The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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Tobacco Leaf Journal

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VOL. XIV.--NO 23. fESTABLISHED 1864.] iht Tli:Bl'IIS OP THE PAPER, SINGLE COPIES ............ .................. .. ......... 10 CEI<'TS. ONE YEAR...... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. $4.00 ---:> [ESTABLISHED 1864.] SIX MONTHS ...... .. ..... ....... 1 ... ................... 2.00 Publl,hed ;Every MONDAY Morning, by "TH tOBACCO .LEAF" PUBliSHING. COMPAftY, STBEE'Ilo NBW 'YORK. i ANNUAL SUBSCRIPriONS ABRdAD. G;RE.AT BRIT Ani' .lND C.L"(.A..DA,. ......... .. $5.01 BREMJ!:N, HAltBURG AND THE CoN'!'I!fElli'T ( .. 5.04 EDW AllD Editor. Aus'IJILALU., Ero., via ENGL.UiD ... .... _. ...................... 5.04 JOHll' G. G:a.AET, lJ'Illliness Motnagor. Cmu .. .............................. ........................ 5.04 FRED' K DeBARY & 'CO., 41 d: _Sh-eet, New York, SOLE ACENl'S FOR THE PRINCIPE E>E: 0 GALES'_ KEY CIGARS, AND '.PROPip:I:TORS OF THE '' ,,. CIGAR FACTORY OF NEW YORK. SEIDENBERG & CO., 84 a 88 RB.ADE STRBET, NEW YORK, lmporters of Tobacco, ALSO MANUFACTURERS OF THE LA ROSA ISPAIOLl KEY WEST HAVAN A-OIGARS. WEISS, ELLER & KAEPPEL, IMPORTERS OF THE 220 Pearl Street, New York. FARNAM 4 GRAEF,. American, German&SjjliillShCigar Ribbons Speo:la.1 :Ce:lSD- o:E' Fa:a.oy H.:lbbo:a. l!WI:a.d.e 'to ? JUBBOJf8 CUT AJfD PRINTED AS DESIRED. SAMPLES SENT ON APPLICATION. :N'o. 81 G-:E'I.EJEI:N':I!I &TH.E:I!JT Bavemeyers Vigelius,. PACKE:Rs OF SEED LEAF OF HAvANA TOBACCO. I HOW TO GET DARK TOBACCOS AND HOW TO IIAKE THEM BURN GOOD. TE.kEI O:N'L'Y SU':R.E 'Y Is to have your goods Rehandled a.nd Sweated by C. 8. PHILIPS. If you have poor burning tobacco send me a few leaves, and by return of mall I will prove to you what can be done. U Manufacturers will oend me their Llght=Colored Sorttngs. I will return them M:A.DtJRO COLORS without the use of any or any artitlctal coloring, and without to the Le&t. There Is enough natural coloring matter In all tobacco: it they are only handfed in such a manner as to bring it out and ft:x: the color. THIS IS THE ONLY JUCCESSf:U'-TOBACCO SWEATINC ESTABLISHMENT. fn existence, and llllUlY to,. )ibaceo are tun>ed out d&fly of" good Dark Colors and good Burning quality. HAVANA. goo<1s are also Rehandled U thiB lishment.y and put back. into the original bales ill such a m&Dller as not to show they had been Rehandled. Send a bale or caee aa a trial. Uftletlon (Guaranteed. Charges as low a.s will admit of good work. Please write m e for any inlormation you may wfoh, and obllp C. S. PH IIJPS, 188 PEARL ST., NEW YORK. .. -ifilDBI, 1 FiiSs ct. co.;MA.Ntnr of CIC.AltS, AND DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO, 161, 163 & 165 WEST THIRD OINOINNATI,J: fEDWARD T .McCOY WILLal( WlCKE, AUG. llOJ:IILII:& t'"HCKE. & co., <:JIGAR Box 163 to 161 Goerck Street, 'YOR.:K.. BEST MATERIAL & SUJiiERIOR MAKE. .:R.EDU'C)ED PB.ICE LIST --or-Spanish, American and German Cigar Ribbons. .:r.ur11ABY 1, 18'fl. Bl'oH. Yellow ............... Eztra ... fHUoroacl,'1'2-" 11.80 "' ... 1 &....-a ,, ,. ....... n"o. .. .. .., 12 :rda l."rO .. .. 2 .... 5-s '227d 1.80 NEW YORK, MONDAY, JULY 15, 1878. NOTICE. GENTLEMEN leaving town for the summer season can have THE LEAF mailed to them for 50 cents per month, post paid. .. .. 2a ... 6-8 .. '1'2 7da 1.36 ....... 3 .... 6-8 : '1'27u 1-'0. CIGAR TRADE-MARKS. Bl'eH. 1\ed ............ ...... 1 H '1'2 -" -l '1'5 A t' f th Ex t' C f h N ti: .. .._. .. 1;. mee mg o e ecu Ive ommittee o t e a ::::::::::::::::::: a .... lHJ '1'27 da 1.50' Cigar, Manufacturers' Association was held ............... : ..... ;: 1 .... 6-8 : '1'27da 1.75 dming the .past week at the office of the Messrs. ::I:MP<>R. TER.S, I by the Customs authorities at London, England, of certain samples of Amerlcan granulated and other manufactured tobacco, exported by you from the United Sta.tes to that port, wWch and detention were made on the ground, as alleged, that the tobacco consisted of cut cavendish or negrohead. the importation of which into Great Brlt&in is prohibited on account or its alleged adulteration, the Department has now to inform you that the matter having been submitted to the proper authorities of Great Britain, through the United States Minister at Lo'n don, has drawn forth from the Board of Customs an opinion, dated May 21, 1878, (a copy of which Is herewith enclosed), which is to the e1fect that the represented by the samples in question having been found, upon analysis, to be not adulterated with &ny foreign ingredient, does not fall within said prohibition, but may be delivered for consumption upon the payment of a duty of 4s 4d per pound, as other manufacture tobacco. Very respectfully, H. 8 FllENC. B1 Assistant Secretary. LETTER TO THE LORDS OF THE TREASURY. To THB LOans CoHMISSIONERS Oil' HR M.A.rE.sTY's TB.E.A.8URY-, _..:_ ... :.:.:.:_:_:,:.:.:.: ... :.:_. ,',' :::::::Z .. l;:8 Lichtenstein Bros. & Co., Bowery, at which a sub -v-.._ 1 .... t4 12:c1a l.4.5 committee, consisting of the president of the associa" ........... : ...... 2 .... H '1'27da 1.25 tion, Mr. E. A. Smith, Mr. John Straiton and Mr. .;:...,... ;.U;".'.'.'.'::::::::; :i .. ::: '1'27d .1.-Frank McCoy, was appointed to consider the practica-Your Lordships haYing -referred to us the annexed letter trom the Foreign Office, a letter from Messri Straiton & Storm, of New York, in which they give thein!ormation required to !identity the impor tatfon of certaJn samples of American tobacco representing the detention 2.'.'.'.'4-s :::::: f.-: bility of. devising means for averting the existing an ;; .... a .. H 12,...f 0.96-noyapcgs incident to t .he useoftra.T:J:OE. All Iafringemeata oa thia Patent will he Proae outecl to the fall extent of the Law. ALSO llANUJl:ACTURER OF PURE TIN AND ., OTHER FOILS l ROLLED TO ANY GUAGE AND CUT TO SIZE. BOTTLE CAPS, all SUe., PLAIN AND COLORED. We have, therefore, to subrrut that the Uruted States Minister may matter. It has been suggested by the Committee that be informed that the tobacco "i'mpleo in ,question having been described if manufacturers will hand in to some duly-appointed .. "cut cavendish" by the agent of thetmporfers,'the olllcers or cust<>ms custodian a list of all their registered brands access neceasarilydetainedthe:nforfurtherln'qulry; butthatwithreferenceto of the analyBlS made by the officers of Inland Revenue, the to which can always be had, they will then avotd tobacco may be delivered as other manufactures of tobacco, cha.rgable adopting trade-marks nOW belonging .to somebody with a duty of 4B 4d per pound. We beg also to observe that certain d& else. scriptions of tobacco naturally contain more or less saccharine matter,. and th&t a chemical analysis Is necessary for determining whether such.c FINE-CUT AND GRANULATED TOBACCO IN tobaccoisaltogetherpure,orwhether it contl!insforefgnsubstancenot. allowed by law. The law requires that the analysis of tobacco should ba. ENG LA:ND. made by the Inland Revenue, and the oftlcers of customs will therefore A few months since we published correspondence and references illustrative of the efforts which were being made by Mr. John Strafton, of the firm of Straiton & Storm, this city, to secure the admission of fine-cut and granulated tobaccos manufactured in this country into Great Britain. The annexed official cor respondence indicates, as will be seen on perusal, that that enterprising gentleman has been eminently suc cessful in his laudable endeavor. Finecut and granulated tobaccos of all descriptions can now, according to the decision of the English Board of Trade, be exported from this country to Great continue to detain temporarily tobacco which may be described a.a cut cavendish, or which may appear saccharine matter, for the purpose of the opinion of the oftlcers of that department. (Signed) FRED1lt RoJULLY1 GRENVILLE, CuSTOM BousE, LoNDON, Ma.y 21, 1878. C. L, BERKELKY. MINOR EDITORIALS AND NEWS ITEMS. BURNED TO DEATH.-Gaspar Castillo, a Cuban cigar maker, lost his life on Tuesday morning by the burn ing of the building, 73 Eighth Avenue. OFFICE 163 ._.ulb S Britain under the head of Manufactured tobacco of : .au. erey t., N.Y. other sorts." and admitted ther.esubject to a minimum .TIMELY.-Somebody who happened to know our relish for good things has kindly sent us without name1 a package of P. Lorillard & Co.'s "Tin Tag" smokmg tobacco. MESSRS. ALLEN & Co., the well-known commission Il!-erchants and tobacco agents, of this city, have _another buildmg to their tobacco warehouse, which IS ample proof that their business is increasing. Noa.l86 to 200 LEWIS STREET, NEW YORK, June 5, 18'1'8. CIGAR-BOX LUIBEI and maximum duty of 4s 4d and 4s 10d lb, according as they may or may not contain flavoring ingredients. The legal impediments to be removed in seeking to open up the markets of England to our tobacco cutters, to any one of less energy than Mr. Straiton, would have: seemed insurmountable; but with his character istic and ability, though not personally interested in the cutting branch of the tobacco trade, he entered upon the work of trying to induce the authorities to a more liberal construction of the law than had previously obtained. For his services in this connec tion, :Mr. Stra.iton is entitled to liberal praise, the inev itable result of his labors being to expand the area of the tobacco cutting interest of the United States to 'an a.lmost unlimited extent. MANUFACTURED NEW PATENT PROCESSES. Poplar Mahogany Spanish Cedar, " :Zd Quality I st 8c. s;ld 1st .. 3%c No Charge Cor TERI'IIS CASH, In August, 1877, Mr. Straiton took with him to Lon.;lon samples of fine-cut and granulated tobaccos, which were seized under the act of April 26, 1867, their importation being deemed illegal. Mr. Straiton waited upon Mr. Pierrepont, our Minister at London, with whom he happened to be acquainted-having been in 1870 on an important public committee with him in this city-and reported the seizure, suggesting at the same time that the Minister take the matter up as an CEO. W. READ & CO. international question affecting an important industry in th-e pni.ted States. After enlisting the attention of Mr. Straiton addressed the Secretary of State of the United States on the subject. Secretary Evarts forw8.rde4 a copy of his communication to Mr. Pierrepont, instructing him to take action in reference to it, as has previously been in these columns. Almost immediately upon receipt of the Secretary's communication and enclosure, Mr. Pierre pont was recalled, and the question was referred as business of importance to his succeBllor, Minister Welsh, of Philadelphia. Lord Derby was at that time Secretary of Foreign Affairs in England, and under date of January 27, 1878, by request of Iiis Lordship, Secretary Evarts wrote to Messrs. Straiton & Storm that the Home Government had sought from him fur ther particulars in the case, which were furz$hed by the firm in a letter dated January 31, and published in an ensuing number of. THE TOBACCO LEAF. The delay incident to the determination of the question, embra cing a period of five was caused by the resig nation of the Derby Ministry, and the succession of the Ministry. SECRETARY EVARTS' LETTER. TR:&i..stmY DEP.utl'liEliT, On1m; or THB 8EORETUY'1 W ASHINOTON, D. C., June 27, 1878. Messrs. SnurroN & STORll, 178 and 180 Pearl Street, New Y orkOBNTL&JW< : Referring to your letter of the 18th of &d dressed to the Secn>t&ry of State, fn relation to the aelzU1'Io ahd ILI:-USTRATIONS.-The Pioneet: Company have published and framed for dtstnbutiOn among their patrons a pretty lithograph representing four of their famous brands of plug tobacco, namely the '' Pioneer ''Matchless," ''Brunette," and ''Fruit' Cake." PARTNER WANTED: -In an c:>ld-established cigar manufactory, an act1ve, energetiC and reliable man. Must have some means, and come well recommended Address 699 MANUFACTURER, office of this paper. FOR SALE.-A fresh supply of 100,000 pounds genu ine "DEER'!'ONGUE" fla:vor for smoking tobacco manu facturers, m lots to 'Bmt purchasers, at lowest figures. MARBURG BROs., 145, 147 and 149 S. Charles Street, Baltimore, :Md. UNDER the new Treasury order every package of tobacco damaged during the voyage of Importation has to be opened before any rebate of duty will be Tlie tradt;J pronounces the. order oppressive and unJust. A petttiOn to the Prestdent praying for the revocation of. the order is being prepared. Dum.-Charles Hillman, 15 years of age1 the eldest son of Mr. G. W. Hillman, tobacco commission mer chant, this city, died on Tuesday, J ui>: 9. The dece&sed was an excellent :young man, the pnde and idol of his !ather, and had JUSt passed his examination for ad mission to college. FIRE IN BRooKLYN, N. Y.-The cigar store of E. L. Wheeler, at 300 Atlantic Street was set on fire at a lll.te hou'l' on 'J;'liyrsday night, July n by the explosion of a kerosene lamp, and a damage OI $1, 500 was done before the flames were extinguished. The stock was insured in the Republic for $700. MEXICAN TARIFF CHANGES.-The Mexican Govern ment has decided that the duties on American leaf tobacco shall be reduced to 16 cents a kilogramme at Matamoras from the 1st of November next. Statistics sJ;tow that from J u_ly 1, 1872, t? July 1, :1875, 631,000 kilog_rammes, prmctpally leaf, were imported into :MatamoraS'! LEAF DEALERS' RECORD BOOKS. -By direction of the Commissioner of Internal Revenue, collectors are now making transcripts of leaf tobacco dealers' Govern ment record books. The sales from one dealer to another to expoM:el'5 of leaf tobacco are not to be copied. Tqf,;l transcripts of sales made to districts outside, their own collectors, in every instance must. Washington, whence copies will be to tlieir respective destinations. Collectors must note and check off on manufacturers' returns all sales made to manufacturers within their respective districts. ,f.:/"' .... Cwi SUT'rER BROS., Dea.lers ln. LEAF TOBACCO, Chlca,go, m WeiJteru Cigar will find it to deaJ. with ua. 'II ... I\


