The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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, } VOL. XV.---NO. 15. f'ESTABLISHED 1864.] NEW YORK, SATURDAY, 'MA Y 17, 1S79. WHO_LE 743 \CKE & SOL.E ACENTS FOR THE .t ''Ell PRINCIPE DE CIGAR BOX KEY CIGARS, MANUFACTUii:uis, AND PROPRIETORS OF THE CeI.e!Eie ,.,. CIGAR FACTORY OF NEW YORK. I' 84 a 88 READE STREET, N'EW YORK, I of Ha,va,na, Toba,cco, ALSO MANUFACfURERS OF THE BO'SA ESPANOLA HAVANA-CIGARS. IMPORTERS OF THE .. BOSE HAVANA BR1ND-'' 220 Pearl New York. Y. MARTINEZ YBOR & CO., 190 Pearl. Y'ork., IMPORTERS of' fhe 'EJT. CIGAR FACTORY AT KEY WEST, FLA. 88 :IWI:'D':P,R.,A. 'Y' BTR.liiDIIT, :N'B"'Iil'V' TO::R.:U::., lllA.NUF AC1rUREIIS OF THE 163 to 161 Goerck Street, Y"o::a&. t'B.ICE LIST -or- Spanisb, American and German Cigar Ribbons. Y ......... Bztra ... IHJ 'llt :rdll ....... Jfo. 1 .. .. IHJ 'llt ,. ... .. .... IHJ .. "1'2 :rch :: : :: :: Bread Red ............. .. ... 1 .... 6-s u,.a. .................. 2 .. .. 6-8 "1'2 ,. ... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 3 .. .. 5-8 "1'2 ,. ... :: :: .. .................. 3 .... 6-8 'llt;yda lfarrow Reel 1 .... .&-8 't27da .. .. .. .. ......... ... .. 2 .. .. "1'2 ,. .. ...................... 3 .. .. 4-8 .. "1'2:rdll Narrow Yellow ............ 1 .... 4-8 "1'2:rdll .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 2 .. .. '-8 .. "1'2 ,. ... ............ 3 .. 'N;vd Bo:o: lUbboa R..J .......... ............. 3-8 "1'2 :rdll YeJlow .................. 3 'N:rdll Load:r-" (Ohioo) .... 1 ... -8-8 31. :rdll rroa. The general question involved in this whole issue, EDWARD BURKE, 0 GRAFF, Bt'IID ENGL.t.ND .. .. .. .... ............. 5.N em... ......................................................... SPECIAL NOTICE. of expediency purely. The warehousemen have a perfect right to charge two dollars outage if they see fit, and the buyers have a perfect right to seek, as they are doing, to reduce that rate by application to the warehousemen, which they have made, or by instituting new methods, as they have done. Possibly .the warehousemen may feel as .if they cannot accept fower r a tes ; if they cannot, 'their tenacity in contending for the old one s 'is even if shown to be untenThe tollowiLg finlis repreoe.nt our interests in theil respective cities; able. Certainly the buyers feel that t hey cannot afford adv ertisem ents o r SJ.lbscriptions may be h auUe d to them f o r trans-mission:-, to hereafter pay the old rates, and they therefore can-A!IIST E RD AM, HOLLAND.-Sehaap&:: Vn n Veen. t b bJ d f th t' th 0 BALTIMORE:. EdlJIScluaieyer & co. no e ame or e1r ac 1on m e preml8es. ur street. warehousemen here thought they could not afford to BREME":-Mr. F w. Fallens\ei n tak& less when, prior to January 1, 1878, they were reC HICAGO:-Mr. ;H. SueS, with iii'essrs. August Beck & Co .. 44 and 46 Dearborn Street. c eiving one dollar and fifty c ents for.entry, .and a like ClNCINNATI:Messrs. Prague-,&:,Matso'h !l4 West Front Street. aii].OUnt for outage., total; three dollars per hogshe8.d C LARKSVJLLE TEXN.-M: fi. Clar & H ro. Jeft'erson Street charges-one-half paid by sell erand one-half by buyer HAVANA. C UBA.-Bosselmatm It l:lchrcede r Lamparilia lB. -and forty cents per month Storage, the first mOllth LANCASTER, PA.-P. J. D elz.eit, 1 2 West Qraug e Street. I.IVERPOOL:-Messrs. cor.,l!ootbers & Co .. JOLord Nelson Street. being free. NotwithstaJ?,djng their to J W.' w e rs, Secretary o t the T obacco Boa.rd <>! change, the rates Since January 11 i878, have be.-T. H Pnrrear.. Outage ................ .... . 1 00 ; PITTSBURGH:-E W Russel 267 Liberty Street .. PHILADELPHIA:-:Mr. A a F p ngerey, 33 North As we have been informed; the warehouse pee; ST. LOUIS:-IIfessrs. C: & R. Donnitzer & C o .. 123 Market Street. hogshea d at Loul8 Vl'])e are as follows .-.. ,.,;SA;;N;;,.;;F .. .!P ... oll;;!a;;;;k;,; 225;;;;,;F;,;rc'"n""t'"S ... NEW YOR:&:, MAY 17, 1879. NOTICE. The next issue of T in: ToBACCO LEAF will be publishe<,l at its new offi ces, 105 Maiden Lane. From Seller ......................... $2 00 ]'rQm Buyer ...... '!' ............ .. 2 00-U 00 Two dollars than in New York, minus the dif ference in storage allowed. Waiving the item Of free storage, which seems to be of value only to a the question is at once 'suggest'ed, Why should not We AT LOUISVILLE. charges at LOuisville be at least as low as they are in l New York 1 since labor and rent are much lees in $he We publish a circular-sent us froni Louisv_ ille, former than they are in the latter place. EsWna.ting giving some of particulars of the issue that has a hogshead of tobAcco at the value of rro, which. is been joined between a number of the leaf tobacco probably a fair average, we will see what ..:;....;...._, buyers and warehousemen of that city respecting outage charges. The difference that has arisen is a and in New Yorlh including four months' storage:-seri0\111 one, and is made all the 1 more so by the fact PURE TIN AND OTHER FOILS that not less thaJ!thirty-six prominent buyers have Louisville discontinued purchasing tobacco at the old warehouses To Seller .' .. t2 00 as a consequence of the disagreement, and are bur" Commission at 1 per cent.... 70 Palm riedly instituting measures to make themselves inde" Buyer .. ...... ...... .... --2 00-t

. 2 THE TOBACCO MAX' 17 A. co., ''BETWEEN THE ACTS\i;" J & JOORE\ DOHAN, GARROLL & CO., 104 Front Street, New Yol'k. -E". <:>. ::Eio;:w;:. 4365.-lrUNUFACTURERS. OF AND DEALERS IN 'rLU& AND SIOIIN& TOBACCO \JQle Agents for JAMES B. PACE, Richmond; t AND OTHER VIRGINJA MANUFACTURERB : JNo. 1 ACk, BROWN DICK, ETC, ETC. ETC. --AND-PATENTED BRAND E;..A..G TA..G T OB A CCO. VIRGINIA TOBACCO AGENCY. :.a.aae. .TAS. :M. tOBACCO GOMMISSION 1 '84 FRONT STREET, NEW Y ,ORK. -EXPoRT ORDERS FOR PLVG TOBACCO I'RQMPTLT FILLED. LC>R..XLL.A.Fl.D-db I', C LI:IDE, C. F LINDE, C C. HAMILTON, S, MARCOSO Leaf if.OBACCO INSPECTED OR SAMPLED. &a.2:11pl.:tns .A.1:1:e:n.decl. 'to. Oertfflcates given for every ease, and delivered. case by caso, as to nuinber or Certificate N. 8.-W E ALSO SAMPLE IN MERCHANTS' OWN STORES. F. 0. TJNDE & 00. T. lL MESSENGER & CO., 18aL Tobacco. llild Licorico Pasto. l6l HAlDEN LANE. NEW YORK. '11obMoo Ill Bai'M &114 for J'oreign Jl&ri NEW YORK, 1 IMPORTERS OF Briar ad a BALL, a 322 GREENWICH COR. OF BARCLAY, 114 ::EIA.OC:O. :::all:a.n. urao"tu:,a.-ed Tobacco: I .-# r.&"ORrr. DARKlU.VT, EliCHANTaEliS DARK trw.JCJCT IIIOKSICL.UARK !IIAVY, HO!flliY AND PJ!lACH BR.IGHT NAVY; ,AND ALL PO,P.ULAR BRANDS' OF I'ANCY AND LIGHT PRESSE D. 1i!t "llEEll TRUlllPS, Wlc;l 'WAG,, BUGLE, IN PAILS AND BARRELS DEPOT FOR..-E. 'f. PILJUNTON &; CO.'S CELEBRATED ''J'lt'OI'l'S & J'LOWIRS & "CODONWEAL'I'B:" Smokin.o:.Tcba.ccos. lir PRICE LISTS FUKNl8a:;&D1iJN APPLICATION. "'U 1 DEPOT FOR SNOW'S PATENT Eartabl.:lehecl. l.S3B. ON". STR..A. l!:IANUF ACT1JRER O:F CIGAR' BOXES AND SHOW FIGURES; Il!:IPORTER O F DE,t.LER IN :E'I.:E:B:B<>N'.& GERMAN CIGAR MOULDS, PRESSES, STRAPS, CUTTERS, ETC., \DOLPH STROHM' GUIDO RIUTzzt'NSTSIN IUGEII DU BOIS, COHISSIO DBCIAIT. C)JAS. F. TAG 1: SOli, lalftten ol SPANISH aad D.e:ale-n ia aH kin.dt e1 LEAF TOBACCO, 184 Front Str&et, zoo:aa. E. M. CRAWFORD & SON, LEAF TOBACCO! Water Street, A. T. STEPHENS, ,BUCOE880R TO ALVA OAT).IAN IMPORTER OF HAVA.,A, AND DEAi:.En rn-DOMESTIG LHAF 168 WATER STREET, A Wooden Mold all l ined with Tfn is assuredly the most durable Mold ever placed before the Public. Don' t fail to give them a trial and convince y oursel f of its superi ority over aii others. STROHN & REITZENSTEIN, llli'ORTERS OF "York. BA VANA TOBACCO M. H. LEVIN, 0 1 c IMPORTER of HAVANA .Fo .,.... -L Elf "if DB iCC 0, LEAP TOBACCO 162 Pearl Street, New York. ? Herman Be.,.neman, 206 Fro:n.'t &'tree't, san.,. Oa.l..,. SOLE AGENT ON THE PACIFIG COAST FOR CiGARS OF THE MANUFAO':i'UllE 01! W.tRAITON STORM, New YOPk. I AUG. RICHTERING & co ; = TC>B.A.OOC> a:n.d O:I:G-.A..R. COMMISSlON MERCHANTS 368,., Cuba.. 190 :Pe&Z'l St., -H. KOENIG, FELIX GARCIA, IMPORTER OF THE BRAND OF e '"'P.l.or de P.O.." N Ej)' YOBJS WHOLESALE DEALER IN M. & S. STERNBERGER, HAVANA AND SBBD LBAP HAVANA LHAF TOBAGGO BANKERS APm BROKERS, &, E. &.A.LO::l\5:0:N', PACKERS OF SEED LEAF, -illl IMPORTEllS OF-LOBENSTEIN &, GANS, WHOLI!IIALE DEA.-.s IW SEED AND HAVANA SOLE AGENTS AND IMPORTERS OF THE GENUINE W. a: Ill :. O:I:G-.A.R. lllrOUL'D&, .Presses, Straps & Cutter.; IlllEORTERS OF GERMAN & SP.urn3H CIGAR RIJU!O!!R 131 :1\Te,..,.. HERBST BROTHERS, HAVANA tc SEED LEAF To :s.A. c c o .::r 183 WATER STREET, NEW YORK. -7. LIBERAL ADVANCEMENTS MADE ON CONSIGNMENTS. T<>:a..a.c:c:os, Jll. L. GASSE&T of" G. Commission Merchant, AND D1lALER IN ALL KIJQ)S bF LEAF TOBACCO, 1 228 Pearl Street, New York. j N. LAOIIBNBRUOH & I WaterStreet, New York, WIIOLUAL& z;IKALIIR& Ill HAVANA & DOMESTIC AND D.KA.LER IN -LEAF TOBACCO,. 21 BOWERY. NEW YORK. \ CJ:EG-.A.R.S 88, 90 & 92 CANAL STREET, Corner ot Eldridge, J!IITE'VV "Y<>EL:&::.. Hirsch, Victorius & Co. LHAf TOBACCO, 177 WATER ST., NEW YORK; RE_YNES BROTHERS & CO., Conim:ission :Merchants1 '/ 4& & 48 :E:xchange Jllace, Ne-vv Y<:>:rk..


