The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
Place of Publication:
New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
Time Period:
1865 - 1969


General Note:
The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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T29-00664 ( USFLDC DOI )
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University of South Florida
Tobacco Leaf Journal

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v 0 L. XIV.---N 0. 35. rESTABLISHED 1864.] NEW YORK, MONDAY, OCTOBER 7 1878. WHOLE NO. 711 FRED'K DeBARY & co., 41 a 43 warren Sh-eet, New Yo.k, SOLE ACENT8 FOR THE PRINCIPE E KEV AND PROPRIETORS OF THE -'--220 'Street. New WlLLIAll WICKE, AUG. lWESLER co ., BOX :ltANUF ACT 163 to 161 Street, "YOR:K.. Ll8'r ---. -' O::B-:11":1:0::1!1 65 STREET, NEW YORK.: ::J:MPC>R. TER.S, Spanish, Amerian and Gel'JIIlOigar Ribbons. cA. U' T x oN" t .AUGUII'I', 1178, Ba'O&Il Y.u........... ..._ ..,......,omp. aso : :::::::: .. t_:_:.a :: e '' '' .. .. ... 3 ... 6-lj .. 'l2F'b J..6() Brea4 a..t ................... 1 .... 6-lj u 'l27u 1.'75 r ................... u 2 .... 5-8 ..-'l27U 1.80 Wl1b 11 aeeompanylng TRAJIEJtiARH.S, being Patented, we herewith no1lfy,all nn M S ..... H '117D l.60 acrupalooa mann:fac&urer oc Clgars ancl Label to dlaconUnae 1ho 1mttaclon ..................... 1 .... 6-lj c. 'l27 u 1 ,16 "' as we will YlgorouIT all lnn-tnarement upon the_.,_ : ........ Jtecl .. ':' ........ :---u 1 .... 4-8 'm-7.. lAO ..... ............ a : ... H .. 'ft;rti that nothing of the kind is k1;1owthn Eurb:Q!l,o/1 ..... ..... .:.: ... .. .... : 'l2P. -1..:... and all attempts to make !l llimilar diseo'f'e.,.... have ... T.n.w............. 1 .... w 'ZIT'h J..36 J .. ::': ........ a....... -'mP. 1.10 .A: FEW COPIES OF THE .. failed. He 'is convinced, he declares, tliat an e x"len-" .... : ....... a .. H'l27U oa TQBA' c CO JRAD. E DIRECTORY sive .busine,ss could in and re._ B.llo.._ a.a ............... : --8 'l2P. o. curing tobacco' in Europe by Mr. Philips' method, pro-1 .. T.u.w ... :.......... ...... Up. 0.'70 1.: \ J.e..hoe. II Jfarrcnr" D .. .,. H u 17 u 1.88 in Europe, 'would something interesting to tell :&roaa Y .u. II wttJo .... & '7 "J.eo o1ir. eo_ n 'tl:i_ e tohB.C,co dejiaRmei nTortb. 'T,T .. .. n. .. ,... .. .... 6 'lll .. J-'0 Da >re4,wldteaaa 7 e PUBLISHED EVERY :MOBDAY liOlllllNG BY Parts Exp, OSltion, we IVlsited tli_at gentleman at his Ill-......... 5-s 7u l.eo u THE TOBACCO LEAF,; PUBLISHING '"OIPl:IIY elegant -residence in, West 'Thirey--first Street, this IR ; city:two three evenings since, and had the pleasure Extra Stylee of Ribbons Made to Order. IU FULTON STREET, NBW YORK.. ']ff 'obtaini'ng !rom him the statement appended below. RIBBONS CUT & PRINTED ANY SIZE AND STYLE. \Vefound:M:r. Hall nestled among-his books,.piotures,. -, Orden :Promptly Exeeuted, Ter.u caob, p&pin-s and' manifold wl!ich bis junple 1 PDTCES OF C'GAR BOXES AND g1 V TERM:s OF THE <. r means afford him, but with S&Y in.deli$il :nr-IUI i IUJlPLES OF .. .. :. . : .:. .. :.:.:.:.: .::... .. the special exhibits of tobacco products enRIBBONS SENT ON APPLICATION. tered by A.mericann::ianufacturers at the ParisExposi-ANNUAL ABROAD. 1 .. tilln, the state of, which was poor, while in FAilN.AlYI a GRAEF J 0 H N J c RUB K E Gaur Alm C.o.NADA ... .................... ... : .... .. St\.04 Paris havingprevented him from doing more than. -Btl&ll&N, H.UUJURG A!OD TUB CoN'l'INEN'l' ; ..... ; 6.04 -, AllS'RW.U, ETc., via ENGL.U0 h&1 goodto Rehah&ndled anbeddSweated by C. s. PHILIPS. If you have poor burning tobacco send me a few le&ves., and by return of a wu prove youw tcan one. UManu:facturerswWsendmetheir ht-Color rt lwflthhout the use of any chemicals or any artlflctal colo : rlng, and witllout injury Le&t. t ey are only handled in such a manner as to Bring It out and fix the color. --o THIS IS THE ONLY SUCCESSFUL TOBACCO SWEATINC ESTABLISHMENT In many tons or tobacco are ttuned out dally of good. Dark Colors and good Burning quality HAVANA goods are also and.Jed and put \lack into the original bales iu su c h a manner as not to show they had been Rehandled .YOU = xu:et atl.tlilt:tlon Guaraaeed. Clla.rges as low as will admit of good work. Please write me for any information C. S. PHILIPS, 188 PEARL ST., NEW YORK. iilOHlf, F!fSS 4 MA.Nt7F ACTtm.ERS of CICA.RS, AND DEAI.ERS l'f LE.A.P TC>EI..A.CCO, 161, 163 and 165 WEST. THIRD STREET, corner of Elm, CINCINNATI, 0. D<:DNALDSGN BROTHERS, S"tea::r.n.. L:l "th.ograph:lo Pr:l:n. "ters, TOBACCO LABELS AND SHOW CARDS P. O, Box 2191.] E'VER.'Y' [No Label kep' In Stoek. ROLLED TO ANY GUAGE AND CUT TO SIZE. ( BOTTLE CAPS, all Slzeo, PLAIN AND COLORED. -OFFICE: 163 Mulberry St., N.Y. l Great' Britain) for coating lead with chemically pure Anothe r thing that plea.Sed me much in the Exposition tin. This process so simple and withal so beautiful was a pretty Spanish palace constrJWted of wine and effective, is applicable for uses heretofore never bottles. One that has not seen it can hardly realize attained by any method of manufacture, while its how curiously as well as tastefully this strange edifice extreme cheapness and raptdity of appli'cation make was contrived. CI&AR BOX LUIBER it an 'invention of great value. The constantly grow"The Trocadero Palace, which forms a part of the ing demand for a wrappe r impervious to' air has so group of exhibition buildings, and whih is reached stimulated the manufacturer in the improvement of from the main building by the J en a Bridge over the his machinery and w orkings as to bring the produc S e ine, is a charming institution. FJ.o.wer gardens of tion df foils t o well near a w onderful while rare beauty surround it, and musica.l entertainments JtiA.NllF'ACTIIKEJI BY OUR NEW PATENT PROCESS,. The Ele: 1%1 1:h.e SPANISH MAHOGANY, POPLAR, the cheapness of tia has to a great measure changed are held within. It was erected with a view to perma thecliaracte r of the manufacture. Pure tin or heavilypent_ use. The plo'IY made. of the swords of some of the plated mel;:il is now us e d upon nearly everything but union and Confederate soldiers in our late war, in fuJ... coarse goods, the grea t e r covering capacity making it fillment of the Scriptural sugge stion, attracts the atcheaP,er, at, a highe r price per pound, than the foils tention of many visitors. formerly made unde r th.e old processes. Consumens "When I arrived in Paris I had about three pounds llre beginning learn f rom experience that low-priced of cigars and cigarettes, upon which I paid duty equal a nd l ow-grade foil is not the cheapest, but generally to thirtee n Englis h shillings. It is said that only ALL QUALITIES-Equal in a!l respects to any made, and at Prices much under any tote obtained outside of our Establishment. Also THIN LUMBER Y.j inch, (at corr e3ponding prices) of all other kinds. SENJI FOR PDICELIST. GEO. W. READ & co.: 186 to L'!_WIS ST., NEW YORK. the most expensive. It is the foil that will run the about three cigars are allowed. to pass the Custom gz:eater number of superfic ial inc hes to the pound, and House there free of duty for the personal use of any will the number of wrappers of a one traveller. In l):ngland the officials are more liberal c ertam guage, that wt ll COilliil,!lnd the trade; and where in this particular, though tobacco is one of the two or ( XCEIID this with strength of material and three things about which English Customs authorities. low prices, succ?ss wa!s be insll:r ed. The presen t are most exacting. While in England, by the way. low rates whteh fotlts bemg ha_ye created new the thought occurred to me that our American cut to uses and .mcreased sales for arttele, and the popubaccos d i d not retain their natural aroma in that of Mr will ,atmosphere as .well as they do here. They the mcreased capaetty now m contemplatwn. see m to miss the sunshine. to which they are accus tomed at home. Even vegetables appeared at times WHERE "THE TOBACCO LEAF" IS READ. to lack the flavor which usually r elish here, and. That THE ToBACco LEAF is seen and read in nearly apparently for the same reason. While in London th& ,... every portion. of the world has demonStrated over subject of tlie importation of tobacco and cigars from and over again .An advertisement in its columns is this country was casually brought to'my' notice, but. I sure to under the notice of people in the most did not consider the matter sufliciently to form an. of the globe. The antiPodes, equally opfuion whether or not these products would becora& with commercial firms in Europe and' U niW 11.opula.r there or elsewhere in Europe. England dra._ States, are familiar with the pages of THE ToBAcco her'supplies from every tobacco-producing country in L:EAF, and frequently make use of them for advertistne" and does not seem to have any sp!teial ing purposes or for the procurement of special inforpreference, except for what best assimilates WitlL her mation. THE TOBACCo LEAF is the only exclusively trade. The domestic manufactured tobacco tobacc9 trade paper publiShed, and on thi!l account,_as peared to' me 1nferioi. I saw paper cigarett.s con-. well as on acco\mt of its' tone and general reli.!lb!lity, sumed alf over 1!:ur'o'pe. occupies a foremost place in 'the lists of what are "!'enjoyed' travelling in Germany, as I always have known as trade journals : A.s ll.ll evidence of ils per done. when you get out. into the country there, you. va.siveneSB and consequent value to advertisers, we find much to please you and attl,'act your attention. need only refer to one of the latest inquiries that has The noted Black Forests that stretch along for miles, reached us from abroad. Mr. Jules Guinotte, of Liege, are in themselves a marvel. Apple-trees are planted Belgium, having seen the card of Mr. C. S Philips, along many roads, as maple-trees are here. The proprietor of Philips' tobacco s.weating establishment, people everywhere seem fatrly prosperous and con of this city, in these columns, recently addressed intented. Wiesbaden is a beautiful place, te&ming quiries to us concerning the process of curing, sweat-with pleasant life and lovely landscapes. It ill filled ing and rehandling tobaccos as invente d and applied with Englishmen and Frenchme n. Socialism is bu1; by that gentleman. Mr. Guinotte says he is little discuss e d there, that philosophy having its hom6 SUT'l'ER BROS., Dealei'S in LEAF TOBACCO, Chicago, m Wester.D. Cigar Manufacturers wlll find it to their aC';,antage to deal with U& 'f I \ \


