The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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Tobacco Leaf Journal

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VOL XIV.--NO 26. 1864.] NEW YO:RK, .MOND.AY, AUGUST 5, 1878. WHOLE NO, 702 lilt lsbaccs Published Every MONDAY Morning by 'iTHE TOBACCO LEAF" PUBLISHING COMPANY, loiS PllLTOI'f IITBBBT, l'fBW TOBK., ANNUAL SlJBSCRIPI'IONS ABROAD. GRB.i.T Barr.tllf .A.NJ) C.&XADA" ..... : : : $5.04 g:g: .... ....... .................... .... '\ 5.04 Eolitor. FRED'K & co., & co., CIGAR. JI .OX :11ANUF ." HAVANA .. 41d! 43 warren Street, New York, EL SOLE ACENT8 FOR THE PRINCIPE DE CALES' to 161 Goerck Street, "YOR.:K.. 0:11"31"%c:Jm I 65 PINE STREET, NEW YORK. WElL & CO., l:MPORTE::R.$, PBICE LIST --Spanish, American and Germu Cigar Ribbons. OIG.A.RS, AND PROPRIETORS O'F THE A.1JG1J8T, 1878. llrcla4 Yellow ..... . .. : ... Eztra .. i-8-.., '12 ,U 11.80 :: :: ....... o. ] ... -6-8 : 'II ;rda 1.80 .. 2 .... 5-8 '12 ;rcla 1.50 .. 2a ... 5-8 '12 ;rcla 1.30 ....... 3 .... 6-8 : '12 ;rcla 1.AO Bread Red ............... .. 1 .... 6-8 '12 ;rcla 1.'76 .. ................. 2 .... 5-8 .. '12 ;rcla 1.80 .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 3 .... 5 .. '12 ,.... 1.50 Epaaola ..... . . .. ] ... -6-8 12 ,.a. 1.'16 .. .................... 2 .... 5-8 '72J'cla 1.80 .. ............. ....... a .... 6-8 '72 ;rcla 1.50 .. ... ::::::::::.: :: Lt: : ::ra: t: .................. a .... '12,.... 1............. Yellow ............. 1 .... -&-1 '72,U 1.35 .. ............. 2 .. ..... .. '12,.. 1-20 ............. a .. '72,.... o.96 Boz Rib boa Red, ....................... 3-8 '72,.U 0.'75 Y.n................... a-s 'f2Tcla o.'To Loadreo (Cldoo) .... 1 .. .. 8-8 : :U ;rcla 1..20 (,CJdoo ) .... 2 .... 6 :U yolo 1.10 Loadre. Yellow ............. 1 .... '7-8 :UJ'cla 1.60 ................ 2 .... '7-8 .. :u ,.... 1.35 ............. 3 .. .. }3" 34-yd ... .':........ "to .... 1a" :u,. ... 1." ........... .. "16 .... '7-8 .. :u ,.... 0.96 ...... ... "16'" '7 :U ydo I.OO .... .. .. .. 20 .... 13 .. :u ;rcla 0.85 ............. .. I3I6" 3-l;rcla 0.90 .. .. .. ....... '150 ... 13" :u,u 0.56 Red ....... ......... 1 .... '7 .. :U;rcla 1.80 .............. 2 .... 13.. :u ;rcla 1..20 Breaol Reol II with , eclceo .5 '72 J'ol L '70 III 5 'TSycla 1.55 Narrow" II 4 '7Sycla 1.30 Broaol YelL II with blue eclc .. :5 'Ti ,... 1.80 Ila red .... 5 'TSycla IIa red, wldte aaol blue eclc ... 5 'Ti J'U 1.80 ,.,. CIGAR FACTORY OF NEW YORK. SEIDENBERG & CO ., 84 a 88 READE STREET,. l\TEW YORK, Importers of ALSO MANUFACTURERS OF THE LA ROSA ISPAROLA KEY WEST. HAVANA-OIGARS. WEISS, ELLER & KAEPPEL, BO SI HAVANA B B 4 I D Rlaaoitrilfr, iio0STYtE. ",1.'1 A.U Orden PromptJy Exeeuced, c ..... PRICES OF CIGAR BOXES AND SIDLES OF RIBBONS SEKT ON APPLICATION. T 0 I Icc o. JOHN J. CROOKE, 220 Pearl Street1 New -; :MANUFACTURER OF O::EC.OO::EEE'S .. CliiPOIJID TIN POlL I American, German & Spanish Cigar TOBAcco. MEDiuM AND TissuE. &peo:l.a.1 :J:) of Fa.n.oy :E'I.:I.bbon.s :1314a.e'l:EJ <>rd.Gr. RIBBONS CUT AND PRIKT:Q) 48 j}ESIRED,:..---f_ -SAMPLES SENT OK APPLICATION. :N"o. 01 :N'E"gV' Y"<>:E'I.EI:.. 1"" .............. Bavemeyers Vigelius,. PACKERS OF SEED IarEAF I IMPORTERS OF HAvANA TOBACCO. HOW TO 'GET DAR. K TOBACGOS AND BOW TO MAKE THEM BURN GOOD. TEl E# OJ!IIIii"L"Y' ..&. "Y' -,.to h&veyour goodo Rehaadled o.nd Sweated by C. II. PHILIPS. Il you have poor burniDg to'"""'!'., oend me a few lea...., and by return of D&fl I will prove to you what can bodone. Illllanufacturers wW send methelrLI.o ,.:lstonce,_ and many to no of tobacco are t1uDed out dally of good Dark Colora and good Burning quality. HA V A.l'f A. gooolll are a1oo ..eostully Rehandled at this l!lotabllshment, and put loack illlo the original bales ill ouch a. m&DDer as Bot to sbow they had -Rehaadled. .:.Dd a bale or cue u a triaL 8a&lftl.eUon Gaarao&ee4. Ch&.rges as low aalrill admit of good work. Please write me for any 1DformaUon rou m.a:r wlah, o.nd obllle C. S. PH lt.JPS, 188 PEARL ST., NEW YORK LOWS KBOBJf, 'LEOPOLD Flii:ISI, BOIIBII K.B.OIDI. KROHN, FliSS. ct. CO., KANtnr'ACTtliR. e: RS of CICAIR.S, AND DEAL&IlS IN LEAF 161, 163 & 165 WEST THIRD IFill OINOIDATI,. 0. FACTORY. X..OB.:I!JD. ROLLED TO ANY GUAGE AND CUT TO SIZE. BOTTLE CAPS, all Sbeo, PLAlX AND COLORED. OFFICE: 163 Mulberry St., N.Y. CI&!J.-BOX JBBEB HAKUI'ACTtJRED BY OtJB. NEW PATENT Poplar Mahogany Spanish Cedar, '' u No Ctiarce Cor Cartace. PROCESSES. 2d Quality lst&.2d u let' u IJ4c 27l'c 2%c 3J4c 3 % c TJUI:ftl8 CA.SH, CEO. w READ & CO. 186 to :ZOO LEWIS ST., NEW YORK. YORK, MONDAY, AUGUST 5, 1878. The Germo.n Elections. The German Parliamentary elections held a few days since, In tbeir reBUltl, are of eVen greater importance ln & commercial and industrial. upect than pollt;lcally. The tobacco monopoly,' the !ron CU8to-and other reactionary mee.suree, which the Government was very much inclined to introduce, In view bt the reSults o! the. elections, cannot be ca.rrled out tor the next few years to and Prince Bismarck ha'f'e to abandon his favorite protective plans" altogether. It will be remembered that the foi'D\er Relch.otag was dl.ooolved mainly because Prince Bismarck, in view of its composltiQn at that time, could not expect to obta.ID its conaent to any of his plans concerning the national ftuances. This was fully shown by the proceedings on the subject of the tax ques tlon. ,After long and energetic deba.tes three d.itlerent bills, to increase the interqal revenue taxes, the tobaooo t.a.:z:, which were intro-duced at the of the Imperial were, by a reference to a lett und.lsposed or, never to be brought up again tor consideration. Although the great point of the campaign appeared to be the repression of socialist agitation, the e lectors by their vote, nevertheless, have shown that they did not lose sight of tho tact that their representatives, besides enacting repressive measures against the spread ot socialism, have to deal with a number of other questions touch ing the material interests of the whole German people. A STARTLING STATEMENT. including New 'York, compared this year and last, have been:=-1877 ........... ...... : 144,713 120,819 1878 .................... :213,883 147,905 A gain in receipts in 1878 of 69,170 hogsheads, and in 8111les :27,086. These figures, viewed altogether, are eminently satis factory: and those for this year especially so consid ered either by themselves alone or by comparisOn. They demonstrate that a large trade has already bee1l done, and promise a well-rounded volume at the close of the year. The receipts in this market, though of considerable lll8gllitude now, are not likely, it would seem, td be greater this season, as was at one time apprehended, thancan be convenisntly handled; cer not .if' the growing crop does not' take a more t ,urn than at present appears probable Our shippers, Regies, and others, will continue liberal buyers, and an increased hoine demand may be anticipated from this time forward. The outlook is encouraging for prices as well as for sales. XINOR EDITORIALS .AND NEWS ITEMS. THE steamer RhiruJ of the North German, Lloyd line, will carry Mr. M. Lilienthal, importer of Havana to bacco, of this city, to the shores of the Fatherland." We wish him a pleasant trip and a safe return. FOR SALE.-A fresh supply of 100,000 pounds genu ine "DEERTONGUE" flavor for smoking tobacco manu Some ten days ago we received from Mr. J. F. de facturers, in lots to suit purchasers, at lowest figures. Berg, former boctkkeeper for Mr. S. Barnett, dealer in MARBURG B&os., leaf tobacco at 162 Water Street, this city, a lengthy 145, 147 and 149 ('!. Charles Street, Baltimore, Md. communication charging Mr. Barnett with falsely OUR GERXAN ToBA.oco MAP.-The map-with accom accusing and convicting in the courts one H. Sel-panying description and statistical data,' of the tobac ling of false pretences in certain business transactions co-growing districts of Germany, which we publish in which they had together some two years since; of an number of THE LEAF, wiU no doqbt be scanned. e1for$ on Barnett's part to induce de Berg to .Bet fire w1th interest by our readers, and especially by the representatives of the Seed leaf tobacco trade. Our the premises once occupied by Barnett in Maiden Lane, ma;p is an accurate copy of the first pictorial represenso as to enable Barnett to make about $15,000 out of tatwn of the German tobacco fields ever published1 the insurance company with which he had a policy; and forms a com{>Bll_ion-piece to the one we and of having prevented the creditors of a Hr. Mosley last fall of the pnncipal tobacco districts of caster cy, Pennsylvanl8. from receiving their dues when that gentleman falled, --by surreptitiously receiving and his topacco for T!UT BOy AGAIN.-One of the latest English divorce him and dividing with him the gains from the operacases was that of Major Nepeari, o f the Madras Staff tion. Mr. de Berg's statement gives full particulars, Corps, against his wife and a Mr Woolley as co-reSJ?Ond.ent AfteJC his return from India, suspicion of and would make a column and a half of -reading-matter his wife's mfidehty was first aroused by his httle boy. in THE TOBAOOO LEAF. He declares his communi Mrs. N. objected to liis smoking in her sitting-room cation that he possesses the necessary vouchers to when the enfa!lt terrible exclaimed:-" Why, mamma: prove his allegations, and that he has recently ma!le you never obJected to Mr. Woolley's smoking why can' t papa Slt;IOkE!, tool" Thi.s e:x;cited andi oath-in recantation of a former one elicited from him led to mvest1gatwns whiCh JUStified them, resulting by Barnett's persuasion-demonst;.ating the criminal in the divorce. wrong which Barnett perpetrated upon. H. Selling. A contemporary having within a .day or two as, we TOBACCO CROP PROSPEC:,-:t'his peculiarly adapted staple to our Kentucky soil this season appears freaky are credibly mformed, referred to thJS matter some In some counties it is doing well, but in most nei2h: what at length, we feel constrained to make this brief bo?"hoo4s,. where the largest crops have hitherto J!m mention of it, and to add that de Berg'B reported to be domg ba,dly .. The acreage with all its surprising details is in our possession. IS about 63% of that of the past yell l", which was fully 15 per cent. above an average; but the plants have no-_______ started off well when reset from the beds to the THE TRADE IN WESTERN LEAF TQBACCO. The pressure of other important matter on our columns since June 30 has made it hitherto impossible to publish our customary quarterly summary of the Western leaf tobacco trade of the New York market. Even now, for a similar reason, we can only briefly glance at the subject. In the few lines that follow we shall merely group for convenience of future reference statistics that have already appeared in these coluJ:IV!B, accompanying them with such running comment as will make them intelligible in their re-adjusted form. I There has lieen, as was natural, a incr.lase in the business of the past quarter as compared with the previous on&receipts, sales and exports all sharing in the improvement, and prices, meanwhile, continuing steady and in some degree finn, the largely augmented volume of receipts and apparently liberal planting to the contrary notwithstanding. The following table a1fords opportunity for perceiving the sin,ce 1 :-;' Receipts. bhds. January' ......... 3,072 February .... .. 4, 784 ;March .. ,., ....... 