The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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Tobacco Leaf Journal

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VOL. XIV.--NO 27. fESTABL1!3HED 1864.] NEW YORK; MOND.AY, AUGUS T 12, 187 8 WHOLE NO. 703 lht Tlli:Rli.IS OF THE PAPER.. SINGLE COPIES ....... ........ < ......................... lO Ol'o'E YEAR.. .. ..... ............... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. $4.0(/ Published Every MONDAY Morning by SIX MONTHS .......... ,.. .. ..... .. ........ .. .. .. .. .. 2.00 "THE TOBACCO tEAF" PUBLISHING COMPANY, tll PUL'rON 8TD:I!ET,NBW Y"ORK., EDWARD BURKE, Editor. JOHN G. GRAFF. Business Manager. ANXUAL SUBSCRIPTIONS ABROAD. G'R.&AT Al'\D OAJOA.D.l. ... ... $5.04 BREll.EN, !Lulnuao AND THE .. . 6 04 FRED'K DeBARY & co., 41 a 43 Warren S&eet; New York, SOLE ACENTS FOR THE. PRINCIPE DE KEY AND PROPRIETORS OF THE ,.,. wir.J..u.x WIC KE. AUG. ROESLER & co., CIGAR BOX 153 to 161 Goerck street, 'YOR.::R.. --PRICE LIST. -.....,_ Spanisb1 American and Gmnan Cigar Ribbons. AUGUST, 18'1'8. Broad Y .Uow .......... .. Eztra. ,-6-tlltroacl, "1'2 ycla 11.80 o::.-:.zom 65 PINE STREET. NEW YORK. I lkt lolnicco grapher these varying chapters of American social and industrial history is at this moment bending be neath the weight o f almost a century. We found him, by the merest accident living in this city in retire" l!fo. 1 .... &-8 "1'2 ycla 1.80 : :: .:::: .. : : : 3 ... 6 12 yda 1.40 CIGAR FACTORY OF NEW YORK. NEW YORK, :MONDAY, AUGUS'l' 12, 1878 m ent.and, we are glad to say, in health and comfort. Trusting that m any years of happiness are yet reserted AN IMPbRTAN'.r CONFERENC:f!!. f o r :Mr. Oakley and Mr. Collins, we h ere allow thef!8 Brea4 B.ect ............ . ... 1 .,,&-8 72:rcla 1.15 : .................. e .... &-8 :: 12 :rd ................ .. 3 .... 6-8 'll!yda 1.60 .............. : 1 .... 6-8 :: 'l'2;rda 1.76 ............... 2 .. 6 12 yda 1.80 .... ........ 3 ... -6 72 yda 1.60 1 .... j-8 12yda 1 1-!'! .. ............... : 2 ... j-8 '1'2 ycla ..... .. .. .. .. 3 .j "1'2 yda 1.Yellow ............. 1 .. ( ,, 12yda 1.35 ..... ... .... -72J'd 1.20 ........ 3 f-8 72 yda 0.95 Boz Rfblopn Red ...................... 3 72yda 0.75 ., 84 a 88 READE STREET, l\lEW YORK, A cable dispatch announ ces that a conference of fine old men to speak for themselves. German Finance Ministers COIJlmenced its sessions in RECOLLECTIONS m CHARLES OAKLEY. Heidelberg on Monday to devise ways and means to I am in my year, and was born in the city and replenish the finances of the German Empire; and, accounty of New York, on t h e farm formerly lying on cording to a Berlin dispatch to the London Post, the the Bloomingdale RoA.d, opposite the Hon. Fernando main question to be discussed would be Prince Bis-Wood's place, and belonging to Richard Cunningham. Mr. Wood's place at that time was part of the Sommermarek's scheme of a government tobacco monopoly. dyke estate. N_early opposite us was Mr. Vander hovel's -That the conference has been arranged at the instance property, :who came from Dema.rara negroes of the Imperial Chancellor, to obtain a basis for his with him. His place was since popularly known as Yell ow .. 3 72 ycla 0. 70 Londrea (ClaJoe) .... } .... a-s 3-&ycla 1.20, (Chico) .... 2 .. -6 34. ydo ,1.10 Im:porters of Ha, vana, To ba,cco, finincial p lans, be no doubt; but it is certain, ''Burnham's." Our farm was on the easterly side of as before stated in THE TOBACCO LEAF, that be has the road, and the property, or part of it, I think, now belongs to the Lorillard estate. Vanderhovers hom& !Jecome satisfied thathis idea of a tobacco monopoly. stead ran along up the road to the old fish pond. Near cannot be realized, especiall y in view of the .recent by was the residence of a British officer named Shaw, elections. In these he has been thoroughly disap-and next to that came the Jansen J?roperty. Between Lonclrea Yellow ....... .., ..... 1 .... 7-8 3-&ycla 1.80 ............. 2 ... -1-8 3o& :rd 1.35 ............ .'" 3 .... 13-16" 34;rda Vlo .. .. ........ "10 .... 13-16" 34.;rd ............. ").5 .... 1-s 3o& ycla 0.95 .... .. ":u;.. .. 7-8 34 ;rdo I 00 .. .. .. .. .. .. 20 .13 3o& ycla 0.86 .... "20< .. 13" 3o& ;vela 0.80 ( ............. "50 .... 13-16" 3-&ycla 0.66 :: Red, ................ 1 .... '1'-s 34.ycla 1.80 .............. e .... 1:t-t6" 34. ,.a. 1.20 Broad Rod D witla. yellow edpo.-6:-8 "1'2 ycla L70 u III .. u ". 6-8 '711,... 1.66 l'f arro .... II 6 1ll yc1a J.:10 BroadY ell. D wf.tla. ltlue ode .... 5 '1'1 yc1a J.A10 IIa red .. 5 11 ycla L40 IIa red. white .... blue eda -5 11yc1a 1.80 ALSO MANUFACTURERS OF THE Ll ROSA ISPAIOLA WEST HAVANA-CIGARS. WEISS, ELLER & KAEPPEL, IMPORTERS OF THE Extra Styles of Ribbon Made to Order. RIBBONS. CUT & PRINTED ANY SIZE AID STYLE. '' ROSE \'II'' A.ll Ordero Proaaptly B:J:eE'I.::&:. Bavem.eyers Vigelius, PACKE=IIS JrEAF I IMPORTERS OF. HAVANA TOBACCO. HOW TO GE. T DAR, K TOBACCOS AND HOW TO MAKE .THEM BURN GOOD. O:N'LV &'V"R.E 'WV'A'Y' II to h&ve your goods Rehandled and Sweated by C. S. PHILIPS. It yon have poor burning tobacco, send me a. few leaves. and bv return of mall I will prove to you what can be done. It Ma.nuracturers will send me their Light--Colored I will return them l1'1A.DU&O COLOK8 without the use of any chemicals o r any artitlcia. J coloring and without injury to the Leaf. There is enough natural coloring matter in &Jl if they are only h&ndfed in such a manner as to bring it out and fix the color. THIS IS THE ONLY SUCCESSFUL TOBACCO SWEATINC ESTABLISHMENT In existence, and many tons of tobacco are t1lt'lled out daUy of good Dark Colors and good Burning quality. HA v A.NA. goo<1s are also BnccM8fUlly Rehandled at t;hfs Establishment, a.nd put &ack into the original bales in. 8Uch a manner RS not to show they had been Rehandled. Send a bale or ease as a tr1a.l, SattaOI.ctlon Guaranteed. Charges as low as will admit of good work. Please write me tor any inform&tion you may wish, and oblige C. S. PHUJPS, 188 PEARL ST., NEW YORK. LOUIS KRORI!I, LEOPOLD FEJSS, liiO!IEII K.ROHJ'I'. IROBI, FliSS cl CO., K.A.Nt1F .A.CTt:TBEBS of CICAltS, AND DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO, 161, 163 & 165 WEST THIRD OINOINHATI, 0. -FACTORY. DIRIGO CIGAR cS. CC.,. ACTU B 'EBS 0 P PINE CI&ABS FRANK McCOY.] [EDWARD T. McCOY OF COIPOllND TIN POlL TOBACCO, MEDIUM AND TISSUE. LC>E'I.ED .,r ROLLED TO ANY GUAGE AND CUT TO SIZE. BOTTLE CAPS, aU liDo, PLAil!f Al'fD COLORED. OFFICE: 163 St., N.Y. CIGAB MANUFACTURED BY OUR NEW 'PATENT PROCESSES. Poplar Mahogany Spanish Cedar; 2d Quality l.!i c 2Y.c 3!4c I st & 2d 1st No Char;:e for Cartar:e. ..,.3Jpie & Uampbell, departments of business strive with one and another commission merchants, and had charge of their for existence; but it i s never wholly obscured. At ern b!lsiness Then I left them and went into businesS" intervals it recall10 in all their freshness, and with all for myself in Pine Street, where I took a small store, their halo around them, the OAIXies and deeds of the formerly an old stable belonging to Joshua Wadding-. ,. ton. There I became acquainted with most of the dear old friends who have played their part in the noted auctioneers of the olden time, such as John drama of life, and retired ami\i the plaudit,s of those Hone, afterwards represented by Phillip Hone, once who have witneSBed or gloried in their triumphs. This Mayor of New York, and Mr Town: David Dunham :Martin Hoffman, Beebe & Son, and W. F. Pell. My is one of the finer traits of co;nplex nature, business made me acquainted, too, with many of the and does more, per than any one thing else to old standard merchants of the time, beginning with reconcile us all to the pains and penalties incident to William Bayard, Robert Lenox, John G. Costar, who the h eritage of old age. was importing Dutch pipes and gin in flasks, six flasks to the box; Renry Wykoff, located at Coenties Slip, An apt illustration of the point and force of these reand one of the largest grocers in the city; and Peter flections is found in the career and experience of two Remsen, wine merchant, and many others. At that aged representatives of the tobacco trade of this city, time Coenties Slip was the great basin for vessels whose reminiscences we present below. Mr. Peter D. arri "ing from Albany. I went from Pine to 147 Frou1: Street, and remained there until 1840 My Front Collins, the younger of the gentlemen who have favStreet store was near the old "Fly Market," so called, ored us with their recollections of the early history of though properly termed "Vly," from the creek of that the tobacco trade of this city, is still identified with the name, which ha.l its source in the vicinity of Broadtobiwco interest; but to the new generation of business way, and flowed along Maiden Lane down by the market into the East River. There was another old men who have sprung up since he first withdrew from market called the Oswego at the time, on the southactive pursuits, h e is chie.); known as one of the east corner of Broadway and Maiden Lane. The river great lights of other days, and as such his riame is re-in son;te places can;te uP. to Pearl Street, and I have garded both by them and the older members of this been m a boat-builders shop m Water Street which industry as one eminimtly worthy of continued remem-extended out into the river. Old Mr. John Agnew owned the warer grant for illOre than a hundred feet brance and esteem. 'Mr. Charles Oakley, a veteran of alopg the river below Roosevelt Street. He had ships .ninety-one years of age, has been for thirty-eight years carrying flax-se e d to Ireland for the Irish flax culti disconnected with the tobacco interest; but in his d _ay vators and linen manufacturers. That is a branch of be was one of theiqremost in importance, as well as trade that is not now carried on here. South Street was not then built above Roosevelt. in time, of those who have shed lustre on the tobacco I was in the Virginia and Kentucky leaf tobacco trade of New York; and in the opportunity which is trade, and dealt as largely as anybody in the business. accorded him to-day of telling a part of the story of I also dealt in Connecticut leaf and in Spanish tobacco his protracted life in these columns, it is clearlyseen .and acted as agent for the Richmond manufacturers: ho'v well and how approvingly his life's rec 'ord has I a ml!-n i n ;Richmond named John Enders, an h onest, res pectable manufacturer, spinning ladies' been scanned and remembered by his later cpntempo.twist under a shed adjoining "Coot' s Ferry' house raries. We have brought him and his whilom I;J.ear the run of the .James River (this, I think wa.S ployee again, for a moment. upon the open stage, and before Mayo's Bridge was built), and told him what the h 1 h h trade wanted. He put his tobacco up for m e and I got as we follow them w l e t ey recount scenes in himsuch a reputation for it that immense quantities which they have been actors, w e realize that their were sold, and he grew rich. My impression is that. influence is still r ecognized as a factor in business tobacco was raised 1n Connecticut before it was in Vir affairs. Time has not obliterated the work they have ginia. I manufactured snuff, too, going into the business because there was such a demand for it-that Peter done; nor is it likely to do so while reverence for the and George Lorillard, whom I well knew, co uld not past is a part of human nature. w ith their great facilities, supply all the ordem Mr. collins, it will be noticed, speaks with a ll the ce ived h ere. George Lorillard was buried up in Westdirectness and conciseness gf an ttb l e .and practical chester County, near toe firm1s factory, and the stone" man still engaged in active operatiQ.ns; while Mr. that marks his grave is cut in the. shape of a snuff Oakley, facultles unimpaired, tells hls -stor y wi'th bladder, or like t h e h!llf of a n egg. 1 he Lorillards were skillful snuff manufacturers, and on'e ()f the the discursiveness and prolixity peculiar to men of ex-secrets .of their success was the way in which they treme age. The rna,;, who was born in the year in ground and scented their smiff. '!.'hey had wealth which our National c.,nstitution was adopted, who enough to control the otter-of-roses that came here the price of which article got up at one time to $40 pe1 : was sweeping the street in front his employer' s ounce, and they introduced it in their snuff. I myself store whe n Alexander Hamilton was shot, and V(ho have s 0ld ptter-of-ro ses as high as $30 per ounce, paying sent a ship to St. Helena while Napoleort was there, $25 for_it I in it once, buying $14,000 wqrth ca.n'well be excused for taking l:nore space to :qarrate of Stephen Whituey. I found Peter D. Collins working in the snuff mill of his experiences than, is require d by persons whose Jacob 'Mailand in Philadelphia, and hired him at $1 memory bridges a much shorter span. Just as r; or. $1.50 daY: to come here to charge of my Oakley talked to u s, so have we published his remarks; snuff m1lls wh1Ch I had erected m Cornelia Street and when the reader finds in th' e recollections here He-was a valu&bl assiAant to me, being 1:1 competent' faithful an,d industrious man. I never had cause tO. presented occasional uncertainty in of him while he was with me. He is rich tions out of their regular order, he must be"' n and-deserves all he has I used to that the man who is hurriedly recalling to a steno-wonder how he could stand it to work over the hot fire. BROS., Dealers h1 LEAF Chicago, m Western Cigar Manufacturers will find it tcttheir advantage to deal with us ... -1


