The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (12 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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.. ... VOL. XV.---NO. 43. rESTABLISHED 1864.] NEW YORK, SATURDAY, NOVEMBER29, 1879. 105 MAIDEN LANE Corner Of Pearl Street. WHOLE NO. 771 FRED'K DeB-ARY I SOLE ACENTS FOR THE KEY CIGARS, AJID IU.JflJFACTUBEBS O:t' FINE DOMB$TIC 84 a 88 READE STREET, lVEW YORK, 'm]orlers (Of Ha,va,na, Toba,cco, ALSO MANUFACTURERS OF THE HAVAN A-O IGARS. 220 Pearl New York. -V. lYIAllTINEZ YBOR a Co., 190 &1i., "' Ne-vv York, Brand HAY ANA Tobacco and CUTTINCS from their El Club) Yate a B.oyal Palm 4:K:____.Y' 'V .A.::N' .A. C::I.G.A.:FL&. LILIENTKAL. ll. LANDMAN. X. A.. BEBNJIED[ER. M. .LILIENTHAL a co., TO::EI.A.CCO. 1 1:zsro. 177 PE.A.:FLL'-&TR.Eli:EIT" Y'OR.:K:. EI';E,J. :.::. .A.T::EIR.O co :IIANUFACTURERS-()F "CIGAR-BOX LUIIBER XN .._214 IMITATION' SP.ANISH cEDAR CIGAR-BOX LUMBER A"' Jl"88lf'ft'd *hlo 'Lamber to Bo:o:-lllaken ID the uoual leoa-tha and wl dtba, alaloed, grained ao1 pollohed ready for .J Oo er.amlnallon :w!Jl be fou od a pei'fect Imitation or Spanish CedAr 1D color and ..,-aln, and so far superior to &llJ' 1D the market that no e omperl.sOo' can be made 'llelng sawed and cut from the 11Deot wood prelerred by alle:o:perleneed planed aod polished, the boardo are straight and or .,.eu ....,-race The ground color and gnoiD ....., durable, and the Is a patent proceso, le&v!og a brlgbt"l!l.,. Oll'the wood. As prepared by our thisLum-pan beu&ed ""a aubetau for Spanish Cedu-at l"f" than ooe.oh&lf. Ita coot. "" ouR SPANISH cE:Dh rs IIIPORTED -DIRECTLY :FROM MEXIco vta XEW oRLE.Axs. AZI.d. 8BIS 8-th S-tree-t.'t:l.o DC>.NALDSON aROTBER. S, S'teb:J:n. L1 'thow;raph.1c Pri:n.1iers, L. ,, / F'X'VE' PC>:I:::N'TI!;I. ::N'E"VU' 'YC>E'l.:B;:. [No kept 1n Stock. I i I j l -ANUFAOTURERS, Cor. Goerck &; Third Sts., N":EI"VV .-PRICE LIST OF -CIGAR RIBBONS. Jhooad T ellow--............. Eztn, -.A-81>road, 70 ,-cia IL 16 ............... No.1----6 'tO ,-41 1.66 .. : .......... 2 :---6 'tO ycla 1-'6 .. . . .. .. 2a ... 5-8 .. 'TO )'da 3 1.16 ------.......... 3----i)-8 70,-41 1.21i Bread Retl--.... : ........... 1 .... 5-e 'tOycla 1.80 .................. 2 .... 5' 'tOycla 1.60 ....................... a .... .;-s 'tOycb 1.30 E.paaola--.. : ....... .. --... 1 --5 8 10 ,-cia 1.80 ...................... 2 ----r.-s 10,-4 1.60 ...................... a .... 5 107cla 1.30 X arrow Re4 ................. 1 ----4 TO ,-41 1.36 .. .. 2 4-8 10 :reb 1.20 .. ::: :.::::: :::::: a : :: 4 10ycb 0.86 Rarrcnr Yellow--.......... 1 .. -4 10J;d 1.30 ............. 2---4 10ydo 1.20 .. .. --....... a ... 4 10 ydo 0 .8 0 Boz Ribbon Red ...................... a-8 'tO:ydo 0.10 Yellow ............... 3-8 70 yde 0.66 Lcmdreo (Chico). 1 ... -6 34 ydol.IO ICJdool--. 2----8 34ydo 0.95 Lcmdree Yellow-----------" 1---7 34:ycb 1.50 .. ............ 34ydo 1.20 M : .............. 3----13-16.. 34:ydo 1.1.0 ....... : ..... "10 .... 1a" 34:ydo 1... ...... ----"15----7r8 a4.yda 0.90 ............ "20----13" 34ydo 0.80 """"""' .. 60----13.. 34 yilo 0.56 -------------. 1'100--68 .. 34y4o 0.46 Red ... s ......... ... 1 ..... 7 34 ;rcla lAO .. ... ... .. .. ... .. .. 2 .... Ia-16 .. a4 ydo Ll6 Broad Red n yellow edgeo 5 8 70 :rdo 1.66 lll 5 10 yda lAO ......... ,... n .. 4-8 10 :rdo 1.:10 10ydo 1.56 .. .. Ila red ..... 5 u '10 7d L25 .. IIa 11 red,wldte and blue eqeo ..... 5 10:r4o 1.46 ........................................ & 8 u 60,-cla o-46 Extra Styles of Ribbons Made to Order. RlBBONS CUT & PRINTED ANY SIZf AND STYLE. All Ordero Promptl;r Terms Cash. PRICES OF CIGAR BOXES AND, SAMPLES OF RIBBONS SENT ON APPLICATION. JOHN J. CROOKE, MAlfUF .A.C'CURER OF 65 PINE STREET. NEYI YORK. { Havana 1818 E"tA Philad.iphia, 1828: S. _FUGUET & SONS, No. 231 CHESTNUT ST., PHILADELPHIA, IMPORTERS OF H! VAN! CIGARS GENERAL AGENTS FOB SEIDEN9ERG'S KEY.WEST CIGARS. AU!O llANUF ACTUllEIIB OF Fine DoJQ.estic Cigars. l I l"..tal!lbW 1838."' I' .. -S. LININGTON'S: SONS;., IIIPOBTEBS or HAVANA &-):MANILA CIGARS 216 FR()fjT, STREET, NEW YORK. llole ..l.&"enta tor Celebrated HaTaaa Braado or Panl & Virginia, La Ceiba & Fansto. SUCCESSORS OF EDW'D HEN, 1 0 48 LXEIER.TY (P.O. Box 3628) IMPORTERS OF MEERSCHAUM BRIAR AND CLAy : P -IPES. SPECIALTY OF MANUFACTURERS SMOKERS' TOBACCONISTS' SUPPLIES. J. Daauftlcturer"' A.pato ror the Sale or all Popular Bran ... or VIRGINIA, NORTH CAROLINA & WESTERN MANUFACTURED, SMOKING & FI,N:.CUT TPBACCOS. A.pnto tor .J"0111'f II'. ALLEN li ()0.'11 Btduaoad, Va., Brancb or llmoklDc 'robaceeo ILild lcareUe .. S.l.lll. A.YBE!P "HY()O," eJe,-Bepot ror .J". W. ()A.RBOLL'S "LONE .J"A.()K," "BROWN DI()K," ete, LOUISIANA. PBBIQUE, (Jut and 1D (Jarrota, W. T. Bla.ckwell & Co.'s Genuine DUBHAM Tobacco. SOLEI .A.GE::N'T& F'OR.-WJ, S. KIMBALL & CO. '8 'V .A.N ::&:T'Y" FA ::a: ..... Ci[arettBS. ()HA I. B. llNKAD ole ()O,t8 celel>rated LOG ()ABIN and LOVlB A !DONG THE KU8ES Smolll-. MANUFACTURED TO;BACCO.-Il'avortte Dark NaT;r, lBnehantreo Dark Na..-y, sweet .llloroel ...... NaTT, Honey and Peach Brl&"ht NaT}', &nd all Branda of Fancy &h4 Light l'IJrE-TXCEJ. All Infringements on thia .Patent ...-l.ll be Prooe cuted to .the full ez:tent of the ;La.w. PURE TIN AND OTHER FOILS 1 .A.ND CC>LO:FLED. ROLLED TO aNY GUAGE AND CUT TO SIZE. BOTTLE 'CAPS, Bll Sizes, PLAIN AND COLORED. OFFICE: 163 Mulberry St., N.Y. OIGARB,OX LUMBER. 1 28 Ltn-.o Ono Column.............. 45 \14 Iii '05 MAIDEN LA 28 l.lucl!l O'\'Cr '.1'\l O Column.. .. 8:0 2-& r NE, NEW YORK. 5 l.lneo Ono c ;oJnmu ............. .1 811 1 45 !l5" DG o .,er 'Fwo ( Johnuns...... 160 85 45 CORNijR OF PEARL STREET : EDWARD BURKE, JOll:S G. GRAFF T.llR.lll8 OF THE PAPER. Eorroa. SINOLI!: C OPIES .................... : .................... 10 GEN-..._ O NE .... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. $4.00 SIX MONTHS............................................ 2.00 ANNUAL SUBSCIUPriONS AERO ) J GR.&AT BRITJ..IN .lJiiiD CNADA ............... : v$5.06 BREXKN, H.umURG ND TB.& .................... : ... .. I NEW YORK, SATURD.A. Y, NOV. 29, 1879. One Llno at botrou1 or I11a:;-e .......................... 50 SPECrAL. ADVERTlSEM.ENTS ON :t'lR8\l' PAGE. On6Y&&r. Tno .'.l-)J ..... : 100 llo Lines Sing-le' ( Juluinn ..... : .... Sl'ECIAL" ADVERTISEMEN'fs oN'' READIN1J MATTER PAGE .' One Six Three YPar. J lft:onthfv llontbiJ. 1--t I lues over 2 \\Ide CoJunln8 7 8Sti $4& t NOTICES, WANTS or CAUTION NOTICE!!'. 4 Orte ln!l!lerllon ........................ : ..... .. f: One lUon;h ........................... ..--......... d5. 5 0 .1. UeS 'f'\l' O J'ff011'1hllil .... ,'., ,,,,,,,,,,,,_, ,,,,,,,,, .10 .. 00 14 Lhu,'l l'tio.uths .... ......... 1 ... ,_, ......... Under no Circu.m&taneeo ...-l.ll we de,vlat.O frO. tlt; alwwe Pr.:.cos. j,' 1 BISMARCK'S J;>ROPOBED AMENDMENT. the year 1868. The value of domestic exports during .According to the recent news from the German the-year ended"June so; i869, limo nted tO on! :li5, lnereaoed PaellUieeor Banur.etare oaable,. to mate a capital, the German Imperial Ch3cncellor has sul;>mitted 166,697, but during the year endl:id-Ju'rle 30, 1879, to ,II'arther&edaedoalao1li'Prteeo. s.odforourLiotjlooued. F d l C 1 Cutand Press Dried byourPatent Process to the e era ounci an ordina n ce regarding cherry.,698;340,79""0. I n 1868 tbevalu&of exports amounted to l eaves and other surrogates in the manufactm;e *136,861, 751; in 1878, $405,433,828; lin 1879, $428,42 2,164 of Under the law enacted by the The increase in the value of the exports of certain German Parliament last July, providing for the articles has been attended by a considerable fal[ in Cedar, JY:ah.osa:n.y,, Syoa:Jn.ore, tobacco tax, the us e surrogates itt the manufacture their market price. ,r of _tobacco i s prohibited, e+cept ill cases where by a During the year ended June 30, 1879, the exports of special ordinance of theFederal Council may be domestic merchandise to the British Isles amounted to allowed Prince Bismar23, 904,123. The increase consisted mainly c;an enterprise and trade. It' shows that of wheat. the fiscal. year has been the most remarkable one TheJe was a ver y considerable increase inc th value in the history of Am ican commerce. The quantity of exports to Russia, Spain and the Hawaiian sl&ads. M M th(l soil e 'xported was .The e:;ports of bread and breadstllffsduringJGa

2 the fore1gn trade of this country But what proportion d1d they carry Uuslast fiscal Only 23 per cent., and o f the exports they actually carr1ed only 17 per cent. This is a strange and lamentable fact. The mOBt si.nghlar part of it lB that ships actually less' they d1d twentyfive years a go Trade has grown from a ootal of $641 000,000 m 1856 to a total o f $1,183, 000,000 last year-aimost double, but Amer1 can ships carried in 1856 goods valued at $ 4 8 2,-000,000 and m 1878-79 only $272,000,000 worth. Trade grows year b,-year, but Amerwan navigatiOn d ecays stead1ly This lB the d1scouragmg s1de of our fore1gn commerce to-day. Another mteresting f act 1s that the commerce of the Uruted States IS now so large that 1f 75 p er cent of _it could be secured for American ships, this country would h ave as large a merchant manne as Great Br1t a m It lB tolerably clear, however, that Amenca will be compelled to the po1'1sess 1on of so great a marme so long as she tnes to secure ocean trade w1th sailing sh1ps, and leaves to Europeans the profitabl e employment of steamships." ,AN EXTB.AORDINABY FINANCIAL OPEB.ATION. For some days past rumor has been nfe tha t a large financial trans actiOn was on tne tap1s, looking to the transfer of a large block of the stock of. the New York Central and Hudson River Railroad Company by Mr. Will1am H Vanderbilt to a Synqicate formed by prominent bankers here and m Europe. On Wednesday of th1s we e k, a meetmg of the part1 e s in mterest was held at the bankmg house of Messrs Drexel, Morgan & C o and I t was soon after noised on the Stock Exchange that Mr Vanderbilt had agreed to sell to the Sydica.te 150,000 share s of hrsatock m the above-named company at the ra.te of 120 pe cent. taking therefore Uruted States 4 per cent bonds at their face value, and als o gave the SyndiCate the opt10n ottaking _a. further ly set up the coiDll)on law nght even when the mark had been duly I thiclr thia has been the rule With all intelligent practitiOners, so that 1t lB safe to say that the practice in such cases will not be matenally affected. When cases are brought to me, I shall pursue the course which I have always pursued, excepting, of course, when criminal proceedmgs are 1nst1tuted If the parties are CitiZens of the same State, I shall P.roceed in the State courts if they are mttzens of different States, I shall go the Federal courts or mto the State courts accordmg to clrCillJlBtances Smce the declBJOn of the Supreme Court I have commenced a swt m the Uruted States CirCuit Court in which I used a pnnted form of com plaint which I had employed before the decision, and d1d not change a word of the complaint From thlB y o u will see that as far as the c1vil remedy goes, the declswn IS of no effe c t at all. Some lawyers enterta m the 1dea that the Act of 1870 gave the Federal courts JUrlBdictwn when both part1es were reBldents of the same State, but I thmk that was, at least, a very doubtful conclusiOn, 1t 1s certamly one upon which I have never acted. I understand that a new State Act 1s to be adopted, "hich will correct the defects of the present law The prmcipal defects m our New York Act IS, I thmk, that m many mstances it 1s very difficult toes tablish a title to the trade mark. A notable mstance of th1s kmd arose m a case where the "P1per He1d s1eck" label was mvolved The tnal lasted nearly a week, and after takmg the papers the Judge d1sm1BBed the com.J?lamt on the ground that one link m the cham to the t1tle was wantmg I rn,yself had great difficulty some t1me smce m proVIng that the" Hennessy" label, whiCh has been of great value for a century and known all over the world, was owned by 1ts present pro prietors. I think a system of registration should be established, whereby the State Government would 1ssue some m strument wh1ch would obv1ate these dtf!icultleS But there can be no doubt the General (}overnment w1ll ultrmately be compelled to act, the :Qa.ture of the sub Ject bemg such that it can only be tegulated by themstttutwn of a system which is national in 1ts character and which IS controlled by nat10na llaws" The other c lause of the ConstitUtion supposed to supply the r eqmsite authority m Congre s s 1s the th1rd of the same sectwn, which, read m connectiOn with the grantmg clause, IS as follow s The Congres s shall have power to regulate commerc e w1th fore1gn natwns, and among the several States and w1th the Indian tnbes The argument 1s that the use of a trade-mark-that wh1ch alone g1ves 1t any value-is to 1dent1fy a particUl!1-r class or quality of g o ods as the manufacture pro duce or propertY of the person who puts them the general market8, in the opinion of Congress, an exerCise of the power found m that clause of the Const1tut10n. It ma:y also be safely assumed that, until a critical exammatJ.on of the sub Jec& m the courts became necessary, 1t was mamly, 1f not wholly to thlB clause that the advocates of the law looked for its support. Any attempt, however, to Id entify the essential characteristics of a trade-mark w1th mvent10ns and d1scovenes m the arts and sciences, or w1th the writ of authors, will show that the effort lB surrounded With msurmeuntable difficulties. The ordme.ry trade-mark has no necessary relation to invention or d1scovery. The trademark recogn1zed b>: the common law 18 generally the growth of a con siderable penod of use rather than sudden inventiOn It IS often the result of accident rather than des1gn, and when unde:Ji, the act of' Congress It 1s to establish 1t by reg1stratwn, neither mventlon, discovery, science, nor art lB in any way e 3 sen tial to the right conferred lly that act. If we should endeavor to classi.f:y It under the head of of authors, the objectiOns are equally strong In this, as m regard to mventions, there is required originality. And while the word wntinga may be hberally con strued, as 1t has been, to desgns for engravmgs, prints, etc it is only such as are origmal and are founded in the creative powers of the mmd The wr1tmgs which are to be protected are the frmts of mtellectual labor, embodied in the form of books, prints, engravings, and the like. The trade-mark may be, and generally is, the adoption of something already in existence as the distinctive symbol of the party usmg It. At common law the exclusive right to 1t grows out of the use of it, and not its mere adoption By the act of Congress this exclusive right attaches upon reg1strat10n But m nwther case does It depend upon noveltl, invention, UJIOn discovery, or upon any work o the brain. It requires no fe.ney or imag ine.tlOn, no gemus, no labono\UJ thought. It IS srmply founded on pnority of appropriation. We look m vam in the statute for any o ther qualification or condition. If the symbol, however pl&in, simple, old or well known, has been flrst appropriated by the claimant as his distinctive he may by registration se cure the right to its exclus1ve use. While such legis l atiOn may be a judJeious aid to the common law on the subject of trade marks, and may be w 1thm the competency of legislatures whose general powers embrace that class of s u bJects, we are unabl e to see any such power in the constitutional provision concerning authors and inventors and their writings and discoT eries. a stamp duty 1m posed by the Leg1slature of Calilorn1a on bi)ls of ladmg e.nq transported-from any place that State to ahother out 'of the State was forbidden by the Const1tut10n of the United StateS < because such lllBtruments werea-necestnty to the trans actlOn of commerce, and the duty was a tax upon ex ports The question, therefore, whether the trade Diark bears such a relation to commerce m general terms as to brmg 1t w1thm congress iOnal control when used or applied to the classes of commerce whiCh fall within that conlirol lB one whic h In..the present case w.e pro pose tQ leave undecided We adopt th1s be c ause, when tlhs court is c alled on u f the course of the 1admmlstratwn of the' law to consider wheiher an act of C ongres s or any other_ department of the Govern men1 Ns withm tire const1tutwnal of that cj.eparyment1 a due for a co-ordmate brnrlcli. of the Government requires that we shall dectde that it has transcended Its powers only when that IS so that we cannot avoid the duty. c L In s u c h cas es, 1t lB manifestly the dictate of wi.sdom aJld JUdiCial prOJ?rietyto deCld& no moll'S thaiJ lS lleoetl sary to the case m hand. That such has beeQ-1he uni form course of this c />Urt m regartl to statutes llllBSed by Congress, will readily appear to any one wlio will cons1det the vast amount of argument presented to us assailing such statutes as unconstitUtiOnal, and will count, as he may do on his fingers, the Instances m which th1s court has d eclared an act of Congress vo1d for want of constitutional power. Governed by th1s v1ew of our duty, we proceed to remark that a. glance at the commerce clause of the ConstitUtiOn discloses at once (what has been ofte n the subJect of comment m th1s court and out of it) that the pov:er of regulat10n there conferred on Congress IS to commerce with fore1gn-nations, commerce among the States, and commerce w1th the Indian tnbes And, wh1le bearmg m nnnd the hberal con S f rllCtiOn, tha t commerce with fore1gn nat10ns means between Citizens of the Umted States and Clttzens and subJects of foreign natw'ns, and commerce among the State s means c ommerce between the Indi Vidual Citiz e n s of d1fferent State s, there still rem'ams a very large amount of commerce, perhaps the largest, w h1ch bemg trade or traffic betwee n Citizens of the same State, IS beyond the c ontrol of Congress When, therefore, Congress undertakes to enact a law which can only be valid as a regtllat10n of com merce, 1t IS reasonable to expect to find on the face of the statute, or from 1ts essent1al nature, that 1t lB a. regulatiOn of c ommerce w1th fore1gn natwns, among the several State s, or With the Ind1an tr1bes If 1t IS n o t s o hrmted 1t ISm excess of the power of Congr e ss. If 1t s rnam purpose be to e stablish a. regulation applic able to all t1ade, to commerce at all pomts, espe c 1ally 1f 1t 1s that 1t I S des1gned to govern the com merc e wliolly between Citizens of the same State, 1t lB obv1ously the exerCise of a power not confided to 0on gress. We find no recognition of th1s pnnClple m the chapter o n tra d e m arks m the ReVIsed Statute s We would n aturally look for thts m the debcnptwn of the class of persons who are ent1tl e d to reg1ster a trademark m: m referenc e to the goods to which the trade mark should b e applied If, for mstance 1t descnbed p e t sons engaged m a commerce between the d1fferent States and related to 1ts use m such commerce 1t would be endent that Vongress behaved 1t was actmg under the clause of the ConstitutiOn wh1ch author1zes 1t to regulate commerce among the States So 1f, when the trade mark has been reg1stered, Congress had pro tected Its use on goods sold by a Citizen of one State to another, or by a c1t1zen of a State to a Citi z e n of the Umte d States, 1t would be seen that Con gress was at least mtendmg to exercise the power of regulatiOn conferred by that clause of the Const1tutwn But no such 1dea IS found or sugge sted m th1s statute Its language 1s: Any person or firm dom1ciled m tho Umted States, and any corporat10n created by the Umted States, or of any State or terr1tory thereof, or any person res1dmg m a fore1gn country wh1ch, by treaty or conve ntiOn, affords Similar pr1 vileges to our C1t1ze ns, may, by obtam protection for his trade-mark Here IS no reqmrement that such person shall be engage d m the kmd of commerce whiCh Congress 18 authonzed to regulate. It 1s a general declaratiOn that anybody m the Umted States, and anybody m any other country wh1ch perm1ts us to do the like, may, byreg1stermg a trade-mark, have it fully protected So, wlhle the person reglBtermg 1s reqmred to furnish a statement of the class of merchandlBe, and the particular des cription of goods co:mpi'ised m such class by which the trade mark has been or IS m tended to be appropr1ated1 there IS no hmt that 1t 1s goods to be transported rrom one State to another