9,068 Bal ... bhds. 3,700 :2,500 2,500 5,804 3,887 4,39:2 hill The Mason County and cutting leaf districts report the best stands, though these are not equal to last year. The Paducah, Hopkinsville, Clarksville Hen derson, Owensboro, and Bowling 'Green districts complain of small growth, a good supply of worms, hard stalks and plants buttoning before they are large enough to top. Good rains within a few however, will greatly ben e fit this crop, though 1t will not supply the want of good cultivation which has been so frequently THE LATE CARL GRAEFF.An imposing Masonic funeral ceremony was performed Friday afternoon at the Masonic Temple, over the remains of Herr Carl Graeff, German Counsellor of Commerce who died in Salt Lake City July :21. The deceased had been a prominent member of the Masonic fraternity in Germany, and was for many Worshipful Master of the lodge, "Temple der Freundschafll, in Bingen-on theRhine,and an honored member of the Grand in. The twenty-three German lodges m this mty decided to hold a grand Masonic funeral in his honor. District Deputy C. F L. Honenthal and Acting Grand Master made an address in eulogy of the dec eased. After the services Mr. John Peters sang the hymn Peace to the Stars." Deputy Grand Master ofthe State of ,New York Mr. Charles Room next spoke in eulogistic terms of 'the deceased as did Consul Schumacher. The casket con taming the remams was conveyed to the steamer tal -Rhein for shipment to The body will be To .... .... 16,924 8,700 13,883 taken m charge bY: Ma:somc friends on its arrival in April ............ 9,010 4,000 5,604 Get;many, and.burJed the churchyard of Bingen, at May ............. 13,518 3,850 11,516 which the bunal serviCes of the Masonic fraternity June ... ........... 20,229 5,700 will be held. Total ........ 42,757 21,384 NATIONAL From this exhibit it appears that the receipts during ?ebt to August 1, which comes from Wash. ceeded h f h .,_ mgton, IS a statement of our aggregate imports and the last quarter ex t ose o t e .l.lfljt 25,833 hogs-exports for the fiscal year to June 30, 1878 which is heads: tbe sales 4,850, and the exports 7,501. Including as follows:-9,877 hogsheads of Virginia, the receipts for the six Exports. ................. ....... ,694,884,200 months' ending June 30 were 59,681 hogsheads, the Imports. 437,051,533 sales 22,250, and the exports 35,267. C'omj)Jl.l'ing re-Balance in favor of United States .. $257 832 667 ceipts, sales and exports for the same.period this year For the twelve months ending June 30, and last, we have: -Exports ..................... .......... M02 475 220 Receipts. Bales. Exports. Imports .... ........................... 451;323:126 bhds. bhds. bhds. 1877 .............. 37,188 22,800 l!6, 728 Balance in favor of United 'States .. $151,152,094 1878 ............ .59,681 22,250 35,267 Total balance for two years ...... .: .. U08, 984,761 .A:.n excess this year in receipts of 22,493 hogsheads, Surely this is paying our debts at a rapid rate and in sales a decrease of 550, and in exports an excess of must in a brief period of time exert a beneficial 8 SS9. Ih. n oubr businedssf condition. tWhf He a part of this balance 'f h 11 as een use or pay11,1;en o mterest on indebtedness is grat1 ymg to note t at an equa Y favorable h.eld abroad, the m absence of large importa. comparative exhibit, with one exception, is made by of the metals, has gone to liquidate our the other markets of the country this year. Taking mdebtedness held m foreign countries. In other them in geographical order, the receipts and sales sum words, the ownership is changed from Eurooe to this f th f u country. -up or su mon s as o ows :18'17. 1878. 1877. 1808. lMPROVEJrtENTS.-:-Mr. Benj. Payn, the Albany Sunday 21 says1 has :recehtlh introduced a new Baltimore ....... 23, 776 31,442 16,665 20,725 madekb:y:f t e Union Stone Co.: s n, w JC grm s every m e perfectly true ana DIRIGO CIGAR &a CC.,. Cincinnati. .... 16,732 2 1 051 17 870 18 ,382 With t):t.e bard labor formerly in Louisville ....... 30,387 40,031 32,388 37,013 d th knif b h d al hin < St. Louis ....... 10 ,288 8,440 7,47b 5,902 gnhl\mg 8 e Y i e Paducah ........ 8,575 1:2,243 8,095 '10,762 wh. c rmprovemden onl tese. olfn Roger 's rna liN UP !CT:.U BHBS 0 P PilE CI&AIS tANK lllcCOY.] fEDWARD T. lllcCOY H kin ill 3 549 10 14 3 862 10 518 c me, w c runs an regu a 1tse and relieves op sv e.... th f th h rd.l b ed Clarksville ...... 5,430 16,464 4,488 13,415 e men rom e a a or reqmr m adjusting the N h ill 4 333 5 440 2 988 4 019 screws and run!Jing b k t a new as v e. press g the tobacco f'brthe New Orleans .... 4,455 8,940 4,193 4,919 machme. 0 a patent_ press made by the The total receipts and sales at all the markets Press CO., of SYJ'Muse. The im liDrrER BROS., DeaJers In TOBACCO, Chl.oago, m Western Cigar Manu1aotarers will find It to the a.dva.nta.(re to deal with 11&


C1RJtOI.Io DOHAN, GA_RBO: LL & .00.,. : ; ._ TOBAO .CO ..... 4 llltN.ED\AN. 43 LIBERTY' STREIT, (l'.o.lloz36as) RIW'YORI, fa Comm tssion ;Merchants,, 104 STREET, NEW YORK. 1 tbe -f'ollO'tl'iag well-known md T.41iable B. PICE, W. J. YARBROUGH I SOliS, 1QPIII A BRO;,' C. T. BIIFOIUJ, .BOO!M .. .. 1.. 1L & CO., CO., It: T .. W. I JOI, 1 IIOHN Wi CARROLL, and ethers, SOLE AGENTS FOR THTJ. ORIGINA:r. 0 Q c: = (/] :t.!anufe.cturers' Agents for the sale of all Po'()ular :Brands of. VIRCINIA, NORTH CAROLINA & WESTERN Manufactured, Smoking &. Fine-Cut Toba:cc0s1 ,AGENTS FOR JOHN F, &; CO.'S RIOHM():VD, VA.., B:&ANDS OF SMOKING ACCOS AND CIGARETTES, SAM, AYRES' JIYCO," etc. O .able Coli, Bouche,. DEPOT FOR J. w. cARROLL's LONE JACK, BROWN DUlK, .... LOUISIANA PERIQUE, Cat aJ&d ill Carrots, 4s and 5s, Single and Double Thick. ALSO, AGENTS FOR THE CELEBRATED I w. T. BLACKWELL & CO.'S lONE JACK & BROWN. DJCK .. Benuine DU tobaoco. Tc::ba,ccc:.. lARGE .STOCKS DE MANUFACT.URED TOBACCO OF EVERY DESCR(PTjON SUITAllLE F0R THE HOME TiuDE AND FOR FOREIGN MARKETS "': C>JSI" ,. ) Having 8iS Tra,de-M:a.rlG T All persons are hereby cautl.oned against uslng the same as a or Label for Smoking and Chewing Tobacco or Snuff. 'ALEXANDER MAITLAND. L. F. S. MACLEHOSE. ROBERT L. MAITLAND. :ROBER'l'. L. MAITLAND & COr. Tobacco A:nd General Commission. .erchants, 43 Broad Street, New York, AGENTS FOR THE WEV.>KNOWN '' 0 A.. :alf: E R. 0 N' '' Brands of Tobacco, Manufaclllred Expressly for EXPORT TO AUSTRALh\N and OTHE. R FOREIGN PORTS: J 11V A \mER CAMERON & co AUSTRALIAN TWIST-liT ANDREWS, Jll.lfiAlU.lU 'l VENUS, CABLE, oua GAJIIE, BLACK 'VA. ,, DIAMOND. AUSTRALIAN OF VIRGINIA, VENUS, ALL THE RAGS, FLOWER OF ALL NA!i i l,"tj. SOUTH AMERICAN LUMPS-LA Dill: LICIA, LA FELICIDAD. F. C, LINDE. C. F LINDE. C. C. HAMILTON. S. MARCv.OO. R ASHCROFT. ::N'E"'WV" SHED LEAF TOBACCO INSPECTION TOBACCO INSPECTED OR SAMPLED. 'try .A.1:1:e:n.clec1. 'to. 9ertitlcates given for every case, a.nd delivered case by case, as to number or Certificate N. B.-WE AlSO SAMPlE IN MERCHANTS' OWN STORES. F. C. LINDE & CO. PHILADELPHIA BRANCHES: E. W. DICKERSON, Corner Arch Water Streets. JONAS :b'IETZ, 64; North Front Street. SUFFIELD, Conn.:-EDW. AUSTIN. LANCAS'rER,,.Pa.-I!ENRY FOREST PRINCIPAL OFFICEs-142 WATER STREET, and 182 to 186 PEARL STREET '7<11 '76 & '78 RAILROAD DEPOT, ST JOHN' S PARK. .BENSEL & CO., CHA'S FINKE&CO TOBACCO IIVSPBCTOBS, TOBACCO INSPECTORS, WATER STREET, I 155 WATER ST:, NEW YORK. NEW YORK, ';:' COUNTRY SAMPLING PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO, F. st. BAST WHATELY, Mass.. do ...... E. BELDEN L-_;,;..;.;...__.....:.. __ <5110Cleooor to F. w. Tatcenhorot & Co.) TOBACCO AND GENERAL. COIIlSSION IERCHANT, 60 Broad S't., 'York..o .!>. J, GlliTB CB.J.S. GlllTB, ScllR.OEDO.. SAWYER WALLACE .. co I _, 'I 0. J. GARTH SON & CO. COMMISSION CommiSSIOn.Merchants "No. 47 Broad street, No. 44 BROAD STREET, NEW YORK. l!i, FAUCON, CARROLL, :Jr, &,. COMMISSION MERCHANTS FOR THE SALE OF Kentucky and Virginia Leaf Tobacco, 50 BROAD ST.fNEW YORK. 'TC>ES.A.OOC>. ::M:an. "U.:rac't" Tobacco= .&"ORITE DA"RK'W'A.'V'I', El'ICHAl'l'l'JUBS DARK .WEET MORSEL DARK NAVY, HOl'lEY AND PEACH :QRIGHT NAVTj f l AND ALL POPULAR BRANDS OF FANCY AND LIGHT PRESSED. r-FINE CUT MANUFACTURED BY SPAULDING & MERRICK: OLD GLOaY, CHARM OF THE WEST SWEET BURLEY, Q.1/EBN BEE, TRUlllPS, WIG WAG,, BUGLE, IN PAILS AND BARRELS. DEPOT FOR E. T. PILKINTOJf & CO.'S CELEBRATED "FRUITS & FLOWERS" & CODONWEALT:E" Smokina Tobaccos. liF PRICE LISTS FURNISHED ON APPL:ICA.TION "&& .. DEPOT FOR SNOW'S PATENT CARD-HOLDERS. FANCY SM:OKING PIPES -IN-BRIER AND FANCY .WOODS, MANUfACTu:RijD BY HARVEY a FORD, SALESROOM-385 & 36'1' CANAL STREET, NEW YORK.' E'AOTORY-LEDGER PLACE, pmi,ADl:LPHL&, .. I PIRI .. PRIZE MEDAL, CARY' lftl'EIS l ,VIENNA ExHIBITION, 1873, MANUFACTURER OF I ::M: :m :m ::n. & 0 :a: .A. "C' :M AND AMB:GR. 398 GRAND s T.; Q, KEW YORK. '.'!!'" A,ND .. Austria BUEHLER tc P.OLHAUS, Q, BBIHR iOiiiiiHiSiiiiii i CLAY PIPit And all Kinds of SMOKERS' ATICLES. 83 Chambers and 66 Reade Streets, New York. A. B. CARDOZO, fOBAGGO & COTTON .AND TheabovoBran\lof HAVANA TOBACCO.CIGARETTES mldeonlyby -A'L, 223 GREIRWICB STREIT, COR. OF BARCLAY, MANUFACTURER OF FINE CIGARS. THE EL PRINCllPE DE GAL::CS BRA.l'ID OFDAVANAANDKEV.WEST CIGA:&S, t90 PEARL ST. NE:W YORK. S::J:l.WO:N'. l'II:A.NUFAC'J'UBER OF CTGAR o oxES AND., SHOW FIGURES; I IIIIPOBTER.OF 'AND DEALER IN 0 C::J:G-.A.:R. R::J:ES::BC>JSI"S; GER"MAN CIGAR MOULDS, PRESSES, STRAPS, CUTTERS, ETC., I ==""'-== 179 & lSI Lewis Street, New York. All ldnds oC Flgoreo Cut 1o Order RDd Repaired In the Beat Style, 'The 'Trade -ANt>-167 WATER ST., New York. 1 The abol"e Brand of Leaf is Registered. H:. L. GASSERT. REYNES BROTHERS & CO., Colllmission. Kercha.nts, 4Ci 4$. 48 !b:chauge Place, Neoogv Ye>rk.. VEGA & BERNliEIM, IMPORTERS OF lS"' !'EAIL S'l'UET. NEW YOli.L CARl. UPMANN, TOBACCO -ANDGeneral nmmtt M!Jl l 17 S Pearl COP-E'S TOBACCO PLANT: A MONTHLY JOURNAL for Smokers. 1: ., .. Publlshe, d at lo. 10. LORD IELSOI LIVERPOOL, EIGLAID. Price ,T!'o ShiiUngs ::B.A.OCC>B, No. 329 Bowery, New York. SCHOVERLING BROS., ALL KINDS OF SEED ltAr TBBACGu 142 Water St., New York. r;:wPa.cldng House in !'lew Milford, Conn. W, SpHOVERLJNG & CO. CBAS. F. T .I:G & SDK, lmperten of SPANISH &Dd Dealenlfl alt kiad1 of LEAF TOBACCO, 184 Front Street, KBW' 1rOBK E. SPINGARN & CO., DXJ.UBS IN HAVANA & DOMESTIC TOBACCC No. 6 BURLINC SLJP, NEAR WATERSTREET, NE'W'-YORK. & ..-...-. &LaS. a...uOBB..Io.trL u .. .I!I:Pnmi" ---------------------------------------' G. REISMA:N'l\l Commissiqn Merchant, AND DEALER IH ALL KllfDS OF LEAF TOBACCO 1SB :Pearl Street, _, NEW YOR N. LACBENBRUCH & BRO.t -No. 164 Water Street, NewYorl WHOLBSALit Da.ALitRS JN' HAY.ANA" DOMESTIC LeafTobacc S. C>R.G-LER. MANUFAUl'URER OF FINE CIGARS AND DEALER IN LEAF TOBACCO & 297 GreenWich St., lfew Yor My Brancb:-"OU BA LIBRE," "CLDKAT,


