The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (12 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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r VOL. XVI.---NO. 24. [ESTABLISHED 1864.] NEW :YORK, SATURDAY:, JUL Y 17 : 1880. WHOLE NO. 804 105-MAIDEN LANE..,. Corner ot harl. Str.e$. 84 a 88 READE NEW YORK,: IIQ.porters of ALSO MANUFACTURERS OF. THE L& .ROSA ESPA. R OL.A KEY WEST HAV.AN A-CIGARS. IM:PORTEB.S .OF THE R OS! HAYAN' A .-[ 220 Pearl Street, New __ N_o_. _a_a_m:_urr __ a._y_s_t_r_e_e_t_, _N_e_w:_. _Y __ o _r_k. __ \.:.1...,...."". MCFALL & LAWSON -MANUFACTURERS OF THE-EL CLUB DE YATE and ROAE PALM-KEY WEST HAVANA CIGARS. ft, liCHlJBA.BT, A.ABON 8CH1JBABT, W:M:, liCHlJBAB.'.l', H. SCHUBABT & CO.,. o IMPORTERS oF HAVANA SEED !'LEAF T ,OBACCO,_c: N"o. 160 B"tree"t, N"e-vv Y'ork.. .. Ln.IJIN'!.'KAL lVI. LILIENTHAL & co. :I::DII:POB.TEJB.& OF BAY ANA TOlB.A.CCO, lSI'e>. 177 Pliiii.A.B.:I:..o" &!IEJT. co., LUMBER X1'V BP.A.lSI'1B::EE CJIIII:J:).A.B. X)O:DII:EJI!IIT:I:C I MIT AT I 0 N SPANISH CEDAR C I GAR-B 0 X LUMBER, .Ia to fllmlob llalo Lumber to Boxllakers In tile uoual lellgtlla arulwldU... otalned. grained &Di pollt!bed reedy for Wl8. Ollft!.mtpaUon It wm be found a perfect lmJta.tloD of Spaniah Cedar ill e:olor and graiB. and ao tar superior to any Ia the market that no O&D be made. Being .awed and cut from the finest Popl&r(tbewood by all e:rperteooed.Box7 or PacenC Boanl C&U-IB:aelaln aa4 Se""llln Pre-_..; PRONOUNCED THE ONLY PERFECT CUT LUMBER I SP..&.NISB CEDAR,liiAliOG..&.NY, SYCAKORE, POPLAB, B'U'l'"rERXU"r, 6.114 all li&.....S or Planed. Sea4 fbr cacaJoue and Price i.IC, Geo. W. :aea.d & Co., 186 to 200 Lewis St. foot 5th&6t h, New York. BD'l"i:E.B BROS., Dealers In LE t\F TOBACCO, Chlcaco, m 65 PINE STREET, YORK. :JD'ta b1:t.b.ecl. 1 Ha,.._., Jil;l,8. Phl.l.e4elpJda, 1828. tfj S. FUGUET & SONS, Ko. '231. OHES"rlf'U'l' S"r,, PHILADELPHIA. IMPORTERS OF HAVANA CIGARS GBNDAL AG&NTS FOB SEIDEN&ERG'S .. KEYftlWEST CIGARS. .A.LSO IUNUJ'AO'l'V'IUilBS or '-' l'bie A. -EotaloU.'Iaecl1838.s. LlNINGTON'S t_SONS, IKPORTERS OF Havana Cigars & Leaf Tobacco 216 Front Street, New York. Sole A.cent tor Celebra&etl DaYana Braa4a Paul and VIrginia, La Celba, La Desaflo and Flor Selecta 8UCCII:S80BS OJ!' EDWD BEN, ofl.8 :E..o:E:&li!IB.TT BTEI.ll!lli!IT, O, Bex lUll YO:E'I:JE_, IMPORTERS OF MEERSCHAU BRIAR AND CLAY PIPES. SPECIALTY OF SMOKERS' -.AM>-TOBACCONISTS' SUPPLIES. MANUFACTURERS -oF. WOODEN SHOW FIGURES. ll:anllftc;curer., .&pal fbr &lae Sale oC all Pop-.Iar Brann oC VIRGINIA, NORTH CAROLINA & WESTERN MANUFACTURED, SMOKING & FINE-CUT TOBACCOS._ Apnh Cor .I'OHNII'. ALLBN & co,l Richmond, va., Brande oCIokln and I.&:M:, AYBB!P "HYCO," eCc.-Depol fbr .;J, W, C.&RBOLLtS "LONB .I'.&C&:,tt "BSOW!f DIC&,n eco, LOlJIIIA!f.& PBBIQlJJII, cue an4 In C&rroco, W. T. BJ.a,ckwell & Co.'s Genuilie DUB.HAM: Tobacco. Jl. 8. KIIBALL CO. '8 'V .A.J!III'"XT _y FA I Oft. fobacco I Ci!arettlll. CHAI, IL CONRAD & ()O,tl celel>rate4 LOG CABIN ud LOVB A.:M:ONO THB BUlBI -lllD Tol>aeeo, JI.Al('UF"'-OT1JRED "rOBACCO,-ll'avorUe Bark NaT}', Bnehancreeo Dark NaT}', Sw-!lionel Darll !faT}', Hoae7 and Peach Brl.hl Nav,-0 &Dd all Popular Br&llda of J'ADcy and Light r.-ec1. FJ11'1B-(l'U'l', lllaa11faoturecl b7 SfAULDIXG .t; MEBRICK:-014 Glor,-, ClaarBl oc &lae Wa, lhreol Q D1ll'le,-, Qeen aee, Tnuaptt, .... Wq, Dcle, In Palla and Barrell. f -vol fbr E. "r, PILltiK'rOlf .t; CO.'S eelehraced .B1JIT8 AND li'LOWBBI aa4 CO:M:II:OJIIWB.A loTII -kiDc WqbaCCde t'IIPIIJU .. oa AppUca&loao. J. CIDU8'l:'WI' Dour.. (P, O. Box 2231.1 G110. W. Auo....._ di:. (Late oC A HBN k CO,)--IM:PORTERS & DEALERS IN FOREIGN AND DOHJ:STIC SMOKERS' ARTICLES; Mannfactnrers' Agents for all the Pepnlar Brands f Fine Cut, Smoking & Pin[ TObi,CCO & Cigarettes. Sole Agents for 'Va.:o.ity Pa.i.r Tobacco and Cigarettes; Sole_ Agents for Allen & .Ginter's RICHM:OND GEII Tobacco l Ci!aJ'ettel Depot tor Blaokwell' Gename Da.rham-.Jno, w ; Carroll' Lone .Jack-E. "r, PllldntoD.'o buit. & I'Jow11 .A.B.a:m:zsr BTB.EJEJ.T. lSI E'tab1:1.b.ecl. 1827. SNUFF.'' "WVE"Y:D'XAN' &, lBR.O., Manufacturers of the Celebrated Copenhagen Snuff and Cut & Dry Smoking Tobacco. Retail &tore A Office: 81 &mlthfleld &t. Factory: 8 A 7 Union St. A 112 Liberty St PJ:TTSEJUR.G-::a=, PA. GENBRAL SELLING AGENTs-W. A, .ROBINSON, 12-1 WA.TBB ITBBBT,I'i'EW TUBK., WHOLESALE NEW YOBK.1 Allen I< Co.1 Cha-l>ero Sl, BA.LTII!IOBBI Baxte r & 12 Commeree Sl. BOSTON 1 Suman Bro Wah.lucton St. 8AVAN'NA.Ht Ben4he1m Bro II: C)o to a tobacco at the rate of 4 pfennigs (one cent) per pound. These ten pounds of cherryo leaves, it must be considered, formed a large quantity. All four of the prisoners were found guilty, and three NEW YORK, SATURDAY. JULY 17, 1880 of them were imprisoned for

TBE TOBACCO LEAF. Ike lobacco PUBJISIIW) BVDY li&T'IJBDAY llOBKDG BY ,. THE TOBACCO LEAF .. PUBLISHIIGo COMPUY, lOG MAIDEN LAWI:, III:W YORK. law, apply the penalty. All evaders CMI be detected, and 1t is the busmess of tbe two asso01atwns to detect them, Slld when detected to pumsh them; anytbmg less IS a farce For what else are the a.ssomat1ons formed for what else have they co-llected money from people have rehed on thBir official promises VII How thoroughly manufacturers are meetmg tbe1r obhgatwnl!! 1s see n on every hand, how Messrs. McAlpm & Co are domg 1 s seen m the annexed letter, July 18, 1880 resorted to by Mr Emery to get them. -ly away from the prenuses, all escaped mJury;, and aoshort t1me afterwards were agam at work m then accustomed places. Fortunately neither flame nor water reached the ermme of the "Old Judg!J," and he went on w1th h1s case as pure, as sage, as nnld and unruffled as if nothmg had happened to d18turb h1s seremty. J:DWARD BURKE JOII'N G GRAFF OF 8'1'BDT, ANNU.U. SUlii!CR!Pl'IONB ABROAD. 1 Lne One Colnmn JC Lluef!f over 1 wo Column U Lioea Ooe ColHmn U Line over .rwo I"' Lines One Column 1 l..lne8 ower One Llue a& bouom ot Pa;&e IIPECIAL / You came to see me frequently about the mattet, abd displayed greatmtereet and zeal in 1t We had seve ra1 coaversatwns about the subJect We wme a little afraid at fi'tst'tO try the Senate first, because tbe House 18 Jealous of 1ts prerogatives, and mtght take tile ground that the bdl ought to or1gmate there And so we wa1ted fortbe House to act, but the comm1ttoo them was very much oCCUf>led wtth tariff and financial measures, and at last, that )VOUld be done we detarmmed to put the b1ll m the Senate The '( meeting at K06ter & Btal's Mus1c Hall, on Wednesday evenmg, July 7 as published m full m Talc TOBACCO LEAF of July 10, dtsclosed a cond1t10n of aftairs m that bod'y wh1ch a:ll true fnends must regret, and wh1ch JUStifies p.rompt and pomted com men' at our bSllds. We feel Impelled to L The canker distrust has entered the organu:atton &o aaeh an as to tmpatr. 1ts efficiency snd threaten 1ts extatence Members are susp1ctous of -another They accuse each other by 1mphcation and inslnuatwn of betraymg the ple(Iges by whiCh they are bound. Behevmg m the mtegnty of the mmnbers as a whole, we cannot but regard thts course 88 both unwarrantable and unseemly The course of fohoie members who charge" their associates w1th perfidy, and yet decline to name the offences or the offenders, 18 deservmg of severe reprehension. Either persons thus afflicted w1th cacoe thes ioquendt should be-to ;venfy their assertions or hold thetr peace "l'beircoOOuct augments the dtstrust already prevailing, wh.en il ishoUld be allayed n.. The Wholesale Tobacco Assoc1atwn 1s a corpora&e inst1tutton It has a full and able staff of officers and committeemen Its roll of members embraces every promment JObber and peddler m New York and environs As a whole 1t 1s an mtellectual and expert enced t.ody of tradesmen Nevertheless, 1ts procejld iDgB are chatactertzed, and always have b ee n, by un 1IBIJ&I Almost every meetmg undoes BOJile of the work of the precedmg meetmgs Ne1ther conatitut1on nor by laws IS adoptiOn to go without actual or proposed tinkermg. Th1s IS all Wong and should be d1scontmued at once, as 1t 1s sugiest1ve of t1me:ervmg and want of fixedness of purpose 'The const1tut10n and by laws are now as ef fecliive as 1s possibl e to make them Let them alone, except to hve up to them 1 IlL It 1s now proposed t o sever the, Jobbers' from theBetatlers' AssoCiatiOn The opponents of themove-t -nt for better pnces have all a long mamtamed that jobbers, m formmg theu associatiOn, were seekmg their own benefit at the expense of the retailers Is 1t desirable to confirm the theory of the oppos1t10n 1 :what else IS to be gamed by separatiOn 1 L The obJect i1.f; the outset was to 1m prove the cond1tlon of retaile1s so 1;hat they could afford to do busmess and pay such debta as they contracted Is 1t 1mprovrng the cond1 tion of retailers to secure five per cent profit to JOb bars aod peddlers and leave retatlers to sh1ft for themaelvee Reason answers l oudly, "No IV. Manufacturers have faithfully conformed to their pledges they have establish ed puces fm both jobbers and refallers, they are refusmg their goods, often at great sacrifice, to everybody who does not abide by the terms agreed upon m the mterest of jobbers and retailers, they have contributed a con-8iderable sum of money t o aid the Retailers' Asso eiation, supposmg the Jobbers' AssoCiatiOn would help them m trymg to help both Are the manufacturers &o carry on the whole scheme at the cost of the1r own labor and their own money, wh1le JObbers do nothmg ba1i pocket an mcreased percentage 1 It w.ere better for the Wholesale Tob acco Ass oCiatiO n to dlSSolve at 411108 to become a mere figure-head by severmg 1ts IIOilDectlon the Tobacco Dealers' Protective Asso cia.&i.on The two assocmttons were born together, and they should hve or die together v. The Wholesale Tobacco Assomatwn possesses ever;ything needed to msure perpetuity and usefulness except energy and fa1th m the honor of 1ts members. Prominent, talkmg members are latterly conspicuous by &he1r absence from the meetmgs D::J they realu:e tbai they have not been engaged m a child's play for t;M past five months 1 They have asaumed obhgatlons $bey are 1n duty bound to discharge, and should, tlluefore, attend the regular meetmgs, one of which '1riJl be held at Koster & B1al's on Wednesday evenwg, .JulyiL VL The Assoc1atton should go on. It should enforce itBiaWII without fear or favor. ThiS last IS easy to do. If a jobber, a manufactllrer, or a retailer violates the M. LINDHEIM, EsQ Sec1etary Wholesale Tobacco A880-cwtum-SIR -Mr H A Stoothoff, of 23 Chambers Street, has s1gned both the wholesale and retail prJ,. h sts You Wlll please, as f>Cr agreement, have the restriCtiOnS agamst seUmg hrmout tobacco removed from his name by sendm&: us not1ce to that effect Yours truly, D H McALPIN & Co When manufactUiers make the1r mdeyendence sub ordmate to the mterests of J Obbers and retailers they should be protected by the parties they are trymg to serve. The Messrs Blackwell & Co. have been pubhcly notified that the1r proposed l'flta11 pnce list doe s not afford retail&rs a mm1mum profit of 25 per cent. Here IS the r epl:t of the firm to the not1ficatwn -NEW YoRK, July 13, 1880 M LumHEW Sec1etary Wholesale Tobacco AsSoc1a twn-SIR -rours of the 9th to hand and notiCed As thme seems to be some m1sunP.erstandmg of ow pos1 tton we mustrequest you to not1fy us of the next meetmg of the Wholesale Tobacco Assomatwn, so we can be duly r epresented, and, we trust, have all matters satisfactonly explamed Your Immediate attentiOn to the above will -obhge. Yours very trul y, l.L .E. McDowELL & Cp As we go to press a copy of the f6l lowrng letter has reached us. We may add that we ha. ve JUst had MmteryteW l\"lth Mr W T Blackwell and Messrs. Mc-Dowell & Co and can vouch for the1r readmeSI! to do all they can or may be r eqUire d to do to secure the s u ccess of the movement for better puces -NEW YORK, J1, 1ly 16, 1880 MR M. L!NDHEIM, Sec'y of N Y. Wholesale Tob. Assn. DEAR SIR -We wrote you on the 13th mst Slld n q w w1shing to come w1thin the rules o f your assoCJatwn, as commumcated m y(')urs of the 9th mst mform19g us of a of the Wholesale :I'obapco Assoclf' tton adppted on tbe 7th mst direCt1ng tl;le to the agents of Messrs W T Blackwell l:'lt Co of the fact "That the 1 etrul pr1ces as sublllltted I)YI you cannot be accepted, bemg j;hat they do oi com!l up to the 25 per cent rule of the. assomat1on,_.and that unless you!'schedule w1ll undergo th!l necessary change to covel sru d rule between now and the 17th tnsL t;t>e by-laws governmg such cases to, be enforced andlat the expiratlOII of the tu:r;.e named In answer to the abpve notiCe, we hereby state that we have never I ss u e d any retatl puce hst, but s1mpl'y, as requested by the assoc1at10n several t1mes adv1sed them of our wiShes m the matte1, that we:Uever m terfered with the rules of the assoCiatiOn, and they are at hberty t o make out then pnce hst agreeable to then established formula Hopmg thiS w1ll be satisfactory, yoms respectfully, M E McDowELL & Co for w T BLACKWELL & Co W1th letters hke these, and the feahty of other manufacturers assured, 1t IS evident that the great work has only to be prosecuted as 1t has been thus far conducted to meet the 1equnements of allmterested Goon! M.INOR EDITORIALS AND NEWS ITEMS. IN TowN -Messrs W T Blackwell, of Durham, N C and M E McD o well, of Philadelphia, aruved m this City durmg the week on busmess I ARRIVED IN ENGLAND -:l,fr A Hagm and I I G l e m of Philadelphia, a1e announced. as havmg atuved at Liverpool HoMEWARD Bomm -We had th1s week the pleasure of a call from our o ld subscnber, MI J H ArChibald, of St Johns, N B Mr A r clnbald 1s o n Ius weddmg tour, havmg JUSt r eturned from the South CALLED -Wh1le awaitmg th1s week the arriva l by the Scythza of his two daughters from Europe, )tlr F F Adams, of the Badger State Tobacco Works,1M1l waukee, W1s pa1d u s the compliment of a V1Slt DIED -Mr Jacoby, father of M essrs S. and G. Jaco by, of S Jacoby & Co, died on Fnqay mormng, the l6thmst aged.SOyears Mr Jacobyhadb.,ensiCkfor several the result of old age The funeral w 111 take place from the r esidence of his son, Mr G Jacoby, 133 East 79th Street, th1s ctty, on to morrow (Sunday) mormag, at 9 o 'c lock SEIZED.-A spectal d1s!?atch from Ph1ladelph1a to the Eventng Telegram, of this City, sar.s that on Tuesday of th1s week "The stock of malachite and mee1schaum goods and ; smoke1 s matermlsof M A 1,320 Chestnut Street, was Seized by the Umted Marshal for returmng under-valuatiOns of Imported articles to. the Custom House A Spcc1al T-reasm Y Agent 18 mvestigatmg the case, and m the meant1me a n mventory: of the effects IS bemg made so that! Fntsche can "entel secunty He I S reqmred to an swer m the Umted .States D1stnct Court on the 30th mst JusT LIKE HIM -M1 John Anderson was tecently watteFELIX GARCIA, 167 Water Street, New York, June 4, 1880 I beg leave to mform my friends, custome1s, and the Tobacco Tt adegenerally, that I have closed my busmess here and have made arrangements w1th Messrs H Schubart & Co, of 160 Water Street, th1s mty, topack and purchase tobacco for them m the Island ot Cuba Thanking thll Ttade for the1r hbe1al patronage extended to me, and hopmg they w11l confer the same upon Messrs H Schubart & Co, I remain, yours respectfullJ", FELIX GARCIA, TROUBLE ABOUT EMPTY CIGAR BOXES -John Motschman a c i gar manufactu1e1 of Seventh Avenue, near Avenue, was befote CommlSslOner Sh1elds, on Tuesday after noon, charged w1th havm\m h1s CIgar manufactory a number of empty mgar oxes, on whiCh the stamps had not been cancelled He was coml mitted to the Ludlow Jail for exammat10n Motschman stated that he had obtamed those c1gar box es from one George B erkle, a saloon keeper at 238 East Tenth Street, and Berkle. thereupon, was also arrested Berkle represented that Motschman came mto h1 lace and asked for some boxes, and that thereupon Ee had thrown four empty cigar that had been m his way toward h1m, and Motschman had take them away Berkle was held ill $500 bail THE LEVY BROS NEW CIGAR FAC T ORY The Messrs Levy Bros, mg9.r manufacturers, of Avenue D and Tenth Street, are erectmg a large new factory on the corne r of Avenue C and Thirteenth Street, to accommodatwns for the u la1 ge and stead1ly mcrensm!S busmess The d1mens10ns o f the new factory Will be 87 teet by 103 feet and, when completed, 1t will be one of the largest Cigar manufactories ill the country I t w 1 ll be supphed w1th all the modern Improvements and machmery reqmstte for a mgar manufactory of the present day It would be premature to furms h a detailed descr1pt 10n of the buildmg, as weare mformed by the Messrs Levy that 1t Will not be completed b fore the 1st of Januar y. ---THE ERMINE UNSULLIED -The acCidental explOSIOn on Monday mornmg of some pyrotechmcs m a store m Front Street-, came very near domg a great deal of harm to the "Old Judge" tobacco and manu factory of Messrs Goodwm & ()o whiCh, as 18 well known embraces almost the enttre square bounded by Fulton: Water, BeekmSll, and Front streets. The numerous employees of Messrs. Goodwm & Co. were much alarmed by the no18e and smoke resulting the explosion, but owmg to the prompt and effective WM WIOKE & Co's NEW SAW MILL -Messrs Wm WICke & Co. box manufacturers, at 158-161 Goerck Street have erected a new saw-mill whwh has JUSt been completed, and will be .opened durmg next week It ts l,2B-13Wer to induee a revolution but wit h emaU succ8E. A feW")l!eaJ:S &DS quite a number of our planters have undertaken, on a small scale, to propagate th1s vanety. The present season Whne Burlt'y seed has been very extensively planted m Missouri, and manufacturers are mchned to thmk that the desired revolut1on 18 at hand The Orouoko and the Yellow Prior have huherto been the leadmg Missouri tobaccoe. However, there is no vanety of tobacco grown in thiS