2 Gable Coli, DODD& 4s and Os, Single and Of';'Uble Thick. ALSO, AG NT FOR TIIE CEt:EBRATET,S' LONE & BROWN D URGE STOCKS OF MANUFACTURED TOBACCO OF EVERY DESCBJJJl SUITABLE FOR THE HOME TRADE AND FOR FOH.EIG!< MARKETS OON'ST.A.N'TX..."Y' ON' Ja:.A.N':D. THE VIRGINIA TlU.Hu.a;u :m--u.. ..I.S8El. J.&S. M. G.&RDI:NBR, TOBACCO GOMMISSION MERCHANT, 84 FRONT STREET, NEW YORK. II:][POR'I' ORDERS FOR PLUG TOBACCO PROMPTLY FILLBD. Haying Patented as a Trade-Mark, :I::DS:PER,::J:.A.T ," All are ken by cautioned against using the same as a Brand o r La.bel !or Smoking and Ch e wing "TobaccO or Stjtult lllAITl.AJfD. L r. 8. MACLEHOSI!.. ll.OBERT L. MAITLAND. ROBERT L. MAITLAND & Tobacco Factors, .A.Dd General Commission Merchants, 43 Broad Street, New York, AGENTS FOR THE WELL-KNOWN '' 0 A. :M: ::m R. C> N' '' :Brlllldaof Tobacco, Manu!aotared &preosly for EXPORT TO AUSTRALIAN and OTHER FOREIGN PORTS: ALHAIDIR CADRON & CO., "V'Ao .-, DIA.liiOli!D. A118TRAI.IAN LlJliiPS-IIG'li!E'I' 011' VIRGINIA, VlillllJI, ALL 'l'BB RAGS, PLOWER OF ALL NA.TIO!II. ENGLISH LUKPS-PBDUIB ALFRED IIL1UI. CAIIROB & BRO. BIA-Pe'telra'b..- "Va. 'AUSTRALIAN L1111P8-TWO IB.t.l, OliR CHIBF, ORIO!I, 1 IJIDIAN LlJliiPS-HA.'VBLOCK, CHAR JIBR, A'.C. BNOLISH LUMPS-VICTORY, ROT.U. .a.v-r, .. c. "" SOtrrH AJIIERIC.&lf LlJliiPS-LA Da LICIA.0 LA JI'BLICIDAD. ,;._,-------------... i Q, LINDE. C. F. LINDE. C. C. HAJIILTON. 8. MAROOSO R. ASHCROFT. :N'E"'WV' SHED LEAF TOBACCO INSPECTION TOBACCO INSPECTED OR SAMPLED. Oo-u.n:try .A.1:1:eD.d.ed. 1:o. Certiftcates given for every case, and delivered case by case, a. to number o f Certificate. N. s.-WE ALSO SAMPLE IN MERCHANTS' OWN STORES. F. C. LINDE & CO. PHILADELPHIA BRANCHES: E. W. DICXERSON Comer Arch and Water Streets. JONAS l\IETZ, 64 North Front Street. 111PFIELD, Conn.:-EDW. AUSTIN. LANCASTER, Pa,HENRY FOREST. PRINCIPAL OPPICES--142 WATER STREET and 182 t o 186 PEARL STREET. W .t.BEHOUSE8-142 WATER., 1' 4, 1'6 & 1'8 GREENWICH STREETS, and HUDSON RIVER R.AILROAD DEPOT, ST. JOHN' S PARK. .BENSEL & CO., TOBACCO INSPBCTORS, 178U WATER STREET, NEW YORK. CHA'S FINKE&dO TOBACCO INSPECTORS, 155 WATER ST., NEW YORK. COUNTRY IAIIIPLING PBOIIIPTioY ATTENDED TO. SYRACUSE BRANCH ....... G. P ffiER & CO. L t ( P ) D h I ELHIRA do .......... J. R. DECKER. aaeu er a. ranc : BALTIMORE do E WISCHMEYER & CO. I F CUNNINGHAM 508 W p I S x.Bii.;ci.;:.\V .. 1 op ar t. (:;ucoesor to F. w. Tatjreuhorot & Co,) TOBACCO AND GENERAL COIIISSION IBRCBANT, aa Broad. &"t., N'e-vv 'York. 1l.J. G ... TB, Clus.lll.GAJITJI : H.naYSClrROJHT llRESSED. BEE, TB.UBPS, WIG WAG,. BUGLB, IN PAILS AND BARRI!.LS. DEPOT II'OR E, T, & 00.'8 CELI!;BRATED "!''l'S 8G FLOWERS" 8G "CODONWJ!AL'l'B:" T9baco01. 117 PRICE LISTI Ji'URNISRED 'oNUPLICAWONo DEPOT FOR. SNOW'S PATEKT oAii.J)::BOJ.DERS. G W HANTSCH, s-r., I AHD HAUS, Q,- n IM>oanu o I 83 Chambers a.ncl 65 Re de Streets, New York. bl. SALOMON, E. SALOliON ., 1'\II. &. E. &AL01WOBI', PACKERS OF SEED LEA_F, -Ar."D Il\IPORTERS OEHavana Tobace<) and llfmGm & RROTIOOl) G. BElJSENS, T. H. MESSENGER & CO., A. H. CARDOZO, TOBACCO & COTTOI FACTOR\ ._..lllaltll ........... ._, ... R ... D ... .... KENTtJCXY BUYR OF Oll'Olm318 AND DEALERS IN --x.m A ;:p TO::S.A.OOO, l.EAF TOBACCO Cigars&LicoricePaste. ... BILOAD ftJUIBI2, 55 8 d St N y k t81 MAIDEN LANE, N Y. Waco York. roa ., ew or _....., ___ &,..._,.fori'_,. ...,._, .AliD I ) MANUFACTURER OP PINE CIGARS. EU..'bllab.ed. V TIBBS T!lr'B A IKPOltTERS OF HAVANA LEAF TOBACCO AND MANUPACTUHD OF THE PBil'ICtPE DB Q.U.EI DRAJID Olli'HAVANAANDKBTWEST CIGARS. 190 PEAiiL ST., NEW YORK. &:l::la:Ol!llil' &TR,A.DS&, M.AN11P.ACT11RER OP CIGAR JOXE s AND" SHOW FIGURES ; IMPORTER OP .AND DEALS& IN SP.A.N':E&Ja: O:EG.A.R R.:E:B:BON'&, CIGAR MOULDS, PRESSES, STRAPS, CUTTERS, ETC., .nJLY 15 EUGBII DU BOIS, \ GOHISSIOIIIBCUH. v-a ..,OR'!' RW TOB.L WOODROW & LEWIS. GENERAL AUGTIONHEBS. Speclal atleutlon given to the Sale of Tob&ooo &114 Cigars. 94 PEARL STREET, NEAll HANOVER SQUARE, N' E ""t1V "Y' 0 R. DILLS & 60., Importers of SPANISH AND PACKERS OF SEED LEAF TOBCCOS 19"1 WATBB STB.IDIIJ.', NEW YORK, I. II. CRAWFORD; IMPORTER & DEAtER IN LEAF. TOBACCO' lee-w-ater Street, .... NEW YORK; M. H. LEVItf, IMPORTER of HAVANA AND DE.l.ER IN ALL K1ND8 OF LEAF TOBACCO, 184 FrontStreet, KBW 'W'Oaa. E. SPINGAHN & CO., ill HAVANA & DOMESTIC TOBACCO. No. G BURLINC .\"EAU WA TER-STREET. NEW"-YORli. Published at lo. 10 LORD IELSOI STREET, LIVERPOOL, EIGLAID. G. REI S M .\ N 1V, Price Two Shillings

JULY 15 JHOB BIIKILL, CIGAR BOXES, S"enR.IO!t MAXE AND Prime QualftJ of CEDAR. WOOD; L S1193, : m Monroe St., .. : ':.NEW YORK. ECKMEYER & CO., -68 EJ.:&I.A. 'VEE'l. SOLE AGNTS FOR THE U. S. OF lnuian & Turkish Tobacco -OF-OOIPA&NIE LAPERlE JIT, PETERSBURG, 'WAR I SAW, ODESSA., DRESDEN. I_DW YORK. 1'. 0. Box.,S6. BASCH a. FISCHER, IMPORTERS OF HAVANA AND PACKERS OF SIBD LBAP TDBAGCO, 1&& Water St., IJtarKa!denLaae, NEW YORK. Tho Gorman-Amorican Bank 60 WALL ST., NEW YORK. Capital, $1,000,000. Every fa.cility afforded to Dea\ers antl Correspond ents consistent with Sound Banking. H ROCHOLL, President, r ... Rli;ADING, Cashier. S. &. .- E P Gu.s-llntnl ComftllssiDI ltrthllltt1 H & s6 BROAD ST., 0. Boa .... lnll'W Y08Ko WM. lfRIEJ?LAENDER, JOSEPH SICHEL. Wm.FRIEDLAENDER & CO. Wholeaale Dealers Ju ::a: .A. v .AN' .A. -AND-DOMHSTm TOBAGGO Cli BOWJ;:RY, VOIU', E. & 0. FRIEND & CO., IID{)Orten and 1>oalen ID LEAP TOBACCO, 129_ Malden Lane, ]R., NEW YORK. LEON A'RD FRIEND. & S. STIRIBERGIR, lWIGI Al1l DOMISTU BillEI. ll'o.44 EXCHANGE PLACE, ]1'. Y. Draw Billa o r E:scbange OD the prtccipal dtlel of Eutot;Je; lsaue Clrcu.lar LettflrsofCredittoTrnelers, and graat Commercial Credits; receive Money oo Deposit, 1ubjec to Sight Cbecke, upon wblch interest wilt b,_ allowed; pay attention to the Neaoti a tion of Loau. attention given to Buf!ng and SeiUng llalllorni& DlvldendPaylog MiDlog Stocks. CUTHRIE a. 00., 225 Street. CODISSION :t4Elt.CIW1'l'S, AND f BALERS OF TOBACCO FO!l EXPORT. Tobacco .,.....a In' bal .. for tlleWeot I ...... lretican a a.d Central .American Ports. an4 ertlel' mar. kets. TOBACCO PAilKIID IN HOGSHEADS. A. T; STEPHENS, SUCCESSOR TO ALVA OATMAN, IMPORTER OF HAVANA, AND DEALER IN DOMESTIG LEAF:. TOBAGGO 168 WATER 'STREET, 1'\Te'VV Y'ork. :at. K. SMITH, JIAN1Jli'ACT1JBEK Oli' .&ND D.BALEK P LEAF TOB4CCO. Olllccs: 42 VESEY ST., NEW YORK. THE JOBBING TIUDE SOLICITED ONLY, L. GIRSBIL & BRO., PACKERS AND DEALERS IN SEED LEAF TOBACCO, 191 PEARL STREET, NEW YORK. W. SMYTIIB & CO., COMMISSION 'IEBCBA.NTS, BRETHERTON BUILDINGS, No. 10 NORTH JOHN STREET, LIVERPOOL, ENC. !.'HE TOBACCO A. H. SCOVILLE CC (SUCCESSORS '1'0 PALIIIEB .. SC6V1LLE,) IKPOB.T:S:B.S OF S:PANISB AND JOBBERS I N ALL KINDS OF LEAF TOB.ACCO, ll'o. W.&'I'BB. IJIIBBBill, :a:B'W1rOB.K. COJ!l!!C!!CUT SEED :L&tl.:F WBA1"'PEB OF DUB O'Wll. pAOKDfQ, STRA.ITON & -STORM. J MANUFACTURERS 0 f CIGARS, AND DEAX.EBS IN LEAF TOBACCO, 17, 9 & lSO PEARL STREET, NEW YORK. WE HEREBY CAUTION ALL PARTIES INFRINGING UPON OR. IMITATINC OUR BRANDS, LABELS AND TRADEMARKS, that we will spare no pains in prosecuting such parties in proteciing the rights secured to us by Act of Congress dated August 14, 1876. STB.A.ITON & STORK. This Space is Reserved FOR J. W MARTIN, TOEAOGO COMMISSION MERCHANT, 79 FRONT ST., NEW YORK __ ---------\II'ILLIAM BUCHANAN, DAVID C LYAILL : BUCHANAN & LYALL! ()tHee: 101 Wall St., New York.:-P. 0. BOX 1772. .Factory :-No. 2 FIRST DISTRICT, SOUTH 'BROOKLYN. MANUFACTURERS OF THE FOLLOWING CELEBRATED BRANDS OF PLUG, CHEWING aBd SMOKING TOE.A.CCOS_ ALSO MANUFAQTURERS OF SEMiaCIGARS. .1 PLUG. PLANET NAVY. 1&, 3a, 5&, 61, 7A, Ss, 9, 101. SAILOR'S CHOICE, la, 3a, 4. &11, 6e, 8s, 9s, 108. CHALLENGE, lbe WASHINGTON, .1(1 NEPTUNE, Double ,,.k. brt.1drk XAGGIB IIIITCHBLL. .ALEXANDRA. SEi'" "'N FL0t7NDER8. BVCHANAN, 10o. JACK OF CLUBS KING PHILIP. PE AND APRICOT. llJfCONQ.UERED. "ACIIE "ll'aaey Brtiiht PoUDdo. TJilCUn. H, lOo. PBJilRLJIIJS; P.U.JI. GOLD BARS. PlUDE OF THE REGIJIE!lT, PO< o.;'l' P.J:EC.B8, 1'\T ::PX:N;D OUT, AC:M:E. SMOKINC AND CICARETTE TOIIACCO. VIRGII'i'IA BRIGHT CtJT VAV.BlliDIIIH 'WOB.I.D'S :I'Am. .AND B.'C'BY. Branch Office: 49% Central Street. Boston;. P. O, HOI 1196. BROTHERS, IUia:n. FIN'"E CIG-.ABS . 70. and. 72 BOWERY, NEW YORKi AWARDED the HICHEST MEDAL and DIPLOMA At the Centennial Exhibition tG Prodw:an4.1114e Buoohiiiii9"WJ. Are MORE DURABLE tkan Wooden Molds. Oer 3oo,ooo in .uae, tmd 1h1 dmrntd htcr 1aling. GIVE Tl!EK .l TRIAL. -. Of Of#' manufacture ore fl'MJT IJfllood mperior ;, and /inUh I<> ariy other l!eod far II!Uiralt4 Iolii of Bini. 8!>IAL SIZEI MADE TO ORDER. N. DUBRUL & CO. OZNO:I:NN 0 .. II. OROENSTEititAient, SCBllODEB a BON, 178 WATER STREET, NEW YORK, .:J:::tn.por"ters or .&li'D P.&CIUl:llS OF BONDY & LEDERER, III.&NlJPACTlJBEBII Oil' FINE CIGARS, .&li'D D.BALEJUI Dr LEAF TOBACCO, 96,98,1 00, I 02,104, I 06, I 08 & II 0 Anorney St. 1'\T:&I"'OT 'EB.NEST FB.EISE, (FORMBBLY OF THB FIRM OF WALTER FRIEDMAN & JrREIBE,) IIIPORTER OF Wlol. GLACCUM, JACOB SCHLOSSER GLACCUJ!NU!fT u!!'=PLOSSBB., 15 RJ:VJ:N'GTON' ; NEW' YORK. Proprietors of tbe Celebrated Brands '4 REPUlJLIC" and ''HIGH AND DRY Oth .. r F:wnrit*' Brands m.adf'l to ot'rler. LBONARD I'IUBDM.&N, o &VCCES60R YO WALT-. PRO:DM.Aif & FREISE, IIIPOBWBlL Oil' HAVANA TOBACCO, 203 Pearl Street, lfew York Kaufmann & Bondy, MANUFACTURERS a FINH CIGARS .&ND IIBPOBTEKS .&ND :MA.NlJli'ACTlJBEKS Oli' PIPES AND SMOKERS' ARTICLES, 129 and 131 GRAND ST., a.::::u, NEW YORK. Alex. Fries a Bros., IIANUFACTURERS OF "AVANA. CIGAR FLAVOR, 16 College Place, New 48 A 60 EAST SECOND ST., CINCINNATI, OHIO. lillll:lli1a.11ee1: EJ.e>1:1:1e, $B. l!le:o.'t c. D. VALLA 1\91 EROADWAY, NEW DIRECT IMPORTA1'ION OF Turkish Loaf Tobacco -and ..... ""-ALSO MANUFACTURER. OF 1111-m YUUUI SIOIIIG AJK:O CJ:GAR.B"rTES.. FINESf BLEAR HAV ABA CIGABSl Awarded Klgheat. Ke4al Ezhibltion, lBfG, Phila4elphla, ALSO IMPORTERS OF RAV CIGARS Be LEAF TOBACCO. CAL I FORN lA DISTI LLI'NG COMPANY, EASTERN OFFICE AND SALESROOM-1'\To. aa 'W':L1lla:D1 s-..ree't, :N"evv 'York, MAN1JF A.CT1JBEBS OF STRICTLY PURE HAVANA CIGAR FLAVOR. a MANUFACT.URERS OF 22, 24, 26 28 2d AVE., cor. tat 8t., LOBENSTEJN & GANSJ WHOLESALE DEALERS IN SEED AND HAVANA TOBACCOS; SOLE AND IMPORTERS OF THE GENUINE 'W. & lll CIG-A.::F.l. 1\li:C>ULDS, Pre'sses, Straps & Cutters; D!PORTERS OF GERMAN & SPA.'l!SH CIGAR RIBBONS; '13i Ma:ie-'!!.e:n. I.oan,.e, N'e..,.,.. Y'e>rk. APPtEBY'S CIGAR-MACHINE nANUFAC1rURER8 OF THE .A.:J:.JI P'C'E'l.E V"a.:n.a. Pl.aive>r:i:n.g-s ; ALSO MANUFACTURERS tJF Appleby's Cigar Bunching Machine & Short Filler Breaker or Granulator. .Prlee of: Granulator, $3'1' and $'1'5; Prlc' e o( $40. Our Havana. Flavoring will give to the tobacco the full flavor ofiHa.vaD.a., arid w.fleti smGked it has th Sweetness and Aroma. of a genuine cigar. quart Bottle, $2; Half Gallon, $3; One Gallou, $5. Sent C.O.D.NQ C\>arge for Can or Box, Faetocy at SPOTSWOOD, N. J.1 LEONARD L. F. APPI.,EBY. Sole Prop'r, Oflloe and SalMroopt at JOHNS. SUTPHEN'S,,5il Whitehall Strel't K. Y It .has a Capacity af ahaii 600 11 and call he Eaodl7 The materlals employed In the preparation o f BavaDa li'Javor are vegetable and other from whlc:h the arolllA and taste are extracted. The flavor dlstiog.uuishes andgives character to common, and contains constituent parts of the :finest Havana tobacco. The direltions how to make tobacco-out of Domestic tob8.cco \lith this Flo.vor is given with. ench order. ------------------The Tobacco, DRY OR MOIST, :Ela.a'tead. o-r XT, And Causes No loss in Weight by Dust. $35. Boxing and, $1.50. OFFICES: 610 East Nineteenth St., 166 Y'C>::H..K:. TOBACCO _BAGGING. THE COMMERCIAL AGHNGY IMITATION SPANISH LINEN, FANCY & .TRIPES, And all kt#ds of Goods used for puttiug up Smoking Tobacco .Alt!o,., complete a98ortment of Arlo.:ies for the & 462 to 468 Broadway, New Yorl{. 109 &. Ill WORTH ST., N'evv "'!Z'"e>rk.. McKILlOP & SPRAGUE CO. The Commercial Agency Register Is the standard book of reference, giving the creCit ratings of merchants. Associated Offices of the principal cities of the United Great Britain, Franoe and Germany. ED. WISCHMEYER, HY. WI8CHllllBYER. ED WISQHM:El:ER & CO., To:a.&.cao A "t"te:n "t:lo:n A "t"te:n "t:lo:n KIMMEL & VSCHMIDGRUBER'S Patent Tobacco Coloring Warranted not to lojare tbe .li'lavor, Cl...Uty or Barllllte. Ev-ery :M:a:o.'U1'a.o1:'11rer .-ho' s;l"Ve :1.1: BUEHLER &!<1POLHAUS, _...._G-EillQ X'&, -pt.,.F.....,. llo. 83 CHAMBERS STREET, aw YORIL MERCHANTS, .... FIRsT sT., JERsEY cny, J. 39 SOUTH CALVERT ST., Baltimore., Md.. lew Ymi SaJesmnms-lo. 114 Watsr St, one dnar from WaJI: ... .... _____________ .... ___ .. BIIIPLOY !l7000 JIAtiiDI. Pol. I '11. B. tiiCM'IIIIMIIII $3,000,008 !DUll IR6F' :a. POLT.A. (SUCCESSOR TO J. lll, BlCJJIEL & 00.) liiAJIUF AClT'UREB OF. "MARQUIS" and "SATSUMA" Cigarettes and Cigars, 136 Chatham st., lear Pearl, Bew York..


