The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (10 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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1 VOL. x v.---NO. 28 .. fESTABLISHED 1864.] NEW YORK, SATURDAY, AUGUSrr-.'_16,.1879. lOIS liiAIDEN LANE. ;o Corner or Poarl!ltreet. WHOLE NO. 756 FRED'K DeBARY & 41 a 43 W'&rren Street,. New York, SOLE ACENTS FOR THE EL PRINCIPE -.DE KEY "WES'1, AlU) PBO;I"lUETOBS O:F THE Ce:J.O&O CIGAR FACT10RY OF NEW YORK. WEST HAVAN A-,OIGARS. WEISS, ELLER & KAEPPEL, IMPORTERS OF THE lOSE HAVANA BRAND'' TOBACCO. 220 Pearl Street, New. York. V.1 lYIAB.TINEZ-YBOB & CO., 190. Pear1 B"t.,. N"e"VV" "Y'ork., IMPORTERS of the Brand HAVANA Tobacco, And Dealers In and CUTTINCS from their "'EJT. G-AT-E& CIGAR FACTORY AT KEY WEST, FLA. :McFall & La vv son, BB "2" &T:E'I.EJBIT, "rOELEt:, utrol'-'-al'UKEBS 01!' THE -How to Get Dark Tobaccos, and How to Make Them Burn-Good "WV'.A."Y" Is to h.&Te goods Rehandled and Sweate?r burning, send us a few leaTeS, and b y return ot ma.fl w-e will prove to you what can be done. If ManufaCturers will send us their Ligbt.-Colored Sortinga, we will return tb.em JIADURO withoul. the uee o f any chemicals or any artifi c i a l colorirlg, and without injlll')" to the Leaf. Tkere is e oo\lgh oa.tura.lcoloring m&tter Ia all tobacC:ooll are ooly h&adle:If" :JD'VBI:E'I. V :EJEU!IO:E'I.XPTXO:N', [No kept Ia Stoek. i.UBA. W1LLIAJ( WICKE, AUG. ROESLER KA.NUFACIuKERS, Cor. Goerck & 'mUrd Sts., N"E"VV" 'YO::A.:K... 9 PRICE LIST OF CIGAR RIBBONS. Broad Yello ................... J:rli.a .. &-8broacl, '10ycb IL15' ............... No.1 .... 6-8 10yct. J.JWi ............... 2----6-8 'TO yet. 1-'5 .. .. .. .. .. .... 2a ---6-8 .. 10 :ydo l.ui ... .. .. .. ... a .... s-s 'TO yet. 1.25 Broad Red ...... ............ 1 .... 5-8 "'07cla 1.80 ... ........ .... ... 2 .... 5 'TO J"l 1..60 ................... 3--5 'TO yet. 1.30 ..................... 'TOyu 1.110 ................ ...... 2 .... aS 'TO yet. 1.60 _, ...................... 3 .... 6 10:ydo 1.30 Jfarro,.. :Red-................ 1 .... 'l'O :ydo 1.31fo ..... : .... : ..... 2 .. .. j-8 'TOycb 1.20 ........... ..... a ..... i-8 'To7a. 0.86 If.......,.. Yellow ............. 1 ..... j-8 'TOycla 1.30 ............. 2 .. i .'TOyct. 1.20 .... ......... 3 .. .':i-8 'TOya. 0.80 Boz Ribbon B.ed .................... "i07daO.'t'O Yellow .................. 3 '10 :reb 0.65 aceea as4 ClpreUea, _lAD .A.YBEIP "HYCO," ete,-Depo& for S, W, CAHHOLL'8 "LONE SAC&,, "BROWN IJICI," etc. LOVISIA.NA. PEHJQ()'E0 Cut an4 Carrot&. W. T. Blackwell & Co.'s Genuine DURHAM' Tobacco. &OX..::I!J .A.G-BI:N'TI!I :Jf"OD. WI. 8. KIMBALL & CO.'S 'V P & CH.ll. 11:, CONRAD k CO.S celebrated LOG CABil!l' and LOVE AIIIONG THE HOSES -olr.lqTo1....0i JIA.NU:FACTU:RED TOBACCO,-F'avortte Dark Nav:r, Dark NaTT, SWeet Donal Dark NaTT, Done:r and Peach Bright NaTJ', and all Popular Branda of J'anc:r and Light PreooecL .._,_,, Hanulaotured 'b:r SPAULDING & ME:RRICK:-014 Glor,-, Charm oC the Wt. ...... ._, Durloy, Queen Dee, Trump, Wlc Wac, Bugle, In Palls Depot fl>r E. T. PILIUNTON & CO.'S eelel>rated FRUITS .A.JIID FLOWEBI aa CODDONWB<II Smoki.DC Tobaeco. .... _....,_. __ Depot fbr SNOW'S P&TBJIIT C&BD--HOLDEHS, UP"' Pl'lee J.l ... ftlnlbhed on AppUcdon. PUBIISJ!ED EVERY SATURDAY JlOBlUNG BY THE TOBACCO LEAF" PUBLISHING COMPANY, 106 MAIDEN LANE, NEW YORK. CORNER PEARL Sl'REET EDWARD BURKE, EDm>a. JOHN G, GRAFF,'ILuWJJaL AliJIItTAL I!UBSCRIPI'IONS ABROAD, a .... ..... ....., a.,...,... .. .. .. .. .. ................ $11.041 H.uo!111!0.,., T1DI ..... .. .... ... ... ...... 11.041 E-Dc. v&a EN&J,.A,.BJI --D.ot eu.u. .................. ....... ............................ .... 11.041 THE TOBACCO QU.ESTION IN GERMANY. A confe r e n ce was held l a t ely by the tobacco manu facturers of Tre T es a.nd the neighboring l ocalities, the object of which was to unite on a plan to effect im in c r ease of prices on of a.IJ kinds, in view of the increased tax 011 the domesti c article by the passage of the tax bill. The conference agreed to raise t h e price pfennigs per pound. Late advicllSI from Germany announce that manufacturers and dealers in several other localiti es a r e moving to raise the price of smoking tobacco 10 to 20 pfennigs per pound. A general convention of representatives of the tobacco trad,e is to be held at Casse l s in the early part1 of October, when the ques tion of effecting a gradual increase of prices, in conformity with the incre ased tax, will be one of the principal topics of discussio n Another important subject to be considered on this occa s ion is the project to effect a reform of tbe credit system. Under the p resent system buyers require from manufacturers credit 'for six months, which by means of notes and otherwise is frequently extended to nine and twelve months. The e n forcemen t of the new tll-X affords an appropriate opportunity to e ffect a c hange in this respect ARBITRATION AND CONCILIATION: During the Summer of lSiS Mr. Jos. D Weeks, a niemoor of the editorial staff of the Iron Age, and Secretary of the Western Iro n Association of Pitts burgh, Pa., visited Epgland to investigate the workings of the different Boards of Arbitration CDnciliation iJ'!that country. Mr. Weeks was appointed a Special 8ommissioner on behalf of the State of Pennsylvania by Governor for this purpose. As the action qf _Messrl? Straiton & Stor:Ql t _h"eil ein ployee8 in council for the object of settling differences respecting the payment of wages has attracted much attention throughout the trade, a review of the report of Mr. Weeks will no doubt prove accept.o'tble to our readers. Ou r attention is first called to the fact that indus tria l arbitration and conciliation bad their origin early in the present century in France Trade guilds for the regulation of trade matters had existed in that country-for many years, but were abolis hed dur ing the part of the reign of Louis XVI. By commaQ. d of Nap6lere." In Bel gium similar courts are i n existence but owing io certain c;.useR they have not been as successful as those in the sister country. In Great Britain, though laws have been of a similar character, they have never been put into operation, and where boards of arbitration have been formed 'they have been voluntary. The first of these permanent boards came into existence _in 1 860, at Notti ngham, in the hosiery and glove trade, through the efforts of Mr. A. i Mun della, a representative of Sheffield in the House of Commons The hosiery and glove trade in England is carried on only in a certain section, and. through the concentration of skilled labor at these points a. tradeunion was eas ily formed embracing all the workingmen in this trade. For many years strikes, riots, murders, arsons, and machine-breaking were common,. and employer and employee were at emnity with each other. In 1860, during a strike, a me11ting o f manu facturers was heldap.d a 'committee' of three was apr pointed This committee met with a dozen le .. ders of the and the result of conference was the formation of the Boa .rd of Arbitration and Cone ciliation in Glove and Hosiery Trade." The board consists of twenty-two members, half operators and half manufacturers, and its de c ision s are considered as binding upon a ll. A chairman was elected who had vote, imd a casting vote as well in the case of a tie. This l atter vote wa.S the cau se of trouble and fell into, disuse This board has been a very gl,'el\t sucCess, and owing to the regular meetings of the board the rela ti o ns which formerly exJsted between master and man have been almost entirely changed. Some years after the establishment of the N bam Board a simi lar one was formed in the buildingtrade, which has worked equally well-. This one dif. fers from its predecessor in having a refer, ee who acts as chairman and casts the deciding vote. Th e gentle man cht>sen was a judge of a coun,ty court, an!l proved: himself well adapted tq the position he held. The,. original -rules of the board.made Qo. provision f6r con ciliation, but one was !?

2 and conciliation been seen, though in some instances in not as large a degTee 1.18 in others. The feeling that capital and labor are antagonists has larg_ely disap peare d, and a feeling of confidence between the manu facturer and workingman has in a great degree taken its place. This must naturally be the case when the relations"'of the.. two p'arties are better understood. No w that the ice ill broken, and the cigar man1;lfac turer-and_ the-cigarffiaker have" settled their ences by arbitration, we think that this mode of settling diSputes will command the attention' of our trade in this country. It is very probable that con ciliation-for arbitration must come after conciliation -would be a very successful mod e of putting an end to the innumerable disputes and misunderstandings whic h arise tn the trad. e, more particularly in the cigar manufacturing branc h Our manufacturers are jl.if ferent from those in England ; here they are many of them men who have worked at the bench and thoroughly understand the disadvantages which the workingman under. In England it is otherwise-the m anufacturer; often inherits his b', and cannot feel the hardships which his employee has to undergo. These of arbitration and conciliation might be formed in our different manufacturing districts, and if they prove satisfactory, there is every probability. that they will become permanent, for they will certainly cease to exist if they are found wanting. It might be wise when again diBBI.Itisfaction arises in any one of our shops to have the matter referred to a board formed equally of members of the Cigar Manufac. turers' AsSociation of the place in which the shop is situated, and of members of the Cigar-maker's Union, with some person not connected with the trade to act as a referee. As an experiment it will cost nothing, and the results may be of much good to all concerned. The pamphlet published by Mr. Weeks, containing his report, is well worthy of perusal by all persons con nected _with tl;'Bde, as it not only gives a luc_id aJJllOUnt of the practical operations of arbitration and c oncili a tion, but also contains the rules and regulations of the different boards in England, which may be of use in forming such in this country. !I' HE TOBACCO LEAF. & Bro., E. Wildman, H. Schoverling Bros., Bristol & Staub, H. 0. Warner, and Soule Bros. Spingarn & Co. are building a packing-house at Merwinsville. SHERMAN-M. Stewart & Son. MERWINSVILLE-M. L. Hungerford; and a little below him, D Gaylord. KENT-L. Eaton. BRIDGEWATER-Robert Keeler, Mr. Randall. SANDY HooK-C. H. Hall. RoxB URY-Eli Bradley. DoVER-Mr. Wheeler. The quantity of 1878 tobacco packed in the Valley, and the names of the packers, are here given, and are believed to be correct: -_ Quantitiea Places. Pack er8. Oa8es. BETHEL. . .. .. K-napp. . .. . .. . 60 '' .... .. ....... Taylor ... ................ 400 REDDING ............ Platt .... . . ....... 200 DANBURY ......... Griffing ................ : 150 ........... Graves ................... 40 ........... Chichester. . . . .. 200 NEWTOWN ........... Hall. . . . . . 100 BROOKFIELD .... Hawley .... .... ..... -. 200 BRIDGEWATER ...... Keeler .................. 700 ....... Randall & Sanford . 800 '' .... Peck .......... .... ..... 150 RoXBURY ........... Bradley. . . . . !ISO KENT ......... .... Eaton ................... 400 SHEIUU.N ..... ...... Stuart .... ....... ........ 110 GAYLORDSVILLE ..... Hungerford ............. 200 NEW MILFORD .... N. Lachenbruch & Bro .. 570 ...... Bristol & Staub ......... 665 ,. ..... H. Schuba.rt & Co ...... 450 l . .. Bunzl & Dormitzer ..... 450 ...... Soule & Bro .... ......... 600 ..... Schoverling Bros. . 400 ...... C Tag & Son ......... 200 '' ...... Warner............... 400 ...... Gaylord ....... ........ 100 ...... Irwin .......... SO The same wind swept through the Housatonic Valley and wrought less injury there, as well as in the Con necticut Valley, than has been reported. After the farmers had righted the overturned plants, a few broken bottom ]eaves were all that was visible of the ravages of the storm in either valley. Mr. Dunn was cutting briskly; with perhaps a dozen men, on Thurs day, but the other growers in Poquonock had d o n e but little in that direction when we left them the same evening. Annexed is a list of the growers and planted between Rainbow and Windsor, E.o nonock the acres including as assorters and packers, and when dealers have the opportunity of preparing their own goods for the mar ket, all parties interested, from producer to manu facturer, are benefited. The method of cultivation in the Housatonic Valley does not differ from that pre vailing elsewhere; but we observed that the practice of hanging ventilating doors to the curing-sheds so that the bottom ends may stand out from the building instead of swinging to the sides of it, and exposing to sun and storm the tobacco directly in front of the apertures, is coming into favor. Mr Staub has on his shed, besides the doors adjusted in the new manner, and in place of a ventilating cupola, a covered opening extending the entire length of the ridge-board, and -RAINBOW. f k d f f h h d E : Snow, 2'acres; R. D Case 5; E. Neugent, 2 ; P. ormmg a m o crown-cap to the Tqo w lC miw Lubey, A. Donohue, 1; J Griswold, H. L. of a free circulation_ of air from the bottom to the top, Soper, 1. and through the length of the 11hed. POQUONOCK. THE OROP. Thos Hathaway, 2acres; E. Dunn, 3; E S. Clark2; M. Haile y, S Clark, J. Du Bon, 2; S. Holis Through the courtesy of Mr. Nicholas Staub, of ter, 2; M. Dunn, 16; J. Loofman, 1 Havana; J. C Hun Bristol & Staub, of New Milford we had an excelgerford 2, 1 Havana; H H Thrall, 1; R. Morrison 3, lent opportunity to inspect the condition of the Havana; S. Clark, P. Larney 1 ; N. Griliwold A. Huntington, 0. P Parsons 1; C. E. Fen growing crop in the better portion of the valley. ton, 1, Havana; L P. Clark, L. Clapp, Mr. Staub is both an experienced packer and grower H W. Alford, 2; F Alford, 2; S. L Smith, 4; J M of tobacco. He owns a fine farm near the village, Brown 4 ; D. N Griswold, 1 ; L. Griswold, 3; E Hough, on which he has from seven to eight acres of supe :..i. H. Fry, 2; Eli Phelps, 4; D. Marshall, 2; F. vvonner 3, 1 Havana; A. Shaw, 3; A Lamphear, 2 ; rior tobacco growing, one of which is from Havana A. Grinnell 4; C. Grinnell, 2 A Grinnell, seed Here and there in the valley the farmers are exJ. R. G. 2; J. Grinnell, J. o Phelps, perimenting this year with Havana seed, ani:l in every 4, Geo Barnes, 4, W. Thrall, 1 1 Bavana, H N. instance the promise is good for this variety, as it is Griswold, 5 ; W. J. Lambertin, 2; Ttirall Bros. 8 5 Havana; E. Thrall, 1 2 Havana; B Ke:tkbride for the ordinary Seed leaf types. The tob, a c co flea T Phelps, 2. whersof something has been heard of late, we found WINDSOR. nibbling at a feJV of the choic!)st leaves in Mr. Staub' s R. Ransom, 2. acres; 0. Career, 2; Wm. Da:y, 2; C. Havana patch. Th.i!i lively :Creature is, apparently, 1\l Day, 1; F. & J Ransom, 2; T. P Kinney, J Gille enlarged specimen of th.e breed which "paddy," of the WJ ..SPJili l "th, 4; GW.PScott, 3; GeoJ. ClaBarrk,be1, F. Itc 2; a mer--'; earcl!t 2; r, 3; story, could never succeed in liis finger on. S. : Merritt, 4; N. H. Barber, 2; v. Hathaway, 2 ; P. You go to catch him aiia lie iSn't there. He i s, as we Silk, 2; H. P Rockwell, 3; W. H. Higginbotham, 5 ; Total ............. ........................ 7,125 saw him, about the size of" a hal -grown bed-bug as B. Fille y 4 2 Havana; W." Risley, 7 Mr. Knapp packed for Schroeder & Kocl:t ; ditto Taylor; bl,ack as jet, and revels in an appetite that will put S H d 4 HAYEDENP E H t 3 p to blush the old .. which' all ay en, 3!Lres; o ..,r, ; arcoo, ; Platt for hiiiUielf; Griffing, Graves and Chichester for G. Leerter, W Alleon, 4 ; H. Osbourn, themselves, presumably; Hall for E. Rosenwald & growers are familiar. When a family of fleas alight 2.; .A. JYJ.unsel, 2; Geo Hayden, 8; L Hayden, 6; N. Bro. ; ditto Keeler; Randall & Sanford for Schroeder upon a tobacco leaf it takes but a little time 1io per-Hayden, 2 ; L. Hayden, 3 ; H. & S. Hills, 7, some Havana. ; & B P k f W & s h Ea f N L h f""ate it from stem to stern. The condition of the T. Ellsworth, 2; J Stricklin, 2 Havana; E. Melch, 3 ; on; ec or ei c warz; ton or -ac "" L Ells rth 3 B H k" 1 H H Ph 1 1 fruit trees in our orchards and after a ho;de wo ; os ms,; e ps, enbruch &Bro.; Bristol & Staub for themselves; War-.. 1 Havapa; C. Luns, 1 ; I. Samuels, 4, 2 Havana; T S. ner for Jos. Mayer's Sons; and.Gaylord for Rothschild, of tree-worms. have got through with them, will afford Phelps, 3, 1. Havana; E. Youngs, 1; Wm. FISh, 1; 'THE TOBACCO CROPS IN THE HOUSATONIC Schroeder & Eliel. aq idea of the state vf a tobacco leaf when the fleas Howard Bros 4; 0. Holcomb, 4, 2 Havana; H. EllsA:ND COl'il'iECTICUT RIVER VALLEYS. The packing-housesatBridgewaterrepresentedabove have been making a meal of it. This insect, if we mis-worth, 7 a Havana; Wm. Lovel 4,1 Havana; E. Har-To satisfy ourselves, 1.18 is our annual custom, respect. take not as first heard of n Ohio I!, t tel h ris, 1 1 Havana; C. Holcomb, 3, Havana; George h d d f h Seed leaf b by Messrs. Keeler Randall, belong to ]4essrs. E. w I . or. una y e Mack, 2. ing t e con ttion an status o t e to acco Rosenwald & Bro _and Messrs. Schroeder & Bon. I All IS not a:nowed to do much dai?age Mr WINDSOR. crops in the field, we have within the past week the packing-houses are of the usual pattern, of Staub kindlyharnessed of hiS fleetest horses and D. Rolan, 2 ; H Borver, J W Bakoc; 4 ; J. Noothe principal producing sections of the them having been built for the purpose to which the:v took us tJu:>ugh a cons1d?rable part of the, best nan, 3; Col. Phelps, 3; Thos. Loomis, J. Harv.ey, Housatonic and Connecticut River Valleys. Our in-are devoted. Messrs Bristol & Staub will shortly e4groWing sectiOn; and we notiCed that every farmer to .4; Loomis, 1 ; S. Kinney, Havana; W. Risley, 2; spection colplll8nced in the first-named re.non at the te d th thirt f t 1 th Mr S H whom he spoke had a cheery welcome for him and J!A..hPayne, G2. CooG ahk, B E. Loo3 miWs, Bar2 "lbHavanalv; on eirS some y ee In eng . o n Loomis, ; r am ros. ; our,. 71; pretty city of Danbury, Fairfield eounty, which the Hill, our correspondent at New Milford, we were in-apparently, not solely m his Wll;B disW Kellogg 4 ; E. Kellogg, 1; 0. Mills, 2; S .T. Mills, 2. 'Danbury News man," with whom we had a plea.aant formed, is not now engaged in packing. We failed to cerned one of the links leadmg to Behind Mr. Fenton's horse we rode onThursday though brief chat, has made for ever famous. Danbury see that gentleman, for which omission he must kindly a chec_ k at bank, but_ bec .ause, he IB_ of through Turkey Hills, or East Granby, West. Suffield may be called, if we except Ridgebury, the southerly excuse us. those mtelligent, enterpriSing menwho, by his bearSuffield, Boston Neck, Windsor Locks and Warehouse side of the .circle of_which New is the New Milford, as previously indicated, is the ing and succeeds esteWn. Point, and in each place we found uniformly good -center. As yet It IS no domg a great m de' point in the tobacco circle, and there, consequerttly, or e _verybod!