 The rate of tax bemg exceedmgly high and the people greatly rmpovenshed may account for the reason why her annual consumptiOn per head IS put down at 3 pounds Spam also has a Government monopoly of tobacco The average annual consumptiOn per cap1ta accordmg to the latest reports; IS glVen at pounds The av;erage ret&il llXCeedmgly h1gb Estimates for the Budget of 1876 and 1877 place the total con sumpt10n at 23,000,000 pounds, whwh was expected to y1eld the Government a net revenue of 101,000,000 p1setas, or say t20,000,000 In Turkey the duty 1s 50c gold per ounces, or about 75c per pound In Russm the duty on leaf tobacco IS 4 roubles and 10 copestas (about $3) per pud (about 36 pounds) Ger many IS one of the very few fore1gn countnes whwh has a low rate of duty on tobacco, that 1s about 4 thalers, or say $2 89 per 100 pounds, but at the last sesswn of the German Rewhstag, Chancellor Bismarck mtroduce d motwns lookmg towards a mcrease m the rate of tax on tobacco, or the establiShment of a Government monopoly In additiOn, the Amencan system of Internal Revenue tax IS h1ghly favored, m 01 der to der1ve a suffiCient revenue to supply the de fiCJency m her exchequer ColillillSsJOneJ s from that country are now m the Umted States mvest1gatmg our system of collectmg the tax, and w1ll probably report favorably on 1ts adoptiOn From these facts we argue that 1f the Ia bormg poor of Ew ope can affm d to pay such enormous dut1es or taxes upon tobacco w1thout reducmg consumptiOn mater1ally, then the sequence IS that the Amencan artiSan can ce1 tamly afford the present rate of tax of 24c per pound, 01 1f he could not, Congress would be ove1whelmed With com :plamts and pet1t10ns from him, as well liS the manu facturer 2d It 1s also stated by those favormg a reduced rate of tax that the consumption of the article IS largely decreased by reason of the present rate The records of the Internal Revenue Department, however, pro> e that the story 1s wholly w1thout foundatiOn 'lhe collectiOns for the year 1872, when chewmg tobacco and snuff were taxed at 32 cents and smokmg tobacco at 16 cents, show that over 95,209,319 pounds were brought to taxatwn In 1873, "\\ Ith the rate of tax fixed at 20c, 114,789 208 pounds were brought to taxa twn In 1874 at the same 20 cent rate, 107 747,691 pounds were brought to taxatiOn In 1876, with the tax rate at 24 cents per pound on che" mg and smok 1ng and 32 cents on snuff, 110 357,000 pounds were brought to taxation In 1877 With the same 1ate of tax ex!Stmg over 116,000,000 pounds were to taxatwn Th1s enumeratiOn does not mcluae the wBlght of c1gars consumed, nBJther such tobacco as IS consumed m a raw state, which IS mdulged m throughout the country, espec1ally m the SoutheJn States Tobacco 1s grown m almost every State m the Umon, and very many consumers prefer the raw leaf, prov1ded 1t IS of good qual1ty and has been well cured The leaves a1e twisted mto a coil and cut as reqmred, e1ther for the p1pe or the mouth, m this way a great deal escapes taxatwn and the census taker's enumera twn, and may account for the apparent hght consump twn where 1ts use Is so general It IS safe to say that between three and four J?OUnds 1s the average annual consumptiOn per cap1ta m this country Ne1ther statiStiCs nor personal expenence proves that the consumptiOn o.f tobacco IS at all dnmmshed by the present rate of tax and by reason of the tax bemg first collected of the manufacturer, the consumer m rune cases out of ten IS not aware that he pays any tax, or 1f he does how much he pays, and all expen ence proves that those taxes are most cheerfully borne by the people whwh are not felt or obv1ously forced upon tberr not1ce And 1f the consumer IS so poor as to be unable to contribute hiS m1te toward the susten ance of the Government, then he certa1nly has the r1ght under the present Internal Revenue laws tora!SB a small garden patch for h1s own consumptiOn 3rd It has also been freely asserted by those favor mg a reductwn m the rate of tax that 1t bears w1th great hardship upon the plantmg mterest m reducmg the pr1ce of leaf tobacco This statement IS also falla C!Ous The pr1ce of leaf tobacco IS governed by stock on hand 1ts quality and the demand Government reports show that the export demand IS fully tw1ce that ofnome consumptwn From 1790 to 1877 fore1gn sb1p. ments were 9,9.29,193 hhds, averagmg 1,400 lbil each. The.average annual shipments for the first seven yem:s, from 1787 to 1793, were 87,836 bhds, from 1794 to 1800, 11,181 bhds from 1801 to 180'7, 81,112 hhds, from 1808 to 1814, 81,141 hhds, from 1815 to 1821, 75,358 hhds, from 1822 to 1828, 811,207 hhda, from 1829 to 1835, hhds, from 1836' to 184.2, 100,4.23 hhds, from 1M3 1o 1.849, 126,267 hhds, from 1850 to 18116, 116,274 hhds, from 18117 to 1868, 139,5112 hbds, from 1864 to 18701 148,000 hhds, from 1871 to1877, hhds Thefirs1 period shows the seven years Immedmtely after the Revolution, the third the European war, ,ihe '1!,8r With fl(Ul to Die n.itil! &4owsa steady mcrease durrDg thiriyftve years of C011M Die Bhowa a deeline, pnCM an eX y mah1tiiW'i;'wmCb. culminated ID 1867, followed by' Cl'UD ; tfae eJevenUi period a slow recovery, the Rebelli.oll havmg begun and ,PriFee a the t'Wl!l4b a vllri"BltiW mciealie, the iu'lillj \J;i rates and short crops preventmg a greater export Cie-: mand, the thirteenth and last -penod exh1bit8 tile largest amount of tollacco ever GXJ?Orted; the larKe crops havmg materially affected pnces. From 1821 to 1857, when was no Internal Revenue tax m the Uruted States on tobacco, the average coet per hogs head vaned from 184 40 In 1821 to $49 m 1848, and $132 40 m 1857, and as the pnces fiuctuated very much from year to year, It follows there mus$ have been some other eause than the Internal Revenue tax which produced such fluctuations Agreeably to official statements received at the StaiB Department, the an nual average production of the States of Maryland, Ohio, Tmnessee Kentucky and MissOuri was estrmated at 200,000 hogsheads up to 18117, of wh1ch foreign countnes annually bouglit up to that time 16.2,000 hhds, leavmg about 40,000 hhds per annum, of about l,lJOO lbs each, for our home consumption, which were manufactured mto fine-cut, 8Dlokmg, plug to bacco and snuff (See Enc;[clopedia of Commerce, J Snnth Homans, Harper Br08, 1859, page 1,850) MAY27 Smce 1857 the productiOn of leaf tobacco has materially mcreased m tb1s country Competent est1mate the Clop of 1877 at about 850,000 lhds of 1,200 lbs each, and as our Internal Revenue Department statJstlCII show that about 100,000 hhds of 1,200 lbs each, or 120,000,000 lb s are consumed withm the Uruted States 1t follows that the exports range from 200,000 to 250,oo0 hhds per annum consequently 1t 1s no d1fficult matter to determmG whether the tax or the export demand controls the value of raw leaf tobacco