l ",, :;?' 1' J ; -_ .......__._ -------. -2'HE TOBACCO AUG.12 NOTICE! 'lla.ving Patented as a Trade-'Mark, ..All pe::rsons are'bereby cautJqned agaim;t. the same a.s a. Brand or LAbel for Smoking and Chewing ALEXANDER MAITLAND. L. F. S MACLEHOSE. ROBERT L MAITLAND. ROBERT L. MAiifLAND &: CO, Tobacco Factors. And General Commission Merchants, 43 Broad Street, New York, AGENTS FOR THE WELL-KNOWN 0 .A :at!: E R. C> N" :&rands of Tobacco Manufactared Expressly for EXPORT TO .AUSTRALIAN and OTHER FOREIGN" PORTS: ITHANDER cAlrnRON & co AUSTRALIAN msT-8To Al'IDREWS, Jll.I!J 'I VENVS, CABLE, OU.R GA.JKE, BLA.CS: -Va.. DL\.JIOND. AUSTRALIAN LUJIPS-8IGNET OF : VIRGil\IA., VENVII. ALL T .. E RAGE, ,;;j; ; i ''"" !FLOWER OF ALL NA'HONS. 'J:JfGLISH LlJMPS:_PBINCE .ALFRED IILLI!v CAVli'l)ON & nRo AUSTRALIA)( TWIST-RAVEN, MA IJ1 JIU!Jft D ZEPPA, OBION. pe-ter'b-u.r ''Va.. 'AUSTRALIAK LUMPS-TWO SEAS, OVR CHIEF, ORION, IJfDIA.N LUMPS-HAVELOCK, CHAR liiER, 41oC, I ENGLISH LUMPS-"'7ICTOBT, KOVAL SOUTH AMilRIC::AJf,MPS-LA Dill LICIA, LA :FELICIDAD. F .. C. LINDE. C. F. LINDE. C. C HAMILTON. S. MARC!v:;O. R. ASHCROFT SHED LEAF TOBACCO INSPECTION TOBACCO INSPECTED OR SAMPLED. Ocn1Z1"try &a.D:Lpllll15 :E"'r:>D:Lp"tl.y .A."t"te:n.ded "te>. Certificates given for every case, and delivered case by case, a1 to number of Certificate. N. B.-WE ALSO SAMPlE' IN. MERCHANTS' OWN .STORES. F. C. LINDE & CO., PHILADELPHIA BRANCHES: .E. W. DICKERSOK, Corner Arch and Water Streets. JONAS n-IETZ, 64 North Front Street. IIUFFIELD, Conn.:-EDW. AUSTh'! LANC,\.STER,,.Pn.-RENRY FOREST. PRINQIPAJ, OFFICE!I-142 WA'IER STREET, and 182 to 186 PEARL STREET. W&REH"OUSEs-I42WATER. 74,76 & '78 GREENWICH STREETS, and HUDSON RIVER RAII,RO.AD DEPOT, ST JOH..'I S PARK. BENSEL & CO.. CHA'S FINXE&CO .TOBACCO INSPHCTOBS, TOBACCO WATER.STREET, 155 WATER ST., NEW YORK. ; NEW YORK. COUNTRY SAJII"PLING PROJ.'IIPTI..T ....,.,-;;-TO, SYRACUSE BRANCH ..... G. P. HIER & CO. I L t (P ) D h ELMIRA Qo .......... J R. DECKER. 1 aDea. er a. ranc s F. CUNNINGHAM, 508 W. Poplar St. IIAST WHATELY, Mass. do ...... E. BELDEN. 1 .__ ___ ....;.. __ ....:.,......;,.;., a;...,_or to F. w. Tatcenhorot & C::OJ TOBACCO AND GENERAL COIIISSION IBICHANT, 60 Broad &1i., 'York.. "!l.l".G.o.PU< CHAS.M,G.urrs:, .H>:>t&YSciiBOEDD. SAWYER. WALLACE & co., ,D. J. GARTH, SON & CO., COQISSION DRCHANTS mission Merchants No. 47 Broad street, Jlo. 44 "BROAD STREET, NEW YORK. -_;a, FA.UCON, TKOS. CA.HROI..L, Jr. :FANCY S:IIOXING PIPES -IN-BRIER AND FANCY WOODS, MANUFACTURED BY HAl\ VEY a POR.D, SALESROOM-386 & 36'7 C::AJfAL STREET, JfEW YOaK. FAc::TORY-LEDGEB PLAC::E, PIJIT.ADELPBIA. .d .. li'IRST PRIZE MEDAL, CARL ....,.EIS VIENNA. EXHIBITION", 18f3, ,.. .. MANUFACTURER, OF I :u E :m :a. so :a: au :M AND AMBER. 398 QR. AND .. r .. JfEW YORK. AND VIENNA;"' Austria. BUEHLER tc POLHAus, "Xentucky and Leaf Tob!WCO, BRIJ!R Wii[iiiiiiffii i CLAY PIPBS, W YORK. And all Kinds of SMOKERS' ATICLES. 50 BROAD ST.: NE 83 Chambers and. 65 Reade Streets, :New York _OTTINGER & I G. BEusENs, 2. H. MESSENGER & co .. KENT"UCKY BUYER OF IMPORTERS AND DEALERS IN ,. X..E.A.JI!" TC>EJ.A.OOC>, LEAF TOBACCO Cigars&licoricePaste M BBOAD S'I'JlBBT, 55 b ,, US I MAIDEN LANE, N.Y. 'Y"ork.. oroa York-. i.e&! TobacooiDBaleoand HopheadaforForelgu Markel&. A. H. CARDOZO, 'fOE!CCO & COTTON 1 AND General COIIIIllssln Merchant, .... 'Ito. 68 BaOAD ST'E*I!i THE BEST ALL-TOBACCO CIGARETTE If. Mercia-.. THE ACTS" r 1 -Iii; Tobacco Commission Merchants Tho above Br.;d of UAVANA TOBACC O CIGARETT. m&do on ly by B., BALL, STRIET, COR. OF BARCLAY, /-?---A<-50MANUPACTURER OF FINE CIGARS. Ea"ta ' J.oae. V TDTJIS 'Jr'Br'B. A IMPORTERS OF HAVANA LEAF TOBACco AND OF THJl lL PRINCIPE DE GAL!Il8 BRAND OV HA. V ANA. AND KET WEIIT CIGAR !I, 190 PEARL ST., YORK. STRAUSS, J.'IIA.N"I1FACTURER OF AR BOXES SHOW FIGURES ; IIB:l'ORTER OF A.-ft'D DEALER IN 16'1 WATER ST New York. The n.bov e Brand of Leaf Is Registered. REYNES BROTHE_RS & CO., Colllmission. Kerchants, U &. U Jb::change Jllace, N evtr 'Y e>:rk.. VEGA & BERNHEIM, IMPORTERS OF CARL UPMANN, TOBACCO -.U."DGeneral Commission Merchant, 17 8 Pearl d. L. GASSERT. J.'lii'"E'"QV "c .. EUGEIII DD BOIS, COHISSIOI MHBCmT, !rS JIB.OR"l' KEW YORK--FOX, 1JILLS & CO., Importers of SPANISH AND PACKERS OF SEED LEAF TOBCCOS 1!fS WATJIB. ST:aB'1', NEW YORK, B. M. CRAWFORD, IMPORTER 41 DEALER JN LEAF TOBACCO; 1es Water Street, P.o. BOX 3U9. NEW YORK: M. H. LIVIN, HAVANA AND DEALER IN ALL KINDS OF LEAF TOBACCO, 1&2 Pearl Street, llew York. II. NJtlT.BVRGJtR, R. : .Neuburger. & Importers of SP AJfiSH and Deo.leniJn LEAF TOBACCO; COliiiMISSIOJf MERCHANTS -.U.."D-- PACKERS OF SEED LEAF, 172 Water street, New York. H. KOENIG, WHOLESALE DEALER IN No. 329 Bowery; New York. SCHOVERLING BROS., A LJ. KINDS OF SEED LEAF-TOBACCO 142 St., New 9"""' PacJd ng House in New ?dilton:I. Conn. -' W. 8e-"fiDILING & CO. LEAF TOBACCO, 184 Front Street, I XIIlll7 1r0aa! rooAcGo PLANT: E. SPINGARN & co., A MONTHLY JOtrRNAL for Smokers. Published at lito 10 LORD IEiSOI STREET, LIVERPOOL EIBWD. HAVANA & DOMESTIC TOBACCO. Price r_wo ,Shillings ("EngUsh) per Annum. No. 5 BURLINC SL.IP, Whe"' SubocriptioDamaJ' '"-acldreqed,or to ''1'1011 TOBAC::OO OJI'li'ICE, NE.t,R WA,TERSTREET. Pp .A101'11111. POBTAGJ: 'pAID. NEW"-YORK. & &LD-RA.IIJ'CMJII ... 8PI1f8ol.d a HELME RAILROAD MILLS MACCABOY SNUFF, FRENCH RIPPEE SCOTCH SNUFF, AMERICAN GENTLEMAN SNUFF, LUNDY FOOT SNUFF. ALSO MANUFACTURERS OF THE FOLLOWING BRANDS OF l'"I1RB VIR&INIA SIOIIN& TOBACCO. VIA: RAILROAD, OUR CHOICE, COL:ORADO, UNCLE TOM, NAVY CLIPPINCS, BLACK TOM. 133 WATER AND 85 PINE STREETS. NEW YORK. Fe>:r Pr:loe X..:l8"t>r appl.y as a'be>-ve. J, CHA.S. APPLEBY, GEO, W. / G. BEISMAlVII', Commission Merchant, -' ... AlfD DtALaR lJI ALL IUifDS o LEAF T .OBACCO, 188' lPeaz'l. 1Btlreet, ._, NEW YORK4 N. LACBENBRUOH .. i .lBO., No. Water Street, New York, HAVANA & DOMESTIC Leaf Tobacco. LICHTENSTEIN BROS., PACKERS AND DEALEIIII IN LEAF TOBACCOS, I 17 MAID.N LANE, :Dil'"e"PV 'T'or:J.. &. C>R.Q.LER., IILUiUF ACT!JRER 011' FINE CIGARS, AND DEALER IN LEAF TOBACCO, 2a5 & 297 Greenwich St., New Yort lily DraDtla:-" CUBA LIBRE, "OLIIIAX,"


AUG. J2 JACOB RIIIELL, MANUFACTIJR.U 81' CIGAR ..... BOXES, AND JOBBERS IN ALL KINDS OF LEAF TOBACCO, M _A:U AND ll'o. U'O WAI!'IIB Sl!l'B.BIIT, XBW YOB.K, Prime Quality of _!JOJII!Ecri.ClJT SEED LEAF WIUPPER OF OlJR OWN PACJUKG, CEDAR -wooD, .. S'l'R.AXTON & sag3, 295 & St., MANUFACTURERS OF CIGARS; 1ft'. PllllTERSBURG,JIIOSCOW. WA.n-1 SAW, Dft.ESDENa OW YORK. i'. o. Box.,86. BASCH & FISCHER, IKPORTERS OF HAVANA mn Lfipc:TDOBAGCD. 155 Water St., auKaiilnLau, NEW YORK. Tho Gorman-Amort can Bank I>OWALL ST., NEW YORK. Capital, Sl ,000,000. EYery facility &tforded to Dea.iers ana Correspondents L"Onsistent with Sound Banking. H. ROCHOLL, President. i B. p, RljlADING, Cashier. E p. GILSO .. S. E. TBUMPSOR & CO., AID COTTU ltneral CommlssiiNI ltroh11ts, 54 & s6 BROAD ST.," AND ALSO MANUFACTURERS OF SEMI-CIGARS. 0. .. ll 8688 l'IEW TOJUE. -:) p L u G. PLANET NAVY .. l.a, X, 3 a ot:s, 5a, 6 a 7, 8&, 9a, lOa. WM. FRIEDLAENDER, JOSEPH SICHEL. 8AILOR'8 CHOICE, la, );a. 3a, 4:a. & .. 6a. 7, 8a, 9 a.,JOa. CHALLENGE, lbs. WASHINGTON, I( a. NEPTtlNE, Double" ek. brt. drk. MAGGIE W FRIEDLAENDER & Co MITCHELL. NARRAGANSETT. ALEXANDRA. SEN> ruN. FLOVNDERS. m BVCRANAN, lOa .JAC& OF CLVBS. KING PHILIP. < 'PE A;ND APRICOT. IJI(CONQ.UERED.. "A..CM.E" Jraney Briaht Poau. TECVl'l. h. I-I, 101 PEBBL:&U. Wholnale Dealen In PALM. GOLD BARB-;-PlUDE OJI' THE POI"lOC'l' PIECES. :EJ:.A V .A.N' .A. ----W'A."''T"'r :JPI%:N3 00'1' 025E::BI'VCI'ODN'G. -.u'D :mPORTEl:n. .A. 't'ten. 't1e>n. 0 0 TS KIMMEL & Patent Tobacco Coloring And Causes No Loss In Weight by Oust. Warrantecl DOl lo su Pl.-.-or, Qnallt7 or BnrJllnc. :111-ver:v J!WI:a:n. ho-u.:Lcl. 5:1. -ve :1. -t a PRICE, $35. Boxing and Shipping, $1.50. BUEHLER & ""POI.H A US, -aox.::m ..a.o-::mm-Ta, 610 East ifT;;:teenth St., SaaplePree. No. 83 STREET, NEW YORK. p; LORIIJ.ABD a CO. A:WARDED BIGHFBT KEDALS FOR TOBACCO BAGGING. -: IMITATION SPANISH LINEN, ... -.McKillOP & SPRAGUE CO. H .c. ba,.Tobacco. Alto,. complete assortment of Th c A R IIIIC( 0 1s u! 462 ratiDga of merchants. ....... to 468 Broadway' lfew York. Associated Olllces of the principal cities ol the ::s United States, Great Britain France and Germany. t) ED. WlSCHliEYER, HY. WISCH:MEYER. :::: 4) ED WISCHM EX'ER & CO., et... _e T <> El .A. 0 C <> j;i;i -COMMISSION, MERCHANTS, 39 SOUTH CAlVERT ST.. Baltimore, M:d. OFFICENo. Ill FIRST ST., JERSEY CITY, N. J. New Yort 114 Oftloe aucl Salearoom. l'-t.lOHN S. SUTPHEN'S, 53 Whitehall Street. N.Y. K,.


) .. 4 THE TOBACCO LEAF. as he d1d at pan duty espeCially ThiS was somewhere .between 1825 and 1830 The manufacturers at the trme of which I speak "Were the Lorillards .Mrs G B Mtller Christian Lilienthal s father and myself In 1806 I was m Rich mond and met Peter Lortllard there who could not find such tobacco as he wanted He dtdn t hke fire cured< tobaCco and 1t was difficult to get anythmg else I alwjlys however to find some to SUit him On the sbuthwest1corner of Broadway and Mruden Lene there used to be a biscuit baker named Bogert and my father used to stop m front of hiS door to sell hiB chernes Several of tpe streets m the southern of the City were namt>d after the vestrymen of 'Triinty Church that corporation ownmg a large tract uf land there About 1807 there was a tobacco firm named Abrahams m Broad Street below Pearl an"tl near the old Broad Street market The firm comprised three brothers Moses Samuel and Emanuel There was another manufacturer on the east Side of the city named Patrick Manahan and the Agnews did some thing I behave m manufacturmg tobacco There was an old ctgar manufacturer m Roosevelt Street named Peter Wynkoop who was a vert mce old gentleman Ctgar manufacturmg commenced herem about 1807 The Cigar makers were mamly French people who came here from St Donungo bemg dnven here by the revolutiOn and arnvmg m Amencan vessels m destitute conditiOn Some of them bought leaf tobac co of me and I took cigars which they made m pay ment until they got gomg for themselves One old woman I remember made such good ctgars that I took all she made Then cigar malung or the bulk of It got mto the hands of lrtshmen and Spanmrds Commtsston merchants about that trme were large receivers of tobacco I bOught the first lot of Kentucky tobacco that came here lll'8$ tQ the of Gibraltar and subsequently sold to the fiShermen at fishmg yorts "ThQ heavii!fi man m trade then was Divte Betb.une, Co:fJee &se S!ip James Boorman of Boorman & Johnson who sue ceeded Bethune was another prommellt tobacco man There was another large firm of tobacco merchants styled Walslr& Gallagher When the war of 18U broke out the Kentucky people sent their tobacco here and recerved advances on It Some of them I knew The manufacturers of plug tobacco here were James and W1ll1am Bryar-who made twiSt and spun roll WillJ.alll Gilbert and Richfield Mott I was m Vtrgrma at the ttme of Jefferson selectiOn as President of the Uwted l3tates and I travelled with John Randolph on his electiOn tours Returnmg agam to my boyhood after I became an orphan I may say that the man who adopted me was a Mr Butler and he took me to :Elizabeth Ctty N C which had one store and a court house In passmg through the Dismal Swamp on horseback I was made siCk by the movement ot the horse over the corduroy roads and the prevruling fever I was about siX days m gomg from Ehzabetli to Norfolk and back home and saw but one white man and one house gomg and commg I went to Norfolk for a check of the first Umted States bank to rennt to New York There had been a great freshet and the consequence was the roads were very bad and the vermm had crawled mto the bushes and as I rode along every now and then a great hzard would drop from the branches upon my face When I got to Noi folk and saw the people I thought they were Indtans they looked so yellow from the qumme they usll,d I remember while m County showmg a red silk bandanna handkerchief to a .YOung lady .Mtss Srmtbpayn hwh was much admired by her She asked me to gtve It to her which I dtd and. she after ards picked 1t to pieces spun the shreds w1th cotton ..:and wove It< mto a d1 ess for herself When Bonaparte a prlSoner at St Helena I bought a shtp called tis Marmwn whwh had been a Frenc h packet run between New York and Havre filled her wtth goo4s, and under command of a man named Hart sent ber to that Island She returned m four and a half months; bJIDf!mg back 000 in MexiCan silver wbtch I sola m this City at nme per cent premmm to be melted up and comed mto Spamsh mill dollars At that t1me shtps for India were fitted out m cash w1th Spawsh mill dollars exclusively I put up 10 000 pounds of snuff for export once the :particulars concermngwhtcb were somewhat amusmg fhe BDuff was to be made by sample The captam of -'the by whwh It was to be taken to Its destma tum brought me the exact measurement of the casks 'into whicn It was to be put and such other details as It was necessary to know m order to make 1t 1n 1m1ta .tion of a certain brand of formgn snuff I turned to Mr Collms who was then wtth me and asked Can we make that snuff Mr Collins We can try Mr CCIIlins yromptly replied and we went to work at It WilJl. al our efforts we could not for a ttme make 1t WE!I,8h as much as the sample our tobacco not havmg the reqUISite speCific gravity I took up a handful and by accident threw 1t along with some pipe clay mto a pa1l of and soon the sll'uff was at the top and the clay at the oottom of the pall The problem was solved We then knew how to make the snuff as hew1'3" as the sample and we dtd so That snuff went "till 'ftle Western 18lands and I never heard of It agam until I received my pay for It from the city firm through whiCh the order for 1t WB!! gtven Vtrgtma leaf used to be rolled to market 110metrmes great distances Feloes and p1ns were attached to the hogsheads and they were dragged along by horses after the manner of road rollers the tobacco often recetvmg much InJUry go around trymg to find a buyer ,It uaed on four months time at about 10 cents a pounsl IPld before purcbasmg It the boxes were etr1pped off and the actual tobacco was wmghed and. :MINOR EDITORIA.LB .AID :NIWS ITEKS FOR SALE =-A fresh supply of 100 00,0 pounds genu me DEERTONGUE fiavor for smokmg tobacco manu facturers m lots to sUit purchasers at lowest figures MARBURG BROS 145 147 and 149 S Charles Street Baltimore .Md FAILURE OF R .M BISBOP & Co -The failure of the great Cmcmnati grocery house of R .M Bishop & Co offers additiOnal evtdence tf any more were needed of the busmess depressiOn for Home time prevailmg Some of our friends m the tobacco and ctgar trades we are sorry to see, are sufferers by this latest and least expected misfortune THE ITALIAN CONTRAOT -An artiCle 1D the Mont tore delle Strade dated Rome July 24 sars -The rumors are that the Italian co mterested Regtes wlli be Bides the contracts Issued for Kentucky tobacco foF the current year make some additiOnal acquisitiOns of that sort W e can gtve the pos1t1ve assurance 'that such mformat10n IS erroneous In view of the crop of Vtrgrma of this year the quality of which IS more appreCiated by consumers m Italy a larger quan t1ty of this sort (some 6 ooo or 7 000 tons) has been contracted for causmg a reduction of the requrrements from other States MORRIS ELLER AND THE CIGAR IMPORTERS -8ome body havmg started the report that New York cigar Importers were enabled by favoritism m the Custom House to 1m port Havana Cigar& at lower rates of duty than thetr-fellow bldesmen m other Cities a Spectal TJ."'l&sury Agent assisted by the renowned Morns Eller as mformer and expert baa mstalled himSelf 1t IS 8ald m th6" Apprl\$r s Oftice n this ctty 1s subJectmg the Cigar merchants to a good deal of annoyance and ex\)ense by advancmg the duties on some of their m voices upon the plea that the Cigars have been mvowed below the market prwe The rmporters are about as much astomshed to find such a man as Eller 1n the :revenue servtce here as they are to see an attempt made to Impugn their mtegr1ty without any JUstlflca t10n for 1t Is tbitJ civil serviCe or what IS It! Can anybody telH We shall probably refer to this matter again DESTRUCTION OF EI\IPTY CIGAR BOXES -Letters were recetved a few days smce from the CommlSSioner of Internal Revenue by the collectors