/ M. J. OO'HAN. THOS CAR1t01.{. DO. HAN, OARROLL & 00., TOBACCO Commission Merchants, 104 FRON1' STREET, I ...... foe t be well -known a nd r li able M anufacturerw: I. PACE, W .L. YARUOUIH a SOlS, IUBPII I:'IRO.,' C. T. Bl!f8RD,-108DMAI a nas. L, H. FIAYSER a co i.. .1. BRUT a CO., R. W. OLIVER, W. PEIIBUTOI,J .10111 W. CARROLL, 1141 ... ,.. SOLE AGENTS FOR THU ORIGINAL Gable Coli, Bonne Bouche, 4s and 15e, Single and Double ALSO, F O R THE CELEBRATED LONE JACK & BROWN --DICK &mc::.ktng,ccc::.. lARGE STOCKS OF MANUFACTURED TOBACCO OF EVERY DESCRIPTION SUITAiiLE FOR THE HOME TRADE A:ID FOR FOREIG N MARKETS ::&:.EPT OO::N"-T.A::N"TX..Y" <>N" TIE VIRGINIA TOBACCO AGENCY, l m.tabu.ahed -. .J.&S. M:. G4BDJNBR, -!OBICCO .GODISSIOI mCBAIT, 84 FRONT 8TitEET, N.W YORK. &ZPOJILT. ..Oa PL11G 'l'OBAOOO PROaPTLY 'AI;aXAJIDE& IIAfi"L.UID,. L. F. S lli:ACLEHOSE JtOB ERT L.,IIArl"I,AIID. ROBER T L. MAITLAND & to:, Apd 'General Counnissio:D. lterolumts, 48 Broad street, NewYok, 'AGENTS FOR THE WELL-KNOWN -."' OA.lWI:EB.ON'" ; o LIIiJDIR c'-.nolf 'co "'AVSTaALJAJr TWIS'l'-... AliiD-... a L .aaaJl Cl ., Vlm'WS, ova a.a., IILA.CII. ---. .;. -' ._-:"' L'UJIN-IIGXIII'l' OJI' VIBOiliiA, TB'In71o AJ,L 'I'Q B.A.GB, PLOWER 011' ALL .ATIOIII'S. EJIGI.UJI L'IJKPS-PRUICIII ALI'RBD Jnmi-CAIIROB & BRO. IIA I 'V-'AVIITB&LIA!f L'D'JIPS-TWO IIIlAS. 011R CHIBII', ORIOIII'. DfDIAX LVIIPS-HAVBLOCK, CH.Ul -a, &c. J:liGLISR LlJJIP&-VIC'l'ORT, ROT.A.L 4 lUVY, &C. i BOOTH AJIERIC.Alf LVJIPS-LA Dill LICIA, LA JI'ELICIDA.O. F. C. LINDE, C. F. LINDE, C. C. HAMILTON, 8 IIIABCOS(). lM Ei"WV' "Y'O:ft.IF Sood toar Tobacco lnsDoction. TOBACCO INSPECTED OR SAMPLED. Oo-u.22.'try Sla:D1pHD.5 .4.'t'te:n.d.ed. 'to. CertUic&leo glen tor evet7 case and case by case, as to n umbe r of Certlftcate. N ALSO SAMPLE IN MERCHANTS' OWN STORES. F. C. LINDE & CO. PHILADELPHIA BRANCHES: E W D ICDRBON comer AreiJ and Water Streets; JONAS METZ, 64 North Front Street. HA.KTFOBD, Conn.: -IRA E. HULL. 1M State Street. S1JFFIE'LD cona. :-EDW. AUSTIN. LA.NCA.STEK, P a 1 -HENRY FOREST. I PKINCIPl L OFFICESI-14ll WATER STREET, .and 1 8ll to 186 PEARL STREET WAKEH01J8E811 4ll WATER. 74, 78 & 7S G>-PAOKERS OF SEED LEAl", 17Sl Water Street, New York. hFl.or de F.G-." !!I" NBW YOlt, HAVANA LEAF TOBAGGO CARL UPMANN, -ToB_cco B DB SliD LIAP Co!Jlmission Merchant, 178 Pearl Street, No. 329 Bowery, New York. J L GAS81tP.T. J'l L. ,,.., ... "''; ---=N"::,.=D::..;VV:.;_.=Y":..;O:::;,;.lR.,;;'K;;;;;;;,._ J. .t WM. PRICE, LEAF TltBACCO, L EAf: ODlCCO, ll9 Maiden Lane, No .i 80 'Water st: 'New York. NEW ):ORK. B H MI:I..LER, J L. BRENNER. > & BRENNER, J. A. PACKERS AND DEALEBS Pi 'OHiO SEBULEA F TOBAGUO LEAF TOBACCO, .. .,QAD. ACCABOY SRifF, h FRfiCH RAPPEE Sllff, SCDltH :&NENTLEMAII SNUFF, LDIIDY FOOT Iimii1Bii&liiiceo. lA: RAIL:.ROAD, c;.uR CHOICE, COLORADo;. UN OLE TOM_ NA YY CLIPPINC8, TOM. 133 WATEI\ AND 85 PINE STREETS, NEW YORK. :JI"or Pr:l.oe ..E.rl.'t a'bo"'lreo .6. CHAS. A.PPL QJIW. W HE'Llll& M. B.!. LOMCIN E. SALOl!O N. 1VL. E. &.A.LO:as:O:N', PACKERS OF SEED LEAF, -AND IMPORTE'ttd OF-Havana Tobacco and Cigars, ea J.VJ:.A:J:XJE:N" L.A.:N"E N"E"\IV'" .:YOlR.U::. SCHOVERLING BROS., ALL KIN DS OF SEED LEAF TOBACCO 14Sl Water St., New York. W" Packing House in Now Mllfonl, Con a W S CHOVEBLINQ tit: CO. Cll.I.S. F. T.IG 1: SOW. lDP"rlon"' SPANISH aad Deal..,. ID aH klada"' LEAF TOBACCO, 1S4 Front Street, '2'0:&K. No. 6 BURLINC SLIP, NEAR W .A:TER-STRE Et, NlliW'tY ORK. G. REIS.lBANN, Commission tEAFDTOaicco, 1SS :Feazol Street, '-r NEW YORK, If. L!CIIBNBB.UCB & BRO., 'No.164 Water Street, New York, WKOL&SA.L& ...,_. t LICHTENSTEIN BROS PACXERII AND DE.A.LDS IN lEAF TOBACCOS, I 17 MAIDIIJI LANE, ::N"e-.:ov-"'Fork. &. OB.G-LER, JUNl]FAC'I'IJRER 01!' FINE CIGARS, Al\' D DEALER IN LEAF TOBACCO, 295 & 297 GreenWich St., lew York lily Rrantb-" CUBA LIBRE, "CLIJIAX.''


OCT. 7 .IAUGI BllllBLL, CIGAR BOXES t I fl J J SUPERIO:rt MA:KE AND .. Prime Ouantr. of -. : CPlAB WOOD, I l 0 -! t,1 af3, 295 & Monroe St ) -E&KMEER & CO., 4.1!1 :&m .. &:VEB. ST., SOLE FOil THE U. S. OF lusian & Turlisll Tobacco -OFOOIPAGNIE LAPERlE ft. PETII:BSBllRG, Jf08COW. WARSAW, ODEIISA, DRESDEN, WEW YORK, f!. o. Box 4186. PIPIS AND '.'' And all Kinds of & 'MOltERS' ATICLE8. DEALERS IN_ LEAF TOBACCO, 83 Chambers and 65 Reade SU,ets, New York. 178 &. 1 SO PEARL STREET, NEW YO:rut . N'OT10E*. -. WE HEREBY CAUTION Au P.A.RTIFS INFRINGING UPON OR IMITATI.C a RANI;)S, LABELS _AND that we wiD spare no pains in pl"OSEJ(:uting such parties in protec$ing the righta sooui'ed to tis by Act. of Congress dated August 14, --S'rB.AITON & STORM. K1mmel & SchmJdgruber s Patent Tobeicco Coloring. Warranted not to Injure the Flavor, Quality or Burlling. aAscH a. FiscHER, This Space is Reserved DtPORTERS OF HAVANA AND PACKBilS OF FOR W1l LIAP TOBACCO, 16& Wate:. St., NEW YORK. MA.NUFACTURERS OF Cf:GARS, 20, 22, 24, 26 A 28 2d AYE., cor. let St., N'EJ"'gV SANCI HEZ, HAY_ A tc CO., .. 130, '132 & 134 MAIDEN LANE, NEW YORK, MANUFACTURERS 01'' 'FINEST. CLEAR HAVANA CIGARs, EllNEST. F;REISE, (FOIIliEBLY OF THE II'IBll OF WALTER l!'RIED!IAN .t J'REISB,) A'W&I'Il.ed Jlt4&1 1878, J:nrT facility afforded to Dealers antt Correopond' enbi cio-..t with Sound Banking. B. ROCHOLL, President. I .P. RJP,A.DDIO, Caabier. WM. FRIEDLAENDER, JOSEPH SICHEL. Wm.FRIEDLAENDER & tO. WJloleeal& :o&.lerw In } 79 FRONT ST., NEW YORK .. WILLIAM BUCHANAN DAVID C. LYALL! BUCHANAN & Office: 101 Wall St., New York.-P. 0. BOX 1712 VAN" .A. Factory:-No.:z 'FIRST DISTRICT. S .OUTH BROOKLYN. DOMHSTIG LEAF .TOBACCO PMLUG:RcBEWING 4) ROWIF.RY_ I!'IIP'W YORIIC. T 0 :a A c c 0 s -E. & B. FRIEND' & co., .l!-Sil Ml"UFACTURERS OF SEMI-CIGARS. and h .; p L U G. LEAP To B lc C 0 PLAIIJCT liAVT. 1., Xa, 31 5, &, 'f, 8, V, 10 -8AILOBJS CHOIC., t, 3-., C.. 5 .. k, 7' 8, 8, J O ORALLII:li'G;B, .... WA8HUIGTOII, )o'o. NII:PTUI!IE, Dol T lek. brt. 4rll:. KAGGDC BITellliiL'L IIARRAOAI!I'IIII:TT; AY.E'JI:ANDRA. 8BNS., IOI!I'. Jii'LOUJIDII:RI. BUCIU.NAN, 10o. ,U,VK KING PHILIP < HUPE AND APRICOT. 189 Madden Lane,. D00:1141.UERED. "A.OKE"Ii'a;.r o Jat Po ..... d TECUJto" 10o PEEKLIII .. P.U.X. GOLD IIARL PlUDE 0 TH BII:GUIEI!IT. POI'ICET PfECS8, NEW YORK. -c-:''-"" 1\TA'VT. .. O .UT LoM AFD fRIPJHL Q M E / .. ,.. ....61L.. a s. STIRDEilGER, .. AND ccARETrE ToBAcco.' 111111ll!J m 1llllllfllltc Jlmllf f VIRGilfiA BRIGHT CUT CAVEI!I'DIIH. IIIUlU DUillllll WliUlll\ ... : 7AIB .6.ND E.'C'BT, arancll Office: 49* Central Street, Boston AHNER & DEHLS, I>L\L&JlSIN WP TOBACCO, 190 St., NEW YORK. B. B. SJIITH, M:.I.NtlFA.CT1JBEB 011' "0 .... 1 .. A.ND DEALER IN LEAF TOBACCO. omce: 88 CANAL ST., NEW YORK. THE JOBBING TRADE SOLICITED ONLY. GDBBI,L BRO.,. PACUilS AND DEALEilS IN ... O. BOll: li116. D W CROUR CIGAR, FINE-CUT AND PLUG MACHINERY. Jl'aetorlelt fUll)' ilttea out 'lth the most approved Maehbtery :for any kind Tobacco ltlanufaeturlng. SPECIALTY: :QUNCHIN. G .MACHINE, whleh haa been made all t.he SEMICIGARS; 4,ooo,ooo sol the ftrt year U aaYlDaot: 20 per eent. iar ORDERS PROMPTLY FILLED: SBBD' LEAP TOBACCO, I 19 i. PI!AIH.; STREIT, !: :::::: NEW YORK. l u. CJ.A'RX & BBO'l'IIER. TOBACCO BBODBS, f'. BOPKiliiiVILLII. KJ' PUR1ClUI, K:r SEND FOR CIRCtlLARS OR APPLY TO N. H. BORGFELDT, Manufacturer of Cigar Moulds, ]Sro. 51.0 E""o1: N':l:c.of:eon:th. S-tree-t. N'e"VV "'!!i!"'ork.. DIPOBTER OP ALS9 IMPORtERS Oi' Spanish LeafTobacco, HAVANA CIGARS&: TOBACCO. 1.67 -.gv .A.TEB. &T N'EJ"'gV Y'C>:I:'I.:J:. WM, GLACCUM, JACOB SCHLOSSER US RJ:VDI'GTOJI' J!I'EW' YORK. Proprietors of tbe Celebrated BnDdo ":REP'UJILIC" aDd "HIGH JUID DBY." Rn.nda 1ftad" tn order. LBONARD :PRIBDM.&N, 5UCCESSOR TO W .ALT&Il FRIEDMAN a HAVlNA TOBACCO, 203 Pearl Street. New York. WlYI.EGGEB.T & CO. IMPORTERS OF HAVANA ,VALL.& URI, \\9\ BROADWAY, NEW DIRECT IMPORTATION OF .... .. Loaf Tobacco and "" ...... .. : 1 W. 0. SMITH & CO., _:_AND-RECEIVING AND FORWARDING AGENTS, APPLEBY'S CIGAR-MACHINE COMPANY,. KANUF AC'l'URERS OF THE C>B.XCllrXN' .A.L P'C'B.:BI ALSO MANUFACTURERS OF ; Appleby's Cigar Bunching Machine & Short filler Breaker or Granulator Prlee ot:Grano'lator, .37 and 'Jli; Priee of Danehlnc M:aehlne, Our Havana Flavoring wiU give to the tobacc..'O the full davor of Havana., and when smoked ii has tbe Sweetness and Aroma ot a genuin e cigar. Cl&art BoUle, z; HaiCGallon, .3; On., Gallon, .a. Bent C.O D. NochargeforC&norBo:o:, Pacto..,-at SPOTSWOOD, N. J.c LEONARD L. F. APPLEBY Sole Ollloe and. Baluroom at JOHN S. SUTPHEN'S, 53 Wblt.laall Streot. N.Y. P. W. SIYTHB'II. COMMISSION. 'IHJ! S"l'&"l'B O:P BBW'JUCKT IERO_HANTS, TOBACCOMANUPACTUBING GO., :. MANUFACTURERS OF ... Choice Brands of-PLUG TOBACCO, And Patentees of the Cel ebrated Brand of :BRETHERTON BUILDINGS, PROG,RESS, No. 10 NORTH JOHN STREET, -\-LIVERPOOL, ENCj .1 MADE IN ALL sHAPEs AND wEIGHTs. OFFICE-No. 1 1 1 FIRST ST., JERSEY CITY, N. J. JJ0F EVEilYPLUCt HAS OU.R PATENT FASTENER AT THE END. -u 713 ::auo:a:.A.N'.A.:N' sor., x.<>uxs'V'x.x.x.E, :J:Y'. New York Salesrooms---No. 114 Water St., one door from Wall. ACENT:-J. Lt STYNE, PITTSBURCH, PA, EMPLOY DA.NDS. P.I.Y v. a.. GOV:BKNMEN'r s,ooo,ooo :ru T:K.I.T 135 Chatham St., lear Pearl. New York.


