The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
Time Period:
1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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Tobacco Leaf Journal

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.. VOL.XIV.---No: 31. NEW YORK, MONDAY, SEPTIDMBE 9, 1878. Ike IO'lntttD PUBLI8HIID EVERT MONDAY l!OBNi:MG BY TlalB8 OP THB PAP.Bilo SINGLE OOPIEB ......................................... IO Cmml. .. THE TOIARCO L.OF" COMPANY, .. -:: & nn ""'. l 1")> \.TOll 8TBIIBT, .NBW TOBK., .,....... .... EDrr:oa. JOB '1'1 M.&.Ju.oa. .. -... v ---' ..... -1t1AN1JFAcPUR.ER,8 41 d! 43 Sh-eet New York .. : I ,-.: A -CENTSFOR 163 td 161 GOerck Street, PRINC_IPE oe KEY .. OIGABS,: ----.&lfD .or THE : Spanish, American and Gel'lllijl A1JG178T, 1178, Jlroad y .uo_,.. ....... ...... Eztra .. .A-S .......... 12 ya. 11.110 -lfo,l .. 121a. L80 :Bra.:u.d. of 'V"'Te"t lEEa'V'a::n.a O:l.lliar, : :: ..... : LA ROSA :. E SPA NOLA_ .'. -- a .... fi-8 12 ,.u 1.60 7 ............ ___ } .... fi-8 ,. 12ycla l.'Tfi With lts accompanying TH.A.DEnAB.K.S, beia Patented,....., :be...,wtth nodi')' all UD : ...................... "'=: 2 .... H = ft,.U LtJO ................... 3 .. fi-8 1.60 -we .will vlg-orotlei;r pro..;eute all lnMD.cement upo.n lhe -e ........--::-.. :: SEiD...,.NBERG & co., 84. .. & 86 Reade Street, New Yor..,. --.. ... fi-8 lfarrow 1 .... ,-s 'N,.U 1.60 : : :::::::::::::::: :! : t ..'Cjlf.. L t ,, .. PROUD's STATE.IIIENT lfarrow Y.Ue..-: ... :.;" t .... w. "',. om1a. 1.36' .\J-"' .\-.Y This is the story of their wrongs as told without as-.. 2 ..... .,. 110 't o h f : .. ....,. ,.a. peri y y a pa of t e mariu acturers whose goods .. : ............ a .. 6-6 '12ya. 0.96 'NEW yonv MONDAXT SEPTEMBER 9 1878 h b ta.k Th t fColl t p d BezlU'Itboll .......... ---... a-s .. 121a. O.'T& ......._, .. ave. een en awaY.. e s ory o ec or rou T .UOW. ............... 3-s '" "N ycla O.'TO' as n!U-rl!.ted to 'us in interview with him, is just ,Loatlre cl .. .. 1 .... a-s .. :uya. 1.20THE QUESTION' IN BALTIMORE wha.t might be expected under the ci.rcun:tstances. "n (Ciu.ooJ .... 2 .... a-s 3..,' 31 ,a. 1 ) I is," he s&id; "a question of some nicety to accurately Loadr" T.Uowr.: o : .... ;-., J ... 'J.. :Uy .. 1 1.-c r. c' .. : .......... a .... 'f.. .. :uya. 1.35 LARCE SEIZURE OF CICARS. the rights of. maJ!.ufacturers in this matter, "EL CIGAR FACTORY OF NEW YORK. .-::: ....... : t:s-18"-:u1a. 1.215"' T but Qommis!>iQner .Raum'f;1 .instructions do not .' ... .... "10 .... 13"' :U:r:a. FEEL NG or HE CIGAR T'"DE.. f' '"" d. I 1 tte ... : .... .. 1 fi .... 'fS :Uya. O.Sfi ..........--.. con ... me In a circu ar. e r, ... :.: ........ "I5w .. 'fS :u:r: I.OO The daily papers, by means of a series of articles. -dated ti, I will read to you, \ ... :: ....... c"20 .. 13" a. ,.a. 0.85 written by Mr. John V. L. -\Jldlay, counsel for the illsued by the then Cotpmissioner if W. Douglaas.." LA ROSA ISPAIOLI HAV ANA-OIGARS. IMPORTERS .OF THE 1111 ROSE .. :: ...... ::.;.'.:::20Beph Crisp, 2,400; Ludlb1f Brothers, 14,430; Arnold ognized, liB all do, the high per80nai and judicial char' Hoelste, 3, 050; Diedrich Felisenfe1d; 220; Frank H. acter of Judge Giles. Nor could Ire administer the law-.:-o ,. 11u.tIUFA.CTUBEH.B AND DEA.LEBS IN Shields, 7,000, which were returned1 to the owner, he on one theorY.' in this district and another theory else, :Ame:rll!l G e r man & span I. s h c ln-ar Rl.'bb 0 ns' JOBACCO MEDiuM AND TISSUE e. >. The following statementsl arerepc;>r'ted .as .inade be governed by: 01\e CQns,truct, ion in, &peo:l.a1 :J:)e:La::n. of Fa.:u.oy. B.:l.b'bo:u. :DI2:a.d.e -to (Patented September 28,, 1877 .) the persons named:' different 9ne in the District of Columbia. Surely the- RIBBONS CUT .&ND PRniTED .&S DESIRED. SAMPLES SE:NT ON 1 BTATED:NTB OJ' MANUfACTURERS. United has the same riglit,which any individ/J N'o. &1 G-B.EIEJST:m &'i"B.EIET, JSTE'V"'T .-. N'C>T:J:OEI. LUDLOFII' BRoTHERS Proud our t0 set on the ad of hiS -Ba1reii1eers Vigeliu.s, PACKERS OF SEED I.EAF r -AND-:-, J Alllllf'xobageme .. tti oi.. thia Patent wtl1 lie Pro.estore the 3rd or 4th of May, and wanted us to run a counsel, and upon an ad verse deci 10n 1n a loweD court to the 1'!ill exteut of the La..-, right across stQre; butaa our little io car:cy the subject matter, if practicable, .toallighe:e .. ALSO MANUYACTUR.ER OF place is only about 14 by 16 feet, we preferred to have one and to wait its decision. The AttorneyGenerali the partition of wire in comer where one oj 6f the United States sustains the action o.f CQ!nmiiF makes cigars while store. The sioner Raum, and dissents from t)le opinion of Judge J :was not satisfied with this, and 8ent Revenue Agent Giles, and I am required to enforce the 1!.8 iJ! exBrooks up to te!l us how to put partition up Mr. pounded by the legal adviser of the E;l-overnment and PURE TIN AND OTHER FOILS PX..A.XN .A.JSTX) OC>X.C>:R..:BI:J:). / ROLLJID TO ANY GUAGE AND CUT TO SIZE. w _as sa.tisfied to let ulf. P,'Q,i it up in our way, by my official I gave the traae filii tim6} : ., CAPS, all SUee, PLAm .&lfD OOLOaBD; and we did so. When J Giles rendered his deafter the decision by Judge Giles W!J.S given,'. to complY,. t' OFFICE "'l ._.. eision in the Dotterweich test-l!III'L 'Y' S'U::E&E "Y" Is to have your goodo Reballdled and s ....... teo::El.::K... [EDWARD T. McCOY CI&A B BOX LUIBBB notified us that we must it, but we de nine seizures, amounting to aboutr 55,0

.... .u.DAiilli-_ j; ,rF, s. MACL:itHOsE. -ws.a.T !.:' JIAlTLANI).. : 1'.JlOBDf.-.t. MAITLAND ,1: CO.., .. Pactc;trs, [ A:ad Geaeral Commission Kerclumta, Street, New York, I AGENTS_ FOR. THE WElL-KNOWN .._ O.A.:M:EB.C>N"" ]lraaa.-.,r ExpreMly for EXPORT '1'0 AVSTRALIAN and OTHER j ,. ,..... FOREIGN PORTS: ratnunnrn C'WlrnOV & co AUSTRA.LIA.Jf TWUT-11'1' Al'IDBEW!I, Jilll!Jll .11 'J Vlllll'lJ!I, CABLIII, Otm e.unr:, BLACK 1 'VAo DIAIIO!ID. 1 i .AUltTJLALIAllf LUII[pS-I!IIGKET OP 1 VIBGIIfiA, TBl!fll!J, .i.LL THE BAG.&; \ PLOWER OP ALL l'U.TUJ'JO, 1 EJfOLJSH L'UXP8-PI\IWO,B ALPBIIID 1,,VIrnnv o. BRO AUIITilALI.&lf TWIST-a.&.YEx, llltii1RIJUJl1. 4 ,0 ZlllPPA. OJUO!f, :, 'V-, AUSTRALlAJI, L'UXPS-TWO .@IIIAII, OUK CHIEF, ORIOK. .\ DfDIAJf 'LUJIPS-IU.VIILOClK, .Clii.U\nCH STREETS, O>d HUDSON RIVER RAILROAIJ DEPOT, ST JOHN' S PARK. .BENSEL & CO., CBA'S FINKE&CO TDBWB j iiSPHCTOBX, TOBACCO WATE_ R STREET, ._155 WATER ST., NEW YORK. 1 I ....... G P H1ER Lane-er (Pa.) Branch: ll F. CUNNINtiHAM, 508 W. Poplar St. Y, llass., do .... Ec BELDEN. 1 1 H El* FANCY SM:OKING PIPES ll, BUEHLER tc POLHAUS c .oMM .. ISS ION MERCHANTS R MILLS and v;;;;.; Leaf Tobacco, ;, BBII!Bwoormnsciii i CLAY PIPIIS,. MA=OY :.:PEE SNUFF, SCOTCH SNUFF, e::.o O ST NEW YO"D"'7 : ,. And all Kinds of SMOKERS' ATJCLES. AMERICAN GENTLEMAN SNUFF, LUNDY FOOT SNUFF. BR AD .a..o.. \ .: 83 'Chambers and. 65 Reade Streets, New York ALso ]IJA.iWFACTURERs oF THE FOLLOWING BRANDs oF PUKE l: &'CO., A, H. CARDOZO, VIR'IIIA_ SIOIIN11 TO.BACCO .. BUYER OF IMPORTERS AND DEALERS IN u b _......, ".' 1 Z...E.:.&.P', roBACCO & COTTON VIA: RAILROAD, O .UR CHOICE, COLORADO, : Cigars & ucorice P-aste 1 ,.AND UNCL_ E TOM, NAVY CLIPPINCS, BL.ACK TOM: -.-.. -ltlllllli,_ 5 Br o -ad' St' New York' ,61 MAIDEN LAW; r_,(..-;...rc.mmlnloa .. ,. .. 133 WATER AND 85 PINE STREETS, NEW lORK: 'I' ,__ P'or Pr:loe %..s..-.t or a-r.o ..... :J.y .... a 'bp"Vo t _, J "7"" ", .. _88 ;,, (lH.&S, ..-..-QEO, W,IIBLI'ISBo/ 'i _- -.. ............ I" -. f & AND PACKERS OF SEED LEAF TOBCCOS 1?5 WAUB. STamBIIJII, 'JfEW YOR.K. E. II. CU WFORD, IMPORTER .. DL\L&R. IN LEAF ,-oBACCp; 188" 'W'atc eat, NIW YORiC A. T. S'rEPIUlt&. BUIJCSBI!OR :ro .U. V .A. OUX6.1t, .IMPORTER OF 'HAVANA,..1 AND DEAI..ER ll'! DOlESTIC LEAF TOBACCO W:ATE_ R 8TR,ET, :N' e...,..,. 'Y" orli!E:. B. LEVIN. IllPORTER of HAVANA AND DEALER IN ALL KlNDB OF LEAP TOBACCO, 162 Pearl Street, New York. .H. NIIIUBURG.... R. llTirnB.G-LEB., lllANUFACTURE.R OF fiNp-CIGARS, _:.,.,.. AND DEA..LER IN .'LEAF TOBACCO, 295 & 291 Grconich St., New Yurt .,. Bran4a:-"CUBA LIBBil," "Ol.JMAX"


SEPT. 9 I A. :E SCiiRODBBI a B9:N, 03' &IF.A1n"SB' 178 WATER STREET, .. EW YORK, J.&COI IDKILL, ciGAR BOXES, X'!X'por"tera or &pa%1:1.l1 L I St:JPElUOit. MAXE AND LEAF TOBACCO, .llfDPA.&Tior; KlDIDlfBtocl IN HOGSHEADS; TO:s.Accos_ ALSO MANUFACTURERS OF SE'MI-CIGA.B.S. PLUG. PLANET liA.VV. 11, X a, 3, .._, 81, &a, 'fa, 8a, 91, 18a. SAILOR'S CHOICE .. 1a, X 3a,. 4-a. 6a, 6aL'J'e. 8a, Ga,-I.Oa. CRA.LLBKGE, IJN. WA8HiliGTOK, }(I. nBPTUNE, Deable 'T'" tek, br&. rk. MA.QGDQ MITCHELL. liARRAGAIISBTT. ALEXANDRA, Slllli"!'".'"IOJII". JI'LOUNDEill!. BUCHAIIIAlll, IOo. JAVK 011' VLVBS. K.ING PHILIP. G;t,\PE Al'rD .lo.PIUClOT. "ACME" Fancy Brt"111it Poun TE1IIDSI" x...a.Nm. :JSr:BJ"''I::IV ....-ol!'l.3:.. A.l'I"D DB.A.LER8 11'1" LEAF TOBACCO, 96,98, I 00, I 02,l04, I 06, I 08 & II O Attorney St. N:I!I"W" :E*B:BISB, .. (FOBKEB.I. Y 011" Tlllil Fill OJ' W ALTB J'lllDlJlAlf ., l'llm8IC,) IIIPORTE:a OF WM. GLACCUM, JACOB SGHLOSSEil 8'11, 15 lEU:VJ:NGTON NE"W YORK., Proprietoro of the Celebrated Broods "REPUBLIC and "HIGH AND DB.Y." FSivMilt!: Rr:mds mad" to LBOKARD I'B.Jf#DM.&N, &UCCli:5SOll TO W-'LTER FRIEDMAN lll i"REISii:, HAVANA lOBICCO, 203 Pearl Street New York. WEBE-R Pi&.noforie. Bead the Wonclert"Oil OFJi"I(JIAL 11. 8. (JJI:NTJII:N!U.Io.J. KBPOBT, "For, Pre1 &lid Rldo Toae, eomblae4 wllb. Greate:C PoWe!! (u ohown Ia tlielr Gr&Dd, aq......., aDd Ul>ril:ht Plalloo.) Theoe three alyles ahow IDtellil0. Price $40. Boxlug k Shipping, $1.50. 9 :::.:o ... _. CALIFORNIA DISTILLING COMPAN-Y, EA.STERN OFI'ICE AND SALESROOM:-JSro. 88 "''I::IV:I.1l.:I.AZD. 8-&:r6e1;0 :JSre,.,.. 'Y"o:rk., lii.I.NVP.&VTVBBBS OF STRICTlY PURE HAVANA CIGAR FLAVOR. r The materfata fn the prepamtlon ot Havana are vegetable and other subet.B.ncell from which the arom& and taste are extracted. Tbe flavor lsh68 ud gl:ves character to common tobaeco, and CQD.tain& constituent pa.rta of the ft.nest Havana bacco. The directions how to malte H&vana tobacco out o! DomeatJc tobacco with tb.1s Flavor is given with eaeh orde r. -::::.>=:: .. LOBII.IJ\BD 4 CO. It : A W .ARDEP HIGHEST J(ED.AIS FOR ........ _g SEND FOB (JJB(J11LABS OB APPLY TO C,.:. ,C. N. H. BORGFELDT, Manufacturer .of Cigar Moulds, ; JSro. 510 Ea.&"t JSr:Ln.o"teen."th. S-tree-t. 'York.. r"l :a THE CODBRCIAL AGBNGY TOBACCO BAGGING. I 09 .t Ill WORTH ST., .. McKILLoP& "SPni"rruE co. r -And a l l of Good. used ror puttiur up SmoJt.. The Commercial Agency Register hOWARD SANGER & CO., raUDp ot merchallt& Allooclated Ollb. ol the clUes of" the J2 to 488 Jroadwer, hw York. OFFICE-No. Ill FIRST_ STw, JERSEY CITY, N. J. New York Satesroomslo. 114 Water St., one do_or from Wall. ... Joqy 1,090 ll.t.NDe, I"AI llo .. toOYJaii'IJIIIllrT fS,000,009 1'11.1 YJU.C CIGARS, 20, 122, 24, H A 28 :itd AVE., cor.. I at 8t., N'liii"''I::IV tOBENSTEIN & GANS,. WHOLE8.&LB DB.I.J.Ji:RS Jl'l" > -. .SEED AND. llAYANA TOBACCOS ; SOLE AGENTS AND lliPORTERS OF THE BENU:INE 'II'. & K. cza..a.R. M:o"l:i1x..:Os-; Straps & Cutters; OF .t SPANISH CIGAR RIBBONS; I 1 J .. :zsre,.,.. 'Yorkl APPLEBY'S CIGAR MACHINE KANUFACTURERS OF THE OR.XG:J:JSr .A.X.. P"D"R.:m .. .. \. .. r I ..