, MAY 17 S. BARNETT, :a: A. v .A. N" A. SEED LEAF TOBACCO, 162 Water St., New York. TOBACCO BAGGING. JIIJ:JTATION SPANISH i.INEN., FANCY STRIPES, And all ldnds ot g oods uoed t or putting up 8meki ng T obacco. .,USO a complete assort ment of s mokers' Articles tor the Trade. HOWARD, SANCER 4 .CO., ftQ. 356 Broadway, New York. A. H. SCOVILLE & CO SCBBO:QER & BON, tSUCCESSOP.S T O P A LlllER &; S COVILLE, ] 178 l,!t;/JTER STR-E ET NEW YORK IM:PO:R':I'EltS 0!1' SFAN'ISE AND JOBBERS l N Al.L KIND S OF O F SP AN!Sl i :I-1-.. TO BA C 0 0, No. 1170 WA'l'El\ S'l'B.EET, 1\TJIW YOJil.K. OONNECTICUT SEED LEAF WR-APPER OF OUR OWN PACKING, ----STRA r r o N & -M ANUFACTURERS OF CIGARS AND DEALERS IN LEAF I A N D lt'ACJ KERS OP DOMESTIC lEA F TOBA.CCO BUEHlER 8c MANUFACT'JRE RS AND 1'\IPORfERS O F ImiHR WBDD, MHHRSCHHUM & CLAY PIPRS And ali' Kinds of SMOKERS' A T ICLES. 83 Chambers and 65 Reade Stteets, New York. Kimmel & CoiQring. Warrantsd not to Injure the Quality or Burning. BASCH & FISCHER, 204, 206 and 20_ 8 EAST TWENTY-SEVENTH STREET, NEW YORK. IMPORTERS OF HAVANA ERNEST FfiEISE, WE ALL PARTIES INFRINGING UPoN OR (li'Oll.MEBLY OF THE F.lB.M OF WAL'l'll& FRIED!l!N & IMITATINC OUR BRANDS, LABELS AND TRADEMARKS, IIIPOR'l'EB OF SHRD LKAJ:cKTboi A C C B, 155 Water St., H.arKaidenLane, NEW YORK. tha t we will spare no pains in prosecuting suc h partiesin the s h .Lea. T b rights secured to us by Act o f Congress dated Auguet 14, 1876. paniS 0 acco, Ths nnrman-Amorican Bon.k sTRAIToN & sToRM. 16'7 'Ye>:a.:s:: .llU U0 fill WM.. G LACCU.M, JACO B SCHLOSSER li!JWALisT.,NEWYORK. Th"1s Space 815 Re ser ved GLA C CUM SCBLOSSBR OAPIT AL, 8780,000. O f E.....,. facllllly al!orded to DeoHlr.l anl1 Correspond-.F -" R I ents oonsii;t.ent with Bound Banking. V H. ROCHOLL. President. 111 .F. Cashier. \'I'M. Fl:UE lJ LAEND ER, JOSJ:;PH SICHEL. Wm.FRIEDLAENDER & CO. Wholesale Denler8 ln H..A. v A.N" A. J:w. TOE_A_OOO COMMISSION MERCHANIT, 79 FRONT ST., NEW YORK,. 15 RJ:VJ:NGTON NEW' YORK, Proprie ton o f the 6 e l ebratet1 Brani:l.s REPUBLIC" a h d "HIGH AND DRY." .Aloo, JH:.UE JAY; KING BIRD; MARS; BELLONA; DRUHMEB.eBOY. LEONARD PBIBDMAN SUCCESSOR TO WALTER FRIEDMAN & FREISE, J.MPOKTICR .. OF HAVANA TOBACCO, 203 Pearl Street, New York. ,_; WM. EGGERT & CO. IMPORTERS OF HAVANA AND PACKEP.S OF SEED LEAF APPLEBY'S CIGAR-MACHINE COMPANY,:' MANOII'AO'J.\IlRERS elF THE O:R.XG-X:N' .A.L PU:R.:el n.a s ; ALSO f t Cigar !l .. nnltiniY Filler Breaker or GranulaUJ(. J>rlce of Granulator, and $ 7 5; or Bunching llfachln!', $40. e Our Havana Flavo rin g will g iy e to the tobacco the full fl.avor o f Havaua and when smoked it baa -m. S wee tn ess and Aroma o.( a. g enui'n e cigar quart Bott1c, $2; HaU'G,.llon, $3; OneGallo n,.$5. Sent C.O.D. Nochargefo rdano :E"'E.A.:FI.:X... SiTJR.EET, :N'EVV' 'YC>:FI.:B:.. HAVANA. CIGARS & LE' I J 1 WM. EGGE R T ] BRANCH: -9 l IliA IN s r., cuiciNNATI, o [TaEo WoLF, J& AF TQQ.ACQQ, AN)) DEALER IN )LEAF TOBACCO, 85 -MURRAY STREET, NEW YORK. My B r a nds:-"OUBA_ LIBRE'' CUTH RIE &. CO.; 225 Front Street. COMMISSION DRCEANTS, ...... BALERS OF TOBACCO FOR EXPORT. l.oaf Tobacco p:R.:&:.. I -LEVY & NEWtiASS; PACKERS OF ALL KINDS OF &EBD LEAF TOBACCO, 169 WATER STREET, 'Yc:>rk. Couta.I:IUy en band OD RESW BATED connecth:ut and P ennsylvauis rob&cco LEEREJ" BUSDEL MANVPACTUURS OF 168. & 170 East Water St., N. Y. IIJUJ,J:llll. IN ALL OF THE 14. TiBT lillr'YLEB 91' iLAIIELS All]) Fries & Bros., r BONDY & LEDE.RER, MANUFACTURERS OF FINE Cl,GAB.S,. AND 'DEALERS IN LEA.F TC>B.A.CCC>, .lh 96,91!,100,102, 104,106, 108 & 110 Attorney St. New York. HAVANA 1i"ifiif.FLAVOR, 16 College Place; New York, 48 &. 50 EA-ST SECOND ST., CINCINNATI, OHIO. S:o:a.a.11es-t Bo'tt1e&, $2. Se:n.t c. <::>. ::a:>. : "LA .. VUEL T A ABA]O." = E EXTRACT OF HAVANA TOBACCO, E-4 I.MP<'JRTE D FROM HAV4ff.A. f 1 FINE CIGARS Avenue D and Tenth Street, New York. P.-W. SIYTIIB & COMMISSION IEROHAITS, BRETHERT07! No. 10 NORTH JOHN STREET, LtYERPOOL, EftC. E. DIIUTSCH.-L DEUTSCH. E.-DEUTSCH & S.ON, 4 IANUF A CTUR ERS O F FINB CIGARS .fi,ND DEAI.EBS IN ,: Deaf Tobacco, 92 BOWERY," NEW --lURK. I I lloYA.cuarr""" 2lia eo.u.r>ioo&. .,.H --.., Xl:JQI'; .t; SPUII!S, Now Yo.tq lL Kelly .t; a,;., Jf_. Yerk1 U ...... mpn "OcJ,, l I t BOSSELMANN & &, Commission Lamparilla 18, (P. 0. Box 650) &, CO., Commission. 'l .l J. Ll I J ( .LEAF CIGARS I< SPEcr.u.TY: 1 1 & 3 Cuba..


not the' gilt of prophecy to accurately predict the fate of the old warehouses. As we go to press, a telegram announces that Messrs. Richard M LewlB, Abner Barns and L Francke, appeared on the, breaks as usual on Tuesd!l.y, notWith standing the1r pledge A still later telegram reads as follows: Louisville, May 16.-"Buyertl have goRe back to the warehouses, pledging themselves, however, to support the new warehouse under all ClrCuDlStances." To this information we have nothing to add, except the followmg circular, which the same buyers pre viously sent us. OIRCUL.AR TO THE TOBACCO TRADE GENERALLY. We, whose names are herew1th appended, des1re t o inform the trade throughout the Umted States, Canada and abroadithat we have w1thdrawn as buyers from the sales of eaf tobtwco as they are now conducted at the warehouses in this market. As our reason for th1s action, we desire to state briefly that for some tune past we have felt that the warehouse charges to the buyers _have been too high, espeCially to those who do not des1re any storage, or at the outs1de more than one month. As you are probably aware, the charge to buyers had been $2 per hogshead, with four months' free storage. Instead of that, we proposed to the ware housemen for them to change the terms to $1 25 per hogshead, including one month's storage, and charge twenty-five cents per month thereafter, which, to buyers who wished four months' storage, made 'he warehouse fee equivalent to $2 per hogshead, as charged hitherto. Th1s as proposed by us, was not to go mto operation till January 1, 1880, so as not to interfere w1th their arrangements for the balance of th1B year's business. As the warehousemen declined to accede to our proposal, we found 1t necessary to withdraw from their sales, which we d1d after 11:onday last, the 6th inst., believing that we were con sultmg the best interests of our friends and patrons at a diStance, and that our course would tend to sustain this market as the leading one m the West, m Which a larger busmess than ever can be opened up 8lld conducted upon a bas1s more satiSfactory to the buyers as well as owners of tobacco than heretofore when we state the fact that our names, berew1th ap pended, represent the buyers of over four-fifths of all the toba.-:co sold in th1s market last year, and includes a large major1ty of the buyers here, lou will be able to form some idea of the ImpOrtance o the movement we have inaugurated, and or the certainty of 1ts suc cess. As-your mterest in this matter is IdentiCal Wlth the.tof ourselves, who are endeavonng to get the warehouse charges changed from $2 to $1.25 or less, we trust that you will appreciate our efforts m your be half, and that you w1ll support those brokers and com merchants who are workmg for your mterest m tkis matter by contmumg to send your orders to those whose names are mcluded m the hst herew1th &p}Mlnded, who are the only buyers m sympathy w1th thlB movement, as it 1s only by supportmg them that you can ever hope to have the charges reduced, and save at least seventy-five cents on every hogshead which may be boughtfor you in this market hereafter. By sending your orders to any parties here who are not in sympathy w1th this movement will only render it all the more difficult for us to accomplish the end we have in v1ew. Arrangements for the sales of tobacco by part1es who are willing to make the warehouse charges m ac cordance with our views, are bemg perfected as rap idly as poss1ble, and when completed will be duly an nounced to the trade. Our arm in the future, more than ever, wlil be to r1g1dly enforce rules and regu lations wh1ch will enable the mtegrity of the busmess and samples of thl8 market to stau.d as h1gh as they ever have done, and prove ent1rely satiSfactory m every respect to ourselves and to all who buy d1rectly or ind1rectly m this market. Until puohc auct10n sale arrangements are completed to meet the reqwrements of the situation, we respectfully soliCit your hearty co-operation and aid m this movement for your and our mutual benefit, and that you w1ll govern your selves aooordmgly in any orders you des1re to be filled in the meant1me. Respectfully subnutted RAIDY & WooD, Buyers for KREMELBERG & Co. P. Lorillard & Co., N.Y. DAVID HAMILTON. L P.l\{. LANDRUil1 Buyer for NEVILL & NESBITT. W.O. McDonalu, Montreal. R. J. LANDRUM. WM. G MEIER & Co. KlmBERG & RATTERMAN. W. T. GRANT & Co. FRAYSER & CAMPBELL. G. VAUGHAN & Co. FRED'K R. TOEWATER. J. S. BocxlllE & Co. PETER SPETH. w. J. MATTHEW8. J. 8. THOllPSON. JAJDCS CLARK. J. F SMITH. THBO. ScHWARTZ & Co. JOHN J BONIFACE. ALB'RED T. HARRis, JR. S.ur McPHERSON THlllODORE ScHWARTZ, JR. J M. GILBERT, JR. WM. MCEwEN & Co. MUSSELMAN & Co. WM. P. JoHNSON. W H. BRYARLY. .ALEX. }'ALOONER. M. B. NASH, Broker. J A.HES F. CALLAWAY ABNER HARRIS, Broker. F.W.GERDING&Co.nrokers. L FRANCKE, Broker. RICHA.RD M. LEw18, Broker. W. LINDSAY, Broker. HARTHILL, Broker. LoUIBVJLLJ:, KY., May 9, 1679. Kll'II'OR EDITORIAI.S AND NEWS ITEMS. '""! A CALL.-Mr. Jacob D. Made1ra, manufacturer of fine cigars, and wholesale dealer in c1gars and tobacco at Lower Bern, Berks Co., Pa., paid us the complinlem of a visit on Friday. Mr. Made1ra is an enterprismg young man and is Inaking hiS way in the world. A NEW CoNSUL.-Some tinle since we announced the death of Mr. G. 0. Gorter, the Belgian Consul at Bal timore. We are pleased to learn that Mr. Robert Lehr, of the firm of Messrs. Borunger Brother8, has been recognized by the Prel!ldent as the successor to llr. Gorter. A SALE OF SEED LEAF -On Thursda:y next Messrs. BUrdett & Denms will sell at tbe1r auct1on warehouse ll@le 150 CllBffi of Seed leaf of Connecticut, Pennsyl vania and State growths. Those who, hke Mrs. Toodles, are fond of attending auct10ns, will do well to put m an appearance at th1s one. I BY CABLB:-London, May 12, 1879-The German !l'leichstag has adopted the mot10n of Herr Loewe to liefer the ':tobacco bill to a speCial committee. The Cus toDlB, Taxation and Jud1cial Committees of the Bundesrath have decnded to support Prmee Bismarck's bill levyingprovisionallv and by anticipation all the duties had in the Ta.ri1f bill. --THE GlmJUlll TAIUFF BILL.-A cable d1spatch from Berlin, dated last Thursday, announces that the Fed eral'Council the bill authorizing the pro visfonall'e' of the duties proposed by the tariff bill.' Thus 1t appears that the GOvernment dOes' not expect a prompt approval of the tariff bill itself by the Parliament, but is prepared for a protracted struggle with the lower liR. GR.UT writes:-Both in Cincinnati and Louisvipe of leaf are veey small; any of cold weather dwing April. dealers aac1 find it very hard to fill the order-a of their Prices are consequentli The plants are btwkward and m some sections suffering v.iry much. Cl'6pa in TEmleSBee are suffering for want of ram. :;( -REJi:OVA.L.-llr. James Chaskel, the agent for the "La Vuelta Abajo" Havana C1gar Flavor in this &uniry, has removed his place of busmess from 152 Chambers Street to 66 Warren Street. Mr. Chaskel worms us that the fia.vor; though introduced here only a short time, has met w1th extraordinary favor from cigar-makers throughout the Union, who, when ordering fresh: supplies, write him that the flavor lB an "imme!lBe success." THAT SuPPLEMENTARY TAx.-The proJeCted retroactive :tax on tobacco tmported on speculatiOn contomes to excite a good de!il of apprehens10n m Ger man,Y. According to lateadviCiles supplementary tax on stock on hand is to be fixed at the rate of 74 marks per 100 kilogrammes, and has to be prud by the holders of stock, no matter whether they are traders or pr1vate persons. In Potsdam a meetmg of manu facturers and dealers was held lately to protestagamst the scheme, and the representative for Potsdam m :Parliament was called upon to exert h1mself m oppo sition to the measure. CoNGRATULATIONS.