The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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Tobacco Leaf Journal

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XIV.--NO. 30. IBSTABLISBED ) TKBlii:S OP TRB P.t.PZR 8IN(JLII OOEJES .... ---.. .. -. -...................... 10 CD'I1I. ONE YEAR......................... .. .................. SLlio 8IJ[ JIONTHS.......... ... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 11.00 .unm.u. llU8lRIPI'IOftS AIIROAD. -.....'It 41 4SWrreD Street, 80LE ACENTa-$OR THE PR1NCIPE DE. KEY AlfD PB.OPJUETOR.S 0:1' THE Oe:J.c:-&c:-. CIGAR FACTORY OF NEW YORK. MANUFACTURERS OF THE LA ROSA ISP .liOLI. WEST BA.VANA-OIGARS. WEISS, ELLER & KAEPPEL, -'IUIIt -Bavemejer& PACH E:as OF Sf:ED.IEAF IMPORTERS OF H A V AN. A T OBACCO. HOW TO &EJ DARK TOBAcco s .AliD BOW TO WAKE THEM' B'UlUi GOOD. -:aa E* OlNIL'Y' &'UR,E WV'A.'Y' Iatr C, PHILIPS. If you b&ve poor burning tobacco,oend meaf-leaveo, &DCII>netumof malllwiDJII'OVOio,._ wb&,..., bedoae. If){anufoeturen. wW osulmetbelru,ht=Colored8ortingo,Iwlu returntbem l'IA.DV-i'OLOR .. wt-tile-u;y or u;y uttadal eoi :! an4.ounelvesarei4entiled; our sketch lose : : --" .. .... bv .a---t ti .0. .p .., :r!l)l STORK. ., ., VJ!Dess,. l lie 'n In ... 6 :vMnit' .llliaiii;:..;o;.;. c......,_ -, fott; 1t wto be pnnmec1, in diteotneBB. .... .J. > :& :f ._ nynaiWS, As conoernillg the rr..a ,S'!!.ept R lVJth 4-, .. io.._'.;, __ ,_ ...._;_:_.._.:,_. thi ....._ il'_ t'. _..._ .= eDCe lD 8 tlOU.tb.elil;terly-uJreCtlOn across a.. _, uacco --r _,..... s O.gularity in the tobacco THE I'AVORIID SIWriONS. but has some fine erops in it. In the vicinity of To Marietta and the regions about East and Vogansville the crop is fine [ good as anyin"East West by COIDlJlO;D! COliBellt; isaceonled"tbe Hempfleld. '!;airing the townships, the Lea'distinction of showing the best tobacCo raiSed in La.ncocks and Salisbury, the crop. is !u]ly up to what it caster County this yea.v .' EVerY..other. producin dia--was year, when it was an exceptlonally fine crop, trict has some crops to which praise is freely extel:lded buyers oommencing their purchases there as early as but the districts first mentioned s.ppe&r to have January. Our people commenced to plant. froll\ the majority of admirers, even among the. list& of former fil"Bt to the fifth of May. With-the early planting competitors. We will not undertake to they had no trouble from worms, but with the later offer an opinion on the subject, but here simply they had some annoyance therefrom. The early plants the testimony of many growers as we heard it from. are mostly all cut, and three-fourths of them 1\re good. their lips. Manor, herself, through one The tobacco which was cut jlbout three weeks ago is boast& leaves-we know not how many-grown this already darker than it was Jast year at this time. The season, 56 inches in length; but 'Mr. Scott, hotel proacreage ,in ol!l Rections is about the same prietor at Marietta, exhibited to us ih his Bhed the proas it wa8 last year, but the platiting in the outer belt duceof an acreofrhis own raising, al.uiost ev'.ery le of through the discouragelllllllt inwhich exceeds 4,0 incp!ll!. What Col. James Duffy, of to the prices paid this year, and the total acreage the place, has done, Will be seen -frourthe foUow-TEBl'IS cA.SH. will perhaps be one-fourth less tha,n last year, though ibg ragraph, which we clip from the I.eneater ln. GEO." w.REiti & to: bed thantoblast. D... f M tta be No Cltarce 1'or Cartace. 1 T re e g acco ames uuy, o ane may recorded as 186 tq S2iOO 'l. .. WJS ST 'NEW YORK is grown, thtl :yield exceeds by 250 pounds to the acre the king of Lancaster County tobacco growers The-1 the gro'W'th of last year. I expect pounds from be d a.eres, of' which he has. 27.i acres, and Mr. Hel"'hey expects 2,000 pounds to the. ....,.,_.y cu o an ouse li or 30 acres, each stock. beBriDg from eight to twelve leaves, froDl li.cre. Some of the early planting 'Was attacked by a 30to 12 inches in length. That por-Uon of the crop yet new disease, called the 'black'Tobt.' After, the standing, and which will be cut off as rapidly as th of tlie plll.htll turned Wa.ok and died, and new plants mature, is of equal excellence; and should no. roots, 'llear the surface of the ground, tOok the place untoward eventinterferebefore it is housed, Mr Dufty will probably the lar&e_S$ single crop ever iJ'OWll.. of the old ones. All plants thus atll.icted had -to be in Pennsylvania. His slli\ds are large and re-set." convenient, &ut are mo4els of c.>Jeanlinese oot a -IO

& Tc'ba,ccc:. llRGf. STOCKS OF MANUFACTURED TOBACCO OF EYERfDESCRIPTfDN SUITULE FOR THE HOME TRADE AND FOR li'OREIGN XAJtDTB J!BPT 001'17-T.A.JSrTX..'Y cioN NO":riCE! Ba'f"'D8' Patented as a IIW:PHR-XALT," .u _.are beroby ac'alnA uolac the ume u a Brand or Label ror 8moldng and CbewiDg ._.,..or all! :as:. .AioaXANDJtR. MAITLAJID. L F. S. lliiACL.l!HOSE. JI.OBER.T L lliiArrLAJIID. ROBERT L. & COw, Tobacco Factors, Anti General Oommjgion :lleroha.D.ts, 43 Broad Street, New York, AGENTS FOR THE "' ... l Bnaa.o Tobacco, Exprealy Cor TO AUSTilA1.1AN aDd OTHER tOREIGl'/ PORTS '--"' s llfiAJD1il1l CAVTmOJ t. f1f1(._.:a:uS'l'BALIAlr -NuT:..n.'lbDaJiw. s u mu tl. w., V.111!J.:_uBL, ova. a.un:, au.c& ;.r v.-. (\'\ QLUIOtiJ. .. ...... -:_" ..A,1JSTB AI U]f r.:mn..-.10:'1' 0... iJ VIRGJXU1 V.llalf1TS. ALJ, '1'- lJ II'I.OWEB. OF ALL IIATIOKS. fii'!Jilw Elii'GLJSH. ALI'RJIID, & BRO. lilA I lP...Z.rlbu.r 'V... 'AUSTRALIAN LUJIIPII-TWO s.u, OUR 'CHUU', ORIO!I, DIDIAN L1111Pa-RAVBLCK:K, CRAB 1""11111, IIJIIB, c. ENGLISH LlJKPII-VICTOB"I', ROYAL lU.VT, .c. I )J SOUTH AJIEIUO.IX 'L1JIIP8-LA. Dill LICU, LA. FBLICWA.D. 1', 0. Ul(I)JC. C. J'. LlNDE. C. C HAMILTON 8. R, ASHCROFT. SBHD LHAF TOBACCO INSPECTION _! TOBACCO INSPECTED OR SAMPLED. Oo'D21 'try &a:D1pll%1.5 Pro:D1p1:1y .A.1:1:ended 1:o. ()erCUicateo given for eTeq case, and dei!Tered case by case, ao to number of Cenlllcate. N. B.-WE ALSO SAMPLE IN MERCHANTS' OWN STORES. r F. C. LINDE & CO. ,. PHILADELPHIA BRANCHES: Z. W. DJdDRSON, c;.>rner Arch and Water Streete. JONAS METZ, 64 North Front Street. 1"11PIPIBLD, Conn,:-EDW. AUSTIN. LANdASTER, Pa.HE..'IRY FOREST. PRii'HJIPA.L OFFICE8-142 WATER STREET. and 182 to '186 PEAIIL STREET. W.&aBBOII8E8-14liWATER, 7'!_. 76 & 78 GREENWlCHBTREETS,andHUDSON RIVER RAILROAD DEPOT, ST. JOHN'S PARK. & CO., TOBACCO INSPBCTOBS, WATER STREET, NEW YORK, :-::-:-..::-CIIA'S FINKE&CO TOBACCO INSPECTORS, 155 WATER ST., NEW YORK. COt! !'ITa "I' SAIIIPLI!'I'G PROJ!IPTJ. T A'IT.ft'D8Y1U.CUSE BUNCH ....... G. P. HIER .t CD. L -(l'a ) .... eh l!lUllR.&. do ....... ... J R. DECKER. aae er D I j F. CUNNINGHAM, 508 W. Po lar St. j--T, J', w. a CoJ TOBACCO AND GENEBAL. tOIIISSION lEI CHANT, 68 Broad 'York.. FANCY SBOKING PIPES I -IN-BRIER AND FANCY WOODS, I .MANUFACTURED BY HARVEY a FORD, SAIEQOOII-386 & 38'f C.AliAL JfEW YO.._.., F.A.CTOBY-LEDGEB PLACJ:, r_..:::,J 'll. J ac...& 111. G.t.&TB, :JUn-. SAWYER. WALLACE & CO.; ... RII'l' GARC w BIS vnnnu. JilxuJBJ'I'IOr, uTa.. J D.J. GARTH, SON & CO., CODISSION KEP.CHANTS, J:omnusston Merchants No. 47 Broad Jlo. 44 BROAD STREET, NEW YOIIK, THOll. CA.RROLL, u:wt, I Jtil.1J?ER. 398 GRAND ST., 1fEW YOJUL ,_ AND .... Avatrla.. &; -Oa.rrc:U., BU EHLER tc POLHAUS, COMMISSION MERCHANTS MANUFACTUR.ERSAXIUMPO&ntitsor Kentucky and Lea,f-Tobacco, BIUBB WOOJ, 1JmBIIJil GIIY PIP( And all Kinds of 8MOKIIUt8' ., 83 Chambers a.nd 65 Reade Streets, New York. : .. OftiiGIB.' & BBOTHQ) G. BEVSENS, T H. MESSENGER & CO., -A. JL CARDOZO, ___ nNTucXY BuYER oF DIPORTERB AND DEA.LEliS ur LEAF TOBACCO 55 Broad St., New r .... Cnrlnltl ...... L-----llarkete. .. H ao.&D ",,,.:..-, ,to Tke abo-fe Braai o f BAVAliA TOBACCO CIGARETTES made oaly by -: B. BA'' 322 GRIIIWICB STilET. coR. OF BDCLlY. N:m"'VV YOEI.:IE.. I -auo-" IBUPACTURBB OP PIIB CIGABS. 1aae. 'nlea a uo., IKPOiTERS OF HAVANA LEAF TOBACCO I .... .-AND KAMIIITACTU .. II OP Til& IlL PJIDCIPS -:um OI'IU.V A.-A A.JUlY -..sT c:MI.&BS, 1e0 PURL liT., NEW YORK. &. IIS:ON"-&:JL.R.4,DS&, l!l.A1'1'11P 4(JT111lER CTGA. R B -oxrS AND & -SHOW :FIBURES ; ll!IPOBTEilc OIP [.&.l'I'D!'l' lBJPXN:X .. l&: OXG-.A.B. ::R.X:EI:EIOJSr; QERMAN CIGAR MOULDS, PRESSIS, STRIPS, CUTTERS, ETC., u .tdloraOJ!-su-t, DAYTON., OHIO. LEAF TOBACCO, c21 JIOWD'Y, NEW YOJUL MACCABOY SNUFF,-FREICH RIPPEE SlUFF, SCOTCH SlUFF, AMERICAN GENTLEMAI SNUFF, LUNDY FOOT SNUFF. ALSo IIIANUJ'ACTUJIERS OJ' THE FOLLOWIXG BIU.NIIS OJ' RIIBB Vll&INI! SIOIIIC TOBACCO. VIA: RAILROAD, OUR CHOICE, COLORADO, UNCLE TOM, NAVY CLIPPINCS1 BLACK TOM.-.133 WATER AND 85 PINE STREETS, NEW YORK. :JPor 'Pr:l.oe ad.dZ'e-or app1y abo-ve. ..__ lo CHA.S. A.PPLEBT, QIIO, w. 1111!11 .. _., ---IUGDI DU 1011, nut !ra ft.OIIW POI, DILLS & no., Importers of 8PANI8H AND PACKER.S OF SEED LEAF TOBCCOS 1fEW YO:a.J[. I. M. CRIWJ8RD, IKPOR.TER a. DIALER. IN IIEAF TOBACCO; 1ee Wate:r: St:r:eet, P.o. aox un. NEW A. '1'. STEPH i'JI&,. BUOOI:IISOR TO ALVA. OA.TJIA!f, IMPORTER QF HAVANA, 1 DoMEsTic iF!P TOBAcno lea' WATER 8TIIft:r'; ::I!CT'e"*" 'Yoll1& .. ; M. B. LEVIN, OilS. P. !1:1 a SDK,, I laoporton of SPANISH Deal-t.. oH ldtulo f/1 I LEAF 184 ........ E SPIN&ARli & CO., J>UUUU. HAVANA & DOMESTIC TOBACCO. No. 6 BURLINC SLIP1 NEAR W.J,TER-STREJli, NEW-YO,R:& .. ........... .-.. ......... Q. REISJIIA.lV:IT, Commission Merchant, lf. L!OIIBDIUCI a BRO., No. 164 Water NewY.ork, WJIOLDAL& PIIAI.Da IW 888 ., PA.CDIIIII Dr LEAF TOBA"CCOS. I 17 MAID.R LAN., JSre-vv TDf"k.. S. O::E=l.Q.T s'F'"A.., JI..Uf1lJ' A.C'J'UJID 01' F][NE CIGARS, Ami DEALBB JK LEAF TOBACCO 295 I 297 GreenWich St., lfew Tort 1!17 Br&ll .. I-IICJ"UII.A. IJBBE,"......._ _uOLIJIAX,"