-HIS townsmen S!ln. t h1m to the Connec-crops, but little as yet cut. In Turkey Hills we never partment_ of the tobacco trade, but more will evidently in the vicinity, as at Bridgewater, the majority of the tiCut one and have deservedlY: ; bonsaw tobacco there looking better than when we exambe done m all d?pa._rtments. ere elapse. principal packing-houses are located. ored him on various .. ine d it. At this place we had an interesting con versa There are five cigar-stores m the City, and, unfortu-for miles around above below and on all sides of it Encouraged by their good fortu,ne with the cr-op of tion with Mr. William Bates, who, in 1840, raised the nate!!, we only-time to call at two of the growers brhtg after it is sold, 1878, the farmers of .the Valley ha_ve their first case of tobacco ever produced in the vicinity. Mo:r1s s a:r:d the Bernd Brothers -both of bundles or bales of ten and more pounds each, where acrea_ge fully twenty P?r cent. thlj! tP,e With all the other farmers, Mr. Bates thinks tobacco whiCh are domg well; and five packers, only two of it is perfectly assorted and packed. he tobacco in-crop 1s everyWhere well. As a 1t IS growing at preseHt prices a poor business. He told us, AUG-.16 PL E A SANT NEW S FOR THE CHEWER.-We learn from Mes s r s Thompson, Moo r e & Co ., t obac co commiss ion m_erchants o f thi s city, that Mr. G. W. Gilli a m, of V a., o n e of the old est manufacturers in that city, has r ec ommenced the manufacturing of his brands of "Wine Gold Seal" and "Ga.lligo plug ro. bacco. 'Xb1s Will be pleasant n ews to those whb in the past used' t? look upon a piec e of Gilliam's plug as the concentratiOn o f all that was exoellent in the -way of a chew. T? the younger generation a taste of these to baccos Will them to realize how their f athers could, while slowly masticating a cliew of s ucli tohaec? these brabds are, maintaili ihat dignity and suavity of manner that so <;hlll'acterized the old-school gentleman. 'J1lompson, Moore & Co who rank among the most prom+nent and reliable houses in the trade, are the agents for many of o.ur prominent Southern tobacco manufacturers, and a buyer who calls upon them can always be sure of finding in their brands the very hest that the marke t affords. VISITs.-Mr. John E. Robinson of the firm of Messrs Oliv e r & Robinson, of the W estham Tobacco Works. Richmond, Va., caded upon us this week. In speaking Mr. Robinson the prospects of trade, he mformed us that the busmess done by his firm last month was quite remarkable for the time of the vear and that in his opinion this Wl.l8 an evidence that -bu si: ness generally was improving. We think that tho popularity of brands of cigars anrl manufactured' b;r this firm have more to do wtth thiS_ than the Improvement in bus! ness, for even tf trmes are hard and business bad people will use the best articles in the tobacco line they can procure. -We also a pl easant visit from Mr. M. Goldstein of Washmg)i9n, D. C is visiting New York more m searc h ofllealth than business and it is his_ to spend the principal part of his time at the pl_easant seaside resorts near this city, to the City for only a. few houl'll during the day. -We had the pleasure of a call at our office from the well-kno":n cigar importlllr, Mr. Ch. B Perkins. Mr. Perkms IS one o f Boston s largest operators in Havana an?dome stic cigars, and is doing a very pros perous busmess. -Mr. Robinson, of the old cigar-manufacturing house of Chicago favore d us with a call a few days ago. The firm are the of a valuable patent for cigar manufacturers. UNIFORMITY OF TAX.-At a meeting of the Cigar Manufacturers' Association, of Baltimore, Md., held on August 4, 1879, a resolution approving of the follow circular, which was drawn up by a committee ap pomted for that purpose, Wl.l8 adopted:-To the Cigar Manufacturera of the United Statea. Artic!e 1, Constitution of the Umted States says: "The "Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes, "duties, imposts and excises, to pay the debts and pro vide for the common defence and general welfare of "the United States; but all duties, imposts and excises "shall j>e uniform throughout the United States.'' This is explicit and leads us at once to ask if uniformity exists in the present excise on tobacco. If in the consideration of our interests, we take as a basis the twenty-five (25) lbs of leaf in the manufac ture of one thousand ( 1,000 ) cigars, we find that the late reduction of tax in favor of manufactured tobacco only operates to our sel'ious disadvantage, as we are still paying the old tax of twenty-four (24) cenw per lb., or six (6) dollars perM. when rightfully we shoUld not pay more than sixteen (16) cents per lb., or its equivalent, which would be four (4) dollars perM.on our manufactures. We therefore call upon all inter ested to petition Congress to reduce the tax on cigars to four (4) dollars per thousand, and so preserve the uniformity that we believe the Constitution of the country guarantees us. ED. J OPPELT, .. whom we saw, and for the reason that haste and abterest is helping to build up this village, and it richly ten to twelve days beh _md, but ltttle_ has as also .did Mr. Fenton, with delightful good humor, s enc e of some pre':ented. we had the merits the aid it is receiving; for it is !.Iii pretty a one yet been cut. It has ripened, cuttm_ g c om-the misfortunes that have overtaken the farmers since Thos pleasure of becommg ac$uamted with m Danbury as we have ever visited. Travellers who have seen the menced; and where 1t h!ls npt, that a the end of the reign of high prices. If the people had w e re Messrs. G. W. and M. H. Griffing,_ both elm-shaded greens in the main streets of Windsor and commencem?n.t will be made ten or twelve days hence. never been s e t wild with offers of forty and fifty cents a Pres' t of Cigar Manufacturers' Ass'n. Culljngton, Sec. BUSINESS XEl'iTIOl'i. old and, reliable who did all Sumeld,. Connecticut, and Hadley, MI.ISSI.IChusetts The John Willtams-long and than the pound they would none of them have w. DUKE, soNs & oo.'s OHIOAGO AGJ:KOY. they c_ould to 1.18Sist th_ e r e pres e _ntative of THE ToBAOOo know what an attraction they are to those towns. ,J Belknap-_ lo_ng and broad-variety of .Sj'led leaf seems run into debt for fancy sheds and other paraphernalia The reputable and well-known Durham (N. C.) to-his f f t W "bacco manufacturers, Mesus. W. Duke, Sons&: Co. in m quest orma Ion. e spent an even-'similar gTeen _graces the town of New Milford, to nrevail m the Va_lley, and, consequently, the of modern civilization. They would have continued order to be better enabled to serve their many m g a t elegant of Mr. and learned grass upon which is kept as closely cut and carefully do appear at this date as showy as they will !'to rai'se tobacco as they are doing now, at a moderate ers in. the West:ern States and the Territories, ba:ve more o f mterest from hrm than be room for attended t o -as are all the streets-by the town authorweeK or two hence.. Bet now and the coming of expenditure for fertilizers, and without extravagance e stablished a delivery depot and warehouse at Chicago, here. The gentlemen engaged m _packing whom we ities, as if h were the lawn of a private mansion. The frosty days there IS ample ttme for and de-of any kind, and would have prospered as tlleir fathers Ill; from drd not see were George Chichester, H. B. _Plat, New England Hotel, too, kept by Messrs. Bristol, of and an excellent crop wtll, m all prob-did bef qre them. Mr. Fenton is of the opinion that here is of great value to you, and as our railroad mon a n d H. H Knapp. Mr. nor Mr. Griffing Bristol & Staub, packers, and another gentleman, ability, be more f arms h ave be e n lost in Connecticut by raising opoly subjects you to exorbitant freight charges, we has g1ven much attentiOn to packing year or two which fronts on this Eden-like bit of landscape is an The Housatoruc Valley seems to the tourist f a toba cco than by any othe r cause; and in speaking of have, at the suggestion of many of our Western cils._past, heing_,.:ppa re_ntly c o m1fortabl_e enough to d_o witheRtablishm ent that is a credit to the and miliar with the Valley of the Chemung River, N e w the gTowing crop, he says farmers generally have tomers, con cluded to open an office and delivery depot 1 1 k b t th 11 ha dl f at Chicago Ill. This office or branch will be under the m.._; u eysti l!' ea mrquanwould be to many a larger one We have been in-York, and with _Lancaster County, Pa., r eason to be satisfi e d with. it as it stands; but the personal management of one of our firm, who will tity, ,ot. and are ready at all. tJmes to embark formed 'that many. of our tobacco friends are in adapted to agriCulture. The mountam s cenery, trouble may be hereafter, when, perchance, white devote his whole time and attention to the wants and heavi ly. l n offers. Mr. tile habit of stopping at 'this excellent ho'te1, and those like that encircling and enfilading Big Flats, is veins and pole-sweat one or both, may ruin it. The welfare of our large Western trade. All orders will be Gr_.a ve s h\!Illg .the first m_ an to that do so, we Judge will deem the compliment to magnificent; but only Connecticut people, who are a c he avers, can -easily grow good crops, but promptly filled and correspondence answered as if sent 'd c b th {!v f Sh t h 1 h h d ffi 1 k to factory here. Direct your orders, remittances and ra1se a n ase acc o n o erman-I may the proprietors amiss whe n we say better bed and customed to t e pecu 1ar topograp y of this sectjo n, t e i cu ty is to eep them from--spoiling after they correspondence to w. Duke, Sons:& Co., 53 Wabash be_ p,aid; jn:-.R wrfteld> that-';as board thab they provide cannot' well o'e' d e sired. could succeed in or would attempt to proh a v e g one into the curing-shed. Both of these remarks Avenue, Chicago, Ill. Prices at Chicago only one cent Mr RIChm ond, c leOpposite the hotel is the office of 'the" N eW' _!\lilford fine i?bacco on hilly slopes that abut the river are true and justified by more than at Durham. If any of our custOmers prefer ceased -etgntee .11 months, at_ etghty odd years o_ f Gazette, a well-conducted weekly J"ournal, edited by' on either side. It IS only here and there that what 'I n West Suffield we saw good tobacco in th field all to continue sending their orders to us at Durham, they f l d b t l h f N M 1 d f 1 h S ffi ld C 1 can do so, resting assured that the same will receive age, orme r y res1 t?g a ou a mt e o ew 1Mr Robert ')Vho helped us with his courtt:s!es be called a an;n e sew here i s found; yet, t e way W u e enter, a. pot of five acres of our usual prompt attention.'' f ord and father of Seeley and Fre?. Richmond, who and c nversation to make our single evening at New desptte the topographiCal dtsadvantages of the Vailey Havana along with the ordinary variety. Through. The firm of w. Duke & Sons was established b a ,-c extra good crops of tobacc? this season, :vas ?ne Milf ord an one. _Following is an ip.teresting considered, the future of the1 out the Connecticut Valley there is a disposition maniin 1868,. and a few years ago the firm changed to w. of the earliest, p erhaps the earliest, gTOWers m LIChartic le under tb'B-h'ead of "Tobacco "frbm the Gazette tob!Lcco crop IS assured; the energy and mtelligencll of fested at intervals of space to test t.he virtues of Duke, Sons & Co., and ever since Durham became field County. 15:-' the producers and packel'!;l coupled with the admirable Havana seed. In Suffield tobacco never showed to famous for fine smoking tobacco this firm has steadily In 1862 the total product of the entire Housatonic r:eceiving and shipping facilities of New Milford, plac moroo-advantage than it did on T-hursday, when we gained the confidence of those who sold the goods of "We have been at some pains to find oi.t..t how much their manufactUre. The firm, in their circular, call Valle y did not exceed a thousand cases; in 1878 the protooacco has been packe d in New :M:ilford and vicinity ing the chances of that product beyond peradven-' saw It there, Albert Spencer, with ten acres. c.ilviri thll attention of the trade t&the following facts:duction was over 7,0?0 cases. Mr. Graves says the this s e ason, and find that there have be .en packed altoture: Among those having noticeably fine cropsl flpen cer with anh Mather, in Durham; N C ment was to raise little patches for their own use, as is Valley tobacco. Of this amount 345 c ases were packed tons, and Walter Booth. 1 'li en. Wood, and all tl:!e o _ther first-class gTowers hav2. We haye the bestandmostexperiencedleaf buyers in New Milford, and the balance in Bridgewater, DanI on this market. still done in soml' They to call it ''Cowbury, Bethel, Roxbury, Brookfield Kent and Sherman. 1 F,g almost in good shall s. We lll!6 pure Dqrham ,Belt (N. C.) leaf, and our Pen tobacco, and tWist It up mto hanks. In due The weight is 2,804, 725 lbs. and the amount realized THE coNNEOTICUT RIVER VALLEY. we ,not say skilli-tliis year. As a whole, we thiri.k the goods are free from stems or >dirt. course they commenced to cultivate the article f@r by the farmers is anywhere from $350,000 to $400,000. We have never seen a crop in the growing in onnecticqt tobacco cr'op-including both valleys4. We make the brif$'btest, moet uniform and best sale, and from year to year have increased both the The cost of the packing has been about $43,000, and that p ortion of the Connecticut Valley_ which w e visitf1ever indicated, greater smoking made m this town. a.rea and the value of it. The experience of this valley ed on Wednesday and Thursday lookmg better thanl'tJian it did up to Thursda y afternoon. Our course is like that of every other place, thing, or individual difference with' the times in this section during the now. Though in some sections alittlelate the gTowth during Thursday afternoon,-from 1 to-'6 P. M.,_was here, wJ:tich is strong proof of the contlnual growing in the inchoate period of its juvenescence. otherwise dull season. The number of hands employed is enormous, the season from first to last liaving been from Suffield Neck Warehouse Point opulanty of Dtili:e'S"Durham. How the of dealers and changed has been about 450. The of the crop is re1 excellent. Our first ma_ e in East and to Hartford. Sun-showers were numer-6. Our manufacturing and financial facilities are from adoratiOn of the fine-textured ConnectiCut River po;rtededg:ood, di Y pole of flast tall Hartford. At W. H. Boi}'le s farm, m thts place, we ous and coptous on that day from the commencement equal to any in the world. IDJUl' It some. In ng suggestiOns to armers, f th la t t b h . 7. By dealing with us you can save the large com-Valley tobacco to the beavterand darker gTOwths of one of our dealers says:-Raise all. the tobacco that sawsomeo 11 rges 0 accoever.s tolhecloseofthispost-prandialtrip, butnowhere did missions paid by other manufacturers to "middle Lancaster County, Pa. and thence to a commend-you can well take .care of. For .tobac_co, take your as we1_have mentwnecl we or companion encounter wind or hail. Friday men/' whlC!J. is evidenced b:y our .square prices. able regard for the product of the Housatonic farms best land, manure It well and cultivate tt IS a vers; skillfUl p oliucer ot tobacco, and lias had morning' s papers however, conta ned the following 8. You.will have. and a better profit is matter of history and we need not narrate Afteryougetagoodcropg:own, do !'lot damag_e1t. by cutting,"mahyacr' announcement: .. story. Our readers kit ow that the 'Housatonic River eh;nbgmy -the Mr. BOyle, Jui.aaub: Au:fust 14 --A. violent storm accomIp.gMtoba,ccAllo kno&wnC. f thi t th 1 -ts "Th ,_ h t.ocr 1 th' . essrs. en. o. o s ct y are e so e agen takes tt& m a little pond fed by. sprmgs than' m a?y other way. Another d er says:--: ere ... "'YI-n ..,... m F,IB se_<;-pa,rued wYl. hat!, pver Wmdsor thts and the New up near p 1 ttsfield, Mass., and takes a direct southerly would ad.vtse robacco growers to set out to _toba<;cor twn of ten per Cnt. OV.t\r...that,.o.f..Iast.yel.ll'. TJlere will serwusl:f datnagJ,IIg the tobacco crop, of England States, and no better house could have been course until it reaches New Milford, when a little \vay only so much land 1.18 they can manure heavily with be a gain in the acre gEl'1lhd werght, _antt, i fit cures which se:veralacres were entirely destroyed. selected to represent the fihn. The tobaccos of Messrs. south of that place it turns off to the eastward toward ba.rn-yafrd mb anurtoe, athnd so that tdhey can get onhe tokll: odr well, it will be a .r:i m.arkiible croj:l. :...The weather has W. Duke, Sons & Co. are in tin caddies, han_ d. . more o to acco e acre, an to set out t e m hi ld b d d somely pamted and 'Bmbelliahed, and every purchaser Brrmmgham,_ m Faufield County, and finally mmgles that ha!! leaf. There is no danger of tobac-1 ng e _estre and I never of such a caddy receivefl a fine ohromo show-card alid its waters with those of Long Island Sound, not far ?O that IS rwsed m this Valley being coarse if'the saw the crop loQ!ting 119 w!ill as .. now.'' Mr. a hundred lithograph folding cards, printed with thE! from Bridgeport. Within the radius of an oblong IS well manured, from forty to fifty good to J36yle .,t ? ,'mi\Ilil:Nf fav&rild b. s p]g'9haser'e.,llll,!:Pe,1Uld also ..ilil:erent samples of circle extending from Redding in Fairfield County at tbhe acreh 1Thd ere IS lnlofreasohn why; the Housatqmc tqwith a descnptwnol .one..oLthefertilizin g pl'eparations Messrs W Buke, Sons & Co. s d1fferent brands of acco s ou not sc or t ree or four cents more a "d --1 1 t tobacco. '" the south, Sharon and Cornwall, m LIChfield County, pound than the average has been this year if the farmwhwh :jl(l ,Sj'l : 'Fhe,t 1eory IS tHat we at the north, Woodbury, in Lic hfield County, at the ers will set out wit_ h tobacco only so much land as they I wan. t for' our "tobaeco _potash; n'itrc/gett and' p osphoric "' .. 1 Th EN & CO. '!i ne br!!-nd: of 5c plug. tobaooo the east, and Sherman, Fairfield County, at the west, lies ('-!.In manu:e ueav1 y e trouble i!l, a good !Jll.lny : acid, and my experiments .a,m satisfied that "JewEll meets with great .SUOC88!!. 1. the most important part of the Housatonic Valley toflll'IDers will set 01ut an thde land they and will get these ingredients properly combined will yield good PIERRE Lo&ILLARD, EsQ., held a grand receptt on a from ten to twe ve hun red pounds per acre. The bacco regt!Jn. Away up m Canaan, further than result is, it is poor tobac c o and brings poor prices. results. I procure and use these m thts fe-w days a,go at Sharo n and Cornwall, desirable tobacco is grown, but The tobacco for which I have paid from fourteen to way:-I t ake one ton of castor-pumice, 100 pounds of OJJR thanks are dUe to ;Mr. Ech-;jn pf Greenusually the best crops are found in the towns included sixteen cents been cheaper to me than other c;rops 85 per cent. soluble potash, and 300 pounds of dry ville, for vliluable informaij.on. in the inner. circle first mentioned. Thes e are taking for which I patd from ten to twelve cents. Is no ground fish to the acre The potash as..thus combined NEITHER Messrs. J & Co. nor Wm. Fried-f h h 1 good reason why every farmer ehould not raise about fi ed t't th fi h r th send vou a statement Fortunately our lander & Co. have been able to :make a settlement with the m to n 1ort m capidta or ubpper case, m a ton to the acre, and by so doing the reputation of this Ish a h x I th e supp_Ies e t crop eseaped with very little Hoping' your their creditors. Both firms offer 25 cents on the dollar. IStmc ton to ower case or er,Dan ury, Bethel, Valle[ would stand h!gh, and_ farmers P osp ortc aci ,_an e cas or-pumtce giv_es mea u trip has been.a pleasant one I remain H THEordePs ,f

