The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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v. : ill. ; 36 cm.


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
Time Period:
1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world. Page 7 is missing.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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Tobacco Leaf Journal

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, I VOL. XV.---NO. 18. fESTABLISHED 1864.] NEW YORK, SATURDAY, JUNE 7, 1879. WHOLE NO. 746 103 MAIDEN LANE. Corner ot Pearl Street. F-RED'K KEY. OIGA.BS, AXD PROPRIETORS 0 1'JDI ,,, ,, CIGAR FACTORY OF N SIIDENBER & co., .EW Y81Ut, .. Tobacco, OJ' THE V. MARTINEZ YBOB a cp., 190 S"t.,. N"e-vv 'York., IMPORTERS of the MY Brand HAVANA Tobacco, And Dealers in &.cRAPS L and CUTTINCS from their :E-R.XN"c:&:E-E :J:I)EJ GAT-EIS EIT AT KEY WEST, FLA. 11 & Lavvson, i-rwu .a. Y" STB.M::81T, l!G"B"'VV ILUIUJ'AaruREBS OJ!' THE e Rojai-Paim :EtA. 'V .A.l!G" .A. 01G-.A.B.&. AUG. ROESLER GAR MANUFACIoaERS, 153 to 161 Goerokstreet, NOEJW PBICE :L T Spanish, American and Gel'IDII Cigar Ribbons. ;>-'!" .n11'11E 1, 18'79. Broa Yellow ............... Eztra .. 6-ii oad, 70 yth 81.76 ... No. 1 .... 5 70 yds 1.55 '' 70 yth ..... ... 2a 6-8 70 yds 1.15 ......... .... a .... 11-s 7o7a. 1.2:> Bread Bed ................... l ..... li 70ya. 1.60 ................... 2 .. 5 70 ,.a. 1.:>0 .......... ......... s .... ,... 70ya. 1.30 Eapaaola ...................... } .. 6 I 70yds 1.80 ................. : .... 2 .. .. Gll1 70yds 1.50 ..................... 3 .... 5 70 yds 1.30 N.......,.... Be.t ... .. ........... 1 .... 4 7Dya. L35 .. .............. 2 .... w 7ora L20 ................. a ..... w 107aa 0.86 Narrow Yellow ............. 1 .... 4 70ydo 1.30 .. .. ........... 2 .. .. 4' .. 70ya. 1.20 .............. 3 -4-8 70ya. 0.80' Boz Bibbo Bed ...................... s-8 70;ra. o.7o "-. Yellow .................. 3 70 ;rds 0.66 Loaclreo, (Chico) .. 1 .. .,.15 34 yth LlO ICJaloo) .. 2 .... 84 34yds 0,96 Loa4reo Yellow ............. 1 .... 1 34yob L60 .............. 2 .. ,7 34ya. L20 ............ a .... J3-:t6 347a. 1.10 ... ....... tO .... l.H6" 34ydo 1.-.. .......... "16 -'7-8 34 ya. 0.90 :.. .. .. .. .. "20 .... ts-18 34 ;ra. 0.80 .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 60 .... 13-18 .. 34 ydo 0.66 ............. "100 .. 6-lf 34yds 0.46 ............... :. 1 ..... 'T-IJ :: 34 ,.a. uo BroaclJW 1D 5 "' 'l'0.7d. I..&O .U'I'OW.. II u u u 'TO 7d. 1.30 Broad TalL D wtth blae eda ....... G$ 1 '70 yds 1.66 red ..... 6 'TO ya. I.U .. .. Jia .... ttue eda:e ..... ,:.s 70 7a. 1.46 Jrorteaa .......... ........................ 5of 60ya. o-u Extra Styles of Ribbons ade tO Order. RIIBOIS CUT & PRINTfiUIY SIZ AND STYLE. All Orden Promptl7 E:oea'-1. Term Caala PRICES OF CIGAR BOIES AID SAIPLES OF RIBBONS SENT ON LICATION. MANUFACTURER OF OJEC,OO:EE.B'B COIPOUIB TIN POlL TOBACCO, MEDIUM AND nSSUE T:J:Oli!J. I AU IDfrinjremeato oa tJdo P.atent villl>e Pro .. eute.l to the full of the Law. ,AJ.J3Q. :MANUFACTURER OF PURE TIN AND' OTHER FOILS ROLLED TO ANY OUAGE ANP CUT TO SIZE.' C>lli"':Jii:J:OJI!:: 65 PINE STREET, NEW YORK. { Havaaa 1818. EJta.b1J.hed. Phlladeiplda, 1828. S. FUGUET & $ONS, No. 231 CHESTNU-T ST., PHILADELPHIA, IMPORTERS OF HAVANA-CIGARS GENERAL AGENTS FOR SEIDEN.ItERG'S KEY. WEST CIGARS. ALSo MANUFACTURERS OF -lii"J.:n.e :J:)ozn.eatJ.o PRiOB LISTS 111AILED ON APPLIOA TION. l!kt lobaccs PUBLISHBD BVBBY SATURDAY llOJUIIINO BY Established 1838, S. LININGTON-'S SONS; IHPORTEJUI.OF 216 FRONT STREET, NEW YORK. Solo Agents ror Celebrated. Havana Brand o1 Paul & Virginia, La Ceiba & [Bocks] Fans to. In regard to the tax on domestic tobacco, which. "THE TOBACCO tEAFt" COMPANY, amounts to about nine cents per pound, that, too, appears moderate as compared to the taxes .oq manufactures of tobacco in the United States. Tb.etax on cigars here is six dollars per thousandcigars; equal to twenty-four cents per pound on the raw 106 MAIDEN L:ANE, YORK. EDWARD BURKE, :JOHN 0 GRAFF, CORNER PEARL STREET material or leaf. On m imufactured tobacco and sad Enrroa. the tax is sixteen cents a pound, which is equivaleDt, llt'I!U!&S8 au.uou. nearly, to the same on leaf. The ratio, then, as betweea TEBJJII!I op THE PAPER. the German and American leaf tax-the latter being SINGLE COPIES .......................... ............ .. IO c""""indirect-is as 9-16-24. How well able the producing interest in Germany is to endure a tax of nine a ANNUAL BUBSCRIPI'IONB ABROAD. 0BE.I.T Barr.Allf UD CANADA ..... .f. .. ............... 15.04 BBXKKN, IIA.xDuao Al'fD THJj Colli'Tl.KD'l' a .04 AU8'l'B.ALI.i., ETc., tlic:. ExGUHD . , ,, , 6.M emu. ............ ............................. ................ pound on leafJobacco may be inferred from the following authoritative utterance: .'> In a recen t German debate Herr Tiedemann stated that there were in Germany 7,000,000 landed pro prietors, 2,000,000 of whom were untaxed as havmc mcomes under a year. Out of the actual tax-,, ) !:eE.OIAL payers there were not more than liSO;OOO The tollowiog flnns ropresent our inte""'ts 1n citleo; mcomes exceeded $750 a year. Forced of Ianda or subs'crlptlons may be hanoted to them fO< tr...,.. and farms are of daily occurrence, and general distre81L .MISTEBDAM, HOLLAJ>'D.-&haap .t VanVeen. prevails. BALTIMORE: M:eS81"8. Ed. Wischmeyer & Co. BIG J'LATS. N. Y.-w H Loven. t Here in the United States, we are mainly interelited BOSTON:-r E. B. G<>uld.ston, 38Broad h 0 h 'h t th te f d .._ IIREME:i: -Mr F w. FuUenstein. .. m t e questiOn w e. er or no e new ra o u ., .Messrs. August ljeck &: Co .. 44 and 46 will diminish the exportation of' our tobacco to that CINCINNA-TI:-'-Messrs. Prague&:Matson.._1l4 co ntry Oninion ig diyiro. '"' ...--' DANVILLE, VA.-Pemberton &: Penn. CQJltending that it will;!Uld otqers that itwill not. lito DAYTON 0.-MUler &:: Bretmer: 14 North J e fferson . J EVANSViLLE. VA.-"-0. J. Morris.1 ---'"' o-,e, of course, caD speak positively m a matter .. 1 h t G .__;;;., -KA VAN:A. cu BA.-no,....mann & Scbpeder, Lamparilla 18. vo vmg so muc un: Jer.&lll Y. ermany """' ... ways .... hau &'Co. --' take n a fair proportion of the tobaccos grown in: &be H:OPIDN8VlLL, KY.-Oeo. V Thompson. 1 1 LANCASTER, PA.-P. J. D elzelt. I2 ,"' lJ''nited 'States. wbeil ,tbey were to. be had at 4>rices IJVERPOOL:-Messre. "Cope Brothers & Co Itt'Ei>rd NeJBOn18treet. t LOUISVILLE:-Mr. :J. w Lew e rs, Secretary of the Toba!:co Jloard '0! whjch she was willing to pay, and It may be prB!