The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (10 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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. : \ I '. VOL. XV.---NO. 32. fESTABLISHED 1864.] NEW YORK, SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 13, 1879. 101> MAIDEN LANE Corner of Pearl St.ree t \VHOLE NO. 760 r FRED'K DeBARY & co WILLIAMWICKE. 41 d2: 43 warren Street, New York:' "'-'f..'tHCK & CO AUG. R OESLE R SOLE ACENTS FOR THE 'EL PRINCIPE DE CALES' OlGA BOX HEY "VVES'1' CIGARS, MANUFACTURERS AND PROPRIETORS OF THE ,.,. Cor. Goerck & Third Sts., ... NEl'VV '' CIGAR FACTORY OF NEW YORK. SEIDENBERG & CO., 84 a 88 READE STREET, NEW YORK, of Havana .Tobacco, ALSO MANUFACTURERS OF THE LA ROSA ESPANOLA KEY WEST HAVANA-CIGARS. WEISS, ELLER & KAEPPEL, IMPORTERS OF THE ROSE BRAND '' HAVANA TOB A CC 0. 220 Pearl Street .. -New York. V. MARTINEZ YBOB & CO., 190 Pear1 S't., Nevv Y'ork, IMPORTERS of the Brand HAVANA Tobacco, And Dealers in and CUTTINCS from their EL CIGAR FACTORY A.T KEY WEST, FLA. l\l_[cFall & La vv son 88 1'\"C'B.B..A. 'Y' STB.EET, 1\TEVV' MA.NUFACTUREBB OF THE El Club D e Yate & Royal Palm ::Et.A. 'V .A.:t\T .A. O:X.G-.a..E'l.S. How to Get Dark Tobaccos, and How to Make Them Burn Good ON"L'Y' &"V'":R.E "WV A. "Y Is t o have your Rehandled and 3we&ted by C. S. & CO. Il youho.vepoorburning tobacco send us a fewlea.ves,a.nd by return of w e will p1ove to you what can b e done. If Ma.nufactuJ"-ers will sen d us their Light.Co lored Sortings, we wm return them JU ,\.:bURO COLORS, without the m;e of nny c hemicals or any n.rtiftcia.l and injury t o the Leaf. There i s enough natural co!oring matter iu nil tobaccos if they are only handled Jn such a manner as to bring i t out and fix: the color. TIDS IS THE VNLY SUCCESSFUL TOBACCO SWEATING ESTABLISHMENT IN EXIS'rENCE, and maw tom; of tobacco are turned out daily of good Dark Colors and good Burning quality. l-lt 1 VAN A goods are SUC<'essfully Rehandled at.. tl1i s s.nd put hack into the original bales i n suc h a manner &8 not to show tbe ,r had been Rehandled. SenJ a bn.le or case as a ttio.l. Satisfaction Guarouteed. CMrges as will admit of good work. Please write u s for any information you m a.ywish, and oblige C. S. PIDLIPS & CO., 188 Pearl St., New York. ..A.LB:R.O OF CIGAR-BOX E. :0 MANUFACTURERS ce>., LUMBER. XN SlP.A.:t\T:X.S::Et OEX>.A.B. a:nd. X>O:D4ESTXO --ALSO--IMITATION SPANISH CEDAR CIGAR-BOX LUMBER Are prepared k> furnish Iilia LuiDber 1<> Box-Maket11 in tbe usual lengths and widths, stabled, grained &IY.I pollBhed ready tor On u.&DIInatfon tt wt11 be found a perfect imitation of Spanish Cedar in color and grain, and so far superior to any in the market that. no can be made. Being sawed and cut from the finest Poplar(the wood prefetted by all e:tperienced Box-Makers), and thoroughly planed and polished. t.he boarda are straJght and of even surface. The ground color and grain are durable, and Lhe is a process, leaving a br!-bt glooo OD the woOd. As prepAred by our patent process, tills Lumber can be used as & substitutT:X:CE. All Infringements on this Patent will be P:roso cutcd to the full ext:X..C>:Ft.E:I:). ROLLED TO Al\1' GUAGE AND CU T TO SIZE. BOTTLE CAPS, all Sizes, PLAIN AND COLORED, OFFICE: 163 Mulberry St., N.Y. LUMBER. Cut and Press Dried by our Patent Process Inereaed F'aellUlea ot' IUanonteture enable a.s to make a Further Reduetlon ln oar Prlcea. SendforouriJst justisaued. Spa:n.isl:l. Cedar, :M:al:l.oga:n.y, Pop1ar, Sycamore, Ble., ALL GRADES, Lumber IIIIUlutactured by WI !a equal and In aome reopeete oulWll'ior k> any other, befog _(M!!rfeotl7 88&80ned &Dd free from Jrom. A tr1a.f ord II oollclted. ln add!lilon to aboo our uau&l&toclr. a! Hardwood Lumber u4 v--. Geo. w. Read & Co.,,.... 186 to 200 LEWIS ST., NEW YORK. HAVANA TOBACco Any Infringement upon this TRADE MARK I Will be p rosecuted to the full ._ ____ ._ _____ ... ....,.,. .... .. Extent of the Law. WElL & CO., 65 PINE STREET, NEW YORK; C>FF:X:CE: J:J.\I.I:PC>R.. TEl :Fl.&. :Esta. blished 1836, Est a b1ishec1. { : : S. FUGUET & SONS, I IMPORTERSTNOF SHA VANAEGiGAR8 S. LININGTON'S SONS, IMPORTERS OF HAVANA & MANILA CIGARS GENERAL AGENTS FOR SEIDENB'ERG'S KEY4WEST CIGARS. 216 FRONT STREET, NEW YORK. ALSO IILI.NUF ACTURERS OF Sole Agents for B.::B:, IMPORTERS OF MEERSCHAUM BRIAR AND CLAY PIPES SPECIALTY OF SMOKERS' TOBACCONISTS' SUPPLIES. MANUF A.CTu.UERS WOODEN SHOW FIGURES. Manul'acturcrs' A.::ents fo:r the Sale of all Popular Brand oC VIRGINIA, NORTH CAROLINA & WESTERN MArWFACTURED, SMOKING & FINE-CUT TOBACCOS. A.:,:euts f'or JOHN F. ALLEN & CO.'S RlchnJond, Va., Brands of Smoking Tobacco and Cl:-arctte., SAM, AYRES' "HYCO," etc.-Depot f'or ;J, CARROLL'S "LONE ;JACK,'' "BROWN DICK, ete, LOUISIANA PERIQUE, Cut and In Carrota, W. T. Blackwell & Co.'s Genuine DURHAM: Tobacco. SC>:X..E A.GE:t\TTS FOB. WM. R. KIMBALL & CO.'S "V P Tobacco & Cigarutles. CHA 8. 1'1. CONRAD & CO.'S celebrated LOG CABIN and LOVE AMONG 'I'HE BUSES 8mok.log Tobacco, MANUFACTURED TOBACCO.-Favorlte Dark Navy, Enclantre .. Dark Navy, Sweet l!loraeJ Dark Navy, Honey and Peach Bright Navy, and all Popular B rands ot Fancy and Light Pressed. F!,.NE...CUT, Manufaotnr'TB. ONE )<<:AR ........................................ :..... $1.00 SIX MONTHS.................... ..................... 2.00 ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTIONS ABROAD. GREAT BRITAIN AND Cl&NA..DA. $5.0i BRJDt&.'f. 11Al1BURG AND THE .... G.(M. A08TR..LL1A, Ere. via 6.0! ()uao. ......................................................... 6 ,ate r l ength. EFFECTS OF THE NEW TAX IN GEBMANY. From the. province of Posen in Germany it is r eport e d that t h e effects of the n e w tax on tobacco recently enacted by tlie G erman Parliament are already seve rel y f elt among t)le laboring cl asses, although it is only two months since t h e embargo l a w has been enforced. and domesti\} tobacco has not yet b een subjecte d to the n ew tax. Heretofore the consumption of t o bacco among the laboring classes has been mainly confin e d to stems and scraps produced by the manufacture of c igars, whic h cou ld b e bought for 13marks 50 centimes to 15 marks per cwt., and cons equently could be sold by the r etailer at 12 centimes per pound. But now the price is 40 to 42 m arks p e r hunured, and the consumer c::tnuot buy his tobacco for less than 50 centime s p e r pound ; accordingly the pipe of the poor man," a phrase which during the late Parliamentary procee d ings has been frequently used with so much effect, 'already costs him cons iderably According to estimates, assumingthat a person consumes about a half a pound per week, the laboring man has an addi tional expense of 7 marks 80 centimes per year if he THE PARSEE AND THE TOBACCO REGIES. Mr. J. S. Moore, an attache of the New York Custom H ouse, and long favorably known to readers of F'ree Trade literature in this country as tho "Parsee Mer chant," with a nom de plume which we have forgotten how to spell as he use d to spell it, and which only him self, p erha ps was capable o f pronouncing, has been writing a letter, which is r eproduce d in another column, to the Evening Post, about the R eg i e tobacco contracts and the evil effect they are having upon the r eputation of leaf tobacco grown in the United States. The Parsee, during t h e pas t fifteen years, has been striking some sturdy blows at our incongruous, and, in some in stancee, oppressive national tariff, and has had the satisfaction of seeing a m1mber of changes made in it which lie has r ecommended in the public journals and in the committee rooms of C ongress as in the interest of trade, commerce and the p eop le. To the force and logic o f his pen, more probably than to any other one cause, i s due the r ecent abolition of the duty on quinine, for which service he deserv es th e thanks of every present and prospectively sick man, woman and child within the dominion of his adopted U ncle Samue l. E..-ery now and then a Congress ion a l Comm ittee goes poking a r ound in the Custom H ouse and tries to find out what the Parsee' s special function is in tliat famous institution, but this impertinent interference with his pri v ate affairs n either ruffles the placid temper of the clever merchant from Bombay, nor checks his his unc e asing pursuit and exposure of the cunning de vices incorporated with our r evenue system for the purpose of enriching monopolists and impoverishing the rest of mankind. He is a p ersistent worker in the cause of Right, as h e perceives that attribute embodied or neglected in our customs policy; and he is the im placable fo e of wrong; as that hydra-headed monste1 is presented i o his ment::Ll vision in that particular policy or any other. }j'eeling a just pride in the whilom good reputation of our domestic tobaccos, he is naturally pained to its luster becoming gradually dimme d by the avarice of the Regies of France, Italy and Spain, or their r e presentatives, and the implied sharp practice of the contractors. He accordingly "goes" for. all hands with his c haractf)ristic vim. Nearly every tobacco rner cha)lt reads the E vening P ost, just as everybody read s TnE ToBACCo LEAF and this latest emanation from the fecund brain of the Parsec has been duly scanned and noted. All agree that h e has made his point s with his customary skill, but o pinion i s divided as to the utility, and even the accuracy, of his disclosure. We have interviewed a few r e presentati o;es of the tobacco trade on the subject. says some of the Parsec s figures are wrong, another that he has been "shooting wildly generally." H e re i s what two gentlemen hurriedly said to us:-'' I consider the article aimless, inasmuch as the con tracts are m atters entirely between 'Governments and the contractors: The fault, if there be any fault, does not lie in the inability of the country to produce the tobacco, as we are producing as good Regie tobacco as ever." Nobody really thought it necessary to consider ap provingly or disapprovingly his statements in detail. In substance, the argument of those dissenting from his views was about as follows:-The reputation of SU10":l"ER BROS., DeaJers in LEAF TOBACCO, Chicago, DL WesterD Ci&"ar ManufacturerS wDl Jlnd lt to their adh.nta,ae to deal with q


' 2 .Ameuca 1 tobacco es tablished and 1t eells on 1ts ment the act10n of the Reg1es ne1ther addmg to nor detract ng from 1ts popular1ty The Reg es do not export t obac co m stnct conforrmty w th the types whick they send here because they know 1t 1 s 1mpo s Bible to obtam 1t at the orwes they offer and some times ;tt any pr1ce occas ons occurrmgwhen the entre -atock m all the markets of the Umted States s made quate to m ee t the requ rements 1mplied m the types tppes as class fled symbolize the ultimate extreme -to speak algebra cally of the Reg1e s des res but n :now1se ndicate what the Regie w1ll accept 1f 1t berm practtcable to secure exactly w bat they want The Regies deal as manufacturers and dealers deal They :seek for the best they can get at the pr1ce s they offer and accept what they must when they cannot get what they w1sh An apprmnmatwn to the standards of the types IS all they will ms1St upon when t IS 1m possible to secure anything else v thout mfrmgmg -upon the reserves w h c h every exper enced contractor lS careful to prov de for such as speculative furores drouths short crops etc s gnmg h s contract 'The Regies have neve r d1m n shed the1r orders because -they have sometrmes had to take tobacco which they did not expect As to them therefore 1t cannot be SEUd the reputatwn of Amer1can tobaccos has been :unpaired m Europe Who then regards our product as daterwratmg m qual ty1 Is 1t the European consum erl When our people ere advocatmg a reduct10n of the tax on manufactured tobacco some months ago and cla1med that the consumers were oppressed by "the eXlBtmg burden of tax the ComiDlBBlOner of Inter nal Revenue was accustomed to say m eubstance Among all the complamts of one kmd and another received at the Office of Internal Revenue I have Dever known of one com ng from a tobacco consumer relatmg to the rate of tax Does the Parsee know of any consumer of Amencan tobacco-Amencan to bacco pure and simple-m France Italy or Sprun who complams of the deter10rat1on of that staple as rm ported mto those countnes? If not upon what ground does he base hts mtrmat10n that the reputation of our tobaccos 1s mJured through the operat1ons of the Reg1es and thmr purveyors? If neither nor consumers ObJect to the way they are served why should the .Parsee smce he IS not m the tobacco trade! "The contracts betwee n the tobacco Regies of France ltaly and Spam and their agents here are matters m which them8elves alone mterested The Regte di :rectors have confidence n the1r agents the contrac tors and are moreover wellmformed respect ng the sttuation here and they seldom or never :find occaQ10n for diSsatisfaction w th the results of the labors of their agents m the1r behalf Where they have faith n the mtegnty of their 1epresentat1ves as they usually llave they are as ready to meet the m m misfortune 1taJf way as are bus ness men m pr1vate life who from mterest come to the a d of those who are actmg for or "With them and are n difficulty They know what they want and what they get from year to year and so far as ls known have never made any public dec laration of disappomtment Fam har with the wants of their trade they advert1se for such tobacco as will SUit It If a high grade of leaf were as a rule de manded they would probably accept h1gher b1ds than they do and the fact that they choose grades selling at medium rates 18 ev dence tnat the reqmrements of their trade are sat sfied by them In the Umted States as everywhere there are annually produced -vastly more poor tobacco good and large orders like those of the Reg es could not be fill e d entrrely of good quahttes even 1f des red Referrmg to the Italian contract for th1s year Parsee figures out a loss for the contractor if he adheres to 1ibe types of $120 000 and adds How m the world these contracts are made year after year With the same result and bow contractors notWlthstandmg th s not only do not become bankrupt but get enormously 1 c b 1s one of those myster ous anomalies the solut 0n of whiCh must be Jef. to the monopollzmg governments f any thorough nvest ga tton 18 at all posstble m the circumstances Now 1t happens probably unkno iVIl to Parsee that the resident contractor for Italy could lose $120 000 If :need be on h1s contract Without mconvemencmg him -very much because by h1s abll ty and mtegr1ty he has succeeded m acqumng a fortune that would admtt of his endurmg a greater loss But there IS reason to be lieve he will lose ne the r that nor any other sum and yet carry out b1s contract w1th the Government for which he acts to the very letter H s past record 1s a guarantee of h1s honesty as well as h1s abil1ty It need not though It rmght b e here told how he will meet his obligat10n m this mstance as be has done m all other mstances As 1t lB with the Ita han contractor so 1t IS w1th the eontractors for France and Sprun They are men of means and unquest10nable commermal stand ng and iulfill all their obligat10ns to thetr pr nc1pals as they do to the factors w1th hom they deal Parsee errs when he assumes that the contractors are wholly dependent on the 1J1arkets for the1r sup plies They are men of large resources and extens1ve c:ombmatJOns and buy when 1t smts them where they can buy cheapest The quotat10ns given by the Par see-bemg copied from a reliable Circular-ale correct but they by no means show what the contractors must or do pay for their purchases They often buy cons1d erably under quotat ons and are perhaps domg so now when they are buymg at all JIIINOR EDITORIALS AND NEWS ITEMS PLUCK NOT PucK -Mr S Jacoby mforms us that 1lls firm S Jacoby & Co c gar manufacturers Chathanl Square own the c gar brand Puck and that Messrs Hrrsch & Callahan who were noticed m THE LEAF last week are :r,ossessors of the r1ght and title to the brand Pluck EFFECT OF A STRIKE -From St Loms It s reported that m consequence of the c gar makers str ke m that ctty 1t IS overrun by reprebentat ves of New York manufacturers They have sold durmg two davs lately no less than 6 000 000 c1gars rna nly to manu :facturers whose bands are dle and to J Obbers The :New York supply s ho :vever mamly confined to dleap c1gars THIC CINCINNATI EXPOSITION -The Cmcmnatl Indus 1;rial ExpoSltion wh c b has been m preparatwn for 11ome time was formally opened on Wednesday last ltmcludes a spemal department for the exhib tion of tobacco which lB m charge of Mr Sanmel V Retd and which IS making a good diSplay Among the ex Jlibitors are some of the leadmg manufacturers of Cm and Covmgton mcluding Messrs Allen & Ji31is Woodside & Peyton and Morten Brothers of Cmcl.nnat:J, and Messrs Lovell & Buffington of Covmg ton. Owmg to the absence of Mr F /I.. Prague from Cincmnat1 .Mr W G MorrlB one of the prmc pal to bacco buyers of the Cmcmnat1 market has been ap pomted as one of the JUdges at the Expos1t on The opewng ceremomes on Wednesday were grace d bvthe Pres1dent of the Un ted States and Mrs Hayes 1he Pres1dent delivered one of his compact speeches refer nng to the ausp c ous CircuD1Stances of rev vmg na -tional prosper1t:y under the exh1b1t10n lS open e d Thousands of v1s to s I rom Pennsylvan a Kentucky Jnd1ana, M1Ch gan and lll no1s were m C nmnnat on Wednesday to v1tn ess the ceremorues of the day The Governors of Oh10 lndmna and Kentucky wme ac compamed by their staffs and several military orgam zations amountmg m all to about three or four thou sand men The exh1b1t10n IS held m the new buildmgs which have been erected as adJuncts to the MuSlc Hall AOTION OF THE CINCINNATI CIGAR LEAF ASSOCIATION -The Cmc1nnat1 Commerctal of September 7 says -At a meet1ng of the C gar Leaf Assoc11.1t10n Friday afternoon the followmg resolut10n was passed -Be 1t resolved by the Cigar Leaf Assoc1at10n of Cinmnnati That we will not bid on any Seed leaf to bacco offered at auct10n by any warehouse that sells at pnvate sale to any one not a regular licensed dealer or broker m leaf tobacco and furthennore that we w1ll 'Withdraw our patronage from any auctwn house that connected directly or mdirectly wtth any JObber w THE TOBACCO LEAF. l eaf tobacco This reso lutiOn to take effect on and after September 13 18 9 In conversat10n w1th a number of the trade we learn that the above was passe d almost unan mously and those not assentmg have s nee given the1r adhes on to the reso lut10n so that It 1s the unan mous deCISion of the Asso c at10n and has the assent of the only two leaf dealers who a1e not members I here bas b ee n con s derable discontent manifested for some ttme agamst one or more of the warehouses bemg not only com m ss on mer chants but also buyers on spec !lat1on m oppos t on to the regular trade and the dealers argue that they must be e1ther one or the other and the ssue has at length been squarely made We have not yet heard the varehouse s de of the ques 10n and refrrun from express ng an opm on until later but the prospect seems fair for a pretty fight tl e detruls of which we will g1ve as they p10gress Als L E G TOBACCO FRAUDS IN NORTH CAROLINA RALEIGH N C September 9 -It has been known for som.e time that there lB a g gant c tobacco rmg m this State or gamzed for the purpose of defrauding the Government of mternal revenue by usmg the tax stamps twice and by fail ng to keep the reqm ed books so as to prevent the amount of leaf tobacco used from bemg kno vn The r ng men s gil each others bonds and play mto the bands of all who belor g to the r ng The revenue offi cera have vamly tr1ed to detect the vwlators but fa led to do so unt 1 a short t me ago 0 H Blocker Internal Revenue Agent was spec1ally directed to fer ret out the means and the men who have been syste matically defraud ng the revenue He la d h s plans and they have succeeded Four of the men who have been reusmg tax stamps have been detected and placed under heavy bonds for the.1r appearance at court The plans of Blocker are such that all others who are re usmg stamps wlll be detected unless they stop the pract1ce at once Last