The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (12 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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Tobacco Leaf Journal

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Key: 220 : Pearl Street, -MANUFACTURERS OF THE-Havana. ScPil,ps for Sale. .. t.ILIBin'JUL. K. .i..-[MEB. I :B ........ c ..... GJr Jl -21 .. _a ..... K a A TO::EI.A.CCO,J ... 1'77 BT::O.BI:JDT, :N'EJ"gV TO::O.:&:.. :.:. .A.LBB-0 CO., 1 .4 J -:MANVFACJT'URERS OF-&}:-ANISH . . 'DOMESTIC WOODS, DIITATION SPANISH CEDAR, IMPO.RTERS IN OUR'OWN VESSEL OF SPANISH CEDAR and MAHOCANY. 685 'VV S:l::x'tl::l. S't.,. O:ln.o:ln.n.a 't:l. DONALDSON BROTHERS, &J'tean::l.. L:l 'tl::l.o8rapl::l.:lo Pr:ln. 'ters. TOBACCO LABELS AND SHOW CARDS. 'It, 0. Box 2791,] CliiP ::BIIV'li!!IR. T :J:):J!JSIO::O.:EPT:ECIN, !No Labeh kep& Ia -k. c :iiAN1tF .A.cuoREB.s,, Cor. Goi:Nk & '1'hfN st&, Nm""gV TOR.:B.. PRICE. LIST OF. I WM. DEMUTH & co. JUmli'-'Dl't1111mS or BRIAR AND A.PPLEWOOD PIPES; .)' I t ........... -..: ......... IMPORTERS OF SMOKERS' ARTICLES ; .... f i r 601' & o09 Broadway, -., '1:8 80 MERCER STREET, ... CIG.A.B. BOX SPECIAL PBI<:EI to all Pr.rtlesorderlng 20,000 Feet Aud upwarda. JleiDg scR.E lll.I.N'UP.I.CJT'URERII of &he perfectly smooth and thorollfl:hiY llW'D BD', j I na I o : :&.:.: ., ::wmvo ...-o:RB:, l. OF MEERSCHAU 1 AND CLAY PIPES. j. rj![ {, J SPECIAilfY OF SMOKERS' WOODEN SHOW FIGUftES. ::, i H r r ( (.loale 4 HBN Clp.J--ri!IJ:PORTE1UI e Pro..,eu&ed lo Uae ll'D.ll E:nenl or: lhe Law proYide4 tor tn aueh eaA new and beautiful article of Foil for Tobacco & Cigar Manufacturers, Druggists, Florists, &c Fandalaed Plaia or In Fancy Deale or: ()olor &Dd Ornameotatloa, ALSO IIIAN'UFAV'A'VRER OF 1 PUre 'Tb1 a.nd. 0-t:b.e:r Boiled to anJ' Gauce and ()a& &o Size, -.....:::.,. Prbatinc on TID Foil ln BroJLM aad Colora. Bottla Capa, all daeo, Plab& ouul Colorecl, 1ea 'Y JSTEJ"gV porte.d that the harvesting is in progress. The quality aa well as the quantity of the new yield is satisfactory, although the continued dry weather baa somewhat in1 NEW YORK, SA'IJURDAY, OCTOBER 2, 1880. terfered with the development of the plants. The re-J .. suit. is a l arger de v!)lopment of low leaves (Sand Grum- l GERMAN REPORTS. pen), but these are also to be utilized. 1A correspondent writing from Mannheim under date From (Bavaria) a of the of Sept. 2 says:-"llJhe harvesting of the new tobacco Tabacks Tthhe of the cfop is in progress. The leaves are quite large, new crol? 1s near Y ms e e qua tty of new although 'the continued dr:y weather haa not been very growth very good If the d_ry weather contmues, fli.vora:ble fllr a proper development of the plants. The the leaf 1s expected to be of a. br1ght yellow color. crop liowever, hag renched. a certain st.age of [ 1 whic h the subsequent dry weather could not A -WORD OF CAUTION. materially affect. Accor

'rHE "Alex" be' told whyt Is it not plaiDly beoauBe the inltaDees. The manufacturing wade is sluggish 'just R. Su_ ttonl New York, and the other of M-. Wm. d Re d d h b ..... '.. ,___nd Ma __ __ .. __ '11 ld d thl s V':-bal 11!'1 'will ,Jfler. 40 cents. In future thev will are omg more, an on w oae .-...... er ....,...,. now. n.._, ....,rs sma wee y an mon, y pur. ......... &Co., Rochester, N.Y. Mr. Sutton's suppledealmg m groceries, and do busrness n1 "The Duty of the Hour" eugge,sted floating the 'of leaf attest the palpable fact, and competition D;Ient. announces to the his "Sweet Brier" crystal-c1prs and teas. 0 Y lD J'UMdiPIWD J:VGY IU.'ftmDA'I' llOJIIUii& BY tidet The other of the trade, it will l;le 10 diminished proftta that a higher nmge for leaf tip Cigarettes-'the o'rlglnal_ glaBB roxEN, lfBWliU:N &: co., DETROIT. 41TH TOBACCO LEAf" PIJBLISHIIIG COIPIIIY _._._ __ ,1--" ... _.._ .;.m. uld rette. Mr.Suttoncallsapeclalattentontoliheeupenor n M11 observed, ............. ........ prev ..... at p.-u_t wo prove mcqnvement,_to of the mouth-piece of this cigarette, all the The -failure of this holl88 announced this week 100 MAIDIEN LAN IE, RIEW VORL The Bales for this monUl, a11 we wnte, 30, fi!J.Y to many m that of the tebaooo lll-conde!Jsed in the crystal tips, ,and will The ftnn established BOme, doing quite OOIIIIID C# PILUI'L ftalft. were a11 follows:-.,_... -_ st.&n the bps nor ftngei:B. -Mr. Sutton's name an exten81ve bwsmeBB dealers and cigar ma.nu8nf.ABD JIUII!IP.I .. .....,. ........... ... ............................ JIIIft'oll,_ Tolilanura. eutters. _.. Jobliers. Expono ;Qur" Western f.Oends "and Eastern ones toO truly 1s well known .tobacco and 'l'Nhe Y1irmk h1s ea1d to owe the following ,.n-bhdlt: hhdlt. bhda. lihda.. _..-"'' .. r throuuhout"shoul(ihavehls "SweetBr1er" ew or OUBeB:MesBrS.Havemeyers&; ............... ..... .:: .. :::::.:.:.............. 1 880--378 675 h ve su red rro.. years of 'AS faras...tbe other supplement page accomV1gelius. X; L. & C ; L Holt, 15,100; A. Cohn, ftDIID o TID P.t....., '18'79789 / ) 182,.--r i t.ref" 111.1" to Jlroflt Jl6DYiJJgit.b:lS issue isT oonellrned it will be remembered $3,900; F. Miranda & Co. ; $3,800; Wm. & Co -.. ClORE ................................... .. -- c-. (The purehases by cltters lUll her melud< ubder' ,-TH} T9BAOCQ LBAr is going to that Messrs. W S. Ki.\riball & Co. are known all over FP. Tag & 08 14 h"' b---'--.. T "'J ---try to-b:eJP theWest and East to "draw fll'good profiJ;::, the W}l:rld a11 the. manufacturers 'the celebrated' e P a, a, t2,000. vvhat. the habiht1es and m IIOftBII ................... ; ........ "'"': ........ ;. 1.0!' t ., .,.... of manmactur!Jll-J ......--: / _,_... ..-_l:ligarettes and oobacco. WaH gOods ...... e.., be as yet ll.t!ciertamed, as a statement ...-The Septem'bJr both now and We repeat .tliat the U'ilde 1s sell g jn every part of the-globe Messrs Au;;\u.tin & of the affali'S of thn firm has not been prepared It is ._., -...,. AJ(l(f]AL IJUBIIOBIPl'IOliB ABRO.t.D. 11M does an a:ct[ve export and. must be kept stron8';'tlut t Dusel, of-this city,, are agents the firm.. rumored that they have .)ll&de an offer to settle; but !t ....._ sales sboWfi the clioking up the tradets-cornmercml -hB!Idnohtbeeben accep1ted: We hear that so _me of theu ._ lho. ""'II:Ho...,.., ............ .......... ........ 1.01 tl t Fr h II -goo s ave en rep evmed-onelot found m the wareCmt.o. .................................. ... ............. .. li.OI same month m 1879. The export sales-result .ou e ere, all we as mgress, 18 NOTICE. of h e firm by :ttfr. A. Cohn, and a lot, at Jll'8o from OJM!rlltions of the R egies. and are filllli, ( f rey the firm hall been filed in one of One LIDe '" bot&om ot Pap ...... ............ .. *50 Whether or not the receipte at the eeabOam afte11 order to effEl an4 28, our friends'vieiting Havana can. al\Va:rs I LID ll Wide (loluDlll .... 18& tj& ble, to come forward, and the inducements this mark the stoc_k, s m .. YorJ;;; _whlCh lS 11!! we of Vuelta Abajo, Partido, and NOTICES, WANTS or CAUTION NOTICES. t b b ., h "' l< W l f to nemed10s r l "'-sents for the remainder of the season. If factor e su J _v_; w Oiesome s xor ,..e es ..... n ea '-, lneoo 0 n ................ .. ............ Clen&s. h t nrl d ted b b th "w, !111-816 F GARCIA, BRO.&; Co LIII.M e .. .. ... rc ................... -. L ... ... Ijls.60 d;scourage buyers finnness, shippers will : l"acco ,r;;re. as UQ Y an [fl 0 : .:::::::: .. .. be chary of a furth'er cl6gg!ng of e market; but !Eastern: friends. CARD FBOM HOll-&-CE :a. KEi:.i.Y & CG., Lin: .... ::::::: .:::::::::::::1!:88 sales are proinptfy in to tli e:::M'i;ing : "A)ex hnw.orously 1ifty broli;erage succESSORS,.'+O E. EriY &: co., 1::::: demand, tbe recei ts re li ely to b e imiteii oni'y by per hogshead on all tobaccos that ma; pu. r121 (, 101 READE sTs., NEW YORK:. M. & E. Sal n; L &E. Wert eim Fatman & Co ., Havemeyers lli; Vigelius, S. Michaelis & Co., .. the _supply to tie sp West. Nobooy: CAll. an_d usa m Wepa kegreatplea_sureinnvtifying the Trade tl}at U 9r eea1. oa the now tell what that supply is, since nobody knows n ae4 to where on the 1st May we and his yet unmarketed. We certainly do not .f'. Wf;l c _on .. ess .n.o.expe? modelled our factory, havmg engaged as supermFox. Dills & Go., B. Brod, H Friedman Schroeder & Bon, Foster, Hilson & Co ..._ N. Lacbenbruch & J:Sro., Bunzl & Dorl!litzer, E Spmgarn & Co., Baseh & Fischer, Fruchen & Roess, Ca88S. 76 118 550 14 112 169 16 100 93 B5 85 tb ff A"b A t. '-b k Prica. iloes not like our simile of floating with the e pro., er.:u tendent of same,. oommon and vastly more successful pla.n is to engage as a broker, where no questions are if the ren5 is paid 'in advance. Then issue a card under an usumed name, taking caretbatit shall be the name of a which hall a rating. ip the mercantile reports, write for samples and order goods. Among the hundreds of manufacturers. ther will be some who, on examination of the agency' books, will consider safe to niake a Binallshipment. Once the goods reach NeW. York, good-bye to the desk and the oflfce-boy. Then the shipper opens his to the fact that the COill; mercial agencies do not give s treet and number of the parties whom they rate, and that goo!ls intended for a responsible name have gone to a scamp : tide. He says "only corpses do;" that is, float with not oul'liri e B ,ut_we MR. H. L. RoxorrL, the tide. Now, "Barkis," who .11-s always ''willin'," ,to say. m If 1 well known as a manufacture r of exceptional ability went ut,with the tide. He wQs dead, -tope sure, when on a and experience. The greatest care has been exercised he but he jQurneyed to the "bpurn 'fhepce __ and in the selection of tobaccos, and our personl!l atten no tra' ve1ler returns" on the reflux or ebb"' tide. Ships Gennany lD .. n; that year. Does anybody know how much it will be? We' iii all. We 81J.ould bavo replied to "Alex" week do not. Suppose it will be 175,000 hogsheads-it is not if our availabl space had not been otherwise engaged likely. to be less, judging from the area plantedranii the prior"tQ the receipt of his copy. We reply to him thi!! week in no expectat.ion we shall be able to con, latest crop reports of our special correspondents, the frost keeping away-then the J d.ggregate foots up vince him that we are right a.nd that he iB wrong, but becau,se it appears to us proper to fonnally recog 410,166 hogsheads. When it is, recollected that' this a,ggregate does not include scattered stocks held here and nize a dissenting hen. oowt.eouely expressed by an intelligent obse "r+er of the situation of the New. there in the_ growmg nor s fO'CfS in ntm t ll'i 'tobaeco market, such as Alex., one manufacturers' hands, it wiU. pe l!!)rceived that the "basis to fiitart a on" 1s not Messrs. A. S. Rosenbaum & Co. sold this weeK. 40 cases of Pennsylvania. To BE WEDDED.Mr. David Lachenbruch, of the popular finn of N. Lachenbruch & Bro., leaf tobacco -Messrs. M Lilienthal & sold 30 bales Havana merchants, of this city, will be united in marriage oh wrappers and 130 bales of fillers. Tuesday evening, October 5, .to Migs Ella Meinhard. -Messrs. M Westheim & Co. have sold 200 cases of The many friends of these estimable young p eo ple will Ohio and 50 cases of Connecticut. wish them in advance of and after their nuptials a -Mr C. W. Allen, successor to Allen & Ellis, Cincinhappy journey together through life. nati, was here a few days ago. A. Blumlcin & Co., Jos. Seligsberg & Co., Total, 6 10 50 3,433 INTERNAL REVENUE RECEIPTS. -Mr. Charles R. :1/Iess inger, of Toledo and lady, have been in thi s city since our previous issue. lllore than 8124,000,000 Collected During tlle Lad rom says: The of.Prmce -Therehasnotbeenverymany large sales in leaf Fiscal Year. eoent aJ?