The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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Tobacco Leaf Journal

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VOL. XV ---NO. 2. CIG-.A.:as, AND PROPRIETORS OF THE '' li=I. Ce>I.e>!eie> "" CIGAR FACTORY OF NEW YORK. SEIDENBERG & CO ., 84 a 88 READE STREET, NEW YORK, Im:porters of Ha,vaJl.a, 'I'oba.cco, ALSO MANUFACTURERS OF THE HAVANA-CIGARS. IMPORTERS OF THE ROS E HAVANA BRAND'' TO B l CC 0. 220 Pearl Street .. New York. V. MARTINEZ YBOB. & CO., 190 St ., IMPORTERS of the Brand HAVANA Tobacco, And Dealers In and CUTTINCS from their EL Gr.A.LE& CIGAR FACTORY AT KEY WEST, FLA. HaverD.eyers Vigeiius, PACKE=as oF SEED IrEAF I IMPORTERS OF HAvANA TOBACCO How to Get Dark Tobaccos, and How to Make Them Burn Good T:EEB C>:N'L'Y &"V'R.E 'WV' .A. 'Y Is to h!Je you.r Rehandled an SweAted by CJ. S. PHILIPS&:: CJO. If' youha.vepoorburnlng tobn<'<.'O send us a and by return ot tn..'\11 we w1p prove to )'OU whll.t cn.n be done. H Manufacturers will send as their Light-Colored SnrUngS we will retum tbeni. MA.DVBO Wltbout the ctf nny chemica1a or any n.rtiflclal coloring, and without injury tO the Leaf. There i8 enough natural coloring in.&tter fn all tob.l.ccos it they are only halidlEKl in such a. manner as to bring it out and fix the color. THIS IS THE ONLY SUCCESSFUL TOBACCO SWEATING ESTABLISHMENT IN EXIS'l'ENCE and many nt tobacco al'e turned out daily of good Dark Colors nod good Burning quality. H.&. V A...N A. goods also SUC<'888fully at this and put hack,jnto the ori&inal bales ht. Ruch manner as not to show they had been Rehandled. Send a baJe or case 118 a trta.l. 8atlsftlc&loa Guaranteed. as low 1l.B will admit of good work. Please write us tor any tnfonnation you may wish, and oblige C. S. PHILIPS & CO., 188 Pearl St., New York. FRANK McCOY.} 10l.. IEDWAIW T. M<.COY DONALDSON BROTHERS, Steam Li. "tb.ograph.i.o I?ri.:n. 'torn, P. 0. Gox '{791.] l:\ o Labels It c pt lu Stoe,k. j AUG. ROESU:H MA.NUF ACTlJB.ERS, 153 to 161 Goerck Street, 'YC>R.::K... T. B.ICE LIST 65 PINE STREET, NEW YORK. WElL & 00., :J:MPC>R. TER.S., spanish, Amencan and'German Cigar Ribbons. SECOND -HAND MACHINERY I s. liNiNGTON; SONS, I HAYANA'&Wii'i CIGARS, Yellow ............... Eztra .. 11.80 FOR SALE CHEAP. .. .. .... Jto. 1 .... 5-tl '12 T48 1.80 .. :::::.: .. ... :: I Patent Revolving Cylinder for Steaming Stems, ....... a .... 'l2 T48 1-'0 I Pal'r Stem Rolle :az.::act ................... 1 .... 5-tl .. 'l2:r48 1.1r. rs, ................... 2 .... ft7 1.eo 2 S ff M'll .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. a ... -6-8 12 :ru 1.60 no I S, Epanola ..................... 1 .... 6 8 72 ,.... 1 76 'pply ,_ I Kenny Cuttl'niT Machl'ne. 216 FRONT STREET, NEW YORK. ...................... 2 .... o-s 'f2:ru 1.80 A o 3 6-1 12 -'.. &A Go d Sole A.cent Cor Celebrated Havana BraD oC Narrow 1::::w 'llJ;d: w; 0 wm. & Co.. Paul& Virginia, La Ceiba & LrBocks] Fausto. :: : :::::.:::::::::::: :: t:-.t: t-25 Narrow Y .no................ 1 .. .. 4-8 '12 :rd 1.36 ........... 2 .... ,-. ft;ru 1.20 _,\tf.A spoke for ttie'-trade in eloquent terms, and was plea-" ............ a .. H '12J"'a 0.96 -" .Y -"''-'-' N -" ft v santly responded to by the Senator. Bo:o: Ribbon Red ....................... H 'l'2:ru 0.'16 The following additional officers have been elected Yellow .............. .... 3-4 '12:r48 O.'lO PUBLISHED EVERY SATURDAY MORNING BY Londree (CJdco) .... 1 .... 64 34:ru 1.20 u THE TOBACCO LEAF" PUBLISH IN" COMPANY during the present session of the National Tobacco < Chioo) .... 2 .... 8-8 84748 1.10 11 1 Association: Messrs. David Campbell, C. R. M'essen-Londre Yellow ... ......... 1 .... 'f-8 1.80 14!1 IITREET, NEW YORK, ger and J. 8. Cal'J', vicepres.i.dents; 'Charles Siedler, ............. 1 .... 1.. 34,... 1.36 IIDWA.RD BURKE, :: ............. a .... Ja-U" 34,..S. 1.26 JOHNG.GRA.FJ', .. = treasurer; and A. C. MarshallandJ. Woodside,secre" ............. "l& ......... M IHTtb 1.-taries. Tbe meeting on 'rhul1)day evening was ............. "16 .... '1-8 34:ru 0.96 'I'EBI!Is OF THE PAPER. l:iy the presence of the beautiful young daughter o ,.. .......... ". a ,..,.. 1.00 ........................................ lo 0mm1. M s d th h f K .J :: :: ............. "20 ... _.13-!" 0.86 J0 TRHS .. .... ................" .. .... ...'....... .. .. .. r. tedler an e c armm,g w1ves o essrs ............ "'IOu! .. Ia-" 84,... 0.10 .,... Spence and C. R. Messinge,r. Mucb praise was ac" ............ .. "110.: -13-1 34,.._ 0.66 corded Mr. Siedler and Dr: S'flence for their admirable Red ................ 1 .... 'f-8 !J-1)-48 1.80 ANNUAL 8UBSORIPI'IONS ABROAD. ............... ,2 .... 13-18" :u 7._ 1.20 GuaT BRITAJN J.ND c..,. AD ............ 'f... .. ............... $II.04 spee .. .. IIa .. red .. .. .. 5 8 .. 72748 1.40 NEW YORK, SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 15, 18t9. Senator Conkling at the receptton accorded the New 1Ia red,wJdt.eaad York delegation by that distinguished Senator. 'rhe 1olae eclpa .... 5 8 'lfl:ru lAO NEARING THE END Association bas unusually able secretaries in Messrs. Extra Styles of Ribbons Made to Order. Marshall and Woodside, and the tobacco trade is much RIBBONS CUT & PRINTED ANY SIZE AND STYL. indebted to them, as also to Messrs. Helme, Camp .&JI Order Promptly Exeeu&ed, Tei'IIUI ()aah, THE TOBACCO TAX STILL PENDING IN bell. Messinger, and other representatives, who re PRICES OF CI main faithfully and permanently at the post of duty GAR BOXES AND SAMPLES OF THE SENATE. while the tobacco tax question is pending. Assess RIBBONS SENT ON APPLICATION ments for expenses can be and should be promptly ...,....,. ............ .... ,.,. A VOTE EXPECTED FRIDAY. forwarded as per notification to Treasurer Charles As we write-Thursday evening, in New Jersey. After visiting in a body Secretary Sher-J -0 H N J c R o 0.. K E' Siedler, of the firm of P. Lorillard & Co., Jersey City. tbe hopes indulged in of a prompt vote in the Senate man, the Convention called at the office of In tArnal on the Revenue bill have not been realized It was Revenue Commissioner and in the absence of expected that the bill would be taken up early in the the chief, had a pleasant interview with Mr. Kimball MANUFACTURER OF. COIPOHNB TIN FOIL TOBACCO, MEDIUM AND TISSUE. T:J:CE. All Infringement on tlda Patent will be Proe cuted to the fall extent of the Law. ALSO MANUFACTURER OF PURE TIN AND FOILS I PX..A.:J::N' .A.:N':J:) CC>X.C>::Fl.E:J:). ROLLED TO ANY OUAOE AND CUT TO SIZE. BOTTLE all Sizeo, PLAIN AND COLORED. OFFICE: 163 Mulberry St., N.Y. CI&AR BOl-LUIBEt DA.NUFA.CTURED BY OUR NEW PATENT PRUCESS, The :Be&1: ;L:n. 1:h.e SPANISH CEDAR, MAHOGANY, POPLAR, ALL QUAI.ITIES-Equn.I In a!l respects to any made, and at PMces muc h ur.;de r nny tole obtaineJ of our Establishment. Al.oo THIN ineh, (nt c:>rre 3ponding :prices) of all cthor kinds.. SEND FOB. PRI._()ELIST, GEO. W. READ & CO. 186 to ,..00 LEWIS ST., NEW YORK. Manufactured onlyby 1 207&209 Water Street. lillE'U.Ylru)ffim< DECISION ucmt:o week, but the consideration of other matters prevented Subsequently the entire tobacco representation waited its introduction as soon as was anticipated. On Wed-upon the President at the White House, and weril very nesdaythe impression prevailed that it would certainly pleasantly received by President Hayes. Mr. Helme be reached on the following day, and the repreeentain appropriate terms introduced the several members tives of the tobacco trade who were watching the of the delegation and stated the object of the visit, course of events in Washington telegraphed to anum which was to pay their respects to the Chief Magis ber of the prominent advocates of the tobacco tax trate, as bad already been done to Secretary Sherman. reduction in .,arious part3 of the country to meet in President Hayes said he was pleased to see the rep re convention at the Ebbitt House early in the morning sentatives of the tobacco interest, and hoped their in of Thursday. In response to this notification the fol-dustry might continue to prosper, as it was insepara lowing well-known gentlemen assembled in the elegant bly connected with tbe interests of the Government. Red-Room of that popular hotel, and discussed matters The convention on Friday adopted the following pertaining to the situation and prospect of reduction: resolution, which was signed by the firms whose -G. W. Helme, President of the National Tobacco names are appended. Afterwards an interview was Association; Charles Siedler and David Campbell, bad with Commissioner Raum, Mr. Siedler and other New Jersey; Edwin A. McAlpin, John S. Sterry, and gentlemen addressing him respecting his opposition. to Mr. Comstock, of New York; W. S. Kimball, of tax reduction. Rochester, N.Y.; E. H Frisbmuth and J. W. Wood-Resolution of National Tobacco adopted side, of Philadelphia, P\J.. ; D. Ax, L. Marburg, Mr: February 13, 1879 :Wilkens, Mr. Feigner, Mr. Parlett, and another genWHEREAS, The present excessive and unjust tax of tleman whose name we did not learn, of Baltimore, 24 cents per pound on tobacco and 32 cents per pound Maryland; E. C. Venable and Col. W. P Burwell, of on suuff basbeentbecauseof agitation and depression, Virginia; T. R. and J.P. Spence J. W. Barber, thereby resulting in great injury to the producer, of Cincinnati, 0.; C. R. Messinger, of Toledo, 0.; A. manufacturer, dealer ll.nd laborer; therefore be it C. Marshall, of Dayton, Ohio; Harry Weisinger, of Resolved, That we, as manufacturers of tobacco of Louisville, Ky., and others. The meeting was exceed-the United States, hereby pledge ourselves to resist ingly harmonious, and a 'great deal of business wail and labor earnestly against any further agitation of transacted during the morning session, which lasted the rate of tax on tobacco for a period of eigbt years, from about 10 A. M. to P. M. Reports of com-provided the contemplated uniform of 16 cents mit tees were received and approved, and measures of per pound is enacted, and conditioned also t-hat no a private nature considered. Speeches were made hostile-Or 'ad verse legi slation. is attempted in Congress. by the Messrs. Spence, by Mr. McAlpin, Mr. -P. Lorillard & Co., Jersey City and New York; Weis Siedler, M.r. Helme,' Mr. Campbell, Mr Frisb-singer & Bate, Louisville, Ky.; S. W. Venable & Co., muth, Mr. Woodside, Mr Ax, and another mem-'Petersburg, Va.; C. R. Messinger, Toledo, 0; W. S. ber of the Baltimore dftlegation, Mr. Messinger, Kimball & Co., Rochester, N.Y.; Cotterell, Fenner & Mr. Marshall, Mr. Weisin 'ger and Col. Burwell. By Co., Dayton, 0.; Spence Brothers & Co., Allen & Ellis, all the speakers the utmost confidence was expressed Barber & Stout, Cincinnati ; Appleby & Helme, Thos. tha a reduction of the tax to sixteen cents a pound Hoyt & Co., D. H. McAlpin&Co., New York; Stowart, would be obtained. A resolution, moved by Mr. Mes Ralph & Co., Frishmuth Bros., Philadelphia; Camp senger and formulated by Mr. Siedler, the bell, Lane & Co., Newark, N.J.; C. A. Jackson & Co., Association, in the event of a reduction of the tax to Petersburg, Va. ; G. W. Smith; McCorkle & Bowman, sixteen cents being obtained .at this session, not to Winfree & Lloyd, Hancock & Kinner, Myers Bros. & countenance any effort, come from what quarter it Co., Love & Marsal, J. W. Love & Co., Flood & Smith, mi..y, for further reduction for the next eight years. J. M. Booker, Jr.; Ferguson, Lacy & Co., Jas. A. Ford, Messrs. Siedler, Helme, Spence ; with Mr. Messinger as J. B. Winfree, l!'erd. Moorman & Co., J. W. Carroll, 'Chairmal_!, Mr. Campbell as alterna_te, were appointe'd Lynchburg, Va. ; Lane, Allen.& Co., Caldwell, N. J. ; a-committee to draft a pledge to tli1s effect. Chase, Isherwood & Co., Toledo, 0. Thj,s committee reported a satisfactory resolution J. A. Sanders, G. W. Smith of Lynchburg, and Thursday evening, but as it was not signed by the en-Henry Cook, S'.>nin-law of Senator Withers, joined the del egation, owing to the absence of some of the convention'Friday. Mr. T E. Allen and Mr. Hunt, of members, the is not, as we write, recogNew York, and Mr. J. Ehrman, of Esberg, Bachman nized as a part of the proceedings of the Tobacco Con' .& Co., of San Francisco, Cal., were at the Capitol on vention. Fritlay. Messrs. Allen and Eh1man were desi1ous of .After the clo se of the session the Convention called securing an amendment to the Revenue bill allowing in a body on the Secretary of the Treasury, and were rebate. Mr. Hunt was busy, but secretive, as usual. cordially received by him. Mr. Siedler made a very Mr. Boyd, of Baltimore, was also at the Capitol on the forcible address before the. Secretary, explaining the same d"Y desire of the tobacco trade in respect to the tax. quesTo the disappointment of the friends of reduction, ticn. and asking him, if not inconsif

