The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (12 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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220 Pearl Street., New --MANUFACTURERS OF THE-EL CLUB O E YATE and ROYAL PALM KEY WEST HAVANA CIGARS. Havana Scraps a.D.d Cuttings for SaJe. OF ){ UTI .A.ZLc'l or SEED LEAF TOBACC. O, o N"o. 160 S'tree't,. -:York.. .. m: LiL:mNi'UL. .a.: C>:Jr AVA !lA ; TO:BA.CCO, -. -. I ., :Dil'o. PEJ.A.B.:J:.o' BT'B.EJEJT'. N'EJ"''DV "Y'OB.:JE.. SPANISH CEDAR, DOMES.TIC WOODS, IMITATION SPANISH CEDAR. IMPOIJTEfiS IN OUR OWN VESSEL OF SPANISH CEDAR and MAHOCANY. aa 7 S1.x:'tl:l. S't C1no1n.n.a't1.' ?"'%'V'EJ PC>XN'fS N'EJ'VO" YOB.:S:. r TOBACCO LABELS AND SHOW. CARDS ... O, Bo>t 2T91.] .... :: CIGAR :MA.NUF ACTURERS, Cor. Goerek & Th.trd St&.f YORK. PRICE LIST OF CIGlR. RIBBONS ............... Eztft .. IHI'baooM., '10:,-u IL16 .. ........... .. 1 .. -8 : '1'0 yU )....66 _WHOLE NO. 812 OFFZOE: PINE STREEt, NEW YORK. 'Xl\ti:POR. TER.S. :m:.1:ab,'l { 111118. 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T.U. a1 with 111 .. edc ....... a-1 .. 10 :,-u l.6i .. n. reel .. .. ... ,.. '10:,-u 1.11 IIa reel, white aa4 w .. ada ..... 1-e 'lp,.u 1.61 SPECIALTY OF SMOKERS' TOBACCONISTS' I SUPPLIES. liANUF .A.CTURERS WOODEN SHOW -FIGURES. lf orfeca -.. .. .. ............. 1 60 :r )-61 Jl&llahelarers> .As tor lhe lale of' all Popalar Braa4a .r Extra Styles of Ribbons Made to Order. RIBBONs"''CUT & PRINTED ANY SIZE AND" STYLE. VIRGINIA, NORTH CAROLINA & WESTERN MANUFACTURED, SMOKING & FINE-CUT TOBACCOS. .A.II:ellle for .I'OBN ... .I.LLBI'f .. 00,111 BleJuaoa4, Va,1 Br&ll4a ef' -olldn11: 'roloaeeH &114 aca'nHeet .I.U Orders Term Caah, Prices of Cigar Boxes and Samples of Ribbons Sent on Application. ,11.1.11, .A.YB.BSI "RICO,., eleo-Depol tor .1', 'W, Cl.I.BBOLL'S "LOI'IB .I'.I.C&:,., "B&OWI'f DICJ&:,., eleo LO'IJ'ISIA.NA. PBBIQ'IJ'II:0 Cat and Ill Carrot.. W. T. Bla.okwell & eo;s DURHAM Tobacco; REMOVAL. ... .,,-n. KIIBALL' & CO.'S ATE& totacco. Cirarett81. CliiAio & CONRAD, & ()0,111 eele'braled LOO C.I.BDI &114 LOVB A.l'IIONO TBB BVIBII -olll.lq To'baeeo llAJfUI'ACTUBED TOBA-COO.-'fl'ayorJie Dart N&YJ'o BnehaDtr.,.. .Dark NaYJ'o SWeel Jlorsel ..;ll NaY)', Bo11e7 <d Peaeli. Brtcht &Dd all Popula< Branca of ll'aDcr &lid IJcht Hall..raot......d-Jt:r SPAULDiNG & Olor:,-, Chana of' lhe 'W ......... .... BarleJ'o QReell TrRt>a, WIC 'w'ag-0 Bcle; In Palls &Dd BlineJ8, ( -..ot tor E. T, PUdUJfTON & co.s eelebraled .BlliTlll A.ND PLO'WBBI aa4 Smok.IJlc s-oaceo Depei O.&BD-HOLDEHS, I c nr-PrlM Lldllftl....., ... oa .l.ppU..atoa. WM. DEMT.iTtl & co:. ... J J. Dos&L. -I I I (P. o l Box 2!131.) ... Gao. w .. ILUroJ'AOTUI!ERS 1 MEERSCHAUM, BRI.A.R AND .A.PPLEWOOD PIPE5 1 I 1 I MORTERS OF .8:110XERS1 A:RTICLES, 1 ... .L .. 507 & 78 & sO MERCER STREET, :Y.o:Ei K.. t CIGAR BOX :Lu:u B EB t 1 SPECIAL PRIOU to rJi ordering And upwards. JldDg IOLE lii.&Nllfi.I.CTllBEBSo t ihe oolebratecl perfectly smooth and thoroughly aeaaoned We ean nffer to a.D manufacturer!! erlra IDdncements In the of Oigar' Box Cedar :Boards and Veneera, Poplar. Sycamore. Butternut and llahogany, also fn Panel, Woods and Bru.oh Stock. Our Cedar VeneerB appllego, Plank, Boards atld Verleers. Send tor Catalope aDd i'rlee Lid. Geo .w.; aea4 IS!' to 200 Lewis St., New York. U'O. _, &. li1 W ,(Late,of A., BEN & QO.)-Il'IIPORTEHS & DEALERS IN L; DOMESTIC SMOKERS' ARTICLES; Manufacturers for all the PBDnlar Brands g.f Fine Cnt, & PIU! TObilCCO & ; Agents for Tobacco and Cigarettes; Sole.Agents for.Allen & .. Ghiter's RICHMOND GElll fobacco & Cll:arcttn Depot for BlackweU'aG-abaeDarlaam-Jno, W.CarroU'a Lone-Jaok-:,T,PUJdaton' butt. & l'low.':i!liro. 11 &"'1"REJ:mT' .. JSJ:m'W' "Y'C>B.B::. .. SNUFF.''I of the .Celebrated Copenhagen Snuff and Cut & Dry Smoking Tobacco. Retail Store 4t Office: 81 St. Factory: 8 4 7 Union St. A 112 Liberty St .. P.ITTSBUR.<:;-H,., P.A... OEI'fEBAL SELLING .&OBNTo-'W .l., BOBIN!ION, l!U WATER !ITHBBT, NEW Y-K. 'WHOLESALE NEW VOR'K: I .A lien & Co.t. 1 7S ()ham'bero St, B 'ALTIIWOKB 1 Ba::Der .. 12 Com.'!'erce lit. BOSTON r Su .. man Broa., Waoplugtou St. SA ANN"1 'BeD.U.,-Broa, .. l .ht .. value S,OOOmarks; fermented leaf, 4.,00.5 owt&; value, NEW YORK; SA.TURD.A.:Y SEPTEMBER u ; -1880! 166,885 marks. Direct export& from the German em pire, unfermented leaf, 16,531 cwts; value, 418,952 GERHA.N STA.TISTICS.-THljl GERW LEAF marks. ; fermented leaf, 103,1110 cwtlj; valae, 4.,814.,764 TOBA.CC9 TRADE. marks. A chapter of the volullle .. 1 )( tics o f the Empire treats of the inqumes of the ORE ABOU l' THE IJIIPERIAL Tobacco Enquete Commissioners regarding the German Some German correspondents are making remarks commetce in leaf tobacco. According to the statements about the offered in the market by managers of and figures presented thil! head appear8 that the manufactory in Straullurg, and in the 1878 the number of firms in Germany who the manner m which they are forced upon the market. confined their operatfons exclusivery to the trade in A' correspondent, writing from Munich, says: The qual. ieaf tobacco amolinted to 642. In addition there wete ity of-the goods of that S rassburg-tobacco manufact;ri iGi firms who; dealing in leaf tobacco, were brougnt here is of a rather low grade; the five-pennymaiiufactur in 'g there were 87leaf dealers, cigars cannot be smoked at all; ther six-peony ciars drho also were dealing m tobacco; and are as light and small-sized as if they we7e i.atended for '107' flrm8 who in connectionwitla their leaf bustness' ladie s T,he cight-p(mny (hand-made) cigars are a little :were 'in and dea:ing in m u fi.J: btJtter, but th,a.t price a good CIUL be obtained -factured goods. This statement includes 16 leaf dealeveryv The thmks that the home ii.Jg firms, from whom no returns were made. If' these dealers and manufaciurers nloled. not fear competi: are not tak. e n into'.account 'the' other 982 nrms are tion of that so-called Government maoufactorv in' divi d e d into 649-wholesa-le 84 retail firms, "and 249 Strassourg. A. corresponaent :fron;t s'tuttSart rms w.ho ate in oth w.bolesale and retail says the r ece n t .opening of the llranch store m that city... the leaf dEf\ling firm s are established was awaited with great impatience by portion Bremen 143 97 in Hamburg, '7f in Saxpn;y-, o_f tbe_ pubhc, as the event_ haJ. bllen extensively adverPQ n, the1Pal!t 15 in. Alsac y Lorraine, 13 in. m advance, llun_ng the first few days Hess e -Nassau, 10 in Wuertemberg; in Mecklenburg person m the h abit of usmg tobacco visited the new and, Luebeck 9 in Fmnke n 8 in Posen 8, in East Prussia store of the Imperial factory. 'l'he salesmen in .the 4,and in W o S;pq'alia only I ot'the abOVe 982 leaf store had to be and the old dealerS of the :6fi6 were ow ne d each by' a si ngl e -;ere alarmed, and thought_ of up their owne4_ 'J, companies or, 'fir?.'s : an:? busmess. But-the soon s ubstded, as It was..found were owned, J;>y cor.poraijons m otther that the o f the ::>trassburg factory are not suitable eqt'erpri!!es. They (jmployed during the. year 11,755 to the tastes ?f Stnttgart consumers. !rhe p ersons, although at the time the enumerations wer e Imperial they say, IS too ''strong." The n1ade only z,813 were in empioyment. Nuremberg Anzetget also reports the opening of a .. The amount

SEPr. U Ike lobJttt PIJRI.!!!!IWft &VJI8y IIA'rUBDAY llOJUIJ5 Ill' '1'Bll HlilLP Wll He would be_ a careless or superficial reader of Tmc TOB.t.OOO LEu who did not perceive in perusing its varied columns the help it gives from week to week to 'the several and branches of the tob&cco trade. From the inception of this journal to the pr.esent time, its coiU'IIe, with each recurring year, has been in the direction of broader aims and greater usefulness, and )it this moment it would seem _as if it was< !!Brvi.itg its patrons in all parts ot this country and in all parts of the world with an efficiency, a zeal and a-fidelity that must materially aid them in the prosecution of their business. Here and there to-day, as of o\ljection is made to the public exposition of the inner life--the prices that are asked and obtained-of the tobacco trade; but as this exhibit is continually made in the daily papers in the great cities and in the tobacco-pro ducing sections; the majority of tradesmen insist that THE TOBACCO LEAF shall furnish information of this character, just as is done by its daily contemporaries. The yearning of the time is for news, and this aspira tion-bearing always in mind the proprieties of respectable journalism-we seek to gratify. 2,1118 pud. The following table &bows the quantity and value of of leaf and manufactured tobacco: 1813 229,000 pud. Value 5,578,000 rubel. is the senior member of an importing firm. M:r. Ertheiler is tjle general manager for the uew firm, and will devote his attention to the purchasing of gooda. OBITUARY. GEORGE WJLI.JAK Jli.AKEJIOIUL rHE TOBACCO LEAF" PUBUSHIIG COIPUY, 108 MAIDEN LAII., w YORK. ClOIIXD 01' I'KlBL 8)WABD BtiBIJ:K .. ,_ ........ Q. ..,..r .... ........ .... ................... H.Ur-. ,..... ... TIIIl ....... llmGLa OO!DI ......... : ...... c-. OM "r&All .. : lUI llX KOliTBB. ...... ... Ul dlro.A.L lltJBICIUPl'I058 ABBOAD. !iii& ....................... $50 ADVERTISEMENTS ON FlRS'r PAGE, One Year. Jt Line over T-o Wide Columna ............ .... UOO Llae. '" .... .......... .... 17& 14 Line 81nl(le Column .. .. .... .. ... .... 55 SPECIAL ADVER'riSEMENTS ON READING-MATTER PAGE. O n e Six Three Year. Months. M onths. 14 Linea over 2 Wide Colnmna .... tsa 145 125 NOTICa, WAN'rS or CAUTION NOTICES. C Linea Ooe lnHrUon ......................... ... 50 ()eat. It Line ODe Month ......................................... $5.50 LIDea Two l!lontha ...... .. .......... : .. .. .. .. .. 8.50 1 Linea Three Montha. ........ .... ..... ... ............ 14.00 H Linea 8h: l'll:ontha.... .... .. .. ...................... !14.00 Line Twelve Jtiou'&'h. ........................ ..... "45.00 Line Tllree Month: ................................... 18.00 Llae !1111: lllon&h ................................... 35.00 Llaeo Twelye Moa&lu.. ... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .............. ao.OO -&ea.uaa: lilaUel' A:dvertt .. emelf&8 oD Edl1orial D P!:P e.ea&. oa 1.he above prlee. -----1Jdw Cin'IUiltaae .. will,.,.. deviate from tJae Prtoea. 187-& liS5 000 .. 8 079 000 1811 lllle: ()()() .. 8:710: ()()() 1876 1!10 ()()() 18,872,000 .. 1877 82:000 .. 1,546,000 .. 1878 87,000 1879 102,000 Mr. F ; X KJ:LLY, Jri of Philadelphia, the enter prising agent for the Happy Thought" tobacco fac tory, gave us, as he is in the habit of doing. a social call a few days This "happy thought" always fills Mr. Kelly's mmd when in th1s city, and when he leaves us he generally looks as if he was a happier man. W.e beg to remind friend Kelly that the happier thought The importation of cigars has not been effected by which made him make us. a. good round promise in a the raising of the import. dues During the first year certain direction will be in our thoughts until the same of the "gold dues" the imports of cigars amounted to is carried out in optime fornw.. 2 600 puds and during 1879 it has been nearly the LooKING over the list of the _old cigar of this c1ty, we find that the firm of M. J. Adrian, of 472 same. 'Grand Street, is one of the oldest and most prom. Leaf tobacco,sccording to the Russian law of 1877,' inent, having been established since 1842. This firm is is taxed 14 rubels per pud, (about $63 per 100 kilos.) composed of Messrs. M. J. and J M. Adrian, the latter Cigars are taxed 88 rubels per pud (about $436 per 100 gentleman having been admitted to the firm about a. kil year ago. Both gentlemen have had great experience os ) m the cigar line, and with ample means at their disThe exports of tobacco duririg the same years as posal they intend to enlarge their already extensive above is shown by the following table: establishment, and manufacture only the choicest 1873 94.000 pud. Value 387 ,000 rubel. brands of cigars. To this end they have taken the 1874 l99,000 .. 791 000 .. whole of the upper floors at the above number and l875 ... street. Their prmcipal brand at present is "Adrian' s 1876 45,000 1 520000 .. Specialty 5 cent Cigar." It is an excellent article for l877 154,000 the price, and we recommend it to all dealers. 1878 248.000 BROAD STREET has added another new firm to its 1879 147,000 number of tobacco dealers. Mr. A. D. Chock ley, late of Richmond, Va .. has opened a. tobacco It will be seen that the exports during the years 1875 warehouse at 38 Broad Street, this city, unde r and 1877 till1879 exceed the imports in the amount of the firm name of A. D Uhockley & Co., for weight, but during each of the years above the imthe purpose of transacting a commission business ports represent a greater value. in Virgmia, North Carolina, and Western leaf tobacco. This is one of the best known toThe imports of tobacco in Russia comprise the best bacc,o men in the Southern and Western markets, as 9.ualities of toba.cco, but what is exported from the:re is in years gone by he was a member of the reputable of a lower grade. firm of Chockley & Oliver, of J Hichmond, and only a MINOR EDITORIALS AND NEWS ITEMS. INCREASED REVm.E.-.A.swill be seen in an official paragraph in another place, the receipts from the to bacco industry for the first month (July) of the current flilca l year exceeded those for the period in 1879 by $126,394.8!. goods for 29 marks per thousand. The Tahacks -Zeitung remarks: It is clear that by the course adopted by the managers of the Imperial factory, it is intended to prepare the way for Prince Bismarck's project of a Government tobacco monopoly, but it is very fortunate that the product of that concern, as is confirmed by reports received from all parts, is of a kind that even the few supporters of the monopoly idea who may be counted among consumers of tobacco, will be cured of their delusion by its use for a little while longer. The largest purely special trade-paper in the world, THE LEAF, strives to be the best paper of its kind in the world. A glance at our market columns, em brae ing, as they do, the principal tobacco emporiun;t pf Europe and America, shows all that is going on in the great marts of traffic that will be useful for our readers to know. Hardly any venture can be taken, hardly any project conceived in any part of the world in con nection with tobacco and its maJlufactures, but some serviceable information in relation thereto can be found in our weekly of t he tobacco intelli gence of the world. The editorials of THE LEAF op portunely grasp and conscientiously handle, as they arise, such topics as are of interest and vall!-e to the industry it represents; very frequently; as becomes an enterprising journal, anticipating in analysis and pre sentation, subjects that though of vital importance to branc hes or individual representatives of the trade. have not appreciably attracted the attention of the trade at large. This department of THE. LEAl \ more over, nobody can have failed to notice, is always on the side of progress, uprightness, kindliness and f:tir dea ling. The market reports of THE LEAF., which in'(ariably include the admirable monthly circularS in this and other cities, are all furnished by special cor respondents permanently attached to the paper, and the best compliment that can be paid to their excellence is the simple statement, of the fact that for sixteen years we have nev,er heard a word of complaint about RETURNED .::...Our PhHadEilphia col'l'espondent writes: -,-'Mr. JohnS.'tHeim,of Philadelphia,has r eturne to the Quaker City, .after an absenue of three months on the Continent. His appearance is d ecidedly improves!, but he speaks and acts as if .. he wrur please d to be home again. ... .. Emma L. the accomplished daughter of Mr. Storm, Qf the. firm of Straiton & Storm, this'city, was in marriage to :Mr. Gardiner B. Charlick, son oi the late Oliver Char lick, Esq President of the Island Railroad: The happy pair are now making a tour of the West. Thts union is an auspicious one, youth, love and beauty, backed on both sides by good stock in blood and bank, insuring its perpetuity. few years ago he was established in our market as a dealer in Virginia leaf, from which business he with drew, and has since been established in the same capacity in Richmond. Mr. Chockley is not only well known, th.erefore, but equally well liked, and having been in the tobacco business for many years, he bas a thorough knowledge of every branch of our trade. We doubt not that his many friends all over the country will be glad to read the above few line s of recom mendation, and we besp-eak for him the patronage of the trade at large. '\\1b .'). 1 \.. DIGNITY.