The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (12 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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VOL. xv.---NO. 41. rnsTABLisHED 1864.J NEW YORK, .SATURDA Y, NOVEMBER 15, .1879. 105' MAIDEN LANE. J Corner ot Peal Street. WHOLE NO. 769 FRED'K DeBARY & CO., WlLUAMWICnUI\CK &AUG.ROESLER 41 and 43 WARREN STREE.T, NEW YORK, co ... TOBACCO. SOLE ACENTS FOR THE J 'EL PRINCIPE DE GALES' CIGAR BOX KEY CIGARS, AND MANUFACTURERS OF FIN'E DOMESTIC GIGAB.S. SEIDENBERG & CO ., 84 & 88 READE STREET,. NEW YORK, Importers of Ha,va,na, Toba,cco, ALSO MANUFACTURERS OF THE :LA. ROSA. ESPANOLA KEY. wEST HAVANA-CIGARS. WEISS, ELLER & KAEPPEL, IMPORTERS OF THE BOSE. HAVANA BRAND'' TOBACC 0. Street, ." _______________________________________ V. MARTINEZ a .. co., 190 S"t., :Ne-vv 'York., IMPORTERS or the MY Brand HAVANA Tobacco, And Dealertlln SCRAPS L CUTTINCS their EJTe CIGAR FACTORY .A.T "KEY WEST, FLA. JV[cFaU & La vv son, 88 lWI:"C'R.:ELA. "r &"J:"R.E.BT, JSI'"B"""V IUNUFAO'l'UREIIS OJ' THE El Club De Yate a Royal Palm. """VEIST lEEA. 'V' .4.JSI'" .4. o:u::lr.4.R.&. Jl. LILIE..-.THAL. l. LANDMAN. Jl. A. liEBNHEOIEB. J.VI. LILIENTHAL a GO., BAY AliA TO B.A.. COO, JSI'"o. 177 &TR.EET, JSI'"E"""V. "YO:E'I.:&:. :atAN1JF ACTURERS ::ElSI'" OEJD.4.R. AZLcl. DOJY:EJ&TXO """VOOD&, I MIT AT I 0 N SPANISH C E 0 A R C I G A R-8 0 X L U M BE R Ani prepared &o turnloh this Lomber to llox-Makere In tbe UBUal lengths and widths, otalned, grained &Dd poll.shed ready for uJ. On fJX&DllnaMon It wt11 be found a perlect imitation ot Spanisla Cedar in color and grain, and so tar superior to any in the market that no eomp&rlson ean be made. Being oawed and cut from the ll.nest Poplar (the wood preferred by a.ll experienced BoxMake'i/:rn'%d thoroughly planed and tho bo&rdi&I'O ltralght and of even surface. The ground color and grain are durable, and the po g Is a patent pi"9(:0II8,_ le&v!Jig r. brla:ht .rl-on &he wood. Ae prepared by our patent proceas, tJUa Lumber can be used as a substitute for Spanish Cedar at 1-lban one-half Ito coot. OUJI. SPAXIsB CEDAR 18 IMPORTED DIRECTl.Y FROk MEXICO ria NEW ORLEANS. JY:ll11 """V. 6-th. &"tree-t. O:l.:a.o:l.:a.ZLa."t:l.. DONALDSON BROTHERS, S"tea.zn. L:l. " Pr:l.:n. TOBACGO LABELS AND SHOW CARDS 11. o. Box 2'791.] [No Labels kept ln Stock, ---' SUTTER BROS., Dealers ln LEAF TOBACCO, Chicago, m MANUF AC'l' U RERS, Cor. Goerck & Third Sts., :NE"VV PRICE LIST OF CIGAR RIBBONS. Broad YeUow ............... Extra ... 6-8broad, 'l07d 11.'15 ............... No.1----6-8 'T07cb 1.66 ................. 2 .... 6-8 '70 7d 1.46 H u 2a ... 5 '70 7da 1,15 .. . ... .... .. 3... & '70 yd.a 1.26 Bread Red .. .............. _.. 1 ..... 5 '70 7d L60 ............. ..... 2 .... s-s 70 yda 1.50 .. .... ... . .. . .. 3... 5 '70 7da 1.30 :: ::: ... ..................... a ... $ '70ydo 1.30 Narrow Red. ... ...... 1.. 4. '70 ydo 1.35 .... 2 4-8 '70 yda L20 .. ................ a ..... ,-s 1o,.u o.s& Narrow Yellow ............ 1 ..... 4,-8 '70ycb 1.30 2 ... 4 'TOycb UlO .. .. 3 -' '70 ydo 0.80 OF:Ji"XOBI WElL & co., 65 PINE STREET, NEVI YORK. Xl.\ii:POR..TER..s. ....,.,.. I Havana, 181818. ... .._.._.._.. 1 Phlladelphia, 28. S. FUGUET & SONS, No. 231 CHESTNUT ST., PHILADELPHIA, IMPORTERS OF HAVANA CIGARS GE.' OO:I:..IO:E'I.ED. ROLLED TO ANY GUAGE AND CUT TO SIZE. BOTTLE CAPS, aU Slzeii, PLAIN AND COLORED, OFFICE: 163 Mulberry St., N.Y. OIGARBOX lUMBER. Cut and Press Dried by our Patent Process ID-t8e to 200 LEWIS ST., NEW YORK. PlJI)t,nunm EVERY BATtlRDAY llOBIUNG BY .. THE TOBACCO LEAF" PUBLISHING COMPANY, 108 MAIDEl!! LANE, NEW YORK. CORNER OF PEARL STREET. EDWARD BURKE, JOHN G GIIAFF, EDITOL Bt'BINJ:I8 M....uf.&GIDL TERMS OP THE P.I.PER. BINGLE COPIES ......................................... I@ CE!mL ONE YEAR ......................................... ;.... 14<.00 SIX llfONTBS ............................. .............. 11.00 '--ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTIONS ABROAD G,.,..T BRlT...,. """ CAR.rn.l..... ..... ........... ta.CM lhuDIEN, H..umuJw .AND THE CotmNDlT ........ .,, ., ., ., .. II.CM AilB'I'a.ll.U, :he., tria lt.'IGUJO> ; ........................ II.CM emu ..... ; ........ .... ......... .............................. 5.CM NEW YORK, SATURDAY, NOV. 15, 1879. RECALLED BY ILLNESS. A telegraphic dispatch announcing the serious, pos sibly fatal, illness of Mr. Graff's youngest child, has compelled that gentleman to return suddenly home; thus deferring the continuation of his Southern trip for a few days. Friends who have been expecting him or mention at his hands will undoubtedly, kindly await the issue of his present domestic affliction. WAREHOUSE REBATES TO BE DISCON TINUED. .A.t the request of the leaf tobacco factors of this city, the Inspectors and Warehousemen of Western and Virginia leaf located here, B.p.d in this vicinity, have agreed to discontinue the practice of paying rebates to induce shipments to their respective warehousea. Annexed is the statement of Messrs David Dows & Co., which represents the agreement signed by the inspectors and warehousemen of New York, :Brooklyn, Jersey City and Island:-NEW Y-oRK, Nov. 1, 1879. GENTLEMEN :-.A.t a recent meeting of the tobacco trade, held at the of a committee of inspectors the factors expressed themselves relative to rebates paid by inspectors, in a note addressed to the warehousemen in substance as follows :-That they deemed the practice of paying rebates to induce shipments to a particular inspection as injurious to the tobacco trade of this city, disagreeabl e to the factors and very annoying to the shippers of tobacco. Therefore they request that the practice be discontinued. Out of respect to this very decided expression of opinion on the part of the fa-ctors, and believing, as we do, that the system of rebates is unsound and demoralizing in its effects, we beg to notify ;rou that in the future we will not pay any rebates, dtrectly or indirectly, and for kindred rea.Sons we will not employ any local agents. We return our sincere thanks for past favors and solicit their continuance. Promising your our faithful attention, we are, respectfully your friends, DAVID Dows & Co. THE SPIRIT OF SPECULATION, The speculative excitement which was inaugurated in Wall Street some few months ago has continued, with now and then a slight check, up to the present time, and indeed it may be said that it is greater now than any time since it began. Corporations which had been regarded as next to worthless, so far as any value of their stocks is concerned, have been brought forward, and the eagerness with which these stocks have been sought has been without a parallel in the One Six 'l'bree 14 L Year. M:ontbo. Month& ,.ne Column .. ............. $25 $14 s 14 Lines o'\oer ._..,vo Johtm o .a...... 45 24 i 4: 28 Line One ColnJDn ............ .. 45 24 14 28 Lines o'\ocr T'vo Columna..... 80 45 S& 6ri Line One (JoJumn.... .. ........ 80 46 S5 '-'6 Lines O'ler Two

2 have not yet found time to go there to do so before the season IS brought to 11. close Tobacco tradesmen It IS to be regretted do not yet appear to suffiClently realize the advantages to be de nved from the exhibitiOn of their productiOns m this old and noted place of resort there bemg this year as last only one entry of manufactured tobacco and that one of a kmd unfortunately whwh adds nothmgowmg to 1ts meagreness to the well won reputa t10n of the firm whtch made 1t Next season It IS to be hoped a full and good dtsplay of the to baccos snuffs cigars antl 01garettes produced m New York and VIClmty w1ll be entered for show and competitiOn The duectwn of the Farr IS as usual m excellent hands not only the Supermtendent and Dtrectors but those servmg under them havmg a thorough appreciatiOn of what the pubhc expects and IS entitled to for Its liberal patronage At the head of the Press department 1t IS pleasant to note IS that gemal and experienced old JOUrnalist and showman A S Mills whom frequenters of public amusements who know him are always glad to meet wherever they chance to come aCl oss him TRADE APPRENTICES Annexed we reproduce a brtef artiCle published a fow days ago m the New York Sun on the subJect of trade apprentiCeship The Sun m this IIIStance takes up a questiOn which we have treated at greater length from time to trme m prevtous years and uniformly m the same sp1r1t We heartily endorse every Idea ad vanced by our contemporary and espe01ally commend Its remarks to the coiiSideratwn of our Ctgar makers Umons The refusal of most of our trades urnoiiS to permit apprentiCes to be brought mto the shops and factories they control has borne a fruit that should tmpresstvely teach the folly of attemptmg to regulate wages by makmg labor art fictally scarce The collapse of our mdustry between 1873 and 1879 had the effect to scatter skilled workmen from the manufacturmg centers The partial suspensiOn of coal Dllmng s milauly had the effect to dtmtrnsh the mmmg populatiOn of each of the coal producmg States Many of the mmers settled on Government land more of them went wtth thetr tools to Colorado and Utah The sudd n revtval of mdustry this year encounters a scarCity of labor Had boys been systematiCally taken mto our shops and factories as apprentices for 11. term of years they would now be matured men skilled m trades and pre pared to receive therr share of the prospenty the country IS entermg on The trades umoiiS m tbetr selfishness would not suffer this reserve of !\.merican labor to be Cleated The manufacturers m their necessity have been com palled to 1m port It They have sent agents to England to select skilled workmen and brmg them to thts country There IS even an nnportatwn of coal Iron and copper nnners And the trades umons whwh would not suffer their members own sons to learn thetr fathers busmess have the bitter satisfactiOn of seemg foreigners come here to compete wtth them for em W.oyment m htgh priced work while their children lor want of mechamcal education are left to the employment and low pay of unskilled labor The public has an mterest m th1s questiOn of appren tweshtp qmte as great as the trades umons have tf not greater A sound cond1t10n of thmgs requues a balance between productiOn and consumptiOn The supply of labor should be equal to the demand for 1t No barrier should be erected agamst this supply It IS the htghest social duty that boys be tramed to some useful pursmt To the sons of lab.lrmg men this duty IS pre 3mment It IS the surest way of savmg them from the deadly effects of Idleness from becommg loafers blacke;uards and cnmmals It IS htgh time that the obhgatwn of apprentiCeship m all trades should be recogntsed by the State and provided for and enforced by statute -------GERMAN TOBACCO NEWS A correspondent m the Palatmate wntmg to the Mannhetm Journal says -The new tobacco tax as Dllght be expected has caused the tobacco trade to pursue an entirely dtfferent course and planters to bestow now more care and attentiOn on therr plants even than formerly Heretofore the tobacco was bought fresh from the planter at the rate of about 30 marks per cwt but m the future the tax alone will amount to 22){ marks per cwt the protective tar1ff producers are still m fear of the competitiOn of fore gn tobacco The tobacco produc tion m the Palatmate has been considerably less dur mg the past year than durmg the year precedmg In 18"'8 3 338 hectares of ground were devoted to tobacco culttvatwn m 18"'9 only 2 870 hectares were planted with tobacco Owmg to the uncertamty caused by the tax questiOn then pendmg many of the planters con eluded last sprmg to suspend the cultivatiOn of tobacco and no tobacco was planted The Chamber of Commerce of Verden m Its annual report grves an account of the c1gar manufacture whtch IS carried on to a considerable extent m that locality The towns of Verden Achtm and Hemelm gen are ma.Inly devoted to the ctgar manufacturmg m dustry The c gars manufactured there find a market mall parts of Germany and Switzerland A correspondent of the Preflzer Couner wrttn:tg from Hatmbach a tobacco growmg dtstnct m the Palatmate says that ever smce the mtroductwn of tobacco culture m the Palatmate Its culttvatiOn has not been so profitable as thiS year Everytbmg pro duced bv the plant except the roots IS salable The Grumpen were sold at 16 marks per cwt Sand blatt at 35 marks per cwt Many of the planters have realized a second crop which durmg the dry days of October 1s producmg a good quahty of to bacco From Manuhetm 1t IS reported that bu) ers have commenced to make their purchases of 1879 tobaccos m the Baden Hardt where hat! damaged tobacco brought on an 10 marks per cwt It made no difference that the same was not always fully rtpe Another correspondent wntmg from Mannheim under the same date reports that a considerable trade m old tobacco IS m progress The new leaf he says IS realtz mg high prwes Leaf which a year ago was sold m the Upper Palatmate at 14 to 17 marks per 50 kilos IS now purchased at 32 to 38 marks per 50 kilos The tax wtll be first Imposed next sprmg at a rate of 8 marks per 50 kilos and success1 vely will bP raised to 22M marks (m the sprmg of 1882) Thts correspondent however thmks tnat pnces wtll be lower m the sprmg when there w1ll be a suspensiOn of the export busmess From Duderstadt (m the Hartz mountams) 1t IS re ported that the loose Sand leaf produced m that locality which at first was sold at 15 marks per cwt 1S now bought at 25 marks !illd even at 30 marks per 50 kilos whiCh IS about 150 to 200 per cent more than last year The productiOn of Thuungen Spttzblatt also known as the German Kentucky leaf has been conBiderably reduced owmg to the delay caused by the tobacco tax questiOn last sprmg In villages where formerly 200 acres of tobacco were grown only about SIX or etght acres have been cultivated durmg the present year In the Hessian Werra Valley there has also been a declme m the tobacco productiOn but a qualtty has been produced this year The product of thiS locahty 1s spectally adapted to cigar manufacture 1'HB OUTRAGE IN DETROIT The tobacco trade of thiS ctty and no doubt of every other City m the country was grteved as well as astomshed thiS week by t.he announcement that the Messrs Rothschtld Brothers the emment leaf to bacco merchants of Detroit had been arrested under of the Uwted i::Jtates Government for alleged compliCity m certam reported Irregularities 1n connec t1on With the Importat:ion and withdrawal of Havana tobacco from tlte Custom House of one 81mon M Stmp son People acquamted wtth this firm knew Instmc t1vely that the charge agamst them was wholly wtth out foundation and as a consequence the arrest of the several members was regarded as an outrage Below we present the comments on the subJect of the DetrOit News together with a card f10m Mr Stg mund Rothschild In the report of the News 1t will be observed the name of Emanuel Salomon of New York IS mentiOned as one of the parties mdicted m the same connectiOn The course pursued regardmg Mr Salomon IS evi dently of a piece m tmqutty wtth that accorded to the Messrs Rothschild M1 Salomon IS now m Havana attendmg to the busi ness of hiS house and cannot speak for himself at th1s moment through our columns We have JUSt seen a representative of his firm however who satd to us m response to our mqmryThe only reason we can asstgn for the mention of Mr Salomon m this relatwn IS that we have happened to sell Stmpson several lots of our tobacco JUSt as we have the Rothschilds and other people With respect to Simpson s alleged Irregularities we have no know! edge and have had nothmg to do with them. Intervtewmg Messrs E Rosenwald & Bro of thiS c ty m relatiOn to the actiOn taken m the case of the Messrs Rothschild this firm very promptly declared that 1t was entirely without warrant that the Roths childs were among the most emment and honorable of our tobacco merchants as sound as a dollar and good for any amount of money They added-The report of Dun Barlow & Co to the effect that proceedings m bankruptcy had been mst1tuted agamst the Messrs Rothschild we derned at once knowmg 1t to be false We then received a speClal dtspatch from Mr Sigmund Rotltschlld himself saymg that the report was an outrageous falsehood and askmg us to send htm the full report of Dun Barlew & Co by telegraph whwh we dtd F o n the De ro i News Another chapter m the alleged tobacco frauds of S mon H Srmpson the skedaddled de aler m Havana leaf was developed m the Umted States DIStrict Court last Tuesday mornmg when Emanuel Solomon of New York and Stgmund Rothschild Fetst Roths ch!ld Kaufman Rothschild and MaiCus Burnstme of thts City were mdwted by the G and Jur for bavmg on the 1st day of Ma) conspued-' comb ned confeder ated and agreed together wtth l:itmon M Simpson to defraud the Government by shtpp ng Havana leaf to bacco to Detroit m bond substttutmg domestiC tobacco for It m the warehouse and then fraudulently remov mg 1t for coiiSumptwn m the Umted States Without paymg the dutJCs ordered by law Thts mdwtment was placed m the hands of Judge Brown who kept the matter qme t until Fnday afternoon when he learned that Sigmund Rothschild who had been out of town all the week was expected home from Chwago Saturday evenmg The mdwtment was then given to the D1stnct Attorney and warrants ISsued for the arrest of the Detrm. parties above mentiOned On an officer was sent to Monroe With mstruc t10ns to mtercept and arrest S1gmund Rothschild at that pomt anli another officer was statwned m the Brush Street depot for Mr Rothschild was known to be m Coldwate1 and was expected home by the Lake Shore road It so happened however that S1gmund s busmess took htm across lots from Jonesville to Jackson so that he came home by way of the Mwh1 gan Central and arrived m Detroit about seven o clock Saturday evernng When the Lake Shore tram reached the Brush Street Depot without Mr Rothschild the officers who had been waiting for btm repaued tmmedtately to the Custom House buildmg for mstruct10ns and were sent to Stgmund s house to arrest b1m tbeie Not findmg him at the house they next vtstted the Phcemx Ulub where the three brothers Rothschtld had gone to spend the evemng wttb thmr wives Everythmg was man aged m the most delicate manner poss1ble Word was sent to the Rothschtlds that somebody wanted to see them below and when they came down stairs they "\\ere qmetly placed under arrest and removed to the Custom House Marcus BmiiStme "as ar rested about the same ttme while he was m the act of entermg h1s brothers store on Woodward Avenue Meanwhile Comnnss10ner Davison was attmg m hrs office and spe01al pams had been taken to fac1htate the p1 ocurement of bat! by the prisoners The amount of their bonds had been determined beforehand and a coupe was summoned and placed at thetr diSposal as soon as they aruved down town Stgmund gave bail m *1o 000 and Kaufmann and Fetst Rotbscbtld and Mr Bumstme m $10 009 aptece to appear for tnal on the 19th mst The spe01fic charge Burnst ne rs that he assisted Stmp son m his fraudulent traiiSfer of tobacco by lendmg htm money and dtscountmg notes grven by Rothschild while the th1ee brothers Rothschild are accused of complicity wtth Stmpson m the actual re moval of the tobacco from the warehouse One para gmph m the mdwtment relates to the 4o bales of to bacco which were described t" o or three months ago as bemg m the Rothschilds possessiOn under bond from Sutter Bros of Chtcago It 1s now alleged that the firm conspired w1th Stmpson and Solomon to have thiS tobacco by some person or persons and by some means unknown to the Grand Jury removed jrom the warehouse and placed m thetr hands Without the pay ment of duty thereon Of course the arrest created a great deal of excite menton Saturday evenmg and was received wtth the most hvely IndignatiOn by the prisoners and theu many friends 'l'he latter cia m that the arrest was d ctated by sptte and that the Umted States offic als hoped and mtended to ptevent them from obta mng bat! and thus keep them m JMl over Sunday but after a thorough mvestigatiOn the News reporter IS satis red that such was not the case The pusoneis we1e treated wtth cons deratiOn and every fac hty given them for the procurement of batl 'lbe reason why the arrest 'vas delayed until Saturday evemng has been already stated The authorities dtd not wtsh to arrest any one of them separately for obvtous reasons and henc e the whole matte1 had to be delayed until Stgmund s return from Chwago The 'Statement m the F1ee Press that one of the arrestmg offimals "\\!IS at the Central Depot when Stgmund came m 1s false and It IS also expt essly demed that any body pounced down upon the three Rothschtld brothers at the Phcemx Club m anythmg but the most diScreet and delicate manner All the parties above mentiOned are well known Cltizens of Detroit and men of wealth and high so01al standmg A CARD FROM SIGMUND ROTHSCHILD To the Publw -I have lived m Detroit twenty five years I am a honseholder wtth a family My mer cantlle has been long established wtth an un spotted reputatiOn Outside of our commercial bust ness our house owns 100 000 acres of pme lands and s $10 000 a year of taxes to this State and some years as high as $100 000 to the Umtea States Govern ment for duties and revenue On arrtvmg from Chicago at the Third Street depot at 6 f M Saturday Nov 8 the Umted States Marshal awaited me wtth a warrant on an mdtctment by the Umted States Grand Jury No nottce was however gtven me and I was allowed to go to my famtly uncon SCIOUS of the eXIstence of thiS warrant Delay was had until I was at a SOCial gathermg wtth my wtfe and frrends at 9 30 when I was setzed. The mdtgmty of arrestmg me under these Circumstances and the op pressiOn of demandmg $15 000 bail at 11 o clock on Sat urday with the purpose of compelling me to he m Jail IS a mamfest outrage and I wiSh the pubhc to know 1t I am chaq;cd wttb cornl)nracy to defraud the Umted States by umtmg wtth one Stmpson and others m 1mportmg tobacco Without paytng duties I brand the charge as utterly false and mahc10uao. No man could be found who dared make an affidavit for my arrest and exammatwn before an officer where I could have an opportumty to be heard My enemies knew that no eVIdence could be produced and that any open accuser would be puniShed for maliciOus prosecutiOn so they procure a secret tribunal called a grand Jury so aben to the spmt of our mst1tutwns that the State of Mich1gan has dtsused 1t and It IS rarely used by the Government Accordmgly al though th1s Stmpson was complamed of and fled many months ago no person was bold enough to accuse me And now I am charged wtth no defimte offense but the convement charge consplracy My counsel show me what Judge Cll.illpbell of the Supreme Court of 1>1wbtgan, says of this kind of charge m the late case of Barkalow 37 Mtch 458 There 1s no class of cases where defendants are better entitled to the protection of the law agamst vague charges than where they are charged wtth conspuucy. The course of legal exper tence has shown this to have been a famthar resort to catch mnocent persoiiS by throwmg a drag net of vague charges and resortmg to suspicions and preJU dtces to mduce JUries to convwt persons who find It Impossible to escape the mahcwus msmuat10ns of false accusers Thts language exactly shows what thiS charge IS agamst me I shall be acqmtted 1f my accusers ever dare brmg me to trial whtch I doubt as they have not one partwle of evtdence But what reparation lS THE TOBACCO LEAF. an.acqu ttal for a man whoe reputatiOn bas suffered from an mdtctment telegraphed all over the mercan tile world? Wtll It restore my credit or repay my damages ? I appeal to my fellow Citizens to condemn this outrageous proceedmg and Its authors But that IS not all This mdwtment was found on the 4th and my brothers "ere mdrcted JO nHy wtth me The) were here all the week but were not arrested until I was Our house IS known We have at this t1me m the possessiOn of the Government from $30 000 to $40 000 worth of Imported goods We pay