4 daietly in the large cities and some of' the eehoola. The Crown PrinONB, and nbsequently b Crown Prince, came there from Homburg 11'hile I 11'88 in the place. couple are very popular throughout Germany; in f.aci, the German people like their royal establiahment jui as the English people do. I wu there at the time Gf. the anniversary of Sedan, and what with soldiers .alld COI5Dlop<)litancivili&Da I never l&w a poeater JUClley of people. The l.l'rench, of 1)0111'118, felt 10me humiliation on the oooaaion, but the Germans were ClOUrteous enough not to make any offensive demonnration. Indeed, if we except the thorough whipping *hey gave them, the Germans have-treated-the-French Tery nicely, eoDsidering the painful reminiscences of the :flrt1t Napoleon's campaign in their country. There is no feeling of revenge shown on either side; but it is more than probable that if a French army ever again 104111 down to Frankfort, the Germans will not open a bottle of wine for it. The Germans are proud of their ClOUDtry, and deservedly so. The land is parceled out &here much as it is in England. ; Hy stay in England was agreeable to me, as it 11811ally has been. About the only thing that was, and always is, distasteful to me was the toodying to the nobilit:y and aristocracy that is everywhere visible throughout the kingdom. Reverence for the royal family and for lineage is part of an Englishman's nature., He likes to contemplate, even if he can never lie allowed to know, my lord so and so. Well, it is no matter, so long as he is content. Yet some of us in America think there would be more progress, more 1100ial improvement in Great Britain if less veneration were felt for the halo reflected by British ancestors, p-andfathers and othert1. While on the platform of. an English railway lltation I saw from three to four hundred cha,rity achool boys and girla out for an or for exercise, ad such another hapleas crowd I never saw before. sOme were hats and some ,without and all were boisterous aad comical, and seemingly with out restraint. J, felt as I looked upon the concourse 1bat improvement might begin there with propriety, and that to that end it was well enough to forget for a while the glory pertairiing to the names of the great, p-eat, ever so many timee great, grandfathen and .p-andmothers, and think only of what was bad and what was good in thepreeent. [went into a grave-yard, and noticed m&lly old stones bearing datee running back a hundred years or more, but only a few of recent date, as if the J14!0ple a century ago could better afford to buy p-ave-etooea to mark their last reeting place than they can now. The condition of agricultUral labor in England has been appreciably improved within the past twenty :five years. The efforts of J011eph Arch have done aomet9ing, it is conceded, to increase the wages of Jield hands, a matter of about two shillings each per week, farmers told me, being the amount of extra pay they now receive. The out-of-door entertainments of She people are, as everybody lr::nows, very attractive, and to my taste' their fox hUnts are the most alluring of all. Nothing.Q&n exceed th_!l 'spirit, dash and enjoyment prevalent on those,occasions." Here Mr. Hall concluded his entert.aining talk. We jqe ita reproduction here will be read with pleasure by old and new friends. -------on conaignment are jilug tobacc011; &ne,cut, smokisl aDd cbewiJig to alllp good bnes of cigarettee ana imporiecl cigara. u weU as cheap cigartl aDd mesnehawn goods. Mr. )Veaver h&f the sole agency in the i:astem States for the domestic rs produced by a New York manufacturer1 and he seeks other agencies from reliable tobacco. aDA cip.r IDIIDU facturingflrms and commisllion u-oeptional references can be given. CAUTION We hereby give notice that all menta of our ... .. DOCTOR'S I PRESCRIPTION," will be rigorously dealt with according to the 7'rade-Mark Laws of th.e United Statu. i FOSTER, HILSO N & C O., BeU .. ee Clg:ar F"ae&orJ'-No. 1, 34 Dllltrlet. To THE TBADE PUBLIC: We have this day sold and delivered to Messrs. 'Ohver & Robinson, of Rich mond, Va, our entire business and machmery, as also our celebrated Cigar brands "San CIGARS and PLANET CIGARS," as also such other brands of cigars as we have been puttmg up with the right and pnvilege to use the same a.1 'they have been used by us. We heartily recommend our customertl and the trade in general to the new flrm, and the trade inay feel a88Ured that m ordering cigars tro,n them A:.-H. s Beyer, Cgar Manufacturer. aslooked ttl then as tf our sales would be discouragmgly small SEED LEAII' INSPECTION WAREHOUSES. HoN. G. B .' RAux, Commillllioner of Internal Revenmsigned. We dtvid c th e m as -Export 5,508 hhds, JObbers 542 Stoek qn hand July 1, 1878.... ..... .... ..... 17 81111 SIR:-WeJ undel'Bigned manufacturers of tobac Chnattan Shelly. and Tobacco; assigned do; manufacturer s 1 011do, cutters 83 do, and amceJanuary 1: Hecetved since .. . .. ... . .. .. .. 16:81.2 co, respectiUily request you to Withdraw the order NawARK. N. J -Peter Held. Cgar Manufactur er. c hattel To M&lluf's. Cutters. JobOOro. Speculation permittiJJg the printing of stamped labels or wrappers mortgage on horses, etc, for .1,000 1878_ Del Tou:l U,481 for tobacco by the Grllphic Cumpany of New York, Nsw YoRK -J. H. Thayer, Tobacco chatkl mortgage on 1877_ 7 ,899 2 .025 4 ,1105 25,270 25 tvcre smce 111,816 and that all the printin(; of tobacco. stamps be"uone N 1lx0tures.t>r *L400 ... Ri 1 ... __ f d D 1 1876-6;473 _1.870 2,341 "31, 7JO 3.4110 ., Stock on hand Oct'1 1878 111 1 under the direct supervjslon,of' the Treasury ,pepart Kw RLE448 ...,_..,._ ql'e me .....,u acturer an ca er 18711-3,604 1,960 -1,9ress, at such ratee as the ex-ene of blue, w1$Qut regard to the c)n ltlte I From the clre,ularof -Mr. R. we collate the follo,'W-' gin!&. vourtool)Js and kind to all, he was indeed a pl"6118 companies woUld jdeem sutlctent to recompense latter; that defendants had sold goolls bearil)g the Jng:r,;n,opeis of export from New York and New Orle8ns, from noble type of the Christ1an gentleman. The 1088 of them for tbe riak.asaumed by such services. The pa:pe_r mark, and should be held to answer. Counsel read 1st uuary to 1877 1878. such a man to any commumty is a calamity. lit. necessary to pack one million pounds of tobacco. which from numerous cases thought to austain their con ten-hhda. bbda lrby had been engaged in the tobacco busmess for a 18 a fair average for a medmm factory, would we1gh tion, and argned that there was no substantial differGreat Britain .. ... .. 29,115 34,1J48 number of yeart1. Latterly the style of 'the firm was about thirtySlX tons, or seventy-two thousand pounds. ence between the rules as applied to civil and criminal France "' 8,872 11,7$9 J. J. lrby & Son. The transportation of this paper to New York would cases. Rowland Cox urged that the complaint Bremen and Hamburg 12,1195 24,4011 Virginia Leaf.-Local manufacturertl made liberal amount to about seven hundred and fifty dollars, and to be peremptorily d1smissed; that the registrat10n Antwerp and Holland. S, 740 ll.077 of br1ght and dark wrappers and old its return by expreB8 at five cents per pound, three was irregular in form and wtthout effect in law; that and Portugal. 10231 9 853 smokers. thousand six hundred dollartl, making a total cost for there was no mfrmgement, the mark alleged to I :fiteruean. : 2 1102 Smoking -.A: steady but not noticeably active insuch a factory for transportati'm of more than four have been registered bemg confined to a blue band st "' 3 724 quiry is reported for smoldng tobacco. thousand dollars per annum; while to such distant showing the charactertl described m the extract above un ry rt s 7 Ctgars.-Manufacturers, 1mportem and dealen repointll as New Orleans, St. Paul, or San Francisco, the presented; that there was no eVIdence of mtent that Total. . . . .... 83,639 104,3511 port a fau-ly act1ve demand. cost would be much more: In add1tion to this great would sustam a commitment, and that the proceed Consumption and on ships not cleared, etc ... 10,800 8,135 Gold opened at 1b07a and closed at AJmiUOAN !BtmTUTE FAIB.-This popular place of expense for transporta.ttOn, remote manufacturers ings were unwarranted and dangerous to public in-. .Excha'!fle.-M\lssrs M. & s. Sternberger, Bankers, resort is DOW open and in the full tide of prosperity. would be compelled to make most difficult estimate& terests. Mr. Cox dwelt upon the fact from N Y and New Orleans .. 94.489 112,490 report to '.1 HE LEAF as follows.-ExchaiJ&e .teady. We viaited it with our family on Thlll'llda)' "evening, forthe1r numjJer of di$"erent brands, shape and SIZes that the precedents in Clvi cases were not of force as Messrs. M. Hader & Son. Tobacco Brokers. Quotations.-Stcrlmg. 60 days, nominal. 