To Illustrate The exports and pnces f6t the last ten years, durmg the ex1stence of Revenue tax have been as follows -In 1868 the amount exported was 171,684 hhds, average pnce 1127 50, 1889, 161,273 hhds, tl35 86, 1870, 154 790 hhds, 1186 32, 1871, 179,723 hhds, tno 78, 1872, 195,780 hhds, 1123 28, 1873, 178,329 hhds, $127 23 1874 265,081 hhds, 1111 15, 18711, 186,584 bhds, 1135 27 1876 181,917 bhds, 1126, 1877, 235,322 hhds, $91 The above figures prove conclusively to any can did uund that the pnce of leaf tobacco 18 not governed by the Internal Revenue tax, when 1t u known that from 60 to 75 per cent of ourtota1111:oductwn IS annu ally sh1pped to fore1gn countnes You are also aware that from 1865 to the present time the rate of tax on manufactured' tobacco, chewmg, and 8llu1f. IIali fi:equenily fluctuated,"from 40 cents m 1866 to 83 cents m J.872 to the 20 cent rate m 1878, to the 24 c9.nt rate m 1875, '76 and '77 In order to mAke the matter plainer, we quote the pnce of common lugs (wh1ch 111 grade of leaf, anq sold mamly ,for exJ!9rt) from the first of January, 1868, to tbe present iifue. As the pnce of lugs to a or 1-extent conirolll the h1gher grades of leaf1 It IS the f&lrest .guide to arr1ve at a proper concluswn as to the value of leaf durmg the same year January 1, lSSS, golii at 1 87, average price of luge, 8c do 1869 d"o l.SIS}f, cto do 5c do 187,0, ,a:". do" do 9c do 1811, db 1 lO"'-, do do 7c. do 1872, do 1 011, do do Sc. do 1873, do 112, do do 10c. do Clo d do 7c. do 1875, do 111%, do do do 1876, ao 1111, dQ do do 1877, do 6)t, -do do lie, do 187'8; ,dp 2}il, do do 3c. The figures we have quoted may be relied upon, as they have been gathered from official souroes and also from New YOl'k Chamber of Commerce from 1868 to date If m your Judgment ls deemed ad viiiable to reduce the rate of on tobacco, then as a measure of eqmty the Government should allow a rebate of the. tax equivalent to Ule,dilference be\ween the old and the new, on all tobacco now m the hands of manufp.cturers and dealers upon wh1ch the tax has been pa1d, because the manufacturer or dealllr havmg pa1d the tax on the stock wh1ch he has on hand (..mountmg to about 50,000,000 lbs), if the raie should dechne 8 cents per lb the loss entailed upon such dealers would to $4,000 000, and such a loss occurnng at the end of a dull and unprofitable blliJIJlesa period, would be suffiCient to send thousa.ncts of them mto bankruptcy, and cause Irreparable mJury mother ways Furthermore, If the tax IS reduced to 16 cents per pound, then 1t follows that the Government would receive but about t19,000,000 gross revenue from thw source, from wh1ch we must deduct the sum of about $1,600,000 for cost of collectwn, and 1f a rebate IB al lowed the dealers on the tax-pa1d on hand, U, 000,000 must also be deducted; which would leave a net result to the Government of about $18,000,000 from tobacco (exclusive of ,ctgars) We are well satisfied that any such approxrmate result would have of agam }ncl:easmg the rate of tax next year, w}uln busmell6 would agam become unsettled, trade ae stroyed, manufacturers, dealers and operatives inJured, Without any correspondmg benefit save to a few 11pecu lp.tors It has also been freely asserted on the floor of the House that our firm 1s the only one m favor of al lowmg the tax to remam as 1t I& Th1s IS not correct, w'e nnght name a large 'number of the pnnCJpal manu facture1s North, South, East and West, those who do the great bulk of the enttre manufacturmg busmessof the countrJ[, who mamtrun the same views as our selves We quote from the speech of the Hon W M Rob bms of North Carolma, delivered May 8, 1878, who IS repo1ted to have sa1d -"Who 1s opposmg the re ductwn of the tobacco tax t It 1s the manufac.turers m the p eat centrea who WISh to monopohze 'the bus1 ness men hke the Lor1llards of :!'few York, who want to keep everybody from manufacturmg tobacco excepi themselves etc etc We beg to say that we d1savow any such mtent1on even 1f 1t were possible, but were spectfully ask 1f our VIews are not ent1tled to a hear mg as w e ll as some of the small manufacturers among his const1tuency, when It IS borne m mmd that we have never defrauded the Govl)rnment of a dollar, but have dunng 1ihe past twelve years pa1d the Internal Revenue Department over $.20,000,000 m taxes The Hon Mr Cabell, of V1rgmm, m h1s speech of May 2, 1878, smd The largest manufacturers of the countr) those who have grown to the proportiOn of monopolists, do not WISh the tax reduced Of course they don' t t)le high rate IS a blessmg to them, 1t ex eludes from the market men of lim1ted means, while 1t builds up cap1tahsts Give the monopolists a good chance, keep up the present rate of taxatiOn, and soon you Wtll see all the dealers of moderate means dnven from the trade, and the plantmg commumt1es and the1r p10ducts subm1tted to the t ender merCies of those pnvlleged, bloate d vultures, who, bavmg by aid of a system of class broken down compet1 t10u, not m dev1lish glee over the profits extorted from a Wionged and helpless people Able coadJutors, too, m this work of oppresswn, do these monopolists find m the SeCJetary of the Treasury and the CommiB swner of Internal Revenue we are the largest manufacturers of tobacco m the Umted States, paymg a larger amount of tax annually than all the manufac turers of any one State, exceptmg only VIrglllia, ac cordmg to the Intmnal Revenue records, the Hon. gentleman must have 1eferred to us, for wh1ch grstu ttous advert1smg we are under great obligations. We have also to thank him for adding to the current litera ture of the day a new and b1ghly significant expressiOn, "bloated vultures" w1ll undoubtedly become a chOice and classiC ph1ase-, and as has been suggested to us, if 'V1rgm1a, so ably represented by the gentleman, could boast pf tobacco manufacturers whose houses were es tabhsbed more than a 'hundred ago, and who could to da ommand the honest-aecutnulatiolls of four success1ve and upop whose commer Clal character there 1s not a smg1e stam, the Hon gen tleman would have OCCIIBIOn to be proud of represent 111g such bloated vultures Tobacco manufacturmg firms that pa;[ the &; Oo. JllRBEY CITY, May 21, 1878 JIISSOVRI Keytesmlle, Cha.nton Co, Map 20 -G. :tl. D. reports. crop oli tobaeco for..U77 was ehOrt of our expectations, both m quality and quantity The great l>ulk of It was nondeecnpt We about twelve million pountis, Jt haS been -ur_ aD "bought; up by the leaf deal11!1'11, and f00$8 up 8Qlllll aiih$ millions. The factories are done working, and will commence pr1zmg m a few days As regards the new crop, the prospect IS good for plants, never was better A good many commenced settmg out la.s' week, this IS two ween ahead of ordinary tliDe, The acreage will be about three-quarters of last year A deapei&Weffort wtll be made to malJ;e a better crop.


