The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (12 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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. VOL. x v.--"-NO. 37. NEW YORK; SATURDAY, OCTOBER 18, 1879.-fESTABLISHED 1864.] WHOLE N0 765 FRED'K DeBARY & CO ,_ ; 41 a 43 warren Street, l\Tew York, 11 'CO SOLE ACENTS FOR THE PRINCIPE DE OALES' CIGAR BOX KEY CIG.A.RS, KAN11FAC'.tukERS .. Al'I'D PROPRIETORS. OF THE _WElL & 09., "W ,., Cor. Goe:rck & Third Sts., .._,......, ... O:Jr:IP.:EO:BII 65 PINE StREET, NEW voRK. r Z::D.cJ:Po:a-r:m:as. I CIGAR FACTORY OF NEW YORK. PRICE LIST OF CIGAR RIBBONS. Broacl T ellow .. .. .......... Eztioa .. 6roa4, 'TO J'cla 11.16 ............... No.1 ... 10 ,.a. 1.66 .... .. .. .... .. .. 2 .... 6 .. 10 ,.a. 1.46 .. ........... : .. 2a .. -6-8 .. 10 ,.a. 1.16 ................ 3 .... .s-8 oto7a. 1JIIi Broa4 Jl.ed ..... '............. .. 1 ..... 5 10 ,.a. 1.80 .. .... .. .. .. ... .... .. 2 .... 5 10 ,.a. 1.60 .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 3 .... oS 'TO ,.a. 1.30 J:.paaola..... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 1 ... 6 'TO ,.a. 1.80 .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. a .... li"!S 'TO ycJ.. 1.60 .. .. ...................... 3 .... 5 70,.a. 1.30 --JLecl.... ...... .. .. .. .. 1 .... i-8 '0 ,.a. 1.36 .. .. .... .. .. .. .. .. a .... 4-8 'TO ,.a. uo .. ... .. ........ .. 3 .. 4:-8 'T07U 0.86 arrow Yellow ............ 1 .. .. i 70,.cJ.. 1.30 .... ......... .. a .. i-8 70 ,.a. 1.110 : ............ .. 3 ... 'TO,.cJ.. 0.80 :BJ:a { Hav......, 1818. Pldlaclelplda, 1828. .. S. ruGUET & SONS, No.ll31 cH,;sTNUT ST., PHILADELPHIA, IMPORTERS OF HAVANA' CIGARS SEIDENBERG & CO I' 84 a 88 READE STREET, NEW YORK, Importers of Havana Tobacco, ALSO QF THE Gli:NBBAL AGICNTS FOB SEIDENBERG'S KEY.WEST CIGARS. AL80 JU.NUJ' AO'l'UREBI! OF Fine .. Domestic -Cia-ars. ,.S. LIMINGTON'S SONS,--. IIIPOJI.TEBS O:P HAVANA &JtiANILA CIGARS 216 FRONT STREET, NEW YORK. Paul & Virginia, La Geiba & Fausto. Boz I\Jl)bo11. R.ecJ. .................... --3-8 70 ,.a. 0.'10 70ycJ.. Lemar.. (Chioo).. 1 .. M ycJ.. 1.10 q_ ICJatoo) .. tt .... -a.,-a. 0.96 y.uo,.. ............... 1 ... .''1-8 a. ,.a. 1.60 ............... lJ .. .. 7 a.,.a. 1.110 ............. s .. .. 1:..;1e" a. ,.a. uo .. ........... "10 .... 13-18" a.,.a. 1.1 a&,.cla ().90 .. .. u 10 .. -13 34. ,.a. 0.80 .. .. ............. ''5() .. :.13-18" a.,.a. 0.66 : ............. "100 .. 6 .. a.,.a. 0.4.6 a.a ................... 1 ..... 'f M a. ,.a. 1-'0 u 0 0.. .. -13 u a.& 7.. 1.16 ......... Be4 n with yelliiw .;.u. .. 5\ .. 70 ,.a. 1.66 .. .. IU G-8 '10 ,U 1..&0 SPECIALTY OF BRIAR AND CLAY PIPES. -or--" n -s 70 ,.a. 1.30 11nac1 y.u. n wtth -.x ... e4s ...... s-s .. oto ,.a. 1.66 .. Da .. red .... 5 107U 1.16 SMOKERS' Qa 4',cl,wl!,ite_. ,,.,, 1,.. ed.pll ..... S 'TO ,.a. I.4.6 __._, ............. : ......................... & 60ycla o-t6 Extra Styles of Ribbons Ml\de to Order.' WOODEN SHOW FIGURES. RIBIONS CUT & PRINTED ANY. SJZE AND STYLE. SUPPLIES. 220 Pearl Street, .. -, -,_ v. -MARTINEZ n _oa, a .. :1:90 Pear1 "'Y'ork., IMPORTERS or the Brand HAY ANA Tobacco, and CUTTINCS. from their EJT -GAT=EjG CIGAR FACTORY A.T KEY WEST, FLA.. . . M:oFall & La \N son, 88 DIE"D"JR::Et..A. T 8TJR:BIEIT, TOJR:K., HANUFJ..OTUBEII8 OF THE EICiubDeYatea Bo.,-al Palm :EE.A. V ..&.:N' A. OZG..&.JR&. JCE-v-8orap Ou:t1::l:a.l5 :l'or 8a1e All Orden J>roaipUJ-Tel'lllo Cub, PRICES OF CIGAR BOXES AND SAMPLES OF RIBBONS SENT. ON APPLICATION. M.A.NUF.AQTum:R OF -. COIPOIND TIN POlL TOBACCO, MEDIUM AND. TISSUE. qe11.t fer ole l!lale or all Popular Braa .. or VIRGINIA; NORTH CAROLINA & WESTERN MANUFACTURED, SMOKING & FINE-CUT TOBACCOS .&.p11.u tor .70Rl'l' II' .&.LLBN a: co s va., Braad.a otllmokllll: aaa Cllpret&N, 1.&.11, .&.11'111111' "BYCl01 e&e.-Depo& tor 3, W. CA.BBOLL'II "LONE SA.ClK1tt "BBOWI'f DIClK," e&o. LOtJIIIAl'JA. PBBIQtJE, Cat aad. Ill Clarrou. W. T. BlaCkwell & Co.'s Genulne.DUBBAM Tobacco. .... .. ...-..--.. oz.:m .A.G:BI:N'T8 :II"OJR WI. 8. KIIBALL I CO.'S F .A.XH, Tobacco & Ciiarettos. CRA.I.B. C-BA.D a: ClO,tll eel .. rated. -._oo ClA.Bil'f ... LOVE A.IIIONG TBB B..a laoklq TOBA.OOO.-JI'aYorlle Dark NaY)', Enohaa&reaa Dark l'laY)', ...,eel lionel :Da* NaYy,, Boney aDo1 Peaeh Brtclt.& NaY)', and all Popular lii'&JldJ ot 1'a11c7 and Lljrht FJ.KE-c"UT, .. ,. SP.A.UI,DIKG & IIEB.JI.IcX:-014 Glor7, Claarm ot &lae w .. c, ...,_ o1 B1lrley, Q- -,. Trampa, Wtc Wac, Bucie, In Palls and l!arrel8. tar J:;. T. 'PILKJl'iTOK .t; CO'S eelebrateof JI'BUIT8 A.ND JI'LOWBBS aa4 CeiiiiOlfWJLlL'I'B Sm.ok..luc Tobacco Depoe toP liN OW'S PATENT CA.BD-BOLDBB8, Prloe Lieu ftlnalalae4 on .A.ppUetaoa.' Ike mobarro PUBIISJiED II:VlmY BATUBDAT KOBKilm Br u THE TOBACCO LEAF" PUBLISHiNG COMPANY, 108 MAII:lEN LANE, NEW OF PEARL STREET :IDW ARD liURKE, JOHN G. GRAFF, TEBftll 011' THE PA.J>BB. SINGLE COPIES ............................ ............ le C""""-ONE YEAR........ ...................................... $4.00 SIX li!ONTHS .................................... ,....... li.OO ANNUAL SUBSORIPl'IONl! J..JIROAD. Glt&.lT BBl'l'illf CANAD4 .. .. ... ; IISJ)I BR.BlllCN, H.4xsuae 4JrD THE 8 lN At!B'r&ALtl., ETc M ElrGUlfD .. a ............. _,; O.lN Cmu. .......................................................... G.OI "THE TOBACCO LEAF"-Revtsed Rates for Advertisements: One Six Tbree 14 LI Year. ll!ooths llonth.L neo One Column ................ $25 fl4 f8 14 L:n over 'I'Wo Colnmno. ..... 4S 24 <4 28 L neo One ColuJDu .... ...... .. .. 45 ll4 14 28 Ltnei!J over T'vo (lolumaa.... 80 46 S& otl Llneo One Column.. .. .. ..... : : 80 4S liS 66 Ltne O'Yer Two Column...... 160 8i 45 One Line at boUo or P&&'e ............ ............. so SPECIAL ADVERTISEIIENTS OK :PlR.ST !.,-N!B. Two ............ ....... ... 14 Lines Slnsle Column .............. :::::::::::::::::: 1U SPECIAL ADVERTISEIIEJ!fTS Ol!f READIKG-IIATTER PAGE. One Six Tb...., Year llonths. 11lontb8.. 14 Llneo overS Wide .... tss t45 tiS NOTICES, W Al!fTS or CAUTION NOTICES. One ln..,r&lon ................................ so CeaC.. 14 L::::: OIGARBOX $100.00 REWARD! NEW YORK, SATURDAY, OCT. 18, 1879 PAID TO ANY ONE GIVING INFORMATION OF PARTIES INFRINGING ON OUR PATENTS. 14 Lin eo Three ...... .... .... .. .. .... ..... ...... .. 0.-. .................. U11.tler 11.0 Ciro.....ta..oea will ..... cleriate froa &. ....._ PrtGea. our new improved process for Re-Sweating Tobaccos a positive success! Flattering testimoniala received from the most eminent Tobacco Dealers and Cigar Manufacturers who have adopted our Every Dealer and Manufacturer should have a Sweat-Room fitted up under our process on their own premises before cold weather. This is the best and cheapest process in existence, and the only sure way to obtain dark colors. Full particulars as to terms, which are reasonable, and circulars mailed on applicatio;m. Send us a case for trial under our new process. C. S. PHILIPS & CO., ISS PearlSt., New York. D. A T.lfi'R,O CJO., lKANUFACl.'UBEBS OF CIG.A.B-BOX LUXBEB Zl!lr 8P...a..x::r.:a: O:BID..&.H AZLcl. 'W'00%.8, -U!O-IMITATION SPANISH CEDAR CIGAR-BOX LUMBER, AN to turnlllh thla Lumber to Jlo:o:-'Hakera In the usual lengtbs and w!dtba, otalned, grained and polished rMdy for """' OR ezeln"40n It will be found a perfect Imitation ot Spanish Cedar In color and grain, and so far superior to any In the market that no can be made. llelog .oawed and cut from the !!nest Poplar (the wood preferred by all experienced and thoroughly pJaaed Ui4 the boarcls are stril!gbt and ot even surface. The ground eolor and grain ....., durable, and the poll8biug Ia a patent -leettq 111 b/ight the woQd'., ._prepared by our patent p-tbl8 Lumber can be used 1111 a sutiBUtute for Spanlah Cedar it 1-tha.n one-llall p:&. coG. ; # OVR SPAJtt4H IS QIPOBTED DIR.ECTl.Y FROM MEXICO ria NEW Oli.LE.AKS. z.c:J !Q1:h &1:re

2 THE T 0 B A C C o L E A F. m ent. The receipts from cigars, cheroots and cigar tes in the first quarter of this fiscal year have been ormous and the close of the year will show an un yield from this source. The offi cial rerns published by us last week show a revenue for ugust of $1,188,243.38, which is equal to r twelve months. The regeipts from this source m 78 amounted to $11,719,226.39. There will be made nd to taxation this flllcal_year not less than et en pr tu A fo 18 a 2, OOQ,AIOO,OOO cigars. Every succeeding year the numr 'Will be -increa...<>ed. At four dollars per thousand, 000,000,000 cigars will yield a revenue of $8,000,000. dd to 'tliis sum the receipts from cigarettes, cheroots, nd manufacturers' licenses, and Uae aggregate revenue om the eiiJu' indllitrY ca.unot be -dinlinished if the be a, A a fr t ax be fixed at fotq' dollal'!f per thousand; on the can ary, it will be because the consumption ay be expected to increase. tr m -dj But if the tax on cigars is diminished, it must also be minished on cheroots and cigarettes, as a matter of ursa. There should be uniformity all round. The lllljjljl&)li!t.olll'est is a large and if the rate for to co 'hi is to be made sixteen cents per :qu:U'eltn!li'".Jmusli be insisted upon b_y the ad ocates ot ie ta for cigar and cigare\te manufacturers the country to soon begin the adoption of teasu1res designed to securtJJower $&xee on liaeir pro It will be advllable to avoid public discus until uniform and concerted action ia agreed upon. National Qigar Manufacturers' A.asociation, wh0118 mlJqi.t:!Lrt,ers aTe in this city, willJoba.Wy give notice proper time for appealing to Congress. Mean it will :be desirable-for manufacturers in all the rino, of the United to hold private the interval, o as to be ready tq act in onc:er-t the iime for action arrivee. _THE JOBBING TRADE. 1 NTEREWS WITH JOBBERS IN MANUFACTURED TftBACCO AND SMOKERS'. ARTICLES. i.A BUS N888 demand from the storekeepors we now lose. But notwithstanding the fact, the condition of trade is satis factory, and I think it hkely to continue so. The buyers are more inclined to pay cash for what they -want than til:ey 'were a short time ago, there being more motive now than before to do so, as there is more money in.,., the trade they are doing. I have not raised prices on--any of my leading good9, and do not expect to do so .,'..Tb.!l. Mayflower, for which I am agent, is selling with its usual popularity. My own manufac tures, such as the Crimson Seal" and Stub Twist, are in active demand, and the inquiry for them keeps me pretty busy for the time being. WISE & BENDHEIM:-Trade is active with us, and ap pearances indicate a continued good demand for all popular grades of manufactured tobacco during the fall season. We have made no change in prices. Leaf has advanced some of late, and manufactured goods are, consequehtly, a little stiffer. were his Eminence Cardinal McCloskey, exMayor Charles Siedler, ex-Judge Gunning S. Bedford, Mr and Mrs. -c. McGinnis, father and mother of the bridegroom; Judge Kelly, Dr. Bedford and Mrs. Bedford, Thomas Storm, Mr. and Mrs. Oswyn, Mr. and Mrs. Lane, Mrs. a'!ld Miss Morgan, Mr. and Mrs. Ketcham, Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Cary, Senator Pierce and lady, Mrs. Paul Cush man, Miss Julia Cushman, and Mr. Harry Cushman, Mrs. and Miss Duhain, Mrs. John McGregor, Major :l.lcGregor, Mr. and Mrs. David Lyall and the Misses Lyall, Mrs. Charles Haxton, Mr. Clifford Hendricks, Mrs. and Miss Huntington, Mr. P. Buclianan and lady, General G. w. Helme, lady and daugbtr and Messrs. Murphy, Maclehose, Garth, Fatman, Berry, Quinn, Owen, Allen, Parker, Devenny, and many others well known in banking and mercantile circles in this city. The presents received by the bride were numerous, and many of them of rare value. we lack space to describe them in detail, but feel con strained to mention the following, which excited the RINGING THE MARRIAGE Bl!;LLS. admiration of all beholders:-An elegant solid full a A scene of unuiRI&l aiinctixeness ver set from"t1ie father and mother or tlie linde; a St. Ca$edral on Thui;sday afternoo11, n the set of silver from the father and mother of the bride occasion ot the celebration by his Eminen rdfual groom; an-'eiceedir)gly handsome tea set ft'om Mr. McCloskey of the man;iil.g.e o iss ClanrBuchanaD, and Mrs. Davi Lyall, uncle a.nd aunt of the bride; a daughtler of Mr. William Buchana.n, of e.minent silvel' cal:e from Mr. P. Buchanan nd lady, firm of Bti.clian'll.n & Lyall of this cit)', to Mr. 'Robert grand ther anti grandmother of the bride; a '' mon McGinnis, jr., son of the well-known Alderman aM choir case, three silver ladles and spoons, from one of builder of that name, also of New York city. For the;bridesmaids; a set of silver from the foremen and several weeks past this projected union has been a cll!rks of Bu.chaua.n & Lyall'11 tobacco factory; a unique joyful topic of conversation inthe speial eircles in pin ofsoHdsilver, comprisingtwoleavesofexquisitely which the bl>idal pair and their respectiNe-Jamilies col9red Virginia tobacco, embellished with diamonds move. :Murray Hill, where 'the elegant residence of representing dewdrops, from Mr. and Mrs. Frank the bride's parents is located, looked forward to the Owen ; a dozen silver cofl'ee spoons lined with gold, coming event with fond anticipations; and when the from Mr. ;young of R. I.; a charm auspicious day arrived which was-to transform one of ing silver Roman chariot, lined with gold and the reigning maiden belles of that aristocratic neigh-drawn by a craq{l, fr?m. Ml'll. Nicholas q-wynn; borhood into a.llO.ppy wife, its beauty and fashion a souvenir from Marie, a school companion of the ga.l.hered en masse to do honor to the nuptial ceremony. bride, resident at Savannah, consisting o a Over one thousand invitations were issued, and judg-bouquet Qf fish ecales, !C. r 3re a dozen ing from the. way_ the as it is-was exquisite cups and saucers from Mr. and Mrs. Crim crowded, it would appear as if few, if any, had failed mins; a beautiful little Dresden vase from Mrs. Clifford to avail themseives of the opportunity to be present. Hendricks, and paintings, bric-abrac, and so forth. The sacred edifice was handsomely decorated through-The closing hour of the reception was fixed for five out in recognition of the occurrence, palms d rare o'clock, but so thoroughly enjoyable was the enter exotic plants encircling the dais in front of the altar. that the guests seemed r eluctant to This was the first formal wedding celebrated in this and long after that hour many of them were to be magnificent structure since its completion .and consefound whirling through the mazy dance to the meascration a short time ago, and especial pains seem to urc of Offenbach's merriest music. About seven o'clock ALLEK & Co. :-Trade with us, and generally, it may taken by the officiating dignitarie'!l to make in the evening the newly-wedded pair, with hearts be 1Jai.d1 is really good, the demand for all styles and it a memora;ble event in its annals. ... aglow, but with moistened eyes, amid the tenderest grades of manufactured tobacco coming in freely from Every seat in the vast edifice was filled wit& brilinvocatiolll! of those they were leaving behind fo ll parts of the country. Our "Jewel'! five-cent plug liantly-attired spectators, friends of the yoi'mg couple, their future happiness and prosperity, took their, deis selling at the rate of two hul\.dre an ;fiijy long .before two o'clQC the... tilxl.e... s.e for t.b6xcereparture on a bridal tour to the West. _pounds per day e more !!.e turn out. w_e moJU: to commen<;,e; an when at last the supre e.roo-Wnk we qre going to have a contmued good trade this ment came, and the bridal paTty was discerned movMINOR EDITOB.IALS AND NEWS ITEMS. "t '883SOn-not a speculative, but steady, regular and iug, down the long aisle ,toward the altar, the grand CoRRECTLY ADDRESS YouR LETIERB.