week 21 000 pounds of leaf to bacco was found m the ol d and unused hoool at K1t trell s Sprmgs about 30 rmles from th s place The two factones at th1s place were se zed for complicity w th th s attempt to defraud the Government and an other one at Wmton Granv1llt'1 County on Saturday last Seven large deaiers m leaf t obacco m Henderson were elaced under bonds for their appearance at court for failmg to keep the reqmred books and enter the1r rece pts and sales of leaf tobacco In many mstances all sales made were entered upon a Government book as bemg made to the dealer who did the selling This 1t 18 charged was done w1th the VIew to give every manufacturer who bought leaf tobacco of these dealers a chance to comm t fraud A HAIL STORM IN PENNSYLVANIA -AdvlCes from Lancaster County announce that that region has aga n been V1Slted by a severe ba1l storm wh1ch m some d s tr1cts wrought great destructwn to the tender tobacco leaves The borough of El zabethtown n the north western sect1on of the county appears to have been the center of the storm A correspondent wntmg under date of last Tuesday I eports as follows -.A ter r1ble storm Vl$Ited us at 6 o clock last evenmg and made wholesale destruct10n of the best tobacco m tb1s sect10n Some part1es suffered great hardsh p as they depended upon their tobacco for their wmter support Fortunately about one half of the crop of the district bas been housed The Lancaster Inte lltgencer of Wednesday Septem ber 10 reports -In the vic n ty of Salunga and Landis v11Ie the storm was also severe On the farm of J Hoff man Hershe y the tenant farmers lo se heavily on about nme acres belongmg to them nearly all of Mr Her sbey-s own crop vas safely hot sed Capta n Reitzel of Salunga had one and three quarter acres of beaut! ful tobacco cut almost to pieces Mr Mmn ch who bad t acres all had allout nme acres housed the remrunder IS badly cut by the hail Abram Shenk has four acres Jaco b Hestand seven or e gbt acres and Andrew Garber e ght acres all badly lDJured Qtber growers m the v cm1ty suffer to a greater or lesii extent At Mar etta and v em ty the storm was severe and much damage was done but we have no partwn Iars At MountJoy and Maytown the ha I was I ghter but still d d cons derable damage At Rohrerstown the ba 1 was light at Ephrata 1t was heavy and d1d some damage At Umon StatiOn there was some bail but not enough to do much harm At Columb a and south of that borough there was no ha1l East or south of Lancaster there was nmther 1am nor bail The storm appears to have been c owded mto the northwestern townships and m some of them to have done but httle damage We have not sutllc ent data to make an est mate of the total loss but as compared w1th the ent1re crop of the county the loss may be regarded as light A correspondent writ ng from Mar etta says -A terr1ble loss of property occurred m th s ne ghborhood m a few short mmutes o n Sunday evenmg last by a hailstorm damagmg the late at d unhoused tobacco We heard a prom1nent buyer say that the damage done will amount to fully $30 000 'Ihe storm came from the southwest cross e d the nver m two parts one tak mg m Upper Mar1etta runmng m Width about rrules and about one m1le m length the other part taking m the east part of to extendmg up Ch1ck es Cree k mto Lo over Rapho The central part of the town escaped Wash L Hershey of Rapho loses about nme acres of tobacco Among the many s uff e r era m the upper or western path are C A Shaffner Judge Libhart Jno S Miller Rev J M Engle Baker Bros David Grove Jr John Shlllow and Phil Hefner At such places where the storm was most severe the crop IS ent1rely destroyed and will be abandoned by the gro era not bemg worth the cost of housmg BUSINESS MENTION MEssRS CHAS FINKE & Co the tobacco mspectors of City have removed from No 155 to 159 Water 1::5treet MESSRS GUTMAN & RICE mporters of Havana c1gars of th1s mty have removed to 83 Reade Street1 corner of ChurchJ where they keep constantly on hana a large stock of tne cho c est brands of Havana c gars MR CARL WEIS the enterpr smg meerschaum and amber goods manufacturer bas establ shed another branchat399 Broadway Mr We sowns several stores m th1s c ty has a fact01y at 398 Grand Street and has constantly on band a large assortment of cho ce p pes WE call the attent on of the c gar trade to the card of Messrs S Hrrsh & Co of Lancaster Pa manu facturers of c gats Mes srs Hush & Co clarm to be usmg exclusively old Lancaster County tobacco and to produce a better lme of c gars than hitherto manu facture d from these tobaccos MESSRS ZURICALDAY & ARGUIMBAU who removed some short t1me smce to N o 28 B eave r Street this c1ty are large 1m porters of the finest brands of 1 cor ce paste suited to the wants of tobacco manufacture s and d e al e rs The y deal extens vely m the Imported art1cle and their sales durmg th1s year have mcreased largely WE call the attent on of the Cigar trade to the adver tJs e ment of S L Samuel No 57 Cedar Street th1s c ty on our lOth page Mr Samuel manufactures a paper Cigar case of very compact form and conven ent for carrymg m the pocket pieventmg abras on of the c gars We th nk that this case from ts cheapness and convemence of form must commend 1tself to the c gar trade generally as It affords the means of d s play ng the dealers card and brand m a manner which must gam the notwe of the smoker DONALDSON BROS LITHOGRAPHIO ESTABLISHMENT We understand that Donaldson Bros have m progress some very fine chromo tobacco sho v cards s m Jar to thOfle already gotten out for Buchanan & Lyall W T Blackwell &Co and C A Jackson & Co They have also some very large orders m for small advert1Smg foldmg cards-for whwh they have applied for a patent-of which they have prmted several mill10ns dunng the year The bus ness of tb18 finn has n creased so of late that 1t has occaswned theu purchas mg two of Hoe s largest presses to relieve the stram upon them Durmg the greater part of this year they have been runn ng till ten o clock each mgbt and evea then could scarcely fill their orders The firm of Donaldson Bros stands n the front rank of the htho graph1c establiShments of this country LOCAL JOTTINGS -Mr M Neuburger purchased about 450 cases 1878 Pennsylvan a from Messrs G Falk & Bro -Mr M OpJ?enhermer sold th1s week his 1878 Penn sylvan a packmg to Messrs Straiton & Storm The lot compr sed o02 cases -Mr John F Allen of Richmond Va was a pas senger by tl1e steamer c,ty of whtch sailed for Europe on the 6th mst -M:r A R Fougeray the well known tobacco man ufacturers agent of Philadelph a favored us Wlth a call a few days smce on h18 way home from Boston and the Eastern CJtleS -Mr D H McAlpm; of the ermnent local tobacco manufacturmg firm ot D H McAlpm & Co 1s ex pected home about the 18th lDBt from a nearly two years SOJourn m Europe -To-day the rema1ns of the late Leonard Montifiore who recently d1ed at Newport were forwarded to Eng land At the funeral serviCes at Temple Emmanuel Jew and Gentile combmed m paymg respect o his and his ancestors honored name -Mr H Schroeder of the firm of D J Garth Son & Co of tb s mty retmned a few days ago from the mountams n the Eastem States where he has been pass ng a part of the season -The Natwnal C gar Manufacturers Assoc at on have affirmatively responded to the l>ropos1t on of the Leaf Tobacco Board of Trade proVldll g fur mutual conference m all matters of common mterest H W Hunt Esq. has JUSt returned from Sara toga where he has been soJourmng for some trme Mr Hunt IS the largest stockholder m the Mmcbants Tobacco Company of Boston and r eJ?resents the Com pany at No 69 Wilham Street m thlB mty We were glad to meet Mr Hunt and to not1cethat he appears m the enJoyrr ent of good healtl and renewed strength $20 REWARD Stolen from C Jourge nsen Lithographer 30 Liberty Street New York a Sample Book of Havana C1gar and other Labels The labels bear his 1mprmt or that of H Schott and bear over the label 'var10us numbers as 6310" etc The book measures about 9xllmches $20 be pad for the book and mformat10n to con v1ct the th1ef or $10 for the book The book was m1ssed late m May last Tho Lomsvillo w arohonso Inmncnon Gaso DECISION IN FAVOR OF THE OLD WAREHOUSES On Monday mornmg Spec1al Chancellor James A Beattie rendered h s opm10n m the case of Nash & Co vs Page & Co The deciSIOn 1s m favor of the Board of Trade The attorneys for the plamtiffs announce the1r mtent10n of takmg the case Immed'lately to the Court of Appeals Judge Beatt1e s OJ? m o n occup es three columns of the Lou sv1lle Courter Journal It reaches us too late for pubhcat10n m full W e g1ve the substance below LoursviLLE CHANOERY CoURT -M B Nash etc Plamtiffs vs Page & Co etc Defendants-Opm on -Th1s actwn was mst1tuted July 10 by the plamtiffs compr1smg twenty seven mdiv1duals and firms buyers 1 censed by the Umted States and c ty Govern nents of leaf tobacco m the LomsVIlle mar ket aga nst the defendants n ne firms and one cor porat on proprietors of ten of the twelve tobacco wareho ses m Lomsvllle for the purpose of enJom ng the defendants from refusmg to parmit the plaint ffs to become b dders and purchasers at the dally auct10n sales of tobacco held at the defendants warehouses The Chancellor decl rung to sit because of a ffiruty to one of the part es a pplicat10n was made to the V ce Chancellor and on the day of filmg the vet1t10n he granted an 1mmed ate temporary lDJUnCtlOn n ac cordance With the prayer of the plamt1ff s m sub stance enJommg and restrrumng the defendants and each of them untll the further order of the court from excludmg the plaintiffs or any of them from the tobacco sales at the warehouses m qu estwn and from 1efusmg the ll ds of the plamt1ffs or any of them at such sales and from refusmg to perm1t them or any of them when the h ghest and best b dders to become bereat and from refus ng to accept the plruntiffs as such purchasers upon the payment of sue! fees as the defendants charge to otl er buyers Subsequent proceed ngs have taken place before a spec1al Judge chosen and qualified July 11 1879 m the absence of the Vwe Chancellor from the State and the cause snow under submiSSion on a mot on made under sectwn 291 of the C1v1l Code by the defendants upon the whole case and on ten days not ce to dis solve the InJunctwn granted n the actiOn The plamt1ffs are for the most part large and 1m portant buyers of leaf tobacco buymg n the aggre gate a very large proport on of that staple sold m th s market some of them havmg can ed on the busmess for many years and others for less per ods some on the r own account as dealers and sh1ppers or as manu facturers m Lomsv lie and others as agents for dealers or manufacturers at other po nts m th s country or abroad The plamt ffs also or the greater numbe r of the m supplement the I bus ness as buyers by from time to t me sellmg here tobacco of their own pur chase as they find 1t to the1r advantage to do so and at the t1me of the brmg ng of thts smt they or some of them had tobacco n the hands of different ones of the defendant ovarebousemen wh1c h they mtended offermg for sale m Lo msVIJle The rna n prmmple applicable to th1s controversy can adrmt of no doubt that as a general rule every man bas accordmg to the system of the common law the absolute r1ght to manage h1s own busmess m his own way buymg from those who are w1llmg to sell to h m and to those who will purchase from him declmmg at his O\\ n pleasure to buy from or sell to any perso n or class of persons rendermg serviCes for those who seek to employ hun or not as he will choosmg w1th or without cause VIth or without rea son the trmes when the pnces for wb cb and the per sons w1th whom he w ll be willmg to deal IS a propo s1t10n wh1ch needs only to be stated to be conceded It IS freely conceded on all s des m Lb s caose And tb1s salutary pr nc pie so plam that t reqmres no proofs wb1ch WISely leaves every man as to s ch matters to the control of h s own powers and self mterest 1s so obv1ously the d1ctat e of common sense tl at no vmdi cation of the reasons on wh ch 1t rests IS needed It str kes every man lawyer or layman as w1se and true a first blush It lB a part of every mans mvll r gbts that he be left at I berty to refuse busmess relatwns w1th any per son whomsoever whether the refusal rests upon rea son or lB the result of whrm capnce preJUdice or malice W1th b s reasons netther the pubhc nor thud persons have any legal concern (Cooley on To Its 2 8 ) But the plamtlffs say and say w1th truth that this pnnc ple like most general rules adrmts of excep t10ns and they contend that th1s case presents fea tures wbtch hr ng the defendants w1thm the m:fluencEJ of one or more of such except1ons They allege that the defendants are excepted from cia mmg the benefit of the general rule Frrst-Because they are as plamttffs say public warehouseme n made so by statute and as such are bound to deal m the usual course With every person that comes whether as seller or as buyer Second-But 1f not such pub! c wa ehousemen then becau8e they are m therr character of licensed fac tors auctioneers and warehousemen from necesSlty and by the common law quas1 puOl c servants JUSt as common carr ers mnkeepers ferrymen tl e o of gr1st mills and some others ar.e such and hence are bound to serve every one who chooses Th1rd Because they are members of the Lo usv lie Tobacco Board of Trade an llegal or pietende d co r poration wb ch has passed the before ment oned by laws ultra tnres tending to create a monopoly and m restr a nt of trade and so contrary to the Ia v of the land and v01d FourthBecause further they are guilty of an un la vful conspiracy m restramt of trade to create a monopoly and illegally to keep up the1r unreasonable f ees and charges and m pursuance of such consp r acy have excluded the plamttffs from huymg at their warehouses and have thus damaged the plrunt ffs m tbe1r busmess and so have done them a Iegal wrong or mJury I :find that the defendants are not public ware housemen m the sense contended for by tlae plam tiffs but that they are tobacco colDIDlssion merchants and warehousemen by the act of 1876 to the extent above md1cated and no further and that there 18 nothing m statute which obi ges them to rece1ve the plaiil.tiffs as b1dders or purchasers at the r warehouses The difficulty With thiS case IS that 1t 1s based on no legal nght m the plamtl1Is There no correlat on of r1ghts and dut1es the parties The plamtiffs are not bound to buy of the defendants or the defend ants to sell to the plamtiffs Those are matters for mutual concessiOn and agreement between them They afford mstances of perilllss1ve not absolute r1ghts Of course the plai!ltiffs have a general to carry on their busmess without let or bmdrance from ac t onable InJUries or wrongs on the part of any one but they have no enforceable r1ght to deal w th any person agamst hiS Will ThiS remedy hes m another direc t on-through an mdlCtment if 1t will he through the laws of trade wh1ch although temporary mconvem ence may be suffered will meVItably r1ght all such controversieS It 1s not alleged that defendants have refused to sell such tobacco of the plaintiffs as mar have ben lD theu. hands on the 5th of July and st1l remams there m accordance w1th the will of the plamt1ffs but the defendants should sell all such tobacco as the owner may d1rect m respect to the personal b1ddmg or allow hrm to w1thdraw 1t w1tbout charge from the warehouse The motiOn of the defendants must be sustamed and th" mJunction dissolved the order not to take effect until after lapse of twenty days OBITUARY CHARLES J BuLKLEY In our last 1ssue we referred to the d1ssolut10n of he old and w dely known tobacco comm1ss on house of Bulkley & M oore We referred to the esteem w th whtch Mr Bulkle y was held by the trade and hoped that m b s retuement from busmess b e m ght spend the remamder of b1s days surrounded by all the en JO) ments that a spent act ve bus ness hfe de serves But sad to say at the very t1me our words were be ng pr nted Mr Bulkle y was dymg at h s home m Brooklyn N Y exp r ng at about half past two o clock on Satmday mornmg September 6 1879 H s funeral place on tl e uth mstant from St James church Ne vto Long Island H1s remams were mterred at that place Mr Bulkley vas born at Southport Conn and at the t me of his death was fifty two years of age He commenced his bus ness career m the house of DuBo s & Vandervoort and wh le th the m be acquued a tmsmess tram ng wh ch had mt ch to do w1th h s sue cess m afte r 1 fe Some years ago Mr Bulkley and M BenJam n Moore formed a copartnersh p under the name of Bulkley & Moore The house 1epresented many of the lead ng V1rgrma manufacturers m th s market and al vays Ianked among the ch ef exporters -perhaps we may say that they were the pimeipal expo ters of manufactured tobacco from tlus port As to the personal charA.cter of Mr Bulkley who was always h eld m the h ghest esteem by the trade for h s many fine qualit1es ve w1ll let Mr George H W1cks the book keeper of the firm. speak and content our selves with saymg that we fully concur w1th Mr Wicks n his statement respectmg the character of the deceased gentleman I vas connected with the firm of Bulkley & .Moore for thuteen years says Mr W cks and m that t1me learned to fully apprecmte the character of Cba les J Bullrley whom I knew to be one of the largest hearted and best men that ever lived He was liberal to a fault and would have given h1s last cent to help any one mneed as many can tes tify whom he has assiSted He was a bachelor and has always lived w1th h1s uncle and aunt Mr and Mrs Charles H Judson who havmg no children looked upon him as therr own son For a number of years back h s health has been poor On Friday even mg he l ef t the parlor at b s home and as he felt un went to b1s room Mr Judson and myself shortly after followed h m h we found that a great change had take n place m 1s condition and =e d ately sent for the famJI.y physiCian whose skill however was w1t:hout avail as Mr Bulkley contmued to smk until be exp1red about 2M o c lock on Satur dav morn ng Mr Bulkley had been m bus ness for about twenty five years and :vas fa Ily successful I shall attend to the settlement of the bus ness affairs of the firm myself CHARLES F OsBORNE On Sunday morn ng September 7 Mr Charles F Osborn e forme!ly a tobaoco broker n th1s mty. d e parte d th s life at South Orange N J Mr Osborne vas 79 yeats of age Over forty years ago Mr Osborne commenced the tobacco husmess .at R chmond Va be then removed to th s mty some thirty or thirty five years ago openmg a house n Pea!l Street near Coen t es Sl p unde r the finn name of Cunrungham & Osborne The busmess done by the house was dealmg m V1rgm1a leaf and export tobacc os About the com men cement of o r la e war Mr Osborne made a change m the eharacter of b s busmess by g1vmg up deahng m the class of goods wh ch had occup ed h1s attentiOn and confining hm1Self to the tobacco brokerage H1s health havmg become rmpatred Mr Osborne about e1ght years ago relinqu shed bus ness and smce that t m e has been hvmg m Iet1rement H s son Mr Jas G Osborne IS p opularly known as a. leaf tobacco broker of th s City lt'[r Osborne always held the re putatwn of an excellent busmess man h s mtegr ty was unquest oned and he vas much esteemed by the trade both as a merchant and a gentleman He was one of the old school m erchants whom our c ty has always del gb ed n honor ng. H18 funeral took place from the chmch of the Holy Commumon South Orange N J on W ednesday the lOth mst among the attendants from th1s c ty were Messrs Max Rader and Mr Geo Newman and Mr W1lham Wallace of Sa Wallace & Co THE RELATION BETWEEN IT AND AMERIOAN TOBACCO GRO OVERS AND MERCHANTS A SINGULAR CONTRACT AND THE EFFECt' UPON THE REPUTATION OF AMERICAN TOBACCO IN EUROPE [From the N Y Even ng Post Sept 8 ] To the Edttors of the Eve tng Post -It will I hope prove highly mterestmg to the tobac co growers and great tobacco merchants of th1s country to expose the baneful mfl.uence the so called Regies or tobacco monopoly of France Spam and Italy has o n our tobacco mdustry In the first place 1t should be borne m mmd that our export of leaf tobacco 1s of enormous pro pot t10ns For the fiscal year 1877 8 exported pounds of l eaf tobacco valued at $22 440 133 1n June 1878 9 we exported 313 773 810 pounds leaf tobacco valued at $24 511 899 I need scarcely sav that It s of the first mportance that AmerH.