MAY27 THE TOBACCO LEAF. THE DOMESTIC TOBACCO MARKETS FOR :J'Bil: WEEK ENDING SATURDAY, HAY 21>, NEW YORIL.-Thli business in the tobacco market duriDg ihe past week has been of the usual character. In Ule Seed leaf department there has been an active vade the sales reachmg nearly as many cases as were :reported in our last issue. For Western leaf the demand has beeQ. mocJerate, the eales amo.imtmg txs. 82 %-bxs, 85 }4-uxs, 217 caddies. 10 kegs, 10 bal es, 1 bbl. II txc. nuJI. 21 buls do, 12 do, 27 uxs do, 6 c1g.,rs, 1 do (;Jgaret.tes. cons1gncd as follows 13Y T!Ig ElliE HAJJ,UOAD.-D Buchner & Co 4 hhds, Sllw ycr. Wnll..c-, & Co, 9 do E. Holiman & Son 36 cases; Oxder, 790 bhds. 6 pkgs. BY 'rJIE HunsoN lliVBn RAILROAD -IIa,emeyers & Vi gelius, 9 cases. F Schultz. 38 do, Order, 49 do. BY THE NATIONAL LrnE -R. Moore & Co 58 Jlhds; D. Dows & Co .. 21 do: SawyCT, Wallace & Co., iOO \lo; Krumel )>erg & Co 1 do;.J. H. Co., 2 do ; BU.kemore, Mayo & Co., 3 do; D J Garth Son & Co., 3 do Pollard, Pettus & Co., 6 do, M. Pappenheimer. 14 do, Jacvxs & Co 39 do ; Funch, Edye & Co., 10 do; P. L orillard & Co., 156 do, 12 cases; F. H L eggett & Co., 20 ca!I!>B, Order, 25 bhds. BY THE PENNSYLVANIA RAILROAD.-E. Spingara & Co., 1 case, S Barnett, 3 do; N Lachcnbruch & tiro. 25 do; J. S. Gans' Son & Co 75 do; S. Rossw & Sons, 40 do, M. H Levin, 46 do Bunzl & Dormitzer, 1 do Appleby & Helme 8 cases to bacco 9 trcs snu11', 14 bbls do 12 do, 26 bxs do ; Baker & C lark. 5 cases cigars, B. Payne, a bbls snu!I, 1 box do A. Dalz & Son, 2 do. BY THE CI Evans & Co., 27 qtr &res, 60 cases mfd; 8 half bxs do; 1 box samples; John Devenny, 2trcs; Pioneer Tobacco Co.,1 do; F. E. Owen, 1 bbd, 1t. tree, 2 bxs samples; Allen ny particular d escriptio n past week, and &he market is without change There t s a good fair demo.nd for the better grades of Maryland, which, con sidering &he free receipt s and stock, are scarce, and command good prices; but the low grades are dull and heavy. The Ohio market, pendmg tbe award of the French contract, remain s entirely nominal It is said tbat about 300 hhds of medium leafy tobacco has been sold this week on private terms, to the 'Italian Regxe, which are to be sh ipped via Phila delphia We contmue quotatxons In spected this week:-1, 734 hhds Maryland, 809 do Ohio, 17 do 7 do Virginia, total. 2,567 do Exported same period.-Per ship Pleiades for Hotterdam, 1,339 hhds .Maryland, 45 do Virginia and 25 do Kentucky tobacco ; per Naa &otian for Liverpool, 50 hhds Kentucky tobacco T ollauo Staument January 1, 1878.-Stock on hand in State Tobacco Warehouse, and on shipbojlrd, not cleared .... 23.805 hhds Inspected this week . . . . . . 2 .567 hhds Inspected previously thls year............. .. 16,747 hhds 43,119 hhds Exports of Maryland and Ohio since January 1 . . . . 11,054 hhds Shipped coastwise same time....... 1,400 hhds -----12,454 hhds Stock in warehouse and on shipboard not cleared .. 30,665 hhds Same time in 1877. . . . . . . 18.580 hhds Manufactured<>.-We have no change to note in the sit uation of the market H ecexpts and stocks continue small, and the trade only buys for present use; no better business is expected until the tax question is finally settled. Received. per Richmond steamers. 126 cases, 117 bxs and 133 pkgs; recexved per Norfolk steamers, 82 bx s, 185 pkgs and 10 cases. CAIRO, 111.-W. 1t1 Wtlhams, Secretary Three States Tobacco Association, repor ts to THE ToDACCO LEA.F as follows: -Bales to day, 53 hhds, as follows :-15 hbds lugs at 1. 50@2 95, 32 hhds low to common l eaf at 3 05@5.50, 6 hbds medium leaf at 6@8. Although the biddin g was lively on the better grades, there was a manifest disposition to drop on the low e r grades. [Thu report reacli.ed '" too lau for inserti1J11 in aur la.!t.] Tobacco is now moving briskly, and the attendance of buyers is increasing, as tollacco on the market is in better condi tion than formerly. Prices are firm A great deal of toba oco that formerly went directly to New Orleans, now finds its way here; the same can also be said of Clarksv ille tobacco We notice many new shippers as well as buyers. on the breaks this week: hereafter sales will take place every day. About June 11itb there will be a special sale of bright and manufactur ing tob8ccos lake place here, due notice of which wtll be given. Ba1es to day were 73 bhds, as follows.-49 hbds common to medium leaf a& 7 .50 4 .60 5 3 10 4.25 4.60 3.6i! 3.80 4 4.50 o. 70 4 .2 0 7 4 4 Btl 5.715 4.65 4 3 60 li 4/i 5.10 4.8015.0511.10 3.20 3.60 4.30 6 .80 6.35 4 7.20 5. 75 8nd 3 : 24 hhds common. trashy to fair lugs at 2 75 2 75 2.05 2.20 2.10 2.81l2.40 2.70 2.75 1 .80 1 80 2,90 1.81l2.90 21.95 2.05 Ui5 1. 75 2.20 1. 75 1. 75 2.35 and 2 .2ll No rejections. -. CINCINNATI.-Mr. F. A. Prague. Leaf Tobacco Inspec tor, report& to THE TOBAcco LKAF as follows :-The buoyo.ncy and firmness which characterizes tile llllU'ket for leaf tobacco fully verilles our &!18ertions made s ome weeks ago, to wit, that tobacco, as fac as the Cincinnati market was concerned, held .ut nus ually position. During the past month the demand from the plug mterest for the kmds suited for their purposes has been steadilr on the increase proving beyond IXPOB.TS, question that the leaf obtamed here for plug fillers is a large The arrivals at the port of New York from foreign porta for extent usurping the place so held by Virginia, southern the week eJJding Hay 25, included the followwg coi1Blg1llllents :-Kentucky and Missouri. In &ddttion to the general firmness BARBAl'IQUILLA.-B De Hola, 1 case cigars. of the market for the past week. we have to note an advance GLASGOw.-Order, 330 bxs pipes on both bid and new colory strippers, the demand for this Ro'l'TBBDAK.-Thos Smith, 115 bxs pipes. class of cutting stock for the present being in excess of t_he JIA.VAlU.-E. Puig & Cu., 110 baleB tobacco Schroeder & s upply. Ohio and Wxsconsin Seed are firm at quotation s, w1th Bon, 104 do;.Weiss, Eller &.Kaeppe!. 181 do ; M. H. Levin, 10 light offerings. do; Cbaa. F Tag & Bon, 10 do; Almu:all & Co, 40 do; M. & E. The total sales at auction for the week just closed and the S&lomon, 115 do; Bruno, Diaz & Co., 154 do, C. UpllliUlll, M exptred portion of the current month and year were as follows : -do; G. Fernandez, 71 do; L. Jimenez, 26 do, L P & J. Frank, YKA.B. ,--YEAR--.. 