The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (10 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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'. VQL. x v>--NO. 24. [ESTABLISHED 1864.] NEW YORK, SATURDAY, .JULY 19, 1879. 105 MAIDEN LANE Corner of Pearl St.reet. WHOLE NO. KEY CIGARS, AND PROPRIETORS OF THE ,,:SEID.ENBERG & CO I' $4 & 88 READE STREET, NEW YORK, of :Eta, Tobacco, ALSO MANUFACTURERS OF THE LI BOSA ESPANOLA KEY. -WESTlv HAVANA-CIGARS. J'MANUF ACTURERS, Cor. Goerck & Third Sts., N"E"VV PRICE LIST OF CIGAR RIBBONS. Broad Yellov ........ : ...... Eztra.. 70 yds 11.'75 ............... No. I .... o-8 70 yds 1.55. .. .... 2 .... 5 70 yds 1.45 ... .. .. ... 2a ... r.-8 70 yds 1.15 ... .. .... .. 3 .... 5 70 yds 1.2<) Broad Red ..... ........... 1 ..... 5-t 70 yds L60 .................. 2 .... 5 70 yds 1.50 .. ................. 3 .... 5 70.yds 1.30 .... .'. -.. 1... 5 70 yds 1.60 ...................... 2 .... 5 70 yds 1.50 ........ ..... 3 .... 5 70 yds L30 Narrow Red .... .... 1 .... 4 '70 yds 1.35 2 .... 4-8 70 yds L20 ......... 3 --4 'lOyd& 0.85 Narrow Yellow ............. } ..... 4-8 70yds 1.30 ............. 2 ... 4-8 'lOyd 1.20 3. 4 70 yds 0.80 Boll: Ribbon Red ..... ..... -3-8 70 yds 0.70 Yellpw .... .......... 3 70 yds 0.65 Londres (Chico) .. 1 .... 6 34 yds 1.10 1Chico).. 2 ... -6-8 34 ydo 0.95 Londres Yellow ............. 1 .... 7-8 34yds 1.50 ............. 2 .... 1 34 yds 1.20 ............. 3-.. 13" 34yds 1.10 ............. "10 .... 13" 34yds 1.-............ "15 .... 7-8 34yds 0.90 ............ "20 .... 13-16" 34yols 0.80 .... ......... "50 .... 13" 34 yils 0.55 W EISS 1:'-LER & KAEPPEL .. .. ............. 100 .. 5 8 34yds 0-4. 5 .. m Narrow" II 4-8 70 yds 1.30 IMPORTERS OF THE Broad Yell. II with blue edges ..... 5 70 yds L55 u lla. u red ..... 5 70 yds 1.25 ''ROSE HA YIN A II:>" blue edges ..... 5 .. 70yds I.45 BRAND'' .. .. ::d: t:0 TIWlE: RIBBONS CUT & PRINTED ANY SIZE AND STYlE. All Orders Proinptly Executed. TetD'ls cu1111.. A C C 0 PRICES OF CIGAR BOXES AND. SAMPLES OF 1 RIBBONS SENT ON APPLICATION. TO 220 Pearl Street" New York. .:. V. MARTiNEZ YBOR & CO., 190 Pear1 S't., "York, IMPORTERS of .the Brand HAVANA Tobacco, EL CIGAR FACTORY AT KEY WEST, FLA. JYJ:oFall. & La \N son, 88 :Da:UB.B..A. 'Y STB.EET, :N'E-.gv 'Y'OB.:J:, :MANUFACTURERS OF THE El CIJ1b De Yate & Royal Palm. :J:E'Y' EEA.. 'V" A..:N' A.. 01Gr.A..B.S, JOHN J. CROOKE MANUF.A.CTURER OF COIPOUND TIN FOIL TOBACCO, MEDIUM AND TISSUE. OOLO:Ft.EX> ROLLED TO ANY GUAGE AND CUT TO SIZE. BOTTLE CAPS, all Sizes, PLAIN AND OFFICE: 163 Mulberry St.; N.Y. How to Get Dark and How to Make Them Burn Good 1 GIGARBOX I s to h::rve your goods Rehandled and 3weated by CJ. S. PHILIPS & f mail we will prove to you wltat can be done. Ir .l'!Ianufacturers wdlsend us thetr LightColored we wm return them COLORS, without the use of any chemicals or any artificia l co1odng, nud withor.:lt injury to the Lea(. There 13 eoough naturo.l co:ormg matter i11 ull tobaccos i are only handle,ct in sl)ch a. Jna.nner as to bl1rig it out and fLX the c o l ol'. THIS IS THE ONLY SUCCESSFUL TOBACCO SWEATING ESTABLISHMBI\T IN EXIS'.rENCE, a.nclmany tons of tpbacco n.rc turned Out d n.ily of good Dark Colors nnd good Burning quality. HA. VAN A. goods are olsn successfully Rehandled at this s.nd put back into the original bales in s u c h a manner as not to show t1ley had bee n Rehandled. SenJ a b"le or case a.'l a. trial. Sattsra.ctlon Guaranteed. Cluuges as l o w 9.8 will u.Umit of good work. Please write us for any information you may wish, o.nd oiJlige C. S. PHILIPS. & CO., 188 Pearlst., New York. E. D .A..LEI:R,O 'MANUFACTURERS OF CIGAR-BOX co., J,.UltJB.ER X:N' S:J?A..:t'IT11!!JEE a:ncl. X>OJ.v.I:ESTXO -.gvo.o:x>s, I MIT ATI ON SPAN ISH cfifAR " prepared to furnish thts Lumber to Box-Mak ers In the usual lengths and widthS, stameQ, gramed an1. polished ready for use. On examination it will be fonnd a perfect jroitation of Spanish Cedar in color and grain, and so far superior to any in the market that no ,. comparison ca1;1be made. Deing sawed !lnd cut from the finest Poplar (the wood pl-eferred by experienced Box-Makers) B?d tporoughly planed. and pohshed, tho boards are and of even surface. The ground color and gram, durable, and pohshmg IS a patent proCessi leaving a bright gloss on the wood. As prepared by our patent process, this Lumber can be used us a substitute for Spanish Cedar :at Jess t um onchWf its cost. OUR SPANISH CEDAR IS IMPORTED 'DIRECTLY FROM MEXICO ria NEW ORLEANS ., a:ncl. -.gva,reho-u.'"'e-GBB--.gv. 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ALSOi.IANUFACTURERS OF .-F:l:ne X>o:n1es't:i.c PIUCE LISTS MAILED ON APPLICATION. Eotabllshe' d 1838. S. LININGTON'S SONS, IMPORTERS OF HAVANA & MANILA CIGARS 216 FRONT. STREET, NEW YORK. ,. Sole Agents tOr Celebrallcd Havana Brand or Paul & Virginia, La Ceiba & tBocksj Fausto. A. HEN & CO., SUCCESSORS OF EDW'D HEN, 48 X..X:BER T'Y' STB.EET, (P, 0 \ Dol< S628) 'Y'OE'I.:J:, IMPORTERS OF MEERSCHAUM BRIAR AND. CLAY PIPES SPECIALTY OF SIVIO.KERS' -AND-TOBACCD-NISTS' SUPPLIES. 14ANUF.ACTURERS WOODEN SHOW FIGURES. Dlanutacturers' Agents :for the Sale oc all Popular Brands ,oc VIRGINIA, NORTH CAROLINA & WESTERN MANUFACTURED, SMOKING & FINE-CUT TOBACCOS. Agents :for JOH..N F. A.LLEN & CO.'S RlcJuuond, Va., Brands oCSmoldng Tobaccos and Cigarettes, SAIU. AYRES' "HYCO,,_ etc, -Dcpot t'or S, W, CA.RBOLL>S "LONE SA.CK," "ti.ROWN DICK," etc. A PERIQ.UE, Cut and ln Carrots. W. T. Blackwell & Co.'s Genuine DURHAM SOX..E A..GrEJ:t'ITT& WM. S. KIMB.ALL & CO.'S V" .A.N'XT'Y' P .A.:J::R. Tobacco & Cigarettes CHA 1!1. H, CONRAD & CO.'S celebrated LOG CABIN and LOVE AIUONG THE .ROSES MANUFACTURED TOBACCO.-Favorlte Dark Navy, Enchantress Dark Navy, Sweet !Uorsel Dark Navy, Honey and Peach Bright Na"y' 11nd all Popular Brands of Fancy and Light Pressed. -FINE..CUT, Manufactured by SPAULDING & Glory, CltarDI oc the Weat, Sweet \: Burley, (l.ueen Dee, Trnmps, Wig Wag, DugJc, in Pails n.nd Barrels. r Depoe Cor E, T, PILKINTON ell; CO.'S celebrated FRUITS AND FLOWERS and CORI!IONWEA.LTH Stnoklng 'J."obaccos. Depot t'or SNOW1S PATENT OA.RDHOL1Ni:tiS. leV" Price Ll8&8 Curnbhed on A.ppUei'uo!. NEW YORK, SA. TURD A Y, JULY 19, 1879. CONDITION OF THE TOBACCO CROP. According to the report of the Commissioner of Agri culture the acreage of tobacco for the whole country shows a decrease. rn the four States, Connecticut, .VIassacli.usetts, New York and Pennsylvania, in which the bulk of Seed leaf tobacco is grown, there is an in crease in acreage of about thirteen per cent. as com pared with 1878. Of States producing shipping, manu J suppose that no rains fall, what then?' Will the planter cast away the plants upo n which the poison certainly does remain? Judging from his answer, we think not. He does not care so long as the buyer does not know the facts and he is enabled to sell his tobacco. What the consequences may be after he has disposed of his tobacco, h e cares not. We trust that the buyer, when next he goes into the regioi:J. referr e d to to purchase.;_ will inquire closely into the practices of the farmers from whom he buys; and when he finds the seller to be a Paris Green man, not only to refuse to purchase his leaf, but to make it his duty to publish bis name to the world. facturing and smoking tobacco, which constitutes nine A SENSATION SPOILED. t enths of all the tobacco grown in the United States, The New York Sun of Monday last started a senBaNorthCarolinaaloneshowsaninoreaseinareaplanted; tion based upon thealleged recent appearance of yelall the others indicate a material decrease from the acre-low fever at Memphis, Tenn., which, for a time, led age of last year. The cqndition for the whole country many persons to fear that that dreadf:Il disease had is slightly below that of July 1, 1878. Massachusetts made its way into the great tobacco manufactory of alone of the States bordering on the Atlantic shows an P. Lorillard & Co., of Jersey City, N. J. According increased condition, .and Tennessee in the West places to the Sun, a girl working_in the steaming department her condition at 94, against 89last.year. of that company's factory. complained on Wedne& A REPREHENSIBLE PRACTICE. A gentleman, a cigar manufacturer of Baltimore, writes us that while recreating lately in lower Lancas ter County, Pa., he learned that some of the tobacco growers there were using Paris Green on their tobacco plants to kill the worms on them. They had seen how efficacious this poison had been on the potato plants in destroying the bugs thereon, and reasoned that it would do as well on the tobacco plant. Our corres pondent remonstrated with the farmers, and was told by them that the tobacco buyers would never know it. The planters were not. aware of the business of this gentleman, or they likely have been more guarded in their speech. Our correspondent ends his letter by saying that, as a member of the trade, he considers it his duty to inform the trade of the above facts, and thu s compel the experimenters in Paris Green to use their own tobacco. Tbere are plenty of men i n this world who are per fectly willing to do all they can, be it either good or -:.had, to gain their sei fis h ends, and they little care whether misery entailed upon others provided they pmso n a .lly do not .suffer by their actions. The farmers referred to evidently belong to this class of human beings; they do not care whether the persons handling the tobacco, upon which they have placed a deadly poison, are made sufferers tb'ereby, or perhaps killed, provided they can sell their leaf. The evils that have arisen from the use of poisons in certain classes of goods have been many, and the accounts of poisoning of persons who have lived in rooms hung with papl)r in which arsenic has enteied into the composition are many and can be easily obtained. If arsenic in paper has such dire effects, why should not Paris Green on tobacco leaves, which come clo se r in contact with the person! Think of the danger the cigaT -smoker will run i He cannot help absorbing the poison from his cigar'if 'it'is made of this tobacco. The farmer may plead that no one has been poisoned by eating potatoes, but he forgets that the poison bas been used upon the plap.t and not upon the root which produces the potato. The case with the tob!\QCO plant is different; the leaves of the plant are the parts used; and upon them is ,the poison placed. The planters'may plead that the 7ains will wash it off; this may occur, it is true; but day afternoon of a terrible pain in her side, and a. few minutes afterwards fell down on the floor unconscious, etc., etc., with harrowing details. "On Thursday and' Friday several other cases of sickness, with similar symptoms, occurred in the factory." "In course. of Saturday no less than thirty-four other girls were taken sick in the same department. They all displayed the same symptoms. The pain in the side was followed in almost every case by unconsciousness, convulsions, and finally hysteria and colic." Following these announcements out in regular reportorial styllli to their logical sequences, the Sun added at the bottom. of its article the annexed paragraph:" A rumor was circulate d to the effect that. the girls who were taken sick had been working on some tobacco that had been stored in New Orleans during the prevalence of the yellow fever last su=er, and that the sickness was occasioned by the liberation of the germs of that disease, which had impregnated the t o-Q bacco." Now, the Sun is a n enterprising and newsy morning journal, and tries, as all well-conducted journals do, to tell the truth in all instances. What it renorted on this serious subject, therefore, had due weight in the community. It was apprehended for a period of twenty-four,hours by thousands o f timid individuals that old "Yellow Jack" had taken up his abode for the summer in one of the most noted establishmeilts not only of Jersey City but of the continent. Fear and. trembling preva iled univmsally. On Tuesday morning, however, the alarm occasioned by the Sun' s extraordinary report was dissipated. 'L'he other local. dailies, the He1ald, Times and T ibune, had been to work in the interim with the energy characteristic of them; and demonstrated that there was neither truth, logic nor reason in the Cassandrian plaints of Mr. Dana's brilliant luminary. Its repre!;entatives, in this instance, had gone off on a false scent, as even the trained kennels will sometimes do. The vigilance of, its contemporaries spoiled at once the sensation the Sun sought to create; though to its credit for pertinacity-for which it is famous-it must be said, it. has since repeatedly returned to the charge with a. vehemence that in a worthier cause would be accounted commendable. We append the refutation published in: the Times of Tuesday last, merely adding before doing .. SU'l.TER BROS.,-Dealers in LEAF TOBACCO: m -f-Weste:.:n Cigar will!fnd it tp their ad.Vanta:;.re to deal with j


THE TOBACCO LEAF, 80 that we had an interview on Wednesday w1th Mr Siedler, who, though not bavmg, when we saw h1m, aeen the article in the Times, in a pleasant statement corroborated every word expressed therem (From the Ne,. York Dally Times, July 15) Some alarm was caused in Jersey City yesterday morning by ret50rtB prmted m several of the New York DJi.pers respecting a number of caset1 of a mystenous i! alleged to have broken out m the tobacco fac tory of Lor1llard &; Co., an establishment five stones high, occupymg a square abuttmg on Bay, Washing ton, and contiguous streets. The reports gave what purported to be circumstantial details as to the manner of the seizure, the symptoms, and the mode of treat ment with a.nmsthettcs and morph1a, representmg that between Wednesday mormng and Saturday mght, last week, no le11B't!la:n!1ihirty-four girls sufl'enng from th18 mystenous malady had been sent home m ambulances, and were on Sunday lying in a condition more or lese ()ntical. The startling feature of the narrative, how -ever cons1sted in the averment that the gtrls who had been' BelZed had been working over tobacco stored m New Orleans durmg the prevalence of the yellow fever epidemic last summer, and probably mfected w1th the germs of that mortal pestilence Names of respon Slble among them those of Dr. Watson and Dr Gordon; -were mentwned m such JuxtapoSition as to gtve a color of veraCity to the story, and the for mer, in putwular, was credited wtth a consultatiOn whach, m the medwal meanmg of the term, never took place Until the facts were ascertamed consternatiOn prevatled mall quarters of Jersey Ctty, and telegrams .to the Supermtendent of the factory, askmg for accu rate mformat10n respectmg the supposed outbreak, ()arne thick and fast The latter were turned over to Dr. L. J Gordon, the restdent physwmn, who replied to lllich as bore the Signatures of medwal men and cus tomers of the establishment, and cons1gned the rest to the capaciOus waste-basket, wb1ch 1s one of the necessary art1cles of furniture m a doctor's office. Before noon the facts were pretty thoroughly understood, and the fright had given way to mdignatwn that state menta so specific should have been made upon founda t10rl. 80 slender and msuffic1ent. A careful mvestlgat10n of the story by a Times re porter reveals the following facts -On Wednesday last the attent10n of Dr. Gordon was called to a young girl lymg on the walk m front of an adJacent liquor Saloon. waa not employed m the factory, but findmg her case to be one of prostration caused by heat, Dr. had her brought to h1s office, found out where she lived, and sent her home in an ambulance "So far from 34gtrls havmg been takenmyste nously ill, or bavmg been sent home m ambulances on Saturday, Friday or any other day last week," sa1dDr Gordon when h18 "'ttentwn was called to the re.Port, ''the case pwked up on the street on Wednesday 18 the only one m wh1ch an ambulance was used In orier to render the subject mtelhgtble it must be premiSed that 3,500 persons are employed mthe factory. About 3 000 are girls from 14 to 18 years of age, the rest women, men and boys Among 3,500 people, accord ing to the normal percentage, there should be from 60 to 70 constantly on the siCk-hat, whlle, m fact, the actual number 1B from 20 to 25, a reductiOn from the nol1llal figures, due no doubt to the excluswn of the two extremes of advanced age and tender youth from tbe work-rooms. It IS a part of Mr Lorillard's sybtem a phys101an m constant attendance, so that em ployees may be g1ven the benefit of 1mmed1ate reme dial measures m case of sudden tllnes, or where disease may be detected lingermg In accordance w1th Chis system, Dr. has an office drug-room and .surgeon's-room lrr the bmldmg The prevalent diseases are vert1go, malar1al fever, hysteria and eplleJ?BY, with .all the emaller maladies that follow lDBUffiClent dtet and irregular hab1ts. In the summer th1s hat 1B m c(:relised by the addit1on of frequent cases of nausea and cramps, caused by dnnkmg ICe water and by eating stale fruit, but on Jibe whole the percentage of the dis abled 1s than above the average at all seasons of It 1s the rule to 10818t that the employees s e a httle oat-meal w1th the we water supplied to tli but this regulatwn 1s systematwally evaded by many of the grls The story, according to Dr. Gordon, had Its origtn in the fo)lowmg Circumstance.-One day last weekFriday, he thmks 1t waB---{)ne of the g1rls had an at tack of hysteria. As 1t was cooler m the work-room than 1t was m h1s office, contrary to hts usual custom he ordered the patient to he down up-stairs while he prepared the n ecessary restorat1ves While the patient was lymg m hysteriCal convulsiOns, wnthmg, moanmg, and groanmg, a group of women and gtrla gathered about her and began to utter loud lamenta.twns In 15 minutes there were a dozen cases of hys tena on the same floor, and such a commetion, scream ing, and wr1thmg ID convulsiOns as would have appalled any person not farmliar w1th such scenes, scenes not at all uncommon In sermnanes and convents for the educatwn of young but their publi01ty IS p r e n ted by the d1Bcret10n ana good sense of m e dical a,,, Indeed, hysterwal outbreaks are familiar pht:nomena to the supermtendenlB of factor1es where tamale operat1ves are employed, and although such an epidenuc of sympathetiC hysteria lB a frtghtful thing for one who 18 not ,an expert to contemplate, there IS nothmg extraordmary m 1ts or mys tenous m Its operatwns. Dr. Gordon admtmstered the regulatiOn and the girls all recovere d Not one of them was sent home m an ambulance, and w1th the excep tion of one who had temporary prostratiOn produced by the convulsiOns, the vwtrms were all at work yesterday Dr Gordon says that one cause of the prevalence of hystena among the guls 1s msuf fiClent food Most of them earn from $12 to $15 per week, but they prefer to dress extravagantly rather than to hve well At dtnner they buy a few apples or cakes at the nearest corner In hot weather they are careless about walking m the sun, gilt overheated, and drmk tee-water to excess A g1rl came to hrm on Saturday afternoon and complained of cramps ''What did rou have for breakfast!" satd the Doctor. dtdn't have any breakfast, Doctor Well, what did you have for dtnner 1 You went home, I suppose 1" "Yes and ate some boiled cabbage" Nothmg else but boiled cabbage 1" "No scr, "And vou have been drmkmg ice-water all day, I sunpose !r' sir." Dr Gordon g1ves th1B as a sample of the habtts of the girls employed m the factory The other day a gtrl came to bim w1th cramps. lnqumng mto the case, he learned she had eaten two stale cucumbers in the mormng and had gone to work wtthout her breakfast. "The case of Mary Hosey, whwh ha.s been descnbed m such sensatwnal terms by the authors of the report of Dr. Keatmg," Bald Dr. Gordon, "was one of Simple hystena. and nothing else Mr. M. Mason, the Supermtendent of the factory, says there has not been a bale of tobacco m the estab lishment from New Orleans or Lo u18tana for the last year or more. Most of the stock comes from Kentucky tobacco fields by way of LoUisville or Cmcmnatl. They use some V1rgm1a and Carolina tobacco but not a great deal. He concurs w1th Dr m pro nouncmg the report a vtllamous fabrwatwn Not a smgle g1rl has been sent home m an ambulance, or has been too Ill to walk home for the past week or more Suspectmg from the symptoms descr1bed that other alkalotd bases bestdes mcotme, ex1stmg m tobacco, might be responsible for the dtsease, the 7'imes reporter requested the Supermtendent to show him through the -establishment and explam the procesees of manufac ture m so far as they were not pnvate. It 1s a familiar fact among to:ucologists that the pyrodme 8Jld coHo dine b ase s possess extremely acttve and VIrulent toxiC propert1es, bcstdes bemg more volatile and dtffustble than rucotme. The floors were cool, clean and well ventilateJ, an odor of mcotme was present, but none of collodme or pyrodme, whwh exist m smallerquant1ty in domestw than m serm-tropwal tobacco, whence, m the mam, the difference m fiavor and effect betwee n a Havana 01gar and one manufactured from Vtrgtma or cConnectwut leaf get kicked or boraewhtpved by callmgp Mr Mason, Supermtendent, at any fiour of the day' / .&(least, Mr. Mason said so yesterd/1Y VERSUS STBTKBS. The local d&ly papers published last Sunday gave an interesting account of the result of the experiment, as exemplified by a meeting held the day before, in augurated a few months since by the cigar manufac tunng finn of &; Storm, of th18 c1ty, and the workmen in tbearemploy, looking to the settlement by arb1trat10n of all questions m d18pute between them relating to wages. Below we present for perusal in our columns the report of the event as described in the New York Sun. How best to reconcile to the mutual advantage of each the appa1ent grow-mg antagoDlSm between <'.