>an leal tobacco should have the good name for 1ts excellent quahty that 1t has alwavs borne and which 1t deserves Any deter ora t10n that th s product may suffer by mampulat ons or n ach natwns s an nJury to the tobacco growers and the merchants engaged m the trade W1th th s me now to explam the famous so called Tobacco .tteg es of France Spam and Italy These three great countries have the entrre and sole tobacco monopoly of the1r respectt ve countr es That s to say the Government of France for mstance con tracts for all the leaf tobacco and c1gars that 1t supposes may be consumed per year The tobacco s then manufactured under Government supemswn and only licensed dealers m tobacco and c gars retail 1t to the consumers The as lS well known are m general retired sold1ers or ola superannuated mvil officers Of course the Government has a fixed pr1ce for all c gars and tobacco and the commod1ty IS d one up m small and larger packages to SUit purchasers the prwe bemg m general prmted on the packages Thus then as far as fa rness goes notbmg can be sa d agamst 1t as no overcharge can take plac e and 1t 1s but JUSt to assume that the respect ve governments are anx10us to procu e the soundest and best raw mater al as the 1mm e noe pro:fit fully wauants the purchase of the best n the markets of tl e wo ld As no pr vate c t zen lS allowed to mpo t leaf tobacco and sell It the Go vernments of France Spam and Italy naturally be co m e the gt eatest tobacco buyers n tl e vorld And now comes the plague spot of monopoly whether It 18 piactised by mdiVIduals corporat10ns o r supreme governments In order to procme the quant1ty of to bacco need e d these governments ssue proposals for contracts of the quantity and qual ty of tobacco van ted for a cert:;un year such a contract t o be a varded to the lo b dder The ace dental pos sess on of a to bacc o contract for Italy awarded n 1 879 b v that Gov ernment wlll br ng to 1 gbt a very strange anomaly Th s contract 1s as follows The Goverpment gave out proposals fur about 13 000 hhds of Amencan (Kentucky) leaf tobacco each hogs head to contam about 1 oOO pounds The descr1pt on of the tobacco IS as fo lows 500 hogsheads A type heavy Clarksville wrappers 26 mcbes long 3 750 hogsheads heavy B same qual ty as above mches long 3 750 hogsheads B P aducah style 24 mches long 5 000 hogsheads C dark low leaf 19 mches long Now these descriptwns of the tobacco are as plam aud well kno to the trade as the descr pt10n of raw cotton and the price 1s perhaps qmte as regular m deed 1t 18 much less fiuctuatmg The award was given by the Ital1an Government to the lowest b1dder wb ch b1d was 82 96-100 francs per 100 kilos which according to our own gold currency IS equal as nearly as pos s1ble to about S1X cents a pound net a ll round deduct mg of course the expense of shlJ?pmg the tobacco from an American port and dehveimg 1t to the Gov ernment free of charges m Italy In order to be per fectly clear on th1s pomt I w1ll s1mply adu that anogs head of leaf tobacco (1 500 lbs) costs m expenses as fol lows In New York to put 1t on board shtp Fre1ght to Italy lowest Dell very m Italy 10 francs Add to this msurance etc etc Now the next thmg to explam 1s What does the above ment10ned quality of tobacco really cost m Ken t ucky? The quotat ons I "as able to obtain and whiCh can fully be relied upon are as follows-A type heavy Clarksville c1gar wrappers 26 mches 9c to lOc B heavy do 24 nches 7X to 8 B Paducah style 24 mches to 7 C dark low leaf 19 mcbes 5_14 to oX To average these figures the account would stand thus-Cost of A type 26 mches B heavy 24 mches B Paducah style C dark low leaf The contractor who 1s at th18 very perlb 7J>.(c 6J>.(c 5%c date dehvermg SEPT 13 ,71250 00 435 937 50 379 687 5() 403125 6<, $1290 000 00 lJ o r whwh he recetves from the Italian Government on 19 500 000 pounds of tobacco at the average rate of 6 cents a p ound $ 1 170 000 a clear loss of $120 000 on the contract How m the these contracts are made year after year w tb the same result and how contractors notwltbstandmg th1s not only do not become bankrupt but get eno mously r ch ts one of those ID) ster ous auomal es the so lut10n of wb ch must be left to the monopolzmg governments If any thorough mvest1 gat o sat till poss ble m the c rcumstances But the trouble s that AmeriCan tobacco whether 1t & twenty s1x mch type A o any other favonte growth has somebo v of late suffered under a bad 1 epute of bemg e1ther a poorly grown or poorly selected tobacco It 18 therefore very essential to the velfare of tobac co growers here that the Amencan mfenor tobacco shall not sa1l unaer a false name and that old tobacco shall not b e palmed off as new m fore1gn countr1es and m fact the case lS of Importance enough for our consuls and even our m1msters m countr1es that have the Reg1es or the tobacco monopoly namely France Spam and Italy to direct the attent1on of the respec tlve governments to which they are accred1ted to thiS rmportant subJeCt and have the matter mvest1gated as 1t IS perfectly obv ous that the bad repute ol Amen can tobacco m France Italy and Spam mJures the sa.le of our tobacco m those as well as other countr 611 m Europe J S MOORE NEW YORK September 6 1879 Damaged by Rain We publiSh the followmg pr1vate letter by per m1ss onOWENSBORO KY Sept 4 1879 -After the tram left to day I started to the country that I rmght form some 1dea of the damage done the crop by the recent rams and m order that I rmght fonn a correct 1dea I travel led over the same country that I d1d last week Down the Ladone Bndge Road to the creek up the creek on south s1de to Camp Ground Br1dge and from there to Owensboro In this route I saw 233 acres of tobacco 74 of vhJCh s wtlted-bemg about 30 per cent I am satiSfied now that the damage w1ll reach 25 per cent m the county Will go to the country to morrow a.nd will write further on Monday Your fnend OBSERVER LEAFLETS Throughout New England tobacco dealers antiCI pate an excellent fall trade -AdamS egfned s large Ciga r factorymJersey City was se zed lately by Un ted States officers on an allega tion of defraudmg the Government -The fmlures m th1s City for the month of August were of a smaller aggregate amount than those of any month s nee 1875 -The Umted Kmgdom of Great Br1tam Imported from the Un ted States of unmanufactured tobacce m 1878 74115 273 pounds -From Columbia Pa 1t 1s reported that nearly every field of tobacco n that reg on averages leaves thirty five nches long by twenty two wide -The advent of the Autumn g ves an rmpetus w trade m a ll departments and the ant1c patwns of o.n act ve and profitable season are m afar way of reali zat on The amount of tobacco sold n Danv1lle Va for the year end ng September 30 will aggregate at least 20 000 000 lbs which will be the largest recmpts for one year ever recorded Buchanan & Lyall s sales of tobacco to the Boston trade alone for the month of Aug11st amounted to 156 510 lbs One day s sale n Mame an1ounted to 80 000 lbs New England Grocer An exchange remarks TemP.erance and anti tobacco people are wrest] ng rr ghtily With the state ment Just made n a r e i able Western JOurnal that Mr K nder Ferguson who d ed m Ind1ana th s week m h1s 1 09t h year was a hfe long consumer of whiskey and tobacco From all the pr ncipal commercial centers and manufactunng districts of the country come reports of active trade and rev1vmg/rospenty The fact 1s the damages of an unexample war have been very nearly obliterated and forgotten and mdustry has resUllled ts old channels -The cash sales of leaf tobacco m the Cmcmnati wareho uses for the :first e ght months of the present year1 amounted to $4 057 766 65 Durmg the corres ponamg penod of last year the sales amounted to $2 458 590 67 The sales for the month of Aug118t amounted to '834 723 37 -The Lancaster New Era remarks -Large tobacco leaves are st ll com ng m upon us unt1l our sanctum s beg1nmog to resemble an embryo tobacco ware bouse The latest arrival s a leaf grown by Mr John Edwards blacksmith of Leaman Place It measures 42X mches m length by 22 mches m w1dth S nee the burnmg of h1s tobacco box factory last Tuesday a :veek ago Mr Wh1tlock has returned to R cbmond and will at once commence the work of r e buildmg h1s factory Messrs Turpm & Bro whose tobacco factory was burned m the san1e conflagratiOn will probably follow Mr Whitlock s example -Snuff prepared for d1ppmg 1s altogether dlf ferent from that applied to the nose Its users couldn't g e t aloilg with M:accaboy Rappee or the snuffs of Scot land The art1cle that leads the world IS produced m Pennsylvarua A manufacturer m Lancaster who-18 now m the l eg slature has amassed a fortune Ex A c gar maker named August Hammerstadt a S vede I vmg m Brooklyn a f e w days ago was found mtox1cated m the Th rteenth Precmct w1th two boxes of unstamped cigars m b s possess10n The man was not pun shed for bemg mtox cated but Judge Bened1ct sent hlDl to pnson for havmg those unstamped c1gars n h s possesBion -The GermSJl Consul at Rotterdam reports that the Java crop of tobacco of 1877 bas been generally of an mfer10r quality and much smaller m quantity than 1876 The Sumatra crop however was of a very good qual ty The mports m 1878 amounted to 7 040 cases AmeriCan tobacco 9 009 seroons of other foreign to b accos and u3 953 bales of Java -The T ade Revww and Tobacco Jou7'1 al sa new publication the first number of wb cb has made 1tq al? pearance at LouiSVIlle Ky Mr Wm H Oh !ton 1s the editor of the ne :v JOurnal and 1s an exper anced and clever hand m new spape r work Whether or not there 1s r oo m for another paper devoted m p art to the tobacco mterest remruns to be detennmed The fire at Wh tlo c k & Co s tobacco box factory m R cbmond lately removes one of the best known land marks m that c1ty of the late mvil war Castle Thunder the name 1s recalled w1th terror by many prom n ent men who from one cause or another some times real but frequently 1magmary were comm1tted to Castle Thunder durmg the four years war A correspondent of the Philadelphia Record asks what bas become of the Tobacco Dealers Protechve Assoc11.1t10n 1 ThiS orgamzat10n was formed a number of months ago m order to procure a un form price m the sale of chewmg and smokmg tobacco Nothmg bas been heard of th1s orgamzatwn lately and the cor respondent wants to know whether It has accomplish ed 1ts ob Ject -The goods recently seJ..Eed at the reSldence of Albert B1al of the firm of Koster & BlBl consisted of 10 018 bundles of Havana mgarettes 16 packages of French Cigarettes and 135 boxes of Russ1an all of which are cla1med to have been brought mto port w1thout pavment of duties Mr Bia.l however man1 tains that he bought these goods In good faith and m the belief that the dut es had been paid on them -At Readmg. Pa the Umted States Revenue Col lector of that p1ace a few days ago se zed 9 300 c1gars from John Mengel a dealer m leaf tobacco It lB al leged that they were rece1ved m payment of leaf to bacco from El as M Sllnrk of Terre Hlll who was before ColDIDlssiOner Slaymaker and held m bail for his appearance at the U mted States Court charged w1th man1pulatmg cigar stamps and making five out of four Mengel was held to be blameless m the matter -Theodore Cohen a dealer m tobacco and Cigars was last week brought before CoiDID1ss10ner D euel charged w1th dealmg m unstamped c1gars and usmg boxes w1th old stamps The officer named Coleman who had arrested lum m add1tion charged him w1th an attempt to bribe him he havmg offered him $5 to let him go and thereupon he had made a desperate attempt to escape Cohen as an offset to this ac cused the officer of an attempt to extort $10 from him but be was held m $500 bail to appear for tr1al tne LO::N"E J .A.CJ::EE." & CO.-No. 141 WA'l'EB SfiC.EET, :NEW YOBR.


..._ SEPT 13 B J Myers to David G Hirsh The followmg or gmal order from :Mr B J Myers of Raletgh N 0 should have accompan ed the expose of Mr :Myers published n the p eceding ssue of THE LEAF but d d not reach th s office n t me It w ll be remembered that Myers ordered c gars from :Mr Hirsh dll'ect ng h m todrawats ght and then after recetvmg the c gars declined to honor the draft RALEIGH N 0 July7 1879 DAVID G HIRSH EsQ Lancaster PaDear S r Havmg left N Y and established here wholesale tobacco and ctgars you w ll please send me the followmg per Atlant c A r Line 10 M Penna ctgars prmc pally Maduro and Oscuro at $10 50 perM $105 00 10 :M llS oo 10 :M 125 00 00 2}i 8 38 $327 62 Please draw at stght for whole amount less per cent d scount through CttiZCns Nat onal Bank Hop mt; that th s will prove satisfactory and awaitmg goods I remam Truly yours B J MYERS Late 218 Pearl Street New York formerly of :Myers Bros 24 Park Place New York British Tobacco Imports and Exports THE BOARD OF TRADE RETURNS The latest accounts for the month of July publ shed yesterday (Fr1day) afternoon ev dence the same scant ness of supply of tobacco not ceable s nee the beg nn ng of the year and as the companson s now made w th a penod n 1878 and 1877 when arnvals were pour ng mto the Un ted K ngdom much more rap dly than before the d fference between the mports m 1879 and those n the two prev ous years becomes very str kmg 1f not qu te remarkable For the past month the rece pts were ess than one fourth of those m 1878 a d barely one th rd the amount mported n July 1877 so that the total land ngs dur ng the seven months were cons derably I ghter than n the years JUSt named as proved by the subJo ned figuresTotals Va.lueof m IMPORTS ports Mil 697 477 50 4 To those who have long wa ted for s gns of mprove ment m the home trade the fact that there s a c-::m tmuance snd repet t on of the ncrease observed a month ago must be very gratify ng as bes des the proof t affords of the more settled conlants only t vo years from Cuba and otl e s some from seed mported last 'lmter Th s last s small compar son to that wh ch has been a sed here a longer t me Northfield-Tobacc o harvest ng began earl er w th many growers than usual Some fin shed cutt ng last week and many thiS The crop s a ery sat sfactory one hav ng escaped all storms and the result s no lea es nJu ed by crooked s alks o otherw se Walker & Sande son o hon e pac)<:ers made a movement as soon as hmvest ng comme ced buy ng the crop of 79 Cha les Webster hns sold for 9c n the bun h and 11 omas Qu nlan for R K Caldwell s reported to lave sold a good lot for llc m the bundle Conway-Late tobacco has made a very rap d the last few days and most gro vilrs report thetr crop heaver than they expected before they commenced to harvest Q tea numbe of the growers have finiShed harvestmg South Dee field The "eat! er has been v ery favor able for cu ng tobacco and the ea ly cut w 11 )30on be safe fron 1 ole sweat One half of the cron s harvested t s hea Ie than was expected Greenfield -The tobacco s nearly all hung and on the vhole sa far crop full an average and we hope for an advance m priCes 'lhen ready for rna ket We score 48 a c res nth s to vn and 17 oflt scho ce Havana P D Mart ndale s puttmg n h s 6 acres th s week and has a crop that t 'lould "e hard to beat H s Havana s nearly or qu te as heavy as the Seed leaf Our 48 acres do not look much I ke the 200 o r 300 ra sed seven and e ght years ago and tl e pr ces rece ved are qu te d ffe ent es and the amount of money t brmgs mto the town s qu te as d fferent Then the t o bacco crop of th s to vn brought full $100 000 now t w II not br ng over $9. 000 Some d fference North Hatfield-'Ihe maJor ty of our farmers have fin shed harvest ng the r tobacco and the rem<> nde v ll be housed the com ng week The crop has turr ed out rather better than vas expected the late p eces be ng heav;r We have not ced that vhere the Stock bndge fert lizer was used n connect on with barn yard manure the growers have secured a heaVIer growth and a darker leaf than vhere manure as used alone Vernon Vt -Th s town s gro v ng tb s vear about 27 acres of tobacco nstead of a hundred or two acres a few years ago W therell & Johnson grow the largest field 3 acres and E W Johnson J G Weatherhead and S B Houghton about 2 acres each The crop has made a good growth and s all housed n good shape 'Iobacco s the one th ng talked of at th s date Some of the earl est p e ces veie hung two weeks ago but more of t e growe s w ll not hang the weed unt l the com ng week I tl nk t s the best c op of tobacco on an average that has been rased for a number of years It has been or vill be got n m good cond t on for the storms that have reached some local t es have done no damage here to crops let us be thankful for that Buyers are hurrymg around try ng to buy on the poles I understand S Y Walker has some lots n town for 10c through str pped and t ed up n the bundle w thout sort ng or boxes I th nk w e have reason to expect better puces this year than for some years past Wallingford-The tobacco crop 1s mostly cut and housed and sa goOd one although the recent storms damaged t some vhat Middletown-Tobacco was very mce It was not damaged as much by the storm as t was thought to be It IS mostly housed and the mce cool weather s curmg t to perfect on Enfield The weather of last week was very favor able for the cu,r ng of tobacco already harvested-cool and dry Another wee k of such weather w ll place early cut tobacco beyond much danger from pole sweat If after that we have frequent alternat ons of mo sture and dryness the ra sers w ll be happy O ther w se there will be danger of 1ts hay ng up Southington The th ng that IS occupymg the atten t on of farmers JUst now s cuttmg tob a cco I find that the storm of two weeks ago d d n o t nJure the crop as much as I supposed as the b u se s do not show now I think the crop m th s v c n ty s the best I have known s nee 1864 take the town through the depress on m the pr ce for the last few years has drtven the unsk lled ones from the field Canton Center-Tobacco IS nearly all cut herem the valley on the h lls liB they are termed where the frost does not come as early some 1s stand ng Pieces that were cut early have commenced to cure down and tf the cool rughts hold on there will be no fear of sweat East W mdsor The tobacco crop IS be ng housed m fine cond t on and a very large growth There has been some nJury to t by the severe northeast storm wh ch n some p eces was qu te sertous but there hl!B been no hatl here while the t er of towns south from here I ave suffered severely On a stnp about a m le m w dth the tobacco vas entirely desti oyed and the corn crop badly IDJured Tennessee Comm ss oner Killebrew of the Tennessee State B reau of Agrrculture at Nashville has JUSt tssued h s offic al report for the month of August The pros pects presented by th s report are very flatter ng and encourag ng and liB far as the tobacco crops are con cerp.ed asmalleracreage sreported butaffnerqual ty has been p oduced than heretofore The retmns for th s monthly report are from 113 correspondents n seventy one count es We reproduce n full that por t on of the report relating to the tobacco crons as fol lows The uncertamty and contrad ctory statements made n regard to the grow ng crop have Impelled me to take mo e than ordinary pa ns to collect mforma bon I rode or had my agents to r de over 250 m lcs th ough the heart of the tobacco growmg reg on and I have collected stat st cs from roo ethan 200 farmers as to the cond t on of the crop as de from my regular correspondents themselves large tobacco g owers I have also rece ved numerous letters from various planters from all of wh ch I have endeavored to make a fmthful and trustworthy report The dry w eatber extend ng through August unt 1 the 23d checked the growth of tobacco and caused t to droop and s cken from lack of moiSture On the 23d and 24th general rams preva led and though a few lo v places y;ere greatly damaged by overflo vs tl e benefit to the crop was pronounced and well marked In a s ngle week the leaves expanded and on good soils overlapped n the rows That wh ch was r pen ng rap dly took a fresh growth and the late crops g e v