_umed co. that she will do so hereafter un?-er similar cireum-ll!EbiPHlS TENN.-w. W :Read. t Th d t b ifo l d th 'U NASHVILLE, TENN.-W. w Xlrby, 112BroadStreet. s ances. e u y jlmg un evle ere_ wl NEW ORLEANS:-}lr. J D c. Stevenson, 11l4 Common Street. be no change in the relative conditions of the OWENSBOR O Bros. PADUCAH. KY.-T H. PUryear. tobaccos that compete 1 the German markets; co Pl'l'TSBURGH: -E. W Rusoel, 2fl7 Liberty Street. l h d d z l f ;11 d d f l PHILADELPHIA:-Mr.A. R Fooger"ll', 33 Nortb Street. Sequent y t e 8Ipan ..o.Or OUr ea WI epen 88 1 ST. LOUIS:-M.,.. ..... c & a: Domltzer .t Co., 'lll3 Marke t Street. always has done on thjj prices asked for it 'he-r""' 8AN FBAI'!CISCO, A. P oUa.k, 21:1 Fro"t Street. "'1 present exporters make lei'!! objection .to our price. NEW YORK BATIJRDAY, JUNE ?, 1879. than to our sorts. There is no w no market for us or anybody else in Germany, and not be THE GERliiAN TAX .AND -TARIFF. tax and tariff agitation is It looks as if it might pe possible that the German been accomplished there is gomg to be a demand Parliament had played directly into the all the leaf-:J:). -ALSO-IMITATION SPANISH CEDAR CIGAR-BOX LUMBER. A.LL OllB 8PA.NI8H our patent p...,.,_ this Lumber can be uoed as a IUbetltule for SPanish Cedar at 1 .. ll>an oiiH>alf !fa coot. :a.d. "'Vrra.reho" "'VV. eth Street, 01:n.o1:n.:n.a.t1. S"tea:n::1. L1 "th.ograph.1c Pr1:n. "ters., TOBACGO LABELS AND SHOW CARDS Cut and Press Dried by our Patent Process Iaereaae PacW&lee or Manuftaeture enable us to make a Purther :aeduedoll ._our Prl-. 8end for our !fot just Issued. Spa:n.1sh. Cedar, l!d:ah.osa:n.y, 4 Syoa:r:n.ore, Bte., ALL G&&DE$, Lumber manulactul'ed b:r usIa eQU&lr.nd In oome reepeetcl to ....,-other, beiJuf perfectl:r oeaeoDOo.1 1,864 4,894 13,1193 311 ccti.PYstripped tobacco than lieretofore in any event, it ing the chair. As provliied for m the constttution, .,, O, Box 2791,] [l'llo Labels kep' Ia 8&oe_k. must be a heavy one, so much foreign tobacco being twenty-five additional members were nominated, used. who, with the ten originally chosen, make up thar.... SUTTER BROS., Dealers in LEAF TOBACCO, Chicago, m Western Cigar Manufacturers will their ad\nLD.taa-e to deal with ...


... THE TOBACCO ed. i.B2B. .,.. ----------. OOH4J_ ,_.. _-BNr PLVG TOJLtOODr Sole Agents for JAMES B. PAGE, = g 1 i;1 3.J AND OTHER-viRGINik MANUF.A.CTURERS s C:: tlf 1 t "' '-! m Fl.:J:LLA..R.D. co. C. F. LINDE, C. C HA.MILTON 1 .. S _MARCO SO .. :LeU To : Inspection. TOBACCO INSPECTED .OR SAMPLED. ...-'" A.t1:e:n.d.ed. 1 J r smon and dell y ere:VD, V "- BRAliiDIJ OF SMOKII!IG TOBA.CCO!I A...1'fD CIGA.RE'I'TE!I, AYRES' ., JIYCOt" etc. DlllPOT F O R J, W, CA.R.R.()LL' S !-ONE .JACK, B ROWN DlOX, ate. LOmSIANA Ct a uV :H. WBOI$SAU ;DEALER IN R!VB! m SIBU LIA' J : WM. PRICE, LEAP U 9 Maiden Lane, NEW YORK. G. J\EI.SMA:\\1., tommission Merchant. AND DLU.&a Df ALL KINDS OP TOBACCO, 228 Pearl New York. I. L!CBBDRUCB & BR0.1 No.164 Water Street, New York, W.110LlE5ALil D&AL&U 1111' I HAVANA It DOMESTIC HirSCh, fiCtdrius & co. TDBACeO, l17 .WATE& Sl, NEW YORK. T. H.BESSENGER & CO., DIPORTims .A.ND DE.U.EBS m B8rman :No. aoe a-cr--e, &. E. S.A;T-01WJI:O:N', BROTHERS & CO., Collimissian J.fercha.nts, Loar Tobacco, mtm and : ,Pastt Ill IIAIDEJr LAJIE, TqBK. x..f 1D a....,-tar ro..dp llarbU.. :ron CIGARs oF THE. M.ANUF.A.crum: o_P J1 and.Cill;ars, STB.AITON & STORM, New York. as l!WE:&m:m:N :i:...A.:LVE. llU!I\N .Yo::n.:s:. U & U lb:chaDg_e N"e"VV York. .,. f""


, .. THE T DB A C C 0 :a A G GIN G :IBIT&TION' ... A.ilfiSH. &M. all ldndo or. goods -for putting up lineldn.g T9bacco. .Al8o aOllmplete assort-p men' of Smoken' Artlc1ee for the Trade. HOWARD, SANCIE" tt .co., 356 New York. ;: BASCH. & P'I8CHER, IKPOR'ilmS OF :EAVA'BA SID LiiiCKTboi A G C I, ,,. 155 Wate1-St.,. NEW YORK 111nry faellhy lllrordecllo Deoien nil Oorreopo.d ents co-nt wllh l!oulld Banldng. ., B; 'ROCBOLL, Proeidenl, -.:. RIC&pnro, Caahler., .TOBBPH SICH&L. WmJRIEDLAENDER & CO. o ,< 1 Whole_.e Dealen Ia i I I t '" & G. FRIEND & CO., LIAP.,...TOiic co, :. i 29 Mlliden Lane. ; GN hiRND, NEW YORK &DIIARD .... JtND1 J., ,LBON .. O FROBND --' 0 e. on.a.z...:mn.., JLL'IUF ACTI'URlm or FINE-AND DEALER IN TOBACOO, 85 MURRAY STREET, NEW YORK. :nly Braod;. "OUBA LIBRE'' "CLIMAX." CUTHRIE & CO., COVMTSSION AIID .. ULEIS-IF TOBACCO Ml UPOIT. .. CABL UPIIANN, :".f'oBACOO -A.liD-Gtnel'Bl .Commission 178 Pearl Street, 1"1J'311"'VV lEVY & NEWGASS, PACitBB8 OF ALL KINDS OF SEED LEAF 169 WATER STREET, o:;.....;t17oo-eLD aJ..swB&TEB and Penasylvanl TobM.-eo. AND DEALERS IN LEAF I 204, 206 and 208 EAST TWENTY-SEVENTH STREET, NEW YORK. ,. I 610 EAST l9dL STREE2'. XEW YOBK 1 ... .131.--..-. I EllNEST. :FfBEISE, (FOBIIBBLT OF THB FIBK OF WALTER I'BIEDIIAN a J'BBlSI:,) WM. GLACCUM j.>\(.;011 SCHLOSSER. 1(,. ... ... 0 'I 15 RXV:Il!I'GTOK l!I'EW' YORK. or the Dr.:: ads and "HIGH AND DRY ..-. AI-. BLUE JAY1'KING BIBD1 KARS1 At;DRUMJIEReBOY. L EO ...... '& .... 'B'B:!D...,v ... Braaker or Granulator ..... .&'t'&.m.l. .. 7 .. OUr the tobacco the full flavor of Havana, and wh

4 !l'HE TOBACCO LEAF. .JUNE 7 thirt.y flvtl necessary to effect an orga.mza.twn When tilleiJl!i mPmbel'l! shall all have stgned the consttutton and j)Qld the mtttation fee, a meetmg will be held for .an electiOn of officers ExTENDING THF..IR BusiN11:Ss Thompson, Moore & Co the promment commJBston merchants m to)>acco, at 83 Front Street, have pur OIWied the enttre stock and busmese of C) rus El Lee, f'er several years engaged m the manufactured tobacco Jobbmg trade at 78 Water Street By the acqutsttion of llr Lee's busmess, Messrs Thompson, Moore & Co have placed themselves rn a positiOn to control a very large JObbmg trade m addition to the1r usual wholesale traffic m all kmds of plug and smokmg tobacco for home a.nd foretgn account. Dealers, peddlers and recan now be supplied at this house, m large or small quant1t1es, wtthall the spectalstyles and brands of tobn:Cco heretofore sold by Mr Lee and themselves arone, as also w1th all the usual styles and classes of goods found m the warehouses of first class comnns mon merchants m this market In effectmg thts pur chase, Messrs Thompson, Moore & Co deemed 1t ad viSable to secure the services of Mr Faank B Johnson who had been for a number of ye&;s m charge of Mr Lee's store, and who will hereafter