&pital and labor the world over, has been for many one of the most daffl.chlt problema submitted to the coi\lrideration of statesmen and political econoiD.lBts and busmese men lressrs. Straiton &; Storm seem to have solved the problem without resortmg to any other expedtent than the exercl86 of s1mple common sense To have done at once and for ever Wlth the an noyance and rrusery mc1dent to strikes, which are usually tne outward expresswn of an ureconctl!!,ble difference of opinion between employers and employed, that firm last wmter agreed w1th the1r workmen that henceforth all appeals for an advance of wages m their manufactory should be subm1ttd to and decided by a Board of Arh1trat10n comJ101!6d of -representatives of the workmen and the firm. The manner m wbwh this Board 18 constructed and acts 18 shown in the an nexed extract from ConstitutiOn and By-laws of the Stra1ton &; Storm Benefit Fund, which appeared m this journal about the time of 1ts ortgtnal pubhcation The wisdom of th1s mode of adjusting claims of this nature 1s amply demonstrated by the harmonious agreement reached on Saturday last, a11 also on the 26th of April, when flle first oflic1al meetmg of the Board of Arb1trators was held Referrmg to the meet mg m Aprll, Mr. Straiton, m an mterv1ew had w1th h1m on Wednesday, said-" We pad a meet1ng of the Board of Arbttrataon upon an applicatiOn for an advance on seven different styles of c1gars, the shape of whwh we had changed m con sequence of believing the change to be an rmprove-ment The cigar-makers claimed they could not earn as much makmg the new shapes as they could ma)nng the old We took up each ctgar by itself and voted as follows 'Shall there tie an advance on this Cigar 1' and m four 1nstances out of seven it was unammously decided m the affirmative. and in the other three m stances 1t was voted unammously that there should be no advance. AB an evidence of the spirit of fauness and JUStlCe ,of our men on that occaswn, 1t may be sa1d that one of the men on the Committee was making one of the identtcalstyles of cigars passed upon, and he voted that there should be no advance on that style of CJgar The next question was, taking each CJgar separately, 'How much shall the advance be 1' Of the four stzes we advanced, three were advanced $1 each, and one was advanced 50 cents That was the result of the first meetmg of the Board of Arb1trat10n The second result you wall find in tlie papers of Sunday last Contmumg, Mr Stra1ton observed -"We have what 1s known as the Straiton & Storm Benevolent Fund, and the balance to day m the treasury 1B about $1,100. The fund 1s contributed in th18 way. every member pays five centa a week, and the firm donates *25 a month. When a member, male or female, l.i! swk, he or she receives $5 a week, and when a member dies, his or her family rece1ve $100. Two weeks ago we had a death among the members of the organiza t10n, a Bohemian, who left a wife and five children, and but for this provl8ion they would have been desti tute. We have paid 135 drafts for the benefit of s1ck members, as drawn by the secretary, !ince the orgam zatwn of the AssoClatwn." These remarks of Mr. Straiton are mcorporated here to brie fly illustrate the character and working of the system hts firm have adopted for preventmg the occurrence of str1kes m their establishment. It w1ll be seen that 1t embraces not only a plan. for lDBUnng agreement m all matters at 18sue but makes peen mary proVIsion for the welfare of the livmg and the dtsposal oft the dead, thus mclirung the sliarers in these benefits to regard the firm as the1r frtends, w1th mterests expressed and imphed m common with their own. A better or more effective method of cultiva ting fraternal relations it would be difficult to dev1se Our obJect," sa1d Mr Stratton, m conversation w1th us, "m entermg mto thas agreement w1th our em ployees was to promote 'our mutual mterest by mak mg our workmen feel and realize that the1r mterest was identical with our own. C1gar -makers, a.s a nlle, are an mtelligent and generous class of people, and to insure thetr fr1endsh1p and fidelity 1t 1s only nec essary to convmce them by r eciprocal favors that the 1 r wel f are 1s kept steadily m VIew by employers" How earnestly our leading 01gar manufacturers have been exertmg themselves for years past to con tribute to the comfort and general well bemg of their employees is seen not only in thetr 1m proved wages, as compared w1th former trmes, but m the vastly Im proved habitations m which they dwell and are em ployed. Our prmClpal Cigar manufactories to-day, Messrs Stratton & Storm's bemg one of the con spacuous exam.ples, are models of elegance and com fort. In their method of adJUSting differences be tween employers and employed Messrs Straaton & Storm have set an example which may be copied to advantage by manufacturmg propr1etors m all branches of trade. COMPOSITION AND OBJECT OF THE BOARD OF ARBITRATION Rev1ewmg the past few years, one could not help but notwe the lDJunous effects produced by strikes both to the employer and employees, more particularly so to the latter. And taking mto consideratwn that these strikes invariably ended m failure, resultmg m a gradual reductwn mstead of an advance m wages, also that by reason of these stnkes an abundant quantity of unemployed labor of all other kmds has been drawn mto our branch of mdustry, thus constderably m creasmg the product1ve force from year to year, one would naturally come to the concluswn that plam common sense would dwtate to every one havmg at hea1 t h1s own mterest and welfare that the proper time had ccme for the devtsement of practical meas ures to protect the mterest of both part1es concerned, thus effectually and permanently closmg the chasm now existmg between employer and employee. In order to secure th1s obJect and msure 1ts permanent eXIstenc e, 1t IS absolutely necessary that the inconsiderate and fierce pass10n httherto prevailing must gtve way to w1se and peaceful deliberations. We therefore now propose to hereafter leave all matters of dtffer ence a s to wages, or of any other kmd and nature whatsoeve r, to a court of arb1trat10n. We axe con vmced that by the adopt10n of measares SUitable to the wants of the trmes the 01gar makers as a class will be vastly benefited and surely advance and better the1r posit10n Ill the communtty. Dr. Watson, who was quoted m the report, says that no consultation, m the pi oper acceptatiOn of the term, took place Dr Keatmg came to h1s office w1th a man whom hedtd not know, and asked h1m some questions. The man did not tell him he was a reporter, and he did not rmagine he was bemg mterv1ewed What he d1d tell Dr. Keating was that the symptoms descnbed by hrm were hysterwal1 and that mcotme ur 1rr1tant J)Oisonmg was not mmcated by the symptoms. Some <1f .the remarks attrtbuted to h1m 1 n the report were actually uttered, but the most mportant pomts were ormtted. There was no foundatwn for the story what ever m his opnnon He dtd not w1sh to find fault w1th members of the preBB, but 1f he were to be mterv1ewed he would like to know 1t, and he had always under stood that 1t was not customary to obtain statements .as in private conversatwn, and prmt such extracts as .suited the purpose CIGAR niAKERS' BOARD OF ARBITRATION.-There shall be a Board of Arb1trat1on composed of four &J:ately and orgamze, and the cinr-makers shall elect one from the packers' Board ofArbttration, who thereafter 11hall act w1th them m the mgar-makers' Board, and the packers shall elect one from the Cigar-makers' Board. who thereafter shall act w1th them m the packers' Board of Arbatratwn, and vacanCleil shall be filled m the same manner. At such meetmgs the firm and 1ts representatiVes shall constitute a part as above mentiOned. All this beml> comphed w1th, the Board w1ll be ready for such busmess as may come before 1t, and each one 1s subject to the call of the chair. At no t1me s,ball a vote affecting the mterests of e1ther em-ployer 01 mployees be taken except m the presence of every munber of the Board. From the N81r York Sun July 13 A difference between employers and employees was settled m an unusual way yesterday in the 01gar manu factory of Stratton & Storm m East Twenty-seventh !'!treat After the great strike of Cigar-makers m 1876, the employees of Stratton & Storm formed an asBOCiatwn ''to promote benevolence, morality and mdustry," and out of th1B associataon grew a board of arbttratwn, w1th power to decide all questwns as to wages and other causes of d18pute between employers and employees The Board, 1t was proVIded, shall hear such d1scussion as rmgbt be necessary to a proper understalldmg of the questwns subrmtted to them, and then vote, as the roll 1B called, openly, the vote of the maJority to be final Stra1ton & Storm concurred m the establishment of the Board, and promised that 1ts deciBIOns should be bmd mg upon them An electiOn was held1 and the Board was chosen Mwhael Heut, ctgar maKer, prestdent; Meyer Dampf, c1gar-maker, secretary, John Gardner and Vmcent Petrtck, ctgar "rollers," and August Sucker, packer, the employees and George Storm, of the firm, and Wilham Kuhne, Philip Bury and Hermann Leonhart, fo1emen, representmg the ployers AmaJonty of representation and the control ling offices were conceded to the employees The first meeting of the Board was held m the packmg-room ot the manufactory a few weeks ago to settle a slight dtfference as to a detail of the manufacture of no general mterest. The second meetmg, held yesterday, was of a far more 1mportant character. Its like was probablv never held m th1s 01ty. It was called at the request of Mr Storm to dtspose of a pet1t10n presented by the '' rollers on Thursda-y evemng for an mcrease of their rate of pay fifty cents per thousand. Mr. Storm told the comm1ttee presentmg the pet1tion that the firm could 11l afford to make the mcrease, but 1f the Board of ArbitratiOn should deCide ag8.li1St them, they would not hes1tate m obeymg the dectston The comm1ttee re welf pleased, aJ )VOrk 1p the manufactory went on as smoothly /l8 ever until tbe hour for closmg yesterili.iy Then members of the Board of Arbt tratwn, e"ceptmg Mr. Storm, who was detamed by busmess, proceeded to the packmg room. They seated themselves m a serm-Clrole about a costly table taken from Mr Strruton's pr1vate office, and lighted ctgars from a pundle provtded by Mr Stratton Many of the1r fellow -workmgmen entered, and prov1ded them selves, w1thout any formalities w1th Cigars and seats The detention of Mr. Storm made a somewhat tedious wa1t.._ and Mr Stratton sent for refreshments Presently M:r ;:;torm hurried m and sad politely ''Pardon me, for detammg you I was prevented from JOlDIDg you sooner by some busmess He took l'jn m conspicuous seat amon,e; his fellow members of the Board, and Mr Str&ton chose a chau among the work mgml'n. The pet1t10n of the rollers" was read, both m Enghsh and G ennan Then Pres1dent Heut mvtted Mr Storm to gtve the reasons of the firm for declmmg to grant the mcrease, whwh he d1d. There were ad dresses by the repres entat1ves of the employees m the Board, and by "rollers" among the spectators The purport of every address was a strong appeal for the mcrease, and 'bat 1t w1ll produce a generalmcrease throughout the Clty Not a vmce was raised above the p1tch of qmet earnestness, nor was any harsh word uttered. Mr. Storm replied and then Pres1dent Heut declared the discusswn closed "There are three quest10ns before the Board," he sa1d. "I ask for a vote upon the first quest10n Shall there be an mcrease I "Aye," was the response of the other members, m cludmg Mr. Storm. "Now for the second question. Shall the increase be 50 cents per thousand 1 "Aye, was agam the vo1ce of the other members, stlll IDCludtng Mr Storm The th1rd questaon is now m order Shall the mcrease go mto effect at once I ., "I offer the amendment that 1t go mto effect two weeks hence saad Mr. Storm. "'l'he firm have or ders on band for 2,000,000 mgars, and 1f we are com pelled to pay fifty cents per thousand more for them than we calculated upon, we wtlllose $1,000 But, on second thought, I wdl withdraw the amendment [A,I?pl a use] 'I move as an Mr. Sucker said, "that the increase go mto effect a week faom to day. That' s a fair comprormse." Five votes were gtven for the amendment and three agamst 1t, and then.M:r Storm's turn came. "Let me see how the vote 1s," he satd, leanmg over the teller's shoulder. "Oh," he added, "I vote for the amend ment and move that the vote be declared unanimous." [Loud applause] Mr. Storm' s mot10n was adopted, and then the Board adJourned After the adJournment one of the :firm sa1d to a re porter -'' We cla1m for ourselves m this matter only the right to call ourselves sens1ble men Str1kes are mvar1ably harmful to employers, employees and the pubhc. We lose m this mstance $500 or $600, but m the strike of 1876 we lost $40,000 MINOR EDITORIALS AND NEWS ITEMS. DIED -Mr. Sand, a Cmcinnat1 tobacco mer chant, dted about a week ago m that c1ty, from the effects of bemg overcome by the heat. MR. CHARLES E FISCHER, of thiS Clty, IS slightly lm provmg, and h1s many fr1ends w1ll be glad to hear th1s good news Mr. Ftscher w1ll pass the summer at Mont cl a 1r, N.J. DEAR ME -Hanlan b e lieves that total abstmence f"om liquor. and tobacco 1s necessary to the most suc cessful physwal effort He has certamly demtmstrated his theory most handsomely, and he ought to be sent on a l ecturmg tour among athletic clubs in general. STILL ENLARGING.-Messrs. P. Lorillard & Co. have recently been addmg new drymg and str1ppmg rooms to the1r vast establishment. As now constatuted, the product1ve capac1ty of that firm's factory 18 75,000 pounds of plug tobacco da1ly OFFICIAL RETURNS.-The returns to the Department of Agnculture at Washmgton for the month of June, indtcate that the acreage of tobacco for the whole country shows a decrease. This agrees with preVIous reports from different locahttes, whwh have been pub lished from time to time m THE TOBACCC LEAF. QUARTERS SECURED.-The New York Leaf Tobacco Board of Trade have secured a sutte of rooms admu ably adapted to the reqwrements of the orgamzatwn, and are fitting them up in good style. Next week, possibly, we shall be able to give a description of the premises. The result, gathered from all available sources of in formation, ma:y be summed up m a few words. Like Falstaff's men m buckram, the thirty-four girls carried home m ambulances dwindled to one, and she had been p1cked up on the street in a state of prostration. A few cases of hystena formed the staple of the whole fabriCation, and the reporter who told the story may PACKERS' BOARD OF ARBITRATION -There shall be a Board of Arbttration composed of two packers, one cigar-maker (to be elected as heremafter proVIded)hthe packer foreman, and one member of the :firm. T ese together shall const1tute the Board of Arbitration, to whom shall be submitted all questions of wages, and such other things as may be in dispute between em ployer and employees. They shall hear such evidence as may be necessary to a proper understandmg of the questwns before them, and then proceed to dectde by NoT Ul!1DER ARREST.-Mr. D Pohalskimfonnsusthat the rumor of Mrs. Julia Pohalskt's arrest, announced m last week's LEAF, WBI! w1thout foundatiOn He also assures us that the prospect of a speedy settlement w1th h1s credttors IS fair. The store at 254 Broadway, formerly occupied by J. PohalRkl &; Co a.s a Cigar store, has been vacated by them The store at FUlton and Nassau Streets will be m the future occup1ed by Mr A. Zemanskey, the former cll.llhter of the firm --+--ENJOINED-Vwe Chancellor Pope, of Louisville. Ky on applicatiOn, granted an mjuncttRS head of same, of SliDllar we1ght. Thtrd best hog& head of same, of s1m1lar we1ght. F1fth Class -Best five hogsheads br1ght wrappers, of not less less than 350 lbs net weight each. SeCond best five hogsheads of same, of s1milar weights. Sixth Class. Best case of Connectwut Seed leaf, of not less than 350 lbs net wetght. Second best case of same, of srmilar wetght. Seventh ClsBB -Best case of Ohio Seed leaf, of not less tnan 300 lbs net Second best case of same of s1mdar weight. E1ghth Class -Best case of Indtana Seed leaf, ol not less than 300 lbs net wetght. Second best case of same of similar wrutht. And for d1Splays of manufactu;:;;d tobacco, snuff and Cigars The followtng rules will be enforcedRule 1.-All tobaccos contending for the foregoms premmms shall be of the growth of with the ex ception of Seed leaf. Rule 2.-All leaf tobaccos contendmg for foregoing premmma must be offered through one of the regular mspect10n warehouses of the Clty. Rule 3 -Each package must be sampled in the regular way by the Inspector of Leaf Tobaccos for the Cincmnati Market, and the sample only will be placed on exb1bit1on m the Exposttlon Bwldmg Rule 4.-Every sample entered for premium ehall pay an entrance fee of PThe Expos1t10n wall be open for the reception of articles from Monday, A 18, to Tuesday evening, September 9, 1879;. and to the pubhc from Wednesday, September 10, to ;:;aturday, October 11, 1879. On the Committee on Tobacco we notiCe the names of Messrs. F. A. Prague, E. H. Griest, and S. W. WoodSide-all well known to the trade. BUSINESS MENTION. A NEW firm has been established, under the name of Pertain & Hemphill, for the purpose of transacting a statwnery, prmtmg and blank-book manufacturmg busmess, at 19 Broad Street, this 01ty. Both gentlemen stand well recommended, and are deserving of the patronage of the tobacco trade. THE rumor of the-failure of Wm. Friedlander&; Co., leaf dealers at 9 Bowery, about a week ago, turns out to have been w1thout foundatwn. The JUdgment tamed agamst the firm was for a clainl which was dis puted, and was not by the Shenff, as, on a motwn of appeal, a stay of proceedmgs was !lT&nted by the Court. The firm's good standing 18 undisputed. OX THEIR SUMHER VACATION. -M:r Julius Beer 1s at Englewood, N J. Mr. A. Cohn 1s stoppmg at Long Branch. -Mr. Max Landmann 1B at Mount Vernon, N.Y. -Mr. M. Lilienthal 1s enJoymg htmself at Bay R1dge -Mr James C. McAndrew 1B in Canada for the season. -Mr Joseph Hall is still enjoying himself in England. -Mr. E. Salomon will probably go .to Saratoga for two weeks -Mr L. Freeman will be for the next few weeb at Long Branch. -Mr. M H. Levin is sojourning at Richfield Sprmgs, N. Y. -Mr G Reusens lS residmg for the summer at his villa on the Hudson. -Mr. DeLancy Cleveland 1B spending a few weeks at Short Hill, N J. -M:r G Kirby, of the :firm of Weaver &; Sterry, is at Sommerville, N J. -Mr Vega, of Vega & Bernheim, 1B restding on Long Island for the present Mr. E. Rosenwald, gf E. Rosenwald & I\ro and family, are at Summ1t N J Mr M Oppenheimer, of M. Oppenhetmer &; Bro., is w1th his family at Catakill, N. Y. -Mr S Heilbroner w1ll JOm h1B family at Port Washington, near Glen Cove, L. I. --Mr L Weber, of the firm of M. & E. Salomon, is recreatmg at the Whtte Mountams -Mr. Jose Vega has sailed for H avana, and will spend his summer vacatwn m Cuba. The Messrs Sterrys, of Weaver & Sterry, are rustiCatmg at Schooley's Mountam, N. J Mr P. Buchanan and lady father and mother of Mr Wm. Buchanan, will go to Saratoga next week. --Mr. Davtd Lyall, of Buchanan & Lyall, 18 at the Profile House, Whtte Mountains ; his family is w1th him. -:Mr E J Whitlock, of the w e ll known P10neer To bacco Company of th1s c1ty, is SOJourmng at Long Branch. -Ex-Mayor Schroeder, of the firm of Schroeder &; Bon, IS takmg h1B summer vac&tion at Richfield Spnngs, N Y -Mr. James Havemeyer, of Havemeyers & Vigelius, 1s at Saratoga, and Mr Henry Havemeyer is at Baby lon, Long Island. -Mr Josephs1 of the firm of Heilbroner, Josephs&; Co 1s prospectmg for a rust10atmg place where he may spend his vacatwn. -Mr. Wm. Buchanan, of Buchanan & Lyall, and fam1ly staymg for the summer months at the Grant House, Catskill, N. Y. -Mr. Adolph Kerbs, of the c1gar manufacturing firm of Kerbs & SJ.:ness, tb18 01ty, has gone to Saratoga. Mr. Kerbs 18 a hard worker, and deserves a vacataon -Mr. Rwnda, the buyer for Messrs. M. & E. Salo mon, has JUSt returned from Havana, and 1s now spendmg h18 vacatwn at Sharon Sprmgs, where he will stay for some trme. -Mr. E Allen, representing the New Yor.k office of P. Lorillard & Co has JU!t returned from Schroon LakeJ m the reg1ons of the Adirondacks, where his family is at present located. -M:r and Mrs. D. H. McAlpm, who have been travel mg m Europe for the past year or more, are expected home shortly. They w1ll rece1ve on the1r return a hearty welcome from thetr many fnends. --The mseparables, Messrs. Wm. Vigelius, of Havemeyers & Vtgehus, H. W. Ftscher, of Charles E. Ftscher &; Bro., and Cas=r Tag, of Chas. F. Tag&; Son, say they will spend the hot days at some one of the many pleasant resorts around the Metropolis. How do these merry, happy three Improve the summer hours! Taking the1r ease at Beach and Branch, And m sweet Hoboken's bowers. COKPLIJIIE:NTS FOR THE TOBACCO LEAF, From the San FranCISCO Merclw.nt, July 4.-Tml ToBACCO LEAF this week appears as a tenpage paper and has fifty columns of showy advertiBementa ana mterestmg readmg nmtter. The tobacco trade of the East .appreciates the advantage of advertiSing liber ally. Vtrgmm Tobacco Journal:-THE N.Y. TOBAOOO LEAl' has eD.l.arged 1tself to a ten-page paper, cut, stitched and tr1mmed, and, w1th Its contents, 1t is altogether an organ worthy of the great Amer1can metropolis. We need not WlBh 1t success. It already seems to have that abundantly. The Commercial Bulletin, one of tlbe ablest of our dailies and an authority in the business world, says: THE TOBACCO LEAF of tnis city has agam enlarged ita Slze, and 1s now the most complete tobacco JOurnal, bestdes bemg an excellent representative of the important tobacco interests of the country. Under the present management 1t may be expected to surpass even its former achtevements in its specialties, and we w1sh 1t a contmued success. Two hundred thousaud cigarettes were recently _shipped from San FranciSCO to Australi,._ of the LON'E Cl.gare't"tes-ERTBEILER-& 141 WATER STREET, YORK.


