The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (12 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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.. .... VOL. x v.---NO. 36. !ESTABLISHED 1864.] NEW YORK, SATURDAY; OCTOBER 11, 1879. WHOLE NO. 764 FRED'K DeBARY & CO., JVILUUWICnUI\CKf 41 d! 43 warren Sg;eet, New York, 11 & IJ'Q i SOL.E ACENTS FOR THE ,. AUG.ROESLli:R EL PRINCIPE DE CALES' CIGAR BOX HEY W'ES'I .. X.EI ..a.o-m:N"T& :trOR. WI. S. KIIBALL & CO.'S 'V" F Tobacco & Ci[al'ottos. 7 CR..\ B. B. CONRAD & CO,tS eeleloralersigned to baooo growers of York County, upon consultation have determined that the tobacco interestR of county need better organization, and th!tt the interests of the county and of the growers are not sufficiently understood, tr;> place their crops on an equality before the marke t with that of the same quality in other sec tions. We there fore do request the t o bacco growers of York County to meet in York, o n Thursday October 9th, up stairs in the Dispatch building; No: 10 East Market Street.-Gerard D. Brown, Henry Burg; Eli Kendig, Da.mel Gehley, Albert Emig. Henry Neff, Levi Lehman, Jacob Loucks, Joseph Keller David Strick l e r, "Vm. Emig, E. B. Good, John Stoner, Hiram Yo ung, Edw. Rutter. The following letter from "A Grower shows that both the Fair and the meeting of the tobacco growers passed off successfully:'' .This the York County Agricultural Society holdrng Its twenty-second annual exhibition. Ou!-' county for years earned, and justlf. the repu of havmg the best agricultural exhibitions in the the:y: rarely _being exceed!!d by even the State f!'Irs ThiS rear It any previous exposi tiOn of. the .kind, b,oth In variety and number of disas well as the number of visitors attracted to it. Nearly three thousand entries were made and the space vta8 insufficient to accommodate all who applied :T!te main buil!ling, which formerly held among Its exh1b1ti the hortiCultural products, is this year "THE TOBACCO LEAF" Revised Rates for Advertisement. One Six Tbne 14 Lines One Column ............. .. 14 J..lne" over T1.v0 Columna 45 24 4 !l8 LtnP-s One ()oJnnm ......... ::::: 45 :14 28 Ltne OYer T-u o ()olumna... .. 80 4-5 81 6 Lines 011e Column.... ..... ..... 80 41 115 66 L lne8 over Tn o Column .. 160 Si 4& Oul! Llue a'&: boUolll or Pace .................. 10 iPilCJAL ADVERTISEMENTS OJI" FIRST 14 Ltnea over Two Wide Colum 28 Llaee u 00 14 Line. Shcle column .............. ::: ::::::::::::::: 11: SPECIAL ADVER.TISEKEJfTS 011" BEADDGJIATTilR PAGE. Oiio Six 'ftNe 14 Ll Year. X011111L MODIM, ne oyer 2 Wide Column .. 85 .41 NOTICES, WANTS or CAll'TIOK JrOTICBL 4 Line Oae IDHrlloa... o c 14 Llae Oae M tlo .............................. eU. 14 Linea Two Mn lh ........................................ ,11.10 14 Linea TkMe ;,. t 0,00 ................... 11.00 ll'aaer ao crowded, though the latter class were removed to an a-dditional wing provided for them. The town is thronged with strangers, and the streets have a holiday appearance. The weather is all that can be desir ed, and a greater success has never crowned the work of any similar exhibition. Visitors from all sectioll!l of country in, and with our rich agri cultural_ mtelhgent farmers and skilled mechamcs g1vmg such attention it is not a matter of wonder that while in some neighboring counties the agricultural societies are in a languishing condition w1th fairs, ours so richly repay the labors of 1ts managers. "In connection with the Fair, while so many of our tobacco g!Cowers in town, in response to a call, they met m _conventiOn fo. r tp.e purpose of organizing themAelves mto an assocutt10n for the promotion of the tobacco-growing i?terests of York County. About fifty growers were m attendance, representing an acreage of about 400 acres, and about forty signatures were record_ed, together with the acreage of each. Ad dresses pertment to the occasion were made by several tp.e present, and the officers of the pre hmmary meetmg were appointed a committee to draft a constitution for the association and to select perma nent officers. The Association then adjourned to meet on Saturda:y-, October 18th, when the committee will report. It IS expected that the tobacco growers gen erally will be present. The was held in a room in the Evening buildmg, tende red for the purpose by Mr. H1ram Young, a gentleman who devotes much attention the. tobacco interests of his county. The next meetrng w11l be held in the same place." THE JURYMEN AND THE CIGARS. I s there any man, be he lawyer or layman, who will calmly and knowingly affirm that he is certain .in his mind that such a verdict will be given by the twelvo men, good and true, who form a jury? Of all tho institutions handed down to us from our forefathers the jury is the most peculiar. In these days of honest jockeys and tracks which lack much of being a mile, horse r aces and walking matches are very un certain things to bet on; but betting on the nature of a verdict to be rendered by a jury offers opportunities for the better to go what is termed "blind, such as are never offered by the horse 'race or the walkin&: match. The judge may charge, and the counsels may talk and talk as is their wont to do, explaining this thing. and that until every one is positive that the verdict of the jury will be a correct one, when the jury will astonish all by bringing in a c

, THE TOBACCO LEAF. OCT_ 11 brmgs m the wrong deCISIOn wrth an equannmty and unammity that rs perfectly charmmg If our sportmg" men would change the base of therr opera tions from the walkmg match or the race track to the .court room they would find means for excrtmg bettmg in the to be grven far greater than they have preVIously eDJOyed In one of the courts m Baltimore there have been two c ineil lately; both of theM were to recover some doJ:Matie crgars seized by the Government, and both CBSefll' alike-the JUry 'llisagreei.D.g, Sliaildmg erght to foilr In both cases. which were of a similar tb.e majority were in favor of the manufacturer On the last ocC811ion the JUry were out for .an afternoon and a mght, and they trred to pass the t1me pleasantly Some smoked, and one Juryman, who perhaps rs m training for the posrtlon of carrcaturist on a comic paper, made a sketch of seven of the ctgarette and smokmg tobaccos, and from the way buyers are st1ll placmg then orders, tt IS clear that the feelmg much better than ever We do not antrCI pate makmg any change m the pr1ces, although, of course we may be obliged to do so wtth the advance in leaf. We find our capacrty here so madequate to the demands of our busmess that we have b ee n com pelled to erect another; establishment, about five times the stze of th1s one, m Twenty second Street, between Tenth and Eleventh Avenues About January 1st we expect to occupy the new prenuses S P. LILIENTHAL -We are domg fatrly With re spect to the future, we do not see anythmg m the con dtttons caloulated to cause an ad vance m priCes, and do not expect any &dvance unless the pnce of leaf IS mcreased, when, of course, there may be and should be a correspondmg mcreas e m manufactured tobacco Future pnces w1ll be largely governed by the character and value of the new crop. calmly smoking crgars, while another was kmdly and nd doubt wrllmgly acting as Jack Ketch to the dl'iifutate four. tlie performance being conducted after .-.ra r ylc. Aaotber ketch had e1ght man attached to a monster crgar, bile the fo re upon "somethtng Of glo lair shapt,"-f t4,er iD.formatioo. as td what tt the reporter does not vouchsafe to gtve Among em was a gentleman w4o, like Mr. Wegg, occasiOn drops mto poetry, and this IS the result of JliB bors-'' Ailother mght, another fight, Over the old cigar, Which is wrong an-d which 18 nght Is of old afar. The JW'Y bear the heavy !Qt With eVIdent aubmlSSJOa, .A,11d make the weary niinutes trpt Without the court's permtsswn We hope thatlle will not coiitin e this sort of .ihmg, f!111W Wwelop-mto a poM. "''" "" w""JU"be not wed that the Jury m both C!I.Ses stood we should Judge that there :must 'been some differences in both cases Perhaps the e1gl:lt were users of tobacco, and, of. course1 apprectate Sood and tlie others were DOt, and thought thaj t!J.e UJlmufactiH'ers were l!lel'Ved jUllt It seems in -qur courts they a'im to get men in the JUry-box wito1 are ignorant wliat 1s in .,YQdd. awl tb.e Jawye.rll who appear. for nul' tobacco men m!V t&ke a hmt from tins practice, and try and get onljr 'those -who love the to the., casBll, for even if the tobacco wa.n IS gullty, they will lean towards the merciful stde -and tf he IS tnho they wlll see that he does not suffer PLUG AND FINE-CUT TOBACCOS. Intorviows with Local lannfactnrors. THE BUSINIESB OUTLOOK. What the tobacco manufacturers of New York City and VICimty have to say about the condttlOn and pros pect of thetr br-anch of busmess will be seen in the annexed mtervrews had with them the past week-Jomr ANDERSON & Co. -Busmess IS good. Orders have been commg lately larger than USUI'l, and we look for a continuance of good busmess. We have made no change m PI'Ices of our goods, and do not an tictpate doing so, unless the price of leaf shall contmue to advance, m which case we may advance our pnces BUOHANAN & LYALL-Busmess wtth uS IS as brisk :as ever. We don't seem to overtake our orders, on the -contrary, we are behind them all the time Manufac turers, It may be Said, are not bemg paid for their goods m proportiOn to the advance m leaf, both fillers .a.nd wrappers, and especially the white or Mason County fillers. The advance on that vartety of leaf ..has been nlmost 100 per cent. The reduct1on m tax 'W&S 8 cents, and the advance for good fillers was, on -the average, more than 8 cents ThiS ctrcumstallce, together with the scarCLty of good, brtght wrappers, has enhanced ,the cost of productwn very matenally, so much eo, m fact, that no manufacturer can figure out .a.ny profit on fine goods You take bright wrsppersat 111 cents and white fillers at 17 cents a pound, and It will be found dtfficult to discover a margm for profit; as carefully as one may Manufacturers are .really entrtled to a still further advance, say of 3 cents per pound, at least on first-class standard grades of goods-bnght, fine Navies partiCularly. we are of .the opmit'n that :manufacturers may be compelled to mcrease thetr prices to get cost of thetr goods As to our own trade, we may, perhaps, be excused for saymg that we have not been able to keep up wtth -our orders, and have had to refuse many customerS wantmg goods m a hurry The prospect for our bustness is favorable beyond a ll precedent Even when -our adilttipnal factory-the ground for whtch IS broken anii the architectural studtes pertammg to plans almost 'completed-IS ready for occupancy, present m 4wationB warrant us m behevmg that we shall be obhged to still further enlarge our facihties m order to meet the reqmrements of our patrons D. & Co. -Busmess1s pretty fatr wtth us, we ate goJIIg about all we want to do. We would like..,to raiSed on fine-cut tobacco, as leaf Is so high as to prevent the reahzatron of any profit As yet smoking tobacco ts not cut down so much as fine r cut chewmg Apparently there IS no likehhood of an advance m the price of manufactured tobacco as so1ae manufacturers are domg JUSt what they did awhile ago, a:ud in a more aggravatmg way, that ts, they are mak mg up cheap grades of goods as low, even, as 33 cents .a pound. GooDWIN & Co .. -So far as our own traders concern .ell, we feel sattsfied wrth the past and present season. Undoubtedly, there will be a better demand than there has been, and the prevailmg confidence m larger sales .and better prwes IS JUStified by the Circumstances. Certrunly, neither we nor anybody else can expect to make money at the present tlllle on low prices though, for our own part, we must say we have manufactured no cut goods for less than 45 cents for the past three years, and we sell very httle of that grade Most of our fine-cut ranges from 55 to 60 cents a pound. We make no effort to sell low priced goods There IS a _general rev1val m busmess all over the country, and the Improvement will be felt m the tobacco trade, as m .averythmg else Consumers are reqmrmg a better class of goods than they were, and feel better able1 to pay for what they des1re The demand for our specml brands contmues as good as ever THOMAS HoYT & Co -We have been and shipping very lively durmg the past few months, mcludmg September and thus far 1p October The prospect ahea4'appears to be farr People are now em ployed who previously were tdle, manufacturmg mdus tri&a, such as Iron and others of Importance, have agam started up, and these favorable conditiOns create a market tor our goods as well as others Prices are ..too low fo r manufactured tobacco, made so probably ,.by the competitiOn of so many who are aUXlous to sell iWtth reference to the future of pnces for leaf, It IS cer .tam that there IS a large crop of tobacco back of us, ;and though they may be held firm for a httle whtle longer, we do not percetve anythmg m the SituatiOn

" OCT II agamst th1s no mterests of yours can poss bly rise up The re surrender of om prol?er pnv1leges would de p:.:ve no competitor of what IS really his nor would It rml tate n the least aga nst the avowed purpose of the contract for the rna ntamance of your pr ces IS JUSt as easy and consistent with the protectiOn of our pr1v1 leges as It IS w1th their mvaswn What 1s the necessary 1ssue of the present system 1 Before your contract we sold tqbacco wherever we sold an) thmg we now can sell your tobacco only m the rmmediate vwm1ty of our oftices Are "1\e to g1ve up sellmg tobacco except at home 1 But If we adnut the JUStiCe of this so as tobacco IS concerned what separates us from the same 1 m1tatlon as to other art1 cles an l the final restrictwns of our transactions to a neighborhood trade 1 Can you 1magme that enterpr1s mg merchants w 11 allow themselves to be fo1ced nto such seclusiOn without a struggle 1 In appealmg for our nghts we appeal for the r1ghts of a ll y our patrons They are m th s case 1dent1Chl. The present meqmtable and uncommerCial form of the cont act 1 m1ts the enterprise of every merchant w1thm a stnctly Circumscribed territory No merchant of propel self confidence and enterprise can like such restrict on and the suppon of such a pohcy (so far as It IS understood) must be left to the unenteiprismg and t1m1d The v gorous and enter pr1smg sp1r1t of your ho se could not choose we be lieve to 1est upon that kmd o f support Signed Sprague Warner & Co Red Murdoch & Fischer Best R ssell & Co Wm M Hoyt & Co Harmon Merriam & Co Will am Ste vart..._ Franklm MacVeagh & Co Gray Brothers :ro vle & .tWper W J Quan & Co Ingraham Corbm & May, Kellogg and Barrett McK ndley G lchr1st & Co H C & C. Du rand Sibley D 1dley & Co Bmton Pierce & Wh1ta ker Farwell M11ler & Co G C Cook & Co John A 'Iolman W n T Allen & Co Bo1es Fay & Conkey Gould & Bnggs McNetl & H1ggms Ebsha A Robm son Sherer & Parsons Long and Short Credits Wtth the return of better times there IS a natural tendency am d the pleasant antiCipatiOns of a pros perous future to lose Sight of valuable lessons that all ought to learn from the adverstty of lt 1s well therefore to pause for a moment aiid con Sider an tmportant feature that must ever mfiuence the commerce of the world unless mdeed there may be m the far future a busl.ness Utopia where credit shall be unkno vn and spot cash an unvary mgrule It IB not many years smce the selhng of goods on twelve months time was not an uncommon occurencei and many busmess men who are st1ll active can recal cases of young men vho without a dollar have been able to purchase entire stocks on long trme dispose of and pay for thetr goods and stand at the end of the year w1th an actual capital of thetr own Improved comm mtcat10n more raptd transtt numencal m crease of customers and a consequent necessity for a more actrve capital by distributors vere Important elements m shortenmg credits Notw1thstandmg this abri<\iement long t1me was still an accepted fact and the p'ruc of 1873 found too many m a hopelessly ex tended eond1t10n followed by the mev1table penalty ot bankruptcy Sellers have pa1d dearly for their ex per1ence but have learned a lesson long to be remem bered that m this respect at least Illiberality IS both pOSSible and necessary What IS the result! Time hae bee n reduced to an average of 6o days ,a surer control of capital exists and It has become difficult for young merchants to commence busmess without means This may be unfortunate for them but on reflect on It will be apparent that It rs after all !l. real benefit to the begmner masmuch as It necessitates habits of frugal ty and mdustry to enable h m to ac cumulate