-There 1s not, probably, a mem ber of the tobacco trade of the Urutea States, who will not rejoiCe to learn that the happmess of Dr. T. R. Spence, of Cincinnati, that sterling representative of the tobacco mterest, with which he has been so long and so prommently identified, has received a material accession by the happy marriage1_on Thursday even ing, of his beautiful and accomplished daughter Ell a, at Avondale, the suburban re&dence of her parents. Mr. Charles F. was the lucky gentleman who secured to himself thlS enviable prize, and the gratitl-THE TOBACCO catwn me1dent to the event is made the more appre Clable to the lady's many fr1ends and admirers, by the knowledge wh1ch 'they possess that he IS m every way worthy of his good fortune Though we coul d not be present at the weddmg, as inv1ted, we tender, through th1s medmm, our best wishes for the permanent, joy and prospel'Ity of the young couple. FC>UFL FFLElEl &TC>FL.A..G-El. Opera,'" "The arb1trary word symbol Cartridges,'" arbitrary word Autocrats W. P. JOHNSON. THEODORE SCHWARTZ, Jr. BUSINESS NOTICES. N'e-vv &h.1p "to "the OFFICE OF ANOTHER FREE LEAF BILL.-Washmgton, May 15-The sub committee, of wh1ch General D1brell was chrurman, made a report which was adopted by the full committee, and a recommendation m favor of its passage will be made to the House The second sec tiOn of the bill prov1des:-That no farmer or planter shall be required to pay a special tax as a dealer m leaf tobacco for selling tobacco of his own product10n or tobacco receiv&d by h1m as rent from tenants who have produced the same on h1s lands, and they may sell the same to persons other than those who have pa1d a specUl.l tax as leaf dealers or manufacturers of tobacco, snuff or c1gars, or to persons purchasmg leaf BNTBRPBISH TOBACCO i ABHBOUSH, Tho Now Labol GomDanY, No. 94 BOWERY, NEW YORK. W. P. JOHNSON & CO., Commission :Merchants. We hereby g1ve not1ce that all infrmgements of our PATE='lTED TRADE MARK Daily Auction Sales. Reduced Storage. Commission One Per Cent. to Seller. Warehouse Fees: Sl to Seller, and Sl to Buyer. '' PAB.OLE "" X X BUSINESS MENTION, I oo short a penodl we fe&r "Ill tend to depress pnces and create disappointment The act that ISUpply and demand control prices we thmk, MESSRS FINZER BltOS and all the Louisvllle manu-should Induce holders of tobacco ro sell when rooeipts are light and pnces f Ct f beh d th d h d W reasonable, rather than take chances wheb the tuture prospect i for a a ar Ill e1.r Or erS On an l'lutted market Many enabled to order and sell w1Uie theu Df'lgh 81Dger & .tlate are in the Same pleaSant-Or UUpleaSbors have DO """""ns, and rwn01 says tobacco on b1tls are drn"n wlil be prosecuted by us accordmg to the Trade-Mark Law of the United States. tobacco for export. IMPORTATION OF TOBACCO FROJI PORTO RICO.-.ffav ana, May 10, 1879.The Voz de Cuba complatns of the frequent evasion of the prohibition the Imp or tatiOn mto Cuba of all tobacco exceptmg of Porto RICo. It says San Donnngo and other tobacco 1s brought to Cuba under the name of Porto Rico, and 1t argues that the only means of breakmg up th1s contra band business 18 by proh1bitmg the 1mportat1on of Porto R1co tobacco also, whwh will b!J a gam to Cuban growers and no loss to PortoR1co, 1nasmuch as the latter can market her crop elsewhere The Voz de Cuba cites a case where a schooner cleated from Hav ana for Cienfuegos and sailed for Santo. Domingo, whence she took a cargo of tobacco -to 0ienfuel$'os, where It was landed as commg from Havana. This 1s sa1d to be only one of many such mstances ant, whiCh lS Jtl-dllemma. has not been in order dunng the season TE...."U''ESSKB:, 741-4 NICHOLAS WITSCH, JACOB SCHMI'IT. THAT pleasant, gemal gentleman, Mr M H Gunther, The Cl&rk$VIlle Leaf reports as f ollows -The contmued dry unfavorformerly of Gunther & Stevens, New Orleans, and able we&ther for the c1op keeps rece1pts small for the"""""" ot ld f h the year, but our breaks cue larger than might be expected from the dry o est son o t e emment Baltimore tobacco merchant, "oather The o!l'rings will be this '\leek, w e suppose, between aoo and L \V. Gunther, .has left New Orleans, and will here 400 hogoheads,tbeoa1esot theweeknotbemgoverwhenwegotopress after be found Wlth his brother, G. F Gunther, LouiS The market was strong and active, w>ees for &il grades 'fhe FOR SALE-SCRAPS AND CUTTINGS. Apj>ly to SEIDENBERG & Co., 84 to 86 Reade Street, New York. qua.Uty of the breaks remailUI poor, and we will hardly sec much bette 1 ville, Ky quality untll we have a good, soft. season for pr1zmg and stripping, but few of our :ti.lle crops baVIng beeo prepared for market The seaboa1'd MESSRS CoTTERELL, FENNER & Co., of Dayton, markets lp"e very dull, the old contrn.ct.8 b6mg tilled, and the new o nes S(l ence Bros' Barbe r & Stout, and Allen & Elhs. of FOR S.ll,E -A fresh supply of HlO,OOO pounds genu me "D]:ER1. '0NGUE" flavor for smolting tobacco manufacturers, m lots to smt purchasers, at lowest MARBURG BROS 145, 147 & 149 S. Charles St., Baltimore. GmClpnati,,the well known toi;!acco manufacturers, in -...... oommon w1th all the Covmgton manufacturel'll, are Special Crop Reports to "The Tobacco Leaf." I THE TOBACCO QUESTION IN GERMANY.-ln Han< burg a meeting of the Tobacco Exehange was held lately m suppm.:t of the act10n of a conference of the representatives of German chambers of commerce agamst the excessive tax on tobacco A meetmg of the c1t1zens of the old town of Pforzhe1m was held lately, whiCh was addressed by Messrs. Von Marshall and Katz, members of Parhament, who argued that the pro posed tanff IS mtended ..s a preparatory to a monop oly. The tobacco manufacturers of the distriCts of Meppeu and Lmgen have addressed a remonstrance agamst the projected excessive tax to thmr representative, ex-Mimster Wm trade tor many years, and too much Wlll not be 1f 1t be that he lB a well posted and thorough-tobacco man. Raised in the sect10n of Oh1o where tobacco is one of the most l?romment staples, our home as well as our formgn frwndt! may safely entrust their orders to h1s care THE old firm of John H. McGowan & Co., manufac turers of tobacco machmery, Cmcmnat1, to whose card on our e1ghth pal$'e we refer for further mforma ttOn, have been m existence smce 1852. When the Queen C1ty of the West was comparatively a small town. compared to what 1t 1s to day, the name of the McGowans was already known to our early tobacco manufacturers, f01 to the 1r foundry all had to go for tobacco machmery and tools generally Fin 1shers presses pumps, casmg rolls, and all othm modern machinery pertammg to a tobacco factory, are made by th18 reliable old house. Their latest mvent10n 18 a model of a tobacco machme for plug manu facturers, and has been sh1pped to England and Aus traha to some of the m os t emment manufacturers. All of their patterns are their own mvent10n, and are patented Our tobacco manufacturers may well take n otice of th1s tirm, as the1r figures are low and their square. OF THE E. D. ALBRO CoMPANY manufacturers of c1gar-box lumber and dealers in ;h kinds of ddmestlC wood, Cmcinnati, a card 1s pubhshed on the first page of th1s lSsue. The exiStence of tb1s reputable house dates back about hii.Jfacentury Mr. Henry A. Albro, the venerable father of one of the present proprietors, was the founder not only of this concern, but also the p10neer in the West 1n th1s very branch of the ti ad e. The E D. Albro' Company, as 1ts name implies, 1s a chartered corporation, Its owners bemg men of means and repute, and their busmess in all 1ts various branches 1s enormous The mill, with Its yards en gme house and warerooms, occupies an entire biock. 'l'he finest and rarest of all kinds of foreign wood5 are Imported directly in a normal condition and manufac tured there, and therefore the most costly furmture can be found in th1s warehouse. The cedar wood for cigar boxes, wh1ch 1s a speCialty w1th the Albro Com pany, JS of the1r d1rect 1mportatwn. The1r 1m1tat1on Spamsh cedar c1gar-box lumber 1s a novelty, and 1s manufactqred m such a perfect style that the beauty of 1ts vems and color Jnves 1t the preference almost to the rmported cedar. The machinery by which th1s ld perfected, and by whiCh the gram is produced, 18 the Company's own patent, 1ssued m 1878. The d1fference between the Imported and the1r own manufacture 1s about $30 pel' 1,000 feet. C1gar-box manufacturers may do well to consult the1r mterests by exannrung th1s mvent10n. ------'--O:UR WASHINGTON LETTER. L WASHINGTON, May 14, 1879. An mformal meetmg of the sub co=ttee of the Ways and Means Committee haVJng under consideration the bill amending the present law m reference to the cancellat10n of export tobacco bonds was ;held yesterday. Thilre were present gentlemen who repre sent factories'manufacturmg s1x-temhs of all tobacco exported from th1s country Among them were Geo. Cameron, representmg the two houses of Cameron & Company, and Mr Strmgfellow, of Petersburg, Vir girua. No formal statement was made to the com mittee by these gentlemen, but they were requested to prepare the1r argumllnts and subm1t them to the com mittee m printed fo!:Jll. These gentlemen have re turned to Petersburg, and w11l prepare the1r Clrcula.r, whiCh wlil be forwarded to the committee some t1me next week. They, of course, urge the passage of the b1ll. At a prev10us meetmg Col. Burwell addressed several.members m favor of the b1ll, apd the substance of h1s argmnent will be embod1ed in the Circular, which w1ll be submitted to the comnuttee next week. B. P. GAINES. Col. Burwell's re,narks, as reported by our corres pondent, are crowded over to next week.-;Eo. ToBAcco LEAF. Excl1ange (J1op and Market Comments. SEED LEAF PENNSYLVANIA The Lancaster Exammer and Express report.M tha.t drn mg the past week the market in that locality has been fully a.s actlve as the weeks preceding, and at least 1 ,000 or cases were purchased from the growers As tbas thmg has been gomg on for eeveraJ weeks there 1s not much tobacco m the hU.nds of the larmers (about 2.000 or 8,000 cases' and lota worth purchaalng are beeoming very much scattered In tb.a.t time the buyers, who were W'8.1tiug tor a favorable opportumty to pUrchase, were very _active, and now three or four of them are ready to cease! oper ation Prices remam fii'IIl at what they have been tor months, poor Jots sellmg at very low figures, while a dne lot brlDga from 18 to 22 cents One very fine of selected leaf was sold at :N cents. Sales ot some large lotsot tobacco have been made m York County The Lancaster Intelligencer says -Tbe co!'_Ps of buyen are u large as A NEW ToBACCO W A.REHOUSE AT LOUISVILLE.,RE-heretofore and all of them eager to buy at sugbtly a shape for the manufacturer and Importer, but It$ conditiOn is 1 d b l quite satisfactory and boldel'S expect. 1 t to cure equa.J.-to the previous for many years mam e 'Y the 0 d warehousemen crop The .. white vem" bugaboo "as ID & great measure a story set were rather OUt Of time and a COmbinatiOn by thlS &float by shrewd buyers to the pr>ce when they :flnit entered tabl bod f 'to b bo t han the market ln the crop of lJ5l7 there have been no dunng reepec e Y 0 men nng a U a C ge was-'We there are ollly:,. few hundred""""" in lbe inarlret the consequence< Not slow to see their chance,. two The oung plahts for the coming crop are am&ll, and comill8: on ei'J'! flntlemen of the very best connections in Louisville slOw y, the coofinued cool weather ref&rdiog tlielr 'growth. The pl&nt t ing eeaaon will be 10me four week& lal;er than last year. As far as can r. Theodore Schwartz, Jr., son of that emment Ger-now be learned the acreage to be planted will be abouttheoame as last man banker Theodore Schwartz for over 40 years one year a.mong the old piantel'll, while r::::1 farmers who have hereto-! Lo U d 1 d u W fore grown tobacco wl!l try their at 1t this year So.,., sanguine 0 UlSYl e" CltJ.Zens, an .lllr P. Johnpeople profess to believe that the acreage in this and adjolnlog counties son the son of one of Kentucky's respected familleA be 60 largely iucreaaecl that With .. favorable ......,. the product of openM a new Tobacco ltlspection Warehouse under the crop will reach tiO,'!(ll "" ... 1 of Enterprise Tobacco Wm. little doing in tobacco The P. J ohnso.u & eo.' proprietors. When lt 18_ Bald that growers are alive to tile fact tbat an m....,..ed pnce IS bemg obtained tbe movement Which CaUSed thiS COmmOtiOn iS Only a for the seconds Oler tbat wh4lh W&S pa1d for the wrappers Of very many k ld d th t th fi t bli h d of the croj)S bougbt UJI by the dealers Probably olle-halt of the small Wee 0 l an a lS neW rm Was es a S e On lots and some of'tM larger OD88 ""re 1101d for 8 centiJ and le .. :a! lb and the,loth of May, and that on the of May the to llc sales -were m ,fuli blast supported by 36 of the leading in New York Fine I!I:OUDd le&veo are worth 18c or more. Geo W f ill 1 b Joneo of Deerileld lo bplding 10 toua of 1817 wrappera no1", that )>e aak.s buyers o Lowsv e, P.Vtjry ma,n of usmess talent 20c for, welglrts,lllld has been offered It.; &lid oe putYjwanted must come tQ the conclusiOn thl!ot these young men the refuaal at 19c for & lew days Tbeoe wrappers one 7' 'ago could h d th ;..