w th great rap d ty and now prom se to make heav ch and lea J tobacco D 1 gent nqu ry revealed the fact that n some Io cal es the planters were unfortunate n the r plant beds and n such places the crop vas not planted un til late n June The succeed ng drouth aln ost dev ta I zed such crops and gave them such a check that all such planters felt d sposed to unde est mate the grow mg crop In other pia es ho\\ever plants wee abun dant and the bulk of the crop was set out m Ilia) Th s class of p anters est mated the crop probably too h gh After a ompar son of all the reports I am clearly of the op mon that 7 10 of an average crop Will be made n the 0 arksVIle d str ct and n West Ten nessee both taken together wh eon the Upper Cum be land less than half a crop w 11 be gathered probably not more than one th rd Robertson County reports a very nd fferent rop but It IS thought makmg an average of the eports wh chI have from that county that 6 10 of an ave age w ll be made The contrad ctory repo ts from :Montgomery make t d fllcult to g ve a proper estrmate From forty one farms v s ted no th of Red Rtver I' gather the followmg facts Planted n 1878 801 acres Planted n 1879 784 acres Of the number of acres planted n 1879 187 acres are equal n qual ty to that g own last year It also appear-, that tl e e are 12 acres o p e r cent bet ter than tl e c op of 1878 161 acres 10 per cent better than the crop of 1878 24 acres 20 per ce t better than the crop of 1878 2 acres 30 per cent better than the rop of 1878 46 acres 40 per cent better than the crop ot 18 8 mak ng 374 aetes of better qual ty than the crops g own on the same farms n 1878 The report also shows that there vere 142 acres 10 per cent worse than the crop of 1878 15 acres 1o per cent worse than the crop of 18 8 16 acres 20 per cent worse than the crop of 18 8 2o acres 25 per cent wo se than the crop of 18 8 20 ac es 30 per cent worse than the rop of 18 8 5 ac es 33 per cent orse than the c op of 1878 mak ng 223 acres of worse qual ty than the tobacco grown on the same farms last year To summanze we have out of 784 acres 187 acres equal m qual ty to the crop of last yea r 374 a cres bet te from 5 to 40 per cent than the crop of 1878 223 acres worse from 10 to 33 per c ent than the crop of 1878 Another report f om fourteen farms n anotl e r part of the c ounty shows 244 acres planted m 1879 as aga nst 187 a c e s n 1 8 8 Of the c o p of 1879 there are repo t e d 122 acre s of qual ty fully as good as the crop of 1878 49. acres 20 per ce t better than the c op of 1878 37 acres 25 p e r cent b ette than the crop of 1878 4 a c es 60 per cent better than the crop of 1878 122 acre s f o m 20 to 60 per cent better than the crop of 18 8 St II another report from seventy mne farms m a d ffe ent local ty g ves 834 acres n 1879 as agamst 806 m 1878 Analyz g this teport I find 3 acres 5 per cent wo se than the crop of 1878 93 acres 10 per cent worse than the crop of 18 8 103 acres 20 per cent worse than the crop of 1878 2 acres 2o per cent worse than the crop of 1878 18 acres 40 per cent worse than the crop of 1878 43 acres 50 per cent vorse than the crop of 1878 262 out of the 834 acres worse than the crop of last year from 5 to 50 per cent I find also 188 acres reported equal to the crop of 1878 St 11 further I find 15o aCles 5 per cent better tl an the crop of 1878 134 acres 10 pe cent beUer than the c op of 1878 61 acres 20 per cent better than the crop of 1878 31 acres 25 per cent better than the crop of 18 8 3 acres 50 per cent better than the crop of 1878 aggregat ng 384 acres from 5 to 50 per cent better than last year or to summar ze this report there are 262 acres more 188 acres equal 384 acres better total number 834 acres Takmg all the reports and condens ng them 1t w 11 be seen that the crop planted on 134 farms amounted n 18 8 to 1 794 acres n 1879 to 1 862 acres Of the crop of 1879 there are 497 acres equal to the crop of 1878 880 acres varymg from 5 to 60 per cent better 485 acres vary ng from 5 to 50 per cent worse I may say tl at I d rected my agents to take every far n n the r course and to see the owners As re ported by tegular correspondents there IS SO per cent of an average crop n Montgomery County Th s much for Montgomery County Stewart County reports the crop not an average n quant ty but a full average or more m qual ty The crop rs put at 75 In Benton County only a fou th -of a crop was plant ed The qual ty of that ra sed will be very fine and heavy In Henry Ob on Dyer and other count es m West Tennessee except G bson the crop s put down at 50 qual ty good G bson reports 75 Some of the first plantms of the present crop has been housed and cured lighter m color but heaver n body than the crop of 1878 The ra ns of September 1 and 2 vere very heavy and vere d sastrous to the tobacco planted m basms :Much of It was completely covered by vater wh ch raced ng left a depos t of mud on the leaves wh ch wtll re duce the quality to very ord nary lugs As to the ex tent of thts damage I am not mformed The worms and suckers everywhere have been kept n subJeCtiOn foreshadowmg soundness of leaf and r chness should the weather prove prop tio lS durmg the month of September By careful attent on to hous ng and curmg I see no reason why the present crop may not prove a profit able one to the planter But the heavy ra ns w ll make the leaf very sappy and 1t will bed fficult w thout the greatest care to secure the colors now most sought after by the tobacco trade York County Pa Tobacco [F m h e Yo k E enlng Dispatch Septembe 3] The Lancaster Exam1ner and Express says The York Dispatch s mak ng a fight for York County to bacco" li'ollo vmg the statement they cop edpart of our art cle of last Saturday referr ng t'O York County tobacco saymg tl at t s bought and sold as Lancaster County tobacco that York should be a great tobacco center etc and v nds up by say ng We too obJect to havmg York County tobacco passed off for Lancas ter County because we have all to lose m that way The qual ty be ng nfer or the h gh grade of our tobacco IS deprecmted to the benefit of the speculator As to the super or1ty of Lancaster County tobacco to our well ratsed and well-cured York County tobacco that IS all nonsense The assert on s not sustamed by the facts :Mr Burke ed to of THE ToBACCO LEAF bears us out m thiS H s second VIs t last F day to :Manche ter to sh p fully couvm ed h m that York County a sed as good tubac o as Lancaster County H e sa d the d fferen ce vas that L ancaster farmers n years past had g v e n much attent on to the grow ng and c u ng of tobacc o whil e n York County the mat ter had not advanced so ap dly The press had not worked up the nterest yet for York County as t had done for Lancaster There are many exceptions to the rule York COunty has made great the past few years We have some farmers who for years have followed tobacco growmg mtelltgentlv who gro v large and perfect plants of the cho cest var et es and have the most modernly constructed sheds for 1ts perfect drymg and curmg and understand toppmg sortmg and all branches of tobacco culture The day s not far dtstant when York County crops vII rate as No 1 Pennsylvan a tobacco We feel as sured of th s when compar ng the fine fields we v s ted last week m company w th the exper enced ed tor of the New York ToBA co LEAF th those of Lancaster County wh ch we have seen and wh ch must be adm tted by all fa r m nded Juuges who take the trouble to VIS t both count es Exchange Crop and JUarket Comments SEED LEAF PENNSYLVANIA -The Lancaster New Era Sept 5 reports -Our home market has been unusual}) qu et durmg the past week no sales whatever bavmg come to our not ce The sales for the correspond ng per od of last year ere 450 cases Sampling of last years crop s about to n and vhen t IS completed we shall n all probab I ty have a more act ve market to revort We have heard of qu te an mportant sale of th s years tobacco wh ch IS rather unusual so early m the season S xty acres on Duck Island m the Dela ware R ver have been sold at the satisfactory pnce of e gbteen cents through Th s ale amount ng to per haps 250 or more cases s of some mportance repre sentmg as t undoubtedly does the vtews of a large dealer concern ng the future of the market for the present crop The weatl er ot 11 contmues favorable to the crop-warm mo st and gro" ng and 1t has con t nued to make wonderful progress Them ddle plant ed s develop ng nto very fine goods while the late s commg forward rap dly On Wednesday we had more ran wh ch although not needed wtll still further push fot ward the late fields All the crop outstand ng w ll requ re no fu ther ra n to n ature Dur ng the week we took a dr ve of about th rty miles through the ps of West Lampeter Prov dence Pequea Mart c and Drumore and bad an excel lent opportun ty to exam ne the crop The result of our observat ons was to confirm the reports we had from those d str cts 'I: here are a few poor fields but the large maJor ty w II make excellent tobacco If no frosts come dur ng the next t vo weeks The acreage s perhaps as much as twenty per cent greater than last yea wh le the creased y eld w ll probably ex ceed that figure The e s a scarcity of shed room n many places Many new tobacco barns have been put up durmg the season most of them large n s ze and built on the most approved models Ba ns from 72 to 100 feet long are no anger a rar ty Tl s s a good s gn for It proves that our gro verR are alive to the great advantage not to saynecess ty of hav ng every des rable conven ence for handl ng the r crops so as to produce the best results Our farmers well know that somethmg else s requ s te bes des hav ng fine plants n the fields the r future value depend ng on the man ner n wh ch they are man pulated afterwa ds Cut t ng s proceed ng rap dly although we do not bel eve more than half the crop f so much s yet put away Rust we learn has made s appearance n some places along the Conestoga and Susquehanna perhaps be cause of the fogs and other nfluences preva lmg there The w dest d vers ty of op: n ons seem to prevail as to the extent of the crop the estimates runn ng from 60 000 to 90 000 cases for the State The former figure we apprehend s b tt ng closely to the mark the latter IS the est mate of one n whom en thus usm prevmls over cor ect nformat on The Lancaster Intell gencer of September 10 re marks The crop of 78 s be ng rap dly sampled by the Ne v York exyerts a number o whom are now m th s c ty and 1s turn ng out better than WIIB ex pected much better than the crop of 1877 Very few sales however have taken pia e durmg the past week and these on pr vate terms We are mformed that New York partes have viS ted Bucks County and bought a la ge proport on of the grow ng crop Al most the entue crop of Duck Island wh cl w 11 y eld some 300 or 400 cases has been bought at pr ces rang ng from 15 to 18 cents through An offe of 16 cents through was made to another Bucks County farmer for h s grow ng crop of twenty five acres but the offer was dec ned the farmer asking 18 cents through Tb s crop s expected to y eld 2 000 pounds per ac e vVe hear of a grower mterested n s xty acre s n the same v1c n ty who has sold h s mterest at 18 cents through Altoge her the prospect s that the c op of 1879 w 11 be a b g one and the g o vers ill be well pa d fo t The only ev 1 that can now affect t s an early frost The Exan nm a u1 Express September 10 says A s m a 1 numbe r of ases of 78 tobacco w e re sold last week but qu te an mportant sale of the new crop as made n Bucks County On Duck Island n the Dela are from 250 to 300 cases of tobacco are ra sed and nea ly all of th s "as purchased by New Yo k buye s at 1o to 18 cents through One gro ver sold h s ent re c op of s xty acres at 18 ce ts A otbe refused 16 cents fo h s crop of twe ty five acres w b cl t s est mated v ll y eld 2 200 pounds per acre Packe s a e busy samDl ng tl e 8 c op wl ch has sv. eated fi ely the color be ng all that could be des ed The 11 say that n qual ty t s much super o to the 77 to bacco The g o vers a e proceed ng br skly w th tl e cutt ng and a large part of the ea ly crop IS al eady housed. 'I: he late tobacco b ds fa r to nake a fine crop f tl e present favorable weather cont nues and the middle crop s turn ng out finely A correspondent wr t ng f om York County re marks If the tobacco crop now be ng reaped n Chanceford townsh p York County vas n Lancaster County t Ould ce taml) draw the p em un I took a short dr ve through Ohancefo d town htp a few days ago and not ced part ularly the crops of W 0 Short1 dge James K lgore J W Murphy F A Lev ngs ton and John A Murphy all surround ng Brogueville and each of these farmers have about five ac es of the largest and finest tobacco m the county On each of the farms the tobacco averages about 38 nches n length by 24 n hes n breadth and occas onally leaves can be found to measure 43 mches n length by 28 mches m b eadth The Lancas er Enqutre of September 6 remarks Packers ate n busr sampl ng and t w 11 be anothe week before they fin sh No buyers are about at We are safe m saymg that about one half of the crop s cut Rust s do ng nJury n some sect ons the esult of the recent wet spell worms are also about 'yet the crop IS a magn ficent one and fu ly three fourths IS good A well known dealer of th s c ty, who this week made a tour of obse vat on as far as Ha sburg says that from here to El zabethtown the c op does not look so well as n the eastern and southern sect ons of the county Th s s accounted for by tl e fact that :Mr Probabil t es a d not favor all sec t ons al ke early m the season From Lancaster along the P R R to Cbnst ana the appearance IS not so good as at the White Horse and v c n ty CONNEOT CUT The Amer can Cult vato September 6 remarks -The weather remams warm. and fine for the late p e es of tobacco There s no hck of mo sture n the g ound and the late p eces b d fau to be the best prov ded they escape frost We do ot est mate over one e gh h more tobacco n the valley th s year than that g own last year and we do not pred ct any cons derable mcrease The pr ce I kely to be obta ned w ll not nduce very many part es to cont nue ts cul ture V\ e do not see ho v much advance can be reas onably expected vhen ve take nto the account the quant ty grown thiS year It s cla med by THE To BACCo LEAF that n Pennsylvama ah ncreased acre age s had and that they will produce f om 60 000 to 80 000 cases Allow ng the smaller amount and we have an ncrease of 20 000 cases n Pennsylvan a alone almost suffic ent for the home demand We do thmk that the old crop w 11 all be taken at good pr ces and growers should be slow to sell at pr ces that are less than seconds are worth m the market We hear that several parties have sold the ne v crop to be del vered m the bundle At Deerfield two small lots of 78 crop at 10 and 5 cents At Gill eleven cases at 10c through Our correspondent says -Am mformed that several buyers are purchas ng the new crop on the stump and poles At Northfield two tons at 10c through and he adds We hear of sales of new crop already At Sunderland th ee tons of seconds sold to Boston part es at llc ne v wmghts Farmers that have g:rown Ha v.ana 1 ke t better than ever At Conway the crop IS good free from ha I and worms some p cces of Ha vana are as heavy as Seed At North Hatfield thir y e ght cases of old leaf at 14c reweigh The grower assured us that he had frequently offered th s lot for 10c and no takers At South Deerfield two lots of 78 crop at through At Wmchester and adJO n ng towns the e has been sold the past week several lots of old at from 9@11c through The New England Homestead September 6 reports the follow ng sales of old crops South DeerfieldA S Belden agent for Joseph Mayer s Sons New York has bo ght the 1878 c op s of Charles Lee & Son S Boy gton & Sons G e o ge Sm th and John Mart n (also a crop grown on t he Mos es S tebb s ) for about 10c through and e ve gt Enfi eld-The firm of A F & J N Allen have sold 169 cases of fillers and wrappers of the 1878 crop to a Western party It sampled well The Culttvator m a later 1ssue (yesterday) remarks Nearly all of the tobacco crop m the valley IS har vested With no more of hall and no frosl!.. and as yet we fa1l to hear a hsp of pole sweat so rar so good We have now m our bmldings, we thmk a very suye r10r crop The weather has been fine for Its maturmg m the best poss ble manner The Havana seed lS cur mg finely Sales have been made m East Deerfield of 28 cases, crop of 78 at 8 cents and 15 cases at prwes 3 not pubhc At Whately 10 cases 78 crop at 13 centB through old ve ghts 7 cases at cents through. and 1lot of 4 cases at 6 cents At North Ha!lley 1 lot at 11 cen s through and 1lot at 8 cents and 12 cents. old we gbt At Ashfield 1smalllot at 10 cents through Sampl ng has been begun and so far we hear that the leaf has come out safe while 1t ts well sweated MARYLAND -From Baltrmore under the date of Sepotember 6 t s reported that all descnpt10ns of good g ades of tobacco are m demand The scare ty of ves sels prevents any urgent buymg of :Maryland and the market s to some extent rregular priCes am generally firm Tl e Frencl agent s takmg all des1r able lots wh ch come wtth n hl8 v ews but much of lh& stock offered s held beyond h s I m ts for the present 'Ihe movement n Oh o 1s moderate owmg to the htRh. pr ces asked The purchases of V rue. and Kentucky for expon are usually made at the mterior pomts ana. the narkets are qu et only a few small parcels of dark leaf hav ng been taken S nee the opewng of the sea son some 1 000 to 1 200 hogsheads have been sold for export Omo -The Miam sburg Bullet n of 8eptember 5 re marks -&>ak ng rams fell here and throughouttheto bacco reg ons Tuesday and Wednesday Some un easmess was felt Wednesday unt 1 the ram ceased as the protracted dampness threatened leaf m the field: w th rust and that m sheds wtth rot There IS some compla nt of rust m German leaf Thus far the rams have been benefic al except m cases where the leaf was ready to cut There are rumors of another hall storm n the v c n ty of Germantown but we have not been able to obtam part culars Some of our exchanges make ment on of the fact that thus earl) m the season several tobacco speculators are on the alert to purchase leaf del veraole m the bundle Once agam we feel called upon to denounce th s pern c ous pract ce It IS a Rystem of speculation that s bad m every respect and one wh ch our leading Seed leaf packe 11 throughout the country should em phatiCally discountenance That buyers enter the field at the per od vhen cutt ng can be satd only to have begun sho 'IS at least m our estimatiOn that they are sadly want ng m that mercantile ability and common sense wh ch no man of expor1ence m a com merCia! pursu t ought to b& wtthout But there are some people who never learn from exper ence no mat ter ho v lengthy and var ed t may have been Of such are those crazy SJ?eCulato -s vho are now n the to bacco grow ng sect ons seekmg to buy that wh ch IS not yet a fit art cle of merchand se The direct and certam result of the r mconstderate action s the nflat on of pr ces beyond all due proportiOn as the r early appea ance fills the m nds of the farmers w th all so ts ot w ld and preposterous deas regardmg the value of the r product They JUmp to the conclu son that the com ng of buyers while most of the leaf stands uncut n the fields md cates a great demand In tell gent as most of the gro ve -s are they do not stop to think that there IS no scarCity of leaf and that con sequently there can be no 8 dden and great demand fo t They take t fo granted that such IS betokened. beyond doubt by the com ng of speculators Thell' heads completely turned they ask extravagant rates fo the r tobacco The 78 crop has only JUSt been placed upon the mar ket Present nd cat ons po nt to ts be ng all thr.t m vesto s m t could w sh Is there then the slightest necess ty for purchas ng green tobacco? There IS m deed notb ng to JUSt fy 1t It IS srmply a speculative movement for which there IS ne ther cause nor any thmg to recommend 1t As regards the pnces of to bacco they are now suffiCiently b1gh many m fact th nk them too h gb Desp te s o ms of w nd and hail tl e 1879 crop n general prom ses to be large and of good quahty which n connect on w th the conditwa of last years crop ought to have the effect of slightly depressmg nstead of mcrea s ng priCes An account of the Orne nnat l eaf market publishecf b) the Ind ana Fa me September 6 says ThiS has been the smallest sales fo weeks past be ng less than. last weeks by 406 hhds and less than the week before tl at 721 hhds It looks as f tl e days of large vere o v er fo th s year Rece pts for the week qUite ght also The marked featu e n the weeks offer ngs was the g eat preponderance of.. common and nonde scr pt tobacco lead n man) to think pr ces were owe but t vas not ceabl e that good fillers and fine leaf "he d the r o vn and comma ded full pr ces While the b ddmg was less anrma ed and there was a decline on common and lo v grades none of the bette can be quoted except col01y lugs wh ch were a shade eas e r Tl e rna ket closed qu e t and w thout anuna t on caused by the mfer or qua l ty of the goods offerell more than anyth ng else TENNESSEE TheCla ksv ll e L eaf Sept 5 reportsW e have had two d ays of l eavv ran th s week which was ot needed and we fear has proved damag ng to the co n and tobac co crops A large port on of the co n vas blo vn flat to the g ou d by a storm of wmd s o me days ago and was sub me ged by the heavy ram. of th s week We not ce that late tobacco has com menced frenchmg In t s acco nt of the Clarksv lle tobacco market the. Leaf adds Our rece pts are moderate and our sales for the veek will be about 600 hhds The market con t nues act ve and strong for all dec ded grades of heavy; leaf and lugs but w tl no mp ovement on poor grades and nondescr pts or on toba cos badly InJUred by the sweat We hope the recent 1 cavy rams have caused no mater al damage to the crop They will no doubt produce a heavy crop of suckers whtch should b& promptly pulled off The Clarksv lle Chron cle Sept reports -Our re ce pts n August were 2 502 hhds sales 3 005 hhds wtth stocks Sept 1of 5 C43hhds As far as vecanlearn our late heavy ram has done but 1 ttle actual damage drown ng out some tobacco n low places but st mulat g the growth of the late toba o suffic ently to make tup or more The follow ng table shows the receLpts sales and. stocks of tobacco for the etght months of thts. year u compared wtth the same months n 1877 and 1878 -RECEU'TS 1879 62 348 690 1 532 2 49 2 787 2 631 2 STOCK ON HAND 18 8 611 2155 2 743 3 391 4 421 3 143 2 Sa6 1897 1877 157 375 6rn. 1969 2 420 1936 1855 1373. 