sufficient means with which to make h1s first purchase It 1s our opm on that extensiOn of t1me m credits will come with prosperity The tendency m hat dtrectwn will be certam on the part of the hee dless But we caiiDot bel eve that the thoughtful merchant w1ll for get the teachmgs of the past stx years Short trme simply means a more secure grasp of o 1e s capital and 1t will be ev1de 1t to all m fact 1t IS almost an unne cessa1y MsertiOn that a merchant IS finanCially stronger w1th a hundred dollars m hts own pocket than with hLS hundred dollars m the pocket of a compara ttve stranger five hundred mtles away Our method of stat ng It may be extreme but the prmmple n volved 1s unchanged Thrs IS so ev dent to the mtelli .gent questiOner that he will always ask he a good collector 2 mother words Is h1s capital well m hand 1 It IS true that the long ttme purchaser pays more for his goods than one who asks less mdulgence or antiCI pates h1s payments but It IB a question whether the difference to the weak JObber or manufacturer IB an eqmvalent for mterest he IS forced to pay on loans ne cessary to carry the former Occas10nally an a pol OgiBt for long time cites England as an mstance of large accumulatiOns by a system of extended creditS but he forgets that the cases are not parallel and that Eng laiid unhke America possessed the capital necessar,r for such a. system And It also may be aske'd 1f she 1S not at present questwnmg whether her long credits have not been delusive 1 Is she not learnmg to day what we have already learned 1 Surrounded as the subJect 18 by mnumerable contm genmes and exceptiOnal Circumstances 1t 1s Impossible to treat It w1th exactness of thought but on the stmple question of long and short <;red1ts there 1s no excuse for generahz ng and 1f merchants would comb ne n adhering to a short credit system. we are confident that It would be profitable to the seller beneficial to the buyer and a blessmg to the country Bradstreet s Oct 8 1879 A Schemer's Great Act From the Cmcmnat1 Daily Enqwrer Oct 3 -W 1thm the sacred portals of the great Parts of America abides the Schemel who IB so welllrnown that the mentwn of h1s beauttful 11nd double twisted name m part or full would be too much of an advertisement for hrm Simply to say he Is m the crgar busmess and as such hiS g1 eat act comes m Our c1ty pays at least one fourth of the entire Interna.I. Revenue receipts of tins country This as IB well known, IS made up from the taxes of whiSkeys beer tobacco and c1gaxs aiid the latter arttele bears no small proportiOn towards the amount It IS w1th JUst pride that we can say that no crooked busmess IS gomg on among these manu facturers but JUSt how the Internal Revenue laws will reach the Schemer m his great act IS one of the things of the future The law reqmres a tax of $6 on every 1 000 c gars (weighing over 3 pounds to the 1 000) manufactured. whiCh must be preprud before the c1gars are move\! from the factorv Cigarettes vhether made from tobacco and paper or made of all tobacco whiCh veigh ms1de of three pounds to thf\ 1 000 pay a tax of $1 75 per thousand and by the laws wh1ch recently v ent mto effect each and every package of Cigarettes have a coupon stainp on them In spea.kmg of .these articles we of course refer only to goods of this class made m this country and not Imported goods After any package has been once used for cigarettes or Cigars the Internal Revenue stamp has to be ed under penalties of a heavy fine the package can never b,; used for Cigarettes or cigars agam To more plrunly understand this we will SIIDphfy m this manner -A manufacturer of Cigars makes up one hundred cigars packs them m a box pays the Government su::ty cents-one-tenth ot $6 -the thousand rate a stamp IS given him which IS canceled and pasted on the bOx together With the fol lowmg notice Tlie manufacturer of the mgars h9n1m contained has complied wtth all the reqwrements of law Every person 18 cautiOned not to use etther this box for Cigars agam or the stain].> thereon agam nor to use the con tents of thts box without des.troymg Bald stamp under the penalties proVided by Ia.w mauch cases. 'fAA.number of his faotory State diatnct etc 18 also on this notice He has then complied with all the laws of him as a manufacturer A retailer buys this box of cigars and sells them and when the box IS empty he destroys the stamp thereon and the box IS never used agam for Cigars The ordmary size of Cigal'S or rather those mostly m use of commercial value. are from four to four and a half mches m length The Schemer has had an rmmense run on a certam braiid of ltOOds and rt was not long before his compet1 tors got tlie hang of them and commenced cutting on tlie pnces The sales of the Schemer dropped off the reason therefor bemg that while he was trymg to sell his at ten cents each competitors of hiB were pushmg 1dent1cally the same gooos at three for a quar ter a difference of 16 per cent m favor of the con sumer Th1s was about two years ago Not to be outwitted m this maimer the Schemer went to work made the same brand made a little smaller m SIZe -r:Jl havmg formerlv betng made about fonr and a mches long-and he (the Schemer) had them made three and a half mches long and put up four m a package twenty five pack:al(es m a hox sold them at twenty five cents for fOur! ThiS took his com pet1tors by surpnse and for several months they were at a 1088 as to what to do and at last they succumbed to the pressure and lowered thell" prJCee the 81Wle as h1s and this brought the mgars mto great favor and demand Once agam the put on bjs illlllkrog cap and thought h_.. gteat II bi,siD-aoUid 'be dGae THE TOBACCO LEAF. If he i!ould only once agam get ahead of h s compet1 tors and sell h s Cigars at the hard pan pr ce of a mckel apiece So he used str ngs and old rags nstead of no bons for tymg ur the Cigars got commoner boxes left off the fancy labels etc and put them up m very cheap style and by so econom1zmg was enabled to re duce the puce to five cents each and even unto th s day these c gars can be bought any vhere at five cents each The Schemer schemed and sc hemed agam un il his great act came to hrm and now he IS so far ahead of all his compet1to s tha t It IS bard to tell f they ever vill reach h1m H1s manner of gettmg up the Cl.Ji!:"ars now IS to make them between se en and eight mches long and "hen his customers come m and ask for such and such a c gar and what 1s the pr ce of the same he gracefully says Two for five goes to work takes one of the ctgara out of the box puts 1t m under the tobacco cutt e r Ka ztff goes the machme and the c gar I S but m half one end be ng a regular forme d crgar of ord nMY s ze the other end be ng a kmd of cheroot the two bemg two mgars properly speakmg In th s manner h e gets t vo hundred c gars out of a box where h s competitor only gets one hun dred The Government gets Its r egular tax on c gars a t $6 per 1 000 No" our suggestiOn would be for all compjot tors of this Schemer to take all of those c gars that tbe pnces have been so terribly cut on and cut st ll further-cut the c gars up nto smokmg tobacco or somethmg of that sort Give the consumers some sort of chance for g ac ous sake Agam we say what s the Government gomg to do about thtsmatter and how v ll1t reach him? Tragic End of a Cigar Dealet The death of Hertog B Haas a respectable c1gar dealer who was domg busmess at 1216 Broad vay and livmg at 9o9 S1xth Avenue occurred at the Thirtieth Precmct station on Tuesday mght tmder smgular cucumstances The theory s smc de'ybut there IS little evtdence to support t The New ork Tribun e m 1ts Issue on Thursday gave the folio vmg account of the case T vo flower girls made a charge of assault agrunst Hertog B Haas on Tuesday mght at the Thut eth Street statwnhouse Haas was a mgar dealer and the girls charged that the assault took place m 81s store at Broadway aiid Thirtieth Street early m the evenmg Haas md1gnantly demed the charge but was arrested and locked up He was seen by the doorman at 4 30 A M sleepmg on h)B bench Two hours later he was found dead A handkerchief was tied around h1s throat t ghtly Gnough to leave a red mark otherw se there vas notlimg to support the theory of smc de Deputy Coroner :Miller mvest gated the case yesterday but deferred the post mortem ex ammatwn tlll to day He found that .M:r Haas had suffered much from bronchitis and durmg the mght of his Imprisonment had severe attacks of coughmg It IS considered probable that m one of these attacks the handkerchief which Mr Haas may have t ed arotmd his throat as a precautiOn agamst cold may have strangled him before he could untie 1t Mr Haas had a good reputat on and the story of the flower girls IS considered rmprobable from the l;Iour gtven the promment locatiOn of the c1gar store and other circumstances as veil as from the general chmacter of the dead man The elder of the gnls gave her name as Mary Callan livmg at 4o1 West Thuty thtrd Street The New York Staats Zettung publiShed the follow ng account of the case gtvmg qmte a different ver I o n -In a rather disgraceful way bas ended the hfe of Mr H B Haas a c gar dealer fifty years of age vho was domg busmess at No 1 216 Broadway H1s neighbors had made th'l observatron for some trme past that he was m the habtt of entwmg mto hiS store small g rls from SIX to e ght years of age bv g1vmg them penmes and finally they had d1scovered that the man was engaged m mdecent practices They notified the pahce and detectiVe Schm1ttberger of the Twenty n nth Precmct vas deta led to watch h1m On Tues day about ten o clock m the even ng he saw a girl named Mary Cullan whose live at No 451 West Thrrty thud Street With a younger s ster shp mto Haaa store and behmd h s counter The officer followed and took the g ria and Haas mto custody The children w ere taken to the r parents and the g rl Mary confessed to her mother that Haas had been en (?aged m mdecent practiCes w1th her m compensatiOn for a few penmes Haas waa locked up m the Th rt1eth Precmct StatiOn house and was to be arrmgned the next day n the Jefferson Market Police Court Y ester day mornmg however he was found dead m h s cell He bad d1ed from suffocatiOn by chok ng himself v th his handkerchief By c onsent of Corner Ellmger the body vas taken to the residence of the s umde In the Connecticut Valley The New England Ho wstead of Oct 4 remarksTrade IS unusually bnsk up the nverfor so early m the season Dealers speak of th1s year s crop as the best ever rarsed m the Connecticut Valley There are no white vems perceptible and the leaves are all of a mu form color The following additional returns of the conditiOn of the tobacco crop of 1879 are published by the New Eng land Homestead : Conway Tobacco 1s cunng very well and b ds fair to be a No 1 crop m every respect About one half of 1t has been sold on the pole for from 9@12c unassorted and m some mstances the latter figure and paymg for cases The Boyden estate have sold at through The above 18 for Seed leaf there IS but little Havana sold as yet Montague-There has been qmte a flurry m the to bacco trade Withm the last few days E J. Jones of Brrmtield has bought the crops belongmg to Frank Oakman George Hubbard Taft and Sel mour Rockwell on prrvate terms-guessed to be better than 10c throgh As has been hiB practiCe m past he haiidles the best crops 'Valker & Sanderson of Northfield came mto town one day and prcked up a number of lots sa1d to be of a second grade at low prices They buy some t mes as the boys trade Jackkmves uns1ght unseen and offer a strong temptatiOn to those wantmg money namely a large part of the prwe m advance The last tamed parties bought George Paynes 1878 crop at 10c marked weights hiS 1879 crop at 7c H H Taylors at Sc Charles Balls at 7c Leander Br gham s a 7c and H H Shepard s at Sc The above are reported priCes The buyers enJom privacy upon the raisers whern they buy and mstead of telhng a farmer what they pad h1s neighbor they show the book where the sales are entered .Heedmg Hills-There are no sales yet on the poles A fe v cases of old goods have been sold prices not know n South ngton-The 1878 crop IS JUSt be ng sampled there are about 150 cases m to vn A small sale of 12 cases of seconds vas recently made by J H Merriman to J F Pratt at marked weight a very mce lot Somers W 11 ain McHeeman has sold h1s 18 9 crop of Ha-.; ana on the poles for 24c thi ough to J L Wh1te of POI tland Conn THE CROP OF 18 9 Aga vam-Tobacco IS curmg down rapidly and m good color and texture Westfield-The tobacco raisers are feelmg n good sp r1ts m consequence of the prospect of rece1vmg a fa r reward for their labor and care m ra1smg 1t this season We do not learn of many sales of the crop of 18 9 but a fair price will undoubtedly be realized for It Feedmg Hills-Tobacco seems to be curmg all right East latehess of the season g1v mg people a chance to harve11t tobacco m good order and a splendid time to case ought to g1ve us no pole sweat tho 1gh It cures slowly on account of the cool ness of tlle atmosphere Northfield-Tobacco IS cunng well and to all 'UJ?pe&r ances 18 the best crop grown for years As far as can be Judged about one half of the crop has been sold on the poles at prices rangmg from 6%c for poor to 15<: for best lots Th11 sales have been confined almoet ex elusively to the small growers the large lots as yet re mam unsold South Deerfield-The growmg season of 1879 was very favorable for tobacco producmg a fine I!Dlall vem elastic leaf As we had frequent rams the last of the season the leaf and vems are good color no white veins appearmg unless It 1s allowed to cure too rapidly It 18 straiige that many of our best growers who study the best methods of cultivatiOn and handle the weed very carefully should every year leave every door of their sheds open until nearly every leaf IS whollycured1 and some until the stem of the leaf 1s dry ana thus dainage every plant on each t1er near every door The slower It can be cured and not sweat the more even and darker the color will be with no white vems (when the growmg season has plenty of moiSture) and no weather beaten dned out leaves next to the doors where the hght a.nd rapid drymg have spoiled the color aiid rains and fogs have washed all tlie tobacco out, leavmg only washed out stuff of httle value Southampton-The weather has been favorable the last week, and the answer to allmq_umes IS that tobac co IS Clll"lllg as well as could be deiiired W1th an 1m provement m the price which an article of good qual tty IS likely to command our growers ought to be llat 181led Broad Brook Ct -The tobacco crol? 1s good no trouble from liWWitlg. I b&v" ,llleard sale llince the W81ttatherefd: Warehouse Po nt ct Tobacco IS entirely out of danger from po e sweat and the heavy fogs we havmg almost e' ery morn ng w than occasiOnal rain fall wlllmsure 1t aga nst v h1te ve p.s ts greatest fault the last t vo years Somers The tobacco IS curmg do vn very well m this vtciruty It seems to cure a good even color and IS of good q 1al ty Suffield The ne v crop IS curmg all 1 ght So far most of It s beyond all danger o pole sweat or white ve ns Some late cut w1ll have to take Its chances yet 1t looks all nght and good weather for a few days longer will ensure one of the best of crops Spectal Crop Correspondence NASHVILLE TENN Oct 2 18 9 -I notiCe along the railroad between Bowl ng Green and th1s mty no to bacco r pe or cut It looks very green and I thmk It Will be several weeks before 1t viii be ready for the kn fe From the most e l ab le mformatwn the. crop on the Upper Cumberl a 1 late and w11l not be over one th rd of an avera e o What there IS ts very la ge but coarse T a er s fine and all that cou d be des red and e e j body seems to be happy except thoee who have tobacc o on hand m your c ty Wheat scarce cotton fine Here people are all for Tilden but It goes down like a cross cut saw Crop Reports to KENTUCKY J M C Ol tstead Ky Oct 8 T E B reports Durmg the past week the weather has been fatr un t1l yeste1 day and warm enough for July Yesterday we had a good ram whiCh will Improve the tobacco and make It heaviBr and better 1f followed by a. few days of good weather I he early crop has all been cut and housed under very favorable c rCllmstances The late tobacco was conslderably Improved by the forcmg weather of the past week and will ripen and m prove much more rap dly s nee the rams of yesterday So far as cured the crop sho" s excellent quality TENNESSEE Sprmgfield Oct 7 C C B reports -About three fourths of the crop IS now cut 1he remamder bemg the late plantmg s yet green and not l kelv to get r pe as It will all be cut first cool spell The crop generally got s of good s ze rather free from worm cut :first cutt ngs w 11 be t m last utt ngs green and