4 THE SEPT. 9 -nerally supposed his opmiOn in the Dotterweich and as it is a well-known fact'tliat yellow fever, wlfen LEAFLETS. TH, E DOMESTIC' TOBAC'CQ MARIIJ(' 1,200 ?o; jollbers, 700 and specolators 500 do. The IMt ..,.._;,. ... !teal 1s quite an except1onlll one, aa fbandon.,.t the aeJd eadle&J. an(SWpb&bly were &ernal Revenue as a settlement of the issue Q6tween its appearance, tl!-ere is rttt, pr:oapect of any iinprore-a14eftheyellowr..-ncr-ra. l .1'011. lniiiK DDDIG IMtlced by the low prices to re-enter the areoa. Prices have b :h tnent in the SouthAPn ade linb1 the latter'pad of the SA'l'V.D.&..,-' 'J, gained io strength all round, partlcllla.rly the mblltantial and lrim and lJe cigar, manufuctllrel'll, e repu .... 8 ""-i!olllll. :;NEW ;{O,aK.-Includins all; 1lhe luf toheavy-bodied tobaccos, IUld those of t11e Cl&UsT1Jie tyll"", -also suppo18cl it and addtdl the p November. \ FrOIIl Durham, N.c., Ills repOrted that tobacco, eroept In the region bacco market has been fairly aptlve the week: "b'Ot ..,hich may b<.' considered to have advaqced was the fl.rst instance within his TeCOlle<-otion Under "the ircumstances, t4l! cip.jmannfactureri ";;ooiel*ruotl-re in order to make room for our customary batch of those tbe lighter grades, lup and -descn!l' G of this city do not feel inclined to accumulate & heavier ll!eaR"II. Mellor .t Rltlenhowoe, of Pblladelphla, haTe recel .. d "honor-iiJI.Ontbly ci..,ulai's, -e m.ust refrain commenT. of the g-:ral flrlllllt; cu. hardl( ed aiit member of the executive departmeat of the overnable mention ror Ucorloe at the Parts Erpooltlon. It will be coh8'eded trunk that .Mr. W allaee ill seeil lligher. In regard to the growmt. crop, T8lils ment assumed the right to iDWJ'pret a plain law of stock, but propos, e to fill SI!Ch ordeJIJ !"' tfeJ may xed th'. d of h' heavydaqa&Dtltyllr uollbrudyAIIdbltlen. m ,IJJJDe mon q remm er 111 Theij>rospective quantity, however, baa not improvl!d, and a hemb f -'--_,., ., _.. .. l"""''r.O.,-'buurMm,N. c., ar6 .,.tamplatlag the erection of which 160 to jobbers, llS to manufactu-20,000 hhds; of Vlrrinia, 3,94ll hhde. Total for -contrary notwit'L.tandiDg. ihat; hal been anything bu.t or an ezt<;na"' tobacco racto.,. Ill lllatcl Tbe 1..,.1 p&pen/uy It wtU 1'81'8 and tne bala]loe )rineilially to France. We think put month, 14,1592 hhds, agai1111t 20,860 do same time last year. Attorney-General Devins' comment on the provision this year, and give the following teasons wby such ill be a" Jll&IIOJIIGU>'" warebo._ two 'or three hundhll more "have been 110ld and not ;yet Tot-al thia year, 108,227 hhds, agahla& 77,410 hllds IIUQil tima above quoted, it will be remembered, was aafoUowa:-the caae:...:..:MaDT 'cir&r jobbel'll who formerly. confined The a... ._, Mle ""-led coodo 1 tblo e!ty, announced. No change in priOOI!. laat year1 li .... .... ,_ '----..... ..,;. pn-h-toNe-York Ci' "ty were foroed by lot week:, lid week. 8cl'""'k:. fthweek:. Mil week. Total. :Messrs. D. J. Garth, Bon& Co.'s circular aaya:-Aboutthe "In its prac....,.. app cawon, ....,. _.._v mun --" J tera eo:o..,ettoa-roomaiDIJJ,.jnyst-1. Juuary .. 1,628 589 1162 6111 3,700 sameconditioas>ftradewhicheharacteri7.c<\oormarltetdoring necessarily be ooDfiDecl to thoee pursuits or oocupa-reuon of last year' 1trike to .bu1 elsewhere, thus inno. QenDaD bark &.Wier, ea,wa........, r-.... .,., ele&n!d February... 474 760 40'J 864 2,600 July preyai!ed last month. The eales In qoantlty reached near tions which can be earried on together CODeistentlT tro4ucfn many new brands to their trade, In order v .. for-.,.., wtlb 711 bopii.O!!da or tobacco, &lued :March ... IU6 831 a86 .526 2,500 th same total, and1he senral ootlets were correspondhtgly h h f la ... As if _..,i__ ..... _; .. their foohold the""ew York manuf..... -at 188.1111, oa boud. lfeellmiJ .t Co. April...... J48 1,600 830 600 .787 000, represented In faca the month of Jolr ao lliiAI"ly itaelt Wit ot er proY1110D8 o w, e..,, an.J......,. ou ...,_ N...,.llataa4illlr lha ...,...,... fallune, lhe ....,._or 111aa .... '-:May...... 460 1,000 437 629 1,424 8,8110 aa ao but little of Interest to add. Tnuilactiom were could be more ooD.i.tent, under any circumstanoel, have been compelled either t'o reduce prices or give a !low of........,., 111e I"'ClM!aof lhelnerMMof hanltcfr. June ...... 837 71MI l,m I, 'nO 5.700 mainly confined to eotract buyers, \be opel marlleta doiDg $han the joint making and ll8llin3 of ci8ars-better article than formerly for the same money, r&-_culalloa obowlhat 11 "'-Ill lesltlmate bu-. Joly....... 298" 887 1,218 1, 'IN 8,811.'5 7,600 comparatinly mue. There wM elilht ciWige In ftluee; -' f 1 d" h d fi Th TU eht rorlhe benellt of credlton, under the Augost.... 600 86;ll 1,'189 -1,334 8,334 7,900 at least a feelingprnails am011g factors aliat allelr Judge Gilee decided., 1lnt: That the blllinof ., ... ting, o course, m gl'llilt Y liDIIUS e pro til. eT 81ate erplrllt!ouoflhaseneralbaakrolpilaw, w September.. 11'11 ... ... ... : . 1171 were n!ota easily r103Cloed, and wbile we woold not feel jujtlfted 1JI&DUfactuHng and selling eipl'll at retail may be claim thai the cigar-makel'll who inauguraW and N>at W&IWelder, uwporier o1 JlftOioul rioDeo aH Jlal4oa liN81'8. s...,.er, Wllaetl' & Ce. 1 -monthly in altering: our uetatwna, '11'8 thllllt we han dODe a lktle befter -carried on bTthe aame....,.,.,. at the II&Dle time and at kept up the Birike are to blame forthillltateof affairs, L&H. .; .J of Sept. 2 fo our frleads tlaan we we" able to do th oath pre'rioua. r----' -or rorelp .,_lo cleAred rrom: the Richmond, v .. CUIIIom 1878, (IDcludh'l a, to Vlr..;nia) :U,IIti liM.; 1871, hhda; The poail.ion of pur mark_et at this wriUnr; 11111y be reprded u the same place. Hill expre1111 warrant for thll decision and thai a reduetion of wages is the natural COble-u.-. durlllc the pa.n rou. eamad lobacco lo u ... Ouoa, 1878, 187ll, li,'H21 hhda; aiaeellt.Juu&ry, (In nryllrm for an and-cu-no 111 ap. vas primarily found in the pro'rilion cited. quence of *lt.e preeeni 4epre118ion. Another cause of 11on1oauz ADd'""-_..._ .. 6,1117 1i1opbM0, aad 'falued-u clodlng 17,779 Virginia) 108,014 hada; 1817, '17.188 hilda; 1876, prebend any IA.prlcea. Lipt leaf 01 expen. He decided, also, That when the salee of a cirar reduced profitll is found ill *he unprofitable leal 1136,1188. li1,1M : bhda; il8711, U,llfl7 libda;' l.ncludinr; New Orleau, ihe 'll'llhout '!VIatloa, whllllotiRD61al.uc! limi ._.. h "dled .... ""-h ...,._ .,_...., 1..-.r -led ld -J.tDu'fllle, VL,tile-ot&o-fortilemonihotA,.,...-receipts of Weetem' erop 111'8 101,188 hhds thill y-. he&T:Jgrlldea are fu!IY uwntained. There WM"I-laqulr)' manufacturer are """ to the products of biB Olt'Jl an .. e y-.r. ......., """"" ...., ou TJB to 11,111,6N' poaado, 'faluad atlll66.ll7.4l; --100 lba., ...... 'l'ba 70,271 hhda last year. 1011,1ee hhds ia 1871, and 31,0(18 Ia 187ll. for Bremea than dunng the prevloos month, kt thfa 1,a .man.u(acture, he need no' pay ihe special tax required the wrappel'll of form11' yeana, whiM HaYof even taHnull re...,,. oa tobacco durl&lr the molltlo ...,01111ie4 to t1 -.m.IT; Exporta In Angoat 1878 23 8811 bhds 1877 13 7081abda 1876 may he attributed to our r&ther depleted lltecb of .wtable a dealer .in tot.cco. His warrant for this deoiiioa oz: Pod qu&li*y WM ht!aYy-bodied ud unprofiia-r.uo. 10,111 bhda; 1875, 'll,2Ms'hh4a; alnce '1st 1878, 7e,71!3 kinds. Manufacturers more llherally, and ... the fall f d th ighth h f th 8 ...... ,_ bl d f oou _., _,_ ___ .. Jt. f r&lb&Rk hhds; 1877,ll7,1tilhhda; 1871, G,G86llhda; 1875, H;bOII" hhds; oeM'pnadnlreeoand eampliagol hGIIIIItradetebaocobecemel was OUD m e e 0 e ........... aece, an 1'118 .,._ .. T e ...... -. e 001 0 pro, JUptlaw, lhe b&nbuptob$agllo&DT llldeblaadbe ..... IIID&II iocluding New Orlnu, ahey are bhda tbla year, agaiost more general, look fer l.nCreaeed bum. Ia ... dlncUon. tion of the Revised Statutlll, which reads a11 follows:ducing cigal'll. -It willl be Nell that ihe manufacturel'll -There 100 pal\tlou 1a Cillebm&ll. 100 1a Clo!alluad. tt Ill hhds last year, M-020 bhda 1.n 1878, and 81,679 io From the grow1ng dlltric&a-aeoouu -t!Dw .,_, .... ,., "Dealers in tobacco llhal1 each pay five dollal'll, eto., haTe had -io contend with m&IIJ' clillicu.l*iM duPin the ftlladelpbl&, &ll& .. t 'remaybcuaifonalaym qoauty. _pelled, Frederiok Dotterweich excepted, on or about UTLKJUlf 0 ten.year:s expenence m e to.....,.,., lloot ot the rarmanlll the 1owu Banford, Collll. ben 1111Boston A.fricaus at Since the let o Janoary the aales lleuni. ll. Rader a. Bon, Tobacco BrW:en, .JUlalk;-Tho 'llaY 1, to establish what was called e permaneni par bueineM wilhee to nlPreaeD* a II!OOd. reliable tobacCo lobed tplihertna-their &obacco, &ll 1878lmes, so tlla&, wi\b a pGd delllllnd for oaher deitlnatlona :'partaamse ;::n FOR SALE.-A. fresh l!IUpply of.lOO,OOO pounds genu-to"bacco tralll&cclou for the moalh ot A......, at 111e 1877tsJ 3,007 25 .. a--. ine "DDBTOII'Gtrl:" l!avor !'at JDDoking tobacco manu Tobe.....,. oomprillad 0 '1114 hol!"h-ud dlllloreea. Tba olfer-1878-.m 1.600 1,988 2!1,827 8,447 were taken on .. &lid tile ..... "-er' .June dec1.ded m faYor of Do ...... -eiA" ---_......_ IDp at auction o.n 'Cbaap co-.. of I 9U or wblob aumher 187 3 161 1 881 1 """ 1 <>...o -""1 t"' ..._._, .. _,. ...-.w ,._..., ...., -_._.. faciurers, in lots to suit purchasel'll, at lowest figurett. J,llllw ..... ool4andlllll&l! lllllllller, ud the-durin,c ing a part of their ltoree as a part of their faoiorii.; 1411, 147 and 1 s. Baltimore, lld. One laac Shipman, a., __ __. ...... wu __ .__. before the Jobbers, and tha& the purchases for thla accoont amollllt lo thts m ootb ahool' lll'forahle, lnferiar 1.n qoality to ...,._ ,_..., about 1,000 hhds, howe.,er, made in July. Wltb the last,.ear and until Jul-.. 17, when Atklrne ... -General Devinl' < SW.teoCommlooloneriMtweekcharsa4wllhatbreerold1'1olatloaof the t 1L""u )" h 1 (t b ial # # No ILuL AT WAPPIII'G.