>' h h d b f -not b&ve been sold for over Jk actual weights, this shows the advance ave oue some mg w l C never was one e orel HI pnce We report sales at Eaot Granby of one lot at and lie At VlZ .. within four days their enterprise, cap1taJ ana E&fleid, Conn, one lot of fiDe 1!\lods at 18 and be one lot of tons at energies have given to buyers a fruB chance to onro-ate _an-t 4c badly pole sweat !laos' to ,oases at <" 7 throljgh At Northampton, one lot at 12c At Haqleld! E Hubbard hao and till orders. It 18 a wonder Ul 1llustra!llon of J>ovgl)t several lots recently, mostly on privAte terms, and 'ilXlO lbs at lie modern" busmess tactiCS The new EnterpriSe To damaged by the flood, and 1 8 cases at 8c badly worm eaten and pole sweat Whately. the ti2 case lot reported at 7c last week, is now rebacco Warehouse charges no teceiving fees tor stor-portedtobavebroughthlgherflgures !twas badfy hail cut, but was mg tobacco not sold. $3 bemg charged by all well assorted, y elding qwte a percen-e of good wrappers A 8 Bel the old warehouses, they only chalge 5Ue per hhd. the past winter, :!110 of whcb were Ha'ana the first month, and 25c. each month after, ullless sold =sm 1n warehouse later, when four months' storage free of The W1sco!ISill (Ede;arton) Tobacco Reporter s ar -l'he actmty in the charge wlil be allowed. If a hhd lS reJected m the tobacco market c ontmues w1th a slight 1n operatons, as a large porw.on of the crop baa been already purchased. Prices contmue new warehouse, $2 Wlli be charged to seller. 1f not taken ilrm, and occasionally we bear of private terms being made, which in out withm ten days. If left on storage longer, 25c. thes e cases mea n a s l>ght mcrease over preva1lmg puces We under h 11 b h d stand "Sa.m'l Ma,rsden sold his .ghotfer, Cigar Manufacturer, chattel mortgage giVen on stock for IU,598 Nn-YoRJ<.-Btaskopf & Brown, Cigars; advertised to he sold out by the asS>gUee L. chattel mortgage g1ven on fixtures for $500 E. Cannmg, CJgars, chattel mortgage given on fix tures for $400 (re newal) W Geisler, Cigars, chattel mortgage given on fixtures for 1400 A Leitner, Cigars, eba.ttel mortgage given on fixtures t o r $400 PRovroKNCE, R f.-John H Watson, Cprs, attached by the sheritr 8T Lours, Mo -Valentrne (;ra.ucer, C1gars, chattel mortgage g1ven for SAN C&, Cigars and Toba.cCOi applied for relief In bankruptcy W D C -W S Roose, Tobacco and C1gars trust deed given for $2,uuu Business Chana-es, New Firms and Removals. ADAltS, Masg -Henry Piehler, Cigar Maker, chattel mortgage giVen for $50 -& Broa, removed from !it West J.ombard CINCINNATI, 0 -John Quinn, Tobacco, Cigars, etc given bill of sale for $200 Holmes, Olunet & Co Tobacco Merchants, removed to 17 and 19 West Second Street dealers m Seed Leaf Tobacco, removed to 69 'Valker &:: sengsta.k, Tobacco Clommisslon 'Merchants and Dealers 10 Leaf Tobacco, 1 emoved to 92 and 94 West Front Street GoldSffiltb & V."arner, Brokers m Leaf Tobacco, Sam'l Goldsmith a.nd Jas. D Wame1 have formed a. co partnership undei' the above style, 87 West Front Street Thos H Wrlght, Leaf Tobacco Broker, 47 West Front Street, new fum & Cre1ghton, dealers In Leaf Tobacco, dissolved, S F Cretgh ton continues. .... .. DETROIT, M1ch -Wrnckler & Chnst111.n Ci.J.;BTS and Tobacco, dissolved El:;Do:N, la.-P E Miller, Cigars, out of '" ... LoUIBVILLE, Ky. -RoSenei &: Strong, Cigars a.nd Tobacco, dissolved, L J Strong continues Kerberg &., Plug Tobacco Manufacturers, succe!S6ors to Kerber" & App, 48 27th Street & Bros Tobacco, ew r;' dissolved, Rice, Nzw You -:M. Ertheiler .t Son, Tobacco Brokers, have 1emoved to 141 W a.ter Street RICHMOND, Va D M Lea & Vo, Totacco Box H&nutacturers, D H Lee deceased 8Tn.l.WATEB, lt:mn .....C H Wittberger. Cigars and Tobaceo; sold out WA001 Tex -Hmchman & Lemon, C1gar Manufacturers, dissolved, L A. Lemon conlinues Patent-Office Reports s i n From April 111, 1879, to May 6, 1879 LEAF TOBACCO AT AUCTION. BURDETT & DENNIS will sell at Auction, on Thursd!lly, May 22, 1879, at 12 .o'clock, w1thin the store 29 Burlmg Slip, New Yo.rk, w1thout reserve, to pay ad vances, 150 cases ConnectiCut, Pennsylvania or State Seed Leaf Toba cco. Catalogues and samples early ruornmg of sale. lt WM P BURWELL, ATTORNEY-AT-LAW, 509 Twelfth St., Washmgton, D. C will attend to cases conung before the Supreme Court of the United States, and espeCial attentiOn wlll be g1ven to the Collection of Clrums agamst the Government, under the rulmg of CommiSSioner Douglass, on the act of 3d of Marcl:i, 1875, 1m posing add1t10nal tax on the Manufacture of Tobacco and C1gars. Refers to the Tobacco Association of the Uruted States NEW REGULATION. Burmng Brand, w1th Number, Collect10n D1str10t and State Sheet Iron Stand and Lamp $1 00 Cast-Iron Stand and Lamp Rubber Stamp Canceller, w1th Manufacturer's Number, Collect10n D1stnct and State.-75 20 Fastened on old handle 1 00 W1th new handle to fit old dates 1 50 W1th dates for 5 years, mk, pads and box, 3 50 H WATTEYNE, 216 Pearl St., New York. LOOK IIH.A.RP FOR .. OUR GRANDFATHER'S CLOCK," -orCo., 36 BOWERY, XEW YORK. We hereby notice that all Infringe ments of our -PATDTED BRAND, DOCTOR'S PRESCRIPTION," w1ll be rigorously dealt with according to the T>ade-Mo.rk Laws of the United States. F0.5TER, HILSON & CO., \ THE DOMESTIC TOBACCO MARKETS FOR THE WEEK NEW YORK -Busmcss has been fair in the leaf tobacco market dunng the past week, but there has been no feature of Importance m an:y department. In Western leaf we hear of prospective sales of some magmtude, but until they are effected only the regu l a r transact10ns can be recorded as a part of the chronicle of the time. As a general propos1tion it may be said the leaf market is fairly act1ve and steady. Messrs. Sawyer, Wallace & Co. report to Twc ToBACCo LEAF as followsWestern Leaf-We have no change to notice m our market, wh1ch contmues qwet but steady, the sales amountmg to 604 hogsheads, of whiCh 332 to manufacINVENTIONS PATENTED. turers, mostly Green Rivers, 105 to JObbers, and 167 Tobacco, Medwated.-N. M Compton, Meadville! Pa. for export, m small lots We have not heard let of Tobacco, and Cur-mg.-C. Hornboste as the arnval of the Italian types, but understan they s1gnor to I Hornbostel, Brooklyn, N.Y. are for 500 As, 3,75 0 heavy Bs, 3,750 hght and Tobacco Pipe.-J Riedel, Berlin, Germany. 5,000 heavy Os, whiCh would naturally tend m tavor Tobacco, Chewtng C G Emery, Brookl:rn, N. Y. of the lower grades and agamst the fine; though Tobacco Box -H. Arnold, Elrzabeth, N. J whether lugs w1ll do for Lh!) Os cannot be determmed Tobacco, Appamtusfol' Treattng Leaf.. -M Rabenan, untli the types arnve Our letters from the West assignor to J Schroeder & Co Md. complam of the prospect of the plantmg on account ot TRADE M.I.RKS REGISTERED the drouth, but we believe from telegraphic reports Long and Shmt Out Stnohng' TOoacco, Plug and that rains have smce been pretty general. The plant ot her Ohewtng Tobacco, Cigars and Ofgmettes. Henrr, ing, however, pronnses to b e later than usual. vVelshl New York, .. The word symbol Tidal \Vave., 1st wee:.:. 2d week. ad week. 4th week. 5th week. Total and Oheunng Tobacco, Cigars, 0"f}arettes 611 793 1,415 1,481 3,500 and Snujf.-Lew1s Bremer's Sons, Philadelphia Pa 1 February 799 1,409, 546 1 ,346 4,100 "rhe word 'Dado,"' "The word-symbol .. 857 892 3,269 316 600 6,000 DidO "' 33B 56\1 351 542 1 1 111 Cigars Oigurettes, and Smoking and Chewing Tobac-May 578 604 1,182 Bar6n it Co., New York, "Th!l arl;)ltranly-_ V1rgtma Leaf-There has been an act1ve demand selected words '!.as Hermanafil'" -for V1rgm1a leaf on manufacturers' account. Johu'Rauch, lnd1anapohs, Ind., "The arbitrarilyeed Leaf-Seed leaf has been m moderate request, selected words 'Capital C1ty ;'" "The picture repre-the sales a ,mountmg to 1,35& cases. -,.,. senting the new State-house of Indiana.' Messrs. Chas. E Fiseher & Bro., Tobacob Brokers, Keros & Swess, New York, The arb1trary words 134 Water Street, report to-THE ToBAcco Lil.u'-as fol' Our Bet. 11 lows conc erning Seed leaf -Our market the past and Ohmmnq Tobacco.-Allen & Co., New' week was w1thout arumat10n. In 1877 crop Sead leaf York, "The arbitrarily-selected words '!olew Process.'" tolffie'Cll very httle was done, while m 1878 crop a f&lr ThomasJ. -Brown and W1lhs E. Hall, Winston, -buemess-waseffooted. Sales foot up. 1,353 C88ell, of. N. C "The arbitrarily selected words 'Balaam s wh1ch the followmg are the details-Ass.' Connect1cut-Sold to the extent of 169 cases of the ." Oigarettes TQbacco.-;-Goodwin & Co., 1877 ,crop wrappers, and realized.-from 20 to SOc, and New York. ''The'word-symool Ofd Judge.'" 696 cases seconds and fillers of the 1878'cropm p'nvate Cigars and Ctgarettes -Se1denberg & Co., Key terms. West, Fla., and New York, "The word Pennttylvania-230 cases of the 1877 crop was dis Golfo,'" "The arbitrary word 'RecreaClon;'' "The posed of, of wh1ch 9 to llc for fillers and binders, and arbitrary word 'Expertos.'" 16 to 18c for assorted lots was paid. Cfgar3.-Bott & Frmtmp, St. Louis, llu., "The' Havana &led-200 cases of the 1878 crop, assorted, words. Veiled Prophet' partly coverall by the de81gn changi;d hands at pr1vate terms. of a veil, and the nan'Ie of our firm, Bott & FnntWuconsm-98 cases of the 1878 crop low grades sold rup.'" for 7c. Jacob T. Emenck, Chicago, Ill., "The pictorial Our Bre':llen correspondent, under date of May 3, representatiOn of the back of a man'il head and of writeS as follows The debate on the new tanff was three boys. m close proximity thereto." opened by Bismarck yesterday, so we hope for a set David Harr1s, Rochester, N. Y., "The name 'D. tlewent of our tobacco du,ty this mQnth. We have HarrlB' and the word-symbol DalBy. been ex.l)ect1ng a TobaccoJwbal'go Lu.w since yesterB. Le1dersdorf & Co., Milwaukee, WlB., "The word-day, but 1t se.,ms the Government haa not determmed symbol Old Abe.' on 1t yet. Such Embargo Law. means that_ all tobacco Krohn, Feiss & Co Omcinnati Ohio, The enterrng the Zoll V erem, after 1tll passage, lB to pay the of the female, the words 'Rose' of Sharon' and the h1gher dut1es to lie hereafter enacted. Speculators letters K F. & Co.'" are agam internmg a large amount of tobaCco lately, S. Lowenthal & Co., Cincmnati, Ohio, "The figures the fear of retroactive duty bemg greatly leBSened. of a young man, a young woman, and of an old man, This market will not be a until our duty substantially as shown, and the arb1trar1ly-selected ts regulated i and then 1t will likely be a small words Sweet Mash-'" "The arbitral'ily-selected market. Rece1pts of tobacco from Amer1ca have words and characters' Stella No. 5' ana the center been almost "rul" smce the beginning of March. marme scene shown." A Bremen special, dated May 1st, reports.-Stock LABELS REGISTERED. (Print) Title Col. Dw1ght ; "La Jeunesse. "Heppenhmmer & Maurer, New York. (Print) T1tle. "Red Robin," "Morning Glory."William Wicke & Co., New York. For the week endmg May 13, 1879. INVENTIONS PATENTED. Ctgars, Ptpes, etc., Apparatus for L:ighting.-W. W Batchelder New York. Tobacco Elevator .-Z. F. Jones, Scottsville, Va. TRADE-MARKS REGISTERED. Chewing and Srnoking Tobacco, Ctgars and Cigar ettes.-Goodwm & Co., New York, "Word-symbol Solita1re.' Kerbs & Smess, New York, "The arbitrary words Good Run.' t Cigars, Cigarettes and Snwking Tobacco.-Simon Ot ten berg, New York, "The arbitrarily-selected words La C1gale Stra1ton & Storm, New York, "The arbitrary word 'Veto;'" ''The arbitrary words "Her Majesty's on hand Seed leaf, 2,870 cases; cuttmgs, 20 cases. Sales, 70 cases of Seed leaf cuttmgs. Prices range from 70 pf. to 250 pf. for wrappers, 60 pf. to 75 for bmders; and fillers, 40 to 55 pf. Spanuh-Havana tobacco has been m good demand and sales are reported at 1,000 bales as follows:-500 hales at 92@$1.10, and 500 bales on pnvate terms. Manufactured-There has been a br1sk mqwry in th1s departmentliboth from manufacturers and agents; better, m fact, t an could be met, owmg to the absence goods, the V 1rgmm manufacturers apparently bemg so muc h occupied m fillmg orders for the West and South, that they cannot spare tune to send here the goods that are wanted. Stocks are very light w this market. and, for that matter, elsewhere as well. We bear of a grocery house order for 11 and 12 inch, that, to be filled, Baltimore dealers, who, also, are busy, have to be called upon. The exports for the week were 97,041 pounds. Snwking-Dealers report an active market. OWars-Trade m this brand contmues fairly active, but Importers say profits are exceedingly small sll"able goods.