the remamder-say one h a lf to two-tlnrds of the crop -will be as good as we have had for many years Crop about same quantity as last Exchange Crop and lllarket Comments SEED LEAF CONNEOTIOUT The Amencan Cultwator October 11 remarks The weathe r has been very fine for curmg late c t crops 1t seems as though e' conspired to complete the cur ng of the exceed ngly mce crop we now have on the poles Some years we suffer by hav mg cold freezmg weather that freezes the uncured to bacco m the barns Some of the ear her cut cropB are nearly cured down only showmg a few uncured or fat stems The leaf sb,ows a good body and suffi Ciently gummy to varrant the concluswn that 1t pos sesses all needful qual t1es to msure a good thorough sweatmg and make a se1 v1ceable wrappmg crop It would be veil to keep sheds closed dunng tne daytime and open mghts f not too wmdy let It dampen mghts and foggy mornmgs b t shut the shed before It com men..,es to dry off Thts course helps the color and ren ders rt more umform Samplmg st II contmues We hear of but slight damage occurrmg n the lots SVI eat by our local packers Sales of a few n ore crops on the poles have been made m }Iontague but the priCe paid has not transp red El hu Belden of Whately IS sh p pmg a large quantity of h s packmg to h s employers C :B Tag &.Son of New York PENNSYLVANIA -The Lancaste r 1\ew E a October 4 rema1ks There vas afar amount of busmess done dunng the past week 1200 cases of the 1878 crop hav mg changed hands The actlvtty m the New York market seems to have stimulated tiade he1e also The trade Circular of Messrs Gans mtunates ho" eve1 that our last years crop IS provmg some vhat deficient m wrappery leaf Wh1le thiS may be true perhaps m a general sense there was nevertheless some excellent tobacco ra sed here The sales last v ee k were 3o0 cases and for the same week last year 1 077 ca,ses Pnces are well mamtamed and there s no lack of m qun v on the part of buyers Little IS to be said of th s s c1op It IS all put a vay tne frost of a week ago hav ng caught nor e worth speakmgof The late fields came out fully as veil a.s was expected and Will make good tobacco We contume to hear of stem rot V>hiCh seems to have affected the earltest cut more than the late The reason of this IS that about the tnne the early tobacco was cut we had the wet weather that gave such an rmpulse to the later planted Bemg put away under these mrcumstan.ces and more closely perhaps than prud .. nce dictated the thick stems failed to dry out qu ckly m consequence of which there will nut be much trouble m remoymg the lea-ves when str1p p ng time comes around We have heard that m some the growers have placed stoves m their to bacco barns and fire up daily to prevent any further damage We do not thmk much tebacco has thus far been affected or that the damage Will be very serwus Aside from this the crop IS curmg mcely and looks prom1smg We also g1ve as an Item of news closely connected w1th the tobacco trade that Messrs Skiles & Frey our large local packmg firm sold at a smgle sale 500 000 to a Boston firm They ha,ve dealt very largely m home made c1gars a trade wh1ch has Msnmed :unmense proportiOns m thiS county durmg the last decade or two A correspondent from Manchester York County Pa to the York 1 rue Dmnocrat says -Hav mg notiCed many extraord nary statements made through mfferent papers of York Com ty tobacco I m company with several other ?,entlemen concluded to look up some of these B g tobaccd crops and ftom observatiOns made wh ch cov'ered hundreds of acres I would say that the crop ne:ver looked finer on the field as a general thmg but maiiy very exagger a ted statements were made through some of the papers wh1Ch came under our personal observat on which I thmk1 are rather degrading than other vise There IS no Actual cause for m srepresent ng our crops as It v ll not avail anythmg vhen It comes to the final Judg ment of the purchaser In Manchester to vnshrp the crop was exceedmglv well develop e d except m a few mstances of very late plantmgs ro Manchester town sh p I thmk champ onsh1p for long leaves must be ac corded as none of more than 47 m ches m length have been recorded to our knowledge m York County wh le Manchester Boro could scale 48 mches vithout usmg gum cord for measur ng This was raised by Mr Ell Gross M M Krebbs of Ne v Holland had some of the same dtmens ons The crop of Mr E B Good nurseryman IS also very fine his crop of four acres was about as even as any that came under our obser vatwn about one acre of whwh IS nearly ready for str1ppmg V\ e also noticed on the farm of P M Alt land. a patCh of about one acre very supenor tobacco cult1 ated by Mr Alex G1bb The crop of John Bears Sons of 6 acres *as veny well developed Mr Danrel Goods crop of 4 acres IS hard t o take down The crop of the Messrs Em1gs along the Codorus and those of J H Wogan Esq an 1 M.r Ilgenfr1tz have al ready been reported The Lancaster Intelhgencer Oct 8 reJ?Orts our last report the balance of the growmg crop has been cut and housed aiid 18 cunng well Sampling 18 progressmg rap1dly and 18 almost or about completed Of the 78 crop the total sales for the past week so far ali heard from will foot up 700 cases at pnces raiigptg from 12% to 20 cents round /rhe Lancaster Examtner and Express Oct 8 makes the followmg remarks on the state of the local market m j compar1son With the market m the Housatomc (Ct) -The local market was fairly acttve Jast week tlrere being a good demand for low and, Jlledium grade goods at pnces rangmg fro1;11 12@20 cents and about 700 cases changed hands Some growers report that buyers have been after new tobacco offenng 25 and 7 and 20 cents through but we have heard of no sales It IS not so m the B.ousatomc (Ct) Valley where one New York leaf firm especially IS buymg UI,J available crops of 79 tobacco at the enormous average figure of 17 cents for runnmg lots Th s priCe and particularly the haste w1th which the purchases are bemg made has created considerable agitatiOn among the leaf packers m New York They are unammous m their condemnatiOn of thiS hasty and early buymg a.nd tb.e enormous figures paid cia nung that such purchasmg IS demoraliZmg to trade m the 79 Connecticut crop The new crop IB all housed and outside of the stem rot 1s curmg mcely Farmers are still contendmg with the rot whwh affected both early and late crops (the former li\Ore thaD the latter) but has not done aii;f considerable dainage. In some houses stoves have been m which fire lB kep_t_ up contmually WlBCONSlN -The W18Consm (.ldgerton) Tobacoo Re porter Oct 3 reports -The exCitement heretofore ex 1stmg m the purchase of Spanish tobacco has some what subsided dunng the week though several buyers are operatmg to some extent There has sprung up a of topnces between bu:rers 14 cents and even higher VI e also learn of a number of mstances where 14 cents have been pa d Whether th s hold ng for h gher pr ce s wlll result favorably to growers remams to be seen The crop m most m stances s a good one and the demand for It IS act1ve S nee wnt ng our last report Charley Spitzner and Henry L ev y from New York Henry D Rogers of Connect cut and James H Scofield from Nora Jo Dav ess Co Ill have made their appearance m th1s market It s est mated that at least t vo thuds of the Spamsh crop has already been secured at pnces rang ng from. 7 to 14 cents to be delivered 11 bundle sort ed and packe d by the b ye1 This Will have a ten dency to enhance the reputatiOn of Wtsconsm gro vth as It will thus be handled II). a umform manner und e r the superv swn of expeuenced packers The Seed leaf growth s rep01 ted as havmg suffered to some ex t ent! by the extremely dtyweather curmg out too fast but 1t s thought th s w 11 not ser10 tsly affect the sale f the weather hereafter proves satisfacto -y and 1t re ce1ves the prop e r caref 11 hand! ng The folio vmg sales have been 1eported -Will Potter stx acres of Spamsh three acres Lancaster part1allv hail cut 6c through J W Bates Jno Bowers Jacob Bender t venty acres fourteen Spamsh SIX acres Lancaster par bally ha 1 cut 6c through WESTERN TENNESSEE -The Clarksville Tobacco Leaf Oct 3 says -Dr T A Thomas of the Western Tobacco In spectwn Brooklyn s m the mty Dr Thomas shows us a s a mple of Wh te Burley tobacco which sold m Cmcmnati for $37 per hundred He thmks by proper management our lands would grow It as well as the upper' Kentucky farms and we beheve the experiment wo1 th trymg It gro vs well on 1 mestone land and IS made by :plantmg c lo se m drills and IS allowed to make all It will s mply pmching out the bud and no pr mmg-twenty to thirty leaves to the stock Then 1t IS cut r pe and air cured It IS thmi bright silky leaf small fibre and little or no gum t yields from 1 000 to 1 600 pounds per acre and commands a high priCe m all markets The Clarksville Leaf m ts ssue of Oct 7 says -We are mdAbt ed to Mr Robert Keesee for brmging m two samples of :Mr Horace C Buckner s ne v tobacco from Longview Ky the first we have seen cured whiCh s fully up to the old fashiOned type of Clarks ville tobacco It IS very large leaf. well ripened soft silky texture and very elastic and full of gum One sample IS cured a 1edd sh p1bald and the other a solid dark color and really looks Oily Mr Buckner I" one of the finest tobacco rmsers m Christian County and wtll have be:t veen fifty five and Sixty thousand pounds this year The samples we have would have sold here three months ago for at least $16 00 Mr Ferrel from VIrgin a IS managmg for Mr Buckner thiB year and proves himself to be a skillful farmer The tobacco receipts up to date show a fallmg off of over 7 000 hhds from this trme last year There may still be more tobacco m the country for market and doubtless B than was there this t1me last year but we have drawn fully as much or more from new trade and we can now safely estimate the crop of 1878 m this sectiOn 8 000 hhds less than the crop of 1877 We will soon be able to g1ve a full report of the years operat ons The Clarksville Chronwle Oct 3 reports -Our re ce1pts are hght as may be expected at this peuod of the season but our sales are full as holders are still pressmg their stocks upon the market to meet the pres ent actrve d emand Our sales for the week will p1o bably be over 500 hogsheads The market IS active and reJectwns are few m number Our rece pts n September were 869 hogsheads sales 1 898 hogshead stocks Oct 1st 2774 hogsheads For the year t0 date r ece pts are 14 115 hogsheads sales 42 677 hogsheads The veather contmues favor[Joble for the r1penmg of the late tobacco and for the cur ng of that already ho sed Much of the crop was cut not fully npe whiCh s greatly to be regretted Mrssouru -The St Lou s Co tme ctal Gazette of Oct 2 eports -Recetved 584 hhds agamst 282 the previous week These mcreased rece1pts did not lead to m creased bus ness On the contrary offenngs were smaller than previOus "eeks the extreme dullneos of the market d scouragmg receivers from puttmg tobac co on the breaks Some lots of medmm to good fillers and a fe v m edmm half bright to fine brtght wrappers were offeted m order to test the market With ver,r sl ght hov es of sell ng As noted m our last there IB no shijlPlllg demand very few orders and the manu factur ng demand IS hght On the whole the market "as very much all through the week and may be said to have about the dullest of the season The crop of :ltfissoun IS pretty generally cut and will e as heretofore st ... ted about one third of an average crop say 7 000 to 8 000 hhds and IS of very Irregular quality VIRGINU.. AND NORTH CAROLINA VIRGINIA -The Bedford Va Sentmel says -It IS dtfficult to conJecture with any of accuracy to what extent the tobacco crop m th s sectiOn was dam aged by the frosts of last week On the northside e learn that the damage was mcons1dera.ble but on the southside many crops have been greatly lllJUred espe ctally where sttuated on low grounds On elevated spots no damage was done worthy of considetatwn The general 1mpresswn as that there will be fully an average crop m quantity The wet weather m August has given the crop a very luxunant appearance but there IS a probab1hty that much of this rank growth w1ll be too coarse and heavy to command a good price A correspondent wr1tmg from Richmond says -The tobacco statistiCs for the past twelve months show a decrl)ase m the sales of loose tobacco as compared w1th those of 1878 of over 2 500 COO pounds The Lexmgton Gazette says -Lynchburg on the James IS destined and IB fast becommg one of the chief Cities of the South Her geographical locat on g ves her man;r natural advantages her mdustnous active populatiOn 1s rap dly mcreasmg and all are IR tent upon bmldmg up the great tobacco center of VIr gtma The trade IS assum ng collossalJ?roportions and soon she will absorb that of some aspir ng towns who have v1ed nth her for the possessiOn of a local bus1 ness Lynchburg 1s now the recogmzed tobacco mar ket of the State The complet on of the Buchap,an, & Clifton Forge Railroad w 11 g e an Immense Impetus to the bus ness of L) ncb burg and v ll no doubt be the startmg po nt of variOus manufacturing mdustr es m add twn to the already establ shed tobacco factones l For the week ending Sept 30 1879 INVENTIONS PATENTED Olga C B Becker Baltimore Md Tobacco-Box C amp-W P 0 mer Mount Airy N C DESlC!NS REGISTERED Olga Boxes-Augustus Frey New Yo k N Y For the week ending October 7 INVENTIONS PATENTED Plug Tobacco Cutter T C Mans assignor of one hll.lf nterest to J D Otterbein Marietta, 0 TRADE MARKS REGISTERED F ne Cut Chewmg a.nd Smoking Tobacco G Jaquet & Co New 0 leans La The arb t a.ry wonf Cu.rt1jncy and he representat ons hq.v ng a genf!ra.l appearance of the paper and metallic currency ot this country su'o$tant1ally: as shown. Cigars Toledo & Barranco Key West Fla and New York, The &rbltr&ri y ... lected word symbol Progreso Cil Internal Revenue Receipts from the Toba.oco Industry for August 1879 Total All Dllltrlcta. $1188 243 88 1 96ti 87 58 693 2 022 984 45 558 7() 1 oos 34 $3 313 04.6 61 THE TOBACCO MARKEl'S. NEW YORK, OCTOBER 11 The marke t dur ng th1s week has been qmet for all kinds o f tobacco The sales of Western leaf vere small The Seed leaf market has shown more act v1ty than the other branches of the trade and pnces at the close ""ere quite firm MEJssrs Sawyer Wallace & Co report to THE ToBACCO LEAF as follows -We have to report a contmued dull market the sales smce 1st mst amountmg to only 442 hhds They d1 v1de as folio vs 346 f01 export 66 to manufacturers and 30 to JObbers 2d week l:kl week. 4th week 5th week T""'-1 793 1 415 1 481 8 lie 1409 546 1 346 4100 892 3 269 816 6 ()( 560 351 M2 31100 604, 720 2 4QS 4 4ro 459 680 889 4350 916 565 3 979 6 200 785 807 838 3 lie 389 918 422 31!25-442 Last yeotr 2 679 hhds.. do 30 do. 399 dQ Total 3 32o hhds Total 3 108 hnds Receipts th1s year -Western 62 hhds From NewOrleans 849 do do Baltrmore 1 306 do do VIrginia 15 384 do Lastyear 104,592.hhds. 2 025 do 2 286 do 21070 do Total 80 269 hhds Total 129 923 hhds. Export Manu Jobbers TotaL Sales for the month 1146 66 30 hhdl! Exports for the week 2 005 for the month 2 768 hlids At New Orleans Receipts from Jan 1 to Oct 4 1879 2 784 hhds, aga nst 13 006 hhds m 1878 sales this month to Oct. 4 169 hhds exports thrs month to Oct 4 fore gn 1 hhd domestic 80 stock on hand and on shipboard not cleared Oct 4 1 379 hhds Vtrgmta Leaf-Dullness reigned m the market this week and the compr1se a few t1erces of wrappers and smokers The commoner lugs offered are cheap enough yet there a1e no buyers for them We have a. good assortment of all grades and 1f our merchants w1ll only have a little patience the manufacturers will take all the desirable wrappers that are offered MesilrR J S Gans Son & Co tobacco brokers 84and 86 Wall Street report as follows Bt smess contmues qmte satisfactory and prices for all sorts are very firm SALES 800 cs 1878 crop New England Seconds Wrappers Housatomc Assorted 1o0 cs 1879 crop New EnglandWrappers 350 cs 1878 crop PennsylvamaFillers Assorted Lots 2 900 cases 1o0 of which for export 11 @13 15 @25 19 15 @28 8%@ 9 12% 9% 15 @18 21 @35 Our Wmdsor correspondent H writes Wmdsor1 Oct 8-'-It has been some time smce you have heara from me through your JOUrnal and I guess I Will now grve you a shOI t account of the brill ant:IIJrospect of our present green crop of tobacco and Its cure Not w1thstandmg thew nd we have had m t1 e Valley the crop matured mce aiid was, a good growth but not as large as some years but when you talk of the c tre Hartford County will take the cake ihlB year for the frequent rains and clenr a1r has made the best curmg season smce 1864 and there ld scarcely any pole sweated and ) ou cannot hear a wh te vem spoken of and the color I S very uniform w1th one exceptiOn and that 1s some black top leaves which does not amount to much m a good crop Some has been bought on the poles already to be stupped and put m bundles The pnces pmd were from 12 to 16c through whiCh ts a. good price for the grower and a h vmg priCe for the dealer to at I th nk those prices will buy nearly all of the crop H Our Bremen correspondent grves the following ac count of transactiOns n North Amencan tobaccos for the week endmg September 18 BaJ Ohio Scrubs. Md Va Ky Sterno "" 76 75 6116 8 920 &Ill I70 1 7 3llf! 7lll 228 17 &Ml 75 MICI 8 888 104 880 6S 8lle 68 Rece1pts of I conce at po t of New York for week reponed expresslY for rw: 10BACCO l&A.JI' -W 0 8mlth & Co pel" Greece from London SO okgs (6928 lbs) 1 C<'nce juice EXPORTS Jl'rom the port o,f New York to foreign ports for the weei were 8S follows A(nca-69 hhds 1 pkg (50 lbs) mfd Antwerp-365 hhds 00 cases 166 bales 12 p:tga (18i0. 11111) mfd pkgs(l .. 1 2 Miles 118