4 TJHE T 0 B .A llected Mr: Morns S Wise appeared for the plaintiffs, and S H Hitchcock for defendants TH' MEETING ON THURSDAY At the meetmg of tobacco manufacturers and dealers held at the office of Messrs Buchanan & Lyall, this city, on Thursday last, the annexed pre oamble and resolutwn, subnutted by Mr G W Reline, were read a.lld approved, and on motion of Mr Themas Carroll ordered to be printed Ill THE TOBACCO LEAF .and Journal -Believmg that never agam will a tax bill so favor able to manufacturers, dealers and consumers be got >through the House of Representatives as the one JUSt _passed by that body and m order that the trade .=1ght become umted m an effort to pass the bill through the Senate ill Its present shape, and settle the question at the earliest pract1cable moment on the re-assembling of that body m December next, and that a period" nught be fixed upon alike equ1table and JUSt to the whole tobacco mterest It was deemed ad viSable by the comnuttee of gentlemen representmg the tobacco trade then assembled m Washmgton to name a day on ;which the bill, on Its passage by the Senate should go mto effect After mature coDSlder atwn the first day of April, 1879, was agreed upon by those present as one which would enable the manu facturer and dea.ler to d1spose of any stocks of manu factured goods on hand and enable the trade to trans act bqsmes w11th confidence to a fixed period, thus Uie uncertamty and consequent loss of trade so recently experienced by the tobacco mterest In SJ'll'ed only by thiS desire, and not to prolong the discussion of the questwn of the reductiOn of the tax on tobacco, but m the hope of settlmg It, the recom mendations of the meetmg of the comnuttee of gentle men who met at the Ebb1tt House at Wa.shingtonbto the effect that the trade agree and urute upon the Ill as 1t passed the House, reducmg the tax on tobacco to 16 cents per pound, take effect April 1, 1879 and also the further recommendatiOn that a conventiOn be agreed upon to assemble m November next, to take act1on to secure the passage of this bill through the Senate Immediately on Its assemblmg m December next, the tnne and place to be fixed by the Executive Committee It IB therefore Resolved, That we approve the recommendatiOns of the meetmg at Washington, published m Tm: ToBAcco LEAF under date of June 24 and hereby ratify and adopt the same and reco=end the hke actwn to be by the tobacco trade m the different sectwns of the country mg worth of old com OBITUARY. LOUIS SPIESS The announ 1ement of the death of this gentleman a member of the firm of Kerbs & Spiess, cigar manufac turers of th1s mty was received by the trade with re gret and surppse, for few were aware of hiB illness The d1sease 1 ;meumoma-from which Mr Spiess stlf fered rapidly !Tan Its course, he bemg ur only about twelve days His death occurred on Sunday, July 7, 1878 His funeral whwh was largely attended by members of the different branches of the tobacco trade took place on Wednesday, J ul:y 10 at 9 o clock A :M from his late residence Mr Spiess was a native of Zwmgenberg Hessen Darmstadt, GeriDany Mr Kerbsh who had married the sister of Mr Spiess, broug t him to thiB country m 1856 Mr Kerbs corn menced the husmess of manufacturmg cigars ill 1860 and he employed Mr Spiess, hrm wages In 1866 Mr Kerbs admitted Mr Spiess mto the firm Mr Kerbs attendmgtothe manufacturing part of thebus1 ness and Mr Spiess to the buymg of leaf tobacco He had a third mterest m the busmess and property owned by the firiD and though hiS loss IS deepfy re gretted by h1s partner, It, will not many way affect the regular prosecutiOn or the busmess of the firm which will be contmued under the same style Mr Sp1ess was only thirty four years of age and It IS sad to thmk that he should have been taken away at a tnne when he had by mdustry sobnety and honesty won for hrmself such an enviable position m the busmess co=umty bemg a member of a flriD which IS srud to be the iargest c1gar manufacturing firm m the world, "hen a few years b efore he was earmng his hvehhood by his dmly labors Spiess was married four years ago and leaves a wife and three children to mourn his loss As soon as the sad news reached our mercha;nts and manufacturers they rmmedmtely made arrangements to hold meetmgs to express sorrow at the death of Mr Spiess and to tender their sympathies to hiS family and relatives The National Cigar Manufacturers AssociatiOn held a meetmg on Wednesday July 10 Mr E A Snuth, the president of the assoCiatiOn, ad dressed the meetmg mournmg the loss of their asso Ciate, who had filled the office of treasurer w1th so muchacceptance MMsrs I Teichmann JohnStrmton and Louis Asch also spoke of the good qualities and high character of the deceased After passmg the followmg resolutiOns the assomatwn adJom ned to attend the funeral WHEREAS It has pleased Almighty God to take from our midst In the prrme of hfe ou1 late assoCiate, Mr LouiS Spiess therefore be It Resolved That by the death of Mr Spiess the cigar manufacturers of the Umte d States lose one of the most effiCient and honorable of their members one whose name has been a synonym for mtegr1ty and ability one who by his mdustry and thrift has set an example worthy of emulatiOn Resolved That the decease of their treasurer wh1le m office touches the NatiOnal Ct12;ar M m'llfacturei s Assocmtwn with a peculiar sorro" when we recall his kmdly courtesy towards his fellow members and his warm and watchful mterest m the weHare and honor of the SoCiety Resolved That as a mark of respect a copy of these resolutiOns be smtably engrossed and presented to the widow and family of the deceased and to his busmess partner, and that a copy of the same be publiShed m the different topacco trade papers ED A SMITH, Pres ISAAC TEICHMANN, Sec The Seed and Sparush tobacco trade held a meetmg on 'fuesday +.July 9 at the office of Messrs Weil & Co Mr Juhus J:Saer was chosen chairiDan and Mr Sam I J Gans secretary Messrs N Lachenbruch and A. H ScoVIlle spoke of the esteem m whwh the deceased was held by all those who knew him, and of the loss to the trade by his death A committee consiBtmg of Messrs H Schubart, E M Crawford S Spmgarn, S Rossm and 0 Hammerstem presented the followmg resolutiOns which were unarumously adopted WHEREAS, An all w1se Providence has torn from our nudst Mr Loms SpieiiS a membel' of our trade be It Resolved That we smcerely regret and mourn the sudden and unt1mely loss of one who, by his honorable exerti?nsJ anuable disposition and commercial rect1 tude, haU won the esteem of all With whom he had ever been thrown m contact and who by the ap phance of his own natural resources, had ac9mred a very promment positiOn m one of the lea.dmg m terests of this country Resolved That we respectfully extend to his widow and fanuly our heartfelt sympathy m then: sad be reavement Resolved That as a further mark of our esteem we attend the funeral of our departed friend, and that a. copy of these resolutiOns be smtably engrossed and forwarded to his family, and also published m the trade JOUrnals JuLIUS BAER, Chairman SAM L J GANS, Secretary. The employees of. the firm of Kerbs & Spiess, when they heard of the death of then: employer, met and, after making arrangements to be present at the funeral, passed the followmg resolutions WHEREAS It was the Will of the Almighty to call from our midst our late employer and friend, Louis Spiess (of the firm of Kerbs & Spiess) unto him, Resolved, That we the employees, do heartily sym :pathize w1th the f8.IIllly and firin m their bereavement m consequence of their and our great loss, that herem we express our condolence, tender feelings and smcere regrets and be rt Ruolved, That a copy of these resolutiOns of condo lence be forwarded to the firm and be It further Resolved, That the employees of the firm attend the funeralm a body D Schott Qhamnan, M Stern, G Blum, M Levy, 1!' Yoerg J Jaeger, H L1psky J Adler D DaVIdson, L Barth, J Kiessling, J RuzriCka P S1tt CORRESPONDENCE. I NEW YORK, July 8, 1878 EDITOR TOBACCO LEAF -In the article about Meer schaum m your valuable paper of to day you mentiOn that the manufacture of the same m this country IS of recent date It may therefore, not be amiSS to call your attentiOn to the fact that my deceased father was the first one who cut a meerschaum p1pe In this country, m the year 1857 for the late Dr Bethune and that he was also the first one who nnported the raw mater1almto this country Respectfully, B PoLLAK Drawback. BosTON, July 13, 1878 EDITOR TOBACCO LEAF -While gentlemen of the trade are makmg efforts to have the tax reduced to go mto effect next sprmg w19Uld It not also be well to endeavor to have a drawback clause m the b1ll for reductwn of tax? that dealeisand manufacturers may Miscellaneous German Tobacco News .,11.0t have the experience of the past Six months repeated In Mannheim a meetmg of operatives of the tobacco m '1879 Many would much rather have a manufactunng mdustry of Baden and tlie Bavaru!h _store full of goods and make a semblance of busmess Palatmate was held lately, wlien steJ?S were taken to If they felt sure the reductiOn of tax would not mter organiZe an ag.tatwn agamst Prmce Bismarck's fere with values than s1t and look at empty shelves favorite plana Government monopoly of the tobacco I predict that if a drawback is not provided for and trade as a means to rruse the revenues of the GeriDan the tax IS to be changed m April busmess will be no .Em ue better the -first half of 1.879 than It has been the first te Bremen Handels Blatt not1ces the passage, by llalflof 1878 Yours respectfull CONSERVATIVE Tobacco Leaf." NE" YORK Porto Rico Tobacco and Havan Cigars The introductton ot. the interior tobacco ot Porto Rico mto CUba, a writer ID the New York Herald of ;July llsa;yo, coDSlderable ex citement among the Havana cigar manufacturers Nearly all the Jl6WBpa.pers in the lsl&nd have denounced the importation as an Injustice and & senoua Injury to tbe Cuban trade This invasion of a flme honored monopoly has partly grown out of the late Cuban Erection The Spanish Government was unwilling to admit Cuban elegates to the Cortes on account of the presumptive disloyalty or the d but Porto Rico bemg at peace was allowed representation in !fpam The Porto Rico delegates made a shrewd use or this lLdvantagm The Executive Government !Jtandlnc in need ot their support set astde a law neTer repeaJed. by the Cortes wbJCh rorblds an_y importation or tobacco whate>;er Into Ouba so as to J!re&erve in Its perfection the unrivalled crop or that island A permit was granted to the merchants and planters ot. Porto Rico to ship Their tobacco t-oCul:J& This privilege origiDallyc o n ceded ID 1871 wa.s speedily repealed on account of a storm of opposmo n !rom the authorities ana merolla.nts ot Havana but In 1876 the -porto Rico delega tion acatn swapped tlleir favors tor the prlvUege of dumping their tobacco erop upon Cuba For more than two years tliey have done this unmter ruptedly untll the reputation or Cuban CJ.glU"S has been reduced bz_ an 1mmense rruxture of inferior tobacco !rom all uarte o f the world-Ger Hungary the Umted States Mex1co and St. Domingo Po'rto :IDeo lB to a certam extent a free-trade colony It grows no more tobscco tllan ls needed for domestic consumption and th1s 1s pc?Orer than the tobacco of St Dommgo and the United States and bnngs less m the home markets The etfeci of the franchise g1ven to Porto not so much to work off thell' own tob&ooo as to baie as the1r own the common tobaccos of the world and sell them in Cuba at hundreds per cent ad vance The duty fa centl a .J> thelt" ruerll6. is not so In the United States where the peOple are ''t ouaplclous, ud tbe Cusirollt Jn The tobacco out.ide of Cu'tian native 11 Amenca.n "1\hich sells m N!:iYork at a shilling & pop.nd Suppose that tobn.cco grow,nru Penn sy nia o5 OhiO or New York. to be marketed In Porto Rico packed m Pc Rico packages aud sold m Cuba n comes toNe" York a.s Ha-vana cigars, aod. pays the dnty-$1150 per pound-besides .25 per cent ad mlortffli-. 'lbe CUstom HOU8e stamp al New York insures 1t a market How l ong can we ma.rnta.m our reputation and prices such a duty agrunst us and a bogus What are you gou1g to do about 1t 9 The reputabl e ctgar manufacturers of Cuba b,ave petitioned the Captain General bas SCIWt power to act m tbe face of an imperial we must get a delf,ftataon from Cuba. m the Oortes and offset Porto &co With a rtval pollticil.l inftuenoe As It Is we are now the mere pack horse ot Porto Rico and she saddles upon ua and our reputation the mongrel tobaccos of the urn verse. Some of us ser1011ily meditate es-tabllSblng our tactorlea in the United States Our workmen to tbe number of thousands have already removed here New York ia tull of them and at Key West there are about 4 000 of our as good a cigar ot Cuban tobacco m thla country asm We can if "e import the perfectly cured lea! Those of us wbo manu facture extensivelY in Havana aLso grow our own tobacco and cure 1t It w111 be far better (or us to bring our owu tobacco to New York and avoid the enormous duty and from heace reach the markets of the world th&n to lose our grade by encouraging the cheat ol palm1bg ott Porto Rico 1m portattons as Vuelta Abajo under the American Customs stamps Reported Falluret a.nd Business BRIDGEPORT ()oNN -E V HaweB Tobacco mortgaged or made a b1ll of sale f BALTIMORE MD -B F Atpler Tobawco and C1g_ars gtven b1ll of sale on stock for 800 DAVENPORT !A -C C F randt Tobacco ruptcy HARTFORD CoNN -.las 8 Schott C1gars failed MENDOTA ILL -.los We1dner C1gars stock and fixtures for UOO T NEW YoRK -A Cappardachl BosporollS Tobacco Co mort gaged or made a bill of oale NEW BEDFORD MASS -John FranCIS failed, colhprOmiSIDg at 25 cents RocHESTER N y -A J Combs Tobacco mmgaged or made a b11l of sale ToLEDO 0 -J Nagley & Co C1gar Box Manufacturers mortgaged or made a b11l of sale TERRE HAUTE INn -G W Shaffer Cigars real e8t&te mort gage Business Chaqes, New Firms and. Removals. ALLENTOWI{ PA -LeVI Nickum C1gars, sold out to 'Fluck & Helfnch CorcAoo ILL -Fritz Kuethl C1gars burned out msured VAIIIILL us N Y -Green & Chapman P1pe Manufacturers, diSsolved John H Green contmues DBTROIT ,MIOII -C F Kuhle Cil!:&J"S. and Tobacco sold on t to E Hertin I"' DEFIANCE 0 -Napoleon C1B":! lltanufacturer burned out GALVESTON TEx -Bnnkho:tf, Bemiller! & Bro Manu facturers d1ssolved H Bemmert & Bro continue JACKSONVILLB FLA -R Genovo.r C1gars burned out m sured MrLWAUKBil, Wla -L Lohman Co C1gar Box Manufac turers dissolved L Lohman eontmues B Le1dersdorf & Co Tobacco Manufacturers burned out partly msured NEw Yoxx -Kerbs & Spiess C1gar Manufacturers Lou1s Sp1ess deceased finn the same NEW LONDON CoNN EmmeriCh Tobacco and Cigars sold out to Chas Serafin PITTSRtmGH PA -H Reuck & Co Ctgars and Tobacco dis solved H Reuck contmues PEORIA ILL -M Brock & Co Tobacco and Ctgars sold out to Max Hyck SoUTH HADLEY FALLS MASS -M W Pmley Cigar Manufac turer deceased ST LoUIS Mo -J os Berman C1gars sold out or selling out X'\ Patent Otllce Report 4\\'5 1<3 FROH APRIL 2 1878 TO }[A Y 18m;.