-llr. L. J. Grant, of Wap llltena&lre ..... ueiawo; nam-'-;'___,dllnwtlhoutthe-uialte reaoll wM llessrs. Cbas. E. Fischer and Bro., TobecCG Brokers, -.commenced. It now remains to be determined buliDeu. Best references and security giTen. Inqwre p&roua. lesa satisfactory, while in some iostances of high-priced 184 Waler Strelit, rel>ort "to l'uJ: ToRAcco LJ:Ar as fol law and justice shall prevail, or oftloial capriee and at or address :Mr. GRAJ'J', 14.2 Fulton Street, oftli:e of Burhanlt .t Nub, tobacco oommlaoloa meroh&nta. 111ed a petition Ill Claruville leal, where the buyer mistook drops! for fat, the lows concerning Seed leaf:-We can rel'Ori an active THI: TOBACCO LJ:AY'. o 706 balllordina.iee, amount contributed during the past week aggregates without hanag ever the requlai\<1 bond.or paid the opeotal tax reD li d r -r .,.,,1138 lrhds Cannecticut sold to the.extent of 65 cases of the 1876 from the highest to tlie lowest, know tlui.t this is the about $!,000, which has !1een tralisrilitted "for distri quired e vere smce. : : .:_ .. : .. :. 8 003 hhds crop at 13@20c, llO cases of the 1877 case. In seizing the cigars of the nine men mentioned, bution. .!--.. : ; : Thereceipteoft<)_baccoattheLoulslDe market Stock on hand 1 1878 ... :.--:.... :. : 4l 7Mhbdlr qop secon sat year. The "-'Massachusetts-Nothing worth mentiOJUllg trans who have done nothing whatever in violation of law, AN ExCELLENT REMEDY.-Of late years .the smoking deliver!.,. footed up to 7,llll'lh-"oads, and theoaleo ror the ontlremonth .1878. 1877. J 1876. 1871!. pireq in this style. Collector Proud has made the Government he repre-of medicated cigaretl(es lias been a favorite way of' amounted to 7,28j h_..eada. Ill Auguot of last year. Pur!!took In Liverpool Augoot 1 4 :,hg;9 -New York moderately active, with sales of .243 cases aents a violator of law; and as such, through him, it prescribing for certain complaints, such as catarrh chaoeo tor New Yort manufaetul'lng and jobbing account have beell Stock in Loodon A1lg1Jsf 1.::: :14,:199 :u;718 14;463 of the 1877 cr O e ., CrO.{laBSOr a 7w 7liC. propoeition it a J811.erGU8 one, but let us consider it a ......,TEU mo Am> WJ:ST VIRGINU TOBACOOS.-John s 0...... Leptlon 1n Waahington the Int.ernal h -:-ev f o-..... ...,.. Bremeli spec1al, dated August U:--()111' DlU'W wu ,_ __ ,_ .. f d t Bradfl.eld. President of the Leaf Tobacco Association Bureau-.,... ot Jto -ta &o Garmanv "to erntaln the......,r!C&Iloya. s ows signs O< !'bating, while it hRI! not yet opened for common vecy active this week, and the dift'erent late of 0,_,_ moment. or an assume viii" of Barnesville. O., writes wi that from information c.____ logs, wilh which manufacturers are stilt: heavily,, stocked ba ..., lation of law. U &beT were rightfully seized, w h;y tem ot """""""-011 hefON a eomm!oolon aittlng Ill Berlin to lneatl_ Bosiness at the Southern breaks Ia gradoally leasenlog, while to ceo that came on the market fouad ready buy81'1 received the association has resolved that the reports' pte tho INI>Ject," and tha& now ihree COID-oae'"..., on their way it cootinoee active at Louisville and Cincinnali. Prices early at full prices. There is no great demarnl for "l'llll.should they be retumecU-thWI compounding the transfrom the growing crops of Eastern Ohio and Weet Virto-.. .,...17 to-a taitbor -!!""Qn. in the month made a further advance, but latterly the leodency ning" lots of Pennsylvania out flllers aremuoh gression implied. If they were wrongfully seized, why ginia show a decrease in acreage planted -. CQmpared ,_ lms been downward, tbeuglt uot enough to t11snre profitable after at higher fig\lres. Wisconsin atld )'etnifn sMu.ld a COildition preoed.U to their return be insisted with 1ast ;year of 111 per cent. alld the deoreaae in yield Reported -FIICl-ild .81111tne11 Arraligements. results at the 1 The doctors still proQoonce tbe neglected. The sales were :-8,000 1tflf crop ()bM-1 fll upon! Whale doel.._ Collector or the Commiaeioner per acre will be 88 per ce'nt. beloW.: that of last year. AUBuBN, lj. Y.W118. J. Horton, Clgat: Manufacturer; mort. growing ain&II aad teeble l aud badly'lroubhid by worms, do Peunsylvania, 100 do State, U do 'fillooiJai!L The reports were made out by the tobacco and -gaged ar made htD of 11ale. but we think that, under genial weather, It Ia its lle!!lln. J s. Gads' Son & Co., wbecco brokem, ill get the 'in this manner with law and obtained by them from the fal'Dl8rs of nearl;r every ALUI!Hotr, Cigar Maoufaclo-; liP .infantile heat was bll'l'\ed for mjuring its their circolar:-Seed Leaf.-The briak market for til'-anlole, the rights of men and property Y toWIIBhip and county in' the tobaccogrowing district plied for reTh!Nu baokruptcy. are now expreMed tllat cold will which it has been our privilege to chroniele mODlhlr.llfDc6 Xa1. Cominenting upon the theory' that the separation, of Eaaterll Ohio and the northw-.,. portion of We&$ -Sillltiel. 8efu", Olpn; ll10rtpge Oil :gef!tof Jb"00 1, has continuedr Peoosylvanla crop of 1817"lia8 rea olr; thei led h d d d d h Virginia. ._. t J """--'" llllle!o have been eTenly divided between home \rade and eoup w1t oors an wm owe, 18 con uc1ve to t e .._ .E. J[. Caa.Jf Cigars; applied for rellefl.n a u1e Bsfely !'nder the .. wing. :Manryeara ago a export; the 187 6 crop of this growth &lao tq prevention of illicit manufact\lft ancl sale, Cotmaellor THJ: HotrSATOlfiOVALIZY CIIOP.-:Mr. G. w. .BUJTALO N. Y .-C6dy 8. Brown's BreL, Cis-llfactolittle book : Wttlt the cun0111a t1tle of "Shut Your .Mooth," was demand for conanmption. Ohio, which, M 1'UII. lit8 Deen Findlay felicitously saye in a recent publication,...=.. a tobacco grower of Sou&h Bri$ain Conn., .the 1'6!il; application 1l!ilde to f"oroe into 'bankruptcy. by ]_Jr. portral'ta of Indian chiefs used the fnorite for export, met ,..Pd 1111 *tor IUl'ket is tobacco crop in the HOilsatonic Vallet ill a very ftne Cm:cAoo, ILL.-Ju. H. J'oater (Agent), Tobacco and Clpra; edorn the .Bmltheollian In.stllote at Mr. Catlin, now nearly bare of deeirable shipping lots. WlBcooaln hu There are 110me .dlingl too ridiculous even for ridi his Probab 1h applil!d fer relief 1.n bankruptcy. a was brooght vez: low by at the been m.ore freei)J takeo, altboutta. if& wet coidftla. Interferes eule." The same exprWioD would properly apply :: ;,:; the c;:g: 1o. A. Peck, ToMooo; applied for relief in bankroptcy. fongs, an aaal&at resol1 he went ar of the li1B1isaippi nry moch wita ita we. We utlci,pa!e a 19oc1 b1Wtleu, to this pro"""';tion to return the .,;,_,.., wantonly taken look d. 1 b __ ., .J. C, Whltt)'. "!Pra; chattel mort&a&e on cigar store kH, tao. pd liTed the Wild He npUced their freedom principally for dllriag thia mmiih. .. tilt 1ner r----mg, e e.xcee 1118' Y prom181ng 1 ut nec,_.-uy is Bool'llan Bros., "lluiotactwen applied for from polmonary and malarial d1seues. He noticed also that pacldogs of Peolli'yhanla tobacCOil. y pellu !few EngWuf -.way if tile puM&;iollaare again put up. not yet in 110 goojlas. tnat which has tieen relief in they l.nTariably lm!athed tllrough their noetrila, and indeed wrappers, Will 1000 be o:!fered by ill8pectors' atnpped eamplea. 'The have thus far harves$ed. 'he lel1tiOD of SO'Uth Britain the total Geo. W. Lackey, 'Pob.oc:o; applll!d far relief ia beokrupicy. rarely opened their moolhA. He learoed that thia was taughl Notw 1 thstandilll conataut oonfllctlng repor&a ef lie 1878 croP. gre;a.Softght .aone. With ille exception of fifty dolacreage is less this year-than lalli; but the rrowth' Geo. W. Kanli, tl'dbaceo; applied for relief lo benktuptcy. tlreui.trom their .rlieet lnfanc7, the molher "''tching her we haTe no hesltation in oayiug that a larse and lalr crop wtll having been it il believed that tli.e yield will be 8lmoa. Salinger, Cigars; cha.ttel mortgage on store llxtores aleepmg babe and compresalag Its lips u often u they opeol!d. be 'made. Bal1111.:....crop of 187+-0h;io, 50li8 for wWIIl t.hey GP1'8111 thankfulness-received fully-up to an average in Neither Mi!D.Or for tBliO. After along,ardu0118 atruggle be JDanaged to do this bimaelt; Crop of Euglaud, 100 cuea, 20 for export. Crop CJp,r Manufacturel'll' Association ot heav;r wincl-has visited t'he VaDC!y this season, to imCmcnnu'PI, .-Edwin R. W. Thomas, Leaf Tobacco; ap! hia lung troubles at onc;e bep!l to diaappear, and he dwelt of 18,6-New Englaod, 500 caaea, GO fDrexpoo; ,. filley haft never receiV'ed a peuny during pair the UMhdiJI!Sl!l of the tobacco. relief iD bankruptcy. amid" malarious marshes both in North and South America 1,200 do, 100 to!! export; N e-,r York, 200 do, 100 {Qt export; CUI D, p.-c. Pratt, Clpn; mortgaged. witb impunity. On hia voyage home from the latter he poioted Ohio, 100 do, 100 for export. Crop of 1817-New.,tngland, the rights of cigar manufac IN BALTDIORE.-Our b!ief staT_ in Baltimore, the DETROIT, .MlcH.-Herman Joachimstahl. Cigars mortgage4 out-w fellow puaenger thoae who hahitoally breathed throogh 1,:100' .,_, export; Pelllliylft!lia, 7 1 3 ,910 for lllli.tlllallllell everywhere outlide of their own object of wbich'is elsew}fere described, was l11J1Qered ...,...e bill of lllle. tlh!all :ootb. d Th!I feher .ed.on thNe vellleld, and export; Ohio, 1,800 do, 1, 700 for export; :New Y4111r, 41 do, 4tllltrii:!Maiiolllllk haVje the -law on their side; they pleasant by courilsies received from several new I!O>Ill!APOLis, INn.-Joha A. Heldlinger, Tobacco md Cigars; oee "aD o 1 ,,.._ "! 9 t...... 1 ow we o.n'_ l export 'fiseooaia, 800 do, 700 far nport; Illineta, 1M fa U-'ted s friends whose acquaintance we made, and all the old applied for relief iD t.Diuuptcy. know bow milCh lmt::;l.rtance w to lbla. bul; lli. do, 101 f.-,ort. 18,654 c--. fi,IIOi ve a vorm a ... tatesCourt; ones on whom we had an opf:lrtUJUy .to call. Aft "J. T. Woodward, Ciprw; chatter mortgage Catlin evidently fane ed he had found a panacea for many of Export of t!eed leal since January 1 .,_CMI!It ame tfJIIa 'they l:!Aveu COUIIIIII in John V. L. Findlay one of the _.. KT.-Ju. B."Johns, Tobaooo; applied for rellel oor bodily ilia, al!d took the trooble to wnte a book. lA which 1811tyear, cues. might be expected from ms h& tual hosfitality and lo baOblmltcy be nr-ntly eatroa .. the adoptloll of the ... ,_ ... it ablest lawyers in :Maryland; and yet, for the w.ant of :Mr. 1 .L. lU& -.. -"' --. "w _.... inquiJ"T continues aoocl for Havana M4 f1'0ID. other cities for t:he defrayment ot Lo"'::'kiJII!lcY:-Aaa P. lllller, Clgara; applledtqr relief In =-tobacco, and w;e "note sales of 700 baTes aUOc to tl.lO, 'mcideatalt:JII\I'I..., \hey begin to feel as if they would fully making our eol'nfdrt and convenience a matter MOLIB8, ILL ..:..B. B:unoc:ke, Clpra; tailed. very Jikell do your neighbor Jtood. A still more mei&IIcboly, and .IGO 11f.les $1.25. There were 50 bal111 of Y ara lla'ft to .uooumb to the power of the Government as at of personal solicitude to himself. This,gentleman will N. J.