I BI'II:WI. North Colonwa8 \Ids 1 case, 2 pkgs (260 lbs) mfd Brtf.ilh Wat lndtes8 bhds, 10 bales, 22 pkgs (3520 lbs) mfli. .Dnnilh Wut Ir.dUs-9 hhds, 20 bales 10 pkgs (1911 lbs) mfd. Qanada-86 bales c.mral.AfMrica-.5 !Joles, 14 pkgs (1359lbs) mfd Quba.--28 pkgs (6173 lh) mfd GibraltM-804 hhds, I J4 cases, 84 pkgs (13 ,208 lbs) mfcl 0/cwgotD--12 hhds, :i7 p"kgs (10,483 lb) mrd Homburg-418 bales, 12 pkgs (1598 lbs) mfd BQer-18 hhds hhds Japan-2 cases Lic>lrpool-102 pkgs (15 085 lbs) mfd .Londcn--216 hhds, Uti C118es, 148 pkgs (28,250 Jbs) mfd JCarMUu-664 hbds PtwtLJ .Rico--2 hb(js, u5 loales 4 pkgs (320 lbs) mfd &intander-466 hhds U. 8 of .Colombia--3 pkgs (220 lbs) mfd y,_1Ula--lll cases 1'iUa pkgs (61110 lbs) mfd UPORTS FROM THE PORT OF NEW YORK TO FOREIGN PORTS FROM JANUARY 1, 1879, TO OCT 11, 1879 Rbds Cases Bales Lbs mfd Africa .......... 698 111 79 224,701 THE TOBACCO LEAF. Oct 9 -Messrs Ed W1schmcyer & Co Tobacco Comm1SS10n Merchants report to THE 'l'oBACCo LEAF -H.ece1pts of leaf tobacco are falhng olf, and under the active sh1pments stock m warehouses 1s beconung 1educed, though 1t 1s several thousand hogsheads larger than at same date last year Maryland tobacco contmues m good demand from shippers generally, with selectwns more d111icult to make and priCes very firmly mamtamed We haven" sales to note m Obw The SituatiOn of the market remains unchanged Holders arc firm m then demands We reYLse QUOTATIONS. Mar) land-mferwr and frosted ... f 1 50@ 2 00 sound common 2 50@ S 00 good do 3 50@ 5 00 nuddhng 6 00@ 8 00 good to line red 8 50@10 00 fancy 11 00@15 00 upper country 4 00@20 00 g10und leaves new. 2 50@ 8 00 Ohio-wferlor to good common 8 00@ 5 00 greemsh and brown 5 00@ 7 00 medmm to fine red 7 00@10 00 common to medium spangled 6 00@ 9 00 fine spangled to yellow. 10 00@18 00 Au cured mcdmm to fine 7 00@15 00 Kentucky-trash 3 50@ 4 50 common lugs 4 50@ 5 50 000 lbs bought at farmers' doors that were taken d1rect to the workers W1tn tb1s addition our transactions about foot up those of 1878 DURHAM, N. C., Oct 4 -Messrs Walker & Burton, of the Farmers' Warehouse, reuort to THE ToBAcco LE-'F AuctiOn sales are very hght, and transactiOnS are enllrely or nearly so, confined to pnvate sales There seems to be no diS pos1t10n to pull pnces down or advance them The reports contmue to come in favorable from the growmg crop. A great many barns have been burned, and a large quantity of tobscco destroyed The qual1ty of the new crop wdl be of good color, but tbm. We walt further developments We continue 1"' 3 2M 8 @10 2 @ 3 a 4M 3 @ 5 store to draw from, busmess m our market I S hardly worthy of note Rece1pts for the week were but 29 bhds, offer ing 'l'2 hbds Exceptmg a few hhds of fa1r leaf, the quahty was mlSCl'ably poor Pnces ruled rathe1 fuller than the week before The weather has been warm. and the work of savmg the crop has prog1essed mp1dly, fully two thirds of it bemg now safe m the house The leaf is of good s1ze, free of worm cut, and 1f properly cured will, no doubt, make excellent to bacco. Stock m wa ehouses on 1st mst sold and unsold, 854 hhds. 1 RICHl\IOND, Oct 9 Mr R A Mills Tobacco Broker ana CommiSSIOn Merchant reports to TilE ToBACCO LEAF -I have nothmg of mterest to report Our market con tlnues about the same Prices for -all deirable grades rule firm Breaks from Oct 3 to 9, inclusive, 380 bhds and 28 trcs Olfermgs at auctiOn -Oct 3, 15 pkgs sold at ::! 40@26. 18 taken in at 2 70@35, Oct 4, 11 pkgs sold at 8@31 50, 17 taken m at 2@23, Oct 6, 6 pkgs sold at 2 75@4 70. 4 taken mat 2 80@ 5 90, Oct 7, 39 pkgs sold at 1 10@38. 30 taken mat 4.40@40, Oct '3, 27pkgs sold at 30takenin at 1 00@40, Oct 9, 50 pkgs sold at 1 60@13M, 28 taken mat 2 00@1374 .Antwerp.... 8,909 8,369 565 21,420 good lugs 5 50@ G 50 common leaf 6 50@ 7 50 @7 @10 @6 @9 @15 @18 @30 @20 @35 TransactiOns of the tobacco trade of the c1ty of Richmond for the week endmg Oct 7 -Rece1pts V1rgm1a, 334 hbds, 135 trcs, Western, 21 bbds, total, 335 hhds, 185 trcs Sales Vtrgima, 214 hhds, 28 trcs. Western, 1 hhd Sh1]'ments Fore1gn, 238 hhds Warehouse rece1pts, 327 hbds, 52 trcs m spectwns 343 hhds, 65 trcs, dehver1es, 544 hhds, 82 trcs Re ceipls and dehvenes of loose tobacco, 950 lb8 Stock on hand Austria .......... 110 Australia ..... 21 52 188 Bremen ............ 6,304 6,460 18,800 British N A. Colomes 23 1 Canada .... 1,803 Central Amer1ca 9 1 72 Qhina and Japan 23 54 Ind1es 1 France ....... .. 8,778 109 109 G1braltar 1,600 1,475 310 ............. 1,566 2,810 Ham urg.... .. .. 2,159 95 3,72:1 Italy...... .. .. .. .. 11,141 1 Liv,erpool. .. 2,157 64 London 4,291 489 46 C)ther BntiSh Ports 812 llalta. ... 120 27 1luico .. 2 New Zealand P(ll1ugal.... .. 181 RoUeidam ...... 2,602 660 10 Sandwich Islands. SpaiD ................ 6,480 SOuth America . 722 4,667 5,890 Welt Indies .... 1,120 107 2,105 53,841 14,676 84,280 VIBGJNI LEAP, SPANISH, LEAF. .JI,&TAIU Flu.EIU>-Common Good Fino Superior I and II cuts Old crop &! @ 815 90 @100 ]05 @110 115 @100 72}6@ 7li liiA.NVP A.CTVBED TOBACCO. l'luca "' BosJ>-T.u: 16 CENTB PD Pomm. 33,841 8,088 4,845 24,567 142,581 95,596 37,054 6150 76:1,571 942,148 6,080 28,7M 2,094 428,856 5,509 28,251 2,080 640,151 915,467 6,221,940 cte 4 8 8 i 7 12"';14 17 @22 1 3 @15 10 @12 -@!%@ 9)jj @-12 @15 @12 @18 8 @14 @8 @12 15 @00 lboaBTB)Iavy 4sLt!e, t!e, 'M!, So 17 @28 lOs and Pocket 'l'leces .. 18 @28 IBI.4cu-10s, 128, and Mlbs12@15&: l@:la Navy4sj5s,3sand 140118 &: 9-loch Ught-pr....ed 28 (j 0<>1<1 Bar& 30 @4!182 6 and Jl.lncb twlst 18 @ Navy lOs or Pocket Pleeeo 14@2:1 Nogrohoad tll'lst CIGBS. 'JI&YaDa, per II $1;0@10000 J Seed, per II 16@40 Seed and 11&V&D& per II 40@ GB&NVLATED S!IIOIUNG TOBACCO, Kecllum to $26@46 I Good to fine $46@100 Sl'lUFP. (Subject to dlocounl t<> the wholM&Ie trade. Jlaecal>oT -1120-115 JAmerican Gentleman llc>otCb and Lundyfoot lit@-115 R&ppee, French -"0.0" .. r. G." Wallla Ez. .. Pilar,, .0.70..' Lo. a eo." .. x. BOB&'' LICO&ICJE PAI!ITE. Tvanoa-28 "W.S" 28 "M.F" i8 "V B." ustell& n 15 ''Apollo" fl1 uT. W S." iS HA, O.S." 22 us.n uon DOIIEII'IIC JUlCEIJ'TII, --o-n -72@-'ro 18 10 !;: 18 18 llll 18 The domestic rece1pts at the port of New York for the week ._ufollows:-:S. C.U rN Railroad -Toe!, Rose & Co 8 hhds; WatJen, Toel & Co 211 do, J T Murphy 1 do; Oelnchs & Co 11 do, Saw yer, Wallace & Co 11 do, C R Sp1tzner 78 cases, Bunzl & Dor mi&zer 1711 do, Order 423 hhds, 20 CIL888 B,1l C.U lludMm RifJif' Railroad.-Havemeyers & Vigellus 131 easesi_JOIIIph Hayer's Sons ll6 do, Bnru;l & Donmtzer 49 do, ()bas J.f Tag & Son 2 do, Order 48 do. lJJi U.. IA1u -P Lonllard & Co 265 hhds, Sawyer, Wallace & Co 10 do, D J Garth, Son & Co 11 do; J R Moore & Co 20 do, Nichols & Co 4 do; Appleby & Helme 24 cases, 1 lahd, 14 pkg11, 1 M bbl tobacco, 28 trcs, 81 bbls, 20 M bbls. 281 bxs snuff, Thos Hoy-t & Co 1 bbl snu!f, H W Meyer 1 do, L )[iller 1 do; Allen & Co 1 box snulf, Order 5 bbls, 8 Jars do Bg 1M Railroad of NtVJ JM'Iefl -E Holfman & Son Ill cases, Rusch, Victorius & Co 48 do, He1lbronner, Josephs ..t; Co 1 do By U.. Norlh RifJif' Boali.-Order 196 hhds. lJJI 1M NtJVJ York and NWJ Haf){Jn Steamboat Line '}I Oppenheimer 23 cases Cbu F Tag & Bon 47 do, J os Seliga berg & Go 8 do, M & E Salomon 7 do, E Rosenwald & Bro 5 do, L Ahrens11i do, Lobenstein & Gans 28 do, J Hoezel6 do, EM Crawford & Bon 3 do, J Edelstein 1 do; R1chter 1 do, Wm Eggert & Co 75 do, 1 box, S Rossm 1 bale, Thompoon, J(oore & Co 1 case samples. Bg 1M NWJ York a1id Harif()ra Steamboat Lin. -H Schu barl & Co 15 cases, Bunzl & Dormitzer 211 uo, G Reismsnn 62 clo; E Hoffman & Son 88 do, C F Wahh' 10 do, Straiton & Storm 11 do, Jos Sellgsberg & Co 74 do, Davis & Day 5 do, B Rosenwald & Bro 91 ao, 0 B Phihps & Co 7 do. :S, tM :NtJVJ York and Bridgqxrrt i/Uamhoat Lml!Chu F Tag & Bon 20 cases, E & G Friend & Co 49 do, Bunzl & Dormltzer 1 do; Schroeder & Bon 100 do, Schoverling Bros 11 do; JOIIIPh Mayers' Sons 97 do, H Schubart & Co 44 do :a, tAl Old Domiml, 25 hhds Maryland tobacco, a.nd to Demernra, 8 do Ken tucky tobacco TOBACCO STATB:l!IENT. ,, , January 1, 1879 -Stock on hand m Tobacco Ware house and on shipboard, not cleared. .. 19,870 hhds Inspented this week . . . 846 bhds lnapected prcvwusly th1s year 44,749 hhds Exports of Mary laud and Ohio smce January 1 ......... : ..... Shipped coastwise and re mspected hhds 8,600 hhds 64,965 hhds 26,957 hhds Stock In warehouse th1s day and on shipboard not cleared . . . . 38,0011 hhds Stock time m 1878 .. .. 84.617 hhds Manufactured TobaccoThis 1s one of the few branches of trade that has not shared, except to a very limited extent, m the general reVlnl. Sales are stdl rather slow, but pnces re main steady Received per R1chmond steamers, 921 packages and 7 cases; per Norfolk do, 390 do Sua Leaf end Hamna Tobau<>--Busmess In th1s branch hl\8 fallen off somewhat this week, but iS not' to be styled dull There contmues a steady good demand from manufacturers for old Pennsylvama wrapJ?eiS, which arc gettmg rather scarce, and the new are fast begmnlng to take thell place Fme Con oeclicut wrappers a1 e also looked after, and m some mstanccs preferred to Pennsylvanm, 1f da1 k enough Good Havana fillers contmue m good request Sales th1s we e k, 1\8 far as reported 166 case s and 63 bales Receipts 121 cases, 91 bales H a vana and 10 b a les Yara tobacco BOSTON, Mass., O c t 8 -A W Ward Manufactu Iers' Agent, reports to THE ToBACCO LEAF as follows -Plug tobacco bas been m01e active the pa s t week Reta1l have large stocks on hand, and are sellmg the same very rapidly Granulated smokmg lob lCCO 1s qUiet Cigars of all grades have a good mark e t The tobacco market lR 1n a and healthy condilion, and all rue looking now for o. good sohd busmess CAIRO, Ill., Oct 2 -'Messrs Hinkle, Tb1stlewood & Moore, of the Farmers Tobacco Warehouse, report as follows -We have exammed some samples of the new crop smce our last report and find them fully up to what we ant1c1pated The leaf is large, very gummy, nnd clean of all defects We thmk the crop 1s entirely out of danger from frost, .., the weather 1s fine for curmg and npemng, and the planters are ava1hng themselves of the cond1t10ns We have heard of some s.ales on the bill at lie, the buyers to cut, house and cure, and the weight to be est1mated when cured, and 1f we are not m1s takeu, unless the l.Juyer IS an expert guesser, he'll get left badly We tbmk from mdlcatwns the crop m th1s YiClDlty will be equal to last year m pounds CHICAGO, Ill., Oct 7 -The demand for manufactured tobacco contames very brisk, and 1t IS safe to pred1ct that hlgherprlceswlll be established e1e long Our manufacturers a1e full of orders for lowpr1ced smokmg tobaccos, whlle fancy smokmgs are comparMively neglected There was very good mqUlry for :tine cut chewmg, wh1le plug was only m moderate demand The Cig&l market 1s effected to somo d e gree by strikes Ci gar manufacturers boast of bu<:ht prospects plenty of orders, etc 'lmt complam about prwes Smokers' artiCles and p1pes aie m very demand During the week some improvement iD the leaf market took place lots are held very firm Fme dark wrappers are not to be found m th1s market Some of the new crop of Havana arr1ved, and was eagerly seemed by those who had so anxwusly "a1ted for 1t G W Sheldon & Co report the followmg 1mportatwns October 2, Chnpm it Gore, 3 cases c1gars, Geo. Luerssen & Co 4 do, Kalman Bros 8 do, Oct 4 Metzler, Rothschild & Co 3 cases p1pes CINCINNATI, 0., Oct. 8 -:&Iessrs Prague & Matson, Leaf Tobacco Brokers andRe dryers of and Plug F1llers, report to TnE ToBACCO LEAF as follows -Smce the date of our last rep01 t there has been no essentml change in the market for leaf tobacco Manufacturers of both fine cut and plug contmue to take the olfermgs smted to the1r purposes at prices close up to outs1de quotatiOns For the past week the weather has been unprecedentedly hot for th1s time of the year, and much harm has doubtless been done to the new crop by bouse burn. Quotatwns unchanged from last week The sales at auctiOn for yesterday and to day (Wednesday\ were 287 hhds, a rather small showmg Pnces as follows 130 hhds Mason Co Ky., D1str1Ct at 5@18 75 liS hhds Brown Co 0., D1strict at 11@28.110 47 hbds Owen Co Ky District at 4 90@18 25 18 hbds Pendleton Co., Ky Distnct at 11@18. 18 hhds Carroll Co Ky D1str1ct at 7@17. 2 hhds Boone Co, Ky., Distnct at 3.06@4 10 9 hhds Imliana at 3@11.50 8 hhds northern Ohw at 4 50@15 7 bhds West Virginia at 8@11. 10 cases common I) hw Seed at 2 85 7. 7 cases common lnd1ana Seed at 3@3 7a QUOTATIONS (NEW CROP). Outtng Leaf-Common dark lugs. .. \ 4 00@ 6 00 Good dark lui(S.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 6 00@ 7 00 Common dark leaf .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 8 00@ 9 00 Good dark leaf 10 00@14 00 Common bnght smokers 9 50@11 00 Good do do . 11 00@12 50 Common bnght strippers .. 11 00@12 50 Good do do .. .. 18 00@1/i 00 Fme do do 16 00@18 00 Common bnght leaf 14 00@15 00 Medmm do do 16 00@17 00 Good do do 17 00@18 00 Fme do do 20 00@24 00 Stock) Common dark and trashy fillers ... . 9 00@16 00 Medmm fillers, some color and body 11 00 00 Good fillers, red color and l(ood body .. 16 00@16 110 Fme fillers, bnght color ana good body 17 00@18 00 CLARKSVILLE, Tenn, Oct 8 Messrs. M. H. Clark & Bro., Leaf Tobacco Brokers, reuort to Tux ToBACCo LEAP -Our receipts are hght, the crop bemg nearly all in, and sales are mainly maintained by drawmg on warehouSP. stocks, which are much reduced Our sales th1s week will probably be between 500 and 600 bhds The market 1s active, w1thout material change in pnces smce the advance last week of in Bremen grades The poorer grades are qu1et, and w1th out change. QUOTATIONS. Common iugs .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. Good lugs ... .. 8!/4@ l'i Common leaf .. .. .. .. .. 5M Medmm leaf.... 6 @ 7M Good leaf.... .. .. 8 @ Fme .. .. .. .. 10 @11M Selections .. .. .12 Our receipts in Sept were 869 hhds, and sales 1898 do; stocks Oct. 1 were 2774 do, total rece1pte 14,11'!1 do, totalsalea 12,677 do. The weather for the past ten days has been warm and dry-very favorable for npening the late tobacco A great deal of tobacco has been cut green, half ripe, and three quarters npe, partly to aave it from field firing after the flood mg rains of the early part of the month, and partly durmg the cool spell on account of fear of frost. DANVILLE, Va., Oct. 9 -Messrs. Pemberton & Penn, Leaf Tobacco ComiDlssion Merchants, fen showmg shght Improvement m at tbe close of each week A few common to good br1ght wrappers sold tb1s week at 10M@ QUOTATIONS. Nondescript ,-Hea"11 JJodUid-. ,--Outt1ng---Red Dark Red Bnght Com lugs .2;!4@3 3 @3M 8 @ 9 9 @11 Good lugs S @8"' 5M@il1! 10 @11 11 @13 Com leaf. 4 @5 11 @13 13 @15 Goodleaf .. 4)4@5 o @6 13 @15 15 @18 Fme leaf @ 9M 6 M15 18 @21 Seleclions @ 12 @15 .. @ 21 @25 Bnght wrappers nommal, ret! heavy bod1ed 1\nd red cut tmg for plug kmds 'Messrs W P Johnson & Co report to THE ToBAcco LEAF the transactwns at the Eutcrpnse Warehouse as follows -Oct 8-The total sales for the week were 70 hhds New ongmals S2 hbds Old do 8 hhds New rev1ews . 24 hhds Old do 6 bhds Sales smce commencement 12) 3,955 hhds, receipts 4108 do. The m1uket has ruled firmer, w1th very favorable pnces for all grades of tobacco, there bemg but few reJeCtiOnS durmg the week at th1s house NEW ,1\IILFORD, Conn., Oct 9 -Our speCial cor respondent reports as follows -The excitement here 1s m the buymg of tbe 1879 crop, and fully two thirds or three fourths of the cr-op has been bought m the last ten days, mostly by New York buyers-M Neuburger, Joseph Mayer's Sons, Lacben bruch & Bro Gershel & Bro Schoverhnl(, Lohmeyer, and Rosenwald & Bro The local buyers are Taylor, Kra1f, Chi chester, Soule Bros C E Benson, :..nd Spmgarn and Mills Stuart of Romer. The pr1ces are very low There was paid th1s mormng by Gershel20c 10 the bundle That IS the highest that I have heard of for Seed leaf. It 1s reported t.hat Havana has been sold for 25c here PHILADELPHIA, Oct. 9.