The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (10 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world. Page 5 is missing.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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VOL. XV.---NO. 7. I KEY "WES'I" AND P:ROPB.IETOB.B OF THE CIGAR FACTORY OF NEW YORK. I' 84 & 88 READE STBEET, NEW YORK, Importers of Ha,vana, Toba,cco, ALSO MANUFACTURERS OF THE LA BOSIISPINOLI KAVAN A-CIGARS. 190 .Pear1 S"t ., N"e-vv 'York.., of the Brand HAVANA Tobacco, CIGAR FACTORY AT KEY WEST, FLA. Vigelius,. S'U:R.E 'Y' I e to you.r goods Rehandled by R.TER.S, Esta'blWled 1838. S. UININGTON'S SONS, IHPORTERs OF HAY ANA & MANILA CIGARS, 216 FRONT STREET, NEW .YORK Broad YeJ1ow ............... Eztn .. 6-8 ...... 'm;rU .... .. .. ......... 1 .... $-8 .. 'll;rU ... ... 11.. -8 ft ,U LAO .. ... .. .. &-a .. ..... 1.30 ...... a .... &-a ,.,._ 1.40 Bread Red ................... 1 .... 5-s '127U L'm ............... 2 .1)-8 12F.. 1.80 I ... 3 -8 "'lt;r4a 1.60 EpaaoJa ........ ............ 1 .... 1)-8 'N:r.. Apply to Sole Aq;ent8 1'01: Celebrated. Havana llrando oJ' :..:..:::.: .:::::::.:. :: : Narrow a.ct ... ... ......... } ... f-8 H '1'17.. lAO p l Rr v L c 'b RrrB k l F t .. .............. 2 .... 4-8 'J2;rtla 1.26 714-726 207 and 200 WA.TBR !IT., N, Y. an 0. ugmla, a el a 0.[ oc SJ ans o. " 'll;rtla Narrow Yellow .......... ... 1 .... .-s 'l2,U 1.36 . . . 2 .... 4 '1'1 ,.... 1-20 . . . 3 .. 6-8 72 ;rda 0.96 Box Rib 'bon :Red ............. ...... .. 3-8 'NJ'lh Yellow . ......... 3-8 117da O."lO Londreo ( CJdco) .... 1 .... &-8 a&7t1a 1.20 ( CJdco) .. 2 .... 8 34Fcla 1.10 Londre3 Yellow .. .......... 1 ... 7 :U:rtla 1.80 .. .... 2 1 M ;rc1a 1.35 ............. 3 .... 13" :U;rcla .......... "to .... 1a-18" :UFcla 1.-.. ... .......... "167-8 :u,u "0.96 U L'SIO 1 34 yde 1,00 .. ......... "2913" :U:rol 0.86 :: :: "20w .. J3-18" 8&;rtla 0.90 . . . "IS() ... : .. i.e" k ;rcla 0.66 :a.a ................ t ... 'J-8 K M:ru t.eo .............. l! .... Ht-18" S47oh L20 Broad Red D with :rellow-eqe ... 72 Ftla 1.70 H U t IlL H I h H t 6 12Jfds 1.56 Narrow" II 4:-8 L30 Broad YelL D witlllal-eolce .. 5 '7S.jo6i J L88 :: Da red u o-s_ IdO ,. ,. Ua u retl, white &D.d e 111-ed&es.. 5 'ts;rtla 1.80 Extra Styles of Ribbons Made to Order. RIBBONS CUT & PRINTED ANY SIZE AND STYLE: l\LI:cFall & 1879. A REQUEST. ted t11 us in due time of Removals New 'firms. et'c., so that we mo.y be enab l ed to publish a comple t e list in our issu e of tbe last week in April. we write, it is not positively known that a single firm which has thus far been tardy in responding affirma tively to the appeals that have been made to them will decline to approve the compact that has been made; and> until they do, it is not necessary to doubt them; and, if they do, the Convention wil1still be successful. if those who were members of it cnoose to have it flO. PRICEs oFeCIGARpioiEsDAN.D TsAiPLis oF The Cincinnati Tobacco Jn whatever way the Conven'tiqn maY. result, it tliust. be conceded.. that it was. an and imposing event. Its representitiveit ere 'influential, digpified and able from first to last. 9w well it was serJed by its PDill!ident and Secfetaries is seen in the creditable record they have made for themselves M portrayed in our columns. No one who heard them is likely to soon "forget the eloquept to.Qes and words in protest of General Helme and M r. Marshall when the question of the reconsideration of Mr. Messinger's resolution es tablishing minirtu:ml. prices was under discussion. Theit remark altiaithfully reproduced in our report, but cold type can at best but poorly represent the im passioned lip s ancl tongue. P r aise in full measure is RIBBONS SENT ON APPLICATION. MANUFACTURER OF COIPOUNB Til POlL TOBACCO, MEDIUM AND TISSUE. dorf who were notJ>r esent at the Burne t House on Thurs-& Co ., Milwaukee; G. W. Gail & Ax, Baltimore; 8d a y and Friday. of last week, and of all who were Schriber & Co., Cleveland ; S o nour & Noonan, Caving there i t i s certain that not one--went there with any ton; Spaulding & Merrick, Chicago; H. & C Mother inte n\fign than to do a ll he could to a id in adCl-ranger, Mrs. G B Miller & Co., New justing prices on a yasis which would both yield a York; D H McAlpin & Co., New York; Buchanan fairprofitto th firms, might,de. waukee; A,Qpleby & H e lme, New York; Leggat & cline to approve the resolutions adopted a t Cincin"?ati, Birtler, Lo u is; Cotterill, Fenner & Co ., Dayton, 0 ; and those who h ave signed as the Shields & Son, Albany, N. Y.; S. F. Hess & Co., does ninety-nine pe r' cent; of the entire trade, Rocheiter,' N Y.; c : & G. Gucker, Rochester, N. Y.; remaining true to their pledge, success would be R. D K e llogg, Rochester, N. Y.; Chase, Isherwood & ins ured. Co., Toledo; Cochran Tobacco Works; McConnelsV:ille, There was reason for discouragement; much reason 0.; J. G. Flint, Jr., Milwaukee ; Rose & Neff, Qleve in the continued absence and r e ticence o f reQ!e sentaland; Weissinger &.Bate, Louisv!Jle ; John-A. Sterry, tives whos e presence was d e sired, and who would of Weaver & Sterry, licorice-"importers, ailtt dealers, have"added strength to an already strong organizaNew York. tion. But cool re:ftection must show that invalidatThe Convention having b ee n called to ord!:lf at about ing on Friday, in a moment of natural but extreme 11 A. JII., Mr A. C. Marshall, Secretary of the National discontent, :all the splendid work of Thurs day, was a Tobac co Association, spoke as follows: dear price to pay for-th e privilege qf manifesting the There was a meeting in Washington about a month. disappointment that was felt at the course which the ago, and many influential representatives of tho trade. absent ones had seen fit to purs u e It would have that were there laboring to secure a reduction of the been wiser in our jw.dgm e nt, to have adopted the reso-rate of taxation were unanimously ol the opinion lution em;o'fering a committee to communicate with: that there should be some concertive action on the the parties whose signatures were de ,part of the trade with yo .establishing prices on s ignedly withlield And this opinio n of ours, It would a satisfa ctory basis. It w s de e m e d inexpedient to ssem was shared by the delegates in the evening, inaugurate the at that time and place; but; they inve s t e d the Sec retary with authorit! to upon the passage of the Revenue bill by the Senate, do what it was previously suggested a comnnttee telegrams were sent to many of the prominent manu should do. we left Cinciqnati on Friday evening, facturers of the country, requesting that. they defer after the adjournment, feeling that the laudable object the revision of prices until correspondence was had. for which it had asseml)led was for the present lost; Owing to the d elay in the passage of the bill, our but the subsequent action of its members has restored friends who remaine d in Washington were so fully our confidence in its. final, even speedy, attainment, occupied that this correspondence did not take plao,e a;nd we now regard the Convention as a success. As at that time. About the first of March I concluded to SUTTER BROS., Dealers in. UA.F TOBACCO, Chicago, m 1_ Western Cigar will _!lnd it to their to deal


D .lfHAN, CARROLL & CO., 104 Front Street, New York. -P. 0. :E;Io:z 48EUI.MANUJ' ACT URE R S O F A ND DEALERS I N W SlOIIN& TOBACCO. l 6111 for JAMES B. PACE, Riehmond, JNO. W. CARRDbl'S CELEBRATED BRANDS, LONE JACK, BRC>WN DICK, ETC. ETC. ETC. W. T. BLACKWELl. & CO.'S .DURHAM tobacco. CELEBRATED "LOG CABIN".!!. 1"LOYE AMONG THE ROSES" &DII:O:S:.:E:N'Gr TOEIA.OOO. JY:a:n. urao"tl..:Lred. DA:R.Ilt.A:h, .,...K._&T IIORIIEL DARK. NAVY, PEAC H. BRIGH.T ANDA'LI. P O P U L A R BRANDS OF F A N C Y AND L IGH T P RESSIW. Cl'\EJII!I BEE, TRUJIIP8, WJQ W.I.G, B UGLE IN AN D B AX R E L S. DEPOT JI'OR E T, CO.'S C E LEBRATED "'liUl'll A PUI'WIIS A COD R" Smolrln.a Tobaccos. LUTil FVRl'IJQI D 01'1 ... DEPOT FOR IINOW; B o.t.:BD-JiOLDEIUI luDrul' 1 P&\ll Press ftree EA. EA11'', STRUT, COR. OF BlRCLlY, -ALSo-MAmJ.CTURER OP PINE CIGARS. :m..-ta'b:U..h.od. 1.889. C 'IG R BOXES ANDSSHUW FlfDRES; IIII:POKTER' OF A.ND DEA.LER I N I SIP A:N':E&:B: O:EG-...o!L:R. :R.::EEIEIO:N'&; GERMAN CIGAR MOULDS, PRESSES, STRAPS, CUTTERS, ETC., 179 & 181 Lewis Street, New York. All kind of' Flcoreo Cu& &o Order aad R epaired In &he BeH &yle. The Trade 8-u.ppU>ecL GUIDO REYNES BROTHERS & co., .' A REITZENSTEIN. Kerc .. ints :OlOtiSSION UEP..CHANTS. .. DLuaos ,.,. 48 &. 41 Jlxchaage :IPlac:e, M A RCH 22 IUGKII DU BOIS, GIIDIOI mmn, IJIJIS. F. T .&G a SOli,-hlp 1rten ol SPANISH .. d Dftl.,. Ia all tio ol LEAF TOBACCO, 184 Front Street, _..,., lr'O&Ki E. M. CRAWFORD) & SON, IMPORTERS AND DMLI!!RS 11!1 LE'AF TOBACCO! 1ee 'Water Street, P. 0 BOX 3 4'111. NEW YORK A. T. SUCCESSOR TO ALVA O ATMA N IMPORTER OF HAVANA,. AND DEALER IN DOIE8TIG LEAF TOBACCO 168 WATER STREET, ... -r6r:ar.. P. LOR.:J:LL.A.R.D d3 co. I x:BW VOj&K:s. :'.Seed Leaf Tobacco Insnection. I free fro11 Complication and. technicalities fo imitate Two molda are kept fiU.ed pressure, while the third mold ia either being 1l1lecl or the bunohes rolled up. .. ,10 York.. IKPORTER of HAVANA rOREJGN TOBAcco, YEIA & .BERNHEIM, A NDDEALER'IN.ALLKlND801' 176 TOK IMPORTERS O F L-EAP TO BlC C o, HAVANA TOBACCO 162 Pearl Street; lew Yerk I .NSPEqTt:D OR Oo'U.211:ry J!la:1121pll215 ,.&.1:1:e:n.ded 'to. OertJftCates gtveo tOr every cue, and dell vere4 oue by case, as to number ot, Cert.Jficate. II. NE'UB'URGER, ln:w YOR!t. e IMPORTER O F THE B RAND OF N B._.:_WE ALSO SAMPLE IN MERCHANTS' OWN STORES. F. C. & CO. hF1or de F.G-."" HAVANA LEAF TOBACCO Importer ot SPANISH n.nd Dealer tn CARL UPM:AN_B, LEAF TOBACCO; TOBACCO COliiMI88ION MERCHANT PHILADELPHIA BRANCHES : E. W. DICKERSON. eorner Arob and Water Streets; J ONAS METZ, 64 North Fron t Street. H&RTFOBD, Coon,: -IRA E HULL, 1 M State Street. 1'11JFFIELD. Cona, :-EDW. AUSTIN. L.I.NCA.S T B R Pa, :-HENRY FOREST. I PRINCIPA L OIFFIU BI'I 1-1 4 2 WATER STR.El!.'T,_and 1 8 2 lo 186 PKARL STREET W ..I.BEII01J8JBS : -14!1 WATER, 7 4 '1'6 & '1'8 G>!>EN. COIIJITBY 8AIIIPLINCI PBOliiPTJi.Y ..I.T'I'BII'DED TO, F. CUNNIIISHAM; 508 W. Poplar St. 1& : f .TOBACCO AND GENERAL. COIIIS.SIDN IBICIANT, "' f _) ., 68 Broad N'e"'QV 'Y'ork.. J :d..:..., CBJ.s. a oaTH, .... DII:POIJ!I AXD ACIBKCJ'I' O F THE MANUFACTU R E OF o. J. GARTH.-SON, co.. & w &AIL 1 Commission Merchants \\L EI.A.LT:EDII:O:R.ll!l, !h. 44 JlROAD STREET, I -AT -121 BOWERY, NEW YORK. ---------WISE .t; BENDBEIM, AGENT!!. a. B.EUSENS, ) J ,I : .On'IIGIR & __ KENT'UCKY BUYER OF :U *B.o.&D BTILBI!l', 55 B d St N Y k ...,.,. ""11'"-or:k. roa ew or W:&i A M BucliANAN. tVlD E"LYALt: )BUCHANAN & LYALL! Ofllce, : Wall St., New York.-P. 0. BOX1172. Facto._y:-(llo. 2 FIRST DISTRICT, SOUTH BWOOKLYN. MANUJACT U Rii:R S OF THE F OL L OWING CELEBRATED BRAlfDS OF p;r.UG, CHEWING aad S:IIOKING Appreciating desire manifested .lite by manufacturers. of Cigar s for a durable and cheap mold press, to work three molds, whtcl i could be placed on the table in front of the workman, we take pleasur to announce to all our customer s that-we now have in the above repre s ented press just such an article as is desired, (!HEAP, quic k simpleto operate, not liable to_ get out of order IT WILL P:l.lDS ANY Jmm OF IIOLD. It is adjustable by two screws to the thickness of any mold, and therefore no special molds are required to work thia press. It i s operat e d by means of a po w erful lever, which press and de pres ses the molds with ease,the lever is entirely out of the way, making t h e most compact and practical press of the kind in the mark e t. Experi e n ce h as s hown conclusively that three molds is the minimum numb e r with w h i ch a man n work with advantage, in order to have t he bunches sufficiently set to r etain their shapes to roll them up. The m any poin t s of sup e riority of this press over other device, will be at once apparent on examinati o n ; PRICE; $8.00. Take noti e e that we are the sole m anufacturer o f tt h r celebrate TIN LINED C IGAR MOL D so e x t e nsiTely used in thiac:oautry and Europe. Send f o r Price List; NAPOLEoN & Co 4.4:1 atwl 443 Pluttt srHt, 0. B:. ORDENSTEIN, Agent, 306 :Broadway, DW YORE. PIRIIT PRIZE JIIJIIDAL, CARL ...,.EIS nEl'll'l.l. JIIXHIBITIOB, 1if3, MANUFACTUR E R OF M: ::EJ ::EJ R. & 0 El: A "C' :.IE T;OE.ACCOS-.,_ ( L Jll -lbo. WASHUIGTOIIr, l(o, l'IIIIPTliJIIII, Double 'I' lek, brt. dra. -. .... 193 & 19,. J efl'ersoa Ave ... C)()I!IClCJII JIID. "tCKE''li'aaeyB ... Po-do. PJIIIIIIIIIdllJ8, ..,, -'----, ., lllf .u.J[, GOLD B.l.lll PlUDE 011' TH KJIIGIJIKJIT, POC J

