The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (10 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world. Page 3 and page 5 are missing.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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. i\ VOL. XV.---NO. 22. NEW YORK, SATURDAY, JULY'5, 1879. 105 HAlDEN LANE. Ooraer ol Pearl SRe&t. !ESTABLISHED 1864.] WHOLE NO. 750 FRED'K DeBARY & CO., WIUlllfWicn \CK .AUG.ROESLER 41 clll\ 43 warren Street, New York, & SOLE ACENT8 FOR THE "EL PRINCIPE DE CALES' CIGAR B J O:i HEY 'W'ES'I" CIGARS, MA.NUF WElL & 00., AJfD PROPRIETORS OF THE CIGAR FACTORY OF NEW YORK. SEIDENBERG & CO ., 84 a 88 READE STREET, NEW Y8RK, Importers of Ha, vana, To ba,cco, ALSO MANUFACTURERS OF THE LA ROSA ISPAIOLA HAVANA-OIGARS. .. WEISS, ELLER. & KAEPPEL, 0 IIIPORTEB.S OF THE BRAID'' TOBACCO. . . H .AVANA 220 'l;?earl Street, New York. -V ... B.TINEZ YBOR & CO., 190 Pear1 &'t.!J ,. N'e""VV "York., IMPORTERS of the MY Brand HAVANA Tobacco, And Dealers In SCRAPS L and CUTTINCS from their ET.i IE GAXF;& CIGAR FACTORY AT KEY WEST, FLA. all & La vv son, 88 :DIE'C"JE'ILJE'IL..A. Y &TR.EJET, :llii'E"'QV :r4ANUl!' ACTUBEBS OF TilE EI.Club De Yate & Royal Palm "'QV::&J8T EEA. 'V .A.N .A. 01G.A.B.&. Cor. Goerck & '1'lal1'd Sts., N'E'VV "YOR&. PRICE LIST OF CIGAR RIBBONS. Dr-d Yellew ............... Eztr. ... H ...... ad, 10:rcb 11.16 ............... No. 1 .... 6oS 10 ,.a. 1.66 n u ., II 2 M u 'JO J'cla ]Afi .. ............ 2a70ycb 1.16 .... ............ a .... ,.. 70ya. 1.2G Bread Red. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 1 .. ... & 70 ycb 1.80 .. .. 00 00 000 00 00 00 00 00 0 .. 2 .. 00 '70 ,.... 1.60 ............... .... a .... M "1 10ych 1.30 &panola ................. : ... 1---70ych 1.410 .. 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 .. 2 .. 00 5... '70 ,.a. 1.60 ........................ a.... 1o,.a. L30 Narrow R.ea .................. 1 ... TOyib 1.36 .. .. .... 00 ..... .. .. .. 2 ... '... "(0 ,.a. 1.20 ................... a........ 'l'o,-a. 0.86 arrow Yellow ............. 1 .... H 70ych 1.30 .. ..... .... .. 2 ... ... 10ych 1.20 ............... a.... 'To,-a. Red...................... 70ych 0.70 Yellow.... .............. '70 ,-d 0.86 Londre ( Chico ) .. 1 ... IUych 1.10 Chico ) .. 2 .... -41, 34.,-d 0.85 Londre Yellow ............. l, .... 'f-41 -:Uycb 1.50 .. .. .. ........... 00 .... 'f. :u,.a. 1.20 ............. 00 a .... ut-16" :Uych IJ.O .. ..... .. ...... "10 ..... 18" :u,.a. 1.0o .. .. .. .. .. 15 .. .. M 1U :reb 0.90 .. ...... 0000 "20 .... 11-18" :u,. .. 0.80 ............. "60 .... IUylloo 0.66 ............. "1oo .. w .. :uya. 0-46 Red .. ............... ..... ,... :reb 1-iO ...... .......... 2 ..... J8-18" IUych Ll6 Broad Bed n with yellow .edcea -0 ... 70 :reb 1.66 III a-8 10 ych I.iO X arrow" II H '70 yd I.30 Broad Yell. II with blue edce.... 1 70 :rd I.ISll u .. Ila" reel' ....... 8 u ""0 yb I.26 na red,wldte an blue ec1c..... 1 -'l'O ych I.46 Jforieca ........... ........................... B 10 ycb o-46 Extra Styles of Ribbon Macle to Order. RIBBONS CUT & PRINTED ANY SIZE AID STYLE. A.JI Orden Promptly Ell:eea.... .._., I PRICES OF CIGAR BOXES AID SIDLES OF RIBBONS SENT ON AfPLICATlOff. MANUFACTURER OF COIPOUND TIN FOIL TOBACCO, MEDIUM AND TISSUE TXOE:. All Infringement on thto Patent will be Prose outed to the foll extent of the Law. .USC MANUFACTURER OF 65 PINE STREET, NEW YORK. z::M:Po:aa:rE:as. Ill lnfrin ement u on this Trade-Mark will be Prosecuted to the full extent of the Law. Eta. bl.ih.ed {Havana, 1818. Plalla4elplda, 1818. S. FUGUET & SONS, No. 2a1 CHESTNUT ST., PHILADELPHIA, IMPORTERS oF' H! V ANA CIGARS GII:NBIU.L AGENTS J'OB SEIDENBERG'S KEY. WEST CIGARS. ALSO lU.NUFACTURERS OF -F:l21e O:l.a.rPBICE LISTS !U..ILED ON APPLIOA.TlON. S. LININGTON'S SONS, IMPORTER& OF HAVANA & MANILA CIGARS, 216 FRONT STREET, NEW YORK. lloJe A. lOr COX..C>B.ED. tobac:o: despite the remonstrances of the Government. us, 11 so that" I co'uld say' to 'the ,pe9ple are serving; ps to the best of their ability, Here are two days of our time; t ake them, with the Sabbath, which latter belongs to you, and get a ll the happiness you can from the thr ee." Two days measured by etet;nity arc but a little, a very little span indee d ; but to tho 'e::u.Y worker for hire, who can count them as entirely his own, they may seem an epoch Brief as the little respite was in this instauce, we trust it was one of 'unalloyed delight to all who shared it. We know the gift was a source of pleasure to those who granted it, and it may be hoped the experience will encourage repetition. ROLLED TO ANY OUAGE AND CUT TO SIZE. BOTTLE CAPS, all Size s, PLAIN AND COLORED, Tl;le Government representatives present are said to have declared tbat the change in the tax-rate will jeopardize the passage of the bill and consequently OFflCE : 163 Mulberry St., N.Y. further defer the' settlement of the tobacco question. H t G t 0 k T b d H t M k Th B G d I A subsequent dispatch announces that Herr Hobrecht, ow 0 e : ar oo:::'Y'' an s o 0 Ea e ..A.urn'Y'oo I OIGARBOX theMinisterofFinance,basresignedhisposition. According to the Berlin Taback Zeitung dated Jun'312 THE TARE ON IMPORTED TOBACCO. As announced in, the previous issue of THE TOBACC O LEAF, the Secretary of the Treasury has accorded a courteous and affirmative response to the memorial submitted to him in J.fay last by. Me ss rs. Gonzales the impression prevailed in tobacco circles and among C t d p D 1 d b p t t p the members of the above-named committee that Prince "r. to have your goods Rehandodand Sweated by C, S, PHILIPS & ()0, I! youhavepoorburnlng tobaceo,send WI a fewleaves,a.nd by return U an reS8 r e JOUr a en rGCe88 of mail we wlU prove to YOU what can be dOIIe. It Manufacturers will send us their Light-COlored Sorting>;, we will return them IIIA.DUBO Inerea.e4 PaelUtlee of' Jllaautaeture enable ua to make Bismarck will cons ider the tobacco bill a failure, and GOLOD8, wJ.thout the use of any chemicals or any artlllcial coloring. nd without Injury to the Leaf. There is enough natural coloring matter Punher De4ueUonln or Prlee., BendforourLiot juatlllnle4. drop it if the retroactive tax is reJ'ected. On the other I n all tobacCos 1! they areJ only' lta :nd.let'l in such a. manner as to brin g it out and fi% the color. THIS IS 'l'HE ONLY SUCCESSFUL TOBACCO SWEATING ESTABLISHMENT IN Span.:l&h. Cedar, hand it was asserted that the Government, if need be aad mau:rtousoftoba<:e' turned out daily of good Dark Col o"' and good Burnlugquallty. U:A. v A.NA. goods are also ouccessfnlly RehaDdled ._,....,. .._-cr """D.....,.., as a compromise, WO\lld accept the rates proposed b y i.l'l suoha manner as not. to !!howtbeybadbeen Rehandled SenJabalepreueua .. c;.w eT r,. f t kial. 8atlflle11on Chargee as low ..a will admit o! good work. Please write us for any information you maywi6h, and oblige p 1 the representative, 0 Wurtemberg, Herr Schmid viz., C S PRTTIPS & co ISS p Ist N y k. op ar, 100 marks on imported, and 60 marks Oj.l d o m es tic ., ear ., ew Or Sycamore, tobacco per 100 kilogrammes; but this proposition. it me., A.LL G&A.DES. was expecte d would be also rejected by the co=ittee D. -:MANUFACTUB.EB.S ..A.L:EI:R.O OF CIGAR-BOX co., LU:MBEB. IMITAT: I .Oti SPANISH CEiAR CIGAR-BOX LUMBER ....... prepared to tUm!Bti 't.hul Lumber to Box-lllall:ers ID the Wln&l lengths &Dd widths, ..Wned, gralnoo am polished ready !or uJ OD examination it WW'be foUbd "ri perfect imitation of Spanish Cedar in color and grain. and I!O far ltlperlor to any in the market that nO IIOIIIpal'!lon en ba mue -Being awed &Dd cut fi'QIIl_the l!Deot Poplar ( wood preferred by all experienced BoxKakers), and thoroughly pla.aed &Del polilhed, the atraJht &nd of e't'ea. swface. The ground color and graJn are durable, and the polishing is & patent proceu, leoniDg a brigM gl001 on the woOd. All prepared by our palent proc-. this Lumber can be used aa a subeUiut.e !or Spanish Oedar lit lelle th&n one-halfIW .,..t, -. OUB IPANUH OED.&R IS UIIPORTED DIREC:lTLY FR.OJI MEXICO via NEW ORLEAN&. l!WI::I.l.l.8 -d. 'VV'areh.o-u.e-aaa "'QV. ath. Stree-t. O:l.n.o:ln.n.a.1::1.. D .ONALDSON BROTHERS, S'tea:i::n.. L:l 'thograpl::l.i.c Pr:l:n. 'ters, I TOBACCO AND SHOW CARDS ,., o, ... ,. !&'1'91.1 [No Label kep& ID S&oek, of the, Reichstag. It is feared, under these circum Inlllldltiontor.boTewraaaalltocll:otBarllwoodLumbor..,l' .stances that the tobacco question which now has been Vueera. Geo W B.ea.d & CO p ending from year to year to the great injury of the .. tobacco industry and prosperity of the country, will 186 to 200 LEWIS ST., NEW YORK. not be adjusted during the present session of Parlie.ment. The Taback Zeitung is of the opinion that the Government will be disposed to accept the tobacpo t.a.x bill with lower rates and without the retroactive and that rumors to the contrary have for their object to r ender, if possible, the members of the Reichstag m o r e favorable te the plans of the Govern ment. 0 KEEPING THE NATIONAL HOLIDAY. It was a graceful recognitio'n of the courtesy due t o employees, who, in common with employers them selves, have altogether too few holidays in this t ?.,!\d)oyrn .business from the evening of the third to the t;norning of the seventh of July, as was done this week not only by the members of the tobacco interest, but by almost,all other industrial representa tives throughout the United States. The boys, to speak fam]Jiarly, will )YOrk all the more faithfully and vigorously for the oppqrtunity allowed them of enjoy ing in the country, by the sea-side, or else where, as fancy impelled, 'the two days' grace s 'natched from the travail of traffic. sball c lo 8e on the Fourth and Fifth of July, inasmuch as the patriotic merchants of New York will unite with tliose of Bost'on in devoting two days to the ceh3bration "of our national independence." is a copy of a telegram sent py a Water Street tobacco manufacturing firm to a business firm in Boston. The i>atridtism m;plied in the dispatch is a common attribute of the American c itizen, and found expression on Friday in 'varying modes of observance by millions of, men-and, shall we add, w ,omen and children-whoi!IB homes gladden the teeming. soil of this Aat contment. BUt the gentleman who framed the lltirriDg aen&ell(le quoted meant'more than i,s conveyed Beer, Tag and Bon, of this city, asking for an allow-ance of thirtee n instead of twelve pounds on leaf tobacco into the United A request so just and so fully endorsed by the leading dealers i n and importers of foreign tobacco, as well as by the customs officia l s, as the one embodied in the memorial referred to, and which appeared in these columns at the.time of its transmission to Washington, could not well have failed to receive the approval of Secretary Sherman, who thoroughly understands the wants .and recogni zes the importance of the tobucco industry, _and the. concession he ha made is only what. was to be expected of him under the circumstances. At the same time a proper acknowledgment of the favor h e has conferred upon tile tobacco trade, when by_ the practice.and precedents of his office he ll4ght have withheld it, is justly his due; and we judge we are only expressing the sentiments of the tobacco im porters and dealers, as, also, the cigar manufacturers of the country, when we say the service he has folHld it possible to render them, while fully discharging_ hill duty tp the Government which he so ably reprCIIeilts is gratefully appreciated. A word of approval is due to the committee named above !'or their. well directed efforts in. this important matter. It was n(} easy work for those gentlemen to change a custom of the-Government which had been in vogue for map.y years-t):lree or four decades at nor was it a. task for them to c r.eate a sentiment amo n g the various of tobacco trade in favor of the, cp.ange; but by perseverance and judi cious action from first to last they succeeded in both particulars, : and the since re of the tobacco in here and Jlsewhere in the United States is deservedly due them for their achievement. All labored faithfully and energetically until the desired end was reached, and the advantages resulting their efforts will be general and wide-spread. On Mr. I M. Bon, of the firm .of Schroeder & who was the secretary of the C()mmittee, !levolved, per haps, the larger share ()f the labor perfOl'med i}\ this connection; secretaries usually having to earn by the 1 sweat of their brows" the on which attaches to. their but the modesty of that able and \'lner gentleman will prevent him from claim ing the creditwhich his aiSOCiates cheerfully accord to him. : J ("' .. It riow only remains for the trade to unifC\rinlY avail