-Mr. A R. Fougeray, To bacco Alrellt, reports to TBB Torucoo LBAF Be;vond fact that the general tone of husmess 1s more con fidmg, but little can he shown the past week towards an ad vancement of trade m manufactured hard tobacco Buyers contmue to buy extremely hght, and only such goods as meet With dally demand Manufacturers hold pnces firm, and talk of further advance; stU!, dealers adhere to purchasmg as they need. Ji'ine Outs-Slowly but firmly the better grades continue to mcrease Bmolcmg T00auo 19 dealt in moderately, with low grades in the ascendancy (Jigars-A very good demand, but trouble ant1c1pated from the c1gar maker. Snuff-Orders fiow stead1ly m, wh1le manufacturers are do mg all they can to sat1sfy the demand Rece1pts, 388 boxes, 13,968 caddies, 352 cases, and 398 pa1ls of flue cut Exported of manufactured tobacco -To Liverpool via steamer IllinOis, 8918 lbs, to Antwerp v1a steamer V aderland, 20,228 do, to Liverpool v1a steamer Lord Clive, 97951bs, total, B8.941 do Rece1pts of manufactured tobacco at this port for the month of September, 1879 -2181 bxs, 63,288 caddies, 22!U cases, and 2176 pails, total, 69,861 pkgs Exportedforthemonthof September '79 of mnnufactured to bacco -To Antwerp 26,151lbs, to Liverpool 20,000 lbs, tol\1.1 47,05llbs &ed Leaf-Packers and dealers have all they can comfortably do The cigar leaf rrade 18 hvely, espec1ally for new leaf, and pnces rule high and firm. Hamna-Hather a better trade shown the past week, pnces steady. for the 802 cases Ooonectlcut. 401 do Pennsylvama, 101 do Ohio, 100 do Wisconsin, lllibai""Ravana, and 119 hhds of V 1rg1Dia and Western leaf tobscco Sales for home censumpt10n were -294 cases Counect1cut, 281 cases Pennsylvania, 70 cases Ohio, 162 cases Wisconsin, 81 bales Havana, and a9 hhds of V ugm1a ap.d Western lent tobacco. Exported of leaf tobacco -To Antwerp via steamer Vader land, 81,293 lbs, to Liverpool v1' steamer Lord Chve, 330,889 lbs, total, 400,832 lbs Receipts at this port of leaf tobacco durmg month of Septem ber, 18711Connectlcut .... ... .. ..1,601 cases renns.vlvania 'l!leed,.. . . 1,129 cases Ohio Seed .. . 280 cases W 1scoDB1n Seed . 820 cases 8,780 cases Havana leaf ... ........ 289 bales 4,069 pkgs Bales of leaf tobacco for home use for the month of Septem ber, 1879-Connecticut Seed . 1, OM Pennsylvania Seed . . . . 1,264 cases Oh10 l:!eed .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 158 cases W lBCOnSlD Seed.. .. .. 662 cases Havana leaf .. s, 149 CIL888 .. ......... 149 bales 8,298 pkgs Exported of leaf tobacco from this port during the month of September, 1879 -To Antwerp 1,899,91il'i lbs, to Liverpool 979,409 lbs, to Indies 2901lbs, total 2,672,263 lbs. Statement for month of September, 1879-Receipts 24111 hhds; sales and exports 2748 do, stock on hand Oct. 1,1184 do PADUCAH, Ky,, Ocl. 8.-llr. T. H. Puryear, Leaf Broker, reports to 'l'HB ToBA.cco LLur u follows.-Our receipts being now so amal.l, and having lillie atoct .iD D Tidemann & Co 's Tobacco Circular of October 1 says:-In exammmg our annexed table of the annual statistics, you w1ll nottee that the mspectwns for the State exceed last year's estunate of the crop nearly 12, 000 hhds, for whteh we cannot account m any other way than that the crop had been underestrmated that much. A larger proportwn even than usual of the sh1pments destmed for foreign forts are enclosed m the coastw1se sh1pments, for all o the direct shipments, except 1,458 hhds, were made m the first quarter of the fiscal year and were yet of the 1877 crop The crop as foreshadowed proved to be of a better quahty than we had for several years, and consequently brought out a more active competition for It than we otherwise would have had. The final settlement of the tobacco tax quest10ns, domestic and foreign, gave also a health ier and more regular tone to our markets. Of the Re gies, Austria took a larger supply than for some years past, while the reqwrements of France and Italy both of which awarded contracts, the former for 2,800 hhds, and the latter for 2,800 hhds, are only;PW'tlyfilled yet. With the exceptwn of a shortspeculat1vespurtm July, based on the apprehended senous curtailment of this year's crop by drouth, the course of pnces was very regular, as the followmg average quotatiOns for every month will show LIGHT L&AP Com Lugs Good L'gs Low L't Med L'f JanUAry 4 -5 6 -7 February 4 -5 6 -7 llaroh 1 i 2 -3 4 6 6 7 April -!% -5 6 7 .&ray 5%-8 -4 4 -5 U -7 June 5%-8 8 -4 4 6 6 -7 July 4 -4lfo 5 6 8 7 8 9 August 8 -4 6 7 8 9 September 3 -4 6 -7 d -9 HEAVY Lu 8 9 8 9 10 -1.'1 10 -12 10 -12 Com Lugs Good L'gs Low L'f Med L'f Good L'f Marcll 8 4 5 6 7 8 9 -10 April 3 .8 -4 5 6 7 8 9 -10 10 10 13 13 I3 February -8 m-fi -6 7 -8 9 -10 January m-8 5 -6 7 -8 9 -10 lllay 3 -4 -4 5 6 7 -8 9 -10 11 June 3 aH 4 _.. 5 6 7 8 9 10 ll July 4 4 5 6 8 10 11 -18 14 August 4 4 5 6 K!-ii 8 -10 11 -13 U September 4 4 5 -6 8 -10 11 -13 14 -16 Bestdes the stock for mspectwn. there remamsabout 12,000 hhds of the mspected stock for sli.le m first bands or held by speculators The new cro,P, whieh bas been curtailed by the drouth, setttmg m at the end of May, mterruptmg plantmg, and lastmg until the second half of July, we estimate at about 50,000 hhds, about two tb11 ds of whiCh 1s cut and housed The remammg third, most of wh1ch was planted late, will need several weeks of mild weather yet to make useful tobacco The early plantmgs wh1ch were saved by the rams late m July, and which have had the full benefit of the fine seasons smce, are reported to promise a good quality. A frost, on the mornmg of Sept 26, mJured some of the outstandmg tobacco m parts of V 1rgmia and N 01 th Carolina. Total mspect10ns m the t:ltate of VIrgm1a for the year-In Richmond Petersburg Lynchburg From Oct. 1, '78 to Sept 00 '711 40,282 hhds 16 105 Compared. to the precedmg year '410 47,068 hhds. 18,645 .. 1102 56 797 66 215 Inspectwns for the last tt!n years 33,746 hhls, 1870-71, 55,566 do; 1871-72, 52,794 do, 1872-73, 63,110 do, 1873-74, 62,321 do, 1874-75, 38,966 do, 187576, 63.194 do, 50,826 do, 1877 78, 66,215 do, 1878-79, 56 797 do Total sh1pments from the State of Vll'gmJa for the yeart Compared to 1 he From Oct 1, '78 to Sept 30, '79 Year Hhds Tobacco Rhds Stems Hhds fob HhdsStems To France Austria .. Italy England Bremen CoastwiSe 2,562 620 300 819 456 3,511 1,120 2,361 1, 738 500 1,148 25,512 4,093 rn,53o 31,688 4 593 39,989 Shipments for the last ten years 1869-70 9,5!3 hhds tobacco 3,285 hhds stems 1870-71 24,711 4, 445 1871-72 25 127 4,764 .. 1872-73 29,799 '. 4 853 1873-74 30,880 6,937 1874-75 .. 17,727 4,733 " 1875-76 32,369 5,814 1876-77 28,016 6,891 1877 78 39,989 4,998 1878-79 31,688 4,593 Stock m the State of V1rgm1aOctober I, 18711. lnopected. For lnopect'n Hhds Hhdo. Compared to Oct 1, 'iS Inspected Fc.r Inspec'n Hhda Hhda In Richmond .. Petersburg .. Lynchburg 12,098 3,064 3,996 661 185 51 9,590 2,514 6,121 229 210 178 16,279 3,776 14,921 2,921 St.ock of inspected tobacco for the last ten yearsOctober 1, 1870, 4,911 hhds, 1871, 7,488 do; 1872, do, 1873, 8,864 do; 1874, 9,225 do; 1875, 4,947 do; 1876, 10,810 do, 1877, 9,902 do; 1878,14,921do, 1879,16,279 d<.>, ,SAN FRANCISCO, October 2.-The Jour'IUll of Oomnwrce reports The tobacco and cigar trade 18 im pronng slowly, but business does not come up to ex pectatiOns In leaf there 1s little demand save for Ha vana Imports smce our last have been moderate Exports of tobacco smce our last C1ty of New York, Australia Alaska, VJCtorta, dom do, do, foretgn Total Exports of cigars smce our C1ty of New York, Australia .. CIGARS Lbs 404 842 4,550 5,796 No 52,050 Value. $125 00 324 36 2,096 90 $2,546 20 Value. 11,369 00 Imports since our last -By rail, 39 bxs (9,150 lbs). Total smce January 1, 1,410 cs. Busmess 1s 1mprovmg but slightly. Receipts by rml smce our came to the fol -13 cs to A. S. Rosenbaum & Co., 9 cs to Michal1tschke Bros, 4 cs each toW. G. IrvmeandFal kenstem. & Co., 8 cs to Esberg, B. & Co, 2 ce each M. Z Greenfelder and Wellmwi, Peck & Co., 1 cs each to J. M. Pike and E Goslinsky & Co. We quote With trade discount (The h1gher prices are hand made, the lower mould) :-Common Seed-4M to llmch, Good mch, $20.50; 4JQ: do, 20, 4"' do., 211@ 5 do., 28@Seed arid Havana-4Iocli, $45@115, 4)4 do., 55; 4M do., 60 65, 5 do., 70. Clear Havana-4mch, $60; 4M do., 70; do., 80@95, 4% do., 95, 1i do., 140 @160. China, $15 50@17 TOBACCO. Imports since our last. By rail, 105,010 lbs manu factured. Per Granada, 91 cs 10 bales (44,840 lbs) leaf. Total smce Jan. 1st 3,702,021lbs manufactured, and 4708 cs, 20 hf bxs, 1180 blH, 23 bdls, 6 csks, li5 hhds and 28 pkgs (2,532,544 lbs) leaf There IB no sale tor leaf except Havana. Ma.nufac tured is rmprovmg m demand, ;hough not in price. Receipts by railsmce our last mclude 81,950 lbs to L. & E. Wertheamer & Co 12,830 lbs to Falkenstein & Co ; 11,500 Ibs to Buchanan & Lyall; 10,1170 lbs to Esberg, Bachman & Co ; 6,540 lbs to A. 8. Rosen baum & Co. ; 6,320 lbs to Oregon; 5,620 lbs to J. M Pke & Co., 4,170 lbs to Bnt1sh Columb1a; 1,980 Ibs to Honolulu; 2,440 lbs to W. J. Houston, 1,260 lbs to Newton Bros. ; 1,210 lbs to Rountree & McClure, 1,000 lbs to Sanderson & Horn; 780 lbs to Mtchalitschke Bros. 730 lbs to S. Bremer, 650 lbs to F. Danen & Co.; 520 lbs toW. G. Irvme; 400 lbs to Tillmann & Bendel, 370 lbs to R. D. Hume & Co.; 170 lbs to J. A. Dnnkhouse. We quote leaf:-Havana fine filler, 1.25 to 1.30; do medium do, 1.15; do common do, 1. 00; prune wrappers, OCT. 11 3 00 to 4 00, medium do, 1. 75 to 2 50, Connecticut fillers, 10 to 12Mc, do bmders, 15 to 20c, do wrapl?llrs, 20 to Pennsylvama wrappers, 25 to 55c; do bmders, 15 to 25c, do fillers, 12J,n to have the prefer ence for new arnvmg lots Our dealers are ava1hng them selves of th1s ammauon, and mamtain their prices firmly We have to suppose that the1r mtentwns will shU r1se, as $4:1 gold per qtl was asked to day for espeCially floe lots. Tho effected sales amount to about 15,000 bsles, of which only the 1maller lots as yet have been shipped, meanwhile the greater portion IS sill! here for better curmg For Vnelta AbaJOS there was also a hvely demand to be noted D1tl'erent sales have been elfected. Umted States CJgar manuracturers bought sundry fine assorted vegas w1th splendid wrappers, paymg ns much as $90 gold per qtl The greater part of the sales cons1st of vegas which show a great ppor tJOn of fillers, and these obtamed from 100@70 gold per qtl. Unlil now our dealers were not Wlllmg to sell fillers alone, or 1f so, asked exceedmgly h1gh pnces The Vuelta tobac cos as yet a1e not mnch advanced m cmmg, wh1ch 19 due to the mOiSt state of the atmosphe1 e n h>rge arn vals, but as puces are still h1gh ($40 gold), and the tobacco 1s unsuffi. Cleutly cured, no ammatwn was VISible. 'l'he planters still sus tam the1r h1gh pretentiOus The cool north" mds wh1ch we genellllly cxpcuence m thiS month are eagerly desued, and we hope tbat they Will make the1r appearance soon, for only then the tobaccos Will be really fit for working Our c1gar market remamed, m consequence of the frequent ram showers, w exactlv tbe same state As long as we !Jave th1s veathe1, a change for the better cannot be expected The maJOnt y of om manufacturers arc w01kmg, and the few still mactlve factor1es, as A De Vlilar y V1llar, lierid1ana Flor de A Mur1as, Legltimidad, AfrlCana and Punch, after the fil'l!t appearance of the cool north wmds wlil take up theu work also Our exchange market With tendency for the bue, and we may quote Exchanges-. 60 days, 19 per cent, 19M gold, New York, 110 days, 8M per cent 8;14 gold, New York, 8 days, 9 per cent, OM gold, Fiancs. 60 dayB, 4 per cent, 4M gold, Marks, 60 days, 1 per cent, 1% gold; Sp&DISh gold, 133@188M per cent. Messrs J F Berndes & Co 's tobacco report of Oct. 4 says -Comparative statement of tobacco and c1gars shipped from Havana ,---1879-Tobacco. Cgars. Tobacco. Cigars. bales No. bales. No. January 8,535 12,236,085 10,454 16 111,374 February 6,590 10.539,856 10,508 18,156,320 March 8,973 8,707,535 13,500 19,690,180 Apnl 15,878 8,647,190 11,293 14,174,702 May 6,134 7,966,105 8,446 16,879,075 June 5,164 7,316,156 10,622 14,804,673 July 7,586 6,147,445 13,374 11,901,270 August 5,370 6,631,945 18,338 12,679,467 September 9,491 6,693,060 16,639 11,687,547 --Total 73,721 74,885,377 113,174 136,084,608 Vuelta AbaJo-The roads m the mter1or continumg next to ow1ng to the contmued ram, the traffic was senously mterfered with, and supplies of new tobacco have come m but sparingly. The market bemg, however, pretty well stocked, the unseasonable ness of the wet weather has been a matter of very small annoyance to our dealers and manufacturers, exceptmg m so far that the constant dampness has shghtly retarded the curing of the new leaf. On the whole, however, cons1derable progress has been made, and the number of seasoned "vegas" now offermg are steadily mcreasmg. The sales reported m the country are "few and far between," and as f11rm.ers are most an:nous to realtze their crops, 1t can be safely presumed that purchasers have had thetr own way. Anumber of the early seed plots have been destroyed by the continued downpour of the first month. Partidos-This descr1ption of leaf, although on the whole less cured than the Vuelta AbaJo, has now at tained the apex of populanty w1th speculators and purchasers for the Umted States market. The culti vators, as well as the owners of selecting houses, are now transactmg a hvely and profitable busmees and we ant1c1pate that nry shortfy there will be litile or nothing remwmng m first hands The great predilec tton so suddenly developed for leaf of this description 18 m a large measure to be attributod to the expected "fiasco" of the Remedios tobacco, entailing a consider able defiCLency, wh1ch wlll have to be by a more suitable leaf. The Part1dos tobacco selected for th1s purpose w1ll no doubt fully answer the require ments of our Northern neighbors. who 1t seems have a pecuhar fancy for the SJZC of the Partidos carrots, which, durmg th1s season, w1th few exceptions, hardly exceed a hand and a quarter. The pr1ces allow ed_ for assorted lots, smta6Ie for the U mted States market ,been steadily advancing, and as th1s leaf will yet. suffer a very constderable loss of weight be fore 1t becomes fully mal'ketable, we thmk It probable that 1t may be po8Slble to sh1p Vuelta AbaJo leaf at about the same rates Th1s competitiOn can hardly result m anythmg b11t the defeat of the mfenor article/ and holders of Partidos may find to their cost that there is a lnmt to the price of th1s article over whiCh 1t 18 dangerous to pass when there is abundance of superior leaf in the market. RemediosThe leaf so fa.r rece1ved from th18 district can only be CODSldered sample lots consequently are no fair cntenon of the general resuit of the crop. Ac cordmg to all accounts, however, the tobacco is too "tardido ;" the growers, moreover, continue pretending $110 per bale, which Qf Itself would be su11lcient to curtail operattons. Gibara-Nothing of special mterest has come to our knowledge from this department. Yara-As alread:y reported, the whole crop of this has Jl8ll8ed hands of specuia:tors, and consequentlv we have no further remarks to offer Market.-There has been some litlle act1vity for Vuelt& Ab&Jo gQOds, manufacturers havmg commenced to lay m stocks; as yet they operate on a very lumted scale, only taking such "vegas as contain temprano leaf, the lower classes of wh1ch can be made available at once For the export trade there has also been some movement, good cured fillers bemg in de mand at from $U to $30 gold per qtl, according to quahty. For Partido leaf there 18 great excitement speculators and sbtppers for the United States have pretty nearly cleared out the 11tock offenng; the prices allowed range from 186 to $43 gold per qtl. Semi Vuelta AbaJO 18 also m request at from $38 to $45 gold per qtl, Blld low fillers contmue to be taken by our c1garette manufacturers at from $14 to $i2 gold per bale, according to bulk and quality. Old leaf 18 more neglected than ever, purchasers for the Sparush con tract having retll'ed from the market. Bales and Prices-Manufacturers have paid for fine Vuelta AbaJ.O leaf wh1ch could at once be employed, as liigh as 3.2 rials gold per carrot for lets to 7th8, the other classes in proport10n, and about 1,000 bales of this description may be estimated to have changed hands durmg the past month. About 4,000 bales of Partido leaf have &galn been stored for the United c1G Paekeara and Dealers Ia PtmnQ"lva.Dia J.eaf 81 and 83 North Duke Street, P.&.