-d r wpsthis wee k but bl.lSiness is improving. -rube with'sktll eii economists and commerctal exper ts, WASHINGTON, Sept. 26.-The annexed statement w:ojection of a bjll, to be presentied probably: at -essrs. L: Gershel & Bro. thetr entire Conshows the amount of internal revenue c;oll,cted in the the next s easio n to the Prussian Parliament; aiming at nectlCut packmg to Mes s rs. S Rossm & Son. States and TerritOries. the fiscal year the formation of a State Working Men's Assurance -Prices of Pennsylvania both for old and endmg June 30, 1880. The DIStrict of Columbia was and Mutual Assistance Society, to which laborers and new, have been ruling very firm during this week. made part of the Third Collection: District of Maryland will bf! bound _to, contribute. The system Mr. John Straiton, of the firm of Straiton& Storm, in1876 and the receipts from that district are included w1l be first tr1ed m Pruss1a. has retur):led from a two months' sojourn in California. in the amount cr. edited to the Statli) of Maryland. The r -M. essrs. A. S. Rosenbaum & Co. sold during the States are arranged _in geographical groups, in order week 250 cases of State Seed to ;Messrs. L. Simone & that the amounts patd by the several sections of the Bros. c ountl-y may be the more readily compared. The ag gl'egate amount shown in the recapitulation does not -Mr. Joseph Schroeder, of Baltimore, was in town include $7,161,155 collected from the sale of adhesive dldring the week and made some purchases of lea to stamps, fines, Plln alties, etc., which amount could not I bacco. be claBBified, andl which, added to of the re 0JiTw F 'S:r'itqof & INljiw \1\1 -:-Mr. G W .. of Louie Bremer's SOns, ofi capitulation above gjven,makes the sum coil-ected from vV.:e er.ef>Y' notifY -Dealers and Mantrfactdlers 'tf' Philadelphia, 1s m ou market and makiDg large inte l'Dal revenue for the tlaat year 374. Fol Cigars, and the public in general, that any infringepurchases. lowing is the statement by States ,and geographical q1ent of our rights,in !Regis.tered! 1Trade-mark No. '-Mr.:R. St:eiheeke, the well-k'iio:wp cigar manuf.-groupe:-51,68q, ?8, .conturer, reports a large increase of orders for his various NEW NGLAND STATES. sists ofa.Rh SYMB1ffovti:P. LIED brands of cigars. Maine ............ -$16,7681 Massachuootts $2,63lS,G53 CIGA_R, Jt er Y e m rutu. or sa_e o tgars On e of our leading importers states that the husiNew'Hampshire ... 278,139 'Connecticut... 461,180 bearmg "il hE; by ness in Havana toll&cc i vlll'Y' brisli: ; figures'rulehfili Vermont..... 501545 I Rhode Island.. 210,884 w; :;uc; { 0 1 1 1 for suitable goods. -----'We p bhsh th1s notJCb lll THE TOBACCO LEAF, the T tal '"" 713169 United ates Tobacco Jou'l'ltal, 9>-e Chicago Leaf, d -Messrs. E. & Bros. sold 21?0 Ca88S of o . . Weste T'o'1fieco JO'IWIUll and Groc e rs' Rem'ew ,jo 1879 State and 200 cases of 1879 Pennsy1vama to manuifiDDLE. sTATEs. that al shall have notice and no one can clairh to facturers at good figures. New York .... $16,249,8771 Delaware ... .' .. $304 ,898 have ac ed in ignora@e : .; :;.-, > f.Messrs. S. imporf:ers .of New Jereey &ryland ....... 2,593,957 814 ,_ STRAITON & STORM. rece1ved by the C1ty of WaBILtngton 100 bales P.enneylvauia 6,869,931 r ----evidently is; as also, to give fuller expl'essi6n to our views on the same sutject than we bad oppor_tunity For it must be_ remembered ttiat 'MERC ToBACCO I!>MI>ANY Ol!' BosTON IN !.IQUI for in the series of desultory observations to which supphes here enumerated have to cover two years DATION. On the twenty-third day of June last the consumption, next year's crop is Jikel Directo s of the ],Jerchants Tobacco Co. unanimously oC fim.1 tobacco from Wavana. Total ....................... : .... : 130,025,971 -':Messrs. H. & Co sold during the week ocSOUTR ATLANTIC AND GULF ST.A.TES. 2op bales of Havana to an up-town manufacture aulh Virginia ..... : .. ,5:781,4091 Alahl}ma ...... $185,890 also sold 300 _Penns lvania to ot_!ler_parties. Carolina. 2,354,007 MiBI!J:i!sippi.__..... 91,233 ;-Messrs. E. Hoffman &: Son sold during the week .South Carolina. 111,962 Loms1ana . 712,050 200 cases 1879 Pennsylvama, 100 cases 1879 ConnectiGeorgia. . . 322,0741 Texa11 . . 233, 107 "Alex" takes exception. 1 d r d te b b f h 0 A th t f d Nature and human amb1t10n will permit 1t w be, pro vote 1qm a t e usmess o t e company ct. 1, e com,menc!lmen o our reJom er we may re. h' h th' b t' ul t to 1880, a d the stockholders subsequently assented to the mark that there is, after all, when. all is weighed and 1 g pnces s year ecome as m an prosale of ll the property of the company. The machin-balan.ced ldaa diffe-nce bet th h th uc ton. liances, etc. brands, trade-marks, patentcut,and 50 cases 1879 Stllte Ssed to manuFlorida ....... 204,590 ----facttl.rere. .. Total ....... ,_ ......................... t9, 946,522 l -The "Prince Albert cigarettes, manqfactured by WESTERN AND SOUTHWESTERN STATES. General George W. Helme, are very popular, and the :Arkansas ...... $126,0891 Minn8il0ta. . 13,690 ween us an e or e T h 1 ,, w t f d ,., b h 1 ual ad h o e p es ern rien s, y w om we suppose rights, etc., are for sale, al or singular, consist-C88 re er nug t suppose, by "Alex" means Western shippers, it will not be well, ing in of two pTug machines, different from General states that he is far behind in filling the orders Illinois ....... 23,035,614 Missouri....... 5,449,654 that are coming in. Ir:tdiana ........ ;213,SS6 t 91!,781! of pQrcept10n to the text our respect1 ve disqms1t10ne. d t d f 1 te t tc'la and having improvements which no other machines H "AI ...., 11 d H t '"' 1 we JU ge, om uce anners or p an rs o p1 ,.. '!!rge d d 1 e, ex, means we ; so o we. e Wan s to liB p 881. 'd Mr W 11 li bl have, a apte to ugs 12x3, 9x2Jo(, 6x3, the New York market and its Western friends so do' crop lll vt e aces re a e Cir?u6x1, 4xl7. Also 1rpn-back frames o.r shapes, 32 So f f t d W b Iars relattve to the necesstty of the plantmg frames 401ups, l2x3; 32 cups, 9x2)4; 32 fra,mes wdiffe. 1 ar whe else accor e to area within bounds. 32 frames cups, 6x1-all made W. yr. H. Lew 'is, of Cincinnati, who sailed Iowa: ....... 854,850 I Ohio ....... : ... 18,018,999 from th1s -for W"Ope, waa expectea to 'arrive at 262,734 Tenn-ee.. .. l,(Mi6,736 Boston on.....'fedneeday. His many friends at home will 'Kentucky...... 8,885,5451 West Virginia. 3'10,672 et on y w en e us a pure and s1mple "Th 1 d' b h R ii d Ca w &-eo., ichmond, Va. Al8o four sets screw Bear, with a Bull's hide gradually peeling off." We ,e eala lmgh uretrhs: sue n,, p: e ses (6 screws in each prElSB), iron frames, made by' be d 17 see him. 1,611,758 Wisconsin.: ... 21,8t6,517 might retort that perhaps .. Alex" was a Bull whose excep, Ion Y 8 or Is year, remar .. s "':'e x, ,anu Cp: el.i s & Plaft, iron bands, Bear's h d had b "' eeled ff b t ill be he adds: Surely this trade bas suffered thetr etc. 0 polishing pots and .Slilall hydhmtic presses. I 1 e een P 0 n w cause, inftuences too long to miss the 'golden opportunities' :M;achin q: complete for making boxes. La.i'ge Bunzl & Dormitzer inform us thatl'the par-T t 1 T% -----agraph in our issue of last week, stating that they had 0 a .. .$69,799,229 bought 100 cases of Pennsylvania, is incorrect as they P.&.CIJ'IC STATEII. to use h\8 own wordll, that would not be fine argu-'thi h If th h \ Q r'-h lot of y sycamore boards of l:iest quality. All tne ti .. now w1 n reac e onElllt mm t.meanlllg our f men ng. .. 1 b t th N y k k 1 machu:t ry !lnd a:pplumcesare o th--e-most modern and n ever buy in this market. .... .Nevada. ... ... -Mr. Karl Jungb uth, the agent for Mr. James c. Colorado..,.. 168,2160 Oregon ....... $60,455 76,982 "Alex." sa s:-" The fi ur s iven" (b us) while e to r.!JS ore to. e ew or mal et Its egit1 apP,rov d .kmds, m perfect order, good as new. 811-tf h dy thg e: gl Seyt 1 1880 mate trad'e. then let 1t not be at tlie expense of our 1 MpAndrew's licorice in 1\.as jJJSt returned. from his European tour. Mr J:mgb.luth is the senior $3,089 ,332 s owmg a ecrease dn e supp yon p aa W : d b 1 h t d te 1879 1 t all .. 1 d th ... estern .Lrien s, ut et t em uraw a good profit out agatne a m \ a son_!! ur Y u e lh 'of their p tesent chance. ,. No .one -'!'(HI ,deqy tha after large proportion of detert6rated old stuff, whiCh, tqough th 1 f d "t""" rl'tli -t "'tl d tol t h 'th .. t eir ong years o tsappom me ,. ey ar&en 1 e t coun ... m e s ocK, lS not a vallable except for agri. t 1 r 11 ltal "T hih ''h h 1 1 cu ur purposes. o w c we reJom t at we ave A 'd fi ld f d' d th' b f t h d f W t 1 af th t h b ad Wl e e 0 lSCUSSJ.On IS 0p11ne 'i.p IU lS riB no ear o any es ern e a as een m e t t .. Al t' I h -'-il bl f lt 1 AI ex rae u om ex s commumca Ion t i's roue to avu a e or agrwu ura purposes ex meruung ha -"AI. d t th b .. 