2 Cihemse'ves of the advantage they have secured. There are those, we are aware, who feel that they can better afford to allow th1rteen pounds tare on new tmporta tions of Havana tobacco than upon old, but we judge tradesmen who are of this opm10n at present wtll, for the general good, promptly conform to the rule now followed by the maJonty of 1m porters and dealers of allowing thirteen pounds on already m hand. Only in this way can the full value of the concess10n obtained from' the Government be realized, and only in this way, probably, can the repreeentattves of the Government feel justified m continumg the favor now granted. AN ERRONEOUS IDEA. Lately the New York Graphtc contamed a p a ragraph ft;ating that a drummer for a ChiCago grocflry house bad wr1tten to his employers from Iowa that "The grasshoppers have appeared m the western part of the State, and are very bad from Cherokee west to Yank ton, Dakota. They infest a terntory 40 miles w1de by 175 miles long.'' They have eaten everything green -except, wobahly, the drummer, adds the Graphic The Graphic is a very mteresting and well informed journal, and when the fact that 1t is pubhshed m the metropolis of the New World 1s taken mto consideration, one would certainly thmk 1t up to the ways of this wwked world. Certainly Its comment on the letter of this mercantile pilgrim" is eviden"e to us that 1t is not thoroughly acquainted wtth the domgs of that most artful of artful creatures-the drummer. 'Jhe imputation of verdancy to a drummer-and a Chicago drummer at that-Is what we are almost tempted to call scandalous. The expression of the opinion that a Chtcago grocery house would send illto the fair cities and lovely villages of the "Hawkeye ,State a pel'IIOn of such small mental calibre as to be taken in by the wondrous tales of the desigrung inbabitants thereof, is enough to make every merchant in that city arise m horror from hiS desk. The Chicago commercml traveller must be the sharp est of the sharp; It IS his bus mess to ''pull the wool over the eyes" of the dealers m the Far West, and not to let the wool be pulled over hiS own. It 1s he who must make the buyer believe, If It lS necessary to do so, that the sugar he offers him IS of the finest grade, when it is the lowest m the market and half full of sand, and so wtth his other goods. As it is w1th the grocery house drummer, so it 1s with those m other branches of trade. If there is a being on thiS terrestrial globe who m hlB heart believes that the commerc1al traveller IS verdant, let him take hiS walk among the tobacco houses of this City and mtervtew the drummers theretn How soon Will such thoughts be dispelled from his mmd I When the drummer condescends to ibe pumped, and truly narrates the deeds he has per :formed, revelations will be made whtch will astomsh the hearer. Into his ear will be poured the story of how the cigar maker was persuaded to purchase as genuine Confeeticut wrappers leaf whtch there 1s not a State in the Umon whiCh would willmgly own as her product'; how tlte corner-store keeper bought a lot of plug at fifty cents, which the "firm" would w1llmgly have sold at twenty five cents; how the lager-bee rsaloon beered" mto a condit10n to buy a bandsorlltl assortment of firslrclass c1gars, made of the' iinest Vuelta-:Aba;o tobacco (grown on the best vegaB, especially for the firm) at ten dollars a thousand, the cigars readily selling at fifteen cents apiece, m a commumty whwh would imagme 1tself on the sure and swift road to bankruptcy 1f 1t patd more than three cents, or five for two, for the mgars 1t consumed. All -these and many more of a similar {!haracter would be told him, and 1t would take a miCroscope of the high .est magnifying power to present to the eye the "greenllCSS" of the drummer. The writer of the letter referred to is one of the children of men who are wise m their generation. He fully understood what he was about. He probably was not to the house home tbe number of orders he was expected to send, and what other excuse could he make but that the grasshoppers were eatmg everything green, and that the farmers in consequence had no money to buy grocenes. The grasshopper, like the tobacco -worm, IS a most convement scape Moat. Upon his back has been lrud a multitude of sms -in fact, he has been accused of almost all crimes murdet, perhaps. When a bill is presented to the farmer,' who bas been to New York and had a ;good time with the money recetved from the sale o f ,his crop, it is the grasshopper or the tobacco -woi m has brought h1m to this condit10n of tmpe cuniousness, if there is a desire to speculate m the growing crop, the report quickly spreads that the crop is bemg devoured in a most ravenous manner. Indeed if there IS a wish thai matters should appea r in a most damaging light, the grasshopper or the worm is piC tured, like the mammoth m the chtldren's book s, pull ing up immense trees and consummg them whole. The drummer may have his faults-who has not-but certainly verdancy is not one of them, and when the young man from Chicago penned his epistle It was with a deep des1gn, not apparent to the casual ob :aerver, who lB not fami11ar w1th the ways that are wicked and the tricks that are not va.m of the drum mer. JOliN BLAKELY AT '.PHE OCEAN PIER. As already announced m these columns, John Blakely, that pnnceof dealers, of 240 Broadway, has 1m pressed his personality and hiS goods throughout the length and breadth of the famous new uon pter at West Bnghton Beach, Coney Island Vtsitors to the .Island last year and the year before, contemplatmg .in glad wonder the numberless atttactions of that of sea side resorts, felt, doubtless, that nothing :;mm!8 had to be added there to make up a field of re.creat.iml and enjoyment that would sattsfy the desires .of mortals, come from whatever quarter .of tlle world they might. Yet this year, the splendtd "' Oceaa Pier" has been and in 1ts of .delight from cool breezes grand promenades a thousand feet m length and one hundred and twenty feet in breadth, brilliant gas-bght and moon-light VIews, delicious music, tees, beverages and cigars-the latte r, jn all instances, from the unrivalled stores of the popu1ar, the inimitable John-we see that, ample as for 'Bler resources appeared, there was somethmg wantmg, and gether wtth check as above suggested 1KJ the order of Julms Ehnnann, Treasurer, your illterests w1ll be united with those alre'idy engaged in the movement, and will receive prompt attentton.. Very respectfully yours, L. & E. WERTHEIMER, 138 Water St., ALLEN & Co., 173 & 175 Chambers St EsBERG, BACHMAN & Co, 08 W1ll1aru St., Comm ittee. JULIUS EHRMANN (of Esberg, Bachman & Co), 98 William St, New York City, Treasurer June 5, 1879 The understgD.ed hereby ll.uthol'lze Messrs L & E Werthetmer, Allen & Co,, and Eeberg, Bachman & Co ., or their duly appointed Attotllay, to represent and protect the interests of the understgne d m any cllum for rebate or drawback of tax paid on m anu factured tobacco on hand May 1 1879, and' m consid eratiOn of the serviCes rendered, and to be rendered, hereby pay the sum of--Dollars ill and do further agtee to allow an amount equal 'to and one-half per cent. :!>f the sum whicl:r ma_y be paid or allowed by the U. S. Government for rebate or drawback on tobacco. -. M.INOR EDITORIALS-AND NEWS ITEMS. I" .. :1 CoNGRESS ADJoURNED. -Congress has adjourned without inflicting upon us e1ther a "free' le&f" or "coupon 'Clgar" Tha-nks, Messrs. Congressmen, but will ynu be as-considerate when you meet again m DecemberY That is the questwn. Meanwhile, we adville thoee opposed to thoee two schemes be watchful. IN THE VUEIJrA ABAJO -Advtees from Cuba announce that a constderable number of purchasers have made thetr appearance at San Juan' y Martmez, as well as m the nmghbormg localitie s, and are securing at imcom monly high figures as many parcels of the new tobac cos as they can obtain from dealers Owmg to the eagerness of the purchasers, the dealers are showmg more and more reluctance to part with their stock t10n of that city held its fourth meetmg at thetr hall, corner Broa&'and Blloe lately, c6mpletmg the organization by the adoption of a constttution and by-18.wf5, The announced tbat the Asllociation now numbers' 600 members, and add1t10ns are being made to the rnnks druly, embracing many of the prinClpa.l retail dealers as well as others from promment wholesale houses The obJect of the Association is to secure umform pnces in goods, and to adopt such other me$sures as shall advance the illtere.sili of the trade. TOBACCO R,USING IN PENNSYLVANIA.-R.eferring to the statement of a correspondent of the Philadelphia Record, wnting from Manetta, Pa., to the effect that Col James Dffy, the Hon. Stmon Cameron, and the Hon. J. D Cameron, have thiS year planted and have growmg finely 200 ac res of tobacco the Lancaster Examtner and Express remarks -Tne above is too htgh to pernllt 1t to pass wtthout explanat10n. The three gentlemen named have planted about 130 1nstead of 200 acres, and neither of them has over ten per cent. of hiS l and m tobacco. Mr. Duffy has perh.tps a httle more than that, but he has gtven much attentiOn to the raismg of tobacco, and lS better pre 'pared for 1t than the Camerons. THE SOCIALISTS IN PARLIAMENT -The Socialist mem ;bers of the German Retehstag-Bebel, Fr1sche, Lteb knecht, Wtemer, Bracke, Vahlteich1 Kayser and Hasselmann-lately subnntted to the Tobacco Com mtttee of the R.ewhstag a resolutiOn askl:ag that in case of the adopt10n of an mcreased tax and import duties on tobacco, the lmpertal Chancellor be request ed to make exertions t hat tobacco manufacture be abolished until the 31st of D ecember of the present year in all pr1sons1 penitenttartes and houses of deten1tl0n throughout tne German Empml These. Illustri ous members of the German Parliament must make some effort from ttme to time to demonstrate that they are alive and in trrm to propagate Socialist prmCiples. ENJOYING THEThiSELVES -On Saturday, June 28, says our Ph1ladelph1a Correspondent, the who1esale grocery jtrade, together with a number of the prmCipal tobacco firms of Philadelphia, and invited guests, to the numlber of four hundred, spent llSplendid gala day at Long Branch It IS customary for thiS assoc1at10n to gtve I an annual exc ursiOn, where a general reunion of mer chants and friends takes place, and right merrily do each and every parttetpant make good use of the occa sion Seated around the f esttve board (served up in the excellent style known to the propnetOrs of the West End Hotel), could be found merchants, old and young, all detennined to atd in some manner to make the day remembered A more jolly set of gentlemen would be dllficult to ormg together. They returned to the city in the everung fully sattsfied With the day's pleasure. DESTRUCTION OF A NEW TO.llACOQ FAcTORY. -The tobacco manufactory of C A Schnetder, sttu ated m New Levee Street, New Orleans, was diSCOver to b e burnmg about one m the mornmg about a week smce. The fl.ame s were found to be tssumg srw.ultan_pously: from 'l!:arious portions of the extenstve bmldmg, which extended through a t a right t o Gaime Street. '.l'he fire commumcated to the adJOinmg machme shop of Cochran & Mims. resultihg m the total destructiOn of both buildmgs, and a total loss of $75,000, Sehnetder's loss alone amountmg to $65,000 On the first appearance of the fire, Corporal Dnscoll repa1red to the Gmme Street entrance of the tobacco factory, where he met the Superintendent, J. L Chr1stian a hasty exit Christmn was held under susptcwn of illcendiardtsm, but It appears that he slept In the bmldmg. and he stated that he retired at mne o'clock m the evenmg, and the first mtimat10n he had of the fire was when he ,hs awakened by the smoke and flames A PIECE OF HISTORY CONCERNING CIGARS.