-S. Spiro, Tobecc:o; applied for relief iD bant becaoae olligracefol, lligh1 hall lieen the pell-meU de:dltake-the-110ld on J)l'iYate terms. Salee for A'licuat, 4,800 llales shortly visit Europe with hia promising young son, ruptcy. hlndmoet rilslll.n beokroptcy of the laSt 1-P-Ja. It w.u not of Havaoa and 178 Y ara. present arbitrarily wielded. Will the trade in other who goes there to complete biB educauon at oDe of the NEw OBLJW(I, LA:-:M. A. Bonia!, Cigars applie4 for rellef conAned 10 the hopeleeal7 inveiTed, bot strong, healthy meo-Bll'l'III.Y ST.A.'1!EJ(II:!IT or STOOD BP..-TOBJ.OOO. 'parts of the OOIIIl1ry permit the cause to be lost f Let high8r seats of in 0.rmaDT. in O'fing a few hundred dollars. for which they were nnor Havana. Cube. Yara. = TotaL "--th d d __ be __ .. d f lbw You CrrT.-Jl. Rosenfeld, Tobacco; lll<> OUil&Il o........ ra.._. an sent orthniade bill of sale pay it, and IDipt heve paid it m a fe'll' yean with a ahonl and Bales. -Balea. Balell. Bales. with to E. J. Oppelt, President, or Thomas Cullington, AlrriSTIO Wou:.-The r Messrs. Donaldson Brothers, R. ll. All1111, Tobacco; failecl; applleol for rellef in beuJt. hoe If they had not 6een ao abominably lazy-joined the 8toclt Aog 1 1878 18 158 18,507 of the Baltimore :Manufact .. -1'11' lithographel'll, of this citt, have done thiDll!lelves and ml.lenoble crowd with an apparent jollity, ., If a Received IInce.... 8,023 llO 8,118 --'-'"6-their pa*rons great credit lD the beautiful sample showB b ._ N--'T bac c ,. d te the to h "-... ah 1 .. --:aon, for use m def--.0'-g the ng hof he __ .... h th ha t .... f )( B or .. """ 0 co ommisslon JJlerchants; in beult- liD WTO C\18 mary ypo... ..,o 00 not T tal na 87" ..... .... -___,_.. ........... "" """"' w ..... c ne.r ve JUS execu...,.. or essl'll. U ruptcy. n aal4 that, Trim,' said my oncle Toby, for God onlr 0 "" '" .._ --as aScted by the partition ruling, and an chanan & Lyall. Though for the embellish-Gottlried&hrelber, Clgar'Hanofactorer; asslgoed. ltno-who Ia a hypocrite ud who ia not; a& the rreat uA.-8 Bornatein & Co., Clprs; olterlng to feel good, as light M a feather. Like Longfellow's blackamtth, business. Many wholesale holl8e8 dealilq in manuWi&WD th? few weeks, *e have heard to. bacco who are usin ... the .Siiiuilah z Pilar A compromiae at Gc on the dollar. "They look the whole world in the face, f t d tob -T n.:b ,__b_ = ( b"' :M z ciJday, ... _. """' ST. LoUI!I, llo.-John A. Beloin, Jr.,' Tel acco; applied for For they owe not any man." ac ure aoco lll ...;. Cloy, w...,.. OJ!.& lll&i.y complain til manufac: J essrsk un 8u!;! b & relief tn benltruptcy. They are ready tor bll8iness. Already we hear of some of them mainly confined te til Southeza trade, are. d IUr li&tle auers relative to this year's busineas that we consid fearl. Street, New Yor ), Me avenP<>:r_t 0ITll!t sa FBAI'!creco, CAr.-John H .Mitchell, Cigars; applied for at the breaks, abort-crop speox. and become immediately dry on being taken from f>rmed a copartnership under the style of John Behrens & ing synopsis of exports from N e:w york aod New Orleans, from report to THE TonAcco LEAF :-Exchange weak. The qoota-[lated large stocks whidh in the course of 1t. The demand for _Unicrfm is !luch that the Co., 20 Water Street. lst January to date:lions are as follows:-Sterling;. 60 days, nominal. sight, . :Messrs. Jacoby are behmd m filhng thel1' orders. The CAMDEN, N. J.-Bosch & Co., Tobacco; dissolved; Charles 1877. 1878. nominal, 487; Sterling, 60 ays, actul\l, 482: sigbt, actual, trade would have dmurushed or entl1'ely d1sappeared patent on the linen bag which encloses the box was Bosch continoes bbds. bbdo. Cable transfers, 487; Commercial sterling, prime long, -during the brisk demand which generally takes place !Bsued in January, 1877; the patent on the was CABROLLTON, 0.-.M. J. Weaver, Cigar )iannfacturer; now Great Britain .................. : ........ .. 22,136 29,428 479@480: good 478@479; Paris, bankers, 60 days, 520; in August and September. This year seemed to be no l88ued a few days ago. Weaver & Hagemann. France .. .. .. .. .. .. . .. .. 6, 7<'13 8 ,813 sight, Reichsmarks, -(4), bankers', 60 days, -114.%; (4), CHICAGO, lLL.-Mullen & Love, Tobacco Manufacturers' Bremen and Hamburg ...... ... ........... 10,420 19,0611 sight, 95 -exception to the general rule, and trade really im--------Agents; dissolved; J. N. Love contioues. Antwerp and Holland.. ................... 3,101 8,509 F1eights.-Messrs. Carey, Yale & Lambert, Freight proved 1l0mewhat during the latter part of July, and Thetohaccomerchants contrlbutlolislntblsclty!ortheslckchUdren o CINCINNATI, 0.-Moses Kramer, Cigars; deceased. Spain and Portugal. ...................... 8,987 8,972 Brokers, report to THE TOBACCO LEAP 'l'ollacco Freights as t" ed d d th fi t t fA ercurslon on the St John's Guild 11oatlng hospital, a few days since DOVEB, N.J.-C. Mano& Co., Cigars and Tobacco; dissolved; Mediterranean............................. 989 2,228 follows:-Liverpool steam, 30s; sail, 30s; London, steam, COD mu goo urmg e rs par o ugust. But were as follows:-J J. Almlrall, (second subscription) $21; c. F Tag & A. c. Osbury succeeds. Italy a,nd Austria.......................... 8,101 5,967 22s 6d, 40 ft; Bllil, 30s; Glasgow, steam. 35s; Bristol, steam, then came the yellow fever, and as it spread over a Son, $25; Seidenberg & Co .. $25; L. Pascual, $25; Havemeyer & Vigellua, MAcoN, Mo.-C. H. Benedict, Tobacco etc.; out of business; Sundry Exports ...... ........... -. .. 8,800 8,567 40s: Havre steam, a12; Aotwerp, steam, 40s; Hamburg, steam, large extent of territory, its baneful effect was soon S:IS; F. C. Linde & Co., 12!1; Bunzl & Dormltzer, $25; V.lllartlnez Ybor & firm now Benedict, Kra1188 & Co., Ka1111RI! City. 41is; Bremen, steam, 42s 6d felt in this city ; for at this season of the year Southern Co., $25; Chas. H. Bpltzaer, $25; Stralton & Storm, $25; total, $11110. NEw YoRK Crrv. -Faucon & Carroll, Leaf Tobacco; dissolved. TotaL. ... : .. .. .. 63 7468 bb d th l d l h b d During the erlstence or the general bankrupt law since March 9, 1867, L, F. Reid, Cigars; burnt out Consumption and on ships not cleared, etc ... 14,29 o ]0 ers an ose oca.te e sew ere, ut oing busi7,1180petltlonsinhankruptcyhave been llled In this district. Thellnal PHILADELPHIA, PA.-Jaa. Dougherty, Cigar and Tobacco with the South, generally make their heavy purrush bega11 on Tblll'llday a week ago, wheu 78 petitions were receled, llanufact11rer; deceased. Many orders from the South which had tllen the iar&est number remembered to have been presented In one day. Wm. J. Donaldson, Cigars; deceased. _, __ _. bee d ha This wu followed by J811appllcatlo118 on the nert day, and on the 1aat Sr. Lours, ){o.W m. Bodemann & Co., Plug Tobacco; dis ..-.__.y n rece1ve ve smce been countermanded; were rued, making a total ot 101 tor '!>e last three days. solved; H Niemann socceeda. !. ---Disappeared from N Y. and New Orleans .. 78,044 94,812 Mr. John Cattus, Tobacco Broker, says:-Kentucky tobacco has been in active demand, witb sales for the month of 7,900 hhds, divided as follows:-Export, 5,500 do; manllfactnrers, IHPORTS The arrivals at tbe port of New York from foreigo p_orts for week eoding September 7, included the following ments:-. lip GLAsoow.-E. B. Gretstone, 26ll bxs p1pea;, Order, li8jl do. HAVA.."'"A.-F. Miranda & Co., 149 biUes tobacco; Slrohn &


BEPr. 9 l'HE LEAF. 5 Re't te' 49 d CliSs F Tag & Son 26 d 'oWelss Eller smkg, 5 bxs, 5 Wm. Broadhurst, Jr., 22 cases mfd; D. look for a bright crop; though the quantity, a8 heretofore men & d:,'; A. GonZales, 255 do'; veg; & Be.,;_hei"\, .T. & tlo: 1 hhd; Blakemoce: Mayo di! Co,, 3 do, 00 tioned will not reach tbree-fCIUrtbs of 1&1&. We I)OD.tinue for-888 do; Carl Upmann, 223 dQ; Q. 86 do; V Marti %-b:u; J. Pobal.tkt & Co., 1 caae mfd, Geo. P. N&sh, 1 mer quotations:-nez Ybor & Co., 46 do A. Cohn, 131 do; Jose de Cozo, 46 do; samples; S.M. Parker & Co., 34. hhds, 2 tros, 1 box-mple.o, dark. ..... .......... .. c. P. 187 do;'F. Alexandre & Sons, 34.1 do; W. H Lyall, 3 _hhds; B. H,ernsbmm & l!ro,. 3 ).4-b,xs, 3 .Uaf-dp . . .. . Tll.olnaB & Bro., 7do; 0 Palacio & Co 4 do; A. Cohn, 15do; F1tts & _Auatm, 1 case mfd; Je:ttreys & Co., 3 m edium dark ................. Purd & Nicllolas 8 do G w Faber 9 do B oward Ives, 14 Jos. D Keilly, Jr., 72 hbdJI, casea smkg, HIO :li-bxs, (scarce) 7 @10 -do i{. R. Kelly & co: 6 -do.' L. s.uichtz '17 do; Fischer & P H. Legg ett & Co., 8 C8Se8 10 ;!4:-bxs: B. Koop" & Co., commcua bng_ht ............... 4 @ 6 Keller 1 do. Michaelia :Z Lindemann, 4 H. M. Monis, of, 35 cases amkg, 1 box samples; 0 er, hhdli : G bulf&lllples; medium to gOOd ..... ...... ,.. L : p &' J FraDk 1 -do; Seidenberg & Co .. 15 do; KunAppleby & 21 bxs snu1f; Moore Jenkms'lt Co g do; ltna "'Wkblg .. 1,2 @ll! bal1lt & Co 21 do J & Co. 2 do F &W. Cochran, Aaron Clalhn & Co., 21 do ; Abner & Debls, 2 cases leaf am9kers common ............. 3Ji Alex:')lurphra. eo.,2 do; &se & Co 1 do; F BY Llll]l;::do to l{ood .. __ Alenfldre & Sons.' 12 do Acker Merrall & Condit, Ill! dq; : J.I'uucb, Edye & Co., M bhds, 1 G 2 bl:s do farr ................ .. National Expree.s Co 11 do Merchants Dispatch-CO ., 19 do> leaf; M J'alk; 1'l'. do fanCJ: (scar.ce). .. : --C .' F ll2 do. ; 'Park. & T!Hord, 111 do, 1 .:ase cigarettes ; -COA8TW18B I"JJIOl KEY .uT:-Se1den_berg & Co ., Wrapper&-eoinmon bright .......... 12 @16 Order 8119 bales leaf 1 case chrars t cigar!!.J1 llales tor$ps; F. De BIU)' & Co,. 18 CMes ?ip:rs, B., 1 medium to gQOd ..... = 081 ,.R Kelly & Co., 9 do, llFall & Lawson 7 do; Davtes & Co fine 411 a: Beceil* of licorice -" )Ort of New York for week 3 do, ll. 3 do, J. Xaeidol, 1 do, 1 bale scraps; W ...... ........ September 7, reported exprealy fo r 1'lnl ToBAcco LEAF.-s. John!IOD & B;;, 1 cue cigars; Btralton & Stonn, 9 bales J'"-C HcAn,dre'!"', S. Emn.J.r from Seville, 300 pkgs l'. Martinez Yllor & C0 6 do. cJo aood 12@18 (88,8112 lhl) root, and per L lJt4,plu 88ll eo.unnliii"YlKIX Nw 1irighi'i00ct. 80 @15--pkga (108 812 lbs) de; Wnnr & Sterry, per L lar-rom d 11 -. Sevill 1'170pkge(l&llll0lbe)de. BALTIMORE.