the Gov ernment every year $100 000 of duties and revenues and taxes and yet we are abused as a Russian subJect mtght be m St Petersburg when dragged to Stberia All tobacco 1m ported IS m the possessiOn of the Gov ernment officers at thiS port One person was held m *2 000 bml four months ago Why IS he not tned I Why Is) he not mdwted ? Why IS no Government officer (without whose compliCity no tobacco could be Withdrawn from the warehouse) why IS no Govern ment officer I repeat mdwted 1 Simpson needed no fellow-conspirator to help btm He needed only the keys or somebody mstde to open the door for htm I destre to make the charge as pubhcly as I may that this mdwtment IS the outgrowth of mahce and that sooner or later 1f my life be spared I will as prosecu tor brmg to JUStiCe the highest and the lowest of the authors of this great outrage SIGMIDID ROTHSCHILD DETROIT Nov 10 1879 WEDDED SCHUBART JACOBS Thts IS the season for weddmgs o,nd every mornmg paper.recoids the urnon In marnage or numberless hearts and hands that Fate has marked for 1ts own and Cuptd bas mdiSsolubly JOined together On Tues day evenmg Mr Aaron Schubart son of the pronnnent leaf tobacco merchant H Schubart of tbts City cele brated bts nuptials wtth 1>11ss RosejJacobs daughter of Mr and Mrs L Jacobs at Standard Hall A large number of mvitatwns were sent to the friends of the r espect1 ve famthes and at 8 30 P M the hall was filled wttb elegantly dressed ladies and gentlemen who had assembled to do honor to the occaswn Among the notiCeable representatives of the tobacco trade present were the Messrs LachenbiUch Leonard Fnedman H Frtedman partner of Mr H Schubart F Garcia James Erthetler and others Th e ceremony of marriage was performed by the Rev Dr Adolph Huebsch a superb collat on bemg aftenvards srved for the entertamment of the guests The happy brtdal patr departed about twelve o clock on a weddmg tour but the fest1 v1t1es met dent to the auspiciOus event were protracted to an early hour of the followmg mormng Dr Huebsch delivered a feh01tous post prandial speech and was followed m a humorous vem by :r.rr Eugene Boremsky who reCited an acrostic embracmg the names of the married couple and a song composed by himself expressly for the occasiOn We have space only for the acrostiC w hwh "\\ e present as 1t was read m GermanR und urn Eucb h er em Jedes Aug voll Freude 0 heut so glueckhcb Junges Paar S age Euch dass Euch man Euer Glueck mcht netde E m Wunsch beseelt der Freunde Schaar Auf lasst dte Glaeser frendtg uns erheben A uf s Wohl des JUngen Paar s stosst an R ewh set an Freuden nur thr gauzes Leben 0 s folg Jahr auf Jabr des Glueck s dann N och nach Centennien m der Ensel Kretse S e1 der Name Scbubart lnbegriff des Gluecks CH ampagner her !asset m froher We se U ns trmk en auf so sehges Geschwk B ehuete Euch Gott vtele vtele Jahre Auf Wtedersehn zur gold nen Hochze1t noch R uf wh Euch zu Und nun dem scboeneu Paate T oen !aut Ihr Freunde unser Aller Hochl BEIR RICH On Wednesday afternoon the fr1ends of Mtss Belle Rwh daughter of Mr and Mrs A Rwn and Mr Davtd Betr of the ctgar tnaaufacturmg firm of L Ash & Co of this ctty met at 36 West 56th Street to celebrate the marriage of tbts young couple The ceremony was performed by the Rev Dr Jacobs The Rev Dr Huebsch was also m attendance In the course of a few days the young couple w1ll start on a bndal tour to the West The weddmg was attended by a large concourse of the fnends of the brtde and bndegroom mcludmg a number of persons promment m tobacco and c1gar Circles Our hope IS that JOY unendmg may be the lot of both these happy patrs August Mencken of the enterprtsmg firm of Aug Mencken & Bro ctgar manufacturers of Baltimore was married on Tuesday to Miss Anna M Abhau After the nuptials the contractmg parties started North on their weddmg tour Purchasers of Seed Leaf m the Country During the Week. SIMON AUERBACH -Has 100 cases 1878 Con nect1cut seconds m East Hartford E M CRAWFORD & SoJS -Have made a few umm portant purchases thiS "Week H KoE...'iiG -Has bougl t 100 cases W1sconsm tobacco N LACHENBRUCH & BRO Have made no purchases th1s week except a few cases of Pennsy lvama 1878 CI op b1,1t are str1ppmg some of the 1879 tobacco m the Housatornc Valley M OPPENHEIMER -Has bought a few crops of 1879 Pennsylvama FREDERICK SCHULZ -Has bought two crops of 1879 Connecticut tobacco m East Hartford one of e ght acres and the other siX acres A H ScoviLLE & Co -As will be seen by our cor respondence m another place have bOught on the poles m Pennsylvania 100 acres more or less at 1o@19c runmng SoH VARZ & WEIL -Have bought some Housatomc 1879 tobacco cannot say bow much SELIGSBURG -Has bought three acres of Havana seed m Connecticut on poles at 16c runnmg also bought about mne acres at all Brtdge Housa tome Valley at 14@16c runnmg SPEAR & HELD -Bought 200 cases Housatomc to bacco thiS week M WESTHEIM & Co Bought a little report that Messrs Bunzl & Dor mttzer and Havemeyers & Vtgelms have commenced buymg PeniiSylvarua tobacco at prtces rangmg from 20 and 5 to 20 cents round from the poles M.INOR EDITORIALS AND NEWS ITEMS CALLED -We were favored before gomg to press on Frtday evemng With a courteouR call from Mr M E McDowell and Mr Juhan S Carr What firms these gentlemen represent need not be stated to our readers as they are popularly known everywhere STiliPS ON CJOAR BoxES -Mr Phthp Shafer cigar manufacturer of 164 East Etghty sixth Street was arraigned before U ruted States CommlSSloner Shtelds yesterday charged wtth fiLllmg to cancel stamps on seven boxes of c:tgars m bts possessiOn He gave bat! m the sum of $250 to awiLlt the actiOn of the Grand Jury FROM CHILI -A correspondent writmg from Valpa.r atso reports that the Chambers have determmed to make an end of the Government tobacco monopoly By thiS means not only an Impulse wlll be gtven to the of leaf tobacco but there wtll henceforth be a free cultivatiOn of the tobacco plant whwh 1t 1s not doubted wdl have a beneficent mfiuence on the progress and prospenty of the country WILL BE IN YORK -The York County Pa Democrat of last Tuesday remarks -The York County Tobacco Growers AssoCiatiOn wdl meet m York on Saturday next m the Dupatch butldtug 10 E Market Street A full at.tendance 1S expected Mr John G Gra:lf of the New York TOBACCO LEAF on. hts tour South Will visit York shortly and may be present at thiS meetmg of the AssoCiatiOn So REPOI!TED -You are all alone here? asked a man of the clerk m a Crncwnat1 cigar store Recetvmg an affirmative answer he contmued What would you do If a th ef should grab this box and run away? The clerk rep! ed that be would let the rascal escape rather than abandon the money drawer to a possible rard Then Ill be gomg the man tinally remarked as he tucked the box under hts coat and hastily de parted SHORTAGE Trade Rev1ew About 7a 000 hogsheads IS the shortage m the deln er1es of the crop year now closed though the stocks m the open markets are 9 000 hogsheads greater than a year ago The n argm of SO 000 to 90 000 hogsheads represents the results of the abstentiOn of Europe from purchasmg m the crop year The stocks m the fore gn open markets and Enghsh Government warehouses meanwhile are 20 to 25 thousand hogsheads less than a year ago INTERNAL REVENUE RECEIPTS -Trade Remew LOUIS ville Ky -The receipts by the Collector for th1s d1s triCt m October were tobacco $68 60 ctgars $7 941 90 wh1skv $229 lo2 60 total $305 796 10 Tbts represents 2o4 910 gallons of w hrsky taken from bonded )Varehouses and 429 385 pounds of manufactured to bacco stamped for sbtpment As to the latter the revenues hold a fine average notwtthstandmg the grumblmg tone of manufacturers he busmess bemg larger than m any other Kentucky distnct or m Cm cmnat1 HOLDING THEIR OWN AWAY FROM HOME -A Georgia paJ?er says -A promment feature of theN orth Georg1a Fa1r for 1879 JUSt closed was the handsome exhibit of Cigarettes manufactured by B Pollak New York and for which he received by the unammous decisiOn of the JUdges the award of a silver medal for best exbtbtt of cigarettes mclud ng supenonty of quahty and ex cellence of manufacture His leadmg brands are the Puck Cadet Uncle Sam Pmafore Satsuma and Bon fume as also the Mar9ms all tobacco Clgarettes whwb recen ed special mention and award of a diploma ENCOURAGING ToBACCO TRADE ASSOCIATION -The To bacco Tiade AssoCiatiOn of Philadelphia held Its quar terlymeet ngonMonda) Nov 10 Mr A Hagen pres1 dentprestded Tbestandmgcommttteesreported favor ably while the treasurer Mr G W Bremer showed a very sat sfactor) amount of funds m his hands after which a general busmess conversatron was partiCipated m by the member whteh proved advantageous and pleasmg to all parties present to such a degree that upon adJournment each mdn tdual personally felt It to be his s pec a duty to hereafter forward m every shape the mterests of the Tobacco Trade Asso01at10n of Pbtladelphla THE INTERNAL REVENUE COLLECTO!tSHIP IN THE FIRST NEW YORK COLLECTION DisTRICT The morn ng papers have been busy this week wttb the questiOn mvolved m th1s headmg but have determmed noth ng of Im portance m relatiOn to It Some of the aspirants for the vacant Collectorship by the md of their friends have mged the1r clmms before Prestaent HaJ es and the Department but we have reason to believe the matte1 VIll be delayed until the meetmg of Congress The delay Itself IS not likely to help those whose re cords are not regarded as altogether elear or preJudice the clatms of those who stand well m popular regard m Washmgton and elsewhere Who has the mstde track has yet to be determmed "WHAT CoMES OF A STRIKE -S gmond Belmond a Cigar manufacturer of Thirty third Street and Second A venue was tned m the Court of General Sessions on Tuesday on a of an assault on a c gar make1 named Henry Lew1s The complamant teStified that on a day named whtle m defendants factory the lat te1 had thrown htm down a flight of starrs causmg btm to break his nose and two rtbs It appeared that at the time defendants employees were on strtke and witnesses for the defense testified that the man came 111 the factory for purposes of mterference and when they were ordered to leave the place Belmond was attacked by the compla nant and hts compamons In VIe v of these Circumstances Belmond was acqmtted A COMING REVENUE DECISION-Washmgton Nov 14 -Secretary Sherman has referred to Assrstant Secre tary French for consideratiOn and deets on a case m volvmg about $100 000 It ISm the shape of a petitiOn of Demas Barnes assr gnee m bankruptcy of the estate of fj:J.eodore;;H Vetterlem and Bernard T Vetterlem compnsmg the firm of Th 'i etterlem & Son of New York and Vetterlem & Co of Phtladelphia for the remtsswn of forfeiture and penalties etc etc alleged to have been mcurred by the fum m the Importation of four cargoes of tobacco mto th1s port The money was collected from the firm and 1s now under the control of the Umted States Court m New York wart mg deCisiOn If the penalties are rem1tted the $100 000 mvolved will go to the credttors of the Vetterlem estate THE KENTUCKY CROP-AN OFFICIAL ESTIMATE Comm ss10ner Bowman of Kentucky m hts agr cui tural report JUSt Issued makes the followmg estrmate of the Kentucky tobacco crop thrs year -The present crop IB unusually heavy and. as a general thmg more pounds have been rarsed to the acre than for years be fore and of course the quahty corresponded to 1ts un usually luxunant growth This IS reported as bemg conspicuously true m the Mason dtstrwt Owen Breckenridge m some of the counties of the Purchase ahd other locahties Two causes contribute to thts re sUit The more use of ferttl zers and more careful cultiVatiOn Of course the latter half of the season was favorable to Its perfect growth and rna turtty Planters have visely concluded that there IS more money m ratsmg five of superiOr tobacco that mall senses comes up to a full standard m Ity than m ratsmg ten acres mdtfferently cultivated and carelessly handled ---ENDORSEMENT OF THE FRENCH GOVERNMENT -It IS a matter of pnde to Rochester says a paper of that City as well as to the firm dtrectly mterested that yester day a cable dtspatch was received statmg that the French Government had adopted the tobacco and Cigarettes manufactured by W S Kimball & Co of that city We should explam perhaps that all tobacco sold n France up to th s t1me has been manufactured by the Government Of late the demand for other makes has ausen and the Government to meet 1t allowed English and Amerwan manufacturers to enter goods for compet1t1ve test wttb a vtew to the adoption of the bet The fact that W S KtmJ:lall & Co bave come out far ahead of all other manufacturers m both countries IS proof that their goods are the best the world produces Their tobacco and Cigarettes will henceforth be on salem Parts as freely as m New "York but no other make except the French will be found there In other words the French Gov ernment on the report of 1ts experts declares the goods of W S Ktmball & Co the best m the world l BusiNESS TROUBLES The latest busmess artange ments assignments and fatlures reported durmg the present week mclude the followmg cases -Jacob N Ierael dealer m tobacco and cigars m Philadelphia, has made an assignment to Joseph Wallace n1 that mtv There are no particulars as to hts liabthties whtcb howeve1 cannot be latge --D Samson & Bro dealers m Cigars m ChiCago are among the cases reported They were sued a short t1me ago on a note for whtch thev wtJre unable to pay They offer ed to pay $100 a month nnt1l settled whwh has been accepted by the part1es here subJect to the approval of their prm01pals East --The hst also mcludes the name of Charles Baehr tobacco merchant of Galyes ton Texas A report dated Oct 29 says that he Is considerably behmd He has been sued and there are two Judgments agamst htm one m favor of H Rosenberg for a loan and the other m favor of creditors for merchandise -Johanna E'itern dealer m Cigars th1s City made an al!Stgnment to Adolph Levme wtth pref .. rred debts to the amount of $641 There are no particulars as to her other lia.b1httes wbtcb however are not deemed to be large A SOUTHERN REVIEW -The New Orleans 7tmes Nov 6 rematks -The tobacco croY. for 1879 proDllses a large yteld generally and lB satd to be of fine quality Advtces from Tennessee place the quantity m some of the best growmg sections of that State at 50 per cent and the quality 40 to 50 per cent better than last year The Missouri crop 1s reported not so large but of pnme thoroughly npened generally free from worm-eat sound leafy and nch The drouth m that State curtailed the productiOn In Wisconsm the entire crop will undoubtedlf be one of exceptionally good quality Competent JUdges est1 mate that about 2 500 acres of Span:tsb tobacco were gtown m Wti!Klonsm the past season and that the acreage was about 2){ cases per acre or a total of about 6 250 cases About 5 600 cases have already been sold leavmg only 61>0 cases nowm the hands of growers The WISConsm Spamsh tobacco crop of 1879 wtll net the growers from $275 000 to *BOO 000-qutte a sum of money denved from an mdustry which IS yet m Its m fancy The Kentucky crop 1s also large--an average of at least 75 l?er cent and some estrmates are even higher than thiS The substantial quality of the yteld will make amends for any decrease m the acreage Reports from Vtrgtma are encouragmg the crop large and unusually fine IQ. the Eastern States we hear re NOV 15 ports of the same tenor The pnnctpal portion of the 1878 crop mtended for export still hes m the seaport markets UNITED STATES SUPREME CouRCJ; -W \SHINGTON N 0 vember lOtl;t 1879 The followmg case was disposed of m the Umted States Supreme Court to d a y No 179 'lbe Umted States pia nt1ff vs Herman Htrsch et al On certificate of dtvisiOn from the Cn cmt Court of the Umted States for the southern d 1 s tnct of New York The defendants were prosecuted on an md1ctment contammg four different counts to all of which they pleaded the statute of umitatiOns The mdictment was found Feb 3 1877 and the offences were charged to have been cormmtted Sept 13 1873 The first two counts are flamed under section 5 440 of the Revised Statutes and set forth conspiracy to de fraud the Urnted States of duties on certam goods 1m ported from abroad The other two counts are drawn under section 5 445 and charge false entry of the goods at the Custom House by fraudulent mvowes and by false classificatiOn as to 9.uality and value The Judges of the CircUit Court cer tfy a diVISion of oprmon on the question Whether tnalts barred by !leCtiOn 1 044 the mdtctment havmg been found more than three years after the commisSion of the alleged offence or whether It was wtthm tl e provision of section 1 04.6 as havtng been found wttlun five years next after tLe comm ss on of the offence Th1s court holds that the plea of the statute of lim1tations of three years 1s good m bar of the first h,o counts of the mdiCtment and 1s bad as to the thtrd and fourth and IS ordered to be so certified to the Ctrcmt Court Mr Justice Mtller de livered the op1mon KEY WEST -THE Qu,;STION OF TRADE MARKS -The .Amerwan Grocer pub1Ishes a legal opm10n m regard to Northern manufacturers of ctgars brandmg the r goods Key West wh ch 1s as follows As a general rule a geographiCal name cannot becop1e a personal trade mark-all persons restdmg and manufactunng at the same place havmg an equal right to designate the locahty of their manufacture yet m some cases such a name has been sustamed as an mdtv1dual trade mark In a case decided by the House of Lords the plamt1ff commenced the manufacture at a small hamlet called Glenfield of an artwie of starch vhich he called Glenfield starch coupled" 1th other words He afterwards removed bts factory to Patsley but conhnued to call hts article Glenfield starch Defendant then opened a factory at Glenfield and used the "ords manufactured at Glenfield and was re stramed from usmg the word Glenfield though be actually manufactured there and the plamt1ff else where Tbts IR an extreme case and the better rule vould seem to lle that any one should ha-ve the rtght to use the name of the place of actual manufacture of an artwle as mdicattve thereof But while such name cannot become a trade mark so that 1ts use could be restramed on other goods manufactured at the same place Its use would probably be restramed by a court of eqmty upon goods manufactured elsewhere The deCisions are con1hetmg and the questwn not free from doubt but probably the court at the smt of a Key West manufacturer would restr am a N e vYork manu facture from bemg branded Key West But aside from any question of trade mark anv one who should falsely brand Cigars as Key West and represent them and sell them as such would be liable to his vendee for any damage or loss he nnght sus tam by bts reliance on the truth of such misrepresentatiOns as upon any other breach of warranty or miSrepre sentat10n BUSINESS MENTION WE call the attent on of our readers to a card on the lOth page of this tssue of Mr Geo Zorn manu facturer and Importer of ptpes smokers articles 158 North Tbtrd Street Pluladelphia Mr Zorn has been m busmess f01 S"veral years com mencmg m a small wa) and be ng to day perhaps the largest and most pro 1 ment deale 1 m p pes m that City Mr Zorn manufactures and Imports all hiS wooden pipes and m clay p1pes he claims to have the largest variety m PhiJadelph a Dealers throughout the country Will do well to remembe1 that fact LOCAL JOTTINGS -Spear & Held bought 151 cases Housatomc from Joseph Mayers Sons E Hoffman & Son sold 100 cases toM Jacoby -1:.. Bremer s Sons of Ph !adelphia bought 85 cases of 1877 Wtsconsm from Basch & Ftscher -Mr Schroeder of Rothschild Schrooder & Ehel of Chwago pm chased a considerable amount of Seed leaf and Spamsh tobacco m this market tbts week MR GRAFF S NOTES BY THE WAY IN Philadelph a and Intermediate pomts I found the trade m a good and flour conditiOn commtsswn merchants manufacturers of ctgais and dealers m leaf tobacco havmg transacted a fair busmess this fall The prmCipal Phtladelpb1a packers of Seed leaf have not yet embarked m any 1879 leaf speculat10'1s They are rather too careful operators to follow their New York brethren m the way of buymg on the poles They all agree With THE LEAF that m vtew of the 200 000 or more cases of tl:ie 1879 crbp there 1s no need for any hurry Gigar manufacturers ask themselves the questiOn what tney would have to pa.) for wrap pers 1f New York packers pay 22 to 26c per-pound IN Lancaster and the adJommg counties of York Chester Cumberland Berks Lebanon and others thmgs are very qutet Prmrnnent resident packers as well as foretgn ones are lookmg around but notbmg of any consequence has been done -A H Scoville & Co of New York are among the few who have bought on the poles purchasmg about 100 acres more or less for from la to 19e round Haveme) ers & VIgehus M Oppenheimer Kerbs & Sptess of New York and Mess s Becker Bros of Baltrmme are h ere IIISpectmg the crops of the d1fferent counties E G Sterner of Philadelphia has bought several crops and Mr John Moor(l formelly of the firm of Moore Hay & Co IS prospectmg about -The promment packers of Lan caster such as Skiles & Frey Aaron Ieller C H Reme Jr J H Shirk Frey & We dler and others seem to be 111 no hurry and are mchned to sha1 e THE LEAFs optrnon Of the old 1878 crop there IS accord mg to fir!!t class authority about 6 000 to 8 000 cases m the hands of local dealers -The 18 9 crop looks elegant and some has been stripped durmg the last few days 70 000 cases IS tne lowest estimate gtven PENNSYLVANIA tobacco growmg has been extended even to Er1e Uounty MEssRS SKILES & FREY the proDllnent Lanca.Rter Pa packers hold a very desirable well sweated dark lot of 1878 wrappers The packmgs of thts old and reliable house are btghly appreciated by the trade at latge MR AARON TELLER Will open hiS new tobacco ware bouse before the .first of January Many thanks are due to th1s gentleman for hts favors to me MESSRS FREY & WEIDLER, of Lancaster hold a de Sirable lot of 700 cases of the 1878 crop Mr Frey 1s one of the oldest operators m th1s sectiOn DR F S KEN.tHG an old and well known tobacco man of Lanc!lster County mtends bmldmg to bacco "arehouse at Lancaster Mr Kendtg operates both m Conestoga and Lancaster and has a lot of 800 cases or 1878 crop on hand To BLACKWELL s genume Durham smokmg tobacco has been awarded a dtploma for BEST S.HOKING To BAcco at the St LouiS Agricultural and Mechanics Fa1r held October 19 m the ctty of St LoUIS A NEW tobacco sweatmg establtsnment Bas been opened at Philadelphia The process 1s a patent one and IS htgbly commented upon by promment local leaf dealers Messrs Young & Paul are the propnetors Further partiCulars will be gtven to the trade m subse quent notices MR JoHN MooRE the pleasant and popular leaf mer chant of Pbtladelphta bas withdrawn from hiS old firm but not from active speculation m the weed. MR B A VAN ScHAICJt:, sole agent for LOrillard s tobacco and snuff Philadelphia, h8s moved mto a new warehouse corner of Second and Race Streets Mr Van SchaiCk has purchased the building which was formerly occupted as a bank MR F X KELLY JR of Philadelphia of Happy Thought reputation has moved to 112 Arch Street E riend Kelly has lately successfully mtroduced his Happy Thoughts to some of the leading New York grocers Have all the Happy Thoughts you want Brother Kelly as long as you get orders for them MESSRS FRED K DEBARY & Co the eDllnent Key West ctgar manufacturers have established a perms nent agency at Philadel ph1a for the sale of goods Mr J C Borradaile IS the agent To Messrs Shmdel & Stehman of Mountville Pa my thanks are due for courtestes extended Thists an old and reliable firm and they are holders of about 600 cases of fine 1878 Pennsylvania tobacco MESSRS KELLER & KLINE Cigar manufacturers and packers of leaf at Wrightsville Pa report an m creased busmess l?artwularly so m their manufactu rmg branch Thts firni 1s one of the largest C.JgV Ofllce of the LON'E CH.I!"t'tes-EBTHEII.Jm & CO.-No. 83 READE Sm:EE'l', NEW YORK.