SEPT. 2 'I J&BOB IDDLL, A. B. :"' cc SCHRODER -& BON !lAHUl' ... (111lw:II880BI TO PA:f;JUI:B IIC:UVDOLE.l Ox S %KPQa-TJDUS O'F 178 WATER STREET, NEW YORK, CIGAR B E AND Jos-Bus nuLL x:JNDs oF X:J:I:J.por'tera or & -L E .A. F T 0 :a .A. c c o, .&.ND p.&.C.K.ERS. 011' ._ .. DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCO. .. CEDAR WOOD, 1103 ct 'U St., N.W YORK. ECKME-YER: & --C -0., sm.A.-v:m:E'I. aor., SOLE AGSNTS JOlt THE U. S. OF lilian bttes & Misk Tobacco -01'-00IP.I.&NIB LAPERltll trr. PJIITJIIKIB'ORG, JIOIJOOW. WAHSAW, ODBIJIIA, DIUI:BDB!II. OW YO JUt, Y. o. Bo .,86. BASCH & FISCHER, DIPORTERS OF HAVANA .A.ND PACKERS 01'' mD WP ,TOBAGCI, 1&& WateJP St., ._.Katde!ILau; NEW YORK. STRAtTON -STORM, -MANUFACTURERS DE CIGARS, a o N.DY & .LEO: E R :ER, .A. N D ,_ JKA.N1111' AVTVRERI 011' DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO, FIN E c I 176 160 PEARL STll.EET; NEW YORX. GA. R s' WE CAUTION ALL PARTIES INFRINGING. UPON OR OUR BRANDS, LABELS AND TRADEMARKS, that we will spare no pains in prQSeCUting such parties in the rights secured to us by Act of Congress dated August 14, 1878. ) STB.AITON & STORM. This Space is Reserved FOR J. W. MARTIN, TOEA CCC> I ,AND DE.&.LEKS IN LEA. F TOBACCO, 96,98,100,102,104,106,108& IIO.Attorney.St. JSr:I!I"VVT I .... EllNEST FREISE, (FOBXEBLY OF THE FIBll OF WALTKR FB.IEDIIA.N 1< 1!RIE,) DIPOR.TER 01' Spanish Leaf Tobacco, 11l11'7 "VVT .A.T:J!J:E'I. &T., N":J!J"VVT WN. GLACCUM, JACOB SCHLOSSER .. COMMISSION MERCHA.NT, Capital, Sl ,000,000. EYery fac.lllty aftorded to Dealero ana Co;...,.pond enta eoaslateot with Sound Banking. H. ROCHOLL, President. Jl IUPADDIG, Culller. '""' E.P.GzLaO_: S.. E. TBOMPSOI & CO AID UJTOJ FAtTil 8111eral Commlssl01 ltrchinls, 54 & S6 BROAD ST./ O, Bel< 3801. :tn:W TORSo WM. FRIEDLAENDER, JOSEPH SJCHEL. Wm.FRIEDLAENDER&CO. Wholeaale Dealers 79 FRONT ST NEW YORK .. WILLIAM BUCHANAN. DAVID c. LYALL! BUCHANAN & LYALL-. Oftlce: 101 Factory :-No. 2 FIRST DISTRICT, SOUTH BROOKLYN. MANUF.&CTURERS OF THE FOLLOWING CELEBRATED BR.NDS OF PLUG, CHEWING a:ad SM:OKING TOBACCOs_ ALSO MANUFACTURERS OF SE'MI-CIGARS. PLUG. PLAliET li.&.VY. 11, .)(11 31 ..._, 5a, Ga, 2'a, 81, 91, tea. SAILOR'S CHOI.CIC, Ja, 3a. 41. 81, 611 7a, 81, 9a, 101 US R:IV:INGTON' NEW" YORK., Proprietor. of the Cdebrated Brand11 "REPUDLIC" and "HIGH AND DRY.n Oth"'r nun ... tn orrler. LBON.&RD I'RIBD:MAN, TO WALTER FRIEDMAN II< FREISE, IIIIPOR'l'ER.., 01!' HAVANA TOBACCO, 203 Pearl Street, New York. WEBER. Pianoforte. 3 L.. HIRSCHHORN & CO., MANUFAClURERs OF CIGARS, r 20, 22, 24, 26 A 28 2d A., cor. lt St., JSr:m"VU" J tOBENSTEIN & GANS1 WDO:i.EIALE DEALBII I!l' AND HAVANA TOBACCOS; SOLE AGENTS AND IMPORTERS OF THJ: GDUINB W. a: ._ CXG-.A..'R. JY:OULDS, Presses, Straps & eutters; llll'qRTERS OF GERHAN I< SPA,NI.Sli CIGAR BIBBONB; 181, "ro:rk.. APPLEBY'S CIGAR-MACHINE 'COMPANY, CKA.LLEJIGB,lbo. W AIHI!IIGTOJII, Ji NEPTUJ'IB, Double T.tck, brt. olrk. JIAGGU: ltiiTCHELL. NA.R.KAGA.!IISE'I"I'. ALEXANDRA. !!lEN"' 1'101'1. II'LOUJIIDEKIJ. BUCHANAN, lOo. .:I'AVK 011' VLUBS. KING PHILIP. Ot:E'I.XGXN" .AX.. E"'C':E'I.:J!J H For ltymphetle, Pure, and Biela Tone, eom.blaed with Greateat Power, (&I DOIB8Tifl LEAF TOBACCO ACME. ohown 111 their Grand, 13qUare aDUdlty In _,._. 'W"11I --=-w --'P---..&'W'lllli!l S tbefreonstruetloa,apJ.iautand,euytoue'h,whieha.tthesa.metimeanawerapromptlytoitarequirements. .. SMOKINC AND CIC.ARETTE TOBACCO.' J R. HAWLEY, .President. VIRGIIIDA BRIGHT CUT CA. VBJIDUU. Atteet: [Seal) J. L. C&mphell, Seeretary. CA. 'UTI ON .-Beware of uaaerupulous adverilsers, who are trying to palm off a.certifleate ot private 'WOBJ:.D'S Jr .6.lE, ANI) ::Et, "C'SY' lrullviduals, conslatfnF ot renowned Prot..,.;.,rs of UDiversitiea and Collegeo, Chemlsts, A..atronomers, and, as a CsteDDi&l award on Pianos. E A G FRIEND. A co B .ranch Office: Central Boetonli l!r'By Act ofU. 8. Congress the u. 8. Centennial eom.D.i .. lon alone could decree an &Ward and p. o BOX til&. : "'. glvetbeGaeiall' I CI G ..A:.RS .. ,Frie Bros., aw .2! aDd HAVANA Ciiiir FL AV 0 R' ,.,. .. ... H -.u!GJII PLAClJII, K. Y. 1lnw D ol Elrcloaola-o oa lbe prlnclpol cllleo of ........... Orcalar'l.etHnofCredlttoTra'felen. ... .. Qmmrdal CNdlb; nceie M'Ciotley oa ftbtM to llpt Goclta, upoa whlclo Inter eet'"wUI lila.w.t' pay putic:alar to the Nopttollaa ll_,jal -M Bll:rt. and Selling c::.lllomi& DtoldeDcll'a7Lq 8toclt.o. QUTHRIE a. CO., ....... ULUS OF TOBACCO FDI EXPORT. 1Aof T.-., ,._ala baleo for the 'Wat I,._ lluicaa aad Clral AmrkiA Port., aa4 edlu au. ..... T!)BACCO P.A.KED IN HOGSHEADS. AINU & DEHLS, DEALERSIN WP TOBACCO, 180 Peazol St., NEW YORK. LEAF TOBACCO nmccs: 42 VESEY ST., NEW YORK. THE JOBBING TRll>E SOLICITED ONLY. L. GIRSBEL & BRO,,. PACKERS AJID DEALERS IN "7:7 SEED LEAP TOB.I.OOO, 191 PEARL STREET; 1. GaR!H8L1 s. NEW YORK. P. W. SIYTBK & COMMISSION MERCHANTS, :BRETHERTON BUILDINGS, No. 10 NORTH JOHN STREET, LIVERPOOL, ENC. '' '17 antsch R. Crouse 16 College New York, 48 A DO EAST SECOND ST.; CINCINNATI,. OHIO. r. C I GAR M A N U F AcT u R E R s D1Alle BoH1e, e- o. <>. n ::Por 1=he Trade, ALLJL UBI, AND DEALERS iN PENNSYLVANIA CICARS. 'lSl BROADWAY, Office: 643 PENN STREET; and Warehouse: 636 .COURT STREET, DIRECT INPORT.A.TION oF :E'I.E.A.DXNG, P.A.. Turkish Loaf Tobacco and .&LSO MANUFACTURER 01' m-m muiJI mnm stom& SANCHEZ, HAYA tc CO., 132 & 134 MAIDEN LANE, NEW YORK, MANtT,ACTURERS OF Fllffi8T CLEAR HAVANA CIGARS, A.LSO IMPORTERS OF HAVANA CIGARS & LEAF TOBACCO. CALIFORNIA DISTILLING :COMPANY, EASTERN OFFICE AND SALESROOM::-N"o. aa "VV7':1.11:l&:D1 &1:ree1:. 'York., M:A.NUFA.CTUKEKS OF STRICTLY PURE HAVANA CIGAR FLAVOR. / 1 ALSO MANUFACTUJiERS OF Appleby's Cigar Bunching Machine & Short Filler Breaker or Granulator. Prlee of Granlilator, .3'1' alld .'1'6! Prlee of' JIIaelatlle, $4..0. Our H&vana Flavoring will give to the tobacco the full:H.a.vor or, and when IIIII.8ked tt has the Sweetne8S and Aroma of a genuine cigar. Quart Bottle, $2; HaiCGallon, $3; One Gallon, .5. Sent C.O .D. NoehargeforCa.norBo:r. Facto17 at SPOTSWOOD, N.J.; LEONARD L. F. APPLEBY, Sole Prop'r. Olllce aacl Saleoroom at J'OHN S. SUTPHEN'S, 53 Whftohall Street. N.Y. To Cigar Manufacturers PATENT SCRAP CUTTER. Patent Havana Stem scm lachine. The mau,rials employed in the preparation of Havana Cigar Flavor are Yegets.ble and other substances from which the aroma and taste are extracted. The flavor distinguishes and givef:i character to common tobaeco, and contains coastituent parts of the fine8t Havana. tobacco The directions how to make Havana tobacco out of Domestic tobacco with this Fla.vor is given with each order. The only Scrap Kachine whlch cuts the fObacco With this Machine tine loose scrap can be made and makes no dust. !rom Ha-vana tobaoco stems. prtee $35. Boxing & Slatpptn.r, .1.50. Price $4..0. J,Joxln.r & Shlppln.r, $l.i0. SEND FOR VIKC11LA.KS OR .&.PPL Y TO N. H. BORGFELDT, Manufacturer of Ciar Moulds, N"o. 510 Ea.s1: N":l.-e1:ee-1:h. S1::ree1:, 'York.. THE CODERGIAL AGENCY TOBACCO BAGGING. 109 It Ill WORTH ST., McKILLOP& SPRAGUE co. -And all W#,ds of Goods used for puttiug up Stnok The Commercial Agency Register I of 1s thestaud&rd IK>nkotreterence, ghingthecreX..m .A.GDN"T&, sampleaPree. No. 83 CHAMBERS STREET, NEW YORK. P. LOBILLABD a CO. A W ARDEI> HIGHn!T MEDALS FOR OFFICE-No. Ill FIRST ST., JERSEY CITY, N. J. New York SalesroomsHo. 114 Water St., one door from Wall. EM:PLCJY !1,000 HA.NDS. PA.Y 11. 8. GOVERNM:ENT $3,01)01000 :FHII TJlM -r :a: .Iii PIOIEB11 roBACCO. COIP!H, O:F BROOKLYN, N. Y. BUSINESS OFFICES: 124 W'ater St., New York, 16 Central Wharf, Boston; 25 Lake Street, Chicago; 51 RORTB WATER STREET, PHILADELPHIA. Factory : No. 1 First District, N. Y. THE CELEBRATED THE CELEBRATED "MATCHLESS,' "FRUIT GAKE, BRICHT,All Sizes; MAHOCANY, All Sizes; "' P :I: 0 NEE 'B.," Dark, all Sizes. A of nur Ct!lebrated Brands of PLUG TOBACCOS will convia ,ce all parties of the WOKDERFVL MERITS contained theiein. PLUG TOBACCO. r t