) II i HAVANA 110 TOBACCp Any Infringement upon .. p:m.. will be Prosecuted to the this Trade-Mark G. Full Extent of the Law. GI-A.R,C1A.., Importer, 18"7 &'tree-t ..N"e"VVI7 York.. D. llaekeU lllloor.,. Paal ()ah1, ---QF-MAYO & WATSON NO'l'ICES. VIRGINIA TOBACCO WORKS FOR S ;.E.-200 Boxes Genuine. Imported SCOT T. D. Clay Tobacco Pipea. 763 4 PETERS. & TIEMANN, 146 Fropt Street FOR SA ,E.-The KEYSTONE CIGAR MANUFAC TORY at hoeneck, Lancaster Co., Pa., has 011 for sale 500 :I.L NNS YL VANIA SEED .. M. SEED and 250M. SE.i!!D and HAVANA CIGARS October 4, 1879. 764 Thompson, Moore & Co., TOBACCO COMMISSION MERCHANTS, KEY WEST CIGARS. 1 South Frederick St.-, BALTIMORE, e.xpertence in Tobacco, the subgcriber would hke po enpge to some party; the ij$nli0n 'GOod packins and .sbil!!'mg tu.mlshed. Good references _giveri, aJil9. 88 T"W'WI'WIT, JNMI\N TOR.B:, Agents tor the Sale 01 Choice Brands of VIrginia Plug & Smoking Tobaccos. AUG IIOLE .A.GEJI'.l'S I'OB 'I'JIII om.EJDU.TED "'GV":ID.e Elap" and Gccl.e:o. Elea.1" To--., JoT Goo. W. G0Uaa oil: Co., of RIG ......... Va. -to be :lr'i.z1e: Ol:Le"V117, PENDAS & 00., The Brand ... States trade. A parcel of 500 bales Bematea tobaCco Alreed.7 the orqoa has issu8d a new fetched from $52 to $U gold ])er qtl. Manioaragua leaf priceliat '1\'ita an _advaDCe of $2, t3 and $5, according to obtained U6 gold per qtl, also for the United StaSes shape. Manuel is also the point of estab markets. For Gennany the folloWing purchases !'re liehlng !lew priees,..hili Oonchas and Regalia de la reported: 400 bales assorted Partidos at $36 gold per Reina will be $2 hi.gher, and the Regl!lia. de Londres qtL and several hundred bales of fillers at from $23 to advances $5 per mille. -$25 gold per qtl, besides low and inferior goods at from Exchanges-Owing to there being h!l-rdly any pur $15 to $18 gold per qtl. chW:!ers, our quotatwns aril nearly nouupal, say:Porto Rico--553 bales of this leaf were imported last Sterling, 60 da.ys. . . 19 @201 per cent P month. R. 60 days.......... 2 @ do do Cigars-The heavy rains which set in towards the United Statelll, tJO days.. 8% do do middle of August continued with hardly any intarmi& do do 8 dayli ,.. 9 @ do do the produc-60 days ........... 4 oo do twn of new cigars has been mOI"e hmt was exSt>lmieh G:lld ... ......... .do do pected, and our remarks of last mouth egarding the LIVERPOOL, Sept. 27.-Messrs. F w. Sm}1be general appearance and quality of the new goods are report to Ta;, TOBACCO Llo:Ai': The cont.inuea genera till pretty near the mark-there has been -.otiw im o.Uy quiet. !l&kl8 to the Jiome )rade were on a retail scale, but provement, but only in a few cases. With t1le excepIt lt. rnmQTE\!l Yl&t important pwchaaes of tion of the Meridiana (P. M:urias), Antonio Muria.s, bright Virginia strips and leaf. There were linyers fQr the Non Plus Ultra and High Life, all the larger Continent in the market, but their limits were still too low to fa.ctortes are now employing the new material, but in allow e98 to result Imports 4641ihds; deliveries 382; the majority of cases they may be said to be onlymak-stock 42,808, against 47,483 same time In 1 78. ing trials till an improvement in the weather permits LONDON, &pt. 24.-:Mesan. Grant, Chambers & Co. them to aet to work in earnest. Villar y :Villar only report to THE 'l'oBA.OCI> LEAF as foHows:-Tiiere is nothing this week, and is like Cabanas, of any imporlance to report in this market; very few sales have InCinidad, and Flor de Murias, on a very insignldcant been made of American tobacco&, and these have been confined scale, and only the cheaper classes. We are now just to tritliiJg selectjons made J:>,y t.he home trade For export at libe turning point between the two seasons, and at there has been Iitlle !lone. Western Leaf and Stripe-The for anr.moment we may be favored with a few days of dry mer ?ffinellght color lo deltlaqd; il)quiries, coQl weaLher, which would fully develop the excellent Virgmla leaf, when of light oolor, bi'JQgs ileavy prlclllt;" of the new tobacco; o.t during the of good substance are Maryland-A. few Sl!les; last tti'tee days there has been a eli t improvement in for Ohio of light color a fair Cavendish in steady de, 1the temperature, and we anticipate at the date of our next report being able to ad vise that all our factories are 1fprking to the full extent of their capability. All already indicated, as the working season appM&Chl!ll, so do the demanda of the workmen in crenae, and we fear the old system of strikes will be re com!Jlenced; as customary, our manufacturer11 can be .counted upon for giving wey, and the natural conse. quence will be an advance in the pricee of the already too expensive cigars, so that in the course of a very few years the operati'l'es will find out that they have "killed the hen that laid the eggs," for year after, ,year larger quantities c1gars are abroad, in consequence of the contmuous advance m prices mand. MANILA, Augu.t 16.-Chas. Germann's Cigar and Leaf Tobacco report nuctlon &alo of tbe ult. was fairly altended, and a good demand prevailed, espe clally for Cavite. The sales amounted to 6297 mil at $9@ 37.50. The auction of the 12th inst. went olf rather dull, althongh Caviteo and J;>rincesa branda were of good make; 2217' mil were sold at $9@li7.GO. Leaf Tobacco-'l'he opening sale of l878 crop will be held on the 18th inst. Likelr no ten dera of will be sent in. .A..s pointed out m my re port No. the lllllt YlliU'' s growth, especially Cogayan, bears a low character. A good erop js )QpJj:ed for this year in the Isabela District. Burners are current of a being formed at home to the effect of taking in lease the Whole ta ; b11cpo monopoly including tbe manufacturing of c1gars. BROWN & EARLE, FAC1fURERS OJ fttlE CIGARS, 1 ana 213-w ter NEW YOBH, Ill OT ICE .-Being Proprletol'll of the following Brandl, Olgar :Manufacturers are eautlone4 apl1111t W!illg t he same: JIONTJCELLO, Jl.d.ID OFA'l'HENB BOUNOIO. GAUNTLET. .AJIB.ROSIA, LITTLE JOKBRS, JUII'LE ;J'EAM, SOLID COMFORT, SATISFIED, HIGH TONED, PERFECTION, MON1'E VERDE. JIA88ASOI:NIHJ .1i:Jf',OH.AIN LIGHTNING, GBE.AT WESTERN;PEEP CY DAY, OLD DOG 'l'RAY,.EYEli OIIANGE, E(JUlY.u.&.N'l'-BaaaaelaNI'II or all lll7le PLUG aa4 lli!IOIUNQ ,... 0184&1 aa4 BOLli OWliEBII AND IL\NUJ'ACTtllllCIIS OF THE CELEBILl'l'Zl> a -- Braillu Of a.-. bT BuCJUXA.Jf 1: LYALL of New of the CELEBRATED ---" L o." 01.8' rita--- Wbl.oiiiiDOW pllllzllr a wfd&npu&a&la. A.llo SOLI: qt. 1M NEW 8I'YL&, aldel&'h Plu&' Smokfn&', with PATEitr lTAMP ATTACHED. W... YOU OFI'ICE:-18 W&RaEJf' 8'1'.1 BOSTOJf OJJTIC :-8 CJEliiTBAL WJIABI': B. IPT'l'lUlJGil a: oo., .HOLMSS,, BOOTH & HAYDENS' -Paris has 41,000 tobacco shops. -Some 213,920 lbs of tobacco. valued at 691 were e:x;ported from Boston last week. -=-Tb@ Mouohanl.ii Tobaoco Oompany 6f. n.r..,.-. t (Boeton) advanced prices October lst.-New Efli{JUJmd Grocer. -M:OJC& tobacco has been sold and used in New Eng land thtS year than ever before in the history of the trade, observes the New Eugland Grocer. -The eouth, it is estimated, has raised this year 6,000,000 ,000 pounds of tobacco, which is about twelve milhons niore than she ever raised before. -The. New Yo_rk Tobacco Board of Trade, on TuesadJOUr!!!!d Its monthly meeting without transact mg any busmess, no being present -There IS over $12,000,000 invested in the manuf&e' ture of cigars in San Francisco, white the number of cigars annually turned out is about $125,000,000. -Mr. E. M. Nolen, of lOth district, says he has the fin11st tobaccq CI'OP tbat he has raised in eight years. The farmers m the Tenth let their tobacco get ripe and all have good '?rope. -Clarksville Leaf. The Clarksvill .. Leaf remarks:-Instead of a killing froet, as many expected, the first of October have been as warm as summer days, and farmers '!Vho or. their tobacco green have lost the best of the tobacco making season. The Lynchi:Jurg Vi1ginian repprts :-A crop of new tobacco was sold at Friend's wa,rehoW>e yeeterd-l: The lup brought and the lea[ $18, It wM'I'&lsiMI by ?rire. R E:lliott, of Halifax County and was sold by Mr. Green Nowlin. rork c!ga;-manufacturer are gradually raismg tbe pr10e of their goods, and wages or cigar-makers have bMa advanced, $hus avoiding a strili:e. This the best way to eettle what might prove a serioUs illjury to the trade..-New England G1'ocer. -:rhe montbJ.y report of the Department of .!\glIculture m Washington shows the average condition of this year's tobacco crop of the whole couhtry to be an advance of t(l" pl!l' oent. over ana per over oottdition of the crop the t4ne la!it year. -The bustle and activity: \n Sales and distnbution of merchandise continue here and in other busineso celders of the country. Prices are strong, and ihe tendency in some instances is to a higher range. This is in matked' COntrast with the previous years from 187-3 up to 1878, when prices were almost constantly shrinking. -At the United States army headquarters, bids for the supply of 50,000 of navy tobacco were wete forwarded to final adJudicatwn. Among the were P. Loril lard & Qo,, New Yorlq' Drummond Tobacco Co., Alton, Ill.; Dausman Tobacco Co., St. Louis and Ligget & Meyers' Co., St. Louis. -.A meeting of the Lynchburg, 'Va., Tobacco Ass ciation was lield at Pace'S:warehouselately, when M:r. S. W. Younger, president, and 111. F Wood, secre tary, declining re-election-the following officers were for the ewsuing yea! :-Gfl!eral J. Efulitti, president; N. R. llowmap, ll. 'f, Liy. secretary !md treasUJ16J.1, -A correspondence recently publishe. d between J. B. We htNby caution all parties IMI TINC BRANDS, LABLS & T TradeMark Man.ufacturers of atr4 whom It may concem:-The ON& JAOK ei.garettes were duly registered by me in the Pa tent Office at Washington, D. C., and Letters of Patent granted July 15, 1879. I will prosecute to the full extent of the law all parties imitating the above brand. 'PHiliP H. ERTHEILER. PHILADELPIDA, PA., 24, 1879. JAMES I nrMOil; 29, 1879. '7" ... :F-or Sal.e. SZUIDIJW&O & Co., 84 to 86 Street, New !F-or Sal.e. A t&W1\ supply of 190,000 pound1 genuine purchasers, at lowest figures. IURBURG BRos., H7 & 149 S. Charlee St., Baltfmon.. ''PUCK'' OXG-A.RETT:&J for their ware a name souna ing similar to my PUcr." with the undoubted intention to mislead the public. I respectfully caution the Trade to beware of UWI 'lhe "Puck c c=..:ig=--arenes" are manufactured without Sweeting, and bear my name, B.POLLAK,New PATENTED BB.AliD, DOCTOR'S PRESCRIPTION," will be rigorously dealt' with according to the Tmde-Mark Laws of the United States. FOSTER, HILSON & CO., ReJlanee CJ:ar l!'aetor:r-No, 1, 34 C': A.. TBLLBR,, Packer & Commtslon ll:ercha.nt P.A. 'VOR.:KTEI P.UBE# wa-x P ...... JIIA.N111!'A.(JTITII.BKII 01!' T11B ()JILBDII..&.TED :JE&:J:E 7 OX.G.A.R, HEADQUARTERS FOR FUSI! AIIID ICIIIITINC TAPES. G. W, JU1ft'IIOJL D. W. OBOllll& :JPoao 'tl&e o'bbSzaa Trade, AD.d. Dea.1er 1D. Penny1va.D.1a. 01aa.r. Alffice: 643 PEIN STRfET; lanllliilse: 636 COURT STREET,"READING, Pa. .a..qatn ............... or the ..... LIQUORICE PASTE! TM nderelgned contlnuea to manufacture and port Spa!' and Turklah Liquorice Paate, whfch be ofiBre to the Tde at Reduced Prlcea. Manufacturers find It to their lntiareat to apply to him. before purchaalft8\ elae where. Jam.esc: 55 Water Street, New York. -. -mLEAF TOBACC.O orrc=-a E. cHaTNUT sT., LANCASTER, PA Made by Improved Machinery in White and Fancy Colors for. use on Tobacco. 'ftta .. ._. .. h la ._ ...... .-.... !'IJf-. la Patla, ... ....,_.. Wo,..... it ba __ ...... ..,. ...... pu'JIO_ ... ,_-ia ...... ., l'ell .. -PLVG 'lOBAOOO. -I.UUOLB8 .A:lfD :w el'f A.PPLICA.TIOI'f. t ) elk, &"terry, --4>1Xi..A..R. .TR.MIMIT, ::N':ID"''I:1V' TOR.B:. SOJI:ETHING I NEW VOBACCO. JlA.NUF.A.CTURED BY D, SHEVILL & to. C o "'/' ey B'tree-t, :Dife"V117 To:a.-k.. s. lllo. BSI DEY QITOTA.TIOI'fl Al'fD IA.llllPJ.Ell PITBNIIIHBD Ol'f APPLI().I.TJM.