m this City and Brooklyn callmg their attentiOn to section 3406 of the Revised Statutes and ordermg that all empty c1 ar boxes found on the premises of any retail dealer had been used and the stamp on whiCh had not been enttre1;r obliterated should be destroyed On Monday last this work commenced and has been contmued thus far as we are mformed bY. Collector Bfake s deputies Without any oppositiOn from the dealers The number of places embracmgrestaurantslLotels hquordealers and retail ctgar stores and druggtsts as can be rmagmed IS very large but we are mformed that the work of destructiOn Will be carried on until the whole are V18Ited It bas been claimed that the existence of the empty boxes wtth the stamps but partially destroyed has been one of.. the means whereby the Gov llrnment has been defrauded of a portwn of Its revenue through the facility afforded tor refilling and this movement has bee n maugurated so that this system of fraud can be no longer contmued We are m formed that the order has been all collectors We called on a few of the better class of dealers m the lower part of the ctty and found that they made. no use of the empty boxes except to }:llace them m their wmdows or on their shelves signs and but for this advantage thev had no obJeCtiOn to theu bemg destro) ed I he officers wtth whom we coti versed upon the ubJect did not antiCipate any senous opyositjon to the successful carrymg out of the Com miSSioners ord"ers BUSINBSS MENTION MR JOHN S HILLMAN fonnerly ot. thiS City but more lately domg busmess m Rwhmond Va bas re turned to th1s c1ty and has opened a tobacco manu facturers agency at 80 Front Stree'f THE PATENT CABINET CIGAR DESK: -Me&SfS He1l bronner & Josephs manufacturers of ctgars 358 Bowery this crty are tbe paten teet of .the above nov elty A few weeks !!gO we referred to this handsome artiCle givmg a full desCl'l}ltwn of rt Smce then Messrs H &; J mform uathat through the attractive appearance of the desk their trade bas been largely mcreased STILL ENLARGING -The emment firm of Wm W1cke & Co manufacturers of CJitll.l boxes and all kiDde of Cigar nbbone 153 161 Goerck Street this City have agam mcreased their manufacturmg facilities by add mg another buildmg to their already extensive fa.c\ory the new bUildmg to be used for the purpose of sei\ing up additiOnal weavmg stools so as to meet the m creased demand for thetr cigar nbbons Mesars Wicke & lJo a few years ago commenced the making of Spamsb German and Amencan mga-r ribbons and by constant Improvement have btought ihe1r produc twns on an equality w1th the finest Imported goods 'l:hts firm are the largest man'uf.acturers of iliese art1c1es 1n this country An old Vrrgm1a mspect10n law condemned and de .creed to be burnt leaf tobacco that was put up m too Infiiogement of the "Durham Bull" Trade-" htgh case and that law Mr Enders of whom Mark J111ent10n bas been made at my suggestion caused to be repealed The manufacturers used to put up spun rollm boxes like cheese bo:xes and sell It by the yard etc but Enders and I established the custom of pack mg 1t m convement pteces m kegs I retired from busmese 111 1840 RECOLLEOTIONS OF PETER D COLLINS I came from Phtladelphta m 1823 and am now 77 :years of age My first emy loyment was wtth Charles Oakley I remamed wtth him for three years. When I aru.ved m the City I weht to Mr Oakley s store m Front Street and asked htm If be dtd not want a man to make snuff He answered No I started to go out ;and he then mqUired where I came from I told him I came from Philadelphia and had been workmg there In Mr Matland s snuff mill He then mqmred bow much I could make a day and when I told him he was surprised at the quantity which was much .more than he was makmg He thereu.Pon employed me at $9 per week I mtroduced some tmorovements In his machmery and contmued to work for him to h1s and my own satisfactiOn until I commenced bust ness for myself I opened a grocery store at the corner of North-now Houston-and Willett Streets, and re mamad there two years Then I took a \)lace m Grand Street and commenced to flUt tobacco m conJunctiOn wtth the manufacture of ctgars and contmued there for about five years when I secured a store m Front Street and became a dealer m leaf tobacco I went to Front Street somewhere about 1836 and prosecuted busmess there for about fifteen years when I pretty much gave up busmess Smce then I have not done m.uch m leaf tobacco except as I have handled 1t after ibecommg c<>nnected wtth the manufactory of Mrs G B Miller which I now own When I came here Charles Oakley 'Villiam Agnew Alexander Mullen and Richard and Cornelius Oakley were the pnnc1pal persons engaged m the leaf-Vtrgmta-tobacco trade The tobacco cutters then were the Lortllards, Mrs G B Miller Mr L1henthal George Schotts ana Charles Somgbts ""'rhere was also a man named ChriStopher Radcliff who used to cut tobacco but not much The prme1pal dealers m Vrrgmm plug tobacco were lor nelms Dubms Jobn Wilson and Thomas Irvms Du .\lots took m as a partner Isaac Storm cousm of Stephen Storm who afterwards became wealthy Stephen Storm cut tobacco m Front Street JUSt by Old Shp and his place was burnt down m the great flre of1835 The most promment Cigar manufactory that started' up after mme was run .by Henry & Warn!lr m the Bowery In those days we all used St Dommgo wrappers and Cubji. fillers for makmg Cigars Very httle Jiavana leaf came here then and the priCe was very btgh the best wrappers sellmg for $2 50 per pound Vugtma tobacco bad been commg here before my time but Kentucky was a new State and not much was known of 1ts tobacco what Kentucky arnved here was generally called Vtrgtma tobacco and many "foreigners even to this day ask for leaf ID.stead of Kentucky not realizmg the technical differ ence between the two varieties VIrgtma leaf came here put up m hogsheads JUSt as It does now only that mto the heads of the hogsheads pegs were drnen to whiCh the harness traces of horses were attached[ :when m the absence of drays or trucks as we cal them they were drawn from the docks to the stores or elsewhere J'he q1.1antity arnvmg here at that time was comparatively small ro reach thiS market 1t was sent down the MississipJ;H now It IS mamly sent oy railroad After a while they commenced to send Seed leaf here and the pnnCipal firm deahng"in It was Havens & Suydam It was brought here m c ases the owner accompanymg the goods who would The exammat10n m the case of the Umted States vs Andrew J Purcell held before Umted States CommlB s10ner Wmslow was concluded Tuesday and the pnsoner was held m the sum of $500 to await the action of the Grand Jury The prisoner was arrested under the act of Congress approved August 14 1876 to pumsh the counterfettmg or trade-marks, and was charged 'Wlth bavmg sold OJI the 30th day of May 1878 packages of smokmg tobacco to wh1ch vas affixed a colorable ImitatiOn of the celebrated trade mark of Messrs W T Blackwell & Co whiCh trade mark 18 known as the Genume Durham Smokmg Tobacco with a s1de view repreeentat10n of a Durham bull It was shown m evidence that on the 30th day of May 1878 the prisoner sold to Messrs Costello & Carolan at No 304 Bond :Street Brooklyn packages of spunous Durham tobacco It was also proved that the pnsoner had been notified by Messrs Allen & Co of New York agents of Messrs W T Blackwell & Co to desist from dealing m spuriOus Durham tobacco and that a few days after bemg thus notified the pns was arrested for manufactunng spur10us Durham tobacco and that this was hts second offence The pnsoner was exanuned m his own behalf and swore that he had no reco'llect10n of bavlng sold spurious Durham tobacco to MeBBrs Costello & Carolan that the store at No 304 Bond Street m which the spur10us D1,trham was alleged to have been sold did not belong to hrm that he ha_d no mterest whatever etther m the busmess carried on there or m the profits reahzed from 1t that the store and busmess belonged to one Henry Malhns who IS now m Europe for hiS health and that durmg the absence of Malhns he (the pr1s oner) attended to the store as an accommodatiOn to the propnetor who lB the brother of the priSOners wtfe Several witnesses were exammed on behalf of the prtsoner m corroboratiOn of his testimony Under this state of facts Mr John J Allen counsel for the pnsoner contended that the prisoner was not gwlty He msiSted that the prtsoner was not the pro pnetor of the store at which the tobacco was sold that he had no mterest m the goods sold or m the profits of the sale and merely acted on the occasion as the unre munerated agent of H.enry Mallms the owner of the store and that the pnnc1pal and not the agent was guilty under the act He further InslSted that the,.act required that It be shown that the prisoner sold the to bacca the to defraud and t:llat the prDsecu t1on1Iad utterly fruled to prove such an mtent on the part of tbe prisoner -In reply Mr Ovtde Dupre counsel for Messrs W T Blackwell & Co and t'epresent!l:lg the U,uted States contended that the prisoner--had vtolated all the conditiOns of the first sect10n of the act Df Con greBB that It was conceded by the pnsoner s counsel that the label affixed to the packages of smokmg to bacco sold by the prisoner on the 30th day of May 1878 was a colorable rm1tat10n of the trade-label ot Messrs W T Blackwell & Co that It was _patent that this lffiltatwn was well calculated to decmve the pubhc masmuch as 1t IS m every essential particular srmiiar to the trade label of the registrants 1 that the priSoner was well aware that the packages or smokmg tobaccowhichhe soldon.May30 1878 werenotthegen ume goods manufactured by Messrs Blackwell & Co masmuch as he himself admitted on the cross examma t10n that be had manufactured and labelled the very packages he then sold that as to the argument of de fendant s counsel that the prtsoner s mtent to defraud had not been proved he would ask the learned coun sel whether the effect of the prisoners act was not to defraud Messrs W T Blackwell & Co whether the owners of a duly registered trade mark had not been defrauded when the prisoner sold packages of tobacco to whfch was affixed a colorable umtat10n of thetr trade mark and whether It 18 not a well known prm mple of law that an mtent to debaud mav always be presumed where the effect of the act commttted by the party IS to defraud another party more espeCially when 1111 m-tbts case the-priSOner COJilmitted the act after bemg duly notified of Its character notified of the rights of the not1fied of the ex1stem e and proVISIOns of the statute under which he prosecu ted and furthermore the prisoner had hefore been ar rested for and convicted of p1ratmg the very same trade mark of the Messrs Blackwell & Co And that as to the mam argument of the pnsoner s counsel and that on which he seemed to rest hts defence to wtt That the prtsoner acted on the occas10n merely as the agent of Henry Malhns the proprietor of the store and the owner of the tobacco sold and the prm ctpal and not the agent was gmlty under tile statute counsel for the prosecution remarked th3t 1t was an entirely new doctnne to hrm that there could be any agency In the perpetratiOn of crimes and would re spectfully request the learned counsel for the prisoner to refer htm to any authonty that countenances such a novel doctrme At the <:oncluswn of Dupre s argument Assistant DistriCt Attorney Hall stated that It IS h18 purpose to enforce rigidly the prov1s10n8 of the act of Congress under whwh the prisoner was arrested So that let all the mfrmgers of trade marks beware MIScellaneous European Tobacco News The German GoTernment bas appointed mere commiss ouers who are to be aeot to tbe United StatM on a journey of inspection to study and report on the worklq of the Untt&d States tnterna re,.enue Q'Wtem, With special reprd to ltl appUcation to the tobacco manufac turfnr' IDd\Utry When the com.mlastoners are to $-art on their voyage is not stated. (One ot these commissioners. who was appointed and sent over here in ad.'t'ance-Coun.sellor Graefr-it lriU be remembered died re cently whlle ln Utah and hill body about a week ago '111ra8 sent back to Germanr) To illustrate the extent &Dd importance of eo me of the branch lndustrtea in Germanr the lollowtng tW'olshed. by the Clgar box Man uta. tu ers A.ssociaCion at Hsnsu msy 1erve According o thl1 there are n OE!!rms.ny thirty fh'e hrge cigar" box manu!act&rlee repr aenting a cap ta.J of 2,809 OOJ marla.8. are emPloyed whose wages per year amount t.o 489 000 mark3 1 M 000 marks are annua y expended for the raw nate a (wood wb e tho goods (bet,xes) nanurac tured therefrom are valued at 2M& 600 mar,la5 The! numbe or c Jga-r boxs manu!actured per year 1S lllli:! O J J of wh ch 637 000 are ei ported The new Y appointed Gern an lnqtu y Comm ss oners recently availed or an y to e.s:amlne a.n A m e r can expert They sum none d M ot Ill U :llled Slat .. rre .. u y Department Xr Poesche wulkJ upon tho Commlllsloners dunug ll<,.eral of their ses sions, to expla n to them the Amencao internal revenue system and ts workings On the 22<1 of la!t mooth the A.mencan expert took his from the m embe rs o! the Comallssion. The We1er Ze tu g says that Mr Poeeche has accepted ulnlitat Oll of Prince BJ.Smar c k to call on him at Kiasingen. Under the ausplceo of quite a number of lead ng English tlnns a convention of tobacco manufacturers and dealers ofl Great Brita n has been called whlch was to meet In London during the first part of the m onth The object wae to take into consiSeratlon the Engl s h tobacco tax and the conditio n of the Eng Ish cigar manutactur ng ndustry n view of the approaching ch:lnge m the eustoms regulations, whic h are to take effect on h e 1st o t October Prl ce BLSma c k t Is repor e d bas abandoned plan o! a. Govern ment tobacco monopoly owing to the unsatisfactory results or the Par liamentary e actions Be LS J..Dclined to try the English system w th some modifications These modlftcation.s t lB stated are such that some 100 000 small producers would soon be compel ed to g e up tobacco cu t vat on A,FranoO"--Amen an conterence met a t the G and Hotel Pans during the past "1\ieek to take nto on.s de at on a en.ty or commerce between France and the Uruted Siates. There w ure fort')' AJ:D.e can delegates prese t and n early every French Chamber or Comme oewaa rep esented The convention organized by t.he elect o n of M Fq1cher Decarell as cha rma.n on the part ot the French and Mr Pol ock for tlre American s ide A memorial with a draft. of a treaty was s11bmltted aqd referred to a comm ttee of s xteen woluding tht:! tollowmg Ame r can members Roosevelt ot New York Appleton ot Bo:1ton Hodges ot. Baltimore Ltmet of New Orlean! Freeman ot. Philadelphia Karst ot St LoulB Wellton of Charleoton and YotllljJ ot Atlanta.. T.I8TUIONT BuoBE TBJ: Hcwrrr Coxxrrru: -A .. tiwng a. lll.l\8liJ of testi mony volunteered by a motley array of theorists and rero :men before the during t.he -.le days of 1.8 .,....on at the Post omce to mvesiigate the causes p! al a.od. ndustr al de )X'eSS on the statemenl:8 or one co n naoded. attent on These were those cigar maker Btmseer obsen'll.