The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (12 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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I J v VOL. x v.---NO. 44. rESTABLISHED 1864.] NEW YORK, SATURDAY, DECEMBER 6, 1879. lOI'i MAIDEN LANE Cor ner of Pearl Street. WHOLE NO. 772 AUG. R OESLER FRED'K DeBARY & CO., 41 a.ud 43 WARREN STREET, NEW YOBx, """ \CKE & co SOLE ACENTS FOR THE 'EL PRINCIPE DE GALES' CIGAR BOX KEY CIGARS, AND MAN11FACT11REU OF FINE DOMESTIC CIGABS. SEIDENBERG & CO I' 84 & 88 STREET,. NEW YORK, Importers of ALSO MANUFACTURERS OF THE LI -ROSA ISPAROLI KEY WEST HAVANA-CIGARS. WEISS, & KAEPPEL, IM:POB.TEB.S .OF THE ''ROSE '' HAVANA 220 Pearl Street, New York. 6 V. -l.YIABTINEZ 'YBOR & CO., 190 Pearl. S"'t.!J 'York., IIANUFAUURERS, Cor. Goerck & Sts., PRICE LIST OF CIGAR RIBBONS. Broad Y.n..,.. ............... Eztra .. -6'11roacl, 70 J'U 11.16 ............... No. 1 .... 1)-8 10 yob 1.66 ... .......... ,2 .... 5-s 10 ,.a. 1A6 .. .. .. .. .. ... .. .. 5-8 10 yda J 1..16 ...... -....... .. 70 yob 1.25 j Bread 1\od.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 1 ..... 6 10 ,-da 1.80 .. ................ 2 : ... 6 'lOyob 1.&0 .. u u a .... s-s 7o,.u 1..30 F.paaola .................... 1 .. .. 5 'lOrd UIO ...................... 2 .. .. 5-8 'TO yob 1.50 ........ ... .. .. .. .. .. 3 .... 5 70 Jd 1.30 lfarrow 1\ed ................. 1 ----4 '1'0,-ob 1.36 ............... 2----4 7074. 1.20 ................ 3 -----4 8 'lOydo 0.86. Narrow Yellow ............ 1 ..... 4 10,-4 1.30 -.......... 2 .. 4 10 ydo 1.20 --...... ... ... 3 ... 4-8 10 ydo 0.80 Bo:o: lUbbon Rod..................... 3 'TO 7a. 0.10 Yell ow.. .......... 3 ydo 0.611 (Chico) .. 1 .... 6-8 34 yobel.lo ICJUco) .. 2 .... 8-8 34 y4a 0.96 Lonclre Yellow ............. 1 .... 7 34yob 1.60 .. .. ............ 2 .... 7-s 34 yd 1.20 ............. 3 .. .. 13 34 yda 1.10 ........... .. "10 .... 13" 34 yob 1.--:.......... .. "15 .... 1 34yda 0.90 ............. "20.. -13" 34 yd. 0.80 ............. "50 .... 13-16" 34ydo Mil .. ........... "100 .. 11 .. 34 yda 0.411 Rod ................. 1 ..... 1 .. 34 ,.. 1.40 .. ................ 2 .... 13 34 Jd L16 B:roacl Rod II with yellow equ .. 6 70 yd 1.66 .. III u u u 5 .. 'tO 7d L'O I( arrow" fi 4 10 yd 1.30 BroadY ell. II with blue edgeo ..... 6 10 ydo I.li6 Ila red ... .. &-8 '1'0 7d 1.2& Ua red. white &JUl. blue edgoe ..... 5 70 7da I.'!i ...................................... 6 60 yob 0-4.6 Extra Styles of Ribbons Made to Order. RIBBONS CUT & PRINTED A N Y SIZE AND STYLE. All Orde r s Promptl-y Term c-It. PRICES OF CIGAR BOXES AND SAMPLES OF RIBBONS SENT ON APPLICATION. JOHN. J.,CROOK-E, MANUFAC'_rum:R OF 65 PINE STREET. NEVI YORK. I { Havano, 1818. Philadelphia, 1828. 1 S. FUGUET & SONS, I IMP03RTHRSNOF SHAVANAGiGAR8 GENERAL AGENTS FOR SEIDENitERG'S KEYJ;WEST CIGARS. A.L80 !lANUJ' A.CTUBERS OF Fine Domestic TOBACCO. WElL & CO., TER..S. S. LININGTON'S SONS;? IMPORTERS OF HAVANA & .MANILA CIGARS 21 G FRONT STREET I NEW YORK. & Virginia, La Ceiba & A. HEN & CO., SUCCESSORS OF EDW'D HEN, 4.8 L:J:EI:J!JB.T"'Y' .STB.:J!J:mT, (1'.<0. Box 3628) "'Y'OB.::EE., IMPORTERS OF MEERSCHAUM BRIAR AND CLAY PIPES. SPECIALTY OF SMOKERS' -AND-TOBACCONISTS' SUPPLIES. WOODEN SHOW FIGURES. lllanunaeturent A.cent t'or the Sale or all Populer Brand ot' VIRGINIA, NORTH CAROLINA & WESTERN MANUFACTURED, SMOKING & FINE CUT TOBACCOS. Acen&o ror IOHN F, ALLEN & CO.S Rtehmond, Va,, Brand orSmoklnc Tobaeee and Clcareuu, SAJU. AYRES' "HYC8," ete,-Depot f'or J, W, CARROLL'S "LONE JACK,, "BROWN DICK," ete, LOUISIANA. PERIQUE, Cut and In Carro&-. W. T. Blackwell & Co.'s Genuine DURHAM Tobacco. .SOZ...:J!J .A.Gr:J!JN"TS F'OB. WM. S. KIMBALL & CO.'S "V' ..A.:N'XT'Y' P Tobacco & Cigarettes. CHAI,l!![, C&NRAD & CO,S eelebrated LOG CABIN and LOVE AJUONG THE HOSES -okJnc Tobacco, MAN'DT AO'J;lTBI:D TOBACCO.-PavorUo Dark Navy, Enehantre Dark !'raT)', Swe.A.B. a:n.d. :J::>OD:J!JII!IT:J:CI 'VVOOX>II!!II, IMIT ATIO. N SPANISH CEDAR CIGAR-BOX LUMBER, Are _.-eel 10 .farol8h thla Lumber lo Box-llalrero lo the usual leogtho aod widths, ataloed, grained &Dd pollohed ready for oae. On ez:ouiiD&tloo IC '11111 be 'found a perfect Imitation ot Spenleh In color and,.,.... ... and. oo tar ouperlor to aoy lo the market that no can be melng sawed and cut from the ftneat Popl&r(the wood prelerred by all erperlenced BoxMa.kers). and thoroughly plaDed &nd polisbed, the boards are and of eVen BUr! ace. Tbe groUbd color a.nd grain are durable, and the poll8b.lnK Ia a patent leaving a brU:ht &1OD the wood. u prepared by ow pt.tent proceu, thia Lumber eao be used aa a aubatltute for Spemm Ceclar it lea than one-halt Re coat. OlJR SPANISH CEDAB IS IMPORTED DIRECTLY FROM MEXICO ria NEW ORLEANS, a:n.d. "UV' areh.o-u.e-UBG 'VV. U'th. S-treet. CJ:I.:a.o1:n.:a.a.t:t .. DO .NALDSON 'BROTHERS S'tea.::n::l. L1.1ih.e> Pr1._:n. 'ters, P:J:"VE FO:J:N"T, :N'E"VP-"'Y'OB.:S::.. TOBACCO lABELS AND SHOW CA-RDS "!II. o. Box 2'791.] lNo Label kept t u Stock. TOBACCO, MEDIUM AND TISSUE. . ROLLED TO ANY GUAGE AND CUT TO SIZE BOTTLE CAPS, all SiMs, PLAIN AND COLORED; OFFICE: 163 Mulberry St., N.Y. GIGARBOX LUMBE.R. Cut and Press Dried by our Patent Process Iaeroan lll'aeWtle or lllanu.-eture eoable 1111 to mAke lll'arther BedaeUon la oar Prlee Seod forourLI8t '""*IIOuecL &pa:n.1.sl1 Cedar,", Pop1ar, s3roa::o:Lore, ..... ALL Q&A.DBS, urr.aa...::, --. 1D addiUoacoU.....--..1-af Hardwood LamlowMI vGeo. W. Re&d & Co., 186 to 200 LEWIS ST., NEW YORK. ( I Ulikt. EVERY BATUBDAY HORNING BY u THE TOBACCO LEAF" PUBLISHING COMPANY, 106 MAIDEN LANE, NEW YORK. CORNER OF PEARL STREET. E D WAP.D BURKE, JOHN G. GRAJ;F EDITOR, Buenntsa t.lANAGJUl. TERJUS 0111' THE PAPER. SINGLE COPIES ...................... ................... ta CxNTO. ...___ :.. :. ... : .. : ::.: ::. .:.. : ::. : : ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTIONS ABROAD GRIJAT BR.lTAilr ..&..ND C.lliADA........ . ............ ... $6.04 HAXBURG AND THE CONTINENT . ,,,,,,,, 0,04 AusT.Jl.&..I.J..A, ETC., via EJ.i"GI...lND. . 6.0f CUu ............................................ ............. 5.0C NEW YORK, SATURDAY, DEC 6 1879. TOBACCO LEAF" Revised Rates for Advertisements. One Six Three 1 Year, Months. 4 Line" One (lolumn ..... : ......... $26 .14 rs 14 Llne8 over Tw-o CJolnJDna.... 45 -& 28 Llneo One Co)omn ............ .. 46 14 28 Llnes over Two 80 .f& Sl 6fl Linea One Column.. .. .. ........ 80 45 S& 6G Lines over Two ()oluDnu...... 160 8i "' One Line at bottom or Pace ......................... *'0 SPECIAL ADVERTISEMENTS ON FIRST !.APeS. 14 Line over Two Wid c 1 0 8 28 Line e o ,'l'n.... .............. 100 14 Ltue Slncle Column ............... :::::::::::::::::: 1lf SPECIAL ADVERTISEMENTS ON JI.EADING. MATT,ER Six Three Year. Month&. llonU..,. 14 Llnee over 2 Wide Col11Dln .... $86 $46 $Si NOTICES, WANTS or CA lTTION NOTICES. t4Lineo One -Inecrtlon ................................ 14 One Montk.. ...................................... &.50 14 L._:e Two Mouths .................. 0.00 eo !Uoath8 .................. ................. 111.00 Under no will we deviate from a'" Pricea. FAIL TO ATTEND. that objec t Co ngre ss is now in session, and the As will be seen from oar report in another place, the sooner it is made aware of the fa.ct that such reduction members of the New York Leaf Tobacco Board of Trade is expected the better. After the holiday interreg are r emiss in their attendance at the monthly meetings nuo. n it will probably tak(;l u p in succession some of of that orgaDizatio n Omissions of this kind are com the numerous bills-over three thousand in all-intro moninall branches of busine sf!, and have to be accepte d duced at the extra session, and it will then b e more .as among the things that cannot h elped and 'that difficult than at any time prior to get the ear and s up are 'due to the inherent "cussedness" of human nature. port o f n i embers of the t wo houses: When the Board waB first o r ganized there was r eason To get a bill involving a lower tax than the present to hope its utility would be so apparent as to attract a one through this winter, is going to require full representation of its enrolled members on every more effort than may be generally supposed, and the regular meeting day, and f o r the sake of the good it is initial m oveme n t s hould commence as early as practi capabl e of accomplishing, it is to be regretted that cable. Th e measure will be opposed at e-;:ery step, not the expectations thus formed seem unlikely to be only by the Secnta: y of the Treasury and the Com realized. missioner of Internal Revenue, but by Representatives The derelict members, if called to accountability, and SenatorS, many of whom will claim that they voted would probably offer the exc use that they are generally for the sixteen-cent tobacco tax under the supposition too busy at this of the year to attend trade that the cigar tax was to continu e a t six dollars per meetings, and the more especially as there is apparently thousand. Friends of the measure have to be sought nothing of s pecia l importance to be done whe n they out in Congress, and opponents there have to be co n get there. Such an excuse, though natural, is not a vinced that it is both unjust and unreaso nabl e to dis satisfactory one, because time enough may b e taken criminate, as is now done-not only in cigars, but for the purpose once a month without pre j u dice toper-cigarettes as well-between tobacco which happens to sonal interests. Moreover, the principal office rs, whq be made up into chewing and smoking tobB.?cos, and are, d o ubtles s, quite as busy as the r es t are expected snuff, and that whic!i is converted into cigars and t o be-present ahvays, _ang wouldnotreadilybeexcused cigarettes. If sixtee n cents a pound i s a proper if they made themselves conspicuous by persistent a b tax for tobacco and snuff-and it is high enough sence The o l d sa.ymg "What is sau ce f o r the goose -it is a proper tax for cigars and s h ould be sauce fo r the gander" appli es with force As will be seen from the synopsis of CommiS here. Nor is it good ground for exculpatio n to plead sione r Raum's report for the past fiscal year, the lack of specia l business at the Board: There n eve r productio n of cigars, cheroots and cigarettes for that will be any business of importance transacted there if period was 2,27.6,53'4 081, w ,hereof fully 2,100 000,000 the members continue t o stay away from ioo d e lib e r a -were ciga r s Placing the productio n of the curr ent tio na. The very way to make the business for which year at the same figure, tbe revenue derivabl e from. the Board was organized is for the members to come to-this source at four dollars p e r 'thousand would be gether and views The Board is excep$9,106,136 With one -half the present rate for cigar t ionally well officered, has a full and competent staff ettes, the revenue from1 cigars and cigarettes wo4ld o f comni.ittees and a membership that embraces most be $10,000,000. Thi s amoun t is enough from these of.the SeeJ leaf and Havana tobacco merchants of this branches of the cigar industry. and it is only r easo nabl e to-expect from an organThe cigar and cigarette trades should begin to move ization so favorably co nstituted work that will enure in this matter in New cYork and outside of it. to the advantage, not only of the organization itself, but of t h e leaf tra d e at large. A NEW USE FOR TOBACCO STEMS: THE CIGAR TAX. If cigar manufacturers contemplate, as it is supposed they, do, making an effort to get the cigar tax reduced to four dollars p e r thousand, it would appear as if the time had come w hen they should b egin to -work for A oorr esJX>ndent writing from Spe-yer, in the Palatinate, reports that of late buyeJ,"S have' made their !lflpearance in that locality purchaBing large quantities of tobacco stems.' It is reported that'these stems -are exported to England, where they are used by pigeon raisers. The stems are

THE TOBACCO LEAF. bmldmg the nests of the pigeons, which thereby are buymg, before sdme 1dea be formed of what It 18 kept free from vermm When It is considered that gomg to be like after bemg neatly packed away m there are clubs of p1geon fanCiers m England, numbercases. Growers are as qmck to perce1ve the mt.msic ing each one hundred members and upward, a.nd con value of the1r crops as buyers are, and once let them sidermg that each member owns frclm ten to fifteen perceive that theif cure lB beyond peradventure, pairs of ptgeons 'or more, it appears plain that large sooner or later they will d1scover a way to get for quant1t1es of steiDS may be require4 to pro-them pretty nearly the of their worth. But vide these b1i'ds witlNhe material for their nests, and they never can do this when they are obliged to dis much more w1ll be needed 1f the fanmers of these b1rds count with the buyer the chances of curing and mdif in this country should come to the conclusion to pro ferent assorting The rit?ks buyers take in purchasuig vide them w1th nests of the same materlSl tobacco m a green state need not be rooounted here, The Pfaelzer Cour1er, a paper pubhshed at Speyer, they are traced in indelible characters all over the the c&pital city of the Palatm"te, also notes a remark-records of the pa!!t decade's transactiOns. N'or was the able mcrease m the demand for these steiDS, and recorunderat10n of this or Its kmdred subJect previously ports tbat a regular trade m them has sprung up. In referred to the abJect of this article. As our capt1on Speyer are stored about 12,000 cwts and the quantity mdwates, our purpose m th1s mstance 18 to tell buyers is increased by rece1pts from day to day from Baden. to go ahead and buy all they want, just as they are The Pala tmate, says the Courter, is already exhausted. trying to do, desp1te the protestatiOnS of the '' unco" Some of the tobacco growers, 1t IS satd, refused to wise. Strippmg 1s well under way, and a fair 1dea of have anythmg to do with this busmess, which to them the crop as a whole can now be had, which was not appeared as somethmg entirely new, and was looked the case a month ago, and the prevll.tling 1dea is that upon by them with susptclon About 50 or 60 centunes the crop IS good. Providmg, then, speculative prices, per cwt are usually paid at the drymg establishments. mstead of fairly remunerative pnces, are not paid for The busmess of drying was commenced about a week the sake of early bargam s, there 1s nothmg much to be before the 1ssue of the paper, and about a hundred dreaded in connectiOn w1th It but the ills that may be workmen were busy in sphttmg them. According to revealed when the sweatmg period 1s over the Cou rter, the people there seem to be entirely m W1th the 1878 crop still on hand, and no export, the dark as to what this material is mtended for, or some careful calculators w1ll be d18posed to say an for whom 1t IS mtended, and all kmds of theor1es con-other thmg to be dreaded 1s excess of supply. If the cernmg the same are mdulged m. product of 1879 reach-as we ourself have estimatedIt should be ment10ned here that tobacco stems of 250,000 cases, the supply will, to be sure, be large, but late have also been used m the production of a new 1t can be carr1ed Without mconveruence, even if the chemwal substance, wh1ch has found application m export continue small next year, whteh 1t will not if medicme It 1s a chrystaline substance, which, how-pnces be within reason. Let us see. Messrs. Gans & ever, differs from the nicotme. While the mcotme 1s Co. estimated last January the crop of 1878 at 156,000 abstracted from the leaves of tobacco, the new subcases, to which they added 26,000 cases old crops, stan9e is obtained from the stems, and it is fii!Id th!'t making together 182,000 cases. The sales m this mty important results have heen accomplished by lts ap r December 1 thiS calendar year were 83,435 cases, plicatiOn m med1cme. Of not very recent origin is by January 1 they will be 90,000. If our reckon the employment of tobacco steDlS in the ing be lunited to New York, the account on New Year's of cigarette paper. -"' day may be computed as follows -1878 and other 1 crops, If there shall be any others remaining, 92,000, OUR,FO;REIGN COMMERqE plus crop of 1879, 250,000, aggregating 342,000 cases. 4 j This looks alarmmg, but 1t 18 not; because after deThe chief of the Bureau of StatistiCS at w a.snmgton d t f th 92 000 b d to b 1 ft has d his 1 t f th A" ding J uc mg rom e cases a ove assume e e lSSUe annua repor or e y.,..r en nne ff 30 1879 f th f f tn: t d over the sales e ected th18 year m other markets, that o e ore)gn commerce 0 IS c?un ry, D:n quant1ty will be materially reduced. from It we take the followmg mterestmg mformatwn F h h t f th C t urt ermore, t e repor o e ommlSSIOner concernmg t?bacco. From a. comparative statemen Internal Revenue for the fiscal year endmg June 3!J of the quantity of tobacco, grown m this country, ex, ted d th d d J 30 1873 1876 d last--a synopSIS of whwh appeared m our last weeks por urmg e years en e une ,t an h d f h f 1 8 7 9 we see that we shipped m Issue--s ows pro uction or t at year o c1gars, i873 213,995,176lbs. cheroots and Cigarettes of 2 276,534,081 Allowmg for 1876 218,310,265 Cigars 2,000,000,000-a safe est1mate--the leaf reqmred 1879 322,279 ,540 to make them was 142,857 cases, l ess the Imported to baCCO mcluded, WhiCh was 6,221,862 pounds, Or 17,675 showmg an increase of 103,969,275 lbs m 1879 over-the cases In other 125,182 cases of Seed leaf were exports of 1876, or an mcrease of 47 6 per cent. In used in domestiC cigar manufacture during the last th1s table are g1ven the quant1ties exported of thirteen fiscal year. The current year will reqmre a greater different commodities, and m the list of percentages of number, as the productiOn of c1gars will be larger increase tobacco stands the tenth, and far below some than ever Probably 140,000 cases Will be converted of the others-the percentage of butter bemg 723.4, of mto mgars m the Umted States m1879-80 Takmg no beef 148 6, of bacon and hams 123 4, and of wheat 122 2 account of the sales this year m other markets than The values of home-raised tobacco exported from our our own, or of the probable export next year, ports during the years ended June 30, 1873, 1876 and 1 t will be perceived that om own consumptiOn will 1879, were for make a great hole m the appallmg possible surplus 1873 $22 ,689,135 before mentiOned 1876 22,737,383 We say mall seriOusness to dealers, go ahead With 1879. 25,157,364your buymg from this time forward, merely advismg showmg an mcrease m 1879 over the exports of 1873 to that you do not pay too much for the whiStle, to the the value of $2,419,981, or 10 6 per cent. O f other end that expo1ters may have a chance to blow It a articles, the percentage of mcrease was, for butter little If they feel mclmed 388 6, for beef 126 6, for wheat 91.1, our art1cle stands tenth m a hst of thirteen different commodities, the three artwles standmg lower than 1t bemg cheese, tbe percentage of whteh 1s 2 5, lard 1 9, aud locomotives 1.0 In commentmg upon these statements, the ch1ef of the Bureau says "On comparmg the data fur Dished m the two foregomg tables, 1t will be observed that the mcrease m the quantity of the staple artwles exported was much greater than the Increase m the value of such exports Thus, the quantity of wheat exported exhibited an mcrease of 122 2 per cen t the value of wheat exported exhib1ted an mcrea.Se of only 91 per cenll Agam, the quant1ty of exported exhib1ted an of 94 per cent., wliereas the value exhibited an mcrease of only 1 9 per cent. Th1s was due to a fall m the pnces The values of t obacco, grown here and exported for the years ended June 30, 1878, and June 30, 1879, were for 1878 $28,484,482, and for 1879 $28,215,240--the m crease being $269,242, or 0 95 per cent Out of a hat of forty thr"l8 artiCles g1ven m this statement, and ranged accordillg to their value, tobacco stands fifth. Under the general term of tobacco IS understood both and-manufactured The followmg are the vah.ies or tne' exports of :tobacco, leaf and manufac tured, during the years 1821, 1830, 1840, 1850, and from 1860 to 1879, mclus1ve 1821 $5,798',045 1868 $26,077,987 1830.. 