The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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Tobacco Leaf Journal

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VOL. XIV.--NO 28. I'ESTABLISBED 1864.] NEW YORK, MONDAY, AUGUS 19, 1878. WHOLENO. 704 IJtt l#hlCC# Tli:BMS OJI' TUB PAPBB. SINGLE COPIES, ",,, .. ... ... .. -. .... --"' .... ..... 10 Cmm!. ONE YEAR ... "'"' .. ... ....... $UO BlX JlONTHS--." ... ........... ........ ..... ._. 2.00 jCVERY KONDA,Y MORNING BY .. TilE T08AeC8 lOF" PUBUSRING COMPANY, AlmUll 8UBI!CR!Pl'[ON!! ABROAD BJU'rAll< .,., C.oll-""1 .'.-. : ... ...................... ta.M EDrroa. BoanaM lfAlU.QKR. Baau, H.uos""" """'I'D Cruno.,.rr...-' ..... ( ... G.Of ::: FRED'K CO., 41 d! 43 W* Street, New York, SOLE ACENT8 FOR PRINCIPE DE WElL: & co., I ZMPOR.TER.S, PB.ICE LIST EL KEY .CIGARS, --Spanish, American and Gel'lllll Cigar Rlblons. 1... I 'L ..,c TBlC EXTENT OJ' DAMAGE. .e .0CCJ Estimates of the amount of damage done, made by .1.17GU8T, lft'l. competent observers, varies-ranging from 1,500 to Yellcnr;;'""'--Baza .. aL80 3,000 cases of wrappers. Our own opinion is that it Xo 1 H '127cla 1.80 NEW YORK, MONDAY, AUGUST 19, 1878. :::::; "' 2::::6-8 '127cla 1.60 may be fairly put between 2 ,000 and 2,1100 cases. Cal" ;;, '--" -H" 'H17cla ;, ,..HE CONNECTICUT CRO.P. cula.tingtheacreageatfectedat5oo,withfromfourto ... ; ... s .... w 'HI,U 1M) 1 five cases per acre, which are the flgui-es agreed upon ......... ... w 127c1a 116 ... ( ..... ............ 2 -H 12 7a. 1a by goo1 judg!ls, and which our inve .. dgations enable . .. .. . a : .. .'JlZ 7cla 1.60. '!'HE HAIL, BAS DONB. us to endorse, 2, 500 cases would be the outside limit of ........ .. ........ 1 .... 1.'16in In throygh or look-_. ...................... 2 .. H ft7cla 1.80 ing at the stricken field&, a acene of perfect "esolation ......... ............ '' a...... 'HI7cla 1;60 EXTfT 01' THE DAMAGE 10 Xarro"""-,:a.d ........... 1--a 'm,U is presente,d; and use can be made of' the dam : J-....... : .::..; :: 1 . Ll6 As a rule, the tobacco cfup in the Connecticut River aged tobacco after it is harvested it is' difficult to de-..... ............ a.... :Valley never looked !tetter in the field than it did this termine. A few crops have been ploughed under, and .n8ft"OW T.U.... .......... J .. .... 1.11 AJrD PBOPBIETOBS 01' THE .:. '' CIGAR FACTORY OF NEW YORK. I' 84 a 88 B.BADE Sl!rB.EBI!r, JI'EW YORK, ............ 140 lle4110n up to Sunday, August 4, when a. portion of it a. few more soon will be;, but,the majority are stand .......... : .. a 'I'I,U 0J16 was seriously injured by hail. An early growth had ing just as the hail left them, riddled from tip to ._lUlolloa Lcl ...................... '127cla given to the plants inn. early every field a development butt'in most cases and looking as if an army of sol-" T .u.. .. .... ... 117cla :r.-ar.. (CJ.loo) ... .' 1 .. ... :Y 7a. such as is rarelf. observable until a later period. SQme .diers had been marching \hrough them and discharg .. J3-18'' :N,U exceedingly propitious one, nly for but them to some use, and so enable the unfortunate ''f .... ........ 6Q .. J.S-18" I& Jib 0.66 also for other crops, whetlt cereal, vegetable Or farmers to realize a. little from them. The farmers in .......... :. ; .. ..._. 1 .... 1-e .. ",.. lAO h l l 0 ll .... : .... : 1 .... 18 .. l47cla IJ!O orticu tura. ccasiona y men,on was madlj of some mstanees hope to cull some wrappers from the Broacl KeeL p ... .a-e 'HI 7c1a L'JO :rather abundant rain; of the....pr1eva.lence of, worms, injured crops, but as a general thing their expectations 'Iii ::; ".i H 6-8 11 7 .. 1.66 and a / tendency to the sprouting of the to exterrd only to the making of them available for secJfa:rrow" U .. ... H u ,._._ .... j ... __ .. ,_ -bacco fields; but these were incidents wliioh'Wl'Ough't binders _or tillers. In truth, however, some of. --.Yelli.llwitll1t-. ...... : .. & 11,U L10 .. .n.1 .. ... ._ o.. .. 6 8 1I,U 1.60 no perceptible injury to the orop ; t igithe worst ttiat are standing will not make fillers ; ;ot-llite... lance and exertion preventing consequences from anything e!Be, there not beini leaf enongh left to pro : .. 6 8 11,.. lAO from any one of ao_ urces. :A. d\lel( wEST BAVAN A-CIGARS. IMPORTERS OF THE Extra StyJes b"f..fitbbons Made to Order. wh10h _the of fpl?\ apd .. _':fo of limited means this sudqen disaster RIBBONS :CUl PRfNtfO ANY SIZE AND STYLE. pursued a Similar t<(the later one, to which is a severe blow. Their previous extravagance, im B R I D J J PRICAEISI GPAP..ft-. B90TJtxlEeeSaAseNd.DTSermAI PcLEuh.S OF r e ference Wlll p:esently be made, Wf!B first .real or What: ):OU will', an'd -th-e lo1V range of grievance of which the tobacc9 ,.grow ers Jmd EU!Ql1 to priCes fur til e last two (Or three years have left them ? this year. no ?r deeply _in debt; 1and tJiose who were hoping fol"partia.l RIB" S RRNT ON APPL. 'PION. damage resulted from thlB from their financial difficultie s fro m the 1 ; Here and there a field or _parts ot disclosed !!light proceeds of -the growing crop will now seek in vain for J g I I C C 0 CROOKt evidencesoftemporaryinjury,occasionanoo'l'e&bemg-Meaee. Abetter t:' per; orated by the ic_y pell'ts, !(gme plants blown down, of ta:r:zning bee l! in Co,nnec-. :. .. 1. :;: CTu. REB OF J which afterward a ticu this season thai) for some W!W! done was nowhere f rmporlance. On turned to of dispensing with the : perb&J18, part1ally destroved. har_m that. back among the some of tlle m having reStr t Jt '' 4, however, a second a expensive fertilizor s, arid raising other .&. : soot10n _the State. of ":hJch _has Unha.ppilythis "' parallel m annals of t ob/1-CSJO grGwmg, either m 1mprovement did nGt begm early enough to materially 220 P.earl .I.W.I. The course of this stormlis in the map below. .,..... .... TA'IUF a G'ft: AEF CHIP Oil. .. I TIN POlL ntBpect of VIOlence or thr aqao\lnt of damage done. lighten the burden of the present misfortune. ,& ilU.NUPA.CTUBEIIS, AND DEA.LEBS IN ... .. : descrilM;rl in "Our onsei in the THlC .CROP AND TRADE WILL _BE .U'J'&CTIID. Amort can Borman & Spantsh Ctgar on Sun-, 1.1-W'I,.-... TOBACCQ, AND TISSUE. d a y afternoon, August 4, a heav ower galhei'in in : the west. The rapidity with' w1ic the clouds. pfied ,. 8pec:la.J. De:la:a. J.\4:acl.e 1:o Order. B, 1877.) themselves up one above and the long, low, b h CUT .A.XD PBilfTED AS DESUU:D. SAJIPLES SENT OJ{' 1 r'> 0 rumbling peals of tllunder, l?et{>kened an unusually ut, at t e B{Lme time, it wiU be likely to enhtnce to :N'o. OJ. C!fr:IA.EIEI:N':BI BT:IA.E:IIIT, :N'liD"'IDV" lleavy shower, and causeli in,the minds of the more some extent the value of the supply, present and pros. a Vigelius, l.'7G 8T:IA.m:JDT, PACKERS OF SEED I:BA F _:AND-OF HAVANA TOBACCe. .&1ft) BOW TO WAKE 10'BEM BURN GOOD. THEM OMOL'Y &"D"R,E V Jcotollaftyouri!OOdiBM"M'-' ..... -byC, 8, PHILIPS. ll you h&Te poor burllh>&'. tobacco send me & few le&v .... and lwreturD of. 111&111 t.o y.a wlla&.,... be done. U Ma.outact>oren will oeod m e their lored 8ortlng11, I w&ii returo;tb.,..lll.&.lttJBP. CoLORS, wlthOlot'Uoe-o(-.-...... or &n)'.a>tillclLI eoloring, and wl-tlae Leaf. Tloere II enough nalur&l cof<>riD&' m&ller ID &lllobaceoil If they &re oa1;r -In mob & ID&IUier 811 to bring It out and lb: the color, THIS 18 TIR ONLY SUCCESSFUL TOBACCO SWEATINC ESTABLISHMENT Ia-ud--oC t.ob&coo &re tunoed out dally of frOOanied with d'escripliion that, fortunately, while some of the good tremendous an{l 'l"ivitl fiaslies of light tobacco-growing se ctions have been fearfully scathed, ning. The tobacco planter from the windows the prOit1'6SS of the storm with as much excitement as the gteater portion of the best tobacco sections have the stock sveculator ever the rise and fall of been untouched. Seventy-nine acres of fine tobacco prices in Wan Street; for the ci:Jming of the hail would are intac t in Poquonock. The crops of Ihrtland, prove the ruin of his crop. Something strikes the except by the first storm, Salmon-brook, Simsbury, window-pane like a pebble rutd glances otf and then Bl (!.nother and another. In a few lfioments the ground oomfield, Granby, Suffield, the greater part of Wind is almost white witl_l as big sor, East Hartford, HOckanum, cr Iell heaviest and the Poquonock road southerly, .t...t.oy.att l/ll lal-tfC)rd, for about a mile and a half, .the MAP SHOWING THB TRAOK OJ' THE HAIL-BTORIII 01' IIOUtlJern.Jnitial point is .reached. Prb ce eding from AUGU ST 4. tl)ese t.wo points easterly, the storm the limit of the tobacco belt at Ellington and Vernon. The in widtq all the !rom a mile and a half to two and a half mile s. Within tne"initial it embraced forty-seven acres of tobacco in the sou th! lrn _part of Poquonock, the crops o& Pidgeon those of the Thrall brothers across the Fa.rtnin,; tOll River, and those' a.J'bil'nd Hu.yden Station, and then'paued on to East Windsor. After reaching East )Vindaor -the storm cut a clean swatll froi(Il f!. point a, above the farm of Alvin on East Windsor Hill to a point northward just below the tobacco fields of Warehouse Point.' Reaching Broad Brook the track widened, until it embraced all of that place Scantic, Wapping, and tbe o*her places already mentioned and b'Jng .. !al with us.