Es"tabl.1shed 1aga. DOHAN, GA,RROLL & CO., 1.04 FR..C>N"T STR.EET, NE"W YORK. MANUF A.CTURERS OF AND DEALERS IN fLWG 'ND SIOIIN& TOBACCO. Sole Agents for JAMES B. Richmond, .AJ.'fD OTHER VIRGINIA. MANUFACTURERS. JNO. W. CARROLL'S CELEBRATED BRANDS, LONE JACK, BROWN DICK, ETC. E T C. ETC., ---AND--"W. "W. P A TENT E D BRAND SMOKING TOBACCO. TBE :VIRGINIA TOBACCO AGENCY, J4S. M. GABDDTIIB, ;TOBACCO GOMIISSION. MERCHANT, 84 FRONT STREET, NEW YORK EXPORT ORDEIUI FOR PLVQ TOBACClO PROMPTLY JI'ILLBD, 41o&UNDEil MAITLAND. L. F. S. MACLEHOSE. ROBERT L. MAITLAND. ._, ROBERT L. MAITLAND & CO,., Tobacco Factors, :And General Oomm;ssion Merchants, 43.Broad Street, New York, AGENTS FOR THE 0 .A. :at!: E R. 0 N" ._..of Tobacco, Manwactlued Expressly for EXPORT ro AUSTRALIAN and OTHER 'FOREIGN PORTS : T 1'V 'NDER c 'MERON & co AUSTRALIAN TWIST-ST. ANDREWS, 111JMA li 'I VENUS, CABLE, OUR QAIIIE, BLACK R;lobTr'C::.D.d.o 'V'Ao \'JI> DIAMOND. AUSTRALIAN LUMPS-SIGNET OF VIRGINIA, VENUS, ALL THE RAGE, FLOWER OF ALL NA'HONS. r ENGLISH LUMPS-PRINCE ALFRED. "'IITHIAU CAMERON & BRO AUSTRALIAN TWIST-RAVEN, lilA-. lUlJ Dl ZEPPA, ORION. .JI?O'teralo-urso 'V.w 'AUSTRALIAN LUMPS-TWO SEAS, OUR CHIEF, ORION. INDIAN LUMPS-HAVELOCK, CHAR JIIER, &0, ENGLISH :t.UMPS-VICTORT, ROYAL NAVY, & C SOUTH AMERICAN'LUMPS-LADB LA F E L I O_ID ."'D. N"ii'W: I Tobacco TOBACCO INSPECTED OR SAMPLED. Oou.21-try ::E"ro:a:n.p-tl.y .A.-t-te:n.cled.-to. Oertlfl ca.tes given f o r e v ery case, and delivered case by case, as t o number o f Certific ate. ft. B.-WE ALSO SAMPLEIN MERCHANTS' 'OWN STORES. F. 0. LINDE & 00:. PHILADELPHIA BR.AJfCHES : :Z. W DICKERSON. corn e c Areh and Watec Streets; JONAS MET Z, 64 North Front S treet. HABTI'OKD, Conn.: -IRA E. HULL, 164 Stiat<> Street.' PRINCIPAL OFFICESc-142 WATER STREET, and 182 f o'180 PEARL STRE E T S11PPIELU.. Conn. t-E!JW. AUSTIN. LANCASTER FOREST. I WABRHOIJSEIIc-142 WATER, '1'4, '1'8 &: '1'8 GREENWICH STREETS, &nd HUDSON RIVER RAILROAD DEPOT, ST J O HN S PARK. iBENSEL & CO., TUBACCO INSPKCTOBS, f WATER STREET,. \ }'ORK. 6 SYRACUSE B RANCH ....... G. P HIER &: CO ELMIRA d o .......... J. R. BALTIMORE d o E. WISCHM EYER &: CO. d o ......... W WESTPHAL. EAST WHATELY, MM s do ...... E. BELDEN. CHA'S FINKE &00 TOBACCO 155WATER.ST., NEW YORK. C011NTBY liAJIIPLII'IG PROIIlPTJ.Y ATTENDED TO. Laaeater (Pa.) Branelll F.JtUNNINGHAM, 508 'fl. Poplar St. EI'BER,T, : TOBACCO AND GENEaU COIIISSION IIRCBANT, aa Broad &1;., Ne-vv "York."' J .J. GAllTD, CIUS.' llf. GARTH, :H,.,.,.Y Bcmtollt>D. DIIZ'OT Al!ID AGBKO'I' OF THE MANUFACTURE OF D. J. GARTH, SON & CO., & w &AIL 1'. AX J:ommission Merchants \\1. 44 BROAD STREET _:AT-J21 BOWERY, NEW .YORK. WISE&; BENDHEIK. AGENTS. 8TTINGIR & BROTJOOD G.REUSENS, KENTUCKY 1 BUYER OF LIAF TOBACCO; TOBACCO M BBOAD STB.Illl'l', :N'e-ov 55 Broad St.. New York. G. MAYER, A. H. CARDOZO; S:ElE:O LEA.F 'OBACCO & COTTON AND DEALER IN PAC KER O F .HAVANA TOBACCO. 'liB Montgomery St., Jersey City. AND &enaral Commission No, 68 BROAD STPJEI!lT; Jf, x LEVY .BROTHERS, JW:an:ufao" of FINE CICJ-.ARs 70 and 72 BOWER_Y1 NEW YORK. THE 'rOBACOO .&gants for the sale of &U l'ol)ular Brands ot YIRCINIA, NORTH CAROLINA & WESTERN Ma.nufa.cturad, Smoking & Fine-Cut Toba.ccos, AGE..."YTS FOR JOHN F. ALLEN & CO.'S RIOH:U()ND, V..l, B&A.NDII OF SliiOKIIIG TOBAOCO!I AND CIGARETTES, SAM. AYRES' "IIYOO," e to. PIC POT FOR J. W. CARROLL'S LONE .:JACK, BROWN ete. LOUISIANA PERIQUE, Cat aad ln Carrots. W. T. BLACKWELL & CO.'S Genuine DURHAM Tobacco. CHAS. H. CONRA: D & CO.'S CELEBRATE_!) .. . "LOG CABIN" & "LOVE AMONG THE ROSES" : :M:a:n. u.::rac" .. Tobacco= '.a"'ORITE D.A:RK'III'A"VT, ll:l'ICH:t.lf'l'RltlJII IIIWBET liiOR!IBL DARK lliAVT, HONIIiiY Al'ID PIIIACB BRIGHT NA.VT; AND ALL POPULAR s RANDS OF FANCY .AND L1.GHT PRESSIW. FXNE OUT KAJnJFAC'I'Uli.ED BY SPAULDING & MER.R.ICKo OLD GLORY, THB'W'&ST SWKET BUitLEY, BEE, TRUMPS, WIQ WAG, BUGLJt, IN PAILS AND BARRELS. DEPOT FOR E. T, P.ILKINTON & CO.'S CELEBRATED ''FRUITS & FLOWERS" & "CODONWE.!.L'l'li" Smelting Tobacooa. U" PRIOR LI8TII FV&NISHED ON APPLICATION ._ DEPOT FOR SNOW'S PATElfT CARD-HOLDERS THE BEST ALL-TOBACCO CIGARETTE "BETWEEN THE ACTS" Tke obeoe!lrand ef BAVANA TOBACCO CIGARETTES made onl y by MANUPACTUBER OP PINE CIGARS. :m-t..ol..:lah.ed. 10ae. &......,..O:Br M&lll1711' ACTV.BB OP c IGAR BOXE s AND-SHOW-.FISURES; IIUPOBTER DEALEB IN 179 & 181 Lewis Street, New York. All klnd or Figure& Ool lo Order and Repaired In the Beal Style, DuDrul'a Patent Pres: to Work Threi Ma!Bi. STRO"HN REITzEiimiit" &h cots., :OMMISSION MERCHANTS Co.tnmlSSlon ,I,Yj,erc a.n The Trade &-u.ppl.:led.. free from Complication and technicalities to imitate Harid : "' DKALKRS ., 4G & Exchange --=---------..:.. --D 0 M EST I C TwO molds are kept filled Up under pressure, While the third And lmporlm o f mold is either being :6lled or the bunches rolled up. F 0 R E I G N T 0 B A C CO 1 VEBA & BERNIIEIM, 176 FRONT STREET,, IMPOIITERS OF YOU HAVANA TOBACCO GARCIA, I MPO R TER OP' THE BRAND OF hF1or de F.G-." HAVANA LEAF TOBACCO _....,nI CIG-.A.JR.S, 167 WATER ST., York. CARL UPMANN, TOBACCO Al\'D-General Commission rderchant, 178 Pearl Street, FANCY SMOKING PIPES -IN-BRIER AND FANCY WOODS, MAN UFACTURED BY FEB. j5 ULKLEY & i MOORE, VIRGINIA EUGENE DU BOIS, \ GODISSIOIIBBUT, ,-s I'BOX'l' S'!l'llBB!!', !fEW YORJL C)JAS. P. TAG &: lmperten at SPANISH aad Deaton b aH ttndo of 1 LEAF TOBACCO, 184 Front Street, E. M. CRAWFORD & SON, IJIIPORTEBS AND DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO! 16E',I'Water Street, P, o. BOX 3U9. NEW YORK A. T. STEPHENS, SUCCESSOR TO ALVA OA.TMAN, IMPORTER OF HAVANA, AND DEALER IN DOMESTIU LEAF TOBAUGO 168 WATER STREET, :N'e""""'" "Y'<>rk: M. H. LEVIN, IMPORTER of HAVANA AND D E ALER IN ALL KlNDS OF LEAF TOBACCO, 162 Pearl Street, New York, M. NEUBURGER, Importer of SPANISH a n d Denier i a LEAF TOBACCO; COMMISSION MERCHANT ANDPACKER OF SEED LEAF, 172 Water Street, New York. H. KOE;LV;IG:, WHO L E S AL E DEALER I N HAVANA AID SHED LHA' TOEI.A.ooos. 226 PEARL STREET, NEW YORK. Appreciating the desire manifested of late by manufacturers of cigars for a durable and cheap mold press, to work three molds, which could be placed on the table in front of the workman, we take pleasure to announce to all our customers that we now have in the above repre press just such an article as it is desired, CHEAP, quick, simple to operate, and not liable to get out of order. HARVEY & FORD, SALESROOM-365 & 36'1 CANAL STREET, NEW Y'OJUL WM. Mp PRICE, FACTORY-Ll:DGEB. PLACE. pmx, ADELPHIA. IT WILL PRESS ANY XIND OF MOLD. It is afljustable by two screws to the thickness of any mold, and therefore no special molds ve required to work this press. It is operated by means of a powerful lever, which press and de presses the molds w ith ease ,. the lever is entirely .of the way; making the most compact and practical press of the kmd m the market. ... Experience has shown conclusively that three molds is the minimum number with which a man can work with advantage, in order to have the bunches sufficiently set to retain their shapes to roll them up. The many points of superiority of this press over other devices, will be at once apparent on examination. PRICE' $8.00. Take notice that we arc tho sole manufacturers of the celebrated TIN LINED CIGAR MOLD, so extensively IIScd in this country and Euope. Send for Price List. NAPOLEON DuBRUL & Co. 44l atui 448 Plum 8-reee, .. OINOlNNATI, 0. -------1!. ORDENSTEIN', Agent, 306 Broadway, NEW YORlt." li'IR!IT PRIZE IIIEDAL, CARL 'ftD'EIS 'VIE!lll'I'A BXDIBITIOill, 111'13. J MANUFACTURER or / lY: :m :m B. s 0 :a: .A. "C' AND AMBER. GOODS, 398 GRAND ,.ST., -0, NEW YO:ax. .__,.. AND VI EN Austria., BANNER TOBACCO COMPANY S11CCBSSOBS 'I'O NEVIN & MILLS, 193 & 19o Jefferson Ave., -Detroit, ( CORNER OF BATES STREET,) MAN11PACTURERS OF THE CELEBRATED BANNER -BRAND FINE CUT. "BETTER .. THE BEST." rii, J, MILLS. Preoo, WM, H. TEFT. P,.e-BEN.T. P. HAXTON, Sec. THE STATE OF KENTU.CKY TOB.A.CCO D2:FG-. CO. Manufacturers of Choice Brands of PLUC TOBACCO, And Pate n tees o the Cel ebrated Brand o! PROG--RESS, MADE IN ALL SHAPES AND WEIGHTS. &" EVERY PLUu HAS OUR PATENT FASTENER A!_ THE END. "U 'i'5 ST :a;.-y. ACENT:-J. L. STYNE, PITTSBURCH, PA. APPLEBY&HELME LEAF TOBACCO, or m E L 19 Maiden LaD .e, MACCABOY SNUFF,, FRENCH RAPPEr SNUFF, SCOTCH SNUFF, AMERICAN GENTLEMAN SNUFF, LUND FOOT SNUFF. ALSO OF THE FOLLOWING BRANDS-E:N' 'Y'OR.:&:. JOHN w. LovE, Hirsch, Victorius & Co. FINf'CffiARs, LHAF TOBACCO,. :N'o. 177 WATER ST., NEW YORK. HERBST BROTHERS. HAVANA tc SEED LEAF rro:a.ACCO :J 183 WATER STREET,' NEW LIBERAL ADVANCEMENTS MADE ON CONSIGNMENTS. NEW YORK. ] L. GAS6ZRT, ll. L. GASSERT J. L. GASSERT & CODISSION MERCHANTS. AND DJ:ALKRS IN ALL KINDS or LEAP TOBACCO, No. 4 60 WAter St., New Y'ork. .G. R.EISMAWN, Commission Merchant, AHD J)KALJllt JH ALL KJMDS OF LEAF TOBACCO, 228 Pearl Street, New York. N. LACBENBRUCH & BRO., No.164 Water Street, New York, WHOLBSALa DKA.LaJtS Ill HAVANA & i?OMESTIC Leaf E. SPlNtfARN &. CO., DII:Jr.Ll!:ILq JN' & DOMESTIC TOBACCO. i'to. 5 BURLINC SLIP, NEA R W lTF:TI-STJ/E ET. N Jl:'>V-Y<)Rli. t .--r "'' T n ,.,,.... .. .,. w .... ..., J. HARTCORN, 1UJi'1Jll' ACJVRER OJ' Cli:G-.A.JR.S AND DEAI..ER JN LEAF" T9BACC07 21 :aOWERY, NEW YORK. INTERNAL REVENUE BOOKS The Oricinaflnterual Jtevenue PublS.blug Bou C! SoL Succass oJt TO EsTu & SlllTK1 J P. 0 Box3,958. 3'7 LIBERTY ST.,N. Y, :Branding Irons & a Sp;cialtr ::E":E'l.:J::N'TX:N"Or Of every desc r iption at l.owest Prien. SEND FOR PRICES.