manufacturmg firms m Pennsylvama and are reliable m every respect They have 500 cases of the 1878 crop THE old and reputable firm ofF Fendnch Columbia Pa IS I may, say known to almost every one who deals m tobacco Mr Fendnch IS the youngest of five brothers who commenced ousmess m 1855 Mr ] end riCh IS a heavy manufacturer of mgars and packer of leaf and has accumulated a fort me through his m tegrity and hard work No man IS better known than he A friend of Col Duffy and an assomate of the most promment men m h1s sectiOn of the country Mr Fendr eh can look back w1th p1 de to his humble be gmnillg His residence IS the finest m Lancaster County and his store m Columbia would be an orna ment to any Eastern mty YoRK CoUNTY PA IS gett ng to be a promment to bacco ra1smg sect on The able gentleman Hiram Young proprietor of the True Denwc1 at s t eaching the farmers how to ra se tobacco equal to that o f Lan caster County But our York County farmer'S must gtve up their c lose fisted l?r nmple Let them sow good seed use stable manure mstead of fertil:tzers ana they Will be all nght The packel'S of York are Meyers & Adams Van de1 Sloot & Co and A Sonne man THE followmg IS a complete hst of firms who rue prospectmg m Lancastm County with a v1e of m vestmg MessiS Teller Bros Lewis Bremer & Sons Philadelphia Mr Pauhtsch E Spmgarn & Co Bunzl & Dorrmtzer Foster Hilson & Co C H Spttzner and N Lachenbruch & Bro New Y01k MY thanks are due to Mr Huam Young the emment York Citizen and pubhsher of the T ue Denwcrat IT IS with great J?leasure that I repo t the convales sence of our old fuend Mr W E senlvhr of Ph ladel ph1a Mr E senlohr has been very s ck for the past f6ur weeks but IS expected to be about his office aga n m a short t1me The firm of VV E1senlohr & Co re port an 1m proved busmess m Seed leaf and the r sales durmg the month have been largei than at any cor respondmg time n former years Spec1al Crop Correspondence YORK PA November 6 EDITOR TOBACCO LE.AF York County tobacco Will now be rea:dy for str1p.Pmg Last n ght severalmches of snow fell To day 1t rams and the sno v lS d1sap pearmg The mmst atmosphere will dampen the to bacco and the several thousand York County tobacco growers will go to str ppmg therr fine crop of tl e presem season 'I here have been no sales yet so far as we can learn of the new crop m York County Numbers of VISitors have ms1 ected every sectiOn of the county while the olant was growmg and smce t was housed offel'S have been made for entire cr OJ?S but no sales are reported The gtowei'S prefer stnppmg and sortmg before selling unless very temptmg offe1 s are made There IS much anxiety now about a better home market Our farmers want home buyers and home packers thus savillg sh1ppmg and resh1ppmg before reachmg the market Several tobacco ware houses are already m course of constructiOn m the county and with those m York Wrightsville and other pomts much of our tobacco can be sold near home MessrA Beck & Baughman dealers m York have sold a lot of York County leaf of 1878 crop this" eek on pnvate terms There IS constderable of last years stock m the hands of dealers whiCh will be mostly disposed of to our hundreds of c1gar factortes w1thm this revenue diStuct and to persons commg to York to buy TOBACCO NEW MILFORD CONN Nov 13 EDITOR OF THE TOBACCO LEAF There are two parttes m the Housa tome Valley-the Bulls and the Bears compnsmg Messrs Bunzl & Dm m1tzer Wildman Green and Wm. Schoverhng of Schoverlmg Bros A buyer Mr ---see ng the other day a small crop of 1879 be ng delivered by two small boys who had rased t and stripped It to the parties who bought It stopped them and as he hkes to comment on all crops that others buy and which he cannot purchase as the farmers obJect to showmg hrm a crop he after lookmg over all the bundles pronounced the tobacco of these small boys to be a failure like that of 1874 It will not be well for Mr --to keep up the practice of stoppmg teams loaded with tobacco m th1s case if the father of the boys had been present Mr --would most hkely have been soundly whipped Mr Green we learn mtends gomg out to day to obta n samples of crops that have been sold so that he may send them and a report of the priCes patd to Mesal'S Bunzl & Dormttzer to enable them to JUdge of the crop It used to be sa1d that --and -ran the Housatomc Valley with thetr brams and their money but at this tune ne1ther their money nor thetr brams can do 1t They are virtually dead m th li V a.lley and 1t 1s sa d that the farmers wish they were not here There have not been any sales th1s week Durmg the last three days the farmers have stnyped a httle tobacco but they were unable to strip al of their crops No sales of old. CONNECTICUT EAST HARTFORD CT Nov 6 EDITOR TOBACCO LEAF -Str The sales of the 1879 tobacco have been qmet durmg the past "1\eek owmg to the cold weather and dry state of the tobacco Messrs E Rosenwald & Bro have bought several crops on Burns de Avenue at pnces from 18 to 20c for wra_ppers I B JUr has bought the Carney crop at private terms Several crops of the 1878 tobacco have been sold through com rmsswn at pr1ces from 12 to 25c for wrappe1 s 10c for seconds and 5c for fillel'S Vv e are all looking for the first sto m when one th1 d of the crop will be taken from the poles and then the buyers will see whether they have bought barga ns or not H PINE MEADOWS CT Nov 10 1879 EDITOR 'lOBACCO LEAF Sales of tobacco crop of to New M lford pa1 tres as follows S B1d well 18c C Good wm 14c N Brown 14c J Pike 16c A Ch deey 14c S Rust 16c C Gilman 18c Ryan 14c All to be dehvered m bundles Add 2c for assortmg and deduct )(. for fillers and seconds and you may guess what wrappers cost w MOUNTVILLE PA -Lachenbruch & Bro New York bought 24 cases 1878 crop of !\. Mellmger on pnvate terms John Frtday of :1.1ountv1lle bought of D Weidler 2 acres 1879 crop at 20 and 5 I H Kaufman of this place bought Levy Meyers crop at 20c round He a lso bought sue acres of John Hoover s crop at 20 and5 RDZ York County Pa News The True Democrat of York Pa gives the followmg account of a meetmg of tobacco growers of Manchester townshtp m that county h eld at lately Owrng to the short nottce of the meetmg there were only about thirty growers present The viCe pres1 dent J A Em1g called the meetmg to order and stated the obJect of the county orgamzatwn after whiCh a general of opm1on was had m regard to the countv assoc atron A rn&.JOnty of the most promment present expressed themselves most enthustastrcally m favor of the orgamzatron after which the secretary Mr E Good: took the number of acres represented m the n\eetmg which amounted to upwards of one hundred and fifty An Impromptu d1scuss1on followed on variOus subJects ap to the culture and handlmgs of the crop after which the meetmg adJourned w1tli good pro spects for a full attendance at the next county meet mg Packel'S are lookmg around but no sales were made thus far One great desideratum IS the want of smtable packmg houses Mr A Sonneman of York says the True Democrat rs puttmg up a tobacco warehouse bmlt of brick 54 by 28 feet and 9 mches m SIZe w1th tB.ree floors sub sta.ntially supported and gtvmg room for stormg over one thommnd cases The Democrat adds Mr So 1 eman states that storme: m the mtres costs 10 cents a ase per month He says he has customars from the c1t1es who prefer packmg and storm g m York tb an nearer to the rrver where the mOist atmosphere affects the c umg He can g1ve stormg rooms at one half the City rates and make a good mvestment on h1s buildmg Th1s new warehouse Mr Sonneman mtends usmg to pack h1s ow_n tobacco which he buys our York County growers and at the sam64ilme will accommodate City packers desumg room York County remarks the D errwcrat never h a d a larger nor better crop of tobacco than th1s season It says -The great arm of the farmer now should be to prepare It m the llest possible way for the market The present damp spell of weather is most favorable for liandling To get the best pr1Ces1 early stnppmg 1s all nrlportant to be ready for earfy ouyers who are mostly from Callforma and come East to buy our best lots of Pennsylvama Seed leaf: I -Money was almost a drug m the market a few months ago bu1i 1t 1S now and,act1ye at the legal rate notwithstanding the Increased volume of the mr cull;.twg medmm, resulting from large accesewns of gold frOm Europe and the of gold and silver through resumptiOn THE TOBAnCO LEAF NEW YORK Rtg Flats Nov 12 W H L reports For tl e first time m some months we have had a thorough ra n Yesterday and to day 1t has ra ed almost Ill cessantly Tobacco farmers have generally mproved the opportumty offered them b;li taking from the poles a portiOn of their crops We see an occaswnal repre sentative of New York tobacco houses perambulat ng the county looking how the crop has cured down but as yet have heard of no sales When the market opens will repo1t CONNECTICUT StrnslnmJ liov 10 -I C reports -S nee my last report I hav,l!" learned of the sale of but two crops of 1879tobacc o m this town thos<> be ng shghtly damaged by hail makmg m all SlX crops sold of that class of goods The farme1s about here are thmkmg that a sl ght sprmklmg of ha1l on the r tobacco IS an ad van tage as 1t appears to msure early sales at fnll figures 14 % to 16 cents m the bundle It s presumed of course that the buye s know what they are about Wtndsor Nov 13 H reports There has not been anythmg done here m the last week m the 'fay of buymg any goods There has been some mo st weather m the past twenty four homs and some have taken down part and h ope for tbe soft weather to contmue so as to take down more I 'fill advise you when any move IS made PENNSYLVANIA Letmstown Nov 13 -S reports -The tobacco has cured n cely and most of the farmers are busy tak ng d own as 'fe have had some wet weather lately wh ch has put rt m splend d order for hand I ng some part1es have commenced str ppmg KENTUCKY Cadtz Trtg g Co Nov 6 J F W rep01 ts Smce I last reported there has been some 1 ttle lookmground by those vho expect to buy and a few pm ehascs have been made mostly for tobacc o m the sheds at about $1 50 to $2 for It gs and $3 50 to $4 50 for leaf I th nk tobacco will go off I ere at about last years pnces say from $4 to $4 50 and $5 for from common to good crops Ol nstead Nov 11 -T E B reports -Hav ng re ported the crop all housed several weeks ago I have had nothmg of mterest to reports nee The excessrve ly warm season n October was very unfavorable on tobacco m the barns but I have heard no complamt of damage from th s cause and thmk there as rone sus tamed A.ll of this month as" ell as the latter part of Octob e r has been cool and drymg and the entue cro_p s no ;v so fully cured as to be beyond any danger of damage from any cause No sales of ne" crop have been made and c:J,ealers have not even commenced to exam ne the crop Very little If anythmg w II be done unt l after the Chnstmas hoi da) s The Recent Plug Tobacco Decrs1ons FomtheTadeRe ev Imp01 tant law su ts bet" ee n tobacco manufacturers mvol vmg exclusive rights to certam patented dev ces for stampmg plug tobacco are occupymg much atten t on Fortunes are at stake m the litigation and the part es ltt1gant are sparmg neithei time nor money m pressmg and defendmg their mterests The case of Mrller & Worley agaillst S J Foree & Co was decrded recently by the U mted States C1rcui t Court at Louis ville as reported at the t me by the Trade Remew The case 1s to be appealed Last week the Un ted States D str ct Court at PhJladelph a dec ded a prose cutwn for the mfrmgement of the tm tag patent of Lonllard & Co adversely to the owners of the :patent Concernmg the scope of the deCISIOii m the !.hiler & Worley case there a1e differences of opmwn oetween the parties mvolved In the mJunctwn ISSued pursu ant to J dge Baxters decisiOn the President of the Umted States of Ameuca commands Messrs S J Foree & Co to abstam from mfrmgrng or v10lat ng the descnbed process of mark ng plug tobacco whiCh cons sts of tmpressmg letters or other marks directly mto the s des of the plug durmg the process of manu facture and by the pressure employed m makmg the plug substantially as descnbed and that you do not mfrmge upon the process descnbed m said patent and referred to m the first clmm thereof whiCh commands and mJunctwns you are respect vely requ red to ob serve and obey until our satd C1rcmt Court shall make further order m the premiSes Hereof fail not under the penalty of the law thence ensumg Messrs Foree & Co on therr part obtamed from their attorney a construction of the purport of Judge Baxters decisiOn accordmg to legal mterpretatwns and the opmwn 1s as follows 1 He declared that the second claim of the patent was utterly vmd It was under this cia m alone that smts could be brougnt agamst dealers and smce 1ts overthrow all such smts four 1n number VIZ Messrn Allen & Co New Yo k Schnull & Co Indmnapohs Ind Dtetz Zanesville 0 and Johnson Eagye & Earle Pittsburgh Pa have been diSmissed at the cost of Miller & Worley and Fmzer Bros 2 He dec ded that the first claim was val d only for the preciSe process descr bed but If 1t could be held to cover all ways of 1mpressmg letters or marks mto the s de of the plug dunng the process of manufacture then It too was utterly vmd 3 The first clam does not even under Judge Bax ter s construction cover markmg m the molds and any one lS at hberty so far as th1s patent s concerned so to mark tobacco 4 No su t hereafter can be brought agamst any dealer m marked tobacco all prosecutiOnS must hence forth be agamst the manufacturer only For sur IeJOmder Messrs Miller & Wmley and Jolin Fmzer & Bros ISsue a c rcular from which we extract the followmg J 1dge Baxter of the Umted States Cucu t Court after full argument by counsel has susta ned the vahd1ty of our patent and ap porn ted a commissiOner to assess the damages we are entitled to recover ThiS patent covers the process fo Impress ng marks upon plug tobacco wh1ch process has been generally adopted by manufacturers smce the mtroductwn by ournelves ot tobacco thus marked It hav ng been tamtly understood by both Sides that the Foree smt should be made a test case we have not pushed other su ts wh1le a wart ng the d ec swn m that case but we shall nov proceed vigorously to enforce our legal rights agamst all illfr ngers Those who w th these facts before them contmue to mfnnge this patent\ we shall certa nly pursue to the utmost extent of the aw In the Connecticut Valley In the New England Homestead the folio 'fmg add1 twnal returns are publshed concernmg the cond1t10n of the new crop and the state of the tobacco market m the Connecticut R ver Valley -TIIE CROP OF 1879 Sunderland-There has been but httle tobacco taken down yet but 1t lS nearly all ready to come down whenever the weather shall be favorable South Deerfield Some New York dealel'S and agents contmue their attempts to bear prices They call upon growel'S of Havana Seed tobacco and after ex ammmg pra smg thetr crops tell them too high pt"Ices were pa1d last year and a large proportiOn (some say one half) rotted m the case" and It must be bought at about 1oc this year They urge the grower to set a priCe but say they will n"\ buy on the poles But the growers are not eastly frrghtened knowmg the demand and puces are better for all tobaccos than last year while the crop 1s a fancy one m every re spect Offers of 10@15c m the bundle have been re fused A httle tobacco was taken down last week and durmg the next damp spell considerable will be stripped Enfield -Durmg the next damp spell some of the early cut tobacco Will be stripped I know of no sales of the 1879 croll The buyers m this town are all cauttous men and the experiences of 1874 are too fresh to allow them to buy tobacco on the poles There IS one thmg which has perplexed the average Connect cut Valley farmer He looks m the papers and sees Con necttcut Seed )eaf quoted h1gher than any other Seed leaf tobacco Hence he naturally mfers that 1t ts worth more and wonders that It IS not sought after ill prefer ence to that of Pennsylvama and the Housatomc Valley But he sees the tobacco m Pennsylvama and m the Housatomc qmckly sold, while that of Connec tiCut moves slowly and then at prtces patd for the former The reason of this appears to be that there has been durmg the hard times a great demand for cheap abom nable dark colored cigars while the finer grades have sold slowly As w1th returnmg pros per1ty purchasers w1ll discard the shoddy so the cheap abom n able dark colored cigars w11I have the go by: and, the better grades will be m demand Then as m former years w1ll Connecticut tobacco be the first sought after and the pr}ce of other goods will be determmed by theu resemblance to Connecticut SALES OF NEW AND OLD SouthamJ?ton Among the rec,ept sales of tobacco to Messrs Sm1th & Son of Sprmgfield those of Il L for 12c 111. the llundle' and H ,F Searle for; 8C m the bundle "Northfi,eld-There has oeen on,e sale of tobacco smce our last report that of Ilav1d Longs 13eed.leaf for llo through toE J Jones Although a large number of this years erops have been sold many of the largest and best lote remam unsold Some tobacco has already been taken down and strtpped The cror rs free from white ve ns and fat stems and IS m al respects the most sat sfactory one grown for years Portland Tobacco has been bought on the poles to qmte an extent at pnces rangmg from 12 to 18c through Joseph 0 Willcox has bought most of the tobacco on Penfield hill at low rates It bemg damaged considerably Charles Wh te has bought a number of lots and paid fa1r priCes the exact figures are not given bt t they are mclude d m the above range Mr Willcox IS now m Penns lvamai but w1ll be back soon Canton Center There 1s a lul m the tobacco trade here at present on account of the dryt1me and the crop be ng mostly bought up Exchan::e Crop and Market Comments SEED LEAF CoNNECTICUT The American Nov 15 Sa) s FII'St of the w.eek we had a fine trme for takmg do" n our tobacco very many avail ng themselves of the opportumty and are no v busy str ppmg Very many are tymg m bundles preferr ng to sell m that vay to as,.ort ng their own others who are expectmg to sort are tymg t up m the .same way so as to get It off from the stalks as soon as possible as 1t J s hable to warm up m the pile and It soon gets struned badly The str1pp ng only confirms the gro ver m the conv1c t on that he has a fine crop free from white ve ns and eve1 y wav desirable The crop s nusually free from fat stems or frozen leaves Thus far we see no reason to modrfy our previously expressed opm on m refer ence to the fine quality of the 18 9 crop but every th ng goes to confirm 1t the color 1s good. the q1 ahty s and the wrappmg quality was never better It I S a very serviceable leaf affm dmg abundance of choiCe wrappers For the past week we have had but few We notiCe the sale of a small lot at Shelburne Falls at p t At North Hadley one lot of 3 acres crop of 78 sold at 11c marked weights and one lot of G acres crop of at 11c through marked weights At Had ley one lot of 79 crop m the bundle 2 acres at 10c one lot 1Yz acres at 9c and one lot of 1 acre at 9c both m the bundle At Montague one lot of 78 crop at 107fc through At Northfield one lo t of 3 acres of Havana seed at 15c crop of 79 At Whately a. lot of 1% acres 9 at l5c to go to New Orleans At Green field the crop of Havana seed IS said to be very cho ce and th s IS tr e of Deerfield and Whately PENNSYLVANIA -The Lancaster Nell Era Nov 8 reports -The market for Seed leaf has been only mod erately act ve durmg the past week The sales were 300 ca es of 1878 crop as agamst 300 cases sold last week and 250 oases sold durmg the correspondmg week of last year The pr ces realiZed ran from 12 to 18 cents The erop of the present year cont nues to do finely but all transactiOns m1t seem to have come to a stand still If any has I een bought the public have been kept m the dark about It We do not thmk however that anything has been done Compara t1vely little has so far been strtpped the weather not perrruttmg and dealers manifest no mclmatwn to m vest until they can handle the goods they are asked to purchase We have had a few damp days durmg the week but the weather was too cold to put tobiOOco m the proper order to be taken from the laths The cigar busmess IS as hvely as ever The demand for low grade goods IS g1 eater almost than our local manufacturers can supply A smgle dealer sold 1 005 000 m October and has already booked dur ng the present month orders for 400 000 more The Lancaster I'J(lutrer of the same date remarks Durmg the past week over 400 cases of the 8 crop were sold pnces as before runmng from 12 to 20 cents Qmte a numbei of strange buyers were about on Thursday and Fnday and drove out nto vanous parts of the county mspectmg the crop No sales of 79 are reported Stnpp ng has not yet begun as the rains of the past week have been too cold Most of the sales were made