( l., PATENTS ISSUED \' Plug Tobacco Cutter 201 915-S P DICk and D R Musselman Lomsville Ky 01gar Lighter 202 150-J N Clawson Philadelphia Pa Manufacture of Plug 202 245-D W DeForest, Brooklyn N Y I Machine f o r Settmg Tobacco Plants 202 452-F M Meyer Shannandale Mo Pocket C1gar Cutter 202 559-L H Lippman Phila aelphia Pa Tobacco Washer 202 568-H Messmer Magdeburg Prussia C'{Jars Cigarettes Smokmg and Chewmg Tobacco Kerbs & Spiess New York 5 808The represents. t10n of a donkey lookmg at a picture as shown 5 832-The representatiOn of a man s1ttmg m a grotto whiCh IS embellished with snail like ornaments at the side 5 957-The word symbol Grand VIctory'' Edward Hilson, New York 5 841-' The word sym bol Doctor s PrescriptiOn S Jacoby & Co New York li 944-" The word Umcum 5 956-The word Metropolitan Henry Nelson Boston Mass 5 958-" The letters A &H A Co J D Culp & Co San FranCISCO Cal 6,028The word symbol Yellow Jacket Lozano Pendas & Co, New York 6,044The representatiOn of a castle surrounded by flowers, as shown 6 045' The representatiOn of a stand mg on a balcony and a man s1ttmg on the balustrade as shown" McCoy & Co New York 6,102The words Tally Ho'" C'{Jars Cigarettes and Cheroots John Blakely, New York 5,830-The word symbol 'Buena VIBta Ctgars, Cigarettes and Smoking TObacco Stra1ton & Storm, New: York The words 'Our Daddies Joseph Lowenherz Hoboken, N J 5,926-'The v; ord s:ymbol Osman MorriS Jacoby New York 5 979-" The represents. twn of a globe surmounted by a female figure Thos H. Hall, New York 6,036The word symbol DramatiCo Utga? s and Fme Cut Chewtng Anme E Irwm Brooklyn N Y 5 881-symbol Old Frtend Sullivan & Burk Detroit M!Ch 5 807-' The rep resentat1on of the Cigar restmg on a pivot, and the word symbol Pivot H MyeN&Bro Savannah Ga 5 812-' The word symbol Amba.ssadre3Sh used m connec'tiol!With tpe representatiOn of a yac t M J Cohn & Co Memphis, Term 5 822The word symbol Ours Jas W Crowell Philadelphia Pa.,. 5,821-" The fanciful title Pride of Ph1ladelph1a Wm N1essmg New York 5 824-The word sym bol Rapid Transit G Fehl & Co St Louis Mo 5 862The words 'Blue R1bbon Daniel E Rose, Brooklyn N Y 5 886-' The word 'Leo Theo Schuneman, DetrOit MICh 5 913-The red seal, with the monogram and words Red Seal C Palacio & Co New York 5 930The arb1 tranly selected word Eudora 5 931-The repre sentatwn of a sphere surmounted by an eagle as shown Carl Upmann New York The word Competen cia S F Hess & Co Rochester N Y word symbol Peerless Seidenberg & Co Key west Fla and New York 5 991-The word symbol Silver Eagle S Fuguet & Sons Philadelphia, Pa 5 997-The words Sprmg Flowers S Lowenthal & Co Cmcinnat1 0 The word Spectator Henry Eggert, New York 6 006-' The fanciful words The brand I smoke Foxen Newman & Co Detroit, MICh 6 007 A round wax seal green color havmg Impressed upon 1t the red monogram shown composed of the Imtials 'G &S John P Goelz & Co Milwaukee Wts 6,065 A chart With two men m the upper left hand corner of he same one of them With a tub washmg ore and the other standmg on and under them the words 'Huntmg for Gold and below them on the lower left hand corner, a Chmese and another man playmg cards at a table and under them the words The Heathen Chinee and m the centre of the chart the picture of a man and under It the words Bret Harte and on the upper right hand corner a man standmg at a case settmg and under him the words A Type Setter & Editor, and on the lower right hand corner the stump of a tree with a heart card as a target, tacked on the same and a man standing at the foot of the stump with a revolver m his right hand shootmg himself and under him the words John Oakurst John b LooilllS, Suffield, Conn 6 010'The words Temperance Wave WoOdSide Green & Labaree, Cmcmnat1, 0 6,022-" The words Two Orphans E S Allen & Co, Cleveland 0 6 ,023-"Thewords Gilt Edge' Charles Claudius Canandmgua N Y. 6,096-"The word symbol' Bernard B1and John D Loomis Suffield Conn 6 099-' The words Panther Brand used m connectiO n w1th the picture of a panther, with forest surroundmgs as shown 6,100-Tie words Dllvy Crockett Brand' used m connection With the portratt of a man represented as dressed m trappers costume &II shown 6,101-' The words Blackfoot Brand used m connectiOn with the pwture of a Blackfoot Indian on horseback, as shown Wilham Snnpson Springfield, Mass 6,126-' The words Red Jacll:et Smoki'!'fl. and Chewing Tobacco Whitfield W Phillips Richmond, Va 5 815-"The word-symbol 'Rag Tag J W. & C G. Ilolland Danville, Va 5,853-' The word symbol The Style '' Rowland & Newbrandt, Philadelphia., Pa 5 887" The fanciful worq 'Nancy '" Jas. B Pace Rwhmond. Va 5 912-' Yellow and black squares, haVIng m each the name of J B Pace Newms & Gnswold Holbrook and Riverhead N Y 6,015'The words Pride of the Island' Pace Talbott & Co Danville, Va 6,089-' The side view representatiOn of a rams head FriShmuth Brother & Co Philadelph1aJ Pa 6 119" A triangular shaped figure w1th an ewargement at each corner Smoking Tobacco Rob't M Chambers, Lrnchburg, Va 5,837-' The fanciful words 'Peaks o Otter, and the landscape Within an oval figure B Leidersdorf'& Co Milwaukee, W1s 5 842-'The name B Le1dersdorf & Co and the word symbol H8.ll' 5,884'The name B Le1dersdorf & Co and the word symbol Tax Payers Oliver & RobinBon Richmond, Va 5 927-' The s.Ymbol of the red, white and blue, or trt color stripes 6,945-"The word-symbol Powhatan,' With two p1pes havmg their steinB crossed B Frarik Weyman P1ttshurgh Pa 11,948-"The title or des1gnatwn Weyman & Bro Guolamo SU!ch San 1! ranCisco, Cal word symbol UrbiB et OrblB Roundy, Peckham & Co Milwaukee W1s 5,989- The name of Roundy Peckham & Co and the word symbol Boss E H Hillsborough, N C The words Sit tmgBull Plug Tobacco Pioneer Tobacco Co New York 5 819-"A tag made of of the form shown m the fac ca ed m the trade A Wood Tag Hugh M Cochran McConnelsburg, 0 5 838-" The letter C m tnplets, the three C's overlappillg each other, and eqUidistant, and formmg a group Cu'Ii.mgworth, Gregory & Ellison Richmond, V a. I 967The obverse of a twenty-dollar gold piece JULY 15 W A Ezekiel Omcmnati 0 RalP.S of twenty five cents etc Schmidt & Co New York 1523 Title "Puro Ha bana PwneerTobacco Co New York-Title" Wood Tag" Schumacher & Etlinger New York 1441-Title Amoros1s Rush B Hamtzelman, New York 1 645Title ''O&ta reba Cigaretfes Ltght HeOA1J! Common lugs 2 00@ 2 150 9 1!0@ 3 ()() Good lugs 2 00@ 3 25 8 00@ 4 71i Common leaf 3 00@ 4 00 4 oO@ 5 71i :Medmm leaf 4 25@ 5 75 6 50@ 8 00 Good leaf 0 2o@ 8 25 9 00@11 oo Fme leaf 8 oO@ 9 50 11 00@13 00 OWENSBORO, Ky -Frnyser Bros Tobacco Stemmers report to THE ToBAcco LEAF as fo11ows -Our market has shown no new features except that 110me buyers seem 81lXLOU8 to own more stock at present pnces whlch are about as full .. s at any-tiflrn durmg the season Stemmers are very busy pnz mg and sh1ppmg Crop prospects not much changed. After a contmuous ramy spell we are now havmg very warm weather Some complam of frenchmg We still lhink the plantmg does not exceed three fourt(j s of an ave age tlie present out look for y:Ield 1s not prom1smg PADtJ:CAH, Ky.-Mr 'J H Puryear Leaf Tobacco Broker rej)orts toTH>: TOBAcco J"E'F ns follows mai'ket opened quJet th1s wee k but soon 1t was demo nstrated tlnlt a few of the buyers had decided upon operatmg more freely, and this together w1th the appearnnce on the breaks of a sinai! country representatiOn soon the market to become very strong and generally show an advance of J.i"c The quality as about the same as last week No ram for last two or three days weather oppress! vely warm Receipts for week endmg last Saturday were 500 hhds and the were 637 hhds the figures for th1s week w1ll be IIOilleWhat larger Lugs -Uommon t 2 00@ 2 00 Mechum 2 75@ 8 00. Good (very scarce) 3 00@ 4 00 !Ltaf -Common 3 :10@ II 00 Medmm 6 00@ 8 110 Good (very scarce) 8 u0@10 flO' Fme (nommal) 11 00@13 ()() PHILADELPHIA, Pa.-lllr Arthur R Fougeray, To bacco Manufacturers Agent reports to THE ToBACOO LEAl' -Dealers m all branches of manufactured plug tobacco acknowl edge a dull busmess for the past week a condition of affatrs satisfactory to the mc1chant oWing to the mtensely hot and uncomfortable atmosphere f01 out door bu,mess It should be borne 111 mmd ho\\ ever that thls state of trade IS customary :[J Tobaooos -ThiS ch,s of goods st1ll moves off very slowly with bette1 grades mOde rately mcreasmg at full figures The bulk of the busmess 1 s done m common goods upon which a very 1Im1ted margan IS realtzed Oigars -A better feeling pr e' a1ls among fine c1gar manufac turers they cla1m orders are more frequent and pnces asked are obtamed w1thou.t question 1 nttiCularly 1f the goods have a reputatiOn Medmm and common grades contmue to meet With ready sale at the small aavance Rece1pts for the '1\'ll\lk from all quarters bxs 3 600 cad d1es 1 216 cases 48 "kegs and 903 pails of tine cuts Exported to Par a per schr L S lngrann 2 567 lbs manufactured tobacco and 40 M manufactured ctgars Leaf Tolxwco -Seed leaf busmess for home p!Jrposes the past week has not been very hvely A number of offers have been made for .e:ood Sized lots but no pos1tJvelf large sales were made It seems d.J.fficult for pm t1es to agree m regard to prices The busmess done was confined to local trade m a small way, w1th a moderate amount of mders from the West Old Con nect10ut and Penn s ylvarua fine wrappers still command spectal attentiOn at excellent tlgures while seconds and fillers along m the usual manner at very fa1r margms Ollk> and Wiscon s m Seed found more adlillrers w1th the advanced prace readtly obtamed In th1s class of goods a better feeling ts plamly notiCeable Havan a Leaf -Conside rable of first quahty meets w1th wtlhng buyers at full :figures low grade has no value m th1s market and IS of no usc Exported to Barhadoes per schr W: H. 099 lbs of W le:U tobacco to LlVerpool per steamer Ohw 244 122 lbs do to Para 92 Ibs of samples of leaf tobacco Receipts for the week -299 cases C hhds Maryland and 2 474 bales Sumatra. Sub8cnpt10n upo1 he 3d of July, 7 000 bales Sumatra and upon the 9th and 10 of July, 9 000 bales of Java Stock to day -587 hhds MarJ nd 4 000 balea East lndaa 100 do Brrual 14 861 do Java 12 480 do Sumatra. !.IVERPOOL, 29 -Messrs F W Smythe & Co Tobacco CommiSSIOn Merchants report to THB TOBACCO LEAP -As usual at the close of a half year our market has not latterly shown much ammatwn : Manufacturers purchaies were gene1ally on a reta1l scale Sales for export were uwm portant Pnces Without change Imports 649 hhds delivenes, 398 hhds stock 29 470 hhds against 28 682 same time last year, LONDON, July 4 iUessrs Grant, Chambers & Co report to TIIE ToiU.coo LEAF as follows -There has been but a t r iflmg busmell8 done dunng the past wedk and the operations m Amencan have been lim1ted to selections made by the home trade for Immediate reqwrements. For the better classes pnces are steady W e3tern leaf and str1ps have oulJ been moderately dealt m and there are but few mqwnes V rrgm1a l eaf 1 and stn ps h,. e also attracted httle attentiOn, light classes are "anted. and Ohlo-thl' only de maud IS for light classes Cavendish mo'l'es off slowl;r., The Circular of Walter Bad & C<>., dated July 2 saysP McNamara & Co Covmgton Ky 6 109-" The ser1es of d1amond or lozenge shaped figures, and the mtervemng spaces formed upon the surface of the plug of tobacco by stampmg and m the center of the mtervenmg spaces the circular p1ece of card board the words P McNamara & Co,' arrallg9d around the edge or border Wilson & McCallay, Middletown 0 6 123-A symbolic figure representmg a plug of tobacco havmg one or more of Its edges forll'd With regular undula t1ons as shown the House of Representatives at W ashmgton recently of the bill providmg for a reductiOn of the American tobacco tax from 24 cents to 16 cents per pound and, m commentmg on the subJect says -Now m the Uruted States the tax on tobacco IS reduced 33Ya per cent the loss to be made up by duect taxatiOn while hereJ m Germany they are labormg to mcrease the buraens of md1rect taxatiOn and above all to shift the burden of mcreased taxatiOn on the tobacco manu facturmg mdustry and trade Btg Flats July 11 -W H L reports -'How the tobacco does grow IS remarked on every hand smce the late rruns Farmersnave generally firushed hoemg tobacco, and are busily engaged secupng the1rrhay and wheat crops much of the latter bemg of abeavy growth and therefore badly lodged We measured a tobacco leaf m our own lot this mornmg which measured 22 mches and this was the rule not the ex ception It was set the 24tH' of May. If this fine growmg time contmues planters will have to enlarge their tobacco barns Tobacco Cutting Machme 202 608-J F T:v15h, as signor to himself and P McCrossm Philadelphia, Pa C1gar Machme 202 62a-.