MARCH 22 THE '!'-'rBACCO LEAF. lA. H. SCOVII..LE SC SCBRbDBll 4 BON I I SUCCESSORS TO PALMER "" SCOVILLE,) IKPO:B.'I':zl:l.S OF S:P.Al:nSB 178 WATEII'9TREET, _YORK,, AND JOBBERS IN A!.L. KINDS OF -AND--SEED LEAF TOBACCO, LEAI1.., TOBACCO, IMPORTERS OF SPANISH 162 Water St., New York. Ko. lJ'O WATBB. BTB.BB'l', KJIW Y .O:a&, .urD PAcKEas TOBAcco BAGGING. CJOKIQlCTICUT SEED LEAF WBAPPER OF OUR OWN PAOKilfG. o oMESTIC LEAF Too, cco DIIT.A.TION 8PA.N18H LINEN, STR.AITON & -STORM, II FANCY SriUPES, MANUFACTURERS OF CIGARS BUEHLER p lqLHAUS, DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO, Q,-BBIKB iijiiiiiiiiiiii CLAY PIPBS "NO. 356 Broadway, New York. 179 & 190 :PEARL STREET, NEW YOU. And all Kinds. of 8M9KER8' ATICLES. 8A8CH a. FISCHER, 93 Chambers and 65 Reade 1Streets, New York JKI'OR'l'Ell.S OF HAVANA :N'OT::J:CE. II!Jo1 r.or .. AND PACI:ERS oF wE HEREBY cAuTION ALL PARTIES INFRINGING UPON oR K1mmel & Schmldgruber's Patent Tobacco colonng. m LVIJ TOBACCO, IMITATINC OUR BRANDS, LABELS AND TRADEMARKS, Warranted not to Injure the Fiiwor,.Qualityor Burning. Dll that we will spare oo pains in prosecuting such parties in protecting the -_._ 155 WateJ.W st., rights to us by Act of Congress dated August 14, 1876. -WearJW4enL&te, NEW YORK. STRAITON & STORM. BONDY & LEDERER This Space is Reserved lJIANTJI!ACJTTJBERS o'! .... _... A.. ...... FOR FINE CIGARS, CAPITAL, 8780,000. Every fllciiJty alrordfld to Dealen and Correopood entlcoDiislentwlthSound Banlrtag J ..,..ART-IN r .. Rl!l.t.D..!: : WY .&.'f.&; TOE A GOO WhoJe .. Je Dea.lera ln COMMISSION C) 79 FRQN,. ST., NEW -t G. FRIE_ND -" co., INTERNAL RHVENUH BOOKS .. lm""rten and ,)ealerolu The Origlnallntemalllevenue Publlohlnc House. -Cope s Tobacco Plant. L B A p TO B A c c 0 C{ JOURG EN A !or SMOKERS. s.L. succ&SSOR TO Esna "' sauTK, 10 Lord Nelson St., LiTerpool, 1 R9 Malden Lane. P .o. Box 3,953. M LIBERTY ST., N. T. PruC'B.A.OOC>., 96, 98, 100, 102, 104, lOS, 108 & 110 Anormi St., New 1& RJ:VJ:l!I'GTOJ!I' STREET. YORK. Proprietors of the Celebrated Brands 4'R.EPUJILIC" and "mGH AJifD DRY.n .Aioo, BLUE' JAY1 KING BIRD; MARS; BELLONA1 DRUJOIER BOY. LBON.&IlD I'BIBDM.&N, 5UCCESSOR TO WALTER FRIEDMAN Ill FREISE, UIPORTER. Oli' t TOBACCO, 203 Pearl Street, New York. 'WM. EG:GEBT & CO. IMPORTERS OF HAVANA AND PACKEM OF SEED LEAF Tobacco J. :;I PE.A.EI.Z.. &TEI.EJET, N'E-.gv Wx. EGGERT, ] BRANCH:-9lJIA.IN' ST., CI.NCINNA.TI, 0. [Tam. WoLF, Jn. Alex. Fries a BrOs., HlVA N J118iii or. F fAV' O R 16 College Place; New York, 48 & 'ao EAST SECOND ST., CINCINNATI, OHIO &zn.a.ue.;,..: ::aott1e, &e:u.t o. <:>. D. /' A ABA]Ci" EXTRACT OF HAVANA TOBACCO, l,MPORTED FROM IIA V .ANA. Imp....tma a Lasting HAVAN' A FLAVOR TO THE F I LLERS O F C IGARS. J .A.:IIWI::ID.tEill No,ll)2 CHAMBERS ST .. NEW YORK, Sole Acent for the UJll.ted States and Canad ..... Sample Bottles (suffi c i e n t for 1 0 000 C igars), $2. Sent 0. 0 D La.rger1quantities at a liberal dL"Count. Tobacco Freight Brokers AND RECEIVING AND FORWAR-DING AGENTS, iP. 0. Box 3152J 53 Exchange Place, NEW YORK. LEVY & NEWGASS, \ SEED LEAF TOBACCO, Cigar Eozes 169 WATER STREET, l68 &. 170 Water St. PACKERS OF ALL KINDS OF N'o"'V' Y'ork.. 1 SYRACUSE, N. Y. Con stantly on hand OD BESWEAT.ED C o nnecti cttt and Penns) J, a nla. Tobacco DEALERS IN ALL OF THELATEBTSTYLESO F C I GARBOX LAliiELS AND TRIJ\!liiiN GS. SEND FOR CIRCULARS OR APPLY TO lf. H. BORG FELDT lannfactnrcr of Cigar lonlds, 510 East 19th N. Y. ) MANUFACTURERS OF. CIGARS,. 20, 22, 24, H A 28 2d AVE.,-'cor. 1st St., l :N'E"VVT APPLEBY'S CIGAR-MACHINE.. COMP,ANY, ALSO Appleby's Cigpr Bunching 'MaQhine & Short Filler Breaker or Granulator. oCGranu:lator, $3T and $T5; Price of' Hunchlna-l!Iachlne, $40. Our Havana FlaVo ri n g will give to the .tobacco the lull flavor ot Havana, and when smo ked i t haa 'h Sweet n ess and Arom a of a genWue cigar. ., quart Hottle, $2; Half'Gallon, $3; One Gallon, .,, Sent C .O.D. Nocha.rgeforOo.n orBor Factory at SPOTSWOOD, N. ol.; LEONARD L, F. APPLEBY. Sole Prop' r Otllce and Salesroom. at JOHN S SUTPHEN'S, 53 Whitehall Street. N.Y. LOBINSTEIN & GANS, WHOLEII.tlLE DEALERS IN SEED AND HAVANA BOLE AGENTS AND IMl'ORTERS OF THE GENUINE W & M OXG-.A..R. M:<>ULDS., Presses, Straps & Cutte:M; IMPORTERS O F GERMA N & SPANISH CIGAR RIBB ONS; 1a1 :DI.I:ai51"'n., York. I I The abo..,ICJcra vlng 13 a ol our CIG.t.IW!HAPER, which le ery almple ID 11:8 ......-.., bat oo JMirl'tlCtl;y adapted to the work for which B II that wfll reco at once the advantages It OMe88e8 over the older metbOOa for mak Flue ars. Jl'tner and better :wort_, oro duced w ltb the Shaper t hru l s possl le b'{ band alone. !t lo adapted for the manufaeturer of OubaD CIJflll:S....., far 1esa ll&ble to

' 4 THE TOBACCO LEAF. ,()8Jl, in my offiCial capacity as one of the secretaries of the National Tobacco AssociatiOn, a meeting of the man-ufacturers of fine-cut and plug tobacco at thiS time and plaCe. This call was not made without some hesitancy 88 to the result, but the responses have shown me that I have not mistaken your wishes in this matter. :Many of these responses to my invitation contained requests that the plug-tobacoo manufacturers of the United States be invited to attend the meeting at this trme .As I was not advised of the oHhese gentlemen nor the interests of every branch of the trade, I pre ferred to confer with them upon the subject, and wrote a circular letter to fifteen of the larger manufacturers of the country, announcing to them that thiS call had "been made, responded to. and a. meetmg held, and that 1 had been asked to invite the plug-tobacco men to attend at the same time, and I would be governed by their wishes as indicated in their replies to my letters, and gave them a list of the names of the firms wtth -whom I had corresponded on this subject I received but five responses, I think, to these letters, and the eharacter of them Willi not such as to justify me m making a call for a. meeting of the plug tobacco manu .facturers, however anxious we may be for their co-oper -ation, and however unfortunate may be the number of them who rather reduce the quality of tobacco than -advance p;ices. The responsibility, gentlemen, IS theirs and not ours. I congratulate you on the large attendance, fully nmety per cent. of the manu:fa.cturer!! of the country being repre11611ted here, and I bespeak your candid and pat1ent-your intelligent consideration of the views that will be presented, and I confidently hope that the combined wisdom and cexperienee o ( the gentlemen present will so far im prove the existmg cond1tions that the interests of the producer, manufacturer, jobber and the consumer of tobaccO will be promoted by our action at this Con-vention. I now mpve the formal orga.mzation of the ConventiOn by the electiOn of General G W. Helme, of New York and New Jersey, President of the Na! -tional Tobacco Association, for President of this Con-vention. General Helme bemg promptly elected, on assmmng 'the chair said GENTLEMEN OF TEIE -I thank you for "the honor you have conferred upon me in ca.lling upon me to preside at your deliberations, but let me say my position to-day is somewhat of an anomaly. I am not in the fine-cut mterest, which you are called to consider, and it does not seem to me proper that I ahould be-or should expect to be-ca.lled upon to preaide at your deliberations. Having participated with :many of you in your struggle for the reduction of the tax on tobacco for fine-cut, plug and snuff, I felt an interest in common with you, and have come to :your Convention expecting to listen and profit by your deliber&Uons, but with no expectation of acting as your chairman." And, gentlemen, my .position seems to me the more emba.rrMslpg, IU3 it Willi expected, and is now expected, that Mr. Siedler, from the, who -represents a. large mterest m fine-cut, will be present. As he is absent, 1t IS thought best to go on With our de liberations with whatever conclusiOns we may arrive .at. There Is however, this to be considered-if no 1:1ther good shall come out of this Convention, this good will result from 1t that by associ&tion together and by a comparison of 1deM we shall be bAnefited, It will elevate the trade. It 1s one great fault that we have experienced m the tobacco trade--the want of conferences; we do not mix together M other trades do to consider their several interests and to profit by an interchange of views; and 1f we do nothmg more than that, an interchange of views and a closer acquaintance w1th each other, I think we sha.ll have ac -complished some good. There is great reason, gentlemen, why this Convention should take place. Those of us who have been upon the brakes to-day nave seen the great advance that hM been made m leaf tobacco-an advance of nearly one-half of the reductiOn' of the tax on tobacco. Now, for various reasons-for the reason, perhaps, that there has not been that mterchange of feeling and acquaintance one with a.notiler-there ha.s sprung up m the trade a Jealousy and competition, whwh under the h1gh rate of tax has borne very he&vily upon this particular branch of trade-the finecut interest-and the result has been that with the high pnce of leaf and wtth the low grades of fine-cut tobacco, and the high tax, there has been very little profit to the manufacturers. That Willi the first great stimulus that mduced this ConventiOn; and now, havmg convened, Its necessity becomes apparent, from the fact that as a result of th1s reductiOn the very argument that was presented to the members of Congress as a reason why this should be done 1s bemg exemplified, that is, that w1th a low rate of tax the price ef leaf would advance. It has been, unhappily for us now, to such an extent that it becomes imperative at this moment to convene IU3 we have, and to consider the questiOn of the prwe of fine-cut tobacco, and 1113 a. consequence of smoking