The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (12 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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\ J '' VOL. x v.---NO. 39. fESTABLISHED 1864.] NEW YORK, SATURDAY, 1, 1879. MAIDEN LANE Corner of Pear-l Street. FRED'K DeBARY & _.CO., W!LUAMWICKE, AUG ROESLER -. -u"'" w&iiREN STREET, NEW YORK, & Co_ SOLE ACENTS FOR THE I PRI!iCIPE DE GALES' CIGAR BOX KEY CIGARS, AND MANUFACTURERS OF FINE DOMESTIC CIGARS. SEIDENBERG & CO ., 84 a 86 READE STBEBT,_ NEW Importers, Of. Ha,va,na, .Tobacco, ALSO MANUFACTURERS OF THE _,. MANUFACTURERS, Cor. Goerck .Third. S _ts., PRICE LIST OF CIGAR RIBBONS. Broad Yellow ............... Extra ... I)-Sbroad, 70ydo 11.'75 ............... No. 1----6 70 ydo 1.66 .. ............... .. 2----5-8 70 yd 1.46 .. .. .. .. ... .. .. 2a .. 70 ydo 1.16 .............. 3 ........ s 70yds 1.25 Bread Red .. .. : ............. 1 ..... 5 70yds 1,60 .. .. .. .. .... .. 2 .. .. 5 'TO ydo 1.50 ........ .. .. .. .. .. 3 .... 5 'TO ydo 1.30 J:.paaola ........ .. .......... 1 .. .. 5 70yda 1.00 .. :.-.::.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.:.-. :. ;____ t: .. Jfarrow Red ................. 1 .... (-8 TOyds 1,31) ................ 2----i-8 'TO yds 1.20 ................ 3-----i-8 70yds"0.85 Jfarrow Yellow ............ 1 -----iS 'TOyds 1.30 .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 2 --. i-8 70 ydJo 1.20 .. u 3 .. 4: 70 yd. 0.80 Boz Ribbon Red-..................... a-s 70 yds 0.70 TOBACCO. & oo.,>R. TER.S. 65 PINE STREET, NEW YORK. {Havana 1818, Es1:a 01:1.&h.ed. PhUadeiphia, 1828. S. FUGUET & SONS, No. 231 CHESTNUT ST., PHILADELPHIA, IMPORTERS OF HAVANA CIGARS Eotabllohed 1838. S. LININGTON'S. SONS, IMPORTERS OF HAVANA & MANILA CIGARS. 216 FRONT STREET, NEW YORK. GENERAL AGEN'I'S FOR SEIDENMRG'S KEY. WEST CIGARS. A.IB0 MANUJ"ACTURERS OF Sole Cor Celebrate d Havana Brands oC Fine Domestic Cigars. Panl & Virginia, La Ceiba & Fausto. Ll ROSA ISPAROLA Yellow----3-8 70yolo (Chioo) .. 1----6-8 34 ydJo 1.10 0-" (Chiao).. 2 .. 34 ydJo 0.951 KEY WEST HAVANA-CIGARS. WEISS, ELLER & KAEPPEL, IMPORTERS O:f THE ''ROSE. '' . ; H A y A A T 0 I A c::c 0 I t Y:ork. 220 Pearl v. MARTINEZ YBOR & CO., 190 Pear1 8't., Y"ork., IMPORTERS of the V : .. Brand HAVANA Tobacco, And Dealers In SCRAPS and from their FJT. PR.X:N'CX:E-E'-' G-.A.XE& CIGAR ll'ACTORY AT KEY WEST, FLA. l\LEeFall & La vv BB 'Y' I!ANUFACTUBEBS OF THE El Club De Yate & Bo'J'al Palm ::EE.A "V .AN' .A O:I.Gr-.AlE'I.S. :M. LILIENTHAL. M. LANDMN. lt, .A.., BERNHEIMEU. M. LILIENTHAL & co., BA TO B.A. CCC'>, :N' o. :J. 77 ::E"'EI.A.lE'I.Z... ST:Fl.iEE'X', :N'E""''V" "Y" 0 A.LBR.O OF CIGAR-BOX :IIANUF ACTURERS co., LUMBER :EN' &::E"'.A:N':I.S::EE OE:J:A.lE'I. a.JD.d. :J:O:DII:EST%0 ""''V"C>C>:J:&, I MIT AT I 0 N SPAN ISH C E 0 A R C I GAR-B 0 X L U M BE R, Are pnpared to turnlah this Lnmber to -Box-Makers In the usua.l lengths and widths, stained, gra!ned and polished ready for use. On U&mln&tJon it wUl be found & perfect tmitation of Spanish Cedar in color and grain, and so tar superior to any in the market tl;lat no eomparloon can be made. Being sawed and cut from the llneot Poplar(the wood prefeiTed by 8.11 experienced thoroughly planed and pollshed1 the bo&rda are str&Jght and of even surface. The ground color and gra.ia are durable, and the po is a patent pi"'CCOIS leaving e. bright gloiB on the wood, As prepared by our patent proceoa, this Lumber can be used as a substitute for Spanish Cedar at 1dWi one-balf Its C>OOt. >OUR. SPANISH OEDAR. IS DIPORTED DIREOTLY FROM MEXICO ria NEW ORLEANS. Dll::l.11a aJD.d. 806 81:l:::L &1:ree1:. 0:1.JD.o:I.JD.:1:1a.1::1.. DONALDSON BROTHERS, &'tea::n::l. L:l. 't1::l.oar ap1::l.:l.o Pr:l.:n. 'ters, JP:J:"V'El ::E"'C>X:N'T&. :N'E'VO' TOBACGO LABELS AND SHOW cARDS 1111. o. Box 1791.) [ No La bela kep\ In S\oel<. Lonclree Yellow ............. 1----7-8 3iydo 1.50 ... .. .. .. .. .. 2-.. 7-1 34 :ydJo 1.20 w 3 .. 13-18 ., 3'yda 1.10 ............. "10----13-16" 34ydJo 1.-.. ...... .. ..... "15----7-8 34yds 0.90 ....... .... 20----13 34 ydo 0.80 .. .............. 50 .. --13.. 34 ylta 0.66 ............. "100--5 3iydo 0.(5 : Red ................. 1-----'l-8 34 ydJo 1.40 .. .. ................ 2 -----13 .. 3i yds 1.16 Broad.Red llwithyellowedges .. 5 'TOyds 1.65 n .. III u u s-s II 70 yds 1.40 :If arrow" II i-8 'lO ydo I.30 Bro. ad YeU. II wf.tla blue edges--... li ;""' 'TO :yda 1.56 Da red u 'TOyds 1.26 Da red.white.pol C blue edet.s ..... 5 'lOydo I,Q ............. ............... { ......... 5 .. 50ydJo 0'6 Extra Styles of Rrbbons Made to Order. RlB'BONS CUT & PRINTED AN'f SIZE AND STYLE. All Orde:r8 Promptly Execut;ed Term& ()ash. PRICES OF CIGAR BOXES AND SAMPLES OF RIBBONS SENT ON APPLICATION. JOHN J. CROOKE, MANUFACTURER OF CR.OO:EE.E'S COIPOHND TIN POlL TOBACCO, MEDIUM AND TISSUE. (Patented September 26, 1877 ,) 1'\TOT::J:O:I!l. All Infrinlremento on this Patent will be Pro .. outed .to the full extent of the Law. ALSC :MANUFA=:ER OF PURE TIN AND OTHER FOILS! ::E"'Z....A.:J::N' .A.:N':J:) Oc:>Z...c:>lE'I.E:J:. ROLLED TO ANY GUAGE AND CUT TO SIZE. BOTTLE OAPS, all Sizes, PLAIN AND COLORED. OFF1CE: 163 Mulberry N.Y. GIGARBOX LUMBER. Cut and Press Dried by our Patent Proceu Incre ... ed Pacmttea ot m:anaftctnre enable u to mab a Pllriher Be4uetloa Ia our Prlcea, Cedar, 'M:a1::l.oga:n.3r., Pop1ar, &yoa::rn.ore, B1e., ALL GKADES, Lamher IIWIIIfaetmed by u Ia oiaa&l &Dd In tome nllll** ---toll azQ' otber, l>eiDir perfeotl7 __,uecr &Del tree trom rum. A trtaroollolted, In addition to aboTe Clllruaual-of Eardwood Lam!MrMII v ..... Geo. w. Bead & Co.,e 186 LEWIS ST., NEW YORK. A. HEN & CO., SUCCESSORS OF EDW'D HEN, -<1.8 X..XEJEB.T'Y &TlE'I.EIEIT, (P, o. Box IMPORTERS OF MEERSCHAUM, BRIAR AND CLAY PIPES. SPECIALTY OF SMOKERS' -AND-TOBACCONISTS' SUPPLIES. M:.A.NUF ACTURERS -oF--WOODEN SHOW FIGURES. A.cen'( :Cor the Sale oC all Popular Brand of VIRGINIA, NORTH CAROLINA & WESTERN MANUFACTURED, SMOKING & -FINECUT TOBACCOS. Agento fo:r JOHN F. ALLEN&: CO.'S Blelunond, Va., BrandJo o1"Smok1Da-Cla-areUe .. SAm:. AYBES "HYCO," ete,-Depot tor .J", W, CA.UBOLL>S "LONE .J"A.CK," "BROWN DICK," ete, LOUISIANA. PEBIClUE, Cut and In Ca:rroto, W. T. Blackwell & Co.'s Genuine DURHAM Tobacco. Sc:>Z...E A.GrE:N'TS JPOlE'I. WM. S. KIMBALL & CO.'S "V' ..A.:N'XT'Y' F Tobacco & Ci[arBttes. CHA.S, K, CO NRA.D &: CO.'S celebrated LOG CABIN and LOVE A.IUONG THE HOSES Smoklna-'robaeeo. MANUFACTURED TOBACCQ.-Pavorlte Dark NaTy, Enchantreoo Dark Navy, S'!eet m:o:rael Dark NB;vy, and Peach B:rla-ht Navy, and all Popular Brands of Fancy ud Light Pressed. lJ;NE-oUT, Manufactured by SPAULDING &:; MERRIO.K:-014 Glory, Charm of the Weot, SWeet _. Durley, Queen Bee, 'rrumpo, Will: Wag, Bua-le, In Palls and Barrels. I ) Depot tor E. T PILKINTON & CO.'S celebrated .-sUITS A.ND PLOWERS aad CO:nl::ni:ONWEA.L'rH --..._ Smoktns: W'obacco. ---Depot tor SNOW:S PA.'rEN'r JF' Price Llotll to.ralohed. OD Appllei'tton.' 0 .. .. . PUBIJSHED EVEBY SATURDAY MORNING BY u THE TOBACCO LEAF" PUBLISHING COMPANY, 106 MAIDEN LANE, NEW YORK. COfu'Year. Mouths. M:onthiL. 14 Line over 'Ide Columna .. .. $85 $45 NOTICES, WANTS or CAUTION NOTICES. tlt':e oge IN;e:rtlon ................................ 5'0 ll:lent..._ 14 Lt!::: .05.50! 14 Lines Three !Uont8 h ... _._ ................................. 10.00 .. ............................. 15.00' Under no Ci:rcumsta.:nceo will we deviate from tJu. Price good-will, etc. Shortly !after, Holtzman opened a.. place of busines s on the same side of the street, about four doors from the old store at which Wiederhold still remained, and erecte d a large sign across the street, reading as follows:-HENRY HOLTZMAN, Late of HOLTZMAN AND WIEDERHOLD. On tl;ds sign the name of the old firm was one-half l arger tnan the name of the proprietor of the establish ment, and the words "late of much smaller than either. The plaintiff in the case, Wiederhold, claimed that persons were misled into suppos in g that the store of Holtzman was the original one, and that having; bought the good-will, e t c his trade was injwed there by. The defendant testified that the firm name on. the sign was made larger through the mistake of the painter, and that he had no intention to mislead the public, exhibHing his circulars, bill-heads and. envel opes in corroborating his statements. The judge said that The question of intent is not the material inquiry in these cases The true inquiry is, whether the thing complained of amounts t o a false representation which.. is liable to deceive the public. When the defendant, conveyed to the plaintift the good-will of the firm, he sold that which is 'property in some circums tances and transferred 'any positive advantage which had been acquired by the_ firm in carrying on,its business, whether connected wtth the place or the name of the. firm .' He agreed that by no act of his should that advantage_ be impaired, much l ess diverted from the plaintiff to the profit of the defendant. That the parties are of opinion that some advantage does result. from the us e of the firm name is shown by the actions of both. If this advantage has b ee n lost to the plain tiff by the use of the sign put up by the defehdant, the sign ought to be r e moved. '!'bat some loss has oc curred to plaintiff by the mistaking of one store forthe other ha;s been proven, and it is. more. than prob able that th1s has resulted from the s1gn of the defendant. If a customer was seflking the store with the firm name in his mind, and would see that r.ame. as the most marked part of this sign he would most likely look no further, and be c onsequently misled. But even if he did see defendant's name above the words 'late of would doubtless be overlooked disregarded, and he would naturally assume that the de fendant was the successor of the old firm. There is no. reason to doubt that the sign would convey a false im-. pression to the mind of the ordinary observer to the probable injury of the plaintiff For the reasons already suggested, we do not stop to consider whether there is urgency enough in the case to warrant the issue of a preliminary mjunction, and do order that a suTTER BBOS., DeaJeraln LEAF TOBACCO, Chlcaco, m Western Ctga,r_Ma.nufaciiu-ers will find it to their advanta.&'e to with us._


THE 'l'OBACCO LEAF. speclailiiJUnctron I ssue to restram the defendant from usmg the n a me 'Hnltzman and Wwderhold,' as set forth m the brll We see no 1 eason why the d efe ml &nt RJav nor use the late firm name, and even m the words on the present srgn, as descr1pt1ve of hiS former relat1on the eto, Pt'OVIded car-e be scrupulollSly taken to the facr s as they ex 1st, and to disclaim any r1ght to the use of the firm as a deblgnatwn of hi8 present busmesa CONVENTION 'oF GEllMAN TOBACCONISTS. A conventwn of German tobaccomsts, ropresentmg all branches of the German tobacco10dustry, assembled at Cassels on October 4, the obJect of whic h was to form a permanent orgamza.twn for the protectiOn of the tobacco ma.nufacturmg mdustry and trade The conventiOn was temporarily orgamzed by electmg Mr G Schoepplenberg chairman, and Messrs A v Grleaheim, of CaEtsels, Philipps, of Atx la Cbapelle, and .Bchoenmg, of Vlotho, members of the Bureau. obJect of the prOJ ecte d orgamzatron. 1t was shown, was to ensure protectiOn m the event of further l egts latJon afJect,ng the tobacco 1pterest, as the new tar1ff IS, re garded as only a temporary measure A comm1ttee, composed of representatives of Berlm, Magdeburg, Han ver, Mannhe1m, and other German tobSC'lo cen ters, was appomted to prepare a plan of orgamzatwn Th18 committee subm1tted at the meetmg of the con vent10n on the next day a constitution, which, after some debate, was adopted The orgamzatwn w11l be known as the Verem der Deutschen Tabacks !Fabrikanten und Haendler (Assomat10n of German Tob&CC01 Manufacturers and Dealers) To defray the expensea of the organtzation, the const1tutwn provides that !lii.Ch member shall contribute 30 marks per year. The headquaz:ters of the Association 18 to be located m Berlin. The electton of a Board of Managers, as pro v1ded for m the constitutiOn, resulted as follows -G of tbe firm of Ferd Caimus & Co of Berlm, Councilor of Pasewalk1 Ltssner, of the firm of M Glueckmann-Kahsk1, p f Posen, E Huenzer, of the firm of J Muenzer, of Oppejn, R ;Knabe, of the firm of C Knabe, of Magde burg, Clemens Buff, of Osnabrueck, fntz LP.oliliaHll, of :Minden, llrnold Boenmger, of Dmsburg, A v Gr1esheim, of the firm of Franz Thorbecke, of Cassels, Julms Sandmann, of Hamburg, Th Hoff man, of the finn of Hoffmann & Le1seWitz, of Brem;n Du Roy, of the firm of Du Roy & Co of Brunsww, Robert Bergmann, of the fit m of H emrich Robert Bergmann of Waldhetm, Burkart Tenn, of the firm of Joseph Schueren, of S Ellmger, Jr, of Stuttgart. Franz Thorbecke, of the firm of Frz Heh Thorn becke & Co of Mann betm, Counetlor Gall, of the firm of G Ph Ga1l, m Wuerzburg, a.nd Roesmger, of the firm of Jos Stockinger & Co, of Speyer A rej!olutiOn was submttted by Herr Bchoepplenburll.", of Berlin, m reference to the tare of 1mporttd tobacco He argued that prevwus to the new tax on tobacco they could afford to tolerate a volummous tare, but that now tobacco sent to Germany from foreign countries should be packed m the same way as that wb1ch is sent to other countues w1th a h1gh tariff, for they could not be expected to pay for w ood, pasteboard, etc as if tbPy were tobacco. A reso lutiOn was passed d1rectmg the Bureau that steps be taken to effect a change m the method of packmg tobacco destmed for Germany a1; the foreign leaf markets Mr Hoffmann, of Bremen, observed that on the part of the tobacco Importers m Bremen efforts had already b ee n made to secure a better packmg of tobacco at the places of prod uct1cn. On motion of Herr Leonhard I, of Mrnden, a resolu tiOn was passed deelarmg mJ'avor of a longer customs credrt, now that the new revenue and laws are m force Thrs demand IS m tde on the l!:round that under the new BJ stem consider able more capital I s re qmred, and It IS argued that a term of mne months should be a llowed It was stated that the Chambers of Commerce of Hanau and Mmden each have pre sented a memorial on the subJect to the Government, and that the actiOn has been approved by the cham bers of com 'fierce of other c rt1es A resolut1nn was passed, drrectmg that a m e monal on the subJect oo presented to each, the Imperta l Chancellor, the Federal Council (Bundesratb) and the Fmance Mimstr1es of the different Stl\tes Councilor Walter, of Pasewalk, referred to the ques twn of prices H e argued that under the d1vers1ty of circumstances there could be no question of umform Ity m priCe ra1 s 10g, yet, 1t m1ght be well to furnish the reasons and JUStificatiOn for a general puce -ra1smg under the present cucumstances A resolutiOn was therefore pMssed by a unammous vote, declarmg that 1n cons1der at10n of the higher tax rate and hrgher prices for the raw matenal, consumers are expected to agree that a correspondmg mcrease m the pnce of the m anufactured artwle cannot bel avoided Immediately after the adJournment of the conven twn, !he Boa1d of manage1s (Vorstand) met, and orgamzed by the electiO n of the followmg offi cers Piesident Herr G Schoepplenberg, vice pres id ents, MesSI'S Y Gueslienn and Fr Thorbecke, secretary, Herr C Lucan, at..d Herr Richard Ermeler, treasurer GOING IT BLIND. as referrmg solely to the premature n ess of the purchaes that have been made Ha.ste IS more frequently reprehens1ble than comme ndable and 111 t)us parttcu lar connectiOn Jt IS especially Th e growers have latterly b ee n rece 1 less, a good deal less, than they were ent1tled to for thnr crops, and now that money 1s becommg plentter and the busmess prospect brighter, 1t Is emmently proper that they should share m the advamages sprmgmg from the sltered condttiOn of affau s No homily lB ne e d e d from us or any other person to convmce tobacco dealers that they are runnmg a great riSk m buymg green tobacco, the experience of tbe trade m 1870, 1872 and 1874 bavmg 1mtructed them all on thiS pomt to a degree qmte beyond the j}os"fub1hty o f furthe r enltghtenment from any quarter Asked the questiOn what they thmk of buy}ng tobacco on the poles, 1wen those who are among the first to do so w11l that r.ract1ce IR should be discountenanced at all t1mes. Yet, oddly enough, wh1le all are thus agreed rut to its unproimety,, many pers1stenily tton inue 1 The pie (ot 1ts JUstificatiOn ts competltwn, wbtcb, to a certam extent, 1s a tenable one. But the compet1t1on 1s 1n all cases a self 1m posed one If every dealer, liow ver 1anx1pus hi}, may be to get hold of sOJhe choiCe crops, wouiJ refrain from buymg until the stnppmg season o ver, when he could e what be was gettmg fpr lW! m Qney, "nd the grower Eoul() see what he "as g1vmg for hts money. q1s chance of gettmg hiS piCk of mce selectiOns would be JUSt as good as now '!'h, eiJ opposite course is pmsued, and tbet e would be' fess hkehhood of his bemg ihssabsfied w 1th his ,bargain If each dealer w1ll stop away from the country until the proper time to go thl're arf1ves, tber' time may be belled, as bas 9 be e n pt known to tlie general sorrow. 