-R A Bright, Jr, ProVl dence, R I CompositiOn for Treatmg Tobacco-J Trent Mayo Cheunng Tobacco J W & C G Holland Danville Va 5 851-"The word symbol Pride of AmeriCa 5 852-The word symbol Magnolia 5 854 "The word symbol Jun The 1ccent tran sact1ons m this tobacco market sum up a larger total than was .at one t1me expected 'l he chlef buemess was m Western stnps of quahty wb1ch were bought by home trade at pnces that show more steadiness than was wit nessed duung the month of May A parcel of M1ssoun leaf was sold to an lnsh dealer at very low rates for the quahty, but even at t.ll.e pnces p&ld the buyer left off sooner than the seller ln V1rgm1a tobacco there was a decided rise m the value of bnghts which would have been even more marked if some houses had not shown such aUXIet,r to sell Ia. dark leaf and stnps of th1s growth there was nothmg domg 1'be market The LaferiDe Tobacco and Cigar Manufacturmg Company for the current year has granted Its share holders a dividend of 14 4 10 per cent making 144 marks on each share The Bremen Chrunber of Commerce durmg the past few months has been nearly permanently occupied with the consideratiOn of the tobacco question but by :recent events has come to the conc lusiOn that the great -danger of a complete destructiOn of the Bremen tobac manufacturmg mdustry through a Government monopoly IS passed It has been satisfactorily shown that all parties and factiOns are opposed to such a measure and. although It IS not known how the tax 9.uestwn may finally be settled the approachmg elec twns for the German Parliament are looked forward to with confidence The amount of North American stored at the port of Bremen up to a recent date IS stated as follows -Ohio, 359 ca.Ses Maryland, 890 do, VIrgmm, 491 do, Ken tucky 1 320, scrubs, 53 do scraps 811 do The sales 1n one week amounted to 335 cases On hand, 5,890 KENTUCKY OlmBtead, Logan Co July 9 -T E B reports -Smce my last commumcatwn there has been much wet weather but no further plantmg has been done There was not a sufficiency of plants to replant what had been foriDerly planted No further plantmg will be done, and I still estnnate the acreage here at 60 :per cent of last year s crop, with stand and condition much infer10r to that of Jast year The crop lB very The weather contmues wet The early plant mgs are gro"IVlllg somebbut there IB a complaint of had growth and the plant uttonmg very low Cadi-Z Tngg Co July 8 -J F W reports -Smce my last report we have had wet weatherJ With several very destructive rams Much of the tooacco crop IS drowned out, and almost uruversally lllJUred by Forge Va Tobacco Stem Crusher 202 696-N New York Pocket Case for P1pe and Tobacco May, Campbelltown N J Cigarette Package 203,164-F S Kinney New York Cigar 203 537-J Frey New York Tobacco Strippmg and Drymg Machme 203,600W Davies, Henderson, Ky Ctgar Mould 203, 715-N. DuBrul Cmcmnat1, 0 Cigar Lighter 203 805-H Wellington, Greenpomt, and W Bourke New York TRADE MARKS REGISTERED C'{Jars, CJgarettes, FJne Cut and Plug, Smoking Tobaceo and Snuff Lichtenstem Brothers & Co New York 5,900-"The word-symbol, 'Phonograph '' Buchanan & Lfall New York 5 950-" The wordsymbol Donuno ClfiGrs, Cigarettes, CMwing and Smoki'llfJ Tobacco and Snuff. Lichtenstein Brothers & Co, New York 5,899-" The words Town Talk 1or' 5 923-' The word-symbol Golden ChariD' F M Morten and E C Morten Cmcmnati 0 6,074 -The representatiOn of a counter scale Ftne Cut Chewtng Tobacco Chas B Hull Detroit M10h 6 053-" The words BIJahs Joy Boxes PhilippSchneidl;lr New York 5 961-"Tit for Tat 5 962The words No Other Tobacco Bags Wm J Cusson R1chmond Va., ass1gnor to The Catlin Tobacco Co 6,040The letters P P" m closed within the representatiOn of the bag, as shown LABELS Heppenhenner & Maurer, New York 1,469-Title "FascinatiOn 1,470-Title 'DIBpatch" 1,482-Title "Amateurs 1,484-Tltle "La Noblesa' 1,517-Title El Boca Kerbs & Spiess, New York 1,503-Title "Grand VIctory" closes steady and 11 1s hoped that 11 will remam so The present mou_th IS nearly always a very qUiet one and as the stock.s to da' are about the lowest for the year manufacturers will soon have every opportunity of pomtmg to an almost daily mcrease caused by the arnval of the new Import NotiCe has been gaven by the shlpowners that they Intend to re measure and re we1gh gross every hogshead or tteroe of to bacco l an ded here from the Uruted States and charge the fre1ght not upon the measurement stated m the margm of the bills of ladmg 01 the gross weight oa the Inland bills but upon those ascertlillled here Thls 1s very rmportant as 1l1 nearlY. every case the charge IS much m excess of that stated 1l1 the b1lls of lading To obviate this mcrease to the charges, we recommend our fneods to shlp only at so much per hogs head or tierce and not by measurement m the Inland bills of ladmg to mserl a clause to the effect that the frwght is only to be prud upon the gross weight as ascertained at tke port or place of sh1pmen t and no mora In shlppmg to Liverpool II 11 at all times nece11811ry to add the followmlf words on the bills of To be delivered at the Queens Warehouse at the ships expeaae If tiUs 1s not done a heavy charge IS mOUI'l"ed by thellhipper for carnage tG" the warehouse


JULY 15 THE DOMESTIC TOBACCO MARKETS FOR THE WEEK ENDING SATURDAY .JULY 13. EXPORTS. From the port of New York to foreign ports for the week ending July 13. were as fo1Iows :AFRICA.-105 bhds, 23 cases 10 pkgs (1,223 lbs) mfd. ANTWERP.-130 bbds, 40 bal es, 8 pkgs (300 lbs ) mfd. ARGENTt:NE REPu:BLIC.--45 bale s BnEME>e.-600 hhds, 1,899 cases, 603 bales. BBIS'rOL.-263 hhds. BRITJSJI AUSTR"-LJA.-113 hbds 5 cases, 964 pkgs (188,181 lbs) mfd BmTISH GuuN.\.-6 hbds. BRITISH N. A CoLONIEs.-12 hhds. BRITISH WEST L'p, 14 do 1876 crop, 39 do 1877 crop, 39 do 1877 cro}1; State, 47 do 1877 crop; total, 99u cases. Another special Bremen report states that the im ports were 272 cases Seed leaf, and the sales were 954 cases do, and 50 cases cuttings. The stock on hand -consists of 120 cases Seed leaf, and 130 do cuttings .. -Quotations :-Florida, 45@280pfennigs; Seed leaf wrap_pers, 60@250; do binders, 45@60; do fillers, 35. Spanish.-We note a steady demand for Havana to. ba.Cco; with full prices paid for all desirable grades. The Ecode la Vuelta Abajoof July 1 says:-Wehave wellfounded motives for believing that the hopes of some manufacturers of Havana respecting the aug: mentation of the export duty on leaf will not be real ized The consequence of such anti-economical pre tensions will infallibly be the ruin of the agricultural interests, now unfortunately so depressed, and will not bring any advantage to the traae. Jlanujactured.-It is admitted in this branch of trade that more business is e,ffected weekly than was the case a short t1me ago; at the same time, the an ticipations of activity consequent upon the cessation -of the tax agitation have not yet been realized. People .are buying more gtl?ds than they were but their opera tions are still mamly confined to small Jines and stock for current use. Buyers got accustomed to doing business in this way during the long tax debate-in 110me instances being advised to do so by holders-and $eem in no hurry to change the habit. The exports for the week were 275.035 pounds. Smoll!ing.-A steady trade, with sales embracing .general assortments, is reported by jobbers and .dealers in smoking tobacco. Ci(lars.-There is no new feature in the cigar trade. OhioInferior to good com 8 @ Brown and greenish 6 llledium and tine red !% 9 Oom. to mid. spangled. 6 @ 8 Fine epangled to yellow 10 Maryland-Frosted to common m@ 2 Sound common. .. 2 @ 8 Good do @ 5 Medium . . . 6 Good to line red. . 8 tO Fancy . .. 10 1e, Upper Oountry. . 4 Ground lea!, new. . 2 @ 8 SillED LEA.F FOR HOME TRADE. Crop 1877-Con1lecticut-Crop 1876Wrapl>f'I'S fall'. .. 12 @15 Wrappers fine ....... 20 @25 Crop 1877-A.ssorted tine. . . 15 @ 18 do fair. .. ... 10 @12 0/do-Crop 11576-SecondB ......... 11 @ 158 Fillers . 6 @ Maasach.wetts-Crop 1876Wrappers.. ... .. 10 @l:S Assorted lots . 8 @10 Pennsylvanta-Crop 1876Wrappers. . . Assorted .. .. .. 9 @11 New York State-Crop 1ftl6-BU< Flats tO @ 1 8 Assorled fine . 1 8 @20 do fair..... .. 1 2 @10 Fdlel'8 fine .. .. .. 9 Assorted lots . 1 @10 Wisconsin-Crop 187&Assorted lots. . . 7J1i@ 10 do . D @ 6 EXPORT QUOTATIONS. 8 ... .... Crop 1877-do fall' ... Assorted fine. . . 9 @12 Fillers . do fair 7 @ 9 Crop 1877NIOW YoRK-Crop 1876-Assorted good... . Asaot'ted. .. .. .. .. 7 @. 8 do fair... . Crop 1877WJBOOJii 4 @ 5 7@-.... 6 @ 7 R @ 7 Brights-Navy 4 's., 5's. 6 s, tO's or pocket p1eces. . 00 @28 lbs, !oil lbs and 8's ... ID @28 9'11l lilor and coastwise ports for the week endina: July 13, were 6,335 hhds 29 trcs, 60 Ys-trcs, ( ,388 cases, 93 bxs, 95 _%: bxs, 71 88 }3-bxs, 219 J.l-bxs. 8 Ys-bxs, caddies, M bales, 130 cases cigars, 5 do cigarettes, 5 trcs snuff, 35 bbls do, 11 do, 25 kegs do, 26 jars do as follows:Bi THE EniE RAILROAD.-W. 0 Srmth & Co., 5 hhds; Order, 1 464 do. .BY THE HUDSON RIVE:R RAILROAD.-C. E. Fischer & Bro., .96 cases; Fitts & Austin, 18 do; A. H Scoville & Co., 426 do; A Hen & Co., 5 do; E. Rosenwald & Bro., 48 do; C. H. Spitz ner, 150 do; Jos. Mayers' Sons, 146 do: B1111Zl & Dormitzer, 4{ do; Order 33 do. BY THE N."-TIONAL EXPRESS LINE.-;Kremelberg & Co., 883 hhds; D. J. Garth, Son & Co., 57 do; J. H. Moore & Co., 81 do; Blakemore, llayo & Co., 97 do; R. Moore & Co., 37 do; Pollard, Pettus & Co., 66 do; H. Siebert 2 do; Watjen, Toel & Co., 283 do; Ottinger Bros., 21 do; W 0. Smith & Co., 116 do; D. Dows & Co ., 20 do; Ja:-vis & Co., 33 do ; R. Murrell, 4 do; Reynes Bros. & Co., 8 do: Sawyer, Wallace & Co., 268 do, 19 pkgs; C. H. Spitzner, 97 cases; Wioe & Bendbeim, 4 do ; H. Welsh 20 do; Rice & Meyer, 40 do; Order, 883 hhda. BY THE I'ENNsYLVAl!U. R.uLROAD.-Fatman & Co., 222 cases; C. E. Fischer & Co., 2 do; Jos. Beligsberg, 21 do; Rave meyers & Vigelius, 50 do; Bunzl & Dormitzer, 69 do; E. Rolf man & Son 8 do, 43 bxs do; H. K. & F B. Thurber. & Co., 2 bxs ; Fitts & Austin, 1 caddy; .Baker & Co., 1 box, 14 cases cigars; Epstein, Levin & Co., 1 do, 2 do Wise & Bendheim 1 box cigars; Appleby & Helme, 4 cases tobacco, 5 trcs snuff, 33 bbls do, 10 half bbls do, 20 kess do, 26 jars do; D. C. Hall, 2 bblB snufl; T Rutter & Co., 1 do. BY THE N0BTR RIVER BoAT&.-Watjen, Toel & Co .. 64 hhds; Ottilljfer Bros., 24 do; Blakemore, Mayo & Co., 7 do; Pollard, Pettus & Co., 121 do; Sawyer, Wallace & Co., 250 do; D. Dows & Co., 24 do ; Kremelberg & Co., 6 do; J D Keilly, Jr., 12 do; R. Moore & Co., 12 do; D. J. Garth Son & Co., 21 do; P. Lorillard & Co., 51 do; C H. Spitzner, 1,330 cases; Bunzl & Donnitzer, 51 do; C E. Fischer & Bro., SO do ; C Upmann, 141 do; Order, 1,561 hbds. BY THE NEw YoBx & NEw HAVEN STEAMBOAT LlNE. Giebel & Van Ramdohr, 20 cases; C. S. Philips, 1 do; J. Seligsberg, 16 do; C Earthen, 1 do ; Davis & Day, 1 do; C. E Fischer & Bro., 4 do; Chas. F. Tag & Son, 14 do; N. Lachen bruch & .Bro., 6 do; M. Meyer, 16 do; A Cohn, 2 bales; A. T. Stephens, 4 do. TOBACCO the demand for grades suited to those markets continues brisk. 'l'llere has been so me feeling of the mark et for filling of the French contract, but the very low figures at "b1ch lL was taken cause hesitancy OR the part of holders to meet the v1ews of con trac tors, and the prospects of early purch ases arc not encolll'>lging. We revise quotations:Maryland-infenor and frosted ................. $ 1 50@ 2 00 do sound common . . . . 2 50@ a 00 do good do . . . . . a 50@ 5 00 do middling . . . . . . 6 00@ 7 00 do to fine red . . . . 8 00@10 00 do fancy. . . . . . . . 11) 00@15 OU do upper country. . . . . . 4 00@20 00 do ground l eaves, n ew. . . . . 2 00@ 8 00 Ohio-inferior to good common..... . . . S 00@ 4 50 d o greenish and brown . . . . . 4 50@ 6 00 do medium to fine red. . . . . . G 50@ 9 00 do common to medium spangled. . . 6 00@ 8 00 do Ilne spangled to yellow ................. 10 00@15 00 Kentucky-common to good lugs............... 8 00@ 5 50 do Clarksville lugs. . . . . .. 3 50@ 6 00 do common leaf ....... -............... 5 50@ 6 50 do mediundeaf . . . . . 7 00@ 8 00 d o fair to good... . . . . . 9 00@12 00 d o fine ................... _. . ...... 12 00@14 00 do selectlons .......................... 14 00@16 00 and good lugs. . . . 3 00@ 5 50 do common te medium leaf.............. 6 00@ 8 00 do fair to good leaf ............... _. . 8 00@10 00 do selectwns ............................ 12 00@16 00 do common to fine stems. . . . 1 50@ 2 00 Inspected thfs week:-640 hhds lbryland. 510 do Ohio, 76 do Virginia; total, 1,226 do. Exported same period:-Per bark Columbus for B1emen, 7o bhds llarylanwre for Brem en, 811 hhds Maryland, 100 do Obio, 426 do Virginia and 290 do Kentucky tobacco; per steamer Luoome for Liverpool 2 hhds l\1aryland and 75 do Kentucky tobacco, per bark AugU8te for Bremen. 534 hhds ll1ryland, 100 do Ohio, 92 do Kentucky, 125 do Virginia tobacco, and 55 bhds stems and scraps. Also 10 hbd s K e ntucky tobacco to South America. 1'ooauo Btate'/Mnt. January 1, 1878.-Stock on hand in State Tobacco Warehouse, and on shipboard, not cleared .... 23,805 hhds Inspect e d tills week ... ,........................ 1,226 hhds Inspected previously t4is year ................... 33,642 hhds Exports of Maryl an d and Ohio since January 1.... ... . . .. 17,098 bbds Shipped coastwise same time..... 2,600 hhds 58,673 hhds 19,693 hhds Stock in warehouse and on shipboard not cleared .. 88.980 hhds Same 1iime in 1877 .............................. ll-4.478 hhds Manufactured Tobacco.-Stocks in the hands of receivers are but inquiry from the trade improving. Received per R1chmond steamers, 253 cases, 285 bxs and 105 pkgs; per Norfolk 546 pkg s and 352 bxs. CffiCAGO, Ill.