AUG. 5 TOBACCO JACOB BIIKELL, A. H. SCOVILIE ."' CC .SCHB.ODEll & BGN (SVVCESSORS TO PALMER A:. SCOVILLE,) CIGAR B OXES,. IKPO:::a.TJCE.S Or S:PANIS:S: 178 STREET, NEW -:tORK, AND JOBBERs rn ALL ov Xm.por"ters or & L E .A. F T 0 B.A. 0 0 o, A.ND PACKERS OF SUPERIO:rt MAKE AND liTo. 1,.0 W.&TBB. Sll"B.BB'l', liTBW YOBE. COlOIEp!U!I!T SEED LEAF WRAPPER or OUR OWN PA.CEDIG. Prime Quality of CEDAR WOOD, : .STRAITON. & -STORM, 295 & Monroe St., MANUFACTURERS Of CIGARS, NEW YORK. fCKMEYE. R & 4B JEIEI.A. ST., SOLE AGi:NTS FOR. THE U. S. OF lmian & Turkish Tobacco -OF-COIPAGNIE LAPERlE t ST. PETERSB1lRG, 11108COW. WARSAW, ODEllliA, DRESDEN. :REW YORK, P. O Ba. -.86. I BASCH a. FISCHER, IMPORTERS OF HAVANA AND PACKBR.S OF SBHD WF TBBAGCI, 155 WateJ!i .st., tiTearKal-8eneral Co11mlssloa ltrohtnts, H & s6 BROAD ST.f r. o. Boz aoes. nw TOK.Ko JOSEPH BIOHEL. Wm. FRIEDLAENDER & CO. Wh.oleaale Dealeno ln :a: .A. VAN' .A. DOMHSTm LBAF TOB!GGO A BOWERY, NEW YORK .. AND DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO, .179 &. 190 PEARL STREET, NEW-. YORK WE HEREBY CAUTION ALL PARTIES INFRINGING UPON OR IMIT.ATINC, OUR BRANDS, LABELS .AND TRADEMARKS, that we will spare no pains in prosecuting such parties in protecting the rights secured to us by Act of Congress dated August 14, 1876. STRAITON & STOB:M. This Space is Reserved FOR J. W. MARTIN, I TOBACCO COMMISSION MERCHANT, 79 FRONT ST NEW WILLIAM BUCdANAN, DAVID C. L)"ALL! BUCHANAN & LYALL! O:fllce: 101 Wa.l;l St., New York.-P. 0. BOX 1772. Factory:-No. 2 FIRST DISTRICT, SOUTH BROOKLYN. MANUFACTURERS OF THE FOLLOWING CELEBRATED BRANDS OF PLUG, CHEWING a:itd SMOKING TOBACCOS_ ALSO MANUFACTURERS OF SEMI-CIGARS. i ) PLUG. PLA.NRT KA.VY. 11, }{1, 31t 41, 51, 61, 7'e, 81, 91,101. 8A.JL0R'8 CHOICE, la, "1111,. 3, 4:s Jh, 61, '111, 8, 9e, 101. IJHA.LLENGE1 lbo. WASHINGTON, JOn. NEPrVNE, Double 'T lck, brt, drlt. JIAGGIE MITCHELL. NARRAGANSETT. ALEXANDRA. SENe .. 'ION. FLOUNDERS. BUCHANAN, lOo. .JACK 011' VLlTBS. 1; KING PHILIP, Glt,\PE AND APRICOT. 111iCON'&UERED. ".&.CII:E" ll'anif Brltrht PolUad:. lOo. PEEKLJISS; PALIII. GOLD BAaS;' PRIDE 0 THE BEGIIIIEJ!iT, POt:KET PIECES, lSI'..&. 'V'Y' JPXN'El c:n:TT .A.CME. SMOKINC AND CICARETTE TOBACCO VIRGINIA BRIGHT CUT CA VENDIIHo W'O:EU.JJ'S F Am. ANI) :a "C':BT, Branch Office: 49% Central Street. Boston;; E." .. BROTHERS LEAP TO B A C C 0 :Man.ufaoU1rers 129_Maiden Lane. FINE CIG .ARS NEw YORK. 70 and 72 BOWERY, NEW YORK. M. & S. STERiBIRGBR, FWISI AID DOlESTIC BAmBS. l'fo, EXCHANGE PLACE; N. T, Draw Bills of Exchange on the principa1 clUes ef Ea.rope; lsaoe Clrcalar LettersofCredltto Travelers. ancl graat Commorclal Credits; receive Mr.ney on subjec to Slfb:t Checks, upon whlch interest will be allowed; pay particular to the N el'odatJon of Loana Special attention dven to and Belling I.J&llrornla Dlvidend:P..ylng Stocks. CUTHRIE a. CO., A. T. STEPHENS, SUCCESSOR TO ALVA OATMAN, [IMPORTER OF HAVANA, AND DEA.LER IN DO!ESTIG LEAF TOBAGGO '168 WATER STREET, Y'o:rk. B. :M. SMITH, liiA.N1iii'&CTtJRER OF O:J:G.A..:R,&, AND DEALER IN LEAF TOBACCO. omccs: 42 VESEY ST., NEW YORK. THE JOBBING TB..I.DE S.OLICITED ONLY. L. GBRSBBL & BRO.,. PACKliiRS AND DEALERS IN SEED LEAP TOBACCO, I 9 I PEARL STREET;' F INE . .A\'iD. DEALERS IN L EAF TOBACCO, 96,98! 1 QO, I 02, I Q4, I 06, I 08 & II 0 Attorney St. . ... ERNEST FllEISE, (F.ORMEIU.Y OF THE FIBH OF WALTER FRIED.I'4AN & FBEISE,) .IIIPOBTER OF MANUFACTURERS OF CIGARS, 20, 22, 24, 26 4 28 2d AVE., cor. I at St., ,, Spanish Leaf Tobacco, 157 .A.TEIE'I. ST., L 0 8 ENs T E IN 8i, G AN s J 15 :RJ:V:UVGTOJ!II' l'II'E'W YORK, Proprietors of the Celebrated Brandt "REPUlJLIC" and "HIGH AND DRY." Other Fanrlte Brands made to order. LBONARD :PB.IBDMAN, 5UCCESSOR TO WALTER l"RlEDMAN .II FREISE, WHOLESALE DEALEIIS SEED AND HAVANA TOBACCOS; BOLE AGENTS AND IMPORTERS OF THE GENUINE W. &: M. CXG-.A.R. ::IY:C>ULDS,. Presses, StJ-a,ps & Cutters; IMPORTERS OF GERMAN & SPANISH CIGAR RIBBONS; 181 l!WI:.a.:ld.c:n. X..a.:n.e, Y'o:rk., HAVANA TOBACCO, 203 Pearl Street, New York. < Kaufmann Bros. & Bondy, MANUFACTURHRS 8 FINH CIGARS AND J:JIIPORTERS AND l'IJ:A.111UFA.CTVRERS 011' SANCHEZ, HAYA tc co., APPLEBY'S MACHINE COMPANY, 1 IIIA.NUFACTURERS OF THE .A.X.. Pl.a.'V<:rin.a-s ; 30, 32 & 134 MAIDEN LANE,. NEW YORK, ALSO 1.wruFACTURERS OF MANUFACTURERs oF Appleby's Cigar Bunching Machine & Short Filler Breaker or Granulator. FINEST (ILE l n HAVANA CIGARl1 Our t,s!::O!!! .. tho (J l) Sweetness and Aroma. of a cigar. 1 qnar&BoUie, $2! Dalt'Gallon, s; One Gallon, $5. Sent C.O.D NochargetorCanorBor, Awir.rded :B:ighellt :r.t8dal E:drlbition l87S .Philadelp"' Factory at SPOTSWOOD, N. J.1 LEONABD.L. F. APPLEBY, Sole Prop'r. ....., Olllce and Saleoroom at JOHN S. SUTPHEN'S, 63 Whitehall Street. N. V. ALSO IMPORTERS bi' O.PFICE-No. Ill FIRST ST., JERSEY CITY, N. J. New York Salesroomslo. 114 Water St., one door from Wall.


4 '!'BE TOBACCO 'fOBACCO CULTURE IN GERMAN -Y-MAP OF THE PRODUCING DISTRICTS. STATISTICS OF PRODUCTION AND ACRES UNDER CUL TIYATION. AUG.5 Busineu ChaD&'el, New Firms and Bemovalil. DETIIOIT, IIIICJI.-Free?man Hesalein & Co:., Cigar Manufac turers; di880lved; S1mon & Co. continue. N11:'1!' YoRK.-Isaac Underndorfer, Tobacco: deceased. provements and adaptation of the press for t)?.e par ticular work required :w.ere made by J obn Cantme and Levi Case of Schenectady. The press bas a pressure of 80 tons pressing the loose leaves i; a solid plug or cheese' prepared to fit the cutting machine. It will pl'8111Wmd -prepal'8 for cuUing Ofty .boxes per day;: only one man to wat;ch and PQ.9k the box9Jil being hitherto considered full day's work. B,r these improvements the capae1ty of the factory 18 more than doubled, and at the same time all the bard and disagreeable part of the work is avoided. The operation of this varied machinery is very ingenious, aDd well worthy of examination by those who take an interest in the of inventive arts. As report, in THE ':ljOBAOC. o LEAF at the time, shortly ground. Tb.e production of tobacco in Prussia is dis-Tobacco-growing in Bavaria, which produces more beiore the J.ate dissolution of the Germari Parliament, triJ:mted OV!lr the different provinces as follows:-than any other State of Southern Germany, is mainly a bill was passed providing for a statistical inquiry Number or confined to the province of thePaiatinate, where 6,408 respecting the extent of the cultivation of tobacco in Prussia (East.and West Prussia).. 250 -kilo. are produced, while4, 714.47 hectares of ground Kmg & Whitman, Cigar Manufacturers; 90,92 and 94 North Moore Street; new firm. 111. M. Smith, Cigar Manufacturer sold businesa to bla lata Superintendent, Isaac L. Smith BUSI:NBSS JOll'iTIOl'i. Tmi firm of W. Eisenlohr & Co. packers of Seed-leaf South Water Street, Philadelphia, consist ing of .Messrs. W. Eisenlobr, S. W. Clark and Phil. Baun, has been dissolved by mutual consent, Mr. S. w: Clark withdrawing. Messrs. Eisenlobr and Baun con tinue the business under style previous. The above gentlemen have been connected with the leaf trade of Philadelphia for many years, li.nd are cl88Bed among the leadmg firms in their line of businlj!)s, doing an extensive trade all over the country. MR. JACOB HENKEL, the well-known cigar-box manu facturer of this city, purchased some time ago a com plete mih for sawing and preparing the cedar, which was formerly indirectly connected with his factory. This mill has a capacity for cutting 18,000 feet per day, and Mr. Henkel not only cuts all the cedar for his own use< but is fully prepared to serve the trade in the city ana country. Besides this Mr. Henkel has established a lithographic department with his busi ness, so that he can enable his customers to have their orders executed at the very shortest notice. The labels and strips made by him are artistic and handsome, and a full supply is kept constantly on hand. We may safely say that all the appointments in Mr. Henkel's cigar-box manufactory show enterprise and business tact, and are a to those who deal with him that their interests are well taken care of. THE manufacturing stodleaf .................... 6 8 50 9 25@11 25 Fine leaf.. ............. :.. .. 9 00@ 9 75 11 00@13 00 PHILADELPHIA; Pa.-Mr. Arthur R. Fougeray, To bacco Manufacturers' Agent, reports to THE TOBACco l.:J.i,ur:-,. T;ade in manufactured plug tobacco the past week proves to ba-.:e. been moderate continue safe plan of wa1tmg uuhl are recetved, or of exammmotheir stoc k very carefully before goi_nJt into the market to m ake new pur chases. A s a general thmg, for goods sold of favorite brands full prices a r e obtained; yet even these, in tile face of au ad: vance in leaf, do not show steadiness, but rather weakness. A spirited inquiry for gobds i s just now very much needed. Stocks are very light at present. Fine-Ou.ts.-A fair amount of fine-cuts was received this week mostly better grades. I notice, however, SQme low priced goods offered again on the market, which, if continued, must hurt tbe fine-cut chewmg trade badly in this city. Smoking.-A slow but gradual improvement is observable in the better class of goods. cygws.-;-But little ni?r,ears t? be done in fine goods beyond ordl,Ilary c1ty trade, wbi e medmm grades are weekly increasing for tbe re ason that manufaeturers are making a better class of goods. Low J(rades foot up about the usual amount. Exported to Laguayra, 720 lbs manufactured tobaC()o. Receipts for the week from all sections:-675 bxs, 4 400caddies, 620 cases, 25 l!;egs, and 435 pails of Leaf Tobacco.-The p ast week s sales and iuquir,v for Seed leaf fully establishes the fact that packers were right when they announced s4ortly after packing 1877 le af that the crop was desirable and would be appreciated in due time. This ts 1 especially tbe case with new Pennsylvania; offers are daily made, and it is with great difficulty the large dealers are enabled to hold on to sufficient stock to meet the wants of their regular trade this fall and winter. Speculators see a margin, and want the controlling influence. Considerable has been sold, still there is more left. Connecticut, Wisconsin and Ohio are all looking up. Leaf is always freely taken, if up to the standard required, and at full v!lluation. Exported to Laguayra per Olive Cr08by, 1 ,110 Jbs of Virginia leaf; to Liverpool via steamer Indiana, 270,561 Jbs of Western l eaf tobacco. Receipts for tbe week :-318 cases Connecticut. 309 do Penn sylvania, 54 d o Ohio, 71 do Wisconsin, 131 bales Havana and 615 hhds of Maryland, Virginia and Western leaf tob.Wco. Sales for home use:-287 cases Connecticut, 351 do Penn sylvania, 42 do Ohio, 65 do Wisconsin, 115 bales Havana, and ingtbelabels or wrappers, we would have no objection to urge to the new regulation. It may be lll'g'ed, that provided the contractor printed the stamps for &11 comers, i. e ., for the printer, as well as directly for the manufacturer of tobacco-that no hu.rm is done; but this is not so; for if any one of the subscribers should send certaln labels that they m&y have printed to the GTaphic Company to have the stamps imprinted, they therebyturnish tbe Graphic Company with a perfect key to their most private busi ness affairs. For the label s show on their face for whom they are madej they show how many are used; in whiit colors they printed1 the number yrfnted at once on a sheet, and the quality of paper that is used, thus 2'i.vtng the G-rapkic Company all the facts necessary to enable them to unO.erbld the present printer. We therefore repeat, that in justice t o a most' important industry..: the Government should rescind its action in the premises, and a.waro the contract for printing the stamps onl y, under such restrictions as will best protect the interests of the Government and its citizens, and at the same time prohibit the contractor or contractors from ha.ving anything to do! directly or indirectly. with the printl.nR' manufacturing or selllng of said abels or wrappers-a restriction .whfch is simila.r in purpose to one embodied in the contract tor printing U. S. revenue stamps on drafts CORRESPONDENCE. NEW YORK, July 31, 1878. EDI'J;OR TOBACCO LEAF:-1 am very sorry to see that you mention my name in :rour valuable paper of July 22, undertheheadingof "Reported Failures and Busi ness Arrangements," stating that I gave a trust deed for $31.000. This is correct; but you should also have stated that I cancelled and paid one for $35.000. By this arrangement you will perceive that I am better off by $4,000, besides the difference in the rate of in terest, which is reduced from nine and ten per cent. per annum (which I have been paying) to BlX. You ought also to have inserted that the above does not affect my business whatsoever. By mentioning these facts in your next issue you will remove any wrong impression that may have been for::ned by persons in the trade who are not thoroughly acquainted with me. afterwards had a dry spell, which caused the tobacco to grow spindlin'g, the stock hard and leaves narrow and some of mid had to prevent its blllommg. ThiS, the larger portion of the planted crop, will make narrow small leaves. The f!!eCond an_d third plan are doing bette'r, but there iS really httle tobacco which looks w ell and flourish ing. We had a good rain a few days since, which will help the crop very much; and though tobacco has more "come out" in it than any other crop I do not believe that this section will make more half a crop, compared with last year. 17 hbds of Virginia and Western leaf tobacco. RICHMOND.