'l'he export IS Email an(t likely to contmue SO, unl88S prices for export sorts a1e kept.Jo. w Ott tlhs pomt a com petent and experienced exporter remarked to us w1tbm a day or two, "I do not know what IS the prospect abroad for busmess If trade picks up there as It has done here, then, I thmk, there will be & pretty fatr de mand for our tobaccos, but I do not believe foretgn buyets w1ll pay the prices that mayoomade necessary by reason of the b1gh pnces now bemg pa1d m the country. The Bremen market will always be open for such of our bas not to compete w1th other growths, but 1t will leave us alone 1f we force prwes up to a h1gb pomt If we can put tobacco on shtpboard for about seven cents a pound, that market will prob ably take a good deal ThiS seems to us sound reasonmg, and msp1res tl:le thought m what manner are we to adJust pnces to the foretgn level, starting as -they have done here thus early? It IS to be h ope d the present hurrie d move mem will be of sh01 t duration and that tbet e Will be no repet1t10n of 1t Aheady thet e are mdiCatJOn3 of returmng moderation m W1sconsm, 1t bemg 1eported to us by good authouty that after nearly 6,000 cases of Havana Seed leaf and about 1 000 case' of the or dmary Seed leaf grown m that State tb1s yea1, the buyers have concluded to defer then opetanon for awhrle A Similar conclusiOn bas also been 1 eacbed by some of the firms who were busy buyers last -wePk m the Connectwut Rtver Valley All branc hPs of tbP t1 ade mcludwg g10wers w1ll be benefited by until Januaty next, at least EXPOSING UNPACKED GOODSLETTER FROM MR KlMBALL. Mr Israel Ktmball, Ch1ef of the T obacco Dtvrswn of t h e Office of Internal Revenue, call s us to account follows ior the article we published last week unde1 the above headwg OFFICE OF INTERNAL REVENUE, TREASURY DEPARTl\!ENT W ASHINacco mer ely for sho'l" and not for sal e outside of stamped packages you g1ve your readers to understand that th1s dec Is ton of tbe JUdge ISm oppositiOn to the rulmgs and regulatiOns of the Office of Intel nal Revenue Yon say "One of the most se riOu s as well aR needless annoy a n ces to whtcb tobacco tradesmen have b ee n for yeat s aubJer.ted und(lr our Internal Revenue regulaJons, IS the a r b1t1 a1 y prohrbttiOu a"amst the expos1t10n 10 stores of manutactured tobacco snuff and C igars, ex c eptm the packages pt esc rrbed by law 111 whrch these are put u p for sal e The R evenue author 1t1es have assumed that because the l a w reqmred a ll manulactures of tobacr.o to b e packed 111 a pr esc11be d manner b e fore sal e b e fore offet Pd for sal e or Pxposed fm sale no manufacturer or deale r bad a nght to drs play samples of brs goods m hrs wmdows RhO\V ca"es or Jars, m any other w a y than m the ongmal pack ages" 'fhe Internal Revenue regulat iOns are full and ex phclt upon the subJect of s ellmg m anufactmed tobacco by r etar l dealers, wh1cb must, m all c.tses be tn or from legally stamped boxes or packages These re' gulatrons do not go a smgl e step beyond the proh1b1 t10n wbwh the law 1mposes, and they wtll, I p1esume, contmue to be enforced SectiOn 3,363 of the Rev1sed Statutes o f the Umted States declar es that' no manufactm ed tobacco shall be sold or offered fur sale uuless put up m and stamped as presCitbed m th1s Uhaptet excl'pt at 1 etrul by 1 etall dea lers from wooden packages sramped as provided m th1s Chapter See also S ectiO n 3 374 Revised Statutes Wtnle th1s IS the case, I am notawa1e that thAre IS a smgle hne 10 the pu r egulatiOns of the Office of Inttlrna l Revenue f01 b1ddmg the practrce mdulf(Pd m bydeale rs m tobacco-as m almost a ll oth e r tradesof makmg a proper exhtbtt of the1r goods m g lass Jars show cases or shop wmdows, to attract the flttentron of the pubhc, and as a means of adve1ti-emeut even where such exhibi tiOn necessitated the w1thdrawal of the goods from the packages m whrch they were put up, stamped, branded, and labelled by the manufacturer tobacco manufacturers and dealets, whtle steadfastly upholdmg on all ocutsions the rights, the mterests and the drgmt y of the Office of Internal Revenue, we bhall be the ve1y last to c!l>!t und&eJved teproacb upon hrm or h1s handiwork In the c omments to whrch excep twn IS taken, neither Mr K1mball nor the Offic e of In ternal Revenue at Washmgton, of whtch he IS a most deserv10g member, was m our mmd when they were penned. We were thmkmg only of the over zealous revenue offic1als who have at mtervals _for seventeen made the busmeSR life of the ordinary tobaccomst an uncowfo1table one by constttutmg themselves a law unto themselves and pers1 stP.n t nag gmg To the honor of the force as a whole, be It sa1J, are number of these durwg the long mterval mentiOn ed has been hmued, but they have and st1ll eXIst, and It was often m compliance w1th tbe1r man dates that the show "mdows, show an-t glass Jars were periOdiCally denuded, 01 as previOusly said, relegated to the lumber rooms of basewents and attiCS From 1868 to 1876', It must be sa1d, moreover, the pract1ce of prohllHtmg the exhibitiOn m stores of un packed "show sample"" of manufactured tobacco c rgars and was ger;erally mdulge d m l'eitamly m all the Important mtres of the Umted States, and m New Ymk notably so-by authority of Assessots and SuperviSors, as hundreds, probably thousands, of dealers can test1fy. That Mr Kimball wh8 unawa,e of thi:; fa.ct may he readily mferred from the tenor of his letter. The Office of whwh he IS one of the 1mp01tant Iepresentatives, never1ssued a twn a .. puvlllg dealerd of their natural rtght to exhrb11 theu goods unpacked when 1t was done solely for the of advertii!mg them, but revenue officers d1d under the lex loo-the home made zegulauons wh1c.B were thought to be necessa1y, and m some mstances we1e s o Whether or not tb1s practice bas p1evalled smce 1876 "e know not, but JudgtJ 1t has, smce a Umteo ::'!tates Dtstuct Court m Boston has JUI!t been calleu upon to dec1de a case brought to bat by an attempt ed enforcement of 1t As thts u the case which elic1t ed our observatiOns m the p1ev tous number of THE LEAF, and to wb1ch Mr. Krmball ObJects, we republish a summa1y of the same from the .l:loston Herald We thmk the report sustains the p os itiOn we have assum ed Ill this matter Here 1s the report-The Boston Herald of Ockber 2 says-In the Umte d States lJtstuct Uuut t thiS mormng, be tOte Judge Ulalk, a CW!e WWI tued winch Involves the rrghw. o. tobacco dealtns, and whwh was mceuded tu be a test caz:>e Jobe!Jh Rofi'ee was llldtcted fur sdlmg, or ofl'e1 mg to sell, mauufactu1ed tobacco IJOt !JUt up m the regular sLamved packa;;e:; accor dmg to law Tile Government contended that dealers can ouly selllrum legularbtampedpackaget<, ana tnat the deftmdaut baa removed tweuty pouuds uf manufactured t uba<:cv 1rum l>oxes, and had the s.tme fv1 srue m wmdow of h1s s ,ote '1ne defeudant clarmed that tbt: tobacuo wa8 put In the Wluuow me ely ior show, auu uut for sale 'l'he defeudaut's counsel, J Brooks, E-q, asked the coun to rule to the JUry th .. t the derendant had a 11ghL to exh1b1L the tub.l cco, ana that the but den of proor upvu the Government tu prove thM the tut.acco was exposed to1 sall:l JUdge so lUltJd to the JUlY, and they Ietll!ne d a verdtc, u1 uot gu1lty deciSIUll vu Lually deCides tlla. deale! s m exhtblt ttJeu "ares out of the p1uv1ued the we.:c_uaull.Jse I S not fot sale RELIEF FOR 'HE SUFimBERS BY THE RECl!:N'l' FLOODIS iN SPAIN. Promptly on receipt by cable of mtelhgence of the letrilile derl g es of Mon due1 mas, Fra Alta rone Aguerra, Alcantunlla und Lar ga have been swept a" ay Mm Cia, 0rihue1a L01ea and Almena have been partially flood d. Ten thousand mhab1tants and one hundred famthes are destitute The loss of propet ty exceeds Iitty mrllron francs fhe lo ss of life at Lmca IS one hundred, at Onhuela e 1gbty, and at MurCia m01e than a thousand Thtse a1e the l atest official 1 etm but 1t 1s feared that the total lo s s of hfe w11l exceed three thousand The kin!;\" has aheady visited the flooded dJstnct,:?, and bas 1S ubsct1be d fifty. thousand f1ancs toward the rehef of the mh,tbitants SUBSCillPTION IN AID OF THE SUFFERERS OF THE FLOODS IN SPAL.V The cable mforms us that over twenty five hundre d I h o uses have been destt oyed m the dtsttwts of Mm em, Alicante, A lmena, e1 c that the ot pro p.,ny amounts to over $12 000 that ovl"r two tbous.1.nd ltves have been lost, and that the destttutwn ansmg the r efrom IS mc>tlctilable Bunzl & Dormitzer Jos Mayer's Sons Rostnwald & Br H.v'ns & Vtgehus A Lou e noohn Ba ch & J!'rscher Hem y J!'alkenstem Cash J E &htOPdSI & Bon Chas F Tag & Son C T Seymour G V Watson Strohn & Rett'stem Gmllermo Rocholl 25 00 I [be Tobacco Leaf 25 00 Pubnshrng Cc 25 00 IUS lob tcco Jour l 25 00 M Lilienthal & Co 10 00 A & J Shack 10 00 I C H Spll zner 10 00 E Spmgarn&Co 5 00 C Sprutto 25 00 I Jam"" D F1sh 25 ::'! Auerbach 5 La Nacwnal, socie5 dad de SOCOriOS 10mutuos 1-1510 10-1U-10-1012035005-C C llins & Co Costales 10 E 5-11,324Collected by FraaciSco Llado and Genaro Fernandez Brown""Bros -&Th 100 & Co 50Drexel, Morgan & Argu1mtJau, Wallis Co 100 & Co 50 M A Martmez 25 F AlP.xanare&S ons 100 -Aug Belmont &Co 50 LHnmnn & Kemp 100 V errrull e & Co 50 H atch & J!'ovte 100 -Kuhn, Loeb & Co 50W & Jno O'Buen 25Hallgarten & Co 50 -Reuauld, Francms M 1/lmgans Sons. 50& Co 25-Blake Bws & Co 50 W P Clyde & Co 100 -Cash 50-Lours MonJo, Jr & L Von Hoffmann Co 50 -&Co 50 Jnv Robmson & Co 25 -Royal E s q 100 Phelps, Stokes&Co 100 G Amt F He!mandez 1-1-150 oo 50 25 25 50 50 25 50 25 60 150 25 25 50 25 25 25 -50 1 00 10-10-50-1g =I 11441-T otal Jr!!e the Collection Committees avatl themse lv es of the oppOl tumty of tbts report to return their s m cere thanks to the ti adesmen and Citizens of New York' who have so graciOusly responded to tbeu for asH's 1nqu1re on the pr eru1s e s 766 2t T C S FERGUSoN -l\11 r C S Ferguson, of Lynch bur11:, Va Bt'ntor wemler of Lhe tobacco manufactur 1pg e"tablshment ot :Bt>tgusun, Lacy & Co, and prest dent of the Ly11chbur g Bank d 1 ed on Munday mght HtJ had been fur a numbe r of yealy been completed, be dedu ared wtth appropriate ceremomes and fesuv1t1es The-y had a festive corner-stone Ia' mg and 1t JS now deemed appropriate that they should JOlce over the completiOn of the burldmg, whtch IS, one of the m os t beaut1ful structures of Clarks'"ille The Clar ksvllle Leaf -"As the O)>l'nmg of the new 'l obacco Exchange for the nf lA.baccn 1s near at hand, we would su11gest to the Tobacc o Board of Trade, and Citizens geneially, that tire event ought to be celebrated m a lJecommg style, ohat actPJ ISttc of the that has so successfully r ar1 lfd to uompl lion the g1 andest structl}re of the kmd to be found m all the Western tobacco cquntty. 1 Let 1t be opened dP,ibcatory seremomes and a of fine obacco Let It be a grsnd re-umun of the u a de, 10v1t mg the fa1mers and all other net ghbonng trades to partiCipate What say you, Mr Presld('nt Beaumont, .Mr SeCJetary Clark, and gentlemen of the &at:di" THE PLANET MILLs RoBBERY -In March, 1878, War ren Vme, the cashJt r of the Planet Brooklyn, owned by Buchanan & Lyall wb1le on v.av from the Corn Exchange Bank of New York where fie bad drawn $3 500 for the pa} ment of the m1ll employees, was ove1 powered by four men who leaped from a covere d wagon and lobbed htm The deed was com mitted m broad daylight, and although an alarm was grven and the poh ce Ju10ed m the chase, the robbers l'ffected theu escape John Roberts, George W. Mat tm, and V\rlham 0 Bartlett were ar m New York a f ew days afterwatds, the1r dese111 twn tallymg m every partlCLilv.r w1th that of three of the 1 obbers. On 1h e1r t1 1al m the Court of SessiOns Robel t s proved AD alijn by New York detectives, and was d r,.charged. M trtm aud Bartlett wet e uonvtcted, a n appeal was taken to the General T erm of the tiupr erne Court and a new trtal wa 01 dered, the prrsone s l eurg discharg ed on therr Ol\ n r ecog mzances On 11wtro11 of the Assistant DJst11ct Attotuey m the Court of Seswns on Wednesllay. an order of nolle prosequt to the mdict ments \\as entmed PURCHASES OF 1879 TOBACCO ON THE PoLF:S IN WIS -How bus y buyer" have recently been m WISI S e n from the followmg ;,tatt m nt of pur chases of Havana Seed leaf on the poles m that State: Sch1o e d e r & Bon, New York 1 400 cases. M Oppenhe 1met, 1 500 '' :l>ir Atwater 1 200 Rotbschrld, Schroeder & Ehel, ChiCago 6 U(J L Spencer, Suffield, Conn 200 Othe1 s 500 5 400 The to whom we are md!'bted for thts hst, says the total W1sconsm crop this year IS from 27,000 to 28,000 cases, whereof 5,400 cases of Hava'i,ia Seed and about 1,000 case" of ordmary have been picked up Th e same gentleman sa1 s the average crop IJlJI. good one but a good many poor c& ops-tlrose cut by hml and otherwiB O lllJUred-are to be f ouud Twotlnnls of the crop, he thm'ks, IS good t obdcco, and he addR thl're ar:e now few or no buyers m the 8rate, all resolvmg to walt until the crop 1s stnpped 1 he farm ers are mcfined to hold for lhg prices a ud the buye'rs are d18posea to let them nold for a wh1le Th e Havana Beet! a!Jeady pur chased sold for from !l to 16 cents round, and the 01 dmary Seed from 6 tu 10 cents REVENUE ITEMS -The captam of the .Havana steamer Ctty ot Walnngton has bet>n fined $400 lot landmg two '"boxes of crgars, mtended as presents without pay ment of duty Th e Collector says beJJas 1mpused obis large fine because he IS d e ter mmed to bt eak up a p1 ac trce wInch has grown to serious pr oporl lOllS --Eecr e tary Sherman called upon Co!Jector Mer11tt at the latter s request, whtle passmg through the mty on Thursday, 0n bts way back to Washwgto11, and dts cussed some matters of routme The Secretary took the evemog tt am fur the capital -:B,rom DUt ham, N. C 1t I s reported that the stamped marmtact.Jred to bacco tax m Orange County for tl;re month of ber amounts to $77,85 1 44 Th1 s does not mdude the tax on manufactmed The1 e IS an lUCtease over the month of August of $34 948 50 TObACCO IN NEW HAMPSHIRE -A correspondent writmg h o m New Hamps h1r e says -But httle toltacco Js 1 rused m tbrs State th1s year, and 'hat lrttle 1s m a few towns 111 the south part, on the Connedwut and Ashuelot nvers, though a few yea1s ago bund1 eds o f acres "ere grown 1n these same to" ns, and 1t was a. leadwg fatm ClOp In Charlestown, Old No 4, the northwest town where 1t IS now ra1s e d, J 5 <'r 20 acres wm e gLOv. nth ts ea1 m Walpole. the next tO\' n b e low 34 ac1 es we1 e g own, and some of the gr O\\ rrs have alreadyso ld -thetr th1s year's crop atgovd pnces In the next below, but 6 acl'<'s are grown. In Ch es te1fi e ld whH h comes nP.xt, none IS grown but m the next below, Hmsdale, tilere are several a:cres. I be exact nnmller we nope to 1 eport soon, and then we can g1 ve the entire acreage of the Si1te BUSINESS ENTlON. WE call the attentiOn of. o\l'f reatlers to the handsome card of the new firm, M Lilienthal & Go on our first page This house Imports the fines\ Havana tobacco and mgat nlanufacture1s and the trade generallywili always find on hand a large stock of leaf from the best vegas m Cuba 1 Oua fnend, Mr Thomas H Hall, who has been put ting the fine pictures of beaut1t:ul artists m h!!! pack ages of "Between the Acts" mgarettes, purposes to furms h m the same manner the p1ctures of the Enghsh beauties whose names have figured so conspwuously m the libel suus m the Enghsh courts recently MESSRS F MIRANDA & Co for many years engaged as rmporters of Havana leaf tobacco and cigars 1n th1s city, are among our best knwn merchants. Therr Rpecllil brand of Havana leaf 1s the ... La Rit1ca F M., and one of the finest hrand!l of fmported cigarS 1s also the La Ritic:a F. M." Both these brands are well known, and are copynghted. We refer to advertisement on the fifth page of this papel' Elsewhere m thiS and the precedmg numbe r of THE LEAF m entton1s made of the sales of th1s year's crops effected mother p laces, and when 1t IS considered that in every mstance they have been made With the to bacco on the poles, the admrsswn becomes unavoidable that buyera are Gomg 1t Blind, as 1s mt1 mated m our headmg Whrle such 1s the well known policy and practice of the Office w1th regard to exh1b1t10g to the public gaze thiS class of goods 1t IS not pleasant to be accused, as m your article, of pubhshmg and endeavormg through the courts to enforce upon the trade arb1trar y proh1b1 twn of such exhtbltiOns, aml of subJectmg the trade to serious as well as nee dless, annoyance, under assumed authonty of law, and I am hardly prepared to believe you really meant all thar, your artwle 1mphes I KIMBALL Mr Kimball JS umformly so considerate of the well bemg of the tobacco mdustry m all the r egulatiOns which he prepares for Its gmdance and the pmtectwn of the Government v. bwh he represents, that it IS not surpr1s10g that he 1s sens1t1ve concermng such reflec twns as seem to 1mpugn the w1sdom and fau ness of h1s mstruchons to tradesmen and revenue officers d1 rectly and mdnectly 1dent1fied wtth that mdustry Because we thoroughly a pprec1ate the results of Mr Kimball's e ff01ts m tune pas t and presPnt to smooth the "ragged edges" of the Revenue laws as affectmg F Gar eta 150 00 I A Sch1erenbeck 10 -Antomo Gonzalez 25 00 Leonard Friedman 25 A Lauterbach 25 00 I Weiss, Eller & Ph1hp Kelland 5 00 Kaeppel 15 J J Almtrall 50 00 Cash 1 S Bamett 25 00 I Cohn & Stem 10 -Levy & Newgass 10 0 0 Vega & Berlilie1m 25 G Falk & Bro 10 00 !II H Lev10 10 S Rost-m & S ons 10 01) I Cat! Upmann 10Fox, Dtlls & Co 10 00 Bros 5 -HYMENIAL Tuesday, October 28 at the residence of the p arents Grnce H 8yms; eldest daughter of Samue l R S1 m s ot New Ym k, was umted m mar rJage to Mr Chrules Sredler ex Mavor of Jersey City and m ember vf the firm ot P Lor !liard &; Co we1e nu cards '!he happy p a u sta1 ted on a bridal tour to t h e V. Immediate ly afrer the nuptials The good W18hes of many luend,;accompamed them ON page five of th1s 1 ssue will be found a cut w1th ex planatorv notes, of Parr's Patent Tobaccc Packmg Press This 10v ent10 n IS certainly one of the bPst ever made for different handlers of tobacco, and 1 s used by many :packers m the country and dealers m the differ ent c1tl e R 'l hfl Press 1s handy, dmable portable and commends 1t self to every one who has use f01 an ar 1cle The name of the Press IS The John Parr BusiNESS TROUBLES -The latest fa1lures made known Malleable Iron Samson Jack Tobacco There are those who deprecate tbts precrpttate actiOn because It 1esnlts 1n the establtshmentof hrghe r pt'lces than can be afforded, as well as on account of the !Ja bility cf the tob:l cco to prove undesirable m the end put out of proportion as some of the reported prwes pmd appear, 1t IS not desrgned to make any adverse com ment on th tt IJOlllt here The dtsapproval sought to be expressed m these reflectiOns should be understood A H Scovi ll e & Co 10 00 I E Hoffman & Son 1 0 E M Crawford & M Erthe1l01 & !:\on 10-Son 25 00 M Newberger 5 Geo Kuchler 10 00 I Grebel&Van Rams-N L'h btuch & Br 10 00 d o hr 5 A Kohn 10 00 I A L & C L Holt 10 M Oppenheimer 10 ou Jo, Sehg.betg 3 E Boremsky 25 00 Covert, Acker & Co 10 H Schuba1 t & Co 25 00 I E & G Fnend&Co 10 durmg the_ past "eek mtlude that of Cock son Wa1tt MR ANTONIO GoNZALEZ, well known for many years of Boston, Mass "ho '" 1 epor ted m bankruptcy The m th1s mty as an 1m porte r of Havana leaf tobacco amoun t of the liabJlmes, however, cannot h e stated bas removed to 180 Pearl Street, where be occ upies P D Cohl"n who "a" doml' bu"llli"SS m Bay City, verycommod10usquarters Mr Gonzalez1soneofthe Mwh, IS reP.nrted to have absconded Bell & Law most favorably known Importers of Havana tobacco tence of Snllwater, Mmn, a t e announ<>ed to have and I S connected wtth the large house of L CarvaJal' fatled R Bol!bett & Co of ll,rankhnton, N C, are the owner of the HIJa de Cabanas y CarvaJal and L: rep01 ted to have failed The homestead, wb1ch under I Carvajal Havana cigar factories Mr. 1m the Exemptlvn Law of the State IS exempt from exporta the br.lnds of Havana leaf, and many of the J't'te,!!!!&!I--EB.TBEJLEli & CO.-=--No. 83 READE NEW YORK.


