The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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VOL. XVI.--NO. 31. rnsTA.BLisHED 1864 NEWYORK, SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 1880. 103' llAIDElf Oorner <11: WHOLE. NO. 811 l I,. 84 a 88 READE .NEW YORX, Importers of Ha,vana, Toba.cco, ALSQ MANUFACTURERS OF THE DIPORTEBS .OF THE ROSE HAVANA Street, New -MANUFACTURERS OF THE-r. York. EL GLOB DE YATE and ROYAL PALM -KEY WEST HAVANA CIGARS. Scraps and Cuttings for Sale. ... MARTINEZ YBOR & CO., .. 180 Pe&r1 S'tree"t, :N'e"VV 'Yer:Js.. I OP =HA V.A.NA. TOBACCO= LEAF TOBACCO," N"o. 160 S"tree"t, N"e"VV "York. M. LILIENTHAL a co., BAYARA TOEI.A.CCO, :l'ao. 1'7'7 -ll.lA.NVPA.(JTVRERS OFCIGAR BOX LUMBER, SPANISH CEDAR, DOMESTIC WOODS, IMITATION SPANISH CEDAR. IMPORTERS IN OUR OWN VESSEL OF SPANISH CEDAR and MAHOCANY. aaB VV. S:l:x:."th S"t., O:ln.olnna"t:l. TOBACGO ... LABELS AND SHOW CA-RDS. 11. O, Bol< STII,] I .A.UG. BO!m.m \CKE & Cll, CIGAR BOX :IIANUF AerO &EBB, Cor Goerek & Third Sts., YOR.::K.. PRICE LIST OF CIGAR RIBBONS 65 STRET, NEW YORK. .... 'I".U.W ........ 'I07 .. 1L'I6 JHa bll& -................ 1 .... 6-8 '10,... 1M lD'tA bU.-J:I.ed. 1 : J8l& Eataww...! 183&-.___ I' -. --.. -8 'IOJ'IIa 'IAil Jo.._ s. & SONS, s liNINGTON'S SONS ............... aa .. .fi-41 .. 18711& ta r:., u..-.. \ -"" 3 ll 'IO J'lla 1 .. .. 1 0_.,., ___ s-B1L D I J ........ ......... 1 ..... 1-1 'IO,..b lAO ...... ....... .... ., .... ., P A ELPHIA, IKPOBTEBS 01' ..; .. .. ::::;:::::::::::::: : t:: ::: i: IIPORTHRS OF HA-Y ANA GIG!RS Havana Cigars & Leaf Tobacco I,_, '10 ,..t. Ia IDMBILUo .a.GIIln'B roa 216 Front Street, New York. .. ..................... a .... 5 1 'IO,..t. 1.10 SEIDEN. Bf"G'S Kn WEST. CIGARS ..._ .................... J ... fO J'lla 1M R l.I.R Sole .¢ tor

lit lobaccs l't'IP'IIl1IWD :&VDY IU.'l'UDAY MOBIID& BY 11THETOBACCO LEAF II PUBLISHIIS COI'tJPllll, lOS MAIDKN I.A NIW YORK. OOBND f1! I'SdL IJ'mD'l', 8DWABD .. .. .. ..... : ....... IIRAil' ............ ...._.. o 'I'IIB P&PIIIIl.-IINIJLII T .... ..... : ............. ............ lt c--:e ............... ,............................. .X: IIOI'IIIf "............. ... .. .. .. An1UL BUJIICBll'TIONS ABao.t.a ..... --..... ................................. 8&-01 -. II.&Jmne""" T1U1 Cotrrnart of Bavaria which is right Q/the Rhine. Some of this variety is also grown 'in the p!'bvinces of SaJtony and Hanover, in Bavaria on the left of the Rhine, and in Haden;_ and also n Tliuari,ngia and Anhalt, where-different to "this variety. 1n:ap. these _ll1!Xts.i3 also -vated a va.dety. known as Gifu:di-toba'cco;is mucli clilltvated in Mecklenburg. But tl:le region where this variely is rincipally grown olu..tes the Palatinate, the Hessian provinces of Starkenburg and Wue _em This is the so-called Pfaelzer Taback. 1des this Gundi tobacco; some other vanetles are grow:n, laiown.Fried.richsthaler Virginia leaf principally grown.Ut tbe icjui_ty of Pots dam and Stettin, in the Schwabach district (Bavaria, left of the Rhine), and Maryland Seed "tobacco ia AI sace a.nd Lorraine. In the districts of Danzig:B alan, and Nuremberg experirwlnts have been repeatedly made with Ametican seed, however without any marked results, as the production of the new vajliety was unusually small in quantity,, and in a years the plants degenerated. A degeneration of tobacco plant has been especially notic1lable in Alsace and Lorraine. The cause of this iS said' to be that burers are not now, as' formerly, under the French Regie, so particular as t the quality and that tlJI the plauters are taking less trouble to produce a growth. ,JI.INOR ::&J>l"l'ORIA.LS aND NE1VS ITllltB. THill NEw-YI!IAK. -Reshashou commences SUnday evening next, nd lasts until Tuesday. .. k BuitNT.The tobacco factory ofL J. Cottrell and five Dl!6l'by, in Owensboro, Ky., burned Frida.y. week, toss, $35,000, mostjy covered b m ance. THE l'IIESSRS. GUMPERT BROTHERS.-The Gum Bros.1 cigar--manufacturers of Pi;lilapelphia, who burnt out, have adjusted_ their fire 'risk and taken a, large factory at 23rd and Sansom Streets, where they will resume manufacturing with a largely force next week. They feel confident that izva vety short time their largely increasing trade will be promptly supplied. CALLED.-Mr Andrew Tod, of Glasgow, President of the Tobacco Manufacturers' Association of Scotland; who arriyed by the Batavia, called upon us, in com pany with his son, J. Kelliledy Tod', who is a member of the banking firm of J. S. Ki!nnedy & Co., 63 William Street, this city, on Tuesday. Mr. Tod is here on a _pleasure and business trip. He will make a tQur within the ensuing three m\)nths of our tobacco-growing States-going as "fir west as Minnesota-and of tp.e popula,r couut!-'Y and seaside resorts. The-business a!]-d a6Cia.l of the gentl!)man, not. than hiS agreeable manners, will1nsure him a cordial rece_p tion wherever he goes. THE 1879 PENNSYLVANIA.-Referring to this crop, a pni!fiin"i't loelil packer-said to us on'Rday :" J;>ackers express satisfaction with tl1.e way the 1871 PennsyJ.vania crop is out, and.I have reason to believe tjteir approval is JUStified. I judge over half of the Lancaster is al'ready sam pled. Tl)_e"only defects thus" far revealed are m a portion of the wh1CP, ar ftuns al).d slightly damagea, the loss from whicii will be very T!Ml toll&g_co is sw our lrne in texture and dark in color. In quality add bu' is the finest we have had in years. There min bel the desira d! gol ." i --. -....... T r CUTTING TOBAOCo .... .Erom. tlie Yoi'k:, Pa., Et rning Di8patch.-There axe. .two.2igns"that when tobaccO' is tit 'to cut: .The.leat-on dose e!!amrnation mottled -witli spots-of gl'l\en ) apJlroaroper ti.J;ne for cutting. TobMt"o th!lt r &hows both 6f tli61)0 signs mentiobed should c ert'aiiily .be-c'tJ t' a.t'mice. Tlie best way to manage loose leaves is to slip the stems of one or two behind a : plan t afteJ;, it is hunlt on the pole: The weight of tQ.. e pll!-nt : willllold them in place, and they will cure-out as \Veil leaves that axe not detached. THE CONNECTICUT VALLEY CROP.-Chattiat;' in prlr o.ffice in the' fore part of. the week with Mr. T. G. Adams, of Wethersfield, Coiln. on the slibject of he crop now being housed iu the Connecticut River Valley, that gehtleman saia :-"Referring to HArtford Cfounty., we are putting in !me of the soundest and largest to bacco crops I remember for many year Fully thre!l fourths of the crop is already cut, and ut of it has been affected by hail, wind or excess of rain. At this time there is no apparent reason why we not have as good a crop as ever grown. The warm, humid weather we bad in August developed the late plants1 and the only question now is the oring; but so fur 1 navE> heard no of '{lole-sweat. If veins are to come, they will n_ot'cll.l&ke theirap-pea.rance until later." u ,. I The largest yield per hectare was obtained in Rhell':isb Prussia, Hessen-Nassa.u, and :U:SSt and West Prus: sia. The following table shows the average yield pei'" hectare in the different tobacco-growing districts. MERCHANTS TOBACCO ColiiPAl'IY OF Bosrt>I( IN LIQUI DATION.-On the twenty-third day-ef June Directors of, the Merchants Tobacco CO. tiha.nin:Iously voted to liquidate the business of the company l 1880, and' the stockhOlders subs"equ1lntl:Y'I1ssenta"d to tile '$ale ofatl'the pl'Qpertr, of tli.e CPlllp81fy." Tile ma'ehinappliaMes, etc., 1 prands, trade-marks patentriMhls, etc., are ior Sale, all or singular, consist iqgJm part _of ,tw:o plug IDtchines; ditlilren.t from a:p.d impro.vements nq o,the have, adapted 'to cutting p1d 12x3; 9x2]J, .6X3, 6lc!X, 6xl, 4x:l 7. Also iron-bac frames or shapes, 32 frames t,mps, 12x3; 32 frames cups, 9i2}4; 32 frames cups, 32 frames cups, 6x1-all made by J. W. Cardwell & Co., Richmond, Va. Also four sets screw presses (6 screws in each press), iron frames, made by Cornelius & Platt, of Brooklyn; iron bands, segments, etc. Also polishing pots and small hydraulic presses. Machinery complete-for making packing boxes. Large lot of dry sycamot"e bop.rdsof best quality. All tbe machinery and '!:l!Pliances are of the most modern and approved kmas; m perf'ect order; good as new. 811-tf One hectare is equal to 2,471 Cwts. West1Pruasia ........................... ........ 50 East Prull8ia. . .. . . . . . . . 88 Bchwedt ........................................ 34 J4ndow ............... . .. .. . .. . .. 38 Breall\!1. . . .. .. .. ..... "'" .. .... Oh4u. .......... ................ ..... Neumarkt. .. . .. . . . .. . . 4S N euiliilllensleben ........................... : . 36 Schwarzburg ..... ....................... Rlldolstadt. . . .. . .. . . .. . 40 Anhalt ................................. ....... 30 Kleve, Bees, and l't1oers. . . . . . . 60 Goettingen .......... ....... . . . .. 50 Nienberg .. .. . . . .. .. . . . 35 Osterode ........ .......... .' ..................... 40, on the ight of the Rhine .... .......... '24 Bavaria, left of the Rhine ............. ........ 35 Wuertemberg .... :: ..................... ...... 34 Baden, southern pal't .... ... : ................ : 32 Baden, nol'thern part. . . . . . . 86 l:lesse .................... ... ......... 41 Mecklenburg .................................... Sri Thueringi.a ..................................... 36 Alsace and Lorraine. . . . . . . . 38 Tlie average amount for each hectare of tobacco in the different tobacco gr\)wing districts, during the year 1877, is shown by the following figures :1 :Mark. West .Prussia .. . . . . . . . 620 Eas t Prussia .. . . . . . . . 820 Schwcdt .... ................ ......... ..... 680 Pnsewalk... . . . . . . . .. 612 Breslau ....... .. . . . . .. . 770 Ollla.u... . . . .. .. . .. .. 990 Neumarkt................. .. .. .. . .. 1,188 Neuhaldensleben .......................... 714 Parchau .. .. . . .. . . . . 578 Scllw a rzburg Rudolstadt . . . . . 828 Anhalt . . . . . . . . . 471! Anhalt (on better soil). .. . . . . 855 Hesse-Nassau ............... ,.............. 1,131 Rheni s h Prussia .... : . . . . . 1,'552 Goettingen . . . . . . .. . 1,350 Nieaburg ... .... ...................... : 682 Osterode . . . . . . . . 720 Bavaria, on the right of the Rhine..... . 625 Bavaria, on the left of the Rhine............. 1,250 Wuert e mberg .... ......... . .. . . 8ll2 B aden, southern part . . . . . . 672 Baden, northern part. ...................... 1,288 Hess e... ................................... 787 Meckle nburgSchwerin and Strelitz. ... .. . 562 Erfurt .. ...... .. . .. . .. . . . 985 Alsace and Lorrain e...... ................... 1 ,004 As far as the tobacco trade is concerned, the same is carried on more or less extenaively in all parts of Ger many, with the exception of a few districts. The following are some of the principal tobacco centres : Magdeburg, Leipzig, Mannheim, Speyer, Frankfort-on the-Main, Altona. But a most extensive commerce fn tobacco is carried on at the ports of Bremen and Ham burg. During the year the exports of tobacco at the port of Bremen amounted to 235,579 cwts, while the imports amounted to 949,445 cwts. The exports at Hamburg amounted to 88,870 cwts; imports, 330,386 cwts. In Hamburg it is shown that in the same year 36 German vessels and 21 foreign vessels carrying for eign tobacco to that port, earned the sum of 503,949 marks for freight. The trade of Bremen with the Cus toms Union amounted to 190,902 cwts imports, and 874,-226 cwts exports; for Hamburg, 104,335 cwts imports, and 263,166 exports. At both of these ports the com merce in tobacco depends greatly on thEir position as free ports, which render it possible th.'\t sampling, as sorting and other operatioDB can he constantly under taken, and the tobacco be removed and transported from one place to another without interference or hindrance. About 90 per cent. of the entire imports at Bremen are composed of Brazil, Colombia, Domineo and American (Seed leaf) tobacco, and are exclusively used for cigar manufacture. ....... T -JdoRJ: SJlQJtE Bh.Lt-,W..e. olip .thel.following from a Western exchange, which shows that some "startling are known about New York: It is a startling truili 'tbat"NeWYork more for e,ige:ts e very little c)i'MlOO of S()cumUlation. '.L"here are ftl y sn:).Okers average 100 cigars a. week. These are the men who build up such fortunes as the Gilseys and others have Pethl-Gils'eyianded i'n Nllw York a poor emigrant. He was a piano !mt opened a ciga'r shop jn"the wery_. his wire !,illendeu while hfl wrought at his trade. From this humble Gilsey became one of the most extensive dealers in the city. He had at one time nearly a dozen cigar shopfl and he left a.n estate worth $2,000 ,000. The Gilsey House is one of his creations, and the splendid establishment known as the "Gilsey Building," corner of Broadway and Courtland Street, is another. ,FROM THE.PA:CIFIO COAS'P.-The San FranciSC\) Mer chant1 Aug 20, remarks: "The chief event of week m the tobacqo trade has been the sale .oUhe stock and business of the well -known and old-established firm of A. B. Rosenbaum & Co. to a firm egually well known on this coast, Esberg, Bachman & Co." (as no ticed in number of THE TOBACCO LEAF). The terms have .not been made public, but itiibelieved that the transfer includes the heavy stook of _plug and smoking and fin&.-eut an:l impotl!ld c1g!t,rs, and the will of the business, which IS ve1-y valuable. Darmg the week the Associated Press of this city has published a, lengthy despatch, taken from the Newf Ymk Tjmes ; that Iarke numpers of CalifOrnia oigaftl h a d been received during the last thirty days. Tpat, on inquiry, New Y6rk wholesaleliousessa"id that"l,OOO,OOO cigars a 'month wali below the average, andtliat A. S Rosenbaum & Co. had received from their San Fmnci8co pavtner,, Joseph Brandenstein, 600,000 in one week. On inquiry here, we find that this is suostantially correct. Large quantities of cigars o f California manufacture are going-to New York, shipped not only by: the firm named, but -by houses of lesser note. San Francisco is fairly turning the tables on New York, and ur exports of cigars to that city, if they are not .will shortl:y be double what our-largest imports have been from 1t. This Atlantic trade is yet initS.infaney; THE PENNSYLVANIA CROP OF 1880.-Th e Lancaster Intelli'genc e r remarks: The iB an estimate, iu cases. of the product in leaf tobacco in Pennsylvania for 1880. Th e crop is now being housed, and the list is valuable as the aver age estimate of five leading buyers and packers now in Lancaster: Coun_ty. Cases. Bucks 10 ,000 Philadelphia 300 Delaware 500 Montgomery 2 ,000 Chester 15,000 Berks 5,000 Lancaster 40.000 York 30,000 Lebanon 8 ,000 Dauphin 2,000 Cumberland 5,000 Franklin 1, 000 Juniata 1 ,000 Miffiin 1 ,000 500 Clinton 20,000 Tioga 6,000 Westmoreland 1,000 Scattering 1,000 Total 149,300 -One Moritz Goldberg). a peddler, who said he was living at No. 18 Clinton ljtreet, waa arrested in South Street on Thursd_9 with a lot of unstamped cigars in his 1]. 8. Oommil!lsioner Deuel committed the t lD default oftiiiO bail to awail *he action or t11e Grand Ju!T. THE ILL'ER, DusaUL & PETERS MANUFACTURING CoM PAli.'Y, manufil:cturers 'Of cigar moulds, report large ol'ders for. these articles from all Q.ver tile country duting> the month of Augullt. THE scrap cutter patented and manufactUred by Mr. 