-In a com to the London Tunes Mr. P S Holland wrttes -"Your art cntic has made a sbght error in h1s Cl'ltwism of my piCture For Honor,' when he says one, by the way, smoking a c1gar, m the dress of sixty years at least before the mtroductwn of that form of the weed mto England The costume of the figures l S that worn about 1790 Accordtng to your crttic, then, cigars were not mtroduced into England till 1850. But further, o n consulting Hall's Eucyclo:RaJdta, published m 1790, under the head 'Nwotma,' I tind the followmg sentence -'Before pipes were in vented, It was usually smoked m CI_gars.' Agam, m Charles Kmgsley's Westward HoI' he ment10ns the surpnse of tlie people of Btdeford at seemg one of Amyas Le1_gh's smlors roll up a leaf of tobacco and smoke it I have looked up the subJeCt carefully, and can find no evidence, direct or mduect, that were not smoked at the end of the last century. At all events, Hall knew all about them in 1790, as h e de scrtb es the1r manufacture I hope that you wtll msert these few lines as some proof that I have not been gutlty of an anachromsm --ENGLISH SMOKING SUBSTITUTES -At the Gamsborough Pollee Court, London, Messrs. Thomas Any an and Geo. H Anyan, carrymg on busin ess m Church Street, G!linsborough, as grocers, tobac co dealers, etc re cently were charged with havmg m their possessiOn a quantity of adulterated tobacco. Mr. Stevens, super visor, apperu ed on behalf of the Inland Revenue authorIties, and }ir. Howlett for the defence H }!Iller, ex superVIsor, stated that on Mareh 17last h e v tstted the dttfendant's shop and seized oz of tobacco, a port10n of whwh h e sent to Mr Helm, analytical chemist, Somerset 'House Witness had preV10t1sJy taken samples of defendants' tobacco Mr. Helm, analy1st, stated that the packets seized were mixtures I)( tobacco and camomile flowers dyed wtth Iogwood a:hd sweetened. The packets were labelled New Smoking MIXture and were enveloped in the wrappers of Wtlkmson & Co, of Birmmgham The wbol& sJ c k of th1s firm had been seized, and witness harevtous :year 2,200 cases were sold. We regret to say that the JUSt planted crop is not in such a favorable condition as we would like to see it, The drawl!acke th&ll" have prevailed almost COJitinu ously since the plant-beds were. sown still continue. JULY 5 The ground has become so dry in some sectiOns as to .serwusly endanger the crop In some townships no rain of any account has fallen for a month, and that senous annoyance m tobacco farmmg, watenng the plants, 18 constantly practwed. But even t.lwn the plants look as small as tf they had been set old' only a few days 1180 I l.l'his is the case in a port10n of (\GI.' very best districts, pd t\le season IS so ll)te now that t)Je ll;lg a ood cr6J) even tliough there shoultl n be an abunl:t rain fall. On the other hand n ous local rains are reported from some quarters, tmd he plants are not Ollly of good size, but growuig rapidly, and the happy farmers look f rward to fine crop and good prwes next winter. Still, ouUook now 1s for a short crop in the county under any circumstances, and we hear nothmg of the leaves thirty inches long and twenty inches wtde, so common m other seasons at thiS trme. Very nearly allied to tobacco growmg is the manufacture of c1gars. This diStrtct has become the home of a thrtvmg mdustry m thlS direction Dur mg the fiscal r._ear endmg June 30, 1878, mternaJ J;"eve nue was paid ill this d1strict on 103 ,264,300 cigars. For the correspondmg year endmg on last Saturday, 'ibe-o Collector reports a considerable mcrease the product bemg 116,811,000 mgars, on which the revenues-pud amounted to the very large sum of '700,866. Allowing twenty-five pounds of tobacco for every one thousand ctgars made, the above productton of c1gars equals a consumptiOn of 7,250 cases of tobacco m th111 which is eqmvalent to nearly one-twelfth the entire consumptiOn of Seed leaf m the Umted States. The above snows an mcrease here at home m the CQil sumption of tobacco over the preVIous :tear 'X40 cases. These ctgars are principally of tlle .cheaper grades and sold to all parts of the country. BUSINESS MENTION. AOi'TEN.TION is mvited to the card of the New York Label Pubhshing Company on the fifth page. ThiS company makes Cigar-box labels and a spe cialty-: They do all kinds of artisptc type J;>nntmg, and have designs for private labels l;)y promment artists on hand. Their estAl.lShment lS at 94 Bowery, and ts hberally patromzed by tradesmen destrmg fine lithographic work. On the 20th day of May the now famous trademark Parole was registered by UUs Company for cards, tags and labels Failure of a Cigar Manufacturer. The tobacco trade were much eurpriaed t() re ceive, the early part of thts week, the announcemen.l; of the frulure of Emmanuel New, cigar of College Place, this City. Mr. New has been f twenty years or so a manufacturer m this citJ;, &n hna always borne an excellent reput& ti"n. usually been a purchaser o( limited amounts of, good and has, we understand, paid pllOmptly all his deb About three years ago he purchased a rhouse, and '3. thought the endeav.or to Pl.LY for It was the chief ca of his embarassment. In his schedule of ass1gnme Mr. New states that the Jll4JOrtty pf his debtors persons owing him small amounts :Who have eithElJ.' fruled or left for parts unknown. A List of them :i8 gtvenJ>elOW )1. Of p1emb!)rS Of the U'ade Wltb. whom we conversed speak very hig1il.y oCMr. and hts failure caused t!Jetp. both regret and, eurpnse.; they thought h e would be able to resume PUII!le&'. On the other hand, a gentleman well acquainted 'With the assignor safd tnat New had never been f:ilown to buy large bills, and 1t was througlL this that he has been able to get credit to the amount of about $15,000. Among the list of creditors aH h1s wife, to the amount of $2, 900; hiS father-tn-law J-J.,OOO; and severn! of his relat10ns to the amonnt af. $ISO<). It IS thought that he. perhaps, may reslllne buemess under hts former busilless name "E. New," though he should act as agent for his wife, 111rs. Emile New. A meetmg of creditors wtll he held on Monday, July 7, 18'79, when 1t is supposed he will offer to compromise at 25 centson the dollar. The assignee Is Mr. Wonns, 377 Second Street, New York Below will be found a schedule of Mr. New's debts and Debts and liabilities amount to .... tl9,'775 56 Assets nommally 15,606 65 Assets actually 8,1186 118 CREDITORS Babette Michael, New York, promissory note, money loaned . . . .. Samuel Baer, do do do Herman FISher, New York, open account .. Meyer Katzenberg, do do do Ennle New, do do do Marx New, Baltimore, do do Kaufman Bros, New York, open account, goods sold and dehvered .............. .. E. Hoffman & Sou, New York, do do do A. H. Scoville & Co., do do clo do S Rossm & Son, do do do do M Opp e nheimer, do do do do L Frwdma.n, do dQ :do do C Langenbach & Bro d o do do do H Koemg, do do do do Basch & Fischer, do do do do A. Cohn, do do do do German Exchange Bank, proiDlSSory notes and money advanced... . Stock on hand D ebts outstanding Cash on hand Fixtures Real estate ASSETS Nmmnal. $6,473 62 7,847 76 311 in' 250 00 1,1100 00 50000 1,000 00 500 00 1,510 00 2,900 00 250 00 228 10 11798 68 1,111 00 424 65 1,630 95 624 22 270 60 2,906 118 603 75 1,384 90 2,117 15 Actual. t5,8%6 26 D'I'IIOO 8&f7 250,00 1,500100


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4 Total Consumphon and on ships not cleared 205 hhds 1,228 bhds JO-t bbds 127 hhds 1878 hbds 9,512 3,993 8 966 4 865 7 205 1140 2 853 2 730 41, 264 9 413 25 425 10,300 DJBappeared from N Y and New O r l eans 50 677 35,725 M RADER & Co Tobacco Brokers -Kentucky tobac co bas been moderately acllve dunng th e past month the hom e trade contmmng to stock to a fau extent The a" a rd of the Italian and French contracts, at verv low pnces, bas caused a good deal of d1sappomtmeut but so far has not e ffect ed Pces, wh1ch are well kept Ill> m tbe Western markets as well as h ere, caused partir by the probable falhng off of the last crop from prevwu estimates and the lateness of th1s season's plantm g foreshadowmg that at all events not a large crop wJII b e made There IS a demded dJspOSIIIOn to hold low grades for h1ghe1 prices, and that the better sorts w1ll follow smt The sales of the month were 4350 hhds of which 1300 hhds for export most of 11 for France JoBN CATTUS, Tobacco Broker -Our market has been fa1rly active durmg the past month w1th sales of 4350 hhds of WhiCh 1300 do for export, 2000 do to manufacturers, 700 do to JOlo bers, and 350 do to speculators Larger transactiOns would have taken place for export If 11 had not been for the firmnes of holders, who m several mstances asked a small advance wh1ch was re818ted by buvers The French and Italmn con tracts bavmg been awarded durmg the month at pre sum ably low pnces, greater act1v1ty may he expected from those quar tors Prices have been very firm for old tobaccos while new crop sells higher In companson to the o ld stock Th1s greater 1lrmness on the part of our holders has been the result from the Western markets wh1ch have re<>ently agam become stronr with an advanc1ng tendency, and th1s time embracmg ch1efiy lugs and the lower grades, caused prmClpal'y by the belief that last year's crop will ROt come up to general antiC ipatiOn m re to estimated quantity and the reported poor prospects of the p.-nt crop Receipts m June of Western tobacco mclud ing from New Orleans and Baltunore, 10 020 hhds, of Virgtma 191111 hhda. Total for past month, 12 ,480 hbds agamst 20,229 hhdo same time last year Total th1s year 35,443 llhds, agamst ll9,894 hhds J!&llle tune last year D J GABTR, So:s & Co -Our market durmg the past month has been qmet aut firm for all grades of old and new tobacco Several large transactiOns have fallen through on .account ot an unusual dJsplay of back bone on the part of holders, wh1ch prevented them from that "last c.ghth" generally conceded to buyers of large parc e ls The result IS that ales amount to onlv 4350 hhds Smce the of contracts by Italy and France we have had a par tial development of the Regte demands and several huudred hhds have changed hands The busmess could have b ee n largely increased, but for the firmer tone wh1ch was manife sted after the m1ddle of the mouth The home trade demand has taken about 2000 hhds, chJCfiy of Greeu R1 ver sorts although fair proportiOn of Vug1ma wrappers and smokers are to be included Recently there has been some mqlllry from specu Jators chtefiy for low grades the supply of wh1ch und er three and one half cents IS qmte llmtted Western markets c0o tinue very firm w1tb a general upward tendency, based on the growing conviCtion that the crop of 18i8 w1ll prove Emaller than at first est1mated, and also on fears now entertamed that only a moderate crop w1lll!e made th1s year Our latest ad Vices from the West are to the effect that vanous sec twas were favored w1th abundant Tams about the end of June It IS st1ll uncertam whetber the are.a already planted Will be mcreascd, or whether the recent rams Will sm ve Simply to r eplant the missing hills In e1ther event there 1 s no doubt hut that the recent plantmg wlll mcur such risks from the hot sun and fi'OI!ts as to make Its y1eld very prohlematJCa! We have greater difllcully than usual m arnvmg at an accurate opmwn fn regard to the area now planted, because each section reports local showers wh1ch have the effect of forcmg the plant beds, but m most cases are not l ong enough contmued to furm s h a plantmg &easQil The result of Ibis 1s that mauy plants have too large for plantmg and 1t 1s questwnable whether cnou2h smtable plants remam m the beds to mcrease the acre Age materially, after the mtssmg hillS have been reset Exchange -MeBBrs M & S Sternberger, Bankers, report to THE ToBACCO LEAl" as follows -We quote Bankers nommal rates and for 60 days, and demand aterlmg respectively, selhng rates 485)4 for 60 days, 486 for demand, CommerCial 60 days 484%, Pans bankers, 3 days .1113;\l. 60 days, 616;!.(, ReJChmarks, hunkers', 3 days, 60 days, 94], Commercial, 60 days 94 Freights -Messrs Carey, Yale & Lambert Freight Brokers, report to THE ToBAcco LEAF Tobacco Fregbts as follows -Ltverwol, steam 30s, sa1l 2os, London, steam 22s 6d (40ft), oail2tis, Glasgow, steam S5s, Brl8tol, steam 40s, Havre steam f8, IIILil $6, Antwerp, steam 87s 6d sal! 80s Hambmg, Iteam 4Qs, sa.i.l80s, Bremen, steam 40s, sall80s THE TOBACCO LEAF. 3 do, 1 box do, Allen & Co 1 do, 1 do, D H McAlpin & Co bbl do Order 9 bbls, 1 tub do By the Cent1al Rmlroad of New Jeraey -A S Rosenbaum & Co 11 CllSeS Lt:vy & Ullman 24 do By 1M Nt111 York ana NtnJJ Haun Steamhoat Lin Schroeder & Bon 10 cases, A L & C L Holt 2 do, J Guisto 2 do J B Gans Son & Co 98 do, Brenner & Marks 1 do, DaHs & Day 12 do, S Ross1n & Sons 1 do, Chas F 'fag & Son 10 ao M W esthmm & Co 64 do By tM NtJUJ YO? k and Hartford 8teamlloat Line -Have meyers & Vigehus 160 cases, Bensen & Co 6 do, Davl8 & Day 40 do, Chns F Tag & Son 2 do, J Sehgsberg & Co 4 do By tM Nt111 York and Bridgeport Sttamlloat LiM &hwarz Wel & c,,14 cases, Schoverllng Bros 4 do Ru tM Old Dommwn LiM -Toe!, Rose & Co 150 hhd, Kunbardt & Co 28 do WatJen Toe! & Co 32 do, Pol lard, Pettus & Co 19 do, J H Moore & Co2 do, FE Owen 28 hhds, 39 trcs, 2 bxs samples, W 0 Sm1th & Co 199 hhds, 61 tcs, 21 eases mfd, 100 ;\l bxs do, 3 bxs samples, W M Bassett 2 hbus 1 trc, D J Garth Son & Co 8 hhds, 1 box samples Reyues Bros & Co 15 hhds 1 box samples, Funch, Edye & Co 87 bhda, Peter Wright & Son 10 hhds, 1 box leaf, P Lonllard .liz; Co 28 bhds, 32 trcs 3 bxs sa mples, J D KCJlly J r 76 bhds 1 box samples March, Pnce & Co 4 hhds, 1 box samples, Thompson, Moore & Co 55 cases mfd, 2 pkgs do 1 box do 50 94 bxs do 8 bxs do 31 bxs do 5 )4 bxs do 165 cndd1es do, 5 orums do Dohan Carroll & Co 5 cases mfd 16 % bxs do, 15 bxs do, 33 )4 bxs do J as W 1\lartl.ll 3 cases smkg 33 bxs mfd, 12 bxs do 3 )4 bxs do 6 Ya bxs do, 37 cad11@ 0 6)j)@ 8 IO}i@13 8 @10 H.tvANJ.. FILLERS--Oommon. Good Fine Y .uu.