The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
Time Period:
1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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Tobacco Leaf Journal

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) l v 0 L. XIV.--N 0 2 2. fESTABLISHED 1884.] NEW YORK, MOND.AY, JULY 1878. lilt lbaccg TJDI!II:I!I OP ...._B P A.PBB. SINGLE COPIES ....... ............ : .... ........... 10 Clllml. ONE YEAR.................. .... . . . . . $4.00 1864.] MOIIDAY-Mornlng by SIX KONTHS ..... ....... ,. . . . ... . .. li.OO II TilE TOBlG00.-1.-fAF PUJUSHIIG COMPANY' If' PeJlTON !I'I'JlBBT, NBW TOai. .L'!NUAL SUBSC.IUPTIONS .ABROAD. Gaaa.T Barr.All'f .xD C.&NAN .............. .. .. BREllEN, HA.lllBUBO .4HD TB1I: 0oNTINElf'l'.,....... ... .... ..... 6.04: BDW.AltD JI'I7BB:Z, E.Utor. Dro., via ENGLAND ....... .' : !" .... . .. 6.04 ,...,....... -......r. . . . ... 0 ..... 6:04. co., Clt43 warren Stzae.-t, New "Y:ork, aoLE ACENTS POR THJ PRINCIPE c CIGAR FACTORY OJi' NEW YORK. KAVAN A-CIGARS. IMPORTERS 01' THE 220 Pearl -Street,, New :York. PAB.NAlVI a GRAEF, American; &erman&SPBiliSh"cigar Ribbons &peoi.a1 Dei.__. Jra:u.oy ::E'I.:lb'bo:u.. l!WEde "to Order. JUJIBOXS OUT AXD PB.I:NTED AS DESIRED. SAMPLES SENT ON APPLIOATIOlli. N"o. &1 G-R.:JD::I!IN":JD 8"1"::E'E.:JD::arr. :N"liii'VU' 'Y"O::E'I.:&:.. a Vigelius, PACKERS T.BAF I IMPORTERS OF HAVANA TOBACCO. .HOW TO &ET. .. DARK AND BOW TO BAKE ".I'H EM. B'UB.N GOOD. T& E* ON L'Y' &"D"R.E "WV' .A. 'Y" lA to have your goodl!Reliindled and Sweated by-C. 1!1, miLIPI!I. It yoa poor me a few .......... aud by re&om of maH I w!ll prove to :rou ,.hat can be done. lf lllan.ut.acturen wlll&elld me their Lilrb&-l!p C. S. PRIJJPS,c 188 PEARL ST., NEW YORK. --iB.ORl(, HiSs a MANt7J' A.CTtllUCRS of CIC.AltS, AND DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO, 161, 163 & 165 WB:ST THIRD ELl. OINOINNATI, f EDWARD T. McCOY ----Spuisb, American and Germaa Cigar Ribbons. _..&IJU.utT 1, lit .. ....,.. -r.u.w,. ...................... .so .. .. ........ .l'.1 .... w : wFa. 1.10 ...... e .... w w Fda 1.80 .. .. ....... ... w ft)'tb 1.36 ......... a .... w ftF'la .lAO ._. ....... : .......... .. 1 ... w w:ra. L'16 .......... L.: ... : e .... H 1.86 ................... a .... w .. ,.,... 1.60 ..... ............. .... .. 1 ....... 'f2Ftb 1.16 ...................... e .... w w,... 1.86 ...................... a .... w w,... 1.60 ...,.. ........... J .... H "' ft,.a. 1..46 .... ............. 2 ... w 'NFa. 1.26 .................. a .... w 'f2Fa, 1.-Yellow.. ...... 1 ... -f-11 ft ;r4 1.36 ...... .:. .. :;-;"({2... w .. 1 .. .. .. .. .. a t-1 .1t :rlla 0".96 z-.t.... (CIIioo).... u 1.......... Mi;rtb 1.26 < Oldoo) .... z. .. 3-4, M ;r4a 1.10 14-..... Yellow ............. 1 .... 1 :U7tb 1.86 ........ .. e .. .. ,.. S17tb 1.36 ............. a .... Ja-11" :M7a. 1.16 :: ........... .. "JO .. Ja-M" 3&Ftb 1." .... ........ "u .... .. :u.:ra. 0.116 ............. "20----13-M" :u,..u -oa ............... ISQ -13-11.. 3& ;rtb 0.80 .. Bed .... .. .......... 1 .. 1 .. :U;rtb 1.86 : ...... ..... a .... 1a-a" MF'h 1.20 Boz Rllt'boa :a..t ... ......... ....... a-8 ft;rtb .. .. ....... ... ... -3 72;rtb 0.15 Extra Styles of Ribbons Made to Order. RIBBONS CUT & PRINTED ANY SIZE AND STYLE. All Orden Prompl17 lb:eeu&ee deserved in this particular intendent concerning the shot ted weights; they accep insta nce, but because it is a guarantee that11nder Comted and as truth to the Commissioner, or missioner Raum .the over-zeal or malevolence of sub-Webster did, the statement made to them by Deputy ordinate revenue officers will not be allowed to suc-Phillips that he.almost invariably found the "Flush" cessfully triumph over honorable, upright tradesmen tobacco at the factory; when the facts were who are earnestly stri':ingto comply with the reql,lire that, with one exception, Phillips always, after inves ments of t)le internal reyenue law. tigation, told the proprietors that everything was all As our readers will remember, on or about May 18, right, and failed to report in writing to the Collector Buchanan & Lyall's great tobacco manufactory in of the First District, as was his duty, if true, such in Brooklyn was seized by Collector Freeland, of the formation as he furnished Webster and Harvey; an; First New York District, a t the instigation of E. D. these things, and many more, they did-and which Webster, on the charge that a brand of fine-cut to-they ought not to have done in dealing with honest' bacco, known as "Flush," manufactured there, was business men-to compel t h ese men Ito pay several placed on the market in on e ounce packages over-thousand do llarsto the Government, when it wasprac weight. The firm of Buchanan & Lyall co n sists of tically impossible for them or for anybody else to show William Buchanan and David Lya ll geritlemen of the that in law or equity they owe d the Government a highest integrity ap.d standing; and when single dollar. the seizure 'Yas made Mr. Buctianan was travelling in About the 20th of last October, Collector Weber of the Western States, attending to busin ess c onnected the Third District, this city, wrote to the Collector of with his; house. Mr. Lyall engaged at 'this time the First District, informing him that the "Flush, in superintending, as usual, both the tobacco manu-tobacco had been reported t o his office as over-weight. factory and the large jutemill b e l onging to the firm Collector :fr!le land of the First Distric t replied in due Whe n Webster's deputies, Harvey and Hawley, called course tha t he had caused an examination of the a t the factory on May _18 and announced to Mr. Lyall "Flush" tobacco to be made, but had! found no eviSU'I'J:Eii DeaJei'S in LEAF Chicago, m will to theJr.adVailta,ge to deal ua I


.. .-,. -. ... POIUMX J. <*MMi T.CillliMiliaDih.::: 1M1GE $TUCKS OF MANUFACTURED TOBACCO OFVERY DESCRIPTIQII SUITABLE FOR Tim HOME TRADE AND FO R F OREiG N liiA.RKETS .fi. ..-. (;.. *=m:J:?'or OC>N&T.A.:N"TX..'Y" ON I TBE VIRGINIA TOBACCO AGENCY, ... 1o s,;, J as. M:. G4BDIKBR, TOBACCO GODIS310N IEBCBAIT, 84 FRONT STREET, NEW YORK. OBDBIU II'OR PLUG TOBA.OOO PROJIIP'I'LT FIL...aD. j NOTICE!. liA'fllrg Pateut!; S01JTH .&IIEJUC.&X LlJIIPS-LA DB LICIA; LA .. KLI:C:IDA.Do i 7' C. LIND& C. 7'. LINDJ: C. C ILUIILTOM. 8. ASHCROFI'. J!III"E"'WV' 1 SHHD LHAF TOBACCO INSPECTION l TOBACCO INSPECTED-OR SAMPLED. o w. HAN'1'8Cll, .-ram.uRJm -.. .. D. w caoVI& .. Bantsch a CIGAR MANU FACTURER s Por the "X"rad.e, AND DEALERS IN PENNSYLVANIA CICARS. Offipe: 643 PENN STREET; and Warehouse: 636 COURT STREET, ::E'I.EI.A.D:J::N"Gtr, :E" .A.. REFERENCES. CIG.lR MOLDS, 176 WderBt.,llewYark. Cor. ltrott' a s u., 0. L S i mons & Bro. u u J Cohn & Co dhlcago Ill :E"r.,:D:Lp1:l.y .A.1:1:e:ti1d.ed. 1:o. c.tlllcatea glnm tor eveq 0888 by case, aa to number of Oertifica te. \ :r.t:erme. 1ol. W. Men d e l & Bro., New Y ork City IMems B;end all, Cloc k & N Y :: M. M Smlth J u W ilson Bros. Detrolt,'ltich, .. S ntro & Newmark, Buek i.i:tg. Co S prl ngfteld. 0 P.lfereyma n & Co. Baltimore, lid. Ordemtem A:; c-o Sa.n Cal. N. B.--' WE ALSO .SAMPLE IN MERCHANTS' OWN STORES. -F. c. LINDE & CO. !; PHD ADJ:LPIII.& BB.&NCHEII: I' & W. piCKDBON, Come r Al-eh aud Water S ti-eeta. MET Z, M N orth Front 811IPPtii:LD, Coaa.I-;EDW. A USTIN. LA.NCA.STER, Pa.-,-HENRY FORES T PHINCWPAL OIPI!'ICE8-l4tl WATER STREET and I 82 to 188 PEARL STREET. W'.&BEHO,II...,, l COKKISSION DRC:EANTS, 110mmiSSIOn ere ants No. 47 Broad Street, No. 44 BROAD STREET, NEW YORK. a. IP.