The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (10 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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,I J l N'OL. ,XV.---NO. 26. 41 43. warreD. SOLE PRINCIPE KEY CIG-ARS, r .&.XD 01' THE CIGAR FACTORY OF NEW YORK. I PRICE L'St OF. CIGAA RIB.BONS. 1 Bl-oaol YeUo;r .............. ,E:rlra ...... broad, 'JO;rob U.15 ............... No.1 ... -H '70 ;rob 1.65 U II f''''1 U l i-li H PIJ'07U 1.1& M .. ............... 2. :6-8 'I'O;rob 1.1& .. .. .. ....... .. 3 ... : 1-il J '10 ;rob w Retl ... .. : ....... .. ,. ... u } J _i 1 't07da 1.80: ... .............. 2 ... &-8 70y&la' 1.60 1 .. f : 3 .. 11s rJo 7a. :tao :&p.....O. ..................... 1 .... 6 'TO ;rob 1ASQ Any Infringement 1;1 pon th_ la TRADEMARK _. J Havua 1818. :mat;a -=>11hed 1 Philaa..i-"__ 1828 } t J ,.-' _r-t S.. FUGUE'J & SONS, 'No. 231 CHESTN:UT ST., PHILADELPHIA, .I 1 ... ) r J ... 1 .. : l .S. L'lNINGTON'S ."SONS, 01' AI. ......... :......... .. 2 ... s-s ...... rro ;-a. ............... ......... a .... ..,.s .. 'lO:r.h 1.30 IMPORTERS OF HAVANA CIG:A.RS I I n ..fGENTS FOR HAVANA '& ,216 FRDNT'STREET, 'f(lit :.JQijK. 190 I''Narzow a.a ......... : ...... : } .... 4-8, 1 7!) ;rob .. ..... ...... 2 4-8 !TO ;rob 1.20 J. .1 u 111,3 ,-s u 'iOyd1 OJJ6 Jrarrow Yl>llow ............ 1 .. ... 4-$ 'JO;yob i.SO ............. 2 : .. 4 '70;yola 1.20 .. .. ........... ... ",'70;rols BozBiblton Jilecl .......... ............. a-s 70:ra. 0.'70 Yellow ....... ............ a-a -'' 70 ,.ds 0.86 Lonclrea (Chico) .. } ........ 34 ;rob -1.10 (Chico) .. 2....... 34;rda 8;93 Lonclrea Yellow ............. 1 ... 'J-8 ', ':U:rob 1.60 : U ,,_.,,,.,,: :: 2.,,,,-s }. :> A ._ ............. 3-llt-1u 34;rob 1.1q .. ............. "10 ... 18" 31':rll },.J....;. ..... ... .... "tr; .... 'J-tl 34:rob o.9d .. ..... .... "20-r .. l3-18.. c34;rcla .. .. ........... "r;o .... 1,3-1e" :u, .............. "lOO .. It-8 34;yob 0.4.5 .. a.a ................. 1 ..... '7-e .. 34 ,.a. 1.40 u u 2 ..... J.3-16 u 347ds Broad Bell JJ with ;yellow edgea .. '70 :vela L55 && Ill a 5 'TO yci.B 1.40 Jl' arrow" II 4-8 '70 ytla' I.30 Broad YelL JJ with blae edges ..... S-8 70:r;ob I.51S 14 Ua n red .... 70 yda 1.26 11 tl1 ) JJa red, whfte and : ,. : IMPORTERS OF THE r,.'f&.'W.I'I blue ..... 3'; 'JO J'ob 1.46 1 1\ IN D '' .. tBAilL RIBBONS .CUT & PRINTED ANl SIZE AND STYLE. A.U Orders PromPtly Executed. Term Cah. T 0 I A 0 'f' .. 0 PRICES OF CIGAR BOXES AND SA.MP,LES OF U 1 RIBBONS SENt ON APPLICATION. JOHN J : 80.KE, MANUFACTTJR.ER QF ; >.J I < OR.OO:EE.E'EI) I .1 "..) .. ,. .... I IMPORTERS of the COIPUWID ,TIN POlL i I l ,< f TOBACCO, MEDIUM AND TISSUE. (I t. .,. ltlAN'UFACTURERS OF CIGAR-BOX LUMBER :J:l!'IT I!!I:I?.A.N'111!1:EI: CE:DA.:EI. a:nd. :DOJ.\4E&fr:J:O IMITATION SPANISH CEDAR Cl L UM B E R,'. Are prepared to turnllh tblo Lumber to Box-Makers In the usual lengths and widths, otabled, grained aorl polished rMIADA. .. ................ 15.01. BRElOnl, fiA.elJRG Alo."'D THE CoNTJ.NENT '-'. D.O. A.US'}:'aALLl, tna ENGL&."""fD 6.0f eva.. ... ..... ................................................ 5.01. N:EW YORK, SATURDAY, AUG. 2, 1879. CONNECTICUT SAMPLES FOR 1879. 1 A very successful tobacco grower in the village of Poquonock, Hartford County, Conn., writes us as fol-'lows:PoQUONOCK, CoNN., July 28, 1879. En. ToBACCO LEAF:-I sent you four leaves of tobacco last Friday morning. I waij too much hurried to 1". r!te you then. The samples were sent to show you the size of leaves on my tobacco lot. They were cut twenty four hours 'previous to sending, to wilt them some. Tobacco is looking better around here than I -have ever known it at this time of year. I a lso send you two tobacco millers. I suppose they will be dead when you -receive them. What is the best means of destroying this pest1 ENQUIRER. The samples received are very large and fine speci mens of Seed leaf tobacco, the best developed leaf mea .suring 20 by 32 inc hes, and the other three ranging in proportion. Our correspondent has reason to be ;;rati fied at the excellent exhibit his crop is making. The '' millers" referred to ha:ve not reached us as we write. The tobacco miller is certainly a "pest," as our correspondent denominates it, and the more so as there is no kno\vn way of getting rid of it except by hunting for'it and destroying it, as is don e with the olldinary tobacco worms. If ani of our readers can a better or more expeditious mode of treating the miller we shall gladly publish the information. TAX IN GERMANY. The recent proceedings of the German Parliament upon reaging of the tobacco bill appear to haye brief. Notwithstanding the compromise tJetween theCon8ervativesand the Centre, IMPORTS AND EXPORTS. it was that th:ere were about which From the report of the United States Bureau of .Stat they had ot of the speakers confined is tics of the imports and exports of this country dunng to an explanat10n of their position in sup-the month of May, 1879, .we take th.e following facts. the tax' rates adopted by the Tobacco Commit The amounts given are compared with those of the IUli?resentative Richter-Hagen was the only one same time last year. The imports and exports for the who seized the opportunity to denounce Bismarck's eleven months ending with May, 1879, and with Mtly, policy 'and financial schemes, but the Government re 1878, are also given. We Peceived of leaf tobacco dur presentatives remained quiet. A vote was taken and ing May, 1879, 446,353lbs, valued, at $272,876; for the the proposed tax-rates adopted-85 marks per 100 kiloeleven months ended May 31, 1879, 6,268,517lbs, valued gram.ines on imported leaf tobacco ,and 45 marks per 100 at $3,352,339; during May, 1878, we imported. 544,075 kilogrammes on the domestic product. This vote was lbs, value d at $276,228, and for the eleven months taken by a large majority. No further mention was ended May 31, 1878, 7 584,454lbs, "slued .at $3,881S,909 madeoftheretroactive (orsupplementary)taxscheme, A comparison of these amounts shows a falling off which for a time caused so much controversy and ap-of 97,722 lbs ($3,352) during the month of May prehension A resolution introduced by the Commit1879; .and for tbe eleven montbti e:b.ded with tee recommending a restriction as far as possible of May, 1879, the decrease was 0 .{. o. "Ji9x 2;.9\l.J' JI!JV"E:EI. 'Y' th,e manl!fact,ure o f tobacco in prisons, called an cigars we imported in May, 1879, 40,371 lba / (UIIl,81 5); .::::...:;::::..::.:.::.:.:!_.....;;::.:;;._.=;.::._=...:.=;;;.;;..;;;;....;;;;;;.;:;;.;:;;.;=;.:;.;:;;;;;;;;;...;;;.;;;.;;;;.;;.;;.;;_...:.;.;.;..;; f oro for a complete pro-in May, 1878, 63,606 lbs ($217,9!18); in' tbt'l ,. I .., .. I ./. ,.. .1 J J I U'fTW BROS'.,Dealers ip LEAF DL will _find It to their iu:mmt&Q'e to deal with WI) 0


21 ended May, 18711, 565,300 lbs ($3,352,889); in the el!lven months ended May, 1878, 579,287lbs ($3,885,909). The difterence the imports during the month of Kay in 1878 arui-11J'79, 23,!39 lbe (SU,8117) ; during theeleveD,.alOiiths ended Ha,:.ll18, and Hay, 1879, the falling to 81,1:!3' U. (160, 751). Of other manufactures -11!'e imported goods to the amount of f7,45J in-Kay, 1m; and of S4,m in May, 1878, the in crease beinc IS,OOIS; during the months ended Hay, 18'71, the receipts were valued at t87,975, and for the same ume ia 1878, SIS9,017-the excess being 18,958. Domestic e:qK>ris : The exports of leaf tobacco raised in this countty Mow a decrease in. the number of pounds shipped abroad. The shipments in May, 1879, were 7,1110,30.llbs. (tll08,627), and in May, 1878, 16,253, U8lbl!. (S1,11'7,018)-the decreaee being 8,742,897 lbs. (t606,411)-.' a falliQg oft of about one-half. The amount exponed duriJis the eleven months ended May 31, l87ll, was 313,TZ3,810 lbs. (J24,511,899), and during the lllDle time in 18'1'8, HII;m,m lbe. (tt2,440,138>-n inf crease of lbe. (f2,071,766.) Of c_jganl made in thjs in May, 1879, 164,000, and in MAy4 1!1'18, fiUlilig oft of 11&,000; the Talues of the exporf8 of 1879 were S4, 996, and of those of 1878, ts,SOG-the diffirenee between two ..,00. ,!we exported during the eleven montlul:ltlllled: 1!14y31, 1871, 2,102,000 domestic cigars, and.dul'iWi time in 1878, 1,814,000, the'valuee oi 'the exp(>rta oT '18'19 being t68,977, and of 1878, 0,473. This shows an increase in shipments in the liDded 1879, Of. 288;ooo of ISS lbs. 1{$582), was Jn May, 1879; and in May, 1878, tl'iere was not a pound' eent out o1: the re should be correct. During the jlleven mon enaea May, 1879, 'we sent to other 11,801lbs ..