or between the Umted States and fore1gn countrtes. &;c' twn 4,939 1s mtended to 1mpose some restriction upon the Commisswner of Patents m the matter of registra twn, but no lim1tat10n 1s suggested m regard to persons or property engaged m the different cl11B861! of com m erce ment10n e d m the Const1tut10n. When we come to the remed1es prov1ded by the act for infringement of the rights of the owner of the reg1stered trade-mark, there lB no restriction of the nght of act1on or suit to a case of trade mark used m fore1gn or mter State commerce. It IS, therefore, manifest that no such d1sflnction 1s found in the act, but that Its broad purpose was to es tablish a uru.versa.l system of trade mark registratiOn for the benefit of all who had already used a trade mark, or who WlBhed to adopt one m the futurehwlth out regard to the character of the trade to w icl\ it jwas to be applied or the locality of the owner, w1th the s olitar;y exceptiOn that those who res1ded m foreign countries which extended no such ppvileges to us were excluded from them here. It has been suggested that, if Coi\lf'ess has power to regulate trade-marks used m commerce with forwgn natwns and among the several States, these statUtes slrall be held val1d m that class of c ases, if no further. To-this there are twoobJectwns: First, themdictmente m these cases do not show that the trade-Diarks which are wrongfully used were trade-marks used in that kind of commerce; secondly, while i t may be true that when one part of a statute is valid and constitutional, and another part is unconstitutional and void, the court may enforce the vahd part where they are distinctly separable so that eacli can stand alone. It is not within the judicial province to give the words used by Congress a narrower meaning than they are manifestly intended to bear, in order that crimes may be pumBhed which are not described in language that bnngs them w1thin the constitutional power of that bod;r. This preCise JlOmt was deCided m the case of the United States vs. Bees (97 U. S R., 221). In that case Congress had passed a statute punishing election officers who should refuse to any person lawfully entitled to do so the r1ght to cast his vote at an election. This court was of the oplnlon that, as regarded the sec tlOn of the statute then under coDSlderatwn, Congress could only such den1al when It was on account of race, color, or prevwus condition of servitude. It was urged, however\ that the more general descrtption of the offense incluaed the more limited one, and that the sect10n was vahd where such was in fact the cause of the demal. But the court sa1d through the Chief Justice: We are not able to reject a part which is unconstitutional and retain the remainder, because 1t is not J>O&Slble to separate that which is constitutional, if there be any such, from that which is not. The proooeed effect 1s not to be attained by striking out or a isre garding words that are m the sectio n but by inserting words that are not there n o w Each of the sections must stand as a whole or fall together. The lB There is no room for c onstruction, Ulllesa I t NOV; 29 b e as to the effect of the Consti tutio n T h e q u estwu the n, t o be d e t etmme i 1 s whether we can mtroduc e wotds of hm1t at10n mto a penal statute so as to make It spec1fic, when, as expressed It I S gen e r a l only To lrm1t th1s statute as now asked for would be to make a new law, not to enforce an old one. ThiS 1s no part of our duty. If we should, m the case before us, undertake to make by JUdicial constructiOn a law wh1ch Congress did not make, it I S qmte probable we should do what 1f the matter were now before that body, 1t would te un'Yilh.n_g to do, namely, make a trade-mark law wh1ch lB only part1al m Its operation, and whwh compli cate the r1ghts whiCh part1es would hold m some mstances under the act of Congress and m others under State law (Cooley on Cons L1m1t atwn 178, 179, Commonwealth v H1tchmgs 5 G r a y 4 8 5 ) In what we have here sa1d we wish tO be understood as leavmg the who le questJon of the trea.ty-makmg power of the Gen eral Government over trade-marks and the duty of Congress to pass any laws necessary to carry such treaties mto effect untouched. While we have m our r eference s m thts opm10n to the trade mark l e gislatiOn of Congress had mamly. m v1ew the Act of 1870, and the civil remedy wh1ch that act provided, 1t was because the cr1mmal offen s es de scribed m the Act of 1876, by their express terms sol ely referable to frauds, counterfe 1ts and unlawful use of trade-marks whiCh h ave been under the proviSions of the former act. If that act 1s uncon st1tutwnal, so that the registration under 1t confers no lawful nght, then the crnrunal enactment mtended to protect that falls With 1t The quest10n m each of these cases b emg an whether these statutes can be upheld m whole or m part as valid and constitutwna l mus t be answered m tJ:e negat1ve, and 1t will be so certified to the proper 01rcmt courts Purchasers o:f'ileed Leaf In the C ountry Dudng .the--Week. HAVEMEYERS & VIGELIUi; bought about 3,000 cases Pennsylvania 1 879 crop thlB week. They think the entire sales of' this crop since the .openmg of the season will reach 8 to 1to,ooo eases. They go mto the mark;et early as they desire to make selectwns of fine tobacco, and aim to secure several thousand cases of the finest se1e ctions, and desire no other. RosENBAUM & Co -Have buyers out, but have I).d of their _l et-they buy princlphlly for the1r house. FRED. ScHuLZ '-Bought 17 cases New York State .t0bacco last week, and received 11 c ases ConnectiCut thls we e k. l A H. S c oviLLE & ,Co. :-Have no lettlll'8 yet Hear of somethmg doing m ConnectiCtlt, and more in Penn sylvania than last week; also hear of extreme prices bemg paid M 0PPE.'!HEIMER & BRO :-Are still buying m Pennsylvanm some of the 1879 crop. Our correspondent at B1g Flats, N says, by telegram -"Some tobacco bemg bought by N. Lachen bruch & Bro and others, at from 9 to 13 cents and 1t is reported s ome crops at h1gher figures G:mo P LIES, of G e o P L1es & Co, of New York, are also reported as having made purchases there this week. Our correspondent at Wmdsor, Conn., wntes, under date of Nov. 26 -There have been no buyers m the field, except l'llr Thomas H Hall. of New York, who bought three crops m Poquonock, John 0 Phelps at 15 through, John E Griswold's at 13 through, and H. W Alfords at 17 through, all to be assorted MINOR EDITORIALS AND NEWS ITEMS. PERSONAL -Mr. J of 50 Central Street Boston, sailed m the steamer Czty of Washmgton week for Havana, to make purchases of new crop of Havana tobacco FoR IT ALY -The sh1pments of leaf tobacco for Italy were large th1s week, no less than thtee vess els laden with that commod1ty bemg reported m our Custom House returns as bound for that country. Col\IMEMORATIVE -A handsomely engrossed :rn.emo rml, commemorative of Edwm Graff, has been pre sented to Bro. John G. Graff by h1s assoCiat e s m C ornucopia Lodge.-Flushmg Dmly Tzmes, Nov. 25. 0DITUARY.-A diSpatch from Durham, N. C 1 an nounces the death of Mr. J M. Smith, one of the most successful tobaccorusts m that City which occurred on Thursday a week ago On the 25th of last December he was married to M1ss Add1e Reallls, and therefore leaves a young wife and many warm friends to mourn h1sloss The deceased was an active membe r of the Durham Board of Trade, whtch tmned out m full force to hlB funeral. EXPENSES OF COLLECTING THE INTJtRNAL REVENUE IN NEW YORK, OHIO AND PENNSYLVANIA -The expenses of collectJIIg the internal revenue for the fiscal year m New York, Ohio and Pennsylvania were as follows -NewYork,$239.931 08, Oh10, $130,805 53, Pennsylvania, $163,987 85. The aggregate compensatiOn of collectors, with the1r Inlscellaneous and office expenses by special allowancl' for the year was-8alary, $410,832 23, ex penses, $1,381,172 62. THE SPANISH INUNDATION FUND.-On last Wednes day, the comm1ttee in charge of the fund, lllessrs FranCisco Llado, A Zuricalday, and J. Galway sent out m th' steamer Montana four drafts upon London, amount mg to ,000, sterlmg Th1s IS a port10n of the money subscrtbed for the benefit of the sufferers by the recent floods m Spami it was sent to the Central Relief Com mittee at Madrtd. As soon as they can do so the gen tlemen formmg the conumttee m th1s city' w1ll for ward the balance of the amount subscribed. REVENUE CASES -In the United States Court m Philadelphia, on Monday, Elias M Sh1rk, of T erre Hill, Lancaster County, pleaded guilty on a charge of defrauding the by mampulatmg Ciga r stamps. Sentence was deferred for a few days The Grand Jury found an mdictment against Jacob Busser, of Lancaster County, and Wm. L. Br1ck e r, of who were charged w1th havmg m the1r possess10n anstamped c1gars, and purchasmg and selling c1gars on wh1ch the United States tax had not been paid. MR. IsAAC SriRlt, of Lancaster, Pa., wr1tes that "the ball has now fairly opened for the 1879 crop" m h1s State Dunng last year Mr. Stirk bought between 400 and 500 cases, and is at 1Jresent holdmg qmte a large lot-at least, he was lately, but as tobacco 1s so very hvely at present m that sectwn of the cquntry that 1t IS pretty hard to tell what a dealer has on hand unless you are by his Slde to rece1ve every minute the des1red mformation. Mr. St1rk 18 an excellent JUdge of tobacco and lB therefore a careful, as well as a heavy, buyer. -We, Benjamm Lichtenstein and Adolph Brussel, survivmg partners of the late copartnership domg business under the firm name of LIOHTENSTEIN BROTHERS & CoMPANY, m thec1ty of New York, do hereby certify and declare that said copartnership has conducted business m this State for a period of five years and upwards; that we intend to continue the business formerly conducted by said copartnership from arld after this date under the name and style of" Lichten stem Brother-a & Company," and that we are the only persons dealmg under such firm name. That the place of abode of Benjamin Lichtenstem lB at No. 208 East Seventy-ninth Street in said c1ty of New York, and that the place of abode of Adolph Brusselis at No 204 Eastl Seventy ninth Street m the sa1d c1ty of New York, and that our principal place of business shall be in the Bald city_ of New York. Dated New York, November U, 1879. BICNJlliiN LICHTENSTEIN, ADoLPH BBUSSEL. City and County of New York, ss On this 24th day of November, 1879, before me per sonally appeared BenJamm Lichtenstem and Adolph Brussel, to me severally known, and known to me to be the mdiVIduals descrtbed m and who severally executed the foregomg certificate, and who severally acknowledged to me that they executed the same. MORRIS B WIBE, Notary Pubhc, 7714t New York County. --JoBN STRArroN FOR CoN

:NOV 29 THE 3 c1gar mterest would not suffer for the want of mtelli gent representatives We advise Mr Stra tons fol lo nng as ment oned by our contemporary to send h m to Congress whether he wants to go or not would hardly be reg arded as obJect onable trade marks 1 f 1 t appeared that they were not the names of the applicants o r manufacturers res dents of different States wh1ch m the opm on of some of his correspondents m ght still be mamtamed under the Supreme Court decision All such mqmr es will be answered by the followmg c rcular wh ch was prepared by Coxmmss oner Pame on Saturday las t m accordance w th mstruct10ns g1vn to h m by the Secretary of the Intenor LOCAL JOTTINGS -Strohli. & Re tzenstem sold to Hay & Sm1th of Philadelphia 224 cases 1878 Housatomc the charge Itself has become known and that he rs adv sed that hlB men m the lumber CaDlJ?B are becom mg a{lprehens1ve that they will not rece1ve their pay especially as 1t 1s not customary to pay unt 1 some t1me m April of the succeeding year after the season s over It seemed absolutely necessary there fore to Mr Rothschild that he should at once l?roceed to the lumber camps and sat sfy the men m h18 employ that hiS responsibillty 1S beyond questiOn aed that claim 1s not well founded Mr Rothschild des1red to leave t=ed1ately for that purpose and qo),lld return from the camp by way of Chicago m about t"!VO weeks Then 1t was necessary for him to go tq the States of New York and Connect1cut to examlfle and receive about f40 000 worth of tobacco which was contracted for while green and wh1ch IS now ready: for exanuna t1on and dehvery Mr Rothschild was m the habrt of do ng th18 personally every year and not to attend to the matter would subJect him: to a 1988 of many thousands of dollars rhe Umted States Supreme Court m Canal Co vs Clark (13Wallace 311) announces the general doctrme as follows Words m common use w1th some excep t10ns may be adopted f at the t1me of the r adoptron they were not employed to des gnate the same or like art cles of production The office of a trade mark s to pomt out dstmctrvely the ongm or ownersh1p of an art cle to which 1t IS affixed or mother words who are the producers Thrs may m many cases be done by a name a mark /5r a dev ce well known but not previOusly applied to the same art cle The Supreme Court of the Umted States havmg ad JUdged the act of July 8 1870 regultamg the reg stra t10n of trade marks to be unconst tut10nal action on pendmg apphcat1ons will be suspended until further mstruct ons shall be rece1ved from the appl cants Trade marks will hereafter be registered on pend ng or future applicatiOns only 1n favor of those persons who with full knowledge of the deCis on of the Supreme Court shall requeilt such reg18tratiOn Fees heretofore pa d m trade-mark cases cannot be refunded w thout further legiSlatiOn by Congress -Basch & F scher were buyers and sellers of seve ral hundred cases of 1878 Pennsylvama. -Rothschrld Schroeder & Ehel of Chicago and L & Co of bought freely on our market this week Spec1al Crop Reports to The Tobacco Leaf NEW YORK PRIZES FOR KENTUCKY TOBACCO -We have been ad v sed that a fa1r will come off on Saturday of this week (Nov 29$) at D elaware Ky when It IS expected that many buyers from Owensboro Calhoun and Henderson w1ll be present to mspect the tobacco on exhibitiOn The diStrict around Delaware the coun t es of Dav ess McLean and Henderson w ll be fully represented at thiS tobacco expositiOn Messrs Taylor & Sumpkm of Delaware have offered a priZe of $10 m gold for ten pounds of the best cuttmg tobacco also $10 m gold for ten pounds of the best shrppmg leaf and a pnze of $10 m gold for the best stemmmg leaf The farmers m this localitl are boastmg that they have housed the best crop o tobacco th s season that ever has grown..m that sect on MR GRAFF 8 NOTES BY THE WAY In ment10mng the exceptiOns to th s rule the co11rt held that a person has no r ght to the exclusive use of any words letters or symbols wh1ch 11re meant to md cate the1r names or 'iuality or wh1ch from the nature of the fa9 they are used to s gn fy others may em ploy with equal truth and therefore have an equal r ght to employ for the same purpose and that these obJections applied w1th equal force to geographical and other words and names The growmg rmportance to the co=erCial world of the Trade-xnark law which has JUSt been pronounced unconst1tut onal by the Umted States Supreme Court 1s fore bly shown by the steady mcrease m the number of trade marks yearly reg stered The whole number of certificates ssued by the Government from July 1870 when the law went mto operatiOn to Nov 11 of the present year was 7 777 of which 5 6'rr were Issued smce the begmnmg of 1875 and 2 150 before that trme The reg strat10ns mcreased from 486 m 1871 to 559 m 18 4 and 1 138 m 1875 They fell off to 9v9 m 1876 but rose to 1 216m 1877 and 1 577 m 1 8 8 In November 1878 the Umted States Circmt Court m W1sconsm de clared the trade mark statute nvahd This decisiOn was w dely pubhshed and commented upon and 1t was naturally supposed that ts effect would be to stay the current of apphcat10ns for reg strat on unt l the v tal questiOn ra sed should be finally decided by the Su preme Court of the Un ted States Notw1thstandmg this Circumstance 8a9 trade marks were r eg stared n the Patent Office at Wash ngton from the beg nrung of 1879 to Non 11 A questiOn of some pract1cal m portance s presented by the mqu ry whether the Government ovill return or 1s b ound to return the money "h ch t has demande d and rece ved n the form of fees for the reg strat on of trade marks we do not propose to offer an op monas to the law on this po nt but considered as a matter of r ght and JUSt ce the quest on s a tolerably s mple one In cons dera t10n of $25 p a d to 1t the Umted States pronnsed to the owner of a regi stere d trade mark dur ng a per od of 30 years the protectiOn prov1ded for by the act of Congress Tb s statute s declared vo d 1ts remed es are anruhilated and the Government wholly fa l s to perform 1ts part of the contract which 1t has entered nto w1th one of rts citizens Meanwhlle t1ie owner of the trade mark hav ng performed hiS !?.art of the agreement by complymg w th tl e prescr bed regula t ons of the la 1s not m fault The fact that he does not get what he pard for n fact noth ngfor h18 money would seem to be suffic1ent reason why he should b e entitled to have hiS fee returned to l m Up "ard of $21 000 has been pa1d to the Government durmg the Elmtra Nov 29 -J D M,. reports -There has been a large port on of the tobacco taken down and stnpped here Some sortmg has also been done Buyers have been lookmgaround some There have been two crops sold m th1s town Southport this week-one at eleven cents through assorted the other pnce not known but supposed to be considerably higher These pur chases were made by Messrs Lachenbruch llliBBOll'RI KeytesVille Nov 19 -G M D reports -Our tobacco crop w 11 not cut much of a figure m the reports th s year Only about one third of an ordmary crop Some farmers are, strippmg and hang t up agam No offers or sales yet Sellers a e expectmg U or Judge Brown upon hearmg this affidaVIt the cases for two weeks from last Tuesday Regard mg the motion to transfer the caseB to the Crrcwt MESSRS CAMPBELL, LANE & Co the old and reputa ble tobacco manufacturers of Newark N J refort an rmproved busmess m all their vanous brands o chew mg and smokmg tobaccos Connected ;v1th our trade smce half a century there 1 s not a firm to be found m th1s broad country ;vho rank higher for fa1r deal ng and mtegnty THE segar manufactur ng establ shment of Will1am Baker has been an old landmark at 231 North Second Street Philadelphiafor 30 long years Mr Baker made and sold his goods at that very spot and fewperhaps none-of the Ph1ladelphia tobacco merchants can boast of such a At last Mr Baker felt like movmg for once m his 1 fe t m e and he now occu p es a few doors from the old stand at No 245 an elegant and spac ous store Mr Baker 1 s an mdus tr ous and successful bus n ess man A.T Lancaster Pa a new firm has been established by Mr Henry C Moore son"of the well known Mr Samuel Moore of Ph ladelp'hra for the purpose of packmg tobacco m connect on with the firm of S Moore & Co of Ph ladelph a A NEW c gar manufactory, on a large was opened a few weeks ago by Messrs John M Stenman & Son under that firm name These gentlemen have all the fac l1t es to enable them to supply a fine and cheap c gar to the trade and those n search of Penn sylvama cigars Will do well to exam ne the r goods Pack ng and dealing m leaf IS also one of the features of this enterpriSmg firm DAVID G HIRSCH of Lancaster sold h s entre 1878 packmg of Pennsylvama tobacco and has contracts for one million Cigars from $11 to $20 per 1 000 G J WARDLE of Philadelphia, lS agent for of Durham smoking tobacco No md1v dual or firm can prevent others of the same name from applymg that name to the same class of goods actually made by them unleBI! the effect m the particular mstance s to decerve the publ c The distmct10n made by the statute between the mark wh ch 18 to accompany the name of the person firm or corporat on and the name tself IS clear and 1t rs ent rely m cons stent w th Its plam language to hold that such arb trary mark and the name are on the same footmg and that both are essential parts of the mark Of course the mark must always be accom pan ed by the name of the person firm or corporat on us ng t or mtend ng to use 1t otherw se neither the Office nor the public would be nformed of the or gm or ownership of the goods to "h ch the trade mark s to be applied and thiS 1s 1ts sole office The peculiar a rb1tr a r ly selected matter constrtut ng the essent al