&ll'COI'I', THOS. CA.KHOLL, &, Carroll, <:OMMISSION MERCHANTS FOR THE SALll OF Xentucky and Virginia Leaf Tobacco, 50 BROAD ST.fNEW YOBK .M. ,r E. BALOIIION." Jw.l:. &. E. PACKERS OF SEED LEAF, -AND IMPORTE"' OF-' HavanaTobapco and Ci,aars, SCI llWI:.A.XDEI:N" X...A.:N"EI, & BBOIHQ} G. BE11SENS, l. H. MESSENGER & A.. B. CABDOZO, BUYER OF ,.,.-KENT'UCltY li&AF TOBACCO .. M -OAD IP.fB.BmiiJ.I, 55 Broad St., New York. DIPOJLTIIJIB AND DIU.LJ:RB IN 1113 .... :.. TO:U.A.OO<>, TOBACCO & comll Cigars & Licorice Paste AlfD MAID.N LANE, N.Y. leHrll ltrleer. ........... _"'\ ....._ .. ...__Jioplloodlb......,. ...,._, ... II -OAD ---. 'lo AND N A N U F ACTt1lttUI:S 01" THE IIIlO UICllPE DB Cil.udl:S BBA5D CIGARS,' 190 PAHJ. ST. NEW YORK. I 179 & 181 Lewis Street, New York. All klnd8 oC Cut to Orde r aad R epaired ln the Res 8$yle. The "X" IS"ppl.:l.ed.. JloOLf'M: ITIOiUt ourno ... ,. ... n REYNES BROTHERS & CO., STROHN A REJTZENSTEIN. :ObiSSION MERCHANTS, Coa1mission Uercha.nts, A LSO D&ALU S DOMESTIC 4nd FOREIGN TOBACCO, :1.76 PBONT "' JtiW tOK. GARCIA, JllfeRTER O F THE BRAND OF ct.e<:F ... HAVANA LBAF TOBAGGO 167 WATER ST., New York. U & -18 Bz:ch-ge :!'lace, M'e-.gv York.. _YEU & BEINHEJM, RAILROAD MILLS MACCABOY SNUFF I FRENCH RIPPEE SNUFF I SCOTCH SNUFF I AMERICAN GENTLEMAN SNUFF, LUNDY FOOT SNUFF. ALSO MANUFACTURERS OF THE FOLLOWING BRANDS OF Pt1BB VIR&INI! SIOIIN& TOBACCO VIA: RAILROAD, OUR CHOICE, COLORADO, UNCLE TOM, NAVY CLIPPINCS, BLACK TOM. 133 WATER AND 85 PINE STREETS, NEW YORK. Por Fr1oe 111181: appl.y a'bo"V'eo :6. CIIAL APPLEBY, 81110. W, IIIELBJI.. JULYS IUGIII DU BOIS, GBSIOI .mar WOODROW & LEWIS, GHNHRAL AUGTIONHHIS. Special atlenUoJI giTOD to tbe 8aJe Of Toblllco .... No. 94 PEARi ST ET, NE,Ut JIANO'g!t !!QUARJi, :N" :m -.gv 'Y" 0 B. ::1. Importers -of SPANISH lt'ND PACitHS 01' SEED LEAF T,SC80S AND DEALER IN ALL K1ND8 OJ' LEAP TOBACCO, 162 Pearl Street, lew York. X. 'R..,..,... n R. liln:DID-P.A.CKERS OF SEED LEAF, Water Street, New York. u KOENIG, __. utvJUrAfLiiDDsiiiN LHAI oro:a.&ooos. l:& F TOBACCO, 184 Front Street, ..-ca& A Gt.rge AssortMent Constantly on Hand. 61 CkatJaa-. tit, eo. WUU... If. Y. S. OB..G-L::mR., llANUJ'AC'l'Uli.D or FINE CIGARS, AliJ) DR.6.LJ:lt Ill LEAF TOBAICCG, 295 l 297 GreenWick st., lew Tort ......... ,___ "OUJlA IJ"!'RBo" ''OL!JIAX


JULY 8 .J.I.IGB ILL, MARW ..... IW CIGAR BOXES, Sl:JPERIOll :MAXE AND Prime 0ua11tr of cEDAR WOOD,' STRAITON. & 'STOlUI, 1193, 29s a .st., 411 'V:BI:E'I. &'T., SOLE AGSNTS FOil THE U. s. OF lmtu Ctprettes & Turkish Tobacco -OF-OOIPA&NIE .LAPERIB PlllTERIB1JRG, JIOICOW, WARlAW, ODIII:I8A., DRESDEN. -IIJlW YO:aK, P. 0. Box.1S6. BASCH & FISCHER, Dtl'OltTERS OF :EAV AltA AND PACKliRS OF mB WP TDBAGCI 155 Wate st., NEW YORK. DEA:LERS IN TOBACCP. 176 & lao PEARL STREET, NEW YOU. I I WE HEREBY CAUTION ALL PARTIF3 INFRINGING UPON OR IMITATINC OUR BRANDS, LABELS AND TRADEMARKS, that we will spare no pains in prosecuting such parties in the rights secured to us by .Act of COngress dated August 14, 1876, I STRAtTON & STQR'M' I Th1 ; s Space 1s FOR Ji. W. MARTIN, TG:>BAQeG cor.,MISSIDN MERC_ ,4NT; .. FBOKT ST,, NEW YOl\K. entacollld&telllwilh Souod Banlting. WILLIAM BUCHANAN, I DAVfD C. LYALL! H, R.OCHOLL, Presideot. BUCHANAN R-r y ,YALL. l .. Caahler ., s.a.TII-...:. E.P.c.-.. O:fllce: 101 WaJI St., New York.-P. o. BOX 1772. S..l. !IIDIIPSOI" co.,' Factory 2 FIRST DI$TRICT, SOUTH BROOKI.YN.'. 'lllcpl AID 'OTTO I FlliiiiRif MANPFACTURERS OP THE FOLLOWING CELEBRATED BRANDS-OF Jlb.uuu, PLUG, CHEWING aad 'SilO XING .. ....... rr 0 :i3 A c p 0 .54 & 5 6 BROAD ST., ALSO MANUFACTURERS OF SEMI-CIGARS. o. -.a..... J. .......,.. woas. t i J .. \ J -.. ) PLUG. PLANET Ia, }f11 3ts 5e, 8_, 7, 8., Ua, 16&. WM. FRIEDLA.a...-:.?'11-nEit, J OSEPH SI CHEL. SA.ILOR'I CHOICE, Ia, 3a. 4:e. &a, Ga. 8 D.a. 1 01t. CJU.LLEJ!i'GE, lbo. WA8HI!IOTOI!f, J(a. lfEPTUl!i'E, Double' 'I<. brt. olrl< JUGGlE W FRIEDLAEND'ER & co MITCHELL. JIARRAGAJIIETT. ALEli!:ANDRA. SEN! 1 '11'1. PLOVNPBJl8. m 8VOBANAN, 10a. J,t.CK OF CLUBS. KING PHILIP. PE AlfD A'PtU:OQa'. -ClONQ,VERED.' "ttlKE" Ji'aaey BHlthl'Poallido i, H. 1 Oa. ta.-Whol-'.1' -aleraln GOLD BAR ,'PlUDE OF TH8 &EGDIElft', _. ... .A,"'l" T. A ........ T .lit.. N.A.'V'T P::ENE C>Ur ......... -AND-SMOKINC AND CICAitETTE .. TOBACCO. 1 VIRGINIA BRIGHT CUT OA.VKNDISH. WO:EtLlYS :I" AUt AND ... E. "C"E'Y, DOMHSTIG LEAF TOBAGGO Branch Office: Central Street, Boston. p, O. BOX 1191, . E. co., LEVY BROTHERS LEAP TOBACCO, of' I 189 Lane. .CJ:Q NEW YORK. i 70 and 72 BOWERY, NEW QUTHRIE a. qo., eovxrsSIOH .... x. K. pars:, IJ :ll.t.IUlF',t.ertJBER O.F ... -1 ,,. llSOI' 168 & 170.East:Watet.St;, i I SYRACUSE. .... ..... t.. .. .. I HUPENBEJIOJ:R It I!IAUaD'S CIGAil BOX LABKLS .ikD TlllllllfDfG& L P. \V. SIYTD It GO., COMMISSION ::IEBCH.NTS, :BRETHERTON BUILDINGS, I .No. 10 JOHN STREET, r _, h LIVERPOOL, ENC. AWARDED the HICHEST MEDAL and DIPLOMA At the Centennial to ED. WISCIDIEYltR, HY. WISCHllEYER. ED & CO., TO:&-.A.CCO COMMISSION MERCHA.NTS,39 SOUTH CALVERT ST., Baltimore, Md. -..----'t-I. A:F. DD'O.-a. .,.. .HAVANA rf.OBAC,GO, 203 Pem"l Street. New .York APPlEBY'S .CIGAR-MACHINE .COMPANY, 1 ll MANUFA

. 4 ----------"'"--------4eBee of over-weight in is. In February last j;Jollector DJCSUVI!fG OF Ho!fOR .-ReJ:lresentative Willis, of Freeland notified Messrs. Buchanan & Lya.ll that comLouisville, Ky., a.ll the honor his many friends hat 'th "Fl IWO!l him. Too much cannot be done in JPI&mt: J:tad been made to him t e was of the services of the Spartan band who ;found on the market in exC888 of lawful weight. The for the tPbacco interest in Congress at the last immediatly gavoe their special attention to !lBI!!JWn. I packing of. the "Fluslb.," continued with unfailing REII.umLING.-Mr. C S. Philips, our New York to regularity to supervi11e it, With a. view to having it put bacco rehandler, has brought h1s system of curing to up in the exact manner prescribed by law, until about bacco to suchpetofection, that he. can ta.kea.caseof leaf, 1 h .... B ------1 f th w t and Mr which blaoketit of ashes, and by ...... y w en: m.r uc ............ eu or e es' his process change it so thoroughly that the ashes will Lyall's attention was withdrawn for about three be as white as c be desired. A. F. JULYS SpecJal Crop Reports to The Tobacco Leaf." which Vf>r'f grc d tly lessen the chauces of damage to the p-owIn$' crop by a drouth lholllld w e be TlsUed by one. Receiptl :NEW YORX. Medium to good lugs. : .. . 9 8Q@3 50 th1s week, 176 IU'ds, against 223 hhda last week. Sales this Big Flat&, Julv4.W. H. L. reports: We have not Low to common leaf ................... 8 70@4 20 week, 233 hhds, agains t 258 hhds last week. had any rain since my last in this town, although Medium to good leaf. . . . . IS 00@11 50 L. ht a. of Elmira w:' ;r:ited a. LAl!fC.ASTB:B.-Our East Hemplleld correspondent says: Common lugs.. . . 9 oo; 2 50 9 tJO@"'jj 00 ower, ysome a e weah er -Buyers are busY.' in quest of '77 leaf." Since my last three Good Jug8 ............... _... 2 1100 3 25 8 00@ 4 715 bee n excessively ot,.and corn and tobacco _ave entire nei O!lr place at 14 and Cwnmon leaf................ 3 ooe 4 00 4 110@ 11 715 n growirig unusually well. There are indications an are 1pped ;ee t seems aa though it waa Medium leaf ...... _. . . 4 ll6@ :; 75 6 110@ 8 715 of rain this morning, and no doubt we !fill get it, as ati .lopming up I! little. lock in llrat hands (local buyers) is Good leaf. . . . . 6 25@ 8 25 9 00@11 00 to-day is thfl "ever R"lorious;" and yesterday the great nearly all .gone. Rai-a have some on band. One lot oolil in Fine leaf. : ............... :.. 8 50@ 9 50 11 00@13 00 Barnum exhibited fn Elmira-two SVAnts which can-bulk at 18C. for wrappers but do not believe that the whole not help but prodUCfl showers A wag;p. raih at this amount is large. Conaiderable ditference is shown by correORLEANS.