-AssoRed lots I cut llcut M&NUIJ' A.CJTUKED TOBA.CJCJO. PRiml'ii:J IN Bmm-T.u. 24 CENTS P&a Potnm BL40lt8-illo, 128, and )41bs11@15& 1o@!ll> Navy48 l5s i!o&nd t4@18&!10@l!fi Navy lOs or Pocket 16@22 Negrohead tWISt ll0@25@1l!i ()IGA.BS. crop yet to be planted, and I find that some of our largest planters have not planted more than half of thelf crops and a great many w1ll fall below that I do not believe If there should be a season for plantmg m the next twenty four hours there could be plants obtained to fimsh plantmg l'hey ate at other p!IICea as they are here, all burnt up m the beds, generally spealung. Some few beds that have been protected from the hot sun lool< well, but when the whole thmg IS summed up together, 11 looks m1ghty gloomy to those who have one half or more of thelf crops yet to plant I find also a great deal of the last plantmg dead, because of small plants no ram smce plantmg, and ex cess1ve hot weather IndiCatiOns are for ram this evemng CHICAGO. IU.-0ur soocial correspondent reports T!.le exc1tement wh1ch for weeks has charactenzed our market seems to be dymg out The demand for manufactured tobacco 18less urgent and active though as good a busmess IS hemg done as can reasonably he expected at th1s stage of the sen.son The fears that pnces may advance m the near future are not sllmu latmg the demand as yet, Seed leaf and Havana were m fau request, the bulk of trading was done w1th Western manufac tm ers Collecttons are faJr Through the kmdness of Mr G W Sheldon, customs broker, I aru euab l ed to 1eport the fol lo.,mg 1mportatwns -June 25-Grommes & U!nch, 2 cases CJ!!;ars, Kalman Bro s 2 do, Lawrence & Martm 12 do, June 30-Chapm & Gore S do CINCINNATI, 0.-.Messrs Prague & Matson, Leaf To bacco Brokers andRe d1yers of Cuttmg Leaf and Plug F1llers reporl to THE TOBACCO LEAF -The mouth of June closes vnth the market for leaf tobacco thm und act1ve, a condltlon that has charnctenzed it coutmuou s ly s mce the first of March, the t1me when tax reductwn" became a fixed fact It geumally suppos ed that after th e !\'lay msh was over the de maud from manufacturers would be h ghtet and would be at least temporanly lower, but the rev erse has been the case, and the market for the past week bas been the strongest of the year, makmg 1t necessary to agam adv..uce quotatiOns The one more good plantmg season" wb1ch was needed to fims h settmg the crop, came on Fnday and Saturday of last week, and from all quarters comes the news that now a more than average one 1s m the field doml( well and only requumg m the future seasonable weather. The offermgs last week were 1075 hbds and 185 reJectwns, for the month, 5043 do, year, 18,636 hhds QUOTATIONS (NEW CROP) Cuttmg Leaf-Common dark lug s 3 00@ ll 00 Good dat k lugs 5 50@ 6 50 Common dmk leaf 6 50@ 8 00 Good dark leaf 8 1>0@10 50 Common bright smokers 9 00@10 00 Good do do 10 50@11 50 Common strippers 10 00@11 00 Good do do 11 50@12 50 Fme do do 13 .50@15 50 Common bright leaf 12 00@13 00 .Medmm do do 13 50@14 50 Good do do 15 50@16 50 Fme do da 18 00@21 75 Manufactunng-Common dark and trashy fillers 8 00@ 9 00 lll:edmm fillers some color and body 10 00@11 00 Good fillers, red color and good body 14 00@15 00 Fme fillers, bnght color and good body 1 5 50@16 50 STATEMENT FOR MONTH OF JUNE, 1879 Stock on hand June 1 Receipts during month Hhds 3,438 6,328 9 ,766 4608 Bxs 776 476 1,252 401 Stock on baud July 1, 1879 6 ,158 851 Stock same t1me last year 6 366 1,136 A c tual sa l es for mouth 4,366 822 H A RIChey, c1gar manufacturers' agent, re ports as follows the past SIX months' busmess I will as bnefl.y as possible g1ve the mam pomts as presented m this market Owmg to the 1educt10n of the tax on tobacco from 24 to 16 cents p e r pound gomg mto effect .May 1, the busmess of the first tour months was restricted to the smallest /oss1ble amount to keep along Durmg March an April, orders a11d contracts were made w1th the manufac turers for Maydehvery, whiCh created a n act1ve de mand for leaf tobacco and considerable advance m priCes, especmlly for the cuttmgJtypes, thereby causmg a like advance m the manufactured goods for May dehverv, although, for Immediate demand, goods were fimshed at old pnees even at a loss to many manufac turers who work the finest grades Smce the let of May the demand for tine Navy tobacco especially has been so far ahead of antictpatiOns that the supply IS totally madequate, and although many manufac turers have been compelled to advance pnces on certam grades w1thm one cent per pound of the priCes under the old tax, they are sttll far behmd m their orders ThlB advance has been confined prmmpally to the tine wh1te filler goods, whtch sold about the first of this year and all of last year at about lOc per lb and 1s now 16c to 17c per lb, 'lnth a strong prospect of reachmg 20c before the end of this year The heaVIAr and lower grades of leaf has not advanced matertally until qmte recently, but are now gradually mcvmg upward, and will cause a general advance m price of manufactured tobacco very soon common leaf 4 liO@:I 50 9@10 ftne LaiM -On the 28th mst we had >Sufficient ram to gtve good seasbns for plantmg tobacco m some sections of th1s and ad jommg counties The ram seems to have b een local Some sections had no season I have not suffiCient mformatwn to state the extent of the recent planhng, but hope to be able to gve 1t m my next We have just taken actual receipts and 11tock to-day, and send you comparative statement, which shows a heavy falling off from last season I thmk two th1rds of the crop 18 now m For mouths past I have placed our receipts at 7500 hhds, agamst 15,127 hhds last year, and now have no reason to change the etimate Our rece1pts are qmte light We have no sales to d&y, but will open to morrow Actual re ce1pts July 1, 1879, 5261 bhds do do July 1, 1878, 13,323 do, stock July 1, 1879, 2565 do, 1878, 4014 do LANCASTER.-Our East Hempfield cor respondent I!Bys -We are stt ll m "aut of rmn, although shgbt showers were favored us on Sunday, and m some seetJOns of the county the r8ln was heavy St1ll hovever the young tobacco does not look badly, except v. here 1t has been planted very late wh1ch, on account of the drouth does not seem to be makinl( any headway The acreage w1ll not he glilte as large as1t has been reported, scarc1ty of plants and dryness of season bemg the causes for 1t However, July and August will be the mouths wh1ch w1ll determme what the crop will be I tbmkat present 1t 1s favorable m comparison w1th last years crop Buymg of 1878 crop IS about plaJ ed out LOUISVILLE.-Mr Wm J Lewers, Secretary of the Tobacco Board of Trade, reports to 'fHE TOBACCo LEAF Rece1pts m June 6701 hbds, dehvenes4783 hhds,leavmgstock July 1 11 9';0 hhds agamst 16 836 hhds July 1 1878 and 10 729 hhds July 1 1877 Sales m June 6965 bhds, agamst 7!61 m June, 1878, ILnd 7338 m June, 1877 Rece1pts th1s month (two days) 250 hhds SALES FOR THREE DAYS THIS WEEK, ETC Warelwuses Week Month Falls C1ty 29 29 Lomsv1lle 96 75 Green River 40 40 Nmth Street 189 130 P1ke 81 81 M M P1ckett 107 88 Bo6ne 53 46 Farmers' 64 38 Kentucky AssoCiatiOn 27 27 Pl..uters 111 102 Year 1878" Year 1877*"" Year 1876* Bales for full weeks 763 2,104 1,052 1,153 Sales of week and year diVided as follows Ongmal New Ongmal Old NewRev1ews Old Rev1ews 622 2,104 1,002 1 31tl Week 1106 H1 112 54 28,248 39,117 38,440 34,579 The Enterpnse Warehouse sold about 50 hhds thiB week, mak mg about 1100 to date, l argely over one half was resales Soles of ongmal new from rece1pt of first hhd to date 15,144 hhds, same date last year bad sold 36 123 hhds of crop of 1877 Pnces kept ailvaucmg last week, Ill! on Fnday they reached tbe b1ghest pomt of the season Saturday mornmg we h&d heavy r ams here, and every mdwatwn of good rams through out the State pnces weakened ou everythmg except dry sweet tobaccos, SUJtmg for plug work and colory cuttmgs, these re mam firm and arc m small proportiOn to the quant1ty selling It turns out that the ram of Saturday last was qmte partial, while they bad real good plantmg seasons m some sec t10ns m others the seasGn was hght, sud some parts had no plantmg season at all The Kentucky R1ver cutting dtstrJCt bad plenty of ram for all purposes and have a full crop now planted, all the nver countieS, generally, now have the1r crop set-about an average one My hehef IS that there JS now m the ground at least three fourths of an average crop of wh1ch about one thud has been planted m the last five days Pnces thts week have been gradually easmg up on everythmg of not dectdcd character, closmg to day ftrm at the followmg QUOTATIONS :Nondescnpt ,-Hea"'l Bodied-., ,--Cutting--&d Dark lled Bri{;ht 3 % 7 8 8 4 8 10 10 @12 10 @12 12 @14 6 @14 14 @16 9 14 @16 16 @18 11@13 9 @12 18 @23 Bnght wrappers nommal, a few sold thts week among wb1ch was one crop from Paducah d1strwt at 7)4 11;!4:, 18 26, 35, 40 and 03c Outstde figures m quotations for chowe crops m good order Red heavy bod1ed aud rea cutting for plug makmg kmds The shght unpleasantness that bas been gmng on m our market for the past e1ght weeks would hardly be notwenble now but for a few very loud talkers Tbe Tobacco Board of Trade IS gatmttg In memb e rship at every meet1ng held At a called meetmg: held yesterday evemug some qUite stnngent bv laws "ere adil.ed to already ex1stmg ENTERPRISE TOBACCO WAREHOUSE, Wm P & Co, proprietors -We hand you our statemen11 Of transactiOns of ou1 house, which commenced May 12, 1879-For May-Sold reviews 265 hhds .JULY 5 have fallen off Fine domestic continue to U!lpi'O're very mgly Snuff -Shipments still heavy, but orders have some what abated Receipts for the week, 739 boxes 16 728 caddies, 9,321 cases, 49 kegs, and 1,072 pruls of Exported to Liverpool, v1a steamer Pennsylvanm of manufactured tobacco, 8,410 lbs Seed Leaf-Handling of Seed leaf d1d not prove ex tensive the past week, but want of the proper material has considerable to do w1th 1t Old stock suitable for medmm and common work IS very scarce, and until 1878 crop 18 m condition to work, manufacturers of Cigars must, of necessity, p"Yrchase w1th great care and m hm1ted quant1t1es New leaf IB begmnmg to move gradually Pnces asked and obtained are very satisfactory to packers The crop 18 clarmed to be 0 k Havana -Exceedmgly difficult to procure the qual Ity needed for the market Advanced pnce asked no drawback to purchasers Receipts for the week 518 cases Connecticut 106 do Pennsylvarua, 116 do Ohio 202 do 80 bales Havana, and 40 hhds of Western tobacco siues for the same penod -254 cases Connecticut, 279 cases Pennsylvama, 49 cases Oh10l 82 cases W1sconsm, 69 bales Havana, and46 hhds or VIrginia and Western leaf Exported of Western leaf lo Oporto, per ship Amenca 10,235lbs To Liverpool, per steamer Pennsylvanm 12,899lbs 23,134lbs RICHl\lOND.-Mr R A Mtlls Tobacco Broker and Comml88JOn Merchant, reports to THE TOBACCO LBAJ' Durmg the month of June, we note a slight fallmg off m re ce1pts aud a shgbt mcrease m sales, as compared w1th the mouth prev1ous Our market contmued dull and maclive throughout the month for all tobaccos (of every class) out of order, and mfer10r m quality Good tohuccos of every claM arc firm, and command fau pnces For contmental tobaccoe our trade has not been as act1ve as expected "e note lllllea of about 500 hhds dunng the month Sun cured tobaccos con tmue scarce and h1gh, 11nd 1L JS now evident that th1a pertion of our crop 18 qulle short, and therefore must, of necelltllty, rule hrgh the rest of the sewn We note sales of a crop of 16 hhds grown Ill LO!Il$11 at 1111 lll'erage of f26 35 per cwt HONTW.Y REPoM'-JULY 1 um 6,0i6 b.hda hhda U15hbdo 6,Ull hhds 60WI hbds 1 56Mhbda 21680 hbds Tobacco Stemo. hhda hhda 1 ti62 hbds 171 hbda 1,662 ilhds 171 hbda 13 221 hbds 2 017 hbda 14,791 hbds 2,188 hbda Common lugs OoodlugR Low leal Medium Ieat Good lea! J "me lea.t Bright omokers Unght and sun-cured Brtghl wrap.pers Stems-licorice brown bright 5 988 hbds 6 026 hbda 1t 964 hbds 3,Wo'hbds 8037 hhda 5385 hbds QUOTATIONS 1\larket moderately active ltml 7,662hbda I h.bda M7h.bda 8,1111 hbda 7,6Uhbda ill) J!le hbds 87,83t hhkgs (16,461 lbs) mfd B1'"itWI Wat hl.dwa-18 cases, 6 bales, 65 pkgs (15,644 lbs) mfd. ,Bn;to!-45 hhd s Oanada-64 bales Ouba-63 pkgs (11, 782 lbs) mfd ]Januh Wat Ind.u-1 hhds, 2 cases, 30 bales ;Dutch Wat Indle8-26 bales 37 pkgs (3600 lbs) mfd Ji'rench W at Indtes-32 hhds Glaagoto-18 hhds, 21 pkgs (2500 lhs) mfre--150 hhds Ha11to-6 hbds, 13 pkgs (1708 lbs) mfd Lo11don-6 hhljs, 20 cases, 110 pkgs (14,2M lbs) mfd LifJe71JOOl-28 hhds, 85 pkgs (12,311lbs\ mfd .Rdterdam-68 hhds, 50 cases /:Jana'IDICh hta:r>d8-13 pkgs (2080 tbs) mfd /:Jantander-490 hhds U. 8 of Colomi>U>-850 pkgs (28,889 lbs) mfd }I:XPORTS FROlll THE PORT OF NEW YORK TO FOREIGN PORTS J'ROII JANUARY 1, 1879, TO JULY 5, 1879 Hhds Cases Bales Lbs mfd 419 61 20 167,86 0 1 ,682 1,992 94 235 21 11 188 769,241 2,161 1,o1o 15,876 985 I 7 23 1 4,653 742 165 477 5,877 1,100 1 ,473 807 120 181 1 ,153 5,541 516 706 o2 78 781 26 419 14 228 27 2 146 180 104 1,015 14 1,822 46 27 2211 5 155 25,584 DOJIESTIO B.EOEIPTS. 