to J Obbers and cigar manufacturers whose busmess s still prospenng and the demand far exceeds the supply nearly all of our factones havmg orders to fill that w1ll keep them busy for weeks and perhaps months to come The Lancaster I1 telhgencer Nov 12 says Not much has been done m Lancasterdurmg the past week A number of buyers are still here and are dnvmg through the county lookmg at the 79 crop, com para t1vely little of which has been strtpped We hear of a sale or twQ of several acres to a Philadelphia house but the pr ce IS not g1ven Buyers who have exam m e d the tobacco hang ng on the pole say they have notiCed some damaged by pole rot but to vhat extent 1t cannot be known until the tobacco IS taken down and stnpped The damage 1s not supposed to be very ser1ous and otherWise the lea f looks well Of the crop of 78 about 300 cases changed hands durmg week at pr1 vate terms priCes 1t IS satd ruling stiff. The Lancaster Exammer and Express remarks The 1879 crop 1s gettmg along finely but the weather has not been such as to perm1t much str1ppmg Several buyers are still mspectmg fine lots but the maJorrty of them are afra1d to buy However reports come m that one New York firm has made several large pur chases at pr ces rangmg from 18 to 20 cents and that It rs still buy ng A.lso that a Philadelphia firm IS buy ng up fine lots OHio -TheM armsburg Bulletm Nov 7 remarks Snow fell here o n Sunday and a shght drizzling ra n pre ailed Wednesday A soakmg ram would brmg down a large port1011. of the new crop Very httle ac t1v ty prevails m the market Buyers are watchmg the crop closely but no sales of new are yet reported though there have been offers of Be 1878 leaf com mands 7@1Uc VIRGINIA AND NORTH CAROLINA ViRGINIA -From the R chmond Datly Whtg of Nov 6 -The follo vmg IS a statement of the movement of tobacco n th s market for the month of October to gether wtth the stock on hand the first of November -Receipts of Vrrgmia and North Carolma leaf 1 321 hhds and 473 trcs and boxes '\Vestern leaf 78 hhds total 1 872 pkgs Sales 1 479 bhds and 197 trcs and boxes Western 12hhds total1 670pkgs Shipments forergn d rect 645 hhds and 185 trcs and boxes coast wrse 1 788 hhds and 505 trcs total 3 123 pkgs Wa1 e house rece pts 926 hhds and 89 trcs and boxes In spectwns m October 1878 1 937 hhds 310 trcs and boxes mspect ons m October 18 9 1115 hhds and 167 trcs and boxes Deliveries m October 1878 3 473 pkgs deliveries m October 1 8 9 2 401 hhds and 291 trcs and b oxes Stock on hand November 1 1878 9 759 pkgs November 1 1879 12 912 hhds and 599 trcs and boxes In 1ts ISS re of a day later the Whtg remarks -The leaf tobacco market was rather qu et yesterday Sales on Change at auctiOn were few and far between A few hogsheads of lugs changed hands pubhcly at re duced figures TENNESSEE -The Clarksville Leaf of Nov 7 reoorts Our sales this week were small perhaps not over 25 hhdo The offermgs were mamly odd hogsheads and remnants left over from the crop and pnces were w1th out material change Our receipts for the year ending Nov 1st 1879 were 14 434 hhds sales for same t me 14 214 hhds stock on hand Nov 1 1879 812 hbds In the same ISsue the Leaf furniShes the followmg r ev1ew of the Clarksville tobacco market It w11l be seen from a statement elsewhere that the shtpments from this durmg the past year from Nov 1 1878 to Nov 1 1879 amount to 13 440 lihds stocks m all the warehouses $12 total shipments and stocks 14 2a2 agamst 348 hlrd& for 1878 SJ:\Qwmg a fall ng off from 1878 of 9 096 hhds Hopkmsville s rece pts for the year show 8 218-hhds aga nst 15 170 reported for 1878 showmg a declme of 6 9a2 Total recetpts for the two markets of the Clarks v1lle d1strtct for 1878 38 518 hhds agamst the total m 1879 of 22 450 showmg a falhng off m the crop of 16 068 hhds Our warehouse receipts and sales are 118 follows -Grange House-Receipts for. the year 5 91i0 sales for the ;ear 6 010 stocks on liand unsold 125 stocks on han sold and unsold 333 Gracey House-Recetpts 2 807 sales 2 912 stocks sold and. unsold 161 Ele phant House-Receipts 2,_!42 sales 2 328 stocks sold and unsold 171 Central.ttouse-Receipts 2 580 sales 2 534 stocks sold and unsold 127 New Providence Warehouse-Receipts 454 sales 428 stocks 20 In some mstances sales amount to more than the re ce1pts whiCh lS accounted for by the r:eSales and stocks on hand at the begmnmg of the year and It will be ob8erved that there have bee11 but very ;few I eJeCtiOns and resales whtch speak well for the market showmg a general rul ng of sat1sfactory prices throughout year Our market opens wtth good prospecta fur the. season of 1880 Pnc13s necElSS!)Ipily wIll appear low but w1th the stocks m Ne v York f om which exporters can d1aw cheap supplies and the heavy stocks m England GeJ:Illany. and other Eur.opean mar kete priCes will have to be moderate But this market has about soHl ouJ; all .etocltii oelongJ,ng to first hands and 16 not burdened w1th old tobaeco Th1s market w1ll be well supplied wrth orders foreign and domestic and priCes even 1f they do appeal" xerYl low to planters will be -than those ruling in any other mterwr market For speCialties of fine qual t;) of courne full and .satlBfactory pnces be realized -fully as hlgh or h1gher than some styles Will I:IHng m New York LEAFLETS The Treasury Department purchased on Wednes day 30o ounces of fine silver for the Philadelphia and San Franc sco mmts -A youn&" man at Seram France recently dropped a lighted cigarette mto the bunghole of an empty petroleum cask and then applled hlB eye to watch the result It took him two hours to die after the explo SIOn The varieties kno vn as Yellow Oronoko and S lky Pryor are the kmds best adapted to produ mng the finest grades of tobacco These vanet1es have been under rmprovement for more than forty years by contmuous selectiOn In many hnes 1t 1 s a favorable feature that the country 1s not only not overstocked but m many m stances not stocked up to the full reqmrement this will keep busmess comparattvely hve1y durmg the wmter that mtervenes before the sprmg trade opens -The co nage at the Un ted States Mmt m Philadel ph a dur ng October amounted to 2 738 950 p eces valued at $2 154 404 and divided as follows Double eagles 17 250 pieces s1l ver dollars 1 800 100 s1lver quarter dollai s 100 dimes and 5 and 3 cent pieces 100 each c ents 921 100 The total amount of add1t onal crrculatwn ssued n the year ended October 31 was $15 435 375 The m crease n the year preVIous was $4 216 684 and the de crease from January 14 1875 to Novembe1 1 1877 was over $30 000 000 The amount of c1rculat on Issued m 1879 was $3 602 050 and the totalm Septem ber ana October was $7 514 1 0 about one half the amount Issued durmg the year -The Detro t Post and Tribune reports -Mr Dan el Scotten propnetor of Scotten s tobacco works on Fort t:itreet West has presented to the Rev Father Jackel of St Lou s Mo (provmmal general of the RedemptiOn Fathers of the Un ted States) a lot on the west s1de of Artillery Avenue between the D x Road and Fort Street Spr ngwells for the purpose of erect ng a Roman Cathol c church and school thereon Reported Fallures and Business Arrangements Patent-Office Report Fo the Week end ng Nov 4 mVENTIONS PATENTED C gar Box Lock L F Mergo t Newa k N J TRADE l\IARKS REGISTERED Fo he v.oeek end ng No 11 1879 TRADE l\IARKS REGISTERED ass gned to Cigars Cigarettes a.nd Manufa tured Tobacco Moses L Cohn Chi cago Ill The wo d Stephania ------THE TOBACCO MARKETS. NEW YORK NOVEMBER 14 The leaf tobacco market contmues exceedmgly qmet For Western leaf the mqmry has be e n l rmted to 350 hhds there bemg scarcely any demand from the Regie ers and comparatively httle from manufacturers and Jobbers In this department of trade qmetude re gns supreme but 1t IS bel eved as well as hoped that a more favorable turn of the market w1ll shortly ensue Messrs Sawyer Wallace & Co report to THE To BACCO LEAF as follows -Western Leaf -We have no change to report m our market "'l'lh1ch contmues as dull as It can possibly be the sales of the week amount ng to but 350 hhds of which 140 to Jobbers 44 to manufacturers and the rest for export No Regre mqmry yet 2d week 3d week 4th week 5th week Total 793 1 415 1 481 3 oOO 1 409 546 1 346 4 100 892 3 269 316 6 000 560 351 542 3 500 604 720 ll 498 4 400 4 9 680 889 4 3o0 916 56o 3 979 6 200 85 807 838 3 500 389 9 8 422 3 525 October 442 3o0 792 Receipts this month -Western 1 757 hhds Last year From New Orleans 71 do do Bait more 5 do do V1rgmm 7oS do Total Last year 110 "'05 hhds 2134 do 2 269 do 23 281 do 87 hhds Total Export Manuf Jobbers Total 44 140 440 hhds Sales for the month 428 6 188 692 hhds Exports for the week 1 338 for the month 3 368 hhds At New Orleans -Recetpts from Jan 1 to Nov 8 181'"9 3 098 hhds agrunst 13 071 hhds n 1878 sales this month to Nov 8 60 hhds exports this month to Nov 8 foreign 2 hhds domestic 0 stock on hand and on shipboard not cleared Nov 8 809 hhds V2rgtnta Leaf -There has been a fmr demand for Vtrgmia leaf durmg the week and we note sales of bright wrappers and smokers as f' lso a few hhds of low lugs for sh1ppmg There bas been a little more mqmry and a better feeling generally m this depart ment of trade though buyers are m some mstances reluctant to purchase at the pnces asked Seed Leaf Tke transactions m Seed leaf have been considerably Jess m this market th1s week thandurmg the past and a few precedmg weeks Prrces contmue firm and buyers seem to be wa1tmg e1ther for concetJ s1ons or to learn more about the new crop The sales reached 1 75 cases and embraced Pennsylvania Ohio and W1Sconsm tobaccos of 1877 and 1878 growths A little as wtll be seen m other columns IS bemg done m the country but not enough to g1ve much encouragement to growers or to mfiu ence many way the market Our Bremen correspondent gtves the followmg ac count of transactiOns m the Bremen tobacco market for the week endmg October 23 BaJ Be ubs 222 S.\6 Va Kv Stems. 494 4 249 957 704 I liW I 99 1 3 86 to 250 centimes bmders 60 to 75 centimes filler'S 40 to 55 centtmes The receipts mcluded 530 cases per steamer Neckar and 632 by the steamer Matn from New York and 252 cases by the steamer Hansa from Balttmore The receipts of Havana leaf. dunng the week amounted to 336 cases sales 110 cases stock on hand 6 440 cases The priCes ranged as follows -Wrappers fine brown 650 to 1 400 centimes wrappers ordinary brown and brown 350 to 600 centrmes wrappers m1xed with fillers 180 to 300 centtmes fillers 130 to 250 centimes Messrs J S Gans Son & Co tobacco brokers 84 and 86 Wall Street report as follows -Bus ness has been very qmet 1 775 cases 10 @13 14 @30 8%% 11 @16% 16 @30 9 @14 9 @ll?f 8 @18 9 @16 Spamsh -Havana fillers have been m good demand nth sales of BOO bales at 80@105 and 200 bales at about 122% Mam'factured The only perceptible change m the manufactmed tobacco department s that there has apparently been less done durmg the week for export than usual the reported sales for this ng only to 47 694 pounds For home trade the m qu1ry has also been moderate as 1t has been of late but the sales forth s purpose embraced all styles and grades Manufacturers contmue less actively engaged than they were a short t1me smce but are nevertheless do ng a satisfactory busmess Pnces are unchanged and perhars the one thmg needed ill this part cular IS a more ready acceptance on the part of buyers of the rates demanded b;)C holders Srrwk1lg -There has been the usual steady weekly nqu y for all popular brands of smokmg touacco both for local and mtenor consumptiOn Ctgars -There IS no abatement m the demand for cigars from popular manuflcturers and the same may be satd of Importers also A pleasant feature of the domest c market IS an mcreased mqmry for the l ghter colored cigars as If consumers were at last wearymg of their absurd preference for black ones Exchange -Messrs M & S Sternberger Bankers report to THE ToBACCO LEAF as follows-We quote as follows -Sterl ng 60 days nom nal 4807f s ght nommal 483% sterl ng 60 days actual 480 s ght actual 482% cable transfers commerc al sterl ng pr me long 478}l e:ood long Pans bankers 60 days 525 s ght o22}l 'Antwerp bankers 60 dayij s ght Re chsmarks (4) bankers 60 days (4) s ght 95 Frei{Jhts -Messrs Carey Yale & Lambert Freight Brokers report to THE ToBACCO LEAF Tobacco Fre ghts as follows -L verpool steam 35@40s sml 25s@27s 6d London steam 35@40s sa I 25s@27s 6d Glasgow steam 35@40s sail Br stol steam 35s sa I Havre steam $16 sa l $8 Antwerp steam 42s 6d sail 32s 6d Hamburg steam 42s 6d sail 32s 6d Bremen steam 42s 6d sa I 37s 6d IMPORTS The arr vals at the port of New York from fore gn ports fo the week ncluded the followme: cons11mments Antw&rp H B&tJer & B o 852 cases p pes Wm Demuth & Co 424 do Jllay B os 14 bxs do 1/ei/(}-P cker cg & Co 17 bxs c gars LonckJn Order 27 bales toba co 2 cases c gars H BatJer & Co 200 baskets p pes Harona-A H Scov lie & Co 133 bales tobacco Cal xto LoXJez 142 do A Gonzalez 189 do G Falk & Bro 162 do Chas F 'lag & Son 218 do F Garc a 373 do F M rands & Co 100 do M & E Salomon 50 do A L & C L Holt oa do H Schubart & Co 78 do Rodr guez & Pons 34 do Guerra Bros 24 do V Mart nez Ybor & Co 28 d0 A L Fe rara 21 do Seidenberg & Co 40 do Lazard Bros 69 do Brown B os & Co 49 do W P Clyde & Co 752 do W H Thomas & Bro 18 cases c gars L P & J Frank 10 do Chas T Bauer 4 do Gutman & R ce 8 do G W Faber 16 do A Cohn 2 do S L n ngton s Sons 28 do H R Kelly & Co 13 do M chaelis & Kaskel 5 do H Ives 4 do Garc a & Palac o 6 do Purdy & N cholas 4 do Esberg, Bachman & Co 7 do A. S Rosenbaum & Co 17 do Park & T lford 37 do Acker Merrall & Cond t 37 do HP.nsel Brockmann & Lorbacher 6 do A I Owen 8 do G Hllllks 1 do F Knowland 9 do J & W Se gman & Co 4 do Hardt & Co 2 do W P Clyde & Co 36 do Me chants D spatch Co 37 do Rece pts of I cor ce at port of New York for week reported expresslv for THE 'I OBACCO LEAF -Weaver & !:!terry per A Bradshaw from AI cante 2421 pkgs (309 977lbs) I cor ce root and per Roma from Barcelona 4402 pkgs (474 1&4 lbs) do A gu mbau Walls & Co per Rugtero P mo Tarra gona 2686 pkgs (325 500 lbs) do and per I F Rottman from Rev lle 350 pkgs do EXPORTS From the port of New York to fore gn ports for the week were as follows Bremen-190 hhds 295 cases 510 bales Brttish Po8&Eawns n ca--5 pkgs (415 lbs) mfd Bntish ladua-2 hhds 25 bales 60 pkgs (41o6 lbs) mfd Canadar-1o bales Central case 12 bales 9 pkgs (571 lbs) mfd Cuba-56 pkgs (8320 lbs) m d French West Indus-24 hhds Glasg01JJ-7 pkgs (1282 lbs) mfd Hlllmburg-476 bales 15 pk!!"s (3 968 lbs) mfd Ha11 e-7 bales Eayt'lr-5 hhds 77 bales Leghorn 504 hhds .U.bon-35 pkgs 4397 lbs) mfd Live -pcol-79 hhds 62 pkgs lbs) mfd LonckJn-246 hhds 52 cases hhds 2 cases o6 pkgs (3341lbs) mfd Rott&rdam-73 hhds 60 cases 54 bales U: S of Col Steamlhip L'flt -Tpel Uose & Co270 hhds ll.ead & Co 10 do F S l;(mne7: 13 do J I;> Kelly Jr S do 66 cases mfd P Lor liard & Co 56 nujls1 '2 llxs samples W


4 THE TOBACCO LEAF. 10 SWith & Co 29 hhds, 63 trcs, 1 case smkc: a nd Cigarettes Allen & Co 205 cases smkg, 10 J4 bxs d o Martm & Dunn 3 cases smkg, 7 do mfd 17 ),i bxs do 15 Yo bxs do II !d bxs do, 60 caddies;do, H Wrrt Mathews 3 cases smkg 20 caddies do 3 cases ctgars, W 1se & Bendhe1m 91 cases smkg, 5 bxs do, 3 cases c igarettes Thompaon Moore & Co 3 cases smkg, 180 do mfd, 87 bxs do, 24 .M bxs do 24 caddies do Dohan, Carroll & Co 1 case emkg, 189 do mfd, 60 bxs do 20 caddies do 20 do Jos D Evans & Co 15 cases rofa, 35 % bxs do !IO _!,i bxs do, ME McDowell& ColOOcases smkg 12cadsdo 2 )d\Jxs do P Wnc:ht & Co10casesmfd, 76 !J4 bxsdo HK &F B 'l'hurber & Co 100 cases smkg, 2 do mtd, 1 do Cigarettes A Hen & Co 2 cases 1 do cigarettes, F H L eggett & Co 3 cases mfd 93 M bxs do, 30 Ys bxs do James III Gardmer 8 cases mid bxs do, B aker & Clark 5 case s mfd E & G Fnend & Co 2-cases leaf G Otten berg & Co 1 do Ahner & Dehls 1 bale do Moore, Jenkins & Co 22 cases smkg P Hart 5 do J Rosenthal 4 do E C Hazard & Co 2 cases mfd G W 8 % bxs do, A H Platt 20 Va-bxs do M L Cohn & Co 1 case c1gawttes Foster Hilson & Co 1 box c1gars Weaver & Sterr y 3 cases hconce, R A Mrlls 1 box samples F E Owen 1 do Order 86 hhds 10 Ires, 30 cases smkg, 3 bxs samples By hew York Balt ,nun e Tl Ltne -Henry Btebert o hhds E & G Fnend & Co 3 cases leaf A Blumlem & Co 1 do, A 8 Hosenbaum & Co 7 cases smkg J H Rosen & Co 6 do, J S M ohns 8 do, H Mandelbaum 2 do Red lich & Scbmtzler 1 do J R Swezey 2 do, I Kauffman 12 do 1 do mgarettes, Th01;npson, Moore & Co 5 caddies mfd % bxs do CoMIJIJJiilbs 14S & 20@25 "l'ieees 18 @28 9-inch light-pressed 28 @45 Gold Bars 30 @!:: 8 and 12 inch twist 18 @""" Navy 108 or Pocket Pieces 14@2:! Negrohead tWlBt 20@25@3\l CIGARS. Havana, perM $50@150 1 Seed, per M 16@41l Seed a.nd"'"Havana per M 40@ 90 GBA!II1JLATED SMOKING TOBACCO. llediwn to good $26@46 ] Good to fine $46@120 IIN1JFF. [Subject to discoWll 1-l the wholesale trade Maccaboy 62@-65 1 Amen can Gentleman -@.-1!! Scotch a.nd Lunclyfoot 61!@-65 Rappee French 72@-SP.un.s:a:"G C' 'F G i I W aJlls E:z: I I Pilar t 't'CCyCa' 'LC&Co sterry Ex 1 "''La Rosa" LICORICE PASTE. BALTIDIORE, Nre ao The tobacco boom bemg over dealers are anxw us to realize and ope rate m othe r hues that are still boom mg Uufortunately for them this &lock IS p r mc1paiiJ medmm grades largely unpopularized-makes bought at old pnces and never asked for the second time and therefore to realize on t hem IS slow work mdeed, espeCially when they have to buy five boxes of standard goods to s tick m one of the old stock Disgust IS begmnmg to show visiblv, and the conVICtiOn IS be commg umv ersa l that jlledmm grades are not wanted the demand bemg confined prmc rpal ly to the finest and the che ape.t The l a tter are becommg qmte plentiful, many promment fac tors, anxwus to keep a sl!ow of busmess, co mmg forward w1th lower grades as an mducement to pmchase thereby still further dam agmg their reputatiOn and the stock on hand E' c r y year we hve w e l ea rn, and the n ext t1me lhe tax IS re duced we wtll know b ette r But the future mmcates a S ilv e r lm mg to our cloud, smcc w1th a contmued lugh standard reqmred for wtll mcrease the trade m th e future as m the past for It IS a mistake that the low grades InJure tbe trade-It IS the medmms which are palmed off for fine CLARKSVILLE, Tenn., 6 -Messrs 111 H Clark & Bro Leaf Tobacco Brokc1s, report to THE ToBACCO LEAF -Our market presents but little of mterest, recetpts bemg small and sales m proportiOn bemg for the week about 50 hhds The market as Without change, and we repeat quo tat10ns, whtch are nonunal for the upper grades QcOTATIONS Common tugs 2 @ 3 Good Jugs 3:!4,@ 5 Common leaf 4 @ 5 lliedmm leaf 5}i@ 7 Good leaf 7j,i@ 9 Fme leaf SelectiOns 117;;@13 Our rece1pts for the year endmg the 1st m s t were 14,434 hhds, and s ales 14,214 do, stock on hand Nov 1 1879 812 do We have as Jet to report no mm ement m the new crop, which IS now cured, but the weath e r has been too cold and dry to permit much exaWinatiOn of It DAYTON, 0., N1' acres The se are only a few, but will g tve you a little Idea how tbe 1879 crop IS sellIll!! m November 0ther buyers are gomg through the county, and no doubt a re buymg but kept secret LOUISVILLE, N-Receipto are hght, but stocks Are ample for the wants of the trade, and pnces are still Without quotable change Rece1ved per R1chmond steamers, 598 packages, 75 boxes and 2 cases, per Norfolk ao 840 do Sud Leaf and To/JaC(X)We have no change to re port tn our market, 11 ruled rather qu1et last week The usual sales of Seed and Havan a tobacco are d111ly made to home manufacturers, outside of tbu, the market 1S bare of m terest Stocks of Beed wrappers m hands of dealers are very light as old Pennsylvama wrappers are hard to procure, and the '78 crop IS touched very lightly so far Bales, as far as we could learn, 199 cases 73 bales Re cCipts, 108 cases and 38 bales CINCINNATI. 