1 fl. f th Re b th b 1 b ve ex a m1 e ane..,u m uence o e g1es y e p raseo ogy, we suppose, to acco fit only for ferIt th' lik b tb H ml t d H t tilizing land; but are free to admit that there may be lSbso:_e e 0 a e an ora 10 spea some, p088ibly ti considerable quantity, of this "dete mgSo y fe cthap N. y k f to h 1 'h ht t ted ld t"""" h 'bl me o e ew (lr f,\C rs. ave ong ,. oug 1 riora o 11 un m t e vial e sup-ply; and 1t 11 be-.. td b 1 tte f th h t d 'if th R --t8 cause of this possibility, for one reason, that recomwo_.... e e r or e ome ra e e por ded "Th D t f th H d were open ports, and free trade and competitiOn were men m e u y o e our, an now recom-th 1 1 T h n d w d th red t f th to k d bad d. d f e umversa ru as some.,ae v1 e an estern men e uc 1on o e s c s goo an rn 1 fri h h fe t t the ld b t 1 h bl ends t oug t when they pet1t10ned Congress laot ren o wor y promp sa es w en practlCa e k h ra'-e tha tho f th h ld' f tb th t' -' wmter to see t e abolitwn of the Eropean monopo..... r n ur er o mg o em m lCl . t -0 f f th t f th lies, out of whiCh the Reg1es have sprung. ThiS pa 1 n o rece1 vmg or em, or any par o em "Al k d b speculative prices. .As will be seen below., the petttlon, ex nows, we ou t not, was -favor-supplies of hogshead tobacco in the markets of the rece1ved and acted upon by Congress. POi;ld Se t 1 ted t 235 000 h h d s1bly the European governments where the tobacco. f tamh. 01un th. t 0thovebr k'teogs ea s. monopolies exist will abolish them in compliance with ltoa a 1 o IS eng o e usmess I to use a the request of the Government of the Umted States; homely figure, It seems to us w1ser to cut off as much 'bl t T -11 d t d tb t f . poss1 y no 1me Wl e ermme, an 1n e m enm as o 1t now, wh1le prices are fatrly remunera ll h f th b t :M hil th Re tive. tllim to wait for a n a dvance that appears unmay a ope or e es eanw e, e like l y to be realized ;, Alex continues'-'-' liveand have th. et.r b emg. They want our to'Qaccq as "To. d 1 t be usual, and the question arises: .Shall tb.ey be sold, to raw, 1o" eyel' a rue comp&'lSOn tween now th :t th th aff d t d d h h ldb em now a e pnces ey can o .pay an au t en, 1t s ou e stated that while the vts1ble supf to ff d t ll f h 11 h b h ld f I ll th 'b) d d 1 ac rs can a or o se or, o r s a t ey e e or p y lS sma er, e v1s1 e eman lB arger and it th h f h h uld be dd d th t th ts t th b d e c ances o t e future! Whatever may be the 8 0 .1 abe r ef;:ecei' t 1 personal opinions of "Alex" and ourselves regarding necessaftn Y e 1dg t er 818e 7 r 9 ;, ep t ey the merits or demerits of the Regies as a factor in the were a e r same a e 1n b d 1 thi h h 1 1 th h tl o y-po ttlc s 1 s t e questiOn, t e on y questiOn at n IS paragrap 1ere are two pl'OposttiOns; Jet us issue in this connection. -see how the fit"Bt tallies w1th the facts. w l t th' t d d h Th a1 f J e 1nc 1ne a IS momen as we 1 w en we 8 es rom to Sept. 1, 1880 and 1879, penned "The Duty of the Hour," to the belief that the m fulS market were respectively ao follows:t te t { th w t 1 f ad h To Manut's. Cutiero. Jobbers. permanen lD res s o e es ern ea tr e, ere hhds. hhda. bhds. spec:_ra, and elsewhere, will be best subserved by giving specu1880--4,.017 3lSO 2, 990 23,691 Iation, for the nonce, its quietus, and trade, at current 1879-g,410 1,043 6 ,263 17,548 2,075 prices, the impetus which it so urgently demands. Ask Taking the season through', as here comprised, it will any one of the thousand tobacco manufacttirere in the be seen the Bales Iaiit year exceeded those of this year country if an. appreciable advance in the present prices br. 5,038 hogsheads The Bales for export this year, it of leaf iB either warrantable or endurable, an.d what iB will also be seen. exceed those of last year; need the answer likely to be? Surely negations, in both I member of the firm of Jungbluth & Co. s s. F : W. FELGNER & So.N, Baltimore, have -Mr. S. Auerl;>ach sold 75 bales of very fine Ravana :placed pon tl:ie,market a cigarette called the Pilrand a lot of 18'79 Oonneccut seconds to a manufacfect; hic}l ;meet& with a great demand. Mr. F. En ture r. Mr. Auerl>acll:'i!!'jliSt now giving his warehouse gelbac the New York agent, is far behind in his and office a pew dre.!!_UY" renovating them in a fineT f style. Cllls. F. WARLIO, <;lealer. in leaf and -Mr. E. having commenced the Seed leaf Total ..... ... .. T-ERRITORIES. Ne.w:Mexico .. "'1;-t;53 Utah ... .' .... 22 ,6lf6 I Washington .. 33,714 t Wyoming .... $274,1$ Ha ana tobacco, 29 First' Avenue, this city,'packed business in connection with Havana, bas-bought of a gOod round umber of 61' Connecticut lately. Messrs. E. Splp.garn & Co. 100 cases of 'New England Mr. Wahiig lias been established since 1865, and is a and' from Messrs. A. S. Rosenbaum & Co 50 cases of M 'ddle State relial1le,and-re8pQ.QsiWe 'Pennsylvania. & th Atla 8ti.' WE are< informed by Melisrs. Strruton & Storm that -Mr. harles D, of Hill. Skinke;r & Watkins, :nd RECAPITULATION. 13,713,169 I West andSouth-30,025,9711 west ....... 161,'1'99,119 Pacific Slope.. S,OSi,SU l9,946,32i I Territories.... .274,186 theirregistered trade-mark, Ow 1," baa 6eim intobacco merchants, of RIChmond, Va:, fringed upon. Messrs. Straiton &Storm have been the-ptud us of a VISlt on Thursday. H111 owners of this brand for eighteen yea. rs, and as iy finn are -.;ery popular m RIChmond, and have covers cigars, cigarettes and tobacco, manufacturers holl!!e 100 by 200 feet on. Street. From this City have no right to place it upon their goods. Mr. Hill goes West on a DUSJ.n_P.t!B _tour. MESSRS w. T. BucxwELL & Co., as announced in -Messrs. & V1geliue havli) sold far our issue of week, have commenced the of thetr. packfacturing of cigarettes and long cut smoking tobacco. mgs at fiWres wtthout 'Fhe firm mf_orm A package of their new brand of long cut wa.s shown us 1 they were willmg to a.ccept offereJ pnees, us and tllere is not a finer tobacco or a more beautiful wh1eh only a trifle belo'W own they upon the market than this. It is suitable either could dlepOBe _of the of their .. for pipe or cigarette smoking. R. Finzer, of Fmzer _Bros., LoUISVIlle, wal! m MESSRS. SANCHEZ & HAYA, importers of Havana New a few days ago. the recent tobacco, and manufacturers of fine cigars, have been of thetr factory t!te Messrs. Fm.zers have compelled, owing to the large orders received all al?-other one at Mam and Twenty-fourlh Streete, over thecountry for their different brands of' Cigars, ville, they are all busy .II!' they ca.n !Je f!Hmg to double the number of their hands. They are far orders m tl!er cu.stomMY expE\dltious and satisfactory behind their orders. The special brand of this old firm manner. is the S & H" for cigars; it is aleo the trade-mark for -In our last issue we stated that Mr. Maurice Eller their Havana tob a cc os. Messrs. Sanchez& Haya state had sold for Messrs Rosenwald & Bro. to Messrs. that they have a large stock of fine leaf on which Sutter Bros., of Ch.icago, Messrs Rosenfield & Co., will enable them in the future to execute then orders of Detroit. a cel'tam quantity of tobacco. We should more plomptly. have said, instead, that Messrs. A 8. Rosenbaum &Co. c. H. CALISCH, a gentleman who for many years had sold 100 bales of Havana to Messrs. Sutter Bros., has been connected wlth the tobacco trade in the and 100 bales of the same to Messrs Rosenfield & Co. capacity of a leaf tob::tcco broker, but who for the last Me ss rs. Rosenbaum & C.o; also sold m the same ten Qr twelve months has been engaged in another cases of and 400 bales of Havana to busidess hall established himself again at hie old stand different part1es. ... --in Water Street in his former capacity. Many leading leaf buyers in all parte of the country for whom Mr. Caliech formerly acted as broker, a11 we.U a11 the trade at large, will be pleased to learn that Mr. Calisch, who served his customers faithfully, hall rSIIumed his old vocation. Ws refer the readers of this week's issue of Tm: Toucco LBAJ' to the supplement pages ibe same, one bearing the advertisement of Mr. Jobn Business Troubles. .. MOORE, JENKINS & CO., NEW YORK. There is nothing ne w r 6Jarding this failure, as the assignee hall not yet filed hts report. Mr. R. Steinecke writes us that Rokohl & Stsinecke are not creditors of this firm, that they not done any business witb the boll88 for over a year, and that Mr. Steinecke himself is not pel'IO!lally a credUor. The firm, it is Total. ... ............................. $118,848,2111 TOBACCO W AREHOlJ'SES llf FLAMES Shortly before 6 o'clock Friday, SeP.t. 24, a ftre broke out in the engine-room of A. Baricio' s window-shade factory, at the foot of Sedgwick Street, a block from the East River front, between South and Hamilton Ferry slips, Bl'ooklyn. The building was of briok, flve stories h1gh, of 100 feet front and 66 feet deep. It Stood on the south side of the street, and a bndBe 8C1'0IIII Sedgwick Street connected it with a compamon build ing used for the same purpose by Mr. B&riclo, on tobe other side of the way. The building on the north aide of the street wall 200 feet long 3nd 80 feet deep. Both buildings were formerly occupied bf the' Lorillard8 as a tobacco factory, before that business was removed to Jersey City, Next to the window-shade factory, on the north side of Sedgwick Street, wall a tobaccO factory of a hnn dred feet front and eighty feet deep, lealled by Thomas B. Watson. He. manufactured plug tobacco. The building was of brick and was four stories in height. Both this building and the window-shade factory be longed to the estate of Charles Kelsey. The fire caught in the tobacco f.actory as the employoos were leavillg it for the night. W...hile the flameS were destroying the window-shade factory an explosion in the southern building "scattered fire far and wide. A tank of benzine just outside of the building bad burst. When the fire was nearly under control a second explosion took place. b wall a hydraulic press. In it there had been left in press a. quantity of moist tobacco leaf. The heat expanded the tobacco and loosened the of the press. Mr. Watson'sstock was fully insured; ite value Wall $10, 000. The of the Are is uuknown.