9,015 3,754,409 The dotDellt.J rece1pl.s at the port of New York for the week were u follows B!l tM Rra& ltailroad -Blakemore, l'l!at.n & Co 92 hhds, H S1ehert 81 do, D Dows & Co 44 Wallace & Co 188 do, X:remelherg & Co 1 do, Jos lJ Evans & Co 14 do, J D Kelly Jr, 87 do D J Garth, Bon & Co2 do, Order 597 do, 2 GBA.NVLA.TED Sl!IOKING TOBA.CJCJO. Medium to Kood $26@46 1 Good to dne $46@120 SNUFF, [Subject to good. 9 00@12 00 fine 12 00@14 00 selectiOns 14 00@16 00 Vugm1a-common and good lugs 3 00@ o 110 common to m edmm leaf 6 00 8 00 fa1r to good leaf 8 00 00 selectiOns 12 00@16 00 stems common to fine 1 50@ 2 00 Inspected thts week -499 hhds 1tfaryland, 645 do Ohio, 8 do Kentucky, 4 do V1rgma, total 1106 do Cleared same per1od -fer bark Nma for Amsterdam, 710 hhds Maryland tobacco, per steamer Strassburg for Bremen, 487 hhds Mary land 2o do Kentucky, 75 do Vugtma tobacco, and 184 do Vu gm1a stems TOBACCO STATEMENT January 1, 1879 -Stock on hand tn State Tobacco Warehouse andou shipboard, not cleared Inspected this week Inspected prevously this year 7,484 hhds 1,400 hhds 19,370 hhds 1,156 hhds 17 ,249 hhds 37,77tl hhds 8,834 hhda every man IS preparmg to take advantage to trade and make money The rumble Sixpence 1s the wmnmg hand now, a11d while margtns are small, the results are made good by extens1ve busmess enterprrse and push As previously noted m my reports, the fine cut mterest IS not good. The consumption IS decreasmg, m fact tine navy tobaccos are supercedmg all other sorts Some of our 1eadmg JObbers say fine cut chewmg and twrsts are growmg of such small moment that they hardly con Sider them any more DANVILLE, Va.-Messrs Pemberton & Penn Leaf To bacco CommiSsiOn ll!erchants report to THE ToBACco LEAl" -Nothmg of mentiOn to report Dry weather coutmucs The market 1s active at last quotatwns Transactwns for June were 8 135,050 lbs valued at $3go, 769 05, average $12 46 The crop prospects are gloomy DAYTON, 0,-1\fessrs 1\llller & Brenner Packers and Dealers m O!J10 Seed Leaf reoort to TtfE 'foBACCO LEAF -The balance of the 1878 crop I S bemg taken at former pnccs but 1s movmg slowly .The only transactiOn of any not e w as the sale of 420 cases of 1877 crop, terms pr1vate, but supposed to be about llc The prospect for a crop th1s year 1s very d1s couragmg, there not hemg more than one tbtrd set and that a poor stand m many olaces Plants are plenty m some lo but have grown too large wblle m othersect1 ons there ts an absolute scmc1ty The weathe1 1s hot and dry, and 1t 1 s gettmg late m the season to plunt tobacco m th1s A few days more Will settle the matter but m any event there w1ll not be as large a crop as last year Lattr -On Saturday, the 28th mst we had a good soakmg ram, wh1ch extended over the whole of the tobacco sectwn gtvmg those who had plants and theJr ground prepared chance to fimsh setllng their crop From what we can learn from planters and our own observatton m the county yester day, about two thirds or t!Jree fourths of tbe crop has been set The early plantmg looks well, anei1s generally free from weeds and grass L1ttfe domg m the 1878 crop, the farmers bemg too busy m harvest to talk tobacco EVANSVILLE, Ind.-Mr C J Morru, Tobacco Broker, reports to THE TOBACOo LEo -Our market opened strong and contmued so durmg the week up to tG day, when pr1ees were a shade easier, hut not quotab'y lower Sh1ppers wlll not subm1t to any concesston, hence reJectiOns were numerous The planters claim tbey cannot get out over two thirds of a crop and seem perfectly Wilhng to hold on and aw8lt future results W c have advanced beyond the danger !toe but hope to back to the "fort" w1thout the loss of a buyer Messrs Wh1te, Dunkerson & Co have sold for the month 935 hhds, same month last year 653 do, for the year, 2464 Jo, same time last J ear, 2950 do QUOTATIONS Commonluga ?tfedmm to good lugs Common leaf Medmm leaf Good l eaf Selecwn 240 300@380 400@500 500@600 600@850 9 00 00 FARMVILLE, Va.-Mr A R Venable Jr, Toeacco Broker, reports to THE TOBAcco LEAl" as follows -Recemts decidedly smaller than last year for J une-707 845lbs for June, 1879 and 4 457,840 lbs from October 1, 1878, to July 1, 1879 Pnces lower and market depres se d for leaf of the better grades Crop prospects very unprollilsmg no more planted than last vear and a very poor stand owmg to couhnued drouth and the limit ed and very partial rams QUOTATIONS Lugs 1 00 2 2o Short leaf 2 uO@ 3 85 Medmm leaf 3 50@ o 25 Fme leaf 6 00@ 8 50 HENDERSON, Ky.-Mr Posey Marshall reports to THE TOBACCO LEAF -Our market iS qmct httle or no tob&cco commg m Prices contmue firm Colory fillers m demand With hut httle offermg Trash 1 75@ 2 50 Lugs 3 00 4 50 Good 4 75 7 oO Extra fine leaf 7 00@ 9 00 .or tM Hudlon Jlifltr &ilroad -1\f H Levm 50 cases, C H Spitzner 149 do, M & E Salomon 39 do, Lichtenstetn Bros 500 do, H X: & F B Thurber & Co 40 do, A Cohn 20 do Stock m warehouse this day and on shipboard not cleared 28 941llhda Colory leaf 8 00@10 00 B!l tM Nalio and by puhhc sate and of Sumatm 2885 bales H1gh pric es have been g 1 ven good kmds, while ordmary and scrub kinds could only he sold at very lo" rates Imported -180 hhds Maryland 9280 bales Java, 8833 do Sumatra On tb'e 17th, lStb, and 26th msts our stock of Java, and perhaps some thousand bales of Sumatra wlll be brought mto the market Stock to dav -628 hhdS 1\faryland, 545 do Kentucky 4000 bales Enghsh" E ... t Indian do Sumatra, 11 900 do Java HAVANA. JuTiiJ 28 -Mess!'S Bosselmann & Schroe der Tobacco and C1gar Commission Merchants report to Tim TOBACCO LEAl' as follows -1"'o!Jauo Market--1878 Vnelta AbaJo-The only tiansactiOns thlB week consist of some purchases made by the SpalllBh Regte which contmued to buy lower flimsy fillers, at prices mentioned m our precedmg mformat1on Vuelta AbaJO of 1879 crop so far remamed for export unob served, and only some few lots of the lower classes were sold to Havana mgarette manufacturers at prtces of $20 to $24 gold per qtl The strong ratnshowers whtch still prevail, render tt rather difficult to effect the transportatiOn of bales, and It is reported from the greater part of the Vuelta AbaJO d18tricts that the ways are h1ghly rmpractiCable Remedios-In tile first part of thts week arnved agam a small lot (some 40 bales) of the well reputed F.sci>jtda which tobaccos show a very sat18factory advance. The quality 18 pretty strong, of fine flavor and very good burnmg q.Uality t and 1t may be expected that the tobaccos of thiS EscoJida will range between the best of thlB year's crop Part1dos-Some more arnvals of thlll class of goods can be noted The Bales were but small, and the greater part of them were effected to f!maller 'manufactones For export only two small vegas (together some liSO bales) of GuanaJay \ SKD.ES & FREY, Packers anu De:1Jcrs in Pennsylvania Lerl 61' and 63 North Duke Street, LANOASTER., P.K; \


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, Sole Agents for JAMES B. PACE, Richmond, AND OTHER VIBG1NIA. MANUF.A.Ul'URERS. .. lo JNO. W. CARROLL'SCELEBRATED BRANDS, LONE JACK, BROWN DICK, 11:'1'0. ICTO. RTO. ,. ,._ __ SMOKING TOBACCO. THE TOBACCO LBA.F. JULY 5 MAmACTUBEB OP PINE SXJ.UON" &TR..A. l!IANVFACTVHEB OF IUGIII DU BOIS, GODISSIOI MBBCBOT. 95 r.a.ORT B'l'B.alll!!, CI:GAR BOXES AND SHOW ll!IPORTEH OF AND DEA.LE.B IN SANCHEZ, HAYA I MDULDS,0PREsSES, STRAPS,currtns', ETC., I 30, I 32 &. 134 MAIDEN LANE, NEW MANUFACTURERS OF JlllW YOB.& FINEST CLEAR HAVANA CIGARS CllAS. F. T.IG 4 SDK Awarded :Wghest Kedal Exhibition, l&76, !'hiladelphi a laperten ol SPANISH aad Doalla aH ktndo ., ALSO IMPORTERS 0>" I T-Il VIRGINIA NCY HAVANA CIGARS & LEAF TOBACCO. AGE LEAF TOBACCO, 184 Front Street, R'IIW'2'0B.Il :m--ta.bU.h.ed. :.Lase. M. G.&RDINBB., TOBACCO GOIMISSION MERCHANT, 84 f'RONT STREET, NEW YORK. EXPORT ORDB&II JIO'OR PLUG TOBACCO I'RO.liiPTLT FILLED. I GOL:J: TIOe 01117 FIRST GRAND PRIZE for 'tOBACCO aud SNUFFS at the PARIS EXPOSITION for 1878 received by OG>. 1'. C. Lll!IDE. C. F. LINDE. C. C. IIAMILTON. 8. MARCOSO. :M EI"VV 'V'O:R.:EE:. Sood Tobacco TOBACCO INSPECTED OR SAMPLED. 00'U.Z1'h"T l!la:a:a.p1:1.21a :E':ro:a:a.p't1y .A.'t'te:n.c::'lec::'l'to. for enry caae, and delivered."""" by"""" as to number o f Cert111cate. I. B.-WE ALSO SAMPLE IN MERCHANTS' OWN STORES. F. C. LINDE & CO. PHILADELPHIA BRANCHES : .. W. DIOIODI80!!:., oo_. Arch and Waler Streets; JONAS METZ, M North Front Street. DABTPOBD, Coon.: -ffiA E. HULL, 154 State Stree,, IV.IPDI.DlCOn)ll. :-EDW. AUSTIN. LA.NVASTEH Pa. : -HENRY FOREST ... I'ffliP L WATER STREET, and 182/o 186 PRARL STREET t WAJI-GVIEio-14!1 WATER, '1'40 '1'6 &: 78 GREENWIC H STREETS and HUDsON RIVER RAILROAD DEPOT, ST. JOHN'S PARK. & CO., 'SFINKE& TWID INSPBCTOBS, TOBACCO INSPECTORS, 155 WATER ST., NEW YORK. f7h WATER STREET, WEW YORK, COVNTBT !IAIIIPLING PHOIUPTI.T ATTENDED TO, ...... G. P. mER & CO. Lane(-.) Braneh 1 .......... J. R. DECKER. F. CUNNINGHAM, 508 W. E. WISCHMEYER & CO ......... W. WESTPHAL. lhM.. do ...... & BELDEN. DBJ!'OT .AKD AGBIVC1r s. e--. oau. 11. GJ.BTB, :HmmT QF THE MANUFACTURE OF lt. t GARTH SON & CO., &.W.&AIL &AX, Commission Merchants -ATllo. 44 BROAD STREET, 25H 256 Canal St cor. Elm New .-e-.:ov "'ro:rk.. WISE & BENDKEIM, AGENTS. OftiiGIR & BBOmi) G. REUSENS, KENT'UCKY BUYER OF LEAF TOBACCO, TOBACCO 55 Broad St.. New York. wn:i.IAK lltrCftltAK, D be had P&EE, on &_p_plicatfon 10 the Ticket Agents ot a van a ._I_ 0 QCCQ afl '--" iaars .. IDe Company iD.,Bo&ton, New York. PhilAdelphiA, Baltimore, Wuhi.D."ton, l!!!!t :.7 IUahmond, Pittsburgh. and other principal ....... A. or--. -...-r._......,. IPB.f.I'I'K Tli0-1101'1', L, P. PARl!IEB, Gen'll'usenger.ol.gezd. .. -.-..-.--. ... -.. __....,...,.,. & l 1 Dubrul's -Patent Tin E. M. CRAWFORD & SON. IMPORTERS AND DEA.LEIIS IN LEAF 1ee .Watez-StZ'eet, NEW YORK D. DILLENBERG, IIANUFACTURERS'AGENT -FOR-Mannract'd Tobacco & Gi[ars No. 120 N. SECOND STREET, aT. x..ouxa. M. H. LEVIN, IMPORTER of HAVANA. c AND DEALER IN ALL KlNDI OF TOBACCO, 162 Pearl Slrttl, lew York. H. KOENIG, WHOLESALE DEALER IN HAVANA AID SBHD LRA' T<>:BA.OO<>&. 226 PEARl STREET, NEW YORK. WM M. PRICE, TOBACCO, 19 Maiden, NEW YORK. Pl. L. GASSERT .. L. & COMIISSION MERCHANTS. A.ND DEAL.RS iN ALL KINDS UF now launch this GOOD MOLD on its salqtary mission with the consciousness of having wrought LEAP T 0 B A C C 0, L VC::RO SOLI, :BONO PV:SLICO." The above cut rei?res en_ts our. TIN LINED CIGAR MOLD. It is practically a. wooden mold, having the up per and lower part entirely hned w1th Tm. It 1s the strongest and mo st durable mold ever p laced in t.he market. It has been adopted by the largest manufacturers of Cigars in the United States, and proved most satisfactory. NAPOLEON Dt1BRUL &. CO., Manufacturers,. H. ORDENSTEIN, Agent, 4411 & 443 PLUM Stteet, Cincinnati, 0. 57 Franklin Street, N. Y; ". .. --"-FELIX .' .. :: LEAAFDUtoaicco. STROHN & REITZENSTEIN. h IMPORTER OF THE BRAND OF ELME 928 Piarl New York. JOMlviiSSION MERCHANTS, F1or de F.G-." oF THE D OLME;;. I c HAVANA LEAF TOBACCO { And 1 mport-era of -Aro.&>-fOREJGN TOBACCO, CIG-.A.R.S, :1.'16 FRONT STREET,_ 1 '167 WATER ST., New York. liEW YODI.. The above Brand of'ie..t Is Registered. G. REISMAN'l\T, Commission Merchant, N. LACHllNBRUCB & BRO., No. 164 Water Street, New York. WHOLBSALB DltALIDtS 1111' & DOMESTIC Leaf Tobacco. J. A. HARTCORN, II!'IR!ft' PRRIC JIBDA.L, VIBNNA BXHIBITIOX, 11T3. MANUFACTURER OJ' IUNUPJ.CTVRD 0.1' IEERSCHAUM & AMBER GOODS, AND D!PORTER OJ' Fremh Briar Pivcs With Amber Month-Pieces. ..,., DIU.Lm "' I LEAF TOBACCO-I U WEW TORX-1 No. 398 CRAND STREET,Q, :LVe-.:ov "York.., A.Jad VIENNA. AUSTB.IA. RAILROAD MILLS MACCABOY SNUFF, FRENCH RAPPEE SNUFF, SCOTCN SNUfE, PIPES AMERICAN GENTLEMAN SNUFF, LUNDY FOOT HF. C :1: G .A. :a, S wooos PLAIII .... AVT,b,Jto,3,&o,II,&,'T,8,9,18o. MANUFACTURP.DBY VIA, RAILROAD OUR CHOICE C aAJI;bR._ CROJCB.,t 4. &a, e ""' 8, 9, 10. OLORADO ro-UNCLE TOM, NAVY CLIPPINCS, BLACK TOM. Hirsch, Victorius & Co. .. -rAcroRY-LEnQ. PLACE. piUUD'&LPJIU.-, 133 wATER AND ss PINE sTREETs, NEw voRK. LHAF _, .... ._...._ ...... -. ... :m-o .......... :E':r':loe L:l't a.c::'lc::'lre <>r .. ....,.,....,.1_ ,._ --" .-. .--... ..,,. ._.., S. CHAS. <\PPLEBY. ...-...-..,. a a. ..... o-ve. F L 0 s :::E3:-?:J GEO, w HELIIIJI. HERBST BROTHERS. 117 WATER ST., NEW YORK.' VEGA & BERRIIEIM, AHNER & IW'ORTERSOF DEALERs rN RIY:NES BROTHERS & CO., T 0 B .A C C 0 :J HAVANA TOBACCO W .t TOBACCO Coa1mission Kerchants, 183 WATER STREET, NEW YORK. f OZCilo.&.Ba. 180 :Pe&Z'l St., <1e & Bzchaage JllaM, 1 LIBEBAL .WV.UC&Ki-NTS MAD& ON CONSIGNHlliNTi. 1lf YOU. l;:'-4:') NfW YORK Yor;IE.. MIOKINC AND CICAIIETTE TOBACCO. fl&GDII.I. aRIGHT CUT ClA.VBIIDIIB. 'W()a%.l)'S :r .6.m AB:D E. 'C'laT, OFEIGHS d BOSTON: 31 Central St.; CINCINNATI : 59 W. 2d St.; .. 1 CHICAGO: 9 Wabash Av.; SAN FRANCISCO: 205 Front St. HAVANA tc SEED LEAF.