' MAY17 -or: Exchange.-Messrs. M. & S. Sternberger, Bankers, 1 c port to THE ToBACCO LEAF as follows.-The quotatiOns are as follows.Ster lm g, 60 days, nonnnal 488 Bigllt, nommal, 489, ste rlin g, 60 days actual, Sight, actual, cable transfers, commercml sterling prime long, 486, good long Pans, bankers', 60 days, 510,Ya, Bight, 515 -Messrs. Carey, Yale & Lambert, F'A11ght Brokers, report to THE TOBACCO LEAF Tobacco Freilfl.ts as follows -L1ve1 pool, steam 80s, srul 27s Gd, London, swam 22s 6d (40 ftJ, sail27s 6d, steam 30s; Bnstol, steam 40s; Havre $8, steam 40s, sail 30s, Hamburg, steam 40s, sail 30s Bremen, steam 42s 6d, sail 30s EXPORTS. Fwm the port of New York to foreign ports for the week were as follows Afnea-32 hhds. ArgentiruJ Republu-11 hhds, 110 pkgs (13 1327 lbs) mfd Antwrp-114 hhds, 91 case&. bhds Brztuh pkgs (14,187lbs) mfd Brh Po88estw1Ul in Afl hhds, 72 pkgs (8, 784 lbs) mfd. B1 ttuh Nm th Am< 1'iCl'ica-3 hbd. Cuba-112 pkgs (21,793 lbs) mfd Danuh West I11.dies-fl hhds, 10 pkgs (210 lbs) mfd. Gii>ra.ltar-30 bbds, 42 pkgs (5,U27 lbs ) mfd Glaog01o-2 hbds Ham"e-6 pkgs (200 lbs) mfd. hbds 115 bllles. Iihds, 27 pkgs (10,614 lbs) m f d LQndo'n-1 case, 8 pkgs (815 lbs) mfd U. S of Colomhia.-1 hbd, 156 balu, 119 pkgs \8,937 lbs) mfd V'enauela-1 case, 10 pkgs (1,400 lbs) mfd. IJIPORTS, The arnvals at the port of New York from foreign ports for the week included the follow me coasurnments : B>'Il1Mn.-Hermann Koop & Co 127' bales tobaico Live?'p0<1/.H Themelie, 1 case tobacco. Xanita-Order, 10 cases Cigars HaM1Wr-M & E Salomon, 104 bales tobacco, F Garcia 117 do, }3. D1az & Co. 17 do, W H. Thomas & Bro 108 do: F Alexandre & Boos 20 do, A Cohn 5 cases c igars, W H. Thomas & Bro 2 do, G W. F'aber 10 do, Purdy & Nichola s 5 do, L P & J Fmnk 8 do M1cbaehs & Lindemann 4 do, H R. Kelly & Co 7 do, H11ward lves 10 do, B D1az & Co. 1 do Hensel, Bruckmann & Lorbacher 4 do, Park & Tilford84 ,do, Acke1, Merrall & Condit 24 do; Gutman & Rice 3 dn, Heyman & 2 do, Renauld. Francois & Co. 3 do, H 111 Morns 5 do; G Hilton Scnbner, 1 do, S. Linington & Sons 4 do, Me1chants Dispatch Co. 12 do, Esberg, Bachman & Co 8 do J & W Seligman & Co 2 do A B Rosenbaum & Co 2 do, A. Owen 4 do, Bogert & Morgan 2 do, Kausche & Dowmnl! 1 do, F Alexandre & Sons 19 do, S Fuguet & Sons, Philadclplua 6 do. QUOTATIONS of WHOLESALE PRICES. PARTICULAR NOTICE. Every re-sale is supposed to be at an advance on tlrst cost, the prices obtainable by growers of tobacco, therefore. wm always be somewhat lower than these quotations. WESTERN LEA.F, BJ:V.6N.l Fn..I..E:R8-Common Good Fine YA.RA-Assorted lots I cut ll cut JUAI'iVFACTUHED TOBACCO. PRICES IN 24 CaTS PXR Pomm. "81! 100 1 120 80 102!11@110 IBucu-@28 lOs, 128, and )4lbsll@l5 & 17@25 Navy4fl, 68, &and )jlD8 14@18 & 20@211 Navy lOs or Pocket Pieces 16@22 Megrohead twl8ti Cl!GABS, Havana, Ill SOO@UO j Seed, per lll Seed andZ! per Ill 40@ 90 16@40 GRANULATED lll!I:OK::II'iG TOBACCO, llledlum to rood lil'046 1 Good to 11ne $46@120 Sl'I"UFP, [Subject 'to dlscounl v. the wholesale trade.l M:affl SUoml.boat LiruJ. H Bcbubart & Co 1 case; S Barnetl Levy & 27 do, J Delmonte 5 do; Chilli F Tag & Son do: Joseph M&:)'.e"' Sons 84 do; Davis & Day 22 do; S Rossm 1 bale, Lobenstem & 1 Guns 14 do, A L & C L Bolt 15 do; Order 1 do. By 1M N8'11J York a114l Hatrf{ord .BUamlloat LtM.-M'll Levin 50 cases: G Falk & Bro241 do, Davis & Day 4 do; J Delmonte 18 do; & Storm 111 do; Lichtenstem Bros & Co 98 do. By tll8 NeUJ Yles of new to date mcludmg that sold before January 1, 9,234 hhds, same t1me last year, 23,774 hhds We have had a slight loca l war m our trade, the start of which was caused about a month ago by some of our regular buyers, and a few very Irregular ones demaudmg a reduction on theu share of fees They also demanded a change m th e present rule as re g&rds StOrage, WhiCb1nOW entltJes the purchaser of a hogshead to four months' free for more than that t1mc 40 cents per month additiOnal, this they demaEded slion!d be thirty days' free storage and 2.5 cents per month afterward, these changes to take effect January 1, 1880, but a poilitive promise to be made by the warehousemen on or befotll !lay 6, that time beiUg fixed upon as the time when receipts and sales are usually than at any time in tbe season, tb1s fact was openly admitted m a regular meetmg of our Tobacco Board of Trade, by the mouthpiece of the di ssa tisfied 'l'he warehouse men finally proposed to confer w1th all the open markets of the West to see If they could not agree upon such nmform feu as will enable them to make the concessiOn the buyers asked, pledgmg themselves to do all in the1r power to establish s uch fees, this proposition rejected On Monday May 5 the matter reached ns climax by twentysix members resignmg from the Board of Trade, these, with a few buyers not mem bers, abandoning our regular daily auct1on sales 'fhe ware housemen 'determined to stand sohd, and have had druly sales as usual, with a large number of buyers, anq quite an addition from other markets, also three of the seceders, fully main trumng pnces of every descupt1on I have no doubt but the war Will be over and an amnesty proclamation issued m my next. QUOTATIONS FOR NEW TOBACCOS. NondesCII'VfJI r-HeOM,J Bodied.-. -Red Dark. Red. Bnght. Com. lugs 2 @2.)4 27f@2% o @ 6 7 @ 9 Good lugs 2.')4@4 2}2@4 6 @ 9 Com leaf 4 @6 4 @II 9 10}2@12 Good leaf.. .3.)4@4 6 @9 5 @7 9 @11 12 @14 Fine leaf @ 9 @10 7 @9 11 ((lll3 14 @16 Selections @.. .@.. .@.. .@.. 16 @18 Red heavy bodied and red cutting for plug kinds NASHVILLE, Tenn.-Mr W. W Kirby, Leaf Tobac co Broker, reports to 'l'HE 'foBAcco LEAF as follows Our market is active and firm this week at prices a shade higher than last week Sales last week, 101 hhds; sales fir st three days this week to date, 31 hbds The cool, harsh, dry weather that has prevatled for the last four or five weeks bas almost s toppelil receipts, but we had a splendid rain 1ast night, and the appearances md1c ate more ram. So we may reason ably look for a sharp resumption m receipts m a few days. QUOTATIONS. Light. HeOIDl/ Trash lugs .. .. .. .. .. .. 2 00@ 2 30 2 25@ 2 50 Common lugs. .. .. .. .. .. 2 40@ 3 00 3 00@ 4 00 Good lugs.... .. .. .. .. .. .. 3 25@ 4 00 4 00@ 4 75 Common leaf. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 4 00@ 5 50 5 00@ 6 00 Medmm leaf........ .. .... 5 60@ 6 75 6 25@ 7 50 Good Leaf. ... .. .. .. .. .. 7 00@ 8 75 7 75@10 00 PHILADELPHIA, Pa.-Mr Arthur R. Fougeray, To bacco Manufacturers' A"ent, reoorts t.o THE TOBACCo LEAl' Dealers m maD.llfactured plug tobacco the week found themsel vea entirelr. unable to supply the demand for goods from the stock daily received from manufacturers In fact, the rush hat< been unprecedented Receipts were extraordin ar1ly large but not equs.I to tlle demand, so that from present appearances and constaut mqUiry for stock, especmlly certam brands, some 11me must before the trade can be satisfac tonly 8Upplled. Pr1ces bold steady and firm, w1th strong mdi catiOns of an ad vance ere long I!'iruJ Cut8-Large receipts, With a decided improvement m the quality of the chew It I S desuable and more plcasmg to the taste than heretofore. Smolcing '!Obacw-Coming m f1eely, with favorable indica tiOna of an mcrease In the demand lor granulateo and cut and drl'. Pnces generally from 6 to 8 cents off. grades move off finely wh1le common goods show a slight falling off. Fine domestic show a continued liD provement Snuff-Shipments shll very heavy, hut no 'let up on orders. Recei}lts for the week 4298 bxs, 44,878 cb.ddies, 4218 cases, and 234U n111ls ot tine cuts. Exported to Antwerp per steamer Switzerland, of manufac tured tobacco, 51,760 lbs Receipts of manufa"tured tobacco during the month of April, 1879.-1071 bxs, 13,292 cadd1es, 827 cases, 796 palls, total, 16,1!88 pkgs Exported of manufactured tobacco during the month of Apnl, 1879 10,040 lbs. Seed Leaf-Handling leaf sUitable for cigar purposes shows no discouragml! aspect e1tber at present or for the future, up on the contrary much to encourage. Stock of old leaf IS growing weekly matenally less, and the demand increases, theietore prices holtl very steady and favor holders. ;New leaf contmues to arrive m considerable quantities; packe1s claim it will be up to standard. About 175 hbds of Western leaf, suitable tor cuttmg purposes, were received this week by one of our pnnctpal cutters Havana-Qmck!y taken if 1t ftll3 the billm quality. Receipts for the week .-210 cases Connecticut, 129 do Pennsylvama, 106 do Ohio, 124 do Wisconsm, 30 cases State lleed, 102 bales Havana, and 513 hhds of Vugmiaand Western leaf tobacc o Sales for home were -110 cases Counect1cut 223 cases Pennsylvania, 23 cases Ohio, 28 cases W1sconsin, 2ii cases State Seed, 76 bales of Havana, and 190 bhds of V 1rginia and Western leaf tobacco. Exported to Antwerp per steamer Switzerland, of Western leaf tobacco, 529,609 lbs Receipts at port of leaf tobacco during month of April, 1879.Connecticut Seed. . . rennsylvania Seed. .. .. .. .. . Ohio Seed . 408 cases 602 c&aes 49 CaseS 95 cases 86 C&lles Wisconsin Seed ... State Seed ....... : ... .. 1,24.0 cases ... 334 bales .... 871 bhds 2 445 pkgs 8ilea of leaf tobacco for home uae for the month of April, 187i.-Connecticut Seed" ... . ..... 356 cases Pennsylvania Seed.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 701 cases Ohio Seed.. .. .. .. ... .. .. 4.8 eases WISconsm Seed.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. . 711 cases State Seed 84 cases 1 1 ; 264 cases Havana leaf .. .. .. .. .. 2115 balu V uglDla and W estero leaf ......... l 70 bhda ... 1.6211 pkgs. Exported dming month of April of leaf tobaceo.-Antwerp, 180,8111 lbs, Liverpool, 103,1111 lbs, total, 284,006 lbs. Receipts of licoriCe at port of New York fQI'week reported expressly for 'fHE 'l'oBACCO LEAF & Argulmhliu, per Hart, from Malaga, 50 pkgs (12, 777 lb8) 8pan1sh liconce paste BICHMOND.-Mr. R. A. Mills, Tobacco Broker and Commiss1on Merchant, reports to THE TOBACCo LEAF:There 18 no change to note m our market. Offermgs at auction:-May 12, 111 pkgs sold at 2 20@25, 30 taken in at May 13,53 pl &TJR.DmT, (near Broadway), N'::&I"'VV Y'OJR.K.. LIQUORICE P. ASTE The undersigned cQntlnues to manufacture and Import Spanish and Turkish Liquorice Paste, which he offers to the Trade at Reduced Prices. Manufacturers will find it to their Interest to apply to him before purchasing else where. James C. McAndrew, .t.equlred under he Lawe Ot1he 55 Water Street, New York. United Statelj!l. ROBT.W .OLIVEI! WESTHAM TOBACCO WORKS. JOHNE.ROB.INSON. OTTV'ER, & PROPRIETORS, 'V':Z:JR.Gir::r.N':Z:.A., Manataeturera all Stylee PLVG and SJUOK:ING TOBACCO, CIGARS and CIGARETTES. SOLE OWNERS AND MA.NUFACTOBERS OF THE CELEI!RA.TED &E1WT" :J?L.A.N'ET" Brands Of Olgaro, formerly made by BUCHANAN & LYALL of New York. SOLE lllA.NUFA.OTURERS of the CELEBRATED --- T. c:::J." Cig'&.r!!!&;--Whlch '"now ge.lnlng a wide reputation, Also SOLE MA.NUFACTIJRER.S o! the NEW STYLE, PATENT REVENUE STAMP ATTACHED. NEW YORK OFFICE:-'T8 WARREN ST.! H. WIRT MATTHEWS, Speeial Aa:ent. Low Leaf Medium leaf 5 @ 6 7 @ 8 9 @10 I showers have passed over different distriCts, and we hear that I the planters are engaged in curmg that part of the leaves, which already had been put in the pllon Particular n ews are not to be reported from tbere Remedws-No sales until now have been made, and it is said that the priCes will open at $45 Good leaf Fine leaf B11.ght smokers Bnght and sun-cured fillers brown bnp:ht Market moderately active. 6 @25 5 @15 15 @75 @ SAN FRANCISCO Cal. -The anivals overland for the past \\eek were as foflows:-L & E 11,460 lbs tobacco, 4 cases cigarettes Esberg, Bachman & Co, 6,563 lbs tobacco, 9 cases c1gars, 1 do cigarettes, E. Cohn & Co 300 lbs tobacco, S cases Cigars, Michahtscke Bro s 11 cases Falkenstem & Co, 2,000 lbs tobacco, 2 cases c1gars, 2 do cigar ettes, W G Irvme, 6casesmgars: Sanderson& Horn, 1,000lbs tobacco, Ruhl Bros, 4 cases Cigars, J. Schoent!eld, 18,660 lbs tobacco ; A. Pollak. 2 do, A. S Rosenbaum & Co., 7,600 lbs tobacco, Wellman P & Co, 1 case cumrs, J. W. Shaffer & Co 750 lbs toba cco, J. M. P1ke & Co., 1;880 do, F. F. Porter, 100 do, Oppenlie1mer & .Bro 190 do, 1 case Cigarettes, J F Cutting, 2 cases cigars, N. B Greenhelder, 1 do, Occidental Hotel, 1 do. The followmg are the quotations Connect icut leaf Wmppers, 20@45c, bmders and tillers, second wrappers, 20@25c Pennsylvama leaf-Wrappers, crop 1876, 25@4.'ic, runnmg lots equ&lly divided in wrappers, binders and tillers, crop 1877, 25c; bmders and tillers, 15@20c; se !ected lots 40@45c Havana leaf-Filler, 90c@$1.20, wrap pers, $2 50@8 25 Bright wo1k-lls and 12s medmm, 48@ 50c do good, 50@55c, do fine, 55@70c, hgbt pt essed medmm, -@-c, do do fine, 55@70c, do do, extra, 70@75c. Double and single tluck-Navy as 4s and osgood, 50@55c, do do do, extra chOice, 55@65c, 7flbs and lb s mechum, 48@50c, do do good, 50@55c, do do extra, 55@65c, tw1st 6s and 12s, 55@ 70c Fme cut chewwg-Bucket, 00@90c, good 1i! gross, $9@ 10 Smole have been sold at very low rates, and on the 15th of tbts month 800 bhds same kmd Will be brought in public sale agam, whereby holders of this kmd can only sell at prices g1vmg a loss. Sold 16o hbds 30 do oomg still under sail per Pab1a. Of Java to bacco 6857 bales, excepting a smgle lot of mostly ordmary cut lmg kinds, could find buyers by subscription and auctiOn at reasonable figures. On the 18th and 14th msts. 11,344 balu Sumatra will be brought in the market by subscnptioo. Stock to day .-769 hbds Maryland, 545 do Kentucky, 4000 bales English East Indian, 8207 do Java, 13,721 d\1 Sumatra. HAVANA, Jlc9 unmfd, 83,205 lbs cigars. Adelaide, l\farch 8, 1879 84,o28lbs Cigars Bnsbane, March 7. 1879-128,915 lbs mfd, 96,872 lb6 unmfd 4636 lbs Cigars THE TOBACCO MANUFACTURING INTEREST OF DURHAM, N C -In the county of Orange, N. C, there are twenty tobacco factor1es and one ctgar factory in operatiOn, fourteen of whtch are located m Durham. The stamp-tax pa1d by the manufacturers of the county during 1878 amounted' to $726,940 Four of the largest warehouses m tbe State are looated m Durham, and another of equal dunenswns 1s now in the course of constructiOn, and will soon be opened. Of late several changes have occurred among the tobacco manufacturing firms in that locality; some new firms have been started, and the removal of Jllll.o terial and manufactured stock from place to place has commenced under the special perilllSsiOn of the Internal Revenue Commissioner. TOBACCO CULTIVATION IN RUSSIA..-Tobacco is largely cult1vated in Russ1a, and the seed used on the plailw tions is from the Uruted States and from Turkey. Ao cordmg to the official report for the year 1877, there were raised m twelve southern provinces about 3,000,-000 poods (or 120,000,000 pounds); in Caucasus, 75,000 poods (or 3,000,000 pounds); and in Siberia, 27,000 poods (or 1,0SO,OOO pounds); or, altogether, about; S 102,000 poods. At the rate of two roubles per pood the revenue from tobacco is over $6,000,000 a year. Ail the Russian tobacco IS consumed by Russmns. .. SKU.ES &. FREY, Packers anct DeaJers in Pennsylvania Leaf Toha!'Co, 61 63 North Duke PiC)


