The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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Tobacco Leaf Journal

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f VOL. XIV.--NO. 45. fESTABLISHED 1864.] NEW YORK, MONDAY, DECEMBER 16, 1878. WHOLE NO. 721 WlLJ.IA)[ WICKE. AUG. ROESLER FRED'K DeBARY & CO 41.43 'WarreD Street, New York:' '1\CKE & n'O SOLE. ACENT8 FOR THE ,. ., PRINCIPE DE OALES' CIGAR BoX KEY ""ES'I" CIGARS, AND PROPRIETORS OF THE '' CIGAR FACTORY OF NEW YORK. SEIDENBERG & CO I' 84 a 88 READE STBEBT, l\IBW YORK, lmporters of Ha,vma, Tobacco, .. ALSO MANUFACTURERS OF THE Ll BOSA.ISPAIOLI WEST HAVANA-CIGARS. WEISS, ELLER & KAEPPEL, IMPORTERS OF. THE BO. SI HAYAN' A BRAND'' TOB ACC 0. 220 Pearl Street, New. York. FAllNAM a MA.NUPACJTUKEBS AND DEALERS IN American, German & Spanish Cigar Ribbons &peo:lal. :J:)e:l&:l:l. :E'l.:lbbo:l:l.8 :aade 'to Order. RIBBONS CUT AND PRINTED AS DESIRED. SAMPLES SENT ON APPLICATION. JSro. Bl. G-:E'l.::BJ::aJJSrE :JSrE"'gg(7" Bavem.eers Vigelius, MA.N11F ACI' OKERS, 153 to 161 Goerck Street, "YOR.::K.. :PRICE LIST Spanisb, American and Gemln Cigar Ribbons. Broad T.U.... ............. E:dra .. -6411road, '12 ,.U t1.80 ....... 1 .. w '12 ;rcLo .. IJ .... 5-8 '12 ;rcLo 1.60 :: :: ... ... HJ 11 ,.a 1.30 3 5-8 '12,.U MO Reel .. ................. 1 .... H '12;ru 1'16 " .......... ....... IJ....... '12,.U 1.80 .... .. .... ..... a .... 5-8 '12 ;ru 1.60 .... ...... .. ......... 1 .... 5-8 .. '1'2 ;rcLo 1.'16 ......... ..... ..... IJ .... H '1'2,.U LIO .. .. .. .. .. . . ... a .... w '1'2 7cLo 1.60 Jfazorow ..... .. . .. .. 1 r... '1'2 7.. 1.40 : : ::::::::::::: : :::: :: ::::.::: : := Xarr.w YelJcnr ............. 1 .... 4-8 ft,.U 1.31 !: ............. IJ....... : '1'2;rda 1.110 ............ a .. H '1'2,.U oa Boz JUnoa Reel ................. ..... M '12,.... O.'l6 Yellow ... .. ............. M '1'2;ru 0.'10 LoDU.. (CJdeo) .... ] .... H :U,.U 1J10 CCJdeo) .. IJ .. .. H 34 ,.u 1.10 LoJUlreo Yellow ............. 1 .... 'J-8 34,.U 1.80 ........... IJ ... 'J.. 34,... 1.36 .. .. .. a .... Ja-18 34 ,.u t.s6 ............. "to .... Ja-18" 34J11a L-:: "}6 .... 'f.. 34,... 0.96 ............. "I!iw .. 'J.. 34yda LOO ............. "IJO .... Jao18" 34J'u 0.86 .. ....... .. "IJOoo .. :..U" 34,.U 0.80 :: ...... .... "IH) .. J&-18.. 34,.U 0.66 Reel ................ 1 .... 'J-8 34,... 1.80 ... .. .. . IJ .. 13-18.. 34 ;rcLo LIJO Broacl Reel n with ;re11ow ....._._.. '1'2 ;rds L'TO "UID" 41 "H" '1'2MI.U Jrarrow' U H L30 Broacl T .U. n with lllae .,qea .. 1 '12 ,.U 1.80 11a reel ... 1 '12 ;rcl.o I-'0 lla racl,wJdk-cl ............... :1-s 'l27cLo 1.80 Extra Styles of Ribbons Made to Order. RIBBONS CUT & PRINTED ANY SIZE AND STYLE. AU Orden Pr01nptir Exe"u"'cl Tei'IIUI CJaah. PRICES OF CIGAR BOXES AND SAMPLES OF RIBBONS SENT ON APPLICATION. JOHN J. CROOKE, MANUFACTURER OF CR.C>O:EE.EI'EI COIPORND TIN POlL TOBACCO, MEDIUM AND TISSUE. :N"L"'Y" S-.::TR.E -yo Ia you! goods Rehandled and Sw eated b y(). S. PHILIPS & CO. Ifyouha.v e p oorbuming toba.cco send us a f ew leaves and by r eturn of mall we wi!J prove to you what can b e d o ne. If Manufacturei"S wi ll send us t h eir Light-Col o r e d S o rting& we w ill return theni D'IAD'ITBO ()0LOB8, the use of any chemicals o r any artificial coloring, and without injury to the Leaf i1s enough natural coloring matter in all tobaccos it they are only handled in su c h a manner as to bring i t out and fix: t h e col o r Tms IS THE ONLY SUCCESSFUL TOBACCO SWEATING ESTABLISHMENT IN EXIS'.rENCE and many ton, s of tobacco are out good Dark C o l ors and good Burning quality. HAVANA. goods are also successfully at this Establishment, and put back mto the o'rigmal b a les in suc h manner as not to show they had been RehandJed. Send a bal e or case o.a a trfal. Satls.faetion Guaranteed. Charge s as l o w as will adlmt of good work. Please write us for any informatio n y o u ma.ywish, &nd oblige C. S. PHILIPS & CO., lSS Pearl St., New York. FliSs cl ci;:;MANtJI'.A.CTtntllm.S of CICARS, AND DEALJUUi I'll LB.A.F. TO:&A.COO, 161, 163 and 165 WEST THIRD STREET, corner of Elm, CINCINNATI, 0. FRANK M cCOY.] 101 ::EJC>VVE"R.Y. f EDWARD T Mc.COY DONALDSON BROTHERS, &"team Pri:n. "ters, TOBACGO. LABELS AND SHOW CARDS P. 0. Box 2791.] [No Label kep' In S,o.,k. ROLLED TO ANY GUAGE AND CUT TO SIZE. BOTTLE CAPS, all Sizes, PLAIN AND COLORED. OFFICE: 163 Mulberry St., N.Y. CI&Al-BOX LRIB:UB MANUPACJTUKED BY OUR NIIW PATENT PKUCESS. The :l:n SPANISH CEDAR, MAHOGANY, POPLAR, ALL QYALITIES-E<, lLuaroKG Jm:NENT ........................ 5 .04 .. NEW YORK, MONDAY, DECEMBER 16, 1878. THE TOBACCO TAX. The Senate Finance Committee having announceq its readiness to receive delegations of the Tobacco Trade in the Committee Rooi:n at the Capitol on Tuesday, December 17 at 10:30 A.M., a large number of the prominent representatives of the tobacco interest, from all parts of the country, have b ee n notified to assemble at the Ebbitt House, at Washington, this morning, Monday, December 16."to arrange preliminaries for meeting the committee. as desired, and urging upon that body the necessity of taking up and disposing of the question of the tobacco tax imme diately. The committee appointed at the meeting of tobacco manufacturers held at the office of Messrs. Buchanan & Lyall, of this city, on Thursday, Decem her 5, to go to Washington and prepare for a conven tion of the trade, and which comprised Messrs G W Helme, Charle s Siedler, Edward McAlpin, William Buchanan and David Campbell, took the train for that city last evening. The New York Committee will, no doubt, be met at the Ebbitt House to-day by a large number of the friends of reduction from the South and West. It is to be hoped that through the united efforts of the representatives of the tobacco industry the Senate will be induc ed at once to approve the bill passed by the House at the last session and so put a speedy end to agitation and anxiety. The general sentiment of the country is in favor of a reduction of the tax on tobacco to sixteen cents a pound, and the soo11er it is determined that that shall be the future rate, the better it will be for the G overnment, the man ufacturers, the dealers and the consumers. The job hers and dealers as well as the manufacturers, all desire reduction, but the former deprecate a sud den reduction, which would leave them with a con siderable stook of old tax-paid goods on hand. As we understand the aim of the manufacturers, jobbers and dealers have nothing to fear on this account. Manu facturets want the Senate to pass the House bill with out delay, but they expect, and probably will urge, that the inauguration of the reduced tax shall be at a date sufficiently remote to afford protection to holders of old goods. Wo hope for prompt and favorable action by the Senate, and, meanwhile, tender our best wishes for the success of those who are laboring in and out of Congress for the right. CAN LABOR STRIKES BE AVERTED? This is a question that will .inspire divergent answers, "Yes" and "No" coming, perhaps, in about equal proportion. Those who take the affirmative of the issue will base their opinion mainly on the possibilities inherent in arbitration. Those who take the negative will contend that constituted as society is, and more especially as human nature is, no permanent preven tive of strikes can be found in arbitration, as neither nor employees will abide by the conclusions reached when they happen to be in c onilict with their respective aims or interests. The latter we judge to be an erroneous inference, though fairly predicable from past experience. The trouble with most former ex periments in arbitration between employer and em ployed has been that this rational method of adjusting differenc e s has not, as a rule, been resorted to until it was too late to achieve any good by it. Like the men sometimes described with whom it is a "word and a blow, and the blow first, people with "strike" oil the brain have been prone to strike first a.nd seek arbitra tion afterwards. The talkative delegates from the shops-who are usually the first to inspire discontent among their fellows-on announcing to their em ployers their delrire for increased wages, do nat think it worth while to' inquire, _or let anybody inquire for them, whether or not their wishes can be complied parties to it with a view to agreement. It must be begun and continued by both sides in sincere and thorough recognition of the rights and of each party. This done, agreement is inevitable, !)e.. cause it will be mutually advantageous to agree. It may be accepted as an undeniable proposition that there are few employers-perhaps that there is not one--who would not, as a matter of personal choice, rather pay high than low wages if they can be af forded. Equally certain is it that employees would rather labor for a rate of wages which they consider lo>V titan lose permanently their chance of earning any wages at all by thefl' calling. In these respective which differ only in degree, a guarantee of enduring harmony between the two classes will be found if sought through the agency of arbitration. Convince employers that the conditions are such as to make it reasonably safe in a pecuniary point of view to accede to the demands of their employees, and they will promptly do it. Convince employees that the conditions are such as to make acquiescence imprac ticable, and they will refrain from, insisting upon it. To admit frankly the right of employees to ask for their labor as much as they think it is lrnrth, is the first step in arbitration for employ ers. To admit frankly the right of employers to pay for labor the price they think it is worth to tHem, is the first step in arbitration for employees. These admissions made, half the victory is already won; other half will be secured in almost every instance by full mutual ex planation and discussion Mutual explanation and discussion constitute the second step in arbitration; the third and last is to accept the decisions of the arbitrators. In the plan of arbitration originated and adopted by the employees of Messrs. Straiton & Storm, of this city, and published in our previous issue as als o in some of the local daily journalR a way seems to be provided for making strikes, with all their attendant evils, in the cigar manufactories of that firm both un necessary and impo'ssible hereafter. Our readers will doubtless remember the provisions of the document referred to; and a synopsis of it, therefore, need not be made here. It stipulates that all points of dis agreement hereafter arising between the firm and their employees shall be adjusted, after consultation and the taking of testimony, by a representative of the firm and duly appointed representatives of their em ployees, each party agreeing to abide by the decision of the majority; and no vote to be taken unless all the representatives are present. This plan, or one of a kindred character, differing as much as it may in detail, if adopted by our other prominent cigar manu facturers, will, we feel assured, put an end for ever to the strikes by which they have been annoyed within the past few years. Connected with the scheme de vised by the workmen of Messrs. Straiton & Storm is a provid ent institution, to which both employer and employed regularly contribute for the benefit the latter. This is unquestionably a commendable and wise arrangement, as it serves to more closely identify tho two parties in interest, while insuring the one most dependent prompt and abundant pecuniary as sistance when incapacitated by illness The proprietor and workinen of the New York daily Times have been for the past two years operating on a plan similar .to the one inaugurated by Messrs. Straiton & Storm and their. operatives, and it has been found to work to the satisfaction of all concerned. MINOR EDITORIALS AND NEWS ITEMS. RELIEVING HIS BONDSMEN.-Mr. J. F. DeBerg was arrested on Tuesday last, in a suit for damages for libel on the complaint of Mr. S. Barnett, of this city. Mr DeBerg was placed under $3,000 bail, which he readily furnished the same day; butfor reasons best known to himself he voluntarily surrendered himself on Saturday to the Sheriff, thereby releasing his sure ties. Mr DeBerg's counsel, it is said, will bring the cace to trial as speedily as possible. SAFE AT Ron.-Mr. Ax, of the firm of Gail & Ax, Baltimore, returned in good health, we are pleased to. be able to sta..e by the steamer Weser from Germany during the past week. Mr. Ax, as previously an nounced in THE ToBACCO LEAF, recentlY!accompanied his son to Germany to make arrangements for the ad mission of the latter to one of the noted universities there., w ere the young man is to complete his educa-tion. -SUTTER BROS., Dealel'S Iii. LEAF TOBACCO, Chicago, m Western Cipr wpl to t\e8.1 wttll