EB. 15 THE TOBACCO LEA-F. S. BARNETT, v .A. N" .A. A. :E. SCOVILLE CC tSlJCVI>SSOUS TO PALMER .. SCOVILLE.) SCHRODER a BON, AND SEED LEAF TOBACCO, IKPORTli:RS OF SF.6.NIS:H 178 WATER STREET, NEW YORK,. 162 Water St New York. TOBACCO BAGGING. AND JODDERS IN ALL. KINDS OF LEAF., TOBACCO, 1\To_ 1!70 WATEB. STB.EET, NEW YOIUE. IOONNECTICUT SEED LEAl' WRAPPER 01' OUR OWN PACKING, FAiCY SPsiiiPis, STRArroN &-sTORM, And an kinds or goods u.sed ror putting up MANuFACTURERs oF CIGARS Sm6kiug Tobacco. Also ac6mplete assortmont of Smol:era' Articles for tho Trade. &. CO., AND : No. 356 Broadway, New York.1 DEALERS IN LEAF : BASCH & FISCHER, 178 &. 190 :PEARL STREET, NEW YOPJt. IXPORTERS OF HAVANA N"C>T:J:CE. 'BID. {vi CKTBRSDOBF c c 0 WE HEREBY CAUTION ALL p .A.RTIES INFRINGING UPON OR a) II.Wlr. Jl IMITATINC OUR BRANDS, LABELS AND TRADEMARKS, 1&5 Wate:r St., that we will spare no pains in prosecuting such parties in protecting the NEW YORK. rights secured to us by Act of Congress dated August 14, 1876. tl'ea.r K&iclln Laae, S & sToRd. Thts pace ts eserve CAPITAL, $750,000. Every facility afforded to Dea\ers ann CorrespondFOR consisteut with Sound Ba.rlking. H. ROCHOLL, President. I p. Cahlu. WM.. l RIEDLAENDER, JOSEPH SlCIIEL. Wm.FRI.EDLAENDER & CO. Wholesale Dealers In vAN" .A. llOMESTifi LBAF TOBAGGO Q ROWIFIAIV. 1\!IFW Vf)Dlt. J. W. MARTIN, TO:S..A.OOO COMMISSION MERCHANT, IMPORTERS OF SPANISH PACKERS OF DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCO. BUEHLER tc PO. LHAUS, BRII!H iOOriiBSf.iii i CLAY PIPBS And all Kinds of SMOKERS' ATICLES. 83 Chambers and 65 Reade Streets, New York. :Cor Kimmel & Schmidgniber's Patent Tobacco "Coloring. Warranted not to Injure the Flavor, Quality or Burning. BONDY & LEDERER l'IIAN1JFACT1JB.ERS OF J FINE CIGARS, AND DEALERS IN LE..A.F TC>B.A.CCC>, 96, 98, I 00, I 02, I 04, I 06, I 08 & 110 Attorney St., New York. ERNEST FREISE, (FORMERLY OF TBE FIR![ OF WALTER FRIEDHAN ot FREISE,) DIPORTER OP iL HIRSCHHORN & CO., r MANUFACTURERS OF CIGARS, 20, 22, 24, 2(5 &. 28 2d AVE., cor. I st St., -, l M"EJ"VV_ "Y"<>R.:&:.. __j SANCHEZ, HAYA tc CO., I 30, I 32 & 134 MAIDEN LANE, NEW YORK, MANUFACTURERS OF FINEST GLEAR HAVANA GIGARS, Awarded lligheat :.fet!al E. & G. FRIEND & CO., lm.portef'l and :>ealera lu 79 FRONT ST NEW YORK-WILL[AM BUCHANAN. DAVID C. diA'fL! BUCHANAN & LYALL., ALSO IMPORTERS OF Spanish LeafTobacco, HAVANA CIGARS & LEAF TOBACCO. :J..B'7 -.gv .A. TED. ST., "Y"<>R.::a:::. LEAP TOBACCO, 129 Malden Lane. Gus FaD:ND, NEW YORK EnwA>n FRND, J 1 & .. C>R.G-LER., FIN.E CIGARS, AND DEALER IN -LEAF TOBACCO, .) 295 297 Greenwich St., New York l'lly Branda:-" CUBA "CLIMAX.'' CUTHRIE a. CO., 226 Front Street, COMMISSION A>ID BALERS OF TOBACCO FOR EXPORT. Leaf Tobacco preesed i.a bales for the We;t lndW.. Nell:icao. and Cen-tral American Ports, and other mar. keta. TOBACCO PA\IN S'.l'., CINCINNATI, O. [Tam. \VoLF JIL Alex. a Bros., JlriAltlUF ACT11RERS 01' HAVANA CIGAR FLAVOR, 16 College Place; New York, 48 A GO EAST SECOND ST., CINCINNATI, &:D1alle: Elo"t1:1e, .Si1. &e:n.1: c. <>. D. ALSO MANUFACTURER OF liiE-m muw TUBIUB AliiJ:O CJ:GARETTES. Tobacco Freight Brokers AND RECEIVING AND FORWARDING AGENTS, 0. Box 3152.l 53 Exchange Place, New YORK. LOBENSTEIN & GANS, WHOLESALE DEALERS IN SEED AND HAVANA TOBACCOS; SOLE AGENTS AND lln'ORTERS OF THE GE!IUINB W. & lL C:I:G-,.4-R. Presses, Straps & CUtte"; IMPORTERS OF GEIWAN & SPANISH CIGAR RlBBONS; :1.3:1. a.:I.C\,E>:n; ALSO Appleby's Cigar Bunching Machine & Shnrt FUier Breaker or Granulator. Prlee or Granulator, $3'7 and $'7 5; Prlee of Bunching l'llachlne, .40. _. Our Havan& FlavorinK will give to the tobacco the :tullftavor or Havana., and when smc:>ked it ha.s 'lw Sweetness and Aroma. of a genuiae cigar, QRarlBoctlo, .2; HalrGallon, $3; One Gallon, .5. Sent C.O D NochargeforCanorBo:r,. Factory at SPOTSWOOD, W. J.; LEONARD L. 1'. APPLEBY. Sole Prop'r. Oftloe .... a Saleor.oom at J'OHN S. SUTPHEN'S, 53 Whitehall Street. N. Y, M. & S. STERNBERGER,. AID BAIKEl No. 44 EXCHANGE PLACE, N. Y Draw Bills of Exchange on tbe priocipat cltiee of' Europe; issue Circular Letters of Credit to Trattkleors:. and grant Co-.m.ercial Credits; rR:ceive Mt".DeJ oa Deposit, aubjec to Sight Cbeclts. upon which fDter will "" allowed ; pay parthailar to 'tlk N of Loans. llPecl4l atU!ntlon Riven to ll_uylng and Selq or c,lllornla JliJiiD& s-.s.


4 eellent firm. He has been unwell for the past months, and by adviCe of h1s phyRtcmn lias concluded to seek rest for a whtle. Indwat1ons of improvement m hlS condttion are satd to be VISible We respectfully mvite the attentiOn of CIGAR MANUFACTURERS to our stock of FINE RE SWEATED PENNSYLVANIA WRAPPERS. crop of 1877. These Tobaccos are Re Sweated by a Natural Process, and w1thout the atd of any dyes or chemt cals, and are of fine dark colors, excellent qualtty and burn, and well adavted (or the requtrements of Manu facturers of Fme Ctgars. BARKER & WAGGNER, 728-735 29 8. Gay Street, Balttmore, Md WANTED.-A gentleman for many years connected w1th the tobacco trade of Lancaster, Pa an expert in the treatment of tobacco, who IS fumtshed with the best of recommendatiOns, IS open for an engagement, either as partner m the tobacco busmess or as super intendent m a curmg establishment. He 1s expenenced Ijl the best methods of curing and re sweatmg tobacco, and has mvented a method of ent1rely re movmg "white veln8," which can be guaranteed as perfectly effective ApplicatiOns addres38d "Lan-caster, will be received at thts office. no AssiONMENT.-From Loutsv1lle, Ky., it is reported that the firm of C. G. Tachau & Co of that mty, have fatled-a.n occurrence which is generally regretted, as thts old house was looked upon as completely sound, and one of the most reliable tobacco establishments of that c1ty. They have made aa asstgnmenb to Henry Stuckey, m LoulSvtlle. We hope that they w11J be enabled to make arrangements that will J:>e satisfactory to themselves and their fuends w1th whom they have had dealmgs The creditors m New York are Messrs Kerbs & Sptess, Sutro & Newmark, S Jacoby & Co, and W. R. Domachka. Further details have not been recetved, but w1ll be presented m our next number. THE TOBACCO QUESTION lN GEBKANY.-U is stated ttat there really are m the Bundesrath (Upper House of the German Parliament) comparatively more sup porters of Ule monopoly scheme than there were tn the lilqui.ry ComllilssiOn. But 1t the Bouse should de cide m ta.vor of the monopoly, tt IS thought nothing will be a.ccomphshed, and the contemplated finance reform so much needed w1ll be a fail me. The Prusstan F1 nanoe Minister, Herr Hobrecht, IS generally constd ered as a decided opponent of the monopoly scheme, and his position, 1t appears, has not been without m fluence on the deCisiOn of the InqUiry CommiSSIOn on the subJect. Councilor Schomer IS stated to have rep/ resented 1n the Commission the VIews of the Fmance M1D.18ter. ANOTHER ToBACCO MANUFACTORY DESTROYED -A d1spatch from Danville, Va., announces that the to bacco manufactory m that City owned by Dohan, Carroll & Co., of New York, was totally destroyed by tire on Sunday mght, mcludmg the contents, about 100,000 pounds of tobacco, valued at $7,000 to $10,000 The bu1ldmg, wh1ch was built of br1ck, was valued at about $10,000. The 101!8 on bmldmg and stock IS covered by insurance m New York and RIChmond compames. The factor[ was under the management of Mr. G. B. Pace, o Rwhmond, and used as a "prwery," under the superv1s10n of Messrs. B1ansford and Craddock. The tire tirst appeared m the third story of the rear part of the bmlaing, and had the1e made such head way as to be beyond the control of the fire comparues .AJI OJ'FIOIAL EsTIMATE.-The latest report of the Agricultural Department m Washington, JUSt Issued, states that the prtce of tobacco 1s generally very low thts yee.r-avera.gmg for the whole country five to SIX cents per pound. Th1s price, 1t IS stated m the report, is the result of an overstock of poor tobacco last year. The Department has no data of the y1eld per acre or the product of 1877. The total amount exported and manufactured was a little above 463,000,000 pounds. Allowmg su: per cent. for that used at home and that whtch evaded the tax, we have a crop for 1877 of about 490,000,000 pounds 'fhe averate for 1878 was 76 per cent. of 1877. The quality of tobacco produced was ,gellerally better and heaVIer, ma.kmg the y1eld per aene rather than th&t of prevwus year, ex -cept m Kentucky, where 1t fell off slightly. The De pa.rtment estnna.tes the total c1 op of 1878 at 393,000,000 J)ounds, worth $22,000,000, aga.mst 490,000 ,000 pounds :.last year. SEIZURES l!Y THE GoVERNMENT.-In our prevwus issue we brtefly announced the seizure by the Gov ernment officers of the well known tobacco warehouse of J P Garr1e;m, m New Orleans. It now appears from pr1vate dispatches recetved from New Otleans in thlB c1ty, that the Internal Revenue D"partment has been on the track of a rmg" of tobacco dealers and warehousemen who have been defraudmg the Gov ernment on an extens1ve scale. Two well-known Internal Revenue offimals, Harvey and Blake, were recently to New Orleans to make an mvesttga twn, and the result was the eetzure of a number of factones, and many more are to be expected It was found that men respected and of good standmg m the commumty have been carrymg on an IlliCit trade on a vast scale, without cons1dermg the con sequences. The dectsl ve actiOn of the Government has occasiOned the greatest exmtement, espemally as men whose mtegr1ty had never been doubted ardim pbcated m these frau's a.gamst the Government Mr. Garrtgm, as stated before, was known as the largest tobacco manufacturer m New O!"leans. The deta1ls of tbts enormous fraud have not been received, but w1ll be presented in our next Issue BUSINESS :MENTION. MR. G. RKIBMANN, the well known leaf dealer of this c1ty, bas removed from No. 188 Pearl Street to 228 of the same street, where he occupies a capamous and well stocked warehouse. HowARD, SANGER & Co., dealers in bagging goods, of th1s city, mform us that they are now permanently located at 356 Broadway. The trade will remember that thetr former warehouse was destroyed by fir e IN a recent notwe of the firm of Hantsch & Crous e, Readmg, Pa.., we omitted to mentiOn that th1s firm been estabhshed smce 183 6 They are manufa c turers of fine Cigars, and dealers m leaf tobac co of wtde reputatiOn MEsSRS C. S. PmLIPB & Co the well -known tobacco sweatmg and rehandling firm of this c1ty, have en larged their capacities They now occupy the entire bUIIdmg, No 188 Pearl Street. The Importanc e of the curmg process used by th1s firm lB well known among leaf dealers. IN Durham, N C a new tobacco factory has re cently been established by James R. Day & Bros, for the manufacture of smokmg tobacco Mr Day IS not unknown m thehlStory of tha Durham tobacco, as he has been connected w1th the famous firm of W. T. Blackwell & Co. Q-.. MEsSRS. MoF ALL&; LAWSON, the Key West manufac turers of the well-known Yacht Club brand of Cigars, ....j J.,bave recently bought of Senor Romero, of Key West, t-:-the enttre stock of his La Espanola ctga.r manufactory. 1 Thts manufactory wtll now be run by the firm m com r1l bmat10n with their other long-established factory. .. THE sales of Blackwell & Co.'s celebrated genume t>urham smoking contmue to be very considerable, akrng mto consideratiOn the general cond1t10n of the obacco trade m the Umted States durmg the past stx nonths. The f .. ct ts snnply that there IB a d.-mand or Blackwell's Durham everywhere throughout the 1and. BY a circular of Mr. E M Crawford, of tbts city, we are made acqua.mted w1th the news that thts firm m future wtll be known as E. M. Crawford & Son, Mr. A M Crawford, the son, havmg been admtted as the partner of hlB father. We earnestly hope that m after years of his hfe young Crawford wtlllook back upon as successful and honorable a career as hlS father. MEssRS. SO RVER, CooK & Co., of Philadelphia, an nounce that they have adlliltted mto the1r firm Mr. C. M. Gager, who has been connected w1th the gentle men for some five or s1x years. Messrs Sorver, Cook & Co are packers and coillii118Ston merchants of West ern and Seed leaf tobaccos, and have been in business for a long term of years. No house can enjoy a. better reputation for integrity and fair dealmg. MR F. A : PRAGUE, formerly the popular tobacco inspector of Cmcmnati, VISited us a few da.yA ago. Mr. Prague is widely known among the trade throughout the land, and meets friends and &.equamtances where 9ver he may go. Ctncinnatt, m the history of its trade, never had a tobacco Inspector who worked more faith fully to promote the mterests of its merchants. Mr. Prague has assoCiated himself recently w1th Mr. Mat3on, under the firm name of Prague & Matson, for the :mrpose of a. tobacco comllilSSlOn and broker age busmesa m Cmcwnat1. One Robert Lowe held for exammation in $250 ba1l by Commissioner Shields a few days smce for lmvmg m h1s pos sesswn s e veral packages of and ctgarcl t e s w htc h wer e not pr o perly stamped. Monthly Statistics. JANUARY 1879. Receipts Sales Stock Feb I. Hhds Hhds lihds New York 1,980 4 300 34,397 RIChmond 858 1,153 6 845 Cmcmnati 407 762 2:722 Lomsv1lle 1,124 1,675 12,734 Paducah 82 142 975 Hopkmsvtlle 139 42 802 Nashville. 