and plug tobacco .and of snuff, of which last I am particularly repre sentative. Without detammg you longer, gentlemen, .I now gtve place to the meetmg for a free mterchange -of sentiment upon the subjects alluded to. Doctor Spence then remarked -When a very large majority o f the ent1re trade North, South, East and West were m Washmgton, at their meetmg General Helme was unanimously elected President of thfl National Tobacco AssociatiOn of the Umted States, and his election was confirmed With the understanding that he should remam such until h1s successor was ap pomted, and although not partiCularly mterested in plug-tobacco, he has gone to the expense and trouble of .eoming to this city, and as Prestdent of the Conven tion here will certamly be m his proper place at that table. :Mr. A. C. Marshall being at this moment elected ,Secretary of the Convention, S!l.ld -lowed by Dr Spence, who .said -That motion was offered, and very properly offered, for the purpose of solicitmg the views of the gentlemen present. I thmk that a very full and free disc u ssio n should be made upon It I take It for granted that Willi the obJect of my fnend Mr. Weissinger, and it IS impqss1ble to lead ourselves to b elieve that this IS not a pretty difficult matter. We know where the d1fficultuls are, and we hope that some of them may be solved, and the only way they can b e solved is by knowing what the repre sentatives of the trade 10 parts of the country think about It Now, 10 speakmg of tnts resolution, I would Just say this as a central pomt-as a fulcrum upon which we mght rest in discussing, and commg to whatever conclusiOllS we may have on this question. On account of the co npet1t10n 10 the tobacco trade, the plug tobacco manufacturers have been mvited to partiCipate There IS very httle dtfference really 1n the merits of the case m the different branches of manufacture-smokmg, fine cut or plug. There IS no doubt that m the ent1re tobacco trade competition dur mg the few years past has been as active m our manu facture as that of any other, that IS, that we have fur nished goods jus t as choop as we poss1bly could fulmsh them Without absolute loss ; and perhaps we have in some instances even gone beyond that pomt of safety to where there has been actual los s I suppose that thiS has happened to every gentleman m the trade for the last three years-the last' two particularly that our product has been put at the lowest p0881ble po10t consistent with the cost of 'the mater1al. _Until a few years ago we all know that leaf tobacco was on a descending scale sliding dow1 1 from a tolerably high figure 1t reached an extremely low one, and this de crease was gradual but constant durmg the perwd, you may say, of three yoors, and the pnce of manu factured goods fellm consequence-m direct harmony with the descendmg value of leaf I believe 1t fell more, and that when leaf reached the lowest pomt, which It did last yoor, we were m akmg sma.ller profits from 10vestments than we ever d1d when loof was at a h1gher prtee Now, that being the cMe, if we were manufacturmg IU3 close as it was possible under those circumstances, smce the leaf has taken a turn and gone up steadily now for the last few months without any prospect of thiS movement bemgchecked m the rmme diate future, It seems that unless we are willmg to act, a. losing business and bankruptcy would follow Some change-is necessary. L eaf has ad va.nced fifty per cent., and is still advanc10g Now, what I want you to diS tmctly understand IS this. the nectlSSity of some change in our prices When the price of leaf was down to a mtmmum, we were vending at the lowest possible notch, and now leaf has advanced fifty per cent., and we still manufacture at the lowest prices That IS the position we are 1 n What the remedy is I do not know. All thie ccurred at a. very peculi&r a favo able trme-';when the tax lS going to be 'reduced, and it is difficult to change our prices at all, It is easter probably to change them when a reductiOn IS made m the tax-rate than otherwise. I cannot but believe that good results will fiO'!V from it, but I hope these gentlemen here present Will express themselves freely on this resolutiOn :Mr W. R. Boyd here asked -Would It not be in order to inqmre at thts time what number of manufac turers are present at this meetmg1 I thmk we are actmg prematurely, unless there IS a sufficient ma jority of the trade to carry forward and put in effect the resolutwn that has been offered by our friend :Mr We1ssmger. Mr. Chas. R Messinger sa1d -As I understand the object of this meetmg, It IS for the purpose of umtmg to estabhsh mtmmum prices on low grades of fine-cut smoking and chewmg tobacco In order to brmg the question before the meeting, I will offer this resolution Resolved, That we as manufacturers of fine cut chewing and smoking tobacco agree to sell no grade of smokmg less than 23 cents, and no grade of fine-cut chewmg less than 40 cents to the JObbmg trade, no drawback of any kind to be made to purchMers except the usual discount of two per cent. for cash or suty days' time. ThlS I offer as a substitute The Secretary now read the list of firms represented and of absentees. The President:-The consideration of Mr Weissmger's resolution is now before you. Mr. ButlAr -I would like to see the gentleman's motion voted down. I believe If the vote of this Convention represents Its sentiments, we are here for the purpose of devismg some means for mak10g money. That 1s what I am here for, and I hope the member will Withdraw it. Mr. Whalen -I would propose to pass no resolution of that k10d or any other kind until we have a perma nent orga.mzation-an organization that would exist after we get through here, and one that we could refer all difficulties to m trymg to enforce whatever we have decided on here If we dec1de on a schedule of pnces here before we leave, how are we gomg to keep these prwes i I Will move a.s soon as this motion 1s dis posed of that we form a permanent orgamzation, with pres1dent, secretary and board of directors, and that this board of directors meet regularly for the con SideratiOn of any compla10ts or differences that may be met w1th 10 carrymg out the views of this con ventiOn. Mr WeiSsmger-If I am not understood It IS not my fault, I do not declare that we are not assembled here for the purpose of making money. I simply say that we do not want to make money out of the reduc tion of the tax, we Simply want an advance on manu factured tobacco in orde r to cover the advance on leaf I d1d not say we are not here for the purpose of makmg money. Mr. Noonan moved that a committee (of seven on resolutwns be appomted GENTLEIIEN :-As this is a meeting for the considera tion of the question of prices, it would not be proper that there should be any general repon; through the press made of the proceedmgs and of the meeting other than that part1cularly confined to the tobacco -paper!!. It strikes me, gentlemen, that it is highly proper that m the deliberatiOns of this Convention there should be no press mention other than that of the tobacco journals, and that Wlth such reservations 88 you may here determine to impose before we adjourn. :Mr Weissinger then said -Mr Ch!!-Irman l beg to withdraw the resolution. There seems to be some nus understandmg about It, and after the resolUtiOn IS withdrawn, I beg to ask you, Mr Chairman, what are we assembled here for? We cannot act unless a.11 know what we are going to act for. On a. motion to exclude the reporters, the meeting divided and declared in the negative. Mr. ;s, G. Butler then l!llld -Imove tl:a.t this meeting lie cODiidered oBeof geaeral discussion by plug-tobacco manufacturers as wellM by fine-cut. We are as anx ious to hear from them as from the fine-cut men for the purposes of discussiOn; therefore, l move that they be mVIted to partake m the discussions liberally. On mot10n of Dr. T. R. Spence, Mr. J. G Butler Willi Assistant-Secretary, and on Mr. Noonan's en qwry for mformat10n 1t was moved that the act10n of the New York Tobacco AssOCiation be reported to the Conventio Mr. Edward Burke then read from THE ToBACCO J,EAF the report of the meetmg of tobacco manufacturers at the Astor House on Thursday, :March 6. Mr. Weissmger now sa1d -If it is proper for a plug tobacco manufacturer to offer a resolutiOn, I desrre to -offer this one Mr. B. Letdersdorf 89Jd .-When I walked down the brakes this morning I met a manufacturer, and talked with h1m about the tax on tobacco, and Its effect on the tralle when the law went mto operatiOn, May 1, and in conversatiOn he s&Id to me -''Mr. Leidersdorf, you will see that these men that assemble th1s after noon are afraid of each other. They wont say what they will do, they will Sit and listen, and," as the gentleman did just now, ''want a committee appomted to represent their views" Now, I think we are a committee, and each man can speak for himself. I want to make some money out of It, and I do not see how I can make excuses to my customers about it. I do not see why we should not get right at what we want, and 1f we can agree, let us Sign and be true to v{hat we sign, if we cannot agree let us go home Mr. Whalen' s mot10n bemg put to vote, was lost. Mr. Weissmger read his resolution, and said -My resolutiOn 1s for the purpose of brmgmg this matter before you for m order to get at the matter without any delay Mr Wilson, of New York -The question is whether under that resolutiOn persons have a r1ght to put up fine cut tobacco m p&Ils at 40 cents a pound. X )C &, COD'.I::P .A..:N'"Y', Tobacco.:n.1&'ts, AGENTS FOR ALL M ANUFACTURERS 1'7'8 a:u.d 170 Oh.a:a::Lber &1:ree1:. NEW YORK Jnnuary 29 1879 We hereuy fuarantee the Pmchasers of a ny of the followlDg B1r. nds bought of us on and aft e r tb1s date& CO.' New Process Smokmg Tobacco . Pce 7oc pc1 lb Imperial Cllt Edge :,imokmg, packed m }4 lb J e d bags, 1 lb m a box. $ 1 40 pe lb LORILLARD'S TlnTag Cavend1sh, nacke d 10 tm hox.cs to I e tall at 5c, ?\\ g10ss boxes $J uO per gros s Jury Cigarettes-the best In the m ar ket $5 50 perM Jury Smoking, Long Cut, p a cked m foil 95c per lb Agamst any loss that may be incurred any reduction 10 the present Ra.te of Tax that may li e made by th e p1esent Congress, upon satlsfactory proof bemg fmmshed us that the goods wme actually on hand at th e t1me when the reduction goes mto effect, and w e re pmchased of us after this date ALLEN 4 COMPANY, Our "NEW PROCESS" Smoking Tobacco IS a fitst c lass tobaCfO, f1om which, by a new process, all lhe Nicotine has been extracted Pnce, 75c per lb.