attend to the JOb lung department m the warehouse of the firm w1th wh1ch he IS now engaged Largely mcreased busmess w1th their largely mcreaed factlit1es may be conft deatly antic1pated for thiS old and popular firm Both the wholesale and Jobbmg branches of their trade will 'be earned on at 83 Front Street MR. GRAFF'S NOTES BY TliE WAY. While m Burlmgton, Ia.., a few days ago I met Mr James E ElliOtt, formerly of the Walker, McGraw Tobacco Co Detrott l1r Elliott has accepted an ap pomtment from Messrs Lorillard & Co and 1s VISiting remote Western pomte for that firm Smtth, Cook & Co tobacco manufacturers of Bur lington, Ia whose factory was burned 1!everal months ago, are erecting_ a new one on a large scale Wallace L 0 Stratton, Frank W Hard and W S Smclatr The bndesmrods were all pretty They were m w)ute stlk aiid whtte mushn, and each carr1ed a boquet of wh1te and red roses Then came the brtde elect leamng on the ym of .the g_room The br1de wore an elegant wh1te satm dress t:;ut.en tram, trtmmed w1th pomt lace and wtth a ..gam1ture of orange blossoms down the front Her brtdal veil was of pom, t lace, and was secured wtth a wreath of orange blossoms and dtamond pm She wore dtamond ear rmgs The brtde was gtven away by her father, who, with Mrs Strruton, stood at the head of the room wtth the clergyman and near r elatives The parlors were beautifully ornamented wtth rare and lovely flo wei s and In profusiOn, smilax and other vmes hnng from the arched ceilmg and cornices Among the many mvtted guests were Hon H B James Chtef Customs Bureau, Washmgton, r and Mrs W P Copeland, Washmgton, Dr K1mball of the Treasury Department Wasbmgton Mr and Mrs George Alfred Townsend (Gath) Mr and Mrs J W Harway, Mr and Mrs Wm Corey Mr and Mrs Geo Storm, Misses Emma and Add1e Storm, ex Super viSor Lawrence Mr and Mrs John Taylor, Mr and Mrs Geo P Labatut, Mt and Mrs Abram Bell, ex Superv1sor Thos S Willets and Mr and Mrs M Oppenhetmer ,At the conclusiOn of the ceremony the newly marrted couple received the congratula t10ns of the large company and as the latter separated they passed out on to the lawn, w:here a large dancmg platform was hud After the reception, whiCh occu pled more than an hour the parlors also cleared for dancmg, and to the enhvewng strams of Pina fore, both groups enJoyed the pa!!smg hours The drawmg room was adprned with the many elegant gifts of relatives and fnends of the brtde M.r Stratton s present to the brtde was a check for $5,000 An elegant collatiOn was served on the lawn an!l m the dmmg room m Rnmptuous profusiOn, and rare wmes and cooling dnnklil at!Stlaged the tbJi-st 'of the happy gathermg At the village hall the employees of Stratton & Storm and many of the villagers had a grand celebrat1on of their own, furntshed by :Mr Stratton The firm of ll J Taylor & Co, Burlington, Ia, 1s the only Wlholesale tobacco firm m that City They earry stocks of the chotcest manufacture, both 1Jf andlanted durmg the present season his establilihment to a new stOre, lOll and 407 The season now bemg used 18') ap excellent one, and Stree. t .Mr Weooel has been a successful tobac plants are good, which gtve promise of a good stand 'fhe plantmg can be completed season we have manufacturers are solid 16-cent tax men as after thls ehewmg tobacco IS sohd etook to every Cadtz, Trigg Co May _q W reports -Smce chewer All the Detro1t factories are run to my last report we have bad no We now The Governor's (J J Bagley's) suft'enngfrom an llnparallele(i drllutl:i for thts season Barkers, the Banner, tbe Globe, the of the year Plant beds are parchiDg andrdrymg up for omg the1r utmost to supply the demand, and yet want of ram, causmg general disco ragement and tlw> -despondency with the fanners I hear oL.some rrun l'liOUce that our wholesale and retail dealers are m some by.t none to do any good h ere The ijle who .Ud not work wtth us last years crop is movmg off slowly at very low of tax, prices :a.m the fort, yo LouiSnlle tlurty aJX manufacturers Pembroke, May 26 -Smce the 14th we have had n o oft4b,acco Exporlersof Western leaf should 'remem-ram, and 1t 18 now qu1te dry Rain IS much he ded for ber tl:llse thirty SIJ>. at Louiisville who struck for reduc-the pllm.tmg of tobacco Plants appear to ile m abun tion dU warehouae fees, and. by so domg made them !lance The complamt I S that they are. bacll:ward the ptoneen of a reasonable method of domg caused py drouth A small proportiOn-of the ees. Sent them yolli" orde gentlemen manu crop has ll!lt, and there are a few who could set Mt:!l and exporters their entire Cl"OI!S i1 they had a season An average J9111' toll8eoo to 1ile new E'ntel'J!rl86 Tobacco area of ltWd has been latd out for the weed Prices lf.i Y9e, Loutsvtlle, Ky Yourclla.rges will be less, full and rece1pts mcreasmg -R J & Q;J 'H Vanderbilt has gtven up sniokmgl Smce lfa3i-1 the selling of Cigars lias been prohtbited on all raJ!rosds controllt-d.-by Wm H -the Hudson RtvtJr, Central, Lake Shore Mwhtgan Central Southern and Canada Southern What a blow to our mdustnes I Well wonders never cease 1 .-lnd Jay Gould ts putting on hts new Wabash connecJ dons to the Pacttic Coast e legant smokmg cars As a matter of fact I can state thatl every tobacco :tbanufacturer on the !me of my-travels through Ken 1llcky, Indtana, Ilhrlms and Iowa, arid every dealer m iway mterested m Western tobacco, approves of course we have taken m encouraging the new terprtee Tobacco Warehouse, Messrs Johnson & JNPNBtors, at Lomeville Every manufacturer reallzesl the lDJUStiCe of the extravagant ges of the old warehouses, and all hope that the may be a success Busmess was never so br1sk along the line of the l11880ur1 and MisBlSStppl rivers Tobacco IS shtpped by cargoes Our friends, the JObbers and retailers m maimfac tured tobacco and cigars m the Western States, and m particular those on the MissJsstppi and Missouri nver11, would be happter men tf they would JUSt take It ftr1rtonted that the 16 cent tax will be permanent fo to come No with th1s tax by any selfillh of Congl\lSI!men Will be tolerated The intlBP-9e of the tobacco mdustry-wh1ch y1elds the $40 000,00(1-will stand between you lite You Jobbers and retailers qtielltion, Who lS benedted by the reductwn7 "J(Qt us," you say Bqt wrut Let your manufac turer be enabled to bu;r. hiS leaf more reasonably than at present, and he wtll gtve you a chance to make .., y Bells at Bayside. From t.he FluolllDir L. I Daily Journal of June 5 INDIANA Rockpvrt, May 26.