-The latest novelty m tlie shape of a cigar box is one just patented by the firm of Straiton & Storm, cigar manufacturers. It is a most elegant box made of heavy cedar wood, handsomely carved, and open on the sides and on the top, a kind of scroll -work, handsome ornamentation, illustrating the name of the. new brand. A carving in the top or cover of the box shows the word "Dignity," the name of this new brand. The Dignity cigars are made of fillers and binders, and Havana Seed wrap pers, and can be had of all sizes. The new brand i s an outgrowth of the long and varied experience of the famous manufacturers, who were inspired by a deter mination to place on the market a cigar which, while low in price, should be satisfactory to all classes of smokers. The cigars are packed in bundles embrac ing three, each package bding in elegant "silver surface" tinfBACCO LBAJ':-Before leaving Scotland I had read with much interest the account given in your columns of the rise and progress of the recent movement here to improve prices, but since my arrival I have read with much regret of its decline and fall. As chairman of the Tob&cco Maimfacturers' Associa tion of SCotland, I have been intimately associated for many ye3rs with movements of a similar kind there, and I may perhaps he allowed to offer the following 11uggestion: Yours is a great country, where things are done on a great scale, and the movement may perhaps have failed because too much was attempted at first. We have a proverL in Scotland whicb says: "Creep before ye gangi" and my suggestion is that your manu' facturers shou d first agree among themselves upon a ftxed scale of prices at which their goods would be invoiced in every case, and that a graduated scale of dillcount should also be agreed upon to the quantity nny buyer took delivery of at one t1me, no matter whether he be a wholesale deale1 OJ:: a retailer qMtJnntfl to be the only test entitling him to the bene flt of the larger discount. and that in no case would this I!Cale of discount be departed from. Once this had been accomplished, and its practice fairly established, retailers and others could then ar range to charge such a scale of pro.6.t as. they m1ght consider themselves entitled to. AD7 attempt to maintain the union by the infliction of pam11 and penalties would only result in failure, and the hope of success can only rest in each one being convinCed that his own self-interest is being promoted by the movement. I am, etc. ANDRJ:W Too. THlil TAX ON CIGA.R.IilTTES. The cigarette industry of this country is rapidly in creasing. From 238,000,000 in the fiscal year 1879, the production of cigarettes in the fiscal year ending June 30, 1880, wu extended to 408,000,000; showing a gain in $he latter year of 170,000,000. The revenue derived from this source in'the"last ftscal year amounted to the sum, in round figures, of f715,000. The growing appreciation of ci.g!lrettes, especially among the younger conIIUDISl'll of tobacco in the United States, is a circum staace \bat i8 ca.lculatecj at no distant day to make production and preparation for the market one of our impol'ia.nt national just as the manufl\0-turiDg of tobacco and cigars have become. A.t present .our national legislation is somewhat adverse to the cigarette interest, inasmuch as it makes a prejudicial ctiaorimination qainst it in the rate of tax applied to cigarettes. Here and there a murmur i8 heard in public and private in reference to this discrimination, but, as no no&eworthy evidence of discontent has been, and perhaps, we should say. or is likely to be, manifested. Nevertheless, the {act of the discrimination remains. Smoking and chewing tobacco and snuff are &axed sixteen cent& a pound ; cigarettes weighing not more than three pounds per thousand are taxed $1. il> per thouaand, equal to fifty-eight and one-third cents per pound. As cigarettes are made of tobacco tjlat is equally adapted t:o w;e in pipes or rice-paper covers, it ja difllculli to assign anY, valid reason w by_ a pound of eut tobacco. consumed in pipes should only yield sixteen oenw of revenue, while a pound of similar tobacco wrapped in paper or leaf tobacco consumed in the form of cigarettes is required to yield a revenue amounting to lfty-eiglat and one-third cents. There is a palpable iaequality here that may be appropriately rectified at the D8D meeting of Congrtlllll. n implies nothing in favor of the invidious distinc tioll made in the tobacco named to aver that some cisaNU. bring a higher price per thousand than an equivaJent, number of pounds of tobacco do when put upon Uae market to be smoked in piJ16S; because the ialavied upon the value, but upon the quantity of tobacco involved, a pound being the unit of measure11181lt in both cases, or nearly so; for when cigarettes emeed $brae pounds irr weight per thousand, the tax is sii dollars per thouiiiUld. Besides, some smoking tobacco sa11s readily at prices per pound equal to the poundrealized from the sale of some Our theory is that manufactured tobacco in every form should be placed upon a plane of. equality as respects ta'Ution. There sh9uld be no discrimination whatever. Chewing and smoking tobaccos, snuff, ci gan, ciPr-ettes imd clieroot:A; should-all be taxed at a uniform rate. How well uniformity has worked in reference to manufactured tobaccos and snuff is seen in the returns for the past year, and those of preceding years whea uniformity prevailed. The consumption of cigarettes three years hence will be double what it is now if the rate of tax be adjusted in conformity with the tax on manufactured tobacco, and that without det.riment. to the latter. Possibly, &Go, as much might be predicted of a readjustment on same basis of the tax on cigars. Try the experi_,, Jleun. Clwcrl J4D, wbeo JOU come qetherl h b h THE TOBACC O BOARD OF TRA:DE.--The Tobacco Boilrd t em, ut, on t e contrary, have received in the long of Trade wa.ii to have tJ,eld its first meeting after the named, many approving concerning summer. vaqation on Tuesday. Members, however, them. Not to admit therare valueandutility of these failed to attend, most of" whom are probably still faithful records of ihe course of business is to with sojourning in the countqr'"or"are 1ookjpg at new hold recognition o f of the main instrumen,ts by crop in Pennsylvania and the Connecticut Vall ey. Mr. I. Hamburger, the :who was presen t which the existing p f 1 the has, been one or two other members, aaJourned tbe meetmg. secured. A rather important report of one of the standing com The crop reports of Tnm during the past season lnittees has been pending before the Board f01 some have been of inestimable value to every person engaged time, awaiting final actio?. -"--+-in the tobacco trade at home and abroad. These re-TOBACCO IN WISCONSIN.-From Milton, Wis., it is re ports h&ve been more comprehensive than ever before ported that' the present tobacco crop is the largest published in any public For weekly acd omi.ts Wisc.onsin produce d, and. fully of the from the West, Southwest and Virginia we are exclucrop IS the yteld per acre lSII?mense d .and growers find 1t rmposstble to get the crop mto the s1vely mdebte to own prompt and re} tabl e corre sheds that have heretofore accommodated the same spondents in those sections of the country. For the number of acres. Conseq uently t .emporary buildings accounts .every week r ece ived from the ee d leaf grow' and barns have been constructed to hold the overflow. ing dis.tricts we are under obligatuins to spll(;ial corre 'Very little of the crop bas been damaged by hail, and a f d h dail d kl tjie quality of the tobacco when ready tor the sheds was spon ents o our own.' an to t e Y wee Y il.rst-class, but 'many growers were anxious to get the newspapers pubhshed m Pennsylvama, Oh10, Wtsconwhole crop into-the ehed-room of the past season, and sin, New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts. The packed it too closely. Theweatherbeinghotanddamp, fullness, f).il'Bess and with which our COntobacco began to shed-burn from lack of ventila temporaries to whom tobacco is but one of the many t10n, but so the. damage has been very unfavorable; and should 1t contmue damp, fears o f pole rot are en-subJects Wlth which they. have to deal, have descanted tertained. The tobacco is ve:ry heavy and green and upon the condition and progress of the crop during the requires clear, dry weather to cure properly. past summer, has made our task of reporting the 1880 Seed leaf in a creditable and helpful manner an easy one. To them we return thanks for their valuable assistance. EXPORTS AN!D IMPO&TS. From the report of the Chief of the-Bureau of Sta tistics of this country, we take the following figures relating to our imports and exports of tobacco during the month of June, 1880, and for the twelve months ended June 30, same date, compared Wi't he cor. responding periods of 1879: IMPORTS. Month ended June 80, 1880. Lbs. Value. Leat.. .. .. .. .. . .. 740,0illi 1408, Clgan.................. 4>1,001 147,7911 Other manufactures.... 2,131 Increase o.f le.rm June, '80 ..... . . .lbs DecrMSe ot in J une1 1880 ........ ,lbs Increue or other manutactrs in June', 1880 Twelve mon&.hs ended June 30, 1880. Lbs. Value. Leaf................. .. 9 ,7 59 ,8515 $4,911 086 Clnrs........ .. .. .. 11112, 4W 2,404,812 Ot"her manufactures... 86, 401 Increase of leaf In 181!0 ... ................ lb8 .. 1ncreue of clgal'l! In 1880 ................. lb8 .. Increase of. other manufactures in 1880 ...... June 30, 1819 Lb8. Value. 31l6,049 $lll3 j l7tl 58,880 210,45,615 ll,ll66,910 .... ?8.451 8,165,8811 11,11611,571 38,1J12 137,902 9.11111 EXPORTS OF DpMESTIO TOBACCO Month ended Jime 301...1880. .June 30, 1!11'11. Lbs. value. 4 Lba. Value. Leaf .............. 0 .... 11,872,141 $1,oeci,2M 8,5011,444 1548:1117 Cigal'l! ............... M 3iN 7, 71!1 ID7 4,420 8nu1r...... .......... .. 11,4JIO 1,004 1,m 1130 Other manutacluno.. 1&1,614 141,370 Increase of leaf In June, 1880 .................. lb8 .. 8,865,697 f411,788 Inc""""' of cigal's in J une,l880 ........... ....... 1.. LZI 8,292 IDe......., of snwr in JIIDe, 1880 ................ tb8.. 100 74 lncrease of other mauutactrs in June, 1880. . 21,2-U Twelve months ended June 30, tfBl. .June 80, 1879. Lbs. Value. Lbs. Value Le&t ............... .. 215,910,187 116,!11'11,107 82!1.i79,MO $*5,157,36A Clgal'l! .............. m.. 11,088 61',8111 2,ll99 M,I!D7 SnUff ..... 0............. 15,1118 6,074 18,11112 5,846 Other manufactures. .. l,lliiO,ll'lt 2,996,638 Decreaae of leaf In 1880 .................... 160. 106,869,8118 t8, 7lll!,211'7 IDe.of clprs In 181!0 ................... 1. 284 14,4!4 Joe.-or onulr in 1880 ... : ............... lbo.. !1,551 228 Decrease ot other manufactures iD liB> ....... 1,009,302 ll:XPORTB OJ' FOREIGN.TOBACOO. Month ended ,June 80, 1880. Lb8. Value Leaf ............ .'....... 83,MII 118,61!8 Clgan........... .. 0 .. ) 2,911 .. 8,5111 Other manufactures.. 660 Incre&se of leaf in June, t88.l ........ lbe .. Decrease of clgara in June, 1880 ...... .. lbe .. Deereue of otber manutacturee in June, t). TwelTe months ended June 30, 1880. Lbo Value. Leaf.................... 5!11,840 .-.9115 Clnn!.............. .... 41,1!11U 74,878 OL'her manufactures.. 88,707 ll\lS Increase of leatln 1880.. ............. .lb8.. 1111,2:'16 Decreue of cll(ars In 1880 ................ !be.. 28,903 79,4116, Increase of other manutoc&ureo in 1880 ... lbli.. 8,286 IlU'OBTS OI''TOBAOCO RBJU.INING IN THE WAREHOUS1C. J'uno 80,"1880. Lb8. Value. IA&t.. .... 0 ... 0 ... 0 .. .. 8,696,891 $1, 7SS,976 Cigars.................. 41,106 111,881 Other manufactures.. 10,815 Decrease of leal in June, 1880 ......... .lbs .. Increaae of cigars in June, lflll........... Decreaae in other manufctres Ia June 1880' June 80, 1819. Lbll. Value. 8,819,488 97,104 56,718 1211,09il 14.001 1$,700 $1146,484 1>4.1168 4,85f1 THE LEAF TOBACCO TRADE IN RUSSIA., According to statistical statements recently pub lished in the German Handel Archiv, it appears that the commerce in leaf tobacco in Russia forms an im portant branch of Russian industry. Leaf tobacco is one of the few articles imported as well as exported. The imports are principally made from Turkey and America; but the imports as well as the exports of tobacco are subjected to extensive fluctuations which cannot always be-traced to any specific source, as will be seen from the following table. Im ports of leaf ta'bacco: 1874 1875 1876 1877 1878 1879 216,930 Pud. 231,485 .. 509,968 82,756 84,072 100,14 (The "pud" is equal to about 36 American pounds.) The falling off in the imports since 1877 is partly owing to a '' gold tax," and partly to an increase of the import dues. The importll of manufactured tobacco and oigar& in 1878 amounted tol,6lil pud; in 1879, TAXATION IN ENGLAND.-Some of the features of taxa tion in England are here exhibited If leaves you $500 you have to pay $10, and if he d1es Without a will, you will then pay-$l!'i to get this $500. The Gov ernment fee on a t50,000legacy is tl 000, and $1,500 if there be no will; and if the be $1,000,000, then the Queen's fee is $77,500;or. w1thout a will, more 'than $100,000. If you 11tudy Wld become a barrister, tb:e ad mission costs you $250, or as much as you are likely to earn the first year. When you g.radua.te in medicine you pay $50. If rou become a mere notary public to admmister oaths 1t costs you $150. When you eJtecute a lease to rent your house for anything above $150 a year, you pay about seventy cents. If you want arms andcrest on your carriage, you pay $11; and-if you get arms "granted to you, and in a measure fully recognized, you have to pay $50 license. One carriage is taxed J11 a year. Your dog costs $1.25 a year. For a license to carry a gun you pay $2.50. The tax for every male servant is $4. < THE San ;Francisco Journal of Commmce thus defends itself &gainSt the tirought againet it by the Merchant of that city : Probably the most notable mat ter in connection with the cigar and tobacco trade at present is the large shipment East of San Francisco made cigars. During the month of August, as appears by the railroad returns, there were shipped 10,61.0 lbs., or 425,600 cigars. This is a good offset to the importa tions here. We notice that some of our Eastern exchanges, misled by the statements of the San Fran ctsco are commenting on a supoosed state ment of ours to the eftect tliat we averred that 6,000 cases of cigars were imported during the six months that elapiled since Jan. 1. never made such a statement. 'Our figures as to importations of Eastern cigars can always De found under ibe proper hoad in ourcolun;ms ... Mr. A. Pollak did, through our reporter, say 80. We gave the statement as that of Mr. Pollak, and we can b& regarded. u in nowise respollllible for The condition of the market is improving from day to day. ) ., r J4ERCHANT8 TOBAOOO COMPANY OF BosTON IN LIQUIDATION.-On the t.wenty-third day of June last the Directors of the Merchants Tobacco Co. unanimously v .oted to liquidate the business o{ the company Oct. 1, '1880, .and tlie stockholders subsequently assented to the sale of all the property of the company. The machin ery, appliances, etc., brands, trade-marks, rights, etc., are for sale, all or singular, consist ing inpart of two plug machines, different from and having improvement!! which no other machines have, adapted. tQ ouiting plugs 12x3, 9x2.)4', 6x3, 6x1M, 6x1, 4xl 7 12 Also iron-back frames or shapes, 82 frameS oups,"l2xll; 33, frames cups, 9x2J,l; S2 frames cuP81 6x1K; 32 frames cups, 6xl-all'made by J. W. CJardwell & Co., Richmond, Va. Also four 'Set.& screw presses (6 screws in each I>reBS), iron frames, made by Cornelius & Platt, of Brooklyn; iron bands; segments, etc. Also polishing pots and small hrdraulic presses. Machinery complete for making packmg boxes Large lot of dry sycamore boards of l>est quality. All the machinery and appliances are of the most modern and approved kinds, m perfect order, good as new. 811-tf BUSI.I.'O:SB MBNTION. WE are informed that Mr. E. J. Wagner, formerly of the firm of Heil & Wagner, has opened a tobacco warehouse in Philadelphia., on Second, below: South Streets. With many years' experience and great popu larity, there is no doubt but that he will succeed, and he has our best wishes that he may do so. rMJ:ssas. GUllPEBT BROil. the well -known cigar manufacturers of Philadelphia, who had the misfor tune of being burnt out a short time ago, state that they have secured the large building, containing 82,000 square feet of floor space, situated at the northeast corner of .23d and Sansom Streets. Messrs. GumJKlrt will have extra facilities after this, and will be glad to receive the orders of their friends. .. A J'J:W day.s ago we had a. eall from Mr. D McCallay, ol the firm of "'ilson & !lcCallay, >Of Middletown, Ohio, the well-known manufaCturers of the "Happy Thought," "Let Go," and other popular brands of _plug tobacco. Mr. McCallay visited our market h1s re turn from Manhattan Beach and other watering places. Aftsrstaying a fewsdayswith his family, whut in a or two you are buried-some of you, and 1n the rap1d rush of husmess momentarily .forgotten. I have not seen Mr Blakemore for m6re than a. year. I was smcerely sorry to hear of his death and of the suffering he endured from his complaint. All my recollections of him are kind and pleasant as all my relations with were happy. Mr. Pollard said :-Before reading the resolutions have been prepared, perhaps it would be appro pnate for me to say a word. I have known Mr. Blakemor_e po!!SiblY: than a.ny one in the room, my ac q_uamtance w1th !Itmextendmgovera period of twenty s1x years. It gives me great pleasure to recall his traits !Jf and to reflect upon the emmence he attained m the trade. I never knew him w say or do anything that would in the least reflect upon or character of any one. He always seemed .to have a regard for the of all "With whom he came in contact. It gives me pleasure to pay this slight tribute to his memory. Mr. Ottinger remarked:-! was in hopes some more of the older member;s of the trade would give expres sion to their feelings on 'this occasion. I knew MI4 Blakemore well, and cannot refrain from giving ex pression to my regret at bis death. He was a bold soldier in the trade-a high-minded man a brother. I always felt when I was with him that' I was with a true man. I never thought in his presence of creed or religion. but. only felt for him the friendship of a brother. Greater sorrow' I never experienced than when I heard of his death. He deserves to be remem bered, and in the words of. the well-known invocation I would say, May his sacred memory be blessed." OBiTUARY XOTES. Major W E. Hall, the business manager of the Evening Telegram since its inception, breathed his last yesterday, His loss will be regretted by hundreds. He was a soldier in 1ihe war; he was a bosom friend of hts countryman, the late Joseph Hall, and ol his family. His funeral will take plaee to-morrow from. his late residence, No. 261 West 126th Street. Mr. Edward I. O'Reilly, who for a g_aarier of a tury has been actively engaged m metropolitan journalism, died on Thursda..I. Be WM a man of sterling hoqesty and ability. His funeral, this morn ing from St. Bernard's Church, will be attended by the leading journalists of the city: Sept. 1880. The business arrangement formerly eXISting between H Scbubart& Co and Felix Garcia having been con eluded, we beg to inform our friends and the Leaf To bacco trade generally that on an'd after the 15th day of September, 1880, the undersigned will continue the business of OJ' HAVANA LJ:U TORACOO at No 167 WATER S'I:REICT, this city. Having all the fa.cilities ,for obtaining and offering to the trade Tobacco of our ow selection and packing, we can confidentially assure our customers of the same fair and lowflgurail wllich characterized the .former ftrm of Felix Garcia, w woom we are the SoLIII SUcaEBSOKB. Our HAVANA BRAI!IOBD are CALZADA DIU. MONTIIl, No. 180, and CAJ.LB DE LAS FIGURAS, Nos. 26 and 28, where our friends Tiiliting Havana always tind choice assortments of Vuelta Abajo, Partido, $Dd Remedios. 811-816 F. GAJWJA, BRO. & Co. Troubles. EMANUEL CABPLE81 lfll:W YOU, Dealer and manufacturer of cigars in Eighty-seventh Street, made an 888ignment on the 8th inetant to Chas. P. Wagner. Tbe preferred debt8 amoaD1i to P,2811. The whole amount of hill liabilities is P,700. Patent Oftlce B.epon. For the week ending Sept. 7, 1880. ", ll'IVENTIONB PATIIllJTED. '){ ".. Oiaarette .Machine.-Oecar W. Alliaon, Rochester, N.Y.. Cigar-lighter Lan,p.-Albert Palit&. West Meriden, Conn., assignor to Hubbard JUg. Co.; place. TRADE lllARXI! REGill'l'DJ:D. Plug. C'Irewing Tobacoo.-Brown & Brother Winston N. e : A-pplieatiott filed August; 12, 1879. The word and figure Honest 7." Smoking Tobacco, Chewing Tobacco, and Snuff.Eli Philadelphia, Pa assignor to H. Wilkens & Co .. Baltimore. Md. Application filed July 29. 1880. ThI portrait head of a lad) and the word "Martha." .; -Singularly enough Postmaster-General Ke:yJ who comes from the South, the great tobacco-proaucing sootion of the country, is the only member of President; Hayes' cabinet who does not smoke. He left; off i t-' use several years ago. Secretaries Sherman and 8Qhur 1 are great smokers.