-The P-ost-Office reliable trade. Prices are aDd we judge they erga.u meanwhile pe g focyh the melodious strains Department at Washington has ruled that all letters ill remain so, as the )Jirge crop of new tooacco now of the "Wedding March," the hearts of all present not rightly and completely addressed shall be treated harvested will be likely to prevent manufactu-went out in sympathy to greet the loving pair who as dead letters. Will those writing to us please see rers from advancingtheirrates. If thene"''-eropcures were about to become before the world one in name, that the address is' correct before mailing their cpmw w w munications 1 It will not do to direct the lette1 to ell; we shall have a magnificent stock of tobacco to one in deed'; one in desire, as they had long been if1 the "New York" or "New York City;" it must be "New ot :UJ?On; but e cannot tell how it ,!rill 6 as it is privacy of tl!eir homes_ one thougM, oneJtt bope, York,' N. Y." The regulation is an absurd one, and able to many mishaps during the curing sea.BOll. 'In and one in ambition. First in order came the ushers very will be repealed before 1i -c ase the crep turns out wen; prices will decline; while arrayed in the habit of their calling, followed by the MR. GRAFF writes us from Boston that trade' along jf it turns out poorly, fine grades of leaf 'lrill advance, bridesmaids and groomsmen-some of the former, we the line is in a prosperous condition, and that jobbers and the low grades fall. The demand for fillers is believe, coQlpanions of the fair young bride dm:ing her in manufactured tobacco and cigars are doinsa brisk; most exehtsively for ftl'l!t-cl&ss stock; consequently, school days a.t the Sacred Heart Convent at Manhatbusiness. The smaller trade and manufacturers .al if the crop cures well, th\l common portion will go tanville, where she graduated a year or more ago, and who sell at ret!'il are d own. Manufacturers all want the same kind of fillers, afterwards in Paris, where her education was comDESIRES AN ENGAGEMENT.A Gentleman who has nd llbat will make them high in price if plated. Then followed the bride herself, leaning on been for many years connected with the W JlStern Leaf .a they do no e re welt. the arm of her father, the bridegroom-supporting the Tobacco Trade, desires to engage with a New York n WM. DEMUTH & Co. :-We have done a larger busi mo$her of the bride at -the end of the processiOn Tobacco House, either as Salesman or to go West, Can furnish best references. Add:.;ess T., oB'Ice of Co., between $ 1,500 to $1,600; S. Rossm & Son; Mr. Hauscbel, the box-maker, between $1,600 to $1, 700; Jacob Henke l, $913, b e s1des the preferred amount, amounting to $1,100; and Schumacher & Ettlinger, $600. The deta1ls of the assignment of Johannes Lienau, of 47 Barclay Street, which was announced last week, could not be learned from the assignee, 'Yho is Wm. E. Booraem, of 47 New Church Street. He says it is only a small failure. THE CLARKSVILLE TOBACCO EXCHANGE.-From the Clal'ksville (Tenn. ) Leaf :-The new 1 obacco Exchange, now near completion, is not the most costly, but decidedlv the handsomest bUildmg in the city. It is a tower of symmetry and beauty in Its architecture and masonry. The VIew of it from the railroad and river is simply grand; also the double view, presented from the Square or market-house corner, IS magnificent. The beautiful whitestone .trimmmgs that mark the d 0 ors, windows, base, cornices, etc., add to its im:pos ing grace and e l egance Our Tobacco Board has JUSt cause for feelmg proud of their new building, and so has evgry citizen of Clarksville. It speaks well for the !?OO(i and enterprise of the trade. It cannot tail to attract the attention of every visitor to the city, and ought to stimulate property-holders in that vicinity to improve their property and put it to good use. p c:ially should the..So thern.HoteUeeLtlle touch of he paintbrush ana 0 er front repairs to give it style in keeping with the Exchange. ..And_ then let the market-house be r emove d from the center of the Square, opening a broad. street and full view from the corners of Franklin and A 1arge private can be hrni for this purpose, and It should be 1\Qn befol1' Q})llll!ng or :the__tobacco trade. d ess this season than for the last four or five years, the Reaching the dais the father of the bride relinquished TOBACCO LEAF. emand embracing all lines of r!lgular fancy goods her arm, placed, her hand in that of the bridegroom, ,.,. co V c onden) hic h we handle-ven good that were former-and by that act gave her away for ever to the man of ENoRMOUS ExPoRTS.The from the port of froP! ts th 0 w 1 d t f h d t' w New Ym:k for the week endmg October 14 amounted flO n er o .o _., s ow a y neg.ecte on accoun; o ar Im es. e h_er choice gentlemen ranged themselves on the to $9 ,736,556, and were in xcess of any week in the Jllw s toba wh x se yea o think the prospect of a continuance of the pre-right of the dais, and the lady celebrants on the left. history of the port, with the exception of the week hu_ndreds of acres grown, bu :tlle advance m the ent ,tt; good, not such great Hand in hand, at a giyen signil.l, the young couple a per.ding September 2, when the amount was $11, i;608 price the weed thlS aners, he same. ce remony ever witnessed in this country, aqd, per-and our tobacco dealers will not find anything that t A. HEN & Co -Our trade has been very good for haps, in any other. will set off tneir" cases more than these goods. months past. During the past few days, busi-When the ceremony was ove r was abo!Jt .,. STILL UNSETTLED.-TheLouisv;il}e Warehouse n ess appears to have been slackmg off a ltttle; but half-past two, the invited guests, to the number still drags are}eguu;UIW that was, p erhaps, on ac count of the hot weather. We perhaps of five hundred persons repaired to the Reto. -..;eary; of ariSmg out df It. iBarkiS IS ha change in the pric es of our leading willm' on both Sides then why ot put an end to the ve ...-e no ception held at the residence of the bride' s father at 61i interminable wrdngle 'at once J)y taking-'Peggotty for b d rands of tobacco and Cigarettes, and do not mtend to Park Avenue: better or worse. The wedding must take place some o so. Our cigarette trade _has been excel_lent a':d espe The bridesmaids were Miss Mamie Nichols, Miss Lizzie day, and it can be done as now as. at any time; Ially so in the case of "Fragrant Vamty Fair" and Lyall, Miss Minnie Rice and Miss Alice Gi-ace -and the perhaps better now ti;tan at any as the warehousec Richmond Gem Mild." The demand for fancy smok"have -led Gff with a propoB1tJOnlio d h b l'b al d groomsmen Mr. Thomas McGinnis Mr. William C. 'from '$4.50 to 2.50 per hogshead when the hogshead 1s e -c rs articles of B:ll km s as een I er an we are Buchanan, Mr. John Fitzpatrick arid Mr. T. F. Shields. rejected !lJld removed. This 'is-a step in the nght di onstantly makmg full sales of the same. M h il h d. 1 d b h b d rootion; now let tpe buyers Jtak;e am>ther stJep forward, M. E. McDowELL & Co. -Trade has been excellent ore c armmg to ets t an were Isp aye yt e ri e and both !lides ome to t:Ejii.IOn, instead.!>f all-along, and is oontitwally improving. For and bridesmaids and the bride' s mother, and, indeed, staying to argue. :&little to face Will W T Bl ck ell & Co 's genuine "Durham, smoking by all the ladies who graced the occasion, have rarely, accomplish more good than can t a w if ever, been seen in this city. To say that thjl bride rever be effeeteIiss Lyall, Miss Rice and Miss Grace were very shifting and unreliable. In fact, the state were each arrayed in exceedingly rich and becoming 0 f the trade at the present time is very satisfactory; a costumes; pink and cardinal roses artistically disnd if there are men engaged in the trade who are not tributed here and there, harmonizing most appro BBtisfted, let them get out of it. t c B d priately with the tint and texture of their sweet, young JOHN R. :-Trade has change so much since faces. Mrs. Buchanan, the mother of the bride, was he first of May that it is not easy to tell just what the ondition of business is. Prior to the first of May there most exquisitely attired, and looked young enough were no contracts to speak of, but sinae that time and handsome enough to be a new-made bride almost every manufacturer has a contract which jobhers must sign, compelling them to '*'ll his goods at and sleeves trimmed with valencienne, and a tine veil uch figures as be names. I like the contract system, of duchesse, with flowers and diamond ornamente. .as it places 'all jobbers on one footing; but it has a ten. d ency to reduce the amount of jobbers' sales. Yet, w e Visitors enjoying the privilege of on ordinary ,fi 8 a .Jnake more on what we do sell than we used to do. occasions the splendid mansion of Mr. William "For illustration: the pedlel'll running around the city Buchanan, can readily imagine the pleasure expe upplying different stores prior to the first of May rience d there by the guests admitted to the Reception would enter a store for orders. The owner would say, in co=emoration of his daughter's marriage. The Bring me in a box of this, a box of that, and a box of entertainment which he provided has probably never omething els$; but the pedler, knowing he would have been surpassed. The magnificent parlors were gar to trust the storekeeper, at least until he came again, landed and festooned with rare flowers, symbolical of nd knowing, furthermore, that he was making but the glad event which was being celebrated. Pendant .0 t 8 1 p P little profit, would go out to his wagon and bring in before an immense mirror was a colossal floral marnly a small quantity of goods. The consequence was, riage bell, beneath which, in a semi-circle, stood the hat the storekeeper, not having enough tobacco to bride and bridegroom, bridesmaids and groomsmen, upply his demands until the reappearance of the ped with the father and mother of the bride, receiving the ers was in due course obliged to go to the jobber and congratulations of their numerous friends. An ex for cash enough stock to keep him until the cellent band discoursed sweet music from a bower edlers came again. Since the general inauguration of of palm and other tropical vegetation. In the .the, contract system, the pedler is making more on his dining-room a superb collation was provided, whereof an'd is willing to trust more than before, and is the guests partook with a hearty relish. very careful to look after his own trade. All this extra Among the notable persons present at the Reception THE D m OF 'MR. HAAs.-In the case of B., the of 1ll6 who died 1n a cell in the '!'wenty'lllntli Precmct sta.tu>n-house, as reported in a previous issue of THE ToBAcco LEAF, an in quest has oeen since by Coroner Ellinger. As stated befole, Haas bad, been arrested by bvo detectives on a ot iJ!decently assaulting in his store tWo l{irls, it wa.s thought ihl.t he had committed rucide by ltrangula.tion during the night while he was lQCked up in the stationhouse. The Coroner's jury, however, rendered a verdict declaring tt death was due ro oedmna a.ud conjestion of the lungs from chronic bronchitis, but that his death was accelerated by his arrest and imprisonment. They censured the police for making the arrest without a war rant and a copy of the verdict was sent to the Superin of the Police in oFder that the two detectives who the arrest without a warrant may be called upon to account for their action before the Police Co=issioners BusiNESS TROUBLES.-Levy & Ullman cigar manufacturers, No. 53 Bowery, whose fallure was an nounced a week ago, offer in settlement 30 per cent., 20 cents cash and 10 cents by endorsed notes. The liabilities, with preferred creditors and not creditors are stated to amount to $25,000. It IS esti mated that between $12,000 and $13,000 will be realized from the assets. The principal creditors are Schroeder & Bon whose claim will amount to about $4,100; L. & Co., in Philadelphia, about Hirsch, Victorius & Co about $2,200; E. G. Fnend & ,h.JoJ ... 1.! of the x.oNE J.AOJFS" ToBACCO IN CONNECTICUT.-A gentlema.p. from the ConnecticuitValley called upon us this week and. iJI CO.-No. BEAD L ) S*l'REET,


OCT IS representrng the r leadmg brand Just m front of thts was a show case conta n D!$ a l arge pyram d of fine-cut on etther s de of which was a smaller one Restrng on the floor vas a lar!$e Sign made of dark tobaccohw th the word Summit the letters made of brtg t tobacco Surmountmg the show case was a large golden spread eagle With bright streamers runmng from Its beak to an arch m front of the large show case On each s1de of thts arch were large w1re baskets contammg fine cut the tobacco hangrng m festoons the whole wtth elaborate gas fix tures and fine black walnut tables to rel eve the vacant space makmg a very handsome appearance and one not soon forgotten The exh1b1t of Messrs Lovell & Buff ngton of Covmgton Ky 1s one that deserves cred t fo the good taste shown m the arrangement of thetr goods The pos t10n occupted d1d not show so advantageously as the o hers The stand or show case was (the saae as used by them at the Centennial) made of black wal nut about fifteen feet long and of very handsome de stgn arranged with shelves on each s de of a central glass case Surmount ng the case was a s Lovell & Buffington-Old Congress Tobacco Works and over the whole was a large golden spread eagle In the smaller compartments of the case were arranged numerous buckets made of pol shed :vood glass fronts contammg their va:r ous brands of fine cut wh le m the central case was a large pyramid of fine-cut on the summit of wh ch was a spread eagle artistiCally made of the same mater al representmg the r fine brand Fountain wh ch took a medal at a former Expos tlon and also one at the Centenmal The whole formed an exhtbtt that was greatly admtred The last display exammed by your correspondent was that of Messrs woodstde & Peyton who repre sent P MoNama & Co of Cov ngton Ky and sev eral plug manufacturers of R chmond Va Tn s dis play stood a I ttle apa t from the rest which d d not aetract from Its mer ts m the least It was dist net from tne rest 8.!! 