5,833t 112 1869. 23,347,719 1840 10,697,.628 1870 22,705,225 1850 10,599,855 1871. 21,995,957 1860 19,289,975 1872 26,659,921 1861 16,545,241 1873 25,331.,946 1862 13,402,000 1874 32,968,528 1863 23,150,253 1875 27,844,470 1864 26,493,819 1876 25,570,538 1865 45,307,933 1877 32,020,214 1866 31,438,561 1878 28,484,482 1867 22,571,912 1879 28,215,240 Imports-During the years ended June 30, 1878, and 1879, we imported tobacco, leaf and manufactured, to the value m 1878 of $6,439,868, a.nd in 1879 of $5 888 876 both amounts bemg specie values ; the $550,992, or 8.56 per cent. The state ment from wh1ch these values are taken embraces fifty d1fferent articles, stated m the order of th61r value for 1879, and of whwh tobacco is the eighteenth. Refernng to our foreign commcte durmg the year ended June 30, 1879, the report says. The total speCie value of the foreign commerce of the Umted States-imports and exportswas larger than dunng any previOUS year, with the ex ception of the years 1873 and 1874. The value of the exports / of domestiC merchandise from the Umted States was larger than durmg any previous fiscal year m the hiStory of the country. From the year 1863 to the year 1873, the value of Imports of mer chandiSe mto the United States largely exceeded the value of the exports of merchand1se from the Uruted States, the excess of 1mports rangmg from $39,371,368 m 1863 to $182,417,491 m 1872 Durmg the years ended June 30, 1876, 1877, 1878, and 1879, however, the value of exports of domestic merchandise from the Umted States has greatly exceeded the value of imports of fore1gn merchandtse mto the Umted States, the excess of exports mcreasiillg rapidly from year to year." GO AHEAD WI'.rH YOUR BUYING. Three or four weeks ago, when the to the country to buy Seed leaf tobacco on the poles com menced, Tml: ToBACCO LEAF uttered 1ts usual note of warning to buyers. It d1d this pursuant to custom, not to prejudice the mterests of buyers or sellers, but in the interest of both. Tm1: LEAl!' took the ground squarely, first, that It was natural and proper for dealers to be eager to make good selections, but that this could best be done later on, when they could see what they were getting for their money; and, second, that growers were this season ent1tled to all that was obtainable for'their tobacco, but that this could be best demanded when they could see what they had to JniNOR EDITORIALS AND NEWS ITEMS. WANTED-A hve, pushmg Salesman, to sell Plug and Smokmg Tobacco to the City trade for an old estabhshed house A liberal arrangement Will be made with a competent man Address STANDARD, thiS office. VERY LIKELY.A country mmister says the devil 1s the of tobacco, and the Herald P I. thinks then He must be Old Nicotme. ANoTHER PLUG TOBACCO MANUFACTORY -Messrs. D H McAlpm & Co are sa1d to have brolfen ground for a plug tobacco manufactory m conJunctiOn w1th their fine-cut establishment. --+-THE BEST MAN's SwoRD -The 'chances are m favor of MaJor Edwm A. McAlpm getting the fine testimo momal sword now being voted to the best approved officer at the Fau at the Seventh Regiment's Armory. TRADE MARKS.-The attentiOn of Congress is called by the Attorney-General to the recent deCisiOn of the Supreme Court m what are known as the "trade-mark cases," and also to the questiOns involved m several cases now pendmg and soon to be brought to the con sideration of the Court. A MOUNTAIN INCIDENT IN ALABAlllA.-Atlanta, Ga, Nov 30 -A squad of SIXteen revenue deputies, rald mg m Towns County, was surrounded by a large force of armed mountameers and forced to surrender a :prisoner. One of the1r number was wounded and left 1n a fence corner for dQad. NEW YORK BUYERS IN PENNSYLVANIA.-The follOW lng New York buyers were reg1stered at the Lancaster hotels last week -Messrs L, Wertheimer, M Rosen shme, JIL Lachenbruch, N Lachenbruch, M. Neuber ger, M. Oppenheimer, F Bunzl, Gus. Bunzl, G. Mayer, M. B. DaVIs and Aaron Schubert. THE CIIIME OF A COMl!IISSION MERCHANT -Cincinnati, Nov. 30.-According to a dispatch to the New York Trt'bune, Joseph M. How, a promment tobacco com miSSion merchant, mdicted for dl)fraudmg the Govern ment by false entr1es, has pleaded gu1lty and thrown h1mself on the lemency of the court THE FIRST STEP.-Mr McCmd, of Iowa, proposed in the House on Tuesday the following add1tional article to the Constitution-"Congress, for the protection of trade and manu facture, and to carry mto effect mternat10nal treaties, shall have power to grant, protect and regulate the excl usive right to use trade-marks." CIGARS FOR ARMY OFfiCERS -WASHINGTON, NOV. 28. -A War Department order says "At front1er stations remote from towns, the SubsiStence Department will, on applicatiOn of commiSSIOned officers, purchase cer tam stated quantities of Cigars, the officers for whom they are purchased bemg considered under pledse to take and pay for them on the1r arr1val at the station." SURPRISING THE BROOKLYN POLITICIANS -Col Thos. Carroll, the newly e l ected Register of Kmgs County, was sworn mto office on Monday, and appomted as h18 deputy William Barre, the mcumbent Register, who has been connected With the office as subordmate and pnncipal for 30 years The appomtment was a surpr188 to the pohttemns, and dashed the hopes of anum ber of candidates. So says the New York Sun. SoiiiEE. The Cigar Manufacturers' AssociatiOn of Baltimore held Its first Grand Soiree at Concordia Opera House, m that c1ty on Wednesday evemng, under the ausp1ces of the followmg Committee of Ar -E J Oppelt, chmrman. Joseph Crisp, Chris Muehlberger, Edwm Johnson, Chas. H Klemm, Thomas Culhngton, W1lham Wicks, Charles Ludloff, Diedr1ch Fehsenfeld Ballet master, M V B. Franck MADISON CouNTY -At Asheville, Mad1son County, N. C a new tobacco warehouse (the Asheville) was opened lately On the openmg day, Wednesday, Nov. 19, over 9,800 pounds of tobacco were sold, bnng mg over $1,200, or an average of $12 76 per cwt. Sales were contmued on Thursday, Frtday and Saturday, and visitors were m attendance from Lynchburg and Danville, Va. At Mad18on a new warehouse 18 to be opened in January next. ----A NEW FIRM -Messrs Varona, Rodriguez & Cisneros have established theiDSelves at 158 Pearl St., this city, as commission merchants and rmporters and wholesale and retail dealers in Havana, Key West and domestic cigars. We hear that the firm expects to receive in a very short time some consignments of very fine cigars, equal to any brought to this market. The firm shows enterprise, and will no doubt before long become widely known throughout the trade of Felicity, 0 who has a large quantity of the cele brated White Burley Tobacco Seed for sale. Jllr. Bog gess IS a practical tobacco-grower, and knows just what the trade and persons buying from him may be certam that mey are getting what they want. We ask our friends who mtend ra18ing next season this kmd of tobacco to send to Mr. Boggess for their seed. NEwPosTAL RuLEs. -Under a recent change m postal regulatiOns unreceipted statements of accounts can be m,ailed in an unsealed e'ilvelope at a postage of one cent. To receipt a bill or to write upon it the words "Please remlt" will, however, subject it to letter rates of postage, but a request for remittance may be prmted as :part of the head. Newspaper publishers have the nght to enclose with their papers e1ther receipted or unrece1pted btlls, but the addition of any written request will be treated as -an 1nfrme;e :. ment of the law VISITINGHOME.-Mr. Geo H Wicks, for about fifteen years With the late well known house of Messrs. Buckley & Moore, havmg smce the deatli-of -"Mr Buckley closed out the busmess, whteh has for years been largely conducted under Mr. Wick's manage ment, is about to leave New Y.ork for a season, on a VISit to h1s early home. Few of our self-made men have apphed themselves more closely, or have hlore thoroughly earned the recreat1on Mr. W1cks proJlll8eS hunself, and while his many friends and husmeas associates gladly bid him go, 'tis with expected enjoyJ ment of soon taking him by the hand agam as a permanent New Yorker, thoroughly Identified. with the tobacco trade. --UsEs OF THE SuN-FLOWER.The sun flower IS turned to extraordinary account in LithUruUI}. The 1;19eds yield at first pressure excellent salad oil and the resi dueJorms excellent oil-cil.k;ial r cattle, who also relish the leaves ana stalks Cho up. The flowers ii. little short of full blom:iCare1 w I'D. cooked, nearry as. good as artichokes, and are m the garden very attractive to hees The leaf well dried is used as tobacco 'l'he seed receptacles are made into blottmg paper, and the 1nner part of the stalk is manufactured into a fine wnting paper. 'l'he more woody port10ns of the plant, which attams great size, are used for fuel. The best seed IS optruned in the Crimea. As an ant1 malaria agent the sun-flower 1s most valuable. FORGERS IN THE TOBACCO TRADE -One H. E1sler lately attempted to pahn off, in R1chmond, V a a lithographed draft for $6.000 on Lawrence Lather, m an effort to purchase $4,000 worth of tobacco. The draft proved to be a forgery-, and E1sler 1s now m pnson awrutmg h1s trlSl before the Hustmgs Court. A of E1sler, who was arrested at the same tnne, 18 held until something more ,can be learned of his history. He cla!IDS that he was a stranger to Eisler and, at his request, JOmed him m New York as h1s compamon, to act as h18 guide Eisler, 1t 1s stated, 1B blind The drafts were lithographed, and none but an expert would have suspected that-the Signatures were not written. It is supposed that E1sler has more of the same kmd of paper, and although no mforma tlOn is m possesswn of the authorities, It 1s thought very hkely that he has been engaged m these trwks m other sectiOns Lithographed goid drafts for $10,800 were found on the person of the accused when ar-rested -We, BenJamin Lwhtenstem and Adolph Brussel, surviving partners of the late copartnership domg busmess under the firm name of LicHrENSTEIN BROTHERS & CoMPANY, m the City of New York, do hereby certify and declare that srud copartnership has conducted busmess m th1s State for a period of five years and upwards, that we mtend to contmue the business formerly conducted by said copartnership from and after this date under the name and style of'' Ltchten stem Brothe1s & Company," and that we are the only persons dealmg under such firm name That the place of abode of BenJamm Lwhtenstem IS at No 208 East Seventy nmth Street m smd City of New York, and that the place of abode of Adolph Brusselis at No 204 Eastj Seventy mnth Street m the said City of New York, and that our prmmpal place of busmess shall be m the satd City of New York Dated New York, November 24, 1879 BENJAMIN LICHTENSTEIN, ADOLPH BRUSSEL. C1ty and County of New York, ss On th1s 24th day of November, 1879, before me per sonally appeared BenJamm Lwhtenstem and Adolph Brussel, to me severally known, and known to me to be the mdividuals descr1bed m and who severally executed the foregomg certificate, and who severally acknowl edged to me that they executed the s=e MaRIIIS S. WISE, Notary Public, 771 4t New York County. BUSINESS MENTION. WE call the attention of the "l'obacco and C1gar Trade to the advertiSement on the fifth page, of the Tobacco Trade Protect1ve Assocmt10n. This Assoma tion, as its name 1mports, lS formed for the mutual protectiOn of the trade in indicated in the ad vertisement, and we thmk 1ts purpose will be appre Ciated by manufacturers of tobacco and cigars and by dealers therem, as well as by leaf dealers as a large amount of useful mformat10n relatmg to the croys, the sales and consumption of tobacco and cigars wil be furnished. This Association is to those already in eXIstence m the dry grocery, Jewelry and furmture trades, and their usefulness to those trades has been generally acknowledged Want of space prevents our gomg mto a lengthy not1ce of the varlOUS departments or branches OI thiS AssociatiOn We learn that the trade will be wa1ted upon by a rep resentatlve of the AssoCiatiOn in due time, who will explmn 1ts workmgs m detail A Card from Messrs. Mlchalltechke Bros. of San Francisco. SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 24,187:9. EDITOR ToBAcco LEAF -DEAR Sm-In a tobacco trade paMr published m your city Nov.l.5, 1879, we see an article commentmg on a contract entered into between Messrs. StraitQn & Storm of your City and ourselves. We wish to say to you that the San Fra.neisc9 Chronicle's (of Oct. 30 1879) mention of the transact1on IS strictly correct, and that we have made a co._Rtract, notarially anowiedge(i, \Vlth Messl'Jf. & Storm, through ot now raised on the manuf!lcture of cigars he was a questiOn of grea,t Importance, a motiOn to that effect "\Vas made. Mr. Scliroeder a!rgued that they\, as leaf dealers, should not take any *ch actwn; and the resolutwn bemg submitted to a t te, 1t was lost. LOCAL JOTTINGS. 1 -E Rosenwald & Brother sold several parcelro of 1,878 New York State to Philadelphia merchants this week. -J S Gans' Son & Co filled some orders for Ohio for exportmg. -E Spmgarn & Co bought 117 cases Pennsylvama from Havemeyers & VIgelms. I OBITUARY. G BREANT The las European mail brmgs tl1e news of the death of th1s gentleman m Paris, on November 15, nearly 80 years old He was a reside:dt of RIChm nd, Va' for th1rty-e1ght years, durmg whwh time he was actively engaged m the tobacco trade on h1s own account and as agent for the French Regie He left VITgtma m 1860, and acted m this market as agent for the same m the ;PUrchase of Kentucky and Seed leaf tobacco, an ltgam m 1868, when he retired from act1ve business. In all the relatiOns of hfe he was highly respected. ROLLIN SANFORD Rollm Sanford d1ed at h1s res1dence m East Sixty first Street Tuesday mornmg, m the seventy fourth year of his age Deceased was a native of Vermont, and was graduated from Yale College m 1831. Heremoved to Utica N. Y where he studied for the Bar in the office of the late Wilham H. Seward, whose fnend ship he retamed throughout the lif e of that statesman. Mr Sanford subsequentl:ycame to this mty anq en gaged m the practiCe of h1s professiOn, which he a ban doned m a few years m order to engage m the manage ment of a manufacturmg company at Stamford, Ct and known as the Stamford Manufacturmg Company, producers of hcorwe, eseent1al o ils, fiavonng extracts, etc. In. th1s corporat10n he contmued to be a d1rector and shareholder unt1l h1s death. Notmg Mr Sanford's death, the New York Ttmes of Dec. 3 says -Mr Sanford's native State was Vermont, one of tho most anCient and distmgmshed families m the State bemg that of whteh h e was one of the New York representatives Born m 1806, Mr Sanford entered Yale College m 1827, and was graduated With a brilliant record m the Class of '31, of which he was one of tlie few survivmg represent"'ttves. Immedi ately after rece1vmg h1s degree he removed to the mty of Ut1ca, and was registered as a student of law m the offic e of Wilham H. Seward, then a nsmg lawyer m this State A warm fnendship soon sprang up between preceptor and pup1l durmg the three years of Mr l::lanford s pupllagf' Havmg been adm1tted to the Bar, however, the brilliant young lawyer did not find "pent up Uttca" a suffiCiently ample theatre for the exercise of h1s professiOnal amb1t10n, and naturally graVItated towards New York-then as now the mtel lectual center of the State. In 1835 Mr Sanford opened an office here and began the practice of hiS profession. H1s success had already been assured by the happy issue of cases of considerable mterest mti-usted to him by infiuential clients, when a more lucratiVe oppor tumty m busmess attracted hiS attentiOn, and he abandoned the law to engage m the management of the manufacturmg company to which he afterward devoted his talants. Jllr. Sanford was known in literary and artiStic Circles as a patron, and had acqmred a considerable collectwn ofpamtmgs, engravmgs, and other obJects of art. In old days hill house was the home of Mr. Seward dunng hiS VISits to this City, and the center of a gemal and cultivated circle. In personal appearance Mr Sanford was a tall, portly man, with a d1gnified bearmg. His gemal courtesy and dry New England humor rendered him extremely entertaining and compamonable as an assoCiate, and h1s sterling mtegnty, candor, and :fine Judgment a valuable fr1end and adv1ser. His wife survives h1m, and the three children, all now adults, succeed to his magnificent fortune. --'------An Issue of the Partition Question. BALTI!IORIC, Dec. 2 1879. EDITOR TOBACCO LE.U'-Enclosed please finrts at this meet-for Oppelt for 75, whwh carries the costs also. ing. The reports of standing comm1ttees were there-Judge Morris said that the Collector acted under in upon called. Ex-Mayor Schroeder, on behalf of the structwns from his superior officer, and there was Comrruttee on Federal and-State LegiSlation, reported nothmg in the case to construe it a case of malicious DEC, 6 lUr. Carr's View of the Trade-mark Question. Mr. J S. Carr, m a commumcation to the Durham Plant, gtves his v1ew of the trade-mark ques tiOn, as affected by the deciSIOn of Judge Miller Mr. Carr says-"I detween a trade mark that is registered and one that is but a trade-mark remams a trade-mark all the same, and can be fully pro tected, for as 1 undei:Stand the opm10n of the court 1t does not hold that there is no property m a mark, but that 1twas unqonstjtutwnal to protect that trade-mark as prescribed by the Act of Congress of 1870." Special Crop Correspondence. BIG FLATS, Dec 3 EDITOR TOBACCO LEAF -The ''boom" that started last week, as md1cated in my telegram of the 27th, continues this week Monday mormng brought some more buyers, m cludmg Mr. Kerbs, the promment Cigar manufacturer, Mr. Tobm of Mr Levy, of Havemeyers & V1gelius, and Geo P L1es, of Geo. P. J4es & Co. We learn of the followmg sales a.nd pr1ces paid -Mr. Lachenbruch bought Geo Cham berlain's crop of 5 acres at 15c through, M1ller & D1cker 8 acres at llc, Mr. Herrmgton 4 acres at 13c. Mr L1es bought M. Coll1ns' 8 acres at 13c, S Wormley 4 acres at P Roberts3 acres at 14c, A G. Htlman 10 acres at E. Sm1th 5 acres at 13%c, and seve ral other crops at 13c. At the Flats, Mr. Kerbs bought John Park's 7 acres at llc, Ford Bros. & 6 acres at 12c, J. Bradshaw, 4 acres at 12P{c, ana many more crops of whiCh we have not learned the priCe Levy and Geo W. Lovell have bought a coll' Slderable quantity at from 12%c As the tobacco IS scatte1ed over so large a terr1tory your reporter cannot get all crops sold, and the1r pnces, nor can