SEPI'.II TO.Q4UUO PAPER. Tobacco Trade Review. The recent Exhibition and :Market at the Agncul tural Hall of Pnnters', Stationers' and Papermakers' :Machinery, Implements, and Material, contained a large number of vanet1es of paper and raw mater1als, but one spec1es of paper at least was not represented, and that was tobacco paper. This was probably due to the fact that tobacco paper is a substance w1th which the general public are but htue acquamted, and which even scientists believe exists only m small experimental quantities, to be found m more than ordmarily comprehensive museums or m the stud1es and laboratories of the curious. The otherw18e complete ar ticle on paper and stationery which appeared m the official catalogue of the Exh1bit10n to which we have referred, Wali mnocent of the remotest allus10n to to bacco as a paper-makmg matenal, and both Mr. Richard Hernng's h1stones of paper qmte overlook the facts that tobacco can be made mto a kmd of paper, and has been so made for several very useful purposes It 18 not so many years ago that when one of the early numbers of The Tobacco Trade Revtew appeared, a provinmal d1rected attentiOn to the 'poss1b1lity" of makmg paper from tobacco, and suggested that th1s journal should oe prmted on such paper, so that "when the smoker had read 1t through he might, 1f he hked, literally eut 1t mto h1s p1pe and smoke 1t This IS but a very mild example of the wh1ch preva1ls on this subject, and which prooably these few remarks w1ll tend to dispel. Paper has not yet been made from the leaves of the nicotjana tabacum or any of 1ts surrogates for the pur poses for wh1ch paper lS generally used, except m one particular-of which more anon The purposes for whtch It has been so made are as rmproved and econo mical "leaf" for cigars and cheroots, and Wl covermgs for cigarettes. In both these spheres of util1ty It has been found very valuable, and at times It has been manufactured m considerable quantities to supply the underuable want which It IS calculated so adnurably to sat18fy The patent records m Southampten buildings, Chancery lane, contam no lees than six exphmt and mdexed references to paper made from tobacco As far back as the year 1847 one Wliiiam Phlihps Par ker recogmzed Its necessity, and havmg occasion to file a patent for "an Improved mode of manufacturing cigars," mcluded a process for makmg tobaccopaper as an mtegral portiOn of his mvent1on Mr Parker's method of manufacturing Cigars compre hended the completion of the fillings and covermgs by machmery. The nature of th1s machmer;r rendermg it necessary that some more pliable material than or dinary leaf should be used for the covermg, Mr Parker suggested paper made from tobacco. For thiS "kmd of tobacco paper," as he JUstly called It, he prescribed a mixture ot tobacco and "the usual fibrous matter used for paper, the proportiOns bemg six parts of tobacco to one <;>f the fibrous matter." Th18 was a very elementary process, and one which seems to have been very much of the nature of a pUJ aller, umllummed by the slightest acquruntance with the fibrous nature of the tobacco Itself Nme years after, however, the defects m th18 patent were more than remedied by an mventum bearmg the names of Wllham Vmcent Wallace and BenJamm Lawrence Lowell Th1s mvent10n, which was, we find only commumcated" to the patentees, cons18ted of "Im provements m treating tobacco m order to manufac ture mgars and other articles for smokmg, together With the manufacture of cigars and cheroots from to bacco so treated With the additiOn of hqmd or steam the mventors formed mto a pulp such portions of the tobacco plants as remamed ''after removmg the finest and best portiOns for the manufacture of cigars Th1s selection of raw material was a valuable and economical feature m the patent It IS the practice m the manufacture of c1gars to particularly the finest and most unblemiSh.Jd leaves for wrappers, whilst the rest goes to form the "fillers," or most Important part c-f the cigar Everythmg, m short, 1s sacrificed to ap pearance, and It has been not unJuStifiably wmspe1ed that some manufacturers of Havana Cigars have been known to use rwe paper steeped m mcotme for fillers," wh1Jst the outside has cons isted of s1lky leaf of the most ummpeachable quality The very mslgmficant extent to w hwh a wrapper mfluences the tasoo of a mgar should really render Its quality a cons1dera tion qmte secondary to that of the mter10r, and it is the recogmt10n of this fact which renders the 1Jatent of Messrs Wall ace and Lowell of great mtcrest Here the refuse was used for the wrapper, and the finer portions were rendered available for fillings, and th18 was further fa.Cilltil.ted by the excellent alJpearance whwh the wrapper acgmred m the d1sintegratmg, pulping, and rolling proceeses to which 1t was sub nutted. When the pulp was obtaiped it was made into sheets by ll8SB1Dg 1t through rollera directly from t!:le pulpmg engme, or by previOusly p!LS!!mg It through drammg sieves, frames, or prefl&ll.S. -1\fter the tobacco was rolled into sheets 1t was sprillkled w1th the hquor expressed by the roller, ill order to reimpart to 1t whateYer mcotmn attributes It might have lost, and when dry It was cut up m such fonns as m1ght be reqmred for mgars, cheroots, or even cut tobacco For makmg this kmd of tobacco paper any descnpt1on of pulpmg. drammg, or rollmg machmery nught be employed. patent appears to have been of so valuable a nature that we must e:; our regret that It never achieved any lasting success m the trade This was probably due to some difficulty in obtammg a suffiCiently strong and homogamous sheet by the simple process of pulpmg the tobacco alone. It was not long, however, bef01 e an m ventor came forward to endeavor to remedy whatever may have ex1stedm Meesrs. Wallace and Lowell's processes. This was a M. Etienne Roche, who m 1859 tiled a patent for "Improvements m the manufac ture of paper smtable for formmg Cigarettes and for other pUIJ>OSes, and Improvements m the manufacture of CJ.gars." Th18 patef!t IS to a. very great ex tent a combmation of the patents of Mr. Parker and of Messrs. Wallace and Lowell. [To be contmued in our next isaue] TOBACCO LICENSES, The retail grocers of New-England sell about fivesixths of all the tobacco consumed m that section of the country. A correspondent, wr1tmg to the New England Grocer, treats, m the subjo1ned letter, of a matter m which he will find few, If any, tobacco deal ers agreemg with lnm -GROVELAND, MASS, Aug 17, 1880 Em:roR N. E Groce,. -The tax of five dollars patd to the GoYernment, for the sale of manufactured tobacco and Cigars, 1s unjust, and a burden on the retail grocer, and should be taken off at once. I \J,ope the traders Will bestir themselves and make an effort to throw 1t off The manufacturer 1s taxed sixteen cents a pound on tobacco, and then the d1stnbutor to the people pays another tax for the pnvllege of sellmg this precious artiCle. It IS smd the amount IS so small and tr1fimg that It 18 not worth talkmg about, but the great evil of the question IS that It 18 not equal The great pomt about revenue 1s Its fmr average, bearmg equally on all mterests It :u; said 'the last ounce broke the camel's back," and all burdens latd on trade cripple the vital mterests of the country It lays a tnbute on live labor of a. cent an ounce on all tobacco consumed by the maeses, on an article whiCh 18 no longer a luxury, but a necessity; and m add1twn to the manufacturer's tax comes the retailer's, the effect of which is to load down the trade burdens, whwh weaken the paymg power of the people, and that IS the ca1111e of what 18 called the qmet times whwh pervade the trade to day. All the t.a.Xes are collected out of trade, manufacturm" and flil"mmg mterests, mstead of the mcomes of the wealth of the country, makmg the retailers poor because the buymg and paymg power IS paralyzed by reason of the unJUSt and unequal bur-dellB that are laid upon them. Yours truly, PETER PARKER. BALE 01' GOOD WILL, The New York Herald Qf Thursday editoriallv comments as follows under the above head -The English Court of Apl_)eals has just rendered an decision on an Important question of commerc1alla \V m this ali well as m that country. 'fhe quest10n is whether a merchant or manufacturer who has sold the good will of h18 trade IS at hberty to enter upon the same busmees agam, and if so whether he IS subject to any festr1ct10ns. The law as mterpreted by the Court of Appeal may be made clearer by a bnef statement of the essential facts m the case demded. The two to the controversy had been partners m the Iron businees at Bradford About a year ago one sold to the other the stock ill trade, together with the good will of the busmess, and agreed not to carry on the uon busineBB for ten years w1thm tt>n miles of Bradford, except at Leeds. Subsequently the retirmg partner, under a new firm name. set up m the samo busmess at Leeds, and bftgan to sohc1t the patronRge of tbe cus tomers of the old Bradford firm. 'fhereupon the Master of the Rolls granted an InJUnctiOn restrrumng the de fendant not only from trymg to get any customer from the old firm, but also from dealing With such customer m case the latter came unsolic1ted. In a Blmiiar case which came before him a short time previously the Master of the Rolls had taken the same v1ew of the law. ''There is authority for saymg," he then re._marked, that a man who has sold the gOod will of his busine88 mu.t not. solicit the old customer& w deal With hrm; but I go further, and say that he must not deal w1th the old customers." The Court of Appeal affirms in part and overrules in part the law as latd down by the Master of the Rolls. n holds in the case first cited above that the retmng partner was barred from making any soliCitatiOn or active efforts for the patronage of the old firm customers, but that he had a nght to deal with them m case they should come to hrm voluntanly. In a suit decided some years ago Lord Ronully, then Master of the Rolls, held that a tradesman who had sold the good w1ll of his busmess was JUStified m advert1smg generally hiS new enter prise, but that he was not entitled to make any SJileCial or direct appeals to his former customers. This de C18Ion 18 m harmony w1t!l the JUdgment JUSt rendered by the Court of Appeal, which, for some time at least, will represent the Enghsh law on this 1mportant pomt. MY FIRST CIGAR. 'Twas just behmd the woodshed, One glonous summer day, Far o 'er the hills the smkmg sun Pursued 1ts westward way. And m my lone seclusiOn, Safely removed afar From all of earth's I smoked my first cigar. Ah, bright the boyish fanmes Wrapped in wreaths of blue, My eyes grew dim, my head was bght, The woodshed round me flew. Dark mght closed m around me, Rayless, w1thout a star, Gnm death I thought had found me And spoiled my first cigar. Ah, pallid was my noble brow, The waning mght was late, My startled mother cried, m fear, "My child, what have you ate!' I heard my father's smothered laughIt seemed so strange and far-1 knew he knew-1 knew he knewl'd smoked my first cigar! WESTERN TOOACCO CROP REPORTS (Special lo THE TOBACCO LBAP ) KENTUCKY Hmklev1lle, Sept. 7.-Smce the 1st 1nst. we have had good rams, perhaps all over the western district of Kentucky-more really m some localities than was neceasary-too much entirely for the early planted to bacco. 'fhe tobaccos have Improved considerably w1thm the past ten days, and for the first time durm&" the whole season looks like It would amount to sotnethipg. We shall no doubt have some "Vllry good tobacco from th18 port10n of the crop, provided frost does not appear too early for It to mature, but 1t matters not what the season may be, 1t IS utterly Im possible to make any but a light yield, because the plants, as I have repeatedly stated, are not on the We know of no late plantmg m which thete 18: not at least one fourth m1ss1ng, and m many m stances a third is wantmg, wh1le m some fields not mme than fifty per cent 18 standmg. In reference to thiS county It cannot be demed that these tsbaccos have made very rapid rmprovement lately, yet a considerable proportion IS very small, and promiSes, m our JUdgment, about nothmg The horn worm has recently been very troublesome. and we fear that tobaccos may be demdedly mJured by 1t. A great deal of the early tobacco IS now m the barn, and sume of It ah-eady cured. We have before us now qmte a mce sample handsomely cured. The spread IS fine, the body excellent, and the color as mce as could be desired Should the rams cease w1tbm the next two days this p01 t10n of the crop will all be m the house The ramy weather has had rather a soothmg mfiuence on some of the Western markets, though m our home markets priCes are very well susli8.lned, and by some 1t WR/fl thought that values were fuller m Paducah, Hopkinsville, and Clarksville, last than at any other trme durmg the season. My JUdgment IS, taking mto view all grades, there were higher prwes prud last week than I have noticed at any time. Receipts are becommg very light, and the offenngs are druly grewtng smaller. The year will close with small stocks ill the warehouses G W. S. Cowan Station, Sept 3 -The prospects for the crop are considerably better than they were when I wrote you last. We think now we will make a half crop, and of good quality. M. T. M Boone County Distrwt Walton, Boone County, Sept. 3" -Smce my last writ mg I have traveled through most of the tobacco-growmg counties and found the prospect very poor New land w1ll make probably three quarters of an average crop, whde old land will not make a half. In th1s Im mediate tobacco IS lookillg very well, but cannot make over a half crop, as the acreage was cut short and not a full set on the ground; and what d1d stand d1d not appear to grow nght, It grew tall and spmdly, the stalk became hard and buttoned early. Leaves are small. Some crops here look as well as last year, but they are scarce:-_ T F C Pendleton County DUJtnct. Catawba, Sept. 6 -Since my I.ast report the weather has been very favorable for the growmg crop of tobacco, and the "weed" has never grown so well The early tobacco 18 about ready to cut. If we don't have an early frost, we will have a good crop m quantity. It 1s 1m possible to say at present what the quality will be M. Owen County Distrwt Mont-erey, Sept 3 -We are still havmg faYorable weather for the growmg crop of tobacco and there has been a grand Improvement m the crop; still my mmd IS unchanged m regard to the crop As I wrote you last, our crop will not be a half one, there IS too much of It that IS so very late that It cannot possibly grow out and mature I hope soon to be able to approximate somethmg near what the crop Will be. J. S H. Worthville, Sept 4 -We have had plenty of ram and crops are domg well. J S. Harpers Ferry, Sept 4 -We have nothmg further to 1 eport beyond our last, except that the tobacco m this sect10n IS commg out some, but most of the crops are permanently IDJU!ed Other ClOps, agam, have 1mproved wonderfully smce the late rams The aver age yield will be much over one thud of a crop. The rams came too late to do us much good J W. G Padueah Sectwn Fulton, Sept 1 -The drouth still contmues, and all kmds of crops are more or less lDJUred. Tobacco that was planted early IS now bemg housed-rather prematurely, and cannot be made of much value Late planted tobacco w1ll hardly get large enough to cut, and would not have time now to mature properly even If we do get rams from this time on. As before stated, we will not make over one-fourth of an ave-rage crop through this section m quantity, and poor m quality The old crop IS wellmgh all ui the market R A.B Redryera. Owensboro, Sept 4 -I han been absent for the last three weeks, it 18 the cause of my not giVmg you reg ular reports The last two weeks we have had suffi Cient ram, followed by warm forcmg weather, and we are most glad to report the g\"Owmg tobacco crop very much Improved, and w1tli a late fall we may yet make Sixty per cent of an average. A. C. T. Export. Dycusburg, Sel(t 4 -Smce wr1tmg you last, the weather has contmued dry and hot up to the 2d mst smce then we have had a lJwer !.em perature, with local showers Tbe1e 1s no Improvement reported m the crop Some are cuttmg out the ripest plants. We notiCe the late plantmg very late and w11l not. have time to mature well S. H. 0. & Co. Clarksmlle. Cadiz, Sept. 7 -Smce last repartmg we have had good rams m some sect10ns, In others there have been only very hght rams. Tpbacco has Improved very much, and If 1t only had t1me to mature tbe1e would be some pretty frur tobacco made m this sect10n. The crop taken as a whole 18 the latest one I have ever known "IIVorms are very bad, and have done con s1derable damage J F. W. Pembroke, Sept, 4 -On the 2d mst. we had tlie best ram of the season, remainmg cloudy and damp smce, and now lookmg hke ram This spell will help the late plantings The first plants are too far advanced to be benefited much. ll'armers are now cuttmg and hous mg, and but few say the present 18 as good as the Ialit crop, and all agree that 1t will be a short one, and of mferiorquality. We thmk there will be a fair propor tiOn of It suitable for Germany from present appear ances. R &J. THE LEA.I'. INDIAN A. Grade. Grandview1 Spencer County, Sept. 4--Wehad a good shower of ram here on the 3d, also a good shower this mornmg, which IS all we need for the present time, but It comes too late to help our tobacco crop to any extent and the average of this county cannot be over one' fourth of an average crop, whilst unfavorable weather will reduce the crop from the above estimate Farmers are now busy plowmg for wheat, this being the first plowmg this seas.>n for that purpose F. C. F. TENNESSEE. Pans, Sept. 4 -I have been wa1tiqg to see 1f we could ever have a good ram agam On last Wednesday, and that mght, we had a fine season, and, so far as I can hear, extendmg over th1s and adJommg counties, whwh IS hound to help out the tobacco crop gieatly But 1t has come too late for tobacco, unless we could have good seasons until middle or last of October, and even then we could not save over a third or half of our usual crop Cuttmg of the earliest plan tin!!" has bea:un, and most all our old tobacco has been shipped off to market. R. D. C. OHIO. Brown Count!J DIStrict. New Rwhmond, Sept. 2 -The late rams have im proved the tobacco ta a considerable extent, and with a late fall we will have some good tobacco, but a great amount of small and short that will undoubtedly be very mfenor. There are some few now cuttmg and housmg A. T 11:: Cedron, Clermont County, Sept 1 -The weather is all that could be desired for the growmg crop Cuttmg has begun m a small way throughout th18 d1strwt. al though n general cuttmg will not begm much before middle of the month there will be some very late to bacco. This season could stand until December, Provi dence perm1ttg, and then It would be poor stuff Should there be no frost till late m October, there will be some good tobacco m the late plantmg Old tobacco IS all out of the country. J T B M1anusburg Bulletm, Sept 4 -The ram on Monday afternoon, and the moist atmosphere durmg the mght, was opportune for pushing late plants, but well cal culatsd to start pole rot on closely hung tobacco. The growth 18 large and requireS the utmost caution m handlillg Few purchasers are reported for the week Pnces remam as last quoted 6 to 8c for best grades '79. Planters were busy, durmg the week, cuttmg and hang1ng the late crop, now regarded as the best of the 1880 growth A heavy ram fell yesterday, and there IS danger of pole rot We have sample of four acres Baltimore Seed leaf, grown by Alexander Ball four miles east of town, measurmg by 36 mches The leaf IS equal, m every pomt of excellence, to any we have seen this season. NORTH CAROLINA. Prospect Hill, Caswell County, Sept 1 -The tobacco has rmproved somewhat m the 18$t two weeks Some farmers are cuttmg, on account of its finng There are a few good but the crop 1s generally a sorry one J T.B SEED LEAF CROP REPORTS. (SpeCial to THE ToBAOCO LEAll') PENNSYLVANIA Petersburg, Sept 7 -It IS rammg th1s morning, with md1cat10ns of sho1t duratiOn It IS acceptable, but, so far as tobacco IS concerned, IS not good, as that IS beyond redemptiOn I must still repeat my former aBBertiOns, that by far the greater part of the 1880 crop IS small, slcort tobacco, though a part is as good as the 1879 crop Cuttmg IS gomg on hvely at present, and nearly allm our VICimty are through We bad some warm sultry weather last week, whiCh mvar1ably giYes more or less trouble:to growers Some have changed or handled their tobacco, It havmg bloated, or mother words, pole sweat havmg commenced, on account of the stalks bemg so very heavy. Pole sweat never dam ages tobacco m1ts green state, but when It Is about half cured, pole sw11at IS most dangerous Sultry weather makes tobacco bloated, and If It contmues too long will mvar1ably damage It So f11r it has IDJured but a trifle. but ,the worst t1me geuerally IS dunng the equmoct1al storms, about the 21st .to the 23d of September, when we usually have warm sultry weather for a few weeks No samphng of 1879 m our town, so far, and no sales H K. M. Lancaster New Era, Sept 4 -Our home market, hke those elsewhere, has shown only a moderate degree of act1v1ty durmg the past week. The shles reach 400 cases, all told. Of these was a lot of 32 cases, hail cut, whwh sold at 11 cents There IS fair mqmry for last year's goods, buyers from abroad havmg been here With tl).e mtent10n of makmg purchases The VIews of the packers have, however, prevented any collSlderable sales. With the close of the sampling sea son, whiCh w1lll.a.i!t a fewweekslonger, and the advent of cooler weather, the :market for 1879 tobacco will llt!Buredly look up Compared w1th the sales of last week, the above shows an ImproYement of 400 cases The sales for the correspondmg week of last yca1 were nom mal. We have had almost unmterruptedly cloudy weather durmg the present week. Several days were wet and diSagreeable, but on Wednesday and Thursday the farmers were enabled to contmue their cuttmg opera t10ns They availed themselves largely of the opportumty, and have been as busy as beeli dunng the past few days A large amount of tobacco has now been placed 1n the drymg barll8-perhaps one half of the entire crop of the county The earliest planted has all been housed, and, as usual, will be the cream of the crop The later planted IS commg on as well as we ex pected, although It needs ram very much ill most dis tricts. The very P09r fields will of course stay so, whatever the weather may be durmg the remamder of the season We have notiCed what 1s said to be a very demded Improvement 1p the constructiOn of tobacco barns The ventllat10n m most modern sheds IS provided through a series of horiZontal opemngs runnmg along the sides of the bmldmg at mtervals of about four feet, one openmg to every tier of tobacco, and opened and closed by upright levers The mnov.at10n consists of bavmg but t\\ o such opemngs, one alovg the floor of the bmldmg and the other at the comb of the roof. Instead of bemg only a foot m width, they are three or four feet w1de, and admit the entrance of a large volume of air. The only eXIt for the au bemg at the roof, a strong current 18 carried from tbe bottom to the top, through the whole body of tobacco stored m the barn. All experi enced tobacco curers know that opemngs along every tier create Yery h .ttle draft. The 18 dnven agamst the outer leaves of the stalk, whereas it 1s a well known fact that to get the best results the current of air should enter beneath the hangmg tobacco, and pass up through the centre of the hangmg stalks, thus commg mto contact with every leaf. 