The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world. Page 1-2 missing.

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OeT 4 have an opportunity to develop themselves mto good sound tobacco From Mannhe m (Baden) under the date of Sep tember 9 it s reported tbat the harvest ng of tobacco 18 m progress but it has been found that n quant ty it 18 only half of what it has been m former y:ears So called Sand Grumpen wb ch by handl ng loses coru;iderably n v,,e ght are bought up by speculators at r diculously h gti. pr ces In the dry state they are bought up at marks per cwt The market re firm although sales have been derably re dueed Several lots of 1877 and 1878 leaf were lately sold The pr ces ranged from 63 to 60 marks per cwt ,Another correspondent reports that the sales for the week end ng September 8 amounted to 1 000 cwts 18 S leaf (Umblatt) at pr ces rangrng from 57 to 60 marks per cwt Another lot of 600 cwts of 1S77 leaf Umblatt was bought by a manufacturer at 63 marks pe cwt Th scorrespondent says the qua! ty of th s years crop is excellent but the quant ty s small A cor espondent wr t ng under the date of September 10 Rays Yesterday about 4 000 cwts of 1877 and 1878 tobacco was bought up at Mannheim G1lrmershe m Sp e y e and Hockenhe m at p ces rang mg from 56 marks upwards Negot at ons are carr ed on for larger stocks From Hedde8he m near Leden bach a correspondent (September 10 reports that the harvestmg of tobacco there s n full progress The future tax he says has caused pr ces tor se to !Sand 20 marks per cwt for the so-called Grumben and sand lea veg aga nst 5 to 6 marks dur ng the correspondillg penod of last year A correspondent ;vr ting from Ha mbach Sept 11 remarks -Not.w th8tandillg the uncerta nty orevail mg last sp ng owrng to the tobacco question the planters there planted the usual quant ty They have not t regret t for the tobacco has turned out fine and the leaves are very large If the cur ng process s successfully carr ed out buyers w ll find an excellent qua! ty on hand Tnerefore and m v ew of the fact that the new tax s to be enforced next year pr ces w ll be high and to the planter Important Cases before the United States Su preme Court WASH NGTON' Sept 2S 1879 The Attorney General vas obi ged to leave the Pres den al party at C nc nnat a few days ago and return to Wash ngton to prepare for the Supreme Cou t which 1S to s t on Oc ober 13 The cases before t at -t.ta open ng are of peculiar mportance as far as the J.Uruted States are conce ned Amongthem s a pet ti on for a mandamus aga nst Judge Rives of the West ern DlStr ct of V gm a who removednto the Un ted States Court the cases of two colored men nd cted for murder upon the p;round that they were prevented 'from hav ng any colored men on the Jury Also a case of habeas corpus n behalf of two Judges of the State courts of V rg n a who have been nd cted m the Un ted States Court for preventmg colored men from s tt ng on the JUr es In to theso s a case from West V rgm a wh ch State has passed a law ex cludmg colored men from Junes 'l'here s also the case of a revenue officei-from Tennessee who s md cted: for murder ill the courts of that State the case havmg been removed to the Un ted States Court for tr al on the ground that the deed was comm tted m the neces sary execut on of h!S duty as a revenue officer The quest on of the const tut onal ty of the law author z ng such removal 1S to be d scussed as well as the manne m which the tr a l s to proceed after t s transferred to the Un ted States Court There are also two cases nvolv ng the const tut on 1'11ty of the elect on laws wh ch are brought up by habeas corpus one from the D!Stnct of Maryland m volvmg the legal ty of the pun!Shment of the five of Elect on ill that State and the other from the l> stnct of Ohio In connect on w th these wh ch may lie termed pol 1t1cal cases there are three others to be heard later n the term nvolv ng the collstitut onality of the C vil Rights A.ct ent tlmg negroes to equal accommodat ons at theatres nns etc There are also three cases of commerc al mportance nvolvmgtheconst tut onality of the Uruted States trade-mark laws fil"llt as they at feet fore gn nat ons with whom we have treat es and second as to the r operat on w th n the lines of a par ticular State Upon these quest ons there have been confi chng dec!S ons n the D stnct Courts of Oh o and W scons n It s understood that those affect ng fore gn commerce were advanced n the Un ted States Court at the request of the E;'rench :M ruster transmit ted through the Secretary of State The Movement of the Ciir;ar Makers The movement among the c gar makers n th s city to obta nan advance of wages contmues and m some nstances s sucoessful The c gar packers n the employ of Messrs Bondy & Lederer about a week s nee demanded an advance of 13 cents per thousand on all k nds The tirrn, refused to accede to the de mand but offered to JJay an advance of 10 cents per thousand once ta: n k nd The men thereupon struck and w th the i;xcep o f five who subsequently re turned to wo k ha e lS sa d been on strike ever s nee Th e c gar manufactur ng firm of S Jacoby & Co are repor ed o have adopted a new pice 1st by wh ch the wages on different brands have been m creased 50 cents per thousand and $1 per thousand tor a certa n b and Me srs Leroy & Ullmann are said to have d1Scharged the workmen when they demand ed an advance and have c losed the r factory for a week The c gar makers n the employ of Mr Wm F Reed on ednesday demanded an advance of 50 cents per thousand wh ch was granted M A Moonelis n Th rd Avenue also made an advance of 50 cents per thousand About 131 wrappe cutters m the employ of Messrs Straiton & Sto m a few days s nee demanded an ad vance of 25 cen s per thousand The quest on of ad vancmg the a e of wages was subm tted to a com mittee of a b trat on and am cably adJusted About e ghty of the c gar packers n the employ of Messrs Kerbs & p ess are reported to have held a meet ng at 1021 Second Avenue on Wednesday and formed a shop organ zat on Officers 111e e elected and resolut ons passed declar ng that all c gar packers m their efforts to obta n an advance of wages ought to be moral y and pecun ar ly a ded Messrs Foster & H Ison are sad to have ra sed the wages of the r packe s on certa n b rands The firm of McCoy & Co are to have accepted from the r c gar makers a new pr ce I st mvolv ng an advance of 12}i cen s per thousand Mess s L chtenste n Bros & Co have made an ad vance of 50 cents per thousand on hand made c gars and 2o cents per tliousand on form c gars ac ord ng to report The firm of D H rsch & Co m Norfolk Street _corner of R v ngton have made an advance of $1 per thous a.nd on form made c gars Only those employed on on k nd of hand made c gars demanded a Blm Jar advan ce vh ch was granted The firm of Geo Be,nce & Co are reported to have advan ;eed 25 cents per thousand and reduced the rent of the r tenants The Internal Revenue of the Last Year From th N Y Tribune WAS KINGTON 0 t 2 Some mterestlng facts have been ol> tamed respect ng the amount of nternal eve nue coll ected dur ng the last fiscal year and the cost of collect g t The crhole amount of ntei-nal revenue collected was $113i56 610 and the cost or collection $3 527 956 The tota re.ceipts were $2 462 984 greater than for the pre vious year It w II be understood that the law reduc mg the tax on tobacco d d not go nto effect soon enough to cause any material fall ng off m the revenue from sou ce n the last fiscal year Wh1 the amount of revenue collected ncreased over t o m ll ons the cost of collect on was $72S 454 less m U879 than n 1878 rh.e average cost of collect on throuE cnout the whole country was a tnfle over 3 per cent exc ludrn g tbe tOn banks and bankers oilier than National banks dunng the last fiscal was $3 19S S83 a decrease as compared with the previous fiscal vear $293 148 The fall ng off ts attributed to the loss of confidence by depos1tori! m sav mgs banks owmg to the number of fa lureb n the last two years and to the ncrease n the I m t of exemp t ons upon depos ts br the Act of March 1 1879' The total decrease n the revenue for the months of July and August of the present fiscal year as compared w th the same per od of the p ev ous s $90 106 32 made up as follows Decrease n revenue from tobacco tax $1212 174 04 banks and bankers other than Na t onal banks $1 28S SO m see l aneous $93 7S8 55 to ta! iU 307 251 39 ncrease n revenue from tax on spir ts $1 034 575 19 fermented I quors $182 569 88 total $1 217 14 07 balance decrease $90 106 32 The Tobacco Question in Europe A correspondent wr tmg to Cope s Tobacco Plant makes the follow ng rema ks on the great nter.est that s taken m the tobacco quest on n Ge many Sw tze land Belg um and nea ly all the European States Du ng the present year n travell ng from the Ge man Ocean to the Alps i have found that tobacco hanks ch e flv to Pr nee B smarck and the monetary necess t es ot the German Emp re) s everywhere the top c of talk and Wi' t ng In the railway ca rage and m the newspape n the cafe and at the table d hote we have had smoke n o r eyes smoke n our nost s and smoke n our ea s Every Government n Eu ope s debat ng whether t cannot get an nc eas9' of revenue out of the c t zens p ;Pe or c gar Every I tt e peasant farmer n B elg um n the Rhen sh Pala t nate n Baden and m Sw tzerland who hash therto devoted more or lees of h s small patch of land to to bacco cuh vat on feels that the on s one wh ch comes home to hlS bus ness and h s Hence all sorts of I ttle loc a l Journals of which the great w.Qrld knows noth ng a e pr nt ng art cles upon the toba:cco quest on and local mee ngs are be ng held pol t c ans of a 1 sorts of small commun t es n order to debate the bear ng of the approach ng un vereal ncrease of the tobacco tax upon local nterests I am qu te bewildered as I glance at the thick heap of ephe me al l terature wh ch I have collected upon this ex c t ng t pc du ng my pros ess f om t e North to the South The subJeCt has ts anius ng as "ell as s ser ous s de ho ever and f I cannot undertake at p esent to g ve a Jud c al summary of the polit co soc al aspects of the proJected encroachments of the va ous States upon the tobacco field and the tobac o pouch I w II on a future occas on Women who Smoke [Letter the Chicago nte 0 ean ] What one th nks n Ame ca of c garette smok ng women one soon ceases to th nk m Europe where it s so frequent For does not fat famous fro! csome Em ly Fa thful smoke I ke a M ch gan tugboat 1 Does not the Duche s f Ed nburgh enJOY a 9u et puff now and then and even the Pr ncess of Wa es has her pretty l ttle mga ette case which she h des p ofoundly from the smoke-abhorr ng nose of her royal mamma n law? Madame Ratazz m Italy s sad to be a great smoker a.nd so also s E izabeth Thon pson the art st m England The two daughte s of lthe Due d Orleans one of whom was the beaufaful Mercedes Quee of Spa n were fond of a qu et smoke as s also thew fe of the Pretender Don Carlos Although smok ng lad es are so numerous n Europe one often hears t ns sted upon here that Amer can lad es are the greatest ha b tual smokers n the world I never saw a lady smoke n Amer ca I had occas on to frequently say n France and always w th the unsat sfactory feel ng that I was not hsilf bel eved On ce upon at me n Par s I lived several months nan e;i:tens ve pens on des demo selles In th s fiourISh ng schoo l was Mlle N a young Amer can of twenty two f om Boston a sort of parlor boarder who bad many ext a pnv eges bes des that of a pr vate bedroom vhen every other pup I slept m a t ny couch n a dorm tory that looked exactly like an hosp ta! Ah but your Amencan lad es do smoke and smoke a. great deal more than our Frenchmen sa d the matron of the school one day Mlle N smokes much more than M le Professeur and f you d .. m t bel eve t I will some day show you the ashes that come down from her room I sa d nothing And yet I could have told that wh ch would have made madame s golden w g stand up I ke qu lls on a f etful porcup ne and reduce the matron to a state of g bber ng diocy I could have told that ndeed many c garettes were smoked n Ml e N s room each rug'ht and 't1iat great were the ashes thereof also could I1iave told that every'n ght hen that huge dormitory full of pup IS was st Ir and every girl asleep four of tlle all g rls themselves of from twenty to twenty two 'Yhose bus ness twas to watch and guard that sleep ng fold stole softlv from the r beds up the att c star across the roof down a sky I ght and thus mto M ss N s room where w th a bottle c.r two of beer and unl rmted c garettes they smoked drank and chatted unt goodness only knows how late as if th s were mdeed not a pension des demoiselles but a popular brasser em the Lat n quarter Are Ciga:rettes going out of Use? The York T mes has the follow ng There was at one time cons derable reason to p ed ct that the people of the Un ted States would ult mate y become a c garet e smok ng race S x months ago mdeed eve y tobaccon st kept a large stock of c garettes and made sometb ng of a spec alty of th m The ne vest th ng n the market was eagerly sought no matter what ts quality and small fortunes were made by manufactu e s who embraced the opportun ty at ts best and d spo ed of enormous stocks of nfer or to bacco at h gh pr ces Notw tbstand ng the obJect ons to c garettes on tl;Je score of the unwholesomeness of the pape t s poss ble that w th conse e t ous cult vat on of the momentary fancy for them unt I t became a fixed bab t the trade m ght have developed mto a permanent source of profit C garettes compos ed ent rely of tobacco were ndeed produced m order to meet these obJect ons and d d meet them only to become more obJect onal than the mconveruence they obv a.ted by the use of som" paste or muc 1ge of un known compos t on to secure adhes on of the wrapper All k ndR and qual t es of tobacco--scraps m lk weed leaves and somet mes the mere dust and sweepmgs of the factory were u se d as fillers Tbe only real cost was a pretty fa r select on of leaf for wrappers, to wh ch must be added a 1 ttle poorly paid manual labor However the rage for c ga ettescont nued to mcrease being atllllulated by neat packing and JudiOIOus advei-l.E.A.F. t s ng and one thmg was as good as another wh le it lasted except to the few who are real JUdges of quali ties and fiavors W1thm the past few weeks there has been a ral? d co lapse n the trade ne and the nearly um versa! comp la nt of tobacco rusts is that people won t buy them any more One need not look veryi far for the reasons of an opportun ty so sudden and, 1rre81St ble Although all smokers are not good Judges of the weed the nfer or ty of the mater als used n the c garette manufacture became so marked as the busmess advanced that t was perceptible to the least d1scrimmatmg taste Every tobaccomst s w n dowbas of late been filled w th m nature cop es of the beat