I l!tlR GRAFF S NOTES BY THE WAY THE well kno vn tobacco comm s:: on me chants Messrs W se & Bendhe m of thiS c ty have been ap po nted s le agt>n s for Mess s Z I Lyon & Co Du ham N C No better select on cou d have j:>een made as Mess s W & B have fac It es for rna kt>t ng goods uus passed by any house MR JoHN W LovE c gar manufacturer of th s c ty has establ shed a b anch of h s busmess at 114 No tb Second Street St Lou s for the pu pose of offermg n c eased fac I t es m supply ng bu; goods n that sect on THE fi m of Shepard & Fuller packers of Seed leaf tobacco of. HFI tford Conn has been d ssolved by the death of Mr Euler Mr Shepard contmues the bus ness on hlS o J account OuR old f 1.ends Messrs F L & J A Radd n of Boston manufacturers of c gars and smok ng tobacco repo a large nc ease m the r bus ness h s fall The r spec al b and E!Ccels or b ght cut 8mOkillg tobacco aud their new and favo 1te brand Surpr e c gars a e n eet ng w th qu ck sales The Mess s Radd n a e ente p 1omg and energetic gentlemen MR Z P K NG the well and favorably known to bacco n st of Ha ttord Conn has been appo nted agent for the sa e of the manu actu es of Me s s H W !kens & Co Baltrmore p om nent among vh ch mav bo natned the Airy ] a ry b and of smoking tobacco for p pes and cigarettes The firm of H Wilkens & Co bave been many years n bus ness and are noted among the best known of Bait more manu facture s Th s brand represents a butte fly b rds etc The tobacco IS a long cut man.ufactu ed of the very best of V g1ma leaf and 1ts excellence of qual ty w ll g'l. n for 1t much popular favor These goods are advertiSed e;x:tens1vely all over the country MR. HENRY HucK formerly of the Huck C gar ::Manufactur ng Company has established h=elf as a packer of and dealer m Connect cut and Pennsylvan a leaf tobacco at 25 Hampden S reet Sp ngfi eld Mass THE c gar manufactur ng bus ness forme ly con ducted n the name of the Ruck C gar Manufacturmg Company at Spnngfield Mass IS now carr ed on by Mes rs rowne Fu ler & Co at the same old stand Th s firm COl t nues the manufacture of c gars on a large scale and 1S composed of men of ntell gence and energv 1:he fine gentlemanly and drgn fled p esence of the sen or partner Mr Towne s suffic ent4to m spue any one w th confidence who has deal ngs w th h s house About the 1879 Connecticut Valley Crop (F om our Spec aJ Correspondent EDITOK ToB ceo LEAF -I send you a few remarks on the 18 9 crop of tobacco and ts gro v ng season Be gmnmg w rr a chat w1th the grc-wers at the t me pf sowmg the beds n the sp1 ng I gathered the folio mg VIews from tl em wh h we1e almost unan mous They sa1d We vere very well pad ast year for the httle good tobacco that ve had and we ought ot to expect a large pnce for poor goods therefo e 1f thad been a good crop we all vould have been well pad for our vork and money mvested a1 d we nil all t y th s season and put our best foot for va d to vard ra s ng one more good c op n the Connect ut Valley 'lhev d d so and they have been blessed v th one ot the best of seasons f o r growmg and curillg t bacco tl ey have had n many years .li rst there .-as an abundance of good early plants and the crop was all set out as early as June 25 and a better t me for transplant ng was never known than was had n June last tor the e wa.; moderate ra n as often as once a week folio .-ed by two or three cloudy days wh cb gave the plants a good chance to start off Without w1lt ng or sun burnmg and the growth was not checked any by transplanting and there was no need of watermg: art fie ally wb ch s a great expense to the grower Black cut-worms usually so were very few th s year as a general rule thus g v ng the crop a good even start and allow mg to be rt all ready to be hoed out m good season and grow ng n cely as early as July 4 Theneveryth ng went along very n cely w th the growmg of the crop wrth frequent ra ns and not an over SUJ?ply of water There vas I ttle or no trouble so far nth the exception of weeds wh1ch could be extermillated by v gorously us ng the hoe Fmally the green vorm pest was ex ceedrngly plent ful but everv grower thus far was awarded w1th a good g owth of n ce clean plants and scarcely any mong el plants which have been so very nume ous for a few years past Every grower il'ent to wo k Wltb a will and w1th an mterest m hrs crop and m a few days had the worms all p eked off and kept from gettmg any g owth and so the crop 1s free> from worm eaten leaves But about th s t me the ele ments take the r turn at playmg tr cks w1th the crop We had a very severe wmd and ran wh ch blew ovev the plants and IDJured the leaves 1 o one s de thus damag ng the crop about lOc But the gro vers were prompt n sett ng the plants up r ght aga n and hoe ng them which gave them a new start and they d d very veil for a few days unt 1 there was another severe vmd wb ch blew over and broke some plants and destroyed some leaves ThiS trme the tobacco was so large that the w nd broke off many roots and checked the growth of the top leaves some W th thiS storm there was a port on of the crop m the Valley destroyed by ha 1 poss bly ten per cent of the acreage m the Valley After th s everyth ng went along smoothly w th frequent ra ns and h e warm weather matured the crop rucAlv and the growers felt very JUbilant over the crop when 1t was all housed m good shape A d here they all expecte d to find a stumbling block m curmg not expectmg to have a good curmg season folio v such a good gro :v ng season But the good luck d d not stop here for the ra ns kept commg as often as once a week and that was what vas wanted for a good color Fortunately there has not been any pole sweat ng weathe to illJUie any m that way and the damp weather has cured 1t wrthout any white ve ns worth wbrle to speak of I thmk from what I can see myself and from vhat the growers say about then crops that the crop as a whole lS the b es t s nee 1868 The growers say they are veil satisfied w th the growmg and curmg of the crop and feel confident of gettillg pr ces wh ch will pay them well for their summers labor The crop has cured down as you know from all reports very rncely w1th the except10n of a few black top leaves wh ch I do not think wlil amount to much The last few weeks of dry weather may have some effecton tbeverylatest-cut to bacco but how much I cannot yet say The only bad results 1f any wlil be some few mottled colored leaves The growers are all look ng now for a few da) s ram to mmsten the tobacco and they think there w ll be some buyers around as there have already been some lookers here last week The cultrvat10n of Havana Seed has been rmproved verv much and the growmg of 1t 15 now no longer an experiment and 1f the buyers areas well satisfied With the result of 1ts sweat then 1t will be the k nd for the Connectrcut Valley to grow Here let me tell you a very large andpromment dealer m Tariffville has to say about the Havana Seed leaf He sa d he ralSed a crop last year (1.878) and thought t very n ce and was offered 18 cents m the bundle for 1t but would not take t and \\ent to work and assorted and boxed 1t, and sold 1t last week fe-Ice from a quarter to half an mch th ck formed here last mght I he thermometer at sunr se was do vn to 30 degrees PETERSBURG Oct 25 -The first 10e of the season formed m many places m th1s v1c n ty thlS morn ng It s feared that great damage has \Jeen done to the to bacco crop 'l'he veather s ve1y cold PETERSBURG VA Oct 28 1879 EPITOR TOBACCO LEAF &r We acknowledge the rece pt of your favor of yesterday calling our attent on to the telegram from th s c ty dated the 25th mst wh ch vas pub shed hv the p ess generally sa d tele gram say ng rhe first we of the season formed n many places m th1s v em ty th s mornmg It 1s feared that great damage has been done to the tobacco crop The veather IS very cold We :vould reply that tb s season has bee n a very late one and nusually prop t ous for curmg tobacco Frosts generally appeanng by the lOth of October planters always a 1m to get the r c ops cut before sad date We do not suppose there was a Sillgle stock left stand ng at the t1me of the freeze (2oth) w th n the borders ot the State and consequenUy no damage could be done to the crop Yours truly C A JACKSON & Co PETERSBURG VA Oct 28 18 9 En TOBACCO LEAF Your favor of the 27th ntst to hand In reply vould say from the b es t n formatwn we can obta n we hear of no tobacco be ng damaged by frost The crop had been cut and l oused before the trme: you allude to ar d ve are glad to say the qual ty s much better than we have had for sev e al years bemg thoroughlv r pe and clear of d rt The quant ty s not over th ee fourths of an average "\ ery 1 espectfully yours etc BAIN & PARRACK Pigeon Shooting Over Traps Tl e Event (l Telegram of Thursday says A better days p geon shoot ng has been seldom seen than that wh ch took place to day n the of the West S de DrlVmg Pa k New Jersey It was the third day of the tou nament but the second day s vork was a part of to day s sport and thEI began to fall ate ght o clock n then orn ng ...:Without any mterval a t all nom that hour unt 1 dark,,t,l;le fatal shot kept fly ng and over two thousand b ras fell under the un err ng a m of the marksmen The tshootJDg was the best that has been seen on a p geon ground for many a day ThiS s sho vn by he fact that m shoot ng off the t es of nmes made m the amateur shoot yesterday there were thnteen who had each made that sco If reqUired 18 b rds at 31 yards r se to dec de the match whrch number was k lied off the re l by Mr H 11 Mr Talbert shot 17 Wl bout a m ss and Mr Woodv lle 16 It m ght be supposed that such shoot ng as that resulted part t om weak fi) ng b rds out such was not the case Th e b rds fie v VIgorously Ih s shoot was called at e ght o clock at wh ch hour only the co testants themselves were on the field It was m ss and go out and one after another of the four teen d opped back leav ng tBe scor ng alone to H 11 Woodv lle and ralbert As fast as the traps were emptied the b rds fell dead t 11 Woodv lie nussed h s s xteenth b rd Talbert h s seventeenth and Hill killed h s e ghteenth w thout even a tw nkle oft umph m h s eye wh lethe hund ed sportsmen and more applauded to the echo The Mr Hill here ment oned as hav ng so d st n gu shed h mself m p s no other than Mr II omas H Hall manufactu er ot Bet "een the Acts c garettes We hope M Hall v ll excuse us for be t ay ng the mcog under "h ch he chooses to conceal h s profic enc) ill shoot ng -----Productions of AgriCulture m the Census The ag cultu al schedule annexed to the Act of. 1850 .-h ch 1s also made a pa t of the Act of March & 18 9 prov d1 g for tl e renth Census equ rAs a report of the ch ef p od ct ons of ag1 u!Lure dur ng the year nded June 1 Nov there s no d st no agrwultural year wh ch ends on the firtst of June and the1 e IS reason to believe that the stat st cs of agricul tu -e from 1850 to 18 0 m egard to many of toe prmc pal products emb aced po t ons of two different cr ps nasmuch as the t:nun e a 10n was p otracted th ough three four and even five ruonths By the Act approved March 3 1879 1t 1S proVIded the Tenth vensus sball be taken and completed d urmg the n onth of June 1880 Th s p ov s on g -eatly reduces he l abli ty toe ror wh ch bas been noted As the enummat on cowme ces on the fi st of June and closes on or befm e the th r eth all the crops vh ch are gathered once a year v 11 fall pretty clearly ou one s de o the o her of the d1 v ding me Ihus the cotton c op repo ted m the census il'ill be that of 1879 gathe ea n the fall of that ye .. r wh le the wool cl p or wool crop w ll be th .. t of the sp mg of 1880 except m port ons of Califorrua and lexas :vhe e both a fall and sp ng cl p are secured For certam p oduct ons ot agr culture however there IS no harves t m the usual sense of that te m but the product IS gathered veek by week or day by day as 1t matures milk butter cheese and meat fall illto th s class In v1ew of the requ rements of the la v and of the great rmportance of accurate stat stiCal mformat10n relative to agr culture 1t s deemed to be h ghly des r able that farmers should prepare themselves m ad vance to g ve the mformat on w1th promptness and accuracy It IS urgently recommended therefore that agr cultural Journals and the officers of agr cui tural soc1et es and clubs g ve public ty to th s announce ment and that all persons engaged m ag 1culture ho shall rece ve th s c rcular or shall see u n the pubhc prmts make notes from trme tot me of the quant1t es and values of the r several crop8 gathe ed and the number of acres of land planted m order that the r statements when made to the enumerators may be of the h ghest poss ble va ue To remove any doubts that may ar se concernmg the crops to be returned m the census the fo lo v ng table p esents the seve al crops spec fically ment oned m the agncultural schedule arranged acco dmgly as hey fall mto the calendar year 1879 or that of 1880 o a e to be returned for the 1 velve months beg nnmg June 1 1879 and closmg May 31 1880 PRODUCTIONS OF AGRICULTURE DURING THE YEAR ENDED JUNE 1 1880 I Of tl e 0 op of the Cal enda Year 1879 Wheat Corn Rye Oats Barley Orchards V neyards Buckwheat { l Acres Peas & Beans Bushe l s Bushels R Ge ) Acres ) Acres 1 Pounds I Bushels Tobacco ) Acres ) Acres 1 Pounds I Bushels 5 Acres ; Ac es 1 Bales I Bushels Potatoes } Acres 1 Bushels { A res Val e of p od u cts dollars j Acres I M k Pl T b 'I he Test Small Fru ts 1npress1ng ar s on 1g o acco 1 Value of products dollars ) Acres 1 Value of p oducts dolla s Case LOUISVILLE KY Oct 25 18 9 Ray Clover Seed Grass Seed Hops 5 Acres 1 Hemn { Ac es !Tons Ton s Bushels Flax } Acres Bushels I Pounds ) Acres Flaxseed Bushes I Pounds We desrre to state that our test su t under the Miller & Worley patent aga nst Messrs S J Foree & Co they represent ng a comb nat on of a large numbe of plug manufacturers has been dec ded m our favor Judge Baxter of the Umted States Crrcmt Court after Bees full argument by counsel hav1ng sustamAd the val d ty {Number of h ves Pounds of wax Pounds of honey of the p atent and appo nted a comm ss oner to assess the damages we are ent tied to recover Th s patent Sugar Cane covers the process for mpress ng marks upon plug to Hogsheads of sugar Gallons of molasses bacco vhiCh process has been generally adopted by manufacturers smce the mtroduct on by ourselves of Sorghum tobacco thus marked It hav ng been tacitly under stood by both Sides that the Foree smt should be made a test case we have not pushed other su ts while awa tmg the dec swn m that case but we shall now proceed v gorously to enforce our legal r ghts agamst all mf ngers These r ghts granted UJ! by the Un ted States Patent Law and sanctwned l)y the Umted States Patent Office have now been confirmed by the Umted States C rcmt Court after a most able and de term ned oppoSit on and there s no longer any excuse for honest and honorable men to nfrmge them Those vho With these facts before them contmue to mfrmge thiS patent we shall certa nly pursue to the utmost extent of the law For the mformat10n of tho trade we state that Messrs P Lorillard & Co New York and Allen & Ell s C nc nnat have a license n full and the Drummond Tobacco Co Alton lll have a license m I?art under thrs patent We enclose cert fied {Acres Pounds of sugar Gillons of molasses copy of mJunctwn MrLL;ER & WoRLEY JOJL'I FINZER & BROS Tne Un ted States of Amer ca D st of Kentucky SS The Pres dent of the Umted States of Amer ca to Samuel J Foree and Edward J Foree greet ng: Whereas Anton M ller and Chrrst an Worley cit zens of the State of M ssour and John Fmzer Freder ck F nzer Rudolph F nzer and Nicholas Frazer partners as .John Fmzer &Bros Citizens of the State of Kentucky have filed on the Chancery s1de of the C1rcu t Court of the Un ted States for the DIStriCt of Kentucky a b ll aga nst you the sa d Samuel J Foree and Edward J Foree and have obtamed an allowanee for an lDJUnct!oo as prayed for m sa1d b1ll from the Honorable John Baxter CirCmt .Judge of sad Court Now therefore we havmg regard to the II Of tl e Crop of tl e Calendar Year 1880 Wool* {Number of fleeces I Maple Sugar Pounds Pounds Maple Molasses Gallons III Of the Y: eld of the T velve Months June 1 1879 to May 31 1880 Butter Pounds Cheese Pounds I :M:llk sold Gallons Value of arnmals slaughtered dollars Market Gardens j of products dollars Value of Forest Products dolla -s Value of Ho:ne Manufactures dollars E cept n Cal forma and Texas as n oted n the text of th s c rcnlar FRA.., A WALKER Super ntendent of Census In the Connecticut Valles Add twnal returns from correspondents n the Con nect1cut Rver Valley concern ng the condit on of the crops and state of the tobacco market m that locality are pubhshed n the last ssue of the New England Homestead-THE CROP OF 18 9 North Hatfield-We can only say w1th the rest that tobacco has cured finely Tbe expectat ons of the gro .-ers are fully reahzed n regard to qual ty Some have commenced str pplilg and all will when we have the first damp spell Greenfield-Tobacco has cured off m the best con d1t10n, and lB selbng at good pnces much earher than usual This will mduce us to put m a larger acreage Exchange ()rop and Market Comments SEED LEAF CoNNECTICUT -The Ame -wan Cultwator of Nov rema ks Nearly all of the tobacco m the valley s now m cond t on to come do vn and very many par t es are bus ly engaged n str pp ng and th s st ppmg only demonstrates our preVIou sly formed op n o as t o the qual ty of he crop t possesses a fa r body and elast c1 y a fineness of ve n a fine color ar d s suffi c enLly gummy to varrant a fine sweat Th s rs the un form s atement of all our corresr ondents t om W nchester N H to Hartford Conn We therefore say "' th great pos t veness that the present crop IS a b etter one han has been gro vn n the valley for eome years now rt rem a ns to sell tat remunerat ve pr ces We are very well a\\are that there IS a large crop on the poles n the country It IS supposed that there 1s nearlv or qu t e 200 OUO cases of 400 lbs each or about 80 000 000 fbs This 1t IS true s an Immense amount to be d sposed of and at the moderate sum of lOc per lb would amount to $8 000 000 while the add t on of 2c per lb adds $1 600 000 to the same \his .-ould ""ell repay the gro ver for h s care and labor At 12c the grower can make both ends meet and leave a fa r margm lint at a less rate the encouragement to the grower s small 1:he outlook for our crop s nov fully equal to the last named figures m fact that and l L ger figures have been offered and dccl ned for Seed tobacco wh l e for Havana 1:5eed loc has been offered and decl ned There seems to be now no danger but what the Havana will be wanted and tht> md cat ens show that t 1s no longer an expe1 ment but a valuable var ety of tobacco for us to g o v This 1s sho vn m the fact that the bulk of the W1scons n Havana seed amount ng to 6 250 cases 1s nea ly all sold showmg a healthy demand for this var ety of tobacco There proves to be very many lots of the 1878 crop that on sampl ng show much damage Where the crop was pole sweat badly ve y often the port10n put mto seconds has rotted badly We have heard of one whole crop of several tons that the sampler refused to put h s cards on the samples Perhaps the amount of th s damage v 11 reach a thousand or more cases A few sales I ave been made of the new crop bnt the pr ces pa d have not yet transp red At South Deer field 13c was decl ned for a fine crop of Seed leaf on the poles to be delivered n the bundle At Hatfield dealers are look ng around for tl e bt>st crops of new leaf and 15c m the bund e has been offered and refut>ed for Havana seed A few growers have stnpped some po t on of the crops and are well At No1 th Hatfield several g owers have nearly fim bed and w II the next mo st trme take down the balance of then crops Total for the year A corre pondent vr LIDg f om Petersburg says Tobacco s all se ured m expectat on of frost at an ea ly day-or n g t Tl e c op 1s generally of good body-1 a few nstances unusua ly fiue both n volume and cha acter I hea some compla nt from certam sect ons of damage by frost on the 26th of September wh ch was confined p nc pally to low lands along the marg n of strealiiB WESTERN TENNESSEE -The Clarksville Leaf of Oct ?.4 reoorts Stemmers have commenced lcoking a ound to see what k nd of a crop of tobacco has been made No pr1 e has been fully settled upon yet We bel eve buyers are ta k ng about $3 to $3 50 per hundred round and $5 to $7 for fancy crops which 1s far belo ;v the planters VIews and but very 1 ttle f any will be sold at such figures we adv se planters to be mo e part cular this ;)'ear than ord nar ly m assort tobacco There lB more o less br ght red and p ebal:i tobacco m all good crops and these colors carefully so ted out and prized separately will find com pet t on m the markets and w II leave les3 of the dark grades to be sacr ficed to the Reg e monopoly which 1s sure to be on hand m due seasou to crush out compet t on for all grades the sev era! contracts may call tor Th s monopoly bus ness has become a subJeCt of d scuss on and how to defeat 1t 1s tl e problem We have heard var ous kmds of suggested b t how 1t s to be done by Con gresswnal enactment "'e do not know One sugges t on IS that an export duty levred on leaf tobacco leav ng the manufactured art cle free would work a change and encourage manufactur ng mdustry at home bIt such actwn :voJl]d dr1ve fore gn natwns to look out for substitutes for our tobacco as the several governments already have a grievous Import tax on tobacco and are nterested n manufactunng pro(its The safest 1 el ance fm our sect on of co ntry s to cui t1vate less tobacco and make t better Let us get back to the old fash oned grades of Clarksville tobacco and br ght colors-qualit es su ted to any demand not overstock ng the narkets w h1ch w ,n make home buyers more mdependent and better able to sustam gi owers Let the reformat on so well bt>gun m th s di rect on be continued and one more year will place our sect10n on a more mdependent f.:JOtmg and careful assort ng handlmg and p1 zmg will g eatly fac 1 tate the end and pay farmers well for the pams tak ng Severalrnstances of reverses to the growmg crop after cont1acts were let have so affected the market as to compel contract