-packed m J4 lb fancy bags, and 2 lbs m a neat p aper box have alroody made and sold fine-cut for 40 cents under a tax of 24 cents Whtle we would be glad to see fine cut drop entirely, or see it sell as high as possible, I think that as a great many manufacturers approve the pnce of 40 cents, with the reduction of 8 cents tax, smce they have been sellmg fin e cut at l ess than 40 'cents already, I would propose that 36 cents be inserted It Is thus left to every one to sell above 40 cents, but no one can sell at l ess than 36 cents 1 thmk 36 cents meets the VIews of the many manufacturers that are probably not represented he1e Mr Fnshmuth smd -It seems to me that for some time past our trade has depreCiated Itself, or rather the manufacturers have depreciated it by manufacturmg and selling an mferior grade of tobacco, and we are really suffermg from an overdose of low grades rather than from anythmg else and my Idea was m commg here together that 1t was to advanc'.'l the grade of to bacco, and 1f we are gomg to reduce and fall to 36 cents, it w1ll be an absolute rmposBibility to attempt to elevate our busmess or improve its quality as long as we, as manufacturers of fine-cut, continue to put that class of tobacco on the market, we may cons1der that our busmess is almost If not qmte dead. The whole trade has been demoraliZed by this shrmkmg of finecut tobacco. If we could mduce people to use foil o:qly, there would be some way m whwh manufac turers could mcrease their standard; but by sellmg It out m pails at retail, gtvmg the opporturuty of sell ing fifty different brands of tobacco from the same pail, degrades fine -cut to such an extent that 1ts con sumptiOn IS almost bemg obliterated, and there 1s but one thing for fine-cut manufacturers to do, and that IS to'abandon common trasl;l and attempt to elevate goods to such a standard that people will use' them, and I do not thmk this is posstble if we have a 36-cent Mr. MesBinger -When I -made that resolutiOn for a nunimum figure of 40 on chewmg tobacco, the thought occurred to me that had the tax been reduced to 20 mstead of 16 cents, there IS not a. manUfacturer m the country that would have taken oft' a cent I th10k of the gentlemen are losing s1ght of the fact of this great advance m leaf, and I think the idea m placing the figure at 40 cents lS to make a better and more satisfactory grade, If we have to make any at all, and put better goods on the market than we have been havmg. Some tobacco has been sold at 32, 35 and 36 cents, but this has been at a loss, and I behave 1t would be very poor policy to-day to establish any such pr1ce as 36 cents, and I could not consent to anythmg of that kind I thmk that 40 cents IS low enough, but I give that figure for the pur pose of br ngmg 1t before this assocUI,tion for d IScussu)n .nore than anything else. After a few words from :Mr Whalen urgmg his motwn, :Mr. Ax s&Id:-It makes very: little dtft'erence to us whether 86 or 40 cents be decided u:Pon, but, as I s&Id before, by fixmg the pr1ce at 40 cents we may uot accomplish anything but the dr1vmg of chewing tobacco out of the market. It w11l be made and sold as here tofore, manufacturers will make a low grade, and others w1ll be compelled to w1thdraw from the agree ment. For that reason I would prefer to see 36 cents it.dopted as a. mmimum basts, still, I yield to 40 cents 1f all the rest do, but I thiuk it would be advisable not to fix 40 cents If we fix 40 cents they will go below 40, but 1f we fix 36 they will not The mot10n to make the rate 36 was put and nega tived. Mr. Butler .-I now move 37 cents be the mte and hope 1t will be voted down. Negatived. Mr Messmger's resolutiOn for 40 cents was then carried by a large major1ty. The quest1on of the mmimum rate for smokmg then commg up, It was moved that manufacturers agree to sell no smokmg tobacco for less than 23 cents. Whereupon Mr. Leidersdorf sa1d -You are a.ll aware that many manufacturers make a great many stems up that are sold mstea.d of burnmg them. Could not that resolu tiOn be made to cover the whole ground. Mr. Frishmuth inqmred whether the mtrumum meant 40 cents in barrels or pails. Mr Leidersdorf made a mot10n embodymg his sug gestiOn. Mr. Butler success1vely moved the msertwn of 19 and 20 cents m the resolution on smoking mstead of 23, and hoped they would both be voted down Mr. Watterson suggested 24 cents Mr. Hills, of St Louis -The large amount of stems produced m the country by plug and fine-cut manu facturers should be utilized to some extent for the benefit of poor people-the people who are obliged to smoke a lower grade of tobacco, and to put the pr1ce .at 24 cents 1s to entirely exclude the product from the market, and It would have to go to the fields for manure or have to be burned. That is a great waste of money-an ent1re waste by reason of this 24 cents Now, stem goods are sold to day at 28 ceuts, which IS 4 cents over the tax. It Is a tobacco used to a great extent by laborers and others, and there IS a tremen dous product of the stem from every factory whwh must be ut1lized by somebody, and It w1ll not brmg 24 cents after the 16-cent tax IS applied and conse quently It hM got to be burned or used for manure It cannot be uti11zed for tobacco at a.ll. While we have not made much of this elMs of goods, and do not care to, there are a groot many manufacturers who are not represented here who will not consiier them selves at a.1I bound by the action of tb1s meetmg, and they will JUSt flood the country With these goods, and will actually damage every one here to day in that line of bus10ess. But there is a. hnut to all thmgs, gentlemen, and a limit there is to fixing mmimum prices; and when we make a hm1t to fine-cut goods, it IS reasonable to suppose that fine cut goods are a h1gh pnced lnxury. Now, I am sn:nply m favor of this fine cut guagmg, and I would guage it as high 1113 fifty cents If any one else wanted to, but when It comes to sn1oking tobacco, I can say that 1t lS gomg to a great deal of trouble. There IS a IDmimum 1f 24 cents IS too high and too low. I move, then, that we make it 21 cents. Make 1t stem, leaf or anythmg else--the best expert in world cannot tell what It is made of. THE LEAF TOBACCO TRADE AND THE NEW YORK LEGISLATURE, Ou r Albany Solons, n.s 1 epreseoted by Assemblyman Ackerman lt wlll be seen by the facts which follow, agaJn try1ng to see 1t they cannot drive the t1ade m leaf tobacco a.?tn.y trom New Y ork p611oy actual weght Jtr. F .A. Snro 6t.ler, of tile Iirm of Sbroede.r & Bon, wu Chairman &Dd ...; C lag, of the fum of C F Tag & SOn, Secretary T.b:e it was s.nown by this meetln2' 1R unanimous in conaemnatmn o r the act ptoposed, w hich. 1t was argued, would the effect ot d.uvu: 1 g trade a \\a.y f10m the city and 8l>ll.te of New Yolk The Chairman read the bill that had l>een mtroduced fn the Legla.l&ture, and stated that" about ten or a dozen prevtous attempts had been made to pass a swuta1 1a.w and tlulot once a. uill ol rhlis kind p!:LS8ed both Hpuses and v. as "'etoea by' Governor Hoffman. The bilJ, a.s reported, HI entitled An Act relating to the sale of Jeaf tobacco to be used in the manutacture ot and c tgarettes and was mtroduced m the Assembly by M1 Ackerman, read tw1ce; and referted to the Commll.tee of and Manutacturts, by wJuch 11, .baa been favorably The blll1s now m charge or tne committee o f 'Ule Whole 'I he follow1ng IS the tuJJ text of the bill The People of the I:)GUte of New York, 1ep1esented m Senate and Aa. sembly, do enact as follows Sect10n 1 That aJllea.t toba.G"t.:o to be 1 u the manufacture of m shall be b ought and sold at actual weight a.nd tare ali the timegthe sale lB made, provided th&t at the or sampling the tobacco a hcensed we.tgher shall we1gh the case or package e.nclosmg the to b&eco, and stenCll or otherwise mark on the same the acturu weight togethe1 w1th the date, his name aud addtess ... Sec 2 Fm each &lld evary viola.twn of the ptovisions or thus act the party or pru t1ea, vJOlatm g the same shall m cur a penalty of Sec 3 This act shall take effect imll'lediateJy Mt A H SooviJLe, of the flun of A H r::;coville & Co Introduced a resolution declaring that the trade" 111 oppose the act, 00 the ground tnat n o legislatlon on the subJect IS ueeded or deSJred a.nd pro wstmg any leg1slatio.u whatever in the prermses This resolu tJon was .subjectea to a. leugtJly debat-e, durmg which the VlClSSJtudes of trade 10 all their va.net1es a.ud forms we1" dl:W!USsed Rema.1 ks on the subJect were made by .Messrs Havemeyer fichu bart Dtllil rag Rosen wald, Bon Scoville, Uta.wrord, &..,r Well Ml lz. A South a representative of the C1gar Manufacturers' Assocl&tton, who was ent, was invited to preoout-tht; v tews or his own orga.ruzaqo n which 1t appeared ft-om his temarks, v. as m ,favor of ha.vlllg somt; o.cuoll taken' to elfect a rerorm m the sale of tobacco and to prevent fraud Afte1 discUSSion Mr &ov1lle s resolution wa.s adopted by aunarumous vote, and a comm1ttee '\ a.s appointed t.o p roceed. to Albany a.nd p1 esent to the Legislature the oi the tJ ade, as emool!e here a:t!Ucted, but our o wn State and espe the tobacco trade of New York city. The bill rec ... ntly' mtroduced 1n the New York House ot Assembly by Mr A ckerman, of New Yo1k City, to subJect all tobaccos sold m tbtsSta.tetothemspectwn of persons appomted by the St.a.te Government 18 so entirely unca.lled for and use less that we cannot expla.m the mot1ves for 1ts mtroductlon Jn any other way tbll.U by a.scrtbmg 1t to the bram ot some lobbyist who wants the appointme.nt of State Inspector and deput1es tor hunseir and fnends There lS not the slightest desire for.-o. change from the present metbod of inspectton, e1ther among the receivers sellers or buyers of tobacco On the contrary, the inspectons, as they rue perform tbeLr tunct1ons to the pe1fect sattsfact10n of The bill proposes to saddle Nt.w York w1th those obsolete and otremnve regulatiOns which were long ago abolished. after sevttre struggles in otlier St&tes where they created great unpediments to the tobacco tr&de thelll8pection or tobacco mto au Irresponsible shift: less and corrupt system, one only benefiting those polmcal pa.i-asates who ha,Ppened to be appomted State Inspectors At this stage 1t lS useless to dLSCuss the different proVISions of the bill! for we feel certain that the New York tobacco trade will nse like one man to defeat the niliDg prinmple of 1t All engaged 1n the business know thatthesarnplingof tobacco more t.ha.n a.ny other stapl e necessi tatea the employment of only thoroughly honest and competent men wbo pe1"80nally eQJoymg the fullest confidence of the trade are prepared to their samples, and to pay just reclamation thereon prompt ly m cash, the 'Very l'eQU111!Dlent which State mspectmu would put out of the questiOn altogether If the promoters of the bill had the1r mtellects to dEWJse means of damaging the New York tobacco market they could not have h1t upon a. more elflcaCious method And they could not, at the same trme have done a better turn to the rival ma.rkets mother parts of the countrY than by Its IntroductiOn, (or they would be benefited In theRame degree that New York would be inJUred. We do not blame the legiSlator who filed the bill because we must assume t.hat he v. M not at a.Il awa1 e of the perrucious etr:ect Its operation would have on the New Yor k tobacco market, nor of t h e.o ppos1t1ono1 illfeelJDIt would create" ld.INOR EDITORIALS AND NEWS ITEMS. B PoLLAK' s Puck C1garettes are 10 g r eat demand, and are beeonung mo1 e so from day to day SEE Oun SUPPLEMENT e ntwn is called to the a.dver ttsement s on the Supplement acc o mpanymg till s number of THE LEAF of Messrs Appleby & Helme, & Lvall, B Pollak and Weaver & tlterry PERSONAL -We had t!Je pleasure of 1\ VISit from llir Bosse! mann, of tl..!e well known firm of Bosselmann & Schroeder tol>acco and c1gar com=sswn merchants m Hav a na }'I( Bosselmnnn 1s .m wute for the West to make h1mself acqurun ted WJth the demands o f the trade 10 that remon and will return to Havana v1a New Olleans Mr has been connec ted w1th tho Havana \rade for some twenty one years RETURNED -:IIi:, Storm, of the b o use of Stra1ton & Storm. tl.11s C ity, bas JUSt return e d f w m a lengthy mp t o the Pamfic Coast M1 Storm IS well pleased w1th h1s tom of ob servauon which will enttble ban to car ry mto effect h1s plans m rerratd to the Pac1fic trade H1s obJect-to make himself thoroughly acquamted with the demands of the !Jude m t bat sectwn of the country-has been accomplished We invite the attentiOn of CIGAR MANUFACTURERS to our stock of FINE RE SWEATED PENNSYLVANIA WRAPPERS crop of 1877 These Tobaccos are Re Sweated by a' Natural Process, and without the &Id of any dyes or chenu cals, and are of fine dark co lors, excellent quality and burn, and well adapted for the reqUirements of :Manu facturers of Fine Cigars. 