'H. Borgteldt, f 510 East Nineteenth this city, meets with great success among the cigar lna.nufac turers; and'-Mr. Borgfeldt is receiving orders for them d.ay1 c_utter is in fact the only really ser vteea.Jtle machme m the market. MR. J HN' J : CROOKE, the eminent tin-foil manufac turer of this city, is receivinl{ lar,e orders for his new patent silver surface foil. Th1s article has beqome very popular, as for beauty""and quality it cannot be sur passed by anything thus far invented, and is a neces sity to every tobacco who wishes his goods to be distinguished by their handsome appear ance attention of the tobacco to a card on the fifth page of to-day' s issue of Messrs. F. Garcia, Bro. & Co., of this city, who have formed a coll{lortner ship as successors to the former wellknown toliacco mporting firm of Felix Garcia. Mr. Garcia, as is well known, has been for years connected with the Havana trade of this country and Cuba; and hav ing all the facilities needed for a business, those who may deal with the above ne}" firm may assured. th(Lt their interest will be well taken care of. One of the partners will be constantly in Havana to attend to the buying or their goo WE the readers of this week's issue to a card on the last page of our paper, of the Harris Finishing of this city. This com ariy was eatabli ij}ed twenty :tear11 ago, and has ever since been ih auccessful operation. Their principalJnanufacture is t"he patent composition card mo.unts1 patented by this firm in 1872, and for which they-claim im en'amer water-proof finish S)low tart CO: and "Fehx (}:;Ireta hav1ng been con$215.94. The notice, under date of August 24 !lays that eluded, we beg to mform our fr1ends and th& Leaf Tohe store had been closed for four or :five aays. He bacco trade generally that on the day was to be considerably behind in his payments, of 1880, the undersigned wtll contmu6 the and it ts doubtful whether the stock will be sufficient busmess of IMPORTERS OF HAVANA LEAF TOBACC O at to pay the landlord's c1aim for rent. No. 167 WATER STREET, thi!t Ha-vingall the-necessary facilities for obtaining and offering to the- Receipts of Pennsylvania Tobacco. trade Tobacco of our own selection and packing, we can co.nfidentially assure our customers of the same During the past month (Auglis1;) the following firms fair treatment and low figures which characterized the in t_his city received the amounts of to]>accci opposite former firm of Felix Garcia, to whom we are the SoLE the1r names: SuccESSOHS. Our HAVANA BRANCHII:S 'are CALZADADEL MONTE, No 130, and CALLE DE LAS FIGURAB, Nos. 26 and 28, where our friends visiting IIavana. can always find choice assortments of,:Vuelta Abajo, Partido, and Remedios. 811-816 t Cases. Cues. N Lachenbruch & Bro. 2 L Newgass 2 E & Co. 293 Bunzl &Dormitzer 11 S. Rossm & Son 131 M. ll Levin 1 208 Havemeyers &Vigeli\lS 373 Schroeder & Bon '115 G .W. Gail & Ax 100 A. S Rosenbawr &Co. 276 Blo c k & Lindheim' 56 S 16 Heilhroner, J. & CO. 24 Arendt & Frin,;ant 166 Hirsch,Victorius &Co. 200 B. Brod 25 SUCCESSORS TO ROBERT E KELLY & CO. & Ne"\'VW-ark 205 A. H Sco ille & Co. l03 121 VHA!ii:BEILS, aiad 103 READE SD., NEWYO.BK, J. S. Gans' Son & Co. 32 C. H. :S'J,>i zner & Son 82 We take lfrea't pleasure in nvtifying the Trade that D. Levy 181Rokohl& Bteinecke 8 on the 1st May last we entirely re-organized and reCbas. F. Son 143 S. Ruppel 1 S Kasprow1tz 1 A. Plate & Co. 94 modelled our factory, h aving engaged a s supe rin-s. Abraham 11 A. Cohn 15 1 tendent of same, B. Grotta 5 Davis & Day 57 MR. H. L. RoKoiiL ; A. Blum,lein & Co. 20 Basch & Fischer 1 well known as a manufacturer of exceptional ability Schwarz & Weil 2 C S Philips&: Co. 4 ann experience. The greatest care has been exercised -L. Gershel & Bro. 6 Fox, Dills & Co 25 F. Schulz 24 H. Schubart & Co. 6 1? the of. tobaccos, ou: personal E. Rosenwald & Bro. .24 E. Hoffman & Son 5 twn wlll lulllf devoted to the stnctest superv1s1on H. Koenig 34 Davidson Bros. 100 of all the factory details, so as to enable us to Cohn & Stei 33 M. J. R,osen & Co. 1 guarantee the production of the best possible results S Michaelis & Co. 42 & Gans 1 both in quality, a.s well as in the appearance of our Total nm;nber of cases rece1ved .............. .4,349 cigars. We propose to continue in tlw manufacture of domestic cigars the same honOI'able mode of dealing -ivhich h!k for so many years characterized the business of this firm and. it shall be our aim to produce the best goods at reasonable prices as will insure_ to us the patronage and confidence of the large _dealers in these goods. Sample orders are respectfully requested. HoRACE R. KELLY & Co I LOOAL .JOTTIXGS. -Messrs. Davidson Bros. report a very active week in the.Jea met. -Mr. C S. KeenP., Eastern agent for Messt"S.Buchanan & Lyall, is in town. -Messrs G H Spitzner & Son have sold this week 100 cases of Pennsylvania tobacco. -Mr. M. Neuberger sold 200 cases of 1879 Penn sylvanla during the week at good price:;;. -Mr. G. Kerckhoff, of the .firm of Kerclrboff &'Co. of Baltimore, visited our market this week. -"M.r. M. I:.evtn a'ilionditional bi l of sale of cigars, etc. for 1150. LoUISVILLE, Ky.-Weissinger & Bate, tobacco mam:lfacturers; Phil B. ]\< H >reyer 1 f d I f c t Bate trans f erred realty for !7.000 .r. enry 1U ea ea e r 0 mcmna I, lS AuotrallA."-John Sdgenberg, tobacconist; bill ol sale for visiting our market with the intention of making his r egular purchases, and bought a large quantity of fine N

SEPI\ 4: rency shows the amounts of natiOnal bank notes and of legal tender notes outl!tandmg at the dates of the passage of the acts of June 20, 1874 and Jan 14 1875, and May S1 1878, w1th the amounts outstandmg at date, and the mcrease or decrease Natwnal Bank Notes Amount outsta.ndmg June 20, 1874 $349,894,182 Amount outstandmg Jan 14, 1875 351 861,450 Amount outstandmg May 31, 1878 322,555,965 Amount at date, (not mcludmg c1rculatwn of natwnal gold banks) 342 728,018 Cnculatwn of natwnal gold banks 1,328 760 Decrease ill ctrculatwn durmg the month 88 754 Increase smce Sept 1, 1819 13,383,871 L.!gal Tender Notes Amount outstaQ.dmg June 20, 1874 $382 000 000 Amount outstandm{f Jan 14 1875 382,000,000 Amount retued under act of Jan 14, 1875, to May 31, 1878 346,681,016 Amount on deposit w1th the Treasurer of the Umted States to redeem notes of m solvent and liqmdatmg banks and banks retirmg cn culat10n under act of June 20, 19 691 868 105 364 1874 Decrease m depos1t durmg the last month Increase m deposit Sept 1 1879 Add1t10nal cuculatwn ISSued durmg 506 590 m.onth C1rculat10n sunendeted and d estroyed 595,344 The followmg a statement of the dispos1t10n made by the Treasurer of the Uruted States of the national bank notes Iedeemed durmg the month of August, as compared with the correspondmg pe11od of last year Notes fit for cnculatwn, assorted and re turned to the banks of 1ssue Notes unfit for c1rculatwn assorted and de livered to the Contioller of the Cmrency for destructwn and replacement w1th new notes 2,543 900 Notes of failed liqmdatmg and 1educmg rf banks deposited m the Treasury of the Uruted States Decrease Cavendtsh OJ :\\egrol;tead Snuff Other sorts Exports Ctgars .. Cavendish or Negroheaa Snuff Other sorts $3 663 500 7,287,300 $3,623 800 1,154 000 2,292,000 7 000 137,000 224,000 1,007,000 44 000 Stocks Unmanufactmed Manufactured, v1z C1ga1s 904 000 CavendlSh or Negrohead 2,1.72 000 Snuff 23 000 Other sorts 47,000 The consumptwn of tobacco has d=rushed the un manufactured or leaf tobacco by 654 000 lbs, and the manufactured by 152 000 lbs The net loss of 000 on the manufactured articles, as d1v1ded mto the two general heads of c1gars and "other sorts" IS accounted for m the followmg manner, viz -Cigars consumed durmg tbe past year amounted to 1,126,000 lbs a de crease of 158 000 lb,B compared with the year pteVIous Othei sorts/of manufactured tobacco, 125,000 lbs m crease 5 000 lbs Smuggltng -The total quant1ty of tobacco, mcludmg mgars setzed by our officers durmg 1879 was 12 071 lbs i6 907lbs m 1878 The followmg quant1 tles' of tobacco stalks were SeiZed at Portsmouth, either on board of her MaJesty'a sh1ps m harbor, or concealed m or about the dockyard or unmediate neighborhood -1877 259lbs 1878, 577lbs 1879, 1,664lbs and 343 lbs of stalks were seized last year at Plymouth under smular Circumstances We attr1bute the mcreased quantity of the seiZures made last year to mcreased vigilance on the part of our officers and of the dock yard pollee, ruded occasiOnally by the petty officers of some of her MaJest:(s ships, whence the stalks are behevcd to have come, duectly or mduectly As your lordships are probably aware, 1t 1s the practice m the Royal Navy to serve out the tobacco wh1ch the crews are allowed to purchase on board for consumptiOn duty free m the leaf and unsttipped from the stalk, to be after wards manufactured accordmg to fancy of But thiS practice bemg apparently unattended by any regulatwn reqmrmg the collectwn or destructwn of the stalks reJected ill the process of manufactllre, causes considerable r1sk to the Revenue from the temptatwn wh1ch 1t offers to the sailors to sell the stalks tp unprm c1pled persons on shore for purposes of manufacture or adulterat10n or for converswn mto snuff to be after wards tendered for the drawback of a duty wh1ch has nevfi)t been paid upon It Whether, bysomereatuct1ve regulatiOns, or by strtppmg the stalk from the leaf before the tobacco 1s 1ssued, the nsk pomted out can be obvmted or reduced, we have no means of determmmg, but It 1s r1ght, m v1ew of the appatently 1"creasmg amount of smuggling w,lnch IS l:>emg cmned on by this meaps that the subJect should be here notwed. In other the smugghng cases of 1879 were almost all of the ordmary descnptwn, consistmg chiefly of concealments of tobacco m the machmery, stoke holes, cab1ns, and oJ:her parts of vessels or m the effects or on the of officers, seamen or J>assen gers Amongst the more 1mportant of the London cases m pomt of quant1ty was that of the seizure, m the month of March, of 84lbs of manufactured tobacco found concealed m the cmhng plate of the shaft tunnel of a steamer from Hamburg In this case convwt10ns m the full penalty of each were obtamed agamst an engmeer and a fireman, botli of whom, m default of/ayment, were comnntted to Jail where they remame f6r periods of three and two respect1 vely A seatnan belongmg to the vessel, who was represented by one of the convicted men to have been concerned m the transactiOn as par owner of the tobacco, apsconded Al].otl}er Il6ndon case deserves notwe on account of the large e(' concerned m a com para trvcly emhll or series of ventures Our ofl:icer&, 1n the course of a vessel from Cal cutta l(.tG ibs of cavend1sh tobacco, m two parcels ip. the forecastle, bes1des 23 lbs of the samjl k1il al tBBacco m the riCe bm, 5 lbs of mgars concealed m e cldtlies belongmg to the master, 10 lbs of eavendiSh .. to ceo on the person of one of the atna\l?i quant1t1es varymg m amount from to lbs on t)le .persons of siX other seatnen The master an!Pall these seamen, bes1des another man who was tfile o'W,i:ter 'Of' ofie of the parcels found m the forecastle nwe ot'l'enders m all were proceeded agamst sJmmarily ana fined but for the tobacco found m the rice and foi tbe other parcel found m the forecastle no owners were forthconnng A se1zure was m.aae m Hull early ill the year, of a largequant1ty of manufac&ured tobacco{298lbs), which wa,a,found concealed on board a vessel fNm Harlingeu, m a compartment constructed between the frames of the ship Thl!l concealinent had been very mgeruously planned and but for the skill and care of the rumma gmg officers m1ght have escaped detectiOn SIX men were conviCted m the full penalty of each on account of th1s se1zure, and ImpriSOned m default of pa)Ullent A fine was also Imposed on the release of the vessel The other considerable cases of the year were those of the se1zure of 156)bs to Cf?, ct19n \ of e1ght men at Bnstol, of 98 lbs, and of 122 lbs, at Live pool w1th the convwt10n of one man on account of the 98 'lbs of 101 lbs at North Shields, w1th the conviCtwn of two men and of 68 lbs at Sunderland 'l'hese were all cases of concealment on board There were but a few cases of seiZures of tobacco on shore, as-of 100 lbs stalks at Bnstol, on mformatwn of 21lbs of tobacco and mgats on which duty had not been pa1d found m a public bouse at Cowes, of 58 lbs on Deal Beach, wh1le bemg carried by a man who was afterwards prosecuted, and ImprlSoned m default of payment of a fine of of 34lbs of tobacco, unowned, picked UI_> on New Beach near Liverpool, of 37 lbs while bemg earned m M1ll Street L1verpool, of 100 lbs tobacco and cigars whwh were bemg illegally hawked at Cullercoats near North Sh1elds, of 88lbs at Ramsgate a case of illegallandmg (33 lbs) at Sun derland, and two such cases at Southampton (42 and 25 lbs respectively) also 100 lbs at the same port wh1ch was attempted to be passed as tea WESTERN TOBACCO CROP REP-ORTS (SpeCial to THE TOBACCO LEAF ) KENTUCKY Olmstead, Ky, Aug 30 -We have had good local rams m places durmg the past few days, and very bght m other places Much of the country IS yet needmg good rains Thete has been some 1mprove ment m the crops, especially wbe1e there have been !P;OOd mms Many of the late plants show httle or no tendency to 1mprove The early plantmg has ,.g ally developed mto a rather small and light plant, >iith short and generally narrow leaf, and much of the late plantmg 1s still so backward that there 1s bttle or no pronnse m It T E B Hmkleville Sept 1-Durmg a twenty one yeaFs 1 es1dence m th1s country th1s IS the first t1me I have ever seen the tobacco crop m such a cond1t10n as 1t noi'llS on the fi1st day of Septembe1 It IS true that the late tobaccos have 1mp10ved some recently but they are yet surpnsmgly dimmut1ve corts1denng that 1t IS September, the month m whiCh ordmanly all the tobacco 1s housed I have JUst returned from an ex annnat10n of several fields m wh1ch the plants ate so small that 1t must be two or th1ee weeks before top pmg can commence To me It appears that sttch to baccos amount to almost nothmg m the way of a crop Although they may be topped down to s1x or etght leaves for them to mature before fiost would almost =acle Yet they may go through safe, but even then they cannot make anythmg des1rable because they are too small, and must remam so The Judgment of the be!lt raisers m thiS county 1s that the average y1eld for the coun&y cannot matenally exceed four hundred pounds A large maJOrity of the early plantmg )Vlll he m the barns by the end of th1s week, and a good deal of 1t w1ll make good tobacco, though ill most mstances as we have repeatedly stated, the y1eld w1ll be unusually light With us thrs 1S uruversally true, and no one ex pects anythmg else In the \Vestorn markets all dark tobaccos and Hegte sorts are m act1ve request at ad vanced priCes At presen1i, br1ght wrappers are the ouly sluggish stock m the market From some cause unknown to me this kind IS actually lower than 1t has been for a number of years and producers of 1t are qmte d1scouraged wrth the prospect F1llers m thE) 1879 crop htn e been scarce and have at all trmes dur mg the season commanded fau values whenever they appeared Illtthe breaks Lugs of all kinds have been eagerly sought throughout the year and are perhaps a shade h1ghe.r now than they have been at any other tune Very mean trashy lugs are bungmg from three and a fourth to three and thtee f.aurths, and planters lugs m sound cond1t10n are worth ft om four to five cents E'liery lnnd IS domg better, but the misfortune to planters and country dealers rs that the crop has essentially passed out of then bands, and that, too, before t1Iere was any ad vance Already we hear of some transactiOns m the 181)0 crop, but to what extent and at what range of values we are not advised The weather continues very hot and without ram In th1s sectwn It IS very dry To bacco begmnmg to fire up considerably and for this reason a good