mark sm tself the subJeCt of assignment It may pass from one hand to another-be to day borne by one firm and to morrow by another-but the mark tself rema ns the same and s not changed by the company t keeps In conclus on t 1s h eld that the name sought to be reg stered by applicants IS an ent rely fanctful and ar brtrary des gnat10n and a proper subJeCt of a trade mark but the name of the fi1 m must not b e represen t e d as const tutmg an essent al part thereof SoRG vs WELSH (Dectded September 19 1879 ) 1 Aconcess on of pr or tyof adopt on use andnght of a trade mark amounts to an acknowledgment of o vnership by the one g v ng t m the one to whom 1t 1s gven round In the Connecticut Valley The follow ng further returns of correspondents m the ConnectiCut R ver Valley concermng the cond1 t10n of the tobacco crop and g vmg an account of transact ons have been received as publ shed by the Ne v England HomeateadHadley-Many farmers are now str1pp ng their to bacco wh1ch IS except onally H L Richardson th nks his as good as any and mdeed rt looks as though t mght be North Hadley R M Montague sold s x acres of old crop to M tchelson for Holt & Co of New York last week for llc (?) Three cases vere bought of Chancey Trask by the sam e parties foral ke (!) pnce Hatfield E l shaHubba dsold 150 cases of select ons to W A W lson for Davis & Day last week pr1vate terms Buckland M L Mantor ra sed two acres oftobacco He has 1t all str pped m first rate order and 1s ready for buyers Court deCisiOn was reserved Exchans:e Crop and Market Comments SEED LEAF R p BULKLEY manufacturer of fine cigars Ph Ia delphia has copyr ghted the brand of Pr1de South vark 2 Where one who has obta ned the regiStratiOn of a trade matk for an entrre class of merchandrse IS found to be the propr etor of the mark for part only of the class 1t would seem that h s regtstrat on was void m v1ew of the doctrine of Sm th vs Reynolds (3 Official Gazette 214) 3 Drfferent persons may apply the same mark to d ffcrent k nds of goods m the same class prov1ded their nature and resemblance are not so nearly the same as that the 1dentity of the trade mark would de ve the publ c as to or gm or ownership pres ent year by the owners of trade marks and nearly *200 000 smce the law went mto operation Amherst-The soft water laden atmosphere of the 14th and 15th completed the dampen ng process that was begun several days befor e and has g ven ra1sers one of the finest opportumt1es for taking down and str ppmg Some lots w ll remrun until the next damp enmg or until sprmg to sat1sfy the not ons of men as usual But With the unexampled cur ng season that we have had there 1s 1 ttle reason for contmu ng the drymg process except to sat sfy nd1v1dual peculiar 1t es The crop n eve r looked or handled better and buyers will have to p1ece out their rmagmat10n to nvent satrsfactory obJeCtiOns that will e!l.Bily go down the throats of the ra se1 s th s year Northfield-There have been w th n the past ten days many opportumt1es to dampen tobacco wh1ch have been 1mproved by the growers and a large amount has been taken down and stnpped out Over ten tons of what Walker & Sanderson have bought on the p o les has been str pped and delivered at th s wr t CoNNECTICUT -The xnarket remams IJUiet A. large port on of the growers are busy w1th stnpp ng and carmg for the new crop Assorting IS soon to be the order of the day So far as we are acquamted the feelmg seems to that the dealers will not 1m med1ately buy up the crop The amount sold m Con nect out and Massachusetts on the pole may reach 9 000 cases n all this mcludmg the Housatomc Val ley The pr1ces have been from 10c and m some mstances 18 and 20c has been prud The balance of the crop &ome 201000 to 25 000 cases we th nk will be much of t packea. by the grower or the usual dispos t10n of 1t The grower need have no fear of pack ng and holdmg so good a crol' as the present the crop next year may be an nfer or one It lS an old adage that L ghtmng seldom str kes m the same place twice To get another such crop we must have another such season We do not wrsh to our gro "ers relat ve to selliug the r crops this Fall but to ask them to wa t pat ently not to lose any trme thmk ng they shall sell by and by m the bundle We hope they will but the present mdicat10ns are not very favorable The 9 crop IS a large one though the mar ket 1s not overstocked w th old crops while they are not very good e ther The grower may JUSt as well assort as to pay the dealer for do ng rt al..,ay.s recol lectmg that It costs from per pound to perform the labor and to hold the goods at pr1ces accordingly Doubtless m soree locaht es the growers are hold ng the r crop higher than the buyers are willing to {lay Several of our Connect cct correl!pondents say this s so Wereportsalesasfollows At Middletown Conn, we have the sale of 4lots 1 lot of 2 acres at 15c as s&rted. 1lot of about 2Ji tons at 14c 1 small lot n the bundle at and 1lot of S acres at 12c m the die At Broad Brook llot of 3 acres at He through assorted 1 lot of 3 acres assorted at 15c thro gh several offers of 20 a..nd 5c have been made and re fused llot of Havana seed sold for through and one at 18c through At No.rth Radley, 30 cases of, 78 crop at p t rumored at 11%c At Hatfield 5 act;es of Seed at 10%c 7 acres Seed at 12c and llot of abont 2 acres at 12c which were m the bundle The number of buJi ers Circulatmg around among the growers m d cates a dispos1t10n to buy the Havana Seed cro.P at least The bulk of thlB variety m the country IS m the hands of the dealers and we thmk they will seek to buy the rema nder -Amerwan Cultivator Nov 29 The Trade Mark Demsion MESSRS LEWIS BREM'B:R S SoNS of Ph fadelph a have agam enlarged the r extensive establishment and w1ll to msure elegant and roomy office facli ties add the adJom ng bmldmg (wh1ch 1s also the property of the firm ) to the former warehouse The of thrs firm lS a model m every respect haVIng elegant sub cellars for their 1mmense stock of Havana tobacco another floor for Seed Leaf and others for manufac tured tobacco smokers artwles c1gars and c garettes The name of Lew1s Bremer s Sons carries w th 1t the highest of reputatiOns and firms like this are certamly 4 When the registered trade mark covered the class of manufactured tobacco broadly and the later appli cant confined b s appl cat on to plug tobacco the declaratiOn as m other mterference cases should have been confined to the 1ssue made by the later appl cant 5 If there 1s not suffic ent d stmct on between fine cut chewmg tobacco and plug tobacco to JUStlf:y: regts trat on of the same mark for both k nds by diff erent parties then a concess on of adoption for ph g tobacco would be an acknowledgment of o ;vnership of the mark on chew ng tobacco Monday afternoon a meetmg of the Umted States Trade Mark Assoc at on was held at 97 and 99 Nassau S,treet to consider what was to be done for their pro on and to reassure manufacturers who had to a large extent m sapprehimded the scope and extent of the dec s on Mr Orestes Cleveland pres ded He sard that the newspapers of the country had thought lessly produced the mpress10n among manufacturers that Just ce Millers deciSion destroyed property m trade marks This announcement had alarmed a great many manufacturers who were the owners of trade marks and had also st mulated and e ncouraged many others to begtn anew the1r encroachments The fact was he sa1d that the law d1d not create any property m trade marks that d d not eXlSt before and t alford ed no protectiOn except m cases where manufac turers apphed for new trade marks which they claimed they were about to make u se of whwh were regiS tered so that no one else could use them He satd the law under the recent decision was ample for the pro teet on of all such owners of trade marks The law however d1d not prov1de any method of puniShmg persons accused of mfnngements as crrmmals Such persons nnght be enJomed and prevented from pro ceed ng w1th the further use of the trade mark and mtght be comJ?elled to respond m upon a proper accountmg for the use they had alreaay made and the benefits der1ved accordmg to the1r own books which they could be forced to brmg mto court for m spect on The value of the law of Congress cons sted almost entrrely m the fact that 1t prov ded for a Reg Q trat10n Office where trade marks m ght be recored which were proposed but whrch had not yet been adopted by the manufacturer Th s dec s on of the Supreme Court takes away that Registration Office unless the Government should prov de some means by which they m ght contmue the registratiOn marks The only d fficulty m the case woulabe the question of the proof of pr1or ty perhaps nnght occas o n some strife and confus on In h s opm10n thiS emergency proved the w1sdom of some of the manufacturers of New York m gettmg ether a year ago and fornnng a trade mark assoc at10n He wanted to say tothe manufacturers of the countr,:y that this dems on d d not affect their r ghts to thmr trade marks In some of tire States there were no mg Southampton Last week was a busy one here w th our t o bacco ra sers and a large part of the crop was taken down and str pped off Nea..rly all of our large growers took down the1r entll'e crop and find It to be of a super1or quahty Thos e of us who were so unfor tunate as to have a large quantity of corn and turmps out durmg the late snowstorm, have been rmprovrng the time m gathermg them an ornament to any co=umty IT seems that the tobacco trade of the country has bad tts boom by elect ng a number of 1ts pronnnent members to different offices For mstance the good people of Balt1more have elected by a large InaJOnty to their State Legrslature Mr Wm A Boyd of the of Wm A Boyd & Co dealers m Importe d and domestic tobacco Mr Boyd IS a large operator n to bacco s wealthy and IS certainly the nght man n the nght place We congratulate both the elected and the electors WE regret to learn that Mr Wm Soby of Phlladel plna has fa led Th s IS more to be deplored as Mr Soby IS an old man bemg e ghty two years of age He has been m busmess m the c1ty of his res1dence s nee 1806 and has always been held m high by his fellow townsmen "ho sympathiZe deeply VIth hrm n hiS m sfortunes We learn that he has made over all his property to his creditors m New York MESSRS J R. DAY & BRO of Durham N C who manufacture the fine brands Day s Standard of the World Durham Smoking Tobacco and the Lone Gem have been very fortunate m mak ng arrange mente w th Messrs J Rinaldo Sank & Co to represent the m n Philadelphia as the1r wholesale agents The Messrs Day have been for years connected w1th the tobacco manufacturmg trade and fully understand the art of makmg delightful smoking tobaccos Messrs J R naldo Sank & Co have been establ shed m Phila delphia as tobacco comnnss on merchants smce 1846 they are known all over th1s country as bus ness men of the h ghest standmg and enterpnse Trade Mark Cases Ex PARTE PACE TALBOTT & Co -(Declded Septemberl7 1879) 1 The name Bayard and portrait of a Umted States Senator by that name held to be proper matter for a trade mark m chewmg tobacco 2 Any proper word or phrase whether the name of a person firm or corporatiOn or a geograph cal term may be registered as a trade mark unless the same s descriptive of the quabty of the good s or 1s the name of the applicant or manufacturer or place of manufac ture or s deceptive 3 The name of the applicant or the firm manufac tunng the goods cannot be reg18tered as an essent1al part of the mark APPEAL FROM THE EXAJillNER OF TRADE !LI.RKS Appl cat on of Pace Talbott & Co filed July 21 1879 Mr Wm H Brown for appellant DOOLITTLE Actmg CommtUWner -The appl cants alleged trade-mark s descr bed as cons stmg of the name Bayard m connect on ;v th the portrart w1thm an oval mtended to represent a senator of the Umted States of that name from the State of Delaware and beneath 1t IS our firm name Sa1d name Baytamel as a fanciful name 1t WAS ad.nntted to registry If this word DanuU the-rla'ine of the applicant 1t would not be val d iol (!MI:pq!!et but bemg a pure designatiOn of mp.ynap h1m who was thrown mto the den ofl -,. th:l!re 18 no obJectiOn to 1t Even 1f anotl:ier real name 18 Dame! were to set up m a s1 ll he would not be permrtted to stamp HIS sunple name adopted as above stated b 9ompellild by a court of eqwty 1f he used ijJl;.' .W, use with 1t some distmgUishing mark or t;o av01d the p08Slbllity of con I 5h.iil ,a, bf the !];xammer especmlly Porner s case the names. oi>:t.he applicant& and manufacturer!! of the goods were sought to be mcorporated as an es sential part of the mark and It was not held that the name of ,an mjhVId'll]ll firm or corporation when mereJ,Y ar) ; ntrlp'y or ta:IiCifulm1ts s1gmfication could not re the su'6jeets of a trade xnark. It IS not mtended any prow word whether the name of a persop ll.rm or cprpo.rat1on or a geographical or other term be denied regatratwn as a trade-mark unless the same descnpt1ve of the quality of the good11 or 18 the name of the applicant or manufacturer or place of manufacture or 18 deceptive It would render the statute ndiculous to construe 1t literally Although the names Socrates and Plato have been and may be the names of persons, yet, when applied to soap and chewmg tobaCco for instance APPEAL FROM THE EXAMINER OF TRADE MARKS AtJplicatiOn of Paul J Sorg filed March 27 1879 RegistratiOn of Henry Welsh July 15 1879 Mr Jas L Norr1s for Sorg Mr Edwm H Brown for Welsh DooLITrLE Actmg Commtsswner -July 15 18 9 there was reg sterad m behalf Henry Welsh of New York a trade mark upon tobacco con s stmg of the words T dal Wave The reg strat10n appears to have been for tne ent re class of manufac tured tobacco as the speCificatiOn states that 1t 18 appropr atcd to long and short-cut smoking tobacco plug and other chewmg tobacco c gars and c garettes March 27 1879 Paul J Sorg of Jl{ ddletown Oh10 a..ppl ed for the regrstrat on of the same trade mark restrwtmg h1s applicatiOn to plug chewmg tobacco whereupon the Exam ner of Trade Marks declared an mterference June 25 1879 July 14 1879 Welsh the reg strant filed the follow mg document s gned by himself I hereby concede to Paul J Sorg pr ority of adoption use and right on the ord symbol T dal Wave as a trade-mark for plug tobacco Both partes now seek to gtve this concessiOn force and avo d the further contmuance of the mterference by a motiOn to reform the 1ssue and restr ct the same to plug chewmg tobacco The concess on was dated New York July 8 1879 It 1s something more than a mere concess on of pnor 1ty as generally understood and amounts to an ac knowledgment of ownership by Welsh m Sorg oF the trade mark for one spec es of the general class of man ufactured tobacco to "h ch Welsh had approprrated the same It 18 mamfest therefore that Welsh had at the t1me of the reg strat on of the words T daL Wave as a trade mark for manufactured tobacco generally no nght to the broad se of 1t as cia med Such be ng the case the doctnne appl ed by the court m the case of Smith vs Reynolds and Jacobs (S Offictal Gazette 214) to a SliDllar state of facts s here pertment It hav ng been shown that the plamt1ffs had regiStered h eir trade mark for the c lass of pa nts generally but that the defendants ;vere the pr or owners and users of the trade mark upon a part cular descr pt on of pamts the court held The pla ntiffs have not restr cted themselves to any particular descrrpt10ns of goods compr sed m such class The r reg strat on must stand or fall as a whole for that to which they declare m the r reg strat10n they mtend to appropr1ate 1t There s no provrs10n m regard to trade marks such as there has been and 18 m regard to patents for mvent10ns that the swt may be mamtamed where the grant 1s valid as to a part but not as to the whole It follows therefore that the regtstratiOn of th s trade mark m the form n whiCh t was made conferred no r ght on the pla nt1ffs m re spect to anythmg purportmg to be covered by rt It would follow 1t seems from this doctnne that Welsh not bemg the owner of the trade mark for all the speCies of manufactured tobacco on whwh he re cmved procured an mvahd and as the statute contemplates reg strat10n to the rightful owner only the mark n quest on should be regiStered as the property of Sorg on the art1cle of plug tobacco But 1t 1s not necessary to rest the case upon the above doctrme Appl cants are not compelled to register a trade mark upon a whole class of goods but may restnct 1t to a particular descr1pt10n of goods w1thm that class The law reqwres m fact that an applicant shall state the particular descnpt10n of goods comprrsed m the class to wh1ch he appl es Qr mtends to apply h s trade mark Different persons may apply the same mark to d fferent sorts of goods n the same class prov1ded the nature and resemblance of the goods are not so nearly the same as that the 1dent1t,Y of the trade mark would deceive the public as to the r ongtn or ownership Now the later apphcant Sorg had restricted hrm selt to the use of the trade mark on plug toba()(!o There 18 a well recogmzed d1stmct10n m the trade and among consumers between fine cut chewmg tobacco and piug tobacco and as the mterference arose solely on the last applicatiOn the 1ssue as declared by the Exammer of Trade ltfa ks was unnecessarily broad It should ha'Ve been confined as all other mterferences should be to the prec18e ssue made by the later appl cant So confined the concessiOn of Welsh would have force and the cont nuat on of an mterference unde sued by both part1es avOided Or adm1ttmg as con tended by the Exammer of Trade Marks that there 18 not suffiCient d st nct1on between fine cut chewmg tobacco and plug tobacco to JUStify regiStration of the same mark for both then the concession of Welsh should have force as1t would be a substantial acknowl edgment of ownership m Borg to the trade mark m quest1on on chewmg tobacco Exammer s deC1810n reversed THE PATEJfT OFFICE AllfD TRADEIIA.RXS Accordmg to Washmgton mtelligence smce the an nouncement of the Supreme Courts opm10n adverse to the constut1onality of the national trade mark law the Comm ssiOner of Patents has rece1ved a number of letters demandmg a return of fees received by the Patent Office for the regiStrat on of trade xnarks and many other commumcat10ns mquirmg what course will be pursued m regard to the pending or future applications for the registry of trade-marks presented on behalf of persons who desire to &v&l themselves of the enstmg regiStratiOn system for the purpose of makmg a record of ev1dence With a view to future legtalation on. the subJect,-'>r for use m su1ts between Sunderland-Toba cco has nearly all been taken down n fine cond t on and well cured South Deerfield About two thirds of the tobacco was taken down last week n n ce order but the warm weather has reqwred close to prevent Its heatmg Buyers are expected now 1t 1s m cond1t10n to examme and will find a better class of goods than has be"roperty of the packers Where there 1s so much competitiOn the natural re sult 18 good pr ces Our farmers who have good to bacco cannot complam Wrappers run from 17 to 30 cents and filler s and seconds at 5 and 10 cents Sales at 20 and 25 through are not uncommon and some have done even better than that Of the large number of mdiv dual sales that have been reported to us we hav.e room for only a few In East Hempfield Charles Stump sold h s crop at 5 and 18 cents LeVI Hoffman sold his at 20 cents through Andrew Metzgar got the same pr ce Martm and Reuben Swarr sold 4 acres at 3 10 and cents George Snnth. sold h1s crop at 3 8 and 20 cents for one lot and 3 8 and 16 cen s for an other WarrenBro "n soldh scrop at 20 cents through In the ne1ghborhood of :Maytown Frank Johnson sold his at 5 and 20 cents Capt Ha nes the same figures and Fredenck Houseal was pa1d 5 and 19 cents At Turkey H 11 BenJarnm Fry sold his crop for 5 18 20 and 21 cents. In the eastern end of the county many purchases have been made at 17 and 18 cents through. Amos H Groff sold hiS entrre crop 6 acre'!.