-.:I .. : .. .:4386. NEW YORK. l ": : Alii* for well-known and aliable Manufacturen; :0 8.' NCE, W. J. YARBROUGJI I SOIS1 a 110., 0. T. 800!1AI I .IUS, FW.SER a QQ., J. lil11t CO., R. W. PEIEITH, 1 1 .loM CARROLL, anll SOLE AGEN'M FOR THU ORIGINAL -' able ColiD ii.De Bouo 48 and 68, Single and D()uble 'n'llck. ALSO, AGENTS FOR THE CELEBRATED LONE JACK BlOWN Smc::Js-tng -Tc::ba.ccO URGE STOCKS OF TOBACCO OF EVERY DfSetHPTIOl SIDTA1ilLE FOR THE HOME TRADE AND FOR FOBEIGN MARKETS :&:.E:E"'T C>:N' ,. tTBE VIRGINIA TUBACCtl AGENCY, ( ...-ea"b:U.h.eq. : 'i11'4S. M:. G4RDI.BR, ftBACCO GODISSION MERCHANT, 84 FRONT STREET, NEW YORK. I EXPORT ORDEIU FOR PLUG TOBACCO PROJII!P'I'LT FILLED. NOTICE! Bavtng .Patented as a Trade-Mark, D perBOns are hereby cautioned against using the same as a Brand or Label for Smoking and Tol>ac<:O or Snuff. ALEXANDER MAITLAND. L. F. S. MACLEiiOSE. llOBERT L. MAITLAND. L. MAITLAND & COr, Tobacco Factors, And General Commission 43 Broad Street, New York, _AGENTS FOR THE WELL-KNOWN 0 A E :Fl. C> N" of Tobacco, Manufac:llned E:rpre .. Jy for EXPORT TO A trSTRALIAN OTHER FOREIGN PORTS: alfY HinER C Alflll)ON & CO Aus'JiaA.LIAJr Al'IDR&ws; .auc4A111J JiJllJ!Ill "I V&IWS, CABLE, OUR GA.JIE, BLACK 'Vao ,-, DIAMOIID. AUIITRALIA.ll' LUMPS-SIGJrET OP VIRGINIA, VE1'1111, ALL THB RAGK, FLOWEB. OF ALL IJATIOl'll. j Eli'GLJSH LUIIP8-:PilDICE ALPBED fiLIAl CAURON & BRO .. TWIST-RAVEI'I, JIA-, .. -,Fe-ter'b'U.rao 'V-AUSTRALI.Alf LUMPS-TWO SBA.S, OUR CHIEF, ORIO!I, INDIAJI' L1111PS-IIA. VELOCK, CRAB MER, AC, Eli'GLISH L1111PS-VICTORT, ROYAL IIAVY,AC. SOUTH AJIElUCAll' LUJIP8-LA D. LICIA, LA FELICIDAD. )!', C, LINDE. C. F LINDE. C. C HAMILTON. S. MAROOI!O. R ASHCROFT. SBHD LEAF TOBACCO INSPECTION TOBACCO INSPECTED OR SAMPLED. Oou:D:tr:v &aD1pll:a.a :Prcn:n.p't1:y A.'t'te:nded 'to. bertuk:atee given for every case, &nd delivered case by case, aa to number of Certitl.cate. N,' B.-WE ALSO SAMPLE IN MERCHANTS' OWN STORES. .. F. C. LINDE & CO. PHILADELPHIA BRANCHd: J:. W : DICXERSON Corner Areb and Water Streeta. JONAS METZ, M North Front Street, .11...-IBLD, Coaa,:-EDW. AUSTIN. LA.IICASTBR, Pa.-HENRY FOREST. PRII'i'CIPAL OFJI'I(JES-14!1 WATER 18!1 to 186 WAB'H011SEII-14llWATER '7'!.. '76 k '78 CHSTREETS,andHUDBeN RIVER ( RAILROAJJ DEPOT, 8T. J HN' S PARK. & CO;, CHA'S FINXE.CO ; TOBACCO IISPBCTOBS, TOBACCO INSPECTORS, WATER STREET, 155 WATER ST., NEW YORK. li'EW TO:aK. COIIIlTKT a&JIIPLII'ICI PROIIU'TJ.Y --:-:-,,_ .&TI'Bl'IDBit re. ; sYRACUSE BRANCH ....... G P L-eader (P'Il,) llralleh: IU.MIRA do .......... J. R D I BAL'l!MORE do E WlSCHJoiEYER & CO 8 .. F. CUNNINGHAM, 50 W. Poplar St. H E*N:H:Y'&* FIBEJR,T, cs-,._ to F. W. Tat8eaJooni: & CoJ -TOBACCO AND GENERAL' COIIISSION IBICH!NT, ea Broad &'t., ""'5?"ork.. SAWYER, & c _o., CODISSION KEit.CHANTS, l:ommiSSIOn Merchants No. 47 Broad street, No. 44 BROAD STREET, 'NEW YORK. Jll, JI'A11CON, THOS. CARROLL, Jr. TH_ E ... ,. (.11 0 0 ':J g l 1:i (.11 0 "'l )lau1$ctl!J'OI?' Agent. for tb.' nh of all Po-pular :Sra:uis Yl!ff1HIA, NORTH CAROLINA & WESTERN OF SlliOKING TO'D.-\CCOS AND CIGARETTES, SAM. AYRES' "IIYCO," DEPOT FOR J, W. CARROLL'S LDNG JACK:, BROWN DICK:, ete. LOUISIANA PBRIQl,JE, Cat aad ia Carrota. w. T. cQ.'s D RKA M 'Tobacco. ,., ..... H. .. &, I ,I "LOG GABIN" & "LOVE Tlrn .. &:ati:C>:&:.XN'Gr TQ:S.A.OOC. ............. .. To"baoco .. .&'VORITB DAllR:'WA'VY, aKCRAli'I'IU8a PARK: ......... .. IIW&RT JIONIIL DARK. JrA'VY, AliD Pllf.lOB aa:IGRT-!IAH; AND ALL POPULAR BRANDS or FANCY AND ........ PlJm ... BEE, TR11JlP8, WIG W-.t.&,,. -\.'\, IN '"p'lits AN}; BARRELS. DEPOT li'OR E, T. ...... CUZBRAt'ED ...... ,, J'illl'l'S & J'LOWIBS" & "OODONWnLTH" Smokinil 'I'oba.ccoa; -PRICE LIII'I'tl IP'VRDitHIIID 'Dl'l .. ''' '' DEPOT FOR SNOW'S' P.JlTEJn' ......... .. (j FANCY' I SMOKING PIPES -IN' BRiiR .AND FANCY WOODS, 1 MA!fUFACTUBIID BY HARVEY a FORD, BALESBOOII-386 & 38'1'AL STREET, JfEW ro:a&. I'ACTOBY-LEDGER PLAOE, PHD Dt:LPIUA. Pa."1.1Cc:D. Ca.r:rc::ll, BU 0 COMMISSION MERCHANTS EHLER tc POLHA S, a.nd Leaf Tobswco, BBIJiB \VOO["iiSiii i CLAY PJPBS, 50 BROAD ST.f NEW YORK. And all Kinds of SMOKERS' ATICLES 83 Chambers and 65 Reade Streets, New York. G 1. H. MESSENGER & CO., --------KENTUCKY BUYER OF IMPORTERS AND DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO ; OTTINGER & BROTHER) -( ; A. H. CARDOZO, TOBACCO & COTTON AND U BB.OA:D STBI':ET, -1 Ne_. 55 Broad St.. New ,..Qfk. to I MAIDEN LANE, r.t. Y. General Commission MerchiDt, / I i.e:>f 'Iolmcco In Bal=!.,logshead.s tor -. ..., Jio, BROAD !' t. -... AUG.19 CTURER OP PINE CIGARS. E-tabl.:f.ahed. 1880. '2'Br"B & PU BQIS. GDHISSI8,_ JIMPH. .,:: 1'fZW' YOIU[. .J ... IKPORTE_RS OF HAVANA LEAF TOBACCO i) AND MANUFACTUlt:KRS OF THK PBDICIPE !JE GAL::J:S BRA.lWD OJrHAVA)'IAANDKEVWEST PEARL ST., NEW YORK. S:P:A:N':J:&::I3: ::E'L:J:ESESC>:N'S; GERMAN CIGAR PRESSES, STRAPS, CUTTERS, ETC., p FOX, DILLS & CO., lm.porters of SPANISH AND' PACKE!t.S OF SEED LEAF TOBCCOS I. 11. CRl WJORD,. IMPORTER .t DEALER IN / LIAF TOBACCO' 17D & 181 Lewis Street, New York. All k1nd8 oCFl:;:u-re8 Cut to and Repaired ln the Bet S&yle. The Trade &'U.pp1:led. MACCABOY SNUFF, FRENCH RAPPEE SNUFF, SCOTCH SNUFF, AMERICAN GENTLEMAN SNUFF, LUNDY FOOT SNUFF. ALSO MANUFACTURERS OF THE FOLLOWL.'I'G BRANDS OF PVKE VIRGINIA SIOKIN& TOBACCO. VIA: RAILROAD, OUR CHOICE, COLORADO, UNCLE TOM, NAVY CLIPPINCS, BLACK TOM. 133 WATER AND 85 PINE STREETS. NEW YORK. For :P:r:lce X..:lst addre-or app1y ba above. lo CHoi.S. APPLEBY,. GEO. '\\' H'EL!IIE, / 18&' Wa.tezo Stl-eei P, o. BOX 3U9. NEW M. B. LEVIN, I14PORTER of HAVANA AND DEALER IN ALL ltlND8 OF LEAP TOBACCO, 162 Pearl Street, lew York. M. NE'O'BOl\GII:B, R. STEJD:CK.L Neuburger & Steinecke, Importers of SP AlriSH Rlld Dealers In LEAF TOBACCO; 00-USIOll' MERCHANTS -.un>-PACJDllUI 01' SEED LEAl', Water Street, .New York. H. KOENIG, "'-WHOI.ESALJ: DEAI.Itlit IN RAVAII lJ!J TC>ESA.OOC>I!!II, No. 329 Bowery, New York. SCHOVERLING BROS., ALLXINDS or SEED LEAF TOBACCO Water St., New York. House i.n New Mlltord, Conn W. SCHOVERLING k CO. IBIS. F. Tl111: Iaperton of SPANISH ud Dt ... w all tdau .. I LEAF TOBACCO, 184 Front Street, ...... o ... E. BPINQARN & CO., D!!._LKBB llC HAVANA & DOMES'ffC TOBACCO. No. 6 BURLI'NC SLIP, NE.AR W.ATER-STREKT, NR.W-YORX. a&IL ........... G. RBISJIIANlV, Commission Me_rch8nt, 1SS :P-.z"l Su..t, -r NEW YORk. Jf. L!CIIENBIDCB i BRO., 'No. 164'Witter Street, New York. WIIOL.aA."'L'B DKALftS tl!l" HAVANA It DOMESTIC LICHTENSTEIN BROS., PACKERS AND DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCOS, I 17 MAIDEN LANE, 'York. B. C>::Fl. G-LE::Fl., l!LU.lJFACTURER OF FINE CIGARS, AND DEALER IN LEAF TOBACCO, & 297 Greenwich St., New York lll :r Brande:-" CUBA


AUG. j 9 : __ JACOB BIIKILL, CIGAR BOXES, SUPERIOR MAKE AND Prime Ouallty of A. a cc a: BON,. :z:KPQ::B.Tll:aS OF SFAKISB: 178 )NATER STREET, NEW YORK, fl. c 0 ll""'"' 0 XDJ.PC>r"ters o:r &pa:J:ll&l:l. Qf, "' L E .A. F T 0 B A. 0 0 0, .&ND PACK.EKS OF .o. 1VO 'WAI!riiB. B'IIB.Illlllll, KIJW YO:aK, SEED LEAF WBAPPEB. OF OUB OWN PAOKIJfG, CEDAR WOOD, 293, 295 & 297 Monroe St., NEW YORK. ECKMEYER & CO., 4.2 ::EIE.A. "VEB. ST SOLE AGENTS FOil THE U S OF -lnsxian & rurnsh Tobacco -OF-cOMPAGNIE LAFERME liT. PETERSBllRG, IIIOSVOW, WARSAW, ODEIISA, DRE8DE!I, JI'EW YORK, P.o. B o x .,86. BASCH & FISCHER, IKPORTERS OF HAVANA S'rRAITON & -STORM, MANUFACTURERS OF CIGARS, AND DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO, 176 &.160 PEARL STREET, NEW YO:RK :N'9T1C:EL WE HEREBY CAUTION ALL P ARTIES INFRINGING UPON OR IMITATINC OUR BRANDS, LABELS AND TRADEMARKS, we will spare no pains in p rosecuting s u c h parties in protecting the nghts l!eCured to u.s bl, 4&,t Q f da.ted August 14, 1876. STRAITON & STORM. This Space is Reserved FOR BONDY & "LE.DERER, JIIANUFACTUREK8 OF FINE CIGARS, AND DEALERS I N LEAF TOBACCO, 96,98, I 00, I 02, I 04, I 06, I 08 & II 0 Attorney St. 1\TEJ-.gv" "YOB.:U::.. EllNEST FREISE (FOBMERLY O F THE FIRM OF WA LTER FBlEDIIlAN & FREISE,) ,. IMPORTER OF .SliD Liipc:TOOBACCO, J. MltRTlN, Spanish Leaf Tobacco,. :1.5'7 "'t1'U" .A.TEB. ST., NE-.gv" "YOB.:&:.. 155 Water St., TOE AOOQ NEW YORK, W M G LACCU M, GLACCUM & COMMISSION MERCHA NT, Capital, S 1 ,000,000. Every faclUty &ftorded to Dea\e m ann Correspond e nts consisten t with Sound Banking H ROCHOLL, President, [ P. Q.&DiliG, C a s ht a r S. B. 1 E P. S..l .. TBDIIPSOR 8& AID UTTOI fAtTOU -AKD--llneral Commllal01 lerchanta, 54 & 56 BROAD o. Boa aeos. BEW Yo:ax. WM. FRIEDLAENDER, JOSEPH SICHEL. Wm.FRIEDLAENDER. & CO. o Dealera I n :a: .A. v .A.N" A. -.AliD-DO!ESTW LBAF TOBAGGO 79 FRONT ST.,NEW YORK .. WJLL!AM BUCHANAN, DAVJD=-c=-. L"""Y""'AL.,..L!. BUCHANAN & LYALL., Offtce: 101 WaJl St., New York.-P. 0. BOX 1772. FaQtory:-No. 2 FIRST DISTRICT, SOUTH BROOKLYN. MANUFACTURERS OF THE FOLLO WING CELEBRATED BRANDS OF PLUG, CHEWING B.lld SMOKING TOBACCOS_ ALSO MANUFACTURERS OF SEMI-CIGARS. > PLUG. PLA:li'JCT NAVY. l a 9 Xa, 31, 4:a, Sa, & a 'T1, 8 1 9a, lOa,. 8AIL0R'8 CHOICE, I a, 3a, 4:a. &a, 61, 7 s 8a, 9 a lOa OR"-LLENGE, lba W.A8HIKGTO!I', Jl NEPTUNE, Double te1t, brt. drk. MAGGIE IIITCHELL. NARRAIGA.l'IIIIETT. A.LEXANDR.A. l"I UI'II. FLOUJiiDERS, BVCHA.N.ANLlOo .JACK OF CLUBS KIN G PHILIP. (> !U PE AND APRICOT. -VOI'IIQ.UEH.ED. "ACME" Faney Brltrht PEERL&SS, PA.LJI, GOLD BA.R8. PRIDE OF THill REGIJIENT. POl'IC E T PIECES, :N' .a. "VV :P%1\TEJ O'O'T Oa:Ei \10 11W'CJr.; -AOME.. -15 Rl:Vl:NGTON STREET, NEW" YORK. Proprietor s o f t he C elebra t e d Drands "REPU!!SL I C a n d 'HIGH AND DRY.'' tn o rt\C"r LEONARD I'RIJ!DMAN &UCCESSO R TO W ALTER FRI KDMAN & liREISE, IIIIPORTER.. OF HAVANA TOBACCO, 203 Pearl Street. New .York, WEBE. R Pianoforte. OODII:PX.EJTEJ Read the Wondcrllll OFFICIAL 1J, 8 CENTENNIAL RBPORT, "For Sympathetle, Pare, and Kleh Tone combine d wtth Greatet Powe r (as shoWD In lll e l r Sq uare ana Up.Ubt Planoo.) These tbree styles show I n t e l lige nce and selldlly I n AND CICARETTE TOBACCO.' their construction, a puant and eaoytoucn1 wblcb a ttbe oametlmeanow e ro promptly to itorequlrementL ,,..., GI-l' BRIGHT CUT c together with excell e nce o r w o rkmanship A. VEliDIIIH. A. T GOS H O RN, Dlrector Ge neral. J. R. H.A. WLEY, President. wo::a.x.Ds F AlE. AND :a. "C'ST. Attest : [ Se&l ] J L Campbell, Secretary. ()AlJTIOl'll -:Borloraa n d >lea i enl" to-day without a rival for' SYIIIPATHETIC, PURE AND RICH comblaed . wUb. GREATEST POWER." PRICES REAIIONABLE. TII:BITIS EASY LBAP TOBACCO :M:an:u.fac"tu.rers of 5th Ave., cor. 16th Street. 129 Lane. FINE CIGARS AI F ..R.B NEw YORK. 70 and 72 BOWERY, NEW YORK. ex. rles u; ros.,. ,HAVANA Ciiiii .. F tiVD it, o f c I G A R PUI u F A c y u R E 'as 1!!. Earopoii..,..Cin:QiarLettersofC r e d itto T rave lors, ..,ZI1a.l.J.e ::Eio"t"tl.e .B. Se:n"t 0. 0. X>. ancl fTUil Commercial Credits ; r Q c e i v e M ( ,n e y o D epoalt, subjec to Slrbt Chec k s u p o n wh i c h int e r .. e s t wil t btt allowed; payparticlllar.rtteii'ti c)'Dt() 1li:e _,.._.-........-.... ...... .,... "&he iTobb:l:u.e s:r.rac:1.e, NeiiOllatiOilo!Lo a u o . ... ,__,..AND DEALERS IN PENNSYLVANIA CICARS. .. Office: 643 PENN STREET; and Warehouse: 636 COURT STREET, -"'!:;er, V V ALLAUB.I CUTHRIE a. CO., COKKISSIO!i A N D IILERS OF TOBACCO FOR EXPORT. Leo! Toblccopreaedln boles o r l'be Weot 1..-, Jlaicu aDd Ceotral American :Ports and. ether m&fL teta. TOBACC O PACI:K E D IN H OGSHE ADS. A. T. STEPHENS, SUCCESSOR TO ALVA OA.TMAN ; IMPORTER OF HAVANA, AND DEALER IN DOMESTIC LEAF TOBAGGO 168 WATER STREET, IIIAN1JFACT1JRER OF .l.l'IID DEALER IN LEAF TO;B.CCO. omces: 42 VESEY ST.; NEW THJ: JOBBING TRADE SOLICITED O NLY. L. GIRSBEL 1: .RO,, PACKBRS A.ND D E ALERS IN SEED LEAF TOBACCO, 191 PEARL STREET l.o GltRSIIEL, 5-Ga.Jl$1f_ll:lN E W YORK. P W SMYTBH & CO., COMMISSION ME RO.HANTS :BRETHERT ON BUILDING S, No. 10 NORTH JOHN STREET, :,_ LIVERPOOL, ENC,, B.EJ.A.X>:C.VGr. P.A.." l\9\ NEW DIREC T -JMPORTATIOK OF Loaf Tobacco and ""n-H,nrh. M SA.LOl!ON, E. SAWl !ON :85:. &. E. SAT-01\5:0N', ALSO MANUF ACTURE R OF PACKERS OF SEED LEA.F, FIII-CliT YIIIIIJITIBIISH SIIIDI& -AXD !!!PORTERS OF-.AliiD CJ:GA.RETTEIL Havana TobaCCO and Cigars, 83 DII:.A.:EXJEJN x...a..NEJ, NEJ-.gv' SANCHEZ, HAYA tc CO., 132 & 134 "MAIDEN NEW YORK, MANUFACTUilEilS O F It bao a Oapaoit'T of about &00 lb .. aDd CAD be Eadl:r WDZ'ked. &cs-CUTS .A. 't'te:n. 't:lo:n. .A. 't'te:n. 't:lo:n. KIMMEL & rk. APPtEBY'S MACHINE COMPANY, 1 MANUFACTURERS OF THE OB.:J:Gr:J:N" A.L P"C"B.::EJ PJ.a,v-c::rin @"&; ALSO ldANUF A CTURERS OF Appleby's Cigar Bunching Machine & Short Filler Breaker or Granulator. Prlee of" Granulator, $31' and $1'5; Pric e of Danelolq lllaehtne, .40, Our Flavorillg will g ive to the tobacco t h e full flavor ot Havana., and when smoked it has th Sweetness and Aroma of a genUi n e cigar quart HoUle, $2; Half"Gallon, $3; OneGalloD, .&. Se DtC.O.D Nocb&rgeforCuorBoJ:. Faotor;r at SPOTSWOOD, N. J,; LEONARD L. F. APPLEBY. Sole Prop'r. Ofllce and Saleoroom at .l'OHN S. SUTPHEN'S, 53 Whitehall Street. H. Y. :B ... 'POLL A K { SUCCESSOR TO J X. lliC1DlL & ::J. KA.NUI'AOTVBER OF a.nd "SATSUMA" and Cigars, l 135 Chatba,m St., Ntar-Pearl, New York. l