{f4J_ ?16) ; sa?le time in 1878, 13,2C4 lbs. (f7, d!"Crease in 1879 l>eipg 1,442 lbs. (P,875) Of other domestic manufactures were expor\ed in 1879, goodS wli,ich amounted to 1204,474; and in the ,corresponding month of 1878, S260,698-the decrease being S56,224; during the eleven months 'enCied May, 1879,. the values of the exports were P,81i4,183 .. &l).d during the same time in 1878, 13,359,1511----ft. fall:ing off of $504,17%. Foreign foreign leaf tobacco we exported 28,148lbs. (SlJ,686), in May, 1879, and in May, 1878, 38,112lb8. (tlfl,806), the falling off in 1879 being 9,970 l.hs. (fS,lJO); during the eleven months ended May, 1879. we shipped 888,571 lbs ($142,932), against 354,329 lbs. in the same month in 1 .878-a decrease of 1G,758lbs. in 1879', bu.t an increase of t7, 717 in values in the same time. The export& of foreign cigars in May, 1879, were 2,228 lbs. (S3,ll16), and in May, 1878, 3,556 lbs. (17,525)-the decrease being 1,SBS lbs. ($4,309) ; for the eleven months ended Majll, :1879, we shipped 67,073 lbs. ($145,869), and in the same period in 1878, 62,169 lbs. ($124,652) the being 14,904 lbs. (121,217). Of other foreign manufactures of tobacco w; exported. articles to the value of P,067 in May, 1879; in the same month in 1878 there were no exports; for the eleven months ended May, Hl79, the values were $25,730, and for the same period in 1878, $26,366-a decrease of $636. R ECBIPTS J!'ROll THE TOBACCO INTEREST FOB TBB FISCAL YEAR ENDING lUBE 30, 1879. The s : ::,joined tables show the receipts through the Office of Internal Revenue at Washington from all branches of the tobacco industry for the fiscal years ending June 30,1879 and 1878; as, also, the quantities produced in same periods: Receipts. Quantities. Bceipts. Quantities. lfumber. "'Number Cigars &lid cberoolo f1t,l15,461.29 2,019,!18,131 $11,480,14oWiita:. 3,4ll8,1!0 t,od3,71U2 31,8114,107 Snull' .............. __ Tobacco ot all do.Crip -.uona. ....... ... 24,703,874.90 116,963,296 23, 3W,!58.08 10:1,1100,786 export .......... -.. Ia JMl to-7;1!56.80 bacco.... .... .. :atelall dMien Ill leal -....... : .. .!l'HE TOBACCO LEAF. branches of the leaf tobacco trade, but like many a able for ita unUonnity of plll'IUit, and might not boy who quickly outstrips his father in size and inaptly be te11lled SEED AND HAVANA Row. Some of strellgth, this later development of our national ac-thoie longest in business aad most are tivity bas long since attained adult proportions. In a establi.shed on this block or Bow, if our &pgested apsketch entitled Three Days in the Oonnecticut pe118tion be worchy of adoption. Among the RivliU'Valley," publiahed in these collllDil8 August IS, notable there for long conJiection with the pursuit 1876, we published an account.of the first lot of Seed with which they are identified are E.'M. Crawford & leaf eveT sent to the New York market, and, probably, Son, the former President of the Leaf Tobacco Board to any other. Quoting from that ske.tch the account .of Trade of the City of New York; Schroeder & Bon, there given was in these word,s :the former late Comptt:Qller and sub= mitted el!l8where. < DIBSOLUTION.-,The partnership heretofore ezisting under the name and style of BuLKLEY & MooRE has this daY.: been diSBolved. All claims against the con cem will tie settled by the undersigned, B.Dd the busi nees of tlie house will be continued his 'name. lJ. BULKLEY, 7'-Front Street. New York, August 1, 879. 754;;-75 AUG 2 manufacturers will use strips, and it is poSBible the same cause will have the same effect in Germany. In deed, some strips originally, of course, intended for England, have been sold for manufacture in America." Wliat I wish to point out is that the new Alnerica.n Q1utoll11J TariH can have no possible conneca{ n with this, as the autt is levied on the manufactu article aDd ,not tqe ra material. As to w far an mctelu!ed tax m Germh.Dy upoh leaf sffect the consumption of strips, it will depelid entirely upon the amount of the tax to be levied. With a three years lltock of strips in this country, it is easy to be understood why stemmers in America are anxious to part with their sti1ps there instead of them to an overstocked market; but this has nothing to do with their new Customs Tariff and will CflliBe as soon as the relative value of leaf strips returns to ite normal condition. A ScOTCH MANUFACTURER. P.S.-8ince writing the above I have the New York TOBAcco LEAl!' newspaper of June 28 which says:" Manufacturers who are so eagerly banting sweet paying such high priceS' for ihem, would do well to look through the stocks of sweet strips, which can be oought much lower, no doubt, than the leaf is selling for on this side." The price asked walsix cei).tB per pound, and this On the block below, between Maiden Lane and Wall amount I paid (or it. After purchasing tobaccG I Street, the great old names are Emanuel Hoffman & sent a small sample of it by the Oliver Ellinwrth to Son, lf. Schubart &: Co., E. Rosenwald & Brj>., and my in New York. He wrote me in due Bunzl & Dormitzer. M. Oppenheimer & Bro ., Charles course to the effect that if 1 _any that H. Spitzner, and other good merchants there, are kind to send to hi.Jn I complied wtth requeSt, in trade, but have all made th!lir mark in the and he sold what I shipped to him to J'oh'li iJ. Adrut111> right M. H. Levin and Havemeyers & Vian actor .. in.New York, who. made it in cigBfB gelius' are the Head-Centers in Pearl Street; Weiss, Major Joel Hawkins grew tobacco at WarehousePomt Eller & Kaeppel, Carl Upmann, liL Westheim & Co ., in 1812." and Wm. Eggert & CliSell in thp stz;eet. first c as now !>f l,af Fron St'ree etumes F. 'l'ag'& Son, 'imd L! &-D:"t. tobac\lo ; and, the .'l'fho the Holt q_a 'DiD6t _ut they munication to us passed to that "bourne whence no have a sterling, tho\lgil younger associate, in Strohn & traveller returns" full of years and honors acaroely Reitzenstein. Th siwlle, house in.Burlinl1i ,slip, E. more than eighteen months ago. Soon ,afterthepel'iod Spijlgarn has l,ldbne to, disp\&t6 it ti,tle to'rl!Pk named in connection with the first shipment, receivers among the elect ; almost in years as in credit The of this variety of established here. Bijur& and Salomons of Maiden Lane are old an<;i wor Among the first receivers were Havens& Suydam and :tliy tr:adesmen. Wm. 'liL P.Ji(if!,. with his. associates, Purdy Holt, the latter fatjer of the present A. L. & p. David O'Neil and the rest, a long way back, has done L. Holt, of Front Street, who are prominently and much to help extend the trade,of which he is a mem favorably known. When Seed leaf was first brought ber. The business careers of Messrs. Hollman, sChu to this market, Mr. Peter D. Collins, that hale old bart and Crawford-pol!l!ibly others .at this moment un merchant, informs us, it came incased in bales of memorized-form the connecting link between the inAN 0li'I'IOIAL REPORT.-The July report of the De of Agriculture, at Washington, upon the condition of the crops, has the following in regard to the growing crops of tobaCco:-The acreage of this with that of 1878 is placed, in Ken tuc at 89 per cent.; in Virginia at 90; MiBBOuri, 16; ennessee, 95; Ohio, 75; :Maryland, 96; Nol)th. Carolina, i03; P8wlaylvania, U2; Connec.iicut, lil9; Massacllusetts, 110; New YOI'k, .l.Ul; West Vir,ginia, 73; Wisconsin, 123; South Carolina, 100; Alabam.[', 9i;; liesiippi, 100; Texas, 98 OUT BUT NOT FORGOTTEN.-The name of W. A. RobinArlmnsa.s, 80. The six last-named States, and ;Ji son, a well .known and active broker, was accidentally well as the Territories, grow so little to omitted in the of brokers g!ven in these columns as to still emain an uniqwortant factor in last week in the !hroiii,li bfJ Plug esti!rialN the to14l ol the oolintry. The four Market." Mr Robinson if! a reoognlzed fa.C& the Sti\es Da which tbe Of Seed-leaf tobacco is plug tobacc!l trade, and1 unde':" all cir:umstances, is to grown (although_ Ohio on_e or t:wo other States be counted m any mentwn of 1ts members. porth of the OhiO' are mcreasmg their product)-the four States of Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York THEToB.wco BoARD OF. TRADE .:...Tbe new rooms of and Pennsylvania-show an "n"Crease of of the Tobacco Boaril of Trade, which have from 10 per cent. in Massachusetts and New :r:ork, in the fine marble building, 178 and 180 PfliU'l Street, each, to 19 per cent. in Connecticut. Pennsylvania have been subjected to a renovating process, which largel_y in exc'of the. three' other States was completed jluring the last few days of the prseent cootbined, we have for the f au. indrease of about week. Tpey have been handsomely fitted up1 and are 18 per cent., or a larger of 1877. now ready for the reception of the Board, wnich will Of producing shipping, mandfacturing and hold its first meeting at its new headquarters on TQ(ll>smokmg tobaccostobaccos which constitute nineday next. tenth of all grown in the United States-North Caro about 100 pounds each. There was a wooden top abd fancy and maturity of the trade: These three"' men, THE CRoPs IN VIRGIIUA.