723-735 BARKER & W AGGNER, 29 S Gay Street, Baltimore, Md. THE INSPECTION TicrtET C.ASE -In the case or Lwde vs Bensel, Judge Van Brunt has dismissed the In thiS case the p1atnttft's churned that they had registered a tobacco inspectiOn ttcket, pnnted 1 n redmk, wtth a.shp of white paper att&ched.In the Patent omce, Wash mgton, the defendants claimed the ongmal invention, and that they have used the yellow tobacco mspectmn twket, printed wtth rea ink, SJnce and they have also regiStered th1s ticket m the Patent Ot8ce. He disaussed the complaint on the opeDlllg of the plaintiff' s counsel, Without eVIdence having been taken, on the ground raised by the defendants' coUJlSel that such a. Blip or ticket was not a trade mark, that at common law a trade-mark was on1y used to u1d1cat.e owuenhip or origin, that uo trade-mark could be predica.&.ed of any torm of words or labels which were used to Indicate inspection or qu<ty, and as the plaintiffs clrumed n o ownership in the tobacco mspected, they had no right to tbeexclU8lveuseof the label OBITUARY LEONARD APPLEBY Resolved That we have not assembled for the pur pose of making money out of the reduction of the tobacco tax, but from an imperative necessity to cover advances on leaf by hke advances on manufactured 'tobacco, a.:nd as eonfirmatory of the truth of this reso lution, we refer the trade to the difference between the price of leaf now and three months since. :Mr. Hills -If Mr Messmger would modify his reso lution to take mto cons1dera.tion the rate of fine-cut chewmg and smoking tobacco, so those branches could be brought up distmctly and acted on each one sepa.r ately and distinctly, I think it would be much better. On motwn of the Secretary, fine-cut tobacco wM first COnsidered Mr Messmger -I can hardly agree w1th the gentle man in regard to the question of stems, from the fact that, as he states, 861 many could not be gtven away, hauled away and burned, if the poor men wanted them. Since I have been in Cincinnati a number of manufacturers have told me that they sell a very .A. few months ago we had the pleasure of pubhshmg m these columns the recollectiOns of two gentlemen-one at prescDI Md one formerly connected wtth the tobacco trade-which we are cert&m were read With pleasure both bv those who were contemp8raries of those veterans of the tobacco trade and those who have more lately embarked m the trade. These gentlemen m their remimscences told us who were the leadmg merchanls m the business of dealmg m tobacco in Ils d11ferent forms how tobacco was bought and sold, and very many other interesting facts connected not only With our own trade but with other articles of commerce. In those days was almost umvCl'sally used, the snuff box was carried by every one-from the prmc m his palace to the peasant in his cot The writers of that time make frequent references to snu1f. Laking; how the dandy was as particular about the appearance of his box m which he carried his snuff &a he was about his personal appear&nce. how others were just the opp01nte their being covered W:ith snuff, of the !Vl!Bt cS:e the anc1eDt dames used m buJing the kind in which they most Jlr. Noonan seconded the'resolution, and was folMr Ax B&Id -Quite a number of manufacturers (Continued on Supplement) ______ ....._.,.__..._...., ....... MARCH 22 Snuff was a very important article of manufacture w those days, and, though at present 1t IS not so much used lt IS still so Among the manufacturers were Mrs 'G B Miller, Messrs Charles Oakl e y (one of the geatlemen ecollect10ns we are refernng to), LorJ!lard, L1heotbal Peter Mmland and the subJeCt of th1s nottce Leonard Appleby Esq, who died on Monday evenmg, Mai-ch 17, 1879 aged si years, at Spotswood, N J The manufactures of these firm. were famnus tl.:e land, as they are Still In the case of those houses whtcll are now 10 existence L eonard Appleby WHS b01 n 10 llhddletown 1\Ionmouth Co N J on Octo be 11, 179 7 lie pas""d hts in h1s place As Jt was necessary for the youn" man to fight hi '' ay through the wo1 l d he was taught the of the c&r tet An uuc1e of l11s, a l umber deal e r who also kept a stme \t 01d Bogc, m the arne State needm" the of a cle rk, took th e young man mto h1s emPtoy, and 1\1> he showed such excellent UU>Ines nplltude, afterward llrlmJtted lmn as a part net m tile busmess Mr Appleby remruned at Old for a number of years H e theu established him self m tb1s City liS .1 dea l er m tollacco, his first plac e of huki ness bcmg; m MJ1deu Lane, from this locatwn be remaved to 96 Wall tlu eet, aud trom thence to 133 Water Street This lust stor e Mr Appleby and h'" successors have occupied for 11 pcnod of 27 years, and there IS no busmcss ho11se 10 Ibis mly bctlet J,nowb tllan the old Appleby stand In 182o M Appl eb! establJsLed tile R>ulroad Snuff Mtlls and Fac t o r) at Spotswood, N J at wh1ch place the faetones smce r e m a med Through the care exeicised ;11 the selectlo of the m ateun ls used in the making of hJS snu'tr, Jllr .A.p leb n soen acqu1red a fine reputatiOn as a l.a J Ite m of mterest, M1 Oakley says that attar of t08es was mnch used Ill scentmg the nulf, selling as .l:ugh as $30 er ounce ILnd upon o n e occasiOn the pnce rea ched $40 per M Oakley speaks oi having bought upon speculation $14 o00 worth of tilts essence M1 Appleby 1s a&Id to have been the first t o sweeten fine cut tollacco The tobacco was cui b mean s Qf h01se powe1 and was packed m pper not 1 y f ll d ]'hi In ID o as ts now one, s met tile approval of the tobacco cllcwmg public, and t!Je goods had a ready a1 A years rolled on, fo1 tune fiiVorcd Mr Appleby, an!!, th! cates of busmes s be reurcd 10 1864 Hts transact lollS 1 only lD tobacco but lD leal estate, proved remunerative nou at tile time of h1s death he IS 1eportcd tu have been $2,000,000 He was s uccecdetlm busmess b,y h1s sons one of whom I S WJth h1s m law, Gen 1 Geo W. 'Helme consttu,tmg the Jilm of Appleby & Helme, at the old place,; Water Stteet, and the present propnetors of the m1l!s at Spots wood M1 Appleby was marned to Amanda, a daughter of Jud c Van Wmckl e, h1s w1fe, now s eventy s1x years of age, sugr v1ves him To them were born e1ght children, o! whom seven arc st1ll hvmg T!uougbout ali h1s life, Mr Appleby mamtamed a h1gh reputatton as a busmess man H 1 s memory w1ll be always honored by our trade as a merchant of strict mtegnty and an honorable gentleman His funeral look place on Thur sday mornmg from St. Peters Church Spots wood LORENZ EIERBERT. On last Tuesday mormng, after a brief illness resultmg !rom 8 sudden and severe attack of pneumoJUa Lorenz Herbert died at hJs late reeade:n.ce m Phila.delphia at the adva.nced age of 68 years A German by birth, few c1ttzens have cont11buted more liberally than be did m money and personal a.ssistance to tneasures mtended to promote the public or private welfare of his adopted country He was especuUJy prompt 10 re membering those interests m which his fellow countrymen were part1cu JarJy mterested To his personal efforts are due the erection of the beautiful statue of Hmnboldt wWc;h now adorns Fairmount Park His funeral whtch took place on t be:.!Ctbmst was largely attended by the to bacco trade, German Beneficial Society, Germ&ll S0c1ety of Pellll.By lv&JU& Hannerche1 Mus1cal Soc1ety, Saengerbund German Hospital Corporation' Phllade1phia Ride Club, Masons &IJd Odd Fellows, to each of whJch h18 personaJ attachme nts were strOI18' and his membership highly ted An unusually large meeting of the tobacco trade wu held on tba 19th mst m honor of his memory at the counting rooms of M:es&rB. Vet-r.erlem &:; Co 135 Al'Ch Street. The Comuuttee on Rtw>lut10ns, CODSISLing otT H Vetterlein. G 1Knecbt, John Moore, G W Bremer and E, w. DlckeftiOn. reported the f ollowing ,. -WBBBAB, The Tobacco Trade ot thUJ city ha.,ng learned that an aJI ... wise Providence had suddenly 1 emoved from the midst of WI Mr Lorenz Herbert, and personally .knowing and :teeUog his valua.b l e loss 18 a fnend and contemporary in the trade1 whtl'll has been tested by rmliar mteroourse covermg a period 01 forty-four, feel it a JuR duty to place on reoord thei r acknowledgement and appreciation of a Ufe lived and ended honored and honorable, always ready and willing to a helpmg band whenever real neces81ty was found, therefore, be It ReBOlvecJ, That feelings of true manly sympathy compel us to hill sudden removal, but submtSSlon 1S our duty, coinforti.Dg OU1'8ell'es wUh the hope that our end may be like his Retvlved, That the condolenc.:e of the ent1re tobacco trade be ext.endfld to the family ot the deceased 1.n their sudden bereavement of a true father and htu;ba.lld R tiOlved, That the trade (m a body) &tteDd the funeral and pay their last resr;ect.s due one familiar to us all 10 our every-day walk. Resolved That a copy of these heartfelt testimonials of our true sympathy and sorrows be forwarded to the famlly and published in the to-bAcco trade papers. AaTJruR.fueD, PrelideDt ARTHVK R Foua.KRA"i, Secretary Business New .Firms and Remoyals. AusTIN, TEx -J B Lyell, Ctgars, sold out CHICAGO, ILL -D1essell & Reichardt, Cigars, etc ; d18solved. DENVER, CoL -L J Barton, C1gars, deceased GALVESTON, TEx -.A. Cigar Manufacturer, sold out toM Samuels J.u.urcA, N Y .-James FJCk, closing out business. LoUISVILLE, K Y -G Vaughan & Co., Tobacco Manufacturers d1ssolved MoNTGOMEitY, ALA -Jonas & llloehler Tobacco and Ctgars disso lved, Jonas continues NEw HAVEN, CoNN -H C & Co, Wholesale Tobac c o and C1gars, dissolved -----Reported Failures anli Business .A.ununN, ME -.A. G Larrake, CJ6;l1XS, chattel mortgasre given for $250 on stock ., BostON, !>lAss -Henry St_ubbs Cigars, chattel mortgage g1 ven on piano, etc for $2<>0, aad on stock fur CLEVELAND, 0 --Philip Wenz, Cga.r Manufacturer chattel mortgage l!:Iven for $75. ELYnB, 0 -Massey & Hank, Cigar Manufacturers, sold out failed GEoRGETOWN, D. C -Henry Sehmerz, Tobacco and Cigars, trust deed g1ven for $800 HAMILTON, O"T -F Schwarz, Tobacco and Cigars; eompro m1smg at 20 cents en the dollar MONTREAL CAN:-Ghas Ponpart, Cigars, etc., attached by the silouff PEEKSKILL N Y Wm .A. Turbush'!!, assigned to Geo W1111ams PROVIDENCE, R I -John B 'Bak er, C1gar lliaker chattel mortgage gtven. SACRA.YENio, CAL -B Moose, Cigars and Tobacco compro' UNION SPRINGS, N Y -Geo W. Carr &88Iglled \o H 8 Kellogg WASECA, MINN -G Scheldknecht, Tobacco and C1gars chat tel mortgage given for $182 BUSINESS NOTICES. THREE DEsiRABLE LOFTS TO LET 50x100 feet Good light, rent low Apply to 734-7 S L PETTIT & Co., 70 and 72 Bowery, New York FOR SALE -A fresh supply of 1e0 000 pounds genu me "DF.ERTONGU E flavor for smokm'g tobacco manu facturers, m lots to smt purchasers, at lowest figures. MARBURG BRos 145, 147 & 149 S Charles St Baltrmore. FOR l:'l.A.LE -400,00 0 very good PENNSYLVANIA SEED CIGARS. at from $13 to U4 50, cash, per M, m case lots of 10 M. KELLER & KLINE. 733-6 Wrightsville, Pa. LOOK SHARP l'OR "OUR GRANDFATHER'S CLOCK," -011'--FOSTER, HILSON & CO., N'o. Bel N'e._. "York.. This llfiW brand o f Cigara will make Its debut duriDa dais month WM. P. BURWELL, ATTORNEY-AT-LAW 509 Twelfth St Washington, D. C., will attend to cases commg before the Supre1118 Court the Umted States, ana especial attention 'Wlll be g1ven to the CollectiOn of Claims against the Govern ment, uqder the rulmg of CommiSSloner DouglMs on the act of 3d of March, 1875, a.dditiona.l'tax on the Manufacture of Tobacco and Cigars. to the National Tobacco Association of the U mted States. We hereby give not1ce that a.ll Infrmge ments of our PATENTED BB.fD, DOCTOR'S PRESCRIPTION," Wlll be rigorously dealt with according to the Trade-Mark .Laws of the United States. FOSTER, HILSON & CO., :aeuaaee Clear Padory-l'llo. 1, Dlll'le&.