> at 16 cents through Amos Fralick George Aument John Frahch and Gllorge Nunemacher all sold therr crops at the above pr1ce Tomas D Leaman got IS 8 and 20 cents Lev1 Mowrey sold h s at 3 8 and 20 cents M1chael Andes sold at 4 and 20 cents Amos B Leaman diSposed one lot at 16 and another at 17 cents through In West Lampel:el' BenJammRanck sold at 3 8 and 20 cents m Strasburg township Jacob 8 Ranck also got 3 8 and 20 cents Aaron Marren sold his crop at 3 8 and 20 cents John S des d1sposed of h1s crop at 3 and 16 cents John Esbenshade sold at 3 8 and 20 cents Henry Miller of Lancaster got 17 cents through It must be remembered that fully three fourths ef all the above sold tobacco 1s still hangtng on the poles A few weeks ago buyers were reluctant to purchase 1t m that cond1t10n but a few havmg started m the rest followed mell and now 1t 18 The devil take the hmdmost New York and Philadelphia houses are the ones most largely represented The Lancaster Inqutrer g ves the followmg account of transactiOns m that locality for the week endmg Nov 21 Durmg the past week or ten days the Lan caster tobacco market has been very act1ve From su: to seven thousand cases were purchased about 150 of whwh were of the 78 crop and the rest '79 The pr ces pa1d generally range from 18 to 25 The highest was 26 through About twenty five buyers are still about but the cold weather to some extent w11l check further transact ons Followmg are some of the sales Henry Brown Washmgton Borough 20 through Henry Au ment Wash ngton Bprough 22 and 5: J F Johnston Maytown 20 and 5 Capt Harnes Maytown 20 and 5 Fred Houseal M:Qytown 19 and 4 John Mehaffy Lancaster,__14 8 and i John E Wanner East Eall 20 and 5 1saac Hurst East Earl 20 11S and 5 Jonas Weaver East Earl 14 and 5 Harvey Retdenbach Barev1lle p t Capt Abe Setley New Holland 18 Samuel Potts l,i;nca.ster townsh p 20 10 and 5 A J Dunlap Lancaster 20 10 and 5 Warren Brownl. 20 through.!. Mr F18her West Earl 20 8 and 5 -In Richmond, Va.. JO 000 pounds of loose tobacco was sold dunng t.he last week In the Umted States District Court m Detroit on Fr day of last week a mot10n was argued for the re moval of the Simpson Rothschild Burnstme tobacco cases to the C1rcu1t Court An affidavit of S1mon Rothsch ld was submitted settmg forth that he was mnocent of the charges brought agamst him and had been assured by his counsel that he had a good and valid defense that m add1t10n to h1s busmess as a dealer m Havana leaf tobacco he 1s also engaged m the lumber busmess and m gettmg out logs on the Tit t1bawassee Muskeegan and Man18tee R1vers employ mg for that purpoiiB about 600 men that the findmg of th18 md1ctment together w1th 1nformat10n rece11.tly forwarded to New York C1ty by the mercantile agency of Dun & Co that proceedwgs 1n bankruptcy have been mst1tuted the firm of Rothsch ld Bros has materially affected his credit and that of the firm by reason of IllS inab1hty to fully his mno cence m the matter with that public1ty w1th which The Lancaster .l!ixammer and Express Nov 19 remarks -And now there IS a boom m the new crop of tobacco m this county For weeks past buyers have been mspectmg crops all over the county but the sales reported were few and far between which made our farmers think that the buyers d1d not mtend to do any thmg but mspect But 1t now appears that appear ances are dece1tful m the matter oi buymg tobaCco as well as m other thmga for from the re1_10rts that come m from variOus parts of the eounty rt 18 very eVIdent the buyers have been purchasmg largely of the 1879 crop That these operations have not been made public 18 due to the fact that one of the conditions of purchase 1s that the grower will not mforrn anybody to whom he sold his crop or what pnces he rece1ved .. These cond1t1ons are rmposed by the buyer that h1s operations may be kept secret but m sp1te of all their precautions the information des1red by other growers wJllleak out Representatives of three or four firms m New York and C&liforma have been purchasing m this cautious manner for some time but their mvestmen.ts seem to havebeen made Iince Jut Thlli'II-


TOBACCO LEAF. day It ts esttmated that over one thousand cases have been sold It IS known that one New York firm has bought the product of 100 acres, or about 400 caees, and report mys that they have secured two or three tanies that amount Another large buyer has pur chased 100 to 300 cases These transactiOns have been mamly m the Lam{)Cters, West Hempfield, Manor, the Leacocks, Paradise, and m the dtstricts from New Holland to Cburchtown, and If, as IS extremely proba ble, the buyers have succeeded m e'ht1rely concealmg as much of the1r operations as bas been made publiC the est1mate that aver a thousand cases have been sold will not be far wrong The secrecy mamtamed by buyers renders tt exceedmgly difficnlt to obta10 the pr1ces pa1d, but1 they range from 20 to 22 cents for wrappers and from 15 to 18 cents round One farmer report!! that he sold the crop of ele-ven acres at 20 and 5, wbJie another-m the southern, part of the county re fused 26 10 and 5 The Manetta Times, Nov 19 reports -Grove, Hoff man & of :Maytown have started the ball rollmg by buymg tlu'ee.Lthey cia1m-of the best Hl79 crops m the county, on pnvate terms Th1s was q:metly follow ed by John S Rohrer, of Lancaster, buymg the crops of J Fr{IJ!k Jo)llw?q, Capt Hames, Fred Houseal, aij of Maytown, pay10g 20 and 5, 20 and 5, and 1.9 and 4, respectively It must be remembered that these pur chases were made of tobacco bangmg on the poles, and 1t w1ll be mterestmg to know what effect th1s will have on future 113les One effect certamly be that farmers generally who have a good crop-and the crop generally lB good-will not part with 1t at less pnces those quoted above, at least until they see that they cannot get them Sales of 1878 packmgs are still m this VICimty, although mqmr1es are plenty The Chromcle, of Elizabethtown, Nov 13, remarks "The people are verr. anx10us to take the1r tobacco from the poles early th1s }ear We have read several notes 1n different papers concernmg the sale of 1879 tobacco The drouth, the hatl and the sleet have dam aged the tobacco to a great extent, therefore, tobacco growers of Lancaster County, if you have clean to bacco, well assorted and good quality, be sure you keep 1t tlil you get a good prwe OppoBlttOn IS greater now of merchants m th1s speculatiOn than ever before, and the prospects are for h1gh prwes WISCONSIN -The W18Cons10 (Edgerton) TObacco Reporter, Nov 21, remarks -For some t1me we have anticrpated that as soon as the '79 crop of Seed leaf came mto good case, there would be an active demand for It at good figures The late spell of wet weather broug_ht tobacco 1n good case, and operat1ons have alrep.ay opened up m earnest, but have not yet become general. Mr of New York, arrived here on l::laturday, and C T Wulff, of St LouiS, has also ar and both of t4ese gentlemen are actively en gagoo m purchasmg, apd are paymg good figures We understand that Mr Wulff w1shes to secure about 1 500 cases Mr Ahner will undoubtedly purchase a amount ]\lr Samuel VIckers thiS week sold hts crop of Seed leaf for Mr Samuel Vtckers, Jr, sold his m the bulk for We also hear of another wty m the same neighborhood who sold b1s crop for 9c m the bulk, but could not Jearn h1s name We have heard that 10c and llc have been prud for crops, but th1s lB only a rumor, and at present we cannot get much reliable news Mr N1xon, of A H Nuon & Sons, of Dayton, Oh10 has been here for the past three weeks, and, 10 company with Frank Pease made qmte a numbilr of purchases m the neighborhood of Stoughton Mr N1xon left last week Our local operators have n,ot commenced purchasmg yet of any account, exceptmg one or t..-o of them The new warehouses a1 e fast approaching completwn, and will be ready soon for stormg and and, Judg10g from what we hear, there IS likel)'"_to be one or two more erected soon The J;lessrs Hudson & Jensen have a large force ;Lt worlc assortmg, and they expect tt will take them about nmety days to complete what they have already purchased of Sprunsh and Seed leaf, usmg of thetr warehouses here for th1s purpose OHIO -The Mljl.mlsburg Bttllettn, Nov 21, reports Ram fell throughout the tobacco reg10n, Monday .brmgmg crops case A heavy frost preva1led Tuesday mp;ht yv ednesday mgbt the mercury fell raptdly, accompa,med by ah1gh wmd and snow Few sales of '78 are re:ported, and these close to 10c Chas Hunter, m the D\')lghborhood of Liberty> sold 36 cases very fine wrappm.;w1th damaged filler rEJcently, &t 10c The new crop IS domg well under favorable c1rcum stances Andrew W'!Jhams a prosperous planter near Covmgton Miama Count}, has two Cisterns, by p1pes w1th the manure heap m his barn yard con structed by hm1self He ruams the llquors from the stalls, through the manure, mto the vats, and asserts the tmprovement lB a verv profitaple mvestment We tlnnk the plan wprthy of emulation here ) WESTERl'i 1 'f&'iTNESSEE -The Clarksville Leaf, Nov 18, 1e.Ports The farmers are havmg a splendid tobacco strippmg season We would repeat/the cautiOn of careful assort mg, puttmg all bl'Ight and fancy ma separate class There will be !II good demand for fancy or colory to bacco, and 1t w1ll. pay well to assovt 1t out from among the dark tobacco 'J1he dark w11l sell JUSt as well w1th these fancy colors m tt \ 1 Estimates fo the Coming Fiscal Year. ... ) .., I. J WASHINGTON, Nov 18, 1879 The of the detailed estrmates for the fiscal yeat endmg June 30, 1881, hnsoeen completed to-day The y make a book of nealiy 200 quarto pages, wh1ch w1ll be tmnsm1tted to Congress with tae Pres1dent s Message The est1mates qi the amounts reqmred for expendi ture under the War Department aggregate $29 319,794 for the mtl1tary and $7,557,034 for pubhc works o{, vanous kmds mclndmg about $5 000, 000 for r1vor and harbor Improvements, $1,000,000 for sea coast fort1ficatwns $774 000 for buildm gs m and around Washmgton, and $657,000 for arsenals rn.e cost of the naval estahhshment duung the next fical year is "St1mated at $14,509 148 The followipg are among t)le add1t10nal est1mates -For the Indmn servwe $4 922,846 For fore1gn mtercourse 1,185 135 For and expenses of collectors of Internal Revenue }'or of mmts and assay offices For an<\ expenses of the Treasury Depal'tment proper For the InteriOr Department proper For detic1t m the postal revenues For the oonetructwn of new lighthouses beacons and fog Signals 4 075,000 1 209,8 10 2 661,672 2 146,774 7 712,000 674,000 For new Gove.mment buildmgs thloughout the conn try. 2, 24 7 000 For JUdiCial sala:nes and expenses of courts 3,250 000 For pensiOns 32,404,000 For sala11es and expenses of the two Houses of .about 2,806 ,00 0 For siLJar1esof P.residentand Vwe President, and expenses of the executive office 97,464 For expenses of the tenth census 2,750,000 The grand aggregate of the esttmates IS $136 347 129 l'he total amount appropnated by for the current fiscal year was $162 404 648, whwh mcluded $25 000,000 forar-rs of penswns and about $3,000 000 for the District of Columb1a No esttmates for e1ther of these purposes are subrmtted m the book of est1 mates year '------He ported Failures and Business L LFrom BlUllOTRUT s 1 ToaoNTo Can -T C Gagnier tobacco and mgars application made to force into bankruptcy WilHam Baker dea1er m tobacco and Cigars removed !rom 231 to 245 North Second t:)treet P C Fulweiler ctgar manufacturer 716 Arch Street new firm L.ufc.una. Pa -Henry C Moore packer in leaf tobacco new firm 2\ll North Prince Street John M Stehman & Sen, (lealers in and packers ot lear tobacco and cigar manufacturers new flrm Patent.-Office Report For the week ending November 18 187'9 INVENTIONS PATENTED C>g&r Mold N Du Brul Cincinnati 0 Process and Apparatus lor Curmg Tobacco -J H Ogien, assignor to c C Paul and C. J. Y oung, Pbil&dolphla Pa DISCLAIMER (Reissue )-Anton Miller and Chriatian Worley, St Louis_ Mo aMig nors 6C o...,.h< their right to John Flnzer &; Brothers, Loulo'rillo Ky in Finishing Tobacco Plugs Be issue dated December dieclalmer filed November 7 1879 Enter their disclaimer-' To BUCh part ot. the aaid patent aa ia contained in the aecond claim thereof to Wit A tobacco plug m&rke$1. with an impression subsU.n tially aa deacrlbed THE TOBACCO MARKETS. NBW YORK, NOVEMBER 28 'I!he local tobacco market, and the 1eaf tobacco mar espemally, lB w1thout apparent change, except m so far as the Thanksg1vmg hohday has served to d1 mmtsh the aggregate of sales. In Western leaf busmess appears to have been abso lutely dull, even after allowance has been made for the observance of the hohday The transactrons m this department are entuely of a retad character, none of the great and few of the small buyers operatmg Pr1ces are nommally firm, but what they would be tf somebody would come for"ard for a large quantity cannot now be determmed It IS not altogether 1m probable that the asking priCes have something-per haps much-to do w1th the eXIstmg lethargy The late Sprmg, the dry weather, and other mc1dents whwh tended to enlarge expectatiOns and promote specula twn have made a mark on prwes th1s Fall wb1ch lasts even after the causes have disappeared In other words, 1deas seem to have been 10Bpired wbwh ap pearances mdtcate cannot be reahzed ConcessiOns m1ght awake a hvely movement, and possibly they wtll be granted when the temptatiOn IS strong enougp Messrs Sawyer Wallace & Co report to the 'Io BACCO LEAF as follows Western Leaf-There are only 147 hogsheads reported Slnce our last More, probably, have been sold, but we shall have to wa1t untll the end of the month for partiCulars We fancy the total will be smaller than for a long trme back The market appears steady 1st week 2d wee)c 611 793 799 1 409 857 892 338 560 578 604 344 409 July 734 916 Auguet 1 070 785 September 505 389 October 442 37i November 342 450 8d week 1,4HI M6 3 269 351 720 680 o60 807 918 562 (88 Rece1pts th1s month -Western 3109 hhds From New Orleans 81 do -do Baltimore 63 do do Vugtma 1,850 de Total 5,103 hhds Rece1pts th1s year 4th week 1,481 1 346 816 542 2 498 889 8,979 838 422 11119 160 week 666 1,711 Last year Total Total 3500 4,100 6 000 3 500 4400 4350 6,200 8 500 3 525 2 9()11 1 290 Western 68,925 hhds FromNewOrleans 1,435 do do Baltrmore do do V1rg1ma 18 466 do Last year, 112,040 hhds 2,134 do 2,270 do 23,993 do Total 90,226 hhds Total 140,437 hhds Export Manuf Jobbers Total Sales for the week 79 81 160 hhds ,Sales for the month :869 150 271 1,290 hhds F..xports for the week, 933 for the month 5 262 hhds At New Orleans -Rece1pts from Jan 1 to Nov 22, 1879, agmnst 13 104 hhdsm 1878 sales th1s month to Nov 22, 91 hhds, exports th1s month to Nov 22 fore1gn, 2 hhds, domest1c 20 stock on hand and on sh1pboard not cleared Nov 22 702 hhds Vtrgmw Leaf -There bas been a rather good <1e mand for all grades tof Vugm1a leaf and some fau sales were made The new crop has not yet made 1ts appearance he1e, but from what we can learn It has started 2<> t o 30 per cent higher than last year Perhaps "tthm the ensmng twu weeks specrmens will arr1ve Seed Leaf-There was a gam upon the transactiOns of the previous wee k m the sales of the past "eek, the reporte d agg1 egate m the latte r mstance teach mg 1870 cases The busmess of the month will evidently, be up to expectatiOns though the absence of a good export demand will have to be one of tbe thmgs regretted Somethmg bke actiVIty prevails m the country, as Will be notiCed m our othet A Bremen correspondent gtves the followmg ac oount of transactiOns Ill the Biemen tobacco market for the week endmg Nov 6 -The rece1pts dur10g the week amounted to 170 cases of Seed leaf per steamer Mosel from New York, and 15 cases Seed l eaf cuttmgs The sales duung the week amounted to 170 cases Seed leaf and 39 cases cuttmgs, leavmg stock on hand of 1,010 cases of Seed leaf and 20 cases of cutt10gs The pnces range d as follows -Wrappers, 70 cent1mes, bmders 60@75 do fillers, 40@55 do TransactiOns 10 .new tobaccos were very hmtted 'l'hete ts almost no demand fo1 Kentucky and VIrgm1a tobacco There lB some demand for Maryland tobaccos, but to only a small stock on hand transactiOns were hm1 ed There was a large demand fm stems of the better grades 'l'here IS llkew1se an mcreasmg demand for duty pa1d tobaccos, w1th gradually mcreasmg pnces The rece1pts of Havana leaf durmg the week amounted to 375 bales, stock on hand at the above date 6 810 do Prwes 1anged as follows -Wrappe1s good and fine brown, 650@ 1 1400 centimes, wrappers, ordinary brown, 350@600 do wrappers, nuxed \\ Ith fillers, 180@300 do, fill ers, .130@250 do MeBSrfl J S Ga.ns' Son & Co tobacco brokers, 84 and 86 Wall Street, report as follows -The week JUSt closed has been an uneventful one The JObbmg busmess has been qmte satisfactory, WJth sales of 1, 870 cases, dn tded as follows SALES 500 cs 1878 crop New England Seconds WIBppers 700 cs 1878 crop Pennsylvarna Ftllers Assmted Lots Wrappers 70 cs 1877 crop Pennsylvama Wrappers 100 cs 1878 c1op WisconsmAssorted and Wrappers 400 cs 1878 crop Ohio Assorted 100 cs sundues 1,870 cases 10 @14 13 @30 8 @ 9 11 @16 16 26J.i 8 @14 8 @14 !) @16 Span111h-The mqmry for Havana contmues fa1r, and sales amountmg to 600 bales at SOc @$1 05 and 100 bales on pr1vate terms are reported Of Yara, 75 bales II cut at 92c we1e taken Manufactured -A local correspondent says -The past week has been a broken one, and holidays do not help to Improve busmess-certamly there lB no Improvement to notiCe m plug tobaCco-even the retatlers complaimng of smaller sales We hear of some sales of bnght 11 mch and common goods, but nothmg of Importance The exports for tne week were 691958 pounds Smoking.-The demand for smokmg tobacco has been "I"Cgular, but not noticeably act1ve Ctgars-C1gar manufacturers and 1m porters an nounce a regular mqmry Exchange -Messrs M & S Sternberger Ban.k:ers, report to THE ToBAcco LEu as follows -We quote as follows Bankers noDUnal rates and for 60 days, and de mand sterling rupect1vely, Commermal 60 cays, Parll! bankers 8 days 521Ys 60 days, 5Z4%;, Commercial, 60 W..v3 527).4 ReJChsm} rks bankers', 8 days, 5Y., 60 oays 4% CommerCial 60days 93J.i ffiretghts -Meesrs Carey, Yale & Lambert Fre1ght Brokers, report to THE TOBACCO LltAF Tobacco Fretghts 1' follows -Liverpool steam 80s sml 22s 6tl London steam 80s sai122s 6d Glasgow steam 30s all Bristol s team 35s sat! Havr steam *9 saJI Antwerp steam 40s sat! 32s 6d H amburg steam 40s s il S2s 6<1 Bremen steam 40s sail 8os IMPORTS. The at the port of New York from foretgn ports o the week mcluded, the followmO' .A,ntwerp-G Zorn 3 cases p1pes Bremen-J Goebel & Co 612 cases p1pes Oil!'llfuegos-J de R1vera & Co 29 bales tobu cco 1 LtvmpootV Vallaun 12 bales tobacco Santzago d e OUha-C F Hag en 829 bales tobacc o 5 cases cigars Santa .Martl!a-P1m Forwood &<:o 466 seroons tobacco, B de Sola 86 do Hacvnlkr-We1Sfl Eller & Kneppel 186 bales A T Stephens 96 do & Co2 do We1l & Co 4 do C Upmann M do ,[t Patrtek & Co 28 d,o, R1es & Co 1li d,Q, lieJcbants Dll!palch Co 45 do W P Clyde & Co 141 do, G W Faber 3 cases c1gars A Owen 1 do L Bomborn 1 do, W1se & Bendhe1m 1 do, Out & Co 1 do, W P Clyde & Co2 do, Order 4 do Rece1pts of liconce at port of New York for week, reported expre.;slv for fHE ToBAcco LB.ur -I B Bcbmtzer per Lalta from Smyrna 8118 pkgs (874 200 lbs) hcorJCe root Argmmbau :Walhs & Co, per HJChard Pearce, from Altcante, 2739 pkgs do D1x & Co, per CaledODJa from Naples, 23 pkgs (492/l lbs) hconce st1cks Weaver & Sterry, per same vessel 2/l pkgs (5555lbs) do, L Moms & Co per same vessel, :;o pkgs (10169 lb) do W E Ebbt:tt per BaltiC from L1verpool 20 pkgs (4249 lbs) do Eli:POBTS. From the port of New York to fore1gn ports for the week were as follows .Ani!Derp-24 casu Brem.n-120 hhds, 282 cases, 939 bales hbds Br1stol-18 bbds Oanada-5 Dutch Wm Indw-10 cases 9 bales 192 pkgs (13 292 lbs) mfd Jilrcndo Wut IndUt-10 bhds T Genoa-403 bhds Haml>urg-327 bales Hawe-290 hhds 20 pkgs (2536 lbs) mfd .llayt>-8 hhds 259 bales hhds 85 pkgs (11 719 los> mfd LDndim-43 bhds, 145 pkgs (34, 013 lbs) mfd Naplea-409 hhds Rotterdam--M hhds 213 cases U. S of Oolomlna-1 hhd 118 bales 43 pkgs (3185lbsl mfd EXPORTS FROM THE PORT OJ' NEW YORK TO FOREIGN PORTS I'ROM JANUARY 1, 1879, TO Nov 28, 1879 Bhds Cases Bales Lbe mfd 624 151 79 246 158 4 616 8 738 565 21,520 100 66 7,042 58 10 23 1 2,249 1 868 1 841 2 358 14,778 2 821 5 048 860 266 194 2 786 7,Z45 830 1 883 641177 60 188 11,002 Z4,664 1 2 105 100 114 1 647 2 810 330 a 64 800 1444 89 116 810 858 8 164 6 922 2 930 21 227 45 263 36 507 23 722 4 985 29150 168 278 135 803 45 766 6 ,150 844,595 1 020 687 6 080 27,095 2 094 518 727 9 898 28 250 2,080 QUOTATIONS o f W HOLESALE PRI CES. PARTICULAR NOTICE. ETery re-sale ls auppoeed. to be at an adn.nce on Ant c:OI!t, the obtainable by growers or tobacco therefore Wlll always be somewhat lower than these quotstlons WBSTBRN LBAll', SPANISH LBAF H...v.uiA F'n.I.ERs-Common Good Fine Superior Y .AIU-Asaorted I and II cuts Old crop "0 @ 80 115 @ 95 100 @110 115 @1.20 IIIANUll'ACrURBD TOBACCO. PRICKI!J IN BoNI>-T..u: 16 0Lvrs PER Pom;D 8JuOB'l'8-BLACK817 @2.