deal will be cut long before 1t should be The hot weather would not be detnmental to the mop 1f 1t were not so dry, but w1th very dry and mtensely hot weather It will be d1fficult mdeed to make tobacco GWS Mason GO'untu Dtstrwt Augusta, Aug 30 I see ) ou put my reports under light Clatksvllle' We are the center of the Mason County cuttmg district, and th1s county (old Bracken) 1s the standard for cho1ce cuttmg and fillery types of tobacco Our average sales are pet haps as high 1f not higher than any county raiSlllg white tobacco Our crop this year 1s not good The average of the county as compared With last year will not be over one half of a crop I have written to you often of the varwus causes which 1t lS thought have brought tb1s about It 1s not necessary to repeat them If manufacturer-s and dealers do not see proper to cred1t the repovts let them send a trusted agent to examme for h1mself We have hundreds of acres of nnserably poor stuff, where here to fore there has been good gt owth S T P Pendleton County Dtstnct Catawba, Aug. 31 -Smce my last report the weather has been favorable for the growmg tobacco The pros pect rs now much b tter, and w1th a late fall we w1ll have about three fourths of an average crop, If tbe weather contmues favorable The prospect has un proved f01 quantity, time alone will dec1de the Ifavilandsvllle, :Aug 30 -Smce my last repe;rt we have had several glor1ous rainS !l.nd where tobacco was well cultivated It is growmg finely If 1t contmues, there w1ll be a pretty fair crop ra1sed m thrs sectwn Mo t of the farmers are through cuttmg the1r crop m thlB sect10n 0 L Owen County Dtstnct armony, 'Aug 27 -The prospects for tobacco are somewhat We have fine growmg weather and 1f there 1S no frost before October 20, there voll be about half a crop raised m 'th1s county I took a tr1p through the county and found the crop m a worse con d1tion than I expected I have twelve acres of tobacco and 1f J get five hundred pounds to the acre1 w1ll be sat1Sfie 1 F }I H Truesville, Aug 28 -Smce my last Ieport we have had sevexal good rams that have Improved the crops and they are lookmg much better yet thet:e are some crops that will not make scarcely anythmg The corn crop looks well ill this county C 0 Gla1 ksmlle Hadensv1lle Aug 27 -What little tobacco there 1s m my neighborhood has 1m proved some The rams here are f1equent, but other sectwns are very dry, and as stated m my last report, the crop IS very late, and I thmk there will be less good, useful or fine tobacco ma,de thlS year than m 1874 and m no event, m my Jude;ment w1ll there be half as much made of any vanety of tobacco m th1s d1strtct as there was last year, and an early ft ostl w1ll take over half of that Market here strong w1th an upward tendency. DB S ) OHIO Eastern Ohw Dist1'tct Senecaville, Aug 30,-We are havmg good wqather for' our growmg crop of tobacco, w1th the except10n that 1t IS a httle too hot A good deal of }he early PlJtmg 1s now bemg housed and ralSers say It 1s as large and fine as they ever had There IS considerable tobacco that 1s qmte small yet, and w1ll reqmre a late fall to mature 1 W B 1? Barnesville, Aug 30 -I have been through the country last week, and although we have had abund ance of ram, I have never seen tobacco so uneven and so large a portiOn not growmg Our crop w1ll be less than last year Even new ground w1ll not make one half a crop on the ground J B & S INDIAN A L l Ftne Grade Rocki/_ort Aug 30 -Sillce last report there has been no ram of consequence, and thecrop1s suffenng greatly Indum& wtll noW do very httle toward makmg up stocks this year. R S N Grandview, SpencerCounty, Aug. 28 -We have had no ram this week and I have nothmg encouragmg to wnte you Our tobacco ClOp 1s now stewed down to less than one fourth of a crop, as compared w1th 1876 or 1877 and no season that we can have V>ill ratse the est1mate above that Much of th1s IS late be!Ug trans planted from the 1st to the .Sth of July This amounts to two thuds Contmued dry-weather or an early frost could reduce the above estimate very matenally Con s1derable of the ground set out m tobacco has flowed up and sown m turmps or prepared for wheat. think the best thmg we can do now for our own good 1s to vote for Garfield J C F Regie A few local showers, barely sufficient to lay the dust, are reported m surroundmg VIC1mt1es The heat for the past two weeks has been very great, the thermom eter rangmg m the mnebes most of the trme The rule here 1s to have the tobacco topped by the 20th of Aug ust, m 01 der that It may Inatui e before frost but up to thts trme (Aug 30) not more than one half of the cro.P lS topped and much of the untopped IS so small that 1t neverwill be topped, bemgveryhttle larger than when set out We have heretofore estimated the crop at 33 per cent of an average crop but should the month of September be as unfavorable as the present month the percentage can be reduced considerably J S & Co TENNESSEE Sprmgfield, Sept 1 -The weather has been rather favorable of late for the tobacco crop yet It has not grown and done as well as could have been reasonably expected A large!ortwn 1s yet too 3mall to top and all should be toppe by th1s t1me to be safe from frost We now thmk the "rop will turn out about half of an average, or two thuds of last years, and quality poor C C.B Upper Ottmberland RQme, Aug 31 -The prospect for a crop of tobacco 1s better than rt has been at any time smce 1t was planted We have had extremely hot weather the last ten or fifteen days, which has been very beneficial to the growmg crop It has caused the last plantrrgs to takt;l a start to grpw and will some tobacco, pro v1ded we do not have flost before November With a late fall I yet think \Ve will grow 40 per cent of an average crop some of my Nashville fr1ends tbav are well posted say 337.) per cent of a crop for the entue State J B J ILLINOIS Export Eldorado Aug 30 -We have no rain yet to do the crops any good, so we have the lightest crop of to bacco corn and vegetables that we have had for twenty yea1s H & P SEED LEAF CROP REPORTS. (Special to THE TOBAOCO LEAF ) OHIO Miamisburg Bulletut Aug 28 -Recent rams have made wonderful1mprovement m the growmg crops as to both quantity and quality Planters generally waged a most relentless warfare agamst the tobacco nnller durmg the season and the result will be a crop con spwuously free of damage by worms The damage by hail 1s mstgruficant Sales have not been frequent durmg the week, and figures realized have ranged from 5c to 9C though p1e vallmg pnces may be fauly quoted at 6c to 8c for good grades 79 We have sample of "Zimmers Spamsh' grown by Geo Loy, Esq, 'l'h1s and Similar crops w1ll be of speCial mterest to planters The leaf 1s curmg magmficently, and we are confident 1t will eclipse everythmg here a bouts m the way of quahty, when It IS prepared for matket WISCONSIN Seed Leaf Dtstrtct Madison, W1s Aug 29 -The weather has been warm w1th fiequent showers for the past week Smce yesterday 1t has been rammg quite bard preventmg cuttmg or other work m the field but greatly benefit mg late crops bungmg them forward rery rapidly which now promtse to matme a fine c1op of good Size and very sound tobacco Toppmg 1s about all done A large porti9n of the early plantmg ISm the sheds, and appears to be cunngmcely In this sectwn more than 9U per cent of tins year s cut 1s Havana seed JRH Milton Junctwn, Aug 29-No sales of tobacco tore port for this week The growmg c1 op IS bemg harvested m good shape The late settmg 1s commg on finely We are havmg warm weatheF and plenty of ram The early harvested tobacco IS curmg splendidly CH Stoughton' Cou11er, Aug 28 -The past week has been very favorable for the gro\\ tli of late tobacco seveml good soakmg rains havmg Vl.Slted thiS sectwn followed by wrum, g10wmg weather Should frost hold off two '\ eeks longer, almost the last vest1ge of the weed wtll be shedded But very few transactwns have taken place dunng the past v;eek Samplmg 1s progressmg m the waJehouses C H Wheeler has the followmg cr opil for W heele1 & Hintze the past week J'ohn Estes, part of crop, and 1c, Andrew Toustle's crop ;!;ic, Amhew Petetson's crop, %c The above crops were damaged by frost or hail PENNSYLVANIA Lancaster New Era, Aug 28 -The sales of cased Seed leaf ill th1s market for the week endmg to day w1ll notJ exceed 250 cases, although we have heard rumors of othar sales whwh lack venficatiOn There have been sales m New Yotk of tobacco held and stored here but these more properly belong to the New York market A number of NewYork holders have been sh1ppmg some of their gooas from th1s mty to that market, wh1ch 1mparts a cer&aill hvehness to the otberw1se qmet con dttlOn of tbmgs The sales last week were.nommal, and for the correspondmg week of last year 15 cases The conditwn of the growmg crop continues to exCite much attentiOn from all classes m the tobacco trade The past week has presented no new develop ments-certamly no favorable ones We have had some exceedmgly warm and dry wea.j;her, wh1ch of course had a tendency to mduce premature matur1ty, and also an undesirable heavmess of'leaf Those fields that have suffe1ed no drMbacks have, of course, upened favorably and steadily, but there has been little lmpro'l[ement m the poor ones They are makmg no progress to speak of and are hkely to remam poor Further exploratwns m the townsh1ps of Pequea, Strasbm:g, ParadlBe and Bart reveal prjltty much the same condttwn of things wluch we have durmg the past two weeks described as eXIstmg m several other portwns o.t; the county While there 1s much useful tobacco, the fine fields are the exceptiOn, and the medmm ones the rule, with a tolerable sprmkhng of pretty bad ones Even some of tb.ose hopefu1 growers who felt sure the favorable season would still brmg out 'theu backward fields, are no longer so confident, and begm to acknowledge the1r crops will prove m fenor We have seen so\:ne very mce tobacco m the townships of Manheim, Ephrata, Cocalwo and West Earl and beileve some of the best m the county 1s grow mg there now, although m certam portwns of the for mer diStrwt many fields are poor enough 3 Southampton-The past ten days HQ I 6 bJ; tobacco ra1sers m cuttmg their crops, most excellent Some are already thrOugh at this wrrtmg and nearly all will be gathered this week Montague-Tobacco cuttmg has been gomg on the past week, some havmg fimshed, but the bulk of the crop m this town will probably be cut this week EasthamP.ton-Tobacco lS fully up to the average, and lB mostly cut Laricaster Exammerand Express, Sept 1 -8hippmg contmues bnsk, a large amount bemg sent away las& week The tobacco that 1s now bemg shipped was sold ear her m the season Present mdiCatHlns are that there will be a "boom m 1880 fine tobacco, JUSt as there was m 1879 Nearly all the buyers who purchased so extensrvely last year have been here, and some of them are here yet making tnps of mspect10n through the county In add1t10n SIX new buyers, who never v1s tted our market to buy, here and express their determmatwn to buy largely Ali of these men have gone through the county mspecting, some have ordered cases for packing and leased warehouses S1x new warehouses are m course of erection, two on the New Holland pike, two on Cherry Alley, and two on Tobacco Avenue, and all of these have been taken for flve-year leases Then some packers are already trr,mg to buy some fine lots We know of one g10wer who was offered 23, 15 and 5 for hlS crop and refused Another, residmg above Mountville, who hnd mne acres of ground m tobacco, was offered 20 cents round for h1s crop which has been cut only a few weeks The first class tobacco w1ll certa1nly brmg lUSt as h1gh pr1ces as did last year's crop There are two manufacturers here who purchased 500 cases last year, and they Will purchase 1 200 cases this year, whwh shows how much they were diSgusted w1th their former venture Pat_e.c.n_t_O_ffi_c_e_R_e_p_ort. 9/4 It U For the week endmg Aug 31 T. L. 1'.:? INVENTIONS PATENTED I Otgarette Machme -Chas G Emery and Wm H. Emery, Brooklyn N Y said WJll H ErneryasSlgnor to Chas G Emery Machme for slittmg C1garettes -Wm. H Emery, Bt ooklyn, N Y assignor to Chas G Emery Oomposttwnfor Flavonng Gtgars -Henry K Retss, Greenville Pa Cla1m-The herem descr1bed compoSI tiOn of matter to be used for flavormg cigars, conststmg of New England rum alcohol, 011 of apple tonka bean, valerran root, and laudanum, m the proportions specified TRADE MARKS REGISTERED The Lancaster Intelhgencer of September 1 remarks Much diversity of opm10n eXIsts aniong men who are supposed to know as to what w1ll probably be the total y1eld of the tobacco crop of 1880 m th1s county and State The estimate Inade by five packers and prmted m Saturday's lntelltgence1 1s much cntimsed by other packers who regard It as too high The1r observatiOn and mformatwn from di:ffel:ent sectwns lead them to beheve that the crop of this county will ,.scarce!) exceed 30,000 cases They say that while 1t 1s t1ue that there rs much fine tobacco m the county, thece Ill much mat:e that lS smallso small that 1t w1ll not ave1age two e&ses to the acre The late tobacco has not rmproved as 1t was hoped 1t would Mucn of It lll stunted1 and under the most favorable CQnditwns will hot make large leave and under unfavorabl:e conditions w1ll y1eld httle or nothmg They state tnat the '30,000 cases m York 'are a good deal like Fall staffs "seven men m buckram '-they are not thereand It will bothe:r York to show more than 15 000 cases Clinton County 1s als6 over estunated 'by one half, so IS Labanon, Cheste-r, and tha count1es that grow smaller quant1t1es On the whole, the cntics thmk the y1eld of the State Will not be more than 100,000 cases, and may be less Our own !rom varwus sectiOns are to the effect that the earlier prom1se of the season 1s not on the whole reahzed The m crec.sed acreage 1s not y1eldmg a correspondmg m creased we1ght The damage by hail turns out to have been comparatively light Messrs Bausman & Burns, the m agents, have been called upon to pay fo1 ten acres thus destroy;ed Of course there was a good deal destioyed tJaat was not msured, but the aggregate 1s not heavy As to the supposed out of farm lands de voted to tobacco here 1s an mstance m JlOmt to dis prove 1t Jacob L Frey last fall sowed m wheat an acre of land that had been for several years consecu t1vely planted m tobacco 'fhe yield of wheat from acre was bushels and two pounds Pretty good foi 'w01n out" land The wheat was of the Hancock Fultz variety, and that maybe one reason why It stands at the head of the column, but the fact appears to be that. the heavy manurmg and constant cult1vatwn and pulvenzatwn of land planted m to bacco fits rt peculiarly for the growth of wheat NEW YORK B1g Flats Sept 1 -Smce my last we have had cop10us showers, wh1c)1 have thoroughly soaked the ground and doubtless will help the later fields Much lB alr.eadv hangmgm the sheds and farmers are hope ful of a good cure and payillg pr1ees Mr James R Decker, of Elmna, weighed a plant from h1s fine field of seven acres whiCh weighed 17lbs ThlS we con s1der hard to beat etther m Lancaster or ConnectiCut Mr Henry R TFost, of Lancaster, representmg C C Ham1lton & Co 1s m the place sampling the packing of E Hoffman & Son We have g1ven the samples a tho10ugh mspectwn, and we find them m excellent condttwn-not a damaged case Th1s 1s one of the first packmg m the Chemung Valley The Messrs Hoffman have handled the State goods smce 1852, and know the value of them 1 W H L Baldwmsv1lle (Onondaga County) Gazette, Aug 27 -We have not notiCed for years-mdeed never, before -such perfect tobll.cco-free from