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Philllldelphia. Ad'vertise:meatll. BROTHERS, ...... .. ....... .................... ... .,...._. ..a Domestic Leaf Tohaooo, 1n7 North Third Street', Philadelphia. W. EISENLOHR P ACKERS AND WHOLESALE D EA LERS IN ,./ 111 B .& F T 0 B A C C 0, 110 &. ""W"V a;ter S't., W. EISENI.OHll, -Plii L BOM'N L. BAMBERGER & CO., D EA LERS I N LE.A.P TOEI.A.CCO, And Manufacturers of all Crades of Cigars, 111 Arch St., Phila.delphta., Pa.. LEWIS BREMER'S SONS, Wholesale Dealers ia 'LEAF" AND KANUFACmtED TOBACCO, RO. 322 NORTH THIRP STREET, PHILADELPHIA. .. :A lai'J!"e assortment -o f all kmps o( LEAF ToBAcco constantly on h a n d .., THE TO.B-ACC.O J:Salttmore Advertiseme.uts. "WM. A. BOYD & CO., JXPOATED AND DOKES'l'IO .LEAF TOBACCO, ll'o. 33 South Stz.eet. WES"l'ERN ADvERTISEIIENTS. 'r. R. SPENCE. J.P. SPENCE. llr. 'r. SPENCE. C. A. SPENCE. AIBROSI! TOBACCO lOllS. Spence Brothers a Co. 56, los, 60 & 62 East Third OJ:N.O:J:N:'N AT:J:. Jc:bn &. Elrc:s., M:ANlJFACTUREBS OF MAROH 22 MISCELLANEOUS ADVERTISEMENTS BmSDALE SMITH&. SON, ( SaccenMI t o H SMITH & CO.) PACXERS AlfD .roBBZR.S o:r. Connecticut Lea.f Tobacco 20 HAMPDEN ST., Springfield, Mass. E H SIIITH. C. O. HOLYOKE, COMMISSION MERCHANT In LEAF and MANUFAO'l'URED TOBAOCO, Kanu!act.'Cil'era' for the Sale of LEAF TOBACGO Vtivrua, .lissouri. and Kentucky J I : B R 0 K B R s, TOBACCO, 115 & 117 WEST FRONT STREET, 291 West Main Street, LOUISVILLE, Ky. N F vaav CINCINNATI, 0. Gao W W1c.cs. .12 Central Wharl, Bosttnt.r Richmond Tobacco Works H.:loh.a:1c:::a.d., 'V a. S. P. MAYO & CO. Ka.uufaeture the tollow!nK_ &det.ered Bn.ncl.l ot SMOKING TOBACCO:-.BeU'X&, :D.!EC>. Cho ice Bro.nd!il o f lmpol'tecl Licortee a lways oo (S ucc esso rs t o S LowENTHAL&: Co.) hand. Lib &al Cash Advau.oea on Conaign-)lmP.t.ifrCREBB & DEALERS'" CIGAR-BOX FACTORY, Cigars& leaf TobaCCO NO 93. CLAY STREET, HOLLJ .. 113 Main St., Cincinnati, C INCI NNATI, o. BERRY MEYER & CO., COMMISSION MERCHANTS, And Wholesale D e a l e r s i OHIO AND CONNECTICUT LEAF TOBACCO, ,f.R Front. St ... Cinci-n.n!'l.ti. 0. F. W. DOHRMANN ., LEAF TOBAGGO BROKER N. E. Cor. Vine & Front Sts., CINCINNATI, 0. Bl[YERS A...>;"D !H.XDLERS LEAF TOBACCO. .. \Y'. W. KIRBY, TOBACCO IJR 0 K E R, 112 Broad St., Nashville, Tenn. Miami Leaf Tobacco Warehouse. 2 /"UED. s:EINKA>IP. aE: vocKEG k xCO., I OHAS.H.KLEJIJf.".WAYNE & RATTERMANN, .JOHNOBERHElMAN&CO. TC>::S.A.OOC> .MANUFACTURER OF CIGARS, 12Zl26 W C o n u n e reeS > R e f ers t o Mr. E d w Third No.tJonal B ank, Nashville; and Pollard, P ettus & CD., N e w Y ork. '" J Ji. G. PE:r-.")1', Gonoral Gommfssion Morch'ts ANDDEALERL'f.. J LEAF ToBAcco, s E Cor. C h e apotde & Lombard S t o L ea TobaCCO Dally A.uetton and Private Sale. 60 West F ront Street E?oo"T;R.ANC E ON LO.IilB.UU> STREET, A dvanc es m a d e o n Co n signme n ts. Bet. Walnut and Vine, CINCINNATI, 0 PEMBERTON & PENN, Tonacco Gommi s sion M orch'nts BALTIMORE MD ---T oh t b eh' 20 CoiiUIUOrce St.. Baltimore. ( 1 G. ,.,obacco Works, oledo, lOo ""' v i c"" l o fill o rder,; f OI' Leaf o r W. K HARKER t;. WAGGNEll. .,. /' I .&: .&, l10b..'\CCO. BARKER & WAGGNEB D. D. li:ALLORYi R. MESSINGER, "V".A.._ TOB4ooo suirPma MANUFACTURER o F A. R..VENABLE,Jr. STOB.E1 1341 CHESTNUT S'l'B.EET, t EAIMFPORTETn a ond D BOMA ES1 c"JC co CommissionAND Mercha.nt, The TOBACCO BROKER, .. 444 to .11118 North 13th Street, I E. E. WENCK, Manas;er. "f. 0." AND NATIONAL LONG CUT SMOKINGS, .E DUll--e7 and Tobacco KO.ited to .Eogllsb, Con PB::J:L.A.D..ELPB::J:A, PA. 29 Soutb GaJ St., Baltimore, Met. Also, the Indian a.nd Sun Flower Chewing Tobaccos. ... ;reoeh.. I W e the attentio n of M anufaeturf!T'I tO oar -... ...._......, Jle & S tnek of DA.RK li.ES W EATE D WR.A.P DANIEL H&BBIS, A..LBERT BEEDE Petenburg,'Va. THE LARGEST CIGAR FACTORY IN THE STATE. JOS. & CO., BAB.B.IS & BEEBE, R, :13: :i:-.A.. SE::E::D L -E::.A.P JII A.I'!UFACTlJRE R S OF THE FOLLOWIN G CHOIC E BRA.NDS OF MANUFACTURERS OF 'U.S. Sc:Iid Tep AN DPACXERSOF A NDIMPORTERSOF FINE-CUT CHEWING & SMOKING TOBACCO CIGAR MOULD MANUFACT'G CO. SEED LEAF TOBACCO, l'INE-CUT" Felicia/' "Mnle Ear," "Cock of the : Maiuen's 0 :J:G-.A. FL.S, AND DEALERS I N Cor 'RidiTB & N th c J J A nhil hi p I 17 w. Lombard St., ::Sa1ti.:I:D.ore, nll:cl.. SMOKINC-" Empire," "Silver Dollar," .. Topsy." II. or 0 ege VB s r al11i D a, a. ::S.A.X...TXDII:C>:R.:m, :DolED. N'o. :Payo::a. ..A.v-e. QU'XNOV", xx...x... LEAF TOBACCO, 216 WEST FIFTH ST., CINCINNATI, o. Is now retail ing ns ditt er-ent s hapes n.nd sl7.ea, from the f actot'y nt G H. .. -erl Every mourd w arra u tcd u ni f ol'm If sl ? c pur- ......... ___.Ott, w w READ w BEST. C hicago; LOkiN PALMER. N ew York;. W.II. RUSSELL, Chicago be not t;Uit.&ble. It will be exchangedot m o n e y Onr aim .11.1.., ........ .. .& B. SUBERT, lstog veperfe<.-tsat!sfactiontothetll::S..A.OO-- --' Ul. ., o ma. awarded at the Ce utennial was to the U. s SoJidOTop ......,.. WHOLESALE DEALER I N B:AVAN'A lEAF T 0 B A c c 0' MANUF !CTURERS' AGENT, t o EJOHN c r P.Ao li.T BRIDGA E & eeoc .,) oISTS EST&BLIIIHED u.s. DOHAN & TAITT. 25 German St., Baltimore, Md. 304 FRONT sTREET, lll.l 11 J RrNAlDO SANK & CO., DARKWRAPPERSC ONSTA."\'TLYONILU.'D :ati:Enii:E"':13:XS, TE:N":N'. AND SOLE PROPRIETORS Oll' THE GENUINE --AND--DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCO, 14 North Canal Street, CHICAGO. ILL. Tobacco Commission Mercbants, ,, GOLDEN CROWN" c 'IGARS, RETEitSBURC, VA., ADVERTISEMENTS. W. M. LADD, General Commission lercbants, 1 0 7 A RCH STREET, 57 Lake Street and 41 State Street, Chicago, Ill. E"'E!:XX....A.:J:)EX...E"':13:X.A.. S, W VENABLE, E C. V E N A B L E ALSO AGENTS FOR THE F O L LOWING WELL -K NOWN LKAP TOBACCO BIJYIB, 31 North Street s w VENABLE co P. .. & co., 30 North Del-aware Avenue, J \v. C A RROLL'S LONE JAC K. J.y nchhurg, va. F. X. KELLY, Jr., tl'a .. R&a.a::aacnzan:am;a::scatzii!fi\i!l.fii!ISiUj 21 N s L 1 SORVER, CO'OK & CO HAPPY THOUGHT Olice: Oor. Byrae & Halifax Sts., l'etersburgh; Va. GEM CITY TOBACCO WORKS Main St., t. ou s. (FO R THE TRADE,) p G PL UGT:HTOL M i&coOs. JAS. A. & GO., V .-:.1 111r .... Virginia aad North Carolina LEAF TOBACCO WILSON & McCALLAY' S -ANo-LEAF TOBACCO, lOS Jf'. WATE1\ ST., PLUC TOBACCOS. TC>EI.A.O.OOS 1 'Va. : : E CLIPSE" NAVY, I a X a, 3 s 41 h1 6 s 'tt, 8t, 9a and 10 Smo kers and Bright Lea! a Speeialt y PHtLADELPHIA. A H THEOBALD -------. Joseph, Wallace, (Successor to Cooper & Walter. ) MANUFACTURER OF SU9KING TOBACCO MANUFACTURER OF FINE CICARS, A N D D J>ALER IN Spanish and Domestic Leaf T ebacco, 666-G7 Z N"RTH ELE\' ENTH liT,, l!f, W .,.r, 34 .. Poplar Sto .. Ph1Jaclolpl>.l&o PA. A GEN!l' F ORJIIILLER a: PETEBS' CINCINNATI OIGAR MOULDS, BTRAl'8, ETC. v i H. CLARK & JOHN J. LUDY, BROKERS, or-a., 0 X GA E'l. &. Wbo>leoal e and R et-'1-oaler Ill All Bnocl.l of BOPKDI"IIVU.LII, KF. NAVY & TOBACCO, ll23 t 525 SOU'rH 20lh ft. l'HILA. G. W. DAviD HIRSH, PACICilR OF .I.ND DEALER IN WHOLESALE DEALER IN SEED LEAF TOBACCO, DANBURY, CONN. .. KlllLER, J L. BRENJIEB. MILLER & BRENNER, P A OKERS AND DEALERS IN OHIO SHHDlHAF TOB!GGO 14 Nort.Ja .J ... eroo11. Street, DAYTON, OHIO. ,.-OBDERS PROl!PTLY ATTENDED TO. CHEAP CIGARS; ALSO .JOBB E R IN PENNSYLVANIA SEED TOliACCO; :Pa. pp-5001000 alway on .Jtaud :a. .6.. Kil:.L.S' Tobacco Brokur AND Commission Merchant OfFICii IN TOBACCO <:tCHANGE, SHOCKOE SLIP, "' RXCHIIOIVD, V .a. )fA 3a, 4:, 581 'Ja 8e 9 and 1 01. Re Orders Solici te-d A N NOT LYLE, BRIGHT NAVY V 1Y,31JJ, 3a,ff.&s, 6a, 9ll and lOa. W N F X. Burto n C:. G 4'tJN'ION JACK.'' MAIIOGAN V 7a, 8e, O a aa.d lOa U8T. J AMES DARK POUNDS, }S'a 4-t, 61, 7, 8, U a and lOa of FINE TWIST o f tevera l grades B right aod Maboaany unde r the foriowi D '' ADl.WIZB.A'l'JOK,'' '' TBO:aDI.AKDY,'' BB.ILB.T 01' QO:r._D," & J.IVII OAK," 1\1' ABOB," "DB SOTO aad 001\TQVI:B.OB. The f o llowinKar e ova. fo r the GOODS : C W. VAN ALSTINE & C0.1_18Centra1Wharf Booto n 11 ..... P. CAVA.NA.GH.a 41 and Wabash Avenue Cbtca goil n.; A. HAGEN & ()0.._63 N Front Street, Ph!lade phi&, Fa.; l'f, H, CHRISTIAN, Galveston. Texas; lORN TITUS. Cincinnati. 0.; E. W REULING, 3JAFrontBt. &n Francisco, Cal MAYO & lilA THEWS, 4!10 ii. 2d St. St. Loul .. Mo. ; W D. HOFF, South & Wa.terSts., B4limore, M d ; COOPER tk C O., Cor. Madison &: Front St., M__,mpbls, Tenll. C. A. JACKSON a CO. X. Mi11hiser & Co., M ANUFACTUREllS OF SOLE OWNERS OF THE (JELEBB&TED BR&ND OF R,'W::JLE" CLOTH TOBACCO BAGS, Blt.IGH'r NAVY CHEWING TOBACCO. QU'X:N"OV", :XX...X.... ALL IIZES AND STYLES, JOHN VV'. CARROLL, 1309 Main St., Richmond, Ya. S ol e f a c turer ofth e .FamouandW e rld r enownedBrandof T. H. PORfiAR, j VIRCINIA SMOKlNC TOBACCOS, BU'Y"ElFl. LONE JACK AND BROWN DICK, L LB!P TOBACCO Berman Bepeman, .... JU.llrt1FAC'rl1BEBS OF ALL l'rYLES OF :N"o. BOG PRAGUE & MATSON Sweet Navy Chewing soLE AGENTDNTHE&rAc'IFic1ciJAsr LEAF BRoKERs AND THE CELEBRATED B RAND OF FOR CIGARS O F THE MA N UFACTURE OF REDR,l'jJUI.fJ'&CIIJ.I.i!la LEAF JACKSON'S BEST STB.AITON & 'STOB.JI, New York. Tobacco P:mTBR.a::auR.G, v;a,.. P. L. CHAMBEBS, o P GBIIGORY. o. & co., ... I M& Havana &Domestic Leaf .t the CENTEID!IAL EXPO SITIO N Septembe r 27, 1876, 'rHIS TOBACCO WAS AWARDED THE mGHEST PRIZE. We call especial attenti o n to the manner i n w hish o u r Packages are put up, that n e i t h e r Deal e r nor C h ewer mo:r. be imm u_E<>n othe r E'OOdst he I s g etting ours. Every Butt and Caddy: has ".JA KSON'Iil ES'r" Imp........,_ lnto It by a die. Every Plug has ou r Trade-mark 4trip '' J ACK.S N'S B;ES as per tttagram a nnexed. TR!.JT UNDER OUR GUARANTEE, and te all th&twerepreeenll it, we WILL P A Y FREIGH ; r BOTH WAYS. SOLD BT ALL LEADRIG .JOBBERS THROUGHOUT UNITED IT.A'rES. PLUG, CHEWING and SMOKING TOBACCO,. .. FL:I.chmon.d, V a. O .UR &RAND8SOVEREIGN1 RED RIDING HOOD, MINERS' CHOICE, ALPHA. 61artinialc's Block Indiauvolis Ind.