--R S N reports -The weather here bas bee n extremely dry 'for tliree weeks past, there Bemg no fuoacco set m consequence Com .Plaint m regard to bugs has ceased and 'tbe ta:lk now 1s drv' weather We have enough plants domg well to set ail ordmary crop, and It will be done' If we can get a: season For two days past we have had some md1ca t10ns o f ram, but none bas yet fallen Exchange Crop and Market Comments. sEEn LEAF ColfNBCTICO'T -The Amenca.n Culttva.tor ot June 7th says -While we make no pa.rtit.:ular pretension m the 1me of prophecy we do claim that fully. five months ag() w e advisea our reader' correctiy coocernmg the probable future cond1tlon of the trade as present facts now bear ample witness As we well knew that the consumption of lea.f was equal to at least 8 000 cues a month to the trade aloue to say nothing ot that wh1ch sold for and non burnmg qualttles for cutting purposes The amqunt held by tne trade and the grower Jan 1 18791 was placed a.t 26 000 eases not including stock In ma.nutacturers handB Thl8 stock 18 now oo nearly exhausted that m&ny of our whole68Je jobbing houses in New York haven t a. case m store Such a condition ot things we have never before known and we believe it is unprecedented At the same time packers and holders of the lB'iS crop are fa.r from anxtous even to set a price on crops As the busmess 1s now conducted by. \be trade going to the manufacturer packers have gathered such cr<>J?S as Willswt very generally the part1es with whom t'hf?Y dO not care to sell to jobbers only such lea.f as tbey bave no b\ist..Omers f e r It 1ft quite probable that a lively trade will be ba.d tlus Summer and Fa.IJ The present crop now betng will find a good as t h e country will be bare of Jro<.m< -The Wisconsin (Edgerton) Tobacco Reporter of May 30 -Durrng the J')t "'eek !here has been a slight "'vi"'.,I JD the move meot of the '78 grO'o\-1.h Mr H Levy representlll8) Mt>SSI'S Have meyers &: V1geHus of New Yo1 k made his appearance a. week ago and 1utenils purdhasfllg several hundred cases of tbatLrema[ning m first hands and has engage<;ll\lr Gunderson vt Stoughton to asSistrltim 'lt is uodem.ood Ulat other parties have tbe1!'"'npped.fanoe Vi 1th a vtew of purchasmg and the md1cahons are !tur to a. speedy remoaJ of the crops wh C'h will be mostly used tor export purposes Shipments dunng the week amounted to 100 cases for New York "PluiBdelphJ.a, 132 cases WESTERN KI:Krqc:s.y -The Sout.h Kentuckian (HopklDmlle) )lay 30 says -The general tolle or the past" eek showed more amma.tion especially on lwre &Dd goOid leal The qnotatfom1 were common Jugs from t\2 to goOO.lugs $II 50 to $4 75 common leaf from $4 to $7 gOOd leaf from to 110 While the o!Tenngs wete heavier th&n usual the demand was greater An active market is looked for from t1me forw&rd The total recepta for t.he._..,n up to the ll4t.h May amoUDted to 4 639 hhds. Total sales 21116 A col'l'etlpiqndent writing from Paducah says -Our market has been very acttve dunng the week at an advance of fifty cents aU round Tbe salew embrneed soll)e very ruce tobaccos among them the most taultleas mottled leaf this distnd tor years 'Receipts were 333 hh Street rep01 t to THE TOBACCO LEAF as follows for snuff at 47ic and commbn Jugs for export at 3.J.4c Very concermng Seed ieaf -The market for SOOd leaf was few-'hhdl! w-crop-bav been sold OJ=even sampred but modemtely--'SCtJve The sales for the week foq,t up 855 samphng w tl f b e g e neral th1s month --cases, dtvJde lower than at first proposed Sll.les -Crop of 1876-Pennsylvama 100 cases Crop of 1877-New England 1 400 cases, Pennsylvania 1 000 do, New York, 600 do Ob10 Ui do Wlsconsm 150 do Crop of 1878-New England, 1,500 cases, New England Havana Seed 50 do Obto 200 do 200 for export Wtsconsm 616 do, Wtsconsm Havana Beed 800 total sales 6 441 do 200 for e x port. Exports of Seed l eaf SJnce January 1 8,1198 cases, same ttme last year l.'i 009 do SpanuhTb.ere was a good mqUJry for Havaiia to and we note sales of 600 bales at 90c@$1 1G, and 250 001es old fine goods at $1 25 MONTHLY STATEMENT OF Havana Bales 79 22 523 8 274 26 247 5 000 BTOCXS OJ' SPANISH TOBACCO Cuba. Yam. Ctenfuegos Total Bales Bales Ba.les Bales 239 841 23 103 48 3,772 389 100 --. 26 875 0100 Stook June 1 1879 21 247 239 2'!9 21 775 do do 1878 23 571 334 23,905 do do 1877 215 64.2 19 25 661 Mmtufactured-There has been a good steady bus1 Frequent were the miSgtvmgs as to the weather by the many who ant1c1pated attendmg tAle marna,ge ceremony at the elegant restdence of John St.raitms, )!;sq at BaySide, when hiS daughter Miss was to be JOmed m holy wedlock to Mr llt&dle) A Hard of New York, a partner 1n the nsmg manufactunng firm of Brown & Hard But could the weather have been prt:pared especmlly for the auspiCious occaBlon, It; IS scarcely posstble that 1 t could have been better or more thoroughly enJoyable than 1t was, and as a consequence there was a large attendan-ce of mv1ted guests Towards 7 o 'clock friends, relattves and guests arrtved m carrtages, and a special tram from New York brought over 100 couples The Stra1ton mansion ana the h andsomely Jaid out grounds were resrlendent m beauty, and wtth the elegant toilets of the well dressed ladies and gentlemen, the scene was charnnng beyond measure After a brtef mten; al, and promptl:y at 7 o'clock, the dtstmgUished company gathered m the parlors and the grand hall to wttness the 1mposmg ceremony After another bnef delay tlie ushers, Mr Fred Conant and Mr W M Corey, cleared a way through the preesmg throng, and to the st1rrmg strrons of Wagner's orchestra, the bndal processton, led by the Re.v George R. Van de Water, of Chrl8t Church, Oyster Bay, entered the parlors First came the brideellliJld8, Mws Emma Storm, :MISs Ellla Corey and Lancaster New Era. of May 81st says -About 50 cases of ola tobacco changed hands during the week a.nd there ha.s been & very a.ct1ve demand for these goods from abroad wlucb the limited amounts in dealers hands prevented from bemg filled The sales week were !iO cases and for the correepondtD' week of Jut year-were cases old and 400 cases new The dealingR m new crop have been fully as large as was to b e expected wtth the limited amounts sti.Uin the hands of the planters What 18 left IS principally 1n the hands of men who hold Jt very stiffly a.nd qwW as ready to keep 1t unt tl they get their pnce as to sen 1t There 1s., no doubt., w.hicb wiU-n bands tot tb:e present although pnces :favor the The weather has ag&iu become too dry to smt the Planters 'More wet d'amp days such as we had last week badly needed Much was set out dunng that time but unfortunately the grea.t of J)l&llta were t.oo small to be planted then From all we can glean there will be a. full and perhaps more than &n average acreage put out .!. number of have been here this week, and there -l!{le