481, lips, IUllll;.a.!, and CIUlii&Y from our ..,..l"IICJIUil experience that. a mn""' of t)le w 'rappers, and order in sufficient quantities to '6X(!lammg "'In civil cases-it. was sald.' From the port of New York te foreign ]101'11 to. the wellll: :aot attempted to m<::l! mudl dilip!ay at the Fair thjg-apphcatlon& would -soon be. for pnntmg the and dismissal of the directed. apecial Importance, tran!IRCtions for the open market being endi11g October 5 were 11 _follows:- -.-0,.111.,, JieMrS. Walker, ]!(cGftw & Co., of the Globe Bta.mlll!, same conditions estaN1sbed at New Upon, the conclus10n of the argument, elaborate very circllDl)'cribed Manufacturers bought m\'re l'&li!lgly .A.,.tij[0'7',-241 hbds, 3 o;asea, 1811 bales. 'l'obacco Works, l>etrl!,t, IUchig&l), york, m _aU :whe111 t!Je of. tobli.cpo by counsel wer;e filed. and the case Uiken lUnder "tliJn cWring tliemoneh of August and their purcha11e1 !ilidsl a.e oaly firm that ba1J all entn\ Ir 'Xalden: 18 extenstvely Carried on, and we,do notupon wli&t advl8ement, On the %1st Instant. 1t Willi l!iapol!ed :Of JIIQinly to Mason descnptlo!l'!. oJ hhjls .846 c:a-, ... of New York Uhibia a. fine m(ler-principle .of the I @DM,Jld .ren.ed.:tw. ,accOrding vi-: the W6lldllntsf-'llhe-fbllow ( bi:ing !livers of !Jgllt t8xtili-e and IJriN,J& ptp (5l,'or, owtng to thear cheapness as w1til Brflilk' W...t lndieo .-16 )Jhds, GO bala, .. pllf!8' (lii,U. lblo)>' bam, New Orleana, San Franc1sco and several other Commissioner, and after carefully the H..-County Valuea re'!'aon espeetally for all mfd. Cities. When this takee place so tar as collection of and nrinted herem moves to dismiss and there ts nothing tn the near future to en-Canada --'2 hales __ _. i 'Id L-"ust .. th roceed.-disc'--h d f _.__ f hance pnces. there 18 no reason why we should not be able to OTt.ina -311 caoes pk.-."' 366 lbo!cmfd revenue IS concer ...... wou "" l as an.. ese P lllll:8 an t e e e ........ ts, or mamtain our preaent poSJtion. Owing to the relattve cheap' .,,., effectual to allow m&J?-ufacklrertl to pnnt their own the followmg; .=-., n""" as compared wtth the old method re aampllng," ;:;: '82 pkga (4,088lhe) mfd. stamtpsf anthd make th6lr own return!! to the Govern. lthst. Thedre 1s, ud the advantages j!&ined in deahng wit buyers, we hae Gialgc>ul.-12 hhds. men or em. lD e ev1 ence. Ore ""w et er been mduced to re mspect" a lar,e proportlon of our early HambuJ"g -1!0 bhds, 83 C81e8, 1,0811 bal<'ll. 6th. It cost the legitimate tobacco trade two full the trade-mark lD quest10n has been mfrwged as would receipts. The los!leo in weight thererrom, as appear In account HaDre -7511 llhda, lG pkga (1 ,8411 the) mfd years of great and perplenng labor to eeta.blialh the justify & jury on a criminal trial in finding for the de.-lales. we think are fully made ood by the gam in pnce. Some .Hap.-13 bales. exiSting stamp system for the collection of the tax. fendantB. of our correspondents will please take note of this fact iD com JMbon.-/j hhds which has resUlted !10 for the revenue, lid. Even if there has been violation of the trade-paring their account sales with original weights. The condiLiurpool-211 hbds 272 pki!B (88,"-0 !he) and to the elevation and prosperity of the trade. mark the evidence aa to fraudulentjntent 1'1 defecttve: tiona the new crop, so far &!I relate to qlJiilltoty .are 110t !11& .London .-43 hhds, 21 pkg11 (8,'19Ubll) mfd. Should this system, by unwise and theoretical changes 1 conclusion may posSibly anse frdrn the terially1chattgcd smce the date of ou:r last circ!'lar; the quahty, .Naplu.-612 hhdli be impa11'6d. and the reve11ue from smoking and acts complained of is rebutted !)y ,the direct evidence howewr, bas no doubt been considerably Improved. The U. 8. of-Oolombil. -t hbd, CWI bales, IIO"pba (f,lll8lhe) mid. cliewin,..tobaOOo be reddced several millions of dollars of the defendants who are well: known and I d weather durmg SeptelJ!ber was counted":" favoro.ble, VenatUla.-1 case, G ll!lles, 12. pkge {1,178.1bll) mfd "' th Go ld tai the 1 h f h Thi c.. ea mg and the c rop "is nowl betng rapidly housed. There 18 yet no111t m consequence, e vernr,nent cou n oss, mere ants o t IS City. s evidence lB legally mediate indication of frost. and the chances are that the enttre but to us who have our capttal mvested m the manu-petent under the Act of Congress of March 1878. cro wtll be safe! secured facture of tobacco.itwould be utte:r; rum, for we could Sd. The_ District Attorney is the more avet;Be to Jr John Broker, 1111ys-The volume of not sell our goods m compet1t10n wtth those of fraudu-takmg cr1mmal because a c1vil. a c t10n to bnsoness during the past month, not qmte 80 large as in lent manufacturers. We are, therefore, prnnarily mrecover damages and obtam an IS the mouth of A1,1gnst. hils yet reached a respectable total Ex. terested m preventmg any mnovatwn which, m our pendmg m the Supreme Court of thiS State. This porters pnnct;;ally Uegie buyers have been the most impor opmion, would result so dieastrously, and we therefore Clvil action relates to the subject of the present hearmp;. tant Sales for the aORta foot up 7,100 hhds, of most respectfully but earnestly pray that this alarmmg STEWART L. WooDFORD, U. S Atty. whteh exporters took 5,500 maufacturers 1,QOO do, and order be 1mmed1ately revoked. The Commissioner thereupon dismissed the, com-Jobbers '600 do Prices ht.V1l1ltl'rdJy shown any change, the October 1, 1878. dlrunt, thus teriiUnating the proceedings. heavy-bodied tobaccos remain i.nn, and the lighter and nondeIKPOB.TL The arr1vals at the port of New York from porta for week cndtog o. included the following COillllglllllents GlasgoM. -Sam'! Love. 6(i bxs p1pes Havana -F Garcia 23G bales tobacco: Weiaa, Eller &; Kaepp e l 226 do, F Mtranda & Co 144 do, Yega .\ Bernheim.. 121 do, Lozano, Pendll8 & Co 95 do, M. & E Salomon 82 do ; A Gonzalez 49 do, C F. H age n 670 do, A Calm 311 eues cigars: H. P. Kelly & Co. 13 do, S Linuogton & Bolls 11 d'o; C T. Bauer & Co. 3 do Pm:dy&Nicholas 14do, Howard lvea


OOT. 7 'rHE LEAl'-,.. ., r .... -.... -' d G W F-'--.. _._ ,.. L--' & 0o do' H a --"' ............... ................... .'. 4 50@ 6 00 quotations are here reJ?5ted, will sa&-that common !up in II o; ... ....,. ..,...,; .o.anuan .. ; .--!" 7 00@ 8 00 ood rd nd I I h ldf hJI aU I d 2 do; s. Hernslieim & Bro. a de; s. G. Ruiz J do; L. Bnnde1s Binders. .................... : .. .. .. .. .. .. g o er a co ory eutt ng o u np, w e e se ten & Oo. 2 do; G .A.m1inek & Co. 1 do; Park & Tilford II do; Wrappers mediUDl ........................ 8 00011 00 to inside ligures. .., :Merrall & Coodit 24 oto; w. H. Thomas AI Bro. I do; Wrappers JtOOd ................... ....... 18 00@15 00 QUOTATIONS. Kauaebe & Dawning 13 do; 1fercbants Disp&lh do. I do; C. Wrappers ine. .. ... .. .. 15 00@20 00 lJ Fine to f1o11cy ........... ; .... ,; ........... 16 00@!8 00 .. @.. 6 @8 10 nomin,!!I: :M. Parker & Co. 87 do; D Dows & Co. 7 do; Sawyer, Classitlcaiion of salea:. Outside really heavy quotations for aweet pb11 kinds 1o11d & Co. 15 do; J.D. Keilly, Jr., 12 do; Bunzll & 218 hhda :Maso.n Oo .. Kv .. District. trash, lugsand leaf:-20 ncb dark export.k.Jnda. .. caaee; Order. 1,B98 hhds, S -,neli9U'Jflt 4(86.96; 43 at 6@7 96; 66 at 8@9 95; 81 at 10@14 75; 8 at The receipts Friday and Saturday wel'll 1170 hhds; salea, 110 BT TBJ<.RtJDSON RIVER R.uLRO.u>:-Scbroeder & rlon 16.50@17.50 . hhds. Prices unchanged. Froet threatened. caaee Bun&l & Dormitzer 164 do; F C. Linde & Co 92 do; E. 178 hbdll BroWD Co : O.,Diatrlet:-11 at4@5.00; 18 a\8. 10@ LYNCHBURG.-:Meun. Holt, flehaefer & do., Buyen & Bro. 88 do; C H. Spitzner 48 do; Chas. F. T..g 7 70; 35 at 8.10@9.90; 85 at, 10@14 .71.i;.26 an5@19; 8 at iandHandle .. of & Soil 411 do; Order, 16 do @22.50 Our receipts are very light now, and With a poOl' selection our Pettus & Co. 16 hhda; 80 hhda Owew. Oo., Ky. DiBtrict:-4 at 3.10@8.50; 7 at 4@ market o1fe'1' little of interest. Of gOod aud11Deshipping leaf Sawyer, Wallsce & Co. 180 do; J. Dunn, 10 do; D. J. Garth, 5. 70; 5 at 6.10@7 .85; 10 at 8.M@ll.OO; 4 at 1 box our offerings contain but little; prices for theaeJrr&dea are very Son & Co. 9 do; Blakemore. :Mayo & Co. 9 d'?; D. Dows & Co. 3::50. full, wl th an active demand, while lugs and low Jrr&desare 19do; J. H. Moore&Co. 24do; R. M Lewl&,1 1 do; Fouch, 241hhdaPendletonCo.,Ky.,District :-4at3.30@3 .90;36at rat.herdull, but former vslues sustained. Onrtotalsales.for Edye & Co. 1g do ; J. Hinkle, 12 do; Cs.rey & Yale, 60 do; H. 4 30@5.95; Gll at 6@7 95 ; 86 at 8@9.95 ; 55 at 10@13. 711; 1 at the to. oocco year. October 1, 1877, to October 1, 1878, amount Seibert 2 do R. Moore& Co. 2 do; Kunhardt & Co. 80 do; E. ,. n 1 bo t 3 28 UN> 000 Jb f 'od I 19 800 000 Jb bd 2 ........ ; x a .o """ s; or same pen ast year, s; Rosenwald & Bro. 216 cases; Order 2:311 h s, U cases : 35 hhds Boone County, Ky. :-5 at 6 .80@7.00 ; 10 at 8.80@ stock on hand only 388 hhds, nearly aU our sales being in loose BT TRI!: PENNSYLVANIA RuLROAD :-Louis .Nsch & Bro. '24 9.00; 20 at 10@13. 