1878 1877: 467 U3 1113 2 431 2103 959 8 729 2 3 958 2 463 3 977 2 839 2 690 2 575 1 8 9 1878 1877 January 1st 888 629 2 Ui5' February 1st 787 628 3 041> :March 1st 963 2 000 1 642 Apr1l 1st 1 39 3 498 2 10& May 1st 2 347 4 287 8 423 June 1st 3 621 6 303 4 379 July 1st 5 29 6 056 4 445 August 1st 5 45a 3 396 2 882 September 1st 5 043 1 909 929-Tl e Clarksv lle Leaf of Tuesday September 9; says From var ous quarters we hear compla nts of dan age susta ned b the g:rowmg tobac o from tha l eavy ra n fall :M S W P a ge of Wh pporwill. Logan County a r cb fiat sect on of country was m_ last week and reports that al of the largest tobacco grow ng on the low grounds and m basms was com pletely covered by water and nud Col Yost repora the crop abo 1t Allensville m the same cond t on as do also Squ re Pr nee and Mr Shelton from Keysburg-. and Polk Pr nee from Guthr e From all accounts tlla ra n and w nd have been gene al throughout thtl plant mg d str ct and a large port o n of the best tobacco has been submerged and dro vne<,l out The corn m manT fields ts as flat as f a log had been rolled over 1t and IS also greatly damaged Concerrung the Clarksv lie market the Leaf adds -Our rece pts are fa r for the season and our sales last week vere 600 hhds The market was act ve Withoufo mater al change be ng strong for all 17ades of sub stanttal leaf and lugs and sy npath z ng with other markets on nondescr ps m d poor kinds We hope thafi. our planters wtll keep the s eke s off and let thell' to bacco get dead r pe befo e c L g The crop s sappy. f o m r ecent a ns a d f cut b e the sap 1s d gested the l eaf t w ll be co arse and very e ny We have now a prospect of two weeks clear weather w th cool n and heavy dews which w 11 fatten the crop if. 1t IS allowed to have the benefit of them WESTERN KLTIVCKY The Henderson Weekly Repo ter Sep tember 4 says There lS very l ttle of the old crop left m planters hands Dark and common tobaccos are lower whtle bnght leaf Js as h gh as at any tune th s season We fear the new crop IBm a bad fix U ramed almost mcessantl,r_ from Monday mormng un til yesterday mornmg We have not yet heard from. the country but the low lands must; to a great exten1o-


THE TOBACCO LEAF. be covered w1th wa,ter In any event the :lamage to the c1 op IS likely to be considerable and should the sun shme out hot witbm the next few days the lo ss will be very senous We hear also great complamt that tobacco IS taktng the black spot smce the ram of last Sunday week Upon the whole om bnght pros pect of two we<>ks ago IS greatly marred illlssouru -The St Loms Commerctal Gazette Sept reports -Received 482 hhds 615 the previ ous week Durmg the past few days there has been a shghtly Improved order demand fo lup;s and low grades leaf causmg more sales and fewer reJf.Ctwns than preVIously 1! arr to medmm grades leaf how ever espemally sl 1ppmg grades contmue to rule m favor of buyers Reports respectmg the growmg crop of our State pomt to a crop not exceedmg one thud of an average m quantlty say 7 000 to S 000 hhds and very Irregular as to qua\1ty owmp; to lateness of plant mg and prevailing drouth throughout the greater portiOn ot the State durmg the past month It might be remarked that the receipts of om market have been much larger than antlCrpated and while they are be gmnmg to fall off rapidly It IS estimated by those m a positiOn to JUdge that there IS still remammg as much as 2 000 hhds m themtenor of our State A very con tnderable portwn of thiS years receipts ho'l\ ever probably as much as one fifth was old tobacco the growth of 1877 rhere were but rew fancy bnght wrappers offered durmg the past week Sales Thurb day Friday and yesterday 155 bhds In the same ttme 143 hhds were paesed. and b1ds were reJected on are 2 665 cases di vrded as follows -187S Pennsy !varna 1 600 cases fillers 8S7c low assorted lots ll @1llc mednun to good ass01ted lots 14@18c 1S77 Pf>nnsyl vama 3v0 cases fillers assorted lots 14@18c wrappers 20@30c Ne v England loO cases tillers and Beconds 7@127c 1877 New E1 gland 160 case s wrappe1s l3@25c 1S77 State v5 cases pnvate 1 878 Wisconsrn 100 cases 87@12)>zc 1878 Ohio 2D0 cases J49hhds MONTHLY STATEMENT Stock Aug 1 hhds 1S79 7160 7%luc Our Bremen c01respondent makes the followmg statement of transact ons m the Bremen tobacco mat ket for the week endmg August 22NORTH AMERICAN TOBACCO IN HOGSHEADS Oh o Scrubs Md Va. Kv 53 41!8 4 41 53 468 4 190 33 \"2 :0 488 4 118 ea 72 Sa es for future lei vel") 33 108 QUOTATION S of WHOLESALE PRICES. PARTICULAR NOTICE. Every re sale is supposed to be at an a.dvanoo on tlrst cost the pnces obtainable by grO\Hl 'B of tobacco the e !ore w l a ays be somewhat lower than these quotations WESTERN LEAF Recerpts at warehouse m Aug Receipts sbtpped through 2 730 685 3 317 1460 Kentucky tobacco ISm good demand but the supply IS not suffiCient to pe1 m1t transactiOns on a Ia ge scale The better g ades or Maryland tobacco are m great de mand1 but are not m the market and new supplies are lookea for Dunng the previOus "eek 33 hogsheads w ere sold whwb w tll the exceptiO n of 20 hogsheads exhausted the supply Duty pa1d tobaccos are m m creased demand whiCh rs contmually ra1omg the priCes Several lots of duty pa1d Kentucky and Mary land tobaccos afte.r the Import duties have been rmsed ha' e changed hands for the second t1me yieldmg a considerable profit at the second sale A duty pa1d supply of 800 hogsheads Kentucky has gone mto the hands of speculators Durmg the latter part of the week 384 hogsheads Ma1 y land 83 Kentucky and 7o Vu were a l so sol d by the first h olders at high rates The transactiOns m Havana t.Jbacco for the same week ere as follo" s Rece1pts 26!! bales sales 172 bales stock on band i'..ugust 22 7 670 bales Total recerpts m Aug Total receipts smce Jan 1 Shipments m Aug Total shipments s nee Jan 1 Offermgs at warehouses 111 Aug Delrveries from warehouses m Aug Stock Sept 1 CALIFORNIA -The San Francrsco li-fe? chant 29 reports -rhe tobacco market for the past \\ee k bas been movmg vm y slo" ly st11l there I S an U1Id61 cur rent of strength about 1t and dealers are not very much disposed to sell m large quant1t1es at present pnces The1r expectatiOns are that puces hme must respond to the genume and substantial advances now occurrmg m the East which probably have not yet reached the1r highest pomts and It will surp11se us much if the expectatiOns of Otir dealers are not found correct and that very soon It 1s a reasonable mfe1 ence that If tobacco IS advancmg m the East where 1t IS grown and manufactured 1t must soonm OI later reach a proportiOnate value he1e where It IS altogethe1 Imported. We know of one San Franmsco house that has been Importing for some time past m l arge quan ttties whose purchases exctted surpr1se among others m the trade who questiOned the wisdom of makmp; such large add1t ons to stock Y ct the Judgment of that house "hiCb pm chaser) so largely 1s now found t o have bee n far .eemoo and conect for at the present time 1ts orders could not be duplicated on the terms then secured We havo good reason forbehevmg that m a short t1me priCes along the whole lme of manu factured tobacco must advance and those houses who now hold the largest stocks "111m the end be best off Ctgars -Th1s market Will necessarlly sympathiz e with the advance expected m manufactured tobacco for the good reason that as the came of advance IS the enhanced value of leaf both manufactu1ed tobaccos and c1gms w11l be affected m proportiOn Om re marks of, com se 1 cfer to common c gars ptmcpally both of Ea;;tern and local manufacture 'lhm e IS no change to note at present m priCes and b 1smess .about the same as notrced m p1 evwus Issue INVENTIONS PATENTED Implement for Hw dl ng Lea! M \V Sharer M.ilt.on Grove Fa. assignor f o e balr interest to 8 L Brandt Marietta, Pa ilpe-ease and Toba<.-co Pouch eombmed R Du:o New York N Y TRADE MARKS REGISTERED CU; br mds Exchanqe -:Messrs 111 & Steinberger Bankers r epo L to riiE 'loBrd not cleared Inspected 1b1s "eek Inspected prcvtously this yeat 19 870 hhds 2 744 bhds 37 156 hhds o9 270 hhds 1 3 803 h1 ds 8 000 bhds 16 803 hhds Stock m ware! ouse tb 1 s day at d on sb pboard not cleared 42 407 hbds Stock snme lime m 1878 89 979 bbds J[anufact1red Tobacc() -Tbere IS a better feehng m tb s branch of the trade and more bus ness do c: Stocks on baud are fs.1r pr ces s eady H.ece1ved per RIChmo nd steamers pk gs pt:l Nmfolk do 368 pkgs U5 h>:s &ed Leaj and Havana -'I rade 1n tilts hne h as been pretty fau s nee Sept 1 manulactn ers o f c ga rs bu) 10g freely what su t a le tobacco they can Jind The demand IS chiefly for old r e .wen t Pennsylvan a WI appers and new Connecticut econds 11 e 1878 Pennmpla nt from lowe Green R1ver and po nts on 0hJO R vc1 cou ntws I a m sat sfied tbat cuns derable tobacco has been completely IUmed and a great deal m the se secttons lDJured very mateu ally Ill quai tv It may be that the J cld m pounds w1ll be rn creased but tbe chance of bemg caught by frost IS also m creased Wbat s needed now IS npemng not growmg weatl e 1 P 1ces have been gradually strengthenmg for tb e past few days There I S a not ceable Improvemtnt on all gades With more ammatton than at any ttme m tlte past t" o weeks Nondescnpt Bngbt wrapp e rs t ng for plug kmds feet order QUOTATIONS Bodwt.., ,---Outling--Red Dark Red Bnght 4 @5 37@4 8 @ 9 9 @11 5 @6 4 @5 9 @11 11 @13 tl @77 5 @6 11 @13 13 @15 7%@9 6 @7 13 @15 15 @18 9 @12 7 @9 15 18 @21 12 @15 9 @ 21 @25 Red heavy bod ed and red cut Outsrde figures for choiCe crops m per NEW l\fiLFORD, Conn -Our spec1al coirespondent repolls -The e bas been one sa l e h ere tb1s w eek of 1a cases tobacco from Geo Graves of Danbury to H Koemg of 226 P ear l Street New York at 23c per pound and 2 cases of 1876 tobacco from T :Soule & 810 of New }IIford to H Koeu gat JOe Th e samphng of the 1878 c1op commence I bere last week Moore & Hay had 21o cases sampled Soule Bros 183 Robe t Qu nn 22 and B 1 Icy 1\ heeler 17 The l o ts samp led ont sl owed no damage at \II a d "e e well sweat and dark m colo 'I be 1879 crop 1s mos tly harv ete d and some tb at was c II early IS pretty well cured lt 1 reported that Keeler s sL II buy ng the 1879 crop green and that h e has hougbt severa l c ops m the last week PHILADELPF(IA, Pa -lllr ArthurR Fougeray T c bacco Manufacturers Ac:ent reports t o Tru: TOltAcco LEAF That the pas t weeks I ece pts and sales of manu factured plug sbo 's au Improvement Dealers clo m bu ness has not mcreased to any very great extent but orders f1 equent and the advance u s ked cndlly obtamed m p1 ce would dealeiS to luJ mfall stock Ad vane ed pnce so fat fully sus ta ned lt'ine Cuts-rhe d ema nd for soft tobacco rontmues to 1m prove espec allv fo the better grades Keep up the qual ty and success w ll follow Smo!cing 1obacoo -!\.s needed ordered what 1ssold large l v low grades "rthout reputatwn or quahly prrce seems to be all mpoiLant Cg011 -The demand for all grades IS most excellent but small pr o fits seem to be tbe rul ng 1 esult Snuff -Standard brands contmue m splendrd demand at full figures Hecmpts 471 boxes 14 874 cadd1es 718 cases dnd 509 pa1ls of tiue cut Exported of manufactured tobacco to Antwerp vra steamer Swrtzerland 14 210 lbs Liverpool str Br1llsb America 12 252 do Loverpool sir Ind1ana 8648 do total 35 1 1 0 Ius Seed Leaf -Packers and dealers clu1 m a gradual mcrcase m sales of c gar leuf of all grades wtth full satiSfactory for both old and new rn fact leaf busmess has all the appearance of bemg fully up to expectations for the balance of the year HatJanafbe demand r s excellent but the goods required are not here Rece1pts for the week 448 cases Connecticut 261 do Pennsylvanra 44 do Ohio 274 do Wisco nsin 80 bales Havana SEPT 13 C1ty of Panama Panama f01 Crty of Chester VICtorra dom do do do fo1 Auotralia Honolulu dom Total CIGARS Sales for Value $4100 lOS so 409 00 250 00 $SOS 80 Value $266 50 125 00 1 800 00 943 0() $2 743 00 Imports smce our last -By rail 26 bxs (o 710 lbs) Total smce January 1 1 304 cs Receipts by ra1l smce our last embrace-13 cs to Mrchal1tschke Bros 3 cs to Washmgton 2 cs each to W S Irvme & Co J A Dnnkbouse and Wellman P & Co 1 cs each to Esberg B & Co A S Rosenbaum & Co Sanderson & H and Ocmdental Hotel We note sales lately of 40 000 cigars made by white labor at $17 o0@23 00 The quantity manufactured m the F1rst Internal Revenue of Cahfomra durmg the first eight months of 187S and 1879 thus compa1e January No 7 967 S50 y 7 094 225 111arch 8 484 725 Apnl 9 064 250 May 8 757 591 June 7 830 625 J ul v S 122 200 August 8 293 925 65 615 391 71 334 100 69 alO 865 We quote wrth trade dlScount (The higher pnces a t e hand made the lower mould) -Common Seed--4 to o mch $ 1 8@2a Good Seed-4 mch $20@22 50 4)4 do 20 47 do 25@3o o do 30 Seed and Havmra-4 mel :j;ia@oO 4)4 do oa@60 4% do 6a@ 70 5 do 7o@80 C lear Havana-4mch $60@65 4)4 do 6a@7o 47 do 90 43 do 100 @ 140 5 do 140@ 160 Chm1 $1:> 50@ 16 TOBA.CCO Imports smce om last By rail 92 SlO lbs manu factUI ed rota! smce Jan 1st 3 244 621lbs manufactmed and cs 20 hf bxs ;,70 bh; 23 bdls 6 csks and 40 hhds ( 1 g-s 665 lbs) leaf Recmp s by 1 ::ul smce our last embrace-33 OoO lbs to L & E V. e r tbermer & Co 19 320 lbs to A S Rosen baum & Co A 11 480 lbs to Oregon 6 850 do to Esberg B & Co 3 tv Castle Bros 3 190 do to J M P1ke & Co 2 690 lbs to Falkenstem & Co 2 320 do to Sanderson & H 1,_1290 do to Rountree & McClure 1 li90 do to T11lman & .1:5endel 1 350 do to Oppenheimer Bros 1 100 do to Taber H & Co S80 do to Lohman & Coghill 7o0 do to Nevton B1os 670 do eacn to Honolulu and A Mau & Co 630 do ro W J Houston 600 do to M10hahtschke Bros 290 do to Ukiah 180 do to J r Cuttmg & Co Busmess has been rather lrght durmg August but shows srgns of Improvement One of the la1gest and oldest houes m the tlade that of LcwlS Bros IS about to go out of busmeos 1m ports foi the fir s t e1ght months of 1878 and 1879 thus compa1e-Manufactured 3 237 571 3 3v4 777 Leaf 1 978 665 2146 141 The month of August does not offer much room for comment so far as regards busmess m the tobacco t1ade We have had ImportatiOns of fa1r magmtude and a rathe r hp;ht busmess which Improved somewhat towards the close of the month Busmess will now g1 ow better ra} 1dly and a chance ruay be afforded for the obtammg of somewhat b etter prices than have been lately obtamed We quote leaf -Havana fine filler 1 25 to 1 30 do med mm do 1 15 do common do 1 00 pr1me wrappers 3 00 to 4 00 medium do 1 75 to 2 50 Connecticut fillers 10 to do bmders 15 to 2ic do wrappers 25 to Sic Pennsylvama w rappers 25 to 40c do bwders 15 to 25c do tillers 12Y. to 20c New York fillers 10 to 127c do bmdets 15c do wrappers 25 to 30c We quote Cal1forma Y..ench Corporal Penque $1, w1th t e n per cent off do do crgarettes $6 50 per M We quote Hardgrove s Peach 55c Nations Pride Coil 6o((J)70c Round the World Coil 65@70c Ohvers L Pt 9 m 60@65c Fullers 12 m Twist 60c do 6-m do 60c do COil 2 Sand 4 oz 60@65c D1ll s Navys 55@62Y.c Plane (F01 ee s) fine double thick 4 oz 60c Mtlichant s Rrval Navres 60c Yarbrough s 12m Twist 477@5ac do 6 m do J R Paces 12m Twtst 50@60c do 6 m do 50@60c John Reade s Coli 60c Southern s ChOice lOs 55c Fine Cut Chewmg-CornCiacker $9 50 Mayfiower 9 50 Gold D 1st !l 50@9 00 Beehive 10 lb buckets 8 00 Dairy Pat! do 7 00 Dew Drop do 6 50 Catawba do 6 00 PerfectiOn Smokmg m foil 115 Carte Blanche do 115 Needle Gun do 1 15 Pastrme do SOc Fortune Smokmg do 65c 1 Patent do do 55c Bolle of R1chmond do 75c DuKes Durham do 60c VarmasNegro (ror Cigarettes) 75c Buchanan& Lyalls Neptune Sweet Navy 65c Planet &Sc Srul01 s Cb01ce Dark Navy 58c SmokmgWorlds Fa1r Cut Cavendish 1 00 Peerless 85c Ruby 90c Bob-Ta1l 60c Fme cut chewmg-El Dor ado 9 50 Cullmgworth & Ellison s 12m Twist 52Yzc Cul lmgwonh & Ellison s Dwarf rwist. 527c T H Cas tieton & Co s do Tw1st 50c Culhngworth & Elh son s l.lable Co1l 60c T H Castleton & Co s do Cullmgworth & Ellison s New Thing 62Y.c JackHon s Best Bnght Navy Jackson" do do Army 627c Merchants Bnght Navy 527c Cullin'?. worth & ]l;lhson s do 50c Cullmgworth & Ellison s Dark Navy 42Yzc Bhss & Co s do 40c T C Wil hams & Oo s Umversal 55c do Let us have Peace 50c VIrgmm Coon Tall Tw1st 727c the celebrated MIDce Pie 6::l7c Fme Cut Chewmg-Welcome $9 75 Peelless 9 50 Globe 9 uO Solace 10 00 V an1ty 1! wr Smokmg m fml 1 05 do paper 95c Btg Bonanza Fme m 10 lb pails S 00 Terrible Temptation do 7 oO Globe 7 Ohve Smokmg 75c per lb T C Willrams & Co s Com Cob rolls 70c We quote Neptune Br1ght 60c Planet dark 60c Flush do 57c FOREICN. AMSTERDAM, August SO -Messrs Schaap & Van V een I obacco Bro(\ers 1 eport to TnE ToBACOO LEu -Since our last report our market for all kmds of tobacco re mau eLl very dull We have only to report an arrtval of 320 biles wh le 2a5 hhds were sold In Java busmess will begru next montll 14 000 bales are bv subscription and m pnllhc sale on the lOth 11th and 12th of September To day our otock consists -1882 hhds Maryland 4<12 hhds Ken lucky 4000 bales Enghsh EOLSt Induw 14 122 bales Java E561 b.Ues 1:\n null a HAVANA, &ptember 6 -Mess!& Boaaelmann & Bchroe der 'I and C1gar CommiSSIOn Merchants report to TDlli ToBACCo L&F as follows -1"ot>acM Jlarut-The transactions of the past "eek are of no great Importance No sales have been made for export to Germany and the few acquisitiOns whtch been made cons1sl of eome lots of Partido (Esco J l da) tobacco bou ght for tbe Un1ted States markets at prrces r anging from $32 gold to 40 per qtl conformmg to quahty TbQSe acqutsttJOns al.o wtll rem&J.n here 1n order to get better cured and only small salllple lots leave for New York by to SKfi.ES & I'BEY, Packers ann DeaJers In Pennsylva.nta, Lea.f Tohacc o 61 and 63 North Duke Street, LANCAS'tE& ..