-Me!Srs. Ed. Wtscbmcyer & Co., Too ne., ... : ... ..., ..,..... 8 b&coo Colllllllaalou M.ercbanu, "'port to T:u ToBACOO"LEAP:-clo extra parce!s. 611 @70 Receipu of leaf &obacco were lighter the past week, and with DAYTON. 0.-M-n. Killer .t Bnmner, Patkml and From ebe port of New York &o foreign porte for week ahipmeute a further redumion Is eft:ected in the stock. Dealers in Ohio Seed Leaf. re110rt to TJDC ToBAcco .Llln:-oendiq September 7were u fellow:-The markel for Mlll')'land ia Tlry brisk, particularly for the Our market ia -,;ery quiet. The.old ia ...-ly all sold. We...,'!i'.-8 cases. better grades, for which pricK &revery ftim reflecting also having nry ftn!lweether _for cu!_tlng aDd cUring the new crop. .&pZie .;.,.71 hbds, 18 pkga (4.5,081 lbs) mfd. BGme lltt1e on the medium quality. 8ales folf... .... .. ...... 00 00 same rllld:-Per bark AN for BreJDen, 113 llhds Ma land ,' .. ......e um .... .......... .. uvwu mtctMjlcl;-38 balea. 00 do tuck,-, 1118 de Virginia &obaoce and la._!l do v'!rinia Good II 711@7 00 : (9,141 lba) mfd. 1tema per bark 1""* for Brem ... 14.7 hilda Maryland, U8 do L.&.IC.A.BTlilB.-01!1 East Hempfteld-correepondent says: m.a.w-. hhds. X.entackyl,t dO Virginia &oMece and 711do Tirlinia slema; -cutting iB all the rage at ai!.d HMMwg.-103 bbdJI, 190 cues, 690 balea. per lilark _.i:NW CaiMn,.. for .A.JUWnlam, 187JIIll.da Mlll')'land, day fully wi.Q be o Iii o any:coaoa-libdl. 100 do Iren&acky ; 77 do Yirainia tobaeeo and :U.. cases Seed quence except on S'aturoay little 'Prlnkle. ClUing of Ha.l'll.-1 pba (ll't lba) mfd. leaf; :per schr ftL-108 bhda, SO euee, 118 p!J,ga (28,G02lbl) mfd. Bremoa, IIIli illlu Mlll')'land, 1111 do X.llotuclr.y, 4ilf1 do Virldhlti ... 'LOUISVI}.;LE.-Mr.Wm. J. :Lewen, Secretary of IN-z.Hmd.-611 Pba (81,73111be) intd. 1 tobacce, GU1hd111tOJ8S'aDd 18r cases Seed leaf; lt hbdo Tobacco :Board of Tnde, reports &o THE To:Hcco LE.u:hll ... lo pl iucky tobaoco Receipu forftnt four days UU, week, 800 hbds. It (ll,l41lbri) mfd. TOJI-'100.0 IIT.t.TI:IIDT.. SALJ:B J'QR I'IRBT J'OUB D.t.YB TBlS WJ:D:, J:TC ..._ _. "" January 1878.-8tock iwld. in State Tobacco W.M. JLont""4. Year qUOTATIOIJS of WHOLESALE abipooard ;nol cleared : ...... tS,BOIIIIhde KentUcky .A.SIIOCiation.............. 96 96 ll.99ll PAJITICUL.UIIIIC>TICK. week ............. "............. 1 ,780 :bbds Pliinters' ......... .... .. ...... .. .. 1811 165 e,794 -em coat; tbepriceo previouljy thi&yeaJ' .......... .. .. ;"ds' C:ity .... .. ............... :. ''71 71 2,217 ob-.,loy gro...,,. of &o-. ,....,fore, >rill alw&111 be IIOD!iewbal Lomn1lle .... ..... ................. 201 1108 .. 946 JowlobaDdl-quo-u. -" 71l,as.hllds Ninth Street. ...................... liOI :10!1 11,762 'WESIBJII'I' LE.I.P, Expodaof lfarylaadandOhiolinco Gllllert ..... ;: ................ ,..... M 117 t,IIAIS .Lient...F- m!l-.L .... ..,.tom January. 1 .... .................. s1,2011hbw. Pickett .. : : .. ................. 158 .. up ......... .......... .f."""hbds Boo "" ""'07'7 Common leaf...... .... Common ............ 6 0 1 1"-'W'---r : ; : ,""''V hhda ne ,......... .......... ........ 0111 Medium ....... : .:...... .......... ... : Fanners............................ 1:51 1111 11,479 -o-l'!o: .. .. ".... 8 Good .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 11 Stock in warehollllll this diy and on noi .J Flu ... ...... ....... .. & D ............. 1g cleare4 ..................................... ,. :; 1,1911 1,11111 113,635 TIHIWI.I. LE.I.P DB ...... : .. -;.. Stock eame lime in1877 ......................... 33.8011 hllde Year 1877 .. .' ...... : ................ *1,1M 1,2811 .Loos linftUiv.rtd T..oo-., ... :wo som t de,mand Year 1878 ........... : ............. *1, 1,731 Common to good ...... 1 0 a Commoa"'tomecllum. 15 G from lhe,. far from belng.actne. Ex Ye...-1871! .......................... aM 3811 Good toaae ........... s 0 4 Good to a.. ............. 411 J!Ort'ed:-11,011 lbs &o Demerara, 1,188 lbll to Rio, as {ba \o *Sale of full week ending on Baturtllra. :Filleto .,., .. 11 .... 110 711 Wtot fli'diea. Bales of week 8l1d year alvided u tu!loia:... :J CAIRO, DL-W. M. Secretary Three States __ I W'Uk. Yecw. J:nraiiDe ............. Jo 18 Tob&ccoAasocla&lon,reports to'flm TO:IIACOO Lllll'-u follows : Original New ... ,... ............. ... .... 997 4.8,133 Dark wroppero ........ lt 15 -Sales tO-day 38lllll.ds 8111ollow.:..;;..41a:blia lui" ai 18low Original Old. .................. :........... 1 1,700 liED L.l. POR,IIelllil TR.I.DE. ltaf as 4. 00011-'18 medium leaf at II 2/JO& 211. Buyers 'are dis-New Reviewa ......... .. . . 1911 -&,971 me-lim-''12 015 -poNd-to be yety eauuous; !)wing4o ilae.1ea10n bo111g BG far ad. Old Reviews ................. ..... : .... .. 2 831 C s OJO n11ced. lteretof11r,e pprcbasea b,&n l'O. \ a profit, We uo really ftne leaf of any deacnptlon thla week, the Crop 181'7-Cn>p 187'7hence thoy are a llule oph ;" and we, ,iu conseqlie ce, best berug three or four hbde of dark wrappers at ll@lOc. I!Ooonde ............... 11 aa8 Aooortecllota .. 87(...:"' 8 Oil the lilarket quiet. Sound heavy Juga and any suitable for j>lug work are Tery J'lllent ........ ......... 7 N..,.YoK-Crop 1 8 strong. The bulk of our breaks is nondescilpto and moder 015 010 cmcAGO, special :-ately heavy bodied (moeLrylong and DarrOW), some of which, ...-..s Iota .. .. .. .. 010 A&oorteclloto .......... 8 ,.. bemg held w tbia ctly hu gt!ea a having length and width of leaf, taken at Crop 181'7do Big Fl&lo.IO 0-new unpetus 110 buSIDeas, as &llousands have come to Chicago No change to make i.lf Jaat week s quotations nor : : 1 : I); ... i o s t.bat do not olliy ,l!eC sigl!ts '!JUt ,bny ":t the time. is any fnoiab!e change in crop reportS. "We are 18111-.. CJOOP 1877 a -fan week basmeea can be. recorded, ine we .ather {or ripeniug the weed, b'uL, unfortunately. m most .A.ooorted Iota ...... 10 015 .... .... 7 @IO the an? grades of tins great nrlety of gobds of our State growing weather would be preferable. ......... 8 0 8 1 to be '11: P!eponue""!ce No take!', Receipts on Friday a'na satiltday were 880 l!hds ; sales 411 ...... 11 OliO 1n the c1gar a baslieen YlSibM through hllds. Market firm. do ...... lo out the week. Ntce b11ls of ppe and fanc.y goods llave been Tile joint committee for the election Of t'lro tobacco inspec ...... g 7 In Seed leaf we have had anetber h_vely week All tors Lo s erT? one yearfrom Novl. bas just itsll18k EXPORT Q11eTATION8, kmds of have had a full share of attentton. :rhe supply (after two Sittiugs) by thereelection of the p-nt mcumbento, ,........_-ero lS76. Omo-Crop l87lh and the rece1pts of dark wrappers and old bmd_ers :Mes srs : J. J Bethel and D. SpauldJpg, former on ........... ...... e Asoortedgood ......... @ 9 not been equal to the Bot!t kindo meet.,..,tb ready eighth ballet, the )alter on fourteenth ballot., The committee' Crop 1877. !lo talf ........... ; @ 8 sale. Ne_w seconds are IJP _llrght!T, .. bave js C)Jjnposed of as many buyers (membei-1 of our Board of .a.looote4.110@ 6 tlo 1,477 7,046 IS2,3i5 LlUea-PASTE, Medium lugs ..... ....................... 6 00@ 7 00 Year1877 .. : ................. 1,281 11,8011 42,958 '' 'fua&ISII-6oodcolorylugs ........... ...... \ ...... 7 00@ 8150 Year1876 ...................... 1,284 6 902 ,5,921 & ... ....,._ a. c. "F. G." Golcl ll8 "W.S." Gold Jt Common leaf ............................. 9 0001100 Year1875.................. ... 414 2,074 19,901 do ll8 ::}_:_;: .Medium Leaf ...................... : ...... 11 00@18 00 Sales of week and year divided as follows: -.. "Walllak" .. Pilal" he. c.l Ca." wLa O.." HLa ROe&' :!: : "BMUa" do Good leaf ................................. 13 00@16" llO l lf'uk. Yecw do z ::t't"s::. do 18 Fine IW ... : ............... : ....... ; ..... 18 00020 :l3 Original New .' .......................... 1,305 45,0411 j .... o. s." eurre:.,cr l: ::rg 110 Original Old .. ... !...................... 3 1,698 do llll do llll F'ill ed d 8 OO@lO 00 New reviews ..... ,..................... 111 4.,749 I "G." do 18 ere m lum an .......... .... .. Old reviews.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. Y7 8jl9 DOIIIl!I.-ICI Fillers good to ftne ... .............. 10-"P@11 00 We hne now sold 47,663 hbds originalS of crop of 1877 ; The domestic receipts at the port of New York for the week ending Sep\omber 7 were u follews : BY TIDI.Etml: RAn.BoAD :-sa...,.er, Wallace & Co 64 hhds; .H. Siebert, 20 do; Pqllard, Pe&tuo, & Qo., ll'do; Blakemore, .llayo & Co., 83 lh>r:K:reaelberl & Co., 7 do; 1. D. Keilly, Jr., Watjeu, 'l'oel & Oo., 87 d'!i Fallenstein & Son, 8 do; E. Rosenwakl clb:Qro.\ 560 -; .uunzl & Dormltzer, 10 do; Order, l,Oilll hllda. o Br THE HUDSON RIYEll lUILB04D:-Josepb Mayers' Sons, -44 cues; C. B. SplfiJlllOr, 4.4 Schroeder & Bon, 81 do; Order, 1J llhds, 21 eaeea. BY TD lU.TIOI.Al. Ln!E:-D. Dow.!' & Co., 1711hds; Funcb, .Edye & Co., !jl do; Sawyer, Wallace & Co., 187 do; :)>ollard, Pettus & Co. 16 do ; D. J Garth Son & Co., 22 do; Watjen, Toel. A Co.J, 36 do; B. llool'l & C?, 47 do; _B, Iakemore, :.Mayo 4 Co., liB oo; Dre'll' il Deane, 10 ilo; H. Btiliert, 5 do; J. H. :Moore & Co., 21 do; P Lorillard & Co., eo do; J.D. Keilly, .Jr., 83 do; B.){. Lewis, 10 do; A. B .. Cardoao,lJ do ; Ottinger .Bros., :13 do; Juvia & Co., 2 do; llqwres, Taylor AI Co., 10 do; ()rder, 78 do, 10 BY TD P&!UIBILVDIA. Bros. 100 .cases;. J:. Bachoi;..8oh. 17ol de; l'uiUII.& Co.; 37 do ; E .t G. Friend & Co., 41) do; Jil: X Cuwford, 148 do' { A. Lichtenstein & llros.l.. M ao; K. B : Bostinbaum & Co., 80 do ; M. Paulltach, 16 do; .u. Grotta, 4. do; C.,.. H. Spitzner, 0 do; HaTemeyers & Vige!ius, 108 do; C. Laageabech; 8 f1o; 1 bale ; Bunzl & Dor mitzer, 101 cases, 1 box samples; B. Solomon, 8 do, 1 do; L. Genhel & Bro. t 'box; Pioneer Tobacco Co., 8 .do; E. C. Hazard & Co. 1 case cigan; SoL Dobaer, 1 half ease do; 8. Hernaheim&Bro., 1 box do; Appleby_. Helme,l case tobacco, 11 trca anu1f, 35 hbla do 24 half bbls do, 100 bous do, 12 jars odo, 15 kegs do; Thoe. Hoyt & Co., 1 bbl do; Thos. Rutter & Oo., II jan, 1 tub do. BY TJIII CBN'J'RAL R.ul.BoAD OJ' N .... .& dans, 10 caaes; C. E.l'iscber & Bro .. M do; J. S. Gana' Son .