&:ioils 1ve:r6 conft'n e d to the con dililon oil the c.arar .lllaDUfaotur1n&' tuddd\oy in the Uwted States and whoee state menta wel'e bued on information o)ltained from the local Wl101111 of clpr mat ora In varioua pori. dt the country (Mr Slraaeer Is tbepresldent ottbe C....tral Union of Clpr-malgar& Bin "' 1870 ha8 been taking gnlater proport1o1111 from yeat to year CODdltlon or the wookmen he aesumea. elllplo;red at c gu making has become more and more distressing lD 1870 tbe ma11u1ae&ure ot clg'11n1Dtill& cotmtr:r amo-.J to 1 143 m!lllIa :wn, I 1!00 mllllon.o In 1811. 1,800 mllllon.o ln limo, I 967 ml!llons ..ct ln ltr.6, I 008 mlllioftll The -among the clgar....,kers ho deocnbed as being so great dla.t in the course ot a month four s w ides had oc urred m t.hls city 'R.nd DO leas tliati I'Wen-,. 'In the-State to tbe nability of v ctlm& to earn their sut.istehe!le. .. He aacrfbed this sta.t.e of &l'l''8 to Cb.inese labor P. Cali.t:orn a a.nd to tbe tenen ent house sysiem ot ctgar 1ll8il tfacture In l'Ce\\ Ybrk He submimed a lUst ot 1 26S fami.ties employed at cigar making in teMilllent houaee this c ty and he recom. mended thai;& law be p-.1 by Congreoa prwrldlng that no llceue& b6 granted for tenement-boUM-after neD May lternal Revenue Receipts The Internal Revenue receipts for the fiscal year endmg Juue 30 1878, show a decnlalle as compared with the p:revtous ye&r of $7 905 868 The companson of the two years IS a.r. follows I8'17 I878 Decreaoe. In-.. .., 4811 430 $110 420JSilil 17 048llli' .. Ul6,M'O 40 1 022 018 g 4llO !Ill $1116,l!llll a Bll9 7'29 8 337 698 I08 681 7 IM,-1 46,.512 Total SUI 088 3l6 S8 408 643 Decreueln 1878 $7 868. There was a decrease from manufactured chewmg and smokmg topacc& of $2 740 139 and an mcrease from Cigars and cigarettes of $61i7 948 The number of pounds of chewmg and smoking iobacco was 25 3.12 933 and the number of tax paid mgars was 1 905 063 743 and of Cigarettes 165 or a total of CigaJ:S and cigarettes of .2 070 253 SS7 Special Crop Reports to The Tobacco Leo'' NEW YORE B'fl Flats .Auq&&Bt 10 -W H.. L. reports -The fine growmg weather for tobacco contmues and aome growers have already commenced harvestmg The green worm does nolO' make such fearful ravages as last year and 1f we escape a hail storm the crop will be much 110under than last year The growers of thlS valley are to hold a basket piCruc at Hiawatha Island on Thursday August 111 The programme a boat ndeon an elegant steanier musiC and a dance A grand trme IS anticipated CONifECTJOUT Wnuisor Hartjard Co .Auguat II -H reports -How httle one dreams of the mighty changes to be met wtth m a few hours In all probability iliere was the best crop of tobacco standmg m the Connecticut Valley last Sunday mommg that there has been m the last ten years but alas m the evemng there was the raggedest one ever for there was one of the most terrific ball storlllll m the Valley that ever has been known taking m an area of about ane mile m width at the begmmng and epreadmg out to mntJ mtles m wtdthJ travelmg from west to east from New Hartford on tne west to Ellington on the east bemg over thirty miles m length and rummg all the wrap pers m the crop where 1t fell some few bmders and fillers will be left I will send you a complete list of the unfortunate towns when I complete my travels m them VIRGINIA Farmmlle Prince Edward Co .August 6 -C W R reports -Smce my last the tobacco crop has rmproved very much We have had good r&IllS and 1f the present se&$onable weather contmues we will have some fine tobacco next year Our market remams about the same Danmlle .August 9 -J R P wntes as follows -Durmg last veek the wnter was Ill three fine tobacco growmg m North Carolma, and also through five counties m Vtl"ll'lnta The growmg cro:p bas '!.rn prpved very much Since my last report which IS due to the many good showers of ram smce about the 20th of 'July If tl;t.e weather should remam seasonable t!J,e cl"Qpfl housed we may expect the growmg crops to exceed tlie of almost every mem ber of the trade Sates for the month of July 1877 1 664. 759lbs-average fll 04l 511les for month of July 1878 2 635 652 lbs-average 89 NORTH CAROLINA Knap of Reeds Granmlle Co .AugUBt 3-D T re ports -On the second day of August we had a destruc ttve bail storm eight miles wtde and forty m length and how much further we cannot tell It ran through the finest tobacco reg10n m the world entuely destroy mg the most of 1t and badly mJurmg the rest Prospect Htll Caswell Co .August 1 J T B re ports -The tobacco crop IS unprovmg smce the ram last week but I don t thmk a full crop can be made A great deal bas run up and bloomed too low to make good tobacco. KENTUCKY Earles P 0 Muhlenhurg Co .August 7 -M & E report -8mce our last report the tobacco crop has not done well only a half crop IS planted At first we had too much ram and too dry weather so we cant make more than one third of a crop and that wtll be of poor quality Planters say It d1d not start off right Cadtz Trtgg Co .August 6 -J F W reports Smce my last the weather has been very hot wtth but very little ram m some localities There have bee n some heavy local rams m some places mostly m Lyon and Caldwell Counties All that can be truthfully satd of the tobacco crop IS that 1t 18 a miBerable failure and there are worms enough m thiS sectiOn to eat up two such crops they are very numerous The tobacco blossoms before 1t IS large enough to top Mayfield GraveB Co .August S .-W J .M reJ,>Orts The outlook for a crop 1s somewhat better this week than last week there havmg been several good rams but the seasons will ha\'e to conimue good to secure 7o per cent of an average cro:p, _Judgmg from all the mformatlon I haya gathered week But tak1ng thmgs mto consiCI'eratiOn 1t IS bard to tell how the crop will pan out there are so many different re ports commg m daily HISSOURI Keytesmlle Co .Augusto -G M D reports -Tobacco IS makmg a very rapid growth rhe weather IS all that could be deSired-hot .and wet All late tobacco IS very leafy On Sunday last a hall storm utterly destroyed some 150 acres of tobacco w1thm ten miles of this place The thermometer has ranged above 70 at sunrise for the last thirty days Buslness New Fums and Removals BELLEFONTE PA -Otto & Co Ctgars dissolved CmcAoo ILL -J H Fost r & Co C gars sold out FAIRFIELD ILL -Karr & Scott 0 gars d ssolved Morns Karr cont nues JACKSON Mi e n -W De }feyer Tobacco out of busmess NEw Yonx -.&f M Smilb C gar Manufaclmer sold out to Isaac L Smtth Henry Stahl & Bro Ctgars dissolved Henry Stahl con I DUCS PmLADELPHrA P -Edward .&fori s Bat e s Ctgars deceased SPRINGFIELD MASS -N B Clark Tobacco sold out toM P Rogers ST MAnn PA -Sosenhetmer & Tobacco d ssolved Tegler ret red GuA.Ncu: Mo -A Qmscnburg General Store-Tobacco Manufactmer-Tobacco Warehouse burned tnsured RoLLA Mo -K rk Long & E I nt Tobacco Manufacturers d ssolved SALT Lnu: CITY UTAH TER -Carter Evans & Co Cigars and 'I obacco dtssolved Thos Carter cootmues Patent OtHce Report FOR THE WEEK ENDING JUNE 18 1 TRADE MARKS REGISTERED Smoking Tobacco Allen & Dunnmg Paterson N J The words 'l'he Captam and the cut o r likeness of Mr Stephen Allen Smokmg ttrid Chll'W'tng Tobacoo and Snuff ;James M Gariliner New York The word Impe rtal and a shield with the letter G m the centre I!Uch shield by a crown Chewmg ;I'.oQo.coo R A.. Patterson & Co Rwhmond Vii. The-shield held above clouds m the beak of an eagle ,as shown McCoy & Co New York The arbitrarily selected words W estenn Queen Snuff Cathenne De RoJel' Rochester N Y The words De RoJer s and the monogtam C De R with the crown upon the top or over the monogram Plug TobacCo Merchants Tobacco Co Boston Mass Man or Kntght m armor on horseback and carrymg a fiag castle m the background with the title or word-symbol Ctgm sand Cigarettes Loms Ash & Bro New Yo1k The arbitrarily se lected words F1ve Twenties DESIGNS Tobacco Bags Wm J Cuseen Rtchmond Va Cigar Box Stockhausen and Walter Becklmd New (Cantmued fnym Fifth Page ) ROod order they do not pttch m brash enough to elevate pr ces We quote same as last week but a d18posltion towards lnstde figures Crop reports are very much mxed We have been local nuns through different parts of thts State and souther!; Indiana 1t was badly needed 10 some sectwns whtle other sections have been complammg about too much wet weather Qootatwns are unchanged Receipts Saturday 150 hbds sales 111 hhds chaDged. Rammg [Thts1Vip0rt f'eatMd m /()() iau f

AUG.12 THE TOBACCO THE DOMESTIC TOBACCO MARKETS MerchantsDispatchCo.. 8 facturersofourUnion. Besidestbis;therecannotbetheleast W m. P. Clyde & Co. . 971 34 doubt that tbe innovation is no improvement. for the reason FOR THE WEEK ENDING c. that.i.t will be the meaoa of perpetrating all kiu.ds of fraud, to 1,939 220 the d1sn.dvantage of the honest manufacturers SATURDAY, AU G"U S T 10 Rece1pts of licorice at port of New York for week ending CINCIN.NATL-Mr. F. A. Prague, Leaf Tobacco Inspec.NEW YOR.K.-A good business has been-done in August 10, reported expressly for 'rHE ToBAcco LEAV: tor, reports to THE ToBAcco LEAF as folldws:-The offermlts the leaf tobacco market the past week,takmgtransacZuricn.ldy & 4rguimbau, per. ). l!Jvam !rom Ahcante, 1 ; 163 at the auction warehouses for tbe week aggregate 1,012 hhds, tions as a whole. For Western leaf the mquiry did pkgs (322,342 lbs) licorice root1 per .A.riosto from Barcelona, sgainst"1,364 bbdssllw time last week; total actual sales, 867 not result in large sales, but a fall' number of between pkgs (320,fl47 lbs) do. and 50 pkgs (12,509 lbs) Spamsb hhds. One of the chief charact.eristics pf our leaf tobacco 800 and 900 hogsheads were nevertheless sold. There is hcorice paste; per BriUannia from Liverpool, 100 pki(S (24.696 market has been !til uniform tone and strength; this uniformity d lbs) Spanish licorice paste, Weaver & Sterry,, per Kocheks from bas been its prevailing feature for t11e past two months, and a ilference of v1ew respecting values, amountmg, Alicante, 2,260 pkgs 1818.141 lbs) and 769 pkgs (11,076 lbs) one reason for this is the general demnnd that embraces all perhaps, to three-fourth of a cent a pound, between Jiconcc root; Dix & :Morris. per Cakdonia from Naples, 50 grades that are otfercd;.,a .nd f.'ny n$tion of not.lced t bas holders and the large buyers, and that pkgs (10,206 lbs) licorice sticks. been lhe rds\!Irof a p'obf cl""" or grade of offerings put on sale, _would otherwise be effected are m consequence de. wh1ch were no criterion to. baee quotations, n.s the poor quality layed. These arrangements are suclh, the bu,Yers in EXPORTS. naturally reduced the demand and failed to show the actual question assume, that they must buy exceedingly Hhds. Cases. Daleo. Manufactured. streng\11 of the market. The market this week lias developed close; while factors, in view of the apparently 1mAntwerp.2 4 0 about the same features of strength nod firmness shown last, proved prospect, do not feel disposed to make any Bordeaux 502 and more especia.lly during the early pn.rt of the week. The : Massasoit Cigar Facto;ry BROWN & (Sae-ors &o BONNETT, SCIIEI'r(llt 41: 5 ANUFACTURERS. OF FIN E CIGARS, 211 and 213 WOOSTER STREET, further concessions. They will, they say, -willingly Bremen. 2 8 2 1,971> sales at auction have shown a good general assortment o f leaf cannot with propriety take less. The market 1s firm Braz I 1 pgslbs heads of fine cutting leaf ranged 88 h1gh as 20c. J'illery gooes, d d ritlsh West ndies. . 64 pgs4,340 lbs where Gf gtll)d color and decided cliaracter, touched outside an prices are steady because holders have acquire Canada... . . . . 5 quotatiOns. There was also 10me improvement in the demand increased confidence, and the slight speculative move Cuba................. . 4S pgslbs for smokers .but not enough to change quotation.. ment figured out below adds to the stability of both. Colombia... . . . 70 pgs2,424 lbs The total offerings for the week and for the exbired portion Messrs. Sawyer, Wallace & Co. report to THE ToD. West Indies........ . lU 62 pgs2,044lbs of the current month and year were as follows :_: BAOOO LEAF as follows:-. Hamburg .. 109 41 161 ,--wEEK----, ,--TEAR----, Weatern Leaf.-The sales reported since our last Hn.vre 823 Hhds. Bxs. Hhds. B:n. Hllds. Bxs amount to 863 hogsheads, of which 39 to jobbers, 120 Hn.yti.. ..... 4 5 Totals, 1878 ... 1,012 16 1,486 145 llll,860 5,900 to manufacturers! 170 to speculators, and the rest in LIVerpool. 412 87 1 4 1 pgs-24,917 lbs -Total s, 1877 ... 874 11:1 1,444 219 25,540 6,166 numerous small ots for export. Regie agents are Lnndoll 1 5 8 98 pgs-1 6 ,026 lbs Totals, 1876 ... 141 2, 338 299 23,511 d,020 busy shipping the last month's purchases, and factors Mareilles .. .. 706 Totals, 1876 228 88 228" 88 13,150 4,950 arran.,.;ng their stocks, and we expect an active and Npew .. 29 pgs4 4461bs Totals, 1874 ... 1 ,869-381 1,902 465 25,987 4,907 .,. d d d I orto ico. 1 5 pgs500 lb.s Classil!cation of sales : Rotterdam .. ... 269 58 442 hhds Mason Co., Ky., District :-56 at 4.06@5.95; 81 at have been purchased bh parVenezuela. 5 pgs110 lbs 67 95; 1 50 Bt 8@9 95; 146 at 10@14.75; 8 at 15 25@16.25, 1 at 20, 4 boxes n.t 7.10@7.50, common smokers to fine leaf. ties in the co&ton tra e. e make no c ange 5,7102,019 190 CH3 pgs59,752 lbs 268 hhds Brown Oo., 0., District:-2 at 3.45@8. 75; 49 at 4 in quotat10ns. The market is steady and firm. @5 95; 42 at 6@7.95; 95 at 8@9.90; 75 at 10@14. 75; 4 at 15.7 5 lotweelc. 1/dweek. 3dweek 4thweek. 6tlrweek. Total. QUOTATIONSofWHOLESALE PRICES. @1875;1at20,smokerstolinelellf. January .... 58Y 95:.! a,700 'PARTIGULAB NOTlCII:., hhds and 5 boxes Owea Co., Ky:., District;-2 3.20@ February .. 474 760 402 864 2 500 Every re...Je ts supposed &o be at on 11rot cost; the pric.. 8.50; 22 at 4.30@5.05; 43 at 6@7.86 8.10@9.80; 44 at 10 March..... 345 3a1 986 52/l 2,1100 obLatnable g"'we11 of,tobaooo, theretote, will always be aomewhat @14 75; 4 at 15 50 ; 5 boxes at 7. 0. smokers to good teat. April ..... : 24.8 1,000 830 600 787 4 ,000 esequo.t_Atlo,Ds. 110 hhds Pendleton Co., Ky., Dlstrict:-5 at 3@<1.50; 2'4 at May .... 4ti0 1,000 437 529 1,424 3,8.50 WESTERN LEAl". 4@5.95; 30 at 6@7.95; 23 at 8@9.9o; 16 at 10@14.50; 2 at 16.5(] JJu1ne ..... 8 1 9oo1 12. 7 7 9 7 4o 3 .".. Lra'g,L....--to---'; 4 lU4,_nl.lou-; m @t8 u y ...... QU '0"" 10:t UJfS > '.::' :.: 7 8 hbds Boone Co., Ky. at 3 10@5.60; 7 do West at Augus t 600 B63 .' 1,463 Medium 6 7 M d 7><= g 5 10@8 60 2 'oxe t v 90@4 "' d th K t k t Vi_,;.,ia Lea. >F.-For this variety the was mm "'"" ; u sa o. .uv; 0 sou ern en uc y a .,... 1 Good ............ \'Ji@ 8 Good' .... 4@7.80 H indiana at 3@5.20. meagre, smokers and a few hogsheads of ark lugs Fone 8 @ 9 Ftne. -11>1113 'J'be sales of Seed leaf to-day were 128 cases Ohio and Wis-. tJ b 11. Of th !AS Selections .1 13 @lA comprwng 1e u,... Jl sa con sin cigar leaf, common smokers to good wraopers, prices as Seed Leaf.