-A dispatch from Peters bottom to the bales consisHng of one-inch pine boards along with J s Gans deoea.86d imd. M Rader livmg burg, JWy: 1!6. that the. tobacco and corn crops m that section, whwh at one tune threaten bound together by !arn nothmg m the semhave kept of the Seed-leaf }!1 ad.. to be a total failure from the drouth for blance of the cases now muse, W1tll. tops, bottoms and terest.almost smce Its 1nceptwn; and those of us. who months, have been greatly by coptous show sides. The tobacco used to sell on four months' time know their ages may well marvel at its present magniers. fires -w:ere also extingdiahed at about tan cents a pound and alway8before sale the tude in view of the comparatively few years that have by the ram. A diSpatch. from .Richmond of the B&IDe boards uld be t ed 'ff d th "tob ld t . .. date anno"\*Dces that COJ>lOU.S rams have fallen" and t S npp o an e so a smce ol'!gmated. How vast has been 1ts dedrouth js at an end. Reports from actual weight. The modern method of casmg seems velopment a period of thirty years will be seen vanous points in northern ahd southern portions of to have commenced between 1835 and 1840. When in fl.guies in tlle appended extract from the first pi'intM the State give similar gratifying news. Seed leaf lirst made its appearance in the market, the annual report ,of_ "J. S. Gans, found er of the topacco a:. -At th H bok d -.. th c to 'pal t' 1 sed f k' St b .. .. LING. e o en oo... e us ms ar ICes u or ma mg were r9kerage house of J. S. Gans' Son. & Co., for 1851. officers seized on Tuesday a horse and cart loaded with Dommgo Wt:appers and Cuba fillers, w b,Ich were exReferring to the product of1849, that late etHcient nine milk .cans. In one of the milk cans were 20 lbs. and the_ bot? on account chronicler of :our market placed the quantity at'6,000 of which been smuggled from the steamship of Its lower pnce and Its mtrms1c ment, promptly cases The a"re-"'e annual product of the country F'l"t8ta The dnver of _th!J '!ho wdashaarresh ted, b ul b f th 1n h li ..-e stated before U.S. Com1Dl8Sl0ner JllUlrhea t t e was ecame ar su stitute or em. t e er now IS 150,000 cases. ,How brief. the span, how vast drivin the wagon for Fredk. Blank, the baker on the years of 1ts advent the dealers a.;> well as the receivers the industry _involved in' it! The of 'trade cornerg of Cedar and Temple Streets, this city. He were few in number1 perhaps not a half-dozen all told. hardly afford .. a parallel. New York is now, as at the was held $3,000 bail. Carl Buchheister, b':'tcher Mr. Collins was manufacturing tobacco and cigars in outset the principal receiver and distributor of Sood of the Frun.a, has ?oon arrested for m the G d St t al 1831 d b d ed th t h same way as described above. Smugglfug by means ran ree ong m an emg a VIS e leaf and Havana tobacco, as m1ght be expected from of milk cans seems to have been a favorite system of try Seed he_ a bale and made its metropolitan character. Philadelphia, Baltimore, late; It up mto Cigars As h_ts busmess mcreased he Cincinnati and Chicago, and, incidentally, Hartford, the to sell, paymg ten cents a pound for 1t and Springfield and Lancaster, are doing their full share in retailing It for cents. In 1836, when he moved to the great"work of enlarging the area of the trade. Front Street, and afterwards, he became one of the So brief has been the epoch since the inauguration of prominent dealers in the article. Havens & Suydam, the Seed leaf trade that almost all of those who have Mr. Holt, Mr. Collins and the Agnews were for some been instrumental in its growth are still actively en time the leading, if not the sole, representatives of the gaged in extending it. When we have expressed a trade. kindly regret for old Mr. Gans, for the Knight Bros., At the present time the number of firms engaged in who used to be in Front Street; for the Benrimos, selling Seed leaf a,nd Havana tobacco by wholesalo D and A., and I. B. Cohen, we shall have included and jobbing .in this market is about ninety, the names nearly all of thoae :who have passed out of the market of which, taking the streets in orde:r; from west to -some to the grat;tl and I!ODlil to other spheres of east, are as follows:-In Pearl Street, M H. Levin, activity-and who, at one time, were well-kno:wn J. & A. FREY's EMPLOYEE' S PIONIC.-The picnic of the employees of J. & A. Frey's cigar factory in Court landt Street, took place at Bender's Park, Monday night last, and passed off with unusualsucceBB. There was a very large attendance, which included many leaf men prominent in the street, and representatives from the various shops in this city, Newark and Wash ington. A fine band discoursed music, and to its strains the light fantastic toe was tripped until midnight. The manner in which the arrangements for the pleasure of the guests were made refiected credit upon the committees, 'he chairmanships of which were filled by Messrs. Phil. Cohen Abe Coleman, Henry Baker; Fred. Walter, and Frank Beckert, respectively. Havemeyers & Vigelius, M. Westheim & Co., Carl members of it. AN INOORRECT REPORT WITH REFERENCE TO GENERAL Upmann, L. Gershel & Bro., Weiss, Eller & Kaeppel, As a record of the past, the following addenda will RAU11.-Washington, July 27-Tbe Washington Po1Jt Wm. Eggert & Co., G Reismann, Elias Bach & Son, H. be of at this time:of Saturday says in eftect that ite story about the New Koenig, August Koch & Co., H. Herzog, Gustav Salo-FIRST PRINTED ANNUAL REPORT OF j, S. GANS. Orleans tobacco 'frauds so worried General Raum that mon & B o Fred Ho---A Blumle in & he pre""'"""" a written defence, and having sent for the !ina alone shows an increase in acreage over last year. AlJ. others indicate a material decrease from the acre of 1,878, which itseU, as shown in our report for JUly of ihat;year, was very much below that of 1877. !J'he condition at this date for the whoM! OOUD\ry is slightly below that of Jul:y 1, 1878. Massachusetts illbne of the Stales .bordenng on the Atlantic shows an improved condition over last year. Tennessee in the West p}gces her condition at 94 apinst 89 last year. 1Dealerota maaufac '_to \ 11aallf't'NoUel.aeo .. l fi'9jtJ1 .dO ulllUUll, "' ., YEARLY TOBAOCO RBPoRT-New YOI'Ii:, 3'anuar" 1, ,_..,.. w il & c Ah & D hls "'-" & stein J correspondents of leading Republican newspapers, in-.-= e o ,.. ner .... e \.Nun_, 1 1851.-BJHi.nish Seed Tobacco, Connecticut, Pennsyld hli h Th p. t h MdeHer Bros., Simon Auerbach. C. S. 'Philips" '& CO., vania, New York and Ohio: The cron of 1S.9 was sisted that they shoul pu s It. e '08 t en Tid: FRAUD {[PON MEssRS. CoP& lJ&OTiiims.-ln the Second Court, Wm. Henry Griffltbs, a young man of teBpectable apll6arance, who had been out on bail. was indicted for "having on the 15th March lut obi tained, by false pretences, the sum of 108. ed. from Mrs. Ann Butler, of the Alexandra Hotel, Waterloo. Dr Commins and Mr. Bremner the prisoner was undefended. It ap from the ease for the prosecution that on t e date named Griffiths called upon Mrs. Butler, and representing himself as from Messrs. Cope Brothers & CO., wbacco manufacturers, of Liverpool, asked her if she had any orders. She replied in the negative, as the goods she had last had were not yet e:xh8.usted, but she informed the prisoner at the same time that she owed the firm an account of lOs. 6d., which she would pay to him, as it would save her a journey to town. At first he pretended there W118 some mistake about the account, and that the cigars were charged lower than they ought to be. He left, Blt:ving he would not settle the account, but shortly afterwards returned, received the money, and gave a receipt in the name of Augustus Mellor. When apprehended he admitted having re ceived the money and spending it, but averred that he intended paying it back. Mrs. Butler was quite clear a.s to the prisoner holding himseU out as the represen tative of Messrs. Cope. Mr. John Wycherley, manager to Messrs. Cope, proved that during the last twenty-five years the accused had never had any dealings with the firm, and certainly he never had any authority to sell goods or receive money on their behalf. It also transpired that Me881'8. Cope and their customers had been greatly annoyed by the practices of the prisoner, who, it was alleged, had been going about taking large orders for tobacco which he never communicated to the firm, and then he would sen for cash to the persons from whom he took the orders parcels of inferior cigars which he carried with hi.Jn, and which were not of the manufacture of Cope Brothers, although he charged and obtained their prices for them. He now pleaded to the charge, and was sentenced to six months hard labor.