, TOBACCO LEAF: DE0.16 M. J. DOHAN. THOS. CARROLL Aaa for tbe and Manufacturers: L PACE, ._ W .-J. Y*IBIQUIII l SOlS, IUIPII l Dnu., C.. T. BtmntD, L. RAYSEI' l '00., R. W. R, JOHI W. CARROLL, and other .. SOLE GEN"ffi FOR THU OaiGINAL Gable C II, Don DouChe, 4s and Da,.Singie and Thick. ALSO, AGENTS FOR THE CELEBRATED' l N OJCK &rne>Jsiny-TobaCco. URGE STOCKS OF MUUFACTURED TOBACCO OF EVERY DESCRIPTION SUITABLE FOR THE HOME TRADE AND FOR-li'OEEIG,ll" :&:EPT CC>N'ST..&.N'T.J:.o"Y" C>N' {\ROBERT L. MAJTLAND & "COr'fZ Tobacc;:o 'Factors, And General Commission Merchants, r43 Broad Street, New York, AGENTS FOR THE WElL-KNOWN '' '' llrm4sof Tobacco, Manufactared Expressly for, EXPORT TO AUSTRALIAN and OTHER FOREIGN PORTS: r l:IVANDli'l) c. Vli'RON & flo AUSTRALIAN TWIST-liT ANDREWS, AJIU J!l!\ .tUJi.I!J lJ 'I VENUS, CA.BLE, Ol1B. GA.BE, BLACK R,j.obzno:D.CJ.. 'V'a. DIAJIOIIO. &GBNTS FOR JOHN F, ALLEN&; CO.'S RICH:IIO:VD, VII.., BRANDS OF 91110Itl.'I'G TOBACCOS AND CIGARETTES, IJAil, AYRES' ., IIYCO.," ete. DEPOT FOR J, LOI'IIll .JACK, BROWN me&:, e'-s. LOUISIAWA PERIQUE, Out and in Carl'Ot,o. W. T. -=--=-_ _.. ----= -------==---=--__ -_--ALSo-MANUFACTlJBEROF FINE CIGARS. V.JMABI!IUI'Eili a, 00., IUPOR'rER OF HA VAN!. LEAF TOBACCO AND MANUFACTUIIS 8 0, THa 190 fiE YORK. SID/ION'" US&, l!IA.NUFA.CTURER OF UXES AND GSHO.W FIGURES ; ,ll!IPOKTEK OF ,\.ND DE;\.LER IN S::E"' O:J:G-.A.:E'I. :E'I.:J:EIEIC>N' &, GERMAN CIGAR MOULDS, PRESSES, STRAPS, CUTTERS, ETC., Ill 1'7Q & 1811ewis Street, New York. AU of' FJc, (Jut to Order B.lltl Repaired In the Beot B&yle, 'T'h.e "X"racl.e Su.p;p11ecL 1f. Y. Co!IUDission Mercll._. EY & BUGIRI DU BOIS, GBSIOI IWIMIT. P'6 JI'EW YORK 101, DILLS & CO., Importers of SPANISH AND PACKERS OF SEED LEAF TOBCQOS Po 0. BOX 3frft. SUCCESSOR TO ALVA (}.II.'!'IIUN, IMPOit' ER OF HAVAfiA, AND DEALER IN llOMESTIG LEAF TOBAGGO 168 WATER STREET, "Y"ork. .M. B. LEVIN, IKPORTER of HAVANA AUSTRALIAN LUHPS-SIGJIET OF VIRGINIA, VENl11i, ALI. THE BAGS, FLOWER OF ALL NATIOJIS, --=---=----=----=-------=--........ \DGLPk STROil!t Gt1100 RlUTZHNST&IN AND DEA I.ER IN ALL KlNDS OF & co., LEAP TO BAC c 0 r.: ENGLISH LUJIPS-PB.INCE ALFRED WTTITlJ cnnmoN & BRO AUSTRALIAN TWIST-RAVEJI, IIIA-\ft JJJ.lJlil. .BIIl.I!Jfi ,0 ZEPPA, ORION. Pe rbu.rso 'V'a. AUSTRALIAN LUIID"S-TWO SEAS, OUR CHIEF, ORIO!If. ..... INDIAN LUIIPS-HAVELOCK, CHAR _MER, I LUHPS-VJCTORT, ROYAL JIAVT, .sr.c. 'SOUTH. AIIEIUCA.Jf LUJIPB:-LA D.lll LICIA, LA FELICIDAD. F c. LINDE, .. :Bw MARCOSO. I 'TObacco I TOBACCO INSPECTED OR SAMPLED. 'try .A. 't'te:n.ded 'to. Certiflea.tes given for every ease, and delivered case by case. as to number of Certificate. N. B.-WE ALSO SAMPLE IN MERCHANTS' OWN STORES. F. Q. LINDE & CO. STROHN & REITZENSTEIN. COMMISSION MERCHANTS, ALSO D&..U.ERS JN' DOMESTIC And lmporten of FOREIGN TOBACCO, FBONT STREET,, llrBW YOK GARCIA, w IMPORTER OF THE BRAND OF hF1or de F.G-.;' HAVANA LEAF TOBAGGO C:J:G..&.R.S, 167 WATER ST., New York, "f 'llhe above BraDd of J.kt lo Co!%1m1ss1on Merchants 162 Pearl Street, lew York. 48 de. 48 llxchange Jlllace, Yc:>rk.. YEBA & BERNHEIM, IMPORTERS OF HAVANA TOBACCO 18"' !'lAir. 8'1'11!'1'. CARL UPMANN, TOBACCO -ANDGeneral Commission .Merchant, 178 Pearl Street, H. NJroBUBOmK, R 8TEnolcKX. Neuburger & Steinecke, Importers of SP AMISH and Dealers In LEAF TOBACCO; OOliiiiiSSION MERCHA.!ITS -.uro-PACKERS OF SEED LEAF, 172 Water Street, New York. H. KOENIG, WHOLESALE DEALER IN II!V AN! AND SBKD LHAP TC>EI.A.CCC>.I!!I, No. 329 Bowery, New York. ]. L. GASSERT. lll. L. GASSJ:R'I:' ;;_ -J. L. ASSERT .t BRO., WM. M.. PRICE, PHILADELPffiA BRANCHES: E. W. DICKERSON, corner Arch and Water Streets; JONAS METZ, 64 North Fron t Street HARTFORD, (loon.: IRA. E. HULL. 164 State Street. SUFFmLD, (loon, :-EDW, AUSTIN. LANCASTER, Pa. :-HENRY FOREST. PRINCIPAL OFFI(JES:-142 WATER STREET and 182 to 186 PEARL STREET. I SCHOVERLING BROS., ALL KINDS OF WAREHOUSES :-142 WATER. 'H, '76 & '78 G:kEENWI C H STREETS, and HUDSON RIVER RAILROAD DEPOT, ST. JOHN' S PARK. tBENSEL & CO., TOBACCO INSPBCTOHS, 178}) WATER STREET, NEW YORK. SYRACUSE P. HIER 6: CO. I ELMIRA do .......... J. R. DECKER. BALTll!ORE do E. WISCHMEYER & CO. HARTFORD do ........ ,W, WESTPHAL. ,, EAST WHATELY, !lass., do ...... BELDEN. CHA'S FINKE&CO TOBACCO INSPECTORS 155 WATER ST., NEW YORK. COVNTRY SAMPLING PROJIIPT.LT ATTENDED TO, Lanea11ter (Pa.) Braneh: F. CUNNINtlHAM, 508 W. Poplar St. &::I:E::EIE::E&T, CSucoesaor to F. W. Tatge:u.horst & Oo.) TOBACCO AND GENERAL tOIIISSION IBRCHANT, aa l3road s-t., ""'?':"ork ... II ..... ---........ :J),J,GAB'I'II, CaAs.M.GARTH, :HENRYScunm :nn. SAWJER1 WALLACE & CO,, D. J GARTH, SON & CO., COMMISSION .MERCHANTS I Commission Merchants No. 47 Broad street, BRIER AND FANCY WOODS, MANUFACTURD BY B;ARVEY & FORD, SALESROOM-366 & 36'7 CANAL STREET, NEW YOaJL FACTORY-LEDGER PLACE, PHILADELPHIA._, J!'IIlST PRIZE MEDAL, c a 'L ..... EIS VlliliiJIA EXHIBITION, U73. MANUFAO'):'URER OF JWEE::R..'SO:S::.A.'D':K Nn. 44 BROAD STREET, rNEW YORK. OTTINGER & BROTliiR) G. REUSENS, _.KENTtJCKY BUYER OF LEAF TOBACCO 48 55 Broad St.. New York. l. H. MESSENGER & CO.; A. H. CARDOZO, IMPORTERS AND DtiLERS IN X.EI.A.F TC>EI.A.CCC>, roBAcco & coTTON Cigars & Licorice Paste AND AND AMBER GOOJlS, 398 GRAND ST .. lfEW 'YORK, The Original Interna11tevenue Publi1hlnl' Bouse. SoL& Succatssolt TO En&a & SactTH. P.o. Box 3,958. 3'7 LIBERTY ST.,N. Y. Branding Irons & Stencils a Speeialif. P:E'I.:X:N''T':J:N'Cir or C'o'Cry d e5cripHon a t Lowest Price .. 181 MAIDEN LANE, N.Y. General Commission Merchant, Xo, 66 BROAD Jl' SEND FOR PRICES. IU Ju LEYY BROTHERS, JOHN H. MEYER & CO., A Large Assortment Constantly on Hand. 51 Clutkaa St., oor. WWiaa, N. Y. ).). l :aii:AD. or Wholesale Dealers in &II Kinds of FINE CIQ-IANUFAGTY!DTOBAGGO u 1.2 BBWER, NEW YORK. O:J:G-.A..:El.S, 140 Front 8treet, llew York. TOBACCO BAGGING. IMITATION SPANISH l.INEN, PANCY STRIPES, And all Wlkl11 of Goods used for puttlug up Smok ioi'Tobacco. Abo, complete usortment of Art. ... ies for the Trade. 'n..:&:. PACKERS AND DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCOS, I 17 MAIDEN LANE, "Y"ork. E. SPINGA.RN & CO.,:: DBJ.l.El\8 lN HAVANA & DOMESTIC TOBACCO. No. 6 BURLINC SLIP, NEAR WA:TERSTREET, NEW-YORK.


'DEC. 16 JACOB BENKELL, MANUF ACT14JlE" CIGAR BOXES SUPERIOit MAKE AND Prime Quality o! -CEDAR WOOD, & Monroe St NEW YORK. ECKMEYER & CO., 411 EIJI!li.A. ST., SOLE AGENTS FOJl THE U. S. OF lwiu & Turkish Tobacco -OF-COMPAGNIE LAFERIE IT. PBTER!iBURG, MOSCOW, WARSAW, ODESSA, DRESDEN. .. KEW YORK. li'. o. Box.186. BASCH ct. FISCHER, lKPORTERS OF HAVANA AND PACKERS OF UllD LKAP: -TOBACCO, Tss Water St., 11'earKaldenLae, NEW YORK Capital, S I Every facllity &ll'orded to Dealers ann Correspond ents conolstent with Sound Banking. H, ROCHOLL, President, r-. Blj;ADI!IG, Cashier TB. E TOBACCO A. H. CC SCHRODER&. BON, XKPO!\'I':&:Ja.S OF SF.ANIS:S 178 WATI!R STREET, NE7voRK, AND JOBBERS IN ALL KINDS OF Z:.:n.por'ters or L E T 0 B A c c 0, A.l'fD P.&.CKBIU OP DOMESTIC LEAE TO.IACCO 'STRAITON & -STORM. B.UEHLER tc POLHAUS/ l MANUFACTURERS OF CIGARS, G.BBIKB WUif.ijuftSCiiii CLAYPIPBS AND And all Kinds of SMOKERS' ATICLES. DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO. 83 Chambers and. 66 Reade Streets, New York. 178 & 180 PEARL STREET, NEW YORK. sol.le :ror :N'OT:J:OE. Krmmel & .Schmrdgruber s Patent Tobacco Coloring, WE HEREBY CAUTION ALL PARTIES INFRINGING UPON OR IMITATINC OUR BRANDS, LABELS AND TRADEMARKS, that we will spare no pains in prosecuting such parties in protecting the rights secUNWAOI> FRoBND, Ja., YORK., LgM Ali:P Fli:JBND. M. & S. STERXBIRGER, FBBII&I AID DOmiC BAIII1IS. I!lo. EXCHANGE PLACE, 1!1. Y. Draw Bills of Excbani'O on the principal cities of Europe; issue Circular Letters of Credit to Truelers, ..and grant Commercial Credits; receive Money on Deposit, subjec to Slpt ChecKs, upon which inter -est will b" allowed; pay partlc.ular attention to the N el'otiation of Loans. Soeclal attention Riven to Buying and Belling Cailfornl& Divldend'l'aylng llin1ng-Stocke. Leaf Tobac co pressed in bates for l'be Welt Isadlll, .&lexi.can and Central American Porta, and ether m&1\ 'kets. TOBACCO PAR.EST, Engineer with the Whittaker Iron Works, 55 Atlantic.St., Brooklyn, N.Y. DEAIJER IN ALL KINDS OF CIGAR, FINE-CUT AND PLUG MACHINERY. Factories fully t!Ued &ut wUh tlle JDoort approved IIIaehlnery for any kind ot Tobacco ltlanufactnrlng. f SPEOIALTY: DeFOREST BUNCHING MACHINE, Upon whlcll has been JDBde all the SEIIIICIGARS; 4,ooo,ooo sold the ftrat year at a savlnaof 20 per cent. W" ORDERS PKOIUPTLY FILLED. TC> PATt:in scRAP cuTTER. Patent Havana stem scraD Machine. The onir Scrap Machine whlch cuts the tobacco With this Machine fin e loose scrap can be made and makes no dust. trom H avana tobacco stems. prlee $35. Boxtn::; & Shipping, Price $40. Doxln::; & Shipping, $1.50. 15 RXVXNGTON NE'W' YORK, Proprietors of the Celebrated and "HIGH AND DRY Also, BLUE JAY; ltllVG BIRD; MARSj BELLOH:Al D)\UMMER BOY. L:BONARD I'B.IBD:MAN 5UCCESSOR TO WALTER FRIEDMAN 1k !'REISE, DIPOB.TER. OP HAVANA TOBACCO, 203 Pearl Street, New York. WM. EGGERT a CO. IMPORTERS OF HAVANA AND PACKEI\S OF SEED LEAF Tobacco 245 Wor. EGGERT, ) BH.\.NCU:-94!11,\.IN ST., CINCINNATI, 0, [THIR.G-LER., MANUFAcmm:ER OF FINE CIGARS, AND DEALER IN LEAF TOBACCO, 295 & 297 Greenwich St., liT Branda:-" CUBA LIBB.E, '' "CLIMAX P. W. SMYTHH & CO., COMMISSION IEBCHAITS, BRETHERTON BUILDINGS, No. 10 NO.RTH JOHN STREET, LIVERPOOL, ENC. SEND POR CIRCULARS OR APPLY T" N. H. BORG FELDT Manufacturer of Ci[ar Moulds, 510 East, 19th Bt., N. Y. DZ.OT AKD AGZII'CJ'I' LEERET i, BLASDEL, OF THE MANUFACTURE OF &.W.&AIL &AX, -AT121 BOWERY, NEW YORK. W!S:E & BENDHEI.M, AGENTS. MANUFACTURERS OF CigarEozes 168 & 170 East Water St., SYRACUSE, N. Y. Dealers In HEPPENHEIMER &. MAURER'S CIGAR BOX LABELS AND TRU1M!NGS. Herman Be,.neman, DOES Pro:u:t S-tree-t. Ban. Fran.o1aoo, SOLE AGENT ON THE PACIFIC COAST FOR CIGARS OF THE MANUFACTURE OF STRAITON & STORM:, New York. HERBST ..., BROTHERS. HAVANA tc SEED LEAF 183 WATER STREET,' NEW YORK. LIBERAL ADVANCEMENTS :MADE ON CONSIGNMENTS. GOLD MEDAL The ONLY FIRST GRAND PRIZE for TOBACCO. and SNUFFS at the PARIS EXPOSITION for 1878 received by E. POLL..A...K (SUCCllSSOB TO J, liL &CHEL & 00.) JIAllflJFACTURER OF "MARQUIS" and "SATSUMA" Cigarettes and Cigars, 136 Chatham st.. lear Pearl, Kew York& f