-Continued activity prevailed in Seed VIRGINIA. LEAF. follows:-62 cases Ohio: 12 at 3@8.80; 14 at 4@0.20; 7 at 0@ leaf, and sales foot up 2,125 1,il00 cf them for exto good z @ 15 @2:! 7 90; 9 at 8@9. 75; 20 n.t 10@14 20; 44 cases Wiscon sin: 11 at a port. Good to line... 3 @ 4 Good to flue ...... 25 @45 @3.90, 10 at 4@5.90; 11 at 6@7.20; 7 at 8110@9.90 5 at 10@ We make .room for the following account from the LEAF, J;'ineto-r&1lne. .50 @75 11.25; 1lot of22 cases at 8.80 .. Hartford Timea of the senous mjur,y done to the growgood g Sales Saturday, 130 ci\Ses-Obio at 8 to 12c; W1sconsin at 3 ing crop in Connecticut by the ha\1 -storm of the 3d Extra line .. 10. @13 to llc; Indiana at 3 to 14c.' Market achve. instant:Darl< wrappers. 12 15 HmmY A RrcHET. 'l'obacco and Cigar Manufacturers Sunday, the 3d 1nst., a very sevtlre hail-storm passed SEED LEAF FOR HOl'IIIE TRADE. Agent, 'reports to 'l'HE ToBAcco LEA .. as follows .-Trade in over the northern part of Connecticut and the southCoNNSOTWUT-Orop 1876-Crop 1sr.manufactured tobacco the past week was active nav1es of all d Wrappers fair .. 12 ""'15 Assorted fine. 1 5 ""18 styles be g ,n fnl d d T t d 'd. h d ern Portions Of :MassachuRetts, amage. ..,. "" Ill r ema n WIS S !Ill Caven I S poun S Wmpperollne ......... 20 @25 do fau. ...... 10 @12 1 1 h h 1 1 t h In Windsor, Conn., the tobacco crop as very much Crop 1817Om<>-Crop 1876-sow, at oug severn arge rn.nsact10os l\Ve been made in inJured, some fields'are completely destroyed, and it .. .... 1 @15 Wrappers ......... 12'-!\@20 this line has somewhat improved Cigars-Trade h f h f t 1 th A Fillers ... ..... 6 @ 8 Assorted 9 1110 of tobacco mn.nufacturers. John Phelps, Geo. Barnes, and C. H. Fitch have also .... :: CLARKSVILLE, Tenn.-Messrs. M. H. Clark & b.len much injured. At E'\st Windsor, E 0. Bancroft! do cornn:'on 5 @ 6 Bro., Leaf 'l'ohacco Brokers, report to THE ToBACCO LEA .. : -John Pryor, and Capt. Phelps lose $1,000 each, Hal EXPA>RT QUOTATIONS. Our r ece ipts are now light, but our sales are fed from ware-Bancroft probably $1,200,and the fields of Dan'l Phelps, PL'<>-Orop 1876house stocks, which. however. show a great reductiOn-nearly Geo. Phelps, Luke Adams, John Dailey, and Juhus Assorted 8 12 ASBorted good 8J. 8,000 blids from the first of last month. 'l'lle sales for the week Crop 1877do frur .. 6 @ Allier, from 17;; to 4 acres each, all being badly cut. At!Sorted tlne ........ 9 Fillers ... ..... 4 @ 5 foot up a total of 790 hhds. The market wasactiveana strong Thos. Donovan's 17;; acres ts a complete wreck. At do faiT ... 7 @ 9 Crop 1877-for all g1adcs. Sciantic on the 31/ acres of Deacon Blodgett not a leaf NEw YoRB.-Crop 1876-A""'rted good 7 71-" QUOTATION& /2 Assorted . @ 8 do fair . 7 ,., l could be found; D. W. Bartlett and H ezelnah Wells Cropl877WIBCoNsrn-Crop1876-,_,ommon ugs ....................... 2 @ 37;; are also heavy losers. At Farnungton many fields Assorted !% 8 Assorted lots 6 @ 7 Gqod lugs ............................... 4 @ 57;; were ruined. At Broad Brook, Bidwell Filley Wlil c':IT..!:'d'lots ........... s @ 7 somdmon1Ieaff .. .. 47;;@ 6v likely lose 11 acres, and Rollin Blodgett4 acres; Henry SPANISH LEAl". .oue mm ea 11?. Davenport loses lY. acres. but partially saved 37;; Old Crop. New crop. Good leaf. .. 9 @ll .acres; Solomon Parsons' 2}2' acres are perfectly ridH.i.VAMA-Common -@-65@ 75 Fi'ne .... .. .. 117;;@13 dl d D 'd All S .,.,.. th d G A N ll 1 Good -90@100 1:!0@ 90 Selectwns ................... .......... 187;;@15 e ; av1 en, ,or an ye Wl ose Fine 105@125 95@106 J 'Our receipts in July were 2,856 hhd s sales, 11 August 1, of wh1ch buyes held 1,728nnd planters destroyed. The crop at Vernon Dtlpot suffered ex tenlilA. NUl" A.CTURED TOB.&.cco. 1,608. The growwg crop does not improve as hoped, and tile .sively: C. H. Hunt loses 3 acres. PRicEs Di Bmro-T.u: 24 CENTS PER PouND. prospects oi a good y1eld of good quality are not btigbt. Y/e Another New England journal says :-The loss is esBtuaBTB-B-AcKshad yesterday another heavy Iamfall, uccompanied W1Lh hail. timated at from 000 to $75,000 to this crop alone. Navy 4s, 55, 6s, lOs, or Mtba. lOs and 128, 13@18 & d pocket pieces liiJ @28 N'avyu, 5s,Bsand DANVILLE, Va.-Mr. Paul C. Venable, Leaf Tobecco 'The holders of old tobacco :tre bemg offere 11 @12c )41bs,J.tbsand 3s 20 @2!t J.lbs .......... 14&110@25 Broker, 1cports to TilE ToBACco LEA., as follows:-Since my through. One holder of a large lot ol' wrappers now YIDchhght-presl!ed 33 Novy lOs or pocket pleces 16@il:ol last report the weather bas continued mo s t f11v01able to the k 2 f th Gold Bam .110 N egrohead twist 22@33 8.11 S lC or em. 6 and lll'inch li1Viot. 211 @32 growing crop, and fmm all accounta it has in a great measure Messrs. Cbas. E .l!'ischer and Bro., Tobacco Brokers, CIGJI.RS. r ecovered from the etfects of drouth. All accounts of the No. 134 Water Street, report to 'l'HE TOBAOOO LEAF as Havana, perM !Seed, perM !11@40 growmg crop are .most favorn.ble, e,xcept in a f e w localities !ollows concerning Seed leaf:-We have no change to 'Seed and Hanna perM 40@ 90 where It has been by hail. 1 heard a farmer ..say to-report m our market. The good demand for export SKANUL.&.TE SBOK.ING ceo. day that he bad never in his life sceA tobacco improve a; much continues unabated, and only the scarc1ty of desirable Mediilln to good $38@54 1 Good to tliJe $54@120 in a short space of time as it had in the ten dn.ys. Our lots prevents larger transactions. Penns[fvania has SNUFF. 1eceipts have steadily increased since the l!rst of the month, -floC 011 Wednesday were very large-more thun could be sold come into Javor now, and sh_ippers w mg to pay 85@'88 I American Geatleman r-@88 in one day with two sales going on at the tint e. The full pn.ces, but holders in many cases ask more than Rappee, rench dyt -;, 1 r:: Subject -to discount to the whole great bulk of the olferinga '" common, and much of it in soft the present market value for their tobacco. Home LWl oot = 66 oate trade. order or slightly damaged Wrappers are much sought after, trade 18 animation! and the aales arEl P.I.STE. and bring high priCes. Common fill. crs are plcntlul; tine, to small lots. The total sa es amount to 2,125 cases, of TuUisHsweet, flue-cmed fillers rather scarce. Smokers are a little which for export about :t,300 cases. "G. c Gold 28 w. s Ggld 21 easier to-day. I continue quotations .... Connectwut frurly active. 175 cases of the 1876 crop :: wJi:: Ex." : QUOTATIONS. wrap pen; sold at 13@20c, and 173 cases of the crop .. PUar.. do ll6 .. Stella" 1 dd3 Smokers-Common bright..... . .. .. .. .. . 4@ 6 a;econds brought ll@1Sc. ',',C. 0. y c;,. ,',', do 211 I' Apollo" u :ltledium..... .. .. .. .. .. . . . 7 9 I C &t Co Currency ;n "T. W. S" Curren 9 G d 10 n Massachusetts-The transactions in this style foot up "ste,:,.Y EL" do Zl "A. o. s." dgy !8 0 .. .. .. .... 1 cdreompawnrda1pwp. e 1.trhs cooes of "La Rosa do :lll ;; Gs .. ',: ddoo 2:418 i<'ine and hncy ...... ........... : ...... .'.. 15@25 "...,, Fillers-Common dark lugs .......... . . . 4@ 6 th!\ 1876 and 1877 crop, at priCes ranging from 10@15c BALTIMORE.Messrs. Wi sc hmeyer & Co, ToMedium dark leaf 4@ 6 in assorted lots. bacco Commission Merchants, rcnort to THE ToBAcco LEAF:Good do do : 6@ 8 Pennsylvania-The lower grades sell readily at fair Receipts of Maryland tobacco were quite heavy the past week, Common leaf. -6@ 8 Prices. The sales are 140 cases of the 1876 crop assorbut receipts of Ohio fell' off. The market for shOws MG eoddium 0 ddo .. .. 181 1 2 0 --' t d 700 f th 1877 t 5@6 II' steady good demand from shippers for all grades of leaf, ex-0 ao 0 .. .......... .. -: 0@ ""'" a '"" an cases 0 e crop a c cept common, which drags. Of Oliid', sales for the week foot Fine1: do do 1218 for fillers, for low to medium, a.nd 16@18c for up to 1 ,724 hhds; included were 1 ,250 for France, und residue mohogany ................ : 10@15 fine assorted lots. for Duisburg and Bremen. Prices rca1ized within tbe ran!!;e .Medium do 11111 Ohzo-All that was offered found buyers at full of full former quotatwns. Prices of both Maryland and Ohio Good do 211CI prices The transactions amount to 450 cases of the remain firm for all desirable stock. l<'ine do ........ ......... 85@45 and 1877 crops assorted at 8@10c. QUOTATIONS. l<'xtra do ... .... 50@60 Wisconsut moderately active. of 157 cases of Maryland-inferior and frosted ............... 1 50@ 2 00 Common bright. .. : .. .. 15@25 says:-Ourmarg gz :::::::::;::::::::.::: :::::::: ket during thE\ last tWO WeekS was verf actiYII and middling......................... 6 00@ 7 00 me 0 "" ..... "'' fi 'th teadil AI th t f f,ood to nne red 8 oor"'10 00 Extra do .. .. .. .... 60@75 rm, w1 priCes s y 1mprov1ng. a was o . .,.. fered of Ohio tobacco was sold, Pennsylvania and ancy... .................... 10 00@15 00 DAYTON, 0.-Messrs. :Mller & Brenner, Packers and Wisconsin also received some attention. The total upper country.................... 4 00@20 oo Dealers in Ohio Seed Leaf, report to Tn& TouAcco LEAl":-sales amount to nearly 9,ooo cases. We expect a good ground leaves, new. . . . 2 OO@ 8 00 The transactions among dealers in the last two weeks will ag -season unless vrices are driven too high, when no Ohio-inferior to good common....... . . 3 oo@ 4 50 gregate 3,000 caaes, at prices ranging from 77;;@87;;c, in most greenish and brown 4 50&. 6 00 cases the seller paying for the samples : 'l'he new IS generally doubt a reaction will take place, as our manufactu.. .. .. "" rers are not dependent On Seed leaf tobacco alone. medium to line red ......... d........ ..... ij 50@ 9 00 looking well, though some of it is badlyfrcnched"fr<;>m thelli.te common to medium pan"le 6 00@ 8 00 rain. Last evening a hail-storm passed south of us; which Another, dated July says prices are firm for Seed fine spangled to yellow .... ::::::: :::: 10 00@111 oo damaged the crop in its path very badly. leaf, with sales of 5,862 cases for future delivery. The Kentucky-common to good lugs .. . . 3 00@ i'i 50 DURHAM, .N. C.-Messrs. Walker, Lvon & Co., of tbe stock in first hands is 60 cases Seed leaf and 120 cases Clarksville lugs.................... 3 50@ 6 00 Farmers' Warehouse, report to TIQI: ToBAcco LEAP as follows: cuttings. The prices for wrappers are 60@250 pfencommon leaf... . . .. . 5 50@ 6 60 -Receipts fer the past week have htoen large, and pricea re-nigs; for binders, 45@60 dl); for fillers, 35@45 do; medium leaf..... .. .. .. .. . .. .. 7 8 00 main about the same. The reports of the growing crop are Florida, 45@280 do. fair to good... .. . . . . 9 ()()(g>12 00 not favorable. Much damage has been done by hail and wind. Spanish.-A very_ active demand existed for Havana :fine ........... .......... ..... 12 00@14 00 Some very extensive hail storms have passed over our best totob8.cco and we note sales of i,500 bales at 90c to$1.10; selectiona . 14 00@16 00 bacco section. __.--150 bales above the outside figure, and 158 bales Yara Virginia-common and good lugs. 8 00@ G 60 EVANSVILLE, Ind.Mi. C. J. Morris : Tobacco I and II cut at 72 to 73c common to medmm leaf 6 00@ 8 00 Broker, reports to Tn& ToBAcco LEA .. as follows :-Our Manujactured.-For manufactured tobacco of all fair to good leaf 8 0010 00 market during the woek has been l!rm on all grades, and closes styles and grades there was a steady but moderate deselections. .. .. .. 12 0016 00 but not quotably higher Heceipts light. I quote:-d 'th 1' ht f t th sh'p stems, common to fine.. ........ ..... 1 50@ 2 00 'lrash to common lugs .................. 1 60@2 25 man w1 a very 1g mquuy or expor e l -Inspeted this week:-2,844 bhds Maryland 31\4 do Ohio, 1 menta amounting to only 59,752 lbs. do Kentuckv, 7 do Virginia; total, 2 ,736 hhdo. Cleared same :ltledmm to good lugs. .. 2 603 50 Sntok. rt f i for smoking d P hi a. f B 402 hhd M I d Common to fair leaf .................... .' 3 60@4 26 t b ers;repp a a1r nqu1ry pdcnVo. :-;-. er sb p annd 88orbhdremen, s _aryL 2f00 Medium leaf ............................ 4 &p@A 50 0 acco. o ugm1a to acco an s stems; per steamer e.p2ig or G od 1 f 5 """'-8 50 Cigdrs.-The cigar marjl::et is without perceptible Bremen. 601 hhds llaryland,,26 do Ohio ; :148 do Kcntul'ky, 378 eu .. : ._. .. chang!l. Manufactural'S are busy, but aJ,>parently not do Virgtnia tobacco, 1 do Virginia otems and 7 cases Ssed leaf; HENDERSON, Ky.-Mr. Posey Marshall, Commission hurried, as a rule; and importers complam -of nothing also 10 hhds Kentucky tobacco to Demerara and 10 bales toMerchant rep?rts to THE ToBAcco LEAP as follows :-Since except the annoyance to which th_ey are just now _sub-bacco to 'west Indies. my last report a great m .. ny of loose tobaccn have jected at tile Custom House, thmr goods sometimes TOBACCO STATEMENT. been coming iir. town ; there is still some of the old crop left yet being delayed and overcharged with duty throuds planting is not doinJI w cll at all, many farmers say they think officious and obnox1ou8. Inspecled. previously this year.. .............. 39,033 hhds 1t will turn out badly Tbe last rain will make the early corn. Gold opened at 100% and closed at 100%. W J. Marshall & Co. have sold very few hhds in thelf wareExchange.-Messrs. M. & S. Sternberger. Bankers, 65,574 hhds house lately. Prices of the last sale we.-e for good firm, 47;;@ report to 'l'HE ToHACCO LBA .. :-Exchange firm. The quota-Exports of Maryland and Ohio s ince 7c : lug s 57;;@4_l4c; traah, In making out an estimat e twos are as follows:-Sterling, 60 days, nominal 484; sight, January 1... . . .. . 21,588 hbds of the amount of strips that will be put up in Henderson this nominal 488; Sterling, 60 days, actual, 4837;;; sight, actu .. l, Shipped coastwise same period...... 3,513 hhds season, I find the number will be ciQse 6,500 'l'he factors 4877;; Cable transfers 488; Commercilil sterling, prime long, -----:20, 101 hhds are slill busy prizing; some have closed up their busi481@482; good 480@481; Paris, bankers', 60 days 520. Stock in warehouse this day and on shipboard not ness for this year. sight, 5177;;; Reichsmarks, (4), bankers', 60days 911; (4), sight, cleared .................................... 40,473 bbds LOUISYILLE.-Mr. W}U .. J. Ll)y;e,s, SilQretary of the Stock same in 1877 ........................ 24,410 hbds Tobacco i3oard of Trade, reports to 'l'K& ToiJACCo LRAY:-Fre'ights.-Messrs. Carey, Yale & Lambert. Freight IILanufacturild Tobaacco Freights as but liusmess continues very light, the demand being confined SALES FOR FIRST FIVE DAYS THIS WEEK, ETC. follows:-L1 verpool, steam, 32s 6d; sail, 30s; London steam, to small lots to dealers to replenish exhausted stocks. Exported Wmehouses. Week. MontA. YeM. 22s6d 40ft sal30s; GlasllOW, steam, 35s ; Bristol, steam, 40s: this week, oo7 bxs to West Indies Heceived per Norfolk Gilbert........................ 90 151 2,298 Havre', '10; Antwerp, steam,_40 1 s ; 7 sai6dl, B7s 6d; Hamburg, steamers, 820 bxs 39 pkgs, 11 cases; per Richmond steamers, Pickett . . . . 