1egards both merit and arrangement They erected a very handsome canop ed platform pamted m br ght and pleasmg colors that had a ten dency to attract the most casual observer The to bacco was arranged m the form of a pyrai;B d m fancy boxes w th polished glass fronts d splay ng the va r ous styles of goods manufactured mit.king a very compact and handsome appearance The top was orna mented by a fancy lettered sign made of tobacco formmg the vo :d Glory Messrs McNamara & Co 8 lead ng brand The styles of dark and bright V rg ma work shown were very attractive and the 1\'hole formed a pleas ng contrast as compared With the others One of the pr nc pal attract ons of former Expos twns has been the dtsplay of the c gar men They usually bad c gar makers workmg all the trme who attracted a great deal of attentiOn but strange to say this year not a solitary manufacturer has entered or dtsplayed his goods although Cmcmnat1 stands prominent for large c gar manutactor es and for the quality of the goods produced There are several small diSplays of tobacco boxes All the var ous styles and shaves are exhtb ted but nothmg worthy of special mentiOn S W Trost displays qwte a vartety of c gar boxes of numerous shapes and s zes In Power Hall Messrs John H McGowan & Co have on exh bttion thetr tobacco machmery mcludmg plug mach nery by draul c presses fimshers etc Thetr goods have g ven entre sat sfactwn wherever used The -Messrs Allen & Ells of th s ctty took the prem um for the best d1splay of plug tobacco and )lorton Bros also of Cmcmnat took the prem urn for the best d splay of fine cut chewmg tobacco We congratulate the above named houses on the honors so JUstly bestowed and especially UJ?OD an exh1b1t that deserves the btghest praiSe and whtch reflected credtt on all who partlC pated and also on a great mdustry that 1s at last rece v ng 1ts J?"rOper attention and JUSt esttmate as one of the great mdustrtes of the cow1try Agitation AmoiUP; the Cigar makers The c1gar makers strike 10 St Loms ts sttll m pro gress and the agttat on among the e1gar makers con t nues The Globe Democrat a few days smce re ported a case as follows Credit has been g1ven to the c1gar makers for the generally honorable and peace ful manner m whwh they have conducted the str ke but 1t would seem hard for them to present a JUSttfica twn m the followmg case Ph l Brown, of 1727Frank lin Avenue was one of the first to stgn the Umon con tract He avers that he has always ab ded by that contract and th s IS admitted by the officers of the Un on as far as they are aware mdeed Mr Brown seems to have been except onalm tb:e fulftllmg of the terms he had s gned He does a class of tradfl where It IS of great advantage to h m to have the Un on label on h1s c gar b'7lxes and for thts reason he has done all he can toea n the good w ll of the Un on he has even made It donat ons Now comes the IDJUSttce Mr Brown d1scharged a workman as he alleges be cause he persiSted m smokmg hiS employers best c gars The workman then went to the Umon and sa d Mr Brown was not pay ng the schedule pr ce The officers of the Umo n themselves say that there IS l ttle doubt that the cl arge was mst gated by maltce Yest'lrday when l\i B o n vent to recetve h1s usual quant tv of labels h e as old by the Exe()ut ve Com mtttee that no n o e oulJ be ssued to h m unt l the Umon had lVest g-ated the case Mr Brown po nted out the ha dsl I h a t was done h m as he vanted the labels for current tr:\de and he brought one of h s workmen to prove that he was paymg the regular rates H s reasonable pos t on was that as he bad h therto been n good st,d lave fires appl ed mmedtate ly-a 1eturn to the custom vh ch formerly ga e chm aeter to Tennessee tobacco In the ConnectiCut Valley The follow nl;\" add t onal -eturns from d1fferent parts of the Connect cut Rver ""\alley are pub! shed n the last Issue of the Ne v Engla d Homestead -THE CROP OF 18 9 Deerfield-Prev ous to the last two weeks the weather was so mo st that tobacco cured slowly but tt IS now cur ng very rap dly some of the first harvested bemg no v even ready to strif It s curing a very even color and fine and to al appearances very free from pole sweat In fact t ts one of the best f not the best crop s nee 1S64 Southampton The tobacco crop 1s do ng n cely Most lots a:r-e already cmed down as far as I know of even color The raiSers are qu te elated wtth the pros pect of gett ng a fatr priCe for t East W10dsor-The tobacco crop s curmg remarka bly well umform m color and a s lky leaf The early cut IS maturing very fast SALES OF NEW LVD OLD CROPS No th Hadley Wm Ne has sold h s crop of 78 tobacco amount ng to fi e tons llc through s the re ported price Deerfield H B ghamhassoldtoEdJonesatap ce supposed to be lOc through Walpole N H -G W W eymouth sold on the poles at 12c th ough J Brown at lOc Westminster Vt E Br gham has sold h s 9 cop at l..?c East W mdsor Ct John !lfason has sold his 79 c op of Havana tobacco whtch was considerably damaped b_y the storm for 15c on the poles East W ndsor Ct -There have been some of Havana on the pole at 15c through On Fnday of last week a barn of tobacco on the land of James Turpill at Bachelors Hall near Lynch burg Va was destroyed by fire The Danville Tobacco Association The Danv lle (Va) Tobacco Assoc at on held Its an nual meetmg on Tuesday of last week when the annual report was read by Mr P W Ferrell the president of the assoctatton It IS ill substance as follows Our transact ons 10 leaf for the year end ng Septem her 30 also for the two years previOus have been as follows 1876. October November December lS 7 January February March June July August September Total 1S77 October November December 1S7S January February March April May June July August September Other sources durmg the year Pounds. 900 902 759 711 170 65" Pounds 777 260 1 364 046 904 2"9 1 S92 3 200 949 2 389 196 2 604 374 3 739 396 3 314 750 2 635 652 2 800 094 1 097 303 27 69S S2S Value $162 2S6 70 113 119 57 lS 444 76 84 702 Sl 169 1S5 83 1SO 370 17 21S 5SO 29 275 439 53 241 231 Sa 1S3 933 74 244 243 47 141 437 49 91 S24 S2 $.2.439 959 22 Value $134 099 193 497 57 130 835 90 180 585 26 213 534 25 169 101 71 331 400 93 401442 55 390 769 05 416 439 29 442 020 57 159 S72 64 Average $1S 01 14 S9 10 80 12 16 14 35 12 43 12 OS 10 75 12 30 11 04 11 94 11 58 $12 38 Total $3 223 6S9 51 $12 01 These figures represent the actual number of pounds we ghed out on .the wa:rehouse scales I make this remark to correct a false rmpress on that prevails w th some of our ne ghboring markets that we get at the number of pounds sold by countmg the piles and then mak ng an average of the whole Our operations for the past year have been larger than was at any tnne ant etpated by a IDaJOrtty of the trade The figures above sbow that though the crop of last year was a shorter one than usual yet our pounds foot up to w th n a fractiOn less than one million of what they we1e the year previOus And f the number of pound& bought pr vately n the country and delve ed directly to the factor es wh ch Rever found ts way to the warehouses were added to It the amounts would be about equal Th1s IS owmg m part to the fact that our trade u; extendmg over a larger terntory as was predicted m my last report We not ce also that the value of last year s crop s pearly $1 OOC 000 more than the year prev1ous whteh was both due to the qualio/of the goods sold and a gradual mcrease m pr ces durmg the season And at thiS pomt I would agam urge upon the plantel'S to pay more attentiOn to qual ty and less to quanttty bear10g m m nd that It takes but I ttle more labor and cap1tal to produce an arttcle that wtll command attentiOn and prove of much more value than an mf<>rwr J>oods that s generally neglected I trust that after th s crop our planters will be conv need that they cannot compete w th Western planters m raiS ng common cheap to hacco but that they w ll turn the r attent on exclu stvely to the tinE) filler and bnght wrappers and amok ers us ng nothmg the flue or coal m curmg and by no means at anv ttme after t IS cured to use wood wh ch entirely aestroys the flavors and very materially lessens Its value If they del ver the goods that our trade demands we prom se them value re ce ved for same The assomat on has worked together very harmon ously and bus ness at the warehouses has been rap dly and so far as I know sat sfactonly d spatched by the directors of our supervisors who have fa:rthfully d scharged the r dut es as mst1 ucted by our effiCient executiVe committee Planters gene rally have rece ved sat sfactory pr ces for their pro ducts and from all appearances the year has been more o less p1-ofitable to all classes of traae Such a state of th ngs should st mulate us to st ll hold the name ot bemg one of the most prosperous and thr v ng c t es m the South We are backed up by the finest tobacco growmg regto lS m the Umted States and w th the prope management on our part tb s market s dest ned at no diStant date to be the largest n the State for the sale of leaf produced m V1rg n a and North Carolina w th our present rail oad fac littes not only tobacco but other :products from a dtstance are seeking a market at th s J?O nt And as there s a prospect of these ra lroad facil ttes be g soon enlarged and new fields of operat on m coal ron and other metals opened up the t me has arr ved when not only the Tobacco Assoc at on but all classes should ask that 10 the matter of through frmghts Danv lie should be no Ionge a wav statiOn but put on an equal foot ng With our ne ghbor ng c t es of Richmond Petersburg Ll nchburg and other pro nunent pomts Th scan only he ga ned by concert of actiOn by all nterested n the matter Some t me last Spr ng a meet ng of the c t zeus was held for this pur pose and a COII_U ttee appomted to look after the mat ter but up to th s t me noth1 g defin te has been heard from satd comm ttee ; The prospects of the mcom ng c op ch has a eady commenced makmg ts appearance and 1s no v bemg raptdly cut and housed are as usual at tb s season of the year very confl ctmg and unsat sfactory Planters thwughout V rg n a and North Carol na surely neve1 have had more favorable weather fo savmg a crop It has been all they could ask for and f they fail to make t of good qual tr. and texture after bemg properly matured on the h ll t can only be attributed to bad management The sl ght frost has done some httle damage )Jut as yet nothmg of a senous nature And ve vould advtse planters n assort ng to keep the frosted entirely sep arate f om the other part of the r crops as this w ll be best both for buyer a d seller The md cat ons are that the crop of V rg ma and North Carolma w l be nearly an average one n pounds and of super or qual ty to that of last year The tax q11estwn havmg been settled we nfer there will be no great fluctuat on m pr ces e1ther n leaf or manufactured It lB true that m tak ng all the markets both n Amenca and Europe there s at present a large1 number of hogsheads on hand than at the correspondillg per od of last year Tb s however w ll not mater ally affect the pnces of leaf The ra s mg of the tax n Germany and England ll affect the Western dealers to a greater extent than those of Vtr g rna and Nmth Carol na and the lruge amount of stock that s now be ng held by exporters will have a tendency to make th s class of merchants less anx ous to mvest n these grades vhiCh will doubtless ma n tan a mo-e umfo m pr ce dur ng the next season The quantity of the old crop now rema mng n the hands of the producer IS small our warehousemen hav ng pretty well closed out all the stock ou hand The demand for the new at present w1ll behm ted and as usual v ll not go off at such figu es as later m tho season but I e ture to say that the e will not be that fl ctuat on that has h eretofore somet1mes preva led on ou marke t and hence we w1ll not see that w ld sp r t of speoolat on that has often exhib ted tself among some of our dealers The ele t on of officers resulted m the unan mous re elect on of tl eo d ncumbents as follows Pres dent P W Ferrell vtce pres dent T L Btown sec etary Jno A Smith 'Ihe folio gentle en elected members of the Arb tat on Comm ttee -A P Wh tfield M P Jo da J H Johnston A G Fuller and 0 H Con ad wholly from raw tobacco the growth of Canada and upon raw leaf the growth of Canada there shall be 1m posed lev ed and collected on every pound or less quantity than a pound an Exc duty of four cents LEAFLETS By dec s on of the U S Dtstrtet Court at Boston lately 1t was declared that tobacconiSts can exhtb t the r wares out of boxes proVIded the merchandise IS not for sale -Samuel Traub brought before Commiss oner Deuel on Tuesday and held to answer for not de stroy ng the stumps on his c gar boxes after they had been emptied of thetr contents A o gar maker named Schweitzer l vmg at 126 Columbta Street was arrested a few days s nee on a charge of burglary He was charged wttb break ng mto the rooms of Mrs Dora Auerbach at 5 Hester Street -A large quantity of and cigarettes was found secreted m rubber bags m the hold of the Alexandr a steamsh p City o.f Washmgton on her recent arnval at thts port The bags had been stowed away between the coal bunkers and the hull The c1gar makers of New York have received an mcrease of wages and as a consequence manufacturers have advanced the pnce of ctgars The advance was also necess tated by the htgher pr ce of tobacco which left a very small margm for profit -New England Grocer -General Grant IS sa d to have smoked nearly one Sixth as many ctgars on h1s trip around the world as he has travelled miles The reader With an eye to figures can easily tell how many that would be per day hiS Journey takmg two and a half years ttme -Exchange -The Norwegian bark Somdderen sailed from RICh mood Va lately for Liverpool w th the followmg cargo of tobacco -W Hatcher 33 hogsheads and 35 t erces valued at *9 390 Wtlliam F Gray 10 hogs heads valued at $1 030 C R Barksdale 72 hogsheads valued at $11 637 17 -The first hhd of new tobacco m the ClarksVIlle Tenn market was sold on Wednesday of last week by lfessrs Turnley Ely & Kennedy of the Elephant Warehouse It was ra1sed by Mr Ed Ross of Tr gg County Ky and classed as common medmm leaf Tt brought $6 per hundred 'I he sales for the year end ng September 30 1879 n the town of Danv lie accordmg to the report of Mr Peter Ferrell President of the Tobacco Assocmtwn amounted to 26 827 924 pounds The average prtce was $12 01 [See annual report of the Tobacco Assoc at on m another column ] -At the recent annual meetmg of the Danville To bacco Assoc at on on the motiOn of Mr E D Lang borne a resolut on was passed that a banquet should be gtven by the Assoc at on at whiCh the vartous to bacco assoc atwns of North Carol na v. ould be expected to be present The Pres1dent of the AssoCiatiOn l8 to appomt a committee whtch will see that all the arrangements necessary shall be made for the com plete success of the affair -1720 21 Jan 21 I hav'l been told that 10 the last great plague at London (t e m 1665) none that kept tobaccon st shopa had the plague It was cer ta n that smok ng was looked upon as a most excellent preservat ve m so much that even chtldren were obi ged to smoke And I remember that I heard for merly Tom Rogers who Wal! yeoman beadle say that when he was that year when the plague raged a school boy at Eton all the boys of that school were obl ged to smoke m the school every mormng and that he never was wb pped so much m h1s life as he one mornmg for not smoking -RelUJuoe Hear manae Havana Seed Leaf. BY E R BILLINGS The succe&Sful