/ OCT, 2 EXGLUB BO.&JUI 0:1' TLUIE BETVJU( .. The following is the substance of the English Board of Trade returns for September, as far as the tobacco trade in the United Kingdom is 'J:he report says:-Apart the sh1ppmg: operat1one coDDected with the trade1 which are below, the official accounts the of to bacco received and delivered m the Uruted Kmfldom, lately issued are fairly satisfactory, and con_firm the that this important branch of the r'!venue is lrteadily recovering from the severe 1t B\18 tained in April, 1878, when the duty was 4d per lb The landings during last month, though m excess of the small amount in 1879, were considerably lighter than in August 1878 and for the eight months were 22,848,390 lbs. short of those in the same period of that year. din A t 31 The imports for the e1ght months en ng ugus amounted to 29 337 991 pounds, unmanufactured to bacco, and 2,242:795 pounds manufactured and total, 31,580 ,786 pounds; value, ,632,139. The 1m ports dunng the month of August amounted to 6,383, 923 pounds unmanufactured tobo.ccc, and 290,948 pounds manufactured and snuff. Total, 6 674,871 ; value, ,159. d In the clearances for home consumptiOn, August there was a fresh stride forwards as compare with totals entered as duty paid in of the two preceding years, and bes1des presentmg a further gain over thuse in 1879, the aggregate number of e!l tries for the first eight months of this year were wnhin 154,020 lbs. of the grand total in 1878 The home eonsumption for the e1ght months endmg Aug. 31, amounted to 31,980,716 pounds manufactured toba,cco, and 875,868 pounds unmanufactured and snuil'; total 32,856,584 pounds. The total amount of home consumption for the month of was 4, 094,810 pounds. It is add!!d: Turmng from a per118al of the above cheermg_po.rt1culars to an exam mation of the export returns, It 1s a rather dreary pros pect to find that in that departme'!-t of tobacco trade there is not the least s1gu of Improvement. If anything, the comparison witb. former years more discouraging than before, as s_maller ahipmB!lts durmg August, the m the respective totals for the e1ght months are w1der than they were at the end of July. The exports of manufactured tobacco for the eight months of the year ending Aug. 31. amounted to 5,-299 919 pounds manufactured and s nufl', 949,748 total, 6 249,662 pounds. Value, ,684. For the month of August, 393,034 pounds manufactured, and 144,714 ponnds manufactured mtd snulf. Va.!-ue, 629 Stocks in the bonded warehou ses of the U .;ntcd somewhat augmented durinf; the month; but not so as to materially <:>.Iter relatiOn to those in 1879; though when contrasted the total in 1878, it will be seen that the comparative surp!us prevwusly shown laas been succeeded by a. pos1t1ve d eficiency of 9,174 ,911 pounds. The stock on hand amounted to 105,768 ,83 6 pounds unmanufactured tobacco, and pounds manu factured and snuff. Increase durmg August, 1 939,551 pounds. F'ROM THJ: PACIFIC COAST. The San Francisco Merchanfi; Sepp. 17, reports:-The shipments of San Francisco-made cigars by ra1lroad to the AtlantiC, m the month of August, as reported by J. c Stubbs, Freight Agent of the 0. P. R. R., 12/710 Ibs or at an average of ?:7lbs to the 1,000, a Iitile under. half a million. The recetpts f:om East in the same period were 148 cases, large and small, includmg Havana., Ch1_cago, New York, etc., say alx>ut 1,000.000 etgars, mcluding an average of nearly 7, 000 to a case. The demand for plug and smoking is good, though the trade in the former is, to some exrent, not qmte recovered from the auction sale held last week by order of Esberg Bachman & Co., to clear off some of the surplus stock taken over with the stock busmess of A S Rosenbaum & Co. Th e sale, which was held Fr1ru;_y was well attended, and the bidding for many parcels' quite spirited. Some lo ts went of!: at low fig ures, but, taken as a whole, the was success ful. :But for the dar prev1olll! bemg Adm1sswn Day, and many Ieadmg JObbers bemg m attendance upon President Hayes, ihere would have been more large buyers present. Small parcels of leaf have been sold durmg the week, though the solemnization of the Hebrew by ening the week, has again mterfered with Manufacturers who have exo.mmed the stock of 79 Pennsylvania-, report to us that have not seen ':my of the stem-rotted tobacco of which the San FranciSco correspondent of the U. S. Tobacco Journal On the contrary, our informants say that t_he cases they have examined so far show a. very satlsfact:s we have had considerable rain. wbacco growing rapidly. and if is now than 1t was two weeks ago. With a contm, ue.tion of the present style of weather a few da;y.s, that portion the crop now on the bill will not npen the of October, that is the larger part of 1t cannot. I thmk 1t qmte evident, unless we late frost, that the greater part of the late plantmgs Wlll be bar vested green. U the fall be hke was l ast year there will be ampl e t1me for the ent1re crop to matlire. Last year October tbrough w11 think ten -or fifteen days, a large portion now out will be, crop now" all housed, a.nd what the IS gomg on {>retty freely, but the greater part of .growers dQn't want is warm sultry weather. Two or tobacco cut IS not r1pe. A great deal of the cr; IS three, ;d(J.ys of 11uch weather l!lost week excited their perfectly green. TT. c OO,:z .nd r -feats; ;but the danger of pole sweat was averted by a vpper 1'm a decided change to l'ool weather. Burkeville Sept. 24.We qave nothing new to report in the Cutting hou!!J.l)g seem to he pr? OHIO. greesing very well. We st1ll adhere to a half crop If '' Seed LeafDistrict. the season is favorable. B. & BRo. Eaton, September 27.-Since my last report there Export. has been but few, if any, sale s of the old crop, of which Keytesville, September 27.-The crop in this there is s till some here. The new crop is the largest county is about two-thirds cut and housed. It has foranumberof years-laterainscausingaremarko.ble goodiilzed leaf and good body. In quality it is growth. The crop is all in the shed now in this lo per!Or to 1879, and IS less worm-eaten. It was cality -in good condition, and curing, we thmk, very yellow, but some late hot wet weather has reddened 1t nice(f. J. H. M. & Co. some. About one-e1ghthof the crop 12 Burley. Mia.nlisburg Bulletin, Sept. 24:-The crop of 1880-has G. M. D been cut anu sheltered, w1th few exceptions here and OHIO. Brawn Countv Distnct. Manchester, Sept. 27.-0ur for a tobacco crop have improved remarkably m the last three weeks. We have a good crop of tobaccq, both in amount and quality. The crop 1s. now about half cut. and will be pretty well housed th1s week and next. The only fear 1 s frost. W. D. & Co. Fohcity, Sept. 24.-The old crop of tobacco is, in a manner all out the country, for whiCh every one seems k, be extremely thankful, because we have n e v e r had the affliction of handling so badly and worthless a crop before. ThE! new crop fl.llmg out fairly, and, with a late will make a. fmr aver age crop for quality, but Wlll be below an average m there. Planters arc delighted w1th the size and qual1ty of the leaf at this stage, and samples sent us fully warrant all that is claimed by them for the cutting. Zimmer's Spanish leaf, the new variety introduced here thiS season, and so called to distmguish it fro'm the vast progeny of a mongrel stock, is rapidly coming mto public favor and a. acreage will probably be plantea next seal!on : ThiS leaf can be planted as close as thirty inches, can be put upon the market ten days to two weeks in.l!-_dv.ance of any seed, e s caping many of the VICISSitudes of the ordmary ll.!ld later varieties The quality of the plant IS supm;10r to anything we have here; 1t commands a high price, and is eagerly sought by the trade. WISCONSIN. Seed Leaf District. 3 El PrinciP e d e Bales I I C IGAR FACTORY, OF KEY WEST, FLA. TOBACCO OCTOm:a 1. Western LeafA splend1d month's business m West e r rlleaf tobacco 18 shown in our local record for Sep tember. Regies and speculators comAiued-ihe.latter word being ui*!d subject to the exr,Ianat10n that may come '1 when we are a. httle. older / ..... havetrolled up a very fl.a.ttermg and encouraging of sales in the thirty days. A sum total of 13,550 hoglihe&lk sold in a smgle month is something that we cannot rechll aince September, 1874, when the trans fers were 21,"5.00 hogsheads, including on IIJ?I!CU lation i but this is the figure which 91111inesl3 or this' market for the month just closed It 1B 11.11 eminently satisfactory exhibif, and made all the more' so oy thidact .that the sales have been eftect,ed without; any abatement of prices prevailing. Pirbi. ness has been mamtained from the .first to th11 last of ljhe :month, and Regie leaf isnow quotid a halt IU\4 the betten grades ,of heavy-Clarksville a cent higher per pound. The established changes 'in quotations wil\ appear in our quotation table next ;week. Annexed we present the brokers' ClPeulars, th01je of the 'factors, Messrs. Sawyer, Wallace & Co.1 Garth&; Co.; and J H. oore &; Co., not being ready' as we go to press. < Me8srs SA wYEB, W A.LLA.CE & -oo report to Tm: TOBACCO LEAF as follows:-'l'he receipts of the past month amount to 16,094 hogsheads; the exports to lS,664. The stocks m warehouse show au increase of 4,321> hogsheads-unexpectedly large. The sales amount to 13,550 hogsheads, of which 7,145 to mostly to Regies, 373 to manufactnrflrs 675 to JObbers, and 5,857 to speculators, Western and Wall Street. Prices have advanced half a. cent on Regie leaf, and one cent on the better grades of heavy Clarksville which at;e artd for which ,there JS a good retaii inqmry. ,1st week. 2dw-. Sd. week 4th week 5th..-. Tofal January ... 760 272 2, 075 1,757 !1,1100 February. 401 -591 700 1 156 752 3,600 March . 375 661 344 265 1,GM 3,600 Aprtl. .... 265 230 293 4,300 May ... 318 680 762 354 2,430 June ..... 384 768 296 1,707 3,150 July ...... 306 169 2li3 1,47'.6' 2,200 August.... 98 2,1H2 383 185 3 962 0,@00 Sept ...... 2,463 8,181 3,5711 4,327 18,550 FROio! THE BROKER'S CIRCuLAnS. M RADER & SoN.-Kentucky Tobacco .-The past month, in its extent of !!ales, surpassed all previous ones, 13,550 hhds having changed hands. A Bp(lCula tive t endency, superinduced by the reported doubtful stand of the! plantmg, took about part old p art new cro{>, off the market, whilst the heavy purchases for Spam, France and Italy make up nearly the balance as the demand for_ outside ports and con sumption was qmte lirmted. Low grades continue scarce and very firm. quantity. W. Eastern Ohio Distrwt. Batesville, 27.