fie countenance of those represented as enJOY ng c garettes of some h gh sound ng name the latest pro duct upon the market H d d not happen as a rule that actual tests of the mer ts of the new c garette tended to a beat fie express on and smokers soon grew weary of ha v ng their affect on for the weed speculated upon n th s magn ficent way The end came almost w thout premon t on The pub! c en masse have plac dly gone back to p pes and c gars and manu facturers who be! eved that the harvest was for ever have had their crop of profits rnpped by an unt mely frost They may console if the r normal natures are equal to the task w th the refiect on that they have rece ved accordmg to the r deserts Special Crop Correspondence LEW STOWN PA Sept 29 1S79 ThfJ ent re tobacco crol? of this sect on has been cut and housed and s ur ng nlcely I spoke w th a number of growers last week and they all seemed well pleased w th the r crops They say that the r late tobacco turned out splend d Mr Miller a g ower near town has hl,BJ crop of 7 and 7S yet 1 understand he was offered 15c round but refused It is a very fine lot of leaf S The Tobacco Leaf OHIO Cedron Clermont Co Sept 29 J T Boggess grower and dealer n tobacco reports About all the old tobacco s out of the country n th s sect on and co mtry dealers have been well pa d for all they handled th s year Our crop s about a,ll housed n good cond t on and s cur ng very fast I do not th nlj: we w ll have as much heavy fillery tobacco n the present crop as was ant c pated some tlme back The present crop d d most of ts grow ng m about four weeks hence such a qu ck and rap d growth has caused the leaf to be very fine and s lky A few weeks lo ger and we v 11 be able to say what we have n the p esent crop and what proport on of fillers will be lj t We can sa.y now that we have the largest crop that has lieen raised n the d str ct smce 1873 and thj soundest I be! eve we ever ra sed KENTUCKY Pembroke Sept 26 R J & Co report -The early port on of the tobacco crop s now nearly all housed l It has fi e spread and length of leaf w th substance and w ll be des rable and useful The late plants are do ng well as the weather s all that could be de s ed-cool rnghts and heavy dews and ten to fifteen days w II find it all m barns all right Sl ght frost th s morn ng Olmstead Ky Sept 30 -T E B reports -We have had very favorab1e weather for the crop dur ng the past week exce;Pt a. day or two of very cool weather The spott ng ceased ent rely a week ago and I am sat stied that the damage by this cause does not exceed five per cent at the outs de The crop has cont nued to npen very finely and fully three fourths of t has been cut The late plantmg 1S domg well and w ll r pen well w th a few days more of good weather I am fully confirmed n my opm on as to the excellent and useful qual ty of the crop TENNESSEE Hartsville Trouadale Co Sept 30 J G L reforts -'-8 nee my last report the weather has been al that could be asked for cutt ng and hons ng the crop I have tak:en pams to learn the extent of the present crop and I am well sat sfied that it cannot exceed 35 per cent of an average crop on the Upper Cumberland We w II hav.e the finest and best tobacco ever rrused m th s sect on MISSOURI I Brunsw ck Chariton County, Sept 30 -J A M r&i ports -September closes w th us w thout a k ll ng frost '!Vh ch 1S something unusual for thlS chmate The crop of tobacco s about all cut and n the house and now w th proper cal'e fn miring we th nk we w 11 have the most desirable cropTaJJ1ed here for years Exchan&"e Crop and Market Comments BEED LEAF CONNECTICUT The Amer can Cult vator Oct 4 The weather of th s seQ.son could not be rmproved for curing the fine crop of tobacco The mo st foggy morn mgs and dry ng days serv ng to dampen the part ally cured leaf causmg the colors to become uniform and the dry ng to fix the same Th!S is supposed also to darken the color of the ent re crop We certa nly shall not expect to find any m xed colors or what we term cal co leaf th s season Th s alternat on of mo st en ng and dry ng has an effect upon the color of the ve ns also So we have absol tely no wh te ve ns this year Last years crops of Havana seed are bemg sampled We saw the samples drawn from some large lots that were not only exceedmgly fine and cho ee but free from any appearance of damage wh le they showed a fine sweat E J Everett of Deerfield has sampled 279 cases of this very descr ption of cho ce goods Th s results from superv s on and care n pack ng wh le the careless manner of hand! ng th 8 or Seed le a f often results n find ng more or less of damage espec allr m the seconds BYyers are con stantly at work p1ckmg up the remrunmg crops We not ce sales as follows At Whately several small lots of low grade were sold 1 small lot at 14c I lot of 6 cases at 9c through 1 lot of 6 cases at 1Sc 1 lot of 9 cases at pr ces not learned 1 lot of 10 cases p t At Deerfield 23 ca es at p t also 1 lot of 4 acres on the poles of Seed lea. on p t supposed to be 12c At South Amherst 1 lot of wrappers at 14c At Montague I lot of 10 cases at p t but known to be n ad ance of many prev ous offers THE TOBACCO LEAF has nter v ewed over 50 of the lead ng Seed leaf dealers of Ne" York as to the prospects of the trade and n ts head ng t says Busmcss 1S good h gher p ces poss ble PENNSYL v ANIA The Lancaster New Era September 27 remarks About 350 cases of 1S77 tobacco have changed hands n th!S market s nee our last report There 18 a I vely nqu ry espec a ly for low grade goods and holders seem to think that last year s oper at one will result profitably n sp te of the full pr ces at wh ch so much of the crop was bought P ces have st ffened from half a cent to a cent and a half and there seems a a spos t on to hold on rather than sell A fore gn buyer was m the narket dur ng the week hunt ng s perfine wrappers for the South Amer can trade It looks a little as f our fine goods were be ng sh pped southward with the end n v ew of con e t ng them mto Havana c gars It s mt mated to us th s would not be the first t me th s has been done Pr ces for runn ng lots run from 12Y. to 20 cents w th an up ward tendency The sales last week were SOO cases and 600 cases for the correspond ng week of last year The present week will about fin sh the cuttmg season of the present yeaiHere and there a I ttle lot of late planted mav still be seen but these patches are rare and the sooner they are put away the better The weather has become unusually cool for the season and no further growth can be looked for There was a heavy frost last mght The crop as a rule has been secured n good cond t on1 and the barns to day contrun the y eld ever Known n this State This while t g ves umversal sat!Sfact on has not been altogetheia blessmg to some growers Add t onal reports contmue to reach us of pole sweat The plants were unusually sappy when put away and many farmers found the r swwage room too small for the r crops the consequence was the plants were hung verr closely and the weather be ng also per than des rable pole sweat has developed n certa n qua ters It 1S only another nstance of the great care farmers must exerc se n handl ng the rcrops Fme l eaves are not the only th ngs they must look after those leaves deserve ca eful man pulat on after tbe:y leave the field as well as wh le n them haul it fifteen and twenty m1les The isrune part es would no doubt be willmg to take a lower pr ce for the r crop f t would be de! vered n Mar etta and th s alone would be a great advantage Then too our close prox m ty to York County where a great deal of the weed s no v ra sed would enable the b yer to buy largely of that crop and to have t brought over at a sl igbt expense We th nk f some of the extens ve to bacco packers would cons der the advantages Mar etta possesses for the location of a warehouse they would bu Id he e nstead of other places Tl e Lancas er lntell ge wer Oct 1 reports The demand for fillers and seconds of 187S cont nues act ve and some sales haV'.e been effec ed at pr c e s rangmg from 10@15c and t is not ikely that any great amount will change ha:nds at lower figure s Indeed most pack:i>rs dee! ne to separate th.a r goods at any price prefe r ng to se I wrappers and fil era together Dur ng the past week there have been a.bout a dozen bu ye s n tow:, and we have heard of sevtiral sales effected on pnvate terms One buyer took 1 000 cases and two others about 200 each There may have been othe purchases that we have not heard of as buyer and sellers are rather ret cent n telling of the r tran act ons There a e rumors that some lots of 1879 lea f has been sold on the poles but they are not authent cated We learn however that large quant t es of the 79 crop of W sconsm pr nc pally the var ety known llfl Havana seed have already been bought by Easta,rn buyers some of t havrng been secured before twas cut off Not less than 4 000 cases have already l:ieen s6*1red and t s sa d that w th n a week or two the ent re crop vi1l be qu etly p eked up The pr ces be ng pa d are from 10@15c So far as can be learned the frost on Fr day rught d d very I ttle dam age to Lancaster County tobacco A comparat vely small quantity was outstand ng and only a small por t on of th s was nJured More ser ous damage appears to threaten some of that wh ch bas been hung up there s a good deal of it that s suffermg from stem rot and not a I ttle has been lllJUred by rust The crop as a whole s, however very favorably spoken of '!:be Lancaster Exani ner and Express of October 1 rema ks -Buyers were plenty rn our market l ase week the d e ma.nd for low and med um grade goods was br sk and as a r esult pr ces rose sl ghtly Se era! local packers sod out and sales of about 1 000 ca es are reported One buyer was hunt ng goods fo the South Amer can trade and very probably some 0f t w 11 come back to us n the shape of Havana c gars The new crop s a most all cut and housed and the 111ork was fin shed Just n t me for the severe frosts of last week were not the best th ng mag nable for to b ... cco n the field Now that the crop s safely housed another trouble s n store for the farmer The tobacco JUSt cut was unusually sappy and they eld be ng un usually large the sheds were not large enough to hold t comfortab y wh c h compelled the growers to hang t much too close Then the weather for Eome weeks at n ght and for a good part of the mornmg has been very heavy and damp Most of the farmers as 1s the custom at th s season kept the r sheds closed when the usual order of th ngs should have been reversed and they should have been kept open Therefore reports of pole sweat com ng n from all quarters A correspondent wr tmg from Mount Joy says Donegal farmers are JUSt about fimsh ng the r tobacco cutt Some few patches are to cut yet and the cro;P is exceed ng all expectat10ns Some patches wh ch looked as f they would be worth noth ng are now among the finest Though it has been est mated that the crop w 11 yield 90 OOtl <>,ases I think that after cons der ng the uneven fields the short tobacco and the losses by hall frost rust and pole sweat there w ll be l ttle more than last year Omo The Miamisburg Bullet n Sept. 26 says The crop s almost entITely cut and under cover the fe v rema rung fie ds of late plant ng be ng yet too green for the knife w ll be obi ged to run the gauntlet of frost Leaf n sheds i s cur ng mcely Few trans act ons are reported and these at 7@10c Ge man leaf co=ands 12c W BCONSIN The W scons n Edgerton) Tobacco Re porter Sept 26 reports The past week has been one of great act v ty n the purchase of Span sh tobacco Mr Atwater of New York has had a corps of men out operat ng for h m makmg a large number of pu chases M C Davis of New York has also been n the field operat ng pretty extens vely with h s repre sentative Wm P Brentley All of our local operators were also act vely engaged. and a large amount of th s growth bas been secured and m some cases other vari et es have been purchased n connect on for the pur pose of effect a purchase of the Spamsh We have heard rumors of 15 cents be ng offe:ted but they are not well authenticated As will be seen from quot.a tions sales have run from S to 12Y. cents Bel eve the latter figure the highest paid The Spa.nlBh crop this season was so large that some t me will be required to secure the whole of it and will have the effect of J?U ttms a large runount of wealth m early circulat on wh ch will be advantageous to farmers and everybody concerned As every movement is kept as secret as poss ble t s hard and almost mposs hie to get sales M McCarroll Span sh Sc Jas Churchill Span sh 9c C Scofield 4 ac es 12c R Wmston Span sh 12c F Scofield Span sh 10c Rob nson Bros 30 acres He :man and Chas Babcock 7c all round Mrs Borden Span sh 12c all round Geo Green 10c Dan Wood Oc Geo M so lOc Dav d McC Hoch llc John Loro mor 10c James Ora g hailed Sc WESTERN TENNESSEE The Clarksv lie Tobaooo Leaf Sept 26 reports -Our rece pts are I gh,t planters bemg busy secur ng the crop n the fie d and th& breaks are fed from the accumulated stocks m the warehouses Our sales for the week will be we SUJ?pose 450 hhds The market s stronger and h gher this week on all grades and holders are meet ng the market freely be ng per fectly aware that when cool we .. ther comes our poor crop vill ch 11 out and deprec a e much m appearance There seems to be no good reason for the present spurt as all seaboard and fore gn markets are as dull as d tchwater w th large stocks and the poor qua! ty of the crop go ng forward meets w th but l ttle favor therefore holders appear w!Se m meet ng our present market We are ha ng very favorable veather for r pen ng the crop and mak ng t full bod ed but many a e lo s ng ts advantages by cutt ng the r crops befo e be ng dead r pe The Clarksv Ile Leaf n an ed tonal on cutt ng green toba o remarks -Vie are sorry to hear of so much tobacco be ng cut green In th s the farmers are mak g a m stake We seldom have a bet er fall season for ma tu r ng late tobacco fine ra ns Just n t me to g ve tobacco a v gorous growth and now warm sunny days and heavy dews to give it the body and gun wh ch are esse tt al to fine quality Tobacco cut too green s but I tt e f any. bet er than frosted and therefore t s better to r!Sk frost than cut too green In faG t an early frost kill ng about one thU"d of the c op vould be worth thousands of dollars to our plan ters fQ the dea p eva l s m a I the tobacco vor d that the gro mng c op s magn ficent and manufactu ers and deal ers a e mak ng calculat ons for a supply w th out much compet ton and a good frost would create dee dedact v ty n the market We have never known any money ost n the aggregate by an early f ost We reme n ber three k II ng f osts on the 21st 22d and 23d of September 1853 wh ch year a fine c op was ra sed and nearly half of t caught out Farmers had made c llculat ons on no more t)J.ap, five to s x dollars per hundred for t but owmg to the frosj; the mark;et opened at ten do Jars round for leaf and lugs and three to five dollars for frosted soon advanc ng to fourteen do! ars for cho ce crops and many sold frosted w th good at ten dollars round The crop brought a th rd more money n the country than t would have done had t all been saved clear of f Frost at a later date about the 28th of September also advanced the market The f elluent changes of weather to cold n ghts and morrungs are no nd cat on or ev dence of an early frost In 1S73 or 1S74 we remember about such a summer and fall as the present-sudden changes and cool spells n June July August and September and not ehough frost to kill potato v nes before the 28th of October If we are to be governed by past expe ence frosted tobacco s worth as much as g een th n smutty s uff1 and we should r sk late tobacco t II the 10th of Octooer rather than cut t green as some are do ng Wat unt l the l ttle cockle weed begms to ma ture a s ngle bur and then look out for frost In a later ssue the Clarksv Ile Leaf of September 80 rema ks Our rece pts contmue small as s usua at th s per od of the season but our stocks n warehouses are full and our sales for the week were 460 hhds The market was very an mated at rather high pr ces for all substant al grades o f leaf a d lug.