-Liver pool (Eng.) Daily Courier, July 17, 1871, TOUJ ............ to,11111,002.1lfi to,oot,7M.67 ...... .. The returna above given are subject to slight revision until the Commissioner's annual report. appears just before the l'M81J61Ilblilig of Congrees in December. -From tbe OOIJlPMative review which we present it will be seen tbat in aggregate revenue and production has'-:rear than 1878, and, consequently, than an7 yelll'sinoe the inauguration of .our internal t.reveBue sp.n. 'c product of cigars, cheroots and cigarettes cfrom which ax was collected in 1879, including im "ported, was .and in 1878, 2,082,356,362. cTbe figures fiUbmitted show the taxable tobacco of all kinds produced in-1879 wll8116,963,296 lbs, and in 1878, 106,500,736 pounds. The quantity of tobacco removed in bona this year forexport is 'not shown in the above table, but in 18'18 it amounted to 10,550,475 pounds, and will probably: exceed quantity this year. Adding the exports last year gives a production for 1878 of 116,051,211 pounds. Add the same quantity for 1879 and the. total product runs over 126 million pounds, the reduction of tax to-the-contrary notwithstanding. The increasoo taxable pr9(iuction of cigars and cheroots in 1879 is ll4,183,188; in cigarettes it is 73,086,652; in tobacco the increase is apparently about 10, ooo, 000 poimd11; in snuff 99,003 pounds, and in revenue S43,247.98. The exhibit altogether for 1879 is a most excellent one, and speaks well both for the resources of the to baooo industry and the efficiencyof tke Office of In ternal Revenue. A WALK THROUCH THE SEED LEAF ANib HAVANA TOBACCO Fulton Street on the north, Wall StJ;OOt on the south, Front-Street on the east, and Pearl Street on tb,e ;west, is the commercial dijltrict commonly denomi na the Ne;w York Leaf and Havana tobacco market:. Qi y,iding this district into dual squares are from west to east, or from Broadw)loy. River, which form an important pat:t ,of namely, John Street, ending in Burling ijljp, Maiden Lane and Pine Street. L engththat is'-lfrom. 90rt_ 4 ,to the market embraces about four 9r blocks; croeswise, that is, from west to east, about two blocks. Surely, a limited area, the readerfor whom this geographi think, in which to do so much to make a jn hl,}e world as has been done within it during the past thirtyfive years, to go back no further. Yet;limiwd;-a$ it is, tl;ris-to use a l].Ot infrequent expreesion--is "the long and the short ofit. Away ap through the Bowery, and in some of the east-side avenues. the retailers of Seed leaf and of Havana have made a respectable showing for themselves as tribu taries of the market; and in Reade Street, corner of Church, the Messrs. Seidenberg & Co. are worthily counted among the thrifty importers of Havana leaf. But the market proper is located where the boundaries named have placed it, and there 'the merchants are to be found--the greater part of them, a t least-who with in a generation have reared in this city the great i,n. fabric representing the Seed)eaf and Havana trade of the United States. The men whose foresight and capital opened up the path to PIJI!Sperjty and wealth to many of the fl}l"IDers of Housatonic, Chemung and Susqueth? planters of Cuba, are for the I?u!Jiljtess in and about tp.e few squares arieiidy described in these introductory paragraphs. -'Dte Seed leaf is the youngest of. all the ..quotes from and makes some comments upon the tobacco sweaters, are in the same street, as also are about 6,000 cases; one-third of it was sold for export, article published in the Washington correspondence of V. Martinez Ybor & Co., Vega & Bernheim, F Miran-and the rest was purchased by speculators, who, it is the Tribune on Thursday last. Insofar as the Tribune da & Co ... Leonard Friedman and Calixto Lopez, im believed, realized large profits by the operation, they is concerned tJie story is false. General Raum did not having bought at 14. to 16c and sold it at 18 to 22c. write or dictate the article quoted. He did not send porters of Havana leaf. MeBBrs. F. C. Linde & Co.'s Later the w'hole stock not exported came again into for the correspondent of the Tribune. He did not in tobacco 'inspection 'fronts both: on Pe&.riJand Water the market, and, with few exceptions, the first pursist, nor did he even request it or anything else should Internal Revenue :a-ipta :&om the Tobaooo Ins r '' chasers were once more the holders. Occasionally dustry ror .June, 1879. treeta. l uf ture bo ht small n t f be published. In 'water there are Emanuel Hoffman&: Son, manSOc ugm some teesoald ftr;'mhigh to A cheroots and cigarettes ................. Sl,0'71,8'711 71 al a. .,; .; ....... -as SoURCESoFTHE. NATIONALREVBNUE.-comparative Manufacturersofcigars ........... G,'I'IIG-03 H. Schubert & Co., E. Rosenw d "" nro Bunzl & 31Sc: the mtrinsic value being about 16c That at such .__te t .. __ t bee 1 ted b th Inte1 1 s uff -D ed & Bo H Sco 'll & Co G th boni}Uld sal fla: been. small meDJ ..-J:US n comp e y e n erna n ..... .-: ... .......... ; .......... :. . 51,2<> 98 onmtzer, Schro er :n. A. VI e pncesal e u: ea mfacust :ve 1 I IS Revenue Bureau showing the reloeipts from the sever&! Tobe;cco of all deserip,iolll ..... .... .. .. 2,09l,llll 70 W. Gail & Ax, E. M. Crawford & Son, N. Lachenbruch natur to suppose. -anu turers began to ook for sources of reverme the. fiscal Stamps for tobacco or iDWIDded for export.. 487 80 & B .. J L G t & B Le & N F a substitute, which Walil found in Maryland, Ohio and endm_ g June 30, 1878-9, an. d. ""vmg the m_ crease anil Deale rs in leaf_ .t.obacco. .. .. .. . .. .. 3,936 .61 ro., asser ro., vy ewgass, ox, u:---nCountyti>bacco, althougliin every weok sales, o d R tald a! I ft b Dill & Co A s Ro b & C u 0p nh "'"""" tlecrease thereof. The prmCipal ecrease IS On """""co: e 1 ers m ea o acco ................ 8 sen aum 0 L. pe ermer of some 400 cases or thereabouts were reported, there iued at the rate of 24 cents per pound. In 1878 the Dealers m manufactured tobacco ............. & Bro., Joseph Mayer's Sons, Solomon is no evidence that' transactions of such magnitude amount paid upon this grade of tobacco was 11!5 326 Manufacturers of tobacco .................... Barnett, S. Rossin&' SOils, G. Falk & Bro., Schover-were never eftected. Be that now as it may, we. have 6611 08. In 1879 it was $17,969,235 61, being a PedtUer of tobacco ................... ...... 88,006 58 5875& 1,613 04 l B Ch l .... S 't A "' Ste h I by this ti.Jne upwards of a thousand cases to dispose of in 1879 of "7,350,829 47. The increase is on Ing ros., ar es J:J.. PI zner, P ens, 1'n the van'ous That thiS' ftrt1"cle 1's not abso" r Total "" 313 680 "" Ha b & Co A C h R St k n-h & o tobacco taxed at the rate of 16 cents per p61lnd, of .... ....... .. ...... ...,, "" m urger ., o n, emec e, ..,...,c lutely necessary in Europe, shows itself already by which there were none in 1878. The-amount realized E Fischer & Bro., Davidson Bros., the re-shipment of some 300 caseslrom Bremen. from this source in 1879 was $6,734,627 89. The a.ggre Freise, E. Beringer, B. Grotta, Scheider & LeoThe crop of 1850 iso esti.Jnated as follows ;-;Connecti-gate receipts are as follows: In 1878,$111,077,725 49; pold, Fischer & RoeBB, Charles Schroeder, Hirsch, dcut, 5N,OOO casesy k; Pennsiflvania, 3,500 do.; Ohio, 3,000 m 1879, $113,465 61. Total increase in 1879, $2,820,-v & Co G bel & v Ra d h S & o ew or 2,000 do. The highest quantity which 740 12 1ctorms ., 1e an m o r, P!lar sold at reasonable prices, say at about 12@14c. Held, Charles S. Hawes, M. Wallenstein. Bensel & for best wrappers, and inferior grades in {lroportion, is SPECIAL NoTICE.