97 124 583 New Orleans 53 376 600 If our correspondents m the various markets of the country who are provided w1th postal cards for the transmtsston of these monthly statistics w1ll send them to us promptly on or about the first of each month, we shall be able to make the above table a full and use ful one. From our correspondents at Clarksville and St. Loms we recently recet ved the followmg statements -Clarksville, December, receipts, 140 hhds, sales, 71 do; on hand January 1, 888 do St Lou1s, rece1pts m 1878, 16.230 bhds; deliveries, 14,160 do, stock January 1, 4,993 do. Washlnhrton Correspondence. [Received too late for lusertlon in our last Issue ] W ASHINOTON, February 7 EDITOR TOBACCO LEAF W e have achieved a great m cbangmg the m aJortty report of the Fma.nce Committee from twenty c ents umform on tobacco and thtrty-two cents on 11nutf, as they origt nally mtended, to stxteen cents on tobacco and twem y four cents on snuff, as they dectded to do this p .M Th1s was brought about through the eff01 ts of our Committee, atded by thai noble Roman, Senator Bayard, who with Senators Jones, Wallace, Voorhees and Kernan made the maJority, wbtle Morr1li Dawes All1son and }ferry opposed the same; and 'Morrill: findmg he waR beaten, declared he would not report the btU at all, whereupon Bayard ueclared he would, and for th1s demded act10n of hts, the tr!!-de owes a lasting debt of gratitude. The committee concluded not to change the rate of tax on c1gars. It ts probable that an a.meudment Will prevatl m the Senate makmg tax on snuff at 16 cents Of the work accomphshed by the visitmg members of the trade, only those who participated can form an adequate tdea To gtve deta1ls would sound like flattery, and thoee who staytJd at home, enJoyed thur tires1des, attended to thetr busmess, took their ease, and saved expenses, ought appreCiate the self sacn tieing labors of their more public-spntted competitors. There IS a good prospect of the passage of the bill w1thm a few days, a reliable count mdiCates a strong maJOrity tn Its favor, and the trade may look for the 16 cent rate to become a law of the land, and to remam stable for ten years to come After this rate IS obtained, any man who agam agitates this questiOn will be os tracized, or be regarded as an altered man. The meetmgs of the AssoCiation here have been stnctly prtvate. This was considered necessary to prevent d1sclosmg our plans to those opposed tv us, hence no report has been sent you. For mstance, we learned of one plug firm of Illmots, who, although pledged to a 16 cent tax and March 4, 1879, had m structed tbetr member tq defeat the btll, unless 1t should take effect 60 days after 1ts passage. 'fhts of course was done to enable them to avOid the effect of thetr guarantee cucular, peculiarly phrased that they are liable for loss of tax only on such plug as pur chased after January 1, 1879, and pnor to date of the passage of the btll by Congress, consequently the 60 day clause, 1f added, would enable tbetr customers to sell off such guaranteed goods, and save this honora ble ( ?)firm, but at the same time cause everybody else to hang by the eyelids on the ragged edge of despair. and the poor operatives and fa.nuhes suffer '60 days longer 1 am glad to add, however, that the mce little game has been checked, as well as several other p1eces of underground work. fAX AS SEE US. Official Account of the German Commissioners. We give m the followmg a translation of the offictal report of the German Commtsstoners, who, a few months ago, were dispatched to th1s country by tbe German Government to make an mspectwn of our m ternal revenue system The Commtsswn, whose move ments at the time of their VISit were fully detailed m THill ToBACCo LEAF, was composed of Councilor Schomer, CommissiOner of Fmance, of Betlm, Dr George Mayr, Councilor o( the Bavarmn Mmtstry of the InteriOr, Councilor Pteg, of Frankfort-on-the Main, and Mr. Rwha1 d Ermeler, a Berlm manufac turer. Thetr report IS accompamed by numerous documents and tables, gtvmg a deta1led resume of thmr studies and observatiOns m thiS country, and embraces a vast amount of material mciudmg many pomts whwh can be made available for future legtsl a twn" Accordmg to mstruct1onR received, under. the date of August 7 we embarked m Bremen on Septembe r 8 on board of the steamship Mam, and, after a pleasant voyage, landed on September 20 m Hoboken, where we were met by C onsul General Schumacher. Upon our arrtval m New York we commumcated With the Imperial Mimster m Washington, and thence we pro ceeded on the mght of the 22d. In the meantime we had made an mspectwn of the mternal revenue dlstrwts of New Y01k, under the duectwn of Gen Max Webe r by whom we were recetved m a very courteous manne r Upon our arrtval m Washmgton on the mormng of September 23 we were met a t the depot by the Imper1al Mmister, Herr Von Schloz e r, and f!ubs e quently, durmg the forenoon, mtroduced by h1m to Secretary Sherman, Comnnss10n e r of Internal Revenue Raum, the Supermtendent of the d epa1 tment for the tobacco tax rn the 'l'reasury Department, Israel Ktmball. We also met the Ltbrartan of the Senate "During the succeedmg days we made ourselves, under the gu1dance of Mr Ktmball and bts acquamted w1th the operatiOns of the tobacco tax system at the centre of the Government. Owmg to tile mtense centralizatiOn wh1ch has been adopted for thts p art of the adm1mstratwn, we were enabled to obtam at once a comprehensive v1ew o f all the details of the adllilmstratwn, tn the study ot whwh Mr Ktmball.served us as an effiCient and fmtbful gutde "On the 30th of Septembe r we proceeded to Baltimore to v1s1t a leadmg manufacture r the re, Mr Ax, o( the tirm of Gat! & Ax, who shortly mtended to VISit Europe, and to whom w e had bee n r ecommende d Mr Ktmball went wtth us, who made us acquamted w1th Collector of Internal Revenue Proud and h1s officers Theteupnn we vtstted the factory of Gml & .Ax. After Mr Ktmball had returned to W ashmgton we contmued unttl the 3d of October our studtes and observations of the admtmst1atwn of the Collect o r s D epartment and of the operatwns of the mterna l revenue regulatiOns by repeated vtstts to factone s of vartous kmds, and thus were enabled to ascortam the vtews of manufac turers on tho subJect. W e also mterv1ewed the leadmg representatives of the tobacc o trade m Baltnnore, and under the gutdance of Mr Wilkens, mspected one of the State tobacco warehouses Thus w e vtstted the lare;e tobacco and snuff manufactones of the firms of Gat! & Ax and Marburg Bros the Cigar ette manuf a c tory of Feigner, the tobacco manufactory of Wtlkens & Co the c1gar manufactories of Koehler & Brosecker and others. We also had anmterVIew with Mr. Sauer berg, c1gar manufacturer. On October 4 we VISited, with Mr. Wilckens of Geyer & Wilckens, the farm of a tobacco grower 111 Maryland, Mr. Chas. Clagget, at M arlboro. 'l'here we had an opportunity to observe the process of bar and curmg tobacco, and also to hear the ex planatiOns and views of Mr Clagget and of a number of planters who were v1sttmg his farm. On the evenmg of the samA day we returned to Washmgton, and m the Senate library we endeavored to collect mater1al on the subJect of legts!a.twn The Amencan form of prmtmg the laws rather hmders the study of pro gresstve legtslat10n The Umted States Executive has not the tmttattve for any m consequence. thete are no documents rec,ung the origin and mott ves of the laws enacted. All legrslat1ve act1on anses ID the two houses. The finance laws, whwh m the first place received our attention, have been drafted by the Comllilttee of Ways and Means m the House of Repre sentatives Prmted copies of the bill are distnbuted among the members, but there lB no explanatiOn of the motives nor the reasons asstgned for the measure. These have to be gleaned exclus1vely from the debates of both houses, of which, however, stenographic re ports are eXIst mg. We had not the t1me m lookmg over these reports to go back to the begmning of tile tobacco-tax legislation, and we had to confine our ex 8.ID1nat10n to the laws of 1868, 1872 and 187.5, which are at present in force. "The reasons which led to these various enactments cannot be dtstmctly understood from the record of the proceedmgs, because the tobacco-tax legiSlatiOn m the Umted States has always been connected wrth other questiOns of finance, whteh called for the atten tiOn of lepslattve bodies much more than the tobacco tax. The debates on the subJect of the tohllcCo filled up with other subJects, and where they are THE 'j(QDACCO LEAF. &. CO:lld:P.A.N''Y', Tobaooo:n.t.s"ts, AGENTS FOR ALL MANUFACTURERS 178 a:a.cJ. 176 Oh.a:D1ber &1:ree1:. NEW YORK, January 29, 1879 We bereLy guarantee the Purchasers of any of the followmg Brands bought of us on and afler thts date. ALLEN & New Process Smoking Tobacco,.. .. .. .. .. .. ...... Pnce 75c per lb. .Imperial Cilt Edge l:lmokmg, packed 10 !4 lb r e d bags, 1 lb m a box .. .. $1 40 per lb LORILLARD'S TlnTag c .. vend1sh, oacked m tm boxes to retatl at 5c, boxes. $5 60 per gross Jury Ctgarcttes-the best m the market . .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ... $5 50 per 111 JUry Sm<,king, Long Cut, packed m fOil. .. . .. . 95c per lb any loss that may be mcurred by any reductiOn 10 the present Rate of Tax that may be made by the ptesent Congress, upon satisfactory proof bmng furntshed us that the goods were actually on hand at the ttme when the reduction goes into effect, and were purchased of us after this date ALLEN A. COMPANY. Our "NEW PROCESS" Smoking Tobacco 1s a first class tobacco, fJOm wh1ch, by a new process, all he Nico tme has been ext1 acted Pnce, 75c per lb -pa cked 10 !4 lb. fancy bags, and 2lbs 10 a neat paper box specially devoted to the tobacco tax, they !l.!lSume the character of a general debate. so that nothmg trans ptres regardmg the ortgtn of the variOus provtswns In many mstances the detatls have never been subject to a public debate. Not,nthstandmg, the record of these parliamentary proceedmgs are of the greatesb m terest, and we have therefore obtamed by purchase copies of the proceedmgs of 1868 and 1872, also those of 1878, wh1cb were placed at our dtspvsa.l m the Senate Ltbrary, and wh1ch are of great mterest as showing tbe ortpn of the changes whiCh have been sought to be effected of late, though without success RO far "On the 15th of 0<'tober we proceeded to Richmqnd to studythe manufacture of chewmg tobacco, whwh ts carr1ed on there on a large scale, and to mqmre mto the tax regulatiOns to wbicb this remarkable mdustry is also to mqmre mto the culbva.twn and trade m leaf tobacco, wbtcb are earned on there to a. very large extent. The Coneul of the German Em ptre, Herr Boehmer, to whom we had been recommen ded by the M1mster, was aosent on a busmess toUI' We had not previously mformed h1m of our contem plated visit Hts partner m busmess, Herr Osterloh, the Austnan Com;ul, r'3Cetved us on behalf of Mr Boehmer. and with great courtesy undertook to pro v1de us w1th the1eqmred mtroductions. and as partner of an extensive tobacco Pxport busmess, gave us valu able mforma.t10n, which was also accorded to us by the firm of Noltmg & Co. In RIChmond we made the acquaintance of a number of tobacco growers, of whom we mentiOn Messrs. Thomas, Scott, Col Green and John Booker We made an ;nspectwn of the mgar and <'lgarette manufactory of Allen & Co t.and of out busmess NEw 0RLEA1'<6, LA -Graug nard & Schneider, Tobacco Manu factm ers, Alext>nder Scbnmder dcceNsed Nttw YoRK -M lllayer & Co, Cgsr Manufacturers. dtssolved Henry Ste ckler ,punt mues G UtnBmann, Dealer 111 Seed Leaf and Havana tobacco, re move d f1om to 228 Pearl Street Howard, Sanger & Co Tobacco Buggmg, removed to 356 Broadway Schoulank & Stua1t, Ctgar Manufacturers. dissolved, H H Stuart, J r suc ceeds PEomA, ILL -G W Schoen hut, Tobacco, etc advertismg to clo e out busme s s Charles Wmcup, T u b >:es had been prope!ly stamped but the law had bee n evaded m the use of the boxes A number o f dts contentt!d CJgarmakeJs met agam m Avenue A on Tu e sday m g ht and dtscus s e d vanous plans to prevent a reducuon of wages, and means to aboltsh what 1 s called the tenement bouse system of manufactunng c t gars Witlwut takmg !inul act t o n on the su b Ject, the meetmg ad Jam ned w Jth th e understandmg that th e1e I S soon to be another meetmg The mumatwn that the G o vernment of Spa m wtll contract Exchange (lrop and Market Comments. for 7,250,000 p o und s of tob a cco. whiCh 1 s t o b e pmchM e d m PENNSYLVANIA. thts country, 