4 Cottbus JUst Issued an account IS gtven of the to bacco manufacturmg trade m that locality whiCh by the numerous tax proJects and the agitatwn agamst the proJected Government monopoly was g reatly dts turbed durmg the whole period The numerous meet mgs demonstratwns re{lorts and mqmrtes served to keep up a. contmued exCitement The new crop m the dlStrwt known as the Uckermark 18 of good quality .and 1s mostly bought by speculators The priCe which durmg the first part of the year was Z7 marks per 50 kilos subsequent!-rose to 36 marks Amencan stems which are used m the tobacco manufactones there rose from 12 to 24 marks per 50 kilos and are now sold at 26 to 27 marks Mixed German and Amencan stems rose from 8 marks to 18 and 20 marks per 50 kilos according to quahty The tobacco manufacture m this locahty IS estrmated to amount to about 200 000 kilogrammes From Mannheim It 1s reported that the tobacco mar .ket m that City IS qmet that exports have ceased and shipments a1:e confined to mland manufacturmg cen ters The Baden Sandhlatt commands a pnce of 35 to 40 marks per 50 kilos and the Rhemba.ynsch product IS sold at 30 to 35 per 50 kilos received from the farmers man unfermented state From Schwedt on the Oder a correspondent wntes under date of Q:)t 4 that the new tobacco c1op of that locality has nearly all been housed but the harvest has not been as productiVe as heretofore In Sand blatt an active trade IS m progress and Sandblatt Grumpen command a prtce of 30 to 34 maiks per 50 .:kilos and m some mstances 42 marks The Enghsh Board of Trade Returns From the London TObacco Trade Revtew Oct 11 The scale of Imports as illustrated by the latest offiCial .accounts IS still fai below that of the same time last year the landmgs of unmanufactured tobacco m the Umted Kmgdoilil durmg September havmg been only 7 334 034 lbs agamst 18 494 294 lbs m 1878 and as 'may be expected the total fo1 the mne months pre sented a Wlder comparative defiCiency than that up to the end of August The difference m the suppl y of thiS descriptwn alone now amounts to 43 788 562 lbs and even as contrasted with the reCei{ltS m1877 whJCh were l ess extensive than m the followmg (or last) year there IS a deficit of nearly 30 000 000 lbs SubJomed are the full par tJCulars for each perwd vrz Unma.nufac tured .Jlanutactured andSnulr IIIIPORTS N ne months ended Sept. 30 Month ended S ept 30 1879 1878 urn 1879 IB7a 18r. lbs lbs lbs lbs lbs l b s 2 618 891 2,879 282 2 001 527 836 003 261163 369 92'2 Totals 28 782 61!0 881 633 59 051 374 "6ro 037 18 755 457 12 637 530 Value of 1m ports 690. 84o 6156 442 M5 4o5 293 .o5 It IS however satlSfactory to note that the duty paid entries so moderate m August have smce recovered havmg attamed to larger dimenswns than m Septem ber of erther 1878 or 1877 and as a matter of course the total for the rune months approached so much nearer to that for the years JUSt mentiOned The offiCial returns still show the aggregate consumptiOn to be a long way behind that m 1878 and 1t IS barely possible that the relative defiCiency will be obliterated durmg the present year The recent totals are as under1IO!dE OON SUMPTION 3o Sept 1f;?; lbs lbs Ibs lbs lbs. lbs 138 999 848 625 36 6oS 533 a 982 986 s aoa 6M 3 9o9 9o8 93o 563 1 o65 o83 967 383 9o 357 99468 Totals 36 o74 562 36 913 7oS 3 7 57o 916 4 o73 848 3 9o3 lo3 4 oo6 746 Notwithstandmg the larger c learances for home use those for 'exportatiOn durmg the past month were de ctdedly meagre showmg that this branch of the trade must be suffermg f1om great stagnatiOn whiCh months of hoped for Improvement have not enabled It to shake of and the grand total of unmanufactured for the first three quarte1 s of the year IS not much more than half of that m 1878 The details are as .annexed-EXPORTS N 30 Month ended Sept 80 1879 1878 18W Uumanufac tured Manu!actrd and Snulr lbs lbs lbs lbs lbs lbs 6 008 612 II 888 345 9 235 013 378 883 853 690 248 1162 688 1 126 9 3 7 1 183 784 67 819 103 623 Total Value of ex 12 961 282 10 368 7117 446 702 956 843 ports 390 057 032 7D 626 886 Stocks m the bonded warehouses of the Umted lrmgdom last month accumulated but shghtly while those Ill iue same periOd of 1878 were considerably -augmented so that the puny decrease eXIstmg at the "Close of August was swollen mto a dimmutwn of no less than 11 690 000 lbs by the 30th ult as heremunder shown-Totals Increa!te durm:g september STOCKS 1 879 lbs 116 629 03 3 F14 484 119 754 187 3 000 171 1878 lbs 128 211 340 8 232 86 131 44<207 13 456 970 Scales 1877 lbs 100 048 84,3 098 766 108 I 4 609 7 707 146 1)urme: the week ending 18th of October 1635 s calE)s -were shipped from the factory at St Johnsbury Vt leavmg tlien unfilled orders for nearly three thousand scales The Messrs Fairbanks are runnmg their fac tory evemngs and are meltmg 22 tons of Iron daily Reported Failures and Business Arrangements [Fro m BRADSTREET S ] B..uJrrnoRE Md =---.John G Dlll ehunt c1gar manufacturer JUdgment against for $244-BosTON Mass -Cookson Wmt t c gar and tobacco comnuss on merchant C Worde n tobacc o and c gMs JUd gment Rg8J..D.St for $102 BAY OrrY M.ich -P D 0ohen tobacco r eporte d t6 have absconded O.uru uooEPORT Mass -Pa.tnc k Brady Cigar s etc mortgaged stock etc tor 5375 FB.ANXLINTON N 0 -R B obbett & Co tobacco r eporte d to h a v e fa led RAlliLTON On t Chas L O \\ c1gars chattel m ortgage g1ven HUNTn;oooN Pa Wm L Bncke r tobacco JUdgment ag&nst for $78 and execution ssued for $75 IIONTREAI.., Can -M A Derroche tobacco and cigars offering to com pron 1 s e at c ents NEW YoRK -Francs Pa.strand c gars mol tgaged fixtures for $500 H Cohn ctgars mortgaged fixture s for 5f.OOO ParLADELPIDA., Pa -Jacob N I srae l tobacco and cigars JUdgment aga ost fo $142 PLAINFIELD N J -Cbas Z n: e ctga 'S etc mortgaged tlxtwes etc for $500 S.w FnANO ISCO Cal -Alex Mann cigars sued Cbas v; oge c gars and tobacco attached -STILLWATER. Minn -Bell & Laravee Cigars, etc fa led .Bell & Lawrence tobacc o repo rted :talled Busrness New Firms and Removals. BoSTON Mass Henry L P elkus dealer m]tobacco and 3J9 Hano ver street new :firm DURIIAM N C -R H Wright & Co manufacturers of smoking tobacco A H Stokes sold out his interest toR. H Wr1ght FuLTON Y -Hugh Huutet eagar manufacturer burnt out loss 85 000 to $0 ()()() LYNcrmuRG Va -Ford Moorman & Co tobacco manUfacturers dJ.s.. solved C Fo '25 Octob e r 442 3'7 562 1519 2 900 thts month estern 5 657 hhds Last yeO\r 6 795 hhds From New Orleans 712 do 105 do do Baltimore 48 do 63 do do Vugmia 1762 de 1491 do Total 8179 hhds Total Receipts this year Western 6o 816 hhds FromNewOrleans 1354 do do Baltrmore 1 337 do do Vuguua 16 616 do Last year 108 708 hhds 2130 do 2 269 do 22 162 do Total 85 123 hhds Total 135 269 hhds Export Manuf Jobbers Total Sales for the week 1 149 295 111 1 55o hhds Sales for the month 2 217 453 230 2 900 hhds Exports for the week 2 283 for the month 8 213 hhds At New Orleans Receipts from Jan 1 to Oct 25 1879 3 061 hhds agalll8t 13 051 hhds m 1878 sales this month to Oct 25 457 hhds exports this month to Oct 25 foreign 2 hhds domestiC ti67 stock on hand and on shipboard not c leared Oct 25 906 hhds Leaf-A few sales to small manufacturers and a few of lugs for export comprised the transactiOns m Vuguua leaf for the past week More could 1have been done for export If the goods had been here Good lugs for expoit are ill the market hut buyers thmk they are held too high thmr theory be mg that as the new crop has turned out better than was expected prwes must go down EVIdently ana sellers have got to make mutual concesswns Seed Leaf-The demand for Seed leaf has been fa1r and 2 850 cases were sold durmg the week Buymg m the country IS gomg on but m a dmulllShed degree Elsewhere details are g iven The ma1ket 18 firm but not partiCularly buoyant Our Bremen correspondent gtves tbe followmg account of transa.ctwns m the Bremen tobacco market for the week endmg Oct 9 -Seed leaf receipts 707 hhds Seed leaf cuttmgs 85 hhds sales 707 hhds cut tmgs aS hhds Stock on hand -Seed leaf 910 hhds Seed leaf cuttmgs 30 hhds The prrces ranged as fol lows -Wrappers 70 to 750 centimes bmders 60 to 75 centrmes fillers 40 to 55 centimes Durmg the week 364 bales of Havana leaf changed hands Stock m hand Oct 9, 6 200 bales Messrs J S Gans Son & Co tobacco brokers 84 and 86 Wall Stieet 1epo1t as follows -Wtth the exceptwn of the changmg hands of the large packmgs of 1878 Oh10 there has been no feature of mterest and the week closes dull SALES 1 800 cs 1878 crop Ohto assorted 9 @14 500 cs 1878 crop New England-Wrappers 16 200 cs 1878 crop Pennsylvarua-Assorted Lots 11 @15 150 cs 1877 crop Pennsylvania-Wrappers 18 @32 100 cs 1878 crop W Isconsm 9 @13 100 cs sund11es 9 @16 2 850 cases SpantSh-The sales of Havana fillers amormted to 600 bales at 80c@$110 175 hales at $1 22@$1 25 and 200 bales I and II cut Yaraassorted at 62)-fc @70c Manufact.ured-The demand for plug tobacco has continued steady wtth a slightly mcreased mqmry foi export the shipments rea.chmg 107 937 pounds SmokingFor all popular brands of smokmg tobacco the mqmry has been up to the usual weekly average has been no dimmutwn of the recent active demand for cigars and busmess contmues as brisk as ever Fretghts -Messrs Carey Yale & Lambert Freight Brokers report to THE ToBAcco LEAF Tobacco Freghts as follows steam 35s sail 30s London steam 35@ 40s sail 30s Glasgow steam 35s BriStol steam 40s Havre steam $16 Antwerp steam 42s 6d Sa.II 30s Hamburg steam 42s 6d soll30s Bremen steam 42s 6d Sail 30 IMPORTS The arnvals at the port of New York from foreign ports fo the week mcluded the folloWinJZ colliluroments Oien f u egos-J de Rtvero.& Co 102 bales tobacco Jas E Ward & Co 78 do Glasgo w-Buckmgham & Paulson 1000 bxs clay pipes St J ago do Cuba Brook s & Co 102 bales tobacco C F Ha gan 276 do L 100 do Havana-WeiSS Eller & Kaeppel263 bales tobacco Vega & Bernheim 426 do Lozan o Penda s & Co 334 do A Gonzalez 262 do V 1\Iartmez Ybor & Co 190 do G Falk & Bro 24 do M & E Salomon 130 do Schroed e r & Bon 62 do Sanchez Haya & Co 40 do F lliro.ndn & Co 109 do F Garcm 297 do L Fr1edman 27 do Seidenberg & Co 76 do G Fernandez 17 do F Banoto 14 do S Hernsh etm & Bre 16 do F Alexandre& Sons 56 do A Owen 60 do M e rchants Dispatch Co 23 do H R Kell} & Co 17 cases Cigars G W Faber 12 do W H Thomas & Bro 10 do S Lmmgton s Sons 11 do Howard Ives 6 do s & Lmdemann 5 do A E Faber Jr 5 do Purdy & Nicholas 21 do L P & J Frank 8 do Chas T Bauer 8 do C G P e terson 7 do F Knowland 4 do Park & Tilford 58 do Acker 1\Ienall & Cond1t 46 do Renauld Francois & Co 1 do Kausche & Dowmng 6 do J Ward Lydecket H do Thos Irwm & Sons 2 do Brown Bros & Co 5 do Hensel Bruckmann & Lorbacher 4 do F Al exandre & Sons 55 do Merchants Dis patch Co 21 do Receipts of liconce at port of New York fo r week reported expresslv for THE 'IOBACCO LEAF -D1x & Co per Castalia from Naples 66 pkgs 652 lbs) hconce sticks F R & T D Roush per same vessel 19 pkgs (4036 lbs) do EXPORTS FROM THE PORT OF NEW YORK TO FOREIGN PORTS FROM 1879 TO 00T 31 1879 Hhds Cases Bale s 604 151 79 4 486 3 614 565 190 611 7 074 39 9 23 1 9 445 1 661 1667 2 307 13 041 2 475 4 490 847 120 60 188 9 286 21 026 1 1 54 150 114 1 475 2 810 317 1 64 576 27 2 623 4572 132 1414 77 109 310 353 110 6 107 2 361 59 481 18 352 38 810 EXPORTS F10m the port of New 1:ork to foretgn ports for the week were as follows Af-nca--100 pkgs (13 449 [bS) mfk Antwerp-399 hbds 121 cases Breme:rv---169 hhds 607 cases 152 bales B1'ltisk Aust.a!iar-4 hhds 2 cases 30 pkgs (5335 lbs) mfd Brtisk G-uzana-6 hhds Bntisk Hondu7 as-7 bales 36 pkgs (1924 lbs) mfd BritUk Nortk A7Mr1Can Oolonus-16 hbds Possesswns m Afr!Ca-6 hhds 40 cases Bntuk We.t I:dMs--J> hbds 10 bales 15 pkgs (993 lbs) mfd Bnl:i8h East IndUJ&-150 cases 10 pkgs (24.80 lbs) mfd Oisplatine Republc-26 hhds 24 pkgs (27 265 lbs) mfd ])uwh East IndUJ&-2 pkgs (320 lbs) mfd Jilrench West Indus-8 hhds Genoa-1900 hhd s Gibraltar-61 hhds 115 pkgs (10 267 lbs) mfd GZa.go10-10 hbds Ha1Tilmrg-148 cases 663 bales Ham-c-2 hhds Elayti-18 hhds 3.'! bales Liverpool-133 hbds 93 pkgs (16 493 lbs) mfd London-96 hhd s 86 cases 21 bales 133 pkgs (24 991lbs) mfd Porto Rtw-6 hhds 30 bales 38 pkgs {3844 lbs) mfd Venezuela-3 pkgs (576 lbs) m!d QUOTATIONS of WHOLESALE PRICES. PARTICULAR NOTICE. Every re-oale Is supposed to be at an on llrst cost the prices obtainable by growers of tobacco therefore, will always be somewhat lower th&n these quotatioDI WESTERN LEAP. LiollT LKAJ'-etB Hu VY LKAJ'-Common to good lugs 3 @ 5\i 5 7 1%@12 12 @15 VIRGINIA. LEAP. S PANISH LEAP. HAVANA Fw..Eas-Common Good Fine Supertor Y il.A-Assorted I and U cuts Old crop 80 @ 85 90 @100 100 @llO 115 @120 'll%@ "5 etB 4 @ 6 6 @ 7 7@1% 12 @14 17 @26 13 @15 10 @12 -@@12 @15 -@ 9 @12 12 @I8 8 @14 @l%ii!il0 8 @12 15 @20 JD:ANUFACTURED TOBACCO PRicES IN BoND-Tu 16 CENTS PER PoUND BLACXB-108 1l!s and )41bs12@15 & 17@26 Navy4s, 5s llsand 14@18&20@25 Navy lOs or Pocket Pieces 14@22 Negrohead twist; 20@26@W CIGARS $50@150 I Seed per M 40@ 00 16@40 GRANULATED SMOKING TOBACCO Hedlum to good 126@46 I Good to line SNUFF [Subject to discount to the wholesale trade Maccaboy 62@-65 I American Gentleman Scotch and Lundyfoot 62@-65 Rappee French ---@-72 -72@ LICORICE PA.STE. 28 28 28 26 26 28 26 18 10 1 8 18 18 26 18 The domestic r eceipts at the port of New York for the week were as follows By the ]J}rUJ Rmlroad -Sawyer Wallace & Co 1 hhd Wat Jen Toe! & Co 6 do Order 598 hhds 158 cases 9 pke;s By the Hudson Railroad -Order 160 hhds 1:> pkgs By tho Natwnal Lm -H Stebert 12 hhds Pollard. Pettus & Co 25 do D J Garth Son & Co 17 do P Lorillard & Co 125 do Order 64 do By th6 Penn81Jlvama Baihoad -J os Mayers Sons 57 cases leaf E & G Fflend & Co 28 do N Lachenbruch & Bro 7 do Kerbs & Sprcss 42 do A H Scov i lle & Co 6 do Lobenstem & Gans 10 do Chas F Tag & Son 20 do J Berlmer 22 do A Blumlem Co 27 bxs do S Scholle 1 do Lester & Simonton 2 cases cigars L Miller 1 do N & Co 5 do Wagner & Keller 2 do J Schack 13 do Baker & Clark 2 do E Willard & Co 1 do S Hernshetm & Bro 2 bxs do Appl eby & Helme 13 cases 3 pkgs 2 bxs smkg 28 Ires 14 bbl s 230 bxs 12 kegs 1Jar snufi D H & Co 1 bb l s nufi Green & Britton 3 o Allen & Co 2 bxs do Order 13 bbls do By th6 North :RiVfJ'I' Boats -Order 122 hhd s By th6 New York and New Haven Steamhoat Line B Grotta 23 cases F Waller 8 do T A Bunce 1 do Wm Eggert & Co 3 do J Delmonte 3 do G Bence 12 do J Pohl mann 2 do Schoverbnt; Bros 13 do E Rosenwald & Bro 175 do Davis & Day 13 do By the Ne7JJ Ymkand Harlfmd Steamboat LiM-E Rosenwald & Bro 42 cases E & G Fnend & Co 20 do M H Levm 11 do Bunzl & Donmtzer 20 do C F W ahbg 3 do E Hoffmann & Son 3 do Ohas F Tag & Son 2 do Chas Ehrdt 47 do W H & T H Denerlem 6 ao Basch&Ftscher 75do Joseph Mayers Sons 6 do By tlu; New York and Bridgeport Steamboat Ltne N Lachenbruch & Bro 159 cases E Spmgarn & Co 45 do Schoverling Bros 39 do M W Mendel & Bro 10 do Foster Hilson & Co 189 do A H Scovtlle & Co 50 do By tlte Old Dommwn SteamshtTJ Line -R 111 Allen & Co 1 hhd F S Kinney 3 do F E Owen 2 do 10 trcs J D Kelly Jr 86 hhds 18 ttcs 80 cases mfd P Lorillard & Co 66 bhds 9 trcs 3 bxs samples W 0 SIIDth & Co 6a hhds 36 trcs 170 cases mfd 50 %;-bxs do Thompson Moore & Co 6 cases smkg 90 cases mfd 100 do 10 J.f bxs do 20 )>;;' bxs do 45 cad ::hes ;;' bx do 1 J4 bx do 21 16 bxs do 94. caddies do A Hen & Co 21 cases mfd 40 caddies do 13 )>;;' bxs do 3 cases Cigarettes H Wtrt J\Iathe"s 5 cases mfd 13 do smkg 2 do cigars Dohan Carroll & Go 1 case smkg 15 % bxs mfd 20 M bxs do Wise & Bendheim 9 cases mfd 3 cto s mkg 1 do cgarettes G W Hillman 2 case s mfd 3 )>;;' bxs do 3 hf bxs do E Du Bo s 1 case mfd 36 keg s do 2 0 J4 bxs do J os lJ Evans & Co 12 cases mfd 15 J.f bxs do S Hernshe1m & Bro 44 caddies mfd 15 J.f bxs do 26 )>;;' bxs do R A Mills 5 trcs 1 bx samples Allen & Co 110 cases smkg 5 do mfd Fied Etz 2 cases smkg Lee & Co 4 do J R Sutton 5 do E C Hazard & Co 40 do Austm Ntchols & Co 35 do Blakemore 1\layo & Co 50 % bxs mfd Jas R Gardmcr 40 caddies mfd 5 )>;;' bxs do 3 cases do L Warnngton20 cases mfd Jas E Ward & Co 9 do Kremelberg & Co 10 do H K & F,.B Thmbcr & Co 25 J4 bxs do J Allen & Co 2 cases Cigarettes B B Lyons & Co 2 cases pipes 26 J4 bxs do Henry Kelhne 100 bxs do S S Edmonston & Bro 1 bx samples 0Ider 79 hhds 78 trcs lly the Ne7JJ Ym k &nd Balt'11Wre Tram]IM'tatwn Li'IUJ John Cattus 8 hhds leaf Wm Eggert & Co 1 case do J Kauf man 3 cases smkg J Blankenstem 7 do Redlich & Schnitzler do M L Cohn & Co 1 do 1 case mgarettes Ooastwl8e from Key West -Setdenberg & Co 55 cases Cigars cFall & Lawson 12 do L Ash & Co 39 do L Rodnguez 6 do R Perez 4 do M Barranco 3 do F H Leggett & Co 3 do Perea. Bros 3 do J 1\fasndol 1 do Ooastunse from New 0> leans -11 hhds BALTIMORE, Oct 30 -Messrs Ed Wschmeyer & Co Tobacco ComiiDsSJon 1\ferchants report to THE ToBACCo LEAF -Recmpts of both 1\Iaryland and Ohw tobacco contmue small With contmued acttve demand for s hippers Selections ate more difficult to make and pnces very fulitly ma.mtamed for all desuable samples The market for Ohio IS equally strong though compet1t10n IS not so activ e We note sales of some 200 hhds tobacco taken pnnmpally for Dmsburg at from 4!4'c@6!4'c also about 300 hhds OhiO scraps at from %cJ4c 'l'firs cleats out all scraps on the market at present $150@200 2 50@ 3 00 350@500 600@800 8 50@10 00 