4 FOR SALE.-A fresh supply of 190,000 pounds genu ine "DJ:ERTONGUE" flavor for smoking tobacco manum lots to su1t p1ll'Chasers, ai lowest figull88. 1lARBUli.G BROS 145, 147 and 149 8. Street, Baltimore, .II.. \ HIS WEDDING ToUR.-Mr. Samuel W. Trost, ClgarDoX manufacturer, Cmcmnati, 0., found tUIIle while -on his wedding tour, which embraoed this.c1ty as one of 1ts obJective pomts, to call upon us fur a few minutes The name of his f&r partner W'ore marrmge was Miss Carrie Ohio. WE hea.r from very reliable aothorit3" that ihe lollS of Messrs. W. Camezon & Bro.., Petersbw:-g, caused by the fire of Wednesday, November Z'/., IS by no means as heavy as the .sevoeral preas dispatoaes stated. In fact the 1()88 ts a small one when we iake the magni tude of the fum.'s CALLED.-Mr. E. W. Ayres, son of the veteran to bacco manufaootvrer, Mr. Samuel A,, of Richmond, Va, extended :liG .us the courtesy 6f a bnef vlSit dur ing the week. 1&. Ayres assurea s that the GiltEdge" :tdbacco, which ilia father is now mam&facturmrg1 :IS selling w1th rap1dity, and especially m Plliladel.phia, where rare vu-tues are thoroughly appreciated. Ol!TICE eF U JouRGENSEN, oF LA.BICLS .A.ND SHow CARDS, AND GEJI'ERAL L!TBOGIU.PHER AND PiUll'l'lllR, 30-37 Ll11ERl.T8TREET, NEW YORL To my Friends -I have d1scbarged A. W. Phelps from my employment, and he has no authont:r to act for me in&'ly manner whatsoever. C J OURGENSEN. Deeember 5, 1878 c.A. u-rxe>N" PLEASE taK:e notice that any person or persons representing our CABINET DESK CIGARS as unlawflrl, will 8e proseronted to *he fullest extent of the law. HI:11.18R011EW & JOSEPHS, Oet.llll, 1918. M8 Bowo17, New York. CAUTION. We hereby give 111otice that all Infnnge ments -of <>ur :PATE!aZD BBA.Int, .. DOCTOR'S PRESCRIPTION," will be rigorously dealt w1th according to the Tmd.e-MarkLaW419ftM United States. FOSTER. MILSON A. CO., Rel.l .. ee Cl&ar J.l'aetory-No. 1, 94 Dbtrlet. TH.B: NEW CLARS:BVI.LLE TOBACCO EXCHANGE.-We have wanted to say a word for tb1s admirable mstltu tion before this, but have not had a lme of space for the purpose, except what was modestly appropnated by ou'l' euJellent Clarksville correspondents, Messrs. M. H Clark & Brother, m our last issue The corner stone of the new Exchange was laid on Thursday, De cember s, Wllth nnpesmg ceremonies. Our contempo rary, the Cla:rk&mlle Tobacco Leaf, of December 12, comes to u.s with a full and mterestmg account of the event, but the press of matter with wh1ch we are even now munda.ted ;pitevents us from makmg such use of 1ts report as we otiberWise would gladly do. We must content ourael.v<6S by saying the occasion was made a memorable the leadmg c1tu:ens of the place, pr1 vate and offieuu, taking part in the proceedmgs. The tobacco dealers of \Clarksville have long needed a commodlOUB Tobaeco Exchange m wh1ch to transact the1r constantly gro'wwng busmess, and It IS to know that their need 18 about to be supplied m a man ner that will be satisfactory to them and creditable to their enterpnsm,g market. BU8DIU8 KEliTIOl'f. MR IIEINII.ICH LAUTB, of this city, sailed-in the steamshiJ? Neckar for Europe on Saturday on a pleasure and busmess trip combmed. We w1sh oul."fr1end a pleasant journey and a safe return. MEssRS. S. W. VENARLE & Co the emment tobacco manufacturers of Petersburg, are sa1d to have manufactureddurmg the past year over three millions of pounds of plug tobacco This 1s a good exhib1t for a single firi.Il. JoHN T. H..uuus, who for years bas been an active member of the tobacco kade m this c1ty, has assoe1ated himself with M. T. Daly and M. J. GrodJmski for the purpose of engagmg m a general COmmiSSIOn busmess m c1gars, leaf a.nd manufactured tobacco. Mr. Daly was for many years the confidential clerk of Mr. Harrill. Mr. Grodjmski ha.salsohad&niple expenence in the different branches of the tobacco trade. The new firm J.B located at No. 104o Ma1den Lane OBITUARY. LOUIS ROSSIN. }{r. Louis Rol!sm, of the firm of S. Rossm & Sons, leaf tobacco dealers, of th1s city, died m Philadelphia on Monday last of typho1d fever. The deceased was twenty seven years of and about two weeks ago was marned, death commg to hnn while he and h1s young bride were eDJoymg their wedding tour He was a gentleman of excellent bUBiness qualifications, having been w1th his father's firm for the past three years, and prev1ous to that time with the Qld and well known bankmg house of Hallgarten & dO HIS Wife, before, was Milia Rachel Rosenfeld, an est1mable young lady and a member of one of the best Jew18h families of New York. On the announcement of hlS death, a meetmg of the ,leaf tobacco trade was called, at the office of Messrs. N. Lachenbruch & Bro Mr. Cas= Tag presiding, .and Hr N. Lachenbruch act1ng as secretary. The followmg resolutions were adopted -WHEREAS, In v1ew of great loss we have sustained by the decease of our valued friend and assOCJate,. Mr. Loms RosSin, and the still heaVIer loss sustainea by those who were nearest and dearest to bn, belt &solved, That It lS only a JUSt tr1bute tmted ,1n the Wfferent c1t1es to canvass their respective dist.ncts, a,pd thue mw a personal appeal to the manufaAt.we.I:S duectly a.Jfected by the PartitiOn Order of ColW111SSlOller } That was the way we d1d here, and j,f we had not done .so we would not have been able to fjfty hlstead of that, we have already spent over one thousand flo liars, all of which-w1th the .exception of one hundred dollars sent us by the Retail }[a.nufacturers' Unum of New York City-was raised Jll this manner. I .refer to lib.IS hopmg that the manu m olber ctties will follow our example m this mAtter and pve us SOllie assiatance, m order that the may be earned to the Supreme Court for final Wlidication. I remam j'OilJ'II truly, I TBQIUB CuLLINGTON, l7S d ?.PJ Vftl\le. THE The Trade-Mark Queatioa. El>. Touoool&u--Therecentdecioion of JlldgeDyer claelarbllrthe U.S. 'l'rade-mark law unconstitutional, and tho obvious utoelshmont and &larm of the Olel'aUltile community thereat, renders some discuMion ol that aDd it,o eoct.s on the 'business int<>rest.s of the country not un timely The question is not a .. w one to that portion of the Bar which h.., made the law of trade-marks a specialty, and the validity and inv&lldity of that now celebrated act have been the subject of frequent Vlld earnest diocUBBion amoeg them. H1therto a general feellaC that tbe question was a very doubtful one. requiring & world ot labor to properly prepu-e it for dllleU!IIIioll, aDd that a aucc...rul aoa the law would be injurloua to lnte..-. cleaenmg every protection. baa eauocl the Bar to ehriDk from ralslng tbe question \V o do not tblnk the declalon of Judp Dyer an adequate eauae for the el1oot It ha8 prod'lced, .-tJ:y be"'"""' by n<> me&IIS cuU!n that It JV111 be followed in the otherclt-eulte, and partly from the nawre of the decision Itself Judge Dyer di8cuMe8 elaborately, aDd ...Cutes moot conclUsively, the proposition tbat dertvee ita power to on tr.-de-marb from that claue ot tbe Constitution "to p.--ote the progt'OSII of science and the uoeful arts by _,.ru,g for limited lierm8 to autb..-. and lnventoi'B the exclusive right to their ., ntJngs and l.isooveries." In t.hiH he &nswers, It 1a true, the brief ct. the counsel in the case before him But. since few who have malnta!Ded tbe validity of tho law haTe 1'088 scope of the Constitution, and to that extent is valid It must be conceded, then, that goods made abroad ae.d trade-marked here come into our markets under the provisions &nd protection of that law. It also follows that goods made In one State, and tr!Lde marked under that law, go into the trade of another State, under Its provisions and protection, as well But where shall the line be dr&wn! Does a manufacturer produce for his town, his county, or his State alone, or !or a. market wherever the sun shines that he can supply at a proftt' Shall tbe United States law apply to goods he sells abroad, or in another State, a.od not to thOHe he sells in his own? But the jobber or .reta.ller to whoJD he18111 them may intend them for a. market. .Agat.n DOE'S 1t follow that because the owner and infringer of & trade-mark re&lde in the II&Dle State that no injury is done by the to the owner's foreign, and th&t u &mong the several Statesf" Where shaD we ftDd a guarantee against the plain I conviction of experience, that the In trlngerproposes to seU, &nd has sold wherever he could a profit? Why should hls greed of gain pauie at the boundary line of a State when it Is so great as to make him a thief! Some yeal'8 ago the ship Bristol was cast away on Rockaway Beach, near this city One Coombs stole from ita cargo, and was indicted under a law (which Congreoo had pe.soed in the exercise of its power to regulate commerce) to purrlsh theft trom vessels in distress, etc It was admitted the there wu comm.aUed abo.-e high-water mark and "'the Connty of Queon.s in this State Tho judgft! at the United States Circwt In thi8 Dlstnct dhided in opinion, and sent this question to the Supreme Court of the United States, whether, since the offence wa.s committed within the State of New York, and not on the aeu could Coombs be punished under the law aforeoaid r It will be oeen that the preclSe question we have before us was presented to the court. viz Does the power of Congreas "to regulate commerce lffth toreJ.gD nations &nd the several St&tea" ceue because the offence wu committed in the State where it is sought to be puwohed! The justly renowned Judge Story delivered the opinion otthecourt "It [the power of Cong1'6881 doeo not stop at the mere bouncla17line of a State, nor is it COD1ined to actl done on the water, or iD the neceaaary oouree of the navigation thereor It extends to such acts done on land which i"trt.,.. Wtth, obstruct or prevent the due exercise of the power to regulate com merce and navigation wtth foreign nations and amoogtbe States U. 8. ve Coomt.s, 12 Peters 72. A question much disell88ed1 and fortunately well decided, alford& further Illustration, and the decision 1t has received may throw light on this di.aeUMioc Under the proVlSlon, "To regulate commerce with natJons, and among the several St&tes, and with the Indian tribe&," Coogresa waa held to have powe:r to regulate nanga tlon But many navigable riven! are wholly or in part within the llmlts ot one St&te. Under such circumstances, could Congress regul&te the navigation-the commerce of those It was and is held that 1t could. But again, it has been held that ferry boata running from one place to another m the same State did not come unddr the author1ty of Congress A.. careful oonsiderat1on of these cases seems to establish & general principle-one applicable to the matter under coMideratloo Where from the nature. of the case the subject matter cannot take its place in foreign or inter-8tate 1t is without the provl81on of the ConstituUon and the powers to Congress therefrom1 but where it may. and at times neceasarily must, in the nature of things, be the subject of foreign or inter State commerce, then the provisions ap ply, and eomay do &8 it ..... lit We regret we cannot more tuU1 discuss this Important matter. but the upobot of the whole thing II thlo -The moot important reuons which heretofore haY& Induced the mereanlile community to devise and reg! ter trade-m&rk.s under the UnJied States law still exist unimpaired. 1;'bere Is reasonable ground (or hope and belief that the declsion of Judge Dyer will not be alllrmed by the higher court. At any 1'&te amplll protection is dorded by the laws or, we believe, eYery State in the Union. Registration UDder the United States law is still open to him who devises a trade-m.ark, and, no ma.tter what may be the ultimate fate ot this queotlonln the United States t)upreme Court, 1t will for a considerable time to come afford evidence very dlfftcult to rebut to any court in which an infringer may be atta.