232 363 8, 714 steam, 45s; Bremen, steam, 45s, sa1, S s 390 bxs, 47 pkgs, 16 cases Boone........... . . . 105 154 8,664 CAIRO, 111.-W. M Williams, Secretarv Three States Farmers'. . . 171 236 4,773 IJIPORTS. The at the port of New from ports for week ending August 10, included the following consgnments:-Leaf. Cigarettes. LoNDOI'I-Dales Cases. Cases. 10 8 D. Hirsh & Vo .......... Order ........... ...... .. HAVANAF Garcia ............... ,J l<'ernandez ........... Vega & Bernheim ....... A Gonzalez ........... Almirall & Co. . . Guerra & Lopez ......... E Hoffman& Sons .... L. P & J. Frank ........ Tobacco Association, reports to TUE ToBACCO Lit:. ..... as follows: Kentucky Association . 107 138 6, 568 -Sales to-dsy as follows:-9 hhds lugs at 3 20 to 1.85; 27 hhds p] t 197 276 6 020 common leaf at 3.30 to 5.50; 35 hhds meamm to good leaf at F an ears . . . . .. I 5.UO to 10 00; 4 hhds common wrapper.s at 14.75 to 10.25; 9 ails tty 98 154 1,832 hhds bright wrappers at 16.:>0 to a7.60. Pnces are l!rm with Louisville. 156 218 4,020 n. t.endency to an advance. We noticed on the breaks to -da y Ninth Street. : 310 487 10,567 buyers from St. Louis, New York, Chicago, Paducah and Cincinnati, besides our regular Board. The sales considered the best of'thc season. 1 466 2,177 Year 1877 .................... 1,274 2,112 Year 1876 ........... : . .. 1, 726 3,113 Year 1875. . . . .. 565 1 070 47,456 39,265 42,152 18,897 Sales of week and year divided as follows:Wuk. Year Original New .......................... 1,292 40,771 Original Old.... . . . 3 1,685 New r eviews.. . . . . . 169 4,195 Old reviews. . . . . . . 2 805 MARSHALL, :allt.A.:N'UF.A.OTU::E'I.E::E'I. C>F li!":J::N'E ALL--HAVANA CIGARS, A.ND SOLE PROPRIETOR OF THE CELEBRA.TED RRA.ND O F CIGA.RS, EEIQ"':J IT-0-" IZ NORTH 4th ST., PHILADE L PHIA, PA. Branch: 106 Bth A ve., Chlca The undersigned c ontinues t o manufacture and lmport Spanish and Tur kll!lh Liquori c e Paete, which he ofl'ere to the Trade at Reduced Prices. Man.ufacturers will find It to their Interest. to apply to him before purchaslnc elsewhere. J ames M c.a:narew, Aeqnlred ftnde:r &he LW or the M 11ntted State. oo W ater Street; New York. I DOXESTIO :RECEIPTS ,AT THE PORT 01' MEW YORK FOR THE WEEK ENDING AUGUST 10. BY THE OLD DOlllNION STEAMSHIP LINE:cs ca.aee CMeS oasee hbd trcsln . ...... ... .... 25 -249 BY TRE NEw YoRK AND HAIITF'ORD STEA1mOAT Lnm:-Cases. Obas. F. Tag & Son ........ ........ ,................ 14 Jos. Seligsberg.... . . . . . . .. .. . a B. Wasserman ....... 8 Fox, Dills & Co ... . . . . .. . 1.5 Scbovcrlmg Bros ........... : . . . .. . 2 G W. Gaif & Ax . .. . . . .. . . 73 Schwarz, Wei! &Co ..... : .... :.................... 42 E. Spingarn & Co. . . . . . .. 86 J. Delmont e. . .. . . . . . . . 12 E. Rosenwald & Bro......... ....... ............... 83 Strmton & Storm. . .............. . . .. 50 E. M. Crawford .................. : . .. 26 E Hoffman & Son. . .. . .. . .. . . 41 M. H. Levin.... .. . .. . 19 423 BY THE NE;Y 1YonK .A:f'!D BRIDGEPORT LINB. Cases. N Lachenbruch & Br o . . . . . . 36 M. W. Mendel & 8ro ............................... : 10 H. Schubart &Co ............. : .... : ............. 6 ling .. . . . . . .. .. 3 51> BY TILE NEW YORK & BAI.TIMORE TRANSPORTATlOl'l LINE:L Dejonge & Co ......... Howard lves ............ G W. Faber ........... A. Coho ................ Purd;r & Nicholas ....... Luyt1es Bros ............ Acker, Merrall & Condit. : Park & Tilford ......... Michaelis & I.indemann H. R. Kelly & Co . . Kunhardt & Co ......... J. W. Fenn ......... H. A. Graef's Sons ..... CHICAGO, Ill.-Our special correspondent reports:Though the weather lias not been very auspicious for tbe past week, business was quite ltvcly Smoking tobn.ccos have gone in large quantities into the bands of Western dealers, whi c h we are glad to noti ce, as this increase in quantities leaves at least some proftt to manufacturers Dealers would hardly buy heavy bills if they were not 011 a sharp lookout for the lowest possible figures. Fme-cut chewiug and plug have met with the usual i nquiry. The Seed l ea f market is mceiy pickmgup; cheap secondo and good binilers are in good demand; fine dark wrappers are called for as usua l, but are very scarce. Havana, if it has quality and is clean, is constantly looked after, and sells at full figures. A decided improvement is announced by cigar dealers, domestic cigars selling very fairly. Western manufacturers of tobacco are at a loss to detect the utility or necessity of the recent changes made by the U. S. Vom mts s oner of Internal Revenue regardmg the pnntmg of labels w1th stamp. The old way of putting on stamps bas hardly rea ched what we may co.! I perfection, when new measures are taken that are in the interes t of a very few of the many manu'l'lle1e has been 43,355 hbds (originals) of crop of 1877 sold in this market to date. Prices have ruled easier all the week on everything except bright cutting and good to fine plug kinds. We had a few bhds of fine dark heavy-bodied leaf, which also sold at Y. to 1c under prices for same kind about the last of June. Our breaks continue to run about four-fifths nondesc rip t and mod erately heavy -bodie d lugs, and common to good leaf whil e the other one-fifth is made up of useful lugs to fin e leaf of the difiereut varieties. W c have three short crop buyers from the interior of our SLaLe now on our market; the y buy sparingly of sound lugs and common to good leaf in H. Siebert ... : .................... Watjen, Toe! & Co ............. .... J. H. :IYioore & Co ...... .... ....... Halgarten & Co. . . .... Ord!3r.' ............................ 5 8 2 13 867 1 ,152 CoASTWII!E .,BOM NEW Om.EANB.Hhds. Toe!, Rose & Co. . . . . 186 Kremelberg & Co. . . .. . 9 Order........................ ..... 150 Pkgs. Cases Cases Bx Bxs Hhds. Smkg. Leaf. Mfd. Leaf. Funch, Edye & Co.... 1ii0 M. Falk .......... 11 J. R. Swozey ....... 1 G. R eusens ......... 2 6 l 2 J e ffr eys & Co ....... A. C L. & 0 Meyer .. H. Wasserman .... l. Hamburge r ....... 2ll 156 13 2 2:! \1 A. Owen ................ (Continued on Fourth Page.) 345 --.-1,._...,;,__:::.;::.-.::.:::.-..I'BB"E=-= .:.._ Pankers and Dealers in Pennsylva.nta. Leaf 81 and 83 Korth Duke t.. 'Pa. ._.,.,.... ____


6 TELLER BROTHERS, Cllllllslloa lanllaats, ntl ......... la &1la Domeatio Leaf To acoo, 117 North Street, Philadelplila. EISENLOHR k CO r ; f A CKERS AND WHI)t;ESA!,E' IN _:" '0 t ... L E .A F T.. 0 B :A. C C .0, l..16 & 'VV' a;ter .S't.. -Piii L BON L. D:EAL F.R S IN "' <. T 0 :0.4--C.-C Q And Manufacturers of all Grades of Clgavs, J 11 Arci:t. St., PhlladelpbiJt,' Pa. LEWIS BREMER'S SONS, Wholesale D ealers in 'LEAFu AND KANUFACTUltED NO. NORTH THIRD STREET, PHILADELPHIA. fir A large ass ortment o f all k inds of ToBA C CO const imti y on h a n d .ft M.ANATHAN & co., Packers, Commission :Merchants AftD WHOLESALE; DEA L ERS I N : LEAF No. aao North Tbircl St., Ji'ht1a4elpb1 MOORE, BA lr Packers, Commission Merchants & in .. SEED LEAF tc HAVANA TOBACCO 35 North Water_ .d; Philadelphia. And 214 si'ATE CONN l'LANUF AO T URED BY H. WILKENS & .A.GrEN'C::I:ES r NcwYort: M."FALK, 122 Chambers St. BATTIN & BRO., 142 N. 3d St. -HAVANA AND INDOMESTIC -Oigar -Leaf _Tobacco, MANUFACTUllliBS ofFINH Gay Street. STORE:-i341CBESTNlJT STREET, B.. Ea VOCKE & .factory: 444 to 448 13th street, Tobacco and General Commission Merchants, s. E. Corner CHEAPSIDE &. LOMBARD STREETS, ENTRANCE ON LOMBARD STREET, ... N ADVERTISEMENTS. T. R. SPENCE. J.P. SPENCE. N. T. SPENCE. C A SPENCE AIBROSIA TOBACCO WORK-S. Brothers & Co. 66, 58, 60 & 62 East Third C:XN'CIN"N" .A. -:J:S:X. J oh.r.l. &:. :S:r:s., l'T UR.F.R"' <>I ? AUG. 12 ADVERTISEMENTS HIN'SDALE SMITH &. SON, {Succersort to H. SMITH & CO.) PACKERS AND JOBBERS OF Connecticut L e a f Tobacco 20 HAMPDEN ST., Springfield, Mass. HtNSDALf.: !=iMITH, F.. H. C. 0. HOLYOKE, COMMISSION MERCHANT In LEAF and MANUFAOTURED TOBAOOO, 12 Central Bollt01&o RICHMOND. VA S LOWENTHAl &, .CO C. & R. DORMITZER & CO. L Dealers & Commission :Merchants iB MANUFACTURERS OF FINE GLGARS, LEAF Packers of Seed Leaf and Dealers' In Leaf Tobacco, 2 NORTH MAIN ST., Bet. Main and Secon d Sts., 150 WEST FOURTH STREET, CINCINNATI, OHIO. sT.;:rxa, Choice Brands of Imported Licorice always on hand. Liberal AdVQllCe& made o n Consign-SAIYI'Lw. TROST, H eOLT, SCHAEFER & CO., CIGAR-BOX MANUFACTORY ....!"! LEAF TOBACCO. 519 to 525 West Sixth St., Cincinnati e>rder so:uouecJ.. w. w. xmBY, w;ii,iaiHN&'co. B.! GEISE & BRO.: TOitACCO BROKER, sTEAJK 112 Broad St., Nashville, Tenn. Lea! r CIGAR Box. PCTOBY :1 113 Mam St., Cmcmnat1, 0. n W' H. Trowbridge, BilBY IIIYBR & CO., No. COMMISSION MERCHANTS, F. W. DOHRMANN, Beater, Beaty, Dan-wiDe, OHIO .. LEAF TOBACCO BROKER,.. v-::. LEAF TOBACCO, N. E. Cer. Vlu IDAI'ront. Streeta. THELARGEST CIGAR FACTO-RY IN THE STATE. .(8 St.' C:lJloillDAti, 0. CINCINNAT: 0 UNITED. STATES CIGAR MANUFACTORY. BARKER & w.i"GGNER F.: FELGN.ER & SON_ .F. G Tobacco Works, Toledo, Ohio.-PAUL -C. VENABLE. LEAF TOBAGUO BROIR[, . . ... ll'ODAgOO .. WOB.KS. CHARLES R MESSINGER T. J a:. tEA.fYOii'Cco Ji". ., .. ., I!NifP ...... L_ TOBACCO BBOKEilS, Jll9, :1221 A 223 NORTH BfiOAD' ST., PHILADELPHIA, D D ._-ALLORY . MERFELD & KEMPER, .&JA, DANIEL IUKKIS, ALBERT BEEBE. OL.I&KIVILLE, __ : _:_PACKERsoF -ro :dA:ooo SBIPPDI'G BARRIS & BEEBE aoi'JWISVJLLE,KT CIGAR: MOULD M ANUFACT'G Comm1ssion""D Merchant, run'"&H..K;r. JIANUFA.CTVREHS OP THE FOLLOWING <:BOICE BRAN D S OF 1-i:aN a v TutTac A RNOLD TlaTrG. Cor;Rid[c & North Collc[c Ave's; Philadelphia, Pa.: ana. Yara. Tobaccos. E E. WENCK, Manae;er. CH.EWING & SMOKING TOBACCO. H. TIETIG BROTHER, Is ui,vretalling liS d ifferent o hapes and siZ\!8, "from tlie factory, at I :17 Lombard Street, 46 and 48 ST. CHARLES STREET, gteafTy reduced pMces. Every mould .. art-anted unif onn. If sir.e purBALTw .... O .. "' ....,.., be not. suitabl e l t w ill be exchanged ot morie:V 1:eturned. Oti r aim .-..... L W onr .. :.Om 'bard St., BALTIIIORE, M.p. is t.o give perfect satisfaction to the trade By pqrchaslng dil'ect frow the factory you wiU sa:.-e a ll aud CQI.nm issions. The only medal a n d d i pl oma. awarded at the Centennial was to the 1J. s. 8oJld Top Mould. Otnclal docu.m.enis can be seen at the oftlce. corner Ridge ani:l N orth College Avenues. U S SO LID TQP OIGAR MOUL D 0 0 G. B. JOS. SCHROEDER & CO H. W ATTEYNE, 208 Pearl St., )If.,.. York Sole Agent. IMPORTED and DOMESTlC P ACKERS OF LEAf r : o BACC 0, SEED L.El.A.:F AND LUORTERS O F Havana. Tobacco, I. E llc:&OWELL. & CO.,-DOHAN &TAITI'. TOBACCO_ Tobacco Commission Merchants, 25 German St., Baltimore, Md. A N D DARK WRAPPERS OONS TANTLY ON HAND. 79.81 83 EXCHANGE'PLACE, ::S...11::b::l::l.ore, 1\ll:cJ.. FXN'E-C'C'T : "FELICIA,"" MULE-EAR," "COCK OF THE WALK," II MAIDEN'S BLUSH.;, 1 S:M:O:EE:::I:N'Gr :. "EMPIRE,;, ''SILVER DOLLAR," "TOPSY." 'N'os. 419-496 :I? .A. "I!"' SON' .A. 'VE., QU:I:N'C"I!"' ::1:11. LORIN PALM.ER New Yo r k ; W. H. RUSSELL, C h icago. BBST. RUSSBLL & CO., ( S uccesson t o JOHN C PAJi..TRIDGE & CO., ) M AN UFACTURERS OF C:XG-.A.R.S, AND DEALERS.IN LEAF TOBACCO,, '218 WEST FIFTH ST., CINCDfNATI, O ---u:-sUBERT, WHOLESALE DEALE R I N HA. V.A.N" .A. 6\lneral Cnmmission Merchants, 81J NORTl{ WATER liT.; Plilladelphla. ..,. ;._gen t s for the !!ale of aU J dads o f Manu.factured abd Leaf 107 ARCH STREET, YA., WHOLESALE TOBACCONISTS AND SOLlil PROPRIETORS O F THE GENUINE -&MD--DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCO, 14 North Canal Street, CHICAGO ILL. MANUFACTURERS' AGENT FOR ESTABLISHED 1846. Plug & Smoking Tobacco, J. RINALDO SANK & CO., 106 Aroh Pa. TC>:EJA.CCC> HARRIS BEEBE & CO., Ouiocy, Ill. ; -.urn-BUCHANAN' & l:YALL New York ; H .. W. OLIVER, R 1chmond, Va.; General ComiD.lssi'on Mercbants A.M. l.YOJ:f"' co .. Rlchmonrl, v : MERCHANTS' TOBACCU CO., Bost o n 'Mus,: S H E PPAR it & SMJTH Va.; WILSON & McCALLAY, M.Hh1tctuwn, 0. 31 North Water Street -.UODS.W. VENAELE ... & .. CO Oftlce: Oor. Byrne &. Halifax Sts., l"etersburgh, Va. Factory: 19 District,. P LDlJ(ito t heTC.ii"BB W R i D K G -AND"GOLDEN CROWN'' CIGARS, 57 .Lake Street and 41 State Street, Chicago, HI. ALSO AGENTS FOR THE FOLLOWING WELL-KNO WN FIRM? p. LORJLLARD & c o NewYorki SEIDENBERQ & C O New Yor k ; w. s. KI!.IBALL & CO.'S "VANITY FAIR," Rechester N Y ; -W. T. "BLACKWELL & CO., Durham, N .C.;, J. .. BAGLEY .1<-co. s "MAYFLOWER, D< t roit, Y.ich.; J, W. C AI\ROLL' S "LONE JACK." Lynchbur g h Va. W. :M. LADD, LHAP TOBACCO-BUYHL :.::K..:XN"G-TC>B.A.CCOS = w E. RAGSDALE, GEM CITY TOBACCO wo R .KS. TOB' Acco BROKER. :lliANUFACTURER OF V 1RGJN.l A DARE" BltiGHT NAVY,. Ia, 3t, Gs, Gs, 9san d lOs 'ANN'O'[I BRIGHT NA.VY,l." 3s, 4 5H, 6s, '2's, S!i, Dlian d l O s O F LL KINDS O F CHOIC E "IJNION MAWOGANY-POUNDS, 51J. ...,... W,) .a. A w.J J'IL FINE C ICARS, BATCHELOR BROS u ST ..JAMES'' O.t\.RK POUNDS >)s, 4a, 5i, '7a, 8s, 9s Q.nd lOs. :J3:opk.i.::::t:l..G'V" i1l.e, of F INE TWI3T of several grades B r lght and Mahogany under the 'U"G TOB.&CJCO&e AND DEALER IN Spani s h and Domestic Lea f Toba cco, "ADMIB.ATION," "TBOBMANDY," "BEAB.T 01' cor.D," &. OAK," "NABOB," CICA KAN'OT AO':"!!''l:BS, 808 Market St., PHILADELPHIA AGENT FORlnLLER & PETERS' OlNOINNATI ''DE SOTO '' and '' CONQU'EB.OB..'' CIGAR MOULDS, STRAPS, ETC. The fo:towinc;: l'l.rl! ouR Agents f o r the Sale::, GOODS:-JOHN J. LUDY, SORVER COOK CO Manafac tareroftheCelebr&ted f.t.CDIBS, KDCEAN'l's, Jnnnyside and Little Wanderer A Dd Wb<>leaaio Dealen i n 0 x Go A R. &. (1. W. VAN ALITINE &; CO.t_!3 Ce ntral Wh&r!, Boston Maso., P. Jll.; A. HAGEN & CO., 6.'\ N Front Street, P hiladelphia, Pa.; N. H. CHJIISTIAN, Galveston Te:xasj .I'OHN TITUS, Cincinnati, 0.; B. W. KEVLING 3 1 8 Front S t., San ""'-i.. lilA YO JYIATHEWS &; PRICE. be oJl tli&i w e ropresenllt, we \'l'l.LL PAY FREIGIIT BOTH WAYS. SOLE OWNERS OF THE CELEBRATED BRAND OP 4545 GOLDEN'. :R.U'LE" BRIGHT :NAVY CHEWilfG TOBACCO.. <: Q'C':I:N'O."I!"' XX.X.. 'i'BIB STA'iB 01' KBNTUCKY TOBACCO MANlJPACTURING. GO., MANUFACTURERS OF Choioe Brands of PLUG TOBACCO, Aad Patentees o f the C elebrated Brand of PROG,RESS, MADE IN ALL SHAPES AND WEIGHTS. 57 EVERY PLUu HAS O U R PATENT FASTENER AT THE END. "U Office in Main "7a.rehouse. RE,rnRENCES. BY PERMISSION. Jno. C La.tha.m, Pres't B..'\nk of Hopkinsville; S. E. Trice, Pres't Planters' Bank, S. G Buckner-, Commission llerc h t, u M. H. Clark & Bro., Clarksville, Tenne888fl; F. G. Irwin, Clarksville, 1l. F Beaumont, President lot National Balllr. (i)l&rksville, Tennessee F W T.W:cnhoq;t & Co. H e w York; A ii. Cafaozo u Garrott & Grlnter, u "' iar ORDERS SOLICITE D M. :Millhlser & Co., MANUF A.CTURERS OF TOBACCO B!&S, 1309 Main St., Richmond, Ya T. H. PDRYEAB., BU'YElR. LEAP TOBACCO 76 EIUCJEE.A.N'.A.N' ST., X.OU:I:SVXX.X.E, :EE."I!"'. ACENT:-J. L. STYNE, PA. PadUCah, Ky. &, CO., P. L. CHAMBERS, IIIIPOKTEKS, m:A.N VFACTVKEKS AND D EALERS IN DEALER IN CIGARS AND CIGARETTES; Havana & Domestic Leaf IIIANVFACTVKEKS OP THE CELEBRATE D Al\"'Il MANUFACTURER OF HAVANA MIXED SMOKING TOBACCO, 'I U Ill Dll TIIIJ)Dt 'Ra_l+_ f 'ftl.O. ... M' d_ ... ... lin r ..