11 00@15 00 4 00@20 00 250@800 300 500@700 7 00@10 00 6 00 0 00 10 00@18 00 7 00:> 00 350@450 450@550 550@650 650@750 750@850 8 50@10 00 10 00 00 @ 300@550 600@800 8 00 00 12 00@16 00 150@200 Inspected this week -703 hhds Maryland 31 do OhiO total 734 do Cleared same penod -Per steamer Baltimore for Bremen 434 hhds Maryland 22 do Kentucky 213 V 1r gmra tobacco and 10 hhds stems per bark Mary' Jane for Havre 600 hhds Maryland tobacco also 45 do do to Liverpool 8 hhds Kentucky tobacco to Demerara : TOBAOCO STATEllENT January 1 1879 Stock on hand m Tobacco Ware house and on shtpbo:u-d not cleared Inspected this week Inspected previously this year 19 370 hhds 784 bhds 46 100 hhds 67 204 hhds 9 441 hhds Year 1878 37 822 hhds y em 1sn 827 702 691 4563 3 218 4 572 63 65S 50 751 56 719 29 tl82 hhds 29 938 hhds Nanu((!.Ctured The demand IS liiiDted to actual wants of the trade for consumptiOn wtth some httle taken for export R ece ived per RIChmond steamers 360 packages 10 bxs per Norfolk cto 203 do Seed Leaf and Haoana Tobacco-Busmess m thlB branch was generally fau the past week most all desuable sty le s bemg m demand dark P ennsJlvama wrappers takmg the lead how ever Several lots of fine 78 Connecticut wrappers made theu appearance tbts week and seem to be appreCiated very much by our better manufacturers Good grades of new Havana a.nd Yara are selltng very freely the trade however .avoidmg all sappy fillers Sales as far as we could leam 280 cases 134 bales cetpts 72 cases and 215 bales CAIRO Ill, Oct 23 -Messrs Hmkle & Moore of the Farmers Tobacco Warehouse report to THE TOBACCo LEAF We have nothing of mterest to report The weather has turned suddenly cold and wtll stop all strtppmg for the pres e nt The o ld tobacco J S all m and our market lB vutually c lo sed for this season A few stray hogsheads will yet find their way to market but not enough to JUStfy any export CHICAGO. lll, Oct 28 -Our special correspondent says -The features of this market a r e very The leadmg brands of smokmg meet w1th lively mqun v for local and country consumptiOn There I S a verr good demand for fine cut chewmg and p lu g The CJgar bu s m ess I S good Our leaf market IS very active 0ld stock I S fast sellm g out at ad vancmg figures while the transactrons m ne" stock are con stantly mcreasmg :New Havana has good sa les G W Sheldon & Co report the followmg ImportatiOns Oct 22 Loe" en thai Kaufman & Co 1 case pipes Metzler Rothschild & Co 2 do Oct 23 W W Schm1pferman & Son 2 cases cigars Kalmau Bros 3 do Menaudez & GarCia 1 2 bales leaf CINCINNATI, 0 Oct 29 -Messrs Pragne & Matsen Leaf Tobacco Brokers and Re dryers of Cuttmg Leaf and Plug Ftllers r eport to THE ToBACCO LEAF as follows -We have nothmg of Importance o "r1te rcgardmg the market for leaf tobacco The firmness and act1v1ty Its ch i ef charactens ttcs at the date of our last report are still the predommant f eatures and JUdg ng from the steady d emand from ma.nufac turers wrll contm u e to be until the o ld stock IS ex h austed The weather for tbe past week bas been more seasonab l e bemg suffiCiently cool to stop the house burn and barn rot w hwh for three weeks had been I)'Oing on and doubtless done much harm The offermgs at anct10n for thts "eek to date were 317 hhds the pnces for which were generally close up to outs1de quota lions CLASSIF!OATIONS 159 hhds Mason Co KJ Dstuct trash lugs and l eaf 26 at 3 50@9 10 133 at 10@19 59 hhds Brown Co 0 Distuct trash lugs and leaf 2 at 4 20@6 80 20 at 10 25@14 75 25@21 75 28 hhds Owen Co Ky lugs and leaf 2 at 7 90@8 30 27 at 10 50@17 75 20 hhds Pendleton Co Ky at 5 30@17 75 11 hhds Boone Co Ky at 4 30@18 25 4 hhd s Carroll Co Ky at 14 50@16 25 28 hhds West Vugm1a at 2 95@11 75 3 hhds southern Indiana at 6 70@17 50 5 hhds MIBSOUn at 3@5 QUOTATIONS (NEW OROPJ Outttng Leaf-Common dark lugs 4 00@ 6 00 Good dark lu gs 6 00@ 7 00 Common dark leaf 8 00@ 9 00 Good dark l eaf 10 00@14 00 Common brght smokers 9 50@11 00 Good do do 11 00@12 50 Common bnght stnppers 11 00@12 50 Good do do 13 00@15 00 Fme do do 1 6 50@18 50 Common bnght l eaf 14 00@15 00 Medmm do do 16 00 00 Good do do 17 00@18 00 Fme do do 20 00@24 00 Manufse sell mg shop ngbts to one leadmg manufacturer at each of the pnnci pal ma.nufacturmg pomts and all others wrll be restram ed by legal proceedmg unle s s they stop without He states that al ready they have sold the pnvrlege for LoUISVIlle to Messrs We1ssmger & Bate who wtth Messrs J Finzer & Bros wlll be the only parlles m that c1ty that can use the patent l egal!} As the mark on the plug has become a most essentml featm e and the process of markmg under the plamhffs patent IS the best one yet discovered 1t I S thought cons id erable revolutiOns m brands etc will take place m consequence of th i s deciSIOn The Rough and Ready sty les of navy co n tmue m great favor, but as the bulk of the manufacturers are now wm kmg them and only the few leadmg brands will bnng the pnce to JUstify a contmued h1gh standard that made them so popular from their first mtr oduct10n hke all otheis they are now bemg offe red m low and m e dmm qualiti e s m abundance whtch WJJI cause the usual discnmmatwn for the leaders Twrsts and V1rgmm pounds are stll slow of sale the demand for twtst bemg prmCipally cheap grades at pnces that Will not pay to manufacture Fme cut IS Impiovmg m demand and a good move m thrs !m e IS the dtspositiOu of a ll leadmg manufac turers to mt10duce thetr fine grades packed m fml which pre vents the tefilhng of empty palls and guarantees the con sumer the brand he wants Thev me meetmg With favm Smokmg rs fatrly dealt m demand ch efly for cheap cut and dry C1gars acttve but lhe demand J S not so g eat as a few weeks Pnces have m but few m s tances beeu advanced successfully and rt I S now too late to expect this DANVILLE, Va. Oct 80 -Messrs Pemberton& P e nn Leaf Tobacco Conurusswn Merchants report to THE LEAF -Smce our la s t report recmpts and o:ll'enngs of nc\1 to bacco have mcreased some tbe color of whch IS an 1m prove ment agamst the 1878 crop while there seems to be a want of body and substance of cour s e too little has been seen } et to JUdge The bddmg for new IS exceedmgly spmted and tbe ofl'eungs are already taken by each worker re handler and speculator Pnces me regarded s1mply as extravagant and no one believes they can be sustamed At present we withhold quotatiOns untrl pnces h ave beeu well estabhsbed In old to baccos the sales are a mere tnfle and the stock IS doubtless about exhausted DAYTON, 0 Oct 28 -Jilessr s Mtller & Brenner Packers and Dealers m Ohto Seed Leaf report to TllE ro BACCO LEAF -The remnant of the 1878 crop I S bemg taken at ad vancen pnces New York Chteago Cmcmnat i and the home buyers a r e all takmg 1t as fast as possible 'I h e r e 1 s more hfe m the market than for a month past There were a few sales of new at from 6@10c crop round HARTFORD, Conn Oct 30 -Our spec ial correspon dent says -The market for old tobacco IS dull and no sales of large amount have come to my notiCe 'I h e mterest of the trade IS now centered m the new crop which IS bemg bought up qmte rapidly the boom el(tendmg a.ll through Connect! cut and mto 1\l:assachusetts I he buyers engaged m this en terpnse are chiefly agents for New York houses Most of the local packers havmg had experience enough heretofo:-e m buy mg o n the poles to last them a lifetime are qmetly lookmg on If the entei pnsmg buyers m this move don t feel exactly sa tis fled that they are placmg theu money wh ere It Will do them the most good yet It mus t be qmte pleasant for th e grower to be a.ble to get his own priCe fc r h is crop before It IS ready for market HENDERSON Ky, Oct 28 -Mr Posey Marshall re ports to THE T<>BACCO LEAF as follows -Smce my last report I have been riding over th1s sectiOn of the country l find much of the tobacco house burnt which was caused by the very hot s pell of weather we had several weeks smce A great dea l of 1 t rotted where the leaf /oms the stalk and fell off Th e re has been several loads so d here this last week on th e streets at 3 S and 1 4 3 and 2 and 50c The tobacco men here calculate on their average bemg %c higher thts year as compared Whh la st year HOPKINSVILLE, Ky Oct 27 -Mr George V Thompson Leaf Tobacco Broker reports to 'IHE TOBACCO LEAF -Nothmg of mterest to r eport from our market Weekly some small sales are made privately but few hhds on sale Our market will probably open w1th sales of new cro p fir st week m December next LOUISVILLE, Oct 29 -l\fr Wm J Lewers Secretary of the Tobacco Board of Trade re norts to Ta& TOBACCO LEAF Total receipts last week 100 hhds sales !sst w eek 684 hhds receipts past three days 20 hhds sa les past three d ays 346 hhds Receipts m October 1021 hhds delivertes 3 424 do stock on hand Nov 1879 15 480 do Nov 1 1878 16 965 do Nov 1 1877 7 174 do Nov 1 1876 8 904 do 660 2 994 47148 Year 1876 Sales of w eek and year divided as follows Or1gmal New Ongmal Old New ReVIews Old Revt ews Wuk Year 388 28 111) 15 9 597 214 5 237 4.3 4 199 Have now so ld 29 744 hhds ongmals of crop of 78 agamst 57 087 hhds ongmals of crop af 77 at thiS date IJast year We have had three very heavy frosts makmg Ice this week whrch VIrtually cuts the crop of suckers short off think It qmte likely that considerable of this stufi has been saved throughout the cnttmg distncts very little m southern and western portions of tlns State In past week have sold 12 hhds of th1s year s crop all but 2 hhds llemg from Kentucky River cuttmg dtstnct at pr1ces rnngmg from 6c for common lu gs to 16J4c for good leaf It was all m good order fm so ear l y m the season and the color of most of 1t was full up to expectatwns The finest tobacco m that sectwn will be of the late cuttmg One hhd of new from Tennessee long Wide dark leaf fair body but heavily fired sold at 7c one hhd from central Kentuckv red house lmrned leaf good stze very dry at 5)-fc Pnces have rul e d Irregular for common dark tobaccos clos} mg to day at same figure s as quoted for past two weeks Sweet r ed and yellow CQUlng vezy etron at u ?UUDt W:e pnces ofl ast week bllt stilll a rr.nge of qut&liou til Uf YIH.. No bnght wrappers 0:11 he ml.l'ket dunogt he put Yllell. QUOT4TIONS .-HOIMJfl Badwd...., --, Darl JW. ..,.k 3 @S:J.f 8 @ 9 9 @11 3 @3)-f 3J.f@4 9 @11 11 @13 67f@7:J.f 4 @5 11 @13 18 @15 7J.f@10 5 13 @15 15 @18 10 @12J.f6 @7:J.f 15 @18 18 @21 12:J.f@15 7:J.f@10 @ 21 @25 Re l heavy bodied Md red cuttmg for plug makers kmds ltlessrs W P Johnson & Co report to Tim ToBACCO LEU the transactwns at the Euterpnse Warehouse as follows -Oct 15-Tbe total sa les for the week were 88 hhds New ongmals 44 hhds Old do 22 hhds New reVIews 22 hhds Sales smce comme n cement (May 12) 4267 hhds Recmpts do do do 4301 hhds Sales to duy (October 29) 18 hhds PHILADELPHIA, Oct 30 -Mr A R Fougeray To bacco Manufacturers Aeent reports to THE ToBACco LEAF -The past Vieek s busmcss Ill manufactured hard tobacco con hnues unpleasantly qmet m truth dealers would feel very un comfortable If It was not plamly seen tba.t every other branch of mdustry IS boommg and bnm full of activ it y therefore of necessity we claim an Improvmg change must follow m the mampulation of the weed Let It come soo n for some parties are badly m need of strength now li'ine Outs-Limrted mqmry and then mostly for better grades Smokong 'l'obacco IS cautiOusly handled low grades have the first call Oigms-J11a nu fac turers claim an mcrease of orders but say they must advance figures m order to keep pace with an ad-d;;,;a R eceipts 203 boxes 11 018 caddies 342 cases .wd 306 p&ill of fiue cut Expmted of manufactured tobacco to Liverpool 'VI& ate&uMl Lord Gougll lie 0 A.Dnrerp Tla 1'-er liedarluiJ, 1,010 do I 01al 7 ll'l' de Seed Leaf-Handlers of Seed leaf report a faJr weeks trade No parncular excitement buyE!rs purchase only such stock as thej are likely to need F1gures for Pennsylvanm fillers and Connectrcut seconds bold steaey while wrappers are some what off OhiO anj Wtsconsm command full pnces HUIVana-Dull the present may be termed between seasons Recetpts for the week 365 cases Connecticut 393 do Pennsylvarua 78 do Ohio 59 do Wisconsm 39 bales Havllilll. and 141 hhds of Vugrma. and Western leaf tobacco Sales for hom e C@nsumptwn were -286 cases ConnectiCut 296 cases Pennsylvarua 58 cases OhiO 70 cases Wisconsm 25 bales Havana and 11 bhd s of V1rgrma and Western leaf tobacco Expm ted of leaf tobacco to Liverpool VIa steamer Lord Gough 114 757 lbs to Antwerp v a steamer Nederland 101 620 do to S0uth Amenca VIa bark Gardercka 200 do total216 577 do RICHIIIOND, Oct SO -Mr R A. Tobacco Broker and Col1lllllSSIOn lferchliJlt reports to THE TOBACCO LEAF -No change to note m our market This bemg faa week N there IS very httle domg Breaks from Oct 27 to 29 mclusive 111 hhds and 3 trcs Offermgs at auctiOn -Oct 27 7 pkgs sold at 3 30@16 13 taken m at 2)4 Or.t 28 29 pkgs so ld at 2 30@39 21 taken m 3 00@27 73 Oct 29 2 pkgs sold at 6@9%, 4 taken m at 3 40@10% Oct 30 closed ST. LOUIS, :&Io., Oct 29 -Masers C & R Dor IIDtzer & Co report to THE ToBACCo LEAF as follows No change to report fram our market though a better feeling seem s to set m and the market has been somewhat firmer Col ory smokers are m good demand and command fnll priCes TransactiOns have been ht;ht Offermgs for the week 187 hhds Re epts 115 hhds D ehvenes 209 hhds Stock on hand 8891 hhds FOREICN. HAVANA, Octobe-r 25 -Mess!'B Bosselmann & Schroe der Tobacco and Cgar CommiSsiOn Merchants report to TBE ToBAcco LEAF The ammat10n whrch we have a.lready re ported sllll prevails Sundry !ariSe sales have been effected th s week at pnces which show a. slight r.smg tendehcy Partido tobaccos are m hvely demand different lots have been sold at $40 and $42 gold per qtl Vuelta AbaJo-This class of go0ds has also been subJect to greater demand Vanous lots of 12o to 190 bales have been sol d at $55@60 gold p qtl But as the s e tobaccos as yet are not well enough cured for prompt shipment the buvers preferred to separate them mto three classes and mtend to ship only the more advanced bales meanwhile the rest remam here for bel t e r curmg Remedw s tobaccos are rath er ocarcre and the few smal t lots winch are to be had me kept at rathet hrgh pnces Yara tebacco may be conSidered as all s old rhe bnyers for the Au stuan Regw a r e eagerly searchmg smtable fillers-either Remed os Parhdos or Vuelta AbaJOS-at $24@2o gold per <11tl but as ) et they have not been able to secure many lots Om cgar market shows no pa r ticular change The weather bemg fair enables the manufactones to work m a regular WILY and we may expect to see the cigars Improve much Our excho.nge ma1 ket shows lower tendency and rates may be quoted as follows Exchan ges 60 days 17)-f per cent 18 gold Ne\1 60 days 7 per cent 7)-f gold New York 3 days S per cent B).f gold Francs 60 days 3 per cent 3)-f gold 1\farks J.f pet cent 1 gold Sparush gold 133 per cent LONDON, Oct 15 -Messrs GriWt Chambers & Co report to Tim ToBACCO LEAF as follows -There has been rather mor e mqmry for some descnptwns of Amencan to bacco but the total sales effected hav> oot been of 1mp01 tance Bright cla s ses are now muc4 sought after and bung full puces l'here bas been I ttle done for ex port Western leaf has been m good request the stock IS very hmted Stnps have not cxpenenced much demand Vrrgmm l eaf uas also sold to a moderate extent more especially the hght grades Str ip s have n"t attracted buvers Mat:yland contmues m de mand a lso Oh o whiCh sold freely Ca.vend1sh m fair quest LIVERPOOL, Oct 18 -Messrs F W Smythe & Co report to THE TOBACCO LEAF -i:'lmce we sent you our monthly Circular oo Thursday l ast very httle busmess has been do.e Imports have been very small a nd too market generally has been extreme ly qmet Imports 41 hhds dehvenes 284 do stock 41 796 do agamst 49 856 hhds same ttme m 1878 LEAFLETS -There were 237 987lbs of tobacco, valued at $24,77 1, exported from Boston last week -Silver bullion at London has advanced to per ounce under a light supply -From Greensboro N a It lS reported that about a dozen new .obacco factorres are to be built m that locahty shmtly -Congressman Em stem was m W ashmgton receatly, arrangmg for h18 soJourn there durmg the conung ses ston of Congress -Exports from Cuba Germany m 1878 amounted to 56 063 boxes of Cigarettes 2 539 kilos tobacco seraps (piCadura) 535 433 kilos tobacco and 17 860 175 cigars -Among the exports from the port of Havana from January 1 to October 1879 were 122 815 kllogrammes cut tobacco 9 182 600 packages paper ctgars or Cigar ettes 78 88 6 000 cigars and 81-t592 bales tobacco -The Comptroller of the uurrency reports an m crease m the National Bank Clrculatwn for the month of about $3 000 ooo The demand for additiOnal crrcu Iatwn 18 on tile mereaae, uomer IVldemee 01: prospertty -A correspondent wrttmg from Petersburg Va, reports that the mspectlons of tobacco for the week endmg Oct 18 were 255 hogsheads and sales of loose, 3 580 pounds Internal Revenue recmpts for the week, $17 301 Total tobacco exported 53 633 pounds -A Danvers Massachusetts lady-not an 1mmate of the lunatic asylum m that place-has writte n a book ill which s h e assertS that no vegetarmn was ever yet known to be a lover of tobacco So much the worse for the vegetarrans then -New England Grocer -A statement furmshed by the chief of the Bureau of Stat1stws shows that the exports of domestrc pro VIS1ons from the Umted States dunng the month of September 1879 were valued at $6 542 569 Durmg the same month m 1878 the total value was $6 334 079 -In Boston trade contmues qUiet says the Ne w England G>ocer there bemg very httle domg the retail dealers bemg well stocked.. Mr Bngham, repre sentmg P Lonllar d & Oo ill Boston, has JUS\ re. turned from a vtsit to the ctties m Eastern New Eng land and rep orts dealers as heavily stocked, but pnces for standard brands are firml y mamtained SKD:ES & FREY. Packers a,ntt Dealers in Pennsylvarnta. Lea.f Toltacco, 61 a.nd 63 North Duke Street9 L4NCAS:&:E&,