JULY 17 country whteh cannot be profitably cult1vated ill the soil and under the climate of th1s State Thorough experiments have proved th1s to be much more than tdle assertiOn It should be observed that certam M1s sour1 planters few m number and confined to no one dtstrwt ra1se tobacco whose quahty always com mands the extreme prices of the market Th1s helps to expl a n the c rcumstance the tobacco grown ill th s State IS worth to the planter all the way from 1"c to 50c per pound-the average bemg very low PreviOU!! to the war manufacturers sent here from Cmcmnat 1 LomsVIlle and Eastern Cities for Mtssoun fillers Now St Lou s send for Vtr gmt a. fillers A new feature of grattfymg mterest to St Loms 1s that mland buyers have lately shown a stror g and almost umversal dtspos1t10n to market their tobacco here rnstead of shrppmg 1t abroad as has previously been th.e habrt of most of them The tobacco fly does little harm m th1s State but the worm IS as troublesome here as anywhere Number less have been the experrments our planters to extermrnate th s pest But what IS death to the worm one year rt seems to feed upon the next w1th 1mpumty It IS known that the worms proceed ftom eggs wh1ch are la1d m 1mwense numbers upon the young plants by com para tvely few moths ot a ce1 tam speCies Several wholesa.le attempts to destroy these moths through the agency of varwus cl enncal preparatiOn s ba e rgnommwusly fa1led As turkeys eat the young wo ns w1th avrd1ty many 1egularly turn lar flocks of these btrds upon therr tobacco fields ana conatder thiS the only sensible and effectrve way of fightmg the worm As an offset to what has been satd of the unsattsfac tory character of tobacco culture m tb1s State 1t must be nottecd that M1ssour1 toba.cco seems to be suited to fore1gn and especmlly to the Eng! sh mar kets It IS stated that the bulk of the shipments of raw leaf from St Loms crosses the AtlantiC These srupments have greatly 1creased m anount duung Ieee t yea s In 1868 they aggregated 11 564 800 po nds In 1876 they had nea ly trebled By 1878 they had dechned co 1s derably but last yea1 st II amounted to 13 99o 800 pounds ;\lost of th1s quant1ty was represented by M1ssou 1 tobacco although Ten nessee and Kentucky tobaccos have constituted no m Blgmficant portiOn of such slupments Among our manufacturers no questiOn exists but that when our planters have properly educated them selves m the culture of the .-eed M1ssou s productiOn of tobacco will be quadrupled and perhaps much more whtle the quahty of the art1cle will be Improved to a commensurate degree A Smt for Damages Edwardo Ester VJ3 Srmon Salomon &Son -Thls was an actwn for damages ca1,1sed by an over flow of water m the defendants p em1 ses 10o Ma den Lane on the 4th of May Damages were la1d at about$230 and the case came on for tnal before J ust1c e Kelly at the Stxth D1strwt Court on Tuesday t)le 6th mst Mr J Tiacy Langan appeared for the complamant and the follow mg witnesses ere called to substantiate the complamt -Loms Shortmeyer the landlord A Schacht saloon keeper officer Carr W m A Sell tobacco b10ker Ri cardo Taillefar Jose Moh)ls Juan Ramurez Cigarette dealers and MF Dtrker of THE TOBACCO LEA"F It ap peared from the test1m ony that on the day named after closmg then place at 6 o clock m the ev6mng the defendants who occupted the second floor of the above named premises one floor above THE TOBACCO LEAF office had left the water runmng, causmg the water to flow through the ce1lmg and floor of THE TOBACCO LEAF office floodmg the complainants c gar store on the ground floor belo\v and causmg the damage Mr Morns S Wtse appeared! as counsel for the defendants who called w1tnesses to sqow that the1e could ha' e been no damage caused to the amount clarmed The witnesses sworn were S Salomon Jr Rants the clerk Howard Lrttle 111r Crawford tobacco broker Mr Hatch prmter and Mr Abraham Rants tobacco broker Counse l on both s1des s 1bm1tted thmr pomts on T 1esd3y last and later on the Judge will render a deCISIOn ONLY POSTAL CARDS TO BE TRANSMITTED AT THE ONECENT RATE IN THE MAILS WASHINGTON July 13 -The Postmaste1 General to day 1ssued an order m relatiOn to tlie statute author1z mg postal cards m wbrcb he says It IS deemed therefore best to declare the postal card fur mshed by the Post Office Department the only card matter that w1ll for the purposes 1ndtc8ited m the statute be transmitted m the malls whether It be prmted or written upon at a less rate than three cents for each half ounce or fraction thereof Sections 14% and 237 postal laws and regulatiOns 1879 are hereby modified to conform to th1s order Th1S order w1ll take effect and be enforced on and after the 1st day of October 1880 Th1s order IS mtended to break up the ex1stmg prac t1ce of certam classes of merchants manufacturers mventors and agents who send through the rnruls prmted advert1smg cards of variOus shapes and sizes w1th a one cent postage stamp affixed Post Office Department officers complam that th1s practice whiCh 1s a growmg one-bas of late become a senous annoy ance and hmdrance to the prompt d1str1butlon of mrul matter particularly m the ratlw!l.y ma1l serv1ce where the var1atwns m the SIZes of the large and constantly growmg number of cards sent through the mruls pre vent anythmg hke accuracy and speed m the assortmg dut1es of the rrulway postal clerks WESTERN TOBACCO CROP REPORTS (Spec a! to TH:Iil TOBACCO LEAF) KENTUCKY Olmstead July 6 -The rams reported m my last as commencmg on the 27th ult1mo have been contmuous up to the present t1me The plantmg season has fully closed and no further plantmg will be done The area planted up to th1s date m tbts duectwn does not exceed half an average acreage about half of whwh was planted from the 21st of May to the 8th of June and the remamder on and smce the 28th of June In the late plantmgs much of the ground planted was m very bad cond1t10n and gral!sy The whole crop 1S m bad condttron and suffermg for want of culttva twn much of 1t havmg become almost lost m the grass durmg the season of cont nued rams prevailing for the past ten days The plants generally do not seem to be making a thr1fty start to grow T E B Hmkleville July 6 -Last week I reported local showers m our county commencmg on the 2ath of June Smce that t1me they have contmued and m some places the country has been flooded The lo lands have been m mdated and cons1derable tobacco washed away The plantmg for our county 111 completed and 1t 1S generally estrmated to be between one half and two tlurds of an average w1th a large proportion of t) :ns very late and the most of 1t m bad conditiOn culttva t1on bemg tmposstble for the past ten days on account of the wet weather In many fields the grass and weeds entuely h1de the tobacco It appears under the Circumstances 1t must be d1fficult mdeed for our county to produce a good crop or very much m quan tity Tobacco planted smce the first of th1s month cannot properly mature before the 15th to the 20th of October and ordmardy before thatt1me we have frciBt suftlmently heavy to mater ally damage tobacco and frequently heavy enough to entuely destroy It The chances are strongly agatnst these late tobaccos They may turn out well and have ample trme m which to mature but It rsscarcely probable that they cando so As a rule the stand 1s not as good as 1t mtght be though here and there we meet w1th fields"\\ hiCh pre sent m the way of beauty and regularity all that one could desrre m a tobacco field Farmers as a class usually antiCipate trouble and already we hear them predtetmg that m a few days the tobacco will all be '!>adly frenched This cond1 tion IS always brought about by wet weather and IS generally arrested whenever settled weather sets m Should the weather not become settled and d1yer m a few days 1t IS quite certam that the frencbmg pro cess w1ll be maugurated and 1t may be very damagmg to the crop But "'e look for a cessatiOn of the rams 1n a very short t1me and a dectded Improvement 1n the crop The extent of the plantmg 1s not far from what we expected It to be we never expectetl1t to be more than two thtrds of what 1t was last year but we thought 1t would beeompleted at least by the lOth of June The fact of such a large part of the crop bemg planted so late w1ll render 1t a difficult crop to cultivate and man age even If 1t escapes the danger of frost The prtees m our home markets have undergon11 but little cliange smce the early part of last week It can not be demed however that the recent rams have had some mfluence on values Tobacco men are a ht tle hke tobac._o-wet weather about th1s trme m the season always softens them while dry weather tends towards hard11mng While 1t IS llkely there may be a slothful feeling m the markets for a time no one ex pects really sound and useful tobaccos to be any lower t l s season rhe wheat. crop m this county 1S a very poor one Corn looks well G W S Mason County DUJtrwt Murphysvllle July 9 -Th9 tobacco crop IS about all set and I st1ll adhere to my former prediCtiOn that there w1ll not be a full crop ra sed thrs year Ihe1 e are some patches that were planted early gro .-u g mcely but the later plantmg was set With small m d1fferent plants and looks badly We are m the h e 1ght of vbeat thrashmg It IS turnmg out bad not much over half a crop m Mason Com ty E L G Augusta July 12 -Last week fimshed up the plant mg Plant beds were gleaned and re gleaned fhou sands were set not la1 ger than a silver quarter The acreage m th1s county w ll not be as large as m We know a number of good farmers who have almost entirely fa1led m gettmg out their crops The early settmg IS domg Wflll We shall have to have an ex traordmary season to make much out of the late plant mg as the plants were so tr1flrng S T P North Fork July 13 -We have had two fine seasons for settmg tobacco m June but the fumers were too a nXIous and set the plants too small They have not got started yet to g10wmg and 1t looks now as though they would not do to cut before Chnstmas next You w1ll see hundreds of acres ill that con d1t10n A K M Augut;lta July 6 -We have had abvndant seasons Such runmng to and f10 and scramblmg for plants has had no former parallel Plant beds have been gleaned and thousands have been set the past w ee k that ordma.r ly would have been thrown awa)-many not larger than a Silver quarter We suppose the set tmg 1s over At some future t1mel hope to g1ve you an estimate of the crop S T P Kentontown July 10 -We can agam report good rams and also a large crop of tobacco se t m th1s county and wrth reasonable seasonable .-eather a large crop will be ra sed Wheat crop 1s v e1 y mdtf ferent a light yield The gram IS mdifferent Corn s loukmg fine All other crops are good but oats whwh are a poor croo C B & Co Tollesbo o Lewis Co July 6 -The are fre quent and heavy so that 1t lS ImpractiCable to get the cropq cultivated There IS about (as stated before) half of the tobacco crop out that the farmers designed puttmg out There IS but l1ttle of the wheat crop m yet Danj!;er of heavy loss m th s dtrectwn C &P Tollesboro Lew1s Co July 9 -The tobacco crop IS all sat or about so m this county and dtstnct I do not tb nk that over th1ee fourths of a crop IS set The plants were backward and dtd not get large enough m t me conqequently a great deal of the tobacco land w a s planted m corn In some parts of the country the grasshopper IS work ng on the tobacco m the field at a ternble rate There I as been for some ten days a great deal of ram so muc h so that the weeds are strong contendmg parties m a great many fields of tQpacco C &P Poplar Plams July 11 -The settmg has been fin tshed. Used a great many mfer10r plants The gmss hopper IS troublmg some parts Th1s county has as large a set as usua l The late plants were small and w1ll take a late fall to come to maturity Have had seasonable weather for the two weeks Wheat rs a half crop T H Gratz July 7 -The vast amount of r m has com pleted the settmg of a' er y large crop of tobacco how ever the farn ers are very muc h 1n want of help n their crops Do not think the tobacco will be good ow ng to the fa.ct that It s b d by grass and weeds Been so wet that we cannot fimsh pnzmg the old crop S L Boone County DtStrtet Walton Boone Co July 7 -Tobacco IS lookmg .-ell but the contmuous 1ams prevented the farmers from workmg whtch caused a great deal of 1t to be come foul but the last week has been favorable and the fa1me1s a1e gettmg then crops m good shape There w1ll be a full a"li erage crop Some tobacco 1s now e1ght and ten leaves high T F C Pendleton County Dzstrwt Odd vtlle July 8 -I agam respond to v our request m regard to the prospects of a gw vmg crop of tobacco Smce my last r eport there has been a fine season for settmg the "\\ eed The plant3 grew out JUSt m t me to get out the largest c10p ever known m the history of Kentucky ltJS not what the farmers thought 1t would he a month ago when w e bad a drouth and 1t seemed very d1scouragmg mdeed but the rains carne JUSt m time to save the poor v1thered plants and revive them beyond every former expectatiOn So we ant1crpate a very large crop of weed t:l A Berry s StatiOn July 12 -Nearly e:very farmer that one asks Are you done settmg your crop? will an swer Yes or Very nearly done but he will tell you that h1s neighbors have not got out more than half a crop Th1s s the most accurate state of affairs that I can at present g1ve you A J McM Havilandsvtlle Harr1son Co July 13 -Smce my last report there has been any quantity of tobacco set and all farmers got out the full extent of their crop Some farmers as soon as they were done settmg the ground mtended for tobacco plowed up more and set 1t out and then had plenty of plants left for waste It 1s certam that 1f no acCident be falls the crop 1t w1ll be one of the largest ever ra1sed m Kentucky Nearly all of the tobacco dealers are discouraged and have stopped entirely from pur chases Tobacco sttll contmues droopy and w1ll still contmue so until the buyers see how the new crop turns out The great decrease m the market 1s to the quantity of damaged tobacco I have traveled all through central Kentucky and find everybody had more tobacco than was expected One man by name of Bullock has out JUSt even 100 acres and another has 50 acres out and three brothers have between them 150 acres and that 1s the way the thmg runs 0 L Owen County Dtstrtct TruesV!lle Owen Co July 10 -There has been some tobacco planted smce my last There IS a ueal of ground not yet planted neither do I think 1t w1ll be on account of the scarcity of plants Some patches are badly mJured by grub worms There IS not a general stand m our commumty such as we usually have Wheat IS IDJUred by wet weather C 0 Worthville July, 10 -The crop IS fimshedand grow mg mce Farmers have a splend1d week to work the1r tobacco out J S Harmony Owen Co Ky July 3 -It bas ramed for etgbt days m successiOn commencmg onJune 2o and contmumg up to the present trme Tobac"o all set out that w1ll be set Plants are very small Prospects have tmproved very much smce June 12 Grass bop pers are bad There w1ll be from one half to two thlrds ofacrop M H East Eagle Owen Co July 6 -Smce my last card we h;:we set all the tobacco plants that "e could get vet we have had so much ram that the plants have rusted and penshed m the bed There are a great many that have not fimshed settmg yet for the want of plants We have set out over an average crop by 20 per cent We have so much ram that the tobacco IS frencbmg and 1s m a bad fix The grass and weeds are gettmg away w'lth the crops of a.ll kmds The TOBACCO LEAF. mg of tobacco 1s over for this year and from all I can learn there 1s not half of the mtended crop planted m th1s sectiOn and two thuds of that was planted the last days of June whiCh cannot possibly make a crop of tobacco w1th the most favorable seasons I am get tmg up an estimate of the planting for my next DB S Cad1z July 6 -Smce last reportmg to vou 1t has been rannng every day th1s 1s the twelfth day m th1s 1mmed1ate section m some places 1t has been fitteen days smce the ra n set m the water courses are all out of their banks and our best lands are under water Cannot tell the extent of the damage to the tobacco crop but 1t IS vorse than the drouth J H W OHIO Brown County DMt? ct Manchester July 9 -We have beenbavmg plenty of ram for tobac;co and corn for the last ten days Have a good settmg of tobacco-as much put out as last yearall g1o v1 g welL Wheat IS a l ttle sl ort and some spmled m the shock Oats are very shoz t and some badly rusted W D & Co INDIAN A Fme Glade Grandvtew Spencer Co July 10 -Smce mY. last the 3d mst we have had one heavy ram fall whrch vas on Sunday evenillg Sl!lCe then 1t has been qmte varm The plantmg of tobacco m th1s pa1t of the country w1ll not amount to ovec one thtrd of an aver age crop Much of 1t IS late bemg tJ:ansplanted the last days of Uune and the first three da) s of July I he late settmg looks very badly and needs workujg In some places the ground IS. too wet to work ani m others the farmers too busy fimshmg then sum mer