-Our special correspondent reports: .A. busy week in manufactur e d tobacco can be reported; for all grades of heavy orders are freely coming in, com prising, as usual, assortments for current use. Increased ac tlVity has shown itself for staple brands of fine-cut chewing L ead ing brands of plug are in as great favor as ever. Tbe advanced season seems to be a hindrance to le af dealings, only small shipments h11ving been made or received l\Ianufacturers of cigars are busy but do not show any disposition to carry stock beyond immediate wants, being confident that prices Will rule as low next fall as now. Small locallllilnufacturers no doubV curtail their purchases on account o! slow collections. Havana is moving off quite lively, brmging fair prices if satis factory quality. lllanufactnrers and handlers coincide in re porting only a fair cigar trade, the falling off partly due to the warm weather. The recent d e feat of the decision of the U. S. Commissioner of Internal Revenue in the U. S. Court at B alti more has highly gratified the trade. Tile present rejoicin g bas only been surp118Sed by their indigp.ation over the partition rult!lg a few weeks ago (fl'Ms report reached 11: t()() for inse>tilm in our Iasio. J Since my last report the leaf market has been rather quiet Connecticut tobacco had the lead especially n e w seconds and wrappers. Of cheap Wisconsin tobacco some cases have been sold. In mannfactui-eil tobacco tbe recovery of business from its recent disturbances is slow, sales b e ing not what may be called very satisfactory, though trade is constantly gaining in activity. The better grades of finecuts receive an encouraging share of attention; the medium and especially the cheap grades are greatly neglected, all kind s of. plug taking the1r stead. Our dealers in cigars cla1m an improvement in sales, embracing all qualities. The manufacturers of tobacco and cigars paid durmg the fisca l year ending June.3 0 1878, taxes as follows:-July 1877, $; August 1877, $129 ,74 9.60; September 1877, $123,059.36; October 1877, $126,495.61; November 1877, $112,151.88; December 1877, $92,882.08; January 1878, $105 ,3 77.18 February 1878, $00,388.66; March 1878, $102,417 88; April 1878, $109,806 52; :tilay 1878, f120 250.44; June 1878, $107,532.64; total, $1,842,811.79. From December 1877 to June 1878 was the period of the tax agitation The total collections of the U. S Collector amounted to $8,180,225.67, showing a decrease of $262.961.32 compared with ye&r b e fore CINCINNATI.-1\Ir. F. A. Pmgue. Leaf Tobacco Inspec tor, rep0rts to TDE TonACCO LEAF as follows:-The partial cessation of sales last week. together with a special sale of fine tobac co at one of the warehouses, enables us to report an un usually heavy week's business. And, notwithstandmg the ex. cessivc heat, that at times was almost overpowering, the entire Board of Buyers were constantly on hand, apparently willing to take at full prices every hogshead offered, which has had the effect to keep the market fufly up to tbe degree of buoyancy which has characterized it for the past three months. Receipts keep pretty large, and are now generally of a better grade, but the proportion of really fine stock is small, more suitable for plug work predommatmg. Ohio and Wisconsin cigar leaf are in good demand at quotations with a large bust ness doing The total offerings reported by the warehouses for the week just closed and the expired portion of the current month and year 1 were as follows:YEAR. lthd8. /xu. Ma... /xu. Totals, 1878 ... 1,317 7 1,804 162 Totals, 1877 ... 1,M8 139 1 716 209 Totals, 1876 ... 1,152 127 2,048 Totals. 1875. 227 162 384 227 Totals, 1874 ... 1,103 66 1 ,821 75 QUOTATIONS. -YEAB---.. liJuis /xu 28,204 5,134 21,858 5,645 18,956 5,535 11,602 4,416 20,070 New Cutting Llaf-Common lugs .............. f 3 00@ 4 00 Medium lugs . . . . . .. . 4 00@ 5 00 Good lugs.. . . . . . . . 00@ 7 00 Common leaf. . . . . . . . 7 50@ 9 50 Good leaf ................................. 10 00@14 00 Fine leaf. . . . . . . . . 14 00@18 00 Fancy leaf. . . . . . . . 18 00@22 75 Old Outting Leaf-Fine.. . . . . 18 00@25 00 Good . . . . . . . 12 00@18 00 Medium.... ............................... II 00@12 00 Redleaf .................................. 8 00@ 9 00 Good colory strippers.. . . . . . 7 00@10 00 Common co lory strippers ......... ... : 5 00@ 7 00 Co lory smoke!!!......... . . . . 4 00@ 00 Common dark smokers ........ ..... . 8 00@ 4 00 New Seea Llaf-Common lugs. . . . . 2 00@ S 00 Common fillers.. . . . . . . 3 00@ 5 00 Good binders............................. 6 00@ 9 00 Oolory wrappers .......... ........ 10 00@14 00 Ohio Seed LlafWrappers fancy .............. none Wrappers good to fine ........... : .... ; ... 12 50 Wrappers medium .... : .................. 8 00@10 00 Binders. . .. . . . . . . 6 00@ 8 00 Fillers ......... . . . . . . 4 00@ 6 00 Smokers common.......................... 2 50@ 4 00 Wisoon&n Seed L&lf-Wrappers tine to fancy ... 16 00@18 00 vrrappers gooa .......................... 10 00@15 00 Wrappers medium..... . . .. . . 8 00@10 00 Wrappers common........................ 6 00@ 8 00 Fillers. . . . . . . . . 3 00@ 4 00 Busmess continues satisfactory. Gold opened at and closed at 100%. Exchange.-Messrs. M. & S. Sternberger, Bankers, .report to THE TOBACCO LEAl!':-Exchange closed rather weak, although in fair demand. Tile quotations are as follows: 60 days, nominal, 484).-G.; sight, nominal, Sterl days, actual, 484; s1ght, actual, 487 Cable transfers, Commercial sterlmg, prime long, 481; good long, Paris bankers' 60 days, 518_%:; sight, Reichsmark s. (4), bankers, 60 days, (4), sight 95K BY THE NEW yORK AND HARTFORD STE.umoAT LlNE.Strsiton & Storm 115 cases ; C. F. Wahlig, 8 do; Havemeyers & Vigelius do ; L. Gershel & Bro. 5 do; E. Rosenwald & Bro., 8& Fox. Dills & Co., 51 do BY THE .NEW YoRK AND BniDGEPORT STElllliOAT LINE. Jt[. W. Mendel & Bro., 10 cases. Smokers common......... ..... .. .......... 2 00@ 8 GO Classification of sales: -416 hhds Mason Co .. Ky., District, trash lugs and leaf:-16 at 3@3.95; 69 at 4@5.95; 116 at 6@7.95; 188 at 8@9.90; 67 at 10@14 .75; 10 at 15@18 .75. --Guilder bankers' 60 days, 89%; 4ilJ4. Carey, Yale & Lambert Freight Brokers, report to 'fHE ToBACCO LEAF Tobacco ]{.eights as tollows:-Livcrpool, steam, 82s 6d sail, 30s: LonJlon, steam, t2s 6d, 40ft; sail, 80s; Glasgo11;, 85s; ;sr tel, steam, 40s; Havre, steam, f13: sail, til; Antwerp, steam', 47s 6d; sail, 82s 6d; Hamburg steam, 4.Js; sa il, 30s; Bremen, steam, 42s 6d; sail, 30s. IllliPOR1'S. : The arrivals at the port of New "fork from fore1gn ports for the week ending July 13. included t$e followmg cons1gnments: ANTWERP.-G. 1 kg k>bacco; Hollgarten & Co., 1 &x do. GLASGow.-Peters &Tiemann; 500 bxs pipes. Wm. Supton, !:1 ease tobacco. LONDON.-D. Hirsch & Co., -tO 1fli1es ea.f. RoTTERDAM.-H Batjer & Bro., 415 bxs pipes. HAVANA.-Kerbs & Spiess, 870 bales tobacco; Vega & Bern heim 219 doi A. Gonzalez, 214 do; F. Garcia, 11a do; Chas. F. Tag & Son, 02 do; Odio & Perozo, 61 do: C. F. Hagen, 1 ,544 do; S. Limngton & 3ons, 15 cases cigar s; G. W. Faber, 13 do ; A. Cohn, 11 ao; A. S. Rosenbaum & Co., 7 do; H. R. Kelly & Co., 11 do; Esberg Bachman & Co., 5 do; C. Palacio & Co., 8 do; Howard Ives, 4 do; Kunhardt & Co., 1 do; Michaelis & Lindemann, 1 do ; Kausche &Downing, S do; F. Knowland, 2 do; C E. Johnson, 1 dot H. Uriarte, 1 do; Henderson Bros., 1 do; Clark & Beaman, 1 ao ; M Samuel, 1 do; R. Courtney & Bro. l. do ; C. F. Hagen, 70 do; Merchi!I.IIts Dispatch Co., 65 do; N a.tlona.l Express Co., 1 do; Carriwgton & Co., 1 box; S. Serpa, 8 do ; Order, 6 bales. BY THE OLD DoMINION S-rEAMsniP LrnE .-H. Siebert, 7 hhds; D. J. Garth, Son & Co., !1 do; Jarvis & Co., 10 do;. R. lloore & Co., 8 do; Faucon & Carroll, 3 do; Kremelb)lrg Co., 4 do; March, Price & Co., 1 do; Sawyer, Wallace & Co., 1 do; W. 0. Smith & Co., 177 hhds 12 trcs, 10 )4-trcs, 166 cases mfd, 6 do s mkg 2 do cigarettes; P. Lorillard & Co., 6 hhds, 12 trcs ; 1 box; Kunhardt & Co., 200 hhds, 2 bxs; Bucha nan & Lyall, 6 do, 1 do; J D. Kielly, Jr., 56 hbds, 27 cases mfd, 65 _%:-bx s do; Pion eer Tobacco Co., 5 tr'Cs, 1 box; Arkell, Tufts & Co., 75 trcs do, 50 Ys-trcs, 87 cases mfd; Thompson Moore & Co., 6U mfd 50 _%:bxs do, 20 ).)bxs do. 31 ?ibxs do, 10 ?4-bxs do, 20 caddies do; J. W Martm, 10 cases smkg, 18 do mfd, 8 do, 35 caddies do, Dohan, Carroll j, Co .. l'i cases smkg, li do mfd, 100 caddies do, 8 bxs do. 2 Y, bxs do ; Allen & Co.. 350 cases smkg, 56 caddies do; A. H an & Co., 2 cases smkg, 1 do cigarettes; Jas. M. Gar diner, 27 cases mfd, 69 ],A -bxs do; E. DuBois, 3 cases mfd, 62 do, 8 J,;;-bxs do; B"ulkley & Moore, 2 cases mfd, 40 J,A-bxs do; Wise & :Sendh e im 14 cases smkg, 1 do cigarettes; C. E. Lee, 2 cases mfd, 10 }ilbxs do; P Hart, 16 cases smkg; L. Miller, 2 do ; J. R. Sutton, 4 do; P. Frankel, 10 do, Henry Welsh, 20 do ; Funch, Edye & Co., 1 case mfd; F. H. &Co., 4 do : Ernst Mu e ller & Co., 4 do; Wm. Broadhurst, Jr., 15 do ; Jos D Evans & Co, 6 do; Carhart Bros. 40 15 Mbxs mfd; H K & F. B. Thurber & Co., 1 case mgarettes; H. West Mathews, 1 do; Oelrichs & Co., 1 box samples; Order, 490 hhds, 1 box samples. BY THE NEw YoRK. & BALTIMORE TRANSPORTATION LINE. Allen & Co., 5 cases smkg; M. Falk, 6 do; Jeffreys & Co 1 do; Wise & Bendheim 1 do ; G. Reusens, 1 uox smkg, 1 do leaf; Bulkley & Moore, 35 bxs mfd; Henry Welsh, 5 COASTWIBE FROM KEY & Co ., 4li cases cigars, 18 bales scraps; McFall & Lawson, 8 do, do; F. De BAry & Co., 24 cases cigars; H. R. Kelly & Co:, 18 do; W. A. Leggett.& Co., 5 do; M. 4 do; & Co ., 4 do; J MassHlal, 4 do; L. Rodriquez. 2 do; V. Martmez Ybor & Co., 13 bales scraps; Straiton & Storm, 12 do. 881 hhds Brown Co., 0 ., District :-6 at 8@ll.95; 44 at 4@ 5.95; 104 at 6@7.95; 128 at 8@9.90; 64 at 10@14.75; 19 at 15@ 19; 2at 21.50@22.50; 19 hhds old at 6.50@12.75. 807 hhds Owen Co., Ky. Dimict:--4 at 3.30@3.90; 46 at 4@ 5.95; 55 at 6@7.95; 110 at 8@9.90; 60 at 10@14.75; 27 at 15@ 19.75; 5 at 20.25@24.50. 157 hhds Pendieton Co., Ky., Distriot:--8 at 8@3. 95; 42 at 4@5.90; 55 at 6@7.95; 86 at 8@9.85; 15 at 10@14 .20 ; 1 at 15. 45 hhds Boone Co., Ky., District:-13 at 4.30@5.95; 15 al 6.20@7.85; 12 at 8.40@9. 75; 5 at 11@16.50. 7 hbds West Virginia at 9.75@22.20; 6 boxes at 2.50@3.80; 3 hhds }fissouri at 3. 30@5. 40. Tbe sales of Seed leaf to-day were 149 cases Ohio and Wis consin, common smokers to good wrappers, at the following pric es: 80 cases Ohio:-21 old at 3.25@18; 59 new: 22 at 2.20@8 90; 5 at 4@5.80; 9 at 6. 30 .90; 3 at 8@8. 75; 12 at 10. 20@14.50, 8 at 15@16.1'i0. 69 cases Wisconsin.-6 old at 3.65@9; 63 new: 25 at 2.10@ 3.80; 12 at 4 80@5.40; 12 at 6.0,1@7.90; 14 at 8@9. IIBNRY A. RICHEY, Tobacco and Cigar Manufacturers', r e ports to THE ToBAcco 'LEA.F as follows:-Piug tobac cos h ave s hown a decided improvement this week:. Orilers are commg in liberally for various styles; but principally the popular ones. Tw1sts are selling liberally at regular :tlgures; no chanlte in prices as yet. Cfgars in fair prices ranging from '12@4o Smoking dull. CLARKSVILLE, Tenn.-Messrs. M H Clark & Bro. Leaf Tobacco Brokers report to THE ToBACCO LEA.F:Our receipts are full for the I!OII!IOn, and our sales for the week were 740 hhds. The market remains very strong all sub stantial grades of leaf a.nd lugs, though a little irregular at times. sell at full prfces, considering their abundance in the Western crop QUOTATIONS. Common lugs................... ... 2 @ Good lugs ................ : ............. 4 @ Common leaf .......................... 5 @ 5 Massasoit Cigar Factory I BROWN & EARLE, (8ueee-H to BONNETI', SCBBNCK & EAKLE.) MANUFACTURERS OF FINE CIGARS, I 211 anti 213 WOOSTER STREET, ::N" I T. W. MARSHALL, DII:.A.N"UP.A.C'X"UR.E:E'l. C>F F:I:N"E ALL-HAVANA CIGARS, A.ND SOLE PROPRIETOR OF THE CELEBRATED BRAND OF CIG.I.RS, ElL ESQ'UXLO," liiiiiORTH 4th ST., PHILADELPHIA, PA. Branch: 106 5th Ave. Chlca )POWDERED c. c. T C> X. :1!1 :J:) C> C> :&: :I: C> lii:AN1JFA.CT1JKEKS OF THE EXTRA FINE' & FINE Brands of Pure Powdered Spanish Licorice Root. Our Mtlla are oC peeuUar construction, and entirely our o"W"n design, and are, we beJteye, eapale ot procl.acloc a m.ore thoroucbly Impalpable powder than any others know-n. We eoaftdentl,-clalm f'or our "EXTRA. FINE'' a superiority over &DJ' other Licorice :fOr uee In Pine Tobacco, ro.r &he reaaon th .. It Is a more :a.nely powdered article thau. any o&ber, eonaequen&IJ' much more ean be In the eut be absorbed by the molture of the lear, without &lvln" the good a duty appearance, and wt11 Dot cloc the knives aad preveat a am.ooth cut, as ls tbe caSe with Llcortce containing the usual aDI.oua't of :atwe. &a:a:Lpl.e a:n.d. Pr:l.o-e:n.1: o:a. .A.ppl.:l.oa1::1.o:a.. OFFICE and SA.LESBOOlll::-113, 115 & 1171'101'1BOE ST.f C C WABREN & CO lii:ILLS:-:US, 320 & 322 ERIE STREET. e LIQUO.RICE PASTE The undersigned continues to manufacture and Import Spanish and Turkish Liquorice Paste, which he offei's to the Trade at Reduced Prices. Manufacturers will flnd It tothelrlnterest to applyto hlm.before purchaalnB ela where. James C. McAndrew,, 55 Water Street, New York. t,85'7 7;611 3,221 4,192 5 008 4:1,038 34,783 86,082 17,130 Rece1pts of licorice at port of New York for week ending July 18, reported expressly for THE ToBACCO Llu.P:-Reck nagel & Co., per Fanny from Smyrna, 960 pkgs (492,800 lbs) licorice root; Zuricaldy & Arguunbau, per City of Berlin from Liverpool, 100 pkgs Spanish licorice paste; A. Oilr ?f Bru18U.s from Liverpool, 2GO pkgs (59,500 lbs) TUrkish lioonce paste. BALTIMORE.-Messrs. Ed. Wischmeyer & Co.;-To bacco Commission Merchants, report to THE ToBACco LEAl!': Receipts of leaf tobacco continue moderate. The market for l\faryland is quite brisk for nearly all grades, mostly taken fpr Germany, and sales for the week have been liberal at steady prices. 140 hhds have been taken for account of French con tract, at prices which are not known. Of Ohio we note further sales of some 500 hhds, taken for Bremen and Duisberg, and lledium leaf ......................... 7 @ 9 Good leaf .............................. Fine leaf ............................... 12 Selections ....................... 14 The weather has been very rainy for a week, c9ntrary to the SBDa- -I'BBY. Paakers and Dealers iD PennQlva.nta. Leaf 81 end 83 llol't.h Duke St.. Laucute.. Pa. .' -