THE TOBACCO LEAF. i MANUFACTURERS OF THE BEST, PUREST, AND MOST FRAGRANT, AND THE ONLY GENUINE II ; Would most respeotfull!i announce to. the Trade, that they propose to furnish the entire Retail Trade witli a handsome CHROMO, the most capital one, too, ever bought out; or a splendid CHROMO COUNTER CANISTER,. and 100 LITHO GRAPHIC CARDS, with theiP address printed thereon, besides many Posters Dodgers as they will distribute; and in addition to all this, we pledge ouP selves to tarnish them the .Jiest,-Purest, and llost SatisfaetorJ Smokiag l'otiaeeo u NQW ON -THE MARKET. t. .. --The market is now Hooded with cheap so-called Durham all of which are imita, ttons of BLACKWELL'S, and you should shun them as you would any other counterfeit. -Ask your grocer or dealer fQr BLACKWELL'S DURHAM TOBACCO, and if they attempt to put you off with an inferior article. insist upon having BLACKWELL'S ONLY, and if they will not t give it to you, go to some .dealer who keeps it, and see that it has the BULL on each package::=. Very truly yours, T "Vii. T. 13 .. & CO.,y OF THE BEST, PUR.EST, AND FINEST. SMOKING TOBACCO IN THE WDRt:D.


r Si Jl B T 0 B A. 0 0 8 L B A. IS The Chawing Durham, N. o., is situated in the. 4th Revenue District, which embraces 21 and in these 21 Co11nties there are 66 Registered Manufactories of Tobacco. The Reve nue paid to the General Government by these Factories, for the fiscal year ending. 18'79, amounted to -. I $89'9,480.81 (Eight hundred and seventy-nine thousand four hundred and eighty dollars and eighty-one cents). Of this the manufacturers of the celebrated BLACKWElL's DUB AM, Messrs. W. T. BLAOKW ELL & Co.,. alone paid $542,720.24 .. hundred and forty-two thousand seven hundred and twenty and twenty-four AIAMOST DOUBLE THE AMOUNT THAT THE OTHER 65 FACTORIES COMBINED PAID. This needs no comment. These facts show most conclusively who it is at Durham that makes Smoking Tobacco that meets to the fullest the popular demand. To manufacture the ORIGINAL and O -NLY GENUINE DURHAM Tobacco. : To be located in the VERY CENTRE of the finest tohacco growing of the Union, peculiarly adapted to the manufacture of a first-class Smoking Tobacco. To operate the LARGEST AND BEST EQUIPPED Smoking Tobacco Factory IN THE WORLD. To purchase THE VERY. BEST RAW MATERIAL and use THE lVIOST SKILLED LABOR in our operation of any manufacturer in the market To be better prepared from our LONG EXPERIENCE and ABUNDANT FACILITIES to manufacture THE VERY BEST SMOKING TOBACCO known to commerce. To have established within the short space of 14 years, OWING. TO THE SUPERIOR QUALITY OF OUR PRODUCfS, a greater reputation and created a greater demand for BLACKWELL'S DURHAM, than any house in the Tobacco business has been able to do in one-half century. To have given more general satisfaction with BLACKWELL'S DURHAM, and are doing it to-day than any other brand of Smoking Tobacco the market. (. That there can be no more HONEST, RELIABLE and SATISFACTORY SMOKING TOBACCO put upon the marketthanBLACKWELLS DURHAM. That by all odds BLACKWELL'S DURHAM enters into more general consumption in THIS COUNTRY AND EUROPE, than similar class of goods. That the past history and future prospects of BLACKWELL'S DURHAM prove all this. Very respectfully, W T. BLACKWELL & CO. ... ,.__._....________ ----------


8 Es'ta b1:tsh.ed.. 1aga. DO-HAN CARROLL & CO., 104 _Front-Street, New York. ---:-P o. Bo;x 4o8UG.-KANUFA.C_TURERS OF AND DEALERS IN OCT, II F T. H. :MESSENGER & CO., ... Loaf Tobacco,( Cie:ars and. Licortco Past8, 181 KAlDEJr LA.XE, KEW YOBK. Tile aboft BraDd of BAY ANA TOBACCO CIGARETTES awlo oalr by lrBW YOB,K. ..... ... a BAT.L, ...... .,.&G & 322 GIIIIWJCB COR. OF BARCLI.Y, .,. .. ., 1 &, 'Y' .A. LEAF BRAND National Tuba SMOKING TOBACCO Kept In stock, ready for PROMPT DELIVERY from STORE or FACTORY, both TAX. P.&l::O a:n.ct. :ror E:X:.PC>R.T. ,seed Leaf Tobacco ection. TOBACCO INSPECTED OR SAMPLED. FINEST CLEAR BAlAN! CIGARSi ALSO l.!oU'ORTJ:RS OJ' HAVANA CIGARS & LEAF TOBACCO ... ,. DBI"O'J!I .&KD AG11B'C'2 QJ THE KANUJI'ACTURE OF D. J .. GARTH, SON & CO., & 11T & JL l'. AX ......... ". ssion Merchants -AT-254 I 256 Canal St. cor. Elm New York. WDE .t; BEKDBEDI, AGmrr&.: LOBENSTEIN &, GANS, WHOLEJJA.LE DEA.L-8 U SEED -AND HAVANA lOBACtOS BOLE AGENTS AND IMPORTERS OF THE GENUINE W, &: Ill Ol:G-.A..R. :.t:C>UL:OS Presses, Straps & Cutter.; IMPORTERS OF GERMAN & S ANlSH CIGAR RIJIBONS; ::J.a::J. :Da:l.d.e:n. X.a:n.e: :LVe'VI:r To:r.k.. 125, -127, 129 BROOME ST., cor. Pitt St., NEW yoRK. STR,.A..D&&, B.A.K11F.A.C::T1;TBBB OF ClGAR BOXE s AND SHOW FIIURES; ll'IIPOBTEB:OF DEA.LII:B llf &:PA:LVXS:S: ::E'I.:J:EJEI4?1V8, GERMlN' CIGAR MOULDS, PRESSES, STRAPS, CUTTERS, ETC., :as:. E. lill03' .. PACKERS OF SEED LEAF, -AND IMPORTERS OF-Havana Tobacco and Cigars, Dubrul's Patent Tril Lined .. ftRII'I' PRJZII: XED.A.L, C.A.B,L JaDIIBITIO., ur. MHBRSCHADflTJBER GOODS, AND DIPORTER OJ' WJI.UAK ucuNAN. DAVID c. LYALLI Fre1l&h Briar Pics With Amber lonth-Pieccs. BUCHANAN & LyALL, N r 0.:::.= ... R.iiLROA_ D MILLS OtJlce: 101 W8.nSt.,NewYork.-P.O.BOX1172. .... _------------_.. &lN UOIE-:Ea 1 Faotorv :-No. 2 FIR8T DISTRICT SOUTH BROOKLYN. MACCABOJ, FRENCH RAPP1111, SCOTCH, illRICAH GBRTLDJAJ, 01!' THit FOLLOWING (llliJ!BRA'rllJ) BBAxDS OF .D f! ___ PLUG, CHEWING ud SIIOXING FANCY PIPES VI&GmUDoxiWaToBA.CCO: m' 0 OSBRIER AND FANCY WOODS AAJflll'l' JIAVT. 11, ""' ...... llo, e.,.,., fll,lOo. MANUFACTURED BY TOB.A.OOO I HARVEY a FORD, ""OLB

\, OCT. II IJIDT.&TIOI'i' SP.&I'i'ISH Lll'i'EI'i', FANCY SrB.IPES, ADd &II ll:lnds of goods WIOd for putting up Bmok!Dlr Tobr.cco. .t.1so aoompl"te 8111101't,...., o't BmolUCCESSOR TO WALTER FRIEDMAN 1r FREISE, RAVANA lOBACCO, 2 03 Pearl Street. New York. '_, J& ...... BGGBBT DIPOR'I'EB.S OF HAVANA AND PAOXEI\8 OJ' SEED LEAF Tobacco 246 Pearl and 20 Cliff Streets, New York. LA VUEL T A ABAJO." tu EXTRACT OF HAVANA Q HAVANA FLAVOR TO THE FILLERS O F CIGARS. p.. t J ..&:DI.I:E& .41 No. 66 WABBE!f STREET, NEW YORK, o ..... Sole Agent for the UDited State and Canadao. Sample Botti.,. (su11!clent for 10,000 Cigars), $!!. Sent 0 0 D. ..... Large r Qu a ntities at a Liberal Discount. ... Lear Tol>ae c opresl .. LEVY :Kanufac"tu:re:ra o-r F:EN""E CIC:t.ARS Tobacco I Freight Brrokers, '.AND -RECEIVING AND FORWARDING AGENTS. 3,152.) 53 Elch&IJ88 Place, YGRIK-. ,;'-c ltnufac11ier & Dealer ill Leaf Tolllcae 302 BltBlJ I. Y. UJI'L BWJJI'R()'ND, B.Ul'L JOSEPHS, ABB. SJLV.U.TBAD'. W. E. UPTE&ROVE. Spanish Cedar FOR CIGAR BOXES, -DDCi[ar Box laters' snnlies. 1 Dth & llth St.1 East Rim, nw Yorut. I. H. BORGFELD' lannCactnror Ciro loulds, 510 East 19th Bt.1 I. Y. Cope's Tobacco Plant: 9 SMOKE EARLY AND. OFTEN!! I THE PEOPLE'S CHOICE t I XN' :B..&X...X...C>T :BC>.::::I!I:'.E&, -PATENTED 1879. -J. &, .A.. MANUFACtURERS, No. 72 CORTL:-ANDT NEW YORK. NEUMA. N & DING LINGER,GENERAt tiTHO&RAPHERS N. W. Cor. PEARL and ELM STS., NEW YORK. ""I* T-'1\m: D..A.V:KEIS, of all Deoriptt-of :.OJI:XB (:I'C'T TQa_A.OOO, Sole Pr'!Priet!'r of the followiac Choice Br&DcU: THREE and Cigarette ; Bristol Golden Bird's Eye-Smoking; Pure Richmond Mixture-Smoking ; As You Like ItFine-Cut BP'" Also Export Tobr.c cos tor Ships' ns e, and Inventor and Patentee of the Stemmiag and Drying lllachiJle, 26'7 260 "VU'ater St., N'. 'Y'. &, -RECEIVEBS OJ'-.. 1We&tern, Virginia: & North Carolina .1 LEAF j'; NEW and 88 BROAD STREET.a, NEW YOWL 'l ll!'ro sc., I Ill_:;;;;"; :; T ;:rk; : SAN fRANCISCO, -CAL, \ Horaoe B. KellJ' & Co., ;w.,.... Yo;rk 1 u K11eeelNI & Co., Lolliville, Ky. .. :,_: J."'ii"o, D06 Fro:n.1: &1:ree"t, : &an. Fran.c!, Cal.., SOlE AGENT ON THE 'PAClElG COAST FOR CIG.&RS OF THEi M.ANUFAC"rURE OF STB.A.ITON & -&TOR.M', New York. &, QO-. Brand u cffo: A Illonlhl)' .JOIJ&I'i'.&L ,., .. OKEB.II. Commission Merchants Por Jd IIBpon!Utot4 .&n ....... c .. ,.n-.. Coney 20& Pearl .. JD:W YORK aAIUDJVJLLB, 'l'e_, <\. BOPKIKIVJLLB, S, o -, PUm..181:D .I.T lD Lord Nelson St., Limpooi, ED!. l'lllts Two 8BIU.I!<08 (l'!loGLII!B) PER AlrlcaoSullecriptlooa, r.; eeato por aaaum, poot. ..... poMI.


10 THE TOBACCO LEAF. oar. I I 'Baltimore Adverc.tsemeota. Advertisementa. "'\V"M. A.. BOYD & CO., BROTHERS, PMUrs, Its .... lllrr' ht lllll r 1 l1.111n 'II l'areip and Domestio Leaf Tohaooo,: 1 117 North ThJrd PhiJacletpbjL "'-J W. EISENLOHR & COr, ) PACKERS AND W HOLE SALE DEALERS IN ,../ LEAF TOBACCO, 11as. .S"t., W. E I SEN!.O HR Pii\L. BONN. L.BAMBERGER & CO., DEALERS IN -:ro::&.A.CCO, And Manufacturers of all Crades of Cigars, 111 Arch St., Phlla.delphla, Pa. lVI.E.lVIcDowell& Co. 39 NORTH WATER STREET, PHILADELPHIA, -R. E VOCKE. --G. F KOOKE.-R.e E. &, CO., ;pv:n:P:AJr TOBAGGO & GENERAL GOMMISSION MERCHANTS, York St and ; t I &. Cheapside and Lombard BALTIMORE. I I -Leaf Tobacco Pressed In Bales a __ GUMPERT BROS. E. E. WENCK, MANUPACTURHRS of PINH CIGARS, .. LEAF TOBACCO. W K BARKE& G. E WAGG!'JER. WESTERN ADVERTISEMENTS. oT. R. SPENCE. J.P. SP:ENCE. N. T. SPENCE. C A SPENCE. ?oi.A.NUF A CTORERS O F ALL KINDS P:r:.UG T 'OBACCO, C>. Our X...eadS.D.a D:ra:u.ct..a 'SOLIItCO:MFORT,' 'TRA.HE DOLLAR,' 'tiDAL WAVE,'' BLACK DIAIWND.' 18o o.a..-a., :l!lr:lch't a:u.d. Dl.AQk., 01d. :.:.:-:a.e-t-y, 3 Oen:t P1"115', AND ALL OTHER POPULAR STYM<;s OF FINE NAVY TOBACCo; MISCELLANEOUS ADVERTISE.MENTB .HINSDALE Sl4ITH &. SON, ( &ol.:t.o:i-ted.." JACOB AARON KAHN, E. A. WEt L. .B. GEISE & BRO., STEVENSON & co. WEIL,-K AHN & co. &T:&I.A.:DII: TC>BA.,.CCO CIGAR-BOX FACTORY C1gars & Leaf Tobacco 113 Main St., Cincinnati, 0. NO. I -Ali'DGeneral Commission Merchants, '18 Buoaae St., x-Orleaaao, La. J H. Pnmi:BTON J a G Pux. BilBY IIIYIR & CO., COMMISSION MERCHANTS, F. W. DOHRMANN. PEMBERTON & Atl d Who l esal e Dealers i a STORE: 1341 CHESTNUT S'l'REET, s. w. Lombarasa., .. o're,lll.. 29 South GIJ St., Baltimore, ld. We I n"' to the attention of Manafaetumw to--OHIO ANO CONNECTICUT S t ock of DARK II.EoSWEATED WRAP LEAF TOBACGO BROriR services to fill orders for Leaf o r :Man!l!act ured Tobacco. :ra.oto. ,.....,..: to 448 Nortl;113th Street, Merfeld & Kemper PE;RIJ, o f w h ic h we mke a S pecialty. LEAF TOBACCO, :J:).A.:N''VZX...X...EJ, 'V ..&.. -"' 4AJ Front St.. 0. P::BZL.A.D:E,U:I:...PHX.A., PA. .a.., B. KLEXM,. --, -------THE LARGEST CIGAR FA(}TORY IN 'THE SEED LEAFTOBACCO, CIGARS, Leaf Tobacco Warehouse. S. E. cor. Vine & Front Sts., CINCINNATI. 3oa.Ouaa&..-, ; 'r.IN FOIL Late o f Henry :Meyer Ill: Co. 117 w. Lombard st., Tobacco WAYNE & RATTERMANN, D.&.X...T:E:a.:OB..:m 1\IE:J:). PROI'RIETORS, JOHN OBERHELMAN & CO. DEALERS IN FOJLEIGJf ... d DOIIa'l'IO ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;.;..., 122 8 W. Fronl & 91 5 (loJDmerce II< 20 CommerGe St.. Baltimore. C>. Act;G 0 G. H ._ Marriott, 1.U: .. ..... 