4 gratitude and esteem Our mtroduct10n to the Colonel m h1s parlor was wantmg m ceremony we havmg called upon him after a long days dnve but our recept1on was none the less cordial on that account his cheery welcome as he .offered us a seat g1vmg evidence of his sat1sfact10n at see1ng a representat1ve of THE ToBACCO LEAF to which he has long been a regular subscr1ber Though a man of vaned mform& tion Col Duffy m C()ll81deration of the obJect of our V18It to hrm courteol18ly confined his oonversation to the subJect of tobacco d1SCUI1Blng at some length and w1th not1ceable mtelligence Refernng to the prevailmg metbods of housmg tobacco he most amusmg JOke brought to our notiCe d1.1rmg our tnp Possessed of the faculty of humt>r as well as the brains to successfully conduct an able daily JOurnal Mr Johnson set hrmself to work to have some fun w1th the InSurance compames of Lancaster to all of which as to every one else of note he IS personally known The New Era another live Lancaster da1ly that like the Intellt.geneer has done good work m the cause of tobacco growers and buyers reported m a recent Issue that; Mr Johnson had sold h18 tobacco crop at a round figure Impelled by this humorous not1ce and h1s own hearty relish of ludlcrous, Mr. Johnson VJBlted m '11uccess1on all Ji!inclpal m surance comparues m Lancaster and for an Insurance policy on his tobacco He would he told the management only m the best comparues and m every mstance wanted to examme the lists of represented The managers glad to have for a patron so promment a man as the ed1tor m ch1ef of the InteU7fJencer showed h1m every facility and pressed him to tell the extent of h18 crop On this pomt he was retiCent though m other matters he was voluble enough Ff.B:llY With a seno comic &r he mformed them that his crop compr1sed forty or fifty plants which he had raised by way of d1vert1Bement m h1s garden and the exclamatiOn Sold reverber ated as may well be Imaguaed m qwck success1on from one msurance office io another throughout the City This stozy was told us by a promment party of msurance representatives and tobacco dealers am1d much hilar1ty at the warehouse of a leadmg tobacco finn m Lancaster Afterwards the gemal edttor took us to his curmg house oppos1te the office of the where the forty or fifty :J?lants whiCh const1tuted his stock of the preciOus herb were cunng adm1rably under the watchful eye-wherever 1t wasof Captam Jenks MINOR EDITORIALS AND NEWS ITEMS OuR est1mable fr1end Mr Charles E F1scher to bacco broker has returned from his European tour Few pel'IIOnB know how to house tobacco properly the maJonty of srowers, feanng pole-swea' -d house bum hanging their tobacco too sparsely m the sheds Last year I had 48 acres of tobacco -d OWIDC to the bJas of my workmg people for roomy space between the stocks I had hard work to get what I r&l86d mto my sheds This year I had U acres of tpbacco the growth bemg larger than I had last year and the same sheds accommodate 1t all Wlth ease My men used to put from five to BlX stocks on a lath but this season I required them to put not lesa than e.ght .and sometrmes ten stocks on a lath In my opm10n the closer you put tobacco m the shed the aarker and better 1t will cure I put the lath siX mches apart and pushed the first cuttmg up to four mches before the last cuttmg was-brought in -and have dlsco..-ered that my tobacco has colored darker than my preVJous crop up to th18 trme W1th roper attentiOn and properly ventilated sheds there 18 less danger than 1s generally supposed of pole sweat and other house dl86&86s These d18orders we all know are of very rare occurrence and more frequently than otherwise have the1r ongm m the He contmued To JnBUre a. good cure and good quality care must be taken to not cut the tobacco too green In this par ticular I believe many of our Connect1cut growers err I Judge so partly by my ex.Penence w1th my Con nectiCut managers and help whom 1t used to be dJffi cult for me to restram from cuttmg before the tobacco I PERSONAL -Mr James C McAndrew has returned was thoroughly rlpe cannot qmte &grlle With Mr from England m the steamsh1p Spam m good health Brand of Elmira who you say thinks If the exact moment of complete npeness cannot be se1zed 1t 18 MR McGILL of the old house of Watson & McGill Petersburg Va passed through th1s c1ty on his way better to cut a httle too green than too npe In constructmg tobacco sheds th!l boards should be ploughed and grooved perfectly t1ght and battened. so that when the shed 1s shut 1t shall be perfectly dark and no air get mto It I used to build my sheds w1th upright ventilating cloors but now with .Hr Lovell of B1g Flats N Y as you descr1be his preference I am m favor of ventilatmg doors that "1"\lD. transversely or across the sheds If the doors so adJusted and are located at the bottom of every t1er the au has fres CirculatiOn through the sheds and upward through the t1ers and reaches .m due course -every plant I have altered all my ventilators so as to conform to my later conviCtiOns m this regard In manurmg land for tobacco IJI my judgment on&-half or the manure should be applied m the fall ;and ploughed down and the other half m the sprmg 1 prefer and use m combmat10n horse and steer or cattle manure Tobacco should be planted on as small r1dges as possible as 1t thr1ves best when p1tched-to use the .Southern expressiOn-close to the ground If the :Tldges be h1gh m dry weather the plants suffer more for want of mOisture than tb.ey do when set an a loJVer plane the hot 'l'ays of th& sun dcy;mg;the-earth on all East THE tax pmd on manufactured tobacco by C A Jackson & Co Petersburg Va. for the month of July shows a dec1ded mcrease m Jackson s Best THE emment old firm the Stamford Manufactur1ng Company manufacturers of licor1ce th1s City aided the fever stncken districts by sending a handsome gift CoUNsELLOR Oll' CoiDIERc:s: .of the German Emp1re Herr Gra.eff was buried at Bmgen on the Rhine w1th all the honors due to h18 standmg commercxally and SOCially A GENTLEMAN of ten years expenence m the tobacco busmess wishes to 1 "pr('Bent a good reliable tobacco factory m New York C1ty .A:ddress A H office of th1s paper 704 707 ATTENTION 1s called to the oaut10n notice on our first page of Messrs Se1denberg & Co th1s City manufac turers of the popular brand of La Rosa Espanola Key West c1gars s1des of the roots have -not thought of the .questwn of late toppmg PosiTION WANTED as 'Book keeper by a respons1b"ie L party welli, acquam'Wd w1th the tobacco and cigar mt. the hght presented;; m your mtetvlew W4vh Mr pus ness Best references and security g1veu Inqurre "Eoyl.e of 'East Hartford Conn'l namely that the olll:t or M1 GRAFF 142 Fulton Street office of suckers are thus attracted to tops of the plants THE ToBAcco LEAF 106 707 But r can realize that there IS force m h s argument OB.t.TUARY -From R1chmond Va a correspondent p)ants 8.?1! like young trees ever aspmng announces the death of Mr H Harr1son Watkms the upward Each plant stnves to nse above 1ts fellow able and efficient book keepe:c of the "ell known firm and so get up mto the daylight of Lawrence Lottier Mr Watkms d1ed on Thursday a week ago aged 37 years after a lmgl\l"mg Illness from THE 1877 CROP As everybody m any way mterested knows the Pennsylvania crop of 1877 has been nearly all bought up and IS held by a few ,J!rms and mdlviciuals who are financ1ally able to hold 1t mdefimtely If they choose to do so Sampling has already part1ally com =enced m the great warehouses of Lancaster and 1t li! eVJdent from the sampleS' that have been drawn that the owners of t)le crop are m possession of a very =erchantable ptrcle The noted mspectors Linde Bensel and Fmke are all busy even now m that City ;and later along w1ll have more work to do one would than they can poss1bly find t1me to attend to They WJll howlll'er arduous though the labor be ere the middle of October have every case now stored m Lancaster as well as elsewhere ready for absorbt10n m the general market 1f such 1s the pleasure of the fortunate lords of the trade who have the directiOn of this commod1ty We took a hurr1 e d glance at the warehouses of 1!161!81'8. Chas F Tag & Son Kerbs & Sp1ese Lachen bruch & Bro E Hoffman & Son H Schu,bart & Co E Spmgarn, & Co Schroeder & Bon Bunzl & Dor mitzer E Rosenwald & Bro Havemeyer &; VIgehus .Tos Mayers Sons Fatman & Co Teller Bros Bam berger & Co Moore & Hay Becker Bros and others In some of them the work of samphng was under way but m most cases the propr1etors had done little more than test the stock which they have the sat18fac t10n of owmng Messrs Levy & Newgass have sold a part of thmr packmg at Mountv1lle Mr :Bensel was d1awmg samples at one warehouse of the tobacco purchased by Neuberger & Stemecke of this c1ty from J os Mayers Sons and Mr Fmke was offimatmg for the same firm at another place m connectiOn w1th the 800 cases whtch they bought of Messrs N Lachenbruch & Bro Th1s last tobacco we h a d an opportumty of exam nmg and will frankly say as 18 sa1d by res1dent operators that 1t 18 excellent m every sense of the word It 1s thought to be a supenor packing The firm hold over 2 000 cases of last years crop Messrs Ha.vemeyer & V1gehus and others here and m Philadelph1a., are cred1ted bv popular rumor w1th holdmg a vastly greater quantity -and we could not but feel as we looked at the speCI mens submitted to us that 1t mattered httle how great a quant1ty any firm ormd1v1dual held a market would readily be found f01 1t all Messrs. Lmde & Co are ub1qmtous L1ke Adams Express their ram fiatest tobacco merchants and manufactureiS m the country as w1ll be seen by the followmg h s t of names -Bunzl & Dormitzer A S. Rosenbaum & Co Kerbs & SpiesS Teller Bros Frey & Weuller B F Prulette & Uo Isaac Stll"k Schroeder & Bon Havemeyers & V1gel us Skiles & Frey N Lachenbruch & Bro JohnS Rqhrer E Rosenwald & Bro L Gershel & Bro Dohan & 1a1tt E Spmgarn & Co Levy & L Bamberger & Co Shmdel & Wehman Joseph May( r s Sons S Hernshmm & Bw H Schubart & Co Emanuel Hoffman & Son I H Kauffman R H Arkenburgh and Be cker Bros A NEw 1:!.-vENTION -The entetpnsmg firm of chem 1sts Alex Fnes & Br<)S of New York and Cmcinnati 16 College Place New York have mvented a fia'vor wh1ch It JS cla1med wrll supersede anythmg that has heretofore been mvented and d18posed of m the markets m th1s line Th1o flavor 1m parts to the CJgar the aroma of a genume Havana The above mentiOned firm are chern1sts of the h1ghest reputat1on "ho have been for the last thirty years The h1ghest honors have been conferred upon thiS firm by an award of pnze medals to them at the Inte1na twnal Exhib t ens of Paris \ enna and Philadelphia and by the CmcmnatJ and Amencan Instituta Exh1b1 t10ns Their new c 1 gar flavor 1s not a mere compos1 tmn of oils and perfumes but 1s one of the pmest chern1cal productiOns whiCh emits m smokmg the same fragrance as a Havana crgru A peculiarity of this flavor 1s wh ch IS a great advantage-that 1t 1s not only prese n ed but mtens fied m the c1gars after a long storage A\ OICE FRO 1 JAPAN ll'l:essrs Fmrbanks & Co of scales for tl e world m general have c rculated m Ameuca the fac st nle of a certificate m the Smmese language and character show ng that the r wares have been for mary yea1s m use at the Custom House of Bangkok and have not only g1 en THE TOBA.lers and manu facturers have the r supply for some t me Kentucky 1966 794 2 7GO 1842 VI ginla Mason Co 310 207 99 1D2 359 260 99 P.A.PER.-T.A.G-= TOEI.A..CCO-:;;


SEPT. 2 THE TOB.ACCO LEAF. 5 THE DOMESTIC TOBACCO MARKETS J'OR THE WJ:EX ENDIIfG SATVBD.&.Y, AVGVIT 31. liP A.NI!IH LBA.P. A. Gonzalez ........... Old Crop. New CroP. F. Garcia ............... a.. .. .,. ... -eommon -o 41110 Perea Bros ..... ......... Good 115@t0li 110@11111' W P Cl d li'IDe IOI@Uiti 100@110 .Y e .... ...... y.,..._.a.-,rted Iota 750110 H. R Kelly & Co ........ Howard Ives ........... .. ft.l!UJII'AQTlJJIBD.'Il'OBACCO. S. Linington & Son ..... Plaea "' lloJoD-Ta 114 Cmmt'""" l'oc>m. A. S. RoBeObaum & Co .. -..Jmi-Na-.y4s, So, 6o,1, or ..... 110 @.28 Oold Baro ............... @>15 G and 12-lnch nn.& .... l!tl @32 & Lindelll8IUI ... 1ilo.l30 .18 Pnfdy, & Nlcholaa ..... 18 'L. P. "'-J. Frank ......... "llle .. 14:. Chu. T Ba ... :::::::::: Acker, Merrall & Condit .. NEW YORK.We have another week of activit;r to '1'8}lf Closing figttres, wliich will not reach usnntil Monday morning, we place ihe total below at 7,356. These figures show an active market both for the week and the month. The demand seems to be from every quarter except Bremen, even !!peculitors having again come to the front, appro-priating Prices are firm, notably SO GK.I.N1JL.lT-!ll!IOIUNG TOB,f.CCO. for the tw-o extremes, low to fine ln"&des. Both receipts Xedlua to good $38064 I Good to line Jules Sszerac & Co Kausche & .... 116@40 Renanld. Francois 6i Co & ThaiiDUlll A. Owen. ..... ; ; ....... .. Kunbardt & Co ......... .. National Line ........... Order .................. awl exports, as will be below, were laril:e, the 8N1JII'II'. Monthly statement of receip,ts and deliveries of to-RaJIP!I",I'NDCh -o 1 oo llab;Ject to the whale 182 126 .1 IM9 48 8 8 47 1 J 6 3 s 2jl liiS 1 'l I 1 t 10 a 1 110 latter being almost as large as the former. _._ -1!5088 \ ADlerlt!8D -_ --o-e8 bacco at the w TobaCco Inspection. Erie Ballin, llcoteh aacl Llmdnoey :f .::TA.. W 0 8B_.;: eun-doey 1 1 18 able new crop prospects. Salet1 for the week embrace 1,350 for a..ay, ., .-....ce an pam, e .. La '8:-... do 2'l "S." hbds, of which 630 were for France, aad the residDC to Duis up to 7 356 hogsheads. The month 8 receipts are 24.5 92 1 "'G." burg and Bremen. Shipments were very largo,'both of exports, 23,493; an9_ the stock in wareland and Ohio working some reduction of stock in warehouses. house inereasoo 2,234. Of the sales jobbers took 589-_... EXPOBT&. QUOTATION!!. -ho-"eadl!, cutters 281, manufacturers 701, speculators M 1 d f apd 1 M@ <> 00 6= h h 1 t rt f From the port of New York to foreign porta for the week aryan -m erlOr ""'""' "" -, 1-v::t:' 5,355 for exwrt muc t e arges. pa 0 so d common 2 00 .,.., endiag Aupt 81, were 1111 follows:un .. .. .. .. which was or Regies. e make no change m quota Hhdo Mallu&ctured. good do ........ ............. S 50@ 5 00 Hhds. 8tA>ma. CMeo. BrJeo. PI4,89ll 9U 7M-144,311 ah1p 0. B. llaultiru, forx-ill 1.129bhds1laryland tubacthe same as last week, suitable lots yei. .... : co; per for Lherpool '!I hbds Kentucky Ptices for all styles of tobaccO az.ervery firm, w1thout and a do Virgin!& tobacco; pel' steamer Baltimore, for Breme:n, any material change. -The tQtal sales foot up l!,1811 The arrivals at the port of New York fro!Jl for 747. hbds 11srylan.i, 114 do Ohio, 4M do Kentucky, 91111 do cases, of which for shipping aoout 850 do. -." ;w.eck An_znst ,31, incl nded tl!e following COOSJgnments :gtma tobaccQ, 57 hhli f:?eed leaf &obacco. 10 Connecticut received & full share of attention. We HA>llluRG:-urder, 16 bales tobacco. hbds Kentucky tobacco to est n ea. note the J;ollowing c .ases of the 1876 crop Leaf. Ciga1'8. CigareUes TOIIAOOO ST.t.i'KX$8T wrappers at 13@20c. 225 cases of the 1877 crop seconds HAvANA:Bales, Cases. }4 Bales. January 1, 1878.-Btock o!!-lland In .. at 10l3c, and 150 of the saine crop wrappers at Weise. Eller & Kaef'pel... 145 . Wareho,_w, abdft' @bipboard, not clearec'[ .. li8,8M hbds 24!@00c 1 F. & Co .... '-.'.. 161 . this _week ... :........................ 2,985 hbds noteworthy transpired in F. Aoexan'dre & Sons. : :. 50891 4 Inpected prev10usly thts ............. ., .... 46,814 bbds Almlrall & Co ........... thiA style. Vega & Bernheim lHi New York was also inactive, without any important .. .salell. DOIIESTI<: :RECEIPTS AT THE PORT OJ' J:w YORK FOR THE w:a:x EJrDDIG .&.VGVST :n. Pennsylvania..-The principal transactions took plaee t' again in this style, and full prices\vere realized. 'fhe BY THill OLD DoniNION .STE.A.MSHIP _LINE:- detaila are as cases 6f the 1876 crop as bhd t...,. J4tr Utr .:;1d = bxa "bx "b" 1.00. caddloe "cad kgB c'l: cig= bxssmpla '.8orted at ,12c, and 845 cases of 1877 crop at Thompeon, Moore&: Co.... .... .... .. . ll8 . .. 1G a ..... 73 .. . d ... 10@18c. W 0 Smith &:Co ............ 36 .... 6 ... 4 Bulkley & Moore 8 15 10 Ohio-All that was brought on the market met with EDuBois .. .. .. :.:.: :::::: 5 7ea.dy sale, viz :-70 Calles of the 1876 crop. assorted at Wise & Bendheim ... .... .. .. "iii ..8@9c, and 375 cases of the 1877crop at the same figures. ... : ::.: :::: ... r: WisconiJin fairly active, with sales of 260 cases of Allen&: co .... ,...... ... 4l!O the 1876 crop assorted at 7)4' @8c. March, Prle &: Co ... "95 :::: . . .. d d d 7 J D Evans & Co........ ... 2 : ....... 4.1: .. "' Our Bremen specials ate August 15 an 1 say:JWMartln ........ .-.:. .... ... ... .... 