The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (12 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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J 0 II: _. VOL. XVI.---NO. 22. aa .. urra:.v :street, l ,,. EL cLUB DE YAlE and ROYAL PALM KEY WEST HAVANA CIGARS. C>F "uii: sCHriB.AiiT a: CO::; IMPORTERS oF HAVANA SEED _LEAF I N"o. 160 "'VVa"ter S.."tree"t, Y"ork.. .. LILDmTllAL. 1L .A.. JIKIUf11KI \lER. b I M. LILIENTHAL & -CO.,' X:DII:POR. T:JII'R.& OJIFO HA.Y -A:NA E. D IU.NlJFACi:DRERS OF CIGAR-BOX LUMBER %l!IT &::JP.&.l!IT1S:!EiE O:BJ:J:).A.JE'tl. an.c!l ::mciME81TXO "'VOOD&, .l.LIO IMITATI-ON SPANISH CEDAR CIGAR-BOX LUMBER, Ani pl'eJ)&red to tumloh thlo Lumber to Box -Jlakeno ID the usual lengths and widths, otallled. grallled JIM polished ready for use. On eZauiiDatlon It wt11 be found a perfect imitation of Spa.nlsh Cedar In color and f.&lo. and so far superior to any in the market tha.t no c&a be made._ Being B&W"ed. and cut from the finest Poplar( pre ecred by all &lld thoroughly planed and the boards straight and of even surface. The ground color and grain are durable. and the is a po.tent -leaT-IDg a brllrht gl-on the woOd. .A.I prepared by our patent p...,.,.._ this Lumber caD be used as & substitute for Spanish Cedar U.le. than one-haJ.t ftB cost. Ol1R SPANISH C:&DAR IS UIPORTED DIRECTLY FROM HECO ,.la NEW OR.LEANS. an.d. "00"' areh.cn1e-6BIS'70'7 "00"' 6'th. &'tree't0 01n.o1n.:Jt:La-t1. L1 Pr1:n. FX'V"E N'E'VO" 'Y"OR.:U:. I TOBACCO AND SHOW CARDS I o. a.x E'V":EJR.T' .DE&OR.XPTXON. '[No La'belo kept In Stock. M "'' P' It a ..... 4 __. Yellow 1 ..... 4. .. u 2 ... ,_8 ... .. u 3 .. 4:-8 .. Bo:o:-Blllbea a.d .... .J..o:.; .... ....... 3 '' ,_, ., Yellow- ........ ... 3 T o..-Palen& Boar4 CaiUn& BaehlnN aa41. lleaaoninc Pre-PRONOUNCED THE ONLY PERFECT CUT LUMBER I SPANISH CEDAR, MAHOGANY, SYCAIIOR:&, POPLAR, B'DTT:&RNUT, And all o&her JdDdo of Tbln Lumber, fully equal or superior to Sawed Ol' Pl&ned. llend 1'or (Jataloeue aad Prlee Llo&, Geo. W. Read & Co., 186 Lewis St. foot5th&6th, NeVI( York. b SUTTER BROS., Dealers In LEAF TOBACC(), m. WHOLE NO. 802 TOBACCO. : .. ....... I .. i -sou, t 1. :.o 01' __ 4n & _[eaf T Hacco ,. 1 N43w York.1 r ... u 1 ) J ( .SOle tor ..... of .. La'Celbli, La Desable; Des,afld and Fldr Selects WOODEN SHOW FIGURES. 1 .¢-tor J'OBN II'. ALLEN a: co.s ol'llmoklllc 'l'obaee ana (Jipre&tee, lAlii "HYCO," e&e.-Depo1 1'or :S W, "LONE .1' A.CK," "BROWN DICKo" esc. r 1 LOUISI.&l'f.& Ca& aad In (Janou W. T. Blackwell& Coo'g Genuine DtJB.H. AM Tobacco. -.J-- .l----..... -:... -!!!C" 'ef!' -:.;e:-----;;.-' ...,..., WI. 3. KIMBALL i CO. '8 V A.N'::I:T"Y' P fobacco & Cirmttes. (JftAI, 11![, CONRAD oli: (JO,I celebrated LOG CA.BIN and LOVE Al'IIONG THE BUIES !lmoklnc Tobaeee, lii.AXUI'AOTURED1TOBAOCO.-FaYorJte Dark Navy, Enchan&re .. Dal'lo:. Na'V)", Sweet Jl[oroel Dark N;aTT; and Peach Brlch& and all Popular Br&nda of Fancy and Light Kanafaotllred SPA'Q.LDING .t; IIJ:RlUOK.:-,014 GlorJ'1 Charm o1' U.e wua, ........ 0 -rley, 4een wac waz; ID Pallo aD4 l!arftJo. D"pol tor B. T;'PILIUNTON .t; 00''8 .B111T!I AND JI'LOWBBI and Soloklac t'obaecoe. DepM tol' Price Ll-r.ndalte OD (P, O, Box ZZ31.) :' G110. W, Avovomr. -.A. U'G &. 1 g.ate ol' A. HEN a: a: DEA.LEHS IN FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC SMOKERS' ARTICLES; I Uents for an the PHDUiar Brands Fine Gnt, Smokm[ & Plu[ TObilCCO & Cigarettes ftgentsJor Tobacco and Cigarettes; c Sole.Agents for Allen &.Ginter's RI(C:IDIOND GEII'Tobacco & Cllarottos Depot for Blac>lnrell'a Gena$ne Durham-.Jno, W.Ca.rroll's Loae Jack-:&. T, PUldDto' balta & :now- l!IT.:>. 11 "00"' .A.R.R.EI::qT lSI :1!1"00"' Y"OR.:&::. Ea'ta. l.B2'7. '' COPENB.A!GEN. I .I C &, Manufacturers of the Celebrated Cut & Dry Smoking Tobacco. Retail Store.a. Oftlce: 81 Smithfleltt St. Factory: 5 : 4: 7 Union St. a. 112 Liberty St. P.A.. GENERAL SELLING AGENT1-W .&. ROBINSON, llt4. WA.TEB STREET, NEW YUBK., WHOLESALE DBPOTS.-NEW YOHK1 Allen oli: Co., 1'1'3 Chamber 8t, BA.t.TIM:OII.EIIIaxler oli: !illd, llt Commeree St. BODONI Bros., St. SA. VA NNA.O: I Ben,dhehDBroe. & Cloo 'The revenue derived from the tax on manufactured tobacco has fallen off somewhat, owing to the heavy reduction in the rate of taxation which went into ef = feet just previous to the commencement of the present fiscal-year. This loss, however, has been more than ma:d e .up by increased r 'eceipts.{rom cigars and cigar-I BE SURE TO ATTE.l'JD. iio'that the aggregate revenue from tobacco in On Wednesday evening, July 7, an important meet its various forms has suffered no diminution. ing of the Wholesale Tobacco Association will be held in the usual Lodge Roopl at Koster Bial's Music THE DRY WEATHER AND THE CROPS. Hall Street. Every member 1f the In view of the extremely hot, dry weather prevailassoc1atl0n IS expected to be present, as short, sharp h .t f N y k d d h t d t mg m t e c1 y o ew or an surroun mg ne1g and deCISIVe measures are to be l.II8ugura e agams bo h d th t f t' 1 d 1 r oo e repor s o 1me y an 1n many cases, cutter!! and the1r abettorfi. I abi.mdant rains made by our correspondents in the principal tobacco growing sections of the c .ountry, are DR. SPE.NCE )V!LL NOT ACCEPT A NOMINAencouraging as well as pleasant reading. Anything TION FOR CONGRESS. more distressing, not to say alanning, than the heat I Tl:ie following letter from Dr. T. R. Sp!Jnce, of Cin and-drouth, and especially the latter, here has not been cinnati, shows very clearly that it is useless for his experienced for many years' Excepting as to temper friends to present his for ature, the situation is painfully suggestive of the as he prefers to pursue hiS career 1 n the walks of pr1 -dition of thinge along the banks of Ayr, when, ac, vate life:-cording to Burns, 1 CINC:INNATI, June 25, "Chill November's surly blast En. ToB'ACCO LEAF:-Dear Str: Under no posS'tble or impossible circumfftances would I ever accept a La1d field and forest bare. nation to Congress or for any other o1Uce or; pos1t10n. The plast now to be complained of is that of Jun I have never had any-love for office or.: p'bs1t _wn. instead of Noyember but field ancl forest are fast be This I have invariably said when I have been ap d d d Th pioached on the subject, and. shall never change cof'mg bare. ISf ea b e gar Yours truly, T. R. SPENCE. tqe trees 1s st1 p emer..... ue, ut eve11 1 I is faded, and fruits and flowers appear to be i1 FROM INTERNAL REV.IN:UE FOR the throe's of dissolution. The universal cry here an REC. THE

! PUBLISHED EVERY SATUB.DAY MOBNilfG BY II THE TOBACCO LEAF" PUBtiSHING COMPANY I 1015 MAII>EN LAI'tE, NEW CORNER OF PEARL STREET With reference to the to bacco crop 1t may be sa1d that though the acreage devoted to 1t 18 'reported to be about an average that the plants generally are lookmg well and that though as IS wellJmown the ltirge proportiOn of moisture m herent m tobacco plants renders them capable of sur vtvmg protracted drouths the yield this year must of necessity be smaller than usual Thts apparent fact IS gradually strengthemng the tobacco markets every where Unless gene.ral and coptous rams fall wtthm the next few days It need not be a matter of surpnse to anybody tf leaf tobacco mcreases very much 'li puce JIII.INOR EDITORIALS AND NEWS ITEMS Mn B HoRN of Pittsburgh Pa was m our matket tbts week and 18 satd to have made large purchases of leaf from M1 Fred Schulz of Pearl Street AN OLD TOBACCO FmM DISSOLVED LoutSVlllB Ky July 2 By the death of Grandl80n Spratt the firm of Spratt & Co the oldest m the tobacco trade m this City was dtssolved on Monday last and the snrVIvmg partners ba ve made an ass1gnment The liab1hties and assets are unknown SAVED Mr A S Rosenbaum and son of thts City were among the prondent1ally saved from the wreck of the Soc4wanhaka The frtends of these gentlemen not leas than the gentlemen themselves feel duly grateful for thCir escape from a ha.rrowmg and unt1mely death SURE 011' BLESSING -Mr F B Thurber nll be here after daily blessed and many times a day by thirsty New Yorkers permanent and transient pecumous and tmpecumous for the refreshmg fouutam of 1ce water which at hiS own expense he has caused to be :placed for the ftee use of the public on the Park Row stde of the Post Office CLOSING TO CELEBRATE THE FOURTH -To appro pnately celebrate Independence Day whtch falls thiS year on Sunday the leadmg representatives of the tobacco trade m this City will keep the1r places of busmessclosed from Frtday afternoon to Tueeday mornmg In their well earned vacatwn we w1sh them all the JOY they can obtam wtth the temperature m the nmettea and pyrotechrucs blazmg and crackmg all around them NOTHING TO SAY -CommiSSIOner Raum acco1dmg to Secretary ShPrman s latest pronunCiamento IS to have nothing to say hereafter concermng the appomt ment or removal of mternal revenue guagers store keepers and tobacco mspectors The Civil SerVIce machme always was a funny one wasn t It Mr Ariliur Dr Young and the rest of you of the host that have been snubbed at headquarters but w o have the pubhc on your stde 1 TOBACCO GROWlNG IN VERMONT -A correspondent writmg from Brattleboro Vt remarks -The few far mers who grow tobacco here have mostly had1llauccess m gettmg 1t out as soon as desued tn consequence of the slow growth of plants Wh1le some began settmg in May others have been kept back and finished this week Ve1y little damage IS done by the worms The water pot has been kept busy and plants ate lookmg rfatrly well OFFICE OF FELIX GARCIA 167 '\"i ater St1 eet New York June 4 1880 I beg leave to mform my friends customers and the "Tobacco Trade generally thatlhave closed mY busmess here and have made arrangements w1th Messrs H Schubart & Co of 160 Water Street thiS mty to pack and purchase tobacco for them m the Island of Cuba Thankmg the Ttade for their hbetal patronage ex tended to me and hopmg they will confer the same upon Messrs H Schubart & Co I remam yours respectfully FELIX GAkCIA 'fHE BROOKLYN DEFICIT TO BE MADE UP -Washmgton June 30 -The CommiSSioner of Internal Revenue to day received a despatch statmg that the defimt m the accounts of the late Collect01 Freeland of the Brooklyn distriCt some $19 000 will be made good by the payment of the full amount The Brooklyn Unwn Argus of July 1 referrmg to this matter saye -The of Mr S I Boone ex Deputy Collector of Intemal Revenue fo1 the Fust Collectwn D1strwt amountmg to $18 832 24 has been made good to the Government by Mr B ]! Blan ad nnmstrator of the estate of Collector Freeland 1t havmg been made appa1ent that thts amount was ab stracted from the receipts hom revenue stamps durmg the late collectors term of office The estate has a clatm agamst the personal bond of Mr Boone to Mr Freeland for tho amount of hts bond $10 000 Mr Boone s auret1es are Messrs Albe1 t Daggett and Henry M Bukett AGAIN BEREAVED -Among the passengers on the ill fated Seawanhaka who were lost was Miss Amta Reynes a daughter of the late Dr Jose A Reynes of the Umvers1ty of Havana and a m ece of the Messrs Raynes of Reynes Bros & Co of Exchange Place th1s c1ty M1ss Reynea who was fourteen years of age was m company wtth her uncle Mr E L Crabb on her way to Great Neck where tt was mtended that she should pass the summer At the t1me of the burmng of the steamer Mr Crabb who had been Sittmg at the bow of the boat attempted to reach the young who had remamed m the la dtes cabm but was prevented from so domg by the flames The body of M1ss Reynes was found m Hell Gate on Friday The Messrs Reynes have been mur.h afDicted durmg the past seven weeks as thiS IS the 1h1rd member of the 1amtly who has dted wtthin that time one of them bemg a siSter of th1s young lady Theee gentlemen have our deepest sympathies and not only ours but also those of the trade m the1r bereavement. BUSINESS :MENTION LATELY m a notice of the buamess of Mr Chas J Young of Philadelphia, we Bald that he waa a dealer in tobacco and clgar& when we should have mentiOned that Hr Young has a tobacco cunng andre sweating eatablishment at 225 VmeBtreet UBlngYoung& Pauls pa$ent !lrocellll for the purpoi18 llr lias no eonneot1on w1th any other busmess -!here is llt\td to be a m09tlllllllt OD foot ID a to tax commercial travelers 80 exc-1vely aa topreveot Uwm from 18lliug m that State '.fHE MR GRAFFS NOlES BY THE WAY hiEssns SUTTER BROS the packers of Seed leaf and dealets Havana tobac co m ChiCago reported to me vhen I v1s1ted tuem 111 the1r cit) a fe weeks ago a flu busmess ilm1 1g the yea1 statmg that they bad done a vety bus nese m all kmds o f lea,J: !Ibis .firm supphe8 a large number of CJgar manufactmers bet "'ee n and the M1sss I{JJ 1 and even Jurtber West: Bestdes th s they held an the old trade "'hiCh they supplie d hen establ shed tn Detrmt some years ago Ihey ba,ve been heav packers of the 1879 Wtsconstn crop and hold at p esent a la1ge. quant t J of t;he very clwwest of that growth The brot l ers l ooke d hale andttfvmg the Trade that on the 1st May last we entirely re orgamzed and re modelled our factory havmg engaged as auperm tendent of same MR. H L RoKOHL well known as a manufacturer of exceptional ab1l ty and experience The greatest care has been exerCised m the selectwn of tobaccos and o-ur personal ntten bon will be fully devoted to the st11ctest supervision of all t)le factory details so as to enable us to guarantee the pwd uctwp of the best poss1 ble results both m quahty as "ell as m the appearance of our Cigars We p1opose to contmue m the manufacture of domestic the same honorable mode of deal ng whiCh bas for so many years characteuzed the busme s of thiS firm and It shall be our atm to produce the best goods at such r easonable prrces as will msure to us the patronage and confidence of the large dealers m these goods Sample orders are respectfully re quested HORACE R KELLY & Co WASHINGTON THE NEW EXPORT BOND LAW. A BIT OF UNWRITTEN HISTORY Mr. Kimball th.e Ongmator of the Law SMALL DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO. TAX The b1ll "1th, M1 K1mball s p1 ovtsion I 1 the same te ms 1t was subm tted by h1m passe d the House 'Ihe b1ll Ith tbe prov1s10n also passed the Fmance Com 'tmttee of the Senate but the prov SIOll for some un accountable Jeason was left out when -the btll was 1e ported to the Senate Mr Kin 15all s uggested to the Cornnusswne1 that he should .try to have it m set ted after 'i'ards but the Commsswner satd It" as too late 1h b emg near the close of the sesstb 1 a td the Congressc and the n:;a 1ufacturers who wete anxiOUS to secure a I e ductiOn of the tax on tobaeco obJected to anytlung bemg done that nnght vhat they wanted a rd opposed the mse i twn of tl e Kimball clause at that tnne so the b1ll w thout the proviSIOn for the I'f'!llef of expotters Dunug the i}{tra sesswn tne .manufactm ers of export tobacco came agam bPiore Congress to m ge tb.e arne l;Xleasm e for then benefit called Ul on Mr Ktmball and wanted h1m to go before the Committee Q)l Ways and Means agam and urge them to report a btl! m the same terms as tl e clause b e bad embodied m tbe Intel nal Revenue brll the year before He said to them that by some means he could not state to them )low the clause m questiOn had been stucken out of the btll but he believed 1t was rtgbt and p1 oper 1t should be come a law and he presumed they would have no trouble gettmg It th10ugh duung the p1esent Congi es He doubted however If they could get 1t through at the extra sessiO n for the reason that Congress dtd not mtend to take up any generallegslatwn A bill was mtroduced by M1 Johnson of VIrgzma m the language of Mr Kim balls amendment and Mr Kimball was afterward summoned to go before the committee whtch he dtd and read the bnef he ba prepared on the subJect Befo1 e gomg before the com he had obtamed the consent of the Commission er whom he told frankly that he was m favor of the btl! and that while he dtd not wtsh to antagomse him m anytlung still tf he went before the committee be would have to advocate the passage of the bill as 1t represented h1s views The Comm'llswne1 was not m favor of the btl! and asked Mr Kimball to state that fact to the committee Mr Kimball drd so stating to Mr Carli&le the chrurman of the sub committee that he only expressed hta own VIews and dtd noli repre!ent the CommiSsiOner and that he must learn the Comm1s swner s vte\\8 from himself Mr Kimball then sub mttted h1s br1ef wh1ch he had prepared and read to the bureau officers when the mattet fitst came up and his arguments were embodteu m the Carhsle veport af ter wards unammously reported to the House by the Ways and Means Comrmttee The bill as IS well known through the watchfulness of Mr Burwell then passed the House and Senate wrth little oppo81tton It 18 but JUSt to Mr Ktmball that th1sb1tof htstoryshould be told and that he should not share the charge that the In tarnal Revenue Bureau bad opposed and hmdered the oassage of the bill SMALL DEALERS IN LEAl!' TOBACCO The new law reducmg the speCial tax from dealers m leaf tobac co from $25 to $5 when the amount of tobac co bought and sold by any one dealer does not exceed uOO pounds a yea1 wtll not tt IS stated by Internal Revenue officials matenally affect the revenue of the Government It will undoubtedly mcrcase the num ber of small dealers and w ll thereby result m great con\'"emence to farmers who ra1se sn a ll patches of to bacco a part of wb1ch they can sell to the grocer or exchange with hun for gqods Every grocer m a to bacco growmg dtstrwt 01 whe1 e tobacco I S Iatsed