-Messrs. Gunther & Stevenaon, Tot ld te 'all be fit f spondenta regarding the pi'08pects of the '78 crop With all o report to TlDI: 'XoBACCO L&uo u followaweeks to otherpuraui"ts. On or about May 18, Ha.rVey and Hawley went to'\he factory,-as previously stated, and found the "Flush bY: thlllll These three occasions were the only ones ever heard of inV[Ql:ving evidence of over-weight; and yet, ijwugh the first complaint was pronounced, as has been shown, without .,pparent iy Collector F1:00land; Ime wou rna n Y ne armers. the advantages of an early spring aad splendid weather for Receipts s1nce June 19, to date 1,419 hhda, against 625 MR. H. W ARNl!TEDT, a. young man who has been OONNECTICUT. planting the Btablished himself as a nothing ot interest to write about the crop in this pared to foriner years it being in general con8lderabl f smaller ; li9!i distnbuted among. the German and Englllh exporter. leaf tobl:co broJr:er in this city. 'As a proof of his en-mediate vicinity this week. 1 have had an interview 1 showing thickness of leaf, and in aome ins t ances rust is plainly .. were dis tributed as follows :-To Bremen, terprise, we may; mention that he Wf! the broker w "ho with .10me Ianre growers in South Windsor and East visible on account of excess of rain. What the crop may come dhlp :t/llllP'II{J,, H68. hhds ; New York, ship '17 ae!a last the large' lots of 2,000 or more cases Hartford and Glastonbury, and I learned that the crop to there is no telling as is th e month. to decide good or o; coast and lntenor 10 tot'al, 7M do._ toone house m Water Street. there as well as here is more forward than it ever has bad c roJl. PADUCAH, Ky.-Mr. T H Puryear, Leaf Tobllooo 'thou8ft-the second complaint was instantly made by the firm an to increBB!IIi vigilance, no 'further objection was made" until about May'1'8; and been on the 4th of July notwithstanding the little LOUISVILLE.-Mr. J .Lewers Secretary of the to THE. 'ToBAcco L&uo aa follows :-Tbero M!8RB. BuCHNXJt & Co.'s TuRN.-Messrs. _Buchanan the growers took in the starting of the crop. Tobacco Bo&rd"of 'l'rade, reports to THB : -is;-no change to note in the temper of our market tbla week & Lya.ll Ita.-.:IDg adj. uste4. witl;l ,the Goy-.Lalso learned that the crop in Wethersfield looks exReceipt s for1lrst Jive week, 1,350 hhds, ;w.hichis :].,250. As to qu!'lity it shows fur ther fal\ing off,. and is now ernment With ,J8.t18fact1on to all concerned, except, ceedingly good this year, and that fully .90 per cent. of hhds Jess than !or. t1me::rast week'; total rece1p!" poo t: a 1 t-C!n eve f be. Our. r eC;ince Edward Co., July 1 .-C. W .. B. terday. Bales to-day amounted to .4114 hhds at about same occasionally needed; quotations can be quoted llrm. reports :-Receipts here only moderately heavy. Pnces prices as last week. a few Kentucky bright wrappers Smoking Tobacco8.-A decided waa noticeable abOut the same as last quoted. I still confirm what I this week, the best selling at 25 and 41lc. The bulk of sales in Cut and Dry and Granulated goods the past week with have said all the time that a. half arop only will be was Jugs and nonde s cript leaf Bright cutting in strong large incre.l.Se on better grades. This class of goods, sirange raised in this section of Virginia. Should inspecdemand, with very little in the market ; there is also a good to say, seems to make slow progr'esa toward resuming the old tions run over half, it will be lllcBde by the quantity demand for an;r suiting for plug work or line, long leafy position; hold steady. carried over from the last crop. All tobacco of quality dark heavybodied for export. No crop news to cause any -: Oigaro-F me of domest1c show a slight still commands full prices in our market. Fine leaf change in estimates placed on the acreage planted-about threeImprovement With frequent orders medmm and fetches as high as 12% to 13c Iooso fourths of an avcrai(C in Kentucky, and les s in Indiana, Illinois common grades contmue to loom up steadily m demand at the and Tennessee. small advance. KENTUCKY. QUOT:ATIONB Receipts for the week from all quarters, 740 boxes, 3,o6o Cadtz, Trrgg Co. July 1.-J. F W. reports :-Since Ndied.--.. (Jutting, caddies 610 cases, and 600 plills of tine-cute my last report there has been a very destructive storm, Moderately. lle&Jlr. Leaf Tol>acco.-Handlers of Seed leaf !or home use the pasj; laying waste large portions of the crop that was set Common Jugs. 2 @2)4 S 8 @ 4 week report only a fair business, which extends to interior as and doing 'Well. The extent of the damage cannot be Good lugs .. ,.. 4 @ 6 well as local trade Warm weather atlecta thil branch as well determined right now. It is certain that the part deCommon leaf. 2;i@8 3 6 @ as others ; prices, bow_ever, hold steady The balk of the stroyed will never be set, as the plants have given out. Good leaf...... 3 @4 9 goods sold Connect1cnt and _Pennsylvuua Seed, and lllOilUy LLIN Fine leaf....... .. @.. 9 @12 9 011 old stock. Prune wrappers contmue to be looked alter, and are E ,.. _._ Sal" O I r. OIB. Selections. . @.. 7!>S 12 @1.5),( 11 @18JI>! quickly purchased at full '1lgures if they come up to thereJne o., .,une 28,-B. & M. 0 'd 6 f h f rd quirementl of the market. Wisconsin and Ohio have been The planting season for tobacco. 1s about over. Some utsl e gures or c mce crops m per ect 0 er. Receipts moderately dsalt in ; a-sliJi:bt adY8ilct! bas, however, taken small patches set early are domg well, but the last hhds; sales, 280 Exceptlag for useful grades. place, which can etlsily be obtained without injury to any one, plantmg has s uff ered from extreme hot and dry aa these goods were being sold entirely &oo low. weather. The acreage cannot now be over from 25 to [Thiueport reacMd "" UJo late for imertild 88,901 bhds (originals) of crop of 1877 at Ol.mVELAND, 0.-John A. Weber, Cigar Manufacturer; chatOur special sales of tine leaf commenced on W e dnesday, 26th IIOln'HL y inst and & ontlnued through the week; t o tal sales limited to 800 hhds a day. Have hsd a very respectable showing of the best crops of dark lieavy bodied and fancy bright wrappers raised in this and adjoining States; up to the present, 944 hhds tel mortgage for t400 retlled. INDIANAPOLIS, IND.-A. W Sharpe, Cigar Manufacturer; gone Breaks durin&' month: lnal>ectlona ............ Uplands .. ........... .. ....... ... .. ...... 18'17 4,578 bhda ftithhda MAlu.BoBOUGH, L Bliss, Cigars ; mortgaged or made a bill of sale. Nxw H.a.vEN, CoNN.-K P. Ostr\J.m, Cigar Box Manufactu. rer; chattel mortgage for $1,600 SoUTH BEND, lKD.-0. Steetz, Cigar Mantlfacturer; assigned. have been aold in these sales, about 100 bhdll of which was To,tal tor the month ...... select, dark heavy bodied at nearly all taken for Jaspecllollll during month export ; 12 hhda selem Kentucky liright wrappers, at 40@69c,. to I'!'e'riOUA ......... ........ city manufacturers. The low grad e s of these Jlne crops aold Total from Oct! 1 iodate .. at corresponding high Jlgures. 'l:he bulk of sales was of jWlt 27,881 hhda 114,119 hhda such wde through the Business Chan.,;.., New Firm. 8 and Re. QJoY&ls; season ; a IB, non eacrJp .. an m crate y eavy Ooutwtse ............. .. Tobecco. 8temL Tobacco. lltem8. 547 hhda .. hhda 4111 hhda .... hhda 8,llll hhds lMII hhds 1,M4 hhda liN hhdD Prices ruled strong on all strictly useful kinds, while common CHICAGO, li.L.-M. J O'Connor, Cigars; sold out or, selling lugs and nondescript leaf have been draggr at slightly lower Total durlll!l' the month .. 