AUG. 16 SpeClal Crop Correspondence. GREENVILLE, TENN August 11-:MR EDITOR -I pro:nused to send you some notes relatmg to the crop of tobacco m Tennessee and Western North Carolma, which I now do The mcrease m the number of acres planted IS nearly one third m North Carolina, but not so much m Tennessee m this section from which I am now wntmg. From the fact that both the soil and climate m the adJommg portiOn of North Carolina has proved very favorable to the growth of a fine q_uahty of tobacco that has commanded a high price m the market has stnnulated a large number of persons to embark m the busmess The counties where the finest tobacco 1 s grown lie mostly m the mountam regiOn, and IS grown upon the newly cleared slatey soil on the hilly or mountam Sides The finest quahty of tobacco 1s raised m :Madison and Buncomb Counties and one reason for the superiOrity of the artwle m this partwu lar section IS that they cure With charcoal well pre pared and free from smoke Nearly $200,000 worth of tobacco was sold from these two counties last year, and some of 1t brought-as as 80 cents to $1 per lb So much of the early plantmg failed to grow on ac count of the dry weather that the crop Will not be much more than .a half one The plants have been topped now for nearly ten days, and m less than three weeks 1t w1H have to be gathered to msure safetyflom frost which comes very early m the bottolrlll near the mountams That on the mountam can remam to the as frost strikes the low grounds first The ex pectat1ons of the planters are very high for a large price owmg to the crop bemg generally short on ac count of the early summer drouth throughout the country They may fall far short of their expects t w n s as there ts a large amount of the last years crop Still on hand EDwiN HENRY LEAFLETS -On :Monday a warrant was ISsued by CommiSSioner Slnelds for the arrest of James Raphael who was accu se d of deahng m unstamped mgars, and usmg stamps which had been utilized already -From :Marietta Pa 1t IS r eported that the first large sale of 1878 tobacco m that sectiOn was made last week by Grove, Hoffman & Co of Maytown, co nsist mg of 1,014 cases, toM H Levm, of New York -A Pennsylvama correspondent says that a farmer by Lhe name of Jacob Rank, res1dmg near Bud m Hand, has a tobacco leaf raised on h1s prennses that measures 40 by 28 mches Smce the late ram the gr01vth has been wonderful -Mr Pierre Lor11Iard will build a $70,000 at Newport for next season -Ex Itis not Mr Lonllard1 but Mr W H Lew1s, who IS to build that $70,000 v1lla at Newport Mr Lonllard owns and occupies one of t,be finest villas rn the place -New England Groce1 -A correspondent writmg from East Earl Pa, re marks -We have JUst seen another giant tobaccoleafi raise d by BenJamm Warfel, on the farm of Emanue Herr, near MillersVIlle The d1mens1ons of the leaf are forty mches long by twenty Wide, the patch 1S two and a half acres -A Norwich, Conn man says an exchange, some years ago resolved to d1scontmue smokmg, and save the money he WO\llil expend Jo.r tobacco Recently he purchased a fine residence on Laurel Hill Norwich, for which he paid $6,000 cash It IS pretended that all that wa.s saved :(rom smoke -A correspondent writmg from Iron-ville, Pa says On Saturday two weeks ago we were surrounded by ram but none fell m our neighborhood Tobacco and ever'ythmg ISm need of ram The wells and most of the c1sterns are dry Henry Evans has a well mnety feet deep, wh1ch supplies twenty five fannhes with water -In a certam Cigar manufactory m Wooster Street a number of Bohenuan c1gar makers struck lately be cause ehe firm would do them the favor t-o d1s thmr foreman who had made hnnself obnox 1ous. The firm are determmed to fill the1r places w1th her men, and the Bohenuans are looking for employ ent elsewhere .....,JQ86-8osa, who keeps a retail c1gar and tobac co st()re in Hudson Street, was on Monday charged be fore Comnnsswner Shields With defraudmg the ment because he had about $100 "orth of tobacco m his pOssessiOn which he had not reported to the collec t o r for taxatiOn He was held to await the actwn of the Grand Jury -As previously referred to, the Kentucky crop re ports a1e far from satiSfactory The crop has been af fected m various ways by recurnng drouths No one estimates at above 75 per cent the mcommg crop The opmwns expressed, however, are that, from the care and pa.1ns taken m the culture where the standard was s ecured, a superior artwle will be made Special Crop Report11 to "The Tobacco Lear," TENNESSEE Hartsvtlle Tromdale Co Aug 8 J G L reports -We are to be dry here agam. No ram of consequence smce my report The small crop of earl)' plantmg but for the worms would be domg well Worms were never worse The tobacco planted here on lihe 25th and 27th of July, unless the season IS ex traordinarily late, can do no good 'MISSOURI Keytesvrlle Mo August 6 -G M D reports A heavy ram fell here last mght The growmg crop 1S domg well The early plantmg 1S not very leafy, but will :i:nake fine fillers, and wJll be ripe m August The worms are not so abundant as they were two weeks ago As the crop 1S small, planters are taking more pams than former1y Excbana-e (.)rop and Market Comments SEED LEAF PENNsYLVANIA -The Lancaster New Era of August 8 reports -No old tobacco has changed hands m th1s market smce our last weekly report, unless, perhaps a very few cases to local Cigar milkers Of last year's crop part of a packer's stock, amountmg to 1,014 cases, changed hands The terms as usual, were private Other buyers are here trymg to buy from the packers but the prices offered are not satisfactory Last week there were no sales of any kind and for the correspondmg penod of last year 750 cases all of previOus years The cheerful prospects of the farmers still contmue We have had a number of moderate showers throughout the county, and nearly all the tobacco has received more or less ram The effect m soms places has been ahnost magwal, especially with the late ;Planted The weather has been hot and the groand 1s wet and the tobacco m consequence 1S literally spreading" Itself Accounts, b v samples, reach us almost every day, and w e con feJ>s we have been surpnsed Large leaves measurmg 2oby 40 mches and more, are as common as m pre v1ous years Everybody IS happy m thmkmg that each has the boss field, and we do not care to disturb such pleasant 1llus10n s Ephrata, Warwick, East Cocaltco part of Penn aud part of Manherm are among the best d1str1cts m the <:ounty East and W es t Ea1l and MartiC are also very good In Strasburg the crop JS ::ud to be equal to last year while m UpJ?er L eacock 1t has rarely been better These townships had more ram than fell to the lot of the other sections and then tobacco Is correspondmgly good Of course there are many poor fields also JUSt as there are many fine ones m those townships where the general average IS poor l'he crop was perhaps never more Irregular W b1le some has been cut, other fields have JUSt been topped;.. and much IS not nearly for that opt>ra tio n The s1tuat10n may be ts1ud to be 1mprovmg da1ly, and favorable weather will bring our planters over their earlier troubles handsomely The Marietta Times of August 9 says -A fine ram on Sunday last, and another on Tuesday evenmg and st11l another on 'fhursday gladdened the bearts of the to bacco growers m the Immediate neighborhood of the town but the ram d1d not extend more than-two rmles mto the country The tobacco embraced m the regiOn where ram fell looks very fine, and will undoubtedly be the best crop for several years It will be two or three weeks before the most advanced IS ready to cut, and m tbat tnne a great deal will be added to the plats. CoNNECTlOUT -The Hartford Evemng Post of August 8 says -The storm of last Sunday d1d coDSiderable damage to tobacco In New Britam and North Man chtlllter the wmd blew very bard for a short tune, and levelled tobacco flat on the ground, breaking off a large number of plants The damage cannot be est1 mated at present but If the plants are righted It will not be so as first appearances would mdicate In W allingtord the crop 1S rooking well, most of It 1S toppmg out, and the prE>spects are for a good crop Dunng the last ten days tobacco has made a rapid growth m Somers, and 1S excellently as a gen era! thmg A few pieces on moist ground have been attacked by the black worm smce the first hoemg Green worms are plenty In Granby there will prob ably be an average crop, though some p1eces appear rather slow m commg forward. Canton Center was also VIS1ted by the storm on Sunday, and a con Siderable number of plants were blown down The cro:p rn this place is lookmg well and has grown rapidly the J)8S1; week At Enfield the crop contmues to look well. Toppmg tobacco has been begun at Southington THE TOBACCO LEAF. OHIO -The Miamisburg Bullettn of August 8 re ports -Heavy rams throughout the whole tobacco regwn during the week have Tastly rmproved the appearance and prespects of late crops Planters have commenced cuttmg tbe early plantmg R1ght here we w1sh to repeat a word of warnmg-don't let the leaf get dead npe before cuttmg, more rmsch1ef results m thiS valley from this cause alone than from all others combmed Few sales are reporte-!t though they are effected occasiOnally at 8@9c J:'lanters h old fine crops at 8 to 12c An account of the Cmcmnatl leaf market, pub lished m the Parmer, under the date of August 9, IS as follows -'fhe offermgs this week were 1,219 hhds and 105 boxes, whiCh I S greater than last week, and while prwes may not have been higher, the market showed more ammatron and b1ddmg was more spr r1ted throughout the week fine red fillers brmgmg $18@18 25, the top prwes of the season There was a fau d1splay of fine cuttmg, and It sold at $21@25, which was very satisfactory t o sellers We regard the market firmer and more active than last 1\eek, closmg steady and at full prwes .MONTHLY REPORT FOR JULY hhds bxs Stock on hand' July 1 5 158 851 Receipts durmg July 6 484 526 Total 11 ,642 1,377 Dehvenes durmg the month 4 836 415 Stock on hand August 1, 1879 6 806 962 Stock on hand August 1 1878 7 602 1 027 Actual sales for July 5, 303 25.L WISCONSIN -The WISCOnSin (Edgtlrton) Tobacco Re p01 tm of August 8 reports -The demand for WIS consm leaf seems t o be on the mcrease Judgmg from appearances m th1s mar);!:et Buyers contmue conung and gomg, mthe.r makmg purchases or lookmg over the pros pects for future operations Dwight Loomts, of Suffield Conn has been here for about a week, as also has Henry D Rogers, of the same place This IS Mr Loonus first VISit, and he reports hanself well pleased w1th the country Thes e parties returne d to their home on Thursday W W Child has, durmg the week pmchased 800 cases of 78 tobacco of Mat thew Johnson of Stoughton at 8 cents through the largest purchase of the kind that has taken place m this place to our knowledge H L Bardeen also bought of the same party 117 cases at 8){ cents The Eastern houses represented by our local buyers make a speCialty of WISconsm goods, and have for years handle d the bulk of the crOJiiS What httle there 1s left remammg 111 first hands IS bemg bought up as fast as poss1ble and when the new crop comes upon the market a pretty clean sweep will have been made Th e new crop IS domg finely, and we hea r of varretles already m process of bemg harvested Some early pieces of Seed leaf will be ready for cutting about next week Later fields are domg well, and under favorable Circumstances Will prove a good growth Shipments were made as follows -New York 931 cases Clucago, 27 cases, Cmcmnati, 16 cases, Co' mgton Conn 13 cases VIRGINIA AND NORTH CAROLINA VIRGINIA -The Lynchbtwg Vugtman of August 8 says -Tobacco contmues to come m freely, notwith standmg there has been a slight dechne The rSIDS and the unpt oved prospect of th.e growmg crop have made an IlllP.r essw n on the ma1 ket The Danville says -The recent rams have had a most be neficial effect upon the growmg tobacco which had been suffermg fem fully from the protracted drouth Some of the farmers, who had not finished plantmg set out whol e ti elds after the ram, while others 1eplanted rmssmg h11Is though the opm10n IS that these late plantmgs will scarcely repay the labor and exp ense of cult1vat10n Before the ram came some of the farmers co=enced pulling off the ground leaves of the plants, 1\hi c h had riJ?ened and were burmng and these they cured by strmging on wues A few parcels of tobacco, gathered and cured 111 thiS way, have been sold m our market already and at good pnces NORTH CAROLINA -A from Raleigh, dated August 11, IS as follows -The recent heavy rains have saved the tobacco cro:p m this State Reports to the Raletgh News mdwate that the y1eld will be Withm twenty per cent of last years crop Durham, N C the great tobacco center of the State, 1s doub lmg Its busmess m leaf tobacco WESTERN KI!N'I'UCKY -The Henderson Tobacco Reporter of 9 gives the followmg account of the conditiOn of the Henderson tobacco market -We agam report httle or nothmg domg 111 old tobacco so as we can JUdge the market remams unchanged We have had no ram now for more than a week, and thmgs are get tmg powerfully dry m the country Corn on thm land has already suffered very much We do not thmk the tobacco crop so far has -sustamed any very material damage but It 1s JUst on the 'ragged edge,' and If we do not get ram soon the countenances of our fr1ends1 which have lately been ''so wreathed m snules," will oegm to lOi)li: long and solemn How ever, 1t IS an ill wmd that blows nobody good and the late hot dry weather has been JUSt the thmg for tobacco disposed to french, we note a very matenal Improvement m this regard TENNESSEE -The ClarksVIlle Chronwle of August 8 says -Our receipts are full, and our sales are large for the week, probably between 700 and 800 hogsheads The market was very active and strong for all useful grades of leaf and lugs With good general demand for all kmds The seaboard mMkets contmue very dull, with but very httle domg except m home trade to baccos We hope our planters are usmg their best efforts to make a fine crop thiS year The of the ComiDISswner of Agnculture for the State of Tennessee, Col J B Killebrew for the month of July, 1879, refers to the tobacco crop m that State as follows The drouth which prevailed m the State the first weeks m July checked the growth of t{)bacco, but the rams which occurred on the 23d and after have m duced a healthy, vigorous and remarkably thrifty growth At no previOus time smce the war have the prospects been fairer for a crop of splendid leaf Thpugli not an average crop as to quantity, present appearaJ.ces md1cate a crop ot unusual excellence will be raised The horned worm (Sphmx Carolina) so vexatious and damagmg m therr effects uv.on the crop early made their appearance but the VIgilance of the planters soon destroyed the first mfiux, and the sub sequent drouth was not propitious to their generation At the present wnt1ng, August 5th, the crop 1s freer from them than at any correspondmg perrod for many years The low pnces "!l:uch farmers have obtained for their tobacco durmg the last two or three years, whlch low prrces resulted from over croppmg, mattentwn to proper wormmg and suckermg, and a neglect to apply proper fertiltzers, have had a happy effect m brmgmg about that steady supemswn so necessary for the productiOn of a superior article The b es t lands have been selected for the present crop and the soil m many parts of the State baa been copwusly fert1hzed, both w1th stable manures and super phosphates Early attentiOn was grven to the proper preparation of seed beds and the crop was ma1nly planted m :May and the first half of June The applied gave It a good start and weeds and gruss have luid no opportumty to arrest the giowth of the crop So earnest have the planters been 111 s-tvmg aJl needful cultivatiOn to the ClOP. tliat seven, e 1ght and even mne plowmgs are not urifrequent In a long expenence m tobacco culture the write r does not remember ever to have seen a crop so gene rally well cultivated. In the Clarksville r egio n the prospect of the growmg crop ts sunply magmficent, but the area has been greatly curtailed. so that what wrll be lackmg m quantity will be much more than made up m quality I estimate, makmg an average of the reports which I have received, supplemented by my own personal ob servatJOns, that m the Clarksville reg10n the quantrty planted may b e set do" n at 70 and the quahty at 120 m West Tennessee the quantity at 75 quality 100 111 the upper Cumberland river regron the quan 1ty 40, quality 100 It may be observed that owmg to the heavy tax which until recently has been placed upon tobacco by the General nearly every county m the State 1S producmg some tobacco for domestic con sumptwn Even from those counties where cotton and corn have been cultivated as the standard crops from the first settlement of the country, frequent ap plicat10ns are made to thiS office for tobacco seed, so that planters and others may ra1se therr own supphes ThiS tax has had the effect of greatly extendmg the area of tobacco culture throughout the Umted States, and may have been the cause, by lessemng the de maud, of filling the markets of the world with worth less trash, and dimmishing the and consequently the profits for all grades In the vJarksVIlle diStrict, Robertson County reports 60 for the present crop It was small until the rams set m The amount of fer t1hzers used, aside from stable manures, was small The crop has been well worked, and about one fourth has been topped, worms scarce M;ontgomery County the crop from 70 to 100 The soil was well fertilized and the crop well worked up to the rams About one thud of the crop has been topped Very few worms Stewart County places the crop at 80 In the regwn of country on Dry Creek, m thts county, where some of the best tobacco l and m the State IS found, the prospect IS satd to be very fine The plants are strong thiCk set, and the leaves broad and long About one thud has been topped Worms few Cheatham County reports 50 Orop 111 fine conditiOn Houston County places 1ts crop at 100 In West Ten nessee Henry County places the crop at 60, a large falling off from last year The conditiOn 1S excellent Benton reports 25, Dyer 75, ObiOn 75, Carroll -, Har din 100 rhe two last counties named grow but httle tobacco All throughout West T e nnessee tlle crop looks exceedmgly well There 1s a small crop on the Upper Cumberland Snuth County reports 50, Trousdale 25 Clay 10 W1l son 50 Jackso n 50 The c r op late, havmg suffered severely from the drouth With the same attention g1ven to the crop from now until1t gets mto market that has been gwen from the plantmg until the present trme, I con1idently predtct the best and most useful crop which has been made m many years, but by no means tho largest Let the planters see that the worms and suckers are pulled off at least once a week1 fm nothing so much ImpairS the value of tobacco as these two pests, the worms deform mg or destroymg the leaf, and the suckers extractmg the substance and making 1t thm, papery, light and worthless Let the work w1th the hoe contmue after the t obacco JS too large to plow Thts will keep it m a growmg cond1t10n and g1ve 1t that body so much puzed m the best Tennessee tobaccos Let It stand until fully npe One of the best planters I ever knew never cut h1s tobacco until everybody else thought 1t was wastmg by over ripeness B e careful about firmg Never have heavy fires u.t the start, but gradually m mease th,e heat and keep up the fir e rught and day until the tobacco IS cured F1re With hickory wood if possible The next best wood IS oak which has been cut for s1x months or more Tobacco nee ds heat to cure It, not smoke The less smoke the better It fills the tobacco With creosotiC compounds and nnpam; Its flavor Flues are to be preferred on thiS account, but they are too expensive for the maJOrity of planters More money 1S made m proportiOn by handling to bac co after 1t gets m the barn than before It should be carefully assorted, each length w1th a varmtwn of two mches should be kept by Itself, and so should each color After 1t has been assorted, care must be taken to have 1t properly ordered, or the whole crop may be lost or IDJUred lt IS a grand nustake to suppose that