s harvest and trymg to save thmr wheat wh1ch ViaS mostly m the shock dunng the recent wet penod J C F Re[f.e Boonville Ind July 13 All the tobacco whteh will be planted th1s season IS now planted We have had heavy rams s nee the 97th u1t much of the crop m lo v lands 'as drowned or scalded and much of the late settmg owmg to the severe heat smce the rams bas d1ed Altogether the plantmg 1s the lightest we have had fm years m this sectiOn and the ctop w1ll be cmresl?ondmgly small Indeed farmers seem to be neglectmg the tobacco and iurmng the1r attentron to wheat and g1am as muc h of th1s neglect IS due to the very low pr1ces as 1s due to scare ty of p lants or anythmg e lse Tobacco m farmers hands at present vill not br ng over th ee ( 03) cents per pound The crop of th1s countv up to 18 8 amounted to five and one half to s1x mtlhon pounds annually In i878 t was reduced to three mtlhons and m 1879 to 2 700 000 rhe growmg crop e> en with favorable seasons w II not reach two milhons m our op1mon J f3 & Co MISSOURI Exp01 and Home 1 rade Roanoke July 6 -Plantmg over smee our last card and the acreage Will be fully up to our first expecta tiotl abo t two trurds of an average The crop m th1s sectiOn IS lookmg well C W BrunswiCk Qhar1ton Co July 6 -'Throughout our county i\'e have had abundant rams and the tobacco has all been 1set out though qmte an area v; as not planted U)lt l the od of July frost comes early tb1s late plant ng :would 1 pen 1f pe1m1tted to stand but a good deal w1ll undoubtedly be cut green W1th an ordmary season there will b e a larger crop than last year but considerably short of an average one TEN NESSEJE West Tennessee WAD Rome July 6 -The plantmg season has passed With about 40 per cent of a crop plantedm the Upper Cum berland counties would have planted half a crop had the last rams came ten days sooner We have had floods of ram smce the 26th of June Farmers have done no work m their crops smce the fields have been muddy for the past ten days Had ram every day smce the 26th Crops are needmg work very bad. Wheat that IS m the field 1s badly damaged It 1s growmg on the shock Oat crop IS nearly a total lo ss Corn crop IS lookmg well J B J Parts July 10 -On the date of my last we had almost a flood of ram W!IJ3hmg away drownmg out and bury mg many fields of tobacco that had been planted One of my neighbors lost 12 acres that way large enough to top Smce then we have had no ram but the ground has hardly got dry eno ugh to work ILLINOIS Sweet RDC Eldorado July 1 0 -What httle tobacco we have m this sectwn 1s lookmg very well but the plants are so small they are hardly worth lookmg after I only know of about a half dozen from two to four acre crops m thiS sectiOn We have had a good deal of ram and the wheat crop 1s considerably damaged The IS good for more ram to day Com on up land IS domg well C P B Export Harrtsburg July 10 -The ram has ceased after SIX days of frequent and severestorms 'I he last three days corn and tobacco have been growmg finely Many plants have been set dunng thrs season yet we do not thmk that takmg the county over there wrll be more than one fourth of a crop R M Catro July 6 It has ramed here once m every 24 hours for the past fortmght whiCh has gtven cur rency to wtld and reports ill regard to the growmg crop It IS very evident that a very large area has been planted durmg that t1me but the conser:vat1ve element seem to thmk 1t Will not do well and the early plantmg will certa1nly be badly fl'euched Prwes are a httle off to da.y w1th 1n PENNSYLVANIA Annville Lebanon Co July10 -The tobacco cropm thts co:.mty IS very good Mr Henry Ensmmger bas 10 acres and the plants are satd to be as large and fine as any m the county C The Lancaster Pa Inqut? er remarks -When the pensus men have completed their farm stat1sttcs some 1 terestmg figures respectmg the weed w1ll JJe seen In Conestoga townsh p last year about 2 000 cases or 800 000 lbs were ra sed There was only one farmer m the township who did not grow tobacco The enumerators state that m some townships the tobacco 1s more valuable than all the other crops together Il:lr Bo ,.man of West Lampeter says that one farmer m his township grew 70 000 l bs last vear and several others f om 20 000 to 50 000 lbs and these are not the largest rarser,s m the county Lancaste r Inqt tre July 10 -Some httle of thrs years growth has be13n cut but very httle Only plants that were grown m pots kept undei shelter lrom frost and then t1ansplanted mto the field Lancaster New Era July 10 -The sales of 1879 tobacco the week endmg to day foot up 500 cases Of these )!50 ought popedy to be cred1ted to the pre vious veek as the ale was made at that t1me but was kept secret both by buyer and seller For more than a year pa13t we not1ce a growmg reticence on the {)art both of packers and buyers to k(lep the1.r traqsactwns from reachmg the pubhc When ne1ther names nor pru;es are g1ven -and the N ew Era always resp ec t s the wishes of tobacco men on th1s q estwn when de Slred-W'e f ll to why dealers manifest uCh anx e y to keep tlierr tr ansactwns f r o m the 'publ{c Sooner or later all the tobacco will be sold and 1t look s hke a small prece of busmess for men to attempt1to h1de these busmess operatiOns from the trade We had no sales to not ce last week for the correspondmg week of last year they were 200 cases There ha' e been a few hundred cases orlS-9 tobacco sampled recently and 1t comes out qmte as well as was expected There IS veryhtt;le damaged the mJury bemg confined entirely to the fillers W are of the op1mon that the mJury has been chiefly caused by stormg tobacco 1n new warehouses which were occu before thE:y were thoroughly dry Damp walls are not calculated to assist the curmg process very much and v;ould be worth the whtle of warehouse men to e ... erc1se a little care m thiS matter m the future The prospf)Cts of the new crop seem to us to be better at the present wrrtmg than they have been at any t1me th1s sprmg The plants have now got over all the troubles InCident to their ettrly stages and are a va1tmg the sunsbme rams reqmslte for their future development NEW YORK Ellrmra July. 8 We are havmg splendtd gto v ng weather JUSt ram enough to make everythmg grow I !lever saw tobacco look as promis n'g at thiS time of year as 1t does m th s w .-n (Southport) at thiS time Most of 1t was set early and the .-eather has been fa vorable a great contrast to last year when 1t was shnveled up from drouth I have JUSt nteasured a leaf that was 28 mches m length J D 111 CONNECTICUT Amencan Culttvator July 10 -We have to report another dull week and thiS state of thmgs IS hkely to contmue for the commg few weekf! or until the crops are suffiCiently dned off to allow of samplmg-say from the middle of August to the middle of Septem ber The ttmely ratns are reJOicmg the hearts o,f many who tmst that now we shall be spared from furthe r occas on for usmg the watermg Implements E a ly set plants are domg finely yet we fear that the h.ot \iry weather was shovmg them forward w1th too great rap dtty and gtvmg them a spmdlmg appear ance The late set p1eces are Iookmg J.>retty badly On some of these late fields the cut worm 1s comm1ttmg terrlble devastatiOn and causmg much trouble East Hartford Conn July lo -Havmg ;passed through the burned season of settmg and hoemg tob&cco whwh gt:ves no t1me to collect Items for news papers I have deferred wntmg you The 1880 looks fine havmg a good start 1s well advanced and fully two thuds earlier than was the 1879 crop a year ago at tb1s t1me W1th the occasiOnal showers we are havmg 1t must be more than an average crop at bar vest tHn" The only drawback to the crop w1ll be (hail excepted) of 1t havmg to be gathered too early m season and run the nsk of curmgon the poles too fast whteb causes whrte vems and habrhty to pole S"l'ieat Some of the early crops w1ll have to be housed by the lOth of August It IS estimated there IS t" enty p e r cent m acreage over the crop of 1879 The followmg stat stws wbtch I have gathered from the census enumerator of this town ma:l' be of mterest to the tobacco trade -In 1879 there was grown 862 acres bemg equal to 1 293 ooo lbs whtch at an estimate of 14c per pound brmgs a revenue of $181 000 There are 208 farms m town and all but twelve grow the weed In Hockanum SoClety the average 1s 5" acres to the farm but m the town the averags IS but 4Yz aures W H Boyle 1s the largest grower havmg 20 acre.s N S Brewer 18 acres Patrick Foran 16 acres El A Brewer and the Roberts Brothers each 14 acres These are the larger growers There are a larger number that cultivate from 8 to 10 acres The tobacco crop m average exceeds all the other crops put together ex ceptmg hay. There are no transactiOns mold goods to report Most of the New York packers have samples as shipped them of 1879 seconds and fillers Therr agents report the goods ail commg out of the sweat m good quality w1tb an average of about 8 cases m every 100 shghtly damaged which IS qmte an Improvement on the 1878 packmg H MASSACHUSETTS New England Homestead July 10 -Returns of cor respondents -Deerfield-The fine ram of July 3d ass1sted the tobacco growers greatly m theu stockmg over and gave who had not finiShed a good opportumty to fimsh settmg several of whom had from half an acre to two acres to set Hadley-Earl) set tobacco 1s lookmg mcely but late set looks hard Some fields d1ed out and had to be reset North Hadley-Early set tobacco 18 lookmg finely West Sprmgfield The ram has gt vena good start to the tobacco plants Easthampton-Everythmg IS feelmg the effect of the fine showers of the last few days Conway-Tobacco seems to be growmg finely m sptte of the drouth Colerame-Seven acres of tobacco are bemg g o"\'in here thrs season by seven farmers sho 'l'mg but a sl gbt mterest m the crop at the present t1me In 1872 113 actes were g own here m 1873 96 m 1874 16 m 1875 18 m 1876 8 and m 1877 only 1 NORTH CAROLINA I Process and ApParatus for treattng Tobacco Goldsborough Robmson Louisville Ky assrgnor to Lomsvllle Leaf Tobacco Co Fled July 24 1880 The process of econonucall;v drymg tobacco or other substance after saturatron wttb alcohol or other vola t1le hqmd :whteh cons1sts m evaporatmg the alcohol or volat1le hqmd by a blast of a1r condensmg the vola tile vapors bv a reduced temperature and returnmg }he same body of 1ur through the evaporatm11: or o.hy mg chamber agam substantially as descnbed and for the pur {lOSe set forth Machme for MalCing Plug 'Pobacco -Marcellus J Farmer Lynchburg Va ass1gnor of one half of h s r1ght to Harnson W Holly same place Filed Ap Jl 30 1880 TOBACCO MARKET. NEW YORK. JULY 16 The as a whole has been an mdtfferent one m tne local leaf tobacco market Thl;lre bas been m all departments a fau 11quu.)l but the aggregate of sales IS small So far as kaown,. the sal es of Weste1 n leaf an: ounted to only 169 hbds and m Seed leaf the transfers en braced only 692 cases Messrs SAWYER W ALLAOE & Co report to THE TOBACCO LEAF as folloWS -Weteally have no market to report about A few petty sales arnot ntmg to 169 hhds are all w e know of As u sual n such dull spells e are plenty of rumors and e hear of a 1 000 hhds Regte sale but cannot 'er tfy same 2d week 3d week 272 2 075 700 661 344 230 293 680 762 763 296 Total 5 381 bhds Rece pts this year Western 34 2o5 hbds FromNe vOrleans 126 do do Baltimore 134 do do Vrrpma 6 898 do 4th week 5th 1\'eek Total 1 757 o ovO 1156 3 liOO 265 3:500 2 412 4300 354 2 450 170 31u0 475 Total Last year 33 516 bhdf' 85 do 88 do 7 868 do Total 41 413 hhds Total Exp t }ianf Job s Spec Sales for the week 83 9 n Sales fo h mon h 311 25 139 Expo ts fo the week o 144 hhds For .At Ne v Orleans -Receipts from Jan 1 to July 10 1880 2 932 hhds agamst 1 401hhds m 1870 sales th1 s month to July 10 49 hhds exports foreign 287 hhds domest c hi d8 agamst 287 do m 18 9 stock on hand and on I phr>nJ d not cleared July 10 1 h hrls Vtrgtnta Leaf There has b ee n a more active de mand for leaf than for the same peuod at he date of our last reVIew though after all no transac t10ns of magmtude are 1ecord e d Seed Leaf-The smallest. agg1egate sales f01 many weeks recorded IS announced n th Q depat tme1 t liB :we go to p ess 692 cases comp1 I Slll!l: tl e total cported transfe1 s fo1 the "'eek end n g to date Excess1ve heat paucity of de nable old stock and an mel nation on the part of b yers to awa1t t l e sampl ng of Ll e new crop may be regarde d as theca se of the meagre de maud J S GANs SoN & Co tobacc o brokers 84 &86 Wlill Street report as follows -The market for the past "eek has been qmet no transact ons of moment haVIng taken place 250cs 1879 Pennsylvama 12"@20 90 cs 1878 13@ 50 cs 1879 lO@ll 75 cs 1878 Connect1cut 15@18 50 cs 1877 17@18 27csl89 10@ 150 cs Sundr1es 12@Hi wheat 1s growmg m the shock J J Paducah Sectton Fulton July 10 my last report we have had nearly weeks >ram and I thmk the heaviest I ever saw for this t1me of year Some heavy wmds are domg considerable damage m certam locaht1es Crops of all kmds are badly damaged espeCially tobacco creasillg receipts None 1S 're)ected whrch would m dteate a confidence m the growmg crop H & M SEED LEAF CROP REPORTS. (Special to THE TOBACCO LEAF ) Prospect H1ll Caswell Co July 5 -The farmers have set as much tobacco as they could get plants and for the last ten days the1 e has been rams and It 1s lookmg well I tbmk there IS two t h1rds of a crop m Cas" ell county but a good deal1s late plantmg If the season IS good 1t may make tobacco J T B All m low lands are drowned out and m uplands frenchmg Farmers are batlly drscoufaged Takmg all together I cannot' see how there can be much good tobacco ratsed th1s season m th1s sectiOn of the RAB Green Rtver DtBfrtct Dycusburg July 10 Smce our last the weather has been very favorable to the crop and the yo mg plants are growmg off as well as could be destred The wheat crop has been damaged some by the late rams to what extent IS not yet known The corn crop IS lookmg well and btds fair to be a large one S H C Provrdenc e July 1 -S nee las t writing there has been heavy rams m th s sectiOn wbwh has damaged the tobacco crop ellpemally on low lands Some est1 mate 1t at one quarter but 1t IS perhaps less J & B Salem July 6 -Smce I last wrote you the crop bas not changed for the better We have had about ten days ram and the crop 1s m a bad conditiOn The last plantmg of tobacco IS domg httle or no good The weather IS unsettled S E Clarkll'Vtlle Hadensville Todd Co July 3 -It has been rammg here nearly every day for two weeks and every plant of tobacco bas been set that was large enough and I thmk about three quarters of what they mtended to plant has been set out but that 1s not more than one half of an average crop alld nearly all of 1t planted m the last ten days Plantmg tobacco at thiS season of the :year m my JUdgment 1s about as uncertam as the buymg of a lottery ticket They may get half of an average crop m this sectiOn but I doubt 1t --July 10 -We have had more rrun :herem the last two weeks than I ever sa.w at th1S t1me of the year and the plant OHIO Seed Leaf Distrwt Cowan July 6 -Smce my last we bad a great deal of ram All the plants are set Tb,ere was not enough of I;Jlants tv set over 70 per cent of a crop Tobacco 1s m a bad conditiOn on account of the wet weather so wet that 1t cannot be worked sbowmg s1gns of frenchmg The fields are green w1th grass Wheat rs damagmg m the shock W T M Sevtlle July 13 -Durmg the past week 1t hail ramed heav1ly storms were accompamed with hatl but no seriOus damage 1e reported the heaviest ha1l fallmg m locaht1es where there was no tobacco The crop IS I.Pokmg well except late settmg and where farmers ifeglected to sow :vyhen the weathei was smtable I am sorry to we have a few suQh growers The old crop has )!topped movmg The quality of wheat I S not as good as last year quant1tyabund,ant W L P WISCONSIN Seed Leaf Distnct MadiSon July12 -Have no sales to reportth1s week The 79 crop 1s about all sold Thel)ewcrop ISgrowmg mcell The weather IS warm With frequent showers JUSt enough mOisture for the growth of the young plants and not too much wet to prevent cultivation The prospect 1s good for a splendid crop J R H Milton JuncttoR July 10 -1 have no sales of tobac co to report th1s week Everytbmg 1S favorable for the growmgcrop I was at a celebratiOn of the Fourth of Julv and mqlllred After tobacco I found that m th1s nnmed1ate v1e1mty there were 323 cases of tobacco unsold about 40 of whtch are Sparnsh If some one wiShmg to buy tobacco wlll notify me of thetr mten INVENTIONS PATENTED Ctgarette E L W1ttbaus Balt1more Md F1led April 15 The paper blank adapted for a ctgar ette wrapper upon one end of whwh 1s an advertise rnent or other 1mprmt covered w1th translucent paper or coatmg so that the de' we beneath can be readily discernible substantially as described The domest c rece pts at t e port of New York for the wcelr:. were RS follows 2063 hhds U3 trcs 52 )4 t cs 685 cases leaf 8 boxes do 3 hales do 676 cases smkg 287 cs mfd bxs do 74 % bxs do 210 "bxs dl) 119).;; bxs do 174 ;!4 bxs do 50 111 do 104 pkgs do 5 bbls do 1 72 bbl do til:!4 cads do 241 co.ds do .J.4 cads do 7 cs c 1!: s 10 do c gu ettes 9 bxs samples 101 bxs p pes 1 cs tobacco I Ire onuff bills do a )1, bbls do 36 bxs do 1 Jar do 2 kegs do co1 s gner.l as folldws By the Erie Razlr 13 cs mfd 1 trc 44 bbls 8 bbls bx 12 kegs 1 Jar snuff Allen & Co 1 bbl By the Central Rml oad of New Jersey-M W Mendel &B ) 10 CB By tl/.6 New Y<>rk and N& Haven SUamboat LiMA H Scov lie & Co 74. F Schulz"7 do Wm Eggert & Co 13 do F chen & Roess 2 do Lobens e n & Gans 1 do 1l1J the Bw YO? k and HMtford Steamboat LineE Roowlil & Bro cs F "cbulz 65 do M H Lev10 64 do By tM Old Dominwn Steam/Wtl JATUJ -J H Moore & Co I' bhuo ::; :; .t;