3 ,659 hhda lH8 hhda 11,0111 hhda out figures than last week; ... many faulty lugs (dirty, trashy, Pre'rioua .. .. .. ........ .. 11122 bhda _1a89_ hhda_ S.llllli_hhda_S.9ll:ll_-CINCINlfATI, 0 .-Weil, Kahn & Co., Cigar Manufacturers; or in aoft aold We have had a large number Total from Oct. 1 to date. 14,;811ahdll IO,e'/11 llhdl 4,101 bbM burnt out; !01111 tii,OOO to 16,000; fuii,Y insured. of planters an dealen 11111 this week, and their ideas of pros-Stock8 on June!......... s,m bhda 8,11911hlidoo JACKSON, MteH.-Bunnell & E:verard,. dissolved; Bun, for the coming crop &11101Ult to about this : In localities Add recelpto amce... .... hhda 4,1i8t hhda nell continuea. adapted to the cuhure of fine tohaccoa of any the PATERSON, N.J.-E. Dodd & Co., Cigars and Tobacco ; dis-, regular tohacco ralsers-thoee prepared for proper managesolved E. Dodd continues ment-will aim to raise aa mueh aa they usua\l:r do, while PAIIIIAlC, N. J.-Mrs. C Ehman has sold out her cipr business rente.f!! and thoae not 10 well heel, will rals!.l very .JitS)e, if any. StoCk ot ln8pecled tobacco and manufactory to Auton Ehman, Jr. . Several dealera baYing traveled through their unmediate 11,4111rbhda 4,100 hlullh PmLADELPliiA, P.t..-W. Eiaenlobr & Co : ; dissolved; Mr. s : neighborhoods, 1lnd a heavy falling off from last year s plant W. Clark retiring,_ The remaining partilen, Mr. W. inl; in Breckenridge County; they claim there be Eiseillohr and Mr. l'hil. Bonn. will ooutuiue the b Wllneu half of Jan year'a, while other Ohio River and Green River under-the of W. Elaenlohr & Co. at thtilr old Counties tlgure same way. The and ClarO. place, 115 South Water Street and 116 South Delaware -ville distric\s now lu!ve planted about an average crop, 'cutti.Dg Avenue. dllltricts ditto, and the balance of State will lose at least RicHKoND, V .t..-G. Hol!bauer & Co., Leaf Tollacco; dis. all the "outaide" planters, with po .. ibly a IIID&!J droppinc olf solved; G. Hoffbauer retiting on account of Impaired in quantity planted b.Y the regulars "; aDd lhould we have health; \he busineu w!U be continued by Mr. D Tidomann, a fvorable aeaaou, Will have three-fourths of an under Jlrm st;rle of D. Tidemann & Co. average crop, and that of superior quality W.oo!fllC)qiipe in its subsequent use. To effect a thorough clea.nsmg, the ''pipe cleaner" should be used; or if such is .ot on hand, a. piece of twisted twine might serve to the same purpose. Steam and alcohol serve to accomplish an effective cleaning, but cannot be commended, because they tend to interfere with an even coloring. An even coloring of a. meerschaum depends, though, in a. great measure on the freshness and the careful waxing of the same; mainly on the quality of the meerschaum. In Europe a.ll qualities from quality I to quality X are utilized, while American manufacture is confined to the best qualities, because, owing to the higher expenses and the higher prices of labor1 the manufacture of wares from tne inferior qualities would not be profitable. Nevertheless, it ha,Ppens occasiona.llythat meerschaums of the best qua.hty are not adapted to a. good and even coloring, because they are often im pregnated with a. substance: iron, for instance, which from the outs1de cannot be discovered, but which hinders an even coloring of the best prepared LYNCHBUBG.-Messrs. Holt, &lhaefer & Co., Buyers and Handlers of Leaf Tobacco, report to Tml: ToBAOOO LlLU' :Our receipta thil week were pretty large; yesterday, on the 4th, we had no sales however. The improvement in quality we notiCed then and again is not lasting, and while our selec tlou may be callep satiafador.r_ some days, it is equally disap polntil!g a day twp after. Fine tobaccos of all descriptions remain very scarce, and with an active demand for such for manufacturing aa well as lhipJ?.ing purposes; prices for these pades continue very tirm, while the medium grades and par ticularly common Juga are rather easier; we cannot chauga our quotations, bowever, except for very common lugs which are perhape J4c lower. The above statement of the trauactiona at our 'W'U'ehoDitl during the month of June bardl;r Deeds atll further commenta, as illuliy explaina the hlstorr of our IIW'ket; of 1,9112 hhdll otfered, 1,2811 hhds only have been aold aad 717 bhda rejected, a heavier _proportioD of rejections than we ever had to repor\ before. The sales comprise a large abare of Jup and commoD to medium shipping leaf; Ute rejeetiona consist to some ex tell\ of I[OOd colo..Y, lugs and abipping leaf. and principally of good to line manufacturing grad"' of tobacco wb1ch ba'Ye beeD much neglected so far. 'Reeei{ltl have been rather light for the aeaaon; 9.261 hhda In June, againat 2,0M bbda lllr.y, the unsatisfactory state of our market preventing shippen from sending in their tobacco more liberally. Towarde the end of the month quite an improvement in quality bas beell. .. ble, a larger proportion of good red leaf and several fine bright crops having been offered for sale. The planting has been Jlnisbed laat month, and we !lNimato that about one half of an average crop has been set out in our State. Plants are progressing favorably so far in moo locali ties, they have been retanied in growth by cool weatll er prevailing until the middle of the month. We quote:Trashy lugs .... ................... 1 50@ 1 71> Common lugs ................... : 1 711@ I 10 Good Jugs.. .. .. .. .. ... .. . 2 10@ 2 50 Fine colory lugs ..... :.. .. .. .. .. 2 fiO@ 3 00 Fine bright smokers.. .. .. .. .. .. .. 4 00@ 7 00 Low leaf.. .. .. .. .. . .. .. .. .. 2 110@ 3 00 Medium to good shipping leaf. . 8 00@ 4 50 Fin e shipping leaf................. 4 50@ 6 00 Low manufacturing leaf.. . . 3 00@ 3 75 Good manufacturing leaf. . . 4 00@ 5 :10 Fin e manufacturing leaf........... 6 00@ 8 00 Medium bright wrappers.. . . 10 00@16 00 meerschaum bowls. (711 b4 Ctmtin!Ud.) MAYFIELD, Ky.-Mr. W. 8. Melloo reports to To ToBACCO LEAF as follows :-Our market tbla week closed firm and active for all grades of tobacco, with sales of 231 hhds I quote as follows:QUOTATIONS. Low lugs and trash.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 1 50@ 1 75 Medium to good Jugs..... .. .. .. .. .. .. 1 75@ 8 00 Low leaf.. ....................... ..... 3 liO@ 4 00 Medium leaf .. .. .. .. .. .. .. . IS 00@ 6 50 Good leaf............ ................ 7 00@ 8 50 Fine leaf .. .. .. . .. .. . 9 50@11 50 t!elections ............................ none offering. Receiptl continue light, owing to the farmers being occupied with their crops, which are in a very bad condition, there hav ing been so much rain of late. NASHVILLE, Tenn.-Mr. W. W. Kirby, Leaf Tobac co Broker, reportl to Tml: TOBACCO LEAF as follows :-Our leaf tobacco market was active and very firm during the entire week. Previous prices of both lugs and leaf were fully main tained. We were visited during the week by splendid rains, Good bright wrappers ... : ......... 15 00@25 00 Fine bright wrappers .............. 25 00@45 00 Fancy brights .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 45 00@65 00 FOREICN. LONDON, June 26.-Messrs Grant, Chambers ol Co. report to THB To:nACCO LEAF aa follows :-The tranaactiODI in American tobacco !,lave been upon a limited acale during the past week: there iB rather more inquiry for the grades, as it is generally 81lpposed that prices are now theb fowest point. Western leaf and strips-The former to be bad at regular prices; in the latter the sales have been limited. Virginia leaf and strips-In both descriptions there bas b.. more busi.aess done. Maryland and Ohio are only salable wbell of good, light color. Cavendish baa 'beeD butliWe !D.