) 4 TOBACCO IN THE BIC FLATS. ,_.RIP THROUGH THE CHEMUNG VALLEY. TQ the tired deruzen of the town, and especmlly to the busy JOUrnalist whose often comes to him redolent of the fumes of dirty streets and smokmg chimneys, there 1s an mexpresstble charm m the sweet ness and brtghtness of the country To him almost every rural scene 1s lovely, and the latest VISited the loveliest of all We felt when last fall we for the first time beheld, and afterwards descnbed m thiS JOUrnal, the beautiful farms and fields of Lancaster County, Pa, that nothmg frurer, nothing finer than that favored locality could anywhere be found We called 1t the Parad1se of the husbandman, and so It seemed to our enraptured eyes and mmgmatwn HaVIng JUSt returned from a carnage ride through the valley of the Chemung R1ver, Chemung County, New York State, we are equally ready to declare that the Chemung Valley 1 s as chanrung a stnp of terr1tory for either the uses of the tiller of the soli or the pleasures of the tour1st as can be seen m any portion of the Uruted States It was long smce aptly termed the Garden of Eden and we shall find no fault w1tla the appreciative soul who named 1t so, even though his happy christen mg d1v1des the prmse we sought to bestow upon our earlier tdol If the farms of Lancaster County are attractive beyond measure, those of the valley of the Chemung are not less so, while 10 the1r surround10gs the latter are altogether unequalled Such mounta10 scenery, d1vers1fied by alternatmg clearmgs and fol"6Bts, as that whwh encloses the Chemung Valley farms, as they nestle m endless success1on among an endless success1on of gtganttc hills, nught be sought for anywhere else 10 the world m vam There 1s nothmg anywhere comparable to It, and m markmg the luxurmnce of the fohage and vegetatiOn adornmg the hill sides, from base to summ1t, for miles m every drrectwn, one ceases to wonder at the rwhness of the s01l upon whwh he treads, or the abundance which 1t uniformly ytelds The great rwks of hay, oats and wheat, the fields of bloommg corn, clover and tobacco that are met at every step m a Journey through the valley, are but the natural outcome, one comes to thmk, of a regiOn so bounttfully supplied wtth all the elements and resources of agncultural wealth The eye would be a dull one that could Vlew thiS really Eden land without becommg enamored of Its charms, or consctous of Its exceedmg frwtfulness Our readers at th1s time, however, are only mterested m the tobacco that 1s raised th&re, and 1t was to them an accurate account of the cond1tion of the grow mg crop that we accepted the mV1tat1on of Mr Wilham H Lovell, correspondent of THE ToBACCO LEAF at Btg Flats to vtstt the locahty dunng the past week Our descrtptwns, therefore, must be lim1ted chteO.y to matters relatmg to the obJect of our Journey Mr Lovell, who, bestdes possessmg a good farm well sup phed With fancy dairy stock, 18 the owner of several horses met us w1th h1s carnage and span at the "Frazter House," Elm1ra, near the depot-where, our tobacco fnends probably know, they can obtam at reasonable rates JUSt the accommodatiOn they requtre and drove us 10 good style for two days throttgh the valley The map presented belowwdlshowtheplaces v1S1ted by us, and the merchants and manufacturers of ths mty who are accustomed to handle Btg Flats tobacco 'Will real1ze that they compr1se the whole of the famous Btg Flats tobacco sectJQn En.Joymg not er CoNVALESCENT -We are happy that Mr Emanuel Hoffman the veteran leaf dealer, who has been SICk for nearly two months, 1s convalescent WE are sorry to state that Mr C Tanner, for several years w1th the well known house of C H Spttzner, of thts etty, met wtth a serious acetdent a short time ago m breakmg h1s We understand that Mr Tan ner 18 1mprovmg, and will not lose the use of hts hmb FOR SALE -A fresh supply of 100 000 pounds genu me "DEERTONGUE" flavor for smokmg tobacco manu facturers, m lots to smt purchasers, at lowest figures MARBURG BROS 145, 147 and 149 S Charles Street Baltrmore 1/Id RETURNED -Mr Ernst ReJall of the firm of ReJall & Becker the well known 1mporters of meerschaum and !lmber goods and smoke1s axtwles, 99 Chambers Street, New Ymk, has returned from a tnp to Jl:urope, where he went to make the annual purchR.Ses for his bouse Thts well known firm ranks among the first m the1r trade UP WITH THE TIMES -Our enterpuse 10 gtvmg de tatled reports of the conditiOn of the tobacco crops of the Connectwut and Chemung R1ver Valleys m tbts number of THE LEAF "Ill doubtless be the moie ap p1ec1ated when 1t IS made known that both 1eports were wntten by one man, who VISited each of the sectiOns described durmg the past week CORRESPONDENCE. SPOTSWOOD, N J, August 14, 1878 EDITOR TOBACCO LEAF -DEAR SIR I notiCe m your paper of the 12th mst that m the report of fa1lures you have stated that Remsen Appleby s ctgar machine has fatled Mt Remsen AJ?pleby has had nothmg to do w1th the c1gar machme m three years By contra dwtmg the same through your columns you wtllgreatly oblige Yours, L L F APPLEBY, PerL Appleby, Jr P S -The Ctgar machmes, etc that Remsen Apple by ever had any mtetest m belong to Leonard L F Appleby LEAFLETS. Mr Barber Sr the notsd tobacco grower of Warehouse Conn now in his BOth year is thought tmbe on his death b e d A firm m R1chmond Va. shtpped to Genoa Italy lately 600 bogsbeads ot leaf tobacco weighing 900 000 pounds and valued at $95 000 A meeting of the cred1 tors of E Bloch & Son c1gar manufacturers 384 Canal Street this cjt) was held at the omce of Register Dayton on Monday At Sparta Galla.Un County Ky a. tobacco grower ls satd to have cut a second crop from the roots of last year s stalks tha.t "ere left standmg m the tlelds According to late advlces from Buenos Ayres an inland excise duty on tobacco and wines is proposed tQ meet a portion of the deficit of the public treasury The HopkinsviUe (Ky) New E a predicts that 20 000 hogsheads ot to bacco will be sold in that cit.> this season an exceu of 8 000 hogsheads over the sa.les ot any other season Tbe Henderson (Xy ) Nerc that thtrt.e e n tobacco ftrms of that city will ship this seuon to Liverpool London and Bremen 7 5&1 hogs heads of tobacco nearly all strips It Ia eotlmled that the receipls ot Cl&rkavJlle Tenn tobacco at the cloee ot the year (September 1) w1ll be 112 ruo hogsheads, the largeot com pared with o.n,y of the previous yetu"M :Mr Q(..-orgo L Lorillard hM contrtbuted $300 toward a fund to build &n Episcopal church at Hanover Junction Va.. His donations in aid of charitable objecta for the past year amounted to the sum of $30 000 The fl.tlest buildtng that bas been erected in Richmond Va for the paat two Q( three year:s. is the new tobacco warehouse of HUI Skinker &: Watkins. The building fronts on Street 100 feet and runs back 200 feet to o.n alley From Cincinnati it is report-ed tha.t Eastern fretghts in tobacco are ad va.nced to the following rates-for New York" 29 cents per hundred Bos ton 34 cents Philadelphia 27 cents Albony Troy and Schenectady Z7 cents Baltimore 26 cellts. To illustrate thertearclty of wrappers, the Danville (Va) Regutter says A man with a few thousan<;l. pounds ot yellow" tappers can now line hl.e pockets wtth Greenbacks, 'Jlthout waiting tor the two thousand mil llollll demanded by The sale. of leaf tobacco at the Danvill e Va market in the month ot July amounted to 2 63lt,Gei2 pounds which l.rought $260 81416 or an aver age ot $9 911 per hundred The oaltl!l in the month ot JUDe amounted to 8 314. 7W pounds at an aerage of 110ft ... per hundred Eupne Adamo, ot Welbenlfteld Coon whlle banging up tobacco In his barn on Tuesday was suddenly precipitated to the cellar a distance of twenty feet by the giving way of the scatroldlng In the deacent be struck a beam eeven or eight teet from the grouiid brealdng some RlllAll bones ot his neck and othenriae dangerously Injuring blmaelt His re covery will be alow The following New tobaoco f\nns are sufferers by the failure ot the ftrm of R M Bishoo & Co in Ctnctnuatl -P Lorlllard & Co to the amount. of i7, IJchteutem Bros &:: Co $665 Stratton & Storm, $906 An otrer of 40 per cent". In Mtthament has been declined by the creditors. Mr Bishop at prel!lent Governor of Ohio bas been in buslne&B thirty years and the failure of hl8Jirm lS a great surprise On behalf of Emil <d Honis Bloch of this city, application was made ln the U S DistriCt Court: before Judge Choate tor a dec...., allowtilg the ftrm to oetlle wttb Ill creditor& at the rate ot 25 ce&ll on the dodar The motion was denied on the ground that the appllcants had converted to their use speelal enLrut}ted to them. The motion on behalf of the firm however, can be renewed it the required guarantees are fur nisbed Martin Walter of 112 Avenue D thla city who '11'&11 arrested cbarJ!ed wfth receiving stolen cigara was honorably discharged on as n ...... proved that be bought the Wtlboul tl rullty knowledge They were tbe pt"OCeeds ot a committed on May l.f. at the store of Gl&ccum .t Scbl011!6r, :tli Rlvlngton Street,.it Ia alleged. by a. notorious burglar named Wtmaler allaa Pigeon Joe 'l'ho II now in prison. AI the time $7liO worth ot clgua were carried olr b)' the burglars UUclt Dealen. Two men Francisco Fillote, a Spaniard, and Edward Biegel a German, werebetoreibeU 8 Commjollooerlut with selling un tu:ed cigars from old bo:r:es There were atamps on the boxes, to be sure, but they bad llel'Yed for other ctgars preTioWIJ.T 110ld from tbem. The evidence, howeve r falled to show auy guilty knowledge on the part of lbe accUsed &bel the CommiAionor dlich&rged them The Mme dfa. poettloa was made wilb a pa.ny D&med Johll Hea who was brought up on a simllar charge J.n Itallam aeUor Anplo 8perno by name who oald that he bad been tn New York only four days wa.a al&o arraigned charged with dealiag in WlSiamped He "'"" found on Tenth Street and A enue C, otrering tor &ale whole packages of t;he.e cian. When arrested he resisted the ofllcer who had t.o beat him Into aubmlaal.on. H e alao pleacled ignorance of the law, haYiag boUght the cig&nl from u. Italian who waa about to go to Huana TheCoDUD.IMioner gh1DC' h1m the benea' of a doubt u te his intent to defraud dlocbarged blm from CWitody I Joseph Peters was arretted in the Bowery oD Friday charged with olrer-lllg untaxed cigars for sale in the street.,. His stock of goods amounted to 1500 uosta.mped and Ullpacked cigars and be wu held In -bail by Sblelds tO appear tor trial. At 47 Liberty Street aeerallota ot smuggled cigars. oelzed by the ()us. tom House oftleers, were eold under tbe direcUon of the United States on Tbw'ilday Ha?ana brought from tf7 110 'to 198110 per thou sand, cigarettes were sold at 16 centfll a package Several India rubber bags 11lled with tob...,co wblcb had been found tloa.tlng In the bay where they had been thrown by smugglers. were dis poeed of at one dollar each Cigars of iiil&Dd manufacture were sold at PI per tbouoa.nd Celeo'tlala In the Clr;ar Baolneoo. A. curious acene occurred a few ago before the UnUed State Com miBaloner in this city Four wretched Chinamen werebrought up on a charge at peddUng and selling unotampeln6 -tent but not as much as was to have been expected With the so1l unusuaily thirsty and under a very hot sun shme the m01sture soon disappeared, leavmg the plant agam suffermg for ram Wtth the exceptiOn of a very light shower on the 10th mst whch was not suffiCient to do any good, we have had no ram thiS month, and the crop 1s suffermg considerably P1 esent appear ancesmdwate eontmued drouth The early plantmgs are begmnmg to ripen, and w1ll be hght, w1th narro" and short leaf Wtth contmued drouth for several weeks, the crop w1ll be very much shortened Peacher's Mills, J'.fontgomery Co August 4 W A. E reports -Smce my last (on Fr1da.y eve last) we have had another fearful ram storm wtth wmd and hml whwh mJured many crops and utterly destroyed others Some farmers will cut and attempt a crop from the suckers The ram or hall were not however, general The ram did not extend so severely very far north of us and the hail was condned to an area of from three to five miles square We are havmg too much ram for tobacco, and as much of ours here IS eady, 1t has and w1llsuffer Altogether, the pwspect for a good crop IS anything but fiattermg Sprtngjield, Attgust 14 C C B & Co report -.Our tobacco crop JS yet tmprovmg, the weather bemg qmte favorable Worms arc gettmj; very plentiful, but as the crop IS a small one, there IS no good reason for 1t to be senously lllJUred by the worms Some little has been cut, and yet there IS some not much m01 e than out of the clods It IS qmte uneven, and It Will reqmre a late fall for 1t all to get r1pe HartBmlle, Trousdale Co August 9 -J G L reports -Smce wr1tmg to you last I have been m corres pondence with one or more tobacco men m each and every county m the Upper Cumberland d1stnct If there lS any reliance to be placed m human testtmony, I am sat1sfied there 1s a worse prospect for a crop of tobacco than there was m 1874 I thmk th1s 18 re liable, 1f you were here you would thmk so to:o You shall hea1 from me regularly 1n the future INDIANA Rockport August 13 -R H N reports -The tobacco crop of Spencer County IS m a bad conditiOn, and w1ll not yteld over one-fourth of an average DustneM Cllanl:'es, New Firms and Removals. DETROIT MWH -FQxen Newman & Co: C1gar llfanufactu r e rs Geo B French rettred style and ratmg same LA GBANG.E Mo -A Quissenberry, Tobacco Factory out total loss 1 MILWAUKEE W1s -H Van llyn, C1gar 11e ceased 1 ;! NEW BRITA1N CONN :;-L H "Burnham, Tobacco, sold out to F J Smtth PHILADELPHIA PA-W E1senlohr& Co, Wholesale Tobacco. d18110lved, new l!rm, same &t)le Reported Failures and Business Arran.rements. BosTON, MASS -Florence Lopez, Tobacco and C1gars, chattel mortgage on stock fixtures etc for $150 CHICAGO ILL -Katz & W asoervop;el, Ctgars apphed for rehef m bankruptC) CINCINNATI 0 -McMakm & Tollett, Dealers m Tea Sp1ces and Tobacco asstgned DAYTON 0 -P M Bwtft, Ctgars, chattel mortgage for *200 DETROIT Mtcn -Peter Kumpt C1gar Manufacturer, asngned EDEl'ffiURO PA -Hugh Amo C1gars gone mto bankruptcy ]'oaT PLALI'I N Y -Henry Betzmger, Tobacco and Carnage manufactu'ter apphed for rehef m bankruptcy LANSINGBURG, N Y.