9 !.4. The sales dur:r H the past week, with prices re)llaining c E .Lee. ... firm, amoun to 1,599 cases, and 1,606 for future P LoriDard & ..... 2 27 Dohan, Ca.n oll &-Co .!.. .. .. .. 1.... .. .. .. 18 delivery. The pripes ,varied from 60 to 250 pfennigs .Jasll! Ganliuer ........................ ... 1 10 .... 4 3 for wrappers, binders from 45 to.60 pf.; fillers 35 to HK&FBThurbeo; ........ Pioneer Toba.oco Co. . 1 7 .... --. .... ..... __ :-:;: .. 25 -to 2,990 cases, including 2 ,46 7 cases of Ohio and 283 WatJen, Toot&: eo......... 58% ... do of Pennsylvania-all that was offered. In addition, R MAllen & Co. .. -6 .. Polla'!l, Pettus & Co....... 28 ....... sales for tuture delivery amounted to 1,216. I.eopo.10 Miller .......... ............. Aqgust 17-0ur market was again active this week, Sawyer, Wallace & Co ... 25 ..... and prices rema.intlrm. Should the receipts, however, :::: :::: :: contrnue on a liberal scale we may look for a reaction, 1' Frankel... .... .. i2 ... as bw.ineaa in general is very dull., and it will be some HWirt Mathews .......... .... .... 1 14 time before jobbers can dispose of their late heav:r .:.& /: :::: '::::. purchases. The following are the details of this week's iili &' 00 ...... .... 3 transactions:-1, 200 cases Ohio '77 crop, 340 do Penn Ez-DBt'iuener &:Oo .. : ::.:: :::: ::: : sylvania crothand 46 do Illinois crop. Funch, Edye &: oo ................... S ...... b t d d d t f ll Robinson, Lord & Co...... ......... !PG--ere......., een a spm e eman a u c Walker ............................ prices for good lines of Havana tobacco, and sales are Smith&: Reed ... .. .... reported ol''l,OOO bales at 90c to $1.10, and 380 bales at about $1.25. The Vuelta Abajo paEers complain of Ex.Nortcn&Co ......... dull sales. aM attribute the fact tot e importa :: tions of Rico leaf and the expected mcrease of Baker&: Clark ............. export duties. If this situation is to last a little longer, H Weloh. they the growers will have nothing else to do but Arkelt, Turts &: Co. .. cou W H Croooman & Bro .... .. 1!0'W potatoee and other vegetables, instead of the leaf A H Crow ................. ..... .:..:. 8 10 13 '"8 ... 8 25 4 :::. 25 that has. thus far afforded them the means of earning Oroer. 365 their liviug. 1,656 91 Is -= 192 617 7r I:xports from Havana for the week ending August Ahnet& Depla, 1 caae Ieat. 24 and previously:BY TilE NEW YORK & Nxw HAVEN STEAMDOAT LINE:- Tphcts .......... 8 @10 Crop 1817-do Big Flats.10 @15 Wro.ppers .... ......... 12 @ t6 lti7G-Assorted lots ......... U @12 .Assorted lots ......... 7 @. 8 Crop 1871-Assorted lots ....... 10 @15 Assorted lots ......... 7 @10 Fillers ...... ........ 6 @ 8 Crop 1817Assorted lotstlne ...... 16 @20 do fair ...... 10 @13 do low ...... 8 @111 Fillers ................. 6 @ 7 EXPORT QUOTA.TIONIS. PEYN'SYLV.!NIA.-Crop 1876--Omo-Crop 18176-Fillers ....... .......... 5)1;@ 6 Assorted good.. ... @ 9 Crop 187'7do fair ......... @ 8 Assorted :fine ......... 15 @17 Fillers ........ ...... 5 @ 6 d o !air .......... 10 @13 Crop IBn-do common .... 8 @10 Assorted good ........ 8 @10 FiUers ................ 5 @6 do 1t'air ......... 7 NEW Y6RX-Crop 1876-Fillers. . . . 5 @ 6 Assorted ..... ........ 7 @ 8 Wrsco:o;srn-Cr-op 1876Crop 18'i7-Assorted l(Dts ........ 7 @ 8 .A.ssorted .............. 6)1;@ 8 Crop 1877Fillers ................ 5 @ 6 Assorted l ots ........... 7 @ 8 Assorted lots Big Fla.ts,10 @lti A. 1<'. Krechman....... . .. .. .. 1 J. Barnfen... ... ... .. .. .. .. 1 -116 BY THE NEw Y onK AND HARTFORD STElliBOAT L,mE :Cases. E. Hoffman & Son. .. . .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 19 H. Schubart & Co ...................... :............. 16 11. Wasserman....................................... 15 Bunzl & Dormitzer. . .. . .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 2 A. H. Scoville & Co ........... .,..................... 94 Cbas. F. Ta!t & Son ............................. "-... 10 Scboverling tiros ........................ ., .. . .. 1 Fox, Dills & Co... .. . . .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 16 M. II. Levin ................................. _....... 2 G. W. Gail & Ax.................................... 76 C. F. Wahlig................................... .. 15 266 BY THE NEw YoRK AND BRIDGEPORT STEAMBOAT Lr:NE:,-Cases. Bunzl & Dormitzer.................................. 111 E. & G : Friend & Co. . .. .. .. .. .. . . .. .. .. 20 Schoverling Bros.. . .. .. . .. .. .. .. . 1 H. Sch ubart & Co................................... 115 BY THE PENNSYLVANIA RAILROAD: Chas. F Tag & Son .......... S. Jacoby & Co ............. Havemeyers & Yigelius .... .. M. Oppenheimer & Bros ...... N. Lachenbruch & Bro ....... C. H. Spitzner. .. . ...... Levy & Neugass .............. Neuberger & Steinecke ....... S. Solomon .................. Wagner & Kellam ........... Robinson, Lord & Co ......... Baker & Clark ............... Snuff-Cases. 1 14 399 73 94 77 52 212 922 Boxes. 247 Cases. Cigars. 21 4 1 3 29 Appleby .!:> Helme, 3 trcs, 19 bbls, 30 half bbls 24.0 lioxes, 10 jars, 1 case tobacco. M. Greiner & Co., 1 bbl. BY THE ERIE RAILROAD:Sawyer, Walla ce & Co ............ Pollard, Pettus & Co .............. W. 0. Smith & Co ................. lllakemore. Mayo & Co ........... .. Kremelberg & Co ................. Watjen, 'l'oel & Co ................ D. J. Garth, Son & Co ............. Oelr i chs & Co ..................... D. Dows & Co .................... J. D. Keilly, Jr ................... J. H. llfoore & Co .................. Ftmch, Edye & Co ................ .. Toe\, Rose & Co ................. .. S. M. Parker & Co ................ C. IJ. Spitzner .................... Bunzl & Dormitzer ................ A. C. L. & 0. :llleye r .............. DeRham & Co .................... J. 'I'. Murphy ..................... IlL Abenheim .................... .. Chas. Tag & Son ............... A. S. Rosenbaum & Co ........... Wise & Bendheim ................ Hhds. 367 95 18 7S 7 154 3 10 8 221 4 16 106 78 32 12 1 6 Or?er ... ......... .... .... ...... ... 802 2,003 Pkgs. 42 320 9 32 14 12 15 444 159 10 141 G -1 Wm. DeiD,IIth II: Oo0 200 boxesplpeB. BY' TilE HUDSON RIVK:a RllLBOAD:Joseph Mayers' Sons .............. A. H. Scoville & Co .............. .. Fitts & Austin .................... Order ...... : .. ................... : .. BY THE N A.TIONAL L.I:NB'<-P. Lorillard & Co .................. Sawyer, 1?fallace & Co .... ........ R. 1tfoore & Co .................... W 0. Smith & Co .......... : ..... Blakemore, Mayo & Co ............ D. J. Garth, Son & Co ............. D. Dows& Co .................... Jarvis & Co ................... ... Cases. 64, '33 20 31 148 188 sg n 20 10 17 W atjen, 'l'oel & Co ................ D rew & Deane .................. l.'. 10 12 11 J.D. Keilly, Jr ................. .. & Co.. . . . .. A H. Caraozo ..................... H. Siebert ........ ................. F. W. W'hitney .................. .. C. H. Spitzner .................... J3y THE NonTrr RrvE:a Bo.A.TS:Sawye r, Wallace & Co ............. Pollard, Pettus & Co ............... D. J. Garth. Son & Co ............ .. D. Dows&Co .................... Funcl:t Edye & Co ............... .. J. H. lioore & Co: .......... ..... H. Siebert .... : ................... S. l:l. Edmonston & Bro ............ Fallenstein & Son ........ ....... .. Hal!sarten & Co ................... E. l'l orton ..................... 1 R. }foore & Co .................... Oelrichs & Co .................... E. Rosenwald& Bro ............. C. H. Spitzner .................... COASTWISE FROM KEY WEST:-12 7 1ll 11 4 465 Hhds. 472 112 25 1 28 22 10 3 11 10 1)(1 11 801 Seidenberg & Co W. H Thomas&; Bro F. DeBary & Co Cases CiganL 84 II. R. Kelly & Co McFall & Lawson Davies & Co J. Pobalski & Co J. 1tlasserdol W A. L eggatt A. S. Hosenbaum & Co M Barranco Stratton & Storm V. Ybor ,% Co Order 2ii 20 13 12 5 4 2 4 2 1 2 Ill 2 '"8 2 21 Pkgs Pqs. 50 Cases. 63 90 46 199 Bales Scraps. 34 174 59 BY TilE CENTRAL RAILRO.I.D OF NEw JERSEY:-Cases. Chns. F. Tag & Son.... . . . . .. . . . 501 Schroeder & Bon. . . . . . .. . . .. 21 522 B< TIIE Nnw Yonn: & BALTIMORE TRANSPORTATION LINE:-G. R euse ns ......... JIL Falk ............ N. & J. Cohn ....... Redlich & Schnitzler. C. E. Lee ........... J. R. Swezey ........ A. Hen&Co ........ Cases Cases Bxll Bxs Hhds. Smkg. Leaf. Leaf. 473 3 473 37 2 1 2 12 54 5 3 8 3 J. H. Swezey 1 case cigarettes. A. Hen & Co., 1 case cigarettes, 211 aid 213 ,. PIPES AND SMOKERS' ARTICLES, 188 aza.d 181 G-::E'I..A.:N':J:> (near Droaclway), The underalgned continues to manufacture 8panl8h and.Turklsh Liquorice Pa.te, whloh he otfera to the Trade at Reduced Prices. Manufacturers will flnd It: to their Interest to apply to him. before purehasing else where. Exports of Mary!Jvii:tg llriskly. Cigars ranging from 20 to 35 dollars have shown 11 good deal Of ac tivity of late. anr leaf market has only been moderately with rather heavy receipts. Some lots of Pennsylvania and Connecticut have changed hand s at full figures. Most of these have been purchased by cflY cigar manufacturers. For next week quite a lively time is anticipated by our wholesale hbuses. 'rhe fire tournament willtindoubtedly bring thousaads of country folks to Chicago. [This eport reaclwd '" too l<>w for insertion in our last ] The leaf market this week has developed about tb(1 features i t showed the nrevions one. 'l'he demand for dark W"tappers is steady and Sure, while a promising business bas opened for new seconds. Sales continue to be far above the average. Home manufacturer)! commenced looking around for a new suJ)J)Iy. There was a manifest decline in orders for mnnufactnreatob&eco: almost the entire activity was confined to common to medium grades. 'l'his f:llling off finds its explana tion in the continuance of the heated term; from some parts of the northwest orders are scarce and small on account of crop failures. The murket for five-cent cigars was lively. Exciting competit. ion between some l eadin,g manqfacturers hns its good results in the excellence of the cigars sent out. A fait business has been transacted in fancy goods, etc. CINCINNAT1 .::..1tfr. F. A. Pragne1 Leaf obacco Inspec tor, reports to TrrE ToBACCO LEAF 38 follows:-The total of ferings of leaf toba cco at the auction warehouses for the past week were 875 hltds, against 684 hhds last week. Actual sales. 735 hhds; last week, 494 hhds. The market during the entire week has ruled steady, nt about tbe same genernl range of prices current at the date of our last report. A very noticea ble feature of the market this week hR& been th e decided im provement in the q nO.:ity of the ofieiings, a larger proportion than usual reaching medium and good grades 1 of both cutting and manufacturing, wbile quite a number of r eally fine of both sorts appeared. Reports from the growing croP,' are conflicting, with the p reponderanc e of an unfavorable character; -but as it is yet early and the weather at present generally favorable, we prefer waiting a week or two yet before an opinion. Cigar leaf of \Joth the Ohio md Wisconsin crops continues in active demand at full p r ices. 'l'ltc tolal offerings for the week, month, and for the expired portion of the current year, also comparative years, were ns follows:r-)IONTli-Hhds. Bxs. Hhds. Bxs. Totals, 1 878. 8 75 9 4,800 546 Totals; 1 877 ... 1,149 13 550 Totals, 1876 ... 1,034 14 6,087 728 Totals, 1875 ... 574 157 1,794 555 'rotals, 1874 ... 1,255 170 0,409 1,129 QUOTATIONS. Hods. Bxs. 35,664 6,301 28,831 6.497 27,290 6.449 14 ,514. 5,414 30,460 5,568 Gutting Leaf-Common trash.................. 3 25@ 4 50 Common lugs. .. .. . .. .. . 4 50@ 6 00 Medium lugs. ........................... 0 00@ 7 00 Goodcolorylugs .......................... 7 00(@ 8 50 Common leaf............................. 9. 00@11 00 1tledinm Leaf. ............................ 11 00@13 00 Good ................................. 13 00@16 00 F ine leaf ................................. 16 00@20 00 Fancy leaf ................................ 20 00@25 50 Manufacturing Leaf-Fillers common . . 7 110@ 8 50 Fillers medium and good....... .. .. .. .. 8 00 Fillers good to line ........................ 10 00 00 Wisconsin. Cigar Leaf-Smokers common.. 2 50 3 150 Fillers. .. . .. . . 4 00@ u 00 Binders.... . .. .. .. 6 110@ 8 00 Wrappers medium ....... :. 8 00@10 00 Wrappers ):(00(1 ............ 10 00@111 00 Wrnppcts tlne to fancy.... 16 00@18 00 Classification of sales:Ohio. 8 00@ 4 ()() "W@ 6 ()() 7 00 8 5() 8 00@12 00 12 00@16 00 18 00@24 00 330 hhds Mason Co., Ky .. District, trash lugs nnd lcaf:-11 at 3@3.80; 40 at 4@5.95; 80 at6@7.95; 94 at 8@9.96; 99 at 1() @14.75; 6 at15@18.25. 2.'17 hhds Brown Co., 0., District:-5 at 3@3.70; 39 at 4@. 11.911: 53 at 6@7.90 ; 62at 8@9:90 ; 92 at 10@14.75; 7 at11!.1!11@23. 147 hhds Owen Co., Ky., Distrlct:-7 at 3.40@3.80; 30 111;4@ 5.00; 84at @7.95; 82 a@9.75; 30 at 10@14 95; 11 at 1:1.116@ 19.25:3 at 20@24. 83,hds .fendl eton Co., ,K;r District :-8 at 8.10@3.80; 27 at 4 @5.8 0 ; 15;&t 6@7.80; 21 at 8@9.90; U at l0.25: 1 box at4. 39 hhds Boone County, Ky. Dislrict:-10 at 4@6.25; 10 at 8.60@9.80: 18 at 10.25@14.25; 1 at 16.25. 3 cases Ohio Seed smokers at 3; 19 Indiana at 3@7.50; 2 h:m do at 2. 90@8.10. The cigar leaf market today was exceedinglv active and: prices higher for all s orts; all offered was sold. The sale; were 126 cases, common smokers to good fillers and wrappers with. prices as follors : 77cases W1sco nsin: 8 af 2.11i@3.95; '18at' 4.05@5.95; 1Gat 6 .25@ 7.95; 12 at 8.25@9.95: 22 at 10@13.25: 1 at ll'i. 4.9 cases Obio-13 at 3.90@3.95; H at 4.15@5.25; Sat 6@7.95 7 at 8.30@9.95; 6 at 10@13.25; 2 at 15. HElmY A. RtCUEY. Tobacco and Cigar Manufacturers' Agent, reports tq TIIE TOBACCO LEAF as past ten d ays has been unusually dull. Merclmnts feel like holding over until tbe bankrupt law ceases to exist. not knowing where lightnin!' may strike at the mom ent. Prices continue nominally firm. DANVILLE, Va.-lllessrs. Pemberton & Penn J,eaf To bacco Commission Merchants, r eport tp Tnx TOBACOO LEAF: Receipts have been decidedly lighte r this week, and the offer ings b ave been of comparatively littl e interest. The small spriokling of de s irabJc sorts were eagerly sought for and take11 a t about our former quotations. There is yet au abundance of common stuii, and for this our mark"et cC>ntinues dnU. The recent rains, it is be lie ved will do much harm in the curing of the crop, which onr farmers will now soon be in the midst of 'rhe later planting, how ever, will be g reatly improved by it. Lugs-common dark ...... ,........ 1%@ 2.Ji: Leaf. clo .......... : 4 medmm dark .. . . . ... 8 shipping of .\(Ood (sca rce) 7 @10 common brtght............... 4 @ G medium I? good . . . fine workmg fill ers . . . 12 @111 smokers common . . . 3J1'@ 4X' do medium to good .... 5@7% do fair ................... 12%@16 do fancy (scarce) ......... 18 @25 W.appei'B--'COmmon briglit .......... @I6 medmm to good ..... 18@25 @3.) fine ................. @50 bncy (sca rce ) . 55@75 @80 common dark 8 @12 ao good .... 12@18 @;,5. do prigljt goqd .. 30 @4,5 do fine. . ... 45 @55 do extra pmcels. 65 @70 EVA'NSVlLLE, Ind.-:Mr. C, J. M o nis, To\Jacco Broker, r epo rts to 'l'IIE LEAF as follows my last our market has ntlcd strong on all grades, at aoout 50c advance The oiierings have been of an unusu ally quality. and the prices of tbe seao n were obtamed yesterday Recetpt a bght. I qnote:.IJuosTras h to common. . . . . 1 90@2 50 J\lect in m to good . . . . 2 80@3 80 L eafCommon ...... ... ................. 3 80@4 80 1tfedi um. . .. . .. .. 5 u0@6 00 Good: ............... ............ 7 00@9 8 0 Messrs. HICe, Gtvens & Heaclly Will open" toi.Jaccu warehouse on 1 for the purpose of receiving and se\Jinoleaf tobacco 'l'hey will be quite an addition to our as they arc men of means and thoroughbred K"ntuckians. Suc cess to them. East Hcmpficld correspondent says: -Cuttm_g o! the 1818 Clop IS at present m fine operation The late planting would be improved a great deal by ngood soaking(Conhnued on Fou1th Page.) SB 1 LES & I'BEY. Pa.Akers and Dealers in Pennsylvania. Leaf Toba.oa0.""7 61: and 63 :North Duke Bt.-'' ..