AUG. 12 Bosincss Directory of Advertisers. :KEW YORK. :robacoo Wa.re1i.OUIIN. Ahaer & Dehl, 190 Allen &: Co, 173 n.nd 11:1 Chamb-ers AP.Pleb_y & H e l m e Water and 85 Pine Baiil:h & Fischer, 1M Water. Bulkley It Moore, 74 Frolit. .c&rdoz o A. H. 66 Broad. Crawford E. M. 168 Water. Dollan, Carroll & Co. 10-l Front. DuBois Eugene. 75 Front. Wm, It On. Pearl. F. M 8. Waahinaton Square Fox, Dlll' .t: Cn. l7!J \Vater. Wm. & Co. 9 Bowery ll'rilnd E & 0 .._t:, Oo. 120 Laue. Ga.rdiner J :M. G&rtb D. J" Son It Oo. 4.4 Broad. GD.!Iilert J L & Bm. 100 Water r S: SteiD.ecke 172 Water OtUAget 48 Broad. PW!tocb 143 Water Price \V'm. M. JJQ Malden LaDe Relcnntm 0. 1.88 Pemrl. Wallace & Co. 47 Broad. Bros. 142 Water. Schroeder&: Bon, 178 water. Schuhart H &: Co. 146 Water. Bcovilla A H & Co. J70 watel". Siebert H enry. 68 t:Jptngam E. & Co. 5 Bnrhng Slip. Sl.ephens A. T. 16.'\ 'Vate r Straiton & _Storm, 178 and Peu1. Strohn & RettzenHteiu, ]r,'l\ Frout. 11'. & & n. 184 F ront. Tho1Rp8'm S. E. &: Cb. M aud fJ6 Ba'O&d, Carl, J78 Peurl. Tobacro Bal ers for Expott. Gut.hrle & Co. 22-l Front. Wutern and ViT!]ini o Leaf TobatXo CmK-mWJt/on M erchn.ntM. l'aucon & Cnri'OII, 50 Broad Ltaf Tobacco .Sceati'II.{J PllUl.p C. S 188 Pearl Leaf Tobacco Curing. Tb&yer. James H 61 Front Contmission Jle1chants. Reytl"" Brothero & Oo., 46 & 48 Exchange Pl...,... of 7'ol>o Brol=. cattus J ohn, 127 PeM-rl. Filcher Cb .. E. & lh'O. tat Wate r a.-edorn R. 41 btoru.l. Kfj:nlcutt &; Bill, P,.!-Brond. Ooborae Cborlea F. M Broad. Rader M. & Son. 511 Beave Sbaek A. 119l!aldeo Laoe. MtJ"ft!Ur il of moling and Chewinq T0bacco1. Aaderson John.& ()o. 114. JlG and 117 Liberty. Buchanan&: Lyall,.101 Wall Bachner D. and Duane. Goodwin & Oo. '.m & 009 WaterHoyt Thomas & Go. 404 Pe&J'I. 'Ki.riney Bros. 141 West Broadway. Loriltard P. & Co. 114 Water. McAlpin D. H. & Co. cor Avenue D and Tenth. Miller G. B. & Co. 97 Columbia. Pioueer T ob&eoo Water. Agent for Chewi n g and SmoJ.,;ng Tobaccol, e t c Eugelbach F. 56 S. ington Square Hen A. & Co. Liberty. Hunt H. W. 69 Wilham Dindhelm M. l!'M \\'ater Wise & Beu9helm, 121 Bowery Jf4'lu;focturet11' of Clga.n. Bondy & IAaerer, 9.1 to 1 1 0 Attorne,. QULCcum 4: Schlottsel', 11\ Riviugton. Heilbl'oner 8;, JOAePhS, 358 Bo"ery Hirsch D. & Co. 1:41 ana 130 Rtvington and as Wall ffirschllorn L. &: Co. 28 2d A...-eoue Kaufman Bl'QS. &: Dond), 129.& HSl Urand. Kerbs & SPiess, 1014 to 1020 Seooad Av. and 310 to 814_'Fift.yfOUl'th Levy Bros, 70 and Bowery I.Jclltensteln Bros. & Co. 2G8 and t70 Bowery Ltchteustetn .A. &: Oo. 34 ami 34)i Bowery McCoy &:: Co. 101 Bowery Mendel M \V &: Bro. 15 1 Bowery Orgler S. :!!>G and 2U7 Greenwteh Sefdeuoerg C o 84 and 86 Reade Smith E. A. lJ BoweJy Smith M. M. 4:1 Veoey Stachlberg M. & Co .. 92 aod 94 Liberty Straitou &:: Storm, 178 aud ltiO Pearl Sutl'O & Newmark, j6 Park Place Manufactu,ers of Fine Havana Cigan. Brown & 1Carle. 211 and 2111 ""ooster Foster, Hilson Co. !t5 Bowery Hay& & Co. 130, 132, J34 Malden Lane Importers of Havana Thbacco atul Cigars. Almlrall J J. 16 Cedar Freis e E. till Wa.!M Friadma.u Leonnrd, :!OS Pearl Garcia F. l6i Wate r Gonzalez A. 167 \Vater Messenger T. H &: Co. 161 Lane. Pascual L. 156 'Vater Sanchez, Hara & C o 1 00,132, 134 Malden Lane 8<.-ovilleA. It. & Co. 176 Seldenbe1g & Co 84 and SO Reade Solomon M. & E. 85 Maiden Lane Vega &: Bernheim, 187 Pearl '\\reil. &: Co. 65 Pine W eiss. Eller&:: Kaeppel, 220 Pearl Ybor 'V. Martinet&: Co. 190 Pearl MafM4/actu rerB of Key Wett and Importer-a of Ciyars. De !l&ry Fred' k & Co. 41 and 4l! Wa>Ten McFall & Lawson, 3-3 Murray Soldenherg & Co. Sl and B6 Reade Depot oflhe "Flor del Sur" Oigan Alcea George, 203 Pearl of aad Amber Weio Carl, 898 Grand /m,po r t ers of Pipoo. Batjer H. & Brother.t..'t.'Water Buehlet:. & P olhaus, M ctiJ,mben Demuth Wm. k Co. 501 Broa!JwlLy BeD Lihert;r Kautmaun Bros. & Bondy, 129' and 131 Grand Man'l{octunr of Briar PlpeoJ ""''I lnporter 1 of .Sm? k ers Buehler & P o, 133 Chambers .._ Demuth Wm. & Co. 501 Broadway Harvey & 366 and 367 Canal H e n A. & Co. 4 3 Liberty Kaufmann BrO!I. & Jl?ndy t !t9 and 131 Grand Rejall & Becker, 119 Man.ufacturert o:f MeA.ndrew James C. St&mtord Hanufacturlng Oo. 157 Maideu Lane Wver & Sterry, 24 Ceda r Importers o! Pmte. Gttl'ord, Shennan & lnniM, 120 William ArgUimb&U. Wallace & Co. 211 and 31 S. William ll.eAadreW Jam'"' C. 55 Water Weave r & Sterry, 24 Cedar Zuricalday & Argulmbau, 102 Pearl Ma11u(acturers o f Tobacco Flavors. HW!er'o R. Sons It Oo. 60 Cedar Importers 9/ Gum1, Ton.qua BeaM, e tc. HerricJC T B & Co. 130 and 132 William .Man.uja.cturers of Powdered Licorire. Brinkerhoff V W. 47 Ceda r Hillier's R. eons & Co. 60 Cedar Weave..& SWry, 24 Cedar Sud Leilf ToOacco I,_ticm. Bensel & Co. Finke Cbatles. lJi:. t. t55 Water Linde F. C. & Oo. 112 Water Tobacco Presaers. Guthrie&: Oo. 2.'lG Front A fanufa.chtrers of Claar Bozu. Henkell Jacob, 293 and 295 Monroe Strauss S. 179 and 181 Lewis Wicke William & Co. 1118-161 Goerck DUer in SjXInish Oigar Boa: c.dor. Uptegrove W. E. 48&-475 East Teoth Spish and GeTman Oigo.r l!ibl>om. t&rnam & Graef, 81 Green Heppenhelmer It t!aure!J_l!B and iii! N. Wllli&Dl Lobenstein & Gans, 101 lO.alden Lane Loth, Joseph & Sons, 444 Broome strauos Slm 10, Jrll Lewis 'lflcke Wm. & Co. 1M-1i1 Goerck .B"eale r in Machinery Tool and for Oiga.r Man v.jacturert. Wa"":rne H. li06 Pearl Mani'facturer of Crooke' s Co-in.p,und 11in FoQ. Tobl\cco :Me diu.n and Ti&.ue. Crooke J ohn J 168 : .Mulberrv Im.porcen OJ Tin-Foil. W1ttemann Brothers, 1&1 'Villi a m Tobacco Bagging. Boward, Sanger & Co. 462 to 4tiM Broadway Tobacco Labels. Beppenheimer &: Maure1, 22 and 24 N. William Label-8 and 'J'Irimmings Hepl)enheimer & Maurer, 22 anQ 2-l N. William Wullf C h a.s. A 5 1 Chatham M_atlufacturer& of Kinnew 1J-rOI.' Oi,a.rettu. ICinney F S. 141 '\Veet BI'Oadway La. RILS.Sian Oigareltu.. Eckmeyer & Co. 42 Manufactm'e2'8 of Cigarette. Hall ThomaH H. 76 Barclay Poll:l.k a 175 Chatham rn,porterl of Turki&h ToMcco. Led,/ and Ciqarettts. Bosphorus Tobacco Co., A. Cappnrdacb1, 1256 Broadway Im_pd1ter of '1\nkiffh Leaf and CigaretteJJ and of Oenid}e SnlOking 77>ba.Coo Vallauri V 1191 Broadway. Slra!J$f, Cutte rs and German Cigar Mo'ldd .. Lobenstein. &:: Gaus, !Initlen Lane Jfanufactmers of Cioar MCJUkU. Bo!'llfeldt N. H 510 Eas' Nineteenth Depot for Dubrul d: Co.' s Cigcw J/ould.IJ. Ordenstein H. 300 Broadwl\f Improved Tobacco Machine for .ilfanu}<:tcturen. Borgfeldt N. H. 510 East 19th and 156 Wate< Tobacco Outting Machinerv WuJsteio Henry, 114 C"ntre. Banr... G erman-American, 50 Wall Intern-al Revenue Boob. 3ourgensen. C. 37 Liberty Foreign. and Dom.esUc Sternberger M'. & S 44. Exc hauge Place.' .Manu[acturenr of 411d JV()oden ShQtiJ Jtlgures. Demu'h Wm .tOo. 50 1 Brol:ld.,.,a.r Manu.lactunr of ShotD Stmbss 8. Ji1J and 181 Lewla &1 Ma1'ujactnreo o} tJuo Original (i'reot< Seal Snwlang 1bbacoo Emmet W. C. ';4 Pine Plllent Ci(JIJJ" CUs. Samuel 8. L 57 Cedar !'. Manuf. of a lTkindJJ of 1$mok o d!: Plug Tobacco Bl'OWnGeo. .. HARTFORD, Conn. Packer and Dea lers in Leaf 'roho.A Dix J. & Co. 21i State ,Gershel L. & Bt'n,, :.!'l'fJ State Lee a,.,. 100 State Moore. Hav & 2 1 4 Stnte Westphal Wm :.:415 StaLe Willcox S. W Main HOPKINSVILLE. Ky. Tobncco lholrertt Olark 'rll. H t Brother P.agsdal e W E INDIANAPOLIS, Ind, D ealer in Ilah 76 Park N'e-vv-""'S?""ork. & co., CIGAR HOLDERS SHOW PICUIES IN GREAT VARIErY C1..AY 'PIPES In Metal & Wood A SPECIALTY. .. Centennial Medals & awarded for Beauty and ut b .SkiH sbown. in. Eabrication, PoptJiar Style & Cheapness.lBEN':J:> FO::A. C.A.T.A.X..OGr'V'Et < W I M. EGGERT & cO : IM:POB.TEB.S OF !HAVANA /. AND PACKERS OF! SEED LEAF Tobacco 943 ::E"'E.A.::E'I.X.. BT::A.EET, 'TO::A.:a;::. W. EohKnT,] BB.&NCH1-9-1 lilA IN !IT., CINCINNAT.I1 0, [Taro. Wo11, Ja. \\ tlENDEf & iannfactnrori of. :a. A. 'MTTJ,S Tobacco Broke AND General Commission Merchant, OFFICE IN TOBACCO .EXCHANGE, SHOCKOE SLIP, RICHMOl\iD, V a. .. w. FOSiEtiANCB WY FosTER, HILSON A aa' ::Se>"'Very. N'e.....V "Y'ork., MANti F ACTURERS OJ' Fine AND SOLE PR.Ol'RIETOI.S OF TD PATENTED WILLOW CIGAR BOX. l. LICBTENSTBI! & BROTBBB, MANUFACTURERS OF THE '' ELX" an c. ONWARD" 0 I GAR-S, And Dtaltrs In WF TOBACCO, Nos. and 34Y. BOWERY, JIEW "How fr.r that little dvertiee your business thoroughly by meaua of f/f'f :uon.t. TRANSPARENT GLASS SIGNS. 'Deol&ns 41: Eotlmatu Parnl .. e & Co RICHMOND, Va. Manv.fMturttrs of Plug & Smolig Joneo, J..,.., Leigh Lottier L. A. M. &:: Co. Pilkinton & Co. E. T. Leaf Bokers. Dibre ll Wm. J!l. 1410 Cary llil!R R. A .DMler ift Licorice Pn.ate and M]d. T Gbacco Wright J & Oo. 1 T obacco Exch"""" X. i[J:bncco Bags. ltOCHESTER, N. Y. Manufactur e rs of 7bbacco. Whalen R. &: T. 1 82 !!tate Jta,..-ufacturers of .. Pe.erleu" and Plai-rt FiMCut Tobacco a.nd "Vanitv Fair" enw.kiKg Tobacco and Cigarette.; Kimball w 8. & Co. SPRINGI'IELD, Maoo. Smith II. & Son, 20 Hampden ST. LOUIS, Mo. Manufa. of Fine Oigars Dealer.'! in. Tobacco. Dormltzer C & R. It Co. 1!1:1 Market Buuet of Leaf Tob acco. Ladd W M. 21 North Main 1'obo.cco Broker. J E f!'l South Second 7'obacco B-uyr:ra. M eier Adolphus It Co. SYRACUSE, N.Y. Packers in Seed Leaf and Dealers in Havoa Tobacco. Bier G. P. & Co. 25 Norlh Salina Man-u.jactutera of Oigar Boxes. Leeret & Blasdel, 168 and 170 East Water TOLEDO,O. Manufacturer of Chewing ami Smoki"ff Too baccoa. Messinger Charles R. Manu-facturers o f Powdered L!corict!. Warren C. C. & Co. US to 117 Monroe WESTI'IELD, Mao.. Pcr.cker and Dealer in Seed Ltol Tobacco. Buscbma ran JoU 0. 1 C:IGAR XAKUF .ACTURBR&. OFFICE OF lllANUF ACTURERS OF TECI!J OEIX..:BIEI::A..A. TE:J:> FRUITS AND flOWERS SMOKING TOBACCO, New York Agents: A.. HEN a: co., 43 Llbenr Street; RICHMOND, VA. A.LLEN 41: co 1'73 ChaDlbero St.; !U WISE 41: Bowery. --AND DEALER IN-LEAF TOBACCO, su. "Y', CHARLES A. WULFF, Ag't, Lithographer, Printer & Manufacturer of A Large Assortment Constantly on Hand. 61 Cl&atlaaa St., WUllam, 111'. :y, "Y'O::E'LB:' JOSEPH LOTH & CO.,; MANUFACTURERS OF ALL :&:P-IDS OF CIGAR RIBBONS. CONSTANTLY ON HAND A FULL ASSORT. li(ENT AT LOWEST liiARKET PRICES. :tractory: WEST 45'th !IT. Salesroom: BROO.E ST. CAUTION. I NEW YORK. 210 BOWERY, Jot.T 14, 18TI, PA.BTIES are h&reby cautioned against using P.IVOTBD C .,TCHE!I C I G >\.R BOXES othe r than those manufactured under GLUIID' S P.'lTE:'IT 18-I,O.'m, Nov. 7, 187e; reliosU8, No. 7,7f!T, May 29; 187i), assigned te us. AnY will be rigorously prosecuted. 'LICHTENSTEIN BROS. A CO. WANTED-A situation as Bookkeeper o r Tmvellerwith&good Lear House i.n t hi s city or elsewhere. If as Traveller. be willing to -po.yhi8 own i f preferredt and worktorcomonB8IOD ... Has been several years in the tobn.cco trade ana speaks Gennan. Addre.. D Eighth Foretg'n on '.l'obacce. 7o ;r.ance Italy nnd Spain th& tobacCO oom.m"""" Is monopo. rttedby Gover:DJD.e.nt ubder direction ot a. lli Germany the d\l'W on American Leaf Tobo.!CO is 4 tbalers :f: 100 lbs. In Belgium t h e is deducting ,a ill cent. for tire. The duty is 18 tram. cenrunes (SMil gpld)'ll100 k!logrnmmes(lOO American 1bs klloe.) !11 Hollaod tho duty Is 28 ceots. got d, per 109 kUoo. (280 Ame'rlcan 1la bef_ug eaua.l to 127 kilos.) In Russln. the duty on Leaf TQbacco Is 4 1 0 kopC frs 1)t pa1J; on Smoki.Qg Tobacco 26 roubles i' pud. and :3 rou. 21 cop. \1 pud. pud" is equal to 40c"'ut a& .AmerlcaD lb.:t. In Turkey tho duty i3 GO cents, cold, per American 011llCe'8. Ia the d utie'J nro o o Uwnanufactred: lln3'temmEm, coatai11ing 10 1bs or more o t moistUre iD every 100 1bs thl)re()t (beside.