0., Nod busmess between now and Chnstmas Pnces so far remam very stiff, With a brisk demand MAYFIELD, Ky., Ns-Medmm and common grades showasteadytmprove ment m demand, and b1d fall' to command advanced fiu:ures The Cigar trade IS certamly l ookmg up Snuff-Orders are mcreasmg for standard brands RecepJ;s -205 bxs, 11,268 caddtes, 296 cases, 25 kegs, and 264 pa1ls of fine cuts 1 Exported of manufactured tobacco v1a steamer Bnllsh C10wn 11,130 lbs Rccetpts of manufactured tobacco at this port for the month of October, 1879 -1540 bxs, 1764 cases, 62 080 cudd1es and 1800 pmls, total, 67,184 pkgs : Exported of manufactured tobacco durmg the month of Oct o ber 1879 -To Antwerp, 32,288 lbs, to Ltverpool, 150,370 lbs total, 82,658 Jbs &ed Leaf-An act1ve market w1th an 1m proved condtttOn IS claimed lly deal e rs generally the pas t week, th1s 1s espeemlly the case w1th low grades whJCh seem to be full of activity Pnces for these grades favor holders, while for all others the advantage IS apparently w1tb t he buyer IS needed, manufaclurers are exammmg the new crop, too soon yet to express an op1ruon Receipts for the week -299 cases Connect1cut 329 do Pennsylvama, 79 do OhiO, 68 do WLSconsm, 40 Havana, and 236 hhds of Vrgtma and Western leaf tobacco Sales for home c<0nsumpt10n were -256 cases Connecticut 264 cases Pennsylvama, 60 cases OhiO, 78 cases W tscousm 20 bales Havana, 19 bhds of Vrrgm1a and Western leaf tobacco Exporte d of leaf tobacco to Liverpool v1a steamer Bnttsh Crown 37,341 tbs, and v1a steamer lllmms, 261,137lbs, total, 298,478 lbs Rec e ipts of leaf tobacco at thiS port durmg the month of Octob er, 1879ConnectiCut Seed 1,857 cases r enns:dvama Seed 2 018 cases Ohio Seed 412 cases w 1 sc onsm Seed 595 cases Havan a leaf 4 882 cases 841 b ales 5,223 t>k!!S Sales of leaf tobacco for h o m e u se for the month of Octo ber, 1879ConnectiCut Seed Pennsylvania See d Oh10 Seed W 1 sconsm Seed Havana leaf 1,405 cases 1 ,585 cases 287 cases o21 cases 8 748 cases 233 bal es 3 981 pkgs Exported of leaf tobacco from this port durmg the month of October 1879 -To Antwerp 1G2,913lbs, to Ltverpool497 218 lbs, to South Amenca 1890 lbs, to West lndtes 1476 lbs, total 663 497lbs Statement for month of October 1879 -Receipts 728 hhds, sales and exoorts 897 do, stock on hand Nov 1, 965 do RICH:ftiOND, Nn hand, 8,58 1 bhds, ugamst 8,787 hhds en the 1 s t o f Nov embe r FOREICN. HAVANA, Novembt:r 8 -Messrs Bosselmann & Scbroe der, Tobacco and Cgar CommiSSIOn Merchants report to THE ToDACCo LEAF -Tobacco Market-Vuelta AbaJO and Partido tobaccos have been In hvely demaud, and have been handled With prererence at sustamed puces Prmetpally Partido to baccos are eagerly searched for, but we might say that no smt able lots that would attract attentiOn are to be found m our market There remams only one great lot of about 500 ba les GuanaJay E sCOJida (mc ludm g the so called Bates'), for which $50 gold p qtl was asked Our dealers have made Important purchases m the Vuelta AbaJo at pnces which must be called high Hemed10s tobaccos were more neglected, and conform mg to our opm10n the pnces will soon lower C1gar Mark et-The cool dry weather whiCh we arc now ex penencmg contnbutes much to the better development of the Cigars now made The demand, both from the U mted States and Europ e has become very act ve, pnnetpally for finer stzes but as many of the manufacturers have got mto trouble with tbetr workmen w h o arc lookmg out to higher pnces for the ir work m otber factones, tbe workmg m gene r al cannot as yet be regarded as regular, anu consequently the remittances arc comparattvcly small, and o uly obtamable w1th great per ststence The workmen of some St J ago aelas V cgas facto nes are on stnke Our exchange market has shown more ammallon, and rates mal be quoted as follows -Exchanges60 days 18 per cent gold, New York, 60 days 7M: per cent 8 gold New Yoik, 3 days 8 per cent 8% gOld, Francs 60 days, 8 per cent Sj,i gold Marks, 1 per cent 1 ),i gold Spanish gold, 135 per cent Messrs J F Berndes & Co 's tobacco report of Nov 7 says -Comparative statement of tobacco and c1gars shipped from Havana ,----1879-Tobacco Cigars. Tobacco C 1gars bales No bales. No January 8,535 12 236,085 10,454 16,111,374 February 6,590 101539,856 10,508 18,156,320 March 8,973 8,707 535 13,500 19,690,180 April 15,878 8,647,190 11,293 14 174 702 M"ay 6,134 7,966,105 8 446 16,879,075 June 5,164 7 ,3 16,156 10,622 14,804,673 July 7,586 6,147,445 13,374 11,901,270 5,m September 9 491 6,693,060 16,639 11 687,547 October 17,632 10,103,975 11,097 12,963,237 Total 91,353 84,989,352 124,271 TOBACCO-Vuelta AbaJO -Notwrthstandmg the con tmued ram, and ill spite of the deplorable condit10n of the roads, considerable quantittes of the new leaf have been brought to town durmg the past month The much desired" Northers" d1d not put m an appear ance, In place of them, however, a hurncane passed over the Western extremity of the Island, fortunately domg very little damage; but the rams, whwh have been even more constant m the country than here, have been the cause of many drsappoilltments to all concerned m the trade, and the poor farmers suffer considerably m consequence, not only have they been mterrupted Ill pre'Parmg the land for the commg crop, but owmg to their pecumary dtfficult1es they have been unable t o purchase all the reqmred seedlings to replace those destroyed by the mcessant rams On whole, transplantmg IS very backward, and the pros pects for an abundant crop next year appear at present, to say the least, very problematiC Dealers and manu facturers also had to bea r their share of the con sequences of the contmued and busmess wa> m consequence considerably checked the last few days, however, h ave been cool and dry, so that we are m hopes of bemg able to drop our contmual com plamts of the ram, probably to resume them a couple of months h ence for the lack of a little o:t what LS now so superabundant, Of such goods (of this year's crop) as would warrant the a.ttentron of buyers, httle or nothing remams now unsold m the country, and we even h ear of the sale of "vegas" for whic h a couple of months ago the raiser could get no offers, so that the antictpatLOn, based on the general stagn a t10n of trade, of b emg able to bqy later on, at considerably reduced Iates bas proved fallaciOus, our fmmers have fully sustamed the h1gh prete nsiOn s they enter tamed at the commencement of the season, and all the nume rctu s sales effected w1thm the month, partiCularly m the "Lomas have been at the previOusly r eported figures The short yreld this ;y-ear becomes more evi dent every day, and as superiOr "vegas" of umform temprano or medto condition eontammg really fine wrappers of pume quahty and good bur rung are rather scarce, owners of such are not likely to part wrth them except at extreme rates Partrdos -The exCitement for this class of goo d s, reported m our last rssue, has contmued unabated on the part of shippers for the Umted States markets All the tobacco made up m GuanaJay and rts envrrons has been stored away ttll suffiCiently cured and dry enough for shtpment to New York For the few re mammg stray lots, uncommon high pnces are de manded, and If at all smtable for the Northern trade, they command from $40 to $45 gold per qtl Smtable lots for the German markets are exceptrons Remed10s -Supplies have been more plemrful of late, and after all, It appears that qurte a respectable proport10n of the crop will prove servrceable far the Umted States markets, m fact, a. very farr competition with the Partrdos leaf may be antiCipated as soon as the tobacco IS somewhat more seasoned Farmers have not yet reduced therr pretensrons sufficrently to meet the vrews of purchasers, the latter, however, feel confident of ultunate success For our trans Atlantrc friends the chmce Will be very reduced, ilOme "paJurra," the temprano port10n, has found employment ill the small factones workmg for the local re tat! trade Gibara -Nearly the whole crop havmg been pur chased for the Spamsh and ChiliaD contracts, there remams nothing of special mterest to report upon Yara -Small lots of this descr1ptron of leaf are bemg retailed here for local consumption. Market -8uffiCLently dry _and well seasoned g-oods are m great request, especially Partido leaf, which IS eagerly boug-ht up for the Umted States ItJ.arkets Vuelta AbaJO also commences to move, but sUitable lots are let scarce, and are held somewhat above the vrews o sht'{lpers Our manufacturers also display more mclinat10n to lay m smtable stock Low fillers of all the tobacco growmg dtstricts are ill g-reat dema.nd1 as advwes from Europe have somewhat rmproved shippers for Germany are anxious to oper ate, as well as those for the different Regres Good leafy fillers are very scarce mdeed, as dealers are not yet disposed to separate them from the assorted lots, whrch they, or the shippers for the Umted States, will have to do once the trade fairly sets m Qmte mferror fillers are freely taken by our cigarette manu facturers at preVIously reported pnces Our stores are well supplied with Vuelta AbaJo leaf, but the stock of Partrdos IS very hilllted owmg to the large purchases effected during the last two months Of Remedios tobacco, only a sniall portion of the crop has so far been brought to town Tobacco of last year's growth contmues entirely neglected, although offered at rumous pnces. Sales and Prices.-0f supenor Vuelta.A.bajo "vegas" several thousand bales have changecl hands, the pur chaeers includina' manufacturers and shippers for the Umted States ana Euro_pean markets, but principally the former, the rates allowed range from 24@32 riall1 gold per carrot for lsts to 7ths 1.2@20 rials for 8ths, 6 rials for 4@6 rials for 10ths, and 120@$30 per bale for the nuers, according to quality, 8B80rt ment and bulk. NOV. 15 Low fill ers fetched from $20@$.25 gold per qumtal and mfeuor kmds of Vuelta AbaJo as well as were taken for Hamburg and Bremen at prrces rang mg from ii'16@18 gold perqumtal. Lrvelytransact10ns m semr Vuelta AbaJO and tillery Vuelta AbaJO lots at from $40@60 gold per qumtal have also come under our notrce Numerous of assorted Partrdos have agam been effected for the Umted States market at from $36@42 per qmntal Several hundred bales of Remedros leaf, 6ths, and "capaduras," found pur chasers for the same market at $34@36 gold per qumtal, while the "temprano'' part realized $45 gold per bale from the owners of small factorres About 1,000 bales Yara leaf, 1-st and 2nd cuts, usual proportiOns were shipped to Germany at $.22 go1d per qumtal Several parce l s of "Cuba" tobacco have a1so been sent to the same market, but the pnces have not transpued Porto Rrco -The rmportat10ns of thiS leaf durmg October amounted to 1 u36 bales CIGARS -'rhe month of October drd not prove much better tha n tts ram, although not qmte so mcessant, still caused most factones to contmue work mg on the very limite d scal e of the prev10us month and m some mstances even to suspend work altogethe; for a day or two, lt ts only very lately that there has been any marked rmptovement m the weather and our manufacturers have at once taken advantage of rt, much greater acttvity bemg now diSplayed by all of them Durmg the last few days, say from the 1st mstant, constderable progress ill the cm mg of the leaf has taken place owmg to the change of weather, and now only will our manufacturers be able to estunate the real value of therr ptevious purchases as the defects, prmctpally ill the burnmg qualitres,' If any, will now become establiShed facts The workmen have contmued enforcmg thetr dfl mands for an mcrease m therr pay, and, as they fmm a strong umon, have m most cases succeeded a compromise havmg apparently been effected the manufacturers In consequence of these drawbacks the productwn has still been rather hm1ted although than that of the prev10us month: the last dehvenes, those of yesterday and to day, bemg much superior to the former ones both m appearance and flavor As yet, the bulk of the cigars produced have gone to the Umted States, the public there bemg ap parently the most rm:patient to smoke the new weed, even mits up to now Imperfect condit10n We think: that next month' s deliveries will give satisfaction everywhere, the rmprovement bemgalready, with only a few days' cool weather, most marked Fme grades are still scarce, and cheap cigars at pnces ranging from $20@25 g9ld per mille are not easily obtamed ExCHANGES -The demand for paper IS exceedillgly hmrted, and our quotat10ns are nearly nommal Sterhng 60 days 18 @ 18 J,i p e r cent P. R Marks, 60 days 1 @ 1J,i do Umted States 60 days 7}i@ 8 do do do 3 days 8J,i@ 9 do 1i'rancs, 60 days 4 @ 4J,i do Spamsh Gold 131 @132 do LIVERPOOL, Nanly a very moderate bu s mess has been done Vugm1a Leaf-Bnght IS scarce for stnps there has been little mqmry MarJland and OhiO contmue m tau demand Cavendish bas been less tn qmred for Messrs Gmnt, Chambers & Co 's Monthly Ctrcular says -There has been only a moderate busmess ill home trade descriptions of American tobacco durmg the past month The sales have consisted chiefly of selectiOns for color, of which there IS but a llilllted quantity offermg For ex_portat10n there have been numerous mqmries, resultmg m a farr busmess m the lower grades Prices were fauly mamtamed, and for some classes higher rates have been obtaillea Nothmg re liable IS yet known respecting the last crop, but It IS reported that m many diStricts much was cut green to prevent rts bemg lllJured by frost, smce which more favorable weather has been expenenced, and "farmers who cut theu tobacco green have lost the best of the tobacco-makmg season Imports-470 hhds Deliv eries-1,082 hhds, agrunst 778 hhds ill the correspondmg month of last year Stock-29 459 hhds, agaillst 31,052 hhds m1878, 23,292 hhds m1877, 18,256 hhds ill 1876 15,027 hhds Ill 1875, 18,831 hhds ill 1874 and 15,738 hhds m1873 Vrrgtma-Leaf of good contmues m request and bnngs advanced prwes For stups there has been but a lirmted mqmry, fine rwh wrappery classes are difficult to find Kentucky and has readily found buyers when of good light color, and selectrons of such have brought higher rates than have ruled of late, other classes have also been m ore sought after For stnps there has been but a moderate demand, and the tranEactwns of the month been limited to one or two ordmary parcels, buyers appear to have held off from operatmg to any laige extent Maryland contmues to be more freely taken, and with the present hrmted supply of some other growths, good dry useful classes no doubt will meet a ready sale Oh10 of good light color IS m re quest, and fair sales pave been effected Advrces re pOI t that "the last crop of tobacco IS now about housed, and much of rt wrll be common owmg to rts wmpeness, very little will be good enough for your maill:e t, as the crop IS very small, and bulk of rt late Havana C1g_ars-Good to tine classes contmue to meet a ready sale at full prrces, but owmg to the very linuted SUJ?ply of such, the bus mess of the month has been m actrve, the common and ordmary descnpt10ns move off very slowly, although offered at low prices. liavana, Cuba and Yara-In the former a little busi ness has been done, there rs still a fatr supply offermg. In the two latter growths there IS no s tock Mam[a cheroots and cigars have experJenced an actrve de mand, and the s tock m first hands IS much reduced Latakta-But httle demand has been expenenced Negrohead and CavendlSh-'l'here IS httle busmess to report Smalls-In frur demand Stalks contmue m request MELBOURNE, Octobe? 4 -111essrs Fraser & Co To bacco Broker s report as follows -The transactiOns reported m thiS staple have bee n of a comparatively ummportant nature There has bee n but httle diSpositiOn evmced to mcrease stocks, and busm ess has been confined to the disposal of a few parcels of well known brands The trade IS still heavily stocked With Coloma! work and m the present d e pressed state of commer Cial matters generally, 1t 1s unw1se to look for any earlv Im proved 4emand 150 pkgs Black S" an Tw1st have been qmtted Cameron's tobaccos have been dealt m and the ,.gents report that they are qmte bare of stock of Two Seas and Venus lOs Cgars-W1thout bu s mess Leaf-Sales to some extent have been earned through QUOTATIONS quotatwns) >4: trcs lld 1s SuppleJack 1s Raven ls Sj,id, ls 5d St Andrews 1 s O_Md, 1s 1'>'"d TENS (Importers quotatiOns) %; bxs Over the Water 11d Ro} a Standard 1s Two Bess ls 3d, 1s 4d Venus 1 s 1s 8j,id HAtF POUNDS (Importers' quotations) Barrett s Crown Two Seas AROMATlC Cases lsld 1s 3d 1s 3d ls 4d, 1s 6d 1s 3d, l8 5d Cases. 1& lOd@lld 1s4d@1s Od 1sSd@ls 5d 2s 9d 10)i'd@1s 1oM@1s8d1s 9d@2s li0s@52s 6d 61is@67s 6d 48s@o0s 70s Coloma!, Sd@li

I NOV. I5 T .HE TOBACCO LEA 1'-HAVANA Any Infringement upon will be Prosecuted to the this Trade-Mark G. Full Extent of the Law. PELI21C G-.A.R.C::J:.A., Importer, 18'7 "DDET.a:ter .N"e"VV "York. Joe, H. Thompaon, D Sac)[ett Moore, Paul Calvi. Thompson, Moore & Co., TOBACCO COMMISSION M _ERCHANTS, Agents lor the Saie Tobaccos. I ALSO SOLE AGENTS FOR THE CE LEBRATED ""V17i:o.e Sa.p" and : Tobacooo, manufactured b;y G eo W Gilliam & Co. of Richmond, Va. --.A..ok:n.o"VV1ed5ed 'to b e 1:he F:l:n.e&1: C::he"VV LOZANO, PENDAS & C>F The :llA-:M I.A_ L.P.&. GO Brand. Foreign Com merce and the Revenue. The regular report of the Committee on Foreign Commerce and t h e Revenue Laws was presented to the New York dhamber of recentl y by M r James W Elwell, and treated of a communication r e centl y received from the American Chamber of Com merce in L iverpool regardin g the danger and uncer tainty of shipments from the interior portions of this country and from its souther n ports on thr o ugh bills. of lading. The subject has received considerabl e at tention from the New York, Boston and Philadelphia chambers of commerce, and a bill was introduced in Congress in 1876 for the pu.rpose of giving greater se curity to such shipments by establishing to innocent holders of the bills of lading a clenr title to the pro perty ln transitt! and protecting it from s11izure. 'l'his bill failed to pass and the report recommended that the effort to have it passed should be renewed at the earliest opportunity. The report further says:The communication of the American Chamber at refers to the frequent Irregulantlesand delays connected wtth.through slup ments, particularly .from the Western States, owin g to the fact that in many cases such through b ill s of lad do not state the steamship or the line of steamships by which the goods arA to be forwarded, and it is suggested that this evil might be diminished by the introduction of two forms of bills of lading, the one by one of the regular lines of steamer s, and the other an open bill of lading by steamer or steamers. I n respect to thi s d i fficu lty, your committee fully acknowl edges the j ustice of the complaint made, but they fail to see that the _remedy proposed would meet the case. The t wo forms of through b ill s of lading already exist; and from t h e beginning o f this mode of shipment parties ordering s u c h shipment s have h a d i t in t h eir power t o prescribe t h e regular line or lines of s teamers by which thei r goods s h o u l d bEl forwarded. These parties also un d o u b tedl y h a v e had. legal recourse for against any tra n sfJortation or railroad company issuing t hrough bills of l ading for shipmen t by any particular line, if the gpods were f orwarded by a n y o ther line o r b y a transient steamer, an occu r rence which your commit tee believe has become very f requent since the l a1ge accession to the number of transifmt steamers loading at this port has taken place. Your committee, how ever, are of the o pinion that any action which this Chamber might take woul d fail to change a custom which seems to have arisen largel y from necessity. Partial relief might possib l y be obtained from insert ing in a ll through b ill s of lading a c lause making it incumbent upon the party c learing any ocean steamer to promptly notify the shipper of t.he name of a n y steamer taking the goods shipped within on through bills of lading; and unless compliance with such en gagement. were enforced by the receivers of t h e goo d s or their bankers, your committee very m uch doubt its being satisfactoril y car r ied out. The report was accepted, and a resolution adopted instructing the committee to endeavor to obtain the passage of the bill refered to. Costly Anathemas. SPRINGFIELD, Nov. 10 1879. The suit of Joseph Parker, a Holyoke livery stable keeper, against Andre B. Dufresne, a French Catholic priest, for $10,000 damages, because the latte r told the peop1e of his parish not to h i r e hacks of the former, as he had disobeyed the commands of the Church, result ed to-day in a verdict fo r Parker in the Superior Court. It appears that Dufresne warned his parishioners against having anything to do with an out-of-town French Protestant preacher who visited Holyoke, and called upon t h ose who had a lready heard him to tiC knowledge thei r repentance. Everybody d i d so except Parker,and for disobedience Dufresne excominunicated h i m and ordered the people t o keef clear of him. Pat ker claimed that his c ustomers al left him, and t h a t his busin ess was broken up. W itnesses testified t h a t be f o r e the r riest' s injunction t hey had employed Parke r and t hat afterward the;v gave u p doing so. H is daugh te r test ified that the pnest refused t o h e r infant becau se i t was brought to the church in Parker's hack, and the plainti ff himself s wore his 211 a.nd 213 WOoster YORK. NOTICE.-Belng Proprleton of the following Brands, Cigar Manufacturers are eautioned against usin g the s ame: I JLONTIOELLO, X.AID Oll' ATHENS, BO UNOIO. GA UNTLBT, .AMBROSIA, LITTLE JOKERS, RIFLE TEAM, SOLID OOJIFOBT B.ATIBF'IBD HIGH TONED PEBFEOTION, MONTE VERDE. M.ASS.ASOIT OHJliJF OHAIN ; LIGHTNING, GREAT WESTERN. PEEP 0' D.AY, OLD DOG TB.A Y.E.VEN OH.ANGE EQUIVALENT. BOBT. w. OLIVEK WESTHAM TOBACCO WORKS. lOIIlf E. BOBmBON &, R.C>B::J:N'SC>::N', lR.:J:O:EED!I:O:N':J:J, PROPRIETORS, JII:IUluftaeturera ol' all Style PLUG ..... Slii:OH:ING TOBA.CCO, CliG.