.JUNE 7 Cigars there IS no perceptible change; both manufacturers and 1m porters are IB.lrly busy. .Ea:change.-Messrs M. &; S Sternberger Bankers report to THE TOBACCO LEAF as follows -We quoteBankers nommal rates (Uld 490 for 60 d&ys, and demll.lld sterling respectively, selhng rates 488 for 60 days, for demand, Commercial, 60 days 486%J:, Pans bankers, s daya, 512,_; 60 days 515, CommCI ctal, 60 days, -Messrs. Carey, Yale & Lambert. Freight Brokers, report to THE TOBACCO LEAF Tobacco Frt!lghts 88 follows -Liverpool, steam 30s, sa1i 27s 6d, London, 22s Gd (40 ft), sail27s 611, Glasgow, steam 35s, steam 40s, steam $8, sat! Antwerp, steam 42s 6d, srul 80s From the port of New Y to foreign ports for the week were a.s follows Bremm-181 bales British West IndteS-34 bhds, 45 bales, 13 pkgs (1079 lbs) mfd (;h1lL:rv'EJR. &. R.C>B::J:N'EIC>J!IIil', PROPRIETORS, V':J:R.G-:1:1\T:J:.A.. lllanntadnrer of' all StyJ .. PLUG and SIIIOKING TOBA.UCO, CIGA.KS and CIGARETTES. SOLE OWNERS AND MANUFACTURERS OF THE CELEBRATED SEJ:B'I::J: a :11c1. ::.::aL.A..J!IIii'ET Brands Of Cigars, formerly made by & LYALL of N e w York SOLEMANUFACTURERSo!theCELEBRATED --- X. -C." SOT,E MANUFACTURERS of the NEW STYLE, Raleigh Plug SmQking, .with PATENT REVENUE STAMP ATTACHED. NEW YORK OFFICE:-78 WARREN ST. I BOSTON OFFICE:-9 CENTRAL WHARF: f.' H. WIRT :MA.TTHEWS, SpeeW Agent. w. P. KITTREDGE & CO., Special Ag'ta. H A Rwhey, under date of May 30, says The month JUSt closmg has been the mast active m tobacco that has ever been known m the history of thts ctty Every body, from manufacturer to the smallest Jobber, has been unable to supply the demands upon him, and the outlook IS that fully another month w1ll be necessary to supply a fair stock to retarlers The unsettled range of priCes between the varlOIIII manufacturers that has existed heretofore IS gradually workmg mto a more umform basts. Severa.! advanced e;u-ly thlS month two cents pel' :r,ound ; ahd to day three leadmg factories announce a hke advance on the 1st pronmo. These latter are notable, smce they an nounced me five weeks ago tl:tat they did not the pr1ce of leaf tobacco would e mamtaine{;, and dechnmg 'to speculate off the tax reductiOn, they put pru;es for May at full cents per pound below Selectwn @ 9 @ 18 @23-Bnght wr4ppers sctw"ce, i)l'ces-nommal >Roo bodied and rea cuttm,; for p lug filler s O'::ts1de figures fo1 choice crops, well handled RICHMOND.!11 R A Broker and I order to sustam their well merited reputation, and we Com=ssion .Merchant reoorts to IHE 'IoBAcco LEAll'-must confess that lhe actual owners do everythmg In Smce m y last report our mark et bas sho" n moe ummatwn on th t t th t t;h steaiy TOBACCO STATEMENT. By spec a! corre.spondent Tbe ttansactions m 1he Enter prtse Watebouse-Sales fori the three days t)f last 46 hhds sales for the month, 370 do, sales for t,hc year 870 Rcce1pt s smce the O'PeDIDir of Ute house, May 10, 403 hllds, of which 121 hhds came dlfect from country shippers the better C'Iades and pnces for tha t descTipnon u1e etr power 0 con mue e1r en erprise Wl better colnmpu' nnd nondescupt 111e n eglected, und P.JCe z "al and earnestness, but tins year the1r acqms1t10ns below the cost o! proJuctwn are, 1n fact, super lOr to any matermls wurked by them former prices. ..... -The attack on VIllie Black, Esq, one of OU1:princ1pal warehousemen, by an assassm to-day, has caused a profoqnd sensation among the trade My colleague will doubtless adv1Se you f the full particulars of the bnme. Fine cut tobaccos are act1ve, of course, and prices very firm. SmoJnng tobacco of all grades, except Durham and common cut goods, are dull Cigars are fa1rly nct1ve and pnces firm except low grades, whwh are offered lower by local factories. The demand for tw1sts and other Vrrgmta tobaccos lS fallmg off QuotatiOnsV Irguna 12-mch 1bs, accordmg to quantny Fmest brandJl, Henry County work, $1@1 25, fine, 75 90c; -gqod, dWl sale, 50c. frur do, common LYNCHBURG.-Messrs Holt, E'chaefer & Co, Buyers and Ha.ndlers of Leaf Tobacco, renort to 'fa;& 'I'OBACCO LEJ.F Our sales th1s week were rather light, owing to the robacco Fmr, wh ch clmmed the pnnc1pal wteres\ here the p3.St 61 trcs, coastwiSe ff fro Oct t '78 to May 1 '79, 7660 bhds, 2880 trcs Campara & Suarez. (Carolma) have made extraordmary e orts t1ve statementWarehou.e receipts from March 1 '79 to !lay to procme fine roatermls, and we may report the fol 1 '79, 2610 .hhds, 16!T.' tfc8 ; frbm May 1 '79 to June 1 '79, 6005 lowmg acqmsitiOns -&vegas of the-Cayos Sacre, of bhds, 1 '77 to June 1 '78, 20,286 the Ptlotos distrwts, 2 vegas of the Cayos Connuco, bllds, 3001-.r.res, from Ocl f '78 to June 1 '79, 16,385 hhds, 2964 srune dlStrwts, 4 vegas of the Rio Hondo, among which tres Dahveries from Oct 1 '77 to June 1 '78, 15,889 pkgs, IS mcluded the celebrated vega of Juan Dube, 2 vegas from Oct 1 "78 to June 1 '79 19,114 hhds, 1ii23 trcs Loo se of San Sebastian, l e, Ramon Martmez, and the vega tobacco-Recepts and dehvenes from Oct 1 7'l to Jane 1 San Padron well known as a spectal fine vega, 5 vegas '78, 6,294,787lhs, from Oct 1 '78 to June 1 '79, lb s, of San the so-called "del Hato" the only veg_as decrease (esllmated m hhds, 2768), 2,768,055 lbs Stock on of thlS district wh1cb always bas hand June 1 '78 -Inspected 81 THE ToBACCo LE.. temprano to medto ti-empo, THE ToBACCo LE as follows -Market strang and active and as the tobaccos are pretty mcely advanced in Lugs adva nced from 20 to SOc per hundred fine colory leaf bl k th from 1 to 2c med1nm wades firm at lnst quotations Heports curmg, Messrs B & S expect to be a e to wor ftom tije cq{mtry r e matn unlavoJable m rega1d to the plant s about the end of July, and some parts of them sooner. and small c1ops w11l probably lle planted m our State 'frahs These vegas bemg of excellent quahty, we may expe?t actiOns at our wa1 e!louses dunng:th e week 287 hhds fine, smtal:l!.e delivenes of this manufactory. This <>ffermgs 401 bhd s Dehve11es to ettv 110 hhd s, for sh1pment week there arnved here a small lot of some 51 bales 312 hhds, total hhds, i:ltock q n b a nd 4,087 new Yuelta Aba.JO, and sold for the United States marketS at $36 gold per qtl The -4ltmtleo tmd st>lee-FOREICN. t10n was not of very favorable <;haracter and q,uahty. AMSTERDAM, Mag 16:Messrs S c haap & Van Remedws-We have to report tt,le arnval of' 48 ,bales, Veen, Tobacco Brokers report to THE TonAcoo of the Mamcaragua obaccos Havmg exarruned libeml I the last fortn1gbt.,9u market for Amencall tobacco had wtth attent10n, we :may t-epo t as follows -The bale's be en n httle more lively m good and fine grades of th1s !eat had been packed m h\u: have been sold to one o our nnportmg firms at pnces exchange mal)ket bas been firm this week. which run, as we hear, from 28@30 rls for 1-7a, and LIVERPOOL, Mag 24 -Messrs. F w.1!mytbe & Co' othel' classes m proportiOn Messrs Manuel Valle.