he form a very correct est1mate of "'hat proportiOn of the entire crop has been bought at thiS The prices paid are for running lots In closmg th1s report we learn of more sales bemg made m Big Flats. Mr Edward Rhmehart sold to Kerbs & Sp1es at 14c, Asa Sterns S T. Owen 13c. Havemeyers & VIgelius bought--Hay Bros, 15 acres at 14c, Cuy wood Bros. ti acres at 14c. C F. Tag & Son, by their agent lli. Tobin, beught of Geo. Brant & Son 4 acres at 1Sc. YoRK, PA, Dec. 2. EDITOR TOBACCO LEAF -The tobacco grower of York County have orgamzed to meet and discuss The cigar-makers of the 376 bonded mgar factories, and 2,030 cigar makers of the county,.have now, also, called a meetmg m York, on Tuesday, December 9th, to orgamze, and to hold meetings and dlSCUSS their mterests They say the world has found out the value of York County tobacco; compet1t10n w11l put up the product; and the quality and reputatiOn of the leaf when worked into c1gars, would JUStly and naturally put them up a hvmg pr1ce for the factory. They say $11 to $13 l!er thousand 1s rumous to the regular cigar maker, as It takes 25 pounds of tobacco, at 10c a pound, Amountmg to ... $2 50 Makmg 2 50 Stan1ps 6 00 Boxes 60 Packmg 50 Strippmg 30 Other Expenses 25 Total cost $12 65 No one but the grower manufacturing his own stock can sell at less, and he had better sell his tobacco in the leaf at that prwe. Smce 1t IS becommg an estab lished fact that York County raises the best Seed leaf tobacco, and our mgars are shipped to all States m the Umon, and are rated as the best domest1cs, sellmg at $30 some places, It would seem but right and proper the cigar-makers of PellllSylvama should meet and talk this matter over. and workmen are equally mterested TOBACCO EAST HARTFORD, Dec 4. EDITOR TOBACCO LEAF -The trade 1D tho 1879 crop still contmues qmet. We hear of a crop here and there be1ng sold at lower prices. Mr Ritter, of New York, was m town last week, and bought two crops at 18 and 20c through, assorted (highest prices smce the ''boom"). The local agents of New York houses are scourmg through the country watchmg the different crops m process of assortmg, so as to be ready for the word "go" m the next race. The weather is of the finest for December, a.nd two thirds of the tobacco 1s taken from the poles some have already fimshed assorting, a.nd where sold have been delivered, so tnat buyers can examine at their leisure what they on the wmg The market for 1878 tobacco is qmet, and not much mqmry. H. :MoUNTVILLE, Lancaster Co., Dec. 4, 1879. EDITOR TOBACCO LEAF -Some tobacco has been taken off the poles dunng the week We hear of some few lots being fimshed stripped, and are ready for market. The leaf looks well m bulk, mce m color, wh1te ve1ns are not so pl enty as last year, ns we of none so far yet, the farmers are anxiOusly Waiting for a damp spell, as the tobacco will all be taken off the poles. It IS estimated the '79 crop IS the finest we have had for some years, and farmers are takmg a great deal more pains m str1ppmg than what they used to m puttmg up thmr lest. Many are makmg seconds, and they are as good as some wrappers have heen m former years The country 18 still full of buyers, and prices seem not to have come down at all. We have he&d of several lots sold the week. We will give a few names of the prmci:pal buyers who liave been thr-Jugh our sectiOn durmg the week::-Messrs. J. H. Kauffman, John M. Friday, Laderman & Bros, Hdkey, M. G. Musser, John Sener, F. Bear, and di1fer ent parties names not kn

DEC. 6 Special Crop Reports to The Tobacco Leaf." KENTUCKY Olmstead Dec S -T E B reports -Very httle has been done m the new crop yet and only a few scattermg crops have been sold at 2 and 4 S and 5, and 2 and {l for lugs and leaf These figures are below the r v1ews of planters generally and 1t 1s not likely that much w1ll be done for some t1me to come The season so far bas not been favorable for handlmg and very httle has been stnpped So far makes a large per of lugs chiefly on account of spots and dirt adhermg to the lGwer leaves of the plant caused by the heavy rams of August and September Cadtz Tngg Co Dec 1 -J F W reports ---Smqe my last nothmg bas developed here m the way of a move m tobacco Some little exCitement among buy ers cons18tmg mostly m talkmg. Nothmg done or hkely to be done soon From lookmg round, I find the crop will yteld lugs very freely and qmte a large pro port10n of the leaf w1ll be pretty low MISSOURI Dalton, Clu:trtton Co Dec 1 -G B G reports -We have had fine rams here the last few days and the growers of the weed generally have made use of the soft weather and have taken down and bulked tlile most of the1r tobacco and are now str1ppmg Part of the crop will soon be ready for delivery Our market has opened earlier than usual w1th a boom a t from U to '5 per 100 lbs Crop around m the bundle Brunswtck Clu:trtton County, Dec 2 -J A M re ports -Dnrmg the past week a St Loms dealer has been makmg a rrud through our county under wh1p and lash encountermg both ram and mud up all the ch01ce crops of .tobacco he could find. at pnces rangmg we understand at from $4 50 to $6 One planter we heard of who was offered the latter priCe sweat great drops as cool a morrung as 1t was and could not, for the life of h1m, say he would take 1t It was so much more tban he expected he was doubt less fearful they were gettmg a 'corner on him Had another cyclone v1s1ted th18 secuon 1t would not have created a greater sensation among our loca l dealers some of home have entered the saddle and are followmg smt at same figures It IS somethmg un usual for our market to open th18 early m the season In the Connecticut 'Valley. The followmg additiOnal returns concermng the cond1t10n of the new crop of tobacco and g1vmg ac counts of sales and transactions m the ConnectiCut R1ver Valley have been rece1ved from correspondents of the New England Homestead The test1mony of these correspondents 18 smgularly unammous to the effect that the crop of 1879 now mostly taken down IS of superb quality and has fewet defects tban any grown m the-valley smce 1864 REPORTS FROll VARIOUS QUARTERS Conway -Most of the tobacco was taken down be fore last week and 1s m good cond1tlon and 1t 1s a fine -crop havmg cured better than some years past H 4 Stearns has sold to Edward Jones for 14c and J B Packard to J El W1ght s son for unsorted There are now some Sl! acre., of seed leaf m town un sold and e1ght of Havana Seed Conway -The late damp spell has been favorable for tobacco g1owers and the tobacco 18 nearly all taken down and str1pped and proves to be a. s uperiOr crop. Some lots that were sold early are to be sh1pped to Hinsdale Sm1th & Son of Spnngfield Henry and George Stearns have sold the1r croiJ part Havana and part Seed leaf for14c through to E Jones agent for the Sm1ths Gill-Dealers are piCkmg up the new crop of to bacco m th18 town at fatr priCes A lot of about a ton of Seed leaf 1s sold for Uc through w1thout boxmg and two other lots of Havana at 12c througp. m the bundle Th1s 1s equal to 14c or more through sorted and boxed The crop of the town th1s year IS about SO tons and e1ght or ten tone of 1t 1s Havana North Hatfield-R M Sw1ft soldstxcases of Havana tobacco last week crops of 78 at lOMe It was badly hrul cut Tobacco has mostly been taken down and str1pped We have the [same complrunt to make that I see from other towns, namely, the best crop smce 1864 South Deerfield-Several buyers have been examm mg crops the past week especmlly Havana. Seed cropii and have done cons1deraole blowmg about pnces cl&mmg they cannot pay over 15c for Havana but the growers cons1der that about 5c too low E Rosen wald is agam here to day and hM bought Frank: Nrms '79 crop at Deerfield p t George W Jones of Deer field sold his 78 crop of Havana at about 20c to M Paulitsch of New York last week Col B F Br1dges Jr has about three tons of the 78 crop of Seed leaf on hand whiCh 18 fine and well sweat also 4 acres of 79 Havana Seed of very even growth and quality, and r1ght m eveF-y respect Buyers are trymg to have the growers sort therr crops th18 year, and of course will want to buy at the pnce as m the bundle, but unless good prices can be obtamed, considerable will be held until after 1t has sweat Westfield-The farmers who have tobacco for sale are ready to sell1t as soon as the dealers shall be ready to g1ve them a fair pnce for 1t They report dealers who look at their crops but not for the _purpose of purchasmg It at present and no sales of importance have tak:en place m th1 s town or vlcm1ty yet Deerfield-W D Harns Albert Stebbms Luke Wr1ght B Z Stebbms Elbert Amidon and Edward A Hawks have sold the1r 79 crops at from m the bundle H Srruth & Son Meyers and Rosenwald Brothers are all m the field :HadleyH M Marsh P Keatmg, A Hank and H E Srruth have sold their 79 crops for about llc Canton Centre-Some of the tobacco ra18ers have the1r crops sold and stripped ready to sh1p The crop 18 nearly all sold and most all are well through strip pmif. S. E Brown and Mason Case have commenced m the packmg house recently built by Mr Case The RiChardson Bros are fittmg up a room m the1r to bacco house that Will accommodate 15 or 20 men to sort tobacco West Hartford-There have been two sales of tobac co m th1s town Owen Goodwm & Son have sold to E A Wildman for 16c m the bundle and T1mothy Sedgw1ck to the same party for m the bundle Both lots were very mce But little has been stripped, the balance 1s wa1tmg for damp weather SCltiCo-On taking down thmr tobacco the growers find a beautifully cured crop the leaf a handsome nut brown eoft and elastic w1th good body, plenty of gum and w1th a glossy face free from wh1te vema From the Enfield correspondent s talk of poor color m the upper t1ers I mfer that he 1s one of the cautwus tobac co buyers But he 1s deceived m his predictwns this trme Ellington-A great amount of tobacco has been taken down and the growers all seem to be of the opm1on that they have a first class crop Everything about 1t looks favorable the leaf IS firm, strong and of good color There has not a word been heard ih1s year of pole sweat flat stems or any of the faihngs that the crop 18 hmr to There IS great d1veni1ty of opmwn m regard to taking down and handlmg the crop some cla1rrung that 1t ought not be taken down until the sec ond dampenmg, while others say the best and qmckest way 18 to takll ij; down, stnp 1t all off and bundle 1t then sort 1t at lasure Then some say that 1t 1s the best to sort 1t as 1t IS str1pped There are as many op1mons as there are growers as to the way to handle tobacco A convention of tobacco growers would be m order to settle the quest10n as to what IS the best mode of handhng after tatting 1t from the poles. There have been no sales of late and some have not sold last years crop Enfield-The damp weather of the 19th and 22d was 1mproved by many of the rwsers of tobacco m striP:" pmg a port10n of the1r crops Those who manured highly and had crops on su1table land have a t1p top artiCle, while those who d1.d differently have an m fenor one Bu.t the best lots will turn out a larger pro vortlOn of seconds than ordmarily, because of the ill JUry done by the severe storm of the 20th of August1 wh1ch swept through thl) ent1re valley, hreakmg ana bruismg many of the leaves rendenng them unfit for first-class wrappers Many rRJ.Bers are th1s year, for the first ttme m this sect10n, stnppmg m about SO-lb bundles and hope to sell their crops Without sortmg It would be Wl8dom on the part of the packer to take 1t m this condition and have 1t sorted Ul1der h1s own superVlBlOn, rather thab to buy 1t sorted by the rruser The fact 18 plain that if all the ra1sers know how to properly sort their, they fail to act u_p to the1r knowledge as a general rule Especially 18 th18 the case if the crop 18 sold before sort1ng at varymg pnces for the different If sorted by the pack:er, his will be uwform, whatever may be his selectwns m buymg R Parker of Warehouse Pomt, has called upon a number of our rrusers and offered llc al1d 12c through, sorted by the The packers pay half a cent a pound for sortmg. The growers are ask:ing 111c per pound m the bunille for the best lots, wh1ch prollably lS about the BIUDe as 20 10 and 5 If the 1878 crop was worth the pnces pwd for 1t, the above figures are not extravagant for th18 years crop of good lots Warehouse Pomt-E W Buckland haA sold at 12@ 13c through M Koehler, IS acres at tltrough, John Bassenger, 8 acres, 15e through, Fred Boehler, lSc through, A W,Lord,, F LAbbe, 1 te throngh A few ch01ce lots m the east J18:1:t of the town are reported sold at 16c through The mdicatwns THE TOB.ACCO LE.AF. are that the cro p will all be "anted as soon as 1t 18 ready for packmg The New England Homestead remarks -Some of the trade tobacco JOurnals have been engaged for the last two months m a heroiC attempt to bear the Seed leaf market The cropm Pennsylvama was Immense the y srud and the purchases on the poles m that State and m the ConnectiCut and Housatomc Valleys at such high priCes were foolish 1d10t1c etc etc All th18 time the market for the different qualit1es of Seed leaf, both new and old crops has not only remamed firm, but quotat10ns are perceptibly h1gher than they were when the bears began to growl. Lancaster County According to reports from Lancaster County rt seems that there IS no abatement m the demand for t obacco of the new crop by v1s1tmg buyers From all s1des there are reports of sales and remunerative priCes are obtamed From present mdiCat10ns the general average prom1ses to be higher than has been realized for some years past Farmers and packers 1t seems have little trouble to come to a n agreement and busmess m consequence IS very active The La.n caster New Era m 1ts last Issue (Nov 29) g1ves the followmg account of recent sal es FROM THE EASTERN END -From Oaernarvon Town ship the followmg sales were reported most of the sales bemg effected w1th t h e tobacco on the poles John Cox sold his crop 1 acre at 17 cents through Abraham Deaner sold 2 acres a t 18 cents through Wilham Shuk sold a 2 acre crop at 16 cents through Henry Meyers got 15 cents through for the produ<;t of 2 acres Geo Artus got 16 cents through for a 2 acre crop Martm Weaver sold 1 acre at S 8 and 20 cents Samuel Fore man sold 1 acre and got S 8 and 25c Dr J H Long disposed of 1 acre at 19c through George Whitman got 15c through for a 2 acre crop Thomas Beckard sold 1 acre at Sh9 and 20c Jacob Grube 1 acre at 15c through Josep Weaver 1 acre at S 9 and 19c Amos Wh1tman the crop off 1 acre at 16c round Milton Yohn 2 acres at 14c through Lev1 Yohn the crop of 2 acres at 16c through George J.'I:Iller 1 acre at 15c through and another acre at lAc Adam Styer 2 acres at through Eber Hand work, 2 acres at s, 8 and 19c Geo S1mpson 1 acre at 16%;c through Oliver Brubake r 1 acre at 3 8 and 18c through Theodore Foltz 1 acre at 15c through M'attus Irwm of Honeybrook JUSt across the county lme 2 acres at 15c through Jacob L1pp of West Lampeter 1 acre at 5 9 and 23c and Robt H a uck, of the same townsh1p 6 acres at 5 and 21c PEQUEA AND STRASBURG -The followmg sales were all made m Pequea Township, whiCh seems from the pr1ces prud to have grown a very excellent art1ele of the weed -Jacob Sharp sold h1s crop at 5 10 and 22 cents John Stauffer got 3 7 and 22c Rudolph Herr 5 10 and 25c Harry Rush who h a d prepared h18 crop m very good style and separated 1t mto four qualities got SOc for tlie best, 20 cents for the second quality and smaller priCes for the mfer10r grades another gentleman whose name we are not at hberty to men t10n r ece 1ved 11 and 20c for h1s crop In Strasburg Township SIX acres of tobacco grown on the farm of Samuel Eshleman were sold to Mr Oppenhetmer to day The followmg are the names of the respe ctive growers and the pr1 ces obtamed -Samuel Esh1eman at S 10 and 22c Samuel Orr at S 10 and 20 Jacob Enders at S 10 and 2S Samuel W1thers at S, 10 and 20c In Strasburg Townsh1p the followmg sales were an nounced -Henry Keener 6 acres at 3 6 10 and 19c Dav1d Myers acres at S 8 and 20c W1tmer Rohrer 5 acres at 3 8 and 20c Jacob Rohrer 4 acres at S 8 and 20 Henry Grove acres at 8 and 20c John Taylor 4 acres at 4 10 and Edward Musselman 6 acres at S 8 and 20c George Gondor S acres at 3 7 and 20c Elms Esbenshade 2 acres at 4 10 and 19c The New Era remarks-A reference to our usual market report to day will show that much of the crop m Manor Townsh1p has already been sold and at most sat18factory pr1ces In fact Manor seems to have been a favor1te spot for buyers dunng the past two weeks And yet th1s 1s the distr1ct of whiCh a corres pondent of a certam New York tobacco JOUrnal writ mg kfrom York Pa, SRJ.d the tobacco growers were very much d18couraged their crops haVing been badly mJured by (drouth pole rot white ve1ns hall and what not That seeiTlS to be JUst the kind of tobacco the buyers are after It IS d1fficult to determme whether Ignorance or a chrome tendency toward untruthfulness IS the most rrommenb feature Of that York County correspondents character UPPER LEACOCK AND SALISBURY -The followmg sales were effected m Upper Leacock Townsh1p on Thursday of last week -Michael Rohrer sold 4 acres to Lancas ter buyers at 5 10 and 22c Other lots were d18posed of at 5 and 22c 5 and 28 cents were b1d for a ch01ce lot, but refused Offers of 5 and 20, and 5 and 24 were also made for two other lots and reJected Theodore Stauffer sold S acres at S 10 and 2Sc Jolm Miller 2 acres at 2 8 and 25c Abraham MelhngerJ. S acres at S 8 and 22c Franklin We1dler, 1 acre at 8 and 25ci Michael DlSSmger 2 acres at 3 8 and 24c MIChae Rohrer 4 acres at S 8 and 22c There have m ad d1tion to the above been nUll1erous sales atiS 8 and 20 cents Isaac Leaman 18c round and John L Ba1r, at 5 9 and 22c Some of the largest and best lots are st1ll unsold The growers have had opportumt1es to sell but many prefer to wrut unt1l their tobacco 1s stripped whiCh the present cond1t10n of the weather does not allow In Salisbury Township Cyrus Miller sold 5 acres at 23c for all leaves 2S mches long and 5c and lOc for the rest of the crop Will1am Weiler sold% of an acre at 5 and 18c Dav1d Groff sold 1 acre at 5 and 15c John Mason, acre at 5 and 18c S J & W C Henderson, S acres at 5 10 and 20c A iot of ten acres by another partyt part of which brought 5 and 20c and the re mamaer 5 10 and 22c Harvey Clark, JUSt over the Salisbury lme m Chester County got 10 and 20c for h1s crop of acres Mr Cyrus l!'l.cNcal of Bart Townsh1p, sold the product of eeveral acres at 4 18 and 21c On Fr1day last the followmg sales were made at Silver Sprmg -Jacob Bard, 4 acres at 4 8 and 22c C M Bucher 2 acres at 4, 8 And 24c Geo Iker, 1 acre at 4 8 and 22c, Abram E; ..Stauffer 5 acres at S 8 and 20c There are many I,Ots still unsold m that ne1ghborhood H C Witmer 1s SRJ.d to haveS acres that run from 22 to S6 mches m length, and of color and to match AT THE ETERS -In West Lampeter Townsh1p, Mr D1etor sold l,J.j; acres at 4 and Geo HarnlSh 2 acres at S 8 and 20c Jacob DmtrlCh, 1 acre at 4 and 22c, and another lot at 3 8 and 17c Adam Rowe, 2 acres at S 8 and 25c Abraham Lockey acres at 4, 8 and 20c Geo Ulmer acres at 4 8 and 20c Sam Cassel 1 acre at 3 8 and 17c In Manor Township Abraham Young sold acre at S 8 and 20c, BenJamln Kauffman 7 acres at 5 10 and 22c Adam Fry 2 acres at S 7 and 20c From East Lampeter we have the