> Other grades were unchanged Holders are stead y work g off the r stocks m wh h they are no doubt w se for the demand must soon be I ghter for the qua! t es of wh ch our stocks a e ma nly composed 3 and we fear much damage has already been done premature cutt ng KENTUCKY -The Henderson Tobacco RIJ'f)(Yrler Sep tember 25 reports There s noth ng at all doing m old tobacco The markets at other po nts seem to be unchanged The weather for the past two weeks has been very favorable for cutt ng and housing the new crop and as ve now seem to be hav ng a touch of In d an summer t be hoped we may have a rood t me for cur ng t up By far the largest part o the crop has alread) been cut-many farmers are done The npe tobacco seems to be yellowrng pretty well n the barns and w h a cont nuat on of the preaent warm and pleasant weather we shall probably have some tobacco v th very fa r color MISSOURI The St Lou s Commercial of Sept 25' re ports Rece ved 282 hhds aga nst 38S the previous w ee k There has been I\ monotony of dullness m the leaf tobacco market dunng the past week Lugs were h rly ma nta ned on Th irsday and Friday but they seemed yesterday to partake n a measure of the gen eral weakness On the whole the market was unsatii:J. fac Oiy throughout the week Med um grades' -were espec ally dull and heavy and the offer ngs of the finei qua ities were I ght No shipp ng demand. and only a moderate local and order demand Sales Thursday Fr day and yesterday 134 hhds Iu the i;ian et me 30.2 hhds were pr.ssed a d reJected To-day the market was dull and unchanged Although market 18 gen erally lower 't

r -4 m New Orleans Sept 24 atock lll Baltimore Sept 27 &ock Ill. New York Oct l 166119 5,617 35,708 44 642 104 770 The Ehghsh and Bremen markets contmue qme_t, manufacturers buy1Dg only m small quantities to sup ply'!ldiate requirements :Receipts and saltll' at the Western breaks a:re gradu ally drawmg to a close A good portion of the unsold stocks 18 undesirable, but more or less of 1t may find its :way to the seaboard Of course we have received durmg the month numerous letters reportmg great damage to the growmg crop from ram, hail, wmd, field fire, rotten stock," and all the ills to which tobac co 19 heir That some s00t1ons have suffered, we can not,doubt But on the other hand we have advices from some of our oldest correspondents, that they con :sider the benefit by the rams-ID locahties where they were needed-eqmvalent tothe damage, so that upon the whole the situation is not materially changed The weather for the past fortmJ?ht has been all that could be desITed, and about halt of the first plantmg is housed EXPORTS OF TOBACCO FROM NJ:W YORK FROH AUGUST 1 TO 30, INCLUSIVE Total 1,424 hbds 517 bbds. 3,298 hhds 65hbds 3,146 hhds 212 hbds 8Qhbds 8,741 hbds From the circular of Mr R Hagedorn we collate the follow 1ng synopsls of exports from New York and New Orlean.s, from January 1 to date -1878 1879 Total Conaumptionucloaahipe not cleared, etc hhds hhd8. 34,548 8,096 11, 792 8,357 24, 405 8, 426 11,077 6,067 9,858 6,189 2 ,502 l,a53 6, 711 8,661 3 ,,967 2,600 1o4,soo 8,135 49,747 16,200 Dlsappea.recl from N Y and New Orleans 112,490 65,952 JoBN GATTUB -The ruu11U1 In my' last circular is well aclapted \o our market for last month, as the only fe..ture by which it was dlstinj!Utshed wu dullne88 and a1agnat1on, with all appearances of these two qualiltes becommg chronic The &ranaactions foot up 8liOO hbds of which for export 2400 do, lll&llufacturers 900 do, and jobbers 200 do Prices 10 the ab .sence of any leadm& transacl10ns must more or less be con sldered nominal, but mcline to buyers' favor and cloee easy Receipts ot tobacco durmg the month were on a fair scale, and our stock In warehouses shows again a not mcons1derable tn crease The weather durmg the past month bas been very fav orable for the growmg crop, which not only did benefit the QU&lity, but also the quanhty, as it is now ge nerally admitted 4;lili.r previou s estimates of same will considerably be surpassed )I[ RA.DJ:R & SoN -We have no chaiige to report m the situation of our Kentuck;y market The larger buyers still hold aloof, not willing to accede to the demands of factors, who, however, seem to stand firm to they consider moderate prices There has been a fair demand for outside markets and the home trade The sales are 3,525 hhds, of which 2,400 for export to France, the coast of Africa and the Medi terranean Part of the new crop has been housed, some of which has been cut green for fear of frost Owmg to the late heavy rams, the leaf is very sappy, and will re<_1uire 11:reat care ID curmg to prevent its (:ommg out in soft condition D J GABTll, SoN & Co -The course of busmess dunng the past month was but a repet1t1on of the mo11tb prevwus Com parattvely speaking, our export trade was cons1dernbly behrnd what 1t should have beet), for w1tli the exce ption of a few small lots ta.ken for Regie account and some ms1gruticaut bus1 ness with Bremen and G1bmllar, the month was without in iterest for large lo ts for contract accoi;nt were itbe mterealtrng features of the month but no sa les are yet co n .eluded owmg to the diJference m views of buyers and sellers ;regardrng values. A compromise would perha(>I! brmg about busmess on a large scale Manufacturers bought sparrngly, .confirung their attention to thm leaf of colory description .Medium and the better grades of Green River leaf, suitable for and plug fillers, are m very fair supply m our market, and will a? doubt command the attention of buyers m due course W 1th the exception of St Louis, Cmcrnnati Louis v11l;i and Clarksville the W.estern markets have about closeoi for the seuon, with email stocks, which will probably be car for several month s in the Interest of local operators who have too much confidence m their property to accept any de cltne Dunng the early part of September severe storms of .wind and ram dtd considerable dama$e to tl,te growmg crop, chielly f -drowning out and by causmg many plants to spot \ with wba, our correspondenfs call "black lire Many field s 1 ere cut m order to save the>tobacco from "spottmg,' and his port1cm of the crop will prove mferior After the first ..cutting the late tobacco unproved rapidly and un1ess it 1s cut J>rematurely will make the be s t tobacco rai sed this year .However, unless favorable weather should contmue until al Jl.east October 10, the flrobab1hties are that much tobacco will be cut green and hence we do not expect a crop of good quality From V irgima we learn that the crop prospects have improved, and that the slight frost on September 26 did no matenal damage beyond st1mulatmg farmers to cut some to bacco b efore 11 was l'lpe Virginia Leaf-The week. has been regarded as a dull one m this department, the sales, as reported, embracmg only a few bnght wrappers and some _.!Bokers Siled, Leaf-For See.d leaf the mqull'Y contmues 1bnsk conB1der1Dg thatJt 1s still almost all for home trade1 and has this week embraced all growths, with 1878 ana 1877 PeDDBylvanui reaching the largest volume of sales :M.essrs. J S Gans' Son & Co describe the week's :a.nd month's busmess m d etail below This firm, ID their cITcular, give the black cigar mama a deserve d knock on the head ID passmg, and hmt at the )laste already begmmng to be evmced m buymg some of the green crops We have often had our say m these col umns on these two subJects, and will only add that we can conceive of but few thmgs more senseless than re Jectmg good old tobacco because it does not happen to be nearly black, and buymg green tobacco on the poles b()fore it can be known what it will prove to be after it is cured Messrs J S Gans' Son & Co tobacco brokers, 84 :and 86 Wall Street, report as follows We have a quiet week to report, views of venders and buyears are as yet too much at variance to permit -0f large lots changmg hands SALES 700 cs 1878 crop Pennsylvama Common assorted Lots F&r do 'Good fine do 400 cs 1877 crop P ennsylvama Fillers Assorted Lots Wrappers .500 cs 1878 crop, New England Seconds Wrappers Housatomc Assorted Lots 100 cs 1879 crop New England 11 @12% 13%@15 17 @20 9Ji@10% 15 @18 21 @35 10%@13 15%@27% 20 @22% Seconds 12% Wrappers l o @27Ji 200 cs 1878 New York "Flats," assorted, 15c .lOO cs 1878 crop Ohio, 9 J4 @ 10c 15(\cs 1878 crop Wisconsm, 6@10c .2, 158 cases 2 200 cases, New England Havana Seed, 300 do, Pennsylvama, 4,840 do, 21 for export, New York, 60 do, Ohio, 1,100 do 300 for export, WisconslD, 800do, 100 for ex port Total sales, 12,200 cases; for export 421 casea Exports of Seed Leaf smce January 1, 13,267 easel! same tinie last year, 53,660 cases QUARTERLY STATEMENT OF STOCKS INF C Lll!DE olt CO 'B SEED LEAF n!SPECTION WABEllOUSES Stock on hand July 1, 1879 Received smce Stock on band Oct 17, 1879 do do do 1878 16,963 115,601 32,1564 15,580 17 034 15,165 Total r eceip ts of Seed leaf ID this market smce Jan 1, 1879 1111,497 Same time last year 76,887 Spanish -There was a good demand for Havana fillers which have been sold to the extent of 800 bales, 1Dcludmg good 1877 crop at 95c@$110, common, 1878, for export, 12@14c m bond, 1879 Remedios, 85c, 1879 Partido, 78@85c, 1879 Vuelta, 95c@ $ 1 03, and about 150 bales at higher figures, of Yara, 108 bales I cut were dlSposed of, the I mostly for export at 20@2lc ID bond J S GANS' SoN & Co -On the whole trade ID this line has been unsatisfactory Good1877Havana fillers are scarce, whilst 1878 meets with httle or no favor, 1879 crop IS coming forwa1d more freely, and several small pa1cels of Partido and Vuelta AbaJo were rap idly disposed of, whilst larger contracts for dehvery ID October, November and Dece9er were made Total sales 3,000 bales Of Yara nearly 600 bales, changed hands (some of wliuch for export) Receipts have been qmte hberal We must here add that the market for all kmds of SpanlSh tobacco is ma very peculiar condition, pnces are not at all estabhshed, nor is there any prospect that the iiame will be for a length of time to come MONTHLY STATEMENT OF Havana Bales Stock Sept l, 79 lo 578 Received s1Dce 3 9W STOCKS OF SPANISH TCBACCO Cuba Yara Cienfuegos Total Bales Bale s Be.Jes Be.Jes 137 535 21 16 271 629 416 170 o, 190 19,553 4 398 766 592 951 600 191 21,461 82 5,672 Stock Oct 1, 1879 15 155 174 851 109 15,789 do do 1878 17,646 333 17,979 do do 1877 25,401 67 25 468 Manufactured -This particular market 18 unchang-ed There has been considerable rnqmry for bright 10 and 11 mch and fine 1% rnchtobacco Of 11-mch, par ticularly those with bright wrappers, some sales were made Of fine 12-mch pounds there is a grea.t scarcity, and the prospect is that they will be higher m price, manufacture1s say1Dg they cannot get the tobacco to make them The l..lte cold spell has destroyed, by dry1Dg up, much of the tobacco adapted to that of goods Buyers, haymg rnduced their stocks, are beginmQg to come forward agam, and are paymg prices which they obJected to m September when their supplies were larger The exports for the week were 157,025" lbs Smoking -For smoking tobacco the mqmry has been good, and fair sales have been effected Cigars -Manufacturers of cigars are very busy, and stocks 11re light Almost as much may be said for the importers, who have only the want of an abundance of new goods to complalD of at present The season pro m1Ses t o he a good one for the cigar interest Exchange -Messrs M & S Sternberger, Bankers, report to TlIE TODA.COO LEAF as follows -We quote Bankers' u o mma l r ates 482 and 484 for 60 days, and d emand sterling respectively sellmg rates for 60 days 483];;( for demand, Commercial, 60 cays 480 Paris bankers ,' 3 days 521.J,i 60 days 023%, Commercrnl, 60 duva, R e1chs m >rks bankers', 3 da)S, 94%, 60 days, 947,;' Com mercial 60 days 93% Frmghts -Messrs Carey, Yale & Lambert, Freight B10ke1s, report to TJIE ToDACCO LEAF Tob acco Freights ns follows -Liverpool, steam 60s, London, steam 22s 6d (40 ft), sail Glas!\ow, steam -, Bnstol, steam 40s, Antwerp, steam, 45s, sai l 80s, Bremen, steam, 45s, sail, 30s, Hamburg, steam 46s, s!lll, 80s IMPORTS The arrivals at the port of New York from foreign po1ts fo: the week mcluded the follo" me: consignments -Antwerp-G Zorn, 1 cs pip es Genoa-G Reusens, I7 cs leaf tobacco HatJlina-We1l & Co 237 bales tobacco, Montz Meyer 19 do, Lozano, Pendas & Co 107 do, A Gonzales 73 do C Lopez 57 do, F Garcia 281 do L Fne:lma n 28 do Straiton & Storm 112 do Weiss, Eller & Kaeppel 50 do, Shroeder & Bon 98 do, Vega & Bernbe1m 63 do, Huvcmeyers & V1gehus 99 do, J Falk & Bro 32 do, Carl Upmann 52 do, Se1denberg & Co 42 do, F Mir ands & Go 99 do, W P Clyd e & Co 504 do 1 bair tobacco seed W H Thomas & Bro 4 cs cigars, Howard 5 do A Cohn 4 do, Purdy & Nicholas I3 do L P & J Frank 2 do Kaufman Bros & Bondy 1 do, L Sanchez 15 do, G W Faber IO do llli c h aehs & Lmdemann 2 do, S Lmmgton 's Sons 8 do A S Rosen baum & Co 3 do, Park & Tilford 21; Acker, Merrall & Condit 22 do, John A Norman o do, HA Graef s Sons 4 do, Kausche & Dowmng 6 do, J W Lydecker 4 do Alfred Owen 2 do, HR Kelly & Go Receipts of hconce at port of New York for week, reported expresslv for THE '.loBAcco LEAF -Weaver & Sterry, per Cuore from Ahcan te, 8188 pkgs (870 544 lb s ) licorice root, Zur1caldy & Argmmbau per Excels10r from Malaga 50 pkgs (14,050 lbs) Spamsh hconce paste, Zur1ca ldy & Argu1mbau per Atalant a from B1lboa 50 pkgs (14,112 lbs) do EXPORTS. From the port of New York to foreign ports for the week were as follows -Ant.,,,,rp-145 hhds, 210 cases, 198 bales, 70 pkgs (9291 lbs) mfd. Bremii bn do, Thompson, Moore & Co 94 cases mfd, 5 bxs do 275 bxs do, 10 bxs do 3 )4 bxs do 76 caddies do H W Mathews 22 cases smkg, 3 do mfd, 5 do, a cases cigars, 1 do cigarettes, Martin & Dunn 1 case smkg, 1 box mfd 1 J4 box do, 6 bxs do, 6 caddies do, Dohan, Ca'troll & Co 43 Caddies mfd, 180 do, 5 .Ji bxs do Wise & Bendhe1m 6 cases smkg, 25 do mfd, 40 !