11 ts expected, wtll rai s e the pnc e of the lower The Intelltgencer says -There avpears to grades Thts tobacco of \\htch 10 p e r cent I S to be medmm be somethmg of a rev! val m the leaf tobacco trade. leaf and 64 per c ent lugs w11l be furnish e d from V 1 rg1018 and from part s of North Carolina anti K e ntu c ky antlts dehv c rable Although the buyers are rather qu1et, and BftY the y m twen!J s1 x month s beg mnmg at tbe end of next J\lay are not buymg mucb, we are reb ably mformed that The RIChmond tobacco t1 ade, at a recent meetmg, oassed most of them are out prospectmg and pickmg up all resolutwn thankmq the Old Domm10n Steamshtp dompuny that IS offered at reasonable pnces Some of the heavy for tbetr bre a kmg up of the recent tce g o rge 10 tbe James packers have already secured Immense quantitie s Rtvc wh1ch would have mfltcted seriOus damage upon the to the purchas es ot Lederman & Co who pack at Ehza bacco tude Th e actiOn of the Company r e heved the port of beth town, b emg estimated at 1,700 cases, and T eller & R 1 chrnond of the obs tacles whtch we1e oos tructmg navtgat t on. Bro of th11 c1ty, 1,200 cases. The other packers are and mtgbt have result e d 10 a danl?erous o verflow also welliJupphed, but not so largely as ahove Engli s h economJts and sct e nusts are bus tly engaged m try mg to e x plam the causes of the gre a t and comme r The Columbia Coumnt reports ihat while a good ctal bh g ht that has set tle d upon th e busmess a.ffatt"S of thmr deal of the crop on the Lancaste r ptke and Marietta c o unt1y, aud some of the theon e s adv a n ceo, 1 t must be con p1ke bas been bought up this season, very little fessed, a 1 e rather cunous What rel a ti o n sun sp .' ts can poss 1 been R old on the Columb1a and Ch estnut H1ll p1k e bly h a v e t o comm ercaal d e pressiOn is a con s ideration that must The probable number o f acres yet unsold IS as follows n a turally appear above the f a ncy of th e o rdinary mmd Hmkle, 4, W1slar, 4, Schillot, 4, M1fllm, 15, W r.y, 2, ln L e 1 pz1c (Saxony) a meetmg of the tobacco trade was held Campbell 3 Gray 5 -makmg a total of aeariy 40 acres lately a t the call of the Saxon l'obacco and C1gar 11faoufactu of along mtle of thts turnpike 1 e r s Assocmt10n, to take Into constderatJon Pnnce B1smaiCk's A d t f ur h t B h p l at e s t financml schemd--tbe prop o sed supplrmentary tax on correspon en rom mg on oroug a -stock imported i'n anttCJpatt o n of the expected tax Thts new reports that, notw1tbstandmg the prevailing dullness sob eJ:Ile 1 t 1 s feared will pr ove another d1s tmbmg element growers remam cheerful and hop e ful knowmg that tending t o un e t tl e tr aile The meetm g re s ult e d ill tbe ap ihe demand for fine large tobacco IS JUSt as good now I pomtm e n o f a cpmmJ(te e who are to prepa ra a plall' ol a c twn as at any ttme Every grower knows that the pnce JOmtly to b e und e Jtak e n w1th the Chamber of Commerce or value of tobacco 1 s not deprecmtmg, for the d e m and that City. has neve r been greater, and 1f n e wsp aper reports are ==,:,================""""""""""" to be relied upon, the present crop wtll find a ready BUSINESS NOTICES. demand, and that, t oo at adva n ced figures The market was never b ette r Some of the buye r s c o m plam of the hght color, and contend that 1t will n o t cure dr sweat d ark, but thts 1s all s p eculatwn-expe rtence teaches the reverse Tobacco wtth the amount of gum on tt that the present crop has will sweat dark, wtth but few exceptiOn s, tf prop9rly cased, espemally under the new process o f sweatmg Growers are ex p erlmentmg, and are pre p armg themselves t o r efute these obJe C tiOns by proo fs The Lancaster Ne:w Era reports that tobaccos o f 1 876 and 1877 are now qu1te sca rce. It knows of only thre e lots that number ove r a hundred case s each The Era further remarksA f e w buyers are sttll m the field lookmg after fine goods. and buymg them when found, but they report thmr success anythmg but encoura.g mg Medmm and low grades are plenty enough, but are only taken when to b e had at a hargam. Thes e have also declmed considerably, and a lot that came under our notiCe to-day was sold for two cents per pound less than the same purchaser offered for 1t s1x weeks ago. The reason dealers gtve for behevmg the tobacco sttll on hand must sell at lower rates 1s that tt IS for the most part of mfer10r grade, and therefore fit only for tba commoner kiDds of Cigars, and that It cannot be taken for export, as only the cheaper to baccos are used for sb1ppmg purposes What. then. IS to become of ttl We do not pretend to say what valtdtty there IS in the reasons alleged, and we only relate the facts, so that our farmers may draw their own concluswns There has been much dispositiOn of late on the part of farmers to sell We notiCe larger numbers m town wtth their samples than we have seen for some t.tme. Doubtless the approach of the 1st of April has much to do w1th th1s, but other reasons may also have the1r mfl.uence : NEW ENGLAND. The Vernon, Vt, correspondent of the New England Homestead writes -There bas been a little more stir m tobacco, and nearly ali m town has been sold. We call it clear down to hard pan, and thmk the benefit is to the dealer as well as the grower. The quality of the tobacco was through the town, but the wmd and hail mJured 1t, and of course the dealer would find cause, as all sharp men do, for low pnces. Special Crop Reports to "The Tobacco Leaf." ILLINOIS. Eldorado, January 29, 1879.-B & M. report as fol lows -We have not reported for some t1me, from the fact that we bad nothing to report. We have a small crop of very common tobacco here; from the best in formattOr;J. that we can gather, the quality is worse than It was in 1877, and the quantity not over from 25 to 33 per cent. of the 1877 crop Buyers are offermg fl'Om 1 to lie, as to que.hty. Plantel'S seem to be much discouraged with the weed WANTED -Twent y-five to Ftfty Thousand Cheap Ctgars for Cash. OTTo MEISsNER, 730 Summit St Toledo 0 FOR SALE-SCRAPS AND CUTTINGS Apply to SEIDENBERG & Co 84 to 86 Reade Street, New York. FOR SALE -A fresh supply of l G O ,OOO pounds genu me "DEERTONGUE" flavor for smokmg tobacco manu facturers, m lots to smt purchasers, at lowest figures. MARBURG BRo s 145, 147 & 149 S Charles St Baltimore. 'l'o LET.-A l arge commodious offi ce, heated by stea m, on fir s t floor of premtses, 188 P earl Street, will be rented very low to a desirable t e n ant Apply to C 8 PHILIPS & Co Tobacco Sweatmg Establishment, 1 8 8 Pearl St1.eet, Kew York. 730 City Property For Sale. FOR SALE OR LEASE -The FouR STORY STORES, 241 Pearl and 16 Chff Streets, 28 by 197 feet, frontmg on two streets The savmg m h01stmg makes thts property very desirable for Tobacco Dealers or other heavy goods. Apply to GEORGE G. SAilPSON, 241 Pearl Street. LOOK SHARP FOR "OUR GRANDFATHER'S CLOCK," -01'-FOSTER, HILSON ct. CO., :N'o. BB :N'e"'1!1'17 Y'ork.. This new brand ot Cigars will make its debut durlq this month. CAUTION. We hereby give notice that all Infringe ments. of our P .A.'l'EKTED BB..A.XD, II DOCTOR'S PRESCRIPTION," will be rigorously dealt with accordmg to the Tmde-Mark Laws of the United States. FOSTER, HILSON ct. CO., Reliance Cl:rar FactoryNo. 1, 3d Dltrlet. FEB.15 THE DOMESTIC TOBACCO MARKETS FOR THE WEEK. NEW YORK-There has been very little change Jn the market durmg the past week. In Western leaf there has been a better feebng shown. Messrs. Sawyer, Wallace & Co. report to THE ToBACCO LEAF as foliows.-The last week shows an Improvement m the amount of sales, whwh amount to 1,409 bhds, of whwh 163 to JObbers, 55 to manufacturers, 15 to cutters, and the test for export, mcludmg one lot of 844 hhds common quahty to the Italian buyer. There IS no change to note m prices lst we&, 2d week. 1ld week. 4th week. 5th wee!<. Total January .. 611 793 1,415 1,481 4,300 Feb1 nary. 799 1,409 2,208 Leaf -The condtt10n of affairs 1s about the same as reported m our last 1ssue. Evory one l8 wa1tmg for the tax matter to be settled. Seed Leaf.-Messrs. Cbas. E Fischer & Bro., To bacco Brokers. 134 Water Street, report to THE TOBAOOO LEAF concermng Seed Leaf -Our market for Seed leaf tobacco was qmet the past week, w1th sales of 800 cases. Connectwut recet ved some attentiOn, and 164 cases of the 1877 crop realized from 18 to 25c for wrappers and 11 to 13c for seconds. MassachW!etts sold to the extent of 110 cases of the 1877 crop, for whwh 11 to 13c for assotted and 14 to 16c for wrappers was pa.1d. Ulna-A lot of 26 cases of the 1877 crop wrappers sold at 16c Pennsylvanw m fa1r demand, 500 cases being dis posed of at 8 to 9c for fillers and bmders, 12 to 15c for low to med1um, and 16 to 20c for good to fine assorted lots. Havana-550 bales at 90c to $1.15. The followmg IS a statement of the transactions of the B1emen tobacco market for the week endmg Jan uary 24 -Seed leafOhio Penn Btar.e c ....... c....,., Cases 2,:!112 Wla. Oollll. Total. Oases. ea-. Cuee. 6114 1:! 2,1108 6 131 206 348 Total 2 ,298 131 206 604 12 3,251 Sales 181 206 46 888 Stock on hand Jan 24 558 12 2,868 The stock on band of North Amerwan tvbaccoe io hogsheads amounted to -Bay, 6 hhds. OhiO, .20.2; scrubs, 80", Maryland, 233, V1rgmta, 2,433, Kentucky, 8,4!l7, stems, 2,286 The sales durmg the week: January 24 mcluded 25 Bay, 93 scrubs, 463 M&rylanll, 78 VI'rgima, 242 Kentucky and 35 stems. There were no transactiOns m Havana. Stock on band, 10,370 bales. Manufactured-For thSYLV.U.-u-Cro p 18711-Wrappers tau 1 2 @1 5 Asoorted Iota 10 ag 18 @26 Fillers 9 cw,t Crop 1877-rappers 15 @80 Asoorted lota tine 17 Seconds .11 @15 do !air 13 Fillers 8 @9 do low 10 M..l..eSA.CBUSE'ri'S-Or o p 1876-Fillers 8 @9 Wrappors 10 @15 Omo-Crop 1877:._ Assorted Iota 9 @10 Assorted lots 10 @JJI cw,I877-N&w YoRK-Crop 18711-rappen 12 @18 Asoorted lots 10 Asoorted l ots 9 @12 Crop 1 877 -Assorted lots 8)i@l0 do B rg Flats 12 @16 WISOOJi:BlN-Crop lin7-Asoorted lots EXPORT QUOTATIONS. PE:m>snvANU.-Orop 1876-Fillers 7 Crop 1877.Assorted. common Fillt'rs N"" YoiUt-Crop 1877.A.oaorted Fillers SPANISH LEAP. B..l.vANA ll'n.Las-Common Good Fme -y .uu-Aoaorted lots MANUPACTURBD TOBACCO. PRica m Bol!D-T.U :H OEiml PER Pomm. BalOBTB-9 @ll 75 @ 815 105 tOO 78 If% Navy 411, 5o, 5o, "8s 17 108 and 'Pocket Pleceo 18 @28 !Oo, 128, and .t 17@:111 Navy48. 5o,38and )ilbs 143=& 115 Navy 108 or Pocket pj, !Ia Necrohead iwiBt 3'i 9-mch llght-p........t 28 Gold Bars .. .80 ti and twlet 18 CIGAB8. H&Tan&, per .M t:;o@11i0 J Beed, per .M 16040 Seed and llavana per .M 90 GKA.l'IULA.TED 8lti0KING TOBACCO. Medium I<> good 138@&1 I Good I<> tine 1840110 8N11PP. (Suhjec\ I<> dl.ocount I<> the who!M&le trade.l ldaccaboy 85@-90 I American Geatlem&D -o 118 Sootch and Lwld,y!oot 85@-90 Rappee, FreDell -o 1 00 Common 65@-70 LJ.COBICB PA.STB. TuRKma-"G.C" 28 18 "F. G." 28 "M. F." tO uwallisEx." 28 "V B." t18li Pilar 26 Stella C O.l Ca.. 11 26 ApoUo 18 "IC Co.', 'ill "TWS" 18 Sterry 11:><," 28 "A. 0. S. 18 "La Ro.a" 22 "8" 2:2 ''G'' 18 DOMESTIC RECEIPTS. The domestic receipts at the port of New York for the week were as follows By the Brie Ra;llroad -Allen & Co 50 pkgs, Order 21 hhds By the H u dson R tve r R a;broad.-G Reismann 50 cases, Kerbs TO ::B.A. f ..