& Co 1 do. BY TBJI NoRTR BlTEB Bous:-Pollard,. Pettus & Co., 74 hhds; Ottinger Bros., G do; D J. Garth, Bon & Co. li6 do; B. Siebert, 6 do; Sawyer, Wallace II: Co., 898 do; J D. K e illy, .Jr., 8U do; A. C. L. &. 0. Meyer 15 do; Kremelberg & Co., 12 Blakemore llayo & Co .. 11 do; J.i'ul!ch, Edye & Co. 88 do; Squires Taylor & Co., 5 do; Toe!, Rose & Co., 27 do, 100 ()88es; C H Bpitzner, cases; Order, 1!33 hbda. BY TilE Nxw YoBJ< & NEw HAYEN STEA1DIOAT Llll]l; : :ll. Westhelm & Co., 87 cues; C." B. Philips, ll do; Wm. Eggert & Co.,_ 89 do; Davis & Day, 34. do; A. T Stepheus, 8 -do; Bunzl a, JJo!'Jilit.zer, 23 do, ; Lobeustel, & Gane, 29 do; E. Rosenwald & Bro., 4 do ; Schroeder& Bon 1 doi J B. Thayer, 16 do; Brenner & Marko, 8 do; B. Auerbach, g oe.les; H. K. & F B. Thurber & Co., 2 caddies; Thos. & Co., 2 pails. BY T1IE Nllw YoBJ< AND IIABTJ'OBD i;TliAJOIOAT Llli]I; : Stralton & Storm. 2li C8888; LobeD!Iteln & Gans, 24 do; Cbas. F. Tag & Son, IJ do; L. Genbel & Bro., 1 do; C B. Philips, 2 do; Schwarz & Wet!, 11 do; E. Splagarn & Co., 90 do ; Fox, Dills & Co., li4 do; A. L & C. L. Holt, 1 do; J. W Chapman, 3 do; G. W. Gall & Ax, 64 do ; E. Rosenw ald & Bro., 7 do. BY THE NEW YOBJ< AND BRIDGEPORT 8TRA>IROAT LJNE: E. & G. Friend & Co., 10 cases; B11nzl & D ormitze r, 1 do; J ooeph May e r s' Sons, 217 do. -BY THE OLD DoHINION S'!'EAVBHIP LINE:-Thompson, M oo re & Co., 7 cases m fd, 28 bx s, 40 M-bxs, 20 cadd i es; W. 0 Smith & Co., 34 hbds 18 trcs, 4 cases mfd, 100 %-bxs, 8 cases cigarettes, S bxs samples; Bulkley & i\Ioore, 9 cases mfd; E. Du Boi s, 50 .\4-trcs, 5U cases mfd; Wise & Bendheim, 1 case mfd, 11 cases smkg, 14 caddies 5 cigarettes; R. Moore & Co., 11 hbds; Kunhardt & Co.,100 do, 1 box sa mpl es; Allen & Co., 8 cases m fd, 235 cases smkg; M.arcb, Price & Co., 41 hhds; J.D. Evans & Co., 3 hbds, 4 t r cs, 5 U-bxs 8 bx s samples; J. W. Martin, 5 cases mfd, 24 cases smkg, 26 X bxs, 6 ;!4:-bxs; C. E. Lee, 1 case mfd, 1 7f-box, 5 38 cad d i es; P. Lorillard & Co., 2 hbds, 16 trcs, 1 box samples; Dohan, Carroll & Co., 15 cases smkg, 100 caddies; Pioneer T obacco Co., 10 1 box sampl os; Carhart Bros., 20 cases smkg, 50 Mbxs 50 M-bxs, 15 Oelrichs & Co., 1 box samples; F S. Kinney, 5 hbds; Watjen, T oe & Co., 217 d o, 2 bxs s amples; Poll&rd, Pettus & Co., 13 d o: Sawyer, Wllllacc & Co., 7 6 do; F E. Ow en, 1 3 do 14 trcs; II. Wirt Mathews, 1 case mfd, 5 do smkg; Mill e r & Co., 3 bxs samples; Ex. Norton, J. H. .Moore & Co., 108 hhds; G. W. Billman, 2 cases mfd, 24 oases' 2 8 00 this include 2,484. bhds sold before the commeneemeat of lhil Oigar lAqf-Smoken common. 4. """"'00@ l! 00 4 = 6 00 yeaF. The market opened o1> Monday last With a stronger 11 """" 8 00 7 = 8 150 feeling, and prices were slightly higher than at the close of laat 111 ere. """" """" week; thio feeling baa con,inued mad.y Ole week; W nippen medium... .. .. .. 8 OO@lO 00 8 00@12.tlO closing to-day nry fum at' quotations. Sound cOJrllllon to Wrapl'l!n ROOd; 10 OO@lll 00 l2 OO@lll gg good lugs ban adnnced common to gQOd nonde-: Wrappers.ll'ne to fancy.... 16 00@18 00 18 00@24 script and moderately 114"&0died common to flod about Classiftcp\ion of 'sales:-' d I _., k 1 h f 22. 9 hbds and 1 bxs Muon Co Ky .. Dlstrict!-lG at :11.9(!@ J.4c, and sweet .kin s su table for plug wor an Olf graues o 7 "" Qn 8""o 90 :14 t 10@14.25 really heaTy bodied, X@%c higher than las& week. We bad 3 .110; 41 at 4@11. 90 ; llllat 6 @ ..v; .... at ..,..,. ; a ; few bhds of fine, dark, beevy bodied the best selling at 8 at 17.25@18.25 ; 2 bxa at 4.80@8. 10 10@10!M:c, Lbe same as was selling at in June last 200 bhds Brown Co., 0 District:-9 at 3.011@8. 90; 25 W.e so-t;t" one entlrecrllpofHart County, Ky., (yellow) at 7, 11, 11. 95; 88 at 6@7.90; 67 at 8@9.95; iSat 10@14 .75; 16 at 15@ 12. 12;14, 13 %, lSX, 2Q, '2_2, 81, 48and ll8c, 1\Teraging 23c. All hbde pwea Co., Ky., Diatrlct:-28 at W 9li; 61 at 8@ cutting q.uite atrong at quotations; we bad 110 tine leaf 7 .911; 57 at 8@9.90; 46 at 10@14.25; 16 at 15.25@18. 7i; 1 box at of th1s description tbia week A few nry_ trashy soft or ligltt 8 II&. weight lugs tlils week .. n Crop reports in the main are stu! In a number 87 hbds Pend)eton Co., Ky., Diltrlct:-16 at 8.8:1@8.911; 18at th ba I bile "" o a.60.7 80 18 8""'9 9" 18 "'1"""16. 771: 8 b t of insW11ces e; 1'8 atr crops Ill one Jlouo 0 a COUuoy, W _.. ...... ;'"'at.._ ; a. "" .. ; ., .._ ; xa a fu other parts o the san\e light, Boone County, Ky., at 3.011@1A; lll. West VJrgiuia 11o11d poor tu1f at that. 'l'bere I.e much tU the growing crop."ill at 4. 22 Indian& at 2.411@10. 11 hbds at sale: central counties, the le&Tef! of. wh.ich"&JO no\ larger than a man' a lO a& 18@17: r at)l4. hand. While some of the crop of U.ia State bas been cut, there The oltcri:ngs of cigar leaf to-day were 2 hbda and 118 CaBell is still a large proportion that bas not been topped; but-as Ohio and Wiscomin. Tlle market Jack thespJtlt and animaweeds are a bard thing to kiil out, with favorable seasona the lion shown last week, and prices were therefore a little o11, worst may be made to com.)lare:favorably with qnantl&lea sold although uot quotably lowet:. The offeringi embraoed a fair here this year. QUOTATJOIIIB. to medium line only, with prices as follo,..s :-. 46 cases Ohio, common smokers to good a&2 60 ,..--HW"'/ Bod::u--rmitzer& Co., Le&C 1 Receipts !brtbe ]feek:--150!1 boxes, 4,904 caddies, 902 cases, Tobacco Dealers report to THE TOBACCO LEAl' as !ollowa:-alld 43ft paili 'o! 11iae.cuu. Transaetions at our tobacco warehouses for tba :week ending ),!lxported to Liverpool per steamer BritiM Empire 20,2(!0 lbB September 4:-Receipts, 560 bhds; o:tterings. 576 hllds, of which manufactured 364 bhds were sold and 21-1lihds te]eqted: lielireriei il Uo-f from the smiling countenances of bhds; fo, sllipment, hllds ; JotalaeJho eries, 1,000 hhda; atock the packen and m See d leaf, 1877 crol? bas certainly on band September G hbds, &,'i90 hllda 011 the,lst added considerable to their bank balances. Thts is especially of September. Everything else unchanged Our the caoe with tbelorLunate few who packed and held Pennsyl, report Is as follows:-' V&nia, for it' is DOW daily required and U Often aifvancee Or 01f,rlngs, and dell'fei-ieS afthe becomes firmer in price. I learn to -day that one of our large of St. Louis for the month of August: -"packers 2150 cases at a very agreeable price Connecticut Stock on band August'"! ........................ : 11,024 hbda holds ita own nicely while Ohio and Wisconsin are daily be Receipts during month.................... .. .. .. 3 316 hbda coming appreciated; hence, better ftgures are eaaiJ1 realized __ grade of foreign leaf, if up to the mark in 8,MIIilld8 quality; commands attention and brjngs fulljrices. Deliveries in city .................. .. .. E."ported to Liverpool per steamer JiJmpire, .663,38 2 Deliveries for shipment .. ........ : .. lbs Western leaf; to Laguayra per scbr Addu li'ulle7, 719 lbe Ptmn8ylvania leaf. '' Receipu for the week :-265 Cfl,'les Connecticut. 898 do Penn Stock on band September 1. . ... .. sylTania, 69 do Ohio 50 do Wisconsin loU bales Havana, and Off e rings at tbe warehouses month:-. .7115 bhds of Vircinia. and Western leaf tobacco. 0 als '9. 381 ....... Sales for 'home consumptipu cases Connecticut, 867 do r1g1n : .,, ..,_ Pennsylnnia, :14 do Ohio, 46 do Wisconsin 123 balet Havana, Rev_iews. 264 hhds and 21 bhds of Maryland, Virginia and Western leaf toba&o. RICHMO:ND.-Mr. R. A Mills, Tobaeco Broker 'and Commission Merchant reoorts to rfBB Xo:aicco ,LBA11' : Binee my last report tltere bas bee11. a slight fa!\ing o1f lu re ceipts and o1Ierings. Prices for all d es irable grades rule firm. R e port s from the tobacco growing districts continue favorable. N o ndescript still neglected Transactions-for the wee)!o:-1 ,26.2 bhds and 144 trcs. 011erings at auction :-Septe mber 2, 40pkgs sold ,at O.!KI@45; 17 tskenin at 0 .5 September 3, 64\)o solp at 0.8Q@ ,61; 32taken in at 0 S epte mb e r 4,, 56 do sold. at 0 65@68; 42 taken in at 1. 1. September 5, 88 do sold at 0. 70@26; 20 taken in at 1.69@43U. September 6, 84 do sold at 1 .20@ 45; 48 taken in at 1.10@30K September 7 11 do sold at 1.25@57; 16 taken in at 1. 70@33. Comparatlve statement of the Inspectio ns, Delinries, et c ., of Tobacco t ogethe r with stocks o n hand at the di1Ierent ware houses in the city of R ic h mond, f rom O c t o b e r 1, 1 876, to September 1 1877, and October 1, 1877, to Sept. 1 1878:Shockoe ...... .. Hhds. Tcs & Bxs. Upl'ds. Rhds. Tcs & Bxs. Upl'ds. 6 ,308 1, 2 1 7 11 10,392 1 ,6 1 6 2 lfayo's ......... Seabroo k s ...... 4 197 1,648 3 1,578 I48 8,586 579 5,026 216 Public ......... .. 6 ,295 1, 782 3,591 812 Anderson' s .... 1.854 236 2,820 520 r e jec t: w Since Ja uary 1:, .. t 1 ..... ..... .: .. : hbds Recetpts smce .. .... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 31138 ..___ -----r:: bhds Dell veries ih city. .. ........... _.. 2. 127 hhdl! Deliveries for' s bipb:ten \ ...... ....... 7 144 hhda Stock on, ha11d September 1. ....... : ...... ... 011erings at the warehouses:Origin a l s ................. ... ....... 10,686 hhds Reviews ... : .... ................... 1 ,211 hbds t ll,Ba'l' hbds Of which sold ....................... 7 ,33 9 hhds rejected ................... 4.,558 hhds ---11,$7 hhds FOREICN. Myers' ........ .. Planters' ....... Wilson's ....... .. Crenshaw's ..... Shelburn's ..... .. Conrad's ....... S moot 's ........ Owen' s ........ 2,202 573 7 2,201 819 7 ,879 870 56 9,148 910 745 287 1 912 1 8 0 934 1 3 0 \,22 6 232 427 510 750 458 149 115 535 126 1,364 527 3,501 541 34,576 7,997 78 43,044 August24.-Mess r s F W. 'Smythe&Co., Tobacco Com nuss1011 Merchant s report to 'fRE TouAcco LEAF: is -During the pasl week business w ith the home trade was gen e r ally confi n ed to a few sal es of medium Mis so uri leaf and an occasional smali Jot of str ips. A few purchases were of the mo st r ecent imports fo r Africa, but we have not beard of any sales for the Contine nt. Prices n ominally unchanged We w o uld draw the atten ti on of shippers to the exte n t of stoc k now h ei;I in this port a s per ligures below. Imports, 2.16& J:hds; dehvenes, 376 hhds; stock, 40,899 against 33,764 Brun.l) 20 lim e l ast year. -' Paakers and Dealers iD Pennsylva.nfa Leaf 61 and 63 llorih Duke Bt.. I.g.ncaater. Pa.