-Robert 'l'urley, Tobacco and C1gars chattel mortgage on horse for $240 MONTREAL, Pnov oF QUEBEC -Lauzon & Co Tobacco, sued MoNROE, -'frank Sedaczed, Ctgya;..mofi.Tr" a b1ll of sale seem v ery probabhl Present crop prespecu seem to mdteate two thtrds or thre e quarters of an average While w e had to complam formerly about too little ra1n we have bad of late a of heavy general rams, so much of tt, m fact that another dry spell would be gladly welcomed OWENSBORO, Ky -Frayser Bros Tobacco Stemmer!, r epol t to 1 HE TOBACCO LEAF as follows -Biace our last report but httl e has been sold m our market and that of very common and damaged quahty, but sellmg as h1gh as any t1me durml!: tbe season Stemmers are nearly through pr1zmg and sbtppmg Our sectwn t st1ll slllffermg bOO!y for ram, and Ute prospect now Is for not more than half an average crop m quantlt) w1th a larg er percentage of short common tobacco than the previOus cron We learn of cultmg m some sectwns o n account of burntng on the hili PADUCAH, Iiy.-Mr T H Puryear, Leaf Tobacco Brok er reports to lHE TOBA_CCo LE.ur "" follows -The buoyancy" hich charactenzed our market last week h as been "antmg thts and prwcslmve ruled slightly easter on all grades from th e operung From )USt what cause I am unnblc to say, but the speculative fehn g wb1ch a lntle whlle ago seemed so strong appears to lJC dymg out It may however agam show Itself soon st10nger than ever Our recetpts and sales are up beyond expectatio n s La s t week the former were 5'8 bhds and the l atter 611 'l he figures for th1s week wtil be nearly as large Quahty IS very poor and seems now to be gtadualiv g rowm g worse as to tob acco of deetded character, there t s scarcely a hogshead to be seen I revtse my quotation! as followsLugw -t:ewmon 2 @ 294 Medium 2% 3)4 Good (very scarce) 8)4 4 Leaf-Commou 4 @ 6 1\iedmm 87k Good (very scarce) 9 Fine (nommul) PHILADELPHIA, Pa.-Mr Arthur R Fougeray, T(). bncco Manufacturers Agent, reports to 'l HE ToBACCO LLU' But httle 1mprovewent 1s noticeable m the demand for manu factored plug tobacco durmg the week beyond supplymg the d eale r m the small amount of goods needed to fill his daily orders b) mat! and which so far, by common consent bold steady m pnce for the excellent reason that the goods generally requued a r c standard brands This wtth a few smalllo&s of 6 mch tw1st m small boxes 1s now about the bulk of trade 'l be only encouragmg feature m the buamesa 1s the extremely hght stock" m the hands of jobbers They 88 well llS manufac ture rs are bu.dly prepared for a sudden mcrease of busin61!8. fhe refor e m that case manufacturers most certamiy wtll be greatly benefited All gmdes of goods are handled wtth very little profit to the JObber F'tn. Outs -Gauds of bnghter color and finer are da1iy commg mto the market 1t is true the bulk of tile busmess 1s not la1ge but 1t 1 s more sat1sfactory and steadlly sbo" s an 1ncrease pr1ces rule low Snwkng -Granulated and cut and dry of the better grades ;mprove sio" ly vyhile th e low gru.des graduaiiy mcrease m de mand deale1s wtii not buv largely but oflen hence home manufa ct mers have at present the advantage all oilier things bemg equal Ctga1 -Manufn.cturers of medmm grades of cigars are domg a very fa1r busmess m fact they clatm a weekly mcrease, they say orde1s u1e smali but frequent Common grades remam about as usual fine grades are dull, and need extra exerttcn to find a market Uccetpts for the week -48.'i boxes 4,216 caddtes, 1 160 cases and 420 pa1ls of line cuts Uecetpts at this port for the month of July, 1878 --4 327 bxs. 20 592 caadtes, 4 ila4 cases 213 kegs 3 825 palls. total 88,291 pkgs l!:xported of manufactured tobacco from thiS port for the month of July, 11!78, 31 727 lbs and 40 M domesttc ctgars to South Amenca Seed Leaf-Handlers of Seed leaf report trade not so large tbfs week, the gopds sold are con lined to small ud taken by manufacturers Pnces hold very and nothmg as yet has transptred to alter the hopeful ana eneouragmg prospects for the fall and wmter trade Pennsylvaala and ConnecttcuiJ;Seed still command the first attention, and seem to come up to the v1ews of buyers wlule Ohio and W18Consm receive more frequent calls, all grades of Seed leaf are held by dealers at 11t m ligures Havana Leaf moves off elegantly at full pllces, but tt mll,8t have quahty Exported to Liverpool, v1a steamer Lord Cll1le of Western leaf 396 180 lbs to Antwerp, vta steamer &o'ndia, of Western leaf tobacco 118 800 lbs Hecetpts for the week -276 cases Connecttcut 362 do Penn sylvanta 52 do Ohio, 61 do W1sconsm, 1a3 bales Havau, and 274 hhds of Vugmta and Western leaf tobacco Sales for home use cases Connecticut 390 do Penn8ylvanm 44. dO' Ohto, 49 do W1sconsm 1 I9 llales Havana, and 18 hhda of V Jrgmta oind Western leaf tobacco Hecetpts of leaf tobacco at this port for the month of July. 1878,. Connecticut Seed 1 471 cases rennsylvama IS'eed 1,496 casea Ohio t:!eed 2;lll cases W lSCOnSln Seed 24() cases New York Seed 9 eases Maryland Vtrgmta and We..tern leaf 8,451 cases ti07 bales 3,006 hhds ..........--7,0G3 pkn Sales of Seed leaf for domes lie 111e at this port for the monlb of July, 1878 Connecttcut Seed Pennylvarua Seed Ohto l:!eed W tsconsm Seed New York Seea 1,87lli cues ClUeS 204 cues 216 cues lie..-lllrLLERBTOWN PA -G F Aldmger, Tobacco, relief In bankruptcy 011Ull.A, N.EB -F C Hamann, C1gars, chattel mortgage on stock {or *400 PITTSBURGH PA -Jos Kennedy, Tobacco, advertised to be sold out by sbefllf PoUGHJ(BBPSIB, N Y -Emery H Brower C1gars, chattel mortgage on stock fixtures etc for f900 TROY, N Y.-Adam Hess, Ctp;ars, chattel mortgage for *216 John H Burns, C1gars sued. WASHINGTON D C -Frank V Parker, Tobacco and C1gars, sued WB8Ti'U:LD, M.A88 -Albert Hilhe Ctgar Manufacturer, chat tel mortgage on stock for 1400 (Continued from Fifth Page ) age, hence all holders are firm 111 the behef that an ail vance must soon come I quote Lug-Trash to common lledmm to good Loaf-Common Medium Good 1 60@2 25 2 60@3 70 8 70@4 25 4 7lli@5 75 6 26@8 150 HENDERSON, Ky.-Mr Posey Marshall, Commisaton Merchant, rep->rta to THB ToBAcco LEAJr 88 followa -Smce my last report I have been around In dilferent portions of Hen and .Webster Counttes and I find some crops domg fine, agatn 111a11y Ci'ope of tobacco are growing very poorly and Ute farmers 1n some local1t1es are complammg very much of tbetr tobacco frenching The early plantmg 18 somewhat slow about spreadmg put, and I tbmk from present appearances that the later plantmg wtll make much liner tobacco We have bail very 1ine ratns lately, and tbe crop generall.Y looks healthy There ts some of the old crop yet remammg m the county un sold Pnces patd on the street are -Good, lugs 2% ttash 1@2c The new whilst crop ts begmnlng to lllove, prices from 60@80e per bushel The factories are wind mg uv; and many of them prtzmg Stflps I gtve you the of put up 1n HenderSOn this season at about 6 500 hhds LANCASTER, Pa.-Our special correepondent wntes -Tb1s has been a very acttve week m 1877 tobaccb sales foot up 1 500 cases 1 100 cases of wh1cb have been taken by one of our largest home packers Very httle of the 1877 cron remains 1n the-bands of local packers I do not thmk there ts over 2 000 and 1t ts held at very htgh pr1ces, and there ts not over llOO cases m the bands of farmers In 1876 crop sales foot up about 200 cases The growmg crop does not look well, whtle there wtiLbe some good tobacco m the crop at least one half wtll be !tort, Uttck heavy tobacco, owlng ; to the dry weather m July and Our crop Will be at least 10 ()()() cases ohort of tbe 1877 crop We have had a number of hail storms m thiS county &lld the at;ljojmag county of York which have done a great deal of damaie to the crop in the sections they \)lroqgh,'the loss ts estunated at from f71i,OOO to '100,000 One near Bambndge estimates hi.s loss at fli,OOO Our East Hempfield correspondent reports -Owing to bust ne.a engage.ments I have failed to gtve mformatton weekly but I hope from thiS date to be more regular Sales of 1877 crop are still bemg made, but not as heavy 88ljefore. omd not on a decbamg market-)USt the contrary-and wtth a large dell ciency of avatlable leaf Some 2 000 cases of Pennsylvania leaf are held m thts county by first hands and leaf that brought some SIX or e1ght "ccke ago a certam prtce, has fully advanced from 2@4c per tb The "" eatmg of 1877 tobacco ts splend1d The growmg crop m our county has 1ncreased wonderfully the last two weeks, and although m some parts of the county 1t 1s backward, aud With the best pro spects cannot amount to one half a crop, takmg the county tog et her 1t may p e ld a two tb1rd crop. We have splend1d tractsm our and a djommg townsbtps so :tar we have been very lucky r egar dmg hml and green worms but Manhetm Conroy and Donegal townshtps have fearful losses by ha1l-esttmated at from 150 to 175 acres Cuttmg hM been commenced by some 1mse1s (early plantmg) \\htl e others have JUS t fimsbed toppmg The crop 1s very ftee of bole s and tf nothmg transp1res w1t h the crop for the next t"o or th1ee weeks a mcc one w1ll be housed [Our Lomsv1lle report has agmn fa1led to reach us ] LYNCHBURG.-Messrs Holt 13chaefer & Co Buvers and Handlers of Leaf Tobacco 1eoort to fiiE IonAc co LEAFOur rec eipts last week exceeded as autiCtpated 1 000 000 lbs loose tobacco th1s week they are not as but pretty full Qnahty 1s e\ en more uns atisfacto ry than last month and leaf of deCided character especmliy the fine grades 1s as sca rce as ever Lugs and leaf also the low grades of h eavy leaf are Ill abundant supply Pnces however are p1esent figmes bemg so low lhat a further decline does 0 not 8,962 pkga Exported of leaf tobacco from thlll port durmg month of July, 1878 1,880,lli811ba RICHDIOND.-Mr R A :<lls, Tobacco Broker anc1 Colllm111.ton Merchant renorte to TRB ToBAcco L&.\7 -The reports from the tobacco.grow1ng djatrlcts m our State and N ort.h Carolina are generall.y favorable to the growing crop A portion of North Carolina W88 VISited by a severe wmd and hail storm, wh1ch d1d very conBiderahle damage The late rams bav& brought outthe late plaiMtng and u there IS a great deal of come out tn tobacco when the seasons are proptttous I still th1nk we shall malie three-quarters of an average crop m quantity, although some very well Informed persona say we cannot, 1mder the most favorable ctrcumatances, wake two thirds of an average crop, but"" we are more apt"' under rate than over estunate, I hold to the three quarter crop There Is no change m our market worlby of uote Our breaks and olfenngs contmue large All destrable shtppmg tobacCos are taken the Regu:s and other shtppers at faJ.r prices Non descri pts are sttll negfected Good to line hflp;ht 'lll'l'appera ..., scarce and 111 demand and prtces for those grades rule high Transactions for the week were 11503 hhds and 141 trca. Olfcrlnga at auctiOn -August 12 17 pkgs sold at 1 82 taken m at i1 60@3;7 August 18 74 do sold at 1 150@66, ill taken tn at 1 40@64 August 14, 68 do sold at 1 80@72, 22 taken mat 1 90@18 50 August 15 71 qo sold at 29 taken m at 1 00@12 00 August 16 77 do sold at 1 10@80, 17 taken 1n at 1 30@78 August 17. 19 do sold at I 00@118, 18 taken m at 2 1)0@47 ST. LOUIS, Mo.-Messrs C & U Donnltzer & Co, Leaf Tobacco report to THB ToBACCo LEA1r as follow Transacttons at our warehouses for the week August 14 -Hece1pts, 939 hbds ollermgs 578 bhda, of whtcb 416 hhda sold and 162 re)ected Dehvenes to c1ty, 8.'i hbda for ship ment, 227 llhds total dehvefles, 312 hhda. Stock on haad August 111 6 125 lthds Our market has been acttve and pnces firm dunng the past week, though the offerings dtd not present as large a pro:rort1on of demable grades as before Fine bright wrapper,s an colory au cured fillers have been scarce and remam m very good demnnd Sh1ppmgfades, from common to good have been m fau supply, an sold readily at full pnce o Quotatton.s unchnnged QUOTATIONS FOREICN. 200@280 280@300 3 00@ 4 00 300@400 4 50@ /j 150 6 00@ 7 150 7 150@ 9 150 s 150 4, 50 4110@700 7 00@10 00 15 00@25 00 1!15 00@3.'1 00 45 00@60 00 60 00@80 00 LIVERPOOL, August 8 -Messrs F W Smythe & Co Tobacco Commtsswn Merchants, report to Tux TOBACCO LEAF -The busmess done durmg July scarcely comes up to a fatr average transactiOns as a rule were on a retatl scale Manu facturel'!! contmue to confine the1r attentton to the common grades of dr) sound leaf, and took somo strtps generally ae leet1on s W e henr of low offers b emg accepted and except for very bnght wrapp ery tobacco prices may b e s1ud to have ruled m buvcrs favo r Imports 6 766 bbds deltvenes 1 638 stock, 34 637 a g amst 29 850 sa m e lime m 1877 W eek ly r e p ort -We h ave had a du 11 dragg:mg week and m tb1s market the busmess bas IJeen confined to a fe" sales of se lected leaf and s tnps su1tablc for the tmmedtate reqmrementa of thA home t1 ade Weeks twports 2 248 hhds deliveries, 438, stock 35 735 agamst 30 887 m 1877 LONDON, August 7 -lllessrs Grant Chambers & Co repm I to THE TOBACCO LEAF as foll ows -There 1s no change t o r e port m the market smce our monthly report Transac \ton s m Amencan growths contmue tnfhng, buyer s takmg only as m need For exportation ther e bas been nothmg done, and there t s It tile mqmry Westet n Lea f and Strips-Nothing of any 1mportance has sales are ltmtted to small selec t10ns V1rg1ma Leaf and Stnps-Onl,r bugbt classes of the former m demand Maryland anrl OhiO when of good hgh& color arc readily placed. Cavendish slow of sale