F FEB. 15 & Bp1ess 80 do, 80 do By the Natwna! Lme -P Lonllard & Co 79 hhds Ottmger Bros 4 do D J Bon & Co 0 do, Blakemore, Mayo & Co 27 do, !:lawyer, Wallace & Co 18 do, Thos Hoyt & Co 4 do, D Dows ,\o Co 6 do. Order 42 do By eM Railroad -1\[ H Levm 83 cases S Ros em & Sons 155 do, L & E Werthemer 8 do, E & G Fnend & Co 54 do Bunzl & Dorm1tzer 26 do; A S1mons 2 do, H M Hyams 3 do. A. buckle & Co 1 do M Bundy 40 do. A. Cohn 64 do, 1ltale, C B Ph1hps & Co 6 cases, 2 bxs, J Altschul 4 bscco 2 trcs snuff, 17 bbls do, 20 :4 bbls do, DO bxs do 23 kegs do Order 3 bbls do By the Rail>oad of NeUJ JerMy -Chas F Tag & Son 2 cases. By tM North Rwr Boats -Order 31 hhds By tM New York and NeUJ Ha11en Steamboat Lme -C S Pbhps & Co 10 cases, Fox, D1lls & Co 31 do Chas T Seymour 1 do, E Rosenwald & Bro 48 do, M Oppenbe1mer 1 do, L & E Wl'rthetmer 48 do, J W Chapman 6 do, Wm Egget & Co 21 do, Levy & Neu)?;iiBS 25 do, C H Sp1tzner 2Y do, Schroeder & Bon 9 do, Order 1a do By eM NeUJ York and Ha>tjord Steam'>oat Uine -H Wasser man 6 caes. C F Wahhg do, N Lchenbruch & Bro 24 do C S Phllms 3 do, M WestheJm & Co 6Gdo By tM lYeUJ York and Bndgeport Steamboat Lne -N Lachen bruch & Bro 1 case. Bunzl & Dormltzer 1 do, Schroeder & Bon 2 do Julin Pbtladelplua, 13 do By eM Old Dommwn Steam8hip Lme -F S Kmney 8 It bas, R S1ebert 1 do Miller & Co 4 do l FE Owen 7 do 6 do, 1 box PLo111lard & Co 21J Ires 1 box samples, W 0 Sm1th ,'(, Co 10 :4 t cs, 00 34 trcs, 50 J.1J trC9, 112 cases mfd 1 do smkg, Bulkley & 1\!oore mftl, 100 )l4 bxs do, 40 Y. bxs do, 16 cadd1es do E DuBots 100 cases mfd, 125 ll4 bxs do, W 34 uxs do, Wtae & Bendhetm 12 cases smkg 4 caddtes mfd, !! y. caddtes do 2 cases ctgarellcs H Wtrt Mathewd 18 caes smkg, () !>!. caddies mfd, 8 J.1J cadd t es do, 3 ca s es Cigars Thompson l!oore & Co 4 cases smkg, 2U ca ses mfd 8 c a dd1es do 50 }4 bxs do, J D Ke11ly J r 24 PA>ses m fd 40 U. bxs do Dohmt Carroll & Co 49 mfd 142 !4 bxs do, Wm Broadhur s t Jr 13 cases mfd, 3 do smkg, G F Dckman 3 c ,ISes mfd, 6 )l4 bxs do, A. Hen & Co 1 case smkg 2 do cgarettes C E L ee 2 cases mfd, 9 !>i)l>xs do, Allen & Co2 caees smkg, 1 bale 2 cases to bacco bags, M E McDowell & Co 100 cases smkg, J W llfa1 lin 10 do J JDavies & Son :! do, W H C1 ossman & Co 133 cases mfd, 'Wllham & Potter a do, Hemy Welsh 6 uxs do Jos D Evans & Co 20 !4 bxs do, J H Me)er a;.!) bxs do, F H Leggatt & Co 24 J,f-bxs do, Carhart B10s 15 ;.!) bxs do, 1 bbl snuff Pwneer Tobacco Co 1 case tobacco bags Order 112 hhds By eM New York and Baltmwre Tranaportatwn Lme C E Taylor 6 hhds, M P B1eslm 7 cases leuf, Reynes Bros & Co 11 bxs do, E C Hazard & Col case smkg, 1 do ctgurettes, J R Swezey 1 case ci;,'11retLes Coa8twue from Ne!D Orleam -Toel, Rose & Co 8 pkgs HALTIMORE.-Mesrs Ed W1schmcyer & Co To bacco Oommtsston lllerchants, revort to 'l'HB 'l'ouACCO LKAF Recetpts of all d69Crtpt!ons of leaf tobacco contmue very small Bnsmess tn both Maryland and Oh10 rema10s qutet and nomt nal, uf the latter grade we note sales of 20 hhds '!'be Qlalket generally closed qmet, but w1th firmnes9 on the part of holders l.luotatwns nommally unchanged QUOTATIONS. 11aryland-mfenor and fro.ted . ... $ 1 50@ 2 00 sound common . 2 50@ 3 00 good do 3 50@ 5 00 m1ddlmg 6 00@ 7 00 good to line red 8 00@10 00 fancy 10 00@15 00 upper country 4 00@20 00 g10und leaves new 2 00@ 8 00 Ohio-mftmor to good common 3 00 4 50 greenish and brown 4 00@ 6 00 med mm to fine red H 5\l@ 9 00 common to medmm spangled . 6 00@ 8 00 fine spangled to yellow . 10 00 00 Kentucky-common to good lugs .. .. 3 00@ 5 50 Clarksvtlle lugs. 3 50@ 6 00 common leaf . 5 50@ 6 50 medtum leaf. 7 8 00 f&r to good .. .. .. 9 00@12 00 11ne . 12 00@14 00 selectwns 14 00@16 00 Vtrgtnllt.-ilOmmon and govd lugs 3 00@ 5 00 common to medmm leaf 6 0\l@ 8 00 fair to good leaf 8 00@10 00 selectwns 12 00@ 16 00 stems. common to fine 1 50@ 2 00 Inspected tbts week -56 hhds Maryland 14 do Kentucky, and 8 do Vtrgmt,., total, 78 do Cleared same penod -Per bark Callforrua tor Bordeaux 850 hhds Oluo tobacco, per steamer Strassbug for Brem e n, 39 bhds and 44 do Kentucky tobacco also 45 do V trgma stems, 10 hhds Ken 1ueky tobacco to West Indtes TOBACCO STATEMENT January 1. 1879 -Stock on hand 10 State Tobacco Warehouse and on sb1pboard, not cleared Inspected tb1s week Inspected prevwusly thts year 19,802 hhds 3 188 hhds 200 bhds 3,338 hhds Stock tn warehouse tbts day and on shipboard not clcm ed 16 464 hhds Stock same tmw 10 1878 19 411 bhds Manujaetu1 ed Tobacao -Pc ndng th e uncertamty of th e a ctwn of the Senate on the tax questwn, the market IS at a stand s till Rece1pts per Rtchmond steamers, 77 bxs 52 ca ses, 27 pkgs and 10 cadd1es, per Nolfolk do, 9a bxs 1 case and 68 pkgs CHICAGO, lll.-0ur suecml corresoond ent rep ortsNotlung 1mp01tant has transpired m our market smc e my last. Bus10ess contmu a exceedmgly qutet Some agents for tobac co and ctgars state that they bave never seen such dull times In theu life '!'he behef seems to be gatmng ground th a t no change m the revenue tax will take pl a ce as Congr e ss wtll have so much busmes on hand that tbey c a n r a y but httle at tenuon to the tobacco tax A.lllarge sized orders are wa1tmg for the fourth of .llbrch Under these Circumstances puces are not as firm one should expect Conc e sston a nd pTlce reductons are sometimes resorted to The leaf busmess has been hvely, the demand be10g m 1ts proport ion a e 1 e gards dtffcrent kmds The Havana busmess IS good old crop meets w1th unusually great uemand Collectwns are faiT. Ctty trade qutte good CINCINNATI, 0.-Messrs Prague & 1\Iat s ou Leaf To bacco Bokes andRe dryers uf Cuttmg Lcuf and Plug Ftller., report to TnE TOBACCO LEAF as follow s -The sales a t nuctwn so far th1s week amount to 258 hhds agmn. t 258 hbds $ arn e time last week snbd1V1ded as follows 168 hhd9 new and 90 hbds old Total offenngs of new for year to date 6 7 6 hbds of old, 822 hbds, last year to February 16, 1 8 2 3 hhds new and 3,202 hbds old Rece1pts ot new s how s o m e me ca s e agam thts w e ek and 1f not checked bv the chan g e wbtcb ha9 taken place m the weather w e look for g ood breaks dunng b a lance o( the w e ek Thee 1s qUite n mptovem ent m qua lt ty not.ieable, both as regards new aud old, to day and v e stmda y 1 hhd new Owen County tangng up to $14 25 Pnces t n however, show no change frQm tho se cnnent l as t week Sales for the two days were clas s1fied as foll o w s 80 hbd s and 6 bx llfas on County, Ky, Dtstrwt -21 hhds new at 4@ 11 5 bx s new at 5 30@9 05 16 bhds lLnd 3 bxs Brown County 0 -16 hhds old at 1J 40@ 16, 3 bxs new at 6 30@7 20 78 hbd s Owen County Ky, Dtstnc t -76 new at 3@14 25, at 8 40@10 50 60 hhds new Pendleton Co Ky D s tiiCt, at 3 70@10 50 1 box at 8 60 4 hhds new Boon e County, Ky a t 6 35@9 5 hhds n e w West Vtrgmm at 3 il0@14 75 8 bhds south ern K entucky at 4 50@7 70, 2 bxs new at 2 50@2 DO QUOTATIONS (NEW CROP) Outtmg Leaf-Common smokers 2 00@ 3 50 Good smokers 4 00@ 5 00 Common lug 3 00@ 4 00 Stnppmg lugs 5 00@ 6 00 Common d a rk leaf 6 00@ 7 00 Common bnght leaf 7 00@ 9 00 Medmm to good leaf . 9 00@12 50 Jfam;facturmg Leaf-Common to medmm fillers 7 00@ 8 00 Medium to good fillers . . 8 00@ 9 75 Fme 10 00(1412 00 OLD CROP Cutting Leaf-Common trash Common lu g s Medmm lugs Good colm y lugs Common leaf Medmm to good leaf lJigar Leaj 3 50@ 4 50 5 00@ 7 00 700@800 8 50@ 9 50 10 00@12 50 13 00@18 25 Wuconnn Seed Leaf -Smokers 2 50@ 3 50 F1 llers 4 OU@ 6 00 Bmders 6 00@ 8 00 Wrappers medmm 8 00@10 00 Wrappets goed 10 00@15 00 Wrappers tine 16 00 00 OhW &ed-Smokets common 3 00@ 4 50 Ftllers 5 00@ 7 00 Blloders 7 00@ 9 00 Wrappers medium 10 00@12 00 Wrappers good 12 00@15 50 Wrappers fine. 16 00@20 00 The busmcss dono at the auct10n warehouses lat week shows a shght decrease as compared w1th the week prevwus The offermgs at auctwn were 300 hhds, against 399 uo the week precerlmg, 203 hhd8 were new and 187 old, rejecttons, 68 hhds, total offermgs for year to date, 1 248 hbd; last year, 4,097 do The market hRS be<>n act1ve, wtth pnces about the same 88 l88t week, .exceptmg on the better grades of old cutt10g leaf. which have been to acttve demand, especially durmg the early part of the week The demand at !Jresent 1s m exce1111 of the supply for the better sorts of both cuttmg and plug grades, and brokers and buyers geacrally find 1t dtllicnlt to fill orders promptly for the above stock from the present line o:trered on the breaks Rece1pts of new are sllll small: but 1f the present spell of soft, warm weather contmues, we a good showing durmg the commg week, and wtth offermgs and a more generaltm1' "l)vement and vanety, pnces can haraly mamtam thetr present ao,;endeocy; this, however, ts to be decided, tl.Dle bemg one of the factors. '!'he new offered I liSt week was only medmm 10 quahty, the demand bemg mamly for goo!,l colory lugs and bright leaf, the latter rangmf from 8@12c, accordmg to quahty The ctgar leaf market st1l contmues tlrln, sales only moder ate, a small proportton of new lndtana. Stocks hght -017 cases I! ebruary 1 Hece1pts, scarcely anythmg as yet THE ( TOBACCO LEAF The total offer10gs at auctton for tbe week and month JUSt closed, also the exptred portwn of the current year, w1th compartsons were as follows r--KONTB-Hhd8 Bxs Hhds Bxs. H11ds Bxs. Totals, 1879 390 89 393 141 1,243 301 Totals. 1878 738 229 740 414 4,097 Oil7 Totals, 1877 715 177 998 463 3 370 1,218 Totals, 1876 489 4l!9 256 2,994 1,260 Totals 1875 619 209 619 209 1,ti83 578 ClassttlcatJon of sales -1 i2 hhds and 2 bxs Mson County, Ky D1stnct, trash, lugs and leaf --40 hhds new 6 at 2 70@5 10, 15 at 6@7 85, 17 at 8 05@9 90. 2 at 10 00, 132 hhds old a at 4 10@5 5o, 10 at 6 oO @7 40,20 at 8 40@9 85. 87 at 10@14. 75, 12 at 15@LU 50 31 hhetal, and no improvement lD q\lahty IS notweable Tue unlk of the sales ts made np of nondescnpt \md low types In our opm10n we have never llnd a poorer and more thoroughly crop to handle Our market IS actJve mall colnrJ clailses, and even low gu1des lind ready b1dder:., out at low figures Olll manufacturers are laymg m thetr supply slowly, doubtless holdmg back m anltc1patwn of an early end to the tax sUbJect, whtch we may posstbly look for at an early day QUOTATIONS Leaf and Lugs-common dark Leaf-dark medmm to good common bright do good fine bright fillers smokers common do medium to good do fine do fancy *wravpers common brtght do mediUm to good do tine do fancy mahoJ:'antes common do medmm to good do tine extra parcels go as h1gh a The I<'armers' new bnck Warehouse 111esss Red, Jordan & Johnston, propnetors, had Its openmg sale on yesterday, the 12th when the trade generally anttc1pated a large supply of des1rable sort9, but were dtsappo(nted agatn Tbetr sale em braced and W:\8 made up of medmm and low grades. Ttans actwns for January, 1,721,c for best leaf QUOTA'riONS FOR NEW TOBACCOS. Dark Heaey Bodid Cutting 2 @2;!4 4Y.@ 5Y. 2);{@3 5Y. 7 3 Y. 7 @ 8!4 4!4@6 8Y.@ll 6 @7% 11 @14 7!4@9 14 @15% Outs1de figures for chowc crop (new) thts week No tnght plug kmds .!\'lAYFIELD, Ky.-1\Ir W S Mellon reports to TaE ToBAcco LE as follows -Smce my last report nothm,z has transpired m thts tobacco market wortl!y of ment1on There ate a few purchases bemg made 1n the country by country dealers at from a and 1 to 4 and 2, but nothmg dotng as regards o1fe1mg on the breaks, notwtthstand10g, we have had fine 9tnp pmg seasons The plantets seem not t.o care whether they pre pare thetr crops fvr market or not Owing to the low puces offered them, I don t thmk there Will be much put upon the breaks before March or A.pnl, and m regat (! to the prospect. for a crop th1s year, I don't thmk there will be a full crop planted unleos, there should be a change 10 the feelmgs of the planters The market ma;v open more satulfactory than they ant1c1pate, when, of course, 1t wtll cause them to use mOte energy. maybe to put In about an average crop Thee has been but few plant-beds burned as yet, tne weather havmg been very unfavorable for that busmess, there 1s plenty of ttme yet lor that I Will adv1se you when our market opens NASHVILLE, Tenn.-llfr W W Ktrby, Leaf Tobac co Bwker, reports to THB ToBACCO LEAF as follows Our tobacco nu11 ket has not exlub1ted any new features the past week Pnces of all sorts have been well sustamed Re cmpts and sales conttnue small. We have had good weather of late for prepurmg tobacco for market, and tt 18 to be hoped thnt 1eCe1pts wtll soon mcrease, so that those of our buyers wbo are so anxwus to buy Will be able to at1east parttally fill up QUOTATIONS Light Common lugs 2 00@ 2 1>0 Good lugs 2 50@ 3 1>0 Common leaf 3 00@ 4 50 !rledmm leaf 4 00@ 6 00 Notbmg offered above medmm leaf NEW MILFORD, Conn.-Our speetal correspondent repo1ts -The1e IS not much news except the CIOsmg of the and the d1fferent parlles of thetr packmgs Chas I<' Tag & Son have JUSt fimshed a fine packmg of 2a0 cn,ses tbe best m the Valley H. Scbnbat t & Co have closed tbetr warehouse, as also have Bunzl & Dormttzer, Wm Scbover!tnll: and BTJstol & Staub Tbere has been a few lots of old sold bete lately-one lot from S Marvtn, of Marvtru.vJl!e, of 80 cases toE Spm!(arn & Co for 17c, one lot 'from M Walar, of same place, of 19 cases to same );lattes for 14c, and one lot of State Seed from Batly Wheeler, of South Doon, of 27 cases to same film at llc PHILADELPHIA, Pa.-Mr ArthurR. Fougeray, To bacco Manufacturers' A.t!ent reuol18 to THB ToBACCO LEAF '!'hat dealers m manufactured plug tobacco of all grades are now buymg and httle stock as po9s1ble, all a walling anXIously tlte actton of Congress, for as 80on as authorttaltve mfOtmatton 1s olll.clally announced of the rate per pound to must pay, orders from' all quarters wtll fiow mto the countmg room of the patient manufacturers A.t the present ttme SC> II cely any beater can fill hts orders out of stock. there fore owmg to these unfortunate circumstances trade ts stag nant, but stock bemg unusually hght, the approachmg sprmg trade will cause a compulsory demand, wh1ch should be ad vantageous to tbts heretofore unprofitable manufacture Fine (}uta -Dealers buy datly as the hmned demand qutres, regular pnee conceded Smo'cin!J 1'obaC