culture of thts renowned vartety of tobacco n this country ts now assured From all parts of the Connecticut Valley WISConsm and Flor aa reliable reports from many growers of the plant all allude to the h gh quahty of the leaf and toe unmtstak able evtdence of a very super or crop of 79 tobacco The Cuban planters are cred ted wtth saymg that only once m ten years are they rewarded wtth a fine cro_p of leaf When we take mto account the variOus qualit es necessary m order to have a first-rate burn ng leaf we may deem the above statement as bemg tolerably cor rect Color and texture may be perfect yet white and green"\ e ns may be a promment fault bm when the color texture vems and a free burnmg leaf s secured the flavor lfl not usually wantmg Prrmarily caltt vated n the Connect cut Valley by a few growers of tobacco s mply as a cur os ty or for the purpose of se cur ng a few good sn oke s the culture oi Havana seed promises to become a great agncultural product on r1vall ng even our famous Seed leaf which for many years has had no successful r1val for otgar wrapp ng purpooes Already buyers have bought the crop on the poles m th s sect on as well as m Wtscons n paymg pr ces m a number of mstances akm to those recetved n war times when our foreign sh pments of Seed leaf vere very heavy and glutted (now espectally) the Ger man markets That the Seed leaf market IS compara t1vely bare of fine vrapp ng leaf no one can doubt and will coot nue to be until the 79 crop s on the market If both the Seed leaf and Havana seed of the valley s veat well the pr ces can hardly fail of bmng remun eratt e to the g owers as well as packers of the crop What effect the gl'eat crop of Pennsylvama will have upon the market IS only a matter of conJecture but If the finer grades of o gars are m demand VI hiCh s qu te likely to be the case then fine Seed wrappers will command good p ces nasmuch as that the crop of Seed leaf ill the valley IS not large even when coupled w th the Havana seed tobacco W scons n Havana seed nearly as much as d d coarse Seed leaf n lS60 and ts culture b ds fatr to assume very large pro port ons s nee 1t seems to be n demand by those have previOusly handled the growths We are not wr tmg e ther for the mterest of the grower or buyer know ng full well that a good crop vill take care of tself and w ll very qu ckly regulate 1ts pnce No product grown n th1s countty so read ly goes up or down as tobacco the reason whereof IS conta ned m the statement of the Cuban growers as gtven above It may be comparat vely easy to rase a large area of to ba co It 1s qu e another th ng to secure a leaf crop periect. n all of ts varted qual ties How large a bus1 ness IS to be bwl up m the exportat on of ctgars ts stmply a questiOn of tnne but If such a demand l8 a grow ng one and the call s for the finer grades of CI gars then the outlook IS still better and select ons may be quoted as on the advance Amer can tobaccos of nearly all growths are becommg more popular abroad from year to year Vtrgtma smokmg tobacco has been consumed m Europe for more than 200 rears and Kentucky plug leaf has no successful rival m the world wh le the famous wh te cutt ng leaf of Oh10 and Kentucky s the most celebrat()d fine cut chew ng to bacco known to commerce Let the grower take great pa ns n sweating the leaf tf held by h m unt l ready for the manufacturer and not r sk h s crop m th,e hands of any one unacquamted wtth packing the same No such favorable season for the curmg of the leaf has been known for years and everyth ng so far po nts to a valuable crop of 79 tobacco We are to hear such favorable reports from the deale1s n Seed leaf and that they are hopeful for the future concernmg the crop The long per od of depressiOn m the leaf to bacco trade ts doubt ess drawmg to a close and a new era of profits for both grower and dealer s evtdently at hand. The consumpt on of the finer grades of c1gars s ncreasmg ve y rap dly month by month and an upward tendency of the market fo cho ce wrappers 'lill keep pace w th th s demand SPRINGFIELD MAss Oct 5 German Tobacco News (FO To TOBJ.CCO LEAF A correspondent writmg from Aus dem Gau (a to bacco growmg diStrlCt of the Palat10ate) reports that the tobacco season has begun there very early Ow10g to the new tax and the large 1mportat10n of fore1gn tobacco no mercantile calculat on s poss ble and manufacturers are buv ng the new crop wh ch snow r pet while tIS on the field They pay abo 1t 300 to 400 marKs per orgen As about 10 cwts are usually on a mo gen the pr ce amounts to 35 marks per hundred From Mannhe m t IS eported that the tobacco mar ket the1 e bas become very act1ve lately m consequence of the large purchases by a number of buyers vho n Germet she m Speyer Hockenbenn and Mann he m bought up about 6 000 cwts of the new crop They pa d for the loose tobacco a htgh pr ce 54 to 60 marks Canadmn Tobacco Duties and Exctse perc vt The harvest ng of the new tobacco s fatrly The followmg are the rates of duty now mposed 0 progressmg Sandgrumpen are notwtthstandmg the C d h f h gh pr ce that has to be patd for them ill demand ana a on t e val ous manu actures of tobacco Acco1d ng to the outlook and m vtew of the fact that CIGARS AND C G ARETTEs-50 cents pet pound and the p oduct on IS only about one half of what has been 20 per cent ad valo em customar very h gh pr ces w ll be realized by the MANUFACTURED TOBACC O 25 cents per pound 1S79 crop This IS vhat has led to the large purchases 12 72' pe cent ad val01-e n Lately several Eng! sh buyers made the appearance Sli UFF 25 cents per pound and 12 Yz per cent ad va and purchased about 700 c of the new crop loren A deputation of Saxon tobaccomsts composed of 41 p all E tse &od lt:Oirile of Dpwh.-, .i Z!Io& IIDJlOSed on tobacco known as common \Jlti'adtil.b h e t and Srmod of Leiprllc.' &rgmanh f>iWaJd twist otherwiSe called tabac blanc en torquette hetm Stunn of Doebeln and Hunger of Frankenberg bemg the unpressed leaf rolled and twisted and made appeared recently at the restdence of Government Councilor Professor Dr Boehmert the the Saxon Tobacco Inqu ry Comm ss on The obJect of the v s t vas an ovation m recogmtion of the :Professors em nent serv ces as prestdent of that commiSsion and of his efforts m the mterest of the German tobacco ndustry The professor was addressed by Mr Zuck Schwerdt who at the close of hiS speech ill the name of thedeputatiOn made a presentatiOn of a silver writmg case to the professor who thereupon m some fitting remarks replied to the ovatiOn Accord ng to a report of a German statiStical bureau durmg the year 1878 17 953 hectares of ground were devoted to the cultivation of tobacco and the produc t on amounted to 1 16S 424 cwts The Imports of tobacco at the pdj1; of@t]J en from JAJiuary 1 to August 31 were as follows:t Indies and South Amer can tobacco 12 772 726 .. North Amer can tobacco S 122 637 kdos ste 487 448 The exports were as follows -West South American tobacco 16 262 222 k los North:()Mnencan tobacco 25 619 742 stems 5 766 549 cJnre 37 068. m.illes There were no nnports of cigarS "-/ ,. \> Crop LEWISTOWN PA Oct 14 1879 18curmg splend dly The weather has been very warm and d:c:y and the tobacco has cured very fast I have not heard of any bemg pole sweated We have not had any ram for stx weeks If we have this kmd of weather for three weeks more the tobacco will ready for stnppmg S Exehana;e Crop and Market Comments SEED LEAF CoNNECTICUT The American Oultwator Oct 18: says The bright, warm and beautiful weather has been rmproved by many growers m thetr tobacco It ts rather unllllUal to have 1t m condtt on at so early a date At North Hatfield many of -the growers have nearly finished strtppmg Thts does not apply to the larger growers but to men who grow from 5 to 10 acres each The strippmg and of course the closer exam natiOn only confirms previOus statements of the superior qual ty of the crop We feel as though we have the best crop grown smce 1864 The Havana Seed IS particularly fine n color and texture of the leaf With sufficient body to stand a good sweat We antiCipate an early demand for It as well as a remun erative prtce The fact IS demonstrated that we have JUSt the sml and climate for this variety and have acqmred a knowledge of 1ts peculiar culture If the growers will gtve still more care and attention an 1m provement can be effected To secure a good burn ng leaf we aga10 recommend the use of lime to our soil say: from 2 to 4 barrels to the acre apphed m the fali when practical otherwise as soon as the land can be plowed m the spnng The late cut crops are now well advanced m cunng and fat stems wtlfbe scarce We have yet to see or hear of a crop that has been mJured by pole sweat and unless mtense cold weather should set n soon we shall have no frozen leaf or stems Sales are constantly bemg made of lots of the 1S79 crop on the pole at prlCes from 10@17c m the bundle the crop m some towns bemg more than half sold This 18 doubtless true of Conway Vernon and Northfield and perhaps of towns m the southern part of Vermont and New Hampsh re PE.NNSYLVANIA -The Lancaster New Era Octol>er 11 reports Our home market has been only moder ately acttve dunng the past week The volume of sales will reach 400 cases at full prices a fallmg off of SOO cases compared wtth last week For the corres pond week of last year the sales reached 950 cases Thflre 1s a good demand for common and medium goods I The weather has been the warmest expertenced at th1s season for many years past and has tuerefore been advantageous to the late-cut tobacco which was put mto the sheds durmg an unusually early spell of cool weather We continue to rece1ve reports of pole sweat but the sufferers from thts evll have taken the neces sary remedtes to put a stop to any further damages from this source We have heard of no sales of new tobacco and m this part1eular we are not up to some of the New England growers\ some of whom have already d sposed of the1r crops out farmers report hav ng recetved offers of 25 cents for good wrappers and 20 cents through These seem l ke fair figures when the extent of tho crop lB considered Although th sIS the season when the ctgar manufac turillg mdustry IS not usually at t9 he ght the collec tor of this d stnct reports havmg sold stamps for the month of September amount ng to $86 011 95 which ts equ valent to a sale of 15 000 000 c gars or cons derably more than dur ng any month for years past A smgle manufacturer sold 968 000 o gars last month and )las already orders for the present month amountmg to half as many more There are at the present t1me :t.bout 370 c sar manu factur ng establishments m operatiOn n th s county In the w nter season the number w ll reach 400 The number of bonded hands IS l 800 but only about 800 are at work JUSt now they wtll ncrease largely dur ng the next couple of months About 300 females are em ployed and some manufactu ers employ nearly all of thiS sex m thetr establiShments In th s collectiOn dis tr ct composed of Lancaster York Lebanon and Perry Counties there are 114S c gar manufacturmg estab l shments The Lancaster of Oct 11 says There s no great activity n the local tobacco market smce ourlast o t cons derable mqmry s made About 400 cases of 1S78 have changed hands mostly to New York buye 'S on prtvate tel'lllS A small port on was by Western men The 1S79 crop s sa d to be cur ng well though there are slight reports of stem rot As a whole the crop will undoubtedly be the largest aBd one of the finest ever ra-med The Lancaster Examtner and Express Oct 15 says: The demand for low and med1um grades of fillers and' for fine wrappers IS st lL good and about 400 caseso were sold last Buyers are also look ng out for fine lots of the b w crop and a Ne :v York dealer bas purche sed he crop rased on three acres at 20 cents through The ne crop ts cur ng finely the warm weather that we have had for some time bemg JUBt. what s wanted The Lancaster Intelltgencer of Oct 15 reporl;s S nee our last rerort some 400 or 500 cases of the crop of 18 8 have been sold mostly m small lots for mme dtate use by manufacturers The goods have ranged n quality from medmm to fair and prlCes have been well mamtamed wtth poes bly a sl ght advance A number of buyers re m tb,e imt t tt"Ve c.eanttoufllly Otfers have been alae fO so 4he larger pack ngs but they have been too low to meet. the demands of holders There ts a fa r nqu ry for all grades of goods espeCially for fillers seconds and fine wrappers The new crop appears to be curmg favoc ably the prevalence of pole rot bemg less general than. was feared a week ago The unusually warm weather that prevailed for a week or two past has been of great advantage to the gpeen tobacco C gars -Never w thm the recollection of the oldest cigar maker has the demand for all grades of mgars. been so great aa t has been dur ng the past few weeks Ctgars that were a drug at $11 two months ago now sell readily at $12 50 and It IS 1mposs1ble for man ufacturers to fill the orders that pour m upon them Shops that were do ng little or months are now runnmg to the r fullest capaCity The bulk of c gars manufactured m Lancaster average *12 to *16 and nnllions of them could be sold tf they could be procured the demand commg from all It l8 not only m low grade c gars tbat there Is an unprooe dented demand but the boom also mcludes goods. from $20 to $45 per thousand For the ctgar makers a good t me has come OHio -The Miamisburg Bulletm Oct 10 says fell here throughout Tuesday n ght Crops we1-e be gtnmng to feel the effects of protracted drouth and though the fall Tuesday mght was not suffiment to brmg the crop mto case 1t will prevent UJ> of plants m sheds Samples and rehable reports mdioat& promiSmg progress m the curmg process throughout the valley Few sales are reported and tt 1s dtfficult to quote prtces Sales range however from 7c to 10c WISCONSIN The WlSCODSlD (Edgerton) Tobacco Re porler of Oct 10 remarks -No matenal change rn th s market has taken J?lace durmg the past week Some aohvtty IS sttll nottced m the sale of Spamsb and we learn that fine crops of early Seed leaf are be ng con tracted for at good prices rh s IS pretty good evt deuce that the W sconsm growth of Seed leaf s m de maud for Its wrappery qual t es o nng to a lack of wrappers m the growth of othe r States an(l should t cure out favorable there IS no doubt but that tt will w diSposed of at good figures Reports rn rega d to 1ts favorable cur ng rue rather confl ct ng as IS generally the case at th s season but we hea of cons derab e. that IS commg out very satlSfactory Mr C M Gager of the firm of Sorver Cook & Co Philadelph a has been 10 this market for the past two weeks and .has purchased some 00 cases of Spamsh at from and 500 cases fine Seed leaf at from 8@ lOc He left on Tuesday Mr Henry D ROgers of Suffield Conn left thlS market Monday n ght haVIng 'flur e 6l,lq aiil Seed leaf Mr Atw IS stt here but we uniJe tand he has conclu ded operatiOns for the present havmg purchased some 500 acres of Spamsh as well as cons1derable Seed leaf