\ 4 do Poll&rd. Pettus & Co 7 do, R Moore & Co 22 do, R M Allen & Co2 do, WatJen, Toel & Co 100 do, W 0 Sl11lth & Co M bllds 88 trc s Oelnchs & Co 148 bhds, 4 bxs samples, Toe!, Rose & 'co 80 hhds, 2 do, H Stebert 24 do, 1 do, R A M!lls 5 trcs J D Ketlly, Jr 148 hbds, 36 cs mfd, 10 bxs do, M E McDowell & Co 400 cs smkg, 5 do mfd, 16cads do, 7 }4: bxs do, Thompson, MoOie & Co 17 cs smkg, 31 do mfd, 68 cads do, 20 do, 15 bxs do 10 bxs do, H Wtrt M&thews 7 cs smkg, 4 do mfd, 10 J4 bxs do, 5 cs mgars, M&rtln & Dunn 8 -cs smkg, 13 cads do, 2S Y.J bxs do Wm Broadhurst, Jr 17 cs mftl, 4.t!O cads do, Dohan, Carroll & Co 27 caeesm&nnfactured, 10 b:u do, 40 cads do, R W Cameron & Co 52 J4 trC$ .manufactured; Augustm & Dose! 41 cues smoking,. 9 do Carhart Bros 611 bu mfd, 25 do, Wtse & Bendhe 1m' 2 cs mfd, 17 cads do. Davtdson ':Bros 7 cs mfd, 1 bx 11&11lples J as M Gard10er 2 cs smkg. 1 do mf d, J os D Evans & -co 24 % bxs mfd 40 bxs do, E DuBOis 82 )A bxs mfd, 50 do, J R Sutton & Co 4 cs smkg H Welsh-15 l>ii bxsmfd 100 cads do L Mtller 5 J4 bxs do, 8 cads do, H l{ & F B Thurber & co'100 casmkg, H Mandelbaum 20 do, Allen & Co cs mfd Baker & Clark 2 do, F H Leggett & Go 19 Y.l bxs do, .X Abenhetm & Co 1 bx samples, Moore, Jenkms & Co 10 bxs 'l!nuff Kaufman Bros & Bondy 100 bn ptpes, L Gershel & Bro 1 Buchanan & Lyall1 cs bags, Order 66 bhds, 16 cs Btaklf, 1Bii do mfd, 50 !ll bx do, 8e bxs do, 75 Y.l bn do, 74 Jol-bxs do, 42 cads ao, 127 do, 311 )4-c&ds do, 2 cs cigars 1 do ctgnrettes 1JN '1M limA r orlo lid BaUifM1'& L1116-.FE Owen 2 hhds. Wise & Bendhe1D116.'i os smkr, 1 do cbwg, .Redlich & Schmtzler 1 es smkg, A Blumle10 & Co 1 do mfd, F Borroto 1 cs ctgars. DIPOR.TS. The arnvals at tbe port of New York from foretgn porta fo: &be week 10cluded the followm!l constgnments .Ba,..,.onquilla-B De Sola 18 bales tobacco. .Br_._J Goebel & Co 739 c& ptpes. Chrtagena-Ptm, Forwood & Co 203 bales tobacco. Jl!rtmUraF Alexandre & Sons bales tobll(l(lo, Lot&don-M&terne & Meyer 20 bales tobacco. ;l'ort. Ptata-A D Strauss & Co 8 bales tobacco .RoUerdam-Au"u st m & Dusel794 bxs pipes 1 cask earth, H BalJer & Bro 314tfb:u pipes, G W Gat! & Ax 78 pkgs tobacco Sl. Jerp-32 bhds, 1770 cases Af'llentme BepubUc-1 hhd, 51 pkgs (8,213lbs) mfd Br.,...m-213 hhds, 24 cases, 201 buies JJritW1 Guwna-6 bhds, Honduras-1 hhd 6 pkgs (371i lbs.) mfd Britillh Pouenwn .. .,, Afnca--18 cases Br1u.k Wts! Ir.dws-18 bhds, 3 cases, 1G pkgs (2,093 lbs) mfd Brilttil-24 hbds (hnada--77 bales. (Jard,iff48 bhds Quba--32 pkgs (10,735 lbs} mfd and not much can be expected until the new crttp Is Mmpled. We quote -l<'me old wr appe rs 2oc, common, 15 to 20c,low !!'rade, 12 to 14c, seconds, 10 to 12c, 1879 seconds, 9 to llc, fillers, 6c PHILADELPHIA, July 15 -Mr. A R Fougeray, To bacco Manufnct11rers' Agent, reports to TUB ToBACCo LEAP -Bu&mess the past week remamed qmet a nd undisturbed, es peetally m the bandhng of manufactured bard tobacco, as tbe demand on dealers IS light Jobbers o1der only as needed. Prtees bold apparently ffrm li'iru; Outs--Movmg slowly but etead1ly at full figures S77Wld71!J-Nat dtfll.cult to bandle, except In very low pnced goods Oigars-A fa1 trade at about usual prices Snuff-An nuprovement churned m demand by manufac turers of st andard brands Recmpts-272 boxes, 5,816' caddtes, 2911 C&Ses, and 241 patls fine-cuts Exported to Ltverpool, per steamer Lord Gough 8,176 lbs of manufactured tobacco i'ie0@ 9 00 fine spang led to 10 00@18 00 Atr cm ed medmm to fine 7 00@15 00 Kentucky-trash 3 W@ 4 00 common lugs 4 1>0@ 5 50 good lugs 5 50@ 6 M common leaf . .. .. .. .. 6 50@ 7 liO medmm leaf .. .. .. .. .. .. 7 50@ 8 50 good leaf 8 50@10 00 tlneleaf 10 00@12 00 Vtrgtnta-common and good lugs 3 00@ 5 00 common to mc!lmm leaf 6 00@ 8 00 fatr t o good leaf 8 00@10 00 selecttons 12 00@16 00 stems. common to fine 1 50@ Inspected tbts week -568 hhds Maryland, 509 do Ohto total, 1077 hhrls DanW. We..t .liu:lus-4 bhds, 2 pkgs (300 lbs,) mfd; ])uteh West Indws -4 bhd s GlasgMD-108 bhds Hamburg-17 hhds, 4 cases, 99 bales HaP-lhhd Leghorn-1033 hbds .Lifltrpool-84 bbds Lof&don-118 hbds, 70 cases, 22 pkgs (2585 lbs) mfd. XMuules-110 bhds oO bales. Cleared tbts week-Per steamer Bmunschwetg. for Bremen, 30 hhds Maryland, 16 do Ohw and 352 do Vuglma to!Jacco, also 7 hhds Vugtma stems, per sh1p Agra, to Rotterdam, 1124 bl:tds Maryland 30 do Kentucky, 1 do Vtrg101a tobacco, also 25 do Vtrgmta and 7 do Kentucky stems, per steamer Ven ezuela, for Ltverpool, 73 hhds Kentucky, and 40 tubs Vugtma tobacco also 51 cases tobacco. Xe.:=o--1 bale JWw .Rieo-1 bbd, 17 bales, 65 pkgs (3500 lbsNilfd U. S of Ooloml>ia-244 bales, 13 pkgs (166llbs) mfd v-za.-.-2 cases, 31 bales. .xt>ORTS FROM THE PORT OJ' NEW YORK TO FOREIGN PORTS FROM JANUARY 1. 1880, TO JULY 16, 1880. Hhds Cases Bales Lbs mfd 1 ,00(1 498 36 3 28,720 4,206 8,304 2,485 15,424 138 321 129 6,619 1\,419 32,158 141 .. .. 1,612 16 2 92 17,682 2 8 606 21i 2,748 2,548 2 200 3,519 1,046 658 60,551 887 298 37 232160 186 551 8,727 5,420 1 6,100 8,078 69 191 300,196 2,810 648 50 399,088 716 1 7,006 159 2 1 1 1,513 219,360 710 0 ,707 294 829 104 12,604 31 4,565 3,967 \"" 3,360 568 204 4,101) 517,250 ......... 910 982 3,082 794,317 52,043 3,137,253 Q UOTATIONS of WHOLESALE PRICES. PARTICULAR NOTICE. BTery re-sale is supposed to be at an advance on ftrst cost, the pnoes obtainable by gro\vers ot tobacco, therefore, will always be somewb&t ower than these QuotatioD8 WESTERN LEA.F. aBT ......._ Cis HuVY LIWI'Common to good lugs 3%@ Lugs Common leal 5 @ 7 Com mt'lln :Medium 4%@ 9 Medium Good 8 @IO Good ... Fiae Fme SelectloDB 12 @15 Selectlooa VIRGINIA. LEA.F, DARK. Common lugs Goorlugs Low leaf Good leaf Dark wrappers BRIGHT Common mahogany Good mahogany 4 @ 6 @'i 'i' @ 9 9 @14 10 1 @00 JIAVAM.t. F'n.I..Ens-Common Goo4. Fine Yau-AM<>rted II cuts JU:,"NUFA.CJTURED TOBA.CJCJO. PKica D BoNo-T.u;: 1 6 CJOITIJ PD. PoUND. BLAcucts 6 @ 7 I @ 8" -@-@18 @2-J 10 @11 15 25 8 @12 15 @20 I2 @18 7 16 @IS IOs,l2o, and )411>s12015417@2!1 Na'7 the wholesale trade. Kaooaboy 62@-6S I American Gentleman Scotch and Lundy foot 61!@-65 Rappee, Freocb --@-79 -72@-'15 LICOKICJE PA.STE, 'lilUWI-. UG c 1 18 "'W.8." 18 "F G" 'l8 .. ._F." 10 H w &Ills E:.t t 28 ...... lm Pilar .. 'tCC da... 1!5 18 "L\, leo" 27 18 u 8&oerry ltx 11 28 "A..VS' 1 8 .. La Rosa.,, 22 us 11 22 "Huelva '' "G" 18 ltlaguet,11 Star," 21 "M, 18 Eastern Markets. HARTFORD, Conn., July 14.-0ur special correspon dent repQrts as follows -'I'he market for leaf tobacco lS qu1et Ju usual, httle bll8iness 1s done at thia seaaon {)f the year, TOBACCO STATEMENT Jan 1, 1880 -Stock on hand 10 tobacco warehouses and on shtpboard not cleared 23,0.'15 bhds Inspected this week 1, 077 h hds Inspected prevwusly tills year 18,145 bhds Exports of Maryland and ObJO since January 1... ._ 13,804 bhds Shipped coastwise and rQ tnspected 3,100 hbds 42,277 hhds 16,904 bhds Stock in warehouse thts day and on shtpboard not cleared .. .. .. ................ 2.'1,373 bhds Stock 8Qme m 1879 . . . 29,843 bhds ManufMtwred Toba,.,-Tbe market contmues very tbe trade buymg only to meet the present wants of con sump !ton Pnces are Without change Exported 21>34 lbs to Hecetved per Rtcbmond steamers, 198 pkgs CHICAGO. III., July 14 -Our spemal correspondent reports to 'l'HE 'ronAcco LE"'ll' -An average trade can be reported. Smokmg tobacco sells finely, the demand is mostly tor the cheapest grades Fme cut chewmg and plug are m good request A fair busmess is transacted 10 ptpes and smok ers' arttcles Ctgars meet 111th hght demand The leaf bust ness W!IB slow Th e excessive beat checks busmess constder ably Messrs G W. l:lbeldon & Co report the followiDg Importations. Metzler, Rothschild & Co, 7casesptpes, Grommes & Ulrich, 2 do Cigars, Kantzler & Harg1s, 11 do, W H Schtmpferman & Son, 1 do, A Shlre, 4 do, Xa).man B10s, 2 do, E Hoffman, 2 do, Metzler, Rothsch1ld & co.,. 9 do smokers' articles CINCINNATI, 0., July 14 -Messrs Prague & Mats&n, Le af Tobacco Brokers and Re-dryers of Cuttmg Leaf and Plug Ftllers, report to T!IB 'l'oBACco LEAP as follows -The poor quahty of tbe pt esent crop of tobacco is da1ly made more apparent The offermgs at auction contmue large but never m the htstory of the market w11s t here such an excess of mfe rwr and !AOndescnpt stock sellmg nt tbts season of tbe year Pnces as a consequence, show a Wide r ange, but are onlysatts factory to sbtppers 11 ben obtamed fur the better grades, whtcb, bec&use of theu sca rctt;r command nearer outstde quotattons 'l'h e offermgs at au elto n of old and new too aceo for the week, month and yeat, with compartsons, were sub dtvided as fol lows1880. 1879 187e 1877 1876 ..---WEEK -.. Hbds Bxs 1 as2 96 1,373 119 1 ,318 233 1 053 139 .1 ,1fi2 127 r--MONTH '"" Hhds Bxs 1,874 221 2,414 177 1,805 388 1 716 209 2,048 445 STATEMENT FOR MONTH OF JUNE, Stock on band June 1, 1880 Recetpts durmg month ... Hbds Bxs 31,884 3,706 21 023 2 476 28.205 5 ,857 21,863 17',222 0,528 lllSO Hhds 6,829 6149 12,07 8 8,819 Stock m warehouses Julv 1 1880 9,159 do do 1879 fi.158 Actual ales tbe month 3, 790 COMPARATIVE BUSINESS FOR YEAB TO JULY 1 1880 Recmpts from Jan 1 to July 1 Offermgs do do do Sales do do ......... .. Dehvertes do do do QUOTATIONS. Outtt71{J .Ltaf-Common dark lugs. Good dark lugs. Common dark leaf Good dark leaf Common bnght smokers lltedium do do Good do do Common brtgbt strtppers Medmm do do Good do do Fme do do bHgbt leaf.. Good do do Fme do d o bbds. 28,023 ... 29,881 21,889 23,188 3 00@ 4 00 400@500 600@7oo 8 00@10 00 550@660 700@800 8 00@10 00 6 50@ 7 50 8 50@10 M 12 00@14 00 16 00@18 00 10 00@12 00 12 50@U 00 15 00@18 00 MANUFACTURING-PLUG STOCK Common dark and trasby fillers Med fillers, some color and hody ... Good fillers, red color and good body Fme fillers, brtgbt color &nd good body CLA.BB!li'ICA TIONS, 308 hhds Mason County, Ky -6 at 1 90a5 90, 85 at 6a7 95, 54 at 8a9 95; 91 at 10a14 75. 17 at 15a18 75. 385 hhds Brown County, Ohi0-90 at 3 20a5 95; 87 at 6 05a7 95, 57 at 8a9 80, 7S at 10a14. 75, 70 at 15a19. 75; 3 at 20a21 25 284 hhds Owen County, Ky.-64 at 2a5 95, 76 at 6 a7 95, 47 at 8a9.90, 70 at 10a14 75, 26 at 15a18 75, 1 at 20 260 hhds Pendleton County, Ky -68 at 2 50a5 90; 85 at 6a7 95 44 at 8a9 95, 52 at 11 at 15a18 75. 27 hhds and 1 box Boone County, Ky. -11 at 2 70 a5 95, 8 at 6 60a7 90, 5 at 8a8 80, 2 at 10 95al4 75, 1 at 15 25, 1 box at 4 30 30 hhds Cauoll County, Ky -11 at 4a5 60, 6 at 6 50a7 85 6 at 8a9 60, -5 at 10 25al4 50 2 at 15a17.50. 21 hhds and 1 box West VIrgmia-8 at 2 20a5 90, 2 at 6a6 75, 4 at 8 70a8 85, 6 at 10a14 25, 1 at 16.50, 1 box at 2 55 7 hhds Indiana at 3 50a5. 1 hhd Eastern OhiO at 8 90. 40 hhds Henry County, Ky. -9 at 3.80&5 95, 9 at 6 20a7 95, 8 at 8a9 70, 13 at 10a14 50; 1 at 16. 1 11 hhds Bracken County, Ky.-2 at 4.75a5.85; 5 at 6a7.65; 1 at 8, 2 at 10a12; 1 at 17.60. TOBACCO LEAF. ..-hhda Clermont County, Ohio-1 &I; 4.40; 2 at 6.30 a7 40, 1 at 8 DANVILLE, Va., July 15 -Paul C Venable. Leaf To bacco Broker, reports to THB ToBAcco LEAl' as follows Our market 1s fuller than la s t week, and on some grades shows a deetded dullness as compared wtth a few weeks back We have sold so much more tobacco than m former years up to tbts date, and scrmuch more yet to come, that the effect on pnces ts to show Be s t des this manufacturers are net buymg tbetr usual quanttty, as trade w1tb Accordmgly, I shall have to make some chaDge 10 quotattons The weather continues very favorable for growmg crop, }"bleb will be e&rher than usual and larger thiill was expected some weeks back. QUOTATIONS. .. $3@1; 4@ 6 7@ 9 10@12 8@11 12@15 6@ 7 7@ 8 8@10 10@18 13@15 9@12 12@15 15@20 20@30 30@4o 10@15 15@20 20@25 .. 21i@a5 extra .. .. .. 4 0 DURHAM, N.C., July 14 -MessrS Walker &Burton, of tbe Farmers' Warehouse, report to THE ToBAcco LEAP For two weeks our market bas been rather unsteady Whtle smokers have p,wen way fillers have held firm, tf not advanced, no matertal change to note tn cutters or wrappers We quote red and dark lugs scarce on the market, and pnces rangmg from to 5c, red leaf, 5c to 10c as to quahty, common smokers, 4c to 6c, medmm, 6c to 9c, good 9c to 12c. fine, 12c tu luc ,fancy, 1oc to 20c stnppers and cutters, 9c to 14c wrappers, common 9c to llc, medmm, 11c to 20c, r:ood, 20 to 3oc, fatr and fancy, to 60c. EVANSVILLE, Ind., July 14 -Mr C J Morris, To bacco Btoker, reports to THE ToBACCo LEAl' -Our mar ket omce my last report bas remamed firm With a good, healthy demand for all grades :Rccetpts for th1s wee!<, 785 hhds, s.>les, 568 hbds From 10format10n from rehable sources, and from every section of tbto dtstr!Ct, I esttmate the settmgof tbis crop at 65 per cent and 36 per cent of that set stnce the 20th of June The weather IS extremely bot, r&nging at 98 o to 100 o m the shade. QUOTATIONS. Tra'lla to common lugs M e dmm to good lugs .. Common leaf llledmm ............ .. Good \l80to320 350to390 400to450 ... 4110to5 50 .600tot!OO LYNCHBURG, July 15 -Me&llr8 Holt, F-chaefer & Co Buyers and Handlers of Leaf Tobacco, report to THE To BAcco LKAJ.I' as follows -About our market we huve only to repeat our last week's remarks and quotations Recetpts "ere very large ngatn, and 1t IS becommg evtdent that our sales wtll exceed former estimates Strictly fine leaf ts scarce and firm Medmm grades are easter, and aga10 on the basts of last month's prtees Lugs are gett10g scarce, and very httle ts now sellmg under loose. QUOTATIONS, Common lugs, dark 4)4@ Medmm and good 4%'@ 5)4 Leaf, common dark 5 @ 5'4 do medtum do good .. 7 @ do good to fine .. .. .. 10 @12 do stnctly fine Wrapperscommon .. .. II @11 do medtum ... 11 @16 do good .. .. 17 @25 do fine and extra .. 2fi @60 BICHl\IOND, July 15 -W E Dtbrell, Leaf Tobacco Broker, reports to THE ToBACCo LEAF as follows -Ma1 ket qmet, wttbout any new features Best grades of wrappers find ready buyers, but a large stock of common to medmm ts on the mcrease, and continues low. A somewhat better feehng m fine fillers and smokers bas been very lately mamfested Sh1ppmg stocks have constttuted the larger part of breaksh and some large and mamly satisfactory transactiOns have been made STOCKS ON HAND JULY 15 Inspected stock ... Umnspectcd stock Hbds .. 8,748 7,502 Trcs 668 190 Total stock .. .. .. ......... 1,650 8(;3 MONTHLY REPORT-JULY 1. Breako during June 1tl!IO 1879 6,026 bhds bhds Inspections bhds Uplands hbds Rev1ewa 509 hhda 915hbds Total for the month Inspections during month 5 ,784 hhds 2211 hhdo 1 5 378 bbds & 9(1 hbds 6,026 hhds 15 ,654 hbds fteVlOUS OO,Mta hhds 21,680hhds Tobacco Stems. Tobacco Ster1111 hbds hhds hhds hhds 1,127 hbds 145 hbds 1,562 hbds 171 bbdo 1127 hbds 145 hbds 1 562 bbds 171 hbds 16 001 bbda 2,680 hbds 18,229 hbds 2 ,017 bbds 17,481 hhds 2.825 hbds U,79I bhds 2,188 hbds 6 194 hhd$ 5 ,938 hhds 5,2:10 hbds 6,006 hbds Otr, deliv'ies d'ring month 10,421 hbds 2 751 hhds 11,964 hhds 3,927 hhds Common lugs Good lugs Low leaf Medium lent Good leaf 8,007 hbds 5,385 hhdll Light Leaf Heavy Leaf 4 @ @ 6 6 @ 7 7 7}1@ 8 @ 9 9 @10 10 @12 11 @14 18 @16 Fme IE>,af Bright smokers Bnght and sun-cured flllers Btlght wrap-pers Stems-lJcorce 1 5 @ 1\4@ 2)1,@ brown brJ.JZ:ht ll!arket firm SAN FRANCISCO, July 8 -The Journal of Com merce says -Imports of tobacco by rail, botho f man ufactured and leaf, are heavy, andmdicateon the part of the trade the belief m a good fall tmde At present, owmg to the season and the holidays, there IS little or nothmg doing, and:the market IS weak. Th1s applies prmcipally to manufactured, as leaf sells more readily In the mgar trade manufacturers are preparmg for an actlvtl fall campaign, and the factories will soon become qmte busy Exports of tobacco smce our last -Lbs. 2,866 1,800 1 ,14 1 600 1,360 45 Total 7,812 ,2,226 90 Value. $1,039 00 254 00 Exports of cigars smce our last -Total. No 33,800 5,000 CIGARS -Imports smce our last By rail, 25 cs (6,380 lbs) Imports smce Jan 1st, 984 cs. RecC!pts by rail smce our last came-5 cs to Esberg, B & Co, 4 cs each to Kozmmsky Bros, A B Rosenbaum & Co ( E Cohn & Co, .2 cs each to Well map, P & Co, Mwhalttschke Bros and W Poat, 1 cs each to Falken stem & Co and J A Drmkhouse. -ConsumptiOn has mcreased, contmgent on the hob days, and work at tlte factories IS brisker than It baa been. They are, too, begmning to manufa:cture for the fall trade Common Seed--4)4 toft mch... 18 00@ 20 00 Good Seed -4 mch 00@ 22 50 4)4 II 20 00@ 24 00 II 25 00'--0 I 11 28 00@ -Seed and Havana-4 mch 45 00@ 55 00 4}4: .. 