JULY 5 S. BARNETT, .A. 'V .A. N' .A. -ANDSEED LEAF TOBACCO, 162 Water St., New York: TOBACCO BAGGJNG. IIIIIT.&TJON SPANIS H LDBN, FANCY STRIPES, And &II ldaclo m 0 )R., 0 L1t0NARD F RUll'toiD. s. C>RG-L::EJR., I JllA.NUFACTURER O F FINE CIGARS, AND DEALER IN LEAF TOBACQO, 85 MURRAY STREET, NEW YORK. IU.y Brandu-" CUBA LIBRE, "CLIMAX." CUTHRIE a. CO., 226 Froat Street, CODISSION """ BALERS DF TOBACCO FOR UPORT. Lear Tobacco.,._-In ba1eo for ftle W'eot I ..... Me.-icaD aDd Central American Porta. aad edi.W ..., IF. eta. T OBAC CO BAUCC E S SOR. TO WALTER. FRIE DMAN&: FREISE, DIPORTER .. OB' HAVANA TOBACCO, 203 Pearl Street, New York. .... Wlll EGG KRT. T HEO. WOLF JR. WM. EGGEB.T a CO. IMPORTERS OF. HAVANA A ND OF p SEED LEAF Tobacco BONDY & LEDERER, ; 246 Pearl and 20 Cliff Streets, New York. l IIIANUPACTUHBRS OF FINE CIGAB.S, Alez. Fries a Bros., K.&JrUI'.A.CTUBE:RS OP HAVANl CIGAR FtAVOR, AND DEA.LEBS IN LE.A.P 'X'IC>:S.A.OOC>, .a h 96,98,100, 102,104,106, lOB & 110 Attorncy St.lfcwYort. d 48 A 150 EAST SECOND ST., CINCINNATI, OHIO ALSO JIIANUJ'AC1'UBEils or AJ!IIeby' s CigarBunching Machine & Short' Filler Breaker or Granulat& Price of S'7 and $'7 5 ; Pric e of BUDehlnc lllaehloe, o. e;, OUr Havana Flavoring will give to the tobacco t h e tull flavo r ot Havana. and when smo ked it baa.,., Sweetness a n d Aroma or a genuine cigar quart BoUle HaltGallon, $S; OneGalloa1 $5. Sen t C.O D N o cbergeforeanoo:a..,;. Factory at SPOTSWOOD, N. J.1 LEONARD L. F APPLEBY. Sole Pro!t'L Otlloe and Salen-oom at ,J'OHN &.SUTPHEN'S, 63 Wllitehall Street. !f. '1'. CARL 'UPMANN, TOBA.CCO City Manufactory, :-. lle: Bo1:1:1e SI. &e:a.1: "' "LA VUEL T A ABAJO." (Y::J '"' -AIIDGeneral Commission .Mercbant, 178 Pearl Street, ... 0 EXTRACT OF HAVANA TOBACCO, .., IMPORTED FROM HA YAN.A. ..1 SoL& Ao....,. """ nm P.umno Coar""" 186 Grand Street, Jersey City. ImpartiD&aLastlq a Meurs.KERBS&SPIESS,NewYork; _SAN FRANCISCO, .CAL IIi Froa& 8&.. FIRST-GLASS GEDAR WORI at LOWEST lARIET PRIGES S = u = \ :: < I> l'fo. 88 WARREll' STBEE'l', NEW YORK. "'' l.VD"VV N. B.-'We desire to call specral attention to our imita .,.;:i soleAs-rortbeUnitecJ..statea .... dC&Dadao. WEBER tlon of Cedar Boxes. These Boxes are prapared from 1 .., Somple Bottleo (su11icl e n t for t o ,ooo t2. Sent c o .D. ,. Lo.rger Quantities at a D iscount. Woods subjected to a Patent Coloring and Seasoning _________ ;...;.. __ LEVY & NEWGASS, PACKEI)S O F ALL KINDS OF SEED LEAF TOBACCO, process, wh'lctt renders them equal In appearance and I W. [ UPTEGROVE, Spanish Cedar 169 WATER STREET, 'York. ConstAn t l y on hand OLD RESWEATED and P e nn sylvania. 'l'oba.cco M. & S. STERNBERGIR, AND BROKERS, NtoE:. of o f E x chango aad L oans. Execute for the Purchase and of. California.\ nod );e v ada. }lining Stock in the C)u Francisco Stock E.!>:change. durability to C!'dar, with all Its curing properties. P:r:loe &alD:1p1e.. o:n. .A.pp1:loa1::lo:n.. Ci r Manufacturer & Dealer in Leaf Tobacco, 302 Bowery N. Y. 'nl6 a.boYe j.Jetare of wlllah,. _,-4m111e 19.., -* adaoted to tbe woJt: ror wlllch I* dnced wltll tbe. Sb&J)er thaD Ia hand alone..Xt Ia adapted for the maDufact r of (;;,t!':;'fllgars. e Cl &re far l eoollable to J.-..w ... deollgned, that. at onoe"tbe I& o Idle Ofdermethoilifor mi l!'fue ars. llher and be&tar .....-k .a m'O-liard ad.dlt l o nal aet s o f We otllll!Onllaue IIII&DDfacturiJII: the oelelir&ted FLANaE-TO P and CREASE LESS MOLDS. Clroulan, lllulttat!Dg &boo oame with lliO dilferiiid: IJtTies o f Clgaro, and otkerlofoi'IIUiQon, will be fUl'Disbed upon application. F o r further lara please add.res8 l.WI.l.l.e:r &, E-e"te:rs .. 1'%.._.. Cc:., 110 B.U'I' IIHII l'l'BUT, OW TOBK1 ... 188, 181 _.ItO B.U'l' U 11., 0. B'OR CIGAR BOXES, \ Boi laters' SUDDllBS. Foot lOth & 11th St.,East Rim, NEW YORX. FOR O!RCULABS OR APPLY TO I. H BORGFELDT lannfactnrer of Cigar lonlds, 510 East lMll St., N. Y. LEVY BROTHERS, :Y:an:u.rao"t1.1rers of FIN'E CIGARS 148 au.c1. 14ral .A. Conler of Tentll Aid 442, 444, 446 and 448 EAST TENTH STREET, NEW L., GERSBEL a BRO.,) CIGAR RIBBONS. OONBI'ANTLY O N H A N D A FULL ASSO R T IIENT A T LOWEST IIIARKET PRICES. JPae,ory: Saleroo--.1. I WBST 41i&h ST. .H BR-B ST. M'::m"VV 'YOD.:S.. 191 STREET;, .. !: =::: NEW_Y:ORK. Bead the Wondcrflll OFFICIAL U 8, CBl'ITBNNI,\L K EPOBT. 11 For Sym.pathettc, P a n d Blc h Toae; co111blaed. with GreateR (a.. show n iu thei r G randl Square and Upright Pianos. ) These three s t y les show intellUrenceand aeu.ou.r 'their construction, a plla.I)t a n d easy touch \ whic h at t h e same time answel"' promptly to its requireallimtL. together w ith 6ll:celle nce of workma.nship, A T GOSHORN, Director Ge n e r al. Attest: [Sea.l] J L. Campbell, Secretary. J R HAWLEY, Preoid"""' (J.&UTION.-Bewar e o f UBSCrupulous adertisers, who a re trying to palm oil' a certificate of pri i n divi, consisting of renowned Professors of Univendties and Chemista, Aatronomear. .-.... Engineem, Q8 a Cen t e n n ial a w n.rd on Pianos. r:w-By Act o f U. S Congress t h e U. S C e ntennial Commission alone could deere& aa awan:l. ...m. gi v e the 06lc lal report. All e lse is simply lmpottlo n and fraud Call and see the Ollllclal r'l'!ort at the Weber Rooms and he&r the Weber Plano, w hi c h -l' to-day without a rival for SYIIIP.&THETIC1 PUBB AJIID Bl(JH eo-..., 1 ; -wUb GREATES T POWER," PKICB8 REASONABLE, TBRIIIIS BASI. Warerooms:.othAve cor.16th Street. INTERNAL REVENUE BOOIS The Ori gtnalloternalltevenue lioaae. C. JO'URGENSEN, Sou Succssoa TO E sraa & SanTH 30 IUid 3'l' LIBERTY ST., l'f, Y. P 0 Boz 3,1l68, J3ra.nding Irons & Stencils a SpeoialtJ. Of every d e s cri p tio n at L o west .Ptlc-. SEND F O R PRICES. G. W. GRAVES, PACK.BR O F .uiD DEALER IN SEED LEAF TOBACCO, DANBURY, CONN. Ill. DBU'l'BCII.-L DIIU'IBOK. E. DEUTSCH & SOl. l!

EISENLOHR & QO,, PACKERS AND WHOLESALE DEALERS IN IiE.A.F 11D &. "VO"a:ter St Pl1:1.1ad.e1pl::lla. w. EISB.NLOHR, PlilL. BONN. L. BAMBERGER & CO., DI!IALERS IN LE.A.P And Manufacturl!'rs:of all Crades of Cigars, 111 Arch St., Philadelphia, Pa.. LEWIS. SONS, TH' E TOBAC'VVN", C>. s. P: MAYO & co O'" X..eaci.:I.Jm5 ElraJmcl.a: Manufacture the Drandsof 'SOLID COMFORT,' 'TRADE DOLLAR,' I TIDAL WA V:E,' 1 BLACK DIAMOND.' F:i.D.ze:r &, JIIA.NUFACTUBEBS OF ll'or the requfrm:Dento of the Trade ....,---!ui?e ada_pted o\ll"8elves for putting up PBOPBIB'J;'OBY Wholesale Dealers 'I.E F' A -ND KANUFACTtmED TOl3ACC0,1 .;1 ;1. ... I' I ... .. )-'Cd ...... /W W w.+l IW\ Wrr!. WI .. MIIER .& HERSHEY, DEALERS IN AND PACKERS 01' -.a. 322 NORTHTHIRD1S1'REET, PHILADELPHIA. .. a Packers, CommissifJJl Merchants & SEED HAVANA TOBACC. O No. 35 .I And 214 STATE STREET, HARTFORD; CONN. M.E.McDowell& Co aD NORTH WATEIJ STREET, PHILADELPHIA, LOTTIE-R'S_ -Ll!D-BLACKWELL & CO.'S a Ge:a. u:I.:D.e :J?l:f:Jf' A' A :all: &znols.:l.215( lot Tort Boston, PntsbRih; Chicago, St. Lonis and Cincinnati. BROS. "MANUFACTURERS of FINE CIGARS ; f t \ t ,. : STORE:.l341 dHESTNUT STREET, 4:44 to 448 North I P .A..., THE LARGEST CffiA-R:-FACTORY IN THE STATE: I AND DEALER IN lfilJFF SJOKJNG TOBACCO Spanish and Domestic Leaf T 0bacco, fi6-6'12 NOB'I'H. ELEVEJITH Jr. J!l, aOl'ller Gtrard A,.. ol; 'fth St. AGENT FOB IIIILLEB &: PETEIIS' CINUiliNATl PHILADELPHIA, PA. CIGAR llO!Jl:I!t 8TRAPS, ICTO. DA.,fw G. HIRSH, JOHN B. COHEN. DBALER IN XanutaotUJer of the weiHmown hraDd CIGARS; "LOG CABIN'' CIGARS I ALSO JOBBEit IN And Dealer In SEED TltBACCO; Havana & Domestic Leaf lobacco Pa.. 1 718 South 5th St., Phllaclelphia. ...-600,000 Clean alwayo on ban lla.nulactJlraJ'S of ) HERBE DE LA REINE BRIGHT ctrr CAVENDII!IH -APD-r F. H. BISCHOFI;''S GERKAN SMOKING and other B1ands of SIIOBlNG TOBACCO. Also HERBE DE LA B,ElNE and other Braacla of CIGARETTES. .!..N'1N' N, 'N 'N' .. N N \ 1 I \ ,_\ ... \Z-' .. z *I 1Z.+t\l .Z/, .,.z ,z. )Zr I [I --I -I ,_ u.... I u...., I L.......' I ,U....i ILL.. I .U....! I iu.... f \. / \ -. ---__ / j / --l J F:!. ve Elro'ther 16oz Po'U.D.t:la, iroh:n. as, El1aok., 01cl. B Ce:n.1: P1.'U.I!;, AND ALL OTHER .POI"ULAB STYS OF FINE NA.VY TOBACCO, PENNSYLVANIA SEEI} LEAF TOBACCO, Petersburg, Lancaster Co., Pa. S. W. WILCOX, PAcrER OF X..O "D':J:.S V':J:X..X..E, :S:.E::N"Tl::J' C:S:."Y". &. W:WJCI:S& 00., Kanufactur_ers' Aaenta fer the Sale cf W. S. O'NEIL, OHIO lils, o _nri: an, d._.c. & R. DORMtTZER & co. lliUJ n .. 01: .. 11 1 "'CO Dealers & CommissHm Merchants in Day'to:n., & l ,D-tl J TOBACCO, l&aWE .. T :MAIN.TREET 2 NORTH "MAIN ST., 1>1 Bet. Ma!n RD.N HAND. Ela11;:f.:tt:lr1ore, DIEd.. .,-.,-Tobacco-PETERSBURC, VA., ADVERTISEMENTS. HYDRAUtiC -AND RETAINING PRESSES, 1 W BBSl'. Chicago; LORIN PALMER, New York; W. H RUSSELL, Cbicago. BEST. RUSSELL. CO., (Success o rs to JOHN C, PAkTRIDGE & CO.,I lVHOLESALE TOBACEONISTS AND SOLE PROPRIETORS OF: THE GENUJ:NE "GOLDEN CROWN" CIGARS, 57 Lake Street and 41 State Street, Chicago, 111. ALSO AGENTS FOR THE FOLLOWING WELL,KNQWN P. WRILLARD &: 00.1_New York; SEIDENBERG &: CO., New York; W. T BLAOXWELL & 00., Durham,-" 0.; J J !IAGLBY &: CO;'S "MAYFLO"'llii;" Detroit, IIIah. J, W. CABROLL'S JACK," J,)'Debburr, Va. GOODWIN & CO.'S "OLD JUDGE'' Tobacco and "BETWEEN T1IE ACTS" and F. S. KINNEY'S CIOA>f.l!.'nEB / .A NO General Commission OFfl(:E Ill TO!lP.C.CO <:XCHANG, SHOCKOE SLIP, :s2Wl'IIIOJiD. V.&. : W. M. LADD, ,. LBAP TOBACCO BHYIIB, (FOR THE TRADE,) 21 N. Main St., St. B .. SUBERT, WHOLESALE DEALER IN -AMD-DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCO, 231 East Randolph St., CHrCAGO, ILL. W. E. RAGSDALE, TOBACCO BROKER, ::&:opk:l.:n.a"VU1e, :&:y. RIEFERBNCES, BY PDIIlSBION: J c,l'n!IJ'& 8 E. Trice, Proa-.l'lanteno' B1iak, Bopi