' 2 TELLER BROTHERS, Pallllers, Ct1111bsleo Merchants, ud Wholtule Iuten 11 an.d Leaf Tobacco, '-"'' 1.17 North Third -street., Philadelphia. Wo EISENLOHR & PACKERS AND WHOLESALE DEALERS I N L E A F T 0 D .A C C_..O, ::1.15 s. -ter _.s-t., ::Jf'"J; W. E LSEN'LOHR, PiiiL. BONN. L. BAMBERGER & CO., DEALERS lN I...E.A.P TCEI.A.CCO, And Manufacturers of all Crades of Cigars, 111 Arch St., Phlladelphfii, Pa. LEWIS BREM.ER'S SONS, Wholesale Dealers ia 'LEAF" AND MANUFACTURED TOBACC1)1 NO. 3 2 2 NORTH THIRD S'fREE'I, PHILADELPHIA. II" A large assortmsnt of all kinds of LEAF TOBACCo constantly on S KIMBLE .A.GEI.\TT'$ FC>:Fl. L -OT TIER'S W. & CO.'S :D"CTR:EI:.A.J.v.I: SD::l.ok.i.n.c;, ; York Bo&ton, Pittsnnr[h, Chica[o, St. Lonis and Cincinnan. GUMPERT BROSs MANUFACTURERS of FINH CIGARS, .. THE T 0 :B A C 0 L E A P. .SaltiJnora Advertisenie.nts. WESTER N ADVERTISEMENTS. A. BOYD & co., T.R.SPENCE. J.P.SPENCE N.T.SPENCE. C.A.SPENCE LEAF UOPORT 0 BA c c 0' AIBIOSIA TOBACCO WOIK l No. 33 south Spence Brothers & C o "AMBROSIA" "WIGWAM" F:I:N"ECUT.. N"os. 54, BG, 58, GO *' GB Ea.a1: Th.:l.rd S1:ree1: C:X:N"C:I:':N"N .A.TI. J. &. CO., MANUFACTURERS OF ALL KINDS j PLUG TOBACCO, nli::IDDLETC>'VVN, C> 1 C>-u.r :a:..ea.t:l.i:n.g :Bra.:n.ds: .. SOLID COMFORT,' 'TRADE DOLLAR,' 'TIDAL WAVE,' 1 BLACK DIAMOND.' J c::'h 'D. Pi.::D..ze:r &. El:rc::s .. l!1AN1JII'A.(JT1JREBS OF ,. -o X.e>D.I!; Joh.:n. a .... :Bric;h. a,n.d :B!J.ack., C>l.d B Ce:n.1: ::E"1urr;, AND OTHER POPULAR STYYlS OF Ji'INE NAVY TaBACCO 1 LC>U:I:S'V:I:::r..::r..E, G. f. liCKS & C-8., ldanu!aetmers' Aentr for the Sale of w. Missolll'i. and i Kentncty Also Manufc..cturers of HERBE DE Inds o f C lGARETTES. R. E. Vocs:E, G. F. Koou. R. E. VOCKE & CO., :B.A.CCC> MANUFACTURER OF CIGARS, AND DEALER IN Gonoral-GomlliiTsion Morch'ts s E cor. o h eapstde & st8. Leaf Tobacco EJil"l:RANCK ON r.oMBAB.D BALTIMORE, MD. W K. hAkKl!.R BARKER & wAGGNER 20 Co.mmerce St., Balthnore. D. 'l'ODA_COO SHirPJKG Day"to:n., 0. 152.WEST MAIN SifREET, srorderafor Export and Home Trade promptlJ' X.o-u.:l-v:l.l.l.e, attendedJ to. GRO, W W tCKB, N Fmurr, EDw J FOREE JACOB 'II"XIL, Ano> K EI.A.OOC> LEAF T 0 B A C C .O, IANUFAGTURER8' AGENT, _25 German St., Baltimore, Md. 304 FRONT sTREET, DARK WRAPPERS CONSTA.'ft'LY ON HAND. T:IIJN"::DIT. P ROPRIET O RS, Front & 915 recS C::I:N"CXN"J.'\T .A.T'X, C>. J AKES s W.&.YNH:, .r. H RATTEaKA.."VN Dally A.ue&lon and F'rt"l a t c Sales. Advances made on Consignments. DEALI:RS IN FO:&EIGN and DOMESTIC X.EAF TOBACCO, 60 West Front' Street, Bet, Walnut and VIDe, CilfPINNATI, 0 F. G. WorD, Ohio. CHARLES R. MESSINGER, loiANUFACTUK1R OF The "F. G." AND. NATIONAL LONG CUT SMOKING& Also, the Indi_ a n __ a.nd Sun Flower Chewing _W. JillaT, Cbicaco; LOiliN PALMER, )lew Yortt; W. H. RUSSELl., Chicaco. & CO., PETERSBURC, VA., AbVERTI8EMENT8. (Suoc ess o r t o JOHN C. PA!i.TRIDGE Itt <:0.,) S.WW. VENABLE Ofllce: Cor. :Dynae a. Beti&:z: sts., Petenburgh, Va. GOLDEN CROWN CIGARS, Factory: 19 \Second J District, 57 L'ke Street and 41 State Street, Chicago, 111. lib-facture and Oller t1> tile Trade the lell4wiq CJtLKBllATED BRANDS of ALSO AGENTS J'Oil THE FOLLOWING WELL-KNOWN PLUG CJIIEWIKG P A I h l I\ :. : I ( "l I I I M A Y 17 M I SCELLANFAJUS ADVERTISEMENTS HINSDALE S MITH &. SON, (Su cce!!son t o H SUITH & C O ) PACKERS AND JOBBERS OF Connecticut L ea.f Tobacco 20 HAMPDEN ST., Springfield, MassL Hlb1SDAL R E H SMITH. C 0. HOL YO.E, COMMISSION MERCHANT In LEAF and MANUFACTURED TOBAOOO, N Cen .t1'al W h a,.r, Boston. ffichmond'Tobacco Works :Fl.:l.oh.:a:Lo:a.a,. 'V a.. S. P. MAYO & CO. llla.nufae"'"' t h e lf<>llowll\l t lteaistered l!lrant., Blue 'l!'op Pe.-lque, C.ll.otc, Ptoueer, F-or tbe requirements C1f tbe Trade we DEALERS A ND P ACSERS OF PENNSYLVANIA SEED LEAF .TOBACCO, .. Petersburg, lancaster Co., Pa. s. w. wfioox, PACJrnR OF SEED LEAF TOBACCO, HARTFORD, CONN. C. & R. DORMITZER & CO. Dealers & Commi&SHlll MEI'Ghants in :LEAF TOBACCO, 2 NORTH MAIN ST., Bet. Main and Second Sts., ST. X..C>U:I:S, DII:C>. Choic e B rands of Imported Licorice always o n hand. Libe :al Cash Advances made on Consig n menta. ROLl, SCHAEFER. & cO:, L YNCHBURC VA.,. BUYERS A-'-'D HANDLERS OJ<' W W. KIRB Y TOBACCO BRO KER, 112 Broad St., Nashvflle, Te.nn. Refers \;ly permission to ""Mr. 'Edw. J aDes, Th.inl National :Iia.nk, Nas h vllle; and Pollard Pe'ttus &; PEMBERTON & PENN," Tobaccu Commission Morch'nts W ith a long experience in the business, tbeir t o til l orders for Leal or Manufactwed. :J:) .A..J.'\T'V':I:LLE "V' .A. A7R..VENABLE,Jr. TOBACCO BROKER, Pa.rltll1 'Vi.l.l.e, "V' -if. Dr" Specialat1;entloo. paid oo Buying, OrdOJ:i:lc and Priz i n g Leaf INited oo ErildUb Ooi>. M e diterranean, French an4 A.tnC&Ii J:J;).Itkelj!. :ReferB l o Mes!ll'll. Hfil, Sklnke r & WatkiDII lUcll m ond.. -:Ya., a:wi MM8r8, S. W. Venable Oo., Petersburg, Va. lfBW TtftiG, &oLD ifJI4IOIP. fl. TIETIO & BROTHER, M AN U FA CTURERS OF .";J C I Q. .A. R. B,. ANP DEALE R S IN LEAF TOBACCO,' 215 WEST FIFTH ST.,, CINCINNATI, 0. Do( S1iBJikif', WHOLESA.LJ: DJ:A.LIIt Ill .A..N' .A. -Aw ..... DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCO, 14 North Canal 8treet, CBIOAOO ILL. W. M:. tADD, TIIBACGI BUYil (F01 THE TltADii:,) 81 N. Main St., St. JAS. A.IIHNilERSON & GO., DI!IALEBS nr Vlrgl.nla ead North CaroNna LEAF TOBACCO, Da.JD.-v:l.l.l.e. 'V'a.. Smoten UlOi llrlgbt a 8pMialtJ'. --Orders Soli cited. Refer< '""'" W :-1. F. X. Buno&, C.' G. TOBACCO BROKER, ::&;;. -y, REII'ER'&NCEB BY PERII1SSI O !I : 1 0. Latham, i'rM't ll&llk Hopi

MAY 17 Business Directory of AdvertiSers. 1 NEW YORK. Tobacco Ahner & Dehls 190 Pearl Allen & Co, t7S a.nd 175 Chambei'R Appleby & Helme, 133 Water and 85 Pine Barnett S. 182 Water Buah & Flsci>er, 155 Water. Bulkley & Moore, 74 Front. Oo.rdozo A. H. 66 Broad. Orawtord E M. & Son, 168 'W!I.ter. Dohan, uarroll & \.iO 104 Front. DuBois Eugene. 75 Front. !!;ggert Wm. & Co. iWi Pearl F. IllS. Wub.Jnafo<>n Square Fnof Tobacco SweG!ing PJdlip c. s & Co. 188 Pearl New Proce88 of Ourtng Tobacco. Hornbostel Chas. 7 New Street Lef:lt/ Tooac co James B 61 Front Commiuion Mercltantl. lleynes Brothers & Co., 4G & 48 Exchange P16ce. Buyer of 1bbacco. Tobacco Broken. Cattus l olrn. !!3 Beaver Fischer Chas. E. & Bro. 134 W e.ter. Xillidcutt & Bill, 52 Broad. Ospome Charles F. M Broad. Bader M. & Son. 48 Broad llhaOk A. L\l9 Malden Lane. Jla>&ur of Smokift{l and Chemnq Tobaooo. Andenlnn John & eo. 114. 116 and tl7 cLibeft7', lluchlu>&n & Lyall !01 Wall Buchner D. 218 and 215 Duane. Goodwin & Co. 1107 & 009 Water. Hoyt Thomaa & Co. 4j)! Pearl Kinney Bros. 141 West Broadway Lorlllard P. & Co. 114 Water,_.._ llc4lpln D. 11. & Co. cor Aveuue D and Tenth Hiller G. B & Oo. 117 Columbia. Pioneer TohAcoo Company, 1 Waler. All"" II and 8m<>lri"'l """""""''etc. Zngelbach F. Iii 8. Washington Square Hen A. & Oo. 43 LibertY. Hunl H. W. 69 William Wille & Bendbelm, 121 Bowery of OiQan. Alees George, 203 Pearl BoDdy IIi: Leaerer, 96 to !10 Attorney Bruaei Jam.,. & Co. 78 Bowery Ol&ocum 111 Schlosser, 15 Rl'ringtoD. Bartcorn J. A. 21 Bowery Bellhroner & Josephs. 358 Bo,.eey Wrsch D. & Co. 1ljl> &n170 llowery Love Jao. \V, 30:t Bowery lle!Miei 111. W. & Bro. 151-2 Boweey Orgler 8 85 llurre.y Prager K. W. ';'5 Courtla.ndt '3t. Bokoh& Co. 81 Water SeidenoeI & Co. 84 a.nd 66 Reade Smith E. Bower:v SmltJl Isaac L. Btl 00 and 92 Cana.t Sta.chelberg M. & Co., U".! and tH Liberty Striilton & Storm, ll04-208 East >l7th Sutro &:: Newmark, 76 Park Place Manufacturers of Fine Ha'IXIMG Brown & Earle, 211 and 213 Wooster Foster, Jl11son Co. 3lS Bowery SanChez, Haya & Co. 13oJ, 182, 134 Malden Lane lmporten of Havana Tobacco and Oigari. Almirall J. J l6 Cedar J'reiseE.157Water Friedman Leono.rd, 203 Pearl Garcia F 167 Water Gonzalez A. 167 Water Xerbs & Spiess 1014-1020 2d Avenue M....,nger T. :fl.& Co. !6 1 Malden Pascual L. 156 Water SanchezrHa.ya & Co. 180_,_1811, 1114 l'lfalden Lane Scoville.!!.. H. & Co. 1711 water Bcidenbetg & Co. 84 and 96 Reade Solotnon M. & E. 85 Maiden Vega & Bernheim, 187 Pearl Well & Co. 65 Pine Weiss, Eller & Kaeppe l 200 Pearl Yhor V. Martinez & Co. 1!10 Pearl for Chewing and Smoking Tobacco. :Mathews I W. 78 Warren Jfonuj'adurers ot Key We.'t aM lmporter1 of Cigart. De Bary Fred'k & Co. 41 s .ud 43 Warren McFall & L&wson, 33 Mm-ray lleldenberg & Ce. 84 and 96 Reade JCanujact u.rerl of Meerschaum an.d Amber Qoods. Wels Carl, 398 Grand Importe,.. of Cla71 Pipoo. Baehler & Polhaus. 88 Cham be" BeD A & Co: 43 Liberty Kaufmaun Bros. & Bondy, 129 and 131 Gra.nd Man1,(acturerB ol Briar Pipu and Im.porterl of Smokers, BUehler & !'?lhaus, ll3 Chambers Ba'tvey & 8116 and ll61 uanal Hen A .t Co ... Liberty Kaufmann Bros.&: Bondy, 1!!9 and 18i Grand Manufactutert o.f McAndrew James C. M 'Va.ter lltam!ord Manu!actwing Co. Maldon Lane Weaver & Sterrr 24 Cedar ImporteJ-s of Licorice Pal1te, GU!ford, 8berman & !nnis, 100 WUli&m Al'gUil!ttw.u._ Wallace&: Co. 29 and 81 8. WWiam HcA.IIdrew .Janles C. 55 "7ater We&ver & Sterry, 24 Cedar Zurlcald&y & Arguimbau, 102 Pearl Imporler1 9/ Gums, Tonqu.a etc Merrick T. B. & Co. 100 and 182 WUUam Jlonufacturers of Powdered Licorlc.e. 1Jr1D1D 'Vate1 Finke Charles, & l;o. 1 M water Unde F. C. & Co. 142 Water Tobacco Guthrie&: Co. 2:25 Front of Cigar Henkell Jacob, 293 and 295 Monroe StraUE S. 179 and 181 Lewis Wlall:e William & Co. 103-161 Goerck Dwaler i'n Spani&-h Ciga.r-Box Upteerove W. E. 41-475 East Tenth Spanish and German Cigar Ril>lfx>M. Beppenhelmer & Maurer, 22 and 1M N. li'!IIWn Loblll>ateln & G8DB, Laae Loth. Joseph & Bono, 4!18 Broome Stra.uss S!rn 1n, 1t'9 Lewis Wicke Wm. & Co. 103-161 Goerok Bealer Toot. and MateriGII tor Cigar Manufactu...,.., Watteyne H Pearl Jla>&u.facho,..,. of Crooke' Com,..,....a Tit. Foa, Tooacco, }!king Tobacoo. Emmet W C 74 Pine Importer of Oiga.rette .Ebper. May Brothers, lOll 2d .A.Tenue Manufacturers ot Cigar Fla1HJrr. Fries Alex. & Bros .. !6 Collea:e PJac!l Importer of Havana Cigar .zt'iavor. Chaskel James, M Warren ..4.ppleby's Oiga.r Muchines and Havana c-'igar Sutphen JohnS. 58 Whitehall Pattnt Tobacco L.'oLorutg, Buehjer &, 83 Chambers Commerci!zl Agen.ctu. The J M. Bradstreet & Son Co. 2'19 Broadway of Glass &gn, Matthews John, 333 East 26th Afan.ufacturers of Oigar Box Lumber." Read Geo. W. & Co. lilll-200 Lewis' Toba cco Freight Brokers. Smith W. 0. & Co. 53 Exchange Place Man.'u(acturers of Oigar Ribbons. Wicke Wm. & ,Co 153 to 161 Goerck Tobacco Labels and Show C'ardB. I'cnnldson Bros., Five Points. P 0 Box 2791. Hael&.nel' Patent Cigar Machine and Wrapper Cutter. Ma.yer Bros. & Baehnel, 269 Pearl ALBANY, N.Y. Man.ujaeturers of To6acco. Greer' s A. 8oDB, 822 Broadway BALTDIORE, lid. Tobacco. Warehousee. Barker & Waggner 29 South Gay &vd W & Co .._Soutll Klemm Ohas. H. 00 Commerce E. WencK, Manager, f6 and Marriott, G. H. :M. 2ti Gennan Merf'elu & 117 Lombard Schroeder Jos. & vo. 81 Exchange Place Wischmeyer Ed. & Co. 89 liouth Tobacco MamtJacturerB. Felnter F. W & Son, 90 South Charles Gail & Ax 28 Barre :Marburg .Brothers. 