& Tobacco Commtsswn !1ercbants. report to Tas ToBAcco Co, owners of the manufactory "La Flor de Cuba." LEAF -We have had the usual retail demand from the home have bought the celebrated vega "Monterey," but trade whose selectiOns were generally confined to the better until date have only received some 50 bales of Its temof stnps and leaf Colory tobacco wa.s in demand, and prano and med10 tiempo part. We have bad for such fuU.atesBreootamable There was more mqulry for to examme thiS lot, and may say that the character VrgJDia l eaf wttb substance for the Contment, and busmess of the leaf IS of excellent quality, fine and Silky, with for Afnca contrnues to he confined to the best of evenly very good colors, and must g1 ve a htghly satll!facE<>ry packed leaf Pnces qommally unchanged To day lB a hob result. As yet the bales are st1ll in cil:lentura, anu we day at the warehouse-the Queen 's birthday (sixtJeth)-ao we suppose they may be cured w1thin or about s1x 'weeks. are unable to obtam the usual weekly fi"'res. January 1, 1879 -Stock on hand tn State Tobacco Warehouse, and on shipboard, not cleared 19,370 hhds 2,428 bhds 9,265 bhdl! FARMVILLE, Va.-Mr A R Venable, Jr, Totacco Broker, reports to THE ToBAcco LEAF as follows -Sales durmg the month of Mny, 1879, 1,029,240 lbs, and from October 1, 1878, to May 31, 1879, 8.749,995 lbs, which 1S considerably less than for same penod of last year For the crop now bemg planted some fears arc cntertamed by the planters on account of the dry weather, while plants are about Yet, m order to avmd last year 's mJsta'ke 10 plantm&' too early, and from cut tmg a thm mfenor crop, they fear 1f the dry weatlher con tmues tbe plants wlll be overgrown, and have difficulty m ob tain10g a stll.lld Exported to Antwerp per steamer Zeeland. 16,172lbs mfd Seed week's buSlnCBII can becla1med, Wlth pnces very steady and favoring holders. Old stock unusually hght, therefore packers and holders of new leaf feel hopeful and en couraged Considerable new leaf has been recetved An ex cellent lookout for a fall buswess IS claimed by all parttes HaMruz-A constant mqmry for first-class goOds, they are scarce aJ!d hgh, but prtce seems to be no disadvantage Medium grades are offered mncb lower, but drag The pnce prud for th1s vega IS rather htgb, and as the LONDON, May 21 -Messrs Grant, Chambers & Co. "con teo" bulk lS of no good and favorable proportiOn. report to THE Ton< cco LEAF as follows -There 1s httle or we fea.r that the lucrative result Will not be a good one no change to 1eport m th1s market, and the trad& generally for the actual owners. Messrs M. V. & Co have made continues very dull Buyers show no dcs1re to operate be also the acqms1t10n of the vegas Mruney" and "Canyond the u mo st press10g requirements, the preeent low pr.ioee tarote au Mulo," as well as the well known vegas appear no mcent1ve to purchase stock Western "Savedra and V1vero," of the celebrated ''Pancho strips have attracted no particular attention, prices continue Perez" diStricts; further, the most famed vegas of the very megnlar V1rgima Leaf and Strtps -Little done m the "p1lotos" distriCts, wh1ch have always formerly been former, for the latter ratherll!01e mqmry. Maryland and.OhiO worked by the reputed Partagas." We consequently Only the classes are m demand Cnvendlsbcontmues have to expect fine Cigars of th1s well koownmanufacm fan request. Inspected this week Inspected prevtously this year 81 063 hhds Exports of MRrylaud -and Ohio smce January 1. . 5,959 hhds 1 Shipped coastwJBe andre wspected 1,100 hhds 7,059 hhds Stock in warehouse this day a.ndl on shipboard not cleared .. .. . .. .. 24,0M hhda Stock snme tlDle m 1878. . 84,246 hhds Manufactured Tobacw-There continues a good fan demand l the trade Manufacturers are actively employed, and 1 25@ 2 75 .2 75@ 4 60 450@700 Fine leaf 6 00@12 00 HENDERSON, Ky.-Mr. Posey Marshall rcportsto TIIE ToBAcco LEAl' -We had a r!lln Monday n1ght, whiCh bas been looked for many days. It was ouly a slight one, however, and m many portions of the county not to make a gpod season, when 11 did make a season, however, the fanners Receipts for the week --441 cases Connecticut, 112 do Pennsylvama, 75 do 01110, 80 do Wtsconsin, 121 bales Havana, and 301 bhds of V ngm1a and Western leaf tobacco Sales for home c .. nsumpt\On were -100 cases Connecticut. 229 cases Pennsylvania, 36 cases Ohto, 49 cases W11consin, 12 cases State Seed, 88 bales Havana, and 59 hhds of Vugtwa a.nd Western leaf tobacco. Exported to Antwerp v1a steamer Zeeland, 237,660 lbsleaf, to Lwerpool per steamer Ohio, 31,438 lbs Western leaf, total, 269,098 lbs tory. Juan Valley Hermano (FlordeAntomoMurtas) have bought the vega "Santa Isabel" (cca 500 bales) at pnces which run as follows -la-7a, 40 rls, SaandDdo, 32 rls, 9a, 16 rls, 10&, 8 rls, lla, 5 rls, 12a, rls, Cap aduras, 2 rls; and further, the hk!lWlSe known vega "Hoyo de Ia Mar,'' of the "Pancho Perez" distnct, for which vega they pay the followmg pnces -la-7a, 30 rls, Sa, 20 rls; Ddo, 20 rls; 9a, 10 rls; lOa, rls, lla, 12a and Capaduras, 3 rls Thts latter vegas has only been bought In order to be worked with the St Isabel, and must; a highly agreeable result. Th1s manu factory has not hes1tated to make great sacnfices m Jl'h. V11lie Black propnetor of the Planters' Ware bouse Cmcmnat1 was shot fatally on Fnday by a r.olored em'Ployee m retahatwn for havmg been accused of stealing to bacco and subsequently d tscha rged. The reports of the State CommiSSIOne r of Agncnlture of Tenneesee mdiCate that the acreage of tobacco will be cons1dcr al!ly mcrea se d 111 all the tobacco counties on the Upper Cnin berland Correspon\lents eshmato that 25 per cent. more will be planted m the counties of Overton, Jackson W1lson, Smith and Clay th.a.n last year In the ClarksVIlle district of Tennes see planters wtll not mm to mcrease then cropa, but 1111 eff_9rt will be made to improve their qna.lity. SKD.ES & I'KEY, Packers Dealers iD. Pemliaylvanta, Lea,f 'l'obacco, 61 and 63 North Duke .PK;