-Mr. R. A. Millll, Tobacco Broker and Commission Merchant, reports to TIIE TOBACCO LEAP: breaks and o.lfer-ing/1 very fulL Ali desirable tobaccos ar e 1 at full Common and nondescript are ne&:lected. The news from .is still un: favoraole. The re has been part1al ran.k, Wuu' -we net: sold at 1.90@24J.{; 22 taken in at 1 August 3, 9 do sold at 20 taken in at 1.90 and checks. "' Earnestly soliciting your favorable consideration of this petition, we remain, very respecttully, your obedient st-rvants. On motion, Messrs. Geo. W. Donaldson, D. M McClellan and Otto Heppenheimer were chosen as the committee. It was resolved that the gentlemen signing the peti tion be called upon for a small assessment (1110 each), in order to defray the expenses of the committee going to Washington. The committee will start immediately for Washing ton. Patent Office Report Very truly yours, JoHN H. MEYER, 24 E. Lake Street, Chicago, Ill. NORTH CAROLL'U. K_nap of Reeds, Granville Co., July 30.-D. T reports: -Smce my last report the tobacco crop has been dam aged by dry weather, but we have had frequent showers the past ten which have improved the crops somewhat. There can't be more than two-thirds of a crop, such as has been raised in other years. KE'IITUCKY. Mayfield, Graves Co., July 27.-W. J. M. reports: Special Crop Reports to ''The Tobacco Leaf.'' After about three weeks of very. bot and dry weather NEW YORK. we at last had a fine rain, which will do Elmira, July 30.-J. D M. repox:ts:.,..Since the last growmg crop a wonderful amount of good. While of June we have bad excessively warm weather, with there cannot be a full crop of tobacco raised this year an abundance of rain. Tobacco grown wonder-there be fully 75 to 9g Cl)nt. of an average, fully, and should the weather contmue favorable, bids pared with 1873; that 18 1f we have good growing fair to be a good crop. Many early pieces have already 'weather from now on. Tobacco don't require much FoR WrEK ENDING JuNE 11, 1878 been loped. A heavy shower passed over this section rain after it gets to a certain stage. IL on July 18, but, fortunately, did comparatively little Olms.tead, Loga-n Co., August 1.-T. E. B. reports: -INVENTIONS PATENTED. '\\J damage. The acreage in this town (Southport) is per-Some httle unprovement has been shown in the growth Cigar Tuck Protect or. tl haps a little larger than last year. At no time have of the tobacco crov du.ring the past veek, caused by a G E Gumpert, Philadelphia, Pa. L \,;'\ we suffered from lack of rain, although the month of better state of cultivatwn and the light showers whwh Tobacco Cutting Machine. ''\' June was rather cool. fell ten days ago. The growth has, however been J. W. Crossley, A. A. Hagen and G. Juengst, New Big Flats, August 1.-W. H L. reports:-,Continslow,dbut w_ill no _doubt be muc h hastened by the York, assignors to said Crossley. uous rains have retarded farmers in securing their hay a bun ant rams whwh fell the first of the present week. Lump Tobacco Machine and oats; wheat mostly all harvested. It has rained I made actual count the acreage in my dis-J. F Wooldridge, J. F. Nystrom and L. D. Howard, at least each alternate dayfortbe past two weeks, and trwt and find it to have been m 25 crops taken solid Richmond, Va. if it has made up-hill work for general farming opera370 acres in 1877 and 184 acres ih the sam!) crops Tobacco Pipe. tions, tobacco has been a gainer thereby. Where the The present stand is an unusually "bad one, ground was in good condition and kept free from agamst an good one in 1877, while the S H. Thurston, Bloomfield, N .J., assignor to C. F. weeds, the crop is making prodigious strides upward condition and general growth of the plant is Pierson, Ramapo, N J. and onward. Much has already been to_pped, and cutmuch less promising than in 1 877. These facts repreTI\ADE-MARKS REGIS'):'ERED. ting will have to generally commence by the middle sent the general conditions in this section of country. O' of this III,Onth. No hail as yet. MISSOURI. Keytesville, Chariton Co., July 30.-G. M.D. reports: Ed. Aschermann & Co., Milwaukee, Wis.," The word Windsor ,Hart'ord Co., July 26.-H. repo_rts -On last Thursday we bad a heavy rain over the 'Chums."' t half f h' S hi J sections ofthe valley was visited with a light hail-wes ern o t is tate, w 'ch has improved the erome Baxter, Memphis, Tenn., "The word storm last afternoop,, do;ng some little damage condition of thf;l tobacco crop wonderfully. It never 'Cavour.'" --. 1 k db tt h f Wm. Hunt, Maysville, Ky., "Tbe representation of to the croJ?B, of to acco that came in the track of the oo e e er on t e 1st o August than to-day. Much s .torm, whwh was about half a mile wide1 from of it has been topped and some suckered. But few two fanciful female heads,. arranged in a circular east to west, between the 'districts of Ola WindsOr and horn worms so far; about a hundred are caught on an border, one at each side of a circular mirror of about Poquonnock, and very fortunately there was but very acre. tlie same diameter therewith. so that if any person littl.3 tobacco in that space. Aside from that, the crop looke into the mirror a third head appears, and illus-looks exceedingly good so far, as there is scarcely any Reported Fatlures and Business Arrangements. trates thereby the legend of 'Three Beauties, -as ls t b .shown." mongre 0 e seen yet. AUBURN, N. Y.-John E Percy, Cigar Manufacturer ; mort-. Cigars Cigarettes and Smoking Tobacco VIRGINIA. gaged or made a bill of sale. Batchelor & Bros., Philadelnbia, Pa., "The words Hallsboro, Chesterfield Co., July 27.-H. H. G. re-BosToN, MAss.-J'ames H Page, Tobacco ; applied for relief 'B Bl B d h 1 f ports .-S'nce our last the weather bas been in bankrupt c y; offering to compromise at 20 cents. urn e ee an t e pwtoria representat10n o a B I J b o k c bee." very unfavorable-very ry and hot, on aCcount of URLINGToN, c ert, igar Manufacturer; chattel which the early planti'nN has grown up narrow, and a m o rtgage for $40. Chewing Tobacco, Cigars, 01, a1 ettes and Snu"". BALTIMORE Mn w c T 1 T b d c f u M b 1 h :JJ' good deal has "buttone ." .. .-m Y JC, o acco an gars; a1 ng ar urg Bros, Ba timore, M "T e printed copy cond1t1on. of the Seal of North Carolina and the words 'Seal of Farmville, Prince Edward Co., July 30.-C. W. B. II. A. Pick, Tobacco an<). Cigars, given bill of sale on stock North Carolina' in connection therewith." re:ports :-Since I last wrote you we have had fine for $600 rams-so heavy in some localities that they damaged CmcAGO, ILL.-D. Hofell e r Cigars and Tobacco; assig ned. Smoking Tobacco. the tobacco on fiat lands; but it is to be hoped they HAZLETON, PA.-David Sharpley, Tobacco and Cigars sold Brodie L Duke, Durham, N. C., "The words 'The will improve the crop generally, as it certainly did out by the sheriff. Only Genuine Duke of Durham' and the device de-look very small and unpromising. F armers seem disNEw YoRK.-Charles Peyser, Tob acco; chattel mortgage on scribed of a m a n in military garb, wearing a ducal posed to hold back and not sell what they ha"e on fixtures for $100. coronet with a plume, and having in his right hand a hand. J. R. Ha as, Cigar Manufacturer; chattel mortgag e on fix sword and in his l eft a pipe. Lynchburg, August 1.-S. writes:-! promised to tures fox $271. write to you occasionally in regard to the crop prospects QUEBEC, PRov. OF QUEnEC. -S. Boms tein & Co. Tobac co Chewing Tobacco. of this section of Virginia. I wrote to you in June attached by the sberiff & Co., P etersburg, Va., "The words that about two-thirds of a crop .bad been planted in Miller, Cigars; mortgag e d or the section of country tributary to this market. I am TROY, N. Y.-C. H Gifford, Cigars; advertising to close out LABELS. now confirmed in that opinion. A large portion of the business. Hepnenheimer & Maurer, New York, Titles: "Early crop was quite early, and that grew off rather ToRoN_ To, PRov. OF R. Scott, Tobacco, failing conRose, t '' Sure Pop." hard and sickly, as the weather was cool; and we dition. ST. LOUIS, Mo.-Messrs C. & R. Dormitzer& Co.,Leaf Tobacco Dealers, report to THE ToBACCo LEAl' as follows:Offerings, receipts and deli veries at the tobacco warehoUSBII of St. Louis : Stock on hand July 1 .. . .. .. .. .. .. .. . .. 4,186 hbds Receipts during month ... ,...................... 2,04S hhds D e liveries in city .................... Deliveries for shipment ........... 227 hhds 980 hbds Stock on band August 1. ..................... .. Offerings at the warehouses last month:{)riginal.s ............................ 1,385 hhds 6,231 hhds 1,207 hhds 11,024 hhds .. .. . .. . .. .. .. 2611 hhds ---1,650 hhds Of which were sold .................. 1,148 hhus rejected .............. 502 hbds 1,650 hbds Transaction s at our war eho uses for the week en, ing July 30, -Receipts, 720 hhds: offerings, 346 hhds, of whicb-240 hbdil sold and 106 rejected. Deliveries to city, 47 hhds; for ship ment 280 hhds; total deliveries, 327 hhds Stock on band August 1, 5,024 hhds. During the first half of thtl month our market was dull and dragging, but considerable animation has been shown since then, as the reports of short planting and partly unfavorable prospects for the growing crop have been fully established during the latter part of tile month. The market closes very firm, with au ad vance of 25@50c on low grades, and 75@100c on better grades of tobacco. Though the receipts hav e b een comparatively light, the quality and con dition of th e offerings show considerable improvement against previou s receipts. Medium to good r e d leaf bas been o!Iered freely, and some of the finest bl'ight wrappers of the Missouri crop have been sold, and brought very full price; good colory Jugs have been rather scarce The d emand is active for all de sirable tobacco, and fine mauufaeturing grades in particular are firm, and command outside figures. QUOTATIONS. Common lugs........... .. .. .. 2 00@ 2 50 Good lugs.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 2 50@ 3 00 Fine colory Jugs..... .. .. .. .. .. .. 3 00@ 4 00 Low leaf.......................... 3 00@ 4 00 Medium to good s hipping leaf . 4 50@ 5 50 Fine shipping l eaf ............ .. .. 6 00@ 7 50 Rich mottled shipping l eaf ....... : 7 50@ 9 50 Low manufacturmg l eaf .. . . 3 50@ 4 Good maud'facturing leaf. . . 4 50@ 7 00 Fine manufacturing leaf. . .. . 7 00 00 Medium bright wrap;pers. . . 15 00@25 00 Good bright .. : .......... 25 00@35 00 Fine bright wrappers. . . . 45 '00@60 00 Fancy bright wrappers. ....... 60 00@80 00 FOREICN. LONDON, .r.,ly 27.-Messrs. Grant, Chambers & Co. report to THE Ton&cco LEAF as follows:-Nothing new has occurred in tbis market during the past wee k and transactions in all growthl! have been extremely limited American de scriptions have attracte d but a small amount of attention, and sales have been of a retail clnaracter. Western leaf and strips h ave been s paringly dealt in. and buyers have only operated for present r equirements. Virg'inia leaf and strips-tbe former of light color is soug ht after ; but little demand for the latt er. Maryland and Ohio have s low of sale, light colored de scriptions arc wanted. Cavendish slow of sale. I