HAVANA4vo.TOBAOOO Any Infringement upon b:o:m will be ProSecuted to the this TradeMark ..:.... Q. Full Extent of the Law. E*EL::I::::aL G-.A.R.C::I:A., Importer, 16'7. &1:ree1:, .flifeoogv York.. D. Sackett ltloore, Paul (Jalvl. Moore & Co., TOB.ACCO COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 88 :IJ"B.C>M"T BTB.E:J!JT, ""27C>:E'l.:S:., Agents for the Sale or Choice Br,ands of Virginia Plug & Smoking Tobaccos. ALSO BOLE AGENTS FOR THE CELEBRATED 'W':ID.e Sap'" and Gort to THE TOBACCO LEAli':-Although the present nommal. Calcutta 10 days, 244 nominal. Shanghai 10 days month sales were not on an extensive scale, pr\ces realized 76 nominal. were generaJly satisfactory to holders The business done was llessrs. Peele, Hubbell & Co.' s bi-weekly c i rcular of July 18 almost entirely con11ned to sales of dry leaf strips to manufac says:-Leaf tobacco-For the 1 8 th prox. the Governmen t ad turers, whose purchases were made for their immediate wants. vertises an auction of th e 1878 crop a ntl will offer 10 l o t s each Smooth or brigHt tobacco is now scarce and commands full 42 qq. 420 qq., N o 1 Cagay a n at upset pr i c e of $60.11 qq ; rates. was done for export. Prices are without ma57 do., 42 do., 2394 do., No 1 Y sa b e l a do. $68 do. ; 50 do. 100 terial change. Imports 16112 hhds;_deliveries1485 do.; stock do., 5000 do., N o.4 do. do $14 d o And on t he 1 7 th October 42,325 do. ;-against 41,905, do. same time 1878. there will also be olferea 34 lo ts e a ch 50 q q., 1700 qq., No 2 Messrs. :E:des, and when 4 do. Londres @ do.@1c prem. do. 17.85 do. mdnced to take more than they grade are very cepfilCting. To. our way of thinkitlg, nothing less than an suspension of consign ments from America will again render ehipmelltS jt all remun erative This appeat!l' to have bad the e1fect bn other grade s with the double advantage that those e llgaged ill handling tbe wbacco are now making more for it Oll the Louisville breaks 1han they could by any po88ibility have realized bere, &lld tbi s r.pplies to strips well as to leaf. Mrarylands fine sell 1579 Mil. No further sale is ye t announced Exch a n ge-Ra t e for s ix month credits for this pos t h as rul e d a t 4 s @4s. O.J4d. ,-From East Hempfield, Pa., it i s 'reported that the c rops there are of the fine s t to b e found in the county. Many of the are ofextraordinary dime n s l d n s, fro m 38 to 44 inc hes in l ength and from 20 to 25 i n ches m width. BOBT.W.OLIVEB TOBACCO WORKS. JOIINE.ROBINBON. 0::1:-TV'E.R, 1 &, R.OB:K::N'&O:N', a.%C:II!Eliii:O:ND, PBCJPIWt'l'OB8, 'VXB.G:J:M"X.A. BaDn,ftu! ot aD lltyl.,. PL1JG aDdllliiOKING 'rOBA(JCJO, (JJGABII aDd (JIGABETrBII. BOLli OWMUIS AND llANOJ'AO'l'tlJI.EB8 OF THE CELEBRATED a;a.d. PL.A.:N'ET" Brands Ol (Jpn,former]TJD&debTBUCHAlU.I'I & LYALL of SOLE MANUFAC1l'URER8ot the CELEBRATED --- L C." 01. a.rst;;;.---AJ.oo SOLE MANUFACTURERS of the NEW STYLE, WbJch II n.,.,-piDiDg a wide reputatloll, Balelgh. Plug Smoking, with PATENT REVENUE STAMP ATTACHED. WEW YO:alt OFFICE:-'78 W.&BJUllf 8'1',1 BOSTON OFFICE:-9 CENTRAL WHARF: c H. WDtT llA't'I'HEWS. Speoial Aaent. W P. KITTREDGE & CO., Special AC'tll. 4 BOOTH .. & ... ..... York: .I Bo.ton: 411 CHAMJIEBS.ST.-. 18 FEDERAL ST. I D!'rUPA(l'I'UBBBS 0 OP. 'I'JIB-(JBLBBBA'I'BD ::a:a.:EE a C::I:G.A.R.. HEADQUARTERS FOR FUSE AND ICNITINC TAPES. G. W. !UB'l'i!oH. on or IMITATINC OUR BRANDS, LABELS & TRADEMARKS, that we will spare no pains in prosecuting such parties in protecting the rights secured to us by Act of Qongress dated August 14, 1876. Straiton & Storm. 204, 206 & 27th St., CAUTION. We hereby give notice that all Infringe ments of our PATENTED BR..&XD, DOCTOR'S PRESCRIPTION," 2 Foa:rER, HILSON & Bella nee Clear Paetory:.. No, 1, 3d District. BY .J. S. F. BESS & CO., REGENHARD, SHEViiLL & CO. 1 SOLE IIANUFACTUREBS OF THE ''GOLD '' I Tobacco a:n.d. 01gare"t'tes; 0 JM: '' .A.:o.d. P:l:o.eO"U.1: Oh.e"':'V:l:D. J"C"ST::I:CI.A." CLEAR HAVANA CIGARS. B.OClEI::J!JI!IT:J!JB., 1'11J'. Y II. LINDHEIM:, Sole A&'ent, -No. 202 CHAT,HAM SQUARE, NEW YORK.'WV'XLL':as: D.A. v::a:ss, 11,...,_._ of all Beea.ipil.o .. of P:E:N"::m CUT TC>:BACC<>, .Aatl Sole of tlao loB..U. 01oo1eo Br ... da; THREE CITIES-SIIallnc and Cigarette ; Bristol Golden. :Btrd's E7e-Smoking; Pure Richmond Htxture-Smoking; .&.s Y oa Like It -Fine-Cut BP-Alao Export Tobo.ceoo for !!hlpo' -. Allll Jnentor ud. Patentee of the Combined Stemmiag aad Dr7taa: llaelftne. D6'7 dt DCJS "VVa1:er 1!11:., Dr. Y. NEUMAN & DING LINGER,-. GENERAL LITHOBRAPHERS N. W. Cor. PEARL and ELM STS., NEW YORK. Gi[ar and Tobacco Labols Show Cards a SDocialtJ. aa Dey M"e'll:IV York.. Thla Paper will keep TOBACCO a!t GJGARETTES always fresh, awl reWn the onct,..l The leading maDutaoturera uelt. 8eDd for Sampl.., : Made by. hnp1ov.e&t Machinery in White and Fancy Color for use on Tobacco. Thfa e:a:oellent articloia ""' a-....heap aa to lie in demand for paoldn!r FINE Cu'r in P..U., and Barret.. We lundah it in .Oe'"!ate auoh purpooea and for nae in plaae of Foil i, OD PLUG 'lOBACCO '8AJJIPLE8 AND PKI(JE8 PURNISHBD ON APPLI(JA'riON, :N"o. taoG. BTB.::m::mT, YOB.:S:.. WAXYED SOMETHING BETTER AND CHEAPER THAN IJPIN'" FOIL_ .f2 MANuFACTURED BY S. No. DEY STifEET, NEW YORK. QUO'rA'riON8 IIAliiPLB!I FURNISHED ON s. HmSH& X.a:o.oa.:er,. 'Fa.; SU!'lml9RGRADI!lllof PENNSYLVANIA CIGARS I Ra!liina: from $ .12 to $20 ucr 1 ooo LIU"&e Vlli'leU.,. c:Joa&IDaau,-oa .. 1 W" TBBliS NET OA8ll. C. B. B A LINO, I 04 Malden Lane, New York, SOle Acent tor ANDRS A. ACEVEDO'S KEY WEST CIGARS, EL PENII.AIIIENTO," "FLOR. DE and aeveral other brand ..


DOH 104 Frcfu.t New OF Uil PLU&. ANI T,B,CGU. Sole Agent& for PACE, lRfcliirfond, !4ANUF A OI'URE:f'. /1..1 ,.r ; BRAND R A G178" WATER STREET, ,. -.;;. : .n ... ,_, --, SYRACUSE BRANCB ....... G P BIER&: CO. Laa-&er (Pa.) Branelt.s F. CUNNilfGHAI,27 W.'Chffstnnt St.r EAST WHATELY, Kass do.: .E. BELDEN Cigar Store.) R.EYNES BROTHERS & CO., I Colllmission_ Kercha.nts, 46 & iiiBxchange' :Etlace, N-ie'VO' York.. omce: 101 wa.n st., New York.-P. 0. BOX 1712. T. B. MESSENGER & CO.,. DIFORTBBS AND DEALERS IN lUG DB. lJU 801$. Loaf Gi[ars and, Licortco Pasm, 181 ILUDEN LAKE. _NEW YORK. GBDMJIDCD. LMt Tobooeco m"lleleo aDd Bopheada for :rorelgn Marll:elil. lOilW YOR&o I )_ I ll9 Xa.idezi Lane _' l' II 0 ) > \ j,/.j NEW


SEPT. 13 THE 'lw1>BACCO LEAF. 7 s. BARNETT, A. B. SCOVILLE & co I.SCBBODER & BON, :R.EA.:OY 1\/LC)N"T:a:. 1 / '"--WP.,_d.....,., 178W.-TER8TREET,NEWYORK, I THE PEOPLES CHOICE' SEED LEAF TOBACCO, IMPORTERS OF SPANISH Fine Five-Cent Cigar Pfcked Ia miniatuu DOMESTIC [(j"f .. TOBACCO. DIPLOMA.T CIGAR FACTORY, 72 CORTLANDT STREET. NEW YOBK. IIPsriiPis, sTRAtToN BUEHLER tc POLHAus, OF CIGARS iiOD."iiHiHSCiAiM& CLAY PIPES And 1111 ldnds of goods used f o r putting up 8meklng_ Tobacco. Also acnmplete assort -of San-' .&nlclea for the Trade. HOWARD BROTHERS & READ, US aa4 "r, Broadway, New York. DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO. And all Kl.nds of SMOKERS' ATICLES. 93 Chambers and. 65 Reade Streets, New York. BASCH & FISCHER, sol.e';' for WORTERS OF HAVANA 204, 201i and 208 EAST TWENTYSEVEtHit STREET, NEW YORK. Kimmel & Schmidgruber's Patent Tobacco Coloring. SBRD LiAfcKTOoBAGCB, -------------------:--.._; Warranted not to Injure the Fla..-or, Quality or Burning. &, CO-. -RECEIVEl!S OJ'-f!> Western, Virginia," & North Carolina, : LeEAF 34 NEW and 88 BROAD ST!'EETS, NEW YORK. SAM' L HEILBRON ER, SAM'L JOSEPHS, ABR. BII.iVEBTBAtJ. t G-C>L:O t 155 Wate:r S "' Tile 0u17 FIRST GRAND PRIZE for TOBACCO and SNUFFS at tile PARIS Hear :Halden Lane, NEW YORK. EXPOSITION for 1878 received b7 Tho Gorman-AmBrican Baiif. Spanish i:;d.Tobacco, I u MAIDEN LAM:E .... ,.. .... 50 WALL ST., NEW YORK. CAPITAL, $760,000. Every faciUty all'orded to Dealers ann Correspond ents consistent with Sound Banking. H, ROCHOLL, President. n. F. RE_I\.DING, C;.csbier. E. A G. FRIEND & CO., 1"-''>>rters aod i>ealers lo; LEAF TOBACCO, 12s> Maiden Lane, Gus FltnNo EowA.RD FRIEND, Ja., LJ'ON'ARn FRrF:Nn NEW YORK. &. ORG-LER., MANUFACTURER OF FINE CIGARS, AND DEALER IN I,J:AF TOBACCO, 85 MURRAY STREET, NEW YORK. ltly "CUBA LIBRE," "CLIMAX." CUTHRi E 0.. CO., 225 Front Street, COMMISSION ANI> BALERS OF TOBACCO FOR EXPO !iT. Leaf Tobacc o pnsse d In balea f o r t1le West lndkle, NeDcan and American Ports, and ether markets. TOBA CC O PAla and N evad& Hlnlng Btoct I.D the "Jaai ......-stoekE:rcbange. P. \V. SIYTBH &: CO., COMMISSION IERCHANTS, BRETHERTON BlJILDlNGS, No. 10 NORTH.JOHN STREET, LIVERPOOL. ENC. LEVY BROTHERS,. u:f"a.crt-u.:re:rs <>f FINE CIGARS 14.3 a:n.d. 14.5 A. 'V::EIN"'D'::EI :o, Corner of Tenth Street. And 442, 444, 446 and 448 EAST TENTH STREET, NEW YORK. Tobacco Freight Brokers AND RECEIVING AND FORWARDING AGENTS. !P. 0. Box 3152.l 53 Exchange Place, NEW YORK ; Ci ar Manufacturer & Dealer inLeaf Tobacco' 302 Bowery N. Y. !be-l!:nlrnl!lalr Is a rorrect J1fc1:0n of oar CIIJAIWIIIAl'D, wlllall r. al>le Ill Ito -lion bot 10 co &he WOitt for wlllch a r. &hat tbe-Tnlde ...W m.e at ouce &he 114vanlagee 1\ over the ofder methoC!a for meJdn Fme li'lner and better .wort _. """' 4110111 Wl\h 1be &haD Is by band alone." It Is for the man=r of Cuban e Cll! are far Ieos Uable to .U..w llianl--...-by band: Prlooo of Bbaper an4 one set of of &fl:!' olze or sbapeJ ooly 161 additional oets of Molds, 81.50 each. -111111 CIDIMI.Due manufacturing tho celebrafed' n.AJIGE-TOP and CBEASELESS C1GAROLDS Circulara, Wus.,.at!Dg the same with UIO dllrerent --of Clpa,--.lnrormatloa, w!ll be fW'IIlabed upon ap..u-lon. For further particulars please &ddreoo oTb.e &, :Pe'te:rs J.W:fg. Will STBEET, KEW YORK! ,...cll36,138 aaclltO EAST 2cl ST., CIJI'CINNATI, O, 15'7 'VV A.TE:R. ST. N'E'VV 'YC>:R.::S::.. WM. GLACCUM, JACOB SCHLOSSE R GLACCUM & SCBLOSSBR O F 15 RXVXNGTON STREET, NEW' YO K, Proprietors of t he C e lebrated Brands "REPUJJLIC" aad "HIGH AND DRY." Also, BLUE JAY: KING BmDe MARSe BELLONAe DRUMJIERIBOY. LBONARD I'RIEDMAN 5UCCESSOR TO WALTER FRIEDMAN & FRE I SE, IMPORTER.. OJI' HAVANA TOBACCO, 203 Pearl Street. New York. WM. EGG E RT THEO. WOLF, JR. WM. EGGERT &4CO. IMPORTERS OF HAVANA AND PACKEI'ti! OF SEED LEA. F Tobacco 246 Pearl and 20 Cliff Streets, New York. :: "LA VUELTA ABA]O." E EXTRACT OF HAVANA TOBACCO, E-4 :J IMPORTED FROM liAVA..t.YA. ...,:::i ...,.. Imparting a Laotblg r.Q, HAVANA FLAVOR ..... 1'0 THE J!'ILLERS ,oF CIGARS. .... &. Ciga.:r Commission Merchants, l Lamparilla 18, [P. 0. Box 650] Havana. &, OC>., Commission Merchants. LEAF TOBACCO AND CIGARS A SPECIALTY. 1 & 3 Mercaderes, Havana, Cuba.. WEBER Pianoforte. Bend the WoudcrCnl OFFICIAL U. S. CENTENNIAL REPORT. Fol" s,.napathettc, Pure, Hlc h Tone, combined wtt.h. Gre:atet Po,..ez. (aa shown iu tbeir Gran di Square and Pianos. ) These three styles mte lfurenc eand S&lldJ Y Ill their coMtruction, & pl ant and easy which u t the same time answers promptly to its requirements. together wit b exceiJence of A T. GOSHORN, DirectorGe nerai. J R. HAWLEY, l'reoident. Attest: 1Seol] J. L Campbell, Secretary. CA:IJTION.-Bt;ware of uBSCrupul ous adve1'tisers., wboare trying to palm off aeertlllute individuals, consisting of renowned Profeefiora of Universities and Colleges, Chemists; AatreaomeN,&Dd Engineers, lLS a Ceutenoial award on Pla.nos.. W" By Act of :U. B. Congress the U.S. Centennial Commission alone cculd d_... an award an4 give &he 0me1a1 'l'P9rt. All eloe ia eimJ>)y and fraud, -CaD imd oee tie otaclal rnort at LfleWeoer Boc11111 and hear the Weber .-...o., wbleb olli.D.d to-day wUhout a riYal for ""SYKPATHRTIV, PUBE .&ND BICJI TOI'fEji -IIIDett with GRBA.'I'EST POWBB,, <"lPKJ(JE!I BBA:IIOI'f.&BLE. 'I'8B 8 II.&SY, Warerooms: 5thAve oor.18th Street. r