Business Directory or Advertisers. NEW YQRK. Tobacco WarelwuoM. Ahner & Pehls. l90 Pearl Allen & Co, I ?'a and 176 C h&mbero A:ppleby & Helme, 133 lV._ter and B5 Pine Barnett S. 16.2 Water Basch & Water. Bulkley & Moore, 7 Front. Cardozo A. H 66 Broad. Crawt&rd E. M & :>on, 168 Wrer. Dohan, t--an-oll & uo. IM Front. DuBois Eugene 75 Front. Eggert Wm. &; Co. 2J5 Pearl. Englebacll F I!G B. Wasbin.rton Square Fnecua.ender Wm. & Co, 91:1owery Friend E. & G. & Co. 1291\faiden lane. Gardiner J "M. lli Front. Oershel L. & :Bro. 191 Pearl. Hamburger t. & Co. lSI 'W,ter HaTemeyers & Vigelias, 175 Pearl Herbat Wat4!r. Rll8Cb, Victorlua & Co. 177 Watel' Xerbs'l SvieMS 10,14-10'..;0 :lei A venue Koe!llll" H. 111!6 Pearl Laclleuorucb & Bro. 1114 Water. Lederer & 1118 Pearl Levin ?d. H. 162 Pea>!. Lane. l!fart1n J. W. ?!! J"ront :Mueller Ernst & <.;o. 1211 Peart Neube'll"r.ll. 172 Water PnCA Wm. M 119 'Maiden Laue Rel8mann G. 228 Pearl. Sa"7er WaUace & Co. 47 Broad. & Bon, "'11'8 Water, Scbubart H. & Co. 146 Water. Scoville A. H. & Co 170 W&ter. Siebert Heney, 68 BroiUI. StelneclCe R. 131 Water Ste'*"na A. T. 168 Water. 8trift:on &: Storm, 11'8 and 180 Peul. Btrobn & Reltzensteln, 11'8 Front. 'l'af!', Charles F & Son. 1114 Front. Upmann, Carl, 1'18 Pearl. Importers oflta.n.tla and Hawna. Cigars. 'Liaiugton' Sons, 8., 216 Front Tol>aooo Baler Jor Blrport. Guthrie & Co. 226 Front. Lea-f Tobacco Bulealiftg Plllllp 1 C. s. &; Co. 188 Pearl Leaf Tobacco Ourmg. James H. 61 Front Cmnm.iMion Merchants. Reyneo Brothers&: Co., 46 &: 48 Exchange Place. Buyer of Tobacco. Reusens G 55 Broad. Tobacco .. Cattus John, 127 Pearl. Fl9cber Cba8 E. & Bro. 13<1 Water. Kinnlcutt & Bill, r.2 Broad. Qsborne Charles F. 64 Broad. Rader l\1. & Son, 50 Beaver. Shack A. 1.29 Maiden Lane. Ma:n,ufa of &no/,;"ing and Chewtinq Tobaccm. Anderson John & Co. 114. 116 and 117 Liberty. Impor.ters of Tin-Foil. Wittemann Brothers, 184 William Tobacco Bag(fing. Howard, Sanger & Co. 3M Broadway To'l'Xlcco L:&bel8 New York Label PuOlishing Co. 94 Bowerv & Maurer, 22 nnd 24 N. William Cigar-Box Labels and Trimming.&. ami 2i N. William Ma.aujacturerl of Brot. o;,arette.. Kinney F. B. 141 WeotBroad.way of Cigarettet. Hall Thomas ll. 76 Barclay Pollak B. 175 C':hatbam ImPorter of Turkiah. Leaf and Cigarettes, and Manu.facturer of Gen.idje Sna.oking TObacco. VaDa.uri V. 1191 Broadway. Outters German. Oigar Mowldl. Lobenstein &: Gans, 1:n .Maid e n Lane Manu.jachJ-1'eriJ of Oiga.r BoJ'!If eldt N H. 510 East Nineteenth ManuJacturerR of Cigar .lllou.lda and Shapers. The Miller & P eters Mfg Co. 171> Water. Depot for Dubnt.l 0.,, ., Oincannati Cigar Moulds. Ordensteln H. 300 Broadway Im.p1' oved 2'obacco Scra,p Machine few 04/Gr Manufacturen. Borgfeldt N H. 510 East 19th aDd 156 Water Ba"flkf. 50 Wall Internal Re:uenue Book .. ,Jourgeilll6n, C. 37 Liberty Foreign and .Domestic Ban.kera. Sternberger M.. &'S. 44 Exchange Place. Robb of Slwto guru. Strliuss B 179 and 181 Lewfs Sole Maniodwln & Co. 007 & 009 Water. Hoyt Thomas & Co. 401 Pearl. .Kinney Bros. 141 West Broadway. Lorlllard P. & Co. 114 Water. Tobacco Warelwuoeo McAlpin D. l'l. & Co. cor Avenue D and Tenth. Barker & Waggner:, _ll9 South Gay Xlller G. B. & Co. 97 Columbia. Bovd W & Co. ""South Pioneer Tobacco Company, 1Jol Watl!r. Gunther L. W. 9 t:kmth U.): Ager>t.fur CMwlngand Smolriftg Tol>aeooo, etc:. Kerekboft & Co. 49 South Charleo S Sq. Klemm. Cha.s. H. 20 _Commerce IEngeltiacbll'. M n E. Wenco; lllanapr, 46 &nd Bell A., & Co. 43 Liberty, Hunt R. W. 811 WUbam Harriott, G H M. 2& German """"' .t Bendbelm,llll Bowery Mertela 117 Lombard .MiJnu/acfurert 9/ Olga.-.. Schroeder Jos. & c;o. 81 Place AlcOo Geo':ll1f. 1108 Pearl Wlacbmeyer, Ed. & Co. 3!1 lioutb Calvert Bootlr, & LeQerer. 9fJ to 110 Attorney Fetner J'. Ot&ecWn -.o: Bcbi<*Ol". t5 Rl...p.gton. Gail A..x ll8.Barre H&rtcorn .J. A.. 21 Bowery_ a ::. -.'.-BeUbroner &; 361! Bowery Karbw-g ro"' Jacoby Morris1 125 Broome. ......,..._, "r""" wr 'J K.eros a: Sol-. 1014 to I!W Seoolld Av. and Haoana Tobacco. 310 to 314 "li'ltty-fourtb Becker Bros. 98 Lombard Levy Bros, 70 and 72 Bowery Lit'-L -s c d d T Lichtenstein Bros. & Co. 268 and li70 Bowery ar an jor Llclltensteln A. Ill. Co. 3<1 and Bowery the Tobacco Trcuk Co 101 Bo Hoen A. & Co. llend8l i W & Bro:":liiTl Bowery BOSTON, Onder 8. ll96 and 2!11 Greenwldl Ro"kohl & Co. 181 Water \ CiDar Manufacturer$' Agent Seid"""""K 1!1. Co. 84 and 86 Reade llerrltt J. W 34 Doane Smith E. .I.. 11 Bowery Manufacturers of Plug Tobauo SmWl 1a&ac I. 88 90 and 112 Canal M b Stacbelberg H. & 00_, 9lJ and IN Liberty ere ants' Tobacco Co, 30 Broad S&ralton &: Storm, J ..., and 180 Pearl Comni88i<=o. Pasz..ale 71 haec t 11 M''J Ben A. & Co. 43 Liberty 0 on.u 8 an 'r' Agente, Kaufmann Bros .t. Bondy, 129 and 1 8 1 Grand Beat, Russell & Co. 5 1 Lake and 41 Stat.. Manufacturers of Briar PiJJe and linporten of 1'/m.oiMra' Buehler & Polbauo, 88 Chambers Harvey & Ford. 865 and 36'1 I au .... Tonqua .S..0.... .tc. Mentel< T. B. .t Co. 130 and IIIII William M..,.,._,_...., of .l'o1ocfeffil Lieoriee. BrlnkMbotr v. w. 47 Cedar Weaver & Sterry, 94 Cedar Seed IMI To1>aooo lleellel & Co. Finke Cbarleo. li. Vo. IM Water Llade F. C. & Co. W&ter Tol>aooo PruHro. Guthrie & Co. 1:15 Front of O!gar Henkell Jacob, 298 and 29511oru-oe BtraWIII B. 179 and 181 Lewis Wicke WIWam & Co. 158-161 Goerclt Doakr m 8panir11. Cigt!.r-Boa: OUr. W. E. 461>-475 East Tenth BpGo>W.. and German Oi(Ja,r RlbOO..... Beppenbelmer & Maurer, 22 and lM N 'WIIlla.m Lobenlltein & Gans, 101 Malden Laae Loth. Joseph & Sons. 468 Broome St\'&W!8 Blm )1], 11'11 Lewis 1Vioke Wm. & Co. 158-161 Goerck CINCINNATI. O, Dealers in $panish afl.l.i Oigr Lea! Tobacco. Mever By. & Co. 46 Front Oberhelman John & Co. 60 W ..1!'ront W a.nkelman F & Co. 82 Front 6/ Fme-t-\t CMwlftg aftd s..oki"fl Tobacco Spence Broo. &: Co. !Ill and 64 East Third r-1 Tol>aooo .tJrokero. Dobnnann F. W. corn. e. Vine and Front MaUay $. Bm. 115 West Front Meier B. & Co 81 Water Warehou.e COnl-tKitlcion Jt'erchant3'., Wayne & Ratterma1111o 121-126 W. t and 91 Commerce Jolanujactutert of Oig&n and Dealen ;,. Lee./ Tobae<:o. Krohn.J'elM .t Co. 181 to 1811 W. Third eor Kim 'J.'I.!'!.itt H. & Bro. lll5 W llltta Co. JJHlf!wl M"""f""l_. I OWGr aftd SII4JH1r. llliUer & Pete"' Mfg Co. 1<16 to 140 E. 2d. Shut Metal 01/Jar Dubru.l Napoleon & Co. 411 and 4411 Plum. Tobae<:o Commiuion Merchant. l'n!gue 1!/.lll&&aoil, 94 w ... l Front MatLujaeturen of OigorBoalu. B. & Brother, 98 Clay. Troet, s. w, w. Blxtb CLABK.SVILLE, T Lea./ Tol>aooo BrolMn. Clark IlL H & Bro -CLEVELAJO). o. Pocken t>f 8eod and ;,. Ha"""" 1M1of Tobacco. Allen E. 8. & Co. 101 Bank Deolers in &ed Leaf and Ha.vafta oac1 Jobbm's inaU kinda Manu. aotured Tobacco. Goldson & Semon. 132 Ootario .DANBURY, Comt. Packer and Dealer in Seed Lea! Tobaccc>. Gra?esG. W DANVILLE.. Va. Dealero and ift Loaf Tobacco Henderson, James A., & Co Commusion Leaf Tobacco Broker. Strictly on Order. Pemberton N. Penn. Venable P. C. DETROIT, Mich Manufrs of and Snwking cbacco. a New1nark, MANUFACTURERS OF CIG-..A.RS, -AND-Dealers in Leaf Tobacco 76 Park P1aoe., N'e""gV"Y'ork. JOSEPH LOTH & CO., MANUFACTURERS OF AU. KINDS OF CIGAR RIBBONS. CONSTANTLY ON HAND A FULL ASSORT lliENT AT LOWEST MARKET PRICES. Pactory: WEST 45&11 ST. N"EI"VU" Saleroom r 458 BBOOmt.E ST. "'2" C> 1l ttENDEL & BRo ., lannfactnrors of Bowery, Me"" CtGAR L. GERBBEL a BRO.,, PACUII.S J.ND DEALERS IN ..,., SEED LEAP TOBAOOO, I 1',.,. -r --.. 191 .STREET ,;1 _MAY" BROTHERS, IMPORTERS OF CIGARETTE. PAPER, 386 BROOME ST., HouSE AT P.a.Rrs. V'o:rk.. 7 KERBS a :Manufacturers of Fine Cigars, AndDoalers in LEAF TOBACCO. 1014, 1016, 1018, 1020 SECOND 310, 312, 314 AND 316 FIFTYFOURTH STREET. ll: 111. FOSTER. J:D. IIIU!ON. RUOOLPII WYXAIL RELIANCE CIGAR MANUFACTORY. FOSTER, HILSON & CO., aa Bo"'':7Ve:ry, "'JZ"o:rJ&. .loiANtlrACTUllERS or. Fin,e Cigars, AND SOLE PROPllll!ArOII.S or THE I. LICII'l'ENSTBIN & BROTBBR, TRANSPARENT GLASS SIGNS .MANUFACTURERS 0:"' THE ''ELK" anc-. ONWARD" 0 I GARS, And Dialers In LEAF TOBACCO, Nos :34 and BOWERY, uw under Patented Proceues. No medium, of advertising is of such per manent value as the brilliantly-colored glass s igns. 'I'hey are valued by lOS ornamental and useful, and will keep their places in windows where all other signs are refused a place. Send for estimates of cost and desigtU where a quantity is wanted. JQHN MATTHEWS. 883 E.lllitllpt..,N, Y. Barker K. C. & Co. 7A.aud..76 Jel!ersou A v Walkel'1 McGraw & Co. 31 to & Atwater Manujact"rer" of Cjgars and Dealen in Leaf Toba"cco. Sullivan & Burlc. 4@ and 50 East Foxen, Newman & Co. 216 Jefferson Avenue DURHAM. N. C. Manu,factureis of Snwking T9bacco. BlackweU W T & Co EV ANSVILLl:, lnd: Tobacco Commissio-n. Merchant.. Morris C. J. & Co FARMVILLE, Va. 10bacco Bro k er. Venable A. R. Jr. HANNIBAL, Mo. Manu}. of cilTklnds of Smok1g ce Plug Toba.cco. Brown Geo. HARTFORD, Conn. Packer and Dealer1 in Seed T.Amf ToM.t-co Gersbet L. & Bro., :l29 State Lee Geo. 150 State Moore Hay & Co 214 State Willcox S. W. 676 Main HAVANA, Cuba, Tobacco and Cigar Com.mi.ssion Merchcnt ... Bosselmann & Schroeder HOPKINSVILLE, K7. Tobacco Brokert, Clark M. B.';&:: Brother Ragsdale w : E INDIA.IfAPOLIS, Ind. DMler in Havana&: Tob., and ManufiUJtureo of Jl'ine Oigar1. P L. Chambers. 5 Martindale's Block LANCASTER Pa.. Dealers m Leaf Hirsh David G. .. Sklleo & Frey, 61 a'!d 68 North Duke LIVERPOOL, Eaa Smythe F. W. & Co. 10 North John LOUISVILLE, Ky. Plug Tobacco Manufacturer Flnzer J & Bros. 19.! and 18ft Jacob State of Kentueky Tobacco Ma.nntActurlo& Co Tobacco Commts.rlon Merchunt Wicks G. W & Co. 2!1 West Main To!