AUG.5 THE DOMESTIC TOBACCO MARKETS li'OR THE WEEK ElmiNG SATUB.DAY, AUGUST 3, NEW YORK.-We have another fairly active week's business to report in the leaf tobacco although in order to make room fo:r the var1ous mtereeting local circulars at hand we shall not be ab.le to descant upon the subject. The sa.les were large m the aggregate, even after making for effected previously but not returned unt1l the mtddle of the week or at the close of July. With respect to Western leaf, it may be said in the words of an experienced observer, "The month of opened with renewed activity and a general destre to purchase desirable goods of every grade, from lugs to leaf. Prices have not been affected by the excited feeling prevailing at the West." The exports have been unusually large, reaching about 4,500 hhds. Messrs. Sawyeri Wallace & Co. report to THE To BAcco LEAF as fol ows :Western Lwf.-In addition to the contents of our circular we have only to state that the sales for the three days of this month are reported at about 600 hhds, 500 by one party to three different exporters. 1st week. ld week. 3d week. 4th week. 5th week. Total. Jannarv .... 1,1128 589 952 631 8,700 February... 474 760 402 864 2,1100 March..... 841i 331 986 525 2,500 April..... 248 1,600 830 600 787 4,000 May...... 460 1,000 437 529 1,424 3,850 June ...... 837 796 1,139 2,770 11,700 July....... 298 897 1,216 1,794 3,3911 7,600 August... 600 600 Meeers. Sawyer, Wallace & Co.'s monthly _circular of August 1 aays.-Am@22. 75 per hundred for the finer Pennsylvania, and also to Wisconsin; although they grades. The market for Seed leaf continues firm, with light aro rather shy of the latter crop The total sales sales, and tbe offermgs oulymedium in quality. amount to 2,841 cases. of which for shtppmg about The total offerings for the week, month of July, and for the 1,500 cases. year (also comparative figures) were ae fo!lows;-Gonnecticut received a fair share of attention. The ...--WEEK--, ...--:M:ONTn--,..--YEAR---., sales were 205 cases 1876 crop wrappers at 13@20c and Hhds. Bxs Hhds. Bxs. Hhds. Bxe. 191 cases 1877 crop seconds at l1@13c; besides a few Totals 1878 1,364 B 4,913 786 31,838 5, 7116 cases of wrappers at 32Y.c. Totals, 1877. 887 109 3 ,959 511 24,666 6,003 doing. Totals, 1876 .. 1,056 158 4,265 631 22,229 5,879 New York-Very httle was offered of this style, and Totals, 1875. 228 88 1.420 5811 12,922 4,862 only 50 cases were sold on private terms. Totals, 1 874 .l,426 184 5,836 848 24,128 4,576 Pennsylvania was ve1y active, and sold to the extent QUOTATIONS. of 200 cases of the 187ocrop, assorted, at 12'to 14o, and :New Outtmg Leers good to tine ... :.. .. .. .. .. .. 12 00@18 50 hand, 60 cases do, and 120 cases Seed cuttings. Wrappers fancy ............. ............. none oJfered. Prwes are firm, and as the stock on hand of Seed leaf Wiscon,.in fine to fancy .. 16 00@18 00 1s very small, the present sales are made for future V 'rappers gooo. : to 00@15 00 delivt\ry. Quotations unchanged. Wrappers medium. 8 00@10 00 The circular of Messrs J. S. Gans' Son & Co, tobacco Wrappers common. .. .. .. .. 6 00@ 8 00 b k S d L W h h d h h f I Fillers.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 3 00@ 4 00 ra ere says;ee e'"e ave a anot er mont o Smokers common............ .. .. 2 00 3 50 very active business and although the bulk of sales been _,)ew Seed .Leaf-Common Juga.... ... . . 2 50@ 3 00 f?r export the amount of transactiOns for consumptiOn (con Common fillers. . . . . . . 3 00@ 5 00 s1denng the small stock of old tobacco and the season of tbe G db' d 6 00@ 9 00 year) have been quite satisfactory OhiO haB met w1th great' 00 Ill era .. .......... ............ f d d I Ill ff d k f r J Colory wrappers ......... ................ 10 00@14 00 avor abroa an near y a ots o ere m thts mar et oun ,.. Classification of salee: -ready takers at advancmg prices. Pennsylvania does not ta\i.e 479 hhds Mason Co Ky., District ;-10 at 3@3. 116 at 4@ in Europe as readily ae some of our operators had, by tl1eu 5 95:112 at 6@7.95, 158 at 8@9.90, 120 at 10@14.75, 11 at lo@ sanguine dispositions been led to believe it would; fine lots 23 7 5 are held from 20 to25 per cent. above shippers' valuatiorui, and 398 hhds Brown Co ., 0., District -50 at 4@1195, 76 at 6@ common lots are qmte neglected. At the close of the !lhonth 7.95; 144 at 8@9 95, 118 at 10@14.75; 15 at 15@18. we notice a little more inquiry for .. Wisconsin, which, to 220 hhds OweR Co, Ky., District.-'29 at 4@5 95; 50 at 6@ 1ts soft condition, has been so mr entirely neglected. Our 7.95; 70 at 8@9.90; 59 at 10@14. 75; 69 at 15@19. 76; 3 at 20.25 reports from the producing !!ections apeak very favornl)ly of the @2ll. 711. growing crop, With the exception of Pennsylvania / where the 200 bhde Pendleton Co., Ky., District-11 at 3@3.00; 80 at weather bas been rather dry to and 4@1180, 44 at 6@7.90; 52 at 8@9 95; 43 at 10@14.76; 5 at 15.50 mcludmg the one of 1874:-New York, 200 cases, poo for ex @l\175. port, Ohio 100 do, 100 for export. Crop of 1 75:-New 26 hllds Boone Co., Ky. at 4@11. 75; 6 do West Virginia at England, 100 caees. Crop of 1876 -New England1 600 cases 3 50@12 75; 2 bJ:JP :IP::EN':EJ ALL-HAVANA CIGARS, ""ND SOLE PBOPBIETOR OF THE CELEDR""TED DRA.ND OF ciGA.BS, cc EL E&Q"1:7XL0" t NORTH 4th ST., PHILADELPHIA, PA. Branch: 106 6th Ave. LIQUORICE The undersigned continues to m anufacture and Import Spanish and Turkish Liquorice Paste, which he offers to the Trade at Reduced Prices. Manufacturers will flnd to their interest to apply to him before purchasing else where. C. McAndrew, .a.eqnlred or 1he 55 Water Street, New York. DOMESTIC RECEIPTS AT THE POB.T 01' NEW YORK l'OR THE WEEK ENDING AUGUST 3a BY THE OLD DoMINION STEAMSIDI_> LINE:-... cs caaee cases C&88ll hhd troo )4,tr Utr mld smks bxo "bmo J4.bx ) l.ftth bx )11bx caddleo J4.oad kgs cigars cigarette bDIIIIJI!Ii' 83 sl 51 29 .. .. m I 8 50 ... 190 .. "'"i 5 57 889 148 &i 89 87i 342 500 :Moore, Jenkins & Co 1 box p1pes. Pkgs. '"i 3 '"5 '"i .. i '"2 '"3 154 470 ... 3 329 :15 2 3 llll Kaufmann Bros. & Bondy. 30 bxs ptpes, E &G Friend&Co................................. S W. M. Price.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .... .. .. .. .. .. .. 'l The English markets report a moderate business at steady prices. The letters do not appear so hopeful, and complain of better grades bemg Bremen continues acnve7 lots being generally sold to arnve as soon ae samples are rece1ved. The dem&lld Ia etill largely for good Clarksville leaf and lugs, but latterly appears to be extending to other sorts, except common lugs, w h1ch remain as much neglected as ever. A recent letter eays: The cau!IB of this activity lies in the fact that the duty movement last winter had left our JObbers clear of any stock worth naming. To this we may add the silent be lief that the duty question is certain to come up this fall '!gain and thus our jobbers expoct a large movement again on the etrengtll of 11. Hence they are stocking up freely now, especially aa pnces are moderate, and inspire confidence any how.'' This almost inspires us with confidence to try another 100 bhde with our friend BIBmtuck, though he treated us rather ebabbily last ynr. The Western markets have con tinued active with an upward tendeucy; our recent receipts showing a fuh cent advance duriul! the month, the cost being aimost on a par with our prices. Unless Regie leaf advancee here, many late purchases will 'ust lose th? chargee between the markets. The reason for th1B advance IB not nry appar ent. If 1t waa any other article under the sun but tobacco, we would say the weather had been perfectiOn A month ago the crop was suffering from wet and weeds, and a dry spell was wanted. The dry spell came and stayed a fortnight, affording the grandest opportunity to clean the crop. Then it needed rain, and presto! down came copious showers of refreshment. But tobacco ie not like anything under the sun, unless 1t be a mule or 11 Scotchman, who are said to have wills of their own and ae it had determined to fail' anyhow, no weather could prevent 1t. It went on from Dad to drOW?; ing, burning, spindling, knows what all, till one begms his letter with .>ny m?rc of our tobacco, there 1 s not going to be scarcely any rrused m Southern lllmms, and we think 1t is bound to go up." Now 11 failure in Southern Illinois would affect the market about liB mucb ae a failure of this friend s potato patch; still, as we get similar letrers from other quarters, and from who assure us tbat "sel_f no wavering balance" w1th them, we have been 1t might be well to teet their view of the case by eamplmg no to bacco for a month, unlees specially ordered. We need a little rest after the late hot and busy spell, and have enough stock on hand to keep us moderately employed, and still leave us an occasional afternoon to hear what the wild waves are saying down at Coney Island. And a month hence, when the last plant is burnt up or drowned out, we Will, refreshed and strengthened, be ready to contend with the throng of excited buyers who will by that time have invaded our market. The year, eo far, hae been a healthy one, financially, to our shippers. lf the profits have been small, they have equalled those of. al most any other businees, and at the same pnces they prom1!!ed to continue 118 the weed wae going freely mto consumption. Our policy' would have been to "let well enough alone," but if you think that by stocking tobacco up, you can double your profit, you must try it and find out. We hope you suc ceed and not kill the goose tbat lays the golden egg. EXPORTS OF TOBACCO FROM NEW YORK li'BOM JULY 1 TO Manufactured.-A steady demand for home con sumption, with less doing for shipment, 1s reported by both commission merchants and manufacturers. The total exports were 170,076 pounds. Common leaf .......... ....... ..... 4Y.@ 6 Medium leaf ........ ..................... 6Y.@ 8Y. BY THE EBIE RAILBOAD. Sawyer, Wallace & Co ............ Toel Rose & Co ........... ........ Hhds. 112 29 43 31, INCLUSIVE. Great Britain. .... .. . .. .. . . 9,933 hhds. France .. .. .. .. .. ............. -.. .. .. .. .. 340 bhds. North of Europe.. .. .. .... .. .. .. .. .. .. 5,174 hhds. North of Enrope j!teme . .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 105 bhds. South of Europe. .. .. .. .. .. .. 2,044 bhds West Indies, South America and Mexico ..... :. 170 bhds. Othel" Foreign l'Grte. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 331 bhds. Total... .. .. .. .. . .. .. . 18,097 bhds. From the circular of Mr R Hagedorn we collate the follow ingsynopsis of exports from New York and New Orleans, from 1st January to date -1.877. hhds. Great Britain .................... :.. 16,5411 France ....................... ......... 5,042 Bremen and Hamburg. .. .. .. .. .. 8,297 Antwerp and Holland ....... ,.. .. .. .... .. 2,353 Spain and Portugal...... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 7,908 Mediterranean .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 628 Italy and Austria......... .. .. .. .. .. .. 5,835 Sundry Exports..... .. .. .. .. .. ...... 2,876 Total.