-About two-t,irds of the crop in this loco.hty IS housed. As the weather has been very favorable the quo.hty is good. It will take about two weeks to complete the h ousing. G. R. A. McConnelsvill e, Sept. 26.-We a!'e having weather for curing the new crop. I st1ll think, 1f It IS all saved without frost, we will have half of an average crop. E. M Senecaville, Sept. 27.-We haye had fine weather up to the present t1me for securing our tobacco, and most of the raisers have their crops under cover. But all danger is not yet past for it often gets badly damaged by frost in the honse; 'r refertothe_Iatetobac. lo!T. C..RRl>u., Dl.-J'. W Hollllner, clganJ; realty mortgage lor 1175 dis !lEW YORK TOBA.Ccp Walton, Sept. are Cl!tting_ and Cl&:.ttes. Cigars Tobacco. their tobacco and about half crop 18 already Co......_ Caseo. Lbo the barns ,The late tobacco has grown wonderfully m at San Francisco:-Glasgow, SElpt. 24.-"--'l'he rains and tine weather. hav:e imp:rloved tobacbo very much. Th11 early plantmg lB tnostly cut and housed. But, for the want of plants, the qrop is small-even smaiJer than last year. sold out _.._ NE"W"' BaUNRWici., N. J ohn .:r, BropDy, cig&nJ and tob&cco; judgment 1 aaioat for 180. J )J 1 J .Bece1ved tbil: Same month, &me t ; month .. 1 l&W 1811. bhcls. bhds. bbda. L. &; .E. Wertheimer. 4 41 160 weeks, but, on thE! whol.e,_ will not_ bEl Esberg, Bachman & Co. 3 3 3 120 over half a crop in this 1mmed1ate VIcnnty \ I thmk Falkenstein&; Co. 1 14,680 I may sa:fely say that our crops are as gooo, 1f not betA. S. Rosenbaum&; Co. 10 170 tel' than most sections of northern Kemucky. The Wellman, Peck&; Co.: 6 780 cut up to wr!t'ing looks w(1ll a!ld is Michaelitl!Chke Bros 43828 1 curing bright. but rt IS no')" ramy, and cool, a Oppenheimer &; Bro '\ 4 780 great deal of on, the .sca.ftold, witliout proteCtiOn Sanlierson &; Hont. 1 2 940 from the weather. T. F. C. Feiaberg &; Co. . : 2 Engelbrecht, Fox &; Co.. 2 ,. 5,980 Pendleton County District. Lohman &; Co . . 130 Berry's Station, Sept. 25.-.The tobacco crop has come Wm. John............... 1 out wonderfully in the last s1x weeks. A. J. MeN. H Sutliff&; Co : 380 Havilandl!Vjlle, Sept. 26.-Tb.e crop is all cut T. F. Maynard 1 850 and housed in this and farmers say they have Jones&; Co not more than one-half as muchas they th!!Y A. E. Cohen 9 would raise but it is all good, and none mJured by D Burton.. 1 frost yet, although we have had two Ii_ght frosts. The J H. -Todd. outlook IS now that the crop w1ll bnng mor-e on an Arnold Bros .. 1 average than last year's crop. L. H. C. Rosenfeld. 4 15 Catawba, Sept. 28.-There has not been any,tbmg of Ruhl Bros 370 l!peCial importance to report the last two or three Taber, Harker &; 0o 1,8 1 0 weeks Farmers are busy cutting and From W. J. Houston. 3 ,920 presen:t appearances there w ill be two-thirds of an AWgen. s: s_-Co.... 1,830 average crop as to qnant1ty, while the quality ;will be 1,650 some rmprovement over last year. If it escapes frost A. Man & Co the pronr..rtl o n of "tail end" will be large, at all events. J. A. Drinkhouse. 2 1,640 .--M J 1 ,5()(} n f 't E.RJ,l-1 N&W You -W. Ret..M. cigara;cbattel mortgage j[{ven for 11iJQ, Louts V'ertUn, cigars, Chatte l given ror $150. II' Si.n Pedro, 01gars; chattel for. ttro. 1 Wenk:e:d.gars, chattel mortgage glVen for 1661 .. ... 12,882 8,348 14,786 New Ol:leans 21i 242 278 -caL-E. A Montgomery, c igars &nd llorr1s Sob&rma.u and tobacco i _sued Fa..uocraoo. Cltl.-E Bnggs & Co and tobacco; aiJBigned D Frankel, ciga(ette manufactu.rer; aLtacbed. J "' "" A f SEED LEA F CROP REPilRTS. (Sfl!'Cial to TnB LEu.) I Baltimore . 888 473 J .. I ... 8,172 2,746 3,.284 Total.. . 16,094 11,689 18,801 Ytp Sing & Co cigars; a.tta.ched 1 I r '( ---+--< YORK, I I Bu,ine8!1 ... .,. w Firms and Baldwinsville Gazette, Sept. 23:-The croP. of1880 is prin<;ip ally harvested now. A better and larg_er one Wood & eo d tobaCCo manutacturera; dlslolvod. was never grown and secured .than our present g;rowth. t' tobacco, dec1!8.1ed. We judge one-half of all the tobacco grown in.' Onon-YELTIBOTOK, P&.-J s. Kelley, tobacco; burnt out, lnaurea for SS,Il!O daga and the near-by counties _is I Cuba and Spanish. These varieties are very fine. The 1 late crops are good W. e have scarcely_ seen a poor groWjth either of late or early tobacco, th1s season. All seem to be whole sound and large-very dark in color,' liroo.d, long leaves, and secured in most. excellent' Patent Offi.e!'l For the week Eluding Sept. 28, I VENTIQNS PATENTED. 1Tobacco labe P-Paul J : Sorg, Middletown, Ohio. condition. \.;I ( CONNECTICUT Fil!ld Aug. 21. 1880. Claim. -As an improved article of manufacture, a combined tobacco tag or label and badge f o r personal wear, the same consisting in thjl sheet medal di!;k, struck up with the tangs, and the tongue forme d with a face of the said dl,Sk being adapted to M ut1lized m t lie manner and for the purposes herein described TRADEMARKS REGISTERED. 1 1 Received this year In llr.ll. hhds hhds. ......._ Western. c '.!. 64,247 60, 159 101,918 From New Orleans 268 L 64.2 2,01111 Ba.Itimore 218 1,289 2,206 I Virginia... 131797 14,864 20,671 I Total... . 78,580 76, 9 126,815 Stock in New York in Inspection Warehouses-This day, 48,830 hhds; same time 1879, 50,694 hhds; same time 1878, 44,64.2 hhds. Sales during Sept., 1880, 11!, 550 hhds; same month 1879, 3,525 hhds, same monr.n 1878, 7,100 hhds. Classification of Sales, Sept., 1880Export, 7 ,145; manufacturers, 373; jobbers, 675; specu lation, 5,357; unknown, 0 Total, 13,550 hhds. Sales since January 1, 1880, 44,860 hkds; same time 1879, 39,875 hhds; same trme 1878 44,850 hhds Vtrgmta Leaf-There has been a good inquiry for bright and dark Virgima wrappers the past week, and the s8.les for the month foot up well. .. "" 277 Owen County 1 Urtnc HoQolulu S 8 s 1 t t M. J. Flavin . . . 790 Betho.nv Owen Co., ept, 1 mce my as repor W ... Co 970 tobacco come out be yon. d an ,eipecta.tions of any BMI!8rm.&na. .. f I d h t'. h B 1 270 one ram havmg been plent1 u an t e wee. .uer very MayrlBCh a roe 1 s_;onable. I will J Ust say that there _will _be j!OmeDillen ouer ........ ed h rt f Richards &; Co. . . 3 thing over half a crop of tobacco ro.1s m t IS ot .A?her.can Cultivator,' Sept. 25:-The weather has been l fine just r1ght to promote a healthy cure of the c:rop no..! in the barns and Sheds oQf our gro"wers, and from all (brections come)! the welcome news that our crop b1ds fair to be a J superb one. Serviceable, as being sound and whole, and also as being fine aiid good colors. We hardly see how it can be subject d8JI111.Se now, except from freezing, and from we anticipate no trouble. Our correspondents are Without exceptiOn of the opimon expressed above, as to the c;rop proving in every way a serviceable one. Soll)e of the earliest cut has nearly cnred dowu, and this is en ti'rel:r free from damage by pole-sweat; we fear that the portion cut about the last week m August, unless well cared for1 w1ll"sliow a. few leaves of sweat in it and we do not expect to Qr of a leaf of the at all a.ftected. The small quantity tlio.t is at 1\11 affected ill in most cases confuled to such lots as were overcrowded in the barns. So, on the whole, we think thl}t above. reiJ:l&tl<:.s cbnlden RtJle Navies, all styles ........ -. R. A. B. Suspend Co., Light Pressed. Green Riwr Dilltrict. do 12 and 6-inch medium 55 @60 Spott-ed Fawn Navies, all. ................. 50 Dyclll!burg, Sept. 25.-We havenotbingnewtoreport The query has often been made as to probable prices the crop will command. The question is a diffieult one to answer. If it proves as' desirable RS we think, we see no reason why we may not expect to obtain fully equal ro that paid last year; for' though the cro_ll is yet we knowthat the Connecticut Seed,,l! peeded by the trade. Sales have been reported as follows : 'i\.t Whately, 13 cases of Havana Seedlat re'weigbt; 7 cases of Havana at 20 caseli of' rather low grade Seed at 10c through, marked weights. At H(l.tfield, 1 lot of Havana Seed, 30 cDSes at 17c:1llot of 12 casea at 14c through and 1lot of s-cases at He through. At North, Hatfield' 1lot, 1 ton, at 1'5c tlirougli Seed At North Hadley; a small lot of 4 at ;l,oi_c. ,Seyera.I Iota have recently 41l!'i be con-sidered as on the market. PENNSYLVANIA. Lancaster New FJ.ra, Sept. 2/i ::-Our m&rket for 1879 tobacco has been f a irly. active dming the past. :week. The sales smce our last report foot up. 700 cases, 350 of which were sold in a stngle lot. and m '!!mailer amounts. There is good inquiry .for firstclass goods, and prices are firni. The above sales fElll 604 cases below those of last week. The sales for the corres :pondmg week of last yeAr were 350 cases. We have JUSt heard of the shipment of 1,000 cases of this year's tobacco to New York, by Fatman &; Co. The same fl.rm recently sent from this plac.e to the wharf of a Gernian line of steamers, 500 c$les for export to Europe. Another shipment of 100 CaBell was to-day msde, via the Pennsylvania Railroad. to California. symbol ofo.n eqmpped r c. 3 I LEA:rLETS. -FI:omOhester0olmty1 Pa., a correspbndeiti'ivriteS: A leaf ofi tobacco m-easurmg 46 inches in length by'S2 in "'?dth has been gathered by Abraham Good, of Honeybrook, Chester Co Pa. -The 'New England GrOcer' remarkS' : The'New Eng: land tobaccO' trade rules quiet, with sa1es of staple and popular brands of !n lots, as wan_teq,by, the trade. We expect a demand ,within a. few weekS. 1 1 1 r -Gen. Wise, Virginia, and several other :Ameri can and gentlemen, it ill srud, have organized a t9bacco.factory at Tor_onto, with a capital of $200,000. The concern will be termed the V1rgiman T y hacco A writing Point, Conn., says: The ,early cut tobacco is curmg tinely, and will be'of a rich dark color, free hom wh1te veins. The late damp weather bas been very fo.:vorable for It, especially in the oloring. -A correspondent writing from UlSter, Bradford County, Pa. says that the acreage of tobacco there last year was 86, and it increased this su=er to 90 or ,100 acres. A number o f new and large barns and sheds have beeri built this season for the curing of tobacco grown this summer. -The Oxford, Chester County, Pa., Free Pret!s, tells a. story of a ,juvenil& wbacco raiser, which 1s as fol lows: Edgar Maxwell, son of James Maxwell of Dru more townsh1p, eight years old and a small lad of his age, has :done a. creditable piece of tobacco farming. His father gave him the priv1lege and encouragement, and with a. mattock he dug over a piece of ground on which he planted more than one hundred tobacco plants. These he carefully tended and cultivated entirely by himself, and has now a fine lot o! tobacco, the leaves on each stalk of which will average about three feet in length by two in width. QUARTERLY STATEMENT OF STOCKS IN'F. C. LINDJt:&CO.'S I l SEED LIDA.l!' l'NSPIIXJTION W A.REHOUSII:II. t Cases. tock on hand ,July 1, 18jl0 ......... : .21,957 Received smce .. ..... 