55 00@ 60 00 II 60 00@ 65 00 II 70 00@ 75 00 Clear Havana-4 10ch 60 00@ 65 00 4M II 70 00@ 75 00 4% II 80 00, 95 00 4 % 95 00 5 140 00@160 00 China-15 50@ 17 00 Imports smce our last -Ry ra1l 86,970 lbs manufac tured, 5 cs (1900 lbs) leaf. Per Harvester, 120 cs ( 48,000 ibs' leaf. Totaltmporte smce Jan 1, 2,119,590 lbsmfd, 80 hhds, 1147 bbls, 2492 cs, 309 _pkgs (1 619,356 lbs) leaf. Rece1pts by ra1l smce our last -Manufactured21,610 lbs to L. & E. Wertheimer & Co, 10 ,570 do to Esberg, B & Co., 9900 do to Oregon, 84.20 do to Oppen hermer & Bro 8080 do to A. B. Rosenbaum & Co., 6100 do to Engelbrecht, F & Co 5300 d6 to Bntish Columbia, 3610 do to WeHman, P. & Co., 2890 do to Freeman, S. & Co., 3140 do to Falkenstein & Co 2300 do to A Mau &: Co, 2280 do to Newton Bros & Co, 2100 do to Buchanan & Lyall, 1800 do to Sanderson & Horn, 70 do to Washmgton Terr1tory. lmJ!OrtS are mcreasmg m magmtude, as the trade IS a.n:noua to be ready for the busmess of the fall, whiCh IS expEocted to be of a much larger magmtude than that preceding Havana fine fillers medmm do common do. Prime wrappers Medmm do ..... Connecticut Fillers Bmders .. Wrappers Pennsylvama Wrappers Bmders Fillers New York F1llers ... Bmders Wrappers 1 25 1 20 1 15 -15 -20 -25 -30 -20 -15 Foreign Markets @@@-@-@-@-@-@@60 @-@-@@-@-AMSTERDAM, June 26 -Messrs Schaap & Van V een. Tobacco Brokers, report to THE ToBACCIO LE"'ll' N otwtthstandmg the bad reports from Balttmore about the new crop, our market for AmeriCan tt)bacco remams dull, only 143 hhds findmg buyers 10,145 bales Sumatra were sold, wtth good competttton Imported smce our last -1367 bales Su matra, 914 do Java Stock to day -1630 bhds :Maryland 229 do Kentucky, 4200 bales English East Indtan, 7891i do java, 9762 do Sumatra BREl\IEN.-Our Bremen correRpondent furnishes us wtth the followmg account of the Bremen Seed leaf market for the week endmg June 24 -Sales amounted to 150 cases Seed leaf and 180 cases Seed leaf cuttmgs stock on hand, 2010 cases Seed leaf and 120 cases Seed leaf cuttmgs. Pr1ces were quoted as follows -Wtap pers, 70 250 pfgs, bmders, 60 to 75 do, fillers, 60 to 55 do TransactiOns m Havana leaf were enumerated as 110 bales from London, sales. 252 stock on hand, 6580 bales. PriCes ranged asfo11ows:-Wrappers, and fine brown, 650 to 1400 pfgs, wrappers, ordmary brown, 350 to 600 do, wrappers, mixea With fillers, 180 to 300 do, fi11ers 100 to 250 do, ord10ary qua.hty, 160 to 450 do. LONDON, July 1.-Messrs Grant, Chambers & Co's Monthly Ctrcular says -We have agam to report a qmet market for all descuptwns of AmeriC a n tobacco During the past month there has been ltttle mclmatton on the part of the trade to purchase beyond 1mmed1ate reqmrements, and the sales effected have been on the wliole trifling. For export tbere has been rather more mqmry, but the stock of desirable quality Is at the present time extremely hmited For subst1tutes of smtable character there has been a goqd mqmry, and m the early part of the month fa1r sales were effected Prtces remam firm for the better classes. In cigar tobacco there has been but a moderate busmess done Irnports-130 hhds Deliver1es-1,037 hhds, agamst 949 hhds m the cor respondmg month of last year Stock-27,028 hhds, agamst 28,143 hhds 10 1879 19,572 hhds m 1878, 13 845 hhds m 1877, 10,928 hhds 1876, 14,759 hhds m 1875, and 12,168 hhds m 1874. VIrgtma. Leaf and Str1ps-Apart from purchases made for the navy, the sales of the former have been small, and operatiOns m the latter have been confined to tr1fimg purchases for Immediate use Kentucky and Missouri-Leaf has attracted but ltttle attent1on. Only bright grades have Leen sought after, for wh1ch long pnces are now obtamable In strips the demand has been small, sales have been effected of a. few sma11lots of the finest descuptwus, but no of Importance have occurred, Maryland and Ohio-The former, 1f of fair hght color, meets a ready sale, and for the latter, when bright and m good conditiOn, there IS an active demand. Other grades are slow of sale. Havana C1garsThe finer classes are sought after and brmg full pnces, but the bulk of the late Imports are of md1fferent qualtty. There IS now only about half the number of cases m stock compared with the same period last year. -Mamlla Cheroots and C1gars-Contmue slow of sale. There 1s a full supply of heavy wetghta now on the market, whwh are offered at low rates Havana, Cuba and Yara--With nothmg really fine of these there has been no busmess done. Fme quaht1es are much wanted. Mamlla Tobacco-Nothmg of 1mportance has taken place m th18 market, but ad v1ces have come to hand that the whole of the 19 qumtals offered m Mamlla on the 25th ulttmo were sold at an advance m some mstances of 25 per cent on the upset prtces Turkey-Only meets with a ready sale when of fine hght color, other descnptwns can only be sold wtth great difficulty. Latakia has been sold to a small extent Negrohead and Cavendish-In moderate demand, Stalks and Smalls-In frur request. HA VAN A.-Messrs J. F Berndes & Co 's tobacco report of July 10 says -Comparative statement of to! hacco and mgars slnpped from Havana. January February March April May June ,.----1880--'"" 1879---. Tobacco Cigars. Tobacco Cigars. bales. No bales. No. 24:-'343 14 466,555 8,585 12,236,085 15,446 13,444,316 6,590 10 539 856 10,333 12,661 ,995 8, 973 8:707:535 9,171 12,838 ,815 15,878 8,647,190 7,963 9,963,755 6,134 7,966,105 5,100 8,644,805 5,164 7,316,156 Total. 72,35 6 72,020,241 51,274 o5,412,927 Reduction of Export Dut1es ,-Smce the 1st inst some nl)w fiscal laws have come 1nto effect, one of wh1ch changes the export dut1es to the extent of five per cent makmg With the ten per cent prevwusly taken off, a reductiOn of fifteen per cent. on th,e old dut1es of $4 83,per qmt;1tal of tobacco and U.25 per m11le cigars TOBAcco -Vuelta-AbaJO -For the greater part of last month the roads were hardly avrula.ble for the transport of goods owmg to the heavy rams, whtch appear to have bee n more ft equent and of greater duratiOn m the country than m th1s City. 'In conse quence df th1s very few parcels of new leaf have so far come to market Those few whwh 1h spite of the un favorable Circumstances have made the1r hail mostly from the northern slopes of the hill dlstrtets, commumcatwn w1th whwh IS not so entirely dependent on the state of the roads Although 1t IS Impossible to form a true esttmate of the quality and descr1pt10n of the whole y1eld from an mspectwn of a few eally parcels, yet they have been the cause of a very general agreeable surprise to all who had c 0me to consider the new CI op as a complete fiasco, every new parcel which comes to town tends to change the general opimon regardmg the result of the crop In stead of that ugly gummy descr1pt10n of leaf, whteh "tardido" crops are wont to yteld, and wmch was fully expected, the tobacco th1s year shows a good average leaf m fau conditiOn, good even colors, and to a great extent of temprano" temperament. and possessmg better burnmg qualities than 1ts prede cessors. The tobacco has unquestiOnably undergone a remarkable tmp1ovement after the final handlmg pTovmg the fallacy of placmg too much on any Judgment before the leaf has been put up m bales. Some attempt IS made to explam this cucumstance by supposmg that the contmued drouth must have had some favorable mfiuence on the soli, wh1ch may have become deteriOrated m consequence of the exces sive quantity of mm whwh has fallen duung the past two years, but we are led to beheve that the real ments or defects of tobacco cnnnot be foretold with any approximation o.t exactitude before It has been some httle't1me m the bale. It IS an unpleasant but confirmed fact that the yield has been IDBigmficant m quantjty. It Will hardly prove sufficient to cover the most urgent neceBBilles of our manufacturers, who, tn v1ew ol1ts super10rquahty, and furthermore the posSiblhty of 1ts speedy apphcatwn, are expectecj to come forward as eager s m sp1te of the extraordmary h1gh pretensions of holders. Some fe,v further are reported to have taken place both m the lowland and m the hill districts, amongst others one of the best vegas of Paeo VIeJo, prmClpally of fillers, IS said to have fetched $60 gold per bale The fillers, whteh are m every respect suitable for the Umted States mat pat twularly owmg to their 1m proved burnmg qualities over those of the previous y1elds, may agam be expected to become great fu.vontes, althqugh, as our manufacturers are greatly m need of them, a good deal of competitiOn for their possessiOn may be anticipated Of fine wrappers only a very msiglllficant proportiOn has bE1en produced, they will consequently command ext1eme rates Part1dos --The same favorable develop ment of the Vtielta AbaJO leaf Ieported above, has occurred, If any tlung m a more mat ked aegree, m these dtstncts. DraQ'latwally speakmg, the "change m ent de scene" has been more complete, and we can report, from personal mspectwn, that th1s year's leaf IS as good, 1f not even supeuor, to that ra1sed last year, at any 1ate as far as fillers are concerned, for of wrap pers the quant1ty produced is very tr1fimg. The yield } JULY 17 has been excessively small, and can now be est1ma.ted w1th some amount of accuracy at from ti 000. to 6 ooo bales, which, wtth the exceptiOn of a stray less desirable vegas, has now all passed mto the banda ot dealers, at prices rangmg from 14 to 24 nals {Spanish Bank notes) per matul of wrappers, and from 3 to 8 nals per matul of fillers. The arrivals up to the present are small say about 500 bales Remedws-The entertamed regardmg the spoil mg of a part of the leaf (m consequence of the contmuous heavy rain of May last), which we reported last month, have been confirmed ; consequently the very large yield a.nt1c1pated has been to from 30,000 to 40,000 bales Only half of this crop IS stated to be available for the Umted States markets the balance will be well adapted to the reqmrements of our Transatlantic friends, that 1s to say m so far as the quahty and hglit shades of the leaf conceiried for the h1gh rates pa1d for the tobacco m the country'will prove a very senous 1nconvemence. Judgmg from the few l<;>ts w luch have already been brought forward, the favorite reports rega.rd10g the leaf grown 10 tll_is reg:tcu. whtch were c1rculated at the bep;mnmg of the season have been fully confirmed. The leaf has the appear: ance of havmg been handled by the farmers with greater care than formerly Gibara-The latest mformatton recmved about the crop from this quarter represents 1t under a more favorable a spect, both as regards the quantity and quality o{ the leaf harvested, the second cut havmg l:ieen greatly Improved by propitiOus showers of ram at the very crists of Its fate Pr1ces opened at from '12 to $14 gold per qumtal, at wh1ch figures some dehas been created by part1es buying this growth m CUJes, w1th the mtentwn of passmg It off as Ya.ra after havmg It assorted and put up at Manzanillo. Yara-Accordmg to the samples whwh have been sent here, the Yara leaf promises to contam more body on an average, than the precedmg two crops, and will consequently no doubt meet With some favor from our Northern friends Of genome Yara leaf there wtll hardly be ovei 2,000 bales, wh1lst the produce of the Gibacoa, GUJza, and other districts sh1pped from Man zamllo may b e estimate d at about 9,000 bales. The small yield of the Vuelta AbaJO and Partido crops on the one hand, and on the other the great competitiOn of shtppets and dealers of th1s City agamst those oper atmg at head qua1 tets are the causes which have pro duced the exorb1tant pretensiOns of the sellers who firmly hold out for from $.28 to gold per qtlmtai which 1s an extraordinary advance on last openmg prwes No sales of Importance have so far transpired. Cuba and Sagua de Tenamo leaf is likely to prove more acceptable this season than It was last year, on account of the superwnty m quality of tb1s y1eld, from '24 to gold per qumtaiis pretende d for parcels of the cus li<>mary assortment Market amt Stock-Owing to the very small stock on hand transactions have been of little Importance. Remedtos leaf, m first hands, has almost entirely diS appeared 'l'he demand for fine Vuelta AbaJo fillers on the part of our manufacturers Is more acttve than ever but as the chmce IS extremely hmtted, very few able to cover thetr reqmrements The market IS enttrely bare of low tillers for Germany Of the new 1880 crop some 2 000 bales of all descnptwns, the mRJOrtty bemg Remedios leaf, have come w, and da1ly aruvals will soon mcrea!le the stock. As the tobacco IS still fermentmg, 'It hi'IS not yet been of fered fOI' sale, nevertheless, some speCially fine lots found buyers as soon as they were shown for mspectwn Sales and Prices-The busineBB dur10g the past month amounts to about 6,000 bales of all descr1pt1on. One dealer sold out his whole stock of Vuelta Abajo leaf, conststmg of about 1,ooe bales, to a shipper for the Umted States market, at '51 gold per qumtal. Remedios brought from $40 to $44 gold per qmntal One lot of new 1880 Vuelta AbaJo realized at once Sl)8 gold per qumtal, and it IS reported that a manufacturer has pa1d $5 gold per carrot for 1sts to 7ths, the other classes m proportwn, for a particularly fine Vuelta AbaJo vega of the actual crop The buyei'B for account of the Bpamsh t'lontract are said to have latd 10 several thousand bales of 1878 leaf at about '17 gold per qumtal. Porto Rwo-The 1mportatwn of this leaf during June amounted to 575 bales. CIGARS -Although we have had several days of heavy rams since our last report, yet on the whole the weather bas been more favorable than durmg the pre cedmg month consequently a larger qua.nttty of cigars have been turned out, m sptte of a reduction of workmen at some factories, and the complete stoppage of a few others. The mcreased production is chiefly to be noted at the factories work10g up m1xtures of different descriptiOns of tobacco, some of which corpbmations we have already reported as havmg proved very suc cessful. Most of these factones appear to be working on spemal orders, or exclustvely for some of our large Cigar dealers, very few of this class of goods bemg offered for sale. The demand has fallen off rapidlv since the latter half of last month, both for the Uwted States and for Europe the former orders are greatly missed by our manufacturers, m so far as the finer grades (vitolas) are concerned, and has been the cause of a reduction of the number of hands at several factories. Thts Circumstance, although at present d!llall:reeable to some, will hereafter be productive of gratification to many The leaf stlllm bales will thus t1me to become thoroughly cured, apd w1ll be avadahle to m1x wtth that of th1s year's growth, the apparent good burnmg qual1ttes of whtch lead to the expectatiOn that c1gars made of last year's wrappers and th1s season's tillers w11l prove a very superiOr article For thiS Jeason, the small demand at present IS hardly to be re gretted, for had the pwductton of Cigars contmued at all the first class factories on the same scale as four months ago, the whole available stock of desirable leaf would have been worked up before the new fillers were ready Some few months ag9 the Htgh Ltfe factory again changed owners, this t1me 1t has fallen mto the hands of two practwal manufacturers, Messrs Garma & Mon tero. each having been foreman at OIJe of our large and well reputed factories, should circumstances at all fa vor the!D, we have no doubt they will ere long succeed m regammg for this brand tbe favor tt enJoyed when under the management of 1ts founder, Mr J oaqmn Ortiz Another old and well known brand has JUSt changed hands, e the Flor del Fumar, whtch has been purchased by ,Mr. Bemto Celono, thts change IS not at all likely to depreciate the reputatiOn of the brand, as MI. Celouo IS a manufacturer of experi ence. The Flor de Murms factory has Issued a new pr1ce hst to come m force on the lst of August the changes of most Importance occur m the sizes of Regaha Rema Londres. and ConchM; the two former advance '5' and the latter '3 per mtlle. The Mendmna factory bas not worked at all durmg the past month, tbts IS very severely felt, as orders for th1s brand raptdly accumulated. The reduced demand reported above has so far had no effect whatever on certam factories, say Cabanas, Mur1as, VIllar, Henry Clay, etc the latter IS actually still workmg at the rate elf 68 mille a day, this under present Circumstances 1s considered an enormous fig ure ExcHANGES -Just after the issue of onr last report rates advanced 1ap1dly, and then remamed steady till w1thm the last few days, when some weakness was ma.mfested However, no declme has occurred nor do we think any w1ll Spameh gold is some 10 per cent lower than it was 1.8st month, owing to the reJX!rted fioatmg of the Government's loan for thiS 1sland We quote Sterlmg, 60 days .... 17% per cent. P. R Marks, 60 days 2 @ Umted 'States, 60 days 7 11 11 do 3 days 8 11 11 Frl\ncs, 60 days S%@ 4 11 11 Spamsh gold. 116@117 11 -Depmark does not receive any tobacco direct from the United States, but 1s supphej) by Germany. -At Barnsley, m England, one Joseph Kirb1 a col her, was lately fined for selling tobacco without a license. The full penalty IS 'A correspondent writmg from Vernon Vt savs -Tobacco has suffered severeii for want of ram and many of the la te-.;at pieces wii almost prove a fa;lure. -An exchange remarks -Dr. Ely cla1ms that to bacco IOJUres the eye-s1ght That 1s all well enough 10 theory, but tf you have got an extra ctgar about your person, a smoker 1s pretty sure to dtscover It. correspondent writes .-The quality of Western Seed leaf IS bemg rapidly improved, and willliiOOn rival that of the East Improved seed, and a better knowl edge of how to cultivate tobacco, IS the cause of th1s progress -At 11 meeting of the Executive Committee of the AsEoc1atwn of German Tobacco Manufacturers and Dealers, held lately at Brunsw1c, Herr Gustav Hauck, of Heilbronn, was elected a member of the commtttee m place of Herr Muenzer, of Oppeln, who res1gned. 1 t :J.I(II.ES & FB.EY. Packers and DeaJ.ers In PeD.D.SYlvanta Leaf ,61 and 63 North Duke Street. LANCASTER,.