holes, clean, bright and dark colors and heavy growth w1thal, as we have F.een the past days The crop 1s of the most prom Ismg character As we mentwned m a prevwus ;report there arJJ some few spotted fields-we mean by this crops that are uneven m growth, but these are few m nuinbet and as a whole the crop of Seed leaf 1s very fine We VISited the tobacco field belongmg to D1strwt Attorney N M vVh1te, and noticed that he has two varieties of tobacco growmg s1de by side-one the Con nectwut Seed leaf and theothertheBelknap We g1ve our preference to the Belknapj and we speak: of this very fine p1ece of tobacl)o of Mr Wh1te to show that people should labor to get hold of the best var1et1es of tobacco that can be procured ill order to determme whwh one of them lS really the most profitable to. raise At Lysander villap;e graw..eJ;S are raismg largely of Wilson's Hybr1d It looks well, as do other vane tU;lS there There has been qmte a number of sales durmg the week, amountmg to one or two hundred cases The pnces range from five to e1ght cents, per haps some chOice lots at ten cents round f.or lots The firms oi GE/o P Hier & Co and J')!essrs Rosenwald & Bros, we understand, are the chief buyers A good many growers a1e barvest1ng their leaf CONNE0TICJUT Amer1can Gulttvator, Aug 28 -Another fine week has passed w1tb:out damage to the g10wmg crop e1ther by ha1l, wmd or frost, although the thermometer has mdwated as low a temperature as 41 degrees and m some lower places 40 degrees, which caused great anXIety among oux growers a'here has been but a slight ramfall for the last fe\v weeks, and, as a conse quence late Ret tobacco has not grown as fast as we should particularly on dry grounds Cuttmg rs now umversal, some havmg finiShed harvestmg the crop Our correspondent from Deerfield wr1tes Harvestmg IS now the order of the day The mdwa twns ate that we have asuperwr crop" Ji'romHadley our correspondent wr1tes -"There are some extra fine crops of Havana and Ba1ber Seed m town the whole crop lll lookmg well Cuttmg will be well under way th1s week No damage from the late cold wave and there will be but little from worms" At Suffield a fr1end wr1tes The tobacco crop IS now bcmg rap1dly housed, It 1s an exceUent one show mg a good sound, clean growth, and we are lookmg for a superwr crop and he adds 'The crop m th1s vrmmty 1s prmCipally Seed, w1th occaswnally a crop of Havana" At Hayden Station The ctop IS tiptop, and we are busy cuttmg No damage thus far These are samples our correspondence Local sales are not abundant We not1ce the sale of 15 of Havana m Hadley at 15c At Northanipton a lot of Seed leaf'at 13?fc-wrappers Dealers are makmg mqumes, bu't hes1tate to pay priCes asked New England Homestead, August 28 -Returns of correspondents-, Plug OheWtng Tobacco -Chas W Allen A v0ndale, Ohio The figure of a lyre Gtgar -Sullivan & Burk, :Oetr01t, Mich The words Bob Ingersoll' and a representat10nof the bust and head of a man CIGAR PA.CTORY OF KEY WEST. The c1gars of this Factory, under the 'well knowa brands of EL PRINCIPE DE CALES AND LA PERLA DE CAYO HUESO, manufactured of the new and bes Vuellla Ah&jo 'lb bacco, e.nd unexcelled in quality and make bT e.ny of the Havana Factones, are now rece1vei ba regular weekly shipments by 1 FRED'K DE BARY 4 CO., Nos. 41 & 43 WARREN STREET, NEW You, Sole Agents. THE, TOBACCO MARKET. NEW YORK. SEPTEMllER 3 The monthly Circulars of our fr1ends, published below1 so fairly and fully describe the cond1tlons of the local tobacco market that we need add but a few words to brmg the 1ecord of August and September up to date The fall season has set m, and leaf tobacco of all kmds lS movmg witli celeuty The sales of Western smce September 1st are not yet fully repox ted, but we note transfers of ove1 1,200 hhds, 1,000 of which at least were for account of the French and Itahan buyer Pnces are stiffenmg, and espeCially so fQr lugs and lo.w leaf January February March April Mav June Julv August 1st week 2d week 3d wee)< 4th week. 5th week Total 760 27'2 2 015 1 757 5 uOO 401 691 700 1 156 3 600 375 661 344 265 3 800 265 230 293 3 412 4 300 318 680 762 354 2 450 B84 763 296 1 707 3 150 306 169 2!i3 1 47ll 2 200 a8 2 tt:l2 383 185 6 eoo MONTHLY TOBACCO CIRCULARS SAWYE:rt WALLACE & Co -'itmeruan Leaf Tobacco-Rccctpts m Aug 1680(mcludrng2596VJrgtrua) 12 790hhds 1879 16 370 bhds 1878 24 592 hhds 1877 20 860 hhds 1876 15 OoS hbds SmceJIIn 1 1880 (mcludmg10 625Vugtma) 62 436bhds 1879, 65 255 bbds 1878, 108 014 hhds 1877 77 168 hhds 1876 91 694 hhds Exports m Aug 1880 12,815 hhds 1879 9 696 hhds 1878, 23 38U bhds 1877 13 700 bhds, 1876 20 914 bhds Smce Jan 1, 1880 52 585 hhds, 1879 40 184 hhds, 1878, 76 753 hhds 1877, 57 151 hhds 1876 69 6861\hds Sales m Aug 1880, 5 800 bhds 1879 3 500 1878 7 900 hhds 1877 6 800 hhera. Exoort Specui.J.IIOII. hhds hhds hhds hhds hhd& 1880-4 017 350 2 090 ') 23 691 253 ,t8799 410 1 043, 6 2113r 17 5-l8 2 on; 1878-5 427 1,051 3 411Ji 27 420 459 1S777 220 1 837 3 9\)7 1 21,'576 25 1876-4 992 1 600 2' 327 3 447 MONTHLY STATEMENT OF THE STOCK AT INSPECTIONS Stock on band Aug 1, 889 411643 hhda Recerved smce 9,307 bhds Delivered smce 51150 bhda 6 645 bhda 44 5();) bhda 1880 1879 bhds hhds. 37,872 42 294 27 050 27 759 9488 5176 4 1>51 1 729 2 314 1 270 82 147 <10 282 44,505 48 859 Hi7 372 167 369 The EngllBh markets contmue dull Bremen Is more act1ve the demand bemg ilh1efly for new crop Kentucky and Old V1rgmia Western markets are act1ve and h1gher on all desuable kmds Rece1pts and sales are, howevei, rapidly falling off Our adVIces regardmg the !l"rowmg crop contmue unfavorable the latter rams havmg been partial and not productive of the good results hoped for EXPORTS OF TOBACCO FROM NEW YORK FROM AUG 1 TO 31, INCLUSIVE 4,239 hhds 2 063 bhds. 2 bhds 167 bhds 3,464bhds 227 hhds 11 bhds 12 81o hhd From the cncular of Mr R Hagedorn we collate the follow mg synopsrs of exports from New York and New Orleans from Jan 1 to date -1879 181!0 hhd hhd8 6 U72 12 688 7840 5054 6 244 10 967 4 886 6 094 6 126 6 283 1 243 1 241$ 5689 8488 2,308 3 220 Durmg ten days the mmute fleas or worms which somet1mes depredate on the tobaccQ, have become very nume10us and destruct1ve In fact they have nearly ruilled some late crops We know of a s1x acre field whwh two weeks ago had few equals m the county, to day: a smgle one of the splend1d leaves that h1de the ground can be found m good con ditwn Almost every leaflS nddled w1th a mult1tudeof holes, varymg m SIZe from a pm's head to that of a g1am of corn The owner, who IS an expert, says if he gets no wrappers, he 1s sure to have the best fille!,"S m the State We liehe:ve that those who have stnctly first-class tobacco will realize first class pwwes for 1t, while the bulk of the crop must, because of 1ts mfer 10r1ty, be sold below the prevailmg rates of last year Farmers must not expect to get full pr1ces for mfenor goods Lancaster Inqutrer, Aug 28 -It IS reported that some one 1s trymg to rent the K of P hall at Atglen, fon the purpose ofmakmg a tobacco. warehouse of It fhis ought to be a good place for one, as ther.e IS no.w none Within a radius of ten or twelve miles fFom It there are many mce p1eces of tobacco m this town, yet I thmk t not above an average crop, and I (ear the dry wea.ther for 1t to ma ture m will affe t the qual1ty Now 1s a good t1me of year for our to tell their experience w1th ferti lizers, the1r relat1ve values and how used, I!UCh art1 cles woUld be read with much mterest by every tobacco grower M W FriSbie has acres of very heavy tooacco He made several exper1ments, spreadmg manure m wmter once and tw1ce plowmg, usmg Stock manure, tobacco stems, and barnyard manure Tw1ce plowmg'Bhowed a marked m the favor ot the crop Of the manures the bafuyard showed the best result I have one p1ece of acres, manured very heavily, plowed m, none on top The topacco was not up to the average It should, have been very 41008 14 795 54 089 8 241) D1 ppeared from N Y and New Orleans 55 803 62 284 JoHN CATTUS -KeJttucky Tobacco-With contmued firm matkets m the West, better reports from Europe, an!l not favorable adv1ees of the growmg crop, our durmg the past month bas !!howngrea.ter act1v 1ty, e,nd pncea were not onlyiirm but m some mstances an advance was pmd Thepr1pmpal transactions were for the different Reg1es, but the open Eur opea.n markets alljO partiCipated to a satisfactory extent The rece1pts durmg the past month of new tobacco were only mod erate for the season, but the quality shows further Improvement, a'nd 1t 1s now generally conceded that the '791crop furrushes a very useful tobaccb, IHld, m many l.nstancfl!l, a superior qual1ty to that of humy pre Samuel Hess the auctwneer, drove from h1s res1 dence on the :r,fillersv1lle p1ke, JUSt outs1de of Lancaster, to Mount Joy, and on the way counted 181 tobacco patches Mr Geo W Mehaffey an exper1enced tobacco grower of East Donegal this county owns a farm m Chester County, on the P R R near Paoh and th1s year he put out on Jt acres of tobacco He says that the toqacco thete IS equally as good as that on h1s Donegal farm Some gro wen! are boastmg of the1r early cuttmg of but,expenenced tobacco farmers state that that whwh mavlll:es lq.te 1s th11 beav1est and finest m quality 'Iobacco whwh.r1pens early 1s hght and lacks body York Evemng Dtspatch, Aug 30 -The tobacco crop this year 1s unusually latge Last year there were about 4,000 acres m York Count;y thts year about 9 000 acres The questwn 1s a senous one, Have our tobacco growers suffiCient shed room to bang and cure th1s large quantity of full grown tine tobacco 1s great dapger of 1t heatmg and pole .... hung too close m the shed Remember, your tobacco leave-oil are ong and broad, they may hang cl()i;e and m overlap each other, exclu,dmg atr and vent1latwn You may lose your fine crop 1f not careful We cau t1 on growers to see to 1t m t1me Examme your tobaccs If too hot, make room to g1ve 'lir and to secure car-eful curmg To get good pnces and ready sale, must be cured well and perfect We are lllllllY new tobacco sheds are bemg put up to house tlil'llargely mcPeased crop on nd heavy w1th a favorable season Otlier p1eces I top dressed w1th better results fuse no patent fertilizers Warehouse Pomt-There are about 200 acres of to bacco raiSed m this VlCm1ty th1s year, most of whwh 1s of very large growth, showme;: a nch tlesby leaf as 1t matures About one tenth of 1t lS already t this date (21st) ,.,=,_ Glastonbury-TflG' farmers m thisJocality busy gathPr;;:;15 the1r tobacco crop, whioh JS remark ably good m general Some pieces are extra heavy MASSACHUSETTS J New England Homestead Aug 28 -Returns of cor respondents -North Hatfield-About two thirds of the tobacco crop 1s harvested, and ill excellent condttlOn, the weather bemg verv favorable Hadley-F1fteeri cases of E:avana, crop of 1879, have been sold at 15c The growmg crop 1S good, many extra There are a. few lots of Barber Seed that are very heavy Cutting will be fairly under way this week There will be but little damage from green vious crops l J H MooRE & Co -We have to note a filii' busmess dttr,.ng the past month, th total sales footmg U{' some 6,800 hfids._ the buyers for the several Reg1es taking the propo?twn, :while qmte a liberal nqurrv was kept up to fill sm!ill otders for the several op!ln markets The demand for borne trade sorts st1ll contmues veey l.ithlted though 1t l" hoped that thiS branch of the busi ness will find It to tb,eir mterest to enter our Inarket a.t an early day and commence liberal operatiOns Con tinued reports of unfavorable seasons for the grow1ng crop caused an extremely firm feeling m our market, e.nd a gradual harderung or prlCel!. (['heW estern mark ets kept advancmg durmg eptue month for all de Sll'able sorts, and at the close show the h1ghest pnce11 for the year M RADER & SoN -There has been a:tarrdema.nd for Kentucky tobacco ,dunng the month, e.nd the Balel!l wonld no doubt show a larger :ftgtirt:, were it not for the death of Mrs A.benhe1m, the wife of the agent for f


TOBACCO LEAF. 4 (8,749 lbs) .. .. .. ,.neports about Hayti-7 hhds, 82 pkgs (1,464 lbs) mfd. trac fo Ttalv "" d rtl Hull-125 bhds the O'on tors... _.!'.,'lniVe caused a firmer an pa Y .London-40 cases, 13 pkgs (2,242 lbs) mfd. and low grades are held notably LuJerpool-169 hhds, 20 pkgs (2,000 lbs) mfd. gher. VIrginia tobacco ruled rather dull durmg last .Napla-576 hhds. month, the finer grades neglected, with a hrmted Porw bhd, 24 pkgs (2,900 lbs) mfd deiJl&lld for heavy brown and low medium leaf. Lugs, u. s of Cofmnbia-17 cases 60 bales, 22 pkgs being scarce, held theu own. The seasons for the mfd. grow1ng crop have been more favorable, and, w1th a Vmezuela-1 case, 15 bales. 5 pkgs (548lbe) mfd <:olftinuation, may giVe US. about 75 per cent. of ICXPORTS FROM THE PORT OF NEW YORK TO FOREIGN PORTS an average crop. QuotatiOns are Common lugs, FROM JANUARY 1, 1880, TO SEPT. 3, 1880. 4@5c good lUgs. 5:!4:@6c; low leaf, medmm Hhds Cases Bales J,.bs mfd leaf, good leaf, 9Yz@l2c; fine leaf, 12Yz@l5c. Aden.................. l,()()(l D. J. GARTH, SoN & Co.-Our market durmg !\.ugust Afnca .. .. .. .. .. .... .. 636 59 71 49,569 bas been reasonably act1ve, w1th sales of 6,800 hhds, of Antwerp.............. 5,190 8,692 2,609 1:1,674 which 11 050 hhds were taken for export. Pnces have Austna . 138 very firm for all grades, and quotations have Australia..... 421 txen somewhat advanced, especially for low grades, Bremen ... .. 9,330 which are m smallsuppl,Y. The best grades of heavy Bntlsk N. A. Colomes. 143 leaf are also scarce and m good demand. We note a Canada ........ ...... 18 more general inquiry for tobacco, and for the first t1me in man7. months the European markets are .tak Copenhagen . . 2 ing su1table goods w1th freedom at current pr1ces. East Indies . .. Several large transactiOnS for Reg1e account are now Fmnce .. .. 4,921 pending, and we look for an active market dunng the G 1 braltar . 1,086 remamder of the year. Considerable speculative feel Glasgow....... 2,265 ing is manifested at the West, and some orders have Hamburg.............. 742 been sent here to purchase tobacco on W estet:l account, Italy . . .. .. 7,958 but thus far this demand has not been suffiCient to diSL1verpool . 4 ,602 turb pr1ces, nor to call for extended remark. Crop re-London. 4,026 ports contmue unfavorable, although local showers OLber BniiSh Ports 1,8-14 and some general rams have no doubt been of benefit Malta. 109 to the growmg crop. Reb able estimates, made smce Mex1co the rains, indicate that in the Clarksville and Hopkins New Zealand ville districts from onehalf to three quarters of an Portugal h .1 t t Rotterdam . .... average CTOJI is possible, w 1 ewe ca.nno expec mo!'6 SandWich Islands, etc than from fifty to SIXty percent of an average crop m Spain ................ the Paducah d1Btr1ct. Western markets have ruled South Amenca .... very firm, with an advancmg tendency for all grades. West Ind1es ..... 790 941 2,414 722 1 044 167 8,007 33,749 5 2 25 14 1 ,112 299 1466 1 100 754 1 2 1 786 81 5 419 1,138 2,024 100 810 37 9,157 191 :iO 1 259 Vttpinia Leaf.-There was more activitym Virginia leaf dUring the past week th9:n at date of our 111,034 18,061 56,174 512,882 860 10,866 22,225 10,687 2,748 11,903 77,900 281,079 79,523 6,100 11i8,tl39 1164,128 7,006 4,138 294,102 9,707 4,100 4,565 3 860 624,887 1,037,800 3,981,246 report, pretty fair aales of br1ght wrappers and cho1ce lots of smokers havmg been effeoted. Seed Leaf.