110 do, A.. Owen, 104 do; M. De Armas, 42 do; F Alexandre & Mdl. lxu. M&. lw. hluU lw. 8ou, IIG do; W. B. Thomu & .Bro., 20 cases cigars; L. Totals,1878 ... 1,355 9 5,103 564 20, 784 8,477 Sanchez, i5 do; C. Palacio & co 2 do; G. W. Faber, 7 do; Totals,1877... 892 199 3,812 784 14,649 4, funly & Nicholas, 7 do; Boward Ivea, 10 do; S Llnington & Totals,1876... 804 293 2,507 812 11,463 4,418 Sons, 10 do; H. R. Kelly & Co., 8 do; Almirall "' Oo., 1 do; Totala,187li... 278 108 1,1137 1!09 11,471 8,4711 Oabotn, Bon & Oo. 2 Clo;, Micl14ella & l,indemoo, 8 do; Totala, 1874... 517 107 2,199 478 18,888 8,1130 B. 1 do; Tbalnn, 1 do; Thos. QlJOTATIO!fS. Irwin & Sou, 2 do; KWlhanlt & Co., 8 do; Cluta. T. Bauer & .l(tM Ou#ing Loq{-Common lugs ............ f 2 ISO@ 8 110 Co., 18 do; Straison & Storm, 1 do; H. & E. Solomon, 18 lio; lledlum lqgs. . . . . . . . 3 110@ 15 00 "*--.nil & 21 do: Park &I Tilford, ll8 do; L P. Good Jugs......... ........................ 5 110@ 7 00 fU.I'nllk,lldo; A. H. Beldlllp & Co., 1 do; F. Know OoJDi'Don leaf ............................. 7 00@ II 01 luaJ,l do; B. <: 2110 hhds new Owen Co., Ky., D18trict:-49 at 2.40@3 95, 52 at 4@5 95, 95 at 6@7.95; 48 at 8@9.\Ja, 13 at 10 @14, 3 at 1o.25. 16.50and 17 272 hhds P-endleton Co Ky., Piswict:-280 pew: 77 at 2 10_ 3 95,89 at 4@5.95, 63 at6@7 95; 16 at 8@9.10, 1 at 10.711, 36 bhds old at 410@15.711 : 10 hbds new Boone Co., Ky .. at 3 20@7 60; l bhd new West. Virginia nt 4.85. 8 bhds new southern Indxana at <1@7.75: 0 bxs new do at 8@11.60. The offerings of cigar leaf to-day were 13jl cases Ohio. com IDOD smokers to doe wrappers :-liS new. at 2 70@8 .80 ; 7 &t 4@5.80, 6 6@7.65; 4 at 8@8.80, 2 at 10.50@11, 100 old. 8 at 3@3.80. 12 at .85@5.90, 18 at 6.10@7.90; 14 at 8@9.70; 40 at 10@14; 8 at 15@18. 71!. Sales of Seed leaf on Saturday weru 1711 cues, new selling at 2@12, and old at 3@18. The market is actiYe for all grade. flKNRY A RICBBY, Tobacco and Cigar Manufacturers Agent, reports to TBB TOBACCO :t.BAI' as follows.-There is nothing new to report in this Dealers in the manufac lured article are litlll bold!llfl oil, and buying o11ly as necessity demand... Fme oaviea are 111 better demanil, owing to the de crease in the consumptiqn of fine-cuts. Twist and Cavendish fair. Tnere i8 little call for granulated smoking. excepting standard brands and that in limited quanti&iea. CHICAGO. DJ,-Qur special ca1T811pondent reports: For the closing week the prevafilng condition of all the branches of the tobacco busini!IIB was gradually Increasing dullness, partly due to the chilly. damp weather. The tobacco after having shnwn some encoo.raging sigDB of life during 1881. week. on account of gQOd crop prospects throughout the baa relapsed 1nto to&&[ demorahzalion. The leadiug brands of tobacco do. not comm&1!4 oleady price.s as they are often used to entice dealers to give orders Leaf .llousea complain that they are doing only a very moderate busine88 One or two of our big cigar me.nufacturers have bought heavy btlls of leaf and Havana, here and Eaa,, In expeetr."on of launching a new dve -cen& cij!&l, for wblcb nice orders have been received al ready. Thia ohowo that onJy ch_eap goods are wanted nowaday&. The appreheui"oa af tax cbangea has not materially af fected market, for a fairly active clemf!IUl conti.DUe8 for gnillea. .Piplllllid11mokers' move brftokly.' Tena.-H-rs. M. H. Clark & Bro., U!af Tobacoo BrokeJ'II. njlort co'TB::& ToBAcco LIIAI' : Our reqeipts eontillue Jtill, and our olrerings week were 925 bhds. The markfi 'filii quite Irregular, ibougb. generally stron&er and higher on all but low Kf&d80. o.!1JOTATIO!f8. Common lugs.................. 9 @ 8 Good lugs . . . . . . . 5 Common leaf . . . . ... Medium leaf ........ .... .............. 6 @ 8 GoOd leaf ................................ Fine ... ..... ..... : ................... 11 @13 Selections ....... .... : ................ We al-e sorry to 88Y that even with lsrge l>reaks the quality doe!( nc:jt much improve the bulk of offerings being com mon to medium leaf generally lacking in fat The weather has been showery or the paat ten days. and mQderate plantings have made. Plants arc not reported to be very abundant. DAYTON, 0,-MeSiirs. Miller & Brenner. Packers and Dealers in Ohio i!eed Leaf. report to THK ToBAcco Lllu: Tbere nothing new lo report; what it left of the crop is being bought slowly at from .'I@Bc. The buyers have their purchases about all in and taken care of, and are taking tblnp slowly; but are ever ready to buy at the prices above named. The indxcatJODB are tha& July will find leas tobacco in growers hands. than luu been for the past ten yean. DURHAM, N. C.-Meaars. Walker, Lyon & Co., of the Farmers' W, report to TB::& ToBAcco LEAF u follows:The paa& weelr. baa been noted for acthity in all good grades of bngbta. It is now clearly oetUed that tine wrappers aru very Bearce and will run very Short. Prices have advxmced at least 2ll per cent. In last ten da_ys, and eagerly sought a(ter. liiVANSVILLE, Ind.Mr. C. J. Morris, Tobacco Broker, report& to TBK ToBACCO LliAll' u follows:-BinCO> my l&t report tobacco baa advanced llOc all round, without any apparent cau se so far aa I can see. We bear from the tobacco districts that there will not be over half a crop set, which I think are considerably es&Kgerated. I um inclinecJ:to the opinion there will be a average crop RUt out, and unl ess some unforeseen calamity befalls the 11eed, we will not suffer for want of tobacco. Receipts ,.re good, and prices a shade to day:-Trash to common lu 1.60@2 20, medium to good do, 2.50@8.80; leaf common, 8.80@4.20; good to tine. 5@8.50. HOPKINSVILLE, Ky.-M. H. Clark & Bro., L eaf Tobacco B"okers, report to TBB ToBACCO LEAP as follows:Rcceipts s ince last report, 896 bhdJ; to date, 10,479 hhds; same t1me last year, 3, 717 hhds same time in 1876. 9 ,222 hbds Sales since last report, 631 hhds; t o date, 5,536 bhds; same time last vear 2 ,189 hhde; same time in 1876, 7 .962 hhds Our market was unchanged, except on Bremell styles, which were rather higher. QUOTATIONS. Lugs -Cammon. . ... :Medium ................. Good ............... ......... .... $ 150@ 2 50 2 75@ 3 75 400@ 500 400@550 600@ 850 9 00@111 00 Leaf -Common ..................... :ltledium .............. :-: .......... Good ......... ......... : ........ Fmo .......................... Se l ectio n s ............... 