AUG.19 THE TOBACCO LEAl'. 5 JHE DOMESTIC TOBACCO MARKETS FOR THE WII:II:K ENDlNG SATURDAY, AUGUST 17, Canada ..................... Canary Islands. . . 10 Cisplatine Republic . 19 Colombia ..... ............ Cuba ...................... Dutch West Indies. . .. French West Indies... :1 Glasgow. . .. .. .. .. 482 Hamburg. .. .. .. .. 200 Havre .................. 675 1 79 32 302,840 162-14,391 10 201-12,591 Wiswnsin &M, Leaf-Wrappers fine to fancy ... 16 00@18 00 Wrappers good .. ......................... 10 00@15 00 Wrappers medium................... . 8 00@10 00 Wrappers common . . . . . . 6 00@ 8 00 Fill ers ............................. : .. a 00@ 4 00 Smokers common .................. .. ,.... 2 00 3 i'iO l'lew Seed Leaf-Common Jugs.. . . . . 2 50@ 3 00 315 346 508,978 fillers .................. :. . 8 OO. @ 0 00 2 153,000 ct)(} bmders........................ .. 6 00@ 9 00 102 olory wrappers .......................... 10 00@14 00 NEW YO un:.-The market in all its branches may be stated as fairly active the past week, there being no great change from that of the preceding week. In Western leaf the Mles reported are larger for this week than last, but some of them were previously made .and not before announced; they amount to 1, it19 hhds. Hayti................... 9 Leghor11 ................ 680 Classification of sales:-572 hhds Mason Co., K v .. District, trash, lugs and leaf :-4 n= at 3@8.95, 45 at 4@5.95; 89 ut 6@7.90; lfl7 at 1:1@9.95; 244 at Messrs. Sawyer, wallace & Co. report to THE ToBACCO LEAF as follows:Western .Leaf.-Without any large transactions to report, there has been a fair degree of activity in our market durin1; the past week. The home trade has done more than usual, and numerous small export <>rders have been executed. 'l'he Regie buyers have done litle. They !!eem to have lowered their bids, which have consequently been promptly rejected. The .sales reported amount to 1,769 hogsheads, but some of them were made early in the month. They divide as follows :-254 to cutters, 255 to manufacturers, 155 to jobbers, 220 to speculators, and the rest for export. 1st week. 2d week. 3d week 4th week. Oth week. Total. anuarv .... 1,528 58 952 631 3,700 ebruai-y... 474 760 402 864 2,500 }larch.. .. 345 331 986 525 2,500 April. . 248 1 600 880 600 787 4,000 May...... 460 1 ,000 437 529 1,424 8,850 .June...... 887 796 1,1119 2,770 5,700 July ....... 208 897 1,216 1 ,79 4 3.395 7 ,600 August. 600 863 1, 769 3,232 Virginia Leaf has been more inquired for, though the market has passed through a dull week. The sales comprised some bright wrappers and a few hogsheads for export, and also a lot of old smokers. Seed Leaf has been unusually active, especially in Pennsylvania. Messrs. Chas. E. ] 'ischer and Bro., Tobacco Brokers, 134 W liter Street, to, THE .TOBACCO LEAF as follows concerning Seed leaf :-The activity in ollr market continues. The business done in Pennsylvania was very large and amounts to two-thirds of total transactions of this week. The export demand is very brisk, and shippers are willing to pay higher prices, but suitable lots are not very plentiful yet. The sales foot up 4,164 cases, of whichfor export about 1,500 cases. Connecticut received a fair share of attention, and 160 cases of the 1876 crop wrappers were sold at 13 to 20c and 235 cases of the1877crop seconds at 11 to 13c. Ma.d lots very finn. Salllil about 600 bales at OOc to 11.10, duty pa1d. Manujactured.-The demand has been rather quiet both in our last. We learn of some sales of medium 11-inch and fine bright 12-inch tobaccos, at prices low enough to induce almost any one to buy. good lines of 11-inch have been offered. Prices for really o;right and fine goods are very firm, with an upward tendency. If it had not been for the anticipated rejluction of tax, it is said dealers would have purchased more freely, and the sales by this time would have been double what they are now. The yellow f!lver, now prevalent at certain portions of the South, has had a bad effect here, many purch118es having been stopped on its account. Smoking-We qave not much change to report; there is a better feeling in tl:le market. Cigars.-The demand has been about the same as it has for the past week or so, with a little more anima-tion. Gold opened at 100% and closed at 100%. Exchange.-Messrs. M. & 8. Sternberger, Bankers, report to THE TonAcco LEAF:The quotations are as follows: -Sterling, 60 days, nominal. 485; sight, nominal, Sterl ing, 60 days, actual, sight, actual, 489; Cable transfers, 490; Commercial sterling, long, good 483; Paris, bankers ', 60 days, 520@520%; sight Antwerp, bankers', 60 days, 1120%; sight, Reichsmarks, (4), bank ers', 60 days, 94%; (4), sight, Guilders, bankers', 60 days, 40!1; sight, Freights.-Messrs. Carey, Yale & Lambert, Freight Brokers, report to TITE Ton. antmg, and. Common leaf ................. .... ..... the absence of rains in that State has retarded the growth.1 Medi 1 f 7 @ 8'/ Sales for the week amount to about 150 hhcls, taken mostly for um ea ,.. Bremen. No purchases were made for account of Frenphcon: tract. Kentucky tobacco is heltl strohg, and we note sates of me ea .......... .. "" .... /2 60 hhds b W I at 41L lie fo I d 63L t -Selections ............................. ,. .. Y estern samp es 72 to r ugs, an _... 0 7 c B _ut f _ew selections appear, only one hhd on the breaks t'-' for leaf We quote:""' QUOTATIONS. week, which brought 15c TheTecent rains have widened the Maryland-inferior and frosted .......... : ..... 1 1 II()@ 2 QO narrow leaf. but we cannot at present estimate the yield at over sonnd common 2 5(/@ 3 00 half of last year's crop. The yield of the 1877 crop was gen good do .. "" .. .. 8 50@' /j 00 erally magnitled in order to reduce prices and the plantmg; middling ..... :::::: .::::::: : .:: : : 6.. 00@_ VlQ these two been succeSBfully accompli,shed some good to fine red 8 OO@lO 00 of your-sta!Jc1ans llt.igbt amuse \hemse1ves by figurmg the lrue fancy ......... :: : ::::: : : : : :::: ::: 00@11> 00: s';e y f the1 crop-, the bulk of it being now in from the country. upper country..................... 4 00@20 00 Va.-Messrs. Pemberton & Penn, l.eaf Toground leaves, .............. : 2 00@ 8 00 bacco CommiMiol! :MeTCitants, report' to THE Ton Acco LEAF:to good common ...... . . S 00@ 4 50 Our receipts at tile opening of the week were rather light, but gree!ll-Bh anaccos our market continues fine spangled to yellow ......... : ... ..... 10 00 active the supply nol beinl! equal to the demand; especially is Kentuck.y-(;ommon to good lugs . . . 3 00@ II 50 this tru'.'> with fine aDd fancy wrappers and rood sweet tillers. Clarksville luge ................... 3 00@ 6 00 ComJ':'on and tobaccos are in great abundance, common leaf . . . . . fi 1?0@ 6 00 and change hand. a1 seemmgly very low figures The seMOns medilm leaf....................... 7 00@ 8 00 a:-e still favorable \o the growing crop, whkh h88 greatly 1m fair to good........................ 9 00@12 00 proved during the pest two weeks; it is now powing beautifine ............................... 12 00@14-00 fully, and we entertain the hope our wlll be 1!61ections ......................... 14 00@ 6 00 liberally supplied next season with good, desirable tobaccos of and good lugs. .. .. .. II 00@ I! 50 all grades. We continue for the present our former quotations. co mmon medium leaf. . . . 6 S 00 [ Thio repurt rtiiiJhtd m too late f {ar L1ver () t!_ Kentucky view of higher fi!,'llres ('luite a ronclusion), but the to uer _er Oaliforrua, for LJverpool, 12 hhds Marylarger number of our buyers are now beginning to believe that LESALE PRICES. nd, 63 d? Vnglma, and 11 cases Seed leaf tobacco; ,per ba:k there is a real and truthful scarcity of gOod and desirable J?h?" Wtlhelm,_ for Bremen, 244 hhds Maryland, 1211 do Vubaccos Hence, for all good working and shipping sorts ou.r gm1a, do C;lhw,, 811 do Kentucky tobacco, and 22 do stems; market is fairly active; common, nondescript and medium per sh_Jp !Je:miram.-, for Rotterdam, 1,218 hhds Maryland, 8_17 characters ae much neglected. Our sales to this date will do and 29 do Kentucky tob,.cco; schr R. W: Rill, perhaps reach 25,000 000 lbs. Of this there h88 been a smaller .-PARTlCULKR NOTlCE. "'.-... ery re-sale Ia supposed to be at an advance on 1lrst coat; the prices obtainable by growers of tobacco. therefore1 will always be aom.ewhat lo_wer than thea& quoL&t.iona. WESTERN LEA.P. Ll...-r!AD-ct. Lur-eta Coll>PIOQ to !up .. 4 Lugo. .. .. ......... m Common leaf ......... -'%@ i!li Common ....... ,., 6 7 Medium .............. 6 @ Medium ............. 7 9 Good ............... 8 ........ .. ..... @II Fine ................... 8 @ 9 Fine............ ... II @18 Selections ............. 18 @15 VIRGINIA. LB.A.F. I BluGRT WllQPJI:.,..._ CoiiWion to good ...... 2 @ 8 CoiDmon to medium. 15 Gilt Good to fino. . .. 8 @ Good lo tine ........... llli Lui'Fine to extra Aile ..... 60 Common tJ,goo\1 ...... 5 @ + 8 Dapple wrappero. ..16 @20 Qood to ftlle. .. .. .. 8 Bmoll:e ................. 15 @25 Extra liDo._ ........... 10 till wrappen, ....... IIi' SIIBD LEA. .... oa.HOJJIB TBA.DE. OlllD-Ctop 187&-Wrappenfalr ....... 11 @15--rappe"' ........... 12 @15 Wrappers tlne ......... 18 @26 Afllorted lots .......... 8 010 Orop 1877-, .. ()rep 1877. SOconda ... .......... 11 @IB l.oorted Iota ..... .. 8 @li Fillers ........... .' ... "'@ 8 'N.,-Yoai-Cr'op 1876--' 'A$1orted Iota ......... 8 @10 Wrappers ... .. : ... 10 @15 Cl-ojl 1877- A!II!Orted lqta ..... .. 9 @IO A..dorted loto .......... 8 @ID Croi! 1877do Big Flata.IO @16 Wi-apper8 .............. 1! .@JG llfi&-Maorted lois ........ 9 @l!l Aalorted Iota ......... 7 @ 8 PEMNHYLV.Al\,..&-Crop 187'6-Crop 18?7-Aooorted Iota.... .. 10 @158 A1100rted Iota .. ..... 7 @10 JI'Ulen .............. 6 '0 Crop 187i A...Mort.ed lot.aflne ..... 16 @20 do fair .. .. .. 10 @IH do low ...... 8 @10 Fillers.............. 6 @ 7 EXP.BT QUOTATIONS. Par.mYLvANu-Crop 1876-Omo-Ci-op 1876-FIIIers . .. .. .. 6 Asoorted JroOd. .. 8 @ 9 Crop 1877do lair ........... 7 @ 8 Al&orted floe .. Hi @ 17 Fillers.. .. .. ... 5 @. 6 do fair ........ 10 @18 Crop1817. do common .... 8 @10 Assorted good ........ 8 @10 Fillers ....... ....... 5 @ 6 do fair ......... 'i @ 8 N&W You-Crop 187&-FlU.,.. .............. 5 @ I Aseorted. . .. .... 7 @ 8 WJBCONSDI--crop 1876--Crop 1877-""""rted l<>ts. .. .. .. .. 7 @ 8 A.ooorted .............. 6Ji@ 8 Crop 1877-]l'iJlerl... . 6 @ 6 Assorted Iota .......... 7 @ 8 A.ooorted lot& Big Flats.IO @ 16 SPANISH LBA.F. Old Crop. .......... @ -Good -95@106 Fine 106@ 120 y..,.,.-AMorted loti 75@80 lii.A.N11P A.CTVBBD TOBACCO. PR.Icu m BoNo-TAX 24 CDTB PKB Pomm. New Crop. 90 100 I 110 .8RIGRT8' Buou-!l&vy 4s, !lo, l!o, 1011, or l4ll>s, lOs and 128, 18@ 18 .t 110@115 s:ketpieceo ...... !ll e Naa:,411,6s, 3oand Ml ;.\l>o and So. .. .. *' o ............ .t 110@15 9-1nc .'llght-presaed S3 45 N&"Y 1011 or pocket p1eces Gold Bal'll ........... ao 411 Negrobe&d twilt ........ !110311 6 and 12-inch twist ... 26 32 CIGA.B!!I. -=l[;g jSeed, per M Haan&, per M Seed and--Havana perM 111@40 GRA.NULA.TED SIIIOK.ING TO'B.A.CCO. Medium to good $38@&1 I Good to fine 8N11PF. Maccaboy 8-'i@88 \ American Gentleman --@-88 French --@. 1 00 Subject to discount to the whole Scotch and Lundytoot 75@.85 sale trade. Common --@-65 8PJ...'f1Sil "G.C.11 ''F. G. LJ.COBICE P A.STE. for Havre, 778 hhds Maryland tobacco. proportion of good and fine tobaccos than for years, and per TOBACCO STATEJlENT. haps ever before. The quantity ia first hands for this markel January 1, 1878.-Stock Ol_l hand in State Tobacco is estimated at 4,000,000 to 6.000,000 lbs. Prospects of the Warehouse, and on shipboard, not cleared ... 23,805 hhds growing crop are not eonsidered at all &ttering. All the early Inspected this :week :........................ 2,618 bhds planting, embracing the bulk of the crop, baa been seriously Inspected preVIously this year ........... . . 41,769 hhds injured by the early drouth; causing the plant to na!TOW up and button before getting its growth, and the recent rains can 68,002 hhds do little good to suchc. 'l'he later pltuitiDg will be betlerJ'l'rhape Exports of Maryland and Ohio since than for years. Upon ho whole we callflot expect a la'rge crop January 1. ................ ,.... 23,967 hhds in this county 'l'o -day we would quote as below:Sbipped coastwise same period...... 3,600 hhcls on l'/"" 21/ ---....,27,007 hhds uwc .. .. 711"" Stock in warehouse this day and on shipboard not Leaf-Qfi. SO CINCINN ATI.-Mr, til. A ( Prague; Leaf Tobact o Inspec do tine 411 M tor, reports to THE as !ollows:-The large bus!-do extra parcels. 65 ? ness done in leaf tobaCco th1s wee!<, prollab1y with or two Mr. Paul C. Ve,nable, Tobacco Broker, reports to THE exceptions, has been one of \he most sittisfactory (to shippers Tol!ACCO LEAF as follows :-For two days from date of my and warehousemen) of this year. 'I' be total offerings at auction last reporl our market continued very full, common tobacco were 1,2521_lhds, .-gains\ 1,012 hhds as compared with last week; still predominating and on Friday it w"s hard to sell common of the above number offered this week 1 ,090 hhds were sold. tobaccos except at very low ligures; this decline was only The market hils been one of unusual activity, especially during t e mporary, as prices have r ecovered in a great measure' this the latter purt of the week, prices touching outside quotations. week. Wrappers of the finer gr&des are scarce; common ones The demand has not been onfined to any special class of leaf. plentlful. Pnces are well maintained in all grades of wrappers. but 1188 embraced all grades for both cuttiDJ{ and manufactur On Monday and 'l'uesday of this week the. were small; ing purposes; the quality and character of leaf sold bas wh!le larger to day, still, smaller than the sale9 of last week. been h1gher than any previous week this season. There b&s SOme say tobacco is held back on account of the low prices of bee1;1 a l"rge supply of cutting leaf offered, prices ranging u commo tobacco; others say that there is but little left in the higjl as per hundred. Prices hale ruled very atilf oq country. It is get Mt lhe truth, but I think\ there is a all grades of Jlllery tobaccos, and when.o good color have been good ddnl yet to come, judging simp ly by the experience of taken largely for cutting purposes. There has been only a other years. Of the growing crop all reports are very favora smallsupply of low grades offering, I!CILrcely aa:nlairrg selling ble. except in certain section visited by hail-storms. It is not under four cents; as our quolations cover a range, we neceMary to change quotations, Wljnearly all grades continue mllke no change. There Is considerable tobacco being bought very steady. in our m"rket i.ltely for speculative purpoeea, IUid thereby ac.