4 THE I .Tas. A. Scofield IS still here, and we understand he IS From New Orleans 1,176 do operatmg to some extent do Balt1more 1,306 do 2 125 2 236 21,418 do do do A fine ram jlSited tb1s sectwn Tuesday mgbt, clear do V1rgm1a 15,642 do ing off warm and clear The followmg sales w1ll show the prwes that have Total 81,612 hhds Total 131,924 bhds prevailed m recentoperatwns-Export. Manuf Jobbers Total Spanish-Ole Larson, 10 acres. 10c, Ssmuel Torger Sales for the week 320 51 6 377 hhds son, 6 acres, lOc, Ole E Johnson, acres, 10c, John Sales for the month 666 117 36 819 hhds 11oe, acres, 10c, Ole Johnson, 3 acres, nc, Ed Em-Exports for the week, 1,353, for the month, 4,116 hhds. merson, 1 acre, 10c Ole Harmenson, 1 acre, 10c, W At New Jacobs, 1 acre, 10c, John Tollifson, 1 acre, lOc, ::t\ndrew Rece1pts from Jan 1 to Oct 11, 1879, 2,908 hhds, Otteson, 2 acres, nc, S B. Heddler, 4% acres, agamst 13,027 hhds m 1878 "Sales tb1s month to Oct .John Williamson, 5 acres,_ 9c J Jas. E Wentworth, 11, 256 hhds, exporte this month to Oct. 11, foreign 2 Spanish, Seed, 7c, .1rreu. Wilhe, Spamsb and hhds. domestlc414, stock on band andonsh1pboard seed, 7c, Jos Pollard, pnce not known, H11.lver Nere not cleared, Oct. 11, 1,101 bbds .son, lOC Ed Clevand, miXed, 10c Vrgzma Leaf-We can reportqmte an act1ve market Seed Leaf-H. Evenson, 8 acres, Peter Sever-compared with the precedmg one Two frur lots of son, 3:J,{ acres, 8c, John L Severson, acres, 8c, M bnght wrappers found purchasers, and there were Severson, 9 acres, Sever Torgerson, 6 acres, 8c, T some good sales of bnght eunokers We also hear of a 0 Oftlm, 6 acres, 8c, H Helgy, 3% acres, 6c, M He!-small lot of common Jugs havmg changed hands. As gy, 2}4 acres, 7c, W Jacobs, 4 acres 6c NJCholas Aus the manufacturers have been replemshmg the1r stocks tinson, 5 a ores, 8%c, Hans Holton, ri acres, W G qmte freely, we may expect that the market for the Fallen, r; acres, Thos Aslasson, 9 ac1 es, next two months will be qmet for bnght wrappers, but Thos Iverson, 6 acres, 7c, Andrew Olson, 2 acres, 8%c, while this w11l very l1kely be the case with th1s class of John Williamson, 4 acres, 9c, John Tohfson, 3 acres, tobacco, we antiCipate a good dem(tnd for other grades, 7c; Ole Evenson, acres, 8%c, Andrew Otteson, and there 1s every prospect that a fall' busmess Will be acres, 7c P E Bradley, 2 % acres, 7c, Enck Evenson, transacted acres, M Devme, 5 acres, 8c, James Hall, 4 Spamsh-Market dull, sales, 600 bales, Havana acres, Ole Hermanson, 4 acres, Capt 0 P fillers, 80c@$110. Saunders, Be, ErrJCk Evenson, 8%c, Chris Knudeson, MessrR J S Gans' Son & Co, tobacco brokers, 84 Nwholas Olson, 8 J4c Ole Anderson was offered and 86 Wall Street, report as follows.lOc for his crop but refused. Our market has beeu com:parat1vely qmet, exceptmg WESTERN. for 1878 New England, whtch has been qmte sought SALES TII:NNESSEE -The Clarksville Tobacco Lea], Oct 10, after says -Mr Ed Ross of Tr1gg County, Ky has the er001t of sh1ppmg the first hogshead of new tobacco to 1,400 cs 1878 crop, New EnglandSeconds our market, wh1ch was consigned to Messrs Turnley, Ely & Kennedy of the Elephant warehouse. The hogs head weighed 1,3ITO pounds, and was classed as good common leaf. It was sold on the breaks Wednesday, and bought by .Messrs M. H Clark & Bro for t6 per hundred a good pr100 cons1denng the wmght, quahty and con(htlOn Of course tobacco cannot be well han dled put 1n the hogshead so early as this, and the sale, we thmk, may be regarded as encouragmg for the new c:rop. the condition of the market, the Clarks"Yille Leaf reports -Our rece1pts are small, and our sales are mamly mamtamed from the old stock, which .lS be1ng steadily reduced. Our sales for the week wtll probably amount to 450 hhds. Holders offer freely and .rejectwns are few, knowmgthat the penod has arnved when the large orders are usually Withdrawn from the Western markets Our market IS w1thout matenal change, Bremen grades are less act1ve The weather contlil,ues extremely favorable for the late tobacco wh1ch has steadily ripened, and the close of th1s week probably find It allm the house Planters should plow m the suckers and not nuse an extra crop "Of wonns to furwsh flies to pester them next year :Mlssouro.-The St Loms Commerctal Gazette of Oct '1.1 reporte -Rece1ved 397 hhds, agrunst 584 the prevwus -week. It would be ImposSible to 1magme a duller market than we have had the past week Holders were so diScouraged at their want of success m dtspos ing of offermgs at anytbmg like what they would deem nlallonable prwes, that they reframed entirely from putting any tobacco on the breaks on Friday. Of 61 bhds up Thursday, only 7 were sold, and of 125 hhds put on the breaks yesterday. only 12 were sold There absolutely no slnppmg demand, orders are few and small and manufacturers are holdmg back for conces1IIOD8 'in price There was some very fine tobacco up yesterday, both fillers and wrappers, but there was abS)lutely no life m the market. Even lugs, which here1ijfore have been 1n better request, and firmer relatively 1;han leaf, failed to command satisfactory pnces Sales Thursday and yesterday 19 hhds Passed 48 hhds, all b1d for, but at such low prwes that they were :not knocked down, and b1ds were reJected on 119hhds .Beported Failures and Business :Arrangements. [From BIUDIJl'JIZ&'I' B ] ]UJJrJKOU., ){d -H R de Ia cfcan and tobacco, cond1tion&l biB o1 sale tvr 1200 on furniture. :BaooELD N y -!araeJ Gehoraam, cipn, conditional bill of sale on fb: turesfor 1000 :BI:Jn'.u.o. N 't '-8 C Worden, tobacco, judgiLents tor 1822 against him Qulu.Dm>N, S C -Belle Benedict, purob&sed of L. Bene diet & Bro morto9 680 889 1,978 4,300 July 734 916 565 8,979 6,200 August .1,070 785 807 838 3,500 September. .5011 889 918 422 1,291 3,525 October 442 377 819 Rece1pts this month -Western 3,329 hhds. Last year, 4,232 bhds. ..:From New Orleans 584 do 100 do. do. Baltrmore 17 do 30 do do. VIrgima 788 747 do. Wrappers Housatomc Assorted 75 cs 1877 crop New EnglandWrappers 400 cs 1878 crop Pennsylvama Assorted Lots 200 cs 1877 crop F1llers .. Wrappers 400 ce 1878 crop Ohio, p t 412 cs 1878 crop WisconsinFillers Aseorted 2 997 cases. 11 @14 16 @ 28 16 @27% 9% 18 @30 Our Bremen correspondent gives the fol!owu:1g ac count of transact10ns m the Bremen tobacco market for the week endmg September 25 -Serubs. I: 75 85 180 680 4,068 4.2 37 5 Stock on ba.nd Sept 26 221 75 688 3,693 Sales ... 25 42 195 Saleo tor future delivery ,as 106 138 J4ij Although the market has been qmet, offers of new tobacco were rece1ve<1 w1th favor., and there were re peated transactiOns m Kentucky V1rgmra and Mary land tobacco, whtch were sold at full prices Busmess would have, perhaps, assumed greater proportwns 1f the supply of late had not been scarce, and the stock had been conSiderably reduced by former sales. There was also a good demand for dutypa1d tobacco, which led to the sale of 300 hhds Kentucky The average pnce for Seed leaf as follows -Wrappers, from 70 to 250 centrmes, bmders from 60 to 75 centimes, fillers, 40 to 55 centimea. The receipts mcluded 386 hhds by the steamship Mose l The transactiOns in Havana leaf durmg the week amounted tv 44 1 bales Stoek c.n band at the above date, 6,920 bales The pnces ranged as follows -Wrappers, fine brown, 650 to 1,400 centimes, wrappers, ordinary brown, 350 to 600 centrmes, wrappers, rmxed w1th fillers, 180 to 300 centimes, fillers, 130 to 250 centrmes, ordmary q uality, 180 to 500 centimes. Manufactured -The demand was very qmet for everything m the way of manufactured tobaccos, ex cept very low pnced kmds. Our JObbers are m want of br1ght 10 and 11-mch goods, hut JUdgmg from the prices they offer to pay for them, they seem to be oblivwus to the fact that bnght wrappers cost a good deal of money There have been some sales, few in number, of 11-mch and tw1sts We hear that certam parties who are m want of these goods are awaitmg for a decline m pr1ees, but 1f they are not careful they may be losers by so domg From the present mdlCatwns there IS a probability that desirable bnght goods will be scarce this wmter. Manufacturers complrun much of the h1gh pnces at which both black and bnght wrap pers held, and as they are not plent1ful, we are m formed that most of the VIrgtma manufacturers are stoppmg work, and that some of the factories here are not runmng on full t1me. The official exports were 114,385 pounds Exchange -Messrs. M. & S Sternberger. Bankers, report to THE LEAF as follows -The quotatiOns are as follows. Sterhng. 60 days, BOIDinal, 481"' sight, nom mal, sterhng, 60 days, actual, 480%, s1ght, actual, 481%;, ca ble transfers, 482%@ 483, commerc1al sterlmg, pr1me long, good long, Pans, bankers 60 days, 523%, stght, 521 }4, Antwerp, banke1 s', 60 days, s1ght Rmchsmarks (4) bankers'. 60 days, 94 3 16, (4) SHtht, 94Ya, Commercial sterlmg, 479@480 -F1etghts.-Messrs. Carey, Yale & Lambert, Freight Brokers rep ort to THE T o n LEAF Tobacco Fre1ghts as follows -Liverpool, steam 60s, London, steam 22s 6d (40ft), s&ll -, Glas!!ow, steam -, Bnstol, steam 40s, Antwerp, steam, 45s, sal!, 30s. Bremen, steam, 45s, sa1l, 30s, Hamburg, steam, 45s sill, 30s IIIPORTS. The arr1vals at the port of New York from fore1gn ports fo: the week mcluded the followinl! CO:LS12Jlments A ntwerp-A Hen & Co 48.5 cases p1pes, Kausche& Downmg 257 do Bremen-Ha ywood & Perry 5 cases c1gars, Wm Demuth & Co 28 cases p1pes Liveryooi-Order 6 cases pipes pqrt CigarS. Ha, Lozano, Pendas & Oo 220 bales leaf Vega & Bern he 1 m 514 do, Cal1xto Lopez 68 do, A Gon zales 193 do; F Muanda & Co 128 do, L Friedman 50 do V Martmez Ybor & Co 120 do; & Co 212 do, Ernest Fre1se 28 do, M & E Salomon 7 do, A S Rosenbaum & Co 90 do, G Falk & Bro 93 do, H Schubart & Co 100 do, Schroeder &Bon 49do FGarma 105 do. Stra.ton & Storm 119 do, Jas E Ward & Co 12 do, Goldson & Semor 25 do F Alexandre & Sons 6 do, C F Hagen 603 do,.9 bbls cut, AS Rosenbaum & Go 7 cases c1gars, Es berg, Bachman & Co 5 do Howard Ive 6 do, G W Faber 15 do H R Kelly & Co 10 do, Se1denberg & Co 3 do, L Sanchez 12 do, A Cohn a do L P & J Frank a do, Purdy & Nwholas 22 do Chas T Bauer & Co 4 do, S L1wngton s Sons 6 do, Mwhaehs & Lmdemann II do, Gutman & Rice 2 ilo, Acker, Merrall & Condit 30 do; Kausche & Dowmng 2 do, Thos Irwuo & llons o do R Courtney & Bros S do, S Fuguet & Sons 4 do, J Ward Lydecker 5 do, Hensel Bruckmann&Lorbncher 6 do, J W Sehgmann & Co 4 do, A Owen 3 do, Bruno, D1az & Co 1 do, C F Hagen 22 do, Merchants D1spatch Co 16 do, Order 5 do Receipts of liconce at port of New York for week reported expresslv for Tmt ToBAcco LEAl!' -.A.rgu1mbau, Wallis & Co, per Dmay from Alicante 2827 pkgs (328.600 lbs) licoriCe root, Zuricaldy & Arguimbau, per Pontl&e from :Malaga, 15 pkgs do EXPORTS FROM THE PORT OF NEW YORK TO FOREIGN PORTS FROH JANUARY 1, 1879, TO OCT. 17, 1879. Hhds Cases Bales Lbs mfd 598 111 79 22',701 8,954 3,869 565 21,420 110 64 6,602 23 9 23 1 9,411 1 ,600 1,666 2,159 11,141 2 ,197 4,291 812 120 181 2,626 6 430 788 1 ,207 !!8 7,214 1 1 54 114 1,475 2,810 168 1 64 489 27 2 620 4,567 112 54,822 1.5,579 EXPORTS, 188 20,309 1 ,349 72 109 810 4,244 270 10 6 ,995 2 ,25 6 36,834 935,289 1 ,035 10 ,799 aS,641 8,088 4 ,345 27,614 142,531 100 348 37,054 6 ,150 771,464 942,148 6.080 23,754 2.094 438,046 5,509 2a.251 2,080 650,819 981.749 5,aa6,32.5 From the port of New York to foreign ports for the week were as follows .Antwerp--4.5 hhds Argentme Republu:-40 pkgs (6720 lbs) mfd Brernen-298 hhds, 754 cfl8es, 1509 baies TOBACCO LEAF. Oanada--46 bales Ouba--98 pkgs (14,a51 Jbs) mfd Duwh West lndte.!-2 hhds Jilrench West lndteJ-56 bhds Glasgow-27 pkgs (4752 lb) mfd. Harnburg -73 cases, Ol9 bales Ha'Drt>-2 bhds, 5 cases Baytl-22 hh(is. 131 bales 1 pkg (250 los) mfd L$verpool-40 hbds, 35 pkgs (5893 lbs) mfd .London-224 bales Mar.wU...!-631 hhds 2o pkgs (a047 lbs ) mfd. NMII Zealand-M pkgs (4190 lbs) mfd Rotterdam---24 bhas, 60 cases U. S of Oo/ombia-105 bales, 6a pkgs (8948 lbs) mfd QUOTATIONS of WHOLESALE PRICES. PARTICULAR NOTICE. Every re-sale is to be at an advance on ftrst cost, the pricea obtainable by growers of. tobacco, therefore, wW alwaya be somewhat lower than these quotations WE8:r'ERN LEAF., L!GBT l..E.u'-cts 11&.6 VY LE.A.B'cts Common to good luge 3 @ 5" Lugs 4 @ 6 Common leaf 5 @ '1 Common 6 @. 7 Medium '%@ 9 M:edmm 7 @ Blii (lood 8 @10 (]ood B)iiIO" Fiae f%@12 Fine 10)0 12 12 @ 15 Selectlons I 2 14 VIRGI N I A LEAF. S PANISH LEAF. S.v.LKA FJizn.......oommon Good Superior Y.d.&-.A.asorted l and n cuts Old crop. 80j85 90 100 105 110 115 100 72 7C5 MAN11F.&OTI1RED TOBAOOO PR:tcu "' BoND-Ta 16 CEIITS Pl:lt PoVMil. 17 @21! 18 @JS }0 @I2 @12 @15 -@12}0@15 @12 @18 8 @8 012 15 coo New crop Nomina[ ro @ 75 80 0 90 :lll 76 BJUGBTSNavy 411" tlo, 6o, 8o 17 @211 "lbo, luo and l'ocket >'leceo 18 llluCitl!-lOe, Ji!s, and )(lbo12@1S& 17@25 Navy4a, 58,8sand l4C18 & 20 !l-Inch ligbt-prelllled 118 46 (lold Bars 80 45 Navy !Oe or Pockell'leces 14@22 N egrobead twist 6 and twist IS 112 C IGAB8. ISeed,perM 16@40 GRANULAT E D SMOIUNG TOBACCO $26046 I Good to line Sl'f(]FF, [Subject to dlacoWll t-> the wholesale trade !l[aecaboy 62@-65 !American Gentleman Scotch and ll'l@-GtJ R&ppee, French s .,.,.,._ .. G C" 11F G" II w alll8 E:l: t .. Pll&r' fC.CjCa' .. I c Co, Sterry Ex.' .. La Roa&' LIC ORICE TuulsBuw 8 "ll F" "VB.' "Stella" 11A 0 S" '8 II "G" DOIIU'IIC: bVEIPTS. -72@-"ro 18 10 1m 18 18 18 lll 18 The domestic rece1pts at the port of New York for the week w ere u follows-Bg JiJrie Railroad -Order 293 hhds By tM> Hudson Ri.ver Railroad -Bunzl & Dorm1tzer 41 cases, E Rosenwald & Bro 4 do, Order 10 do By the Natwnal Lone -P Lor1llard & Co 157 hhds, Erawyer, Wallace & Co 13 do, Pollard, Pettus & Co 20 do, J H Moore & Co 9 do, ll B Nash 6 do, Mddleton & Co 5 do. T Hoyt & Co 8 do, Pim Forwood & Co 4 pgs, Order 92 hhds 21 pgs By the Nore, Jenkm s & Co 28 Ya bxs uo, P>uk & Tilford 1 case cigarettes, Austm N whols & Co 1 do, Order 1 do. By the New Yat Ltne Wm Eggert & Co 47 cases Fox, D1lls & Co 1 do. L Arens 1 do. J Delmont 6 do, C 8 Ph1hps & Co 7 do, Chas F Tag & Son 1 do M Westheim & Co 60 do, Dav1s & Day 0 ilo, EM Craw ford & Co 21 do, R W Lehmkubl19 do, Funch, Edye & Co 1 case samples By tlUJ New York and Hartford Steatmboat Lme -E Hoff man & Bon 1S cases Str<on & Storm 20 do, E Rosenwald & Bro 30 do, I BIJUr 26 do R Ulmer 14 do, E & G Fnend & Co 25 do. Havem e y ers & V1gehus 2 do, C F Wahlig 18 do, Bunzl & Dormitzer 20 do By the New York and IJridneport Steamboat LtrUJ H Bchubnrt & Co 175 cases G W Ga1l & Ax 109 do, 8cnover ling Bros 2 do Bunzl & Dorm1tzer 17 do, M N en burger 1 do By !he Old !Jom,i.nwn Lne.-R M Allen & Co 4 hbds, W M Bassett 2 do F S Kmney 5 hhds, 3 trcs, P Lorll lard II; Co 18 do, 6 do. 2 bxs samples, Funch Edye & Co 14 hhds, 1 bx samples, W 0 8m1th & Co 101 hhds, 1n trcs, 1 case smkg, 1 do smkg & c1garettes, 60 cases mfd, 16 kegs do, 28 do, 159 :J,{-bxs do, FE Owen 13 trcs, Thompi!On, Moore & Co 85 cases mfd, 8 bxs do 5 bxs do, 7 Ya bxs do 113 M bxs do, 16 cadd!Cs do, 1 bdle do 4 cases smkg, Martm & lJunn sf caddies mfd, 55 Ya bxs do, 13 bxs do. 20 )11 bxs do, 06 M bxs do, 1 case smkg, 1 hconce L lbller 10 cases smkg, 11 do mfd, 6 bxs do, a }4 bxs do, E DuBois 50 cases mfd, 10 kegs do, 20 bxs do, 68 :J4 bxs do. M E McDowell & Co 280 cases smkg, 10 do mfd Dohau Carroll & Co 25 CS!'es mfd 11 bxs do, 10 Ya hxs do, W1se& Bendhe1m 15 cases smkg, 8 do navy smkg, 1 do c1garettes H Wnt lbthews, 2 cases mfd, 21 do smkg .. 