........ ,. e: TEU..ER ...... ... e Mlrrhrt-,. ......... Dillin 11 aad Domestio Leaf 'l'obaooo, llailrtb TbWd Stl'!eet, Philadelphia. ,. PACKERS AND WHOLESAL-E DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO, 115 &. Pii!L. BONN. DEALERS lll' LE.A.F TOBACCO, Manufacturers of all Grades of Cigars, o' J 11 Arch st., Phlladelphia. ,' 'Pa. 'LEAF" NO. ::Sg2 NORTH THIRD STREET, PHILADELPHIA, JFA IAree ass-ortment of all .kinds of LEAF ToBACCO constantiv on hand .B '!!' '. K1.'1B/..Jl \-r(J"S lJ-\'0 'Y F>\IH 1'()RACCO& ROOH.FSTER, 1\J 'i. AND WHOLESALE DEALERS I'N LEAF TOBAOCO No. aao m'ortb Tl:W:'ci St., Philaclelp:bia lVIOOBE, .B.A Y & Packers, Commission Merchants &, Dealers in SEED LEAF tc HAVANA TOBACCO No. 36 North Water-st Philadelphia. And 214 STATE STREET, HARTFORD, CONN. GUMPERT BROS. MANUF ACTIJRERS FINH CIGARS, STOKE: 1341 CHESTNUT STREET, Factory: 444 to 448 North 13th Street, .P.A.. Baltbnore Advertisements. 'WM. A.. BOYD & CO., Ili!IPCJ.IlTED AXD DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCO, No. 33 Street. ::e..<XJKo:a.m. MANUFACTURED BY H. WIIMKENS & GO., B.A.L11J::11Il.\.li:C>R..El, l.\.li:D .A.G-EN'C::J:ES M. FALK, 122 ChambBrs St. PhiladBlphia: BATTIN & BRO., 142 N. 3d St. DEALER IN HAVANA AND DOMESTIC Oigar Leaf Tobacco, 27 South Gay Street, Baltimore. B. E. VOCKE, G. F, KOOKE. B.. E. VOCKE & 00., Tobacco and General Commission Merchants, S. E. Corner CHEAPSIDE &. STREETS, ENTRANCE ON LOMBARD STREET, B.A.LTil.\.li:OR.El. THE LARGEST CIGAR FACTORY IN THE STATE. W.K.BARKE R G.E.WAGGWER. F w FELGNER &, SON CLAY TOBACCO PIPI E WORKS, BARKER & WAGGNER WOlUtS, WESTERN ADVEB.TISE:MENTS T; R. SPENCE. J.P. SPENCE. N. T. SPENCE. C. A. SPENCE. AIBIOSIA TOBACCO WORKS Spence Brothers & Co. 66, 68, 60 & 62 East Third Street, JULY 15 jHIN"SDALE SMITH &. SON, (SucceNOn ro H. SMITH & CO.) PA.CKERS .AJfD JOBBERS 01' Connecticut Lea.f Tobacco 20 HA,MPDEN ST., Springfield, ciNC:J:NN .A.TI. -=:---=----==-=-----&-=--. -=,=,----C. 0. HOLYOKE, J eh:a1 Pi;K1zer res.. C .O'""SSIO"' "'Ill"' ,.u A "'T Ht.N&OAL. SMfT.H, E. H Sl'rii. MANUFACTURERS OF .&11,.&11.1, ll,'f Lo:n.g J<>h:n. as, :13r:le;h. and. :EC<>:n.e .. :ty. B Ce:ut AND ALL OTHJ!R POPULAR STYLES OF FINE NA. VY TOBACCO, LC>'C'::J:S"'V::J:LLE, :S:.EN''T"U'C:S:.'Y. IJCIIABD IALLAY &BRO. I I WICKS & co., Kanufact.arua' wnts for the Sale of In LEAF and M.ANUF AO'l'URED TOBAOOO, 1.2 Central Bostm&o. Redd, Wootton & Co., PMPIW:I'ORS REDO'S WAREHOUSE, A..'=D DlLU.Ii:ItS 1::-o LEA.F TOBACCO, l.'lrT. o. SOLICIT ORDERS !"rom the rnADE. Refer to PACE B ROS. & CO., JOH:-J"l'O N .t; CID I'K. W. J. CLARK &: CO DANVILLE. V J.. LEAF TOBACGO Vir[inia, Missouri. and Kentucky WM. E. DIBRELL, : B R 0 K B R s' TOBACCO, IW TOBACCO BIODB. 115 & 117 WEST FRONT STREET, 29 I West Main Street, 1410 Street CINCINNATI O LOUISVILLE, K11 G110. W WicKs, N. Fuuv. RICHMOND, VA, S LOWENTHAL & Co t & R. DORMITZER & CO Dealers & Commission Merchants in MANUFACTURERS OF FINE CIGARS, LEAF TOBACCO, Packers of Seed Leaf .and Dealers in Leaf Tobacco, 2 NORTH MAIN ST., Bet. Main and Second Sts. 150 WEST FOURTH STREET, CINCINNATI, OHIO. on band. Liberal Cash Advances m&de on Conalgn-SAM'L w. TBOST, tiliT. SCHAEFER & CO., CIGAR-BOX MANUFACTORY LHAF TOBACCO. 619 to 625 west Sixth St. Cincinnati c:> &oUo:ltecl.. -------------'..; __ ............. w. w. KIRBY, F. G. Tobacco Works, Toledo, JOBACCO BROKER, CHARLES R. MESSINGER, 112 Broad St., NashviUe, Tenn. OF The Refers by permlselon to Mr. Edw. Joneo, Third N a.tional Bank, Nashville i and Pollard, Pettus & Co., New York, "F. G." AND. NATIONAL LONG CUT SM.OKINGS, w. H. Trowbridge, Also, the Indian a.nd S'lln Flower Chewing Tobaccos. "HARms a:. BEEBE; l!IA.NUF.&CTUBEBS OF THE FOLLOWING CHOICE BBA.NDS OF :J:).A.:N'"'V::J:LLEJ, "'V .A.. FINE-cuT cHEWING & sMoKING roBAcco: J. PEMBERTON PENr .. FEucJA," "MULE-EAR;:-;'cocKo-FriiEwitK," "MAIDEN's BLusH." TobaccoUoiDlllissionMorch'nts &JWI:C>::IS:::J:N'G--,.1S .]A". S'I'., ud DOM ESTIC TO CO., .tE-AF TOBACCO F. o r Depot with F. Engelbach. "EMPIRE/' "SILVER DOLLAR," "TOPSY." N'o. 4::a.aD6 ::E"".A. 'Y&C>N' .A. "'VE., Q'C'::J:N'C'Y. W. BEST, Chicago; LOR.IN PALMER., New York; W. H: RUSSELL, Chicago. With a long e:.perience in the husin...,, offer their services to till orders for Leaf or Manufacl; Tobacco. :J:).A.N'V::J:LL:m, 'V .A.. :a. A. MTTJ.S WOOD, GtRMAN "C_ D., lSi Q-THER 29 Sauth laJ St., Baltimore, Md. se s. wuHINGTON scauA.Bz,N. lr.Q Tobacco Broker (J PIPBS "We t"-'to the attention of Manufactur.:" to ouT MANUFACTORY: iJ. _.DUNN a Co., BBST. RUSSELL & co. ; .ua:o SOLE PROPRIETORS OF THE GENUJ:l'i'E "GOLDEN CROWN'' CIGARS, AND General Commission Merchant, OFFICE IN TOBACCO EXCHANGE,SHOCKOE SLIP, RICHMOND, VA, I H. CLARK &_ TOBACCO BROKERS, IANUP !CTU.IRBS sPINE CI&AIS a:ua G. B. M. ltla.rriott, JOS. SCHROEDER & CO., 57 Lake Street and 4 I State Street, Chicag. o, 111. ALSO AGENTS FOR THE FOLLOWING WELL.KNOWN FIRMS:-p, LOBILLA.RD ._CO., New York; SEIDENBERQ ._CO., New York; .' 219, 221 &. 2R3 NORTH BROAD ST., PHILADELPHIA. PACKERS oF "U &. &e:U.d. T?p LEAF T 0 B A C C 0, CIGAR MOULD MANUFACT G CO. 25 German St., Baltimore, Md. Cor.mid!C & North COll!lle Ave's, Philadelphia, Pa. DARK WlW'PERS ooNSTAJ!TLY oN ff;UID. ::aau:t:ano:re JH:cl.. l:!ow reta!Ung 118 dlft:erent llbaoe8 alld 81-, from the tactocy, at grea redo.oed -prices. moufd W&ITBDted Wllt'onn. U size pur e be not suitable. It will be e>:cb&Dged or retorned. Our aim is to give perfect sal;lafactlon to tile trade. the factory you wiU save all delay and c,_ns. The onlY med&l and diploma awarded at the Centeunlal was to tho U. 8, lloUd Top l!loald, Olllclal documents can 1>e -n at the omce, !'_omer Bldge and Nort.h Avenueo. U B, SOLID TOP C.IGAJ< MOULD CO. H. WATTIIYlfE, 206 Pearl St., New York, Sole Ac-t. W. il. CO.'S "V.A.IfiTY FAIR," N.Y. :., W. T. JJLACK.WELL 4l, co., Durham, N, C.; J. J. BAGLEY A CO.'S h MAYFLOWER," Mich.; w. "LONE JACK/' I HMRY TIBTIG, ARNOLD TI8TIG. GEM CITY TOBACCO WORKS H. TIETIG ct BROTHER, J.UA.NUF A.CTUBEBS OF ALI. KINDS OF ()HOICE MANUFACTURERS OF AND DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO,' 216 WEST FIFTH ST., CINCINNATI, O. s:w. VENABLE &'SO. Ollce: Oor. c1c. Halifax Stit.", Jl' .eteraburgh, Va. Factory: 'iSecond; District, E. McDOWELL & CO., DOHAN &T.AI'l"l'. TOBAcco Commission Merchants, I w .. LADD, LB!P TOBACCO BIJYI "AXD ,., al ,., I 'h 107 ARCH STREET, &llner ercnntl, P:O::J:L.A.3:)EL::E"":O:::J:.A.. ae NORTll WATBR. ST., Phll&deiphJa. s-" Agents for the Ale of an klads of Mauufac F .X: TrELLY Jr toTeR. Eft'.&.LIIIIIJID u Plug & Smoking Toba.cco, RINALDO SANK & CO., ao& &roll Pa. TC>:EJ.A.CCQ HAR.RIS, BEEBE & CO., Ooincy, Ill.; aUCHANAN &: LYALL, llewYerk; -..aR W. OLIVER, Richmond, Va.; General Co1IlllllS. Sl'on Merchants, A .M. Lvo & co Richmond, va.; -MERCHANTS' TOBACCO CO., Bootoa,lll-1 SHEPPARil & SlUTH.Daorille, Va.; WILSON & llcCALLA Y, Middletown, 0, 31 North Water Street -ur>--'. ao North Delaware Avenue, P:a::J:Lof!IL%)311X.o::E"":O::J: A A .... H. THEOBALD MANUFACTURER OF P G SOLE O'fNEBS OF THE CELEBBA.TED BB.&ND OF (FOR THE TRADE,) BRIGHT NAVY CHEWING TOBACCO. -AND-TN a. -ro:a.A.ccos. B 8 ... 4 -...... uc ... ''ECLIPSE" BRIGHT l'I"AVT,_!.o_, 4o, llo16o 'l'o, so, oo ..... d too. ..... .II, .& .a..l:i Oolli AJ"ii&'W .& .a. Y W E RAGSDAT .... .... dO.. TOBACCO MAN-UPACTUBING 00 ._..., "UNION so,Oaand lOs. ..-MANUFACTURERS OF ., TO B A c c 0 B R 0 K E R, "ST JA.!IICS" DARK POUNDS, 4e, 5, 6 7, 8a, 9 and lOa. of FINE 'I' WIST of se\'eral grades Bright and Mahogaay :EEopk 1 n v-Ul.e, :K.y. "AD1\IIllA.TI01'1',"' "TBOill\IAl'I'DY," r Choice Brim.d.s of PLUG TOBACCO, omcelnHalnStreetWarehouae. '' BB.AB.T 01" GOJ.D, '' c1c, J.IVB OAK, 11 11 l'I'ABOB;'' AndPateoteeo of the Celebrated Brand of Jno. C. "D:B SOTO" and "OOl'I'QVJ:B.OB." P R 0 G RES. S, .. :: The (pJlowing are ouR Age _nts for the o f MANU FACTUREi> GOODS:- MADE IN ALL SHAPES AND WEIGHTS. M. a Clark& Bro., Cl.arksvUle, Tennessee; (1, W, V .&1'1 .&Lft'INB & CO .J8 Central. Wharf Boston lllaos., _. EVUY PLUO HAS OUR PATEl!l'l' IJ'AJITElOIIR. AT THE END. "&& F. G. Irwin, Clarksville, Tenneaee; P. CA. V .A.l'I".&GH, 41 and 43 Wal>ash Avenue, Chlcago1 in.; B. F Beaumont, President 1st Natloual Balllr. A., H.&GBN & co., 63 N. Front Street, PhllldeJphia, l'a.; 7 6 JB'C'C::Eit.A.N' .A.N' &T., LC>'C'::J:BVXL.:i:..E, :IS: 'Y larksville, Tennessee;_ N, H. ClflliSTI.&N, GaJ.veston, Te"J'8; &CENT -J L STYNE PITTSBURCH F. W .T&tllenhorst&Oo.,l'lewYork; .J'OIIlf TITUS. Cincln:Batl, o.; --=:-: :: :: 21 N. Main St., St. Louis. B, W, Front St., Ban Coli.,. l.W.A. ,._ "'RDERS !!I.& YO l!IA.T.IIU!l"WS & PBI()& 49J N. ""St.,"" r::l:.; ...:::. ..... ..... ,..,. v r IN E c I c A RS HEBI!IA.N ELLIS, 67 s. Gay Street,"Baltlmore, Md ; ................. .....,""" .... -111hl & ,.._ R!TCJiELOR.BROS -COOPI!Ia&()O.,Oor.MadisonandFrontSt.,Memp ;l'enn. ll!I:POBTEBS,l!IA.NUP.&CTUBBBSA.NDDEA.LBBSIN. oll&.oJ!L ser vu., .. PECULIAR" Sp '..1. dA'NDD T b euo,. cllSOif cllSOif CIGARS AND CIGARETTES; C I'C A R am:m an om tc ea acco, )" -<> ),. -o- ),. -o- l!IA.NUFA.cTuaEas oF THE cELEBKA.T.KD IWmAmmns. .... HAVANA MIXED SMOKING TOBACCO (ll(h\R MOULDS; lfflW'S, &'ro. c. J 1\.CKSON a co. 214 w. BALTIMORE STREET, Baltimore, m:ci. .. IO_R_V _______ ...;..., JOHN J L UDY., IIU.XUF.&orUBEBS. o:r ALL sTYLES o:r MANUFAcn'URERS OF TOBACCO B!&S, 1309 Main St., Richmond, Va T. H. PuRYEAR, -fuFACTUltEIU!&WHoLBSALEDEAI.ERSlN LD ap TUB CCO .... JACKSON'S BEST! CI&Ail Box. FACTORY .. A. R. FOUGERAY I At BURY MEYER 1: co., No H ),CH&DiADioml!BestEB.rc lsea'f; MJ:NUFACT'URER OF TOBACCO .. .. .. .. .. .. . COMM"ISSION MERCHANTS F w DOHRMANN TOBACCO IAJUFAGTURERS' ...... And Wbolmle Deolusl: AND MANUFAaroRER OF "3 Nor th F'N'I'I'It'et.l. ...... 8Zd;= ... belm .. 01110. aND CONNECTICUT LEAP TOBACCO BBOIIR I Pti:l.e C1.Kars, 888-67ll NORTH ELEVENTH BT.,. "' liM -p JAO aa per annexad. TRY .lT UNDER OUR QUAJl.A.N'1'BB, -" 1 :ba M ... 'lllaotareol and andlfnotT< tebe-rep ......... llt,weWlLLPAYFREIGHTBOTHWAYS. "" LEAF T9BACCO, lf.I.Cer. .... PHILADELPHIA, PA. PII LADELPtf' ... PA BOLD BT ALL LB4DING 'UNITED STA'EES. 5 J Bln lr I di lin I d "!jE"roat O. : .... IINIL6TI,.A m ;-wC S wCA1 ll anapolli n..,


JULY 1 5 Business Directory oT Advertisers. ( :MEW YORK. Tobacco Warehouet. Ahner & Dehls 190 Pearl All en&:: Co, td Md 175 Chambers Appleby & Behne, 133 l'Vater and 8S Pine Ba8ch & Fischer. 155 Water. Bulkley & Moore, 74 Front. Cardozo A. H. 66 Broad. Crawford E. M. 168 Water. DohAn, Carroll & Co. I ()I Front. DuBoil:l Eugt>n e 75 F1-ont. Eggert Wm. & Co. 246 Peart Ellglebacll. E. 58 S. Waahi!J8U>n Square Fox,lllllo &CO..l15 Water. Friend E. & G. & Co. 129 Maiden Lane. Go.rdinlir .J. !II. 8t Front. Garth D. J:; S o n & Co. 44 Broad. Gassert J. 1.1 &: Bro. 160 Water. 6ersbel L. & Bro. 191 Pearl. 1 t. & Co. nt "\V"' Havemey'ii'S & Vige lins, 175 Pearl ... ...., A q Bemst Brothers, f8S Water. Hoodless W J. 45 Broad Koen.i.g H. &."'!lllowcl'y. L&chenbrnch & Bro. 164. Water. Lederer & Fischel, 213 Pearl. Levin H. Pearl. Lichtenstein Bros. 1 1 7 Maiden Lane. Lobenstein &: Gans, 131 Malden Laue. Haltland Robert L. & Co. 43 Broad. Martin .T. W. 79 Front MueUer Ernst & Co. 122 Pear l. Neuberger&; Stelnecke, 172 water Ottinger B1others., 48 Broad. P&ulitsch lll. 14.3 Water Price Wm. 1\. ll9 Maiden Lane Reisma.nn G. 188 Pearl. Sawyer, \Va\Jace & Co. 47 Broad. Schoverllng Bros. 142 Wa.ter. Schrocdel' &: Bon, 178 water. 8chubart H. &; Co. 146 Water. Bcovilltt d. H. & Co. 170 l"'ater. Siebert Henry, 68 Broad. Splngarn E. & Co. 5 Burling Slip. Stephens A. T 168 Water. 'Str&iton & Storm, 178 and 180 Pearl. Strohn &:: Reitzenste.i:rl, 176 Front. Tag, Charles F. & Son. 1M Front. Thompson 8. E. & Oo. 5t and 56 Broad. Upmann, Carl, 178 Pearl. Tobacco Balers /M Export. {}uthrle & C o ,2-Q Front. Western and Virginia. Leaf Tobacco Commll sion.llerchanti. Fa.u!:Qn &: Can oU, 50 Broad Leaf Philip C. s. 188 Pearl L eaf Tobacco Ou.ring. 'Thayer, James H. 61 Front C orn.m.ission Metchanta Reynes Brothers & Co., 46 & 48 Exchange Plaee. Buyer of Tobacco Reusens G. 55 Broad. Tobocco C&ttua John, 127 PearL Fischer Obaa E. & Bro. 13-l Water. ll&gedorn R, .n broad. Kinnlcutt & Bill. 52 Broad. -Qsbome Charles F. 54 Broad. Rader M. 8:. S on, 50 Beaver. :Shack A. 129 )!alden Lane. Mcmtlf'l of S>nOki"'/ and CheWinq Tobaoooo. And.ersou John&; ()o. 114. l16 and 117 Liberty, Buchanan & Lyall 101 Wall Buchner D. 2 1 8 and 915 Duane. 314 Flfty(ourth Levy B1-os, 70 and 72 Bowery Licntenl!teln Broo. &; Qo. 9;8 and 1!70 Bowery Lichtenstein A & Co. 34 Bowery llcCoy & Co. 101 Bowery Mendell'rl. W'. &: Bro. 1-2 Bowery Orgler S. 2'J5n.nd 297 Greenwieh Seideuoerg Co. 8t and 86 Reade Smith E. A. 11 Bowery Smith M. l\L -12 Vesey R & Co., 92 and 94 Liberty 'Straiton &: 178 an(l180 Pearl 'Sutro-& N e wruru. k. 76 Park Place .Man.ufactun:rs of Fine Hat'Gna Oigar. Brown &: Earle', 211 and 21!1 Wooster Foster, Hils o n tt: Oo. U Bowery Sancnez, Ba;-n & Qo. 130, 132, 1M Malden Laqe Im.j>OJ ters of Havana Tobacco and Cigarl. Almi.rall J. J. 16 Cedar Freise E. 157 '\Vater Friedman Leonard, 203 Pearl Garcia. F. 167 '\Vater Gonzalez A. 16i Water :Messenger T H & Co. 161 Maiden Lane. Pascual L 156 Water Sanchez, Haya &; C o 130, 132, 134 Malden La.ue Scoville A. H & Co. 176 '\Vater Seidenberg & Co. 84 and 86 Reade Solomon )}. & E 80 Maiden Laue & 'Ber nb.eim, 187 Pearl Wed & Co. 65 Pine Weiss Eller & Kaeppel, 2.00 Pea.rl Ybor V. l\lo11.inez & Co 190 Pearl Jfantifacturert o.f Key and Importen of 11avana C'tyars. D e B&ry Fred'k & Co. 41 and 43 Warren M c FIIII & L&!v!IOQ.. Beldenbe'l..t Co.l4 'lnd 86 .1<6'1"'1 of the "Flo> el SUr cl,an. Alces George, 008 Pearl .llanljfjjeturers of and a-Importer of Ck>y Pipe.o. B&tjer H &' Brother.t...W Water.., BuelJJe & Polha"" "" Oh&mllero Demutli Wm. & Co. 601""Broa.dway Hen A.. & Co. oj8 Kaufmaun Bt-oo. & Bondy, 1!9 and 131 Gr&lld J(a'!!'(Ortm of 8moken' .Aitklu. Buehler & Polhaus, 83 Chambers Demuth Wm. & Co. WI B""ta':'!l & Fo"';t 866 and 867 & ()p, .. Liberty nn Broo. & Bo n dy, 119 and 13 1 Grand Rej & Becker, 1!9 Cbamoers Manufacturer of Ltirorlce Pas te. McAndrew JamM C. (IS "Water Stamford Manufacturing Co. 157 Kalden Lane Weaver&: Sterry, 24 Cedar Importers of Lif:;ori.ce Pcurte. Sherman & Innis, 120 Wllllam bau, Wallace&; Co. 29 and 818. WlWam Jf w James C. 61 Water Weaver & Sterry, 24 Cedar Zurlcalday & Ai'gulmb& u 100 Pearl of ToOOcco B'!mJon. HI!Mrtlll Sons & Co. 00 Cedar r .. porteT. f Cfuml, 71mqua s ....... ell:. Merrick T.J!. & Oo. 130 and 1illl W UJiam Manufact_. of .!'bu>der< IN:orico. Brlnkerholf v. W 47 Cedar Hillier's R. Sons & Co. 60 Cedar Weaver & Stel'T'J", 24 Cedar Seed I.df Toba<:co 1nlpecffon. Bensel & Co. Finke Charles, & Uo. 1116 Water Unde F. C. & Co. 142 Wat e r Tobacco Pr.....