NOV.j SPECIAL NOTICES HAVANA l.iO TOBACCO anY lnfrifilleirnlnt upon i DE .Jt will be Prosecuted ,; the this Trade-Mark Q. Full Extent of the Law. MAYO & WATSON VIRGINIA TOBACCO WORKS For Sal.e. Scraps and Cuttings. Apply to .., Importer,-:1.8'7 ""VU"ate:r &1::ree1:, Y"o:rk.. &a ::B"JR.O:N'T -TJR.liD:IDT, Y"CJR.:&:, Agents for tbe Sale ur Choice Brands of Virginia Plug & Smoking Tobaccos. ALSQ SOLE AGENTS FOR THE CELEBRATED Sa,p'; and Sea.l." Tobaooo, manulaotared by d.o. W, Gllllam & Co,, of Rlohmoad, Va. be 1:b.e F:I.D.e81: Ob.e""""" Z11&d.e.-PENDAS & CO., :J::D.ti:PCJR.TEIJR.B <::If" The I;) rand. MAWL 'V .A.:N" A. T 0 EI.A.O 0 o: aoe sorJR.:m:mor. :N'EI"'VD"" "'ll!'"<::JR.:&:. Antonio Gonzalez, --IMPORTER OF--I HAVANA lEAF TOBACCiil ISO Pearl Street, New 211 and 213 Wooster Street. NEW YORK. N OTI CE.-Being ProprletoTB of the followlDg Bt1l.lldll, Cigar Manufacturers are cautioned against using the Bame: JfONTJOELLO, Jf.AIIJ OF .ATHENS, BOUNOIO. GAUNTLJIT, AJLBROSIA, LITTLE JOKERS, RIFLE TEAM, SOLID OOJIFORT. S.ATIBJI'IED, HIGfl TONJIIJ, PEBFEOTION, JIONT]{ YJCJll)E, JIASS.ASOIT CHJ.l!JF,CILUN eLJGHTNING. GREAT WESTERN, PEEP U DAY, OLD DOG TRAY,EVEN CHANGE, EQUIVALENT. BOBT. W. OLIVE&. WESTHAM TOBACCO WORKS. JoHNx.BOsmaox. OLI'VER, &, R.OEIIN'&O:N', PBOPlllli:TORS, 'VXJR.GX:N'X ..... lllaaaftcaNn aU ft7Je PLUG and SIIIOIUNG TOBA-CCO, (JJQ&BS aa4 CIGAB:BT'J'B8, SOLlB OWNERS AND MANUFACTUltERS OF THE CBLEBJ!A.TED &E:LWI au.d. :J?LA.l!llii"ET" Brands Of Qpra, former]7 made by BUCJUNAN a: LYALL ol New York. SOLE MANUFACTURERS of the CELEBB.A.TED :1:. c." -Wblch Ia DOW pllllllg, a wide reputation. Also SOLE IIANUF ACTUREBS of the lOCW .STYLE, Raleigh Plug Smoktng, with PATENT REVENUE STAMP ATTACHED. NEW YOBX OlTICE:-78 WARREN ST. I BOSTOW OlTICE :-9 CENTRAL WHARF: P, JOTTREDGE .t; CO., Special .._..._ H. WIRT MAT;l'HEWS, Specdal Apnt. BOOTB '608 c:o s-,r;-, IIJA.N11FA.JTUBJDUI 011' TJIB CJBLBBBA.'I'ED( :B:E&XE? CIG.A..:R. HEADQUARTERS FOR FUSE AND ICNITINC TAPES.' ':' G. W. IUNTS()H. &, Creuse, GIGAB. lYIANUFACTUBE....,... :IPor 1:b.e irobb:lD.S Trade, a:n.d. Deal.ers :ln. Pe:n.:n.syl. va:n.1.a O:I.Kars. Office: 643 PENN STREE.T; Warehouse: 636 COURT STREET,, /B.EADING, Pa.. LIQUORICE PASTE! AND :A.OTUREBS AND SOLE OF ''La Esencia '' Brand. --oF-KEY WEST CIGARS. 1 South Frederick Sl., BALTIMORE, SICIDENBJKG & Oo., & to 86 Reade Street, New York. FOR SALE.-The KEYSTONE CIGAR MANUFAC TORY at Schoeneck, Lancaster Co., Pa., has on hand for sale 500 M. PENNSYLVANIA SEED, 250M. CONNECTICUT SEED, and 250M. SEED and HAVANA CIGARS. October 4, 1879. 764-6 :1.87 &1::ree1:. :N'e"VV York. had considerablt \n Packing Tobacco, the subscriber would hke engage his services to some reliable party the How THE NEw YoRK sU.B-TREASURY IS GUARDED.-.Canadian Tobacco Duties and Excise. commg. accommodations for packing The SubTreasury contains! ,Present 000,000-the rates of dutF now Imposed In Canada on the 'ftrl. and .shippmg furn1shed Good references given and 000,000 in silver, OOO,OOo m gold, and 000,000 ous of tobacco:-Cigan and w ceots per pound required. JAMES L. HAYDEN. The new liilve r vault, which has been Tobacco: ill! cents per pound WINDSOR, Or., Sept 29, 1879. 764-i h ...., """ n=: i115 ceots per pound and II% per m use some IJ:lOnt s, will store $40,000,000, and the :;nt. ilalorOt!ed on tobacco known as "common Canadlall twist," othenn. Placed in b t 000 h d h diff called u tabac blanc en torquette," being the unpressed lea.t rolled and COn ammg .. 1 eac 1 all t e erent t..-, and.mado WboUy from raw tobacco, tJle growth of C&.nada &Dd Issues. com are kept separate. Gold is held in bags 11P:On raw!Mfthe Ct'Owth of C&nada, tbere shall be Imposed, levied and contauung $5,000, and greenbacks in J?ackages of one or lOis quantity than pound, an Exo!Je dutJ WANTED, by an experienced operator in Seed Tobacco and Cigars, a situatioa as veiling Salesman, to sell on commission or salary. Has a f1,1ll knowledge and acquaintance with ths dealers in cigars and itlso with the manufacturers of the same. Would prefer to travel in theN ew England States, but not partiCular. Would like both Cigars and J;.eaf together. Will give New York, Boston and thousand notes. In addition to the silver vault there are two other vaults on the main floor each of which is built on the plan of a firstclass safe: They contain the gold and greenbacks, the lock combination being held by r. Ashley, the specie clerk, and Mr. Brittan, the cashier, and once a month the surveyor of the port Il!akes an examination of the treasure on hand. At mght four men, suitably armed,. are put on guard and patr?l the mam hall. Eight men are engaged in this serviCe, their tour being alternate nights. During the day there are two :polic:emen in uniferm in the hall two detectives in ordinary citizens' dress' also. keeping watch. One of these (Thomas Sampson) is an expert of order of skill, and ,commands a salary of $1 800 a year. The watchmen receive $75 per month. They in at 5 o'clock iii the afternoon (when the detec tives leave), and lock up allld remain until relieved in the morning. In addition to this the treasury has lately been put in a condition of defence against the attack of a _Thewindows are protected by stool bars';-a.nd the, lnBide shutters are perforated with l oop-ho les The entire force is 70, for each of whom a musket is keft in the armory. In addition to this, Gatling gun!l wil be stationed on the roof, which will insure the safety: of the place against popular violence. This institutiol_l is under the general care of Thomas Hillhouse, treasurer. He was bred in the western part of the State. but has held his present office _for several years. His salary is $8,000-a small sum for one who must give' bonds to the amount of ha!f a million. Next in official importance is Cashier Bnttan, whose salary is $4,000. 'he pay is' generJLlly small, and an immense business is done in a very eoonomical way.-Ccrr. 1'roy Times. -From San Francisco it is reported that in the to bacco mark:et, as well as in all other branches there been a revival during the past month that meetmg expectations. But while Eastern importations of leaf and plug tobacco continues. the San Francisco Merchant assures us, home manufacttirers are gradually barring Eastern cigarzt from market. Foreign Duties on Tobacco. and IID&IDthetobaccooom'... Government, under direction of a Regie. In Germany the dutY 011. tobaooo &Dd stems is 85 marks per 100 kllogrammes equal to cen&a per pounl;!.i on strips and scraps 180 marks per 'tou to cents pE'r pound; on manufactured tobac-1? 270 marks per 100 kilorrram.mes, to centa po On tob&cclo produced In Germany, Ule ta:r tat:illg ill-aftor April!, 1880:-Froin April I, I!Bl, to Jlarcb' 81, 11181 Ill marlul t!J 2.45 cents per pound; from April!, I881, to pound 80ril 1 1..P!'l' 100d kilogrammes, equal y,o 8.61 cents per !Rill, &11 thereafter, 45 IIUU'ks per 100 kilo to 5,60 cents per pound. In Be um the 1m deducting 15 per cent. for tare. The rutyls I3 -111.40 gold) tllOOK!Iogrammes (100 American lllo equal tlloLtJ.In."Holland tbe duty is 28 oent&, gold, 100 ldlos-(2SO Amerie&ll h eqllal to Ill1 kll08). In Bu88ia the duty on Leaf Tobacoo Ia 4 roubl.,. 10 lro]leks t1 pud on Smoking Tobacco ll6 roubles 40 kopeks t1 P!!4; &lld on Cb; con. IeOs tian IO lbo or. mOWW'e In every 100 ll>s weiliht (Uoluolva of Nr& charges noted above} 3s 6d '!Ill>. On llllinufactured :-Cavendlsb =nd_ ecrohead (cake or twist), 411 6d 'II lb; all other kinds, 411 per United States Revenue '.L'.l\x. The taxon allldntla of Manufactured Tobacco Ia lfoenla91l> Snd II cenla. Clgaro, Ill tl teo welchlng DOt o.;er I ... th-d, .'11 ,.,.. th-; ... d Oherootll hJn '""" ll>s 9 tho118&Dd, r-thoaand. eduty on Foreip Ia !J:.t ._ &11(1 ll6 ti08U. ad,.,-. Clnretteo oame duty u olgan. 1m (llgaro, (Jig-&Dd Cberooto also bear the ))Z'e80rl-lriternaltai:eo, to lie paid br otampo at the Custom Bou.oe. Tlle Import; duty on Leaf Tobaoo6 Is Ill! cents t1 I>; Leaf Tobacco oento 9 ; lla.nuta.ctured Tobacco. fJO cents .lb; Scr&J:')s, 50 cents w Kuufao. tured Tobacco and Scraps are allo subject to the lllten>all!eeaue ta:r of 10 cenla muat be contormlty with IDterD&i -...,.. Ja111w and ......-uon. Sar&pO and cutt!Dp, b.cnre-, may be wlthdrawa bulk for-IDa tobacoO,mutl or ciPr Ill &lle reV8Due taL ". 881 110 .: laM 15 41 911:8 4 71' Table of Weights. ............................ about 2-15 pounds. Kilogramme ........ $100.00 REWARD Paid to any. one giving information of Parties Infringing on our Patents. Our new improved process for Re-Sweating To baccos a positive s uc cess I Flattering testimonials re from the most eminent Tobacco Dealers.and Cigar Manufacturers who have adopted our process. Every Dealer and Manufacturer should have a SweatRoom fitted up under our process on. their own premises before cold weather. This is the best and cheapest process in existence and the onl;r sure way, to obtain dark colors. as to which are reasonable, al!d mailed on apphcation. Send us a case for trtal under our new process. C. S. PHILIPS & CO., 188 Pearl St., "ew York. For &a1e. A tl't!l!h supply of 190,000 pounds genuine DEERTONGUE' FLAVOR for smoking tobacco manufacturers, in lots to suit; purchasers, at lowest figures. MARBURG BRos., 145, 147 & 149 s. Charles St., N'OT:J:CEl. We ru;reby caution all parties infringing upon or IMITATINC BRANDS, LABELS & TRADEMA.RKS -. I we will spare no pains in prosecuting such pa.rtiel! m protecting the rights secured to us by Act of Congress dated August 14, 1876. Straiton & Storm. 206 & 208 27th St-, New _York. We ,hereby .give notice that all Inents of our PATENTED BR2lND, "DOCTOR'S PRESCRIPTION." will be rigorously dealt with according to t!Je Tmde-Mark La,ws of th6 United Sta!es FOSTER, MILlON A CO., CAUTION. "LONE JACK" CIGARETTES. 1Yianufacturers of and others whom it may concerni-Tbe. "LONE JACK" garettes were duly registered by me in the Patent Office at Washingto D C., and Letters of Patent granted July 1", 1879. I will prosecute to the full extent of the law all parties imitating the above brand, PHILIP H. ERTHEILER. PHILADELPHIA, PA., Sept. 24, 1879. 762-5 Prov1dence reference. J. M. CURTIS 765-767 140 Knight St., Providence, R I. 749774 EXTRAORDINARY SUCCEES OF JrrY ''PUCK ''. C:J:G-A.R.ElTTElS Has caused unscrupulous manufacturers, who repeatedly, but in vain, have tried to force their Cigarettes on the to again impose upon Trade. with a spurious article, and to use the popularity of ilie Brand in adollting for ware a name sound mg llinlilkto my ".PUCK," with the undoubted intention to mislead the public. I respectfully caution the Trade to beware of this imitation. The "Puck Cigarettes" are manufactured without Sweefings, and bear my name, tJ B. POLLAK, New York. 755 P.A.. 'V'OR.:ETE P:UBE WAX PAPER .A.. TELLER,, Packer & Commission M:ercbant --IN- OFFICE:-& E. CHESTNUT ST., LANCASTER, PA. X...A.:N'0.4.111TEIJR. S. mRSH & CO., 9;er, Pa., JLUIUF.A.m'UREBS of BlJPERIOR GRAJ>EB of Tobacco Ro-swoatln[ Worts PENNSYLVANIA CIGARS I RaD!iiJg from $12 to $20 DHr 1000. .. ....., VadeUe CJondnually on Hand, P. 0. Bo:r PLL. We are """prepared to fundah tile trade. the beot I..ancaMer Oounty II.Utriii on cams which by mea.ns of a lever at side of Press, can bo or depresseQ. 1'!68dy to roll liiiiiiiiiliiiiliiiiiiiiiiiJI:II!! case oft. or qn. Now used and recommended to others by the following named parties for tobacco in c8&es:E Rosenwald & Jilros., 145 Water st.; Schroeder &: Bon, I78 Water st.: Glaccum & iSchloSBer, 15 Rl$it01\ st.; Jno. W. Love1302Bowery; .t"l"!_,_ 123 avenue, lletroltt ch. ; C: 11'.-"'abflk, First avenue; BuDzl &'-'DorD:htt r, 1 Lancaster Pa.; B Colell, 202 Chatham St.; Carl Upma.nn, 118 Pearl st. ; Lachenbruch & Bro., 164 Water st., aad others. ... \. Made, by Improved Machinery in White and Fancy Colors for use on Tobacco. Thio excellent article ill now .o eheap aa to be u., demand for paoldng FJWE W CUT b. Pallo, Drumo ...t Barreb, :furnish it b. accurate d:&e for auoh parpolle and for uae U.. place of FoD on PLUG 'lOB:A.CCO. SAJJIPLES AND PRI()ES FURNISHED ON APPLICATION, &, WAXED.PAPER SOMETHING NEW ::B"OJR. TOBACCO. B:&rl'TER AND CHEAPER THAN TIN FOIL. MANUFACTURED BY s. U:AMMERSCHLAG, No. 82 DEY STREET, NEW YORK. Cl110TA.TJON8 A.ND I!'U&IUIIJIBD ON A.PPLICA.TM S.A.'V'E Tho continues to manufacture ari, d Import Spanlah J.iquorice Paste, which he .. offet"S to the Trade at Manufacturers will flnd it l rU;ere-.t to For other uses:-Arcber & Ebbett. Manure Baling Co foot Fortythird st., East RJ.ver; Moore, Jenkins & Co., for Pacldng Dried Fruit, cor. Franklin st. and West Broadway; Newark Lubllcating_ Oil Co cor. Chestnut aDd M'Whorter sts. Newark. N.J.; Robe Bros. for Packing Pork, C>Sl(WestThirtysi:rth et.; Aug.Kanenl;jlv1 for PresaiD&. LIU' 85 Columbia st.; II: Ilatt; Dry Goods 1'1'0811. w ot. ; *'mW E. 'Reynolds; Dry Goods Preu, es Baade st. I .,. 1 PAPER I_ MANUFACTURED BY ,. -Tl'bl'ecopr, .. No.t 150 J C lYI And Wthatta.chmenttoro almes C re W Dry Good and L!'rd Pru'1o \, 'No, 2' _.. : Drled PrpU Pre I. w!th 3 plungers for barrel, hall \>ILrrel and'bo:r No 1 Sl'il No 'Hay Pre., No. 11 '!?," Heet hl!f!' bale421ollf. by 24 wide of'Iii'o tol\'5 lbs 66 Water Street, New York. do JOHN NPARR, Manufactory, NEW YORK CITY. REGENHARD, SHEVILL & CO. (', CIICII Dey 81::ree-t; :N'e""""" "'llro:rk.. This Paper will keep TOBACCO and OIGARETTES a!wa,_ freob, and retain the llavor. The leading manufacturers use It. Sad for llampiN, "-----,----................... --. ---.. .. -__ ... .... ,. P.A.PER,-T.A.G-TOEI.A.COO$,. l


1 ...... J : .. .' .. J ... l l .. >> '!'lie marke :': 'It ,I { j.' I .. J : I I ) ,, / I ,i, .1 I 1 \ .. '' \1 \), ; : : '. .' -:-.--... ;


/ Durham, I N. C., llite:En.,al .'fbich Oouniies, and in these The Revenue paid to Gov-ernment 1879, amouilted to .: .. '(Five hundred and (o:cty-two seven twenJy .. d(\lllars cents. ALMOST DOUBLE TAM THAT rAE PAID. ., This no -show most oonclusively it is at Pur ham that makes Smokjng TobttCCQi_fultt meets to. the fullest extent dema]lld. To the ORIGI.NA.L and ONLY GE-NtJINE DURHAM Tobacco. To be' located in the V __ ERY GEN,):RE, o .,..the._firiest. section of-) to To operate the L .ARGEST AND Fa.ctpry, JN, :[HI; WOR.LJ:?.. 1 \ -.l To purchase THE VERY cREST RA; w:: To be better prepared from our r LONG, EXP,ERIENCE arid .. ABUNDAN'I' [to, fHEVE:({Y known to coijlmerce. .To have established within the short space of 14 OWING TO THE SUPERIOR QUALITY OF OUR P.ROD UCTS, ,a g:reater: reputation and demand f?r than any bouse in the_ To?acco business has in "' To ,giVen more satisfactiOn w.xth BLACKWELLS DURHAM, and are domg tt to-day than any other :\>ran d ll_.EO.n the That there can be no more HONEST,RELIABLEand SATISFACTORY 'SMOKINGTQBACCO That by all odds BLACKWELL'S DURHAM enters into general co: nsumption in THIS COUNTRY aND EUROP,E, than:simile1rclass ofgood&. !hat the past history and future prospects .o.f this. -r -: Very respectfully, W. T. BLACKWELL & CO. -----------. I


' I .. 8 Es"ta 1a2a. -OA.RRO-lt--& co., 104 Front Street, New York. P. o. :Bo:E o&aea.:rU..N'UFaCTtrRERs OF AND DEALERS IN PLU& AND SlUm& TOBACCO. Sole .Ments for JAIES B. PACE, AND OTHER VIRGINIA '\ .&.:J:d!IO &O:E:.o:m .A.G-:BiliiTTB :roa. JNO._ W. CARROLL"S CELEBRATED BRANDS, LONE JACK, BROWN DICK, lft"'. no. .-ro. -.n,__, -. 'WV'. PHXX.T-10ES' PATENTED BRAND A G-T A : G .. SMOKING TOBACCO National -f.E'ta' 1&86.]. D'V'l!llii'N', 78 :IP8.0NT BTJR.B:IIIT J.'tiTB"gV T08.:&:.. -ALL STYLES MANUFACTURED AND I SMOKING TOBACCO Kept In stock, ready for PROMPT DELiVERY from STORE or both P.A.:I:D A7Ac:l. :f'or E:X:PC>R.T. fiOLE AGENTS POR THE.'.J'USTLY HHA.NDS,. -:w.a:ag:a.e-t .a.a,a:nuc@ F. C. LINDE, C. F. LINI'i>E, C. C lUMILTQci, s. MARCOSO. ,.Tobacco TOBACCO INSPECTED OR SAMPLED. Oo-u.n:try ProliD.p1:JlJi7' 'to. Cert-.., given for every case, and dellYereHILADELPHIA BR.Al!I'C HES : E W DICK.&R.SON, corn&r Arch and Water Streets; JON :AS METZ, 64 North Front Street. HAK,CPOKD, (loan,: -IRA. E HULL. 164 State Street. SUFF'IELD, Conn. : EDW. A.USTIN LANCAS TED Pa. : -HENRY FOREST PRINCIPAL OI'FICES:-142 WATER STREET, and 182 lo 186 PEARL STREET. I W .AHEHOUI!IES:-142 WATir..R, '74, '76 & '78 GREEHWICH STREETS a.nd HUDSON RIVER RAL'..ROAD DEPOT. ST. JOHI !'SPARK. ---TOBArJCO A.ND a EN'EILU.. CUIIfllSSION aa ::ero.a,ti.s-t., N r e-.gv 'York. -& co:CBA'S FINJi:E&CO INSPBCTDRS, rosAcco INSPEcToRs. THE TOBACCO :LEAF. T. H. & CO., Loai l and, Licortca Pasta, Hl L.&JIE, IfEW YOBJL Tke above Brand o f HAVANA TOBACCO CIGARETTE S onl y b y TBOBIA.S. B. BALL, DW YORK. 222 GBUIIWICB COR. OF BARCLAY, 1:1.11. P. 'l'.&G & SOW, ... J'tlit:n efiPANISB u4 Dulen Ia a.H tiufb .t &, N:m"W-YOEUE.. 130,'138. 134 YORK, MAmAcmmiOr: PINE CIGARS. FJNHST OLEAR HAVANA CIGARS. ALliO IlltPQRTI!lRS QJ' CIGARS TOBACCO. li>. J, G...-nr, OJws. IL G ,urra, Be-or TD IIANUJ'ACTUilE OP D. J .. GARTH. 'SON & co.. .. 111 .. ,1 L x I Merchants 0 !.:..I!TXDII:O'!l: I -A.T-.No. 44 ,, 254 & 256 Canal St. cor. Elm Now York: / I / Ne"''V' 'Y'ork.. WDB & BEifDHEDI, AGDTS.: I LOBENSTEIN & GANSJ WHOL .. .I.LB DEA.LEaS IJr SHED AND HAVANA SOLE AGENTS AND JMPORTERS OF THE GENUINE W. & IL C:I:G-.A..:::J...=i. :M:C>ULDS, Presses, Straps & Cutterf!l; D!PORTERS OF GERMAN & SP.\NISH CIGAR RIBBONS ; _.;._ ___ ..;;:x..a::L X..a.:n.e, :N'e"':1V 'York. 125, 127, 129 BRUfOME ST., cor. Pitt St., NEW YORK. Dubrul's 1t.Patent Tin I &:1:1w:O:N'' STR,A.'V'SS, l'I.IANUFA.CTURER OP CIGAR BOXES .-.AN, D SHOW FIGURES; Il'I.IPOKTER OF A.ND DEALER IN oxc;,..A.ri. a.x:a:aoJ.'tiT&, GERMiN CIGAR MOULDS, PRESSES, STRAPS, CUTTERS, ETC., ==I iii 179 & 181 LewiS Street, New York. A.U klnda ot (Jut to Order lllld Repaired ID 1he B-8 ,t:vle, The Trade E. E. PACKERS OFSEED LEAF, AND IMPORTERS OF-Havana TobaCCO and Cigars, Lin.ed' Cigar Moids. : t We now launch this GOOD MOLD Ol1 its salutAry mission with the consciousness of having wrou&ht something "NON LUO:BC So"LI :BONO The above cut represents our Celebrated TIN LINED' CIGAR MOLD. It is practica;lly a wooden mold, having the up per and lower part entirely lined with Tin. It is th e strongest and most durable. mold ever placed in t.h market. It has been adopted by the largest manufacturers of Cigars in the United States, and proved most satisfactory. NAPOLEON DUBR'O'L & Manufacturers, 1 H.rORPENSTEIN, 'Agent, 441 & 443 PLUM Stteet, Ciucinnati, 0. 61 Franklin Street, N. Y LEAF TOBACCO, 184 Front Street, .... 1l'01La. E. M. CRAWFORD & SON, LEAF las Water Street, NEW YORK -P, o. B{i ll: 3-l,'l'tJ. M. H. LEVIN, lUPOR'rER of HAVANA AND DEALER IN ALL KINDS OF LEAP To BAC_ C 0, 162 Pearl Street, IIW Yk. B. KOENIG, WHOLESALE DEALitR IN; HAVANA AND SHHD LHAP TO:B.A.OOOS, 226 PEARL STREET, NEW Y{)RK. Wfil.:c PRICE, LEAF TOBACCO, L 19 Lan.e, NEW YORK. ]. L. GASSll. RT. 1'1 L. GASUR'l' J. L. GASSERT & comssmN mGHA.RTS. t AND Dli:AI.ji:RS Al.L. OF LEAP .TOBACCO, No. t160 W,_ter St., New lfork' G. REISMAN'l\1', Commission Merchant, 228 Pearl Street, New York. .. .. JU.NUJ'A.OTIJRER Oi' C :J: G .A. R & 88, 90 & 92 CANAL STREET, Corner ot Eldridge,. YEVV 'Y'ORH:. < Hirsch, Viciorius & Co. I LEAF TOBACCO,, 177 WATER ST., NEW YORK. INTERNAL REVENUE BOOKS The Internal kevenue Publlabinc C. JOURGENSEN. SoLB Succ assoa. TO EsT At SMITH J APPLE' BY.R. 30 and 3'l LIBERTY ST., N. Y. .I.W'.a..&:l B. 0 Box. 8 .968. rs!f wATER sTREET, 159 WATER ST., NEW YORK. 1 l ., ,!OBK, > YEGA 1/, BERNHEIM, FALLENSTEIN & SON, J14l'ORTii:RS 01' TOBACCO HAVANA TOBACCO Commission. Merchants : Branding Itons & Stenclla a Specialtr 1 P:Jrt.:J::N'T:J::N'Gir .a.. 'jf iVeo d.eiCtiption at Lowest PrlcH :!! .'\.!IUF ACTURERS OF THE ,J YRACUSE BRANCH ....... G .P. HlER & CO. LaB.caater (Pa.) Jlraneh' F CUNlHNGU:M: W N, Qnoon St. 1 HARTFORD do ........ ,W WESTPHAL. l EAST WHATELY, MllBII., d<> ..... E. BELDEN. (SmUh''Cipr Store,) I G B.EUSENS, REYNES BROTHERS & co.. OF Colllmission Kerchants, TOBACCO 4& A -18 Bxehange tace, 55 Broad New York. DAVID C. LYALl.l .,BtfciiANAN & O:fllce: 101 WaJl St., New York.-.P. 0. BOI 1112. Factory:-No. 2 FIRST DISTRICT, SOUTH BRt,OKLYN. MANUFACTURERS OF THE !'OL.LOWING CELBJIBATEJ) BUJQ)8 01' PLUG, CHEWING aad T 0 E.A.CC 0 S-' ., i PLUG. PLANET NAVY. 11, .J(I, 31, 4-1, 11, 81, T; 81, '01, lOa. SAILOR'S CHOICE, 11, 31, 41, Sa, 81, 7s. II, ttl, IOI. 'WAQGnlli CHALLENGE, lbl. WA8HINGTQK, M NEPTVWJa, brt. drk "' 'fDER-.:' MITCHELL NARRAGANSETT. ALEXANDRA.. SEN"" ION. J(JOT BUCHANAN; 10. JA.CK 011' KING PHILIP, Gl AND A.Pll.Lll..; UNCONQUERED. "ACKE"lfaneyB ht Po-d TECUJI';I e;H,lOo. PEE& PAJ.JI. GOLD B.lllir. Jl)liDB 011' T REGUUUIT POllKET PIECIU, _,. N A.. "VY' :rxl.'tiT:m-c:ruor A.:nd OXG-.A.B.a. I l8'/' RAIL BTUI'r. NJW YOBL F A.NCY SilO KING PIPES -IN-BRIER AND FANCY WOODS MANUFACTURED BY HAB. VEY a FORD, SA'E'ROOK-386 .t; 38'f CA.JIAL 8Tl\ET, l!I'EW roU I'ACI'ORY-LEDGER PLACE, pm!.AQELPBIA, ,133 WATER AND 85 PINE STREETS, NEW YORK. SEND FOR PRICE'S. E. DEUTSCH : I. DEUTSCH. 1 E. .Dellt.ach & Spn, HA!o1UFAUI'URERS OF I FINE CIGARS, J LEAFND TOBACCO, 92 Bowery, New York. ..._:. ____ 1.91 PEARL STREET ;1 NEWYORK' --------------:-------\:J;"or qr a.ppl.y as a'bo'Veo :f f-"-11 GEO. W, HELliiE. L, (WUIISL1 '' \;..,I .L=a... F. A. Pru.GtllO, 1. S.MJ.-.-_ \ .ED. WISOIDilCYFR, OOHY. WISCfi.JJJI:"j.'EJI, PRAGUE & MATSON DlN. EHJ.S. G. W. GRAVES, SMOKINC AND CICAIIETTE TOBACCO. ED WISCHME%ER & "-... wo:a.i.Dc;su ;;:m_v,r T 0 :a A. a 0 0 LEAF TOB!GGO BROKERS LlJ ap TUB ceo I PA.CXIIR Oi' AND DlllA.LER IN r 31 CentraiSt.;.,CINCINNATI: 59W.2dSt.; : COMMISSION MERCHANTS, ST-!EET, ,_.SEED LEAF TOBACCO, 9Wabashlv.: SAN FRANCISCO: 205FrontSt. 39 SOUTH CALVERT ST., Baltimore, M:d. r=::t=-} __ NEW YORK.! DANBURY, CONN.