Ad'Vertisem.en.ta. TELLER BROTHERS, Ptlktra, CtrllilaiM lll'tlllatlt aH Wbaalt luttn 'II \. and Domestic Leaf Tobacco, Jl7 North Third' Street, Philadelphia. w. EISENLOHR & CO., PACKERS AND WHOLESALE DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACC--O, 110 &. "VV'a-te:r .lil-t., Pl:1:ll.aci.e1pl:J.:la.. "N. ElSENl.OHR, PiilL. BONN. L. BAMBERGER & CO., DEALERS IN LEI.A.P TC>::B.A.OCC>, And Manufacturers of all Cradea of Cigars, 111 Arch St., Phlladelphia., Pa.. BREMER'S SONS, Wholesale Dealers iR 'LIAF" AND KANUFACTU!ED TOBACCO, NO. 822 NORTH THIRD STREET, PHILADELPHIA. lirA large of all kinds of LEAF ToBACCO constantly on hand._(IJ v : f:IME'...LL o s v .>,nt v .-r![; \fJ.'-TF>' R0W. T. BLACKWELL & CO.'S lew York, Boston, Chic[ij;o, St. Lonis and Cincinnati. GUMPERT BROS. FINE EIGARS, Tobacco Commtssion T H E T 0 B A C e 0 L E A. P..1 FEB. 15 Baltimuro "WM. A. BOYD & CO., IMPG RTED AND DOHESTIC LEAF TOBACCO, No. 33 South Street. Alae> Haaafaoturero of HERBE DE LA REINE BRIGHT CUT CA VEN'DISH _._.,_ F. H. BISCHOFF'S GERHAN SMOKING aacl other Brand of SMOIUNG TOBACCO. Alae> HER.BE DE LA REINE aDd other Brando of CIGARETTES. "A.:ent In New York: FR. ENGELBACH, No. 56 south R. E. Vocu, G. F. Koou. R E. VOCKE &CO., ,CHAS.H.KLEJIM, CIGARS, s. E. cor. cheapatde"' Lombard s&a. Leaf Tobacco El'o'TR4NCIC ON LOilB.UlD STREET, BA-LTIMORE, MD. 20 Commerce St.. Baltimore. PETERSBURC, VA., ADVERTISEMENTS. WESTERN ADVERTISEMENTS. MISCELLANEOUS ADVRRTISEMENT8 T.R,. SPIENCBE.ROJS. PI.ASPENTCE.OBAN. Tc. SCPEONCE.WOCR. A,. SPSEN. CE, HINSDALE smTH &. SON, (Succeesore to H. SMITH & CO.) PACKERS AND JOBBERS OF Spence Brothers a Co. 56, 58, 60 & 62 Third Sh-eet, Springfield, Mass. CZNCZNN A. TZ. -HoNSDALB Sou-rK, K. H. SonTK. Fix1ze:r &, C. 0. HOLYOKE, r !II OF. s., CO:MKISSION :MERCHANT John. as, AD.d. 5 oon.1: AND ALL OTHER POPULAR STY-S OF FINE NA Y TOBACCO, LC>"C':J:&'V":J:LLE, -y-. BICHABDMALLAY&BBO. G. W. WICKS & C.O., :t4anufacturers' for the Sa.le of LEAF TOBACG 0 Vir[inia, and Kentncty In LEAF a.nd MANliT AOTUXED TOBAOOO, 12 Central Wharf, DEALERS IN AND PACKERS OF B R 0 K B R s, TO.BACCO, SEEDLNEAFLTOBACCO 1l5 & 117 WEST FRONT STREET; 291 West Main Street, J CINCINNATI, : LouisviLLE, Ky. Petersburg, Lancaster Co Pa. SAM'L: s. ,. Steam AND DEALER IN CIGAR-BOX TRIMMINGS, LABELS, PAPER, .A.N':J:> .A.LL :S:::J:N':J:>& o-r 699 to 707 W. Sixth St.. Cincinnati, 0. Wr.JL, .A..I.RON KAH:s-, E. A W&:It.. WEIL,KAHN&CO. B. GEISE & BRO., (SuccetlSOrs to S. LoYE>OTIUL & Co.) c IGAR BOX FACTORY C1gars & Leaf -' 113 Main St., Cinci.nnati, 0.:-NO. 93 CLAY STREET, CINCINNATI, O. C. & R. DORMITZER & CO Dealers & Commisskm Merchants in LEAF TOBACCO, 2 NORTH MAIN ST., Bet. Maln and Second Sts., &"X'. LC>"C':J:&. J:WEC>. Choice Brands of ImPorted" Licorice always on hlllld. 'Liberal Cash Advnnces made oa CoWII8n mentA HOLT. SCHAEFER & CO., LYNCHBURC, VA., LEAFTOBACCo. BElfRY MEYER & CO., COMMISSION MERCHANTS; Aud Wholeaale ht OHIO AND CONNECTICUT LEAF TOBACCO, N. E. Cor. Vine & Front Sts., Orders CINCINNATI, o. w. w. KIRBY, 48 Front St., Cincinnati. 0. JoKK OoKRHELOUN, C. Flw>. STmnuJao. T 0 8 A C C 0 8 R 0 K E R Late of Henry Meyer & Co. l JOHN OBERHELMAN & CO. 112 Broad St. Nashville Tenn. F. A. PRJ.GUE:, J. s. M..\TSON, PRAGUE & MATSON, LEAF TOBACCO BROKERS DEALERS IN t t Fo Refers by permission to Hr. Edw. Jones, Th ird'" -.A.Ko-KEIGN aad DOMESTIC National Bank, Nashville; and, Pettus &:. LEAF LEAF TOBACCO, _eo_.,N_ _wY_or_ k_. ------ON COMMISSION. 94 W. Front St., Cincinnati. 60 West Front Street, DRYHOUSES:-CoviNGTON,KY. ; W.i.LTON,KY, Bet. Walnut and Vine, CINCINNATI, 0, II'. a. Works, Toledo, Ohio. 'CHARLES R.. MESSINGER, MANUFACTURER OF The AlllD IOLE PROPIUETOB.B 011' THE GE:NUXRE J. H PI:HBERTON, Js. G. PENN. PEMBERTON & PENN, Tonacco Commission Morch'nts With n. lm1g jn the business, offer their 9Crvices t.o fill orders for Lent' Ol' Manufactured i obacco. 'V" .A.. A. R. VENABLE, Jr. TOBACCO BROKER1 Far:121 'V" a"! ar Special attention paid to Buyiog, Orderinl!' and Prizln_g Leaf Tobacco suited to Eaglish, Continenta.J. HediterraneanJ Frenah anti African mar .ltets. Retero to Messrs. IDll, Skluker & Watldus Rich mood, V!L, and Mes.srs. S, W. Venable &: Co., Petersburg, Va. H:oiltY TI&TIC, ARNOLD TUITIG. \ H. TIETIG A BROTHER, MANUFACTURERS OF AND DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO,, 216 WEST FIFTH ST., CINCINNATI, 0. B. SUBER.T, WHOLESALE DEALER IN ::a:A. V .A.N A. -4N8-10:7 AR.CH STREET, s:w. VENABLE SZ"C'O. F. X. KELLY, Jr., GOLDIN CROWN" CIGARS, 57 Lake Street and 4 I State Street, Chicago, 111. ALSO AGENTS FOR THE FOLLOWING WELL-KNOWN P LOR!LLARD & co.,_ New Yock; SEIDENBERG & CO., New York; W T. BLACKWELL & CO Durham," C.; J. J. BAGLEY & CO.'S" MAYFLOWER," Detroit, Mich. J W. CARROLL'S "LONE JACK," J.ynchburg, Va. DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCO, 14 North Canal Street, CHICAGO, ILL. SORVER, COOK A CD l'ACUl!.S, CODISSION XBI!.CliAN'l'S, And Wholesale Dealei't in LEAF TOBACCO lOS H. WATBB ST.; PHUA.DELPHIA. HAPPY THOUGHT Tobacco Agency, 106 A.BCH ST., Philadelphia, Pa. GEI>'ERAL AGENT FOR WILSON eft McCALLAY'S PLUC TOBACCOS. Joseph Wallace, A .B. THEOBALD MANUFACTURER OF Spanish and Domestic Leaf T ebacco, (Successor to Cooper & Walter. ) MANUFACTURER OF F .INE CICARS,,' SJOIING TOBACCO AND DEALER IN 666-67!. NvBTH ELEVENTH liT,, pH 1 LADE L pH E A, p A. x w-. eer. 34 .. Pep!ar 110.. Plilladelpll.lao _...;....;;.;..;;,;;=;;..=.;::..;.,.;;.;.;,;;.;;.:_,;...:.;:.:..,.._, AGENT FOR HILLER & PETER8' OINCI1mAT[ CIGAR liOULDS, ln'RAl'8, J:TO. v i H. CLARK & BROTHEB, ., JOHN J. LUDY, TOBACCO BROKERS eo .. -.\ '! 3nnnySide and Little Wanderer ,GILAJLKSVJLLE, or.-,. "---0 z a-.A. B. -HOPKIJI'IIVILLB, Wbc!esale .. d Retail dealer ill All Bruds af ______ NAVY .t SMOKJN8-LTOIACC'O, G. W. GRAVES, m 525 sctrrll 2oth tl'r. PmLA. l'AcxER OF AND DRALER IN .SEED lEAF TOBACCO, P. \V. SMYTHH &: GO., DANBURY, CONN. COMMISSION ']1. H. MILLER, J. L. BRENNBR. MERCHANTS, OHIO SEED LEAF TOBAGGO :BRETHERTON BUILDINGS, 1' North J' .. e ... oa Street, DAYTON, OHIO. W" ORDERS PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO, Ofllce: Cor. .. Halifax Sta., :Petersburgh, w M LADD Factory: 19 District, VIrginia;> Muufacturo aud Offer to tao Trade the BRANDS o( GEM To B A c c 0 w 0 RK S LHAP TOBACCO BllYHII, p L u G c B II WI KG .MAN1111'ACT11BEBS OF ALL KINDS OF CHOICE I ::J:itL 'V"G TOB.A.COOS. (FOR. THE TRADE,) ::ECLIPSE" NAVY, Io, i'o, a., ., &o, Go, 7, 8s, 9o and lOs. 21 N. Matn St., St. Louis. 3e, 4-, &_, 6s, 7'a, 8 sa aud lOa. "ANNO'r LYLE" BRIGHT lfAV '1. 3 ., IS, G, 9a and 101. ''UNION JACIC" MAIIOOANY 7'1, 811, 9 and lOs. "ST. JAMES" DARK. POUNDS Jf 5a, 611. '7a, 81, 9 a:a.d lOa. of FINE TWIST of grade Bright aad Mahopny under the fotiowtn 1 "AD:MZB.ATIOJIT "THOJlMAND"'" "JIB.&B.T 01' GOLD," A "LXVII OAK," "NAaOB," "DB SOTO and OOIITQU'BBOB." The fo1lowin2 are for tho Salt: of ANU li"ACTVR.ED GOODS:-(), W. VAN ALIITI!I'B & CO,.J3 Central Whar!,_Boston, Haso., P. VA VA.NAGH9 41 Wabash Avenue, Ill.; A, HAGEN & CO_,_, 68 N. Front Street, Phllaaeiphla, Pa.; N. H. CHD.IaTIA.N, Galveat.ou. Te.xaa; IODN TIT118, C!nclnDAtf 0.; E. '". RE11LING1 3tH ll'ront St .. &n Francioeo, C'; IliA. YO & Ill.\ THEWS, 00 N. St., St. Louts, M'!J W. H. HOP II', South & Wnter Sis., Bn.ldmore, M.d.; COOPER & CO., Cor. Mwison & Frout St .. M o m phis, TeDD. JAS. A. HENDERSON & DEALERS IN Virginia and North Carolina LEAF TOBACCO,. :J:>a.n. 'V" a. Smokers and Bright LPnf a SpeelaUy. Orders Solicited. Retere,o

FEB. 15 NEW YORK. Tobacco WarehOU--. Ahner & Dehls 190 p...,.l, Allen & Co, 17S and 175 Chambers Appleby & Holme, 183 Water and 85 Pine 1Jaruett S. 16:1 Water Basch & FlseGer. 1M wau.r. Bulkley & Moore, 74: Front. C&rdo;ro A.. H. 6ll Broad. CJ:awterd E. M.. &: Son, 108 Wster. DOhan, carroll & vo. 104 Front. DuBois Eugene. 75 Front. Eggert Wm. ,_ Oo. P""rl. Ei!ileb&cll F 156 8. Waahin&t<>n Squ....., Fneataeuder Wm. & Co. 9 JSowery 11'riend E. & G. & Oo. 129 :M&iden Lane. G&rdlner J lll 84 Front. =rr:h. 6ershel L. oil Bro. 191 PMrl. H&mbUJ'gOr I. II: Oo. 1$1 W-.t..r Pearl Hii'IICb, VlctOriWI & 0o. 177 Water Kerbs&: SJ>ieM 1014-lo;.Al 2d A"f'enue KOOIW! H. l26 Pe,.rl Lechenoruch & Bro. 164 Water. Lederer & Fi.echel, !UB Pearl. Lenn lll H 16ll P..,rl. Le-.y & Newgasa, 169"1\'t.Mr Lo-n & (tans. 111llaideB Lane. Haltland Robert L. & 0.. -18 Bro&d. llartin J. W. ?! Front Huellor Ernst & Oo. 12ll Pearl Neuberger Ill. 17ll Water OttiDger Brothers. 48 Bro&d. Paulltach M. 143 Water l'nca Wm. )1. 1W Malden Lane Relsmann G. 228"Pen.r1. Sawyer, W&Uaee & Oo. 47 Bro&d. Schov,l>rUng Bros. 1'1!1 Water. Schroeder & Bon, 17H Water. Schubert H. & Oo. 1411 Water. Sccvlllo A. H. & Co. 170 Water. Siebert Henry, 68 DroM. tlplngam E. & Oo. 6 Burling SUp. steineoke R. lit Water Stepllens A. T. lOS Water. Stri.lton &: Storm, 178 and 180 Pearl Strohn & RPIU.ensWn, 176 Front, 'Tag, Charles F. & Son. 1S4 Frout. Upmann, Ourl, 178 Pearl. Im.petrten of .Manila cu'-<1 Havana Otgar&. .LluiugtAOteln Brae. & Oo. :1118 aod J70 Bo......,. Licit-In A. & Oo. 34 &nd Bowery LoTe JobD W. 802 .bowerT JlcOoT Oo. 111 8oW"'7 lleadel JiL W. ll Bro. 161-1 Be.....,. Orl allooao. Heppenhelmer & .Ma11J"'!J &&d !4 N. Wllllaa I..obollSteill & Jt11fGe"'""-W...,...., B. ifll Pearl KA-.f....,._. -,1 ,.,.,.,_ Tin l'o4, Tol>OO, .... -...... l'iwM. eroon 1o1m 1. tea Kul""" Tobacco Baggi"g. How&rd, Sanger&: Co. 356 Broadway To()acco .l.abol& New York Label Pt1blishing Co. 94 Bowerv Beppenhelmer & M.aut-er, 2l and 24 N. Wlllla.m OigarBo% and Trimming. Reppenhelmer & Maurer, 2!1 ant 24 N. Wllll&m Wullr Chall. A. 01 Chath&m. Manufacturers of Xinn,ey Brt.' Ciqarettea. Klnn"Y F. S Hl W ... Bro&dw&y of Oigai-eHu. Hai.l ThontM B. 78 &rcla7 Pollak B. f:hatham Importtr o) 1Urln..h Leaf and Ciua.rettu, a!Od .Manufocturer o/ Gt1tid.}e Smolring Tobocco. V.altaur! V 1191 Broadway. Stro,., Oulltr and a ....... ,. Ol{ltW Jloooldo. Lobensteln 4: 181 Maiden Le.ue .Monu/ca<:ltwen of Oigccr .MouJdl. Bol'!ffeldt N. H. MO Eut Nineteenth Manufacturer ef Cigar Mou.kU and Shapers. The :Miller &: :Peters Mfg Co. 176 Wa oor. Depot for Dubrul Co. CinctnnaU Ol{ltW Mould&. Ordenstein H. 008 Broad way In>ptoved Tobacco Scrap MacMM fur Ci(1fJr Manujacture:ra. Borgfeldt N. H. 610 Eut 19th &od 1M Water Tobacco Cutting Madli""'l!. Wulsteln Henry, Jt.4 Centre. Ba,.,.., Germa.u-Amerie&n, M 1Va.U .h>lerngns, Matthemq .Tohn, AA.'l Eru;:t 26th Man1.,jacturers o.f ()ltltLr Box Goo. W. React & Co. liM-2/io Lewis Tobacco Freight B1oker:r. Smith W. 0. & Co. M Exchange Place .Mamifacturer" of Cigar Ribbon.. Wicke Wm. & Co. to 161 Goerck Tobacco Labels and Show Carda. J"eualdson Bros., Five Points. P. 0. Box 2791. Baehnel's Patent anc.l Wrapper Mayer Bros. & Haehnel, 20{1 Pearl ALBANY. N.Y. of Toiraocct Greer's A. Sons. 822 Broadway BALTIMORE, M.t. Tobacco Warehousea. Barker & Waggner, 29 South Ga:r Bovd W .1.. It Oo. 'IS Soutll Gun L. W. 8 SOuth l:fa) Kerclthoff & Oo. 4Y South Charleo Xlemm Cbaa, H. 20 Commerce E. Woucl<, Manager, t6 &ad Harriott, G. H M'. 2l'i German llerfol<11!< Kemper 117 Lombard Schroeder Jos. & CO. 81 Exchange PlACe Wischmeyer Ed. & Oo. 39 South C&hert .Ma"ufact'tfren. J'obrner F. W & Son, 90 South Charleo Gatl & A.x, fl8 Barre llarourg Brothers. 141 to 149 &uth Cbarles Pa.tnt Stem Rollerr. :K:erokhotr G .t Oo., 149 South Charles .e a-oral Oommu.rion Mei'Mattt B. E. Vocke & Oo. s e oor Cheapoide & Lom bai-d P"'"'- f &!. LMf and Jmporew, I Haw--,u; Tol!6eu. Becker Broa fl8 Lom'h&rd Ul>qfl""Pher-'-Sh_.OG,..,. """ jt>r IM ToMooo Trdde. Booa .&.. It Co. l!!IGS'I'ON, x ..... Olrtr Manutat:turera' .d.geat Merritt J. W. 34 Doane x,,,.,,_,.fatllurtr8 of Plug TobaMt lfeTChaate' Tobaece Co, 80 Bror&d Comitritm MtfTCA.aftt. Holyk C. 0. JJ OeaVal Wharf ... .lf""""" """' .Dtm.uti<: IMl/ 2'<>--and Cigaro. :a. ....... rt 4t Leu, 69 Broad. M...,uf<>!tftceo com.,. iNion M..-m-u. J"&lleMteln "''. F. BlJFI'ALO, N.Y. Jl_,.fbao, C&dy S. Bro..,.. Bro. 114 Exchange CHICAGO, IlL .A.g ... t ft>r o;ga .. """ Oh.-unrlg """ s...ow.,. Tobacco. 0. A Peck, M-63 South Water DNertin andBriarPlpe.,Jlaw Joclund ToiJ6cco and Cigar .. Loewentbal, :Kaufman & Oo. 911-96 Lake. m&l Leaf-.Suberi B. 14lf. e&nal I Buller Brotbe!t, ,e aad 411 lllchlgaa l>Hier ;,. Leaf Tobao. 17 WootRandolph xa-facl1n'ft'l' of .li'i .... Out Olletolng -and Doaler1 in Beelc Auguot .t Co. 44 and t6 Dearbora 'WM'-'lo To""""""W. "'"' JL'f'rt' .._,._ Beet, -II: Oo 57 Lake and () St&te CDrCDNATI, O. Dtalen ;,. Spa"''" ana Civsr Leaf Toi>Geo<>. lleYer Hr. ct Co. 46 Fr&nt Oberhelm&a John & Oo. M W. Jfroat W&nkelmtuO Jl'. & Cc. 82 Jl'ront Jl ...... foel .... er of n-out OhetDittg """ Smoking 71>btsceo. Spenee BrOil. & Co. 52 and M East Third LJ/ Tolxu'co .llrohera Dohrmann Y. Vf corn. e. Vine aud !"ront .Maliay 1ft Dr<>. 115 West Fronl lleier R. &:: Co 81 Water Jlanujactut en of tM Leaf Krohn._!eias & Oo. 161 to 165 W Third oor Elm Ttetig H. & l!l'O. :115 W Fitt.b Well, Kahn & Cc. llU M&Jn Manufacttt-rerl I Cigar Moulds and Shaper. Miller & Peters M!g Co. 136 to 140 E. 2d. Shut Metal Cigar Mould.. Dubrul Napcleon & Oo. t41 and 443 Plum Com.mi&riOtt. PragUe & Matson, 94 Wesl Front Manufon Lw.j Tob<=o BroUn. Stricll!l .,. Order. Pearson J R & Co. Pemberton & Penn. Ve116bleP. C. DETROIT, :Mich. J(a,.Kf'ra of ond Smoking Tobtseoo. Barker K. C. & Oo. 74 and 76 Jefferson AT Walker, M.qGraw &. Oo. 31 to 8b Atwater Jtcm .. fbts-. Sulllvan & Burl<. 