JULYS TOBACCO LEAF. 5 THE DOMESTIC TOBACCO MARKETS yet the market, but is looked for. Clarksville leaf of decided character was In very fair request and commanded full prices. Manuf..cturera bought more liberally of colory Mason J'OR THJC WEkK II:NniifG County, of which oqr stock is now q.uite reduced at SA 'I'UBDA T, JUL T 8 interior m!U'kets are very full, and, 1t will benoticed, are con Receipts of licorice at port of New York for week ending July 6, reported expressly for Tllll: ToBACCO &.Sterry:, per .ll.uynia from Naples,85pkgs (17,488lba) licorice st1cko. EXPOB'l'L NE YORK. Th. h b h l'd k d aiderabl.y in excess of sales, which is accounted for in part by W -18 as een a. o 1 ay wee an a disposition on the part of shippers to discount the probability the aggregate of sales in the leaf-tobacco market has, of a decreased Prices are well maintained all accoro1ngly, been 4iininished as comparfld with that subl!tantial and heavy grades, whUe all clall8es of nondescripts of the lteek precedmg. The reported sales of Western are irregular and lof In. regard to the next leaf show quite meagi'Il transactions\ in that va.rifltl'"'l crop ; reports va,ry from one :lJa!f .to t _wo' thirds in some sectioils of tobacco, only about 298 hogsheads having toR full average in others Prom best tnformation, it is our hands. The Regie buyers,apparemtly, are not opera-opinion that an average crop will be made iri -those districts ting to any appreciable extent, or have not been du-where hea ,vy sLr,les are grown, and also in the Mason County ring the week, and the other regular pu:reh$11ers seem region; but In thol!il sectlona more particularly noted I or nond.,.. to liave made their small selectiOns to supply current script styles the prod!lction will he materially curtailed. This wants only. The coming week win probably make a falling oli will be mor e decided in those States north of the Frolh &he port of New York to foreign ports for the week ending uly 6 were a& follows:BREMEN.-211 hhds, 60 do stems, 31<1 cases, 686 bales. BRtTISU HoMDURAs.-2 hhds, 98 pkp..(4, 784 lba) mfd. be h'b't h h 'lth h t d bun Ohio River, where large crops can be looked for only when tter ex I I t oug w excessive ea an a prices are Jiigb. Our estimate is an av er age or about three clant rural attractions to woo busineSB men from the marts Of trade, it need not be a matter of if quarters of last year's crop south of the Ohio River and about one-baif of last year's crop in the mor e northern states, includa brief period of quietude should 'now prev The ing MI890uri. market, though inactive, is steady and firm for all Messrs M. Rader & Soo; tobacco brok ers, say in their cirIUbstantial grades. cular:-Kentucky tobacco has been in moderate request bi. K. pkp(8,H'l"l)ll) mfd. BRITISH WEST Il'IDIE8.-l2 hhds, 101 pkgs (14,51i4lbs) mfd. CUBA.-1 pkg (226 lbs) mfd DANISU WEST hiDIES .-5 bhds. FRENCH WEST INDIEII.-8 bh<.ls. GumALTAR.-326 hhds. 83 cases IJLASOOW. -385 hhds 185 cases HAWBUR0.-1118 hhds. 609 bales. 1JAYTI. -2 hbds, 1 pkg (ls0 lbs) mfd. HAVlUi:.-253 hhds. LIVERPOOL.-1,001i hilda, 110 casea, 884 pkgs (4!!,203 lha) mfd. Lol'IDON.-189 hhds, 59 cases, 816 pkgs (44,886 lbs) mfd. PoRTO Rico.-10 pkgs (16,000 lbs) mfd. RorrltRDAK -2117 hhds. ,, U. S OF CoT,OWBIA.-218 bales, 24 pkgs (8,416 lbs) mfd 0 VENEZUELA.-27 balel', 36 pkgs lbs) mfd -,. PAB'l'ICUL.&.B XO'l'ICL Heesrs. Sawyer, W & <;:Jo. reporti to Tml: TOBAC throughout lasj month. both for export and consumption ClQ. Lur as follows:, when just at th e clOBC some h eavy pure for France.. were Leaj.We have very liU.le of_ interest to say l!ffected the s ales to 5,700 hhds of which 1,600 hhda with regard to the market this week, which, as usual, for consumption. Pric es are without change. The award of baa been broken into by our national holiday. The sales contract.s for France and Italy for the cu rrent year having amount to about 298 hogsheads, of which 22 to cutters, been concluded, more active mquiry is expected. Reports 11 to jobbers, 30to manufacturer!!, and the from the growing sections of the West continue favorable. J:very resale Ia supposed to be at au adTauce ou ll1'lt. coot, the prlcoe obtainable by growers ot tobacco, therelore, will always be somewha&i lower than these quotations. export, including 100 for Africa.. The Regies contmue Virginia Leaf.-With the exception of some dark to look around, and we hope for more shortly. wrappers, for which, as indeed for all desirable wrap-Jot week. 2d week. &t week. 4tb w e ek. 6tiL week. persJ there is a good demand, not much Virginia leaf January.: 1,528 589 952 631 has oeen sold. February. .. 474 760 402 864 Seed Leaf.-The sales of Seed leaf amounted to 1, 782 lllarch...... ll45 381 1186 1525 cases, of which 1,050 for export. The demand for QUOTATIONS OF WHOLESALE PRICFi3. Medium ............ Good .................. FIDe ................ .. .. WESTERl'l LII:A.F. ct.. I lieayY Leaf-ct1. !%@ 4 Lugs ...... -.... ....... l%0 m m Common ......... _. .... 6 6 fdlll 8 @ll J.l'lne ... _. ............. 11 18 Selecllono ... _. .. . .. 18 15 VIRGINIA LII:A.F. April .. 248 1,600 830 600 787 Pennsylvania and Ohio continues brisk, and the indillay 460 1,000 487 529 1 424 cations are .that it will jlxtendwellalong through the June....... 837 796 1 139 2 77'o season : Of cours_ e it is not safe to predict that it posi&W:.:: Wallace & Co.'s monthly tobacco will do so, and in buying for speculation this f July .Toba= .-Receipts. in June, E!bOU d be bo.rne m mindl l Prudent caution 1878, (lnclud(ng 2,1518 Virginia) 20,229 hhds; 11177. 14,508 hhds; merchantsnow as w e as at any time. There bhda; 1871i, 8,li18hhds; since 1st January, 1878, (In-always goods to be bought in the market, but it is to good. .... _. !IKO 5 ... 15 Good to 11De .. .. .. .. .. & @ Good to IIDe.. .. .. .. .. .. ill Leaf-FIDe to extra fiDe ..... 40 Commoa to good....... H Dapple wr&pper'l ....... 18 Good to 11De..... .. .. .. 1% &DOkono .... _. .. .. .. .. 15 cl 9,877 Virginia) 159,681 hhds; 1877, 37,188 bhda; 1876, always advisable to load up. The trade baa yet many 118,Gll2 hhds; 1875, 22,8911 hhds; including New Orleans, lhe questions concerning ways and means to settle before J"eCeipta of Western crop are hhds this year. against it canreach a poeition of absolute safety. Manufac-85,!1111 hhds last year, 70,183 hhds in 1876, and 21,176 in 1875. _turers have been obliged to adapt their prices to .the Exporta in June, 1878, 10,264 hbds; 1877 7,221! hhds; 1876, tendencyofthetimes,and theywillnaturallyexpectto 11,127 hhds; 1871i, 4,9511 hhda; Iince 1st January, 1878, 85,267 be met half way by those from whom they obtain their llbda; 1877, 26,728 hbds; 1876, 84,74.'1 hhds; 1875, 17,897 hhda; supplies of leaf. It is but reasonable to suppose that iacluding New Orleans, they are 40,799 hhds this year. against if the public expect them to furnish a good five-cent 81,600 hlids laat year, 88,1199 hhds in 1876, and 19 in 1875 cigar at about half the former _price, they must buy '&lea In June, 1878, 11,700 hhds ; 1877, 4,000 hhds; 1876, 8,200 th tob t d Th hhds; 1875, 3 ,000 hhds ; since 1st January, 11178. 22.250 hhds; wr acco a a corresE,on mg prlCe. er are 1877, 22,800 hhds; 1876, 27.400 hhds; 1875, 16,150 hhds Inwo:dking to tod the cond1tions cluclinll: New Orleans they are 25,776 hbds this year, against inc1 ent to a return to tu-u-pa.q, 'an ;consequenlly, last year, 35,828 hhds in 1876, and 18.143 hhds in will not be likely to purchase much lleyond their 1875. During the greater part of June our market contiouea current warits. They will keep going on a moderate quiet t.nd steady. Spain bought a small cargo of low grades at basis as long as they can. They expect a margin a low price. Little German spinning leaf appeared, and sold somewhere for a little profit, and the moral to be de .readily and well. Mason County also arrived sparingly, and duced i s, Don't speculate for. at least a little while &he old stock being exhausted, there ia a good opportunity now lol}ger. tor doing well with fresh supplies. We quote :-Common .ll{essrs. Cbaa.'E. Fischer&Bro., TobaccoBrokjlrs, 1!14 smokers 4}2'@5c; colory do, common red leaf, 6 Water report as follows Seed'leaf: 7c; medium, good, colory leaf (not fancy) Our market has not been as active as iast week, which would bring 1@2c more. Tile highprice of '' !lason is di-may be attributed to some extent to the hot weather recting more attentiob Lo the colory hhds of other growths and our national holiday. Pennsylvania remains in which are being selected by jobbers and exporteN. The French f.ood demand for home tra de. and Oh1 o IS. still wanted contract was awarded on the 7th ultimo to three partie1, and at &he clooe of the month the buyer for one-half entered the or export; all other styles of tobacco are neglected. Jllal'ket, taking 1,609 bhds in two lots, thus raising our sales to The total sales foot up 1, 782 cases, of which for ship :respectable total. The oettlement, or rather non-oeltlement, ping about 1, 050 cases. The following are the details :Of &he tax quealion does not yet appear to have any effect on of the traD.SQCtions: -our home trade, which continues moderate and heaiLhy We cases were sold iii small lots at 13 DOte 4,121 hhds for export 970 to manufacturers, 76 to cutters, to 20c for 'WTappers. and 556 to jobbers; and Iince January 1 : MaBBaChmetts-Nothing was done in this kind. ToJI&nnf'L CUtter&. Jobbers. Speculatlou. New York was also neglected, and only 90 1878-2';333 hhds. changed hands at 5%_to 7c, assorted, of the 1876 crop. 1877G ,867 1.560 2,948 12,433 25 Pennaylvania received a fair share of attention; 18783 ,596 1,240 1,596 17,675 3,290 350 casee of the 1877 crop sold at 11 to 1S%'c assorted, 1875-2,311 9111 1,360 10,871 2117 and 140 cases of the 1876 crop found buyers at 13 to We repeat quotations Neither w e nor our neighbors oee 14c. &he slightest ground to change them. lugs are not inOhio was in good demand; 130 cases of the 1876 .quired for, and bad still better be kept at home We have crop sold at and private terms; .and of the new always thought. it a mi s take to market low lugs uow. They crop 912 cases were taken for export at 7 to 8%'c asmust pay the farmer next to nothing. The world ia full of sorted. them, and docs not want them. Bu t the low price will work Wiscon.sin-Nothing transpired in this style. its own cure in cur tailing the production here and in Europ e, Our special Bremen report, dated June 22, 1878, says: -and if you will only have patience and hold at home, 'you will -All the old oobaccos that arrived during the week be rewarded were readily sold at full prices. Pennsylvania. State KONTULY BTATEM:El'IT OF THE BTOOK AT INSPECTIONS. and Wisconsin of the new crop, however, were neg-BLock on hand June 1, 1878. 