\l 13 @15 10 @12 -@ !!J.O@ @-12 @15 @12 @I8 8 @14 @-SJ.0 8 @12 16 @20 New crop Nomtna[ 70 @ 75 80 @ 90 95 @105 @Navy 4s !5o, 118 "'"'3s t" !Albs, lOs and l'oCket '"P1eces 18 1.ils and j4lbs 12@ 15 &; Navy48, 5o 3sand 9-lnch llght-pl'OIIIOd 28 }lllbs 14@18 & 20@25 Navy lOs or Pocket Pieces 14@22 Negrohead twist 20@25@32 Gold Bars 30 6 and 12-inch twiSt 18 CIGARS, I Seed perM 16@40 GRA.NULATBD SM:OKING TOBACCO, Medium to good $26@46 I Good to fine 81'11Jll'JI'. [Subject to d18count tn the wholesale trade Ma.ccaboy 62@65 Gentleman Sc<>tch and Lundy!oot 62@-66 Rappee French LICORIUB PASTE. DOHES'IIO RECEIPTS, $46@120 --@-72 -72@-"'C 18 10 18'" 18 18 2:2 1 8 The domestiC recCJpts Rt the pOFt of New York for the week were as follows By tlte Em Ra1lwad -S S Edmonston & Bro 26 hhds Po1 lard Pettus & Co 10 do Sawyer, Willlace & Co 3 do J H Moo re & Co 53 do J D Ke!lly Jr 98 do J T Murphy & Co 1 do H Schbart & Co 50 cases Bunzl & DormJlz e r 50 do, Order 172 hbda, 2 pkgs By tlUJ Hudaon Riur Railroad -J H Moore & Co 4 bhds C B Bp1tzner 128 cases Bunzl & Dormltzer 6 do G l:lchnltz 17 do E Erdt 33 do, J W Coyle & Sons 47 de, 01der 61 hhd s 4 cases By l.he National Lns -P Lonllard & Co 43 hhd Pollard Pettus & Co 4 do J HMoore & Co 14 do Orner 4 do 60 pkgs By l.he Old Ik>minwn SIM!ms4t1f Lne -Appleby & Helm e 4 hhds F E Owen 6 hbds, 5 trcs 1 bx samples F S 3 hhds L trc 1 box hags W 0 Smtth & Co 50 bhds 36 tws 12 cases mfd 10 % bxo do 1 case Cigarettes W M Bassett 33 hhds, 6 Ires Reynes Bros &Co 10 hbds 1 bx oamples Thomp son Moore & Co 40 cases mfd 80% bxs do 29 bxs do, 15 bxs do 10 caddtes do 2 drums do, 8 cases smkg, ME Me Vowell & Co 700 cases smkg 120 bales do, 2 cases mfd, A Hen & Co 10 cal!eJI smkg 3 do Cigarettes Martm & Dunn 1 case smkg, 1 do mfd, 108 caddies do, 13 bxs do 11 ).4 bxs do, 8 10 lb bxs do Allen & Co 16 cases mfd, 20 cadd1es do 25 Jii bxs do J os :D Evans & Co 2 cases mfd 10 bxs do W 1se it Bendhe1m 26 cases 1 do ctgarettes J u1Jan Allen & Co 1 cai!C clnrettes 2 bxs do H K & F BTIJurher & Co 12 cases smkg 4 pkgs do H W1rt Mathews cases 3 do mfd 1 do c1gars G Frank DICkerson 10 cases mfd, 40 ,94: bxs do JW Wilcox & Bon 3 casu smkg J Slllolms 10 do H ScJdenberg2 do J F J Xtques 6 do, J E Bauer 4 do F H Leggett & Co 20 do Bay State Shoe and Leather Co 8 caddtes mfd M Ahen be1m & Co 17 bxs do Dohl\fi, Carroll & Co 77 bxs do, E Du Bms 8 cad(l!es do, :&lQore J enk.ins & Co 1 bx do Henry Welsh 8 cases do :&1 L Cohn & Co 1 case Cigarettes, Funcl1 Edye & Co 1 box 811Jilp)es Order 22 bhds 147 trcs I i:fg tlu J(ew York and New Haf!en Line C B Bp1 tzner 9 cases Davis & Day 53 do Fox D1lls & Co 1 do EM Crawford & Co 15 do AT Stephens 1 bale, P Avery 1 bx CJgai'R Order 4 c88es By Nf!tr. Yo.-k and HMifo.-d SUamhoat LuUI-Strmtou & Storm 48 cases F Schulz 4 do Davts & Day 8 do J Delmonte 20 do He!lbroner, Josephs & Co 80 do Bclnoeder & Bon 15 do E Rosenwald & Bro 250 do C F W&hbg 12 do By tlUJ N81b Yds 10 000 hhdo 10 B"O hhds 636 bhd s 49 498 hlds 69 504 hhd 40 8 hhd Stock m warehouse thts day aud on sh1pboard not cleare d 28 628 buds Stock same ltine m 1878 Z4 048 hhds Jlanufacl ce1 tum wdwutwns that the demand for l1ght colored Cl!,'llrs w1ll m the nca1 fututc Havana IS dull the new stock oemg unfit fOI \\ OIKillg G W l:lheldon & Co report the followm"' tmportatwns Nov 17 lllelzler Roths c hild & Co 1 ptpes Nov 20 Al ex Hafe cas U cases c1gar, Nov 20 Kantzler & Hargt s 10 cases c1gars CINCINNATI, 0 Nov 26 -"'1essrs Prague & Matson, Leuf louacco Btokets and He dt) ms o f Cuttmg Leaf aud Plug FJJleis report to fm: foBAcco as follo"s -'!here I S nothm g new to 1 epo1t tiJC ma1ket fOI leaf tobacco Manufa ctme1s contmue s t ead ) takCJs of the se era! soils smted lo theu "ants keepmg pnce s full up to quotatwns Durmg the week some dozen 01 so h ogshe ds ot the ue" c1 op have appeared all showmg more o r less house bum and generally lackmg body and colo! .Puccs for lhcm however, 1\ete verv h1gb Iangmg fro m 6Yz@l2%;c fot common lugs to medmm leaf The offeungs for th1s week to date \\ ero 191 bUds and 4 boxes, clas s ified us follows -78 hhd s Co Ky D1stuct tras h, lugs and leaf 1 at 5 20 12 at 6@9 9o 32 at 10@14 )1> at 15@1\1 2o o new crop at 9 40@12 75@13 :;o 2 b oxes new at 6 40@8 95 32 hulls Brown Co 0 lugs and lea f 1 at 8 70 4 at 10 14 50 27 at 15@19 5 0 2 boxes at 11@11 75 35 hhds Owen Co Ky l ug s and leaf S at 8 10@8 80 7 at 10@14 15 at 15@ 18, 10 n e \\ at 8 75@12 75 4 hhds Pendleton uo Ky at 8 25@1o 75, 1 n e w nt 12 50 3 hhdll Canoll Co new, ut 6 oU@12 50 5 hhds West Vtrgmta at 2 7o@U HI 16 hhds l:loone Co K) 13 ut U 1 @lo 50 3 hhds n e w ILl 4 00@8 90 7 ::; Kentucky at 4 00@7 40 4 Eastern OJno at Q 7o 7 :li[JSSOll n l1t 40@U 8U Quotatwn s unchau6cd QUOTATIO"'S Outtmg .Leaf-Common dark lug g 4 00@ 6 00 Good datk Jug s 6 00@ 7 00 Common dark leaf 8 00@ 9 ou Good datk lea f 10 00@14 ou Common bng b t s m o k ers 10 00@11 50 (:lood do do ,11 60@12 oO Common bnght stnppers 11 00@12 50 Good do no 13 00@1o uo Fmc do do 16 00@18 50 Common bnght leaf 14 00@15 {J() lllednun do do HI 00@17 00 Good do do 17 00@18 00 Fme do do 20 00@24 50 Manufa ctu,ur-Common dark ana trashy fillers 9 00@16 00 Uemum till ers some color and body 11 00@12 00 Good fillets, reil color and good body 16 00@17 00 I< me bugln colm and good body 17 50@18 50 DAY'.rON, 0., Nov 25 -Messrs :&!iller & :Srenner, Packe rs a nd D enle1s m Ohw Seed Leaf report to lHE fo BACCo LEacco buyers within doors, as the county was JUSt full of them buytng tollacco as fast as growurs ask or name a prtce for It Three fourths fully IS LJougiJL from the poles, and w1th no poSSible chance of exawn mg the leaf either for Its defects or otherw1se 1 he crop bcmg a large and good one 11 seems as though buyers are afraid they do not s ucceed m gettmg as much as they want of 1879 Penn ylvama It IS computed on pretty good authunty that 8 000 1f nut 10 OUO cases are bought and a ll buyers were bus y up to Saturday night every md!1181lo n for continubtg liostilL ttes' to day If the tobacco could be taken from the poles a much larger busmess would be done as a great many of our growers do not ask, and much les s sell before all or nearly sQ IS stnpped Puces, so far rule h1g h from 14 to 22c tlirough 16 to Sue for wtappers 8 and 10 for seconds and 3 to 5 for fillers There ts an;r amount of good coloted long fine tobac co on the polea wh1ch cannot be bought now, fOI the reason 1 have above but they helteve that good tobacco w1ll bnug p rese n t pnces all th e )]me Thts early and unusual ac ttvtty f o r 1879 Clop has sti.ffcncd prtces for 1878 P c nnsylvama and the goOer uncertam The greater part of manufucturera ate compelled to om1t new pncc hsts, and dtlferent cons 1 der able au.:mentahons w1ll have to take place l:lo far the Comercml Flor de Inclan, Flor de Cuba, and EllceJ>eiOD have lasued new prtee hsts and A de Villar y V1llar, Vpmaon a: Co and othcts 110on follow It IS suppueed that the d&mand for genmne ctgars made m Havana, m conaequeooe of the repeated augmentatwn of puce&, will soon become leu aDJmated for already the c1gars are paid at htgher pnces thaa they are worth Our Exchange Market showc more calmness m the middle of the week and quotatwns have lowered agaln, and to-da7 the rates ma) be quoted 88 folio" Exchtlnb""' l!Odays per cent.,18rold, N'ewYorlr, 60 days 7).4 pet cent 7% gold New York 8 da)'B, 8 per cent 8 g01il J

r \ NOV. 29 HAVANA Any Infringement upon :o:m will be Prosecuted to the this Trade Mark G. Full Extent of the Law. Importer, J.6'7 "'1giV"a1:er 81:ree1:, .Nevv so .. a. Thompaoa, D. Sae.keH JD:oo ... Paul Cahl, 'l'hompson, Moore a Co., TOBACCO COMMISSION MERCHANTS, &8 BT::E'I.JEIEIT, "'2'"C>::E'I.::&:., Agents for the Sale of Choice Brands of Virginia Plug & Smoking Tobaccos. ALSO SOLE AGENTS FOR THE CELEBRATED &a.p" and &ea.l.'' Tobacc011, maallfactured by Geo. W. GUliaD1 &; Co., ot Richmond, Va. 1:p be "the F:l.:n.ea1: Oh.evv Z111ade.--LOZANO, PENDAS .& CO., :J::ati:E"'O::E'I.TEI::E'I.& C>F The IHPA: Brand. L.P.&. E lllABI[, .A. 'V. A. ::N" A. T 0 :EI A. 0 0 0 1109 Plii.A::E'I.X... BT::E'I.EET. "'2'"0::E'I.::&:.. The Pacldna:r of Havana Seed. A correspondent in the Connecticut Valley, writing to the American Cultivator, gives his views and expe riences regarding the packing of Havana Seed to bacco. He says :-It is true beyond doubt that con siderable loss was entailed upon the packers, who bought this variety of tobacco last year. I have l;leard of one dealer who lost between $8,000 and $12,000 on his last year's purchases in this valle;r. It has been said that very many eases bf his packmg were RO rot' ten that they were dumped into the dock; whether this is true or not, there is no doubt that great loss was sustained by him. The tobacco {Jurchased by him was too wet to pack, and probably sho_uld never have been packed or received by him. It seems as though a man who claims to be a packer of leaf tobacco, should understand what degree of moisture should b e added to the crop, to insure a safe sweat, and what would insure damage by rotting. This measure of moisture must be determined by actual experie11ce. l'resy!_lg tt:wn that realty understand the proper degree; of. moisture to l;le taking into the account the 11Uaht'V" of tobacllb, and slazy, with more or less of p o re sweat, great care should be taken how we use water, and when neces sary to use it at all great care should be exercised. It is better to put the leaf into the hake, allowing it to "draw" as the packers term it. Sometimes it will even necessary to handle it over a second time. Do not run any by deluging with water, and imme diately putting the leaf in the case before the mass has become of uniform mo:ib'\ure The boxes or cases for the wrappers should be of about the following dimensions: Two feet, four inches in height, also the same in width and thrl!B feet longinside measurement. Tljle lumber used m the boxes should be planed on both sides. The heads should be composed of at least four boards, witkii>pace& between the boards, which spaces should be about one-fourth of an inch each-more rather than..l!lilll ..All plus water when converted into vapor or steam escapes through these apertures. If it cannot escape the butts are apt to rot off, while other damage will possibly result. When the cas!l has been accurately weighed, place in the ends of the case some boards, properly made, of some thin one-ha.lf inch stuff, and then commence by putting in a single layer of hands that are not quite up to the standard, and so on each of the case. When full, the last layer on top may be of the same quality; but make the rest of the tobacco in the case as near uniform as po.ssible We give this rule presuming that every lot of leaf has some portion of it not as good as the great bulk of the crop. It is, I think, custo mary to "side up" with most packers. It is well-to have the tips lap pretty well, so that the pressure should b e the heaviest in the middle or the case. When this is not the case, the tips of the leaves will not be of the same shade of oolor when sweated, as that portion where the pressure is hardest, and the best wrappers if not spoiled, arenot n orm, anile a gompQ.ct asy.Q!@ble. It is well to have a tight room with a go'od floor for a sweating room. There should never be anytobacco MANUFACTU.RERS OF FINE CIGARS, 211 NEW TOB.'K. IIGTI CI:.-Belng Proprlet;;:t,f Brandl, Cigar :ManufiiOtnrera are cautioned against the aame: I MlfNTIGli:LLO, MAID 011' AT. 8, BO UNOIO. (}A UNTLET. AJlBROSIA, LITTLE JOKERS, RIFLE TEAM, SOLID COMFORT, 8ATIBFIED, HIGH TONED, PERFECTION, MONTE VERDE, MASSABOIT OHJEF, OH.AI.N "LfGH7'NING, GREAT WESTEBN,PEEPO' DAY, OLD DOG TRAY,. EVBN OHANGJI, EQUIVALENT. BOBT. w. OUVD. WESTHAM TOBACCO WORKS. lOlllU.l!O!IQIIOF. &. 1$0:1111', PBOPB.IETOB8, "Cr:ER.GX:N':J: ..... lllaautac&uren or all l!l&}'lea PLUG aadi!IIIIOIUNG CIG.I.IU aad CliGA.RJrri!1, SOLE OWliERB Al!ID IIANUFACTUltERS'OI' a:D..d. Brands Ot Qlaluw, fonDirl,y made liT BUCIIABAN 4 LYALL of-lfew BOLE JUNUll' AaruREJIII, ol U.e CEI.EIIBATED --- ::1:. O." Qt.aars / Which .. nowpiDIDga wtderepaWicD. the NEW S'1'YLll, 'Ralelgll_ Plu&' Smqldng, wiJ1t PlTEN REVUUl SJAMP ATTACMED. NEW YORK OFFICE:-18 W.AltB.EJI' S'.l'ol BOSTOK OFl'IOE:-9 CEXTBAL WH.AB.F: L ..... p, Kl'.l''ll'RI!IDGE 41 OO.,IIpeeia.l .Ac'ta. .. 1lii.&IJUPA.s. W thousand, The duty OD Foreign Cigars Ia lii.W W IJl aiijt 25 IJl .,.., Gtl viilonm&. U.:-amo duty u cigars. Importejl (Jgar8( Claret tee acd.Llhoroo!Aia1"" .,_....tile prescribed lnteroal Rennue taxes. to De paid by stamps at the Cusflinm Houae. The duty on lAat -18 Ill .-'II._; lAat Tob&ccc stemmed, 10 cents 9 t>; Mannt&cturecl Tobolaco. liO COMa IJl a; Scrape.IIO contAI '18 11>. JII&Dutaotun>d Tollacoo andScrapsJU"' &lao subject to the lnterD&IllenniJeta: t)J.o tobacco IIMd by Government, r dlrecik>D of a Bogie. Ill Germany the duljf OD 1e&t tob&coo and ""m1Dk8 per 100 tllogr--. equal.., 10.40 cents per polllb!.i on strips a.nd BCraJMJ 180 markl per lOti kiloarammes, equal to ;Q::.IJ6 cents Pf'! poundi on roanu!acl:.ured toba.c.,. ""d cigars lmt -a per 100 ldl...-..mmeo, equal to 88.08 centAI pcuOO.. On tabacOO produced In Germ&Dy, the tu: taldDg after April 1, 1110:-From Aprlll, li!80, to lil&roh 81, 110 marka 00 ldl-eo, IIQual ro ll,46 cents per pcUDd; from Apm 1, 1881, to 81, l!lllli 80 mai-ks P!'l' 100 Jdlograplneo, equal to 3.67 cents l'!'r pound; 1, and thereafter, 45 marks per tOO kiJ.o. ro 5,W oeotAI per pound. In Bel$ium tbe Impost ... t!ll'll (111,40 g 00 rammes (100 AD!erlcan ll>s "'',u&l to r iBc duty IS cents, gold, l"'r 100 ldlcs-(2'30 AmeriCBD l>alleiDg equallo 1ri' Jdloo). Ill Rusia the duty en Leaf Tobacco Ia 4 roub!H on Smokin!t. Tobacco 26 roubles 40 kopekB 'Ill MWI.OD tlpud. The upud" is eqaal to _, 1>1. In Turtey U.e daty Is 110 cents, JO)d. per AmerlcaD oua-. Ill EDclaDd tile duties are on UnmaliutacWred:....... and UD81ielniDed., contalnlng 10 Jl)s or more of mots. Wre Ia lOll l>o weight lbereof (beoid.,. 5 'Ill cent. &Dd an addlt.loll&l cbarp ol K 9 cent. "" re-from bonded warehoaseo ) 8s per 111 conth(ul 10 1>1 or molature Ill e'l'ery 100 lbo weight (Oll:cluilve of \lleeli\ra cbarlell Dotedabove}8s 6d'llll>. Ou l!anutactured:...()anlldlsh &ad Nepohooid (-or _, 41 6d 9 11>; all otlaer kinds, 41 pelt' _...,., -Value of Forelco Colne. :::::::::::::-:::::::::::::: :::::::::: =. ::::.:.:::::::::::::::::::::: .::::: :::::::::::: 8PanlahDo= .................. ....................... 11f0IIcan ....................... 'Del' 01l.D08 --- 0 0 ......... ............... .............................. ._, lllarll: ploee... ................................... Cigar Manufacturers who have adopted orir process Every Dealer and Manufacturer should have a Sweat-Room fitted UR under our process on their own premises before co1d weather. This is the best and cheapest process in existence, and the only sure vlay to dark colors. as to reasonable, and c1rculars ma1led on app11Catwn Send us a case for trial under our new process. C. S. PHILIPS & CO., 188 Pearl St., New York. N"C>TZOE. We hereby caution all parties infringing upon or IMITATINC OUR I in protecting the rights secured to us by Act of Congna dated August 14, 1876. StraJ.ton & Storm. 204, 206 & 208 oflast 27th St., New 8York. CAUTION. We hereby give notice that all ments of our PATE:NTED BRAND, DOCTOR'S PRESCRIPTION," will be rigorously dealt with ltccording to the Ttade-Mark Laws of the United States. FOSTER, HILSON & CO., Rellaoee Cll(ar Paetory-No, 1,"3d 746-771 ''PUCK 0 :I: C?1r .A. B. E--r' T E S Has caused unscrupulous manufacturers, who 'repeatedly, but in. vain, have tried to force their Cigarettes on the market, to again impose upon the Trade with .a. spurious article, and to 11116 the popularity of the Brand in adopting for their ware a name sound ing similar to my '' PUCK," with the undoubted intention to mislead the public. I caution the Trade to beware of this imitation. The "Puck Giorettes" are manufactured. 'W'ithou$ and bear my name, B. POLL,K, Jle"" York. 755-767 Packer, Commission Merchant, AND WHOLESALE DEALER IN TO::EI.A.OOO, SITUATION W a thorour;hly tent Book-keeper; familiar with intricate aecounte, ai moderate compensation. References satisfactory. tf Address, G., office of Tim TOBACCO Llt.A.F. WANTED by a prominent Cigar House an exper ienced Traveler for the Southern States. Address with full particulars, references, etc., 770-2t 8. W. W., Office of THE TOBACCO LEAF. OPEN FOR ANENGAGE:MENT .-A first-class Cigar Traveller for the West is open for an engagement. Address, CIGAR TRAVELLER, care Heppenheimer &; Maurer, 22 and 24 North William Street. W ANTED.-A man who thoroughly understands the Curing of Tobacco, desires an engagement in a first-class Wholesale Store, or in a first-class Cigar Manufactory. A:ddress CHAB. BUCHSBAUM, 770-2t 164 Ninth Stl"(l(lt, South Brooklyn, N.Y. ENGAGEMENT W ANTED.-Having had much experience in Packing and Handling Tobacco, the Subscriber would like to engage his services to some. reliable party. Reference furnished. JNO. G. :MANSFIELD, = Tolersville Louisa Co., V a. P!or Sa1e. supply of 190,oOOP<>u:nds genuine 'DEERTONGUE' FLAVOR for smoking tobacco manufacturers, in lots to suit purchasers, at lowest figures. -!URBmw BRos., 145, 147 & 149 S. Charles St., Baltimore.. CAUTION. "LONE JACK u CIGARETTES. :Manufacturers of Cigarettes &.nd others whom it may concem:-The "LONE JACK" Ci garettes were duly registered by me in the Pa tent Office at Washington. D. C., and Letters of Patent granted July 15, 1879. I will prosecute to the full extent of the law all parties imitating the above brand. PHILIP H. ERTHEILER. Pan.&DELPHIA., PA., Sept. 24, 1879. 762-5 '' 74 9 -77 TJda --n-t artiele Ia 110 claeap aa to be in de:m.ancl tor paoldna: FIKE-01JT in Palla, Drama and Barrela. S. B I '.SH & CO., X.a:a.c-*er, Pa., ILUWJ'ACTURERB of SUPERIOR GlaDES or CIGARS I Ralli1Bi l'rDI $12 to $20 DBf 1000. ...... 'f'arleU,.. :le and rack with ordinary care It w1l1 lilt ODe Hundred years. b ia simple ln ooDStructton, more dur&ble, powerful, and quicker in operation than an;r preRR in. existence, requiring one man to operate it. It ecnsistlo ot a ratchet motion,_ whJoh is tar superior to the 8cre1r Preas now In use Under the Pree8 are tour rollers-on cams, which by mO&IIII of 'l lever at alao or Prea, can be elented / or depre8110d when ready ro roll ,.llliiiiiiillllllllllliiiiiiA oase oft' or on. Now used and recommended to others by U.e follow!Dg named parti8l tor pacll:iDa: tobacco In ca.oesr R.; Schi'Oeder & Bon, 1'18 Water st.; Glaocum &::: Schloaer, 15 Btvington st. ; Jno. W, Love, 809 Bowery; LoW. X:uttnauer & co. lllll JelreraoD avenno, Detroit. IIlah.; 0 F. W&!Ufg, 2il P'lrst avenue Bunzl & Dcrmlt.zer, Lancuter Pa H Colell, 2Q'.l Chatham st. Carl Uplll&IIJI, 1'18 PeMi'.n.i L&chenbntch &: Bro. 164 Water st., &ad others. For other uaes:-A.rober It Ebbett lluure lla1lrur Co., foot Fort;yUlird at" River; ilocre, JUklns & Co., fer Packfng Dried nwt, cor. Jl'nmklln R. ara1 West Broadway; Newark Lublle&tlnK OU Co., cor <.lloetnut and M 'Whorter st&., Newark:, li. J.; BOhe Bros. for Packing Pork. 583Weot P>Jrty-slxth R.; Aug.Kaneiobly, tor PreSsing Lard,_ Ill Columbia st.; Sw-y & Da.rt, Dry Gooda Preu, ,., Leonard st. ; J......, E. ReYJ>1ds, Dry Goods Preoa, 98 Reade st. PRI\CES. Tebaeeo Pre No.1, Power of An tons, 130... No. 2, Power ot ten toDJ, 160 Wltb attachment to roll case otr and on, $5 extra. Drr, Good and Lard Pre l'llo. lJ 130 No, 2, . Dr No, I 131'il No.2 : Hay Pre No, 1, ""'" 5teet making a be Je4l! Iolli! by 24 wid e ol ro 115 lbs 4o do No.2, .... &Jot u 4:i 11 25ln.. '" 2ooto225lbs u JOHN PARB., Manufactory, I D'J Avenue 0, NEW YORK CITY. We tand.ah it in acc111'ate abe tor uclo pv.rpoe and tor 1Ue in plac ot Foil on PLUG 'J.OBACCO. SA.JD:PLES A.ND P.RICEI!I PUBNISHED ON A.PPLICA.TION, t) &"terry, 2-& OE::J:J.A::E'I. &T::E'I.EEIT, :N'EJ'W" "'2'"0::E'I.::&:.. WAXED SOMETHING NEW TOBACco BE'l.'TEB AND OHEAPER THAN TIN'" FOIL. !UNUJ'ACI'URED BY S. No. 1111 DY STRKKT, NEW YORK. A.JJD IU.IIIPLES lr1JIIliiiDIBD Olll BY USING I wAX PAPERL MANUJ'A(Jl'URED BY REGENHARD, SHEVILL & CO. a a De-y 11!11:1-ee"t, :N",..._ "'2'"ork.. Thla P&por 'Will ll;oop TOBACCO ancl CIGAB.IlT'.l'ES &lwaya t-. &ad ret&ID laTor, Tho manutactllren UH II;. a-d far l&mplol.