-, QUOTATlONS. counts in a measure .for the unuslllll stiffness jn pripes and the Smokerli-Common bright .......... :............. 4@ 6 general demand: anti the opiniob prevails tbiLt there is tonsidMedium ............................... :. 7@ 9 crable tobacc(). being held here for thaf purposo.' Cfgar leaf .i Good ... ........ ....... : . . . . 10@12 in more active demand, and prices im11roving. Fine and bncy .............................. 15@25 The total o11erings for the week andfor the expired portion Filler8-Common dark Jugs....................... 1@ 3 of the cu!Tent month and year were as follows: Medium dark leaf........................... 4@ 6 .--WEEK---, ,--YEAR--, Good do do .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 6@ 8 Hh. ds. Bxs. B27x 5 s JI4,h1 d02s. 6B,03xs 0 Common bright leaf. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 6@ 8 Totals, 1878 ... 1,252 1 uo o Medium do do .. .. .. .. .... .... .... .. .. 8@10 Totals, 1877 ... 1,009 154 2,453 373 26,549 6,ll'>..O Good do do ......................... 10@12 Totals, 1876 ... 1,354 219 3,692 G18 24,8d5 6.239 Fine do do ......................... 12@18 Totals, 187/i.. 309 128 637 216 18,459 5,078 mohogany .................. 10@15 Totals, 1874 ... 1,593 292 3,495 757 27,580 5,199 Me'dium do .................. 15@25 Good do .. ............ .... 35 QUOTATlONS. NeUJ Cutting Leaf-Common tr88h. . . . 3 25@ 4 00 Common lugs.... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 4 00@ o 00 Medium lugs.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 5 00@ G 00 Good co lory Jugs... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 6 OO({t) 8 00 Common leaf............................. 8 00@10 00 Good leaf ......................... .. .. 10 00@1o 00 F'ine leaf .. ." .......... ................... 15 00@18 00 Fine do ................ Fxtra do ................. Colnmon bright ............................ Medium do ............................ Good do ............................ Fine do ............................ Extra do ........................... .. Massasoit Cigar Factory BROWN & EARLE, (!lucceeors to BONNE'IT, SCIIENCK. & EA.BLE.) OF FINE CIGARS, 211 and 213 WOOSTER STREET, T. W. MARSHALL,.-. C>Jif" Jlf"::EJ.VJI!J ALL-HAVANA CIGARS, A.ND SOLE PROPRIETOR OF THE CELEBRATED BB&ND OF CUl&RS, I EL ESQ'VILC>," RORTH 4th ST. PHILADELPHIA, PA. Branch: 106 6th. Ave. KAUFMANN .. BROS & BONDY, Cigars PIPES SMO-KERS' ARTIG:LES, 1118 a.ZLd. 181 (near J.V:BI"VV' PASTE! The undenalgned continues to manufacture amilil'nfOI't. A.61J.alred ader l)}e Lawa oc "the 11Dited Slat ..... Spanish and Turkish Liquorice Paste, which he,.-era to the 1:_rade at Reduced Prices. Jlllanufacturers wtrr flncll.t to their Interest to apply to hl'"s before purchasing e...,. where. James lVIcAndrellll, 55 Water Street, -New York. DOIIESTJC:: JLE(lEIPTS AT THE PORT 01' XEW YORK I'OB THE WEEK J:JIDIXG .A.UGUIIT 1'1. BY THE OLD Do!IIINION 8TEAMSJIIP LlNJ::-cs CUIJ8 eue8 C<l4 .. ... .... ... 10 .... :::> .... :::: Wise & Bendheim ...... -. ............. "i 15 16 8 ..... Rlloore .teo ............. "i9 :::: .::: ::::: :::: ::: 1 'it)O ... .Jlarcb, Price & Co... . 29 .. ... JD Evans .teo :...... 2 .. _. J w lll&rtin ...... -_. .... ":"' .......... .. 4il "2-i.ioC ............ r .... l ... .-. ... '"i 6 ""i a ""i .. 8 :::: .2i .. in Jaslll Gardiner. .. . .. .. .. .. .. .. !Ill H Welsh ............................. .. Hlt&FBThurber ... .. ,_ ....... .. Pioneer Tobacco Co. . 8 ... Carhart Broo . . .. ... F H liel!ll'ett .t Co . .. . ... Wm Broadhllnlt .Jr........ . .. .. Hoare, Jenil:inll.t.Co....... .. .. Geo P NAsh., .. .. .. .. .. 8 .. .. .. .. Funch, Edye &:: Co.. .. .. 12 .. ... C .t 11' Schreiber .. .. . . .. )( Abenbeim &; Co .. __ ..... 5 .. .. Oelrichs .t Co. . . .. . . .. .. ::FSKioney................. 6 .... R W Forbes ..................... I Hamburger & Co .... ...... A Hen&: Co .... ";' ...... .. :.<, .. "is "io 8 .. 8 Kerbs & Sptesa ... ( : .......... v Order .......... ............ .-:16 .. .. .. .. .. ... ... "i 5 .. '"i 3 --sa ll'/4 -33-1 -21 41 49 142 23 187 7 t a 1a BY. THill NATIONAL LINE:..!: Hhds. BY THE Nxw YoRK & NEw HAVEN STEoUIJI()AT LINB:P. Lorillard & Co.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 2l!S 1 Cues. c-Cigan. Sa'ii:, Walface & Co.............. 240 E Bro............... 2li3 R. re&Cq.: .. : : .... ,.......... 17 Levy& Neugass................... 1 l'ollard, Pettus & Co ., .. .. .. .. .. .. till .. ,.. A H. Scoville & Co... .. .. .. .. .. .. 12 W.' 0. Smith & Co., ...... ,........ 34 Jos. ...... ; .... ... : : 86 Blakemore, Mayo & Q1>... .. .. 1:1 M. W esthe1m & Co. : .... ........ 19 Ottinger Bros.... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 5 Fox, Dills & Co .... .'................ 10& J. H. Moore & Co.. .. .. .. .. .. 45 M. H. Levin ........... : .. : : : ':' .. 4 D. J. Garth, Son & Co......... ..... 26 Lobe11steln & Gans ................. 46 D Dows & Co..................... 20 Bunzl & bormitzer ............. 62 Jarvis & Co........................ 11 Rice & lleyer ...... .... ........ -.. 4 Watjen, Toel & Co ..... .'............ 70 H. Wasserman..................... 8 H. Sieheyt. .... .. .. .. .... .. .. .. 24 A. H : Cardozo. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 16 Squires, . .. . .. 1 E. Norton.. .. .... .... .... .. 10 C. H.Spitzner ............. ,, .... Wise & Bendheim ............... .. 877 B-r THE PENNSYLVANIA RAILROAD: N Lachenbruch & Bro ........ Bunzl & Dormitzer ........... Havemeyers & Vigelius ....... J. S Gans' Son & Co ......... A. S Rosenbaum & Co ....... Cbas. F. Tag & Son ......... .. E. Rosenwald & Bro ........ M. Abenheim & Co .. : ....... Cases lj 44 97 95 43 Boxes. 1 1 4 1 378 7 885 Cigars .. .-1598 BY THE NoRTH RIVER BoATS: 'llhds; Sawyer, Wallace & Co .............. 187 Pollard, Pettus & Co ........ ....... : 101 Kremelherg & Co.. .. .. .. .. .. 1111 D. J. Garth. Son & Co.. .. .. .. .. .. 88 D. Dows & Co. . . . . . 9 W. 0 Smith & Co..... .. .. .. .. .. 2i J. D. Keilly, .Tr.................... 26iFunch, Edye & Co .............. :.. 40 R. :td:oore & Qo... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 8 Blakemore, Mayo & Co .. . 8 A.. Harthill. .. .. ... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 9 Bunzl & Dormitzer ....... ...... : : Order ............... .. ....... .. 1,280 l r Pkgs. 'ioo C. E Fischer & Bro .......... Schroeder & Bon ........... .. 1 44 a 93 68 2,007 100 BY THE Nliw & Llmr,:-Cases Cases Bn lUI Baker & Clark ................ Robinson, Lord & Co ..... .... Wagner & Killin ............ Appleby & Helm e ............. 1 493 Snuff-Appleby .!o Helme, 7 trcs, 27 bbls, 27 half bbls, and 10 k egs J W. McCollough, 1 bbl. fly THE .En:u;: RAILROAD:W. 0. Smith & Co ................. Hhds. 1 1 II 12 1 1 2 4 94 bxs, 22 jars Pkgs. G. ....... G W Gail & Ax .... H Goldwater ....... M. Falk ............ Moore Jenkins & Co. Ord e r ............... Hhds. Smkg. Leal'. 1ttfd. Lenf. 1 15 1 17 1 1 1 42 42 1 BY THE NEW YORK AND 'HARTFORD STEAMBOAT LINE:-Cases. u Wa.llls Ex." "Pilar'' "C.C.yCa.." "I. C.&: Co." Sterry Ex. n u L& Rosa." Gold 28 do 28 do 28 do 2H do 25 Currency Z7 do 27 do 22 TURXIBB"'V.S." "M. F." "VB." ''Stella'' "Apollo" "T. W.S." "A 0.8." us. "G." EXPORTS. Gold 21 do 10 do do d 18 Cunency 19 do 18 do 2"2 do 18 Hhds Manufactured. Hhds. Stems. Cases. Bales. Pkgs. In Lbs Alicante ................ 489 .. .. .. Fancy leaf.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 18 00@25 50 Old Gutting Leaf-Fine ........................ 18 00@25 00 Good ..................................... 12 00@18 00 Medium .................................. 9 00@12 00 Red leaf.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 8 00@ 9 00 Good colory strippers.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 7 00@10 00 Common co lory strippers. . . . . 5 00@ 7 00 Colory omokers...... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. . 4 00@ 5 00 Common dark smokers. .. .. .. .. 3 00@ 4 00 Ohio &ed Leaf-Smokers common. . . . 2 50@ 3 50 DAYTON, 0.-Messrs. lll1ller & Brenner, P ackers and Dealers in Ohio Seed Leaf, r epo rt to THE Ton.

6 THE T 0 B A C C O AUG. 1 9 BROTHERS, ,_ eechalta Monbat aad ........ Dtalln 'II :-Pereip and Domestic Leaf Tobacco, q1 North Third Street, P .hlladelphta. .:;.. W.EISENLOHR & COr, PACKERS AND-WHOLESALE DEALERS lN LEAF TOBACCO, 115 &. .S't., .. N. EISENLOHR -ffiiL. BONN DEALERS Uf TOB.A.CCO, '.;._4 Ani Man of. all Grades of .c i gars, 'lVo. J11 Arcn St., Philadalphla,-"Pa. LEWIS BREMER'S SONS, Wholesale Dealers ia LEAF" AND MANUFACTURED TOBACCOs NO. 3 2 2 NORTH THIRD STREET, PHILADELPHIA .. A l arge ass ortment of all kinds of LEAF ToBA C CO consta ntl y on h a n d .J!t M. ANATHAN & 00., Packers, Commission lKerchants AND WHOLESALE DEALERS IN. LEAF MOORE, BAY. 6c CO Packers, Commission Kercha.nts & Dea.lers in Baltimore Advertisem&nts. 'WM. A. BOYD & CO., IJi[pCJ.&TED AND DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCO, No. 33 South Street. .B A lllANUF ACTURED BY H. WILKENS & CO., B.A.LTZnti:C>R.El, nti:D. WESTERN ADVERTISEMENTS. T. R, SPENCE, J, P. SPENCE. N. T. SPENCE. C. A S PENCE. AIBROSIA TOBACCO WORKS. Spence Brothers & Co. 56, 58, 60 & 62 East Third Sh-eet, CZN'CIN'N' .A. TZ. Jc::hX1 &. :Brc::s., MANlJJJACT U BEBS OF F:I.'Ve :Br other'"' 18oz XAOD.I!; Job.= a .. :Eir:l.r;h:'t :EI:o=ea'ty. IS OeD.'t A N D AI;L oTHEll POPtJLAR S TYLES O F FINE NAVY TOBACCO, X..O"CT:J:S'V:J:X..X..E, MISCEL LANEOUS ADVE RTISEMENTS HINSDALE SMITH & SON, (Succennra to H SMITH &: CO.) I PACKERS AJfD JOBBERS OF Connecticut Lea.f Tobacco 20 HAMPDEN ST., 1 Springfield, Mass. HaNSDALJt SMt'rH, E. H. SMITH C. O. HOLYOKE, COUMISSION DRCHANT In LEAF a.nd MANUI' A.OTURED 'l'OBAOOO, 12 Centt-al Wha,._f, Boston. Redd Wootton & Co., PROPRIETORS R E DO'S \ARE H O USE, ,c;;n GENERA.L D>:.ULRS C( LEAF TOBACCO, N 0. G W WICKS & 0 SOL. I CIT ORDERS froiD the 'J'RA.DE. .BICHABD :MALLAY &BRO. I I c I' w . for the Sale of WM, E. DIBRELL, LEAF-: TOBACGO : : MiSSOUI'l, and Kentucky LBAP TOBACCO nom B R 0 K B R s, TOBACCO, 2.410 C&ZT Stl"eet I 115 & 117 WEST FRONT STREET, 291 West Main Street, LOUISVILLE, Ky. CINCINNATI, 0. Gao.W S LOWENTHAL & CO.,MANUFAcruRERs DE FINE CIGARS, Packers of Seed Leaf and Dealers In Leaf Tobacco, : .RICHMOND. VA.' : ) C. & R. DORMITZER & CO. Dealers, & Commission :Merchants in LEAF TOBACCO, 2 NORTH MAIN ST., llet. X&ln and Second St.&., &T, Z...O'C'%&0 DS:O. Choice Brands of Imported IJcorlce alwaJ'II 011 hand. Uberal Cash Advances made on Coll.Bigllmente: 150 WEST FOURTH STREET, CINCINNATI, OHIO. HOLT, SCHAEFER & CO., SAlYI'L -.taosT, SEED LEAF tc HAVANA TOBACCO No. 35 North Water-st., Philadelphia. And 214 STATE STREET;" HARTF'ORD:-coNN: MANUFACTORY d J!WO. :&:. W. W. KIRBY, r DE&LEB IN ...,.. .., -GUMP:ERT BROS. HAVANA AND DOMESTIC 519 to 525 West SIXth St., Cincinnati TOBACCO BROKER . 0 i gar Leaf_ Tobacco. J...;,.,.wm. Aao" KA.B"' E. A WICIL. B GEISE & BR. 0 112 Broad St., Nashville, Tenn. MANUF. f PINH CIGARS 7 WElL, 11" A RN & CO. Refers to Mr. Edw. Jone&, Third Nati onal Bank Naahvllle; and P o Dard, Peuua & 0 27 South Gay Street, c .sBTEApvw:wa Trowbridge, E. VOCKE, .,..0 I gars gr, ea o acco JPAB OX cTOBY liiA..'m,FAc;n:rum OJ' A1f STYLES OF STORE;-l341,CHESTNUT STREET, ll. E. VO,CKE & v 113 Main st Cincinnatio: IJ n Fme Yirgmia Smokmg Tobacco, r 'I y ST EET INCLU D ING THE F OLLOWlNG BRANDs: 444 to 448 N od.h 13th Street, Tobacco and General Commission Merchants, BERRY IIIYIR J: .. co., No. 93 CLA R I )' I I P .A.. S. E. Corrier CH EAPSIDE & LOMBARD STREETS, CINCINNATI, o. N-u Dou ID."TRANCE ON L OMBAR D STREET, COMMISSION MERCHANTS, F. w. DOtiRMANN, ::O.A.N'V:J:X..X..E, 'V .A.. THE LARGEST CIGAR FACTORY'IN THE STATE, :J3.A.LTZntJ:C>:REJ. -AodW LEAFTOBAUGQ BROKE!\ J ,PE.MBERTON & w. K. BARKER G E. WAGGNE&. F w FELGNER soN -oHio AND coNNEcncut TohaccoGoDlllllssionuorch'nts UNITED STATES CIGAR MANUfACfORY. BARKER & WAGGNR 0 T. DUNN a co., F. l.&lTJTF:jCTUBDif' Pt0 PJITB Depot with F. Engelbach. CAARLES. R. MESSINGER, M. H. CLARK & Jill U D. D J) 11 lj bJl Ill 29 South laJ SL, Baltimore, Mel. 68 s. w.t.sHJNGTON IMlU&KE, N. W e i nvite the attentio n of M ano!ac t n r f!rs t ooor _____ ,____ \ -:.1 MANU!:.-ACTURER O F TOBACCO BBOVERS :IJ"ao'tor:v fAD.:'' S tnck o f DARK BE-SWEATE D W RAP" -Th,-0 1 'l:>.r:a;tecl. A Jtl9, 221 a 223 NORTH BlfiOAD ST., PHTLADELPHIA. P E R S ofwhichwugl'!ril'r D. D. lKALLORY, ''F. G." AND .. NATIONAL e LONG "1:7 S. Sc:Iic'l. Ta.p !EMPER, 'l'OBACGO 8BIPPIKG CIGAR MOULDM ANUF. ACT'G CO oo:n:neou.ou.-t seed. AND Also, the India.n a.nd Sun Flower Chewing Tobaccos. 1 And Be.,.,., a Commission Kercha.nt, Cor rRidie & North Coll6l6 ATe's :Philadelphia Pa; :and Ya.ra. Tobaccos E. E. WENCK, Manaa:er. 1is differe n t lhapej, nn d :.....: trom tbe at. I I i':Lombard Street, 46 and 48 ST. CHARLES STREET, grea reduced p rices Eery mould warranted .unltorm. U size pur, -BA.LTIXORE. liDo 1. W eor. Lom-lt. il<UIOIUC liiD. c be n o t .suitable It will be exchaa&edor money.returnecl Our a 1 m Jo to !v e perfect satlafactl<>n t o the trade. By purcbeslng direct from tbe factory yo11 wiU save all. delay aud commi881ons. The ouly medal and d i ploma awarded a t b e Centennial wu to the '()', 8, Solid Top Dould. .OfJ:lci&l d ocumenta ca.n be seen. at the omce, corner and N orth Coll ege Avenues. U S. SOLID TOP CI GAR IIIOUL D CO. H.WA.TTEYNE, 208 Pearl St., New York', Sole Aaeat. EST.&BLIIIDED llltll. J. RINALDO SANK & CO., TC>BACCC>: -.A!ID-. -General Commission 31 North Water 8t.reet -.&>!1> North Delaware Avenue; BATCBELitR-BROS "P!CULIAR" CI'CAR JWror AS'l'lJBEBS, 808 St., PHILADELPHIA. FINE CICARS, AND DEALER IN Spanish and Domestic Leaf Tobacco !If. W, eor. act a. Poplar !Ita., PhlladF-LBA P TOBACCO Paducah, Ky. P L CHAMBERS DEALER IN Havana & Domestic Leaf AND b!ANUFACTURER OF z;:w:t..n.e. C:lgars; Jobber in Mq_11laotured aad Tobacpe>1.1'i,p e o ....:d-Smok.,...' ArUcleo ceaerall;r. 5 :Martindale' s Block, IndianaDoliS Ind.