m patches can become a small dealer oy paymg the sum of five dollars Heretofore 1t d d not pay htm to go mto the busmess as he would have to pay a special tax of twenty five dollars The new la v w1ll also be of some advantge w the Government as a part of the macbmery of the department as by the regulatiOns rt will enable Jt to better keep track of the tobacco from the time 1t leaves the growers to the t1me 1t becomes a merchantable artwle B P G THE GREAT TOLEDO LIGORIGE CASE. A Tnal lastmg F1ve Weeks Ended last Week. VERDICT FOR C C WARREN & SYNOPSIS OF PROCEEDINCS IN COURT.'s Charge. TOLEDO Oh1o June 25 1880 EDITOR TOBACCO LEAF -Tl e CitiZens of Toledo and the 1 nnufacturers and dealers m tobacco throughout the count1y fot some time pas t have been exercised over au mtetestmg law SUit pending m the courts of this county bet veen the firm of C C Watren & Co extensive manufacturets of spices a d powdeted hconce toot and the late firm of Po 'i'ei & Stuart of fine cut che vmg and smokmg tobacco all of tlus City As the case IS one 'hiCh has tecetved wtde attentwn many of the prommer t deale1s and manutact uers of both tobacco and po vdered lwonce throughout the countty havmg been called as w1tnesses and the c .. se havmg 1eqmred m01e than a year m 1ts preparatwn and about five 'eeks m 1ts tna.l I have of the case vould be mterestmg to Jour readets !he J especttve claims of the patties to the suit were m substance as follO\ s -The plamtiffs m the case C C Warren & Co m Janua1 y 1878 brought their a.ctwn agamst Power & Stuart the defendants .o 1 e cove1 $475 a balance cltumed to be due on account of powdeui d hcor ce root sold defendants between Apnl1 and December 1 1877 The defendants Power& Stuart anewer_ed the pett twn admlttmg the sale and dell very of the hcorwe po \del but allegmg that ,the amount s ued fo1 was only a pat t of that by them purchased from plamtiffs be1;}ween the dattts named that m fine cut ch<>wmg tobacco they use large quant1f1es of pow d e1ed hconce root whiCh ilS requued to be perfectly pma and free from all foreign tngredtents and atwns all of wh1ch the plamtiffs well kne' and rely mg upon the assurances and representatwns of the plamttffs that they manufactured and sold a pme and {From our Spec a Corespondent genume article of powdered hcoriCe flee froin adul W ASHlJS GTON J nne 30 1880 te aLwn they purchased f1 OIIL tm e to t1me f1 om The new export bond law has already goQe mto pla1 tiffs and used m the manufactu eof the 1 fine cut effect and m ttme the exporter Nlll feel relleved of the" cheJVmg tobaccos between tile dates named 30 107 onerous burdens of the old law 'I here IS a little un pounds of licoriCe PO\\ der whiCh amot nt was ued 111 written history In the mceptwn prog1 ess and pas the manufacture of about 383 000 pounds of sage of the new law th10ugh Congress whJCh 1 t 1 s tobaccos d1v1ded mto the fo1lo\\ mg brands VIZ -proper and JUSt now to tell Col Burwell undoubtedly Hoard of lrade 100 000 pon11ds the value of whiCh deserves much credit for watching the b!ll closeh and whe n put up m defendants patent> square glass fro1 t pushmg 1t persistently forwa1d but to another man IS tub and stamped was WOI th $65 000 Impe l al the exporte1 entirely mdebted for the begmnmg of the brand 5 000 pounds 'hen stamped wo1 th $3 000 In legtslatwn and to whose able and unanswe1able mgu tmnatwnal 9 500 pounds when etamped worth ments 1s largely due the fact that tbl! Ways and $5 700 Dexte1 ll8 000 pounds when stampe d Means Committee of the lt as well as the present ,.orth $59 000 Hunkidon 40 000 pounds "hen Congress reported unammously m favor of the p1o stamped worth $17 600 Wtgwam 126 000 pounds v 1 s1on I 1 efer to Mr Kimball of the Internal Rfvenue vhe 1 stamped "orth $50 500 makmg a total of $197 Bureau For two years before any movement was 52a and was sold througl out the hom Marne made to change the old l aw he satisfied himself that to Cahf01ma '!hat by reason of their new squate the 1egnlations and the law rega1dmg the exportatiOn glass fzont patent tub and by reason of the reputa of tobacco duectly from the factoty were unneces tton and popularity of then predecessors W S Isher aarily onerous and restr1cttve and that they could be wood & Co they found an unpatalleled demand for with ent1re safety to the tendered less satd fine cut chewmg tobacc08 and were durmg the so and greatly conduce to the mte1ests of those per months of May June and July 1877 scarcely able to sons who manufacture tobacco largely for export supply the demand and that their busmess was a Four years ago last wmter the matter came up m con complete and perfect success that m the latter part of nectwn w 1th var1 ous other amendments wbwh the offi July they begun to receive complamts from thetr cus cers of the Internal Revenue Bureau prepared and tomers to whom thetr chewmg tobacco had been submitted to the Ways and Means Committee of the shipped that the same was unsalable Impure and House of RepresentatiVBII Mr Kimball propoiJed the could not be used that dunng the month of August amendment embodymg the proviSIOn m regard to the large quantities were returned to them and thereafter exportation of tobacco m the same terms of the new and up to the time of fihng th1a answer m February law JUSt passed and gone mto effect H1a amendment 1878 still contmued to be returned that durmg the was very strongly opposed at first by the chief of the months of August September and October 1877 they dtvl8lon m charge of bonded goods Mr Kimball dtd contmued to use the liconce without auspectmg Il was not have charge of the export goods at that time He adulterated ImJlure and unfit to he used for the pur prepared a. brtef settmg forth hts views on the subJect poses to whtch It was apphed that m the latter part callmg attentwn to the advantage 1t would be to of October they received an anonymous letter saylllg change the law and to allow export bonds to be can the liconce was adulterated and bemg placed upon celled upon evtdence bemg furmshed that the goods their guard they ceased 1ts use that they caused the bad been rece1 ved at the port of export by the col eame to he analyzed by a celebrated chermst and he lector of customs and had been properly entered on found the same to be adulterated with unwholesome the ship 8 marufest and that the shtp had been and deleterious mltredtents tnjurious to health and properly cleared for a fore 1gn port ThiS bnef he read they aver that all the liconce so sold them was adul at a meettng at which Oommtuioner Pratt the deputy terated and of such character as to totally destroy comm18s 1oner the sobc1tor1 and the different heads of fine-cut chewmg tobacco and dzd m fact destroy the dlvwons were present A vote was taken on trade of the defendants, and that by the use of quest10n whether they would recommend the amend the liconce powder 80 adulteratM sUJ[end damages ment proposed by Mr Kimball, and 1t was decided io as follows, VIZ do 80 The amendment was acoordtnr;ly embodied m lilt TobacCo returned and worthlesa mgre-\be ildernal nwenue bill which was subDlltted dients purchaaed $10 000 to tile Ways ami -Oomaai'-aDd waa __.. Jd Injury &o $he reput&Uon o1 $heir patent diacUIIIIOn dunng wmter of 18'78 awl1871 tull" JO,ooe ask Judgment To the answei of the de endants V\ arren & Co re phed denymg that they ever made any rep1esentat ons whatever to defendants concetmng the g1adeo1 brand of licoriCe powder of whw):I they complam deny that defendants ever sustatped any damage by 1 eason of 1ts use and a' er11ng that llny mJmy def e nd11nts sus tamed :was the 1esult -of the1r own mcapaCity mto con duct and negloct &od m-fm tber 1eply at the open mg oi.thetr case tj e plamt1ffs said they admttted that the grade of 1 conce po vder mostly bought by defend ants" as adulte;ated wtth forty per ceut of tCJ'l'llJllba whiCh they clmmed "as puw pulverized gypsum 10ck baunless as an adultetant without taste or mell and wttbout perceyttble chemiCal change when used m the manufacture of tobacco that at the time they ft r mshed the hcor ce complruned of to defendants they the-plamt1ffs we1e manufactuungjou1 g1 ades oflpo,.. dered hcorwe 10ot the first three of whtch one selling at eleven cents one at mne cents and one at seven cents per pound were an of pure lteonce root and the fourth and lower gtade the grade complamed of was made of 60 per cant of pure cleaned 1om and 40 per cent of powdered gypsum and sold at five and tin ee fourth cents pm pound and less than any other pow dered hcortCe 1-oot made m the Umted States That de fenaants had both of them been connected with theu predecessors W S Isherwoo d & Co and that dutmg the three years prevwus to the sale by W S Ishcr wood & Co to defendants satd Iahe1 wood & Co bad purchased f10m plamt1ffs and used over 500 barrels of the same grade and kmd of hcottce powder made mall respects the same and had used 1t with great success and m fact had bmltup the buemeas to which defend ants had succeeded with that grade ofliconcepowder that durmg the ttme the defendants were usml\' the licoriCe powder and were havmg trouble w1th theu to hacco other and large manufacturers of fine-cut chewmg tobacco were u.,mg the same hconce powder wttb satiSfaction and without com_plamt that It IS now bemg used mlarge quant1t1es by manufacturers of to bacco on thetr lower grades wtthi great satisfactiOn and IS regarded by those usmg 1t as superior to those gtades-of powdered hconce root conta1mng the dead bark wood sand and soil usually contamed m hcor ICe root and ground with 1t that pla'inttfl's had me chamcal processes by wh1ch they could remove and d1d remove from all their licorice root all dead bark wood sand and so1l and enables them to produce su perwr quaht1es of po der both m fineness and strength that all thmr root hemg tb01onghlycleansed and for the purpose of makmg a cheap grade of powder free from sand and so1l, which IS obJectiOnable on account of grit and cqarse ness and for the purposes of competmg with manufacturers who ground the dead bark wood sand and soil with the1r root m makmg their lower grades the plamttff had compared thiS low btand of licoriCe known as their X brand of 60 per cent of pure cleaned root the price oF whiCh .IS mne cents per pound m the market and 40 per cent of pure finely po vdered gypsum lOCk which latter was to replace m less obJectwnable form to the trade the dead bark wood sand and sOil removed m process of cleamng that they had made tbrs grade of powdered root ever smce 1873 and had sold It m large quantities to man ufacturera of tobacco always exposmg 1ts compositiOn whenever asked by manufacturers of tobacco for the same that It was bought mlarge quatltlttes by manu facturers for their lower g1ade3 of tobacco because of the strength of licoriCe root used and the fineness and freedom from grtt of the powaered gypsum contamed whiCh IS desirable m some low l!:rades because of 1ts wmgbt g1vmgquahties that the defendants ""hen they bought out W S Isherwood & Co were both mexpe r enced m the bu smess neither of them personally ever ha' mg manufactm ed a pound of fine cut chewmg tobacco that the complamt made by the defendants that their tobacco was made bitter by the use of the hconce powder "as without foundation m fact that the b1tterness complamed of' as mhereut m the leaf 1tself and was a noted feature of the crop of 1875 whiCh was the crop muse m 1877 that manufacturers of were compelled to evade the bttter leaf of that crop or use additiOna l sweetemng agencies m covenng up 1ts bitterness that defendants were with out the necessary exper ence to either detect 01 treat bitter tobacco hence thecomplamt of bitterness made that defendants m the begmmng of their manufac tu1e kne v that pla nttffs vere m kmg dtfferemgrarles of po v de red hcorwe rooi _some of the purest and bmng sold to them by plamttffs at ele\ en cents per pound but that defendunts p1efered to and d1d use the ch.,apest g1ade that pla nttffs d1d not kno v that the defendants "et e usmg the cheap g ada of I corwe on the r best brands of tobacco but on the other hand had made arrangements with them m the begmmng to se ll them compo mds of sugar and l cot ce foi then best grades but that defendants bad bought but httle of the latter from plamt1ffs that defendants were re lymg on the novelty of the1r :patent glass tub to sell then tobacco more than on 1ts contents and be cause they d1d not krw v 1 o to maKe tl e to bacco they put m 1t t hey had fa l ed m smt mg then trade that the proofs would sho v tl at they had bought the cheapest tobacco they cou ld find that It was nettbe1 propeiiy selected fo1 the g1 ades or propeily tteated m the rnanufactme and that by reason of then mcapaCity mexpenence m1s conduct and neglect they had brot ght on them selves The tr1al was had befo e a JUry of t elve men selected wtth great care fro n om most mtell o;e\ t busmess men and the case was tho10 rghl ptepa ed and tned on the p a t of Waue1 & Co by the>,ell k o vn firm of Lee & Bro vn and Hon Chas Scrtb er and for Po ver & Sturn t by Kent Newton & Pug.ley and '\'17 tlham Baker Esq, all of tl IS c1 t) By reason of defendants admtttmg tl e co rect Jess of the account sued on by plamt1ffs the defenda1 ts tooK the affirmative of the and fi ,t mtroduced the1r testimony as tJ then alleged lllJUIH:S Upon these 1ltatements the pa1 tes vent to trial a rd m mam ta mng then cause Po ver & Stt a1 t mtroduced among othez 1tness es the followmg As to mJ 1 rtes to then tobacca their patent gla8 R h ont tub and their busmess and the character of then InJUries Messrs Po ver & Stum t severul of then em_ployees George D H1lton agent fo1 Po e1 & Stna1 t s tobacco m Nc v York C ty Philadelphia and Balumore H emy L P entwe tormer employee ofF H Leggttt & Co New York Theodore E Allen of the fi1m of Allen & Co New Yo1k John H Goyert and vVm Hackett of Cmcmnat1 As to the probable effect of adulte1ants on fine cut che vmg tobacco when used m connectw1 t b powdered hcOIICB reot and the man ner llf manufacturmg po vdered l couce root adultera t ons and compounds of tbe same and processes of manufactuung tobacco Joseph J :Noonan Lew1s N Senom WJlham Rwh J W Barbom llenry C Bruce Cbas T Lmfoo>t and H L L-ovell all manu factme s of tobacco at Co mgton Ky and Cmem nat1 Ohto George P H11l1er of the firm of R Htl he1 Sons & Co Geo ge I ms of the firm of G fford She1 man & Inms Col I< I ank W Sterry of the firm of. Weaver & Sterry all manufacturers of hcorwe po' der J;"e" Yotk C ty and Professors Wayne and B ennell anyletlcal cbem1sts Cmcmnat1 Ohw and on the pa1t of C C Wanen & Co there were mtro duced Mr War en b1mself and numerous empiO) ees as to the dlffeteut grades of l corwe powder made by Ius firm and as to the sales of h1a brands of hcouce po vde1 to Powe1 & Stuart and other manufactu ers of tobacco as to the bttternes of the c1 op of "ud the difficulty m treatmg the same Gov J J Bagley and Hnam Granger of Detroit C H Allen and George W Gox of Cmcmnatl C R. 1t1essmger F.sq Leander Burdick of the firm of Chase & Co Toledo 0.,10 and Wm H Benson foreman for Spauldmg & Mernck ChiCago Ill as chemists l'rof E W Morley of Western Re!l8rve College and Dr J F Aus of Toledo Ohw aa to the real trouble with Power & Stuarts tobacco Joeph Bremer and Theodore Bremer of Lew1s Bremer s Sons James Russell H 0 D1shong of L1ppmcott & Trotter Wm McElchare of Gillaspie & Zeller Wm M Johnson of the firm of Kmdig & Clark James M Jetties John W Wortman and Jamt's H Stmmons of Sunmons & Co all of Philadelpbm and Davtd BetrA_of the house of F H Leggttt & Co and Cornelips 'o!llllln of the house of H. K and F B Thurber New York all dealers m tobacco and handlers of the defendants to baccos m 1877 and as to the manufacture of terra alba W H Mitchell of Philadelphia The chemists on both aides were substantially agreed as to the neutral character of terra alba or gypsum as an adulterant and as to 1ts freedom from taste smell or chemiCal change when u!!ed m tobacco and that It could not produce the bitterness complamed of Samples of tobacco were made and produced m court by Bruce Sbmkle & Lmfoot and C H Allen of Oincmnat1 and Charles R Messmgei of Toledo on whtch the hconce compl111ned of and the eu: cent grade of bconce manufaCtured b:y Weaver & Sterry of New York were used alternately and a number of expert witnesses were called and testified that there was no d11ference between them 1n hconce flavor and aome of the eampla. belDi made over a year ago, and JULY 3 spme of them recently n ade they could ct..,tect no dtf ference bet' eeu them m any o be1 1 epec t The most n oted expel ment developed on t1 e tr1al that made by the film of B uce Shmkle & Lin fbot of Oincmnat1 OhiO In 18 7 they ere nsmg some ofWa ren & Co s I hco ce and ve1e hear mg complamts of theil tobacco they heard that some person "I tmg unde1 an anonymous name had that the hcor ce was adulterated and they the llconce m1gbt be the occasiOn of their t1 oubl