75. 10 hhds West Virginia at 4.05@7 20 4 state With the pf 10 .do; The sales of cigar leaf at auction to-day were 3 hhds and 112 tbe favorable weather of the wt two months, Iaricr than ex S. Hemsheim & Bro. B8 do, 2 cases c1gars; C. H Spltzner 12 cases Ohio, Wisconsin and Iqdiana, comm_?n smokers to -:tine pected early in the season. C&11811, 9 bxs; c;igars; E C. H"f.'rd & Co wra. ppers. market unusually acllve.!or all Lugs.-Very_ comm on ................ 1 @ 1 do Wo.'"'er & Killam 2 do; Appleby & H e lme 1a cases tot b outs d e of t t 1 ns wh1le the u d 1""@ 21L baccO, 5 81la1f, 31 bbls do, 120 half bbls do 16 ket;s do, 2G5 priCes ouc mg an 1 e rang quo a ; ,,.e mm .................... .... .... ,.. ,.. --"' ,11 & C 1 b d quality offered was not fine, yet there was a good to medium Good .............. ....... ... 2_!4@2%: 3 bn do; Shield & Bon, 1 box: snua; "'-en o., ox: 0 ci!'"S for cigar purposes at the prices:Leaf.heavy common ........ ....... 5 Blf TKB CENTRAL RAILROpAD o1.rNSKdoW 92 cases OhiO: 16 1\t 7 atU@7.6ii; 22 at 8@9.80; 46 at Medmm.... .. .... .. .. ... .. .. .. 5 @ & Vigelius 164 cases; C. S. hi P ; osenwru. Bro. 10@14 50 1 t 16 25 G od 61/@ 8 11 do E. & G. Friend & Oo. 2 do; Cbas. F Tag & Son 46 ; a o ............................ 7ll do; L. Gersbcl & Bro. 1 do; 'Wise & Bendbeim 22 do; A. 16 cases Wisconsin: 4 at 6.10@7 60; 6 at 8@9.90; 6 at 11 Fine............................... 8 @10 Blumlein & Co 36 do. @14.:15. Strictly :tine . ............. BY TBJ< NoBTR RlvKB BoATB1-Watjen, Toel & Co .. 106 4 cases Indiana at 4.50@8 25; 8 hhds Ohio at 4.55 6 90 and PADUCAH, Ky.-Mr. T. n. Puryear, Leaf Tobacco hhda; Blal , ings are Ianter, but as .lhe stoe'k is being r11pidly reduced, U.ey BT TliB NEW. YQRK & Nsw HAVKN STKA)(IIOAT LINE:l!hds. bxs too must soon become very small. bOW frequently ll. Westheiln &'Co. 2 case;,; B. Grotta 7 do; C. :Mayers 16 do; on hii.Dd 1, 1878 7,964 '!"ade privately. to October! were 19,166 bhds; o1ferJos. Belipberg88-do : C F Wahlig 7 do; M. Mayer 4do; Wm. Rec e ipts during month ..... .......... ........ 1,478 mgs 20,488 do; reJections, 2 ,1>97 do; actual Jiales, 17,891 do; E & Co. 11 d L o bel & B 10 d .If M S rus ritook on 'hand October 1, sold and unsold, was 1-;6l!1"'bhds. gl:.rt o; ers ro. o ; os. ,ayers -0 Total ............. .... : ........ : .... 9 ,442 954'-Thenewcrop is now nearly ailintbebarns;in.thisllectionit TPE. N..W Y.(nii<. AND H"'KWoRJ? ST.Jt&lmOAT,,LUi:_,._ Qeliycries dll._ring.month .. : 2,827 37.8 is not more than Wf of an average in quantity. As to the H. Wllsserman'l-1 eases; 1. Bijur 2!11J do; B. M Sales during month ...... .......... :.: .... 2 ,363 quality, it is not so easy to speak, thongh it Is certain that the H. Levin 40 do: _Jo1M!ab do; C F Wablig 15 do; Stock on hand October 1. .... -'" ..... ...... 6,6Hi 4191plants.are suiall and coDSiderahl;,: worm-cut. W Gail & ..,.. H 8 d Cb F T & Stock SAJDe time last year. ................ ... 11, 129 2 @ G. M o; rbst ros. o; as ag T 1 'p.l f t d ... 81 869 5 287 ......................... .. Son 85 dScco our s ales are prmc1pally n'!'vy Fine (nominal) ....................... L F E 0 of leadUig .bca!lda _that are well known_ to the trade. TwiSts ILADE T" p BT THI!: OLD DoxiNroN STIU.KSHIP INE: wen and 11-inch are slightly in better demand than usual. Fine-cut PH Pa.-:Mr. Arthur R. ougeray, Tohhds; F S Kinney 3 do; Toe!, Rose & Co. 2 do; Price S k' f d d d bacco Manufacturers' Ail)nt, reports to Tm: ToBA.COO LE.UI:-& Oo. 4 do; R M Allen & Co 2 do .4 trcs; P. Loflllard & Co very dull. mo mg IS n au eman pnces stea Y Handlers of plug tobacco claim the put week's business has 2 hhds, 3 Ires, 1 box samples; Kunhardt & Co. 75 bhds, 1 box CLARKSVILLE, Teon.-Messrs. M H. Clark & improved, and the indications all point to a favorable continua leaf; J. D. Keilly, Jr. 48 hhda. 7 trcs, 711 cases mfd, 60 ,%:-bxs Bro .. Leaf 'l'obacco Brokers. report to THE ToBACCO L&AF: tion At present the demand and lncrede are con do; W 0 Smith & Co 29 hilda, 10 trcs. 25 ca:ses mfd. 20 Receipts continue light, and our sales for the week foot up tined to brands which merit popular contldence. Low grade do, 80 .!*(-bxs do; W. R. Gtace & Co. 10 trcs; E Du B01s 8 only 70 hbtls. The is without material change. 6-inch .. still commlllllils speelal attention seroons,l5 M bxs .mfd; Dohap. C!&rroll. & Uo. -35 mfd, 100 QUOTATIONS. an<1 shows a steady growing increaae; In fact, manufacturers a o, 16 3\;-bxs do, G7 eaddes do, 8 cases smkg; AUen & {)ommon itig& ........ .... ,.. 2M@ are making this ltr&de of goods nLther better tban nece81161'y or o. 215 cases omic, 8 cases mfd, 3 hxs do, ll caddies do. 5 cases Good lugs ..... ....... ... ..... ..... 4 _1@ f>}f advantag_eous. F'or brands prices hold tlrm. cigarettsa; Wise & Bendhei91 18 C!UI'l& smkg, m!d, Common leaf .......... : ................. 6 Fine-Cull -The demand ftlr better gradea lhow no abatedo, 4-cUils ber 1 says :-Aggregat e montb. of September, 1877. some 700 hhd. of wbic h GOO w ere taken for Funec: the sn.les for S ep tember, 11 ,00713QS averag<;_price A_g. RICHMOND.-Mr. R A. Mills, Tobacco Broker and r e mains steady and firm for year endmg October l 18.8 26,_727,281 lbs; Commission Merchant. reoorts to TRK TOBACCO LBAF:-QUOTATIONB. pnce $8 60; aggregate sal'?" for yesr endmg October Our receipts and offerings are small, the demand light, and the Maryland-inferior and fro s ted ................ $ 1 51J@ 2 00 1 Jil77, lbs; average $12.36 ; aggregate saies market dull 'The weather has b ee n and is still ail that could 80Ubd common.. ............ ....... 2 50@ 3 00 fear October 1, 1876, 28,4fl!l,483 lbs; average pr1ce be desired for the cutting and curing of the tobacco crop and good do ............... ... 1 8 50@ 5 00 $1ll.H2. It w1L seen by the abov e ligures that the sales_ for w e will have a small but very clean, gummy crop to operate middling.......................... 6 00@ 7 00 the tob acco y ea r JUS t ended far exceed t":e sales ?f _the prevwus upon nex:t season The transactiollJ! were 617 hhdS and 16 trcs. good to fine red........... ......... 8 00@10 00 year, as well as before m f act 1t 1 s the largest Offerings a t a uction :-Sep tember 30, 84pkgs sold at Ui0@39; fancy ....... .................... 10 00@15 00 amount sold m thiS m!'rket m on e year. The s:mall av-23 taken in at 1.90@46 October 1, 30 do sold ai 23 upper country..................... 4 00@20 00 erage pr1ce, as compared the .two years bas taken in at 1.00@28. O cto ber 2, 59 do so ld at 1 00@76; 22 ground leavea, new..... ........... 2 00@ 8 00 been very larg e ly due to the mfer!onty of the crop. It 1s true taken in at 1.00@20. October 3, 45 do sold at 1.00@7Yz; 24 Ohio-inferior to good common....... .. .. .. ... 3 00@ 4 50 that the comn1oner of tobacco have sold lower taken in at 1.U0@32. October 4, 25 do sold at 24 greenish and brown ..................... -4 50@ 6 00 than the same grades_m prev1ou s years ; yet good and fine taken in at October 5, 10 do sold at medium to tine red ................ .. ... 6 00@ 9 00 wrappers have been higher _for the greater of t_he _year11 taken in at common to medium spangled .. . 6 00@ 8 00 for the last three m onths h1gh er than at any t1me aurmgthe : d d r f fine spangled to yellow .................. 10 00@111 00 last three years. The a verage h as been kept down b,Y the vast Comparative statem<;nt of the mspectidn an d':Jivery 0 toKentuc ky-,-common to good lugs . . . 8 00@ 5 50 bulk of inferior stuff, without character or color, w1th which bacco, wth sto;cks on han at the erent ware. Clarksville lugs.................... 3 50@ 6 00 this market has )leen crowded for most of the year. Very houses m the City of Richmond, from October 1 1877, to common leaf... . . . 5 110@ 6 50 little tobacco has b een brought in by f armers during the month O ctober 1, 1878:-medium 1eaf.. .... .. .. .. .. .. .. ... .. 7 00@ 8 00 just ended, and it is the general opinion that but little of the fair to good.............. ....... .. 9 00@12 00 old crop is left Our l!llles have been largely made up of stocks Hhds. Tcs&B:u. Upl'da. Hhd.s. Tcs& Bn. Upl 'd.s. ilne ................................ 12 00@14 00 accumulated in the warehouses and in the hands of d ea lers, Sbockoe .... .... 6 808 1,217 11 11,'242 1, 744 2 selectioiiS ........................ 14 00@16 00 and but little more is to be expected from these sources, as thP. M ayo's . . .(, 197 1,648 3 1,8011 '770 and good lugs. . . 3 00@ 5 50 amount of o ld tobaccb held here at present is remarkably Seabrook's.... 8,586 579 5,460 447 common to medium leaf. .. .. .. 6 00@ 8 00 smalL Much has been sold lately bas been very inferior Public. .. .. .. 6,295 1 782 3,869 854 fair to good l eaf .................... 8 00 00 in quality, and much uns ound; yet, strange to say, there was Anderson's .. 