JULY 19 l'AIBBAKU' IC.&.LES. The following translation of a letter which Hessrs. Fairbanks have received from RU88ia is of to all American manufacturers: GRAND RuSSJA.N R. R. Co., NICOLAI Lni1C, } ST. PETERSBURG, DIRECTORS' OFFICE, May 3 1879. JbssRS. FAIRBANXS & Co.: h I beg to infor m you that our line is supplied Wit inaDy FAIRBANKS' SCALES, of which S!lme are already since 1857 and the rest since 1862, w constant use. llany of them are exposed to the open air the whole year round without any protection against the bad weather. An these Scales, without exception, given entire satisfaction, and, according to the opwwn of the station-masters, supersede in easy method of weighing heavy loads, and chiefly m dura bility, all the other systems of scales. Having twenty-two years' experience with the FAIRBA.NitB' 13c.ALES, the Superintendent' s office of the can unhesitatingly recommend them as especially practically adapted to railroad use. (Signed) KOENIG, Director of the Nicolai R. R., Engineer and Actual Counselor of State. NOTB..-The Nicolai Line is the oldest in Russia, and was built by the Emperor Nicholas as a grand military road between Moscow and St. P.etersburg. It is upwards of four hundred miles long. Cable News fl"om Germany. BERLIN, July 13 -The Tariff bill as. by the Reichstag in31udes amendments providing that the grain duties shall come into force on the 1st of Janu' ary, 1880, and the duty on flax on the 1st of July, 1880 LoNDON, July 14.-The Standar1-'s at Berlin announces that the Constitutionalists Wlll re sume the anti-tariff agitation in August, and will cail a national mee ting, to be. held September, to. pre pare for a vigorous campaign a gamst the new tariff at the Prussian el ections in O ctober. The Berlin l ost announces that in the Bundesrath a proposition has been introduce d in favor of voting the estimates f o r two years. . The Standard in its financial says. tl:ie age exigencies of Germany are fUrther 'freasury sales of silver. It is generally behev that Germany will ultimately return to the double standard, in which case she would become a. purchaser of silver_ The seventeen National Liberals who, on Saturday last, seceded from that party, constituted a sectio_n headed by the historian Herr von Trietschke. Their secession was due to a vote of censure passed upon them by a majority of the party for supporting Prince Bismarck's vie ws oxi the tariff. The closing debate on the tariff will be memorable for the protests of Herr Delbruck and Herr Lasker, who prophesied but discontent and confusion as the result of the tariff. A Berlin dispatch to the Morning Post says:-"The contemplated mcrease of the army is in consequence of the increased military strength of France and Russia. Herr von Gessler, who succeeds Dr. as Minister of Ecc lesiasticu.l Affairs and Education, IB a relative of the former conservative and extremely up- popular Mimi ster of the same department, Dr. Vpn )(Uhler, and i s reported to h. will supply a atnctly good article, um form in qwility all the time. AJ!y_ other policy will kill otf any trade Now)lere ill good tobacco b84itel than in GraM Britain, Yllereafairp; '-1 THE TOBACCO LEAF. Crop Prospects in Pennsylvania. From the Lancaster Intelligen.cer, July 16: The general rains of last Tuesday and Friday, tl>fl"ether With some local showers, have done much to r8.1Se the hopes of despondent planters, some of whom have not until to-day finished setting out their plants. Therams have greatly improved the appearance of plants that for two or three weeks past have been standing still or going backwards by reason of the long-continued drouth. Should we be blessed with continued showers we may yet have a full crop. Urop and Market Comments. offerings on Saturday and Monday, there was con sequently no public sale from Thursday till y esterday. July 19: The The offerings on Thursday and yesterday were liberal, growing is looking well, better than the and contained some very excellent lots of colory new f d Th t leaf and good old dark leaf. The better graOrts from evePy part of the valley. The cut worm from manufacturers an order buyers, with very little bewg very the next pest is the regular green speculative feeling The offerings on the breaks d h b Thursday and yesterday comprised 267 hhds and 6 worm, an t ey ave egun to put in an aw.earlll?-ce. boxes, of which 184 hhds and the boxes Wflre n e w crop. Then the aprearance of a dark thunder"Clou 'particuSales 138 hhds: 11 at $.2.411 to 2.90; 21 at 8 to 8.90 116 at larly if it IS vecy wru-m and sultry\ suggests bail4 to 4.80, 18> to 11.90 liS at 6 to 6 .80, most y old These are some of the difficulties ana troubles with h h h h d h fild Sof crpp;23at7to7.90,partold;Sat8to8.80;1Sat9to w IC t egrower astocont;en m t e e -ar 9.40; 6at10to10.711 2atllto11.75; fat 12 to 12 .1io; the season has been propitious; sufficient rain to keep "'2 a.t 18 to 18.75 1 old at 14 .110, 1 at 14.711, 1 a.t 111.50, 4 the ground moist. The action of the German Reichsli'Jwfn.uo, Pa.---So.muel Sey1 cigar manufacturer; uocutlo,. for 1'/41. lll:am..,., Conn -J. W Robbloa attached by the oherill -----No:uoLK, Va.-Oiaa. B Jones, t.igan &Dd tobacco, bom tion on real tate. N.,.. YOBK.-A. L&ng, clgara; chattel mortaae on Axturel for 180. to a Emm&Duel New, cigar manulacLureri offering to compromlae a .. IJI-IIax B:rct. elnro; uolped a&Wnle]';-ll,@;li&bWt.ieo, $4,04ll fl' \, Patent-Office Report -"\' ... l F o r the week enciiDg July 1&. TRADEIIlARXS REGISTERED. 04ran, Cigarettes, a.nd Smoking and Chewing T obacco.-HBrothers &: Lowenstein, New Y ork, The arbitrary word or name BaJ-. wer'" Charles G Emery, Brooklyn. J:t. Y ._" The word.qmhol "lllbhoiiOI. ; CW&rs. CigareltE-B and Smoking aobacco .-Str&iton & Storm, Yori, The arbitrary word Cindrella.' ()lgar8 .-Gordon &. Campbell, Dekolt, lllcb .. The le\ten! 'D I!'' ";1111 the portrat o f a man wearing a ScoU.Iah. or partly Scottish costume:.:.._ 04raret&ee.-PbWp H. Ertheiler, Philadelp!il& Pa.. .. The arbltra ...,.M:Iected words Lone Jack and a pictorial representation of the Jma.ft ot spades. "-.. Plug Chewing Tobacco.-0. P &; Co Richmoad, Va., arbitn.rlly-aelected wordl 11 u Chewing and SmoldD .. T obacco.-l!'ite & Moore, Naohrl1le, 'l'enn 'ftJ& word-symbol'Seawel.'Y' LABELS REGISTERED. TiUe: Y ork's liest. (t:or CJgan, (!laareU. ud John Bla.k:ely, Brooklyn, N Y In general, plants throughout the countyare much more backward than they were this time last year, though there are some notable exceptions. We have h eretofore noticed some of the fine tobacco fields in the Earls, where a week ago some leaves were reported two feet long. We now take pleasure in notwg the un usually fine crops on the estate of James Duffy, Mari etta, who is conceded to be the king of tobacco grow ers. Mr. Duffy has in tobacco nearly sixty acres, a part of which IS grown "on the shares" by first-class planters. Among the best of these are John Shields, Frederick Waller, Gerard Rhodes and Len Waller. These men have eleven acres under their care, and so well have they done their work they have already topped seven acres of the eleven, and some of the other is nearly ready for topping. The plants are very large, having from s1xteen to twenty leaves to the stock. Mr. Duffy also has topped several acres of his tobacco_ The forward and excellent quality of these tobaccos is due to intelligent and scientific farming. Mr. DuffY feeds every year from sixty to one hundred head of fine cattle, and all the manure made by his stock is put upon his land, and in addition he this year put upon hts tobacco about $1,000 worth of slaughter-house ma nure purchased at Philadelphia. He plants early, cultivates constantly, guards carefully worms, and in time of drouth waters his tobacco fields by means o f a stea.m engine and hose. This work is of course expensive, but it pays in the end. A part of t .he crop will be cut off before the 1st of August, and all risk from the second crop of worms or from early frosts is thus avoided. Inexperienced or unsuccesl!ful growers may w1th advantage copy Mr. Duffy' s mode of raising tobacco. It they have not the means to operate on a large scale, they can on a smaller one. tag, or Parliament, has, aR it appears, taken a favoraat 16 to 1tl.75; 1 at 17.211; 2 boxes at 2 .50 to 2.70 ; 1 at ble action relative to the import,ation of tobacco. So 9 .110; 1 at 14i 1 at 17; 1 at 42There were also private KETS d h" .11 sales of old eaf at4to5. Onthetwo days 20 hhds THE DOMESTIC TOBACCO MAR we may expect quite an export demand, an t IS WI were passed" and bids were rejected on 118 hhds-17 at stimulate prices and trade generally. Yet we do not 2.411 to 2 _60, 5 at 3 to 3.90 18 at 4 to 4.80 18 at 5 to anticipate much trade in the valley before the last of August or first of September, as most of the tobacco is 6.80 ; 17 at 6 to 6.90; 12 at 7 to 7.90; '13 at8.20 to now in the sweat, and must dry off before it can be 8 80; 3 at fO; 1 at 13. 50; 1 at 14-ISQ; 1 at 18.50; 2 at safelysampled. OurlocaldealersinNorth:fl.eld, Wa.I.k:er 19 to 19 .50; 2 at 21; 1 at 31; 1 at 35.110; 1 at 38. & Sanderson, are buying a few lots at low rates. In To-day the market dragged and bids were Gill 3lots of about a ton each were bought by them, lower, especially for tD.Iers; but lower bids were and 2lots in Montague of about 2 tons each, paying promptly rejected. Offered on the breaks 117 hhds1 th h about 70 new crop. Sales 43 hhds-1 o.t 2.10 (gooa 8 M c. roug scraps); 2at2.60-to2. 70; 13at8to8.50; PENNsAlYL1VANU.;-TJ,le Lancaste r N.dew Ehra. of July 3 at 5 .10 to 11.110; 2 at 6.60 to 6.80: 8 at 7 to 7.40; 7 at 8 says: attention IS concentrate on t e crop now w t s 60 ., t 9 to 9 k0 1 t 11 1 t 13 2" 1 t 1" the fields The situation has improved slightly during 0 The touis of 9, the week, but not a gFeat deal. On Wednesday night rei;JOrts: -Laat Wednesuay' s break opened with a there was a heavy rain of considerable duration, ex-bnsk demand, desirable offerings of every description over a deal of territot"y, and a slight one selling quickly for a. time-later on, however, the delast DJght, which revived the drooping plants con mand f e ll off an. d prices drooped and weakened on sid erably, but the weather is warm and the liot sun good leaf, principaJ buyers satisfied their dries off the ground rapidly, necessitating rain as pressing wants; but lugs were stiffiy maintained; such much as ever. The crop seems to be suff ering in the bids as were not full up to, previous ruling rates were adjoining counties of Dauphin, Lebanon and Berks promptly rejected. Of 343 hhds and 4 boxes offered on qmte as much as here. In the latter county a lal'gll two days named, -105 hhds and 3 boxes were passed; Cr,op Prospects in Kentucky and Tennessee. acreage was prepared but not planted, because of the bids were rejected on 1 40 hhds-on 2 Virginia wrapThe June statistical report ofthe Tennessee Bureau drouth. Chester CouRty alone has been favored with pers at Pl to 36, 1 scra"ps at 1, the great balance of Agriculture, Statistics and Mines is very elaborate, frequent showers, and fields are said to be looking lugs and leaf at 2.60 to 12.711. Sales were only 98 hhds: and furnishes accurate information concerning the well The outlook at this writing is very discourag3 (scaps) at 7 5c to 1 ; 16 at 2.50 to 2 .90; 14 at 3 to 3.90; condition and prospects of the crops from 140 corresin g. Although a lar1e acreage was 1:1et out, the pros111 at 4 -to 4.90; 7 at 11 to 11-.70; 15 at 6 t<1 6.90; 19 at pondents in eighty counties. Concerning the weather pect eda.t. presendt is t. at the. crop Wiul.ldl befa short one. 7 to 7 .90; 1 at 8; 4 at 9 .10 to 9 80; 1 each at 10.50. Commissioner Killebrew says:-Imm Iate an copious rQlDs wo o course go 12.7!1, 13.7!1, 16.25, and a box at 3; besides, 15 bhds This year has been very singular in its meterologi-far to r etrieve this state of things, as all know there sold privately at 4.05 to 9. Yesterday's offerings gen cal character. It began dry and has continued dry is a good deal of "come out" in tobacco unde r favorerally oi good quality, and included some few hhds throughout so far. Several times the people became able conditions. A year ago to-day we chronicled th!') white burley and fine bright fillers; wrappers plenty. disheartened, satisfied that we were to have one of cutting of the first tobacco of the season, it "having An active demand prevailed for all leaf and those fearfully destructive drouths Tennessee has at been set out on April 10th, the plants having beell lugs, and I>rices better; but wrappers were dull-not intervals felt, But just when vegetation seemed on very large and the weather favorable. The leaves wanted Offered-154 hhds and 5 boxes. Passed-23 the point of succumbing, a moet refreshing shower when cut were fully three feet long. hhds (including 9 hhds wrappers). Rejected-Bids of would bless the earth, and vegetation would start off A correspondent, writing from Hinkletown, re-54 hhds, 48 of which were at $2.411 to 10 2 Missouri with renewed life and strength. The tendency of the marks :-Tobacco farmers are anxiously awaiting a wrappers at 6.90 to 13.50; and 4 Virginia do at 19.50 to crops has been to make strong roots, and those farmers soaking rain for their tobacco. Tobacco in general 38. Sales-77 hhds and 5 boxes: Hogsheads-7 at 2. 70 h d t l have the satisfaction of see looks very good About fifty acres are under cultiva-80 w onevercease opow -ti t last tatist" to2.90; 12at3to3. ; 14at4to4.80; 5at5to 5.90; 7 ing their crops looking as well almost as in the most on m our VlCim Y; year our s ICS gave t 6 to 6 70 11 at 7 to 7 ro 4 t 8 to 8 80 t 9 20 t d about for same area. A new tobacco shed a i ; a ; "'a 0 seasonable :years. Atthiswr1tmf. we are save once b b .1 b .,_ D "dB kd ld 9 40; 2at10to10.75; lat. 11.25; 4 at 12 to 12 50; 3at more in this vicinity at least. There have been but 1s at present emj; U1 t Y .11U. av1 ur o er, 111 13 to lB. 75; 1 at 14.75; 2 at 111 to 16 75; 2 :Missouri few showers and far apart, but they so far have come which to house h1s prospective crop. wrappers at 10 to 17.25. Boxes-1 at 2.70; 1 at 9.50; in the nick of time. Though the open woods show the The Lancaster Examiner and Express of July 16 1 at 1 4 ; 2 Missouri wrappers at 17 to 42. The quota effects of the dry weather, it is not so p erceptible in says :-During the past week between lOO and 200 C&Res tions are :-Per 100 lbs. : Trashy and light-weight lugs, the fields The natural pll.Btures are burnt out, and the of the 1878 crop changed hands, purchased by one local nominally, $.2.20 to 2 .30; common dark lu(58, 2 .50 to streams are lower than for years. The Cumberland packer from another. These sales were all_at priv!l-te 2.7!1; fair to good dark lugs, 2.711 to 3; fair to good River is not deep enough to carry the smallestboats. terms. One buyer succeeded w securmg bright lugs (smo):ers'), 3 to 5; .inferior nondescript The rains do not serve to raise the waters any, as the Other foreign buyers have been leaf, 3 to s 75; .common dark leaf, 4 to 5 ; low medium dry earth absorbs 101 the water that falls. There are m trymg to secure several large lotS; but fa.iled, as to medium tla.rk leaf, 5 .25 to 6; low medium to indications of more rain at this time, we will have buyer and !!Ould .not agree upon the pnce. In medium red leaf, 6.50 to 9; good to prime bright to wait for further developments to determine its ef one case for. a lot of .400 cases leaf, 9 .50 to 13. 711; medium half bright wrapping leaf fects. The sprinj; crops all saved in good condition, because of a differenceof. hlilf acen.t a -pound m the pnce 12 to 20 i medium bright wrapping leaf, 25 to 35; go;;d but there is yet time to destroy the later crops. asked a'!d offered. Tbe croP. now m the fields has been to fine bright wrapping leaf, 40 to 75. TOBACCO. g_reatly Improved _by the rams of last week, and con CALIII'ORNJA..-The san Francisco Merchant of July 4 The dry has prevented as large a crop twued showers will yet make a full crop_ Though the reports :-The market for manufactured tobacco is of tobacco "!>ewg planted as was mtended but the plants generally throughout county are backward, now very well supplied. Just before the change of planters availe d themselves of eve:Y season that came, the1 e are some notable exceptions. Among these are tax there was, perhaps, no other city in the Union so that not as much was lost as m1ght have been sup-the 1;1nusually crops on the farm of__James Duffy, so bare of stock as san Francisco was, but now every posed. There was less trouble in getting plants to Marietta, who IS conceded to be the kiiig of tobacco dealer has a supply of fresh and marketable live than usual, and the lateneBS of settwg the crop growers. stock. There IS no doubt but that this market is in a saved them from the cut woryn Not many reports Omo.