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..... 49,474 Consumption and on ships not cleared, etc... 9,984 1878. hhds 19,742 4,848 13 ,496 6 ,439 7,765 1,858 3,6;14 3,259 60,541 11,82il Disappeared from N.Y. and New Orleans 59,488 71,866 Mr. John Cattue, tobacco broker, observes in his .Greater activitv prevailed during paet month. Reg1e buyers commenced to buy with more freedom, assisted by purchasers for the open markets, which caused tranoactions to aggregate 7 600 bhds. of which 6,400 do for export, 900 to manufacturers, 300 t.; jo8bers. Pnces bave remained very steady, with more firlllBesB shown towards the latter part of the month for the heavy substantial Lugs and nondescnpt sorts are unchanged and easy m quotations. In regard to this year's crop the reports are not of a f&vorable tenor; a great many localities complain of almost everything injurious to growth of tobacco; while others, though Jess doleful, yet JOID in the general lamentation Perhaps further on the pros pects may bnghtcn, though m regard to the quantity it is undou bt.. edly a settled fact that only a three fourth average crop has been set out. The circular of M Rader & Son, tobacco brokers, says Kentucky tobacco has been quite active during the past month, heavy purchases having been made for Reg1e contracts, and with a steady d emand for Germany the open ports, and for consumption the sales are 7,600 bhds. Prices are rulmg pretty evenly, excep t f o r s elections of h e avy grades, of which the supply is d1mmi shmg As u s ual a t th1s Beason, we get many reports about the coming crop bemg badly affected by th e sudden and violent changes in the weather. If even a smaller crop should be rais ed this season. the large size of the last. would J.i.ll.ely tend to counterbalance any marked eJf e ct Smoking.-A fair busmess was done in smoking tobacco of all grades, as also in fine-cuts. Oigars .-A regular inquiry characterized the cigar market throughout the week. Gold opened at 100Y. and closed at 1007i. Exthange.-M:essrs. M:. & S .Sternberger, Bankers, reporL to TIIK ToBACCO LKAF:-Exchange quiet Tile quota tiOns are ae follows :-Sterling, 60 days nominal, 483, s1ght, nominal, 486Y.; Sterling, 60 days, actual, 482; eight, actual, 486; Cable transfers, 486Y.; Commercial sterling, _prime long, 479M?i, good lone:, 478@479; Paris, bankers', 60 days, 520; eight, 517Ya; Reichemarks, (4), bankers', 60days, 94%, (4), sight, 911%, Gmlders, bankers', 60 days, 40. Freights.-M:essrs. Carey, Yale & Lambert, Freight Brokers report to TIIK LE.!.F Tobacco Freights as follows;-Liverr.ool, steam, 32s 6d, sail, 30s, London, steam, 22s 6d, 40ft; sai130s; Glasgow steam, 35s; Bristol, steam, 35s, Havre, steam, $12, ail, 35s, Antwerp, steam, 41ls; sail, 37s 6d; Hamburg, steam, 4l5s, Bremen, steam, sail, 35s; to Leg horn, 37e. 6d. I111PORTS. The arrivals at the port of New York from foreign ports for week ending August a, included the following consignments Leaf. Cigars Cigarettes. HAVAN.!.: Bales. Cases. Caees. G Falk & Bro...... .. .. 226 C. F. Hagen ... :.. .. .. .. 373 S Linington & Sons ..... L Sanchez ........... Howard Ives ... ........ Purdy & Nicholas ...... H. R. Kelly & Co ........ Kunhardt & Co . .. G W. Faber ........... .. Michaelis & Lindemann .. L. P. & J Frank ....... Clark& Seaman ....... E. A. Bibby& Co ........ R Courtney & Co ........ Merchants D1spatch Co ... National Lme ......... National Express Co ..... F Ale xandre & Sons ... A H Mojarrita & Co. Carl Upmann ......... 130 li 50 784 11 10 6 4 7 4 5 2 2 2 1 1 18 0 1 15 89 Recmpte of licorice at port of New York for week ending August 3, reported expressly for 'l'HE 'l'OBAOco LEAP:-Jas. C McAndrew, per MMy F'ink, from Seville, 200 pkgs (21.947 lbs) licoriCe root per H. T. Wmg, from Smyrna, 2, 942 pkgs (794,857 lbs) do and 766 pkgs (178,090 lbs) Turkish liconce paste; Hatton, Watson & Co., per MMgarct Jl}oa na, from Ali cante, 880 pkgs licorice root; A.rguimbau, Wallis & Co., per MOll"!/ from Seville, 120 pkgs (49,811 lbs) Spanish licorice paste. EXPORTS. Hbds. Cases. Bales. Manufactured Antwerp... . . 409 Arge ntine Uepubltc... 14 ... Bremen .............. 1,681 2,244 Br. Possess ns in Afnca. 20 British N. A. Colomcs.. 7 50 pgs6 ,011 lbs 102 pgs-8,676 lbs 356 21 pgs 4,254 lbs 50 pgs-6,256 lb s Good leaf ....................... ........ 9 @11 Fine leaf .................... ............ D J Garth Son & Co ............. Kremelberg & Co ....... ........... 1 Se l ections ................................ 1 8Ya@lll D. Dows&Co .................... 29 6 4 12 20 There is good disposition to buy for holding, but the si.ze of the crop now going forward tends larg e speculations 'l'he crop in the field looks badly, and ie not generally rated at over half a crop, with the chances of seasons against it. Bremen styles grow much scarcer on the breaks, showing that these grades are about all in, though there is of course some stock in the warehouses not yet sampled, these grades seem likely to appreciate in value The weather has turned cooler, which ie a great relief to suilering humanity. DANVILLE, Va.-Mr. Paul C. Venable, Leaf Tobacco Broker, reports to THE ToB.!.cco LE.!.P as followe:-Through out July the sales on thi market have been small, compared with the eales of Ma.y and June. This has been due to several causes; first the stock of tobacco in the country, whence we draw our supplies, IS very much reduced; second, until the laet few days the weather throughout July baa been hot and dry, eo that tobacco was not in order for handling, third, the poor appearance of the growing crop, and the idea that it would be greatly shortened by drouth, causing farmers to hold back with the. hope of higher prices. We have had fine .rams this week, and fears of a abort crop now bave no foundation Wednesday we bad a very decided increase in amount and im provement in quality over our ueual ealee, which is due to the fine growmg weather we are now having. Wrappers are in demand and selling high; in fact the demand ie much greater than the supply, mainly by manufacturers. Speculators are not domg much. Smokers are in good demand; the common grades have recently advanced about $1 per cwt. Fillers have been very steady for a good while back. I quote;Smoktr8-Comm,on brrght ....................... 4@ 6 Medium .................................... 7@ 9 Good .................................. 10@12 Fine and f:wcy.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 1 .Fillers Common dark lugs. . . . . 6 Medium dark l eaf .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 6 Good do do .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 6@ 8 Common bright leaf .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 6@ 8 do do .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 8@10 Good do do ......................... 10@12 Fme do do .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 12@18 W1"appers-Common mobogany . 10@15 Medium do .. .. .. -.. .. .. 15@25 Good do ................. Fme do ............... Fxtra do ............. .. Common bright ............................ Medium do ............................ Goocl do ......................... Fme do .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 40@55 Extra do ............................. 60@75 DAYTON, 0.-}Iesers. M1ller & Brenner, Packers and Dealers in Ohio Seed Leaf, report to THE LEAF -There have been several lots of tobacco sold by our home dealers this week at prices rangmg from 7:V. to 8Y.c delivered here The new crop is still growing finely and should 1t con tinue seasonable weather will no doubt mak.e good tobacco. EVANSVILLE Ind.-Mr. C. J. :Morris, Tobacco Broker, reports to Til& TonAcco LEAF as follows -Our market has ruled firm during the week and closed strong with an upward tendency There is the usnal complaint about (Continued on Fourth Page.) Pollard, Pettus & Co ............... Blakemore. Mayo & Co .... ........ B W. Boatwright ............... W. 0 Smith& Co ............... .. J. H. Moore & Co .................. Funch, E

6 ; ... THE BROTHERS, Paokera, CollliiAiea rellaata, and Wholnalt INIIra'll :Foreign ana Domestic Leaf Tobacco, e9 H7 Nort h ThLrd Street, W. EISENLOHR & ___ COr, .PACKERS ANli WHOLESALE DEALERS. iN : L E A F T 0 B ..& C C:f 0, 115 &. .s1:: Ph:l.l.8.d.e1pli:l.a.. W. ElSENLOHR, Pli!L. BONN. ;A -. L._.BAMBEifGER &: CO., lN ., LEAF T o:oA.;O&TED AND DOMESTIC .LEAF TOBACCO, No. 33 South Street. "B A LTZM:C>::E'I.EJ. MANUFACTURED BY H. WILKENS a CO., A.G-EN"O:I:ES: T 0 B A O C 0 NewYort: 1.FALK,122Chambcrsst. PhiladelDhia: BATTIN&BR0.,142N.3dSt. LEAF -:No. aao NoZ'th Tl:l.iZ'cl St., Philac!elpbia MOOBE, .BAY a CO Pa.ckers, 'commisSion Kercha.nts & Dea.lers in SEED LE -AF tc HAVANA TOBACCO No. 35 North Water-St., Philadelphia. G.0. K.LnL-n.nur 1 & Co-PAcKt6S .NSDEED LrAr 'I DEALER S IN SPANISH TOBACCOS. f 49 SOl TH CH .:\HLfS ST, BALTii\IOIH., l GEO. KERCKHOFF GEo. P. UNVERZAGT. WES'l'.ERN ADVERTISEMENTS. T. R. SPENCE. J. p, SPENCE. N. T. SPENCE. C. A. SPENCE .. !IBBOSIA TOBACCO WORKS. Spence Brothers a Co. ,,.;oo,6S, 60 & 62 Third Street, 'Ill. t t, OIN'QIN'N'.A.TI. &, IIBCELLANEOUS ADVERfiSE.M E KT8 EINSDALE SM.ITH &. SON, (SaeceHOrs to H. SMITH a. CO.) PACKERS A.ND JOBBERS OF Connecticut I.ea.f Toba.cco, 20 HAMPI;)EN ST., Springfield, Mass. E. H. SMITH. c. o. H OLYOKE, CODISSION In LEAF and M.UltlF4.CTURED TOBACCO, 1.2 Cenwal Wharf, BostO'I&o Redd, Wootton & Co., PKOPJUrroRS REDO'S WAREHOUSE, liND GE:..."iltRAL Dx..u..E.RS IN LEAF TOBACCO, R.e1dV!.l.l.e, JST. c. SOLICIT ORDERS rrom tbe TKAD& Refer to PACE BROS. & CO., JOID!Iill'ON .t: CIDCK. W. J. CLARK & CO., DANV1LL11. V.L -------------------s LOWENTHAL & Co C.& R. DORMITZER & CO. Dealers & Commission Merchants in MANUFACTURERS OF FINE GJGARS, LEAF. TOBACCO, Packers of Seed Leaf and Dealers 111 Leaf Tobacco, 2 NORTH MAIN ST., Bet. Main and Second Sts., 150 WEST FOURTH STREET, CINCINNATI, OHIO. SAlYI'L w. TB.OST, HOLT. SCHAEFER & CO., CIGAR-BOX MANUFACTORY AND DEALER IN CIGAR-BOX TRIMMINGS, LABELS, PAPER, LHAF TOBACCO. A.N"D A.LL :O:::I:N"DS e>r O::I:G-A.R. R.XEI::EIC>N"&, d. 11 ...., -...r er o ..... e._... And 214 STATE STREET;HARTFORD,""CONN. 619 to 625 West Sixth St., Cmcmnati. W W. TrT'D-ny, d:::tWO. ..D..LQ,U HAVANA ANDINDOMESTIC wili,iaiiw& "cio. B. GEISE & BRO TOBACCO BROKER, 0 I gar Leaf Tobacco IN sorm a "M" 112 Broad St., Nashville, Tenn. c B p Refers by penn.l861on to Hr. Edw. J oneo. Thlnl &igars & Leaf Tobacco Nashville; &Dd Pollanl, I>ettua & 27 South Gay Main St. Cincinnati 0. J&AB OX ACTOBY W. H. Trowbridge, GUMPERTBROS. MANUFACTURHRS of FINH CIGARS, R.ll.E. VOCKEE, VOCKE. -R..; CG. FO. KOOKE. BERRY & 'co.. No.: STORE: 1341 CHESTNUT STREET, ., INCLUDING TliE FOLLOWING BRANDS: 444 to 448 .13th street, Tobacco and General Commissio.lf.Merchants,, .. .. F. w. ooHRMANa .. s. E. Corner CHEAI!SIDE &. LOMBARD STREETS, OHIO Al'fJJ CONNECTICUT LEAF TOBACCO BROKER, DA.JST"V":x::r..ox..:m, "V".A.. BALcTZMORE. LEAF' TOBACCO, bt. B. cu. V!De. w Front Streets. J. H.PEPB>mEMBaroEN,RTON & THE LARGEST CIGAR FACTORY IN THESTATE. 46 Front St ... Cincbm.ati, O. CINCINNATI. o UNITED STATES CIGAR MANUFACTORY BA. KR. BKER & WAG.GE.GWNAGGEN"a" F. w. FELGNER & SON, I F G Toledo, ohio. .. IMPORTED aad DOMESTIC CHA1LES R. MESSINGER; T. J. DUNN a : co.,.LEA F s. BISCHOFF, MANUFACTURER OF DA.N"V":X:I:..o:I:..o:m, "V"A.. .Aiml!!CTURDRl' lit: PINE. : cJ&Aftl' .. B.U.TDIORE. JID. The oel.ebrU>d ., M: H. CLARK & BROTB.n J) ur : li ll o ll ll : L 'F. G." AND LONG CUT. SMOKINGSI TOBACCO BROKERS :1119, 221 4 .. D. D. IIALLORY, Also, the Indla.n a.nd Sun Flower Chewlng Toba.ccos. J "'';.S.SeIidTc:p TOBAGGO SBD'ura DiiA.Ri.Bis a BEEBBE; CIGA. R MOULD MANUFACT'G .. t, IIU.NvncTvaEall OF THE POL LOWING cHoicE BRANDs op : Gor,\Ridg;e & North Colleg;e Ave's! Philadelphia, Pa. Havana. and. Yara Tobaccos! E. E. WENCK, Manasr;er. .FINE-CUT :roe ceo I HIavTEnB.A.CQC> BEEBE & CO., Quincy, Ill. ; -AMD& New York; al C 1 h t R. W OLlVER, Rochmowl, Ya.; Gener OIDIDlSSIOD ere an 81 SHEPP ABO & SMITH, Dan,ille, Va. ; WILSON & :McCALLAY, Mtdaletowu, 0. 