' ,. 6 _BAMBERGER & CO., DEALERS IX TOHA.CCO, n Manufacturers o.f. all Qrades of Cigars, 11 A.aia St., P-hiladelphia;" Pa .. NO. 8:12 NOIITH T IRD STREET, PHIU.DELP.,IA. 8)\ Iara:e assortment of all kinds of LKAF ToBACCO constantly h:tnd .J!t \,l I, I! '\\, 1 / 1 "\.-t \j--. "-'\ ',' M. & 00., Paoken, Commiwioa enlaaat. AND WROL_ESALE LEAF :.o. aao 'l'lilzoc1 St., A"db'a lYlOOR;m:, 6 Pa.ekers, ComiDisaion llerch&atl & Dealers in SEED LEAF. HAVANA TOBACCO No. 35 North Wacter-st., PhUedelphie. GiiMP:ilri.BROS. .A.G-:JIIJ.'IIT CXJIII& : 'HGWTort: I. F!LK, 122 Chambers St. PbilaielDhia: BATTIN & BRO., 142lf. 3d St. WFBTEB.N A.DvERTISEBENTS. To B. SPEltOB. J, P. BPBJIOE. Jf. T. SPEltOE. O .A. SPEltCE, !IBIOSI! TOBACCO lOllS. Spence Brothers 6t1 CC). so, os, 60 & 62 Tht.4 street, ex o .a.Tx. ::1!"1,...,. ::Bro1:h.e:r 1Qo ::E"'o-d X..O:a.s Joh.D. a-. :EII:r:Lsh1: -d. ::B1ack., 01d. ::EII:o:u.eT a Pe'!1'& AND ALL OTHER POPVLA.& STYLES OF FINE NAVY TOBACCO, X..O'C'X&'V'XX..X..E0 SEPT. g IISCELLABEOU8 ADVERTISEIEHB RniSDALE SliiTR &. SOl', (-n to H. SMITH &: CO.) PA.OKEII.S A.JfD JOBBEBS ConnecticUt Leaf Tobacco 20 HAMPDEN ST., Sprlngfteld, Mass. H1NSDALa SauT., E.' H. s .. rn.. C. 0. HOLYOKE, COKKISSION DB.CHAN'l'. In LEAF and J4ANUF AO'l'UBED TOBAOOO, u Central 'Whal1", Bo6ttnt. Redd, Woonon & Co., RED D'S WAREHOUSE,' :DUL&IIB IN I LEAF TOBACCO,., :E'I.e1cJ..'Vlll.e0 :N'. d. SOLICIT oaEDII tro the TRA.D& Refer to P ACJ: BROS .t JORNift'Olf a (/!lr.K. W J CLARK 8i. 00 D......._ y._ '.BICIWID IALLAY,IB. G. W.,WICIS & CO., rort.he Saleot WMi E. DIBRELL, LEAF. Yll11111, lissoWI, and Kentucky LID TUUCCB IIHJl B 0 K s' TOBACCO, :i-1.10 CUT StzoMt 1 115& 111WES.TFRONTSTBEET, West ain Street, : RICHMOND; VA. 0. Ktl .) c ... w WICKS. K. ,._, A s LOWENTH" A t''" CO., M GlURRS 0 E CIGARS; SeQ .. Leaf and Leaf Tobacco, ; FOURTH Tl, OHIO., J;AM'L raosT,-C. & R. DORMITZER & CO. Dealers Commissioalercialts il .LEAF TOBACC09 2 NORTH MAIN ST., .Bet. Xaln ... S,CODd Bto. ST. x..c:::t'C'X :aii:Co Cllotee Brando ot ImPOrted Licorice al-ya on band. Liberal Caah Ailv&llCfll! made 011 Ooilo!camen!e. HOLT. SCHAEFER & co.: LYNCHBURC VA., BUYERS AND HANDLERS 011' CICAR:BOX MANUFACTORY LBAF TOBACCO. d WO. :E-O"WV 1 E* F& AND DEALER IN CIGAR-BOX TRIMMINGS, LABELS; PAPER, .. c;;,d.:; ;muoB:u:yed.. DEALBa llf .A.J.'IIT:D .A.X..X.. U:XJ.'IIT:DI!I o:' CXG-.&.:E'I. :E'I.X::B:SOJ.'IIT&, ft ft --t HAVANA AND DOMESTIC .o19 to West Sixth St., Cincinnati TOBACCO BROKER Oigar Leaf Tobacco, J&COW-.,Ullo!CIU. ... E.A..WIDt. 8 GEISE & BRO 112 Broad St., NashviHe,Tenn. MANUFACD of FINB CIGARS -:.-mu--1 .. Ga.T Crrn .SBTEoxAPJKA.CTO: B y STORE: 1341 CHESTNUT STREET, lL E. VOCKE & co., 113 Main St, Cincinnati, IUllB .. Fine Virginia Smoking Tobacco, :ractory: 444to448 North 13th street, Tobacco and General Commission Merchants, No. 93 CLAY STREET, A DELP.:O:Z.A. P.A:. BilBY MIYIR 1: co., C:UJCIJDrATI, o. '.. ... ;:-... -lT s. E. Comer STREETS, COMMISSION MERCHANTS, --F-. _w...; ;:::.D::.:.=o:::.:::tR:.:: -, 'V' .&.. THE WGEST CIGAR FACTORY IN THE s A .I:. BAUER (;.F.WAGGI BEEBE&: CO., OalncT,lll.; ll LYALL, Ne,..York; ral si U h R. W. OLlVER, Rlcltmoad, Ya.; Gene mere ants, ](SH.EPPAW.U .t: SJill'H. Daallle, Va.; .. 8! North Water Street WILsoN a: )[cCALLAY, lllld41eto ..... o. _..,.,_ 30 North Delaware Avenue;, A H .. THEOBALD P::EII:TX A "D::mz..P'1E!CJ" A BROS .-'iECULIAR", c c A 808 Jlarket St., PJIIL.U).LPRIA. MANUFACTURER OF FINE CICARS, AND DEALER IN Span ish and Domestic Leaf T ebacco, J(. W. 21 N. Main St., St. Loul8; .:..., ao:. llynoe., i& -. ll'etenh-, va." WHOLESALE TOBAOOONISTS Factory: 19 <,Secondt District, VIrginia ;r A.!OJ SOLE PBoPaiETOas oil' THE v .AN' A P ... 'Uuract .... G ''GOLDEN CROWN". CIGARS,. DOMESTIC LEAF 'l'OBACCO: i V .-a ,..,. M 57 Lake .Street and ... State Street, Chicago, Ill. 14 North canal street, _..,.,_ ALS?fGEN! S FOR THE FOLLOli'ING WELlrKNOWN :CJUOA.QO. ILL. ,...,....T--._ A. _.._..0..:::::1 I p, LOBIL"L.t.RD .. COo New York; IIEIDENBER.G .. CO., NewYort; ........ ... w .. KDIIDlLL. co.s "V.A.JfiTT FA.Illo" Rocbeater, N.Y. ; ECLIP8&" BRIGHT IIA V'l", la, 3a, 41, 5s, 811, 7, 81, 91 aDd I 01. ''tiT, OEORQB" BRIQHT NAVY, 1, 3a, 4, a1 &s, Ta, 8s, 9 1 10.. .. W, T BLACKWELL A. CO., Durham, N. 0.; DA.IUC" BRIGHT :NAVY, II. 31, &1, 81, 9 101. J._ J, BA.GLET &r, CO.'S "JI.&.YF'LOWEB.," Detroit, litcll.l "AliXOT LTLB '' BRIGHT :N'A.VY, 11, aa, a,, 81, 7, 81, 9 aa.4 lOa. '"' J, w. "LOBE .. .A.O_." LyaCbburrb, Va. '' VNION JACK'' IIA.MOGA.IIY JIOUND8, .U .lact a.. .-.. "ST .JA.IIE8" DARK POl711Da, H, ._.,, 5a, Ga. '2'1, 81, 9 aad to.. ,61ao a fTCal v&rlety or nlfB TWIST of aeveral grades Bright and MahoPor under the fottcnft!lr celebrated brands: ".&D.uLA'!riOlV TIIOBJIIAIWD'2' '' GOZD," & "r.IVB OAK,"" KABOB," '' :DII 80TO '' and '' OOlVQV'IIJLOJL '' Ttle fpnowlar are oua. A,e_!l:tl for the Sale of KANUF A.CTURED GOODS :(), W. VA.N A.LIITDIE., 00. IBCe,;t.alWbarf Booton.Ka&, Po OA.VANA.GB, 41 and 4'\Va-Avenue, Chicago, llL; A., DA.GBN ., CO!L&t N. Frollt B-,l'l!lla\lelpiU&, l'a.; 1 1'1, D, 0-II!ITIAN, GalvootoD. Teua; 30111'1 TITtlll CllleiiUI&ti, 0.; Cal. & St., i._ RAN ELLIS. fi s.,z:r.!.,treet,IIAittmore,111ld.; (J_P_ co., Cor. ana Front Bt., emphlk, 1 OFFICE Of E. T PILKINTON .. & .. co. 1410 CARY ST. . MANUF ACTUBEllB OF T::EII:Ji!i "JJ'JB:D H FRUITS:. AND FLOWERS" SMOKING TOBACCO, New York Agents: W. E.B.A.GSDAJ:E, TOBACCO BROKER, ::EEopk t n'Y"Ul.e, K.y. 0111oe 1n 1laiD stree< w-. BY PERJII8IIION. JllO. c Latham, i'tm't Jl&llt" 8. E. Tr1oe PrM'C l'laateN' BuJr. K s. a. uuct:her. lllftlb't. ... II. H. (llar!oovllle, or..-; F. G Irw1ll, Clon&Oi!le:, T'8. il'. --,. ._ ..... 1!'. W. if-York; ... 11. carao.o. ... .. CJe.rTott .. ; fr OBDJ:IIII BOLWl!!D. K. xtnhtaer & eo., I Jq .-= .& ... 8,- .; AVY. SMOKJNilTOBACCO, au:., II01I'1'lt ; l'JEIU. .Joseph wa.naee, A. R. FOUGEB.AY C. A. J .ACKSOH: & CO. cs-rtoCooper&Walt.or. ) TOBACCO JIU.l(UF.A.(lTUBEBS OF ALL S'J'TLES OF A.. DEN & .co., 43 Liberty Street; RICHU9\TDl YA. '-"LLEX .6: CO. 173 Cha1111teno 81,1 m 1'1 "W18E 6: BENDHEilll, 1 Bowery, TOBACCO B!&S, 1309 Main St., Richmond, Ya. T. H. Pu&YEAlJ,,J ::SU"YFIH.. JNUFFgiOiiiffiioBAcco WUFAcTuRERsl AGENT. Sweet Navy Chewing 33 North Front AND THE cELEBRATED BRAND oF 4J86oftll NODTH ELEVENTH 8T., PHILADELPHIA, PA. Pll LADE:Lf?t f PA JOHN 'VV CARROLL Sole MaouCacturer of t he Pamns aDd Werld rcraowaed of VIRCINIA SMOKINC TOBACCOS, LOIB J ADI BROWN DICK: Manufactory; .TWELFTH STREET, lYNCHBURG, VA. J .../ f z:. I_ zZ 8 _to. :;,. i1t. Price Utt -'IUIIi' ,_, JACKSON'S BEST! PE'X'E:El.&::B'C':El.G-, 'V' .A.. ,6.t the CENTENNIAL EXPOSITION, September I!T, 1876, THIS TOBA.CCO W .AS AW .ABDED THE HIGHEST PlUZE. We call to the manner in whioh our Packages are put up, that neither Dealer-nor Ghewer ma;r,.hn other J

:swness Diretton of Advertisers. :imw :-.:u:ax. .llmer .t Dehl& 100 PMrl. .6,Jien .t Co, 178 and 175 Cbambelll .A.pplehT &: Helme, 188 ll"aur o.nd lloitiOla It Fiacher, 1111 W'aler. .t Moore, 74 J'r<>liL OoNotio H. 6i-Cnl'll'fol'd E. K tell .......... Dohaa, Carroll .t 0o. Jl'roDL DuBois Kugene. ,., l'ront. ..,.. wm. .teo. 1111 r-L !!quan ....... Oo. ID We-. J'ried.l.aeQder Wm. A Co. I Bewery l"'leDd 1!1. lz G. & Co. t Kaiden IAae. -J.JLBO:r-L -D. Son & Co 411 Jlroed. e-n .J. "' & Bro. tto 'W'aler -oiL&Bro.ltlhul. I.'&: 0.0. Ill W..ter lJaT&meyers & v-., 175 Peart Heme Dllater. 'Koenll' H. 829 Jlow..,.. '-hI>IUCh & .... 114 Water. Lederer .t Ill harl. H.l62harl. a....w Broo. 117 llaldon lADe. In .t 0....., Ill lllalden X....., aillud Jlobert L a Co. 48 Jlroed. a.tta.J. W .'lll.-M.conufool,.,..,. of Oroolte' Compou7WI n.. .Foil, TMcoro L.Gbel.t. .... ,. Heppeebelmer II: Jlaftrer, 11'1 anlK N. WllllAm. Oigg.r-lloz L>bM. tiDiquD 1:. '& Co. JlurUIIg l!llp. 81epheDI A. T. 168 Water. --It; Storm, ITS and 1$> Peart. 8l;robn a Reftzenateia. 176 Front. Tac, Charles F. &: Bon. IIW Front. Thompson S. E. 11.: Co. IH and 56 Bl'M4. Upmann, Car1, 178 Pearl Tobacco Baloro for Exporl. Outhrlo It; Co. 225 l"ront. w .. t.....n and Virgin.ica. Leo./ 7' OotM..U. ion Jlerc hant1. l!'&allOn & Carroll, W Broad LeaJ Tobacco Sweatifl.g PWl!pa c. s Pearl :Uaf Tobae co Cnri"'J. James H. 61 Front Commission Merchantl. Beynes Brothers & Co., 46 & 48 Plaoe. BuY<>" of 7'oba<>:o. ae.-ns G. M Broad TobU/acturen of BriDr PiJJOa and l"'porlerl of lfnwlu:ra' Artiorice Polto. ll:cA.ndrew James C.!ol'd Manufacturing Co. !G7 Malden Lane Weaver&: Sterry, lK Cednr Itnporter of Licorice Pr:ute. Omord. Shennan & l'nnls, 1110 William Argnimbau, Wallace & Co. l!9 and S1 S. W1ll!am McA..Ildrew Ja.mes C. M Water ) Weaver & Sterry, 24 Cedar Zuricalday & A.rguimbau, 100 Pearl of Tobdcco .Jlawn. Hiiller's R. Sons & Co. 60 Cedar IMporters Qj Gunu, Ton.qua Beau, etc, Merrie!< T. B. & Co. '130 and 132 William Manufacturers of Powdered Licoria. Brlnkerhoft' V. W. 47 Cedar Billier1S R. Sons & Co. 60 Ceda r Weaver 1!:. Sterry, 24 CMar Seed Uilf 7'obacco Bensel & Co. Finke Charles, & Vo. 155 \Vater IJnde F C. & Co 142 Water Tobacco PrestJet'B, Guthrie & Co. 225 Front Man'f.l.fact'ttrers of Ctgar Bout. Benkell J a.cob, 200 and 295 Monroe Strauss S. 179 and 181 Lewis Wicke William & Co. 153-161 Goerck Dialer in Spanish OigarBox Cedtlr. Uptegrove W E. 41!1;..475 East Tenth Spa.ni8h and Cigar Farnam&: Graef. 8 1 Green Heppenheimer & Maure!J 22 &nd 24 N. William Lobensteiu & Oans, 101 .malden Lane Loth, J osepb & Sons, 444 Broome StrauBS Sim ?D, 1f9 Lewis 1\'lcke Wm. & Co. ISS-161 Goerck E!tak-< ;,. MCJChiMTII, TooZ. and Materials for ()l,gar Man !t(actvrera. W"""JUe H. 2!Ml Pca.rl lilo,PNWd Tokcco &rop Jlaohino f ... ()igor !f. H 5!0 1:aat 19th and 1!>0 Wler Ciafli"'l JtochitUtY. < 'W'Wsleld HeJDY, IIHJentre. "-Banka. 60 Wall Internal Rften'UC Book .J. Jlan.vf.