. ----'"" .. LET THE COURTS ANSWER: -) .U.S. CIRCUIT COURT, Eastern District ofVa JUDGES HUGH BOND AND RD. W. HUGHES, PRESIDING. J ""..J I : .... ...: The Court order and decree, that the said W. T. BLACKWELL & CO., HAVE THE SO E AND EXCLUSIVE RIGH'r TO THE w .ORD DURHAM, as a Trade mark on oking TobacQo."--Done at Richmond, Jan. 8th, 1878. Very truly yours, W.T. 8c CO. lYia.nufacturers of the BEST, PURBST AND PINEST SMOKING":.: TOBAGGO IN TIB OILD. I I The market is now :D.ooded with cheap Durham. Tobaccos., all of which are fmitations of BLACKWELL'S, and you shoul(l shun them as you would any other counterfeit. Ask your grocer or dealer for BLACK.WE.LL'S DURHAM TOBACCO., and if they attempt to put you off with an inferior article. insist having BLACKWELL'S ONLY., and they will not give it to you, go-to some who keeps 1t, and see that it has the BULL on ea:!sh Very truly yours, '?--. "W". T. CG., MANUF.ACJURERS OF JHE BEST, PUREST, AND FINEST SMOKING TOBACCO IN THE WORLD. I


\ NOV. 29 r T 0-.& C C 0 .LEA 1'.-HAVANA i.O TOBACCO-Any Infringement upon. DE ./t will be Prosecuted to the this Trade-Mark lit. G. Full Extent of the Law. G-.A.:R.CI.A., Importer, ::1.87 a."ter Sl"tree"t, .Ne"'C''C"' Y"ork.. :zo .. B. Thomp110a, D. Sacll:eM llloo .. Paul Cah1. Thompson,. Moore a Co.,. TOBACCO COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 88 ::B'":E'I.Ol!loTT &T::E'I..EEIT, "Y"O:E'I.llili:., Agents for the Sale or Choice Brands of Virginia Plug & Smoking Tobaccos. ALSO BOLE AGENTS FOR THE CELEBRATED &a,p" and Seal." Tobaco011, ID&Dufacture4 117 Goo. W. GilliiUII. &; Co., of Richmond, Va. --.A..o:l&.21o"'C''C"'l.ed.5ed. 1:9 be "the F1:n.e"t Ohe"'C''C"' li:X1ad.e.PEND AS & CO., :J::DPO:E'I.TJI!J:EirSI OF The Brand. E liURlt. .A. "V:' .A. :N' .A. T 0 B .A. C C <> 1109 P::m.a..::n.x... II!IT::E'l.:J!I:J!IT, Y"O::E'l.:H:. The PackinK of Havana Seed. A correspondent in the Connecticut Valley, writing to the American Culti v ator, gives his views and experiences regarding the packing of Havana Seed to bacco. He says:-It is true beyond doubt tha t considerable loBS was entaile d upon the packers, who bought this variety of tobacco last y ear. I have .beard of one dealer who lost between $8,000 and $12,000 on his last year's purchases in this valle;r. It has been said that very many eases Of his packmg were RO rot; ten that they were dumped into the dock; whether this is true or not, the r e 1s no doubt that great loss was sustained by him. The tobacco purchased by him was too wet to pack, and probably should n e v e r have been packed or received by him. It s e ems as though a man who claims to be a packer of leaf tobacco, should understand what degree of moisture should b e added to the crop, to insure sweat, and wha t would insure damage by rotting. This measure of moisture mus t b e d etermine d by actual experience:'" tl:wn that we-really understand the pro er of feoisture to b e used, taking into the account the qtialit of tobacllo i and slazy, with more or less of poe s weat, should be taken how w e u s e wate r, and when necessary to use it at all great c a r e s q o uld be exercise d. It is better to put the leaf into the hake, allowing it to "draw," as the packers term it. Sometime s it will even be necessary t o h andle it ove r a second time. Do not run any riijk by deluging wiLh water, and immediately putting the leaf in the case before the mass has become of uniform mo\b"'liure. The boxes or cases for the wrapJ?ers should be of about the following dimensions: Two fe e t four inche s in height, also the same in width and three feet longinside measurement. The lumber used in the boxes shoultl-be planed on both' sides. The heads should be composed of at least four boards, with-spaces-between the boards, which spaces should be abOut one-fourth of an inch each-more rather than -. .All th6>sur plus water when converted into vapor or steam escapes through these apertures. If it cannot escape the butts are apt to rot off, while other damage will poBBibly result. When the case has been accurately weighed place in the ends of the case some boards, properly made of inch and then commence'by puttmg m a smgle layer of hands that are not quite up to the standard, and so on each side of the case. When full, the last layer on top may be of the same quality but make the rest of the tobacco in the case as pOBSJble We give this rule, presuming that every lot of leaf has some portion of. it not as good as the bulk of crop. It is, I think, customary to "s1de up" With mos t packers. It is well to have the tips lap pretty w e ll, so that the pressure should be the heaviest in the middle of the case. When this is not the case, the tips of the leaves will not be of the same shade of eolor when sweated as that p ortion where the pressure is hardest and 'the best wrappers if not spoiled, are not'-umfOrm aniF!I cigar does not look wen with too many colora on it. ..When the case is .filled draw out the end boards. and. we a'EII'fll:e. between lihe bulk of tobacco and the ends !Ike 'Ihis while if the tobacco is pac k e d close to the ends it prevents a proper ventila tiOn, causing the packer oftentimes loss unle ss he r emove s some of the boards from the head when the tobacco gets warm. The amount put into case vary from 375 to 400 pounds, accord mg to the quality o f the g 6Qds_ If light and slazy the smaller quantity i s amply sufficient if of good b ody, l!lore will be safe perhaps better. When pack.ed, we1gh Gllil'e!u.ijy mark, on the hand corner of one end, tl:te :full weil';ht of case and tobacco together, and the tare under it, and place the number of the c_sts!i] on the opposi.te corner. Then pile away to sweat, lay .each box on the s1de piling them Ui> two or three high, according to yo,!lr room or the quantity to be cared for. Let the boxes setlone to the oilier, without an;rthing between ma.k,e the pile a1J gomp'ilct as pQ!jble. It is well to have a tight room with a go'b d floor for a sweating room. There should never be anytobacco -R MANUFACTURERS OF FINE CIGARS, 211 apd N-W IIIGTI CE.-Be!Dg ProprletOI'II of tbefollowlug Branda, Cigar :Manufacturers are cautioned against using the aame: NifNTIUit.'LLO, XAIIJ Oil' A'I'SIENB, BOUNOIO. G.A UNTLET, AJlBROBIA, LITTLE JOKERS, RIFLE TEAM, SOLID COJrfFOBT, B.ATiSFIBD, HIGH TONED, PERFECTION, MON'l'E .VERDE, NASSABOI'I'OHJEF, OH.AIN L,IGH2'NING, GREAT WESTEBN,PEEP 0' DAY, OLD DOG TRAT,-.EVEN CHANG .II, .IIQUIVALENT. JIOBT. W. OLIVEll. WESTHAM TOBACCO WORKS .JOBllB.JIOB18011. OLIV"ER. &, R.OB so.-, PBOPB.IB:l'OBS, ..... lllaaatae&aren oC allSiylea PL'IJG aacl SliiOJUNG TaaA,CClO, CUI.&.all aacl CIG.&BJrriBs. SOLE OWNERS AND .I!IANUFACTUllEBS 01' 'J5DI.(lllliE!BIUDJ) CC SEJ1Y.E::J: a:a.d. ::J?L.AN'EJT Brands 01: Qpn; ct .LYA.LLol<"wY'-. SOLB --- I. C." Ql.gQ.:r& Which Ia now piDIDg a wide repuU.Uoo. .U.OIOLII: -NEW BTTLII, Ra.leig Jtl\1.8' moJdng, PlTENt REVDUf.. SJAMP lfEW YO!Ut OITICE :-18 W A.BREW ST., BOSTOJf OITICE :-9 WHAB.F: H. WDa.'l' KATTBEWB, 8peoial Aceat. W P. & 00'., Speolal Ac'ta lii.&N'IJII'.&CT'IJBEBS Oil' TIIII-4lBLBJIB.I.TBD ( EI:E&XE CXG.A.R,, HEADQUARTERS FOR FUSE AND ICNI'fiNC TAPES. G W, Jl.A.N'l'I!Cll. (JI!Ja"ta bl.1ab.ed. 1888.) D. W. CROUSE. &. CIGAR lVIANUFACTUREBS Po:r. "the Trade, -d. Deal.ers i.n Penn syl. -va::n:La Oi.aars. Office: 643 PENN STREET; Werehouse : 636 COURT STREET, B.' A DING, The undersigned continues to manufacture and Import Spanleh and Turkish Liquorice Paste, which he off'evs to thie Trade at Reduced Prices. Manufactavers will find it to their Interest to apply to him before p\lrchaslng else where. James C. McAndrew, .l.ot.'tlll'cl ancler the Lawa oflhe 56 Water Street. New York. """ ----..... HYO&WATSOB VIRGINIA CIGARS TOBACCO WORKS AND IIAJIUJ' AC'I'11REBS Al!fD BOLE PROPRIETOBS 01' 111111 La E'sencia ,.,. Brand 1 South Frederick St., BALTIMORE, --QF-KEY WEE:lT CIGARS. 187 S"tree"t, JSI"e"'C''C"' "Y"ork.. MARYLAND. packe<;J. the box to keep up the middle, asj $100. DO REWARD these hands rot, since in such cases there 1s no chance for ventilation. Be careful to keep the hands compact and well straightened. Very many packefrshpJace two layers 9f hands at a time, one on Paid to any one giving information of top o t e other. Take pams to keep the layers even p rtl 1 f 1 and level in the case; to accomplish this do not stand a n rmg ng on our Pa'tents. on the butts, though if you must get into the case Our new 1mproved proceBS for Re-Sw 'eatil!!.g To-keep in the middle of it. baccos a positive success! Flattering testimonials re Six Per Cent. Interest. The act of the last Legislature, says the New York Herald of Nov. 2, reducing tho legal rate for the use or forbearance of money from seven to six per cent. is to take on the 1st of January, There 1 s a difference of opm10n among lawyers and bnsineBS men as to the interpretation of this law. The moJted"/questiOD..,f tilates to its operation on contracts entered Iii. to between the date of its passage (June 20, 1879) and the date at which it takes effect (Jan. 1 1878). In respect to contracts entered into previous to June 20 or subsequent to Jan. 1, there is no difference of opinion. A contract made before the former date for paying seven per cent. will hold good during the life of the contrac t. even if it should run five or ten or any number of years. On the other hand, any contract made on or after Jan. 1 will be illegal and usurious if it stipulates for the payment of more than s i x p e r cent. All the doubt arises out of per cent contracts made dur ing the intermedjat e period. Mr. Schoonmaker, the Attorney-General of the State has prepared and published an opinion that all per cent. contracts entered into previous to the 1st of January are legal and valid. Writers in the Albany Law this opinion and the language of the act, 1f strictly construed, seems t o give a plau cowr w \heir dissent, owing, we think, to the loose and careless manner in which our statutes are so often drawn. The law declares that "nothing herein contained shall be so construed as to in any way affect an,Y contract or obligation made before the passage of th1s act." Had the language been before this act takes effect, instead of before the passage of this act," the Attorney-General's interpretation would b e unquestionably correct, but this is not what the law says. Before the passagfl" of the act is before the ll.Oth of and the d,id not intend this If failed to e .xpre ss1ts meaning. The ambiguity is \1 fortunate, 1t mtroduces uncertainty into a grea t mass_ of. We. suppose that nothing short of a JUd1c1al dec1s1on can settle the construction of the law. .. United l!lta.tes Jqteornal Revenue Tl'x. The tax on allldnda ot Manu!a.ctured Tobaeoo Is te cents tp 1b 8nutr, 18 cents tt Cigar& $811 Clit'a.reetes weighing not o.;er l1bs tt thousand. $1.75 _per thouSR.ud; Ci2'e.rette& and Cheroots welghln_K over 4.Jbs,._W thousand.Jipe,rj,housa.nd. The duty on Foreign Cigar e t1 StM Ill alii! 25 'II ceat. O prescribed Internal Be..,nue taxes. to Depaid by stamJ>S: at the CustJoni House. The import duty on L5t lo 18 .-.,._: Ioeaf Tobaooo stemmed, 10 oeata 'II ManufactUred TobAcco. 1>0 oenhl 'II Ill: 8crapll.l50 ceats IIIII>. lllallufaotured Tollacco and Scrapspe allo oubject to&belntenaallleenuetaxot 18 cents and must'bil pacll:ad In conformity with Internal Be .. oue 1.,. and regwatJon. &..-vs and cuttings. however, may be w:tthdr&WD ID bulk for uoe ID r...tobaooo, md or cigar PIIJDH!III "'* Foreign Duties on Tobacco. In .'-uot.rla, France, =and IIJIIIin .fJ>e toh&ceo llaed by Government, r diricttl>a o! a Begie. In &ennany the duty ou leaf tobacoo and -a!mulrs per 100 ldl,ogr&mlllf'r pound; on manufactured $ and cigars ...U per 100 kil-s, eqoal to 83.08 cents pound. On t.obaCOO produced.. ln Oermaily, the tax taking OOalldlter April!, 1810:-From April1, 1880. *'>March 81, IMJ m arks _.., Wiual to ll.41i centa per pollll4; from Apru 1, 1881, *" 81, 1B61,l 30 m&tks per 100 ldlogr&llllnes, equal to 8.67 cents l"'r pound; fro=A rll 11 and thereafter, 45 marks per 100 o M oents per potiDd In Belgium Impost !ur tan). 'l'llety Ia 18 !r8oJlCS iiO I& g ramme& (100 American lbo equal to __ .J:_ llo duty Is cents. gold per 100 ldlos-(ll'lO AmerlcaD equl to 127 In RUSRia the duty on Toba.cco is 4 10Ub1e1 pud i on Smoking Tobacco !Ill roubles 40 kopelal 'Ill pad; -. oo :h'oub-llO kopekli 'tl pud. The "pud" Is equal *" about lla. In TariteY t.he dllty Ia 110 cents, per Amedcaa oua-. In tlie dutiee are on UnmanufacWred:-.mmed or lltrlDDed and containing 10 D)s or more of mois&un! ID 8!'1!'7. 100 'b! W81ght t.hereof (beoide8 5 'II cent. &Dd an a.ddlt!o118.1 oharBe con leoil t.h!ul 10 lla of molatw'e ID f1Y"'Y 100 lba weight (exciuilve of Oulllanufactured:-Caeudlsh poand ......-(or -), 4a ld 'Ill I>; all otiaer ldDds, _u per Value of Oolne. .............. ,,,, ....... .... .,, .... .. SDf'lllab eoo:::; ;;..;;,;,. .'.' ::. :::::: : .. .'::::-:::: .':: ::::::::::::: : ::::: : :::::: : : :: ::: : : :::: : : : ::::::::: : : Table of Weights. Kl)ogramme. .. .. . ..... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 2-15 poWlds. ceived from the most' eminent Tobacco Dealers and Cigar Manufactu,rers who have adopted our proceBS. Every Manufacturer should have a Sweat-Room fl.tlieO:' ilP. under our process on their own premises before c(:)ld weather. This is the best and cheapest process in existence and the Ol}lY sure way to obta, ; dark colors Full particulars as to terms, reasonable and circulars mailed on applieatioii. Send us a for trial under our new process. C. S. PHILIPS & CO., 188 Pearl St., New York. N'C>TXO::EJ. We hereby caution all parties infringing upon or IMITATINC OUR BRANDS, LABELS & TRADE-MARKS. that we will spare no pains in prosecuting such parties in protecting the rights secured to us by Act of dated August 14, 1876. Stratton & Storm. 204, 206 & 208 -J:ast 27th St New.,York. CAUTION. We hereby give notice that all 1nents of our PATEXTED BRAND, DOCTOR'S PRESCRIPTION, II will be rigorously dealt with to the La.WB United Stat68. FOSTER, HILSON A CO., Re1tan4!e Cigar Faetory-No. 1, Sd 746-771 '' CXGAR.ETTES JIM unscrupulons manufacturers, who repeatedly, but in vain, have tried to force \heir Cigarettes on the market, to again impose upon the Trade with a spurious article, and to use the popularity of the Brand in adopting for their ware a name sounding similar to my PUCK," with the undoubted intention to mislead the public. I respectfully caution the Trade to beware of this imitation. The 755-767 A. a:rBLLEB,. P-acker, Commission :Merchant, AND WHOLESALE DEALER IN TC>B.A.CCO,_ SITUATION W a thorour;hly compe tent Book-keeper, familiar with intricate account.!, ai moderate compensation. References satisfactory. tf Address, G., office of THz TOBACCO LE.u'. WANTED by a prominent Cigar House an exper ienced for the Southern States. AddreBS with full partwulars, references, etc., 770-2t S. W. W., Office of THE TOBAOOO LEAF. OPEN FOR AN ENGAGEMENT.-A firsk:lass Cigar Traveller for the West is open for an engagement. Address, CIGAR TRAVELLER,, care Heppenheimer & Maurer, 22 and 24 North Wi)liam Street. 770-2t W man who thoroughly understands the Curmg of Tobacco, desire s an engagement in a first-class Wholesale Store, or in a first-claBS Cigar Manufactory. Address CHAS. BUCHSBAUM, 771l-2t 164 Ninth Street, South Brooklyn, N Y. ENGAGEMENT W ANTED.-Having had much experience in Packing and Handling Tobacco, the Subscriber would like to engage his services to some. reliable party. Reference furnished. JNO. G MANBFIII:LD, = Tolersville Louisa Co., V a. ;a;"or Sal.e. a.nd Cuttings. Apply to & Oo.,IU to 86 Reade Street, New York, &_a.1e. A fresh supply of 190,000 pounds genuine 'DEERTONGUE' FLAVOR for !llloking tobacco manufacturers, in lots to suit purchasers, at lowest figures. !U.ImuBG BROS., 145, 147 & 149 S. Cblrles St., Baltimon. "LONE JACK n CIGARETTES. Manufacturers of Cigarettes and others whom it may concern:The LONE JACK Ci. garettes were duly r egistered by me in the Patent Office at W a.shington. D. C., and Letters of Patent granted July 15, 1 879. I will prosecute to the full extent of the law all parties imitating the above brand. PHILIP H. ERTHEILER. PmT ,I!.DELPHIA, PA Sept. 24, 1879. 762--5 .Canadian Tobacco Duties and Exeise .... The following are the rates ot dut::v in Canada on the 1'&l'lo tell: IIOoelitsperpormd .._ per-.,.. ., ...,nuf-Obaoao: lliCOilta J>8;1'J>!>Uild ud per eent. oci101Jor-. Snutr: 211 eents per poWld l.lld per ... t. ad........... lllllell ol. aD Excloe feoa-now IDrDooed C!ll *'>b&oco tDqwn u "commoa CanadlaD twi8S." ot.berwloe eaD.ed .. tabae ltlaao befB the unpftl81ed leal' roDed aad hri.sted, and made wholly !rom 'Taw tobacco, the growth of Canada. and UJ>OD raw leaf the p-owth of Canada. there shall be l.lld 011DectM on euy poUild, or qU&Iltl&7 t.han a poUil an du>-.... .... .., 74 9 -77 OFFI<;E, No.8 EAST CHESTNUT STREET, A.1lllii"CJ.A.ST::J:JR., ::J?a. .. T1da ezoelleat article fa ..,.. 110 cheap u to be in 4...,...4 for pacldna I'IJOlOll'T Ia Palla, Drama aad Ba.rrela. s. BISH & co., Tobacco Ro-swoaUll[ WOPII PENN LVANIA, CIGARS P. 0. 8 ..--.L.&NC.&STEB, PA. We are ...,.. prepared *'> furnlab &be trade wWl t.he beat Laaca8ter County RAH!weated Tobaooo ol. fine dark colora and superior burni.n2 qualltiea. In RalJiiiii'I'DI $12 to $20 DCf 1000. ...... 'l'adeCiea ClOaU..aallJ' OD Baud. lr TEBII8 lQ!I1' OASB. quantltif8 of 100 lba l.lld upwardl, at the following prloeo for cuh:-ll'lllenJ.}_Oc per lb; bin den, !lie; worken, mo; wrappers,"""; utra wrappers, 111o. "'IlL w. FRAIJI[ & co., a X.Queaa. :Da.l.l.eabl.e :J:ro:n. Sla.;a:a.&e>> break nor *" get oat ot..._u-. Thla Ia the drot and only Machine In the world made of malleable Iron. By greaalng tbe .We and rack. with ordinary oare it wtl1 liot One HWldred years, lt Ia slmple ln ooDStructton more dW'able powerful, and quicker 1D operation thAn any P"""' 1,;_ existence, requirtng one man to operate lt. It consists ot & ra.tobet motion, which is far superior to the ScrewPrea now in uae Under the PreaS are tour rollel'8-on cama, wbloh by mea1111 o! ll lever at slae of Preoia, can he elented or depreooed wben ready to roll / e&&e Off or on. Now used and recommended to by the following named partieo for packlnc tob&OcoiD C&1108ns, 830. No. 2, Power of ten tollll, 150 Dr7 Goode aacl Lard *".311 oase olf $II extra. Drlecl Frul& Pre .. with 8 plungera for &nd'box -No-1 iaoN H&J' Preu, No. feet'"'!!'-ma.ldng a by 24 wide ot'1is'o lbs -clo do No. a, ., H 26ln. .. 2oo to 225lbs u JOHN PARR, Manufactory, lfU Avenue 0, NEW YORK CITY, We faraiah it in ...,..,....te daeo for aaola parpooeo om4 for 111!0 Ia place ef l'oil' on PLll'G 'lOBACCO. 4\ S.&liiPLES .&ND PRICES IPUBNI8HED ON APPLICATION, t.) S-terry, ::N'e>. 24. OED.A..::R. &T::R.EJI!JT, Y"O::R.:K.. WAXED' SOHE'l'HING TOBACco TIN'" FOIL M:.A.NUJ'AcmnuiD BY S. I No. Dfl DKY 8TRKKT, NEW YORK. 4a170T.I.TIOllf .I.!ID UIIIPLES lr1711llfUJIBD ON .I.PPLIC.&T1611. BY USING PAPER(_ M:ANUFAUTURKD BY REGENHARD,SHEVILL & CO. GG :E)ey &1:1-ee'*,"N,..._,. "Y"ork... Thla Paper wt11 lr;eep TOBACCO l.lld CIGAJtE'I"l'ES f-. aad retain-.....,., laTor. manufacturers nH it. lad far llamp1M.