JULY 17 / Sa"f'ples Prloes of FINEST POWDERE p AliiSH LICOB.IOE ROOT famished on a.ppll-.1 a co., TOT fB1DO, ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;:::;:;:;:=...1 LOZANO, PENDAS & Co., X:DPe>R.TEJR.IB C>Jii" The LEAFLETS. -From Cuba it is reported, under date of June 26 tllat after several days of weather, it 'has begu,{ to rain over the greateJ'.i)art of t-he isla11d, the field labor bemg once more generally interrupted. The hopes of the Vuelta AbajG growers fair tollaooo crop to be.gatherea this YPr destroyed. -The recent regular Tn'""'m"' Wisconsin Tobacco Brand. cess by which tobacco will need no after the first suc!.'.ers are pulled off. The process IS sim ple. Pull oft' all th,e suckers when the:r make their appearance ex-LX"V'ER. &/ R.C>lEIX:N'SC>:N', 'V"::ER.G::E::N"::E.&.. Cll TES. Of (ligan, formerly made by BUCHANAN & LYALL of New York. SOLE MANUFACTURERS of the CELEltlU.TED 1. AlloBQLE!XA.liiQI'AC'1'tllllllll8 ot tu:REW 8'I'YLJ:; Baleigh Plug Smo g, with PUENT :.REVENUE SUMP ATIACHED. NEW YOIUt OFFICE.-'TS WARREN ST. I H. Special Acent. HOLMES, BOOTH & ( 106 00 &'1'. a. w. 'J1'1 c ["{Jil nd:l 1o smul'. AN f H' TXC:::m. We hereby caution all parties infringing upoa IMITATINC OUR BRANDS, LABELS & TRADE-MARKS. we W!ll spare no pains in prosecuting such partieeiD mg the nghts secured to us by Act of Congress Auaa-14, 1876. .. STR..A.::ETC>::N" .-, 206 & 208 -East 27th St., New to aa;r oae civinc :bd'ormatioa of P....U.. lllfrillr iDe on oar Patents. Our new Improved Prooess for Be-Sweating Tobaccos a positive success! Flattering testimon.ials received trom the most emlnea' Tobacco. De&Iers and CigarManuta.cturers who have adopted our proce., Every Dealer and Manufacturer should have a Sweat-Boom llttecl up u.,nder process on their own premisee. This is the best and cheapest proceHS in existence: and the only sure way to obtain dark <..'Olors. Full particulars as to terms, which are reasonable, a.nd circulars ma.iled on application. Send us a case for trial under our new proeeu. S. PHILIPS & CO., 188 Pearl St'.l New York; 131 & 133 N. WATER ST. PHILADELPIII.A,P.& Tobacco Factory for Sa.le. The Tobacco Factory, Nos. 12 and 14 Exchange Street, the only one in the city of Buffalo. The MacJ:inery consists of one 12-horse power Stationary En gme and Boiler, one No. 3 Pease Cutting Machine Dayton, 0. ; one large Grindstone and Hangings' Shafting, Pulleys, Belting, !fables, etc., and all S'try machinery complete for manufacturing all grades. of fine-cut chewing and smoking tobacco; machinery. first-class. There is no better opening for a m anufactory in Western New York. For address M. E. l\1EYTI:R, 14 Exchange St. B u l i > Ilo, N: Y. Tfleunderaign'e(lcbntinues to manufacture Spanish and Turkish Liquorice Paste, whlch he of'l'ti'S' ...... .. 1 the Trade at Reducell Pl'lces. Manufacturers will flnd it '1!\0J. t J .r'1 HEW PATENT GlASS C AROS !;.. SHOW CARDS FOR THE to their Interest to apply to him befor" purchasing else Wllere .. James C. McAndrew, ..,.._. er ... ..._ .,... &A Water Street. Bew York. s, ._ TOBACCO AID CIGAR TRADE ... MANUJ'AOTURBD BY REGENHARD, SHEVIL' L & CO i w- ISIS :IOe7't, :I!G'e-TOJrk. J Tldot J'ap will keep TOBACCO and fl'eell,&lld r..wu tb6Cirfcl4' aa-. The IeadiJo&' IIWUifacturera ..... lt. Selld for SamoleL


6 IJE TOBACCO LEAF. given that all Persons Ma -king, Selling or lJ Prosecuted to the Full extent of 1 A NEW AND a ad Furnished Plain Fancy I [EXTRACT FROM AN EDITORIAL IN "THE TOBACCO LEAF" OF' JUNE 26. ] I THE SILVER SURF ACE FOIL is the most recent grand discovery in the domain of the useful arts. emanating from the house of JoHN J. CaooDI. 4Uhouch thl8 e has been patented only about two months, more than one hundred ana thirty wberent braads of are now) manufactured and sold at Mr. Crooke's manufactory. Anythiu more generally useful and, at the same time, beautiful than this "f'!Fiety of foil.. it ,,-ould be i conceive or devise. Its distinguishing characteristic is its frosted-silver whitene88. In lustre it is brilliant LUI the purest silver ever dug from the mines, and yet, owing to its non-reflective quality, neither shade nor shftdow is visi'bl& when is e:q!OIIed naiu.ra1 Of artificial light. iViewed from any position or angle, it presents a uniformly bright and silvery surface, so that an imprip.t upon it, be it in whateyer color it may, is always clear and plainly disoerm'ble; which is not the case when the ordinary burnished foil is made a medium for disclosing a name or Look squarely at an ambrotype, and all +.tie Jines which make the portrait it embodiell are dietP1ot aad perfect; 1Iance at it either side, and a hiiZy, undefined image is all tb& can be perceived. So it is1 as a rule, with the inscriptions on tin-foil wrappers. Tradesmen using foil in any form externally their brands or business addreBSes plainly percept-. I ible in any light, and from any point of view, and this great desideratum they are sure of obtaining in using the Silver Surface Foil. A prominent local cigar manufacturing firm is packing fifteen di1Ierent brands of cigars in Silver Surface Foil. Nearly all the cigar, cigarette, tobacco ,ana snqff manuflll;:turers f the country are using this material extensively, LUI also are all other tradesmen in the habit of using foil in their businesa. The Bale already of this article is immense. For lining cigar-boxes, wrapping ciganJ, cigarettes, snuff, tobacco, chewing or smoking, fine cut or plug, it is one of the most attractive and serviceable articles ever offered to the public. Among representatives of. tbe tobacco interest the house of J J Crooke is knowp. for the excellence and extent of its productions adapted to their uses. In other industrial departments it is known both for the extent and variety of its productions, there being no known application of tin foil for which its resources are not equal, and which it has not ,already furnished patterns and distributed types. This house not only manufactures foil for cigarll, cigarettes, snuff and tobacco, but also for rubber goods of all kinds, lininga for percussion-caps, the mani fold uses of telegraph buildera and operators, electrotype and etencil works, telephonic, phonographic, and other adaptations appropriated and made famous by the wizard of Menlo Park," druggists, confectioners, grocers, canners, picklers, and for every other purpose within the range of the mechanical, manufacturing and industrial arts. [From the Weetern Tobacco Journ -WHITE SURFACE TIN FOIL-We have Jiceived a by l(r. J!!UI J. 163 }( York C i eTer aeen, and for our pa we Will never chew more T ts 1'lllled or woven the, .. and Napkins shoWn in Russiin Depar admired by every one. Some of the styles are plain silvE priated in dift'erent oolon and d 'gliB. To 8aJ' that these are a neoearity to f!Yery Tobaeco manufaeturet who wishet tasteful appearance, and need only to be seen to be appl as to be compelled to increaae his facilities, and by the le m91JoDtime write and get. a and your b (From New Remedies, for The WBIT.E SURFACE TIN-FOIL, manutaetured by attractive things of the kind we have yet seen. Its pec1i the. appearance of a finely wov.en cloth of minute silver threa doyleys and napkins, shown in the Russian Deputment of t these goods. Some of the samples received have been left pL had labels or checkered patterns printed on them in colors. These foils ought to become very popular among pharn for ta.'lteful appeal'IIJUle


h and JULY 6, 1880. fsing r-Din Foil in Infringement of ;he La-w prOvided in such cases January tJ, 1880. Cincinnati; -0.] unber of samples of a new and beautiful foil, manuftlctured which is t'be moat be&nfiful .ad attraetlu articie we have aooo until done up ia this foil. .]t. P!CUU,rity consista in colored silk ; in faot it is a close in silver of .ent of the oCe:Beeftnial hhitiition, which were 80 greatly color, while others have upon them beautiful patterns oods will beoeme nry is putmng it mild. They his goods to be alatlnguished: by their handsome and iated. Mr. C:aoo.:x is 80 pushed with orden already of February wD.l be able to eupplylan demands. In the !iwe :, ._, --. -, -:;:: ,,;' f )ecember, 1879. N. Y.] ....._.__ (r. J. J. CROOKE, of this city, is one ot the most beautiful 'rity consists in its milled or embossed surface, giving it Any one who rememben the imitations, in silver, of Centennial Exhibition, will appreciate the general effect of while others, previous to the embossing process, have : ista and others who wish their goods to b e distinguished -----' r [From the New York FOIL.-As referred to in the columas of the Tobacco Leaf a few weeks ago, the eminent firm of JoHN J. manufacturer of thi :ron, Of this cityl has pla on the market an entirely new md of foi117 which, in ..._, .. 1beauty and exeellence, cannot .be 11111"p&118ed. It is the "Silver Surface Foil," manufactured of th purest ,_,and -A_nest quality .of tin, and is specially adapted for the packing of fancy and other brands of .che g, r;add plug tobaccos. The Silver Surface Foil is am beautiful article. Its brigh sQ:rt'ace is pmsented l in colors resembling li e fin est of silk and water colors. It prepared in and fancy designs of colors and orn4meritati n. Althoug article, it is already used by all the largest and leading tobacco manufacturers of this country, and by druggists and fiori.ts. Mr. JoHN J. CRooKE has been for yea!S the, leading ackno11fledged manufacturer of ti;-foil, -and has been recognized as such not only by the entire tobacco trade, but also by tll.e UnitQd States Government, as whose he has acted in the printing of the revenue stamps on tobacco pl)-t 11p in tin foil.' is certainly not a house at home or abroad using tin toil in some shape or form, to whom the name of this firm is no"t. known For fnrther explanations regarding this elegant nd n e w .Silv e r Surface Foil, we refer onr readers to a special notic e on the first page of this "'" ... f\'%i7.l:'"'J..; : .. !;.,,.. ,, .; ,., n ... .. [From the Druggists' Circular for D e cember, 1879, N. Y.] !I SILVE SURFACE TIN :FOIL-Some extremely pretty tin foil is now ma'fm:t'actured by J. J. CROOKE, oi this city, for VfUlOUB decorating purposes. By a liew lJrocess the surface of the foil is :made to look just like frosted silver, and on this various colored patterns are printed. The frosted snrface may also 1;>e leftylaJn, and to the taste of some this is, perhapS, more handsome. The silver tin foil is a very appropriate material for decorating face-powder and pu1f boxes and ,other toilet articles. ... -------------------7


DO 8treet. New York. > -68811.-, KANUFAi:7ruBEBs OF AND DEALERS IN PLUG .. AND :SIDliNG T Bole Agents for lAMES B. Rioomorid, AND OTHER YJRGINIA. MA.NUPA.CTURERS. so1e :ror JNO. W. CARROLL'S CELE RATElt BRlNDS, 4LONE JACK,' 'BROWN DICK,' ETC., ETC., ETC,, -AND-"WV' "WV". RAG--T..A..GsMoKING TOBACCO. 1!BE VIRGINIA TOBACCO AGENCY, ::ma'tabl.:lah.ed. :J..aae. .1'45. M. GARDINER, TOBACCO GOMMISSION MERCHANT, 84 .FRONT STREET, NEW YORK. .PORTORDERS FOR PLUG TOBACCO PROMPTLY FILLBD, PROIPTLY.: FROM STORE OR FACTORY. C F LINDE. ED LEAF TOBACCO INSPECTION. -TOBACCO INSPECTED OR SAMPLED.CJOUll'ft\Y SAMPLING PROIIPTLY ATTENDED TO. JI.Yea f o r every Case, and delivered Case by Case, a.s to number of Clerllftco.te. N. 8.-We also Sample In Merchants' Otn Stores. JP. 0. T-XN'::I::E &. CO. PBIT ADELPHIA. BRANCHES:-1 W. corner Arch and Water Streets; J ONAS METZ M North Front St. Conn. :-A. H. ATHERTON, Ahret C!Kar Store, 176 State Street. ltJPP LA CJonn, 1 EDW. AUSTIN. LANCASTER, J"a.:-HENRY FOREST. PH RCIPAL OPFICIomblned with Gre-Power, ( u shoWn Ia their Gra!Kl, 8q11&1"e and. Pianos.) These three styles show intelligence and Mlidit.f in their coll8tru.c t i on a1pli&nt and easytouc.?1 which at the same time answers promptly to tte requirement& together with excellence of workmanship. A. T. GOSHORN, Director-General J. R. HAWLEY, Prelident. Attest: [Seal] J L. ()ampbell, Secretary. CA.lJTION -Bew4u'e otull8Crupu lous advertisers, who are trying to palm ofr-aerttllcate of pr1 Yate lndlvlclu&la, conalatlnc of renowned Professon of UIIAv-tleo and Colleges, C hemfSts, Astronomen, and Engineers, aa a Ceoteimial,award on Pianos. c;w-By AetofU. 8. Congress the U S. Centennta1 Clned wltlf.GREATEST POWER," )PRICES RE,t.SONABLE, TERJJJ.S EASY. Ave cor. 16th Street. E. OWEN, H. B. NASH, Commission Merchant r..ate ot Louisville, Ky. ir ia Leaf ToH co(MfifoiC>iHRGiiiNT. No. 39 BROAD STREET, No. 54 BROAD STREET, FANCY SMOKING PIPES JULY 17 ---------------&Jr.:LWO:N' ST:R..A.. "1:7&&, l'IIAN11PACTUKBB Olr CIGAR BOXES AND SHOW FIGURES; '.lMPORTBK 011' AND DB.I.LEK JN CXG.A.R GERMJlN CIGAR MOULDS, PRESSES, STRAPS, CUTTERS, ETC. H DAUSMAN, President. POB PBIOE Lll'1' ADDBESS OB APPLY AI ABOVE. COMIISSIOI UBUl. ,. a-aoaw m:. Dealer Ia [ Tobacco, 138 Water St., .,...._ oiiPANISH ao4 Deal ... Ia aH tta4o o1 LEAF'TOBACCO, 184 P'rOJlt .street, ........ E. M. CRAWFORD & SON. Leaf TQbacco, 168 Water St., M. H. LEVIN, ol HAVANA 0 IJEA LER IN ALL KINDS OF LAF a. REISMA:Nm Commission Merchant, AIID DKAJ.Ek IN ALL. KIMDS OP LEAf 228 PEARL. ST., HEW YORK. 11:. DEUTS C H. I. DEUTSCH. E. Deutso.Q llANUF ACTU111:1i8 OF FINE AND DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO. 82 Clinton Street, New York:. Hirsch, & Co. .' 0''' H =