-The M;iami .sburg Bullet_in of July 11 says:very healthy an_d this is due to the for tobacco have been sent m as desirable, but those The late planting IS about finished, and crops are judgment and Wise caut1on of our unportera and sent speak of the prospect as very good. The effort to flourishing. The few buyers noW' in the field are paywho1esale tobacco merchants. imp"?ve the quality not had t!me yet to be ing about Sc.; planters generally hold crops at 10 The overland receipts of tobacco and cigars up to stant1ated, but we thmk succeBS will oo assured m a c.; and few sales are reported. the above date were as follows:-Michaelitscnke Bros. few weeks. of the reports. say that the WESTERN 1330 lbs tobacco 7 cases cigars i Wellman, Peck &; CJo_, crop IS very fine, while others complaw of the bad KENTUOXY--From Henderson Messrs w J. Mar4 cases cigars L & E_ Wertheimer 18 870 lbs robacco stands_ There is an evident want of stan_ds to shall & co_ report :-Bince our last report receipts of Esberg, Bachinan & Co., :<3 835 lbs tobacco, 3 the few seasons. That plante:l, however, IS prolD.1Bmg, tobacco. have been exceedingly light. There have cigars, 4 cases cigarettes; !. M_ Pike & Co 390 lbs the and prospect as good asusualf!lrwhat be-en no sales at all in the warehouse So far as we tobacco: Engelbrecht, Fox & Co., 12,750 lbe tobacco; there 1s_. There Will not be as much J:i:!ade as m 1878, can judge prices remain unchanged_ The new crop Fa.I.k:enstein & Co., 7300 lbs tobacco, 100 lbs snuff; except m a few of the northern C?Unties, where they seems to be doing well A S. Rosenbaum & Co., 25,710 lbs tobacco; Oppen seemed to have suffered less than m West Tennessee beimer & Bro. 2300 lbs tobacco 1 case cigars 1 case The quantity will be below the average. The Ittd<: Appeal "'! e cigaretted; & Horn 8490 lbe tobacco'; Cohen Remarks of correspondents :-Green County-But behave that there IS small gro_und forshammmg. & Co: 1 case cigars; Castle Bros_, 2300 lbs tobacco; few tobacco plants set out_ Scott County-Tobncco m the statements that reach_ us m regard to A Ma.u & Co 4.20 lbs tobacco. J. B. Alliston, 1 plante have been set out, but do not look as well a.s for .a crop of tobacco m the .tobacco groWing cigars; Root & Sanderson, 300 lbs tobacco; :M. usual Cheatham County-Tob!l<:co, 50. Lawrence counties adJacent to Petersburg. It IS the case gene-& Co., 250 lbs tobacco i Langley & Co., 170 lbs snuff; County-Tobacco looks prolD.1BI:Dg. J.t;o.ntgomery that about the lOth of June we reports that C F. Richarda & Co. 1 case cigars; H. Roeenfeld, County-The outlook for tobacco IS promlBlng a uur mdicate short crop_s, by of 410 lbs tobacco; Occidental Hotel, 1 case cigars; sl.and and well worked to this stage of the crop; a few or backw!l-rdness preparations. But as timl'l Kruse & Euler, 920 lbs tobacco; Jabe.z A & Co., 500 planters have not finished. The crop cannot be called wears on lt becomes evtdent that nearly every planter lbs tobacco A Pollack 1 case cigars Total imports a large one at the present time, and it is thought all by hOC?k or by Cr?Ok, to set hiS land by sea and ;ail-282 casesleaf, 128,837.lbs tobacco, 270 the crop intended at one time cannot now be sci, hence m tobacco, and lf the crop not made,_ It by reason bbls, 6 cases, 210 lbs snuff, 8 cases cigarettes, 21 cases the acreage will be reduced below an average. Overof that ens_ue w the cultivation or hari cilrnrs. Exports-7878lbs tobacco, 1 case cigarettes. ton County-Tobacco backw_ard in for want of vestmg of the crop. This year, thereports -The Merchant adds:-Our trade in cigars is gen season, but plenty of plants m fine cond1t1on.. Robert-bore hopeful accounts _of the 01 plants, and erally good b11t, at the present time, it IS unusually son County-No tobacco has been planted Since June the forwm:d for puttmg a large dull from causeswbich in a similar way affect every 1, 1and that then is not or looking under but from the of June until other branch of trade.' There is not m'uch doing in well ; the remammg plants are nearly rwned, and even time, m of the <:ounties, not enough ram either local or export business to warrant any par though we have fine seasons an average has fallen .to adnut of and the droutl_l hi! ticular notice. On the contrary, our manufacturers crop could not be planted. Snuth County-Not more the damagtng effect of .causmg the tender plants w the are anxious at the dull monotony. experienced by them than one-thi:i-d. of a tobacco crop planted this season, patches to bl!rn to o. Cf11!p .. In othe;r P!aces where watet' for the last two three months. which is due to the ravages of the :fly and the prevail-was converuent and applied artificially, the San Francisco quotations are:ing dry weather Trousdale County-It is thought have become overgrown and worthless; and beSides, there IS hardly than three-fourths of a crop of the season of the year is such now, thlilt were a rain to HA.NUFACTURJ:D TOBACOO. tobacco planted on account of the unfavorable season fall, too even with plants,_to make Bright Work. for setting the crop planted is doing welL Dyer crop. These different causes combmed render 1t a Us and 12s med 48 to 50 Lt pressed med .... !13 to IllS looks well the crop lessened for very safe thinf to predict for the localities named a Us and 12s good .. 50 to 55 Lt pressed fine -._55 to 70 want of seasons to set plants.' short yield o We hear very many who and 12s tine ... 55 to 70 "Lt pressed extra. to 75 In response to a request made by the Clarksville have planted their .tobacc!l lands m corn, and _Gold blocks ..... ... 60 to 6q Leaf of tbe 4th inst., for information as to the extent products, havmg entirely abandoned the tdea of Double and Single Thick. of acreage planted and the condition of the lllrowing a tobacco crop. Navy 31 4, 5, med 48 to 52 'l!wist 6s and Us ... 65 to 70 tobacco crop in every section of the Clarksvllle dis. SIX colored men Louisa County, Va. about a ,Navy 3 4 5, good .. 52 to 55 Cable coil. ....... 55 to 80 trict, a pla.riter writing to that paper from Olmstead, smce sold at the Tobacco 11,370 Navy 3,, 4 5,extra .. 55 to 65 Pocket pieces ...... 60 to 65 Ky, July 9, says:-The preparations here for a crop pounds of tob!lcco they realized the sum of Gol!l nuggets ...... 58 to were large, and nearly, if not quite equal in acreage to ,1,952. The highest price pa1d was 42 cents per pound, Black Work. 1877. No general planting was made until the. 2d and and 17 ?ents per pound at tl_le average. The lOs, 12s,med togood.42to 50 Navy 3s and Ms ... 40 to 50 3d of June, when about two-thirds of the intended of Fluvanna, Carolma, and Spotsylvama. Smoliin acr""''"e was Elanted The stand was so reduced by Counties, and part of Orange, are adaptied to the Gg.d b "'""' t th d d t t" b b of a tobacoo of fine texture and superior flavor Common.40 to 50 oo . . 55 to 95 su sequen rou s an es rue 10n y Opper d b h b" h h / Extra 1 05 to 1 95 and cut-worm, as to equal about half of the intended hen sun cure It rmgs t e 111! est priCe m t e 1 crop. There were no further seasons until the 28th of Richmond because-from this stock all the tine Fine Cut June when almost the entire vacant acreage was brands of Richmond are made. These Bucket per lb ..... 60 to 90 Choice per gross __ 9 to 9 50 planted and forme r plantings replanted. This was crops cannot b e marketed until. June, J_uly and CIGARBfollowed by anothe r good season on the when August, as they are not until :he sun lS hot. ImportedHavana.95 to2 20 1164_ld 30 to 45 the late plantings were replanted. The situatiOn may TENNESBEE.-The Clarksville Chrontcle of July 12 re Cal. Havana ..... 65 to 1 30 to 25 be summed up 118 follows :-A full average crop has ports :-Our offerings this week will be1 we suppose, Cal. seed and Hav.50 to 75 been planted, one-half on the 2d and 3d of June, and b etween 500 and 600 hhds. The market nas been very LEAJ'. the other on and a fter the 28th o f June. In most inactiye at full{rices for all grades, in of the ex Connecticut L eaf. Pennsylvania Leaf. FOR THE WEEK NEW YORK.-The local leaf tobacco market hB.S been without special feature durill$ the past week. 'fhere has been a fair businese done m all branches of the trade, but no appreciable activity in any. The mar: ket1 as a whole, is regarde d as quiet, but more transactwns are r eported than for tile period in our previous issue. For Western leaf the inqwry braced s-ome parcels on speculative account, anii the latest sales, as re{>Orte d, footed up 916. hogsheads. Increased firmness IS announced in this department as a consequ ence1 for one thing, of the unfavorable crop rumors, ana we have heard of the withdrawal oi nearly all the lugs previously on sale here. Those which are still offered are sa1d to be held at from K to 94 cents higher. Orde r s have had to be filled by purchase of small lots here and there. The Regte buyers do not aJ?pesr to be operating to a la:rge extent, but the m arket 1s nevertheless buoyant, and the outlook for all desirable grades is considered good. Hessrs. Sawyer, Walla.ce & Co-report to TBlC To BAOOO LEAF as follows: Western Leaf-Our market continues quiet but strong. The week's sales are reported at 916 hhds, of which 200 to jobbers, 173 to manufacturers, 149 .to speculators, and the bnlance for export. We notice some small lots being taken for Bremen which is an encouraging sign. The n e ws from the West unfavorable for the growing crop, and still more so from Virginia, a circumstance that bas its e ffect upon our market, which, without any large advance, we think gradually strengthening. 1at wee:r: 2d week. 3d week. 4th week. 5th week. "Total January. .. 611 :198 1,415 1,481 3,500 Febru a r y .. 799 1 ,409 546 1.346' 4,100 M a rch .. 81i7 892 3 ,269 816 666 6,000 ApriL . 838 1160 351 M2 1, 711 8,500 May ..... 578 604 720 2 ,498 4,.00 June.. 844 680 889 1,1!78 4,81i0 July . 784 916 1,850 Virginia Leaf.-The week commenced !Jlowly in Virginia Leaf, but ended with a good exhibit. A _good line of bright wrappers were sold, with a few hogsheads of .dark wrappers. Several lots of lugs were taken at a slight advance on prices obtainedla8tweek. The markets at the South are tending upwam, aDd some lots, as a consequence have been withdrawn here. Fine and good bright wrappers are scarce, and it is thought they must higher. Dark wrappers are also scarce and selling high_ If Western fillers and wrap pers advance much further, m{Ulufacturers will he obliged to put on all they took off, owing to the reduc, tion of the tax. Seed Leaf.-The demand for Seed Leaf has beea moderate, with sales of 965 cases. The news b"om abroad is of no special import except as it indicates some speculative purchases of Brazilian tobacco in Bremen, and which circumstance will be likely to react favorably here in due course. Messrs. Chas. E FiScher & Bro ., tobacco brokers, 134 Water Street, report as follows concerning Beed leaf :-A fair week's business was done in 8eecl leaf, with sales of 965 cases for the week. Connecticut-130 cases of the 1877 crop, sold at from 20@30c, and 200 cases 1878 crop, eecondS, at from MQ.BII(U)huaetts -We note sales of 100 cases of lfn' crop, wrappers and seconds, for which from 12013c. was paid. Ohio -209 cases of the 1878 crop, assorted,, changed hands, realizing fom Penmylvania-175 casea of the 1877 crop 'Yere of at from 9c for fillers, 16@20c for 25c for wrappers_ Wisconsin--&ld to the extentof 109.c8&ieil.oii 5be1876 crop, wrappers, at private terms, and 42 cases of the 1878 crop, fo:w assorted, at Spanish-For Havana. tobacco the inquiry has heei limtted to 500 bales at OOc@,lll, and 100 bales fine old tobacco at *1 25. With reference to the stock of leaf tobacco and the next crop, the Havana. weekly report, just to hand, says in substance:Abaja-In spite of the proximitY' of the new barvest, there is about 30 000 bales in dealers' and growers' hands. _The unsold stock is quoted roughly at $18 for fill e rs, and $40@.60, gold, for wrappers_ In view of-the fact that three or four -mootha must elapse before the new leaf can be worked up, a reaction may yet at any moment take place in favor of old tobacco. The new leaf is decidedly superior to that of the three previous crops. It waa at first very ba.ckward on account of the drouth, but later on op; portune showers stimulated the growing of the plants. Manufacturers, on account of high rates, have bought but stintedly so far, but the speculators have made a clean sweep of-the best known vegas_ The fol; lowing is a sample of best Vuelta Abaja prices:of 80 carrots, lsts.@7Lhs gold per carrot or $ per bale; 8ths and Qbds at *"l4 do, do., or $26(1 do. ; 9ths at $2l( do. do. or *180 19ths a.t $1 do_ do or do. ; llths 12ths and Ce.pds at 4 rs. do. do. or UO do. For good current descriptions the follow: ing prices have been paid: Bale of 80 carrots, lsts@ 7tbs, $4 gold per carrot, or per bale; 8Lhs and Qbds, at $3J4 do. do., or 1180 do. ; 9ths at 10 rs. do. do_ or $100 do ; lOths at rs. do. do. or *"5 do.; llths, 12tbs and Capds, at 2 rs_ do. do. or PO do. In classes suitable for export and speculation there have also been sales as follows: Bale of 80 carroU., lstsths, a.t gold per carrot, or $240 pe1 b ale; Sths and Qbds, at til X' do, do., or $120 do.; 9ths at 6 rs. do. do. or $60 do. ; 10the, at 3 rs. do. do or *"0 do.; 12ths and Capds at 1X' rs. or $15 do. Some parcels of .this. same nomenclature are also being sold per weight, but the y are generally of a more inferior quality. stances a fair stand has been obtamed, generally by, cesstve heat o the weather. The Lomsv1lle tobacco Wrappers ........ 20 to 45 Wrappers ....... 25 to 45 the late replanting, but in a few cases it is reported to war rages more vehemently than ever. Our ware-Second to 25 Bindersandfillers.15 to 20 be indifferent. The general stand is better than that housemen seem to desire to take no advantage of the Binders and fil'rs.12 M to 20 Selected lots ..... 40 to 45 o f last year. The plantings made early in June have troubles in the Louisville market, and soficit conHAVANA. Partidos, which ranks next to Vuelta Abajo, is in .limited demand. There are said to b e liS 000 bales in stock held for *15 for inferwr, and *"0@40 for superio r quahties. New Leaf is quoted to day as follsts. 7ths. Qbds., Sths 9ths., lOths, an:d Capds. W5@38 bale. for current classes, and $48@60 do. for go o d and superior ones. Remedios is quoted at *"0 a bale started with an unusually promising and thrifty signments for this market, though Louisville has her Fill 90 to 1 21> W 2 growth, indicating a favorable of the soil, !lgenls _all along to Clarksvillol, and B!lme ers. mp_pers 50 to 3 25 which may be regarded as pronusm,.; for the la e t1mes m Clarksville Itself. If such troubles Lea.f tobacco on the way to the port of San Francisco plantings, with favorable growing seasons, although here, Louisville runners would visit nearly every by sea:-the plants have been much wilted and scorched by the planter in our district_ However, di1Ierent markets Vessel. Days Out. Cases hot sunshine, and will for that reason be delayed in do business in different ways. Standard_ .... -... .................. 141 305 starting to grow. These conditions apply ro the south-A "special" to the Clarksville Leaf, writing from Eno& Soule ... ........................ . 139 218 ern part of Logan, and not to the eastern and northern Paducah, July 11, saya:-During the week just closed Gatherer .. -. . ............ ...... : ..... 123 90 parts, where the seasons are reported to have been not we have had, in the Purchase," several very heavy St. David ......... . ................ .. 109 408 so good, and the situation to be leBB favorable. rains, doing consideT&ble dan1age to crops in low li'ra.ilk N. Thayer .... ............... ... 101 418 Beyond New Providence a correspondent reports the lands. Tobacco has been injur9d and is beginning to David L-'rockett.......... . . . . 98 296 crops of Messrs. John Tandy, Mr. V.'hitfleld and Jas. french; some farmer&very few-are pulling it up "Sarah Highett. . . . . . . 90 197 Brunty, representative farmers, as three weeks late, and replanting, or plan&g a new pla.rit by the old St. Paul ...................... -. . . 84 116 and 60 per cent_ of a full planting. one. I have not all along concurred in the opinion Snow & Burgess .. ..... -................ 71 163 Mr. A. M. Andersonh writing from Ringgold, rethat we would have an average planting; though. Three Brothers....... ...... ........... 117 229 ports:-:Mr. A did all is replanting in June_ Has have thought beat to report such, with a aoubt We Armenia_................................ 53 108 never had a finer robacco crop. However, have bad plenty of rain, and all that can be said is, . . . . . . . 29 125 many of his neighbors J!lanted much of their tobacco that farmers have planted all theyintended, whic!t July 1st to 4th, !IDd the1r prospects are not so promiswas never quite up to an average. Four of the most ing. A full acreage is planted in his neighborhood, reliable operators and farmers from Calloway County, but owing to the lateness of the general planting, un-who have been here the pa11t week, 8jtree in the less the seasons are very favorable to such planting, opinion that. two-thirds of an average will the yield cannot be a full average. Among the early cover all set m that county, and that there IS not over planters Mr. Anderson mentions with himself, are 200 hhds left in the county. This county, McCracken, MeSBnl. Wm. Green, Joh:p Jones, Zeb. Deru1is, Capt. has delivered all of her crop, except about 75 hhds. Wm. A Elliott and perhaps others. Should we have more rain next week, as is now Mr. J. B. Pace.._ of Richmond, Va., will build a to hacco factory in uaqville, Va., which will be 4!1 by 160 feet, and four stories hi_gh. It is intended for the handling of leaf, but will be constructed so that it may be adapted to manufacturing purposes. The late action of the Louisville Tobacco Board amending their by-laws so as to exclude the seceding buyers from buying tobacco at the regular warehouse sales, by rejecting their bids, culminated on Tuesday in" in which the seceding buyers obtained an injunctioD.-o.inst the Tpb(w)oo BOard of Trade enjoin ing the" same from mal!;irll: aqme of the more .of ita recuJatioaa. 1 Total 2 ,472 Bualneaa Chana-ea. New Firms and Removals. ALIWIT, N Y.-.H G HcNamo.ra &. Co eitU"; E. Solomon retired; E. R. llorgle admitted i et.yte same. BJ.IJl'DIORK, HD.-Harilnez &. Co IIDd cigar 111111111fActuren; .U. IOIed.; B. G R.amoa-contlnueo;at ;le-0 .-JohD Blngleton, o&c;.; C)ea hiD uf oale for 1100. l:OOIIOCJ"ON, O ..,G. F. Palli:t cigar .,ld T W Hasen &l.'o. TEino.-Heory. CohD, lean l>urMd out. N"" You..-E. llallet,leat tob&Coo hrak!_!:<}IM.w;t.;; -ti new Ibm. A. Zem&DBkey, tobacco and cl.cani 111 EUROD B&ne&; new nrm. Qarl Upmann, tobacco commfaalon mercbaDt. tio 11tl Pearl l!treet. l'rrnBlniGB, Pa-Berzog & llllchmaD, .wlloleale &obacco; diB>Ivod; Wm. Herzog contlnueo threatened by weather appearances, our crop will be considerably damaged. Our receipts are light. Prices at the close were better, and a more confident feeling generally manifested_ Manufacturers are looking around he1e for sweet, air-cured fillers, and pay' very full prices for red, papery tobacco, free from Bmoke, that, in former years, was looked upon here With no favor_ All colory tobacco sells well In our country; Reported Failures and Business ArnmKementa. especially in tobacco and politics, "black has been a petted color. A reaction has118t in, so far as tobacco IS concerned at least. St. Louis ComiiUIJ'Cial Gazette of Jpl_f 10 amountecl ,to 1,038 bhcle, tal t4e previous week. The J'ourih 91111 C?f the u d,ays, and aa there wen Vuelta Arrilla.-'The crop is estimated at 60 000 quintals. The last remnants of the previous crop' are held at *12 per quintal. Manufactured-Tfiere was a very fair demand for cavendish tobacco the past week, with increased in quiry for bright 11-inch and twist, the two at low prices, the stock of which is limited_ Several hundred boxes of these styles of tobacco could have been sold on Friday had they been available, a. large buyf'r having been on the market who wanted the goods for immediase shipment to interior <'.onaumers He could not wait to receive the goods from the manufacturers, and so the sale was not effected : The export demand was of the usual weekly char_acter, embracing lines and amounting to an average weekly quantity. Smoking-Deafers report a steady inquiry for all popular !)rands of smoking tobacco at unchanged pnces. Cigars are as usual in good demand. and businCJ!III in both branches of the traae is satisfactory_ Ea:change .-Mili!Brs-H. & S. Sternberger, Banll::ers, repon to 'fBE ToB.o.coo L1uF 88 follows:-We quow:Bankers uominal rates 488 !llld (86 for 60 days, and demaad. sterling respectively; sellmg ra.tea for 60 daJ8; 486"G 487l( for rlcmaod; I.Jommcrcial, 60 days, 484; Paria, b&nken. S d1>yo, 515; 60 days, li17M; Commercial, 60 days, Heichmarks, bankers 3 days, 91il(; 60 days, 9494X; com' 60 <_lays, Freights.-Messrs. Carey, Yale & Lambert, Freight Brokers, report W Tlllli TOBACCO LxAB Tobacco Frelp\1 follows:-Ltverpool, ste am 80s; London, std8IIl 22a td C40 ft.)Gl88gow, Briatol, Havre, ste&m $12, ..U $6; Antwerp, steam 42s 6d; sad 80s: Hamburg, steo.m 4.2e Gel; sail 808; Bremen, steam 42s 6d ; sail 80&. IIIPOB '1'S. The arrivals at the port of New York hom t0n11p porta-for included the followiwr co:uJigniDtlllt.a:- \ Br-. Kuhn, Loeb & Co :as balealeaf tobacco; HU1le A C9 casa cipra; Onl.or IMlea leaf &obaca41.