any fool may rruse tobacco successfully Of all the CrOpS grown.m Amenca, It requrres for ItS prope r mampula.tion a larger amount of skill taste, JUdg ment common sense and mdustry, and a failure tore cogmze th1s tr11th has damaged the reputatwn of our tobaccos MISSOURI -The St ;Loms Commm etal Gazette, Aug 7 /reports as follow.s -Rece1.ved 999 hhd11, agamst 856 tne previous week The market contmued Irregular on Thursday and Friday firm for common and medmm gt:a.Qes, but generally weak for good filler leaf, although m one or two exceptiOnal mstances ver) full pnces were obtained for lots of the latter that were particularly fanCied by manufacturers notably a hhd of" White Burley,' which brought $18 75 on Thursday -the htghest price of the season for fillers Y ester day the market was generally weak, and the sales dragged heavily, buyers and sellers bemg apart m their views yet a pretty fa1r proportiOn of tho offermgs were sold, and lower b1ds were pretty promptly reJect ed There was some speculative demand for low grades but buyers b1d for them as though for bar gams Sales Thursday Fnday and yesterday com pr1sed 158 hhds In the same time 104 hhds were passed and bidS were reJected on 109 hhds .a few small lots were sold by sample, and a few privately 'l'o day 122 bhds were on the breaks conta.mmg some of excellent quahty Lugs and common leaf were steady and lirm, but the better grades dull and drag gmg w1th buyers and sellers apart particularly on fine :fillers and bright wrappers Only 29 hhds were sold on the breaks, but 23 hhds old lugs on the breaks a b1d on 11 of which was r eJected at $2 90, were sold privately CALIFORNIA -San FranCISCO Merchant, August 1 Our tobacco merchants complam of great dullness m trade, and, generally speakmg, hard trmes The rea sons given are many, but especially the unJustifiable compet1t10n from Eastern houstlll, who, to force sales, are m the habit of forwardmg small parcels ou com IDISSion to our smallest dealers, m th1s way heapmg more stock on a market already overstocked, and the uncertainty rn the political honzon of our State which produces a general want of confidence m busmess and m all kinds and classes of securities We do not quote any change m prices from those of last week, though we are told of some dealers who are willmg to sell nearly every desCriJ>tlOn of manufactured tobacco at a shade over cost of rmportatwn Cigars -This market IS If possible even m a worse Jilhght lih'fn that of man ufactured tobacco The same mfluences affect 1t that affect the other, but while the luxury of a cigar m hard times like the present can more or less be d1s pensed With by the rna;or1ty of consumers 1t IS ahnost too much to expect them to f\lt along without any thmg, therefor!), fo r economy s aake, they will use m Its place the other and cheaper article In the Connecticut Valley. The followmg are some futther returns grvmg an estunate of the cond1t10n and prospects of the growmg crops m the Connecticut Rrver Valley, recerved from correspondents wr1tmg to the New England Home stead-Norta Hatfield -In my report of damage done by the wmd and hail, the est1maw was not based solely upon the JUdgm!)nt of your correspondent-as m the case of Mr Wight-but from the careful estunate of the farmers themselves of their own losses The1r to bacco was then considered to be damagod one-half on all lots and two thirds on the earlier pieces. In Mr Wight's statement that $20,000. would cover the :Value of all the tobacco grown wrthin the hm1tsof two miles he either figures very low or 1S lamentably Ignorant of the amount grown If he will take the pams he wtll find there are 200 acres grown w1thiri the distance spoken of, mostly of Havana Seed This w1ll average 1 ,500 pounds {>Br acre Last years crop of Havana was sold at prrces none under 15).fc and several over 20c From all there was abundant reason to expect as good If not better priCes than those of the precedmg years Let us estimate, then the value of 200 acres 1 500 pounds per acre1 at 15c per pound and we have U5 000, proVIded the crop had been secured and packed m good cond1t10n. As the crop then looked to be damaged one half It not far out of the way to call It $20:000 Even call the croi! to be worth 10c per pound and we have $30 000 worth In regard to the present conditiOn of the crop takmg mto consideratiOn the storm it IS lookmJ!: finely and all thmk there will be two th1rd s of a crop, If nothmg more unfavorab1e occurs West SprmgfielJ until the 15th of July as to the SIZe and locality of grounds unde1 cultivatiO n and he "1ll rece ive from the authorities a permit Cro:ps planted after t):le 15th of July must be reported within three days after plantmg Sec 4 These statements (Sec 3) will be tested by the tax authorities w1th the atd of the local authon ties Costs to the planters are not to be mcurred Sec 5 The owner of a tobacco plot 1S held respon s1ble for presentmg the tobacco to the official weigh master This duty 1s conferred on his J!Uccessor 1f, b e fore harvestmg the crop he disposes of It to another person All such changes must be reported to the tax authorities w1thm three days Sec 6 To ensure the presentation of the entue crop for taxatiOn the tax authorities are empowered to make an exammatwn of the crOp before harvesting, when the amount of tobacco wil:l:-be fixed that at least must be presented for taxatiOn In this case the taxa twn will be equal on leaf which 1S not presented With what IS presented for taxatiOn Sec 7 The exammatwn for the purpose of fixmg the amount of leaf subJect to taxatiOn will be made on the spot by tax officers, who are to be a1ded by the communal officials The time of makmg these ex ammatwns: mnst u e previOusly made known to the planter he has a perfect right to be present on these occasions The result of the mqmry will be entered m a regiSter, which will be open for mspection at the Communal Bureau Within three days after the publicatiOn of the register, the planter may enter hts obJeCtions or protest, whiCh must be entered m a column designed for that purpose or must be made m wntmg to the tax authorities nammg the reductiOn to be ex{lected A decision m such cases will be rendered by a DIS triCt CommiSSIOn under the directiOn of the Upper Inilpector or UJ?per Controller If the complamt. 1S unfounded, the costs of the m qUiry may be partly or wholly charged to the planter Sec 8 The amount of leaf fixed for taxatiOn, as provided m sectiOn 6, may 1 if required by the tax author Ities, be fixed by means or a statement of the planter, if such a statement on examinatiOn IS found sat1s factory Sec 9 The amount of leaf fixed for taxahon will be reduced-1st In cases of damage by accidents, and as such may be accounted a failure of the crop before the offiCial we1ll"hmg Such acmdents must be reported to the authorities at least w1tl:vn four days thereafter, and If the crops have been damaged while growmg before harvestmg, the authorities will mst1tute an offiCial mspect1on to fix the amount of the reductiOn 2d If before the wetghmg there are considerable losses, when the reduction will also be fixed by the authorities Sec 10 The tax officers are author1zed to VISit at all times the drymg bOU\IeB 01 rooms wheze the to b aaco, until the trme of the offiCial weighmg, IS kept ,They may at any time demand samples of the to baCco for IdentificatiOn which Will be returned after the tax has been fixed THE SALE OF THE 1)0BACCO BEFORE THE OFFICIAL WEIGHING Sec 11 Before discharging h1s duties as reqmred m 5, the planter must not dispose of any or part of the tobacco crop reported to the authoritres, neither at the tlilie of harvestmg the same or after 1t The ex portat10n of tobaaco wh1ch has not been subJected to the offimal we)gbmg 1S only to be allowed on. apphca tJon under offimal control Sec 12 The weight of the tobacco, after the drymg process, will be ascertamed until the 31st of March after the harvest year, at the latest, by an offiCial weighmaster, at designated statiOns Sec 13 For thiS purpose the tobacco after cunng must be put up m packages or bundles, as prescnbed by the authorities Sec 14 The tax author1t1es after consultmg the communal authont1es will appomt the tune w1thm which the tobacco must be p1esented for the offiCial wetghing process A spemal term may be fixed for the weighmg of stems and lugs Sec 15 The numbet of bundles to be weighed must be previOusly reporte d m wr1tmg to the we1gh1pg master In case or m the course of the reviSion and we1ghmg, the planter has to submit to a tempo r ary seizure of his goods and storage at h1s cost The labor reqmred at the we1ghmg process has to be furDlShed by the planter at his own expense Sec 16 After the weighing process the amount of the tax lS to be fixed The person who brought the to bacco to the wmghmg statiOn will be mformed of the amount, and be held responsible for It Th e amount must be pa1d after the first sale but at the latest until the 15th of July aftet the harvest year, unless c r edit IS given or the tobacco 1 s stored m a bonde d warehouse No tax IS to be pa1d when at the time of the offimal weighing It IS condemned to be destroyed nor from the tobacco which has been rendered untit durmg stor age m a b onded warehou,;e In cases of fire there 1S afso to be an appropriate reductiOn of the tax Sec 17 If mland tobacco 1S stored m a warehouse for untaxed goods 1t I S subJect to the rules and regula twns of the same Sec 18 The pubhc and private warehouses to be used for .the storage Qf tobacco m bond are subJected to the rules and regulatiOns m sectiOns 97 to 104 m elusive, and sectiOn 108 of the German tax laws Fur ther partwulars as to the rules and regulatiOns for such a storage of tobacco will be ISsued by the author1 ties m charge Sec 19 At the first sale of tobacco the purchaser 1s held responsible for the payment of the tax In such case has the first holder of It, who up to thiS tune has been responsible to notify the tax authorities, and he will be held Jomtly responsible w1th the purchaser until he has been offiCially released from all further responSibility This release mt1St be given m all cases unless there are doubts as to the resi>9neibil1ty of the purchaser The release cannot be refused If the goods are trans m1ttedm v1ew of the tax authont1es. iUhe.goods are not delivered until the 15th of July after the harvest year, the planter IS held respoDSible for the tax 3 ABOUT CREDIT Sec 20 On applicatiOn by a holder of tobacco, credit may be allowed, according to the Cred1t Regulative of the Bundesrath m order to facilitate the transfer of. the hability for the tax on dealers manufacturers and others who are donuc1led m other tax d1strwts and certificates may be Issued to these from the prmmpa.l tax bureau of the d1stnct m which they are donuciled Sec 21 If It IS discovered that the whole amount of the tobacco raised has not been presenteQ for the weighing process and IS found that some of the to bacco has been made away w1th, the tax on the IDlS smg tobacco w1ll be charged, without givmg release of other penalties prescribed m such cases, and payment IS enforced from the party brmging the tobacco to the we1ghmg statiOn RULES Al\D REGULATIONS FOR THE CULTIVATION OF TOBACCO Sec 21 Concermng the management of tobacco plantations the folloWing rules and r egulatiOnS are to be observed -1st The plantatiOn must be laid out m even r ows of an equal dtstance from eaoh other, and the plants must be set m an equal distance from each other 2nd Tobacco must not be planted m the nudst of other crops, but m case of a destruction of a crop of at least four square meters, the ground may be used afterwards for ratsmg vegetables Srd Until the offiCial Illijpectwn as to the amount of leaf or weight, at a t1me customary or specmlly des1g the necessary trunmmgs of the plant must have oeen completed 4th Before the amount of leaf or weight has been and obJeCtiOns 01 protests have been finally dis posea of, tobll.Cco leaves be gathered only after previous notification of the communal authont1es, and m accordance w1th the regulatiOns of the tax authorities 5th All rubbtsh accumulated on the field before bar vesting must be destroyed 6th If the planter, on account of the failure of the crop or otherwise, wants to convert the ground to other purposes, he 1S reqmred to notify the tax au tho r1ties of 1t 7th Withm ten days, unless the authont1es allow a longer perwd, the tobaccG plante must have been cut or otherwise removed The r aiBmg of a second crop can be allowed only with the consent of 'he tax authont1es< and under conditions prescribed by the same for tne purpose of controllmg the crop for the collectiOn of the tax. I ABOUT TAX BY SPACE Sec 23 Tobac co crops on pieces of ground of mo1e than Jour ar, mstead as provided m sect10n 2, prov1d mg for a tax py weight, are subJP.Cted to a tax by space The tax for one square metw of ground planted w1th tobacco IS as follows -For the year 1880 2 pfen mgs for the year 1881 3 pfenn1gs for the year 1882 the follo wmg 4 5 pfenrugs By special anangement by the tax authorities these crops may mstead be subJected to a tax by weight Sec 24 In regard to the tax by space the plOVISlOllS of sectwns 3 and 4 find the same applicatiOn After an mspectio n the amount of tax 1s fixed and made known to the planter The owner of the ground 1s responsible for the tax also 1f the same IS under cultivatiOn by another pe1-son agamst a sha1e of the product The amount of tax fixed has to be paid untll the 15th of July followmg the harvestmg of the crop A Ie lease of the tax takes place m case of a destruction or failure of the crop. Also 1f the CJ ops after harvest mg are destroyed by fire &c 2u In exceptiOnal cases, the tax authoritie s may ordm a tax by space on plots of of four ar 01 more m extent If, owmg to speCial mrcumstancen the provisions for a t'lx by weight cannot well be applied Sec 26 The rules and regulatiOns adopted by the tax authorttles for the control of the crops must be made pubhc m the tobacco growmg districts until the 15th of April of each year, and m other distncts Withm fourteen days after the notificat.ou ABOUT TOBACCO SURROGATES Sec 27 The use of substitutes of tobacco m the manufacture of tobacco 1S pt olub1ted ExceptiOns may be allowed by the Federal Council wh1ch also may provide for the tax to be pard on substitutes fm wbac co The laws prov1dmg for such a tax must 1Je subrmt ted to the Rewhsta;g, and If reJected b the same, thY are not to be enforced Sec 28 The tax authorities are empowered, m v1ew of the prohibitory provision as above to reqwre samples from manufacturers and dealer,; dmmgthe hours of busmess, when the st9res and factones are ope n Sec 29 Liabil1t1es for tax, as well as clauns for drawback for tax paid m excess, e:x:prre m a year from the date of beconung due ALLOWANCES FOR EXPORTS Sec SO Whoever exports raw tobacco or stripped leaf m quantities of at least 25 kilog1ammes 01 stOJ.:es the same under bond, except m cases "8.8 provided m sectiOns 11 and 16 to 18 mclus1vo, IS entitled to a draw back at the followmg rates per 100 kilos, net -1st Ra'\f tobacco on unfermented 33 marks on fer m e nt.ed 40 marks 2d Stripped tobacco, 47 marks Sec 31 Manufacturers of tobacco may Qbtain on exportation of their manufactures, or by stormg 'he same for that purpose under bond, a drawback, at the followmg rates pt>r 100 kilogra.m.mes 1st Manufactured from rmported leal Snuff and chewmg tobacco, 60 marks, smokmg tobacco, 81 marks c1gars 94 marks Cigarettes 66 marks 2d Manufactured of domestic leaf Snuff and chew mg tobacco 32 marks, smokmg tobacco 43 matks, Cigars 50 marks, cigarettes 35 marks 3d ManUfactured partly from Imported and pailly from domestic tobacco m proportiOn to the quantit:W used of each class Manufacture1 s who on exportation of their manu factures, or by the same m bond for that pur pose, will make clSIIDS f01: drawback as :ietailed above must notify the tax authorities before tb.e pre parat10n of their manufactures, and they w1ll have to subnnt to conditwns which wJII be made known to them, especially as far as the exclusiOn of substrtutes 1S regarded Further enactments on thiS subJect, as fa:r as the de tails are concerned will be made at the proper tune by the Federal Council espeCially m regard to Cigarettes mtended for export Until that t1me the formE>r rules and regulatiOns re garding drawback, espeCially the proV1S10ns of sectton 8 of the law of the 26th of May 1868 remam m fo1ce The Federal Oouncil, however 1S authonzed to rmse gradually the rates of drawbac.k up to the rate as pro vtded m sectiOns 30 and 31 before that time PENALTIES ON DEFRAUDATION Sec 32 Whoever undertakes to Withhold the ta:x to to be pa1d o n tobacco raised Withm the boundanes of the customs umon or due on Inland tobacco planta twns, will be gmlty of the off ence of defra udatiOn Of tobacco tax defraudation espec 1ally will be gmlty those-1st Who om1t to conform to the rules prescnbed m sections 3 and 24, prescnbmg to Inform the tax authorities of the extent of their tobacco plantmg 2d Who omits to conform properly to the law provtd mg for the tax by weight, as IB prescr1bed m section 2 Sec 33 As equal to acts of defraudauon shall be deemed cases let When at an official mvestigation of losses caused by a damage of the crop no truthful state ment IS made as to the amount of tobacco 2d When the planter before the offimal we1ghmg d1sposes of part or the whole of his crop, Without the knowledge and consent of the tax authonties 3d When before the prescnbe d time as provided m sectiOn 22 the tobacco IS gathered withott givmg notwe 4th When inland tobacco IS exported without ob servmg, the laws as prescnbed m sectwns 11, 16 5th When Without the knowledge of the authollties, a second crop IS raised and the tobacco thus rarsed IS withheld from taxatiOn 6th When untaxed tobacco m bond 1B removed Without makmg the necessary apphcation Sec 34 The off ence of tobacco defraudatiOn will be pumshed by a fine four times the amount of the tax that has been withheld The ta:x has to be pSid m ad drt10n, mdependent of the fine Sec 35 The amount of tax, accordmg to wh1ch the fine IS Imposed IS fixed, 1st In case of a defraudation as m sectiOn 32 ac cordmg to the rates as fixed according to section 23 2d In case of defraudatiOn where the tobacco has not been properly presented for the official we1ghmg, accordrng to section 33 In order to fix the amount of the tax withheld, an estunate will be made according to the largest amount produced on any plot of ground m the same diStrict or locality durmg the same year The weight, If It can not be ascertamed otherwise, will be fixed m the same manner Sec 36 If the amount of the tax Withheld eannot be fixed under any circumstances, then mstead of a fine of four times the amount of the tax Withheld a fine from 30 to 3 000 marks will be nnpoeed Liable to the same penalty IS wbosoever VIolates the law as proVIded m section fliT