8 do Cigars. A Hen & Co 5 cases smkg, 9 do Cigar ettes, 11 % bxs do, H Welsh 2 cases mfd 25 bxs mfd Allen & Co 100 cases smkg, 10 M-bxs do G Frank Dwkeman 10 do, G W Hlllman 4 cases mfd;-28 do smkg, Joseph Green 4 cases smkg; Wm Pwzer 4 do C Stricker 5 do, H K & F B Thurber & Co 8 cases mfd, G Ottenberll' 2 cases leaf, Jos D Evans & Co 9 cadd1es mfd 1 pklt clo, Austm, Nichols & Co 100 M bxs do, P1m, Forwood & Co 25 Ya bxs do, Herman Trost & ther Co 8 caddies do, E C Hazard & Co 1 case c>,; 1 1 o I .I. Hen & Co 5 cases Cigarettes. B B Lyons & Co 5 1"' ,,.,., R A M1lls 3 bxs samples, P Ryan 2 bxs stems; E \..uuu 1 box pipes, Order 6 hhds, 1 trc, 1 box samp!es Ooa8tl.llWJ tr()m Ne1JJ Orleam. -Order 327 hhds. BALTIMORE, Oct HI -Messrs Ed. Wischmeyer & Co Tobacco ComiDisaon Merchants report to Tmt ToBAcco LEAF -Receipts of leaf tobacco contmue hght, sh1pments act1ve, and stock m warehouses further reduced The market for :Maryland contmues br1sk for the better grades, and such desuo.ble lots as offermg_ tlnd buyers at full pnces Lower grades are stlll neglected. For Ohw the market remams qmet but firm, and we note sales only of 53 hhds au-cured to home manufacturers at from The French contractor was not 1n the market this week QUOTATIONS. Maryland-infer1or and frosted .. t 1 50@ 2 00 sound common 2 50@ a 00 good do 3 50@ 5 00 w1ddhng 6 00@ 8 00 good to rtne red 8 o0@1 0 00 fancy 11 00@15 00 upper country 4 00 00 ground leaves new 2 50@ 8 00 to good common 3 00@ 5 00 greeJU8h and brown 5 00@ 7 00 medium to tine red 7 00@10 00 common to medmm spangled 00@ 9 00 fine spangled to yellow 10 00@18 00 Alf cured medmm to tine 7 00@15 00 Kentucky-trash 3 50@ 4 50 common lugs 4 50@ 5 50 good Jugs 5 50@ 6 50 common leaf 6 50@ 7 00 medmm leaf 7 50@ 8 50 good leaf 8 50@1 0 00 fine leaf 10 00@12 00 selections @ Vngm1a-eommon and good lugs 3 00@ 5 50 common to medium leaf 6 00@ 8 00 f8lf to good leaf . . \8 00@10 00 selectwns 12 00@16 00 stems. common to fine.... 1 50@ 2 00 Total ..... 4,668 hhds. Total 5,109 hilds Receipts this year-Western .. 63,488 hhds. Last year, 106,145 hhds. BNU.h hhds, 6 cases, 424 pkgs (69,55a lbs) mfd Inspected thiS week -675 hhds Maryland, 217 do Oh1o, 2 do Kentucky, total 894 do Cleared same perwd -Per 11 cases, 20 bales, 18 pkgs steamer Hohenzollern for Bremen, 601 hhds Maryland, 286 do Kentucky, 127 do tobacco, and 116 hhds Br.tuh Guiana-11 hbds Imtilh West lndw-7 hhds, (1681 lbs) mfd stems. per sh1p Dmsbur!l' lor Rotterdam 601 hbds Maryland, 147 do Olno 52 do Yrgm1atobacco, and 427 do Vugm1astems per bark Alf for Rotterdam, 563 hl>ds Maryland tob acro, and 204 do V1rgmm s t ems, toL1verpool, 67hhds l\Ia ryl a nd tobacco TOBACCO STATEMENT January 1. 1879 -Stock on hand m Tobacco Ware house and on not cleared Inspected tb1s week Inspected prevwusly tlus year 19,370 hbds 894 bhds 45,595 lilids 60,859 hhds 25 606 hbds 8,249 bhds 83,Su5 hhds Stock m warehouse th1s day 8lld on sb1pboard not cleared 32,004 hhds Stock same t1me m 1878 33,451 hhds Manu fa ctured T obacco-The l arge prod uct10n o f tobacco serves to prevent any advance 10 the goods Trade 1s f>, an d 55 bx s &ed Leaf and Havana Tobacco-We report the market gen erally dull for the past week, caused, no d oubt, c hlCfiy by the hot spe ll o f weathet 'Sales consequently were hgh t, but th e pnces of all grades of Seed leaf are firm Sales th1s w eek, fl8 far as reported, 203 cases and 119 bales Rece1pts 189 cases and 112 bale s CAffiO, Ill., Oct 9 -Mesars Hmkle & Moore, of the Farmer>.' Tobacco W are house, report to THE ToBACCO LEaF We bad a genmne sprmg shower yestcrd>ty that was not asked for by tlte farmmg mterest but we of the heated, sup parched, dust en v e loped c1ty, greeted 1t w1th pl easure The thermome ter 1s yet up m the e1ghttes, and we look for more ram to day, but 1t cannot mJure the tobacco, as that t s nearl y all safe m the barn From southeastern Kentucky we beat of contracts already bemg made at round, tb1s IS more ltke busmess than what we reported for Illm01 s last week-5c on the bill In T ennessee planters are already stnppmg, and wnte tllat they Will be ready to put thetr c1 ope on the market by the 15th of November, th1s IS remarkable, but nevertheless true Everytbmg 1s favorable for a remarkable crop Pnces droop mg q uotat w n s nom mal CHICAGO, m., Oct 15 -Ou1 spec1al correspondent says -Nothmg new transpned m thiS ma1ket dunng the past week Otders are commg m very freely from all parts of the mtenor, and a great many dealers are here m pe1son The demand for smokmgs 1s good, while there was a falhng o1f m orders for tine cut The leading brands of plug move very hvely. There 18 a steady demand for cigars of I(Ood qUality at starvatwn pnces There was mcreased activty notiCeable m the leaf market C1gar leaf IS greatly mprovmg, sales bemg numerous where q uality IS proven. Desirable Jots of Havana scarce CINCINNATI, o Oct 15 Messrs Prague & Mats!>n, Leaf Tobacco Brokers and Re dryers of Cultmg Leaf and Plug Fillers, report to THE TOBACCO LEAF as follows -For the past week the busmess at the auctwn warehouses bas been un usually ltght, there bemg but 295 hhds offered snce Wednes day last Pnces have been generally stronger, wh1le to-day goOd red fillery stock fully up to the highest range m July and August Rece1pts are now but a few hogs heads dally, and holders are so sangume that under an ordmary demand the supply will be msuffiClent They are httle d1sposed to sell unless very full pr1ces are reahzed Reports from the new crop are not encouragmg, the mtense hot weather contmu mg to cause sertous damage by house-burn and rot The sales for th1s week (129 hhds) were classified as follows 92 hhds Mason Co Ky o.t 4 75@19 20 hhds Brown Co 0 at 4 90@18 25 6 hhds Owen Co Ky at 7 70@18 2 bhds Iuil1ana at 15 9 hhds norther,n Obw at 8 80@9 QUOTATIONS (NEW CROP). Cutttng Leaf-Common dark lugs 4 00@ 6 00 Good dark Jugs. 6 00@ 7 00 Common dark leaf 8 00@ 9 00 Good dark leaf 10 00@14 00 Common br1ght smokers 9 50@11 00 Good do do 11 00@12 50 Common bnght stnppers 11 00@12 50 Good do ao 1a 00@15 00 Fme do do 16 00@18 00 Common bnght leaf 14 00@15 00 Medmm do do 16 00@17 00 Good do do 17 00@18 00 Fme dll do 20 00@24 00 Manufac! Stock) Common dark and trashy tillers 9 00@16 00 Medmm fillers. some color and body. 11 00@12 00 Good fillers, red color and good body 16 00@16 50 Fme fillers, bn!(ht color and good body 17 00@18 00 CLARKSVILLE, Tenn, Oct 10-Messts M H Clark & Bro., Leaf Tobacco Brokers, report to Tmt ToBAcco LEAF -Though our rece1pts are small, sales contmue m full volume bemg fed from tocks 1n warehouses wb1ch begm to show the dram of the past month upon them The sales for the week will foot up about 500 hbds The general q uahty was poor, ma 1 ply leafy nondescnpts, for which pnces show an easmg tendency Heavy tobaccos were absent from lbe breaks, and 1t seems as 1f all Bremen styles have been pushed forward and marketed, as the sampling of the stocks show only a scat tered h o gshead here and there OCT. 18 tlng for plug kmds goods at A few Kentucky common to medium l\lessrs W P Johnson & Co report to 1'liB ToBACCO LEAF the tra nsnct10ns at the EuterprlJle Warehouse as follows -Oct 15-The total sales for the week were 159 hhds New ongmals. 121 hhds Old do 22 hhds New revlCws 16 hhds ReJeCilons for the week . . 12 hhds Ba.les smce commencement (May 12) 4104 hhds Recetpts do do do .. .4197 hhds Sales t o d,.y (October 15) 28 hhds HENDERSON, Ky., Oct HI-Mr Poeey Marshall re pots to TnB LEAF as follow -Smce my last report our farmers have been bus1ly engaged firmg theu barns of tobncco Most of them have fimsbed. They report 11 curmg up qmte a mce color, and are m consequence of same expect mg a b1g pnce thi s fnll. Cor n 1s steady at 50c, and wbeat at $1 05 MAYFIELD, Ky. Oct 10 -Mr W S Melloo reports to 'fHE 'foDACCO LEAF as follows -Smce my last r eport we have baa sp lendid weather for h o u s mg and curmg tobacco, and the farmers have taken advantage of 11, they are about through cuttmg and housmg, the .July pl ant mg bemg all that 1s out at present There JS not more than 75 per cent of an aveiage crop m quantity, but far above Jn quality, bemg the best crop we have had m the Purchase smce the war Bemg large and leafy, "1\Ith substance, and clear of worm-eaten, 1t 1s what m1ght be termed a good stemmmg crop I look for our market open early the ensumg season, but at what pnce I can't say-probably at f10m ta@5 round for medium to good crops NEW MILFORD, Conn., Oct 16 -Our s pec1.U cor respondent reports ns follows -There have been no sales of old tobacco h ee m the last week The buyers att ention IS all on the 1879 crop Fully three fourths of the crop 1s sold Some of the buy ers from tb1s place, 1t IS reported, have gone to Mas sa.chusetts and bought heavily which they Will 1m port here and sell as Housatomc, a nd the same partles have some out the Connectwut R1ver, whiCh they Will 1m port here and sell as Housatomc, as they have done for the past three years, and tbe same party have this summer bought Connecticut R1ver wrappers and brought them here re assorted and re sweated them, and sold I hem m New York for Housatomc. It s hoped here that the par ty Will soon be found ot m New York, &hd the busmess of 1mportmg tobacco from the East here will be stopped, as It hurts tbe good name that the Housa tomc bears OWENS B ORO, Oct 11 -Messrs Frayser Bros Stem mere and Leaf Dealers. report to THE TOBACCO LEAir -The crop In th1s sectiOn IS now cut nnd housed. We est1mate the quantity at about the same as last year. bnt very mlXed m quality We are now havmg the hottest weather of the year, wh1ch has contmued for ten days, and we fear the crop l8 bemg serwusly damaged by house-burn, m r .. ct, nothing but heavy firmg m the barn Will save It from almost a total loss Smoke can be seen arlBlng from nearly all tbe barns Wefearwe Wlll have but little tobacco smtable for home use Planters are very h1gh m theu v1ews of prices and we do not look for much buemess unt1l the new ye&r sets m PADUCAH, Ky., Oc! 111-Mr T H Puryear, Leaf reports to THE ToBACCO LEAF as follows -Rccopta 28 hhds, ofl'enngs 30 d o, lh1s IS the extent of the transactiOns m our tobacco mllrket last week The small offerings and poor quahty caused our buyers to seem mdt1ferent about oper ating. and at the close prtees were J4c off on medmm to good lugs The other grades were unchanged Excepting scatter 1ng patches of late tobacco the naw crop IS now all cut and housed 'For these late patches the weather baa been most favorable, contmmng warm and summerllke A few days more tuld these too Will be ready for the kmfe PHILADELPHIA, Oc! 16 -Mr A R. Fougeray To bacco Manufacturers' reports to TnB ToBACC O The hand hog of plug tobacco m Ibis mty 1s anytbmg but a pleasant busu1ess, except for the favo r ed few who dealm we ll known brands, and 1n those grades It s not whlkgs sold at 2 00@5 90. 7 taken m at 1 60@16 50; -and one pacl!.mg was sold last week QD pnvate terms sup Oct 14, 21 pkgs sold at 4 00@41 50 28 taken m at 4 2.5@45 posed to be 7}4 or 7%c on tlte cars at Gordon town Oct 15, 2a pkgs sold at 1 20@12%, 17 taken 1n at 2 10@48; Oct 16, 20 pkgs sold a t 3 10@28%, 22 taken 1n at 2 10@36. HARTFORD, Conn., Oct 16 -Our special correspon B1eaks from O ct 10 to 16, mclus1ve, 469 hhds and 26 trcs dent sa ys l'he demand for leaf tobacco m t):us market 1s moderate, sales b emg made at the rate of about 200 cases a week The Wiappers of the '78 crop are now sampled and have turned out some fine goods, yet the market IS not overrun w1th buyers at present If the trade demand any fine Connec t10ut wrappers Within the next twelve months, they w1ll have to be obtamed from th1s crop The market here may be sa1d to be m a healthy cond1hon m this respect, that there '" the smallest crop on hand for many years, and the holders are abundantly able to keep their goods unt1l they can ohtam a fau compensatwn for their t1me and trouble The '79 crop IS to be a one and curmg down well In a few weeks some of 1t Wlll be taken d o wn, and a better 0pportumtv g1ven to form an opm10n of tts It IS reported and nii doubt trulv, that this crop IS bemg rap1dly bought up m many parts of tius State (on the poles\ It lS sa1d m busmess cncles that we have a new crop of fools once m twenty yeara I should say that m the tobacco busmess they come on once m about five year s HOPKINSVILLE, Ky., Oct 11 -Mr V Thompson Leaf Tobacco Broker reports to THE ToBAcco LEAF -Bales for the week v;ere 12 bhds Stock on sale 1s verv small. 'I he pubhc sales for the year are closed The weather contmues unusually favorable for the late tobacco LOUISVILLE, Oct. 15 -Mr Wm J Lewers, Secretary of the Tobacco Board of Trade rep01ts to TRB ToBACCo LEAP --Tot al recetpts last week 125 hhds total sales last week 62e du recetptefor past three days 110 do, sales for past three d ays 375 do SALES FOR SIX DAYS ENDING WEDNESDAY, 15TH INST. Warehouse Week Month. Year P1ke 47 140 2,435

I OCT. IS HAVANA 110 TOBACCp Any I -11p1111 ./t wiH be Prosecuted to lila Tradelart ,..... Q. Full Extant of the Law. 1. Importer, 18'7 "'G'O'"a'te:r .INre'VV ""'!"'"ork. 6-& ,._ ... ., laelteH llloore, .... Clalft. 'rhoua.psoa, lVIoore a Go., TOBACCO COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 88 -TR.:JII:IIIIT0 lllt:m"'G'O'" "VOJR.:K, Agents ror tbe Sale or Choice Brands. of Virginia Plug & Smoking Tobaccos. ALSO SOLE AGEXTS FOB THE CELEBRATED -wtrae Sap'' and Seal." Toll-, aaa-.faot-..1 by Geo. w. Gilliam & Co., of lUo:bmODcl, Ya. 'to be 'the F:l:n.e't Ohe"V17 LOZANO, PENDAS & CO., The XJWrPOJR.TliD:R. C>F L.P. Sf-.60.; o 'lrllll tlBL.aB.I.TBD Brand. ZlEI -: c::JXG.&. R, iiADQUARTER8 P'OR PUa L:K:G-:&:TlEIR.. ICNrTINC TAJt.a. D. W. CBOtiB& a-o:r a'b'bt.a8 ,......_. Penn#1Vanta, : 63& COURT STREET, I QUO RICE oontlnuea to maniiiii"'IU pt!IJMIIII and Turklah Liquorice Paete, ,., ... at Reduced Prlcea. ManutiiiiiiiiU llioall..-iiillo.raet to apply to him be where. James C. .... r ...... _.,... _66 Water Street, New ... 10(_ ........ w AJID SOLE OJ' sencia '' Brand --()I'-m WEST CIGA.RS. TEILLER,, PaeJkelt & Cominta80B Merchant PENNSYLVANIA RalliDi from $12 to $20 .. -ur-T



!f BB e RIGIN L.and-ONLY GENUINE DURHAM Tobacco. ., ER Y CENTRE of the fi,nest '"o s the 'U nioi 1 peculiarl y .to of a iirst-class AN, D J B_:STrEQUIPPED Fact9ry I N THE ,: chase !r.HE VERY BESt RAW MATERJAL and .. use THE lVIOST .SKILLED LABOR.m our be :ter prepared frbt'tt our EONG 'EXPERIENCE and F AJ lt:UIE Q .l,c;how Y. ,, il L .J .J... < I ..,.. o K rO e 'slfed within the shor pac_e o OWING :ri:IE.. SUPE-RI-OR QUALITY: -OF-UR ODbCT a greaw ltiA T ... "_ .a a greater D M, than any house .in the. business has bee b 'able to do i n century. T:o bave gtven I sat1sfad1on wtth BLACKWELL URHAM, and are dmng tt to-day han a-nx oth r brand of Smokmg UEOlJ the a t. be no more put upon f That by all BLACKWELLS DURHAM enters mto t;nore general qmsumptlon m _THIS AND than stmtlar class of goods. 1 .. the-past history and future prospects of BLACKWELL S DURHAM prove all thts. : .. Very respectfully, .. LACK: E-bL & .. t ...