16,557 o -I Delivered since ... ..... I Stock on hand Oct, 1, 1880 . Same time in 1879. : . 111,934 Total. receipts 9t Seed .leaf in this market since Jan. 1, l.iSO, 61,932 cases, same timtl last 55,497 do J. S, Gl:Ns' SoN & Co tobacco brokers, 84 and 86 Wall repo,rt ll.8 follows., A trade has again been. done. Manu continue to canvass the market, but struggle against IU?i!:mJ!;_ prtces. However, the sales foot U:Pc to 1, 650 cases, entirely !or home trade, and are divided as 600 cCS. 1879 PeiUlt)y lvania' Fillers..... . . Assorted lots.... ....... 100 cs. 1 5 '0 60q cs. 1879 New EnglandSeconds .......... '.... Wrappers . . 15 @40 Housatonic assorted .......... 20 @25 100 cs. 1879 New York State Flats, p t. 150 cs. 1879 Ohio, 7@12c. 100 cs. sundries, 9@2lc. Messrs. J. S. Gans' Son &; Co s Monthly says: Seed leaf-Notwithstanding the "Bearish proclivities of our manufacturers, and we may nearly a total absence of export demand, a good businees has been done; 1879 050p of all kmd.i, that contain good U88ful wrappers, hiis been dealt in and full figures were real ized, partiquJ.ars of which will be found in our list of saleil below. We trust I hat no11.e of our friends imagine that 'we favor prices; on the contrary, for years we have tried to JJDPl'elllil upon all of buy-


4 New England, Pennsylvania, New York, Ohio, WiscoDSin, Total sales, 10,250 cases, of which for export 600 do Exoorts of Seed leaf and cutting!! since January 1, 11,878 cueB; same time last :year, 18,267 do. '' Sumatra-There baa been 1-inquiry for Ulis article; prioe!J rule too high, to admit of Itll being used m large 3 >.J () )j 1 I j .Ju B 'fooacoo-'We can again report activity/ yin the liner nylesof Vuelta Ahajo, which have received the a,ttantion of manufacturers the country, with burning qjllllities of sort have .thus imparting more confidenae to dealers an4 mapufacturers. Remedios has .also at e..dV8.11Cmg figures. Total ilales, r,ooo bales. It 1S rather too early to prognoBti cate on the new; crop ('1!0), but from the apecunen al ready exhibited we are very much disappomted. Of Yara several parcels new crop have been received! but remain lm,eold. Spaniah-Thiil market has been active, w1th sales of 800 bales at prices rangmg from and 800 bales dne old Vu,elta on private terms, and 200 bales new of the same character at the bulk at the latter figure. 1 1 L > IIONTBLY BTATJiliiENT OJ' STOCKS OF SPANISH TOBACCO. 29,860 hhds Stoc ln warehouse tlils day and on s!J 1 p board not cleared ... .. .. .. .. .. .. . 33,820 Ilhds Stock same ttme 1n 1879 . 89,335 hhds Havana. Ouba Yara C1enfuegos Total Bales Bales Bales Bales I Bales Stock iept 1, '80 23,167 6 237 23,410 lleceJved smce 8,471 251 92 140 257 329 140 Total. 81,638 &leo& reshipm'nts to &pt. ao, 1860 9, 706 50 50 140 Stock Oct. 1 1880 21,982 207 279 do do 18711 15,1115 174 351 109 do do 1878 17,646 333 Manufactured.-For manufactured tobacco there bas been a fair mguiry and good sales are reporte-Tobacco-Lozano, Pendas & Co 64 bales, F Garct!l, Bros & Qo liS do; Clllixto Lopez 332 do, Vega & Berahetm 71 do Weil & Co 4Qil do, F Muanda & Co 145do, ..\ -619 hhds. Glaog-18 pkgs (2802 Ibs) mfd Ptww .RIM-1 bbd, 33 bales, 24 plm-13 h hds, 81 bales u. s. of hhds, 18 pkgs (2840 lbs) pkga (.fll88 lbs) mfd. UPOaTIJ J'BOII THJ: PORT OJ' I'IJI:W YORK TO J'ORICIGI'I POR'l'& lffl()JI JA:JIUABY 1, 1880, '1'0 OCT. 1, 1Bil9. 11 Ilhds qasea Balett. Lbs mfd l i 1,0()('1 Aden ............ ... Afnc& ......... ... Antwerp ......... Auatria .... .. Australia .... Bremen ............. .. Britisll N A,. Colomeo. Canada .. ... .. .. centralAmer1ca. . Chin& and J lli?F .. East Indies ... .. France ............. Gibraltar ....... Qtasgow ..... .. Bauiburg. Italy......... .. .. LiverpoOl .......... London .... ...... .. Other Britlah Poru .. )(&1111 ........... .. )(exico .............. New Zealand .. .. .. Portugal .. ... ...... Rotteidam. B&ndwich IslandS, etc. Spain ............ .. South Amenca i 1 West Indies. 763 90 71 70,271 5,484 IJ 3 ,958 2,609 54,839 188 427 11,441 185 4 18 2 5,920 1,890 2,7115 778 9,939 7,877 5,516 1,.19 159 871 1,828 3,164 953 1,189 68,977 174 12,046 I) 2 2li 14 1,280 299 1,961 1 100 778 1 2 1 '186 81 5 447 1,212 22,{118 37,096 1 2,200 126 810 87 9,221 191 50 1 436 5,818 3,883 -61,628 2,748 11,908 85,048 816,676 81,068 6,100 228,886 699;729 7,006 7,110l1 2114,102 9,707 4,565 3,860 676,801 1,074,682 4,850,857 DOMEIJTIO BEOEIPTS. The domestic receipts at the port of New York for the week were as follows:-, 21197 hhds 127 trcs, 83 !atrcs, 2,515 cases leaf, 1 bale do, 310' cs Blllkg' I box do, 58 cs mfd 84 bxs do, 183 %-bxs do. 100 do, 20 do, 192 J,t: bxs do, 40 bxs do, 221 cads do 150 ).( cads do, 10 bbls do, 1 pkg do, H1 kegs do, 20 palla do'9 bEs samples.!! cs smkg and Clgarettes.14S cs cigars. 2 bxs do.' 10 cs cigarettes, 6 trca snuff, 48 bbla do, li. do, tG8 bll& do, 6 jar do, 1 case tobacco bags, 1 cs pipea, 76 bxs do, 28 bales CODIIped as follows:-Dil.L Vommon lugs Goor lugs + Low leaf GoodJeaf Dark' wrappers RlUOBT Common mahogany Good makogany eto 5 0 8 ?)1j@ 9 9 Oil .10 VI @15 .Mifnufaetured Toba=>-Busmess m this branch continues fatr, and pr1ces a1 e w1thout change. ReCI ')f ,.---WEICK--.. Hhds Bxs Hhds Bxs .. 1,882 228 6,870 768 r 720 227 3. 008 770 .. 849 112 2.877 453 1,106 13 4,525 770 906 152 4,615 1 ,126 QUOTATIONS. ...--YEAR---. Hhds BEs 49,391 6,439 82,289 4,308 38,542 6 ,870 33,366 7,257 30,141 7,558 O..Utng Loaf-Common dark lugs 3 50 4 50 Good da1k lu.e;s... . 4 50@ 5 50 Common dark leaf . 6 00@ 7 po Good dark le af 8 00@10 00 Common bught smokers 6 00@ 7 00 :!ledmm do do 7 00@ 8 00 Good do do 8 00@10 00 Common bnght etnppers . 7 50 8 50 1 li:edlum do do . 9 OO@ll 00 Good 1 do do . 12 00@15 00 Fme 11 1 do do . . 16 00@18 00 Med1um bnghtleaf ............. l. ... 12 0\J Qomj.' do . . . ... 15 00@17 Ou 1 :Fme do do . . 18 00@24 50 > llANUPACTURING-PLUG STOCK. dark and trashy tillers.... 7 50@ 8 50 color and body ll OQ@ll 00 l and gpod body 14 00@1Gl 00 f color and good body 18 0;, mcrea,sed Ide mand for ma'riufactured plug tpbacco It is true the aggregate amount of busmess 11!' not heavy, liut rather of a grow1ng char acter 1 healthy m appearance, and satjsfactonly accomplisJled cash' payments bslng an eEcellent antidote for Blllall prot! fa, Standard brands .are still ne.eded, and command full figures. 1f qualtty a.nd price meet the situation of 'he market Smbki71g-lloderate Improvement IS not1ceable, especially for tine 11ooa.Wir'"Oii !Qfew 111'\IDJtle lots., and so far ship-haye nat cq.tpmenced to accumulate stock for t;ha,t; marltet. Manufacturers are also holding back, the exorbitant figures pretended by. the dealers bemg the cause why only a very insignificant number of vegas have so far changed bands for our local factones Dealers in Vtlelta-AbaJ' O and Partido leaf are as yet so firm m sustammg' the1.r outrageous pretens10ns that theY!caJ:!not be approached by parties who are limited by the phces stJil rrilmg in the formgn markets, ancl we apprehend that mecljum 1j.llers at anything like reasonable figures will be flX remely SC!lrce, if at all procurable, excepting such as hrul from In !Ill hkel1bood these will be opta1nable later on at rates purchasers may be wllhng to offer. CIGARS :....There has been n o Improvement m the de mand, and all old 9rdersare fast bemg completed, notWithStandmg the reduced scale of working at most 'J.'rilijls w1th the new leaf are,becoming more numer ous, and we have !)ell. some very frur speCimens of new Cigars, but as yet, they are only produced m hnuted quantities. Ho;.yever, as the development of the new" leaf proceeds very fast, we may expect con; s1derable quantities to be turned out next month, partiqularly mu:tures of new fillers with old wrappers, whiCh a very agreeable Cigar. It 1S a fortunate circumstance that the 1879 was so very t.a.rdy in curmg, as othfilrwise there would not have been su11lme,nt wrappe..,. availab1e for the of our manufao tuners th1s season. I LONDON, Sept 15 -MeasN. Gra.nt, Cha.mben & Co. to T.HE To:sA.cco LBA:r as foHowe -Th1s market has nroeoanted a very inannnate appearance dur1ng the past week. consequence o,f there bemg but few mqnmes, and. compara. tiv ly n'III?\!Biness l!,avmg. been done For ,AJnenun growth& the e bu been no demand for ,home use or exportation. West ern leaf and Birips-"Rctail. traqsact1ons only to report; also for wbjch h.Jlve sbaJ;ed m the general dullness. Mary ian and Oh1o possessing color are m demand, but the latter is bel above tbe VIews of buy ers Cavendish has been &low of sale. I 1 1 I MELBOURNE, Aug. 5 -Messrs. Fraser & Co TobacfQ, J)rokai'J', report as follows -We -regret that we cannot any Improvement m thls trade The transact1ons which been reported durmg the month were UD tbe exception of a few sa,l"'l rooordecl in import ed work ,has been confined to the y Lower rates have been and 1t has been extremelr tp obtam even the reduceCI im1portef! WJ!hng to accept About Over the Water 10's, a.nll 40 Aromatics have been quitted parcel of hght weght Manllu (NueTos) baa dispo!IC rmsed m this country. according lB due to thJS mumg .and deter-nearly every variety of tobacco known become clearly convinced i1 have become mixed and degen described r F01: the past ten years I '' yellow mammoth," and tolerably seed by attent1on io my l nt.o.n!;,,_ tnmmmg off the late blooms, killmg the etc This variety, however, durmg the tw.9. -years has not given satl.Bfaction. Last year I wade only 1,100 pounds to the acre, the poorest crop I ever raJ.l!od I have nme acre11 of 1t now, planted in May, that promse well. wrucb. IS said to be the best crop m the neighborhood Old tobacco seed are from two to three weeks later in commg up than new seed, and, therefore, I always keep some old seed and rrux them With the new, and, m the event of any mishap te the early seed, the later ones1 are s.ure to come I have never failed to have plenty of plants. TilJs year I used the canvas, or light cloth covermg, over, my, beds, as a protection against the fly or flea bug, whiCh brought my plants e&rly, and ena ed me to plant m May. Respectfully, 1 W.111 R6G:as. IJKU.FB & FB.'EY, Packers and Dealers In PeDDQ'lvauta. :r..f 'lobacoo, 81 &rD4 83 KortllDake.,.. Street,LAJTCAS1:E&, PA. ...