Every repet1t10n of the offence mvolves 1mpnson ment for a term extendmg up to two years Sec 38 Wl;).oever undertakes to obtam drawback (sectwns 30 31) which either could not be claimed at all or only to a smaller extent on a smaller quantity than claimed IS hable to a fine four times the amount clarmed In c .. se of a repetitiOn of the offence a fine eight times the amount will be Imposed Sec 39 The mcreased penalty IS Imposed without regard whether the former penalty was Imposed m the same or any other State of the custome Umon But no mcreased penalty 1S Imposed after a lapse of -three years from a prevwus offence Sec 40 Other vwlatwns of the law are pumshed by fines to the extent of 150 marks In additiOn the authont1es may enforce the rules prescnbed m sections 22 and 13 regardmg the manage ment of the plantatwns etc by a fine to the extent of .30 marks and to cause the work to be done at the ex Jl(lnse of the offender Sec 41 DISCiplinary pumshment by fine m cases 1st Whoever seeks by means of presents or other Wise to corrupt an officer detailed to act m the mterest o()f the Government If the facts of the case do not war Tant a prosecutiOn under the law agamst bribery 2d Who commits acts or IS of omiSSions cal -culated to mterfere with an officer m the discharge of his duties provided the case does not warrant a prosecutiOn for cnmmal vwlence Sec 43 Tobacco planters well as tobacco dealers agents and manufacturers are held responsible for fines mcurred under this law by thmr representatives .assistants employees wives and children If It can be shown that the offence "as corniDltted without their knowledge they are only held responsible for the .amount of tax Tobacco planters are held responsible for the tax on the tobacco they have to present for the weigh mg If the tax IS withheld by a person representmg the owner Sec 44 In cases where the fines Imposed cannot be paid tbe penalty IS converted mto Imprisonment which tor the first oftence does not exceed Six months one year for the second offence and two :1' ears for further repetitions of the offence Sec 45 No offence under law agamst defraudatiOn will be prosecuted after a lapse of three years and ..:IISCiphnru:y offences are not subJect to purushment after the exprrat10n of one year Sec. 46 As far as the prosecutiOn and trial of offenders are concerned as well as apphcatwns for a release they are to be effected lll accordance with the provisiOns of thA customs Jaws prov1dmg for the prose cutwn and pumshment of offenders Sec 47 The JUrisdiCtiOn of the authorities charged With the prosecutwn and purushment of offences can be extended on parties who may belong to another :.State of the Umon The pumshment If necessary IS to be effected by a reqms1t10n by the authorities of the ;State m which the offence was committed The authorities and officers of the different States are reqmred to assist each other by all means m the prosecution of offenders Sec 48 All prov1s10ns of the customs tanff under No 25 v contrary to this law and the law relatmg to the taxation of the 26th of May 1868 are repealed from the trme and penod as proVIded m sectwns land 2 Bus1ness New Firms and Removals ALLElr'I'OWN Pa :M Seip tobacco burned out loss estiu &ted at $3 000 not msured BALTIMORE, Md DIXon R. Thurston retail tobacco and c gars given bill of sale of fbr:tures fo $40 F'LI.NT M.Jcb -Chas A Fo:z: tobacCo and c gars sold out to D 8 Fox manufacturer sold outtoF W LYNCHBURG 'Va Thos L Johnso & Son tobacco a.nd comrmsslon dis solved Thos A Johnaon continues NEW Yoax -Jose Ua.rno & Co cigars interest of J S Jaffe ceases Pm.r.ADELPB A, Pa -G aver & Co c gar manufacturers 0 H Graver retires. CHICAGO Ill Dav d son & Bro cigar manufacturers agency re moved f om 50 Lake Street to 3 State Street ST Lou s Mo San ueJ Marks c gars glven bill of sale to Mrs S Rein berg Reported Failures and Business Arrangements. lJosTON Mass -Michael F Jones c gars ere stock etc for $lOO Cmc.a.oo Ill L B Reynolds c a.nd tobacco failed attached by the shentr: CLINTON Ia -W H Hess & Co tobacco two mortgages on stock fo r $50() each DETRO T M cb -8 M S mpson leaf tobacco dealer reported to have absconded r: LEK.ARS Ia. -A M Kuebule cigar maker chattel morti'age g ven for 553 Nxw HAYEN Conn -Carl Schilt tobacco attached by the sheritf Nrw YoRK -4:3 Br tt ng c gars chattel mortgage g ven on fl.:x:turM for $75 J A Braham cigars chattel mo g1 en on fixtures for $300 PROVIDENCE R 1-Cha.s \V \Vea.ver toba corust chattel mortgage g1veo :s.ur l RANC'ISCO Cal -S Strauss Jr c gars and tobacco attached by the she iff SoUTH KINGSTOWN R I James Rob nson Jr tobacconist chattel mortgage gtven. :n, Ind -John Kuflenhelm $45 7.HE t: TOBACC O M ARKETS FOR THE WEEK "NE" -The market may be called qmet as u en very httle change smce our last report '"file e been httle done m Western leaf In Vugm leaf there was more act1v1ty Messrs Sawyeri Wallace & Co report to THE To !HCCO LEAF asfol ows-' The market contmues extremely qmet and the httle busmess that has been done decidedly retail m Its .::haracter We note sales of 385 hhds as follows -117 for export 10 fof Boston and 81 to Jobbers manu facturers are credited with 177 hhds only and most of these were V1rgm1a tobaccos tat 2d week. 611 793 February 799 1 409 March 8o7 892 April 338 560 !lay 578 604 June 344 4o9 July 734 916 .August 1 070 385 3d week. 1415 546 3 269 351 720 680 565 4th week 1481 1346 316 542 2 498 889 3 979 5th week Leaf-There has been somewhat more -actiVIty lll wrappers and bright kmds have been sel hng quite freely at advanced figures Smokers are scarce and command h1gh figures Messrs Chas E FIScher & B10 Tobacco Brokers 134 Water Street report as follows concermng Seed leaf and Spamsh tobacco Our market for Seed leaf remams unchanged with sales of 1 728 cases whiCh we specify as follows Connedtwut -12a cases of the 1877 crop wrappers "'ere disposed of at 20@30c and 400 cases of the 1877 crop seconds at 10%@12c Pennsylvama -2a0 cases changed hands and were -compnsed of 150 cases of the 1877 crop at 9c for low grades and 16c for asso1 ted lots and 100 -cases of the 1878 crop assorted at private terms State -We note sale of 100 cases of the 1878 crop ..ass01 ted (Big Flats) at pnvate terms Wscons-m-200 cases of the 1877 crop sold at from 8%@9c and 653 cases of the 1878 crop at from 5Mi for fillers 8@10c for seconds and 10 @12c for assorted lot" Havana -500 bales at 90@$1 15 ManujactU? ed -The demand for thts class of goods contmues v ery qmet and 1t IS probable that thiS will bethe conditiOn of affairs until the end of this month ''Vhen cooler weather sets m we may expect that our Southern and Western purchasers who are now at the different summer :resorts will stop at th1s ctty on their return homeward and bust ness wtll m consequence Improve There are buy e1s now m the city but they seem to be more bent on pleasure than on busmess The sales that have been made embrace twist navies and a few 11 m For export no orders of any 1mportance have been rece1v ed the advance m price has prevented the filllllg of some orders It seems that shippers were unprepared for an advance and It may be some tnne before the foreign markets come m accord with our own 1n re spect to rates The official exports were 138 874 lbs Exchange -Messrs M & S Sternberger Bankers eport to IRE foBACCO LEAF as follows -We quote Bankers 1om nal tales and 482% for 60 doys and de mand sterl ng respect vely selhng rates 41B1M@41:1% for 60 days 483)4@483% for demand Commer.ctal 60 clays 480 PariS banke s 3 days 520 60 days ReiChn:rks bank ers 3 days 94M 60 oayo Oo% CommeiCnal 60 dl\yil 92 F e1{fhts -llfessrs Cawy Yale & LambP Freight n ol et. r epo t to fHE 'IOBACCO LEAF Tobace gbts ... follows -Ltverpool steam 30s sail 2as Lond toam o>s <6d (40 ft) sa 1 QO Gla.!ww steam 35s Br sto ete:. 'll 40s HaVIe steam !j;12 Antwerp steam 42s 6d sail 30s Hac bwg steam 42s Od sa 1 30s Bremen steam 42. Gd sail 30s IMPORTS The arnvals at the port of New York from foretgn ports fo the week mcluded the followml! consii!nments .Antwl!'rp-A Hen & Co 10 cases p pes 703 bxs do Kauffman .Bros 737 bxs do H BatJer & Bro 450 cases ptpes 250 baskets do St Juhns N. F.-A Arango 238 hhds 18 trcs Vera (huz-M Krteff 1 case ctgars Havana.-V Ma tmez Ybor & Co 120 bales tobacco Od10 & Perozo 113 do Stratton & Storm 50 do Jas E Ward & Co 30 do C F Hagan 51 do W H Thomas & Dro 3 casca ctgars G W Faber 8 do Gutmann & Rtee 9 do Fischer & Keller 1 do R L Tnra 1 do L P & J Frank 2 do Purdy & Ntcholall 5 do H R Kelly & Co 6 do Hensel Bruckman & Lorbacber 3 do J & W Sel gmann & Co 3 do E sberg Bachman & Co 4 do A Cohn 3 do R A Sm th 1 do M chael s & Lmdemann 3 do Acker Merrall & Condtt ?3 do Pat k & T !ford 28 do C F Hagan 27 do Kunbardt & Co 7 do F Alexandre & Sons 15 do Merchants DISpatch Co 14 do S Fuguet & Sons Phtla delpb a 4 do Receipts of hconce at p01t of New York for week reported exnresslv for fHE 1 OBACCO LEAF -Weaver & Sterry per Aroosta from 1\1 cante 1515 pkg (166 488 lbs) 1 conce root Zu tealdav & Argutmbau per Caledon a f om Malaga 100 pkgs Span sh hconce paste EXPORTS From the p01t of New York to foretgn ports for the week were as follows .Afrwa 4 i > hhds Bremen-232 hhds 67 cases B .,stol-86 bhds Bnttsh .Australuz-17 cases 39 pkgs (6644. lbs) mfd BnlUJh Gutana--6 hhds B ttUJh Wt18t Jiui.ies-8 pkgs (331lbs) mfd Ganada.-7 bales Gan011'1J Island.!-59 hbds l Ouba-60 pkgs (9 4 9 lbs) mfd Dutch Wt18t Indws-2 bhds 8 bales 113 pkgs (4975 lbs) mfd Gerwa--120 bhds Gtbraltar-199 bhds 182 cases 138 pkgs (16 699lbs) mfo.l Gla.!gow-61 bhds 5 pkgs (800 lbs) mfd. Hamburg-110 bhds Hav.e-85 bhds Hayt-5 bbds 8u bales .LegJw.rn-465 bbds Ltvmpoot-141 bhds 65 pkgs (10 840 lbs) mfd IA !don341 hbds 1o pkgs (2440 lbs) mfd New Zealand-415 pkgs (79 530 lbs) mfd Rotterdam-SO hhds, 3 cases U 8 of GokmW a--50 bales 28 pkgs (3138 lbs) mfd V hhds Ve wzuela-4 cases 36 pkgs (0&98 lbs) mfd EXPORTS FROl\1 TilE PORT OF NEW YORK TO FOREIGN PORTS FROl\1 JANUARY 1 1879 TO AUG 16 1879 Hhds Caes Dales Lbs mfd 486 61 9 181 387 2 440 2 438 94 10 279 100 21 188 a 195 16 668 7 23 1 6130 1 019 584 1 247 1 522 2 82/i 539 120 36 379 52 108 1206 70 71 1 14 258 27 2 383 41117 106 1111 35 100 310 6 581 28 361 QUOTATIONS of WHOLESALE PRICES. PARTICULAR NOTICE. Every re-sale is supposed to be at an advance on first cost the prices obtainable by growers of tobacco therefore will always be somewhat lower than these quotat.ions. WESTERN LEAF VIRGINIA. LEAF Luos-Cpmmon to good 2 @3 GOod to fine a @4 Ll0 10).i@U 12 @14 15 2ll 00 @75 16 @20 10 @26 20 @21l 27);1@32 85 @45 8 @ 9 10 @12 7>0@10 M.u!SACBlJSETI'S-CrOp 1877@8 Assorted lots f%@10 do Big Flats 12 @16 Wrappers 14 Assorted lots 10 @13 lb"/71877 Assorted lots 9 @11 Crop 1878--ABsorted lots fine 17 @20 do medium 13 @5 ABsorted lo'" do 10 @12 SPANISH LEAF H.lV.AJ(.L Fn.u:Rs---Common Good Fine Y AIU-Assorted lots I cut II cut BIU&BTB-JtlANUFA.CTURED TOBACCO Pluou IN BoND-TAX 16 CEN'l'S PER Pomm BLACKS8 @10 5 @ 811 106 @120 78@8:% 75 88 19)%@110 Navy 4'1!. 5o 6s \}." 8e 17 @28 and ocket 18 @28 lOs 128, and )41bs11@ 15 & 1 @25 Navy48 5s,S.a.nd 14@18 & 20Jlll 11-mch t ght.pressed 28 @45 Gold Bars 30 @45 6 a.nd lJ!.lnch tWISt 18 @82 Novy lOs or Pocket Pieces !6@22 Negrohead twist 20@26@81! son Moore & Co tsO cadd es mfd 12B :la bxs do 10 Ys :JXb do E DuDms 5 bxs do 8 Ys bxs do J W l'IIartin 8 cases mfd W Broadhurst Jr 16 do H 8 Welsh 15 bxs do R Flem mg 3 cases smkg Bulkley & Moore 2 do Steghch & Boese 8 do H K & F B Thurber & Co 25 do E M Crawford & Co2 cases leaf E & G Fnend & Co 2 bales do Lee & Co 4 bxs mfd G W Htllman 36 caddtes do A Hen & Co a cases ctgarettes G Backhouse 1 box do Appleby & Helme 1 bag stems Watjen Toe! & Co 1 samples Read & Co 1 do Order 8 hhds 64 trcs 1 box ltv tlilJ NevJ York and LituJTHE TOBACCO A B1 mlem & Co 2 bales 1 case leaf G ebel & Van llamdohr 1 cae do R 1\1 Allen & Co 1 box do J T Rtddle 1 ca e sm kg Redlich iilehn tz e r 1 do N & J Cohn 1 do H Mandelbaum 1 cue e garettes Hugh Wale on 1 do Jeffreys & Co 1 do E C Hazmd & Co 1 do H W Meyer 1 do J Atmstrong 1 do BALTIMORE -Messrs Ed W scbmeyer & Co To bacco Comllliss on Merchants reoort to THE foBACCo LEAF -There has been a large tbts week m the tccCJpts of o bacco pa tteularly of Maryland 'fbe market for Ma y and bas been qu tc aeltvc w th sales liberal (about 2000 hhds) on account ot the Frencl COlltract ant! also to Bremen llnd Hoi tand shtppers Pr cea contmue very firm OhiO 1 also be gmmug to move 800 bhds bemg sold th s -:veek to the French contractor satd to be at 6%c also about 100 hhds fine color) at full pnces $ 1 50 2 00 250@300 3oO@oOO 600@800 8 50@10 00 11 00@15 00 4 00@20 00 250@800 200@3o0 4 00@ 5 50 ti00@800 5 00@ 7 00 9 00@15 00 7 00@15 00 3 00@ 5 50 3 50@ 6 00 5a0@650 700@800 9 00@12 00 12 00@14 00 14 00@16 00 3 00@ 5 50 6 Oil@ 8 00 8 00@10 00 12 00@16 00 150@200 19 870 hhds 2 831 hbds 24 529 hhds 46 730 hhds 12 891 hhds 2 324 hhds 15 215 hhds CHICAGO, Ill -0ur special correspondent reportsThe expired week proved a verv fa r bnstness m manufactured tobacco Though the quant1t t es sold are limtted and not qu te as large as m May bus ness IS sattafactory notwJthstandmg As customary at this pari of the year and very properly so tobaccos are ordered for nnmed1ate wants only fi11e cut tobaccos are hvely Plug tobaccos meet w1th good de mand In ctgars medmm gmdes show some Improvement whtle deep and htgh pn<'ed goods are exceedmgly qUiet There IS no doubt that thts market ts m a very healthy cond t on and that tbe commg fullttade to Judge from present mdiCatiOns Will be the best our ctty has Witnessed smce the fire Seed lellf coni nues acttve and commands firm pnces Leaf of color and flavor fetches outs de figures Leander B Reynolds failed Confessed JUdgment of $4 561 18 agamst him m favor of Walter S Hurd G W Sheldon & Co report the followmg tmportatwns -Aug 5 Kalma11 Bros 6 cases ctgars Lowenthal Kauf nan & Co 8 cases p1pes Aug 6 Grommes & Ulnch 2 cases c gats Kantzler & Hatgts 6 cases c gars Aug 9 Kalman Bros 2 cases c gars Aug 11 Metzler Rothschild & Uo 12 cases p1pes CINCINNATI, 0 -Messts Prague & Matson Leaf To bacco Brokets andRe dryers of Cuttmg Leaf and Plug Ftllers report to THE TOBACCO LEAF -The week opens w tb a very active demand for nil grades and notwttbstandmg the offenngs to dav (Wednesday) were verv large (485 hhds\ pnces show au advance t>ver those of yesterday 'I he total offer ngs fo tb s week to date were 872 hhds aga nst 627 do same ttme last week CLASSIFICATIONS 8,72 hbds and 16 boxes as follows 188 hbds 1\fason Co Ky D str ct lugs to good leaf at 8@19 25 194 hbds Brown Co 0 D1stnct lugs to fine leaf at 6@23 408 hhds Owen Co Ky common lugs to fine leaf at 490 @24 27 hhds Pendleton Co Ky at 8@19 50 18 hhds Boone Co Ky at 14 50@18 50 20 hhds Carroll Co at 10@10 10 hhus West Vt gkt a t 6 15@1S 25 6 boxes It u ana at 7 50@11 1 1 7 hhds OhiO l:leed at 6@7 85.' 1 f,!UOTATIONS (NEW CROP) Outtmg .Lrof-Common dark lugs 4 00@ 6 00 I Good da1 k lugs 6 50@ 7 50 Cemmon dark leaf 7 50@ 9 09 Good dark leaf 10 50@14 00 Common brtght smokers 10 00@11 50 Good do do 12 00@13 00 Common brtght strtppers 11 00@12 00 I Good do ao 13 00@14 00 Fme do do 15 50@17 50 Common br ght leaf 14 00@15 00 Med urn do do 1<> 50@16 50 Good do do 17 50@18 50 Fmc do do 20 00@25 50 Manufactunng-(Plug Stock) Common dark and trashy fillers 9 OO@lll 00 Meamm fillers some color and body 11 00@12 00 Good fillers red color and good body 16 00@17 00 Fme fillers bnght color and good body 17 50@18 50 DURHAM, N C -1\lessrs Walker Lyon & Co of the Fat;met s W &rehouse reoort to THE ToBacco LEAF s.. follows -We have no mater al change to note m prtccs The market has been qmte acuve wtth good breaks The growmg c10p contmues to tmpNve EVANSVILLE, Ind -Mr C J Moms Tobacco Broker reports to THB ToBACCo LEAF -Our market 1s firm wtth the recent dec! ne ent rely recovered There IS a sl ght advance on lugs and md c"t ons o{ a st II fnrther advance on all grades The weather for the past week has been exceed mgly hot and d y w th some md1ca> ons of ra n to day Our rece JiltS are fall ng off raptdly and wtll contmue so until the close of the season Country speculators have appeared on the breaks th s week and are buymg freely strong m the be 1 ef that a sharp advance Will come Sales for the "1\eek 138 hhds 3 2o@ 4 00 4 00@ 5 00 5 00@ 6 00 6 00@ 7 00 7 00@ 9 00 9 00@12 00 turned dry and we a e suffer ng terr bly m thts sectwn for ra n The tobacco seems to be at a standst ll and much of tt has a warloon appearance If we don t have a good ram this the crop will be damaged greatly Hopkms and Webster Counties are also needmg ra n badlv It IS esttmated there has been 50 000 bushels of wheat rece ved n th s market up to and about as much more to come m 'I he corn crop IS burnmg up badly By telegwph-The tobacco crop 1e not domg well as the weather ts too cold and t IS needing ram Wheat IS gomg down pnces pa1d 80@85c HOPKINSVILLE, Ky -Mr Geo V Thompson Leaf Tobacco Broker report to 'IRE ToBAcco LEAF as followeOur market th s week was very ITregular 1t opened strong but closed weak Recetpts for the week 448 hhds sales 428 do QUOTATIONS 3 00@ SuO 350@450 450@550 5 00@ 6 00 6o0@750 750@900 9 00@11 00 LOUISVILLE -MJo. Wm J Lewers Secretary of the Tobacco Board of Trade reports to THE ToBAcco LEAF Total rece pts l&St week 17o0 bbds total sales 1234 hhds Recetpts first three days this week 850 hhds *Sales for full weeks 1881 1 376 1 G86 2 310 4169 3 488 "7111 36 338 49 448 40 641 .S738 LEAF. Sales of week and year di vtded a.a follows -Week Ongmal :New 650 0 Old 32 New Rev ews 72 Old Rev ews 6 Sales off esh hbds (\>t of crop of 1878 to date 21 801 bbds aga nst 43 992 do of crop of 1877 same ttme last year The Enterpnse Warehouse bas soltl about 1401 nds th s week mak ng about 2700 bbds to date Tl e latter part of last week we svld the two chotce crops of Ke11tucky b wrappers ra sed by two brothe s n ame d Sturgeon m Hart Co tnt) the leaf of each crop averagmg 422fc and 44Y.c 6ach gettmg for tbeu cbo ce hogshead Pt ces have been gradually 1m prov 11g smce my last report clos ng to day strong at quota t10ns Recetpts cont nue very heavy pr 11c pally re drted le 1f from latge country dealers very 1 ttle from planters No change to nottee m crop prospects We bad a fiue shower here to day and It IS qu te II elv "e ha 1 fine showers 11 other parts of the State as md cattons say we wtll have local rams m th1s dtstnct Nondesc 'tpt QUOTATIONS ,-H eacy Bodud -., ,--Outtmg Red Da1 k Red Bnght 4%@5% 4 @4% 8 @ 9 9 @10 4%@5 9 @11 10 @13 5 @6 11@13 1