-s. Guthrie & Co. 2215 Front Jl'an,.tactvrer of Otgar .-, H enlcell.Tacob, 293 and 296 .Monroe Straw. S. 179 and 181 Lewis Wicke WWlam & Co. 168-181 Dialer in Sp:D Ceclar, Uptetrrov e W. E. 485-475 ilut Tenth Sj>bOiu. Farnam & Graef, 81 Green Heppenhl!bner .1: Haurer. 2il and ll!l N WlWam = & Gaaa. 101.Maide n Lane l!lm>n, 119 Lewis Wm. & Oo 11111-1 & 1 Goerok: Berter oJ TurkiJJh Leaf and Oigarettu and Ma:nujadu1er of Smoking 2bba.Cco. Vall.auri V 119 1 B1'0adway. Straps, Vutttws and G erman Ci gar .Mouldl. Lobenstein &: Ga.ns, 1 3 1 .Maiden Lane of Cigar Moulds. Borgfeldt N H. 610 East Nineteenth DeJXJt for .Du.brtU Cincinnati ()Igor Ordenstefn H. 806 Broadway ... Impoovea 7'obacco Scrap Mdchine ff1f' Oigar Manufacturera. Borgfeldt N. H. 516 East 19th and 106 Water &rap Ctttting MIUJl!ine. Ordeuetein H., Agen.t, 006 BroadwayTobacco Outttng .Jfachineru. Wulstdn HeBry, 114 Centre. Bank3. GermanAmerlca.n. 50 Wall'1lCd Revenue Book .Tom:getll'en C. 87 Liberty For eign and .Domettic Banken. Sternberger M. & S. 44 E.-xchange Place. Man-ujactu.l"'t'TI of Metal and Wooden ShotiJ Figure.. Demuth Wm. & Co. 501 Broadway M a n ufa.ct u r e r of Show .Figures. Strall88 S. 179 and 181 Lewis Sole ManujactuTer of the 01'igin a l Green Seal Smoking Tobacco. Emmet W. C 74 Pine Patent Oigar Cases. Samuel S. L 57 Cedar Scales. Howe Scale Co.: Priest, PBi'e &:: Co. Agents, BroB.!lway Importer of Jl'french Ciga1ette Paper. May Brothers. SSG Bl'oom e Ciqar Packens. Cigar Packers' Soetety S. lWchalls &: Co. 4First Avenue, or E. M. Gatterda.m. 109 Norfolk .Manufacturers oj Cigar Flavor*. CaH.tornia Distilling Co, 88 \Villlam Fries Alex. & Bros .. l6 Colleg e Ptace Patent Tobacco OOLonng Buehler & P olhaus, 83 Chambers Commercial .Ag enciu. The J. M. Bradstreet & Son Co. 279 Broad. way The McKHiop & Spmgue Co.l09-lll Worth Genera! Auctftmurs. Woodro'v & Lewis, 94. Pearl 1 Nanvfactu:rer of Gla8s tfigns, Matthews Jofm, 833 East 26th Wh,olesctle in Havana and Domestic Leo.f Tobacco. Wm. Friedlaender & Co. 9 Bowery Manufacturers of Cigar Box Lumber. Geo. W. Read & Co. 186000 Lewis ALBANY, N, y, Manufacturer of Toiacco. Greer1S A Sons, 822 Broadway BALTIMORE, Kd, Toba c co l-Va1 e house. Barker & Wagxner, 29 South Gay B07d W .1.. &"C'O. 3-3 South Fowler Jno, H. 27 South Gay Gunther L W. 9 South Gay Karckhoft & Oo 1 40 South Charles Mallory D. D.; E E. Wenck, MAnager, 46 and 48 Soutb Ch.o.rlee .Marriott, G. H. M. 25 Gennan Merfel a & KemPer 117 Lombard Schroeder .Tos. & i:JO. 81 E"Ch.o.tll(e Plaoe Wilchmeyer Ed. & Co. 39 South Cahert Tobacco Manujactu1ers. FelKner F. W & Son, 00 South Charles Oati & A.x 28 Barre lllarburg Brothel'S, ll>acco a till '"aU kiw 2bbacco Gol!loo n & Semon, liN Ontario DAJfVILLE. Va. Cotounfalon .at.Malltl. Miller & Co Pemberton .1: Penn Lsaf Strictlll ... Order. P n J. ll .tOo. THE 7 Manufacturer oj Smolr."ing TObacco. CoHrad Chas. H & Co. T rowbridge W. H. DAYTON, O. Miller Dealtns in Seed Leaf. DETROIT,lllich. Manuf'rl of Chewing nnd &1lo1.."ing Tobacco. Barker K. C. & Co. 74 and 76 J eff:erson A v Walker, McGraw&: Co 31 to 3b Atwater Manufacntrers oj Cig a?s and Deal e J-g in Leaj TOOOcoo. Sullivan & 'Burk. 48 and 50 C o ngress, East Foxen, Newman & C o 216 J etrerso n A venue DURHAH. N C. of Snwktng T o bacco. Black-well W T. & Co Duke W. & Sons Green Lucius LyGn Z. I. & Co EVANSVILLE, Ind. Toba cc o Col mwtsa i o n .1/etchantB. Morris C .r. & Oo H A NNIBAL, M o. Manu.j. of all kinds of SnliJic'g If PLug Tobacco. Brown G e o H AVANA, Cuba. Oiga1 Manufacturer s Bejar R. y Alvarez HARTFORD, Conn. in Seed To* Gershel L. & Br9. l!29 State Lee Geo. 150 S&a!e .Moore, Hay & 214 State l Wm. Willcox S. W. e:76 Main HOPKINSVILLE, K:r 1'blilicco .Bt-oker1. Clark H. &; Brother Ragsdale W. E llid. Dealer in Havana & Domestic Leaf Tob., and .Manufac!w e r of Fine Cigars. P. L. Cb&mbers, 5 Martindale's Block LANCASTER, P a. Dealer ln. Leaf TobacCo Bkileo & Frey, 61 and 63 North Dllke Smythe F. W. & Co. 10 ::i'orth .fohn K y Plug Tobacco Manufacturera Finzer J. & Bros. 194 and 186 Jacob State of Kentucky Tobacco Manufacturln.r C o Tobacco C&mm.ission Me? chu.nts. Wicks G. W. & Co. 2!1 West 1\Iain Tobacco Brolo:er. Callaway James F. con1er Ninth and Market Gunther George F. Le"1s Rtch'd M ats West Main Meier Wm. G. & Co. G8 Seventh Nashl'tl.B. Prazoff W F. 394 West Main LYNCHBURG, Va.. Carroll of Tobac.ce.. Tobacco Oomnaisaion Merct\ank. Bolt, Scha.e!er & Co. NASHVILLE, Tobac c o Broke r W. W.Kirby NEWARK, N, J, Campbell, Lane & C o. 48.1 Broad NEW ORLEANS, La. Tobacco Fctors and Oommisii01l .Me1chant1. Gunther & Stevenson, 162 Common Fra.yser Bros. PADUCAH, K J'. Tobacco .Broken. Clark M. H & Bro. Pliryear T. H. l"ETERSBURG, Va. Tobacco ComnuSBion Me-rchantll Roper LeRoy & Sons Man: u.facture1 .a and Snwking Toba.ool o;.s in Lea! Toba cco. Manufebacco Buvert. llleler Ado lphus & Co. SYRACUSE, N. Y. '"a-. Iller G P. & Co. 2(5 Norih 8allna ManujactursrB of Cigar B oa:u. Leeret & B l&ldel, 168 and 170 Eaat Wa!Air TOLEDO,O. Manufacturer ot and Bmolri"ff To-(lbarleo R. M-..taotoltlif>no, One Year, 884.111100 do 'do ""'-"onths. U.O& do do Six Monlbs. 28 do do Jllontho, lQ.OO do do Three, 15.00 TWG c!MttJ'AWBS II I'IOaparU Line ) 0.... Two Co'-ns ...................................... 101.00 d o do six'M .. Sl()9.0n do do Tllree H

THE TOBACCO LEAF. Tobaoc;o Manufacturers. \ LIOOBIC&. TOB,ACCO BROKERS. JOHN ANDERSON & co. -E--i. P-A .... S-TE....... JOHN saLAciUimD\iiiccR toBAcco aaom Tobaeco maniifact11ren and the....,.. 114 a Ill LlftiTY ITIEET, geaeral are particularly requeltcd &o f 27 Peart Streetj :REW YORK, and test tbe properdll NEW YORK. U.a te direct t atteatloa of tM Dealen ia W being DOW tla.roftaot the Uaited StatH and the Wor14 to uelr OELEBR.&TED to the bigheat perfectioa of. SOLACE FINE-CUT above style ocbraDCL are also SOLE AGENTS for tbe OHEWDIG TOBA.OOO. .J which is betng once more aader the iDUDedlate saperYillOD ot the orirtaator, THOIIIAS HOYT & CO., MR. JOHN ANDERSOli.. by consumers to be andnowstaadr,aafonnerly,withoutarival. OrderS ift the market. And for the blfuad FIIIECIT CHEWIMG 1-SMOKING will LicoriCe stick I .. co'1 e S17XJfYSIDE. NATIONAL. roB. lltlft AID to apply direct. B:alGHT OWEK, NABOB, AVVU EX'l'RA CAVENDISH. .-xD ,......_.,. a-t, hleet aacl 404 & 406 Pearl St., New York. ..;;.;;;, WILLI$ a co.1 !: :-. Partners, ,.,. .. 31 S ... _,., __ ..__. ... w. LOCI:woo'Il, special. AND m CALDWELL N. :6. ... .. oa ...... _-WEIAVBB & S'i''*RRY, [IIPOBfEif]jLiMfiiifiCTlms. SPDISI LICOBIGB I GBBII LICOBICI t ALL SPECIALTIES FOR PLIIB AID FilE-CUT TOBACCO. OLIVE OIL, TOICA BEAKS, GUMS, FLAVORS, Powdered Licorice Boot, .AJ.9I) PATENT PO"WDERED LICORICE.. CHAS. E. FISCHER & .BRO. TOBACCO -BROKE 134 Water St., N"EVV" Tos. Kwu:oTT, Cuo. L Bu.t., JL KINNlCUTT & BILL, BJlOltt'RSIN WESTERN LEAF TOBACCO. DSI BROAD ST., NEW YORK. CBIRLES F. OSBORIE, ? JAMES G. OSBORNE; TOBACCO BROKER, 54 BROAD STRdT, NEW YORK. JULY 15 Pl'<>tected PAGE & CO., Gea'l AIBttJ, 325 BROADWAY, l{:"W' TOaiL UIU' :kalea are .....t. by the followtar ...._. -r.ctaren :-p, LOIULLAaD & CO. NewYorlt1 '-tJCB.A.l,Alll' 4t. LT ALL, 'New 1 .JA.I. B. PA.CE. ltichmoad, Va.: P. B.&. TO &. BRO JtiFbmond, VLJ Jll, W VJI:liABLJII & 00., Petez ...... ftli'S&& 11&08., Lou.inille, X.y. HENRY WUL8TE1i; ( .. co-to .. owt'llt & n-et 1 .t, IU CBII'l'JlJII 'IITBJIIII'I', llfJIIW YOBJL "' P 0 lldx .509t1 NurYort, on haad the But Improved for tn:&NAAI!FJ:&T&co BY HAND OR STEAM J>OWER. 1 lfr STIICI[ LICOIUCE WE HAVE THE FAVORITE BRANDS' ________ .;;;.;_ ::::n:-a_x ..... A_'!I!EL:LI AXD avzor.nn ... M. RADER & SON, A large variety of Kacbiaery for Cigar Maallfac lurers, sucl11. as for Cuttin .. or Graoulatln_g Havana and ather Fillers for Clgan, Stem Rollen BuncbinaJla-. clda.ea, Stemming Macbines, and alto Maehine1 foe Cruahin_g and FlaK:eelag the Tobacco Stem ba tht (;.oaf. Cigarette Mach\aes, etc. Sole AJent iD tbe ......----------.....;.,--------...... V.S.for E" FLINSCH'i (Ofleabacb on Machines for Packiag MaDDfaatwre4 TOBACCO BROKERS WISE & BENDBEIM T. B. MERRICK & I;MPORTERS, 130 & 132 WILLIAM ST., NEW YORK. No. 50 Beaver Street, NEW YORK. .a. sca, TOBACCO BROKER, &P .AN":J:&::EI: LICORICE PASTE. 129 KATDD LAD, JI.W YORK. We beg to call the attention or Tobacco t1ners and Dealer. to tbil SUPER.IOR AND article. Sole ARent for tb..e States of NonbCaroUnaand Vir __........................__ MORRIS. Rich-DI, oND<:!. w. >vrr T s LICORICE ROOT-L.rason and A.lleaUo lUll V. Bll!JJ.J Selected and Ordinary. N. Y. ZURICALDA Y & ARGUIMBAU, l'l11ELY AND J'INBLY POWDBIED SPECI.A.LTI:JE:]S : I 02 PEARL STREET, &P,ANISH .LICOBIOJII BOOT, SPANISH LICOBIC& :IIXTBA.C'I', DEER TONGUE, Gum Tragacanth, Gum Gedda, Siftings in Casks ; FINEsT QtrALITY. do. do. Sorts in Bales; -..raetured. atPoughkeepllle,JrewYan. LA.VBEL LEA.V&S, TOXKA. B&Alll, CA.SIU BVDS, CLOVES AND Cllni'A.1110111, ORANGE PEJIIL, ANISEED, CARAWAY SEED, CORIANDER SEED, LA VJIINDER II'LOWBBS, GVJI ARABIC, GB.ADI A.liD POWD--, GVM MYRRH, LVMP AND POWDERED, GVM TRA.QACA.NTH, FLA.XE AND Gum Arabic, do. do. GIFFORD, sHERm & IDis, 120 William Street. nw YOmt ESSENTIAL OILS, .' T k B ns ANGOSTURA OLIVE OIL. LVCCA. CBEAJII Ill cu ... POWDEBBD, on_ a ea B.BMilliR & LICORICE PASTE PACKERS AND DEALEllB IN Angostura&, in Casks, OHIO ftHHD LHAF TOBAGGO Balsam Tolu, in Ori&inal THE-SP11AUUORD U IVUFACTURING CO. U l{ortJa Str-t, .l Dll' JIUU' 1 DAYTON, OHIO. Y. 1G'7 X..A.1'Iii"B, N"311""1gV' r;rORDERS PROI!PTLY ATTENDED TO. 61 CEDAB STREET, :N. T. 'l'be 'l'node la-.!Dg cl8maaded a Superior and Cheoper ArUe!e than that hitherto used, thla Comforoale, LICORICEPASTJ:(undorthe old "S&oford"brand)of a QUALITY BEST I D the WORLD. 1111411& a PRIOIIwhloh""" hardly fail to be aeceptable to allsivlng It a trial. Mellor a Rittenhouse, 218 N". gad &"t., Pl:l.:l.1ade1pl:l.1.a, B..I.N11JI' .,I.(JT'()'BBB8 011' a:n.d LICORICE PASTE. IY" Centennial Medal awardecffor "Purity, General E>:oollence of llaDufacture." .Aloo 111. & R, BRAND STICX LICOIUCE, all SbM. Wholesale SHOEMAKER, VOUTE & BIRCH, 126 S. Dolaware Ave., Ph1la. 0. B. MCALPIN & CO., >fANUFACTURERS OF THE CELEBRATED Fl:NECUT illlGIN LEAF &NAVY CHEWING And all Kinds of SMOKING TOBAOOil AMt:l DKALK'RS IN ABD Of TH:& MANUFACTURE OJ' &. W. &AIL & AX, Ctgan, Plug Tobacco, Snuff, Snuff Flour, et,c. -AT-KANUFACToRv ANh,SAUUlROOM' 121 BOWERY 1 NEW YORK. Cor. AYinut D I Tenth St., lew York. WISE & BE:NDBEIM. AGEl'fTs. 'MRS.G.B.MILLER&CO. FR. E'NGELBACH, TOBACGODHPOTffiHNG 07 COLUMBIA eTREET, Por r. w. FELG].{ER. & SON'S, :DoTe._ "rork. B.lttmore, Tob&ooo and Cfcaretteo. ll.unJr"aroano or TBB 0&LDJUTED 58 S. WASHINGTON SQUARE, N. Y, Jln, G. B. Miller 11:. Oo. Chewing and Smoking Te>-IIMoo; &be onlY GeDu!De American Gentleman 0 D llmdr: J(nl. G. ll. liWer 11:. Co.'s &nd 8 o & c I l!looOob Snulr A. H. J(lckle &: Sou' l"ore8t Rose ADd TobO.OOO; lin. G. B.lllWer 11:. Oo. -rve If lliDoll:lalf and Chewing Tobaceo. IIIAl!WJ' ACI'UURS OJ' 1!F' ALL OllDli:B8 PROJIIPI'L Y EXECUTED. OJOJDA TOBACCO WOR.XS. Fine-Cut Tobacco D. .. .. 207 &. 209 WATER STREET, NEW SIOIIN& TOBACCO, i a 211 Dune St., lew York. "-= ORIGINAL SHAL" e .... BILAJQ)S:cBJII11VlliGz Jeai.. 014 'I'Imll, I .00:. 1 IMOKI!IGo !rYe of t.he '1111lte4 Si&t., ...... B'Aid "'Pta'LMl,"iii1 "RED SEAL," .. ROI CAROTTE" & '' SUNSHINE BRIGHT VIRGD-'JA MEERSCHAUM SMOKING TOBACCOS, cut rrom Virginia Plug. ""'gV. O. E J.\11: J.\11: E1 T SOLE MANUFACTURER, '74. Pll'lE BTB.EET, NEW TOB.JL 8 NER TOBAGCO COMPANY SUCClai!IOBII '&'0 -YIN .. BILLI, : 183 & 195 JefFel'SOn Ave., Detroit, (OORIIER OJ' BATES lii'I'BEET,) BANNflrBiiiiii .Fii'f CUT. ""BETTER '1'BAN '.tHE BEST." M. 1, !WILL .. rn.. lYIII. & 'l'JIIIT, YIN....... 8111fl, JIA.X'&'ORJ .... Walker, :McGraw & Co., Detroit, Inch &OL::J:) loy a.l.l. :IPXJR.-TCJL.A.B& ::J:):J!J.A.X.:J!JJR.II!!J. TOBACCONISTS. AGENTS FOR THE LEADING MANUFACTURERS OF SMOKINC, PLUC TOBACCO AND CICARETTES1 N"o. 121 "York. W. E. UPTEGROVE, SPANISH CEDAR FOR CIGAR BOXES, Foot lOth & 11th St.1 East Rim, NEW YORK. PL'UG TO:EI.A..CCO. .THE IBBCBANTS' TOBACCO CO., 80 II!ITJE'l.E:J!JT ::EIOBT01"1ir, Make the best Sold or Used. ONE DOLLAR money In each 60 pound box, containing large Plugs made of lang stock. TWO DOLLARS In one, or ONE DOLLAR In two of the caddies In each case containing large plugs made of loflg stock. PATENT METAL LABELS on Plugs. lsk for this and get the Best Chew or Smoke tkat can be had. SILAS PEIRCE, Jr., Preoiolent. JOHN H. SANBORN, T-. G. A.. A.. VOIGE, A., WI!tTEB. 1lOIGE a WINTEB, MANUFACTURERS OF CIGARS1 .AND IN & Smokin[ Z76 ::M:a:L:n. &'t., O:l.:n.o:L:n.:n.a"t:l.. SOLE AGENTS FOR. Cll'lCllOI"ATI .t; VIClNITT FOR. THE FOLLOWDI'G WELLKNOWN BALTDIOB.E MAXlJFACT111t.ER.S,G-.A.XL d:> .A..::K:. 81\II:O:&::XN"G-a:nd BN""D'"::Ir:IPJ &1\II:O:&::XMG-"1"0::EI.A.OCJO ::EE. VV":I:L:&::XN"B ct:. oo.a "V:lr5:LD.J.a F. VV". :1Pel.521er d:> &o:n CLEAR THE WAY IB::a1'5 Tolo. PIONBBB TOBACCO COIP.OY, Ol' BB.OOKL YN, N. Y. BUSINESS OFFICES: 124 Water St., New York, 16 Central Wharf, Boston; 25 Lake Street, Chicago; 51 KORTH WATER STREET, PBILADELPBIA. _Factory: No. 1 First District, N. Y. THE CELEBRATED "PRmT GAKE," THE "MATCHLESS QRICHT. All Sizes; MAHOCANY, All Sizes; p :J: Q N :m :m 'E'l. ," Dark, all Slzea. A comparisan of nur Celebnle.d Brands of PLUG TOBACCOS will c oovioce all partiu of tbe WOifJ)BB.:I'VL lllERITS contained tbe1ein. PLUG TOBACCO. HERBST BROTHERS. I HAY ANA tc LEAF ... T 0 E A .C!' C e :J 183 WATER STREET,' 1 .NEW ; LIBRAL 'Cigar Manufacturers ,&eo t.lonDe4 tloat we ue able to npply tllo Tra4o -..aP .t.CIUtJlS at odlort aotl... PI-CIGAR PACKERS' SOCIETY. 8. liiCJLLLl8 11:. CO. 4 1"'nt ,b.....,; or E. )( G.A.'l"CCRR>.Uil U)ontroller ofVacanoleo). 1011 Norfolll: BtrMt, Jlew York City. LICHTENSTEIN BROS., 1 PAOKERS AND DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCOS, I 17 MAIDEN LANE, N"e"DV "York.. MAY. BROTHERS, 11!PORTERS OF JI"JR.EN"O::EE CIGARETTE PAPER, 386 BROOME ST., HouSE AT N"e"DV "York.. 0 HORN A!IIO of tile Brand of BD10k.:lz15 Tobacco, s'DI"" .U. &: Ta.t.YD, B&Wlqpre). T o ,bacco Curing, 16l FRONT STREET, TO:n.Ko


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