&RIII and. CIGA.RETI'ES. BOLE OWNERS AND MANUFACTURERS O F THII: CELEBRATED &El.V.I:::J:" a:n.d EL.A.N"ET" Brands Of Clpn, formerl7 made by BUCBANAN & LYALL of New Y ork. BOLE MANUFAUfUREBS of the CELEBRATED --- ::1:. C." Ia now gaiD!Dg a wide rep utation. Also S OLE MANUFACTURERS o f t h e NEW STYLE, Ba.leigh Plug Smoking, with PATENT REVENUE STAMP ATTACHED. I ( JfEW YOILK OITICE:-'1'8 WARRE. N ST. b H. WIRT MATTHEWS, Speclal Acent. BOSTON OITICE :-9 CENTRAL WHARF: 1 w. P. KITTREDGE & CO., Speoial Ac'ta. HOLMES, BOOTH & New York: 49 CBAJIIBEBS ST. Philadelp'bi&: { 106 _COMIIEBain t h e tobacco comm.,_lilmonopotl f b 'd h' d IUed by Government, under of a Reg1e In Garmany the duty a u as a pnest t o o r 1 I S people to have eal-o n leaf tobacco and stems is & marks per 100 kilogrammes. equal to mgs With a recalcitrant member of the Church. 10.40 cents per on strips and scraps ISO marks per 100 kilogrammes equal to cents pt-r pound; on manufactured co and clgars 270 mal"lrs per 100 kllo,..ammes, equel. to 33.08 centl pound: On tobacco produced i n Germany, t h e tax tak.4tg eftect after April!, 1880:-From April!, 1880, to lllarch 31, !8811lll marks per 100 k:Uogrammes equal to 2.45 cents per pound; from Aprut, 1881, to March 81, 1882, 30 100 kilogrammes, equal to 8.6 1 cents_ per pound; from April 1 and thereafter, 45 marks per 100 kilo. grammes, equal to 5,50 cents per J)9und. In Belgium the impost Is reckoned a fter deducting 15 p e r cent. for tare. The duty is 13 francs 00 centimes ($2.40 gold) 'ljl100 ldlogmmmes (100 Ameiican ll>s equal to ldloo ) I n Rolland t h e d uty Is 28 cents. gold, per 100 American !bs equal to :121 kilos). In Russia the duty on Leaf robacco Is 4 roubles 1 0 kopeks 'P pud 1 on Smoking Tobacco ll6'rou'bles 40 kopeks 11 pud; =ppud. T h e ''pud'' is equal to abou t 86 Amencan ll>s. In Twkey the d ty is 50 cents, gold, per American ounces. In England the duties are on UnmatiUf'acfured: stemmed o r stripped and unstemmed, contaJning 10 lbs or more o f mois ture in 100 fbs weight thereof (besides 5 cent. and an additioll&l charge of ;Hi 11 cent. on removal from bonded warehouses). 3s per 1b; con ... talniDg less than 10 lbs of moisture in every 100 Jbs weight (exclusive of the extra charges n oted above)3s 6d I@ 1b. On and Negrohead (cake or twist), 4B 6d 'Ill II>; a.ll other kinds, 4 s per THE JUDGE' S CHARGE. Judge Bacon's charge to the jury was explicit as de finmg the extent to which ecc lesiastical authority can go, in threats and intimidation, upon subjects when such threats and intimidation undermine another per son' s busi ness. He c harged t hat t h e exact words of intimidation i n the complaint must be proven, and if these words we r e uttered only as threats they were to be considered as malicious in law and if uttered in fact as malicio u s in fact, and they the plaintiff in either case to a verdict. The law of thi s country, said he, does n o t allow ecc lesiastical in terfe r ence w ith a man's business after be had been ex COl)lmunicated from the Church, which is the extent of the punishment which ecclesiastical authority can inflict; nor is ecclesiastical a uthority allowed to i nter fere w ith any one to deter him from giving his patron age to that business. If the defendant only forbid the customers of the :plaintiff from being brought to the church o n the plmnti ff s hacks, he did not exceed his e c c lesiastical authority: but if, after the excommuni cation of Parker, he p revented the employment of his hacks fo r othe r than church purposes, then t h e plaintiff i s entitled to a verdict, and t h e damage was not to be limit.ed to the mere l oss of cutom entailed, but t o all losses which have occurred therefrom. Tbe judge stated emphatically that no ecclestical authority ought to be in existence that attempted the injury of any man's business EXCEPTIONS NOT A LLOWED. Before the charge, counsel for the defendant offered exceptions to Judge Bacon's anticipated rulings to the jury, but the y were not dwelt upon nor allowed, be cause conflicting with the judge's ideas of the case. '!.'he charge is considered as being decidedl y favorabl e t o the plaint!_ff. The j ury, after two hours of delibera tion, returned a verdict for Parkerof $3,433 SMUGGLING IN GERMAJ:\'Y.-A correspondent writing from Hamburg reports that near that city latel y five wagonloads of tobacco, most of which was o f a fine qua1ity, w ere seized, as no duty had been paid on the m. fn this single instance, if the attempt had be e n suc cessful, the Government would have been defrauded to the amount of 42,000 marks. '!.'he tobacco was valued at 200,000 marks. Tobacco smuggling, i t is re ported, is also carried on to a great extent from Hol land, and it seems that it is practi ced in an organized way on bo t h sides of the PL"Ussian and Holland border. -In well-informed financial circles it is thought tb,at the influx of go l d will cease after awhile. but it is gen erall y c onceded that this country will retain at least w hat it now h as, and if this p rove to be tru e, the effect on p t i ces cannot fail to make itself felt in a m a rked degree. c anadian Tobacco Dutle s and Excise. The f ollowing are the rates o f duty now imposed i n Canida on the vari ous manufactures of tobacco;-Cigars and Cfgarettes: 50centsper pound and 20 per cent ad valorem.. Manufactured T o bacco: 26cents and per cent. ad tuJI.orem Snuff: 25 cents per pound and l..2K per cent. cid valorem. I n lieu of all Excise dutie&--e%cep t U c ense imposed on tobacco k nown as Hcommon C ana.dla.h twist," otherwise called u tabac b lanc en torquette," being the Wlpressed l e a f rolled and twisted, a n d made w h o ll y from raw tobacco, the growth o t Canada. and upon raw l e af the -th o f C"nada, there shall be and pound. or I eee qUiltbJ' tbaa a poun a n e duty United l!ltates Internal Revenue 'nle tax on an tlnds ot Tobeooo Ill 18 ce nt. 11 lb; I!Dolfo 18 oenlo 'IIlii>; 01nrs. IG t1 tboulalld; Cfnreetes w eighing no$ o'l'er a lba W thousand, II. 715': per th oUMild; Cljraretteo and Cheroots weighing over 4 1bs $6 per thousand. The duty on Foreign Cigat"' ia $!.50 111 tl, and 2.'i t1 c e11t. ad valotem. same duty as cigars. Importel Obraretteo and Chllroota aloo bMr the p.--rthed !JiternalllAivenue tu:ea, to l>e paid by H&mJlll al the Ollsto m HoWle. The import duty on JAaf T obacoO Ia 115 cent. II II; JAaf Tobeooo stemmed, 10 cents 'II 11>; ll(anutactured T obacco. ISO cent. 9 II; Scraps, 110 cen ts II !b. KaDutaoliured Tobacco "Dd Scrapa are allo aubjeet to the -raalltevonuil tax ot 18 coats 11111 m uat be pocked In conformity wit h Internal Be.re11ue law and _.....,on. Scraps and 011ttlnp, ho........,r, lDf.l" be wlthdra,... ID liulk for uoe In a tob&coo, onwr or oiPr manofac&or7 'irlth3ut--' ot the lnMrnal nn'enue tu. Value of Forellrn Coln8. Soerel.lm ....................................................... '... .. Ill Twenty 'Franc pleoo.......... ... .. .... .... .. .. ..... .. .... .... .. a = :.::::::::::::::::: t g Spaalsh Doubloon .. ........ 115 118 Mexican Doub loon ...... .. .... ,.... .. ...... .......... .. ........ M Spa.DIBh dolla rs per ounce.. ............... .... ............ ,.. }'[ark. . ... ,'*, 23.8 T'O\eoty Mark pieee.. ... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. . .. 4 Table of Weights. Kilogra.mme ......................................... abtout 2-15 pounds, pound. REWARD Paid to any one giving Information of Parties Infringing on our Patents. Our new improved process fo r Re-Sweating To baccos a positive success I F lattering testimonials re ceived from the most eminent Tobacco Dealers and Cigar Manufacturers who have adopted our process. Eyer y Dealer a n d Manufacturer should have a Sweat-Room fitted up under our process on their own premises before cold weather. This i s the best and cheapest p r ocess in existence, and the only s ure way to obtain dark colo r s. Full particulars as to terms, which are reasonable, and circulars mailed on application. Send us a case fo r trial under o u r new process. C. S. PUILIPS & CO., 188 Pearl St., New York. NOT:J:OE. W e hereby cautio n all partie s infringing upon or IMITATINC OUR. BRANDS, LABELS & TRADE-MARKS, that w e will s pare n o pains in prosecuting suc h parties in protecting t h e rights secured to u s by A c t o f Co ngress d ated. Augus t 14, 1 876. l Stratton & Storm. 204, 206 & 208 -Ji;ast 27th St., New .. York. CAUTION. We hereby giv e notic e that all Infringe m ents of our PATENTED BRAND, DOCTOR'S PRESCRIPTION, win be rigorously dealt wit h according t o the T!ade-Ma1k Laws o f the Unite d S ta tes. FOSTER, HILSON 4 CO., Bellauce F'actoryNo.1, 3d Dl8trlct.. 746-771 CAUTION. "LONE JACK" CIGARETTES. Manufacturers of C igar ettes and others w h o m it may concern:.T h e L ON E JACK" C i garette. s w e r e d u l y registered by m e in' t h e P a tent Office at Washi ngton D. C. and Letters of Patent granted July 15, 1879. I will p r osec ute to the full extent of the l a w a ll parties imitating the above bran d. PHILIP H. ERTHEILER. PHILADELPHIA, PA., Sept. 24, 1879. 762-5 SPECIAL NOTICE& SITUATION WANTE_D.-By a thoroughly compe-tent H oo k k ee per, familiar wit h intricate accounts, at. moderate compensation. Refer e nces satisfactory. tf Address, G office of fllil Too.woo LEAF. For Bal.e. and Cutting&> Appl y to SE WENB!lliG & Co. 84 to Btl Reade Str eet, N e w ENGAGEMENT W ANTED.-Having had muc&:o experience in Packing and Handling, Tobacco Ula> Subscriber would like t o engage his services t o soma r eliable p a rty. Reference furnis h e d. JNO. G MANSFIELD 769-2t T?lersville, Louisa Co Va.. For Ba1e. A tresh suppl y of 1 90,000 pound s genuine ., 'DEERTONGUE' FLAVO for smoking tobacco manufacturers, in lo t s to s uiti. purc hasers, a t lowest fig ures :M.rnBURG B Ros., 145 147 & 149 S Coorles S t ., 749-77 4 EXTRAORDINARY S U CCESS OF MY ''PUCK'' O:J:Or.A.R.ETTE& Has caused unscrupulo u s manufacturers, who repeatedly, but in v ain, have tried to force t _heir Cigarettes on the market, to again impose upon the Trade with a spurious article, and to use the popularity of the J Brand in adopting for the i r ware a name sound ing aimilar to my PUCK,'' w ith the intention to J;!tisle a d t h e public. I respectfully cau t i o n the Trade to beware of this imitation. The "Puck Cigarettes" are manufactured without Sweetings, and bear m y name, B. POLLAK, New York. 755-767 A. P .A. 'VC>:E&::J:TE :lW::J:LLS Packer, Commission Merchant, AND WHOLESALE D EALER I N tE.A.P TC>B.A.CCC>, OFFICE, No.8 EAST CHESTNUT STREET, :Pa.. S. HIRSH & CO., 9 :J:.oa:n.oa.'ter, Pa.., llANUFACTUREBS ot SUPERIOR GIUDES of Tobacco Worn P 'ENNSYLVANIA CIGARS I Rall!ing from $12 to $20 vcr 1000. '"' P 0 Adru-Bo x 8 LA.NCJA.IIITEB, P.ll.t L&rlf Varletteo Continually on Hand. W e &t'6 now prepared to furnish the tn>de the best Lancaeter County Re-sweated Tobacco o f :One dar k colprB and superior burntzur quantities o f 100 lbs a nd upwards, a t t h e t ollo wing prices for cash: -Fillel'I,__IOc per lb; blnderll, 12e; workero, 115c; wrappers, we; ext110 wrappero, 2llo. W.I'RAIJI[ & 00,, W"' TERKS NET C ASJL :J:ro:n. Sa:n:1o:n. Jack DRY COODS, LARD, DRIED FRUIT, HAY AND TC>H.A.OCO ::E:R.ESS. TAKE NOTICE. The attention o f Dealers, Growers and P ackers of Leaf Tobacco, Dry Goodie and CJothlng Merchant s. Packing H o u ses, Wholesale Gf'ocers and Farmers and of any and .a.ll oLhers who pack compressible io. cases and bales i s called to this Press. I t ts made of malleabl e iron, equal to t h e best o t wrough t iron, and warranted not to break n o r to get o u t ot repa1 r This is the tlrst and o nly Machin e In the wprl d made of malleabl e iron. By greasing the axl e adtl rack, with ordinary care it will J,ast O n e Hun dred years, It is si m p l e in construction., mot-e durable, powerful, and quicker i n operation t han any press in existence, requiring o n e man to operate it It consists of a ratchet motion. w h ic h is far s uperior io t h e Screw Press now i a u se. Under the P ress are four rollers o n which by means of a lever a -a lae of Press! can be elevated or depressed w hen ready to roll case oft or on. Now used and recomm e nded to others by the foll owi n g named parties f o r pa.ckinlf tobaCco in c.n.stm:E Rosenwal d & :&roa., 145 Water st. ; Schroeder & B on. 178 W a ter st.; Glaccum & Schlosser, J 5 Rivington st. i J n o. W Love, 302 Bowerr,; Louts K uttn a uer & co. Jefferson avenue, Detr01t llich ; C. F. Wahlig, 29 First avenue; Bunzl & Dormitzer. La.nca.ster Pa.; H. Co l ell 202 Chatham st.; Carl Upmann, 178 Pearl st LBchenbruch & Bro., 164 Water st., and othel'8. ., For o ther uses:-Archer & Ebbett Manure Baling Co. foot Forty third st. Eruit River; Moore, Jenkins & Co ., for Packing Dried Fruit, cor. Franklin st. and.West B rondwaY.i Newark Lubllcating Oil Co., cor <..:hestnut and M'Whorter sts., Newark, N.J.; RObe Bros. for Packing Pork. 583 West Thirty-sixth st. ; Aug.Kanehbly, for Pressing Lard"" 85 Columbia. st.; Sweze y & Dart, Dry Goods Press. w Leonard st. i James E Reynolds, Dry Goods Press, 98 Reade st PRICES. Tobacco Preso No, I, Power of liTe tons, 130. No.2, Power o ften tons, ..0. With attadament to roll oase oft' and on. S6 extr a Drf. Good e a n d Lard Pre N e 1_, 1:10 Jio. 2 : D r e d Fruit Preoa, with3plungenfor oarref,halfbarreland'box No 1 1361 -No.2 Ha:r Pre N o, 1, Box 6 feet high, makin g a bale42lo"fi by 24 wid e ot'tl5o to 11!1 lba wei!fht d o do u 4i 25W. 2ooto225lbe .. JOHN PARR, Manufactory, I p2 Avenue D, NEW YORK CITY. PPBE.W.&X PAPEa Made by Improved Machinery in White 41and Fancy Colors for use on Tobacco. / TJala ezoell....t article 1.11 now oo oheap to Joe in demand for paokina FIXECUT in P..U., Drums and Barrels We lurnish it in aoourate dzeo for ouolt. purpos M and for u s e in plaoe of Foil. on PLUG TOBACCO. SA.lii:PLES A.ND PRIC ES Ft1RNISHBD O N A.PP L ICA.TION,

-.THE T 0 B A O 0 0 .-I;:E AF. LE T THE COURTS ANSWER U. S. CIRCUIT COURT, Eastern District of Va JUDGES HUGH L. BON D AND RD. w I HUGHES, PRESIDING. "The Court doth order and decree, that t -he said. W. T. BLACKWELL & CO., :l.IAVE THE SOLE AND EXCDUSIVE RIGH'T TO THE WORD DU:a,HAM, as a mark on Smoking Tobacco.''--Done at Richmond, Jan. 8th, 1878. r Very truly yours. ,._ I I j '..i. j :1 W. T. BLACK I lYianufacturers of the .. I '\"\ l. I f I : I ,.,; '\'\'' :, : <: ,; j I')/ ... \ 1 The market is now :Oooded with cheap so-called Durl;lam Tobaccos, all.of which are imitations of BLACKWELL'S, and you should shun them as you would any other counterfeit. Ask 70ur grocer or dealer for BLACKWELL'S DURHAM T .OBACCO, and if they attempt to put 70u o:tr with an inferior article, insist upon having BLACKWELL'S ONLY, and if they will not 8fve it to go to some dealer who keeps it, and see it the BULL on each package. Very truly yours, .. :'1 ll J (


I ---....... { The Bag. Durham, N. C., is situated in the 4th _Internal Revenue District, which embraces 21 Counties; 1 and in these 21 Co11nties there are .66 R .egistered Manufactories of Tobacco. The Internal Revenue paid to the Government by these Factories, for the fiscal year ending J nne 30th, 1879, amounted to $879,490.81 (Eight :ttundred and seventy-nine. thousand four hundred and eighty dollars and. eighty-one u cents). Of this amount the manufacturers ofthe celebrated BLACKWELL's DURHAM, Messrs. w. T. BLACKWELL & rCo., alone paid I $542,720.24 :qundred and forty-two thousand seven hundred-and twenty a:ud tw;entt-four -ALMOST DOUBLE THE AMOUNT THAT TB 11) OTHER 65 F .ACTORIES CO:MBINED P .AID. -:--.. --, no comment. T hese facts show most conclusively it .. is at .that make$\ Smoking that meets to the fullest extent the popular --To manufacture the ORIGINAL and ONLY GENUINE DURHAM Tobacco. To be located in the VERY CENTRE of the finest growing section of the Union, peculiarly adapted to the manufacture of a first-class Smoking Tobacco. Ifo operate the LARGEST AND BEST EQUIPPED Smoking Tobacco Factory IN THE WORLD. To purchase THE VERY RAW MATERIAL and use THE lVIOST SKILLED LABOR .in our operation of any manufacturer in the market. To be better prepared from our LONG EXPERIENCE and ABUNDANT FACILITIES to manufacture THE VERY BEST SMOKING. TOBACCO known to commerce. tTo have established within the short space of 14 {'ears, OWING TO THE OF OUR PROpUCTS, a greater reputation and created a greater demand for BLACKWELLS DURI;IAM, than any house m the Tobacco busmess has been able to do m one-half century. To. have given more general satisfaction with BLACKWELL'S DU.RHAM, and are doing it to-day than any other brand of Smoking Tobacco upon the market. That be n o more HONEST, RELIABLE and SATISFACTORY SMOKING TOBACCO put upon the market than BLACKWELL'S DURHAM. That by all odds BLACKWELL'S DURHAM enters into more general consumption in THIS COUNTRY AND EUROPE, than similar class of goods. That the past history and future prospects of BLACKWELL'S DURHAM prove all this. Very respectfully, W. T. BLACKWELL & CO


8 r. E A NOV. H5 Els"ta b11sl::\.ed. 1828. THE BEST ALL-TOBACCq HUGill DU BOIS, DOHAN CARROLL-II. co T. H. co., ''BETW-EENTHE COIIISSIOIIIBCIIAIT. Loaf Licorico Pasto, !Ia .a-.. 104 Front Street New York. 181 IIAIDEN LANE. NEW YORK. TbeaLoveBX..E .A.G-EN'T& FOB. iiliDiiiL:IfJJAw&rded IIighest ll!edal Exhibition, l876, .Philt.a.elphia, U j\.N"'D4 C E. M. CRAWFORD & SON, HAVANA CIGARS lt/i.JiAF"T0BAcco. 4 JNO. W. CARROLL' S CELEBRATED BRANDS, LONE JACK, BROWN DICK, ETO. ETC. ETO. HAVANA LEAF TOBACCO AND CIGARS, P.o.utx3479 NEw voRK --AND-PATENTED BRAND R_A_G--T_A_G-SMOKING TOBACCO. ,. National Tobacco Agency. -I.E"ta lo1:1.ahed :a.aea.J--ALL STYLES MANUFACTURED AND SMOKING TOBACCO Kept In stock, ready for PROMPT DELIVERY from STORE or FACTORY, both -T.A...X. a:nd :ror E:X.PC>R.T. SOLE AGENTS FOR THE CELEBRATED BRANDS, F. u UNDE, J.:EiW Tobacco I TOBACCO INSPECTED OR SAMPLED. Clcn:a.u.1:ry Sa>D:1p1:l:n5 A.1;'te:nded 'to. Oertiftro..ates givea for every case, and deUvere4 case by case, as to number ot Certl:Aeate tb 'ti.-WE ALSO SAMPLE IN MERCHANTS' OWN STORES. 'F. C. LINDE & CO. PHILADELPHIA. BRANCHES : 2 W DIOKBBSON, corner Arch and Water Streets; JONAS METZ, 64 North Front Street HARTFORD, Ooaa,:-IRA E. HULL,IMStateStreet. PBINOIP L OFFI-I'IE:t!RY FOREST. 1 W.A.BII:H01JSES&-142 WATER, 74, '1'6 & 78 GEENWICH STREETS, and IlUDSON RIVER RAILROAD DEPOT, ST. JOHN'S PARK. _>&IEIHEJR,T, TOBACCO AND GENERAL COIIlSSION MERCHANT, 6B Broad S't., 'Y'ork..61 1BENSEL & CO., CHA'SFINKE&CO TOBACCO TOBACCO INSPECTORS, WATER STREET. 159 WATER ST., NEW YORK. NEW YORK. :--::--:;-:: -SYRACUSE BRANCH ....... G P mER &: co. I ELMll'tA do .......... J. R. DI\JOKER. BALTIMORE do E WISCHMEYER & CO. HARTFORD do ......... W WESTPHAL. E AS T WHATELY, Mass., do ...... E. BELDEN. !REYNES BROTHERS & CO., Contmission Merchants, 4:8 &. 4;8 !lxchaRge Place, C01JN'I'RY .8AJIIPLING PROM.PTI. V .&TrENDED '1'0. Lan-caster (Pa.) Branch: F. 141 N. 9UBBll St. (Stnlth's Store.) G REUSENS, & LY I HAVANA LEAF TOBACGOI 125, 129 BROOME ST., cor. ,Pitt St., NEW YORK. Dubrul's Patent Tin Lined Cigar Molds. .. RAILROAD MILLS M. H. LEVIN, IMPCIR'rER of HAVANA AND DEALER IN ALL KlNDS OF LEAP TOBACCO, 162 Pearl Street, lew York. H. KOENIG, WHOLESALE DEALER IN BAV ANA AND SBBD LBA' 'TO:B.A.CCO&, 226 PEARL STREET, NEW YORK WM.. Mp PRICE, LEAP TOBACCO, L 19 Maiden Lane, NEW YORK : J. L. GAS!Il!RT 1'1. L. GASSEll,'I" No. 180 Water St., New rork G. REISMAN:N', CoJarnission M er.chant, AND DIIAL&Jl IK ALL IC1KD6 OP LEAF T .OBACCO, Pearl Street, New OIG.A.R-EI I 88, 90 & 92 CANAL STREET, Corner of Eldridge. Hi.rsch, Victorius & Co. LEAF TOBACCO, 177 WATER ST., NEW YORK. C. B. BALDlO,. 104 Malden Lane, NewYork, llole .&cell& tor ANDRES AQEVEDO'S KEY WE.ST CIGARS. '' EL PEIIISA.KIEIIITO," "I'LOR DE CUBA," and llheral other branda. L. GERSBIL a BRO.,, O:fBce: 101 Wall st., NewYork.-P.O. BOX 1172. &:::N''UFF : l'ACICUS ANi> DEALERS IN -IN -Fagtory:-No. 2 FIRST DISTRICT, SOUTH BROOKLYN. MANUFACTURERS OF THE FOLLOWING CELBBRA.TED BRANDS OF PLUG, CHEWING a:ad SMOKING FANCY SMOKING PIPES MACCABOY, GENTLEMAN, SEED LEAP TOBACCO! BRIER AND FANCY WOODS I MANUFACTURED BY CLIPPINCS, BLACK TOM, IRONSIDES, A. & H R'LANBT :KAVY,lo, M .. 3o,4a, 5.,::, HARVEY a FORD, TC>B..A.CCC> I 8AIL0R'8CHOICE,lo, .. -AGGnlll BALE8ROOK-386 & 381 C.A.l'f.A.L ST&EET,IIIEW roaM ......... -O'TTa p'DTW"CE &TBE ... T GOTH-O-T'ft HICKO ... T IDIALLBWGB, lbo. ..... 1 -roN. FLOUMoln\8.' FACTORY-LIIDGER PLACE. pmi.ADELPBIA. -..........., ..-... .-... -' ..,...., ..._ .., JUTCHBLL. N -A.RRAGAN G PiiiLIP AND 133 WATER AND 85 .O'NE STREE s NE .. PEERLSIJS; ) rl T w YORK AJ.M, GOLD BARir. PlUDE OF TilE REGilllE:NT. PO_:m_N.._.x.._.A._N_:m_._N_:m_"VV __ T'_o_Et._:a:._._ .. WisE & BENDHEIM, -AT254 & 256 Cana l St.1 crrr. Elm, NBW Yo!k.