28,2611 hhds lected and did not find buyers. Only small lots of the Received since .. .. ............... .... .... .. 12,858 hhds latter came in, and we doubt that they will be sold 40,627 hhds very s oon, unless buyers are tempted by low prices. D li d 818 hhds There are no arrivals of new Ohios, and we don't e "vere since." .. .. ...... .... .... .. .. 4 expect to do business to any extent in this style before Stock on band Jilly 1 1878 ......... : . . 85,809 hhds the month of August. The following are the details of the week's transactions:-76 cases 1875 State 50 1878. 1877. 1876 1875 cases 1876 do, 32 cases 1876 do, 150 cases 1876 Wis-hhds. hhds hhds. hhds. Oh' 3 d Stock in Liverpool June 1 ...... 29,970 29,051 22, 27,929 consm, 84 cases 1876 10, 4 cases 1876 o, 97 cases Btoek in London June 1. ...... 20,098 14,235 11;500 15,'123 1876 >hio and Pennsylvania, n cases 1&77 Ohio, 52 Stock in Bremen June 1 ....... 2 ,1177 4,457 768 1,853 cases 1877 do. -l!ltock in New Orleans June 22. o,970 9,663 13,588 3,994 The circular of Me8srs. J S Gans' Son & Co., Tobacco Stock in Baltimore June 29 .. -. 39,447 24,282 20,156 22,216 Brokers says:-Seed Leaf.-lt ia again our pleasure to report .atock in New York July 1 .. .. 85,809 26,973 81,486 40,856 great activity, and although the bulk of transactions must be termed speculative, the present position is such aa to make 188,869 108,611 119,954 111,471 nearly all operations in 1877 crop perfectly safe For home The English markets have done a fair business, both for trade 1876 and 1877 cropa Pennsylvania bave been the favor Jwme uae and export. at steady prices. The increased duty itea; of the former, ftne tobaccos are-becoming scarce, while of seems to throw the dmand more on the lower grades of stril* the latter a large number of packings have changed hands. and leaf. and they want tlrem as dry as an old toper. Bremen From Lancaster County we learn of very large sales, fanners reporta a g;ood mquiry for old lugs and new spmning leaf, having nearly all disposed of their cropa, while any number of while light cutting sorts are neglected Western marketaqave packers and speculator& have sold their goDII.s. For export, been very active and 11rm. The weather has been generally conaldering the early season and the fact that but little bad favorable for completing the planting. We have taken par-been sampled, an enormous business has been done, principally ticular paiDa to aacertain its extent, and thank our friends for in 1877 Ohios, whije clOBC on to 2 ,000 cases 1877 Pennsylvania lhelr frequent advicea. From a careful perusal of these, we have also been taken. It is much to he hoped for that prices -coDClude tbat il all depends on the &Diounl of stock you have will not he driven too high, elae we might cut off the on balld. H you are out of the trade tbia season or have sold tary excellent chances for a large foreign deman.d, which is so o()Ut, the planting will he at least a full average. Do you buy, much needed to bring our long ouffering trade back again to a llhlp or aell, and hold but bttle?-lt will he near an average sound brisls. The Italian contract for 2,800 to 8,000 cases Ohio Have you 100 te liOO hhda on balldt-it wont exc.Jed one-balf. leaf (crop of 1877) was awarded on the 21st ultimo. Crop pros Do you control 1,0001-it Ia doubtful if it reach a quarter pects are _good, and Pennsylvania Ohio and Wisconsin will We will adhere for the present to our last month's estimateundoubtedly set out large quantities. From the former State an average sooth of the Ohio, and a half in the Northern we b-ar complaints of the ravages of the heart worm ahd ants; atates, although certainly our latest advicea are leas favorable although a continuance of the present weather will relieve *han before. Of courae the yield ia another thing, dependent planters from some of the inaect pests. From Ohio our re moaUy ou future weather. They say the looka badly porta are very encouraging. The New England States will 11.0w, from too mnch rain and cold; and it-will look make an on the production of 1877. Blilea:-Crope wone b:y and by, from too much heat and di'Ou&h, to and including &he one of 1874.-0hio, liO .ather things beyond our comprehension We think, h01we,ei, Crop of 1876.-New England, 400 cases. Crop of 1876.-New there are 10me things we do compre1:lend, which may be England, 1,000 casea, 20 for export; Pennsylvania, 2,600 do, 52 wortb telliDg. One ia, that the crop we are _now bandling is for export; New York, 900 do, 100 for export; Ohio, 8110 do, universally conceded to he very large; and if the next is but 8liO for OporL Crop of 1877.-New En&laod, 600 cases; Penn.balf ita aize, &he two together will amply supply the wants of sylvania, 11,600 do, 1,800 for export; Ohio, I,k-Crop 11111-Ptnt\lflltJania-Crop 1818-- Al!80rted line ...... _, ... 18 @l)1 llll< FJata .. .. .. .... 10 eta Allorted Iota ..... __ .. 7 @10 WUoon.oin.-Crop 1875-.U.Orted lot& .. .. .. do fatr ........... Flllero 11De... .. .. .. .. .. 9 dO common........ 6 G -EXPORT QUOTAT!:OI!!I8 @II ........ Crop 1817do l'alr .......... Aosorted aue..... .. .. .. 1 OJ! FWera ................. do fatr.. .. .. 7 0 Crop 1877.. 7 @8 Crop 1877WIIIOOJmii'-Cnlp 1876-Asoorted _, .. _, .. _, .. -.. 1%0 8 A..ooorted lola .......... Crop 1877.aiooorted Iota ......... .. liP ANIBH-LI:AF. :tm 4 06 I 0,7 I 0 7 Old crop, llsvoiiG-Common ... _. .. _. .. .. .. .. .. .. to .. Good ,'_,.......... "_,....... .. 110 to lOll y .. i;,ij: ::::::::: : ::.: .. :: JIIAl'IUFAC'l'UlUU!:D TOBACCO New crop. 6ll to 75 80 toIIO 95 to 105 l;'luca 1M OJDmJ PD Pomm. Brl.r:hta-Black&-lf"avy 4 's. ti's 6 s, lO' s or W lba, 10'1 &Dd l!'a. 18@18 & 20@25 pocket v!ecoo .. ___ ___ 110 ODS NaY)' 4'o, 6's, 3'o lbe; ADd 8'o .... 110 6211 108 ....... 14018.1:= 9.1n Qhi-preseed ....... 89 @45 NaTY iii's or pocket pieces. 1 Gold BarS ............ 80 @45 Negrobead T'trist .. __ __ ., __ li2 88 8 IUld 12-!Dch twist. . 115 @ill! CIGAIIB. Havana perM............ 850@150 j Seed, per H...... .... ... $111@40 Seede.ndHavaua_.M __ 40@ 110 GRANULATED SMOlONG TOBACCO Medium to good .......... $88 OM I Good to IIDe -... -.... --.tM @I 110 SNUFF. Suulf-I American Gentlema.u. -@88 Jllaccoboy ............ 88 Subject to dlacount to the Whole-Rap pee, French .... -I 00 aale trade. llcOteh .o Lundyfoot. 811 Common ............ ---@-66 LICORICE PASTE. Spanlsh-"G. C ... ......... Gold .. 28 "F. G." ................ u SIB "W&llJs 'Ex." ........ .. 28 "Pilar" II .26 "C C Ca." r our "BX'rll.t. PINE'' a aperloriiJ' oYer &DJ' o&ber Lleorlee ft>r aee ID PlneTobaeeo, n.r &be..., .... -U 1 a more Anel-, powdered artlele than aa)" other, CODHfi.Uentl,-m.aeh more ean be a.ed Ia. the eat aa4 J>e a-rl>ed bJ' the DlO .. IUre or lb.e leaf', wlib.Oil& ........ lb.e ..... & dU8&J' ap-ranee, and wJll DO& tlae kDJyee aad prevent a -ooth eat, -1 tile ease wlth :Lieorlee contaloloc &he uual of 8a.D1p1e en.1: on. .A.pp1:1.ca1::1.ou.. OPPIVB aacl S.t.J.BSBOOI'II:t -113, U5 & 117 I'IIONBOE ST.} C C WABB.,.N .._CO 820 .to 822 BBIB II'I'KE,E'I', ;, _., g, e .,. .leacco:_]slnce the adjournment of Congress this branch of trade has somewhat improved; but-the market ia lightly 1upplied with stock. Exports for the week, 2,872 lbs to Demerara, and .368 Ibs to West Indies Received per Rick mood steamers, 707 pkgs, 216 cases and 190 bxs; per Norfolk steamers, 800 pkgs 8P bxs and 22 cases CINCINNATI.-Mr. F. A Prague. Leaf Tobacco Inspec tor, reports to TBB ToBAcco LKAI' as follows:-Owing to the observance of the Fourth -of July this week, the sales at the auction warehousee have been practically suspended. Sales occurring on Tuesday and Wednesday only aggregated 486 hhds and 6 boxes ; 35 l!hds old and 481 hhds new, 407 hhds of which were sold. T-he market has been very firm, with quotations unchanged. QUOTATIONS Nm Gutting Letif-Common lugs ......... f 8 00@ 4< 00 Medium_lugs .............................. 4 00@ 5 UO Good lugs ................................. 5 00@ 7 00 Common leaf ............................. 7 50@ 9 50 Goodleaf ................................. 10 00@14 00 Fine le&f .................................. 14 00@18 00 Fancy leaf ......... .................... 18 00@22 7o Old Gutting Leaf-Fine ................... ..... 18 00@2i5 00 Good .................................. 12 00@18 00 Medium ........... : ...................... IJ 00@12 00 Redleat .................................. 800@900 Good colory strippers ................ ...... 7 00@10 00 Common colory strippers ..... .. . .. .. G 00@ 7 00 Colory smokers.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 4 00@ 5 00 Common dark smokers.. .. .. .. .. .. .. 8 00@ 4 00 New Sud LM.f-(Jommon lugs. .. .. .. .. .. .. 2 50@ 8 00 Common fillers...... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 3 00@ 5 00 Good binders ............................. 6 00@ 9 00 Colory wrappers .......................... 10 00@14 00 Ohio Sud Leaf-Wrappers fancy .............. noneoltered Wrappers good to tine .................... 12 00@18 00 Wrappers medium .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 8 00@10 00 Binders................................... 6 00@ 8 00 J.