-There has been a good inquiry for Seed leaf since our previous rev1ew of the market, and sales of 2 m cases are reported. Sampling JS bemg pro88Cuted with vigor, and the reports concermng the character of the new tobacco are umformly of a kind to give to dealers. The market sel dom presents a cheerier tban at the present moment. QUOTATIONS of WHOLESALE PRICES. J. s. GABs' SoN & tobacco brokers, 84 and 86 Wall Street, report as follows -There has been more activity since sampling has fatrly begun w1th sales of 2,221 cs. 700cs.1879 New England, seconds ...... 11 @13 Wrappers .. .. ....... 15 @25 Housatonic assorted. . . 20 1100 cs. 1879 Penn.sylvania, assorted lots 11 @20 259 cs. 1879 WlSConsm Havana Seed p. t. 110 cs. 1878 New England wrappers 15 70cs. 1878 Pennsylvama . 13 @20 542 cs. 1878 Oh10 wrappers ........... 11 @14 100 cs. sundries . 9 @18 MEssRS. J. S. GANs' SoN & Co.'s Monthly Circular says-Seed Leaf-Trade has been slow. Nearly all usef.i.l old tobaccos have been picked up by manufa<;turers while sales of new have only been moderate. The of our packers have but just began to sample, and It is hardly reasonable to expect large transactions untd all are through, and cooler weather sets m The export demand noted in our last has not contmued, owing, however, to the fact that with quant1t1es of Brazil m Bremen, dealers there are trymg to press the prices of Seed leaf: w1th what success the future must tell. Our reports of the 1880 crop, although all agreemg to its being large are very confl.ictmg as to its quality and so11ndness; so in Pennsylvania, where 1t appears as if the new crop will produce less fine leaf than d1d that of 1879. SALES -CROP OF 1877. New England, 50 cases, of which for export CROP OF 1878. do do .. do New England, Pennsy lvama, New York, Ohio, Wisconsin, 800 cases, of wh1ch for export 500 cases, of wh1ch for export 200 cases, of wh1ch for export 600 cases, of wh1ch for export 100 cases, of for export 170 do do 59 do CROP OF 1879. New England 1,100 cases, of which for export N. E. Hav. Seed 400 cases, of which for export Pennsylvania 1,600 '' OhlO, 1,000 ,, h Wisconsin 100 WIS. Hav.Seed 100 do do .. do 459 do .. do .. do PARTICULAR NOTICE. J Every re-sale 18 ouppoaed to be at an advance on 1lrat cost, the prices obtainable b_y groW'ers ot tobacco, therefore, wtU always be a.aewhat ower tllan these quotations WESTERN LEAF, I>.O.U. Commou lugs Goorluga LOW leaf l}oodleaf Dark wrappers RRIGJIT Common mahogany Good mahogany ..... _. Ftu.sRs-Common Goo& Fine -Superior Y.llLl-1 and II cula 81!l10rted II cuto BmuTIU. M:AN1JJI' .&CT1JBBD TOB.&.CCO, P1uca IN B-Tll 16 C&lml PU PotnOilnds having been taken for sh1pment. Smoking.-Sbghtly mcreased act1v1ty was percepti ble in the smokmg tobacco market. Cl{lars.-Manufacturers and Importers both report a steady and satisfactory trade for the week JUSt ended. were as follows 2.367 hhds, 296 trcs, 8,116 csleaf, 1 bale do, 326 cssmkg, 2 bxs do, 30 butts mfd, ll08 cs do, 241 bxs do, 165 % bxs do, 208 bxs do, 78 do, 698 bxs-do, 160 do, 218 cads do, 25 cads do, 50 cads do, 25 kegs do, 4 bbls do, 66 p81ls do, 17 pkgs do, 14 bbls do, 1 do, 6 trcs snu!f, 39 bbls do, 8 bbls do, 276 bxs do, 14 jars do, li crates do, 4 cs c1gars, 9 do cigarettes, 35 bxs p1pes, 22 'ce liconce, 9 bxs sam plea, cons1gned as follows Bg tho J/Jrie .Ra11road.-Kremelberg & Co 127 hhds, Toe!, Rose & Co 48 do; J A Pauli 5 do; Pollard, Pettus.& Go 151 do, Sawyer. Wallace & Co '1116 do, J H Moore & Co 28 do; R Moore & Co 20 do; R H Arkenburgh 6 do, Oelnchs & Co 73 do; D J Garth, Son & Co 62 do; Funch, Edye & Co 83 do, H B 1 ebert 5 do, C H Spttzner & Son 14 cs; Hermann Koop & Co 111 do; Order 262 do Bg IJwt Hudwn Rif>IJr Railroad -Order 28(f hhds. Bv tho .Natwnal -D J Garth. Son & Co 19 hhds, R Moore & Co 56 do, Kremelberg & Co 19 do, T H MeBBenger & Cigar Box Cedar -Smce last report there have been Co 11 do, WatJen, Toe! & Co 18 do, P Lonllard & Co 168 do, 1 1 '357 500 f t) There 8awyer, Wallace & Co 88 do. Reynes Bros & Co 23 do, J H noarr1vals. Saesarel,u ogs' ee Moore&Co2do,Blakemore,Mayo&Co2do;HSiebertlOdo, bas been no change of quotations smce our last report. c H Sp1tzner & Son S6 cases, Order 146 hhds. Excha.nge.-Messrs. M. & 8. Sternberger. Bankers, Bg th1 Pennaylroma Railroad.-M H Levin 1068 cs, N bales scraps, L P & J Frank 8 !!o, 8 do; A del Pino 6 do,l do, J F Banto 2 i!o, 8 do, F deBary & Co 21 cs Clgal'll, H RKelly & Co 17 do, F H Leggett & Co 10 do. Perea Bros 4 do, Ramon Alfonso 4 do, N B Ma.nmng 3 do, I Ellinger &Co 3 do, Dav1es & Co 2 do; Geo Alces 1 do; Moore, Jenkrns & Co 1 do R Courtney 1 do, F Barranco 1 do, Baker & Clark 1 do, V Mar tmez Ybor & Co 5 bales scraps. Eastern Markets. SPRINGFIELD, Mase., Sept. 2 -llr. C B. Butler, Packer and Jobber of Connecticut 8eed Lear, reports to THE TOBACCO LEAF -Harvesting w1ll be nearly or qmte completed th1s week, and 1t IS thought to be an average crop The sales of 1879 have been equal to any prev10us week s1nce the market opened. PIULADELPHIA, Sept. 2 -Mr. A. R. Fougeray, To bacco Manufacturers' Agent. reports to THE TOBACCO LEAF. 'fl!e demand for manufactured bard tobacco in th1s market 1s now confined largely to a few popularized brands, which the deservmg, energetic manufacturers and agents have, by hber ahty and reliable matenal, made as fam1liar m name as the best brands of any other necess1ty. Prices for these brands remam steady and fitm A fSlr busme!B domg and splendid outlook, 1f politiCs don L mterfere. Fi1M Out,._ Arc constantly requued, at full figures, espemally 1f quality 1s shown Keep 1t ull to the mark. noticeable in better grades."S-Manufacturers are full of Ol'ders, particularly if brands ore reliable lmuffDemand all that could be des1red Rece1pls -418 boxes, 8,120 cadd1es, 621 cases, and 382 pails fine cuts. Exported to L iverpool-Per steamer Lord Chve, 17,150 lbs. manufactured. Seed Ullf-Dealen in c1gar leaf are doing an excellent trade Some very tine wrappers have been turned over th1s week to manufacturers, at very satiSfa dJry pnces. Appearances would u1d1cate a fioumhmg fall trade. Narona Ullj-Sells qmte freely Bogshead .U,.f-i!hows incre11sed sales Prices irregular Rece1pts for the week -189 cases ConnectiCut, 146 do Pennsylvuia, 60 do Ohio, 81 do WJsconsm, 103 bales Havana, and 270 hhds of Vugm1a and Western leaf tobacco Bales foot up -181 cases ConnectiCut, 160 cases Pennsylvanm, 36 cases Oh10, 62 CIISes W1sconsm, 74 bales Havana, and 28 hhds V ugm1a and Western leaf Exported of leaf tobacco-To L1verpop! via steamer Ohio 57,491llls. Western and Southern Markets. BALTIMORE, Sept 2 -Messi'B. Ed. W1schmeyer & Co Tobacco Connrusston Merchants, report to THE ToBACCO LEAF as follows.-ReceJpts of leaf tobacco were fBlr the past week. The demand tor Maryland contmues ch1efiy for France, other &blppers bemg still "'tb hgbt orders, but w1th the cer tamty of a short crop, and tile prospect of a better demand later in the season, factors are very firm, and full figures are rea!Jzed for all desirable R:rades The s!tuatien of Ohto remains unchanged, no further pur chllSes bavmg been made for account of French contract, and very httle inqmry IS made for sh1pments to Germany. The crop of 1879 bas nearly all been forwarded, and is expected not to exceed 8000 hhds. and the J>resent year's crop Will also be a short one, owmg to wh1ch, and the wants of the European markets, prospectively, holders marufest confidence in prices bemg main tamed QUOTATIONS. Maryland-inferior and frosted ............... $ 2 500 3 00 s o und common 3 50@ 4 50 good do 5 00@ 5 50 nnddhng .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 6 00@ 8 00 good to tine red. . 8 50@10 00 fancy .. .. .. .. 11 00@15 00 gt ound leaves new 2 50@ 8 00 Ohio-mfenor to good common 8 50@ 5 50 greemsh and brown . 5 110@ 7 00 medmm to fine red .. 7 00@10 00 common to medium spangled . . 6 50@ 9 00 fine spangled to yellow .. .. .. .. .. .. 10 00@18 00 Au cured medmm to fine.............. .. .. 7 00@15 00 Kentucky-trash.... .. .. .. .... .... .. 3 50@ 4 50 common lugs.... .. .. .. .. .. .. 4 50@ 5 50 good lugs.. .. .. .. .. .. .. 5 50@ 6 /iO common leaf.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 6 50@ 7 50 medium leaf................... .. 7 50 8 /iO good leaf.............. .... .. .. 8 50@10 00 tine leaf .......................... 10 00@12 00 Vtrgin1a-common and good lugs . 8 00@ 5 50 common to me&mm leaf ...... ,...... 6 00@ 8 00 f&ll to good leaf .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 8 00@10 00 selectiOns ......................... 12 00@16 00 etems. common to fine. .. .. .. .. .. .. 1 110@ 2 00 Inspected this week .-1467 hhds Maryland, &o 212 Ohio, 6 do V 1rgmia; total, 1686 hhds Cleared same per10d-Per steamer Serra, for L1verpool, 46 hhds Maryland tobacco, per steamer H1berman, for Hal1fax, 15 do Kentucky tobacco, per br1g John Wesley, for Marseilles, 553 do Maryland tobaccG. TOBACCO STATJOIENT. Jan 1, 1880.-Btock on handm tobacco warehouses and on sb1pboard not cleared ................ 23,065 hhds Inspected this week . . . t, 685 h hd.e ln.spected preVlously this year ......... 81,842 hhd.e 56,582 hhds Exports of Maryland and Ohio since Jan nary 1.... . . 19,357 hhds Sh1pped coastwiBil and rQ lDBpected 4,500 hhds 23,867 hhds Stock In warehouse this day and on shipboard not cleared ........... : .. .. .. .. .. 82,725 hhds Stock same tune m 1879 .. . . 40,282 hhds )lanujOAJtured Tobauo-Trade in thlB branch continues bmk, mo$tly for lower grades. Exports this wcelr, 82a.'i lbs to South America. Rece1pts per Richmond steamers, 46 pkgs CHICAGO, lll., Sept. I.-Our apec\al correspondent reports to THE TonAcco LJU.F.-The changes of this market call for bnt little spec1al remark Heavy orders are bemg filled m manufactured goods. There was an increasing demand for c1gars, and it JS undoubtedly a safe prediction thJs activny will be fully sustained in the coming week. P1pes and fancy goods sell fBlrly. The leaf market contmues buoyant. The followmg importatwns took place Metz'er, Rotbschlld & Co., 4 cases smokers' articles; Grommes & Ulrich, 8 do cigars, Kantzler & Hargis, 16 do. CINCINNATI, 0., Sept. 1.-Messrs. Prague & Matsen, Leaf Tobacco Brokers and Redryers of Cutting Leaf and Plug Fillers, report to THE ToBAcco LEAJ' as follows -The week opens wtth the market fully as act1ve as the precedrng one Pnces are strong for all sorts, both cuttmg and plug The presence of a large number of outside buyers, whtch stimulated pnces last week, has a gam given addJtionalstrehgth to the market tb1s week, notwJthstandmg the offerings at auc twn bemg over 500 hhus yesterday, and very near the same to day. Rece1pts are stJl!large Below we give statement for month of also comparisons for the year, whJCh show qmte a large mcrease m stocks over last montb, makmg the largest stocks (12,312 hhds) on hand at this t1me of year ever known m tbe h1story of the market STATKIIENT FOR MONTH OJ' AUGUST, 1880. Hhds Stock on hand Aug. 1, 1880 . 10,909 Bxs 1,538 416 report to -THE TonAcco LEAII' as follows :-We quoteLacbenbruch & Bro 2 do, L Newg81ls 2 do, E Spmgarn & Co -Bankers, nommal -rates are 482 and 484 for 60 days and 12 do, Bunzl & Dorm1tzer 11 do, 8 Rossm & Son 15 do; Have demand sterling respectively, Belling rates are 480%-481 for meyers & V1gelius 126 do, Schroeder & Bon 40 do, G W Ga1l 60 daysB, 48kS-4839j dfor dem 5 a 2 n 1 m"e'r. & Ax 90 do, A. S Ros 1 e 6ndbaumH&:!Cb o 1611 dJo, Bloch k Total .. . .. .. .. .. 17, 162 Pansan era, ays, 7B u 0 56 do, S Berrmger o; e1 roner, osep s .,. o o, cia!, 60 days,... 3 ays,94M:-%. Arendt&Frmgant 166 do, H1rsch, V1ctorms & Co 200 do, Delivenesdunngmonth ....... ...... 4,850 Receipts dlll'lllg month . ......... 6,255 1,954 574 60 days 93%-931116; Commercial, 60 days B Brod 12 do, G W Helme 8 bbls, 1 bbl, 12 cs, 16pkgsmfd, Carey, Yale & Lambert, l!reight 6 trcs, 5 crates, 84 bbls, 7 y. bbls, 14 Jars, 275 bxs Stock m warehouses &pt 1, 1880 ... .12,812 Brokera, report to 'l'HB TonA cco LEll' Tobacco Fre1ghts as By 1M Ckntral Railroad of .NeiiJ Jerae11-A Cohn 40 cs, do do 1879 8.526 follows:_ Liverpool, steam 40s, saJI, ; Lo'?'don, steam, Lobenstein & Gans 1 do, Cohn & Stein 25 do, Order 17 do. Actual sales dunng the month ........ .... 5,3611 1,380 1,364 439 85s; wl, ; Glasgow, steam, 85s, sail, .. ; BrlBtol, steam, By tho NtuJ York and .NfliiJ Ha'Dtll StM.mboat IA116-YEARLY COMPARlBONB 85s, sail, ... Havre, steam, $8, s1nl, Antwerp, steam, Thos H HallS cs, E Rosenwald & Bro 99 do, L Arens 11 do, .--1879--. ,...-:188!)..-...., 87a 6d,eall, us, Hamburg, steam, 87s 6d, sail, 35s, Bremen, B Barnett 12 do, Cbas F TaJL! Sons 58 do; M Rusch 9 do, Hbds. Bxs Hhds Bxs ateam,87s6d. sail,Us.UiPo:ara. Bg lrN York and llartfortl StuzmlxJ&t Li'M-ReJeCtiOnS do do 4,678 1,021 11,957 1,685 The arriTals at the port of New York from forwgu porta fo: M H Levm 54 cs; Bunzl & Donrutzer 5 do, E Rosenwald & Actual sales do do 24,995 2,64.5 80,078 8,146 the week mcluded the folloWJnll Bro SO do, Davts & Day 2 thers who planted at the same lime have very md1fferent ones. In some parts the late plant mg Is domg finely, and w1th a late frost wlll y1eld well. In other sections it is said the late -plantmg has not grown any of consequence smce set out I have never seen a season when we had such conflictmg reports 1\8 to the growmg crop; and also about new diseases, and causes for it not domg well For the latter some attribute the lack of freezing weather last winter, and some suggest protecting the plants With common cotton fabnc m the spnng, keepmg them too tender to w1th stand any hardship that may ar1so Pr1ces have stlffened up on everythmg m the past few days, showing a shght ease up to-day, but still M to higher than my last QUOTATIONS. .No---ed tllle!'B, some color and body ...... 10 00@12 00 hhds. Wise & Bendheim 62 cs smkg, 6 bb!J do, I bx mfd, 66 pails do: (1000 ftllen, n:<1 color and good body . 15 00@17 00 ,bnmlm-&0 bhda, 1,516 cases, 27 bales ll bbls snu1f,1 do,1 bx do, Barkhalter, Masten & Co 20 Fme1111el; bngbL color and good body .. 18 00@21 00 Bnti .Awtrulia-.55 hhds, 88 cues, 1116 pkga (8,1189 lba) ca mfd, A Bfumlein & Co2 do, F' H Leggett & Co 2.5 do, DANV.ILw ;'1. Va., Seut. 2.-Paul c. Venable, Leaf To mfd. Thompeon, Moore &\ Co 5 do; A Hen & -Co JO do, 'ua ToBAcco LKu as follows.Brltilh w8t J'fldiN-(j hhds, 8 bales, 48,1188lba) mfd. August1n & Dusel20 do; I Kauffmann 8 ca smkg; J ll Rosen b&coo Broker, l'llporta to 'l.'lite full Iince my last report, but hhda. L & Co 4 do; M H Rieder 8 do, P BUaaeman 1 do; E & G Friend Our market has cont.mued q1 n wrappers, !!lien ud amokera Quba-UO (96,920 lbe) mfd'. & Oo 1 caleaf. mostly of medium and commo acarce, &Dd in deiiWld. All I>II.IM Wm IAdUI-861 pkga (17,BJO lbL) mfd. frQflt. &Mnnah-&'11'}'81', Wallace & Co lll7 hhds; Fine and extra wrappers are lliillaat week but with no de Wutloo--83llhifa. Blakemore, Mayo & Co 10 do, R lloore & Co 17 do; Jarvia & grades are rather more 81)tive tl Genna-lillO hhds. Co 19 do. cided adnnce In pricea. 'ld to 1 811911011 lba a,.,_,,. ___ l GlalttNI from Nev OrlMiu H Siebert 2 hhda. Onr ealea for August amount, "' to 'Sep' 1 1880' 81 ....,.. =-Hudwl& BiNfo R. R....:..J' Schulz 1'7 C8. price, 111.60; aa1ta from Oct. 1, 1iru .llalllbv1,g-102 hhdl, Jtli,I:IIOI, 8 ptp (1,100 mf4. tr-IUt W'at.-Seidellberl & Co GO CICipn, 11 Ulll lbe; avenp 111.111. 11,W. hhds 6,845 hhds QUOTATIONS. 18,!11! hhcll 8,871 hhda ST. LOUIS, Mo., September 1 .-MesmJ. C. & R. Dor mitzer & Co., leaf tobacco merchants, report to THll: TOBACCO LEAJ' -No change to report from our market, and the tion is about the same u stated last weelr.. The &allll on the breaka are light. Private sales to the extent of about 400 hhda have been princ:ipal!y and fine fillen. W arehollllll transaction! during them >nth of Aupst 14M hhds, agalnat 2824 do ID Jul:r, o1rerings, 1m do; deliveriea to city, SEPT. 4 636 do, for s hipm ent, 531 do, total dehveriesll67 do, stocko11 hand, 9092 do. QUOTATIONS. Common lugs .