--NOV. I A. B. SCOVILLE & cO SCHB.ODEB & BON, -AND-lla uaed for putting up 1m eking Tobacco. Also aoomplete 81!80l'tment o f Smokerw' Articlee tor the Trade. HOWARD BROTHERS & READ, 643 and ,u; Broadway, New York. BASCH & FISCHER, IMPORTERS IJ HAVANA SHHD LiiiAIBACCD. 155 Water St., Mea:KaidanLue, NEW YORK. A.ND PACKERS OF No, 170 WATER STREET, NEW YORK. DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCO. STRAITON & -STORM, ERNEST FB.EISE, MANUFACTURERS O F CIGARS DEA:r..ERS IN i'EAF ToBAcco., Spanish Leaf Tobacco, :LB7 .1!3JT., 204,, 206 and 208 EAST TWENTY -SEVENTH STREET, NEW YORK. W'lll. GLACCUM, JACOB SCHLOSSER _S. F. HESS & CO., SOLE MANUFACTURERS OF 'THE I "GOLD CLIP" I OAPITAL, 87&0,000. _._ ____ 15' RXVXNGTON STREET, NE'W' YORK, Proprietors of the C e lebrated Brands "REPUBLIC" and "HIGH AND DRY." Alao, BLUE JAY;' mRD; MARS; BELLOXA; DRUMMERBoY. "Everyra:cilltya.lfordedtoDeal.ersanilcorresponc! Tobacco an.d Ci.garert."tes ;;,1 ents consistent with Sound Banking. LEONARD PRI'f!D:MAN 5UCCESsOR TO WALTER FRIEDMAN & FREISE, H. ROCHOLL, President. 1 R)J:..&.DiliG. Cashier. E. & G. FRIEND & CO., aud Deal era Ia. LEAP TOBACCO, 12f" Malden Lane. Uus FRII"ND, NEW YORK EDWARD J"R!BND, J ., WtON ARDFRIBND. 0 &. i "'. UFACTURER OF FIN. \ CIGARS, '/D DEALER IN LEAF TOBACQO, 85 -MURRAY STREET, NEW YORK. Ia:y Brand:-"OUBA LIBRE,'' "CLIMAX." CUTHRIE a. CO., 225 Front Street, t:OUKISSION ..... BALERS OF TOBACCO FOR EXPORT. '' PRElVJ:IUlVJ: :p .A.:n.d. o-ther F1.21e-O-u.1: JU&T::J:C::J:.A." CLEAR HAVANA CIGARS. :Ft.c:>O::EE::J!IBT::J!I:Ft., JSr. "Y. -No. CHATHAM. SQUARE, Y O ,RK.-IlllPOJlTER .. Oll' HAVANA TOB,ACCO, 203 Pearl Street. York. c_. W!l .I!I(J(RRT. THEO. WOLF, Jll. WM. EGGERT a CO. IMPORTERS OF HAVANA. AND PACDRS OF SEED LEAF Tobacco l. 246 Pearl and 20 Clift' Streets, New York. "LA VUEL T A ABA]O." = EXTRACT OF HAVANA TOBACCO, IMPORTED FROM HAV.AN.4. ..... lmpart:!De a Laati:q jiii H4VANA FLAVOR TO THE FILLERS OF CIG.AJlS. tf4l fT .A.:D4EI!3J No. 66 WARREN STREET, NEW YORK, ct Sole .Aaent for the United State aDd Canada., Q Sample Bottles (sutllclent tor 10,000 Clgara), 12. Sent 0. 0. D. .... Large r Quantities at a Liberal Discount. :La! Tobaacopt'eUedln ba1 .. f''7' "Y<>rk.. Constant l y on hand OLD KESWEATED Connecth.ut and Pennsylvani a Tobacco. M. & S. STERNBERGER, AND BROKERS, .\7 BROAD ST .. NEW YORK, Pay:particular a.ttentton t o the o t of Foreign Exchange and Loans. Execute Orders for the Purchase nnd of California and Nev!lcla Miuing Stock in t h e '3&11 Ex.chn:uge. P. W. & CO., COMMl:SSION MILLER'S CELEBRATED PATENT CIGAR. MOLDS. THE MOST PERFECT! THE MOST DURABLE! AND THE Cheapest Cigar Molds Ever Offered_ to the Trade. / ( The demand for these molds has increased so rapidly that we have been compelled to add to onr present large in Cincinnati another factory with even a larger capacity,located in the City of New Y ork, so that we are now from any part of the world more promptly than f ormerly. On applicatio n we shall take pleasure in sending t_o any address, free, circulars q f our mold s, cigar s hapers, pres ses etc .. al'so, a list con taining over THREE HUNDRED illustratio ns of different styles of Cigars, among which are all the latest s izes oat. Address all communications to THE MILLER & PETERS MANUF.A.CTURING"CO. IERCHANTS OFFICEANDFACTORY: 1 OFFICEANDFACTORY: __________________ 51_0_E-as-tN_l_n-et-ee-n-th_S_t.,_N1E-W_Y_O_R_K __ CI_T_Y. __ BRETHERTON BUILDINGS, No. 10 JOHN STREET, LIVERPOOL. ENC,. ERTHElliER&.C? _,... N EW-YORK' f FIN'"E CIGARS ..__ t 1,..a a:a.d. .:.. ... a .a. 'V::I!IJSr"C"::I!I D, Comer of Tenth S-t, -All 442, 444, 446 and 448' EAST TENTH STREET, NEW YORK. > r l Tobacco _. _:Freight Brokers, AND RECEIVING AND FORWARDING AGENTS. (P. 0. Box 3,152.) 53 Exchange Place, NEW YORK. r _. {.? ; Cl r Manufae1Urer & Dealer in leaf Tobacc. o 302 BoW'6l'Y lf. Y. 8All'L. JOSEPHS, A.BB. mVEIITHA.U. Ul IU.IDEJI LAlO:, lfEW W. E. UPTEGROVE, Spa,nish Cedar FOR .CIGAR BOXES, _...,.,_ Cigar BOI Makers' SDDDllHS. root lOtH 11th st., East Rim, DW YOBL BEND FOR CffiCULA.RS OR APPLY TO -H. B. BURG FELDT lannfactml._of Cigar 510 East 19th Bt..s H. Y. 1 H. CLARK & BRO'l1IEB, Cope's Tobacco Plant: fOBlCCO BROKERS Jk Monthly SMOKER& 10 Lord Nelson St., Lircrvool, ED;P:. PBICB Two SHILLINGS (ENGLISH) PElt .A.Inroll. Where Subscriptions may be addreBBed., or l.o TB:. TOIWlCO L.uo Olllce. Amerioan SubecripUons, cents per annum, poat. -patd. g N. & BRO. P ACXEBi. 'i OF SEED AND OF Tc:: ba.cce, 164 WATER STREET, NEW YORK. XJSr El.A.X.X..c:>T -PATENTE D 1879.J. &. A. MANUFACTURERS, No. 72 CORTLANDT STREET, NEW YORK. NEU. MAN & DINGLIN.GER,0 GENERAL liTHOGRAPHERS ... N. W Cor, .PEARt and ELM STS., YORK. 1 and Tobacco La bois Show Gards a D.A. 'V"::J:E&,. Ma>i.u.facturer of all Deooription of :JJ"XJSrE-OUT T<>El.A.COC>,. And Sole Proprietor of the :followiDs Choice Braada: THREE CITIES-Smoking and Cigarene; Bristol Golden Bird's EyeSmoking; Pure Richmond Mixture-Smoking; As You Like It. Fine-Cut l:r Also Export Tobaccos for use, and Inventor and Patentee of the Combba.ed Stemming aad Jh7iag Machine, .. 257 -&1:., :Eirook.1y:n., :lSI". -r. SoLZ AOID.'"T !'OR TBE PACIP'lC Co.lST FOR KERBS & SPIESS, New York 1 Horace R. Kelly&: Co., Ne....-York 1 Muaselman & Co., Lonio'rille, Ky. Front 8&,, SAN FRANCISCil, CAL Herman, JSro. 11106 FroJD.1: S-tree-t, San. Fran.oi.soo, Cal.., SOLE AGENT ON THE PACIFIC c oAST FOR CIGARS OF THE MANUFACTURE OF STR.A:ITON & New York. BOSSELMANN & SCHROEDER, Teba.cco &.;r Co-mmission Merchants, La.mparilla. 18, (P. 0. Box 650) Havana.. BEC::EE. &. CC>., Commission Merchants. LEAF TOBACCO AND CIGARS Cub&.


0 1\if' .. .,..,t,i!;::mnf'I'DU. TELlER BROTHERS, fali:ers, C.llsloe Marelauts1 Wbeltaalt 1Mt1n lD l"o"Nign and Leaf Tobaooo, I ,-, 117 Nor!h Third Street, Philadelphia. Wo EISENLOHR & 00., PACKERS AND 'WHOLESALE DEALEFS J))l' LEAF T 0 D A C c/o, 113 s. .91:., Pl::L:l.1ad.e1ph.i:.a. 'N. EISENI.OHR, .. P!i; L BONN. L. BAMBERGER & CO., DEA.LilRS lN LE.A.P TC>B.A.CCO And Manufacturers of all Crades of Cigars, 111 Arch St., PhUadelphia, Pa. J.'X S K!HEALL & cO'S u.r Z::eacl.:l.:a.t; 0 And Dealer lu I SOLID COMFORT,' 'TRAHE DOLLAR,' I TIDAL WAVE,' 'BLACK, DIAMOND.' SEED LEAF TOBACCO Jc:'hX1 &, JB:rc:>s., IIIANUFACTUKEKS OF ,. F:l.-ve Elro-tl::Le;-,. 1'0olflr"Pou.i:1c1.} oirol::L:n. a .. '"a:a.ct. El1a.ok, C>1c1. ::EI:o:a.e-ty. B Oe:a.-t :E"I-u.5, AND ALL OTHER POPtJLAK STYM!S OF FINE NAVY TOBACCO, No. 98 Water Street, EIC>STC> N' CB:Ae. W WILDER, JR. ... Wx. B W .orrs. 'CHAS. W. WILDER, Jr.,. IJI!.porter and Manufacturer of FINE CIGARS,. 68 Kilby 1c. 98 Water Sts., BOSTON". S. W. WILCOX, PACKER OF SEED LEAF TOBACCO,. w. s. O'NEIL, G. w. WICKS & co.,.' HARTFORD, CONN. Packer and Dealer in, Manufacture rs' All:er.t s for the Sale cf OHIO SEED LEAF TOBACCO Vir[inia, Missouri. and Kentucky -c. & R. & -Day-ton., o.. 1 TOBACCO ,..nealers&CommiRSJ:OnMerchantsm IFQrderaforE:i:portand H omeTradeprompttr J :f.EAF TOBACCO, --aueooedlo._ 182WEST MAIN STREE-i; 2 NORTH MAIN ST., :s;y, Bet. Mai n a n d Seco n d S ts .. Go W WJCKS, N. FuREY. EDw. J Foa<"' ST. DII:C>. -Choice Brand.s'Of Imported Ltoorioo always Oltha.nd. Uberal Cash Advances m ade o n CowoigD-SAM'L w. SCHAEFER & co .. CIGAR-BOX MANUFACTORY v. AND DEALER IN CIGAR-BOX TRIMMINGS, LABELS, PAPER, I tHA F .A.N':J:) X.. of 0:1G.A.::E't. ::E'I.:I::B:BC>N'&, ll f lJ I.J I 699 to 707 W. Sixth St., Cincinnati, 0. c:>rcJ.e:r- STEVENSON & CO .. B. GEISE & BRO., &TE.A.DII: WEIL,KA.HN&CO. TC>:BA.CCO & WHoLESALE DumB I N CIGAR-BOX FACTORY C1gars & Leaf Tobacco 1_ 113 Main St., Cincinnati, 0. NO. -AND-General Commission Merchants,. '16 BaroiUI8 St., N., Orl._ La. I J H Plt1111E:RTON, JAIJ, G. PEm<. BERRY MEYER & CO., COMMISSION MERCHANTS, F. W. DOHRMANN, e PEMBERTON & PENN, LEAF TOBACGO BROKER And Wholesale D ealers in OHIO AND CONNECTICUT LEAF TOBACCO, 46 Front St.. 0. S. E. cor. Vine & Front Sts., CINCINNATI. services to :tlll orders for Lea! or Ma.hufactured T obacco "V .A.. TINFOIL I IMPOR TERS OF c-.:r as H. '17T E...... P.A.. ::EI:.A."V.A.N'.a., --------------,. AND PACKERS OF MANUFACTURER OF CIGARS THE LARGEST CIGAR IN T H E STATE. SEE D LEAF TOBACCO, ANDDEALERIN J 117 w. Lombard st., LeaC Tobacco Miami Leaf Tobacco Warehouse. WAYNE & RATTERMANN, Joe OBErumr.JUJ<, C. FRED. Late of H e nry Meye r & Co. JOHN OBERHELMAN & CO. D. J;i. Sc:a1ic:l. T<:p CIGAR-MOULD MANUFACT'G CO. Cor;Rid[e & North College Ave's, Pa. Is now retailing t18 differen t sbaoes n.nd sizes. from tbe factory, at greaf:f reducert prices. Ever y mould warrauted uniform. If siz e purchase be not sUitable. it wiU be exchan ged or money l'etw ned. Our aim is to give perfect satisfaction to the trade. By purchasing direc t fi'Om the factory you wR I save a ll d e lay and commissions. The onl:v medal and Uipl omo. e.warded at tbe Centennial was to the u. 8 Solldi>T o p Mould. Offic ial documeDts can be seen a t t h e R1dge ana North College A venues. U S. SOLID TOP C I G!ll'> MOULD CO H. 'WATTEYNE, 216 Peul St.,_N.,.. York, Ageut. J. co. DOHAN & TAITT. -:ri:>::B.A.cco. Tobacco Commission M erchants, General Commission MerQhants, 107 STREET, .,. 31 North Water. Street -mD-\l 30 North Delaware Avenue; F X '17"-='LLY Jr t t SORvrR-COOK -" CO HAPPY THOUGHT Tobacco Agency, l'ACXEI!.S, OOMMlSSION l!El!.C:EAN'l'S, 106 A B C H S T., Phlladel p b t a Pa. And W b ole;;t;"Deaien in .. 9ENEML AGENT FOR LcA r TOAACCO WILSON 4 -McCALLAY'S ,; ,...-F: ,-, PLUC TOBAJ;COS. 105 K. W'.&'!l'EB. SlJ.I.; PlUL.a.DELPHIA. A. 'H. THEOBALD J'oseph Wallace, (Successor to Cooper& Walter. ) lllANUFACTUREB-OF MANUFAC TURER OF FINE CICARS, AND D EA LER JN .A.LP:HA. Tobacco .......... ..,.. & CO., T ..... II.I.JrVWAOT11BBBS OP PLUG, CHEWING AND SMOKING TOBACCO, "'0"'" a. fJDR BRWi-BOfERt:fGI;RED RIDIBD Hti6D,IIBERS' CHOWE, !LPHA. c:> ::E'I.E nil: X>. 2 0 Commerce St., Baltimore. G. H. JOS SCHROEDER & CO., IMPORTED and DOMESTIC SElElDLE.A.F LEAF TOBACCO, 25 German. St., Balti_pJOre,Md. DA.BK WRAPPERS CONSTANTLY ON HAND. AND ll\lPORU:RS OF Havana Tobacco, '79 81 & 83 EXCHANGE PLACE, Ela.1 't:l.:a:n.ore, nil: d. PETERSBURC, VA., ADVERTISEMENTS. PRO PRIETORS 122W. Fron& & 9195 Co1nm ereeS C:I:N'C:I:N'N' .A.TX, C>. JA.XES S. WAYNE, J. H. RA'ITEJULL'lrfN Dally Auct:l o n a n d Priva t e Sa.lea. Advances made on Consignments. DEALERS IN FOI\EIGN and DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCO, 60 West Front Street, Bet. Walnu t and VIne, CINCINNATI, 0 0 0 {)Tobacco HYDRAULIC AND RETAINING PRESSES, PUliiPS, CASINO li.O LLS,.R.Ol1ND & SQUARE POTS or FINISHERS, .CADDY PRESSES, CASINGS & BANDS, eto., FOR.THE 1:9 S."W. VENABLE &'Cro. 0 John m 0 Of&ce: Cor. Byrne & Halifa x Sts., Petersburgh, Va. Factory: 19 \Second District, Virginia;} P a W BEST, Chlea,"<>: L05liN P ALM E R N ew W. Ii. RUSSELL, Chi ca go BBST.' BUSSBLL.c & CO., 1Successo'11 t o JOH N t:_AA-'5J!-y>G E "'G9'11 AND SOLE PROPRIETORS OF THE GENUJ:NE "GOLDEN CROWN'!. CIGARS, OF EVERY GRADE. Lehmaier. Schwartz & Co. F.A.OTC>::E't. 'Y"I U3-501 FIRST AV., oor. 29th St., :a. A. KI:r..LS, Tobacco Broker AND GeneraJ Commission Merchant OfFICE IN TOI!!IC\:0

NOV. I Business Directory of Advertisers. NEW YOBK. 7h/)uL"CO Wa.ndk11U61 .Abner & Dehls, 100 Pearl. Appleby & H elme. 111:1 Water and 85 Plae Barnett S. 162 Water Bucb &: Flscner. 155 Water. Cardooo A H ft6 Broad. Cr&wrord E. )L & ::!on, 168 w ..... r. Eggert Wm. & Oo. 2tll PearL Friend E. & G & Oo. 129 M&Jdeo lAM. Gartb D J ., Son & Co 44 Broad. G....,rt J L & BI'O. 160 W&ter. (Jerehel L. & Bro. IYI PearL L f'..o, 151 W'ter BeDbroner, J08epbs & Oo. 119 Maldea Lane Bll'l9(;b. Vlctorlut! It Co 1'17 Water ll:erbo At Sple .. IOl Hulen J<>r Bll:porl. .&ulhrie & (.)o, """ Leu.( 1'oh<,wco 8Woali11Q'. .PWp C. s & Co.l88 Pearl Co11a1H,UiO'tl Men:l&t&ntl. .&eynee BrotU"i"'i & Co., -46 &: Ez:cbaage f'laoe. HUll"" of l 'obacc:O. 111.eusena G r.6 Bt'O&d. Tobacco Brokorl. oCatt\18 Jobu. sa beaver -Qano' Son, J s & co. 84 aDd 86 W&ll <()aborne F. M Broad. Bader )L & Sou. 4ti Broad 12W llllUdeu Laue. JLanuf't of Smoking and CMutftq Tot4ooM Andenoou J oll u & Co. 114. ll6 and 117 Llbeny. Bucbanau & Lyall, 101 Wal l Buchner D & l:o. West -Goodwin & Co. Wl &: 209 Water. Hoyt Thomas & Co. 404 Pe&lL IOnneY Bros. 141 Hroadway. Lol'illa.rd P. & OJ. 114 Water. McAlpin D. H & Co. t'S Bondy & ,Lt.let'er. 96 110 Attorner .Brussel>tl &. Co 7M Bow..._ry DeBary ll'rt:d. oi. C 4 1 aud 4::\ Warren Frey J. &: A 7 ;l Gtaccum i1L Schlm;se r. 15 Rlvtngtou.. GreenbaU & T eiclunau, 45 Hirsch D. & Co. 1;.!/j u.nn 1 30 Rlvington anc:l 8t Wuli Wrscbhoru L. & Co tu :l8 2U A venue .Iaufman BJ'UI:I. & Bondy, & HH Grand. ,Jacoby Mvrr6 & Ol>. I:Jroo!lle. .Je.coby 8. & co. ;:oo Chathu.m Sq & 5 & 7 Doyer B.e r bs &: H\14 to 10"..:0 Se.::oDd Av. aud 310 to 314 Fift-vfourth Levy Bros, A veuue 1) 1\llU Tenth Street. Bros. & Co 268 and iCU l:k>wery Love Juo. W. Bowery Mendel M. W. &: Bro. l51 Bowery Orgler B. 85 Mn ray M w. ';'fl Conrtlandt 'it. CO a t .Beldeubeg & Cs. 8-1 and S6 Reade Smith E. A lf1 '8mlttl Isaac L. BH, JO and 92 Canal Stacbolberg )L & Oo., "'J Mud l>l LlbertJ' & Storm. 2 [1-1--:408 EatJt 27th :Sutro & Newmark. 76 Patk Place MaK-lif'Mt"J'et"B o f Fine Havaft4 ()a.gar_l. .8rown & Earle, 211 &ud 2 1 3 Wooater Poster. H.il8on &. C o. 35 Bowery Sancnez, Haya & Co lllU, 1112, 184 lllaldea lADe Importer of Hava.JUl 7\Jbaoeo and CigGn. Almir&ll J. J Jij Cedar iil. Lehmaler, l!cbwart.z .t co ;491J.110tlali aTnue Jl..'j111 /TtJbc<.,'Co ht>W Curet. au.ct Lubela. J"cua.ldsou BroR,, Five Pnlnts. P. 0 Box mt. Tobacx::: \ Boward & RPM. 4 1 'l & 44b 81-oa.d.wa.) 1'0!Iacc0 Lal>et& New YorK LR.bel PubUsbing Oo. 91 Bowerv Heppenbeimer &: Mo.urer, and 24 N. William Jlanujacturen of Kinney BnM.' Cigardta. KIDney F. S. 141 West Broadway Manufacturers of Ertbeiler & Co. 83 Rfoaf1e Hall Tbomas H. 76 Barclay HfraP', (.'utten and German. Cigar MoulM. Lobeoateln & Gaus, 131 Malden Laue of Cigar Mouldl. Borgfeldt N H. 510 East Nineteenth of Cigar Mouktl and Shapen. l'he MIUer & PeLenl Mfg Oo. 510 East I Otb Depot for Dubrul tt Co. 