annexed sales -Amos Groff 6 acres to Frank Bair at 16c through DaVid Kr1der a lot at 5 10 and 20c Cyrus Weaver sold hf.S' crop at 5 and 15c Amos Lea man got 17c through1 Moses Landis at 5 10 and 20c Jacob Buckwalter 4 acres at 5 12 and 20c John Musser at 5 10 and 20c G Bair, at 3, 7 and 20c In Westii'empfield the followmg sales were made to Mr Ledderman -Henry W Weller 1.!4 acres at 5 10 and 20 .cents 1 the same person, acre at 5 10 and 25c John C Snnth acres at 5 10 and 20c H1ram C Leekard, 7 acres at 5 11 and 20c many other farmers have refused 5 10 and 20c John Stauffer and ChrlStlan MllSSillman of Earl T<>wnship sold 7 acres at round Henry He1sey of Manor sold 2 acres at 5, "'.1.0 and 22c Johnson M1ller, of W arw1ck got for acres 5 13 and 22c The above are, of course but a t1the of the sales made throughout the county dunng the past few days In many places the greater part of the crop has been taken, whtle m others Manlieim Township for mstance, along L1t1tz pike there have been very few sales The Lancaster New Era reports that durmg the week tobacco buyers had made such a rrud on the livery stables m that locality that they were almost left Without horses and veh1cles and a vast amount of tobacco changed hands dur1ng the week Durmg the last few days sales m the lower end of the county mcluded half an acre sold by Taylor Wilson at 20c through Solomon Hamer 1 acre at S and 24c Ben Fntz 1 acre at S, 8 and 22c Aaron Hartman, 2 acres at 16c through l'hll purchasers of the above were Messrs Sener & Kri!rder wh.o offered 'Mr Hartman S, 8 10 and 28c for S acres but the offer was refused Other growers also refused the pnces offered them High pnces were obtamed by growers m Drumore Townsh1p Abraham Kauffman sold the product of 5 acres h18 entire crop, to Mr Guslinsky of Califorwa, on Wednesday at 26c through Amos Walton sold to John A Tripple 4 acres at 5 10 and 25c Dr J M Deaver sold 6 acres at 5, 10 and 23c In East Lampeter, George L Buckwalter sold to Mr Borger S acres at S, 8 and 20 cents Jacob Yeager sold h18 crop to Mr Schuberth at S 8 and 21 cents Henry Hartman sold S acres to Mr W1dener at 5 and 23, and 5 acres at 5 and 18 cents E. J Buckwalter sold 1)4 acres to E. Y Sterner at 12" cents through Henry Stevens sold to the same purchaser S acres at S 6 and 18 cents Joseph W1ssler, of Warw1ck: sold 1 acre at 4, and 25 cents Hess .... of Sal18bury, sold his crop at 4, 10 and 24 cents 1n JOOSt Hempfield, John Kauffman sold h18 crop at 4, 8 and 24 cents Peter Det ling at 4, 8 and 23 cents, Detling at 12 and 25 cents H E Miller also sold li18 ent1re crop at figures that have not become known. Buyers are reported as plenty m that v1c1mty 1 Mflvements of Buyers in Pennsyhan1a Massachusetts Havemeyers & V1gellus and Gershel & Bro are among the prmc1pal buyers at Conestoga Townsh1p Lancaster COunty Pa The tobacco bought 1s m all cases on JlOles w1th a few hundred pounds st1pped m each lot The followmg purchases were made durmg the past week Havemeyers&V1gelius -AM Hess 22 10 and 5 S Shenk, 4 do at 22 and 5 C Kend1g S do at 25, 10 and 5 A Warfel 10 do at 25 10 and 5 J B Hess 4 do at 20 and 5 L Gershel & Bro -J W Urban S acres at 26 25 10 and 5 J Warfel 6 do t;tt 2S 1Q ant:t:5 D R1mer S do at 23 10 and 5 B NiCely 2 do at 21, 8 and S Mr Thomas S do at 21 10 and 5 E & L Werthe1mer -A Miller, 8 acres at 25 22 10 and 5 J Miller 8 do at 18 to 251 10 and 5 J Clark 3 do at 24, 10 and 5 C Kendig o do at 10 and 5 D M11ler 10 do at 25, 10 and 5 In Skassburg Township Mr Oppenhermer bought of Samuel Eshleman at 22 10 and S of Samuel Orr at 20, 10 and S Jacob Enders 2S Jo and 3 and Sam uel W1thers at 20 10 and 3 A H Scoville & Co are sa1d to have bought 100 acres prmCipally m the northeast sect10n of Lanca.s ter County and the adJommg townshipS of Berks County Iher pnnClpal buyer lS Mr Wilcox who has nearly dramed the neighborhood of Churchtown and Morgantown A few of h1s purchases have been made as low as 8c though the pnces have averaged much higher He pa1d Evan Styer of Morgantown 18c through for two or three acres and to Mr Compton of Churchtown 17 cents through The followmg sales are from Strassburg and viCnnty -Edw Musselman 6 acres to John ,S Rohrer for 20 1S and Amos Herr 2 acres to John S Rohrer for 20 8 and S Jacob Hoffman S acres to JohnS Rohrer for 18 8 and S John Taylor S acres to Rosenshine for 21 8 and S Sol Frey 2 acres to Rosenshme for 22 8 and S followmg purchases, with a fe" except10ns are cred1ted to Mr Wilcox the buyJ)r for A H Scov1lle & Co and Mr MIChael Dav1s buyer for Messrs Joseph Mayers Sons who have nearly bought up the entue crop of Caernarvon Township Pa -John Cox 1 acre at 17c through Abraham Deaner, 2 acres at l8c through William Shirk a 2 acre crop at 16c through Henry Myers got 15c through for the product of 2 acres George Artus got 16c through for a 2 acre crop Martm Weaver 1 acre at 3 8 and 20c Samuel Fore man 1 acre and got S 8 and 25c Dr J H Long d1s posed of 1 acre at 19c through George Whitman got I5c through for a 2 acre crop, T omas Beckard 1 acre at S 9 and 20c Jacob Grube 1 acre at 15c through Joseph Weaver 1 acre at S 9 and 19c Amos \Vh1t man 1 aero at 16c round Milton Y ohn 2 acres at i 4c through Lev1 Yohn thecropof2acresat16cthrough George Miller 1 acre at 15c through and another acre at 14 c Adam Styer 2 acres at 18c through Ebe r Handwork 2 acres at S Sand 19c George Srmpson 1 acre at 16;\l:c through Ohver Brubaker 1 acre at S 8 and 18c through Theodore Foltz 1 acre at loc through Mattus lrwm of Honey brook Just across the county lme 2 acres at 15c through Jacob L1pp of Weijt La.mreter 1 acre at 5 9 and 23c and Robert Hauck of the same townsh1p 6 acres at 5 and 21c From Massachusetts the followmg sales are reported durmg the past week -At 1 lot 4 acres about half seed and the other half Havana at 12c for seed and 14c for Havana assorted At Deer field Rosenwald & Bro have bought 60 acres seed m the bundle at lOc and E Jones bas bought 15 acres of seed at llc m the bundle and Bunzl of New York has 15 acres of seed and Havana at 10 and 12c mak mg m all about 90 acres equal to some 425 cases At Whately Walter Crafts has sold 9 acres 2 of seed and 7 of Havana. at 13c m the bundle for seed, and 15c for Havana m the bundle this was a verych01ce crop 1 lot of S acres seed at 12c m the bundle At West Hat field, 1 lot of S acres at llc and 1 at 10;\l:c At North field Sanderson and Walker so1d a lot of, 12& cases of 1878 crop at At Feedmg Hills, 60 cases of old goods crop of 1876 were sold at Hie through at rewetghts At Hatfield S F B1llings sold 10 acres of seed at llc through, and 2 acres of Havana at 15c and J D Por ter 6 Exchange Crop and Market Comments SEED LEAF PENNSYLVANIA -The Lancaster New Era Nov 28 reports -The tobacco of former years still remams comparat1vely neglected the stlr m the new crop en gagmg the attentwn of buyers and sellers almos t ex elusively As a consequence of the good priCes prud for this years tobacco holders of old have stiffened m their asking rates and a slight advance may be noted The sales of the week sum up 250 cases (nearly all m small lots) as ag&nst 350 cases last week1 and SOO for the correSJ?Ondmg week uf last year Durmg the week that has JUSt closed, there has been a contmuance of the act1v1ty whiCh we chromcled last week m new tobacco We are not prepared to say tl;iat so much has been sold durmg the week endmg to-day as there was the previous week, but there has nevertheless, been a large volume of busmess transacted There has been no change m pr1ces Our last week's quotatiOns may still be regarded as about the ruling rates vaned, of course by the q,ual1ty of the goods We may quote the rates to run from S@5c for fillers from 5@12c for seconds, and from 16@SOc for wrappers the latter figure for fancy lots The more gene}'al figures are about 5 10 and 20c for fillers seconds and wrap pel'S respectively Among the best Sa.les that have come to our notiCe fully authenticated was one of 5 12 and SOc and one made by Mr Peter Foreman of Caernarvon Townsh1p who sold his crop of 8 acres at the swmging pnce of 2Sc through Th1s 1s, w1th a smgle except10n the best pr1ce we have so far heard of But Mr Foreman's tobacco 18 reported to be very supenor It averages 1 800 lbs of str1pped tobacco to the acre wh1ch will give him $414 per acre, or $31312 for his crop of 8 acres Last year he had out 6 acres for S of which he got 5 10 and SOc, and the other S brought 5 10 and 20c It 1s no ea.s;r matter to foretell the future of the market We believe the enttre crop will be lifted but whether at the prevailmg pr1ces 1s very uncertam Our adv1ce to our tobacco growmg fr1ends 1s st1ll to sell The present priCes are paymg ones, and the old adage of a b1rd m hand apphes at the present Juncture to our tobacco market as every reader can readily see for h1mself At this t1me last year fully Olle ht;tlf the tobacco bad been taken from the polew and stripped to-day not more than one tenth of the crop 18 ready for market Although yesterday was Thanksg1vmg 1t was httle observed by the tobacco buyers, who were spread out over the county like a. cloud m pursu1t of fine tobacco and bargruns The Manetta Times Nov 29 remarks -Mr John .A Garber of East Donegal, brought to our office th1s week two hands of tobacco grown from seed rece1ved from the Agncultural Bureau at Washmgton It 1s as fine as silkJ.. riCh m color and the two hands shown us-and Mr uaruer assures ug they are a fru.r sample of h1s entire lot-.measure S6 mches m length and about 21 and 22 mches m bl;"eadth While growmg, the plants did not look very prom1smg and lt lS not until the to bacco IS cured and stripped that the r1ch color and silky texture 18 seen A good deal of this tobacco lS grown m ManorTownsh1p, and It 1s always sought out bf Califorman buyers and bought at extravagantly high pnces 25 and 30c round bemg frequently paid. Sales of 1879 -Tlie pnce obtamed by G-eo Saylor farmer for John W RichJ was 25 and 7c A few other sales were made at 18 aha 4, and 20 and 5 The Lancaster Exammer and Express December S remarks -Of tobacco of the 1878 crop, a number of small lots were sold last week amountmg m all per haps to S50 or 400 cases Pnces for these goods have been st1ffened by the h1gh pr1ces pa1d for the new crop and are collSlderably m advance of what they were two weeks ago The actlVlty m the new crop still con'mues sales bemg made every day, and pr1ces have rJ.Sen rather than fallen Several cases have been reported where buyers mspected crops m the early part of the week but d1d not buy because the grower demanded half a cent more than they would pay Later m the week the buyers resolved to purcliase theee lots, but upon returmng to the growers!. found that they had sold for even more than they at nrst demanded Th18 shows how qmckly fine lots are snapped UJI Nothing seems to make the buyers suspend operatiOns On Thanks givmg day they were as act1ve as ever and the present cold weather does not hmder them m the least Prices range from 14 to 30c through, 16 to 30 for wrappers, 8 to 10 for seconds, and S to 5 for fillers EstliDates of the amount sold range from 8,000 to 10,000 cases, but 1t may be even more than this, for buyers st1ll keep the extent of the1r operations secret How long th1s ac tlVIty w1ll contmue 1t 18 hard to say, but at present there lS no Blgri of a falling oft, and 1t 1s very probable that even greater 9,Uant1t1es will be sold when the to bacco 18 stripped, 1f so much 1s disposed of while 1t 18 hangmg on the pol911, when there 18 no chance of ex ammmg 1t Whether the pnces will contmue high IS another question, and farmers cannot do better than to sell now if they are offered fa1r priCes William Nagle of Mount Joy sold on Saturday to Lederman Brothers, 4 acres at SO 15 and 5 200 pounds at 15 and the balance at 30 and 5 1t IS yet on th6 poles The Examtner also reports a boss sale -Abraham Kauffman of Drumore Township It says sold hts crop of 5 ac'res of tobacco to ;E Gurlinskl & Co of Cali forma, for 26c through Dr J M Deever, of the same townsh1p, 6 acres for 23 }() a.nd 5 cents Amos Walton 4 acres at 25 10 and lie The Lancaster InteUtgence1 Dec S reports Of recent local sales the northwestern part of Drumore Township comes to the front with a list of good pnces of whiCh the followmg are sent us J olm S Rohrer of Havemeyers & V1gehus has bought the crops of John Carter at 22 8 and 3 Preston Smtth and 5 John Neilson 10 and 2, Wm Dmm 20 9 and 3 John Snavely 20 8 and S A H Kauffman has sold 5 acres at round Amos Walton 4 acres at 25 and 5 to Tripple Dr J M Deaver, acres to Phil H1lk1e a t 2S 8 and 3 BenJamm Stanton acres to Phil H1lk1e at 20 and 5 Dr Robert Clark: a t 22 10 and S to Frank Bael' James McPherson at 22 8 and S to Phil Hilk1e Harr1son Potts to John Seru;emg 20 and 5 James Long to John 20 12 and 5 In ex planatiOn of these unusually high pnces pa1d m the lower end 1t 1ssa1d that the crop there had timely and fine rams whiCh brought 1t out as well 1f not better than the plant mother parts of the country The Intelltgencer adds -The local m&ket contmues to boom notw1tl: standmg the efforts of a few buyers who are vamly endeavormg to bear the market Reeresentat1ves of all the leadmg h ouses of New York Plilladelphia and far off San Franmsco are here all on the alert and buymg everythmg that IS str1pped and a great deal more that yet bangmg on tbe poles Every morrung b y surtr1se, and sometimes earlier they leave the1r hotels and behmd fast steppmg horses h1e them to the country m search of the coveted weed It IS not tbe1r fault that they have not already bought up one half of tbe entire crop It 1s the1r rrus fortune that they cannot get at 1t as the contmued dry weather has prevented tile grower from strlppidg and gladdemng the eyes of the buyers w1th a fa1r s1ght of the beautiful silky dark: brown leaves Of the buyers now reg1stered m the c1ty we could name three or four who could w1thout mconvemence to themselves pur chase the ent1re Permsylvama crop (say 70 000 or 80 000 cases) and pay f o r 1t at the pnces now bemg pmd Th1s (Monday) mormng all the buyers and the1r agents left town early each trymg to get ahead of the others What the harvest may be cannot yet be told It 1s estrmated that fully 10 000 cases have been al ready taken-probably 12 000 Prices are still quoted at from 18 to 30 for wrappers 8 to 14 for seconds and S to 5 for fillers Local buyers who at first held off but who are now buymg acknowledge that good tobacco cannot be bought for less than 25c and that there 11s an ev1dent de s 1gu on the part of some of the heavy dealers to gobble up the crop M enno Hershey Para. dtse Townsh1p has sold two acres to Diller & Rutter for 17 and 4 Amos Gnest of Eden has sold to r N1ssley h1s crop at 21 8 and S Robert Hamm1l or Eden has sold h1s crop at 22 10 and S Wm B Stover of East Earl has sold his crop to Samuel Moore Jr for 25 and Mr Moore has purchased of the new crop over 200 cases at pr1ces rangmg from 18 and 3 to 25 and 5-a few lots as low as 14 and S Dealers seem to tbmk there will be a break from the present h1gh pr1ces before much mo1e of the cr' op IS sold They assert that 1t IS only m favored localit1 es and generally m low meadow lands that the croo of 1879 1s espeCially fine that a great propont10n of the crop IS short leaved heavy and undes1rable and can only be sold a t much lower figures than have been pa1tl for the fine tobacco already p1Ckcd up The sales durmg the past week have not been near so large as those of the precedmg week and priCes have ruled a shade lower The h1gh puce pa1d for 1879 tobacco has had the effect of shghtly advancmg the priCe of the 1878 crop Chr1stmn Musser of Earl has sold 7 acres of tobacco t" M Davis buyer for Jos Mayers Sons at 19c round Heber Handwork of East Earl has sold hlS crop at 19 and 5 We hear of a ch01ce lot of a % acre thai was sold for S6c through but the names of buyer and seller are w1thheld H Sm1th, of Akron bas sold S acres of tobacco at 20 10 and 5 Amos S Hess has sold to Frank Pentl:arge h18 crop of tobacco for 24, 10 and 4 Sener & Kre1der made the followmg purchases of tobacco m Bart Township acre from J:aylor Wilson at 20c through 1 acre from Solomon Harner at24 and S 1 acre from BenJamm Fntz at 22 8 and S 2 acres ralSed on the farm of Aaron Hartma n at 16c throug!l, The York Vt8patch publ18hes the followmg sales of tobacco m Cbanceford County to Mr J D Sensemg of Lancaster County -Herman Snyder acres at 16 and 3 B G Fulks acres at 16 and S E F Barnett 1.!4 acres at 15 8 and S Jacob Colvm S acres at 15 6 and 3 Robt S Scott 2 acres at and 3 John Scott 3 acres at and S Samuel K1lgor e 2 acres at 16 and S making a total of 15}4 acres Mr John S Murphy of Pach::Bottom sold to Mr Saylor for Skiles & Frey of Lancaster acres tobacco at 17, 4 and S Tb1s 1s the highest pr1ce yet pa1d m that V1Cm1ty 1 The York County True Democrat Nov 25 makes the followmg observatiOns -York County or1gmally part of Lancaster possessmg the same river s01l the same class of people and farmers has th1s year fully 4,1>00 acres of the best Pennsylvama Seed le a f tobacco ever grown m Pennsylvarua. Allowmg 1 200 to 1 500 pounds to the acre there are from 12 000 to 15 000 cases of ch01ce tobacco m York County Th18 tobacco has been bought by dealers and packers for some years, and sold w1th the best Pennsylvama grades and has been when sold regarded unequalled by any other ra.J.8ed m any county m the State The opportunities to realize fortunes on small cap1tal m York County 1s begmmng to attract qmte a number of bus1 ness men mto the handhng of tobacco m York County As yet York Coilllty can afford to sell Its tobacco at less per pound than Lancaster County because land and labor 1s cheaper and w1th our thousands of cheap fed cattle we can afford to put on the best manure to ra1se the best quality of Seed leaf As many growers on account of the depremated priCes have not so care fully sorted the1r crops m the future and the present season th18 matter IS rece1vmg more attent10n The wrappers will be carefully separated, long and short from seconds and fillers so that the buyer may see ex actlywhat he buys and that he can offer the 1ullest pnce for the best, because he can see how much he gets of each Intelligent farmers fully understand that they must be honest w1th the dealer if they would make future sales at good priCes and protect the com mumty from the st1gma of Fa1r, honest deal1ng 1s the great pomt to secure f&r pnces Tb1s should not be lost s1ght of WISCONSIN The WlSconsm (Edgerton) Tobacco Reporter, Nov 28 reports -The movement maugurated lAst week m the purchase of the 79 crop by Mr Abner and Mr Wulff has qmeted down somewhat and they are re ported as making only occasiOnal purchases as grow ers are holdmg greatly above then views Hence operat10ns are, to a certam extertt blockaded 1 Our local operators are domg nothmg owmg to priCes asked and held by the growers and they cla1m there IS enough for all and no necess1ty of any a=ety m the matt4The fact 1s buyers know pretty closely what they can afford to pay and make a good realiza twn on theirmvestments, and though theyareanx10us to purchase at safe pnc11s they will not go above Growers are apt to get exc1ted and refuse profitable figures for the1r crops and then repent at their le1sure Th18 has been. manifested m hundreds of 1nstances but 1t seems a chrome complamt and they will