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 8 00@ 8 2:5 Good dnrk lugs .. .. .. .. .. .. 8 /iO@ 4 00 Good to tine colory lugs.. .. .............. 4 50 7 GO C8mmon nondescnpt leaf. . . .. 4 00@ 5 00 C@mmon dark leaf .. .. .. .. .. .. 5 50@ 5 75 Good dark leaf .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 5 75@ 6 Common red leaf .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..... 6 5C 7 00 Good red leaf .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 7 50@ 8 00 Short br1ght leaf .. .. . .. . .. .. .. .. 9 00@10 00 Fme bnght leaf .. "' .. ............. 10 00@14 00 Wb1te Burley lngs \ ........................ 7 00@ II 00 Wh1te Burley leaf .. .. .. ........... 12 00@18 00 Common dark mahogany wrappers ............ 12 OO@Hi 00 Med1um br1ght wrappers. .. .. .. .. ...... 18 00@25 00 Good do do .. .. .. .. .. : ......... 56 00@110 00 Fme do do .. .. .. .. .. .. 50 00@70 00 SAN FRANCISCO, 20.-The San Francisco Merchant remarks -1'he tObacco market 18 only mod erately act1ve, but pncesgenerally are well mamtained. The stock of leaf IS unusually low, the br1sk demand of spnng mto summer having drawn UJ.>On liD portatwns unt1l there is very little medmm m first hands, and nothing choice. i::lome manufacturers are wrutmg for new tobacco to arnve before mcreasmg their force of c1gar-makers Overland receipts of c1gars and tobacco CollSignoes. Tobacco -Cigars. Lbs. Cues. L. & E. Wertheimer 19,359 4 Esberg, Bachman & Co. 28,230 Falkenstem & Co . 3,870 .A. S Rosenbaum & Co 570 Wellman, Peck & Co... 2,210 MIChaehtschke Bros. 520 Oppenhe1mer & Co.. 5,880 &nderson & Horn. 14,680 W. G. Irvme .. .. 339 H. Rosenfeldt.. . . 15,800 J. T. Cuttmg 630 Buchanan & Lyall. ... 8,680 Engelbrecht, Fox & Co.. 4,800 M. J. Flavm.. .. 280 M Rosenshine & Co. .. 18,510 L1ebes Bros . 9'0 2 li 1 2 Root & Sanderson 1 Jones & Co .. .... 1 Sum Kung Chong & Co.. 1 H. Sutliff .. .. .. 1 Dwyer& Co .. .. 2 J. H. Wilbur .. .. .. 1 Ci&'arettes. c2 8 1 1 Cmvoura& Co.......... 1 Total Imports by sea and rail:-122,950 lbs, and 151t cs tobaccoJ 21 cs cigars, 13 cs cigarettes, Expor&s. 8,849 lbs tooacco, 4 cs cigars, 2 cs cigarettes. QUOTATIONS, Per lb. Penn & Rison Bros'. Monarch Cable Coil Culhngworth & Ellison, do 65 G. W. Allen, Cable Coil .. .. ..... .... 1111 Perm & Rison Bro., 12 and 6-mch Twist.... 60 Cullingworth & Ellison, do lili G. W .A.llen, do Jackson's Best, Bright Navy ..... C W. Price, do .. ......... Merchants Tobacco Co., Bright Navy ..... 45 Cullmgworth & Elhson, do '5 @55 King Philip, L1ght l'ressed . 70 Cullmgworth & Light Pressed ..... T. C. Williams & Co., uorn Cob .. .. .. .. do Old Slug ........... do Corkscrew . D H. McAlpin & Co.'s Gold Tag, unmatched 56 @ Salmon, Hancock & Co.'s Light Press ... 511 @60 do Cable Coil .... do New ... 55 @60 do Navies, br1ght .. 45 do Plantation Rolls. 65 do Tom, DICk & Harry 65 do .Amencan Eagle. 62 Lorillard's Bright Navies . . . 55 do Nuggets. .. .. .. .. .. .. 57 do Mahogany grades. .. .. J. B. Pace's Cable Co1l . . . 72 do 6 and 12-mch tw1sts, tagged. do do no tag,... 51 Buchanan & Lyall's Navies .......... 112 F. W. Baker's Cable Cml.... .. .......... Golden Rule NaVIes, all styles .... Jackson Suspend Co., Lght Pressed ...... do 12m and 6m, med 55 @60 Spotted Fawn Navies, all __ ....... 50 @52;( Foreign Markets. AMSTERDAM, Aug. 20 .:.. M;essrs. Schaap & VIID Veen, Tobacco Brokers, report to THB TOBACOO LEU' Smce our last report 186 h:hds )1aryland were sold AgiWlllt all expectatiOns, our lllarket remSlns in a dull state As we sa1d before, the large stocks of substltnteB" of every kmd are still m the way By the In!ddle of next month our stock of Java and Sumatra wtll be brought mto the market. Amvals: -422 hhds Maryland, 5 do Kentucky, 8057 balea Java. Stock to-day .-1712 hhds )laryland, 280 do Kentucky, 7 do VirgJnla, 10,540 bales Sumatra, 12,053 do Java, 4200 do East Indian. (B1spath) BREMEN.-Our Bremen correspondent furnishes us w1th the followmg account of the Seed leaf market for the week endmg Aug. 12 -Rece111ts from New York per steamer Koeln, 68 C&Sef! Seed leaf cuttingg; sales, 123 cases. do; stock on .hand, 1770 do Seed leaf, and ll!O do Seed leaf cuttings. Prices ranged as fol lows -Wrappers, 70 to 250 pfgs; bmders, 60 to 711 do; fillers, 40 to 55 do. There were also rece1vedfrom New York, per steamer Feckar, 7 pk-gs of Japan tobacco. Transactions in Havana leaf 87 bales; sales 91 do; stock on hand, 4,060 baleS. Prices 88 follows:-Wrappers, good and fine bro,vn, 6110 to 1400 pfgs; wrapll6rs, ordmary brown, 350 to 600 do; wrappers, with fillers, 180 to 300 do; fillers, 100 to 250 do; average lots, 100 to 450 do. About 31 bales of the new Vuelta .A.bajo crop were received from Ha;vana, which found a ready sale. LON'DON, Aug. 18.-Messrs. Grant, Cba.mbera & Co. report to THB To:ucco LED as foHow1 -There has beea no change in the market dunng the past week, and no traaaactwns of any Importance have taken place in American tobacco; the' ouly mqutry has been for fine co lory pa.rcels, which are d1fficult to find Western Leaf and Strips-Only tnfim$ eales have been effected, the same may be eald or for wbJCb only colory 'descnptwns have been dealt m. 1\laryland and Oh10Wben of fine hght color, are read!ly placed, for the lower classes there JS no demand. Cavendish is m fau de mand at current prices. MANILA, July a -Sulzer & Co 's Cigar and Leaf Tobacco Report says -C1gars The last two sales exhJbJt httle mterest, and premmm was only pa1d for some few descr1pt10ns actually m demand Total sales 6,375 mil for f786.86. Leaf Tobacco 1879 Crop. The auctiOn sale of the 25th ult. -was a most mterestmg and exCJtmg one, 86 tenders having been sent m The whole quant1ty offered was soldfor$1,102,-390.60, showjng a premiUm of $197,630 60 on upeet pnces A terrific earthquake occurred on the lijth inst at 1.40 P.lf., causmg much destructiOn to bUJ!dmgs The roof of our dwelling house fell m, but no damage was sustamed by us, as the double ceiling protected the furn1ture from bemg smashed. Our godowns remamed standmg, and no damage was eonsequently o;lone to the goods stored there1n. We are, however, removmg them to new and solidlybuilt go downs, which we have JUSt renlcd. TOBACCO CuLTUR IN FRANcB.-The antiMinisterial papers in France give utterance to indignant protests against the Minister of Fmance, on the score of his proposal to allow the culti vat10n of tobacco in the Vau1 cluse. The mhabitants of other districts profess not to be able to see a.ny reason why a 111m:il&r indulgence ahould not be granted them at a time wheuagriculilll'e in all its branches is enduring great depression. There was, hqwever, already some room for complaints of a similar kind concei'Jllllg the system upon which the cultivation of tobacco 18 regulated throughout the country. It 18 argued, not without reaso11, that as the weed can be w1th success and profit in $he more northern latitudes of and Holland, it would. in all probability, be feasible to grow it, in almost all parts of France. Instead of permiitiug it &o be $hua grown, the Government has selected, in wbat 11881118to be an arbitl'IU'f manner, certain region!' in which the exceptional pnv1lege of tobacco-pJantiDg ia allowed, while it 1s stnctly interdicted elSewhere;, There are said to be no more than 10 1000 hectares, or aboutJII,OOO acres, m France now cultivated as tobacco eeatee-a mere tr1tie compared w1th the land which Dllght,. AS the owners say, be converted advantageously to web uses. Nor are these the only restrictions imDOeed upon the French growers. The Administration looks after them in various other ways, aocord!Dg to $he Uuly paternal principle of supervision. The &Dting rules as to tobacco culture are tliua much the revel'll8 of liberal, and, as a consequence, a good deal of amugling takes place acroes the Belgian frontier -The Havana Weekly Report, dated August 18, sayss At Ponce another cargo of Bohche has lieen shipped for Spain; and in the other producing districts, owing to the high pretensions of the 88 we mentioned previously, have Jl&id as much aa tB per qtl.J no transactions for shipment have bee11 made, ilhippera &eeming determined, probably from want of orders from abioad., to make no plll'chaaee such 11nwarranted price. ;t I >< & I'BBY, p.nd DealeN m Peppstlarnta "UJff4 '.robaooo, 8laa4 83 KoftllDake_ 8Weet,L!!':tBB. :-r==:: :::;:-__


-, SEPT. 4 Samples and Prices of FINES'!' POWDERED SPANISH LICORICE ROO'l' furnished on appli cation to C. C. WABBEN a co., TOLEDO!' F. GARCIA, BRO. & CO., --JR.T:&JJR.IEI C>P :vA-MIA.. L.P.&:.GO E !lARK. Brand. -v-.A. :N' .A.. To :a.&. a a o, DOS PEJ.A.JR.X. STJR.EEJT. JSI'"E"'OV "Y'C>:JRB:. The Cigar and Tobacco Trades of the United States are hereby respectfully notified that we have a!!SUmed entire control of the business of the old and celebrated Cigar Factory, DEE FUM1\.R V .A.N" .A., CUBA. Having secured the creom of the tobacco crops of 1879 and 1880. we are enabled to offer you goods that will be found unequaled by any others manufactured on the Island. Respectfully, l:STAJOLLO y Ca. N" o"ti.oes. -New York is accused of paying more for tobacco than bread, but a man cannot always be chewinl; bread, and be certainly cannot smoke it unless he is a baker. -Oornrnercial Advmtiser. -A cigar mA.nufacturer in Havana recently dis-tributed a number of advertising bills closely resem bling the Spanish bank bilL These have been the means of numerous frauds upon people who cannot read, and even the Spanish Bank has been deceived in some instances by persons cuttinp; out of the adver tising bill the denomination of 1100 and pasting the same on a real bank:bill of less value but of the same color and size as a $100 bank bill. In consequence of these frauds the Governor General has decreed that all advertising hills in imitation of bank bills shall be prohibited. WANTED-By a person who has had seven yeara' experience in handling tobacco. an e ngagement to buy Leaf Tobacco for some reliable party. Satisfactor y reference can be given. J. A. M., lt Mechanics' Grove, Lancaster County, Pa. W ANTED.-Cig:ar Salesman who can command a first-class trade of his own. Address 811-1t H. L & Co., this office. SCRAPS AND CUTTINGS FOR SALE. Apply to SEIDENBERU & Co. 84 to 86 Reade Street, New York. 775A BROWN & EARLE, :WXANUF AC'l'URERS OF PINE CIGARS, La:te or 211 a:n.c'l 213 "'OVoos"ter S-tree-t, Havo Removed to their Ne,.,. and Extensive Factory, N .. n to their Cutomero as will lead to a largel:y increased buoilloso. .... York. Jan. 1. 1880. BOB'l'. w. OLIVD. WESTHAM TOBACCO WORKS. lORN E. BOB!liiJON OL1VEJ:R, &; R,OE111!W'EION', PBOPBIETORS, 'V:J:lRG::E:2'oT.I:.&.. lllaaaftt.eta:ren oT all !JtJ'Ieo PL1JG aneal.ers -i.n. Ci.gars 643 Penn Street; Warehouses: 63'S _to rt Street and 20 & 22 S. 6th I::-A.. mLarge Buyers will find it to their interest to correspond with us. liQUORICE PASTE \ ll The undersigned to manufacture and 1.-v:))ort Spanish and Turkish LJquorlce Paste, which he offers to the Trade at Reduced Prices. Manufacturers will find it to their interest to apply to hhn before purchasing else where. James C. McAndrew, && Watme street. llew York. I 'I' :a-E T 0 B A C C 0 LEAF. 5 Jta ; (>) 61.2 II; IJU EAST 17th STREET, !fEW Y0BK. C>P BE;ED X.EJ.A.P -AND. --IMPORTERS OF HAVANA TOBACCO.-. ; < .. 'l'HE DIPOR'l'ATION of SU:MA.'l'RA. WRAPPERS A SPECIALITY. 166 WATER STREET, NEW YORK. CARL UPMANN, I I 'e perfected an apparatus .,.hich is automatic in its workmg, running all night without any atten tion, of which we build TWO siZES, one to sweat 100 pounds at a time (or less), aha suitable for a factory of two to eight hands; the larger size 409 pounds (or less) and suitable for a factory of eight to thirty hands. Th e y will sweat, cure and color the tobacco in from three to five days. Colors can be had just as dark may be wished. The larger apparatus. which includes the h e a ting ar rangements, takes np but a trifle more room than a c a s e of tobacco, it beibg 3 feet wide, 4 feet l o ng, and stand s 5 fee t hig h, it b eing just large enot.Jgh to m o d a t e one case of Seed lea f in its original cas e. 'We have put the price of the apparatus at such a low figure so as to place them within the reach of every I manufacturer iu the land. 'fhey are portable in every resp(ct and can be worked, handled or moved anywhere bv a single individual. I The g1-eater part of the apparatus being made of wood, it does not heat up the room in which it is run. The sweating can be done alongside of the workmen w ithout inconvenience to them. Mr. Philips has been experimenting constantly w produce a sweating apparatus that would sweat a sin gle case of tobacco (or l ess , will sweat, cure, and color from 60 to 90 cases of tobacco per year. Consequently, it must not be considered that this is simply for small mam,tfacturers, as a manufacturer employing 150 hands needs only 4 or 5 of our apparatus to do all his sweating. Tiley can be s e t on any floor, or any part of a floo r, and they are all r eady to go to work without any fixing or outlay, as they rurrwith out anv steam heating atrangements or coal stoves. 'l'be y do not have to be connected with auy chimney. 'l'hey can be moved from one floor to a no t her, or from one building to another, just as easily as an empt y Seed lea case. We shi p the apparatus a ll ready to set up and go to work in than half an hour from :he time it i s received. We offer them f o r sal e at the exact cost of mann facture, whiG)r is $30 (thirty dollars ) each for the large size. :md $15 (fifteen dollars) eac h the slllall siz e, and chmge a yearly royalty cwco1dwg to the nnmbe r of cases you wish to s-we .at during t h e year; and w e ma .ke this ch!lr:ge so very lig:ht that y o u will not and cannot obJtCt to 1t. Our IS th o only proce s s in existence, and these m achint>s will do the w ork required of the m p ,,. r y time. No Sllch thing as fail, and no such thing s p o iling to !Jacco with them. To every putchaser we give a printed pamphlet contoioing such full and complete instructions about re sweating that you bmriot fail It goes into all 'the details of Philips' process on both new and old good;;. His vast experience in this line of business renders this pamphlet alone of more value to you the charge for royalty. Let us know how many hands you employ, and we will furnish you an estimate of doing your entire sweating on yout own premises, where it can be done just to sujt yourself. This is by far the cheapest and nriJcess ever brought out, and ,yill probauly never b3 in1proved upon. We vould be pleased to have all parties_ visiting our eity'call an' d see us. that we may show tlem our-apparatus and the pactical wol'ldng of our pmc ess E l'ery nmnufacturer who wishes "!cell cm ed, sweate d goods, without.auy t1ouble and for a c ertmnty ever y time. should not fail to use ou_r process and_ ap paratue. We h(tve a: great many m u;>e m p;1rts of U1e and not oue has fatled of gtvmg entil:e WearE constantlym rt>cetptof the ,most fl.attedng testimonials, from which we have se le:ct' ed' one; fiom noted Davenport, I o wa e1gar m!lnufactur< ll', Mr. NiCho l as Kuhnen: Messts. G. B .. Philips & Go., 188 Pearl Stt e e t, N e!V Ymk: GENTS I can now report a full and sat.isfactory re sult with resweating apparatus, and I he1;eby en close you check for $90 (ninety dollars)' a s pet: contract: Very truly yours, NICHOLAS KOHNEN. D AVENPOR1'1 IowA, August 25, 1880. For further information and for circulars please ad dre ss the inventor and proprietors, C. S. PHILIPS & Co 188 Poor! Street; New York. TO TOBACCONISTS AND CIGARMAKEUS.