. \ NO.V. 15 A.B.SCOY,ILI.E&CO SCHBODER a BON, -AND-M of goods .for putting up lmeldzurTobacoo. Alloacempla......n. -tcilBmobn'AnlciMfortheTrade. HOWARD BROTHERS & READ, fda aad BroAdwT Jl'ew Yofk. Basch & Fischer, IMPORTERS OF HAVANA Paeker of STRAtTON EllNEST FBEISE, MANUFACTURERS OF CIGARS DEALERS IN LEAF ToBAcco. Spanish Leaf Tobacco, 1.57 .A.TEIB. ST., 'YC>B.:&::. 204,206 and 208 EAST TWENTY-SEVENTH STREET, NEW YORK. WM. GLACCUM, J ACOB SCHLOSSER SEED LEAF TOBACCO,.----------. GL.A.CCUJ!Nu!fTu!!J!ILOSSiilt, 188 WATER STREET, :Near Illaid e n Lane NEW YORK. S. F. HESS a CO., Tbo Gorinan-Amorican Bank I. ____ SOL-E HAN-UF-ACT-UR .... ERS_O_F T-HE ___ 60W.ALL8T.,:NEWYORK. ''GOLD CLIP'' I CAPITAL, '! 87801000. 'Every factllty alrorded to Dealers ana Corrt!6pond ents ooDSisteut with Sound Banldng. 1!5 RJ:VJ:NGTON' STREET, NEW' YORK,. Proprietors or t he C e l ebrated Brands "R.EPUBLIC" and "HIGH A.JJD DRY." Alao, BLUE JAY1 IUJI'G BIRD1 MARS1 BELLOJI'A1 DRUJIDil:RBOY. H, ROCHO.LL, President, [IL r. JU;.I.DIKG, Cuhler. iE. & G. FRIEND ct CO., liiMpOrten and l>ealen lu J.EAf TOBACCO, I 2g-MRI"en Lane. Gus Flii&ND, EowARD FRtHN Ja., LoNAitD JI'RIEND. NEW YORK. :&. C>R.G-LER., Manu.ftleturer of' FINE CIGARS, And Dealer In LEAF TOBACCO, 85 MURRAY STREET, NEW YORK. lW)" Bran .. l..:.... "CUBA LIBB.E,' "CLIKAX," CUTHRIE a. CO., 22:1 Front Street. BALERS OF TOBACCO FOR EXPORT. Tobacco a:n.d. C:l.aare't'tes; FRE:M:I 0 :M: :1:1 LBOXABD PRIEDMAN TO WALTER FRIEDMAN & FREISE, Dll'ORTER.. 011' .A.:n.d. o"ther :Ji"1.D.eO-u.1: Ohe"'DV':i:n.s Toloa.oo<> cc J'V'&T:KC::E.A." CLEAR HAVANA CIGARS. HAVANA TOBACCO, 203 Pearl Street, N:ew York. M. LINDHEIM, Sole Agent, No. 202 CHATHAM SQUARE, NEW YORK.-1fll. lllOGUT. TBEO. WOLJ', J:L WM. EGGEBT a co. HAVANA AND PACKERS OJ' SEED 'EAF Tobacco 248 Pearl and 20 Cliff Streete, New York. Lear Tobacco preued In ba!11 for l!le West 1..0. .llem.can and Central American Ports, and ether mar-kets. 1 TOBAC CO P.AB.:&::. LEVY & NEWGASS, PACKERS OF ALL Kn'DS OF SEED LEAF TOBACCO, 169 WATER STREET, N' e"'DV' 'York.. Constantly o n hand OLD RESWE.I.TED ("onnecticut and Pennsyl\ania Tobacco. M. & S. STERNBERGER, BANKEitS AND 8ROKRS, \7 BROAD ST., NEW YORK, Pe.y pnrticular attention to the Nea-Jtiation ot of Foreign Exchange and Loane. Execute Orders !or the Purch3se and S1.le of Califo r.nia and N&vada. lUning Stock to the San Fra.ncisco Stock Exchange. '=" F. W SMYTHE & CO., COHMISSION MERCHANTS, BRETHERTON BUILDINGS, 'No. 10 NORTH JOHN STREET, LIVERPOOL. ENC. 83 Reade Street. CALIXTO LOPEZ, IJD'OaTBB o FINE YUfL TA ABAJD TOBACCO & CIGARS ..... ... ll'e6 ... rand u LA liLA'' 11' ................ ... &a ....... CCipn I Coney &land," 206 Pearl St., flew York. MILLER'S CELEBRATED PATENT CIGAR MOLDS. TBE MOST PERFECT I THE MOST DURABLE! AND THE Cheapest Cigar Molds Qff$3req to the Trade. .. .. .... The demand for these molds has increased s o rapidly that we have been compe lled to add to our present large factory in Cincinnati another factory with even a larger capacity, located in the City of New York, so tliat we are now able to fill orders from any part of the world more promptly than formerly. On application we take pleasure in sending to any address, free, circulars of our molds, cigar-s h apers, presses, etc .. al so a li s t con t a ining over THREE HUNDRED illustrations of different s tyles o f Cigars, among which are all-the latest sizes out. Address all communications to THE MILLER & PETERS MANUFACTURING CO. OFFICE AND FACTORY: 136,138 & 140 East Second Street, CINCINNATI, 0. LEVY BROTHERS, 311:an:u.fac'ture:rs <>f FINE CIGARS 1.111.8 a:a.d. 1.111.5 .A. 'V:IIIIN"C':IIII x:t, COI'IU!r e1! Tenth SC;reet, -Ani 442, 444, 446 and B EAST TENTH STREET, NEW YORK. Freight .Brokers, AND RECEIVING AND FORWARDING AGENTS. [p, 0. Box 3,152.) 53 Exchange Place, NEW YORK. () l_,_rer & Dealer ia Leaf Tobacco 302 BDmJ I. Y. BSILIIIIOJia, IWI'L .&B:a. IIIL'fDT!UlJ, J x.w::.-TO:&.&.ooo, nw OFFICE AND FACTORY: 510 East Nineteenth St ., NEW YORK CITY. W. E. UPTE&ROVE, Sp8..nlsh Cedar J'OR CIGAR BOXES, _...,_ CiPI' Box lakcrs' SUDDliCS. .. foot 1Oth lll th st., East Ri Jer. L.!.ii...... DW TOBit. IIIIND CIRCULUs OB APPLY TO I. B. BOR&l'ELD! Jauraetmr of Ciial 518 I. B ........... Ita, BT, WJ80iiiilii& BD WIBCHMEtE& & CO., : ... OB.A.OCJO COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 39 SOUTH CALIRT ST., Ba.ltlmore, Jld. \ N. LAGHENBRUCH. & BRO. PACKERS OF SEED LEAF AND IMPORTERS OF 164 WATER STREET, NEW YORK. SMOKE EARLY AND Ol"l'EN I THE PEOPLE'S CHOICE I I :E"'.A.OJEE:EJ:J:) ::I.N' B.A.Z:..Z:..C>T -PATENTED 1879.J. ck. .A.. MANUFACTURERS, No. 72 CORTLANDT STREET. NEW YORK. NEUMAN & DIN. GLINGER,:: ; GENERAL LITHOGRAPHERS N. W. Cor. PEARL and ELM STS., NEW YORK. and Tobacco Labols" and Sbow Cards a suocialtr. "WV'XLL'::am: :O.A. 'VXB&, llanafacturer of all Deocrfptiono of :Ji"ZN'EI OUT O:EEEI'VVZ:N'G. TC>B.&.OCC>, And Sole Proprietor of the followhla: Choice Braach: THREE CITIES-Smoking and Cigarette ; Bristol Golden Bird's EyeSmoking; Pure Richmond Mixture-Smoking; As You Like It-Fine-Cut w-Also Export Tobaccos for Shlpa;1 use, and Inventor and Patentee ot the Com.'bbaed. Stem:m.lng and Drying Machine. Sil57 .., saaa &1:., ::arook.1y:n., N'. 'Y'. LOBENSTEI N & GANS, WHOLESALE DEALERS IN SEED -AND HAVANA TOBACCOS ; SOLE AGENTS AN D n!PORTERS OF THE G&'!UINE W. & M. C:XG-.A.R. :L\iC>ULD&, Presses, Straps & Cutte"; IMPO RTERS OF GERMAN & SPANIS H CIGAR :RIBBONS; 1.81. Da:a:lcl.e:n. N'e...,.,.. Sol.,:: AGDT I'OR !l'ii.'PAcmC FOR KER.BS .t; SPIESS, Jl'ew York; Horace R. XellJ" .t; Co., Jl'ew York 1 lla.oselma.n .t; Co., Louii'Oille, XJ-. 225 Front 8t., SAN FRANCISCO, CAL BOSSELMANN & SCHROEDER, .&, c:JI.I!I"ar Commission 'H"EJJ:&L' ; &, oo., Commission Merchants. LBAI' TOBA.Ccp All]) OIGAJII .a. 1 & 3 Kel'O&deres:', Oaba.,


. -10 THE T 0 B A C C 0 L E .&. NOV. 15 .Baltim.ore Advert.ise:ments. [Philadelphia Ad'vertise:mentll. A... BOYD &. LEAF TOBACCO, DIPOATED AXD DOJIO!STIC TELLER BROTHERS, Paebn, C.m:sslll ..,. "' _. r 1111 ltdlln 'Ia WESTERN ADVERTISEMENTS. 'MISCELLANEDU8 ADVERTISEMENT& S::P:':E:':'NC::E.:---J:, T .... "'"sP_E_N-CE-. --C-.-A..;.. AIBIOSIA TOBACCO fORKS. HINSDALE SMITH & (SucceHono to H. SMITH & c<'f.) PACKEB.S AND .JOBB:EB.S or Fonip and. Domestic Leaf 'l'ohaoeo, I 117 North Thlrd'lStreet, Philadelphia. ; No. 33 South Street. 4 Connecticut Lea.f Tobacco 20 HAWIIPDEN ST., Springfield, Mass. W. EISENLOHR & COr, i PACKERS AND WHOLESALE DEALERS IN L E A F T 0 B A C c--"o, 11:::1 s. St W. EISENI.OHR, PliiL. WNN. L. BAMBERGER & CO., PACKERS AND DEALERS IN LE.A.P TC>::EI.A.CCC>, And Manufacturers of LowCrade Cigars, _1-..;;l;;;l;;;l;...;;;A;;;;;;r;..;c;.;;;h;;;....;;S;.;t,;,;.., ,.;Phi-.Iad......,e..,l..;P...,hi_..,.a.._, LEWIS BREMER'S SONS, Wholesale Dealers i:a 1LEAF" TOBACCO, NO. NORTH THIRD STREET, PHILADELPHIA., IFA large assortment of all kinds G( TollACCO constantly on hand .J!t \V,\l S KIMBALL & CO.'S V.\!I'IIY FA Ill TllR ( CC n CWARI:7TES ROUHn1 N Y HAY & SMITH, Packers, Commission Merchants & Deale-rs in SEE D LEAF tc HAVANA TOBACQO No. 35 North Water-st Philadelphia. And 214 STATE STREET, CONN. lYI.E.McDowell4 Co. 39 NORTHl V(ATiiR .STREET, SC>Z..EI FC>EI. ,. .. -LAND--- : ,.. ; r1 ,; '"... ... W T Cire::a. '11:l::a.e &Z111ok.:l::a.5 "" -. ....,_ Tort nolfOI1 PittSbnrih; Cllicato, Lonis and -.. GUMPERT BROS. Aho MaDullu!turen of HEBBE DE LA REUiE BRIGHT ClJT CAVENDISH -.\PD-F. H. BISCHOFF' S GERMAN SMOKING tuld other Branda of SMOKUTG TOBACCO. 'Abo HERBE DE LA REINE tuld other Bran4a of ClGAB.ETTES ...-:Agent In New York 1 ENGELBACH, No: 56 S1!uth W ,ashi -R. E VOCKE.---G. F KOOJ!E.-:R.e &, TOBACCO & GENHR!L GODISSION :MBRGHA,NTS, s. y. cor: and Lombard Sts. BAL TtMORE. II Leaf Tobacco Pressed In Bales a Specialty. -E. WENCK, BARKER & WA&GNER W. K. BARKER G. E. WAGGN"ER. "AMBROSIA" "WIGWAM" HINSDALE SMITH, E. H. SMITH, C. 0. HOLYOKE, ::&'":J::N'EICr'C'T. &:DIEC>:&:.:J:J.VG. :N'.o. 1!1111., ae, aa, eo era ::ma.-t Thh-cl. &'treo't, COMMISSION :MERCHANT CIN"CIN"N" .A. TJ:. In.LEAI' and MANUFACTURED TOBAOOO, 12 Central Boston.. HANUFACTURERS OF ALL KINDS P-LUG '.TOBACCO, 0. ::S:.A.. V ..A.N" A. C>..:.Lr And Dealer in I SOLID COMFORT,' I TRUE DOLLAR,'! TIDAL WAVE,' I BLACK DIAMOND.' SEED LEAF TOBACCO &, IYIANVFACTVREBS OF Fi...,..e Bro'th.e:ra, X.on.5 John. aa, Elr:l5l1't a.n.d. Bl.a..qk., C>J.d. :EJ:on.e'ty, B Oen.t PJ.-u.5, AND ALL OTHER POPVLAII. STY;8 OF FINE NAVY TOBACCO, No. 98 Water Street, BC>ISTC>:N'o CILl& W. WILDD, Ja. WK. B. Wmn. CHAS. W Jr., Importer and Manufacturer of FINE 58 Kilby & 98 Water Sts., BOSTON". S. W. WILCOX, PACKER OF X.C>U:J:.&"V:J:x.Z..E, ;a;:.:mJ.VTUO;a;:.'Y". SEED LEAF TOBACCO, w. s. O'NEIL, G. w. WICKS & GO., HARTFORD, CONN. Pacbr&lldDealerlll Kanu!act.urera' Agent. for the S&le of 'omo SHHD LH!F TOBACCO Virvrua, MissonrL and Kentucky C. & R. DORMITZER & cu. .nay-ton, o. TOBACCO Dnlersl!Commisskln:Merchantsill I IFOrcloafor lllll:pan &D4!1DIIUI Tr.a. pn>IIIPIJT n EAF TOBAcCO,. --US2WEST MAIN 2 NORTH MAIN ST., :a:.y.. Bet.M&inandSecondSta., Gm. w, W1ou, N. FauY. ED'Ir. J. FoaJ:JL ST. X.C>U:J:S, DII:C>. ChoiCe Brands of Imported Licorice always ()tt. bo.nd. Liberal Casb Adanceo made on Oollidgn SAlYI'L W. scHAEFER & CIGAR-BOX MANUFACTORY AND DEALER IN CIGAR-BOX TRIMMINGS, LABELS, PARER, LTIAF 1110BACCO .A.J.V:J:J .A.Z..X. :&:.:J:J.V:J:JS o:E' O:EG-.A.EI. EI.:J:EIBC>:N'S n r I> 699 to 707 W. Sixth St., Cincfnna.ti, 0. <>:rcl.e:r '' WEa x R iiN-&co. B. STEVENSON & CO. TOBACCO & DIALERs IN CIGAR;, BOX FACTORY C1gars & leaf Tobacco 113 Main St., Cincinnati, 0. NO. S3 CLAY STREET, General Commission Merchants,. 'J& Bar.,...... St., N.,.. OrleaJU, La. .......,.,._ IMPORTEil and DOMESTIC BilBY MEYER & co MERCHANT LEAF TOBACCO COMMISSION MERCHANTS, ., CINCINNATI, G MANUFACTURHRS FINH CIGARS, J. H. PEDEB.TOM, J ...._ G. l'l:!n<; F. W. DOHRMANN, PEMBERTON & PENN, 46 ___ and 48 St. Charles8St., And Wholesale Dealen Ia s. w. eor. Loml>ar41H., Bai&Imore,lll4. 29 South Gar SL, Baltlmort, lld. OHIO AND CONNECTICUT We Invite the attention of Manofacturert to oar STORE: 1341 CHESTNUT STREET, LHAF TOBAGGO BROKER services to fill orders for Lea! or Mo.nufu.ctured h 13th Str t Stock of DARK KE-SWEATED WRAP-:Fa.ctoPV: 444 to 448 Nort ee .... & KempePERS, ofwhi e h we rna> a e7 .JD. .a. 46 Front St.. 0. LEAF TOBACCO, S. E. cor. Vine & Front Sts., -v ..a... CINCINNATI. IMPORTERS O F CHAS H TrT E ........ P..A.. :a: ..a.. -v ..a.. :LV ..a.. THE LARGEST CIGAR FACTORY IN THE STATE. SEED LEAFTOBACco, CIGARs, 117 w Lombard st., I.'..ea:C Tobacco B.A.X.T:J:llWI:C>EI.EI, Do!I::J:J. U'. &. Tep CIGAR MOULD MANUFACT'G CO. CorJRidge & North CollO!e An's, Pa. Is ow retailing 11. 8 dllfernt lhapes and llizes, from tbe fwory, at grea reduced Pri!Ze&. EYery mould warranted unjform. U size c suf.table. It will be excbariged or money returned. Our aim Is to give pertec$ &atlsfacllon to the trade. By purchasiiijj'"direct from I he factory YQU wRl save all delay and commissions. The only n1eda.I a.nd tliploma a.warded at the Ce.utennial was to the 11. 8. 8olld\tTop Moult!. Otllclal documfiDts can \>e seen at the oftloe. $)mer Ridge ana Nortb College Avenueo. U S. SOLID TOP CIGAR HOtrLD CO. H. WATTEYNE, 216 Pearl St., N.,.. York, s Ac-t. GEO;&GE ZORN, IMPORTER AND MANUFACTURER OF ALL KINDS OF 20 Commeroe St., Baltimore. "' G. B. JOS. SCHROEDER & CO., IMPORTED and DOMESTIC PACKERS oF l E SEED LE.A.P A f T. 0 B C C 0, 25 German St., Baltimore, Md. 'To,s1 & sa EXCHANGE PLAcE, DARK CONSTANTLY ON HAND. l!ll.l:d.. PETERSBURC, VA., ADVERTISEMENTS.-S:W. VENABLE &CO. G. Z CLAY & WOOD PIPES 08ice: Cor. & Halifax Sts., Petersburgh, Va. Factory: 19 \Second J District, VIrginia ;f CIGAR & CIGARETTE TUBES ManufactoreandOifer"'tileTndethetollowin!CELEBRATED BRANDS of Meerschaum Goods, Smokers' P L U G .. D WI KG 158 N. TIDRD ST., PHILADELPIDA. Sni!I:O:EE.IN"G-TOB..A.CCOS I ''ICCI;.IP8B't BRIGHT liAVT, le, Xa13a,4a15a16a,'7a18a19aa.u410a. ESTABLISHED 1848, J. RINALDO SANK & co.. DOHAN & TAI'l'T. Tobacco Commission MerChants General Commission Merchants, 1o7 ARcH sTREET, a I North Water Street P:EI::J:X..A.:J:J:E::J:.o:P:EJ::J:.A.. --ao North Delaware AYeftue, E""EE"TT'!o....xuu:. .. P"RT F. X. KELLY, Jr., SORVER, COOK & CO HAPPY THOUGHT PACDBS, CODIBSioN KDCEANTS, 'l'obacco Agency, AnC Wlacrleaalo Dealon In llS ARCH liT., Phlla4elphla., Pa, LE GENEML AGENT FOR AF TOBACCO WILSON A McCALLAY'S PLUC TOBACCOS. H. THEOBALD MANUFACTURER OF Ia, 3a, t:a, 5a, .,..., 8a, ea aad 101 tt BRIGHT NA...J''YAVY,Ja. 3a, Oa, Ga, eaaD.d lOa, MAIIOGAIIY 7, 8a, 91 aad lOa. "IT, JAIIEi5" DARK POONDS, })a 4, .fh, 61, 71, 91 ancllOa, Also a great vari ety of PI1{E TWIST of e""eral gndes Bright and Mahogany under the fottowlaa celebrated br'r'0dADMIJL4. '!l'IO!J', J TBOB.XAJI'D'Jr' 1 J BBAB. '!l' 01" GOD," &c" :r.IVB OAK," 1V .A.BOB," "DB SO'!l'O" and The fpjlowlng oua .. te for the GOODS: -(), W. V..ut ALSTINE .t: CO,t.!BCentra!Wbarf, P. CAt:V4NAGH, 41 and" Wabasb. J"-HEs S WAYNE, J. H. RA1TERH.ilflt DaUy Ane&lon ana Private Sale. Advances made on Consignments. .Jollll' C Flum. BrmnTf f'H1A}:f. rlf.>.; "ROClHlSTEh' N.Y. 'BANNER SUCCBSSOII.S TO NEVIN & IIILLS, 193 & 195 Jelrerson Ave., Detroit, T-INFOIL Or EVERY GRADE. Lehmaier, Schwartz & Co .. ::&'".A.OTC>EI. 'Y"I '93-501 FIRST A V., cor. 29th St., :B. A. KILLS, Tobacco B:roke:r AND General Commission Merchantj. OfFICE IN TOBACCO SHOCKOE SLIP. B!GBIIOND, VA."' W. LADD;. L'BAP TOBACCO BIJYBL (FOR THE TRADE,) 21 N. Main St., St. B-. SU]JBRT; WBOLI:SALE DULEI!. IN HAVANA -411.,._ -.. DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCO, 231 IEaet Randolph St., CIDCAGO, ILL.