not profit by past expenences Were we m the same pos1t10n, we m1ght fall mto the error, but as a careful and diSmterested observer we cannot look upon the matter m any other light OHIO -The MiaiDlsburg Bullettn Nov 28 reportsA few crops of 79 leaf have been p1cked up at pnces rangmg close to lOc Sh1ppmg goods have advanced, and ly IS asserted that grades of this sort are held Without sales --at 8@9c Good c1gar leaf 1s held at 10 to 12c and sales at lOc, and upward mto fractwns are reported German 78 18 bemg rap1dly bought up at ll@l2c for perfect goods VIRGINJA. AND NORTH CAROLINA NORTH CAROLINA -The Asheville Journal remarks -Tobacco 18 to be the future mterest of th1s country Enough has already been ascertained from the efforts made to establish a market here that 1t will be, and 1s mdeed now a success Every encouragement ought to be given by: our home producers to the e11mblishment m their m1dst of home markets Th18 av01ds the m convemence and loss of sh1pment bes1des a heavy savmg of etc Asheville ought to afford at least four, or perhaps five first class tobacco ware housesl and w1th proper effort and enterpnse thel can be creurg refused to have anythmg to do w1th the propose d scheme Without saymg anythmg as to the feas1bll 1ty of the measure proposed. we nssert that if the trade of th1s c 1ty propose any me.llBure for the benefit of th18 c1ty as a tobacco marke1;. they must act for themselves CmCJnnatl Tobacco Tracie Tie annual meetmg of the Cmcmnatl Tobacco Trade AssociatiOn for the election of officeJ:S and also mspec tor was held on Monday Dec 1 at the offices of W G Morr19 87 West Front Street The followmg are tbe officers and Board of Managers as elected for the the ensumg year who assume therr duties on January 1 1880 -President, RIChard Malay F1rst VJCe Pres1 d ent J W Barber Second VICe-PreSident W D Spauldmg Board of Managers, Col M Ra1dy Theo SengsU:.k J H Ratterman, H H Hoffman B F Power J P Garvey L H Brooks H Worthington J J Noonan and George W Cox Inspector and Reporter Dr E R W 'l'homas The Board of then retired (or the purpose of electmg the Inspector for the ew.mng year and the appomtmg {)f Comm1ttees The gentlemen made very short work of 1t by e lectmg Dr E R W Thomas on the first ballot whiCh was maqe unammous th1s 1s as 1t should be The Doctor has most f&thfully and honestly performed the dut1es of the office durmg his first year and was therefore deservmg of "hwb 1t affords us great pleasure to record Reported Failures and Business Arrangements. [From BRADS'I'IlEm 8 1 BosTON Mass -Marshall P Newha.Jl mortgaged stock etc for fl 097 Herman W YOU lUI; tobacco and Cigars 1 mortgaged stock tor $597 BROOXLYlrl N Y W oeh l e r & Roesch tooaceo mortgaged fixtures for $1!00 BuFFALO N Y -Geo Berlinghoff (et aJ ) tobacco judgment agrunst for 1871 CtNomNA..Tr 0 M VB Wefghell CJgarsandtobaooo giVenrealtymort gages for $3 000 and 5 000 H B Woste cigars 2fven realty mortgage :tor $!>00 Ct.xv&LAND 0 -Peter Cigar maker mortgaged stock and hoJd Interest for !200 HUNTINGDON Pa-W I Bncker tobacco Judgment ngamst for $481 MiNNEAPOLis Minn H W Lauer CJ.gars. etc given bill ot sale to L M Story !or $300 E A Bishop cigars etc mortgaged stock for $190 NEW OB.I.JtANs La -F A. GOnzales & Bro rmport.ers a.ud dealers m ci gars sued for $5 58(1 P&XIN Ill -H 0 Stem toba<:co given chattel mortgage fsr $128 PHILA.DELPBU. Pa -John J Ludy tobacco and CLgars judgment agamst for $400 SAN Fu:.:oaco Cal -A Meyer cigar manufacturer attached E Sichel & Bro c gars and tobacco Jacob Schel applied for relief m bankruptcy BARATOoA, N Y -Calvm I!! Avery tobacco etc judgment agamst for $208 SPRINGFIELD Mass M P Rogers, cigars attached WEST CiiEeTB&, Pa -LudMg Marx tobacco and cigars judgment ag&J.nst for $600 'fonoJ.OTO Ont -T C Gagmer tobacco and attached ALnANY N Y Dec 2 1879 EDITOR TOBACCO LEAF 8 r I notic<>d in your issu e of Saturday, Nov 29 among the failures etc the name of & Dunn reading as follows Sutton & Dunn Jas. Sutton gives chattel mortgage for one hundred dollars Mr Sutton has not been connected w1th me since the 15th day of last Augm;t and the h e bas given on his household furn ture has nothing to do w1th our J.a:te co-partnership the notice of the dhwolution of &uch :firm bavmg been published m the papers as Ja requ1red by Ja'" The late firm o:t Sutton & Dunn bas been succeeded by the firm of M H Dunn & Co Yours truly M. B Dt11Qi; Busmess New Firms and Removals. &: Co cigar manufacturers Lombard & Cheap Omc.a.oo Ill -Peter Herms c gars etc deceased CLINTON Mass -Geo F Rice cigars etc closmg up busmess & Bascom c1gars and d18801ved now .MJJxrco Mo J J Parks tobacco and cigars sold out to John Jones. Nxw YoRI\.]'l Y -Heyenga & Frank pipe manufa.cturers dissolved S:r LoUIS .m.o -Gerardi & Shckney, dissolved TORONTO Can -M Breis etc sold out.. THE TOBACCO MARKETS. NEW YORK, DECEM11ER 6 There 1s little to be sa1d of the local leaf tobacco market m add1t10n to what the cuculars of our fr1ends report Regarded as a whole, busmess m leaf tobacco IS nG>t bnsk m th1s market Dealers m Western leaf r eport extreme qmetude w1th sales smce the 1st mst of only 466 hhds While this 18 the co13dlt10n of affa1rs here better adv1ees reach us fwm Cincmnati and Lomsv1lle Messrs Sawyer Wallace & Cp report to THE To BACCO LEAF as follows -We have nothmg new to report The month opens qmet w1th sales reported of 466 hhds of which S11 for export 59 to Jobbers and 96 to manufacturers lstwee:r 2d week 3d week Total 611 793 1 415 3 500 799 1 409 546 4100 857 892 8 269 6 ()()() 838 560 351 3500 578 604 720 4 400 844 4JG 680 4 350 734 916 565 6200 August 1 070 785 807 3 500 September 505 389 918 3 525 442 377 562 '2 900 O cto Novem er 342 4u0 4SS.... 2100 this month -estern S7 4 hhds Last year, 52S hhds From New Orleans do do do Baltrmore do 62 do do Vrrg1ma 121 de 226 do Total 495 bhds Total 811 hhds Rece1pts th1s year -Western 69 501 hhds FromNewOrleans 1 435 do do Baltimore 1 400 do do V1rgm1a 18 718 do Total 91 054 hhds Export Sales for the week Last year 112 751 hhds 2134 do 2 SS2 do 24 277 do Total 141,494hhds Manuf Jobbers Total hhds 98 59 S26 hhds Sales for the month 169 Exports for the week: for the month 1 887 hhds At New OrleansRecerpts from Jan 1 to Nov 29 1879, S 148 hhds agamst lS 117 hhds m 1878 sales tb18 month (Dec) 12

4 tunate If country bu\'ers are able to r etam the profits of the last two years We see 11 stated that busmess m the stemmmg region will open at lc above laet years pnce It IS hard to see the reason for this The short crop of :Mason last ) ear caused an extra home demand for thlB sort but thts IS not likely to occur the present season Stemmers may do more but England really needs lout httle to complete aasortments of her still burdensome stock As to Regie sorts grown m the Upper Green, Clarksville and Paducah reg10ns we need only pomt, for to the present miserable state of our mar ket, whtch 1s suJienug the legttimate consequences of two nus takes made last year The crop was bought too high, and the contracts were taken oo low If there was a good show of busmess wtth the north of Europe, the prospect mgbt be more encouraging, but If you are again, as seems probable to de pend on the tender merctes of the Regies, II IB as well to know that their last bids would JUStify you m psymg 3 and 1 for Green and dtslnct crops, and 3)4 for Clarksville H YJ/U pay more, it may benefit your souls by teaching you pat1en1!e (the only commisSIOns we are earnmg; now), but 1\ w1ll hardly ben efit your pockets We may as well learn by expenence that the way of transgressors IS hard and the roail c>f repentance rough We are still suJiermg the consequences of over pro ductwn, and (whatever may be the case at the West) tobacco as an article of speculatiOn IS dead, here and m Europe A contmued d1mtmshed productiOn unit! stocks return to an average 1s the only way to cause pnces to return to au aver age also EXPORTS OF TOBAC(JO FROlll NEW ORK FROM NOVl!UCBER 1 TO 30, INCLUSIVE Total 1146 hhds 588 hhds 1193 hhds 51 hhds 2,871 hhds 243 hhil s 26 hhds From the cucular of Mr R Hagedorn we collate the follow mg synopsis of exports from New York and New Orleans, from January 1 to date 1m 1m hbds hbds 37,251 10 385 14 198 10 194 29,S26 10 941 12 656 7 o5o 9 438 7 488 2 911 2 071 10,960 12,2911 4 766 3,306 Total 122,006 Consumption and on ships not cleared etc S, 784 64 238 21,6/il DlBIIppeared from N Y and New Orleans 130 790 SO 889 M RADER & SoN -Dullness and apathy prevail In our Kentucky tobacco, caused partially by the almost total absence or oril.ers for the open ports, all of them bemg pretty well stocked, and the small requuements for the home trade, and partly owmg to the dismchnatwn of holders to reduce their pretensiOns so that m retammg our former scale of pnces they are to be cons idered but nommal The sales for the past month are 2 100 hhds, of whtch 1 2M hhds for ex pOI I New crop appears more freely at the Western breaks the reports as to quality vary, and 11 1s yet too early to pro nounce a decided optmon D J GA.RTII, SoN & Co -We have agam to report an ex 1remely dd'llstate of the tobacco market, with sales amountmg to about 2 000 hhds W 1\h. the exception of a sale of 250 hhds low leaf for Spam, we do not hear of any movement by the "Regie contractors Owmg to the large stock of manufactured tobacco held by JObbers our manufacturers are sharmg m the -general dullness which charactcnzes the leaf trade The de mand$ wh1ch ex1st for our stock are of such a nature, and are based on such a low range of pnces that factors generally have not been willing to make the concessiOns asked fo1 Whether buyers w1ll succeed m fillmg the1r reqmre ments at priCes whtch they now otl'er IS still an open questwn, and one whtch may reqmre several months to answer Tbe at which the new crop changes hands IS to be considered m solvmg th1s p10blem The offers made for the old stock now here, d"not JUBI!fy purchasers of loose tobacco m paymg a much for the new crop as they pa1d for Its predecessor Notwtthstandmg this we hear th&t Clarksvdle buyers arc freely biddmg five cents round while on the Ohw River the farmers are getting more for their tobacco than they did last year Should ih1s hberahty on the part of loose buyers con tmue, It may soon be found that New York holds the cheapest tobacco m the country, ana attentiOn would then be duected to this ma1 ket. We are led to behe\'e that the quality of the new crop IS poor, m the roam and Will not pro\'e better than the stocks now at the seaboard Western markets have been firmly mamtamed with small transactions and hght recetpts Dunng a part of last month the weather was favQrable for handlibg the new crop ud a few hundred hhds appeared on the Western breaks, ch1efiy from the Kentucky River districts The quality of these new rece1pts IS very mfenor, as the to bacco 111 badly house burned and much mixed In colors JoHN CATTUB -Noa!terationhastaken place m our market, and the prevwusly stereotyped remarks are well adapted to the past month The demand from exporters as well as manufacturers has been qmte hmtted, and transactiOns for the month foot up 2 100 hhds of which for export 1,250 hhds, manufacturers 500 do, and JObbers 350 do Pr1ces ha\'e rc m&ned nommally unchnngd Nothmg new to be adduced 10 regard to the new crop, of which soon some receipts may be ex.Eected, 8hould the weather contmue favorable for 1\>bck lllg .._ -"Seed Leaf-The Seed leaf market contmues steady, the sales, mainly for JObbmg account, reaching 1,625 cases Act1v1ty still prevails m the growmg sect10ns, and when buyers are done there, and the commg hohdays are over, a penod of bnsk trade may be reasonably anticipated here A buyer recently returned from Wmdsor, Conn speakmg of tho new crop, says -I have seen smce I have been away some poor and some good tobacco The crop does not come up to the e:q>eetat10ns I had formed from what I had heard prev10us to my VlSlt Very little of the tobacco had been taken down when I left, and of that which had been, so much of it was the custom of other years-that one could not have a chance to examme 1t, as can be done when 1t 18 assorted out m different grades Du rmg my v1s1t the weather was very dry, and It was almost Impossible to look at the tobacco while on the poles The crop as a whole can be cons1dered as of large growth, and the better grades possess considerable gum and color They have had some damp days smce I was there, and have probably got more tobacco duwn I should thmk the farmers have been get tmg, so far as they have sold, an average of about 3 to 4 cents a pound more than they d1d last year J S GANS' SoN & Co tobacco brokers report.. m the1r cncular of December 1 -seed Leaf-Notw1th standing but large lines changed hands, and our bulk of sales do not foot up as heavily as m1ght be de sired, yet we cannot but term trade as havmg been very satisfactory m a JObbmg way Packers of all kmds exceptmg Pennsylvania have mther sold out or so broken up the1r assortments that extensive sales are out of the questiOn for the above named art1cle we notice a decidedly better feeling, although, notwith standing Its e,xcellent quality and supenor re sweatmg propertieS, which are bemg da1ly more appreCiated, concess10ns from former askmg rates are bemg and must be made Oh1o, of which we made ment10n m our last Circular as haVJng come mto more favor, has so contmued For expol't we have been w1thout bus1 ness although towards the end of the month there were several mqumes for Oh10, nothmg worthy of note was done, owmg entirely to the absence of smt able goods Purchasmg of new cx:op1 which we last month reported as havmg commenced m the East, has been begun m PennsylvllJlla and Ohio, m the former State, we regret to say, at priCes and m quant1t1es wh1ch nnght make those not Initiated suppose that the crop :of 1879 is n9t only the finest but also the sma;llest one ever grown Sales -Crop of 1876 -New Eng land 80 cases Crop of 1877 -New England,150 cases, PenX:sylvama, 300 do, WISConsm, 150 do Crop of 187S -New England, 1,600 cases, 25 for export, New England Havana Seed, 50 do, Pennsylvarua, 2,500 do, New York, 300 do, Oh10, 3,000 do, 100for expol't, W1s consm, 650 do, total sales, 780 cases, 125 for export Export of Seed leaf from Jan 1, 21,412 cases, same ttme last year, 64,706 cases Vtrgtma Leaf-There was a rather good mquiry for Vll'gtma leaf, and some fa1r sales were effected to local and out-of town manufacturers, w1th a few hhds for export It IS yet early for new wrappers, although specimens have found the1r way to the hands of our factors A fol'tmght hence, perhaps, an assort ment may be avmlable here Our Bremen cor;respondeQt gtves the followmg account of transactiOns m Bremen tobacco market for the week November 13 -Seed Leaf-Receipts, per steamship Oder from New York 601 cases, sales, 601 cases Seed leaf, 15 cases Seed 'leaf cuttmgs, stock on hand, 1,010 cases Pnces unged as follows -Wrappers, 70 to 250 centimes, bmders, 60 to 75 centimes, fillers, 40 to 55 centunes The market remame d qmet, and transact10ns were consequently hmited howeve1, pnces remamed firm There wete a few mstances of mcreased activity, With sales, If they had not been checked by a lack of stock on hand 'Tlus was especially the case as far as the pette r gro.des of Maryland tobacco were con cerned The stock 18 nearly exhausted, and the re ceipts of late have been very lun1ted Salee durmg the week amounted to 75 hhds, while about 300 hhds of Oh10 tobacco were sold, pal'tly old, partly new to bacco the latter be1111g sold at uncommonly high prices In Keiitucky and V1rgmia tobaccos transactions were liimted In great demand are yet duty paid tobaccos, and severa.J. lots of Kentucky leaf were sold at full pnces The stock of duty-pw.d tobaccos 1s nearly ex hausted Transact10ns m Havana leaf were m the aggregate as follows -Receipts, 107 bales, sales, 830 bales, stock on hand Nov 13, 6,090 bales Pr1ces ranged as fol lows -Wrappers, good and fine brown, 650 to 1,400 cent1mes, wrappers, ordmary brown and brown, 350 to 600 cent1mes, wrappers, nnxed w1th fillers, 180 to 300 cent1mes fillers, 130 to 250 centunes, ordmary quality, 180 to 500 centunes A correspondent, wr1t mg from Hambmg.under date of Nov 13, reports stock of Havana leaf on hand 2,236 bales Messl'!'! J S Gans' Son & Co tobacco brokers, 84 and 86 Wall Street, repol't as follows-A fair JObbmg trade, w1th a few small export orders, sum up the week's busmess, d1v1ded as follows SALES 200 cs 1878 crop New EnglandSeconds Wrappers 75 cs 1877 crop New EnglandWrappers 400 cs 1878 crop Pennsylvarua11 @14 13 @30 18 @25 Fillers. Assorted Lots 8 @ 9 11 50 cs 1877 crop Pennsylvarua. Wrappers 300 cs 1878 crop 500 cs 1878 crop Oh1o 100 cs 1878 crop WJSconsm 1,625 cases 25 6 @14 8 @16 SpanUJh -Busmess m Havana tobacco IS compara t1 vely act1ve, thl'l reported sales amountmg to 600 bales at 82c@$1 10, and 230 bales on private terms J S GANS' S o N & Co observe m the1r Circular Ow market for the past month has been fa1rly act1ve, especially for 1879 crop Part1do Vueltas and Remed10s have been rece1ved sparmgly, the former, owmg amongst other causes to 1ts burmng quahties, has by no means been accorded the attention antiCipated by unporters, whilst of the latter all well cured parcels were diSposed of on arnval We repeat ourpredictlon that thiS kind w1ll meet w1th more favor as the season advances 1'he crop of 1878, notwithstanding conces swns bemg constantly made by holders, remmns ne glected. Total sales, 5 000 bales Y ara has only been m !united demand Sales were 212, prmcipally two cuts MONTHLY STATEMENT OF STOCKS OF SPA1HSH TOBACCO Havana Cuba Y ara C1enfuegos Total Bales Bales Bales Bales Bales Stock Nov 1, 79 18 727 274 213 211 19,425 Recetved smce 12103 829 so 29 18,041 Total 80,830 1,108 Sales & reshipm nts 293 240 82,466 to Nov 30 1879 9 000 1003 193 211 10,407 Stock Dec 1 1S79 21 830 100 100 29 22,059 do do 1878 17,755 IIlii 18,030 do do 1S77 25 118 S74 20,992 Manufactured -Dealers report a regular mqmry for all grades and styles of :plug tobacco, but the trans act10ns are more or less of a retail character, as mght be expected at th1s season of the year, when hght stocks make the January accountmg easier than heavier ones The shipments for fore1gn account show an mcrease for the week, reachmg 102,105lbs Smoking -There was a fa1r demand for smoking wbacco, and dealers report sales of general assol't menta for mty and country trade Gtgars -The c1gar market lS unchanged, wh1ch means that the demand contmues good as usual &change -Messrs M & S Sternberger, Bankers, report to TBE ToBACCO LEAl" as follows -We quote as follows Bankers' nommal rates and 4S3;!4: for 60 days and de maud sterlmg respectively, Selhng rates 482 for 60 days, for demand Commetmal 60 days Paris bankers, 3 days 520, 60 days 521Ys, Commerci&l, 60-d11.ys, 525 Re1chs m1rks, bankers 8 days, 115, 60 days, Frei{Jhts -Messrs Carey, Yale & Lambel't, Frmght Brokers report to TBE TonAcco LEAF Tobacco Freights as follows Liverpool, steam 30s, sail 22s 6d London steam, SOs, sad 22s 6d, Glasgow steam 308, sail Bnstol, steam 35s, srul Havre steam $9, sail Antwerp, steam 40s, sa1l 82s 6d Hamburg, steam 40s, S!Ul 32s 6d, Bremen, steam 40s sat! 35s IMPORTS. The arnvals at the port of New York from foreign ports fa: the the CO:lBignments Hamburg-E Lamontagne 1 case cigars Mamla-Order 20 eases c1gars R Vega & BendhelDl 175 do Stra1ton&Storm 101 do, G W Gall & Ax 48 do, Chas F Tag &Son 49 do, W CISS, Eller & Kaeppel 280 do, Esberg, Bachman & Co 40 do A L & C L Holt 32 do, Sanchez, & Haya 50 do, Moritz Meyer 79 do L Fnedman47do, Se1den berg & Co 55 do, Guerra Bros 28 do Lozano, Pendas & Co203 do, C Lopez 154 do R Albomga 1 do, Jas E Ward & Co 266 do, C F Hagen 171 do, F Alexandre & Boos 82 do, WP Clyde & Co 1578 do Merchants' Dispatch Co 53 do, Chas T Bauer & Co 8 cases c1gars, H R Kelly & Co 26 do, Howard I ves 24 do' G W Faber 39 do, Purdy & Nicholas 21 do, MIChaelis & Lm deman 17 do S Lmmgtons' Sons 23 do A Cohn 5 do L P & J Frank 7 do, C Upmann 1 do, G Anuunck & Co 5 do AGonza les 1 do Seidenberg & Co 6 do, Garcia & Palacio 11 do, Gut man & 8 do, C Lopez 1 do, Renauld Francois & Co 1 do Brown Bros & Co 5 do Alex Murphy & Co 3 do Esberg, Bach man & Co 4 do Park & Tilford 95 do, Acker, Merrall & Condit 75 do, W H Thomas & Bro 80 do, A H Re1thn2er & Co 1 do Bruno, D1az & Co 1 do, J de R1vera& Co 1 do, Hugh Waldron 5 do, A E Faber 3 do, H A Graef s Sons 6 do, Jas E Ward & Co 5 do, C F Hagan 55 do F Alexandre & Sons 7 do, Kausche & Downmg 22 do, R Courtney & Bro o do C B Perkms & Co 8 do, F Asta Buruaga 1 do, C Carranza & Co 1 do A Owen 1 do, Jas M Lawton 1 do, Wohd, N1ebuorj& Co2 do,WP Clyde & Co 76 do, Merchants' Dispatch Co 37 do S Fuguet & Sons, Philadelphia, 6 do Receipts of licoflce at port of New York for week, reported expre;;slv for TnE 1 OBACCO LEAP -Weaver & Sterry per Baltic nom Liverpool, 20 pkgs (4426 lbs) hconce st1cks, DIX & Co, per Alexandna from Naples 20 pkgs (4113 lbs) do EXPORT&. From the port of New York to foreign ports for the week were a.s follows 1 Aj'1U10 16@48 I Good to fino S48@120 l!ll'I1Jli'P, [Subject to discount tQ the wholesale trade Maccaboy -62@8li !American Gentleman -@.