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HOLT 1 s CliAEFER & co:, .W.LYNCH B U R 'C, v_ A.,BUYERs AND HANDLERS ,OF Steam MANUFACTORY tHAF TOBACCO. AND DEALER IN .. TRIMMINGS, lABElS, PAPER, WW-mm: A.JSfD .A-JU:La :J:-';;.::t:NDS C::t:GrA.:EI. o o 9 699 :to 707 W. Sixth St., Cincinnati, 0 TOBACCO BROKER; I JAC OB waiL, AARON KAs,, E A WEIL. B. GEISE & BRO., 1J 2 Broad St., Nashville, Tenn. :D"D':EI.EE_ A.:DII: Su:u:ok ........ Tobaooo, WEILl 1{ A HN & co I '!'! IBITEA.:DII: !:'d l .cw 'fort Boston, Ptttsburgh, Chicago, St. LoUis and.' Cincfnnan. CHAS H KT...:I!.,.. D FACT-ORY iiii*"'Yorlc. BARKER & WAQQNER I "'' .. s: WiroLEBAl.& EALE .. CIGAR-BOX ikh>muroz., JA& u. ;az IMPORTED aad DOMESTIC ._CIGARS! Cigars & Le_ af Tobacco NO 93 CLAY STREET PEMBERTON PENN;; GUMPE ... .. LEAF TOBACCO. ._ ...... M. A l 1 of FINn. CIGARS, D. ... LB!FF. 1111 bl n n liRIO AND i:ONIIECTICUT DJIUUU AJlll IMPORTERS oF ,, t TOBAcco! S. E. cor. Vine & Front Sts., TO.BACCO BROKtft; t '-46 :Front CINCINNAI.rt. AND ; 1 E. E. WEN9K., Manaa:er : :::,.1&1. SEED. tEAF TOBACCO' 46 and 48 ST. CHARLES STREET, Miami Leaf Tntiacco.Warehouse. .. .' w o ... ..... u .... Do WAYNE & RATTER_ M .ANN JOHN OBERHELMAN & CO. -. "-lllo ,_: J ,J7 W. Lombard St., STOBE :--134:1 CBES'rN'D'T- 1 t \, _', I Fa.o\ory: 444 to 448 North' 13th Street, ) :I;? A. PROPRIETORS, DKALas :a. A. ll'fTJ.S : THE LARGEST ClGAR.F-AGTORY IN,THE. _STATE. &.H. .. .JQS. & 'co., -1-obacco Bzioke. ...... -.---H--....... --. DEALER IN &:::1'11":"'::m........ ... "r:"'! -"'I'2'W Dally aiD.4 Prln ... Sal-. 60 West Front Street, : I IMPORTED anctDOMESTIC .... AdT&IlOOIImadeOil, C _onslgnment s. 0. :. -.:t tEA F'. T 0 8 A C C 0 Bai'V8illa. : Gerieritt Commission CIGAR MOULD ACT'G GO. 25 German. s(, Baltimore, J Md. Cor. Ridie & lortHollcgc Ale's, P a "'. -DARKWRAl'PERS CONST.L'ITLYON BlAND. ..: : J. L. BRENlfD. 1 l'ffltt; IN .._ .. W. K. LADD,-, ..!!._ AGUE'-& 'MATJS.a.O'-'-.. MILLER:--&.-BRENJfER Cti&ie(i be not I e. It will b a excbaaaed qr moo6y 1-eturned. Our a1 nt N Is to give Jl"rfeot sattsfactlon to the trade. mlf.{..,pyrcliasing dire<.-t fiow the PAGII1EII8 .AND DE:.ll.ZII8 IN HYDRAULIC AND. RETAINING PRESSES, PUJIPB, OASDI'G.BoLLS.'B.OmfD & SQUARE POTS or ,CADDY PB.ESIIES, CASDfGS & BANDS, ete., FOR. 'rllll LRAF. TOB!GGO BRO'J:RS oH 1 .. 0 :o.n:nlt LH .. A F. TO.BA000 North College AYeoueo. U S. SOLID! T O P CIGAB III;OULD CO. _...,;_ .o.p -l}ll.JlU ltU WA'I'TEYJO:, 218 p...,l YD'rll SUS. ,Apoat. 'B.EDB.YER.S OF CUTTING ytEAJ' u .if ..... "J.;;.;no .. Stu.t. ll.iUfUFAOTUB.E OF PLUG TOBAOCO.. l John B.. McGowan & Co., CINCINNATI,. 0. (FOil THE TJLADE,I = :.;:_::a;::=... AND PLUG FILLER.S 1 ) CO!O!ISSION DAYTON' 0 HI o 21 N. Main 8t., St. l:.ouiS. "' t : 94 W. St." .,.OJW_. :I'MeiPTr.Y A'l"I'DDE.D 1 : w. .A: s:w. VENABLE &:CQ-ute. DO RINALDO SANK & CO., Tobacco Com -.&liD-General. Commission Merchants, 81 North Water Street PEI:xx...A. _...,_. l Avenue, F -,. J: P'EI'TTe A :D:IDT.ePlBf"r. 0 r., SORVER, COOK COi l'ACDIS, OOKKISSION :ICmCUNTS, .. 106 AIICH ST; Phila4elpbla1 Pa. And Wholenle Dealen In 'GENERAL AGENT FQB EA' f; T .OBACCO WILSON .tj McCALJ.AY'S : PLUC TOBACCOS. l'fJ X. 1l'.A.S'IIB SIJ.I., '' PKU..ADEL"PHIA. A. H THEOBALD J.oseph Wa.,JJa.ce, (Succeooor to Cooper & Walter. ) A-CTURER 01! MANUFACTURER-Of' CfCARS, AND DEALER IN SpMish and Domestic'Leaf Tobacco ; llUf U : E. ooraer GJi...ra A.,.., & ,7a._Jft. 6-72 ELEVENTH 8T., AGENT FOR ldlWK .t;,mzBs' ClNs ")IIA.YFLOWli:B," DeVolt, Jach. Smokers and L!,>af a 8peelalt;y. 1 J. W-CAnilaLL'B "X.OIIE JA.QX," f.yncill>uqr,_Vac Ordel'll Sollcited. il:llna::'-"'!'K TN' G TC>::SA.OOO& I GOODWIN a: co s "OLD 'JUDGE;" Tobacco 'and Cigarette; HALL'S "BETWEEN THE ACTS;" and Refere.-,...,: W K. l!be!ton, F. X. Bunon, C. &. ., BCI;IPSE ii. Jl.IGHT .'NAVY, 11, Jil,-311, 4-s, lh, 8, 7.; s ., 9 and to. } F.t S Kl!ffiRY' S P,olJ4,Da. .. lilT. GEORGE!' BRJQHr)NAVY, Ill, X, 3a, 411, n., a ... ,.., s., e. and to.. I !!! G "''VIRGINIA DA:&B f'. BlliGHT lf.A:VY. 1e, 3e, a., 6, 9.3 aJld tO ., E B.A S'ftALE, LYLE/ BRIGHT NAVY; lo, 3o, Go, 7o, So, 9a aad lOa. -, "j o '.AI .. i.llo. J. TO .. AQCO' !iJROK ,ER, .. of FINE T'Wis;r of' oereet, l'a.; IQ:.t.NUF .&.CTlfRERS OF THE CELEBKA TED I I BUY ONLY ON ORDER. Sollel a A ''NE' R B',R ,AND ri" N E cu' T. lvqoPEK li ()0., Oor. ;Front ll!""'phll, 'l'eDIL f:. --:--'J!f[,_ !I'ULLS. Pr.,., '\Vlll:,' H; TEFT. VIM P.-e,._ BEN.T. F. HA.XTO_N, 8eel, 66 BETTER .. 'l'HE LB A P .. TOB!CCO' Ancl Dealer In PINNSYLVANIA_ SEED 10BACCO; Havana&Domestic Leaf Tobacco 3 CKS. ON. R-,WA ..-.7' CARRO'LL Pad cah,. K Pa.. .,.._ A A u;; v V JOHN :. u T fir" 500,600 Cigar alwaya on han4, 'll8 South 6th St Philadelpliia. V I. H CLARK & BROTIOOl, 1 J -Sole Ma"nufactarer ol the. Fam.ous.aod Werld-reDoWDed Brand w . IIA}IJUFACTUB.EB.S O P ALL STYLES OF VIRCINIA 8JIIIOK MNC TOBACCOS, p :ENNSYLVANIA RAILROADs '' ..... Ch '' T b o r 'ON' E JAC11 -A"D' B BOWN DICK MAIL-ROUTE. weet 0 ace. u Manufactory: LYNCHBURG, VA. 11 TOBACCO BROKERS JA. c -KSO N ','S BEST l ; ;;::::. I r--railway travel Safe. Swift and Luxurious PET:ID:EI.SEI"D':EI.G-, "V' ..A.i.. 1 IRON B _RIDC,ES FAST TIME. U the CENTENNIAL En'OsiTION, Sept6mber Zi", 1876, 0. P Quaoa. 0. P ... 'GREGORY. & CO., T. A. J--. M. & S. 'STERNBERGtlt Stone Ballast. THIS ToBAcco.wAS AWAKDED 1: OF BANKERS lND BROKERS, A. BP:IDCXA.X..T"Y. W e ca ll attention t o CHEWING and SMOKING TOBACCO, .. ,, BROAD ST NEW YORK, The l!!lu.XD.Z:a:1er "ta :13oo.k-Illua1rated c hewe r nay UPQr:. b,pnm haling otlw r htIs gett m g ours. Every : P a y partic ul n r t o the NP .go tlatiOG of. OoDtalniDJr'o'fer One Rout.ea. with descriptive matter, and map foolhowtng all the Sum c kl b .. JA KSON:t 1 S'.f1t l Jnto It b y a flie. mvery Plug hnA our Trade mr .. r a. .;_, ot F o r eig n 1!-x:cha.n?,'e and l:.oa1l8.. ..., mer "Resorts ticke ted-to, -can be had FREE, 'On application to ah e Ticket Agents Of N'S n}%; n