11 50@13 00 13 50@14 50 Planters continue to make some small plantings which lxave not amounted to much so fat m point o f quantity, and we think will not amount to much in regard to quality, as s u ch early plantings o rdinarily make very hght-bodxed toba cco. LANCASTER, Pa.-Our special correspon d ent reports: -We have bad a very active market for 1877 crop tobacco the pas t week 'l'be county is swa rmin g with tobac co buyers, al)d the bulk of the crop bas been bought I do not think there 1s more thsnjrom 3,000 to 5,000 cases remaining in farmcts' h ands, all of which will be bought m the n ext-two weeks, with the exception of a few crops that are held at very h!gb pncc,. Higher prices have been paid the past week for a month past, and a few small paekers hav e so ld out to New York par ties. 187G crop has also been quite active, sales footing up about 400 cases. LOUISVILLE.-:Itlr. Wm. J. Lewers, Secretary of the Tobacco Board of Trade. r eports to THE ronAcco LEAF Receipts for first five days this week about 2 000 bbds. SALES FOR FIRST FIVE DAYS TBIS WEEK, ETC. Wa1ehouses. Week. Mtmlh. Year. Louis ville...................... .... 140 542 1,998 Ninth Street. . . . . . 352 1,407 6,319 Gilbert............................. 74 <131 1 120 Pickett . . . . . . . 191 999 5,292 Boone . . . . . . . 137 386 2,384 Farmers'..... . . . . 122 430 Kentucky Association. . . . 95 539 3,646 Planters'................ . . 172 614 3,284 Falls Cxty. . 64 199 755 1,347 5,447 27.578 Year 1877.... . . .. 1 ,473 6,068 24,033 Year 1876 .......................... 1 ,78 7 6,080 24,975 Y ea r 1875......... .. . . . 647 3,511 13,318 Sales ltghter on account of it being race week many of our buyers taking great interest in Prices have ruled very steady through -tbe week at 88Dle ligures as la s t week. Order and wetgbts of offerings very good. The proportion of doe leaf was larger than auy week of the season, about 20 hbds fine cutting at 10@14;Jic, 80 hbds ofJilae-dark leaf at 9@13c, 8 hhds Kentucky bngbt wrappers at and o Virgmia at 15@35c. Nothing new or intereat ing in crop repor&s &his week QUOTATIONS. Nandelcript. Qodied.,...-!-, OuUi111J. llloderatel,y. Jle&lly. Common lugs 2 M 8 Good lugs. . 2,!40 2"@8 3 @4 3 @ 5 Common leaf .. 8 @4 4 5 @ Good leaf ...... 8 @4 4 8 Fine leaf. ...... @.. 8 @11 Selections. . @.. 10 @13 11 @14% If faulty in weight or order, less, except for fine leaf. Saturday's receipts, 180 hiiW.; sales, 240 do. Market firm and active. Messrs. Geo. W. Wicks & Co., Cotton e.nd Tobacco Factors and Genet;al Commission Merchants, report to THE ToBACco L&AF as follows -The trade calls for but a package or two, as orders are received. Stocks are light and receipts very small. Wo quote small sales as follows : Virginia-Fine bright 6 and 12-lnch twiat .... 68 Medium brigh& do 60@82 Common t do ..... 50@M Medium. t pounda... . . . 52@55-: Good ll-1 and half 11-lnell ... ......... 46@,48. Common 11-incl! ........... ........... 40@42 :!h& Navy sixes and quarters .......... 112@.53 ogany do do . . .. 48@liO atylee. ..... :: = KMlwa -do D. T.:. &liNea & toan. -.-.n:r do do 480110 eooe.e LYlfCBBlJBG.-....._ Bab, "' CO., Bayer. and Hedlen of Leaf TollllcCo, so TB::& TGIWJiiO La&J>:We han ao cbup to report lD our Receipts rom;e .... ,.aeJietiQII; fine SObaeeot 1liit ll'lid llliD low gradea '!If leaf wen aomewllll& Hiler tlpin, (rfl1leiiKIII tolreellol of cMclded cbanlc&er rem.&IDed Grm. II& ow quotr.tioDI. We look fpr a\IOu& 13,000;()()()-lbebet,olhli"and the eoll aur breaks, therefore, nnut be large fbr mao;r weelltl In succeeaion, and DO aood ehU.cee for bUJ.Iog. The be&ter pcirtiaa of dae crop Ia nill in 4be COUDtr,y, r.Dd altbough &he af :he tAlbeeeoe Ia ao vel'f moeh -.Der dian expected, we shall no doubt receive a good deal of dairable lobaccoe here, the crop in our section being, moreover, better In quality &han in &be IM&ero coan&iea. We qiJOte for looie tobacco:Very common lugs......... ............. 1 @ 2 Medium luge .......... . . . . II @ Good, rich, 1'188................... 8 Commonleaf .............. : ............ lledium leaf.................... ........ 5 @ 6 Good leaf.. . . . . 6 @ 7M: Fine leaf. . . . . . Strictly fine leaf........................ Massasoit Cigar Facto;ry BROWN & EARLE, (Sa-ra lo BONNETT, !ICIIEIHJK. 6; EAKLE,) MANUFACTURERS OF FINE DIGARS, 211 and 213 WOOSTER STREET, T. W.-lVI.ABSBAIJ,, 0::11" ::lr':r.JSI.... ."' ALL-BAVANA CELB-ATE.D .DBA.ND OF CJGA.BII, 'UIIIORTH 4th ST i I &. oo., TOZ:.. .... :IOO, O::EI::Z:O .. BAI'n7PA.CTIJR-8 OP TIIB EXTRA FINE' & FINE Brands of Pure Powdered Spanish Ucorice Root. Or M:W are or eoaetracdon, aad. eatl:rely oar owa ..tea, are, we .. UeYe, eap ol prodadac a more &horo1ICilJr -palpal pewolOI' &laaa :r ollaen lo:aowa, We., ......... ,...._ ft>l!' oar "EXTRA PINE a eapel'lod&J' OYer aa:r otlaer J.leol'lee ft>r aae Ia Pbae To.,.eeo, ft>r .... llaM I& le a more llJael:r pewdenol al'llele llaaa aa:r otloer, eoa-aea&l:r aaeh ore eaa 1oe ... a Ia llae eat aaol 1oe ..., .,.. b:r llae moletare or tlae leaf', wltlooat tlae ,coo .. a llaa&:r ap""araaee, llllll will aot eloc &lae .kaJ aaol pre .. ea& a emoo&h eat.-le '!'\., .,._ '*uh Llcol'lee eea&aiDiq the ueuaJ aaoaat ora-...... Ba:IIXI.p1o pll:ll. OPPICB 8ALEIIBOOBt-llS, t'u 6:.117 BQNBOB.IIT.t c l"t :'ft7 ARB"'I::WP BILL8s-Sll, ISO 6: 3Jll BBIJI naBBT; e lil:le ... lil LI Q U 0 RICE The undersigned continue to manufacture and Import 8panl8h and Turklh Liquorice Paete, which he ofrera to the Trade at Reduced Price. Manufacturers will find It to their Interest to apply to him before purohaalna elae-where. Aeqnlred u_ncler &lle Lawa ot 1be VnUod 8tate. James C. McAndrew, 55 Water Street, New York. Our market remained active at full fil(llres for all tobaccos of dectded. character, while lugs and n"ndescript leaf was perhaps a trxlle lower. We lo ok or continl\ed large receipts from now out, and for good cbances for buying The better portion of our crop xs still in the country. and w e expect to receive in our market during the next four months about 13 to 15 million lbs. It is est1mated tbat we have hardly re ceived holf of our total so far. MAYFIELD, U:y.