"That f o r a ll purposes of t hr s t h e value for the d rffe r e u t grade s nnd bHmds of powdered hco11ce SJlec r fie d m the account r eteried toot C C Wan en & Co must be t,\ken a s stated m such account W e d o not g rve y o u a n y mstructwn m regard to thrs, gentleme n a n d 1 efu se t o g r ve you thrs but giVe you mstead m s t r uctwns whrc h we have omseh e s drawn We w rll now draw) our atten t ron to t h e mstructwns aske d by P o w e r & Stumt They are 1 s t If the J Ury fin d t hat W arre n & Co so l d to Powe r & Stuart h co r tee and P ower & Stuart bought the same as h co r rce and Warre n & Co d ehveted a n artrcle co ntamwg but 60 per cent of h cor l ce and 4D per c e n t of ground gy_psum, not d r sclosmg the fact vf such adulte r atiOn, thr s was a f raud comm1tte d by Warre n & Co on Powe r & Stu art, unless the JUIY find that Powe r & S t uart knew, or had g ood r easo n know, tha t the art r cle so d elivered was such an adul terated artr cl e when t h e y bought the saiUe We gtve :you that, g e ntle m e n, as a c orrect s tatement of the l a w "2d If the Jury fi n d that Warren & Co for a long trme h a d bee n m anufacturmg a compound composed of 60 per cent of h co rrce and 4 0 p e r ce n t o f gypsu m, and _puttmg rt upon t h e market wrth a brand as X hcorrce, and had so l d l a rge quant1 tres of the same so marked and branded to manu f>'-cture r 3 o f fine cut cheWiljg t ob ac::o thrs will not excuse Warr e n & Co from fraud, unless t h e jury find t h a t Powe r & Stuart at the trme of. the n purchase knew, o r had good reasons to know, the o f such adulterated artrcle" And tha t we gtve you as a correct s tatement of the law "3d It b emg admitte d 111 this case t h a t Power & Stuart w ere manufacturer s o f fin e cut chewmg to bacco, and Warre n & Co w e r e m anufactur ers of p ow dered h c orwe, if t h e JUr y fi n d tha t W arre n & Co fraudulently sold suc h a n adulterated a r t r c l e as bemg hcortee knowmg at the time of sale tha t such artrcle was purchased to be use d m the manufacture of fine cut tobacco, and the sam e was s o use d, Warren & Co will b e h able m daiU a g e s for all the damages to the t o bacco upon wh10h said adulterated article was used. And thrs we grve you m charge as bemg a cor.rect statement of the law applicable to th1 s case "4th The rrght to a cla1m for dama ges, if the Jury tlnd any under, the precedmg char g es was comple t e whe n sard hconce was used m the manufacture of tobacco to the mJnry o f P o w e r & Stuart, a11d rt rs no defence that Powe r & Stuart afterwards sold the to bacco so InJure d We give you that, gentlemen, 111 charge, as a correct statement of the law, but add to it thiS But tbe Jury may and should consid e r the evrdeuce submitte d m regard to such sales when estnnatmg the amount of loss sustamed by P o w e r & Stuart "5th. If the Jury find that C C Warren & Co fraudulently sold to P o w e r & Stuart an adulterate d artrcle, as for hcorrce, and that such adulterated article was less valuable for the purposes for whtch It was bought than hcorrc e free from adulteration, then Power & Stuart are entrtled to recove r of C C War ren & Co. the diff erenc e b etween the value of all of sard adulterated artrcle so sold to and patd for by Power & Stuart, and "hat tbe same would have been worth had rt been hconc e free fro m all adulteratiOn, and If such difference exceed the amount whrch the jury find the sard C. C Warren & Co. are entrtled t o recover on the1r account sued on then for such excess the sard Power & Stuart are entrtled to a veidrct Said C. C Warre n & Co Th1s we give you 111 chat ge as a correct statement of the law. "6th If the jury find that by the use of such adul terated artrcle by Power & Stuart m the manufacture of thetr fine-cut chewmg t o bacco, therr trade or busr ness was mJured, the n t o r the amount of said lllJUIY the sard Power & Stuart are entitled to recove r That we grve you m c h acge a s a c o n ect statement o f the law "And in estimatmg tbe amount of such IDJnr y, the jury may take mto co n s 1 de r a tr o n the fallmg off m the sale of thetr var1ous brands of tobac co, whrch the JUry tlnd resulted from the m anufacture and sale of tobac co injured by the use o f satd adulterated artrcle And that also we give you m charge C C Warren & C o b r ought an a c tiOn m th1 s court aga111st Powe r & Stu at t to I e c o v e r an a ccount f o r goods and deh vered by the m to Power & Stuart, amount ing to $412 61. On the 16th d ayof F e b ruary followmg, an actiOn was begun m sard court by Powe r & Stuart agamst C C. Warren & Co. to recover daJllages result 111g to them from a fraudulent adulteration of hconce purchased by Powe r & Stuart of said C C. Warren & Co,, and used by sa1d Power & Stuart m their manu facture of fine cut chewing toba cco. To the actro n first mentiOned Powe1 & Stuart filed an answer and cross-pet1tron admittmg the claim of C. C. Warren & Co. on sard account, and by way o( cross action, assert that the hcorrce sold by C C Warren & Co. to them was not pure hcorrce, but was licorice adulterated by C C. Warren & Co w1th terra alba and other hurtful m gredrents, that C C Warren & Co knew that Power & Stuart purchased said hcorrce to be put mto and w1th tobacco manufactured for sale to therr customers as chewmg tobacco, that sard Power & Stuart were not informed and drd not know of sard adulteratiOn, and that supposmg and behevmg that sard hcorrce was he once, and not a nnxture of licorice" 1th terra alba and othe.r mgredients, put the same mto and wrth therr said chewmg tobacco, whereby sard tobacco was m jured, and by reason of such mJury much of sard tobacco was returned to them as worthless, the trade of Power & Stuart embarrassed, and they had sustamed damages m the sum of $60,000 In repl'" to th1s cross petition, C. C Warren & Co deny all fraud and decett; den-.. that Power & Stuart were deceived rn regard to the'lteorrce, deny that the tobacco of Power & Stuart was mjured as charged, and deny that the tr:.tde of Power & Stuart was mjured as charged, and upon the contrary, they aver that the lrcor1ee sold to Power & Stuart by them was merchant able and swtable for the trade and use to which the same was applied. C. C. Warren & Co. answer the petitiOn of Power & Stuart m the second action by statements substantrally the same as those contained in the reply You w1ll observe, therefore, that the same issues are made up m each of these cases On motion to the court these cases were cqnsolidatedJ and have been tned as one action. One verdrct ana one Judgment, therefore, wtllmclude and determine all is sues between the partres 111 both actions. On the rssues so made you Will observe first, that the account of C. C. Warren & Co agamst Power & Stuart is not demed, and therefore, by force of the statute 1t is admrtted In your verdict, you will therefore al low to C. C Warren & Co the amount of SIUd account, $472 61, and 111terest thereon at 6 per cent from the lOth day of November, A D. 1877 to the first day of this term, May 3d, 1880. Upon the rssue presented bl the cross-petitron of Power & Stuart, the bmden o proof rs upon them, (Power & Stuart), and thts 1mposell upon the1n the necessity of offermg pi oof to susta111 the statements of t:h.e cross-petrtron, they must satisfy you by a pre ponderance of the testimony of all the materral allegations of the cross petition, necessary to a recovery, that rs, they must satisfy you that the licorrce sold by Warren & Co to them was adulterated as stated ,1that is, adulterated by Warren & Co. with terra alba, and the other mgredtents named, or with some of them; that rt was sold as and for hcorrce, that Power & Stuart used said adulteratio'l wrthout knowledge of such adulteration, believing that It WaS licorice, oy puttmg the same w1th chewmg tobacco; that bv reason of such adulteration thet tobacco was inJured and less valuable than 1t would have been but for suchadultt)ratron, and that vVarren & Co knew what purpose said hco;nce was pm:chased and the uses to whrch rt would be apphed, and rf you find these facts from the testimony, then1 gentlemen. rt\nll be your duty to return a verdict 111 favor of Power & Stuart for such an amount of damages as will fully compensate Power & Stuart er worked wrth a hearty w tll a man w h o m onl y tho s e who knew h r m well could prop erly value whose heart never faile d to resp o n d to t h e c all s o f c hanty, p u b liC o r p uvate, as man y of t h e humble poor w1ll testtfy, a m a n of t h e str o n ges t fnends h r p o f mdomi table e nergy o f mmd and b o d y, t h e attestmg fact be m g hts large s u ccess It IS r es olved b y th1s board tha t 1ts r o om s be drape d m m ourmng for Sixty d a ys, that all sal e s be pend e d to morrow, and that we att end hrs funeralm a body, also that t hes e proceedmgs b e publis h e d and a copy sent t o h r s a fth c ted fam1ly witli the tende r of OUI s m ce rest sympathy JAMES S PHELPS, Chauman. J a m es Cl ark, D Spaldmg, F r J a nssen, P M e gUiar, D a m e l P White, Harry Werssenger, Wm G Mer e r Alfre d T Harrrs, J r Committee All p e r sons connected wrth the t obacco trade' of L o msvrll e a r e mvite d t o meet the board at the1r rooms t o day, June 30, at 10 o clock, to attend the funeral m a body. ALFRED T HARRIS, JR Vrc e President, Wn J LEWERS, Secretary Key West Cigar Indus:!';.L f. 3 KEY WEsT, Fla, June 26, 1880, L1st of c 1gar manufactones, therr number and the number of mgar-makers that bonds are filed form the 1'hird Divrsrou of the Collectron Distnct of the State of 'Flouda No. Acev e d o A A 40 Alfons o, Roman 21 Angulo, Jose R 46 B a r nos, F B 56 Caballero, Carlos 66 Camero, P edro 34 Castellanos, Gerardo 5 Castrllo, Eduardo & Co 32 Castillo, Eulogw 50 Contre r a s Manuel 18 C otera, Everesto V 62 Druou, Ramon & Co 69 Galvan, Lours 55 Gato, E. H 13 Gonz a les, Inocente 49 Gonzales, JoseF 71 Gregory, John H 10 Jrmenez, Jose R 14 Kelly, H R 16 Lord, R A 39 Magrma, Ebra & Pemcher 64 Marrero, Francisco 5J McFa ll, G & Co 115 Ma y o e, B entma 72 Naranjo Jose M 41 Navarro, J M J 19 O 'Halloran, R F 26 Perez, Romualdo 65 Ramu e z, J & Bro 53 Seidenberg & Co 8 S omme rll a n E N 59 Sorr a Cayetano 23 Tol e d o & Barra n c o 43 T a r a no, Jose A 2 V alladara, Dommgo 73 W ollf S & Co 9 Ybor, V M & Co 6 Zamor:>., Auselus 58 Fernandez & Strenas 76 Domwgue z, C S 75 Navarro, J. S & Co SO More n s, Jose G 79 Pmo, Antomo Del & Bro. 82 Ptlrez, G & Co 38 Alburtus, E & Co 84 Kelly. H01ace R 85 Anum, Gasper & Co 86 Gonzales Manuel 87 Alfonso, FranCi s co & Co 25 Gonzale z P P & Co 83 Sebastran, Loms M & Co 3 Wrlliams & Warren 48 Phnnou, M S & Co 88 Fernandez, Jose Cruz & Co 91 Rawson, E. B. & Co 30 Baez, D & Co 90 Badra, E G 60 Men. Hi 15 10 50 5 10 15 10 10 5 10 10 10 50 20 25 100 10 175 10 15 50 100 10 10 20 10 10 5 400 10 50 50 10 10 200 500 10 25 20 100 5 25 25 25 200 10 10 25 5 5 100 20 10 100 10 200 State of Florrda, County of Monroe, } Drstrict of Florrda, 88 I, Geo W Allen, Deputy Collector Internal Reve nue 111 and for the Thrrd Dtvrswn of the Collectron D istrict, State of Florrda, do hereby certify that the foregomg hst rs a correct hst of the manufactones, therr numbers and the number of crgarmakers that they are allowed to employ. Witness my hand, at Key West, this twenty srxth day of June, 1880 GEo W ALLEN, Deputy Collector. State of Flonda, Southern Distrtet, BB : I, Eugene-0. Locke, Clerk of the D1strrct Court of the Umted States for the Southern Drstrrct of Florida, hereby certlfy that Geo W Allen, whose proper sig nature IS DI:IJ?U'tY Collector of Internal Revenue for tlie Thrrd Drstnct of Florrda Wrtness m:y hand and seal of sa1d Court, at Key West, thts 24th day of June, 1880 [SEAL.] E 0 LOCKE, Clerk THE L.A.Y OF THE SHORTB.A.N.D WRITER, [WRITTEN FOR THE TELEGRAM.] Pormg over each hreroglyphic, Where emgmas lurk prolific, There he srts wrth achmg head, W1th nervous hands and eyes of lead, Whtle each orrcle, curve and angle Seems with Its tWisted fr1end to wrangle. 'l'otlmg IJ.Way at hrs desk m court, Bound to supply a co):Uplete report, Catchmg the words With ear mtent, Th13 mmd mformmg the finger' s bent, The words to shape, whrle the fingers ply And over the paper swrftly fly. With brain that reels with the ceaseless flow Of prosy quer1es that come and go, Lrke waves on the sands of a desolate shore He scnbbles awa:y, as if hope no more For hrm could brmg of the sunbeam's ray A smgle gleam to brrghten hrs way. But, though brs dally task rs hard, Though poor hrs worth m men's regard, He has hrs hour of harmless 'un, And when hrs weary work IJi! done, He puffs h1s weed and enJoys hrs beer, ,, No crook or angle to mar hiS cheer. I J OHNSONIUS NEWARK, N. Jl Reported Failures and Bus1ne118 Arrangements. lFrom "BIUDSTREItc for ,180 Frank H Clayton, on stock lor Sl,ouu discharged ; BBI8TO.t., iPa. -.AlbertHoeding, cigar ma.nutacturer JUdgmen t aga.lnst tor $1,500 C mcAoo Dl -Ch.tts Pfe i1fer, cigars, sue d for S 1 ,000 Henry ere sued for It 000 CDICDIN.ll'I. 0 -John Qberhelman ( o f John Oberhelman & Co le&t to b&cco dealers) tealty mol'tfrage f o r $I ,OOO discharged 1 D:ftROl'l' Micb -B 0 Hills, CJ.g&n, tobacco, etc chattel mortgage gnen for $100 r f :MAR.I.Boao, Mass E B Stowe, cigar manufacturer, reported town Nxw YORK, N Y -Dav1d JalS, Clg&.r manufacturer, judgment for 1145 I I Lindeman & Ru: k q pipetf, rnortged machinery for Stephen B Macauley, c g a r maouf8.cturer, assigned Solomon Rosenbaum1 ctgaJ11 PBJUDEU'Bu., P a -I'bilip H E r thetl er, tobacco and c1gars, agams t for SI4,452, and Thtrd and :Market, advertised t o be sOld OUt by the sberltf OU July 6 1 r PORT BYRON1 N Y -Tho s B Blron, ctga.r manufacturer, &.SSJgne d Del R ongst r eth,, etc sold out by t h e Business Chane-es, New Firms and ClNCINJU,TI, 0 -E Blatt&: Co. wholesale cig&l't', dissolved lla:J: Fringant (formerly leaf tobacco), conveyed t ea! estate for $1!3,500, Oregon "Henry G earson, curans a.nd tobacco, burnt out, Insured JD'T&II&O)f, 0 A K. Mason c1gar ruanutactu.rer, sold out LoolavJI.Ls. Ky -LoulsvUle ! Tobacco Company, mcorporated, eaplW, $100,000 IIONTICEJoLO, lnd -F Botlnger,-cigars, eold out Holfr&.UL and TQBO!iTO, l.&n -Phelan Broe, c1gars, dissolved NEW You -Chas F 'r'ag & Son, import.>ra &lid dealers 1n leaf tob&cco, Albert Tag-admitted PBIL.l,D&LPWA, Pa.-RobeTt G' Bmttb, cigars, burnt out :e"f: :;:ner & Co (limited), cigar m&nufacturero, 520 Cherry Strilet, Loom, llo -Henry Dnyer, cigar be% manufacturer, burnt out not IDaU!'II, wo...,-,K'aili.-1'1 AlexADder&Co,JiobAceo soldout THE TOBACCO LEAF. WESTERN. TOBACCO CROP REPORTS (Specllll to 'liTE T OBACC O LEAF) KEN'UCKY Olmstead, Logan C o June 22 -Smce m :r last 1 oport the weath e r h a s c ontmue d ve1 y dry a n d n o fm t h e r plan t m g has b e e n d one The pl a ntmgdoneuptothrs t n ll e r s suff enng se,er ely from the e ffects of drouth, and the pl a nts are darly per1shmg and the stan d becom111g cou tmually m o r e I e ctuced The soli was n e v e r m worse conditiOn for the t hllft and safety o f t h e young plants, as r t d n es rap1 dly mto a hard and l u m p y condrtron The stan d I S very mdtffe t ent, so m e par tres r e p01tmg It r educe d 25 per cent. and s o m e r e p ot tmg e v e n o n e half nnssing and the young plants d a tl y p e rrshmg fro m d10uth Not over 25 per cen t o f a u a v e rage crop has be e n pl anted h e r e, and that I S much reduced b y p eushmg of the young pla nts T E B M ason C ou n t y Dist1'1.Ct Murphysv11le June 24 -The SituatiO n I S unchanged as t here has beAn n o season f o r settmg s mce m y last I t I S thrc atemn g r a m howeve r, thrs m ornmg and s h ould rt c o m e m ore tobacco wrll be put out, but t h e s ettmg wrll be s h01t a s the farme r s have been too busy harv estw g t o prepare the1r ground. I tlnnk rt hardly possrbl e that a full cro p can be pl ante d m ELG N o r t h Fork, June 20 -Fine rain last week many fims h ed about two-thirds set If w e sho uld get a 1 a m thu; w eek all wrll be d one, about t h e same wrll be s e t as las t year. A K M Tollesboro, Lewrs Oo, June 23 -Two weeks a go w e had a fin e ram About one quarter of the crop m th1 s sectron IS s e t smce about on e half the ground destgne d for tobacco IS set m corn Thete remams about on e quarte r y e t to be set m tobacco, If we can have a season m four or five d ays, so that we may hope f o r a h alf crop wrth us The crop would h ave ben set wi t h us two weeks ago had the plants b een large eno ugh The old crop rs all sold through thrs sectiOn P & C North Fork, June '2:7 -Our set 1s complete About same a s last year Plants were small, and ;if rt sho uld t11rn dry many wrll fall, Much of the tobacco will be late on account of s maU plants, so all depends yet o n the season. A. K. },f Germantown, June 26 -We had a fine rarn this mormng. Plantmg 1s gomg on Although there w1ll not be as lai ge a crop as was expected m the early part of the s e ason, we s trll thmk there will be about an average set That se t heretofore rs growmg finely A great many fimshe d the other s eason Those who h a d no plants are drawmg from the b eds of those who are done settmg J T F P oplar Plams, Fleming Co June '2:7 -Havmg a fine sea s o n to set tobacco Plants are about all u se d up There wrll not be e n o u g h to set all the ground The grasshoppe r 1s eatmg what has b een set m some places Eave to r e s e t considerable for that. Are through wttb the wheat harvest, quahty good but yreld will be hght, n o t a two-thrrd crop The old to bacco i s all sold anddehvered except 'a f e w crops where holders would not take pnces Sold flom 10 to 13c alltound T H Boon e County Dtstnct. Dry Rtdge, June 17 -Since my last have had fin e rams S Attmg rs about completed Early s ettmg I S domg w e ll, but late settmg IS of slow growth, e s p e cmlly on old l a nd s, caused, I thmk, by plants b emg set too small and weak and the hot sun has killed a great many Am still of the oprmon that the average will be about the same a s 111 1879 W J H. Pendleton County Dtatrtet. B erry's StatiOn, June 26 -No tobacco set here smJ e my last report That already set rs domg well as far as growmg rs concerned, but the grasshoppers are playmg havoc wtth rt Not many plants to fim s h s ettmg and to replant wr t h 'hi s IS a cutrcal tnne wrth tobacco rarsers A J McM Catawba, Pendleton Co, June 30 -We have h a d a go o d tobacco s easo n the l ast three o r four days Plant s are plenty, and of good s rze S ettmg wrll be fimshed thrs season Tobacco prev1 o u sly pl anted IS domg well Good prospects m th1 s neighborhood for a large crop. M-Owe n County Dtstnc t N e w L 1 b erty, June 2 4 -About one half o f the crop IS now set, and I thmk the prospect rs v e 1 y favorable for a n average crop of tobacco this yea 1 B E G Northvrlle, June 25 -We have had no ram smce my la.'lt report to you Looks hke r a m to day There would be a little more tobacco set 1f there would b e a season, but all the crop IS a,bout out That winch 1s set rs lookmg well and growmg m c e J S New Ltberty, Owen Co, June 28 -We bad a fine ram the 26th mst m about half of oui county, the other half It drd not more than lay the dust. The plantmg of the last season about all dieQ. The most of the planters will not be able to get what the r had set ten days ago We are strll of the same oprmon that our drstuct w1ll not set more than an average crop of tobacco D & y C arrollton, Carroll Co, June 28 -Tobacco plantmg IS now completed m th1s sectiOn Ver y httle resettmg has been n ecessary, owmg to the ext1 emely favoraple weather whrch we have had s111ce the first was planted m the last week of May. W. S Gratz, Owen Co June 28 -It contmues' very season able for the last week, and the planters are pushmg on to complete settmg the cro_P whrch is to be put out thrs season The old crop rs bemg shrpped, and will soon all be sold. S L. East Eagle, Owen Co, \Tune 28 -Smce my last we have had fine rams The planters are ilettmg verv raprdly, and I thmk the maJonty will get through this who huve plants The first settmg 1s growmgvery fast, w1th the exception of those bothered by the grasshopper. I don't think the msects are bothermg the plants to much extent. J J. l Green Rtver Dtstrict. 