31 North Water Street -AND-S'lW.VENABtE &"CO. :Ofllc:e : .. Cor. Bynae & .Halifax Sts., etenburgh, Va. Factory: 19 District, G -AND-,:3() North Delaware Avenue, A H .. THEOBALD TC>B.A.COOS 1 BRIGHT NAVY, la, X a, 3a, .ola, &a, e,,.,.,, Sa, g1 and to1 OF 1 8T. GEORQE" BRIQHT NAVY, Ia, 3a, -&-1, as, &1 7"a, Sa, 9a ad lOa. VlRGINlA. DARE" BRIGHT NAVY, Ia, 3a, fh, 6a, Oa aDd 101. FINE Cl CARS' "'Al!NOT LYLE" BRIGHT NAVY, la,3a,48 fh, 61, 'l'a, 8a,Baand10a BAIIII11J[ILOn BROS "UNtox M.&.u:OGANY POuNns, X .:nd &a. l\ID:Jj "ST. JAMES'' DARK POUNDS,,,, 4-a, lh, 6 ar-1'a, 81, S.a aad IO'a. "PECULIAR" .AND DEALER IN FINE TWIST of several gradeo Bright and Mabogan,aaderthe C I'C A Spanish and Domestic leaf T ebacco, "ADBIIB.ATIOIV "TBOB.l\IAIVD"K' "BII.AB.T. 0:1" GO:r.D A "liiV!I OAK .. -oB v.,,_ .,....,E .. S, ]11, w.eor. 3ololo Phlladolplt.ta. "D ... so-' I -' ............... w.. .. AGENTFORllllLLER& PETEBS'CINCINNATI .u -.,o" and "COIVQVJ:B.OB.." 808 Market St., CIGAR HOULDB STRA.PS, ETC The folloWiog are oua for the of KANUF ACTURED GOODS :-ILADELPIUA. C, W. VAN A.LIITINE & CO,tJSCentra!Wbar!,_BootoniJI(ass., ..._ __ P. N" A. "V":m., QU:I:NO"Y. ::1:1.1.W. BltST, Cblc:ago; LOiliN PALMER, New York; W. H. RUSSELL, Ch1cago. BBST.; BUSSBLL & CO., (Socceoooro to JOHN C. PARTRIDGE Ill: CO.,) lVHOLESALE TOBAOOOKISTS AND SOLE PROPRIETORS OF THE GENUJ:liii'E '' GOLDEN CROWN"< CIGARS, LEAF" TOBACCO,, 216 WEST FIFTH ST.,, CINCINNATI, O. B .. SUBEB.T, WHOLESALE DEALER IN -All.,_ DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCO, 14 North Canal Street, CHICAGO, ILL, W. M. LADD, 57 Lake Street and 41 State Street, Chicago, 111 ALSO AGENTS FOR THE FOLLOWING WELL-KNOWN FIRMS:LH I D TOB ceo umn P. LORlLLARD olo CO., N<>wYork; 81l:IDEl'llBERQ olo CO., New York; nr Jl U I .DB, W. 8. KIMBALL olo CO.'S "VANITY FAIRo" Rochester, N.Y. ; W, T. BLACKWELL olo CO., Dorham, N.C.; J, J, BAGLEY&> co.s "MAYFLOWER," D etroit, JLlch.; J, W. "LONE JACK," Lynchburgh, Va. (FOR THE TRADE,) 21 N. Main St., St. Louis" J/H S KIMBALL & CO'S VANI':Y l'A1ll TOhAt L'O r:h>\F.F1'TI N y GEM TDBAcCoaoifoAKE\ --=-... ... ...,.,.....,--==-...... O,...,..,.,c::!!' El:e>pk.:l.:n.&v-:l.l.l.e, .... ...., .......... Office in Main Stroot \VarehQuse. SOLE OWNERS OP THE CELE-A.TED BRA.ND OP .,. cc REJ"ER,&NCES BY PERMISSION Jno. C. Latham, Pres' t Bank of Hopk;insville; 8. E. Tri ce. Pres't Plantel'ti' Bank. n 8. G. Buckner, Commission Merch't, M. H. Clark & Bro., Clarksville. Tennessee; F G. Irwin, ClarksvUie, Tennessee B. F Beaumont, President 1st 'Natioual J!aDk. @larksville, Tennessee; F W. Tatgenhorst& Co. New York; A. H. Caraozo, l u Garrott &: Grinter B1'" ORDERS SOLICITII:D. B. M:tllbiser & Co., HAl<-uFACTURERS OF s GOL:J::::E.IJ.IW' :a:'I:J"LE" :;&i:A&T&;BOi-TOBACCO BAGS, TOBACCO. GO., Choice Brands. of' PLUGr TOBACCO, EJU'YER. And Pa.tenteea of the Celebrated Brand of --QF-p s LD TUB ceo U" EVERY PLUU:I:S"V"XX...L:m, ACENT:-J. L. STYNE, PITTSBURCH, PA. Paducah, Ky. &, CO., P._L.CHAMBERS,} IMPORTERS, M"A.NlJFA.CTlJREBS AND DEALERS IN DEALER IN CIGARS AND CIGARETTES. Havana & Domestic Leaf ) AND MANUFACTURER OF nANlJFAcTvRERs oF TilE cELEBRA.TED P:l.n.e C:l.gars, HAVANA MIXED SMOKING 214 W. BALTIMORE STREET, Baltimore, Md." 5 Martindale's Block, lndianaDolis Ind. I.


AUG. 5 Business Directory of Advertisers. Manutifacturer of Key W and Imp&rler of Havana Cagan. Dell&ry Fred'k& Co.-ill anq48 )Van-en McFall & Lawson, 33 Jl!urt&y llelllenberg & Co. 81 and 86 Beade .Depot of tloe !' FZor d.Z :S..,.," Olgan. Aloes George, 203 P.ear l Jh,nOI.{acturer of tf::j.':"""um and .Amber Weis Carl,-lleetj-4751&st Tenth Bpa.iiok and German Cigar Bibbo..,. Farnam b. Graef, 81 Green Heppenhelmer &: Maure!J 22 &nd!M N. Willlam Lobenstein & Gans, 101 .1U8.iden Lane 8tr&U18 SlUt ')D, 1f'9 Lewik 1fleke Wm. & Co. 1511-181 Ooerck Br Ck/O.f' Man ufacturerl watterne H. '006 Pearl BUFFALO, N.Y. Manufacturer of Cigars and Jobber of Chew ing and Smoking Tobacco. Cady S. Brown's Bro. 114 Exchange CHICAGO. Ill. Agent for Cigars and Ohewing and SmoX:ing Tobaceo. 0. A. Peck, 51 South Water Dealers in Meerschaum and Briar Pipes, Manufactured Tobacco and Cigars. Loewenthal Kaufman & Co. 93-98 Lake. Whole1ale Deale1s in Seed Ltaj and Havaaa Tobacco. Subert B. 14 N Canal Sutter BrotheN. 46 and 48 MichJgan Avenue Dealers in Leaf Tobacco. Saadhagen Bros, 17 WP.:et Randolph Manufacturers of lilime-Ou.t CMtmng Gnd Sm.oking, and De.alen in...Leaf Tob8cco. Beck & Feldkamp, 44 and 46 Dearborn Wholesale Tobacconists and M'f'rs' Agtn.U. Best, Russell & Co. Lake and 41 State CINCINNATI, 0. Dealers in Bal!'ana a,nd Dome11tie Lea/ Tebacoo. Besuden Henry, !46 and' l48 West Second Dealers in. Spaniah and Ciga,r Uaf Tobaf;co. Meyer Hy. &: Co. 48 Frent Wankelman F. & Co. 81! Front Manufacturers of FineOut Chewing a.w.d Snwking TobfiCco. Spence B ros. & Co. 52 and 114 East Third Le.of Tobacoo Brokers. Dohrmann F. W. corn. e. Vine and Front Manufacturers of Cigars and DefJlerl' in. Lea/ Tobacco Krohn, Felss & Co. 161 to 1615 W. Third cor Elm Lowenthal S .t Co. 159 West Fourth Tiettg H. & Bro. 215 W Fiftls Weil, Knhn & Co. lUI Ma.m Mfrs of Cigars and Wholesale Dealers in Jl./d Smkg Tobacco. Voige & Winter, 175 Main Sheet Metal Cigar Moulds. Dubrul Napoleon & Co. 441 and 443 Plum Leaf Tobacco Inspectiml.. Pragu.e F. A. 92 West Front Manufac.tJurcrs of Cigar-Boxes. Geise B. & Brother. AA Clay Trost, S. W. 519525 W. Sixth CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. Leaf Tobacco Brokers. Clack M. H. & Bro CLEVELAND. O, Packers of Seed and Dealers in Havana Loot Tr:Jbacoo, E. S. Allen & Co. 101 Bank Deal.ers in. Seed Leaf and Havana Tobacco an.ti JobbBrs in all kinds Manufadured Tobacco. Goldson & Semon. 132 Ontario DANVILLE. Va. Commisaton Merchants. IDller& Co Pemberton & Penn OommisaWn Leaf Tobacco Broker1. Strictly on Order. Pearson J. R. &: Co. Manufacturer of Smoking Tobacco. Coara.d Chas. H. & Co. Trowbridge W. H DAYTON, O. Packers and Dealers i,i Seed Leaf. M.iUer & Brenner DETROIT, Mich. Manuj'rs of Chewing aful Srnqk ing Tobacco. Barker K. C & Co. 74 and 76 Jefferson Av walker, McGraw & Co. 31 to 30 Atwater Manufact1l-rm-s of Cigar!f and Dealer8 in Leal Tobacco. Sullivan & Burk. 4a a.nd 50 Congress, Foxen, Newman & Co. 21G .J efrel"SOU A venue DURHAM, N. C. Manufactmers oj Smoking Tobacco. Blackwell W T. & Co EVANSVILLE, Ind. Tobacco Oonmtission Merchant&. Morris C. J. & Co HANNmAL, Mo. kinds oj Smok'g Tobacco. HAVANA, Cub;., Cigar JfanufcwtU?ws. .Bejar R. y Alvarez HA:a,TJ'ORD, Conn. Packerll' and Dealers in &ed Leaf Dix J. & Co. 217 State -Gershel L. & Bro., 229 State Lee Geo 160 State Moor e, Hay & Co., 214 State Westpnnl IVm. 2l!S State Willcox S. W. 541) Main iiOPKINSVILLE, K:r-Tobacoo JJJokerli. Clark M. H. & Brother Ragsdale W. E. INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. Dealer in Havana &; Dorne.9lio Leaf Tob., and of li'in e Otgms. P. L. Cha.mbet'S, 5 Mnrtln1lnle's Block LANCASTER, Pa.. Dealer in Leal Tobacco. Skiles & Frey, 61 and 63 North Duke LIVERPOOL, :nc. Smythe F. W. & Co. IC North John LOUISVILLE, Ky. Plng Tobacco Manufacturers. Flnzer J & Bros. 19"' and 18f:i Jaeoh State of Kentucky Tobn.cco 1\lannfacturlng Co Tobacco Commission Wicks G. W. &: Co West M"in Tobacco Brolcers. Callaway James F. corner Ninth and Market Gunther George F. Lewis Rich'tl M. 3t8 West Main bleier Wm. G. & Co. 6.'1 Seventh Nash ltf. B. Fra::ort W F. 39-i West Main LYNCHBURG, Va. Manufacturer of Tobacco. Carroll John w ... Tobacco Commission MerCAanta. Holt, Schaerer & Co. NASHV'ILLE,' T....---Tobacco Brater." W. W. Kirby i .. NEW ARK, N. ;r, Campbell, Lane & Co. 484 NEW ORLEAi.NS, La. Tobacco Fer.ctors and Merchant.. Gunther & Ste\'en.oon, 162t0ommnn I OWENSBC'"'lO, Ky Tobacco St1 Frayse r Bros. PADVCA! Ky. Tobacco B1 "kera. C lark M H. & Bl'O: Puryear T. H N.J. Manufactu?ers of making Tobacco Allen& Dunning, 65 & 6 1 Van Bouten Street PETERSB:URG, Va. TObacco Cmn1m.;sion JfeJ'Chanta. & Sons and Sm.oking Tobaooo and Deale m Leaf Tobacco. VenableS. W. & Co of Sll!eet Navy <-heW!"#. Jackson C. A. &: Co. PHIL.A!)>ELPHIA. Tobacco Warehouses. Ana.than M. & Co. 220 North Third Bamberger L. &: Co. 111 Arch Bremer's LewJs Sons, 322 North Thinl D o ha.u & Taitt 107 Arch Eisenlobr \Vm. & Co. 115'South Water McDowell M. E. & Co. '\Vater !Ioore. Hay & Co 35 North \-Vater Sank J. Blnaldo & Co 82 North Water Sorver. Cook&:: Co. 105 North '\Vater' T e ller Bro .. hel'S, 117 .No:;:th Third of li'ine Oiga1. and AU-Havana Tobacw Oiga1ettu. Gumpert Bros. 1841 Chestnut Imrxn teJ of Havana. Tobacco and Cigars and DeQ.ler in Seed Leaf. Costas J 131 Wo.lnut Manufacturer of SnuJ! and Smoking Tobacoo Wallace Jas. i66 to North Eleventh Manufacturers of Cigars. Batchelor B1os. 8ffl Market Ludv Jno J. 523 and 525 South Twentieth !ta.rsho.ll, T W. 12 North Fourth. Broad Tobacco Broker Fougeray A. R. 33 North Front of Liwriu Paste. }Jellor& Rittenhouse, 218North Twenty-Second Mjr_'s .Agent f6r Plug a1l Torba.coo. Kelly F. X. Jr. 106 Arch Wholesale Dealers in Leaf and M'rd Tobacco. H eil, John B. & Co 531 South Second. Manufacturers of Cigar Moulds. U.S. Solid Top Cigar Moul d Mfg Co. cor and North College Ave's. PITTSBURGH, Pa. Mau-b.Jactu?er "ExcelsiOf' Spun. Roll,. and Other Tobaccos Jenkinson :R. & \V. 287 Liberty QUINCY,m. Manufro. of Chewing and Smoking Tobacco. Gem City Tobacco Works Harris & Beebe READING,Pa. Manufacturers of Cigan. Hant9Ch & Crouse REIDSVILLE. N. C, Dealers in Tobacco. lteid, Wootton & Co RICHMOND, Va. Plu.g-'" Bnwk'g 2\IOaeco. Jones, James Leigh Lottler L. Lyon A. M. & Co. Leaf Tobacco Broker&. Dibrell Wm. E. i410 Cacy MillsR A. DealerJJ in Licorice Pa#e and Mfd. Tobacco .. Wright J & Co. I Tobacco Excha.,..e Manujatturers o.f Tobacco Bags. H. l'tfillhiser & Co. 1309 Main :ROCHESTER, N. Y, Manufacturers of Tobacco. Whalen R. & T. 182 State Manufacturers of 11 Peerless n and .FlneOut Tobacco afl.d "Vanity Fair" Smoking Tobacco and Cigarette.. Kimball W. S. & Co. SPRINGFIELD, lllaaa, Smith H. &; Son, 20 Hampden ST. Mo Ma'l'll u.fs. of Fin.e Cigars 2 OFF.ICE I N TOBACCO EXCHANGE, SHOCKOE SLIP, RICHMOlli'D, V .a.. Nos: :34 and BOWERY, Della"n & Eetlmaa:e. F'urnlshect. liEW YOB.K. JOHN MATTHEWS, 883 E. 26tia & Y li .CHTEISTEIIt BROS. & CO., .. C:IGAR -ABUPACTVRBRS .. ... ; 1M 0 E-4 o a r=t1 m M .:I II: '"'Ill R = oiQ= H i t frl Ill frl 0 111 oa-.. tt: I 111:: LICHTENSTEIN, A. BRUSSEL, Bookkeeper or Traveller this mty or elsewhere. his own expenses if been several ye&l'S Eighth A venue. S ITUATION WANTED.A position In a first. c lass Cigar FR.ctory, by an abl e salesman, w h o is well acquainted in all the States and Territories. Good references. Address D ., 80& Pearl Street. ... 'iv'ULFF, lithographer, Prmter & Manufacturer of A Large Assortment Constantly on Ha11d. 61 Chatham St., cor. WUllam. N. Y, J. A.-. IANUP.ACTniEI_ -UP CI&ARS --Aii'D DEALER IN-LEAF TOBACCO, B .. ., ell) I .. ., ell) ell) .. (I). ..8P& :. 0 01' "ii M:o Q t M tili c=!C I:IJII tili c 1!1 !I B. J.ICHTENSTEJJI'. CAuTION. NEW YORK, 270 BOWERY, JULY 14, 18?7. P.I.RTJEII are hereby cautioned against using PIVOT!Ka CA:rroualy p..-,uted. LICHTENSTEIN BROS. A CO. W. ]. HOODLESS, Merchant FOR THE SALE OF WESTERN LEAF TOBACCO, 45 Broad St., New York.