-C. s. Philips & Co. beg to inform Co. s inspection is in this street, as are also Felix 5 ,000 to 6,000 cases fOt:" home. For the trade that no drawing of ,their latest invention has Garcia A. Gonzalez and L. Pascual importers of rest w;e)ook forward for shippmg demands, w!J.?.ch as yet been made public, and the drawing exhibited to H have exceeded 300 cases. The new crop bemg the trade by an outside party is a drawmg of an old avana. the ever having a surplus of '4,1"500 t' t ted b our Mr Philips in 1876 which The few firms m Front Street are Charles F. Tag & cftes t ere 18 no rea-n that 1't should comm' an' d .mven IOn pa en Y we h!lve not used for the eighteen months. Our Son A. L & C L. Holt, Strohn & Reitzenstein, Charles an extraYagant price, imd _although latest invention is now acknowledged by the trade as T. Seymour and Joseph Seligsberg. ha:ve secured the best part of It,, manufacturers and the greatest achievement appertaining to tobacco reI M 'd La A Bi nd I Bi M & E shtppers have bought very spanngly, say-some 300 sweating. We are now prepared to make liberal arn ai en ne JUr a Jur, cases. The ID811Wacturers expressed their rangements with parties desirous to re-sweat their Salomon, E. & G. Fnend, W. M Price & Cct.' DaVlB & detel>lpination riot to buy: it Unless it can be had at fair tobacco on their own premises. Steam boiler is not Day, M Bondy, Lobenstein & Gans, Heilbroner, prices, and can, if they abide their ti.Jne, accomplish required ; every case is under complete control of the Josephs & Co., and R. L. Tura, importer. C)bject1 or if need do: wi:thout it, ha:inlf other operator, and can be examined at any time at a Burling Slip has but one firm in it that of E. Spin' kij:Ids of_ tooacoo to fallback upon. And as ,fat as moment's notice. New tobacco need not be taken out r ,Euro{>El-18 conce.rned, Brem!l.n ;J;"etm:ne_d us 3QO cases as of the original cases. Ell tire floors or lofts easily fitted garn & Co. Well & Co. m Pine Street are large liDmentwned above evidence enough tliat it is not wantup at a &mall expense. Havana tobacco cured and porters of Ha,vana tobacco. Redlich & Schnitzler, ed 1Jeyond1 its real 'It will now depend sweated in the original bales; no bagging nor bass need of Cedar Street, deal moderately in domestic leaf. .upon the of t'he to be removed. Colors can be made as dark as de.!ired The brokers at the preaent time dealing in Seed leaf wbether will to. pay a 'Pnce for a to suit the trade. This' is the best and cheapest J?rocess d H M Rad & So h 1 staple article, or remam macttve untlltt can be had at, for ever known. Call and examme for an _avana are _er n w ose prmCipa fair rates. It was shown above that by a small crop, yourself,.or send for circular. C. S. PHILIPS & Co ., operatwns, however, are m Kentucky orWef!tern leaf, when held at unreasonable rates, we have 1,000 cases/, 758--71>6 188 Pearl St. New York. J. S. Gans' Son & Co Charles E. Fische;r & Bro M. too many. Should now such prices continue, what Ertheiler & Son, Chas. Ii. Calisch, B. H Vetterlein, H. would our surplus be the of 1851, havmg more A FAVORABLE REPORT FROM PENNSYLVA11IA.-A cor-"Tobacko." Tlie following is from the ''blue laws of ConnectiO cut, which went into operation in 1650: Fforasmuch as it is observed that many abuses are crept in, and committed by fr69,uent taking of tobacco: ''It is ordere d by the authonty of this court that no p erson under the age of 21lears, nor any gtiler, that hath not already accustome hiJnseUe to the use there of, sball take any tobacco until bee hath brought a certificate under the hands of some who are ap{lroved for knowledge and skill in physick, that it is useful for him, and also hee hath received a license from the courte for the same; and for the regulating of those who, either by theire former taking it, have to theire own apprehen.sions made it necessary to them, or upon due advice are persuaded lio the use thereof: "It is ordered, That no man within this colonye, after the publication hereof, shall take a1;1y tobacko publiqnely in the street, highwayes, or oppon training dayes in any open places, under penalty of silq!ence for each offen c e against this order, in any of the pq.r ticulars thereof, to bee paid without gainsaying uppon conviction, by the testimony of one witness, that is without just exception, before any one magistrate. And the constables in the several towns are required to make presentment to each particular courte of such as they doe understand, and can evict to the transgression of this order." t I p E B k PhT K lla d A Schack C than double the qUantit:f to diSpose of? The growers respondent at Elizabethtown writes as follows con Inner, orens y, 1 1P e n of Seed leaf tobacco l'alSe from 1,500 to 2,000 cerning tbe outlook for the crops in that localitr:-" I Business Changes, New Firms and Removat,. Sprotto, H. Holland, I: NlSse n, I. C F. Meyer, per acre; each &ere for last two yeal"!l has have been taking a trip through different sectwns of AuGuSTA. Ga.-C. Huneken, cigars and tobacco; d-. John, R. Gelderman, E. Mallet-wtth whom M r. Charles th_em $150 to $200. There ts _no ?ther article whiCh the ,grow county in the worl", CARLISLE, Pa. J ohu R. Pilky, clgan;, etc. ; sold out to Joseph Hosller. ld h fi'-th ulti ti h b th Ql\,o l"' 0BIC400, Dl-Laubenheimer Bros ., clgArB, etc.; Jacob Laubenhetmerde .. E .FischerwasatonetiJneanemployeeandwhoretired pe ssuc a pro':; ec va on as eenon e namey LancasterCounty. Pantsfromthesizeofa ceased. mcrease-what an mducement to the farmer to m-hild' h' d t tti ".Ld ... 1 Mo Heury C1"08by cigars su:cceeded by A B PNeto Germany some years ago w1th a fmr competency, t t'll I 't t t 1 to th t c s an up o cu ng or er can ue seen. niJar y man. but who has since returned to this city-Mr. Warrencredase 1 s h -':JlOre.llta.s 1 ura ad to b-ooome--a rop. he-plant ge N-""" N. Y.-Bulldey &-Mooie,,U,!>a<:!:Q atches rangmg from fourteen aeres dissolved. stedt, Mr. Wolberg and Mr. Eisenmann. Th b' d. fl. f 1 d down to There good'"dll'!l This lil!t of names shows in a most unmiStakable v:cuf!e com me m uence o a arge crop an of complaining aboui the dry W flather affecting the at-tbla stand. I th 0 th of the trade since Messrs Hayden v_ery lim1ted demand exports aJ:?-d home COll!JUmpyield out as a general it is by tha class l.ftt Pa.-15aac M. Tully a: Bro., c1pn &lid tobecco;dlloolved; manner e gr w twn has been productive of a rap1d accumulatwn of 'lain b tb" Th I bJ1WJ11, H Tully. & Suydam Holt and Collms were the prinCI""l repret k. 5 000 "d d to b th ld f 1850 comp a out any an every mg. e crop BCou-:Rmu,IIo .-H. a. swr, otpr manafactwv, oold out to w.-a: J ohn rs oc IS cons1 ere e e Y1 e 0 ally does not look half as bad as the fa.rm"'rs-re1,10rt. lOll. sentatives of it. those as importers During last spring and summer was in In the neighborhood of Elizabethtown it oids fair to J!eudbelm a: Co .. tobaeco;mccoeded by Bendof Havana tobacco, 1t may be sa1d that nearly_ all of good demand, and was bought at frur priCes to take become a ftile yield. My crop this year promises better the regular merchants named above select in Havana the place of Seed leaf. thrui I. bave raised _lief

f T 'l'OBACHlO I.E-A-F. --.. Eft'e .cts of .Toba o, ports. to The To


J)elivered since .. .. J!tock on hand August 1, 1879 ..... JoHN CA'I'TUS' Tobacco Broker.-The continued un :favorable .reports m regard to the prospects of the growing crop ha.k e been the chtef element of gtvmg renewed streriglh to therWestern markets, which i turn did not fail liO> ilnpart more firmness to our .market, and prices did gtadually advance>to the present quo tations, ali which It closes firm Dunng the last week more universal rams fellm the West, which undoubt edlY. tnust have benefitedr:the crops and may better conSiderably thel general result.' The different Regtes ) bought comparatively little, refusmg for the preIM!Dt to pay the enhanced values, and exporters for the German ports have been quite mactive m consequence of the inCreased Import duty. England IS expected to be only a limited cnstomer this season, havmg yet a large stock on 1 hand from previous years. The other J)linor European places have taken a f!W" quantity, and Dbr the same, whilst speculators, ;JDOStly ouU!id6 J>!l.liiesj showed .their f&Ul in buying aeverallarge loill r r.eJJ smce .111-st report have embrased Eixtra fine and datk wrappers, wtth a. aprililding of and a. few old lugs There is a. gO about a half cent than a few we;eks ago: 'Bu;ters think the recent rams South will set tobacqo growmg and that there IS no reason -9igh pJilces 1jo res)lit o f df?)-lth. But some re Jiorl':l to the et:J;ect that tlie ")\'ere not general. ,seel, Lea,/.