1 Robards' StatiOn, June 25 -Smce my last report I have to say It has contmued dry, part of the timevecy cool and the remamder very hot. Much tobacco has perrshed, plants burned up, and we cannot expect to have over 60 per cent. of last year' s crop, and perhaps not more than a half crop. It has been a very bad season so .far fo.r all crops except grass J DR &Co Dycusburg, June 26.-Smce wr1tiug you on the 12th, the weather has been dry and hot up to the 24th, when the riUn commenced agam, and we have had fine sea sons and growmg weather. These rams wrll the setting of all the tobacco intended to be set. So far the crop prospect IS good, and the plants are growmg well. Wheat threshmg has commenced The crop rs a hght one. S H C & Co Redryers Owensboro, June 26 -The weather for the week has been very hot, with light rams, not enougli to the dust. or furmsh a tobacco seasen. :We hear of many puttmg the1r intended tobac co land m corn and pofatoes We do not think up to this ttme more than 40 per cent. of an average crop has beeJI set Export I Farmington, J1me 25 .:_In an&,\'"Cr'to request I agam wrrte you m reference to prospects of present g:row mg crop of tobacco I now say that prospects are not so favorable -as when I last wrote to you. We have a drouth at thrs trme It has been three e e k s smce we have bad any ram In mylastrepor t I stated that I thouglit, wrth what had been set out,1 and "Woul(i be set out, tha t three fourths of an average crop would be l!et, but I must reduce 1:.9 a half I Mnuk a half crop rs all that can be made unCler the Iu.ost favorable crrcumstances T G T. Heat'Y ClarksVtlle Sprrngfield Robertson Co June 21-The Jeather rs very dry, wrt4 north wmd to day Thei e 1s about two-th1rds of themtended crop of tobacco set, o onehalf an average crop' It IS now gettmg lat e to plant and make good tobacco, and rf rt does not ram \j'tthm on e week from now we don' t thmk there w11l be hmch m o r e set here this season, as t'he puce for co 6 1mon toba c co w11l nbt JUsbf,Y late plantmg. C1 op of '79 nearly all g one forward C C B ClarksVtll e 1 "' Hadensvrlle, June -The weather now ts mo1 e f.a,yor a bl e for plantmg tobacco It hu s been uumng R t a f e w pomts, but no season as y e t at th1s plu ce thqugh rt looks hire rt would ram hm d -evet y mmute at thrs wntmg I would sa;r that 4.0 per cent of a crop IS a11 that rs out, and ISO rs all there can be made, ram as much as It may. Market very strong 0 B S Cadrz, Tr1gg Co, June il.-Smce my last report the weather has been dry and cool A parttal seaaon on e 13th, but the plantmgmadethen rs about all dead From the present outlook BOt more than half a crop can possrbly be made here this season. The weather rs very dry, and many of the Y.OUng plants are dymg outdatly. A few more days will determine the fate of the plantmg. J. H. W. OHIO B 1 own County Du;tT?.ct Aberdee n June 23 Th e l a t e rams were v ery d1s astrous to t h e plants Wha t was set "'as ovelfl ow e d or washed away, a n d the hot sun for several days after complet ely baked the ear t h Faim e r s m a k e great complamt 6f plants bUJ nmg up m the patch A goo d 1 a m IS more n e eded than b e f o r e, wrth a m u c h p oo r e r prospect fo r It H F T & So n I Manchester, June 2 7 -Notbmg m u c h to r e p o r 'further t h a n a t o l e r abl e good se a so n f m two w ee k s past, an ordinary settm g o f tobacco with a to l e r ab l e go od g(owth, a r a m te n days smce that has destroyed a large a m ount of p lants a n d w 1ll shm te n t h e c rop W hefl.t I S go od Co r n growm g well Oa t s Eastm'n Ohw Dtat1'1.C t Batesvill e June 26'\le1 weathe r hereafter, wrll not be more than one-tbrrd to o n e h alf o f a cwp, owmg to failure m plants. J.C.M H enrysberg, Belmont Co June 21.-The postt10n of the tobacco crop rs much the same as last week Some little plantmg has been done, and some morel will b e planted next ram, and that wrll about wmd rt up in thts s ection R W J INDIAN A. Fme Grade Grand v rew, Spencer Co June 26 -The firs Hour days of thrs week e 'warm and dry, smce then rt bas b ee n partly c loudy, wrth light ram fallm some parts of the county, while other parts have had no ram for several w ee k s The r e have been very few tobacco plants set durmg the week, and those set will not hveunless they get more ram The weatheF IS unsettled and late plants are not domg w ell, they need ram J C. F Rockport, June 26 -Weather cloudy wrth threat ened rain for several days past There was a hght showe r covermg only a small area, m tho northern part of the county the 25th What plants there ate will doubtless be put m The southern and nnddle portrons of the county are strll dry R 8 N MISSOURI Dalton, Mo, June 23 -We h ave had no ram m thrs county for about two weeks, so for the want of a sea son and the scarcrty of plants m the earlier part of the month, I have to r eport not ove r a half crop of to bacco plante d up to tb1s trme; and a s the plantmg sea son r s n o w so far advanced, we cannot reasonably ex p ect, under the most favorable crrcumstance s ov e r a half crop of marketable tobacco. G 'B G TENNESSEE Green Lebanon June 25 -As yet has been but h t tl e tobac co plan t e d, and wha t has been planted lo oks badly I a m satisfie d there cannot b emorethanahalf crop, 1 f t h a t much, made m this s e ctiOn of the tob acco country S T :M Cl a 1 ksVtlle P a n s, H enry Co J nne 26 Smce my last I find tha t our farme r s a r e a little more b elund m plantmg tha n I b a d suppose d The past week has been very dry and warm, and not so favorable to the growth and plant mg of the young crop a s w a s looked for Ow111g to formei heavy rams our farmers are badly in the grass with their tobacco Fa1r prospect for ram M present wrrtmg Leaf tobacco has begun hands at slightly Improved. prices I am unable to tlnd from what source the rmprovement 1s based upon R.D. C ILLINOIS. Export. Eldol'ado, June 26-Smce our last there IS nothing new to report as to the tobacco crop Weather dry wrth some prospect of ram to-day There wtll not be over one-fourth of an average crop of tobacco H.&P Harrrsburg, Salme Co June 29 -The drouth contm ued untrl the 28th mst when we had a good ram I thmk the tobacco plants are 'too far gone to do ll}uch good, as rt rs gettmg late set them. What rs set I ooks badly We wrll have a hght crop R. M. Light Clarksvdle Sprmgfield, June 28 -We have had fine showers wrthm the past two days, amountmg to a good plant mg season, and all that will be planted thts year w1ll be put out this season Many farmers had planted part of tlietr .tobacco land m corn, and w1ll not now plant m tobacco We thmk we wrll have almost as much planted as last year, or say 65 peb cent. of an average crop at f:lrthest About half a crop was plant ed m trme to make good tobacco, but th1s HI too late for anythmg but corn or half ripe stuff ., C C B .t; West Tennessee 1 Ralston, June 26 -The weather has dry and hot the r1ght kmd for growmg crops and to kill grass For two days local rams have been over th1s section, With a prospect of all gettmg a shower Pros-pects for crops are good. E C L SEED LEAF CROP REPORTS. (Specutl to TBB TOBACCO LEAF ) lJ 1 OHIO Seed Leaf DtBtrtct Sevtlle, June 29-Nothmg rs more proprtrous for a good crop than the weather we are now havmg Some have therr second hoemc; done W. S P i WISCONSIN Seed Leaf Mrlton J unctwn, J nne 26 -Tobacco lS hands three sales smce my last report rhere was spr .encuu ram the 24th, and settmg 18 bemg forwarded p. 1 ush, a good many planters wrll flmsh wrth thts Plants are abundant Qurte a good many grow that m tendeti t o set part of therr to brand le&f are puttmg m all Spamsh 1 -C. H. Janesville, June 28 -I can report to-day: sales of 20 ca-ses of '78 tobacj)O, one thrrd Spamsh, at 11 cas es Seed at llc and 5 cases Seed at, 9c ; all good crops Weather warm and showery Tobacco nearly all set and fine y In filY. last 1t should pave be e n seve:o.ty.:-:fi \r e..more thaw ll!.st, uot five per c ent W T P I PENNSYLVANIA Petersburg, June 30 B emg very busy for the last two weeks, a t toba cco and bUildmg, I ueglectt)d to ad V }Se y= how we m,. County n1e proceettlng w1th the tobacco crop. I th,ink the acres are all planted that had been ongmally mtended for raJSmg t obacco .. but some plantmg was done a little later tllan rt wo uld have been 1f the plants he1e had been plentrer A 'fter the. drolith, 'We had $plendtd w eather tor plantmg, and the large number of acres that an) planted, m my opmion, are at present -started more r egular and larger than I h ave seen for qUite a num ber of y ears, It 1s really surprrsmg h o w 1t IS growmg p eo ple thmk b ecause harvestmg rs n early over (wrth u s ) that tile tobacco ts not larger than last year, after h a r vestmg, s o It may be, but then we are very nearly two w eeks m advance of last year with o'uD If the toba c c o contmues to grow tor two we eks as It hill! d o n e smc e It was planted, 1t w1ll be much latger tha n rt was l ast year at same date The number of acre s, compared wrth last year, rs about the same. We had a splendrd ram on Saturday afternoon, and you can see datly local storms north and south of us showmg that other parts m the county are by ram If th1s advantage now wrll be followed up by r&m m July jlnd August, I beheve that we wrll have a splendid crop, hut If that should fail aad a dry spell take place, then th.e contrary will be i&t store for us. 'l'here IS nothmg domg m '711 crop, bat i' aeems so to come out of cases sple.Wrd. We have some 60 or 70 cases of old leaf on liaGlf,. but all otker packjl,l&'ll fW'& sold. CODEsPONrlan. ., Lancaster New E1-a, June 26 There a r e b u t two or1gmal packings o f lSi'S tobacco h e l d 111 this m atket, nert h e r of any consid e rabl e s 1 ze Smce o m last 175 cases of last year's c1op have b een sold at good p r rce s The aCLeag e so f a r as we can u s cer tam, I S about the same as last year. I n some sect10ns It ma:y b e slightly m excess, but, taken t h e country through the r e 1 s n o t much c h a n ge We learn that sever a l pe1'sons availed themselves of our ad vrce a b o u t stoppmg the ravag e s of t h e tobacco worms by runmug a pl ow e d thtc h a t ound then fie l d s a na. Wit h the happiest results Ner ghbo11ug fields w e r e badly 111Jure d wh1le the n own escaped e n t u e l.r NEW Y O R K S outh p ort P l ank Road, C hemung Co June 2 9 .-The tobaccu c r op m th1 s v a lley I S all se t and f armers are now hoe m g There a r e a b out 17 5 acres o f tobacco m this OLs t rJCt whrch a1e g r ow m g m ce l y and look favor a bl e fo r a good crop W e have pl e n t y o f r a m andmce tobacco weathe r, and w e had plenty of plants Our crop IS m ostly Lan caste r J H B1g Fla t P Chemuug Co June 30 -The C h emung val ley has b ee n favored w rt h plenty o f z a m to se t tobacco and the gt o w ers have g e net a ll y be e n prepared for It: The tobacco bas got a n excA ll ent s t art 111 fact we do n o t I e m embe r o f a b ette r one f o r y ears We hear some complamt of the cut-worm, but thmk 1t rs get tmg s o l a t e that they can do but little damage The sal es of the 1 879 crop have a b out ceased for a lack of material The last sale we have h eard of rs that of J G olds mith 8 cases a t 7c to E Hoffman & Son. The Mes srs Hoffman ,have a large quant1ty bought and store d m therr warehouse a t Elmrra, and a thorough eJCammatwn .proves 1t 1 s undergomg an excellent wrth good c o lors, and l a r ge spready" leaf We are confiden t 1t I S one o f t h e b est p ackmg s o f "B1g Flats" tobacco bought. The Messrs Hoffm a n are one of the old es t h ouse s that have purchased 111 the Chemung valle y and the r e fore know the mtrmsrc value of good s I behave that MI. Emanue l Hoffman bought the first or second crop grow n w hteh was m 1852, and the house h a s b een a I!.rge purchaser eve r since Through uniform courtesy and farr dealmg they are held m hrgh esteem by the growers W H L. MASSACHUSE'ITS June 24.-There has been but very little change 111 our market the p ast we e k The demand for seconds contmues good, but I learn of few sales of wrappe r s There IS a g enera l complamt among far m e r s that the late s e t plants are suffermg for want of r a m thoug h the m a J Orit y of are looking well and n:to r e forward than usual C B. B. CONNECTICUT .Am encan Cultwator, J nne 26 -Tobacco growers are JUSt now exceedmgly busy hoemg and stocking over therr fields In some s ectrons o f the Valley a very consrderable number of plants have been used m fill mg the vacanCies caused by the ravages of !'ut-worms, and the farlure of plants to hve on account of the ex tremely hot and the long contmued dry weather. One gentleman, who cultivate s about ten acres, sard that he had used more plants m stocking over than rt took to set the first time We hearttly endorse the state ment of our correspondent at South Deerfield -"Ear ly set tobacco rs lookmg fint>ly, but late-set pteces are suffermg for want of a good ram Buyers are 11dmg long distances huntmg for Havana leaf. Nearly every crop rs sold Those sellmg rt this year are expecting prte.;s as hrgh as they rule d m 1878a.t least five cents per pound more than Seed wrll brmg" We do notan ttclpate many sales now unt1l the l eaf IS through the sweat We learn that as a rule httle of the 1879 crop 1s mJured by rottmg herem the Valley VIRGINIA. Farmville, June 22 w eathe r IS extremely hot and mghts rather c o ol whie h make s 1t vezy bad on the tende r t obac co plants whic h w e r e set out last sea son, and I hear to d a y fro m r e li a bl e farm ers that a great deal of 1t I S dymg, and I do not thrr>k they have pla ntl! to replace the m C, \V, B. NORTH C AROLINA. Knap of Reeds, Granville Co June 22 -There has bee n a great destructiOn of tobac11o plants by the fly and diy w eather We hav e had some very good sons recE:ntly, but owmg to the plants drymg up on the beds, there wrll be at least one fourth of the aver age crop that cannot be planted, what IS planted is growmg off Irregular The wheat crop IS very good. D T. EL PRINCIPE DE GALES CIGAR PAVTOBY OF KEY WEST. The cigars of this Factory, under ihe well-lmowD brands of EL PRINCIPE DE CALES AND LA PERLA, DE CAYO HUESO, manufactured of the new and best; Vuelta Abajo '!Dbaoco, and unexcelled in quality and make b;r any of the Havana Factories, are uow receiVI!i in regular weekly shipments by FRED'K DE BARY & CO., Nos.. 41 &; 48 WARREli STBD'l', NBW You, Sole Agents. MARKET. NEW YORK. JULY 2. The local leaf tobacco marke t has been fairly actrve the past week, though VIi este1 n markets have shown more ammatwn The monthly crroulars of our friends who dealm Western leaf m this city have to go over to next week, owulg to the rmpossrbrllty of puttmg them proper!) m t.ype at the late hour at whtch they were recerved m this office. Fortunately as usual. they are good enough to keep well, even m this mg_ weather. U n ttl the new crop is more freel;r sampled, w htch mar be expected to be done durmg this month, a large busi ness m Western leaf IS hardly to be looked for The and Italran contractors' representative has been lookmg around, but hrs vrews and the vrews of holders have been too far apart to result 111 salet'J. The apparent sales of the week were 1,707 hogsheads, but thiS aggregate mvolves, as usual, sales pi ev1ously effected and not reported untrl the end of the month JUSt passed Light common lugs are gettmg scarce and show an advance of .).(cent. Common heavy are also !4 cent hrgher 1'he month' s busmess as will be seen below rounded out reasonably well. Messr SAWYER, W ALLAC!Il & Co. report to Tmc TOBACCO LEAF as folio\\ 8.I Western J.,eaf for the month 11,841 hogs heads, \)Xports },l!79, stock 111 warehouse 37 128 showmg an of 1 ,393' 1 I Th11 sales amount to 8, hogsheads, comprisrng 2,284 f01 expm t, about 'half to Spam, 408 to manufac turers 10 to cutters, and 4,48 to JObbers The market has been dull tht oughout caused prrn-1 Cipally by the _:unwillmgness of the ne.:. Regre buyeiS to pay fo mer-pnce s Lrttle new crop has been sampled yet, and there will not' be mul.'h until buy-' ahd sell.ers come to some sattiif actory under-standmg The only chaugA m our quotatiOns rs an advance of !4c on common lugs, whteh are gettmg scarce. 1st week 2d week. 3d week 4th week. 6th l\