NOV. 1 5 Ensincss Directory of Advertisers. NEW YORK. Tobacco Ahner & Dehls, 100 Pearl. Appleby & Helme, 133 Water and 85 Plne Barnett S. 16:! Water 8aach & Flscner, 150 Water. n. lile Bary J'red'k & Co. 4 1 and 43 Warna (}arcia & Palaclo, 167 Water Mcl!'all & Lawson, 83 Murray Seidenberg & Co. 84 and 88 Reade &1<3 Agmt for Andre. A 'Ace,.do's Keu Wed C4qur&. Ballno C. B Ill' Malden 'Lane of MeertciWJUM Cllld A.w.r Gool>a<:co & Co. 178" Water li1Dke & Co. IIIII Water Linde F. C. & Co. 141 Water & Co. 1:15 Front .ic...,,Jact.....,.. of C1gar s-H-U Jaeob, 198 and il!lf Jlonroe Slra\1818. 1'19 and 181 Lewio Wiclacco Label8. New York Label Pub lishing Co. 94 Bowerv Heppenheimer & Maurer, 22 and 24 N. 'V illlam .Manufacturers of Kinney Brm.' Oioarette.. Kinney F S. 141 West Broadway Manujactu,-ers of Cigarettu. Ertheller & Co. 831Wade Hail Thomas H 76 Barclay StraptJ, and Cigar Mouldl. Lobensleln & Gans, WJ Malden Lane ManufacturetB of Cigar Moulds. Borgf'eldt N. H. !HO East Nineteenth Manufacturer of Cigar .Moufds and Shapert. The IIiller & Mfg Co. l!ilO East 19th IHpot for Dubrul ct CtJ. 'B Cincmnatl. O&gor Mouldo. Ordenstetn H. 67 Franklin Improved Tobacco ScrCJp Machine for Cigar Manufacturer. Borgteldt N. H. MO East l9th and 1156 Water Ba,.... German-Amerioan, 50 Wall Internal Retcnue Boob. Jourgeii!Mln C. 30 and 37 Liberty FOn!!ign and DometJtic Ban.urt. 8tembercer X. & 8 44 Exchange Place. Manufacturer of SlwuJ Robb B. A. 196 Canal Strauss S 179 and 18J Lewis Bole Manufacturer oj tM Origitwl 8 Smoking Tobacco. Emmet W. C. 74 Pine Importer of .#'rench. Ciga,rett#! Paper. May Drothe.:S. 2d A venue Itnporter of Havana Cigar Flavor Cha.skel James, 66 Warren Patent Cigar Case8. Brunuel 8 L. 57 C edar Patent T9I>acco VOJ.ormg, Buehler & P olhaus, 83 Chambers Cilmme,cial .Agenciu. The J. M. Bradstreet & Son Co. 279 Broadway Manujaciwer of Glass S/,f/nB, Matthews John. 333 East 26th 1 Manujacturer8 of Oiga.r Box Ltim.ber Read Geo. W & Co. 186-200 Lewis Tobacco F'teight Brokert. Smith ,V. 0. & Co. 53 Exchange Place Manufact urer of Cigar Ribbon.t. Wicke Wm. & Co. cor. Goerck and Third Oigar-Boz Labels and Trimming1. Heppenheimer & Maurer, 22 and !4 N William Neuman & Dinglinger, n. w cor. Pearl &: Elm Manufacturer of Wa.% Paper. Hammerschlag S. 5.2 Dey st Regenhard, Shevill &: Co. M J>ey st 'Vea.ver & Sterry, 24 Cedar st Manufacturer of the Erie Oigar Lighter. Holmes, Booth & Ba.ydens, 49 Chambers Mnfr of Sam..! on Jack Tobacco Press. PanJohn, 10".2 Avenue D :B. y ; Manufacturer of Qreer' l A. Sons. d22 Broadway BALTgiORE. Mel Tobarco w ..... -... Barker & Waggner, .29 South Gay Bovd W .l. 1!: Co. 83 South Guntner L. W. 9 !South Uay Kerckhotr & Co. 49 South Charkis Klemm Chas. H 20 Commerce Marriott, G. H. ?II. %5 Germa.n Merfela. & Kemper 117 Lombard Schroeder J OS. & Co. 81 Exch&"'':O r1aoe WenCK, E. E. 46 aod 48 So,.th Charles Wischmeyer Ed. & Co. 89 South Calvert T obacco Manu.facturertJ. Feigne r F. W. & Son, 90 South Charles GaU & Ax, 28 Barre Marburg Bothers, 145 to 149 South Charles Mayo & Watson, 7 S. Frederick Tobacco and Genera' Commission Merchanrs. Vocke R. E. & Co. s. e. cor. Chenpside and Lombard Patent Stem, RoUers. Kerck.hotf G. & Co., 149 South Charles Packers ot &ed Leaf and Impmte>s of Havana Tobae<:o. Becker Broo. 98 Lomb&d La!MW for Hoeu .A.. & Co. of Plug Tobacco and Packers o/ Seed L<"l Parlett B. F. & Co. Lo>noord & 5 Wator St. BOSTON, MallO. .Jtan.-ufacturera' .Agent Merritt J W. 34 Doane of Plug 7'ob4cco Merehanf-JS' Tobacco Co, 80 Btoad Com1nission Merchant. llolyoke C. 0. 12 Ceptral Wharf Dealer i"' Ha11ana and Dometk Leaf n>-bcacco a.a Oigan. Dav-port ._ Lecg, :;g Broad. Manufactr of Sm.okig Tobacoo and Cigar .. Raddin, F. L. & .J. A. 55 Union Int.porter s of Havana . IIUlam Manufacturer Cigar .Jioull>a<:coJobber ... all"'""' J("""'acherWn lit l'eDD. J eD&ble P. C. THE TO.BA-CCO 11 DAYTON, 0 Packel' and Dealer in Ohio Seed. O'NeiiW. S. DETROIT, Mich. J.lJanuf'rs of Chewing and Smoking 2 t:;bacoo. Barker K. C. & Co. 74 and 76 .Jefferson Av Manufacturers of Cif}ar and Dealen in. .eaj 7l>l>a<:co. Fo:xen Newman & Co. 216 J etreraon .Avenue DURHAM. N.C. ;,(anufacturers oj Smoking Tobacco, lllackwell W T & Co EV Alii'S VILLi., Incl. Oom.nlission Merc/um.U. Monis C J & Co FARMVILLE, Va. Tobacco Broker. Vennble A. R. Jr. HANNIBAL, Mo. Manu/. "fall ki?&lY of Sm.ok' g c.t Plug Tobacco Browo GAO. HARTFORD, Coma. Packer and Dealer in 8Md IAaJ Tobcw'co Gersbel L. & Bro., 229 State Lee Geo. 150 State Moore. Hay & Co 214 State Willcox: S. W. 5'16 Main HAVANA, Cuba, Tobaao and Cigar Conuni&sion Merchants. Beck & Co., t and 3 Merca.deres Bosselrnann &: Sobroeder, Lamparilla 18 RichterJng Aug. & Co. 3 street HOPKINSVILLE, Ky. Tobacco Broker1. Thompson Geo V. Ragsdale W. E LANCASTER, Pa.. Deale1s m Leaf Tobacco. Hirsh David G. Sldles & Frey, 61 and 68 North Duke Packer and Conwttssion Merchant. Teller A. 8 E. Chestnut Ma1mfacturer8 of Cigars. Hirsh S & Co. Hirsh David G. Tobacco Rtstceatin.g 1Vorkl. M W. Fraim, 8 N. Queen s t LEBANON, Pa, Manufacturer of Cigars.' Long D. B. LIVERPOOL. Eng. Smythe F. W. & Co lO North John LONDON, Eng. : CigartJ, Tobac co c:t Cigarettes for E:eport. J. J. Carreras, 7 Wardour st. Leicester sq. LOUISVILLE, Ky. Plug 2'obacco Manufacturers. Finzer J & Bros. 194 and 186 JncoO D eal er, Stemme1 &: of LeafTob. Hamilton David, 276 W. Market. Tobacco Com mistJion. Merclwnta. Wicks G. w. &: Co. t62Westll!atn Tobacco Broken. Callaway James F. torner Ninth and'kei Gunther George F Lewis Rich' d M. 848 Weot wm. G. & Co 63 Seventh Naahl>I. B 'Pragotf w F 894 West Main LYNCHBURG, Va. Manufacturer of Tobacco. Carroll John W Tobacco Com1ni!aion. Jlerclllan.tJ. Holt, Schaefer & Co. MIDDLETOWN O. Manufactuers of Plug Tobaccos Borg P J. & Co NEWARK, N. J, Campbell, Lane & Co. 4M Broad NEW ORLEANS. La. Tobacco Factor and Connni8riQ1t. Jlerchan.t. Stevenson John D, C 194 Common. OWENSBORO, Ky. 7'obucco Stemmet'tf Fmyser Bros. PADUCAH, KJ' Tobacco Broker. Puryear T. R. PATERSON, N. J, Manufacturers of Chewing and Snloking To bacco, Snu(f' and Cigars. Allen & Dunntng, M & 67 Van Bouten Street PETERSBURG, Va. ManUfacmrer eJ .Iiu.g and Smoking Tobacco and Dealers in Leaf Tobacco. Venable B. W. & Co Manufact-ums of 8-I.Mei Navy CJhe!Mii#. Jackson C A. &: Co. Commission Merchantl. B:Un & Parrack PHILADELPHIA. Tobacco WarelwuBetJ. Bamberger L. & Co 111 Arch Batchelor Bros. 1231 Chesnut Bremer's Lewis SoDS, 522 North Third Dohan & Taitt 107 Arch Eisenlohr Wm. & Co. 116 South Knecht & Co North Th1rd McDowell !o! .:. & Co. 89 North Water Hay & Smith, 36 North Water Sank J. Rinaldo & Co. 32 North Waler Sorver. Cook & Co. 105 North Water Teller Bro .. bers., 117 Soct.h Third Ilnporter und Mfr of Smoken' .Articll!a Zorn George, 158 N. Third Street. I n,porters of Bavanll Cigf1.TB and Agents for St:Wenberg's Key Wed Oiga,r1 F"uguet, Stf.)phen, & Sons, 231 Man-ufrs nf F'i11e Oigms and A.ll-HaMna 7'obacco Cigarette.. Gumpert Brot. 1341 Chestnu Manufacturer of Sn.u.J! and SmoA:ing Tobacco Wallace Jas 666 to 672 North Eleventh Manufacturers of Cioa.rtJ. Theobald A. H. Girard Ave. and SeTenth St. 1bt>acco Fougeray A. R. 83 North Front Manufactnms of Lico1ice Past.. Mell o r & Rttten house, North Twenty-8econd J(fr'a .Agent for P!ug a?td Smoking ToOacco Kelly F X. J r. tl.ll Arch wAor...ale I?-T.OOCCO.. Jenkinson lt. & W 287 Liberty Dealer in HaMna and Domestic Leaf. 111\rkerJ. W. & G. READING,Pa. ManufactureJ"a of Oigart. Hantsch & Crouse, 648 Penn and 686 Court. RICHMOND, Va. Mamifactuets of Pl'!"fl &: S>nok'g TobacM G_.,ry 0. P. & Co. Lottier L. Lyon .A. M. & Co Oliv e r & Robinson Lea/ Tobacco Broker !llllls R. .A.. ManujacturertJ of Tobacco M. lllillhlser & Ccf. 18011 Main ROCHESTER, N. T. Ma.oufr of aNI Claewl"g Tobacoo8 and ( }igarettu. B F. Hess&Co. Ma.oq!acturer of Tobao. Whalen R. & T. t82 State J(anufacturen of "'.Pt!lerleu., and PfGln. Out TobocCO aAd vanittJ Fair' 8molri1tf T"""""" aNI C'ijlarettu. K!lllb&ll w. 8. Co. sAJr FRAJfCISCO, Cal. Agency for Straitcm StorM' Cigan Beyneman H. 208 Froa.t .A!Il>a<:co. La4d W. M. lit North MaiD Tobacco Bu-rns. Jleler .Adolphuo & Co. Man1tfactnrer' Dlllenberg D. 120 N. 2d. SYRACUSE. If. Y. J(o,.uf<>

12 THE .. T 0 B A C C 0 L :A F. JOHN ANDERSON & CO. MANUFACTURERS OF THE ... ... SOLACH un oTHER TOBACCOS .,.THOMAS. HOYT & CO., JIANUFACTURERS OF FINE-CUT CHEWIMG & SMOKING TOBACCOS & SNUFF. 114 116 LIBRTV STREET I NEW YORK, lJer to d\rect the a.ttt!ntion of the Dealers in throuJbout the United Statu and the Wo:-1<1 to their CELEBRATED r_:, SOLACE FINE-CUT CHE}VING TOBACCO, whkh is be!nK once more manufactured under the immediate supervision o J the originator, MR. JOHN ANDERSON. and n o w sta.nd.s, as !orrnerly, vritb ont a rival. forwarded through the usual channels will meet w ith prompt attentio n. G. W. GRAVES, BLACKWELL'S DlJBHAM" Sells quicker and gives better satisfac.. tion than any brand of Smoking Tob&:cco .ever offered in the market, and it does so ... Our Brands .UNNYSIDE, NATIONAL, BRIGHT OWEN. NABOB, PACKER OF AND DEA.LER IN BECAUSE IT IS BEST SEED LEAFTOBACCO, DartuFerry, -u.Gan Sawintr and Planing Mills EXTRA CAVENDISH. 404 & 406 Pearl St., New York. t R, 'l'ltUTH I 1 : S. GANS'. SON & CO., 6 Cedar tevv-oocl.. S, C'Oli!S TOCK, f Oe nero.l Partne rs. W L OCKWOOD, Special DANBURY, CONN. Tobacco Brokers,. SAWING AND .PLANING FUR CIGAR-BOX MAIERS. C' 84 and 86 WALL STREET, NEW YORK. J. WBAVBR & S'IBRRY., .J CHOICE 11/lANDS OF SPAIISB IJCOBIGH &BHHK LICOBICH ALL SPECIALTIES FOR PLUG AND FINE-CUT 'TOBACCO. OLIVE OIL, TOIC.& BilKS. GUMS, FLAVORS, Powdered Licoriee Root, AND PATENT POW'DERED LICORICE. IN STICK LICORICE lit"-lolAVE TH[,; FAVORITE BRANDS'-1'. a., I'ZCIII'A'I'JJ:LU AII'D GU'ZO:r..Dn:. TOBAtttJS EICEWER. "SWEET CAPORAL. UI WEST BROADWAY, N:EwYoRK. New Brand. Fine, Mild and.Sweet The Mrs. G. B. Miller & Co. TOBACCO IANllPACTORY. ;II!J&T.A.EI:EIX&Je:J!D:J:) 1776. 97 Ce>l."U.:n::l.b:l.a &'t. N'evv-"Y'ork. P:J!ITBB. ::1:). OOX...LXN"&, Pre&:ld.e:a:t. MANUFACTURERS OF THE CELEBRATED LICORICE : W' .6.l:.LIS CO., Tobacco manufacturers and the trade in geaeral are particularly requested liO examine and test the superior properties of this LICORICE, which, being now brought to the highest perfection is of fered under the above style of brand. We are also SOLE AGENTS for the brand 1'. G. t1t G. CJ. Acknowledged by consumers to be tho best in the market. Arid for the brand of Li<;arice Stick II'OJ:I. 00,1 lo all respects equal to CALABRIA. Consumers and Jobbers would do well to apply direct. Llcorlee Root, Seleot &llld Ordlaary,... ntly on hand. ARGutMBAU, WAIJ.IS a CO.I 29 & 31 South W'!lli&m Street We beg to call the attention of Tohacco Manufac: turen and Dealen to ..this SUPERIOR AND PURE article. Sole for the States of North.Caroltaa Vir giola: Masu. DAVENPORT & MORRIS, Rich mond, Va. LICORICE. ROOT-Lracoa and. Allcaau. Selecte-d and Ordiaary. ZURICALOAY & ARGUIMBAU, PLA1N FINECUT CHEWING TOBACCO in BLUE PAPERS BEAVER .sTREET, s :N' F F s = Rase-Scented Macilaboy,Scotch, French Rappee,American lamtfactnrers' Mills '' SIGNAL'' 10 Alo, Flnt llllRY .nm SALI:BROo: Baltlmo1e, Tobaooo au.d Cigarettes. Cor. Ave. D. & lOth St., New York. 56 S. WASHINGTON S9UARE, N.Y. Jllo&abllohccl 18t,8, I. C. BARiER & CO., lllaaatacturen of the Celebrated FINE-CUT TOBACCOS, EAGLE" N"<>&. 11 a.:n..d. 18 Ca.:n..:n..<>:n. S-tree-t, :N'e-.:><7 "Y<>rk.. JOHN CATTUS, CHARLES R.: MESSINGER, ccp. G." TOBACCO WORKS, TOL:J!l:J:)O, O:Je:XO, l!IANUFAVTURERS OF THE CELEBRATED Tobacco 83 SEAVER ST., NEW YORK. INDIAN AND SUNFLOWER Chewing, AND THE CELEBRATED Q > r. _G.'' Smoking Tobacco. CHARLES F. OSBORII, JAMES G. OSBORNE,-. TOBACCO BROKER, WISE & BENDBEIM 54 BROAD STREET, NEW YORK. M. RADER & SON, TUBACCO BROKERS 48 Broad Street, :N'E'VV "YO:E'I.:a;;.. 4. SHACK., TOBACCO BROKER, 129 :MAIDEN LANE, NEW YORK. -GEO. F I GUNTHER, Loaf Tobacco & Cotton Brokor. Eleventh and Main Streets, LO'C'XS'V'XLLE, :a;;.-y, M. H. GUNTHER, of Orleans, Cotton Buyer. LEERET & BLASDEL, MANUFACTURERS 011' Cigar laozea 168 &. 170 Water St., SYRACUSE, N. Y. DEALERS IN ALL OF THE LA Tl!:!rl' !STYLES OF CIGAR-BOX LA.l!ELS AND TlillOIINGS. a a IIILLER, J, L. BRENlffiR. MILLER & BRENNER, PACKERS AND J>EALERS IN OHIO SHED LEAF .TOBACCO 14. North jeft'er1on Street, DAYTON, OH110. --OBDEBS PROMPTI.Y ATTF.YDED Tf> BUCHNER & CO. Oneida Tobacco Works, O:ll.oe:-192 WEST ST., NEW YORK, 1!1anufacturers of the Celebrated Bnmds of TOBACCONISTS. SOLE ACENTS FOR NEW YORK GOODWIN &: cc OLD c.:ruDG:Et ...:.-.l / .. : ... .. Smoking Tobacco and Cigarettes. ALSO AGENTS FOR OTHER LEADING MANUFAOI'URERS OF SMOKINC, fLUC TOBACCO AND CICARETTES, Nos. 254 and 256 CANAL STREET, corner of ELM, NEW, YORK. Old and ""Reliable! SIX FIRS:r" PRIZE MEDALS. PARIS, 1878. Peerless Tobacco worts. WM. S. KIMBALL & CO., Rochester, N. Y. AUG. RIGHTERING & .CO., 'J TC>EJ.A.COC> a:n.d. O:I:Cir.A.R. COMMISSION .MERCHANTS 3 MERCADERES ST.,. (P. 0. Box 368) HAVANA, CUBA. METROPOLITAN CIGAR MANUFACTORY. -.::J' SIGmJSD JACOBY, GUSTAV JACOBY. -.::J' -:N' S. JACOBY & CO., -.::J' -.::J' :a'.l: D'.l: 200 CHATHAM SQUARE and 5 & 1 DOYER STREET, NEW YORK. PIONEER TOBACCO COMP.ANY OF BROOKLYN, N.Y. EI'C'&XN"E&& O:lf":lf"XOE&I 124 Water St., New York; 16 Central W'llarf; Boston; 15. Wabash Avenue. Chicago. Factory: No. 1 First District, N. Y. I THE CELEBRATED THE OELEBRATED ""MATCHLE-SS GAKE," BRICHT. All Sizes; MAHOCANY, All Sizes; p ::r:: C> NEE 'R.," Dark, all Sizes. A compariMn of our Celebrated Brands of F L U G TOBACCOS will <:onYloce au parties ot! tt.f!l DERFUL MERITS contained therein. PLUG TOBACCO. NOV.::15 THE ,;I.A.rk.. ROBB, ::M. ltllllhlser Manufacturer or CLOTH TOBACCO BAGS, ALL SIZES A.ND STYLES, 1309 Main St., Richmond, Ya. A.R. VENABLE,Jr. TOBACCO BROKER, Fa.rz:n 'V a'f lJr Soocial attentlpn pa,!d to and Priz1!l_g..-Le&.t; T00ae60 t autted to Con-tinental, MediteiT&De&Il;' Fienc'li mar-keto. -I Re!en to Messrs. mu, Sldnli:er & Watkins Rich .mond, Va.., and Messrs, a_ W. Veiiable & eo.. Petersbut.g, Va. Also of the Well-Known Brand of &:on.ok.:l:n.c T<>'ba.oo<> C5 S-.:11. And Manufacturen of all Styles of &: Bla<.k PLUG and TWIST TOBACCOS, Faoto17:-24 Twentieth St., B.XC:Je::DII:C>N":J:), 'V ..&.. Our Navle a Specialty for the Eastern States PATENTED. PRICES GRBATLT REDUCED.


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