JULY 19 THE TOBACCO LEA. F. 4 BriltolW D Sm th & Co 1 pkg tobacco O.Waooa-M A Sed men 9 }4 trcs tobacco LitJerpJI-F S Kmn y 52 L>ales leaf tobacco Lana--F Lopez IS bales tobacco We l & Co 480 do A Gonzalez 100 do F Alexandre & Sons 100 do R Patrick & Co W H Thomas & Bto SO cases c1gars Park & Tilfo rd 19 do Acker Merrall & Cond t 31 do M chael s & L ndemann 5 do S Lmmgton i:i Sons 10 do H R Kelly & Co 6 do Howard Ives Hi do G W Faber 2 do L Somborn & Co 4 do Gutmann & Rice 1 do Purdy & N cbolas 7 do Luy es & Brande s 1 do Garcia & Palac o 1 do Alex Murphy &. Co 2 do Cbas T .Bauer & Co 2 do Esberg Bachman & Uo 5 do J & W Sel g mann & Co 4 do Kunhardt & Co 4 do Merchants Dtspatch Co 27 do Clark & Seaman 1 do E Ho:tl'man & Son 1 do Jas .E Ward &Co 1 do "Rece1pts of I cor1ce at port of New York for week reported expresslv for lHE lOBACCO LEAF -Materne & !fayer from Catama per Excelswr 19 pkgs (2100 lbs) I cor ce 1oot and 12 pkgs (UlO lbs) I corlce st cks I W W1lson & Co from Mal aga per Alexandra 17 I cor ce root Argu mhau Walls & Co from Seviolle per Uuno 26 pkgs (10 660 lbs) Sp a n s b liconce paste and pe F e she t 100 do Zur!Calday & Ar gu mbnn f om p e r Alexandr a 105 pkgs (24 103 lbs) do W 0 Sm th & Co from London per England 50 pkgs f12 509 Ills) licor ce JUICe EXPORTS From the port of New York to forC!gn ports for the week "1JJlre as follows &jndlJC-95 hhds 32 pkgs (11 080 lbs) ,plld Bremen-55 hbds 12 cases 92 bales Rrutol---37 hhds BritMh Gttana-5 hhds North .A1M uan Oolonus-1 pkg (150 lbs) mfd Briti8h West Indles-10 hhds 20 pkgs (2 808 lbs) mfd Central .ATMrwa-16 bales 11 pkgs (1870 lbs) mfd Oitplat&116 Repu,/JliC-27 hhds Ouba-20 pkga (2o00 lbs) mfd West hlids o Gibraltar-78 hhds 243 cases 310 bales 130 pkgs (17 'm8 ns)mfd Glalgow--165 hhds Hamburg-160 hhds Haw8--17 hhds HayU---2 hbds 25 bales .Liwrpool----81 hhds 2 cases 92 bales .London--4.2 hhds 97 pkgs (16 880 lbs) mfd .Mar861lles----100 bales pkgs (336 lbs) mfd Itn-w hhds 10 pkgs (1000 lbs) mfd U. 8 of Ci>lombia-62 bales 9 pkgs (1 089 lbs) mfd hales 24 pkgs (3864 lbs) mfd EXPORTS FROJ\1 THE PORT OF NEW YORK TO FOREIGN PORTS FROM JANUARY 1 1879 TO JULY 19 1879 Hhds Bales Lbs mfd 439 20 181 387 ,1 816 94 547 21 188 241 2 314 15 968 935 9 16 1 OHi 7 30 23 62 1 4 816 78 100 820 310 3 3 0 737 420 5 877 1207 14 1 901 228 364 120 5 657 26 510 QUOTATIONS of WHOLESALE PRICES. PARTICULAR NOTICE. Every re-sale s supposed to be at an advance on :flrat cost the pnces o'bta.i.J able by g o e -s of tobacco therefore will always be somewhat lower than these quo at ons WESTERN LEAF 8: @5 @20 @25 Good Fine "Y.&&A-AIIIorted lots lcut ncut .IIIANUFACTURED TOBACCO l'luom IN BoNJ>-T .u: 16 CIEN'l'S PEa POUND BLA.ox.s-108 and l;ill>s 1l@ 15 & 1 @25 Navy4s 5s 3sand 14@18 &-20@26 Navy lOs or Pocket Pieces 16@22 Neg ohead twiSt 20@25@W "'Havana per H .;Seed and Havana per 1d CIGARS jSeed peril GRANlJLATED Sl!I:OK.ING TORA.:CCO lledlllm to good $26@.16 Good to fiDe SI'TVFF [Subject to dl.scounl t<> the wholesale trade Jlaooaboy 62@ 65 JA.mencan Gentleman ---@.-72 I!OOtch and Lundyfcot 62@ 65 Rappee French -72@-LlCORICE P A.STE 28 JS 28 10 25 on 18 28 I8 211 22 18 DURHAM. N C -Mea&1'8. Walker Lyon & Co of the F.arme s Warehouse renort to TliE ToBACco LEAF a. follows -The past w.eek has been remarkatole for conJectures as to the f lure Repo ts from the growing crop are not favorable and the prospects fer an ave age crop grow worse dally Rece pts good but pm,.es are VI brat ng EVANSVILLE, Ind -Mr C J Morr s Tobacc o Broker reports to 'I HE 'IoBAcco LEAF -Our market has ruled strong With an advance of 50c on anvlb ng useful for fillers and the p ces paid warrant me n gv ng the t tie to nearly evervth ng n the sl ape of tobacco To see the large bouy of countrv shippers hover ng a10und the mspectors and buyers w th sh n ng faces one would mag fie that human happ ness 1s greatest when the mercury ma1 ks 120 cegrees Rece pts I ght-185 hhds sales 1 7 8 do QUOTATIONS Common lugs Med urn to good lugs Common leaf Med n n leaf Good leaf Selec on 2 50 3 00 300@450 4 50@ 5 50 5 80@ 7 00 7 50@ 9 50 0 o0@12 oO Lugs (sca r ce) 2 00@ 3 20 Sho t leaf 4 00@ 7 00 Long leaf 7 00@12 00 HENDERSON Ky -Mr PoseyMarsball reporls to THE TOBACCo LEAF -Our market has been extremely qn et near y all the old croo 1 as been del vered and we not1ce but I tile 150@250 450@525 5uU@800 700 LANCASTER -Our East Hempfield correspondent says -On be e ven ng of July 11 bet ;veen 6 and 7 o clock "e had a heavy tbnnder sto m l terally soaklnu: the ground and do np; great benefit to the g O\\ ng crop of tobacco L ast n ght we bad a good s hower und on F d y last another The p aspect at present look s fa 1 for c op espec ally n the iirst or early plant ng pa cbes I do not h nk late plant ngs ;v I do so wei as the d lf erence s too great Everybody seems delighted w th the p ros pects Alth o ugh we had as! ghtspr nkle of 1 a 1 t bas not done us any damage but f further accounts come n t m ght b e pos s b le tl at no h of us t may have se ved the plan ers :vorse N othmg domg n 1878 crop e her u bu k or cases It "as extremely hot the past two days but the sho e r has cooled the a r e nou g h to make 1t very pleasa nt LOUISVILLE -Mr Wm J Lewers Secretary of the Tob acco Board of Trade reports to THE TonAqco LE Total r ece pts l ast weel 147a hhds total sales 948 hhds Re ce pts first three davs th s week 790 hhds Ouo 1 7 8 1988 1 384 2 o75 5 900 3 683 4152 Year 1a 607 8 708 2 080 Old Rev ews 3 746 3 00@ 5 00 5o0@650 7 00@ 8 50 9 50@10 50 9 00@ 10 00 10 50@11 50 We have sold 17 113 hhds of crop of 878 to date aga nst 38 !98 hhds of crop of i8771ast year The Entcrpr se Ware hou se sold about 80 hhds th s week making about 1 460 hhds to date Pnces are very firm all round Br gbt cutting and r-ed fillers appear to a !vance a little everv day We bad afar sho" Jog of these k nds n the SIX days say 150 hhds a ll of wb ch IVere lugs and leaf and they sold at h gher figmes than at any time th s season A few common to goo:! Kentucky hr ght wrappers sold at Crop prospects are any th ng but good much that was set out has died and a ll need nl!: 1a n badly We have not had a genera l ran n tb s Stu e s nee the first plant ng was made and tl at amounted to nearly one half of an average crop the second opportun ty to plant was dnrmg the l as t few days m June when we had local ra ns throughout the Stateu some places very he avy g v ng good plant ng seasons while Jn other parts v ery 1 ght and Mit suffiJ cent to wet the ground tnelatter scattermg plant ng together w th the first and a lo" ng for the loss of plants II at was set out and d ed amounts to about two th rds of an average crop now n tbe g ound the weather of the future to determme the 10 ()()@11 00 11 50@J9 50 13 50@15 50 13 00@14 ou quant ty thiS amount planted will turn out QUOTATIONS lionde&Jript ,-Hea'D'/1 Bodied--. r--CuttnuRed Dark Red B t 3?f 7?f 8?f 9 @10 5'-Y. 4 8?f@ 1QYzlO @12Y. ?f5 @6Y.lO?f@12?f 2?f@l5 7%@10 6?f@8 12?f 15 @17 10 @ 14 8 @9 14 17 @19 Select ons @ 9 @ 1" @ 19 @23 B ght wrawcrs Dom n a l very scarce Red heavy bod ed nd r ed cntt'ing for plug makers k n Is LYNCHBURG -:Messrs Holt E'chaefer & Co Buyers and Handlers of L ea f Tobac co r eo or t to THE 'I OBACCO LED -Our ece pts th s week .-ere p etty large market rem a ned v ry act ve at full prices 'i\h c h are as h gh as at any t me th s season Crop prosp e cts are somewhat mproved by rece t r a ns st1ll present nd cat ons are not for mo e th"u two th rds or three fourths of an average wb ch would about equal l as t season s crop We renew 2@2?f 2?f@3 3@3Y. 3 at 4@5 30 12 at 10 3?f@4.?f 4;\1;@6 6 @ 9 9 at 6 50 2?f BY. 4 5Y. o% 6 @ 7Y. 8 @ 9?f 10 @llY. 12 @14 whic h w1ll probablypmduce Ky -Mr W S 1l1clloo TOBACCO LEAF as follows -Our market remams act ve and h gher for all grades w th sales th 8 week, of 235 hhlfs Sold o date luo8 hhds same t me la s t year 4133 do 2 50@ 3 50 4 00@ 5 00 5 50@ 6 50 7 00 9 00 10 00@18 00 The p aspect 1s not so goo I for_,. crop at present ow ng to a very drv and hot spell ch we are now hav ng We have hafil no ram for nea rl y two weeks and 1f we aon t have some soon there cannot be a full crop ra sed Wh1le there was an average c op plan e I the e s not an average one stand ng as the e IS "'great, deal of t m1ss ng n the h II and the season 1 s t >0 far advanced now for epla11t ng and f the pres ent dry and ho t v eat her contmnes much longer the crop w ll be fu ted ced The above nppl es to count es \Vest of the Ten I nessee R ver I am not advised as to the pper cqunt e8 PHILADEJ;-PHIA Pa -Mr ArthurR Fouger a y T b bacco !Ianufacturers A!!"ent renorts to THE TOBACCo LEAF -1 Another week of hot weather> ll\S cou e and gone and tb t dullness cf bus ne 8 finds ts u s ual place fo handl e -a o f man ufact ur ng plug tobacco are se l ling Ill p esen t only to supply mmedmte wants and unt I the heated term IS over no m provem ent need be expected The few goods sold command full figures Stocks a e not generally havy Fine Guts-Sales moderate and favor better grades S nok ng 'lvbac

L JULY 19 ; their future wantlrby taking advantageoftlie present -low rates. Maryland-Nothing to report; supplies are It is remarked that since the panic of 1878 trade has not muc h wanted. Ohio, when .of bright color, meets a been in as healthy a condition as it is at present Althougb. at ready sale; but brown and mixed descriptions move off this season the volyroe of business is sm&ll, every indication slowly. Havana Cigars-Unless of good quality are points to a very active fall trade slow of sale, except at very low prices. Havana; Cuba There are seventy dgar factories in Florida, all manufactuand Yara-In the former there has boon little done; ring cigars yhich are expreaaly, made tQ.. be palmed off as im the r e i s a fair supply now in the market. Of two ported Havana bigars, 'and which are considered ":ery tine by latte r growths there is no stock on sale. Marilla Che-smokers, who thinl!! that they a arttcle. roots and Cigars-Move off elowly; holders are firm From May, 1878, to May, 1879, lAD excb_ange says, the c1gur to their limits for the best descriptions; there is a fair of the ori< Cty made 11>9,688,885 supply in the market Manila of c1gars. If the m en 1 n the C()Unt};y average two mgars a ed f 1 f h '1 t day, the national cohsjlmptwn is :J',300,000,000 cigars. urrportance has occurr A ew samp es 0 t as England and Ger1na"y are bulk tob&ccg cus crop have .been rec_e 1ved, but tobacco _at tomers, the latter receltfng the largeat quantity and1 theiOrmer does not g1ve proDllSe of tu.rmng fine. W. paying the largest amount. The moat va!uapl!" shipments of Columblan-:-Carmen_ for cuttmg lS m c!e'P-f!Dd, manufactured tpbacco go to the ,British i._n .!.us while supplies of smtable dry sorts are scarce. Cigar tralia. descriptions are slow of sale. Giron is also inquired The Virginia TobaccO Journal, afie ( two weeks s uspension f or, but nothing really good is on .hand. Ambalemahas made its reappearance. An irreconcilable discord that None here, but supplies are expecteq. Palmyra has arose in the of the pa1!6f,.and busil!ess q omplica been readily dealt m, all good to fine parcels having tions_. it says, wete the of sn BJICOSI_?n from bee n disposed of. Supplies of these classes woUld come publication. 1 to a good market here. EsmeraldaEither from the Messrs. W. T BlR?kwell & Co. of N. condition, or the mixed character of parcels on.hand, purchaeed the premmm hogsheail o f ra1sed m remains neglected. Sumatra has been in to a St .. te, and at. t?e recent spftng fair held at LynCh f t t 'd bl 1 ts h h ed burg, Va.. Tbis euterpr1smg house, says an exchange, 1salways very air ex_ en some consi era e o avmg c. ang aflei:..the best toliacco. hands. If 1mporters W?uld only be moqerate_ m their By recent statisticsit bas been shown that in middle Tennes demands as regards prices, much more of th;1s useful see thefe are one hu,ndred and twenty two leaf dealers, and Y mutual co_nsent. been done in this growth. Macedonian, Trebizone and W 1tb hmited mercantile. deahnss n?wadays Sa -Th k t h bee clea ed of all the b ette r cbaractenzed by a spmt of conservatlSIJ;l, wh1ch 1s prm;notive e mah.r e as n r of healthful and prosperous business. The home trade IS con qualities, w 1ch tllere lS still a farr demand. stantly expanding, while low prices, cheap transportation, and wort:tty of remark has taken p _lace. a stable currency are 1\8 steadily widening the foreign markets Rw Grande and Alger1an-The s.ame remat:k applies to for our produ cts. these Java-There bemg a of hard, John Russell in a letter from Rangoon, British dry sorts, little has been done. Good drmkmg tobacc o Burmab, says tobacco m tha country varies in price from one is in request. German-The transactions have been to seven cents per pound The tobacco crop is next in size to limite d Dutch is scarcely inquired for. Japan has rice, being 18,000 acres It is attracting attention 1\8 a valuable been in better demand, especially when in good condicrop.. The soil so rich in certain 11arts of. the country that tion. We intend offering some new parcels on the 24th rotation o.f 1s not necessary. It IB sown m November and inst. Latakia-Reports having been received of con-gathered m .A.pnL side'rable quantities having been destroyed by fire sev-.A.t sess10n of an .A.fncan Ep1scopal the eral parcels have been taken off the market the comm1ttee on t_obacco that 1ts .use mlmsters lim t f th h d N h ad 'd C very unbecommg to the of the1r pos1t10ns, the 1 s o o ers muc raise egro e an aven-of their bodies and the sanct1ty of their lives. A number of d1sh have not been m demand. Stalks scarce clergymen disagreed with the report and upon the imoropriety and much wanted. Smalls 1n moderate request. oi the use of tobacco, and the document was to the MELBOURNE, May Messrs. Fras,er & Co., To b ac co Bro ker s, r e port as follows : -We have to report a better feelin g in the market, and notwithstanding the 'f act of heavy stocks, prices hav e apparently an upward tendency. .Although it would, perhaps, be diffioult to point to any particular line which migh t be said to have materially advanced in value, the re n e vertbe leSil bas been greater firmness manifested, and a disposition e vinced by the trade to operate in wellkno wn brands The knowledge that we mus of necessity, have short s upplies for a time at least of so e of the tlnest sorts b a s, doubtless operated ,benetlcially. The' finest kinds of bla c k work, b oth twi s t and t e ns hav e sold freelr. and have commanued in some instances, extreme prices. Fmes t Aromatics still attract the attention of buyers, and at the public sales which have been held very tine values were obta'ined. Cigars (Ma nil a ) h a ve be e n sold to some extent at quotations. LeafDull; but littl e d e mand Tbe market will be tested this week. QUOTATIONS. I TwisT (Importers quotations) ),,pres Barrett' s Anchor .... ....... lld Black Swan .............. .' 