4 Vtrgtma Leaf -In this article, few sales ate te ported, a moderate number of t1erces of bnght and dark Wiappers comprismg the only transfers t)1at have been announced The outlook for July IS fa .. vorable and some good prospective sales are now on the tapts There 1s a good stock, rarely a better one, now m the market, on which to make selectwns Seed Leaf -'fhe sales of Seed leaf have embraced 1228 cases With reduced supplies of old stock, and httle of the new as yet available, a large bus1 ness m thts staple cannot be expectea Seconds are sellmg freely, and all good grades of old crop are m demand for manufacturing pUiposes Tobacco of all kmds at present serVIceable would he taken Ieadtly, 1f obtamable at reasonable pnces The :firmness wtth wh1ch goed ol(i stock 1s held tpclmes buyers to await the samplmg of the new, winch, howeve1, w1ll not take place, to any before the exprratwn of the ensumg five or SIX weeks and It will therefore be well for those needmg desirable leaf at tbts t1me to avail themsel of the select10ns st1ll offered m the market J S GANs' SoN&. Co tobacco brokers, 84 & 86 Wall Street, report as follows -The Seed leaf market 1s moderately active, though bu)'ers now seem disposed to hold oft unttl1879 tobac co lB all sampled Total sales "'ere 1,238 cases, v1z 400 cs 1879 PennsylvantaAssorted lots 380 cs 18i8 PennsylvamaAssorted lots Wrappers 100 cs 1879 New England 100 cs 1878 New EnglandWrappers 48 cs 1878 Wtsconsm 200 cs 1879 Ohio @20 @ 16 @30 @ 12 319 9 @ pt --( I Cll ( l J1 S GANS' & Co's Monthly Report says -E\eed Leaf-A good busmeSil been done chle;fiy m 1 879 tobacao boy packers' samples, wl:nch was t;;tkee l by manufacturers, thus coJlfutmg the1r oft repeatect1 assertwn of large of raw matertal hand .J>ennsylvarua st1ll retaiqs Its pre emmence, while ;Housatomc, of which our supply IS limited, 1 very favorably ,looked from now unttl tb samplmg ttme arnves, we d p not expect muc act1nty It 1s tl'lo late to sell1879 tobacco by :packm samples, and with greatly reduce Bales Bales Bales Bales 139 109 27 ,347 24 91 6 363 163 33,710 163 200 28fr &t tlie port of New York from foretgn ports fo: \be week 1ncluded the'fQUowm.r Aguadella-Ptm Forwood & Co 10 bales tobacco Waite 5 cs 111,1u1l' ,. OordUJTo'tlacco-G W Gat! & A>x 172 bales G Saloli(on & Bro 43 do A Gonzal s 219 do, V 'Martmez Ybor & Co do, M Perez 8 do Wet! & Co 130 do S Borger & Co 37 do, We1ss Eller & Kaeppel308 d o Almtrall & Co 58 do F Alexandte & l:lons'103 do Ctlrar&-L Sanchez 15 cs, 11 R Kelly & Co )l do Howard Ives 7 llo, W H Thomas & Bro 24 do Putdy & Ntchvlas 13 do G W Faber 8 do, :ltltcbaehs & Lmdem nn 4 do, L P&J Frank SJlo; S FugJtet & Sons 4 do1 Garcta&PalaclO 1 do, G Amstnck & Co Ldn Park & 31 do :MI!ITall & Conilit 46 do A Owen 2 do )1: X & F B Tliur r & Co 'Vdo Kau;>phe & Downing R Tellafer 1 do Morns 13 do C G Petersen 1 do. J G Wtttc & Bros 1 do JJ A l!'orman 3 do R Patnck & Col do Hensel Bruchman Lor Wher 7 do, L Schwarz! do Il Von Bermuth 2 do Kunhatdl .& Co 2 do A T Owen 2 do F Aleundre & Sons 258 do, 1tt1lr chants Dispatch Co 47 dO, Order 2 do I Re9ttpls of heonce at port of Ne),. ;york for week, re upreNly for TilE ToBACCo LEAF -J Ztttlosen, pe L C Kennedy, o pkgs (J,831lbs) Spanish licortce p&ste .... e,c;sel UPQRT8 FROX Tllll: PORT OF .NBW YORK To FOREIGN oRTS FROM JANUARY 1 1880, TO JULY 2, 1880 I Hhda Cases Bales Lb mfd 493 8,956 60 Sill 6,268 185 15 2,411 077 7i2 169 4 887 2,901 2,124 604 159 710 18 1,507 129 5,3:)1 2 2 25, 2 784 297 041 1 1111 678 1 2 1 294 321 3 2 475 31,985 1,526 92 150 87 8 495 191 50 31 3,561 1>61. 202 3 706 824 917 2,977 10,008 50-:938 I 42 EXPORTS. 1 (J -' y From tbe pon of :Ne o(k to forefp ports for pie week were as follows Bremeu-104 hhds, 13 cases, 98 bales Bruuh A"'tmlia-54 hhds 115 pkgs (21 482 lbs) mfd Brttisll North Amencan Colonaes-3 hhds Bntuh We.t ItI he rever destred, and t t ruay be sa td tbete ts tl full average crop now set out w eather o f the future wtll determme as to the quality and quanltty of crop 1 1 No sales to day on account of funeral of Jt[r G Spratt d f the Ptckett Warehouse He was the oldest wMehou semad th th e Ctty and was prestdent of the 'lolmcco Bonrd oti Trade 1 Pnces easte r on common grades o f kmds s mc e 'the rams Long and s hort dal k rlGQ t9!JaCCQS and )llgh grades of r e d and brtght cuttmg kmds about h o ld thctr o"n I f QUOTATIONS I I Bodud-,,-,-.. P.ed Dark Bl"t[Jltt Com lugs 3 @3},( 37f@4 3% 6 @ 7 6 @ '% Good lugs 3}4:@3.72' 4 @5 4 @4V. 7 @ 9 772'@10 Com l eaf 372'@4}4: 5 @6 472'% 9 @11 10 @121 Good leaf 4}4:@5 6 5}4:@6 11 @1372'12 @14 Fme leaf @ 7V.@10 6 @8! 14 @171 Selectwns l @ 10 @11 8 @10 16 @19 17 @22 *Plugmaket's kmds 1 Bnght '"appen nommal at 8 to 12U,c for common to 65c for fine I If bot dt rty mouldy, or ltght wetgbts, from .72' to l.l{ c 1 s than a9ove figures LYNCHBURG, July 1-Messrs Holt, &haefer & Co Buyers and Handlers of Leaf Tobacco renort to THE To BACCo LEAF as follows -Our rece1pts thts week are ltgbt 6f feung, how'ever, some good and fine leaf whtle the 1dwer grades ate Jess sattsfaotory m regard to qualtty Our market ts very acttve and constderably htgher fm ruedmm, and espe emily fine feaf a good many pnme lots selhng up to 16,l4'c loose The medtum grades are also M to 1Uc lttgher, an ad vance for "htch we can Sve set out what plants-they had must sttll regard our former estimate of two thtrds of an avemg 8,414 1 ,069 1 290 260 3 44.6 787 1,250 145 8, 714 622 I ; r Cuthng Leaf-Common dark lugs Good dark lugs I Common dat k l eaf l Good dark leaf 1 Common bnght smokers Medmm do do Gooq do do Common hrtght lltrtppers Medmm do rio Good do Fme do do Medmm bnght leaf 10 00 oood do d\) 12 50@I;4 00 Fme do do 15 00@18 00 MANUFACTUBING-PLUG STOCK1 1 Common d&rk and trashy 11llers 7 50@ 50 l\Ied fillere some color and body 9 00@11 00 Good fillers red color & good body 13 00@15 00 j:i)lers color and good body 1 l7 OOJ 00 [ CLASSIFICATioN OF SALES r 437 hhds Mason County, Ky -103 at 2 55a5 90, 5 at 6a7 95, 86 at 8a9 95, at 10a14 75, 41 at 15a1 25 old 10 at 4a5 90, 8 at 6 15a7, 2 at 8 40a9 60, 1 at 0 217 hhds Bwwn County, Ohw-39 at 2 85a5 90, 45 at 6a7 90, 44 at 8a9 il5, 60 at 10al4 75 29 at'15a18 75 liS hhds Owen County, Ky -39 at 30a5 90 38 at 6a'7 95, i\4 at 8a9 80, 42 at 10a14 75, 25 at 15a19 '75 213 hhds Pendleton County, Ky -54 at 1 85a5 90 63 at tia7 95, 23 at 8a9 70, 56 at 10a14 50, 16 at 15'25a 19 751 1 at 20 50 14 llhds Boone County, Ky -5 at 1 50a5 60, 7 a1. 6a 7 85 2 at 8 50a8 80 1 9 hhds Carroll Cp\inty, Ky -1 at 3,.05, 1 at 710,2 at 14 25 4 at 15 50a15.75, 1 at 20 1 6 hhds Vrrgmt a at 2a4 1.0 hh'ds Southern Kentucky-5 at 3a3 95, 4 at 6a7 10 1 at 11 25 11 hhds Indiana-9 at 1 60ao 35, 2 at 6 40a6 70 20 hhds Eastern Ohto-10 at 3 65a5 90, at 6 20a 7 85, 4 at 8,10a9 60, 2 at 10all 75 27 hhds Bracken County. Ky -5 at 3 85a5 60, 4 a.t 6a7 95, 5 at Sa9 60, 1Q at 11a14 75, 3 at 15 50a16 50 2 hhds Grant County, Ky -l at 8 80, 1 at 12 50 39 hhds Henry County, Ky -2 at 3 90a.t05, 1 5 at 6 25a7 95, 4 at 8 60a9 50, 12 at 10a14 75, 16 at 15a18 75 CEDRON, 0., June 29 -Mr J T Boggess, grower 'and dealenn tobacco reports t o TH1111ToBACCo LEAF -We have been favored wllh several good tobacco seasons WJthtn the last two weeks, and all who had plenty of plantsiJ.arge enough to tr&DSplant have fintshed setting tbetr crop As far as I have seen the stand IS good and bas begnn to grow mcely There Is yet constderabfe to plant threughout the distriCt, a great many of our largest growen have not got more than half thetr crop m the field Harvest IB now In full blast wtth ns iWileat 1a but the yield will not be so great thts year to th acre as 1t was last year One more tobacco season of a day or so duration would put, I tbmk, an average crop m the tleld. If tt should come m this month If not, I fear the plants will &ll be burned up by the first of July f CLARKSVILLE_, Va., June 26 -Mr A W Magee, Tobacco Broker and Leaf Dealer, reports to THE ToBACCo LEAF -I have delayed making my report to your valuable pa per owmg to so many confiict1ng r eports m regard to the plant mg of the crop It has contmued dry wtth us, and a good many of the plants have dted out &fter bemg and under no Circumstances can a half crop be planted m this sectiOn some say not more than a. fourth crop can be planted, but I put 1t at a half Our market has been very active on all good tobacco. a,nd Wtth a dectded advance on all cuthng grades DANVILLE, June 30 -Paul C Venable Leaf To bacco Broker, reports to Tu:B ToBACco LEAF as follows Our market cont..inues about the same as 'Yhen last reported SuppJ,ies are JU&tfrur m demand, and, as a good deal of tobac co IS still m the country, we e:trpect f&u supplies for tpe next two months Our market does not seem as acttve as tt has been, sttll tbere Is no lnatertal dechne In prtces The weather here bas been llryfor tbe coming crop unttl yesterday, when we had a good ram Planting ts about ti,Dished The smface planted t s probably lesa than last year s crop, but there will be no serious detlctency JULY 3 95 00@125 00 140 00@160 00 15 50@ 17 00 -Imports smce our last By rail 121 260 lbs manufactured, 143 cs (62 490 lbs) leaf1 Per A. D Snow, 358 cs, 5 hhds leaf p e i Lomsmna, 40 cs leaf; per Sovereign ot the Seas, 41 cs leaf Total ImPQrts smce J a n 1 1 ,874 460 lbs manufactured 80 hhds 1 061 bls 1 905 cs 309 pkgs (1,363,886lbs) leaf Receipts by 1ml smce our last came Manufactured -30, 180 lbs to Esbe1g, B & Co, 25,790 do to AS Rosen baum & Co, 20 270 do to L & E Wertheuner & Co 8 080 do to Honolulu, 6 290 do to Oppenheuner & Bro: 4:680 do to Mayrisch Bros, 4,200 do to Oregon, 3 240 to R)ttle & Co, 2,510 do to Engelbrecht, F & Co, 2 ,200 do to Falkenstem & Co, 2 110 do to Sanderson & H 1 980 do to 'faber, H & Co, 1, 920 do to Wellman P & Co' 1 870 do toBuchanan&L 1 ,130dotoHSuthff 1000 d'o to Newton Bros & Co 1 090 do to J A Dunkhouse 930 do to A Mau & Co 700 do each toW G Irvme and 'M J Flavm 370 do to Michahtschke Bros, 220 do to Root & S Leaf_: 3 cars toM Rosenshme&Bro Havana fine fille1 s 1 25 medium do 1 20 common do 1 15 Pnme wrappets Medmm do Connecticut .Bl.llers Bmders wrappers Pennsy h ama W 1 appers Bmders Fillers New Ymll: :E'tllms Bmdeis 1 -15 -20 -25 -30 -20 -15 Foreign Markets. @@@@@,--. @@@@-60 @-@@-@-@-AlUSTERDAM, June 12 -.Messrs Schaap & Van Veen 'l' obacco Brokers report to THE ToBACOo LEu For Amencun tobacco our mat ket 1 s and remams '"1ull Smce oucJast I epOit no sales have taken place 'llte Smus came m wtLh B81 hltd Maryl and for our matket From Java the IIJ" rtvals amoqnfed to 3360 bal es From Sumatra the arr1vals amounted to 12,454 bales Sold 87 bales Java tobacco On the 17th we wtll h ave 10,'075 bales Sumatra m the market all avail able for ctg a r put poses Stock to day 6981 b al es Java bales $umatra 1777 hhds Maryland, 229 hhds Kentucky Vtrgmta, 4200 bales Elnghsh East Indmn tobac co BUEl\JEN.-Our1 Bremen correspondent furni'.shes us wtth the followmg account of the Bremen market Feek endmg June 16 -The past week showed a fau O.ejl'tee of acttvity, and yet" e cannot speak' of havmg a,, movement" Sales ate as follows. Kentucky -34 old '77 crop at 26V. 341'lo at 27, 78 Spamsh reJectwns 65 Ne'": Orleans lugs and low leaf at 28Y. S New VI\le rpe<:Vun;t lugs at 27 2 :r.fason Co stuppmg lugs at 60 14 new do assorted at 46 Vugm1a -No sales' Ma1yland -70 common old at 26%, 50 do at 25Y., 12 new crop, assorted at 50 Stems -20 Vugmm assorted,[at 17, 5 do, black llcorteed at 15, 4-do fine yellow at 25 18 do assorted at 13 do at 19 32 Kentucky strtppersu;msat 19 .n..jlntucky New York at 7 J4, 61 Kentucky stems at 8:5{ The wAek opens With a tamer feeling It IS thought as no alarnung reports have been recetved thiSmonth' th!!t plantmg seasons must be favorable The trade desu es to see what effect the fact that the two large contracts tor Italy and !('ranee are thts year m one hand will have on American markets Another correspondent gtves the followmg account of the Seed leaf trade at that port for the week ending June 10 Receipts, 80 cases Seed leaf cuttmgs per steamship Mosel from New Yo1k, sales, 294 cases'seed leaf, stock on hand, 2,110 cases Seed leaf and 160 cases Seed leaf cuttmgs Pnces were quoted as follows Wrappers 70 to 250 pfgs, bmders, 60 to 75 do fillers 40 to 55 do Transactwns m Havana leai are' enum; rated all" follows -Sales durmg the week 498 bales stock on hand, 7,150 do Prtees ranged as Wtappers, good and fine brown, 650 to 1 400 pfgs wrappers, otdmary brown, 350 to 600 do, wrappers: mixed wtth fillers, 1 80 to 300 do, fillers 100 to 250 do, ordmar y quality, 160 to 450 do The market contmues firm, especmlly as far as Kentucky and Vtrgnua to baccos are concerned About 200 hhas Kentucky tobacco were sold duung the week, and about 50 hhds V1rgm1a leaf Pnces for Maryland tobacccos remam unchanged although there have been only a few tranll-ctJORS V:ugtma a,n,!L Kentuc)iy stems were m good demand, dunng the week amountmg to 201'1'-hhds. HAVANA, June 26 Bosselmann & Bcluoe der To baeco and Ctgar Commtsswn Jtlercbants, report to II'HB ToB.I.CCO LEAF as follows -It ts announced that ft:om the 1st of July tl:.e e:trpott duties on tobacco and ctgars will be lowered 5 per cent The dulles wtll consequently be tl:tred at the followmg .rates -Ctgars, $1 92 gold per thousand, leaf to bacco, $4 10 go l d per cwt tobacco mar)tates we scarce We saw very goOd ctgars manufactured at the Corona, Vtllar y Vtllar Com Flor de Cuba, Leftttnudad Romeo and Julieta' Afri carla, Granadma, Flor de nclan, and some other }'atttdo c1gars, such as are manufactured bv Jose Garcta & Co and :&Iartmez and Gareta. have been m good demaild of late for Lopdon 'lhese goods ate "orth thetr prtre and can be Experiments have been made With the new Patttdo tobacco, and small quanttttes have Wen shtpped but these ctgais are m a green state The exc ha nge marke t shows mcreastng tlrmness Exchanges -London, 60 days, 18 to 1872' per cent New York HO days 6%; to 7 per cent New York, 3 days, 7% to 8 per cent :&larks, QO days, 2J4 to 2J4 per cent Francs, 60 days, 4 to 4}4: per cent Spantsh gold, ll26%@227 q,nn Dea.ler9 in Penns:vlvania Leaf 61 Balld 63 North Duke Street. LANCASTER. 1;. I j