1 .. l '. --__ r AdTerttsem.eatll. WFSTERN AD.vE:aTISEBENTS .. IiitoSll .. fouiCc1=woiYf .. Spence Brothers a Co. 56, 58, 60 & 82 East Third St!teet, CZNCZNN.A.TZ .. F:lve 18oz 110215 J'oh.D. .as, Elr:l5h.'t a:a.d. :&1aok0 01d :EEo2:1e'ty. 1:1 Oe2:1't AND A.LL OTHER POPtJLAR STYLES OP PINE N&VY TOBACCO, 110"C"XB"VZ1111J1110 SEPT. 2 ADVEU13EIJVJ BINSDALE SKITB &. SOl', IS-ro to H. SMITH 6 CO ) P.&.m:EBS AJID JOBBJ!B8 QW' t Connecticut Lea.f Toba.oco 20 HAMPDEN ST., springfield, Maaa. HurtDALa SMrTM, X .. H. 8111'1'11. C. 0. YOKE, I CODISSION DRCliANT In LEAF and JlANlJF .ADTUI.ED I TOBAOOO, 12 Omtral .so.eo.. ., Redd, Woonon & to.1, REDO'S WAREHOUSE, .m Dl' LEAF TOBACCO, Dr. a. SOLICIT oRD ... --11ae -..&a .. Refer to_ P&CB BBOS. & 00., a CIDCK. W. J. & 00., D...,._ V&. iiJCmBIJLLAY &BRO. G w & CO., .. .. .. .. .. .. Kan1111Mm' Allntl for t.he Sileo! WM .E. DIBRELL WF TOBACGO Viruinia, lllu1, nd Kenhcly 'W B R 0 B. B R s' TOBACCO, C&ZT StNet 291 West Main Street, RICHMOND. vA: 1 B. WILiiEN!i .. a co., CINCINNATI, 0. LOUIBYILLE, K11. ) ltl. !&NATHAN & CO., .. OM. W Wocu. C. & R. DORMITZER & CO. Paoken, Commi..Oon llerohaata ::B.A.X..TZ::aii:C>:Fl.E, ::aii:D. AND WHOLESALE DEALERS I-N. A.GrJIDW'O::I:E81 lew Tort: I.FALK,l22 Chambllri St. PhiladeiDnft BATTIN &BR0.,1421. 3d St LEAF TOBACCO G[.o. KERCh:Horr& -_ lCI'o. aao OI'th 'l'hir4 St., :JPhUa4e1pJ:afe :LOWE NT AL & CO., MANUFACTUR-ERS DE FINE GIGARS, Packers o1 Seed LQaf. and Dealers In Leaf Tobaooo, 150 FOURTH STREET, CIN OHIO. Dealers l Commissioiiercllants il LEA.:F TOBACCO, 2 NORTH MAl. 8T ., Bet. llaln and Seeoll4 Sto., aor. Cbolee llnmdoJ of Imported Licorice alwa101 oo hand. Liberal Cub &ciT...,.. ma4o 011 CGDoigumenta. MOOBE, BAY a CO : Pa.ckefl, Commission Kercha.nts &. Dealers in SEED LEAF tc. HAVANA' T OBACCO PAcKtRS oF .scEo LrAr : A \o D DEALERS IN SPANISH TOBACCOS HOLT, SCHIEFER & CO.,' ... ,T,_. w LYNCHBURC, VA., ... .... A ... BUYEBII AND BANDLEIIS OF 4 -.... 0 l T H ( H ..\ B LE -, S ""! B .H I I !\1 0 h M ll ., -GEC:.P. VNVCP, Steam CIGAR-BOX MANUPACTORY LJfAF TOBACCO. No. 315 Orth Water-st AND DEALER IN. CIGARBOX.TRIMMINGS LABELS PAPER souc:n-ted. And su4ITATIE STRI:I:TrHARTFOIID;:coNN: A.Dr:D .&.1111 :B.:xN:oa oxar.A.a W. W. I(TRBY, GUMPERT BROS. HAVANA AND. DOMESTIC 5t9to 625 West Sixth St., ClnctnnatL TOBACCO BRO-KER, I Oigar Le_ af T obac_ co, Aaoi! E. A. WElL. 8 GEISE & BRO 112 Broad St., Nashville, Tenn. MANunAciPTmTIRS of 11JNTI CIGARS KAHN & co. Befel"l to Xr. J'.dw. Jo-.Tblrd' r I unn r ll 27 South Gay Baltimore;. ,,. .ST'IiJ A "M: Nashvllle; and PollArd, -.t. a. E. VOCKE, : G .... KOOKE. Ci all & Leaf Tobacco. C B p w STOKE: 1341.CH ESTNUT STREET, B. E. vocs ... a Main Cincilliti, or ... I&AB ox ACTOBY Fine Virginia Smoking Tobacco, 444 to 448 and General Commission. Merc_ha:nts, BIRR_.!,_: : IIIYu ..... ... "'!"::EI:::ILAD:::j::I:...PHXA., P:.A.. 8. E. _Corner CHEA .. SlDE A STREET&,,"-. C'\MMISSI.nN ME:RCHu:t's -,.-4 HR ... '"" BNTRANCE oN .. .. u1 .. v .. -'"" 1 .. r. --.DO MAN'li, "-.LARGRST CIGAR. FACTORYIN THE" STATE. ::EJA:T,T:J::MOR.:EJ .. :::-'" ; -. :. :. ..... J .... G.PEMN.. w. 1<. BARKER G.&. WA ALMER, New Yort; w n RussELL, Chlcaao. IIJUlr liORTH WATBR ...... Plolla4el.hiao PI:TER8BURC, YA., ADYER'rt8EME.8'r8. BBS ... RUSSBLL til. ,.0 _...._ ... :F. X. KELLY, Jr., s:w.vENABLE, ... x.c.VItNABLE. .a.. -. ., Bft&aLI ..... u s. w. VENABLE. & co. .... J Ill .... -.., aor. Bynoe., Ballfilz BtL, Va. WHOLESALE TOBACCOKISTS ..... Factory: 19 "!Second I District. Al'ID BOLE _PRoPRIETORs oF .E a:a::UJ::a:: tt..neral ercbants, ; p BRANDs or ''GOLDEN CROWN" CIGARS, U1i .111 MERCHANTS" TOBACCO co.,Bo5tua,ltua.; B am'l ... l WP G 31 North water street '-' .Ia ..., .., 57 Lake Street and 41 State Street, Ill. -.un>--AND-ALSO AGENTS FOR THE FOLLOWING WELL-KNOWN FIRMS, 30 North Delaware Avenue, A.. B. THEOBALD &::aii:C>"R.'J"N'Q: TC>BAOCOS I p, LORILLWARID K._ICMOBA.; LN

SEPT. 2 BosilCSS Diroctory of Admtisers BW TOBK. Tobacco Ware""-. Alu>er "' Dehls, \90 Pearl. Allen & Oo. 178 and 1711 Oh&mbeno & Helme, 183 Water aDCI 1!5 l'llMI lljjCJa .1; Flocher, IIIII Water. ll1llldq & lloore, 'If l'roDc. C1r00m A H 66 Broad. O.wford E. lll. 168 Water. Carroll & Co. lOt ll'ront. Dd*---.711-:lirDrC Wm. & Co. iMI5 Pearl r 1118. w&lh.,...,.. SquaN J'ox, Dl11o & Co 1711 Water. l'rlodl&eador Wm. & Co. I Bowery ,.,._B. & 0. I< Oo. t-Laae. O&rdlller J.lL 81. Frout. -elL. & Bro. 191 hut. Bamburlrer 1 & Oo. 111 w,ter BaTemeren &1: Vlaell-. 1711 hut H-B rotbel'll, 11!11 Wa&eo. IAcbenbruch & Bro. 1M w ..... Werer &1: Fischel, !13 Peul :r-ID .II. B. IIIII Peul. Ll:lltenat.eln BI'OL 117 -JAM. LelleDoteln & 0....., Ill JWtland Robert L. "' Co. .. Broad. :w.rtm J. W. 'II J'roat -ner JCru.t &1: Co. llB JW.rl. Water ll. 111 Jlaldea Lane 'BeiRIJMD G. 1M Pearl. Sawyer, W&llaoe ot Co. 47 Broad. l!chOTerlltllr llroo. 1ft Water. 8cbroeder a; Bon, 1'18 Water. Bobllb&rt H. & Co. 148 Water. -A. H. & Co. 1'10 Water. 81.-t Henry, 68 Broa4. _._..,. B. & Co. Burlmg SUp. Slepbeal A:. T. 1118 Water. -"'Storm, '1'18 and 180 hut. 8trobn &: Reftseflfiltein, 176 Froet. Till:, Charles F. & Son. 1!11 Front. 'Diompoon 8 E. & Co. M and 66 sroAa. C'JIIB&IUl, Cari, 1'18 Pearl. TQ!Jacoo for Eseporl. Guthrie "' Co 291 Front. w--.. and VirgittiD & Carroll, !50 Broad .-...c.s.t-1 :r.",.. Leaf IJuriR{J. ,. 'llla,..,..,'Janiai II. 81 FJ'OI!l .., .JIIr.chatt1 ..,.. Brother& & :Oo., ta.t: 48 kclaallge """"!': of .'l'oboca>, ..,_G. IIi Brc>,d. ToOOcco Bo'Oloeno. Qa&&aa John, 127 llaeher Cbaa. E. & Bro. Ill' Wa-. m R, 41 broad. It & BUI, 1111 Broad. J'. &I Broad. H. D, ro Beaver. w -A. 11 Malden Lane. M-r'l of -ki"f AM Chnli"'' .,._ Jolm & Co. 114. 118 and llf Uberty, BuclaaDaD 101 Wall ana Duaue. & 'IJ7 & 11!9 Water. w ]lrdo. 141 W01o Broadway. P. & Co 114 Water. Jl. &: Co. cor ATODUe D and Tenth. 17 Columbia. Qompo.D7, 1. Water. ft11' Oltetol"f -_..., 7'oba<:ooo, lc. IIIII. Waohl,.too 8quaN Hen A .t 0o.. Uheny, Hunt H. '11-, wwuwt Lladhelm M. tlMI Water W loe & Bendbeim, Ill Bowery Man.ufacturen 0/ OfgtJr. Bonil:!"' & LoaeNr, 901 to 110 Attorney 01&<(;1tm t11. Bcbloooer, :IIIYiJJCtdlL Ha:rtcom J. A. 21 Boweey ., Hellbroner a; Jocepbo. 808 Bowery Hirsch D. & Co. !l!>< aaa lJO IIIY1JtC'On &Dd 88 L. & Co, 20 to 18 2d. A....,nue Kauboan Bros. & Bondy, 119 & HU Grand. Kerbs & Spiess, 1014 to 1020 Seooad Av. &nd 310 to 814.i'W:y-fourt.h Leoy Broo, '18 and 'IIBowerr Llcnteu.stetn Bros. & Co. 968 and 270 Bowe17 Llchteostein A. &: Co. 34 Bowery ll(o()oy & Co. 101 Bowery lleodel M. W. &:: 15 1-t Bowery Slllltb E. II Bowery Sudtll M. lll. 4ll V eoey Slaob'IJ"-lll. & Co., 91 and 94 Llbertr Straaoll&"Storm, 1'18 and 1><0 Pearl Sot"' Ill Newmark, 76 Park Place JIDnufadurero o/ Fine Havona Cigar& Brown & Earle. 211 and 21.'1 Wooster Footer, Hilson d: Co. 115 Bowery SanCheZ, Baya &: Co. 180, 182, 181 lllalden I...,orter of H'""'"" Tobacco and Cigar& Almlrall.J, J. IG Cedal' J'reloe Friedman Leonard, 208 Pearl ()ud&J.I'.16TWater Ooualea A. 1&7 Water IIT. H & Co IS! Malden Lane. Pucuai L. 1M Water Banobez, & Co. 1110 ..... 132, IM llaldea Lane 8coTUieA.lL & Co. 1711 water lloldonbel'!r & Co. 84 aud 88 Jl<)ade Solomon Ill. & E. 1!5 lllalden Lane Vop & Benlhelm, .187 Pearl WEill & Co. 611 Pine w-.JCUer &: X&ePJl6L 119) hut Ybor v. Jlartlnez 1'"' Pe&rl of 4lUd48WIImlll JlcJ'8lJ & WlFIOO, )I[UIT!'J' lloldenbor&'a Oo. M..,. BMde H .... .. 01'.. Jlamifach.,.r of Jleencha""' .AMI>er r '"I r 1 lnfi.rlci'; or kv Pipe<. Jl&t for ller .... w _, 1 BueAler"' Po atlll,.., CblimDemutJl '\Yrp. & eo. 50llb'tladway ReD A. .t CO. 48 Liberty .' JU,ufmaun Broo. d: Bondy, 1:111 and 18l Grarid of Bri' of &.oobra' ..trHcle. .......... &1: 'PolltaU, HI Cbamben Wm. & Co. :;411 Haner & 1611 an4111JT Ron A. & Co .., Liberty Knfmann Bros. & Boridy,1!9 and 181 Gn:Dd llldall & Becller, 19 CltaiRoero Jlan14(a.cturfl"& of Licorice PGite. MoAndrew James C m Water _,ord Manuf.-r!Dir Co. 157 Malden Lane w-a Sterry, 2i Codar I,..porten of IAcorlce Ptut .. Ollford, Sherm&D & fDDio, WI WWiam AllrUimb&uJWallace & Co. and 81 S. William Jltillldrow ames C. lili Water Sterry, 1M Cedal' ZllftC&IG&J''& Af'IUIIDhall, 101 PMrl Jla....,ootuTWO of 2bllolcoo.JfG---. Hllhr'l :a. Sou "' Oo. 110 Cedar l .. pol"terr.f--,..,...... -. de. 11err1c1< T. B. a Co. 1110 and Ill William 'Jiattufadloren of PooodoNd Licorioe.. Jll'lnkerbo4 v. w. t7 OodAr Hllller'a R. 8oaa &1: Oo.IIO Cedar 'We&Ter oil: Sterry, 14 Cedar -IAiJ.I .'l'oboca> Fiul"ufa.chtror of Cigar -. Beabll Jaoob, :lUll aad IllS Monroe S. 179 aud 181 Lewis Wicke WU!lam & Oo. 1011-181 -Doc11er itt liJ> BOfllli'AII Rowvd, Sanger & Co. 4111 to 4lll! Broad'II'&J' Tobaa:o J:.abdo. Heppenbelmor &1: lllaurer, :a and 2i N. Wllllam '"-'a-Labdo -:zw...... &1: lllaurer,lll &rMI > ;vrllllam Wuur Cltaa. A. 11 Chatham Maa"Jactu,..,.. o/ Km,... Bro.. Kinney F. S. 141 Wflt Broadwar La FerMe '' OifiON"-. Bclcmeyer &: Co. a Beal'er .. llanu/actu.rer of-Citpretl6. Ball ThomaA H. lllllarclar Pollall: B. 175 Chatha"' Irnportu ofTurkW.. TobcJcco, !ICitl".(rsclw'ed, IA"' aad Ciqorrll.., B Ot!pboruo T-o Co., A. ()appardacbl, 111111 Broadway ImporU.. ol 2'Krln:M Lk/ aiid 01-tta, and Jlr>n,qaclvrer of a ... Bmolring 7'obacoo Vallaurl V. 1191 Broadway. Slrapo, Outten-Gentoaa Cigar-. Lobenst.eln & 131 Jlalden 1.--JIDufa<'-Mould.. Bol'f!eldt N H. 51U J:ut De-pol for l>Kbnol :...:I:;;: CiftdnftOii Ordenst.eln IL 1105 Broadw.,-'.lmprvved 7'obacoo &rap for Oigdr, JlCCtlttfaCiat"'n. Borgfoldt N H. 510 J:ioel191b and-lM W-7'obacoo Coltti"f Wul8telot Beary, lH CeDtN. GermattAmerlcau, GO Wall .lnt.......,_w_ .r ourgc-, c. Ill Llbtortr Jlbrriola """ Do ..... tic ll<>Mero. Sternberpr II. & 11.. f4 &x"'-P P1aoe. lln,.faclvero af MeiDl -W--Demu&b Wm. & Co. 501 Broadway M,...../ad,.,.... o/ StraUM B. 17V and 181 l.o>wlo Soloe Jlcmllfacl11...,. of l.k Orljj;1001 ,._ Becal 8m.uktftg 71>baci:o. Emmet W C. '14 Pine Samuel S. L. a-. II!Zu. .. .... Howe Scale Co. : Priest, P&Ke 4 Co. AgeD.ta, 125 Broadway Importer Q( Ji\.,..,1< C;gc., l'l:lper May B""1i'"ro. IIA6'Broome I 0/{Iar ..l'ltdoer& Clilltl)l'e Place Palmi Tobao tnng Buehler &: Polhaus. 