... 8 Es"ta b1i.shed. :1.828. DOHAN, CARROLL & CO., 104 Front Street, New York. -P. O. 4BSIS.-MANUFA CTURERS OF .AND DEALERS IN PLU& !ND SIOKIN& TOBACCO. Sole Agents for JAIES B. PACB, AND OTHER 'QRGINIA ANUFA.C11'UREBS. JNO. W. CARROL_l'S CELEBRATED BRAND!, LONE JACK, BROWN DICK, ETO. ICTC. 11'1'0. -'--.uro--"'WV' "WV" P:EI" I IJ .T aX:A:Ei' .PATENTED -: R A G-I]] A G SMOKING TOBACCO. NOV. 2a fiUGEII DU BOIS,_.\ TH. E BEST A LL-TOBACCO CIGARETTE "BETWEEN THE ACTS')' T. H. M"ESSENGEB & CO., Loaf Gi!ars and, Licorico Pastu, 181 KAIDEX LAJJE, :NEW YOBlL T h e a t.ove Bran d o f H AV ANA T OBACCO CIGARETTES mad e onl y b y DWYO:a&o ..., Tobeooo In BoiM 11114 Jlaph-for l"annpB B L .A J IIQJ. P. T.&G 1: SIJK, --------------..:.......--222 GBBIRWJCB STREIT. COR. QP &. A. LEAF TOBACCO 30,' 32 a. 134 MAIDEN YORK, IANUP ACTUIEB OP PJIE CIGARS. 184 Front Street, 1BIUJ_. .... 'W'Oaa, E. M. CRAWFORD & SON, ALSO I M P O RTERS OJ' IMPGRTERS AND DKALEBil IN 4 A. HAVANA CIGARS lfLEAF TOBACCO. 'f ,, LEAF TOBACCO, F. M., 1a; Water Street, HAVANA LEAF TOBACCO AND CIGARS, -IMPORTER OF' 4ntonio Gonzalez, sasasa :E'::m.a..B.x.. aor l.VE"VV ST:EC..A.U&&, l!I.I.NUF A.CTUBEJI. O:F ISO I Pearl-Street, New.... York. CIGAR. BJIW Atto_ SHOW FIBU P.o. B(, I: 3U'O. NEW YORK M. B. LEVIN, IKPOR'rER of HAVANA AND .DEALER I N AL L KINDS OF TKE VIRGINIA TOBAcr.o AGENCY, E.DEUnlqL :m.-ta.bu..h.ed. D J GAR O E. Deutsch & Son, Il!IPOBTEBtOF:'A.N D DE.I.LJI:B IN 'rOBA"CCO 162 Pearl StrHI ltw Ytrk. I D BUTSCH. J&s. M. a a ;aD xma, .. TH. soN & c .. ; MANUFAaruRERS OF TOBACCO OO!MISSIO IEBCBANT Commission Merchants S!if.RS, 84 FRONT STREET, .NEW YORK. Nn. 44 BROAD STREET, LEAF TQIJACCO, EXPORT ORDERS FOR PLU& TOBACCO PROMPTLY FILL.U. 79 JIPEI.C>l.VT &'1"B.:III:111'1" l.V.:III'VV Y'C>EI.:&;.. -ALL MANUFACTURED AND SMOKING TOBACCO Kept In stock, ready for PROMPT DELIVERY from STORE or FACTORY, both T.A...X. P.A..:I:D a:a.d. ror E.X.POR.T. SOLE &GENTS FOB TII:E S1T8TLT CELEBRATED BKA.NDS, ..---l.Vevv Y'ork.. .... """':.-.Lewis Street, New York. MAGNET! SENATOR! ATLANTIC. Al;lldll.U o r Fla:ure Cui 1 o Order and Repaired In the Beo11 tiJ'Ie. 125,127, 129 BROOME ST., cor. Pitt St., F .(\ =E. :N:EiW VoR:EE: s MARCOSO.I Leaf Tobacco I TOBACCO INSPECTED OR SAMPLED. Oo-u.: n :try & :E'roli:I:Lpt1y .a. t'te:a.d.ed. to. C e rtlftcatea for every case. and dellvere:a.a..ooe>a. 226 PEARL STREET, NEW YORK. WM. M PRICE, ....... --... T ACCO, L 19 Maiden Lan. e "' N E.W YI)RK. 'o'l. L CASSRIT J. L. GASSERT & CODISSION MERCHANTS AND D.i:A I. JI:RS lN ALL KINDS Ot' LEAP TOBACCO, G. REISMANl\1', Collilmission Merchant, A N D D aA.Uta J M ALL ICJKDS OP' IOBACCQ. 228 PEARL' ST., NEW .YORK; ISAAC L. SMITH, OJ' 88, 90 & 92 CANAL STREET, Corner ot J:ldrldp, CBI(IISSIDI;) IEICH] A ) N :T; We pow launch this GOOD MOLD o n its sal!!tary nili;sion th.l:.$=Onsc;!ou s ness o t having "NON LUC:RO SOLI' :S.ONO Ptr:SLICO." tm f 68 B"t., The ab o ve cut rel?resen.ts our. .TitJ LIFJ'/l1D MOLD. It is practiC:Uly a wooden mold, hav)ng the up: pe r and lower part enti r ely hned w1th Tm I t rs the strongest and mos t d'tlrabt e mol d e v e r placed m th e mark e t. I r has been a'dopted' ;:..: ( i by th e larges t manufacturers of Cigars in t h e Vni ted States, an

NOV. 2 9 S. BARNEtl*l', -AND-SEED LEAF roBACCO, 162 Water St., New York. TOBACCO BAGGiNG. Basch & OScher, OP HAVANA .I.Dd Paellen oC A.H.SC01CILLE&CO SCBBODEB & BON, 178 'Ww.TER STIIIE&T, NEW YORK, DIPOB.TERS OF SP A.NISH AND PACKERS OF IMPOB.'I'ERB -.OF SP AlVISll SEED LEAF Tobacco .I.KD P.I.CK.Ball o ISTRAHON: MANUFAC1URERS O F GIGARS IIIPOBTEB 01' Spanish Leaf Tobacco, 1.117 .A.T311a. &T., :L'V:eJ VV AND DEA:g:RS IN LEAF TOBACCO, 204, 286 and 208 EAST TWEITY-SEYENTH STREET, lEW YORK: JACOB SCHLOSSEI. SEED LEAF TOBACCO, 166 WATER STREET, Near Maid e n Lane, NEW YORK. Tllo GRrlllan-Amorican Bank 60 'WALL BT., :NEW YOBJL. CAPITAL, .7110,000. E..-ery facility &tlorded to DeBien al)l1 ents coDSistent with Sound Banking. H, :ROCHOLL., President. K .... R)J;ADING, Cuhler E. ct Q. FRIEND & CO., lf"ipOI"\enn and Ia. LEAP TOBACCO, 12f' Lane. of FINE CIGARS. A.nd Deal8:r in .., LEAF TOBACCO, 85 MURRAY STREET, NEW YORK. :MJ' Drandi!II:-"CVBA LIB:&E," "CLIMAX." BALERS OF TOBACCO FOI EIPOIT. -CLIP" I Tobacco a:n.d. C1Kare't'tesp. P R E l\1_[ I 0 lVL .&.21c:l. o'tl:Ler ::B"'t CJJ:Le' Tobacco-. J'UST:I:Cx.A." CLEAR CIGARS. M:. LINDHEIM:, Sole Agent, -No. 202 CHATf'IAM SQUARE, NEW YORK.-1S ft:lVDI'GordJ!I' J!I'EW' YORK. Proprietors oftbo Celobratod Braodo ":ai:PlJJiJLIC" aod "HIGH AND DRY." Aho, BLUE JAY! KING BmDt MABS1 BELLOXA1 D:&VIOIE:&JBOY. 'BORARD I'RIBD:M.&R !>UCCESSOR TO WALTER FRIEDMAN a FREISE, HAVANA .ifOBACCO, 203 Pearl Street. New York. Wll. BOODT. THEO. WOLF, JK. Wl\'I. EGGERT & co. DIPORTERS OF HAVANA AND P.t.CDIIS OF SEED LEAF Tobacco 248 Pearl and :ZO Cliff Streets, New York. Loaf Tol>ecco _...t Ia baloe for tile Weot 1""-ud Central America aa4 mu ___ .....;;.,_.;;;;...;.,_ ____ --....,.o;;_.....,--_.;...___;:_ TOBACCO l!A on band OLD HB-SWE.\.rand Tobacco. ........ -M. & S. STERNBERGER, BANKERS AND ,_ \1 BROAD ST., NEW Pay atteut.ton to the 'NIIIIJ:O-ol. ot Foretgll Exchange ILild I-. ., E:J:ecate Orp .. F. W. SMYTHE & CO., IEBOHAITB, BRETHER TON BUILDINGS, N w < --y-._.. E':" E1: E-:---., T .. ---------v' 83 B.ea!Je Street. .l.nd Proprlete'r C 1be .. Brand '' LA ISLA" j For bla lmpertatloaa oCTobacco, Brand or (J.p... '"Coney: ... i06 Pearl St.; New York. THE MOST PERFECT! THE MOST DURABLE! ANI) THE Cheapest Cigar Molds Ever Offered to the Trade. t The demand for these molds has increased so rapidly that we have been compelled to add to our present large factory in Cincinnati another factory with even a larger capacity, located in the City of Ne York, so that we are now able-to fill orders from any part of the world more promptly than formerly. On application we shall take pleasure in sending to any addr!l88, free, circulars of our molds, cigar-shapers, presses, etc also, a list con taiulng over THREE HUNDRED illustrations of dift'erent styles of Cigars, among which are all the latest sizes out. Address all communications to THE MILLER & -PETERS ANUFACTURING CO. OJ'.FICE AND FACTORY : OJI'FICB AND FACTORY : 186.138 & 140 East Second Street, CINCINNATI, 0.. 810 East Nineteenth St., NEW YORK CITY. LEVY BROTHERS, M:a.n:u.fao"tU.rera of FINE CIGARS 14.8. a:a.d 14.11 .a. 'V:m::D1'UJIII CorDer .r Teath S&ree&, All 442, 444, 446 and '148 EAST TENTH STREET, NEW YORK. Tobacco Freight Broker$, I z.B.A.F TC-:Jii.&.CJCJc:>, -. t lfl. 1 J 1 .. 119 :MADJEX' LAlfll W. E. UPTEGROV, Spanish Cedar J'OR CIGAR BOXES, Ci!ar Box !akers' Snnllet root IOtll & 11th st., East Rim. lBW YOB ED. WISCHM.EYE'R, HY, ED WISCHMEYER & CO., TOB.A.CCO COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 39--SOUTH CALYfflTST., Baltimore, IW;ru 9 P ACK.ER8 OF SELED LEAF .&JrD JID'O:&TBBS OF Tc:ba.ccc:, 164 WATER STREET, NEW YORK. -SMOKE EARLY AND OFI'EN 11'V ::B.&.JUJUOT :ESO.::JCJII&, -PATENTED 18'1'9.-.,. & .A.. FR.E'Y, -No. 72 CORTLANDT "sTREET> .I'IIEW YORK. NEUMAN &DINGLINGER,::GENERAL LITHOGRAPHERS N. W. Cor. PEARL and ELM STS., NEW YORK. -" Gi[ar and Tobacco Labols and Show a 8DBCialtJ. -:.:.A. 'VIES, Jlan'llfaC!t1uoer of all DeiiOPiptlou of F:J:M'EI CJ'OT TO::EI.&.CJCJO, And Sole Prclp:rietor od tlae followiaa ChoiC>e Braada: THREE CITIES-Smoking and Cigarette; Bristol Golden, Bird's EyeSmoking; Pure Richmond Mlxture-Smoking; -As You Like It-Fine-Cut. Chewing. -=e-Also Export .Tobaccos for use, and Inventor a.nd Patentee of the Coabt.DM Stemmtag and Drying Machine. 1111'7' do DIIB 1!!11;., :a'rook.l.y21, 1'01'. "'Jr. LOBENSTEIN & GANS,. WHOLEII.I.LB DEALERS IN SEED AND HAVANA TOBACCOS;, SOLE AGENTS AND IMPORTERS OF THE OENUIN:I!: W. 11: IlL CIG-AR. :n.tC>ULDS, -Presses, Straps & IMPORTERS OF GERMAN II: SP,lNISH CIGAR RlllBONS; @ 1.81 :EWI:a:lc:l.e:JJ1 1'Ve'VI7 Meun. K.E:&BB & SPIESS, N.,.. Yk; H-B..'Kel!T & Co., N.,.. York; Fl'Ont St., Sou: AOU'l' POJI. TBE PACIFlC CoAST FOR SAN FRANCISCO, CAL IID88elmen & Co,, Louhrille, Ky. Berman :L'Vo. DOS Fro211: _,'tree't, &an. SOLE AGENJ ON THE 1AC1FIC COASt BOSSE MANN & ROEDER, -&, Commission Merchants, La.mpariJla t8, (P.o. ..


10 rPJd]adelphia Ad'vertisement.. I TELLER BROTHERS., ...... II ...... Ia f .. I Ill-. I a. _11 Pa&zeip ... a Dom ..... o Lea' To'baeoo, 117 Nortb Philadelphia. "'-,;, EISENLOHR & 00., PAGKERS AND WHOLESALE DEALERS IN L B A :r T 0 iJ-.& C a"'.o ,.l &. "W"awr _s-t r ,... PACKERS AJI'D DEALERS IN LEAP -TOlEIA.CCO, And Manufacturers of LowCrade 111 Arch St., Pa.. 'LEAF" NO. 322 NORTH 'l"11RD STREET' IF A large assortment of all l>,inds LEAF ToBACCO constant ly on ha.nd .ft & S.ITH' Pa.ckers, Commission Kercha.nts & Dea.lers in SEED LEAF tcJ HAVANA TOBACCO No 35 North 'And 214 STATE STREET, HARTFORD, coNN. M.E.McDowell& Co. 39 NORTH WATER.STREET1 PHILADELPHIA, W T. & CO. -: ..... ...., -..... Ge:D:u.:I.D.e &:11D.okb1 ...... . -. -... ,.. Yurt Bostot, Pittsbnr[h; ChiC8!o, Louis and GUMPERT. BROS. MANUFACTHimRS of FINH CIGARS, STORE: 1341 CHESTNUT STREET, P.A... CorJRidte & North ATe's, Pa. Is ow retailing ttS dllferent shapes and .._ trom-tile taetqry, at g reduced prices. Every mOUld warranted .uniform. 1f size pure be no t suitable, lt wUl be exchanJre(l or money returued Our aim is to give per!ect oatlafactlon to the trade. By purcbasilig direct frOU> the factory you will save all delay and commiM!Ons, The onlv medal and tllploma awarded at the Centennial "'"" to tbe v, a, SoUd....Op Mould. Otllclal documen.ts can ile seen at the oftlca.eomer &Dil NortbCoU"'fe A.venu.... U 8. SOLID TOP CIGAJlli011LD CO. Jr .... THE T ,OBACCO Baltim.ore Advert:tseme.uta. "WM .A. BOYD k CO., IJI[pQ'&TED AJID DOIIESTIO LEAF TOBACCO, No. 33 South Street. Jl ... at.ct..rere of -HElUJE DE LA REINE BRIGHT CUT OA VEXDISH -.i!rn--' 1'. H. BISOHOI'I"S GERJIAN SMOKING ... a otiooor Braad of Sli!IOKlXG TOBACCO. A1ao HERBE DE LA REINE and other Brands of CIGARETTES. :.t.&ea& Ia !'few York t FR. ENGELSACH, No. 56 South Washi :R.. 'VOC:EE.E &, ... T0B!Cfl0/ GBNHRAL COmSSION !ERCH!NTS, S. E. cor. andlombard Sts. .. BAt TIM ORE. II Leaf In Bales a Specialty. E. TOBACCO 8HIPPINC W. K.BARKE& G. E. WAGGNER. BARKER & WA99NER I NOV. WESTERN ADVERTISEMENTS. MISCELLANEOIJS ADVERTISEIENT8 R.SPENCE. J.P. SPENCE. N. T. SPENCE. C. A. SPENCE; :peN,_ PfOKER.S AND 01' Connecticut Lea.f Toba.cco I 2.0 HAMPDEN ST., Springfield, Mass. E: H. siuTN 'C. 0. .HOLYOKE, COKKISSION KERCHANT T-' and lwroFAOTURED -. l TOBAOOO, c:>u.r :Sra.D.d 1 SOLID COIFORf,' 'TRADE DOLLAR,'; !ID!L WAVE,' 'BLACK I Jc:'h71 &, lEI:rc::s., I Jli:ANUFA.CTVKER8 OF I 1 No. Water Street, :Sc:>&Tc:>:N"o WK. B. Wm::rlo. C"AS. W. WILDER, Jr., IJ:mporter and llilanufacturer of FINE CIGARS, 68 Kilby a. 98 Water sta. ..:-::> BC>BTC>N'. :!IIP-t/...,....,. :aro as e .. 16<>D.t; ;r oh.D. e.. Elr:l.s:J:L1: aD.d c:>1d B Oe;u.1: ....-1"U.15r S. W. WILCOX, AND ALL OTHER OF F-NA.VY TOB.I.Cc;:O, PA.Ci:ER OF :J:.oc:>U:I:&"V'XX..:Z:..EJ0 :H:.:I!J:N"T'C"O:H:.-:'2'". I G w w I"KS & no SEED LEAF TOBACCOt w. s. P'NEIL, I I li II T CONN. Uldllealerill Kanulacturen' for the Sale of OHIO SRBU LBAF TOBAOCO .ViF[inia, Missntlri. and Kentntiy C & R. DORMITZER & co. --T 0 BAC "0 : & Commisskm Merchants ill 9 U ... E .aF TOBACCO,. lb:port ADd :llo-Trll4l pzompllr .&01 ----IUWE8T MAIJISTREI!T, j 2 NORTH MAIN-ST B:y. B e t. Main s.nd Second Sts., 1 G!O, W. WlCUi 1'1-P'VuY. EDw. J. Foan. _1 &T. :J:.oc:>'C":J:&. j Choice Brands of Imported Licorice always 00: lland. Libei-&1 Cuh Adv&DCes made on Coll>lian-:sAM'L scHAEFER & Steam CIGAR-BOX MANUFACTORY lNO DEALER IN CIGAR-Box TRIMMINGS. lABEls, PAPER, .. TOBArro .A.:N":D .A.:Z:..:Z:.. o-r O::EGr.A.H. H.:I::S:Sc:>:N"&, Jj r IJ IJ 699 to 707 W. sixth St., ctnctnna,ti, 0. <>rder aououeca. t J I JACOB A.lRo.-'KAB,., E. l A WElt. 11 BO., STEVENSON'&CO. TOBACCO i;afT GfGARBOX' 113 Main St., Cincinnati, 0. NO. 93 CLAY STREET, General Commission BERRY MEYER 1: CO., COMMISSION MERCHANTS, And Dealers i a Miami leaf Tobacco Warehouse. WAYNE& .RiTTERMANN, l2JIli6W. Front k 91-95 O:I::N"O:I:N':N":A.T:I:0 <>. J.AJIU S WJ.TNJ:, -J. H R4.TTBIUIJ.D Dali:r A.uetloa Private Salee. Adv&llCeS made on Consignments. CINCINNATI, O. 'fa Barow st.. x .... Orl-, x.. J. H Ju, G. l'DN. F. W. OOH'RMANN,-PEMBERTON & PENN,LEAF TOBACGO BROciR services to IDl orders f o r Leaf' or Ma.nufactureK OBIUm. Orders Bollclta4. c A. J .A:CKSON a co 193 & 195 Jeft'erson Ave., Detroit, JU.Ntri'AOTtJREBS 01' OJ' T. H. PD.B.YEAB, :1 BUY"ER:. Sweet Tobacco, LEAP fnBACCO JACKSON'S, BEST! LLs.Pree. ...... uTOJif,8eo Paducah, Ky. 'i JAS,A.HHNDHRSON & DEALERS IN VIrginia aod North Carolina LEAF TOBACCO, :D-"'17D1-. 'V ... llmobrll 8peolaltr. C...,._,O.CL ::E":mT:ma.s:auaa... "V' ..a.. JOHN "ftt7' CARROLL .6-t the CENTENNIAL EXPOSITION, September 27; IMG, J THIS TOB.a.OOO WAS AWARDED lole ManullctarH of the Famous aod Worldreo....,.edBrand ol .... :t .. HE...... HIGHEST PRIZE VIRCINIA. 8NOKINC TOBACCOS, I I We ean .. pee!&! attention to tbe manner In whiah our are put up, that nelther Dealer ..:'1 L O N B J A C 17' 11 D B B 0 WI D I C 11 Chewer rna,r. other thiiilOng hc1s gettlnJr ouno. Every Butt anreued into It by a ETOM" Pluc baa oar '1\-ode-mark otriJ> ".JAC ao per Toun a we rep..-nt It, we WILL PAY FREIGHT BO'!'H WA.YS. Manufactory:-E n BOLD J1T .I.I.L T E4JII'O .JOBBEJUI TBBOVGBOUT l'l'.fTES. .._ ICIIIcl&o4 &D4 atMa4o4 to. Pr1eo Lie$ 11M ..,=, r <