>acco Brokers. Callaway James 1'. comer Ninth and Markel Gunther 0eot1r8 F Lewis Rlch' d M. 8l8 Wesi>Main Meier wm. G. & eo. 63 Seventh NasbM. B. l'raj{o W F. 391 West Main LYNCHBURG, V'a. Manufacturer of1'obacco. Carroll John W. j'obacco Commission MerCitant .. Holt, Schaefer 8!. Co. MEMPHIS, Tean, Tobacco Manufu.ctvrers' Agent Read W. W. 004 Front NASHVILLE, Tean. W. W.Kirby Tobacc o Broker. :NEW ARK, N. J. campbell, Lane & Co. 484 Broad NEW ORLEANS, La. Tobacco Fhclor and CommiuioH Merchant Gunther. M. H. 162 Common OWENSBORO, Ky. Fra.yser Broo. Tobacco PADUCAH, KJ' To""""" Clark M. H. Ill. Bro. Ptlr.year T. H. N ,J. Manufa.cturer of (]h.e-wing and St1UJklng To bacco, Snu:tf and Cigars. Allen & 65 & 67 VanHouten Street PETERSBURG, Va. Jlanufac:c-urera of Ptug and &nolcin.g Tobaooo and Dealer in Lea! ThbaccO. VenableS. W. & Co. Marwfacllu1ers of Sweet Naey (.,hewJTII. Jackson C. A & Co. Baln & Alercll.ants PETERSBURG, LaaoaaterCo .. Pa. Dlr. in t Pkrs. of Penn. Seed Leaf Tobacco. llliller & Hershey PHILADELPHIA. Tobacco Warehouses. Bamberger I. & Co Ill Arch Bremer's Lewis Sons, 822 North Thlnl Dohan & Taitt 107 .&reb Eisenlohr Wm. & Co 115 South Water McDowell M. E. & Co. 39 North Water Moore. Bay & Co. 3!i North Water Sank J. Rinaldo & Co. 3ll North Water Sorver, Cook & Co. 1M North Watec Teller Bro.hers,J17 Third Manufr3 of .i<'iruJ Oigara and AU-Hat>ana Tobauo Oigt.t;retta. Gumpert Bros. 1341 Chestnut Manufacturer oj BnuJ! an-4 Smoking Tobacco. Wu.llace Jas. GM to 67'.l North Eleventh ManufacturertJ of OigartJ Ludy Jno J l5.23 and 15Q5 South Twentieth Theobald A H.. Third and Ponlar t Tobacco Broker.., Fougeray A. R. 33 North Frorit ,. Manufacllure?s of Licorice Paste. Mellor& Rittenhouse, 218 North Twenty-Second Mfr' .Agent for Plug a?n A. M. & Co Mayo S. r. &: Co Lea./ Brolm" Mills R. A. Manufacturer of Tobacco Bag.. H. 1dlllblser & Co. 1309 Main -ROCHESTER, N.Y. Manufacturers of Tobacco. Whalen R. T 182 State Jla.aWactureN of aftd Pkd li'iMOwt Tolxi.cOci an.ti!.!'JTattifJI Fbir" lmoking Tobacco an H. & Son, !Ill Hampden ST. LOUIS, Mo. Jlanufs. of .Fintf Cigars 4 Dealer i"' ToOOcoo, Pulvermacher&: Petty, 210 North Third Tobacco Wa.rehoulJu. Dormltzer C. & R. & Co. 123 Market Buyer of Lea./ Tobbacco<. Kessinger Char!.., R. WESTFIELD, Jlaa. .Pael:er and Deal..-'" Seed lM1of IJulocbm&onJobn ,0 ll." LICHTENST.EJN, Ike lobatts PUJILJ8lDtD EVERY SATURDAY MOHNING BY .. THE TOBACCO LEAF" PUBLISHING COMPANY, 14S 11'11LTON STBIII:ET, NEW YOBK. EDWARD BURKE, EDI'IOL JOHN G. GRA.FF, Bus11iDIB liu4GU. TI!Hlllll OF' THE PA.PEB. I su; MONTHS .... ............. ..................... .. ii.OO ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTIONS ABROAD. GREAT BRJT.&IN' .A..."fD CA!t.A.DA....... $6.04 Bn.ElOOI, fu.HBURO A..."lr(D TilE .. 6.04 ETc., 'Via ENoLA...'ID ....... 5.0C eu ....................... .. ................................ ... .. s.oc ADVERTISilfG RATES. I Ol'IJI: IIQl'l"ABE (14 Nonpareil Lla-.) , and musto be packed in conformity "Yo1th lntemal Revenue law and ree_11latior W E. RAGSDALE, TOBACCO BROKER, ::&::y. JII:FERENCES, BY PERMISSION: J C. Lafftam, PreR't Bank Hopklmwllle: S. E_ Trice, Pres't Planters' Bank. Hopk_ lnsville; S G. Buckner, Com. Merchant, J. K. Gant & Sou, Com. Merchant, Sawyer.t Wo.llace & Co.1 New York:; Henry ::;elbert, New York; F. G. Irwin, Clark&ville, T e nnessee; M. H. Clark & Bro., Clarki,Jlle, Tennessee; B. F. Beaumont, Pres't let Nat. B'k, Clarksville, T. I BUY ONLY ON ORDER. Oraers Solicited. llHFI!NGH GIG!R J!NUF-AGTORY, 118 &; 130 RIVINGTON ST., XEW YORK. D. OC>.to Ofllce:-88 WALL S'l'B.EET. A. BRUSSEL. B. J,lCHTENSTEill. !t!t5 Proal 111., AGENT B'OR THE p J..CU'l.C QoJ.ST II'OR 11-rs. KERBS a: SPIESS, New York 1 SAN FRANCISCO, CAL B.-a. Kelly .t; Co., New York 1 K .. lleb:aaD & Co., K7. I METROPOLITAN CIGAR MANUFACTORY. "'1:7 SIGMUND JACOBY, GUSTAV JACOBY. "V' --:N" :N" :.: I :.: 0 I c ,ll'U "V' 1W I :as: 200 CHATHAM SQUARE and 5 & 1 DOYER STREET, NEW YORK. W. E. UPTEGROVE, Spa.nisb Cedar J'OR CIGAR BOXES, -JJD>-Boi Matcrs' snnnos. ::.Foot lOth & nth st., East Hirer, NEW YORK. BOSSELMANN & SCHROEDER, Tc::baccc:: &, Commission Merchants, Jta.mpa.rilla. 18, (P.o. Box 8UlolA.RY OF THEI AM:ENDED -;REVENUE LAW. The law, as amended, takes effect May 1. The tax on manufactured tobacco aad snuff is fixed at 16 cents a pound. Every package of cigarettes must be stamped. The rates of tax on cigars, cheroots and cigarettes are unchanged.. The registrat10n of ctgar-makers ts not reqmred. Coupon cigar stamps are not adopted: Ci$ar manufacturers may leave the1r names off of caut10n notices if they desire to do so. Tobacco and snuff manufacturers must cqntinue to print thoir names on caution notices. Tenement cigar.manubctories are not prohibited. Bonded export cigar manufactories are not author-ized. Export tobacco bonded warehouses are not estab lished. Leaf tobacco may be sold by licensed persons to per sons fuat licensed in quantities less than an origi nal package; in other-words, it is again made lawful to sell leaf tobacCo at retail. To obtain! drawback a Consul's certificate of landing is not required. -According to a report prepared by the well-known social science author, Herr Arthur von Studnitz, in the Statistical Bureau of the kingdom of Saxony, the number of persons employed in the tobacco manufacturing industry in that State at p : esent amounts to 12,341. -According to a statement of the German Statisti cal Bu;reau the tax receipts for tobacco in the German Empire, for current years of 1878-79, is estimated at 1,223,024 marks. For Prussia alone the amount estimated is 338,25? marks; for Bavaria, marks; for Baden, 364,584 marks; for Alsace ana Lorraine 15

T H E 'I' 0 B A C C 0 L .E A 1:' THOMAS HOYT & CO., !IL-U';7:"!!'A.CTUR.ER8 OF f fiNE-CUT & SMOKING JOHN ANDERSON & CO. MANUFACTURERS OF THE SOLACKun TOBACCOS 114 116 LIBERTY STREET I NEW YORK, Ueg to dlreet the attt'ntion of the Dea1 et.s ln Tobacco thr9UJ"bout the United Statt"s and the Wo:-ld to their CELEBRATED SOLACE FINE-OUT C.HEWING TOBACCO. wbtcb is b e inK once more the immerliatesupervbion o f the originator, MR. JOHN ANDERSONL Rull now s tand.o;z, as formerly, witboutarivnl. forw:u deZAL ...... 404 & 406 Pearl St., New York. PIPES, etc., ARIUIMIAU, WAUIS a co !: :. ,'JfJ-lliJibcK,} Ger.'ral Partners. AT 484 BROAD STREET 1 29 a; 31 Wlll1am Street F w LOCK'.I'OOD Spec!al. A..ND m CALDWELL. &P A.N"IS:J3: wBAVBil STBB.II.Y., LICORICE. PAS:TE. JOHN CATTUS. TOBACCO .8ROKER 2 7 Pearl Si:reet, NEW YORK. CJ:lS. E. FISCHER & BRO. TOBACCO 134 Water St., N'E'VV' 'THOSe Knnucun, KINNICUTT & BILL, BROKERS IN WESTERN & YIRCINIA LEAF 62 ST., NEW YORK. CHARLES F. OSBORRI; JAMES G : M. E. McDOWELL & CO., IMPORTi:is!ifi-liiuficTUBBR.S. CHOICE "'ANDS OF SPANISH I GIIIBI LIGOBICB f TOBACCO BROKER,-. S 9 N. Water Straet, !?hilade!p!liu; 9 Warren Street, New York; 54 Broad Street, Boston; 8 Lake Street, Chicago; 216 Locust Street, St. Louis. ALL SPECIALTIES FOR. PLUI AID FilE-CUT TOBACCO. OLIVE OIL, TOICA BlAIS, GUMS, FLAVORS. Powdered Licoriee Boot. AND PATENT PQW'DERED LICORICE. N STICK LICORICE Wli;. KAVE TH!o: BRANDS'-.J', s., l'l&ll'.&!l'JJLI.I .AJrD a.vso:r.un.. UI WEST BROADWAY, NEwToRK. CIGARITIT.f. TOBACCOS ,,; :RICE PAPER. Just Out: SWEET CAPORAL. New Brand. Fine, Mild and Sweet. Jhe Mrs. G. a. Miller & Co TOBACCO IANRP!CTOIY. :BJ&T.A.::BE.:E&EI:EJD 1 '7'78. 97 S"t. "York.. D. COX..X..:J:N'II!!J,' Pre:lde:a..t. llA.NUFA.CTUREBS OF THE CELEBRATED PLAIN FINECUT CHEWING TOBACCO in BLUE PAPERS Hose-Scented Maccaboy, Scotch, French Rap pee, American Gentleman. "RESERVE'' = In 2 and 4 oz. PoU, and 8 and 16 oz. Van4 1nade of' Brl&ht High Flavored VIrginia Tobacco. A lao, Flret and 8eeon4 quallty SMOKING, In Blu.l Papero P:ln.e C"U. "t = DARK AND LICHT CRAPE. FOREST ROSE. CLUB. MAY APPLE and PRIZE LEAF FINECUT, IN FOIL. W e heg to call the attention :1f Tobacco Manufa,.. turers and Dnlcrs to this SUPERIOR AND PURE artic le Sole for the States of NorthCilroliua and 'fir YesRSo DAVENPORT .II .MOR H.lS Rl( :b. mood, Va. LICORICE ..... -and Alleaate. Selecte-d and OrdLaary. ZURICALDAY & I 02 PEARL STREET, DIAIOND N" E B. Dark; all A comparison of our CelebraU!d Brands of PLUG TOBACCOS will convince all par tits of the W011-J)ERFl1 L ltiEitJTS contained therein. PLUG TOBACCO. ) MAROH22 THE To'ba,cco. Mnnufactui'E!d by AIJ.EN & DUNNING, No .. 815 & 87 VAN BOUTBN ST. PATERSON, N J. MANUFACTIJilEJ! CIGAR BOXES SUPERIOR MAKE AND Prime Quality o'!' CEDAR WOOD, 2 93, 295 & Monroe St NEW YORK. MOBRIS JACOBY, OF FINE CIGARS, 126, l2'l & 129 BROOME ST., C o r. Pitt St1'9et, L F. FROllER, Agent. ,. CHARLES A. WULFF, Ag't, Lithographer, Printer & Manufacturer of A Large Assartment Constantly !l" Han,-:! 61 Chatha-St., cor. WWU..., N."' M. LYON & CO HORT HORN TOB. ACCO Patented July 6th, 1875 I Also o f the Well-Known Brand of &:an.ok.:l:a..s Tobacco, s'-11. "ta.:o.a-'' And Manufacturen of all styles of Brlgh Black PLUG & TWIST TOBACC, 24 Twentieth .R.::I.O::EI:DII:ON'D, 'V .A., Our NaTJea n. Specialty for t h e Eastern Stat TIN POlL! Li[htest Furc1fill, 12,960 Sq.Inche. ALSO TOBACCO & OTHER FOIL A.T LOWEST MARKET PRICES. WITTEMANN BROTHER 184. WILLIAM NEW YOR: .. JAMES H. THAYER. (Formerly DZFORD & Leaf Tobacco 61 FRONT &Ta' ,," N':III"PU "2' J


' I II. l. A s TO T.BE T B CCO ARCH ve o Bagle 'I} oted for Mr a, New York: Orleans, La. GISTERED. Ch ewin To ear it rify-arbi1 k Label Pub and Jaco uary 25 1879. d


MARCH 22. BDPPLEMEN:t TO m TOBACCO LHP. ... Ha.nufaotarers of the follo;,ing CELEBRATED BRANDS Plug, Chewing' and .smoking -.. I PLABET If A VY, ls, !s, 3s, 4s, 5s, 6s, 7s, Ss 9s,' I .Os SAILOR'S CHOICE, ls, !s, 3s, 4s, 6s, 6s, 7s, 8s, 9s, 1os. CHALLENGE, lbs. WASHINGTON, !s. NEPTUNE, Double Thick, brJ : drk. MAGGIE{Ml"w.CHELL, NARRAGANSETT,IALEXANDRA, l!ENSATION, FLOUNDERS, BUCHANAN;IQs. JACK OF CLUBS, KING PHILIP, GRAPE & APRICO'r; UNOONQl;JERED, ''ACME,'' Fancy Bright Pounds. TECUMSEH, lOs. PEERLESS. PALM. GOLD BARS. PRIDE OF THE REGIMENT. POCKET PIECES. . ; r __ OFFIC.EII: I i ESTABLISHED 1825. ) J. CHAS. APPI;


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