!Philadelphia Ad'vertisement.. TELLER BROTHERS, P11Un, c.=loa llar.-.ta1 .ad Whtllllll llllln 111 l'oreip. and Domestic Leaf Tobacco, ']I ,-,__ 117 North Third Philadelphia. -._ W. EISENLOHR & COr, THE TOBACCO LEAF. SEPr. 13 Baltimore Advertiseme.ntll. A. BOYD & 00., IMPO .R.TED AND DOMESTIC LEAF. TOBACCO, No. 33 South Street, WESTERN ADVERTISEMENTS. MISCELLANEOUS ADVERTISEIENTS 'T, R. SPENCE. J.P. SPENCE. N. T. SPENCE. C. A. SPENCE. AIBBOSIA TOBACCO WORKS. Connect1cut Lea.f Tobacco Spence Brothers & 20 HAWIPDEN sT., Springfield, Mass. "AM B R 0 s I A" wIGwAM SMITK,___;,;,;,;;,;E. H;..;;.;;.;.;;,;. SKITK. C. O. HOLYOKE, PACKERS AND WHOLESALE DEALERS IN ,._/ L EAF -roD.&CC.O, CODISSION DB.CBANT :Nie>. flo&, oe, o;a, eo .., ea ll!l Th:l.rd. &'tree'l:, CXN"C:I:N"N" .A.. T:I:. 115 s. "VV'a.ter St., W EISENI,OHII,, .. Pii!L. DONN. L. BAMBERGER & CO., DEALERS IN r LE.A.P TOEI.A.CCO, And Manufa.cturers of all Crades of Cigars, 111 Arch St., Philadelphia, Pa. LEWIS BREMER'S SONS, Wholesa l e Dealers i:1 LEAF, c!ND MANUFACTtmED TOBACCO, NO. 322 N8RT. H THIRD STREET. PHILADELPHIA. liF A larJ:e assortment of all kinds of LEAF ToBACCO constantiv on hand,.J!f. WM S KIMBALL & CO.'S VAN;I'J:Y FAIR TOBACCO & C!GARETTE8 R'OUHESTER, N.Y. 'lYIOOBE, BAY & CO Packers, Commission Merchants & Dea.lers in SEED LEAF tc HAVANA TOBACCO No. 35 North Water-st., Philadelphia. And 214 STATE STREET, HARTFORD, CONN. lYI.E.McDowell a Co. 39 NORTH WATER STREET, PHILADELPHIA, &<>Z..E .A.G-E:N'T& FOE'I. LOTTIER'S Pa.per Ta.rr Tc:ba,ccc: -AND-' W. T. BLACKWELL & CO.'S 1 Hew York Boston, Chicago, St. Lonis and Cincinnati. ,GUMPERT BROS. .MANUFACTURERS of FINE CIGARS, STORE: 1341 CHESTNUT STREET, Also Manufacturers of HERBE DE LA REINE BRIGHT CUT CAVENDISH _..,.,_ F. H. BISCHOFF'S GERMAN SMOKING and other B1ands of SMOKING TOBACCO. Also HERBE DE LA REINE and other Brands of CIGARETTES. HANtJF..I.CTURERS OF ALL KINDS PLUG TOBACCO, C>. O-a1r X.ead.:l.:n.s Bra.:a.d. 'SOLID COMFORT,' 'TRADE DOLLAR,' 1 TIDAL WAVE,' 'BLACK DIAMOlfD.' Jc:bn &, Brc:s., MANUFACTURERS OF Fi-ve Bre>'thera 16-e>z Pe>-u.:n.d.s, X...e>:n.5 Je>h:n. a ... a.:n.d B1a.ok., <>1d ::EI:e>:n.e&'ty, B Ce:n.'t P1-u.(!;, AND ALL O'.I'HER POPULAR STYioi&s OF .. 'JNE NAVY TOBACCO, In LEAF and MANUF AO'l'UBED TOBAOOO, 1.2 Central Whaof, Boatott.. D. DILLENBERG,-IIANUF ACTURERS' AGENT -FOR-Mannract'dTobacco & Gi[ars No. 120 N. SECOND STREET, &'1". X.O'C'XEI. MillER & HERSHEY, DEALERS IN AND PACKERS OF PENNSYLVANIA SEED LEAF TOBACCO, Petersburg, Lancaster Co., Pa. S. W. WILCOX, -PACKER OF Z..O"U:J:&'V'XZ..Z..E, SEED LEAF TOBACCO, W. S. O'NEIL, HARTFORD, CONN. OHIO .SEPEackDerLanEdADealFTinOBACnO Vir[inia, Missouri. and Kentucky C. & R. DORMITZER & CO. u TOBACCO Dealers&Commis.sinnMerchantsin. Day'ton., C>. J :E.EAF TOBACCO, I D2 WEST MAIN STREET; 2 NORTH MAIN ST., X.e>-u.:l.a-v:l.11e, B:y. Bet. Main und Second Sts GEO, W. WICKS N. FuREY. EDw. J. &T. X.O"UX&, J.\11:0, Choice Brands of Imported Licorice al wa.yR on hand. Liberal Cash Advances made on Oonsigu SAM'L w. TROST, SCHAEFER & CO., Steam CIGAR-BOX MANUFACTORY :__R. E VOCKE.---G. F. KOOKE. AND DEALER IN CIGAR-BOX TRIMMINGS, LABELS, PAPER, LDAF TOBACCO .-Q-.A.:r.TX> .A..Z..Z.. e>f CXG-.A.E'I. E'I.XBBO:N'B, n I R.. Ee 'V 699 to 707 W. Sixth St Cincinnati, 0. <> Se>1:lo:l.'ted.. TOBACCO & GENERAL COMMISSION MERCHANTS, JACUU WETL, AARON E. A. WElL. 'STEVENSON & co. S. E. cor. Cheapside and Lombard Sts. BALTIMORE. II WElL, KAHN & CO. B. GEISE & BRO., I I &TEJ.A.l.\11: TC>BA.CCC> -AND_ Leaf Tobacco Pressed in Bales a Specialty.__ CIGAR-BOX f1CTQRY w. K. BARKE& G. E. WAGGNER. Cigars & Leaf Tobacco I General Commission Merchants, BARKER & WAGGNER I J3 Main St., Cincinnati, 0. NO. HENRY MEYER & CO., COMMISSION MERCHANTS, And 'Vho l esale Dealers iR 76 BIU!OIUI.& St., New OJ'leana, La. J A& G PENt<. F. W. DOHRMANN. & PENN, s. w. cor. LoDlbard St., Dalthnore,llld. 29 South Gay St., Baltimore, lid. OHIO AND CONNECTICUT LEAF TOBACGO BROKER oorvices to filJ orde-rs for Leaf or Manufa-ctured IJ'obacoo. We Invi to the attention of Manufactorn to .,..r Stock of DARK BE-SWEATE D WRAP L..EAF TOBACCO, ; ,l'a,cto-..v: 444 to 448 North 13th Street ..... e-"eld & 'W7emper PERS. ofwhichwemakea Specialy. oT .au. .1." .1. :'6 Front St., Cinninn_!!.ti, 0. S. E. cor. Vine & Front Sts., CINCINNATI. X>.A.:L'\T'V':J:X.X.E, 'V' .A.. Im'ORTERSOF CHAS H. 'KT:E1W'M" P::EI:I:L.A..DELP::EI:I:.A.. P .A.. :a: .A. -v .A. :r.T .A. ._., ----------. srEo LENDAPAFCKETRSOOBACCO .MANUFACTURER OF CIGARS, Miami Leaf Tobacco Warehouse. A.& VENABLE,Jr. TOBACCO BROKER, JOHN O rn:RRELIU.lf, C F&ZD. STJ:JliLUilP TilE LARGEST CIGAR FACTORY IN THE STATE. 1: ANDDEALERIN IWAYNE & RATTERMANN 117 w. Lombard St., Lea:C Tobacco PRoPRIETORS, Late at Henry Meyer & Co. JOHN OBERHElMAN & CO. DEALERS IN FOREIGN and DOMESTIC :lf'arZD:v:llle, tr Speoial paid to and Pdalng Leiit' Tcbaoi>o suited to Jlridt4. Mediterranean, French aWI'A1ilcui-U'. &. Sc:Iid. TQp CIGAR MOULD MANUFACT'G CO. Cor,\_Ridgc & North College A ve's1 Pa. Is J!Ow retailing 118 differe!lt shapes and sizes, from the rw.:to ry, at greatly reducec:l P.rices. Ever y moukl war.-autOO uniform. If siz e } JUr chased be not suitable. it will b e exchanged ot money returned. Our aim is to giYc pert'ect satisfaction to the b:ade. By pm"t:hasiug dil-cct frvw the you wtU save all delay and commissions. The only medal and dtp l oma. ewarded at .the Centennial was to t h e u S Solld.Top Mould. Otllcial docuruP.Dts can be seen at the offioo., Ridge and North College Avenues. U S. SOLID TOP CIGArl MOULD CO. H. WATTEYNE, 216 Pearl St., New York, SaJ. Agent. ESTABLISHED 1846. J. RINAlDO SANK & CO., DOHAN & TAITT. TC>B..A..CCC> -AND-Tobacco Commission Merchants, General Commission Mercbants, 107 ARCI-J STREET, 31 North Water Street P ::EE::J:X..A.:J:)EI..P _.....,.... ::ao North Delaware .Avenue, F X 'W7"1:'1LLY Jr 9 '' HAPPY THOUGHT 'SORVER, COOK & CO Tobacco Agency, PACXEBS, OOmt!SSION DnOEANTS, 106 A.DCH ST,, Philadelphia, Pa, And Wholesale Dealen in 'GENERAL AGENT FOR L .EAF TOBACCO WILSON &; McCALLAY'S PLUC TOBACCOS. 105 !1'. WAT.IIB. ST., ___ __ A H. THEOBALD .Joseph Wallace, (Successor to Cooper & Walter. ) OF SJDKING TOBACCO MANUFACTURER OF FINE CICARS, AND DEALER IN and Domestic leaf Tobacco, Jl', B. ooraer Girard A ..... ol; 'fth St. 666-672 NVRTH ELEVENTII ST., .&DENT FOB MILLER /!1; PETERS' CINOINlU,Tl PHILADELPHIA, PA. CIGAR llfOULD!!. 8TlW'l!. ETC, B.A.X.TX:M:<>E'LE, 1\II:X>. 122 w. Con>uu>rc..S 20 CoDUII.erce St., Baltimore. OX:L'\TCX:N':N' .A.TX, <>. LEAF TOBACCO, G. JOS. SCHROEDER & CO., .... 60 West Front Street, Bet Walnut and Vine, CINCINNATI, O. IMPORTED and DOMESTIC L.E A F T 0 B A C C 0, 25 German St., Baltimore, Md. DARK WR!J'PERS CONSTAllTLY ON HAliD PACKERS OF S:EED LE.A..:J.ill AND Im'ORTERS OF Havana Tobacco, 79,81 & 83 EXCHANGE PLACE, Ba.1:1.2D.ore, :DII:d.. 'PETERSBURC, VA., ADVERTISEMENTS. rfW. VENABLE &'CO. Office : Cor. Byrne &. Balifa!r Sts., Petersburgh, Va Factory: 19 : .second District, p -AND, TC>B.&CCOS : ECI..iiPSE '' BRIGHT NAVY, Ja, J(a 3a, 4s, 5!11, 6s, 'fs, Oe aud lOt. w!:.r GEORGE" DltiGHT NAVY, 11, )itt, 3a, 4s, 5, 7 9 SA, '9s antll.Oa. YIRGJNJA DARE tt BRIGHT NAVY, la, 3s, 5a, Gs, 9s 1011. "ANNO'r LYLE" BRIGHT NA.VY,11J,3S,4s 5s,6s,7a Sii99saad10a. ,...UNION JACI'(" ltiAUOGANY POUNDS, J{a &s. "ST. JAll.lES" DA.RK POUNDS, ,!-ifJ, 4s, tss, 6s, 1"1, "818: 9s and lOs. of FINE o f g'"tades Dright and Mahoganr under the "ADMIB.ATION," "TBO:R.MANDY," "B.II4B.T OJ' COLD," &. "Z.IV.II OAK," "1\TAJIOB," "D.ll SOTO" and "OOXQU'El\OB.." Tbe following art! ouR Age}lts for tho of MANUFACTURED GOODS:-C. W. VAN ALSTINE k C0,._13 Central Wharf, P. ; A., HAG EN & ()0,, 63 N. Front Street, Phlliulelp Pa.; N. H.

SEPT. 13 Business Directory of Advertisers. NEW YORK. Tobacco WanhoUiel.. Ahner & Dehls, 190 PearJ. Appleby & Helme, 183 Water and 81> Pine Baraett S. 1&2 Water Basch /lr. Flscner, 155 Water. (Jardozo A. H. G6 Broad. Crawford E. M. &:: Son, 168 W9-ter Eggert Wm. llr. Co. 2j6 Pearl. FrieDd E. 11r. G. & Co. 129 .Maiden Lane. Garth D. J., Son /lr. Co. 44 Broad. Gasoert J. L & Bro. 160 Water. Gershel L /lr. Bro. 191 Pearl. Hamburger l & Co. 151 Benbroner, Josephs &: Co. Maid ,en Lane Htr&eh1 Victoriua & Co 177 Water Kerbs & Spi-1014-1020 2d Avenue Koenl!l' a. 226 Pearl Lacbenoroch &: Bro. 1&1 Water. Lederer & Fischel, Pearl. Levin lll. B. 162 Pearl. Levy & Newgass, 169 Water Lobensteln & (tans. 131 Malden lAne. Neuberger Ill. 171! W ater Ottinger Brothers. 48 Broad. Paullt8ch M. 1711 Pearl Pn.cA Wm. M'. 11Y Maiden Lane Reismann G. 228 l"eart. Sawyer, Wa.Uace & Co. 47 Broadway Schroeder /lr. Bon, 178 Water. Schubart B. & Co 146 Water. Scovll.le A. H. & Co. 170 'Yater. Blebert Henry, 68 Broad. Steb::t.ecJCe R. 131 Water l!tralton & Storm, 204-208 East 27th Tag, Charles F. & Son. IM Front. Upmann, Carl, 178 Becdivers oj Western., Va.. and N. C. I.Dif Tob Millet' & Co. 34 New and 38llroad st wareh., for the Sale of llanufdcturn Square Qa.rdluer J M. 84 Front. Ben A & Co. 48 Liberty. Bunt H. w. 69 William J(art:ln & Dunn, 79 Front Thompson, Mooti & Co. 88 Front 'Wille a: Beodhelm, 264 and 266 ca.naJ Jmportera of Mantla a net Raua,.a, Oigatt. LiDin&ton's Sons, S., 216 Front -n>t>acco Balert J<>r Export. Guthrie & Co :120 Front. Ll>BcCO Broi-r of Smoking and Uhewin.tll Tot.acco. Anderson John & eo. 114. 116 and 117 Liberty. Buchanan & Lyall, 101 !Vall Buchner D. & co. 192 West Goodwin & Co. m & 209 Water. Hoyt Thomas & eo. 404 Pearl. Kinney Broe. 141 West Broadway. Lorllla.rd P & co. 1H Water. llcAlpin D. B. & eo. cor Avenue D and Tentb. lliller G. B. & Co. 97 Columbia. Floneer Tobacco Company' 12-l Water oJ fflgcwt. .&.lees George, 003 Pearl Al!b, Louis & co. 104 Chambers Boody & Lerterer, 96 to 110 Attorney Bru.s ae l James & Co. 78 Bowery DeBary Fred. a: Co .. 41 and 4 B Warren Frey J & A. 72 Cortlandt Qlaec:um l Schlosser, Rlvlngton. Hirsch D. & Co. 12!> anrt 180 Rlvington anrt 8!1 Wall Hlnlchhorn L. & Co. 20 to 28 2d A venue :KAufman Bros. & Bondy, 129 & 181 Grand. Jacoby Morris & Co. 125-129 Broome. Jacoby S.& Co. 200 Chatham Sq &!1&7Doyer Kerbs 1 Spiess, 1014 to 1020 Second Av. a.nd 810 to at4 Flftvfourth Levy Bros Avenue D Tenth Street. Bros. & Co. 268 and 270 Bowery Love Jno. W. 300 Bowery )l[endel M. W. & Bro. 151-2 Bowery Orgler S. 81> Murray Prager 111. W, Court.landt 'St. Rokohl & Co. 3 1 Water Seidenberg & Ce. 8l and 86 Reade Blnlth & A. lfl Boworv Smttb Isaac L. so, JO and 92 ca.nal lltachelben! M & Co., 92 aDd 94 Libe'"'Y Stralton & Storm. East 27th Butro 8r. Newma.rk, i6 Park Place of Fine Ha1XIM Ctgart. Brown & Earle, 211 and 2 1 3 W oooter Foster, Hilson &< Co. 35 Bowery Sancnez, Hayo. & Co. 130, 182, 194 Malden lAne rmpo.-ien of Havana Tol!o,.'IfA. 8l and 86 Reade Bole Agent for .Andre.s A. Acevedo' s Key Wut Ci(!Uf'S. Ballno 0 B. 104 Maiden lfal,U/acturer of Mee?scfl.aum and Am.ber GooU. Weis (Ja,rl 898 Grand Importers of Clay PifH!-', Buehler & Polhaus. 83 Chambers Hen A. l Co. 43 Uberty. X..u(maun Bros. & Bondy, 129 and 181 Grand Man'\ifacturers of Briar Pipes ancf Imporlwt of Smoker&' Artidel. Buehlei & Polhaus, l!8 Chambeno Jlan'ey & Ford, 865 and 867 Cenal Ban A. & Co. 43 Uberty KAufmann Bros. &: Bondy, 1211 and 181 Grand .Manufacturers of Licorice P(Uitt. MQAndl'ew James C. 55 Water S&ainford Manufacturing Oo. 1&7 lllald6D Lane & Sterry 24 Cedar Jmporters P.-. Wallace & Co. 29 aDd 31 S. 'Willi&m JlaAIMh'eW James 0. II& Water wea-& Sterry, 24 Cedar ZurlcaldaY lit Arguimbau, 102 Pearl Manllfactu"'"' of P-Qltlord, Sherman & lnnls, 1liO Wllll&m :a. .Bllller's Son & Co. We&-& Sterry. 24 Cedar Su4 Lea/ Tol!oniltJ> Olga,..B"ilh atod Gorma" Cigar BlbbD, 179 LewiS 'Wicke Wm. & Co. l!achinertl, Toolo and Mat.orlclla ,..,. Oigllr Manu(deturerL Watte7De B 216 Pearl J41Jn'lfactu-o/ Crooke' Compound n.. .JWI, 'n)oacc<>, Medium """ Tiuue. (lrOOlte John J, 1118 MulberrY Man'lfactur.,. of TinFoil. Lehmaler, Schwartz & co, 4911-rot 1st t.venue Tobacro Bagging. Boward Brothers & Read. 443 & 44!:1 Broad-n-ay To"Oaeco .[Abets. New YorK Label Publishing Co. 94 Bowerv Heppenheimer & Maurer 22 and 2-l N. William Cigar-Box Lahel.s an.d Heppenheimer & Mau rer, 22 ani 24 N. William WulJf Chas. A 51 Chatham Manufacturers of Kinney B1os.' Cigarettes. Kinney F S. 141 West Broadway Manu.jact-U1ers of Cigarette.. Ertheiler & Oo. 141 Water Hall Thomas H. 76 Batclay straps, c..:utter1 and German Cigar Moulds. Lobenstein & Gans, 131 Maiden Lane ManufactureJ's of Cigar Moulds. Borgfeldt N H. 510 East Nineteenth .Manufadurers of Oigar Moulds and Shaperl. The Miller & Peters Mfg Co o10 East 19th Depot for Dubrul c:f-Oo. s Cincumatt. Cigar Mould&. Ordenstein H. b1 Frankljn lmptoved Tobacco Scrap Machine for Cigar Borgfeldt N. H East 19th and 166 Water BanTG&. Gerrna.nAmerlcan, 50 Wall Infernal Ret'tmue Books. J ourgensen, C 80 and 37 Liberty li'orei{J'YI< and Domestic Banker. Sternberger!!. & S. 44 Exchange Place. Manufact urer8 o f Shotv Figuru. RobbS: A 195 Canal Staa.uss S. 179 a.nd 18:1 Lewis 'Sole Manl(factmer oj the Original Gr..,. Seal Smoking Thbacco. Emmet W. C. 74 Pine Importer of l!'rench. Cigan!tU Paper. May Brothers. 105 2d Avenue Importer of Havana Cigar Flavor. Chaskel James, 66 Warren Patent Cigar Oa.!eB. Samue l S. L. Cedar Patent Tpbacco Vrs 146 to 149 South Charles )Ia yo & Watson, 7 S Frederick ToOO.Cco and General Commi.ssion. Merchanta. Vock e R. E & Co. s e. cor. Cbeapside and Lomba.rd Patent Stem Rollers. Kerckbotl G. & Co .. 149 South Charles Packe'Ja of Seed Leaf and Importers of Ha11ana Tobacco. Beeker Bros. 98 Lorn hsrd Lithogtaphets-ShottJOards and Labe" lor t1i"e Tobacco 1'rade. HoenA.&Co. Manufacturers of Plug Tobacco and Packer1 of Seed Leaf, Parlett B. F. & Co. ll'.! Loonoard & 5 Water St. BOSTON, Maso. Cigar ManufactuTers' .Ageat Kel'ritt J. W. M Doane Jfa1l1tftmture7 S of Plug Tobaeco Bercba.uts' Tobacco Co, 30 Broad Com111iBsio1l Merchant. H olyoke 0. 0 1ll Central Wharf Dealer i"'t Havana and Domeatic Ltxlf To-bacco and Cigart. Davenport &; Lee&, 59 Broad. Manufactr of Smoking Tobacco and Oigara. Raddin F. L A. 55 Union BREIIEN, Germ&Dy. Tobacco Commiaion Merchant. Fallensteia "V. F. BROOKLYN, N. Y. Manufact u rer of Smokifl!} and Fine-Out Chew-ing Daviea Wm. t5"l and 250 Water BUFFALO, N.Y. Dealer i n Ha""'na and l'aero. Beck A. & Co. 44 and 46 Dearborn Wholesale Tobacconists ancl M'J'n''itts. Best. 1.?->ssell & Co. 57 Lake and 41 State CINCINNATI, O. Cigar Boz L umber The E D Albro Co., 685-707 W. 6th, Wltolesale Dlrs. in Cigars & Tobacco and .Agts. for Globe F'iM-Cut and HMris & Son's Cigar Manujacturel's' Supplies. Schubarlb & Nowland, 185 Vine Dealers in Spanish ana Cigar Lea] Tobacco Meyer Hv. & Co. 46 Frent OberhP!man John & Co. 60 W. J!"'ront Tolnu:oo Jlachirwry McGowan John H & Co. .Jlanujac:co. wen, Xahn & Co. :Main Jtanu.fa.ct1Arert Cigar .Jioulds atUI Shapera. Killer & Peters :r.!fg Oo. 186 to 140 ,E. 2d. SMet Metal Cigar Dubrul Napoleon /lr. Co. 441 and 443 Plum Tobacco Com.miasiotl Me1" Prague &: Matson, 94 West Front llanujacturbclc:co Clark H B. & Bro <:LEVELAND. 