>ii bxs do, Allen & Co 300 cases smkg, 20 do mfd, Jos D Evans & Co 30 cases mfd, 3 caddies do, 3 do H Welsh 3 cases mfd, 25 bxs do, 48 caddies do, ;Jiis lll Gardmer 2 cases mfd 1 pkg do, E DuBolS 8 cases mfd, 25 kegs do 10 %; bxs do, H K & F B Thurber & Co 25 cases 11 bxs do 2 case s mfd A Hen & Co 8 cases smkg 7 do cigarettes Toe! Rose & Co 1 case mfd F H Leggett & Co 50 do, H W Cameron & Co 10 do, C Stncker 10 do, M Wachtee 1 do, A S Rosenbaum & Co 1 caddy mfd, Austth Nichols & Co 10 mfd 12 J4 bxs do, Ernst Mueller & Co 50 % bxs do, Bi&kemore, Mayo & Co 30 )4 bxs do, J uhan A11en & Co II cases cigarettes, Ahner & De his 1 case leaf, Epstem, Lewyn & Co 1 case cigars, .Moore, J enkms & Co 2 bxs snuff, C B Lyons & Co 1 case ptpes, 40 bxs do, Order 54 bhds )( OoastuJiBe from Key West & Co 19 cases cigars, '79 bales l eaf. Gareta & Palact0 6 c11Ses cigars, McFall & Law son 15 do, DaVIes & Co 4 do, F H Leggett & Co 2 do, Perea Bros 2 do R Perez 1 do, C B Bal mo 1 do Order 3 do m N tJ'llJ Orleana -S Hernsheun & Bro 4 hhds, Order 123 hhds Uu Common to good Good to tine Extra. dne Dark wrappers SPA.NISH LEA.F. Old crop 17 @22 Ja @ 1 5 10 @12 @B>i! @lll @15 @-@12 @IS 8 014 @-BJ.ji@IO 8 @12 15 @00 IUVJJ<.l Fu.La-common Good Fine 80 I Sii. 90 lot!' 100 110 Y.AU-Assorted r 115 100 72;9@75 1'IA.NUFA.CTURED TOBACCO, PRICBS Il( BoND-TA.X 111 C&NTS PU Pomm BLwlU!-@28 !Os 128 a.nd J41b 12@15 & Navy4B, 5s 3sand @28 ji1bs 14@18 & 00@25 Navy 10s or Pocket Pleces 14@22 p Negrobead tMSt 00@25@31! CIGA.RS. Havana, per M $50@150 j Seed, per JI[ Seed and Havana per M 40@ 90 16@40 GRA.NULA.TED SllIOIUNG TOBA.CCO. Medium to good '26@46 1 Good to tine $46@100 SNUFF. [Siajeet to discount t<> the wholeo&le trade Ma.ccaboy 611@-611 !American Gentleman -@-72 scotch and Lundyfoot 6e@-611 Rappee, French 72@-7iS 81' Alacw-We contwue to note a fair jobbing demand at steady pnces Received per Norfolk steamers, 240 pkgs, per Richmond do, 431 pkgs and 12 cases Bud LMf and Jla,oo,na -Business m thlS branch contmues very fau, old 1877 Pennsylvama tobacco takmg the lead, we note sales of the latter of 205 cases, running lots New Penn sylvRDia wrappers are also m good demand Of Havana fillers, more vegaa of the 1879 crop thelf appearance m our market, and are taken by our manufacturers as long as they C811110t get fine old tobacco This 1879 tobacco is hardly ma tured, &iid not qwte at to work, however, manufacturers are compelled to take it, there bemg uothmg better to offer We note the followmg sales as far as learned -4116 cases and 144 bales, receipts, 84 cases and 154 bales B OSTON, Mass. &pt 27 -A W Ward Manufactu rers' Agent, reports to THE TOBACCO LEAF as follows -Plug tobacco has been very active m all section.s of New England Most of the leadmg brands have advanced m price The mar ket IS quiet at preoent on account of heavy busmess transac ttons last month and the first of the prese.nt one Granulated smokin.g tobacco is quiet, all looking for active busmess soon Ctgars of all grades have a good solid market CAIRO, Ill., &pt 24.-Messrs Hinkle, Tb1Stlewood & Moore of the Farmers' Tobacco Warehouse, report as follows -The most difficult problem to solve m th e tobacco trade is reliable stat1sttcs bearing upon the prospective crop Fmdmg all other efforts fruitless, our MaJOr J Hrnkle determined to make the tour of our tobacco growmg country that tributary to this market-which rncludes m Kentuck>, Ballard, Hick man, Graves and Fulton Counties, m Tennessee that portion of the State lymg west of the C !It L & N 0 R R south eastern Mis so uri and southern llhnois w1th a vtew to deter mmmg as detlmtely as possible by personal observation the exact status of the crop of 1879 After much ttme and labor the following r esu lt s have been obtamed which we thmk can be rehed upon The aggregate acreage is smaller than m 1878, but the yield will b e larger m pounds, bemg ri c her a nd more gummy, heavier bodied as a rule and nearly clear of worm eaten The heavy rams hav e damagep t11e crop especta lly in the bottom lands by scaldrng, thlS, however amounts to a very small per cent of the entire crop About one tb1rd of the crop bas been h0used most of which has been cut too green It will take until the 15th of October to secure all the crop from frost and then much of 1t will h ave to be cut green It takes ordinarily abont 90 days from plantrng for a crop to properly mature, this y ea r it takes much longer, some crops that had been on the hill 120 days have been cut green Tb1s 1s accounted for by so much wet weather m the latter part of August and the first of the present month Some of the high land tobacco bas been IDJUred by bemg ram scalded aud wmd chaffed, which injures the leaf very much Summmg up we find the 1879 crop will be superior ID quality, and about equal m quantity to that of 1878 CHICAGO, Ill., Oct 1 0ur suec1e.l correspondent fl po ts -A very good week's bu siness can be reported The dry busmess, but grumble about prices, on which the contmual advances m raw matenal do not seem to have any mlluence As to leaf to bacco all mdicat10ns pomt to improvmg business m the near future At p1esent the unsatisfactory quality of some of the new crops h1Dders busmess cons1deraoly Leaf of quality com mands full quotations and ready sales G W Sheldon & Co report the followmg 1mportst 1 ons September 24, Kalman Bros, 5 cases cigars, Kantzler & Har g1s, 5 do CINCINNATI, O., Ott l -Messrs PrsJi:ue & Matson, Leaf Tobacco Brokers and Re dryers of Cutting Leaf and Plug Fillers, report to THE TOBACCO LEAF as follows -The act1v1ty which has chaiactenzed the market for leaf tobacco at th1S pomt smce the earlv sprmg has for the past mouth to some ex tent given way, and purchases of useful goods for either cut ting or plug purposes have been made at more satisfactory prices The immediat e cause for this cond1t1on of a.:fl'a1rs is the decrea sed demand from manufacturers who have evidently at last pretty well repl e m s h ed the depleted stocks of the country and who will probably for some time have only their legt t unatc trnde Then, too, the new crop under exceedmgly favorable weather conditions, has developed an unusually large one m quantity and prom1Ses to be of more than ord1 nary usefulneli s But "bile the immediate demand from manufactm e rs is !It present only moderate, and the new crop promises so well, the quest10n arises, Is there sufficient of the old crop m stock to tide the manufacturing mteests over from now till the new can be used ? For an answer to thlS questwn, we will simply g1 vc so me stat1st1ca l mformation, and leave our friends to draw their own conc lu sio ns By careful act ual couut, the total stock m warehouses of sold and uns@ld tobacco was ) esterda.y, the 3Uth ult, 7119 hbds, from this deduct, say, 1000 hhds for nondescripts and growths of other sect10ns than our own and we have really but about 6000 hhds of useful white tob acco, to which must be adde d what may stlil come forward from the cou11t1y-m all probably leso, but certarnly not more, than 1000 hhds Such a stock for the past three years would not have been sufflc1enl to meet the ordmary wants of the trade To day thelmarKet 1s stronger for a ll the better grades, with prices a shade higher STATEMENT FOR ll!ONTH OF SEPTEMBER, 1879 Hhds 8,526 1 906 Bxs 1,364 624 1,988 306 1,682 581 400@600 6 00@ 7 00 8 00@ 9 00 10 00@14 00 9 50@11 00 11 00@12 50 11 00@12 50 13 00@15 00 16 00@18 00 14 00@15 00 16 00@17 00 17 00@18 00 HENRY A. RICHEY, Manufacturers' Agent, reports to THE TonAcco LEAF as follows -1 have no SMCial change to report m our market smce my last An excursrnn over the peake and Ohio Railroad from VIrgmia last week brought with it many old friends a nd familrnr faces from Richmond Dan ville, etc As on e of our JObbers facetiously remarked the whole number of excursrnmsts was about 600, and 400 o f them were tobacco manufa c turers etc -each onew1thh1s little bag of samples Our Industrial Expos1t1on is m full blast and with the exception of the Centenmal show at Philacielpb1a, I have never befote seen one to equal this The d1Splays of manufactured tobacco are very fine, but limited m numbers on account of t he quahty not bemg considered, but simply the su perior display. In plug tobacco : Messrs McNamara & Bro and Allen & Ellis have dISplays Premium awarded to day to Messrs A.lien & Ellis In fine cut tobaccos Messrs Lov e ll & Buffington Morton Bros and Allen & Ellis have displays Premium awarded to day to Messrs Morton Bros Judges Geo Hafer M r Krohn, and Simpson Glenn DURHAM, N. C., &pt 27-Messrs Walker & Burton, of the Farmers Warehouse, reum;t to THE TonAcco LEAF But little dmng ID the way of auct10n sales The croo of 1878 has passed out of the farme1s' hands, sud the receipts are mamly confined to slnpments from other markets, and sales are mad e m a private way There is no change to note m values The new crop seems to be cunng very well, but a large proportwn of 11 1s s till o n the hill We have had frost for I" o mommgs, but we hear of no damage QUOTATIONS Crop 1877-Dark and dam age d lugs 3 Sound 2%@ 4 L eaf as to quality 3 @10 Crop 1879-Lugs Common 2 @ 8 Good 3 @ Leaf Common 3 @ 5 Medium o @ 7 Good 7 @10 Bnght-Common 4 @ 6 M e dium 6 @ 9 Good 9 @15 Fme 15 @18 Fancy 18 @30 Bngbt Wrappers-Common to medmm 10 @20 Medium to good 20 @35 EVANSVILLE, Ind., Sept 30 Mr C J Morris, To bacco Broker reports to 'l'BE TOBACCO LEAF -Smee my last report w o have had no sales of any consequence The weather last we e k was quite cool, the mercury falling to 45 degrees, accomp med by light frost The planters got ahead of the frost however, and cut about half of the crop green, all to bacco men know what to expect from that much The la st few days the weather is more favorable and what IS now left will hkely mature and make good tobacco As this 1s the end of our tobac co year I g1 ve you the r ece ipts and sales as com pared with last year Receipts from Oct 77 to Oct '78 '' '78 to Oct '79 Bales from Oct '77 to Oct '78 '78 to O ct '79 Stock on hand Oct 1 '79 While our sales show larger than last year, 1t mus t be re membered that -we have one more warehouse, whose sales amounted to 1, 738 hhds FARMVILLE, Va., Oct 1 -Mr A R Venable, Jr, Tol:acco Broker reports to THE ToBcco LEAF as follows The sales of toba'cco at th1s:pomt from Oct 1 '78 to Sept 30, '79, were 5,559,035 lbs, more than 2 000,000 lbs short of last year and while many thmk the crop now b emg cut will be sttll less yet I thmk 1t will fully equal 1t A damagmg frost occ:urred on the 26th and 27th ultimo, IDJuring a great many crops slightly, and a fe" seriously But I do not think the damage of sufficient llllportance to speculate on We are havmg fine weather for the late crop to mature m, aud the quality of it will be much better than was expected HENDERSON, Ky., &pt 80 -Mr Posey Marshall re ports to THE T8DACCO LEAF as follows -Smee my last report we have had tine weather, and tobacco has been ripemng up rucely The amount cut in our county is fully two tlnrds of the crop most of thIS IS cut green, as stated 111 my last report In talkmg with some of our promment farmers, they say that notwithstanding the tobacco was cut green, much of 1t IS curmg up a very nice color, if this ts the case, 1t will be of greater value than was expected The f&nllers are nearly through cut OOT.4 trng m Hopkms and Webster Counties The tobacco 111 these counties will not yield over one-half a crop HOPKINSVILLE, Ky., &pt 26 -Mr George V Thompson Leaf Tobacco Broker, reports to THE TOBACCO LEAF We are now havmg favorable weather for the tobacco crop Receipts this week 186 hbcls sales 69 hhda Market quiet QUOTATIONS. 2 00@ s 00 800@400 400@400 4 l50@ 5 l50 600@700 700@850 LANCASTER, Pa., &pt 29 -Our East Hempfieldcor respondent reports as follows for the best part of two weeks absent and busy, I have omttted givmg details of the 1879 crop On Thursday and Friday we bad some frost, but l thtuk all tobacco had been housed pnor to 1 1 Late cuitmgs, I am afraid, will not cure before cold weather sets m, aa it IS so very full of sap A great dee.I of trouble 1s given our far mers by pole sweat as the growth was very large, and the space allotted for it too small, it was consequently hung closer and with considerable damp weather 1t bloateo and bas been thinned out srnce the sweat has taken place they are afraid that when strippmg takes place more will be sustamed than is thought of at pres ent 'Ihe crop m general IS curmg very slow, but the crops that have considerable rust cure very quick, as it had to be cut liefore it was ripe Sampling of the 1878 crop sttll contmues, and mvanably g1 ves satISfactlon, I have seen some sampling, though that was poor Holders feel certalD that they have a good article, and are therefore pretty stdf m their VIews Se.Jes are takmg pl ace m Lancaster to the extent of 300 to 600 cases week.I'[, and at good pnces I will sample October 3 d 444 cllBes leaf o the 1878 crop Leaf pr10r to 1878 IS still movmg slowly, and pretty soon every ves t1ge will be swept frnm packers' hands LOUISVILLE, Oot 1-Mr Wm J Lewers, Secretary of the Tobacco Board of Trade reports to TJIE TOBACCO LEAF Total receipts last week 350 hhds, total receipts m September 3104 hhds deliveries 3il69 hbcl s, leavmg stock Oc tober 1 17,833 do, against 19,578 do October 1, 1878, and 8977 do same ttm e m 1877 FOR SIX DAYS ENDING WEDNESDAY, lST INST Warehousu Week Month Yea r Nmth Street 265 1 ,062 9,954 Pike 123 484 2,295 Gilbert 22 197 1 497 Pickett 140 614 8,509 Boone 32 827 2,931 Farmers' 98 289 2 873 Kentucky Association 61 244 2,847 Planters 67 399 4,656 Falls City 18 196 2 207 Lomsv11le 189 1>16 o,021 Green River 47 100 1 363 1,032 4,428 Yenr 1878* 949 6,6M Year 1877* 680 4,575 44,15' 59,09 5 47,G33 52,147 Year 1876* 1 ,323 6,226 Sales of week and year divided as folio ws Week Year. Ongmal New 745 26,248 Ongme.l Old 47 9,444 New Reviews 250 4,377 Old Revtews 20 4 085 We have now sold 27,094 hhds of or1gmat. of croP. of 187S aga1nst 03,342 hbds pf same of crop of 1877 s ame date last year Weather all that could oc asked for have had twobght frosts, but none to hurt, and It may be coun t ed as a certamty that our tobacco crop IS saved As to quantity, the 1mpres s10n 1s that it" 111 reil.Ch three fourths of an average m pounds and a full average m quahty Prices on all dark tobaccos have t ended downward for the past few days, closrng quite dull to day R ed and yellow cuttmg very firm QUOTATIONS Nondescript ,.-HeaD/J Bodied-. ,.--Outti1'fj ----, lled Dark JliJd Bnght 2%@2% I 4 @5 3 @3ji 8 @ 9 9 @10 2%@3.Ji 5 @6 3!