1s Suppl cjack .. .. .. 1s Rav e n .. .. .. ........... 1s 3Jid, 1s 5d S t A,ndr e ws ............... ls OMd, ls l).fd nmporters' % bxs. Ov e r the Water............ lld Royal Standard ... ,......... 1s 'fwo Seas . ... ........... 1s 3d, 1s 4d V e nus ............ ........ 1s 2Jid, 1s Cases 1s1d ls 3d 1s 3d ls 4d, 1s 6d ls 3d 1s M Cllo'lCS. 1s HALFJ'OUNDS (Importers' quotations): Bar r ett's Crown ................................. 10d@lld '.'('wo Seas ............ ......................... ls 4d@1s 5d .. Light-pressed, medium ........... ls 3d@ls lid do tine ................ 2s 9d P P., as and sundry sizes, medium ........... lO)id@ls Fine, do .. .. .. ..... 1s 5d@1s 8d-Fine Twist .................................. ls 9d@lls CIGARS : ---Manila Cortado, No. 2 ............ l)()s@52s 6d do Nuevo .................... 65s@67s 6d do Hava:oa, No. 2 .... ....... 48s@50s do do Nuevo ........... 70s LEAF (nominal):--lmported, 8d@10d; Colonial, 3d@5d. committee for revision The affairs of the commercial world have become so inter woven by steam and electricity, that we no longer have those protracted periods of business inertia that were characteristic of other days. The trade of the summer is now prosecuted in most departments with about as much vigor as that of the spring, in consequence of the new methods of distribution which have mainly come in vorue in recent years The Board of Trade of Atlanta lately sent a committee to Port Royal, S C., with a view of making that harbor their di rect trade shipping terlninus during the coming season, by which time through transportation will be established by the consolidation of railroad lines and the establishment of steam ship lines between interior Sontbern and Western points. Committees of the boiW'(}s of trade of Cincinnati and Louisville are expected there for'tbe same purpose A great deal of controversy was lately occasioned in England by the announcement that the steamship Ros&yn, of C&r drlf, had been seized by a Spanish revenue cutter on account of a cargo of tobacco which she was carrying from Gibraltar to Bilboa A later dispatch announced that the captain bad be e n let off with a fine of ,600, and the tobacco to be confiscated; but some representations on the matter were to be made in LGndon, as it was considered Spaniards bad exceeded their rights. -The following table embraces a statistical state ment of imports and exports of leaf tobacco at the port of Bremen during the month of .A.pri,l, this year, also for the period from the first of January upto the 30th of Aprillaat; in comparison with the imports and exports for the corresponding periods of last year: IMPORTS. Aprll.1879 XilOil. Xiloo. West lndi& and s. Am. Tobacco ...... ...... 936,289 480,869 N Am. Tobacco ...... 369,677 97,280 Stems ................... 43,447 From January 1st to April 30th. 1818 1879 Xlloe. Kiloo. 6,072,372 5,1142,014 1,088,701 6,52 5 ,512 6,861,71 6 EXPORTS. 1,272,389 2 ,2i0,1m West India and S. Am. >J;obacco .. .. .. .. 721,208 The shipments of raw leaf tobacco to foreign countries, it is N >Am. Tob..,.,o .. ... 1 87! ,122 .... l' ..... : .... 33 9,108 estim a ted amount to 400,000 ,000 annually, while the expor Mill e 14,614,813 1 5 ,287,248 t a ti o n of manufactured is only 10 ; 400,000 D omestic Cigars....... 8,818 8 4,185 7 14 863 5 BROWN & E.A.]lLE, OF G1GARS, 211 a.nd 213 Wooster Street. :NEW 'i"ORK. NOTICE.-Belng Proprietors of thefollowlng Brands, Cigar Manufacturers are cantloned against using tbe same: MONTJOELLO, MAID OF' ATHENS, BOUNOIO, GAUNTLET, AJLBBOSIA, LiTTLE JOKEBS, RIFLE TEAM, SOLID OOMFOBT, SATISFIED, HIGFi, TONED. PEBFEOTION, MONTE VEIUJE. MASSASOIT OHJEF,OILUN LIGHTNING, DAY, OLD DOG TBAY,-EVEN OH.ANGE, EQUIVALENT. .,. G. W. HANTSCH. (:m.1:a "b1:ll:ied. 1&88.) D. W. CROUSE. .. CIGAB lVI4!DJI:P4GTDBitas :&"or 'th.e J'o"b"b:l:a.s Trac:J.e, a:a.c:J. :'l .. Dea1ers i.n.. :.f.' en n syi. van..i:a Oi.aars. Office: 643 PENN STREET;. War house: 636 COURT STREET; "'READIN\ ) Pa. II BROS. & BONDY, lYianufactu:rers of Fine Cigars J!I[POilrBKS A.ND JUA.NUFA.CTUBEillt OF PIPES AND SMOKERS' ARTICLES, 199 a:a.c:J. :181 &TB.BET, (near Broad...,ay), P -ASTE! The undersigned continues to manufacture and Import ish and Turkish Liquorice P _aste, which he offers to the Trade at Reduced Prices. Manufacturers will flnd it Interest to apply to him. before pur:chaslng elae C.-lYicAndrew, A.equlred. onder the Law. oOhe, I 55 Water Street, New York. tJ n I 1ctt ell! JOHN E. l!OBIHIION. naio. ...... tnre:n oC &ll81}'le and. 8JUOKING TOBA.CCO, CIGA.Ill aad. CIGA.Il:KTTIUI. SOLE OWJ.O:RS 11m HANUFACTllltll:BS OF THE CELEIIRATED 4141 &E1Y.EX" i ,_;:a.ct 4141 Branda Of ac-formerlymadebyBUCHANAN f' LYALL of New York. SOLE U.CELDBA.TKD --- C-" cs.-a.r!!s;;---Whleb lor nowplldbjr a wlde ,..,putation. AllrH...A.G-El. .. w. p, JOJiltsoJr. \ TREODOBE IIOBW.&li.TZ, Jr. &l:J.1p ''to "tlie N'e'W' !!!!'!' 1 ,W. P. JOHNSON & CO., Commission M:ercha.nts. Dally Auction Sales. Reduced Stores Comm eaton, One Dollar. Warehouse Fees: Sl to Seller, and Sl to Buyer. :Maao from Groon Rivor Tobacco Il!IP ITER OF ...... FINE VUE-I!Tl ABlJO :;. .,. ___ -TOBAtCU & CTlJAIS-A..nd P.rOprletor oC the Brand LA ISLA" CA U'l'ION We hereby give notice to tbe trade that the named Brande.for Cigars have been:regia1i!Jr d a.t lihe Patent Offi c e at Washington by us, and any infringe ment upd ,n the same will be prosecuted to the full ex tent of th'e law: -DE CAPO, MONICO, GABRIE:j:.LA, QUEEN OF THE WORLD, A. & H .A.. CO_ LA BERNICE, AH SJN, 1 THE EPICURIA. Mprrls Jacoby & Co., 125 127 and 129 BROOME STREET. NEw YoRK, May a1. r I hereby caution all paFtiee infrlnging upon or im-:t'aVIRGiNIA'S CHOICE," or any othe r brand of Smoking Tobacco fomnerly I owned and-manufactured by '' I i D. c. oo. PRICE SOc PER POUND. FIVE Po'UKD BOXES. Samples Sent Free upon ApplicatioR. THE OONSUJIER, GIVING HDI ..& ''\ BIG-PIECE FOR 5 CEKTS. FOR, SALE-SCRAPS AND CU'l'TINOS. -Applyto SEIDQBERG & Co. 84 to 86 'Re'ade Street, New York. FOR SALE.-A fresh supply of 190 000 pounds genuinll""'--DEERTONGUE" flavor fo:nnnoking tobacco manu facturers, in lots to suit purchasers, at lowest MARBURG BROS., 145, 147 & 149 S Charles St., Baltimore. N'C>T:I:OE.We hereby Ca.ution all parties infringing upon or ,IMITATINC O'tf' BRANDS, LABELS & TRADEMARKS, that we in prosecuting such parties in proJ;ectlng the' rlghts'secured to us by Act' of Congress dated August 14,__1876. Stra.lton & Storm. CAUTIO_N. We hereby give notice that all menta of c;mr 4 r .. :: :\ I will :00 rigorously dealt with accor;ding to the ,1 T1ade-Mark Laws' of the .U11,ited States.'. ''' r ,. ', I have acquired the sole right to manufacture th(\se brandS, and will spare no pains q,. prosecuting such parties (buyer or seller), in protecting the right!! secured to me by A c t of Congress, dated August 14th; -i 752-755 D. H. KINC, Richmond, Ya -r u. 1 FOSTER, HIL,SON 4 CO.,. '., Bellance Cigar F _act9ry-No. 1, 3ol Ducntit. A GJ:2frLEMA.N with an, experience of thirty years in; the Lea.J!!Tobacco and Cigar Trade-home, imj>Ort a'nUK, l. B. IIJ.-. PRAGUE & LR!Il'.TOB!GGO BROKIDrn ., -dD-JI.ElU'Hf:'k.'\JG

DOHAN, CARROLL ,i & C8., 104 !'rent Street, New -JP. C), ::EIO::oo:. 4.B&G.L\NUFA.C'l'URBRS OJ!' AND DBA.LERS IN 4 PLUG AND. SIDliNG TOBACCO. Sole Agents fQr JAME. S .B. PAPE, Richmond, I .[ ..,. W 1 .&.111&0 &OX..JI!J .A.Gli!Jl.'IJ'Tftil ili'OlE'I. w:-cARROLL'S BRANDS, DICK, ---PATENTED BRAND R A G T A G SMOKING TOBACCO. T. H. :MESSENGER & CO., Loar Gi[ars and. Licoricu Pasta, 181 'KAIDEJI' L.&.JI'E, JI'EW YOIUL x..r 'l'o-ID B&leo-........,_for :J'anlp-SANCHEZ, HAYA tc CO., 130, I 32 & 134 MAIDEN LANE, NEW YORK, IIIANUFACTUllEllS O F FINHST GLHAR II! VAN! UIG!RS, A war484 :11114&1 llzlll.blt.l011, 1876, ihlla4elph1a, IANlJI'ACmER OP PINE CIGARS. :BI.-ta'b:u..hed. 1&88. -.STR.A.V&&, M:ANlJF ACTlJBEB OF CIGAR BOXE, S AND SHOW FIGURES; IM:PO:fi.TEB OF AND DEALER IN SP O:J:G.A.lE'I.. R.:J:::EI::EIONS, GERMAN CIGAR MOULDS, PRESSES,; STRAPS, CUTTERS, ETC., 1 I THE VIRGINIA TOBAcco! I I J.&&. GAilDIRBR, LOBENSTEIN & GANS, TOBACCO GODISSIOI IBBCIIANT SEED AiiiLiiivANAETOBAccos 84 FRONT STREET, NEW I YORK.. SOLE AGENTS A ND IMPORTERS O F THE GENUINE w. &: M. JIIXPORT ORDII:BJI .OR PLll(ll ,PROIKJl"''LT FILLIIIIJ. OIG-.A.R. ::M:OULDS, GOT" I .ft. OaJ;r FIRST GRAJI'D PRIZE for TOBACCO aaa SNUFFS at the PARIB EXPOUTIOJI' for J8'J8 .....-... .a Joy F C LDIDB, 0. Jr. I.INIIB, C. C ILUIILTO N B liiARCOSO. '' Seed Leaf Tobacco Insnection. TOBACCO INSPECTED OR SAMPLED. a..,..,pu- Pro'l:'l:'l.p't1y .A.'t'te-d.ed. "to. (lerlllle.teo giv en for .,. cue, ud dellverell ca.oe by ca.oe, .. to number o r CertUicate. I. B.-WE ALSO SAMPLE IN MERCHANTS' OWN STORES. F. C. LINDE & : CQ. PHILADELPHIA BRAJI'CHES : K, W. DICKEliBON, corDer and Water Streets; J O N AS liiE TZ 64North Front Street DARTPOBD, Conn. 1 -IRA E HUL L. 154 State Stree.. SlJPIIIELD} Conn, 1-EDW. A U STIN LANCASTEB, Pa. :-HENRY FOREST P&IJI(JIP L OFPI(JESI-141 WATBR STREET and 181 to 1 8 6 PEARL STREE T WARRBOV81111811411 WATER, 7 47 76 &: 78 G REENWICH STREETS and HUDSO N BIV1m IUII.ROAD DEPOO', ST. J O H N'S PARK. BENSEL & nUCCB IISPICTOBl 1 78-" WATER STREET, JI'EW YORK., BIU,N<::H ....... G P H IER & CO. .. ...... J R. E. 'WISC H lllEYU 41: CO .. ... ... W WESTPHAL. d o ...... E. B:u.DBJI'. J .. GARTH, S(Ut & CQ., Commission Merchants fto. 44 BROAD STREET, Ne"VV York. REYNES BROTHERS & CO., -TOBACCO INSPECTORS, 155 WATER ST., NEW YORK. ClOlJIITBlr 8AIIIPLII'fQ PROM:.PTJ.1' &'I'TBI'DTO, LUl-r (Pa,) Braneh Coll1mission lrlercha.nts, TOBACCO 4e ., U :ilzcballge ,:,lace, :N'eoogv Yc:>rk.. s s Broad St.. -New""ork. Faotory:-No. 8 FIRST DIITIIICT, SOUTH BROOKLYN. NANUFACTUII.KllS OF TK& F OL.L01VING OELEBB.ATED BkAlfDS 0': PLUG,.CHEWING aad SMOKING TSEACCO.SPresses, Straps & Cutterfii; IMPORTERS OF GERMAN & SP.lNlSH CIGAR RIBB ONS; .--131 D(I;a:ld.e:a. X...a:a.e. 1'\J'e,.,.. York. pENNSYLV ANIAwRAILROAD GREAT TRUNK LINE and UNtTfD STATES MAIL ROUTE. Ja anlveraall y aclalowleclpd to be tho STEEL RAILS, llocloiB&Ilroad otAmeriea. Repnoentlug NO SMOKE. illlllcoDitl'uctlon&lldequlpment, tho ooor 1-------11 teoy and dllclpliDe of Ill emplo,--&lld Double Track. 1111""11re lll&llag8lllent, lila moat ad.,....ced NO DUST, ----,-----.:.. _______ __,_.:....,;_...;....;.__;__;___ 1------lstaadardand tho 0110-adapteil. to make 1-------i rallwaytra.-el S&fe. Switt and l.uxurioWI IRON.BRIDCES andtneveeywayoatlsfaotor:v. Llneoot FAST TIME. lii .SAL OliiON m .sALO)lON. 1------'1 Pullman Pt.laoecanoolllleCt tlleoeabo&lll 1------1 cllleswlthallpromfnelltpollltlathe West, _Q_ "'EW ...._ T ...... Sto Ballas" t &lld spleodld PulliD&Illl'olel C &rBare nm ""'tatpilllooent .._...,... .......... ...... """.&.'W'.&.""".&....._ n 8 between New York and Chicago aDd New r-_.., ..a. &P:BJO._:J:_.A._X.._T_Y ___ _. PACKERS OF SEED .LEAF, The ..... ..,..,..,..,..,.r El::oo:.O-.:Lr:lo-lE'I.o"U.'te ::Eioo.LE.-Illuo&ra'-AND IMPO RTERS OFOonleiDIDJr ....... ODe ThOUS&Dd Reuleo, wlth.d-r!piiTe matter. and mr. p ohowl"''' all the Sum :U:av""'na obacco and CI. gar=!! mer to, .,.,. be lwl appUC&IIon to the Ticket AgeDII o f _a: """' the York, l'IUiaCielpllla, Baltimore, Waohlng ton, lrBAft'K: THO.IISOI', Gen'lPuseDj!81'A.geU. 05 D(I;.A.:J::J:>Eil.'IJ' X...A.NE, N:BJ"gV 'YOR.:&:. Cigar Molds. Patent Tin Dubrul's I. 167 WATER ST., New York. The a bove Brand o t Leaf is Registered RAILROAD MILLS I MACCABOY SNUFF, FRENCH RAPPEE SNUFF, .SCOTCH SNUFF AMERICAN GENTLEMAN SNUFF, LUNDHOOT SNUFF FANCY SMOKING PIPE& ALS O llANuFAO TURERS ,OF THE FOLLOWING B RANDS 9 F Pll'BE BRIER AND FANCY WOODS VIR&INIA "SIOKIN& TUBACCO ..-.a.,a.,,..,a .. 9e,to.. MANUFACTUREDBY VIA RAILROAD OUR.cM' o 'kbrt.drk IKAGGIE : ICE, COLORADO sii:'Ko PLOmmERI. BAR. VEY a FORD, UNCLE TOM, NAVY CLIPPINCS TOM'Alf 111,, JAcK oP cLUBs ... n"a paJLIP. '8 A.ft'o .a.PR.IcoT. & a&'l oAJrAL sTREET, JI'EW rou 133 WATER AND 8 .. FACTORY-LEDGEB PLACE, pmuDELPJIU. 5 PtNE STREETS NEW YORK --+------------------For Pr:loe .J:.d."t ' or_ ,....-.. ...... S CHAS. ,\.PPLEBli 1 oc-...-G"Eo a..,.OV'eo -HELliiB, \DOLPH STK OIII K G IU.OO .. BROTHERS. STROHN & REITZENSTEIN. SMOKINC AND CICAIIE'I'TE TOBACCO. HA VAIIUA s LEAF COMMISSION MERCHANTS,. AINU & DEHLS, 'YJIUIDIUI. ....... cW ., ... ..._..... j 111 tc EED ALSODBALERS'N I .. D&A,L J:J.SIH :;:; St.: 0 E A C C 0 :J JLtF TOBACC_O 0Pfl!8 ; l CHICAGO: 9 Wabash Aw.: SAN FRANCISCO: 205 Front St. 1 WATER STREET, NEW YOIU'. n6 sxRE:: vo JULY 19 74 FJ'WN 1' St1 eet. EUGENE DO BOIS, CODISSIOIIBBCIIOT, JfEW YORK. CBAS. F. TAG & S O If, lap.rten of SPA N IS H &1ld D eale i n a n 'kind-. <:A LEAF TOB ACCO, 184 Front Street, XllW 1rO&a. E. M. CRAWFORD & SON. IMPORTERS AND DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO! 1ee Water Street, P.o. BOX 34,79. NEW YORK D DILLENBERG, -FOR-Mannracra Tonacco & Gi[ars lfo, 120 N SECON D STREET, ST. X..O"C':J:B. M. R.-LEVIN, of. HAVANA AND D E AL E R I N AL L KlNDS OF LEAF.:. TUBAC CO, 16:2 Pearl Street New York. _H. KOENIG, WHOLESALE DEALER IN HAVANA AND SKKD LHAP TC>::EI.A.OOO&, 226 .PEARL STREET, NEW YORK. WM. Mr PRICE, LEAP TOBACCO, !19 Maiden Lan e NEW YORK. 1 L GASSE RT. 1'1:. L GASSERT J. L. OASSERT & CDmSION MERCHANT S ANJJ DEAW.:RS IN ALL KINJJ S LEAP TOBACCO, No. 4 80 W ater St., New Y'ork HAY-ANA & DOMESTIC L e a f J. A. HARTCORN, MANUII'ACTWtE R OF 0 :a: G-& LEAF TOBACCO, 21 BOWERY, ;NEW YORKHirsch, Vicrorius & Co. LRAF TOBACCO, 111 WATER ST., NEW YORK. & BBOTUn) KENTUCKY LEAF U BB.OAD Sl!l'llllBT, York.