THE fc\n.;.ing prices per carrot : -24@26 rs. gold for lsts to 7tbs market .A. small lot qf :a-Ianicarag'Ua. leaf was also for 1@14 rs. for 8tbs, 6@8 rs. for llths, 4@6 TS. for 10ths, and 2@ New York at $40 gold per qtl, and we understand that the 3 cs. for llths and 12tlis. whole "escogida,'' amounting to a l out five or s ix: hundred Several well known vegas in the distr ict fetched bales, is in treaty for the same destinat iou. 9@28 rs. p;old per carrot for 1sts to 7ths. the balance in Porto Hico-Durin1r the past mouth 325 bales of this de-lfoportion; and one of the best vegas of Paso "Viejo bas been scriptio,n of leaf were "imported into this place. JUrcbased by a dealer at 29 rs. gold per carrot for lsts to 7ths, CIOARs-J.fany of our manufacturers are greatly put out at 17 rs. for 8tbs, 9 rs. for 9ths, 5 rs. for 10ths, 3 rs. for lltbs, 2 tile impossibility of workii;ag the new leaf. and as time passes s. for 12,ths.. many. b!Lve had to regret tile precipitation witll which their The Hall dastn cts (Lomas) continue to attract the attentiOn of first purchases were ctfectcd; they n ow find that a considerable mr manufacture rs and dealers; further sales of a number of part of such stock will not become available bef ore nex:t year r egas have taken place at pri ces based on from $7@8, bunk .A. few manufacturers who were fortunate enough to make lotes, per carrot for 1s ts to 7ths. their purchases where t .he \>Cat her had bee n more unifo r mly I P artidos--Owmg the t?ta. l absence of an;,: demand for the propitious are about to begin work; in fac t, the Escepcion market s thas desc:nptaou of leaf to a large ex:factory has actually commenced to d ay, and we are told that \ ent m the country A.rnvals here are very lnSl!I?IficaiOt, and 'La Re a l is also makinp; a tri a l at the present moment The (Onsist c hiefly of th e class denominated "escojada" tob.acco. following f a ctories will follow suit during the cource of the The majority of these l<;>ts are specially made up to smt the month, say, La Espanola, Carolina, Flor de Cuba .A.fricann, taste o f o ur northern neighbors and although be Granadina, Voz de Cuba. and a few others of lesser note, but hindhand is on the whole i';l advance ?f that m the we do not ex:pect deliveries of any importan ce for som e time Vnelta .A.bajo. Holders contmue firm In then pretentwns of to come.The factaric s still working old le11f ar e the Intimi$35@40 per qtl for assorted dad, Aguila de Oro, Punch (lat e ly recommenc ed on a recent Remedios-The few which have so come to pnrcbasc) Caban!lS, Henry C lay, Mujagua and Flor de Cuba. market lead to tbe c.onclusa on that an excellent article be .A.s these factories are working on a much reduced scale, it is expecte d for the Umted States trade; but hcl'e also more time probable they will be able to continue till the new leaf is geneis needed for a proper development, and it will probably only rally available answer !;be purpose after cold weather sets in. ExcnANG&s-Since the date of onr last report touched High pnces are s&Id to have been paid Inte rior for ex j)ercent P. for 60 days on London, and uy. per cent P. ceptiolially fine lots, on the whole, the rates de!l'al!J!ed by the for short sight on New York, but the market is not so strin farmers exceed generally allowed kmd of leaf gent at present, an& we quote rather weak: Sterling, 00 tOO gold per bale IS firmly;, asked Without llndmg any day8, 20@20Y. per cent. P.; R. .1\farks, 00 days 37f@4 per buyers. fine but have been produced; cent. P.; United States, 60 days, 9l,\@9 % per cent P.; United tile 9uant1ty, however,. 1 soll!ewhat hmited. States, 3 days, 10X{@ll per cent. Francs. 60 day s 6@6}-, G1bara-The leaf ra1sed th,as year does. not appea\ to have per cent P. Spanish gold 1157f@ll6 per cen t P fulfilled the great expectatiOns entertamed some time ago; nevertheless, som e larg e are to have LIVERPOOL, July 26.-J.fessrs. F. W. Smyti.Je & Co., for account of the Spamsh and Ch1han contracts, Tobacco Commission Merchants. report to THE TOBACCO al the $12 qtl. Several of the preVIO';IS 'lfEAF : -.A. largo business w as done during the past mont!J, crop, consastmg pnncapall.y of L. put np m the Vuelta .A.baJO vrincipally in the commoner but sound grades of leaf aud style, have of late been shipped to the Umted States at $22 strips, for whi c h sellers obtained better prices than were ob gold per qtl. tainable at the close of June Some sales of both leaf and and Cuba-Some transac?o';S have taken p lace, and a strjps were made for the contine nt ; business with Africa un few shipments of the la.tter descnptwn have gone forward to important. Imports for the month, 647 bhds show a great Bremen, where the artiCle seems to have been favorably re-falling o1I whe n compared with 6766 bbds SQme time last year ceived. Deliveries 1949 bhds; s tock 42,309 hhds, against 34,637 bhds Market-Such a monotonous dullness, at this advanced same time in 1878. season, bas never been witnessed. 'Ihe tobacco stores are fast filling up with new leaf, yet the few operations which have LONDON.Messrs. Grant, Chambers & Co.'s taken place arc hardly worth mentioning The natural un circular says:-We h ave again to report an active de willingness of our manufactur ers to purchase uncured tobacco mand for all of American growth, the partially accounts for the present phenomenal eta.te of things; home trade havmg purchased freely of the better besides, it must be borne in mind that the usual outlet for a grades in anticipation of future requirements. The certain class of goods, i.e., Germany, has mome ntarll;r been transactions of the month would have summed up to closed on account of the considerable incre!lSe of the Import no inconsiderable total had holders not declined to go duty lately decreed in that Empire; Old 1878 tobacco being on at former rates; in most instances offers at old moreov er a complete and it being still premature for h bee f d d d trade in new l eaf witb our nextdoor neighbors, it is not astonp_rwee avmg n re use an an a vance .firm l y in isblng that we find ourselves in this abnorma l state. Sl8ted upon and m some cases obtamed. P1'1ees in the Business is expected to revive within a short time, certainly States are reported to have advanced, and an active as soon as we receive the visit of the north winds (generally demand experienced in all the Rrinc ipal markets. looked for in October), which besides inuugurating as a rule. Other ad vices state that "this years crop cannot be a the autumn campaign for the United States, will contribute in large one, if indee-:I it can equal the v ery moderate a great measure towards the complete curing of the new leaf crop of last year m the 'Vest." For substitutes of suitable character there has been an improved demand Sale& and prices-The Spanish contract has continued buy and large sales have bee n Affected at a slight improve: log 1878 fillers at prices ranging from $15 to 20 gol d per qtl. ment in prices. Some growths of cigar tobacco are' New=low fillers, chiefly from the Yuelta .A.bajo, have been now held at higher rates, and the suppl y of those suitclesed out by our manufacturers at from *15 to 32 able for wrappers is very small. Imports-715 hhds. gold per b!lle, accoraing to q u ality and bulk Of assorted new Deliveries-1,099 hhds, against 851 hhds in the corres Partidos, some lots have passed into second hiMlds for home corummption at $35 gold per qtl. It appears also that some ponding month of last year. Stock-27,759 hhds speculation bas commenced for the latte r p;oods, and about against 20,399 hhds in 1878; 14.799 hhds in 1877 11 71B 1000 bales assorted h!\ve been secured during the course of hhds in 1876; 14,468 hhds in 1875; 12,991 hhds 1S74 last month at prices ranging from $30 to 30 gold per qtl; tbe and 12 ,049 hhds in 1873. Virginia Leaf and Strips_: 0 tobacco will be stored until fit for shipment to the New 1<,>rk The former of light color is sought after. and holders IIOBT.W.OLIVER. WESTHAM TOBACCO WORKS. JORNE.ROBmBOK. OLX'V"ER, &;, R,OEI:::D!'Iif&O::N', a.:I:O:EI::aii:ON'X) PROPIIIM'OIIS; 'V"::ER.G::EN"::E.A.. llaauftle&uren of all Plil70 aa .. OKIIfO 20.&GCO, OIO.&RI aud CIG.&RB'J."rll!lll, soi.JI OWMmlll UliUJ'A.ormtE!S Or THB CBLllilllU.TBD "EIEI:D'.EI" a:u.d PL.A.]!IIIii'ET '' Brands Of Dp.ra, formerly m-b7 BIJ'CH.UU & LT .t..LL of New T orll:. 80LE lllAl'IUr 40TURERB ot lhe CBI&IIRA. TliD --- L 0." Wlllch Ia ..,.. plDiJJg a wide .IJoo i!OJ .. JU.NUJ' AC'rollERB of the NlliYi' STYLE, Raleigh Plug Smoking, with PATENT REVENUE STAMP ATTACHED. lfEW TO:aK OI'PICJI :-'1'8 W AB!l .. 1'1'.1 BOrrOlf OPI'ICE t-8 CEl'fTRAL WHAJ\1': P. IlTT'REDGE &: CO., Speetal Ac't., B. VIRT K.ATTHEWa,llpeelal Ac .. t. .. HOLMES,) .BOOTJI & :t HAYDENS' lf.W York: PJ.tlaclelphia: 'I CJLUIBEBS ST. r 606 COIIJIJllWE ST.' Boton: 18 FEDERAL ST. 1 J!JANVPACTVRBIIS OP TUB CELEBRATED r:EIR,IE : CIG.A.R, 'HEADQUARTERS FOR FUSE AND ICNITINC TAPES. BROWN & ... EARLE, MANUFACTURERS OF FINE CIGARS, 211 and 213 Wooster.Street. NEW YORK. NOTICE.-Beln g Proprietor s of tbefono,.ing Brands, Cigar Manuf acturers are cautioned aga i nst using the I JIONTJOELLO, M.d.ID OF ATRENB, ,Bo UNOIO, GA UNTITI!JT, AMBROSIA, LITTLE JOKERS RIFLE TEAM, BOLID OOltfFORT, SATISFIED, HJ(JHTONED. PERFECTI.ON, MONTE VERDE. MASSASOIT CHIEF, CHAIN LIGHTNING. GREAT WESTERN,cPEEP U DAY, OLD DOG TR.AY, >EVEN CHANG Iff. EQUIVALENT. G W. IUNTSCH. D W. CROUSE. &. Cre", CIGAR .MANUFACTURERS. JlPor "the J'obb:l:u.5 Trade. Deal.ers :ln. Pe:n.:n.syl. V"a:n.:l.a O:l.gars. Office: 643 PENN STREET; : 636 COURT STREET, BE A DING, Pa. II KAUFMANN BROS. & BONDY, Manufacturers of Fine Cigars J!JANVFACTVKEBSOP PIPES AND SMOKERS' ARTICLES, 189 & ;181 G-B..A.1\TX) &TR.:JD:mT (near Broadway) Ll Q U o R I C E PA.STE! The undersigned continues to manufacture and Import Spanish and Turkl,sh Liquorice Paste, which he offers to the Trade at Reduced Prices. Manufacturers will flnd it to their Interest to apply to him. before purchasing else where. James C. McAndrew,. AeR.A.G-El. W. P .JOIIlUOB. 0 THEODORE SCJIWABTZ, Jr. Sl:l.:l.p "to "tl:l.e N e""VV'" BNTBIPIISB TOBACCO WABBBOUSH, a:u.d R.o"''Ii'V'AZL &'Cree'C ::O::.y. W. P. JOHNSON & CO., Commission Merchants. Dally ;Auction Sales. Reduced $to rage. Commission, One Dollar. Warehouse Fees: Sl to SeJier, and s.-to Buyer. THE EXTRAORDINARY SUCCESS OF :ID;' ''PUK '' a ::r:: a. .A. ::a. E:I ''T T :m s Has caused unscrupulous manufacturers, who repeatedly, but in vain, have tried toforce their Cigarettes on the market, to again impose upon the Trade With a spurious article, and to use the popularity of the .Brand in adopting for their ware a name sound ing similar to my "PUCK,'' with the undoubted intention to mislead the public. I respectfully caution the Trade to baware of this imitation. The "Puck Cigarenes" are manufactured without Sweetings, and bear my name, 1 B POLLAK, New York. .. 755-767 N .OTICE. CAUTION. We hereby give notice that all Infringe ments of our PATENTED BRAND, DOCTOR'S PRESCRIPTION," will be rigorously dealt with according to the Trade-Mark Laws of the United States. FOSTER, HILSON & CO., Reliance Cigar Factory-No. 1, 3d Dlllrlct. 746-771 NC>T:J:O::El. We hereby caution all parties infringing upon or IMITATINC OUR are firm at full in the latter a moderate business has been done. Some holders of best leaf and strips have entirely withdrawn their consignments from the market Kentuckv and Missouri-Leaf has had but little attention, and sales have been trifling. Strips have been freely operated in, and larger sales have been e ffected had not holders demanded rates than previously asked. We are informed purchases of strips have been made by manufacturers for their own use. Mary land-N vthm at present offering, but Ohio of good light color i s in demand; for the lower apd mixed classes there is little iHquiry. A parcel of the latter has just arrived. Havana CigarsWhen of anything like good qualtty meet a ready sale at full prices; the lower and mixed grades are, how.ever, difficult to place. Havana, Cuba and Yara-Of the former there 1s a fair stock in the market, with but little inquiry; of the two latter g rowths there is nothing to be had. Manila Cheroots and Cigars--Some sales have been effected atlow rates; there is still a fair stock offering, which is held for current prices. Manila Tobacco--Nothing done; there are only some of the lower qualities now to be had, for which there is little inquiry. MexicanOf a fair leafy character and good burning would come to a good market. Columbian-Carmen has only been dealt in to a small extent; there is a fair demand for cutting classes when dry in condition. Giron-Nothing sufficiently good in quality to attract buyers. Ambalema No arrivals to report; good even brown descriptions would meet a ready sal e. Palmyra-Of good quality i s a l so much wanted; the late arrivals have been much mixed in character. Esmeralda-Continues neglecte d Sumatra-When of fine quality is in, demand; ,ad vices from the place of growtli report the last crop much injured by drouth. China-The market is now nearly cleared of this growth; colory sorts would meet a ready sale. Paraguay-Has attracted little attention. The arrivals a r e rather larger just now than for some time past, and if in dry condition should meet a ready sal e. Porto Rico, Brazil and St. Domingo-Nothing whatever to report. Turkey-Of fine light color is sought after, but ordinary mixed parcels are slow of sale. Macedonian, Trebizonde and Samsoun-These growths have experienced but little inquiry. GreekNothing of importance to note. Rio Grande and AI. geria.nAre scarcely asked for; the latter of fine bright color would meet a ready sale. Java-In con sequence of the small supply of suitabl e quality, there has been little done. German-Has been more freely dealt in, and prices are firmer for the better classes. DutchHas been slow of sale. J Has sold freely, and some laig e transactions haye taken place. Holders of good dry, leafy description s a r e firm at current prices; the ar1 rivals continue t o be but trifling. Lata kia-Nothing of importanc. e has occurred, and the sales have been insignificant. Negrohead and Caven dish-In the forme1littl e has been done, and the latter has not experienced m uch inquirv. Stalks-Continue scarce and in demand. Smalls-Not sought after. I hereby caution all parties infringing upo n or im-itating the BRANDS, LABELS & TRADEMARKS, -A correspondent writing from Marticville. Pa.,' says that Jacob Weller, of tha t place, has a lot of to bacco, the leaves of some stalks of which measure from 36 to 39 inches. The tobacco in tha t neighborhood, of which fears were entertained that the crop would be small, ha!! since the recent heavy rain grown so rapidly that the h opes of the farmers for a crop during the present season ha,-e been consid embly increaHed 1877 LEAF FOR SALE. A L o t of a Huntlre pains in prosecuting such parties .in protecting the rights secured to us by .A.c.t of Congress dated August 14, 1876. / Straiton & Storm. 204; 206 & .2'08 -East 27th St., New .York .. LOOK. SHARP I'OR "OUR GRANDFATHER'S -orFoster, Hilson & Co., 3a BOWERY, NEW YORK.. -FOR S.A.LE.-.A. fresh supply of 190,000 pounds genu ine "DEERTONGUE" flavor for smoking tobacco manu facturers, in lots to suit purchasers, .at lowest figures. MARBURG BROS., 145, 147 & 149 S. Charles St., Baltimore FOR SALE-SCRAPs AND CUTTINGS Apply to SEIDENBERG & Co., 84 to 86 Reade Street, New York. I I THE PEOPLE'S ClHJICE I 125,127, 129 BROOME ST., cor. Pitt St., NEW YORK. FiveCent Clears paokod iD EI.A.LLOT :EIO:X:ES. Tho :Moat Attractive PaQ] and. Bea t Cigaro ev.or Introdueed. --Pa"te:n."t, &EIN'D :EN' Y'OUR. N'O'VV' : ;;r, db .A.. FR.JI!J'Y", :all:a:u.-u.:f'ao"t-u.rer, DIPLOMAT CIGAR I'ACTORY, 72 CORTLANDT STREET, NEW YORK'. ... A.. TELLER,, Packer & Commission Merchant --IN--LEAR ... TOBACC" O "OFFICE:-8 E. CHESTNUT ST., LANCASTER, PA. BAM'L JOSEPHS, ABR. SILVEBTHAU. TO:B.A.OOO, 119 HAIDElf LABE, BEW YOJlJt, REGENHARD, SHEVILL & CO. -liWroF.A.CTURBRS IN EVERY COLOR DESIRED, I'OR ifoba.cco & Cigarette ;Manufacturers, fUll D:JIJY' Y'OR.::O::.. ,.. This Jl&per wiD .teep 'l'obacco and Cigarettes always tresh and lPOist, and retain the orlg!nal flavor better than any other ever Invented The leading manufacturers use It. Send for sample. -KECEI'VEIIB OJ'- Western, & North CaroliD.a. LEAF t J : \';NEW and 38BROAD STREETS, NEW YORK -.r. A.. .......... 1. 8. lilA.-. Herman Heyneman,. 01' EVERY GBADE. Lehmaier, Schwanz & Co. P.A.OTOR.Y'I '93-60li'IRST AV., eor. 29tla lt., .. PRAGUE & MATSON, LEAF TOB!GGO BROIHRS _..,.._ REDR..[rfH8fo C:fii.IF!& LEAl' 011 OOHJIJ8BION. 94 W. Front St.., Cl'nclnnatl. lliD. WlBCBxnJt, HY. 'W1SCIDIEYER. ED WISCHMEYER & QO., TO:EI.A.OOO COMMISSION MERCHANTS, SOUTH CAlVERT ST., Ba.ltlmor.e, :M:d., PA.TE*'M'r N"o. Fro:u."t Sl"tree"t San. Fra:n.c:l.soo., Oal. ., SOLE AGENT ON THE PACIFIC COAST FOR CIGARS OF THE MANUFACTURE OF S'l'BA.ITON & New York. M.: B. & T!OBICCO BROKIRS CLARKSVILLEj Tenn.; HOPKINSVILLE, Ky. PADUCAH, Ky


JNO. W. CARROLL'S CELEBRATED BRANDl LONE JACK, BROWN : DlCK, ETO. II:TO. liTO. PATENTED BRAND RAG--SMOKING TOBACCO. EXPORT ORDERS FOR PLlJG TOBACCO PROMPTLY FILLED. GOLD Tile 01117 FIRST GRAND PB.IZE ft>l!' TOBACCO &ncl SNUFFS at tll!' PARDI: EXPOSITION ft>l!' 18'1'8 F, C. LINDE, C. II'. LINDE, C. C. S. lllAROOSO. ,seed Leaf. Tobacco Insuection. I TOBACCO INSPECTED OR SAMPLED. Oo'U.ll1"t:ry &a.:a:npll:a.c P:ro:a:np"t1y .A."t"te:nd.ed. "to. Certiftcates given for every case, and dellvcrefol case b7 caao. as to number of Certlficate. N. B.-WE ALSO SAMPLE IN MERCHANTS' OWN STORES. F. C. LINDE & CO. PHILADELPHIA BRANCHES: In. W. corner Arch and Water Streets; JONAS METZ 64 North Front Rtreet UAH'l'l'ORD, 1 -IRA E HULL, 154 State Street. SVFFIELDl 1 -JCDW. AUSTIN. LANCAI!ITER, t"a. : HENRY FORF-ST. L WATER to 186 PEARL STREET. I WATER. '7,, '1'6 & '78 G1:CKER. BALTIMORE do E. WL'>CHMEYER & CO. HARTFORD do ......... W. WES'fPHAL. EAST WHA'l'ELY, Mass., do ...... E. DELDEN. llo. J G.u>TR, CIUS. M, GARTIJ, :HlOOtY ScnnoEDKL D. J. GARTH. SON & CO., Commission Merchants :lin. 44 BROAD STREET, N"e'1:1'V "'!!Z"'o:rk.. REYNES BROTHE.RS & CO., Coaunission Uercha.nts, '16 eSc. 48 Exchange riace, York.. Llllleaetcr (Pa,) Braneh 1 F. CUNNINGHAM, 508 Po Jar St. DBrOT AXD QF THE MANUFACTuRE 'OF &.W.&AIL &AX. B.A.X..T:J::aa:C>:E'I.:Bll0 -AT-254 256 Canal St. cor. Elm New Yorl. WisE a; BENDHEIII, G.REUSENS, BUYER OF TOBACCO 55 Broad St.. New York. WILLI All BUCIIA.NAN. llAVIP Q. BUCHANAN & omce: WallSt.,NewYo:.:k.-P: o .'Boxmi. Factory :-No. 2 FIRIT DISTRICT, lOUTH BROOKLYN. MANUFACTURERS OF THE FOLLOWING CELEBRATED BtilfDS OF PLUG, CHEWING aad S.OKING -raBA.CCOS-. PLUG. 8110KINC AND CICAIIInl TOaACCO. VIRGINIA BIUOBT C'U'.I' ClA"r'llDJilt wcm'Ll)s r .e..m A1U) ,. 0 FFJGDS :J BOSTON: 31 Central St.; .ClNCINNATI : 59 W. 2d St.; n I 1 CHICAGO: 9 Wabash Av.: SlrttRANCISCO: 205 Front St. &T::R,.A.US&, OF J ClGAR. BOXES AND SHOW FIGURES; HAYA tc CO., 130, 132 &..,.134 MAIDEN LANE, NEW YORK, IKPORTER OF AND DEALEB IN SPAN"ZS:EE O:J:Gr.A.:E'I. :E'I.ZEJBON&, cGERMAN CIGAR MOULDS, PRESSES, STRAPS, CUTTERS, ETC., MANUFACTURERS OF O:J:GAR. JM:OULDS, Presses, Straps & Cuttel'ti; BlPORTERS OF GER]\IAN & SP.lNISH CIGAR iUBBONS; 131 1\ll:n.:ld.o:n. La;n.o, York. Dubrul's Patent Tin d We now laqnch this GOOD MOLD on its salutary mission with the consciousness of having wrought something "NOJ$1" .LUOBO SOLI, BONO. J?"U'ELIOO_,. The above cut our. TIN LINED CIGAR MOLD. It is practically a wooden mold, having the up per and lower ,enttrely hned w1th Tm. It IS the strongest and most durable mold ever placed in the market. It has been atlopted by the largest manufacturers of Cigars in the United States, and proved n'fost satisfactory. NAPOLEON DUBRUL & Ma.nufa.cturers, H. O.RDENSTEIN, Agent, 441 & 443 PLUM Stteet, Ciuoinnati, 0. 67 F'ranklln. Y. AUG f6 '14 F:F.ONT Street. EUGEII DU BOIS, \ CDHISSIOJ I'B.OKT OW YORK. 1:. P. T .IG & $OK, lapotten ol SPANISH .. d D .. tenlll all of LEAF TOBACCO, .184 Front Street, 1r01l& E. M. CRAWFORD & SON, IMPORTERS AND DEA.LERI 1M LEAF TOBACCO, 1ee Water Street, P, o. nox auo. NEW YORK D. DILLENBERG, MANUFACTURERS' AGEXT -li'OR-Mannfact'd Tobacco & No, 120 Jr. SECOND STREET, aT. ::r:..o "C'Za. M. H. LEVIN IKPOEtTElt of HAVANA AND DEALER IN ALL KINDS OJ' LEAF TOBACCO, 162 P11rl Street, flew York. H. KOENIG, WHOLESALE DEALER IN 'T'OB.A.OOO&, 226 PEARL STREET, NEW YORK. NEW YORK }. L. GASSERT. J. L. OASSERT & COmSION MERCHANTS. AND DEALERS IN ALL KlNDS OF 'LEAP. TOBACCO, No ... 80 WAter St., New ron. G. R.EISMANN, Commission Merchant, AND D&A.Ulll 1M ALL KlKDS OP FELIX GARCIA, AP' PL E .BY..R LEAF T .OBACCO, YEDA & BERNHEIM c JPORTEU OF THE BRAND or ME JZ8 Pearl Street wew York de F.G" oF THE 114l'ORTERS OF BAVANA TOBACCO HAVANA TOBACCO. An.cS o:EGA.:RS. C:EG.A.R.S, W ?Zun, STI!;:T, m!W 167 WATER .ST., New York. The, above Brand of Leal 18 Registered. TIICX.A lll:li:HllllTIO., llrl. HAlroFAcmJRER'OF IBRRSGHAUM-& AMBHR GOODS, AND IMPORTJ:R OF Fro.nch Briar PiDffS with Amber lonthPicces. No.-398 CRAND STREET,Q, N"e'1:1'V "'!!Z"'ork..., ____ _:__ VIENNA, AUSTRIA. RAILROAD MI:LLS SN'U:E"EI--v"' K. L!UBENBRUCB & BR0.1 N 164 Water Street, New York I .-WIIOLBSALB DllALDS lH .-HAVANA It DOMESTIC: AND DEALER IN LEAF TOBACCO, 2I BOWERY, NEW YORK. FANCY SMOKING PIPES MACCABOY, FRENCH RAPPEE, SCOTCH; AMERICAN GENTLEDR, 0 X GA. R. & -IN-= 88, 90 BRIER -AND FANCY WOODS Vlil ALIIRT. COLORADO, UNCLE TOM NAVY "'!!Z"'C>:R:&: MANUFACTURf.D nv O&.IP .. INaa. aLACK TOM, IRONSIDES, A. a; 'H. H HARVEY a FORD, TC>EIA.OCC>. irsch, Victorius & Co. BALESJ,'&OOV-38& & 8e'7 (lAJirA.L STRJlET, NEW YO 1\AILROAD IIILLI, PRIXCE ALBERT, GOTBAII, HIC:KOBY. :olEg:;-=GP =-&D .. PIIU. LHAF TOBACCO, BROTHERS, lll WATER ST., NEW YORK. HAVANA tc SEED LEAf OTTINGill' &' BROmJli T o ::e A. s o e G 1 -ANDLEAP TOBACCO 1 & 3 WATER ,sTREET/ NEW _enera Merchants, 190 :Peuol st., I 16 BarOllDO St., New Orleana, La. r.IC ... OL AH .. a,l NEW ynl "8 no.u S"l'lll:IIT, oa 4. f 'fll _.._. TO:II'ko.