48 and 60 Oongrees, Eut Foxen, Newman .t: Oo. tl6 Jefferson ATenae DURHAM. N. c llonu/actu,.er of EJm.oking Toboeco. Blaekwell W. T. & Co EVANSVILLE, IDoL OommiNiOR MerclWlftt., Horril! C. J & Oo FARliiiVILLE. Va. '/'cJlJaMo Broker Venn.blll!' A .R. Jr. Jl'anuf. of .. .WA;,g Toboocco. Bl'QwnGeo. HAR.TFORD, CeD.Jt. Paelrr and in. &t!d Lea/ 7bbroM-C(t Genhel L. & Bro., :129 State Lee Gee. HIO St&te Moore, Hay & Oo., 214 St&te Wllloox 8 W. 07& Main HOPKINIJVILLE, K,-. Tobacco ..B'roUr&. Clark K. R & Brother INDIAJJAPOLIS, hd. Dealer in HMr011a Domutio L6aj Tob., and Manufacturer of Fin" Oigar5, P. L. Chambers, 5 M:tutlndale'l!l Block LANCASTER Pa.. Manufacture., of Cinar. Hant8cb & Crouse, 643 Penn and G:!G Court. Dtaler ... 'l'obacco H"&ntseh & Crouse1 M8 Penn and &'36 Court. Skll .. & Frey, ftl and 63 Nol'tb Duko LIVERPOOL. Eng. Bmylhe F. W. & Co. 10 North John LOUISVILLE, Ky. Phtg Tobacco Man.nfnctureJ'I, Ftmo:er J & Bros. 191 nnd 18G Jacob Sttlte or Kentucky Tobacco .Matutfacturing Co Tobacco Commis.ion i\ferchunts. Wicks G. W. &; Co. 2!11 W..t Main T.,bacco B,ol.:ertl, ClL11a.way James F. corner Nint.b and Market Gunthel' Goorxe F. Lewis Rich'd 1'11. 818 West Muln Meier Wm. G. &: Co. 63 Seventh Nash 111. B. Pragoff W F. 394 West )fain LYNCHBURG, Va. Manufacturer of .7'obaccv. Carroll John W. Tobac(;o Oomnliuion. Holt, Schaefer & Co. MEMPHIS, Tenn. Re"id Agent. NASHVILLE, Tenn. Tobacco Broker. w. w. Kirby NEWARK, N. ;s, Campbell, Lane &: Oo. 484 Bo&d NEW ORLEANS, La. Tobacco Factor ond Comm.luio .Mercbon.t.. Gunther, H. H. te2 Common OWENSBORO, Ky. Toeacco Stemmer. Fr&yoer Broo. PADUCAH, K,-. Toboeco Brolki"ff To lmt4 and OigtJrl. Du.uniag, 10 ll 17 Tan Bouten Street Pli:'I'EBS8URG, Va. J(orwfoelllf"ers of P'tug aM 8Mo/rittg afttl .Dtlaler m Leaf Tobacce V oa&ble 8. l'l'. II: Cct JfanufMturerB of S../Jet Na"l/ (.,Mt#l"f. laouoa C. A .teo. OotoomiHi"" Merchant&. Baln & Parrack PETZRSBUR.G, L.aea.terC. Pa. Dirt. in .e .. Seed. LeGf Toi>Geo<>. Jdlller ll Hersh&y PHILAIIELPHI.A. Tobacco B&mhel'!f'lr L. .tOo. 111 Arch Bremer' & Lewis Sons, 32.i: North ThJnl Dohan It Taltl 1111 Areb Eleenlohr Wm. &: Oo. 116 South Waw :McDowell ll. 1 & Oo. 39 North Water Moon> .Hay & Oo. lJI Water S&nk J. Rinaldo II: Oo. :w North Waw Sorver, Cook It Oo. 1m North W&tel' TeUor Brooll-_117 .!fe.-th Third )t[tJuf'r of .JI\ne Oigar aoo Tolxuoo Oigarlta Gumpert B.-. 1841 Cheotnut Jl'anuJaclurer o/St\ul and Smokl114 Tobao. Wallace Ju. M&k> 6'1fNorth EleTenth ..lrq"if""lu,..,.. of Oiguro. Lud'r Jno J. 151111 and 5116 Soutb Twentlelh Thecbtold .&.. H. Third and Poolar T..-Broku, J'OII"ra:r A. B. S8 liorth Jl'ronl :AltJnufculut'NI Df LWriu Jlellor& Rlt*'>nlw>wte, tl8 North Twenty-Boeoad Jlfr'o .A.gmt 1..-.Pt"fl a!Od Smoki"ff T.-. KeUy 1'. :X. Jr. 1011 Areh Wlloloealo :DoaU.r itt garoltu. Kimball W S. & Oo. SAN FRANCISCO, Cal. jot' StraitofJ. Oi.gar Heynema.n H. 206 Front SPRINGFIELD, Maa .. Smith H. & Son, 20 Hampdon ST. LOUIS, Mo. Mo:n.uf of Fine ct Dealers in Tobacco. Dorm!tzer C. & R. & Co. 123 Market BuW { Leaf Tobacco. Ladd W. lll Jiayies J E. 'l7 South Second Tobacco B'wJJer& )(eler AdolphUB ,_ Oo. SYRACUSE, N.Y. Paclur in Seed Le.tlf ad Dealer ;,. Ha""" Tobacco. Jller G. P. ll Oo. 211 North S<n& JCa-n.ufacturer of Cigar Boxu. Loeret .t Bla&det168 and 170 Eut Water TOLEDO,O. Jla,.ufbacool. M_.,..r Cbarlea B. WESTFIELD, x .... .Paelter "VVery, :N'e"VV Y"c::>:rk, MANVI"ACTURERS OF Fine Cigars, Factory: Sa1esroom 1 \VEST 45th 8T, 458 BHOOJ11E i!IT. N"EJ-.gv 'YOB.:E. 1.. OBRIHL, S,.. fC.WLR.!MW.t. / AND SOLE PROPRIETORS OJI' THK \\. ttENDEl & 8Ro_, Mannractnrors of Ci[arsl MAY BROTHERS, A. LICHTENSTEIN & TRANSPARENT GLASS SIGNS. THE Manufach0 llloaparell Llaee.) O>rer Twe Columns, One Y....-....................................... 8200.00 do d Six llontho .. $1118.00 1 do do Three )!oaths M.OO PIBIIT PAGB-One Sttaare, (14 Napareii Lloeo.l Two ColurnBS, o..e Year ..................................... SIOO 00 u tlte Sevent1t., 25 CeDi& LinG. for Namee and Add..-&lone ill "Bwda-Di.-tory ef Advertloers," 9eventh:t'age.OneYear .. ......................................... 1110.00 .ilemlti&nceo f<>r and Suhaerlpt!oao ohouki illo 'made ID......U.biY by Post-Oftlcc Order, ,.. "'he&&bers will pleue lntonn ua .. ......... C:htited States Internal Revenue 'I'ax. 'l'he tax oa All ldndl!l e! Tt>hocoo M ll cents 1f 1b; Sntlfr. 8! ceta 'P 'lrl; Ci", $6 \9 tbound; weighing not over 3 as fl tbolt.!lnnft, per thousand; and Cberoot!t weighin_;; OTer 81bs !It tbolllB&nd, $6 'thouMDd. Th6 duty on Foreign Cigars J:i 'J2 50 9 1b a.nd ad Daiore1n. Ois;:-&rettes Mmo duty os eit;arK. Imported CigArs, Cigarettes &lld Cberoot43 afso 'kee.r the pretscribed In temal Reveou;. taxes, to be paid by stamps at 'be Custom Tho import duty on Leaf Tobooco Is as oents, gold. i! lb Leat Tobaeeq stemmed, lliJ con"' t1 Jbi Manufactured f 1b; Scraps., ftO cet..,. b. Manufac tured Tob&ceo and Scraps-are :1lso subject to the Intel'ftlll JW.,.enue tax rf 24 cents 'Ill lb, and must be "!"'Cked in conformity w!U. Revenue 18:11' liD!! fOo,;llatlor.. Forergn .Dutres on Tobacco. In .AU!trt&, France, Italy. and Spain the tobacco c ommerce Is monopolized bY Governmeot. directif\n of a. Regle. In Germany_ the dutr o n American Leal Tobaccois4 'ltalen W 100 t.s. In Belgium the ;a reckoned o.tter deducting \9 cent. tare. The duty is 13 froDal :a> oentimea ($2.'10 100 kllogrummes(100 An>eri<:anll> Jdlos.) [n Holland the duty is 28 cents. gold, per 100 kilos. (fl80 Amencan 1>1 being equal to 127 kll<>s.) In :RuSSia the duty on Leaf Tobacco is 4 ronbleo 10 kopeks f pud; on Smok:ine Tob&cco 26 roubles co1 pud, and on Cigars 2 rou. f20 cop. ;_Q pud. u pud" is equal to obout 86 Amer:lc.aD Ibs. In Turkey the duty is M cents, gold, per t ounces. ltl England tho duties are on Unmanutactured: stemmffi .:;.,.. stripped and uastemraed ooat.aix)ing lO 1bs or more of moisture in every 100 1bs weight thereot (be$Jdes 5 W oent. and o.n additional charge ot 'I cent. on r& m.oval from bondOO warehol.lSCR ), 8.o. lb; containing lho.n 10 Jbs of moistUI'e in every JOO h weight (exclushe ot the e:rtra c!larges noted aboTe) 8s 6d \'3 lb. On Cavendish Negt'&l\ead (cake or \wist), 4s. Gd. '!II>; all other kinds, 46. IIi! 11>. In Ba.utzen, the well known manufacturint to?Vn in Saxony, the journeymen cigar-makers have joined in an urgent petition to the Getman Parliament against the projected increase of the tobacco tax. They predict from the projected tax a consider able decrease of the conumption of tobacco, and a cGnsequent reduction of the trade, while, notwithstanding tbe higher rate of tax, there will be no equivalent increase of the revenue. They trust that the representatives of the people will reject both schemes, the monopoly and the projected tax. DEFIANCE CIGAR MANUFACTORY, 128 &130 RIVINGTON ST., NEW YORK. D. CC>., O:lllce :-88 WALL STREET. A. BRUSSEL, B. J,lCHTENSTEIJ(. Ec11pse Tobacco ---------------------------0 p GBl!OOIIT. o. P. GREGORY & CO., T A. JUXJB. "liANUFACTURERS OF PLUG, CHEWING. and SMOKING TOBACCO, R.1chmon.d.,. v a. OUR BRANDSSOVEREIGN, RED RIDING HOOD, MINERS' CHOICE, ALPHA. CIGAR MAKING AND WRAPPER MACHINES. JIA.EIIIfEL'S WRAPPER CUTTER.. SOLD and EXHIBITED by the firm of llA YEB BBOS. & HAEHNEI .. 269 Pearl Street, New York, and 86 South Peter St., New Orleans, La.


( THE TOBACCO LEAF. FEB.15 THOMAS HOYT & CO., OF fllfECUT CKEWIMG & 'SMOKING JOHN ANDERSON & CO. MANUFACTURERS OF THE SDLACHun mu 1'DBACCOS 114 l 116 LIBERTY STREET, NEW YORK, U., to direct the attl"'ntion of the Deal e n ln Tobac:c:o throuthout the Hniled .. and the World to tb OF 'HIE CELEBRATED FINE-CUT .. PIIENlX" and DOLLAR" : iRGIN LEAF & NAVY CHEWING .11 Kiod of Aodallot h erK!ndsol SMOKING T JBACfl11 ... W 1lfG & SMOKING, Plug Flour, etc. 'I'he (Jelebrated MANUFACTORY ANI 8AI.H'8ROUM: I] or. Avenue D It Tenth St., flew York. GOODWIN & CO., "RED SEAL MANUFACTUURS OF :Esta b lis hed 1101 cAnoTTE" & .. suNsHINE ... jBJGIJT VIRGINIA MEERSCHAUM SMOKING .1: WI \1, TOBACCOS, eut !rom V!rgiuia Plug. c. Eno%:no%:ET, 207 & 209 WATER STREE14 SOLE MA!'i11I'.ACTGRER, 4 PUlE STRUT, NEW YO:Q.JL NEW YORK. We heg to call tbe attention Qf Tobacco Manufar turen and Dealcn to thia !:iUPl.RlOR ANU PURE uticle. SOle A Reate for the States of NtKtb. Carollo aa.d Vir ginla: Musas. DAVENPORT & MORRIS. Rich mond. Va. LICORICE ROOT-.!.ra ad Alleu>te. 82 BROAD ST., NEW CHARLES F. OSBORIE. JAMES G. OSBORNE,' TOBACCC BROKER, 54 BROAD STREET, NEW YORK. Selec!dand Ordln&I'J M. RADER & SON, ZURICALDAY &ARGUIMBAU, T OBACCO BROKDRS 102 PEARL STREET, XEW YOB.K. ...... l'tilloELY .A.ND FWELY l'OWDIIUD SPANISH LICORICE BOOT, SPANISH LICORICE EXTRACT, DEER TONGUJr., LAUREL LEAVJI:a, TOllfKA BII:Allfl, CASSIA BliD., clLOVES AlllD cnl'liAlllOW, OWAllfGE PEEL, 1 AN:ISEB:D, CARAWAY OIIID, CORIANDER. SEED, LAVEJVDER FLoWWR5, ... No. 50 Beaver Street, NEW YORK. A. SBACK, TOBACCO BROKER, 129 MAIDEN LANE, NEW YORK GUlli ARABIC, GRAIN AND'l'OWDEBJDa,. GUlli liiVRRH, LU)IIJ" .AI\'D POWDEB.IDII, .. LEVY & NEWGASS, OLIVE OIL, Ll1CC. A ()B.EAII lllf OA.IJU, PACKERS OF ;\LL K l!i'DS OF SEI.AIII:B OIL LiDvAJrl Ui DBLI. SEED LEAF T ,OBACCO, Balsam Tolu, in Original Tins, Clucoae, French, in Casks. PRICES CUR.RENT 0!'1 APPLICA'I'IOllf, V. W. 'BRINCKERHOFF. :J::a4POEI. T:ID:E=I.. 4'T CEDAR. S'I'REET N Y. 169 WATER STREET, N" e"""" "York. Co nstantly on band OLD RESWE,\.TED Connecticut and Pennsylvania. Tobacco. Sawing and Planing Mills Cedar a:n.d. SAWING AND PLANING FOR GIGAR-BOX MAIERS. J. BEST in the WORLD. McGraw & Co., Mich. S:>:Lo:J:) by a.11 FXR.ST-CX...A.SB T>E.A.LE:E=I.S. POWDERED LIQUORICE.1 MORRIS JACOBY, FINEST QOALITY. MANUFACTURER OF Baaafacturcd atPoughleepsie, Yew YU'l. FINE CIGARS' GIFFORD, SHERMAN & INNIS. cor. & 120 WILLIAM STRtT, New York. L. F. FRoMER, Agent. I M. E. Mc.DOWELL & CO., 39 N. Water Street, Philadelphia; 9 Warren Street, New York; 84 Broad Street, Boston; 8 Lake Street, Chlcag.,; AGENTS FOR 1 Middle and Western States, Pacific Coast, -New Jersey, New York & New England States. WISE& BENDBEIM TOBACCONISTS. SOLE ACENTS FOR NEW YORK AND VICINITY FOR GOODWIN & CO.'S JU'DG-E'J I Smoking Tobacco and Cigarettes. ALS O A GEl\"TS FOR OTHER LEADING OF SMOKINC, PLUC TOBACCO AND CICARETTES, N'o. Ne-vv 'Y<>-r3::s... T::S:El LATEST! I FRAGRANT VANITY FAIR I .A.. ::N"El""QV' C:I: G:r-A.:::E=l.ETTE. BTR..A.:J:Gir:EI:T "-Rare Old Virginia. :EI:.A.:Lo'V"EIB -Rare Old Perique &D.d Virginia. New Combinations of these FRAGRANT TOBACCOS gotten up in h o nor of the P .A.:::E=l.:I:S .A. "'QV A.:::E=l.D. Each Cigarette bears cut of tho PARIS MEDA L and BRAND Pariian Style. Our Tobacco & Cigarettes AND UNSURPASSED FOR PURITY, DELICACY, AND EXCELLENCE. _/ CJr' Samples of our ASTHMATIC and CATARRH CIGARETTES, each, 25 Cents. by MaU. 1!!1. d:t CC>., PEERLESS TOBACCO WORKS. ROCHESTER., N.Y. METROPOLITAN CIGAR MANUFACTORY. U' SIGMUND J ACOBY GUSTAV JACOBY. "'1:7 N" N" :; S. JACOBY & CO., 7-k 'U" U" --Dll: D4 200 CHATHAM SOUARE and 5 & 1 DOVER STREET, NEW YORK. W. E. UPTEGROVE. Spanish Cedar FOR CIGAR BOXES, -AND-Ci[ar Box Makers' Supplies. Foot lOth & 11th St.. East River. :NEW YORK. PIONBBB TOBACCO COIPID THE MliJ Pa.tented Smoking Tobacco. M'anuractured by ALLEN & DUNNING, No .. 86 & 87V'AXBOUTE:M'ST. P.&.TBRSON1 N. J. JACOB HENKELL M AN UFACTURJU> CIGAR' BOXES SUPERIOR. MAltE AND Prime Ouallty ot CEDAR WOOD, 293, 295 lt Monroe St NEW YORK. HENRY WULSTEIN, ,._.,eooor to Bcrcf'eldt '*-DehJ 14 CENTRE ST., NGW YOBK. P, o. Box 2969. <.:onPitantly on, t the BePit Tmprnved f\h.c h l nf'!! (ot CUT'l'n. G..&o9RAN_])'J ATI1\TG AJITD SJ:EVI.nt G TOBACCO, t..'V ANlJ Uk Sl.l:!..t\\1 A Jarp-e variety of M .. chiftery f,r Ciwar \hnufac such as for Cuthnsc or Granubt-nl{ Havana 01hcr Fllcn1 fnr Stem Rullers Bu chinll chine-" also ArhiDf"S fo r Cru .. h10Jl and l'latteoinil the 'l'ubac o Stem in t h e f, Viga rtfe Mac +'tc. Snle Att>nt in thv U.S. for I<" Fl 1N (Offcnbttrh o n many1 c.-lehntted for 1 acking I nt.a en. CHARLES A. WULFF, Ag't, Lithographer, Printer & Manufacturer of A Large Assortment Constantly on Hand 61 Chatham St., cor. William, N. Y. .A. M. lYON & CO., Manufacturers of the Celebro.t.ed Brand of SHORT HORN, I Also of the Well-Known Brand ot &:n:1oki.D.5 T<, &'w.1l:ta,::11&,." I -OF BROOKLYN, N. Y. BUSINESS OFFICES: Water St., New York, 16 Central Wharf, Boston ; And Manufacturers o f all styles of Brfcht & Black PLUG & TWIST TOBACCOS. factorv: 24 Twentieth St.:, .A.:I.CEI::aii:ON"TJ, 'V .&.. OUr Navies a. for the Eastern StMeB. TINPOIL! 124 16 Wabash Avenue, Chicago; Li!htcst rure 'tin, 12,960 Sq. Inches D. lb. 51 NORTH WATER STREET,.PBILADELPBIA. Factory : No. 1 First District, N. Y. THE CELEBRATED THE CELEBRATED ALSO TOBACCO & OTHER FOILS AT LOWEST MARKET PRICES. WITTEMANN BROTHERS. "FRUIT GAKE," MAHOCANY, All Sizes; "MATCHLESS,' I BRICHT All Sizes; 184 WILLIAM ST .. NEW YORK. JAMES H. THAYER. (Formerly DzroRD & TluYER, Baltimore), ,, pI<> N" E E 'R. Dark, all Sizes. leaf Tobacco Curln, A compari"" ofnu


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