NOV. 29 BnsiaBss Directory of Advertisers. NEW YORK. Tobporler of Lioorloo .Aoot.. Argulmbau, Wall&ee & iJo. 18 udll 8. WIDianl l\lcAndrewJam06C'.116WWeaver /1; Sterry, 24 Cedar Zurlcaldar & Argnlmbau, Be.,.er Ma,.llfac,.,..,.. of 1'blollenJd GUrord, Shennan & 1nnlo, 00 R. HUller's Son & Co. .f Weaver & Sterry, 24 Oedar 8d LtaJ Tob.av laupecffiJII. llenael & Co. W"""' Finke Charles. & Go. 11!9 Water Linde F. C. & Co. 142 Water Guthrie &; Co. 226 Front Man1tJCiurero of 0.-a-. BenkeU Jacob, 293 and 11911 MoDrOe BtraUSB 8 179 and 181 Lewis Wlcli:e Wllll&m & Co. o-"" ot:n.. l'oU, Lebmaler, Bcllwwa" Qo, loft anaae. M'.f'ra of Tobacco Show Caret. and Labelll. Donaldson Bros., Five Points. P. 0. Box 2791. Tobacco BQ(Ifling. Howard Brolhen & Read. 443 & 441> Broad""'y I New Yorli: Label Publlahlng Co, 94 Bowe... Heppenhelmer a: Kamer, 22 and 94 N. Wllllam Jlanufacturen of Brot.' Clgoretta. IIJrmey F. S. 141 W ..,t Broadway Man1\(acturer1 of Ci(larell ... ErlheUer &: Co. 83 Reade Hall Thomao a 76 Barclay 81raPI, Duller and German Oigifactun!o of Cigar Mouldl. Borwfeldt N. H. 510 East Nineteenth Na.nuja.cturer. of Otgar Mouldl and 8J&apw1. The M!Uer &; Peters 1\l!g Co. 610 E&st 19th few Dubrul Canal Strauss 8. 179 and 181 Lewis Sol Manv.facturer oj tu OrigiMI GreM &al Snaoking Tobacco. Emmet W. C. 74 Pine Impt>rkr of l''renCA Oigaretlo l'IJpor. Hay Brothers. 105 2d A venue Importer of Ha11ana Oigar Flat.tOt'. Cbaal&rd & 5 Water St. BOSTON, Haaa, Herritt AgMt MtJnufaeturtrs of Plug Herehant.' Tobacco Oo, 30 Broad Connn.iaoion Mercllan.t, !J. 0. Central Wharf ;,. Ba"""" and Do!Kutlc 1MJ.f :ro. bocoo and Cigara. DaYeapart a. :Leaa, 68 BroaoL Manutact'ro of Bm<>ki"g Tobaooo and 01--. Baddln, F. L. &; J. A. 55 Union Import.,.. ot Bava...a Dlr.. ;,. Leal Tobooco Bemis. Emery. Jr. 32 Central Wharf Jones Oeo. H. 98 Water Jmporter t:t Manufa.cturer of Fine Cigart, Wilder Chao. W. Jr. 118 Kilby a.nd 98 Water Tobacco .Manufticturen' Agettta. Kittredge Wm. P. &; Co. 9 Central Wharf B:REJD:Jf, a-T Tobocoo Commiulon Merclaanto. FallenateiD 11'. Y. BROOKLYN, N, y, MaW'CJCturer of l'lmoleiRg and Fine OUt 0/uMi"'l Tobacco. Da.Tlea Wm. and 109 Water BUFFALo, N. y, Dealer in Havana and rocker of &ed ZAG/. Levin P. 1111-114 E:xchaage CHICAGO, IU. .Agont fo-Clgoro lind C!MwiRg Gild 8rnolei"ff Tobocco 0. A Peck, South Water WAol<*Jle _, tn &ed LetJ( tJnd BtJ.,...,. Tobacco. Babert B. 281 E. Bandolph Sutter llrothero, 46 and 48 Michigan A ,.enue llz Lurn!JM'. '!'he E. D. Albro Co., 686-707 W. 6th, Dlra. in Oigar1 d': Tobtuco and .Agtl. for Globo Ji'i'IU-Cut andllarri& d: Son' Cigar Manufac!urM"s' Buppl{fll. Bchubarth Nowland, 186 VIDe 1 DetJIMr in Bpanill> and Ci_. Lea/ loleyerHv. & Co. 46 Frent Oberhelman J obn & Co. 60 W, .O'ront Tob. Com miNion Merchant and' I Richey Henry A. 15 Weill Second Street. Tobtuco Mtuhi11er1J. McG16. W. Fron& aad COmmerce Jla .... ftJCt ... ,.. oJ Oiglr W F. sat Weet Malo 1 LYNCHBURG, Va. Manufacturer of Toba.cco. carrou John w. Tobacco Commillicm NercAanU. Bolt, Scbaeler & Co. HIDDLETOWlf O. Manuftutwrers of Plug Tobacco8. Borg P. J. & Co. NEW ARK. X. ;s, Campbell, Lan6 &; Co. 434 Broad NEW ORLEANS. La, Tobacco Factor and Oommi"io"' JlercMJ,nt, SteYenson John D C 194 Common. OWENSBORO, K,-. TobaCco stentmera. Bros. PADUCAH, K7 Tobacco Broker. Puryear T. H PATERSON, N. ;s, llrla,.,ufa.cturere of Ch ewi"g and To baoco, Emuf! and Cigara. Allen&:.: Dunn tog, & 67 Van Bouten Street PETERSBURG, Va, e.f Plug and Smoking Tobacoo and D ealer in Leaf Tobacco. Venable S. W. &; Co : of Sweet Naey LMtbln{l. Jackson C. A.&; Co. Com.mU.ion Merchant& Baln & Parrack PHILADELPHIA. Tobacco WanhoUHI. Bamberger L. &; Co. Ill Arch Batchelor Bros. 1J81 Chesnut Brsner'1 LewiA 8o011, 322 North Third Dohan &; Taitt 1171 Arch Elaenlohr Wm. &; Co. 115 South Wateo Knecht & Co. 123 North Third McDowell M. 1!:. &; Co. 39 North. Water Hay&; Smith, M North Water 8anli: J Blnoldo 32 North Waler SorTer, Cook&; Co. lllll North Water Teller Bro"hera. 117 .North Third Importer And M,fr of Sntokert' ArticltL Zorn George, 1118 N. Third Street. Importer oJ B( a ad Aoente /or Setc:lenberg's Key Weet Cigar. Fuguet, Stephen, &; Bono, 1131 Chestnut of Oigarsand AU.H-Tobtuco Gigare!tu. G11111pert Bros. !Mt Cheotnnt Jlanutactvrer of8nl< and Smokl"'/ TobtJoco. WaUace Jao. 6&6 to 1172 North Eleventh JlanuJacturera of Cigar. Theobald A. B Girard /1-Te. and Se,.enth St, Tooacco Bro-. Fougeray A. R 83 North Frent of Licoriu :Mellor&; RlttenhoUIIO, !118 North Twenty-Becond MJr' .Ag.,.lfor Plug tmujf. etewart, Ralph & Co. 141 Arch Street. Mnjr oj CigaM and Dorriu!U Leaf. BarkerJ. W.&G. :READING. Pa. Manufacturer of Cigan. BaDUf.h &; Cro.UIIO, 643 Pelll1 and 11&1 Court. &ICRJIOND, Va. ManvfMI:Urer of Plug d: Smolc'g Toblphus a eo. .Agsnt, DDlOil'*l! D. 00 N. 1111. SYB..A.OVIIE To J(anufaclv,..,.. of Cigar B-. Blaodel. 168 aa<1 1'10 J:ut wTOLEDO,O. Jla-_1..,.,..,. of CMooi"'l CHid f'o. -. .-.....CharleoB. wuft!ZLD, ._ B t nJoba 0. \ 11! Su.tro a Newmark, MANUFACTURERS OF KERBS d SPIBSS, Manufacturers -of Fine Cigars -AND. Dealers in Leaf Tobacco And Dealers in LEAF TOBAOOO 1014, 1016, 1018, 1020 SECOND AVENUE 310, 312, 314 AND 316 FIFTYFOURTH S'J'Ri!IET NEJ'DV 'YOR.:&:, 76 Park. P1aoe,. Ne"VV 'York.. &, Lederer, MAlHJFACTURERs 01!' Fine Cigars 1< AND DEALERS IN Bell,) ......... LOUIS ASH a CO. TRADE OE81::NEii CHAMBERS STREET, CDf'ner of Church, NEW LEAF TOBACCO, 96 to I I 0 Attorney St., -t. IEN.DEL & BRo. 1 JAMES BRUSSEL & Co A lady having sent some distance for a. Mannractnr81S of Manufacturers of II li!A.NUFAI.Jm1BE1!8 OF 1 famous physician, feared it would be too far for him to come. ., Ob, no," said he, I h ave another patient in this neighbor C I G hood, so I can kill tUJO birdl with one ttme !' 1 A B s :E,;or k!llicg birds SIGNS are useless I l:iut for catching customers they are'-able c lo 78 NEW. YORK: TRANSPARENT. GLASS SIGNS. It ) .And 1111 _,Lea:r Tobaccp, 0 Bowery, Ne"' 'li WA:R:RE.I!f St., NEW YORK. J-'JIES IIBOilllm.-.A. LICBTEN8TI:IN, Dea.I&Da anll Eatl.m.atea P1ll'Dl.a.-1 .MANUFACTURERS OF THE LATEST Small Board Signs El 'Y DI!I:.A.OEEZJ.VEJ::E'I. 'Y. I ... The Lowest Prices I KAUFMANN 'BROS. & BO DY Manufacturers of Fine IJIIPOBTBIIS AND DA.N1TPA.(]T1TBEBS OP DEFIANGH GIGAR I!NUF AGTORY, 128 .t; 130 B.IVIXGTOX ST., NEW YORK. n. d3 oo .. I D DILLENBEB.G, al&NUFACTUBEaaAGENT lannract'd & GiKars .o. 110 J(, SECOJfD STREET, o:r. z..o'b'x. I Cope's Tobacco Plant: A -QoJ,-:101TBNA.J. ror SIOJIUUU, JII'TP[IPPYD Ji.T 10 Lori lmstll SkJJ!I'llOOl, Eni. .._'I'Wio.._ )ha....__ .,....? I m ._.....,__. ortoTa "":LOii;;.- riiii&W lflea,76_per_...., -JIIIIIL :SOHN MATTHEWS, 3111 L IIIIlS*., ll'. Y. MAY IJIPOBTBIIS OJ' ::IPR.B:N'f?:&: Ave.,.neareth ,St., .. l' ...... J :N'e._ "''ro F .. &._ PRAGU & MATSON; LEAF TOBACGO BHOIHBS' Olr COJOilllilioJI. 94 W. Front St., ClnaJnnldl. 1Jr I H. CLm & BRotHIIl I '!jj fOBACCOBIODII Jill 0 J


THE TOBACCO LEAF. NOV. 2 f JOHN ANDERSON & CO. MANUFACTURERS OF THE .. SOLACBuu mEB TOBACCOS HOYT & CO., XAJflJi' ACTURERS OF FINE-CUT CHEWIMG & SMOKING TOBACCOS & SNUFF. our Braud Cbewluc : 't111lNYSIDE, NATIONAL, BRIGHT NABOB, 114 l 116 LIBERTY STREET 1 NEW YORK, U.l" to d irect the o f the in 1 'obacco t.hroa.fho u t the United Statt-s and the Wo:-ld. to tbeir CELEBRATED SOLACE FINE-CUT CHEWIKG TOBACCO. wbicb i s bein g oace more rnanu!actured u nder the immediate supervblon of the originator, MR. JOH1'l ANDERSON, a n d now s tands. 88 f ormerly, without a tivaL 6rdetfl torwu.rded through the usual channels will meet ,.,""!tb prompt attention. G. W. GRAVES, PACKER OF AND DEALER lN 404 & 406 SEED LEAF TOBACCO, B COMSTvCK, Darla FerrJ', BLACKWELL'S DURHAM Sells quicker and gives better satisfacthan a.ny brand of Smoking Tobacco ever offered in the market, and it does so BECAUSE IT IS THE BEST THE }IA.. FAVORITE BRA N DS:1 :.. 4!ID avsca.un. .,..,_ Tobacco Brokers" 84 and 86 WALL STREET, NEW YORK. LICORICE : PASTE. W .ALLIS CO. Tobacco manufacturer s and the trade i n geaera l are panicularly requested to examin e and test the superior propelfJes of th i s LICORic;E, whi ch being now brought to the hig hest perfectioD is of fered under the above styl e of brand. We are also SOLE AGENTS for the brand 1". G. c1c. G. 0. JOHN CATTUS, Tobacco 83 BEAVER ST., NEW YORK. CHABLIS F. JAMES G. OSBORNE,-SAWING AND PLANING FUR GIGAR-BOI MAKERS. J :R..A. "Y'::N'E:R., :N"c:o. 1.1. a.:u.d. 1.8 Ca.:u.:u.e>:u. S1:ree1:. :N"e....,..,.. 'Ye>rk. CHARLES R. -MESSINGER, cc F. G." TOBACCO WORKS, TOX.E:J:JO, OlEE:J:O, IIIANUFACTURER8 01!' THE CELEBRATED INDIAN AND Ohewing, AND THE CELEBRATED cc F. G." Smoking Tobacco. IIIA.NuJ' A<71'1]l1ER 01!' CIGAR BOXES SUPEBIOit MAD a: l'RIME Q UALITY OJ' Cedar 'Wood. XA.NUFACITUlllCR 01' ALL KINDS 011' Cigar'-Box Labels. 293, 295 & 297 Monroe Street, :N"e"':>V 'Y'e>rk.. (l'\cknowledged by consumers to be tbe best in the market. il..lld for the brand of Lic:or ic e Slick TOBACCO BROKER, WI.SE & BENDHEilYI ROBB, lWOIII. c1c. 00., In all r e spects equal to CALABRIA. Consumers and Jobbers would do w e!! to apply direct. ldeorlce a-t. Select Uld Ordinary, -ll&&atly OD. haDd. AR&UUIBAU, WALliS l CO., 29 8c 31 Sollth 'William Street SP .A.NISEI: _F_irie..;_, _Mil_d _an_d .. S_we_et. LICORICE PASTE. rrh e Mrs. G. B. Miller & Co. roBACCO I ANUPACTOBY. 1. '778. 97 Col:u.::o:::i.b:l.a St. 'York.. :J:J. OOX.X.:J::N"&, :l? XANVF AcrtmERB OF THE CELEBRA TED PLAlN FINECUT CHEWING TOBACCO In BLUE PAPERS : S::N'U'FFS: W e heg to call the a ttcmtlo u o f T obacc o Manu 1uren acd D ealer. to this SUPERIOR AND PURE arti cle. Sol e f o r the States of Nurtb.C aroUDa a ucl V i r riaia: MasJtS. DAVENPORT & MORRIS, Ric h mood, V a. LICORICE ROOT-.t.....-.... ..l.lleaDt.e, Select f'd and Ordhaary. ZURICALDAY & ARGUIMBAU, E BEAVER STREET, NEW YORK. Rose-Scented Maccaboy,Scotch, French Rappee,AilH!rican Gentleman. v Jd t vm ,, SIGNAL'' manmac nrers mws. Fe>U. R HILLIHR'S SON & co. Also, Fl..,.t and Seeoad QaalU)' Sl!I:OKING, lD Rlae Papero, '41 CEDAR ST., NEW YORK. F:l.:n.e 0"1.1 t I Bampt .. tur!llabed,"&DdiPOd&lquolatloDIIIrl DARK AND LICHT CRAPE. FOREST ROSE. CLUB. FINE ROOT MAY APPLE and PRIZE LEAF FINECUT, IN FOIL. LICORICE. PASTE. THE STAMFOJU) MANUFACTURING GO. ., 187 :&IE.A.:J::J:>:IDN ,Lt..&JSI'E Trade baln g d e m a nded a Superior a n d Cheaper Article than that hitherto used, this Com la!D&Dutacturtng, and offering ior sale, LICORICE PASTE (uuder the o l d "Sanford" brand) o! a QUALITY awl at a PRICE whloh can hardly fall to be aceeptabl e to all giving It a trio.!. .Mellor & .Rittenhouse, !:;u .. a N'. 22d. St., Ph..:l.1ad.e1pl::l.1.a, lii:A.NUFACTlJRERS OF a:n.Cl LICOB-:ICE PASTE. IY""' Centenni8J M edal awarded to r '1 Purity, &_!ld General Excellence of 1\lanufactare,1 Aho Jl, & R. BRAND STICK .LdCORIOE, all Sizes. fholesale A!ents: SHOEMAKER, VOllfE & BIRCH, 126 S Delaware Avo., Phila. I XL Brand. Extra Fine Powdered Licorice Root (from ..,teet root:) Eureka Brand. FINE GROUND AND GRANlJLA.TED DEER TONGUE. FJNR GROUND A.ND GR..I.NlJ.I.ATED. ..LA1JREL LB.& VBS FJNB GROUND LAVENDER FLOW ER.S. WHOLE GROUND or POWDERED. ANGELICA, CLOVES, CASC.&RJLL..I. BARK. CORJA.NDE H SEEDE CA.KN::JMS::N D, C ASSIA.' H1JD8 SEEDS, CAN:ff l'.t lfl EXT, CA. LA. LICORICE, GIN GER ROOT, GUlli ARA.BIC !!lACE.._ LOV A.GE BOOT, O I U U SROOT SA.SSAFRAS DARK.._ S'J.' J OHN>S BREA.D, TON _:lU...I. 0 :&ooT. B A L SAJ![ TO"J,U, eano; OIL ALMONDSt blUer! E S S E N 'J'IA. L OILS, all kin ct., Special attenl lon gi'f'en to 11anulacturers' Med l eya. Celebraletl CAMPBELL LANE. co ALL GOO D S SHIPPED FREE O N BOARD J ORIGINAL 01' ., POWDERED LIQUORICE -GREEN SEALII CIGARS, FINEsT QUALITY. SNUFF, PIPES, etc., AT 484 BROAD STREET, lfl!Jil l .A.lVD IN CALDWELL N. Eatabllabed 185q. 11 RED SEAL," "HOI CAROTTE" & u SUNSHINE VIRGINIA MEERSCHAUJI SMOKING TOBJ..CC O S cut from VIrginia Plug. o. En.:i:n.:I:ET, SOLE IIIANUFACTURER, 'Jj PINE STREET, NEW YORK, GOODWIN & CO., FINE-CUT TOBACCO, I 207 and 209 Water StrQet, 0. H. McALPIN & CO. 'Y'O:RB;. JU.NUF A CTURERS O F 'I'Hil viritoar&Navruhftwmg F H, TOBAOOO DEPOT & CU;ars, Ping Tobacco, Snntr, Snntr Flour. ror r. w moNER a: soN' s :!U>rorA(]l'() R Y .l>lD SALEsa.ooK: Baltimo>'fl, Tobacco &Dd Cfa;a&'ett.. Cor. Ave. D. & lOth St., New York. 56 S. WASHINGTON SSUARE, N.Y. E-Uabe4 1841; 1. C. BARKER & CO. 11.aaatacturen o f the Cel ebrated 1 FINE-CUT TOBACCOS, GIFFORD, SHERMAN & INNIS, 120 W1LLIAM STREET, New York. 54 BROAD STREET, NEW YORK. M. RADER soN: TO.BACCO BROKERS 48 Broad Street, :N"EI"'gV" 'Y'OB.:&:. 4.. SHACK TOBACCO BRUKER, 129 MAIDEN LANE, NEW YORK. F I GUNTHER, 4 J Loaf Tobacco & Gotton Brotor, Eleventh and Main Streets X.OU:J:&'V:J:X.X.E, :&:'Y. M H GUNTHER of .... Orlean Cotton Buyer. LEERET A BLASDEL, MANUFACTURERS O F Cigar :Boxes 168 '& 170 East Water St., SYRACUSE, N. Y., DEALERS IN ALL OF-THE LATli:S"r STYLES OF CIGAR-BOX LA ELS AND TRn!MINGS .. H. XILLER. MILLER & BRENNER. I t!i!.T.ccol DAYTON, 0 H1r 0. ... ORDERS P ROJ!!PTt. Y +TTENDED T ,.. D. CO. Oneida Tobacco Works, OmOe:-191 WEST ST., NEW YORK, TOBACCONISTS. Smoking Tobacco and Cigarettes : AGENTB FOB O'nlER LEADING HAmJFACTI'UBEBs OJ' PLUC TQBACCO AND CICARE T T E S Nos. 254 and 256 CANAL STREET, corner of ELM HEW YOB( I Adop. t e d b y the F renc h Government. NOW ON SALE IN PARIS I .OLD AN'D R..ElL:I:.A.BLEl. VANITY FAIR' CUT,. FRAGRANT VANlTY .FAIR: I .. Tobacco a:n.d. -C:I.gare'ttes. u MILD -Rare Old Virginia. 1 -"HALVES -Rare Old Perique and VIrginia . NW COMBINATIONS OF THESE FRAGRANT TOBAC.COS. Up 1:e> 1:h.e 1 j SIX FIRST PRIZE MEDALS. PARIS, 1878. .. Peerless Tobacco Worts. WM. S. KIMBALL & CO., Rochester, N Y. '. TC>B.A.CCC> a:n.d. O:I:G-.A..R.. COMMISSI.ON. MERCHANTS. : OF BROOKLYN, N. Y. M & Co., ManuCacturen oC CLOTH TOBACCO BAGS,, t A.LL I!IZES AND STYLES 1309 Main St., .. Richmond, Va. A.i; M LYON & CO. of the Ce l e brated Brand or J 'Also of the Well-Known Brand o f & Te> ba.ooe> .. cc .u. ::ESUS:J::N":E:SS O:JI"'F:J:O:E:B I 124 Water St., New York;' .a ....... a 16 Central Wharf; Boston; And Manufa.ctm;era o r aU Styles o f Drlgh& &: Blac k. PL1JG and TWIST TORACCO!I,. 1 Twentieth t t B.:J:OlEEn.:I:O:N":J:>, 'VA.. Our a Specialty for the Eastern States. Iii Avenue, Chtcago; ;. FactOry : No. 1 Dis.trict, N Y. THE CELEBRATED "MATCHLESS t' ,.. THE CELEBRATED GAlE .) MAHOCANY, A ll Sizes ; PRICES GRlla.4'l'LT RlilDUOE:D.


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