-1>-s will be seen below, we have had an ,active DMU'ket in1this depjl.rtment-Kessrs. Chas. E. Fischer & Bro Tobacco Brokers '1U Water Str6et, report as follows concenung Seed leaf :-Our market -this week showed conSiderable activity, the main feature being sales of 1878 crop of Wisconsin Seed leaf tobacco The total sales foot up to 3,0118 cases. of which about 3ti0 cases (Ohio) were presumably taken for export. Oonmcticu.t-175 cases o the 1877 crop, wrappers, ehanged banW,:realu:ing from 20@30c., and 400 cases, ll!i!COnde, of the 1878 crop, at from Ohio--840 jl&Ees of the 1878 crop, assorted, were note sales of 200 cases of the 1877 erop at i@Uc fo low grades, and 16@18c for assorted. WiBconsin was sold -to the.Ktent; of 1,857 of the 1878 crop, illcluditlg re-tlales of about 1100 casesJ at pnces raniD&' from for running lots; Blso 76 cases Gf the 1877 crop, wrappers, at 12@14c. J. B. GANS' SoN & Co., Tobacco Brokers -Seed Leaf -Notwithstanding the small volume of sales, as will lie seen below, and wh1ch betoken a dull month, the &one of our JD8I ket 1s healthy. Old tobaccos, of which no one individual firm holds a large are being profitably disposed o{,_ subetantial Peansylvarua .fillers, and all useful bmder leaf have become very IICIU'C& In Df' w tobaccos, the bulk of transactions were iD Wiscons1ns; dealers and manufacturers hold fJig aloof from sorts until the same are sampled. The tax question m,Germany having been temporanly settled, we hOpe lor an tmproved demand shortly from that quarter. A large busmel!8 h88 alreadr been done in allB:incbJ of tobaccos which bad been sh1pped to the interior previomly; and the cable brings us news of sales of aeveral parcels of 18'78 Ohio ill Bremen. The p-owiug crops, m spite of the many contrary reports, stand Well. 1876 and prior thereto New England, "Ill 1 ork, 150 do; Wiaconsin, 150 do. Crop of 187'7: Er.gland, 1,000casee\ Pennsylvania, 1,100 do; New York. 100 do, WlSCOnsm, 150 do. Crop of 1878: New Ezutland, 700' cues; New Hu'ana Seed, JOO do tJ'eunsy 1 vania, 800 doL Ohio, 7110 do-5110 for expon; WI>CoD8ln, 2,100 do; WISCOnsin Havana 800 do. Total, 7,075 C8llll8; of which for export, PQdo. Bxporill of Se.ed leaf Blnce January 1, 6 ,880 cases. Same time lut year, 29,807 do. Bpaftieh-The sales for the week were 500 bales, at toc:@fl.15, and 1lllO bales at higher .figures; and for the month, 3,000 bales of Hava.u, and 50 bales of Yin. ') STl ... i 01' jiT()CX8 OJ' SPA'IQSH TOBACCO. ., 1 -Tll 16 Cu-rit PO PoUND. THE "IIIDBTB- Bucu-Na..,. 4a. &o, &o, \Y,llo I7 @28 lOs, liB, and J(llall@lB .t 1701& ltllo. IOo ucl Pocket NaTY4e,&o,lloUld -L'!eceo lit @!Ill }Wlbs UOIS .t JIOe\111 !l-Inch llht-preaoed ll8 0411 Nay lOs or Pocket Plecee 16@ta>J Gold B&ro 90 @-16 Negrohoad twiat IIU@IIIi@IIS 6 ud 12-lnch tW1Bt IS @82 OIGA.B8, Ha'I'Ul&, per H I Seed, per H Seed and .,.ana per 1ll 400 l1V G&.I.NVL.I.TED, 8111011[1NG TOB.I.OCO. Jlecllum to 1!004 11111046 I Good to line 81'1\IPP.' (Subject dlacounl tbacco The to baccos that were small and just hviog Will make, with favor able seasons from now out, very line tobacco The tobaccos now be, n..< planted cannot make anytbmg but a nondescript. We shall, fron:l the ptesent outlook, make at least half a crop good toliacco Poss1bly in my. next report I may be able to a accurate o( the growmg crop. Breaks from July 28to 81 mclusive, 11311.hhds, 224 trcs Offermgs at a.uctwo c.:ly 2t', 26 plcgs sold at 2 89 taken ID at 2 July 83 pkgs 110ld at 2 47 taken m at 3 00@48, July 80, 79 apld at 3 40@li8; 40 taken m at 5 00@26, July 31 53 pkgs sold at 1 00@25 49 take n 10 at 2 50@60 ST. LOUIS; :Mo.-Mess rs 0 & R Dormitzer & Co report to TlLE TonAcoo LEAF as follows<-We no change to report from our market Fine tillers in better demand, and tlrm; lugs contmue strong. Holders are qmte tlrm, and no co nCeBl!tOns made m pncea; _a large proportion of the o1ferm!!" been rejccte\1 this week. Transactions at our w,.rehouses during week -Rece1pt11 1027 hhde, o1ferings 522 do, deltveries to 57 do, for ship ment 801 do, total dehvenes 85'8 ao, stock on band 7,192 do SAN FBANCISCO.,-In 1t11 semi-annual review of this market the Jourrw.l of Commerce says-The tobacco and cigar trades durmg the six months ending June 30 have been dull-very dull. Several causes consptred to produce this state of things the general feelmg of uncertamty, the unsettled state of the country pending the favorable change in the weather m tl:ie Sprmfl:, the ag1tation on the new (JonstitutiOn, and the waiting to see whether Congress would pass the billreducmg the Internal Revenue Tax. The c1gar-makers complamed of a heavy stock carr1ed over rom 1878, and of the depression caused by Chmeee competition, albett they employ Chmesethem selves. Then Eastern mgars reached this market m as large number as ever And revenue troubles worl'ied the makers large and small-meetings were held to abate the eVIl, and the obnoxious offi.ctal was removed Now matters aTe' m a decidedly better and more hope ful condttion. votaries 'of the weed have not lost-hope, and they smoke as much and as furiously as ever. Exports prom1se (;() attain Importance. For the half year they have been a!l follows -'Quantity Tobacco, lbs 183,512 Cigars, No 1,651,698 Total Export of tobacco since our last -Lbs 203 4,500 Total 4 ,703 Export of ctgars smce our last -CityofChester,Yictona. 14,000 Lady Lampson, Honolulu,mgare, for: 15 cs.. $1,375 89 do, do. 10,000 120 00 Forest Queen, HonolUlu, 29,500 Value $54,936 15 34,962 311-$89,898 ISO Value. $139 00 1,350 00 $1,489 00 $453 00 1,495 89 354 00 $2,302 89 CIOARS.-lmports since our last By rail, 27 bxs (6, 729lps) Total 1nnce .Tan lst, 1,140 cs The quantity manufaCtured m the First Internal" Revenue DlBtrict of California dunng the first siX mo-tJls of 1878 and 1879 thus compare January No 7 967 850 February 7;094;2.25 March 8,484, 7211 April . 9, 064,250 May 8 757,591 June, 7,830,625 Total . . . 3,340,206 8,297, IS1.2 We have thus imported more than for the first six months of 1878 lmpol'taliiRRS wePe, however very light till after the first of M,ay, 88 not kDowillg what ()9ngrees wight do m the matter of tax reduction tmPOTtllra d1d not wish to be ovel'Btocked. Tlie reduet10n became law, the tax being 16c 88 against 2tc prev IJliae.g & FB.EY. Packers anil Dealers in Pennsylva.nta. Lea.f To'bacco, 61 a.nd 63 Korth Duke Streets LANCASrEJL I \


-l ER,:I:B TAPES.' 21J. 213 Wooster Street, NEW YORK. --. Proprietors ol tbefonowmg Brands, Cigar :M:annfaetmers are cautioned against using the same: 1lONTlOELhU, M. OF .A."l'Hlf!Ns, IJO UNCIO, G .A UN'l.ILET AJfBROSI.A, LITTLE JOKERS, RIFLE TE.AN. SOLID COMFQR:I', BA.TISFIBD, HIGH TONED, PERFIIOTION, MONTE VERDE, M.ASS.ABOIT CHIEF, CHAIN LIGHTNING. UBJl.A.'l' WEB'l'ERN : JJ>np 0' D.A.T, OLD' DOG TR.A.T,<.JEYJ!JN OH.A..NGE, EQUIVALENT. 0. w. U!i'11IOB. D. W. CROUSIC. est,, l J CIGAR 11tb.o J"obb:b15 Trd a:nd. .. ,:ln. Pen.:n.syl. va:n.:l..a C:I..Kars. Office: 643 PENN STREET; Werehouse: 636 COURT STRfET, R,-:AING, Pa. LIQUORICE PASTE! The undersigned _oontlnue to manufacture and lmpo rt Spanlstt and Turkish f:-lquorice Paste, which he offers to the Trade at Reduc4KI Prices.. M.anufa.cturars will. find It tp their Interest to appry to him. before purchasing where. .. ... UaJQea C.McAndrew Aeqalre4 llller &he ....... oc &he 5 5 Water Stre_ et, New. Yo.d-llul&ed. _!>&a&e.. ,;'.a. BOaT eLl'f'a. WEST.HAM TOBACCO WORKS .TOBN E. BOJIIlqOJr, o:r'XV;EIR, &,. R,OBXBii'EIO:N". R.%CI!B:MOND, PROPIIIli:TOBS, "VltR.Grltl."G"lt..A.. .... ldlle1llftl'llotraD .,IHPI.11G au41!1DOIUI'fG TOBACCO, CIGARS au4 CIGABETTBS. SOLI: OWlfJ:llS AND llA:NUFACTtlltERS OF TH1I: CELEBRATED :a.d :Bra,Jldsr aa-;f011111Wly"mllde by BUCK.Uf..LN & LYALL of New York. BOLli llA:NUFACTUl1EBS ot the CI:LEIIBA.TJ:D -CH.a .&lloSOLI: the NEW BTYLJ:, ,PATENT RrYENUE STAMP ATTACHED. :mrw:RiuEOI'I'IGil;r:JM wBQ,.STf BOSTON, OITJOBr-9 CEifTJU.L WHABJt1e Jl, :wQW ... 'FTHEWS. e,..wi .&teat. W P,IU'ft'RBDQE a CO,. Speolalq'ta. We hereby give notice to the trade that the Brands for Cipl"\1 have been registered at Patent Office at Washington by us, add any infringe-. ment upon the will be prosecuted to the full extent.of !Jle law:-, DE CAPO, MONICO, CLARITA, GABRIELLA, QUEEN OF THE WORLD, A & H A CO., LA BERNICE, AH SIN, 2( 125, 127 and 129 BROOME STREET. "..1 r CA ,. -+/ __ < I We bereby,v:e notice that all Infringe-ments ef our u ... J will be rigo:to sly dealt with according to the Laws. of the United FOSTER, HILSON & CO., RellaiJee Clpr J.l'aetory-No. 1, 84 Dldrlet, LOOK SBABP FOR ..) "OUR GRAIDFATHER'S CUlCK," I .} -c;.-' I L YoRII:, May S1. 7GM5 V New York, JlUie 27, NOT 6E. We hereby caution lilt parties infringing upon or IRINDS, & T IDE-MARKS, that we will spare no pains In prosecuting such parties in protecting the right.B secured to us by Act of Congrees dated August 14, 1876. Stra.ltoD & Storm. No. 1106 -tree-t Lehmaier. & C San. Ca1., s ,OtE. -AGE.NT ON THE PACIFIG. COAS ----... ,i ::IF".A.OTOJR.T1 f,. 4113-601 I'IRST AY., oor. wUa St., .. --raa--..