>ked, that the complainant at the elate of his cert.iftcate ot registration, if not before, owned the trade-mark in ques tion., &lid that the foundation or h18 claJm for relief Ja sound It also at tord.s a. sure and speedy means to convince an honeet competitor of the existence of a right, he ought not and W'ill not Infringe It> atrords to the eollrt like facilities In detecting an in!rillpr and sh1elding the injurod from his puacy H'EI69, w1th France And agam the s&nie by the "Addltwnal Arttcle to Treaty of Commerce and NaVI gatiOn," w1th Belgmm, procla1med July 30, 1869 The val1d1ty of those treaty stipulatiOns has not been t.hs puted It IS an axwm that the powers to make treaties and statutes are commensurate The subse \l.ueut Reg1strat1on Act embraces rights guaranteed by treaty or conventiOn That act IS mtended In part to effectuate those treaties It prescr1bes a mode of makmg a depos1t, a record, a reglBtry, so that notiCe, actual or constructive. may be g1ven to the world, and convement evidence be furmshed If a treaty IS val1d, so must be a statute passed m accord ance with It Concedmg the proposition that our Government can and must protect fore1gners m the1r nghts to use their trade-marks, how can beneficent protectwn to the s&nie extent be derued to our own Citizenst A Government Without power to JUdiCially protect Its own mc1dents of commerce, when It can protect those of strangers and aliensJ is an mconcelv able anomaly. If the statute 1s v01a, so must be the treaties mentiOned. The declaration (a treaty by another name) between the United States and Great Bntain, proclanned July 17, 1878, says that it is for DEC. j6_ the protectiOn of "everythmg relatmg to property in trade-marks and trade-labels. It lS understood that any person who des1res to obtain the aforesaid pro tection must fulfill the formiilit1es by the laws of the respective countries." The fonnalities" referred to are those that are required by registra.tion statutes then and now m force m each country. Why was that solemn declaratiOn made Was 1t to secure to CitiZens or subJects of one country the right to sue m the courts of the other! No. The courts of both countnes were previously open as fully to foreigners as to natives. What neceSSlty, then, for the declaratwn I It was m order to secure the advantages offered through It IS a corollary from the fore gomg that if the statute IS unconstitutwnal, treaties, conventions a.nd declarations on the same subject matter are mocker1es and costly delusions. The pre amble to the Constitution declares that 1t was ordamed to '' establish Justice and 'J?romote the general welfare." The fr&niers of that Instrument no doubt in tended the power to regulate commerce" to be as ample as any other power conferred Th1s opnnon, whether of worth or not, 1s given w1th out hesitation Constant consideratiOn for eight of the pomt mvolved, makes It easy to give, however crude this necessarily hasty expresSion. Ttie mind that falls short of ommsCience IS prone to err but w1th Thomas Jefferson, we may say that "Eri.-or ol opmion may be tolerated if reason IS left free to combat It." Surpr1smg acts, by their very novelty, captl"9'ate and charm. ExemplificatwDs m every-day life reduce this assertaon to a truiSm When courts so w1dely dlSII.gree, we must seek a cntenon m the spirit and reason of the law, while not entirely disregarding its effects and consequences If counsel had more deeply refiected, the cases of Duwell vs Bohmer and Leidersdorf vs Flint might have been presented and argued m the clear light of constitutwnal authority. The latter case is said to be on 1ts way to the Supreme Court of the Uruted States It is not likely thatltcan be reached sooner than three or four ) ears In the meantnne mcalculable damage will ensue, unlei!S learned and magnarumous Judges of CirCUit Courts will rectify an exdllsable but unhappy slip Conclmwns.-Congress has full power to legislate on the subject of trade-marks. That po:wer is der1ved from constitutiOnal authonty "to regulate commerce." The statute of July 8, 1870 (Revised Statutes, ,g37-4,947), 18 consequently valid. Very respectfully submitted, WK. HENRY BROWiill:. Revenue Receipts from the Tobacco Interest for October, 1878, J"ROK THE DISTRICT 011' JUI818BIPP1, ALSO THOBE I'Oit SEPTEJlBER NOT INCLUDED IN PREVIOUS BTATEJONTS. Clean, and ll&nufacturers of Snull: Tobacco of all deocriptions Stamps fo1 tobacco or snuft' intended for export De&lera in leaf tobacoo Retail dealer11 in leaf tobacco Dealers in manufactured tobacco Manufacturers of tobacco Peddlers of tob&<:co Other sources formerly taxed but now exempt ToW October SI,I86.08I 06 2041rti 101,4116.40 1,888, 72!.31 72260 1,21602 87860 29,603.66 'I& 01 September. Reported Failures and Business Arrana:;ement11. BERLIN, ONT -JJleinke & Bro., C1gar M&nufacturers, attached by the Aheritf BosTON, MAss -ChM F Drake, C1gars, etc chattel mort gage g1ven on stock, etc., ior t200 DETROIT, MICH.-Fred'k lr10n, C1gar Manufacturer, chattel motgage g1ven for $200 91 Robt M1tzelfeld, Cigar Manufacturer, etc chattel mort gage given for $300 LOUISVILLE, KY -Holbrook & Redman, M&nufacturers of Plug Tobacco, chattel mortgage given for $8,000. NEw ORLEANS, LA -M A Bomal, C1gars, olferillg \o com promlse at four cents NEw YoRK UrTY -John Hugo, Cigars, chattel mortgage on fixtures for taSO Wm Schnoor, C1gars, chattel mortgage on fixtures for $(00. PoRTLAND, PA -Messrs Lobenstem & Gans, of th18 c1ty, have obtamed a JUdgment agamst W H Hllilard, Port land, Pa., and havA commenced swt against Eli!IB Fluck, at the Bame place SAl{ FRANCISCO, CAL -Leavy & Co, Cigars, attached by sheriff. pet1t10n m msolvency W D C -Fred'k Dahler, Cigars, trust deed given. for :fl,400 Business Chana:;es, New Firms and Bemovalll. CHICAGO, ILL.-Edw Franks, C1gars, deceased CINCINNATI, 0 -Brooks, Waterfield & Co. Tobacco Ware house, d1ssolved, J 8 Fallon and T. C Westfall L H Brooks and Wm. Westfall continue, under same style. ELlllli.A, N Y -Ambrose W1se, Tobacco, etc deceased JoRDON, N. Y -NMb, Best & Co, CJ.g&r M&nufacturers, dis solved, NMh & Co contmue N&w YoRK CITY -Thos. L1ttle, Tobacco, out S Rossm & Sons, Wholesale Tobacco Dealers, Lows RoSI!ill deceiii!Cd John T Harr18 & Co, CommlSSlOn Merchants for the sale of C1gars, Lea! and Manufactured Tobacco, and Importers. ana Manufacturers of line Havana Cigars, JJl J Grodjill skl, }{ T Daly and Jobn T Harns ha\c formed a co partnership under the above style, 104 M&Jden Lane. PEoRIA, ILL -D & H Burton. C1gar M&nufacturers, adver t!slng to close out busmess w1ll remove to C!ucago SACRAliENTO, CAL.-Braun &Eddy, Cigars, dissolved Forthcomin&" Auction Sales. By Burdett & Denms, 29 Burling Slip, on Wednesday. December 18, at 10 30 o'clock, w1thm the1r store, cigars, Cigar ettes, etc seized for vwlation of the revenue Jaws By Woodrow & Lewis, 9( Pearl Street, on Tuesday, December 17, at 12 o'clock, Withm the store, 828 boxes IDlported fancy clay pipea. 1D good order By John R Draper & Co 112 Pearl Street, on W edneeday, December 18, at 12 30 o'clock, w1thin therr store, 9,600 genume Havana Cigars, Rema V1ctona. Londres and Conchas Patent Office Report For the week endmg November 5, 1878. I.NVEN'I'IONB PATENTED Affixi11{J Revenue-Stamps to Plug Tobacco -R. W, Oliver a.nd J. E. Robmson, RIChmond, Va Pipe Stems.-James W. Tallmadge, New York, N.Y. TRADE-JlARXS REGISTERED Ctgars and Cl{}arettes -Mayer Brothers, New Or leans, La. "The arbitrarily-selected words 'Flor d& America '" '' The fancifully-selected words 'De mi Gusto'" Smoki11{J and Chewt11{J Tobacco -Spaulding & Mer rick, Chicago Til "The word ThiSt1e Fme-Cut Toba.cco.-Robert Hamilton, Cov mgton, Ky "The gwtonal representation of a large VlClOU!I lookmg dog. Ctyars.-E Bloch & Son, New York, N. Y., "Th& arbitrary word Cardmal LABELS REGISTERED. Title -"Banquet "Crack Shot," "Early Fr1ends," "The Hur.dle" "First Stroke," "Prem1er," "Campaign."-The New York Label Publishing Company of NICholas Witsch and Jacob Schm1tt, New York, N. y Special Crop Reports to .. The Tobacco Lea.f.'" NEW YORll:. Bl{} Flats, December 13 -W. H L reports -The first of last week we had a snow storm. followed by two days and rughts of hard ram, which caused the Chemung River to speedily overflow Its banks On Wednesday, the 11th, the river was rampant, than 1t has been smce the great fiood of 1865, the r1ver flats throughout the valley were completely mundated, causmg the loss of much property. We learn of some loss of tobacco m the Little Flats," near Cornmg, and a small lot near Wells burg. The farmers along the r1ver on the lower lands were compelled to work all Tuesday mght, puttmg up their tobacco to secure 1t from the water, otherWise thousands of dollars worth would have been destroyed. I do not know of a crop remammg m the valley unbought At a meetmg of the St Louis Tobacco Assoc1at10n lately, the followmg ofl!cers for 1bc year were elected Pres1dent, J A Gregory, VIce Prestdent, Wm M Ladd, Directors, Chnstum Peper, Jno N Booth, C 0 Evans, Cr&Jg Alexander, W 1r1 Pr1ce, Adolphus Jrle>er, Jr S E Edmunds, Treasurer, Charles Dorm1tzer, Secretary, J A. Gamble Mr C H Conrad, of Danv1lle, Ya who acted Secretary of the Tobacco Manufacturers' AssociatiOn, which met in Wuhillgton dunng the last sess10n of Congress, b!IB been ofl!cuilly JD formed of the actiOn taken by the New York manufacturers at the1r recent meeting The Yrrgima tobacco trade. It is ex pecto:a, wlll now take 1mmediate teps to be represented lj the propOIICd conventiOn to be held ill Washington Further details of the burDIDg of Wm. Cameron & Bro. '1 tobacco factory ill Petersburg. YL, a week ago, show l.bat the 10118eB amount to no less than $200,000, enly about half of which. or about $125,000 are covered by maurance The lire occurred between 10 and 12 o'cleck at night, and a very high wmd prevailed at the t1me, baftling the e11orts of the firemen to subdue the ftames The boildiag fronted on Brown ud Perry Streets, and covered nearly a '!Vhole J


DEC. i6 THE DOMESTIC TOBACCO MARXETS FOR THE WEEK ENDING SATURDAY, DECEMBER. U. NEW YOUK.-The leaf tobacco market was not acttve the past week in any of its branches, if we except the Spanish, m which a more than average weekly bU8llle118 was done The demand for Western leaf has been but more varied than of late; the exi;JOrtB comprtsmg lines for Italy France Germany, Afnca and other sections of the globe. Mdnufacturers were looking with more eagerness, apparently, for cblor_y gc;>ods,, but the1r scarCity prevented large m them. Messrs. Sawyer, Wallace & Co. report to THE TO BACOO LEAF as follows:Western Leo.j.-The market continues excessively dull. The sales reported for the week amount to 810 hogsheads, but about 200 of them were made previously. We note 16 hogsheads to jobbers, 5 to cut ters, 39 to manufacturers, and the rest for export, prinCipally Regies, and about 100 Afrtc!l-ns taken for Boston. We can report no change m pnces. lot weell:. 2d week. 3d week. 4th week. 5th week, Total January .... 1,1!28 ll89 952 681 8,700 February,. 4,74, 760 402 11M 2,000 Harch. 84a 331 986 525 2,000 A.Jlril.. . 248 1 ,600 830 600 787 4,000 Jlay.. 4,00 1 ,000 487 629 1,424 3,850 June .. ,. 837 796 1,139 2 ,770 .... 11,700 July .... '... 298 897 1 ,216 1, 79Ii 3,395 7 600 August .' .. 600 863 1,769 l ,SM S ,SM 7,900 September 671 003 1,542 577 7,100 October, ... 794 1,079 833 2 ,008 1 586 6 300 November .. 823 2,019 668 2 990 6,000 December .. 980 810 1,790 Virginia Leo.f-There has been a fair demand for new bnght wrappers, and some good sales were made of old smokers to local manufacturers. The two or three days of rainy weather somewhat with trade. Manufacturers are buymg m small lots, as a result of the _prospective tax agitat1on. Prices are high for all good tobaccos. New bnght mahogany -good and fine-are sellmg at full pnces. There seems to be a scarctty m the new crop of lemoncolored wrappers. There 18 a full stock of good lugi here, but no demand for them. Seed Leo.f. -The transactions m Seed leaf show a noticeable decrease as compared with those for the week precedmg; the re_ported sales being 1 ,045 cases, against 2,007 cases l'rev10usly announced. There was little or nothing domg for export. In the country buyers are busy. Our Wmdsor, Conn., corTespondent, H., the late destructive storm, says:-" As nearly as can be some 78 tobacco sheds were blown from thetr foundatiOns by the gale. Poquonock and Wmd sor suffered a little; but, fortunatelyi most of the tobacco was out of the sheds. The ear y reports as to the amount of damage to tobacco are more or less ex aggerated." He adds:-''There have been more to bacco buyers looking at tobacco in the Valley during the past week than for the same time during the past eight years. About 25 tons of 1878 crol? have fieen bought in Windsor, the larger part of it bemg the hail cut tobacco." Messrs. Chas. E Fischer & Bro., Tobacco Brokers, 134 Water Street, report to THE ToBAcco LEAF as follows concernmg Seed leaf:-Our market was qmet this week, and there will probably be no change the remainder of the year. Ltberal purchases were made in the country of the new crops, and people generally are at present paymg more attentiOn m that directwn. The total sales, 1,045 cases, were nearly all for home trade and to manufacturers, the transactions for export bemg mstgnificant. Coonectleut continues to be in moderate demand, and we note sales of 40 cases of the 1876 crop wrappers at 16 to 19c, 150 cases of the 1877 crop wrappers and seconds at 18 to 24c for the former, and 11 to l3c for the latter. Mas&achu.Betts-80 cases of the 1877 crop were dis posed of m assorted lots at 11@13c. New York-Of style 80 cases of the 1877 eropwra.ppery lots-found buyers at 16c Pennsylvanw remains the favored style, and the transactiOns foot up 75 cases of the 1876 crop &IIIIOrted at 10@12c, and 538 cases of the 1877 crop at 8@9c for fillers and bmders, 10@12c for low, 13c for fau to tln.e assorted lots, and 20c for wrappers. Ohio-Only one low-assorted lot of .22 cases of the .1877 crop was taken for export at 7Mc. Wi&consin qmet. 60 cases of the 1877 crop sold at for assorted lots to 12C for wrappers. TriUlBilctions m Bremen for the week endmg N ovem ber 29 : Seed leafOhio Penn. State Cases Cases. Cases 3 ,249 883 Wis. Conn. TotaL Cases Cases Cases Stock Nov. 22 .... Receipts for week 860 62 4,5M Total. . 