-f@4 9 @11 10 @13 3)4@4 6 4 @5 11 @13 13 @15 4 5 @6 13 @15 15 @18 @ 9 @12 6 (018 18 @21 @ 12 @15 7Yz@10 @ 21 @25 Bright wrappers nommal, none on sale this week Mr Richard M Lewi s leaf tobacco broker, reports -Our market has been very quiet the last month, and ge nerally lower on lugs and ,dark tobaccos Colory descnpttons for cutting and manufacturin g purposes, offer m modernte quantities and are taken at former prices The autumn bas been very favor able so far for maturmg the crop two th1rdi! have been bar vested, and m ten days more all will have been safely housed LYNCHBURG, &pt 25 -Messrs Holt, Schaefer & Co Buyers and H a ndlers of Leaf Tobacco renort to THE To BACCO LEAF -W 1th very hgbt receipts of a nondescript and partly unsound character, our market is entirely devoid of 1n terest Our season may be considered at an end Of to bacc?s our receipts contaut nothmg at present and pnces for these grades a1 e very firm, but altogether n omrnal Lugs anll. low grades of leaf are also firm, and even a trifle higher with some demand from manufacturers and stemmers for the Enghsh market A port10n of the crop h as been cut durmg the past week or ten da) s The weather 1s all that can be de sired, nevertheless a good deal of the crop 1s too late to get ripe and will either be cut green or be caught by the frost, on the other hand we look for good quality rn the earlier plant mgs, and on t he "bole perhaps a l a rger proportion of desirable useful tobacc os than the last two or three seasons QUOTATIONS. Stnctly fine nommal PHILADELPHIA, Oct 2 -Mr A R. Fougeray, To bacco Manufacturers' A2"ent, r e ports to THE ToB"cco LEAF -The cond1t1on of busmess m manufactured hard tobacco still remams draggy and unsatisfactory Trade is unexplalnably 9uiet Dealers purchase "1th espemal prudence, and act as if they antic1patecl a radical change of some kmd or another When quest10ned they cannot mtelhgently answer The few goods sold, which are standard, command full tlguree It IS hoped this month will prove more encouragmg Ji'me Out..-The d em and is confined to the better grades ffmolcing 'l'obac m 1s purchased as needed, low g rades are pnn c1pally required Cigars-Demand excellent, manufacturers h ave all they can do for medmm grades Snuff-The shipments and orders for standmd brands show no abatement R ece ipts, 418 boxes, 13,988 caddies, 372 cases, dnd 422 pails of flue cut Blld .U,.f-This branch of the tobac co busmess cont1nuea bnght and very sat1sractory Holders as well as purchasers seem agreeable and happf The truth IS, JilOOds are sellmg lively, and profits are al that could be desired Nearly all gtades have met v;1tb an excellent demand the past week Havana-A better of foreign tobacco was on the mar ket and larger oales followed pnces rule high and firm R eceip t s for the week 406 cases Conne c ticut -l79 do P ennsylvama, 9U do Ohio, 108 do WLSConsm, C. Havana, and 279 hbds of Virg1ma and Western l eaf tobac co Sales for home were -271 cases Connecticut, H29 cases Pennsy lvam a, 58 cases Ohio 151 cases W1Sconsm, 61 bales Ha,ana and 24 hhds of Virgtma and Western leaf tobacco Exported to South benca pet brig Zulu, of Western leaf tobacco, 1415 lbs RICHl\IOND, Oot 2 Mr R. A Mills mio1>acco Broker and (JomIDISS1on Merchant, rep01ts to THE TOBACCO L E A F -8mce my last report our market has undE rgone but little change worthy of note Transac twns of the tobacco trade of the city of t Richmond for the year endrng Oct 1 -Receipts Virgrn1a bhds, 12,515 trcs, Western 4959 hhds, 61 trcs total 4 '1J,834 bbds 12 576 trcs Sales VIrgm1a, 41,246 hbds, 5027 Ire s Western, 2924 hhds 54 trcs total ,' 44, l 70 hhds, 5081 trcs 3 hipments Foreign 13,445 bbds, 2860 trcs, coa.stwlBe, 15,735 hhds 5564 trcs, total, 29,180 hbds 7924 trcs 'Varehouse recc r Pts 41,269 hhds, 5265 trcs, 1nspect1on.s, 40,269 bhds, 111151 trcs 1 deliveries, 37,884 hhds 4060 trcs Receipts and deliveries of loose tobac co, 3,1139, 780 lbs Stock on hand Oct 1. ltl79 12,098hhds 754 trcs, unmspected, 8064 hbds 5111lrcs, total 15,162 hhds 805 trcs Stock on band m the State If V1rg1n1a -lnsuected, 16,091, unmspected, 8724, total, 19 I ST. LOUIS, Mo. Ott 1 Mes srs C "" R Dor m 1 tzer & Co report to THE ToBACCo as / follows Transactwn s at the St Louis tobacco warehouses during the month of September Stoek on hand September 1 R eceip ts clunng month Total hlt o 1 619 17lt 1879 bhds 8909 II74 10083 1879 1 S78 275 867 1793 826 2068 1193 6514 8890 2 366 1732 186 313 2552 2045 Nothing of particular 111terest transpired on our tobacco market dunng the past month, it commenced dull and irregu lar, showed mcreased act1V1ty and more firmness towards the m1ddle of the month, but closed qUiet and without a decided demand for anything except lugs, which remain firm, and to be the only grade on which the v1ews of buyers and sellers agree to some extent Our receipts have been ltght, 1174 hhds, agarnst 2780 bbds m August, and 4105 hhds dunng July, while the stock on band remRIIIB almost unchanged Common lugs Good do QUOTATIONS. ... 290@300 ... 300@ SGO


ocr;r. 4 ... AVA.NA= v0 TOBACC_9 Any Infringement upon :o:m will be Prosecuted to the this G. Full Extent of the Law. ; 1 PEK:ac 6-B. Tllomp11em, D. 8aeke&t llloore, Paul Calvi. 88 ::P=--.e>::Dll'T BTR.m:lllT, l!loTEll"'IX7' TC>:E't.:&:, gB\)tS ror the Sale or Choice Brand of Virginia Plug & Smoking Tobaccos. ALSO IOU :AGEXTS FOR THE CELEBRATED Sap'' and Sea.l.'' Te..,_.., maaalaotured 1IT Goo, W. Gilliam & Co., of Richmoad. Va. --.A.ok:n.o,;ov1ed.secS be Ohe'OIT :nia.d.e.-OZANO, & CO., The FOR_..._ OF & .GO UJE MARK. Brand. T <> B .A. CJ CJ <>, nu-. .,,.,...,:AM, Tobacco Brokers r epo r t to ruE Sinc e our l as t report trnmn<:Lions in Mary and amounted to 110 b!Jds From Javi> rn,822 bales foun with h eavy competition for all kinds: and of Sumatra were sol d. On the 24th our whole stock of Sumatr.....,ilin llliil .Ulll brought into the market. Stock to-day:-1122 hhd s Maryland, 432 do K e ntucky, 4000 bales Engli s h East Indian, 4356 do Java, and 8435 do Sumatr a o ft rlller snle i s ycC tu1nounccd Exclmnge--Rate for six months credit bills ou L o ud'm for this post Ji, ntled at lie 11% ymouth correspondent of tie Liver.po9l (Eng.) c;,111-Jer "thatior some years' smuggl.Ui on an extens ive scale has b ee n earned on l.IY seamea of the Royal Navy antl marines at PlyploutJi. It is the practice for a large number or iliem to bring ashore tobacco s erved out among8t the ship's allowc a:nee and sell it to the shopbroker11," -September has be e n a somewhat quiet month in the tobacco trade n Boston. ROBT. W. OLIVJCB. WESTHAM TOBACCO W OLIV"ER, Br<> PRO PRIETO BS, .... .: 1 lllA.NUPA.CT1l'BBB8 OP TllB CJBLBBBATED :J:E "OXG..&.R, 'HEADQUARTERS FOR P''ISE AND ICNITINC TAPES. D. W. CROUSE. LIQUORICE f ASlE Tiae undersigned continues to manufacture Import nish and Turkish Liquorice Paste, wl]icf\ he offers to the Trade at Reduced Prices. Manufa01ure'rawll find It to lrlnterest to apply to him.before purchMllrlg else Janies c. McAncl,pw, A.-ialred under &be Lw or tbe 55 Water Street, New Yo ,:.:__ llal1elJi1a1e1. r MAYO & WATSON VIRGINIA CIGARS TOBACCO WORKS Brand ---OFKEY WEST CIGARS. 1 South Frederick St., BALTIMORE, LEAFLETS. / MARYLAND. the J>lace of depression and apprehension, and labor is rapidly distributing its forces in accordance with the demand; -Elder Ellis, presiding over a camp meeting at Upper Sandusky, Ohio, ordered that there be no smok on the A pal'ty of roughs persistently enJoyed theu tobacco, and Ellis, being athletic and went down from the platform and pulled the from theil mouths. That night they drove the m101ster out of town and broke up the camp.-Ex c hange. A Frankfort newsparer,a.s stated, lately announced that a tobacco manufacturer in a certain town in the P!llatinate had. bought up several wagon loads of tur mp l eaves. Thl8 has aroused all the tobacconists of that Palatinate, who latoly addressed a memorial to the Mayor of the city, asking him to make public the name of the party who bought the turnip leaves. -The .cente r of the tobacco pipe manufacturing in dnstry m Germany is Ruhle, in Thuringia. In that t?wn and the neighboring v illages the annual produc for the past few yeara has average d 540,00U genu mi; m_eerscbaum bowls or heaas, and 5,400,000 artificial or 1m1tat10n meerschaum b o wls. The numbe r of polished lacquered and val'iuusly mounted wood e n pipe-heads annualy produce d was 4,800.000. Ot the cornmOll por celain bowls the favorite pipes of the G erman. peas antry. there were manufactured ev8!.r;. year, 9,60ii,ooo, and of the. fine clay or lava bowls 2 ,7IJIJ,000. n ustry. '' Dring the two ending Saturday the 20th inst., the Fairbanks Scale Company receivecl orders for 2,868 scales, including orders for, no less tha.n nineteen iron-frame R. R. track scales. Thia is t largest number of orders booked at the fa<:tory since the panic of 1873. Tbi increased busiaees'I is j;he nat1lral ..i' lllRUl.J.f of tbe improve d conditi o n of the iron trade, aud the moving of the o f the :'?(est. To meet this businese preesure '.tact(>ry;lins commen L tunning vening the fl'l-St' tiih I" dmce flie -w .-St. Joh nsbu1-y, Vt., Caled-Onian, Sept 26. Value of Foreli:-n Cotns. So'Verelgn ....... ......................... : Tiren*f Franc pleee ... ... ... "' ::::: ::: ::::: :: 8Panillh Doubloon Jfexloaa Doubloon...... llpalllab 4ollan -OllDCI.. .................................... 11ai-k :::: :. :::::: 0J:::.::. ::: THE EXTRAORDINARY SUCCFES ''PUCK OF MY '' OIG-.4.R.ETTES Hae caused unscrupulOWJ uia.nuiacturers, 'who repeatedly, but in vain, tried to force their Clgantt.ea on thainnrket, to again impose pon the Trade with a spurious article, and to use the popularity of the Bmnd in adopting for their ware a name BOllnd ing my "PUCX," with the undoubt.ed intention to misle the trespectfully caution the Trade to beware of k Cigarettes" a D1&D:t1faotured.. wiiheu .. S,weetmg1, alid bear lll7 name, We hereby caution all parties upon or fMITATINt;' RANDS, LABELS & TRADEMARKS. tnat we will spare no pains in prosecuting such parties jn l!rotecting secured w us by A:ct of Congress dated August 14, 1878. THE CELEBRAJ D FOR SALE <>:N"L"V" BY THE -Now York Label Pllbr 94 BOWERY CAUTION. "LONE JACK" 8JGARETJfS. Manufacturers of Cigi:Lrettes and (ltlie.r:ti \Vhom it may' conc ern :-The "LONE JACK 11 Cigarettes were duly regist.ere(l.\>y me in the Patent Ofllce at-Washingto11, D.'Q. !Mters of Patent granteu July 15, 1 879. I will pi;o secute to the full extent of the law a ll parties imitating the above brand. PHILIP H. ERTHEILER. PHILADELPHIA, PA. Se,;t. 24, 1879. 762 5 $trl\iton & Storm. 204, 206 & 208-}:ast 27th St., New.,York. We hereby give notice tha.t all Infringe ments of our BB.AND. DOCTOR'S PRESCRIPTION," will be rigorously dealt with according to the TmdeMark Laws of the United States. FOaTll, HILSON & CO., Reliance Clg:ar FactoryNo. lt 3d Dlatrlct. 746-771 LOOK SHARP FOR "OUR GRANDFATHER'S CLOCK," Co., 'li'or.. Sa.J.e. Scl'aps-and Clittings. to 8_,DEM 1Clc; extra wrappers,. :fti9. g-TEBllS NB'1' OUK. II. W, FR.Alli 00., 8 N Queen St. SA.'V'E BY USING o Made by Improved Machinery in and Fancy Colors for use on Tobacco. a:oelleat artlole la .,.... .o oheap 89 to lie iD clemaJad to. paokfDtr FINE O'IJT ba Palla, Drmaa &Del Banela. We far:alah it iD aooU'ate m.. for aek. pU"pOa .. aacl far ... la place of Foil oa PLUG 'lOBACOO. s.&nPLBS A1'D PRl()B8 P1l'BNl8HBD 01' ... LIV&TION. &, &"terry, :N"<>. om::i:>.a.a. &TP'JDWT, JSrE"OU' WAXED APER! NEW TOBACCO. KANUF AUTURED BY REGENHARD, SHEVILL & CO. g c., 00 8-tree"t, JSre""1V' Tork.. 'l'lllo l'aper will keei> TOBACCO and CIGARETTES alway fresh, and ret&ln the orii!D&l 'taTI>r. Tho leadhlir maaufacturers uao It. Send for llampleo. FOIL. MANUFACTURED BY S. No. YORK. QUOTA.TJON8 .I.ND S.l.MPL ON .l.PPLICATI ......


,.....,_, ,l"AI .... I 6 r WE lBE.:sTILL ON 'DECK AND PROPOSE TO BEM.lll !BEBE .... >- 'I .. { .. W. 'l. BLJ.CIWILL & CO., DUR!llll, I. C. OF THE BEST, PUREST,. AND MOST FRAGRANT, AND THE ONLY GENUINE II Would most announce to the Trade, that. they propose to furnish the entlre Retail Trade with a handsome CHROMO, the most capital. one, too, ever brought out; or_ a splendid CHROMO .COUNTER CANISTER,,' and 100 LITHO .. GRAPHIC CARDS, with their address printed thereon, besides as many Posters and Dodgers as, they will distribute; anCI in addition to all we pledge ourselves to furnish them the Best, ancl Most Satisfactory Smokblg Tollaceo l NOW ON THE MA:RKET. I ------------: I ,. I ---! The market ls now :flooded with cheap so-called Durham Tobaccos .. all of which are imita tions of BLA.CK.WJ:LL'S, and you should shun them as you would any other counterfeit. Ask your. grocer or dealer for BLACKWELL'S DURHAM: TOBACCO, and. if they attempt to put you off with an infe_rlor article, insist upon having BLACXWELL'S 9NLY. and If they will not give it to you, go to some dealer who keeps it, and see that it has the BULL on each I Very truly yours, VJ". T. BLAJIW"ELB & CO., I MANUFACTURER. S OF THE BEST, PUREST, AND FINEST SMOKING TOBACCO IN THE. WORLD. ..... ---


-------------------------------Durham, N 0., is situated in the 4th Revenue District, which embraces 21 Counties, and in .these Counties there are 66 Registered of Tobacco. The.Internal. Reve nue paid to the Government by these Factories, for the :t;iscal year en.ding June 30th, 1879, amoUn.ted to (Eigt an4 thousand four hlin.dred and. eigltty dollars and cents). Of tb.iis amou,nt the manufacturers of DURHAM, W. T. BLAOKWELL: & Oo., alone paid $542, 720.24 (Five forty-two thousand' seven hundred and twenty dollars and twenty-fowcents. AIMOST THE AMOUNT THAT TA l-0 OTHER 65 F AOTORIES COMBINED PAID. -. This needs no comment. These facts show_ most conclusively who it is at Durham that makes Smoking meets to the fullest extent the popular demand. ---------To manufacture .. the ORIGINAL and ONLY GENUINE DURHAM Tobacco. To be in the V __ ERY CENTRE of the finest tobacco section of the Union, peculiarly adapted to manufacfure of a first-class Smoking Tobacco. To opera,te the LARGEST AND BEST EQUIPPED Smoking Tobacco Factory IN THE WORLD. To purchase THE VER.Y BES'F RAW MATERIAL and use THE l\'IOST SKILLED LABOR in our operation of any manufacturer in the market. To :be better prepared foom our LONG EXPERIENCE and ABUNDANT FACILITIES to THE VERY BEST SMOKING TOBACCO knowq to commerce. To have established within the short space of 14 years, OWING TO THE SUPERIOR QUALITY OF OUR PRODUCTS, a greater reputation and created a greater demand for BLACKWELL'S DURHAM, than any house in the Tobacco business has. been able to do in one-half century. To have given general satisfaction with BLACKWELL'S DORHAM, and are doing it to-day than any other brand of Smoking Tob acco upon the market That'therecan be no more HONEST,_RELIABLEand SMOKING TOBACCO put upon the market than BLACKWELL'S DURHAM That by all DURHAM enters into general consumption in .THIS AND EUROPE, than similar class of goods That the past and future prospects of BLACKWELLS DURHAM prove .all this. 1 Very respectfully, W. T. BLACKWELL & CO. j ..