'l'h1s system of w1Je openmgs below and above only seems to meet these requu ements fully. We beheve also the tendency to pole sweat IS not nearly so great by thiS method, the current of rur bemg more constant We still continue to hear complamts of the d1minu t1ve flea whose ravages we alluded to last week. A good many otherwlSe excellent fields have been damaged through Its mstrumental1ty. It is found to be pretty generally d1stnbuted through every part of the county-. Wrightsville Star, Sept 4 -Journals representmg the tobacco mterest estrmate the crop of York County at from 25,000 to 30,000 cases. .Aesunung that the yield Will reach 25,000 an estimate which we conSider safe. and that the price for the coming crop will approximate the average commanded for the past few years, we reach the conclusiOn that the disburse menta on account of the tobacco crop of York County Will approXImate U,OOO,OOO-an amount, even m theile s of big figmes. th& magmtude of whwh IS difficult to grasp The warehouse room and packmg facil1t1es demanded to profitably handle th1s 1mmeRSe cro!? pos sassed by the entire co;mty w1ll scarcely be sufficient to take care of one fifth of the same Our own town has thus far held the leadmg pos1tion m the trade Our advantages of locatiOn are suclt that with Yery little effo1 t we can retam the sup1emacy thus far achieved, and succeed m the pectnanent establishment of our town as the tobacco market of our county. The new turnpike IS a long str1de In thiS duect10n, and If the busmess men and capitalists will follow It up by additiOnal wa1 ehouse facditeis,our 1s an assured fact. Several new houses have been erected m Lan caster durmg the past summer, and have found eager renters for aperwd of fiveyea1s, and at very handsome figures, an mstance commg under our notice, a house 40 by 60 feet, two stories high, recently erected m Lan caster, as rentmg !Or $600 per annum. Ground bemg so much cheaper here, the mvestment of a proportiOnate amount m the same claes of property would show much better returns. Lancaster Iutellr.gencer, Sept 8:-A dnve of some forty miles tbrough the county recently-presented nothing so striking in agricultural operations as the general cultivation of tobacco the actiVIty of the growers in cuttmg and housing it, and the many Im provements which they are makmg m famhties for stormg 1t. the northeastern part of the county, where some depreciatiOn had been reported we found the crop very good The growth of the has not been as rapid, and the quahty will not likely be as fine last year, but It will average excellently, the acreage 1s qmte as large If not greater, the wetght will exceed that of 1879, and when the profits of the plantIng are counted they wlll be as great. The crop now bemg housed has very luckily escaped any other general disaster, and IS now pretty well-out of danger More than half of It IS housed. Few fields have not as yet been touched With the many are entirely cleared, and m nearly all the foremost crops are pretty well m. Another week of good weather will see the tobacco mostly on the poles. It IS noticeable how many tobacco sheds-many with basements-have been bullt durmg the past year, and all mdiCat10ns pomt to the growmg apprecmt10n of the farmer that It IS m the succeesful cunng of h1s crop that Its profit must be !argely enhanced The crop of each succeedmg year IS better housed and handled than before Lancaster Examiner and Express, Sept. 8 -The weather last week was favorabfe to one part of the crop, but not to the other. To the crop m the ground It was favorable, part of the week bemg wet, and the rest warm and dry, the farmer bemg unable to continue cuttmg, and the backward patches bemg helped along But some complamts are heard that the close warm weather of the latter part of the week was unfavorable to the tobacco that had already been housed, and m some places It was taken out of the houses and aired. CONNECTICUT. EJngland Homestead, Sept. 4: Returns of correspondents-North Manchester-The tobacco crop IS safely har vested, and the testimony of old growers 18 that 1t IS the best crop ralSed for several years. Rockville-The farmers m this locality are very busy gathermg their tobacco crop, which 1s remarkably good ill general, and some pieces are extra heavy. Portland--The tooacco crop IS nearly housed a larger and finer has not been known m th18 town We thought last year's crop was good, and so it was, but nowhere compared to this year's That whwh was hung early seems to be curmg down a good color arid will evidently weigh well If no pole sweat. Sc1tiCo -The tobacco IS almost allm the sheds some of 1t rather green I suppose, for fear of frost.' Late p1eces have done well the last two weeks and b1d frur to be the best crop. East Granby-Tobacco cuttmg is well on the way The growth IS all that can bb desired, and should 1t cure well we may expect good returns. Poquonock -The tobacco m this town (Wmdsor) 1s nearly all secured, and a larger growth and one freer from rmperfectwns I venture to say was never raised ill this old tobacco growmg town. MASSACHUSETTS. New EJngland Homestead, Sept 4 Returns of corre spondentsDeerfield-The tobacco crop is mostly in, and taken together, an extra growth, late set, m some mstances, bemg a small growth, and theie bemg two causes m brmgmg about a large growth of the eally set Lasi year there was so much m01sture that the roots did not extend mto the sml, bemg mostly upon or near the sur face, w h1le thiS year bemg dry, soon after settmg the roots struck deep, while the latter part of the season bemgmmst, they penetrated the whole surface. Therefore It has been one of the best years I ever knew to get the full value of special fertilizers The Barber var1ety was raised to a limited extent only, H. C. Has kell and E. M Sm1th growmg It entirely as a crop, settmg It three by four feet, w1th the result of whole fields averagmg from seven to eleven pounds each for plants, a.nd m harvestmg more than fillmg a five foot space, and the present appearance (although a very large leaf, 40 by 22 mches not bemg uncommon) a very fine and glOBBy leaf I wauld lke to mqmre of th0f!8 that raised their tobacco upon castor pomace as. or m part as, a fertilizer, if the leaf m harvestmg was not tougher than where manures or other fertilizers were used 1 My experience ill the use of 1t this year only was that I did not break one-half the leaves m harvestmg that I did m lSlDg any of the other manures although I had full as large a growth and a green color, and to all appearance a more bnttle leaf to look upon North Hadley-Throughout this and adJOining valley towns the crop IS excellent, though, m places some what affected by drouth The leaf averages an extra large size, and 18 particularly clean and umnJured For several years past we have had ha1l or wmd storms damage the crop JUSt at the critical per10d, but th1s year It seems to have been spared by the elements and, 1f 1t IS cured, will be one of the best crops ra18ed for many years Montague-A few pieces of tobacco yet remam to be cut, but most of lt18 cut and hung and lookmg finely Conway-The past ten days have been well1mproved by tobacco growers m securmg the crop I think that 1t will be all hung the present we,ek, 1t being, as a gen eral tl;ung, the crop that has ever been grown here, some pieces bemg extremely heavy. VERMONT. A Vermont correspondent of the New England Home stead, wntmg from Brattleboro, says The crop here 18 JUSt splendid, and the acreage coDSlderably mcreased from last year Settmg began May 31 and ended the first week in July As a consequence we saw August 12 one lot gomg to the barn, and another bemg topped All, however, IS secure and m good shape. WISCONSIN. Seed Leaf District. Milton Junct10n, Sept 4-1 have no sales to report th1s wetlk, we have been gettmg very wet weather the last week, whwh has retarded the progress of harvestmg. Yesterday we had a very heavy ra.m, to l mortgage given for $2,000 G & A. WetSB Ctgar chattel mortgage given for $30. Emanuel Oa.rples, tobacco, a88lgnea John P H"""' tobacco, judgment $146 Jose Hondas, ctgars, judgment IRD S.AN JosE, C..U. -:GOld Brooo, etc reported lett town. Business Chanares, New Firms and Removals. Omo -J H Scott tobacc o, etc sold out New Yoax., N Y -Rokohl &: Stemecll::e, cigar manufacturers, dl890lved R Steinecke continues under his ow:n name PBILADELPHu, PA. -Stitzer &--Boltz, wholesale tobacco dealers and manufacturers, dissolved, Boltz, Clymer & Co succeed P H Ertheller, d ealer m tobacco and cigars, succeeded by A. E Mas sermann. Gumpert Bros ctgar ma.nufa.ct\Jrers factory now at corner of '28rd and Sansom Streets E J Wagner, tobacronist and dealer In leaf tobacco, late of Hell & Wagner, will hereafter do busmess at Second and South Streets S4N FR.&z.icrsco, C.u..-Goldberg &::: Co cigar burnt out -Robert Jackson, the tobacco manufacturer, who 18 With vwlattng the Internal revenue laws. gave ha1lm the sum of U,OOO on Wednesday before Umted States CommiBBioner Deuel, to await the action of the Grand Jury-. 3 EL PRINCIPE DE GALES OIGAB PAOTOBY .OF KEY WEST. The Cigars Of this Factory-, UDder ihe ...0-lmcnra brands of EL PRINCIPK DK CALKS .um LA PERLA DE CAYO HU.80, manufactured of the new and best VueUa Abajo,.. bacco, and unexcelled in quaU.t:r -d make b7 anyof the Havana Factories, are now reoeivet ta regular weekly shipments byFRED'K DE BARY & CO., NOll 41 & 48 WARBD 8TauT, NBW You, Sole Agenta. THE TOBACCO MARKET. NEW YORK. SEPTE.IIBII:R 10_ Since our last report there has been a fair busmess done m the local leal tobacc-o market For Western leaf, the present account of which ex tends to the 1st of the month, the demand has been active, and It mlly be presumed the firmuees of holders coupled w1th the fact of a scarctty of desirable lo.,; grades, has prevented unusually large transactions in this staple. The Regie contractor appears to be quite busy and willmg to buy goods when he finds t.bem adapted to h1s wauts. l'he sales comprise hhds the bulk havmg been tajren for Regie a<:oount, with some for Africa, Germany and the Med 1terranmn. lhe spirit of speculation, which opened a slight extent, contmues to date, but w1th less energy than at the commencement, and but httle has been done m that way Messrs Sawyer, Wallace & Co report -The market this month opens With a goodly show of activity the sales amountmg to 2,463 hhds, of wh1ch 2,172 ex port, mostly to buyers, 173 to manufacturers, 81 to JObbers, and il7 on speculation Other lots of considerable siZe are m treaty. Without noting any change m prices, the market has eVIdently a strength emng tone, with some dispoF.ItlOn to mvest for resale when the fate of the growmg crop IS determined. lst week 760 401 37o 266 818 384 Julv 306 August 98 Sept 2,4.68 2d week 272 1191 661 280 680 763 169 2,1t!2 Receipts th1s month -3d week 2 .071i 700 344 293 762 296 253 888 4th week. 5th week 1,767 1,156 7112 265 1,6M 3,412 3.54 1.707 1,472 18/i 8,952 T_. 11,600 8,600 8,800 4,300 2,450 8,1511 2,200 6,eoo 2 ,468 Western 3,921 hhds. From New Orleans 2 do Last year, 3,738 hhds. 42 do. do. 1,1124. do. do. Baltrmore do. do. VIrgima 835 de Total 4,758 hhds. Total 5,304 hilda. Receipts this year -Western 55,286 hhds. FromNewOrleans 245 do. do Baltimore 203 do do V 1rg1ma 11,460 do Last year, 55,549 442 do. 936 do. 18,632 do. Total 67,194 hhds. Total 70,559 hhd1. Exp't Manf Job'rs Specu Unk'n Total Salesforthomonth 2172 173 81 37 2'f63 hda Exports fm the week, 2,407 hhds For the month, 2,900 hhds. At New OrleansReceipts from Jan 1 to Sept. 4, 1880, 4, 772 hhds, agamst 1,954 hhds m 1879, sales th1s month, 3 hhds; exports foreign, 1,135hhds, domestiC, hhds. Stock on hand and on shipboard not cleared Sept 4 1,233 hhds. Vt1gmw transactiOns in VIrgmia leaf appear to have been moderate ill extent, the reported sales compr18illg only a few bright wrappers for local use, and a few hogsheads for export Seed Leaf -The Seed leaf market has been only moderately active smce our last, the reported sales amountmg to but 1,270 cases Therehas been a good mqmry, judgmg from the number of manufacturers and Jobbers who bave been looking around the market but sales that w1ll ult1mately be effected for their count remam m embryo. J S. GANS' S0N & Co tobacco brokers, 84 and 86 Wall Street, report as follows A deal of Jookmg around by manufacturers and Jobbers, but not !IS much buymg a11 m1ght have been hoped for, has character1zed the market the past week It appears, however, to be only a question of t1me as to when manufactUiers must supply them selves, and, therefore, goods will command hfgb pnces. Total sales 1,270 cases, of whwh 400 cs. 1879 Penru;ylval)J.a Fme assorted \'...cod lots 175 cs 1878 PeDllSylvama Assorted common Wrappers 450 ce. 1879 New England Seconds Wrappers 55 cs 1879 N E Havana seed 50 cs 1878 N. E wrappers 40 CS 1879 W ISCOnsm, p t 100 cs. 1879 Oh10, 7 % c. for export 22 18 22 @80 @12 @50 25 @25 SpanUJh -Havana tobacco has only been in moderate demand, the sales of the week, as we go to press, not havmg been reported, prices are firm, With an advanc mg tendencv for fine lots Manufactured -There has been a moderate demand for manufactured tobacco durmg the week, the sales for export amountmg only to 68,230 pounds The purchases embraced assortments for general use and included both V1rgm1a and. Northern brands.' Local manufacturers report a sat1sfactory mqUiry. Smokmg -For all styles and grades of popular smokmg tobacco 'there has been a good demand throughout the week. Ctgars -Both manufacturers and Importers report a. good demand for Cigars Ctgar Box Cedar -Smce our last report there nave been no arrivals, and there has been no change In priCes Stock on hand about 5,900 logs Frer.ghts -Messrs. Carey. Yale & Lambert Freight B1 okers >cport to THE TOBAcco LEAP Tobacco Fre1ght as follows -L>verpool, steam 40s, sail, London, stean:, 35s sml, Glasgow steam, a>l Br1stol. steam, 35s, sall, Havre, steam, s, sall, Antwerp, ateam 37 6d sail 35s, Hamburg, steam, S7s 6d, 3lls. Bremen steam. S7s 6d. Sail. 85s Exchange -Mr. Simon Sternberger, .Be.nker re ports to THE ToBACCO LBAP as follows -We -Bankeis, nommal are and for 60 days aDd dcmD.Dd sterling respectively, Selhng Iates are 48Q% -481 for 60 days, for demand Commeic>ol, 60 days, 479}1. Par1s-Bankers, 3 days 60davs com merctal, 60 davs, 528% Re1chsmaro.-:.Bankers 3 days 60 days; Cowmercul, 60 days, 933ft IIIPOB.TS. The arnvals at the port of New York from fore1gn porta for the week mcluded the followm&r co:ungnments Ham}Juru-O d er lG cs pipes l!lanolOr-J R TownsenH, 1 cs Cigars HavanOr-Tobacco-f }1Jranda & Co 863 bales Vega & Bernheim 267 do. Loz ano, Pendas & Co 144 do. A. 13'J qo, I;I Scbubalt & Co llo do a Fnedman 69 do Almual & Co 99 do C PalaciO do G Fernand< z 1S do, C Loj>ez 66 do, We1l & Co 803 do, w P Clyde & Co 02 do, JM E Ward & Co 869 do, F Alexand1e & Sons do. Cadeaver & Co 5 bbls PJCadura C1garsW B 'fhomas & Bro 15 cs G W Faber 8 do, Purdy & N 1cholas 15 do. H R Kelly & Co 1 do. Michaelis & Lmdemann 2 do, GFe1 nanclez H! d o A Cohn 1 do Park & Tilfo1 d 24 d", Acker. M< JTall & Condit' 25 do A 4 do J Ward Lydecker 1 do, H Cou1tney & B10 1 do, Kausche' & Downmg 3 do, Downmg Co 10 do J A Norman S do, HAGraef'oSonsldo, J JBerdan4do CBPerk)nS Bos-ton 2 do, S Fuguet &Sous PiJiladelphm 2 (!o, W p Clyde & Co 21 do, F Ale xandre & Sons 85 do, Jas E Ward & Co 21 do, Merchants D1spatch Co 23 do, Order 13 Rece1pts of hcorlCe at port of N e w York for week reported expressly for THE ToBAOOoLBAF -Agmmbau, Wallis & Co., per Conqueatatore, f10m Lisb o n 1 42u (181,121lbs) hco nee root, Weaver& Sterry, per Snn Antomo from Carthagena 4,121 pkgs (168 977lbs) do Weaver & St er.Y. per John Bun: yan, from Ahcante, 3 2-!4 pkgs (398,135 lb.) do. Weaver & Sterry, per J H Pierson, from Almema 1.588 pkge (216, 734 lbs) do Recknagel & Co per M&na Madre from Smyrna 2.425 pkgs (940.000 lbs\ do Zuncllldy & 'Argulmbau San Antomo, from Malaga,lOO pkgs l!lpamsb hconce W. 0. 8m1th & Vo, per Italy from London 25 pkgs do, & Argmmbau per The from London, 22 do EXPORTS: From the port of New York to ports for &he week were as follows AntuJtrp-ll7 bhds Bomeaua:-441 hhds .Bmal-11! hhas Bl _,,_ 234 hhds, lili7 C&lll8, 11011 bales.