... JULY 5 JfEWrYOR.K, Tobac<:<>-W'a er & Dehla, 190 PearL en & Co, 173 &acl 1715 Clulm-pplelli' & Helme, ISS W'ater &D4 8/l P1De IIIII Water !o'= r ; 1M Water. :8ulkle, it Moore, 74 Front. (lardozo A. H. M Broad. (lrawtord E. M. & Son, lA& w .... r. toh&D. l!41Toll & uo. 11111!'roat. J)uBolo Eugene. 7li Froa&. Eggert Wm. & 0... INII PearL 1111. Squ&re J'neaJaender Wm. & Co. 8 Bowery l'rlend E. & G. & Co. 129lllalden LADe. GaJ:diner J. K 84 Front. Garth D. J ., Bon & Co. 44 Broad. G.....,rt J L & Bro. teo Water. Gershel L. & Bro. 191 PearL Hamburger I. WAri ll. 1: Co. 1411 Water. Scoville A. H. & Co. 170 Water. SJebert Henry, 68 Broad. R. 181 Water Stratton & Storm, m4-l!Oil Easllr.'th StrohD & ReltzeMteW, 176 Front. Tag, C)larJea F. & Son IM Front. Upmann, Carl, 178 importer of .Mi"'} and Smolriftl 2'obcleoot, et<:. J:ngelbach J'. 156 S. Washington Sq....,.. IEien A. & Co. 4B Liberty. l!unt H. W. 69 Wllllam Wi&e 8& Beaclhelm, 121 Bowery Alceo George, 203 Pearl Bondy & L eaerer, 96 to 110 Attorney Brussel J a.mes &: Co. 78 Bowery D eBary Fred. & Co., orter o/ HQvana and Cigws E W. 78 W 8.1Ten of Key Well an4 I,.portert 0/ Havana C4Jar. DeBary Foed'k.& Co. 41 &D4 43 Wam111 Jl[cJ'all & La"'"'n, 83 Hurray Seidenberg &: 0.. ll4 o.nd. Reade Jtan14ff1Chorera of lltld ..t-Goodt. 898Grand Imporlort-of Plpa. BueWer '= Polhaus, 68 Chamberl -A. &(lo. til Liberty C&ufmaoln llroLI: Bondy, 110 &D4 Ul Gtand ...,.,.f- of Briar p,_ cotiCI Im.porterl of Brao.,_,' ..t,_ 111lehler & Polha-. 83 Chamberl IIM'vey & Ford, 8611udW1 OIUial Ben A. & l>ooN. Heppenhelmer & Ma.urer, 22 and 24 N. William Lobensteln & Ganl. 101 Malden Lane Loth, Joseph' & Sons, 468 Broome BtraWIII Sim >n. 17Q Lewis Wicke Wm. & Co. W!-!61 Goereli: Bealer ill Mad>in"'1/, Tooll and I[(Jterlala tor Clgar lllaaufacCurer" Watteyne ll. Pearl Jlanujactu,..,. of Orooloe'o Compo!Mid TmiWJ, T-O, Imporlr-.-.t.aliN au 7'rii!Omi'I&{IL Heppenheirner & Maurer, 22 aad it N WIIIIMD. Wullf Chas. A. 5 1 Chatham MamifactuJera of Ktnmy Bro&.' Ctgtthttu. Kinney F. S. 141 West Broadway Manufac!uren of Oigarettu. Hall Thomas a 76 Barclay Importer oJ Turkish Lea! and Oig<>rettu, ond .Manufa.ctu.rer of Gen.idje Smoking TobOfM.tie Sternberger M. &: S 44 Place. Alanu/Geturer or Show Figure.. HobbS. A. 195 Canal strauss s. 179 and 181 Lewis Bole Manufacturer of tM Original G..-&Gl' Tobooco. Emmet W. -c. 74 Pine of J<>inch lbpor. Hay Brothers, 106 2d Avenue .Manufacturero of Clgrw Flaeoo'o. Fries Alex. & Bros !P Colle!le Importer of Havana Cigar Flcu .o,._ Ch&Skel J 06 ;'\Varren Appleby's Machines and Hava7!.ll t.."igGt Fla'OOr Sutphen JohnS. 68 Whlliehall Patent Tobacco Uotonn.g, Buehler & Polhau.s,,!Jl! "' Com. mercial The J M. Bradetreet & Son Co. 279 Broadway 'Manufr of Cigar Boz Lumber. Read Geo. W & Co. t66-200 Lewis Tobacc o Freight Broken. Smith W. 0 8& Co. 68 Exchange Plaee Manufacture rs of Cigar .Rtbbon.l. Wicke Wm. & Qo. cor. Goerck and Third T vbacco Labels and Show Cara.. Bros., Fiv e Pgints. P. 0 Box 2711. Baehnel'a Pa'Hnt Cigar Macll.ine aH Wropper Cutter. Mayer Bros. &: Haehne!, Pe41'l Manufacturers of Wax Paper, Regeuhard, Shevlll &: Co. 55 vey st ALBANY, N. y, M a nujactu.rer.t of Tobocco. Greer's A Sons, 822 Broa.dwa.y BALTIMORE, Mol, Tobacco WMehO'I.tMI. Barker & Wa.ggner 29 South Gay Bovd w .l.. & Co. 33 Scuta Gunther L. W 9 t;outh Uay Kerckhoft & Co. 49 South Charles Klemm Cbas. H 20 Commerce Mallory D. D.; E. E. 'Vencs:, 'Manager, 46 and 48 South CharleS II!Aniott, G. E. M. 33 German l!!lerfelQ & Kemper, 117 Lombard Sehroeder J 03. & Co. 8 1 Exchanl;e l'lace Wischmeyer Ed. & Co. 39 South Colvert Tobacco Manufacturer Feigner F. W. & Bon, 90 South Charles Gall & Ax, liS Barre II!Arburg B rothers, 145 to 149 South Charleo Patmt Stem Rollert. Kerckholr G. & Co., 14Q South Charles Packers of &ed Leaf and of Havana Tobacco. "' Becker Bros. 98 Lombard Lithog,aph.e1s-Show-Ca.rds and LQbeU ior tl>o Xobcu:co Trdde. Hoen A. & Co. !lanufacturers !J/ Plug Tobacco mtd Packer of Seed Leaf. Parlett B. F. & Co. 9\l Lo'Ilbard 8& 5 Water St. BOSTON, llue, Cigar Manufactur.,.' A?.,.t Merritt J. JV. Doane of Plug TobflctA Merchants' Tobacco Oo, 30 Broad CommiBion Merchant. Holyoke C. 0. 12 Centro! Whar! Dealer i" Hmoa?><> and I>amatic Loaf To-bacoo ana Cigara lo; Davenport & Letrc, 69 Broaol. Manufact'ra of Smoking Tobacco and Oigor .. ReddiD, F L & J A. 55 Union BREMEN, Germany. Tobac;:cP C. 1Jl'&oission Merchants. FlalleosteiD 'I'. F. N.Y. Dealer trt :Havana Rn4 1'-'a.cker of Seed Leaf; Levin P 112-114 Exchange cmcAg.o,m. Agent for Oigcm anci and Smolc("g Tobacco. 0. A Peck, 51-.53 South Water Wholesale Dealers in. Seecl kaf and Havaft4 Tobacco. Subert B 231 E Randolph Sutter Brothers, 46 And 48 Micttigan .l.Yenue Dealer in Leaf Tobacco. Baadhagen Bros, t7 West Randolph Manufacturt"rs of Chewing c:it&d Smoking, and Dealer in Leal Toi>aoc:o. Beck A. i-eo. 44 and M Dearbo"' Wholuaie Tol>ocoonitta a,.d Jl'f'ro' Beet RUS11811 & Co.$.' .Lake. &nd ;(I State CINOINlfATI, o. (}ipar Box J.umber. The z. 1>. Albro-Co.,686-;'01 W. 6th. Wholes(lle IJIIrs. in Oigars &; TOIJacco and Agrs. for Fl116-Out &; Son's Oi'gar SuJ1Pliu. Schw..,rtb 1/1. Nowland, I& Vii;' Dealero m Bpanih and Cigar Lcaoco. Well, Xahn & Co. t1311laln Jlm,.l!(acturera of Oigcor Jtoultlt """ Bhaprn. )Iiller & Peters Mfg Co. 136\o 140 E. 2d. Sheet Metal Cigar JIOulda. J)ubrul Napoleon & Co. l-11. aDd 448 Plnm Tobacco Commission MerchaAtr. Prague ct Matson, 94 West Front Manufacturer of CigarBoxu. Geise B & Brother, 93 Clay Trost, S. W. W. Sixth CLARKSVILLE, TeDno Leaf TobaCco Bro'""Clark M H. &: Bro CLEVELAND. O. Dealer ;,. Seed Leaf anci Hatxlaa 7'obac<:o a,.d Jobber in all kinds Manufactured Tobaooo. Goldson & Semon. Ontario DANBURY, OoDno Pad;er Gn4 Dealer;,. S.edLuJ,f Graves G. W DAJIVJLLE. Va. Dealort eon'1&{1 baooo. lit. C & Co. 74 and 76 Jelfen!Oll A v -faeto.rero of (Jjqtw and Dealen in Lea/ Tobac<:o. DU.BJl,&H. N. Q. Jlanufacturer of Smoking Tobacco. Blaclcwell W T. &; Co EV ANSVILLL. beL Zbbacco Commission. .l&reAattta. Morris C J & Co FARMVILLE. Va. Tobacco Broker. V enableA R Jr HANNIBAL, Mo. Jla,.uf. of a!! ki>U!s of Brook'g 129 State Lee Geo. 160 State Moore, Hay &: Co., 214 State Willcox s w 576 Main HAVANA, Cu'ba, and Ciga, Commission M e rchants. Beck & Co 1 and 3 Mercaderes Bosselmann & Schroeder, LBml)a.rllla 18 Rlchterlng Aug. & Co. 24 Obrapia. streel HOPKINSVILLE. Ky. Tobacco Brokerl, Thompson Geo. V ltagsdale w. E. .JERSEY CITY, N. J, Cigar Box FActory. Cigar Box Manufactory, f& Grand Pa.. Dealers lB. Leaf Tobaooo. Hirsh Da'l'ld G. NortbDI!ke Packer and Commis1i1'1 W F. 894 W eet Moln LYNCHBURG, Va. Nautacturer of Tobacco. Carroll John W. Tobacco Comrn.i8'tWn Holt, Schaefer & Co. MEHPHIS,TTobacco Man11o{acturert' Agent. Read W. W. 304 Front MIDDLETOWN O. Manufacturers of ?tug 7'obaccos. Borg P. J. & Co. NEW ARK, N .J, Campbell, Laue & Co. 484 Broad !fEW ORLEANS. La, Tobacco Factor and Commi.uift Merchant. Stevenson John D. 0. 194 Common. OWENSBORO, Ky. Tobacco Frayser Bros. PADUCAH, Ky. Tobacco Broker. Puryear T. H. PATERSOJf, N. J, Manufa-cturers of Che1.01'ng lln.d Smoking To bacco, Snuff and Oigara Allen.&: Dunn1Dg, 86 & 67 Tan Bouten Street PETERSBURG, Va. Manufacturers ef Ptug and Smoking Tobacco and Doolers in Leaf Tobacco VenableS. W. & Co. Manujllctmels of SIDUt Naf1!1 Jackson 0 A & Co. Commi.s.slon$. Baio & Parrack PmLADELPHtA, Pobooco Warehoue.. Bamberger L &: Co. 111 Arch Batchelor Brcs. t.B:Il Cheenut Bremer's Lewis Sons, 322 North Third Dohan & Ta.ltt 107 Areh EJaenlohr Wm. & Co. 115 South Water Knecht & Co. 123 North Tbtrd M c Dow e ll M. I!!. Co. 39 North Water Jloore, Hay&: Co. 35 North Water Bank J Rinaldo & Co. 32 North :WaleJ' Borver Ootllt & Co. !lXI North Water Teller Bro,llers, 117 No:th Third Manuf!'S of Oiga1s and AU.Hawna Tobacco Oigarettes. Gumpert Bros. 1341 Cheotnut Manufacture r of Snu and Smoking Tobacoo. Wallace Jas. 6811 to lmNcirih Kleenth JlanufactuTert of Oigaro. Theobald A H. 'Girard Ave. and Seventb 8t. TobaCcO Fougeray A R. 88 North Front Manufactu!'e/'8 of IMoriC8 )(ell or & Rittenhouae, tlii.North 'l'wenty.f!econd Mfr'a .Agent for Plug a,.a Smo1.,:ing To9aceo Kell y F X. Jr. 106 Arch Wholesale Dealers in uo.f and Jl'rcl Tobacco. Heil & Wagner, 531_Bouth Second Mantt(acturers of Oigeir1Mow.ds. U. S. Solid Top Cigar Mould Mfg Co. cor and:N orth College_ A:ve 's. Gen. 'l Act. 'or C ..4.. Ja.ckson 01Be""at." Wardle Geo. F Manufacturer of Fine C..nd D ealer in. uo.f, mw Smfrof Oigars d: VIr in :Bay.d Oi{IGrett. Kimball w. s & Co. SAJf. FRANCISCO, Cal, Ag<11Cl/ for Btraiton d: Bt<>nlo's Oigart H. 9J6 Front .dgent for Kerb . Ladd W. lol. 21 North Mo.ID Tobcleco Buven. Meier Adolphus & Co. Agent. :DW.nberg D !fO N. 2d. SYRACUSE. Jf, Y. Jlan"factur,... o/ Oiga.,. B-. JMNt & BJa&del, 168 &D4 170 Eut Water TQLEDO,o. .......,,..,. of CAev>i"'l and 8molri"ff Tobaoool .......... .. & WESTl'IELD, Jlau. 1'tldoo't' GM .1Joakr flo Bled 1-.1 .. pillllii.-".Jolln a. THE TOBACCO L.EAF. B:BRBS d SPIESS, of Fine Cin-1 And Dealers In .,_.AF l,l'OB.&OOO. .l0l4, l015y .. IOI8l 1020 fECOND AVENUE, o3IO,, 312, 314 AND 316 FIFTY-FOURTH STREET. y oR.:a:.. ALSa MANUFACTURER OF PilE-tilT-YIIIIIJE TIBKUH ..A5:0 & ena., Mannfactnrors of LICHTENSTEJN .. Office :-88 WALL STREET. Value of Foreli{D Colnll. : :.:: ::.:::-:: :::::::::::::::::: ;:_:::: :: ;::: Paper Houbll .......... ................ ......... .. ............ .. Ducat ...... ...................... .. .... ...... .. .. .. .. :.::::::.::::.::::::::.:::::::::::::::: BJ'8'i'l!lb 41>1!!a per .ounce.. .. ....................... .. ,, .. .. Mark ............... Twenty -k p............ ............................. .. 1'86 383 90 43 121 16 Ill 16. 1!1 118.8 4'16 t TRANSPARENT GLAss SJGNS. Manufactv.rJ unnw. ONE YEAR ......................................... \.... $4.00 SIX MONTHS.................... ........................ 11.00 .JOB 181 z.ll&ll-...& s; I B. t.ICHTENSTEIJI!' Reviseo natas. ror ) One 8b: Year. Moll&lls. 14 Lineo One Column ............. es eit 14. Lines over Two Oolamn.w ..... tS 24 lC 28 LineaOneColamn ........ ..... 45 2t lC ANNUAL SUBSCRIPI'IONS ABROAD. GREAT BRrurs .llm CANADA ................................ t&04 28 Linea o-rer !I'wo Ooi1UDa&; 80 45 25 Brutl!F..N, H.utBUao AND THE CloNTu;EMT ........................ rt04 56 L"'tnes One Column..... .......... 80 45 2i AusTR..LLIA.,ETo viaE.,-ouxn .... ....... .0f 5RLI T C I laO 8' Cou ....................................... ,,,._ .... : .......... 5 ,04. v ne8ovoer -wo o D.JDno..... u .. One Llne at boUoD1 of.' Pag;e ......................... 60 SPECIAL NOTICE. The followiug firms represent our interests in their respective cities; &d verti.Sements or subscriptiollS may be htuu.Ied to them :tor trans-. mission:At\ISTERDAJ\1, HOLLAND. -Schaap & VanVeen. BALTIMORE: Messrs. Ed. Wischmeyer & Co. BIG FLATS. N. Y.-W. H. Lovell. B OSTON:-Mr. E. B. Gouldston, 88 Broad Street. BREMEN:-Mr. F. W Fallenstein. ClUCAGO:-Mr. H. Sues, with MetiSl'S. Augnst Beck & Co 44 a.nd 4 & Dearborn Street. G. W. Sheldon,]Wom 4, 157 La Rolle street, and 9 CUetom HoWle. CINCINN A Tl : 1>1$11'& Prague & Matson,., !14 West Front Slreet. CLARKSVILLE, TENN.-M: H. Clark & t>ro. DANVILLE, VA.-Pemberton & Penn. Nortll Jefferson Street. FARMVILLE. VA .-A. R Venable. HAVANA. C'UBA.-Bossel ma.nn & Schroeder, Lamparilla 18. HENDERSON< ;!Y.W. J. MArshall & Co. HOPKINSVILwc, KY.-Geo, V. Thomp"l'n. LANCAilTER, PA.-P. J Delzelt, 12 We!lt Orange StrOI't. LIVERPOOL:-MSSI'I!Cope l!rothen & Co tO Lord Nelson Street. LOUJSVILLE:-Mr. J. W. l:AJwe,.,_Becy_9ftheToboccoBoardo!Trlde, LYN C1lBUR.Q, VA.-Holt, & a>. IIU!:IIIPHIB,_:iJiiNN.-W. W. liMd. lillW J.D. C. Stev6D80 ,194Common Street. OWENBliORO KY.-:rrv-Broo. PADUCAH. KY.-T. E KUrYear. 1 1'11'TSBURGE:-Ii:. W. Boaooel. Will Liberty Street. ELPHIA:-4r. A. R. North Front Street. ..... 0 .t L., SVeet. CAL.-A.I'ollalr, nt Street. SPECIAL ADVERTISEMENTS OJf FIRST PAGE, One Year. )4 Lines over T'Wo Wide CoiUD1n& ................... JOO 28 Liae. .................. 1'1'5 14 Line Single Column ...... .................. -G& I SPECIAL ADVERTISEHEJfTS ON READIJfQj MATTER PAGE. One Slr ThrM Year. Months. lloDibl., 14 Line Wide Column .... s.s $415 t25 NOTICES, WANTS or CAUTIOX JfOTIOJ:S. 4 Llneo One lnoertlon ................................. IIO Cea.._ 14 Line. One l!lontll. ......................................... t&.&O 14 LI)Jee Two lllontlla ...................................... 10.eo lt Llaea Three l!lbn&lal .................. ................ 11 Under No CircumstiiiUS will we DIYR fro 1he Above Prices.