JULY 17 225 Front Street. CODISSION ...... ULEIS OF TOBACCO FOR ElPOIT I s.-t Tobacco preue4 In bat few the Well .... Weslc&D ad Central Americaa Porta. aad. lMr _. ...... TOBACCO PAttKED HOGSHEADS. .. a4D Pearl and SlO Cllfl' Streets, New York JOHN 'VV. CARROLL, &ole :Manllracturerol the Faaeoa and Werld teDowned Brandel VIRCINIA 8MOKINC TOBACCOS, LONE JACK-AND BROWN DICK. Manufactory :-TWELFTH STREET, LYNCHBURG, VA. ......... ii.: 1100 Pearl Street, Ne'!N York. :ati:...&.1,1"0':P..&.CT"C'::R..:BI::R.. o::r ID'OBTDO'r P..&.C:K:BI::R.. _..,.,_ COmSSION MHRGHANT, OF AT.L KINDS 011' SEED LEAF TOBACCOS 1 Water St., New York. (a.. Flelcher St. &1ICI Burling Bllp.) -F. W. SMYTHE & CO., COMJWJSSION IEBOHANTS, BRETHER TON BUILDINGS, No. 10 NORTH JOHN STREET, LIVERPOOL. ENC. Internal Revenue Books Tbe OrfPulliDteraal B .. .,.oll PoblllhiDg Ho...e. c.JO"UBGPSEN, 30 & 3't LJUB'rY S'r., JIZW YOIUL P. 0. Boi 1,11611. Brandint: Irons & Stencils a Specialty. j,Jao Ketalllc Taga for Tobacco. AnT pattern lllllde to order M obort DOIIoe. !il 1P ::R.. :E N' T :E N' G--Ol .,..,y deecrlptlon at the Lowest 1"ric-. SENb .. OK PBJ::BA.OOO -Am>-Paducah, Ky. General Commission Merchants, 'II Barew St., Jrew Orlealaa, FINE VUELTA ABAJO TOBACCO & CIGARS I ...... IPropl'le .. r or Ua T Brand LA ISLA'" ..... lae ___ ..._.._. '"Coney I$land." 20& Pearl St., New Yort"\t M. & S. STERMBERGtR, BANKERS AND-BROKERS, \1 BROAD ST NEW YORK. P&y particular Att.entton to the NN!OUd.loi dl ef Foreign and LotLna Execute Orders (or the Pnrcbas e aad Slle ef Call!omla lUid N t' varl a Mining S'ock ln the Fr&nel8oo Stock. AUGUSTUS POLLACK, JI&Dufaaturer of Olear, ."Wheeling" Crown&Seed &TOG:EE&, SEAl OFJHE STATE'DF'WEST VA. And CBOW!f Bmaldlaga: ChewtooaTobaccoa, '. WHEELIWG, Wed V!.J::aWat--'11 S. Tbe best value goods in the markets of the United ED. li1.SCJl![EYI!'R, BY. WlSClLIIiluXL ED WISCH MEYER & CO., TOB.A.OOO COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 3 9 SOUTH CALVERT ST., Baltimore, :KcL LOBENSTEIN & GANS, WHeJ.EIIA.LE DEAJ.EJIS l!f .SEED AND HAVANA-TOBACCOS; SOLE AGENTS AND IMPORTEIIS OF THl!l GENUIIIIII W. II; .. CXG-A.Fl. P,resses, Straps & Cuttel'lll; IMPORTERS OF GERMAN&: SP.lNISH CIGAR RIBBONS: .,. 4-.PfeRSO:tV, BARRJ)JAN & CO., [Augu.tua Treadwell, with Howard Bros. & .1 Tobacco IMITATION SPANISH A .ND LlNEN FANCY ::ror 'O'p &:u:Lo.I&.:I.D. Tob-ao., 457' & 459 Broome Street, Ne'!!' Y .. Jse. -Herman AUG. RICHTERlNG & CO., TOB.A.OOO a:nd O:tG-.A..E=I. COMMISSION MERG 3 MERCAOERES ST. .. [P. 0. BGI 368] ttlYlll,


Ad'vertise:ment.. llEWI S BREMER'S-SDNS, Wh< Lesale Dealers in 'LEAF" ..! N D KANUF ACT'URED TOBACCO, I NO. THtaD STREET..,. PHJLADE.I.PHIA. assortment of all kinds of LEAF ToBACCO oonstantlv on c .l..ll .i 1 0.''VANT .r FAil. LOB.rCl'O C J{:iA}'. F.d R'1 ( lfl T N. Y SMOKING TOBACCO 888-67:& NOR'EH ELEVENTH ST,, 39 N. Calyert Street, :Eia.11::1.2D.ore, & co.,BA.:E&O:N' &, Oe Df.I:ANlJFACTWERS OF CIGARS, .AND OF THE well-known AIITo acco Cigarettes, SS.'' .s, W, VEN&DLE. E, O, VENABLE, VENABLE & Co. Oftlce: Cor. Byrne and Halifax Sts., Petersburg, Va. Factory: 19 Second District. Virginia. -ufaeture and Olfer to the Trade libe followtDg Oelebraae Braa4e of PLUG GHEWING and SMOKING TOBACCOS : ,. BCLIPSID" BRIGHT NA.VY. 11 4, Sa, 6t7a, s., O aud lOt. ''8T,. GE.,RGE" BRIQHT NA_VY, Is, )ta, 3, 4:-1 IU, 611, 'fe, 8e, 81 aaa.. _.,VIRGJ51A. DAilE" BRIGHT 5A..VY, 11, 31, 5s1 81, 8t&ncll01. LYLE" BRIGHT NA.VY, 11. 3, t:a &11 811 7'a, 81, Oa aat1101. UNION .JA.CK. '' ltiAIIOOANY POUN-PS, -"'.:ad lb. ST. JAMES" DARK. POUNDS, M, 4, lh, de, 't, Oe and 101. A'so a great variety of FINE TWIST of several g'tades Bright aud MabGgany under tbe foUowlDI celeDri.ted bra_.nds :"ADDI!B.A TIOl'f'," "TBOJlMAl'IDY u BI:AILT 01" G-OI.D," .SC. "J.IVB OAK,"" :N'AaOll," "Dl: SOTO '' and "GORO'VBB.OB.." The !61lowtng are OUR. Cor the of MANU F ACTU RE_D-GC..\ODS :(l V .4.N ALSTINE & CO ._!BCentral Wbarf. Booton ..... P. CA. VANAGH, 41 and Wabasht&.. venue, Chicago, A., HAGEN & CO!> MN. Front Street, h.; N, H, CIIBI!ITIAN, Galveston. Texaa; JULY 17 Western Advertisements. MISCELLANEOUS ADVERTISEMENTS W. G. IIEIER & CO HINSDALE SMITH & SON, LOUISVILLE K (S11cceuoro to H. &r CO.) 'Y PACKERS AND JOBBERS OF R. MEIER & co., Connecticut Leaf Tobacco; CINCINNAtU, o 20. HAMPDEN ST., G-'VV SMOKING, Nos. 54 to 62 East Third Street, LEAF TOBACCO. STEAM CIGAR. .BOX FACTORY. Capacity, 25,000 Boxes per Week. Cigars & leaf Tobacco 113 Main St., Cincmnati, 0. _HENRY MEYER & CO., COMMISSfON MERCHANTS, And Wholesale Dealers ia {Under C. S. PHILIPS' Patent> ->The only Successful Process in Existen.ce Dark Colors Cuaranteed. Poor burning Tobacco made good. Old and Drli!d out goods renovated and pnt into good order. Green, raw, lightcolored or unsweated cured and brought t o dark colors. 70 Main St., Cincinnati, 0. HENRY GEISE, (Successor to B. GEISE & BRO:) Springfield, Mass. R. H. SMtTH. c. 0. HOLYOKE, COMMISSION :MERCHANT In LEAF and MANUFACTURED TOBAOOO, :1.2 Central Wll.a,._r, Bostmt.. GEO,RGE H. JONES, Importer of :a::.:a. V .A.N.A And Dealer In SEED LEAF-TOBACCO No. 98 Water Street, -. lEIO.BTO:LVo C1ua. W. WILDEll, Ja. WK. B. Wlll'l'&. Importer aad lllaallfae>turer of FINE CIGARS, 68 Kilby 4 98 Water Sta., ,.., B9S_TON'. E .. FLAcK, :.S .. ::t No. TOBA.CCO BROK_ER, PRAGUE & MATSON, F w DOHR,MANN KY. LEAF TOBACCO BROKERS j RE-DRYERS OFAKDCVTING LEAF LB!E TOBAGUO BROIER AND PLUG FILLERS W col'IUt!IS8I111-S. E. cor. Vine & Front Sts., 94 Front St., .,.lnclnnatll. CINCINNATI. DfY XT.: w """""KY. E1nzer &, Brc.s. !II&NUFA.CTURERS OF J. &,co., MANUFACTURERS OF ALL KINDS OF PLUG TOBACCO, 1\4::tD::PLETC>'VVN", C>. 0-u.:r X..eacJ.:l:n.s :EI:ra:n.cJ. :a ::1: G-G-"'1:7 :N' --. AND SOLE PROPRIETORS OF THE GENUINE I : GOLDEN CROWN'' CIGARS; 57 ":ake 18treet and 4 I State Chicago, 111. ALSO AGENTS FOR THE >FOLLOWING WELL-KNOWN P. LORlt.LARD & CO.,_ New .York; CO., N.,. York W 'I' BLA.CKWELL & ad Durham,"' C:.i_ (!. J IIAGLJ:Y & .00;'8 l>8tr01t, llloh. -w CA.lllloLL'B WJ.6NE J&CX." Lyll.ehbuqr, Va. GQODWW &: CO.'S "OLD JUDGE" Tobacco and Cigarette; HALL' S "BETWEEN THE ACTS' and F. 8. KINNEY'S CIGARETTES. S KIMBALL rt ro..:; 1 All! TIHp'(L't, t. ('L"I;h.} 'I''.-, JtOUH}STE.l< N.Y.\ 193 & 195 Jefferson Ave., Detroit, REFERENCES: J no. C. Lath&m Preo't Bank of Hopkinartlle S. E, Tri'!!', Pres't Planters' Bank. HopklDnilJe; Sawyer, wallace & Co., New York; Spra.U Co., Louisville, Ky. M:" H. CLARK & roBACCO lBOKBRS Pa.ul Venable, COIIIIIIJSSION For the Purohase of VIRCINIA LEAF TOBACCO HrDrl&h& Lear a Specialty. OrlKfnal Invoice CITen--u re.queBle4. LEFTWICS:, Dealer In VIRGINIA LEAF TOBACCO &a4 Pine Virginia Manuf'rs' Stems &Scraps Ly:n.ohb-u.:rs, Va. Conat&ntly on band a large supply of -- -and Serap_., dark, medium and bright, an4 can fill oruera for home &Del deiii.IIUL !Iampi,. &ad J>rloeo oent OJl &JIP1Icatlon. lAD, D rt'OBACCO CO., LEAF TOBACCO BUYERS, No. Q I North Main Street, II!IJT. X.O'C'XB, -' "', Jll, L A -DD, Prelolen &. SOB.BRT,. -WHOLESALE DB.u.Eit OJ HAV:AN'A -a.Nit-DOESTIC LEAF TOBACC-o, ,231. Rarldolph st., -J CHICAGO, JLL. W. E. RAGSDALE, TOBACCO BROKER, lEI:opk:l:n.-v:l11e, JI.EFERENCEB, BY J. 0. Latham. Preo't Banlc HopldnsviUe\ B. B. Trice, Preo't Planters' I1an1c, HoplWIIITWel B. G. Buckner Com. Merchant, M J K. Gant'&: &n, Com. Merchant, &a..,....,. Wall8ce ct Co., New York: "'' 1 B'elll71leiherl. !lew Yelit: P. G "bwfn. OliLrkavUJe, TenneJ!1881!; x. B. aart: & Bm"' 1:r. lleaumoilt, Pr'ee'* IR Nat.J;!'k1 ClarkBvllle, '1'. I BOT ONLY ON OBDElL vroors Sollcltecl. .t CENTEIINL\L m:l'OSlTlON, September 117, 8'1'6, 'DIIS TOBACCO WAS 4WAR.DED I' (CORNER OF BATl!:S STREI:T,) 1:-'BE ...... HIGHEST PRIZE. l'IUNUP4CTIJBEKS OF THE CELEBRATED ; W. A. BETHEL, Lear, Tobacco Broker, BANNER BRAND FINE ;caddY. has n; T" lnitn-f1nto 1t by a die. Every Plug hal! our Tl'llde-mark I :. atnp "JAO u dlagnorn annexed. TRY TT UNDER OllR GUARANTD, 'andlfnotTo 1<> we-Ut,weWlLLPAYFI\EIGHTBOTHWAYS. "BVt*I'IERrnD"&'Wr BEST" SOLD BY .a.LL LEADIKG JOBBJ!llS TBBOUGHOU'.t IJT.InTED STA'l'E& .&il ... .& ..,....._ \\' ise & Bendheim, New York{)Agent& rd. ...._ H. TEFT. VIM p...,.. au. p, BArrow. e BROAD STRIEIET, Te-a., I


JULY 17 Business Directory of AdvertiSers. NEW YORK. Le<>/ Tebacco Ware".A.hner & Dehlo, 190 PeuL Barnett S. !Oil Water BMcb .t Fiacner, 11111 Water. C&rdMO A. H. 66 Broad. Crawtord E. M .t Son, 168 Water. EdmoDBton S. 8. & Bro. 47 Broad Eggert Wm. & Co. 2411 Pearl Friedman, Henry, 119 Maiden Lane Friend E. & G. & Co. 129 Malden Laue. Garth D J Son&: Co. 44 Broad. G.....,rt J. L &: Bro. 157 Bowery Gerohel L & Bro. 191 Pearl. B&mbUI1{'er l. &': no. ]l) t w .. ter Heilbroner, Jo..,phs & Co. 119 Malden Lane Helme Geo. W. 133 Water ano18i! Pine Hirsch, Victorius & Co. 177 Water Kerbs & Spiess 1014--1020 2d Avenue Koenig H.. Pearl L&chenoruch & Bro. 164 Water. Lederer & Fischel, 218 Pearl. Levin M. H. 162 Pearl Levy D 160 Water Lobensteiu & (ml>S. 181 Malden Lane. Neuberger 1\L 172 Water Ottinger Brothers, 48 Broa6.. ()wen F. E. Oppenheimer M. 138 Water Paulitsch M. 179 Pearl Reamann A. 105 Malden Lane Rok.obl & SteinecKe, 181 Water Rosenwald E. & Bros. 145 Water Sawyer, WaUo.ce & Co. 47 Broadway Beboverling Bros. 142 Water Schroeder & Bon, 178 Water. Schubart H. & Co. !60 Water. jkhulz Fred. 2!3Pear1 Scovill&-.&: H. & Co 170 W ate-r. .fileber.t Henry, G8 Broad. Tag, Charles F. & Soo. iM Front. Upmann, QarJ, 178 Receivers Qj n esterft. l7a. and N.C. Lea-f Tob. Mill e r&; Co. 34 New aud 88 l:Jroad at Wt1rICOD &114 88 Wall Kaufman Broo & Bondy, Iiiii & !81 GI'IIDd. ..Jacoby Morrill &: Co. 12r>-!29 Broome. ..Jacoby S. & Co. 200 Cb&thara Sq & 1 Doyer Serbs IE Spiees, 1014 to !OliO Secad A &lid 310 to 814 F!ft.;-fourth Le17 BI'OI!I, A .,.enue D aWl Tenth Street. L!Cilteutein Bros. & Oo. 268 &lid 11'10 JloW"'7 Love .Tao. W. 6 RiviDgton II8Ddel ){. W & Bro. !51-2 Bowery '()ttenberfiS .t Broo. 262 and !1M BroAdway PraPr X. w. Courtlandt Bokohlll< Stelnecke, 181 Water -Seidenberg Ill: Ca. 114 and S6 Baade 1!tachelberl!t 1L & Co llil &lid M & Storm. lll>l-208 Eut 97th '8lJI;ro & Newmark. 76 Park Plac8 Upmann Carl, !78 Pearl Street. Manvocturer of Fme H.,...... CiQMI. roWD & J:&rle, Wll-209 East 88d FOiter, HUson dl Co. M Bowery 'llaaOile&, H&ya & Oo. !110, 1311, 184 :Kal-l..aDe Itaj)OI'ter of H11mna 2bNeco Gft:to 208 Pearl Lozano, Pendas & Co. 209 Pearl ll-ger T. H & Co. 161 Malden I.ue. ]lfiranda F. & Co. 2211 Pearl PaMUal L. 156 Water Bloe s. M. 83 Reade Rodriguez & Olsneros, 158 Pearl B&nch ... Hay& & Co. !110, 182, !84 111&1-Lue Scoville .a.: H. & Co. 170 Water Seidenberg & Co. M and 86 Reade Solomon 14. & E. 8i! Malden Lane V& llerBbeim, 187 Pearl Well & Co. G5 Pine WelsB, ICI!er .t 200 Pearl Ybor V llil&rUneZ & Co. 190 Pearl AgelotB for Glewt>'l/ aRCiurer of Gft,.oifaclu,..,., oj Briar PI-aa4 of Smokera' Article&. BarYey & Ford, 3H2 Broadway Boa A. & Oo. 43 Uberty Kauimana. Bros. & Bondy, 1 &lid 111Gruld JIGilu/..aurera of Lit:orice PINN. llcAildreW Jam.., C. 55 Water Stamford ll&nufacturlng Co. !57 llald6u Lane Weaver .t Sterrv 24 Cedar Jt'llporte Ja OJ LtCorit:C! PtJMe. &rgulmhaU, Wallace 1 Co. 1111 and 81 S. WWlam Jame11 C. 65 Water Weaver & Sterry, 24 Cedar Zorlcalday & A.rguimhau, 28 Beover Man.vJach,rer of Po'IDCiered .l.MJorice. Gllrord, Shennan & lnnia, liD Wllllam lt. Hillier's Son & Co. Weaver & Sterry, 24 Cedar LM.f 'l'obaoco llelllel& Co Water 1'1Dke Charles. li. t:o. 1119 Water Bamllton C. C & vo. 170 Water Linde F. C. & Oo. I !Ill Water 2'oboooo Pr.-a. h\larle & Co. 1115 Frollt Jl""wocturen of sBenl. Cigar-S... Coclaf'. tJp ........... w. E. 'hath !JpftiiAGtld-c;....-Be1nJeuhelmOr & aud II II. WlWaa Lo--., & Ga.aa. !0111UWleu L&ae Loth. JOMJ>h & Sou, 456 Broome .,._Bim>D,1711'Uo- ,._ Wa & Oo. 11111-1f1 G--a .._, a.tNrwatld .......... LobeDil&ebl & Ga.ns, Ill .._ Lillie Sutro a Newmark, MANUFACTURE S OF S.IEJA RS, -AND DEALERS lN.TOBACCO, No. 76 Park Place, New York. M'f'rs of Tobacco Card8 and Labelo. Donaldson Bros., Five Points. P. 0. Box1mn. Hoped! Wells Co.. 187 Broadway TObaCCO LabeUHeppenheimer & :r.lllurer, 22 and 24 N William New YorK Label Publishing Co. 9 4 Bowery .Mjrs of Old Judge CigO!I'ettes. Goodwin & Co. 207-209 Water. Man.Wacturer.s oj Kinney Br06.' Cigarettu. Kinney Tobacco Co. 51.5-525 West22d. Manufacturers of Hall Thomas H. 76 Barclay Manufacturer Oj Crooke' Compound Tin FoU, Tobacco .Medimn ana Tiaa"u.e. Crooke John J. 16,'J Mulberrr Dlanufacturer of Silver Surface Foil. Crooke J ohn J. 163 :Mulberry Manu.factu,-e,"ot oteigar .Mould&. Borgfeldt N. H. 610 East Nineteenth Manufacturers oj Shed ltletat aad Wooden Oi!)G T MouldM The nnuer, Dubrul & Peters M!g Co. MD E 19th I1nproved Tobacco Scrap Machine trW CiQar Manufac turers. Borgfeldt N. H Mo East 19t h and 115& Water in. :Mach.iJWTJ, Toou and MaterlaY tor Ciuar Manutaeturffa. Watteyne H Pearl BankJ. German-American. 