0. Dbacco, Goldson & Semon, 18'J Ontario DANBURY, nufacturer of Cigar BOIUI. I,eeret & Blasdel, 168 and 170 East Water TOLEDO,O. Manufacturer of Chewing and 8molring 71>bacca.. Jlessmger Charles R. WESTFIELD, Jlaoo. .Paolcer and Dealer in Seed Lec/ TokccQ. Bu&obmon J obn C. THE TOBACCO L.EAF. Sutro 4 Newxnark, KERBS & Manufacturers SPIESS!J MANUFACTURERS OF AND of Fine Cigars, And Dealers In LEAF TOBACCO. 1014, 1016, 1018, 1020 SECOND AVENUE, Dealers in Leaf Tobacco 310, 312, 314 AND 316 FIFTYFOURTH STREET. :N'E"QV' 76 Park P1ace, "York. Darid Betr, Benj. A.ob. &. Lederer, MANUFACTURERS OF LOUIS ASH & CO. Fine Cigars MANUFACTURERS OF' TRADE RK AND DEALERS IN PX:J!IIITE J,.EAF TOBACCO, 1 04 CHAMBERS STREET, CIH'ner of Church, NEW YORK. 96 to I 10 Attorney St., :N'E"QV' 1l MENDEL & BRo-" .. ... I : JAMES BRUSSEL & CO., A :rpan who was f L s k e d whnt sort of wine J1e preferrc:J. r e p l i ed ... Other peopl e's. '7 That was nil w e ll enough. but tile tobacconist wh o is sati sfied wit h "other people'" GLAss S IGNs a n d gets none of llis own, is.. very likely to be anything but satisfied wiJe111 he comes to reckon up his profit two or-Ili!PORTERS OF F'R.E:N'OEE 1\IANUFAlJTURERB OF CIGARS, three years hence. TRANSPARENT GLASS SIGNS. Mannfactnrors of No 78 BOWERY,. NEW. YORK' CIG4RETTE PAPER ,., o. Bowery, 105 2d Ave., near 6th St., HOliBB .. .;.P.lliiii.J' Y'ork.. .JAMES BRUS'311lL A. LICHTENSTEIN and Eollmateo Fll1'Dillhed. JOHN MATTHEWS, il83 E. 26th St., N. Y -LICHTE STEIN BROS. & CO., M:. LICHTENSTEIN, A. BRUSSEIJ, B. LlCHTENSTEIJI'. 0 llANUFACl'l'UREB OF THE TRAD MARK RE!oiiSTE:IIED .IAN,2i, 18711. MANUFACTURERS OF THE LATEST STYLES OF' Small Board Signs BY' Y'. ILLUMINATED TRADE MARK SIGNS; .A.:u.y Size, i:u. .a:u.y Q-u..a:u.tity. I The Best Work! T -he Lowest "SURETY" CIGAR, 75 Cortlaudt Street, New Yorlr.. DEFIANCE CIGAR MANUFACTORY, 128 &; 130 RIVINGTON ST., NEW D. ::EI:I:R.SC::EI YORK. co., Office :-88 WALL STREET. United States Internal Revenue Tax. The ta.:J: on nJ1 kinds of MannfacturDd Tohecco is 11 cents 'Ill 11>; Bnulf, 16 cents ,. J> Cigars, $6 Qiga.reetes weighing over 8 J)s 'Ill thousand $1 75 _'J?"r thous&nd CiJri.rettes and Cheroots weoghln_g over 3"1ba 9 tbouMnd, $6 per thousand. The duty on Foreign l 11> and 211111 ceRt ad rolorem. CIJt:l.oe.-All Infringements on this Patellhrlll to the full extent of the Law. SPECIAL NOTICE. tollow}tig firms represent our interests in their respective cities; advertisements or subscriptions may be hat.u.led to them tor trans mission: AMST ERDAM, HOLLAND. -Schaap & VanVeen. BALTIMORE: M essrs, Ed. Wischmeyer & Co. BIG FLA'l'S N. Y.-W. H Lovell BOSTON:-Mr. E. S. Gouldston, 38 Broad Street, BREME:{:-lir. F W. Fallenstein. CHICAGO:-Mr. H. Sues, with Messrs August Beck & Co .. 44 nd 46 Dearborn Street. ATI :-M.easrs. Pr.o.gue & Ma.t80n-t Q4 West Front Street. CLARKSVILLE, TENN.-M. H & liro. D.ll<"VlLLE, VA.Pemberton & Penn. DAYTONl 0.-MHler & Brenne r, 1 4 North Jefferson S treet. h.VANSV LLE. VA.C. J Morris. FARMVILLF., VA.-A. R. Venabl. Revised Rates for Advertisements. One Year. 14 Lineo One ColnDlD ........... ..... $Z5 Six Three llonths. Mmiths. $14 $8 LampariUa 18. KY.G e o V Thompson. 14 Line OYer Two Columns. ..... 14 LIVERPOOL:-Me ssrs. Cope l!rotners & Co .. 10 Lord Nelson Str..,t. 28 Lin eo One Column............. 45 24 1 41i 24 LOUISVILLE:-Mr. J W. Lewers, Sec'y of the Tobacco Board of Trade; LYNCHBURG, V A.-Holt, Schaefer & Co. 28 Lines OYer Two Oolnmno...... 80 45 115 NEW J. D. C. Stevensont 194 Common Street. IJ6 Ll o c 1 neo ne 0 umn.... .. .......... 80 45 25. PaDUCAH, K<.-T. H. Puryear. 66 Llneo oyer T-wo Oolmnn...... 100 85 45 PI'ITSBORGH:-E. W Rw;sel 267 Liberty Street. PHILADELPHlA:-Mr. A. R Fougern.y, 83 North Front Street. One Llue at boUo1n oC Pace ......................... $50 ST. LOUIS:-J\:Ies."rs. C & R. Dormitur & Co., 2 North .Main Street. _B.A_N_FR_A_N_ c r s c o c A L. -_A_. P o_u_ak-,_ 2 _25_ F r -on_ t s t _re_ _'------l SPE<:IAL ADVERTISEMENTS ON FIRST PAGE.. l!j One Year.. Foreign Duties nn Tobacco. ID Aust ria, France, Italy and Spain the tobacco commeree is Jiled" by Government. under-direction ot & Regie. In Germany the duty on leaf Wbacoo aad stems is 85 marks per -100 es. equal to :10.40 cents per on strips and scraps 1SO marks per 100 Jdlogrammes1 equal $0 .-.::.(15 cents pE>r pound; on manufactured tobacco and 270 marks per 100 ld.logrammes, equal to 83.08 cents per pound, On tobacco produced in Germany, the tax taking J4 Llneo OYer Two Wide Columno .................. $100. 28 Llneo '' ............. : .... 17S 14 Linea (lollUIUl _.......................... Iii SPEsbelng Os of moisture In every 100 Ibs weight (exclusive of n er 0 lrcumstances WII we Denate 'r the extra charges noted above) 3s 6d '1!11>. On Manufactured :-CaveDdlsh I li &Dd Negroheaol Ieake twist), 4s 6d 'II II>; all other l

10 JOHN ANDERSON & CO. MANUFACTURERS OF THE .. SOLACHADD TOBACCOS. 114 & 116 LIBRTY STREET I NEW YORK, lleg to direct the atlr:ntion of the Dealers in Tobacco throuttaout the U n ited Stat .. s and the W.o'!"ld to thd r CELEBRATED SOLACE FaNE-CUT CHEWING TOBACCO. which h1 once nwre under the "THOMAS HOYT & CO., 1dAJ"1TIFACTURERS OF and now as formel"ly, withoutu tival. fiNE-CUT CHEWIIIIG & SMOKING fOJ,varded through the u,uol channel s '"11 11 meet prompt. at.Lent 1on TOBACCOS & SNUFF. LANE & Our Brauds Chc"lng: OP 1 6UNNY.SIDE, NATIONAL, rosAcco AtiD CIGARS BRIGHT C. WEN, NADOB, 1.1 l2XTR.A CAVENDISH. A:OOI>, Special. AN]) [N CALDWELL. II!, J --=----____ WEAVER & STERRY" CHOICE 'lANDS OF SPANISH LICOBIGH I GRHHK LICOBICH I ALL SPECIALTIES FOR PLUG AND FINE-CUT TOBACCO. OLIVE OIL, TONCA BBAf{S. GUMS, Powdered Licorice Root. AND PATENT PGW'DERED LICORICE.. X..X..:J:JSTS, E"'res:lde:n:t. n!ANOFACTURERS OF THE CELEBRATED PlAIN FINE CUT CHEWING TOBACCO in BLUE PAPERS s J.lllllif U' p p s : Rase-Scented Maccaboy, Scotch, French Rappee, American Gentleman. "RESE RYE'' Ill 2 made oC HI.gltFJavored Vlr.;;lnla Tobacco. AliJo, Plrst and Second q.ual!ty SIUO'K.ING, In Blue svvee"te:n.ed. Fi.:n.e C-u. "t DARK AND .LICHT CRAPE. FOREST ROSE. CLUB. MAY APPLE and PRIZE LEAF FINE-CUT. IN FOIL. LICORICE PASTE. THE STAMFORD MANUFACTURING CO. 111'7 lfiii:.A.:J::J:)EJJST X....a..:N"E JSTE"'UV 'lbe Trade baTing demanded a. Superior and Oheapor Article than that hitherto used. tbls Company Cmanuta.cturlng, and otterlng tor ooJ.e, LICORICE PASTE (uuder the t:>ld ''Sanford,' brand) of a QUALITY SAd at a PRICE which ca.n hardly fail to be s.ooeptabl e to all giving it a t1ial. THE TOBACCO L.EAF. :SLACK WELL:JS DURHAM TOBACCO The St;a:D.d.a.:rd. c::f" t;b.e t Manufactured only, by W. T. & CO., DURHAM, N. C. LICORICE PASTE. W A'LL:tS & CQ Tobacco manufact ure rs and the trade i n geHera\ are parti c ularly requested W exam ine and test t he superior properties o f this LICORICE, which, being now br ought to the hi ghes t perfection is of. {ered under the al>ove sty' e of brand. We are als SOLE AGENTS for the brand 1'. G. t1L G. G. Acknowledged by consumers to be the bes t in the market. A.zx\ for the brand of L i(;::r ice Stick KOJ::r. A GO., In all respects equal to CALABRIA. Consumers and Jobbers would do well to apply direct Lleorlee Boot. Select .. d, on hnd. ARGUIMBAU, WAIJ.IS a C0.1 39 k 31 William Strtet SP .A.N"IS:EJ: LICORICE PASTE. BLACKWELL'S DURHAM Sells quicker and gives better satisfaction than any brand of Smoking Tobacco ever offered in the market, a n d it does so BECAUSE IT IS THE BEST JOHN CATTUS, 83 BEAVER ST., NEW YORK. THOS. KUfNI CUTT, CHA'!. l?.. DtLL, Ja Sawing and Planing Mills Cedar a:n..d vv:n.i. "tevvood.. SAWING AND PLANING FDR CIGAR-BOX MAKERS. J :N"<>&. 11 a.:n.d 18 Ca.:n.:n.<>:n. Street, JSTe...:>V "Y<>rk.. KINNICUTT & BILL, DROitERS IN CHARLES R. MESSINGER, cc P. G." TOBACCO WORKS, W.STERN & VIRCINIA LEAF TOBACCO, 6:2 BROADST.,NEWYORK. TOX..E:J:l<>, MANIJFACTlJK ERS OF 'J:HE CELEBRATED CHARLES F. OSBORNE, INDIAN AND SUNFLOWER Chewing, WISE & BENDHEIM AND THE CELEBRATED cc F. G." Smoking Tobacco. JAMES G. OSBORNE, NEW YORK. TOBACCONISTS. SOLE ACENTS FOR NEW YORK AND VICINITY FOR GOODWIN & CO.'S M. RADER & SON, TO.BACCO BROKERS We heg t o call the entlou cf Tobacco Manufar'-D.-Iers to this suPntoR AND PURE 48 Broad Street, Sa l e A af'!nts f or the of aud V i r-ginia: Massas. DAVENPORT &i MORRIS, mond Va LICORICE ROOT-l!ragon and Alicante, Sele cted w.nd Ordinary. ZURICALDAY & ARGUIMBAU, 2e BEAVER STREET, _NEW YORK Manufacturers' Mills. R. HILLIER'S SON & CO. 48 CEDAR ST., NEW YORK. "Samples fumlsbed,., and special quotations given tor any artic l e required. FINE POWDERED LICORICE ROOT, I XL Brand. Extra Fine Powdered Licorice Root (t.rom. 11etec t roo) Eureka Brand. FINE GROIJND AND GRANULATED DEER 'J:ONGUE. FIN I! GROUND AND GRANlJLATED LAIJKEL LEAVES. FINE GROUND LAVENDER FLOW EKS, WHOLE GROUND or POWDERED, ANC>EIcA., DARK CORIANDER SEED..! CA.RA W ll T Sll.oSSENTIAL OILS, ufl kludo, Special attention g iven to Manufacturers' Med leys. ALL GOODS SHIPPED FREE ON BOARD. A. SHACK, TOBACCO BROKER, 129 :MAIDEN LANE, NEW YORK. FR. ENGElBACH, "ti"17Je:C>LESA..LE DEPOT &AGENCY For F. W. FELGNER & SON'S, Baltir:J.o1e, Tobacco and Cigarettes 56 S WASHINGTON seUARE, N.Y. -. H, MCALPIN & CO, MANUFAC I URER;:, OF '1 HE CELEBRATED FINE-CUT {fRGIN LEAF &NAVY CHEWING Aud all Klud; o f SMOKING T:>BAcno. At-'0 D E A L EI'I:S I N Cigars, Tobacco, Snuff, SniU! FlO".ll', etc. MANUFACTORY ANl SAJ.RBROOJ\1 : Cor. Avenue D 6. Tenth St., New York. ll H. IDLLER, J. L.BRENNER. MILLER & BRENNER, PACKERS AND J)EALERS IN OHIO SEED LEAF TOBACCO! 14 North J e:ll'erson Street, DAYTON, OH1l0. Smoking Tobacco and Cigarettes ALSO AGENTS FOR OTHER LEADING MANUFACTURERS OF SMOKINC, PLUC TOBACCO Aft!D CICARETTt::S, Nos. 254 and 256 CANAL STREET, corner of ELM, NEW YORK. Old and Reliable VANITY FAIR FRAGRANT VANITY FAIR X..C>JSTGI-CUT. TOBACCO and CIGARETTES. "MILD "-Rare Old Virginia. "HALVES "-Rare Old Perique and Virginia NEW COMBINATIONS OF THESE FRAGRANT TOBACCOS. A..l....:>Va.ya "Up t<> the Sta:n.da.rd. SIX FIRST PRIZE MEDALS. PARIS, 1878. Tobacco Works. WM. S. KIMBALL & CO., Rochester, N. Y. AUG. RIGHTERING & CO., m'"ORDERS PRO)::PTI.Y ATTEl>'DED or< D. BUCHNER & CO. Mellor & POWDERED LIQUORICE 218 N'". 22d. S"t., Ph.::l.1ad.e1phi.a, FINEST QOALXTY. DIANUFACTVRERS OF SP.A..N'IS::E3: LICORICE PASTE. Cl/r' Centennial &ledal awanled Purifx, Chcspness.L. and General Excellence of Manufac" Alao M. & R. BRAND STICK .a.ICORICE, all Sizes. fiholcsalc A!Ents: SHOEMAKER, VOUTE & BIRCH. 126 S. Delaware Ave., Phila. Celebrated GOODWIN & CO., lllANUF ACTURERS OF FINE-CUT TOBACCO, 207 and 209 Water Street, .M. B. CLARK TOBACCO BROKERS CLARKSY8LLE, Tenn.; HOPKINSVILLE, Ky. PADUCAH, Ky. l!lotabUahcd l848o I. C. BARKER & CO., l.buatactorers of the Celebrated FINE-CUT TOBACCOS, 11AltERICAN EAGLE" _..,.,_ AI10 a ll other Cradu of Fln1-Cut Smoking Tobaccos, DETROIT. MIOH. Aatde from p Rcklf!L ('IUr "AMERlCAN KAGL& u and "CLIPPER." Ia tbl! wooclen package", 10. JO, 40 and 6o lbs .. Wtl a lso 1toth or tben I'J'Idea op nry ntcelJID 0Na One. Tnt Fou. lD Jt aad-" O :.":-': : lUIS. X. 0. lllauufac ture d at Pougbkeepllle, New Ylldk GIFFORD, SHERMAN & INNIS, 120 W"llliAM STREET, New York. LEERET & BLASDEL, MANUFACTURERS OF Cigar Bozes 168 & 170 East Water St., $YRACUSE, N. Y. DEALERS IN ALL OF THE LA. TEST I!TYLEB OP CIGAR-BOX LABELS AND l'lB.A.CCC> a:n.d. CIG-.A.R.. COMMISSION MERCHANTS OBRAPIA STREET, (P .0. Box 368] HAVANA, CUBA. METROPOLITAN CIGAR MANUFACTORY. "V' SIGMUND JACOBY, GUSTAV JACOBY S. JACOBY & CO., 200 CHATHAM SOUARE and 5 & 7 .DOYER STREET, NEW YORK. PIONEER TOBACCO COMPANY OF BROOKLYN," N. Y. :131\US:J:JSTESS C>FF:J:C:m& I 124. Water New York; 16 Central Wharf, Boston; 15 Wabash Avenue, Chicago. Factory : No. 1 First District, N. Y. THE CELEBRATED THE CELEBRATED "MATCHLESS,' "FRUIT GAKE," BRICHT, All Sizes ; MAHOCANY, All S izes ; "' P :I: C> N E E "El. Dark, all Sizes. Jl cnmpariso" Qf nuT Ce1ebNted Bnnd of PLUG TOBACCOS will c oavluce all partits oC tlloe WONDERIP'l:JL MERIT contained lheJein. PLUG TOBACC.O. SEPT. 13 THE t<.A.'l:URAL Fa. tented Smoking Tobacco. Manufactured by ALLEN & DUNNING, Nos. 85 & 87 VAN HOUTI:N ST. PATERSON, N. J. Jacob Henkell, lllANUF ACTUBER OF CIGAR BOXES SUPERIOR MAKE &: PRiliiE QUALITY 01!' Cedar "Wood. lllANUFACTUBER OF ALL KINDS 01!' Cigar-Box Labels. 293, 295 & 297 Monroe Street, 1'\Te...:>V "Y<>rk.. H. W ATTEYNE, 216 Peart S&.reet. New Work. M. Mi11biser & Co., lllANUF A.CTUREns OF CLOTH TOBACCO .BAGS, ALL SIZES AND STYLES, 1309 Main St., Richmond, Va. TINFOIL OF EVERY GRADE. Lehmaier, Schwartz & Co. VI '93 FIRST AV,, cor. 29th St., ___ 1'1Te-v.7 ORT HORN' A loo of the Well -Known Br11Dd of &Z11:1ok1zl.a ccs .. And Manulacturero of all otyiN ol Jlrialat & Black PLUG & TWIST TOBACCOS. {actorv: 24 Twentieth 8t:. 1 .8.10EE:a11:0N:J:), "V .AOur N u" a OCialt.Y f o r the PATENTED. PRICES GR.EATLY REDUCED. Q. J. M:ORB.IS, TOBACCO BROKER,EVANSVILLE, IND. I


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