0 \ '1' H E '1' 0 B .A C C 0 AUG.12 Tobacco .Manufacturers. LICORICE. I TOBACCO BROKERS. LICORICE: PASTE. JOHN CATTUS.: JOHN ANDERSON & CO. MANUFACTURERS O F T H E '9' ..J't4f SOLACiun TOBACCOS WATJJS TOBACCO BROKER Tobacco manufacturers and the tude 114 l 116 LIBEm STREET' i n geaeral are particularly requested to li'EW TOJI.K, examine and test the superior propert* lle1r to d lrecltbe allentlon o f the Deal e n In Tobacco\ CORICE, h' h b throupout the United a n d the World of t hiS Ll w LC elng now to their ClELEBBATED brought to the highest perfection is of. SOI:.ACE FINE-CUT fered under the above style of brand. OJIEWING TOBACCO. We are also SOLE AGENTS for tbe which i s beinw once more manufactur e d under tll e brand .. immediate a upenilloD of the oriainator. .. 2' Cl. 4IL Q. v. THOMAS HOYT & CO., MR. JOHN ANDERST' 404 & 406 Pearl St., New York. SNUFF, PIPES, etc:., on hand. A R. 'lMIT H } -'fiCTORIES AT 484 BROAD STREET, IEWIQJ ARIUUIBAU, WALLIS l CO.a A.. S. COMSTOCK, General Partners. F. w LOCKWOOD Special. AND IN CALDWELL N. a9 .t 3l South William ltrtet. waavBR s-r=RY 0 (IIPORTiis!iDiliiuficTlJBBRS. SPANISH LICOBICi1c; Gim LICOBICB !' ALL SPECIALTIES FOR PLU8 AID FilE-CUT TOBACCO. OLIVE OIL, TO RCA BilKS. PLA VORS, Powdered Licorice Boot, .A1VD PATENT POW'DERED LICORJ:CE.' 27. Pearl Street, NEW YORK. CMAS. E. FISCHER & BRO. T:OBACCO BROKERS, 134 Water St., :N'EIVV' T KOS. KunncuTT1 CHAt. )!.. B I LL. 1- KINNICUTT & BILL' BROKERS IN WESTERN YIRCINIA LEAF TOBACCO, 88 BROAD ST., NEW YORK. CHABLIS P. OSBORII, JAMES G. OSBORNE;_ TOBACCO BROKER, 54 BROAD STREET, NEW YORK. IMPROVED HOWB SGAIJlS. The oDI;r made with Protected PRIEST, PAGE & CO., Get' l AleltJ, 326 BBOA.DWA.T, NEW TOBIL """ b7 tho fol-._ P. LORILLARD A. CO, N ewYarfl:1 BUCHAJIA.!I 4t. LYALL,'New YDI'k ; .J"A8. B. PA.:E. Richmond, VL; P. MA. TO &. BRO., lli!=hmond V a. ; E. W. VBNABLJD .. CO., P e t ea aborar."Va.a PINZER BROS Lou isville IC.r THE b.iT41 10._1!llBAL Smoking N. anuractured by AIJ:EN & DUNNING, :11. RADER & SON, IN STICK LICORICE W E HAVE THE F A VO R IT!ii B R ANDS!-J :.. ... AJr.D avzo:r.un. Nolo 815 & 67 V AK HO'UTEll BT. P.&.'i'KBBON, N. J TOBACCO BROKERS WISE. & BEN.DBEIIYI HENRY WULSTEIN, c:J:GXRITITS, 'TOBA.OCO S X< JUCEl'!l'ER. 14! WES1' :SB,OADWAY, NEwYoRK. No. 50 Beaver Street, NEW YORK. A .. SBACK, ---TOBACCO \BROKER, 129 MAIDEN' LAN'E, turerun d D e al e ra to this SUPERIOR AND PURE artic: le. NEW YORK. T. B.lYIEBBICK a Co. Weheglo call the olte n tion o f Tob acc o Mannfao 130 & 132 WILLIAM ST., NEW YORK ZURICALDAY & ARGUIMBAU, SPEOXA..LTXE& : I 02 PEARL STREET, ErriUcT, Gum Tragacanth, Cigar]riikers. CLOVEI UD Gum Gedda, Siftin"s in Casks :FmEsT Q;O'A.LITY. ... ..... y 1111:.:, 0 ClORI.uiDII:B. IEED, do. do. Sons in Bales, .... ... ... Gu A b .llJilAJ.1 Cl UU't GVM JIYRRR, LlTJIP UD POWDERED, m ra lc d do G'IIJI TRA.UAC.A.NTR, JI'L.\KJII .A.lliD o. I 120 WUliam StreetJ nw TOIUt. EIIENTIAL OILS, .. POWDEIUIID, T "1B OLIVE OIL. LUCCA CRJIIA.JI .. CoUIJIII, eans,. ANGOSTURA. a MilliR & .. BaLli LICORICE PASTE. PRICES CURRENT 0!'1' A.PPLIC.ITIOII'. T HE STAMFORD HNUFACTURING CO., U North .JderaoD. Street, Y. FF, DAYTON, OH 10. .. 1&'7 :a A :J:D:III:N' :N":JD"''V Ve>mr. '!'.be Trade llaofng d--sed & !klperior and Cheaper .Articl e than that hitherto ..-!, tbls Co mp&DJ o tr e rlng for sale, LICORICE PASTE (unde r the o ld "Sanford" brand) o f & QUALITY .,... &t a PRICE which""" hardly fall to be acceptable to all l t a t rio.l. gr-Centennial Meda l aw&>ded tor "Purity, Ch0!!l!!'lt. "!'d GeDeral EJ: eelleDCe o f Jlannlacture." A.lao Ill. .1: B. BRAND STIVK LICORICE, all au-. Wholesale AgeBts: SHOEMAKER, VOUTE & BIRCH. 126 S. Delaware A TC., Pbila. D. B. JCALPIN & CO., DIIJI'O'l" .urD Aamo'l' M ANUFACTURERS OF l "HE OF THE MANUFACTURE Or O.ELEBUTED FDI'EClUT fiR GIN LEAF &NAVY CHEWING Aod all Klnd1 o f SMOKING TOBA.Cflll. A N D D & ALKU IN' C!pn, l'lug 'I'obaecc, Snuff, Sud J'lour, etc. &.W.GAIL &!X, -AT -MANUFACTORY A N n SAI.ltSROOM: C.r.Ann u eDITenthSt.,lewYork. 121 BOWERY, NEW YORK. WISE & BENDHEIM. AGENTS. MRS.G.B.MILLER&CO. FR ENGELBACH TOBAGGO MANUF AGTORY, 97 TOBAGGO DEPOT &AGENCY :N' e"'DV Y' ark.. )f.\!\\JFA.CTU1Utn5 or TH'I'l CELr:nru:tED Jlrs. G. D. Millel' & Co. Chewing and Tobacco; the only Genuine American Gentleman 8nuft; Mrs. G. B. Miller Gr. Co.' s Maccaboy and Scotch Snufft A. H. JrlickJ e & Sons Foref::t Rose aod Grape Tooo.cco; Mrs. 0. B. Miller& Co. Reser,e 8m9kiug and Chewing Tobacco. l!!r ALL ORDERS PROID.'TL Y EXECUT ED. For F. W. FELGNER & SON'S, Baltimore, Tobacco and Cigarettes. 56 S. WASHINGTON SQUARE, N.Y. 800DWIN & CO., MANUFACTUiili:RS OJ' D.BUCHNER&CO. c tT b Oneida Tobacco Works, J.ll.e U 0 acco SJ3 k 2U DU.t.N E ST., NEW YORK., Jlanufacturersoftheeel ebratedBrandsof 207 & 209 WATER STREET, 'V1r5:l.D.1a. &:D10k:I.D.iir;' And all other Kinds of C::H.EWING & SMOKING TOBACCO. NEW YORK. The Clelebrate4l .: ORIGINAL _. SEAL" "RED SEAL II ROI CARDTTE, & II SUNSHII4E, BRIGHT VIRGINIA MEERSCHAUM SMOKING TOBACCOS, cut from Virginia Plug O. E llkS: :DI.r E1 Tp SOLE MANUFACTURER, 7 4 PINE STREET. NEW YORK. BANNER TOBAGCO COMPANY SUCCESSORS TO NEVIN k BILLS, 193 & -195 Jefferson Ave., Detroit, (CORNER 01!' BATES STREET,) ;lll.t.NUJI'4CTVBERS 011' TUB CELEBB&TEB BANNER BRAND FINE BEr:h.a THAN THE BEST." lJr O RD E RS P ROMPTLY ATTENDED T O. n C.EDA.B IITIU:.ET, N. T BEST in the WORLD. Walker, :McGraw & Co., Detroit, Mich. by a.11 TOBACCONISTS. AGENTS FOR THE LEADING. M..l.NUF ACTURERS OF SMOKINC, PLUC TOBACCO AND CICARETTE S No. l..2l.. Nevv 'Y'ork W. E. UPTEGROVE, SPANISH CEDAR !!'OR CIGAR BOXES, Foot lOth & 11th St., East.Rim, NEW YORK. F-L'UC3f TOEI.A.OOO. HE IEBCH!NTS' TOBACCO CO., .ao EI:RC>.A.:CJ ST:RE:IIIIT EIC>STO:N'p Make the best Sold or Used. ONE DOLLAR lawful money In each 60 pound box, containing large Plugs made of long 'stock. TWO DOLLARS In one, or ONE DOLLAR In two of the caddies In each case containing large plugs made of long stock. PATENT METAL LABELS on Plugs. Ask for this and get the Best Chew or Smoke that can be had. SIL.AS P.EIRClE, .Jr., PrMident. JOHN H. SANBORN, Treas (lcceooor to Bo...,-oldt A. Delfll-,), 11 CEIII'I'RE STREET, B'BW TORJL P 0 Bo.11: C o nl'ltaE._t..!J nn haad the :kea t Jprn.ed f o r .GRA.NUJ.A TING A. S:IEVJ:NG TOBAC 0 HY HAN D O R S'i'EA .. I rOWEW.. A lar g e variet y of Hachi ery f o r C i gar Manufacs u c h u f o r Cuttin g or G r anulatlnl' Havana and o t h e r Fill e n f o r Cl,llan. Stem Roller s Bunching Machine!'., S t emminl' Machines. a n d a l s o M a c h i nea for Cru&b ina: and Flattenini'" t b e Tobac<"o Stem Ia t b e Lea f Cigarette Macbiaea etc Sole Avent in tbe U S for F FLJNSC H'S (Offenbach o n Main. Ge:.c e lebnte d M ac b 1aea for J'ackina J.'ob a.cco MAY BROTHERS, ) Ull'()RTER8 OF CIGARETTE PAPER, 386 BROOMIE ST., Hotlml! A T P.umo. lSI' e._. AI M. LYON & co., Manufo.cturers o f the Oelebra.ted Dtand of SHORT HORN VG ..... o VOIICOEG, E R-..wrr-.. .... :.1:. ; iciiB.NTER,. ww .LLW s-a1l.''' MANUFACTURERS OF CIGARS .. .A.ND soBBEBs IN 84 St., Manufactured & Smokin[ Tobacco, Al.. 76 M:ai.n. St., Ci.n.oi.n.n.ati.. SOLE AGENTS FOR CINC:INNA.TI & VICINITY FOR THE. FOLLOWING WELLKNOWN BALTIMORE IIA.N'OFA.CT'ORERS:-G.A.:J:X6 c:lb .A..::S:. &:J:Lcl. &:N'UF'li!"J :ii EI:RC>&. "l:-C>EI.&OOC> OC>.& 'V'1r51:111a. llkS:i..:E'tu.:re' cb Bo:J:L' ClLEAR THE WAY &n:1'5 Tob. PIONEER TOBACCO COMPANY, OF BROOKLYN, N. Y. BUSINESS OFFICES: 124 Water St., New York, 16 Central Wharf, Boston; 25. Lake Street, Chicago; 51 NORTH WATER STREET, PHILADELPHIA. Factory : No. 1 First District, N. Y. THE CELEBRATED "MATCHLESS,' THE ClELEBR.ATED "FRUIT GAKE MAHOCANY, All Siz e s ; '' p :X: oN' E E H. Dark, .all Sizes. A rnmpari111nn ofnur Celebnte d Dr:mds o f PLUG TOBACCOS will convince all partit s of the.WON-DERFPILU'"G'ein. T o B A c c 0. HERBST BROTHERS. .HAVANA tc SEED LEAF TOB.AC.CO :J 183 WATER STREET, 1 NEW _., LIBERAL ADVANCEMENTS --PRICES GREAT LY Rl.:DUCED. LEERET .t, BLASDEL, JlANVFACTUJ.I!.RS or Cigarlaozes 168 & 170 East Water St., SYRACUSE, N. Y-Deatenln HEPPENHETMER M A UilElt' S CIGAR BOX LABELS AND TRI::.lMINGS. INTERNAL REVENUE BOOKS Tbe Oria-inal l otena a l Jtevenue Publ11b i a c Boa ... c. JOURGENSEN: So L a Succasso TO E sTa & SMITH. P O Box 3'T LIBERTY ST., N. T, Branding Irons & Stencils a Spacl.<r. ::P:R:J:J.VT:J::N"a.. Of every description at Lowe.t Prlc:q. SEND FOR PRICES TINPOIL! Lightes t Pnre Tin, 10,368 SQ. Inches ALSO TOBACCO & OTHER FOILS. WITTEMANN BROTHERS, 184 William St., New Yor k JAME S H. THAYER, (Formerly D&I!'OBD &: TBAYEa, Bo.ltimore), Leaf Tobacco Curing, 61 FRONT STREET, _,......_,;,;;:.-.:a.v::m-.gv vo:n..a;.


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