JULY 19 -AND-SEED LEAF TOBACCO, 162 Water St., New York. TOBACCO BAGGING. IIIIITA.TION 8P.a.NI8H LINEN, FANCY .And all Kinds of goods used f4Jr up T o b acco. Also ment. of Smokers' Articles for the Trade. HOWARD, SANCER &. CO., No. 356 Broadway, New York. 60 WALL ST., NEW YORK. CAPITAL, tJ760,000. Eoery faclllty atrordod to Dealers anl1 Correspondents coD&istent With Sound Banking. H\ ROCHOLL, President. lll. P. R]J:A.DING, Caahlu. I WM. mllBDLAENDER, JOSEPH SICHEL. Wm.F.RIEDLAENDER & CO. Wholesale Dealers In .CH>-DOMESTIU tEAF TOBACCO Q VQRw, E. G. FRIEND & CO., Importers and ;)ea.lera in LE.AP TOBACCO, I 29 Maillen Lane. Gus FRIE ND, NEW YQR. K EDWAIID lo'RtKN'Dt ]Jt,1 LoN .. o FR,.ND S. OE=l.G-LEE=l., HANUFA.C'JlURER OF FINE ClGARs, AND DEALER IN LEAF TQB.&! CO ss MURRAY STREET, EW roR\. lliy :Bra,n'l:-LIBRE," "CLiMAX." c;_UTRIUE &. CO., 225 Froat Str t, COMmSSION ..... 1 IJALEllS Of TOBICCO .f.OB EXPORT. l.eaf TobOcco pr-.!1 lo ba1eo for tile Weot I.._ Mriican Central Amerieto Porta, aDd .tiler mao ket. TOBACCO PAnbloecl wltfa GBE.t.TEST PRIES BEA.SOI'IIAB'LE, 'r"llR! SEA' Warerooms.: 5th Ave., cor. 16th-Street. INTERNAL REVENUE The Otiginal Interna l Rev enue Publishing E'ou1e C. JOURGENSEN. SLa Svc c&ssoR TO Enaa &: SMITH, 30 and 3'T LIBERTY ST., W, Y. P. 0 Box 8 ,963. .Sranding Irons Stencils a Specialtr. P:E'I.XDiPDXNOr )f enry a Lowell SEND FOR PRICES. G. W. GRAVES, ,1:


' PhilaJllelphia Ad'vertisem.eut.. TELLER l hu.a, 11m lllnllata, 111d ft1111 hr ... 11 and Leaf Tobaooo, 51 117 North Th-Ird 'Street, PhlladelphiL W. EISENLOHR & 00., ; PACKERS AND WHOLitSALE DEALERS IN L -BAP 11a &. .St., P:b.:1l.a.d.e1ph:l.a. W ISII.NLOHil, PIIIL. BONN. L. BAMBERGER & CO., DEALEIIS IN LEI.A.P TOB.A.CCO, And Manufacturers of all Crades of Cigars, -r LEWIS BREMER'S SONS, r Wholesale Dealers 1LIAF" AND KANUFACTtmED JVIOORB, RAY a Pa.ckers, CommfssfOD Kercha.nts &, Dea.lers in : EED LEAF tc HAVANA lfo. 36 North Water-st And SU4 STATE STREET, HARTFORD, CONN<" 'Q; M.E.lVIcDowell & Co. 89 NORTH WATER STREET, PHILADELPHIA, LOTTIER'S T H E T 0 B A C C 0 L E A._ P.. JULY. 19 WESTERN ADVEBTISEMENTS. T. R. SPENCE. J.P. SPEllfCE.. Ji', T. SPENCE. C. A. SPENCE, .A. BOYD & CO., LEAF 0 BA C G Q' AIBIOSIA TOBACCO fOilS. ._,_ ___ __ __. Spence a Co. IISGELLAlfEOUS ADVERTIBEI.E.NTS HINSDALE SMITH &. SON, (Saeceosors to H. S!IIITH & CO ) PACKERS AND JOBBEBS OF Connecticut Lea.f Toba.cco Aho lilaD.placturero or HEBBE DE LA BEillfE 'BltiGllT Cl1T C::AVENDISH _.....,._ J!', H. BUCHOIT'II GERHA:N S:MOKI:NG ;,.a other Budo of SMOKl:NG TOBACC::O. Abo HERBE DE LA REl:NE aua other Br1U1clo ot CIGARETTES. :A.ceat Ia Jllew Yorks FR. ENGELBACH; No. 56 South Washington Square. "AMBROSIA" "WIGWAM ::B"Xllll'BOUT. w-oo.. a-&, ae, aa, eo .., e11 ThUd stree-t, O:J::N'O:J::N'N' A. T:J::. 'fOBACCO, :a.ti::J::D::OL:&:ITC>'VVN' 0. c:-ur Jt.oeactt 1 SOLID.COIFORT,' 'TRAHt: DOLLAR.' 'TIDAL WAVE,' 'BLACK DIAIOJD.' 20 HAMPDEN ST., Springfield, Mass. HutsDALJt SMITH, E. H. S!!ftH. C. 0. HOLYOKE, CO:t.UUSSION DRCHANT In LEAF and MANtJF AO'l'UBED TOBAOOO, :12 Central BfNIImt.., Richmond Tobacco Works "V-. S. P. MAYO & CO. ......,_,.. the follow!ug_ Jlrlllldll f/1. IIXODNG TOliA. : :a.4 .JackeL, Blae .:Jaekea. Blaek 'll'ep Periqae, YlrsiDia Claolee, ftoa-. Jror the requlromeats of the 'I'rade ...,.. ... ft'\w.., I. I HERSftEl' l>EALERS IN AND P A.CKEII8 OF I PENNSYLVANIA SEED LEAF TOBACCO, Petersburg, Lancaster Co., Pa. S. W. WILCOX, F:i:v-e ::Eiro'Cher 18o x.o:u.a-tr"oh.:u. a .... Bri.I!Oh"t AZLd. ::Eil.aok, Cl.d ::Eil:oZLe'Cy, a 0eZL1; JE"'l.-u.., AND ALL OTHER POPVLAR 8TYIIoES OF FINE NAVY TOBACCO, I PA.CIEII OF :ucnn:sv-xx.LEJ, :s::mw-orumr"Y". I SEED LEAf TOBACCO, W. S. O'NEIL, sY.! HARTFORD, CONN OHIO VirWa, Missouri. an_ d Kentucky c. & R. DORMITZER & co. nn .llA TOBACftQ Dealers & Gommisskln lerchants iu Dayton., <:>.. 41 J TOBACCO, IIJtl WEST MAIN 8TRIEET, :It lf.._RTH ST., H:y. .I tlaln and 8econd 81&, N FoUY ED J F S 0-.:::r.I:IEIIo l!WEC, (Jso. W W1cu, 'It'. OJmL Chol 'U'ted Licorice &1'"'1S OB ha.nd. ... made OD OoiJIIBD-'=' I w. 'l'BOST, I Steam CIGAR-BOX MANUFACTOBY AND DEALER IN CIGAR-BOX TRIMMINGS, LABELS, PAPif .AN:J:) .ALL H:X.N":J:)B or OXG.A.:R. :R.XEI::EI'/ 699 to 'fO'f W. Sixth St., Cine C:R & CO., .tC, VA., 40icCn; ..;:r Bolloi.'Ced.. I I JJ.coa Wan., A.J.aolf K.ulll E. A. WEJJ. B. GEISE CIGAR-BY 'mo. 9 E. E. W.K.-liARKU W EJ -t.,KAHN&CO. G u ---p *'Rtm B nos TOBACCO SHiPPFNC BARKEB & WAGGNER ....... -; ::a,-I.DI__ IMPORTEn aad DOMESTIC r Cigars& leaf Tobacco D. C. STEVENSON, TOBACCO 194 Common Street, lfE:W. OBI EAWL MERCttANT T08ACGq tt3"Main st., cinGinnati, IANUPACrnBHRS of PINB .-' Stnek of D.&.RK BE-SWEATED WRA STORE: 13&1 CHESTNUT S'rB-EE'r Jlerf"eld_ & Kemper ofwhlc b Fpedloy. And Whol ... l e Dulm I D!PORTERS OF cuAs. H. Kli'RM"M' OIJIO A .tlo coNNECTICUT :Ell: .A. VA. N .A TOBACCO, 444 to 448 North 13th SEED [AFTOBACCO, CI&ARs; Front st.. PA.. 117 w. Lombard st., Lea T b 'I THE LARGEST CIGAR FACTORY IN THE STATE. .. ._.:"...=j ..trleyer .t 8/. G. H. JOS. SCHROEDER & CO ... "'1:7 &.IEic:Hd. IMPORTED and DOMESTIC PACKERS oF oxw-oxx::DoT. JB-ERRELMA-N& CO. CIGAR MOULD MANUFACT'G CO, lE. 1J T 0 B A C C 0, .u,a,, o acco, Cor,rud!c & North Ave'sr Pa. 25 -Gernrao. St., Baltimore, Md. 19,81 a 1!3 PLAcE, I =ow retalllng 118 dllfereDt obavea and II.._ from tte at t ::Eia11::lza.ore, l!li!Ed. Kvery mould warrautud uniform. If pui" be not 1 table. it will be exchanged or money l'eturned. Our ailu """' 1 ls to gi'te perfect satlstacttou to tbe trade. Bypurchasiugc.lil-ootfrotn the =F""""""""""'"""""""""'""""'"""""'"""""!!!'!'!"""'!!!!!!!!!'!'!"""'!!!!!!!!!!!I!!!"""" factory you wHl save all iietay and commissions. The only rued,. I nnd rplon1a .,..nled at the eeotennlat wa.s to the v. s. PETER8BURC, VA., A.,.VERTI8EMENT8. ftloal. be seen attheoft\os,eornerRi dge, a.nd Ill!" Nortb 0oUece A""oueo. U S. SOLID TOP CIGAR MOIJLil: CO H. WA'l'TEYXJ:, 1W1 p...,l St.. x-York. Sola Ac-to L RtNALDOSANK'& CO., DOHAN & TAITT. Te> Tobacco Commission !ercbants, &enml ComnliS'Sion IQrcbants, I o" ARcH sTREET, L 31 Wae.r 8J:reet :P::EII:XL.A.:J:)ELP::EII:X.A.. .... ---' 80 llorth Delaware Avenye, F x.KELLV J ,.,. ., .. r., ftRVER COOK I, CO HAPPY. THOUGHT '"' Tobacco Agency, JACDII, COWlSBtON 106 ABCJH 8T,1 Phlladelpbta,Pa. .. A.a. Wbul .. O..i Ia GENERAL A.OENT FOR EA F''TnaAccn wrLsoN MccALLAY's Olice: Cor. llyrae c1r. Balifaz Sts ., ztetenburgh, Va' Factory: 19 ,Second District, p -AND-BnlEC>"K. ZN'G-T<>::a..a.oo, ''ECLIPSE" BRIGHT 'NAVY. la, Ht 3s, 4-a, 8a, 6a, 7a, Ia, 9a and lOa. -''.5T, GEORQE" BRICiiH' .l' :NAVY, Ia-""' '3a. Ga, &c, 7'a, 811, 9a aucliOa, DARE" BICIQHT ltA.VY, 1a. 3a, &a, 8a, 9sa.ud lOa. ANNOT LYLtctt BRIGHT .. 3a,'i:a :J,Gs,fe 8a,9aaacl108. '''UNION JACK" MAIIOOAllfY POUNDS, X au,1lh. "ST. JAMEIJ" DARK. P011l'fDS, Ka, o&.a, lie, 6a, 7 #ti-Oa and lOa. A lso a great vuiely of PINE TWIST of grades Br i ght and Mab.opuy u.uder fat1owtu1 celebrated brands:.. ,. lVIachlnery "RETAINING PRESSES, ...L$1 1\0lJJrD &. SQl1ARE POTS or FDUSHEBS, AES, CASJlltGS ooft BANDS, eto., FOR THE iU:FACT11BE OF PLl1G TOBACCO, 1.M:cGowan & Co., CINCINNATI, 0. COiOI LORIN PALMER, New Yort; W II. RUSSELL, Cblc,.,. _..d:ST. BDSSBLL & CO., (Succearon to JOHN C, PAlO. TRlDGE It CO .,) iHOLESALE TOBAOOONISTS AND SOLE PROPRIETORS OF THE GJICl.IIJUJ:J!I"JI: ."GOLDEN CROWN" CIGARS, Y JPLUC TOBACCOS. 10 WAI,l'IIB. STJ I I A. H. 'rBEOBALD "ADBrZB.ATIOl'l' "TBOB.MA1VD1r u "BIIA.B.T or GO:r.D," A" :r.IVJ: OAK,"" l'I'ABOB," "Dll SOTO" and "COl'I'Q'U'BllOB., 57 Lake Street and 41 State Street, Chicago, Ill. The R rt!l ouR. Ar-nts f o r the Sale of .MANUfo'ACTURED GOODS:- ALSO AGENTS FOJt THE P'OLLOW'JNO WltLlrK.NOWN P'IRIIS ,ll:"" IIIANUII'ACTURER 01" P. CA.V.&JIIAGD,4land.,WabuhA.Ye&lOe, ; Durham, .n. C..i, I!A.OLJ:Y .t oo.:-s "AAYl!'LOWEII." lllch. J ... a.-General Commission Merchant, Offltli Ill 'l!CIIAIIGE,SHOCKOE SUP, mCBIIO:ND, Ya.." W. :at. LADD, LIAP TOBACCO BUYI (FQR THE TRADE,) 21 N. Main St., St. Louie. B,. SUBERIIJI, WHOLESALE DEALER IN :S::A. VAN' A. -AND--DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCO, East Randolph St., CHIC A GO, ILL. Joeeph llaOONICH tf., Cooper&. JLiNUl' .\ CTtJ1iER OF FINE CICARS, Cl. W. VA!i UIITIJII'E 4i: CO.f..!8CentraiWbarfSE!._, P. LORlLLARD & OO ._N., Yort; SEIDENBElfG It C.1 N-Yortr; w T JILAOI[Wm.L & 00., A., HA.QEN 6: CJO!L.MN. Jl'roatlkreet, PhUa eop Pit.; ;s, ,.. C.&.llBOLL'S MJ.ONJI: J.&.CX." Jo71dobwc, Va. N, H., ou-r-. Teua; GOODWIN & CO.'S "OLD JUDO&" Tobacco and Clnrette HALL'S "SE'rWEEl( TRill ACTS aDd W. E, RAGSDALE, .JOHN TJTV .. Clnclilaat.l. 0.; F. S XINMEY'S ClOAiitii'ES. AND DEALER IN IB1J}l}h8JJKJNG TOBAGCO Spanish and Leaf Tebacco, & CJbuo4 A-a 'l'tllllt. .....,. ELB\'BNTB liT.. MI .... roB 11JLLD & PftBRB' Cllf(li!Q.'1'! PHILADELPHIA, PA. CIO.&.B liiiO!!!.:!l! B'l'IW'! lli'I'C. J)A:VW G. HIRSH, JOHN B. COHEN. WBOLEBAL& D 'EALD IN JlaDufaetarer ot bnoll4 ; CHEAP CIGARS; "LOG CABIN" CIGARS I oU.10 JOIIBII:B Ill .&.Dd Do&ler 111 I'EIJallVAlfiA SEED TOBACCO; Hmna & Domestic Leaf Tobacco ::E.oa:a.oa'Cer, Pa. .., aoo,ooo mean alwJ' oa .... ., '118 S..tJa litlllt.. PJdlM.lplda. E. W, RElJLING, 31R!I'ront8t.,llaD TOBACCO BROKER l!lA.YO".ai It by a die. Plug baa our Trade-marit: itfiP"' J I .. ..,..,,.. ,TRY-IT UJIDKR OUR ao41 If \ we It, 'We 'I'II1LL ,p A. Y'li'RElGHT BO'rH W .&. TS; v I SOLD BT .AU LE.UllllfG JOBBER& THBOVGB0l1T S'l'ATEL JOHN W. CARROLL, JAS. A. HHNIJHBSON & CO.; loloMa.,.fac1enroltbo-.aaoiWedol-,_waeoiBn,..el DEALERSIN VFRCINFA 8MOKINC TOBACCOS, VIrginia and North Carolina


JULY 19 Busi11css Directory of AdvertiSers. KEW YOIUL 'lbbacoo War"""Ahner & Debla, 1110 PearL Allen & Co, 173 and 175 Cha.mben1 Appleby & Helme, 133 Wa.ter ""'d 811 PlDe Barne\t 8. Its:! Water Baacll & ll'lllcDer. 1116 Water. Bulldey & Moore. 74 Front. Oardooo A. H. 66 Broad. CraWford E. )L & Son, 1118 W ..... r. DobaD. uarroll & uo. tut J'roDt. DuBo1a Eupu. 75 FroM. Bggerl Wm. & Co. i4l Pearl. ....,_..F. 1118. Wubi.DP>n Square l'rle IJtoo/w'O. Cattus .John. 83 Beaver Fischer Chao E. & Bro. 134 Witer. KlnDioutt & Bill, lill Broad. Osborne Charles F. M llrool4 Rader M & Son. 48 Broad Bh&Ck A. 129 Malden JLa,.ur of Smoking and OJwtoiaq Anderson John & Co. 114. 116 and 117 Liberty. Buchanan & Lyall, 101 Wall Buohoer D. 213 and Du....e Goodwin & Co. lll7 & 209 W&ter. Hoyt Thomae & Co. 40ol PearL Kinney Bros. 141 West Broadway. Lor!llard P & CO. 114 Water. McAlpin D. H. & en. cor A venue D &Dd Tenth. Miller 0. B & Co. 91 Columbia. l'!oneer Tobacco Company, 124 Water. ..tgent for Oh.ewing and Smo/t. Rokobl & Co 81 Water Seidenberg & Co. M and 66 Reade Smith E. A. 117 Bowerr Smith Isaac L. &, JO and 92 Canal Stachelberg M. & Co., and 94 Liberty Stratton & Storm. 2< East 27th Sutro & Newmark, 76 Park Place m'llfacturero of Fine Ha114M Cigor1. Brown & Earle, 211 and 218 Wooster Foster, HilSon&:: Co. 35 Bowery Lopez, Clillxto 206 Pearl Sane11ez, Hayn & Co. ISO, 132, IM Malden Importers of Tobacco aM Oigar1. A.lmlrDll J J 16 Cedar l'reise'E. 167 Water Friedman Leonard, 203 Pearl Ga.rcia F. 167 Water Gon.zalea A 167 Water Kerb s & Spiess 1014-1020 2d Avenue Messenger T. H & Co. 161 Pascual L .166 Water Sanchez, Hay& & Co. 180, 111!1, 1114 Malden Boovllle A. H. & Co. 170 Water Seidenberg & Co 84 and 66 Reade Solomon IlL & E. 85 Malden Lane Vega & Bernheim, 187 Pearl W ell & Co. 65 Pine Weiss, Eller & Kaeppel, 220 Pearl Ybor V. M&htnl!t & en. 1110 Pearl A,...ts for CheVIing Smqking Tobacoo. Mathewa H W. 78 Warren Jlcmu/acturero O! Kol/ Wut anrUn of Havana G41ar1. De Bsry Fred'k & Co 41 and 43 W&rrea McFall & Lewson, 38 Murray Seidenberg & Co. 84 and 66 Reade Jl<>nllfacturen of Meeroct\a""' 011<1 .of...,.. Goodl W eis Carl, 398 Grand Importers of Cla!i p;,_. Buehler & Polhaua, BS Chambers Hen A. & en. 48 LibertY K&ufmaun Bros & Boody, 1.29 and 181GT&Dd JLanufactuTerl of Briar PiJ>OII """ I1Rporlero of Smokers' ..f.rtiele& Buehler & Polbaus, BS Chamben Harvey & Ford, 366 and 367 Canal Bon A. & eo. 48 Liberty K&utmann Bros. & Bondy, 1!9 and 181 GT&Dd M<>11oU/e>durer of Licorice l'ulte. HcAndrew Jamee C 116 Water Stamford Manuf&oturlng Co. 157 lllald6n Lane Weaver & Sterry 24 Cedar .Importers oj Licorice l'ulte. Arguimbau, Wallace & CO. 29 and S1 8. WIW&m McAndrew James C. 55 Water weave r & Sterry, 24 Cedar Zurie&ldey & A.rgulmbau, 102 Pearl Importert of Gu,..., T!mqua Bn, 179 Lewis Wicke Wm. & en. 158-161 Goerok Bealer in Machinerlf, Tooto and Materloll (IW Cigar Manufaeturers. Watteyne H. Pearl Manufacturer of Or"'*'' Cn"'J))u!Wil 2'to.l'o4, Tol>acco, Meaooo BIJ{Jfli'IOQ. Ho,.ard, Sanger & en. 856 BroadW&J Tollacoo Lobell. N-Yor11: Label Publllhing Co. 94 Bowerr Heppenheimer & ll&urer; 1111 and 1M N. WilUam aigor-BO% Lmbdl oiOd :znm""""". Heppenhelmer & Maurer, II and 9l N. WUll&m Wultl Chao. A. 51 Chatham JLa,.,ifocturers of Kinner Btw.' ClgoroJ'. S. 141 Welt Broadway Manufac:turen of llrtheller & CO. 141 Water Hall 'nlomae H. 78 Barolay o) TurlriM Lltqf and CXgorettu, -Jlanufac:turer of GeAid,Je BrMiring Tobocoo. Tallaurl V 1191 Broadway. lltrapo, Outler and Genna,. Cigar Motr; Clflor .Manu/Ckturer Borgfeldt N. H. 510 East 19th and 1111 Water GermanAmerlcan, &0 Wall lntemal -... -Joa.rgeDliOn, C. 1!0 and :fl Liberty Foreigt> and B-.loon. Sternberger Ill &-S. 44 E:l:ch&Dge Plaoe. Me>AU(<>Iocco C:olonng, Buehler & P olha.Wo, 88 Cham bore Commercial ..f.genciu. Tbe J. IlL Bradstreet & Son Co 279 Broadway Manufacturer of GIM8 8'{1m, Jr!MtheWB John, 883 East ll6th Manuf<>cturer of Cigar B"" Loo,.,.,., Read Goo. W. & Co. 166-200 Lewis Tobacco li"Yoi{lht Brolcert. S;,nLh W. 0. & Co. 58 Exchange Plaoe Manufacturers of Oigar Wicke Wm. & Co oor. Goerok and Third Tobacco Lalull.s and Show Carda. l'oualdson Bros., Five Points. P. 0. Box 2791. of Waz Paper. Regenhard, Shevill & en. 55 JJey at ALBANY, N.Y. JLanutactur.,., of Toi;ocoo. Greer's A. Sons. 82e Broadway BALTIMORE, Md. Tobacco WarthOUHI. Barter 11:: W aggner. 