'a OlgtJY Mouldl. Onlensteia fl. Franklin Improved Tobacco Scrc;p MachiM far Cigdr Manujacturera. Borgfeldt N.H. 510 East 19tb and 1118 Waler Bank&. OermaaAmerlca.n, 00 Vall Intemal Rq1enue Boo.b.. Jourgensen, C. 30 and 8'i Liberty Foreign. and Domelttic Bankert. Sternberger M. &: S. 44 Exchange Place. Man.u/octuret of Show Bobbl S A. Ill!\ Canal Str&WIS 8 179 and 181 Lewis Sole Man.ufactu .rer oj thR Origif&lll 9rHtt. 8to1 Smnking Tobacoo. Emmet W. C. 74 Pine Im-tw of H,....... Oigaretl l'bpw. May Brothers. 106 2d Avenue Importer of Havana Cigar FltJVOt'. Chukel James. 6ft W arran p.,fff'l. t Cigar CIJ.IU. Samuel S. L. 57 Cedar -Palen.t..Xabacco_ (..'oLP""f'l Buehier &: Polhau s, Ctmt.metcia.l Agtmcle.l The.J. M. Sou Co. :milr'<*dIIJ of Glass Stgn, JI.&Uhew foho.llll3 llflt!' Jlanufa.cturerR of Cigar Hoz Lumber. Bead Geo W & Co. tl!tl-:!00 Lewia I TuOOc..-co Freiyh.t-Brokera. Smlt/, W 0. & 90. M Exebange Place 0/ Cigar Ri,bl>ono. Wicke Wm. &:: Co. cor Goerotr aud Third Label& and Trimmi,..,..I Beppenheimv &: .Maurer, 29 an1 "'N. WilHam Net1man & Dtng !luger, n. w. cor. 4 Ehn. Maafaot1U'er of Wax-Paper HammerechlsJ; S. 5:! Uey s t lle'C"uhard. ShAvlll & Co 6:_') Oey at Weav_,r & 24 Cedar st Mu.Rufactu e1 of t lte Erie Cigf'r Lighter. Holniea. Bootb & Bayrs, 145 to 149 Soutb MN.yo & Watson. 7 S. Frederick u.n.d Genentl <..'ommission llerch.anrt Vocke R E. & Co s. e. cor. Che.tpside and .L..OWbtl.l'd Pn.tent Stenl Rollene. Ken.:kbotf G. & cO .. 1411 South Charles Packe1 of See 9 Central Wharf' BREMEN, Germany. ToQilC(_O Cmnmi38ion Merc ha'4;tl Fa.llensteh 'IV. F. BROOKLYN, N.Y. Manufactulerof and Cut ChewDavies Wm. att d 2.:'i9 \Vater BUFFALO, N. y, Denlm-in II ma.ri Packer of Seed Leaf. Levin P. 1 .. e CHICAGO. 111.-.Agent fbac<" .11rokerr. Dobnnann F W. s. e. cor Vine and J'ront Mallay & Bro. 11 o, West Front Meier R. &:: Co f'l Water ToOO.c00 W}trtTI.oWif: VOiftmiBII'ion Merchant& Wayne .t Rattermann, W. Front ud 11-9!1 ()')mmerce Jlaatlja.cWfeN t>/ Oigat"' and. .Dw.lera in. Leoj Tobapco Well & (' Mam Man'.uju.ct-urerl of Cigar 'llouldl ra-.d Sha.pera. Miller & Petera Mfg Co. 136 to 140 E. 2<1. SMet M etal Oigar MO'f.llda. Dubrul Napoleon & Co. 441 and 4t3 Plum Totx:cco Com11&laion M erchant.. Prague & 1ttatM n, 94 West Front Manujachuer& oj Oigar4Bozu., Qelee B & Brothe r Cla} Trost, S W 519-.W, W Six:tb CLARKSVILLE, TeJUL Let&,/ Tolxacco Broker Clark H. H. & B"m CLEVELAND. 0. Dea.lef"s in S eed Leaf nnd Tobaoco aftd Jobbers in ulllci 'ltd$ Tobacco. Go l llson & Semon. vrl Ontano DANBURY, Coma. .Dealff in Seed LMI T-. Graves G W DANVILLE. Va. and Broker ift. Leaf Tobacoo. Het:derBOn.. James A. & Co .. Comm.....,n l .eaj Tolxuco Brolc8r1. Strictlv on Orcler. Pt>rrberton 4 euable l', C. DAYTO.N, 0. Packe1 and JJ/lakr '" Ohio Seed. O'Neil W 8. DETROIT. Mich. Afonuf:r uJ Clkwinu a.tkt .Smoking 'l t.Obo<. Barker K. C. & Co. 74 and 7t) Jefferson Av Jlanufacturen of t"!ig(tr baoco. Fo2en, Newman &: Co. 216 Jetremon Aven'IM' DUBH.Alll. N. C. of 8m.oking....7.'obocco. BlackweU W. T. A Oo EV ANSVILLI.. had. ""obacco Cl)mmiuicm MerchAU.. Morris C. J & Co FARMVILLE. Va. 1'obacyo Venable A. R. Jr. HANNIBAL, Mo. Manuj'. f all kind# of Srnok'g <1: Plug To-. BrownliP.o. HARTFORD, CoDDo Packers and Deale,& in. Setd IA4/ToWco Gershel L .t. Bro., #.' State Lee Goo. 100 State Moore. Hay & Co., 214 Stat.e Willcox 8 W. 57ft Main HAVANA, Cuba. Toba cco n.ft.d. Ciyn.r Cumm .issiun Merc1Kmt1. Beck &: Co, t and 3 M ercad..,rea Bosselman n Ill. SChroeder T..a.mvarill& 18 Kicu.t el'iug A.ugo. & Co. 3 Mercaderes etree HOPKINSVILLE, K:,-. Tobacco Broken. Thompson G eo. V. W. E LANCASTER, Pa. an Leaf 'l'obacco IDrsh David G Sldl"" & F rey 6 1 and S., North Duke and Merchat&t. Teller A. 8 E. Chest1mt of ClgrJrr. H irAh 8..-& -Ct.t-. Hirsh David G .-r. Tuba.<:"ef) Workt. M W. r, S 3'ueen st 1. ifANON, "l'a. ilamifad'l'er of Cigari. Long D. B LIVERPOOL, Enc. Smythe F W & Co. 10 Nortb Jobn LONDof.t, ""1ig. cg-.,. ... .,.obl:r.o t! (ji.qiJ.1"8tte for B.epqrf". i. J' Carrera.i, 7 Wa.rdour'Bt., Letce8ter sq. LOUISVILLE. K,-. Ptu.y rotKtcco Manufacturer .. Flnzer J & B ros. 194 and 186 Ja:cob Dealer &: E.-.p01'ter of Lrof Tob. David, 276 W. Market. 2 'obacco Cml&ntillion Merchdftfa. Wlcks G W & Co. Wel!t Main 2 obncco Broker._ Callaway James F corner Nlntb and llarket Gunther George F. Lewlo Rlch'd M 848 West Main M eter wm. G. & Co. 63 Seentb NasbM.B. PraJt-u.g & l:fnwk g 'l'ubaul, tOll 17'0 East Water TOLEDO, G. Jla,..ufadurer of C h .etoing and Smolt:in.g Toa baccoL H M8Inl!e r Cbarlee. R. WESTI'IELD. Pad:.,. aNI Dealer I n Beed Leaf ToNaco. '.1' HE TOBACCO L.EAF. .1.r e ;;e,aw=zrr Sutro d: NewJnark-, MANUl' ACTURERS OF OIG-...A.RS, KERBS & 1 SPiESS!J .Manufacturers of Fine And Dealers in LJl:AF TOBACCO., 1014. 1018, 102() s=OOND -AND-Dealersin Leaf-Tobacco 76 Park P1ace, N'e-vv "Y<;>rk. 310, 312, 314 A N D 316 FIFTYFOURTH STREET. N'E"'DV' David Belr, LOUIS ASH & CO. lllANUFACTUREBS OF :E-:a::arE 104 CHAMBERS STREET, corner of Church, NEW YORK. fRADE -... Fine Cigars AND DEA:LERS IN TOBACCO, p6 to I I 0 Attorney St., N'E"'DV' Y'O:E'I.:U:::.. VtENDEL. & BRo., :Mannfactnrors of Gi[ars, Greenhall & Teichman JAMES BRUSSEL & CO., A nolle lord. on his dath .bed. obse rTed. to his ( oa llmHn: A Juhu, 1 Km .roing a 1nnJrer j 1 ourney thHII j ver yj u drove me .. "Kever ndud, J r,Jm. it i s a l rlown hill. 1l.Je obac comst who neglect s th" d tly anrl pr v le"" of arlvertis. by n1CSR8 o f OLA88 S IGNS h likeJr to MANUFAUTURERS OF fiorf hwine-111 all down hi L" M annfactnrers or Ci[ars CIGA.B,S, And Dealero In 1Leaf Tobacco, TRANSPARENT GLASS SIGNS. I No. 78 BOWERY, NEW t:S. WARREN !;t., NEW YORK. IVo. 16v ..., '11 Bowery, MANUFACTURERS OF THE f>TYLES OF SmII Signs EI'Y JW.A.C::EI:X:N'E:E'I. Y'. .A.:n.y S1ze, i.:n. a:n.y Q"U.a:n.ti.ty. .The Best Work! KAUFMANN BROS. & BOND Manufacturers of Fine J: DmPOBTEBSAND AND SMOKERS' PIPES ::a.a::a. (oear Broadway) lSJ'E:"'DV' !Y'O::E'i.k." DEFIANCE CIGAR MANUFACTORY, 128 & 130 RIVINGTON ST., N .EW YORK. D. H:J:R.BOH db CO., I OBice :-88 WALL STREET. MAY BROTHERS. nll'ORTERS OF :I!':E'I.:J!JlSJ' OJEE 108 2d Ave., near 6th St., 11...,.. .,.P ...... J :zsre,_. Y'or MILLER & HERSHEY. DEALERS IN AND PACKERS OF PENNSYLVANIA SEED LEAF TOBACCO, Petersburg, Lancaster Co Pa. D. DILLENBERG, IIANUl:&CTURERS' AGENT -FORlannfact'd Tobacco & Gi[ars Jlo, 120 N. SECOND STREET, .T. X..O'D'JJ:&. .(o;o and E &lma&e Purnl.a.edo t ;JOHlll IIATTHJ:W .3,_183 &. II&II& .JI.J. ... a r t B. T.ICIITENSTEilf "WV". :Pra.ger.,. lii.AlWFACTURER 011' THE TJADE MARK ll:1STEIID .JAN.21. 181,, "SURETY" CIGAR. Co:rtlardt New Yorlro :N"c:>'t.:loe.-AU lnfliogemeuw on &hilt W 00 w fuU of .A.LLEN''S &c. !ado from Bust Groan Rivor PRICE 50c PER POUND. FIVE PO'IJND BOXES. Samples Sent Free Application. PAYS DEALERS WELL. AND PLEASES. THE CONSUMER, GIVING HIJI[ A 'lUG PU:C:B roa """"


' I -JOHN ANDERSON & CO. MANUFACTURERS O F T H E SOLACBun TOBACCOS 114 I 116 LIBERTY STREET, NEW YORK, Beg to direct the attention of the Deal e r s ln Tobacco throafbout the Unit e d S t atu and t h e W o :-ld to their CELEBRATED t; soLACE FINE-CUT CHEWING TOBACCO. 'THOMAS HOYT & CO., li:ANUFA CTURERS O F w hich b bein g o nc:e more manufactured under the s u pervisiO'Il o f the originato r MR JOHN ANDERSON, and n ow stand s, as :formerly, without a rival. forwarded through the usual channels will meet with prompt attMtion. fiNE-CUT CHEWIHG & SMOKING TOBACCOS & SNUFF. J. J. CARRERAS, Gi[ars, Tobacco & Ci[arottos, On. r Brand C h ewlnc: IIUNNYSIDE, NATIONAL, BRIGHT OWEN, NABOB,. :EXTRA CAVENDISH, Reta.ll a n d for Exporta.tion. 404 & 406 Pearl St., New York. i R. '!MITH. l G al p PRINCE'S HOUSE, 7 WARDOU R Sr. Late 61 Prince's S t 8 C'OMSTOCK, f ener artners.. I W. LOCK'NOOD Spe cial LEICESTER SQUA R E W:BAV:BR &; ST:BRB.Y., SP AIVISH SBKKK LIGOBICB f ALL SPECIAL TIES FOR PLUG AID FIJI-CUT TOBACCO. OLIVE OIL, TORCA BEARS, GUMS, FLAVORS, Powdered Licoriee Boot. AND PATENT PO'WDERED LJ:CORJ:CE.. N S TICK LICORI-CE W l(. J.lA VE THE F A VORIIE BRA N DS,_ .__._ ______ .;...PI_a...;;x.;...A;...;TELLI A1VD avzor.nn:. I NEwYoRK/ CIGX RITTF.t. TOB.W:tiS "' ElC E l'Al' ER. SWEET CAPORAL. New Brand. 'The Mrs. G. B. Miller & Co. TOB.ACCO IANllPACTORY. EI&T.A.:BEIX&::I3:EI:J:J :1.776. 97 Co1 S't. N'evv 'Yerk. E-EIT'EB. :J:J. Oc:>X..X..XJST&, -. -l>IANUFACTIJRERS OF THE CELEBRATED PLAIN FINE-CUT CHEWING TOBACCO h1 BLUE PAPERS ---&:N'"'CJFF&:. Rose-Scented Maccaboy,Scotch, French Rappee,American Gentleman. REs E RV E ''In Z ef B ll l ght HlghPlavo:re 4 VIrginia Tobacco .&ls o Flrot and Second quality SMOK:ING, I n Blue Papers. svveete:n.ed. Fi.:n.e cu 't = DARK AND LICHT CRAPE. FOREST ROSE. CLUB. IIA Y APPLE and PRIZE LEAF FlNE-CU1', IN FOIL. I:.ICORICE' PASTE. TBE STAMFORD MANUFACTURING GO., ; I :1.3'7 J!WE.A.XDEJST ,X...&:N"E, 'Die"lhde .ba'ring demanded a S uperior a n d Cheaper Article than that hitherto used, this Comp&Dl' lii1D8Dufaeturlng, and olfe r!n g f o r sale, LICORICE P AST E (under the o ld "Sanford" brMod) of a QUALITY and at a P.RIC E which can hardly fail to be to all giving ito. trial. Mellor & Rittenhouse, 2l..B N'. 22d. S1i., Phi.1ad.e1pb.ia, liiA.NUFAC T UBEBS OF a:n., C>::I3:XC>, liiA.NUFA.CTURERS OF riiB CELERBA.rBD INDIAN' AND SUNFLOWER chewing, A.ND THE CELEBBA.'rED G_ F. G." Smoking 1\cknowledged b y consumer!! to be best in the market AAd for the brand of LiQorice S tic!C TOBACCO BROKER, WISE & BENDHEIM A 00., 1 hi all to CALABIUA. Consumers and Jobbers w ould do 54 TQ B A C C 0 N IS T S. well to a p ply d i rect Lleerl.;"e Boot, Seleet aaB.::S:.. .4. SHACK, TOBACCO 129 MAIDEN LANE, NEW YORK. GEO. F. GU_NTHER, Loaf. Tobacco & Cotton Brokor, Eleventh and Main Streets, :LaC> U:I: S "'V"XX..:LaE, ::U:. ""Jii!'". M H. GUNTHER, of New Orleans, Cotton Buyer. LEERET 1/, BLASDEL, MANUFACTURERS OF Samples turnlshed, 11 a n d sPecial quot&tiois giveD DEALERS III' ALL OF THE LA TEST STYLES OF FINE PowpinffifCoRicE noot. Cigar I XL Brand, Extra Fine Powdered Licorice Root 168 & 170 East Water St., (froiD aelee1: roo'&) Enrelia Brand;S -YRACUSE N Y FINE GROUND A.ND GBA.NULA.TED DEER 'I'ONGlJB. ------SOLE ACENTS FOR NEW YORK AND VICINITY FOR GOODWIN & CO.'S C>L:J: J"':J":J:G E Smoking Tobacco and Cigarettes. J A LSO AGENTS FOR OTHER LEA DIN G MANUF A CTURERS O F PLUC TOBACCO AND CICARETTC::S, Nos. 254 and 2 5 6 CANAL STREET, corner of ELM, NEW YORK. Old and Rellable VANITY FAIR FRAGRANT.VANITY FAIR X..C>N"Gr OUT, TOBACCO and CIGARETTES. PINE GROUND .&ND GBA.NULA.TED LAUREL LEA.VES, -.-PINE GROUND LA.VBNDEJl PLOW ciGAR-Box w.BELS AND 'l'Rrli!Mmoo. u MILD "-Rare Old Virginia. ERS. .,. _... WHOLE GROUND or POWDERED, ANGELICA, """ CLOVES. C.&SO.&RILLA. BA.BK. COB:IA.NDEB SEED_._ CA.BA. W A. Y SEfiD, 'IJA.RD.&RION SEEDS, CA.NELL.& BA.BK, (IA.LA.MUS BOOr EXT. CALABRIA. LICORICE, GINGER BOOT, -GUM A.RABIC MA.CE.._ LOV A.GE llOOr, OBBISBOOT SASSAFRAS BA.BK sr. JOHNs BREAD, TON J UA. 0 kooT, a H "HALVES "-Rare Old Perique and VIrginia. =...., J L BRENNER. MILLER & 'BRENNER, NEW COMBINATIONS OF THESE FRAGRANT TOBACCOS. PACKERS AN D DEALERS IN Up 1:o 'the &1:an.d.a.rd.. OHIO SEED LEAF TOBACCO SIX FIRST PRIZE MEDALS. PARIS, 1878. Peerless Tobanco Worts. WM. S. KIMBALL CO., Rochester, N. Y. D. BUCHNER & CO. AUG. &,_ Co., TOEI.A..CCO a:n.d. C:J:G-.AR. -BALSA.M roLu, cans; Medal awarded for uPurity, Cheapness, and Excellence or Manufachlre.'' OIL SESSA ME, Also Ill, & R. BRAND STICK LICORICE, all Sizes. OLIV E OIL Oneida Tobacco Works, Olllce:-192 WEST ST., :NEW YORK, Manufacturers of the Celebrated Brands of COMMISSION MERCHANTS Wholesale SHOEMAKER, VOUTE & BIRCH, 126 S. Delaware Ave., Phila. kind S pecial attention give n to Manufacturers' Medle ys. Ce l e b rate d CAMPBELL LANE1/, co. ALL GOODS SHIPP E D FREE ON B O ARD. ORIGINAL MANUaCTURERS OF fOWDERED .. GREEN SEAL" roaAccoAND ... CIGARS. FINEST QUALITY. -. E s t ablished 18.5q. ''RED SEAl,'' SNUFF, PIPES, etc., "ICTORIES AT .484 BROAD STREH' IIEWIAI at Poughlleepsle, New Yatr. "HOI CAROTTE" & "SUNSHINE" dl!JGHT '\IIRGINIA niEERSCHA UM SMOKIN G TOBACCOS, c u t from Virgi.nia Plug. 0. E:DI.I::DI.I:ET, SOLE '1'4. PINE STREET, NEW YORK. D H. McALPIN & CO. MAl1UFACTURER!! O F THE AND IN CALDWELL. N ;J. GOODWIN CO., IIANUFACI'UBEB8 011' --FINE-CUT 207 and 209 Water Street, TOR::EE. ViriffitRif&NavyGhowin[ F TOB!6CO DEPOT &AGENCY Cigars, Tobacco, Snnn, Snun Flour. For F. w. FELGNER & soN s liWrurA ()'l'()RY AliD S.x.ESJWOK: Balt.lmo e Tobacco and Ci!faretteo, Cor. D. & lOth St., New York 56 S. WASHINGTON SBUARE, N.Y. -'bUeheJI!"'JI!"'XOE& 1 124 Water St., New York; 16 Central Wharf, Boston; 15 Avenue, Chicago. Factory: No. 1 First District, N. Y. THE CELEBRATED THE CELEBRATED "MATCHLESS,' "FRUIT GAKE NOVt THE MJ.f# Pa.tonted June,1818 Smoking To ba,cco. Manufactured by ALLEN & DUNNING, Nos. 61> & ST. p ATJ!RSO!I. j: __ .... Jacob Henken, MANUFACTURER OF CIGAR BOXES B'OPEJUOlt MAKE&; PRIME Q UALITY 011' Cedar MANUF ACTURER OF ALL KINDS OF X..XT::I3:C>GrB..A.P::I3:10 Cigar-Box J;.abels. 293, 295 & !2iJ7 .Monroe Street, ""Jii!'"ork.. -M. MUJbtser & Co., 1\U.NUFACTtrnEliS OF CLOTH TOBJ iCO BAGS, A.LL S:IZES i l) STYLES, 1309 Main St.. lichmond, Ya. R. TOBACCO BROKER, 'V'Slle, 'V a-.if I:!F' paid to J!.'IY!AA. (JoDtfuental, MedlteiTIUlean;'lrii>ncli &ill A.ti'.lcan market s Refers to Messrs. Hill. Sldnlter &; lVat.kUlS ntchm,o n d V a axi d Messrs,' S. w Veii&6lti &: O o .. P etersbtWg .:va. .: Also of the Well Known Brand of <:ll::l.e>k.1n.5 Tc::>baooo, 4545&'-1l:te And Manufacturers of all I( of Bl<'ight & Black PLUG & TW!( factory: 24 Tw; !Jtieth .ft.X0::13::Da:C>Jt :p, 'V .A.. Our Navte& a. Specialty !or.t h : E a.stem States. P ATENTED. MAHOCANY, All Sizes; 1 / P XC> N :&J ::m 'EI. Dark, all Slzea. A c om)1 a ril'lnn o f nur Celebn.ted Brands o f I' LUG TOBACCOS will CODvillc e all partltl U. 'P........_ p&BPVL JIBBITS contai ned. the t ela. pLuG T B A c co. PRICES GR114.TLT REDUCED.


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