-1\lr W. S. Mclloo reports to THE TODACCO LEAF as follows-Our market this week 1s firm and active for ull gx.1 des of tobacco, receipts con tinue heavy. Sold llus week 3<14 hbds. at from $1 85@3 for lugs, and $3.75@10 for leaf. Have sold to date 2,2JO hhds, samo time last year, 668 hhds. I have been w the country good de"! of l ate, and find plants plentiful and mauy planters stickmg out their crops. I don' t think there wxll be a full crop planted, com pax ed with la s t year; vet I thxnk there wxll be au average crop planted, compar e d with former years, say 1873 NASHVILLE, W. W. Kirby, Leaf Tobac co Broker, r epor ts to TnE Ton. ,cco LEAF as follows:-Our rcceipt. s are now quite ltbeml nnd steadily increasing. The sal es thi s we e k foot up 322 hhds composed pnncipally of l ow and nonuescpt kinds 'l'hc proportion of good or desirable leaf Rnd lugs see ms to be growing smaller as the season ad vanc e. 'l'hc market" as well sustained on eve17t hing of char acter ami ubstance, wht:e prtees were a little eas1er on common and nondescript leaf and lugs. A few sh ipp e rs to tbis market are disposed to bold thmr tobacco for b ette r prxces, and express the opmxon that tbe planting will be small this year but a large maj o r1ty of them are free sellets. consequently there are compatattvely f e w x e j ectious. Light. Hea"D1f. Common lugs 2 00@ 2 50 2 50@ a 00 Good lu gs. 2 75@ 3 25 3 2ll@ 4 50 Common leaf... 3 00@ 4 00 4 00@ 5 50 Medium le:tf . . .. 4 .2.5@ 5 50 6 25@ 8 00 Good leaf . . . 6 00@ 8 00 8 2,';@11 00 Fine leaf...... .. 8 00@ 9 00 11 2n@13 00 Our receipts co ntinue hght and quality poor; really no good substantial l ea f coming in. Lugs have been in active demand, and pri ces ruling higher. Thursday's offerings were 74 hhd&-158 sold. 12 rej ected and 4 pused 2 at 1.80, common smokers; 29 at 2.10@2.HO, common to good dark lugs ; 9 at 3@3.80; 5 at 4.30@4 70,5 at 90; 1 at 7 10,2 Missouri wrappers at 10@ 16.50; 6 Virgxma wrappers at 15.50, 18 50, 21, 28.50 and 88.110. HcJectioo s 6 nt 2.45@2.80: 2 at 3 and 3 10, 1 at 5; 2 Virginia wxappers at 1 8.50 and 3 0.50; 1 Missouri do at 1250. Lxght wcigllt hogsheads and trashy 25@llOc below these quototiou s FOREICN. LIVERPOOL, May 11.-Messrs. F W. Bmy&he & Co Tobacco Comnusoon Merchants report to TBB TOBACCO LBAP as follows -A fair general business was done daily during the past week Holders do not seem inchned to make concession& for retail purchases; but when round Iota are taken, the buyer generally obtains some little advantage. Imports. 179 hhds; deliveries, 461 do, stock 30,661 do, against 29,931 same time lD 1877. LONDON, May 8 Messrs. Grant, Chambers & Co l r eport to THE TonAcco LEAF as follows .-The past week baa been very quiet, and but little business bas been done in Ameri can tobacco, and buyers feel not 8D.XlOUs to operate except for their immediate neceasities Holders of the lower grade& are very anxiou s selle r s, and very low have been submitted to. Western leaf and strips have attracted but little attention. Virginia leaf an d strips-In the latter a few sales have been effec ted MarJ land and Ohio-Of the former nothing of im portnnce is of the latter only tine bright classes in demand. Cavcndtsh is far from active, with prices e&J!iCT. Ma1/l5.-There is no change to report m the market for Amencan tob acco, the sales during the week having been ve?' trif1ing, as buyers show no desire to operate, except for tbetr immediate Prices are irregular, and may be tenoeot weak for all the lower qualities. Western leaf and strips are dealt in to a very trifling extent; holders are wi!Ung sellers. Virginia leaf and strips are in a s imilar state and there have been n o transactions of importance. Marr.Jand and Ohio llli>Ve o!I slowly at l ower prices. Cavendish is wtthout change: prices of all descripti o n s are lower PADUCAH, Ky.-J\Ir. T. H. F'urycar, Leaf Tobacco Broker. r e ports to THE Toncc.o L E w us fo llow s:-,Ve are havmg heavy receipts nud s ules This week the latter exceed.; 1 ,000 bhds, a n the former closely approaches 1.200 bhds. We see no line tollacco yet, and only a very sma ll pro portion that ca11 be called good Our "special if it contains quality and IS clean, is readily handled atfull flguree. Export &f!Jodo spealls for itaell. To J:lverpool via steatDtr of Wers would like to know, will be a ., sorrr" .ane in ih!! count7. C'o., Jlafl Jl..:.....J. T. B. repori8;. There lS a great cry of "no plants," bui the;r hant improved very much, e are now U "ia probable Ulat $here will ll.tli be u mueh pi&Dtecf u usual\ owinlr to She tow prioe of tobacco. can'& ouy,ulw. i J 1 Dli'YOK. .lla1J3l. .....:x o:-x. re:Pon. :-

(: 6 ""' .rt. P.ACi:AiiiA.iiD WHOI KALK. J)t1 25---lK T 0 B co, ::L1B &. ""gVa'ter S't., Pb11aclel.phi.a. 7/, EfSENI.QHlt, S! W. CLARK Pllll.. BIBGER & CO., DJIALIIRS 1lf LEAF TOBAOCO, I > J ,., I' n ( Manufacturer..a of all (liadee or Cigars, J 'f. I .&3POA st., Philadelphia, J'ta N.,. 36 N-o,rt]l. Water-st.. And 214 STATE STREET, HARTFCJRD, CONN. GUMPERT BROS. MANUFACTURERS of FINE CIGARS, STOKE: 1341 CHESTNUT. STREET, Factory: 444 to 448 North 13th Street, P.A.. UNITED STATES CIGAR MANUFACTORY. T. DUNN & CO., IWP !CTUIEIS s PINE CI&!IS .. J:Sa.1 tiinore Ad vert.iseJDea ta. .Jl!VO. DE&LEJl IN' HAVANA: AND DOMESTIC Oigar Leaf Tobacco; 27 South Gay Street, Baltimore. L. W. GENERAL COMMISSION MERCHANT AND TOBACCO FACTOR, N<:>. 9 SOUT:S: G.A"S; :a.ILD. WESTERN ADVERTISEMENTS. T. R. SPENCE ;s, p, S PENCE. N. T. SPENCE. C A SPENCE. -' l". G. Tobacco Works, Toledo,, Ohio. CHARLES R. MESSINGER, liiANUFACTUREl'l OF The Oel.elora.wd. 27 WM. E. DIBRELL, LW TOBACCO BBDM J-410 Cary Stzoeet RICHMOND. VA. ''f G." AND _NATIONAL LONG CUT_ C. & H.30BIITml &: CD. Also, the Indian and Sun Flower Chewmg Tobac.cos. naalm and GolllllliSsion IBrcllantJ w BJST Chlcacol PALMER Nij[ji w. H. RUSSELL: C b lcaro. :tE AF TOB.A cca I ,BBST. co., h Ka1n St., lle\.KaldSecalllltl. (Successors t o JOHN. C P AF..TRIDGE &: C O ) liT, LOUIS, MO. Uh"al Cash advances made on Con"nmnu WHOLESALE TOBACCONISTS O.i..te Braad5oflmported llcoricea:wa,..Gnband. Paducah Toba.cco Works. A!ID SOJ.jB PROPRIETORS OF TilE GENUJ:NE ''GOLDEN CROWN" CIGAR-S, BISHOP & BURGAUER, Manufacturers ol Cbolce -I( 'KENTUCKY NAVY, Made of S ELECT KENTUCKY LEAF, Paducah, Ky. ..... -' General Conlmiaaion Merchant, offiCE II Tciucco SLIP',