. JULY 5 I BLACKWELL'S DURHAM htanted Sells quicker and gives better satisfacthan any brand of Smoking Tobacco ever offered in the market. and it does so .w,!ti Smoking Tobacco. Nanufao,ured by LICORICE PASTE. JOHN .... Tobacco:-i n geaeral are particularly requested t.o and test the superior : 83 B.AVER ST. NEW this LICORICE, which, bemg now brought to the highest perfection ia of. fered under the above style of brand. We are also SOLE AGENTS for the brand .-. o. a. Acknowledged by eonswmers to be tbe but in the market. ADd for the braDd of Li4rice Stick ou aoo., Io all respects equal to CALABIUA. Consumers and Jobbers would clo well to apply direct. CHAS. E. FISCHER & BRO. TOBA1:CO BROKERS, 134 Water St., Taos. KnfNJ cOTT, CRAL E. BILL, Ja. KINNICUTT & BILL, BECAUSE IT IS THE BEST CHARLES R.MESSINGER, 8 :.:-. G." TOBACCO WORKS, TOLIEDO, OHio, MA.N1JFA.CT1JRERS OF THE CELEBRA.TED Jm>IAN AND SUNFLOWER Chewing, Noa. 66 & 87 VAN BOUTEll ST. PJ.TBBBON, lf. J. lllJI'ElllOB 11U.KJ: & P1llliE QUALI.T1' OW Cedar 11ANUTAin'lJUR OJ' ALL :JDND8 011' Cigar-Box Labels. Sole Agency for Plo quero's COJIICBWTIIA.T'ED Havana Tobaoco Flavor. Ide-. a-, leiMt &ad Cbolla&rF,-. .. ,. .......... A.N D THE CELEBRA.TBD 0 BROitERS IN cc lfi":Y!L s 1ri T b WESTERN tc YIRCINIA .-;-. m0 ng 0 ILCCOo 293, 295 & Monroe Street, :N'e'VIT Y'ork. AIIU.AU, WilliS a C0.1 LEAF TOBACCO, 52-BROAD aT., NEW YORK. WISE a BEN'DBEilYI 29 .t 31 Sout.h Wllllam liJP A.NZSEI: CBIBLIS 'TOBACCONIS.TS. LICORICE PASTE. : CIUIITI:E!.\ TOBlCCOS I :BICE.l'JPEI.. JIISI Oit: SWEET CIPORIL. lew Brand. Fine. Mild and Sweet. Well .. to coli tbe atteutlon of Toboeco Manufac turen01l4 Dealero to tblo SUPERIOR AND PURE Ihe Mrs. G. B l.ller & CO. .. .. ofNortlacaroHDA-VIr-Masas. DAVENPORT oli MORRIS, Rlcb-mod, VL LJOOJUCE ROOT-A...-aad AUcaaM. JAMES G. OSBORNE; TOBACCO BIOKEB, 54 BROAD STREET, NEW YORK. TUB!CCU I!IHP!CTOBY. zuRICALDAv.&AfffitHMBAu. RADER & soN, TOBACCO BROKERS .... ..A.:&Za::E&:ELIIIX 1778. 97 Oo1 ,., ,..,., b:l.a &1i. Ne"'VV" 'York. p_.1......._ :o. Dl' UNIJFA.Cl'URli:RB OF THE CELEBRATED 11Jil /.: PLIII FINECUT CHEWING TOBACCO in BLUE PAPERS mm.r NFD11u .:=-'W'T fE!W -.:11 .:=-IPAI'nliB LICORICE ROOT, ... ,._, .-;-,II; ... SPAIQIB LIOOBICIIIl Blt'J'R4()T0 lest-Scented Maccaboy, Scotch, French Rap pee, American Gentleman. .. "R' ESERVE" &::U:O:K.:J:NG-I .. ID 21 ... 4 oz. ll'oU, and 8 aad 18 oz, Can made CLO.VEI AND Cllllll., el' Brtcht IDIJ:b.Plavored Ylrpala Tol>aeeo, ORANGJII PEEL, AIQSEED, CAJLA.W.A.Y SBIIID, 1'Ud .... lleeoad QualUJ' SBOKING, in Blue Papeu, CORI.A.liiiDER III:ED, &"'VV"ee"ten.ed F:l.:n.e C'l1"t = LA.VENDER FLOwiUUi, 48 Broad Street, N'B'VV 4. BRACK, TOBACCO BROKER, 129 KAmEN LANE, IIEW YORK. GUlli AR.UU:V,GRAI!I oUIDI'O'WDE .... .a AND LICHT CRAPE. FOREST ROSE. CLUB. GUlli JIYRRH,LUBPANDPOWD-BD, _____ ..;... __ KAY .ApPLE and. PBIZE LEAF :FIXECUT. IN I'OIL. GUlli TRAGAC.A.lllTH, JI'LAKB AIID & CO. 130 & 132 WILUAM ST., :NEW YORK. SPEC:I:.A.LT:I:ES : ESSENTIAL OILI, POWDJIIRIIID, OLIVE OJL, LUCCA CREAl![ Ill C.I.IIIU, SESAME OJL LEV AN'I' IN BBLI, Tonkall!leans, Angosturas, in C a s k s, Balsam Tolu, in Original Tins, Clucose, French, in Cask s PRICES CURRENT ON .A.PPLICA .. IOJI. V. W. BRINCKERHOFF, XJ!oii:Po.;EI.. TBJRL, ,, CEDAR. &'rB.E.ET, If. T. POWDERED FD'EST Q11ALI'l'Y. ._tariured at Po-.glllreepsle, Iew T ... GIITORDI SHERIAN i oous, 120 WiLLIAM STREET, New York. &OLE ACENT& FOR NEW YORK AND VICI,ITY FOR GOODWIN & CO.'S cc Smoking Tobacco and Cigarettes. ALSO AGENTS FOR OTHER LEADING M A NUFAOTURERS OF SMOKINC, PLUC AND CLCARETTES, Nos. 254 and 256 CANAL STREET, corner of ELM, NEW YORK. PRICE REDUCED To DEALERS '-ON-11. MJJJhtser & Co., ''VANITY-I FAIR'' CLOTH .TOBACCO BAGS, -AND.A.LL BIZEII .A.JIID ITYLEII, G;,lm Tragacanth, Cigar .. Giun Gedda, Siftings in Casks ; D. BUCHNER & UO. Oneida Tobacco Works, 113 & 2llli BUA.NE ST,, NEW YOII&, Manutae turers of the Cel ebrated Brand s of FR. ENGELBACH, ".FRAG.RANT FAIR" N 130' 9 Main St Richmond, Va. CHARLES A. WULFF, Agt, Lithographer, Prfrlter & of do. do. Sorts in Bales ; Gam Arabic, do. dos Tonka Beans, ANGOSTURA. _LICORICE PASTE. THE STWORD MANUFACTURING CO. For F. W. FELGKEB ol: SON'S, Baltt.a ..... To........,o uatl Cig....ttee. 56 S. WASHINGTON SBUARE, N.Y. lJ. B. MCALPIN & CO., "'ANUFACTUltERS OF THE CELEBILATED FINE-CUT ..PHIENIX" and "TRADE ... !I!!! CHilliNG : &:a:a.ols..t.D.a; SIIOIUJIG TOBACCO. AND D&ALw:s IN A ad all olhe r Kinds of Clp;an, Plq Tobloco, Bnd, 11111!' J'lomo, etc. QIIEW:ilfG ol: SJ101UJ(Q TOB.A.CQO. MANUFACTORY AliiD SALBSROO><: Cor. lttnat D a T111th St., ltw York. 'Ill,.., 2Ar7 ._. ;rn_,... Mm\10 vomr.. 'JM d-llaperlor -Cbeaper Arllcle than t.bat hitherto uoed, thfa eom....., LEERET BLASDEL '1m 'wboor,aadofferingforoalo, LIOORJCII:PA.BTlll(undertheold ''Sallfoni" bralld)ofaQUALITY ., 1 _.8&aPBicmtwhlchC&llhardJrfall&obe....,._ble&oallpmglhUW. 1 KANUFACTUREilS OF MORRIS JACOBY & CO., llfeUor a Rittenhouse, C:a.gar Sozes Ja1BN'. ggc1 &"t., Ph:l.1a.c1el.p:tl.i.a, 168 &. 170 East Water St., T AFTDEALERSOBAINCCO wv.a.c.rvaliDUI.., SYRACUSE N. Y. -. a:n.ct .. LICOBICE ; PASTE. CIGAR-BOXLAiiELBANDTRnomloa BORRJSJACOBYr x.w.m<>IIKIL IFo-Mnnkl-.J awanle4 tor "hrit:r, GeDenill:neJieeeof AIM Jl, ol: a. BBA.lDI BTimt LICOBIOE, aD.._, ... .Yeats: BBOEiillR, VOUJE & BffiCH.I26 8. Delaware An., Pllila. The Celeltra&etl GOODWIN & CO., 1IANUT ACTURERS OF I FINE-CUT TOBACCO,' 201 and 209 Water Street, N"m-vv -sroJRL::&:. l!lotabUohed 1848. -K. C. BARKER & CO., of the C elebrated FINE-CUT TOBACCOS, EAGLE" -AND- ox..zppEJEL." Al all other Grade of FIH-CII I s....-lng Tobacoos, DETBOIT, lOCH. Aside from PKirl'!L na.r u AMERICAN UG&,B" aad "tLIP:PER" hi tbe vaal-sized weottea ao. to_ 40 aod 6o lbs we aiM -llildli of -Jrldeo ap "'7 n _lcelf lu 0No OuwcaTlll rotL.ACil.AGU,pukediD M IIDd"' .. ,..., c;.o. ....... _., .u.-IN-.... ...... JUI8. J[. C. B.lJIKEB. AUG. RIGHTERING & CO., TOB.A.CCO a:n.CI. CXG-.A.R. COMMISSION MERCHANTS STREET, [P .0. Box 368) HAVANA, CUBA. METRO POUT AN CIGAR MANUFACTORY I 'U SIGMUND JACOBY, GUSTAV JACOBY. U' :N' ]!18' S. JACOBY & CO., :, '"V" 'U :as: 200 CHATHAM SQUARE altd 5 & 1 DDYER STREET, NEW YORK A Large Assortment Con' stantly on Hand &11 Chatlam St., eo. WUU.m, N.Y. TOBACCO Patented July 6th, 1875 T :m A.loo of t.11e Weii-Xncnm BraDd of PlbNER,JOBACOO F N y 24 Twentieth St!,. H J ..... t I e .A.::r.O:JEE:a.EO:N:D0 'V' .a... Onr NYte Ill 8 r eeta1tv for the But.9 m 8tatell. EI'C'&XN'E&& OF::I!"XOB8 1 TINPOIL! 124 Water St., New 16 Central Boston; Lightest rurc1tiB,l2,960 SQ. Inches D.IIJ. 16 Wabash Avenue, Chicago. ALSO TOBACCO & -GTHER FOILS THE "14 TCBLESS,' i JAMES H. THAYER. BRICHT, All MAHOCANY 1 All Sizes; (:Formparloonof ... Celel>raled Brandl of PLUG TOB4CC0Swlllcoo'flaceal!partlco of U.WOII-_ ea 0 acco UriD",' DBJLII"'"L -RI'I'II-tolaeol tbete\11. 1 D PLUG ... 084_,.,.0 l FROIIT&TT, & V V -llii-CN TO"" Factory : o. t First District, N. Y. THE CELE.BB.ATEJ "FRUIT Gill AT LOWEST JIA.RXJlT PRICES. WITTEMANN BROTHERS, WJJ,IJAM IfEW YOB.K,


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