1 DEALERIN JOS. SCHROEDER & CO., A dvaneesmadeonConslgnments. LEAF 'l'OBAQCO, 60 West Front Street, Bet. Walnut and VIne, CIJI'CDrNATI, O, Cor.':Ridgc & North CollD[c Ave's, Pa. Is l!OW retailing 118 different shapes and 1!, from tbe faetory. at greatry reduced prioeis. E"ery m ould w arrant6d uniform If sUe pur chased be no t sul.tatiole i t wi ll be exchanged or m oney retwned. Our aim Is to give perfect satiS faction to the trade. By from the factory you wiU save all delay and commissions. The onlv .medal aud lilp loma eward ed a t t h e Ceatennlal was to the u. &. Solld.tTI'>p Mould. Otncla l documenu can 'be seen at the North College .A. ven u es. U S. SOLID TOP C IG-MOULD C O B. WATTEYlfE, 218 Pearl St., NYork, s Ac-t. O F .. JjMph WaJJace, Cooper 4' Walter.) EINE CICARS, IMPORTED and DOMESTIC PACKERs oF LEAF T 0 8 SEJ;!l:I;> LEA.P, AC C 0 J 25. German St., Baltimore, Md. 79. s1 & sa EXCHANGE PLAcE, DARKWRp'PERS CON S TANTLY ON HAND.. Da11::b:n.ore1 :all:d.. PETERSBURC, VA., ADVERTI&EMENTS. S :W.VENABLE & 'CO. Ollce : Cor. Byrne & Halifax Sts., l"etersburgla, Va. Factory: 19 District, Virginia;> "' Ma n u facture ac4 t;1e Trade the tollowinl" BRANDS of PLUG CBBWIKG -AND-TOBACCOS a ECLIPSE" BRJGI;IT 11AVY, 111 X, 3, 41, &a, 6 1 T 1 81, 9 a a11.d 101 111, M, 3 4:s, o.a, 61!1, 7a, 8, 9 a and 101. 'J;' KI HT NAVY. l a 3s, 5s, 61, 9i1n d 1 0 a 'ANNO'!' LYLE'' BRIGHT NA.VY, 11. 3 1 ol,a !h, 6s, 'Ta 811 9aa d 1 0 1 UNION JACK l\ IA.IIOG A N Y POUNDS, ftn d 5 a "8'1' D.l\.RK. POUN DS, ))a, 411, & 1 6a, 7a, 9 a and 101 of FINE TWIST of se.,.er al g-rad e s Bright and Mahogany the f otiowtnr "ADXm.A.TIOR'" "TIIOB1WIAIVDY '' "REaaT o ao:r.D," A "r.IVJ: OAK," "IVADOB," "DB BOTO andl T he followi n g are oua Aee_ts fo r the llANUFACTURED GOODS;(l, W. V.Uf .&LSTJNE .t; P ; .&. H.&Gft & he t h.; N. a. (J&al...-..!11 Gal .. Texur Tobacco Machinery. HYDRAULIC AND RETAINING PRESSES, PUIIPS, CASING BOLLS, ROUND & SQUARE POTS or FINISHERS, CADDY PRESSES, CASINGS & BANDS, .etc., FOR THE MANUFACTURE OF PLUG TOBACCO. John B. llcGowan (. & Co., ClfiCINIAJI, 0. W BEST, Chlcao;-o LOKIN PALMER, New Yorkj W H RUSSELL, C h i c a r o. WHOLESALE -TOBACCONISTS AND IJOLE PROPRIETORS 011' THE GEJII'UJ:NI!: "GOLDIN CROWN" CIGARS, 57 Lake Street and State Street, Chicago, 111. ALSO AGEMTS FOil THE FOU.OWING WELL-KNOWN FIRMS 1r P. LORILLARD Ill: C O .t.l'lew Yorio:; SEIDENBERG It !J2.1 N e w Yorio:; W, T BI..MCltWUoL & 00., O. .J. J JIAGLBY Ill: 00:'8 DeVoit, JQch. w OABBOLL'I MLOJIE 14CE," Va. OOOi iWTN &: CO.' S "OL.n JUDGE'' Tobacco and Cllr:are tte; H ALL' S B ETWDN TBJC ACTS" a n d F 8. KINNEY'S CIG ARETT ES ')vr 1'-r ,, 1 r.-. 'r ,rt ,!1 I 1,\..- T!-. 1111, '; OF EVE:R.Y GUnE. Lehmaier, Schwanz & Co. :lt".&.OTO:R. VI FillST AV.,-.19dlBt., Ne-vv: Vorl&., !JR.. A. MTT.TS Tobacco Bok AND 1 Coml\lission OffltE Ill alCBIIOND, V.a.. W. K. ;LADD, LIAP mua lfl (FOR THE TRADE ) N. Main et .. at. Loul. B" SUBBRIIJI, WHOLESALE DULU. IX _..,._ DOKESTIC T.JAF TOBACCO, 23 I Baet Randolph at., Oifl&, u.r.. {


OUT. 11 A.lcee George, 203 Pearl Allb, Louis & Cor 104 Chambera Bondy & Leclerer, 96 to 110 Attorney Brusael J a mea & Co 78 Bowery DeBary Fred. & Co 41 and 43 Warren rey J. & A. 72 Cortlandt Ot&Ccum 1 Schlosser, Ri"fington. Greenhall & Teichman, 45 Warran. Hlr1lch D. & Co. s.n11 :aa..,. _,. .l-eo. 41 an4 411 w fiR atet lllcFjill .&.-D, 88 )l;urrar Seldlmberg .! 84 and 86 ltJ!.;.{e Sol<> Ageht fol" Andres A. Acevec!o' Key Welt Olgar s BaliJlO C. B. 10:1 I,ane of Clad -Aaber Wels C&rl, 898 Grand linJHWferr of Hen o\ & Co. 43 pberty Kaulmaun Brcs. & BandT, 121 and 131 Graa4 of Briar PIP"' aftd .llolporl.,.. o/ Smokera' Artidu. Harvey II: l'ord, 1165 ....., 367 Canal Holn A., Co. 43 Liberty Kaufmann Brol. &: Boady, tJII and tat CJriUI!>J'cco. Davies Wm. 257 and 259 Water Jll", T, Deal-er in Havqna. and Packer of SUd Uaj. Levin P. 11?.-114 Excb&nge C!p:ClAGO DJ Agent fo! Cigars anc! Ohewir>g anc! Smoking TobaCco. o A. Peck, 51-63 South Water Whole.tale Dealer in Seed Leaf and Hamno ToOaaco Subert B. 231 E Randolph Sutter Dl'others, 46 and 48 lllch'fan Avenue I Dealer in L.arTobocro. Baadhagen Bros, 17 West Rs.udo\ph Mm>j\Jclu,..,... of Ji'i..e-e..t mid 'SptokiJIIIo GAd Dealers in T<>bacoo. Beck A. II: Co. and tl Do&rDom Wholuale Toljaccotl+oi lringTobGCiro. Spence llroe. & Co. 52 and M East Third 1 Leaf Tobacco JWOken. Dohrmann F W. s e. cor_ Vine and Front Mallay It Bro. 115 Weot Front lleier B & Co 81 TobaCCO Wareh()Uie Commi..Wn. Merchant.. Wayne &: Rattermann, 1112-lllil W. Front aud Ht-95 Commerce Jlata.ufa.ctv J of Oigat'l and ,,.. Lea/ j Tobaeco. Well, Kahn II: Co. lt:J-., Mtinufactu,..,.r ef Cigar Jloldo aftd Shapen. aDller & Peters llfg Co. 136 to 140 E. 2d. Sheet Metal Cigar Mouldr. Dubrul Napoleon&: Co. ..! 011d Plum T obacco Comm.i.Bsion Nerch.antB. PragUe & Matson, 94 West Front Manufacturers of Oigar-Bou... Qeioe B. .t Brctber, 113 Clay Trost, B. W. 519-525 W. Sixth OLA:RKSVILLE, Tema. Leaf Tobacoo Bromr. Clark M. H & Bro OLEVELAJII"D. O, Doalet'W ,. 8Haeoe. Gra,..G. W D.&.-VILLE.V Deal.,.. and Brokor in Loaf Tobacco. Henderoon. J!""eo A. & Co Commi88Wn Leaf Tobacco DrolrMa. on Order. Pemberton & Penn. Veoable P. C. Mills R. A.. Man.ujacturers of Tobacco Baga. M. Mlllhlser & Co. 1809 Main ROCHESTER, Jll", T. Mamifrs. of Smoking anc! Glewiitg r TabaC<:OI 11 AND DEALERS IN TOBACCO, 96 to I I 0 Attorney St., ::DoT:IDW -ro:n.a:. II[ 0 N 114 01 I Ill 0 i & Ill I j .A..LLEN''S ''JEWEL'' Sc.-PLUG! lado fiom Bust Groon Rivor Tobacco PRICE 'SOc PER POUND. !'1VE P011JfD BOJD:& Samples Sent Free upon lpplicatlu. 'WliLJrt pr.utw '1'Bil ClOJII"SlJJIBB. GtthrG Bill A "BiG p:moj:na a GallA .. i IC, a5 , ...


12 Our Bruub Cbew1-t llJXNVSmE, NATIONAL, I BlUG.BT O"'WEN, Ji'A"BBB, l:XTRA CAVEKDISB. 4Dm06 Pearl St., New York. ... 8 e nera ._ R fo I I f. ,V. LOCKWOO D S pccitll. '1' B B T 0 B A-0 0 0 L E A.-.1'. WE:E.L'S TOBACCO DURB'AM' Darlas Jl'errJ'., quicker and gives better sa.tisfa,c.. iha.n any brand of Smoldng Toba.cco Or'J:)l':r---..a..-otrered in the ma.rket,a.nd it does so BECAUSE IT IS THE BEST I samI :s. S8wing and Planing Mills Cedar a.:n.d. "VVh.1 ]. S. GANS' SON & CO., SAWING AND PLANING FllR GIGAR-BOX MAIERS. To.bacc. o Brokers,. 84 and 86 WALL STREET, Z3l' .'lj::NEG NEW YORK. e RICE .P.Al'ER SWEET CAPORAL. New Hrand. Fine, Mild and Sweet. 97 &1i. N'e-vv 'York.. PBT:IIIR. OOX.X.::E:l'IT&,;. JIANUJ" AC'l'IJRER8 OJ' THE CELEBRATED Pill" CHEWING TOBACCO in BLUE PAPERS s l!llil' -u P P s : Rase-cented Maooaboy,Scotch, French Rappee,American Gentleman. ''R sERVE'' &::M:C>::K.IN"a-. Ia I and 4 troll, and.. 8 and 18 os. CJ JDade 1 er B"tcht Blchl!'laYore4 To1>aeco. A. leo, Pli'M aa4 SeeoDd ClaalU:y ID Blue Ppon, &-vvee"te:n.ed. F::l.:n.e C-u. "t : DARK AND LICHT CRAPE. FOREST ROSE. CLUB. KAY APPLE -a PRIZE LEAF FIXECUT, Dr FOIL. LieORIOE P STE. THB STAMFORD WUFACTURING GO., 1a"7 'ft A I I W :a:,.m, 1'1T3111'llgV baYID&' dema.aded a lluperior and Cbeaper Artlcle t.ban t.hat bltherto usee!, Uola Com-..,_ -IDg,a.adolferinc foroale, UCORIC& PASTJ:(UDder tbe old "Santord" bna.d)ot a QUALITY ._.ataPJIICB whlch can hardlT fall to he acceptAble toallllf'l'lng Ita trlal. & .. g1a N. gg4 &"t., lii:A. NUl!' .&CT1JBEBS OJ!' a:n.G'I LICORICE PASTE. CO.' CELEBRATED FINE-CUT &NAVY CHIWI G d a ll Kind of I SJIOKING TOBAcr:n AND DRALlUtS l X J'luq Tobacco, Snull', Snull' ftC'Ul', etc. ANti SAI.QKOON: Cor.1Anaue J I Tantll St. lew York. FINE-CUT TOBACCO, 207 and 209 Water Street, Rt ENGELBACH, DEPOT &AGENGY For F. W.I'ELGNER Ill. SON'S, Baltimo,e, Tobacco aDd Cigarettes. 56 S. WASHINGTON SOUARE, N.Y. _.....,_ '' <:r.I:..ZPPER.."' A lao all otJaer Cn4e or FlntCut l SIHklnc Tobaooos, J JIETROlTo IIICIL .A.aldo from l!llohed," and speelal quolatiODI !Yell for any article requirild. FINE POWDERED LICORICE ROOT, -IXLB-nd. Extra Fine Powdered Licorice Root (from Mled root) Eureka Broina. PINE GBOUI'r.D .&'ND QR.&I'I'Il'L.&TBD DEEil TONG1JE. PII'I'E GROUND Al'ID QllAl'fll'L.&TEit L.&1JBEL LB.&VES, PII'I'B QBOil'ND LAVE'NDBR PLOW BR8. WHOLE GR01TJI']) or POWJ)EBED .&I'I'ISEEDL ALLSriClBJ ANGELICA., I ClLOVBS. -. CJA.Sl.&BILL4 B.&lllt luBI.&I'I'DBR SEED.,_ 4l.&ll.& W .& Y Bll'B SEEJtS, BXT. CJ>I.L.&Bai.& LI(JOiliClE. GINGER &OOT, J 54 BROAD STREET, NEW YORK. M:. RADER & SON, TO.BACCO BROKERS 48 Broad Street, ::N'E"VU" 4. SHACK, TOBACCO BROKER, 129 MAmEN LANE,. NEW YORK. GEO. F. GUNTHER, Loaf Tobacco & Gotton Brokor, Eleventh and Main Streets, LOU::ES"VZLLE, M. H. Gt1NTHEil, of New OrleaDa, Cotton Puyer. LEERET t, BLASDEL, MANUFACTURERS OF Cigar :Boxes 168 & 170 East Water St., SYRACUSE, N. Y. DII:ALERIIIN ALL OF 'THE. LA:TEST 1!1 LEs O P {)!GABBOX LABF;UI AND 1BDUUNG S l .. ft. llllLLEB, MILLER & BRENNER. PACEEII8 AND D EALER!! nit OHIO SBHD LBAF TOBAGGO 1'4, Jforth J.t&roon Stree : DAYTON, OH'1t0. W" ORDERs PROMPTl-Y q "! GUlli: .&RA.Bitl.l. _________ __. .&ClB.1. LOV .&GE HOOT, B.&ax liT .;JOHN'II BBE&D, TONQil'.& BEAN!. Olt..t.NGE PE.HL V.&LEBI.&N ROOT. D. BUCHNER & CO. Oneida Tobacco Works, oaoe:-191 WUT ST., JfEW YORK, Manufa c turers ot the Celebrated Brands. of -CHARLES MESSIN.GER p. G." TOBACCO WOBKS, .AI'I'Il' .. ,UlTil'BEBS 01!' THE ClELE-ATilD INDIAN AND. SlJNFLOW'EB. Chewing, .AJ!(.D TilE CELEBR.&TBD P. G." Smoldrig Tobacco. ... ..,. .... & BENDBEilYI TOBACCONISTS. BOLE ACENTS FOR NEW YORK AND VICINITY FOR GOODWIN & CO.'S oLD Smoking Tobacco and Cigarettes. ALSO AGENTS FOR OTHER LEADING O F SMOKINC, PLUC TOBACCO AND C!CAR!::TTES, Nos. 254 and 256 CANAL STREET, corner of ELM, NEW YORK. Old and Reliable SIX FIRST PRIZE MDAL8. PARIS, 1878. Peerless 'robacco Worts. WM. S. KIMBALL & CO., Rochester, N. Y. AUG. RIGHTERING. & CO., TC>:SA.COC> a:n.d O:J:G-A.:::R. COMMISSION MERCHANTS 3 !f1ERCADERES ST.,' (P. 0. Box 368) HAVANA, CUBA. S!GmJND JACOBY, GUSTAV JACOBY. S. JACOBY & CO., PIONEER TOBACCO COMPANY OF BROOKLYN, N.Y. 124,Water St., New York; 16 Boston; 16 Wabash Avenue, Chicago. Factory: No. 1 First District, N. Y. THE CELEBRATED THE CELEBRATED "MATCHLESS,' "PRUIT GAKB," BRIQHT. All MAHOCANY, All Sizes; I .. P X 0 N :Jil E "R. ," Dark, all Sl:zee. A enmparlso n or our C elebr-at e d Brands o r PLUG TOBACCOS will c;onvince all partlts t)-411 WOK ... IJL MERIT contain ed. thesein. -pLUG TO.BACCO. OCT. II THE .L&4.,. Smoking Toba,cco. by AI.I.F.N & DUNNING, No .. 81& 87 VAN BOU'I'BJIBT. P.a.TKBSOM, N. J J .acob Henkell, ll&lroJ'AO'l'UREB 01' -. CIGAR BOXES llrl1PDIOB IIILUtB .t PB1J1B QVAUTY Olr Cedar -vv ood. liU.NUJ'.A.OTUBD OJ! ALL ICliDS 01' -Cigar-Box Label& 293, 295 & ,297 Monroe sl[eet, 1'\Te'V!T B. XtJJhtser lllANUF.A.CTUliK!IS 01' TOBACCO BAGS, ALL SIZES Al'ID IITTL-, 1309 Main St., Richmond, Va A.B. TOBACCO BROKER, "Va"f tloenl&l, l!ledlterraneau, French ao4 AfiiOiui IWI<" ket.J. I Refers to Ml!llll'S !llll, Sklllker .t W-Rlell mond. Va., and Ml!llll'S. S. W. ViiUhie a Co., Petersburg, Va. j M. LYON & CO. Manutacturers of the Cel e brated Brand or I ORTHORN Also of the Well Known Brand ot &ZD.ok:l.:a.a,, s-.:.I 'fa:n a,;." And Manutacturero of all styles ot Brfcht Ill. Black PLUG Ill. TWIST TOBACCOS. 24 Twentieth St., "V' ..... Our N a Yieo a Speclalty tor the Esst.,..n PATENTED. PRICES GREATLY REDUCED.


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