. 6 LE lVIOORB, Pa.ckm, in SEED LEAF tc_HAVANA 1"08 CCO No. 35 North PJrilehlphia. And 214 STATE STREET, HAIITPoM,, GUMPERT B OS. MANUFACTUBBllS of.PINH CI&ABS, lcJOWBLL & CO., DORA WI :roaAcco TobaGco Commisaioll lercbWs, Mleral lerlntl, 107 'ARcH a+Rrir, -dJLVO. OEovv -ElK, DBA.LBB IN HAVANA AND DOMESTIC Oigar Leaf. Tobacco, I, 27' South Gija.y Street, Baltimore. F. G. Tobacco Works, Toledo, Ohio::' CHARLES R. MESSINGER, MANUFACTURER OF The JULYS IRDTSDALE SKITli & SON; (5-n to H. SMITH &r COJ PACEEBS AlOt JOJIBmt.S or Connecticut Lea.f Toba.ccp, 20 HAMPDEN ST., Springfield, Mass. Hnc&DALR SMITH, E. H. s...,.,;.. In LE.A:F and 1U.NUF AOTUBEii TOBAOOO, -" 1.2 Central B..,.._ W. W. KIB.BY, TOBACCO BROKER, II z Broad St., Nashville, Tenn. Refers by pennission to Mr:. Edw. Jonto, Third National Bank, NashvUie; and Pollard, Pettus A CO., New York. AND Gener$1 Commission Merchant, OFFICE Ill TOBACCO SHOCKOE'SL!P, B.ICIIKOXD, Y.a. I H. CJ.ABK BRfi 'JIOKQS, H .. ay Tl.U'IG, A-01.111 :rtETIG & BROTIIBl, MANUFACT'URUB OF U o ra..&.R.&, A!rD DEALERS IN I,.;EAF Jl'tl WEST F'n'H ft.; u. nut:GUIBYI, (J'OR THE TRADE,)


JULYS Bnsiuss BireCtary af !dmtisers. Almor; Debll, Allen 0!>..1'18 aDd 175 Obamben Ap ojo .t olme1)88 Water aDd 811 Pine IIMOiil: Ploober. too Water. ]!ulklv a: ..,., .... 74 FroB\. & 06. 1M-DuBoti lllUpne. 75 Jl'ront. I ... _J, Jil,,f!! l"r.ut :U Bl'brucb .t Bro -Lederer & FlsCbol. II Pearl. LeY!n.JI. B. 1611 Pearl 117 !tl&lden L&ae. LobeusteiD .t Gaaa, 181 !tl&lden Laue. JlaltlaDd Bobezt L. & Co. 48 Broad. 11Artbo J. W T8 Froot lllwiller Enl8t olt Co IJj! Pearl 5euberger olt lltelnecke, l'r.i Water OWDnr -.ben. 48 Broad. l'aulllioclllll. 148 Water Prtee Wm. M Ill MaldeD Laue lte'emnn G l88 Pearl II&"J'er, W&llaoe olt Oo. 4'7 BroU. lchoverllng Bros. 142 Water. llcbroecler & Bon, 1T8 Water. llcbub&rt K & "Oo. 146 Water. R .teo. 170 Water. a.bert HenrY', 68 BroU. llpiiii:VD E. &: Co. 5 Burling 8llp. lltepheiUI A. T. 1118 Water. 8lniltoD & Storm, 178 and 180 Pearl. StrohD & Relt.zeDBtein, 176 Froot. Ta, Cbarleo F. o1t Son. 1114 n-t. 'lbompeon s. E. & Co. 54 &ad 116 Broad. tlpm&DD, Oar!, 178 Pearl. :n.IHiceo -fur .D:port. Guthrie olt Oo, !!!iiiJI"roDt. w .. tem a..a Leal :n.IHiceo &ion M .......... lo. Faugou& Carroll, 50 Broad. LJ :n.IHiceo -*II P1dllps c. s 188 P-1 LM.f Tobacco Curing. Thayer, Jameo H. 61 Front O>mmlulo!> Merclla..U lle1tieo Brothers & Oo., 48 & 48 l'laco. lhbdcco. ae._. G. illi Broad. 'l'obaooo aJohn, 00 Pearl. Cb&& E. & Bro. 134 Waler. OrD R, 41 broo.d. & Bill, !ill Broad. Oobon>e CbarlM F. 54 Broad. Bader !d. & Son 50 Beataccot. Anderson John & Co. 114. 118 aDd 117 Liberty. BucbaD&D & Ly&ll. !Ill Wall Buclmer D 1118 and 115 D.-Goodwin .t oo. ocn olt IMl9 'Waler. Hoyt Tbom88 & Go. 404 Pearl. Xlnney Bros. f4l Woo Broadway. P. &: Oo. 114 Water. JilcAIJII!l D. 1'1. & Co. cor AV11tlue D and Tenth. lllllerG. B.&: Oo. frColumbia. l!!io....,.. T!>b&ooo Oompany, 124 Water. .AgeMJfor C/t.euling 4tod Bm9king 119 I.lndb*lm II. l8t Wise a BenM ..,.,..,. M,...,..,...,. &: &Bchloooer,l& 180 ltl an<188 1 tn'L.&Oo.tiho182dA-IIro& &Bond,J,l.W & 1111-d. & SDI-WH to 10110 s-ci Av. aDd ;::!, &DdiiO Bowery Uohtaaoteb> A & eo. M and 3tH Bowery JilcOor & Co. 101 Bowery JleDdt!K: W .t llro. li'H Orlco """ Clgarl. Almlrall J. J. :16 Cedar iFNIIIe :E. 157 Water J'riedmaD Leonard, 108 Pearl Garcia F. 187 W&ler 6o-A. 167 Water T H & Oo 161llfalden L&lle. l'McaaiL.156Water 8ancheo, llaya & Co. 180..._181, 11M !tl&ideD Laue 8oov1De A. H. & Oo. J'le water lleldomberg & Co. 84 aDd 811 Beade SoiomODK.&E.S6JialdeDLue v-a Bernheim, 187 Pearl Well.t Oo. 66 Pine w-. J:Uer.t KMDDoL 11111 Pearl YborV. KarUneo llo: 110 :re.rt a..-Cipln. De BarT J'nld'k olt 00."' ..... 41 w ...... leldenllerK & Oo 114 aDd"-Depot oJ 1M .. 7/or del Bur" .A1eM a-ge, IIIII P-.rl of Jl-..--.AMber .......... Well a&rl, 188 Onlllll R f'3:::1:::J( .l'ipM. lloebler & Polbauo, .. Cbamllen Demuth Wm. & 00. 1101 BroaclwaT -A. & 00. 48 Llbert7 s.-...Broo. & BoDdy, :wand 131 OraDd ..... .. Bue!Wr& .... 88 Cham"-llea*ll Wm. &: Oo.IOl .. J'ord. .... a.!! 88'1 lhDiL&Oo.41-., Ka>rtm Broa & BoDdy, 129 and 131 O....d Bej&ll.t Deeter, .99 Oh&moero .lfaatllllcl10,..,.. of Licorioo Ptule. J(cADdrew Sames C IIIW&ter --.nto}'d lllanllf&eturiDI< Oo. 157 lllalden Lane wea-a Bterr:r. 24 Oed&r of Licorioo Ptute. Sherman & fnnls, llll WUI!am .LrRuJmb&u, Wallaee & Oo 119 aDd 81 S. WIDiam Xe.l.adrew James C. 5I Water olt Sterry, !14 Oedar1 Zullocoo .ftcnton. t:_:;!ier'a R. llooa & Oo. 60 Oed&r Imporlerr G/ Gu ..... 7bllqu4 Bek. 'Jierrtck T B & Oo. 1118 aDd 131 WIDiam ll'""vfaclunn of 1'olodered Lloorlol. llrlnlaorhotr V W. 47 Cedar HD!lerla R. llooa & co. 60 Cedar wea-o1t Steny, 111 Cedar Beed LiJI 7l>bdcco UDde F 0. & Co. 1411 Water Quthrlll.t;Oo. Jlcm'lfaclvrer of c.gar 1lo#:a. llelll<>RW. ()jgtrllotJI cw.w. Op&ecro're w. :E. f811-475 -TeDth .. ,...,.., & Graef. 81 Green lleDI>eDb"''IMI' & Ill N, William Lo&eDoleln & Gaaa, 101 Lad t.o&h J-. .t Oo. 444 Broome In _....._ Toolo aM ..,.,./a' c .. ll!llocoo &rap Jiild&ine far. I Borgfeldt N. R 810 11M& 1111 W-I &rop OwiDnD Ordelllltein :a., a.pat, ale BrOadway T-Outfil&fl -Wulatelo Heary, 114 Oentre. Germaa-Amerlcaa, 60 WaH I"UrnnrseOBen, C. 87 Uberty Foreial& ond Dm,wlio Sternberger 1!. & S. E>:chaage l'laco. llallufacturen of Molal aM Wooc!M Demuth Wm. & )anvfacturer of Sluno Figu,..., Strauss B 179 and 181 Lewil Sol< Janufacturer of 1M. Original Gruta Seal < Smoking Tobooco. Eibmot W C 74 Pine Patent Cigar Otu ... &muel B. L 57 Cedar &xilu. .May Brothers. 886 Broome Cigar Packen. CUI:ar Society B. lllichalla & Co. 4 Firat .lveoue, or E. M. Gatterdam. 109 Norfolk fManufliCturers oj CifxJr Flatxw. Calltornia Distilling Co,_ 88 WDI!am l!'rleo Alex & Bros.. :16 uolle&'o Ptaoe Pat ... t Tobut,h Gay Gunther L W 9 South Gay Kerckliotr & Ocl; 49 SOdth CliioifiS !dallory D. D.; E E. Wenck, Manager, 48 and 48 SOuth Charles lt!aniott, G H. M 26 German M.,rela & 117 Lombard Bcbroeder J 08. 31: Oo. 81 Plaoo Wischmeyer Ed. & Co. 89 South C&lvert il'abaCco Mall"facturen. Fell'nel' F w .t Son, 90 South Ch&rleo GaB &: Ax til Barre llarbnrg &;;there, 148 to 149 Sonth Cbarlea Wlllt:ens H. & Co. :181 w ... Pra&$ Pa---RoiJm. Kerckhotr G,.QQ., Tobacco-. 