I 4 ---* lJro.toZ-4 hhds (iluia7ltl--..9 hhda Bnti'M NH CWom--15 pkgs (4,469 lblt) mfd Briliah. W..u Ll bales, 209 pkgs(13, 813 lbs) mfd. Oanada-4 bhdll J b&les. Ouba-78 pkg'!l d1,221 Jbs) mfd DlM/1 W 6IIC .&aoilol-8 hhda. J)v.tch. West Indzes-11 pkgs (I 402lbs) mfd G/aagotD-135 hhds, 125 p!Q:s llls}IIlfd. HamfTurg-157 cases, 4 pkgs (400 lbs) mfd Ham-e-10 hhds. Hallfi-9 hhds, 167 bales. Lat>el"pool-253 hhds, 65 pkg,s (6 500 mfd. .Lotsdon-490 hhds, 10 pkgs (5,200 lbs) mfd J (495lbs) mfd. .Rotttrdam-141 hhds, 96 cases. U: 8 of hhds, 11 pk!(S (1 157 lbs) mfd Venatula-29 bales, 12 pkgs (1.'418lbs) mfd nPOBTII TIIB PORT OF NWW YORK' TO FOREIGN PCRTS J'ROlll JANUARY 1, 1880, TO SKPT lQ., 1880. Hhds Cases Bales Lbs mfd i,OOf\ 636 59 7l 49.569 5,247 8 ,692 2,6011 16,674 138 427 167 512,882 9,564 9,464 34,858 850 143 15,335 4 2,026 18 5 100 2 2 25 2,748 5,372 14 810 11,903 1,086 1,112 77,900 2,400 299 37 303,234 742 1,623 9,157 79,923 7,958 1 6,100 4,8-55 100 191 165,389 4,516 764 so 669,328 1,348 1 7,006 159 2 1 1 4,633 294,102 790 9,707 1 ,08 2 786 355 4,100 31 4,565 2,4.14 5 3,360 839 419 4,904 627,462 1,079 1,14.9 8,716 1,063,736 51Y,955 l8,882 57,003 4,049,476 QUOTATIONS of WHOLESALE PRICES. PABTICULAB NOTICE. Z..ry re-a1e Is suppoeed to be at an &dYance on Arst coat, the prtcee obt&laible by growers of tobaooo, therefore, will &lwaya be SCAilewbat ower$kaa Llle.e qi.IOtatlooa. 'WBSTEBN LEAP, 1WOL Umunoa 111118 Goorlap L<* B'lne Superior IUid n cmlrled neute IIIANVP ACTVBED TOBACCO, Pluca lll lloJm-T.oz 16 c ....... PD Pomm. llalrHm-BL.lCU-cto 5 @ 6 .. f)(@ 7 9 9 (Gill 10 Ill Cia 7 @IO I6 018 88j 115 100 110 115 I25 66 70 9ll 110 120 @I:.O Jilavy 411. llo, llo, 1111 17 P !.illbl. 10. IUid PoCket 'l'l8cee 18 p Jlght-p"""""" 118 046 Gol4 ... 30 0415 I &lid 11-IDcb twlat I8 @lli 10., I2o, and lliOia lit. I7p Navy4o, OS, 8sand I40I81!t. 20e25 Navy lOo or Pocket l'leeeo If@l!i! Negrohead twist CIQABII. Ba'Oiln&. per X SI!OOIIIO 1 Seed, perK 8oodaudB&T&II&perllf tOO 110 Q&ANVL.ATED lllti:OIUJ'fG TOBACCO, 'lledlam to good Sll8048 I Good to 4ne S4801llll lll'ftJPP, (Subject 1.6 dliiOOUDI t-> the whoiM&Ie trade. 6!0-85 IA.merica.n Gentleman aiul LUDdytcot -tWO-81i R&ppee French .S..IJIJIIII"G.C." ..... 0" AWalllek I 'Pllar" -4C C..l Ca.' "L4., Cou 4'Buel&," "Ma&net," "8.' LICORICE P.AIITE. 'l'IJuDIII-.... 8 .. "T W S' 1 A.\) s I UQ" "M" "P G H DOm'IIC RECEIPTS. --o-n JS I8 I8 IS 18 1V The domcsttc recetpt.s at tlte port of New York for the week were u followa.' 2,m bhda, 88 trcs, trcs, 2,469 cs leaf, 33 bales do, 240 cs smkg, 3'8 cs mfd, 65 b.u do, 269 94 b.u do, 304" bxs do, 93 du, 674)4 bxs do, 141 Y. bxs do, 25 1 16 bxs do, 2.) pails do, 5 bbla uo, 4 kegs do, 180 cads do, cads do, 240 do, II y. cads ao, 4 cs ctgaretles and, 201 cs ClglLill, 20 do cigarettes, 19 bxs s .. mples, 113 bxs p1pes, 14 trcs snuff, 67 bbls do, 3 bbls do, 251 bxs do, 23 kegs do, c0o s1goed as follows Btl tM liirU Railroad-111 Oppenheimer 10 hhds, J H I :Moore & Co 18 do, WatJen, Toe! & Co lS do, Funch, Edye & Co 1 do, Toe!, Rose & Uo 53 do, Pollard Pettus & Co 4!l do; &wyer, Wallace & Co 180 do, HMoote & Co 28 do, Oclnchs & Co 48 do, D J Garth, Son & Co 14 do, D Dows & Co 141io, Clark & SeaiD3014do, H Koop & Co 4() cs, Order 672 hhds. Btl tlu Hudson RltJer Railroad-Pollard, Pettus & Co 3 hhds, Order 341 do, F Schulz 57 cs Bg 1M .Natiunal Lme -Heyoes Bros & Co 28 hhds, Kremel berg & Co 12 do, Pollard, Pettus & Co 32 do, P Lonllard & Co 184 do, R Moore & Co ll4 do, Blakemore, Mayo & Co 33 do, D J Garth. Son & Co 6 do, WatJen Toe! & Co 8 do, Sawyer Wallace & Co 48 do, M B Nash & Co 4do Middleton & Co 6 do, C H Spitzoer & Son 60 cs, H & G B Famngtoo 6 pkgs, Orderll13 do. Btl 1M .Pm1181/1Mma Railroad-M H Levm 666 cs, Chas F Tq & Soos25 do, S Mtcbaels 40 do H Herzo& 76do, Arndt & Friogaot 28 do, L & E Wertheimer, 6 do, AS Hoscnbaum & Co 8 Schuuart & Co 4 do, Havemeyers & Vtgehus 1 do, Joseph .111ayers' Sons 9 do, A H &ov11le & Co 25 do N Lach enbnlch& Bro 58 do, Lcbenstem & Gaos 6 do, S Baroett3 do, C H Bp1tzner 40 do, S Rossm & Son llii do, E Spmgaro & Co 74 do; A Blumlein & Co 10 do, G W Helme 5 bbls, 16 cs, 6 mfd, 1-4 trcs, 67 bbls, 8 bbls, 251 bxs, 28 kegs snuff JJy 1M ,N.,. Y01 k and .NWJ HaViJn Li.M& Storm 87 cs, C Salomon 14 do, Wm Eggert & Co 88 do, Joeeph Seltgsberg lOS do H Kocmg 95 do, Davts & Day 49 do, 1:! Barnett 85 do M Westbe1m & Co 12 do, Joseph Mayers' Sons 8 do, T H Halll do. Brenner & Co 1 do, E Hoitman & Bona 19 do, A L & C L Holt 2 do, L Arens S do, B Rollm & SoDII50 do, AT Stephens & Col bale, M & E Salo moa 1 bale, Order 3 cs lJJi tM 1f e'Ul York and Hartford Sttamhpal LintJ E lfolfman & Son 8 cs, Spear & Held 15 do, C S Pllihps & Co 3 do; Lichtenstein Bros 68 do, E Rosenwald & Bro 2 do, F Schulz 51 do; E :M Crawford & Co 20 do, M H Levm 153 do, H Schubart & Co 4 do, J BIJUr 21Y2 do, Dav10 & Day 6 de; Chae F Tag & Son 53 do ______ ......... 434 M bxs do, 129 y. bxs do, 25 1 16 bxs do, sS cads do, 100 do, 240 )4 cads do, 5 Kcads do, 1 bx 88Diples. By the .NeiiJ York and JiiJltim.ortJ 'lhsmportatwn LoMWte & Beudhetm, 35 C' smkg,IIO Mbxs mfd, 25 pa1l$ do,l cs snutl', Redlich & Schmtzler 1 cs smkg S Maas 1 i:lo, A Blum !em & Co 1 cs mfd, Davtdson Bros a cs leaf, 1 pkg, Moore, Jenkms & Co 25 bxs mfd, Order 1 cs smkg OoailtiM88 trmn .Key West -Se1denberg & Co 80 cs cigars, 81 bales scraps, F deBary & Co 25 Cigars, H R Kelly & Co 2li do McFall & Lawson I3 do F H Leggett & Co 9 do, L P & J 8 d o, GarCia & PalaciO 7 do, I Leon 1 do, M Barranco & Bro 4 do, J n Creagh 4 do, J F Bomto 4 do, N B Maomng 3 do I Elhnl!;el & Co 3 do, R Courtney 2 do, Davtes & do, H B Gooduch 2 do, Perea Bros 1 do, Order 1 do Eastern Markets: l HARTFORD, Conn., Sept 8 -Our apecml correspon d ent reports as follows.-'l'here IS a fa1r demand for leaf to9acco, but the sa les made are pot large Tbe 1879 wrappers are now bemg sampled, aod, so far a s I have seen, are lookmg Very we:J !Pdeed. Fme wrappers Commo n Lpw grade Seconds ... Fillers QUOTATIONS 25 18 to 20 12 to 14 9 to 11 6 l\lost of the new crop IS now h ouse d It has been secured m goo d order, and 1s pronounced a good crop by all concerned NEW MILFORD, Conn., Sept 6 -Our spec1al cor respondent reports -The farmers of th1s valley are' busily engaged m harvesting tbe tobacco crop It 1s probable tbat the chse of tbe prosent week w11l find most of the crop upon the poles. 'fhe weather for the past week or two bas be e n very favorable for the later crops, and theyhavegrown beyond all precedent, and stand now fa1r leafy crops As a whole, the crop IS a good one m growth w1th leaves wh1ch are re111urk ably whole W1th the mcr eased acreage there must be from 1 500 to 2,000 more cases of Housatomc tobacco than last year The extremely hot and close weatber of Fnday and Saturday has started some of the early crops to sweatmg on tbe poles, not, how ever, to any greRt extent as yet Most of the '79 packmga of Housato01c w1ll be sampled w1thm a few days PIDLADELPHIA, Sept. 9 -Mr. A R Fougeray, To bacco Agent reports to THK TOBACCO LBAP The past week proved fau and encouragmg m the handling of manufactured hard tobacco, dealers haodhng mOJe freelv and w1thont so much he s 1tatmg questwns Standard braoas are needed, and command full quotatiOns It 18 belteved at ent that prospects favor the advance of pnces. Sooner or later goods Will be needed Ji'ine Ov.ta-Iocreasmg demand for A No 1 brands of soft tobacco Elm0@10 00 fine leaf .. 10 00@12 00 Virgtma-common and good lugs .. .. .. .. 8 00@ 5 50 common to methum l eaf 6 00@ 8 00 fatr to good leaf........... .. .. .. 8 00@10 00 selectwns........................ .. 12 00@16 00 stems. common to fine. .. . 1 50@ 2 00 Inspected th1s week -1971 hhds Maryland, 190 do ,Ohio 10 do V!rgm1a, total, 2171 do Cleared same penod-Per steamer Oss1an, for London, 116 hhds 111arylaod, 259 hbds, 9 trcs Vugm1a tobacco, per steamer Carolme, for Ltverpool, 46 hhds Marylaad, per steamer Rivers dale, for Bristol, 94 hhds Vugmla, per steamer Coln, for Bremen, 100 hbds Maryland 162 do Kentucky, 9oo8 do V1r gml& tobacco, and 124 hhds V ugtma stems TOBACCO STATEMENT early plaolmg looks comparativ,l!ly well. So we may rely on as much per acre as m 79 YoUI Hmkleville correspondent In this distriCt gtves very reliabfe reports, and hts letters can always be rebed on as true Receipts contmue heaYy, With prices firm, at an advance over August sales. CHICAGO, DI., Sept 8 -Our special correspondent reports to TnE ToBACCO LE.A.P -A very good feehng contmues to be plamly mamfest all nronod The demand fm smokmg t obaccos was larger, both from and country Fme cut chewmg shows steady Improvement There Js no abatement m the demand for plug Snntl' did not change Country dealers ure arnvmg1o large numbers, and bring the best of t1dmgs about theu respective crops The c1gur busmcss was generally stronger With a hvely demand for cheap goods, and a fau movement m finer P1pes an:! fancy goods meet w1th fa1r demand 'I he leaf market shows great amma two No doubt there would be extremely large sales 1f some goods were not se very scarce. 'fhe followmg goods were 1m ported 4 cs c1gars, by Best, Russell & Co 5 do, by Chapm & Gore, 3 do, by Thor" art & Roelllmg. CLARKSVILLE, Tenn., Sept 6 -Messrs :M. H Chuk & Bro Leaf 'l'obaccc Brokers, report to THK ToBACCO LEAP -Our rece1pts lll'e now hgbt, but the volume of sales remam s tole1ably full, fooling up for the week endmg to d"Y 530 hbas The market contmues strong, at very full, though 1r regular, pnces for medmm leaf, upon "h!Ch the demand chulfly runs QtTOTATIONR, Common 3 75 t@ 4 SO Good 4 60 to 5 1iO Common leaf 4 50 to 6 00 Medmm G 50 to 8 00 Good .. . 8 00 to 10 00 Fme .. .. .. .. .. ... .... ..10 00 to 12 00 r Selectwos .................... 13 00 to 15 00 Onr receipts for .A.ugust were 1568 hhds, sales, 2549 hhds, dehvenes, 3430 hhds, stocks, 3822 bhds. The weather has been showery, but they bave been partial, some neighborhoods havmg had no ram since July. DANVILLE, Va., Sevt. 9 -Paul C Venable. Leaf To bacco Broker, reports to THB ToBACCo LEAF as follows Our market IS not qmte so full as last week, wtth prtce about the same We have had rains thiS week wh1ch the late portiOn of the growmg crop was begmomg to 11eed Some tobacco has been cut, and the reports are favorable as to curmg, etc EVANSVILLE, Ind., Sept 8 -Mr C J Moms, To bacco lltoker, reports to TIE TOBACCO LEAF -Our market is strong and act1ve for all grades Recmpts hght, country dealers holdmg for h1gher pnces. Good rams smce last report, but have no effect on pnces, as the est1mo.te of the crop 1s fixed at 60 per cent of last yea r's crop, wh!Ch IS equal to about 40 per cent of an aver .. crop W eatbe r decJdealy cool to d&y. thermometer st.sndmg at 58 o at noon. 1 QUOTATIONS. Trasll to common lugs ...... l\ledium to g1t0d lugs . Common leaf Med1um do Good do. 350to880 3 7ll to 4 2ll 4.25toSOO ....... 500to600 ...... 600to900 HENDERSON, X:y., September 6 -Mr Posey Mar shall reports to THK T eBACCO LEAP -Smce my last re port I have mtervtewed many of my farmer fneods, and find the crop m the last week has come out amaz10gly I tbmk now If we have a late fall the crop Will turn out good m quahty, but short m quanttty I estimate 60 per cent. of au average crop will be ra1sed m tb1s section. 'fhe old crop bas about played out HOPKINSVILLE, Ky., Sept 8 -Hr. Gecrge V. Thompson, Leaf Tobacco Broker, reports to THK TOBACCO LEAP -Soles thts week about 75 l!hds, priCes same as m last report For the pnst two weeks some sec I wos of the Clarks Ville dtstrJCt have been VISited wah good rams, latterly the mms have been general. and, we learn, have 1m proved the tobacco crop, and, 1ftbe oeason contmues favorable, and there IS no frost until Oct 10, tltc crop w1ll be much larger tbaa estimated a month ago The crop 1s about all1n and sold. Qt"OTATIONS. Common lugs 3 @ 394 Good lugs .. .. .. .. 4 @ S Common leaf . Medmm leaf .. .. .. .. 6 @ 7 Good leaf 9 Fme leaf. .. 10 @12 LOUISVILLE, Sept 8 -Mr Wm. J. Lewers, Leaf To bacco Auctioneer, reports to Tn:& ToBAcco LEu as follows Receipts for week eodmg loday, 800 hhds, aga1nst 700 hhds same week last year. SALES I'OB SIX DAYS ENDlNG WEDNESDAY, 8TH lNBT. WardwtUU. Week .Montk. Year. G1lbert.... .. .. .. .. .. 32 51 1 ,312 P1ckett. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 143 158 7 076 P1ke .. .. .. .. .... .. .. .. .. 51 67 1 ,924 Nmth Street. . . 282 837 8,910 People's 81 40 1,6!15 Boone .. .. .. 80 186 2,417 Green River........ .. .... .. 53 69 1.798 Lcuisv11le 179 241 7,049 Falla City 103 138 3,813 Plaotera' 105 157 4,251 Kentucky Assoc1alion. 107 147 2,604 Farmers' 61 73 2.095 Eoterpnse 30 30 2, 769 Totals .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. : 1 ,257 1,671 Year 1879 .. .. ... .. .. .. .... .. 1,266 2 299 Year 1878............. .. .. .. .. .. 1,778 3,384 Year 1877 ......................... 1,209 2,494 Sales lor week and year di'Oided as follows.47,208 45,2117 55,824 46,454 Wu.i:. Yoi!M Ongmal new........................ .. .. 896 81,970 Or1gmal old. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 87 4,602 New reviews... .. .. .. .. .. .. 1187 5,338 Old reVIews .. .. .. .. . .. .. .. .. 87 ti,298 38,699 hhds (fresh) ol crop of '79 sold to date, agamst 27,948 hbds of crop of '78 to date last year, and .50,642 hhds of crop of 77 to date m '78 The weather for the past seven days has been all that could be asked for the crop, havmg had rams throughout the State At thts wr1tlog, cloudy, and weather cool, With oharp north wmds Prtces remamed as last quoted throUKh last week opening on Monday very strong at au advance taken all round of near whtch advance has been sustamed up to the present QUOTATlONB. ,-Htati'JI Bodied -. ,--Ov.U&ng -...., *Red. Dark. *Red BN{/kt. Com lugs 4}4: 5 4 @ 4Ji 6 @ 8 7 @ 9 Good lugs 4 @4}4 5 @ 6 4Ji@ 5 8 @11 9 @11 Com leaf 4}4@S 6 @ 7 5 @ 6 11 @13 11 @13 Good leaf 5 @6 7 8 6 @ 7 13 @16 18 @10 Fme leaf 8 @ 9 7 @ 9 16 @18 16 @19 SelectiOns 9 @11 9 @ll 18 @20 19 @22 *Piugmaker's kinds Kentucky bright wrappers common 7@10c1 fine 35c. Vlr gmta bnght wmppers. common 1o@20c, floe SOc. Jan 1 1880 -Stock on hand m tobacco warehouses and on shipboard not cleared ............ 23,0M hhds Inspected this week 2,171 hhds Inspected p1ev1ously th1s year 33 5,27 hhds 68,753 hhds Exports of Maryland and Oh10 smce January 1 19,619 hhds Shtpped cw, w1th a poor selectiON, and our season maybe coostdered about over With the aCt)ve trade for manufactured tobacco, our manufacturers are hberal buyer s and workmg grades, especially common lug tillers are coostderably firmer !Lnd h1gher Of sb1ppmg leaf our otl'ermgs con tam very httle now, also for th1s prices are b1gher, and, accordmgly, we revise our cleared . ... 34,63 4 hbds Stock some t1me m 1879 . . 40,282 hhds Manufactured Tolxtcco-We cootmue to note a steady, fwr demand for. the most of the trade, stocks of all grades, except very low common, are hberal, and pr1ces w1thout change Rcce1pts per RiChmond steamers, 369 pkgs CAIRO, Ill., Sept 6 -11essrs Hmkle & Moore, of the Farmers' Tobacco Warehouse, report to THB ToBAcco LEAF -Ia seasons of doubt and d1slress 1t IS almost a matter of 1mposs!b1hty to get accurate reports of the growmg crops whether from a want of knowledge, orfrom mterestedmotiY<:s, 1t matters not Heahzmg tb1s fact our MaJ J H10kle took a short tnp the past week through a port1oo of the Oa1ro d1s tr!Ct, With \he followmg results, show tug the acreage of 29 planters 10 187Y and 1880. 1879 Z T Puckett 13 acres. J Rollmgs 2)i George Hmkle. . . 7 Dr. Cbas. Hinkle . . 11 W. G. Scott ............ 12 :Mr. Truwatler 6 Mr. Vance 11 W. Hutton, 19; E. Gonnell 6 J. H. Moore. 26 Geo W. Hones 20 G C. Reeves 5 Wm Reeves .. 30Mr. Ford 4 J. Wray. 7 J. Newton ............. -'1 W. Ennwger .. .. .. .. .. .. 6 Mr. Bergand.. .. .. .. 11 C N J:l Rollings.... .. 18 Mr. Dualey 9 Mr. Hogan. .. 3 Mr. Fitzgerald lS" Mr. Truwaller 8 W C Reeves 8 R Newton. . 10' N. Vance ............. 8 J. Overby ............... 8 Geo. Brown .. .. .. .. .. 15 Mr. Gngsby... .. .. .. 1 1880. 9 acres 2 7 8 0 1 9 3 10 6 2 7 2 1 3 1 13 1 1 3 0 1 8 4 8 15 9 acres. 141 acres. QUOTATIONS Lugs-Common dark 4 @ 4Ji MediUm and good . . 5}4: L1ght reddtsb 5 @ 6Ji Common br1ght. 6 Med1cm Good r 9 @12 Fme .. .scarce and nommal. Leaf-Dark common 5 @ do medmm .. .. .. .. 6Ji, do good.. .. .. ... .. 8 do nne .. .. .. 8 @10 do stnctly fine ............... 10 Wrappers-Common ........... .. 9 Medmm.... 12 @14 Good .. 14 @20 Fmc l scarce) 25 @60 Tenn. Sept 6 -W A. Bethel, Leaf Tobacco Broker, reports to 'l1HK 'foBACCO LEU as follows Our market hall been very stnce my last report. It opened W!lh a strong upward tendency on Tuesd11y. but c losed tame to day. We had a gootl ram on the mght of the lt, wh1ch had the appearance of beiug more general than any of the local showers previOusly We are now recelYint; some re ports of the more favorable prospects of the la te plantmg, but I ftod but few planters who have much confidence in 1ts be1ng housed Hece1pts for the week 27 hhds; salea 137 do, reJec tiOWl 70 do. QUOTATIONS Common lugs .. .. .. .. .. .. 8 50@ 8 75 Good do ................... *00 450 Common leaf .......................... 4. 50@ 5 00 Me wlth a fall' chance for a late frost, will giYB a mo4erate yield, and the Stock unsold Sept 1, 1880, 1,022 hhda, mcluding 42 hhds dry leaf in factory. .MAYFmLD, Ky,, Sept. 7.-lllr. W B :Melloo reports to Tn:& ToBAcco .LKAP as follows -Hecelpts and sales the past week not so 11\rge There is very little more tobacco to come forward. Pnces remam &bout the IIIUlle 88 last week. We haye ha4 tine :ra1na II1IICC m1 laat l'llport, but IUD fearful F. they come too late to do DCb good, unleae we have a very late frost, say loth of October Thtok now there will be housed about one half of a crop may be two thuds, hal( oJ which wtll be pretty good, the ICJJII'!Pder oondescnpt Sept 8.-W E Dibrell, Leaf 'l'obacco Broker, reports to THK ToBACCo LEAF as follo""s Unul recently scarcely a complaint bas been heard of crops, but now heavy ann contmued rams and storms may be reported as dam agmg to the earlier plantmgs, which are now "bout rtpemu g, but may be of more or leSl! lienefit to late plantmg Very few of our touacco men, wh1le expressmg strong hopes of a rev1val of the exceedmgly dull trade m August m a sbo1 t t1me, and for tbe fall months are able to g1ve any substanllal reason for such a happy change, other than that they tbmk the worst has passe d and better ttmes must follow Common to good lugs hold then own better than any othef good to fine smokers hav e changed bands more elLtensJvely tb1s week at 1 ulmg prices, but othet grades are very mactive Smoktog and cuttmg manufa c turers here seem m fuct to be domg better than for some t1me past There are few common bught lu gs o11enng, and the 1m pressiOn preva1ls that they Will come 10 fo1 an active demand 10 the near future BAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 2.-Tbe Journal of Com merce says that the trade contmues to 1m prove, though slowi:r Imports are fully up to the average usual at this hme of year, though on the whole they have been less than for the same number of months m 1879 The prospects for a good fall trade are excellent, both m tobacco and cigars Exports tobacco smce our last Lbs Value 19 La Mangarevienne, Mangareva. 956 $270 56 20 Dakota, V1ctorm 1,168 360 20 Dakota, Vtctona Foretgn 1,058 175 23 Vwtorm, VIctol'la 100 80 24 Sheet Anchor, Ap1a . 2,024 506 Totnl 5,306 Exports c1gars smce our last 19 Lady Lampson, Honolulu 20 Dakota, Vtctorta 34,500 8,000 8,000 15,000 $1,391 56 $650 35 128 00 42 00 362 92 23 V 1ctor1a, V wtorta 26 Eureka, Honolulu Total........ 60,500 $1,183 Z7 CIGARS -Imports smce our last By rat!, 17 cs, per Oceamc, 10 cs, per Sumatra, 3 cs Imports smce Jan 1st, 1,162 cs Receipts by Rail smce our last came to the followmg firms 3 cs toW. G Irvme, 2 cs each to P N eis, Oppenhetmer Bros and Wellman, Peck & Co 1 cs each to Dwyer, C. & Co., San Rafael, MIChal 1tsch.B:e Bros, J. Medan, J. A. Dnnkhouse, Castle Bros Brown & H. and A S Rgsenballill. llJlportsto date are about 120-cs less than for the corresp.,ndmg per1od m 1879, but the quant1ty manu factured 1s a good deal m excess of last year We quote "Puck," $65 per 1,000 to the trade, Soft Snap, $30 per 1,000 to the trade. Common Seed-4}4: to mch 18 -@ 20 -, 5 mch .. .. .. 20 -@ 23 -Good Seed-4 mch. 20 22 50 4}4 .. .. .. .. 22 50@ 30 25 -@ 32 56 5 .. 28 -I'&--Seed and Havana-4 mch ........ 45 -@ 55 4}4 55 -@ 60 4)i 60 -@ 65-5 70 75Clear Havana-4 mch.... 60 -@ 654}4: 70 -@ 75" 80 -@ 95 4% 95 -@125 5 140 -@160 Chma .. .. 15 50@ 17 'l.'OBACCO.-Imports smce our last. By ratl, 91,600 lbs manufactured, 330 cs, 132 bls (161,400 lba) leaf, per l\1. P. Grace, 100 bxs leaf. Totaltmports smce Jan. 1st, 2,896,060 lbs manufac tured, 80 hhds, 1,549 bls, 3,465 cs, 309 pkgs (2,309,536 lbs) leaf. Recetpts by rail since our I <:1St came to the followmg firms-:Manufactured-27,060 lbe to L & E Werthet mer & Co, 19,210 lbs to B & Co., 14,100 lbs to Oregon, 6,660 lbs to Oppenheimer & Bro, 5,600 lbs to A. Rosenbaum & Co 4,000 lbs to Buchanan & Lyall, 2,790 lbs to Falkenstem & Co, 2,280 lbs to Sanderson & H, 2,210 lbs to BritiSh Columbta, 2,170 Jbs to Mayrisch Bros, 1,960 lbs to Wellman, Peck & Co, 960 lbs each to W J Houston & Co and Seidman, L. & Co 860 lbs to Engelbrecht, Fox & Co., 740 lbs to John T. Cuttmg & Co., 560 lbs to Albert Mau, 190 lbs to J. A. Drmkhouse. Leaf-4 cars to Esberg, B. & Co., 8 cant to L. & E. Wertheimer, 1 car to M .Rosensh.ine & Bro Imports of manufactured fal111hort of those of 1879 for the sam'} periOd by about 200,000 lbs; while those of leaf are sllghtly m excess. Busmess 18 moderate Old leaf IS almost out of the market so far as buyers are concerned, while new leaf IS bemg purchaeed but by few. Havana fine fillers .. .. .. .. .... 1 25 @-do medmm do . 1 20 @--do common do 1 15 @-Prtme wrappers.. @--Medmm do @--Connecticut Fillers 15 -do Bmders 20 @--do Wrappers -25 @S2Ji Pe_nnsylvania Wrappers .... 30 @ 60 do Bmde1'8 20 @--do Fillers 15 @--New York Ftllers --do Bmders.. @--do Wrappers @--Foreign Markets. BREMEN.-Our Bremen correspondent furniShes us with the followmg account of the Seed leaf market for the week endmg Aug. 19 -Rece1pts from New York, 448 cases Seed leaf and 111 do Seed leaf cuttings; sales, 146 cases Seed leaf, stock on hand, 2,070 cases Seed leaf and 230 do Seed leaf cuttmgs Pr1ces were quoted as follows -Wrapp,ers, 70 to 250 pfgs; bmders, 60 to 75; fillers, 40 to 55 TransactiOns m Havana leaf are enumerated as follows -Recetpts, 286 bales, Eahs, 39 do, stock on 4 310 do. Prices were quoted as follows -wrappers, good and tiue brown, 650 to 1,400 pfgs, ordmary brown, 350 to 600, m1xed wtth fillers, 180 to 300, fillers, 100 to 250, average lots, 160 to 450. -Another correspo ndent, under date of August 28, reports as follows -My last report to you was dated August 12. Up to the 20th 1nst a fmr degree of act1v1ty was \Htnessed, but smce then the market has been gettmg duller and duller from day to day, until at pre sent The lemand seems to bave almost d1ed out The followmt; ar& tbe sales smce my last report-Kentuck!es-34 bhds Clarksville lugs and low at 32 pfgs, 26 Hopkmsv!lle do at 30 do 7 Clarksville assorted at 43 do, 28 Paducah l eaf assorted at 51 eo, 36 do at S2 do, 40 do at 51 do 13 do low assorted at 36 do, 13 do Mason County cnttmg at 47 do, 10 do at 44 do, 60 do common at 32, 19 do at 36,28 do at 32.12 do at 12 do Mason County cuttmg at 88, 8 do at47, 19 do Kentucky, old crop at 40, 8 do Nashville, lo" at 33)i, 14-do New York c1gar leaf at 45 hhds V1rgima new crop at 43 pfgs, 23 do WiRorted al42 do 6 do Vtrg1ma old crop, at 46 d o :Marylands-25 bhds at 46, 85 do scrubs, at 42, 95 do, p. t 12 do, ground leaves, at 32. Stems-5 hl!ds medmm coloryVugm1a at 16, 81 do Kentucky strippers, mouldy Seed leaf couuoues qu1et iia les are, 100 cases old Ohto at 48 pfgs, and 48 do at 4a pfgs, also, 8,1. cases Seed l eaf cuttings at 44 pfgs HAVANA, Sept. 4-Mess!