-To let, four two story houses Bl_litable for wholesale re tail cigar trade, on W ashmgton Street, oppos1te the Gansevoort Market. Apply on premises between 8 and 9 A-u., or 2119 West Tweot:rtbiid Street, betweeo 6a,ad 7 P. u., to E. L. Dom.LLY. of all the Best V ARIE'l'IES OF TOBACCO .&HE OFFERED BY R.. .A.l.l.e:n. co., 189 &.191 Water St., New York City. CF'Our See4 Catalo!fne will be mailed to a.n:r .&d dres11 on receipt of Stamp 1'or Potoce. 0 784--'809 BRADSTREET'S A SEMI-WEEKLY JOURNAL DEVOTED TO Trade, Commerce, and Flnance. THI S J OURNAL covers a ground the of which is occ upied by no other publication, and forms an invaluable wor k of ref ere nce t O the merchant and manuf a cturer, 4 R E GULAR and R BI..JA D LK furnished by experts ex p ressly f o r thi s journal, from all the principal trade c e ntres of this country is embraced in ia columns. THE CONDITION AND PROSPECTS of the various market!l carefully recorded, and the possibilities and opportu nitic:s f)r trade are demoD&trated as by no other medium, extant. ,.. OP' COMMEJtClAL 1NTER&ST aod importance arc fully and ably discussed editorially, without prcjudict;, by some of the most responSl"ble 'fl'1'iters and statisticia..ns ot the times. THE D USIN'KSS CHANGES occurring in the United States and Canada-such as failures, dissolutions of partnerships, chattel m o rtgages, etc., printed iD each issue, and the list is more complete and comprehensive than can be o btained through any other source. TH.E C19CU LATIOM OF THIS JOURNAL being among the best merchants, manufactu.rcn; and banking institutions of not only this country but many foreign, it presents aa ex c ellent advertising opportunity to a limited number of first--class banks, corporations and business finns who wish to keep their nnmes before the commercial wor ld. Publi&hed by THE BRADSTREET CO., 279, 281, DROADWAY1 Naw YORK, '1'W/IIJf!t Dolllln pw ytar. baa on our Patents. Our new Improved Pwcess!or &.sweating Tobaccos a. poaith'e..., cess! Flattering received !rom m o.,t eminen' Dealers and Cigar :rtlanufacturera wbo have adopted out proceM. Every Deale r nnd .Manufacturer should h ave a 1::3weat-Room 8tted ... _________________ ....;....;.....;;,;,;__ under our proct>M on their own l!'OR SALE. -A. ftpsh supply of 100,000pounds genu m e DEERTOJ\GUE" FLAVOR for smoking tobacco manufActurers, in lots to suit purchasers. at low es t This i s the beRt and cheapest process in t-x:ist e n c e D.nd the only._. way to obtain dark colors. Full particular s a.s to terms, whi c h are reR.ownn.ble and mailed on appl1 ca.tion Send us a CU.8e for trial under our figures. MARBURG BROS., 145, 147 and 149 S. Charles Street. Baltimore. C." S. PHILIPS & CO., 188 Pearl St., New York; 131 &: 1!!3 N. WATEk ST. PHILADELPHIA,PA. WAXED PAPER! SOHETIDNG fc::r: TOEI.A.OCO 'Bin'TER OHEA.PER THAN -TIN : .. FOIL. ., S. H.A:MMERSOHLAG. No. 62 DEY STREET, NEW YORK. ,.. r ow r CltJOT.t.TIO!'I .t..l'IP F1JRNISHED ON .t.PPLJC.&TM I .BY. USING L -! ,; 'v 1J :,. .. ) 'l' : -.. J ,_ -' W .... :IUNUJ'.A.OTURBD BY ,REGEN SHEVILL & CO. GCI :tDey -tr--c:_......,. 0 ....................... ,. .... 'De._,.,_.. I ua .. a. ............ ,:


, THE TOBACCO LEAF. MANUF.A.C M.A. Y 11 t Notice lS hereby given all Eersons Making, Selling or 1J Pl'OSecuted to :the Enll extent of .1 AND BEAUTIFUL 'robaoeo anafaet1 Furnished Elain or 1n Fancy Desi [EXTRACT FROM AN EDITORIAL IN "THE TOBACCO LEAl!'" OJJ' JUNE 26.] THB SILVER SUBFACB :JI"())L is the moat recent grand discovery in the domain of the useful arts emanating from the fertile bollS& of JoHK J. Cttooo. AUhouch thil artiole has been patented only about two months, more tha n one hundred and thirty different brands of i' are now ma.nutao$ured and sold at :Mr. Crooke's manufactory. Anything more generally useful and, at the same time, beautiful than thia of foil it would be impossible to coneeive or devise. Its distillguishing characteristic is its whiteneslil. In lW!tre it is u brilliant as the purest silver ever dug from the mines, and yet, owing, to its non-refiect.ive quality, neither shade nor shadow is visible when it is exposed to natural or artitioial light. Viewed from any position or angle, it presents a uniformly bright and silvery surface, so Lhat a.n imprint upon it, be it in whatever color it may, is always clear and plainly discernible; which is not the case when the ordinary burnished foil is made a medium for disclosing a name or inscription. Look squarely at an ambrotype, and all the lines which make the portrait it embodies are distinct and perfect; glance at it from either side, and a hazy, undefined image is all that can be perceived. So it is, as a rule, wi\h the inscriptions on tin-foil wrappors. r Tradesmen using foil in any form externally want their brands or busiueas addresses plainly percept ible in any light, and from any pd'wt of view, and this great desideratum they are sure of obtaining in using the Silver Surface Foil. A prominent local cigar maimfacturing fi:rm is packing fifteen different brands of cigars in Silver Surface Foil. Nearly all the cigar, cigarette, tobacco and snuff manufacturers of the country are using this extensively, as also are all other tradesmen in the habit of using foil in their businees. The sale already. of this article is immense. For lining cigar-boxes, wrapping cigars, cigarettes, snuff, tobacco, _chewmg or smoking, fine out or plug, it is one of the most attractive and serviceable articles ever offered to the public. Among representatives of the tobacco interest the house of J. J Crooke is known for the excellence and extent of its productions &dapted to their uses. In other ihdustria.l departments it is known both for the extent and variety of its productions, there being no known application of tin foil for which its resources are not eqt1al, and which it has not already furnished patterns and distributed types. This house not only manufactures foil for cigars, cigarettes, snuff and tobacco, but also for rubber goods of all kinds, linings for percussioncaps, the mani fold Ul!lel! of telegraph builders and operators, electrotype and stencil works, telephonic, phonographic, and other adaptations appropriated and made famous by the wizard of Menlo Park," druggis t s, confectioners, grocers, canners, picklers, bottlers and for every other purpose within the range of the mechanical, manufacturing and industrial arts. .A:LSO [From the W eeterA Tl)bMco J WHITB SURFA

'THE LEAF. 'TURED 1 and JULY 1889. Tin Foil in Infringement of tJ.e Law provided for in such cases. OF FOIL FOR 1rers, Druggists, of Colorand O!!namentatien. lCTVBERS OF E Caps, all Sis ranua.ry 5, 1880. Cincinnati, 0.] ber. of samples of a new and beautiful foii, manufactured rhich is the most beautitnl. and attractive article we have }0 until done up in this foil. Its peculiarity consiatlli in colored silk ; in fact it is a close imitation, in silver of t of the Centennial Exhibition, which were so greatly lor, while others have upon them beautiful patterns ls will become Tery popular, is putting it mild. They -"'_g to be distinguished by their handsome and ed. Mr. CRooKE is so pll8hed with orders already February will be able to supply all demands. In the e. ember, 1879. N. Y.] "',....... ,. J J. CROOKE, of this city, is one of the most beautiful y consists in its milled or embossed I!!Urface, giving it Any one who remembers the imitations, in silver, of mtennial Exhibition, will appreciate the general effect of iVhile others; previous to the embossing process, have s : l others who wish their goods to be distinguished [From the New York Tobacco Leaf, P ebruary 28, A NEW FOIL.-As referred to in the columas of the Tobacco Leaf a fe\v weeks ago, the eminent firm of J. CRooKE, manufacturer of tin foil, of this city, has placed on the market an entirely new h'11.d of foil, whleh, in beauty and excellence, cannot be surpassed. It is the "Silver Surface Foil," manufactured of .the purest and finest' quality of tin, and is specially adapted for the packing of fancy and other brands of chewing, smoking and plug to'oaccos. The Silver Surface Foil is a most beautiful article. Its bright surface is presented in colors resembling the fineet of silk and water colors. It is prepared in plain and fancy designs of colors and ornamentation. Although a new article, it is already used by all the largest and leading tobacco manufacturers of this country, and by druggists and :fl.erists. Mr. JoHN J. GI>oKE has been for years the leading acknowledged of tin !oil, and has been recognized as such not only by the entire t.obacco trade, but also by the United States Government, as whose he has acted in the printing of the revenue stamps on tobacco put up in tin foil. There is certainly not a house at home or abroad using tin toil in some shape or :form, to whom the name of this firm is not known. For further explanations regarding this elegant and new Silver Surface Foil, we l'efer our readers to a 13pecia.l not.ioe on the first page of this paper. [From the Druggists' Circular, for D e cember, 1879. N ; Y.] SILVER SURFACE TIN FOIL-Some extremely pretty tin foil is now manufactured by J. J. CROOKE, of this city, for various decorating purposes. By n. n e w process surface of the foil is made to look just like frosted silver, and on this various colored patterns are printe d. The frosted surface may also be left plain, and to the taste of some this 18, perhaps, more handsome The silv e r tin foil is a v ery appropriate material for decorating face-powder and puff boxes, and other toilet articles. i I


\ I ', I -I' BE T 0 B A C C 0 4 Es"tab1ishecl. 1828. uoHAN, cARROLL-& co., r T.H. C? .. 104 Front sh-eet New York. Loaf Tobacco.\ GI[ars ana' LicoriCH Pa&to, -:P. o. !sea.181 IIA.IDEJI' LANE, NEW YORK. lUNUF A.CTURERS OF AND DEALERS IN fLU& AND SIDliNG TOBACCO. Agents for JAMES PACE, Richmond, AND OTHER VIRGINIA. MANUF A.CTURERS .& Sol.e .A.gen. "ts :ror JNO. W. CARROLL'S CELEBRATED BRANDS, JACK,''BROWN DICK,' ETO., ETC. ETC., -ANDLaw. RAG--TAG-SMOKING TOBACCO. I s. s. EDMONSTON & BRO., I Dealers in Leaf T-obacco, 4'7 EIB.C>.A.:J:) &'r..,. "Y'C>B.::&::. Mason County and Cutting Leaf a Specialty. &. "Y'" .A. 130,'"-132 & 134 MAIDEN'LANE, NEW MANUFACTURERS 01" i!BE AGENCY, HAVANA CIGARS &'; .J.&S. M. G.&RDINBit, .. .!'OBACCO GOIMISSION MERCHANT, Antonio i 84 FRONT STREET, NEW YORK. --orPORTER 01'-.1.._ -_ExPORT ORDERS FOR PLUG TOBACCO PROMPTLY FILLED. I HAVANA LEAF TOBACG!] JYIA..TI_ N & DUNN, No. 74 Front Street, New York, (rniDI.ea lately occupied b7 BVLK:LEY & IIIOOR,J 180 Pearl Street: New York. I fLUB & SMOKI G TOBACCO, Es"ta bl.:lsb..ecl. 1825. l TA:::E P.A.XD AND FOR El.:X:.PC>Ft.T. GEO. W. HELME, J JBDERS FILLED PROMPTLY e FROM STORE OR FACTORY. Successor to Appleby & Helme, MANUFA C T URER OF THE CEI,EBRATED j Sole Agents for the Justly Celebrated Brands JATLANTIC," "MAGNET," "SENATOR" IN PLUC AND CUT CAVENDISH. F 0 LINDE. C F Lr.lDE. N"E""VV "'YOR.:K. .. I SEED LEAF TOBACCO INSPECTION] -TOBACCO INSPECTED OR SAMPLED.coUliTTRY S.t.:MPLING PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO. Certl.dc&tes given for every Case. a n d delivere d Case b y Case, a s t o number of Oertlflcata. N. B.-We also Sample in Merchants' Own Stores. F. C. L::S:N'DE &. CC>. PHILADELPHIA BRANCHE S:-.E W. DICKERSON, corner Arch a.nd Water Stteet.s; J ONAS ME T Z 64 No rth Front St. J:IARTFORD, Conn. :""-A H A T HERTON, Ahret Cigar Store,176 State Street. 1Jt1FFIEL0.1.. Conn. : -.h.DW. AUSTIN. P u.:--H"ID\RY FUREST. FRINCI.-AL OJlF I C J,.. S WATJP. ST}(EE'T and 182 to b l WATER S 'lREE 'J'; 7'4 '76 aml 7 8 GltEENWICil STREET. and l'UDSuN RlVElt P-ULH.OA.lll>E.t'O'l', ST. JOH:> SPARK. Clo CJ. Ha.adl&on. F. w. Conklln. .&. A. Huns. C .. C. Hamilton & Co Sood Loaf Tobacco f CITY WEIGHERS, ;vva:ter S"t., N"e-vv "York. tCOUNTRY SAMPLINC PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO. LANOASTER, Pa., Branch-163 North Queen St; Henry R.Trot,Agent. HARTFORD. Ct Bra.nch-164 State St. ; B. F. Hurlburt. Agent. PRINCE 1 ALBERT,:reU:es .. 133 WATER STREET, NEW YORK. IIIANVFACTVRER OF Cigar Boxes, A.ud Importer of" GERMAN CIGAR MOLDS, (Sole Agen' Cor IIIESSRS, OSENBRVECK: & CO.) 315 to 321 E. Eleventh St. 2d NEW YORK. F. E. OWEN, Cope's Tobacco Plant: A Mouthly U lor S JTIOKERS. rUBLISHED A'r I 0 Lard N etson St., Liverpool. Eli[. PRien 'l'wo 8niLQ.:-la2 (EN GL1SU 'P):; n A.1NNUH. Whe r e Subscriptions m.'ly b e addressed, o r to TuB TOJOHXXl LEAF Oftlc;e. A..mert S u bscriptio ns. 75 cents ller potd;-"""JJAI:N'&. ._.:. &, :EL &A T Our Ttade-mark lEI..;.L is Embnssed on Every Plug. PACKERS OF 'SEED BOSTON, 31 Cent7al -AND IMI'ORTERB oF-CINCtNNATI, 89 8ecorid Streett Ha;:.,ana Tobacco and CHICACO, 9 Wabash Avenue; J 8AN FRANCISCO, 318 Battery StreetJ 39' North Front Street. THE BEST ALL-TOBACCO CIGARETTE "BETWEEN THE ACTS" T k e abo ve Brand o f HAVANA TOBACCO CIGARETTES m a de onl y by TIIO.A.S B. BALL, 222 GBEERWICB STREET. COR. OF BARCLAY, MANUFACTURER OF FINE CIGARS. Es1:a.bllah.ed. 'l.oae. $ll::a2:0:N". &T:s&.A.. 1 MANVFACTUKER OF CI.GAR,. BOX.ES AND SHOW FIGURES ; 'iMPORTER OF AND DEALER IN I &:P.A.:N"XS:EE OXG-.A.B. :E'l.XEI::BC>:N"&, I GERMJlN CIGAR MOULDS, PRESSES, STRAPS, CUTTERS, ETC., I I I 79 & 181 Lewis Street, New 1lork.l All k!ndH of Figures Cue to nnd Rct)nlrcd In tJa.o Sltyle. I The 'rra.d.e &-u.ppl.:i.ec11. I H. DAUSMAN, President. TOBAcc --. -ooo. PETER HAUPTMANN, Vzc e Prest. & Trl!as. GEo. J CHAEMAN, Sect TRADE MARK: ''NEW DEAL." l\.1:an u:facturers o:r Fl ug, Tobacco_ EUGENE DU BOIS, COAIMISSIOM IIBBCIIANT. 9S ll'B.OKIJ!l STB.Jli:IJ!I4 NEW YORJt. GUSTAV SALOM ON. SA,VJMON SAWlto:l'f. R ERHA.N SALOMON. Gustav Salomon & Bros IMPORTERS OF And Dealers In all Kinds ot SEED LEAF TOBACC_p, 264 Pearl St., New York. M. Oppenheimer, D eale r fu Leaf Tobacco, 138 Water St., CB.I.S. F. TAG & SOl( LEAF TOBACCO, 1&4 Front Street, XBW 'W'O E. M. C RAWFORD & SON lltlP0RTERS AND DE..u.Ellll! IN Leaf Tobacco, M. H. LEVIN, tOt HAVANA .AND D E A LRR IN ALL KINDS OF LEAF TO lAC C 0 162 P'earl Street, New York. IUnnuCaeturer of FINE CIGARS, And Dealer tn LEAF TOBACCO, 8 5 MURRAY STREET, NEW YORK. Br.u.ud.s; -"CUBA LIBRE."' "CLIMAX." SCHOVERLING BROS PACKERS AND DEALERS IN SEED LEAF TOBACCOS 142 WATER STREET, Packing W11rehouse'11t New llofilford. CoaL H. KOENIG, WHOLESALE DEALER I N HAVANA AND SHRD 225 PEARL ST.,. NEW YORK. ] L GASim&T. /1.. L GASSEM' J. L. OASSERT & CODISSION MERCHANTS. AND DEALERS IN ALL KINDS OJ' LEAF TOBACCO, G. REISMA:\\1'1'\J. Commission Merchant, LE F T Leading Brands: "nons:&: HEAD" :m:An LIGHT" "LITTLE IIA'I'CR:&:T" Hirsch Victorius & Co. FA:S:.::!:N'G-'rC>EI.A.OOC>: E __, Viz: PRINCE ALBERT, OOLORAD.O, UNCLE TOM, NAVY CLIPPINGS, BLACK TOM, r..=tONSIDES, A.& H. ') ; ."' '\ r.........: t O:J3:E'VVX:N'Gr 'rC>::B.A.OOO: : R.A1L'RO.&D liiiLLS, PIUlfCZ ALBEBT, GOTRAII, OLD BICKOBY. ::C 133 WATER and 85 PINE STREETS,. NFW YORK. .... .. IO:t I':!:IC.::: !..!ST LDrR!:::S 01\'APPLY AS AJr n:. ) ; 0 -"' r ..... r Q.. ) If i I { "\ .. II


SEPT. 4 BLull ALEX. H.&UCBB.tUS.. S.tXUZL H SPDGAJUri. E.SPINGARN&Co. -ANDSHED LEAF TOBACCO, 182 Water St;, New York. Basch & Fischer, -IMPORTERS OF HAVANA Aa4 Paell 1M It ..r J'oNip -.:c11aap -d lbeewte Olden for &be Bale ol Oollfonola aacl Fe...s& Ia *-1M ......... -. N.l!I<1Dl or .uro m r ,....- SEED LEAF TOBACCO, THE DUBRUL & PETERS MANUFACTURING CO., liii:.A.lSI"Uli".&.CIT'D'R.:IIIR.. Oll" :Vertlca.J. Tt.D..X.tnecl. and. Tap NEUMAN & DING LINGER, GENERAL LITHOGRAPHERS N. W. cor. PEARL and ELM STREETS, NEW YORK. CIGAR MOLDS, CIGAR & .c. Gi[ar and Tobacco Labels and Show Gards a SDBCialiY. f