3,249 883 860 Sales for week 50 96 Stock Nov. 20 ........ 3,199 883 764 Sales for future dehvery . 62 4,5M 24 170 88 4,884 TransactiOns m North American tobacco (in hogs heads) for the week endmg November 29 :-Bay Ohio. Scrubs !old V&. K.v. Stems. Stock -oil b&nd Nov. lll .... 114 'lOll I ,JIM l,7M 7,tou 1179 BeceiRIB 061 l,M1 46 1!1 7lrl Delivered 103 lltock on b&nd Nov. 28 H 5119 tlll7 1,416 7,736 9U l!al"" durlnii: the week 101 ll07 717 890 1!8 l!aleelor future delivery 14 !j3 li60 iiJ!I 8lO The receipts of Havana tobacco during the week were6 bales. Stock on hand November 29, 9,090 bales. Spanish-Havana tobacco was in demand, and the reported sales foot up to 1,000 bales, 800 at 90c for mechum, and $1@1.10 for good to fine, and 200 extra fine at htgher figures. Manufactured-Sales of tobaccos have been limited the past week1 and tliere are none of conse quence to note. Plll'1;nases were mainly for rmmedia.te wants. For export a fe'W goodiitzed orders were filled, and there was a slight un;provement in that branch of trade, the shipments bemg 271,955 pounds. Goods are offermg at very low prtces, and any one disposed to buy can do so now to good advantage. Smoking-Of course the smoking tobacco trade is a.1fected by the tax problem, and purchases are made exclusively to meet current wants. The footmgs of tb,e week show a fatr demand for this purpose. Cigars.-There has been, as usual, a good steady de mand for all popular brands of domestic and foreign Gf>ld opened and closed at E:rchange.-Messrs. M. & 8. Sternberger, Bankers, report t o THE ToBACCO LEAF as follows -Excllange market The quotatiOns are as follows-Sterling, 60 day11, BOini WI!, s1ght, nommal, 488; sterling, 60 days, actual, 483, Bight, actual, cable transfers, .S8, commercial sterhng, prune long 481, good long, Parts, bankers 60 days, 522_!.2, sight li20; Retchmarks (4), bankers' 60days, 94%, (4), Bight, ij53j Fretght8.-Messrs. Carey, Yale & Lambert, Fretght Brokers, report to 'l'HE TOBACCO LEAF Tobacco Freights a& follows -L1verpool, steam 35s, sail 80s, London, 35s; sail308, Glasgow, ste&Dl 35s, Bnstol, steaiD 408, Havre, steam, $12 sat!, $7, Antwerp, steam 47s 6d sad 32s 6d; Hainburg, 4.5s; sad ll2s 6d; Bremen, ste&Dl 50s; sall32s 6d EXPORTS. FtoDl the port of New York to foreign ports for the week endi11g December 14 were as follows .Aniwery .-4.5 hhds. .Arg enttne ll6public.-42 pkgs (7,218 lhs) mfd. Brem<1 -185 hbds, 216 cases, 2a bales. BriUBh IV&t Indt ... -n hhds, 10 bales 148 pkgs (31,379 lbs) mtd. BritUh N. A. Cclbnks -8 hhds, 15 pkgs (2,633 lbs) mtd. Oidia -164 pkgs (22, 592 lbs) mfd. Dan,.h W&t lna.:e. .-28 pkgs (1,M9 lbs) mfd. Treml lV .. t I7ld!U.-23 hhds. GlerpOOl.-198 hhds, 61 pkgs (12, 708 lbs) mfd London. .-24 cases 613 pkgs (8!1,030 lbs) mtd. New Zealand -430 pkgs (83,998 lbs) mfd Porto Rico -28 pkgs (4,260 lbs) mfd. Rotterdam -107 hhds, 6 casea, 70 pkgs (8, 997 lbs) mfd. .Trkste. -96 hhds U. S. of CciomMe -2 hhds, 183 bales 56 pkgs (4,832 lbs) mfd. case, 12 bales, 18 pkgs (1, 7M lbs) mfd. IMPORTS. The arrivals at the port of New York from foreign ports for week ending December 14 included the followmg consign mente:-.&n-anquilla.-Pim, Forwood & Co. 25 seroons tobacco. Br8fMn.-Carl UpDlann 10 bales leaf tobacco Oolon.-PIDl, Forwood & Co. 1 case cigars. J(anzanilla.-Thos. J. Owens & Co :17 bales leaf tobacco, Perea Bros 6<1 do. Harona -G. W. Gail & .A.x 47 bales leaf tobacco; G. Falk & Bro. 13 do, .A.. B. Rosenbaum & Co 24 do B. Diaz & Co 611 do, F. lfiranda & Co. 196 do, Rafael L. Tlllra M do; A.. H. llojameta & Co. 81 do; Felix Garcta 1011 do: G. W. Faber 12 cuea cigars; B. Hernsheim & Hro. 2 do, H. Kelly & Co 15 do; Howard l ves 12 do, Mlchaehs & Lindemann 3 do; Purdy & Nicholas 8 do, A S Rosenbaum & Co 9 do; C T. Bauer & Co. 1 do, Eaberg, Bachman & Co. 9 do; Acker, Merrall & Con dit 27 do, W. H. ThoDlas & Bro. 3 do, Park & Tilford 20 do; ..Alex. Hurphy II Co. 2 do; Brown Bros. & Cc>. 4 do; L. P. & J Frank 4 do; Gnt.m&DA & Keeler 7 do; Garaa & Palacio 24 do. THE TOBACCO Goeeler & Co. 1do; S R. :Marks1. do; Knnhardt & Co 12 do, Luyttes & Brandes 1 do, R Patrick & Co 1 do, .A. H Rettlin ger & Co. 1 do: T. Owen 3 do .A. Owen 11 do, F Knowland H do: J & W. Sellgmann & Co 4 do, Lozano Pendss & Co 1 do, Merchant s Dispatch Co 23 do: Wm P Clyde & Co 47 do; Kausche & Downmg 3 do. 1 bbl cigarettes. Recmpts of Uconce at port of New York for week endmg December 14. reported ex1>resslv for TnE ToBACCO W. H. Schiflelin & Co per Nevada from Ltverpool. 13 pkgs (25,0110 lbs) liconce sticks. DOMESTIC li.ECEIPTS. The domestic receipts at the port of New York for the week ending December 14. were as follows BY THE ERIE RA.n.noAn -J. H. 1!Ioore & Co 2 hhds; tlawver. Wallace & Co 12 do, Pollard, Pettus & Co. 36 do: D. Garth. Son & Co. 3 do Watjen, Toe! & Co 19 do, D. Dows & Co 12 do; C H Spitzner 9'..! c ases; Order 104 hhds BY TIIE HunsoN RivER R.ULROAD-Order 74 cases BY THE NATIONAL Lnn< -Sawyer, Wallace & Co. a hhds. J. D.Evans & Co. 10 do, P Lorillatd & Co 125 do Order 18 do 18 trcs BY TilE PENNSYLVANIA RAILROAD -Kerbs & Spiess 107 caaes, .A.. Cohn 78 do; Neuberger & Stemecke 100 do, L. Ger she! & Bro. 44 do, Spear & Held 5 do, A H Scoville & Co. 41 do ; G. Reismann 10 do, M Oppenheimer & Bro. 88 do, 1 box samples, B Grotta 44 bxs, S Hernsheun & Bro. 1 caae cigars; Sol Dobringer 1 do, Appleby & Helme 3 cases tobacco, 6 trcs snuff, 14 bbls do, 10 bbl s d o 52 bxs do, 6 jars do; G F. Young & Bro 1 bbl do, 1 do; Order 4 bbls do, 1 tub do. BY Tli& CENTRAL RAn.liOAD OP NEW JERSEY -Ahner & Dehls 1 case, Ravemeyers & Vigeliusl do ; Lobenstem & Gans 5 do. BY THE NORTH RIVER BoATS:-Order 1a hhds. BY TIIE NEW YoRX & NEW HAVEN STEAlrnOAT LINE. C H Spitzner 23 cases, F Schulz 1a do, Fox, Dills & Co. 10 do. BY THE NEW 10RK AND HARTFORD STEAllBOAT Havemeyers & Vigehus 1M castlS, F Schulz 17 do, M, Oppen helmer & Bro 9 do; E Rosenwald & Bro 3 do; C Langen bach20 do, C F. Wahlig 15 do; Fox, D1lls & Co. 6 do. BY THE NEw YORK AND BRIDGEPoRT STEAllBOAT LmEM Westhetm & Co. 49 caees; E & G Friend & Co. 60 do; E Rosenwald & Bro. 119 do Schov erhng Bros 6 do, Schroeder & Bon27 do BY THE OLD DOHINION STEAMSHIP LtNE -Jarvis & Co 2 hhds; D .A.. Shotwell 1 do: R. M Bassett 1 do; .Miller & Co. 6 hhds, 19 trcs 1 box samples, R M .A.llen & Co. 9 do, 8 do, 1 do; F. E Owen 14 do, 8 do 2 do, Oelrichs & Co 20 hbds, 1 box samples: W. 0. Sllllth & Co. 128 hbds and tres, 25 qtr trcs, 112 cases mfd, 16 smkg, 2a kegs mfd, 130 three-qtr bxs do, 8 cases ciga1 ettes, 1 box samples; F. S. Kinney 3 trcs, P Lorillaro & Co 20 do, 8 bxs samples, E. DuBoill 88 cases mfd, 100 three-qtr bxs do, 50 qtr bxs do Jos. D. Evans & Co. 12 cases mfd, 1 00'1' do, 22 three-qtr bxs do 8 qtr caddies do; Bulliley & Moore 1 case mfd, 24 caddies do, 80 qtr bxs do; Thompson, Moore & Co. 101 cases mfd, 25 half bxs do, 1 qtr box do, 111 caddies do, H. Wirt Mathews 2 cases mfd,li bxa do, 8 cases smkg; J as. M. Gardiner 41 cases mfd, 84 three-qtr bxs do; C. E. Lee 2 cases mfd, 2 half bxs do, 16 caddies do, Dohan, Carroll & Co. M cases mfd, 20 do smkg; Jos. D Keilly, Jr 84 cases mfd, 118 three qtr bxs do; E. & G Friend & Co. 2 cases leaf, 1 box do; P. Hart 5 cases smkp;; H. Welsh 100 do; H. K. & F B. Thurber & Co. 100 do, A Hen & Co. 2 do; E C. Hazard & Co 100 do; J W liartm 10 do; Blakemore, Mayo & Co. 4 cases mfd, Allen & Co. 32 caddtes do, W1se & Bend heim 8 do, Wm Broadhurst, Jr 137 cases mfd, Carhart Bros Hi half bxs do, 25 thlfd bxs do; J H. Bclc.ber o bxs, J R. Swezey 1 do; Moore, Jenkins & Co. 1 box snu1f Order 25 hhds BY THE NEW YoRK & BALTIMORE TRANSPORTATION LINEJ R Swezey 1 case smkg; Henry Welsh 1 do; M. F:Uk 8 do; Allen .t Co. 6 do, H. Colell 1 do, Redhch & Sc hrutzlcr 1 do ; J F J. Xiquesl do, O ehichs & Co 1 do, G W Gail & A.x 1 box leaf. BALTIMORE.-liessrs. Ed. Wischmeyer & Co., To bacco Commtssion Merchants. reoort t o THE ToBAcco LEAF Receipts of leaf tobacco were s m.all t h e past week. and there ts only a moderate business domg, the pm chases making were prmcipally for Bremen anruin &l Uqf'.-Bmokers oommon....... 2 50@ 4 00 Fillen .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ... 4 liO@ 6 00 Binders. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 6 150@ 8 00 Wrappers medium........ .. .. .. .. .. 8 00@10 00 Wrappers good.......... .. .. ........... 10 00@15 00 Fine to fancv. .. ............ 1U 00@18 00 Classification of sales : 149 hbds Mason Co .. Kv .. D1strict, trash, lugs and leaf1 at 8 Hi, 17 at 4.:w@5 95,-16 at 6@7 80, 16 il.tS@O 90,98 at 10 @1' 75,11 at 15@1G.25; 1 hhds new at 5 SO 115 hhds Brown Co 0., DlStnct, trash, Jugs and leaf :-4 at 3 111@3 3a; 3 at 4.1i0@4.110; 4 at 6 23@6 90, 4 at 1! 20, 87 at 10 75@14 75; 8 at 15@18. 71). 80 hhds Owea Co., Ky., Distrtct, trash. lugs and leaf .-25 new at 2.011@9.60; 1 box new at 9 70, 511 hbda old: 18 2@ S 90; '1 at 4 10@/i 80, 10 at 6@7 90, 11 at 8 30@9.80 11 at 10 @18 7 hhda Pendleton Co .. Ky., at 3 63@13. 76 13 hhds Boone Co, Ky -4 old at 3 90@4.90, 9 new at 2 20@8.211. 6 hhds Southern Kentucky at 2@2 40. U hhds Southern Indtana at 2@8, 2 bxs at 1.20@4.20. The o!Ierings of Cigar leaf to-day (December 7) were 20 hhds and 168 cases, at the following prices 120 cases Wisconsin, common smokers'and wrappers to good tillers -1 &t S 70, 11 at 4.10@5 80, 41 at6@7.90,1!1 at 8@11. 70, 15 at 10@14 75, 1_ at lli. 48 cases Ohio, common smokers to medium wrsppers:-11! at 2.05@3.95, 9 at 6 at-7@7.75, 9 at 8.10@9.50, 8 atlO @11. 20 hhds Ohto, common s.moken and tlllers-9 at 1 50@1 90; 11 at 2 50@7. 1'he better grades of Seed are selling cons1derably below the present views of sh1ppers, and as a consequence pnces brought are largely rejected. DANVILL,, Va.-Mess rs. Pemberton & Penn, Leaf To bacco ComiDlSswn 1llcrchant s report to 'l'UE TonAoco LEAF.Recetpts and oifermgs have not been so Ja.rge thts week as last, but contmued liberal ChriStmas being now so near, httle more can be expected until after the holidays are over. The bulk of the offenngs contmue to be made up in great part of low and nondescript sorts. 'rhe qual1ty of the crop up to now has been sadly dtsappomtmg. The proportiOn of desuable and fine sorts was never smaller. In while our market bas showed perhaps a httle ad vunce on soDle types, on others about the same, weaken1::g m line, no Dlateflal change is necessary to be made agamst out 4. uotatwns last reported. Leaf and Lng!J.-{loDlmon dark . . . ... 1M Leaf -<:lark medium to .. ..... and 6 @ 7_!.2 bright common..... ... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 4M 6 do medium to good... .... and,.9 @11 smokers CODlmon .......................... 4 @ do good .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. and 8 @ 9 do tine .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ... 10 do fancy.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. none oifered wrappers, common bnght. . 10 and 15 do medmm to good . 18@20 ana 25@8a do fine .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..... 40 @50 do fancy ...................... 511@75 and 85 mahOJtllllies COmDlOD .. .................. 8 do good .. .. .. .. 15 @2!i and 30 do fine .. .. .. .. .. .. ....... 35 @43 and 50 extra as h1gh as ................. 60 @70 DAYTON, 0.