-12 Scotch and Lundyfoot 412@-86 Rappeo, French 72@-LICOKIOE PASTE. DOHESTIC RECEIPTS. 18 10 18 18 18 22 18 The domestiC receipts at the port of New York for the week were as follows By 1M Em Railroad -Pollard Pettus & Co 23 hhds Funch Edye & Co 14 do, Sawyer, Wallace & Co 17 do J D Ke1lly, Jr 10 do, Watjen, 'l'oel & Co 1 do Toe! Hose & Co 4 il.o, J H Moore & Co 18 do, A C L & 0 !leyer 5 do Order 134 do By tlu Hudson R1.,.,. Railroad -H Schubart S9 cases, Joseph Jlfayer s Sons 55 do, Order 99 hhds, 60 trcs, 3 pkgs lJy th NaUIYnal L1nc -P Lonllard & Co 66 hhds, Blake more, Mayo & Co2 do, Reynes Bros & Co 12 do Sawyer W a l lace & Co 9 do J H :Moore & Co2 do Dew & Deane 3 do, Mtddleton & Coo do S Rapp 30 cases, F Garcm 1S do P1rn, Forwood&Co 6 trcs, T Lyon 14e drums Order 40 hhds By the Ptn1!8!flvama Railroad -F C Lmde & Co 80 cases, R Stemecke 1 do N Lachenbruch & Bto 35 do, A S H o sen baum & Co 7 do, L & E W erthe1mer 12 do Levy & N eul(RSs 96 do, Fox, D1lls & Co 21 do E & G Fnend & Co 136 do, Heyman Bros & Loewelljltem 107 do Bunzl & Dorm1tzer 41 do, S Rossm & 8ons 'S5 do, Havemeyers &V1gehus 1 do Ap pleby & Helme 2 trcs snutl', 29 bbls do 19 bbls do, 244 bxs do, 22 kegs do, 5 Jars do, 12 cases tobacco 'FH Leggett & Co2 cases ctgars, Baker & Clark 2 do, E Cohn 1 do, 0tder 7 bbls, 2 tubs 2 bxs snuff By tl.e General Railroad of N{!IJ) J.,.sey E Hoffman & Son 25 cases, Basch & FiSCher 1 do, E Rosenwald & Bro 14 do, Order 48 do By tM New York and N{!IJ) Haven Stel1!lllhoae L1M -Brenner & ldarks 2 do S Barnett 7 do J Edelstem 1 do T HaUl do,Wm Eggert & Coli do, 1 bale, 2 trunks, 1 box Davis & Day 1 case ctgars By tlUJ New York and Hartford SteamlJoae Lwe-E Rosen wald & Bro So cases, F Schulz 6 do Chas F Tag & Son 30 do M Oppenheimer & Bro do Bunzl & Dorm1tzer 46 do, C F Wahhg 12 do, E Hoffman & Son 2 do, 8 Barnett 6 do By 1M New York and Bridgepurt Steamhoat LiM Schoverhng Bros 5 cases, E Sp10garn & Co 36 do, Basch & Fischer 17 do By tlu Old DOo.uo-There IS no change to note In our sales continue to fall otl' and thmgs no doub,, will go th1s way until after Jan 1, 1880, when a better trade IS expected Stocks m the hands of jobbers are not very large, but ample to meet any rush CHICAGO, Ill. DtJC '3 -Our special correspondent reports to TKE TOBACCO LE.ur -Nothing of Importance transpued m thia market s1nce my IJist There appears to have been the usual delll&lld for standard brands of manufac tured tobacco Orders are mos t ly for large assortments, wh1ch surely mdJCates tbe contidcnce m better times P1pes and fancy goods, bemg hohda} goods m many cases are movmg off very freely The \1 ansactwns tn leaf tobacco have been up to the a\'etage volume Puces remam firm G W Sheldon & Co report the followmg tmportatwns Nov 29, W F Sch1mpferman & Son 2 caees c1gars, Beot & Co 6 cases do, Butters Bros 25 bales leaf CINCINNATI. o Dec 1 -Measrs Prague & Leaf robacco Brokers and Re dryers of Cuttmg Leaf and Plug Fillers, report to fHE ToBACCO LEAF as follows -The month of November closes w1th httlc apparent change m the general conditions of the leaf tobacco market from those wh1ch dts tmgutshed 1t at tbe close of October Dnnng the entue month, under a steady but moderate demand f10m manufacturers pnces ruled umformly firm, but were strongest on all grades of white fillers common to good bnght smoke1s and bnght stnppers for all of whwh "e advance quotatiOns from U@lc per pound The receipts of new have been hght only about two dozen hogsheads havmg so far appeared In quality they have greatly d1sappomted even those who were prepared to see a good deal of damage fwm house bum While 1t 1s true that rarely ever are the first receipt s a fatr mdex of the general character of the new crop yet there are usually enough of the better so rts m e ven these first hogsheads to 1n!hcate the pro portiOn. o f such m the crop at In v1ew of tbe fact that 11 1s unusually early for new tobacco to be marketed here and that wh ich has been was mbstly from one d1stnct, 11 IS not 1m probable that m tho se sectiOns where planters were better pr e pared for tnkmg care of tlletr crops by havmg plenty of barn room the damage 1s le ss severe STATEMENT FOR MONTH OF NOVEMBER, 1879 Stock on hand Nov 1 Recmpts dunng month Hhds 5 714 334 Bxs 1597 an Tota l 6,048 1 408 1,908 o34 Stock on hand Dec 1 1879 4 640 1,374 728 567 Stock same t1me last year 3 G47 Actual sales for November 1'167 TOTALS FOR YEAR TO DECEMBER 1, 1879 Receipts for th1s year to Dec 1 33 443 do last do do 34 603 5,281 6 134 4 428 5,726 4 601 6 228 Sales for th1s year to Dec 1 80 251 do la. RICHARD M LEWIS leaf tol

'"' \ ,. n:mc. 6 HAVANA TOBAGOO Infringement upon i will be Prosecuted to the this Trade-Mark G. Full Extent of the Law. G.A.R.O:J:.A., Importer, 1&'7 :ree, .Ne-vv T'o:rk... aa 2"'R.O::.r'T Agents lor tbe Sale or Choice Brands of Virginia Plug & Smoking Tobaccos. .&1.10 IIOLE AGElfft l'OB. THE WVtrie ... P" and &e&l.'' 're'MMoa, ... Geo. W. GiJ.Uam. & Co., ol .. -.a be he ::&":l::a:Le: Oh.e._. :asad.e.-io ttuves with :ilea\nrhtle t-f_ g e ajority, in cod;equence tbl!lr wuC of mean.; tiee"4 able to buy the qu)mtitl118 of an ft,&M, and, u we J!ald alreadJ, o[J_Ibe IDfi ba "JM,en lost by, the lhUtt of r.dli. .'I;le re.purts tile di&$ricts at& DOt fully so leld of tW dis&ricts wJII be laqe. A,u al-v. b" btt by alit sutllcicnt dL Eve o nuili.j ttill ;; thit' ey "'ere of ti'bl cit?t>lf' ilC"Co, and this Is felt especially ):ly the taste. Our exchange market remains firm and quotations may bo made as follows:Exchanges:-, 60days, 18 per cent., l87i gold; New York, 60 days, per cent 8 gold; New Yorl<, 3 days, per cent., Jl gold; Francs, 60 day. 4 per cent., gold; Marks, 60 days, 1 per cent., 1%: gold; Spanish gold, 237 per cent. LIVERPOOL. No-22.-Mesan. F. W. Smythe & Co. rerr:i-i'u:& ToB o L&u._-A.a tr ast wet!l:, m In f. q au:?. wht1e a tnr loll gf t l8fjf wtlie takef for AJrlca. Buyers for the Navy wer.u iu. JJI,IJ,tket, asking for leaf; utent pf ;clAsts. llowever, is a4(t yj$ 91rl.-, 163; stock, 4!',6711'-;' hb.d's agalnl'iiUhl tlmalast year. -Mr. Thomas H. Hall, of the M&li." celebrity, is on his wa.y, with a party of good shots like hilllllfllf, to the sporting moors, fields and glens of Virginia and North Carolina. 110ft "' Ol.lnlll. Brand. LEA.l'LETS. -On ThiU'!Kfay 11,400,000 in arrived at this port by the steamer Labrador, of the French line, $475,-000 by the Suevia. The steamship Scythia, which arJ4ved here from Liyerpool on brought 1$75,000 iJ:\,Bfitish gold bal'8and Amorican gold coin. 4; Co. the style of the' new firm of the Qi'acey House, in Clarksville, Tenn. Mr. John S. Bart having retired, the firm of Shelby, Hart & -o"m-ien wBii dissolved, and Mr. Mac Whitfield, who was a. member of the firm of Shelby, Scott &: Co. two years ta.ke11 Mr Hart.'s place. -At a recent session of the U S. Circuit Cour; for the Eastern District Qf Virginia, Judges Bond and Hughes "ordered and decreed, that the W. T ltwell &; Co. have the sole and ex clusive right to the word Durham as a trade-mark on smoking tobacco."-Done at Richmond, Jan. 8, 1878. -During the last foll,f fiscal years .the excess of our agcregated $753,271,47ij, u1ost of b.clta bitE!n in bongs. Our foretgn debt is sli:i' tlltie sfilftwelve hundroo millions of dollars in all kinds of securities, though of United States bonds not more than $200,000,000 aro believed t o be held abroad, against $1,000,000,000 less than ten years ago. -As far as the stock of American tobacco now in store in foreign warehouses is concerned, it seems that there is nothing that would other than ah active demand and fair prices for fair grades and prime qualities. The foreign market may be a little wini fuw grades, but 'this is all. So says an eJ:c ange. -On of 'the most serious questions with which the merchants of this country are called' upon to grapple with, remarks an exchangei is the employ ment of "drummers or traveling sa. esmen. In the place, the qUI!IItion of expense is alone an important one. It is said the number of these agents in the country is at lea8t 100,000, who receive from $500 to $5,000 each, besides their expenses, for their servioes The aggregate sum is in itself a very heavy drag upon the prosperity and profits of the wholesale dealers. R.Z02!CIWE01VD, ........ ,,....... ot all lhJ"I PL118 aa4 BtOOTH & HAYE>ENS{ ....... D. W. CJ!,OUBE. undersigned continues to manlifa'cture and lllllilll and Turkish Liquorice Paste, which he offeps to ,.,,......, at Reduced Pl'lces. Manufacturers will find it lft'aereR to apply to him. before purchasing else. where. James C. McAndrew, ....... r ....... r .... La..., .r.... &6 Water Street, New York. 11111 ...... Tli:t TOB.A.OOO r. E J.p., VIRGiNiA AXD JI.U(1Jl'Acn11B.EBS A1iD SOLE PB.OPJUETOIUI OJ' Esencia '' B.-and 1 SHth Frederick St., BALTIMORE, ----01'-[' KEY WEST -The revenue derived from tobacco remarks an ex change. is too great to allow much for hope that it will be thrown away without something to take its place. That revenue has:been an immense one. Six teen years of this tax hajll put in the government coffers the vast sum of $403,039,812 7 ; -Tobacco growers ih Washington Borough; Pa., says a correspondent, have been taking advantage of the late damp spell by taking qo'Wn a consid.,rable part of their crop. Consequently, stripping will com mence at once. It IS announced that quite a number of buyers have put iu an appearance, who are making very good offers ,.canadian Tobacqp Duties and Excise. 6 Tiw are the rates or dotz noWl.I!J.posed fn Canada on the 'Y&ri ou.-. tobacco:-C..,.. and ctarettes: 50centaperpound !\nd =.,tl cc1 1t. wt valorem. Toba.Qcp: '\ruJ pt"r atl v a lorem Snutr: 25 cents poJ.J.J)(l and per volor m, In lieu or all Hceiiier tees-now t bncco kn own n...;a .. common Canadian twist" other"WDe Linne en 1orquette," being the unpressed Jeaf rolled &Dd tMt"d, uu<'l t:nUe whollr, (J'Onr Jo.w tobacco, tbe growth ot C&nad.a. and p_t:n r-!lw lt-llf 1he nf Canada, there shall be impoeecL levied and u__ry pouud, or lea qwwtity than a pound, an Excise dut7 United states Ioteroal Revenue 'l'l'x. $10 Paid to any one' giving Information of Parties Infringing on our Patents. \ '-Our new improved process for Re-Sweating To-baccOII a positive success I Flattering testimonials ceived from the most eminent Tobacco Dealel'B aild Cigar Mrumfacturers who have adopted ourjrocess. Every Dealer and Manufacturer shoul have: a Sweat-Room up under our process on their own premises before cold weather. 1 ( r This is thll bj!!lt and cheapest process in and the onl;r sureriy to \>. bt.ain dark colors. i' Full partuiulars as to whieh are and circulars mailed on application. Send us a ciise for trial under our new process : C. S. PHILIPS & CO., 188 Pearl St., New York. OAD'l:ION. The lax on illl ; SatUr, 15 oenta 9 1b; Cigara. 18 thousand; Clgareetes weighing not over 81bll tbousa.nd, 11.75 ihousand; and Cberootll Weil'hiulr o.-w S ll>o t1 thouoaad, $II pe.-thousand. .. Tbe duty on Foreign Clg&ro Is $1.1i0 t1 and 2!5 \li ad vaJontwa. Cigarette& same duty u Importel Clean. Cigarettes and Cberoote abo bear the preKrlbed !Dternal Beeaoe lal; Manufactured Tobacco. 00 cent.s .. 1b; Scraps, 80 ceat.e .1b. Jlanu.fa&. turecl Tob&ceo and Scraps are also subject to the lntemal R.eenue taz of 18 ceniiJ l!l1b1 a.nd must be packed ln conrormity with lDternal Revoe law aacl regulAtion. Seape &Dd clJ'tUJIC8, howWer, lllAY be wUhdraWII 1D bu.Ur: for Jn a tobacco, 11n1tr or clp.r maDuf&eto171rlt.h.c:KU of &be IDiemal ,..,...,,.. taz. CAUTION. We hereby give notice that all :Infringe ments of our "LfJNE .JACK'. CIGARETTES. Duties nu Tobacco. lll4Da\rla. France, Italy and Spain the tobacco comm81'08 Ia monopollled by Oo..,emment, under direct.l o u ot a Regie, In Germany tbt!! duty IMl tobacco and stems 1a 85 marks pe, 100 kilogranuues. equal to 10.40 oe111ta per OD. atrlpii &ud scraps 180 marks per 100 Jdlocrammea, equal to =.05 centa Pf"r pound; ou manufactured tobac co and ctcars 270 mark:s per 100 ldl ogra.nunes, equal to 33.08 cents OD tobacco produced tn Uerm.auy, the ta.x taking iG'ect after April f 1880:-From Ap1U 1, JgS{J, t o March 31, 188.!, 10 m arks per 190 equal to .2.46 cents per poUnd; trom .&.prot, 1881, to Kuela 3ti IIRII,.IO aaarb_P-11' 100 ldlogra.mmes, equal to 8.81 oeuts pound; fi'om April 1, and thereafter, 45 marks per 100 kilo lll'I'DJ.DlM. eq__ua.l to 6.M cents per pound. In B e )J;rium the impos t Ia 'reckoned alls e'ill the dutY, OJl Leaf Tobljoco ia 4 roubleo"lO kopeks pud 1 on Smoking Tobaooo f6 roubles 40 kopeks lll pad;-udooCUrars:troubes20kopeks 'pud. The upud'' is equal to &bout 16 American tbe. In Turkoy the duty is 110 c ents, gold. per lljS American ouncea. In England the duties are on Unmanuta.cfured:l&anmed or ltriDI*l &lld containing 10 lba or more of mola......, In IOU h weight &bereot (besides 6 'l!l cent. and an additional oharge of K ceat. on removal from bonded warehonses)1 8s per lb; COD t!W>IDg 1Ulan 10 1be ot mollture "' every 100 ll>s weign (exclu s ive or lhe ex-e11.u1teo IIO>ed ai>oft)llo tid ljllb. On l!noufactured:--O>veadlob ..,d Negro-d (eake or tw!Bt), u tid 111 11>; aU other kinds, u per pound. ..., ... Value of Coins. =. :::::::::::::::::::::::::::: .:: ::::::::::::::: Spanisla Doubl0011 ........................ .... ... ............... Jfextcan DoUbloon...... .................. :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::: Twentyllarkpl .......... ............ ........... .' .......... ... 881 110 47 Ill! IIIII 1141 1111 4 7f' Table of Weights. Kilol!'rnmme......... ........... ___ .......... a.beut 2-15 pound!'! We hereby caution all parties infringing upon or IMITATINC OUR P ATE:N'l'ED BB.AXD. DOCTOR'S PRESCRIPTION," 1 will be rigorously dealt with according to the T!ade-Ma.rk: Laws oj the United Stt:Ja. FO.&TER, HILSON & CO., SUCCESS OF MY ''PUCK'' OXG-.A.R.ETTES ..... Bas caWied unacrupulous, who repe&tedly, but iR, have tried to force their Cigarettes on the market, to again inif>ose upon the Trade with a spurious article, and w use the popularity of the Ptto:ww; ,. Brand in adopting for their ware a name sound ing similar to my PUC][," ""ith the UDdou))fed intention to mislead the I respectfully caution the Trade to beware of this imitation. The Oi and Othen whom "LOD JAO*:" Cib;rmeia the Pa-l' i"eil& OliiCe D. C., and Letten ofiJ"!i!Dt gr8nte4 .July 16, 1879. I w:ill full u:tent law all pariies imlt&fiiii filie -above brand. PHILIP H. ERTHEILER. Pmi.ADELPBU\ P.t..., Sept. 24, 1879. 70-4 BRANDS, LABELS & TRA[}E-MARKS. tliat we will spare no pains in such, parties fn protecting the righm secured to us by Act of Congress dated August 14, 1876. "Puck Cigarettes" are manufactured without Sweetings, and bea.r l G Stratton & Storm. ., 204, 200 & 208 oflast 27th St., New .York. Packer, Commission Merchant, AND WHOLESALE DEA.LER IN ltiE.&P TC>B'A.dco, e OFFICI, No. s EAST _CHESTHUT S'TRtET, L:A.1111irOA.STB.R., ::E-a, X...&.::DoTOABT:mR. s. co., 9 X.a::a:Loae:r, Pa.., KANUJo A.CTUli.EliS of IIIJi:>Jl:lUOB GIW>ES ot Tobacco Ro-sioatin[ Worn PENNSYLVANIA CIGARS I Rm1ll! from $12 to $ '20 DCr 1000. ee-..nt ..... "' w-TBBJIS NICT OA8B. P. 0, A.-BoJ: I.'"'L.&.IfCA.IITIDI, P&. We are now prepa,... to Cunlioh tha trade willa tile-x-cuaer Comity --led ,..,_ of line dArt COlen and 1111J>6rlor bunlill&' qaaiiii-.ID qiJ&lltllleo or !GO lbo ana ut>W1U'dl. at the follo1Jilog Pi-tor CMh:-J'IIIen. toe )lel'lb; llltMlln, Qe; -Jlo; -p-!lOa;-............ w. FB.A.III.t; co,. a .Qtoeaa-. THH TOBACCO TRADfPROTEGTIVR ASSOCIATION. CHA.RLES EVANS, Pre .TOHN S. WALKER, 8eey, Offloes=-No. 8 WARREN" ST,RIET, NIW YORI(;._ ll"ol' promo&I.C de lateret oC lle tobaeeo trad.e 1.11. fttrnl .. lag.Jafttr..U.non rela&lng tereto; to CU.rultth a eyatem btr&ween SubecrtbenJ ln:forDJa$1on eoneernlnK the e-.-edit or Cotomer, wherebf. mulual protecllon wiD h dYeD Ia @......._. aadne exten.aon o credl To eeure Patea&a and TradelJiarke, aud p.rCteecute Co.rlntrlDceen.tthereo.J" ... To Wend member o the Attaocla'&lon In allJDatters rela'&lng to complaint mad.e laternal-Reveuue Department. 'Ill> ...... proqop. ana epeedy colledlon oC Noteo ana DraRs, makln& re&araa -..oderate. c::fiarges, within t-wenly-fou:r heurs of' their recelptJ .... ....,....117 dlie coUeetlo11 o.cp .. t;..;due claim on the Dlost tB.vorable ter:ma. To MUle dtaeuUiea by A.rbltra"tton oc Committee or Courta, tho o1t-.1adD& &lle olelaya and elaeeo Preu No. J1 Power otiiTetoDII, 130.-No.1, Power of len tollB, 160 With to roll case off and on, $5 extra. Dry Goods and Lard Preaa l'lo. 1, 130. No. 11, Dried Fruit Pre, with 3 plungers tor barrel, ha1f barrel and bo:r No. J, 136 No 2 Hay Preu, No. 1, J!ox 5 feet hil(h, ma.l, Shipping & Com'ission Merch'nts IIIIPORTICIIII OP ( German Potash and FertillZill! Salt. .&.aea&a cor LIYerpe'.'l Llae ot8&eame .... aaa replar paeke&a &o Rremea1 ..... l>ara, Rouara ... aa4 A.IDawra.a. II 8. Cay Street, Baltimore ... ,f -"':"' ... '!":"1";',;'_ ... ---.. :-'-ftla ...U..t ariieJe t. _... ie eJaa&p aa to IM Ia -d '-I'DfZOOT ia &lUI Barrela. WaluodU liL ---.U.. '-oaola p-.... ,.,.. ua ia pla.,. ol Pad ea PLVG 'IOJIAOC::O. ,. BA.JIIPLB8 A.lfB PRICBS P11alft--Olf A.PPLICA.TIO!f,, &, l!G'o. a 8'TR.:IIIlii'T NEW .-o:a TO. B ACCO. ,...rrn TH.&..N. P!"t.:t ....... ,_ rq-, Fa BY s. HA.iri:ME:RscnT4A..G. '. DiiY YORK. 4tw.IPA ..... R. AJIJt U...... ..,. ...... Olf APPLIClA......_ f Bs:OBir:EIY BY UBIHG ; I w AiirpAPEa'(_ I JUNUJ'.A.OTURBD BY REGENHARD, SHEVILL & CO. ., 1 DD De7 a--.., -ToZ"k.. This Paper will bep TOB.A.OOO &lid alwQw,._-.1 NUlla .. lavor The leadlnc ._. ,_.._...