145 to 149 South Chari.,. Patent Stem RoUers. Kerckhofr G. & Co., 149 South Obarles Tobacco tt General Commission Merchants. R E. Vocke & Co. s e cor CheapsJde & Lomb&rd Pa&rd & 5 Water St. BOSTON, Mase, ()iqar Manufacturer' Agent Merritt J. W 84 Doane Manufa;,turel's of Plug 7'olla= Merchant-s' Tobacco Co, 30 Broad Commission Merchant. Holyoke C 0 12 Central Whar! Dealers in Havana and DCJrrl.eStic Lttlf Tobacco and Cigars. Davenport & 69 Broad. Manufact'rl of Snwkln.g Tobao and Olgara. Raddin. F.,L, &: J. A. 55 Union BREMEN, Germany. Tobacco Com.mialon Merchant.. Fallensteln W. F. BUFFALO, N. Y, Manufacturer aj Cigars and Jobber oj ing and Smoking Tobacco. Ca.dy S. Brown's Bro. ll4 Exchange CHICAGO, Ill, Agent for Cigars a;.ir1' and Smoking 0 A Peck, 51-53 South Water Dealers in Meerschaum andBriarPipu,Manufactu1ed Tobacco and Oigars. Loewenthal, Kaufman & Co. 96-0S Lake. Wholeaale Dealers in Seed Leaf and Havana Tobacco. Subert B. 14 N. Canal Sutter :Brothet-s 46 a.nd 48 Michigan A venue Deal..- in Leaf Tobacco Sasdhogen Bl'<>s, 17 West Randolph Manufacturers o.f Jilne-Out Chewing atul Smoking, and Dealers in Leaf Tob.,... ift LtQ/ Tietlg H. & Bro. 215 W Fifth Weil, KAhn&: Co. lla .Mam Manufacturer& 11! Cigar ..ll&Uldl and Shapers. Millor & Peters IIU'g Co. 186 to 141l E. 2d. Sheet Metal OigaT Mouldl. Dubrul Napoleon & Co. <41 and 443 Plum Tobacco Commission. Merchan.t1. Prague&:: Matso -n, 94West Front Manujacturers of Geise B. & Brother, ll8 Clay Trost, 8. W. 519-52S W Sixth CLARKSVILLE, Te-. Leaf Tobi.cco Broker1. Clark M. B. & Bro CLEVELAND. O. of Seed. and Deakr1 in Haoona Leaf Tobacco. Allen E. S. & Co. 101 Bank !Dealers in Seed Leaf and HGVana Tobacco aft.d Jobberl in aU kindl Man.u. actured Tobacco Golnde!'Bqo; Jam .. A. & eo 00mm!.81Wn Ltaj TolJaUIJ Brok6r1 Btrictlll "" Order. 6 aberton c2 Penn. Vt;Mble P. C. DAYTON,O. Pooker and IJMW in Ohio Seed. O Neil W S DETROIT, Mf.oh. Manu.frs OJ Ghet.tnng and Snwking 'J' cDacoo. BarkerK. C. & Co. 74-and 76 Jefferson Av Walker. McGra.w & Co. 31 to 3tl Atwater Mantij(J(;turers of Oigars and .I:Jealer8 in Leaf Tobacco. Sullivan&: Burk. 48 a.nd 50 Congress, East Fo:xen, Newman & Co. 216 Jetfemon Avenue DURHAM. N, C, Smok&n" Tobacco. EV ANSVILLI., had, Tobacco Com .mission Merchant.. MorriB C. J & Co FARMVILLE, Va. l'obacco Broker. Venable A R. Jr. HANNIBAL, Mo. Manuf. of aU kinds of Snwk'g d: Plug To'bacco, Brown Geo. HARTFORD, Conn. Packers and Deale) in Seed Leaf TolHvco Gerahel L. & Bro., 229 State Lee Geo. 150 State Moore. Hay & Co .. 214 State Willcox S. W 576 Main HAVANA., Cnba, Tobacco and Cigar Camm.issiota. Merchants Beck & Co 1 and 3 !tlercaderes & Scbroeder, La.mparllla 18 Aug. & Co. Apartado 008 HOPKINSVILLE, KJ' Tobacco 1J1oker. Clark M. H. & Brother Rll.g!ldale W. E. INDIANAPOLIS, had, Dealer in Haana of; JJornestic Leaf 1'ob., and Mamifacturer of Fine Oi{Jars. P. L. Chambers. 5 Martindale' s Block JERSEY CITY, N.J. Oigar Box Factory. Jersey City 01g8.r Box Manufactory, 185 Grand LANCASTER Pa. De, Tobacco Broker1 W. W.Klrhy NEWARK, N.J. Campbell, Larie & Co. 48! Broad NEW ORLEANS, La, Tobacco Foetor and Merchant.. Gunther. M. H. Hi Common Stevenson John D C. 194 Oom.mon. OWENSBORO, Ky. l'obucoo stemm.er1 Frayaer Bros. PADUCAH, K:;. Tobacco Broker. Clark M. H. & Bro. Puryear T. H. PATERSON, N.J. Manufacturer of CMwing ""s 'Ill tho1168.Ild $1' 1jl thousand. The duty on Foreign Cigars is $2.50 1ll and 2G cent. ad va1.o.,.em. Ciga.rettes Same duty as cigars. Imported Cigars, and Che.rfoots afso bear the prescribed Internal Revenue taxes, to 6e paid; by stamps at the Custom Rouse. The import duty on Leal' Tobacco lo 35 centB '1!1 II> Lea! Tobacco stemmed, 50 cents 'tl II>; lllanufactured. Tobacco, 50 cenis 'ijllb; Scraps, 50 cents l!l lb. Jllallu!ac tured Tobacco and Scraps are also subject to the Intel"'l&l ltevenue. ta.x of 16 cents '@ n>, and must be packed in conformity with Internal Revenue }aw. and r egulation. l!'oreign .Uuttes on '.l'ooacco. YORK. co., Jn Austria ; Fraitce, Italy and Spain tbe tobacco <...'Ommerce is monopoftZed by Goverrunelit unde r dfrectiPn of a Regie. In Germany the duty on American Leaf Tobacco is 4 th.aJers ttQ 100 1bs. In Belgium the impost [S reckoned after deductiug 15 cent. for tare. The duty is 18 franc11 m centimes (52.40 g<>ld) 1Jt 100 kilogro.mmes(to::t.A .. merican. tns kilos.) [n Holland the duty .is 28 cents gold, per 100 kilos. (280 Amer1ca.n 1bB being equal to 127 kilos.) In Russia: the duty on Leaf Tobacco is4roubleo JO kopeKs '@ pud i ou Tobacco 26 roubles :m pud, and on 9fgu.rs2rou. 20cop.1ppud. 'The "pud'' is equal to ob; all other killds, ols. !illb. TOBACCO LEAF. 7 Sutro & Newm.ark, ......----------___ .-....._...,...,. KERBS & SPIESS, I of Fine Ciga,rs, And Dealers 1n LEAF TOBACCO. 1014, 1015, 1018, .1()29 SECOND AUENUE, 310, 312, 314 AND 3!6 FIFTYF9URTH STREET. liiAJI'tl'F ACTUB.l:RS -AND-Dealers in Leaf Tobacco l'TE"'UV "'!;; 0 :Et.:S:.. b .. ----,,..--,_ ::-::. .. ....._.,_,.,., __ ., ___ ______ 76 Park P1ace, :Yc;u:,:k.. JOSEPH LOTH & CO .. MANUFACTURffiRS OF ALL KI:'LPH li'YJIAJL L. GERSBII. I: BRD { REliANCE GIGAR MANUFACTORY PACKE.Ij.S IN FOSTER. HilSON & SEED LEAP .. aa :13o"'O"ery. "Yo:r:J&.. T '\, r MANUFACTURERS OF 191 ; PEARL STREET, Cigars, AND SOLE PROPRIETORS OF THE MAY-BROlHERS. --, JAMES BRUSSEL & CO., IMPORTERS OF MANUFA<..'l'URERS OF CIGARETTE PAPER 106 2d Ave., nenr 6th St., Holllll:.nPJ.RIS .), N'e"t>V "York.. No. 78 BOWERY, NEW YORK. A. BRUSSEL, TRANSPARENT GLASS SIGNS. Manufactured undl!'l' Patented ProcatW. No medium of advertising is of such per. n;>anent ,-alue as the brilli.mtly-colored glau signs. They are valued by r-etailers u ornamental and useful, lUld wili keep their places in windows where all other lliiDI are re(nsed a place. Send for estimates of cost and desiPJI where a q1!Ailtity is wanted. JOHN" MATTHEWS. 11118 tr..-a, .. T. B. J,IC,IITENSTEilf. II 0 pENNSYL V ANIA_RAibROAD' GREAT TRUNK LINE and UNITED STATES MAIL I Is universally acknoy.-Iedged to be the :Model Ra:ilroadot America. Representing in Its construction and equipment, the oour t-----------1 tesy and discipline ot its employees., and Do u b I e Track. ua en are management the most advanced 1-------"":'-standard and one adapted to make railway travel Sa.te Swift and Luxurious IRON BRIDCES and in every way Ra.tisfactorv. Lin es o! .. ----------1 Pullman Palace Cars connect the seabo.:lrd cities with all point in the West, Stone Ballast. and splendid Pullman H o tel C&rs are run between New York Wid Chicago &ud New York and St. Louis. NO SMOKE. NO DUST. FAST TIIIIIE. cent sc.....,. ap'D":Di!i::Doii:EJ:E't. .A. &:PEO::E.A.LT"Y.1 The Sh1ZII1ll:l1er E:xo-u.r:Lo:n. ::ESoo.k-Juu .. &rakld Con ning over One Thousand Routes: wit-h descriptive matter, and map all the Sum mer llesorts ticke ted to, can be bad FREE, on application to the Ticket Agents of the Company in Boston, New Yo1k, Philadelpfua, Baltimore, Wa.shinli;"ton, 1 : I ) BULlETINS ONALL THE NY. Richmond, Pittsburgh, a.nd other princi-pal point& FRA.NK THO!U:SON, Gen l :Manager L, P, FARMER, Gen' l Passenger Agen,. MTROPOLIT AN CIGAR MANUFACTORY I Rea.d these Voluntary Testimonials: :Mes8J'8. KISSAM & ALLEN, To Waoll IT MAY CoNCERN :ft Pa.rk Place, New York. SlGI\IUND JACOBY, GUSTAV JACOBY. i DBAR SIRS :-The Sign which you have The New York Advertising Sign Company, of done for us during the past two years we are wen New Y ork, have done over $80,000 (Thirty Thou pleased with both as regards judgment in the Band Dollars) worth of advertising for us in various &election of ioe:ation and the finished character ot. portions of the and we esteenlit a plea the work itself. Judging from qur INCREAS.ED BUSINESS, we consider it MONEY WELL INVESTED. Truly yours, sure to bear teet1mony to the F.A.lTHFULNESS oF TllElR WORK. and the SA.TISl!'ACTION GIVXN, enterprisir1g is every day going straight ahead, epreadmg our products in the West and Northwest, and we think it pays. -----::N' -N" ; ---I I r-C WM S. KIMBALL &; co: Vei-y truly yours. Ha.nuf&cturera ol:lhe Vanity Fair" Tobacco. lV. T. BLAOKWlilLL a: 00. v .. 'U ; l..1: 200 CIIATIIAM. SOUARE and 5 & 7 DOYEB STREET, NEW YORK. LEAFLETS. For tbc mo&th of April 920 ho!!Sheads of tobacco were Clarksville; Tenn., a;d 621 hogsheads were re-TRADE M.llllf; JIQ;JSTEI!It:D JAN.21, Ul7&. Frqll!. Clarksville, Tenn., itis reporte that an advance of cents per liundred has been conceded on all grades of tor r mller.o week. "SURETY" C:IGAR, 'i5 Cortlandt Street, NewYorko JSr o't1ce.-Ail Intrlngementa on this Patent will be Prooecuied t<> the full extent or the Law. A cable dispatch, dated Berlin, May 12 says :-The Reich stag has adopted the motion of Herr Loewe, to refer the to bacco tax bill to a special committee of the Parliament. The Hopkinsville &ntth K8ntucki(1n savs: -Indications point to tbe fact that the crop is shorter by a "handsome ma jority than bas been "circulated her-etofore by the sluewdest dealers." A correspondent writing from Amherst. Conn., says:-To bacco is claiming more attention this year for the past three years together. The Havana plant is recogulzed as the leadiug variety under cultivation. The quantity of tobacco sbipped by the manufactmers of Danville, Va. on Thursday a week ago, says the Danville Tim{)8, was enormous. The scenes at the revenue office and the hustle in the streets and a"t the depot were unprecedented. There was a "glut" in the Danville, Va., tobacco market a week ago, caused by too much. being brought iu at a time. Consequently there has been a fall of prices. In two weeks 2,279 667 pounds of tobacco were sold in Danville, the cash paid for it amounting to $242,822. Notwithstanding the German "crusade" in Newark, to enforce the New Jersey H blue laws," in retaliation upon the Law and rder A-ssociation for troubling the saloon-keepers, some cigar slores in that city were oing a thriving busmess on Sundays of late. mium on smuggling. The rtceipts of import duties from this source during the year 1878 amounted to $25,777.28. A San Francisco report says:..:...The recent dulln-in the to bacco market there was caused_ JJy. the waiting of purchasers for 'he advent of the first and the trade is now ex pected to take a new start. -'I'he recent unjusttilable seizures have served to direct public attention to the manner in which the revenue IO\WS are enforced, which, it is expected, may .have a salutary effect. In Lynchburg, Va., the Tobacco City Boat Club lately bcld an annual meetmg and elected officers for the ensuing year follows:-President, l1r. Samuel Tyree; captain, Thomas 1!'. Nelson; secretary and treasurer, J. J. Ambler. Charles E. Heald and J. S. O'Neil were chosen to form with the above named officers the executive committee. A rei>ort from Lynchburg, V a., states that since the first of May the streets of that city have presented an Appearance of activity in remarkable contrast with the deserted look which they had for the six montbB preceding. Over 300,000 po1Wds of tobacco were shipped from the Liberty depot a few even ings ago. Several of the enterprising New Orleans wholesale tobacco merchants, who on the first of May had their t0bacco stamJM!d in Lynchburg, and sent out the same day on an eve&ini fre1gh\ train, were in receipt of their at the Jackson depo\ on Monday, }lay 5, at 5 o'clock in the morning. This remark able good tim' e was made over the newly-established Crescent ;Line. The recent seizure of the cig11.r manufactory of J. D CulJ) & Co., in San Francisco, appears to have been a mistake of the revenue officers; the factory was soon released The sup posed discrepancy between the numer of Ci"'&ra manufac tured and the stamps which had been purchased was salisfac Lorily explained to the Government officers. It is reported thAt the firm has brought a suit against Collector Higby for $25,000 damages, for causing them the trouble and pecuniary loss occasioned by the seizure. A report from St. Louis states that the tobacco manufactu rers there are the busiest men in the city at the present time. l:lince the tax reduction has taken effect, orders have been received &t an unusual rate, and it is said that the forces in some factories work eighteen hours per day. -------------------------1 One Gibson, who on SaJ,urday night had passed a 2 d 15 f The Richmond kpatch says:The reduction of the tax f Ed d 'l'hree young burglars, about 1 an years o marks the beginning of much activity in the tobacco trnde. counterfeit trade,doll"r at the Cigar store o war Knoodel, into the cigar-store of John Posner, in Cortlandt Of b b h f d 120 Liberty Street, this city, was on .Monday locked up for Sunday and were caught in the act by an officer course ot er ranc es 0 tra e will reap advantages from examination in default of $a,OOO bail. This man Gibson came 0 h h d the turn of affairs that comes from the renewaluf activ:ity and h d in the neig borhood. ne oft e t 10ves was prosperity in the tobacco business Into .M1. Knredel s stme. wtt a a s.,con time,. ofing up a quantity of cigars and tobacco, while the two fering a second counterfeit dollar after havtng passed one bewere keeping watch in front of the An Meerschaum pipes are an article of h]xury. An, fprc. An chase after the coun.terfeitors followed, attempt was made by one of them to drvert tue attentiOn the rmport duty of 82. 57 per cent. IS Imposed on them; and 11 r. J. whtch they threw away a quantrty of the false coin officer from the store. All three were arrested, and committed 8. Moore. in an address to the Committee of Ways and '}{cans the y hail in their possession. The confederate of Gibeon sue! to the Tombs, to await their trial. of the House, .intimates that such. a high tariff places a.prec eeaed in making his escape.