' OCT. 2 ..... ot' FlAEST LIOORICE-BOOT fllrDIShed on appll' ouzo. F. GARCIA, BRO. &CO., - B.A. 0 0 0,' 1108 PE.A.::R:.X.. SIT::R:.:I!I:I!IT. 1'TE""':1'U' The Cigar and Tobacco Trades of the United States are hereby respectfully no tiflert that we have assumed entire control of the business of t he old nucl celeb r ated Ciga r Facto ry, FLOR DEL FUMAR l= ------!! :H.A.. VAN A, CUBA.. IIavi ng secured the cream of the t o bacco crops of 18i9 and 1880, we are enabled to offer you goods that will be found unequaled by any others manufac t ured on the Island. Respectt'lllly, ESTA'NILLO Ca. E_ :a:_ IMPORTER OF THE de H. H. Havana And Manufacturer West Havana Cigars, 1'To. 104 CJa:.A.:&II:::SE::R:.SI BT::R:.EET. N'E-.gv 'Y'O::R:,::a;;;. B. STEINECKE, v.tANTED.-A man who thoroughly understand6 hanlling Leaf for Granulated To'Paceos, and manu facttaring same. One who has some knowledge of and haa taste in making up paekages preferrid. [SUOOEBSOB 10 RoKOHL & STEINECKB.] MANUFACTURER OF FINE CICAR&, 181 WATBB. STBEET, :REWYOBK. I hereby call attention that I am the Sole of the well-known brands of Cigars: AMID; "MERIT," "TROPICA.." "KEY WEST FAVORITE," "FAME," and" "and all other brands formerly manufactured by Rok_9bl & Steinecke. 81$; Address J. A. 8., office of ToBACCO LEAF. F. 1G, V" A..LV.A.. S BEBGEB. THE LADIES' PEAUL. a co., Publllhedby I F1or c1 s :a c:13 0 1 1 8. P. Chestnut, 'Ill, D., IMPORTERS oF LEAF rOBAcco 70 PINE STREET, near Pearl St., NEW Y .ORK. OrdersrecelvedattheotllcecHb Pubo ATTENTION, CIGAR MANUFACTURERS! We have adapted our process to the wants ot manu facturers or jol:ibers who would like to sweat their to bacco themselves just as .they may need it; and we have also made it entirely unnece88ary to go to the ex of a steam heating apparatus. The sweating apparatus is as portable and as easily moved about as a Seed leaf case. lected one, from the noted Davenport lowe cigar manufacturer, Mr. Nicholas Kuhnen: 1 MeSBrB. C. S. Philips & Co, 188Pearl Street, York: GEN:rs-1 can now report a full and satisf: m ory re suit w1th _yotlr resweatmg apparatus, and I J :JJJ -e by en close you check for $90 (ninety dollars) as penl Dlltract. Very truly yours, NICHOLAS KOHNEN. DAVENPORT, IOWA, August 25, 1880. For information for circularo ad-dress the myentor and propnetors, We have perfected an apparatus "'hich is automatic in its workmg, running all night without any atten tion, of which we build TWO SIZES, one to sweat 100 811 pounds at a time (or less), and suitable for a factory of two to eight hands; the larger size 40G pounds (or le s s), C. S. PHILIPS & Co., 188 Pearl Street. New York. and smtable for a factory of eight to thirty hands. They will :sweat, cure and color the tobacco in from three to five days. Colors can be had as dark 8.Sl ma,y be-wished The larger apparatus, which includes the heating ar rangements, takes up but a trifle more room than a case of tobac co, it being 3 f ee t wide, 4 feet long, and stands 5 f eet high, it being just large enmagh to accom, modate one case of Seed leaf in its original case. vVe have put the price of the apparatus at such a low figure so as to place them within the reach of every manufacturer in the land. They are portable in every respect, and can be worked, handled pr moved any where by a single individual. The part of the apparatus being made of wood, 1t does not heat up the J.'09m in which it is run., 1 The sweating can be done alohgside of the workmen without inconvenience to them. t Mr. Philips ha.S been experimenting constantly to produce a sweating apparatus that: would sweat a single case of tobacco (or less <{Uantity) as nice and dark his larger sweat houses wdl2Q.tll' 50 cases at a time. result has more than met Wi 'best expectations. Every objectionable feature of, former sweating pro-l ceases hal? pOsitively been overoome. A unifoi;m dark color is produced, and the tobaoclo nefains its natural flavor and smell. The goods come from the sweat all l"eMy tO'wor& -without a1,1yfurjiher manipulation what-ever. 1 One of our large-size portable apparatus, which is for i one whole case or 400 pounds at a time, will sweat, cure, and color from 60 to 90 cases of tobacco per year. Consequently, it must not be conRidered that this is simply for small manufacturers, as a maimfacturer employing 150 hands needs only 4 or 5 of our apparatus to do all his sweating. They can be set on any floor, or any part of a floor, and they are all ready to go to work without any fixing or outlay, as they run with out any steam heating arrangements or coal stoves. They do not have to be connected with any chimney. They can be moved from one floor to another, or from one building to another, just as easily as an empty Seed leaf case. We ship the apparatus all ready to set up and go to work in less than half an hour from the time it is received. We offer them for sale at the exact cost of manufacture, which is '30 (thirty dollars) BRADSTREET'S A SEMI-WEEKLY JOURNAL DRY,.OTRD TO Trade, Commerce, and Finance. Tu1 s JOURNAL a grounil tbe extent of whick is occupied b)' no other publication, and Corms an invaluable work of 'i-clcrencc to the merchant ail.d manufacturer. REGcu.: and Raz.WU COitR.UI'ONDBNCB, furnhhed by experts exprossly !or tlti jouraal, from all the principal trade centres of this country is embraced in its columns. Tua cOHDrnoK AND PRbS,..c.I'S of the various mark"ets an; .carefully. recorded, aiM:t tM possibilities and opporfU.. nities for uade are demQUtraled no other medium estant, QU&6Tlott'6' OF and importance an; fully aad ably diSCUIIed without prejudice, by some 9f the most and sQ.tisticians 'o;l the times. THit BUSDf&SS. ocCUI'riDa: in the United Stalea: ud Ca.nb.tla--such as failures, di.olutions or pannenhips; etc.---are ptb:lted in each is.sue, and the list i& mDre comp1ete and comprehensive than can b"e obtained through any otheL so urce THB CIRCULATION Q p THIS JOURNAL being among the beit merchants, manuCacturcrs and banking institutions of not only this country hut many foreign it presents an excellent advertising opportunity to a limited number of firste. should not fml to use ou_ r and. ap pccts of lar6e profit and sal e s to the of ftese paratus. We have a great many m m C1gars Tl!e ciga r ill eusily be recognized with o ut the' a id parts of the country. and not one has fa1lea of g1vmg 1 o f n. trade-mark "'' 1eu these are onc e fairly i n the entire satisfaction. We are constantly in receipt of the I m a rket, deal ers will e compelled to l o ok up th e firms mam1 : most flattering testimonials, fr;om which we have se facturing them JULIUS SCHALSCHA 5 7 CoLLEGE PLAcE, EW Yoax. THill FlNJ:8T HANDMADE HAVANA CIGARS. KADII B1' FOSTER, HILSON & 00. No. 36 Bowery, New York. -----1r:r hD4 tor Prlee Llllt .._. 78JI..8II I TAKE ONE EVERY HOUR. Tho "DOCTOR'S PRHSGRIPTIOlf' c:ra-AR.: The Finest and Best Cigar in the U. S. :FOR TliE MONEY. CJmCtrLATES AS FREELY AN U .1.8 WELL :KNOWN AS THE N. Y. HllllAidto By Unanimous Consent Pronounced I The People's Choice. Especially Suitable for Drul(glaq. FOSTER, HILSON & CO., Nc. 35 BOWERY, NEW YOBK, 797-822 NE"Vv I Label Publishing Co. 94 BOWERY, NEW YORK CigaX: Labols, T obacco Labels Edgings Trim nungs, Show C e..rds, Etc., constantly on hand. L a test C i ga r Box L abels i s sued by the N e w York L abel Pub h sb1ng Co., 9 4 B o wery, New York: .Ocean Belle, t' Fire Engine, Sevilla, ObeUslt; Seraglio, Fairy. Light, La Gloria. First Hobby, .. Ha"lf Shell, Las Aries. New i s sues every week. WITSCH & SCHMITT. 7119 SCRAPS AND C UTTINGS FOR SALE. Apply to SEIDENBERG & Co., 84 t o 8 6 Reade Street, New York. 775A. TELLE. R,. WAXED PAPER I Packer, Commission Merchant, WHOI,FSALE DEALER JN LEAF No. 233 NORTH SHIPPEN STREET, I=-a-$100 R,e"Qrard. Paid to any oDe cf.vinc illformation of Parties iDfr1nr be oil oar Patellta. Qur DeW Improved Proceu Re-8weatlnlc Tob&ceos a j>osltlve suocetl81 teatlm<>Diala..-lved from the most emillent'l'ob&cco Dealera Cl_gar llanufoCI.urers who have adOpted our PI'O!"'II. lllvery Dolaler anll Kaatitacturer should have. a Sweat-Room fitted up Wider our J1rOCe88 on &belt""" premlles. Tllillatlle bM prooeos in ezlatenee. &Dd the only sure W&7. &b ohlaln darl: COlon. J'ull particulars as' tB.A.OCJO BET'I'li:R ANO CHEAPER THAl'{ FOIL. MANUFACTURED BY S. No, 52 DEY STREET, NEW YORK. Cltr0TATION8 AND SAltiPLE5 FVIJNISDED ON SAVE MONEY BY USING WAX PAPER' liAlrol!'AOTURBD BY REGE HARD, SHEVILL --aa Ze'F ..., -rc


I 'rB:E TOBA.COO LEAF. II Pure and Unadulterated I FREE FROM .ANY .ARTIFIC-IAL or INJURIOUS FLAVORING . .. Connoisseurs concede that no artificial :H.avoring can coinpare -with that by Nature itself 'in the. plant. Having m.ade selections from. t .he-large crop of Virginia and North Carolina Tobaccos; we are no-w and are making ,BETTER GOODS THAN EVER. A co111bination of Choice PERIQUE and a very fine article. I exclusively from. selected Leaf for Pipe use. CANNOT .. BE .. SURF ASS ED any thing in the Illarket I I SliiV PIRST PRISII D.&LSI Ottr Goods on sale ,all parts of the CiWlized World!


' OCT. 2. THE TOBACCO LEAF. (The Original Glass Mo.uthpiece cigarette.) 1 The KICOTIKE is c .onden.sed in th e CRYSTAL TIP. t '# .. The "\VIIOLE Cigarette can be !' .. 'W'ILL STAIR the Lips 01" Is the Sweetest and in the market to-day. l w;The Nicotine cannot pass into the m.outh, but -will re. m.ain i n the 111outh-pie ce, and can be seen after the Cigarette is consum.ed W'hich -will convince any sm.oker of the a:mount of Nicotine. contained" in an ORDINARY CIGARETTE. Agents -wanted in every Tow-n throughout the United S'tates & Canada. fi MANUFACTURED BY > .. .. I \ ODt ow or IE.