R :B 0 B A. 0 8 8 1'. E A l .. ------------. hmt1mn--t1'fe short of 14 ye:ars, OWING TO THE SUPERIOR QUALITY OF,:ou. R PRODUcfs, a greate; reputation and .... ....... BLACKWELL'S D U RH!A:M, than any house in the T

-. 8 Elata b1is1::l.eel. ia2a. D D H -AN, CARROLL.&, CO., 104 Front Street, New York. -lP. o. aea.-IIANUFACTURJ:BS OF AND DJljALERS IN PLUG AND SIDliNG TOBACCO. Sole Agents for JWS B. PACE, AND OTHER VIRGINIA. .& ao2;:om. .-oa. JNO. W. CARROLL'S CELEBRATED BRAND!, LONE JACK, BROWN DICK, &'1"0. 11'1'0. ....,. __ ....., __ '' ..:,., I X.T.1PS' 'l\,G SMOKING TOBJ\CCO. fHE ALSO IMPORTEII.S or HAVANA LEAF TOBACCO. If. J. o......, Cru.s. M. OloRTII, ;Hmmr ScaaoED-E. DEJl'SCH. D. ARTH, SON & CO., Co miasionMarehaa&s .J'AS. TOBACCO No. 44 LEAF 92 Bowery, New Y rk. 84 FRONT STREET, NEW YORK. 1 EXPORT ORDER!J FOR PLlTG TOBAC(JO PllOliiPTLT 1Beii.J--) w &, 7o FB.Ol!lii"T vo:a.:a;. -ALJ. nrt. oii'-MANUFACJUREO AND SMOKING TOBACCO Kept In atock, ready for PROMPT from STORE or FACTORY, both TAX. P.A.XD :f'or E:X.PC>::rl.T. SOLE A.GB!fT8 FOB THE .:J118TLY caLEBilA.TBD BRANDS, F. LINDJil. 9 .... C. !<, N"E"WV Leaf Tobacco TOBACCO INSPECTED OR SAMPLED. 0o'U.ll1 'try &a.Z1112.p11:D. lProZ1111p't1y .A. ' -to. Oertlllcates given for every case, and delivered. case by cue, as to number of Oertlllcale. N: B.-WE ALSO SliPl II MERCHMTS' OWl STORES. F. C. LINDE & CO. PHU,AD1:LPJIIA. BBAJI'CJBES I J:. W DIOKBRSON, oomer Arch and Water StTeetll; JONAS liiETZ. 84 North Front Street. HA.BTFOBD, (Jc>nu, t -IRA 1!!. HULL. 154 State Stree. 8UFJI'IELD1coun. :-EDW. AUSTIN. ri'MNC.AIIIT-, Pa>:-HEN'&Y FORII:8T. PBINCIP L OFPICE8s-14S WATJlR ._!,Dd &o 186 PllARL STREET. WA.BEHOU8B8:-141 WATER. '1'4, '1'8 It: 8 G-EWWICH BTREET8, and HUDSON RIVER RAILBOAD DEPOT, ST JOHN'S PARI. T, -TOBACCO A.ND .GENEB.AL' COIIISSION IBICB!NT, aa Broad &"t., Ne-vtr 'York..te BENSEL & 00., TOBACCO IIPITIIS. WATER 81tlf&a1', NEW YORK. Faotorl :-No. a FI ... T DISTIUC'I', =H ROO .. L:!N. MANU A CTURERS OP THS 1!'0LLOWING PLUG, cHEWilfG: TOEA..QCO&.a-._ P U I : t ; We now launch this GOOD MOLD on its 'frith theeollst:iousnesso having wrou&Jlt' 1 ,. -:.:..s u ha. ; 1 The above cut represents our Celebrate "I( .R' .MO u. pr.acticauy ,a ,w.....,en. moving the. u"' .. pet and lower part e nti rely lined with Tin. It is the strongest tllld m t purable mold' c:ver in the market. It .basi rem aaopt&t NAPoi.iOirl>viiuLgi most -441 & 443 PLUil Stteet, 0. D'J. P'ranklln' Y i f J j I J >: ;_IN-. BRIER AND FANCY DDO. 6 BOIS, tarr. non ..... ,, KoEmo, .HOLJ:!i, 'oLJ: DEALJ:I l.H AID SliD LIAF 226 PEARL STREET, NEW YORK. WM.Jw P-BitE, &l!' r TOBAC C 0, U 9 Maiden La.n.e, NEW YORK. Jl. L. GASSXU' J. L. OASSERT i, COmSSION DRCWTS. A.HD LU.&&Ui Ill ALl. luxDS 01' !OBAC.CO; No. f80 Wfer 8t., New fork G. REISJIIAl\1'11'1 Commission Merchant, LEAF.. TOBACCO, 218.PEARL'ST., MEW YORK.' s 88, a o & 92-CANAL STREET, eonv or J:lclr(dp. YOR.:K. ..-...--..uum LB!P I PEARL-STREET ;l t=::, NEW YORK; OJ' TH. IIA:NUJ'AOTUU: OJ' &.i.&AIL &!X, -AT-25U 256 Caul St, sor. ElmllewTorr .......... NDHEIM, Agts.J J


I A.B.scoy;ILLE&co scBBOnE:a a -AND-:n.:a;. 204, and 208 EAST STREET, NEW YORk. -=a.I:i:ccuM SCBIOSSERER SEED LEAF'TOBACCO, HANUii'ACTURERS OF 166 WATER STREET, NearMaidenLane, NEW YORK. Tbo Glll'lllll-Amftfican Bank 60 WALL ST,. :NEW YORK. CAPITAL, JCoery foclllty aftonled to Dealers ana Com!OpOad. enta consiBteDt with Sound Banking. H. ROCHOLL, Preoident. II. P. Caebler. E. ct 8. FRIEND. & CO., Dealers Ia LEAF 'l'OBACCO, 121' Malden Lane ld:anutaetarer oC FINE CIGARS, A.n4 Dealer In LEAF TOBACCO, 85 -MURRAY STREET I NEW YORK. :r .......... ,_ "CUBA. LIBR.Eo" "CLIIIAX." I 15 RJ:VJ:N'GTON' STREET, NEW' YORK., Proprietors or the Celebrate d B rands "REPUlJLIC'" and "HIGH AND DRY," AI.o, BLUE JAYt KING BIB.Dt MARS1 BELLONA1 DRUIDIERBOY. Tobacco a:n.d C:l.gare't'tes; '' PRE lVJ: I 0 ::M :J:J ...& Jr:I.D.eO-u.1: Tobacco d"'UST:J:C:J:.A." CLEAR I HAVANA YCIGARS. R.C>O:EE:m&T:m:n., :N'. Y. IL LINDHEIM Sole Agent, -No. 'CHATHAM 'SQ_UARi!!, NE:W YORK.-LBONAB.D I'RIEDM4N &UCCI:SSOR TO WALTER FRIEDMAN & FREISE, HAVANA TOBACCO, 203 Pearl Street, New York. __ WJI. II:GGIIRT. TBEO. WOLJ', JR. WM. EGGEBT a CO. IMPOBTEB.S'OF HAVANA AND PACXEM 01!' SEED LEAF Tobacco 248 Pearl and 20 Cliff Streets, New Yf?rk. = LACHENBRUCH' & BRO. PACKERS OF SEED LEAF AND IIIPORTEBS OF Tc:ba.ccc:, .. 164 WATER STREET, NEW YORK. SIIOKE EARLY AND OFTEN llHE 'P-EOPLE'S CHOICE I I :I.:N' :B...&.:Lo:LoC>T :BC>:&:.EJS, -PATENTED 18'T9.-J. &, .A.. MANUFACTURERS, No. 72_CORTLANDTSTREET, NEW Y ,ORK NEU MAN & GENERALftiTHOGRAPHERS N. W. Cor. PEARL and ELM STS., NEW YORK. rutd Tobacco Labols and Show cards a lla.llfaotare.. 'of all' De.ariptlo .. of Jr:EN':EJ-c:TC'T O:EEE"'UX:N"G-TC>:&...&.OOC>, Aacl Sole Proprietor of tlae :follo...U.C Choice BriO.Jld.: CITIES-Smokjng and Cigarette ; Bristol Golden Blrd's EyeSmoking; Pure Richmond Mixture-Smoking; As You Like ItFine-Cut Chewing nP-Also !!%port Tobaccos f o r use, and Inventor &Dd Patentee of the Comldaea Stemmtns IO.Jlcl DrJUalr :Mach1ae. 116'7 uaa ,;vv'a.1:er &1:., :Brook.1y:u,, :N'. v. CUTHRII! & CO., 22b Froat Street. "LA VUEL. T A ABAJO." EXTRACT OF HAVANA TOBACCO. IMPORTED FROM HA V.ANA. Impartlnc a Laatinc :lIIT.TE*:E& &; 00-, western, 1 LE-AF T .OBA-CC .. O tOlQ[ISSION Dn.CltA.H'l'S, ..... BALERS OF TOBACCO FOB UNIT. CARL 11PII::ANN,. TOBACCO --'JroGeneral 178 Pearl Street, :N'EI"'U_ LEVY. & NEWBASS, PACXEBS OF ALL KJNl>S OF SHHD LHAF TOBACCO, 169 WATER STREET, 'York.. Con!!t&ntl.ron b&n4 OLD RBSWE,t-TED ("onnectl\!ut and Penneylv&nla Tobacco. M. & S. SJERMBERGER. BANKERStND IHHIKERS, \'T ST., :NJ;W YO'RX, Pay particular to tbe Noeodatlon ot or Foreign kcb&nge ud Le&M. Execute Ord ers tor the P\rrchase and Bile G1. Call!onda and Nevada Mlnilog -Stock In the 'Ju J'r&nctaco Stock Exchange. f :w I SMYTHE & co., COMMISSION IEROHANTS, :BRETHERTON BUILDINGS, No. 1'0 NORJH_JOH_ N STREET, IBPORTBR OP FINE VUEL TA ABAJD TUBA co & CIGARS HAVANA FLAVOR TO THE FILLERS OF CIGARS. iii' .A.JlWEEIB O:EE...&.B:&::EI:Lo0 .o. 88 W ABBElf STBEET, :NEW YORK. Soi. for t1ae Ualtecl State. .... a c........., ll&mple Bottleo (1111111clent for 10,000 Clganl. 12. Sent IJ 0 D. 0 \4-NI:W and aa.BROAD 8TREEJ'8, NEW YOU. Cd Large r Quantities at a Liberal Dl8c0unt. MILLER'S. CEL.EB.RATED P-ATE-NT .CIGAR THE MOST PERFECT r THE MOST DURABLE r AND THE Cheapest Cigar Molds Ever Offered to the Trade. The demand for these molds has increased so rapidly that we have been compelloo to add to our present large factory in Cincinnati another factory with even a larger capacity, located in the City of New York, so that we are now able to fill orders from any part <>f the world mor e promptly than foimerly. On application we shall take pleasure in sending to any address, free, circulars of our molds, cigar-shapers presses, etc also, a list con talnlng over THREE HUNDRED illustrations of different styles of Cigars, among which are all the latest siz es out. Address all communic!ation s t o THE MILLER & MA.NUF ACTURING CO. OFFICE AND FACTORY: 136, 138 & 140 East Second Street, CINCINNATI, 0. LEVY BROTHERS, c:>f FINE CIGARS 1 ... 8 1 ... a .A. 'VE11'\U E1 :D, Corner <1f Tnr.h Bu.&, All 4421 444, 446 and 448 EAST TENTH STREET, NEW YORL .. Manufac11rer & Dealer in leaf Tobacca 302 BomJ B. Y. SAM' L JOSEPHS, ABR. SILVEBTHAU. .. OFFICE AND FACTORY: 310 East Nineteenth St., NEVV' YORK.CJTY. DND I'OB CliRCULABs OR. TO I. B. BORGFELDT luofactorur of Cigar louiU, 618 Eut Uti Bt.1 N. Y. ED. WISOH1Ili:YlrB, HY, WISOIDIEYlm, ED WISCHMEYER & CO., TO:B.A.COO COMMISSION 3 9 SOUTH ST., Baltimore, lid. l & GANS, WHOLESA.LB DBALBRS IN SEED AND HAVANA SOLE AGENTS AND IMPORTERS OF THE GENUINE W Ill 11. :M:C>ULDS, Presses, Straps & L'dPORTERS OF GERMAN Ill CIGAR iUBBONS; 181 1\l.l:a.:ld.e:n. :Loa.:n.o, :N'o-vtr York. I SoLE AGENT ..OR THE E..t..CJ.J'J.C Co.&.ST J'OB t M:eura. KElUJS & SPIESS, New York 1 SAN FRANCISCO, CAL 226 Prone lh., I Horace lL Kelly & Co., New York 1 :Mu .. elman & t:o .. Loub...W., Ky. Beyneman, :N'o. DOG Fron:t &1:ree1o, 'san. SOtE AGENT ON THE PACIFIG COASJ FOR CIGARS OF THE MANUFACTURE OF STR.AITON & "STOB.II, New York.


. 10 ] W. EISENLOHR & 00., ; PACKERS AND 'WHOLESALE DEAI;ERS IN .-/ B A F T O B .& C C 0, 11CS &. .!11:., Ph:ll.a.d.e1ph1.a.. W. E!SENI.OHR, :: -f PliiL. BONN. L. BAMBERGER. & CO., PACXEB.5 AND DEALERS IX LE.A.F TOB.A.CCO,, And Manufactu ers of LowCrade Cigars, I 11 I Arch St., Phlla.delphi&. Pa. LEW,IS BREMER'S SONS, Wholesille Dealers i:a 'LEAFn .!ND KANUFACTlmED -NO THJRD ... A large] of ali kinds of LKAF ToBAcco constant ly on h:md .J!! B A Y & SMIT-H; I 1 Packers; eommissi(Jl Xttchants & Deal&rs in. SEED LEAF tc HAVANA TOBACC No. 35 North Water-st And 214 .STATE STREET, HARTFORD, CONN. lYI.E.lYicDowell a! Co. 39 NORTH WATER STREET, PHILADELPHIA,. &CIX..E .iLG-::ml.VT_.. :PC>lR. New Tort Boston, Pittsbnrlh; Chica!o, St. Louis and Cincinnatt. 'GUMPERT BROS. nf FINH CIGARS, STORE: 1341 CHESTNUT STREET, / -Fa.ctory: 444 to 448 North 13th Street, P .A.. THE LARGEST CIGAR FACTORY IN THE STATE. (', .' GEORGE ZORN, IMPORTER AND MANUFACTURER OF ALL XIXDS OF G.Z "WM .A. BOYD & CO., llllaaulacturere or HDBE DZ LA BElKE BRIGHT OUT CA VEXDUB F. B. BISCHOFF'S G:ERMAl!f IIMOK:Uf,G ancl oo.-Braade or SJIOKDIG TOBACCO. .Ai.. HERRE DE LA ILEJ.KE ancl other Bra.acla of CIGARETTES. In Ne"W York 1 .FR. ENGELBACH, No. 56 South Leaf Tobacco Pressed in Bales a Specialty. W K .MAKK..t.& u. t: WAGGNt:R. E. WENCK, ... TOBACCO 8HIPPINC BARIBR&WA&&NER IlolPORT&n aK DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCO w. eor. Lo .. ba>'4 sc., 1114. 29 South lay St., Baltimore, ld. PACKERS OF SEED LE..A.P .il'll IMPORTERS OF Havana Tobacco, 79,81 & 83 EXOBAl'fGE PLACE, l!WI:cl.. WESTERN ADVERTISEMENTS. IT, lL SPENCE. J, P. SPENCE. X. T.IIPENOE. C. A. SPENOB. AIBBOSIA TOBACCO lUllS. Spence Brothers & "WI&WAM" DEC. 6 .:MISCELLANEOUS ADVERfi8EMENTS SKITH &. .. (Succeeson to H. SMITH & CO. ) PACKEIUI ;Axn JOBBERS OF Connecticut Leaf Tobacco 20 HAMPDEN ST., ,. Springfield, Mass E. H SMITK. C .. 0. HOLYOKE, F:J::N':IilCI'UT. l'li\lllll'I.IT 'SIO' .. '" 1"17oo-. a-&. ao, aa. ao aa :ma Thb'cl. sreo-t. N DECHANT C:J:NO:J:N"N" .A..T:J:. InLEA.Fa.ndM.ANUFACTURED TOBAOOO, 12 Cent'l"ol, Bost01&r P. J. &OR.G &, oo., HANUFACTUI!EBS OF ALL KINDS TOBACCO, C>. V .A..N" A C>'11X",:a.s ::EI:ra:a.d. And Dealer iu I SOLID COIFORT,' 'TRADE fiD!L Vf AVE,' 'BLACK DIAIOND.' SEED LEAF TOBACCO Pi:11.zer &. :Eirc::s., !liA.NVFA.CTUBEBS OF ::&"1'Ve El:ro-..-r 16o.. Xao-:a.s oroh:a. D, El:r1sh1: :EI:o:a.-1:7. IS Ce:a.1: AND ALL OTHER POP1JLA.B 8TYJiiB8 OF FHII4!: NA VT TOBACCO, No. 1!_8 Water Street, ;a:se>BTON. Clu& W. WILDD, Ja. Wll. B. WBl'l'll. CHAS. W. WILDER, Jr., lmpo:rier ....a Manufacturer of FINE CIGARS, 68 Kilby & 98 Water Sts., ;;> :BOSTON". S. W. WILCOX, PA'CDR OF x..e>uxav-xx..x..:m. :KEJ:N'T'UC:KY". SEED LEAF TOBACCO, w. s. O'NEIL, G. w. WICKS & 00., HARTFORD, CONN. Pr.ctel' &Dd Dealer.., Kanu!&cturers !'or the S&!e of OHIO SHED LHAF TOBAGGO Vua, Missouri. Kentnch c. & R. DORMITZER &.co. o. ElrOnlmefor bpolt &Dd Home Tr.a p&'Olllpllr J -...... SAlYI'L W. Steam CIGAR-ROLMANUP.ACTOR AND DEALER IN CIGARBOX TRIMMINGS, LABRS, PAPER, 1 ..A..:N'D .A.X..Xa. :K:J::N'D& c:r.EC3r.A.lR. R.:J:EI:BC>:N'&' 699 to 707 W. Sixth St., Cinctnna,ti, I JACOB WEll; AARON KABN, E. A. 'VEIL. WEIL,XAHN&CO. CIGAR BOX flCTORY C1gars & Leaf Tobacco 113 Main St., Cincinnati, 0. NO. 93 CLAY STREET, (JIN(JINN .A. Tl, O, t General .,a :a.-.-st., ..... ar._ J. H PEK::BBBTON, J,.., G. Ptcn<; BIBBY MEYER 1: CO., COMMISSION MERCHANTS, F. W. DOHRMANN, PEM_BERTON &' PENN, LEAF TOBACCO BROKER And Wboleaale Dealet"s Ia OHIO AND CONNECTICUT services to .flll ordera !or Lea.t or Manufactured S. E. cor. Vine & Front Sts., "'V .a..' LEAF TOBACCO, Front St.. 0. CINCINNATI. .rom. o-a...... 0. Flu:D. Late 'of Henry Meyer ot Co. JOHN & CO. DJ:.lLI:IIB Ill 'FOR.EIGJr .....t DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCO, 60 West Front Street, Bet. Walnut an Generat Commission OFFICE IN TOBACCO ::XCHAIIGE, SHOCKOE SLIP, W. :K. LADD, LUP TOBACCO BIJYIB, IIBS'J.I BUSSB'L & CO. (FOR THE TRADE,) a1 N. at., at. L()uls. B .. SOBBRT, r AND. SOLE PROPRIETORS OF THE GENUINE GOLDEN CROWN" CIGARS, WBOLKSAI.It DILU.ER lK :a: A VAN .A. _..,._ DOllBSTIC LEAF T0l3ACCO, Dl aat Randolph St., CIIJCAGO, JLL,


. DEC; 6 Bnsmess Directory of Admtiscrs. I l'IEW YOIUL. ihner ct Dehls, 190 Pearl. Appleby & Helme, 133 Water and 85 Pine Barnett 8 162 Water Buch & Fiscner 1155 Water. Ce.rdozo A. H. 66 Broad. Crawrord E. 111. ct Son, 1118 w ... r Eggert Wm. ct Pearl. Friend E. & G & Co. 129 Malden LaDe. Garth D J ., Son & Co. +I Broad. Gaeoert J L & B r o 160 Water. Qersbel L. & Bro 191 Pearl. H a.mburger I It Co. 151 Wtter HeUbroner, Jooepbl ct Co. 119 Kaldea Lane Hinlch Vlctoriu ct Co.177 Water Kerbo & 8pi ... 101 4-10lll lid Aveaue K oenfgB .llM Pee.r l Le.chenoru c h & B ro. 1M Water. Lederer ct 918 Pearl. Levin M H 162 Pearl Levy & Newg888 169 Water Lobenst.eln & (> 131llniden Lane. Neuberger M. 172 Water OtUnger Brothers, 48 Broad. Paulltech 179 Pearl Prtcol Wm. M 119 MAlden Lane llelomann G 228 Pean. SaWJer, W&llsce & Co. 47 BroadWaT Schroeder & Bon, 178 Water. Schube.rt H. & Co. 146 We.ter Scovillo A. H & Co. 170 Water. Sie-t Henry, 68 Broad R. 131 W a.ter lltral"'n ct Stonn, ll04-20il East !17th Tag, Cb&rles F ct Son 184 Front. Uplll&DD, Ce.rl, 178 Pl!arl. Recei-o of West ..... Vc&. olld N 0. Leaf !l'ob, Miller It Co 31 !lew and 18 Ilroad It Ware1LttU8iS for the Sale o/ Manufdctured and Bmolring .Tobocooo, Allen & Co 173 and Chambel'll DobaD, uarroll ct UO. liM Fj"Ont. DuBolll _.,,.,, 78 Froat. llz>do-f'. !Ill B. Wuh!JIPio lilqiUIIe Gardiner .1. M 84 Front. Hen A. ct Co. 48 Liberty. Hunt H. W. 69 Wllb&m lllariiJI ct Dunn; 79 FroD& Thompson, :Moore &: Co. 88 Front W iae .t Bendbelm,llM and llll8 C&llal Jmporter of M"ll&IG """Hca-01-. Llniaat0D'8 SoDB, il.', 116 Fron' 'lbbaccO Baler Jor Jll:porl. Qutbrle ct Co. 22:i Front. ., Leaf Tobac".(QCturers ot Key Wut an4 btoportero of Cit1Ctu....,., o f Briar PipH GaOrlwt of !Jm.okera' Harvey & Ford, 3611 e.nd 687 C&na.l HOlD A. & Co 48 Llllerty Kaubne.nn Bros & Bondy, 1:19 u d 111 Grand ManW"caa...,.. of u-iM .l'lute. lllcA.ndrew J""""' C 155 Water Stamford lllaDnfactar!ng Co-1!17 llal46n Lane Weaver & Sterrr lN Cedar l"'porter of Lux>rice l'lut. Arguimbau W a llace .t Co. Ill and 81 B. William McAndr ew James C. M Water WeaTer & Sterry, 24 Cedar Zurlcalde.y ct Arguimbau, Ill Beaver Man".(act.oren Uoorfoo. Gilrord, Sherman & lnnl.o, 110 WUU... R. HUll e r's So n & Co Weaver & Sterry, :M CedAl' & e d Lea! Tobocoo r:e-1& Co. 178)i Water Flnl. 1411 Watel: Tobac:co .l'hloMro. 6uthrie &: C o .. 225 Fron t Jlan".(.;d.....,. o f ()&gar s-Henll:ell Jacob, 2!18 e.nd Mlllonroe Stra11M B 179 and 181 Le'lrill Wlcll:e Wtwam & Co. -"' Spa-Ooclcar. Uptevo ... W.ll Tenth 8paoMM and .. .l'llb6olll. Beppeabeimer .t lllaurar, 2.t u d lN K. WIIIMm Lobsnateln ct Gau. 101llniden Lane Loth, J-ph & llolll, Cll8-StranMI!im m, 179 Lowllo W1aD Wm. .t Co. IA-1 11 ao.ot __. ............ or-..... .......,,... a,-............. Wutepe a lfl&""""' lli-t"""'rer oj Orooloo' fta .IIMI, Tc>Oooco,llediUM-Tiuw., Crooke .1o1m -1-1158 Xu1berr.r .lta....., aclwero of !!'I" .FoU, Lebm&ie r Soli-a Co. lH ....... 