-lleasrs. Hiller & Brenner, Packen and Dealers m Ohio Seed Leaf. report to TIIll ToBACCO LEAF Dunng the last week the tobacco has been sof< enough to look at, and some of 1t has beea taken from the poles. We can now safely sal that the crop is all more or less house-burned, and iu some Instances very badly so The worms and grasshoppers have taken theu share of it, and have left BODle sheds in a very dtlapidated condit.ion. Some crops are sound, and dtd not show any damage from the outside, and some of them have been bought at from 7 to 10c by manufacturers. Dake County has been the principal field of operations, there been sold there about 1,500 cases, at from 5 to 7J,ic The shippers are generally domg nothing, thinking the price too high for the goods DURHAM, N. C.-Messrs Walker, Lyon & Co, of tbe Farmers' Warehouse, report to THE ToBACCO LEAF as follows -Our market for the past week has been exctted on fine wrappe rs, and pnces have ruled high. Other grades have re mamed about the same The receipts have been large, and inferior grades have predommated If the planters are not holdmg back their better gr.>des, the present outlook md1cates that the crop of 1878 wtll not come up to our expectations m quality. We coutmue QUOTATIONS. Dark cow. lugs. 1 00@ 2 00 Dark com. leaf 2 00 8 00 BrightB. Smoker : -F,l/nt-ComDlon lugs. 2 00@ 4 00 CoDlDlon . 4 00@ a 00 Medium lugs. 4 00 6 00 Medium 5 00@ 7 00 Good lugs . 6 00@10 00 Good . 7 00@10 00 Fine lugs. .. .10 00@12 00 Fine...... .. 10 00@15 00 Brt{lht Wrappers Common. . 8 00@15 00 Medium to good. 15 00@30 00 Good to fin e ...... 80 00@60 00 Extra fine ....... 60 00@80 00 Extra fancy ...... 80 00@100 00 FARMVILLE, Va.-M-r .A.. R. Venable Jr., Tobacco Broker, reports to THE TOBAcco LEAF a.sfollows -Our market continues active at quotations of last week, the stormy, cold weather havmg prevented a full supply. We are sttll con firmed in our opmion as to the clean, ripe and desirable charac ter of this crop and begin to believe that the large stocks on hand in all the markets will not depress priCes as much as has been prophesied, for good stocks will be sought after, and the old will in that measure be neglected. A1read1 there are Dlany iaquiries after the condit10nan:l quantity-whiCh will be much less than last year s crop-mdicating a 'desue to handle good stock. QUOTATIONS. Lugs.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 711@1 50 Short leaf ........................... 2 50 00 Long leaf .. .. .. ......... ,.. 8 50@7 00 LANCABTER.-Our East Hemptleld correspondent says -.A.t th1s wntlng more buyers are at Lancaster thau at any former period at thts date. 'l'hey are here 10 full force, and the buying of striCtly first-class leaf is going on at a lively rate. Witness the pnces p&la to raisers, will name some few who have sold .-Mr Metzgar, 23, 8 and 8 Jrlr Strump, 21, 8 and 8. Henry Hottenstme, 23 and 5, his father, 19 and 8, Mr. Wagaman, through; Mr Buch, 3 acres, 25, 5 and 3; Mr S1mon, 2 acres, 25 and 5, Mr Stehman, 6 acres,.20 through, Mr Kready, 8 acres, 24 through. I could name you a large number who have sold from 20c and upwards, but these w1ll give you an tdea what good tobacco will bnng. If you will recollect, I always contended that good. tine tobacco will fine pr1ces, 1t Will seem froDl the above that DlY prophecy is bemg fulfilled What low or medmm tobacco will br1ng, then 1s no tellmg; time will show. LaiM' -Buyers are very busy looking after the 1878 crop, and buymg of first class tobacco 1s done dally regardless o! cost. 1877 crops are l!ow &11 sola in our vicilllty, excepting one pack ing of about 300 cases. I will name a few sellers smce my last.-David Hess 3 acres, 20 and 8, J H. Hershey 2,600 lbs, 20 and 10 and 3; M. Kretder acres, 20 and G, J. Gengnch 8 acres, 25; A Frank 21 and a; J. Nolt 8 acres, 25 through, J. H1llmger 9 acres, 28 and 12 and 6. H. S Hostetter was o!Iered and 7 and 8, but refused it; Mr Russell6 and 4; J. Rolf man Hershey 28 and 12 and 6; Mr. Wttnee 22 and 8 and 4, ete. .A.dd1tional sales are reported tlaily, showing what was prophes1ed before, that fine goods would bring tine prices LOUISviLLE.-Mr. Wm. J Lewers, Secretary of the Tobacco Board of ,Trade, reports to 'l'lrE ToBAcco L1i:AF.Recetpts for first four days this week, BOO hhds. SALES JI'OR Jl'lRST II'OUR DAYS THIS WEEK, ETC. Warelt<>1l8M Week. Month. Y&lr. Nmth Street. .. . .. .. 136 881 14,999 P1ke. .. .. ...... ___,..., 10 76 G1lbert .. .. .. .. .. .. f .. 17 3,112 Pickett. 128 407 18,178 Boone...... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 29 76 4,922 Farmers' 118 282 7, 811 Kentucky .A.&er -$0 -Messrs. Schaap & Van Veen, Tobacco Brokers report to TnE TonAcoo Smce our last we have only to report the sale of 229 hhds common to mediuDl Maryland, while the tmpm tatwns amount to 680 hhds, also 40 cases Seed leaf. In Java nothmg fresh, only anaruvalof1,113bales. Stock to-day -1,812 hhds1![ary : land, 563 do Kentucky, 40 do Virginia, 68 cases Seed leaf, 4 ,000 bales English East Indtan, and 2 ,885 do Jav LIVERPOOL, Nrn;emher 23.-Messrs F W Smytne & Co Tobacco Commission Merchants, report to THE TOBACCO LEAF:-There .has been rather more SJumatwn m the market during the past week. Manufacturers took dry leaf and stnps m fatr proportion, while some sales were made for the Conti nent. The demand for .A.fnca contmued limited Wtth large selections oflermg. rates generally rule 10 favor of buyers Imports, 240 hhds, dehvenes, 372 do; stock, 50,863 do, against 38,8:!5 do saDle time m 1877. Noumber 80 -Sales to manufacturers were on a moderate scale dunng the put week; httle was done tor .A.fnca, and continental hm1ts were too low to lead to business Pnces ir regular. Imports, 682 hhds; delivenes, 584 do; stock, 50,911 do agamst 38,679 do same time 1877. Monthly Report.-Dunng November continuous sales were made to manufacturers, amounting to a fair total, purchases were general!)' selections of drv leaf and atnps Busmess done for Afnea wa.s untmi>Oltant, while continental hmus were generally below the tdeas of holders. Imports, !,428 hhds; delivenea. 1,678 do; stock, 50,913 do, against 88,672 do same time 1877. LONDON, 27.-Heasra. Gr&Dt, Chambers & Co. report to Tlm Toli.Acoo I.Kll-as follows>-There hu beell but little demand durmg the past week for all d e scriptiOns, and m ADlerican transactiOns have been c onfin e d to selec tions for immediate use, pnces contmue very trre gular, and for the comDlon c lasses very low rates are accepted. Western Leaf and Stnps-For the former e xcept of go o d color, httle demand, s trips al s o are little sought afte r VlfglDIR Leaf and Strips-L1ght colors of thl' former in r e quest, strips possessmg body me e t a. 1eady s ale Maryland and Ohto-Only c olory de scnptwns are salable. Cavendish-There is littl e inquuy. LEAFLETS. From Durham, N C., it is reported -Every avaliabl e space in the Planters' Warehouse ts filled with fine tobacco .A. Lancaster paper says :-.A. double tobacco leaf has been left at this office, raised by Mr Samuel Hiesta11d, of Landis ville. The total estimates of the Secretary of the Treasury for the support of the Government for the n ext fiscal y ear cndmg June, 1880, are $275,187,250 94 Some planters will work hard to raise a crop of tobac c o and after it is cured so neglect it as to cause it greatly to damage before it is ready for market. -(Exchange ) The tobacco establishment of Tkomas L. Little, on the fourth floor of No. 125 Maiden Lane, was damaged by fire on Wednesday, the loss being estimated at $2,000. The customs officers on Fnday smzcd, at 14.5 Front Street, one case of Cigars. whiCh had arnved per Santiago de Cuba and OOU smuggled cigars on the Castilia !rom Havana The Customs Inspectors se1zed 272 bundles of cigarettes on the steamship Vera Cruz. from Bermuda. on Tuesday On the officers seiZed 1 27a smuggled cigar s from lfuvana. -Goo W Coolbaugh a cigar manufacturer m Newark, was a c cused a few days smce of making use of unc ancell e d revenue stamps, to defraud the Government. He w as h e ld m $1,500 b&ll to appear for tnal The Manetta, Pa .. TITMB says :-The 1878 crop of tobacco may be s&ld to be falfly opened, the buyers being as .. numer ous as book agents in summer t1me. .A.s usual fancy pnces are paid for very fine leaf The b1int Bureau has recetved mformation from the Denver Assaycr that he is purchasing for greenbacks f100 ,000 worth of gold bullion monthly The purcha&es u\j)harlotte are froiil fS,UOO to $3,000 per month In St Louis Cigarettes are advertised containing no tobacco. They are represent e d to afford a wonderful rehe f m afthctwn with catanh, and are said to be pleasant to smoke What they are made of is not stated It is stated that the Messrs Canieron _propose to erect a new factory 10 Petersburg, V a., on the site of their o l d establish It IS expected that the buildmg can be completed with in ninety dayP froDl 1ts begmnmg. In the towns of East Hartford and Wmdsor, and in fact throughout the Connecticut Valley the farmers have for the part stripped their tobacco, except m cases, where the sheds w ere blown down by the late storm. The burnmg of Lester & Griggs' tobacco manufactory at Henl'y Court Hot4se lately is thoull'ht to have been the work of an mcendtary There was no msurance on the budding, and the amount of loss on stock lS not known The. mght-watcb,man Lilienthal's tobacco factory, 221 Washmgton Street, th1s c1ty, was found dead in the store in the morning a few days ago .A. post morteDl e:rammation re vealed that heart disease was the canse of hiS death From Cuba it isJ'eported that the contmued drouth in the region of Consolacwn del Sur has destroyed the promismg prospects of the fields and especially affected the tobacco crops. thus rendering more difficult the precarious situation of the growers The Lancaster, Pa. &amiru:r and i&zprt811 reports that L. Gershel & Co. have purchased the entire tobacco crop of H C. Kready, in Jrlanor Township, consistmg of ten acres, and aver aging about 1,600 pounds. It says this is one of the finest crops m the county. The Miamisburg, 0., reports -The new crop in that sectiOn is being stnpped as raptdly as the weather will permit, and samples are bemg shipped to the various Dlarkets East and West. There 1s no doubt that the new crop is fully equal to any ever grown in that valley. About a score of tobacco packers arrived in Lancaster, Pa., early on Monday, and soon sprelid over the country in search of the fine crop. Some of the finest lots of tobacco were rap idly bought up Three of the buyers were from Cahfornia, and most of the others froDl New York. The actual matenal loss m the regton of the lower Miasis sippi Valley scourged by
ecrctary Sherman' s request for legislation a.uthonzmg the issue of $10 certificates of deposit, has been followed by the mtroductton m both hous e s of bills to that etl'ect. They are to run from $10 up through multiples of that suDl, but not above $100 These c e rtificates w1ll affo r d an easy mean s of mvesting small sums s a f ely They will heat $3 65 p e r cent inter e st. .A. Ban Franc1sco paper says -The New York Cigar makers have assured then fellow craftsme n m California that if the y wil,l only supp1ess their Chinese competitors, they, the New Yorkers, would come there in hundreds and thousands Callforma tobacco-twisters," says the exchange, are now earnestly considering which of the two would be the greater eviL" Not Dlore than 5 000,000 of the trade dollars are in circula tion in the Uruted States, and 25,000,000 are known to have been sent abroad. .A.t the present rate of exchange in China (92Ji, cents) there would be an Rggregate profit to the jobbers of f2,000,000 10 reshipping to this country the above amount, as indicated by a despatch noticed in another part of this column. Lomsville has the reputation of being the largest leaf tobac co market in the world. Tobacco is one of the most imDor tant agricultural products of Kentucky, which from its early settlement has been a tobacco-growing State. The receipts of tobacco at the Louisville warehouses for the year ending Oc tober 81 amounted to 69,221 hol(sheads; sales 119,025 do. The sales for the present year, eaaing December, will be about 70,000 hogaheads, the largest busmess ever recorded in Louisville. SKUJ:.S & FREY, Packers Dea.lers In Leaf' ', 81 a.nd 63 Korth Duke Street, LANCASTER, P.L:


DEC. 16 ll'hila..d.eluhia. Ad\ Advertiseme-nts. WESTERN ADVERTISEMENTS. TELLER BROTHERS, "'\tVM. A. BOYD & co., J.P.SPENCE. N.T.SPENCE. C .A..SPENCE. LEAF;=-0 BA c co, AIBBOSI! TOBACCO WOBIS. MISCELLANEOUS ADVERTISEIERTJ HINSDALE SXITH &. Palws, ._ ................... ad......_., leatlnll (Sacceaon to H. SMITH &: CO.) P.ACKEBS .AlfD JOBBERS o:r l'or$ip aad Domestio. Leaf 'rohaeoO, U7 North Third Stree:t, Philadelphia. ._ ___ ___ ..Jl Spence Brothers a Co. 58, 60 & 62 East Third Street, C::J:N' C::J:N'N' .A. T::J:. Connecticut Leaf Tobacco 20 HAMPDEN ST., Springfield, Mass. Wa EISENLOHR & OOr, PACKERS AND WHOLESALE DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO, 115 s. St., Ph.llade1ph.:l.a. W. EISENLOHR.. PHIL DONN. L. BAMBERGER & CO., 1M LEAF TOBACCO, And Manufacturers o .f.all Grades of Cigars, 11 Arch St., pbt'hufelphla,"Pa. LEWIS BREMER'S SONS; Wholesale Dealers in 'LEAF" AND XANU!' A-cTu.-.RED TOBACCOs NO. 322 NORTH THIRD STREET, PHILADELPHIA .. A of all .Jriadii of .LB.u TQuoco constantlv 011 hand .ft 11l"TT11'H'!TTIJ>.11'n BY -rr a co a: ___ B.A.LT::J::M:C>B.E, :M:D. Pa.ekers, Commission Kercha.nts &, Dealers in SEED LEAF tc HAVANA TOBACCO N,. 35 North Water-st Philadelphia. And 214 STATE STREI!T, HARTFORD, CONN. M.E.McDowelltt: Co. 39 NORTH WATER STREET, PHILADELPHIA, LOT.TIER'S R: E:vocKE G& lrco., cHAs. H. KLEJIM, MANUFACTURER OF CIGARS, TC>:B.A.OOC> Jc:b., Pl.r.l.zer &; Brc:s., JIIA.NUFA.CTUKEK!I OF F:1....-e ::S:ro"tb.e:r 10om Po-u.n.d, Job.:n. a .... :B:r15h:t a.:n.d :B1a.ok., C>1d JB:o:n.ea-ty. B Ce:n."t ::E"'1"1.15, AND ALL OTHER POPULA.R STYJWI!S OF FINE NA.VY TODA.CCO, LoC>'C":J:&'V:J:LoLoE, HlMSDAL& SMITH, E. H. SIIJTH. C. 0. HOLYOKE, COKKISSION KERCHANT In LEAF and MANUF AO'I'UBED TOBAOOO, 1'2 Central Bottote, sa.tvua I 1IO.l'..a:tu.i:ou dt\ So:Jnnd p913JO"J(() JUJ.It.IJA 1eD .. J.I9oi lJ<>ru <>n lll r 11.,.. -:ooOTIIO.L f>Nill011!8 10 spmug o:> OAVW "d s w.4. oo:Jeqol puowqon1 RICHARD IALLAY&BHO. G. W. WICKS & CO., :IW!ufac:turers' Ager.ts for the Sale of .; J LEAF. TOBACGO Virdnia, Missouri, and Kentucky SEEDLEAFLTOB1ACCO, B B. 0 K B B. S, TOBACCO, Petersburg,LancasterCo.,Pa. 115 & 117 WEST FRONT STREET, 291 West Main Street, S W WILCOX, CINCINNATI, 0. LOUISVILLE, Ky. G110. W W":cs. t<'. Fva.Y. PACKER OF SAM'L W. TROST, Steam CIGAR-BOX MANUFACTORY AND DEALER IN CIGAR-BOX TRIMMINGS, LABELS, PAPER, .A.lSI"D ALoLo of O:I:Gr.A.:E'I. :E'I.:J::B:BC>lSI"&,, 699 to 707 W. Sixth St Cincinnati, 0. WEii,KiBN &co B. GEISE & BRO.: (Succ....,rs to S. Lo'lfEI"D":J:&, n40. Choice Bra.nds of Imported Licorice always on hand. Uberal Cash Advancea made on CoiiBigD ments. HOLT. SCHAEFER & CO., LYNCHBURC, VA., BUYERS AND JU.m)LERS OF Ta.rr -ANDAND DEALER IN No. 93 CLAY STREET, Leaf' Tobacco HENRY MEYER & CO., __ .:;.:o---Gonoral Commission Morch'ts LEAF TOBACCO. s. E. Cor, :rde:rs New York, Boston, ChiCalO: St. Louis aild Cincinnati. GUMPERT BROS. MANUFACTURERS of FINE CIGARS, STORE: 1341 CHESTNUT STREET, .Factory: 444 to 448 North 13th Street, PE3:::J:L.A.DELPE3:::J:.A., P .A.. THE LARGEST CIGAR FACTORY IN THE STATE. w. K BARKER G. E. WAGGNER. F w FELGNER & SON BARKER&WAGGNER WOBKS,' IMPORTED and DOMESTIC SUCCESSORti TO LEAF TOBACCO. F. Depot with F. Engelbach. 29 South Gar SL, Baltimore, Md. 56 8 w uuiNGTON sQv.&aa, N. f{. We invite the attention of Manufacturers to our --------Stoc'k of DARK REI!JWEATED WRAP PERS, ofwhtcbwemakeaSpeclalt:r. D D MALLORY Merfeld & Kemper IMPORTERS OF TOBACCO El: .A, 'V .A. lSJ" .A, o\N D SEED LAENDAPA FCKERSTOoBF ACCO, Commission Merchant, E. E. WENCK, Manae;er 1 17 w. Lombard st., 46 and 48 ST. CHARLES STREET, :B.A.LoT:J:n4C>:E'I.E, :Doll: :D. S. W eor. ' bard St., BALTII!IORB, :MD. G. H. JOS. SCHROEDER & CO., IMPORTED and DOMESTIC PACKERS OF UNITED STATES CIGAR MANUFACTORY. lEAf T 0 B A C C 0, T J DUNN .R. "'0 25 German St., Baltimore, Md. '79,81 & 83 EXCHANGE PLAcE, SEED LE.A.P v ., DARK WRAPPERS CONSTL'= AND DEALER IN JAcKsoN's BEST TOBACCO 666Z NORTH ELEVENTH ST., PHILADELPHIA, PA. M. l CLARK & BROTHER. .. TOBACCO BROKERS CL.&&.KSVILLB, TeiUl HOPK.INSVILI.E, KJ' G. W. GRAVES, PACXIIB. OI' AND DEALER IN SEED TOBACCO, DANB,UitY, CONN. AGENT FOR MILLER & PETERS' CINCINNATI CIGAR MOULDS.. STRAPS, ETO. JOHN J. LUDY, Manu.facturer of the Celebrat.ed Jnnnyside and Little Wanderer 0 :I: G .A. ::R. S. Who!-esale and Retail dealer in All Brands of MAYY & SMOKJNG. TOBACC'O, J; 525 SO'D'l'B 20t.h. iS 'I'. PmLA. J!8. !. HENDERSON & GO., DEALERS IN VIrginia and North Carolina LEAF TOBACCO, Da.u. ..,.me. 'V a. Smokers and Bright I-: a Specialty. Orders SoUcltecl. w. 1(, IIIMoboa. 1'. X. iiiU'toa, c. ri. ::PETE:E'I.S:BU:E'I.G, 'V .A.. j..t the CENTEm"IA.L EXPOSITION, September 21, 1!!76, THIS TOBACCO WAS AWARDED THE HIGHEST PRIZE. We call especial attention to the manner in whloh our Packages are put uv1 tho.t neither Dealer nor Ch wer may;: be imm b_I _purchasing other goodst thinK:Lllg ho is' getung ours. Every Butt and cJdy; has 'JA BEST" tt byaclie. Eve.ryPlug has our slri "JACKS N' BEST" as per diagam annexed. TRY IT UNDER OUR that we represent it, we WILL PAY FREIGIIT BOTH WAYS. ,;. c:nT.n 'JlV AT,T, T ,l':AD'I'"'ITG THROUGHOUT UNITED STATES. And Whofenle Dealers la OHIO AND CONNECTICUT TOBACCO BROKER LEAF TOBACCO, N. E. Vine and Front Streets. 46 l'ront Si.. Cinobmatl, 0. CINCINN.ATI. 0 F. Works, ohio. W. W. KIRBY, TOBACCO BROKER, 112 Broad St., Nashville, Tenn. Refers by permlasloo to Mr. Edw. Jone., Tblnl National Bank, Nashville; and Polla.rd., Pettus & Co., New York, < I. H. PBMB&RTON, JAIJ, G. PEN!<. CHARLES R. MESSINGER, MANUFACTURER OF PEMBERTON & PENN, 61F. G.'' Also, the Indian and Sun Flower Chewing Tobaccos. 'V .A.. 'D:&NIEL HA.RRlS, A.LBERT BEEDE. HABBIS a BEEBE, JIIA.NUP.I.CT1JBEKS OP THE POLl.OWINQ CHOICE DRA.NDS OF FINE-CUT CHEWING & SMOKING TOBACCO: F::r.Dii"E OUT -" FELICIA," "M1JLE-EAR," "COCK OF THE WALK,"" MAIDEN'S BLUSH." :"EMPIRE," "SILVER DOLLAR," "TOPSY." lSI"o-4:1.9 E".A. "Y"SC>lSI" .A. 'VEJ., Q"D":J:lSI"Q"Y. :1:11. W BEST, Chlcaso; LOJUN PALMER, New York; W. II. RUSSELL, Chicago. AND SOLE PROPRIETORS OF THE GENUJ:NE "GOLDEN CROWN" CIGARS, A. R. VENABLE, Jr. TOBACCO BROKER, 'Va.. a=:r-Specla.l attenl;ion pnld to Buying, Orderinc and Prizing Leaf Tobacco suited to English, Uon tinental, :trrediterranean, French and A!iican mar kets. Refers to M0881"9. Hill, Skinker & Watkins, Rlcb mond, Va., and Messrs. 8. w. Venable & Co Petersburg, Va. 1 I liNll.Y TJRTIG, AltNOLD H. TIETIG & BROTHER, MANUFACTURERS OF 0 ::J:G-.A. R. s, AND DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO,' 216 WEST FIFTH ST., CINCI:NNATI, 0. W. II. LADD, (FOR THE TRADE,) 57 Lake Street and 41 State Street, Chicago, Ill. ALso AGENTs FoR THE FoLLowiNG wELL-KNowN FIRMs,_ 21 N. Main St., St. Louis .. p, LOR1LLARD & co., New York; I!JICIDENBER(;I & CO., New York; w. s. KlliiBALL &r. co.s "VANITY FAIR," Rochester, N.Y.; W. T. BLACKWELL & CO., Durham, N.C.; J. J. BAGLEY & co.s "MAYFLOWER." Detroit, ll!lch.; J, w. CARROLL'S "LONE JACK," L:rnchburgh, Va. WM S KIMB\ .. 1 ,, ''O'S ',1lNJT'/'-'AIH TIJH;ITil NY OFFICE OF E. T. PILKINTON & co. 1410 CARY ST. MANUFACTURERS OF T:a:::m O:&ILoEJ:B:E'I..A.TEJ:O "FRUITS AND FLOWERS" SMOKING TOBACCO, New York Agents: A. HEN k CO., 43 Liberty Street; A.LLEN & CO., 173 Chambers St.; WISE k DENDHEIJII, 1Z1 Bo-wery, RICHMOND, Y A. B .. SUliBR.T, WHOLESALE DEALER IN VAN' A _....,_ DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCO, 14 North Canal Street, cmo.a.oo. ILL. .W. E. RAGSDALE, TOBACCO BROKER, Ollice in Main Street Wareboose. REFERI!:NCES BY PERilllSSION. Jno. C. Latham, l'reo't BMic of Hopkinsville; S. E. Trice, Pres't Pi&nters' Bank, S. G. Buckner, Commission Merch't, u M. H. Cla.rk & Bro., Clarksville, TEllllleiiBee; F. 8. F. Beaumont, President IK l.'lational Bank. (!lle.rla;viDe, Tennessee;. F. W. & Co., i'lew Yoolo:; c :: : IIEir ORDERS SOLICITED. M. Millhiser & Co., GEM CITY .. TOBACCO WORKS JD:A.:NUFACT1JBEKS OF ALL Kll'fDIII OF CHOICE TOB.A.OOOS. D1ANUFACTURERB OF TOBACCO BA&s, Main St., Richmond, Va. T. H. PURYEAR, j BU'YER. -

DEC. 16 NEW YORK. Tobacco WarelloMMo. Almer & Dehls. 190 Pearl Allen & Co, 1'7! aQII175 Chambenl Appleby & Helm &Dd 811 Pine Bainett. 8. 162 Wa Jla,alh Flscner, 1 ater. 11111tley &: Moore, nt. catdoZo A. H 66 Broad. CraiOford E. liL 168 Water. Dohan, Carroll & 0o. ]()j, !'roDt. DuBoio Eugene. 75 Front. laert Wm. &: Co. Iii Pearl 11qun Foz, Dills & Co. 175 Water. !'rledlaender Wm. & Co. 8 BowOl'J' !'rleouf E & G. k Co. 129 HaldeD LADe. O&rd!Der J. M. Front. Gartb D. Son & Co. 44 Broad. oa.ert J. L & Bro. 160 Water. 6ershel L. & Bro. 101 Pearl. Balnburllii&Dll, Carl, 178 Pearl. Tobacco BaU>'sJor E>;porl. Guthrie & Co. 225 Front. LM.f Tobacco 81Deatiflg Philip C. s. & Co.188 Pearl LM.f TobaCco Curing. Thayer, James H 61 Front Com.mission Merchant. Beynes Brolhe;.. & Co., 46 &1: 41! Exchange 1'16fe Buutr of Tobacco. Bell80111 G. 116 Broad. Tobacco Catlwl J' ohn, 127 Pearl Flocher Chaa. E. &1: Bro. 18.1 Water. Xlnnlcutt &: Bill, 5ll Brood. Osborne Charles F. M Broad. 'Radel' :M. & Son, 60 Beaver. Shack A. 120 :Malden Lane. Nanv.r of Smoking and OMUiinq Toba<>doo. Anderson John &Co. 114. IIG and 117 Liberty. B11chanan & Lyall 101 Wall Buchner D 213 o.nd 215 Duane. Goodwin & Co. 'l & 009 Water. Hoyt Thom8B & Go. 401 Pearl. Kinney Bros. 141 West Broa.dway. Lorillartoilh and Germ and IN N. W1lllam i:.Q6iaateln &1: Gans. 1 0 1 .... den Lane Loth. J-ph & Bono, 4-44 Broome lltraSlm ,.., U9 Lewlo Wicke Wm. &: Co. 118-111 Goerck ......,., ... llilolll-w. ... ....,..,tor OlgarKa.""'w...-&.ID6PMrl Im_wrter of Tt'nBbil. Wlttemann Brothers, 184 William .Tobacco Bag(ling. Bo'lf&l'd, Sa.npr & Co. 462 to 46!1 Broadway 7'l>l>ablo Label& New York Labell'ullllohlng Co. DO BoweJ"V BeppeDltetmer.AI; llaurer, l1!l and Di N. William Cigar. Bo:r: Labe,. and -Trlmmlfl41. Beppenbelmer &: 'Maurer, 1\t anl1lef'!l. Wulsteln Henry, 114 Centre. Bank&. Germa.nAmerican, 50 W aU Internal &t>entce 1Joolto. JourgellBell, C. 87 Liberty 1/brolgn. mtd Domutt'c Banken. Sternberger liL & 8. 44 ExchiUlge PI8'tTI of Nett>! mtd WoodeOt. 8ltoocr .Figu ..... Demuth Wm. & Co. 501 Broadway Robb of .BMw Figuru. Strauee S 1'111 aut! 181 Lew!a Sol<. Manufactv.rer of the Original u.-Seal Smokjng Tobacco. Emmet W. C. 74 Plje S&mtiel S. L. &f6:JIJ' Oigpr Importer of French Cigarette Pap-. May Brothers. 886 Broome Jlanu(acturera at Oigar ll'latXWI. l!'ries AkL & Broe., 16 Collea:e :E'1ace Pat ... t Tobaceo Volonng Buehler &, 88 Chambere Cl)ftl.m.ercial ..4.gfmciett. The J X. Bredetreet & Son Co. 2711 BroUway M:eKillop & Co. 1(141 Wortb Jlarwf /Uturer of Glau Si[/nl, lla,tll.,.. Jolin. 888 East Jl&tt.ufactYrm- of Oiga.r Lumber. Geo. W. Read & Co. 186-200 Lewis Tobac co Ji1reigh t Brokert. SmUb W. 0. & Co. 58 Exchange Place Man,q'acturer of Wicke Wm. & Co. 158 to 161 Goerok Tobacco Labeli and ShCM Cards. D onaldson Bros., Five Point& P. 0. Box 27'91. Cigar MacJ,ine.s and Ha-vana Cigar J!'tavor. Sutphen JohnS. 58 WhltehaU Baehne.l,s Patent Oigar Machine and Wrapper autter Mayer Bros. & Haehnel, 289 Pearl ALBANY, N. Y, Jlanu[acturm of Toila.cco. Greer's A. Sons, 822 Broadway BALTUIOB.E, Hd. aa.r Gunli.ber L. W 9 l:Jo.y K and Oigaro. Baddln, F L. & J. A. 55 Union BB.EIIEN, ae ......... ,.. Mwchat&te. BUFFALO, N.Y. MaOt.uJact'lder of Olgar. and Joliber of aJteu1. ing and &wki1lg _Tol>OO. Cady S. Brown's Bro. 114 Exc ba.nge CI(IGAGO, IlL .J.flent-for Oigaro an' in Spaniero ""ail Wn4o Jlo _.., Tollacooo, (IQI-Bemoa.lllll ODtarlo THE TOBACCO 7 Packer and Dealer in Seed Leaf Tobaceo Gt&Ve,i G. w. I tDANVILLE. Va. Co!luniuion Merclt4nu. Henderson., James A. & Co Oommiui, C. DETROIT,IIlch. Manuf'rt of Chewing and S""'lri"ll Tobaceo. Barker K. C. & Co. 74 and 76 Jelren1011 Av Walker, MeGraw & Co. 'at to 3b Atwater Nanufactvrers of Oi(lara and Dealen itl IMJ/ Tobacco. 