,. 10 THE TOBACCO 'LEAF. AdvertiseDl&nts. WESTERN ADVERTISEMENTS. il'bila!lelphia Arl'vert.isem.entll. A. BOYD & CO., IT, R, SPENCE. J Pl. SPENCE. N T SPENCE. C. A SPEifCE. AIBllOSIA TOBACCO iOBIS. l'ereip &JI.d Leaf Tobaooot I ('; .117 North Philadelphia. < .....,_ ___ Brothers a Co. W. EISENLOHR & 00., l'ACKERS AND W H O LESALE DEALERS IN '--""' LEAF TOBACCO, 1:1.1:1 s. "VVa;te:r S't Ph:ll.a.d.el.phi.a.. W EISENl.OHR, l'ii!L, BONN. L. BAMBERGER & CO., DEA.LERS IN TOB.A.CCO; And Manufacturers of all Cradea of Cigars, 111 Arch St., Phila.delphia, pH,. Wholesale Dealers h i 'LEAFn !ND KANUFACTUltED TOBACcq, NO. a22.NORTH THIRD STREEt, PHILADELPHIA. IrA large assortment of all kinds of LBAF TOBACCO constantly on hand. lVIOOBE, ct: Packers, Commissicm Merchants &, in SEED LEAF tc HAVANA TOBACCQ No. 35 North Water-st Philadelphia. And 214 STATE STREET, HARTFORD, CON. N.' lYI.E.lYicDowell a Co. 39 NORTH W TER 8TREE,T, PHILADELPHIA, F'C>R. W. T. B[ACKWE[[ & CO.'S BZD.ok.1::a.s To'bAooo, York Pittsburp, Chicago, St. Louis ani Cincinnan. GUMPERT BROS. MANUFACTUHHRS of FINH CIGARS, STORE: 1341 CHESTNUT STREET, l"a.ctory: 444 to 44:8 North 13th. Street, -.ll'D-r : Jt. BISCHOI"'"IJ cn:RMAN SHOKING iuul otbv :&a-and of Aho HERBE DE LA REINE and other Jlrucla of CIGARETTES. :Acen& In New York: FR. ENGELBACH, No. 56 South COMMISSION MERCHANT 46_and 48 St. s. w. eor. ._ 29 South Bar St., BaHimort, lid. W e lavlt l the a tteatton or M anufacturers t o oar Stqcl< of DARK KR-SWEATE D WR.A.P-& Kemper PERS S recially. "AMBR1JSIA" "WIGWAM" N'.o. a-&. ae, de, eo .., &II :ma-& &'tree'& O:I:N"OXN"N" A TX. 0 C> :az-.,....d I SOLID COIFORt/ 'tRABB DOLLAR,' !fiDAL WAVE,' I BLACK 1 LEAF TOBACCO, 4,8 Front Cin Dft!!.ti. o. P:HXLADELPB::I:A, P.A.. :a: L CJIAS H. KLE'!"M, THE LARGEST CIGAR FACTORY IN "THE STATE. SEED LEAFT0BACCO, _CIGARS, Miami leaf Warehouse. 117 w. Lombard st., Leaf Tobacco WAYNE EIA.LIT:J::aii:C>R.:m, 1\II:::C. U' S. Tc::p 20 Commeroe St., Baltimore. O:J::N'C:I::N'N .A.T:J:, CIGAR MOULD MAN'UfACT'G CO. G. H. JOS. SCHROEDER & CO., Cor,:Rid[B & North Col!B[C Ave' s Pa. IMPORTED and DOMESTIC SEEDKEBSLE.A.P Is l!OW retailing '11.8 difl'ere n t shapes and sizes, from tbe at L E A F T 0 B A c c o AND IMPORTEIIS O F greatly redu cerl p ri ces. Every mo u ld warranted u n iform U size p u r H T b chased be not suitaBl e I t will be exchanged or money Our a i m n.-vana 0 lstogiveperfectsatls factiontoth e trade. Bypurchasingdirectfromthe 25 G Sf 8 j Md AI -""' f'!"toryyou wiU save all delay and commissions. The onl y medal and erman ,1 8 flmore, 79,81 & 83 EXCHANGE PLACE, 'ilif)loma e.wa.n:led a t the Centennial was to t h e u 8. Solld.T'o p Mould. Ofll.cia l documents can lle seen at the ofll.oe,mer Ridge an-t 'I()HO.('l''l t; rJHo\l"ETTFS "ROUHt...,T'P"l.{ r; y Tobacco i\ & ncorr. 0: P. & co., T. A. .:raeob. fl" OP {UG; CHEWING AND SMOKING TOBACCO, ,.,. B.1.cb., on. d., Va. \ lUi !_R.WB-SOVEREIGB, llED RID.J.BG HOOD,IINERS' CHOICE, ALPHA. OCT. I S -MISCELLANEOUS ADVERTISEIENTS HINSDALE SMITB-&-SON, (Succe!son t o H. SMITH & CO.) PAOXEB.S A.lQ) .JOBBZRS OF Connecticut Lea.f Tobacco 20 HAMPDI!N ST.; Springfield, Mass. H n tSDALB SMITH, E. H. SMITH. ..C. 0. HO.L OOKKISSION DRCHANT In LEAF a.nd MANU!' AOTUB.ED TOBAOOO, U Central What:,(, B08to11. D. _JU.lf11FACT111U:IUI' AGENT Jfannfact'a Tobacco & Cigar& 120 Jl', 8'1'REJIT &T. X.C>'D'%&. : MftlER-&-HE-RSHEY I D EALERS IN General Commission Merchant;, O f fiCE IN TOI!ACCO iillCHJIIOJI'D V a.. W. E. y RAGSDALE, TOBAC'CO BROKER,, IIU'BRE.lfOEI, BY P&JUDI!Ill O N : I. 0. La&ham,l',....'t Bant t :&. Trice. Pn!e't l'lanten'llalllr,, H o plWIImi18J ColD. MorcU>!l. 1: Gut ol: BOD; Com. Kerchanli; 1 (._>-i!'8fi ['IIU'I' O.IILY ON OBIJI!L llollal led.


' OUT. 18 Business Directoryof Advertisers. NEW YORK. Tobacco Wa.reh.outel. Almer & Dehlto, 1110 P<>arL Appleby & Helme, 133 and 8S Plne Dar!lett 8. tM W'Mel"" Basch & Fiscner, 155 Water. Cardozo A. H. 00 Crawtord E M. & !5on, 168 W9.ter. Eggert Wm. & Co. 2151'earl. Friend Jilo & (}, & Co. 129 Maldea Laae. J., sOn & Co. 44 Broad. -rtJ. L&Bro. 118'Mater. Gershel I.. & Br<> 191 Pearl. 1. &'t-.0-o. 1M Heilbroner, Josephs & Co. 119 Maiden Lane Hirsch, Vic tonus & 00. 117 W&Ulr Kerbs & Spiess toH-Io;IO :1<1 Aenoe KDenfg li. :.fl'earl l.ecllenOnlch & Bro. tllo Water. Lederer &: Fischel, 213 Pearl. Lovin 14. H. 102 Pearl. Lovy & Nowga111, 169 "'_.. Lobellllt.eln & (ta 131llfaidoa .Laae. .Neuberger M : 17'2: ..,. I lliller It Co. 34 New and 88 Broad ot Wanllo-jlor the Bale of Mn!ifdcturacCOI. Ailea & Co, 173 a.n\1 175 Ohambe Dohan, uarroll & l:O. 104 Front. DuBois Eugene. 75 Front. SncJebactl F. 56 B. Wa.obln)'IOD Bqutll'8 G..,_ J Ill. 84 l'roat: Hell .A. a Oo. 48 Llhe!V. BQ$H. W. 89 Wilham Jl&rtln & DUJm, '!II F1'0t 'Thompson, J(oore a: co. 83 Front Wille a: Bendheim, 264 and 266 Canal 1 JMJ>Orl""'of M<1&0I4 an" .Bb., ... Llolagtoo's S<>DI', B., 216 Front TobaccO Baln fur likporl. .Quthrle & Co. FronL Leaf :roba<:oo C. s. &l:lo.188 PearJ CotmniuioR-' Merchant. &yaeo Brotoen ll Oo., 46 & 48 kchaaae P1iooe. M'j"rs ojTubacco Show Cards and Labels. Poualdson Bros., Five Points. P. 0 Box 2791. Toba.cro Ba{lgi1tg. Howard Brothers & Read. 4t.'l &: 4'H> Broadway TalJaccQ .Z..W.U. New Yof.K Label Publishing Co. 9i Bowerv Heppenheimer &: Maurer, 22 and 24: N. William Manu.,{actme,s of Kinney Brm.' Cigarettu. Kinney 8 141 'Vest Broad wa.y o/lllltlaretlu. Ertheiler & Co. 83 Hall Thomas It 76 Barclay (}uiten and Oermaa Oit/tJr MtltiMU. Lobenstein &: Gans, 'TSJ Maiden Lane .Jfanufact1c.rm s of Cigar .Motdtll, Borgfeldt N. H. 510 East Nineteenth Manujacturer.s of Cigar .Moakls and 8haper. 'l'he Miller & Peters JIHg CQ.,.510 J>aot)9th lnlpJoved 7'obacco Scrap MachiM Borgfeldj, If. H. ht llltb aad 156 Wa&er Banks. Germanperlcan, 110 W&U Internal Retenue l)ooks. J ourgeOiel!, C. 80 and 8'1 Liberty Foreign and Domestic Banker. Sternberger lll. &: S. 44 /!'XChange Pla<:e. Manutocturer !Df Robb S. A. 195 Canal Btra111111 8. 1'79 and 18! Lewto Sole J(anu,(actv>'ff oJ II,. Ot'iqinal OrNM 8oal Emmet W. 0 74 Pine J'mportor of _..,....,h Cigorelte 1'11.por. May Broth era. 2d A venue Importer bf Hamfta Cigar Fla110r. Cha8kel J am es, 66 Warren Patent T!Jbacco Co&on"f, Buehler &: Polhaus, 83 Chambenl O>nfMt'reial AgmcUI. The J. M. Bradst""'t & Bnn Co. 1179 Broadway '1lanu.fgfflirn-of /IJJtjnr, Haitbews John, 333 East 26th Manufacturers of Cigar Box Lvaber. Read Geo. W. &: Co."1116-JIQO LeJVla 'foOiJCCO Freight Brok...,, Smith0W. 0. & Co. lill Ezchauge Place of Cigar Ribbotu Wicke Wm. & Co cor. Goerclr and trbird Cigar-Box Labell 1and Trimming. Heppenhelmer & Maurer, 22 and 24 N. WHUan:i Neumall'& n. w. cor. Pearl .t Elm Jl[anufacturen of Waz Paper. Ha"\m.erschlag S 52 Dey st ---+--Regerihard, Shevllllt Co. lilll)ey st TobaccO J:oliL 88 lsea .. r -G&llll' Soh,-,. B. & Oo. &I aod 86 Wall Levy Bros. A venue D ano. Tenth street. Llcntensteln Bros. & Co. llll8 Bowery Jno. Vl. 100 Bowery !!ende1 W & Bro. 151 Bowery oQrgler s. 8Milurray .l'rager M. W. '5 Courtlandt ':11. RokohliSL Co. :n Water :Beldenberg .It Ca. 84 and 118 Smith E. A.. 87 Dowerv SmJtn Isaac L. &:s, JO and 92 Canal 6tecJ.ejbeq IlL Ill. Co 92 o.nd 94 Liberty Straiten & Storm. 21!!-208 East 27th Sutro.A Newmark,.1U'arlt Place -taot-... of n ... ...,. .. .Brown &: Ea.Pie, ttl ana 211 W OOIItiel' Footer, .liili!On ll5 Bowery Banenez, H&ya & CO. 1!8, 1lll, :l!t< LaDe Imporl11!6-47& Eaat Tenth Spa..W. e>lld-Cigar Bib6ona. Seppenhelmer & Maurer, 22 and :K N. W1W&m Lobensteln & G8.118, 101 lllaldea Lane l.oth, Joseph & Sollll, 41!8 Broome Strauss Slm 10, 179 Lewis WIOIdtu"u of tAo Erie CifiGI' Holmes, Booth&: Haydeos, 49 Chambers AL'B.AJJY Y. Jlmovj'tlet,..,.. of Greer's A.. Bona, d22 Broadway BALTIMORE. Hd. Totxirco WarelOUMI. -Barker&: Waggner, 29 South Gay Bovd W ;1. & Co. :J8 South Guntuer L. W. 9 t)Outh tlay Kercltholf & Co. 49 Sout.h Charlfli Klemm Chas. H. 20 Commerce Ma.rriott, G. H M. !5 Mertel<1 & Kemper, 117 Lombard Schroeder J os. & Co. 81 Place WenCl<, E. E. 4ti and 48 South Charlee illchmeyer Ed. Ill. Co. 39 South C&lver$ To5aceo Feigner F. W. & Son, 110 South Charles Gail & Ax, 28 Barre Mar burg .Brothrs. 145 to 149 South Oharlee Mayo & Watson, 7 S Frederick Tobacco and Genera.l Oomm.iHion Merchanu. Vocke R. E. &: Co. s e. cor. Cheaps!de and Lombard Patent Stem Rollen. Kerckholf G. & Co .. 149 South 'Charleo Packers of &ed Leaf and Impqrtero of HrJvana .1'vbacco. Becker Br08. 98 Lombard .I.A.thographers-ShowCarda mul LabeZ. for IM Tobacoo Tfade. Hoen A. 8i Co. Manufacturers of Plug T obacco and Packera of, Seed Le4f. PsrletUI..Jl', & .... _,......,'-' Cigar.HIInllf' Oigar Manufacture:rs' Buppliu. Scbuba.rtb &: Nowland, 185 VIne .Dolllerl "' Spa .. w. and Oiga.r LM.I .T<>I>acoo, llleyer Hv. /k. Oo. 48 frent Oberllflm": & Oo. 110 W rt;ont Tobauo .Mat}Jinecy. Me &llJohi>H:&eo. J Mll"''fiiCI'I&nr of FineOut Chetoi"!! ancl Snwking Tobacco Spence &: Co. 52 and 54 Thlrd Uo.f Tobacco Jlr'OInu,taclu.,.. of Doalers '" Lt!>f_ well, a eo. ua 11a1n <>I Oigar J(ouldl and Shapero, i!Jller & Petera lllfg Co. 136 to 146 E. 2d. Bloeei'.ll..,., (Hgol.ll6iild& bubnl KtopoleoD & Co. 441 aad 4411 flam Pngue &: Mat.K>n, 94 West F1'0Dt Jlan11faclu,..,.. oj OiQ<>rB-. Qelae B. &: Brother, liS Cla,y Trooe, B W. 519-6211 W. Si::J:th CLAJLKSVILLE, Teaa. Leaf (Jlal'k Ill. H. & Dro CLEVELAND. O, Dealer In SudLMI alld HIIWftao. Goldson & SemoD. 