2\-ad e Protectia<:ro OOI<>nllg llllehl e r ct PolhaW! I!I"Cb&mbers Cnm7Mf'Cial The J H. Bradstreet ct 8nD Co. 11'11 Broad.,., of Gr' H<hewo John, 383 Eaot 26th Cigar B, Holmes, Booth & Ha.yd ens, 49 Chambers Mnfr of Sam.8on J ack Tobacco Pre88. Parr J o lm 102 Avenu e D ALBANY, If, Y. Jlahufacturt!rt o f T o baceo Greer' s A, ao ....... BALTIJIORE Md. 1' Ware houae ... Barker & Waggner" 28 South Gay Bo v d W .l. & Co. 113 Gunthe r L W 9 t:;outh liay Kerckho tf & Co. 4 9 South Charl es Klemm Cha.s. H. 20 Commerce Marriott G. H M. 25 German :Merfe lil & Kemper, 117 Lombard Schroeder J OS. & Co. a t Exchange Place W e ncK, E E. 46 and 48 S outh Charles Wischm e ,e t Ed. & Co. Z1 iiouth Calvert T ob a cc o Manufacturer. Feigne r F W. & So n, 90 So u t h Cbe.rleo Ge.ll & Ax, >!8 Be.rre Marburg Brothers, 145 to 1 4 9 South Ch&rlee M a y o & Watson 7 S. Frederi c k Tobac co a n d Gen e r a l Mer chants. Vock e R. E & Co. s. e. c o r Ch ea pSid e a n d Lombard Patent Stem Roller1. Kerckholf G. & Co .. 149 S outh Charles Packe1 8 of SeM. Leaf an4 Impqrters of Haron a TobatXQ. Becker B ros. 98 Lombard Labell ior Hoen A. ct Co Manufactur ers of Plu.g T o bacco and Packer of Seed Leaf. Par lett B F. & C o W Lornba.rd & 5 Water St. Tobac co S hipp ing ana Commtasion Merchants. Dresel Rausc h enberg &: C o 11 South Gay. BOSTOK, Mau. Cigar MallufCJCt1oren' Agent llerritt J W 34 D oane Manufacturl'11'1 of PI1Jf! Merchants' Tobacco Co, 30 Broad Com.m.Uiim& Merc1klta. t Holyoke C. 0 12 Central Wharf Dealer i"t Havana and Domeltic Lt4f ba<:co and Cigan. Daveaport ct; Len, 59 Broa. .3!0n".(act n of Bmol1>am> Bemis, Emery. Jr. 82 Central Whart J o nes Goo. B 98 Water l mporler t:t Maufacturer of .FiM Oigan. Wilder Cbe.e. W. Jr. 58 Kilby e.nd 98 Water Tobac c o Manufacturers ... gett.U. Kittredge Wm. P. ct Co. 9 Central Wharf BREKEK, Gel'ID&JI;r, 7\>bocco Commilfton Mercll.antl. F&lleDBteln '1'. F BROOKLYN, 'lf, Y, Man".(actur erof Smoldng t>nd FineOut>ing Tobacco. De. vies Wm. 257 and 2:19' We.ter BUFFALO. Jr. Y, Dealer In Hatia"" and l'ocker of Seed Leaf. Levin P. Jlxchauge <::HJCAOO, DL ..Cgtn.t f o'!' Cigar a;:b;:";:"ft{l and 8m.okiag 0 A. Peck, 51-63 South Water .Dea'kr in &ed Leaf aM H atHJAG Tobacco. Bubert B. 231 E R&rulolp h Sutter llrothers, 48 and 48 Mlchlge.n A ue Doalero ;,. Leaf Tobaceok:ro ;,. Lea f Tobocoo. Beck A. & Co 44 and 48 Dea rborn Wll.oleMle Tobaccon.ilt. aRd 11'/'re .Ageft.h. B...U ct Co. Lake and Ul!t&te CIXCDrJIATI, o Bin Lumbtlr. The B. D Albro Co., 681>-7o7 W. 6th J)ws : in Cigars &; TobacJ an4 .Agu.for GIM Fine-Out ana Harris&; &m' Oigar Manufac turers' Su.pp!ia Schubanb & Nowland, 185 Vine D<:o.lin in Spa"ish and c;g.r Lea! Tobocoo. !leyer Hv. & Co. 48 Froot Oberhelman John & Co. 60 W. Ji'ront Tob. Comm.iNion Merchant' 8 Agent. Richey Henry A West Second Street. Tobacco .MfUhinery. llcGowan John H & Co. JIGn.u.fact urers of lin.e C }ut aM 7bbocoo. & Co. !Ill and M East Third Leaf T o bacco .tlroken. Dobrma.nn F. W s e cor. Vin e and Front l!l&lle.;f nd Dorter qf Leaf Tob. Hamilton Davld, Z/6 W. Market. Toba cco Commlsrioll M....-u. W lcll:e G. W. ct Co. West J(aln 7bboeco Bn>ken. Call&we.y Je.mee F. corner Ninth &Dd Jlark<>* Gunther George F. Lewls Bich'd M 848 West llle.ln Heier Wm. G. ct Co. 158 Seve nth N&abM B. Prqofl W F. 3\ll Wes t linin LYNCHBURG, Va. Ma nufacture r o f Toba c co. Carroll John W. Tob acc o Com minion .MercAon.tJ. Holt, Schaef e r & Co. MIDDLETOWN. O MamijfUttirer s of Pl u g Tobaccos. Bor g P J & Co. NEWARK, Jr. J Ce.mpbeU, Lane & C o 4&1 Broad NEW ORLEANS. La. Tobacco Factor and CommiBBiot& M erchant. Stevenson J ohn D 0 194 C ommon. OWE N SBOR O K;r. Tobacco Frayser Bro s. PADUCAH, K;r. T o bacco .Broker. Puryee.r T B P ATERSON, Jl', J, Manufacturer of Chewing and SmoA :ing T o Snuff and Cigar.. All e n & DunnLng 65 & 67 Van B outen Street PETERSBUR G V a J(an.ufacmr er e f .Ptug a"d Smoking Tobacco and Decilers in Lea! Tobacco. VenableS. W & Co. Ma n ufaotm cro of Swut Naey 1-hewm g J ackson C. A. & Co. ... Commi..-ion. Mer chant. Baln & Pa'i!:O.ADELPHJA. Tobac c o Warehoulea. Bamberger L. & Co. 111 Arch Batchel o r Bros 1231 Ch esnut Bremer's Lewil Sons, 322 North ThJrcl Dohan ct Taitt 107 Arch Elsenlohr Wm. & CO. So uth Water Knecht ct Co. 128 North Third lll c Dowell1d ,;:. & Co. 39 North Water Bay & Smith, 85 North Water Sank J. Bina.ldo & Co. Water Sorver, Cook & Co. 105 North Water Teller Bro,.hen, 117 .North Third Importer g n d Mfr of Smcken' .ArtickL zorn George 1 M N. Third Street. Importers of Havana Cigar cind .Agent.s jor Seidenberg' Key We s t Oigor1. Fuguet, Stephen, ct Sono ,li31 Cl!eotnut Jlanufrs o f F'ine Oig!l1' B an4 .A.U-HGMM Tobacco Oigarettu. Gumpert Bros. 1841 Cbeotnut Manutact.orer ofBnu:f! and Bmolrice Pam. Mellor & Rittenhouse, !UBNorth TwentySeoon d MJr' l Agffit /OT Plug and Smoking Tokrtlutic Leaf Barll:e r J W, & G. READJKG. Pa. Manufacturers of Cigan. HantA!ch & Crouse, IWl P enn e.nd 686 Court. RICHMOND, Va. Man"facturers of P!1J{! &; 8nlbl(g Tobauo Grecory 0. P. ct Co Loltler L. Lyon A. Ill It Co. Oliv e r &: Robinson Leaf Tobacco Brokert. MlllsR. A. Manufacturera of Tobacco Bag1. !II ll!lllbiser & Co. 1309 Main 'ROCHEST-ER, ,Jr Y, Manufr l of S7!JOki"'l OM C hewing To6oCOOI andCii/ arettes. S F H ess&Co. Manufac turer.s of Tobacco. Wbalen B. & T 182 State Jla.nujacturul oj aftd .Pfajn .BVtt Out TobaccO and "Vanil)' .B'oir" inloWtl.g Tobacco and Oigarettu. Kimball W. S. it Co. SAN FRANCUCO, Cal. Agencvfor Stmilon Blorm' & Cigara Beynema.n H. 206 Front A gen t ftJr Kerbs ct Spie31. Pollak A.. 226 Front SPRIJfGrtELD, Jllau, Smith H. ct Son, :Ill H&mpden ST. LOUU, llo. Tobaoco W o.reh9uau. Donnltze r C. ct B. ct Co. 123 Market BuNer of Leaf Tobacco Ladd W lL 21 North linin Meier Adol p hus & Co. M;mll,{fUttirers A g ent. D Wenberg D 110 1'1. lid SYRACUSE. 1'(, Y. Jla"factu,..,. of Cigar B-. x-et It ]!laadel, 1 M and 170 Eut Water TOLEDO, O Jlc&".fCJCt1ortr of B J<>bn C. THE TOBACCO LEAF. 11 Satro a NewiDark, KERBS a IIANUFACTURERS OF OIG-kRS, Manufacturers of Fine Cigars, And Dealers ln LEAP TOB.&OOO, 1014, 1018, 1018, 1020 SECOND AVENUE, -ANDDealers in Leaf Tobacco 3 10, 312, 314 AND 318 FIFTYFOURTH 81'REET, B ell,l. A. ... "'!<"'OR:&:. & ed.e:re:r. IIIANUJ' ACTl1BEBB OJ' '7 Fine Cigars AND DEALERS IN 98! .to 110 Attorney St., 1\T::I!J"'gV "'!!'"OR:&:. \\ DEL & ano Greenhall & JA ES Manufacturers o f Ci[m l;:;r: ,:., I lannfacturors of s, _. Deal e "" In G A R S, u J o hn, said a stem landlord, "I am g o ing to raise your rent. "I wish you would," quoth John, "for I cannot ram it It IS evid ent tbat John was not luck y enough to be a "\obacconist wiili plenty of GLASS SIGNS, for if h e had been h e could have rais e d his rent easily eno u gh ll .I ,Leaf Tobacco, No. 78 BOWERY,. NEW YORit 0 I'IJ3{ j ... w ... ry, Ne "'1' .SWABREKSt.,JfEWYo'iut. 1 TRANSPARENT. GLASS SIGNS. Des lcaa .... Eati.Blate Il'anatlaed, .JO H N MATTHEWS, 318 :& IIIIth &., N. Y, ...., .JA.J(ES BBUBSBL 4. Ll.C BtLN&tJJli. -. ]1[, LI Office :-88 WALL STB.EE'l'. MILLER & H D E ALE RS IN AND Po'>.CXERS OF VA,NIA SEED LEAF T O BACCO, Petersburg, Lan c aster Co., Pa. D DILLENBEB.G, IIANUFACTURERS' AGENT -J'ORlanllfact'd Tobacco & Gi!ars ... 180 X, SJKlOND BTJU:n, or. Cope's Tobacco Plant: A. llloadtly .1'011RNAL Cor SIIIOB.EIIS 10 Lord Belson Stl Liverpool, Eig J;'IUctl: Two SBILI.INGS (ENOLI8B) PEa AlniD1L Jrbere l!uboerh>tlona may be e.ddreaed, or to TBa TaaMxx> Liar Oll1ce. -SoabaorlpUoa8. 75 oe nte per annum, poo&--pald T IAD E MAU IIIGIIITEII.ED .IAII.21. 1878. MAY BROTHERS. IMPORTERS OF CIGARETTE.:PAPER 106_.2d Ave.,-near 8th St., 1\Te._. "Y"or:IL. 0 J.B.._ P RAGUE & MATSDN, LEAF TOBAGGO BHOKHRS -AXD' 1\EDRYERS OF LUG FILLERS Olf OOKlOSSIOK. 84 W. Front St., Cln.c ,nnatl. Kr. ; b. .. I H. CLA.RI & BROTHD. !OB!CCO BBODBS


12 tr :fiE TOBACCO LEAF. JOHN ANDERSON & CO. MANUFACTURERS OF THE SOLACKuu 114 I 116 LIBERTY STREET, NEW YORK, The e:f t 1Je1 to dtrect the of I be Dea1ers In Tob&cco tlu'ouf'loot the Uaite d and the Wo:id -to thdr CELEBRATED SOLACE FINE-CUT Manufactured onlyby W. T. BLACKWELL& co., DURHAM, N. C. CHEWING TOBACCO. which Is being once more manufactured uDder the Immediate supervh.lon o f the originator, MAS HOYT & CO., MR. JOHN ANDERSON Jl.A.NUi'ACTURli:RS OJ' uul now atands, aa toi'!Delrly, wit h out a rlTal FINE CUT CHEWING & SMOKING will TOBACCOS & SNUFF. G. w. GRAVES, BLACKWELL'S DURHAM Sells quicker a.nd gives better satisfac tion than any brand of Smolring Tobacco ever offered in the market. and it does so Our Brand Chewlngt J17NNYSIDE, NATIONAL, BRIGHT OWEN, NABOB, EXTRA CAVENDISH. 404 & 406 Pear+ St., New York. f R } G ral p rt '.. -.. .. ,.-. Sawing and Planing Mills I PACKER OF A.ND DEALER lN B. COMS TO,CK. ene. a W OOD S pecial. ]. S. GANS'_ .SON & CO., -Cedar an. d. vv-1:1.1 "tevvood. Brokers, SAWING. AND PLANING FUR CIGAR-BOX MAKERS. 84 and 86 WALL STREET, NEW YORK. WBAVBB. & STI:B.RY, SP AIISB IJCOBIGII_ GIIBK LICOBICII ALL SPECIAL TIES FOR PLUG AID FIIECUT TOBACCO. OLIVE OIL, TOICA BIARB, GUliS, PLA VORS. 1 Powdered 'Licoriee Root, AND PATENT POWDERED LJ:CORJ:CE. 1111 S-TICK LICORICE W10. IIAVE FAVORITE BRANDS:1'. 8., I'ICIIII'A'!rB:r.J.I AJID CIVZO:r.:an.o LICORICE ( PASTE. W .6LLIS dk CO. Tobacco manufacturers and the trade geaeral are particularly requested 10 examine and test the superior properties Df this LICORICE, which, being oow \brought to the highest perfection is of. fered under the above style of brand. We are also SOLE AGENTS for the iKand r. G. c1c. G. 0. ,Acknowledged by consumers to be tho best in the market. Aztd for the brand of Lic::1rice Stick ROlli. & 00., JOHN CA'l*.tOS, Tobacco Broker, 83 BEAVER ST., NEW YORK CHABLIS F. osBORII, JAMES G. OSBORNE,CHARLES R.M -ESSINGER, I p. G-." TOBACCO WORKS, TOLEDO, O::EI::EO, lii&NVFA.OTVBEBS OF THE CELEBB&TED INDIAN AND SUNFLOWER Chewing, AND THE (JELEBB&TBD P. G-." Smoking Tobacco. TOBACCO BROKER, WISE a .., ..... 54 BROAD STREET, 'TOBACCONISTS In all respects equal to CALABRIA. Consumers and Jobbers would cto ____ N_E_w_v_o_R_K_. __ well to apply direct SOLE ACENTS FOR NEW YORK AND VICINITY FOR 141 WEST :BROADWAY, NEwToRK. ldeorlee Boot, !leleet aacl thdiJOarT, -..uyoa haa.d. ARIUIIIIAU, WALLIS I C0.1 29 II; 3l South 'IVllli&m Strm _N_ew_B_ra...;,.nd_. _F_ine,;_, M_il_d a_nd-:-.s_we_et. LICORICE PASTE. Jhe Mrs. G. B. Miller & Co. TOBACCO IANHPACTOBY. EST.AB:E:oo::ESI::EI:3!JD 1776. 97 Co1"U.::tn.b:l.a S"t.N"evv"York. E"ETEJB. :cr. OOLL:EN'S, Pres:ld.e:n:t. lllAN"UFACTURERS OF THE CEL EBRA TED We heg to the at,tentlon of Tobacc o Manufac turel'l and DealOI'I to tblo SUPERIOR AND PURE article. Sole A.geata for the States of aoQ V ir jllala: M1111u. DAVENPORT & MORRIS, Richmond, Va. LICORICE ROOT-.t.'"'lfGD aaol Allcante. Selected aod OrdiD.ary ZURICALDAY & ARGUIMBAU, PLAIN FINECUT CHEWING TOBACCO in BLUE PAPERS :as aEAVER .sTREET, & J!V' p p & : NEW YORK. Rose-Scented Mac1laboy, Scotch, French Rapp_ee, American Gentleman. M:an!factnrers' Mills ''SIGNAL'' "-' &loo, Flrot and Second QnUty R. HILLIER S SON & CO. S"VV"ee"te:n.ed. F1:n.e C"U. "t = 4& cEDAR sT., NEw YORK. S&mpleofurnlshed,"and apeclal quot&tlonapveD DARK AND LICHT CRAPE. FOREST ROSE. CLUB. toraoyarticierequlrod. MAY APPLE and PRIZE LEAF FINECUT, IN' FOIL. FINE POWDERED LICORICE ROOT, I XL Brancl. LICORICE PASTE. THE STAMFORD GO. ) 1117 :JWE.A:ED:IIJN' X...AN'E, N'E-.gv 'YC>B.::&:. ':7'J'be Trade balng demanded a Superior and Cheaper Arti c l e tban that hitherto used, this Compaz17 'i!IJIIaDulacturlo g and o l!erlng for sale, LICORICE PASTE (under the old "Santoro" b r and) o f a QUALITY Ul.d at a !'RIC E which can hardl y fall to be acc eptab l e to all giving It a t rlal Mellor a Rittenhouse, 218 lST. 22d S"t., Pl:l.11ad.el.p1:1.1a, IIIA.NVFA.CTVBEBS OF SP..A.lSTJ:S::a:: a:n.Gt. LICORICE PASTE. Extra Fine Powdered Licorice Root (from aelee& roe&) Ea.reka Brand. FINE GBOVND &ND GB&NVL&TED DEEB TONGVE. FINE GBOVND AND GB&NVLA.TED LAVBEL LEAVES. FJ'NE GBOVND LAVENDER FLOW EBS. WHOLE GROUND or POWDERED, A.NISEEDL ALLSPICE_, ANGELICA, ()LOVES. (JA SelA.BILLA. D&BK (JOBIA.NDEB SEED D, (JA.SSI&'BVDS.. C&BD&!II:ON SEEDS, C& EXT. (J&L&Dill.t. LICOBICJE, GINGER BOO'l", GV!ll &BA.DICJ_r_ IIIA.CJEB LOV &GE HOOT, OB BA.BK ST .TOHNtS BR:IU.D, TONftV& 0 :&-oor. I.F' Centennial Heda1 awarded for., Pmity, and General Exce ll e nce of Ma.nufactttre." BALSAM TOL u, can J Alao :M, & R. BRAND STICK .a..ICORICE, all Sizeo. fiHllesale A!ents: SHOEMAKER, VOlJTE & BIRCH, 126 S. Delaware Ave., Phila. lr.lna Special attent i o n given to llanuta.cturers\ Medley&. GOODWIN & co., ALL GOODS SHIPPED FREE BOARD 'l'be (Je)ebratetr our "Alolltlt!CAN DGJ,E" and ,. CLIP PElt. J to.Uae weodeo pac:kap ao, !ao; '!rade,.: KBS. K. C. BARD:&,. GIFFORD, SHERID & INNIS, 120 W1LLIAM STREET, New York. M. RADER & SON, TO.BACCO BROKERS 48 Broad Street, N'E-.gv 'YC>B.::&:. A. SBACK, TOBACCO BROKER, 129 MAIDEN LANE, NEW YORK. GEO. F GUNTHER, Loaf Tobacco & Cotton Brokor, E leventh and Main Streets, LO'D':ES'V':ELLE, :s;:,-y-, :M, H. GUNTHER o f :-"ew Orleans Cotten Fuye-r. LEERET & BLASDEL, MANUFACTURERS OF Cigar :Sozes 168 & 170 East Water St., SYRACUSE, N. Y. DEA LERS IN ALL OF T H E LA 'lEST STYLES OP CIGAR-BOX LABELS AND TluMM INGS B. II. MILLER, J L BREN NER. MillER & .BRENNER, PACKERS AND DEALERS IN OHIO SEED LEAF TOBACCO 14 North Jefferson Street, DAYTON, OH110. I )r" ORDERS P ROMPr LY A TT&'IDED 'f"' D. BUCHNER & CO Oneida Tobacco Works, Oflloe:-I92 WEST ST., NEW YORK, GOODWIN & CO.'S cc OLD J"UDG-E" SDioldn.g Tobacco and Cigarettes. ALSO AGENTS FOR OTHER LEADING MANUFAC'I'UBEllll OF SMOKINC, PLUC TOBACCO AND CICARETTES, Nos. 254 and 256 CANAL STREET, corner of ELM, NEW YORK. Adopted by the French Government. NOW ON SAlE IN P .ARIS C>LD ..A.lSTD R.ELJ:..A.BLE VANITY FAIR FL.A.::&:E OUT", FRAGRANT VA,NI.TY EA:IR Tobacco a::t:1,d. C:l.gare"t."tes. "MILD "-Rare Old VIrginia. "HALVES "-Rare Old Perique and NEW COMBINATIONS OF THESE FRAGRANT TOBACCOS. .A.l:,_.ra:y& Up 'to 'the S'tan.d.ard.. SIX FIRST PRIZE MEDALS. PARIS, 1878, Peerless Tobacco Works.. WM. S. KIMBALL & co., Rochester, N.Y. W. E. UPTEGROVE, Spanish Cedar FOR CIGAR BOXES, -.uro-Cl[ar Box !akers' SnDDlles. 'root lOth & 11th st., East Rivr, nw YORJ[. METROPOLITAN CIGAR MANUFACTORY. 1[J' SIG:l!UND JAC O BY GUSTAV JACOB Y "'1:.7 N N' S. JACOBY & CO., a 1.1: :a'-1: 200 CHATHAM SQUARE and 5 & 1 OOYER STREET, NEW YORK. ':I:' ::EI: :m PIONEER TOBACCO C .OMPANY OF BROOKLYN, N, Y. 124 Water St., New York; 16 Central Wharf; Boston; 15 Wa.bash Avenue, Chicago. Factory : No. 1 First District, N. Y THE CELEBRATED THE CELEBRATED ."MATCHLESS," "FRUITGm," BRICHT. All Sizes; MAMOCANY, All Sizes; p I 0 N E E Dark, all Sizes. Jl com arison of C elebrate d Brand s of Y L U G TOBACCOS will c o nv ince a u partiL I o( 'tP".....,.__ DBRFt:r MERITS con taiued therein. PLUG TOBACCOm DEC. 6 THE Patented Jnne,1878 Smoking Tobacco. Manufactured by ALLEN & DUNNING, Nos.65 &61 VANHOUT E N S':.'. P \ 'I'EKSON, N J, Jacob Henkell, J MANUFACTUBEB Oil' CIGAR BOXES Slll'ElUOil IIAl!Jii .t: PRlMB QUALITY OJ' r Cedar "Wood. llANUFACTUBEB OF ALL KINDS OJ' L:ET::EI:OGB..A.E"::EI:XO Cigar-Box Labels. 293,'295 & 1297 Monroe S!reet, N'e"VV 'York. s. A. ROBB, J. M. MiJJbiser & Co., ManU.rae&urer oc,. 1 CLOTH TOBACCO BAGS, &LL SIZES A.ND STYLES, 1309 Main St., Richmond, Ya. A. :R. VENABLE, Jr. TOBACCO BROKER, Pa.rzn. 'Vi.J.1e, 'V' lCr' 8ooclal paid to Bul'!ng, Ord"!''nc a .Dd Prlz1ng Le&t T obacco oulted. to EngliSh, Contmental, 118dtterranean_. French an4il AfrlCau mar Ref ers to Xessro. Hill, Sldnker .t: Wat kins Blch mood Va., and Meosro. S. W Venable & Oo.. Petersbutg, Va. 1 'Also or tbe WeliKno'"' Brand or &zn.o.IIL:I.:n.s Tobacco cc S'-11. 'ta.:o..a,." A.nd llAnufactllr81'8 of a.U Btyleo of Brilt' & PLVG ancl TWIST TOB&CJCJOS, Factory:-24 Twentletla St.. B.:EO::EI::IWEC>N'::DI, 'V' .A. Our Navlea a Specialty for the-J:utern' PATENTED. PBIOES GIUUTLT BBDUa.JJ.


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