AUG. i9 Directory of Ad vcrtisers. WEW YOR.K. Tobacco Wareh.ouael Ahner & Dehls, 190 Pearl. Allen & Co, 173 and 175 ChambeJ"8 Appleby & Helme, J3.1 Water and 85 Pine BMCh &;. Fischer, 155 Water Bulkley & MOOI'C, 74 Front. C&rdoo:o A. H. 66 Broad. Crawford E. M. 168 'Vater. Dohan, Carroll & C o. lOi Front. DuBois Eugene. 75 Ftont &Co.IM6Pearl. F. i56 8. W aahincton Square Fox, Di1ls S: Co. 'Vater. Friedln.eorier Wm. & Co. 9 Bowery Friend E. & G ll. Co. 129 !laid en Gardiner J M. St Front. &:::..P:h. Oershel L. & Bro. 191 Pefli'L Hamburger t. & Co. 111 Havemeyers &:: VUreUus, 175 Pea.r l Hel"t)Bt Brother8,. Koenig H. 3':?9 llower;r. Lachenbruch & Bro. f6:l Water. Lederer & Fischel, 213 Pearl. r Levin M. H. 16:! P&rl. Lichtenstein Bros. 117 Malden Laoe. Lobenstein & GaDA, 181 Maiden Lane. IIA!tland Robert L. & Co. 48 Broad. Martin J. W 1V l!'l'Ont Mueller Ernst &: Co. 122 Pearl Neuberger & Steinecke, 172 lYater Ottinger Brothers. 48 Broad. Paulit!JCh M. 148 Water Lane Sawyer, VaUace & Co. 47 Broad. Schoverllwr Broa. l.WWater. Schroeder!: Bon, 178 Water. Schubart H. & Co. 146 Water' Scoville A. H. & Co. l'i'O Water. Siebert Henry, 68 BroaEI. E. & Co. 5 Bnrhng SUp. Stephens A T .168 Vater. Str<on &: Storm, 178 and 1 80 Pearl. Btrohn &: Reitzenstetn, 176 Front. Charles F. & Son. lSI Front. Thompson S. E. & Co. 54 and 56 Broad. Upmann, Carl, 178 Pearl 1'obacco Balers fm Expcnt Guthrie & Co .22!') :Front. W e.te1-n and Virginia Leaf Tobacco OommiiBion. .Aferchants. & Carroll, 60 Broad Leaf Tobacco Sweati'lt.(l PJallipa C. S 188 Pearl Leaf Tobacco Ouring. Thayer, James H. 61 Front Com.mi88ion Merchant& Beynee Brothers & Co., 46 & 48 Exchange Pl&ee. BuyeJ' of Tobacco. Jleuaens G. M Broad. Tobacco .81-oker&. Caitua J olin, 127 Pearl. Jl'lsch e r Chas. E. & BrO. 18-t Water'. Hagedorn R. 411Jroad. Xinnlcutt & Bill, 112 Broad. Oebome ChArles F. M Broad. Rader M. & Son, 50 Beaver. A. 129 Maiden Lane. MaRtifr of Snwking lnq Tol>accor. AndenoB J obn & Co. 114. 116 and 117 Uberty. Goodwin & Co. 'NI & 209 Water. Hoyt Thomas & Co. 4.04 Pearl. Jtlnney B roo. 141 w ... Broadway. Lorillard P. & Co 114 Water. __....,__ =In -i-. i ADd Tenth. PJ.o... r Tobacco Company, 124 Water. ,..._ __ ..-,Age1>:-t. for 011"""11 and Smoking Tobaooot, etc. Bngelb&ch F. 58 8. Waahlngton Square Rea A.. & Co. 48 Liberty. Hunt H. W. 69 William Ltnd.hetm H. JM Water Wise & Bendbeim, 121 Bowery Man.ufacturert 0/ Oiqar8. Bondy & r.eaerer, W to 110 Attorney Olaccuru & Scblo&se r, 15 Rivington. J. A. 21' Bowery B e ilbroner & Josephs. 368 Bowery Hirsch D. & Co. :1211 ana 130 Rlvlngt<>n aM 88 WaU Hinch horn L. & Co. 20 to 28 2d A venue Kaufman Bros. & Bondy, 129 & 131 Grand. Kerbs & Sp_i_ess, 1014 to 10il0 8eooDd Av. and 310 t o 314 Fifty-fourth Levy B rco, 70 and 711 Bowery LlcbteMteln B1'09. & Co. 268 and ll'i1l llow. C1 a .. 43 llchll4 ):.a.,...... 811 Sol(lenberg & Co. M 86 """""J Dq>ot of the .. Flor del s .. r Otgan. ilOi-P-.rl Wels Carl, 898,GI'!'Pd .., Bat1er Buehler OuuuJ;en Demuth Wru. & Co. 601 Broadway }len A. & Co. 43 Liberty Xaufm&UD Broo. & Bondy., 12!1 and 131 Grand J(anuj'acturer8 of Briar Pipu arid Imporlert of !fmolleo. &eh)er & Polhaua, 1!3 Chambel'!l lleaath Wm. & Co. 501 Broat.,';;!{ BaoveT 4< 865,and 11117 Kaufmann Broo & Bondy, 1211 and 131 Grand RejaU & Beclfactur.,., of LirWe hste. McAndrew !ames C. St&mf'ord Manufactu!fng Co 157 Halden Lane w ... -a: Sterry, 2t Cedar .Importers of Po.ate. Otfford, Sherman & !nnis, WOllam Argulmbau,_Wallace & Co.ll9 and 118. Wl!Uam McAndrew .James C. M Water Weaver&: Sterry, 2-1 Cedar Zur!calday &: Ai-gulmbau, 102 Pearl .Manufacturer& oj Tobacco .l'la1.'0n. HIIUer'a R. Sons & Co. 60 Cedar Importer& 6! Ton-qua etc. Merrick T. B. & Co. 180 and 132 William .Manufacturers of Po-udered Licorice. Brlnkerbott V W. 47 Ocdar Hillier's R..Sons & Co. 60 Ce9a r W ea.ver & Sterry, 24 Cedar SeeeU and Trimoningr. Beppenheimer & Maurer, 22 ami 24: N. William Wul.lf Chas. A. 51 Chatbam Manufacturer.. of Kinney Bro&.' Ci,aretta. Kinney F. S. 141 West Broadway "La Ferme, Rtwian Cigarette.!. Eckmeyer & Co. 42 Beaver Manufactltrert ot Cigarettes. Ha.ll Thomas H. 'i6 Barclay Pollak B. 175 Chatham Importert of Turkish Tobacco. Manufactured, Leaf and Oiqarette&. llosphorm Tobacco Co A. Cappardachl 1256 Broadway Importer O/ Turi-isk Leo.! and Olgarettu aM Man-ufacturer of Genidje Smoking TobaCco Vanaurl V. 1191 Broo.dway (..'utter& and German C,'gar Moulda. Lobellateiu. & Ga.ns, 181 lfaiden Laue of Oigar Moulda. Borg!eldt N H East Nlnoceonth Dtpot for Dubrul d: Co. CiDCinnali Monld.l. OrdeD8teln H. 006 Broadwa,y Imp1oved Tobacco &:nJ,p MacAiM fOJ"o Cigcw Maft.u{acturer.s. Borg!oldt N. H 510 East 19th and I M Water Tobacco Cuttit'g MacAinerv. '\Vulstein Helli'Y 114 Centre. .Ban .b. G orman-American, 50 Wall Internal Reven'IM!l BooM.. J ourgensen, C. 37 I.Jberty Foreign. and Domatk Bankert Sternberger II. &: 8. 44 Exchange Place.' Manufacturer of Metal and Wooden 8JwU1 Fi.(Jttrest. Demuth Wm. &Co. OOJ Broadway Man.ulo.ctuJ-e-r of Show -'Y{!Uf"N. Stra.uSf! S. l'j'g and 181 Lewfs Sok Manujactmer oj tlt e Origi11-al Green Seal Emmet W. C. jbbacoo. Samuel S. L f,;{I;fa.rCigar Case&. Scales Howe Scale Co.: Priest, PR,;:e & co. Agents, 325 Broo.U way Im.porter of French Cigarette Paper liiay llrotbers. 866 Broome _Ciga r .Packer11. Cigar Packers' Society, S. lllichalls &Co. 4Flrst AYenue, or E. M. 109 Norfolk OJ Gigar Flavor Cali!ornia. Disttlllng Co, ij3 William Ftles Alex. & Bros .. l6 Place Patent Tobacco UoLor1: ng Buehler & Polhaus, 88 Chambers Commercial Age'llbacoo a-... -Fallell8tela&Son BlJJTALO, N.Y. .Manufact-urer of Clga.ra and J obber of ift.Q and Smoking Tobacco. Cady S. Brown's Bro. 114 E.Ichange OHICAGO.IU. .Agml for C'lgo.n S..Oiring 0. A. Peck, r51-M South Water Dealer i n Meer .tch(IU 1n and Briar P&pi&,Helt'W-faclured TOOaeoo aR err of Cigars al&d In Leaf Krobn, Felss & (lo. 1 6 t to 1615 W Third oor J:lm Lowenthal B .!; Co. 160 West Fourth Tletix H. & Bro. 21J W Fifth Well XahD & Co. lla1n Sheet Metal Cigar Mould&. Dubrul Napoleon &: Co. 4tl and 44.3 Plum Let;if Tobacco 1R6pection.. Prague F. A. 11!1 West Front Manufacturers of Oigar-Bous. Ge ise B & Brother, Clay Trost, S. W. 519-525 W Sixth CLARKSVILLE, Tean. Leaf Tobac co Broker!. Clark 1>1. H. & Bro CLEVELAND. o. Packers of Seed In Hamna Leaf E. S. Allen & Co. 101 Bank in. Seed Leaf and Havana Tobacco ancl Jobb61'S in all kinrh Ma:n:ujactured. Toba<:co. Goldson & Semon. 1:n Ontario DANVILLE. Va. Com.miuton JWUer& Co Commission Leaf Tobacco Brokcr11. Strwtly on Order. Pe&rl!On J R. & Co. Paul C. Pemberton &; Penn. T Manufactu-rer 0/ Smoking Tobacco. Co lll'ad Cha8. H. & Co. Trowbridge W. H. DAYTON. O. Miller Dealers in. Seed Lea/. DETROIT, lllioL ManufriJ of Oheutiri.g a-nd Smokiftg T obacco. Barker K C. & Co. 74 and 76 J elferson A v Walker, )l.cQraw & Co. 3 1 to 3b Atwater Manujactrer.s of Oigars and Dealers in Lea; Tobacco. 8ulUYan &: Burk. 48 and 60 Coagress, Bast Foxen, Newman & Co. 2 1 6 Je1ferson Avenue DURHAM, Jf, c. Smol..'ing Tobacco. Ind. Tobac co C01nm.illsion Merehant. :Morrlo C. J .t Co HANNIBAL, Mo. Manu/. of alt kinds of sm.07i'g1l1!4 Tobacco Oigaret/ea. Gumpert Bros...JSUC hestnut J,.pqrter o/; Hm1atw1 2'o(Kt cco a'Ad Olga rtf and Costas J. lSI S..a .Manufacturer of Snt411 and Smoking Tobacco Wa.llac e Jas. i66 to North Eleventh Manufacturers of Olgart. Batchelor Bros. 808 Market Ludv Jno J. aud 6fa South Twentieth Marshall, T W. 12 North Fourth. Broad Tobacco Broker. J'ougeray A R. 38 North Front ManufacturMs of Liwrice Pa8te. Mellor & Rittenhouse, !118 North Twenty-Beeolld Jlfr' .A!/Ofll for Pl>Od Smoki"'l 7\>bacoo. K elly F. X. Jr. 106 Arch Whole sale Dealers in Lea/ and' JL'f'd Tobacco. J ohn B. & Co. 531 South Second .JCanufacturer.s of Cigar Moulds. U S Solid T o p Cigar 'Hould IIUg Co. cor Rid'fO and North College Ave's. PITTSBURGH, Pa. JIGHtV'acturer.t "bcelftor Spun Boll,. oM 01/oer To00cco1. Jenldnoon n. & W :i8'l Liberty QUIN(lY, ru. Jlanu/n. of Chewing and Smoki11g Tob&c::co. Gem City 1 obaCco Works Harris & Beebe RE.A.Dllii'G, Pa. .J(anufacturer of Oiqan. Hantsch & Crouse REIDSVILLE. W. O. Dealer& in Tobacco. Reid, Woottoa a Co iUCHIIOJfD, v., of Plv.g It Snwk'g, J -JIUIICO J:,eJgb Loltlor L. .tCo. Plltlnt<>n T. 81: Co L eaf robacco Bro/<4r1. Dlbre Wm. E. 1410 eazr. 'Mills R. A Dealers in Porte and Mfd. Tobacoo .. Wrlgbt J & Co ..I Tobacco Exchaa.,o JCaaufaduter.s of To6acco Bag1. M. MJUhlser & Co. 13011 1\la.ln N. Y, Whalen.& &: o f Tobacco. Mon'U.fadurert of "Peerfe38 nand PlaiA .FYneCKf T obacco a-nd uvo.nitu.l'" 8moiU1f Tobacco and. (Jtgarettu. XlmbaU W. 8 & Co. SPRINGFIELD, Maoo. Smith H. &; Son, 26 Hampden ST. LOUIS. Mo. Ma.nufs. o.f Fine Cigar& Dealers in Tobcuco. Pulvermacher & Pelty. 