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JOHN ANDERSON & CO. MANUFACTURERS OF THE LI'CORICE PASTE.. 1W AI.US cA CO. SOLACRtiD omn TOBACCOS ECIII:.T::n..A.. Tobacco manufacturers and the trade in general are particularly requested 10 THOMAS HOYT & CO., JV OF. fiNE-CUT CHEWING & SMOKING 114 I. 116 LIBRTY STREET 1 examine and test the superior properdes NEW YORK, of this LICORICE, which, being now lleg to direct the attention of the Dealen In Tobacco brought tO the highest perfection q of; throu.pout the United S tatt-a and the Wo:-ld f to their CELEBRATED fered under the above style o brand. SOLACE FINE-CUT are also SOLE AGENTS for the CHEWING TOBACCO. 1". G. A G. G. whtch is being once more manufactured under U.e tmmedt>< superv!st<>n ot the odginator, Acknowledged by consumers to be the MR. JOHN ANDERSON. best in the market. A:ld for the brand and now o;..,nru.,"" formerly, without a rival or 'P111ISH IJCO_JB ICCHHICi GBBHK LICOBICH / Wehegtocall the attention of Tobacco Manuf a c ll mu I tureroandDealers to this SUPERIOR AND PURE ALL SPECIALTIES FOR PLUB AID FilE-CUT TOBACCO. I OLIVE -OIL, TORCA BEARS. GUMS, DAVENPORT' "' xoRRis. Rich-JOHN .. CAr.tU S, Tobacco Btoter, 83 BEAVER .ST., YORK. CHAS. E. FISCHER & BRO. TOBACCO 134 Water St., .. TKOS. KnuncUTT. CHA :. BILL. Ja.. KINNICUTT & BILL, BROKERS IN WESTERN & Y)RCINIA LEAF TOBACCO; 82 BROAD ST., NEW YORK. CHABLIS P. OBBORBI, JAMES G. OSBORNE,-TOBACCO BROKER, 54. BROAD STREET, N 'EW YORK. :M. E ; McDOWELL & CO., 39 'N. Water Street, Philadelphia; 9 Warren Street, New York; 54 Broad Street, Boston; 8 Lake Street, Chicago; 216 Locust Street, St. Louis, AGENTS FOR Middle and Western States, Pacific Coast, New Jersey, New York & New England States. JUNE7 THE Pa.tented Smoking To ba,cco. Manufactured by AIJ,EN & DUNNING, Nos. 65 & 67VANBOUTEN ST. PATERSON, N. J. _, JACOB HENKELL, li!ANUFAOTURER OF CIGAR BOXES SUPERIOR MAKE & PRIME QUALITY OF Cedar li!ANUFAOTUBER OF ALL KiNDs OF Powdered Licoriee Boot. LICORICE ROOT-41'ai'OD and! Altc&JOtoo AND PATENT PGW"DERED LJ:COftJ:CE. Selectaeeo. A1100, Flnt and 8eeond QaalUy SMOKING, In Blae Papera. F:l:n.e c-u. 't I DARK AND LICHT CRAPE. FOREST ROSE. CLUB. JIAY APPLE ancl PRIZE LEAF FINECUT, IN FOIL. T. B. MERRICK a C(). .. .... IMPORTERS, & 132 WTLI.IA'M ST., YORK. l't1ULY AND I'DTEI.Y FOWDJUD BPAl'IIISH LICORICE ROOT, SPANISH LICORICE EXTBAlT, OEER T05GUE, LAUREL LEAVES, TONKA BEAIIJS, CASSIA BliD8, CLOVES &ND Cll!lliAlllO!I, ORANGE PEEL, ANISEED, CAllAWAY 8EIID, CORIANDER liKED, LAVENDER FLOWJIRS, 4. SHACK, TOBACCO BROKER, 129 MAIDEN LANE, NEW YORK. GUlli ARABIC,GRAill Al'IDI'OWDERED, liiYRKH, LUliiP Al!ID POWDERED, GUM TRA.QACAl!ITD, IrLA.XE AND ESSENTIAL OILS, POWDERED, POWDERED OLIVE OIL, LUCCA lRii!'JUII Ill CAllES, 8E8A.IIIE OIL LEV.I.lll'l' Df BBLS, Tonka'8eane, Angoeturae, in Casks, Balsam 7okl, in Original Tins, Clucoee, French, in Casks PRICKS CURRENT ON APPI,ICA'I'IO!I, GIFFORD, SHERIAN & 11008, v 120 W'iUIAM STREET, New York. 4'T CEDAR STREET, N. T. Sawing and Planing Mills J a:n.d SAWING AND PLANING FOR GIGAR-BOI MAKERS. N"o. 11 18 Oaza.:a.oza. N'e""""" Y ,ork. ..... U.Iae4 I C. BARKER & CO.,. t1aaatacturen of the Celebrated 1 FINE-CUT TOBACCO_., II AMERICAN EAGLE" -AND-, A lao all other Cndes of I. Smoking TobHCos, DETilOIT. MICH. I : : ... ..... ..... QtJ.m Gedda, Siftings in Casks; AUG. RIGHTERING & CO., do. :. dn. Sorts in Bales; Gum Arab1c, do. '1 Beans, ANGOSTURA. :&I CO RICE PASTE. -!IBE STAMFORD MANUFACTURING CO., S} t ___ : '18'7 l!WE A TX'JEJN' z..m, N'E"PV" 'l'i!i.'hade badng demanded a Superior and Cheaper Article thnn that hitherto UBed, thls aaat.UtJM?\urlng,and offering for sale LIOORICE PASTE (under the old "Sanford'' bl'811d)of a QUALITY aDd aP a.'MUCE which can hardly tall t.o be acreptable t.o all giving it a trial TC>B.A.CCC> a:n.d C:J:G-..A..R. COMMISSION MERCHANTS 24 OBRAPIA STREET, (P. 0. Box 368.1 HAVANA, CUBA. AND DEALERS IN LEAF, PLUG TOBACCO AND C -IGARS, 39 SOUTH CALVERT ST., NEA:R LoiDJARD, Mellor a Rittenhouse, O F & .. g:J.a N. S"t.,. Pb.:l1ad.e1pl::l.:la,. P:l:n.e C:lgars, JOHN D. C. STEVENSON, TOBACCO I l'I:(A.NUFACTlJH.EKS OF AND DEALERS IN SP..A.N':J:S::B: a:nd LEAF TOBACCO, LICORICE PASTE 1 Cor. Pitt Street, N'e""""" York. llORRIS .JACOBY, L. F. FROII!RR. W'"' Centennial :Medal &warded t or'' Purity, and General Exeellenoo of Manu! Aloo M. & B. BRAND STICK LICORICE, all Sbeao. Wllrucsalc Agents: SHOEMAKER, VOUTE & BIRCH. l26 8. Delaware Phila. D.BUCBNER&OO. un,elc:ta Tobacco Works, DUA.NB 8T,, NEW YOHK, ...... tactw.,rs ol the Celebrated Brands of FR. ENGELB.ACH, I DEPOT &AGHNGY For F W. FELGNER & SON'S, Baltim.oe, Tobacco ancl,Cigaretteo. 56 S. WASHINGTON SSUARE, N.Y. MCALPIN & CO., MANUFACTURERS OF, THE CELEBRATED D1DLLAR" HRGIN LEAF &NAVY CHEWING 'V':t.rPZLJ.a. &:a:a.ok And all Kinds ? f .. And all other Kinds or SMOKING TOBACCO. --nu.wllfq. .t; SMOXING, Flug 1Snuff J'lour, etc. / The Celelbra&ed, MANUFACTORY ANil SAJ.BSROOM: Cor.lYenue D l Tenth St., ltw York. Commission Merchant, TOBACCONISTS. 1 SOLE FOR NEW YORK AND VICINIT:V F ,OR !r GOODWIN & CO.'S .4545 OLD Smoking Tobacco. and cigarettes. CONCENTRATED Havana Tobacco Flavor. 293,.295 & '297 Monroe Street, N'e._ York. : = .. -.: CC" ::11 =:!Ill ....... Ill 31::'" ::c:= ..._41 41 CCI!O ..... ::IIIJ;! S. A. ROBB, -== ALSO AGENTS FOR OTHER LEADING OF z:: .. PLUC TOBACCO AND CICARETTES, Nos. 254 and 256 CANAL STREET, corner of ELM,. NEW YORK. BRICE .REDUCED n TO -ON-CHARLES R. MESSt NGER, J J!l,l.NVFA(JT1JREHS o F THE CELEBRATED ..... ... and SUNFLOWER Chewing, A.ND THE CELEBRATED. l 45 P. Tobacco. SIGMUND JACOBY, GUSTAV JACOBY. .JACOBY 'It CO., St., New York; Ill (IL M'tJJbtser & Co., IIIA.NUF AO'l'UBimS 011' CLOTH .TOBACCO BAGS, A.LL B._BS 1309 Main St: Ricliiilond, Ya; A. WUL'F'F, Ac't, .. Printer & Man'u(acturer of A Large AssertmE!nt Constantly on Hand 51 Chatham. St., cor. WUUam, N.Y 16.Central Lightest rurc1tin, 12,960 Sq.Inches .15 Wabash Avenue, Chicago. ALSO,TOIIACCD & OTHER FOILS "Factory: No. 1 District, N. Y THE CELEBRATED THE CEL&BRATED AT LO'WEST MABKET PRICES. WITTEMANN BROT"_ERS, 'M.AT'CBLESS," "FRUIT GAlE .1M WIIJJAM NEW TOBL JAMES H. THAYER, BRICHT All Sizes; MAHOCANY, All. Sizes; -(Formerly D&roao & 'BaJt;lmore}, r ---. p XC> N :m :m 'R '' Dark, all Sizes. Leaf Tobacco CurIRC A .comparison ofnur Celebrated Brands o I' LUG TOBACCOS wUl conwlace all pa.rties U 'WO-. 1 DBB11'1:JL MERITS contained tb(l'fe in. 1 .. PLUG TOBACCO. 61 .,.


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