&, Bosselmaon & Schroe d er, Tobacco and C1gar Commilonon Merchanta, report to THB TOBACCO LEAP as foJiews :-According lo )ate ad VICeS frow. the mter10r the new crop, w1th the exceptiOn of some few small vegas, has been entirely bought up. The followmg are the priCes DistriCt San Juan and San Sebastian -la to 9a at 32 to 40rls; 8,1)-, 20 tQ 28, 9a,10 to 111, lOa, 5 to 9, lla., 3 lo 4, 12a. to 3. Las Obas-la to 7a., 30 to 32rls, Sa, 16 to 20; 9a, 10 to 12 lOa, 5 to 7; lla, 3 to 4, i2a, 2 to 3. Muio-ta to 7a, 30 to 33rls; Sa, 18 to 2i; 9a, lO to 13, lOa, 6 to 7, lla, 3 to 4, 12a, 2 to Los Pilotos-la to 7a, 30 to 32rls, Sa, 18 to 20, 9a, 10 to 12, lOa., o to 7, lla, 3 to 4, 12a, 2. Some few very chmce vegas have been sold at the rate of 44rls for la to 7a, and 24rls for 8ths. SlDlilar prtces were prud for other hl-ands. The market ts now well supplied with new stock, and.further supplies arnve from day to day. It IS confirmed that the 1880 crop 1s excellent m every re spect It 1s of a m1ld quality, w1thout that bttmg taste wh1ch marked the 1879 tobacco The 1880 leaf 1s delicate and fine, which ill a suitable qual1ty for wrappers. The average quality cf the fillers is nearly the same; they are Jig lit and without much body. Some manufacturers are of the optmon that this tobacco must be worked up as soon as pos l!lble ;-it IS, they think, too fine to keeP., and 1t IS feared that after cool weather has set m, 1t will loose m qualny. Se1pments for export have not yet been made, ex cept that some few sample lots have been shipi>ed Our home manufacturers would make purchases, but they ani afraid to pay tlie h1gh prices that are de manded; conseque!ltly transactions, thus far, have been few. As far as regards the Portido tobacco, what has been said of the same before 1s confirmed; the quality IS good, and it is tobacco which is specially suftable for tbe United States. But the quanticy this year is 110 lillllall, that probably not more II, 000 bales SEPT. II will reach the market. The pnces demanded for 811* sorted lots are from U5 to $50 gold. per qtl. Rem!idios tobaccos have been recetved in the market in large quant1t1es, and 1t IS esttmated that about 20,000 bales have been received But the quality of tobaccos 1s not what was expected. ),:. portion of 1t ts defective and w1thout body, and when the dry, cool, Northern wmds set m, these defects will be more apparent. It IS also feared that thiS tobacco w 11 be subJect to rottmg, as some rot has already shown I tself. Of late some large transactiOns have taken place; the pmchases were made for Germany. Large 811* sorted lots were sold at priCes rangmg from las to $33 gold per qtl, fillers at $25 gold per qtl. monts of some small sample lots have been e for the Umted States For good and assorted goods holders are firm in then demand for $50 gold per qtl. The so called Botes," and very small fillers of l:'ort1do and Vuelta AbaJo t )baoco, a" $20 to $22, are m demand by our ctgar manufacturers 'fhe cigar market 1s generally inactive The factories Meridiana, Flor de A F Murias and Legxtimidad have suspended the1r operatiOns; 1ne two first named for three months, m order to commence at the ex pu *Ion of that per1od With enttrely new materials, The Corona factory, hke tae Bustamante, 1s at pres ent workmg up very fine tobaccos, and may w

SE.Pr. 11 Samples fiLDd Prices of FINES'!' SPANISH LICORICE ROO'l' fornished on appH-. cation to co., o:a:xo. No. 167 Water Street, New York. PEN' D The )]A-:!MIA.. E lllABK. 'V :.&. :N" A. To Ei A. c co, DOS :PEJ.A.:E't.L S'X':E't.EE'X', 'YC>:E't.:U:.. and Tobacco Trades of the United States are hereby respectfully notified that we have of the business of the old and celebrated Cigar Factory, F!BM:l\:;R I= V .A.N:4::,. UEIA. __ Having the cream of the tobacco crops of 1879 and 1880, we are enabled to offer you ._..,.. .. = goods that will be found unequaled by any others manufactured on the Island. Respectfully, Speoi.a.l. No'ti.oes. DISSOLUTION OF PARTNERSHIP. NEW YORK, Sept. 4, 1880. The partnership of Rokohl & Steinecke is this day dissolved by mutual consent. Mr. R Steinecke will continue business and sign in liquidation. G. w RoKOHL. 812 R. STEINECKE.! W At:'TED:-A Traveling Salesman for cigars for the Westerru trade. Firstclas;;reference's required. Ad dress R. E., 262, TOBACCO LEAF. 812-814 l:STAJflLLO 7 Ca. $100 Paid *o AD)' oDe giviDg baformatiOD of Partlea iDfriDr iDa OD O'IU' Pateate, Our new Improved Process for Re-Sweatinr Tobaceos a poaitive sucCM&l J'lattering testimonials received from the most Tobacco Dealers and Cigar Manufacturers who have a4opted our prooeBS. Every Dealer and Manufacturer llhould have a 8weat-Ro ol!l !ltted up UDder our process on their own prem.lsea. This II! the best and cheapest proceosln e:dstence. and the .only aure way: to obtain dark colors, .. Full partlculam as to terms, wbtch are reasonable, and circulars mailed on application Send us a case for trial under our new process. C. 8.!fHILIPS'l-CO., f88 Pearr S!.., Rew York; 131 133 Jf. WATER ST. PBILADELPHIA,PA. EElVLO:V. A L. BROWN & EARLE DI.I:ANUFAC'l'URERS OF FINE CIGARS, Z...a:te o :r"Sil11. a:ncl. 218 Have New aDd ., Nos. 203, 203, 207 and 209 East 33rd Street, Ill) be tq their orders with pro:mptnl'se ouch oatu faGtiOD to tholr Cutomero o.a willle&d to a laraely increased buoineao. .. :New York, ;Jail, l.. lb80. .. .. "- '-j 1> an. d. Of Otcan, formerl;r made by BUCHANAN &: LYALL of New York. SOLE HANUP'ACTUREI!S of tho CELEBRATED cc ::1:. C.'' Ciga.:rs Wl>lcll J-now raiDJDg a wide Also 80LII. x.I.NUJ' !CTUREI!S of the N1!:W l!'l'YLE, BaJ.elgh Plug Smoking, with PUENT REVENUE STAMP ATTACHED. XEW YOIUt OFFICE :-78 WARREN ST., H. WIBT MATTHEWS, Speoial Apu.t. BOSTON OFFICE :-9 CENTRAL WHARF: C P. XlTTREDGE Spec!al Aa'ta. BOOTH & Phlladelphia: 606 _COKXERCE _sT. L E AI' ... s Ita 612 EAST l'itll STBEET, :NEW TOR& :P.a..c:a;:.:m:n. a:m:m:J:J z...:m.a..p -AND--IMPORTERS OF HAVANA TOBACCO.-' 'I'JIE of SUIIA.TRA. WRAPPERS A. SPECIALI'I'Y. JOSEl'lLl. VEGA. VEGA & BERNHEIM, :Paok.era :J:ll:l1por1:era HAVANA 18'7 :PEA.:EI.Z.....S'X':EI.EE'r, :N'E""C'Cz: OR.:a;:. ES'X':EI.EIZ...Z....A. .ISro. Ja, ::EI:.A. 'V .A.JSI"A. THE LADIES' PEARL. Published 1>7 '8. P. Chestnut, D. D., II Park Streei. TENN. Price $2.10 per Annum. 70 PINE STREET, near Pearl St., NEW YORK. Orders reee!ved at the o11lce of the PuJ>. liaher. or at the omce of TEE ATTENTION, CIGAR MANUFACTURERS! We have adapted our process to the wants ot manu facturers or jobbers ll'ho would like to sweat their to bacco theposel 'just as thi!Y: may .u.eep. it; 11.11. d we have also 'itt elitirely W go o the ex pense of a steam heating appara'tus. The apparatus is as portable and, as. e11Sily moved about as a Seed leaf case. We have perfected an apparatus which is automatic in its working, running all night without any atten tion, of which we build TWO SIZES, one to sweat 100 pounds at a time (ot l ess), and suitable for a factory of two to eight hands; the larger size 408 pounds (or less>, and suitable for a factory._of eight to thirty hands. They will sweat. cure and color the tobacco in from three to five days. Colors can be had just as dark may be wished The larger apparatus, which includes the heating ar rangements, takes a trifle more room than a case of tobacco, it being 3 feet wide, 4 feet long, and stands 5 feet high, it beingjust large en01agh to accom modate one case of Seed leaf in its original case. We have put the price of the apparatus at such a low figure so as to place them within the reach of every manufacturer in the land. They are portable in eve!'y respect, and can be worked, bandied or moved, any where by a single individual. The greater part of the apparatus bemg made of wood, it does not heat up the room in which it is run. The sweating can be done alongside of the workmen without inconvenience to them. Mr. Philips has been experimenting constantly to produce a sweating apparatus tb1t would sweat a sin 11;le case of tobacco (or less quantity) as nice and dark as his larger sweat houses w1ll 20 or 50 cases at a time. Th e result has more than met best expectations. Every objectionable feature of former sweating pro cesses has positively been overcome. A uniform dark color is produced, and the tobacco retains its natural flavor and smell. 'fhe goods come from the sweat all reatily to work without any further manipulation what ever. One of our large-size portable apparatus, which is for one whole case or 400 pounds at a time, will sweat, cure, and color from 60 to 90 cases of tobacco per year. Consequently, must be that thiS--is simply for small. manufacturers, as a manufacturer employing 150 hands needs only 4 01' 5 of our apparatus to do all his sweating. They can be set on any floor, or any part of a floor, ahd are all ready to to work without any fiXing or outlay, as they run Wlth out any steam heating or coal stoves. They do not have to be connected wtth They can be from one floor to or from on building oo another, just as eairlly'as an empty leaf case. We ship the apparatqs al\ ready td set up.and.go to less than half an l!ottr fl'Qm the time it is received. We offer them for sale at the exact cost of manufacture, which is $30 (thirty dollars) each for the large size, and $15 (fifteen dollars) each for the sinall size, and charge a 'lfearly r<>yalty according to the nurnber of cases you wtsh to sweat during the yea?; and we make th!s so very that you will not and cannot obJeCt to 1t. Our process lS the only successful process in existence, and these machines will do the work required of every time. No Lau. -lected one, ftom the noted Davenport, Iowa, cigar manufacturer; Mr. Nicholas Kuhnen: Messrs. C. S. Philips&: Co., 188Pearl.Street, New York: GENT,$I can now report a fuU and satisfactory re your reeweat g appafa,us, andrl en clo e ou check for $90 (ninety dollars) as-per Very truly youi's, NICHOLAS KOHNEN. DAVENPORT, IOWA, August 25, 1880. For further information and for circulars please ad dress the inventor and proprietors, C. S. PHILIPS & Co ., 188 Pearl Street, New York. BRADSTREET'S A SEMI-WEEKLY JOURNAL J>ft01'aD TO Trade, Commerce, and Finance. ) THIS JOURNAL covers a ground the ext:e.t of wbk.h is OCfUpied by no othe r publication, and fo11111 an invahable work of refereace to the merchant and manufacturer, R.HGt.rLAR. and Jt&UABLR CORRKSPONDKN'CE., fumit.bed by experts expressly for this journal, from all the princlpaJ trade centres of this country is eulbraeed in its columns. THil CONDITION AND PROSPECTS of lh various \narketr; are carefully recorded, and the poSSl"bilities and opportu. nities for trade are demonstrated as by no other medium QUB.SnONS OF COMMERCIAL INTSRBST and importance are fully and ab1y discussed editorially, without prejudice, by some of the most responsible writers and statisticians of the times. THE BUSINESS CHANGES occurring in the Uoited Statts 8nd Canada-sucli aa &:iliii'es, i:liuolutiou of pa.rtDcnhips, chattel mort&accs, etc.., ctc .:..are printed in each issue, and the list is more compiete d compRheasive than caa be obtained through any other sO\\lQCo THE CIRCULATION OP THIS JOu:aMAL bein& &mODi the best manufacturers and institutiam oJ uot only this country hut numy fOJ"eip,, it presents an excellent a.dvertisin& opportUnity tO a lifnited number of first.dass ba.nla, corporations 'aDd busioets firms who wbh to keep their names before the Published bj' THE BRADSTREET CO., 279, 281, !il83 BROADWAY, Naw Yoax. Twdw Do/ian Jer such thing as fail, and no such thmg as spo1lmg towe give a printed pamphlet COll I he Attention of Cigar Manufacturer& such full and complete instructions about re iS respectfully called to our' Large Stook of FINE RE sweating that you cannot fail. It goes into all the SWEATED 1878 PENNSYLVANIA WRAPPERS. The details of Philips' process on both new and old goods. quality of these tobaccos is greatly enhanced by oirr His vast experience in th i s line of business renders Resweating Process, which is wholly a NATURAL one this pamphlet alone of more value to you than the being entirely FREE from dyes and chemicals. Of charge for royalty. splendid dark cplors, theSe goods are als@ excellent in Let us know how man.Y hap.os you. employ, and ql!ality and .burn well. anufacturers of fine ciga_rs will furnish you an of domg: your entire find stock pa,lacularly well adapted to all sweating on your own prem1ses, where It can be done the1r requ1rements. BARK"ER & W AGGNER, just to suit yourself. This is by the cheapest and 779-tf 29 S. Gay st., Balj:imore, l\f be s t process out, and wlll probauly never TO AND CIGARMAKERS.To be 1mproyed upon. let, four two-story houses suitable for whole8ale 'and re We would be pleaser Prl ... Ll.. ..... ?'SS-811 TAKE ONE EVERY HOUR. Tho "DOCTOR'S PRESGRIPTIOf C:I:G-AR.. The Finest and Best Cigar In tha U. S. FOR THE MONEY. CliBCtiLA.TES A.S PRBBL Y A.KD U AS WELL kNOWN A.S TH.B N, Y, .......... By Unanimous Ooll88nt l'ronowooo The People's Choloe. 8apeoially Suitable for Drugleq. FOSTER, HILSON & CO., :No. 36 BOWEBY, :NEW YOBlL 797-822 N"E'VV "'YC>H.K. I Label Publishing Co. Q4 BOWERY, NEW YORK. Cigar Labels, Tobacco Labelo, EdafDcs, Trim. mingo, Show Cards, E'to., couotautl)' oJaluuad. .Latest Cigar 1lox Labels iBsued by the New York New York: Fire Engine, Sevilla, Obelisk, Seraglio, Fairy Light, La Gloria, First Hobby, Half Shell, New issues every week Las Artes. WITSCH & SCHMIT'!'. 7'99-825 SCRAPS AND CUTTINGS FOR SALE. Apply to SEIDENBERG & Co., 84 to 86 Reade Street, New York. 775PAPEll! i, D'-'' rf' o .. D SOMETl'ITNTG ,,.. ....... -c;.o.ll-... l.o ....... Packer, Commission'; M:er.chant, ,,i:;'; "!? oHEAPER TJLU{ i '' ONEYJ _J ) I USING & cQJ aa Se'F *-'*If.__.. T....-. -' 'l'lllo l'loper will.._ '1'0BAOGO u4 lllwllp .......................... a. .... SeoulforkJioPo&


, THE TOBACCO J..EAF. MANUFA PATENTED MAY 1 18 hereby given all Persons-(;,Making, Selling .or Prosecuted to the Full extent of NEW I [EMRACT FROM AN EDITORIAl; IN "THE TOBACCO LEAF" OF JUNE 26.] THE BILVBR SURJ'AOE F.OIL is the m os t recent grand discovery in the domain of the useful arts emanating from the fertile house of JOliN J ORoo:u Although thill article has been patented only about two months, more than one hundred and thirty different brands of it are now manufactured and soldJit Mr. Crooke's manufactory. Anything more generally useful and, at the same time, beautiful than 1hiB variee:r of foil it would. be impossible to conceive or devise. Its distinguishing characteristic is its frosted-silve r whiteness. In lustre it is 1111 brilliant 811 t-he pllftllt silver ever dug from the mines, and yet, owing to its non-refiective quality, neither shade nor shadow is visible when it iB exposed to .natural or artifiuial light. Viewed from .any position or angle, it presents a uniformly bright and silvery_ surface, so that an imprint upon it, be it in whatever color it may, is always clear and plainly discernible; which is not the case when the ordinary burnished foil iB made a medium for disclosing a name or inscription. Look squarely at an a.mbrotype, and all the lines which make the portrait it embodies are distinct and perfect; glance at it from either side and a hazy, undefined image is all that can be perceived. So it as a rule, with the inscripuons on tin-foil wrappers. r Tradesmen using foil in any form externally want their brands or business addresses plainly percept ible in any light, and from any point of view, and this great desideratum they are sure of obtaining in using the Silver Surface Foil. A prominent local cigar firm is packing fifteen di:fferent brands of cigars in Silver Surface Foil. Nearly all the cigar, tobacco and snu:ff manufaoiurers of the country are using this material extensively, as also a r e all other tradesmen in the habit of u8ing foil in business. The sale already of this article is immense. For lining cigar-boxes, wrapping cigarettes, snuff, tobacco, chewing or smoking, fine cut or plug, it is one of the most attractive and serviceable articles ever offered to the P\lblic. Among representatives of the tobacco interest the house of J J Crooke is known for the excellence and extent of its productions adapted to their Ul!leS In other industrial departments it is known both 'tor the extent and variety of its productions, there being no known applieation of tin foil for which its resources are not eqaal, and which it has not already furnished patterns and distributed types This house no$ only manufactures foil for cigars, cigarettes, snu:ff and tobacoo, but also for rubber goods of all kinds, linings for percussion-caps, the manifold of telegraph buildera and operators, electrotype and stencil works, telephonic, phonographic, and other adaptations appropriated and made famous by the wnard of "Menlo Park," druggists, confectioners, grocers, canners, picklers, bottlers and for every other purpose within the range of the mechanical, manufacturing and industrial arts or 1n Fancy DeE [From the Western Tobacco Jo WHITE SURFACE TIN FOIL-We have received by Mr. JoHN'J. CxooKE, 163 Mulberry street, New York ever seen, and for our part, we .will never chew any m

I / THE '.l'OB.A.CCO LEAF. ll and JULY 6,' 1889 sing Tin Foil in Infringement of he Law provided for in such cases. OF FOIL FOR ,, Drag gist&; I of and Ornamentation. LCTVBERS .. or AND CUT TO J anua.ry 5, 1880. Cincinnati, o:] J.ber of samples of a new and beautiful foil, manufactured which is the most beautiful and attractive article we have until done up in this foil. Its peculia.rity consists in t colored silk ; in fact it is a close imitation, in silver of 1t of the Centennial Exhibition, which were so greatly olor, while others have upon them beautiful patterns 1ds will became very popular, is putting it mild. They s goods to be distinguished by their handsome and ted. Mr. CROOKE is so pushed with orders already February will be able to supply all demands. In the 1e. -........ """' ..... ..,.lor ........ :...... cember, 1879. N. Y.] J. J. CROOKE, of this city, is Ofie bf the most beautiful ty consists in its milled or embossed surface, giving it Any one who remembers the imitations, in silver, of entennial Exhibition, will appreciate the general eft'ect of while others, previous to the embossing process, have t.s and others who wish their goods to be distinguished -[From the New York Tobacco Leaf, February 28, 188Q. j A NEW FOIL.-As referred to in the columas of the Tobacco Leaf a few weeks ago, the eminent firm of JoHN J. CRooKE, manufacturer of tin foil, of this city, has placed on the market an entirely new kiill.d of foil, which, in beauty and excellence, cannot be surpassed. It is the "Silver Surface Foil," manufactured of the purest and finest quality of tin, and is specially adapted for the packing of fancy and other brands of che wing, smoking and plug tooaccos. 'l'he Silver Surface Foil is a most beautiful article. Its bright surface is presented in 1 colors resembling the finest of silk and water colors. It is prepared in plain and fancy designs of colors and ornamentation. Although a new article, it is already useq by all the largest and leading tobacco manufacturers of this country, and by druggists and florists. Mr. JoHN J. CRooKE has been for years the leading acknowledged manufacturer of tin foil, and has been recognized as such not only by the entire tobacco trade, but also by the United States Government, as whose .he has acted in the printing of the r evenue stamps on tobacdo put up in tin foil. There is certainly not a house at home or abroad using tin toil in some shape or form, to whom the name of this firm is not Iuiown. For further explanations regarding this elegant and new Silver Surface Foil, we our readers to a special notice on the first page of this paper. [From the Druggists' Circular, for December, 1879. N. Y.] SILVER SURFACE TIN FOIL-Some extremely pretty tin foil is now manufactured by J. J. CROOKE, of this city, for various deco:mting purposes. By a new process tbe surface of the foil is made to look just like frosted silver, and on thts various colored patterns are printed. The frosted surface may also be left plain, and to the taste of some this HI, perhaps, more handsome. The silver tin foil i s a very appropriate material for decorating face-powder and puff boxes, and other toilet articles.