11 North Malo To bacco r vareh.mueB Dormitzer C. &: R. & Co. l.l).3 Market Buyer of Leo/ Tobacco. La.dd W. M. 21 North Main Tobaoco B1-oker. Haynes J. E. Z7 South Second Tobacc::o Buvert. Meier Adolphus & Co. SYRACUSE.N, Y. Packers in Seed Le()._f and Dtalers in-Ham Toba cco. Hler G. P. & Co. l!5 Norih Snllna Manujactursrs of Cigar Boxe.s, Leeret & 168 and 170 Eaot TOLEDO,O. Man-ufallturer of Chewing and Smoking Toba.ccos. Messinger Charles R Manufactu .. rers o.f Potodered LicrmaUeD ad-TOB.&VVO JI'.&VI'OBY, Bolt 84, alpley, O, _JIEW TORK. A. BRUSSEL, C.A:O'l'ION. NEW YORK, 270 BOWERY, Jm.T 14. 187T P.&aTIJIS are hereby cautlonod agalost uolng PIVOTBD --------------------..:-..;,.-..f lATCH-FOR CJIGAR BOXES otb e r than thooe manufacturedunder GLVVD'SPA.TENT llo. T, 187'6; rel8sae, JOSEPH lOTH &: CO .. Au! OF CIGAR RIBBONS. C ONSTANTLY 0'1 HAND A FULL ,\.';.;;OR T AT LOWEST J'r.ICE3. Factory: 'VES T -J5tll ST. -U-1 DROO:rJE ST. PAUL C. VENABLE LEAF TOBAOGO BROKER, tJnited States Internal Revenue Tax. The tax on all kinds of ToOO.cco is 2-1 cents i@ 1b; Snuff, 32cents tb; Cigars, $6 :ril thouao.nd; C1garettes weighing not over 3 1bs W thousand, $1.75 per thousand; Cit;a.rettes and Cheroots over :! 1bs W thol!SWld 56 thousand. The duty on Fore ign Ciga.n3 i'J t1 1b and 2.'i \9 ceDt. ad ualorem. Cigarettes same-duty as cigars. Imported Cigars, Cigarettes and Cheroots o.fso bear' the prescribed Internal Rev taxes, to 6e paid by stamps at the Custom House. Tha imJ>9rt-duty on Leaf Tobacco is 85 cents, lb Leaf Tobacco stemmed., 00 cents tl 1b; 1\!anufactured Tobaecol 60 cents !ri !b; Scraps, 50 cents tb. Manufactured Tobacco and Scrape-are allo aubJeet to the Internal Revenue tax ot. 24 cento 'IIIII>, aud mUS:O bQ poclo. In Belldum ibe is reckoned after doductlng15 1t cent. fer tare. eotlmes(P,40 gold) '1!1100 ldlogrammeo(IOO A.m-1>8 ldiat.) I n Holland the duty is centst per 1 09 kilos. being equal to till kilos.) In Russm the duty on I..el!l To-)e4 rou-10 kopekll 'Ill pud; on Smokiw< Tobt. cco 26 roubl.,. :00 '"'P "1iUd. and oa Ci.gurs 2 rou. 00 cop. =p "PU:d. "-The .. pud,. Is equal to .Ainerlcaa lbs. In Turke y the duty Is ilO gold, per 11" mene&D England th!) duties are on!actured: 11nst.emmed, containing 1 0 tb!l or more. of moisture In e..-ery 100 1M welgbt; Lhareot (besides 5 cent. o.nd m.n additional cha.:rgo of cent. on 1'6-moval from bonded warehouses), 3s lb; coni.n.iniD& less thn.n 10 1111 o1. moisture in 100 Jl&s weight(exclusive of "the extra noted above) 3s6d '1!111>. On Manufactm'ed: _cavendish and Negroheod twist), 4s. 6d. 'l!llb; a ll other <.OO 1 do do Three Montbs .. 28.00 FOVR SllVARES (56 Nonpapell Llneo.) Over Two Columns, One Y ea.r .......... ............................. $200.00 do do Six!lonths .. StOO.OO I do do Three Months 5:1.00 FIRST PAGE-One 8quare, (14 l"enpa.rell Llneo ) Over Two Cohunns., One Year .................. .................. 5150 00' Transient Advertisements on the Seventh Page, Zcents pel' LineJ,_. each insertion. Names and Addresses alone in u Business Directory ef Advertisers." SeventhPage,OneYear .......... ................................ SlO.OO Remitu\nCPs for Advertiftements and should be made inv&riably by Post-Otlloe Order, Check or Registered Letter. SubocrilJoniD.ol receiTID& their paper will lntonn ua ...., oace. -----__..J. /


THE TOBACCO LEAF. TobacOO MenufaotureN. t!.IOOBIO&, JODI ANDERSON & 00. MAlfUFAcrvu.a.s or TBK LICORICE l PASTE. SOLACimmu TUUC&ftS wA:;;:. c:'. 04 a Ill UITY ITHET Tobacco ud dae t1Ue geaeral are particularly requested w HW' YOJUt, : examine and test the prope .. llq to dlnct tloo att .. tloa of tloo Doolen Ia T__. b' LI'CORICE, h L.--W 1>1 tIS W C, ...,..., DO "' tltelr TBD NvaP.t to the b.ighest perfectioD ia of SOLACE FINE-CUT c.recf under the abOYe style orbr&lld. CIIEWDG TO:a&.OOO.-We are alto SOLE AGENTS for the whiclt I bela1 oaee 1a0re IIWlfactoretl er tiM brand ba.mniatpenhlftoftbeorirtau.r, 1'. a. & a. o. THOMAS HOYT & CO., MR. JOHN a\ekaowledged by colliUmers to be the liAJI1JI'AC'1'tlllJ:BS or 1o1111. DOW II&Ddl, u rormerty, wllboot rinl. Ore!-beat ia the market. Alld for the braocL rorwanled tb.rouCil tile 1UUAI cb&I>Dela 'lrill CHEWIMG & SMOKING meet wlt!l prompt attention. of Licorice Stick I co., ia do rGIICCO AID CIG.I.RS, wetr to appty direct. f CAVI:JIDIBIL ""D............ ..... t ... O...laarF,& p 1 St 11 y k. SNUFF PIPES etc. u;r-..... ...... IIMJ, ear 0 : new or -1a ar 4U1BROlD STRm a\\11 WILLII a co 1 !: :-! GEneral Partnero. .,.,,va 1 J'. w. LOCKWOOD Special. '. J.lQ) D CALDWELL .. II 3lllollt.h Wllllalllltaet wHAVBB\ -.aP.AN'DIB: LICORICE PASTE. SP DISH LICOBIGH GUll LIGOBICI ALL SPECIALTIES FOI PLU8 AID FilE-CUT TiJUCCO. OLJVI_ OIL, TOICA BlAIS, GUMS, PLA VORS, Powdered Lioorioe Boot, .Al!IO PATENT POWDERED LJ:CORJ:CE..] llf STICK LICORICE WE HAVE THE FAVORITE BRA:tiD& '4 We he to call the taren and Dealen to article. Sole AeatlfM tbe Statet of North CaroUaaaad Vir rfnl., Musoo. DAVI!.NPOBT MORRIS. Rlcb 1110ad, Va. LICORICE ROOT-A......,a a11d Alleaate. Select rei aDd Ordblary. ZURICALOAY & ARGUIMBAU 102 PEARL STREET, JO:W YORK. TOBACCO B1t0!1:1tl. JOHN OATTUS.s TOBACCO .'BROKER '87 Pearl Street, nw yoaK. CHIS. E. FISCHER & BRO. TOBACCO. BROKERS, 134 Water St., TKOS. krMICVTT, CMAL E. BILL, J KINNIOUTT & 'BILL, liB.OltERSIN WE8TERN f& YIRCINIA LEAP TOBACCO, ..) .I ... s BR BROAD 8T., NEW YORK. CB&RLIS.F. OSBORII, t ._ JAMES G. OSBORNE, TOBACCO BROKER, 54 BROAD STREET, NEW YORK. AUG.19 IIPROVHD HOWH SG!LllS. THE Smoking Toba;cco. Manufactured by No 86 It 87VAB BOUTBX ST. HENRY WULSTEIN, (-r to Bci'J(t'elclt & Dela-)1 AGENTS FOR THE LEADING MANUFACTURERS OF mELY AND FOOlLY l'OW'DIU]) aP.uriiR BOOT, IPAl'IIIR LICOBICS SXTBACT, 4. SBCK, TOBACCO BROKER, SMOKINC, PLUC TOBACCO AND CICARETTES, N"o.1g1 "Y'ork .c :E .DEER TOKGUE, LAURBL LEAVII:I, TOlfK.t. BEAlfa, CAI8U BVD&, CIGI.RETTES-;IOBAttOS CLOVEs AlfD conr.a:wmr, 129 KAIDEN LANE, "' ORAlfGE PEEL, _____ ......;EI:::::!;J::;:.,;l'.lnlt::.::=.;,. __________ _.; ________ _.;""'-;__---. Alfi8EED, CA.IlA:W1 Y IIJI:JCD, g-Centennl&l Medal awarded ror "Purlty. Ch"!!1!'!'!18,_ and General E:J:oellence ot Manutocture. Alao 11. & :a. BJ\AlfD STU:lK LICORICE, all as-. Whlllllsale A!ents: SHOEMAKER, VOlJTE & BIRCH, 126 S. Delaware AYC.1 Phiia. B. JCALPJN & CO., MANUFACTURERS OF THE CELEBRATED FINE-CUT fiRGIN LEAF &BA VY CHEWING And all' Kinds Of SIIOKING TOB.A.COn. AND DKALKRS IN' Clpn, l'lq 'l'o'baeco, Bud, 1111'111 Fllnlr, etc. YAl!UFACTORY AND &AI.UROOM: Cer. Av D l Telthlt.,lewYerk. G. i. GAIL & AX,. :a..a.z..Tx:a.s:oa.:m, -AT1121 BOWERY, NEW WISE & BE!fDIIEIK, AGElfTS. MRS.G.B.MILLER&CO. 'FR ENGELB'ACH. TOBACCO MANUFACTORY, 97 TOBACCO DEPOT &AGENCY __ ._. TorlL. Jl'.-Jl', w. I'ELGBBB. & SoB'S, M4lB.A.CCc::>. TJI! IDJII_B-HT ... rnnn lllf1q Yr BEST in the WOBLD. Jiao .... .. .: ... Walker, Make the best Sold or Used. ONE DOLLAR lawful money In each eo pound box, containing large Plugs made of long r stock. TWO DOLLARS In one, or ONE DOLLAR In two of the caddies Jn each case containing large plugs made of long stock. PATENT METAL LABELS on Plugs. Ask for this and .get the Best Chew or Smoke that can be had. SILAS PEIRCE, Jr., Predtleat. JOHN H. IANBOB.lf, Tr ..... PIOIBBB TOBACCO COIPAH, Ol" :BROOKLYN, N.Y. BUSINESS OFFICES: 124 water St., New York, 16 Central Wharf; Boston; 25 Lake Street, 51 KORTH W 4 TIR STREIT, PBIL4DILPBI4. Factory : No. 1 First District, N. Y. THE CELEBRATED "MATCHLESS/ BRICHT, All Sizes; Lf'. '< u' Z Ul .<' T u \.) THE CELEBRATED "FRUIT GAKB," MAHOCANY, All Sizes; '' P :I: oN m m R.,"' Dark, au Sl:r:e. JHB ST.&J:IB 01' BB'NTUCKY TOBACCO: GO .. Choice Branda of PLUG TOBACCO, AU Pateatea of tbe Celebnted BraDd el PROG.RESS, MADE IN ALL SHAPES AND WEIGHTS. _. EVERY PLUO HAS OUR PATElfT A&TEI'I'EB AT THE END. "" '711 EI'C'O:B.A.N'.A.N' II!!IIT., X.O'C'X&'V::r.:J:.ttx.t:m, :KY. ACENT:-.1. L. 8TYNI:, PITT8BURCH, PA. &. Oc::>., lllllPORTER8, llllA.NUF&CTVRERS AJID DEALEB8 Ill CIGARS AND CIGARETTES; llll&NUPA.CTVBEBS OP THE CELEBRATED. HAVANA MIXED SMOKING TOBACCO, 214 W. BALTIMORE STREET, BaJ.timore, lid. HERBST BROTHERS. HAVANA tc SEED LEAF T 0 B ..A-. C c;: 0 183 WATER STREET, 1 NEW 'LIBERAL. ADVANCEMENTS :MADE ON CONSiGNMENTS 0 (J ;Q {!. MAY BROTHERS, IMPO RT E RS OF CIGARETTE PAPER, 386 BROOME ST., H ouSE AT Pais. "Y'""ork.. Also o f the Well Known Brand of IEht::t::o.ok.!.n.s, s .. And M a nulacturerw or all styleo o( & Black PLUG oil TWIST TO!b.CCOL 24 Twentieth .A.::I.OEE:BOJ.'aX), 'V .A.. LEERET & BLASDEL ,J.LUIVF ACTVP.EJlS Or 168 & 170 East Water St., 8YR.ACU8E0 N. Y. Dealenla HEPPElfHEIMJUl It; MAUilD'S CIGAR. BOlt LABE.tS AND TRlloUUNGS. INTERNAL REVENUE BOOIS The Orlainal Jateraalllenaue Pablla!aiar a ..... JOUB.GENSEN: SoL TO EnKa a SMITH. P o. Boz s,6,,, 37 LIBERTY ST., X, y, Branding Irena .t Stencils a Speoialtr. PR.XN'TZN'Gor every detcrl"ptton at Lowest Prtcn. SEND FOR PRICES. TINPOIL f Li!htest Pure Tin, 10,368 su. ALSO TOBACCO & OTHER FOILS ... WITTEMANN BROTHERS, 184 William St., New York. JAMES H. THAYER, (Formerly DEFORD & TB.lYD, Baltimore), Leaf Tobacco Curing, 61 STREET, 'YOR.3E-


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