JULY 3 ED LICORIGE. O. C. .A.R.R.EN" &;, CO l!U,Nl) .l.()'l'trRERS G.P THE TRA FilE' & 'FINE' Brands 9f Pure Powdered Spanish licorice Rooi. r !IIlli aN or pecaJlar and entirely oar OW'Il dulgn1 and are, we believe, eapal>le et duelDK' a ore thorouchiJ' lapalpable pow-der tlaan RDJ" kno,vn. W e cond..clently elal lor .... "EXTRA 5'1NE" a aperlorll:r over an:r other J.lcorlee f'or ase In Pine Tobacco, f'or the reaoon .._, JC 1 Dtore fl-ly pow-dered arUele han ,any other, more can be u.ed In the cut ... orbecl li'J' &he Dloltare o;r tile leaf, without chtac &loe coods a clat:r appearance, and Will not eloc 'lh nlvee ... revent a moodl eat, I Ute eaH wit Licorice eon1alnln K the aal aDJ.ount oC ftbre, -d. Pr:l.oe e:u:t o:a. .A.pplloa"t:l.o-. cE aa4 .a,J.ESROOIII:-111, 116 ac 11'1' o!rBeE IT,} C. C WA'RBEN & CO JIULL8a-318, kISS BRIE ...... Jri', e a H, Tloom--. D. Sackett IW-re, Paul CatYI. hom.pson, oore & Co., .. Agents rortbe Sale or Choice Brands of Virginia Plug & Smoking Tobaccos. I ALSO SOLE AGENTS FOR THE CELEBRATED 1 ''WVI.De Sa.,p" and cG-<:d.eD. Sea1" i T .... -. aanufaotured h:v Geo. W. Gilliam&; Co., fill Va. o 'be the Oh.e.....v. D1Ac:l.e.-O, PENDAS & CO., ::I:::AIEPOR.Tm:E'I. o:P LOZA. Brand. _:11:1.\ Patent Office Report. ...( l _, -1 (, For the w!M'k ending June 29, 1880 f S INVK/'TlONS P._TENTED. ProcessGRd Machinefar_hrying'l'obacco. -L. I:ottier and 0 E. Perrigo, Richmond, Va.; 0. E. Penigo, as sigw>r 1<9 L. Loatier, purpose, on account of the large stock of twist they to keep in press in the process of manufac tu A reduction of the present duty on leaf tobacco is ecy urgently desired by the trade, as tlie addition made to it by the late Chancellor oi J;he Exchequer has operated injuriously, and has f a il e d to secure any increase to the revenue. RIIIGI ICRIIID. 'igars.-Straiton & Storm, New York. N.Y., "The wa\'ed band or ribbon A, shown in the photographic LEAFLETS, -Over 2,000,000 pounds ciga1leaf tohacco have been i7\l, ,"fif1i"-'nohn,...,.,e nan Dwire, Qui 11.,pMked the pan -.ron :in_ aunt] ilk_.LQ,pca.ster-Coun' Topsy' and picture of a g irl. ty, Pa. Smoking & D'vire, Quincy, Ill., -A boy named Wm. O'Neill, 13 years of age, ,vas of a together with loc ed up in the Tombs a few days ago, charged with a li.W girl and a colored m:m. and the arbitrarily having smashed the show window of the cigar store selected wordJI 'Uncle Tom's Cabin.'" of M. St. Marks, at 120 West Street. The boy had Chewi.,b aftd Srnokmg TolxU1c ,...;;,(JulliBgWO.rth & grabbed and made off with two boxes of cigars. Ellison, Richmond, Va., 'The arbitrary words 'King Philip." -From Tenn., a co1:respondent writes: -The tobacco planting may now be considered over. June promises to. be a dry month throughout, and tobacco planted after this date is scarcel y worth cul tivating From the best information we can get, the p lanting in this district will not exceed half a crop. II! THE TOBACCO DbTY IN ENGLAND.-Mr. Andrew Tod, of 33 St. Andrew's Square, chairman of t}le Tobacco Manufacturers' Association for Scotland, lately addressed to the .Chancellor o f the Exchequer the following letter in regar.d to the tobacco duties in Great Britain:SIR-In the event of your proposing a reduction in flle duty on leaf tobacco to-monow night, may I be allowed to that au1Iicient time be given. to the to diapoee of their ip1esent stock of duty-pai d t.&bacco ? The Scotch an If 'Irish manufac turers would require three months !lt least for this -A writer in the Clarksville L eaf urges farmers to keep up the war on the tobacco :li.ies. He says: A short crop of tobacco will not lessen the labor of killing worms, which makes it all the more, expen sive .for a lig-ht crop of tobac.Q.o. There will be just as many on one acre iii there will be on two acres-if a full drop was o Kill the flies and get rid of the worms. OF :Eaa"te o-r 1111 -c:l. D:J..B oogv'oo"ter a'ee't HaveR 1...a te tloar New EzteDalve _,& 206, 2.0'7 aDd 209 East 33rd street, W1iioiN tJoet -.irfJ1 .. enabled te _.te tJaelr e&'clers "'lrith prompt..... ...... ta.tioa te tlleU 0..-tomero wtl1 ..... to a ..._..,. inoreaeed b1Ubuoa .. -Y.n:. Jaa. 1. 1880. 0UVJ1L WBSTHAM TOBACCO W RKS. OLIV"E:E& &," :E&O:EIIN'&O:N' t:rlee PL IJOLll OWNEKS a:n.d. PBOPBDin'Ol!S, Of Olprl, formerf7 made by B'ITCIL\N&N .t L Y .ALL of No'll' York ___ cc L OJ',r!!!!!s;---Wiak*IIIIOY plntac a 'll'lde Alloo BOLli of 1M mtW 8TYia, Smoldnc, lith JENJ RYEIU STAMP ITIICHEd. JfEW YOaE OFI'IOE :-'18 WARREN ST.! H. WIB.T KATTHEWS, Speolal Apat. BOSTOJf OFI'ICJE :-8 CllJI'TR.AL WHAlLP 1 w. P, JUTTREDGE &; 00., Speeial Aa't.. ; ,HOLMES,. BOOTH & HAYDENS'. OF THE_ CELEBRATED i:EI lR:K:::EI...: O XG.AwS,. HKADQUAfl.TJE'ft.S fOR AND ICNITINC TAPES. D. W. Oroae. .. ..I. G. w. a .. 1 1888.-r OROU_Sti ANY, !CIG 'M.ANT:TFACTURERS .. < 1 __ r A.N'D-l-- ::r:Je ;aier s t.:n.1 ; Perittsy-1 "Va:n..:l.a O:l.gars Of-fice: 643 Penn Street; Warehouses. : 636. Court Street and 20 & 22 S. 6th Street,-,.-, :P.A.. .j W -Large wjll find,lt to their Interest to correspond with .us: J' .-UIQDORICE 1 PASY,f! r 'j The undersigned continues to manufacture and lrnp'Ort Spanlsh.and Turkish Liquorice Paste, which lle' to the Trade at Reduced Prices. Manufactyrers will find I t: to their Interest to apply to him before' purchasing else where. Jmes C. McAndrew, 55 Water Street,-New York. _, I / TQliACCO LEAP-.&ifD JIAJOlTAO'I'11B.EU .&liD SOLE PBOPRIETOB.S OF ""La EseDCia '' Brand -KEY Wla'l' CIGABS. JOSEPH A. VEGA. JACOB VEGA & BERNHEIM," Paol&.er a:a.d. Xz:111por'ter o-r HA. VAN A TOBACCO, 18'7 PEI.A.B.L 8TR.BB'X', -w:r..Z.A. :B.A. 'V .&.. BRADSTREET'S A SEMI-WEEKLY JOURNAL DEVOTE'D TO Trade, cummerce ; and Fi11ance. THIS JOIIUAt. coven grcamd the extent of which is oecupicd bJ oo Olbe puWkaiiDn, and work of :r8trcace iO .. -cbab.t aDd REGULAR and Jllr:LIABLlt CORRilSPONDKMCE, by experts expressly for this joumal, from all the prindpal trade centJ-6 of this counttf it. embraced in its columns. THE CONDITION AND J>ROSP.CTS of the various markets are carefully recorded, and the possibilities and opportu nities for trade are demonstrated as by no other extaot. C" QUBSTIONS OF COMMERCIAL IXTBRKST and importance are fully 2nd ably discussed editoriaUy, without prejudice, by some of the most responsible writeTS and statisticians ot the timet. Tn& BU'SIN"RSS CHANGES occurring in. the United States and Canada-6uch as failures, di.ssolution5 of partnerships, challel mortp.&es, etc., etc.-are printed in each issue, and the list is more complete and comprehens.ive than can be obtained through source. THE CIRCULATION OF THIS JOURNAL being among the best mewchants, mamd'acturers and bukiag institutions of aOt oa1y this country but many lanip., it presents an cxcelleot adYertisin&" opportunity to a limbed nuaber of first-class blm ks, corporations aod bwJioess fina .tao wilb. to keep daeir names before the commercial Worlc:l Published by THE BRADSTREET CO., 279, 281, 283 BROADWAY, Naw YoaK:. Twhlt Dtlllan Jw yta,.. -The Miamisburg Bulletin remarks:-Unless to bacco planters are energetic in killing the fli es, they may calculate on employing extra labor. or else have their tobacco eaten up by the worms. It is too hard to have a fine crop of tobacco riddled by worms after all the and trouble to make it, submitting to 1018 aDd a in price, and we urge eery planter to 4tivote attention to killing them. It only requires an our's timt> every evenin about the honeyauckles and flowers with paddles in d to knock the flies down. -The tobacco in Brown Co unty, Ohio, is estimated to amount to 5,000,000 pounds.-Exchange. t I TAKE ONE EVERY HOUR. Tho "DOCTOR'S PRESCRIPTION" cxo-..a.R... The Finest and Best Cigar in the U. S. FOR THE MONEY. JI:KEE A.Nit II A 8 THE K. Y. :aER.I.:L By Unanlmons Consent ProD(JU!Iced The People's Choice. lpeclaliJ Suitable for D 'ruggists. fOSTER, HitSON & CO., Jfo. 3& BOWERY. NEW YORK. \ADMI'Pl'Eh.-Kr. Tag has this day been ad mitted a partner in our firm. New York, July 1, 1880. Cru, s. F TAG & SoN, 802-803. For Sale. About 200 cases fine Connecticut W rappers of 1878 crop. Also, about 100 cases Medium Wrappers. GEO. B BARNES. Warehouse Point, Conn. June 26th, 1880. 881-884 of all the Best '9' .ARI m:LES OF TOBACCO A.JlE Ol"PEKED BY R.. A11e:n.. Co.,. 189 & 191 Water St., New City. lr'Oar Seecl (latalocne wtll be JDalled to aa:r .&.d d.ree on reeelpt ot S&.amp Cor Pulqe. McGOWAN PUMP COMPANY, M.AN'oFACTURERS OF ALL KINDS OF TOBACCO MACHINERY OF THE LATEST IMPROVED PATTERNS. OUR PATENT DOUBLE-END FINISHER. A111o )[aDUfacturen of t.he Celebrated Patent Hydraulic Retainer Hould Presses. Tobacco factories furnilllled with aD modern machinery at t.he shltl'tMt notl ee. OlJB. 'REFERENCES : Wilson & McCallay, Middletown, 0.; S. J Foree & Co., Holbrook Bros., Louisville; Leggett &: Meyers, Drummond T obacco Co., St. Louis, ana many other manufacturera. THEO. J. McGOWAN & BLISS, 141 and 143 W. Second St. Cincinnati, 0. The Attention of igar is respectfully cnlled to our Large Stock of FINE RESWEATED 1878 PENNSYLVANIA WRAPPERS. The quality u f thee tubnccos is greatly enhanced by ou r which i s wholly a NATURAL one, bem g _cnt1rely li_BEE fom ,dyes and chemicals. Of splei

6 [EXTRACT FROM AN EDI'rORIAL IN "THE TOBACCO LEAF' JUNE 26.] THE SIL V RF ACE FOIL is the recent grand discovery m the of the usefUl art!f emanatil).g from t e fertile house of JoHN J. CROOKE. Although thi\1 article has been patented only al)out two more tha one hundred and thiey Jnm bJ.'Ai;ld!i. of it are now manufactured and !!Old at Mr. Crooke's manufactory. Anything more generally useful and, at the same than this variety of foil it would be impossible to conceive or devise. Its distiD.guishing ch:araetierilitic is its frosted-silver WhiteneBB. In Ius. re 1t is-----as brilliant as the purest silver ever dug from the mines, and yet, owing to its'nonreflective quality, neither shade nor shadow is visible when it is exposed to natural or artificial light. Viewed from any position o ang e, it presents a uniformly bright and sur fac e, so that an imprint upon it, be it in whatever color it may, is always clear and discernible; which is the case when the ord ary urnished foil is made a medium for disclosing a name or inscription. Look squarely at an ambrotype, and all the J.\nes which make the gortrait i are distinct and perfect; glance at it from either side, and a hazy, undefined image is all that can be perceived. So it is, as a rule, with the inscriptions on tin-foil wrappers. Tradesmen using foil in any form externally want their brands or businesil addresses plainly percept ible in any light, and from any point of view, and this great desideratum they are sure of obtaining in using the Silver Surface Foil. A prominent local cigar manufacturing firm is packing fifteen different brands o cigars in 'Silver Surface Foil. Nearly all the cigar, cigarette, tobaooo and snuif manufacturers of the country are using this material extensively, u &lao are all other tradesmerl in the habit of using foil in their business. The sale already Gf this article is immense. For lining cigar-boxes, wrapping cigaril, cigarettes' snuff, tobacco, chewing or smoking, fine cut or plug, it is one of the most attractive and serviceable articles ever offered to the public. Among representatives of the tobacco interest the house of J. J. Crooke is known for the excellence and extent of its productions adapted to their uses. In other industrial departments it is known both for the extellt and variety of its productions, there being no known application of tin foil for which its resources are not eqll8.!, and_ which it has not already furnished patterns and distributed types. This house nol only manufactureS foil for oigars, cigarettes, snuff and tobacco, but also fo11 rubber goods of all kinds, liningB for percussion-caps, the manifold uses of telegraph builders and operators, .and U4mcil works, teleploDic,. phODOgrapllic, and other adaptations lippropriated and made famous by' -the 'W'UaN of "Menlo confectioners, iP'OO&rs, canners, piCklers, bottlers and for every othell purpose -,vi thin *be ranp of the mechanical, manufacturing and te. [From New Remediea, : The WHITE SURFACE TIN-FOIL, manufactured 1 and things of the kind we have yet seen. Its pE the a:pp;e!fa e or a wo1ran cloth of llli.Jmte silver tbr doyle and apkins, 1.1bown in the R.tuslaa Department of the11e goods. Some er tbe received have been left bad labels or checkered patterns printed on them in colors These foils ought to become very popular among pha for tasteful appearance:


J, Januarf 5, 1880. Cincinnati 0.] mmber of samples of a new and beautiful foil, manufactured y, which is the most be:l.utiful and attractive Ill" we hav.e bacco until done up in this foil. Its peculiarity consists in ight colored silk ; in fact it is a close imitation, in silver of ment of th,.e Cep.tennial Exhibition, which were so greatly color, while others have upon them beautiful patterns goods will become very popular, is putting it mild, They his goods to be distinguished by their handsome and Jciated. Mr. CRoOKE is so pushed with orders already of February will be able to aupply all demands. In the time. iJ. ... j ,<. -,, "' .. Dooember, 18?'9. N.).. ".,;._ Mr. J. J. C&ooKE, of this city, is one -of themost beautiful larity consists in its milled or embossed surface, giving it s. Any one who remembers the imitations, in trllver, of e Centennial Exhibition, will appreciate the general effect of in, while others, pre'rions to the embossing process, have acists and others who wish their goods to be distinguished I A NEvV FOlt.-As ago, the' eminent finn of J. C:a0oKE, ma.J!.ufacturer of tin foil of this city, has placed on the mark an ntirely new kind of foil, which, in 1;>eap.ty and excellence, cannot M surpassed. It is t'IM, "s v:e Surface Foil," manufactured of the purest and fines t quality of tin, and is specially adapted for the packing. of fancy and other of chewing, smoking and toi:>accos. The Silve Surface Foil is a most beautiful article. Its bright surface is presented in colors 1esembling the of silk and water colors. It is prepared in plain and fancy designs of colors and ornam :Q,tation. .Although a new article, it is already used by aU the largest and e& tobacco .manufacturers of this country, by dTU"'"'ists and florists. Mr. Jo:s:N J. CRoOK}' has been for years the leading acknowledged manufacturer o'f till foil, and has been recognized as such not only by the entire tobacco trade, but also by the United States Government, as whose he has acted in the printing of tb o revenue stamps on tobacco put up in tin foil. There is certainly not a house at home or abroad using tin toil in some shape or form, to whom the name of this firm is not known. For further explanations regarding this elegant and, p,ew Silver FQi11 ,:efer our reft.ders to a special notice on the first page of this paper. [From the Druggists' Circul:1r, for December, 1879. N. Y.] "SILVER SURFACE TIN FOIL-Some extremely pretty tin foil is now manufactured by J. J. Coo6:Ki:, of this ci y, for various decorating purposes. By a new process the surface of the foil is made to look just like frosteil silver, and on this various colored pattems are printed. The frosted may also be left plain, : ,md to the taste of some this is, perhaps! more handsome. The silver tin foil is a very appropriate material for decorating face-powder and pu1f boxes, an other toilet articles. 7


s OOifl URROLL & CO., 104 'l'ront et, New York. -P. o.:ao.x 4oBQII.-' OF AND DEALERS IN s e ... ., CARROll'S CELEBRATED BRANDS, E JACK,' 'BROWN DICK,' BrO., ETC., mo., RAG-TAG SMOKING TOBACCO. l!BE VIRGINIA TOBACCO AGENCY, :mata"bH.-h.ecl. "1aae. M. GABDIXBil, GOilDSSION IEBCBAIT, T STREET, NEW YORK._ ",.PII.DJilliU FOR PLVG TOBACCO PKOIIIPTLT FILLZD. ----DEALERS IN----SMOKING TOBACCO, P.A.l:D AND FOB E.X.PC>R..T. C. F LINDE. LEAF TOBACGO INSPECTION. CITY WEIGHERS, &'t ., N"e-vv "York. Y SAMPLINC PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO. HENRY SIEBERT, TH, SON & CO., Tobacco and Ceneral. 1 Merchants Commission : Mtrchant, ea :aroa.c:1 &'t. -----. ..._ ----.............._ TB T. H. :MESSENGER & CO., DIPOJn'ICIIII All]) DJ:.A.I.EBS IN Loar Tofa, Ci!ars ad Ln M. Ull IIAID:,Jr LAJtB. DW YOIUL r..r To-ID IIIIM._........, for J'onlp......., -4.7 0..-:.D BT.., -;,roa&, ason CountJ and Cutting Leaf a -. ;:)-130,...., 132 & 134 MAIDEN NEW YORK, MAMVFACTUII.:I'.RS OF 1IA V AlA CIGARS. ... w ......... Es'ta.b1:l&hed. 18!5: _.. GEO. W. HELME, 81l0oeooor to Appleby & Helme, ,, MANUFACTURER OF THE CELEBRATED PBINCE AIBERT C:i.gare"t'tes. 133 WATER STREET, NEW YORK. ..... -Dli .. IULo o.:A.R ftE-.1. ZIHDP'ftOir, lefl, JU.lroi'A.C'l'VB8 IHHRSGHAUI I ODS, All]) Dll'OBTZB OJ' French Briar PiJBB With Amber lonth-Picccs No.69 w-e._ -.&.d VIEJIX.A., AlJSTJUA. FANCY SMOKING ." ..." -1N'BRIER; AND FANCY WOODS. : ; : ( MANUFACT'QRED B Y .I SALESROOM-392.BROADWAY, NEW YORK. I JULY, 3 -----_...._ ___ TaoabovoBrandof HAVANA TOBACCO CIGARETTES madoODIJI>y II4.LL 222 I GBEEIWICB SfRIET. COR. OF Y, IAIUPACTURBI1P FINE CIGARS. KAB.K: ''liEW DEAL." :!v1:an:u.:racturers o:r Pl u.g Tobacco_ Leading ira.n4a: "JEOBSI DAJ)" "DAll LIGI:T" "LITTLI EA'l'cmr.r" FACTORY, x6th & Poplar Sts. OFFICE & SALESROOM, su & sx3 N. 3rd St. GOIIISSIOI UBCBm. Dealer tn eaf Tobacc 138 Water St., E. M. CRAWFORD & SOl. Leaf bacco, 168 Water N'e-'Y"o::rl&.. M. R. IKPORrER of BA V ANA lrBAP HAVANA AND SHHD LHAF TOEI.A.OOOS, 226 PEARL ST., flEW YORl J'l. L, GASSU. '!' FINE CIGARS, All]) DBALJ:IIS IN T.EAF TOBACCO. 82 Clinton Street, New York. PaGker AD4 De&J.r ba f "'\ An, d of GEO. W. HELME;' (SUCCESSOR TO. APPLEBY .t; HEI,MBJ, Havan& .. LEDGER I"L, H :E. ':'nn. \ DF.l.PIHA. : .' MANUFACTURER OF THE .213 Pearl St., New Yprk., L. r t PACKERS AND DEALERS IN : r ll 1 ... .BUCHANAN : & l YALL, f 101 .WA,LL STREET, NEW YORK. ;.'9 .. PEARl: :STREET, ..;o..;...___,..Mf+--------------:-----:.--:--ComUlercial, Factory, B:rooklyn, N; Y & co., INSPBCTOB[ FINKE & TOBACCO. IMSPECTORS, 159 WATER ST., NEW YORK. COUNTRY IIAMPLING PRO!I1PTI.Y ATTENDED TO, Lancaa&er1 Pa., Bl'llBeh 1-F, CUNNING' H,_.,l41 N. Q.-8l. Olmftll'a etg..., S&cre)..>_ c-neeUent OI'.MI!TJ!:D, .. East Hartford, Oonn. BB ni.I:.A.:r.i:>EN' XA :N"E'V'IT -,., SEt;m JtfANUFACTURE THE FOLLOWING CELEBRATEJ? BRANDS OF TOBACCO: .PL-.A.::N'ET, Fancy Dark Nav1es. ::N'E:I?TU"N'E, do BRIGHT do do ,do, STANDARD DARK NAVIES. fte reputation of tbeoe goods to wo;ld-wlde, and osles of !'hem to of u.. merit.l. J .. OF Our Trade-mark :El-L is Embossed on Every Plug. Maccaboy, French Rappee, Scotc American Gentleman_,, LundyJoott c 'V:ED.G:XN:XA. 1!311\/.I:C>:K:XW'G TO:EI.A.CCO: Viz: PRINCE ALBERT, COLORADO, UNCLE TOM, NAVY CLIPPINGS, BLACK TOll, IRONSIDES, A .t; H. TO:BA.COO 1 ... -& .... 11.,...,, 4IO'DIAII, 85 PINE S-TREETS, NEW.,,..... FOR PRICE LIST ADDRESS OR APPLY AS .ABOVE. L. GRRSHP.L, c;. t:.11.RSHJU ... NEW YORK. [ ''[ -. .. ,_ B. DIAZ & > l 'I'BADB ..... I co., 0 lot. li I 221 PEAJU. ST., NEW YORK.


JULY 3 THE LEAF. REYNES BROS. & CO., SCBB.ODEB. a BON, I MA'NUFAGTURERS of CI&AR. S 178 WATER YORK,, 46 a. 48 Exchange Place, IMPPRTERS OF SPANISH -Alm-JSl :J!l"'VV G. FERNANDEZ, DIPOBTER O F .SO.::N'D tl06 Pearl Street, New York. P.A.O:S::E:E'l. r .......... OF AT.L KINDS OF SEED LEAF TOBACCOS 1 Water St., New York. @et. Fle!cher St. &nd Burling Slip ) ,... F. W. SMYTHE & CO., COMMISSION I IE -BOHANTS, BUILDINGS, LAGHENBRUCH & BRO. -' PAOKERS OF F EK&.V'&:n& Tc:"ba.oce,164 WATER STREET, NEWYORK .J.UU:BS BBUSSBLt JOBBERS ALS-o. MANUFACTURER-SilF FINE : as d. 4.1 New York.. a-Beine: thelU&nnfaetai"era and Owner of the celebrated." LEO" ......... ot: It will be deale wf&h to Jaw .. -lYIILLEB REcmivims VIRGINIA & :N_ORTH CAROllNA LEAF LOBAC 0 ; NEW 4 38 BROAJ) .8!REET8, IIKW YORK.C ST T _, ---!