1.854 286 8 056 617 T. w. MARSHALL, ALL ii:iiVANA. <> CiGARS,-AND 80LE PROPRIETOR OF 'I'HE CEL ... A.TED BRA.ND OF CIGA.RS, 'EJT EI&Q'UXTeC>," 1 NORTH 4th ST., PHILADELPHIA PA. Branch: 10615th Ave. A.equlre4l ander the Lawe 'oc the VnUeCked. Owen's.. . .. .. 2 761 i "' -QUOT'A'l'IONS. 1 9 5@ 2 10 Olmstead, Logan co:, October S.-T. E. a red,uce th'\' flxJ!Ort\'(1; 960-l bs .to Weat luuea. RI!Cleived-paid at present aie' fair,-with 10i!ll.dency for a further (Jommon lugs .... .. .... .. We had a moderately good .rain OB the per Ric hmond steamers 457 bx s, 140 pkga; per, ...n.nce;bolders do not seem to be in hute to sell. knowing3<4,086 39,637 Good lugs .. .. .. .. 2 20 2 50 lowed by mild, open -weaiher, which has Norfolk' ste amers, 76 bxs and 13 pkgs. or at least believing-that better prices will tie realized for it in BTOOJt>, Fine colory lugs 2 75@ 3 00 that part of the crop tO 110me extent remainil'lll:. in tbtlt-CHICAOO, DL-OW' special con-espondeot ......Orts:a ahorl tims. Small particularly low .gradel, are sll Low leaf. .. 2 50@ 3 25 field. The work,of cutting and housing bas l!e8a P!IIIJ I have nothing of Ia-.te JepOrt of our mv bought 18 ollered within bounds of hipping rates. The 1877. Medium to good shipping leaf .... : ll 50@.( 50 on rapidly this week, and not JDdte th"-tea or&w.J,.. lal!t. All kilida of 1116aufactured tobacco contiauaily meet a 1876 crop 111 all .1Jaat can be b_?ught at marketable ratea ln&JlOOted .. .... S,S 1;l Fine shipping leaf ...... .... .. .. 50@ 6 00 _per cent. of the crop J'lilmains tp b.e -;;;Tt, )(-"' of good llteady demand for thitl tilDe of the year. Of leaf no large The 1878 crop 18 cunngwell, aDd.a. bUie more dampness would Unmspected .. ; 2,921 2,637_ Low manufacturing leaf ........... 3 90@ S 711 has been cut green, probably rr_ [in.,. appear to' have been cllapoeed of though triwsactions not hurt it. I t 1",0"" Good manufacturing leaf .. ......... 4 00@ 6 00 the crop, and no no,.. of it has ri,.....:!J weHoo have shown liveliAees. small falling oft in LOUISVILLE ...:.:Mr. Wm: J. Lewers Secretat of the .,.,. .., "'"' Fine manufacturing leaf........... 6 00@10 00 .... ...._ -1 1_._ bu' 1 t.. 1877. 187li. :Medium ....... ; ... l2 00@18 00 of the very dry weather the ma,jour-mq:-,. ._. --.. a c.,.-a....,... a "":L ncrease Tobacco Board of Trade, reports to TBJ< TOBAcco S 73li 2931Qe 8 325 190 lbs <1?od wrappers ............. 20 00@110 00 ing11ea80n. The {llAnt is SJD4!.ll, bUt UD.!JIIuall;r BOillll' a:=y ca-s, .,. nearly an LQ()8II .' .... : : .... : lbs : : ::: : : :: :1 CINCINNATI.-Mr. F A:.Pi'ague,LeafTobaccolnspec1877. md. 12, 020 same time1876; Jiales in 6,8115 ST,LOUIS,Jlo.-llesars.C.&R. D.ormitzer&Co.,:r-1 ac_ to 1'1111: ToBACCO L&AI' as follownt -Tbe market hhds, ap1nst -4,571> aame time !877, and 6 296 same 1871 Tobacco Dealers, report to TBE Touoco L&AJI' u fo)lowa : -who, has travelled over a Iar.llie for' 1 for. the PY' !\,quolations, for. tlrst four days this hhda; tbi month, >Ollerinp, receipts and, l:lleliverieal atl the tObaCco warehouses LIVEltPOOI.,_ 21.-Mesera, F W. SIDytb .t: .ooulltir f receu.tly,: ihetuituig ;\be A wi ditaii'lma .O .IIiueralln 'ii sll grades we?e 160 hlidS. of St Louis for the month of September:-. T,ob_teco :&!ant. s, 'report to. Tm;: 'Tbll-ACCO 'J:t1o ,the Clar)l;ifville-'dii1trict, ., :r! me ""--t tal< atauctioo > SA.LEB J'OR I'IRBT J'OUR-DJ.'YB!'""'"'}CEX ET? ............. ... : ..... ... nd be goodi .. liM -W;lik: :JIImm, Year. Receipts dl1rll!g month ......... . . . . 1, 7111 hhda been conllned to purchases by the trade 9f. 1ll1!80uri Blld bright ou t crop n IIODliJ cli8tricfll 1iJj!l y'lf:t ililit-lahda; lut week, 718hllds. Receipl.l from lobe cpuntry are very N1nth Street. .. .. .. .. .. 152 117 12,9711 1 ----Vlfginia Jeaf, together with. & few hhfls of the heMet' claM of ferent in others. Our 8hen1f. w"hom I 11&19' Ye.ierilay. llgbt, eely a fetr 111141 daRy am!ng. The weatheutill. con G!lbert ............. : ..... ... :.. .. 57 37 2,776 8,581 hhda strips. Sales for export were jlllimportant, prlcee irregular, makes the IIIU'Ile _report the crop in tbia J\DtJ'. i_ IinaM-fa.-ltle f _or the IDBW. riag aacl e11rlng of t he ne w P1ckett ..................... ;...... 70 ,. 70 10,950 Del!verles _in city: ....... ........ .... 174 hhd8 1o11d in buyers fa.vor. Imports, 8,167 !'hda: deliveriee, -,nil make an eatun.ate of the crop in my ne:rt. crop, ,_, All n!JIOrt& 18 lnaproorlilg daily, llild -will .Boone.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 20 12 4,,12 Deliveries for a1upiDilllt.. .. .. .. .. .. .. i,'lllls'hlida 4011 do; stbl:k 47,100 do, aga.inlt 86, '103 same time last year. ""IDB80VU dou!MIMepNW.ts-qu-tityaadofbetter quality than FKarmerack' .. 14 7 1 4 1!83 2,067hhda GrantT,Chambera&Co. BrunBWick, Clum'too Co .. October 1.-J. A. M:. re-lit one time tiiDaght poulble. entu ,Y .noeoclatiOD......... .... : ...... report to liB OBAcco KAI!' as fo ows:here Is but little ports:-The pBSt month clolied without a The total at auctioa. for U1e week, and for the exPlante':! . . .. .. .. . .. .. .. 110 102 7,641 Stock on band October 1. ...... .... .. .. .. .. .. &,5U hhda alteration in our market since our last report; one or two saiea which is something unusual for this CF"'".W and laii-p ired ...-ion of the current month and year also com.,.,.,.Uve Falls City : SO 80 2,487 Offerings at the wareh011888lui month:-: have been effected of American tobacco at current prices but b II ....,... .' ..-L viii ..,. 85 5 858 ttl 1 d d L--L--__ _. Pri f h tude. Our to acco IS a. cu. t and safely with la.hle,_.ufollowa:-ou e.......................... OrlgjJaals : .... : ........................ 2,1i!!=s =ra efan .. t.e ,...._..,.._--., ,--,--YEAR--, 7S9 '''" on 719 Renews............................. J.,., S }r Wes COn IDUe I ly, U common escflp IODS are Ir ---()ur toba.cCO tr--'e, as well as"our old Cl.tlZ' ena -were Hbcls. Bu. Bllda. Bxa Hbda. Bxs. """" "" ---2,552 hhdll regu ar. estern Leaf and Strips-In the former lltt.Ie done; ""' ..., 1878... 717 4 117 4 89,260 8,814 Year 1877' .......................... 680, 680 48,218 Of which 'were sold.................. 882 hhds more Inquiry for the latter. Virginia Leaf and Strips-These pained to hear of the death of our fonner fe'll

6 L. BAMBERGER & CO., DEALERS lN -EA.F 'FOBACCO, Manufacturers of all Grades of Cigars, .111111.J 11 "'Pa. LEAF T : .. QBAC. C O : :wo. aao 111'=.-th lVIOOl'B BAT a CQ! : ...... ;1 '" '1,._ ... ...... '>'{. : ........ Pa.ckers, Comm;ssion.i-kercli.a.db &:Deuers m SEED LEAFtc HAVANA TOBACCO No. 35 North Water-st., Phi1a.delphia. And 8TMI'IE 8TR. T,-HARTFORD,CONN. GUM EB!F BBOS. MANUFACM of l!lNB CI&ARSJ ..... F:l v-e Bro1:h.era iao Pcn:uia., X.OZ15 JOh.Zll. 9, JBr:lsh.1: AZll.d. JB1a.ok, AND OTHER I X.C>U:J:S'V:J:X.X.E, O C T 7 i llirrEJJ.A.NEOU8 ADVRRTIBBIBI!& RmSPALE SXITB: &. SOl, ( Sacc: .. oorw to H. SMITH CO.) PACKERS .&1'ID .JOBBEIUi ccnnecticut i.ea.f Toba.cca 20 HAMPDEN ST; t Springfield, Maaa. H tNSDAt..: SMr r H, 1 Jt. H. SIIJ1'K. AND General Commission Merchant, OffiCi IN TOBACCO EXCHANGE, SHOCKOE SLIP, JUCBIIOWD, V .a. ---. MICHABD IALLAY.&BRD. ui w. & co. wM E. ..... ioBAcoo .tw TBBACCD QDm 'TO'BACCO' 1410 cu.,. S'b:eet MANUF ACTURED B Y B. WILKE.S & :M:D: : : .. A.G-:J!JJ.V0%:1!1&" .... Nsw Yort: I. F ALK,122 Chambers St. Philadelphia: BATTIN& BRO., 142-N. 3d St. p:mor:mn.-s:aun.o-, 'V .&.. ... t the CENTE..'iNIAL EXPOSITIO N September fn, 1876, THIS TOBACCO WAS AWARDED THE HIGHEST PRIZE. We call especial attentfon to the manne r in w btah our are {)!-1-t up: tha.t neither Dealer nor Chewer may be iln&ied E_l!_rcho.s ing other gOOf 1St thlllkl.llf\ l w ts ours. Every Butt o.n d Oaddy has J A K!ON' S BEST" impressed into J t by a. < h e Ev,-._ry l-.,n g ha8 our Trade--mar k strip "JACKS J11 BEST" as per diagmm a.nnexed TRY IT UN:OER OUR GUARANTEE, a.nditnot-IoundtGbe tliatwerepresentit, WILL PAY FREIGHT BOTH W A YS. SOLD BY ALL LEADING .JOBBERS THROUGHOUT UNITED STATES. B R 0 K B ll.S, RICHMOND. VA. ..... 115 & 117 WEST 291. Wcust, Main Street, LOUISVILLE, Ky CINCINNATr 0. .. J lf. FwaaY SOLE OWNERS OF THE CELEBRATED -.I.ND OF cc GC>TDEN"._, R."':l"LB" BJUGB'I' JfAVY CHEWDrG TOBACCO. .., ____ C. & R. DORMITZER & CO l Dealers l Commission lerchalts iJ LEAF TOBAOCO, 2 'NORTH MAIN. 8T .; -Bet. llain and Second S ta., '.&T. l!WI:O Cliotce Bran da o f Imported Licorice always oa hand Liberal Cash Advances mad.e Oil Coll8ipL m e n te. W. :M _,LADD, Llli TOBACCO BmL 'iFOR THE TRADE,) '.t 21 N. Main at., at. Louis. B. SVBERIIJI, WHOLESAL E DEALER IN :S:A'V AJ."'q A -AX.,_. I DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCO, 14 North Street, CHICAGO ILL, Paduea,b, K.j. P. LCHAMBERS, ':A DEALE R IN Havana & Domestic Leaf AND MANUF A C'I'URER OF Pi.3:1e Ci.gars .Jobber In Maaufaetarecl .... 5 Martindale's Block. Indianapolis Ind. ..