M AY27 Directory of Advertise rs. JIEW YORK. Tobacco Warehowe.. Ahner & I)ehls, 100 Pearl. Allen & Co. 173 and l'it) Chambers Baecb &: Fischor, 155 Water. Bulkley & Mom-a, 74 Fnmt Cardoao A. II. fo6 BroAd. Crawford E. !d. 168 Watel'. Dohab, Carroll & Co. till Front. DuBois Eugene. 7'5 Front. Bgge.Wm. & Co. 2<6 Pearl. s.: .... i.R& l'rtenct E. & (} &: Co. 129 Malden Lan e. O&rdfftlerT. tit 4]a Gartl,l,D. J.., SQn <';; 44 1 G""""'Hi &'Bro.' I'll Water. Sershel L. & Dto 191 PearL Giebel & Van Rarndohr, 116 Water. &;.-Co, Water Ha\"eTQ e &;! ", 176 Penrl B ernet rothers. ater. W. J. 45 Broad Koenig H. 3:..'19 llowery. Lachenbruch & Bro. 164. Water. Lederer & Fischel, 213 Pearl. Levltl lll. H. lfl2 Pearl. Lichtenstein Bros. 117 Ua.lden Lam>:. Lobenstein & 131 Maiden llalthu\)I.Oberl; L. & Co 43 Do-oad. llartia J W. 79 Front. Kneller Ernst. & Co 1.22 Penrl. N eu li!! }I a er Ottioge Bro*)ler.;. .1$ Broa1 Droo.d. Rader M."'&:Son, 00 Beaver. Shack A. 129 Maiden Lane. J Manti/'ll of and Chewlnq TobacctM. A.nd..,.OO r_,.,n &; co. 114. 116 &nd 117 Liberty. Buc'*nan &;.LJta1L.l0.1l W.llli BucW>er D. 21> and 215 Duane. QooPln .s!C(lo.IO'l & :lOt-Water. Bon ThomM ll Qo, (04 p._.rl Killlley B-. ,_.1 Weol ... ay. LorliJj.rd P. & (A 114 Wa r. M cAlpin D. 11. & (A aor A: e ue D and Tenth. Miller G. D .tOo. 97 Columbia. Pioneer Tobacco Company, 124: '1\a.ter. for Chowing anCi Bm<>king 'l'oloU\facllceri. Of Oigor11 Bondy & 96 to 1 !0 Attorney Q'la.ocum &. Schloss-er, 1U Rivington. HeUhro-'er Ill Josephs. llll8 Bowery Hinch D. & Co. 121> lilla 180 Rivington anCIIez, Haya & Co 1llil, 13:1, 184 Maiden Lane Jn&port..-. o f Hawana Tobacco and Oigan Almlrall J J 16 Cedar ....-11:. 157Water J'rtedm&n Leonard, 003 Pearl QR'CSa F. 187 Water I GoDU1ez A. 167 Water 1111-nger T. H & Co. 1 6 1 ;MB.iden Lane. Pa8CU&l L. tOO Water l 1 S&ncbez. Hay" & Co. 130, 13:1, 184 )Iaiden Lane Scoville .L H. & Co. 170 'Vater Belden berg, & Co. 1M and B6 Reade So l omon M : &-E. 85 Maiden Lane-1 &: Bernheim, 187 Pearl weu & Co 66 Pine Weiss "iiiiii= & KAGI>"'L 1120 P'J"rl Ybor Vt lkrtlnez .I f.lO I'oa.rl of Compound Tin Foil, Tl)bacoo. and Tissue. 0l'Ooke John J. IllS In;vMters Wjttemann WilHam Tol>acoo Bagging. & Co. to 461L.BrnaVed Tobacco Scrap for Cigar Atanufadurer8, Botgfeldt N.H. 510 East 19th and 166 Water &>'ap Cutting MacMM. Ordenstein H., Agent, 806 Broadwny Tobacco Otctting Macllinertl Vio'uJstfXl ,Heary1 'JH dentre. Bank$. German-Amelican, W W&ll 1 Inttrna l Revenue Boob. Jourgensen, C. 37 Liberty Foreign and [)()mutic Banker!. Sternberger M. & S. 44 Exchange Place. Manufacturers oj Metal and Show JJ"'lf.gurt!s. Demuth Wm. & Co. 501 Broadway Ffg u. Strauss S. 1'i11 and 181 Lewis Sole ... lfan:ufaclu,er of 01-igina.l G1een. &al S1noking TObacco. Emmpt w. C. '74. Pine Pate n t Cigctr Cases. Samuel S. L 57 Ceda.r Scales. Howe Scale Co. & Co. Agtuts. 3.26 B 'dway lmpOrterof French Paper. May 886 Broome ; Oi(Jar JW.chali.. & Co.JIFll'st AYe'nue, or E. 1\!. Gatterda.m, J09 Norfolk I Ma}Lufactuyerf of Cigar!{awr.. t Callfornia Dis tilting Co, 83 'VJWam Fries Alex. & Bros., lfi College Place ) Pate-n, t Tobacco Colori1t.g, Bu.ehler 8:. Polha.wt. 83 Oba.mbe.ll Oom,ttrciat Age netes. The J. ]1. Bradstreet & Son Co. Zl9 Broadway The McKillop & Sprague Co. 109 'Vorth Gene1al .t!..1lpfio.11cers. W row & 94 Pen.rl .Jfanufaoi u,er of Glass .Sigri's, M&ttliews Jolw. 333-East OOth W: olesale in. Havana and Domestic t l .. t Wm. ,!!pw ry A LBANY, N Y :Jfaw.ufacW:Ierl of 7bbacco. G eer's :A.. Sone, Hd. To&acco rker' & WagR-per, 29 So Gay y'f<>ra .pi, i Havana Tobacco. 'Eecke r Bros. 98 Lomba.rd:.1 Importers &: Cigars <1': '{Jjgg,retta, Martinez & Co. 2 14. BOS'I'6N, ... 1 1 .Manufaefil.fli:l '>,CPIM,qrToliacco..r Me rChants' Tobacco Co, SO Broad 1 Com.nlii.Wn. Merc:h.ant. Holyoke C. 0 12 Central Whart Dealers in Havana and Dora Manufacture r o f Chpwing and 8moki11{l 'l'obatco, and ffnfl:J', Ch&mJ!I<>a II; Jiloulla Wll.oluale ""' JI'.JI., R....U I< Co. 7 e ""''lt'""-1L'"'"'7'-:> I cmfCDOI'ATI, d. HemT, 1 -ISIUid 148 Weot SeeoiMI .DeGUro ... IIJ>aftiiA """ Oipro IA4/ Tol>aooo. :..1or BY. I< Oo. ole J'rOn' I< Co.,.""""'' Jl-.ftKtvreco aooo. Gol-I< Semou, 1118 OnD.AlfVII.LII. Va. Jllller a 0o Pl>mhertoa,.-f..&af 100cca BJokms. Slricllv o n O rder. Pearson J R. & Elo. of Smoking Tobacco Conrad Chas. H. & Co 'l'rowt.:ridg e .. W. H. DAYTON, O. Pai'kers anct-Deal"s""in""Seed Leetf; Mill e r & Bl'enner D &TBOIT, .... .Moooo. Duke W. lit tll>'i* L yona Z. L II; Oo llV AlfSVILLJ!:, .... Tobacoo q..,.....-Jt.....,..._ta. Jlorrla c. J .t Oo RAJnnli.A.L Mo. JLan1t-j of P .. ug Tobacco. I'OWu Geo. HAVANA, Cuba.. Oigm Manufacturers Bejar R y A lvarez VaUejo y Gmnda. Calle San Rafael No. 7ll HARTFORD, CoiUlo Packet and Dealers in Seed IH:l. f Tolw:xr. Dix J. & Go. 217 State Gershel L. & Bro. .:l29 State Lee Geo. State Moore, Hay & Co., 214 State Westpnal Wm. 2l8 State S. "\V. &'itl }Jain HOPKIN SVILLE. lb. Tobar.:co lt.-okeJs. Clark M. H. & Brother Ragsdal e W. E. I N D IAN A POLIS, Ind. Dealer in llrtUU!.1..i ot1!J Thlfd .1" Bambe,rg e r .L. {!:. uo. 111 Arch Br'Jiller's Ltlwis Sons, 32.2 North Thinl .Do an &-Taitt 107 Aroh Eisenlohr Wm. & Co. ll!S South KcP<>ii<1ll.ll E. W: 1 J;ray & Co. 91'th W iter Rfuafdo & Soever Co. 105 North Water -'l'elle'l-Bro,bertl, 111 .No:'th"rhlnl Ma1nof_1 oj' 11'41 trliil HiivaM 1'ob&e5 C'lf/lJrtJf,ie),, 0 11 Gumpert Bros. 1341 Chestnut Importer of Havfi.'PlCJ Tobacco and Cigar s a.M Deu.l e r in Seed Leaf. Costas J. 181 Walnut .Manufacturer of SnuJ! and Smoking Tobacco. W&llaco Jas. i66 to 67'J North Eleventh Mani"turer a of Cigan. JlatcbelQr Bros. Market Utd Jno J. 523 d 1>25 South TWentieth T W. it North Folll'th. Tobaeco Broker. Fougera y A. B. 88.N9rth Front of. Liwrwo_J>ast.,, Mellor & Rittenhouse, 21BNorth TwentySecond Agent If./.ug and Smoking Tol>acoo. Kelly' F.