.. 10 ::;:-hilwlielphia Ad'vertisem.entli. TELLER BROTHERS, ....... C1 "IM ........ -'ftlll* l1d i 11 and Dom.Oo Leaf Tohaoeo, 11.17 North Phtladetphia. W .. EISENLOHR & 00,, PACKERS AND 'WH O LESALE DEALERS IN --../ L E .A F T 0 D .4. C C 0, 115 s. VU"a:ter ,.S't., W. EISEN:LOBR, Piil L BONN. L. BAMBERGER & CO., PACKERS AND DEALERS IN LEI.A.P TO:B.A.CCO,_ 1 And Manufacturers of Cigars, 111 Arch St., Pbtla.delphia., Pa.. LEWI S SONS,. V{holesale Dealers ia :'LEAF,. AND KANUFACTtm.ED NO. 322 NORTH TKIRD STREET, PHILADELPHIA. .. A laY}!'e assortment of all kinds of LliAF ToBACCO constant l y on h au J .a; BAY. & SMI'I'B, Commisdfl1' Xercha.nts Dealers in 1 SEED LEAF tc HAVANA TOBACCO No. 35 North Water-st Philadelphia. And 214 STATE STREET, HARTFORD, CONN -. lVI.E.lVIcDoweU a: Co. NORTH WATER STREET, PHILADELPH-iA, LOT.TIER'S .... -ANDW. T. BLACKWElL & &:u::u:ki::ns To'baooo, I'-NewR.E. Also Mano.fao1.u.rcn of HERBE DE J.A -REINE; BRIGHT C .UT C:.,&.VENDiSh -A:FD-. 11. inSCHOFF'S GERMAN" SMOKING and other B1 ando of SMOKING TOBACCO. Alao KERBE DE LA RElNE and other Branda of ClGARET TES. 'A.g:enl; In Ne'v "l."ork: FR. ENGELBACH. No. 56 South Washington Square. -R. E VOCKE.-E. &. CQ., TOBAGG'O & GENERAL COMMISSION MERCHANTS, S. E. cor. Cheapside and Lombard. Sts. BALTIMORE. II Leaf Tobacco in Bales, a Specialty. ----DRESEL, RAUSCHENBERG & CO., TOBACCO SHIPPING & COMMISSION MERCHANTS. IMPORTERS OF GERI!IA.N I'OTA.SH aa4 FBRTILIZII'IG SALT, .&:enw for LlTerpool Line oC ! and Keg alar Packet to Bremen, HaJD. bur&, Rotterdam an4 .&moterolam. 11 S, GAY STREET, BALTIJIOBE, E. E WENCK,, G. H. M:. M:a.rriott, ACKSON'S BEST! :PJDT:m:n.a::au:A.o-; 'V .&.. .lt ... CENTENNUL EIPOI!lTlO!f, September 1!1, 11116, THIS TOBACCO WAS AWARDED rnTHE-HIGHEST PRIZE. We call Delther Dealer nor Jli!1lf"hassng ot1oer IS I .A. R. MEIER & co., Connecticu t Lea.f Topa.cco, FINE CUT. C INCINNATI, o. 20 HAMPDEN ST., "VV :X G-vv .A. J.'\ll: SMOKING. LEAP TOBACCO Nos. 54 to 62 East Third Street, O:J:N"O:I:.N':N" A.T:J: C>. 0 STEAM CIGAR-BOX FACTORY. The Largeot in the Weot. C:apacit;r, 25,000 Boxes per Week. JACOB WEIL, AARON K An", E A WEn. J AJIES PIDLIPS, WElL, KAHN&; CO. I Formerly wit!' c. 8, Philip & Al.l.riW4C'l'URE&S & WHOLICIW.I: n ... u '" Tobacco Cnrmg -ana Sweatmg, Cigars & Leaf Tobacco ] 13 Main St., Cincinnati, 0. (I1a4er c. s. Patento.) -The only Success!ul Process ID Existence. Dark Colors Cuaranteed. Poor burning Tobacco made g o od Old and Drled out goods renovated and pnt into g<)od order Green. raw, light-colored or unsweated cured and Drought to dark colors. 70 Main St., Cincinnati, 0. Springfield, Mass. H :l N SDALlt SMlTH, E. H SMITH, C. 0. HOLYOKE, COMMISSION In LEAF and MANUFAOTURED TOBACCO, 1!J Central Bostoia; GEORGE H. JONES, Importer of ::S::.A.. V .A..N" A. No. 98 Water Street, BC>&TC>:N". Clua. W. WJLDD, Ja. WK.B.W.... CHAS. W. WILDER, Jr., Importer and Maauf....tur.o of FINE CIGARS, 58 Kllbr 4 98 Water St BERRY MEYER 1: CO., COMMISSION MERCHANTS, A n d Wbolesale. ia HENRY GEISE, E. :at. FLACK, (Suoceuor to B GElS]!;&: BRO.) J3C>STC>N'. TOBACCO BROKER; CIGAR-BOX FACTORY, HOPKINSVILLE, KY. OHIO ANO CONNECTICUT TOBACCO, 46 l'ront St.. Cinaha:n...!!.ti. 0. No. 93 CLAY STREET, F. .L l'luGt!K, CD(CJNI'I.A.TJ, O, PRAGUE & MATSON, F. W. DOHRMANN, LID ToBAcco BRom oN COW!l11810N. S. E. cor. Vine & Front Sts., 94 W. Front St 'Cinclnnat!J. CINCINNATI. J(y,; ItT. i 'fc:ahn Pi:D.ze:r "EE:rc:as., l!IA.I'IlJFA.CTUREKS OF F:I:'Ve ::Eiro1:her 10-om REFEBEI'ICB81 Jno. C. Latham, Preo't Bank of Bopldmrrillo B. E. Tri'!!' J Preo't Planters Bank,_H o pklnerihe ; BaW7er, wtJiece 4< Co., N""' Yo...; Spratt & Co., Louisville, Ky. I H. CLARK & BROTHEB. I roBACCO BBOIERS ,_. IIOl'Kil'l......._ .. H8LT, SC'HAEFER & 00., LYNCHBURC, VA., BUYERS AND IIANDLERB OJ' LEAF TOBACCO. C>:rc:l.e:r& Bol.:f co1.1: eel.. 'W. F. NOIWA.N. W. W BELVI!f. tl"ol:12:1 e .... a:n.c:l. NORMAN & BELVIN C>1c:l. B Oe:n.1: El:u.5, AND &LL OTHER POPlJLAR sTY8iHs oF FINE NAVY TOD&cco, p k f 1 afT b X.C>U":J:S'V:J:Lo;uE. ::&:.E:N"TU"O::&:."Y ac ers o e o acco. c. G. TACHA.U. R J. LANDRUM. G w WICKS & "0 FINE WRAPPERS .t; SMOKERS TACHAU & LANDRUM I I u II A SPECJA.LTY. J. Kanuiacturers' Agents for the Sale of DANVILLE, VIRCINIA. Manufacturers ot Choice Branda ot ViriDnia, Missouri and Kentucky ;J. A. Dehln. ;,.. St. Louis, Western Ap>t. Plug Tobacco, TOBAcco Paul C,-Venable, C:OliDIISSION LOUISVILLE Ky. J OUR AGENTs:' LEAF TOBACCO BROKER, W. G, A.D.I.l!I:S, NEW YORK. Goo. W. WJcu, N. !uuJ EZ>w. J. J'cma. :Da:a. -v:ll.l.e. 'V" a E. BDIM: & SONS, GEO. F I GUNTHER, Paeken ofaa4 Dealenla Loaf Tobacco & Cotton Broker, JAS. A. & _._ Bya Strletly on Commt11alon! omo smm LHAF TOBACCO Eleventh and Main Streeto, Virginia and North Carolina :DA."YTC>1'11, C>. X:..C>U":I:S'V":J:X:..X:..E, LEAF TOBACCO, M. B. GJrNTHER, of New Orleane, :Da:a.'Vi.l.l.e. "Va. <:nUnn Buyer. Smokers and Bright Leal' a Bpeeialty. C. & R. DORMITZER & CO. Orolero Solicited. -Retere.ClC811: -W. N, F X. JlurtoD. C. G. BollaDd Dealers & Merchants ill W, G. ToBAcco, Doalor & Collllllission ltrch't 2 NORTH MAIN ST,., Bet. Main and Second Sts ST. X.C>U":J:&. :U::C>. Wllo H. TEII'T. VIM._ \ VIRCINIA LEAF TOBACCO ur-Drlcht Leaf a 8peclals,.. Orlclnal Jav.oleu .alvea If re.o&ueoited. A. B. LEFTWICH, Dealer Ia VfRGINIA LEAF TOBACCO .&ad FIDe Virginia Manuf'rs' Stems' & Scraps 'Va. CoastantJy on hand a Jarge lruJ)l)}y of -&Dd Serap-, dark, medium &nd bi1cht. &Dd _. till orden for home and Sampleo&Dd LADD TOBACCO CO., LEAF TOBAGCO BUYERS, No. 2' North Main Street, 'ST. X:..OU":J:&. Prealden'C. B. BuBBR ... WIIOLBSAL. nr .&.V.&.NA. 6 BROAD STREET, ..... 3:Z v x.::.z..-r "X"eZLD.o J G. W. GRAVES, I P.I.CKJm OJ' AND DEALER I!f SEED LEAF TOBACCO, DAUURY, COIIL .. ...


JULY 3 Bnstness Dimtory of Allvertisers. NEW YORK. Leaf 1'obacco iva1 c hous e.'>. Ahner & Dehls, 190 Pew-L BarDett S. lf\2 TVa.ter Basch & Fiscner. 155 Water. Cardozo A. H. 66 B1oad. Orawrord E. :M. & Son, 168 Wg,ter Edmonston S S. & B r o. 4 7 Broad Eggert Wm. & Co. 2-15 .Pearl. Friedman, Henry, 119 Maiden Lane Friend E. & G. & Co. 129 Itlalden Lane. Garth D. J., Son 8: Co. 44 Broad Gassert J. L &: Bro. 157 Bowery Gershel L. & Bro. 1Ql Pearl. Hamburger I. /!1. C:o. 151 'Va:cbaage Place. Toba<:<;oBrok..-&. Oattu& Jokn. 83 Beaver Gana' Son, J s. &: (.;o. 84 and 86 Wall Oabeme, James G. 54 BroAd Bader 14. & Son. 43 Broad Shack A. 178 Pearl Street. Jlamif' of BM Chowinq TOW<'OO&. Anderson John & Co. 114. 116 and 117 Liberty. Buebanan & Lyall. 101 Wall Buehoer D. & Co. 173 and 175 Duane Qoodwin & Co. Wl & 209 Water. Hoyt Thomas & Co. 4111 PearL Kinney Mb to 525 West 22d Lorlilard P. &: Co. 114 Water. KcAJpin D. H. & Co. cor Avenue D and Tentb. Hiller o. B & Co. STl Columbi&. of Oigan Alces George. 003 Peat! Aab, Louis & Co. 96 and 96 Reade Bondy &: Lea.erer. 96 to 110 Attorney Brussel James & Co. 78 Bowery DeBary Fred. & Co .. 41 and 48 WarreD Deutsch E. & Son. 8.2 Clinton Dlngfelder & Libko, !J9 and 41 Fulton Qreenhall A, 45 W&ITan. Heilbroner, Josephs & Co. 681)-699 Fint Ave. Hirsch D. & Co. l!tl a.nll 130 Rlriog131 Grand. Jacoby Morris & Co. Broome. Jacoby S. & Co 200 Chatham Sq & 5 & 7 Doyer &erbs &; Spiess. 1014 to 10.00 Second Av. aud 810 to 3H Fiftv-fourth 8ros. Avenue D ana. Tenth Street. Ucntenstein Bros. & Co. 268 and :170 Bowery Love Joo. W. 6 Rivington llendel a!. W. & Bro 15 1-2 Bowery Otten berg B. & Bros. 262 and 2114. Broadway Praaer M. w. 'il> Courtlandt 'St. Rokohll& Co. 131 Wo.ter aetdenherg It Ce. 84 aud 86 Reade Btachelberg IlL & Co., 112 and 9i LibertJ ltraiton &: Storm, ll(}l-:106 -!lllb lutro & Newmark. 76 Park Place Upmann Carl, 178 Pearl Street. Mam4/acturert of Fine Ha1Hift.G. Cagar1. rown & B&rle, 1103-l!OQ East 38d I Footer, Hlloon &lri"ll To 'bacco. Allealt Co. t73aod 17G Cilamhera 87W...,..n Ben A. & Co. 48 uberty Matbeww H W. 18 Warren Wi.oe & Bendhelm 1164 and !166 IJaDal -.,tV'Act......,. of Kq Wul Cigar&. De Baeyl'red' k & Co. 41 and 43 Warreo Garcia & Palacio. 1117 Water JleWall a: Lawson. 88lllurr&J Beldenhelll & eo. 84 and 86 Be&cle Jl<&n.,...,_.,.. of if:=!"" aM A"Wei8 Oar!, 611 Walker Importon f Clatl POp<&. Hen A. &: Co. 43 LlbertT ltaufmaan Bres. & Bondy, 129 and 181 Grand May Broo. 100 2d ATe. Jton."/octvten of Briar ..A,et OAt'l' lmporim' of Hmolm-1' .Artkla. HruTey &: Ford., 8!2 Broadway a .. "-& eo .ca Jtaufmann Broo. .t Bondy, Ji9 and IS! .Grand J:lan.u.fac&ureJs of Licor-ice Pcutt. llcAndrew Jameo C. M Water Stamford llanufacturtng Co. 1117 Malden Laae Weaver & St.errv iN Oeda.r J.,.porten oj Lteorioe .Pwte. ;!o.rgulmb&a, Wallaoe & Co. Ill and 31 B WU!ia1n !lcAadre,. Jameo C. M Water Weaver&: Sterry;,IM Cedar .Zuricalday a: Ill BeaTer JfaatV'CIChoron of .Potoliaroo ,..,..,,_ Deuel & Co. Water ?tnke Charles. & l:o. t59 Water lHa.milton C C. & (.;o. 170 Water Linde F. c a: eo. t42 w"ter Tol>oooo Pr--. Quobrle .t Co. till Front llclfttV'...,.....,.. of eo_. -. H""""U Jacob, IIIII and 1!11S llfoDI'oe ; Stra.,.. 8. 1'19 and 181 Lewis Wicke WWiam a: Co. 151-161 Goerclt m Bpa..W. Olg<&r-Botle CJor. Uptecron W. E. 4116-475 But Tenth 8pcltHM OM e-. .. Cigar BAI>oou. a.-bolm & llaure_r_, 80011 If. wonILo-ID .t G&M.!Ol ....., .... Lillie Loth. J-ph a: So ... Cll8 Broome BhD ... l'lll.ewll WJaU wa a .,_ Oooww--......... """" .. ) .t Guo. 111 Sutro Newmark, MANUFACTURERS QF 0IG.A..RS, --AND DEALERS IN-LEAF TOBACCO, No." '76 Park Place, New York. )J.lrrs of Slww Carda and Labels. P o rralds o u Bros., Five Po. ints. P. 0. Box 2791. Hope & Wells Co. 187 Broadway Tooacco Labels. Reppenbet.mer & Maurer, 22 and 24 N. Willlam New YorK Label Publis' Co. 94 Bowery Mj1s of Old Jud!Je Cigarettes. Goodwin & uo. 207-209 Water. Mamifacturers of Kinney Bro..' Cigarettes. Kinney Tobaccc. Co. 515-S:..'lS West22d. Manufacturers of Cigarette,. Hall Thomas R. 76 Barclay Manufacturer o; Crooke' Compound Tin /!oil, 'l'obacco. Medium anti TUsue. Crooke John J. 163 MuJbecrr nanu.facturer of Silver Sur lad .Foil Crooke Jobn J. 1631Iulberry .Manufacture?"" of Clgar Borg!eldt N H 510 East Nineteenth Manufacturer& of Sheet and Wooden Cigar Moulds. 1'belliller, Dubrul Mfg Co. 510 E 19th Imp,oved 1'obacco Scrap Machine tor Manufacturers. Dorgleldt N. H. 610 -19th and 11511 Water in TootJ and Ma.ter.iaU tor CiQar Mo.,.,uracstvrer&. Watteyne H Pearl Banb. GennanAmericaa. 00 WaD Internal Renmue lioolc:c. Jourgensen, C. 30 and 37 Liberty Foreign and Dometic Banker. Sternberger !1. & S. 44 Exchange Place. Man:u.tocturm of Sho1c R<>bb S. A. 1!15 Canal Strauss S. 179 and 18! Lewis Sole Manufachwer oj the Origina.J Gu &ai Smoking Tobacco. Emmet W. C. 74 Pine Im]rters of l!l-eooh Cigarette May Brothers. 103 2d A venue Patent Cigar CCIBe&. Samuel S L 57 Cedar Ornn.mercial Agenciu. The Bra.dstreet Co. 279 Bro&d.w&y Manufacturer of Cigar Boz LMJR.ber. Read Geo. W. & Co. 186 Lewis Tobacco .Freight Broken. Smith W. 0. & Co. 53 Exchange Place Mou.factv.Tera of Cigar Bil>bon4. Wicke Wm. &: Co. cor. Goerek a.nd Tblrd Cigar-Box Labell and'I. Heppenheimer & Maurer. 22 and 24 N. William Neuman&; Diogllnger, n. w. cor. Pearl &: Elm New York Label Publishing Co. 94 Bowery of Wa% Paper. Hammerschla.g S. Dey st Regenbard, Shevill &; Co. 55 Oey st Tobacco Baggittg. Person A. Harriman & Co. -4S9 Broome Manufacture, of the Erie Cigar Lightet, Holmes, Booth & Jlayaens. 49 Chambers TobaCco Seeds of all Varietie1. A.llen R. II..& Co. 189 and 191 Water ALBANY. !!l. Y. Manufacturers of .'l'oiJacoo. Greer's A. Sons, H22 Broadway BALTIMORE, Hd, Tolxvco Warehoue. ,. Barker & Waggner, 29 South Boyd W A. 8: Co. S3 Soulb Gunther L. \V. 9 8outb Ua.y t Kerckhoff & 49 South Charles Klemm Cha.s. H. 39 North Calvert Marriott, G. H. M. 25 German :t.ledela 6l Kemper, 117 Lombard Schroeder Jos. & Co. 09}i South Charles \VencK:, E. E. and 48 South Charles Wiscbmeye1 Ed.:&: Co. 39 South Calvert Manufacturers of Cigars rmd Cgaretltl. Baron & Co., N. E. cor Lombard & Cheapside Tobacco Manufacturer. Feigner F W. & Son, 00 Soulh Charlee Gail & Ax. 55 Barre ld&rburg Brolbers, 145 to 149 South Charleo Tobacco and General Commi1.sion Merchant. Vocke R. E. & Co. s. e. cor. Cheapslde and Lombard Patent Stem. Rollers. Kerckbolf G. & Co .. 49 South Charles Packe>'S of Seed Lea} and importers of Havana 'l'obacco. Becket' Bros. 98 Lorn bard Kerckhoft Geo. & Co. 49 South ChSI rles Tobacco, Shtpping and Com. minion Merchant. Dresel, "RlNIC"llenberg & Co., 1 1South Gcy. BOSTON. Maoo. ,.. Cigar Manufacturer' Merritt J. lV. 34 Doane ilfa..,,fact-..rers of Plug 1'0/Jauo Tobacco Co, 30 Broad Comminion. Merchant. Holyoke o. o. 12 Central Wharf Dealera i"' Havana a.ftd pomestU! Leaf To--bacoo and Cigat'l. Daveaport It Lea;a, 69 Broad. .JJ!afi.U/CJCt'ra of Smoking Tobacco and Cigar ,Jiaddin. F. L. & J A. 55 Union [mporte,B of }!a.vantt c:t Dh in LtaJ Tobacco Bemis, Emery. Jr. 32 Ceutral Wharf Jones Geo. H. 98 Water l1Plpot-ter / Tobacco. Meier R. & Co Tobacco. Weil, lrabn & Co. 11a .Mam .Jlan.ujacturer gf SMd and Wooden ,'ltga.r Mould&. The Miller, Dubrul &l'eters lllfg Co. 18Lto 1,0 E. 2d.T()bo.cCO.. Contmialon MFellanta. Prague & Matson, 94. West Front Mn.nufactt.uerl 0/ Cifl(tr-BO:U.. Geise Henry. Oa:r Trost, S. W. 699-707 W. Sixth. Jlan.ujacturers of Plug Brown&: Co. 17 &: 19 W 2d street Dlr. in Fo.-flgn d: Dcmteatic Leaf 20be.neo, Oherhelman John & Co, 60 W Front street Lea.j Tnb:;:.cco B-u11er. Wright Tbos. H. 47 W Front otreet !l'obacco Ou.ring tmd SWJtiflg. Phlllpa J amee, 70 street -CLARKSVILLE, T--. Ll&onof IAG/ ToOOcoo. Peanon J. R. & Co. DAWEJIPOaT, &wa. .. lloeller .,, ....... ,_, ...... DAYTON, O. .Packers a n d D ealer s i n Ohio &ea. Blmm, l1". & S ons O'NeUW. S. DETROIT, Mlch. Man.ur.,s of Chewing and 1. cbacco. Barker K. C. & Co. 74 and 76 Jet!erson Av Manufacturers of Cigars and DealenJ in eoJ Tobacco. Fo3en, Newman & Co. 216 Jefferoon A venue DURHAM. N. C. Man : u.fact:urers of Smoking Tobacco. Blackwell W. T. &; Co EV AliiSVILLl.. Ind. .,..obacc o Commission Merchn,ltl. orris C. J. & Co FARMVILLE, Va. 1'oba<:co Broker. V cnab)e A .Et. Jr. HANNIBAL, Mo. Manu.f ... .,. all kinds of Smok'g ct .PI.u.g Tobacoo. B1own AP.o. HARTFORD, Com1o Packers and DealcR in Seed Leaf Gersbel L. &: Bro .. State Lee Geo. 150 Stote Bay & Smith. WiUcox 8 W. o'i76.]l ain HAVANA, Cuba. Tobacco and Ciga, Commission Bosselmann &: Schroed er. Lamparlllo. 