. DOHAN, GARRDbL & c o., -104. Front New York. -'-P. o. Bo:z. 11.aea.-. MANUFACTURERS OF AND DEALERS IN Pll&. !ND SIOKIN& TOBACCO. Sole Agents for JAMES B. PACE, Richmond, AND OTHER VIRGI?{IA MANUFACTURERS. JNO. W. CARROLL'S CELEBRATED :\ LONE JACK, BROWN DICK, rro. --A.JrD--,;v-. :J:>'5*TLLXF9S' PATENTED ;BB,&JTD ... o R A G-t;R a t G SMOKING TOBACCO. THE VIRGINIA 'nl ACtm AGENCY, lll'ata' :.a.sea. .: 1 M. G.&BDINBB, !OB1008-00Bl881mf Blt1JllliT 84 FRONT STREET, NEW YORK. EXPORT ORDERS FOR PLUG TOBACCO l"RO.ll(PTLT FILLJID. ( OOT,4 T BE BEST .. ALL-TtlBACCOCIGARETtE co.,_ ''er:irw-EEN TH[ ll!.rS" Loaf Pasto ... '1 .. ... ., -:-_::_. LMfToboooolaBal .. T110'.1 a BAT.T. _-. -------, -aus.r.T.llas ----. ___ .....;.... __ 222 Gi'tlllWICB BTBllT. COB. OF B.&BCL.lY, ............. &, ... 0$:&1\N_ .. .LE ct. 134 YOlltK, IAIOFACTOID OP PINE CIGARS. 1 Front Street, ALSO IMPORTERS or HAVANA CIGARS & LEAF TOBACCO. J. OilTll, .::....... lll. 0.LBTB, :H>:>:N' ...... -2L&VS&, .M:A.NVP A.CTUBEB O XBW 'rOJl&, E. M. CRAWFORD & SON, Udl'ORTEBS AND DEALEBI! lll LEAF TOBACC01 1ee 'Water Street, P, o. BOX 34711. NEW YORK M. H. LEVIN, IMPO!tTER of HAVANA National lRBllCJ t:Et91'abliahed I -79 :&":E'l.C>N"T &T:E'l.EE[T, N"E"gV -A.LL 8TYLEI OJr-i MANUFACTURED AlJD SMOKING TOBACCO I Kept In stock, ready for PROMPT DELIVERY from STORE or FACTORY, both T A..::X:. P A.:J:D a.:n.c1. re>r E1.::X:.PC>R.. T .80LE AGENTS FOR THE JUSTLY CELEBRATED BRANDS, F, C. LINDE, C. F. LINDE, C. :N"E"WV' "Y'OR,:EE. -Seed Leaf Tobacco TOBACCO INSPECTED OR SAMPLED. 0<>u.:n.1'ry Sa::aipl.:l:n.5Promp1'l.y.A1'1' 'te> given i!lni!iPli""iiiERCHifst;"mti of F. C. LINDE & CO. PHILADELPHIA BRANCHES : E. W. DICKilllSON corner Arch and Wato r Streets; JON AS 64 N orth Front Street. HA.RTFOKli,Conu.1-IRA E. HULL, 15'1StateStt eet. lilUFJrlELDlConn.1-EDW. AUSTIN. LA.NCASTEK, Pa. : -HENRY FOREST JRDCIP L OFllJl().Bl1-H2 WATER 8TREET.1md 182 w STR EET.; I WAREHOUSES:-142 WATER, '74, '76 & '78 OREENWICW-STRll!E'I'S uud' HUDSON RIVER RAILROAD DEPOT ST JOHN'S PARK. E=-N"R,'Y(.,&I TOBACCO AND GENERAL iDl' l1ISiIDN 68 Broa.4 S't ., :N"e"VV" 'Y'e>rk. Co.inmission Merclia.lits, <18 &. 48 Exchange !'lace, me-vv York.. TOBACCO iS Broad-St.. w Y ort WILLtAll BUCSANAN, DAVID C. L YALLl BUCHANAN & LYALL, O:IBce: 101 Wall St., New York.-P. O. BOX 1112. Facton:-No. 2 FIRST DISTRICT, SOUTH BROOKLYN .llANUfACTUllERS OF TRI: FOLLOWING (JZJ.ZBRJLTEJ) BRANDS OF CHEWING TOE.A.CC OS-. :PLUG. PLANB'I' XAVT. la, 311 ... a.-, ... 7e, 8e, 9, lOa. AILOR'll CHOICE, a ...... a ..... 7 ,., 9, o.. '7RALLE!rGB, l'M. WAllHINGTO!lr, llrBPl'mlllll, Double brt. drk. !IUGGDll MITCHELL. !rAJlRAG.t.l!lSETT. A.LEXAllDRA. 8111l!ll!' 'l'ION. Il'LOVRD'EK8. BUCHA.IVA.N, Ula. J.t.CK. OF CLt1B:w KING PHILIP. lo-IU Pl!l AND A.-ICUT. "5CO!r4'VERlllP .,.,, .A.0'.llE "Fae;r t Pnund Tll:CtlM>l:H. IOo. l"EERLJIU. PA.I.Mo SOLU 11.&lllr. l'KIDB Oii' 'I' REGilllEJIT, P0"1Ricu LEAFTOB G. W. GRAVES, SEED LEAF TOBACCO,


OCT. 4 A.ILSCOY"J:LI.Eaco SCHRODEB SEHD LH 11KPOiTEB.s.O:F ._ 178 Trr, w voK, ._ .lU1 AND PACKERS OF -IMPORTERS OF SPANISH 162 water st., New York. SEED LEAF Tobacco DOMESTIC"-l'fLF."'Ec .. Af11 o .. TOBACCO. TOBACCO BAGGING, No. 170 WATER STREET, NEW YORK. DIIT&TIOl'f .. &l'fl9B LINBN, N. LAGHENBRUCH. & BRO. P ACKEBS OP SEED LEA.F AJfD IJIPOR.TERB 01' T<>'l>a.c9 164 "'!'A1'ER STREET, NEW YORK. FANCY STRIPES, .4nd all ldDda of l(>OCll -4 for putting up lmeldnl: Tobacco. acempleteUIOft. ....,,or smo1oen Alllalel for&lle Trade. HOWARD BROTHERS & READ, EllNEST FREISE, MANUFACTURERS OF CIGARS SMOKE EARLY AND OFTEN!! ; DEALERS IN LEAF. TOBACCO, .. I THE PEOPLE'S CHOICE 1 1 4'8 ...i "5 :&roaaway, :New York. BASCH A FISCHER, mo:a.TERS OF HAVANA /.ND PACK:llRS 01' SIBD LIAJ._,TUBAGCD, 204, a(ld 208 EAST TWENTY-SEVENTH STREET, NEW YORK. GL.ACCUM & SCBLOSSEB ::P.a.o:a::::m::o x"M" :e.a.x..x..oor .:sox:ma. llIANUFACTVRERS OF -PATENTED 18'l9.. J. &, .A.. PR.E'Y', MANUFACTURERS; No. 72 CORTL_ANDT STREET, NEW 155 Wata st., llfevKa!denLua, NEW YORK. S. F. BESS & SOLE OJ'. THE Tho Gorman-American Bank ] .. ,;..!> ___ C_. 1 ..... ... .! Propr\e1!!5or 60 W.A,LL ST., JlrEW YORK. BLVE J.AY1 JDJrG BIBD1 llAR.51 BELLOirA1 DR.VMKE.BBOY. CAPITAL, llO,,OOO. Bnry tacllltT dorded Coi-reopondenle comdatent with Sound Banking. B. BOCHOLL, President, f ft.ll&DISO, Cuhlor. E. & 8. FRIEND & CO., LEAf TOBAcco, I SH'' Maiden Lane, Gus FRI>ND, N EW YQ EDWARD FRIEND, Jv.., R K LwoNAltO F1tl'RNn. r &. C>R.G-LER., lliNUFACTURBB OF FINE CIGARS, AND DEALER IN LEAF TOBACQO, 85-MURRAY STREET I NEW YORK. 1'1y Branch:-" Oll'BA LIBRE," "CLIMAX." I CUTHRllE & CO., -... Tobacco. and LEONARD l'BJEDBIAN '' p R E I u 1\1( :J; & 7 TOBACCO 'Z!J. T. II. ..r 203 Pearl Street, New York. <. -No go2 C:HATMA SQ\IARI'.. NEW YORK.-. -vru.mnM. n-. '1'DllX>. WOLi', J& WM. EGGEBT a CO.-IllPORTERS OF :&> V ANA AllD PACDM 01!' SEED. LEAF Tobacco 248 Pearl and 20 Cllff Streets, New York. : "LA VUELTA ABAJO." t= 111!11 () EXTRACT OF HAVA:NATOBACOO, NEUMAN & DINGL-INGER; GENERAL tllff 'O&RAPHERS N. W. Cor. PEARL and. ELM STS., NEW YORK. ,, ,, and Tobacco Labols and Show Cards a sueciallJ._ ., "V'1 :&, ll&nutaot.rer of au Denript.ioaa of :PZN:J!ll OUT OlEICEJ"VV'ZNG TC>, 'Aad Soi. Proprilltor of thm,f.UowiJaa Claoi.;.. Br-ct.: 10:0 REE q!TIES-Smoking .and Cigarette; Bristol Golden. Bird's :yePure Richmond Mixture-Smoking; As You Like It Fine-Cut Che1ing. Hr' Also Export Tobaccos for use1 and Inventor and Patentee of the Comlrlae4 SteDLIDiDc &nd Drying llllachiDe. IHS7 Clb SllSD &1:., Elrook.l.yn., N. "Y". 225 Froat Street. COEIISSION DB.C1LU1'1'S, ..... HAVANA FLAVOR en 111!11 '.fO THE FILLERS OF CIG.ABS. = ii' .A.1'1.EEJ& ... p. ac:>., ,J ., Q BALERS OF TOBACCO FOR EXPORT. Sample Bottles (S1dcle11t for 19,000 etsan). .. Sent(), 0. D. .... I w eatern, VDglnla: & ll'orth. 0 IArgerQuant1ties at a IJberal D1800unt: I L E A F T. 0 B A C c .,._. MILLER'S. CELEBRATED PATENT CIGAR MOLDS, .. 0"8T ... CARL UP:at:ANN, THE lWIOST PERFECT,' THE llOST DuB.ABLE, AND. THE -AIIDGeneral Commission .Merchant, 178 Pearl street, Cigar Molds ever offered to the Trade Y'C>B.:&::. LEVY & -NEWGAS$,. PACKERS OF ALL KINDS OF SEED LEAF TOBACCO, G) .c ..... G) .=10 ..... fco 11 ........ o-c ::I! 169 WATER STREET, as a> Y-or. k.. o.c ........ G).E Comtantlyon hand 0D BB-SWEATED C) II Coonectl!.!ut and Pennsylvania G f M. & s. stERNBE_RG'ER., BANKERS AND BRQKERS, .,! t'T BBOAD ST., l(J::W TOBK. = I'. Pay particular attentloll to the NMto-.!u!on of \! of Foreign E:l:change a.nd Loan&. -v Execute Oroero for the Purohale and S>le of i .!I Callfom!a and Nevada JllDiDg Stock in the, "'9 Fr&ncltco Stock Exchange. .... :c '"" C) :z ,.... '"'Cl ::::ICI ..... :II"' I .... c=; .. :II"' ,.... 31: Cl ,.... Cl en ...., Cl ::::ICI ...., z '"" Cl Cl Cl en J. W. SIYm &: CO., COMMISSION The demand for these molds has increased so rapidly that we have been compelled to e.dd to our present large fe.otory .in Cincinnati another factory with even e. la.rger, located in the City of New York, so that we now able to fill orders from e.ny pe.ri of the world more prompily than formerly. On application we shall take plea.sure in se:Q.ding to any address, free, circulars of our molds, cigar-shapers, presses, etc.; also{ e. lisi containing over THl'tEE HUNDRED illustrations of different styles of Cigars, e.mongwhich all the latest sizes out. Addres_s to IE RC BAITS, BRETHERTON l;IUILDINGS, No. 10 NORTH-JOHN' STREET, "' .--LIVERPOOL. ENC. OB R.ead.e S:t. CALIXTO. LOPEZ;1 OJI' FINE VUELTA lBlJD TOBACCO & CIGARS \&atl ProprlMer oUhe Brand LA 18LA" wor .... :importauo .. otroaeeo, &atl Br-4 or CJlaare "Coney Jsla.nd," 206 Pearl St, lew Yorl 0 D' &,. :.:>e'ters D'.l:a:nu.t:'a O<>. OFFICE AND F 'ACTORY: NEW Y ORK OFFICE AND-FACTORY: 136, 138 A t40 East Second Street, Cincinnati, .0. 610 East Nineteenth St., NEW YORK CITY. LEVY BROTHERS, -M:an:u.fao1'u.:re:rs of F'INE CIGARS I : .. 148 D.,d. -1-ca.a .A. 'V':J!ll"M"'D':m D, Corner ot Tenth Skeet, J 111-442, 444, ;.446. and l EAST. TfNTH s ,TREET, NEW YORK. I I t 1 .. Freight) : .. :e.rokers, ;\.ND RECEIVING AND. fORWARDlftG, AGENTS. (P. 0. Box 3,152.J 53. Exchange Place, NEW YORK. 0 -. Cl ar lanufae1Urer & Dealer inLeaf Tobacco 302 BoWtl'J I. T. W. E. UPTEGROVE. Spanish .Cedar FOR CIGAR BOXES, _.,.,,_ Ci[ar Box Makers' SnDDlles. Foot 10th & 11th St., East RiTer, .:... nw YORJC. llllND FOR OIRCULABl\I OB TO I. H. BOR&FELBT Ci!ar lonlu. 511 East19ti Bt:J B. Y. !US Proa& 1 11..:..r.. KERBS&: SPIESs, :New York; SAN FRANCISCO, CAL Boraoe :a. Kelly&: Co., :New York; ll1U1eln & Co LouiavWe, '1'7.... BOSSELMANN & SCHROEDER, &,, Commission Merchants La.mparilla lS,_(P. 0. BOI.650JHa.v.ana.. -: .. ::EIEC>E &, O<>., Commission MerGhants. LEAF .uB CIGARS .-. .. 1 & 3 Keroaderea, Ba..ana, Olah&. ... 1


} TELLER BROTHERS, Pittin; ............ ....... It' ..... .. "'jfl7 North Thlr..d '"'StTeet, P _hlladelphla. ..I.Jo ....... W. EISENLOHR & OOr, PACKERS AND WHOLESALE DEALERS 11'1 L E A F T 0 B A c 'c-'o, i:us s. s-t 'Pli!L. BONN. L. BAMBERGER & CO., -Y. A -CC 0 -LE.A. F. OOT 4 'WESTERN. ADVERTISEMENTS. MISCELLANEOUS ADVERlISBIEITS J. Pl.ASPENTGE.ouA Tc. ScPEoNCE.umC. A. SPENCE. BINSDAtE SQB', AIBIBS (Succeeurs to H. SMITH & CO.) PACKERS AJO> JOBBl!JlS..OF Sp. : B : '. -! Connecticut Leaf Tobacco enCe rothersra eo.. 20 HAMPDEN ST., Springfield, Mass. "AMBROSIA" "WIGWAM" :P;J:rJlilO"D".,_.. &1\ll:C>::&:.%1'1'G 1'lio. 04', ae, ae, eo .., ea Ea.: orhirc1. B'tree1:, ceWISSION DECHANT OXN"O:J:N"N" .A. T:J: J. so:e.a-ck llA.NUFACTURERS OF ALL KINDS PLUG TOBACCO, C>. In LEAF and MANUF AO'l'URED TOBAOOO, l.2 Central Wharf, D. DILJ..ENBEBG, lllU.JflJF ACTUB_ERS' AGEJIT -FOR- so1rn co1roRT.'c;>TuBEDoii!R,0i1lliri!VE.0iJ1Ac1 mA10Nn.1 Mannfact'd Tobacco & Xo. 120 N, llEOOl'llD &T. a... ,,.. e,..o MILLER & HERSHEY, DEALERS IN AND PACKERS OF PENNSYLVANIA SEED LEAF TOBACCO, Lancaster Co., Pa. eQ. : U .Pa.ckers, .. & in :l?:l:ve El:ro1:h.e.:r 18om Po-u.:a.d9, Lo:n.15 J"oh.:n. B, Elr1gh.'t a.:n.d.' C>1cl. Cl Oen.-t ::E"'J.-u.s, AND ALL OTHER POPVLAB STYMls OF FINE NAVY TOBACCO, -s-:-w:-wn;cox, PACli:ER OF SEED LEAF tc H"AVANA TOBAC.C10 l \, ... .. ...... I' ,No. 35 North > 'And 214 STATE STREET, HARTFORD, CONN. 1 B::EJ:LVT"C"O:H:"Y. SEED TOBACCO, w. s. o'NEIL, .G. W. WICKS & GO., HARTFORD coNN: Pacar -Dealer ID K111ufact.urera' .Aaell.t.a for t.he Sile of OHIO,SEED LHARTORACGO JiIUinial Kentucky c. & R. DORMITZER & ,cu. -IHWEt!IT MAIN .STREET, I 2 NORTH MAIN ST., Lo-S...'V:l.l.1e, :H:y. Bet. ldain Sts.. 0 G!!!!i w W!CD, lf, J.i'Usm', Eow. J, .ro.... BT. LC>..., ... JMIC -..=;,..........__ ____ -. Choice Brands of Imported Lioorioo &lway11 oa band, Liberal Cash AavanC<9 made on eonaqp. s.