T B E T 0 B A C C 0 L E.A F. MAY 27 JOliN ANDERSON & co. LICORICE PASTE. MANUFACTURERS OF THE .WATJJS "' co. ... .. SOL'ACKuB omH TDBACCOS Tobacco =!!!:a:d the trade U4 a 116 LIHRTY STREET I In general are particularly requested eo examine and test the superior of this LICORICE, which, being now t>rought to the highest perfection is of fered under the above style of brand. NEW YORK. to direct tbe att.:otlon of the Dealen Ia Tobacco tla.roapout the UPited Stat.-1 and tbe World. 1o tlodr CllLEB:a.&.TED SOLACE FINE-CUT CIIEWDIG TOBAGOO. which Ia beh1 once -.ore .. mJ.tactur.d undet the tmmedbte!oD of tbe ort,toater, We are also SOLE AGENTS for tbe brand :1'. G .... G. 0. THOMAS HOYT & CO., XANUFACTURERS OF MR JOHN ANDERSON by consumers to be the 0114....,. 'taacb, v tonaer17 wlth G dd s. C>R.G-LER., e a, m Casks; FINEWFciGA.Rs do. do. Sons m Bales ; il'D DEALER IN G A abiC d d LEAF TOBACCO, r 0. 0. 295 & 297 Greenwich St., New York B. H. MILLER, J. L. BRENNER. .Tonka Beans, ANGOSTURA. pASTE .. THE STAMFORD MANUFACTURING CO., 1117 J!III:.A.X:J:):IIIN' :E..o.&:N':m, N'EVV 'Y'On.B:.. 4i 'J'he Trade la'Oing demanded a Superior and Cheeper .Article than that hitherto used, this Com(l&D7 lalll&lluf&eturing,and offering for sale, LICORICE PASTE (under the old "Sanford" brand) of e. QUALITY aDd at a PRICE wblch ca.n hardl;r fall to be acceptable to all ltlving I< a trial Medal awarded for "Purity, Cheapness"-' B.,!ld General Excellence of Manufacture." Alao 1111. & R. BRAND STICK .LoJ.CORICE, all Shea. Wbolesale A!ents: SHOEMAKER, VOUTE & BIRCH. 126 S. Delaware ATe.1 DB.OT ASD .6.GIISO D. B. ICALPJN & CQ,, or THE MANUFACTURE OF &. i.&!IL &AX, And all Kinds of '\ SAL TIMORE, Plug To'baccc, Snuff, Sllulf !'lour, etc. -AT-K.AlfUFACToav ANO SAI.Uit.OOM: 121 BOWI:'RY NEW YORK. Ctr.AYIIItDITenthSI.,IewYork. 1IIP'IIIII, .&& ...... MRS. G.B. MILLER & CO. FR. ENGEL BACH, TOBAGCODiPDT&.fGHNCY 97 COLUMBIA STREI!:T, l'or J', w. FEJ.GXEB. & SOX'S, N'o-vv 'rork.. Bal..__, To.._. 56 S. WASHINGTON SQUARE, N.Y. &OODWII & 08., KAliVVAcnJUils OJ' ...... II.BIIU.' DAYTON, OHIO. I:FORDERS PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO. CASSIA. D11'DS, CLOVES AND CDINAliiON1 OllANGE PEEL, ANISEED, CARAWAY BEIIID, CORIANDER IIEED, LA VENDER FLOW.RS, GUMARADIC,GRA.Illr AllrDPOWDERED, GUM l!IYRRH, LUl!IP AND POWDERED, GUM TRAGACANTH, FLAKE AND POWDERED, ESSENTIAL OILS, OLIVE OiL, LUCCA CREAM ll'f C.Aciiii:S, SESAME OIL LEV AJf"l' br BDLS, Tonka Beans, Angostura&, in Casks, Balsam Tolu, in Original Tins, Clucose, l''rench, in Casks. PRICES CURRENT 0!11 APPLICATIOJI, j Y. W. BRINCKERHOFF, 'T:JIJR., n CEDAR BTB.EET, N. T. W. E. UPTEGROVE, SPAlfiSB CEDAR FOR CIGAR BOXES, AGEN1 FOR OSTRUM'S CIGAJl-BOI NAILING IACHilfE. Foot lOth & lith St., East River, NEW YORK. :PL'UG-TOEI.A.CCO. THE MERCHANTS' TOBACCO CO., 80 BR.0-4.::1:) S'TR.EET, :EIOS'TON", Make the best Sold or Used, ONE DOLLAR lawful money in each 60 pound box, containing large Plugs made of leng stock. TWO DOLLARS in one, or ONE DOLLAR in two of the caddies in each case containing large plugs made of long stock. PATENT METAL LABELS on Plugs. Ask for this and get the Best Chew or Smoke that can be had. SILAS PEIRCE, Jr., President. JOHN H. SANBORN, Treao, WILLIAM BUCHANAN, DAVID C. LYALL! BUCHANAN & LYALL., O:fllce: 101 WaJl St., New York.-P. 0. BOX 1772. Factory:-No. 2 FIRST DISTRICT, SOUTH BROOKLYN. lo!ANUFACTURERS OF THE FOLLOWING CELEBRATED BRANDS OF PLUG, CHEWING aad SMOKING TOBACCOS_ ALSO MANYFACTURERS OF SEMI-CIGARS > PLUG. PLANET NAVY 11, 3, 4, lh, 61, ,.., 81, 91, 1.61. SAILOR'S CHOICE, 11, }fll as, 4s. &s, 61, 7s, 8, oa, J 01. CIIA.LLENGE, lbo. WASHINGTON, )j'o. IIEPTVNE, Double Thlek, brt. clrk. KAGGIE MITCHELL. IIA.RRAGANSETT. ALEXANDRA. SIII:NSATIOJI, PLOtiiiDERS, BUCRAl!IANLlOo. JACK OF CLUBS KING PHILIP, GRAPE AIID APRICOT. 1lliCONClUEKED, "A.CIIIIE "Fancy Pouado. TECUMSEH, lOo. PIIIERLJIIJ.IIo P.ALK, GOLD BARil. PlUDE OF TBB REGUIJIIl'fT, POtlKET PIECEII, N" .& 'V"'J!"' :.xN":m ouT ACME. 8MOKINC AND CICAIIETTE TOBACCO. VIBGDUA DKIQBT CtiT CAVEIIDISR. WO::IUJ)'S ::&'Am. .AJn) :a trBT, Branch Otnce: Central Street, Boston. P. O. DOI 9911 PIOIBBR TOUCCO COIPDY, OF BROOKLYN, N. Y. BUIINE88 OFFICES : 124 Water St., New York, 16 Central Wharf, Boston; 25 ._ake Street, Chicago; 61 RORTB W ATIR STREIT, PBILADILPBI.l. Factory: No. 1 First District, N. Y. 'l'HE CELEBR.A TED 'l'HE CELEB:a.&.'l'ED "IATCBLBSS,' "PBUIT GAlE,'' BRICHT, All Sizes; 1 MAH9CANY, All Sizes; P Z-0 N :&J :m R. Dark, all Size. A comparisAn of nor Celebrated Branda of PLUG TOBActoS will convince all partiu of the WOK-DBB.PtTL MERITS contained theaeln. PL.UG TOBACCO. LEVY BROTHERS, ....-.:oura.o-turera of JEi:ii:INE CIGARS 70 and 72 BOWERY, NEW YORK. HERBST HAVANA tc SEED LEAF. rr.o .:s A s co; 183 WATER STREET, NEW ".!LIBERAL iUDE ON CONSIGNMENTS The onl;r Beale made with Protected _._. Page & Co., Gen'llpnts, 826 BBOADWAT,XEW TOBit. u.t 5cal are ua4. bJ the followla .... atactarera :-J>, LORILLARD A< CO., NewYarkJ 'BUCRABU A< LYALL, New York; JAil. B.. PA.Cit, Richmond, Va.; .., P. X.&. TO. BRO., ltif:hmond, Ta.; E, W. VICIIABLIII A< CO., Potea-.., Ve.a JJ'IIIZBR. BR.08., Louinille. E.y. HENRY WULSTIIIN, ,-.... .... Bo ...... 141t ., I 114 CEJI'I'RE ll'l'REE'I'1 WE'W TOIIIL P 0 Box ..!09, Conotaatly oa haad tbe Beet Iapn>ftd BV HANU OR A luce variety of lhcbiaery f o r Cif{at "-aalac aach as for Cuttiag or Gn.aalatial' Haftlla aod other FiHers for <.:hzan. Stem. Rollen 8uD4:blog )l.., chine5t StemmiDII( Machiaee, and abo Machioea for and FlattenJnr the Tobac o Stem io tiM Le-1f1 Cigarctlll! Machines, de. Sole Atrent io U.. U.S. for F FLINSCH'S (OffenbAch on Malu. 0.. maoy) celebr.ated Machines for Packlac Maoafactared Tobacco. Cigar ManufacturerS Are iaforaed that we are a'ble to npply the TI'IMk with llnt.dau PACltltllS at Olbort DOtloe. PI-ad.dreu to tile CIGAR PACKERS' SOCIETY. S MICHA.LIS & 00., 4 First Aeouei or E. X GATTERD.A.M (Contro ll e r ofVacancieB), lOU Norfolk Stroot, New York City. LICHTENSTEIN BROS., P .ACKERS AND DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCOS, I I 7 MAIDEN LANE, N'e"VV 'York. TOBACCO BAGGING. IMITATION SPANISH LINEN, F Al\TCY STB.IPBS, And all k.iltd ot Goods used for pattbaJ' up lac Tobacco. Also, omplete aa.ortmeul of Smokers' ArtJdes for the Trade MWARD SAIIGER & CO., 462 to 468 Broadway, hw York. MAY BROTHERS, Il!PORTERS OF CIGARETTE PAPER, 386 BROOME ST., HouSE .AT PA.rus. 1\Te"''O'" A. M. LYON &, CO., Me.nura.cturero or tbe Celebrated Brand of HORN PRicEs GBIU.TLY BEDU!3D. -.. JOSEPH LOTH & CD.1 MANUFACTURERS OF ALL ltiNDS OF CIGAR RIBBORS. CONSTANTLY ON HAND A FULL AS SORTIIKNT AT LOWEST KAit.ltKT PRICES. Faeto..,.. a llaleiH'Oeaa : WBIIT au. 11'1'., u BBOO-ft'. N'e-vv 'rozol&. INTERNAL RHVH!IJH BOOlS The Or!Jiaal Iateraallleftaao Pabllollla1 C. JOUB.GENSEN; SoL Succ&ssoa TO EanK A: SMITH. P. 0. Box s.6,,, 3'1' LIBERTY BT .. B. T :Branclirur Irons & Stenc1ll a 8pfo'aJtr. 'Pn.:c.\TTXN'Gr 1 Of every deterlpUoo at Lowest Prlc"S. SEND FOR PRICES. TIIPOIL f Light liSt PUre til, 10,368 SQ. InchnJ. 1\ I ALSO TOBll:CO & OTHER FOILS. WITTEMANN BROTHERS. 184 William St. New York. Giobol & Van RamAollr, LEAF TOBACCO. I '' 176 WATER ST., HW TOIL Calla .W..ace4 011 Ceulpaaoato.


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