-c:turers of Jletal Gnd Woodeft Shlw Figu re Demuth Wm .t Co. WI Bl'oedwa:r Manufacturer of Show F'igvru. Strauss 8. tnt and ISJ Lewfs Sole Jlan'lfactur Pattmt Tobacco CO' Buehler & Polhaus, 83 Chambers Cmn.mercial ".AgeACiu. The J M. Bradstreet & Son Co. Z1ll Broed The McXll!op & Sprague Co. 1011-111 Wonb 11'&7 .Manufaoturer of Gl WlSChmeyer & Oo. "39'South Calvert Tobacco Manufacturer,_ Fel.o:ner F. W &: Son, 90 Charleo Gail & A.x 28 Barre Mar burg 1411 to 141 South Oharleo Wilkens H & Co. 181 West Pratt -Pat .... t-Stem K erckhotr G. & Co., 149 South Ch,; Tobacco d: Geney'al Commission Merchant.. R. E. Vocke & Co. a e cor CheupsJde & Lombard P<>!Jkera of. &eacco Co1 SO BrO&d Merchant. Holyoke C 0. 12 Central '1\'hart Dealers ,t'n Havana and Dometic Leaf To. bacco ana Cigars. Davenport a: Lege, 69 Broad. Manp,fact'r" of Smoking Tobacco and O(ga.r"* F L. & J....A. 186 Hanover BREMEN, Germaay. Tobacco Conun.i.wlo,. Merchant.. Fallensteln &: Son BUFFALO, N.Y. Manufacher of C1J.etD. ... '-in.g and Smoking Tobacco Catly S. Brown's Bro. 114 Exchange CHICAGO;'W. Agent for Oig<>r and fJhe.Mng and Smo'king Tobac, 0. A. Peck, 51-153 South Dealer .Sn HeerJchGum and Briar KanwfactKred. Tobacco and Kaufman &: Co. 116'98 Lake, Wholuale in. &eel Leaf and Hat.'GI&G Tobacco. Subert B. 14 'N. Canal Sutter Brothers, 46 and 48 'M.ichigan A venue Dealer8 in Leaf Tobacco. la.Bdhagen Bros, 17p Randolph Jlanufactv....... of n .... c..t and Smolrl"ff, and Dnd Deale< i.ollt>'GnlM oad Cigar LJ,f TobGcoo )(eyer !: Oo. 48 Fr&nt Wankehnap,F. & Co. 82Front JlanwJactUtei-.1 of ltM-Out CUwlng oftd Bmo'kirib Tobacco. Spence Bros. & Co. 52 and 54 East Third Leaf To&.coo Broken. Dobnnann.F, W. corn. e. Vine and Front Mallay & B"'. 115 'Vest Front llleler R & Co 81 Water .&tanufachu en of Olgsrs and Deakr-1 in LJJ Tobtalers in. Seed Miller & Brenner ./ BE'I'B01Y, Htok. Ma.ftufr I ClletbiRg ond-Bmolring Barker X. C.&: Co. 74 and 7ft Jeft'emon AY Walker, McGraw a. Co. 31 &o 86 At:water Manufact-wrerl of Cigar" and Dealer. in. Lull SulU,...n & !lurk. a'nd 50 Congreg, Ea.. ,..Foxen, N..fWmap.,. Co. Jej!erson Ayenue tTI\IU.M, l'f, C JConu/actv.reri Of 8fn.o'lling ToboocO. Bl&ckll'ell W T .t Co I:V .AWI'YILL,, hd. lll Tobacoo Coin.,...,_ M.,.ehoftt.. orris C. J .t Co BrownGeo. B..a.R'I?UaD,c ....... Paclter aftd Deakro ;,. Seed Leaf ToOoo Dlx J. &: Co. !1!11!1&te Gershel L .t ltro., ;au !I tate Lee Oeo. li!O State llloo>e, Ha:r .t Ca., 214 8tet& Weetpllal Wm. 228 State 11' 5761l&!n JIOPI;DiaW:u.r..E. K.JI'. C!arlc X H .t lfio/iira. -u..a.:P.OLD'. Dea!M i1>llavq-Gcoe V e Dable Leaf TobdccO. .Manufacturers of Sweet Na1111 l,hetcs11f. JacJcson. c. A.&: co. PETERSBURG, Laae...terCo .. Pa. in tt Pkr8; of Penn. Sd Leaf Tobacco. :Miller & Hershey PHILADELPHIA. Tobacco WarehO'U8f'.s. A nathan H. & Co. 220 North Tb1rd Bamberger L &: Co. 111 Arch Bremer's Lewis Sons., 822 North Thlnl Dohan & Taitt 107 Arch Eisenlohr Wm. & Co. Uti South Water McDowell M. E & 'Co. 3D North Water Moore., H,ay at Co. 35 North Water -Bank J. Rinaldo & Co. 82 North Water Sorver, Cook&; Co. 100 North 'Vater Tetlel' Bro ... hers, 117 .North Third Manufr_of Fine AU..Havanp T obaoco Gumpert Bros. 134.1 ChestnUt Importer of Havana Tobacco aud Oigars aM Deuler in Seed. Leaf. .. Costas J. 13( \Valnut Jlanujactt,rer of Sntur and Bmoking Tobacco Wallace J'as. im to Eleventh .. of Cigars. Batchelor Bros. 808 Market Ludv Jno J 528 and 52ft South Twentieth Marshall, T W. 1 2 North Fourth. Theobald A. H. Third and Dunn T .J &: Co. to 223 North BrO< Tobacco Broker. Fougera:r A. R. 33 North Manufactu> ers of Lioorice Mellor& Rittenhouee1 218North Twenty-8econd Mfr'o Agent for, Plug mod Smoking TollauW. U. 8. Solid Top Cl,...r .Mould Jll!g Co cor Rldlj'e and North College .ATe 's. PIT'I'SB'IJ'RGH, Pa. Manufacturers Excelsior Spun. Boll ,. Other Tobaccos Jenkinson R. &: W. fl/fl Uberty QUINCY,W. Jlanutro. <>f Chewing and Smo'kiag Tobacco. Gem Cit)p Tobacco Works Harris & Beebe READING,Pa. Bantsch &: of Cil}an. REIDSVILLE. N, C, Dealers in. Tobocco. Reid, w ootton 'IfTB of Plug &: Smok'g TolJacto J.._, J&ntCII Leigh LottierL L.von A. )!. &: Co. Pilkinton E. T. &: Co LA!af Tobacco Brokers. E 1410 c:'ry Dealers in Licorice Paste and Mfd. Tebacco Wright I.&: Co : l Tobacco 1 a au. IC.OCHESTER, N.Y. Whalen of Tobacco. Manuta.ctu.r ers of "PeerleBB" and Pfain FiMCut Tobacco and uvanity Fair" ttrnoking Tobacoo and Ciflareltu. :Kimball W. S. &: Co. SPRINGFIELD, Maoo. H .t Son, 20 HamP

l l \ ) -,_ .141 'mST J I l litWYo:RK'. tLICOBIO&, We to call the attntloa of Tobecco Manv.factorwruail Deal.., to tlalo surJi:JUOR AND PURE lll'tlcle. .. Sole A!! to for the StatH of Nortla Carolina and VIr pia: 1(-u. DAVENI'DRT 4i MORRIS, RicbIIIOIId, Va. LICORICE ROOT-.t.,....a aad Alle-te. s.ieet-4 and Ordlury, ZURICALDAY & ARGUIMBAU, I 02 PEARL 8TIIET, XEW YOBX, )1, Y, \. P'C'ULT AND I'DtBLT l'OWDI!:IID IP.UOIB LlClORICIB ROOT, IPA.Inm LICORI051 EXTRACT, .DEER TOliGUE, -LAUREL I,E.&.TEI, TOJIKA BEAJIIS, CA.HU BIIJDI, TOBACCO BROKERS. -JOHN CATTUSr TOBACCO .BROKER f 27 Pearl Street, NEW,YOIIK. &2 BROADST.,NEWYORK .r--CIARLIS .F-,OSJIORRI, I' ]AMES G. OSBORNE; TOBACCO _8RgKEB1 54 BROAD. STREET, 'NEW YORK. :11. BADER & SON, 1'0BACCO. BROKERS No. 50 Beaver. Street, NEW YORK. tm.nttTEtt 't()uootl . l CLOVES AND oonr.&-..OIIr, ORANGE PE.L, .T. B.lVIEBlliCK a co. :IMPORTERS, r 1130 & 132 WII.LIAM' ST., NEWYOBK. SPFlO::J:A.LT::J:ES : ,Gum. Tragacanth,. Cigar .. i:kers. Gum Gedda,. in do. do. -Sorts in Bales ; Gum. Arabic,. do. do. Beans,. ANGOSTURA. LICORICE PASTE. THE MANUFACTURING CO., 2.117' M31J-.gv" 'l'be TNde JBTIDg demande4 a Superior and Cheaper A.rtlcle than that hitherto lliOd, thlo Compa111 la-utaotlll%.o:Jiii8.A.%.o:m TDBACCO DEPOT & AGENCY _For F. W. FELGNER & SON'S, Baltimore, Tollaooo aad Cicarettee. 56 S. WASHINGTON SUUARE, N.Y. &OODWIN. & tOG.-; MAlnJf AC'l'VIILUS OV Al'IIIEED, CARA.WA1' IIIIJCDi OORLUiDE-R llllED, LAVENDER :trt.o-..aa, < -GUill ARABIC, GRA.DI A.l'fD POWDERED, GUll HVRRR, L UIIIP AND POWDEREP, GUlli TRACif.&C::AliTK, Ji'LA.Iot A.l'ID POWDER:aD, EUENTUL OILI, OLIVE OIL; LUCCA CRE.&I!I 11'1 C.t:IIU, IEIAllllll OIL LEV .&liT Ill BBLI, Tonka. Beans, Angosturas, in Casks, Balsam Tolu, in Tins, Clucoae,, French, in Casks. PRJCEI CURltEl'IT ON APPLICA'J.UON V. W. tJRINCKERHOFF, ::E:DIIEPC>JR. TE:E'l., 47 CED.MB. STREET, X. Y. LIQUORICE. Jlaawfaetared at Poughkeepsie, lhlr Tti'L GIFFORD, SliERIAN & ImS, 120 WD.liam street, :nW' TO:rut. A Large Assortment--constantly on Hand. 61 Claatham. St., oor. WWiam., X. Y. Cope's Tobacco Plant: .& Monthly J"OURNAL or S!UOKEKS, PUBLlSHltD AT 10 Lord Nelson St., Liverpool: En[. 1 PRICK Two 8HILLIRGB (ElroLlSB) Po AMNU1C. Where Subscripti ons may be addressed, or to Tlm Tmu. oco LEll' Onloe. American SubscriptJ.ons, 76 cents per annum, post. paid. BEST in the WaJ.ker, McGraw & Co-. Detroit, M:ich. SC>%..:0 by a11 :::P::Ea.&T-c:IT A 88 :O:BI.A.%.o:BIB.8. D. B'UCJINEB & 00. I ---AGENTS FOR THE LEADING l!U.NUFACTUll.EIIS OF SMOKINC, PLUC TOBACCO AND CICARETTES, No. 121 Bo-vvery., Ne-vv ""'F"ork. W E. UPTEGROVE. SPAN-ISH "CEDAR fO]i; CIGAR BOXES, Foot lOth & nth St., East River, NEW YORK. '::JE:aL'UG-TJU! JIEBCillTS' TOBACCO CO., BO EIJR.C>...a.::E:J &TEt.E:mT, EIC>8TC>J.'Iir, the best Sold or Used. ONE DOLLAR lawful money In each 60 pound box, containing large Pluga made of lang stock. TWO DOLLARS In one, or ONE DOLLAR In two of the caddies h1 each case containing large plugs made of long stock. PATENT METAL LABELS on Plugs Ask for this and get the' Best Chew or Smoke that .can be had. SILAS PEIRCE, Jr., Pred.dent. JOHN H. SANBORN, Trea .. PIONEER TOBACCO COIPANY, OF N. Y. SEPT., IIPROVHD HOWE SCALES. Smoking To ba,cco. Manufactured by AI.I.EN & DUNNING, No .. 85 & 87VA.lf BOUTBR S'l'. P.&.ftlt80trr, N. l. HENRY WULSTEIN, (l......,eHOr to Borp-eld& .. I 11* OEliTRE ITREET, NEW YORK. ,. P 0 Box 5091 New York. Conllantly on hand the Beot Improved BV HAND OR STEAM A large variety of Machiaery (or Ci.-ar Manufac haren, such as for Cutting or Huana aod F1-llers Stem Rollers Buncbina .Macbmet', Stemmmg Machines, and also .Maebines (or CrushlnJr and Flatteclng tbe Tobact o Stem in the Leaf, Cigarette de. Sole Agent in the U. S .for F FLINSCH'S (Oifenbaeh on Main, many) -celebrated Machioes for Manufactured Toba<:co. I MAY BROTHERS, ; nrPORTERS OF F:E'l.EJ.'IiTOJB:-CIGARETTE PAPER, 386 ST., HouSJP .AT F..mts. 'York. A; M. LYON & CO., :Manufa.ctureno of the Brand of ORT HORN Also of the Well-Known Brand of ll!il:n:Le>k.i.:J:1C And lla.nutacturero of all otylee of Brfclr.t olt; Bla.ek PLU.G & TWIST TOBACCOS. 24 Twentieth St:, 'V .A.. BUSINESS OFFICES : LEERET & BLASDEL 124 water StNew york MANUFo\CIVIUtRS .., ... .. -e-, 16 Central ..... QO*GB 25 LakeStreet, Ch1cago; 168 &.170 ;: __ .w ... -S t 51 RORTH WATER STREET, PBILIDELPBIA. -N!le:. '' Factory : No. 1 First Distriot, N Y. w:I'PENHKIMER ciGAR LABELS .Qi'D TJllKMDIGs. THE CELEBRATED THE CELEBRATED oneida TobaccO works, Fine-Cut TobacCO 'Ill .. Ill D11.&l'IE liT., l'IEW YORK, 207 &. 209 WATER STREET, NEW "MATCHLESS," "FRUIT GAlE/' BRICHT All Sizes; MAHOCANY, All Sizes; JO'UB.GENSEN: and "TRADE DOLLAR" B:a:a.ok:ID.a' ., Aud all other Xlndl of ClHEWING & SKOJtiNG The "ORIGINAL f ... GREEN SEAL" Eotabllolled .as... "RED SEAL." "ROI CAROTTE" & SUNSHUIE" !!RIGHT VIRGINIA MEERSCHAUM SMOKING TOBACCOS, cut from Virginia. Plug. -.gv. 0. :m :ali: :DIE E1 T, SOLE IUNUFAC'I'URER, 74. PINE STREET, NEW YORK. BANNER TOBACCO' COMP.ANY'. SUCCESSORS TO NEVIN & ltiiLLS, 193 & 19-5 Jefferson Ave., Detroit, (CORNER OF BATES STREET,) OF THE CELEKR.&TED BANNER BRAND FINE-"BE'rrb THAN :tHE BEST." : 1, JIIL:W, lfJLII!...DrTt l"i'"o t SoL& SucCil.!l&q TO EsT 6 SIIITII, P :I: 0 NEE "B. Dark, all Slzea. P.o. Bo 5 ,6, 7 31 LIBERTY ST x. y, A eomparl..;' of nur Celeb!akd Bran do of PLUG all part!n of tb.e WOIII-Irons A Stanc!.la a DBJI"VL JIER,T8 cootaiaed thetein. PLUG ... 0 B A,. ,. 0. Of ... SEND FOR PRICES. (. &; oo., IMPORTERS, .&1'11111 DE.&LEKS IN CIGARS AND CIGARETTES; lti.&N11P.&CT1JREKS OP THE CELEDR.&TED HAVANA MIXED TOB_ACCO, 214 W. BALTIMORE STREET, Baltimore, Md. JIERBST BROTHERS. HAVANA .tc SEED LEAF TOBACCO :J l83 WATER STREET/ .. i


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