50 Wall Internal Book&. Jourgenoen, C. 30 and 37 Foreign .. and DomeBtic Banker1. Sternberger Al. & S. 44 Exchange Place. Manuto.ctu rera ot S'n.OUJ Figure.. Rohb S A. !95 Canal srauss s. 179 and 1 8 1 Lewis Sole Ma,.ujacturer oj tM Original Gnoea &J,.,.facl'rt of Smoking Tobacco and Clgllrl. Baddln, F Ii. .t J A. M Union Import,;, o/ Bav<>...r .t Dl,.,. m LM./ 7'o!>clq ;1 Bemis, Emery. Jr. S1 Central Wbart Geo. It. 98 Water Man'il.{actunr of FiM Oho.a. W. Jr. 68 Kilby aado98 Water Tobacco :Manufacturers' Aget&ts. JOttredge Wm. P & Co. 9 OentriLI Wharf I BREMEl!f,Ger11UU17 2'obr.cco ComnUuion Jlere:Aatd.L Fallenotel n Yi. F. N. Y. of Snwking and Fine-Cut Chew-' i"g Tobacco. Davies Wm. and 259 Water t BUFFALO, N. Y in Hu.""na and Packer of Seed Leaf, Levin Exchange CHICAGO, m. : Mft.jrs of Poplar, .$tieamore, G'fained and 1 Bass Lumber. Ballmer Wm. IJL Co. 67 and 6!J S. Canal st Ag ... t frn-Olgttn <>Old Bl>w/ri"ff 0 A Peck, 51-63 Southr W&ter Wholesale Dealer in Seed Leaf and Hat1Gtaa Tobacco. B l;'lCk A. & Co. 44 a.nd 46 Dearborn. Bros, 17 Wiorlln Lu,{Tol>atx:o Norman & Bei.U.. .o-ur 11tld _,., Ita r-) T-. HendenOLJ&mOBA.&Co Toltat4o JJrolwrl. 0 .. Ontor. LyunW.G. V-P.C. eommforicm .8.-oloorl oflAacco Broker4. Flack E. M. Thompson Geo. V. E. LANCASTER, Pa. Deakr.a tn Uar 'l'obacoo Hirsh Dav;id G. 8 East Chestnut st Sk11es &"Frey, 61 and 68 North Duke Packer and Cornmiuion Merchant. Teller A. 233 N. Shippen st. Manufacturers of Pennaylvania OiOtJr& Hlrsb Davi d G. LIVERPOOL. E-. Cope Bros .&: Co. 1(j Lord Nelson st Smythe F W & Co 10 North John LOUISVILLE. KJ< Ftnzer Tachau &: Landrum ..... Leaf Meier W G. &: Co. Tobac co Commiuion Merchant. W ick& G. W. & Co. 152 West Main 2 'obacco Br9kert. Callaway JameG F. comer Eighth and Main Gunther F LeWis Rtch'd M 348 West Main M.ejer Wm. G. & Co. 63 Seventh Noah Geo. P Pnlli:olf W F. 394 W ... t Main LYN.CHBURG, Va. Manufacturer of7'obacoo. Q&rroll J ohn W Carroll Wm. S. T obacco Commis.sion Merchant.. Holt, Scha.eler & Co. iti' Virginia !tlnfr's Scraps&: SteJrts. Leftwich A. lol lolA YFIELD, Ky. Leaj TcbaCco Buyer. Melloo W. S MIDDLETOWN, O. oj Plttg 1'obaccos. Sorg. P. J & Co. NEW MILFORD, Coun. Packers and Dealers in Seea Schoverling Bros. NEW ORLEANS. La. Tobacco Factor and ConJ.missiox. Merchant. John D. C. 1Q4 Common. OWENSBORO, K7. Tobacco Stem.mer.s. Fra.yser B ros. PADUCAH, 'Ky. T o bac c o B-l'oker. Puryear T H PATERSON, N. J, Manufacturer& of Chewing and Smoking To bacco, Snuff and Cigar&. Allen&; Dunntn,;, 65 &: ti7 Van llouten Street PETERSBURG, Va. Manufacturers &f Plug and Smoki11{1 Tobacco and Dealers in. Leaf TobaCco. VenableS. W & Co. Manufaotu1'fJI'S of Sweet lva!J11 &heUJTI6 Jackson C A & Co Comm.iuion Mtrchants. Bain & Parrack PHILADELPHIA. Tobacco Wareh.oue.. Bambergor L. .t Co. 111 Arcb Batchelo r Bros. 1231 Chesnut Bremer's Lewis Sons, 822 Nor'en of Plug cf Smok'g To!Ja.ectJ: Lvon A. M & Co. Oiiver & Robinson 0 Pilkinton E T. 1 410 Gary. uaj TobaccO ]jroker. W E. D ib r ell Manuf(tetu.r ers of TObacco Bag1. M.. Alillhiser & Co. 13(19 bla.iu ROCHESTER, N.Y. M.anufr&. b! S ntok:ing and Chetving Tobacco. B. F. Hess & Co. Manufacturer of Tobacco Whalen Jr. & T. !81lState Manufacturers of Peerku" and Plain .Fi-ne Cut-Tobacco and "VanitJI Fair" B-moking Tobacco and Cigarette&. X!lllball W. 8. & Co. SAN :FRANCISCO, Cal. .Age :ncy j.or Storpt. s Oigo.r Heynema.n H. 206 Front SPRnfGFIELD, JINo, Smith H. & Son, 00 ST. LOUIS, Mo. To bacce W oreit.Ouats. Dormltzl'r C & R & po. !S!3 Market Buyt!r of Leaf Tobacco. Ladd Tob& Buuera. lleler Adolphus & Co. ManujfJIJt"reri Agents." B elvin J. A J r. Dillen berg D. 100 N. Sd. i Agent for Harburg Jlroo ],[frs o f Tobacco. -Dausman Tobl\cco Co. SYRACUSE. N. Y, Jlantl/aetunra of CiQGr Leeret & Blaodel. !88 and l'IU Eut Water TOLEDO,O. JICJnU/acturer of Gtld 8orto/rlaf1 2b-x-inll"r Cb&rles R Mfrs of POUJdNed warren C. C. & Co WESTFIELD._.aM .D
    :E't.J:. &. Lederer, JU.NUI'AaruREJI8 or Fine Cigars r <&NI> DEALEBS IN TOBACCO, 96 to 1 1 o Attorney 8t., JST:ID"'l(;JV I A. GREENHALie. .J of Cilars .A.nd Dealan\fn ROS. CG., AUTUBBRS., I j 5 Foreign. Duties ou Tobacco. HEILBRUNER, JOSERHR & CO., MANUFACTURERS aJ CIGARS In ADBtrla, France, Italy and Spain'the tobacco commerce II '!'OD!III!II-Ilaed by Govenllllont, under Of a Beglo. Jn ... ._ on leaf tobacco and 8tema Is 8l! m&l'kll per 100 ... ual te 10.40 cent. p e r on itrips and scraps 1130 marks per 100 kiJo. grammes, equal to ::=,05 cents per pound; on manufactured tobeoco and ctga,rs 970 marks per !00 ldlogrammes, equal to -a J per -d. On tobacCo produced In Ge-. the ..., etrect &!..,.. April 1 1880:-From April 1, 1880, to 1llarcb 31, 1118!1 ttl 689, 691, 693, 695, 697 and 699 FIRST AVE., :aetw-31th aDd 'Oth Streets, N"E"VV YOR.:O:. per 100 llilogrammes, equal to 2.45 centll per poWld; from I, 1181, M llil&-31, 1882, 80 100 ldlogrammee, equal to &.11'1 -.pound; from April 1, 18H2. and thereafter, 46 inArk8 per 100 JdDo equal to 11.110 -per DODDd. Jn :lo 1li ed after deducting 1& per cenf. for tare. The dmy II f 10 d) Ill 100 1l:llograrnme& (100 .American ponDds eq fo kilos.) In Holland the duty b 28 centll, gold, per 100 lbo being equ&l to 197 kilos). In Russia the duty on Leaf Tobacco Is 4 rouoleo 10 kooeks 'Ill pudon lilmokiDg Tobacco ll6 roubleo 40 111 pud; and on Cinrd ronblea :ao kopekll 'f pud. 'l'he "pud" t. to about 36"oan lbs. 1 In Tuds lhereof. a. ld per II; than Ul lbs <>f moisture, Ss. !Od lb. On Manufactured tobacco:--Cilvendllh &Jill Nel1.TObead. 4 !Od Ill ; all other sortll, Including elgarCtell, 48 4d In additiOB to' lhe above dutleo there Ia a ch&qe of tJ -. ........,.. eilal1lea "" &II descriptions. ,_ Value of Foreign Col" .. Aliatrla-llorln, lllveo,41.3centll. Japan-yeu, gold; gold and .... Belglum-!rallc, cold &lld eller, 99.7 COiltll. 19 s cents. Li<>eria-dollar, ...,ld, 11. Boliv&,...::b01iviaBo, silver, 88.6 cent& ltl.exioo-4olla; Silver, tll9 eeDtL Brasll-mllreia of 1,000 rels, gold, Netherl&l>d&-norill, golll &lid llhlr. 154.5 centll. 40.!1 coots. British Po18eeslons In North Amero-Norway-crown. gold, 511.8 cent& lca--dolla.r1 gold, 11 Peru-aol, etlver 88.8 cen&a. Central Ani_ eric a.-peso, ellver, 88.8 c. PortugaJ-iiiiirela of 1,000 re1e, aolol. Chlll-wso, gold, 91.2 cent& $1 08. Deamark-crown, gold, 211.8 es>tll. Russia-roul!leof100kopeb,oll..,. Ecuador-peso, Rllver, 18 .6 cents. 68.9 uente. of 100-plisterlll gold, l!andwtcb Ioda.r!do-dollar,......., $4 9'1.4. Spain-peseta of 100 centlnies, gold & sllver,19.S C'ttl a.'nd silver, 19. 3 cent ... Gres.t Britaifi-ponnd sterling, gold. Sweden-erown, gold 26.8 aenta. S4 Switaerland-!ranc gold &D4 sll ..... gold and silver, IS a cent"' 19.8 cents. Trlpolimli.hbub of :ao plalnrii,'I&-German gold. 23.8 c. 1 ver, 74. 8 cenUl. ... ID.dia.-rupee of 16 anna.s, silve r Turkey-piaster. 4.4 r-ent.,.. 89.7 cents. U.Diteled peoia.ll to T.HE .LADIES, Cont&lnlq CULTURE, HYGIENE, HOUSEHOLD. FASHION c! HISTORY. P. Che8tnut, D. D u..n-a. N.&IBVILJ.B, Tll!'l Price IS.lO per .t..DDum. Old.n rooehe4 u the-. ol .._ I'* "* &btoalae aC

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    JOHN ANDERSON & CO. MAN UFAC.TURERS OF THE SOLACK un OTHER TOBACCOS 114 l 116 LIBfRTV STREET, HOYT & CO., Jl4lF A.CTIJRER8 OF rECUT CJfEWIJfG & SMOKING TOBACCOS & SNUFF I Brand Cbewlnc: .... -.PWlrt._;SIDE, ;JITATIONAL, BRIUJIT OWEN, NABOB, II%TRA CAVENDISH. iU & 406 Pearl St., New York. t Partners, I W, LOCKWoo'rl, Special. NEW YORK, :U.. to direct the attention of the Dealers in Tobuco tbrOj'bout the u nited S tat ... and the Wo:l d to theor CELEBRATED SOLACE FINE-CUT CHEWING TOBACCO. whtchi 1 bein.E once more manuf actured under the immediate supecvhlon o t tbo orig-inator, MR. JOHN ANDERSON. and llt&Dds, as formerly. without a riv&l. Orders forwarded through tbe usual channels will meet with prompt attention. May Importer. of. French Cigarette Paper. And Solo.A.(enta In the U. 8, for die oele-FRENCH GAMBIER CLAY PIPES. lOll 24 Av--. _,.8th St., [Ho""" at Puls.J NEW YORK. &16-IMI& WEST._ astd 8T., NIEW YORK. l!JGARETTES, TOBACCOS' and RICE PAPER. -SWEET. CAPORAl. .lfew Brand. Fine, llild and. Sweet :IIIIST.A:B::E.::E&JELt!ID 1770. 97 Co1" &'t. N'e"W" "'S:;ork.. P:mr:m.a :u. CC>X.OX.O:J::N.t;il Pre:ld.e:a.-t. .IIIANpFACTURERS OF THE CELEBRATED PLAIN FINE-CUT CHEWING TOBACCO in BLUE PAPERS lase-Scented Maccaboy,Scotch, French Rappee,American .. S:K:Q ::N"'AL" One O PoD. &Jao, Pint an4 Seeond quality Smoklq, In Blue Pape .... SWETENED FINECUT -Dark and Light Grape: Forest Rose. Club. B.&.Y .&.PPLE aDAl PRIZE LE.&.F FINE-tJVT, In FoU, LICORICE 'PASTE. THE STAMFORD IANUFACTURING GO., ,.., 187 :&a.A.'EDBlSr .X..Al!lil':m. :NEI'VV "Y'C>::R.B:. 'noe 'l'rade ha-rlng dem&Dded a Superior o.nd Cbeaper Article than that hltho.rto used, thl& ComLICORICE PASTE(under t.lle old "Sanford" a QUALITY -at a PRICE whleh caA hArdl;y tan lo be aooeptable to o.ll gi-rlng It a trl&L '!' Mellor & Rittenhouse,. .Q10 N'. ggd III.&.NVF.I.CTVBEBI!I O.P &PA.NX&::a::: and. G-R.EE:K. LICORICE PASTE. _. (Jen-nlal llledal awarded ,.or "Parttyl Vheapn ... and Gt>aeral Ell:eel leaee et M:aaarae are." Alao M. & R. Brand STICK LICORICE, all sizes. The Velebrated C>1d. Coli:D1'or1: .&at 111&117 Grade. allcl ot lllll.._ll'rC TOB.&.OOOS.. mz & B4 Larn6d"StreetWest D:IIIITEI.C>:J:T, lrd::J:C:Ja:. ClUB. B. HULL._.,.. IUld Treu. THB TOBACCO L:EAJ'. The S-ta.nd..a.:rd.. "the t ,. Manufactured only by W. T. BlACKWEL[ & CO., DURHAM, N. BLACKWELL'S DURHAM Sells quicker and gives better satisfac tion tha,n any brand of Smoking Tobacco ever offered in the market. and it ]. S. GANS' SON & CO., Tobacco Brokers.,. 84 and 86 WALL STREET, NEW E PASTil!' JOHN CAtlu S, LICORIC : .... CQ Tobacco Tobacco manufacturers and the trade in geaeral are particularly requested co 83 "BEAVER ST., NEW YORK. examine and test the supertor prope!tilll of this LICORICE, which, being now brought to the highest perfection is of. {ered under the a bove style of brand We are also SOLE AGENTS for the brand 1'. a. ""a. o. Acknowledged by consurilers to be the beat iu the market. ADd for the brand of LiCQrice Stic.' aOBJi & 00., Ia all respects equal to CALABRIA. Consumers and Jobbers would do well to apply direct. Lleertee a-t, Beleet -Cbd......,., -... atly o llad 88 8EAYER .STREET, lanufactnrers' SON & _.,CO. &8 CIEDAB 11'1'., WEW Y'OBK. N Mctnla tor ant arUcle requlrid. FINE POWDERED LICORICE ROOT, I lit L Braa ... Extra Fine Powdered Licorice ROot :N:J:), 'V .&.. Our Na't'lee a Speel<y tar the lliutlerp.-liianu.:raeturen aU K.lad.a oC STOGIES AND CIGARS; Wheeling, _W. Va. MEDEB. & BRO., -atllelnren or WHEELING STOGIES, TIPS and FINE CICARS, W. .&.U 01'4en Proptly .&.ttende4 to, Cope's Tobaooo Plant: .I. .1'0.11BifAL Cor SI!IOKEKS, --.... toTIDl ...._ SaJ.:rlpllo ... P,ll' annwn, BECAUSE IT IS THE BEST Sawing and Planing -Mills Cedar a:n.d SAWING ANll .PLANING FOR CIGAR-BOX IAIHRS. J. J)il'o. 11 a:a.d. 18 Ca:a.:a.o:a. B1:ree1: :Ne"PV "Y'ork.. TC>EI.&.CCO:N:J:II!IIT&, SOLE .&.GENTS FOil NEW YORK. .&.ND VI()INITY FOR GOODWIN & "OLD JUDGE." WM. S. & CO.-ROCHESTER, N.Y. Peer1ess Tobacco D. H. McALPIN & MANUFACTURERS OF THE CELEBRATED FINECUT: I VIRGIN lEAF and. NAVY I ClEI:EJV'V:J:l.'loTG-TC>EI.A.OCO, And all JdDds of Smoking Tobacco. Also Manufacturers o! the wellknowu Brands of Bright Plug Chewing: 'Own,' onwJraY Fl'iondshiD.' and .Sailor's Solaco.' JIANUFACTORY AND SALESROOM: Cor. Avenue D Tenth Street; New York. -M .ETROPOLITAN CIGAR MANUFACTORY. SIGM.lJND JACOBY, GUSTAV JACOBY. :N' :N' :.: :.: a c U' r U' ::mm :as: 200 CHATHAM SOUARE ami 5 & 1 BOYER STREET, NEW YORK & co., or I Cigar :BoZea TDBAQCO, 168 & iio East Water St., 207 and 209 Water Street, sYRAcusE, N. v DJCALEBB IN ALL OF THE LA.'I'EST IITYLEB OJ CIGAR-BOX LA.IiiEUI AND TRnoi:INGS. D. BUCHNER & CO.,. O:NEJX:J:).A. TC>EI.A.OCC> 'VVC>EI.:IEB. O:fllce: 173"!1 '75 Duane St., New York. IILUI'Ul' ACT11RERS OF Chewing and Smoking Tobacco. GOLD COIN ROYAL PUCK Chewing Tobacco. CICARETTES. I JULY 17 PATERSON, N. J., "MAGNOLIA" "CATARACT" I FOIL CHEWING. .----------------., S. M. RICE, ImDortor or Havana Gi[ars COMMISSION MERCHANT, 83 Reade St., New York. Sole Importer ot tho Celebrated Brands LA PERICHOLE & ENTRE NOUS. Jacob HenkaU, IU!roJ'-'.OTUBJ:B 01' CIGAR BOXES For, 8MOKINC TOBACCO, Flour, Salt, Bark, Sumac,. Cuano, Crain, &c. ') Furnlshed with or without Printed Bran .. WIL-S. OARBOLIM .. LYNCHBURC, Ya. G. W. GRAVES,. OF J.NDDEALER iN SEED LEAF TOBACCIJ, DANBURY, CONN.


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