lDa'ta b1:lsl:l.ed :I.B!;;!B ----------!... Sole Agents for JAMES B. PACE, Richmond, AND OTHER VIRGINIA MANUFACTURERS. JNO. W. CARROLl'S 'CELEBRATED BRANDS; LONE JAC.Ki, DICK, K'rO... ITO' !rOO. -:"WIT P'FI'TT.Te;LtEI;_ ._. BRAND --oR A <3-TA-G -_ .. S.M.QKIN. G TOBACCO. .:N'B"WWr, ,secll -Leaf TolJaneo TOBACCO INSPECTED OR SAMPLED. .A.1:te;a,ded 1:o. Oertltlcates gin n for case and deUTere



8 .!' :n E T 0 :8 A C C 0 L E A P. (. l AUG 2-Phtl.aitlelphla A.dver.tbement.. Paebn, Cni'11lll llnllr1ta, n II'LIIra 'Ia hreip &1Ul Leaf Tohaoao, (>, 117 North Third cStreet, PhlladeiP,hiL Wi. EISENLOHR & CO., PACKERS MID WHOLESALE DEALERS IN J.aBAF TO D JL C 1.1&:1 a. .8-t P:b::Ll.a.d.e1p::tU.a. 'IV. K!UNJ.OHR, PRIL. BOlfN. E. BAMBERGER & DEALERS IN LE.A.F TC>EI.A.QOO, And Manufacturers of. all Cradea of Cigars, 111 Arch St.,,delpbta,, Pa. LEWIS BREMER'S SONS, r Whole&ale Dealers i:a 'LEAF" AND JWtUFACTlmED TOBACCO, NO. 3;22 NORTH THIRD STREET, PHILADELPHIA .. A larJte assortmentpf all kinds oC LEAF ToBACCO constantly on hllnd .lt MOORE, RAY a CQ., Pa.ckers, Commbsion Jlercha.nts &, Dea.lers m I SEED LEAF tc HAVANA TOBACco a o I'{ No. 35 North. And 214 STATE STREET, HARTFORD, CONN. rd. HEIUIE DE LA REDJE BRIGHT CUT CA VEJfDISH I F. B. BISCHOFF'S GERHAN SMOKING aa4 otlaer Br&Jado ot SJI[OJDJrd lVLB.lVIcDowell a Co. Abo BERBE DE 'LA REUI'E and otlaer Branda d OlG.A.BETTD. .&l(eDI In New Yorll 1 88 IIORTH WATER STREET, PHILADELPHIA, LOTTIER'S Tag Tc::'ba..occ STORE: 1341 CH F.STN'IJT STREET, 444 to 448 North 13th Street, P.A.. FR. ENGELBACH, No. 56 THE LAR1JEST CIGAR FACTORY IN THE STATE. a. a ._ :Ha.rriott, DEALER IN S. EIC::i1f.c:J. Tc:p IMPORTED and DOMESTIC CIGAR MOULD MANUFACT'G l&BACCO, & Borth College A ve1S1 Pa. 25 Gennan St., Baltimore, rtld. Iii ow retaiUng 118 different abapeo and olzes, from tbe fuctory, at ,cpNST.L'ITLY ON H.UID, reduced lirices. EYery mould warranttXJ unifonn. U sb" i-'Ur P.,tCKERS OF &Ell:!lD LE..A.P AND IMPORTERS OF 'I'oba.cco, "1'9, 81 .1: 83 EXCHAXGE PLACE, Ela1 i::lzn.o:re. c1. "' be DOt It .'!'ill be exchannd. or money l'aturned. Our aim Bypul"chasingdirectfromthe 700 wtU. B&?e all and commissions. The only medal and 4tploma awarded at eeutenntat was to the 11. y ADVERTISI:MI!IIT Nl4. Olllcialdooumeut.scanloeaeen atllleolllM,rth OoU..., A..,..,_ U S, SOLID TOP CUU.B ltlOULD CO. B. WAI lEI ME, lP8 P-1 St., x-Yosok. s.a. .&a-t. __..._.L ... _uce. J. RINALDO SANK & CO., DOHA"N &TAITT. TC>B.A.CCC> Tobacco Commission .Merchants, omce : Oor. Bynae & Dlifax Sts., Petersbargh, Va. -.---:Factory: 19 \Second District, General .. Com.miSSIOD' Merchants, I 07 ARcH sTREET I Maaufacture and Offer"' tlle Trade tbe lollowiow CELEBF..ATED BRANDS of 81 llorth._!!_ter P:a:zx....a..:J:):mx..:P:a:x..a..., : P L U G C B J!l WI If Q ao llorth Delaware Avenue, ..,.. T T Y J -ANI>-' p:a ... F .a.. r., TOBAccos. HAPPY THOUGHT BRIGHT Avv, 1o, .. r.,8.,9 ... 410 SO RVER C OOK -. CO -. .... o.. ., ToJ&eCO' Agencv, .. .. "" so, II ..... too. -., "ST JAMES" DAB.& n l aD.d &e. PACIJBS, COKKISSION KDClLUI'rS, 108 .&BCH ST,, Ph1ladelphJa, Pa. POUNDtl, ._, 61, 6o, 'h,.ill: 111 &l&d lOo. And Wholesale Dealers in G1CRB.AL AGENT FOB 1 of PIKE 1"WIST of feVeral g-tadea Bright and Mabogaor under foliowtor LEAF TOBACCO WILSON A McCALLAY'S "ADMtB.&!'J.IIO." "TIIOB.MAIVD'Jr., PLUC TOBACCOS. II BEAIL"l' 01" GOD," .. II I.IVB OAK," .. NABOB," 188 8"1' ., DE 80"1'0 and COM'IJ'BBOB.." PHILA.l)EL PJU.A. A B TBEOBA LD The foJl owm g arC! oua Age__n_ts for the Sale_ of lLANU F ACTUJtED GOODS : (J, w. v .ur .&LSTil'fE 41: .CO.t18 Central Wharf .. .. MANUFACTURER OF Po ; Joseph Wa.11alce' .&. HA.'GEN I< -FINE' Cl C A N ft, C-1.-rl.&l'f, GalvMton. Teua; Rs -,ORN TITV8. Cincinnati 0.; (Successor to'Cooper & Walter. ) J E. w; .REULING, 8M Front St 8ao ....-, M 'NUF CTURER OF IliA YO & !IIAT.HE\VS 420 N 2d St. St. Loulo, o.; A AND DEALER IN w. H. HOFF, &.tfi. & Wat;erStoli., llJtlmore, Md. ; SJfO(JNG TOBACCO Spanisfi and Doll18Stic leaf T l3bacco, coorlin & co. Co <>: Font St .. l;'":his Tenn. 888-8'1'li.N TH.ELEVENTH liT B.-Gtrar4 A ..... & lftJa ... '' .loBD'I' J'OJI' & OINCIMI'A'I'I PHILAdi!LPHEA. PA. CI0.6.R KO!!LDs, !!T!!.U'!!. ETC. DA: JtQ G. HIRSH, WHOLIIIU:Lil DBALIIR IR CHEAP CIGARS; 4L80 .JOBBER Jlll ADd Dealer ID SEED TOBACCO; Havana & Domestic Leaf Tobacco x..a:a.caa'ter, Pa. ,. 100,000 CJipra nhi'&J' oa .h&D4. '118 Soatlt. 6tlt. St., PJdlaclelplda. ALP:H.A. Tobacco 1 0. P. GBEGQBT & CO., T .&, CHEWING AND SMOKING TOBACCO, I 'dJJO Va... OUR BRAJn=:.BefEHI&I,-UB RIDfl& HOOD,IIIERB' CHOICE, ALPHA. 'V' .A. t the CENTEliNUL RXP08lTION, September Zl, 18t6, 'nilS TOBACCO w..-.. .&. W .ABDED rnm-HIGHEST PRIZE., We e&ll *" t1ae ....,., 'll'bloh our pnt up, that neither Dealer nor otber IOoodl. t be Ia getting oura. Every Butt and CladdT. bu .. T" lai.IJ;:"' 1nto It by a e. Ev.,JY_Plug has our Tnul.,.lll&l'k otriJ> "JA u per m annexed. TRY IT UNDER OUR OUARANTJI:I:, am4'1f-T< ,.,np,...ll&, we WILL PAY FII.ElGHT JIOTll WAYS. SOLD aY .u.L LB&DI.G JO.aEBI 'rBBOVGBO'DT il7aDED ITATEIL J.P. SPENCE. N. T. SPENCE. AIBROSIA XOB. Bl!IIE O::I!E.Xl."'I"G-. mi<:W..!1. G-6; ae, oa, 8o ea ._. 'h"--a. O:J:N:CX:pfNATX. W. S. O'N Ell., And Wholesale Dealelii ta 10 LEAF TOBACCO, 4.6 Front St.. o. F. W. DOHRMANN, LEAF TOB!CCO BHOIRR S. E. cor. Vine &: Front Sts., IISCELLAIEOUS ADVERfiSEHNU HINSDALE SMITE &. SON,. (Socce-n to H. SMITH &r CO.) PACKERs Alm JOBBDS OT Connecticut Lea.f Tobacco_ 20 HAMPDEN ST., Springfield, Maser HtKSDALS StT11, E H SITH. l. a Pzl

A.UG. 2 ... Dir8Glal' AifcrtiWJ. I JO:W 'XOIU' 7'ol>atOO w,..-. &boer &: Dehla, 1110 1'...-&. Allen_.f; 011; 178 .d 1711 Ch&...,.. It Belae, 183 Water d 8li ftDe Bataell B tlfl W'. .Bucil &l'llcJier. !118 Water. Bulkley &: Moore, 74 Froat. Cardozo A H. 118 Broad. Crawtord E. Ill. &: liell. .--... ...... Dobaa, uarroll .t m IINI'rollt. Dullole ...... -751'1oat. J:gerli Wml c1: Co. N PearL .,._F. e&a w...wn.-aqJ!'rteDd& cl: o & Co. llM&I4eD. ....... Oardllier J 111. IH J'roDt. Garth D J Son .t Co. t4 a-d. a-tJ. L&:Boo.ltllll'-. Genhel L. &: B"' 111 Peul. BambW'I<"r L .t no. !lit W'oter llellbroner, J-plla & Co. 119 llaldom L&ne Berbot Brother&. t831tater. Blnch, Vlctoriuo & Co 177 Water Jterbs & Bpi1014-lll20 ild ATenue ltooDigB.ll Pearl l.achenDI'Uch & Bro. 1M Water. Lederer &: Fischel, 218 Pearl. LeYin X. B let Pearl. Levy ot N._ 169 Water l,obon8teen &: c.ans. 1St Jlaldea LaM. ll&rtlll J. w ?!ll'rollt llueller J:rwlt &: (;o. llli Peorl. l(euberger M. 179 Water l'lolllltocla 11. 1'19 .,_I Pricft Wm. M. IIY Malden L&ne Jlelamann G lllll l'earl. .... &Oo.47.Bnillll!.;l ;:..;! ........ 171 Water. c1: CO. Ul Water. ScoTiil& ll. B. a Oo. 1'10 Water. lllebert B61il'J, Gjj Jlroed. I Bllelnecae B. tat Water 8lnltOn EaftY,ih Strohn & Reltzensteln, 176 Front. Tag, Cbarlee F &: Bon. 1M l'ront. uJ>mann.Catl. t'IB PoarJ "' f w...,. Va.alld N.C. Lnd C1lo1IOI9 &nden!OD. Jobn c1: ()o. Ul. 111 aDil 11'7 Liberty. Buchan&D .t LJ'all, 101 lnll Buchner D. !113 &Dillllli Duane. Qoodwln & Co. 'JI11 &: 11)11 Water. Boyt Tbomaa & Co. 4114 Pearl. XlnDfY Jlroo. 141 w ... t Broadway. LorJllr.rd P &: Co. 114 Water. :McAlpin D H.&: Co cor Avenue D aDd Ten$b Miller G B. &: Co. 97 ColumbiA. Pioneer ToblcCO Company, If& Water. AQ8nU tor CMIDingand Smolri"'l Tol>acccM, etc. Engelbach F. 116 8. Waahlogton Square Hen A. Ill Co. 48 Liberty. Bunt H. W. 9 Wllll&ID Wille & B&ndhelm, 1111 Bowery Man,.facturert of Cfgoro. Aloes George. !lis Pearl Ash, Lonl8 & Co 104 Chambers Bondy & Leaerer, 96 to 110 Attorney &: ()o. 78 Bowery DeBary Fred. & Co 41 and 48 Warre n GI&OCum & Behloeser, BlriDgtoll. Hart corn J. A 21 Bowery Hinch D. & Co. 1!1! an tOlD ADd 8!0 to 814 FlftTfourtb Levy Broe, AeDne D r.Dil Tentb BtreM. Llcbtenoteln Broo. & Co. 11118 aDillfiO Bowery Love Jno. W.liOII Bowery llendel K. W. &: Bro. 1& 1-1 Bowery Orgler 8 811 Man-ay Prapr H. W. Conrtlandt ,t. Bokohl a Co 81 Water -borg It Oe, M Uld S8 Boade IIIIIBh .. ...... Bmltb lfiuo L. to, Ill CaMl IJtochelherlll. .t Co., 1111 !'114 lM Liberty lltralton .t Storm. **ll08-17th hW & Jle........n<. 7B i'lpkl'lace > JIMtli/octwwo af,.. Brown c1: Barle,lll aDd 118 Woo.ler Footer, .llllsbn II! cO. 115 Bowery lloi8<:DOz..Haya & 00.131!o'o'IM Almlrall J. J II Cedar l'relao E. 15711'-l'rledman Leonard, IIlii Pearl G&n>l& F. 1111 Water Gonaolez A. 167 Water 1ter1Ja & Bpi-1014-11l20 !ld A Teaue Callxto, li06 Pe&rl ']l-T. Jl & Co. 111 Haldla X... L. 1116 Water Sanchez, & Co. 180, tall, 1M ll&ld!"" L&no Bco'rille A. H. & eo. 1'1V Water Boldenborg & Co M &ud Bolomon II. & Ill. 115 va Bernheim, t87 Peart Well&: Co. 65 Pine We!M, Eller & Kaeppol, 200 Pearl Yl>Or'v. H&rtinez .t co. 100 Peart 1 .Agent fot" cr.ounng and Bmolbaceo. 