132 Ontario DANBD'llY, Oo ... .Ricker mad Dea!lpMv Tol>ao Blackwell W T. &: Co EVAIISVILL!., 1M. ?"obacco Conil.aia Merchantl. l(orrla C. J & Oo FARMVILLE, Va. Broke:r. V enable A R. Jr. "HANNIBAL, MtJ;oo, --Manuf. ,., all kinds of Smok'g t Plug Tobacco, rown Clf>o. HARTFORD, C:oJUl. Packtws a.nd Dealaa in Seed Leaf Tobcw'co GetsbeLI.. & Bro., ;l\1 Lee Geo. 1110 State Moore. Hay & Co., 214 Stace Willcox S. W. Main H:A:VANA, Cuba Tobacco and Cigar Ctmtmission Merchan a, Beclf & Co., t and 3 Bqaselmann & Schroeder, L&mparilla lA Rtchtering Aug. &: Co.'3 Mer c acf'eres litreet HOPJU5SVILLE. K:r Tobacco Broker. Thompson Geo. V. R4t!dale w. E. LAIIOUTER, Pa. Dealers m Leaf ToDGcco. Hirsh David G. Sld i"" & Frey, 61 and 63 North Duke Packer ancl Co#hniuion A:ferch.ant. Teller A. 8 E. Chestnut Manufacturers of Pennlflltlani4, Hirsh 8. & Co. Hiroh David G. Tobacco Ruweating Works. M W Fraim, 3 N Qtieen st LEBANON.PManufa.cturer of Cigars. Long D. B. LIVERPOOL. Eq. Smythe F. W. &: Co. t() North Jobn 'LOlfDOif, Enl;. : Clga.r, "'robacco /difl E:#JHWt. J .,J. st., Leicester sq. LOUISVILLE. JJ;y,. Plug Tobacco Manufacturer. Finzer J. & Bros. 1114 and 186 Jacob Dea/61' Stem mel' EJ>po!'ter of 'Leaf Tlib. Hamilton David, 276 W. Market. f'obacco wtcko G 'W & Co. Haiti C&Jle.way ;Jameo alld--QeorpF. LeWis Rlcll'd H. 848 lfeo& Mala Wm. G ... Qg.IB filev .... Nash M. B. Pral[oW F. 8N West Jlain LYNVHBD'llG, 'Va. Ma,.llfacturer of Tollacco. Carroll JohD W Tobacco Com.mia-.sion Holt, Schaerer & Co MIDDLETOWN. 0. ManufMW:rtlf' of l'Wg Obaccdt. Borg P. J. & Co. :N'EWARX. N.J. Campbell, Lane & Co. 484 BTOad !fEW ORLEANS, La. Tobacco .Jbctor and Commi.ssio" Merchant. Stevenson John D. C. 194 Common OWENSBORO. Ky. TobcocO \', 531 South Second Manufacturers of Cigar Mouu.LI. U. S. Bclid Top Cigar Mould .M!g Co. cor lUd'!'e and North College Aves. Gen't Aqt, C. A. JaCkson . Cobe'n John D. 718 South Oth PITTSBUBGH, Pa. Jla.n.u/Cicfuren "lllftelllor 8puA Boll Other Toboc:

I 12 THE TOBACCO L .EA.I'. OCT. 18 JOHN ANDERSON & CO. MANUFACTURERS OF THE SOLACBun TOBACCOS 114 l 116 LIBIRTY STREET, lO:W YORK, U.a to dtrect tile attention or the Dealen in Toltaceo tbtoatt.out the United Statts and the Wo!l4 to tbeir CELEBBA.TED SOLACE FINE-CUT CBEWilfG TOBACCO. whlcb. Is betnR Otlee more manufa.dured uader tiM baaed.iatesuperri.toa ot the orisiaator, THE BLACKWELL'S DDJULAM' THOMAS HOYT & CO., MR. JOHN ANDERSON. I XA1flJFACTURERS OF FrNECUT & SMOKING and now' atande,a, formerly, without a 6nJ;s forwarded tllrough the usual channels will meet with prompt att:.elltion. Sells quicker and gives better satisfa,c.. TOBACCOS & SNUFF. J. J. CAR.R.ERAS, tion tba.n any brand of Smoking Tobacco ever offered in the market, and it does so mrrars, Tobacco & mrraronos, BlUGHT OWEN, NABOB, EXTRA CAVENDISH. Retail for Exporto.tion. 404 & 406. Pearl St., New York. PBINCEs HousE, 'l' "WARDOUR sT. t R g[JTH } Late 61 .Prtnee' St., s C'OJ.IST0CK, General Partners I W LOC KWOOD SpeciaL LEICESTER SQUARE, LOND0f63.a E#AVBB sJ."BRRY., [lliPORftiQjp]!l;ifiiACTiJBEBS. SPANISH IJCOBIGI f -GBKKK LIGOBICB f ALL SPECIALTIES FOR PLUI AID FilE-CUT TOBACCO. OLIVE OIL, TOICA BlAIS, GUMS, FLl VORS. Powdered Licoriee Root, AND PATENT POWDERED LXCORICE..l N STICK LICORICE W'<. IolAVE TH!. FAVOR!Tli: BRANDS, BartO Ferry, ]. S. GANS' SON & CO., Brokers, 84 and 86 WALL STREET, NEW YORK: PASTE. 'W /tTJ.TS Qk CQ Tobacco manufacturers and the trade in geaeral are particularly requested fQ examine and test the superior properdls of this LICORICE, which, being now brought to the highest perfection is of fered under the above style of brand. We are also SOLE AGENTS for the brand :r. G. A G. G. JOHN CATTUS, Tobacco Broker, 831EAVER ST., NEW YORK. CHARLES F. OSBOR.E, JAMES G. OSBORNE, I IT IS THE BEST Sawing and Planing Mills a:n.d. SA WING AND PLANING FOR CIGAR-BOX !AKERS. J. M"o. 1.1. a:n.d. 1.8 Ca:n.:n.o:n. 8"tree"t "York.. CHARLES R.:. MESSINGER, ccF. G." TOBACCO WORKS, TOJI:.o:J!I::DO O::EI:%0 BANVFAVTUBEBS OF THE CELEBRATED INDIAN AND Chewing, AND THE CJELEB&ATED .. i P. G." Smoking Tobacco. Manufact\ll'ed by AT,T,EN & DUNNING, l'fo 66 a. 67 V Al'f BO't1TEX ST. 'P.&.T.UON, N. J. Jacob Henkell, IIAlfUJ'AortiBIIB 01' ---t--CIGAR BOXES IJUPlCIUOK :au.B:B .t PBDm 01' Cedar "Wood. MAl!UJ' .LCTUIID OJ' ALL JOliDS OJ' 11%T::EI:OGr::EI..A.:IPlEE%0 Cigar-Box Labels. I 293,.295 & Monroe Street, M'e'VV "York.. .,-Acknowledged by consumers to be the best in the market. ADd for the brmd of Stick TOBACCO BROKER, WISE & BENDBEIM TOBAI.l:OS .. RICEPAl'EIL SWEET CAPORAL. New Brand. Fine, Mild and Sweet. XOIIZ a GO., Ia all respects equal to CALAB&IA. Consumers and Jobbers would do well to apply direct. Lleorlee Boot, hleot OrcliaawF, .... '&IJ"OD haad. ARIIUIIIIAU, W AUIS l CO. I 29 31 South 'Wmlam ltreft 54 BROAD STREET, NEW YORK. K. RADER & SON TOBACCO BROKERS 48 Broad Street, A. SBACK, .TO-BACCONISTS. 80LK ACENTS. FOR NEW YORK AND VICINITY FOR GOODWIN & CO.'S TOBACCO BROKER, lhe Mrs. 6. B. Miller & Co. T 0 B A C C 0 I A lT n PA c T 0 I y We be. to call the attention of Tob.cco lrfanufac-. 11 u Deal.,.. to thio SUPERIOR AND PURE I :IIIBT.&.JEI::I!:IX.Ja::III::D 1778. 97 ool. -u.n:::1. b1a S"t. 'Y"ork. PmTBR. :D. OO%.o%..%M"8 Pre:ld.e:a."t. JIIANUFACTUB.BBS OJ' THE CELEBRATED PLAIN FINECUT CHEWING-TOBACCO in BLUE PAPERS EJ :N' "D" p F EJ a RaseSGented Maei:aboy,Scotch, French Rap pee, American Gentleman. "RESERVE'' ID, 2 ancl 4 oz. Poll, ancl 8 and 16 oz. Can, macle C Bl'tcht WhFlavorecl Vlrlflnla Tobacco, I Alao, Fln* and Seeoncl QualU;r 81!10KING1 In Blue Paper. F1n.e O-u.1i DARK AND LICHT CRAPE. FOREST ROSE. CLUB. HAY APPLE aDd PRIZE LEAl" FllO:ClJ'l', IN FOIL. LICORICE PASTE. THE STAMFORD MANUFACTURING GO., :,.;-1G7 l!WI:.A.%::D::IIJJSI" .::a::.A:N-:m, The Trade b&!ng demanded & Superior and Cheaper Article th&n that hitherto used, this Comp&DT lllmaautacluring, and otrerlng for sale UCORICE PASTE (under the old "Sanford" brand) of a QUALITY. ADd at a PRICE which can hardly fail to be acceptable to all giving it a. trlal. Mellor & Rittenhouse, 210 N. !:;;U;;ad. B"t.y Ph:ll.adel.pb.:la, lll.t.NUFA(lTUBEBS O.F a:n.Cl LICORICE PASTE. pp-Centennial Medal awarded f!)r u Purity, General Excellence Qf,. Aloo II. & R. BRAND STI<;E .a..ICOIUCE, all Sbes. !holesale SHOEMAKER, VOUTE & BIRCH. 126 8. Delaware Arc., Phila. Sole Artlftlts for the States of Nortb.Carollnaud V Ir alai&: Muns. DAVENPORT _. i&ORRIS, Ri Eureka Bran. SYRACUSE N. ,y., FINE GROUND AND G&A.NULATJID DEER TONG1JE, DEALERS IN ALL OF THELATESTSTYLESOF CIGAR-BOX LABELS AND 'l'RIMMI N GS FINE GROUND LA VENDER FLOW EB8. WHOLE GROUND or PO"WnER.ED. .. 1! JllLLER, J L. BREN11EB. "" ANGEf:IcA, CAS()AJ&JLL.t. B.t.&K: (JORIA.NDER SEED_. CA.&A. WAY MILLER & BRENNER, PACKERS AND DEALERS IN OHIO SEED LEAF TOBACCO CAHDAI!ION "SEEDS, 14 North Je:ll'erooJI Street, DAYTON OH.JI O EXT. ()ALA BillA UCOJ&I(JE, GINGEB ROOT, .... ORDERS PROMPI'I-Y ATTENDED rn. GUM ABA.BI(J MACE. LOVAGE BOOT, OR BABK D. BTTCHNER & 00. sT. soHNs BREAD, 11.1 Oneida Tobacco Works, VALERIAN BOOT, O.Ca:-192 WEST ST., NEW-YORE, aALSAlll: TOLU1 c .... ; OIL ALMONDS. blUer ESSENTI.&.L OILS, aQ klD48. Special attention given to l!!anufactlll'6!'8' Medle:ra. Cel ebrated CAMPBELL LANE" co, ALL GOODS BmPPED FREE ON BO.UW. 1!: ORIGINAL MANUFICTURERS OF POWDERED .. .. I'IlfEST QtrALITY. SNUFF, PIPES, etc., "RED SEAL," AT .484 BROID SUEET 1 IEWIW. ..... raetured at PoughiiMpale, Yew l'tllr. .. ROI CAROTTE" & II SUNSHINE AND m CALDWELL 1(. -. GIFFORD, SHERIAN noos tBIGHT VIRGINIA SMOKING GOOD IN ..... co w '' 120 \YIU.IAM STREET, New York. SOLE MANtlF ACTURER, MAl!UJ' AO'l'OliBB.!I 01' 'U PINE STREET, NEW YORK. FINE-CUT TOBAGCO, .H. McALPIN & CO. 207 and 209 Water. Street, 1oiAN1lFACTURERS OF THE F TOBAtiCO DEPOT &AGENCY Tobacco, Snntr, Snntr Flour. MANuFACTORY AliD SALEsnoolf : Cor. Ave: D & lOth St., New York. For F. W : FELGNER & SON'S, Baltimot"e, Tobacco anti Cljrarettes. 56 S. WASHINGTON SBUARE, N.Y. Il:otabllohecl 184s."T.e C. BARKER & EAGLE" -AKD-UOLZPPE::El.."' Alse all other Crad:et of flltCaf a Smoklnc TobiiiOOIIel DETROIT, Smoklilg Tobacco and Cigarettes. ALSO AGENTS li'OB OTHER LEADING MANUII'AC'I'UREBS OF S,!VIOKINC, PLUC TOBACCO AND CICARETTES, Nos. 254. and 256 CANAL STREET, corner of ELM, NEW YORK. Old and Reliable! I I VANITY FAIR FRAGRA.NT VAINITY -FAIR Jt.oOM'Gr C'D'T, TOBACCO and "MII,.D "-Rare Old VIrginia. u HALVE;S "-Rare Old Perique and Virginia. NEW COMBINATIONS OF THESE FRAGRANT TOBACCOS. SIX FIRST PRIZE MEDALS. PARIS, 1878. M. Mtllbtser & Co., Peerless Tobacco Works. WM. S. KIMBALL & CO., Rochester, N. Y. CLOTH TOBACCO BAGS, ALL 8IliE8 8TYLE81 AUG. & CO., n 1309 Main St., Richmond, Ya. TOBAOOO and O:J:G-.A.R.. A. R. VENABLE, Jr: COMMISSION MERCHANTS 3 ST.,-fP. 0. Bor 368) HAVANA, CUBA. "D" SIGMUND ... GUSTAV JACOBY "D" 1 -A. M. LYON & co :N' :N' 1 :Manutactureno uf the Celebrated BraDd or ., :, $. JACOBY & CO., :, U' 'V' :as: .. :LW: 2001 CHATHAM SQUARE and 5 & 1 OOYER STREET, NEW YORK. PIONEER liDaACCo CDIWPANY OF BROOKLYN, N.Y. JEI"D"&%NEI&& O:P:P%0:1118 1 124 Water St., New York; 16 Central Boston; 15 WabashAvenue, Chicago. :o: Factory : No. 1 First N. Y. THE .CELEBRATED TIJE CELEBRATED "MATCHLESS," GAKB," Aloo of the WellKnown Brand of 8zn.okJ.:n.s Tobacco,, cc Elu.1'ta,n a..". And '&nutacturenl" of &11 styl"'' ot Britrht & Black PLll"G TWIST TOBACCOS. 24 T .wentieth J 'V" .&.. Our NaYiee "' Speoia!ty for tbe Eostern Bte.teo. PATENTED. MAHOCANY, All Sizes; P X 0 NEE B.," Dark, all Size. A com part son of our Celebrated Brands of PLUG TOBACCOS will conTla.ce all partltl of till WO DBRW'OL BERIT8 contaiged thereto. ., -=--. ...... T_O B A c c 0. PRICES GREATLY REDUCED. J


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