18 Lobeck & Co 8 Richtering Aug. &: Uo. Mercaderes street HOPKL"'I"SVILLE, Ky. Tobacco Broker. Flack E. M. Thompson Geo. \ Ragsdale W. E. LANCASTER, Pa. Dealtws m Leaf Tobacco. Hirsh David G. Ft Chestnut st Sidles & Frey, til a.ud O!J Nort h DuKe PackP.? n:n!i Oom m.ission. Mercltant. Teller A. 238 N. Shippen !!t. of Pen.n1ylvania Oigtln Hirsh David G. LIVERPOOL. Enal: Cope Bros. & Co lU Lord st F. W. &. Co. 10 North John LOUISVILLE. K7 Ptug Tobacco Manufacturer nnzer J lJI. 81"08. 11)4 and 186 Jacob Tachau & Landrum. Leaf Tobacco. Meler W. G. 8: Co. Tobacco Comm iasion Merchunts. Wicks G. w. & Co. tOi west Main... 7'obacco Br9kerl. Callaway Jame5! F. corner Ninth and Market Gunther George F. Lewis Rich'd M 348 \Vest Main M.e.ier Wrn. G. & Co. 68 Seventh Nash Geo. P. Pr&ilOfr W F. West lllaln LYNCHBURG, Va. Manufacturer of Tobacoo. Carroll John W. Carroll Wm. S. Tobacco Com.m.i61iOn NerCJla.n.h. H olt. Schae!er It Co. Dlr i'R-Virginia Leaf ct M.nP'' B Stems. Leltwlch A.. K MAYFIELD, Ky. Leal Tcbacco Buyer. W. S. MIDDLETOWN 0. J.fanufactu1e.s oj Plug 'l'obaccos. Borg P. J. bu.cco S temmers. Frayser Bros. PADUCAH, K7. Tobacco B,oker. Puryear T. B. PATERSON, N. J, Manufacturers o..r Chfwing and Smoking To bacco, Sn:ufl and Cigars. Allen & DunntnJt, 65 &: 67 VanHouten Street PETERSBURG, Va. Manufaccurers Df Pi'ug and Smoking Tobacoo and .Dea1e,s in Leaf Tobacco. yenable fl. W. "Co. J.fanu[cwt!l1'e?"8 of Sweet havy t.,lUJtOtng. Jackson C. A.. & Co. Comm.issil:>n. Merchant.s. Bain & Parrack PHILADELPHIA. Tobacco warehome&. Bamberge r L &: Co. 111 Arch Batchelor Bros. 1231 Chesnut Bremer's Lewis Sons, 322 North Third Dohan & Taitt ta7 Arch Elsenlohr Wm. & Co. 115 South Water Knecht & Co. 1:::1 Nonh Tlurd :McDowell M. lit Co. 89 North Water Hav & Smith. 311 North Water Ralph I. D. H & Co 138 N. 3d Sank J. Rinaldo & Co. $2 North Water Teller Bro"bera, 117 .North Third Inlpi')Tter "nd 'ltJ.jr of Srnoke1' A1ticle1. Zorn George, 158 N. Thiry! Street. Importer.s of Jlavann OiiJar and Aglmtt for Seidenberg Key We1t Cigar& V,uguet, Stephen, &:: Sons, 231 Chestnut LefJ/ Tobttcco SWeating. Pbiiips C. 8. & Co. 131 North Water. Im.PQrtera fJf Havana Tobacco and Cigar1. Rodriguez & CiS11erOs, 617 Arch Ma.nujacturel' of Swu;tr anfl-8moking TObocoo, Wallace Jas. 666 to 672 North Eleventh .Mam,facturers of Cigars. Batchelor Bros., 1231 Chestnut and 23 N. 2d Gumpert Vros., 1,34! Chestnut Theobald A. H. Girard Ave. and St. 7.'otJacco Fougera.y A. R. 33 North Front Manufactu?e of Lico1ic< Paste. Rittenhouse, 218 North Mfr' Agent for Plug a'Md Smoking ToNooo. Kell y F. X. Jr. 112 Arch lVholewle Dealers in Leaf and .M'/'d Tobacco. Hell& Wagner, 1\31 South Second Ci,qa> Box Label and Trimmings. Harris Geo. S. & Son. s. e. cor. 4th and VIne. Alanujactwe1s of Oigar Mounls. U.S. Solid Top Cigar Mould Mlg Co. cor Ridge a.n.d Nort.h College Ave's. Man.u.tactu.1ers oj Showc:ards. Hope ct Wells Co. 91B to 92:l Vine Gtm'l Aor. C. A .Jaek.son . Lvon A."'M. co. Oiiver & Robinson Pilkint he paid by stamps at the CUstOrl e.J 1YI tu f F c Leaf ;robaoo; Leaf 'fobaooo aDU ac rers 0 .,..8 188rS I>;KnuracturedTob..,co.ween&stJib;Bcra""'l!O""""' "'"' A:AA tured Tobacco and Scraps ar&ao subjectt.oibeiDternal aetas:.-: 15 cents 11 Ill ana must be paCked 1n contonnlty 'll'ith IDterual Be-l I!UPOBT.;;JRS AND MANUF ACTUKEBS OF c l&w and regu atlon. Sc:"ps a.nd cuttings. howe-. 1111,.}' ba wltblbaln bu.tactoll''irtt.IIDU. ........ PIP.ES ARTICLES, otthlliten>&I-nu"'"' :. 129 a.:n.d ;181 G-:E'I...A.lSfD ST:E'I.EET (oear Broadway), lSfE'VV ForeigJl OD Tobacco. DEFIANCE CIGAR MANUFAGTORYI 128 It 130 lUVINGTON ST., NEW YORK. D. CO., .. 'IJ'IIaft m ..... Gees r ...... ... a ......... S..Ut'L ::fl"EII.Dli.C:tnm, HEILBRONER, JOSEPHS & CO.l MANUFACTURERS of CIGARS Jp AuoRia, Fnulee, llaly and SpaiD the l<>baooo commerce 18 l!zed by Government. und'"' dlrecli.on ot a Bes1e. In bacco and olema Is 811 marlal per 1(1) 8Cillalw 10.40 centa per -Po=. grammeo, equal to "" centa per pound; on manufactured k> co aod cig11111 270 marks per 100 kil-equal k> ... -per pound. On tobaooo produced ill GermaiLY, IIIII ld etreot after April 1, 1880:-From April!, 1880, I<> JluCli Ill, 188!110 -per 100 equal k> 2.46 centa per potmd.; from Al>ru 1.1181. to 1l&roll 31, li!Si, 30 marks_ per too tllogr&!DIIleo,_ eqnal to 8.17 .,..... per pound; from April 1, liBI. and thei'eatter, 41 -1110 -f!TIUDDlOO, equal to 5.110 oenlll per DOUIId. Ill Belgitllll f!Dpca Is reckoned after dednotlng 115 par com. for tare. The doty i8 10 -lo$8.86 gold) t1 100 ldlotrrammeo (100 AmeriflaD pounda eqlllll to .. lkilos.) Iu. Holl&nd the duty Ia til eenla. gold, per 100 Amellcaa l>o being In BIUiS1& tile doty ons wllbl; &bereof, liB &d per lb; conbiDIQir ._ tban 11 lis of Dl-wnw, 10111-r Ill-. 04. 5 cent!\. 40.2 coota. British Possessions in North A.mer Norway-crown. gl:)ld, 26.8 oentL .tea-dollar gold, St. Peru-sol, slll"er Sl.ts reat& Central s!lver, 83.6 c. Portugnl-milrel.: of l,OOO N1s, coJd. Chlli-peoo, a old, 91. 2 eentA!. &1 08. Denmark-crown, gold. cents. Russia-rouble of 100 kope.k8.11lnr. Ecuador-peso, fdlver., i.'l .. ri cents. 66.!) e6J1t'A. kYPt-pound of 100 via....,ter.s_ gold, Sandwich -$4 !r..4. Sp&in-peoetaof lGI!ce France-franc, gold&: 19.Scta and sUvec. 19.8 cenJ.s. Gres. t Britaiu-ponft_d ate Jtng, Sweden-....QI"oWa, COld. S4 86.6)1i. Greece-drachma. gold and silver. 19.a Cf"'nts.. 19.r3 Nnts Tripoli-mahbub ot plu.ters, _. Genntt-u Empirc-mnrk. gnld, z:1.8 c. Yer 74.ti c-:nts of J6 &ilve.r, 4.4 rent... !t9.i cente. United 81u.tu of COWuabia--...-ltaly-lira, gold and 19.3 silve r c igar 1)1akersof B. P. Clarl!: Mass .. are ou p strike for $1 addtt10nal to the pnce now paid 1,000 cigars THE' LADIESI PHARL. A Monthly Publie&Uon devoted eepeclallT I<> THE LADIES, Coa.ta.i.ning Articles oa CULTURE, HYGIENE, HOUSEHOLD. FASHION d: HISTORY. Publlobed by Cheatnut, D. D 11 Putt IIaNe&, l!IA....,-ILL .. TaR Prioe .S.lO .&mmm. 121 & 129 IlDDlE ,STREET tar; of Pm Ordln ................. of ... ..... ........... '-"


JOHN ABDBBSON & 00. MANUFACTURERS OF THE SBLA&gio m TOBACCOS 114 l 116 LIBERTY STREET, XEW YORK, u.1 to dtreet tbe attention o f the Deal e n in Tobacco throutbout the United Statu and the Wo:ld. to their CELEBRATED 'THQMAS HOYT & -CO., MANVFACTUREBS OF filE-CUT & SMOKING .. TOBACCOS & SNUFF I Our Brands Che"rtng: GlorYSIDE, NATIONAL,. c--BlUGHT OWEN. NABOB, EXTRA CAVENDISH. 4 & 406 Pearl St., New York. 1t. '!MJTH } 11. .{l()IIISTOCK, General Partners. I W. LOCK'f\'OOD, Special. SOLACE FINE-CUT CHEWDI'G TOBACCO, -.hlch is being onc e more manufactured under. the immediate superwh.ion o f the originator MR JOHN ANDERSON'. and now 1ta.nds, a1.1 formerly, wttbouta rivs.l.. Orders forwarded through the usu.&l channels will meet ""ith prompt attention. May Brothers, Im.portero of French Cigarette Paper, And l n .the U.S for the cdelmded FRENCH GAMBlER CLAY PIPES. 105 2d Aveaue, near 6th St., [HoUI!eatPMs. ] NEW YORK: WJ!&VJ!R & STERRY;, 84o Oed.Aa" &'tr-"t, 'JSre...,.,.. Y'ork., !ERS AND IANUFAGTUBERS. CHOICE i4A.NDS OF SPJ!StS!'!iot l .... l OLIVE_ Dlla; TO CA BIDS, G I, PLA VORS. Powdered ...... Licoriee oot, .A.J!II:8 PATJsfi ;J OW LICOIUCE Yli: IU.V.& THl: F.A.YORITii: BRANDS<. .,._ _____ ._.....;;-,;.;..' ...;;B.;.;.:'....;:n;;.;;;.;.;G.;;;;K=ATE:r.r.l .&JID G17SOLDn:. W. E. UPTEGflOVE. Spa,nfsh Cedar J'OR CIGAR BOXES, _..,._ CiR:ar Box Iaten' SRDDlillS. Foot lOth & 11th St., East nw Yorut. :EI&T.4.::EIEIIX&JE!i:SD 1'7'70. .97 S't. Ne"VV" D. oe>x..::i:..xJSr&,"t. .MANUFAcmJRERS o:r THE CELEBRATED PLAIN FINECUT CHEWING TOBACCO in BtUE PAPERS SN':,U"FFS: lase-Scented MaccJboy,Scotch, frencb Rappee,American Gentleman. .. ,., &XG ::N'A T. '' o:ei:::m"OVXJSrGr, One OL PoD. ..1.1-, Pin& ..:. seeoa4 QaaU&y Smokln&, ln Blue Papero, SWEETENED HNE,CUJ-.Dark .and light Grape.Forest Rose. Club. LEA.P PINEC1lT, In Poll. 'LI.CORlOE. pASTE. THE STAIFORD .lfiNUFAGTURING co., "' 18"7 l!WE.4.:J:D:mm' JSrEl"OV Y'C>:Et.:l. 'nle Trade ba'flng de;;;;;;-ded a Superior and Cheaper Article than. that hltherro used, t.1tlll Com-41aaanufacturlng, and ol!eriog tor sale, UCORIOE PASTE (under the old 'Sanford" brand) of a QU.A.LITY a PRICE which can hardly fail acceptable to all giving it a trial Mellor a Rittenhouse, N'. ggd S't., Pb.:l1ade1pb.:La, IIIA.NUF A.CT1lR.ERS &P SP.A.N'ZS:::a:: a:n.c:l LICORICE PASTE. .-CJeateaa.lal Dledal awarcled ror "Parity, Vlleapae., an4 Geaeral Ezeel lenee of' lllana.f'aetare.u Also M. a. R. Brand STICK LICORICE, all sl:res. Tbe Celebratecl "ORIGlNAL SEAL" F &tab!Wked "RED SEAL," TOBAtiCO DEPOT HOI CAROTJE" & 11 SUNSHINE" For F. W. FELGNER & SON'S,' HE JULYS Allen&Dll11Ili1IL PATERSON, N. J.,, "MAGNOLIA". quicker and better tion than a.ny brand of SmolriJ)g Tobacco ever offered in the market, a.nd it BECAUSE IT IS THE BEST Sawing and Planing Mills 1 Cedar a:n.d "'VV"h:l 't"e"VV"<>Od SAWING AND PLANING FUR CIGAR-BOX MAIERS. "CATA.RACT" S. M. RICE, Imuortor of Havana COMMISSION MERCHANT, 83 Reade St., New York. ]. S GANS' SON & CO., Tobacco Brokers, 84 and 86 WAll STREET, NEW YORK. :t: J. JSr<> 11 18 OaD.D.OD. JSre...,.,.. "Y'<>rk.. & LA PERICH OLE & ENTRE NOUS. JOHN CATJ:DS, PASTE.. Tobacco Broker, JacobHenkoll, :iulroJ>.A.Ol'OBBB 011 -!' in general are particular l y requested 83 BEAVER ST., NEW YORK. examine and test the su periQr propetdes this LICORICE, which, bei p g now JAUUC, G. brought to the highest perfection is of. .W.D ll ll 1, {ered under the above style of b r and .. We are a ls o SOLE AGENTS for the brand r. G. G. o. TOBACCO BROKER, Acknowledged by consumers to be tho best in the market. A.tld for the brand Broad CIGAR BOXEs ( SOPZBIOB JUD & P.Blllll QUAL1'1'YOI' "V\-"" ood. :HANUJ'AOTUBBB 01' ALL ltllm8 Labels. A.lao A.."eut Cor Lealllq lllanutacturer oc aomJ. a. oo., 1r. sMoKINC," PLuc TODA .... IWV. AND clcARETTEs. 293;295 & ,291 Monroe Street, Ill all respects equal to CALABRIA. m:. R.a.DER & SON, Nos. 254 and 256 CANAL ST .. cornerof ELM, NfW' YORK. JSre...,.,.. Y'ork. of LiGOrice Stic. \ TOBACCO BROKERS 'EIA.G [vANITY TOBACCO BROKER, Z k. 178 p 1 St t "HALVES "-Rare Old Perique and VIrginia. i We to eall the attention of Tobacco Manu fac turers aud Deale n to this SUPERIOR AND PURE article. Sole A.fteDts for the States of Northl:aroltna and VIr lflala: Musas. DAVKNPOBT & MORRIS, Rich mood, Va. LICORICE ROOT-A-D an4 ..l.lloo.D- and OrdlDU)'. ZURICALDAY & ARGUIMBAU, Sl8 BEAVER .STREET, gow:_ YORK:._ ear ree Always Uniform and Reliable. NEW YORK. 7 First Prl:re MedalsV i enna, 1873; Philade lphia, 1876; Paris, 1 8 78; [ Sydney, 1880. Special Concession by the French Covernment,l '1 and on Sale In aU Civilized Countries. I .WM. S. KIMBALL & CO ROCHESTER, N.Y. Peer1ess Tobacco "'VV'orks. Manufacturers' lills. SON & co. D. H. McALPIN & CO., l\IANUFACTURERS OF For SMOKINC TOBACC01 46 CEDAR ST., NEW YORK:. "Samplee !Unllahed," and l)>eclal quot&llollll pveD for any &lijcJe reqtiliecl FINE POWDERED LICORICE ROOT, TX L Bran4. Extra Fine Powdered Licorice Root (trom. Hlee& roo&) Bareka I'INB GR01lND ..I.ND GB..I.N1lLA.TED DEER TONG1lB. PINII GROUND AND GRA.N17L&TED LA.17REL LE..I. VES. I'INE GR01lliiD L..I.VENDIIR. PLOW BKS. WHOLE GROUND or POWDERED A.NGELICA., OORIANDER A.RILL.I. RA.BK. C&RA W A. Y SEJUter1 -ESSENTIAL OILS, all kla ... Speclal attentiO n given to Kaau.lacturen' lledleJa. ALL GOODS SHIPPED 1'Ri:11: ON BO.&RD, POWDERED LIQUORICE. FINEST Qti'.ALITY. IMtactored a t Poughaepsie, New Ta GIFFDaD, SHERMAN & INNIS, 120WILLIAMSTREET, New York. .l.lao of the wen-Xn ...... ol &ZD.o.k.J.::a.5 Tobacco s-.:al:ta.:o.a." ADd Manal'acturers of aU Styles of Rrlg h& 4:. 8laek PL1lG an4 TWIST TOBACCOS. Faetory:-24. Tweatfeth St., C>JSr:J:t, V"c&... Ow> NaYI a Specialty for the Baa. Dlanucaeturer of' aU K.l.nd.8 oC STOGIES AND CIGARS, Wheeling, W. Va. MEDER & BRo.: -lKanutaeturers of" WHEELING STOGIES, TIPS and FINE CICARS, Wheeling, W.Va. ..I.U Or4ero Promptly Attended to. Cope's Tobacco Plant: .1. llloaahly _.01/RN A.L Cor Sl!IOKEKS, PUBLI811ED .&.T 10 Lord Nolsoa Liverpool, Eng. Plum T1ro Smu.moa {E>!GLISII) PEK Am.-m<. Where Suhoerlp tiona may be &ddressed, or to Tall TOB.AOCO LCA.F Omce .....,.._ St&lleorlpllowl. 75 ceniB per &D.IlWD, ....paW. THE CELEBRATED FINECUT: OEEEl"OVXJSrG-TC>::EI.A.OOO, And aJl kinds of Smoking Tobacco. Also Manufacturers of the well-kno'!n Brands o Bright Plug Chewing: con: Onward,' I FriondshiD,' and 'Sailor's Solaco.' I MANUFACTORY AND SALESROOM: Cor. Avenue D and Tenth Street, New York. 1 METROPOLITAN CIGAR -MANUFACTORY I U" SIGMtr..'D JACOBY, GUSTAV JACOBY -.:::r N' N' ::W:: X 0 0 I -.:::r "V' ::1\1..: .,, :as: 200 CHATHAM SOUARE ami & 1 BOYER STREET, NEW YORK I cJDWIN & co 'LEERET & BLASDEL, ., MAMVFACTUKERS 01' FINE-CiiT ... lliaAcco I ci8'a.r. .. f 168 &. 170 East Water St., 207 and 209 Water Street, sYRAcusE, N. Y. DEALERS IN ALL OF THE. LATEST STYLES OJ CIGAR-BOX LABELS AND TRnlHINOS JIANVFACTlJRERS OF Chewing a.nd Smoking Tobacco. Flour, Salt, Bark, Sumac,/ Cuano, Crain, a.c. ':!> ;.;;:Fur;;.;;nls;;;hed;;;;,;;.;;wU:::.,h ;;:.or WM. S. CARROLL; LYNCHBURC, Ya. 1I8IWJT VIRGINIA. li!EERSCHAUII tmOJaNG Baltfmot .. To ........ aa4 TOBA CCOS. cut from Virglni&Piug 56 S WASHIIGTON S0UARE I Y 1 "OV. Cl, EJ.\II:::NI::I!IJT !I I SOLE lo!Ab.'UF A CTURER; Z.IJIE STB.Eft. NEW-YOIUL


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