HE TOBACCO L '.EAF MAY17 JOHN ANDERSON & CO. MANUFACTURERS OF THE SOLACE nD TOBACCOS LICORICE PASTE. WALLIS "' CO. E.::::I!E:.TB..A. Tobacco manufacturers and the trade i n geAeral are particularly requested lO 114 I 116 LIMRTY STREET, ex amine and test the propertia NEW YORK, o f this l.ICORICE, which, being now !leg to direct the att.ntlon of the Dea lenlo brought to the highest perfection is of. tbrqufbout United Statu aod the World fered under the above style of brand. to th..r CELEBRATED > SOLACE FINE-CUT alsp SOLE ,AGENTS for the CHEWIXG TOBACCO. .... G. G. o. which is being O!lce sore manulactured unde r the be '--immediat e supervhi.., ol \he OriRinator. Acknowledged by consumers to ...... CO., .. Aod for the brand FINE-CUT & SMOKING will oaz. a oo TOBACCOS & SNUFF lo all respects equal to CALABRIA. a LANE "CO., Consumers Jobbers would do our Brand Chewtnc: MANmACTURERS OP well t o apply direct. IIUNNYSIDE, NATIONAL, rOBACCO AD CIGARS Lleorlee Boot, IJeleet .... OnlboarT,-' BRIGHT OWEN, NABOB, 0 t ..... u7 oa hand.. EXTRA: CAVENDISH. AHD CULUS 404 & 406 Pearl St., New York. dNUFF. PIPES, etc., !!! Btree\ :, Jm-r'flfoCJi.. }oeoerai Partne rs. 110(TORIES AT 484 BROAD STRET, IIEWIII' 1. W LOCKWOOD, Special .6lQ) IN CALDwELL. N. WBAVBB & STBB.B.Y, LICORICE PASTE. 84. Oect.-r &'tr--t. York, IMPORTERS AND MANUFACTURERS.' CHOICE ''ANDS OF IJCOBICH I cBBHK 'LICOBICB I ALL SPECIALTIES FOR PLUG AID "FIIIE-CUT TOBACCO. OLIVE OIL, TOICA BlAIS, GUMS, FLAVORs. Powdered Licoriee Root, AND PATENT POWDERED LJ:CORJ:CE. X..X..:J::N'& Pre:lde:u:t. MANUFACTURERS OF THE CELEBRATED PLAIN FINE-CUT CHEWING TOBACCO in BLUE PAPERS .. -Ef N"' -.:7 F F S : Rase-Scented Maccaboy,Scotch, French Rap pee, American Gentleman. "RESER' ot: Brick& HljrhPiaYorecl Vlrctlllla Tobacco. A.leo, Pht and Second Q,uallty Sl'II:O:&ING, In Blue Papers. S-vvee"te::n.ed. F:ln.e C"U."t = DARK AND LICHT CRAPE. FOREST ROSE. CLUB. HAY APPLE and PRIZE LEAl' FIXE-CUT, IN FOIL. T. B. MERRICK a CO. \ IMPORTERS, i30 & 132 WILLIAM ST., NEW YORK. SP.EC:J:.A.LT:J:ES II Gum Tragacanth, Cigar .. Mikers. Gum Gedda, Siftings in Casks ; 1 do. do. Sons in Bales; Gum-Arabic, do. Tonka Beans, AN-GOSTURA. LICORICE -PASTE. THE STAMFORD MANUFACTURING CO., ::114.&.:co:m:N x..m, :N :m vv Y<>B.B;. 'lbe Ttade' ba'riDg demanded a Superior and Cheape r Article than that hitherto used, this Com i.smanufacturlng, and o lf e rlDg t o r aale, LICORICE PaSTE (under the o l d "Sanford" brand) of a QU ALl'1'Y and at a PRICE which eon hardly fall to be acceptable to all giving It a triaL Mellor a Rittenhouse, 21..8 N'. ggc1 S"t., Ph.:l1ade1ph.:la.,. IUANUFACTVBEBS OF SP.A.N':J:S:J3: an.d. G-R.EE::S. LICORICE PASTE. lr Medal a. warded t o r ''Purity, General Excellence ot ManufacttLre.'t Alao H. &: R. BRAND STICK LICORICE, all Sbetl. Wholesale Agents: SHUEMAKER, VOUTE & BIRCH, 126 S. Delaware Ave., Phlla. D.BUCHNEB.&OO. .FR. ENGELBACH, "Oneida Tobacco Works, IUS k 21'6 DtJANE ST., NEW YOBK, "'Vtt"JEI:OX..::EJS.A.X..E .Manufacturers of the Celebrated B -ran ... ds-.ot.-. TOBA&CO DEPOT & AGENCY For F. W FELGNER &: SON'S, Baltlmo1'e, Tobacco and Cigarettes. 56 S. WASHINGTON SQUARE, N.Y. 11. B. MCALPIN & CO., MANUFACTURERS OF THE CELEBRATED FINE-CUT and uTRADE DOLLAR" HRGIN LEAF &NAVY CHEWING "V:lrp:a.:la. &; And all Kinds of And all other Kinds ot SHOKIXG 'rOBACOO. .......... 6 ... A DRAu ,. -.,_ TOBACCO. Ciprs, Plug Snu!f, Snu5 rlour, etc. MANUFACTORY AND SALESROOM: o:: .. ORIGINAL Cor. AYinut D IUenth St., ltw Jerk. j &OODWIN "RED. SE A L '' ltL\NVFAClVURS or EslabHshed '.SSG. J' Tobacco 207 & 209 WATER STR, aoLB HANU:FaC'l'lffiF.ll, /4. PIXE STREET, OW YOILJL L. NEW YORK. GUM TRAQACA.NTH, II'LAKE AND POWDERED LIQUORICE FINEST QUALITY. SESAJIIE OIL LEV A.N'l' lllf BBLll, Angostura&, in Casks, Balsam 7olu, in Original Tins, Clucose, French, in Casks. GIFFORD SHERIAN i INNIS PRICES CURRENT ON A.PPLICA .. ION. I J v. 120 WilliAM STREET, New York. j'l CEDAR STREET. N. Y, Sawing and Planing Mills Cedar an.d. SAWING AND PLANING FtlR CIGAR-BOX MAKERS. J :R..A. "YN"E:R., :N'.o. 11 a.:u.d 18 Oa:u.n.o:u. &"l:ree'l:, :N'e"CCV' York.. BEST in the WORLD. Wa.lker, McGraw & Co., Detroit, Mich. sc::>x..::r:;, by. P:J:R&TOZ..A.BB ::r:;,:m.A.x..:mn.a. MORRIS JACOBY & CO., JOHN D. C. STEVENSON, !IU.NUF .ACTURERS OF F:Ln.e c:tgars, TOBACCO .AND DEALERS lN LEAF TOBACCO, 126, 12'1 &: 129 BROOKE ST., Cor : Pitt Stree t, :N' e"'E>V York. MORRIS JACOBY 1 L F FROMER. Conunission Merchant, 194 Common Street, NEW ORLEANS, M. E. McDOWELL & CO., 39 N. Water Street,. Philadelphia; 9 Warren Street, New York; 54 Broad Street, Boston; 8 Lake Street, Chicago; 216 Locust Street, St. Louis. AGENTS FOR Middle and Western States, Pacific Co'ast, New Jersey, New York & New England States.-SOLE ACENTS FOR NEW YORK AND VICINITY FOR GOODWIN & CO.'S OLD Tobacco and Cigarettes. .ALSO A.GENTS FOR OTHER LEADING MANUFAai'URERS OF SMOKINC, PLUC TOBACCO AND CICARETTES,. ::t Nos. 254 and 256 CANAL corner of ELM, NEW YORK. PRICE REDUCED. TO DEALERS -ONFAIR'' .-AND FRAGRANT VANITY FAIR" I . I TOEI.A.OCOS. 0 0 Machinery. ; HYDRAULIC ANQ PRESSES, I'!UHPS, CASING ROLLS, ROUND &: SQUARE POTS or FINUHERS, CADDY PRESSES, CASIXGS &: BANDS, eto., FOR THE :MANUFACTURE OF PLUG TOBACCO. 1 John H. McGowan I & Co.; CINCINNA Tl, 0. 0 0 V ALLA.URI, 1191EROADWAY, NEW YORK, DIRECT IMPORTATION Tnrmn Loar-Tobacco ana ALSO MANUFACTURER OF FIIE-m DIUIJI TOOm .A.JII:O BANNER TOBACCO COMPAN SUc;'CBSSOBS TO NEVIJIII k DILLS, 193 & 195 J eff'erson Ave., Detroit, (CORN)!:R OF BATES S11Ril:ET,) IUANVPAPP:J:OE& I / 124 Water St., New York; 16 Central 'Wharf; Boston; 15 Wabasb Avenue, Chicago. 'Factory : No. 1 First District, N. Y. THE CELEBRATED THE CELEBRATED "MATCHLESS,' "PRUIT GAKE," THE Jnne,1878 rl_'tfll Smoking To ba,cco. Manufactured by AIJ:EN & DUNNING, NoL 86 & 87 VAN BOUTEN ST. P.I.TBIIIION, N. J JACOB HENKELL, IIUNUF.ACTUREB OF ClGAR BOXES SUPERIOR ltlAKE & PRIME QUA.Lrl'Y 01!' 'Wood. MANUE'A.CTUREB OF .ALL KINDS OF X..:J:THC> GB..A.PJE1:10 Ciga.r-Box Labels. Sole Agency for PloAguero's CONCBNTKA.TED Havana Tobacco Flavor. 293, 295 & 297 Monroe Street, :N'e"'E>V 'Y"ork,' _,. :at. MJJJhtser & Co., ,.. .. ltlANUF A.aruREl!S OJ! 'CLOTH TOBACCO BAGS, -ALL SIZES .&ND 8T1CLB.I, 1309 Main St., Richmond, VL WULFF, As't: Uthographer, Prmter & Manufacturer of A Large Assertment Constantly on Hand. llil Chatham St,. oor. WUU..., 1(, Y. ORTHORN .Also of the Well-Known Brand of, Cfl S-.:al. A.nd Manufacturenl or all styles <>t Brfcllt &: Black PLUG &: TWIST TOBACCOS. 24 Twentieth 'V" .A.. LW;btest i'ure 1fin,I21960 Sq.InchCJ ALSO TOBACCO & OTHER FOILS .AT LOw:p!T MARKET PRICBS. WITTEMANN BROTHERS, 1M WILLI' AM: ST .. NEW YORK, l JAMES H. THAYER, BRICHT All S izes; MAHOCANY, All Sizes; (Formerly DuoRl> & TBA.YQ, :Baltimore). p :J::, Q N" E E 'R,"" Dark, all Sizes. Leaf Tobacco Cur"ln11 A comparison of our Celebrated Brands o f PLUG TOBACCOS w11l convince all parties of the W011-DJ DERII'UL MERITS contamed tbere1n. Gl FRONT STREET 1 pLUG T 0 B A c co. NE"'V _,.p I


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