7 Bnsi11ess Directory of Advertisers. JfEW TOB.K. 7'r>ba<:cq Wa.....,_ o()utbrle "' Co. -l'rolat. Ltt 2lJ/IIIccO -.u"fl PlalUp 0. .. 188 P-1 Loaf Tobac<:o Olori"9. 'Jbayer, James B. SJ Frailt Qmiiniloion Mtt"Denl rorr of I..lbatloo .liUp ,_ BeiiMI & Co. J1Diai Cbarleo. It t!o. 1116 Water UadeJ'. 0. & Oo. 14i Water 2l>l>occo l"r.-rt. 8111br1e a Co. IIIII Front ..,_,cacfllm'l of Cigar 1INoo. HOilbll JIIOOI>, 298 and 1111 Monroe lltraUio S. 1711 and 181 Lowls Wicke WIWam .t Co. 1M-161 Goen:k DoBler n. Sjol>occo L4b!Od Genom" Cigar .acotolda, Lo-.o a G&ns, 131 ll!&iden Lane ot Cigar Motolda. Bc!I'Jffolol$.1il 6JHMt -til r .v.;poc far Dolbnll :.s;:, Ciloeift>WJK Gfcla!' Ql:d-..m B 306 Broadwa.J' CljGr BqrgfekbN. B'. ..... UIWater I OuUiM .II'......... Wu!at* ._,., 114 Co!llfre. ae:..m..mnf e, ft:i llotonoGl-...... Jou._,., c rr LlbertJ' ---au I>aruolieSt.nlberpr 1L a: 8. M, "kcbonp P1lw>e. M..,.,.,...,_, of .11'-"""' w-.. DemuU.Wm. & 0<>. Robb of Stra.B. 1"111 aud ttl! Lewis 8ok JI'""Vaeturer OJ 1M Origl!ool -_, Emmet W 0. 74 Pine Samuel 8. L. fi'/:d'.. Cigar ea-. r,., hper. Xay Broth""'- Broome ..l(anu(d.cCurera ot Cigar Jf'la110r,r, Fries Alex. & Broo.. J6 CoD"'I"' Place Pul.,.t T"""""" U>U>nng, Buehler a: Po1hab.s, &'I Ctmq"ercial .Agen.ciu. The' J. M. Bradstreet & SOh Broadway Tlje llcKIIIop & Sprague Co. JQg.UJ Worth Nan>1faot1t1 .. r of Glaoa Sig-ns, Matthews John. EMit 2lit h M&nufacturrra of Cigar Box Lumber Geo. W. Read & Co. J86.:m Lewis TObacco Y.reir}ht Broker8. Smith W. 0. &: Co. 5.'3 Exchange Place Maau(a.cturera of Cigar Ribbons Wicke Wm. & Co. 153 to 161 Goerck Tobacco Labels and Show Cards. Donaldson Bros., Fhe Points. P. 0. Box 2791. Appleby's Cigar Machinet and Havana Ca'gar F l a .vvr. Sutphen JohnS. M Whitehall ALBANY. N.Y. Jlr f n :u.facturert of Tokcco. Greer,s A. Soll8, 8:ti Broadway BALTIHORE, MeL T obacco Wareh.oU8ea. Barker It South Gay Boyd W ..1.. di Co. <>a Soutb Fowler Jno, H. 27 South Gay Gunther L \V, 9 South Gay 4 Kerclchotr & Co. 4g South Charles E. 46.oo Marriott, G. H. M .25 Gcnilan Mer!ela & Kempe!:. 117 Lombard Schroeder Joa &: <.;O. 81 Exchaoure P1&ce Wischmeyer Ed. &: Co. 39 South Cal vert TobaccO Manufacturer" Feigner F. W. & Sd'n, 90 South Charles Gail .t Ax 28 Bam> Marburg Boothers, 146 to 149 South Charles Willcelll! H. & Co. West P1-att Patent Stem. RollerB Kerckholl' G. & Oo. 1<9 South Charles T obacco GeJt.eral Commission Merchants. R E. Vocke&Oo. s ecorCheapside& Lombard Packes of /Seed Leaf ana""* and QII1CJ#" l#Jf TobaGoo. lleyer Hy. & '00. 46 Frent W'ankolmaD F. & Co. 82 Front -Jl"""'""t""""' of oiiCI Bwaoking TbMcco. Spence Broo .t Co. lie &lid If Eallt.Dlrd 1 L.1oero. Clal'k Ill. B. & .Bro CLEVELAND. o. Pudnuf'rs of Ohewing and Tobacco. Barker K. C & 1 Co 74 and 76 Jef!enon A v It Walker, &: Co. 81 Atwater Jlanufactwrera of Oi{Jar1 and Dealen in Led/ 1\>baooo., SuHiva.n &. Burk. 4@ and 50 Congress. Foxen, Newman & Co. 21fj Jefferson Avenue DURHAM, N. C. Manufacture r of Smoking T6bocco '1:. & EVANSvn.LE, IDtL Tobacco a.n..misllot>.llfercha"t.. llorrls 0. J & Co Manlif. of Tobacco Brown Geo. HARTFORD, CoiUlo .Pa.cker1 and Dealers in &eel Lea/ TofKws Dix J & Co. 217 State L. Bro., ,.... State Lee Ges. 11111 State Hay & 'Weotphai"Wm. """State Willcox S. W. Ktr Clllrk IIi. B. a: Brother llapclaJe w J:. QPIJAQPox.Dt 1>ialw 'irl JlooaM tf Uilj Tllb ., and Jt'IJIMtf"aclu,. Df Mil Btte of Kentucky T"""""" Co Tobacco OommtMiml. Jferdkl"tl Wlclca G. 'W .t Co. 2111 West Kaln Tol>acco Brolc .Deale)s in Leaf TobaccO. VenableS. W. & Co. Manufactue"/'8 of S1out Na"!f L,htlwtllf. Jackson C. A. & Oo. PETERSBURG, Laueaater Pa. in s of Plug & Smok'g Tobacco Jones., James Leigh Lottier L. Lvon A. M. &. Co. Pllldnton E. T .t: Oo Leaf Tobaoco Brolcer1, Dlbl-elt Wm. J:. i410 C..,., JIJik L..A..-I ... '" Licorke l'tute and Mfd. 7'o!lcl""' Klmbr.ll w. s : a: Co. ..... SDiltb B & Son, ill! Bampc!M I T. LO'IJIS. 'llo. )LoftV./1of FfM ct IJiJi"r.s in. Tobacco. -Dormllzer 0. & R. A Co. 1!13 Market B"ll" of !Aaf :t.dd W Ill. ll1 !rort'h Main 7'obncco Brolcn,.Jacturer of C:::::.:? and Smoking To-lleesinger Charles R. Man.u..facturers of Pmoderecl Warren C. C. &: Co. 113 to 117 Monroe WESTFIELD. Ma ... Packer and Dealer in Sua Loaf !tu.>cbiiiA>D John C Sutro a ... Newmark, EBRB s d: SPJ:BSS, :Manufacturers of Fine Cigars MANUFACTURERS OF I ... 1 And Dealen 'in LEAP" TOBAOOO, Dealers in Leaf. Tol4-cco 76 Park .Qrk.. 1014, 1016, 1018, 101:10 SECOND AVENUE,' 310, 311:1, 314 AND _316 FIFTYFOURTH STREET, e Nlii'W' S -I PIPES. Piuet SlOt FI&HIES I In M:etal & Wood A SPECIALTY. I \ I '-f ..J I "' Centennial Medals & Diploma awaroed for Beautf.ai111 of Design and Skill shown in Fabrication, opu ar S-tyle & Cheapness., BEN"::I:> :JPC>EI. \ Bl:l ::&o"'!Very, N"e._. OF Fine AND SOLE PllOPiliB'l:OU 011'-'1"111: t& 8./Jo., !or. mMrS.: s E..:A. V .AJ N A I -ANDLEAF TOBACCO, ]!(, LICHTENSTEIN. FOB. SALE ON TERJWS. No.1 & I'OR A P!CTOIY A. BRUSSEL. T,'ICBTENSTEll'{. \ P&BTJES are bereby cautioned agai,.st using PIVOTED of.t!r.l; also about 200 BAIUaSrap C-'.TCHES POK ClGA.R Bel XES other than those manufao-Se-hC:tJ and ers. Wa.rehouse.Point, Olanectlcut .. turedunder GLUUD" S P&TENT (No.l84,089, No. f.-1876; reissue, No. 7,'/IJI, May ill, 1871), asslgned to ua. Any 1nfrlngemen\ will Joe WAN'I'Jj:D.-By a and 'lfcor'Oualy proeecuted. ....J II mall, fn the prime!e, as a watchman in a faeWry-orware e has been for many yean connected with the Police -.uw LICHTENSTEIN BROS, A 'Gt), h .. th .. erybestof references. AdiUt:I!S. THE TOBACCO J!EA'F COJI'SISTJNG Qll' Paet.oryt WEST 45th ST. !Ja1eroon:t"' 1 -&.&.& DKOOi!l E !IT. ON8 MHORSI:POWER. STEAM EN. CINE AND BOILER, ONE CUTTINC MACHINE, ON. ROASTER, PACKINC BOXES, SCREENS, RACKS, Ac., Ac. Groat IndncomoBts A Good Innstmont! The a1ooYe Maehlnery aa .&ppara&a are loea&e oa the ohio JU'rer, Jill aile a1ooYe Clnelnnatl, at Ripley, Bro....,...n Coanty, 0., the eeater ot.._e crea& -.ana.taetartq tobaceo tUtrle&, wllere tobaeeo c.n be purebaHcl 4J.reet trom the p'l'o4acer at half tbe price nually paid after U ha pllAHd throueh &he band of &be peeula&or, where &be cholee of" the arttele ean be had, where reo& and labor are extremely low. The butl4lnc In wbleh thta machln er:y and thl apparatu are now, ta leased for three yean at $180 a ye&'l' andleae can be extended o any detred nu10ber of years. Leaae "Will be autcned O"Yer to purchatter. Partie can give aa&latac&ory reaon Cor For tllrther lnfo.rlD&tlon addres 70l-71l TODA.CCO FACTORY, Box 84, Ripley, O, l.VlD'"VP" TQEI.::S:.. -Cope's Tobacco Plant: .& oaU.IJ IOtJBKAL Cor 81110KEBS. POBLliJlliD) 10 Lord Belson St.. LiYHrDOOl, En[. Pu011 Two SaJLLtMOI (Elo GLISB ) PEn ANNU111. Where Bubocrlpti ono may be addressed, or to TD TOBJ>"))() LLu' Office. .A..m.erica.D Subecriptione, 76 centAI per o.n.num, poet 1\C'e tJnlted States Internal Revenue Tax. The ta.x on aU kinds of Manufactured Tobacco is Sl4 oents 1J Jb; Snuff, 82oenta :p1b; S8 I) thoWJ&nd; Cigarettes weighing not over 8 l)a W thoUMDd, St.'i& per tbousaod; Cin.rettes and Cheroots weighing oer 31be 'II! tbot181Uld,161l tbouaand. Tbe duty on Foreign C!ganl i s $2.50 W 1> and 25 ad Cigarettes same duty as cigars. lmportea Cigars, Cigarettes e.nd Cheroots also bear the presctibed loternaJ RevenlK.. taxes, to De pa.ld by stAmps at the Custom House. Tbe import duty C"D Lear Tobacco Is 35 centa, gold 'II! II?,; Leaf Tobacco stemmed, 50 cents !b; Manufactured Tobacco,150ce nts 1!1' tb; Scraps. M eente 't8 Tb. Manufactured Tobacco aod Scraps a-:e also subject to tbe Internal 'Revenue tax <'f 24 cents lb, o.nd must be packed in conformity with lntemal Revenue 13,-.y &Ill! ForelgU Vntfes on Tobaooo. 1n J.lWtria, FrMce )taly r.nd Spain tbe tobeoco ootmnlea cop. tl pud, and oa 9 rou. w Cop. 11 pud. 'The u pu4" is equaJ t.o 16 Americ:8:a 1)3. In Turkey the duty is ro oonLs, gold, per Amf.'!ncan ounces. Ia !:ngbnd the dulles are on 'sfununod unst.e nmed, 10 lbe or more of moisture in every t001b8 we&fithereof (besldos 5 cent. and an additional charge of !r-6 cent. on removal from bonded warehouseH), 3a per lb; containing 1cst than 10 lbs of: moisture in every 100 "s weight (exclusiv e of the extm charges noted abovc)3! 6d On Marmfactured: Cavendish and Negrohea.d {cake or twist), 4s. 6d. 'tlllb; all other kinds, 4s. II lb.