&M"Ii -,....,a,.. O!.iT, : 1 co Steam CIGAR-BOX MANUFACTORY AND DEALER 11 CIGAR-Box TRIMMINGS, LABEts, PAPER. J : ,BA:llr :8108 A :CPO .A.1'TD .A.LL ,:&::CM%>& O:CG.A.JR. JR.:CEIEIC>m"B, .lJ nr 1 11. (J I 690 to 707 W. Sixth St.. <> aoliof.U>d.' -R. &. VOCJC!.--G. F .!WOKE.-a. E. &t CO., TO-BACCO & GENERAL-COIMISSION IEREHANTS, J.looBWSIL, AARON KABlf E A. Wzrt.. B.-GEISE & BRO., STEVENSON&; CO. S. E. cor. i:heapside and Lombard Sts. BALTIMORE.11 w ., KAHN & co. -r:m.&JM: -:ro:e.a.oco Leaf Tobacco Pressed ln'_Balea 8peclalty. --. FACTORY ilD-GUMPERT E. E. WENll"f'V BARlc. Specially. cor. me ron s., ::c>.A.:isiv-:z:LLE, .&.. 4.8 Fr.ont O. CINCINNATI. OF CH AS. B. KLEMM' Pl.4. i .. m LARGEST CIGAR FACTORY' Ii ;HK s iTk SEED LEAIToBACCO, _CIGARS, Miami-Leaf Tobacco Warehouse. WAYNE & RATTERMANN, Ion 0naR"G, 0 J'aa). I T-INFOIL 1 17 w. Lombard st., Eeaf Tobacco :U.&.LT:C:D5:C>::E'l.:l!J, 1\ll:::c>. ,, """; -.,-: __... .. v. s ; &011.c:I Tc:>p 20 co-St.. Baltimore. CIGAR MOULD MANUFACT'G CO. G. n. JOS. SCHROEDER & CO., Cor, Ridle & North Colle[e Au's, Pa.I IMPORTED and DOMESTIC BEEDLE.AP" t::lr" retailing 118 dil'l'erent bapes and, from the factory, .. t L E A f T O B A O lrl'6& reducert prices. Every mould warranttoTop DARKWRAPPERs_ oald. OftlcJatdocumeotscan be seen at Ridge anct lionb CollepA....,,_ U S. SOLID TOP CIGAIUlOU'LD CO. = H. W ATTEnE; 218 :P ... 1 St., ir.;.J. York, Sot. Atr..t.I PETERSBURC, VA., ADVERTJ&EMENTS. I BSTABLIRED 1840. I J. RlNALDO SANK & CO., DQ _HAN & TAIT'l'r Tobacco Commissfon Merchants, S:W. VEN.ABLE &ao. PROPRIETORll, 122W. Pron & 91 Commeree8 O:CN'O:EN'N' .A.T:E, 9 J.IJB8 S. W.1.nt:c, J H. IUTl"BRIW .ft SQUARE POTS or l'IJrISHEB.11, CADDY PRESSES, CASINGS .ft BAWDS, eto., FOB. THE llANDFACTURE OF PLUG TOBACCO, John H. McGowan' & Co., CINCINNATI, 0. tfa raJ C 08lce: CJor. Byrne ck Baliflax Stta., l'etersburgh, Va. nne ommISsion Merchants, 107 ARCH STREET. I Factory: 19 EL:PEIC:C.A.. Maaufactnr, o and Olr<>r 14 tire Trade the lollowtnr CELEBRATED BRANDS of .w. BEST, Cblca&'o1 1' f.;?R.IN PALMER, N .... YorkJ v Cblcaro. j OF EVERY GRADE. Lehmaier. Schwartz & Co. :Ir .A.OTC>::E'I. 'YI -601 :FIRST AV., oor, 29th llt., Commission OFFICE IN TOBAC&O .:::CCHAllGE,.HOCKOE SLlf', 3U::BJJOND, V W. :m:. LADD, -. LW T:llBACGU BJJYlt (FOR THE TRADE,) J F. X. KELLY, Jr., P L UG-Y SORVE[ COOK A CO. HAP,PY.'THOUGffT Bc .. .. I WHOLESALE :.TOBACCOifJST n 21 N. St., v Tobacco Agency, .. d10.. i 0 B11 SUB ...,..'1', lA.CQIO,, _CQDISSION JC.DC!Wml, -{106 _n., Pa. "-!'!NOT LYLE .. BRIGHT NA.VY. lo. 3, lh, Ga, h, s., D 10.. ., '"" ..J. "UNION JACK" lllAllOGA!IY POUNDS, l'9 aad Go. .A.ND BOLE PROPRIETOR& 011' THE GEl'll"UJ:lll'E WEOLll:SALE PEALE ll. Uf' .. Alcncln c '' o W I .. "BT. JAMES" DARK POUND8,)>o,4,ll,6,,Ta,;ia, il ndl0o. ..., ""' "'' FINE TWIS'l'. of oeveral gradBrightand Mahogaayan4Mtbfonfttog ,, GOLDEN CROW" CIGARS, :S:A A. ,.., ....,PLU TOBACCOS. "'1%B.A'l'I01V,"-- _..,.._._, -105 WA'l'BB. .. "BJ.l"'R'i' ck" :r.rv:a OAK," "RAJIOB," 57 Lake-Street and 41 State Street, Chicago, 111. DOKESTIC LEAF P.KtLA..DELPBIA. A ii. THEO.BALD 4"-... 80'1'0 ,_,,and ,, ALSO AGENTS FOR THE FOU.OWING WELL-KNOWN FIRMS.;,. .. DI Eaat Randolph St., ( -- P. WRILLARD &: CO.t.New York; SEIDENBERG & .i we rep.-n& I&, we WILL PAY FREIGHT BO'l'H WAYS. 1 I Orilers SoBdted. --- ----------" ...,..,,...,. On1ow8 ...........ruJlv 11,11Jl.1!1'91!!J)tl,y attended &o, Price List- OD appllcatloll, N, llballoll, JI'. 'l:.Bnnen, Q,lf. .. <


OCT. 4 Business Directory of Advertisers. :XEW YOBL T.,_W--. Almer &: Debls,. !90 Pea.rt. Appleby &: Helme. 133 Water o.nd Ill Pine Barne\t B. 168 Water 1116 Water. Oi11:'41.oz0 A. H. 1111 Broad. '(lrawtofd E. Ill & 11on; 168 W-. Jraert Wm. & Co. Z16 Pearl. Triend E. & G. & Co Lane. '(Jarth D. J .; Son & Co. 44 Hroad. eUoert J. L & Bro. 180, W&ter. <9enMl I:. 191 Pearl. 11ambUil!ert..lno. m w:-Jnwh a Bro : 164 Waler. -Lederer & Flacbel. 218 Pearl. 'LeTln ll. H 11111 Pearl. '-LMT .t Newg.C... 189 Water .t C.ano. 181 !l&iden Lue. ._berger'Jll. 172 Water -<>Wnger Brothers, 48 Broa4. 'l'Ullltlch M. 179 P-1. .._Wm. M 1\V Malden Lane Bfkmnn G. 228 l'e&rL '8awyer, WAiiace ill: Co. 47 Broadwar 'lld>roeder & Bon, 178 Water. ; llC!hubart ff. & Co. 146 Water. .&oYIUo .a.. ii:.' & Co. 170 Wale\'. ::f!llebert Henry, 68 Broad. -111eciie R. 131 Water & Storm, 2IN-*lB !l'!h 'Jlol', Ollariea F. Bon. 11!4 ,Vroll\. Carl. 178 l'lo&rl. of Weal-Va. and N. O L. Klller & Co. 34 New and 88 liroad st lll'oreh..-1 for lhe. Sal< of, .Jll<1n1'/ll &: uo. 104 Fron\. DaBola '1D ii. '3n11..,&e;" $ 1111 8. W_uhlnltOn Sqll&N Gardiner J'. Yd. 84 'Frbnt 60 .. -18 Ljberty. Bunt H'. W. 69 William .' llMtio.&:D.11110, 19 l'ront 'lbo'l'JISOO. M'l'/'"'l &: Co. 83 "ronL W".., & Bendheim, ll64 and ill6 Canal ,1aporler1 o/ Ma"ila DCJ"" Olgiwt. UaiDiton's !!_6 71>00CCO Balero jor JilrpO!i. _, .. .,,. & Clo. 2211 Fr.-...t. ', II ,ftllip c. s. &: Oo. 188 P.ul Oomnlli< M.........,.,,_ .J1e711ea'Brothers II!. Co., 46 &: 48 E>ome Charlea F. M Broad. Hoder M. &: Son. 48 Broad 1lb&Ck A. m M&lden Lane. JLaiRur o/ Smoking BM """""'1 T..-. Anderson J oho &: (Jo. UL 116 and 117 Liberty. Jluchanan & Lyall, 101 Wall Buchner D & Co. 11!2 Weat .Goodwin & ao. '4fl & 1!011 Water. Hoyt Tllomas & Co. 404 Pearl. rltlnneY Broe. 141 West Broad'ft,J'. 4'orl1lard P. &: Co. 114 Water. JlcAlpln D. H. &: Co. A.venue D o.nd Tenth. : .B.lller G. B. & Co. 97 Columbia. "l'loneer Tobacco Company, 19' Water. Jl..,;ufacruT..oJ (1jgan. .Licea George, 003 Pearl .Ash, Louis & Co 104 Chambors Bondy &: Leaerer, 96 to 110 Attol'UT Brussel James&: Co. 78 Bowery 1 DeBary Fred. & Co 41 and. 48 Warren Frey J. &: A. 72 Cortlandt Gtaccum & Schlosser, Rivtnaton. Greenball & Teichmau1 45 Warran. lllneh D & Co. 12" anOr.!eq o/. H<>"""'1' Tobocoo "" Oigan. Alm!IBll J J 16 Cledar -ll'n!IBlf 11:. 157 Water -l'riec\Jnan Leonard, ll08 Ji'earl 6-la F, lf7 Water Oonzalez A.. 167 Wuer:. l[eo>bs:.t apie.. 1014-10*> II '.LytoP.., Cobw, Pearl .r.c.ano, Pend&1 & Co ft Pearl -er T. H & Co 161 llalden Laue. 1 Paacual L. IM Water 8anche., Haya &: 90. 180, 131, llM llaldea Lane Scoville A. H. &: Co. 170 Water &ld-rg & Co. 84 and 86 Beede '8o!Olllon M. &: E. !16 Halden Lane Vega & Bernheim, 187 Pearl Well&: Co. 115 Pine Welaa, Ziler&: Xaeppel, Ul Pearl V. Martinez &: Co. 190 l'l9&rl A"" /or C'Jl.ewing and Smol.-ing Tobacco. KM!lewa HW. 78 W&rren .... 141'...,rur..-1 of Key Wlt an4 1,Pl>rlen o/ 'fart. De Bary Fred'k &: Co 41 and 43 Wamoa (Jal'cia & Palacio. 167 Water Jllcl'all .t Lawson, 33 Kurray 8eldenbet11: .t ()e. 84 and 86 Beede lroie .t11...t for .tMlru .t. Acevd9' Keu 'W<1t C(f/ilra. Ba1iD9 0 B tot Halden o/ _, A"'6or ... Q&rl, :195: 1Jr&nd --. I>ii.Po/t6rl o; C'lall Pfj>eo. l l l KeaA.. & a. Llbel'.\J; ., of Briar .Pi-a"4 Iilo_...., of Smoker' .A.:rticlM. -Ford;' llel5-and 1llf/ O&lial S.n .a.: & Co. 48 l.tbertt j lEM'fn\llAn B'\!" &: 119 and 181 GtUd M.-fal4(ac:turerl of Ci(ltW S-. Benkell Jacob, ll98 and JloDroe Strauoa B. 179 and 181 Lew18 Wicke WllUalll &: Co 1158-161 Ooa'dc ;.,.ltir :(,. SpW. Cigar-BO## peer.. Optecro ... W, E. 4M-4'15 Ed Tenth BpcmW> and Germa1' Olgn, 179 Lewl8 1f1cD Wm. &: CO. 1118-161 Ooerck .9oGla" '" X,.faofunrl. Watteyne H. "16 Pearl ...,.uf<11&., Five Points. P. O. Box 11791, Tobacco BtJ{l(lif111. Howard Brothers&: Read. 44-1 &: 441> Broad.way ToMooo LabeU. New Yorll: Label Publishing Co. 94 Bowe.., Heppenhelmer &: lllaurer, lli and-IN N. Wlll1am Jl'enue Book Jourgensen, C. IO ;.,..d 37 uberiy Foreign and Dom.t'atk Btm t T!'l>acco (,\)jontof1, Buehler &: Polh&Uf, Onmmercial -:The J M Br&dslteet .&: sbn CO. fl'Bi'oildwq Manufaciu1i' of (f/aU Slf/M, Malthewa.J ohh.-833 East 26t h of'011"-r B!.""za..w. Bead Geo. W. &: Co. 186'200 Lewla Tobacco Freiph.t Br6W.:.. Smith W. 0. & .Ma.1;.tufacturd a of Cigar RibOOM. WIC& i'WID: 8lCO.-OOr. GO$-ek and ThW Cigaf.-fJOx 'I:Obell ti(nd mmmi"9.: Heppenheimer &: Maurer, 22 and: 9' N Wllll&ln & DinglingE!r ;n. !" opr\ Pearl Elm Manuf'Actnrenof Will: Paper 52 Dey st-Regenhard, Sltevill & Co. 55 JJey st Weaver & Sterry, 24 Cedar st .Man/acture r1 of t"lle Erip Cigar Light6r. Holmes. Booth & Ha.ydens, 49 Chambers ALBANY, If, y, J(anufacturer of Toitacoo. Qreer'1 A. Sons, S22 BALTIMORE, Md. Tobarco Warehouse.. Barker II!. Waggner, 29 South Gay Bovd W .I.. & Co. 33 South Guntller L. W 9 South !iay Kerckholl'. & Co. 49 South Charles Klemm Chas. H. 20 Commerce Marriott, G. M. !5 Merfela & Kemper, 117 Lomba.rd Schroeder Jos. & Co. 8 1 Exchange Place Wencl<, E E 46 and 48 South Charles Wischmeyer Ed. & Co. 31! South C&lven Tobacco Manufa.cturer1. Feigner F W & Son, 90 South dharleo Gail & Ax, 28 Barre Marburg Brothers. 146 to 149 South Ch&rleo Mayo & Watson, 7 S Frederick Tobacco and Gene ral Oomniiuion Merch.anta. Vocke R. E & Co. s. e. cor. Cheapslde and Lombard Patent Stem Rollers. Kerckholl'. G. & Co., 149 South Charle8 Pa ik&rs of &Jed Le,af and ImporfRlrB of Hava na Tobacco. Booker Bros. 98 Loml:>ard Lithographen-Sh-Ow-Oards and th:e Tobac&Cco Co, jlO.Broad .. Com1nillion Merchant. Holyoke C. 0.-:111 Centr&l-whatr i1' and "fb.. bacco and Cigar. D&Yeajlo..C-& Len, Ml oacli Jfing Tobacco. Daviea Wm. !57 and 1169 BU1'FAL01 JI', Y, D<ckor o/ Seed Lea./. Levin P 1111-114 E> SpatiW> alld Olgcr LIT 2bbfloco. H y &: Co 46 Frent OberhlmanJohn &: Co. 80 W, "roal Tobacco .Machi1'81'1J. TllcGolf&n J oho H. &: Co. .llG11'1/'Y a: sro. 115 West Front Jleler R. &: Co 81 Water 7bboCCO Warehowe Com.miaion. .Mere hon ft. Wa;rue & Rattermann, 122-lJlll W. Front and 91 Commerce Jlanujact1't.,.. o/ Oigors OIMJ m Lea/ ToOO-. 'Weil Kahn&: Co 118 lll&ln Jfc>Ato/tJCluroro I Citl Seed LMf B SadLea/ Gra.,..G. W DANVILLE. Va. Det1Zt1r1 o. HARTFORD, Com&. Plic/lerl """ --i n -IMl/i Tclliik'lill Gershel L. &: Bro., :1:!9 State 1-Geo. 150 State : Moore : Hay & Co., :!:14 State WWcoxB. W. HAVA-:XA, Cuha. Tobacco and Cigar Oommiaakm M4' Beck & Co. 1 and 8 .Mercadereo Boaselmann &: Schroeder, Lamvarllla 18 ruchterlng Aug. & Co. 3 M.ercaderes street HOPKINSVILLE, Jl7. Tobacco Brol.:trra. Thompson Geo V. Ragsdale w JI:. LANCASTER., Pa.. an 'l'obocOO. Hlrab David G. Bldleo Iii Frey, 61 and 63 North Duke P&c-.,. on.d i Comn,iuion Merchant. Teller A. 8 E Chestnut Manufacturer '!I PtRMJllvania gtgr1". M. w:. Frolm; N Quee11 st, ,LEBANON, Pa: Umraacc0. C&rroll John W 7'obacco Co,,.a.miH:ion MercAa-nfl. Holt, Schaefer lit. Co. MIDDLETOWN. O Man11faotmers of Plug Tobaccos. Borg P. J & Co. NEWARK. Ji, J, Campbell, Lano & Co. 484 Broad NEW ORLEANS, L&. Tobacco Factor an.d CommissioRMerchaft.t Stevensoa John D, C. 194 Common OWENSBORO, K7 7'obc.