I T 0 B A CD 0 : X. :E A l:". \ AN GARRO[[ co T. H. & CO., I 0 H ar. Llaf \'ubacto,' mws aid. Lioorico PastB, 104 Front Street, New York. 1 ll)Bv L.AJIB, XEw To:aK. -P. o. Elos. o&aea.-1..t To-Ia ..._-9'4pbeoclltor rore1ca llulrioiL co.. co .. 11ole Agents for JAIESB. PAGE, Richmond, FINE-CUT TOBACCO; CIG.AB.S, .urn oTHER VIRGINIA No 18 BOWERY, NEW YURt Al.&o &ol.e .a.Jilren.-t ror JIO. W. CARROLL'S CELEBRATED BRANDS, JACK,' 'BROWN DICK,' I ETO., ETO., BTO., -AND-LW. "'WV'. R A G--TA..GsMoKING .TOBACCO. JIBE VIRGINIA TOBACCO AGENCY, Ea'ta.b:U..l:Led. :J.aae. .TAS. :M. GAilDINilk, JOB!CCO GOMMISSION. MERCHANT, I 84 FRONT STREET, NEW YORK ....__ JIXPORT ORDERS FOR J>LUG TODACOO .PROllll"TLT FILLED. (Prem.le la&elT oeeupled bT BULKLEY & IIIOORE,) -DEALERS INLUI &, SMOKING TOBACCO, P.A.XD AND FOR E.X.PC>R.T. FILLED PROIPTLYeFROM STORE OR FACTORY. &ole Agents for the Justly Celebrated Brands ""MAGNET," "SENATOR'' IN PLUC AND CUT CAVENDISH. .. I SEED LEAF TOBACCO INSPECTION] -TOBACCO INSPECTED OR SAMPLED.C011NTRY SAKPLING PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO. given for eve1:7 Case, and delivered Case by Case, as to number of Certiflcaia N. B.-We also Sample In Merchants' Own Stores. p. C. LXN':J:E &. CO. PHILADELPHIA BRANCHES:. 1 W. corner Arch and Water Streets; JONAS JIIETZ, 64 ;North Front St. HARTFORD, Conn. :-A. H. ATHERTON, Ahret Clgnr Store, 176 State Street. 81J'FPIELD Conn. :-EDW. AUSTL'I'. LANCASTER, FUREST. PRINCI:P.&L OF!'ICtS:142 WATER STREET, and 182 to 18<> PEARL til'. WA.BBHO(]SES:-112 WATER STREET; 7-J, 76 and 78 GREEl>'WICH STREET. and l!UDSu N RlVER R.AILROAD DEI'_:f Pl u.g Tooappo. Leading Brands: lioasE IliAD" "BIA.D LIGB'l'" Ll'l"l'LE FAcTORY, r6th & Poplar Sts. O FFicE & SAL sR'OoM,'srr & 5r3 N. 3rd St SEPT. Jl J\UGI.RI DD BOIS, COA!MISSION GUSTAV S.U.OIIcnf, r. SALOJIOllt S.LOJION. BERMAN 8WKON, G'ustav Salomon & Bros., IMPuRTEB8 OF SP ..A.N;JB:B:; SEED tfAFlUTDiAGCD, 2114 Pearl St., New York:" M. Oppenheimer, Dealer Ia CBAS. F. T_.G & 50!1, "-""""!'Of IPAIUSH atod boot ... t. a U kludo _, LEAF r 'oaACCO, 184 Front street, IIBW -roa.. M. H. LEVIN, .. of HA AND DEALER IN ALL KIND O.:J LEAP 1\(J!BlC'CO, 162 Pearl Streat, New York. CHOVERLING BROS., ; .. l'ACXEBS .um nt SEED 1EAF TOBACCOS J42 WATER 'Y'ork.. Packing Warehouse at New Hilford, CoJm. ll. KOENIG, WHOLESALE DE:ALEB. IN RAVAMA AIJJ .SKID LKAP TOB.A.OOOS, 22G PEARL ST., NEW YORK. VEREA & VALDES, ,. : ... l nti'oRTERS OF Havana. LeQ.f Tobacco, 1e1 Pearl. 4. L. GASSlt:tt COMIISSION MERCHANTS. AND DEALERS IN ALL KINDS 0., LEAF T.UB.ACCO, 1 D7 Bowery, New York. G. 1\EJ:SD!ANl\1. Merchant, Hirsch, Vretorius &,-Go. LBAF TOBACCO, Ill WATER ST., NEW YORK. fRED "'., ., J 1 Lea1' t 9' PEAR L -:.'STREET il r ... -j ,.. j. ... ... GBRSHfli., "'."' EW' YORI{ s. \ 1" I 'rRAD:Z IUBJ[. ., Ill PllAJU. ST., lfW TOJILP' .... ---


SEFT. 11 8.&..1WZL H. SPUWARN E.SPINGARN&Oo. IMPORTERS OF v .A.:N'" .A.., A.c'iD PACKE)lS OF LEAF 5 Burling Slip,: New York. REYNES BROS. & CO., Commission Merchants 40 & 48 Exchange 1\1 'YO:E'I.:&:. S. v .A.N" .A. -AND-SEED LEA'F TOBACCO, 162 Water St., New York. Basch & Fischer, ... And aJl kinds. of Smoking Tobacco. A!io J!anutoctnrers ot the well-knownJlrandB of Bright Plug Chewing: .. l 'Own. I Onward,' I FriondshiD,' and ,'Sailor's Solaco.' SEED LEAF TOBACCO, USB WATER STREET, :NearMaldenLane NEW YORK. Tlla Gorman-Amorican Bank 60 WALL ft., JrBW YOBK. 8780,000. I BftrT facility atforded to Dealen IIDl1 Correllpolld ents cqllllistent wilh Sound Banking. B. JILOOBOLL, President. ( II!. Rll!lADIIIG, Caebler. E. ct .G. FRIEND & CO., ifll'flPOrt.enl aod .:>ea.len la. LEAF _TOBACCO, 1 :Zf' Ma-lden Lane. Gn .-.,.,.o, NEW YORK. F1 LottA.D 11'''"'" CUTHRI. E a. CO., 226 Froat Street. IALEII OF TOBACCO FOR UPOIT ._ Tobacco preoeed In baleo for the Weot 1..u. llesk:an aad (;;entral American Porta, aad. ether u.l fl.... TOBACCO PA ll.uc RclsE>nr.ALD, liDBT :B.-Mw.lJA SJ-" I I E. ROSENW-ALD & BRO.; I & of, 146Wf:Lter Sttweet, New York. ARNOLD POLLAK, SOLE AGENT FQR THE, PACIFIC COAST FOR Meosr--KERl;IS a: SPIESS, New York; Messrs. HORACE R. KELLY&: CO., New York; Messrs. MUSSELMAN &: CO., Lou.vtlle, JOBBERS. 'II-...,._,Or' ,..,


(' LEWI S BREMER'S SONS, Wbc,lesale Dealers in r.EAF, AND TOBACCO, 1110. 3'l2 NORTH THIRD STREET, PHILADELPHIA. .. A lara-e usortment of all kinl,is oC LBAF ToBACCO constantlv on hand._,e HAY & SMITH, PMbrs, Commisdc Kerch&nts & Dealers In LEAF tc HAVANA TOBACCO o. 35 North Water-st Philadelphia. 1 And 214 &TATE STREET, HARTFORD, CONN. New Y ort Boston, Pittshurlh; Cllicago, St. Lollis and Cincinnan. THE TOBA.CC dvenillemea.te. I I. Z A. P. SEPI'. 11 A.dvertlsemeata. II8CELL!NE008 ADVERTISEWTJ. W. G. EXER & CO HINSDALE SKITH &. SOIT, LOUISVILLE llT CSucceHOn to H. S.MlTH 11 CO.) PACKEBS AXD .JOBBERS OP R. BEIER & co., Connecticut Lea.f Tobacco, CDI'CINNATI,O. '20 HAMPDEN ST., LEAP TOBACCO: filfc:'hn &, B:rc:s-, DANUPACTVRERS.OP F:l:'l7e 18o Pou..D.d., X...o::a.s il"oh.::a. e., :Br:lsh.1: JEIJ.aok, <:J.d. ::EEo::a.e'tYo 6 Oe::a.1: PJ.u.a, AND ALL OTHER POPULAR STYM':S OF l'INE NAVY TODA:CCO, X...CUX&'V"XX...X...E, STEAM CIGAR..BOX Bo:o:eo.per Week. 699 to 707 W. Sixth St., Cincinnati, 0. .AJ.o llaallfaoturer of the 'Ve_..t Cedar Ctcu-Bo:o: L1UI&ber. Sample ID....t..Juod on Applieation. s ... a for Prlc-Llot. .1. llllU Llae or .Labeb, Eddnp and Blltboa kept eoataDtlJ' oa haad a& Prleea. M J.woa w A.Aao N E A.. W&JL. J .A.KES PHII.n'S. W L, &{,CO. Jl'onaerlJ' wU!'c. 11. PhW ... _,. eo, & WHOLElW.K DLOLE IM Tobacco Cnrmg and Sweating, Cigars & leaf Tobacco 113 Main St., Cincinnati, 0. (UDder C. 8, PHILIPS' Pa&ell&o.) -The nDiy Succeasful Process ID E:Eistence, Dark Colora Cuaranteed. Poor bamiDg Tobacco made good. Old and Dried out gooda renO'I'ated &lid pot IIllO lrOOd order, Green raw, light-colored or unsweatecl cured and 6rough&. to dark col ors. Springfield, Mass. H INSDALE SMITH, E H. SMITH. WILEY & CLINARD, DEALERS IN AJ.L GRADES Nortb Garollna Loaf Tobacco, N'. c. ORDERS SOLICITED. REFERENCES:W N Shelton, Danville, Va.; Hall Bros. abd A. A. Shuford & Co., Hickory, N. C GEORGE H. JONES, Jm.po.ter of :O:A. VAN .A. And Deal.-in SEED LEAF TOBACCO No-. 98 Water Street, JEIC&TCN'o Ollu. W JL WIL B w..,... CHAS. W. WILDER, Jr" Im}IOrter ... a .... t4 FINE CIGARS, G8 Kilby & 98 Water Sta., BOSTON E. :at. FLACK, TOBACCO .BROKER. KY. BEJI'BIUI:I'I'()BII Jno. C. Latb&m. Prw't JlaDk of 8 E. Trlctory,"' Bet. Hanover & Charles il.nd Lombard & Pratt Bts., BALTIMORE, Md. Paeken or... -en In Loaf Tobacco & Cotton BrolrO""t I ClOIIJIISSION .. OHIO SBHfl LUlU TOBACCO A LEAF TOBACCO -B. B. VOOitll--a JtOOXL-llAI' EJev ... tb. ... a Main Street., I BROKER, !oma awa.-al CJeut.ellDial W&O to the U, .. 8olld.rop --=-. --=-.... :J:..OUX&"VX:J:.o:J:..B, :J:)&lJ1'V:I.J.J.e, 'V"A. al .. wr '-1 :J:)..a....Y'TOJ!Iil, 0. rth Colfege Avenues. '-U S, SOLID TOP ClG.IlS lll0t1LD CO. ... 118 P-l St.. lfew Yerk, & GHNHRAL GOmSSION JBRCHmS, ..._ Proaapd,. ... K. H. GUXTo!!.. .... Orleaa., ll&rletl)' on commluloa. EOB"GE Z OB.N, cor. Cheapside and lombartSts. w. s. O'NEIL, C. & R. DORMITZER & co. JAS. A. & DIPORTER AND MANUPACTUBEB Ol' .ALL J[D(Ds ol' Leaf Tobacco. P!r:esaed n BQ.I_es a Specialty. __ Packerandlle&lerm Dealers & Commiss}On Merchants iD. VIrginia and North Carolina -CLAY & WOOD PIPES, DRESEL, RAUSCHENBEB.G &t co., OHIO LHAF TOBACCO TOBACCO, CIGAR &, CIG'ARETTE TUBES, TOBACCO" SH1PPING & COMMISSION MERCHANTS. :oay-ton., o. Meerschaum Goods, Smokers: Articles, &c. .i.... l&S N. THIRD barl(, Ronerdam and 11 S. GAY STREET, BALTIMORE. -J. SOR,GI-&, CO., W. G. LYNN, Doalsr & ColllDlission Jorcn't BROTHERS, Tile ODJy Jllauufactwerll & IEYtheHAST OXG..&.R.B, laJ.Ciaeotaat, _. 23 N.S...oad St., (8ucceooor to Cooper &: Walter.) liiA.NUFACTURER OF SNIJFFsSJOIIBG TOBACCO .,.... 5-'ftl IUoii:VEIITK liT., IPHILADEI.P111A. PA: -DA. Vw G. HIRSH, ':' <tea.tYe Daaallldarer or CB ;&P CIGARS; ........ ekeref SEED TOBACCO, -; lEast Chestnut at., LANCA.STEB.. PA. (Upn.Alwp A. R. FOUGERAY, Tobacco Mannfactnrors' ![1., 33 Nonh Front Street, PHILADELPHIA. F. X. KELLY, JP., HAPPY THOUGHT -Tobacco Agency, 112 ARCH liT., Philadelphia, Pa, \1ENEB.U. AGENT FOR WILSO'N & McCALLA Y'S "PLUC TOBACCOS. Theobald & Oppenhehiler: 1dANUJ'ACTURERS OF FINE CIGARS, AND DEALERS nr SpaDiSi ant Dtmostic Leaf tobacco, N. E. oorner Girard Ave. & 'Ttb. Street, PH"DELPHIA.. AGENTs I'OR ,.,d llllLLEB. DURRUL &: PETERS CINCINNATI CIGAR II!Ol.DS, STRAPS, ro. that neither Dealer aor. Every Butt and dar 1\"Bde-mark '"=-'"'-''--GU.t.UNTDf ALL 1 'FrAJIIJIG .JOBBJ!RI THRO'!J'GHOUT linruED nl'l'ES. & JieD411e'wn,New & CO., 1.m,As.:axuv:-, SEED x .. El..a.F IANUFACTURER OF l_ AND IMPORTERS OF AND D:m.u.Im lN Tobacco, T b I 69" cHARLEs sTREET, I o acco 39 N. Cal-r..t, :B..&.X...TXDC>:E'I.EJ. DII::J:). Dd.. For the PurebAie of MANUFACTURERS OF ALL KiNDS OF PLUG TOBACCO, 0. VIRCINIA LEAF TOBACCO eu.r X...ead.:lns JEI:ra::a.d. ::EI I G-G-"'1:7 :N' SUCCESSORS _NEVIN .. IIIILLII, 193 & lQO Jefferson Ave., Detroit, OF BATES S11REET,) OF TilE CBLE-.I.TED BRAND FINE CUT. BE'ltrE& THAN "l'BE BEST." IL J, IIJL .... ...._ WB. H ._..irT, Vlc!e ..._ BEIJS; 'II, 11-AX'I'OK, ,.-Drtcht Lear a Speelau,., Orlcla&l lnvolce ctven u r eqaeted. A. H. LEFTWICH, Dealer Ia VIRGINIA LEAF TOBACCO &adJI'Iae W. E. BA.GSDALE, TOBACCO BROKER,' :Eitopk.1D.'VUJ.e0 :Ky. BY PBIU!lSSION: J. 0. La&b&m, Preo'lli&Dk ___ 8. B. Trloe, Prw" Ho-B. G. Buclmer Oom. lllorehallt, a J L Gut & BOD, Oom. llerchallt, BawyerA Wallaoo & New 'i

SEPr. 11 Buiiess Diractory or UTcrtiJm. JrEW YbaJL IAof,__W_ &luu!r .t Dehhl, 1110 Pearl. .t Frlngant. 193 Pearl llaraett 8. 11\!l Water a.ob .t JI'IMDew. 11111 w-. Block .t Llndhelm, !60 Pearl Cardoso A. H 66 Broad. Chockley A. D & Co. 38 Broad Cn>wtord E. M .t Son. 168 w.cer. Bdmouton S S. & Bro. 47 Broad J:aert wm. .t eo. !10 PearL Friedman. Henry, 119 Malden Lane l'rlead J: .t G. & Co. lllll lllaldeo G. W. Gall & Ax, 166 Water Garth D. J., Son & Co. 44 Broad. -rt J L & Bro. 167 Bowery Qenhel L. & Bro. PearL Hamburger 1 b no. 1M W 2d Avenue K.oenll{ H. 2".?6 Pea.rl t.cDeoonch & Bro. 164 Water. Lederer & Fiachel, 918 PearL Leml Jol. H. !611 PearL Lobell8teln & &ana. 181 'Maid'"' Neuloerger Jol. 172 Water Newgass L. 144 Water Ottinger Brothers. 48 Broatl. Owen F. E. Oppenheimer H. 138 Water Bet.mi&DD G. 228 Pearl. Bokohl & StelnecKe, 181 Water RoaenwalctE. & Bros. l45 Water Salomon G & Broe. 2M Pearl Sawyer, Wallace Ill, Co. 47 Broadwa, 8choverling Bros. 142 Water Schroeder & Bon, 176 Water! 8ohub&rt H. & 0... 160 Water. Schulz Fred. 213 Pearl 81ebert Henry. 68 Broad. 'Spingarn E. & Co. 5 Durling Slip. Tag, Obarles F. & Son. 18! :Vroot.. Opmaun, carl, 178 Poo.rl. Warehcmsqs for the Sale of Man.ufdctured Sh.twJ Card JlOU!ltitlg Gild Fidthing. ll'he Barril Flnlahtng Co. 56 and CiS Murra7 ImporleT of Cigar Molds. Erlchs H. W. .ll:leventll. St. 81mp1, Ooottert ctftd German Cigctr Jlouldo. Lobenl&eln & Gute. 131 .Maiden Lane 'M:'rr o/Tol>aceo 8/lcmi Cardl and Lctbell. Doll&ldson Bros., Five P<>ints. P 0. Box 9791. !ITampa,..,.t &laos 8i(IM. Matthews John, 1st A v. bet. & 27t.h st Im.porter 6/ LG Vuelta Abajo Flavor. CbaSkel J., 66 Warren. llfrs Hat1a'ft.B Olgar Flavor. Fries Alex. 1 Bros. 44 College Place TolJctcco Heppenltelmer & M&nrer, 22 and 24 N. William New YorK La.bel Publishing Co. 94 Bowery M,trs of Old Judge" Cigarettes. Goodwin & CO. 207-209 Water. Man'IQ'acturen of Ki-nney Brm. Ciga.reUa. Kinney Tobacco Co. 6ft>-625 West 22d. Me>nufacturert of Cigctretta. Hall Thomas B. 76 Barclay Manufacturer OJ Orooke't Oompoutad 7'ito l'oQ, Tobacco. :Medium on& Tiaue. Crooke John J. 163 Mulberrv ,. 1\lanufOctUrer of SilveY Bur lace Foil. Crooke John J. 168 Mulberry Man.U,facture.l'-' of Cigar Jlouldl:. Borgfeldt N. B. 510 Nineteenth Manu.jac t1wers of Shut Metal and Wooden Cigar Moulds. ,Tbe Miller Dubrul & Petel'8 Mfg Co. 5!0 E !9th Improwd Tobacco Scrap Mach.ine tor ')lgcar Manufacturer&. Borgfeldt N H. 010 East 19th and 1151 W'!,ter in MachinerJ(, Toou and tor Ci{IBr M.atlvtacturer. I Clnd Smoking Tobacco8. l.l}ea. & Co, 173 and l'iri CbamberB Augustin&: Duselll Warren. Dohan, uarroll & <. 104 Froat. DuBoiS Eugene. 76 Front. Watteyne H Pearl Ban.k&. : German-American, 00 WaU &Di:lebacb F. 56 S. Wash!n&'lnth uay A.a.b. Louis & Co. 96 and 98 Reade Boody a: Leaerer, 96 to 110 Al.torne1 BruMol James Ill: Co. 78 Bowery DeBary Fred. & Co .. 41 and 43 Warren. D!ngfolde r & Libko, 39 and 41 Fulton Heilbroner, Josephs & Co. 689-&99 FII'II'C Ave. Blnroh D. &: Co. l:ltl and 180 Blriii&SOD &114 86 WaD Kerckboft & Co. 49 South Charles Klemm Chas. H 39 North Calvert M&rriot'G. ll. Jll. :Ill German Merfela & Kemper 117 Lorn bard Schroeder Joo. ot CO. 59lii Sout)i Charles. WencK E. E. 4ti &nd 48 South Charl es Willchmeyet Ed. Ill Oo. 39 liouth Calvert Dealer:t in. Spanish CedDr tor Cigar Box.u. Stow C baS W. & Co. Uhler's Alley. Kaufman Bros. & Bondy, 1211 .t 181 Grand. J&COb7 Morrla & Co. 1211.99 Broome. Manufacturers of and Cgaretter. 1 Baron & Co,, N. E cor. Lombard & Cheapside JacohT 8. & Co. !100 Chath&JB 8q &5& 7Doyer B.erbo 1 Spiess. 1014 to 1010 a.ooed A. and 810 to 814 Filtv-fourth LeYJ' ilros, A venne D anIIE Steinecko, 131 Water IW!tftberr & ee. M and _..., fltachelberg Jol. & Co 92 and IN Liberty ll&niton .t Storm. SM-!108 Jl:aat lllth 8otro & Newmark, 76 Park l'lace Upma.Dn Carl, 176 Por V. :MAn-.t Ce. 1111l'ealt ADea a eo. "'and 111 (lbamllln A..,... & D.-I, II WHen :L. 1: Co 411 Uberty Bal}aew il W. 781f-Wile .t BoDdholm lllllltoDd 11M OaMl .IIGRIIf'"""'tWO of ]{q ,.. ... a.---0. Bar)' J!'recl'k & ee. 41 ..,. awXcFaD a L&.,..,D, liS XurraJ' eo. Mand.iG-JIGAt\f..,_ of .11 .. .......,. Qeodo. Demuth Wm .t Co. 507 I& ISCIII .......... ,. Wela Qarl, 1111 Walker Japorlera ef Claw PlpoL Demuth Wm. a Co. 507 & 11011 Broedwq u4111Grul4 lllay llroo. 10illd A YO, J/mlllll_.... of Briar,.,_ ...._.,.... A-tin & Du""l, 11 Warren 8t. .Demuth Won. & Co. 507 1: 11011 Br&dwq Haney Ill: Ford, 8111 Broac!W&J' H .. A 411 LibertY Jtaabaann Bros. a Bondy, lit and llllaraacl .11-1\/'Gd.....,.. of L_. .flute. llloAndn>w J...-C. 55 Water i illtaDlford ManutacrleO I'DIM. Arguimbau, waD.ce & ee. ...Sills. wuaa.. Jle&lldrew James C. 66 Water Woaver & SterrY, 14 Cedar_-Zurlca14a7 & ArKDimball, ,.... .ll<>" C. C & Uo. 170 Water UDd r. c. & eo. 142 Water '1bba<:OO fluthrie .t Ce 225 Front )(o,,..f....,....,.. 'Erlcbo B W. 1115-3a Jl:leYeDtll St. l:lenkeU Jacob, M JloDroe 8tnol0 8 179 and !81 Lewto Wlake William & Co. 151-111-DeciW ;, llpcloMM Ooclar. UplelrOYO W. E. 'lllll-ll'l .. -,... .. ,. ...... -a_...,.,.., Heppeuholmer & JI&Urer. llll liDd 1M 5, William J,obettiteln .t Qau, lOIIIaldOD l.u :-Sim'JII, 179Le-wm. a eo. 111-lll Tobacco Man.tLfacturera. Feigner F. W Ill: Son, 90 South Charloo Gail.&:: Ax.. 2i Barre Marburg Brothers, 146 to 149 South Charlel TQbrr.cco au.d Commin:ion Merchant. R. E. & Co. s. e. cor. llld Lombard PDU\It sc .... Roller. Kertkhoft G .t Co.. 49 South Charlea Ptukm of &e4 Leaf and lmpm-w of Hall4ntJ 1'obaoc Ha11!'"" aNI I"acc it CG. Hn DIIGJ,en ;1 an..1 Cigar fAG! 7'bbttlccx. Jll.eyer Br. & Co. -16 Frem Tob oM 111/r' .Ag-.t. Richey Henry A. 15 West Second Skeet. .1 of Improved Tohncco Macll;iniW)'. Th& M.caowau. !'l:.mJ.I co. Ul & 143 w. 2d sa. .lllanuf""turer of .l'i(.'"t a.