6'eeM: il Merchil71't. B. E Vocke & Co. e cor Lepal>ard PaCker of !feed Leaf W of 1 Haoana TollaCeo, Bitclt:O!IIro& 98 Lombard Ifters & Mnflrsof Q igars lllartlnez : OOmwU"""' Holyo1tnll Wlilarf Deokn ;,. Ham&. 'ami D<>JMitlc Lf<11 2\). Dav-port tt::fe""Bn... M-ufaet'ro of Smoking .To6clc<:o. and. Clgarl. Baddln, F. L &: J. A. 1 Haaover,..BMI!'III,.O.. _.,, 2l>llocoo c .... ..-M.......,,.,., l'allenoteln & Son BuJT.&LO, K. Y. llallu/actu...,. ot (!!gun and JObMT of 0,._. ing aM 8meking Tobo:change CRICAGO,DL "'-' for Cigar. Gild CJMoMag aftd S..Oking Toi>CJcoo. 0. A. J'eck. 61-MIIouth Watftr Dealer lin......,..,_ ,...._,..,. _2'o1Jacco -OiGal'&. K&almaa & Oo .116-tll! Lake lnolU1locoo. l!aadhagen Broo, 17 w .. t Randolph of Fine-Out CMwing -aM Doaler in Leal ToOciCoo. Becll: & Foldtamp, 44 andofl Dearborn W1loluale """ .IC'f'n' Best, -u .too. 87 L&ke.aad (1 state c::I11C::Ilf11ATI, O. DeGler in Havan<> snd Domutio Leaf 7btaooo Betruden .Henry, 148 and loiS West Second Doaler in Spanioh aM Oigsr Leaf Tobacc:o. :lleyer By. & Co. 48 Front Wa.nkolD>an F & Oo. 8ill"ront JIC>IIUfacturer of F'iM-Out CJMoMag Gild Smoking Tob. 1511 and 54 East Third Leaf Tobacce Broken. Dohrmann F W. corn. e Vine and Fron& !dallay & Bro. 115 West Front lllefer R. &: Co. 81 Water Jtanufaclurero of OigoleOn & Co. 441 and 448 Plum Leal Tobacco I"'J>oaler Beed Leaf aM H-:n.1H1ceo ""' Jobber '" all ki...t. Ma"facftwed Tobacc:o. I< Semon. Ontario D..A.lfVi:Lr.E. Va. Jlllerolt Oo Pemberton olt l'mla m-o .8nloUr.. Onler. M'GnvfadiWer 7l>bdcco OollNd Chao. H & 00. Trowbridge W. R DATT011. O. Packer aM Doakro ;,. &ed Llring B&rt8r 1t. C. & Co 74 and 76 Jettonott Walker, McGraw &: Co. 31 to 3b Atwater Mon.ufadvren oj. Oigar and DtalG-t '" LJf 7blldcol>. Bu!Uvan & Burk. 41! and 50 Oongreu, Eaat Tozen:, Newman &: Co. 216 Jefferson AYenue D111ULUI,11. 0. MG,.Uf6acoo, Blackwell W T & 00 Duke W & Sons Green Lucius Lyon Z. I & Co EV A.liSVILLE, ID4. Toba cco Commi&rion. lllorris C J. & Co Manuf. of Tobacco. Brown Geo. B.A. VAliA, C::uba. OigiN' Manufaelu7'1!'N. Bejar R. y Aln.rez HAB'l'TOR.D.-c-. ,......,. -Dolflert -Beed Lm""..wn Merchanlo. Roper LeRoy & Sou. Ma.aufacftwers o_f Plug otad 8molriRg anf Tobacco. Venable B W. & Co. Manufo.durws of s-t Na"Y I.Mvn11f1. Jackson C. A & 00. PIJIT,ADnJ'IIIA.. Tobooco Waroho11iu. Ana.than M & Co. 220 North Thlrd &mberger L & Oo 111 Arch Bremer'il Lewia Bona, 322 North ThiN Doha.n & Taitt 107 Arch Eisenlohr Wm. & 00. 115 South Water llolloweUM. E..t;Oo. JIDore,Hay & Oo. a Not'lb W'-lulrl. Rinaldo a: Oo: 32 Noft!('Watoo lib-Cook a: CO. l06 North Water Teller hro.llers.Jl7 North Thlrd Manuj'n of ()jgo;r, tmd \llU.:IlatiiiM TobaeM Gumpert Bros. 1341 Chestnut ImJ)Iirtor of HaVOIIIr Pl"ff -Tobacc:o. K'ell:r J'. X. Jr. 106 Arcb Jlan'lfactur""' of Olaf/ Plpu, PeaninKion. Price & Oo fU North S'eventh W'lloleoale D/ liM M'rtJ Tobacco. Hell. John B & Oo. 68l-8ocotld. .Ma.n.ufacturer of Oigar .Mou.lcU, U.S. Solid Top Cigar Mould :Mtg CO. cor Rldlfe ud North College AYe e. PITTSBURGH, Pa. .,.'If...,_ "-8pws Boa'' ..... OtW-. 1L .t W. fBI' Liberty QUIXCY,DL Jlnd 8llto1rfng Gem Olty Tobacco Works H&rrla&Beebe .. JlniMifaetU""" of Oigan.' Haatllcholt Crouoe REIDSVILLE. 11. C. DeGler ... :n.I>Giceo. Reid, Wootton & Co BJC::HIIOliD, Va. Manv.fal!turers of Plug ct Joneo, Ja.noco Lefgb: Lotlter L. LyonA.X.&Oo. Leal Tobo:change Ma.n :ufa.cturers of Toba.cco Bts{Jr. !d. llllllhltoer &: C o 13011 llaln 1\00HESTER, 11. Y. Jlaftufacturer of Tobacoo. Whalen R. .t T 132 State J!BAtd'CIChwerot ''Peerlua' and PralAR'lne-Oul Tobocco and "Vanit .Fair't18rnoWftg 'l'obaooo and Oigoretta. Klmh&ll w. s. & 00. tq"B.DI'GFIELD, Kaao. Smith R & Son, Ill! Hampden !JT. LOUIS.t Mo of Ji'iM i!' Tobaoco. .Mala Dormltzer C. &: R. & Co. 123 !dario baocol ..._Cb&rleaR. Moiovfach&rero ofl'ou>dered. Ll

LE..&.:r. 'l'oDacc< _!!!lnufacturers. I.IOOIUOlL JOliN ANDERSOtt & CO. MANUFACTURERS OF THit LleORICE PASTE. WICK&tunmTIBICCDS W:ATTTA elk-OQ Tobac:c:o manufactuers and tbe tnllle 14 t 118 .UBRn ITlEET in gheral are particularly requested CD NEW YORK, examine and test the suc:rior TOBACCO BROKERS. 27 Pearl atreet, NEW YORK. u.., direct the att.ntlon or the Dealeroln Tobaeeo 1J tht' s LI-CORICE, 'cb, being now tbrou. .... oat.tiM United !"it at .. and tile World D1 "' tbelr CELEBRATED brought to the highest perfection is of. 'SOLACE FINE-CUT CHAS. [ FISCH'ER & BRO: '_ CBEJVIJIG TOBACCO. .... k .. '"monce IIM1'e ... a .11der ..... brand TOBACiliO BRO.,ERS THOMAS HOYl & be the ll' llAJJllB .. ov dD.olfsto.r.d : ,aoforme rl y,wltbOilta.rival. <;Jr CO., Ne,.Yorl:l IRJCHAIIAN A L"TA.LL9 New York 1 JA.II. B. R.1cbmond Va.; P. M.A. YO 1&. Ba.O., Ya.' 11:. w. VJIIIIA.BLJII 41> CO., Pete1 ........ Yw FIKZB& Ba08.9 LoutsTtlle. Ky. HENRY WUUTEJii, (--r to Des" 110 ) tOBACCO BBODBS WISE a BENDHEIM Cigar Manufacturer8 No. 50 Beaver Street, NEW YORK. a. sca "P ...&ND!!IEI: LICORICE PAS!I. 111 wm 'BlUliiJ\1lXY, liEWYORK. z TOBACCO-BBOKBB, 129 KAmEN LAB'E, T. B. MERRICK a co. ...... ___ N_E_w_Y_o__K_. __ IMP OR. T -ERS D' LICORICE ROOT-brqoa aad Aile*" l1Uft .,.--.......__../" v_ 130 & 132 WILLIAM NEW YORK. P'CULY &Nl)N;im.y SPANISH LfCORICE ROOT, SPElCJ:.A.LTXElS: 102 PEARL STREET, SPAIUIR LICORICE JUTJU.CT, Tragacanth, G G dd Sif c k CLOVES AND CDII!rA:tiOII, UID e a, tmgs m as ; I'LNEST QtrALITY. SEED, d S B I CORIANDE-R SEED, do. Q, orts m a es; Gu A b d d niFFORD SHERI!lf & IINIS GuM MvnnH, LuMP uD PowDERED, m ra 1c, 0 0 u, GUM TRACUCANTH, 190 'WU1iam Street. lmW TOil. ESSENTIAL' OILS, .-ITonk.a Beans, a BMiiTER & BRENNEl LI_ co RICE pASTE.. OHIDP'CHKERSHDALHNDADEFALEIISTOBINAGGO Tins, I) CIUC08e, French, in Casks. THE STrnoRD VIVUFACPI'TTDTVG PRICES CURRENT ON APPLICA.TIOII. IJ1U1 lURlll ).1 ., Y. co. ::La17' .... TTmM' H :m VV VC):R.3E. W" ORDERS PROIIPTLY ATTEIIDED TO. ,, CEDAB STREET, N. Y, ., '!'be-.. .;..., --"M a Baperior ud Ch_. Article lban that hitherto uoed, this Compo.ay .. _. r,IIDdolrerinc foroale, UOORICK PASTE (UIIdol' the old "l!aafonl" br&Dd) of a QUAUTY ad a& a PmC. wlddl.,... bardJ7 falllo be ..-plable lo all trMar I& a \rial. Mellor & BitteDhouse, g1a N". ggd &'t., Pl:11l.a.de1pl::L:la,. IIIAN11P&CT11aBBS OP SP .A.N":I:$::&: a:n.d Q::R.::El::El:S.. LICOB.ICE PASTE. IF' Ceatennlalloledsl awarded f()f "Pv.rtty, '!!_>


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