&cco Stemm.era. Frayser Bros. PADUCAH, Ky. Tobacco Broker. Puryear T. R PATER.SON, N. J, Manufacturers of Chewing and Smoking To bacco Snu'f! and Cigars. Alle n & Dunn mg, 66 & 67 Van Bouten Street PETERSBURG, Va. JCanufac r:urer fJf Plug and Smoking Tobaooo a.nd Deal ers in Leaf Tobacoo. Venables. W. & Co. Manufactm'B'l"B of Sweet Napy (,MWU'i/. J aokson O. A. &: Co. Commiaion. Merchant&. Parrack __ P .HII,,ADELPHIA: Tobacco Warehouse.a Bambergacco. H e ll II!. Wagner, 531 South Second Md.n tit!Jill"rnd Snoollr in cf!.Dom. Leu/aclur..-1 of Oi{/ar B.,,..., Leeret .t Blasdel, 168 and 170 EaAt Water TOLEJ>O,O. .114fac(1'rn" o/ OMtoi"ll and S..-, robaccoc. 11..ince< Qbarlea R. WESTFIELD,..._ Dealer"' Seed Liq/ 2*-,_QIQl>mn J obD Cl THE TOBACCO LEAF. 11 Sutro KERBS & SP:LESS, Beaj. A.h f ,.. of-.... '.a.nd" IA Toba,ee,o, : 'li WARREN St:, KEW YOJlB:, of (Fine Cigars, .And -Dealers in LEAF TOBAOC0. ; 1014, 10181 1020 AYl!::NUIE, -,a10,_,a1;z, 316 STRl!E:T. N"Eni'V T ede:re:r. ILUfUPACTURJ:RS 01' Fine I JAMES BRUSSEL & CO., 1UNUF At1rURElllJ 01' AND DEA.LEHS IV TOBACCO, 96 to. I I 0 Attorney 8t., 1'Tm'N ST., KEW YORK. D. :Q:XR..f.SO:S: d3 CC>., Foreip Duttes on Tobacco, Jn .&uatria, France, Italy and Spain the tobacco commerce is moriopoUzed by Government. under dlreC'10n of & Regie. In Germany the duty. 1 on leaf tobacco and stem.a ia 85 ma.rks per 100 kilogrammes. to 10.40 cent.a per pounc!i on strips and scraps 180 marks per 100 kilt> erammes to cents ppr pound; on manulacl.ured. tobacco and c{gara 270 marks per 100 li:ilogrammes, equal to 33.08 cents pound. On t.obaccO produced in Germany, the tax taking elrect ofter April I, 1880:-From A p ril 1, 1880, tollarch81, 1881il iO marks per 100 kilogrammes, equal to 2.46 cents per pound; frOm Apr 1, 1881, to Id.a.rob 81, 188'l, 80 100 kilogrammes, equal to 8 67 cents per pound; 11 11!112, and thereafter, 46 marks per 100 ldloto" D.W cent.a per In BeJgium the la reckoned ter dednct.W.. 15 per cent. for tare. The dut y lA 1 8 franCs llO cenUmes (Sl.40 gold) t! IOOlcllogrammes (100 A.merlcan lbs equal to klloe.) In l!olland toe duty la 118 oents, gold, J>er 100 American lbs be1ng eqll&I to 127 ldlos). In Russia the duty on 1-t Tobacco lA roubles 10 koJJOkB pud on Tohscco 26 rouble& 40 kopelm tp pud; and onc1iran llO kopeks tp pud. The "p1ld" lA equal to about 86 Alqencafl lbc. In Turke:r the daty lA llO cenla, gold, per A.merican ounces. In Epglai>.d tlie duties are on Unmanufactured: ltemmed or,-trlpl>Od and containing 10 lbs or more of inoi& Madu rrom Bo&t Groon Rivor Tobacco. PRICE 50c_ PER POUND. J'IVE POU:XD BOXES. ... Free upon Application. PATS DEAT.mtS WELL, AJrD PJ.EU:S ''t;# THE OOJ.HUJIER, GIVI:XG HDI A BIG PIECE J'OB 6 OEXTS. omoe w1" tnro ill OT".!7 100 Ibo 'lfelghl (besldea 5 'II cent. o.nd an addltiont-1 cbarge of tt.9 cent. on rtmmal trOm bonded wareho ..... ) le per I>, ; ; lalnlila'laiii U.... 10 l\a cit In OYery 100 l>o weight of S'rBEE':r 111ee:nra ld; tp I>. OD 'JllanufactUrad>-C&\f61id1811 Md '9IM ... &-,tlU, M Id tp Ii; all -ldDda, 4a per 'llil-'7J!l, o pllllll4. I


( r j' { : 12 JOHN. ANVERSON & CO. MANllFACTUl,lERS OF THE SOLACBm nm TOBACCOS H4 I 116 UllRTY STREET, JfEW YORK, lle1 lo direct th &tleatla of tile Dulen in Tobacco t.broapoat the United State and the Wo:14 lo tla elr CELEB:aATED 1 SOLACE FINE-CUT CHEWIXG TOBACCO, "'. r lllcll 11 beic Once 1'.ore n,anfactared under UM It; tramedtate aupenilioa of tbe orirlnator THOMAS HOYT & co .. -MR. JOHN ANDERSON_. llABUl'ACTURERS OF a.nd now ltand.s as formerly, without a rival. '"'\kders 'FJNECUT CHEWIMG & SMOKING TOBACCOS & SNUFF. J J. CARRERAS, Giars Tobacco & m1raro.nos BRIGHT O.WEN,. NABOB, I I EXTRA CAVENDISH, Retail and for Ezportation. .. T H E T 0 B A C C 0 L-:E A F TOBACCO .. The. &i:a.ndard. e>:f "the i Manufactured only; by W. T. CO., DURHAM, C. BLACKWELL'S DUB.RAM' Sells quicker and gives better satlsfac. tion than any bra.nd oC Smoking Tobacco ever oft'ered in the market, and lt does so otTfle: .,;f.llt NO 0-Z:HER:l-u l'llPllLAR llECAUSE RELIABLE' BECAUSl:. IT IS THE BEST OCT. 4 THE Ll4.,. P&tented f *!:; Smoking Toba.cco. M anufactured by AIJJ:N & DUNNING, No .. 811 .. 67VA1' BOUTEX ST. --;s:,:tANs so'N. & Sawing aild PlaniQK Mills .. -. & 406 Pearl St., New York. ,_raINCJB s sT. t B. !!ll!ITH l G e 1 p Late 61 Prlnces St., s. CO.MSTOCK r 0 re a. w,ers, I w. LOCK'Noo'iJ. LEICESTER SQUA.RE, LONDOf6S.6 llPOBTERS .AND 10111PAC.T.DRERS. 84 and 86 WALL SlREET, NEW YORK. : : J. R..A. 'Y'N'ER., CIGAllllANm'RAO'l'URDeo"xE s 1 SPBISB IJCOBIGH1ci &Un LIGDBICB f LICORICE ( JOHN CATTUS, 1'T<> 11 aJD.d 18 OaJD.JD.<>JD. Y"<>rk. lfUPERIOlt llAXE & PRDIE QUI.Un oir ILL JllECIALTES FOR PLO an FECUT 'VfTAT,t,ts cA-co.. Tobac c HARLEs MESSINGER, cedar "\i'Vood. DLIVB 1 OIL,. TOKC.l BBAIS, GUMS,\ FLAVORS, cc llWrolrA.OTIJBD ilL Jr:nme 0,. 1 Powdered Licoriee Boot, . ,Tobacco a .nd the trade .. ; . P. '' TOBACCO WOBKS, .&l!l'D PATENT :iidDERED LICORXCE.. 'tn geI_\eral are to ,.83 DEAYER 'sT., NEW YORK. . : .Z.ox..:mX>e>, e>:scxp,. Cigar-Box: Labels. STICK :LICOR ICE w.-. >IAVE THE FAVORITE BR.t.Nns,-' and test 11 B.&frtlP.&ClTVBBBI OP TDii of this LICORICE, which, bemg DOW a 5 1 M s .. brought to the highest perfection is of. THOS. K1NICOTT, CH E BILL, Ja. INDIAN AND SUNFLOWER Chewing, 29 ; 29 & 129 onroe !{eet, fered under the above style of brand. KINNICUTT & BILL, A.ND THE CJBl.BBB.&TBD ,. 'Tork. We are also SOLE AGENTS for the CC brand BROKERS rn P. G.'' Smoking Tobacco a G. a. WESTERN YIRCINIA "'cknowledged by consumers to be tbcl L 11 AF T o BA C C o' beat-in the market. for the brand A of Licorice Stick CIGIRt!Ttt TOl3!.c.t09 ... RICE l'lll'ER.. mOBJ. A 00., ln, all iespects equal to CALAB:alA. Consumers and Jobbers would do wetl to apply direct. leleet .... Ordlaary, -Uy oa baiad. AIBllm8AU, WW.IS I CO.J 39 "' 31 South 'William _._ } Ju_s_t _ou_t :_s_w_EE_T _"e_w _er_and_:_r_ine_, _Mi-Id _an_d _sw_ee_t. LICOiici1PASTE. Mrs. &. B. MiHer & Co. IOB!CCO l!NilPACTOIY. 1'778. 97 Oo1 '\.'.I "'D) :bi.a &"t. N ""5?'" ork.. PWX._.R. X>. IUNUl'AC1'URBRS OJ' THE ll.AIN FINECUT CHE.lllG TOBACCO in BLUE PAPERS SN""CJ'PP&a 1ltseScented laccalJoy,Scotch, FrenchRappee,American Gt111 -. 'RESERVE'' Ill S .. ef" B.S.hl Bl&h1Plavored Vlrl[iala Tobacco. .&l!IO, Pini ancl Secoad Quallt7 81'1011'-ING, In Blue Papers, F:l.:ne 01.:1. "t = ARK AND LICHT CRAPE. FORES, T ROSE. CLUB. HAY APPLE and PRIZE LEAF FINECUT. IN FOIL. LICORICE p ASTE. THE STAMFORD MANUFACTURING GO.-, '"' 18"7 J!WE.A.XX>:BIJ!IT X....A.N:m, JSnll"'IDV Y"C>B.B:. ,,,_, bavlng d e ma.nded a Bupenor and Cheaper Article than that hitherto used, thi8 Company .11-..utaetorlng, and oll'.ering for sale, LICORI C E PASTE (unde r the old "Sanford" bnmd)ot a QUALITY u,cl at a PRICl!l which ca.n hardl y tan to '1e acceptabl e to all giving i t a trial ... tr. We he&' to call the attention of Tobacco Manufu. taren and Doalen to this SUPERIOR AND PURE article. Sole Aaentl for the States of North.Carolina and Vlraiala: N ...... DAVENPORT -' MORRIS, Rich moad, Va. LIClOBJCE BOOT-.t.rason and A.llcanu, Selected and Ordinary. lURICALDAY & ARGUIMBAU, -BEAVER .STREET, _:KEW YORK lannfactnrers' Mills. R. HILLIHR'SSON & CO. '8 CED.&.R ST,, XEW YORK. "Bampl .. -ed, ''and opeclal quotatlOlll clna tor any artlcle requlrid. FINE POWDERED LICORICE ROOT, I][ L Brand. Extra Fine Powdered Licorice Root (tro-leel roo) Eureka llrancl, PINB GB01l'ND Al'ID GB.&lflJL.&TBD DEEB TONG1JB. J.l'INB Q-lJND .&!'ID GB.&lll't!LATBD L.&1JBEL LB.&VBS, J.l'INB QBOtll'ID L.&VBND:RB PLOW BBS. -WHOLE GBO'D:KD or POWDER.ED. A.NHBBD. ALLSPICE_, ANGBLICl.&, ...,, CJOBI.&l'IDBR BA.BK'::llff.8:1'1 C.&llI.&'BtlDS. CA.RD.&Olll' llEEDB, -... II R... Ritt nh ClAl'IBLL.& DA.BK, .&w.a.e or e ouse. LICJOtlICE, ,-, s;a1a N'. 2gd. &"t., Ph.11ad.e1ph.:l.a, LOVAGE aooT, lff.A.N1JP ACTURBllS ()II' OR sI/.si:-:3":.'A.s BA.BK ,,,., N:J:c::1::l: Q.::El.EJEJ::K_ ST .TOBNS na'1i:AD,, Ill:=-' '' TON:t1J.& LIGOB.ICE PASTE. li'ooT, Dr' TI> J"CJ'I>GE" Smoking Tobacco and Cigarettes. ALSO AGENTS FOR OTHER LEADING MANUFACTIJREllS Oi' SMOKINC, PLUC TOBACCO AND CICARETTES, Nos. 254 and 256 CANAL STREET, corner of ELM, NEW YORK. Old and VANITY FAIR :ll'"X.. A FC'lll O'O'T, FRAGRANT VANITY FAIR X..C>1'TG OUT, TOBACCO and CIGAR;ETrES. "MILD "-Rare Old Virginia. HALVES "-Rare Old pe_rique and Virginia NEW COMBINATIONS OF THESE FRAGRANT TOBACCOS. SIX FIRST PRIZE MEDALS, PARIS, 1878, Peerless Tobacco Worts. WM. S. KIMBALL & CO., Rochester, N. Y. -AUG. RIGHTERING & CO., .... J TO:S.4.000 and. O::CGr.4.::El. COMMISSION MERCHANTS ) 3 ST.,' (P. 0. Box 368) HAVANA, CUBA. METROPOLITAN. CIGAR MANUFACTORY. SIGMUND JACOBY, GUSI'AV JACOBY. N' N' ::i: ::i: CJ CJ GEORGE f, GUNTHER. Loaf Tobacco & Gatton Brokor. Eleventh R o d Main Street, M. H. GUNTHER, of New OrleA.119, Cotton Buyer. C. B. BALINO, 104 Malden Lane, New York, Sole .&aent for ANDRES A. AC:EVEDO'S KEY WEST CIGARS, "EL PENSAJIIENTO, ... FLOR DE CUBA," and eeveral of.her ltr&JJd .. CLOTH TOBACCO BAGS, A.LL 8IZB8 A.ND srYLBI, 1309 Main St., Richmond, Ya. A. & VENABLE, Jr. TOBACCO BROKER, Jl!"arm.'V'Slle, V'a'! w llutrui:, Ordelin& and Leat TObacco aulted t6" EiiiilJib. CoD tine ntaI, ed.Jterraaean, Fieneh u mar"" at.. llefen to lleun. Hill, St::lnker ll Watldm Ricllo m.ond, VL, and -. S. w Vtiliable II Co.. Pete""butg, v &. A. M. LYON & CO. '.Manu(acturera ot the Celebrated Brand o t f SHORTHORN llOLB KANUFA.C'L'URER, "26 Pnm :a:w FINE-CUT TOBACCO, 'U' 207 and 209 Water Street, 1'TB"'gV' 'TC>R.:&:.. .. :1.1cALPIN & CO., FR. ENGELBACH, TIIlGIB LliF &NAVY CHEWING "'IDV:EICC>x...:m..a..x...:m TOBA6CO DEPOT & AGENCY A N D D a A L&RS N For F. W. FELGNER &: SON'S, Clgm, l'lug Tobacco, Snuf, Snuf Flollr, etc. Balttaoi'e, Tolt..,co .ad Cigarettes. IDll !ndo. K1IS. JC. C. BABXER. r nm: J.W: 200 CHATHAM SQUARE ud 5 & 1 DOYER. STREET, NEW YORK.' PIONEER TOBACCO -COMRANY OF BROOKLYN, N. Y. El"C7BX1'TEIJl!!U5 C>FFXO:llJ& I 124 Water St., New York; 16 Central Bosten; t'5 Wabash Avenue, Chicago. Factory: 1 First District, N; Y. 111MATcii.ESs .... ,, 0 0 4' .EAo" All Sizes; "' P :l: c> NE :El n.. ," Dark, all Sizes. A. cnmpa rii mn o f our C e lebr-a ted Brands o f FLU G TOBACCOS will convlnce a ll p arties o( tl WO DERFUL MERITS cont a i n e d t h e rein. 1 PLU. G TOBACCO. Also of the Well-Xnown Brand of 8m.<>k.1:a.s Tobaoo<>, a.'' And l!lanufacturers o t all styles o f Bright a; B1ac: PLUG &: TWIST TOBACCOS. 24 Twentieth .El.20EEJMl:C>1'TX>, "V" ..&. O u r Navle a Sf)ecialty tor t he Eastern States. PATENTED Dealer's Oa.rd Printed. f,Q.BoxJ300, N e w York. PRICES GREATLY REDUCED


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