AUG. 16 THE L EAF. S. BARNETT, v A. N" .A. A. JL co ..-c-A-LI-xr_o_L_o,.PE-z-.t, SEED LEAF TOBACCO, 162 Water St., New York. TOBACCO BAGGING. IIIIITATION SPANISH LINBN, IKPOB.'I"EB.S OJ!' SF..ea..NISH-All!D JOBBERS IN ALI., KINDS OF LEAF TOBACCO, ll'o. l!FO .,_,A'I'JIB. J.n:W YOU. : SEED LEAF WRAPPER 01' O'UB. OWJI PAOlUKG. .. IMPORTERS OF SPAINISJI AND PACKERS OF DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCO. IMPORTER OF' FINE VUEL TA ABAJO TOBACCO & CIGARS A.ncl Proprietor of ....., Brand LA ISLA" F'or hb l.mportaUono ofTobacco, FANCY STRIPES, all Jdnds of goods ._t for putting up BmeldngTobacco. Aloo acem.pleteassortmentot the Trade. ,. N -STORM BUEHLER tc POLHAUS, OF cicARs iiliD:"iiiBSCH!Hi& CLAYPIPiiS ... ... HOWARD BROTHERS & READ, 443 au4 Broadway, New York. AND And aU Kinds of SMOKERS' A:TICLES. DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO, 83 Chambers and. 65 Reade Streets, New York. BASCH a. FISCHER, 'IMPORTERS OF HAVANA. mn I and 208 EAST STREET, NEW 155 :_ .... voR.K; .This Space is Reserved TJii: Gorman-,Amormarr BankFOR 10 WALL ST., NEW YORK.' 8760,000. 'E...,ry facWty afforded to Dealers ad Correspondents consistent with Sound Banking. H, ROCHOLL, President, B. P. READING, Cuhier. So1e .A. sen. 'to!:< :f'or Kimmet & Schmidgruber's Patent Tobacco Coloring. Warranted not to Injure the Fla..,'Oi', Quality or Burning ERNEST FREISE, (FOIUIEBLY OF THE FIRll! Oii' WALTER FRIEDl'llAN &: FREISE,) IIIPORTEB OF Spanish LeafTobacco, 1151'7 -ogv-.A.TER. ST., N'EI-ogv' "YOR.:&:. WM. GLACCUM, JACOB SCHLOSSER I tslt> ''JEWEL'' 5c. PLUG! Mann from Bust Groon Rivor Tobacco GLACCUM & SCBLOSSBB. 111ANUFAC'I'11REKS OF &. OR.G-LER., MANUFACTURER OF FINE CIGARS, AND DEALER IN LEAF TOBACQO, 85 MURRAY STREET I NEW TORK. D:r Rrand.a-"O'UB..&. LIBREt' "CLIIIAX." CUTHRIE a. CO., 225 l'roat Street. ..... BALERS OF TOBACCO FOR EXPORT. Lear ToOacco prened In batH for tta.! West exican and Central American Ports. ao4 g,tber mu 79 FRONT ST., NEW YORK. 15 :RXVINGTON NEW YORK. Proprietors of the .CeJebrated Brands "REPUBLIC" aad HIGH DRY Alao, BLUE JAY1 B:ING BIRD1 HAlUh BELLOJrA1 DRUIDIBRtBOY. LBONAII.D I'RIEDM.&N TO WALTER "FRIEDMAN II< FREIS&, HAVANA TOBACEfl, 2 03 Pearl Street, New York. WM.EGGERT a co IMPORTERS OF HAVANA AND PACKERS OF PRICE 50c PER POUND. I'IVE POUND Samples Sent Free upon Application. ,:.-; \ PAY& DEAI.i:RB. Wm.L, AXD PLEASJ!S \'.<, : THE CONSUHER, GIVING Bill ..&. 0 BIG PJEOI: I'OB li OJllft'L -.. 749--752 TOl!ACCO PAC!:KED 11'! HOGSHEADS. CARL UPMANN, TOBACCO SEED LEAF Tobacco. -ANDGeneral Commission Merchant, 178 Pearl Street, N'E-ogv' LEVY & NEWGASS, PACKERS OF ALL KINDS OF SEED LEAF TOBACCO, 169 WATER STREET, N' e"t>V "Y o:rk.. Constantly on hand OLD BESWEA'a'ED cnnrtecth:.nt and P ennsylvnnja Tobacco. BRETHERTON BUILDINGS, No. 0 NORTH JOHN STREET, -.,:JYERPOOL. ENC. .a 248 Pearl and 20 Cliff' Streets, New York. LEVY BROTHERS, of t Alex. Fr1es & Bros. FINE Cia-.ABS HANVFACT'UBEI\S 01' 148 :o, HAVANA CIGAR FLAVOR, And 442, 444, 446 and 448 EAST TENTH STREET, NEW YORK. 16 College New York, .... Ci ar Manufacturer & Dealer in Leaf Tobacco, 302 Bowery N. Y. 48 lc. 80 EAST SECOND ST., CINCINNATI, OHIO.i &D1A11e't :Qo't:t1J>, $SI. Se:n.'t C. o. :0. W. E. UP-TEGROVE, Spanish Cedar ro:a ._, CIGAR BOXES, -.lJID.-Cilar Box Iaten' SliDDliDs. Foot lOtH 11th St.,East -.!.-,... DW YORK. ""' -COPE'S TOBACCO PLANT:. A 1MON'l'HLY JOURNAL for Smokers Published at lo. 10 LORD IELSOI STREET, LIVERPOOL, EIGLAID Price Two ShiUings per Annum. Wbere may be addr,ssed, er to'' TRB TOBACCO LBAF" OII'JI'ICB. SUBR"'IUPTIONS,_76 (1T.S. PER ANNUM, POSTAGE JOSEPH LOTH & CO., lltANUFACTURBRS OF ALL KINDS OF J CIGAR RIBBONS. CONSTANTLY ON HAND A FULL ASSORT MENT Al' LOWEST MA.RKEl' PRICES. Pac,ory: Salesroom111 L. GBRSBBL a. BRO.,. PACK.BS ND DEALERS IN ........ ""' .... SEED TOBACCO, IDO Ba8T lttla 8'1'BBE'1', JaW TORXJ sM J34J, 138 -..1 UO Jl..&.ST U 15'1'., ODrODpJA'l'J, 0. .. I WEST 4.'illt ST. 468 BROOME ST, "YOR.:&:. 1_91-PEARL-STREET{, !: =::: YO RK. .... 225 W:ron& St., SAN FRANCISCO, CAL WEBER Pianoforte. CODII:PXoEITEI T::E'I.XUJ!WEP:&:. Read the Wondcrflll OFFICIAL lJ. 8. ltlt GBE&TEST POWER." PRICES REASONABLE TBD!d:lil EASY. I l7arerooms: INT!'n11 T. REVENUE BOOKS The ( Publi1bing \ ... :"1 "" .. "' c. GENSEN. .,E. UTH, ,,. Q .EUJSCff & SON,' '; 30 ..,. ST., N.Y. ecialtr .. IN fOBACCO, FiNiCiGAHf AN1D DEAJ .EllS IN Leaf' Tobac,oo, 92 BOWIERY I NEW ]ORK. I BOSSELMANN & Tc:ba.ccc:' &, Ci.gar Commission Mercharits, ( ; Lamparilla 18, (P. 0. Box 650) CO., Commission Merc-hants. LEAF TOBACCO -AND ciGARS 1 & 3 M:ercaderes, Ba.vaua., Cub&.. \


piifJadelphia Ad'vertise:meu.tll. TELLER BROTliERS, Palbn, II lp ... '' -'tWII I III I I 11 and Domestic Leaf To'baooo, U7 North Thrd Philadelphia.. W. EISENLOHR. & 00. pACKERS AND WHOLESALE DEA LERS IN -LEAF 1.10 &. S't., Pb.llad.e1ph.:l.a. EISNI.OHR, Pli!L. BONN L. BAMBERGER & CO., DEALERS IN LE.A.P TO::B.A..CC<, And Manufacturers of all Crades o f Cigars, 111 Arch St., Philadelphia, Pa. LEWIS BREMER'S SONS, W holes a l e Dealers i:a 'LEAF" AND JU.NUFACTtm.ED TOBACCO NO. 322 NORTH-THIRD STREET, PHILADELPHIA. IF A l arge a ssort ment of all kinds of LEAF ToB ACCO const an tly o n hl!.nd .!J WV. de lO '5 VA"I'P <'All< TOBACCO & CIHARE'i'TES ROGHTSTER, N Y MOOBB, RAY a co Pa.cken, CommiaiOA-Kercha.nts. & D_ea.lers in i SEED LEAF. tc HAVANA TOBACCO No. 35 N o:J:!th-W ater-st Philadelphia. And 214 -sTATE STHI!T, HARTFORD, CONN, M.E.McDoweiia Co. 89 NORTH WATER STREET, "PHILADELPHIA, LOTTIER'S ft_Pa.per W. T. BLACKWELL& CO.'S Ge:a. u.::I.:D.e &:a::a.ok 1 '11! s IBW Tort BOitOI, Ptttsburp; ChiC31D,, Bt. LotllS and CincinnatL GUMPERT BROS. ---MANUFACTUBHBS of \ STORE: 1341 OJIESTNUT STBET, Factory: 444 to 448 North 13th Street, : ';' ..... .-:.....-..:... .. O.P.a....,.. O. P. GQGOB.Y &; CO., T,A.,.:raeo._ PLUG, CHEWING AND SMOKING TOBACCO, B.f:ob'ITion.ct, va. OUR BR!Il\3--BOVEREI&I, RED RIDING HOOD, limB' CHOICE, ALPHA. T H E T 0 B A C C 0 L E A 1'. AUG. 16 Balt.i:more Advertise:meata. WESTERN ADVERTISEMENTS. MISCELLANFJJUS ADVERTISEMENTS T. R. SPENCE. J.P. SPENTCE.OBAN. TC. Ai"fNCEi liiNSDALE SMITH SON. LEA FaT 0 SAc c 0' AIBIOSIA .... No. 33 South Street. Sp ence Brother & eo.. 20 HAMPDEN ST., ________ .. 1 Springfield, Mass. .AJ-o of HERBE DE LA REINE BRIGHT CUT CAVENDISH '. F. B. BISCHOFF'S GERMAN SMOKING aa4 otlaer Brauda of SIIOKUfU TOBACCO. .A1ao HERBE DE LA. REll(E and other Branda of OlGARE'l'TES. A..g-oat In New-York 1 FR. 'ENGEL.BACH1 N .o. 56 South "AMBROSIA" "WIGWAM" HIN::b.:I::D. Fin zer &. Br<:>s., MA.NtJFACTURERS O F P:i-ve :Bre>"th.ers. 18-<>z :J:Ao:n.;;; Joh:n. El:rir;ht a.:n.d. EJ1a.C?k, 01d. B Ce:n.t :JE!"1-u:5, \1\'D ALL P O PtJL A R STY..-:S OF FINE N'A l"tf TOBAVVO COMKISSION ltERCHANT In LEAF and MANtJF AOTURED TO.BAOOO, 12 Central, W7t a t :f, Bosto1ar Richmond Tobacco Works R:l.on.s.o:n.d., 'Va., S. P. MAYO & co lllantitaetme th.e. f.oJio'll'!ng_ Beil' pultialr up PBO'PBIBTOBY BB:A.NDII.,. MILLE6 & HERSHEY. DEALERS IN AND PA.CKERS OF PENNSYLVANIA SEED LEAF TOBACCO, Petersburg, Lancaster-Co., Pa. S. W. WILCOX, PACKER OF __ :uouzs-vzx.L:m. B:E:NTuo:a:::.-y, LEAF TOBACCO G. wicKs & oo., HARTFORD, CONN, : W. S. O'_NEIL; K&nu!acturers' for the Sale of t OHIO sEEl'ackllerLH .... 4!-F TlnOB!GGO Virvrua, Missouri. and Kentncty C. & R. DORMITZER & CD. TOBACCO Dalers & Commissilm Merchants ill Day:ton., o. J llEA'.F TOBACC09 I H WEST MAIN STRIEIET, 2 NORTH MAIN ST., Bet. Main and Second Sts X.cn1:l'V111e, :&::.y. &T, X.O'C':J:&, DO, G zo. W. Wrou, N F'UR&Y. EDw. J Foaa. Choice Brand.s ot Imrv':rted Licorice always 01t =.t_ Liberal Cash A vanoes mAde o n CollSign-JACOB WEn., AARON K.. Uf:of, E. A. 'WElL. B. GEISE & BRO., JOHN D. C, SlEVEN SON. TOBACCO E : E. WEN w. K G E, WAGGN'U, WElL, KAHN & co. .. .. CIGAR-BOX FACTORY, Commission Merchant, NO 93 CLAY STREET l94 Common Street, NEW ORLEANS. lEAF TOBACCO 113 Main St., Cincinnati, 46 and 48 'St, C.har;lee St,, BElfRY MEYER .A. CO., CINC INNATI, O, J H PDaiERTON, J u. G. 1'Dlc; 29 8" 1t., llltlraore, ltd. rm; ,.""'tto tb .. -., Manara"'""'" t o oar COMMISSION MERCHANTS, F. DOHRMAKN PEMBERTON & PENN, $tocl< of DARK RID-S W E ATF.D V R AP And Wholuale Dea le n la llerfel4 &_ltfj)mper PJIJRS : of which : makn ---:&: CH AS. H. KJ.EVM, OHIO AND CONNECTICUT ft: t; LEAF TOBACCO. LEAF TOBAGCO BROKER sen-tee s to fill Cll'dt:'1S !vr o r Manufactured S. E, cor. Vine & Front Sts., l'";;'.:.a..J.V"VzL X:.iti v-A.. SEED LfAfKETOBACCO, ClGJ\ilS, 4JS Front St..CiDoiBY> ;ti,O, CINCINNATI. A.B. vENABLE,Jr TOBACCO BROKER, 117 W. Lombard St,, Y --.&b "13 A DtJ:X). ..A. 0 20 Co-St., Baltimore. 'VA., .A,.t the EXPOSmON, September 27, 1876, THIS TOBACCO WAS AWARDED THE HIGHEST PRIZE. We call especial attention to the manner in whiob our put up. tbtl.t neit .her Dealer no r Ch ewer maY. be lm&iied ufr. _pl!_rchasing other goods, thin k in;: getting ours. EYery Butt and Caddy; has JA !(i.,BEST" impressed into it byadie. En:!rvPiug has ourTrade-ma.rk strip "JACKS 1 S ns per diagram annexed. TRY IT OUR GUARANTEE, and ifilot-tUnnd to be"ri.Il tba.t we represent it, we WI L L PAY FREIGHT BO'!'lt WAYS. ,. SOLD BY ALL LEADlNG JOBBERS THROUGHOUT ST_,rl'ES. Miami Leaf To.bacco-Warehousa. WAYNE & RATTERMANN, PROPIIIETORB 1*2 w .. Pro11t ole 91:95 ()oiDJileree .. JOHN FOILEIGN .-4 DGIIEIITIO -. LEAF TOB .. 00 l!eters to--BlJ!, 8kjnker & W atkins. B.lcll- ;.a., 0, ID9ftd Va. J'lld -. B. w Venabl e .t eo .. l'elte robW'g v a. O:J:J.VO:J:l!lii"_:LV 8 WADE, J H RATl'ERlUNlll DaiiJ' A.aello a aad Private Salea. made o n CollSignments. 80 West Front Street,. Wo.lnuhll4 VIne. OIJfCDfKA'l'l, O. AND SOLE PROPRIETORS 011' THill Gli!I:KUXKE ''GOLDEN CROWN" CIGARS, 57 Lake Street and 4 I State Street, Chicago, 111. ALSO AGENTS FOR THE l!OLLO'W'ING WELL-KNOWN FIRM S : r P. LORILLARD & co.,_Ne_;. Y ork; SEIDEN B E R G & CO., N ew Yo r k ; W T BLJ.CKW1Cl.L .t Durha.m C : J. J !! AGLEY & CO;'!; "MAYFLOWER," Detroit. lllcbJ W. C.UUWLL'S "LONE JACK," J .,-uehburg, Va. GOODWIN 11:: CO. S Ol.D JUUGE" Tobcco 011d Ciifarette: IIALL'S "BETWEEN THE ACTS and F S. KINNEY'S C[(IARE'l'I'ES. BANNER T OBACCO COMPANY StJCCBSSOR!I '.1'0 IIIBVIN ole I!IILLS, :R,. .6.,. VD'T.fl t Tobacco Boka AND !FOR THE TRADK,I Rl N. Main St., St. Loul B. SVBBRT, WROLESllE DEALE R IN :a: .A. v .A. N" .A. ----DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCO, 231 East Randolph St,, CHICAGO, ILL. W. E, IU.GSDALE, TOBACCO BROKER, :a:::.y .RDII:BICN Cll:l:l, BY PERHISSIOK: I. 0. Preo't BUt .. -IL ._'!.'rico. l'No't Plamen' ll&nl<, IL G -ColD. ........... t, M 1. 1t. o.w a 0o111. Xerebant. .tQ>., New York; New Yorlt; -; 1.1'. Be&luDoaL ........ :1ft lfa&. B'l<.. Clarb.m.. 1 BUY ONLYOIIf 'ODD. Orcloro Bollclted. JOHN "VV. CARROI.iL, JAS. A. HENDERSON & GO:, ._ l e Manufacturer o f the F amoa o ood Wodd-reuowae d Bnnd ol DEALERS IN YIRCINIA SMOKINC TOBACCOS, VIrginia aad North Carolina LONE JACK ANDT BROWN. DICK, \ Buri<>n, c. G.