I BROTHERS. ''' a; It r' ta. I '* II ........ mul Leaf Tohaeeo, Q7 North ')Street, PhihtdeJpl}ia, PACKERS AND WHOL ESALE DEALERS IN -.A. F T 0 D A C C>.,.;O, &. "'VVa:ter S"t., Ph:l1ad.e1ph:l.a. P H il:. BOKN. L. BAMBERGER & CO. PACKERS AKD DEALERS IN TO:EI4,CQO, And Manufacturers of 'LowCrade Clzars, 11 Arch St., Pa.. LEWt s BREMER'S SONS, W h o l esale Dealers i:a AF" AND MANUFACTURED TOBACCO O. 322 NORTH THIRD STREET, PHILADELP)'tiA. THE TOBACCO LEAP. Western Advertisem.ent& ICk, so.- OF CIGARS, AND OF THIC Well-known AUTobacco Cigarettes, E ::E: El S &.'' 011R .&GENTS-IIeal!l's, Allen&: Co,, New YorkJ suUu Bl,;_euteiR "New York; N, B. Ma'DDing,, comer of 'Lombard and STEAM GIGAR. .BOX FACTOR Cap":city, 25.000 Boxe per SEPT. 4 (S ucceHOn, Ja. WK B. WJII:ft. .. A assortment of all kinds of LEAF ToBAC CO const an t ly on hand .,e .CHAS. W. WILDER, Jr., BA "Y.& SMITH, Sixth St., 0. Importer aDd MIUlufacturer of ,FINE GIGARS, eS Kilby' 4 98 Water SttJ,, I!!> Packers, Commiuira Kercha.nts &, Dea.lers fn SE D LEAF tc HAVANA TOaACCO :S_C>STC>N. .Also Hanufaotnrer ot the Veneeretl Cedar Luaaber. Sample fundahed OJl AppHcatloa. Send for Price List. 1 .& J:u.JI LIDe or Eabel., Eddnc aD4 lr.e].>t con.tanUT on hand at 1tl.anufacturera Pi1ees. ... JACOB W&n., A.REM &: .. LE '" Tobacco Cnrmg Sweatmg, rll.OPK NSYILLE, KY, F. W. HOLT, SCHAfFER & LEAF TOBAGGO BHOIHR. L y s. Sts., LEAF TOBACCO. G. W. WICKS & CO. TAC.HAU & LANDRUM Kanufact urers Agents f o r t h e Sale of I w. F NORMAN w w BELVIN. Ma nufacture"' ot Choice Brands o f Virainia, Missowi. and K enhlcky NORMAN & BELVIN, TOBACCO, 1 WEST .& SPECIA.LrY. OURAGENTS: DANVILLE, VIRCINIA, W, G. A.DA.MS, NEW YORK, G W "' SPANISH CJfQ.AR CW t\'R-BODSt .&. B., F011GERn, PHIL.&'JELPHU JOO.GE Wo'ou, M'tJarrGU.NTEmHv. JE. F R OREJO. s. A., Behln, Sr,, St. Louis, W estern Agent. & BJXM' & SONS,: Paul C. Viena.ble, "' -:_::::: t.mhud.......... ':L::: mimSiiiiFTOB!cco t LEAF rOiilliii"BnoKER. R,. EJ. &, OO., :C.AVTON, o, Z...OUXB'VX:J:..o:J:..o::m, 'Va. TOBAGGO & GHNBRAL GOIIISSION IBRGHANTSI ....., .. ;; .&UeDdeil &oo K. R. G1JlfJ .. Orleana, Strlcely on ZOBN, cor. Cheapside Lombard.,Sts BALTIMORE. I w. s. O'NEIL, C. & R. DORMITZER & CO. JAS. A. & AliD ltiAJfUFACTUREB. oF ALLKIWDs F Leaf Tobacco Pressed In Bales a Specialty. PackerandDeaierm & Commisskm .Merchants in Virginia and North Carolina ......,__..,.. CLAY & OOD PIPES., DRESEL, RAUSCHENBERG & co., OHIO SEED LEAF TOBACCO TOBACCO, CIGAR. & CIGARETTE TUpES,; C>. M h G d S k t A 1.. ( kpon &114 Rome Tnlde prompU;f Choice Bra nds of Imported Licorice al w ays on eersc aum Q.(J S mo ers rffCHiS C 1 .&cen .. Cor LI-verpool Line of Steame u aad Pneke1 1o -nd@_lo,_ :.":t,_ Libera l Cash A d vances made n CODBign I I 'bnrc, Rotterdam aDd merc1am, ll 8, GAY STB.EE'l', BAL'l'IIIGB.E. ..... W. G LYNN, JOS. SCHROEDER & CO., il. KLEW.:W,. J. s :R.G-oo_._, llBalRr & Gmrunission lflrch't BATCHELOR The Only Manufacturers & IEYtheEAST OXG.A.R.&, 1231 Chestnut, aDd 23 li, &eooad St., PHILADELPHU (Successor to Cooper k Wa.IJ;eJ:. ) A.-R. FOUGERAY, Tobacco Mannfactnrnrs' A[t., 33 Nortb Front Street, PHILADELPHIA. F. !X. KELLY, iJ'r., HAPPY THOUGHT Tobacco Agency, 112 .&B VIRCINI A LEAF TOBACCO AND DIPOII.TERS OJI' -,. 1 Havana. Tobacco AND DEALER m bu.r El:ra:a.d: LeaC Toba.cco XG G'UN'""' 39 N. Caheri Street, :Ba.l.t:I.JIXI.o:re, r "E. E. WENCK,, 1 G : TO SACCO S HI P'PIN"C f j IMPORTED &. DOMESTIC COMMISSION MER.ClfANT l l E A F T 0 8 A C C 0, i6 and 48 Charles St., -31 German St., Baltimore, Md. I, W. "or. Bt.,,.all,more,M ... DARK W RA PP.ERS CONS'l:ANTLY ON BAND. 1ND SO&E PR.OPR.IETOR!J OF TH:ilf .'CJ!:liii'U'xKE ''GOLDEN. CROWN" CIGARS, 57 Lake Street ancf 41 St te 111. A,I;_SO !J. E!fl:S FOR THE FfRMS ,..... LORILLARD &: CO. New- YiJrk; SBID&NBER G & 00. If._ W: 'r .,. """ Durbain. N. o a J l!AGLJ:Y &;>S 111o11. "" I. W CABROLL'S u LOQ JAC$," .t.YDebbUflr Va. & co. OLD JUDGE" Tobacco a n d Ci'ga..ute HALL'S" BETWEEN THE ACTS" an F. S KINNEY'S ''! S de CO's VANIT'f TUh'.ICG 19 ROUHESTER N. y_ \ Detroit, W" Brlcht Leaf-a Speelaltl-y, -Orll(lalll III'V!)Iee &:lven IC requeoled. A. H. iEFTWICR, D-lerln VIRGirtiA TOBACCO A.nd FIDe Virginia Manuf'rs' Stems & Scraps :l:.oy:a.obbu.:r5, 'Va.. UBJiDI.-.D-waouuLE D11!AJ.Bil ::etA V' AN..&.. -A.MD- DOlii:ESTIC LEAF TO:BACOO, 281 a W. E. RA.GSDA-LE TOBACCO lliiC7,


. L."f THall & IJO, tot Front. DuBois Jtngene. 75 Front. \ &aa-lebact F MS. WaablnPD !lei"""' Gardiner J. ttl. 84 Front. Hen A & eo: 43 Liberty. Euntll. W. 69 Willlam Ma.rttll' '&: Dunn, 74 Front & Co. 83 Front Wile&:: Bendheim, 264 &nd 266 Canal lnt.porle'l'-' of Mmura <.."'lgCJrl. Un!Dgton'a sons, S.,.:i6 Front Tobacco Balero fur .1/Jxp'Or!. Guthrie & Co. 225 Front. Leaf TobaccO sweatiftll. PWp c. s &:; Co.l88 Pearl Pearl' a.A.o-Sous. 61 Front cont.nttMion Merchantl eo .. 41 & 68 Exoh&ale l.'l&ee1 Tobacco Broker&. cattus JohJl 83 :aeaver Ertheiler M & Son, 141 Water. 0 ...... Bon, J. s. & co. 84 and S6 Wall o.Jieme, J&meS G. M BrOad. Bader 111. & Son. 48 Broad SbaCII: A. 178 Pearl Street. Manu!' of Smoking ancl C!Mtri"'l Tol>arne:r Brussel Jamea & co. 78 Bowery DeBary l'red. & eo .. 41 and 48 WarreD. Dingfelder It LibkO, a9 o.Dd 41 Fulton Hellbroner, Josephs & Co. 11811-699 Firot Ave. Biroeh D. & Co. lSi anMppel, 2lll P-1 Ybor v. Martinez 8t Co. 100 Pearl .Agent. for C1ow&Ag and Smoiri"'' Tob00.. Demuth Wm. & Co. 1107 & 1109 Broadway Wets Carl, till Walker ],..porter f ClaW Pipeo. Demuth Wm. 8t Co. & 6W .Broadway Hon A. It Co. 48 Liberty Kautmaun B,.... & Bond:r, 1!19 and 131 Grand :May Bros. 105 2d. Ave. :&ranufacluren of Briar Plpu Gnd IJH>rler of'Smokerll' Article&.. Augustin&: Dusft, 11 Warren St. .Demuth Wm. 8t Co. 507 & 1109 Broadway Harvey & F01-d, 392 Broadway Hea A. 48 Liberty Kaufmann Bros. &; Bondy, 1!9 and 181 G....,d .ManufaCturer of Licorice Pcute. .llcAndrew .lame& C. M Water :Stamfonll\tannfa.cturing Co. 157 llaid6n Laue Weaver & StetTf 24 Cedar "f lmporters oj Laoorice .Pa&te. Af1!'\llmbau, Wallace 8!. Co. 1111 t.nd 31 S. WWI&m llleudr.ew Jameo 0. M Water W eaTer & Sten'Y, 14 Cedar :Zuricalda:r & Arguimbau, 118lleaoer ManujactKren of Licorice. Glf'!ord. Sherman & Innis, 1*l William R. Hillier's Son & Co. 'Wea.Ter & Sterry, 24 Cedar Seed Lea! Toboooo bupt!o"""llensel 8t Co. Water 'Finke Cil&l'leo. ill t>o. 1118 Watar :Hamilton C. C. &: Uo. 170 Water Unde F. C & Oo 148 Water Toboooo Pr.-r. nu(netu"" of -.t Gau. 101.118lden Iloae tiJtnMJI8 8lm.,., 179 W1cke wa a ao. 111-ltt / Com.position Card Moun.t8. Ollie Harris Finishing Co. 56 ao.d 56 Murray Importer of Cigar Mold$. Erich& R. W. 815-321 East Eleventh St. 8Jrap1. OlitteN and G""""" Oli/t>r Jolouldo. Lobensteln 8t Gans, lSI Maiden L&ne M:f'r ofTr>bacoo SIWID Gordo anti Labell. Donaldson Bros., ive Points. P. 0. Box 2791. !l'ranspo,..,.t Glau Sigm. Matthews "1st Av. be. 26tb & 27th st 1\!frs Havana Cigar Fla"or. Fries Alex. & Bros. 44 COllege Place. .T<>-..Label<. Heppenheimer & M.a.urer, 22 and 24 N. William New YorK Label Publishing Co. 94 Bowert M)rs of 0/ert.y Foreign and .Domeatic .Ban1.:et"". Sternber2'er M. &: S. 44 Exchange Place. Manutocll4ren o f S'taow Fif]Ura. Demuth Wm. & Co. 507 & 509 Broadway, and 78 &: SO Mercer RobbS. A. 195 Canal Strauss S. 17V and 1 8 1 Lewis Sole Manufaeturer oj the Oripinal 9r8tl &al Sm-oking 2'ob<.ccco. Emmet W C 74 Pine of Jf'tench. Cigarette lUper. Ma.y JOh 2d A venue Gnmmelctat The Bradstreet Co. Z79 Broadway .M&nu.jacturer.s of Ci9ar Box LUmber. Bead Geo. W. 8t Co.l86-2QO Lewis Tobacco Jill-eight Broker. Smllh W 0. 8t Co. 58 Exchange Place Manufacturers of Oigar Ribbo?U. Wicke Wm. & Co. cor. Goerek and Third Labels and Heppenhetmer & Maurer, 22 and 24 N. William Neuroan & Ding1iuger, n. w. cor. Pearl & Elm New York Label Publishing Co. 94 Bowery MBJlufaottlrera of .W.u: Paper. Hammersch 1agS. Dey st Regenhard; $hevill & .l.ffl. st Tobacco Baggittg. Person A. H&rriman & Co. 457--459 Broome ManufachlreN tJ.f..the.&ie Cigar Lighter. Holmt!S, Booth&: llayaens, 4tl Cha.mbtH"S Tobacco Seeds of all Varieties. Allen R. H. & Co. and 191 Water ALBANY, Jr. Y. Manu/n.ctmet"B of Tobacco. Greer's A. Sons. 822 Broadway BALTIMORE. Md. Tobwco Warehoue. Barker & Waggner, 29 South Gay Boyd W .l.. 8:. Co. 33 South Gunther L. W. 9 Soutb lifl.y Kerckhol% & Co. 49 Scuth Cbarleo Klemm Cbas. H. -39 North Calvert Marriott, G. H. n1. 2:5 German Merfelil & Kemper,117 Lomhal:d Schroeder Jos. & Co. Scuth Cbarlts I WencK. E. E. 4fi and 48 South Charles t Ed. & Co. 89 South Calvert in Spanish ckdaf' jor Oigar Boxe1. Stow ChUS'. W. & Co. Uhler's Alll!1 of Cigars rmd C'garette1. Baron & Co., N. E. cor. Lombar d & Chea.pside Tobacco Manufacturer&. Feigner F. W. & Son, 00 Scuth Cbarleo Ga.ll & A:r. Barre M.arbur g Brotbe-t"S. 145 to 149 Soutli Charles Tobacco and General Commission Merchants. Voeke R. E & Co. s. e. cor. and Lombard P,.!ent Stem Rollers Kerckholf G. &: Co 49 Scuth Charles Packers of Seed LM.j and lmp()?ters Becker IJrot!. 118 Lombard Kercklioff Geo. & Co. Charles Tobacco, Ship]Ylng and Dresel, &: Co".P 11 So .utb Gay. ()iq1tr Manufacturers' Agent Merritt J. W 34 BOSTON. Maaa. Manufact!t1'e?'S o.f P lug 1'obacoo 1 Merobant.s1 Co, 80 Broad Dealer i" Havana and Domestic Leaf 7'o-, bacco and Cigq..n. DaveDport _&:; I.;eca. 1'>9 Broad. of Slrt.oking 1'obacco and Raddln. F & J. A. 55 Union I-.porte:rs oj .Havana d; Dlrs. fn Leaf Tobacco Bemis, Emery. Jr. 22 CeutralWbarf JonesGcco. J&JDM A .t Co (<>mmUBU>n Leaf Tobtwo 1Jroker1. &rictlr on Ordbb.cco Mb-chant. Wicks G W, &: Co. 15'2 West I\la.iu 1''obacc<"' Bt-9ker. Callaway .James F. and Main Gunther George F. Lewis Bleb 'd M 34.8 West M&in Meier W m G & Co. 63 Seventh Nash Geo. P. W 394 West LYNCHBURG, Va. Manufacture r "Jf Tobacco. Carroll John'." Carroll Wm. S. Com.nlil!8ion Merchant. Holt. Schaefer & C & 07 Van liouten Street PETERSBURG, Va. Manufac.:u,ets of Ptuy and Smoking Tobacco and Deale:rs in Lea.! Tobacco. Venable B W. & Co. Manufrwt('ei'R of Sweet hav y /.,heunTI#. Jackson C A. & Co. Comm'iuion Merchants. & PHILADELPHIA. Tobacco Warehouau. Bamberger L & Co. lll Arc h Batchelor Bros. 1231 Chesnut Bremer's LeWis Sons, 322 North Third Dohan 8!. Taltt107 Arch Eisenlohr Wm. & Co. lUi South Water Knecht & Co. 1::3 North Th1rd McDowell M. t:. & Co. :)9 North Water Hav & S::m.Ub. North Ralph I D. H 8!. Co. 138!1'. 3<\ Sa.nk J. Rinaldo & Co. 32 North Water Teller Bro"bers. 117 .North Third Jm.porternnd..M/r of Smoketc' Articles. Zorn George, 158 N. Th1rd Street. lmporter."B of Liwiiu Paste. Mellor & Rittenbouse.,218 N'orth Twenty-8econd. M/1ls AgP.1lt for Plug aM Smoking Tobacco. Kelly F. X. Jr. 112 Arch Wholenale Dealr::,l1 iu a. 1td M'f"d Tobacco. .louu B. 531 Sontl Second l:i,gn,-Bo:t Lrtbel aml T>-immwgs. Ha.rri.s Oeo. S 8; Son, s. e. cor. aud Viue. Jlanufactnrers oj Oi(}ar llfou.Lda. TJ. S Solid Tnp Unn1d Mfg L'o. cor l:lnd North CoUege Aves. G-...:11. Aot. "'or C. A. Jcu:kson '3 u Be.t." Wrt"'HA Geb. F of Ralph's Scotch Snu.Jj. Stewart, R.u.l!)h & Co 141 Arch Street. PITTSBURGH, Pa. f nat Smuki"O T olJ,Jcco Weyman Bros. 81 .Mnfrs of '1LOH!J l'hre 11i ,. H ; I1L11er ., SiJJLok-iiLQ TobBt cO d.lld Ex,-e1$im .f;jpttll Roll.'' Jenkinson R. &: W. :l-Si Llbe tty f)/ Seed d' Dealets in Hau'l.n.a 1d1Jncco. Pr"'tztelrl Bros. 368 Liberty READING. Pa ..-JfmLtt/('Chl.l''1'"8 l).f 0iRHT>1:. Crouse & Company, 643 Penn a.n(i 1i36 Court, RICHM-()N'IJ, Va. .._1f,tnufa,L"Ntl!.r:e f" Plu:1 & : hnvkg 1 'viJ..Lcoo. &: Robinsl'1n Pilkhtr,.,n E. T. l Cll. :; )A!af 1 obcu:co B,okeT. \\'. E. D !l>rell nf Tnhacco Rays. 111:. ... 'tT ,t: Co. l\la11 1 ROCHESTER. N.Y. Manufr.s. of S1nokill-J1 Chewing T Q)Jw:cw and Ci(J (&rette;: S F. Hess. &: Co. Manufacturers lJf 1'obacco. Whalen R. T. 182 Manufactu ,.ers of "'Peerletl 11 a.ud Plain F'in"1 t Tobacco and "Vanity Fai, Tobacco and Cigarette&. Kimball w. B. & eo. SAN :FRANCISCO. Cal. .Agency for Httaitpn ct Storm. 's Ct'iJ Beynemall H. 206 l'.,rout Manufactu?e>s' Pollak A. SPRINGFIELD, Ma .. Smith R. & Son, 20 Hampden ST. LOUIS, Mo. Tobs Aoents. Belvin J. A. Jr. D. 120 N. 2d. ; Agent tor Marburg Bros Mfrs of TobacCnufacturer of o:;: anti ,Smoiri"'l To-JIIeo8inger Charles R. Mfrs Pou"le>!Jd Licorlu. Warren C. C. & Co. Pacw and Dealer in .s-f BuschmanJobu C. WSEELIXG, W, Va. ltla,.u.r..m.r.,.. of _WMelioog 8fogleo, l'9t tt .. Haake. Cbarleo. 14\15 MartM .... t Looa. H. L. It Bro. Kedar .t Bro. Pollack, AugllltUI !I --. '1' 96 to 1 1 o A HOmer at., :W::BJ"''V "rdlE'l.3E.o -PIPES ANDSMOKERS' ARTICLES, 1DB ;181 G-JR..A.:W::J:) &TlR.::IiJ:BJT0 (near Broadway), :W:E"''V DHFIANGB GIGAR I!NUF !CTORY. 128 &:; 130 RIVINGTON ST., NEW TOJUL D. 00., Office :-88 WALL STREET. I .. NElVV Publ Sftilig Go. 94 BOWERY, Yl>RK. Cigar Labels, Tobacco Labels, Trim m.ings, Show Co.rds, Etc., eonata:atlJ' o:a hand. Latest Cigar Box Labels i8Sued hy the New York. Label Publishing Co .. 94 Bowery, New York: Ocean Belle, Fire Engine, Sevilla,, Obefisk, Seraglio, Fairy Light, La. First lJobby, Shell, New hsues every week. Las Artes. DEALERS IN WESTER-N, YIRC-tNtA, and NORTH CAROLINA LEAF TOBACCO, 38 Broad St., NewYork. Duties in Newfoundland. Manufactunod aad omoldng tobacco, ie! 11>; clpnl, t'.ti.JH!!: and 5 per cent. a.d valorem. leal, unatri aJid. UDI'tei:D.-.,_11 a; leaf, stripped andatemmed, 16c 'II 11>. e &boTe prlcelj Ia btllllllllil[llli money. Cigarette Manufacturers of the Glass Mouthpiece Cigarettes, I 44 TOMPKINS STREET, NEW. YORK CITY.


FR. ENGELBACH, :ll&y Brothers, quicker and &ives sa.tlsfa.c.. tion than any brand of Toba.cco ever offered In the ma.rket, and it .. 00 lOBAOOO DHPOT & AGHNUY :Per F. W. FELGNER & SOW'S, B.ltiaox'e, Tobacco aDd Cigarette.. 56 S. WASHINGTON SSUARE, N. ( Iaporiera ol French Cigarette Paper, A.a4 Sole Acenta In the 11. S. for Uul eelebnte4 FRENCH GAMBIER CLAY PIPES. 186 14 A.--_. etla St., [H""""a t Parls J KEW YORK. lti.HII WEST Bd ST., NEW YORK. RETTES, TOBACCOS RICE PAPER. ;.s.wHT. CAP.ORiL Bet BPand. Fine, llld ulheet. ]. GANS' SON & Tobacco Brokers, 84 and 86 WALL STREET, l':A'WA NEW YORK. LICORICE PASTE. W AI.T,TS 00. Tobaoco manufacturers and tile trade i n geaeral are particularly requested 110 examine and test the superior properdla of this LICORICE, which, being now broucht to the highest perfection is of fered under the above style of brand. We are also SOLE AGENTS for tbe brand 1'. G. t1l. G. G. Acknowledged by consumers to be the bat in the market. Aad for the braDcl of Stic:. \ oaz. a ao., Ia all uspects equal to CALABRIA.. Consumers and Jobbers would clo weli to appty direct. Lie- Boot,leleot aad .... U,oahaad. AB8UIIIAU, WALLIS a C0.1 M. ERTHEILER & SON, Tobacco 14rWATER ST., NEW YORK. JOHN CA1"1'0S, Tobacco 83EAVER ST., NEW YORK. JAMES G. OSBORNE, TOBACCO BROKER, 54 Broad B"t., 19 .. 31 South W1l1lam W EIA V Rlt M:. RADER & SON, BTEBi!filifificfiJUiS. LicoRiCiPAsTE. TO.BACCO BROKERS ,..J .cHOlCil IOIIIANDS OF SPBISI LICIBIGI L GUll LIGOBICI f 48 ALL SPEOW.TES FOI lUI All FilE-OUT TOIAIIO. z rii.IVI .. OIL, tole.& GU.S,' FLl .. co. b ,. Powdered Liooriee Boot. tbe attentlou of Tobacco Manufa<'--roaacl Dealero to tllla SUPERIOR AND PUIUt .A.1IID P.A TBRT PO'WDBftED J:.:ICORXCE. for the Stateoor Nortla.Carollaaau4 Yk q STICK l..lCOIUC.Ii: W& KAYE THE FAVORITE BRANDS:-#< of -polo: u ... u. DAVIDIPORT 411 MORRIS, Rick I', .. I'ICUI'A'!l'JI%.U ABJt .VZOJilll'l.; -nd, Va. W. E. UPTEGROVE, Spantah Cedar J'OB CIGAR BOXES, -Cipr Boi BmHea. Feat ltD i 11th St., East RiTft, Dlr TORE. Tbe Mrs. G. B. Miller & Co. IOBICCO 177e. Oo1"1.1.::tn.'bi.a. S't. N'e'V'T 'York. p.-:a;:mR. Pro:ld.e-1:. llANUFAC'fllREBiHlJ' THE CELEBRATED PLAIN FINECUT CHEWIKG TOBACCO in BLUE PAPERS: LIOOBIC::B BOOT-.&--&llaaateo SelecteCfal attention given to M&naf acture


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