8ulllvan & Burk. and 50 Congress, East F'o:r:en Newman & Oo. 216 Jetl'erson .A"Yenue DURHAM. N.C Manufacturer of Smoking Tobacco. Blackwt!ll W T. Co EVANSVILLE, Ind. Oommiuion. Merchant. HonfoC. J i & CO FARMVILLE, Va. Tobacco Broker. Venable A R. Jr. HANNIBAL, Mo. Manuj. of all k1nd.s of Smok'g Toba cco Brown Geo HARTFORD, Conn. Packets and Dealer in 8 Leaf Th!H:vco Gershel L. & Bro., m State Lee Geo. 150 State Moore. Hay & Co., 214 State Wlllcox 8. W. 576 Main HOPKINSVILLE. Ktr 7'oba= lfr<>l:erl. Cle.rk bl. II. & Brother l!ailodal e W E. INDIANAPOLIS, bd. Denestu Leaf Tob., and Manufacturer of Fins Gigara. P. L. Cbambl'rs. Block LANCASTER., Pa. .ll!e4ler in bt.a! Tobacco. Skileo & y, 61 aDd 63 North Duke LIVERPOOL, Ena. Smythe F: W & Co. 10 North John LOUISVILLE, K;r. Prug Tobacco Mcmtifaclurer.t. F!Dzer J. & Broo. 194 and 186 Jacob llt&te of Kentueky Tobacco 'Manufacturlnjr Oo Tobacco Commlaion .Jterel&ant.. Wlclta G. W. & Co. If! Weot !lAin 7\9bacco Broker. Callaway James F. comer Ninth and Gunther Geoq. K eUy F. X. Jr. 106 Arch Wlwleaal Dealers in L:. P. & Co Pilldnton E. T. & Co Llr-DeGler .. -lMl/ .... h JobDO. 1n lletaJ & Wood A SPECIALTY. ...... ERBS SPIESS, Manufacturers of Fine Cigars, Dealers in :::?Oj3.ll. CCO,. 1014, 1016, 1018, !2120 310, 31:2, 314 ANp3!6 FIFTYFOUr'TH S":""REET. N'E"Qt/ "'!''""C>FL:H:. li#'5 IGAR HOLDERS IN GREA T VARIETY. I PES Centennial Medals & Diploma awarded for Beauty and Appropriateness of)esign and Skill shown in Fabrication, Popular Style & Cbeapness.. .. 8:JIIN'X) 0.4.T.A.LIOG"1:72!1. JOSEPH LOTH & CO .. OF ALL KIXDS O F CI&AH RIBBONS. CCNI!'l',&NTr.Y 0:< HAND A FULL .\SSQRT. DNT AT LOWEST MARKET PRfl'E:S. Paetory: \VEST 45tll !!;T. 44>l RROOliiE "Y'O:E'l.::H:. ttENDEL & 8110 ., Mannfactnrors of Gi[ars, IYo 1 IJ!>{ Bowery, Ne"" Cope' s ,Tobacco Plant: .& l'll:outhly JOoU'R 'ii for SIUOKERS. r PdJrusB:ED T 10 Lord Nelson st. I Lirervool, En[. Pluo1< Two SWLLINOS (ENoLiall) Paa AlmuJI. Where Subscriptions may be a.ddreued, or to TBa To.uoco LEU Ollice. American Subscriptions, 75 cenl.s per annum, post. agepald. lliPCRTERS OF F:E'l.ElST 0:13: CIGARETTE PAPER, 386 BROOME ST., HOUSE J.T Fum. 1'ire"<>V 'Y'ork.. LICHT C:IGAR. II. IL FOSTBll. ED. HILSON. RUDOLPH WYXA11 RELIAIUB MANUFACTORY. FOSTER, HILSON It, CO.l B&S :Eio"<>Very, 1'ire"''::V Vo%"kp MANVFACTURERS OF Fine Oigars, AND SOLE OJ! THE PATENTED WILLOW CIGAR BOX. A. LICHTENSTEIN & BROTHER, MA!JUFACTURERS Or" THE ''ELK" "QNW ARD" 0 And Dealers hi LEAF TOBACCO, Nos. 34 ana BOWERY, ? _:mt:W TGJUlto "I have bou! golden opinions from all sorts of people. Thls is the verdict of the man who ha.d a. first,rate. tobacco specialty and put out hts glau l!fgm r1ght and left without stint. The quality o! t!,te goods brought the go ld en opinions, and the signs brought the cash .. JOHN MATTHEWS, 883 E.ll6ta st... B Y. A. BRUSSEL, '9. T,ICHTENSTEil{ BAE11J!fEL'8 WB.APPEB CUTTER.. SOLD and EXHIBITED by the firm of KAlER BROS. & HA EHREL, taeO P-rl ltNet, ... York, and ae huth Peter lt., New Orleane, I.a. CAU'l'ION. :-."EW YORK, lr.'O BOWERY, JULY 14, 1877. P,tn TIES are here'hy cnndonrd ag&inst using PIVOTED i l 54.00 FIRST PAGE-One Square, (14 Nonparetl Lfne.l Over Two Columns, One Year ........ ............................ $150"011 Transient Advertisements on the Seventh Ptige, 25 Cents per for alone Jn ''Business Dlrectory ct Advertisers." Seventh Page, One Year ..... __ ................. -............ .. .. .. 110.00 :il.emlttancee for Adertlsementa and Su'bocrlptious should -., made iJ1. vatl#.bly by Poot-011lce Order, Check or Registered Letter. :"lbsCribennot receiving thel.rpaper regUlarly wlll Ul .. --tJnited States Internal Revenue Tax. 'lb.e tax on all kinds of .Manufactured Tobacco is 24 cents t1 t.; Snwr, 82 oents 1b i Cigars, $611 ttes not over S .. tB tbot188J1fi, $1. 7b per thousand; Ci and Cheroots weiglal.q oTer 4 1>8111 thoftSBild, 16 '61 thouoand. e duty on FOI'eign Clgaro lo $2.60 1b and 2:; '1!1 oe.nt. ad valorem. Cigarettes same duty as cigars. Imported and Cheroots also bear the prescribed Reveat Q U stamps &t the Houee. The import duty DD d 8crap&are aloo oubjed &o the !Dternal l!ev-talc ol. :K -ta 1!1.., and must be tMICked In i:onlwmlty w1tll !ll1enl&l Beven110


8 DEC. 16 JOHN ANDERSON & 00. LICORICE PAST. w AT,T,TS 46 co. JOHN CATTUS.: TOBACCO BROKER w RAV RR "-STBRRY., 114. Oeci.Ar atr-1:1 Ne.._. York., IMPORTERS AID IAmACTUBERS. .....J CHOICE BRANDS OF SP ANISI LICOBIGH GIDK LIGOBICH I ALL SPECIAL TIES FOR PLUI AID FIIECUT TOBACCO. OliiVI OIL, TDIC.& BlAIS, GUMS, FL.& VORS., Powdered Licorice R oot, We her to call tlut atteatlon of Tobacco Manufactoren and Dealero to tbla SUPERIOR AND PURE article. Sole Aants for tlae Stateeof North Carolina aDd Vir ,tala: M ... a. DAVENPOBT .tr MORRIS, Rlcbmoo.d, Va. LIOOB.ICIC B.00'1'-Arasaa and .t.Ucante. Solected and Ordinary. 27 Pearl Street, NEW YOitK. CHIS. E. FISCHER & BRO. TOBACCO 134 Water St., M':m"VE7 Y<>a.JE.. CKAa. :&. BILL, ja. KINNICUTT & BILL, Bli.OitEllS ,IN WI8TI!ItN It YIRCINIA LEAF TOBACCO, oa BROAD8T.,NEWYOitK. j CB.&RLIS F. OBBORII, C' JAMES G. OSBORNE, TOBACCO BBODB, 54 B.Q.OAD STREET, NEW YORK. M:. RADER & SON, M:. E. McDOWELL & CO., 39 Water Street, Philadelphia; 9 Warren Street, New York; 84 Broad Street, Boston ; 8 Lake Street, Chicago; AGEJrTS FOR Middle and Western States, Pacific Coast, New Jerser, New York & New E!Jftland States. Jl'.._ 815 II 87 VAll BO'UTEB' ST. S A. ROBB, AND PATENT PO'WDERED LJ:CORJ:CE, IN STICK LICOJI.ICE WE HAVE THE FA VOlUTE BRANDS>-'\ :1'. B., :I'IGli'A"'''I:r.l.l AIID GVZOLDI'J. TOBACCO ZURlCALDAY & ARGUIMBAU, I 02 PEARL 8TREET XEW YORK.. JU'ST C>"1:7T t KINNEY BBOS.' 01.gare't'te c:fc Tobacco, SWEET CAPORAL r PI.D.e, D'.I:I.Id. &, r TB.. 'Y' KINNEY BROS., 141 WEST BROADWAY, NEW YORK. The Mrs. 6 B .. Miller & Co. toBACCO IANHPACTOIY. EI&T.A.EI::EII:J:&EEEJZ> 1778. 97 Oo1 "U.n:::t. 'b1.a &'t. "'S?"'ork... E"ETJI!IIa. X), Oc:>X...X...XJ!OiJ'&, E"re:l.de22:t, l't111LT J'DfiL! l'OWDIIIID IP.&lQSR ROOT, IPAlUIB LICORICII: II:XTIU.CT, DEER TOl'I'Gtlll:, LAtiREL LIC.A.VKS, TOIIKA BE.ul .. CAIIIIA BVDtl, CLOVES .A.l'I'D CDIII.A.11:0., ORAl'IGIII PII:II:L, .t.lUIEBD, C.UU. W A. Y IICKD, COKIAl'IDER IEED, LAVENDIIIK FLOW.RI, GUX AR.A.BIC,GRAD .A.liDN'WDICR ... Gtllll liiVKKR, LVBP .A.liD POWDERJI:D, Gtll!l Ta.t.Q.A.CAliTR, _...A.JUII .A.l'I'D POWDERIID, ICIIENTIA.L OILS, ... OLIVE OIL, LtiCCA CRE..ul Ill C.A.IIU, SEIAMIC OIL LEV AliT 11'1' BBLII, Tonka eana, Angoaturae, in Casks, Baleam Tolu, in Tins, French, in Casks. PKICEI CtiRRENT 01'1' APPLICA'I'IOl'l'. V. W. BRINCKERHOFF, 4'7 OEDAR STREET, Jl'. T. No. 50 Beaver Street, NEW YORK, .&. SR&CK; TOBACCO BROKER, 129 KAmEN LANE, NEW YOitK. LEVY & NEWGASS, PACKERS OF ALL KINDS OF SEED LEAF TOBACCO, 169 WATER STREET, J.'\Te....,..,.. "York., Con stantly on hand OL"b RE,SWEATED Connecticut and P e nnsylvQ.Dia T obacco PLAIN BLUE PAPERS POWDERED LIQUORICE. G. ltiA f: EB., PACKER OF & :N' "1:7 p p & a n:aEsr QtrALITY. Rose-Scented Maccaboy I Scotch, French Rappee, American Gentleman. ....iaeturea at PoughllMpale, :lew I ... AND DEALER IN HAY ANA TOBACCO, "RESERVE'' s:att:O:B..:J:N'G-= In 2 ana 4 oz. PoU, anti 8 and 16 o:z, (Jan, made ec Drlcht Vlrlflllla Tobacco. .t.loo, Pint and Second quality SJIIOK.ING, ID Blue Papero. F1.:n.e 0"1.1 't DARK AND LICHT CRAPE. FOREST ROSE. CLUB. IIAY APPLE aad PRIZE LEAF J'DI'ECUT, llf FOIL '!'.B. MEBBICK a CO. \ : JMP0RTERS, 130 & 132 WILLIAM ST., NEW YORK. &PEO:J:.A.LT:J:E& I Gum. Tragacanth,. Cigarpiiters. Gum. Gedda, Siftings in Casks ; do. do. Sons in Bales ; Arabic, do. do. Tonka Beans,. ANGOSTURA. LICORICE PASTE. THE STAMFORD MANUFACTURING CO., ,. JM"A %X)Wl.V Tile Trade baTIDg d--.cla Superior and Clh-r Arilcle than that hitherto Ull8d, this ._IUilUfacturlng, and olfering for l&le, LIOORIOE P A8TJ: (under the old ''Santoni" bl'alld) of & QUALITY at a PRIOB which can hardl,r fall to be t.cceptable to all a!T!Dg It a trial. Mellor a Rittenhouse,. g1a N'. gg4 &'t., Ph.1.1ade1ph.1.a, lii.&1'1'11PA.CJT11RERI OF &P.AN':J:S:S:: a:n.d G-B..EE:B.. LICORICE PASTE. -. l'r' Centennial Medal awarded for" Purity, Oheal!ll!'!'S,_ and General Excellence of Manufacture. Aho II. & R. BRAND STICK LICORICE, all &.-. iknlesale Uents: SHOEIAKER, VO.UTE & BIRCH.l26 S. AVC.1 Phila. D. BUCHNER & VO. Oneida Tobacco Works, SIS & 216 D11.t.NE ST., I'I'EW YORK, Manufacturers of the Oolehrated Brands of FR. ENGELBACH, TOBAtiGO DEPOT &AGENGY For F. W. FELGNER & SON'S, Baltimo1'e, Tobaooo &Dd Cigarette.. 56 S. WASHINGTON SQUARE, N.Y. MCALPIN & 00., MANUFACTURERS OF THE CELEBRATED FDiECUT ,.PHIENIX" and "TRADE DOLLAR" viRGIN LEAF &NAVY CHEWING 'V:I.r5i.zLJ.a &:B1ok1J And all Kinds o f And all o&her Kinds of SMOKING TOBACCO. DiG & SIIOKIN AND DBALUS IN llliiKJ:OW G TOBACCO. Cigars, l'lug 'l', Snuff, Snuff rlour, etc. The CJelebra'&ed MANUFACTORY AND SALESROOM: II: ORIGINAL D ll Tenth St., lew York. : SEAL" &OODWIN & -ce:, "RED SEAL," 1 IIIAIWFACTVIWI.S OF ll! Fine-Cut To ba,cco 207. & 209 WATER STREfT, SOLE lri.II.NUFACTURER, 74 PINE STREET, KEW YORK. NEW YOitK. GIFFORD, SBERIAN I ImS, 1!30 'Wl1llam Street. ow ... 58 Montgomerr St., Jersey CitJ. Sawing and Planing Mills Cedar a:n.d SAWING AND PLANING FOR GIGAR-BOI MAKERS. J. :H..A. BEST in the WORLD. Walker, ltloGraw & Co., Detroit, Inch. &OX...D by :lr':J:a.I!ITOX...A.I!I& DB.A.X...:ma.&, METROPOLITAN CIGAR MANUFAGTORY. "1:7 SIGMUND JACOBY, GUSTAV JACOBY. U' :N'' :N' S. JACOBY & CO., "1:7 "1:7 D'-1: 200 CHATHAM SQUARE and 5 & 7 DDYER STREET, NEW YORK. WISE 4 BENDBEIIYI TOBACCONISTS. AGENTS FOR THE LEADING M.UI'UFAOTURERS OF SMOKINC, PLUC TOBACCO AND CICARETTES, N'o. 1g1 N"evv 'Y'ork. PLUG TOBACCO! The Purest and Best :lla,de or Sold. TIE IEBCJIAITS' TOBACCO CO., 80 JBa.c:>.A.X) &Ta.EEJT EIC>&TC>J!OiJ', llanutaoture Brfeht, llediam Bright, ll&hogiUly, Dark, an4 Blac>k Plug of long, aov.nd, w-t, rmadulterated flller, entirely free from all hurtfal iucreclleta, aad of wrapper BOt bleaohed by poiaonaas aoido, ... a not stabled by ozl.oua chemicala, SILAS PEIR.CE, Jr., Preddent. JOHN B. SANBORN, Treas. w I E, UPTEGROVE, SPANISH CEDAR FOR CIGAR BOXES, Foot lOth I 11th St.1 East Rim, NEW YORK BAN.NER TOBACCO COMPANY 81/(JCESIIOBI TO I'I'EVII'I' lc IIIILLI, 193 & 195. Jefferson Ave., Detroit, (OORNER OF BATES lii'I'REI!:T,) D. A. BROWN, WHOLES&LE DE&LEII IN PENNSYLVANIA CIGARS .. s:::: :c 0 S :e 0 u ;,Q {!. No. 8 Central Wharf, BOSTON, MASS. l'r' ()ash Advances made on Oonaipmenta. HENRY WULSTEIN, (1-to Boqf'elolt lc De!Jh-), .. .,, s-1 a \ 114 CENTRE ITREET._!fEW YORK, P. 0. Box .2969. New York. CoCW:i:til1on ha.ud the Best lmpro-.ed MachiJit; fM BY HAND Ok STEAM .I'OWEK. A lari'e variety of llachiaery for Manufac turerst,_Sack as for or Granulatinlt Havana and other tU.ten for Cigars, Stem Rollers Buocbiog Na .. chines, Stcmmln Machine. and also Maebinn foe and Flattea.iag the Tobacc o Stem in the eaf, Cigarette Macbtaes, etc. Sole Alfent in the S. for F FLINSCH'S COB'enbach on Main, Ger inaoy) celebrated Machines for Packinr Manufactured t.r"oba.cco A. M. LYON & CO., Manufacturer. of the O.lebrated Bn.nd of HORTHORN Also ot the Well Known Brand of &:D1ok.:l.:u.5 Tobaooo. s-..:ai And llaDufacturero of all styles of Brlakt & Blaolr: PLUG &."l'WIST TOBACCOS. 24'Twentleth Stf, :R.XO::EEJY:C>:NX)1 'V ..&.. Our l'l'arie & llpeclalty for the-m Stateo. BANNfi .. iiND CFiif CUT. BETTER THAN THE BEST." fa [...i. r, ll.liiLLS. Pree, WM:, R. Tllliii'T. Vl"e Pre BEN.7, ... JIA.X'a'Ol'l', Sec, PIOIBEB TOBACCO COIPAH TINFOIL I Liibtcst flll'C1fin, 12,960 Inches ALSO TOBACCO & OTHER FOILS OFBBOOKLYN, N.Y. BUSINESS OFFICES: AT LOWEST MARKET PRICES. 124 Water St., New York, WITTEMANN BROTHERS, 16 Central Wharf, Boston; 1.6 Wabash Avenue, Chicago; 51 BORTH WATER STREET, PHILADELPBI.&. Factory: No. 1 First District, N. Y. THE CELEBRATED THE CELEBRATED ."MATCHLESS,' "PRUIT GAKE," BRICHT. All Sizes; MAHOCANY, All Sizes; ', "' P .z.. o N" E E 'B..," Dark, all Sizes. A co,rg:pariaon of our Celebrated Branda of PLUG TOBACCOS wUl all parties of tb.e WOS-J)EJlli'UL li!IERITS c ontained thetein.. PLUG T OBACCO. 1M WJTJJAJI ST .. NEW YORK, ON RECEil'T OF ONE DOLLAR will send to any address a large Sample ot the best CIGAR C OLOR, ENOUGH TO ()OLOR 1000 CJIG.t.RS. For Ten Dollars wUI send the Recipe for pre. paring the Cigar Color 8t SPRINGFIELD, MASS. JAMES H. THAYER,, ("F ormerly DuoRD & TluYBa, Baltimore). Leaf Tobacco Curings 61 FRONT STREET, J.'\TB"'g'V'


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