... ,... .,. .. .. THE TOBA000_%1.EA.F. AUG. 5 Tobacco Manufacturers. JOHN ANDERSON & NANUFACTU1ERSOFTHE SOLACHmmnTOUCCOS 114 l 116 LIBRTY STREET 1 JfEW YOJU[, U.w to 41rect the otteatloa of the Deale .. Ia Tobo...H tlu'oufbout tho Uatted Statt"e aad the World to their O:t:LIIBBATED SOLACE FINE-CUT OHEWDIG TOBACCO, wlllcb it bela ooce .. re maa.aJactured uader the im.JD.ediate penil.l ota of th origioater, 1LICOB.ICE., LICORICE t PASTE. WATJJS dk CO. THOMAS HOYT & CO., MR .JOHN by consumers to 'be the ll.UitJJ'.ot..C'l'UBli:B8 OF and now otanda, as formerl;}' without a rtv&l. Ord6111 in the market. And for the braad ,FIE-CUT CHEWIMG & SMOKING Licorice stick .. I all r;:;al do o :I SIDE. XATIOOM.AL, roB. "CO AID Cl".lRS to apply direct. BRIGHT OWEX, B.ABOB, AM g t EXTRA OA VEXDISJL ...., DKALIIU .. l a..e, Beleet .... o.-.tla&IT, a4 & 406 Pearl St., New York. SNUFF. PIPES, etc., lli .hau4o .&.. a }Geoeral P&rtnera, .-roatES IT 4U BROAD STREBT, IWitll{ ...-au, W.lWS l CO.f t. spec1o1. .&lQ) Ill CALDWELL N. S9 II 31 Soath Wlll1am lt.rtet w BAVBB, STBRRY; I SPDISH LICORICB GBDI LICOlliCB ALL SPECIALTIES FOR PLI8 liD TOBACCO. IILIVI TOICA BlAIS. I GUMS,-; PL.l 1 Powdered Licorice Hoot. .A.RD PATENT POW'DERED LJ:CO.R:ICE.1 STlCJt. LICoaiCE WE HAVE THE FAVORITE BRANDS. 1'. 8., l'lfi.&,...Jilol ..A.BD CIVZO%.Dn.. TOBACCO BROKERS. JOHN.CATTUS? TOBACCO BROKER f27 Pearl Street; NEW YORK. CHAS. E. & BRO. TOBACCO BROKERS, 134 "Water St., :NEJ-.gv TKot. ltnnuCOTT, CKAa. E BJLLt ja.. KINNICUT"T & BI ... L, BROJCERSIN WESTERN fc YIRCINIA LEA' TOBACCO, 52 BROAD ST., NEW YORK. CHABLIS F. OSBORII, c JAMES G. OSBORNE, TOBACCO BROKER, 54 BROAD STREET, NEW YORK. :11. RADER & SON, IIPROVHD HOWE SCALBS. THE b.! TAl }lbootURAL Smoking Toba,cco. Manufactured by ALLEN & DUNNING, No .. 815 & 87 V Ali BOUTEli ST. TOBACCO BROKERS WISE & BENDBEIM PJ.TKBSON, N 3. HENR1" WULSTN, crGD.II'IES;TOBACCO! I!I WEST :BROADWAY, Nw10RK. B.lVIEBRICK a co. .. IMPORTERS, LICORICE PASTE. We hel' to call tbe attention of Tobacco Manufac. turera and D ealera to tbia SUPERIOR AND PURE article Sole for tho States of Nortb Carolina and Virclla: Musas. DAVENPORT & MORRIS, RichVa. LICORICE BOOT-A"'SoD d ..u-.u. Sel ect eel and Ordluuy. 130 & 132 WU.LJAM ST., NEW YORK. ZURICALDAY & ARGUIMBAU, &PECX.A.LTXE& 1 I 02 PEARL STREET, Gum Tragacanth,. POWDE;; Gum Gedda,. Siftings in Casks ; d d S n B I atPnghbepale, :Jew Y..._ 0. 0. 0 S In a es ; GIFFORD, SHERI!B & IBIS, Arabic,. do. do. 120 William street.. ow TOR. To*a Beans,. ANGOSTURA. a MiLLER & BRENNERrt,lt& FINEST Qt1ALITY. LICORICE PASTE. omop8iHDLlii:TOB!cco THE STAMFORD MANUFACTURING CO., # 2.117 .:JM[A. I I !f.Bi1V X....&.:L'IirEJ, M"ll!l-.gv W"ORDERS PRO!I!Pl'LY A'l"l'ENDED TO. No. 50 Beaver Street, NEW YORK. .a. SHACK, TOBACCO BRODB, 129 KAmEN LANE, NIW YORK. N. Y. -l'UULY AHD FinLY l'OWDEIED BPAl'IISR LICOBJCB BOOT, SP..UOBH LJCOILICIII JI:XTB.A.CT, DEER TOKGUB, LAVBEL LE.ot..VIIIII, TODU. BEAll .. CAIIBIA os, CLOVES .f.ln) CJIIIK&110Jr, OBAlrGIII PBIIIL, COBIAI'IDEB IW:ED, LAVBifDER ft.OW.ILI, QUX AB.4BICl,&B.utl &IIIDPOWDBBIIID, GUX XYRBB, LUXP A!ID POWDEBBD, GUX TRAQ&CAI'ITR, PLAKIII Al'ID POWDEIUID, EBSBIIITIAL OILI, OLIVE 8J.L, LtJOOA. CJl!IIIAX 1111 CADII, SBIAJUD OIL LIIIV .olo.ll'l' II BBLS, Tonka. Beans, Angostura&, in Casks, Balsam Tolu, in Original Tins, Clucose. French. in Casks PJliCB8 CURRW:IfT Olf APPLICA.TIOif, Y. W. BRINCKERHOFF, X:DII:JPOJR. ''l OED.AB. STREET, X. Y. "nn6 ToMe Ja..tng clem&aded a Superior and Cheaper Arlicle than that hitherto used, this X..:EJ by a.U. :JI"XJR.&T-Cx...A.&a TOBACCONISTS. AGENTS FOR THE LEADING l!!ANUFACTURERS OF W. E. UPTEGROVE, SPANISH CEDAR FOR CIGAR BOXES, Foot 1Oth & 11th St., East River, NEW YORK ELUG-TO:EI.A.OOO. THE IE,.CJIA.NTS' TOBACCO CO., 80 BlR.fO.A.:EJ II!IT::E'l.BET, :EIOSTOM", Make the best Sold or Used. ONE DOLLAR lawful money In each 60 pound ltOx, containing large Plugs made of Ieang stock. TWO Jn cme,ar..ONE DOLLAR In the caddies In eachJ case containing iar e plugs "l: .A> ..r long stock. PATENT METAL LABELS on Plugs. Ask for this and get the Best Chew or Smoke that can be had. SILAS PEIRCE, Jr., P.....U.ent. JOH!f H. SANBORN, Tr.,.... c. A. ....... VOIGE, .J'NO. &, WINTER. VOIGE a WINTER,. MANUFACTURERS OF CIGARS, Manufactured rsiiiOtin[ Tobacco, 176 M:a1:n. &"t., C1:n.o1:n.:n.a"t1. SOLE AGENTS FOR CIXODrNA.TI & VIOIXITY FOR THE FOLLOWIJrG WELLKNOWN BALTIMORE IIA.JrUFAOTURERS:Gr.A.XX.. do .A..:X: S:DI.I:OH:XM"Gr a.:n.d. SN"'':JI":JI"' :DI.I:.A.JR.:EIU'lR.Gr EIJR.O&. Sll!WI:C>H:Z:l'Va. "1"0:EI.A.C10C> Ja:. do Oe>.a p, :ll" do .t!lo:n. CLEAR THE WAY &zn.c PIONBEB TOUCCO COIPAIY, OF BBOOK.LYN, N. Y. BUSINESS OFFICES: 124 Water St., New York, 16 Central Wharf, Boston; 25 Lake Street, Chicago; 51 NORTH WATER STREET, PRILADILPRIA. Factory: No. 1 First District, N. Y. THE CELEBR.A.TED THE. CELEBRATED "MATCHLESS "FRUIT GAKB,''-BRiCHT, All Sizes; MAHOCANY, All Sizes; PI 0 N :E1 E 'R," Dark, all Sizes. A comparbnn o r nur Celebrated Brands of PLU G TOBACCOS will convince all partlt.s o r the WOII-DERFVL MERITS cont:.ined thetein. PLUG TOBACCO. HERBST BROTHERS. HAVANA tc SEED LEAF (1-ooor to Bo'lJ1'eldt & DeK.h-), MAY, BROTHERS, 1 ])[p()RTERS OF :II"JR.m:JSro:a: CIGARETTE' PAPER, 386 BROOME ST., HouSB AT P.41Us. M"e"'IDV Y"ork.. ..4teh-.ed 6th, IJ375 .A.IaG ot the Well-.K:noW'II Brand of Bzn.ok1nc', cc&-.:.I'ta.Y'a.." And JfanafacRJren of aD otyls of BricJat & Blaok PLUG & TWIST TOBACCOS, !factory: 24 Twentieth St.;, 'V' .A.. l'uented F*-T .. ,..,_ LEERET & BLASDEL, ILUfVFACTUK&RS OF Cigar ea 168 & 170 East Water St., SYRACUSE, N. Y. Dealwrsia HEPPENHEINER. I& ""'"'IU!a"S E:IGAI!. IIOX LABELS AND T11MMIMOS. INTERNAL REVENUE BOOIS Sou Sv<:C&SSOJt TO EsT & SanTK, P.o. Bor !,6.,, 3'T LIBERTY BT., X. T, Branding Irons & Stencils a Speci<f. JP::E'l.X:NTX2\TG. Ol every description at Lowen Prlcts. SEND FOR PRICES. TINPOIL f Lightest Pnl'.ll Tin, 10,368 Sq. Inches v.Ib. ALSO TOBACCO & OTHER FOILS. WITTEMANN BROTHERS, 184 William St., New York. JAMES H. THAYER, T 0 E A C C 0 :. 183 WATER STREET,"' :NEW YOJ:p{. Df 61 FRONT STREET, LIBERAL ld)YhNCEMEMS.:MADE ON ::Diinll-.gv TOlE"&.K.


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