1 Mathews H W. 78 Wanen .lfanufacturor o Key Wut mao1 IMpfert of Ilavc"'a Cifta.n. De Bary Freci'll: &: Co. '1 ADd 611 Warren lllcFall &: Lawson, 33 Jlurray Bolden berg&: Co 84 ADd 81i llea4e Manufacturer of Moer- and Goodo Wela Carl, 898 Grand Impot"ttn of Buehler &: Polhaus. 83 Cb&mbonl Hen A lit Co. 48 Uberty Kaufm&UD Broo. dt Bondy, till ADd 181 ,Grand It_, ... Bensa0. Lebm&ler, Bchwarl& .& Co. 48WOl s.t aTeae 9 ) IMport.,.. of TiFi>il. DA't'TO:N.O. Wlttemann Brothen, 184 'll llllam 7'ol>aooo B"'lf1ifl(l. a11tt Dealer'hl. Olio Roo--}..,... Bowr.rd Brothera &: Bead. 44., &: 4411 Broadway lll'ew YOJ"k LAIIel Oo. f& :aHeppenh-&: .......,r, "21 a,.a f& :A'. Wlllal Olflaf'--_,...., -Beppenhelm..-Jlauror, ud lM N. W'QliJm Wullf Chao A. 51 Chatham of Kinney Broa.' IOnney F. S 141 Weot Mcmufacturero of Olgorotleo. Zrtheller &: Co. 141 wa&.r Ball ThoJDM H 76 Barclay Z,.porter oJ 2\lripo, Outll:r perma" Oiflar Jl.,..,.,._ .t Quo, 181 Jl&lden LADe Ma..ufacturero of t;iflar Jl.,..,.,._ BorgfeJdt !II. H. &W I:Ut Nlbeteenth .M 1 V Bobb B. A. IIIII Canal BtraWII S 179 and 181 lAwla &>l fJrAokir&g EmmetJY. co, [mpot"ler of .n-md> Citlm'dfe Fbptlr. Ma Brothers. 105 A vftu ot ClfCJr l'lo J'rleo Alex. & i 6 Colleee Place Im,porler Jla..,., Jauies. 66 Warren ..A,.lebJI' Cigar Machine and .llutJGM t.'Yga.r I (') :; Sutphen JohnS. 58 Whitehall P..u..t Xl>l'>.aeOO Ul40r>llfl. Buelller &: Polb&UB, 88 Chambers Cmnerciol Tho J H. Bra:cl8treet &'Son Co. l'l9 B!.'Oidway 1 Manujactuffr of Gla88 .s.g.n., HaWoewa .John. 333 ll:aot :18th .Ha"ufact1&rd &: I Water Bt. J!IOSTOR, Cigar lllanufact1 MercAa..r Bolyolat C 0 1i Central Wllarr ln H..-..a a!Od Dom! Tol1aciU:NaFIELD, lllasa smtth H. &: Son, llO Hampden ST. LOUIS, Jllo, Tooocco w .... .-. Dormltzer C. &: R &: Co. 123l'darkel 'B'IJ'i!t:r 0/ Lwf Tobacco. 1 Ladli w."M. lit North Main" "' TobaccO Bull6f"B Meier Adolphue & Co. ManufMturers' Agent. Dlllenberg D. 100 N. 2d. SYRACUSE. l'f, Y. JlCJnufacl1ert o n & Penn. DA) TON. O.-Mille1 & B :enner, 1 4 North Je er5o l ...,. ,. HAVANA. Cir r A.-Ho moz.n & :--;ch o ... der, Lampa.o;i,L!a HENDERSON, KY.-'\'\. J 1'1t.nsl1al l .. t C'o. '1 ; t HOPKIN VII ... J KY .-Geo. V ]l ... Cvne & (Jc;', L'C!rdi.Netson ';ttet-t. .. LE: -Mr J W. L"lNCHBUP.G. VA.-Holt. Sch:vft-r & f)Q. ; .. \l!. J.D. U. '194 Common Street. O WEN SBORO. KY BrOR. P,1.DUGA H KY.-'I' R Purycnr. PITTSBURGH : E W. Ru.stsel $7 Libert:\ Eltet. PHILADELPHIA;-}Ir. A. R. Fougoern.j Front Stre e t ST L(H Ji8:-!tff'N-..,1'3. U & R. DQrmi b e r &. Co., 2 NOrtti Maia St1.Ct!:t. SAl i FR\NClSCO. CAJ....-A. -Q2."iFront St1eet. I 0 "SURETY" CIGAR, 'lfi Certlant lltlroM. T .... :N" o't:loe.-AU lnfriugemonta on th1o wiD be .. ,., I I to the full e: !!.null SB Linea ....... ; .......... 17& 16 centa 'II J);, $6 tt thousand; Cigarettes weighing not ov,;,. 8 h 14 Llne1 Slne-Ie ColUDtn .................. -a: I 1 W thoUBand, $1.7! per thousand; CiR'arettes and Cheroots weighi:Qg over 1 S 11Ja II tho1088Jld $" 11 thousand.. The duty on FO Leaf Tobacco otemmed; liO cenla 9 ne II>; !danufactured Tohaoco, lilf oenla 9 I> i Scraps. 50 oenla 11 .._ llanuf&o. Year. Month& Jlontha. Foreign Vuttcs on 'l.'obacco. tnrod Tobacco and Bempa are a1ao eubjeot w the Internal lleTeaue ta:< of U, Linea over a Wide Columu .. $85 In &uetrla, France, BaJy a.nd 8pa1n the tobacco commeroe Is monopoo 16 cento II 11>, and must be packed In oonformlty with lntornal lleTenno Hzed by Governm ent. under directll"'n of a BeJde. In Germany the duty l n w and r egula{ i o n. Sc r ap!ll and cuttings, howeve-r, may be withdraw1 1 XOTICES, W AlfTS ozo CA. 'IJ'TION IfOTICES. on Amertcs.n Leaf Tobacco is.t tk&lers .lOOk In BelKium the tn bulk for U8e In a tolta.c co, snu.r or cigar manufactory without paymenl 4 Ll is reckoned afW deductiDa' 15 tt cent. for tare. The dufy is 18 franea S of the internal revenue tax. De One Ia.erUoa. .. 50 Cea&a. Value of Foreil{ll Ooin11 u Ll-One llloa&h ..................................... :_ .. u,s ............. w ........ .................... .' ............ I' U Lla-Two ontii ...................................... JO,H Clganllrou. IDcop. 'II Pull. "l'he "pll\1" Is eaual to Twenty I'IUICpleee ........... ...................... "............ aD 16 Lla8ll Tllree ouelu .............. ; .. ,.,, .......... li.H lb 1 Tur,__ the '" h-Is 110 con to, gO!d, per ft1,j; Amencao ouncea. Ia V Frano Pleoe." .. .. -" .... .. .. ...... .. .. "'" ... lJ! ... th;'duu.,;-.:.. on UIUIIIIDUfactVed: 'alemmedontri,J>pedaud Paper Boable., .... _, ...... ............................. --..... -... ., mod, CODtolnlng IO ... ormore of moloturelne....,ry iOO.,.weiP, ............................................. .................. 18 tb......rr (l>eoldeoiP'-....... addllloaal charge or K """"oo ..... IIDaDloh Dou-................................................... 151 1 Under No Circumstances wt'll we D""" .. te '-m ... ot ...__ Doa...... "" ....... ..... .................... 115118 ...-.... Ia _,-1011.. .. (ell;illl!!ll .. ot &118--"""'--8puolala--........................................ _., .... ., .. o.a 1 ..a:a ............. l(...-

. TOBACCO LEAl'. AUG. .... ..::z. IMPORTERS, 13f) & 132 WILLIAM S'l'., NEW YOBK. Tragacanth, cigar .. 3:1 SP.EO::I:.A..LT::I:ES : u= (;redda, Siftings in Casks ; do. do. Sons in Bales ; &LSAJII 'rOLU, can; OIL SESSAIIlE, OLIVE OIL OIL ALitfOl'IIDS, bltterJ ESSENTIAL OILS, II klodo, Special attention given to Manufacturers' Medley& ALL GOODS SHIPPED FREE ON BOARD. FR. ENGELBACH, &AGENGY U North .Jetr.non 1 1\tr,jor), T Gum Arabic, do. do. Tonka Beans, ANGOSTURA. POWDERED LIQUORICE 0 LICORICE PASTE. :FINEST Q'OALITY. D. BUCHNER & 00. Iaataetured at Poughi!Npsle, New I'_., THE STAMFORD MANUFACTURING GO., GIITORD, SHERMAN & INIIS, JLa'7 liiiE a TrJ:mx x..m, :N'E-.gv' "Yomr. 'file Trade ba-ring demanded a Superior and Cheaper .Arti cle than that hitherto used, this Comp6D7 120 WlUIAM STREET. New York. :.manufacturing, and o ffering 'tor aale, LICORICE PASTE (under the old "Sanford" bra1ld) o! a QUALITY LEE RET BLASDEL aod a$ a P.RICE which can hardly !all to be acceptable to all giving it a trial. CXr M;ANUFACTURERS OF & Rittenhouse, Cigar :Sozes. a1a"N. 168 &. 170 East Water St., a:n.CI SYRACUSE, N. Y. LI,..ORI,.E PASTE DEA.LERSINAf,LOFTHELATEBTSTYLESOF v v CWAR BOX LABELS ,A};' D 'l'Ril!IMI SGS. nv-Centennial Medal awarded for and General Excellence ot Aloo M. & B. BRAND STICK LICORICE, all Sf.s. WludcsaJe A!Clts: SHOEMAKER, VOUfE & BIRCH. 126 S. Delaware Ave., Phila. 'rne' Celeba:atod i &W2-rll s: ORIGINAL '" SEAL" Etibllahed lq. "R E 0 SEAL," "ROI CAROTTE" & SUNSHIWE" dRIGFJ: VIRGINIA MEERSCHAUM SMOKING TOBACCOS, cut from Virginia l'lug'. : "VV7 .' 0. 'JID :a/:1: :D4 :JD T ., BOl.E f!'.,.Jf E .'1\TJit.EET 'Nl:W V"">lll.' 4 GOODWIN & CO., FINE-CUlliiaAcco,1 207 and 209 Water Street, "YO::E'I.:&:. 81tabllahed 1848. K. C. BARKER & CO., Manalacturen of the Celebrated FINE-CUT TOBACCOS, II AMERICAN EAGLE" 1 Oneida Tobacco Works, U3 &: 215 DUANE S'r,, Nll'W TOBK, l!lanu!e.cturers ot. the Bro.nds o! M LD "-Ra're Old VIrginia! w I .. HALVES "-Rare Old Perique and lrglnla. I NEW. COMBINATIONS OF THESE FRAGRANT rTOBACCOS. u 1 r. J SIX FIRST PRI:Z:E M.EDALS. 1878. Peerless Tobacco Worts. WM. S. KIMBALL & CO., .Rochester, N. Y. T<>B.A..OOC> a:n.d. O::I:G-.A..R. COMMISSION MERCHANTS 24 nBRAPIA STREET, (P .0. Box 368) HAVANA, CUBA. I S IGMUND JACOBY, GUSTAV JACOBY PIONEER coMPANY OF BROOKLYN, N.Y. 124 Water St., New York; 16 Boston; 16 Wabash Avenue, Chicago. 1 Smoking Toba.cco. Manutactu.ed by AIJ:EN & DUNNING, JU.NUJ' AO'l'UREB OJ' ALL KINDS 01!' etga.r-Box Label& I Sole Agency for Plo Aguero' ClO!'IIClEN'rK.A. 'rED Havana Tobacco Flavor. I 293, 295 & Monroe Street, 1'lliT e..,.,.. "Y' or lit.. II. MUlhlser lllAlmii'AlmJUlls 01' 'CLOTH TOBACCO BAGS, I ALL 81ZE8 irtJ.a, St ... Richmond, Ya. fCHARLES A. WULFF', Ac't Lithographer, Printer & Manufacturer r A Large Assartment Constantly on Hand. 151-(lhatkam St., oor. Wtlllam, Y. Also o! the. Brand of III'"Daoi&.SU TO'b&ooo,, And ot all etyleo ot Jlriclat & Black PLUG & TWIST TOBACCOS. SM Twentieth Stf; 'V' ..&.. Our N"aTiee a Bf1ectalty tor the But&m BtatM.. Li[htcst rnre1fin, 12,960 Sq. Inches ALSO TOBACCO & OTHER FOILS AT LOWEST IIU.RKET PRIClllS. Factory:. No. 1 First District, N. Y. THE CELEBRATED THE CELE.BlU.TED WITTEMANN BROTHERS, "MATCHLESS "FRUIT GAKE," 184 WJI.LIAM ST NEW YORK. BRIC.HT. All MAHOCANY, All Sizes; J. MORRIS, p re>NEE Dark, all Sizes. ITO BACC 0 BROKER A com ariaon of oar Celebrated Brands of PLUG TOBACCOS will con't'I.Dce all pa.rtlea 0C U. WO-: JiEB_.'"[ JIERIT8 contaiaed tbereia.. i PLUG TOBACCO. EVANSVILLE, IND.


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