83 Chambers C,.mltVlal The J. M llrad-t & Son Co. ll'l9 Broad.,..r The McKillop & Co,J00-111 Worth of Glau Bigm, llfatthewa Jofm, 1138 Eaot !llltb .Matniface.rerl of Cioar ..lAnaWr; Geo. W. Bead a CO. :fii&.IIOO Lewla ALBANY. N.Y. ofT..,._, Greer's.A. Sou. a22 Broad.w.ay BALTDIOBB: Jld. Tobacco lVarehouu. Barll:er &: Waggne'::.. 2!1 South Gay ll<>yd W ..!.. & Co. "" Soutll F ow\er J !17 South Gay Quntber L w. 9 South Gay lterckhotr & Co 49 SouLh Obarlee 1 lllaUory D. D.; E E. Wenck, Manager 48 &Dd 48 Soutll Cbarlea Man-iott,._G:-'H:"ld 15 German Merfela narettu Martinez II: CO. -m4'W. B8!Umore -:..:r; :80STON, Maao. MtJnufaoturers of Plug 'I'obtJcco )!erchanta' Tob&Cco Co, 80 Broad eo....,,lftioA .JfercAant. 1 Holyoll:o C 0. II Ceatral Wharf in' Hltlfl and 8m<>ldtlf1 0. A. Pecll:, 51-113 South Water DeGJ.eN '" llunela.aum. and Pi.pea,JICJAV-/ T<>bacco aad Ci<1af1. KaufmaD & Co. 118-M L&ll:e. W1loluale Deo<:co. Subert R 14 N. Canal Sutter Brothen, 48 and f8 IIDchlgan A venue Deaknr i" Lea/ Tobacco. lladlta!tea :s.,.. t7 w"RandolPh of PlneO.f -"'I oM and Dealer i7fo Leaf ..Tobao. Beck & Feldkamp, 44 ud 48 Dearbom. f'o6oocoftlotca!l Jl't'n' B-. -It Oo. 51l.a11e and liii&&M I CDfCINlf.A.'I'I, O. I Bc>.ouden Henry, Hll and 1411.-W-I!ioleOIId Dealer in. Spa.nisll and Oi.gar 1 Meyer Hy, & Oo. 1 Wa-.,.F,.I!Qo.81'J'I'OIIt Jlanufactu.rera Of Fi"M-OUt CheacifiQ otwl Smoki"'l Tobacco. Spence Bro& &1: Co. Tblnl kB/ TqioocJ B<>leon.& Co. 441 and 4411 Jlaft.U/dCturers o/ Gelae B. & Brothe r, !Ill Clay Trol!t, s. w. 519-ll26 w. 81ath CJ.A'aKIVILLB. 1'Cbo'll: IlL a Broloor& CLBVJ:I.AlfD. 0. f'IJc::loen of -Cl1ld Doolwo ftl HI-.f ,___ All.,, B 8. & Oo.10t Bank DomJor,. JO BrMm. 81rictlv on Onlcr. J'M; rooD J. R & 0o. Veaable Paul 0. Pemberton& P&DD. M""'l/'acl1o,..,. of Sm.oki"{{ .'l'c>ba.cco. Oolll'lld C hao. H. & Co. Trowbridge W H. DAYTON. 0. Packer and Deater. in M.lller & Brenner DETROIT, KteJa. 'I' BE BRIAR liD APPLEWOOD IIi lleta.l & Wood A SPE.GIAL 1Y. CIGlR llOLDiR& IN --GREAT V .AIUETY. AND l CIGARETTE PAI$R. ( 7 Monuj'ro of Chel<>i"'l "nd Smoking .'lbl>o<:co. Barker K. C & Co. 74 aud 711 Jell..._ AY Walker, McGra & Co. 31 to 3b .... ... ....,. o f Cigclra and .Docokrt i LMtf I Centennialledals & Diplama awarded for' and Appropriateness of Design and Skill shown in Fabrication, Popular Style & CheapnBS$. llollfan& ... Foxen, Newman &: Co. J e tf enJOo ATenue DUIULUI. N C. .. :aD. HILSON. of Smoki"f x-. Blacll:lyell w. T. & Co EV AlfSVJLLE. lad. Tobacco Oommilfion RELIANOI OJ IANUP AC!OB Y Wl.V.L EGGBRT a CO. Jlonfo C. J. & Co Man'lf. of Tobacco. BrownGeo. HARTFORD, C"o-. Pocken and Deal..-. ;,. &ed Leaf.'l'oiibacroBro-., Calla war J&rDeo F. comer Ninth and lllarll:ea Gunther Geonre r. LcnrlaRich'd 1L &Ill West J1a1n f::!i:' G. & Co. 88 Seventh Pro&otr W J.l', 394< Weet lllaln LTNCHBUl\G, :.. Tol>a.coo Commiarioft JIRoU, Schaefer & Oo lfASHVILLE, T-. Tobacco Broker. W. W.Kirby . .. lfEWARK, N.J. R ... Campbell, Lane & Co. 481 Bl'oad NEW ORLBANS, La. FMton and C""'IIWUiOIO Gunther &1: SteTeDIOD. IIIII Common OWEN!iBORO, :S:y. Frayaer Bros. PADUCAH, K7. Tobacco l1rokwo, Cl&rll: 14. H. & Bro. >I ,PATE:RSON, N.J. I Jlttnkjachlrers of Smoking TObacco a AileD & Dunning, 65& 67 Van Q Ill PETERSBURG, Va. !:! Tobacco Comnu.ssion lfeJc'hants. Ill -Hoper LeRoy & Sons m .M.:iloufachqers of'Plug W attd Dealers in T. g VenableS. W. & Co. .,. -I 1!5 AfanujtUtuw of Na"!! (,luwJ"f. iil J..-C A. & Cq. "'p, FouprarA. R. Mellor & Rittenbou..,, Jlfr' .Agml for Plog Kelly F. X. Jr. 1118 Arch Wholeoaloe Dealer in uaf and 11'/'cJecoi. Jenklnoou It. a: W 1!87 Llbertr QlJilfCT, IU. MaftWT&. of Clt...n"'l and 8nooldng Tobcicco. Gem City Tob&eco Works Harris &1: Beebe BBADING,Pa. Hantach & of Cigclr& JiO:IDSVJLLB. Ji. O. Dealen in TobaCCo. Reid, Wootton & Co BICJHIIOlfD, v .. Manufaetr.t"""" fif Plv,g oaer and Deahr m S..ri LtJqf Buaclnnetn Joha. C. li I ; o .-. .,. -STEAM lEN 801LI:R, ONE CUTTIIIC MACH ONE ROASTER, PACKINC BOXES, SORIEIIS, RACKS, &c., &c. Groat A Good Invostmunt! The aloove .... ..._17 ... &ppara&ae are -..,. oa ahe Olalo atver, ..Uee aiHn'e Claelaaa&l, at alpley, Jlro'II'RCo-Q', .,tlaeeeaaer..-&JoeiJr-a .. lllllelarlq aobaeeo.uartet,wereiO.,.__ lie :parebaeed dlreel trom doe.,....-., .., .... haa p...a .....,.,p alae ...... or tile Jq>Oelllalor, wlaen alae eholeeCdoe arctele e .. lie h..t;_._ aaA ...... are exvemelJ' low. ft.e b111ldboa: Ia Widell 1hl8 aaelllll ery 1llb apperat are aow, I leased j'or tlaree ye8ftlfl at $180 a year, and leaH eaa h exleJleA lo ..,..,. olealre Tb""'Jicm1118 .. .... "tl.t.a (&8 NoapareU LlaN.) OYer Two Columua, Olio Year ....................................... II!D.ID o do 111x lolootha .. StOO.OO 1 do do Three llontha 114.011 PIII.IIT P&O:&-Oae ......... (14 l'lepa.reU 1.'--1 u;.;' 'i,>;.:p; 21> ce.ito p.;.: i:!:';! each IDoertion. Namee and Addrellell alone In .. BuslD.eM Dtrector:r cf Advertiaerl. SeTen&bl'age,OneYear ................................ ........... $10.11t Bemltten-for Ad'f'ertl-and Su'McriJIUol!!l-.& ba m.odto ID'IU'Iably by f'oet.OIIk

... \ \ ( ... ; THE TOBACCO LEAF. SEPT. 2 TobaOOO ManufaGbf ....... ,_I.IOOJUCIL We beg to call the attention of TObeceo Manu{ac. men ud Deolera to tkla SUPi.IUOII. AND PUR.E article. Sole .Aats for tlae Stat of lfedlaCarollu aod VIr afala M-u. DAVItNPOII.T & MORRIS, Richmond, Va. ROOT-.&....-,ua4 A.llcaa ... Select a ad Ordlaary. ZURICALOAY & ARGUIMBAU, I 02 PEARL STREET, .. WTOBX. mw.t Ami J'DTEI.t PO"''DDED .. AnSH LICOIIIIDI J'1' .PAllllllll LICORICJI: .II:XTRACT, .DEER TO!IGUJII, LAUREL -LEAVJI:.. TOliiK.A. BEA.!IS, CASIIA --, A.liD Cllllli.A. .. OB't OR,I.!IGJI: PEJIILt A.!IIIEBD, CA.a.LWA.'I" R&D, CORIAliiD-BRED, L1VENDIDR r.ow-., .,...__ 4. do. do. Sons Arabic, do. Tonka Beans, ANGOSTURA. LIOORICE PASTE. QUK ARABIC, GRAD A.liiD POW'DBRJI:D, 41UX KYRRII, LUKP .i.liiD POwDJI:R:ED; QVJ[ 5'LAKJl: AliiD I POW'DBRIID, II: SSE liiTI.I.L OILII, OIL, LVCCA. ()R.JI:A.K IB' c..-., .lj{l.!ll.&:,lll[B OIL LEV .uri' p BLII .... r.etancl at Poapleeplle, Jrew 1'.._ &IFFORD, BREBIAJ I IDIB, 110 WD1la1D an.t. t DW tolE. TOHCOO 8ROilHa.. JOHN CAUUS!' !OBACCO IBOKIR f H a-earl *"' IIEW YOIIK. cHIS.. FISCHER & BRO. TJIBACCO :BROKER 34. ater st.; Taole kutiUCVTTI CIU.a. BILL, Ja. KiNrtiOUTT & LJ., Bli.OJ::JtR.SlN &fl BROAD ST., NEW YORK. CBIRLIS F. OSBORII, c JAMES G. OSBORNE,. -TOBACCO 54 BROAD ST;REET, NEW YORK. RADER & soN, WISE a BENDBEIM a. TOB-GCO BIODB, 129 VAIDEN' LAlli, NEW YORK. CHARLES A. WULFF, Art. Lithographer, Printer & Manufacturer of P'C'I:LI8B:t::D J,..T 10 Lort Belson. St., Lircrpool, Eft( l'aDo Two SIIIU.IIIOo Pa AlnroJL Wbere Subacriptloaa may be adm-cl, or to Tas Touooo LaAr Olllce. .Lmerleul Subocrlpdo ... 75 cealll-&DIIWII, poot .... pUc!. AGENTS FOR THE LEADING llANUFAC'1'UilEBS OF SMOKINC, TOBACCO AND CICARETTES, No.1g1 'York. W. E. UPTEGROVE, SPANISH ,FOR CICAR BOXES, E-LU'G TOEI.A.OOO. TilE IBICJlANTS' TOBACCO CO., 80 8TR.llll:mor, ::EIO&orOM", IIPROVHD HOWB SGALIIS. Q) c .c Smoking' Tobacco. Manufactured b7 AIJ.EN & DUNNING, llo., 8& 87 VAll BOUTIIJI 8'1'. HENRY WULSTEIN, ..... to ........... .. Desla....,, o S' 'I 0 8 aS .0 u CENTRE IITR.II:ET, !lEW yoaa. -II P 0 Box I'Oew Yt. BY ttANO OR. S'l'i.AA.t A large variety of lla.cblaery for ClJrar Man..r. turet'll, aucb fot' Cuttlntr 0!' Hs'fta aDd orber-F\Uen fnr Cip.ra. Steal R"ollen Bu.ocldlt .... cbint1', Machines, aad atao Nacblau foe Cruabinllf and FlattealDI' the Tobacco Stea Ia Leaf, Cipr.tte MacbfMa. etc:. 'Sole lp 111111 U S. for F IOI .. bach on Mala, Ger many) celebrated M.acblaes for faeklac Muna!actaredl 'I'obacco. i MAY BROTHERS,; ,DlPOibss OF :II"JR.BM"O:&: CIGARETTE PAPR, 386 BROOME ST., HoosE .lT P.l1U.8. Ne"VVI"' Vorl&.. TilE STAMFORD IANUFAGTORING GO., 11r7 ..... 4 TTl...,... Z:....&:Dr.m, l!liilmW BBST iD the Make the beet Sold or Used. ONE DOLLAR lawful money In each eo pound box, containing large Pluge made of long Mock. TWO DOLLARS In one, or ONE DOLLAR In two of the caddlee In eaoh caM containing large plugs made of lona ,stock. PA.'f.I:NT METAL LABELS on Plugs. ... 'f'rade la'f!Dg d-ondect & llapGior &Dd Cbeooper AJ1Icle tban &b&t bltberto uoed, tbla Com olrerlq toroale, LIOOBICJ: PASTJ: (UDder lbe ol4 "Sutor


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