I AUG. 16 Business Directory of Ai nrtiscrs. NEW YORK TobaccO lVareh.ou.te.s. Ahne r & D e hls, 100 Pearl. Allen & 01. '173 and 175 Chambelil Appleby & Helme, 13.'3 Water and 83 Pine Barnett S 16:! lVate r Basch&: Fiscner. 1M Water. Bulkl ey & :Moore 74 Front. Ce.rdozo A H. 66 Broad. Crawrord E. M. & Son, 168 W!lter. Dohan uarroll & liO. llK Fron DuBois X.ul:iene. 75 Front. Eggert Wm. & Co. !1.15 Pearl. JI:Dalebadl F. 1!6 S. Waahlnpn Square Friend E. & G &: Co. 1211 Maiden Lane. Gardiner J .M. M Front. Garth D. J ., Son & Co. 44 Broad. Gassert .J L &:: Bro. 180 Water. Gershel L. & Bro. 191 PearL HambW"Ker L &-. Clo, 151 Wct.ter Heilb roner, Joo ephs & Co. 119li!Aiden Lane Herbst 188 W &ter. Hirsch, Victoriul! & Co 177 Water 'Kerbs & Spieo s1014-1020 2d Avenue 2'<'6 Pearl L&cbeaoruch & Bro. 1M Water. Lederel" & Fischel, 213 Pea.rl. Lavin M. H. 162 PearL 1 Levy&: Newga.Ss. 16 9 Water Lobensteln & (tans. 131 lllaiden Lane. l(artln.J. W \'PJ'nmt Jlueller Ernst & uo. 122 Pearl. Neuberger M. 172 Water ()tUDger Brotners. 48 Broad. : Paulilllch M. 179 Pe&r1 Pt1,cA Wm. M Malden Lane BeLsmann G. 228 YPArl Sawyer, Wa11oce & Co. 47 Broadw&f Schroeder & Bon, 171 Wa.ter. Schubart H. & Co. 14.6 Water. Scoville A. H & Co. 170 Water. Siebert Henry, 68 Broad. R 1St Water. Btralton & Storm, 204-2()(; East 27h Tag, Charles F. & Son. 184 Front. Upmann, Carl, 178 Receive' s of IV"e1tera Va. and N. C. Leaf Tob. 'Mlller 11< Co 3! New and 38 Isroad st Jmporte of MGtulo. aHa' .lfoV0.7WI ()l.uan. UnlngtO n 's S ons, S. 216 Front Tol>aporl. Guthrie Co. 22:1 Front. Leaf Tobacco S""'"""" PlaUip c. S. k .co. 188 p!,...l New Proceu of CUring Tobacco. Hornbostel Cbas. 7 New Street Co1mniniofl Beynes nrotbel"B & Co. 46 &: 48 Excbange Place. Buver of 1'obacco. Reusens G. 55 Broad. fobort.,.. of Havana Tobao Gnd OiQo. Almlrall J .J. 16 Cedar Freise E. 157 Water Friedman Leonard, 20!1 Pearl Garcia F 167 Water Gonzalez A. 167 Water Kerbs & Spiessl014-10.00 2d Avenue Lopes, Callxto, 2()6 Pearl lll"""""'!"r T H & Co l&lllaldeo. Lane Pascual L. 11!6 Water Sanchez Ha,ya & Co. 130, 1112, 114 Malden Lane Scoville A. H. & Co. 170 Watar Seidenberg & Co. IW aud 8!1-.te Solomon M. & E. llllllal!len Laae V-& Bernhalu(t87 Pearl Well. A Oo. 65 Pine ... : Weiss, Eller & Kaeppel, .2a) Pearl n><>r, v Mar t inez .t Co. 100 Pearf .,Agtn.tfor Chewing Sin.olqng 'f<>b4cco. Mathews H W m \fat-ren' .... _, Jtanu,facturert o! Key Wool aiWI l_,.,., O/ Havana Of.llar. DeBary Fred'k & Co. 41 and 43 Warreo lllcl'llll'& LaW110n, a:J!Ilurray &ld&berg !U and Bll Manufacturer of."a a,-.d GOOo!o. Buehler & 8!1 Ben Iii.. C Oo. A Liberty Kaufmann Brol .t Bondy, lllll and llll GriUld Manufactur..-e of Briar PIJoeo ImJII)rUn of IJmo/IJero' .A,.,..,., Buehler .t Polha..,I!S Cbuabon .Harvey & [ord, .s5 aDd 817 C&nal Ben A. 1!1. Co. 48 J..1bKV "''ufmann Bros. 1!1. Bondy !Ill .all 'Ill Gl'&ll4 .McA:udrew James C. M1Water 81am(ord Kanufacturlng Co. 1117 lleld6D LADe 'V oaver & Sterrv st Cedar l .. porter of Li-PaoC.. ArgU!mbau, llll.l.nd s t s wuu.n )fcAD.d.rew James C M Water Wea.ver & Ste'rry, lK Oedar Zorloalday & ArgU!mb&u, llli Pearl Importers of, Tonqua. Beau, ,etc. Merrick T. B. & Co. !30 and 182 Mamifacturero u-w_ Gilford Shennan & IDnls, l*J Wllll&m R. Hilller'll Sou &: Co. Weaver & Sterry, 24 Oed&r &ed Le4./ To!>acco Bensel & Co Water I!1Dke Charleo, & (;o. 156 Water Linde F C. & Co. 14ll Water Tobacco PrUHf'f. Guthrie & cl. = Fn>Dt Man,q'actunm of Cogar BHa. Heol-475 East Tenth BJ><>ftfol> Gnd--.-,, aeppenhelmer & lllaurer, 1!11 and lK N. William J:.,obenate1n & Gans, 101 Maiden Lane Loth, Joeepb & 8oDII, 4llll Broome au-8lm m, 171 l.oeWII W1c1re Wm. .t Co ll5ll-161, Ooercll: ,_,.,. mlldi.....,, Toole """ ___, ,_. OlgarJlcm,.,..._ Watteyne H. IS PM>'I II&Av,I'Cidlireroi Oolllpototl4 ftol.lllil, ..... T-. Mil .. ..,..,. ..... of n.. .lbfL Lebm&ler, Bcllwart.l & Oo. 4IH01 &-- j Importer ot Tin Foil. Wittemann Brothers, 184 'Willlam Tobacco Baaging. Howard Brothers & Read. & Bro&dwa7 1 To&acoo i Labell York Label Publishing 0<>. 9i Bowerv !Heppenhelmer & Maurer, 22 aad iU N Wllll&m Cigar-Box and,. l!l..lJAurer, ;;;I an1 iU N. WllUjun Chao. A. 51 Chatham of Kin,;e ll Bros.' Ciga.retta. F. S. 141 West .. Manufacturer of Oigareua. Ertheiler &: Co 141 wat'er. Hall Thomas H. 76 Barolay strap8, (}utterl and GerynaJt Cigar tLobensteln &: Gans, 131 Lane Manufactun:wa of Cigar N. Ji. 510 East Nineteenth Manujacturen of Cigar Moulds ,and S1iapwt. The Miller & Peters !ltg Co. 510 East 19th Depot f<" Ors 1 Commercial The .J 111. Bradstreet & Bnn eo. m Broadway 1 Manujaldt''" of G'!aBS 81gm, MaUhewa .John, 333 East 26th < Man.ufaclur. era oj-.Cig&r Boz Lu'l'l'tbiJr. Bead Geo. w ol Co. 186-000 Tobacoo -Froight Brow. Smith W. 0 & Co. 158 Exchange Place Mrdl. f'oualdsOu Bros., Five Pointe. P. 0 Box 2791. Neuman & Dlnglblger. n. w. cor. Pearl-& Elm Jlanllfacturer of Waz Paper. Regenhard, Shevlll &; Co. M J>ey st Maftufacturer of tJae: Erie Cif]Or Lighte r. Holmes, Booth 1!1. Haydeno, 49 Chambers ALBANY, lf, Y. of Tobaooo Greer'sA. Sons 822 Broadwav BALTIMORE, Md. Tobacco Wareho1uel. Barker & Waggner, 29 South Gay Bovd W .1.. & Co. 38 South L W 9 :south llay Kerclr.hofl & Co. 49 South Cb&rlea Klemm Cbas. H 20 Commerce Marriott, G H. M %5 German Merfela & Kemper, 117 Lombard Schroeder Jos. & Co. 81 Excllanlfe Place WencK, E E 46 and 48 South Charles Wischmeyer Ed. & Co. 38 South Calvert Tobacco Manufacturer. Feigner F W. & Son, !lO South Cbarleo Gail & Ax, 28 Barre Marburg Brothers, 145 to 149 South Charles Patent Stem RoUers Kerclr.hofl G. & Co .. 149 South Charles J'rW&rd & 5 Water St. BOSTOR, M .. a. Cigar Jlanu.t:acturen' Agent Merritt J. W. 34 Doane Manufactur e >'8 of Plug TobtJCM Tobacco Co, 30 B1-oad CJmn;inion Holyoke C. 0. 12 Qentral Wharf '" H<>vana and DOm.,tic l.MJf :n.. baccO and Oigara. Davenport & Legg, 59 Broad. Manuf<>ct'n of Smoking Tobao """ OiQo. Raddln. f L. & J A. M Union BREMEN, Germany. Tobacco Commiuloft. Merch.a11-t. Fallenateln VII, :r. Bl1FI'ALO, N.Y. Dea16 in-Ha11Ana And l'adcer o/ S.ed l.MJf. LeT!n P. 112-114 Exchange CHICAGO m. .Agent for ()igar at&t:J Ch.etoing Oftd 8mo1ri'n.g Tobacco. 0. A Peck, 51'113 South Water WholuGio Daooo. Meyer Hv. & 06. 44i Frent Oberhelman John & Co. 60 W Jl"root .Tifbooco .Machinery McGowan John H. & Co. of Fino-Uut Smoking Tobacco. Spence Brol. &: Co. 1511and M.Eaa Third LeG/ Tobacco JJrokor. P'. W s. e. cor. Vine acd Froot !llallay Bro 115 West Front Meier R. & oO .81 Water T obacco Conirn.iai rc'Mnt.. Wayne & Rattennaiin, W. Front aud Commerce Manufactm en of OigatJiJ and Th:.aler i" Leaj To!>acco. Well. 'ltahn 8/)co. 118 :Malo Manufacturer I Cigar lloul and JJlaler in Ohw &ed. O NeUW. 8. Miob,. Jtan :f'r. of Chewing '"\d Sm<>king 7 Barker K C. & Co. 7 4 and 7G J etrencJn AT Manufacturers of and Dealen in. .f.MIJ TobacCo. Foxe n &: eo: 21& J'effercon Avenue C. '.. ,. o f Tobacco. lllaclr:well 'If T & Co BV ANSVILLi;, Incl. Tobacco Commiasl0'5 Morris C. J &: Co FAIUIIVILLE. Va. 'l'obaeco Broker Venable A R .Jr. H,'-NNJBAL, Ko. Ma,.uf. of all kinds of Smok'g c1: Plug Tobao, B rown Geo. HARTFORD, co,..., .PD.cku8 and Decders in SeetJ LeG/ Tobo.rco Gershel L & Bro., :l2!l State Lee Geo 150 State Moore. Hay & Co., 214 State Willcox S. \V. 676 Main HAVANA, Cu'ba, Tobacco and Cigar Commiuion. Merchants. LEAF. Bavl4 Belr9 LOUIS -JlSB. a CO. -.. JCANUF.t.CTURERS OF ::ELVIEJ O:KG-.AB,&, 04 CHAMBERS STREET, corner of Church JlfEW 9 KERBS d! SP:IBSS, Manufacturers of Fine And Dealers in I.IEAF TOBAOOO. 1014:., 1016, ,020 SECOND AVENUE, 310, 312, 31'4 AND 316 FIFTYFOURTH STREET. NE"'VV "'!Z'"C>:E'l.H:.. OF Fine Cigars' AND DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO, 96 to I I 0 Attorney St., "T'C>:E'l.H:.. Beck & Co., 1 and 3 MercaQeres BoMelmann & Schroeder, Lamoarilla 18 Rlchtering Aug. & Co. 24 Obraplo street HOPKINSVILLE, K7 liEN DEL & B!io_, I ROTttERS, ---"r-:MannfaciDI'Hrs of Ci[ars, j CIGAifi'fF'iA:PER Ra.pdaleW. E. llo. Its" 11 St.1 1 JAMES BRUSSEL & CO., MANIJ:F A\J TURERS O'B' .. Q _IGABS, No 78 BOWERY,. NEW YORK. A rogue tried to borrow five tinlhrs of n FZfrang-er "Why,"' sai d be, 'I don't know you!" "Tha t is why I npply to you," coolly sa id the roque, "for those w ho do know me wont lend me11vecents." On the.otber hand those who do know" the most about GlaBS EfgnJJ iuvcst the most IDOI\CJ in tbem. TRANSPARENT GllSS SIGNS. LANCASTER,Pa. !>( Bowery, tte-H.,.,...,.,.pua ] N'e.._. "T'o:rk.. '-111:n an4 Etl-ate. FurnlaiJ.ed. De alera "'1 Leaf 'tobacco / TAr .. "*" I JO.Qf'l .:ATTHEWS, 883 E 26th St. N. Bldleo & Frey, 61 and 68 North Duke __,_ Pttcker and Merchant. __ Teller A 8 E Chestnut Eq. Smythe F. W. & Oo.18 North ;John : LOUISVII:!IE T Ptt!D Tobacco Manufacturer. 'Ftnzer J & -Bros. tM And 186 Jacob Dealer, Stmnm&r .t Birporlm' of Leaf Tob. Hamilton David, 276 W Market. TobaccO Commtuion. Wiqks G. W. J52 West Main Tobacco Broker. C&llaw&y James F corner Ninth and Mart Gunther George F Lewlo Bl ch'd M. M8 West Main Meier Wm. G & Co 68 Se"enth Naeb Ill. B Pracofl W F. 394 West Main LYNCHBURG, Va. .. Manufacturer of TobcJcco. carroll John w. Tobacco Commi,.rion MercMRb. Holt, Schaefer & Co. MIDDLETOWN. O, Mamifooturer8 of Plug 'l'obaccos. Borg P. J & Co NEWARK. N. J, Campbell, Lane & Co. 481 Broad NEW ORLEANS. La. ToOOcco Factor and Commiasio" llerchat. Ste'Yeneon John D. C. 194 Common. OWENSBORO, K7. Tobacco stemmert. Frayaer Bros. PADUCAH, K7 Tobacco .IIro'lr. Puryear T. H. PATERSON, N. J, Manufadurer. of Chewing and SmoT..-ing To bacco, Snutf and Cigars. Allen&: Dunntng, 6b Br. 67 Van B outen Street PETERSBURG, Va. Manufacturers ef Plug anl!i Sm.oking Tobacco and DeoJera in Leaf Tobacco Venable 8. W & Co Manu(oot u1ers of Sweet Nav y t.,hwn ng Jackson C. A. & Co. Commiasion Merchants. Baln &:: Parrack Tobacco Ra.mberger L. & Co. 111 Arch Batche lor Bros. 1231 Chesnut Bremer's Lewis Sons, 322 North Third Dohan & Taitt 107 Arch Eiaenlohr Wm. & Co. 115 Sollt h Water Knecht& Co. 123 North Thtrd McDowell M .:. & Co. 89 North Water Moore. Bay & Co. 35 North Water Sank J. Rinaldo & Co 32 North Water Boner, Cook & Co. 105 North Water T e ller Bro.nefll, ll'blrd Importers of Bavana. a-n.d: for Seide nberg" Key West Cigara. l'uguet, Stephen, &: Sons, 231 Chestnut Manuf?'B nf Jl'ine Oigars and AU-Hmmna 'l'obacco Oigaretta. Gumpert Bro8. 1841 Chestnut .Mafl.uJacturer of SnuJ! and Smoking Tobacco. W&llace Ja.o.ll66 to 672 Nqrth Eleventh Nanufa<:turer of Oigarfl. Theobald A. H. Girard Ave and Seventh St. Tooacco Broteer J'ougeray :A. R. 33 North Front .. Manufacturtra of Licorice Paste. Melior ?18 North Twenty: Seoond Mfr' Agent for Plug and Smoking Tol>acoo. KeUy F X. Jr. 106 Arch Wholesak D ealers in LeG/ and M'rd Tobao. Hell & Wagnot, 531 South Second}acturera of Cigar Mowd8 U 8. Solid Top Cigar Monld Mfg Co. cor and North College A'Yes. Gen l .Aot. Jack3o.n c! Co.'s "But. ,. Q!lo. ;F ., Jlml'Ufacturer o] Fine 'Cigars and Dealer in Lea/, CMIDi'IIIJ (Jt>d! Smoti'IIIJ Isra.el J N. 1338 South Street '1!.1!91 11a9 <>cai Ware,..,....,, Dormltzer C & R & Co !23 Ma.rll:et of Le4/ Tobacco. Ladd W. M 21 North Main Tobacco BuJit:ra. )(oler A4o lpbu.s & Co. Manufacturtrtl Agent DlUenberll D m N 2d. SYRACUSE.. lf, Y. .IIG""f"""'......., of Cigar-& Bludel, 1118 aud 170-,_ TOLEDO,O, of OMu1fn{l and -.., 21>-. ---Charlee R. WEIIHBLD,.._. Dooler ... SNIIlM/ s---. ....,..._., .. a. .!1 .. I K. LICHTllli'STBIN, A. BRUSSEL. B. fICHTENSTEDI L!J i T SPECIAL NOTICE. o ll owtr.g :firms repre sent our interests in their re&pet;;MVe cities ; or subscriptions may be hauUed: to them tot" tra.nellll8810II :-t AilSTERDAM, HOI:LAND.-&haap &: Van 'Veen. BALTIMORE: lllessro. Ed. Wischmeyer & Co. BlG FLATS, N. Y.-W. H Lovell. BOSTON:-)J:r E. S. QQuldston, 88Broad Street." r F. W. Fal1enoteln. CHIO AG .-Mr. H. Buee "'lth Messrs. August Beck & 0& .. 44 and 4l' De&rbern Street. 0 W. Sheldon Room 4, 167 La Ralle street, and 9 Custom CINCL."JNATI:-Mestrs. Prague & Matson 94 Front Street CLARKSVILU:, H Clark & B o. DANVILLE, V A.-Peml1er ton & Penn. ... ... DAYTONJ 0.-;:Miller & Blenner 14 North Stree t < V AtiSV LLE. VA.-C. J. Moms. FAR)!VILLJ",_VA.-A. R. Venable. RA VANA. Cu KA.-Bo--se munn & 8chl'oede1 Lampari lla 18. H E NDERSON, KY.-W. J )Jarsba!l & Co. HOPKJN S,'TI.LE. KY .-Geo, V Thompson. LIVEHPOOL:-MPSSNI. Cope Brotners 8:. Co 10 L ord Nelson I .. O UISVILLE:-Mr. J W. Sec'y or the T obacco of Trade LYNCHBURG VA .-Holt. Schofcr& Co. NZW ORLEANS:-Mr. J.D. C Stevens o n, 194 Common St reet. OWENSBORO, KY .-Frayser Bros. J PADUCAH, KY. T. H. Puryear. PITCSBURGH:-E. W. Russel :!67 Liberty Street. PHILADELPHIA:Mr .;., R Fougel'&f aa .North Front Street. ST U. & R. Dormitzer & Co 2 North Main Street. S AN FBANCISCO. CAL.-A. Polla.l<, 1!115 Street. One 8!x 'l'biM Year: Konlb& lloDtbl., 14 Lte ODe ColnmD ......... ...... Ill U4' .8 1 4 Lle over Two Column...... 45 ,&4 1-1 !18 Llaea OD.e llolumn .. .......... .. 411 14 1-1 o "',-,r Jrlvo Column...... so 45 15 Colum.i. .. ........ .. 80 45 Sll 118 .LID.., '!es Two ()ola-lla...... 180 8& -Ill One at bouo:.. oC .P .. e .......................... 50 SPECIAL-ADVERTISEME:NTS ON FIRST P.A.G:L ODeYeu-. United States Internal Revenue Tax. 1 Line. over Two Wl4e Columoo .................. uoo ----aU ---28. Llaeo .,.. -Oil Tobacoolst6centot1b; 8nufl, .................. I 'I'll 16 cenfll f I>;_, Claar& f thousand; C!Karetteo weighing not over 8 l>s 14 Llaeo SID-'e Col .... SPECIAL ... ill 88 WATT S m'DEEm lbandllllllcent.aa--... C!Karetteeeamechnyuc;!laro. Importea ..,... 0 Ce:-._, .&..U. .&.e IIU.'I'I'EB PAGE. I...t TobacCo Ill 8ti cenlo 'Ill I> Leaf Tobacoo lllemmed; 10 ceaio t1 One 8!x "a.w Forelgll .vucres on 'J'obaceo. Year. Jlonlb& ....._ JJI AustriA, J'raDee Italy and Spain the lobaooo comme...,., Is moDopo. lmed Tobaoco and Scrape &re a11o oubj...,. w U>l IllMnl&l ll.weome taz of 14 LID .. over 2 WI .. Clel- .... s i ''' ... !!zed b Government'. under cl1recitiM of a llellle. JJI Germa1Q' the duty 16 centa lll II,, and m,.. be pacbclla latenal a..-j LNf TobacoolsUIIalen. 9100k awandregulat!on. Scrapoa.ndcutt!np, however, may be withdrawn NOTICES, WAlf'l'll or O.A.'UTJO O'I'Ioa. is recto ned after cleductllllf J5 9 .-t.. tOr &are. The .duiT IIIII In hulli: for uae In & tobacco, onulr or cigar manufactory without paymen1 4 LIJI oflhelnterualrevenuet&L ...... e ....,rdon ................................. IO .,_... 1u Holland ""' dutr IIIII-f'!ld,_per 100 ldloa. Ameilou... Val f 14 Linea Ono Jllo to mld!Oo.J Ill RuMia the dutr on I...t To 1s 4 roablee ue o Foretp Colnl. n .......................................... 11.10 eo.-... ............................... .................................. u. .. Tw. llloa&Ju .............................. .. -.... .. ll rou. cop. 'puc!. _..., .ll.meric&D Ill !l'weaty pleco ........... -.... .... .... ......... .............. a 16 LID .. .......,. 11>0. .::=-T:ra.Dol'leoe............................................ ........... 10 ......... ,,,,., ____ .1 .. .. &aglalld the 011 .,.... of ar 100 lili Wf'_... aaable. ...... .... C llliiaa&................................................................ 1 -f lililiJIM lt .. r

1.0 THE TOBACCO .. EA.F. AUG. 16 JOHN ANDERSON & CO BL A K W THE MANUFACTUREilS OF THE TOBAI.'COS ..: U4 l H6 UIRTY STREET,. JIEW YOIUL !!'W-Beato direct the alttmtloa of the Dolen Ia T.-a:o thro..,.,out the United S tatu and the w ..... 4 to tloeir CELEBJlA.TJ:D 1778. 97 Oo1,:wrnb:la. &"t. N'e"'VV 'Y'ork.. P:J!JT:J!JB. D. OO::E.ttLXM"&, Prej_de:u:t. PLAIN FINE CHEWING TOBACCO in BLUE PAPERS &N""D"FPS: Reb-Scented Macllaboy,Scotch, French Rappee,American Gentleman. "RESERVE'' IsS aad 4 oz. Poll, and 8 and 16 oz. Claa,IDilde B:l!l&lal HlclaFia.,ored Tobacco, Also, Ph'll& aJlV Y'ork. -CHARLES R.c MESSINGER,' p. G-." TOBACCO JII[ANUFA..VTUBEDS OF THE V'ELEDDATED INDIAN AND SUNFLOWER CheWing, AND THE BA.OOC> a.:n.d 'OZGA.R. COMMIS.SION .MERCHANTS 0 24-DBRAPIA STREET, (P .0. Boi 368) HAVANA, CUBA. ... r ...... .;. t,b.!T.4r,' Smoking Toba-cco. M a nu.factured b y AIJ:EN &DUNNING, :No .. 8& II 87 VAN HOOTEX ST. P.u'BBSON, N. J CIGAR BOXES BOPDIOB. IU.D a PRillll: Qtl"ALITY o-. FFXO:J!J8 I 124 Water St.; New York; Also o f t b e WeD Xn, 'V .a.. ('1., .. Ntt v14" .. !:'T"eci,.ltv f o r the Euteru Sta.tes. TINPOIL 16 Central Wharf; Boston; Lightest rnreTin, 12,960 Su. Inches D. ITt. 15. Wabash Avenue, Chicago. ALSO TOBACCO & OTHER FOILS MAHOCANY, All S iz es ; C. J. MORRIS, Factory: No. 1 First N. Y. THE CELEBRATED "MATCJILESS/ THE CE.LEBBATED GAKE A T LOWEST liiA.ll.KET PRlOES. WITTEMANN BROTHERS. 18' WJLUAM ST .. :NEW YORK. P::&OMEE"R.," Dark, all Sizes. TOBAGc o BROKER A Brands o( PL}JG TOBACCOS will convinc e all OC WO-. J D&&..U KII:Rrrtl conta. i ued \PLUG TOBACCO. EVANSVILLE, IND l


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