-.., twl 2"obacca SpeD"" 'lroe .1: Co. &nd'M But Tblnl Lea!T-Dohrmann F. -W. a. VIDe ... .._. r->/ Tobac:co. Meier R &. Co. ..i -.Jian..;actuun Dtoola' ito IAG/ w e n ICahn & C t l. 113 tllaua Jla.R.u.factul"ef'W ll/. Sheet Mdo.l !It' ,');!1"r i!loW-& Co. 11 .t lld '!'reel in. F oreign ct Domestic Len/ 'lObacco. Obert-"lJU&n Co. 60 W. Frqnt skeet Lea./ Tobacco Bu11er. Wright Thos. H 47 W. Front street Tobacco Ovring ond StHcdift{l'. PbWpa Jamea, 70 Bam llt.OLABKSVILLE. 'rT-Brollen. Clarlt: Jo1. H. & Bro cLEVELAl'fDo. n.aJer U. Seed IAG! aNI Ho....,... 7'c>IHMco e>l&d Johber '" nil lriftds M.,.,.,. foctolrm """"""" Semon Oharlea, succes10r to Go& !ilion &; Semon, l:tl Oulano DANBURY, Oo..._ ,._,._ .DooiMr ... -r-t---G. If' D.AlfVILLE. Va. 1'tlckk'g ct Pi'IJ{I TobaccO. Brown HARTFORD, Conll. Packers and Dealera -in. Seed Leaf TobGrcO Gersh8l L & Bro., %29 State Geo. 150 State Hay & Smith, 214 State WUioox S. W. 676Main HAVANA, Cuba, Tobacco apd Cigar Oomnti88ion Merchants. Bos..'"'lmann & SchroeOer. LamoarWa 18 Lobeck & Co 8 Oficios Kichtering Aug. & Co. 3 T\lercaderes street HICKORY, N; C. Dertler8 in Ncwth Carolin.a Leaf Tobacco. Wlle.r &; CUnard. 0 HQPKINSVILLE, Jty. 7'obacco Bakna. Flack E M. Thompson Geo. Y w. E. ) LANCASTER, Pa. Dealer., m Leaf 'l' Hl!'!!b David G. 8 East Chestnut'St SkUeti & Frey, 6.1 and 63North DUke and G'ommiSJCion Merchant. Teller A. 233 N. Shippen st. Manufacturers of Pennayl11ania Ct(lara Hirsh David G. LIVERPOOL. Eng. Cope Bros & Co. JO Lord Nelson st 8my&hl1l F W. & Co. 10 North John LOUISVILLE. K:r Ptug 1'obaeco Man'ti.jacturerJ. lflnzer J. & B1-os. 194 and 186 Jacob Tacba.u & l .. and'rum. T.-e.r,:J Tobacco. loleler W. G &; Co :l'obacco Connnission Merch.un.tJ. Wicks G. W. & Co. V\res t 1\olain 1'obaccCl BtkertJ. Callaway James F. corner E ighth and Main Gunther George F. Lewis Rich 'd M 348 West ,1\tain Meter Wm. G.&: Co. 6.3 Seventh Nash Goo. P Praa-olf W F. 39! West Main LYNCHBURG, Va. Manufactmer "Jf 2'obacco. Carroll John W. Carroll Wm. S. 1'o bacco Comn,iaaion .. Ve,cnantl:. Holt, SChaefer & Co. Dlr in Virginia M.n./1 18 Scrap tt Stems. Leftwich A. B MAYFIELD. Ky. Uaf Tcbcicco Buytr. MeiJooW. S MiDDLETOWN. o. oj Pl"g 1'obacws. Sora' P. J. &.Co. NEW MILFORD, <:onn. PR.ckert and JJeaJe-,a Seeci .....Leaf. Schoverling Bros. NEW ORLEANS. La"t Tobac co Factot"" and Merchant. SteveDsOn John D. C. 194 Common. O:WENSBORO, Ky. 1'obt&cco Stenuna.c!-- Frayse r Bros. PADUCAH, Jt:r. Tobacco .Broker. Puryear T. H. PATERSON, Jr, J, Manufacturer of ChDin.g and Slmoking To, bacco $11.u.g' and Allen & Dunntnr:. 66 &: 67 Van Bouten Street PETERSBURG, Va. J(aftufactunl:rt e.f [""tug and Srnok:iA{I Tobocco and Deale, in Leaf Tobacco. Venable 8. W. & Co. Ma,.ufactwms of Swut haoy !.-htitmJtf. Jac- C. A. & Co. Comm..iuion MercAaft.ta. Baln & Parrack PHILADELPHIA. .Tobacco Bamberger L. & Co. 111 Arch Batchelor Bros. 1 23 1 Chesnut Bremer' LeWia 8obO, 3201 North Tblrd ,.. Dohan & Taitt Jl:fl Areh Elsenlobr Wm. &: Co. 115 South WAter Knecht & Co. !Zl North Tbtrd McDowell Ill ...:. & Co. 39 North Water Ray & Smith, North Water Ralph I. D H & Co. 188 N. Bd Sank J. Rinaldo & Co Water Teller Bro.bera. 117 Sono Third .Im-porl..-"Tid. Mfr of Smokera' .Arllcln. Zorn George, 158 N. Third Street. Importer of Bavflnrt Cigflrtt and Agen.fl fo'r .. KefJ Oigart. Vuguet, Stephen & BoWl. 231 Chestnut Leaf TobacctJ St.oea.tin.g. Pblllps C. S & Co. 181-133 North Water. .llaRU/ba<>co. Wallace Jas. 666 a.o 67".l North Ele..-eDth Manu.factlwm- of OiQon. Batchelor Br08., 1281 Chestnut and 23 N ld Gumpert Jilros., 1,341 Chestnut '['beobalcl &: Oppenheimer, Gir&rd A-.. c:t 7th lit ToDacco Bro-. Fougeray A R. 33 North Front ltftJ,nufactuma of LicbrUt Pt:uu. Mellor & BlttenhoUlle, North TwentyBecoDd Jllr' .Agent f&r Plug aNI s.ow.g )[oily r. X. Jr. Arch Wholuale Dealer in Uaf t1"d M'rd. 7'obc:lcco. Bdl Jonn B 531 South Second Oigar-Bnz Label and Trimming. Harris Geo. S & Son. s. e. cor. 4th and VIne, Man''-'tldttrerw fJ/ Cigar MouMlt. l]. S. Solid Top CIJt"ar M.Ci Co. cor lUdce and North Ava s. (}tm"t .AQI. '-c. 4 Ja.cbotl Co.' But. oeo. 11' rilllnlph'w ScotCh. Sn'U.. Stewart, Ralph&: o: I Aro h 8m>et. PITTSBl)'RGH, Pa.. M rt-uf'r l u/ Sn:u. ofld Smokin., Weyman nr011. Sl S rnithf\eld et o! Long 1'hrent" oJ: .. 8A.n.ner" StaU-i.H.Q "E.rebior Spun Roll.' Jeriltin.IOA,ll & w. !I!\' Ubrt7et..,. d' THaler HnNRa Tebacco. Pretzfeta Broo. 868 Llb.rly ot.reet RE4DI'NG. Pa: Jlan14foc::ture7''-nf Cigo.rj, Crotae a: Company. 643 Penn and 886 Court. RlOHMOND, Va. _'4(11n"f"'tu rt1'' of .rMk g Tobaeetl ou .. er'& .. PIIIn E '1;, WO E:&r>:. } A!Q./ Tupuccu Bokd. W. 1!.. DIJ>.rell .. .\lanu(rnturera of TobAo BtJg&. M Mlllhloer k Co. 13<'9 .Main ROCHESTER. N. Y. JiBJ&u/rl. of Smokinu ClaetoiftQ' t;tn.d G'igarette. S F. Hess & Co. .lla,.,.,...,..,.,.. of 70bac:co Whalen JL .t T. 182 State I Of "P,-"-""'"' Jl'ioo Ou.l TobaccO and ''Vanit Fair' ... &molri"f' Tobolceo aftd Cigardt ... Kimball W ,S. & CO. li.A.l'l FRANCISCO. Cah .Ag Dormit.J.r c .t R & eo. 123 llarlllle!belll D. llll N. tel. ; tor Marburg Bros. Mfrs of Dausman Tobacco Co. SYl\AOUSE. Jl', Y. l(at>ufacturor of Ci(ltJO' B-. J.Mret & Blaedet Ill! and 1711 ltut WTOLEDO.O. Jl<>,.,.facturer of CMwi"'l Gnd Swooilltocr -Jl-.,ger Cbarleo R. Mfrs of PoUJdered lMlcwtM. Warren C C. & Co. WESTFIELD ._ Deal.,."'-r-1-. BuecbJD&aJnbD C. .u D .. VlD BEIR, BDl. ASH" & Lecl.erer. llA1roJ' Aart1lUI:BII o-r Cigars TP.ADE 'tl MENDEL & 8110 Mannfactnrors of Gi[ars' IV 0 IIJJ.( 8 .., or"- owery, NeW A. BRUSSEL. KAUFMANN BROS & BONDY, PIPES ANDSMOKERS, ARTICLES, 1119 aza.d. ;181 BTR.:J!JBT, (near Droadwa.J'), ;t"oa.:s:.: DHFI!NGH GIG!R I.ANUF !GTQRY. 118 a: ISO JUVIXGTOX ST., :n:W YOtut. X). HJ:R.SOH do 00., The tu on all klnds of Manufactured Tobacco lsl8 centS 'llli>; Snulf.16 cents f tb i. Clnrs, 18 tt thousand; Cigarettes weighing not over s lbs W thousand, at. 75_per thoUB&nd; Cia'aretwe ADd Cherpotll weigbi.llg over g lbs 'll thousand, 1ft per thousand. 'rbe duty on ll'orelji,'D Cigars Is $2.60 'll 11>, and 211 'II cent. ad Cigarettes oame duty as cigars. Imported Cl, CiJ;r:arettes, and Cheroots also bear the prescribed Iriterna.l Revenue taxes, to bu paid by stamps at the Custom 'Houae. The import duty on Leaf Toba<.-co Is 811 cents t1 11>; Leaf Tobaooo otemmocl, 60 cents tl 1b; Manufactured Tobacco. 50 cents 1' tb ; Scraps, 50 tb Manufac tured Tobacco and Scrape are also subject to the Internal Re-.enue t.&:l: ot ll cents tl lb, and must be packed In 1\eTenue law and J'el{ill&tion. Scraps aDd cuttipgs, however, may be withdrawn t D bulk for nse h i a tobaooo, mutr, or cigar wttliotft P,loYDilllSi ot.tha internal revenue tax. 'r=t .. J Canadian Tobacco utiell The tollowing are the rates of :DOW' fml)C)Md Lli. b.;.i Ya-I rlouo of tobacco:-Cig&n and Clprettea: eo ..etlt& ..... ,.nd 20 per eent. ad .,..,.._, Dnufaetured Tobeeco: !Ill aente I>, """ per cent. ad t>alor.,., Snuft: 211 eenta tl 1>, and 11% per OODt. ad valorelll. Ia llea of an Excloo dutl......_eeJ>' r _,. ou tobacco ,)mown u .. common C&Dadiaa otherwise called tQbao blane en bela u:a.-prHted l.t rolled &lid twiBted, 'rn&de 1t.holly from raw tob&oco, t.ti8 gTowth of CaDada aad ra.w tear, the growth of C&nada, there shall be leTted and Col loclied OA eerr. pound, or lea quantltJ' .than a peund, at> Jtscloe dut,-0( four cents Table Of W eigbia. Kllocrammo ........ -.--. ........................... Duties in Newfoundland. Manufactured.' and omolclng tobac, lee 'II I>; ....., P.M-II"r:...w., and 5 per eent. ad leal, urultrla>"d .and tma&e!ID910!f;JI!o 91>; lpa(, otJ:ipp_ed lllc !jl Ill "f'' &bcTe pric Ill Amopc&D money. ( .. l Poreip Datle, 111 ........ FraDoe, Italy &Dd IIDUa the tobacco OOIDIIWOCI Ia _..,.. Usecf!>r-Goernment, nnder dlrec!lon-of a Regie. Ia Germ&llY lhe clatr .. tobacco and stems lo Ill marlt:8 per 100 kllorrammea. eqna.l .. 10.40 .,... .. per on otripa and oilr'apa 1110 markll per lW ldloto 22.01 ceau P'!'r pound; oa. manutactUJ'ed. &obaoo co ltoDd e!gara ll711 -per 1.00 kllogrammeo, equal to 33.18 aeata par "JIO!Inil. Ou to-prodaced In Ge-. Ule Ia>< -,. titter April 1. 1$1111:-l'rom April!, 1886, to -11, 1811, 10 per 1110 kiiCJiri'&IIWlOO. equal to J.tllcoota per pound; from 1, 1811, "' Karcll &1, l.IBI, ao Juarb_IJ!W 100 kilogrammea, equal to .ffl ore.-Pft l)OWUI; from April 1, 1881, aad thereafter, 45 ma.rD per 100 II:Do-equal to 1.10 ceDia per pound. Ia Belclum the rectcmed after 15 per cent. tor taro. The duty Itt 10 tr&Q t. t roublea ]0 topeka jMul OD llmolt:lng Tobacco 96 roublea 40 kopeks tl pad; and on Clll,'aro ll roub!M 10 topeka Dud. Tbo "pud" Ia equal to 88 Amerieaa lla. Ia 'l'urli:oy the d'Yty Ia eo. cent&, roJd, parcll" American uneea. lb En&lr.nd tbo are oa Unmaautactured:lltemmed ar 'ripped aDd conuYiliDI 10.,. or more of mot. ture In eei'J' 100 b: wl}b' t.bereot. 911 6d per a; eoutaining leea than 11 .... oi mobture, ao !Od ... ()n Jolaaufactnred tobacco;-Canndlah """ 4o IOd ; all ot.her aorta,_ hwludlng e1prettoo. 4o 4cl. Ia &dclltlouo the aboTe dutlea tbere Ia a cltarKe of ljj t1 -'-wareho. OD all deacrlptlou. Value of Foreign Coins. A.altrla-ftoriD,, 41,8cents. Japan-yeD, goldj arad lilY Belgtum-fra.Dc, cold UlCl, 99.7 cont.&. "' 19.3 centa. Llbetij>-ealnU'k-orown, gold. llll.8 centL' Bwtsia-rouble ot 100 kopeQ, au.,., RUVer, D.6 eea.ta. centa. ot 100 plaa&ent, colcl, France-franc, pld .t IIITer, 19.1 eu. and silver, lt.8'centa. Grer.t Britain-pound aterllDI:, gold. Sweden-Wn, gold, llll.8 -ta. 14 "-l!wltoerland-franc, &old ud 111-, JIOid u4 lOYer, 19.3 rentoo. LEAF TOBACCO, 96 to 1 I 0 Attorney St., YOR.:K.. THE FIRM o-r John Matthew., r lat Ave., 26th a: 27th St.., Jl'aw York1 Licensees of the Tilghman Sand procem an4 Manufacturers by other Patented Proeettaoo cf Transnaronl GLAss ... SIGNS. Sketches "nd Eatimat,. tumlshed on applleatiOIL WHEELJXG, W.Va. ;.,...,...,"',..,.. 8lollla. 2'iPI Hanke. Cbarloo. 14!111--lt90!:ii18U..a:D.,...nts. Trlpoll-alahbub ot !10 pluterw, .. 111.1 e. or, 7U centa. <:\ .. av.aft" CDcu.L 'II Ow1' ....... ._, 'w:= --ol: 1e ....,... .u-. Tnrtey-.piallter ._,.eat.. ....... N' .............. a lUcent&. United Statea ol: Oolomblr..689, 691, 693, &95,-t91l &91 lit lYLa I Bot.-ucl4111alllnllilo Laos, B. L & Bro. '!Ieder .t Bro. Pollaclt:, to lliilill.._ 011 .. JAy, .-llab'-llra, IOid u4 111-. lU ate. ai!Yer 811.6 oeate. TO::a.K.


CHEWDfG TOBACOO. wbkb i once m a nll f acta.ftid. uftderttJae aapenhiOII oC UteOflaiatOr, f MR. JOHN AN.DERSON. __ aDdnowot&Dds,asformerly,wltllouhrlvsl Onlers "' through \be usual channels will FR. ENGELBACH, "ft":&:OuES.A.u:ID TOBAOOO DEPOT &AGENCY r For p, W. PELGNER &: SOft'S, Jlelt.fam .. Tolaaooo &llCl Ciguoettes. 56 S. WASHINGTON SOUARE, N. Y.l prompt attention. m:ay Br9thers, 'lmportera of French Cigarene .Paper. ABd Sole A4enta ID the U. 8 for the ee:lebrated FRENCH GAMBIER CLAY PIPES. 105 24 A v-ue, 1iear 6th St., [Ho""" at l'l>.rls.J KEW YORK. Wf*AVHR STIJRRY [IIPORfiiidAr Aiii ... iiimcfiJRBBS. I -HISI ucnii'CI iinl LIGIICI !' a.nd gives J:etter sa.tlsfa.c.. e-Ver offered in the market. and it does so --: .. r t ... BECAUSE IT IS. "THE BEST! Sawing and Planing Mills la Ydelta Abajo.'' . Astonishing Creat Saving. of Expense by the new Improvement attained In the Pro.cess of extracting the natural flavor from Havana Tobacco. The Trade is here" til of Jmportant flllproveme& qJ j)Us ii:elr.tnow.n extract of Havana tobacco, imported fromHavana,imparting p. LA..I!fTING PLA. VOB to "Bat _.. a ..nil . 11 a.n.d 18 Oa.n.n.c::>:q.. N'e"'1:1'117' "'!li"'c::>:rk.. WisE & :a TQS.A.OOO:NX!!JTII!ll." SOLD A.GE'STS FOB NEW YORK: A.ND VICINITY FOR GOODWIN & CO.'S "OLD JUDGE & CIGARETTES. "MILD "-Rare Old VIrginia; "HALVES "-Rare Old Perique and VIrginia. ALL lfEIIALTIES FOR ft.ll ... -Ill TOUCCO. DJ.IVI_ OIL, ftJKC& IIIII. 'IDS, FL&'fORS; LICORICE: PA8TE.. M. ERTHEILER & SON, Always Uniform and Reliable. Powdered.Liooriee Boot. -c6 CQ ..&.!nJ P.A TENT POWDJIICR.1!:D LZCORJ:CE.' LICOaiCE 111 .. KAYE TH!i! FAVORITE BRANDS::( :IP. 8., :IPIGAYIIT,TJ .a. a'U'SOZIJI1 s Tobaoco manufacturers and the tnde W. E. UPTEGROVE, Spa.nlab Cedar I'Oit CIGAR BOXES, _,._ CiPr Bii hDHa. Foet lutU 11th St., East Rim. DW' YO.B.L & J / :HAltUTACT.URERS OF : HAVANA FLAVOR: ; 44 College .. New York; 146,48 & T., CINC!NN.ATI, OHIO, o. c:>. ::J:). K.; C. BARKEif&;l CO. Toloaooe> lla.uufaeturers ot the Celebrated 'American Eagle' "CLIPPER,'' "DEW DROP," A.n4 o&her ,ar ...... oC F:JNE-ctJT, -.uo-1UNIYERS!L FAVURITE.' 'FAWN/ .. OJ.d. ADd man.Y oilier Gradee and .Branda of BIIIOIINO TOBA.OOOSo 111 62 4 64 Larned Street West ::J:):IIITR.O::ET, Jlii:::EOJE![.' ca:.u. a. BULL, a...-r-' in geaeral are particnlarly requested to examine and test the superior propeldll of this LICORICE, which, being now bf0111bt to the highest perfection Is of. fered under the above style of brand. We are a1ao SOLE AGENTS for tbe bond ............ by consumers to be tbe bat in the market. AIICl for the brand of Licorice Stic.'' aomz oe;; Ia all respects equal to CAJ.;:ADlUA. Consumers and Jobbers w ould do well to direct. > SIS BEAVER STREET, 0 ., ,KEW Y RJf, i ... j Brokers; 14rWATER ST.; NEW lORK. JOHN CATT'!JS, Tobacco BnKHr, 83BfAYER ST., lEW Y9Rl. JAIBS G. OSBORNE, TOBACCO 4 Broad. S"t.,. 7 Ftrst Prize Medals-Vienna, 1878; Philadelphia, i878; Paria, l878; Sydney 1880. Special Concession by the French Covernment, and on Sale In all Civilized : WM' S. KLMBALL &. CO., ROCHESTER, N.Y. -::-::-Peerl.ess Tobacco 'VVork.&. F. & COMMl:SSION T. H. PURYEAR, ::BU""'.7ElB. MERCHANTS, I '-oF-. > ; BRETHERTON BlJILD;NGS LEAF TOBACCO Paducah, Ky. No. 10 NORTH JOHN STREET, '.. -I LIVERPOOL. ENC OPE'S. TOBAO CO PLANT 1 A MONTHLY JOURNAL FOR SMOKERS. PUBLISHED AT No. 10 LORD NELSON STREET, LIVERPOOL,, EN&LAND1 Price, Two Shillings (English) 'p'er Annum. I Whete Sybscriptions be or to 'THE TOBACCO LEA.F" :, .MERICAN 7a crs. PER ANNUM, POS,TAOE P.A.Jn .BUCBNEB. a :-oe.; oN"m::Eb.& ord::a..a..oco OfBce: DUane St., Ne"" .York. Chewfiig Sm..oking I :. I KAJroi' .t.oTmtEB.s or GOLD GOIN! < ,: ROYAL PUCK C .hewing TobaCCo\ CICARETTES. I SEPI'.ll Allen&'Dnmtit' l PATERSON, N. J., "MAG NOLl A S. M. RICE, Imnortor of Havana .... -.t.MD-COM_MISSION' MERCHANT; 636 Broadway, Ne. w York. Solelmportefof the Celeb1'&ted Bra.nda LA PERICH OlE & ENTRE NODS Jacob HenkeU, JUJWF .t.aroB.J:B or CIGA R BOXES 8'1Jl'EJIIOB IUD PBDO: QUA.LITr OJ' Cedar IU.NUJ'A.C'l'OREB or ALL IIDD8 a. u::E'X".D:OCllrR..&P.D:ltO Cigar-Box Label& A 'UGUSTUS POLLACK, Manufacturer of C:lcara, II Wheeling'' Crown & Seed i STOGXEIB, SEAL OF THE STATE OF WEST VA. And CRO'WIIJBmokiag.I:C,bewlnjfTohaocoo, WHEE.LING,wan Vtrcbda,..:U, S. Tbe beat Talue jiO()Cjs ID the IDIU'keta Of tho tin! ted. BtUee, aDd haDdled by !.he tl'ade aeoeralll'-


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