Tobacco Manufacturers. :LICOJUCE. JOHN ANDERSON & co. LiCORICE PASTE. MANUFACTURERS OF THE ..... SOLACBm DTBEI 114 a 116 LIBRTY STREET Tobacco manufacturers and the trade ,.. in general are particularly requested kl JO:W YORK. ; examine and test the sucerior properdls U.r to direct th.e of the Dealenin TobaCco\ thro ..... out the United Stalosand the World of thiS LICORICE, ICb, be lng DOW to their .brought to the highest perfection ia of. SOLACE FINE-CUT fered under the above style of brand. CHEWDIG TOBACCO, We are alao SOLE AGENTS !or the which i1 be ina once aore manttfactured under U.e brand -'l ,... W AL'LIS CO. immediat IUpe m-.lOD ot the originator, a. G. G. THOMAS HOYT & CO.; MR. JOHN ANDERS9N .. Acknowledged by consumers to be thQ II.AN1JFACTURERS OF andnowatands,asfonnerly,withoutarival. Orders best in the market. And for the brand fiNECUT CHEWIMG & SMOKING will of Licorice Stick 1 do rOBlCCO AID CIGARS, en to apply direct. --EXTRA CAVENDISH. AND UALkU a-t, hleot _yod OrdlaU7, 404 1 406 PeariSt., New York. SNUFF, PIPES, etc., DtiJ" .,;i -ES AT u BROAD _,.,..... IIIUWBAU, WIWS a co., -..1um -"&;"""" F w. UJCJ(WOOD, Special. D CALDWELL. N. 119 lr 31 Bollth Wllll&m Street n ...... l'tl'ULT .Alm I'Dm.Y l'O'In)DEJ) IIIPAliDSR LICOlUCJI 1100'1', IIIPAJ.UiR LICOBIC:II 141 WEST l3ROID!I!lAY, JtBII:R TOJ(GUJJ:, LA11JIBL LillA VB111 "IJ" .,....ny:;0 ... _. 'I'O!p':A BBAila, '"'- .-.. J1r.IJI U AA C.&.OIA BVDS, CISDETIEt,. CLOVES AlfD CDIIAlll-, a OKAI!JG:II PJJ::IIL, AI!JIIIIJJ:II:D, CABAWAT --. T.B.lVIBtiB.IGK a CO. .......... I I ... POR' T E R s ; 1 ... .,_ l OLIVE CJIJJ:AJI Ill cAaJU, 1SO & 132 :'\VILLI AM ST.' NEW YoR'K.r us.&MB OIL L:IIVAll"r 11!1" Tonka Beans, SPEOZ.A.LTZES 1 Angostura&, in casks G Tr th FOR Balsam Tolu, in Original Tins, Um aacan cg Mn Jr Clucose, French, in Casks. D ,. I ar uers. PRICES CURRE:IIT 0!( APPLIC.&TIO Gu G dd . V. W. BRINCKERHOFF, m e a,. Siftmgs m Casks; .'f Y. do. do. Sons in Bales ; POWDERED LIQUORICE. G-t1m Arabic,. do. do. Tonka Beans, ANGOSTURA. LICORICE PASTE. nlfEST QUALITY -?" .... faetared at Poughllleepde, lJew GITFORD, SBERID l 120 William street. nw TOBACCO BROKERS. JOHN CATTUS;TOBACCO BROKER 27 Pearl Si:reet, NEW YORK. E. FISCHER & BR,O. TOBACCO BROKERS, 134 St., TKos. JtnnuctrrT, KINNICUTT & BILL, BROKERS IN WESTERN. & YIRCINIA -LEAF TOBACCO, &Sl BROAD 8T., NEW YORK. CHARLES F. OSBORIB, JAMES G. TOBACCO BROKER, 54 BROAD STREET, NEW YORK. No. 50 Beaver Street, NEW YORK. A..., SRAOB, BROKER, 129 XAmD LANE, NEW YORK. LEVY & NEWGASS,' PACitEBS OF ALL' !ONDS OF. 169 WATER STREET, llQ"o'SIV York.. Coustantlyon hand OLD BE-SWEATED Counectlcu t and Penlllylvani& Tobacco G. IIAYER, PACKER OF SEED LEAF AND DEALER IN HAVANA TOBACCO, 213 Pearl Street, NewYork: THE STAMFORD MANUFACTURING CO., "" 18'7 :all: TT>"III1'il" x.m. ""R'"C>:E'I.B:.. BEST in the WOBLD. '!'be _.Trade ba-n... domonded & l!llperlor and Cbee.per Article than that hitherto ..-!, tbls,andoll!ertng for lillie, LICORICE PABTJ: (under the old "Sonford" bn.Dd)of a QUALITY and a& which can hardly fall to be acceptable to all r;lving It a triaL Mellor a BitteJ;lhouse; N'. ggc:1 S"t.,, !II:.I.N1JP.I.CTVBERII OF a:n.d G-R.EE:K... L :IQOB.ICE CW""" Centennial Medal awarded tor ''Purity, and General J:::a:ellence of :Manufacture.'' Aho :M. & B., BRAND STICK LICORICE, all &bee. WIMilesalc Agents: SHOEIAKER, VOllTE & BIRCH, 126 S. Delaware An., Pllila. n I. VCALPIN & CO DBPO'!l' .urD AGBKG'K -"' I' OF THE MANUFACTURE OF MANUFACTURERS OF THE &. w. &AIL & AX SMOKING TOBACCflO. A No DaALJtRS IN -ATCigars, Pl111 Tobacco, Snulf, Snd Flour, etc, MANUFACTORY ANU SAT.lt8ROOM: Cor.lnnueDlTenthSt.,lewYork. 121 BOWERY, NEW YORK. WISE & BENDHEI:M, AGENTS, MRS.G.B.MILLER&CO. FR ENGELBACH TOBACCO' MANUF AUTORY, 97 ET, -DEPOT & AGENCY )i:.\::t:FACTURERS OJJ' THE QgL,EDRATED ')Irs, G. D M;ll el' & Co. Chewi ng tu1U Smoking To bac-c n ; the on l y G unui:lc G entleman :Snu.ff Ml'S. G n Millur & Cu.'s MnccnOOy o.nd Scotci1 f:;uaiT.j A. II. Mickl e & S o m s1 Fo1 -est Rose ..and G::l p.:; 1tl r"H. G. B. Miller & C o Reserve .Smoking nnd Cl wwing Tobaceo. 11Jr ALL O R DEP.S PR.O:ltl'TLY EXECUTED. For F. W.FELGNER & SON'S, Baltimore, Tobacoo and Cigarettes. 56 S. WASHINGTON SQUARE, N.Y. GOODWIN CO., 011' D. BUCHNER& Cut T b Oneida Tobacco Works, J..lle 0 acco 1U3 & 216 DUANE ST., NEW YOBK, ManufacturersottheCelebratedBrandor 207 &. 209 WATER STREET, NEW YORK.. The Ce1ebra&e4 :.$.: "ORIGINAL : GREEN SEAL". "RED SEAL," "PIRENIX" ind DOLLAR" k t TOBACCOS, cut from Virginia Plug. "Vt.ra:llld.A "'VV. C. B:DII::DII:EITo .bolall q\her .Klnilli ot BOLE MANuFACTURER, 111AA"".nn:W1710111fG .-: SJIOJUNG '1. 4 -PINE NEW YORK. BANNER TOBACCO COMPANY SUCCESSOB!I TO :!lEVIN & !II:ILLS, 193 & 195 Jefferson Ave., Detroit, (CORNER OF BATES STREET,) !II:A.NUFACT1JRERII OF THB CELEBBA.TED BANNER BRAND FINE CUT. BETTER THAN THE BEST." J, IIIILLS. Pree.. Wm:, H. Tllii'T, Pre.. BENJ", P, DAXTOI.'I", Walker, McGraw & Co., Detroit, Mich. SOLD loy :F':X:::E'I.IBT-ClL.A.IBIB DE.A.LEFl.&. 4LLEN' d3. OC> ., 1'73 & 1'75 CHAIIJIElUI ST., N. y. WHOLESALE AGENTS ,-FORNew Jersey, New Yort, and New En[land States. METROPOLITAN CIGAR MANUFAGTORY. "'1:7 SIGMUND JACOBY, GUSTAV JACOBY. ti l!llil' l JACOQY & CO., "'1:7 u-l.W: l.W: 200 CHATHAM SOUARE and 5 & 1 DOYEl STREET, NEW yoRK. AGENTS FOR THE LEADING n!ANUFACTURriis OF SMOKINC, PLUC TOBACCO AND CICARETTES, N'e>. 121 N"evv "Ye>rk.. :EL'UG m .JEBCUNTS' TOBACCO CO., ao :BR.c:>.A.D .&oztR.:m:mor, :ac:>.&TOllQ"; Make the best Sold or Used. ONE DOLLAR lawful money In each 60 pound box, containing large Plugs made of leng stock.. TWO DOLLARS In one, or ONE DOLLAR In two of the caddies in each case containing large plugs rnade of long stock. PATENT METAL LABELS on Plugs. _Ask for this _and get the Best Chew 'or Smoke that can be had. SILAS PEIRC:E, Jr., Preoident. JOHN H. SANBORN, Tr-o. W. E. UPTEGROVE, SPANISH CEDAR FOR CIGAR BOXES, Foot lOth & 11th St., East Rim, NEW YORK. PIONBBB TJBACCO COIPAH, r-OCT. 7 THE Smoking Toba,cco. Manufactured by AI,I.EN & DuNNING, No .. 85 _. 8'7 VAN BOlT'l'mlft, PJ.1'DSON, N. J e t#i Qc::::J 1!1. ::a .. "=. IMITATION SPANISH LINEN, I" JUVOY Sl!rJUPBS, Aod a!IW.ds ol Goo4o uo4 ... ,...tt1q P -. iaaTobacco. ho, f Smoken' Aru.:loo for the Trado. IIOWUD SAIC I CO., 12 418 .,. ... ,, ... '"' HENRY WUUT, ,._ .... .....,.. .. .,.. ..... ... l:' ., c :E ()' I td :e 0 () .a 0 ... \ MAY BROTHERS, IMPORTERS OF P::E'I.:J!JllQ" O::EE CIGARETTE PAPER, 386 BROOME S'r., Bousz AT PAnls. 'Y'ork. Also of the W ell-Known Brand of Toloaccc:> ., And Manuracturen of all nyleo or Brtaht & 'Black PLUG .1: TWIST TOBACCOS. factory:. 24 Twentieth St., 'V .A.. K.t-..:tJtJCI!!l),_ LEERET & BLASDEL, OF. l't --, 166 & 170 East Water St., t!)'RACUSE, N. Y. 0 CE. Doalersla I BUSINESS FFI : HEPPENHEIIIEll .. MAURU"S CIGAR BOX OP lf. Y._. J 124 .. St., nrrruiNAi:RIDiDRGBooiS 16 -Central Wharf, goatori ;' 1o .WabaSh A-v:enue, Chicago; c".fj()lJB.G'iNsEN: 51 JQRTB w J. TER STREET 9 PBIL.&DELPBIJ.. Sou Succ.....,a TO En .. a SaiTII, I Factory : No. 1 First DiStrict, N. Y. THE CELEBRATED 'THE CELEBRATED "MATCHLESS,' ''PRUIT GAKB,'' MAHOCANY, All Sizes; '' P :r C> N" E E R. ," Dark, all Sizes. A cnmparil't'11''1 oi ,..ur Br:utds o :PLUG TOBACCOS will convince all puth s o f the WONDERFUL 1UERl.'l'S cuut.uneJ PLUG TOBACCOa. P. 0. Box 8,963. 3'T LIBERTY ST.,lf, y, :Branding IrOns .t Stancill a or eftry description at Lownt Prlc-. SE!iD FOR PRICES. I JAMES H. THAYER. DEFORD &; T:lu.vza. Baltimore), Leaf Tobacco Curing, 61 FRONT STREET, ..


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