29 South Gay Bo-.d W .A. & Co. 33 South Guntller L W. 9 Soutb Uay Kerckhotr & Co. 49 South Charlee Klemm Cb8.8. H 20 Commerce Marriott, G. H. Ill. m German Merfelil k. Kemper, 117 Lombard Bchroeder J os. & en. 81 Ex:ohsnge Plaoe WencK, E. E. 46 and 48 South Charles WlschmeJ'er Ed. & Co. Stlliou t h Calvert Tobacco Manufacturers. Feigner F. W. & Bon, 90 South Charlee Gall & Ax, 28 Barre Marburg Brothers, 145 to 149 South Charles PniiA and Cigfor Lea! n>baoco. Jrleyer Hv. Co. 48"Frant Oberhelman JohD & Co. 60 W. ront TobaM1 .Macliinery. McGowan John H & Co. Ma10ufacturerB of Finlli W Front and 91-95 Commerce Manujaceur en oj Cigar and .Dwler in. Leaj Tobacco. Wei!, Kahn & Co. liM Main Ma,.,ltactur..., I Cigar Jlouldl and SltajMrB !liller & Peters Mfg Co. 136 to 140 E, 2d. SMet Metal Cigar Mo-uldf Dubrul Napoleon & Co. 441 and 443 Plum Tob<:lcco Commission Merchant. PragUe & Matson, 94 '1'4st Front Manufacturers of CigarBoze.. Geise B & Brothe r, 98 Clay Trost, s. w 519-525 Sixth CLARKSVILLE, Tema. C1art M. B. & Bro CLEVELAND. O. .Doolor m-Leaf and H<&t!Ot&O 7'ollseoo,.llf'rl of Chevling and Smol:ing 1 clloceooo. Blackwell W. T. 11:: CO EVAXSVILid.. bel. Tobnuf of all ki"dl of Plug Tobacco. BrownGeo. .. HARTFORD, Co-. PackMs and Dealer '" 8A Jrfen:lWiftt A. Clfestnu l!m1$be J'. w & eo. 10 North John 1 .J-LOVISVILLE, a.y. l'l"'l Tq"bocaccos. Borg P. J. & Co. NEWARK, lf, J, Cempbell, Lene & Oo. 484 Broad NEW ORLEANS. La. Tobacco Factor a.n.d Comm.iuiOR Jlercla.ttt. Stevenson John D. C. 194 Common. OWENSBORO, Ky. Tobacoo Stemmer. Frayaer Bl'Of!l. Tobacco Jlro,..,., Puryear T H. PATERSON, N. J, Manufacturers of Chewing and Smoking To bacco, Snuff and Oigar1. Allen & Dunntng, 65 & 67 VanHouten Street PETERSBURG, Va. .Manufacturers ef Plug a.nd Smoking Tobacco a.nd Dealers in Leaf Tobacco ... VenableS. W & Co. Manufactu?ers of f!IMet Na'D!I I,MwtTif. Jackson C. A. & Co. CommiBsion Merchants. Bain & Parrack PHILADELPHIA. Tobacco WarehoUiel. Bamberger L. & Co. 111 Arch Batchelor Bros. 1231 Chesnut Bremer's Lewis Sons, 822 North Third Dohan & Taitt 107 Aroh Eisenlohr Wm. & Co 115 South Water Knecht & Co. 123 North Third McDo ell M. & Co. 39 North Water Moore. Hay.& Co. 35 North Water Sank J. Rinaldo & CO. 82 North 'Water 8o.,;er, Cook & Co. 105 North Water Teller Bro,bers, 117 North Third Man ufrs of Fine Gig!JII's ana All-Ha-vana 'l.'obacco Giga?etteB. Gumpert Bros. 1341 Chestnut Manufacturer oj Snutf and Smolring Tobacco. Wallace Jas. 666 to 672 North Eleventh Manufacturer of Ciaars. Theobald A. H Girard Ave. and Seventh St. Tooacco Br()l(:ef". Fougeray A. R. 38 North Front Manufactu?ers of .LiuniM Pas/A. )!ell or & Ritte nhouse, 218 North Twenty-Second Mfr' Age11ot for Plug aNi Smoking Tol>acco. j[elly F X. Jr. 100 Aroh 'wholeBale Dealer in Leal and M'ra Tobacco. Bell & Wagner. 531 South Second Ma,.ufacturers of CigBUI/eTI. lleler Adolphus&. Co. Manufacturer' Agent. Dlllenberg D. !ro N. 2d. SYRACUSE. N.Y. Jla;.ufacturers of Cigar Bozu. Leeret & Blaldel, 168 and 170 East Water TOLEDO,O. JLCiflufaclurer of C/letMf&/1 and 8rno/ring To. bocool. )(.-Inger Charles R. WESTJ'IELD, Jlau. .PrJcker and Dealer In Sud IMJ/ ToMoco. JIUSChmMID Jobn C. TOBACCO L.EAF. Sutro a KERBS SPIESS, Manufacturers of Fine Cigars, liiAJIVl' ACTlJRERS OF O 'IG A RS, -AND-. And.Dealers in IaDAP TOBAOOO. 1014, 1016, 1018, 10!20 SECOND AVENUE, Dealers in Leaf Tobacco. 310,. 31!2, 314 AND 316 F'I"YFOURTH STR T, morgv ...... COP-E'S TOBACCO PLANT:, A DIONT.HLY JOURNAL for Smoke.i'M LOUIS ASH a CO. IIANUFACTURERS OF 0&'-:a::N'E 04 CHAMBERS STREET, corner of Church, Plbllahed at lo. 10 LORD IELSOI STREET, LIVERPOOl. UIIJ& Price Two Shillings per Annum. ( Where Subocriptioao III&J be addrelhd, or lo THID TOBACCJO Llllh" 0 ... 0 pg;B.ICAJf SlJBS<1UPTTOlfS. .PEB Alllf1J11. P08TAGJl PA.tlli JAMES BRUSSEL & CO., MENDEl & 8110 ., l!LI.NL'F AlJTURBRB OF Mannfactnrors of '-o 1 ll!>f Bowery, CIGABS, No 78 BOWERY,. NEW YDRit JAMES BR088EL-.L LIGHTEN8TEIN, TRANSPARENT GLASS SfGNS. Manufactured under Patmltd No medium of advertising is of auch pefo manent value as the brilli!lntly-colored glalll siKD They are valued by reta'ilen u ornamental and useful, and will keep their places in wfnd9ws where all othu aigu.t are refus ed a Jllace. Send for estimates of coat and where a quantity is wanted. .;;;. JO.,_, .. TTBEWI, aaa 11:. IIIIo ..... 'r. LICHTEiif --1.1 BROS. & CO., :&JtVJ!If' .A.CTUR.BRB. ...._ ,. \ T M; LICHTENSTEIN, .. A. BRUSSEL, B. I.tCHTENSTEI11". ._ OF THE w TRADE MARK III!C:ISTERED 21, 1879. Read these Voluntary Testimonials: Jrlesan. KISSAM & ALLEN, To Wsoil: lT MJ.y enNCBIUII :&Park Pl&ce, New York. The New Advertising Sign Company, of DUR SIB8 :-The Sign which you have New York. hi\ e done over $80,000 (Thirty Thoudone tor us'during the past two years we are well sand Dollars)wort. h o f advertising torus i n various pleased witb, both as regards judgment in the portions of the ceuntry, and we esteem it a p lea-ael.ectlon of location and the finished character of sure to bear testimony to the J''l'BFULNESS 0Jo wort lteelf. TJmlR WORK, and the B.A.TISli'ACTlON GIVEN. Judging from our INCREASED BUSINESS, we This enterprising Company is every day going OOIIIIder it HONEY WELL INVESTED. straight ahead, spreading our prQducts in the Truly yours, West and Northwest, and we think it pays. WM S. Kl!dBALL & CO., Very truly yow's, of the "Vanity Falr"Tobacco. W. T. BLACKWELL & CO. DEFIANCE CIGAR MANUFACTORY, 128 ll. 130 RIVINGTON ST., NEW YORK. D. db Oflice :-88 WALL STREET. Value of Coins. :::: ::::.:: : ::: ::::::::::: :: :::::::: = :::::::::::::::::::::::::::: .:: ::::::::::::::: &'t:n .... :.::::::.::. : .. ::::: :::.: ::::::::::: i!panlah cjoll&n per_ounee ............... .......... Jrl&rt ............................................................ .. Twenty Mark pieoe .. .. ..... ....... .. ...... .. ...... .. .. Table of Weights. K.ilogramme .......... ............................... ...,.uU-15 pounds. 'I" f I ""'t c'..: PUBLISHED EVERY R!m10 BY u THE TOBACCO LEAF" PUBLISHING COMPANY, 105 MAIDEN LANE, NEW YORK. EDWARD BURKE, J OHN G. GRAFF, CORNER PEARL STREET Enrroa. Bl'BINEaS M.L.....-.AGBB. T.EKinS OF THE PAPER. SINGLE COPIES ....................................... 10 CJUmL :. ::. ::.:: :. .: :::: : .. :.:: :.: ::.: .: "SURETY" CIGAR, 'l6 Corilantlt Street, Jr.,.. JSr o"t1oe.-All Infringement& on tbla Pac....twW be aaft to the full extent of the Law. Revised Rates for Advertisements., One Six Year Months. 14 Lineo One Column ............... $Z5 *14 14 Lines over '.l'wo ()olntllne... 45 24 ZS Lines One Column . .. ..... .. 45 Z4 28 over Two Co1omn. ... 80 4.5 GREAT BRITAIN .AND C..L"f.A.DA.. .. 0 0 :: 0 $5.01 56 ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTIONS ABROAD. 25 BR.EXBN, lLutBURG AND TB.E COI\--n:NENT ........................ 0.04 Lines One C1oJun1n..... .......... 80 45 25 .. .... 56 Lb1es over Two Column ... ... 160 8& 46 SPECIAL NOTICE. '"One Lluo u oc Pace ......................... $&0 The loUowing firms represent our interest s in their respeciive cities; SPECIAL ADVERTISEMENTS ON FlRS'Jl advertisements or subscriptions may be bant.led to the m for transmission:One Ye&P0 AMSTERDAM, HOLLAND.-Schaap & VanVeen. 14 Llneo over Two Wide (Jolumuo .................. $100 BALTIMORE: Meesrs. Ed. Wischmeyer& Co. zs Llneo .................. BIG FLATS, N. Y.-W. H. Lovell. u Lines Single Column .............................. Iii with Messrs. August Beck 11:: Co .. 44 and 46 SPECIAL ADVERTISEMENTS ON READING G w. Sheldon Room 4, 157 Le Salle street, and 9 Custom House. PAGE, ClNCJNNATI:-nleSSrS.l'rague & !l4 West Front Street. One S'-CLARKSVILIX, TENN.-M: H. Clark & t>TO. Throo D.ANVILLE, VA.-Pemberton & Penn. Year. Months. Months, DAYTOF, 0.-Miller & Brenner, 14North Jeiterson Street. 14 Llneo over 2 Wide (Jolumns .... $81i $4/i .2& EVANSVILLE. VA.-C. J. Morris. NOTICES, WANTS or CAUTION NOTICES. HEND N KY .-W. J. Marshall & Co. 4 Llneo One lnoerllon ................................. .;o ()eat HOP E. KY.-Geo, V. Thompoon. 14 Llneo Oneth LANCAST PA.-P. J. Delz e it, 12 Welt Orange Street. ,,.on ........................................ 5.50 LIVERPOOL: 111....,.. Cope l!rothe re & Co lo Lord Nelson Street. 14 Llneo Tw-o l!lon&hs LOUISVILLE:-Mr. J. W. Lewers, Bec'yof theTobaocoBoardof Trade, ...................................... 10.00 & Co. 1 14 Lin eo Three lllontho .................. .... ........ u.oo NEW ORLEANS: -Mr. J.D. C. Stevenson, 194Common Street. OWENSBORO KY .:....Fra..rser Bros. H. PUryear. I W. Russel, 267 Liberty Street. PHILADELPHL\:-Mr. A. R. Fongerary, 38 North Front Street. ST. LOIDS:-)Iessrs. C. & R. Donnitzer& Co.,123Market Street. SAN CAI .. -A. Poila.k, 225 Front Slreet. Under No Circumstances will we Dnlate from the Above Prices.


10-'' JOHN !NDEIJSON & CO. IIIANUFAC]'URERS OF THE SOLADHun TOBACCOS us uann srREET, !JEW YORK, lleg to dlrethe atte..tlon o( the Dealen"lsl tbrouthout the United W o::-ld 'J .. TOBA.t'COS ., l( I II"" -mcE P""ER UI WEST BROADWAY; NEwToRK. I ',,. -JHst l 1 11: New Rrand. Fine. Mild and Sweet. The Mrs. G. B. Miller & Co. TO-I!CCB IAlVPACT-OBY. < I EEITA.:E3X:.:ES::EE:m:J:t 1778. B"t. "York.. :J:t, OC>X...X..O:EN"S, Pre&:l.d.e:n1;, XANU'FAarurumB OF THE CELEBRATED PLAIN FINECUT CHEWING TOBACCO in BLUE PAPERS S:N'"V'FFS: Rose-Scented Maci:aboy,Scotch, French Rappee, American Gentleman. ''RESERVE'' = Lu 2 and 4 oz. Poll, aud 8 and 18 oz. Can. macle 1 et' Ddcht HlchFlavoreol Vlrpnta Tobacco. A\J.8o, First and qnaHty Sl!IOKING, In Dine Papers, F:l.:n.e C"U.. "t = DARK A'ND LICHT CRAPE. FOREST ROSE. CLUB. MAY APPLE aad PRIZE LEAF IN FOIL. T. B. MERRICK & CO. IMPORTERS, 131) & 132 WILUAM ST., NEW YORK. SPEC:Z.A..LT:ZES: (Tragacanth, Gedda, Siftings in Casks ; d d o i Sons in Bales ; G 111 Arabic, do. TC?rilf a Beans, ANGOSTURAm LJlpORICE PASTE. THE STAMFORD MAiUFACTURING GO. ) -M eliOr &: .. 2:J#:S N". 92d S"t., Ph:l.1ad.e1ph:La, l'IANUF ,\.CTUD.ED.S 0-F SP.A.N:ZS::E-I a::n.d LICORICE PASTB IV' :Med al awarde d f o r P trrity, C h eapness, nn d General Excell e nce of 1l11wufa c tnre. c-Also M. R BRAND STICK LICORICE, all Shes. SHOEMAKER, VOUTE & BIRCH, 126 S. Delaware Ave., Phila. T J1e Celeb r a ted "ORIGINAL GREEN GOODWIN & CO., MANUFACTURERS OF I Estabfishe o hSsq. "RED "HOI CAROTT." & "SUNSHritE" FINE-CUT .. lfi!IGH'r VTRGTh"'A ME ERS CE:A UM TQ'BA O COS, cut fro m Virgiu iu. P ]1ig. 1 -!Ci, ElV.J: n-1' E '?.:'. t: ULE r PI::&E :\IT :tt:i::i:' T YC>S FINE FLOW EBS WHOLE GROUND o r POWDIRED. ..t\.NISEED A LLSPICE, A N O.EL Ibacoo, fi&) S"l\;ltl:ta.!L1UEI And o f all styles of Bri ght & Elnclr PLUG & T\liST T OBACCOS. t-'acto rv : 2 4 'Twentieth .R.XCf:JS:l.\l.i:=N"D, 'VA. Om Nnv1Piill n R rf!.cialtv f o r the E as t<>rn States. j


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