[ ::El&:ta. l::>l.1s::tl.ed.. 1828. DO.HAN, GARROL. L & CO., 104 Front New York. -P. o. :Eio:& ..,aea.-KANUFA.CTUREBB OF AND DEALERs IN AND SIOIII& TOBACCO. l Sole Agents for JAIHS Richmond, AND OTHER VIRGINIA MANUFACTURERS. ------, A.1so So1e "ts for JNO. W. CARROLL'S CELEBRATED BRANDS, JACK,' 'BROWN DICK,' ETO., ETC., ICTO., l "-Cr. "WV'. PEl, I I :I: :J:P&' R A G-T A <3-SMOKING TOBACCO. 1!81 VIRGINIA TOBACCO AGENCY, E-tabl.:l.ah.ecl. :J..oae. ..TAS. M. GARDI:N'Bit, tOBACCO GODlMISSION MERCHANT, 84 FRONT STREET, NEW YORK. EXPORT ORDERS FOR PLUG TOBACCO PROMPTLY FILLED, TAX PA.l:D A.NDFOR El::X:.PC>R..T FILLED PROMPTLY e FROM STORE OR &ole Agents for the Justly pelebrated Brands nANTIC," "MAGNET," "SENATOR" IN PLUC .AND CUT CAVENDISH. v o. LL'IDE. c. F. LINDE. J SEED LEAF TOBACCO INSPECTION:} -TOBACCO INSPECTED OR SAMPLED.coUNTRY SAHPLING PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO. OerWicates given for every Case, and delivered Case by case,as to number o! Certificate. N. B.-We also Sample in Merchants' Own Stores. p. C. L:J::N'DE &, CO. PHILADELPIDA BRANCHES:-1 W. DicnBSON, corner Arch and 'Wu.te r Streets; JONAS METZ, 64 North l''ront St. HARTFORD, Conn. :-A. H ATHERTON, Ahret Store, 176 Stat<> St1 eet. atJFFIELD"'(Jouu. : EDW. AUSTIN. LA.NC.""STEH, F0RES1'. PRJN(JJPAL OFFIC S : 14!& WATER STREET, and ISZ t o 18;; -l'EARL ST WA.KEHOV8ES:-U2 StREET; 74, 76 and 78 GREENWICH STREET. and FUDSuN RIVER RAILROAD !Jl:POT, ST. 'SPARK. .,, Hamlllon. F. w. (Jonkll. A.. A. Hun&. c: c. Hamilton & Co. Seetl Leaf -AND-CITY 3, 170 S"t.,. N"e-vv 'York. COUNTRY SAMPLINC PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO. ---------LANCASTER, Pa., Branch-11>3 North Queen St. ; Henry R.Tro;;-t, Agent. HARTFORD. Ct., Branch-11>4. State St.; B. F. Hurlburt, Agent. a1. G.umr. ClWl. M G.l.RTB, :HlU<"RY Sclmomn. .. HENRY SIEBERT, D. J .. GARTH, SON & CO., Tobacco and J Commission Merchants Commission i .o. 44 BROAD STREET, 68 Broad S"t. m'"e""'E1'V" "York.. -'. TlfE-BEST ALL-TOBACC_ O CIGARETTE -KUGBNI DO BOlS, JIEW TOBK. H. MESSENGER & CO., "BETWEEN THE ACTS'' COMDSIIIIBUf. -_ 3'B.Oln.l B'II&JIJII!LI. LBaf Tobacco,r Ci[lll'3 and, Licortco Pasta, -.1 mmr LAJIB. :n:w TO:&K. The above Brand of TOBACCO CIGARETTES m:de only by ...... II. BALL, GOODWIN & CO., JAMES BRUSSEL & CO., 233 GBBBIIWICB STREET. COR. OF BARCLAY, 8'ti'BTA.V B.ALOWON 8.ALOJIIOK ULQJIOJI. BEIUUlf II5.UOIION Gustav Salomon & Bros., 1 lii!AN1)ll" A(1['UBBIIS OJ' -IOBAGCO, CIGABS, 207 and 209 Water Street, No 78 BOWERY, NEW YORit r r s. s. EDMONSTON & BRIJ., 1 Dealers in Leaf Tobacco, ... 7 ST .. :JNrE"'gV' Mason County1and Cutting Leaf a Specialty. &.A.l!IIITC"ESE35i &, ""SZ:-4 J 30, I a2 ct. 134 MAIDEN NEW -KANVJ'ACTVR!tli.S OJ' FINEST GLEAR HAVANA GIGARR Awa.rded Eighm Medal l:rhibltion, 1876, 1'hlladelp1Ua, ALSO IMPOR-TERS OT HAVANA CIGARS &tLEAF TOBACCO. W. HELME, Successor to Appleby & Helme, MANUFACTURER OF THE CELEBRATED PBINCB ALBEBT C:i.g"a.:re"ttes. MA.NllF A.CTllRBR OF Cigar Bo,xes, And Ilnporter oC GERMAN CIGAR MO::r..DS, (Sole A.:cn$ MESSRS, O!IENBBllECK oil: (JO,) 315 to 321 E. Eleventh St. 211 NEW F. E. OWEN, A. 0. CHOCKLEY & CO., DEALERS IN FIRST PRIZE ltiEDAL VIENNA EXHIB1TION, 1873MEER8GHAUi&IiBER G'OODS, AND Illl'Oil'l'KB or French Briar PiDcs with Amber lonthPim. No.69 W.ALKERSTREET,Q, -:N"o,;ov-York, bd VIENlrA, AUSTRIA. FANCY SMOKING PIPES -IN, BRIER. AND FANCY WOODS MANUFACTURED BY HARVEY & FORDt SALESROOM-392 .BROADWAY ,NEW YORK. l.CE. 'PHILADEJ,PJJIA.. lli[P(IRTERS OF MANUPACTUBER OP PINE CIGARS. Es-tabl.iah.ecl. l.oae. "' 16-'t ... ._ 4 Q -.. f:!ot{ F.M. .t.nd Dealers In allltlllda or SEED LEAF TOBAGCP, 264 Pearl St., New York:' M Oppenheimer, Deale.r In Leaf Tobacco, 138 Water St., -ALSo-HAVANA LEAF TOBAGCO AND CIGARS, CIJS. F. T.IG & SOli. of SPANISH aad Dol ..... aH kluR..G-LER.. M.a.utaeturer or FINE CIGAR:St .&.ad Dealer In LEAF TOBACCO. ss MURRAY STREET, NEW YORK. My Rrandai: -" CUBA LmRE," ''CLIMA!z" SCHOVERLING BROS.,_ PACIDCRS AND DJJ:ALJJ:BS U(. SEED LEAF TOBACCOS 142 WATER STREET, N"e""'E1'V" :Y"ork.. Pack i ng Wareh ouse at New :Milford, Oolm. H. KOENIG, WHOLESALE DEALER IN HAVANA AND SHHD LHAP oroa.a..ooos. 226-PEARL ST., NEW YORK. f VEREA & VALOES, 179 & 181 Lewis Street, New. York. IMPORTERS oF All kJnds ofF-=::: c;;:.::r Bot 8tyle. Jiavana Leaf Tobacco, I t.IT l..8l.. Pea.r1 S"t. A!ll!r!ac.q._ 0 :N E"'gV' : 125, 127 & 129 BROOME STREET, cor. of PITT ST., NEW YORK. GEO. W. HELME, -..J (SUCCESSOR TO APPLEBY & HELME] I MANUFACTURER OF THE RAILROAD SN"UFP: Maccaboy, French Rappee, Scotch, American Gentleman, Lundyfoot. "V:J:B.G:J:N":J:.A.. TOB.S..OOO: VIz: PRINCE ALBERT, COLORADo UNCLE TOM, NAVY CLIPPINGS, BLACK TOM, ISONSIDES, A.&; H. 'TQ:EIACCQ I BARBft.&J) IIILLII, PJQKCE .&Lli:BJII',r, ..... 13s-; WilER 85 PINE IW toRI. I'OB PRICE LIS'l' ADDBESB OB .API'T .AS ]. l-GASI!llllT. A l-GASSI!.JI:T J. L. GASSERT & MERCHANTS. AJID D:uLJ!lRS IN !-LL KINDS OJ' LEAF TOBACCO, 1157 Bowery1,New York. G. REI&DIANN, Merchant, A.ND D&.ALKil JM ALL KIMDS OF LEAF IOBACCO. 228 PEARL'ST., NEW YORl; Hirsch, Yictorius & Co. LEAF TOBACCO, 171 WATER ST., NEW YORK. FRED. SCHULZ, Packer and Dealer Ia And Importer of Havana Tobacco, 213 Pearl St., New York. L GBRSBBL & BRO.,) PACKERS AND DEALERS IN


" JILUII SPutu.ut.K, ALEX. TIJ.UCBIU.tJ&, &lrnzL B. 8PINOA8N. QJ E. SPIN GARN &Co. e IMPORTERS OF EI:A.V .A.N".A., 5 Burling Slip, New York. REYNES BROS. & CO., Commission Merchants 4e & 48 Exchange Place, S. BARNET.'I\ El: A V A N .A. SEHD LEAF TOBACCO, 162 Water St., New York. Basch & 1MPO'R tERS OF a4 Paelr.en ot CUTHRI E a. CO., i'ront Street. CODISSION .... BALERS OF TOBACCO FOR EXPORT, L-1 Tobacco I n baleo for ftlell'eot blcaa. aad Ceot ral America u POtu. aacl etMr mal ua.. TOBACCO PA(!KED ll< HOGSHEADS. G. OFEBNANDEZ, Dll'OBTD 01' HAVANA LBAF TOBACCO l .'(, ,; CI:EGr.A.B.B Pearl Street, New York L. NEWGASS, PA Stock Ill the San J'ran clac:o &ock Eichange. G. W. GRAVES, P ACKER OF _j.ND DEALER IN LEAF TOBACCO, DAN8URY, CONN. And aJl_ldnds of Smoking Tobacco. Also lllanufaclurel'!l o f the we ll-kn own Brands o r Plug Chewing: 'OWQ.' 'onwarll,' 'FriondsbiD,' and 'Sailors JIANUF A cn'ORY AND S ALESROOil: Cor. Avenue D and Tentb Street, New York. .. OI'I'JCE Alm TAOTO.: ,.. 1 I 1aa, UM, IH, & 140 Street, O:I.D.oinna"t:l, 0. On lpplica1ion we: s !!f,_ sanding-to address.Jr!a ol all our 145 Water S t ., New Y o rk, F e b 17, 1880. It gives us @1"8&t pleuure to be able to st.Me tbat after using your No I Pl'e88 to our w&rehOUIIM EuJ Han.. ford Uld B.,._c VaBey, thM U Ia wl\hout donbL tile l>est ao fordul'llbllltyaad oa..-IDg .-time iiii4Jabor 1$ baa BO equal. E. RooL'IWOLD & .Bao. I 1711 Water M'ewYork _.t.pril8, 1879. ln .....po..e to youN or the lid !nat. we beg leave to 1&7 that the proM we recolived from y(lu worlao to a charm. It is *he bMt we have ever 1eea. We 'lhall recommeDd)tc-rfu!ly. Bolno.....,. & Balr, U Rhiuf!!Oll St., Now Y o r k, Marc h 1!5, lr.t.' We have had xour 8amaon Prese J n use for !lOme time, duriD ir Wlllbh = 1\v&n the gl'Mieot-... tillf,aeUO U no lmpllel!w or .... a laboP-oaYl!! eapedalq comm-ena-it to t h e tra. -ue:--V\1 e unhesitatingly dec lare it to be the bt5s t prees we have e1o-er seen. Gu.OobK &. ScHLOSSER. Now used aDd recommended to others by the named parties for pa.ckin2' tobacco in easel!. Jno. W Love. Ill Bowery; Louis Kuttnauer & Co. 1l!a J Ave Detroit, Mich ; C. F Wahlla-, 211 Flrsi ; Bunzl&Dormi&zer, Lancaster, Pa.i B. OOlell, i(8 Cbatb&m CVI Upmann. 178 .Pearl St.; LoebODbrucb 4: Bre. 164 w ater St. New York. and others. f Fr otller usee:-Aroher &:: :Manure Bal.inJf Co. foot B ._East Bivcr: Moore, JenldnJ A Co fpr J>!l"l:llll< Dried .-cult. cor. Franklin St. and W eo t Broadway; Newark Lubrlcatlu r O il Co., oo r Chee t nut abd H'Wb.orte r 8ts. Newark. N. J.; Roh" B roe for Packing Pork 533 West Thirtv-sixth St. ; Aug Kane n b ly, r9r Prel!8i nJ< Lard, 85 ColumbiA St.; SwOJoy & Dart, Dry Goods Press, 96 Leonard St. i James E. Rey D o l ds, Dry Goods P ress, 98 Beade St. AND RECEIVING AND FORWARDING AGENTS, JP, 0. Box3,152.} 53 ExchangePiace, NEW YORK. E. ROSENWALD & BRO. & -HIIlor-toP of TobacCD, ARNOLD POLLAK r SOLE AGENT F O R THE PACIFIC COAST FOR M ....... KERBS 4t liPlESS, New York1 Meuroo. HORACE R. 'KELLY 4t co., K e w York; ll .. ld'a IUJSSELIIAll" 4t 00., .A.::N"::O 1 ALSO MANUFACTURERS OF FINE CIGARS ; 09 dt 4.1 F-u.11:on. &1:ree"t, 'York. ...... 1!1lU11lnll!hl ren A n11 OWUera or oC()Ia;ara, l[lDJ' lnfrlncemen& o f' I& wlll b

10 :o-hlladelphia Advertisem.eate. TELLER BROTIIEIUI, ..u II I .... I a t a ... a 7 t I I ,. ._ .. p uu1 Jhmlestio 1t r 'l'a 1 11a, I 117 North Tbtrd"street, Philadelphia, W. EISENLOHR & COr, I'ACKERS AND WH'O'LESALE DEAUli.S IN TO B .A C 111S s. .8't., PbU a.d.el.pb1 a.. W EtSiiNl.l:lHR, -PHIL. BONN. LEWI S BREMER'S SONS, V holesal e Dealers i:o>. 'I.EAF". AND KANtrFACTtm.ED TOBACCO, j NO. 3:22 NORTH THIRD STREET, PHILrADEt.PHIA. lirA lai'J!:e assortment of all kinds p{, LEAF ToBA.cco .Je.) M.E lVicDowell& Co 39 NORTH WATER STREET, PHILADELPHIA, .&.G-BJSrTS ::J!OOR; & :u:ea"ty, a Ce:u.1: E u.s, 1 AI.L OTHER POPULAR' STYIIIES 01.1' FINE NAVY TO.IIACCO,-'-LC>'U':J:S'V':J:L::t:...:J!J, 'Y'. The L&raeat in the Weot. Capacity, 25,000 Bo:o:e per Week, l f. E A. W 1r.. J AMES pJiJLIPS. WElL, KAHN & CO. I Pol.'lllleriJ: wit!' (), 8, PhUlpo k &: WHOLriULE DJULDII ,,. Tobacco Cnrmg .and Sweatmg, C & L f T b (Vatler c, 8, PHILIPS' Paealo,) 1gars ea o acco -:.:;!:' 113 Ma.ln St C'lnc'lnnat'l 0 Poor burning Tobaooo made g o od Old and Dried out goods renovated and pnt ioto goOd order Green, raw, Ught-colored or unswea.ted cured and Drough t to dark colora. HENRY MIYIR & CO., 70 Mall!l St., Cincinnati, o COMMISSION MERCHANTS, HENRY GEISE, A n d Wboleul e Dealus ia (Succe.or to B. GEISE & BRO.) OG"T. t (Socc.,_n to H. SMITH a: CO.) PAOKBBS .AJID .JOBBEIUi oi Connecticut Lea.f Tobacco 20 HAMPDEN 8T,, Springfield, Mass. RIM6DALK SMITH, E. H SwiTK. WILEY & CLiftARD, DEALERS l N .AI .L GRADES Nortb GarolinaLoaf Tobacco,. lSI". O. ORDERS SOLICITED, REFERE NCEB: W N SheltQD, J)allvllle, Va.; Hall Bros. and A. A. Shuford &: Oo ., Hfckol'y, N.C. No. 98 Water Street,. c.ui w. ww-.Ja. w .. CHAS. W. Jr.t FINE 68 Kilby & 98 Watttr BOSTON'. E. B. FLACK, TOBACCO BROKER, HOPKINSVILLE, KY, BEJ.I'EBEWCJES' JDD. C. Lalbam, PrM't BaDII: of B. 1ll. Trice. PrM't PI&D""'"' Hop"'-; Sawyer1 Wallace ell: Oo New York; Spratt "' Oo., Loulnllle, lt,T Paper Tag Tc::"ba;ccc:: I. H. CLARK & BROTHEB. u,uavCO BROKERS .. 8 :Frent St., Cinoi:n"!!!otl. (); .. No. '93 CLAY .. 7 -.&IILIU1171LLIIC,"'-t. II 0 -AND-a....... 1ne P"C'BEI"AJIWI: S:aa.ok1ni: Tobaooo, Boden, PittsbnrQ; C!Jicaa:o, .Bt. Lollis and PiQQmnan. V'. S. IEic>U.d. T:p CIGAR EOR Cor,1.Ridge & North College Ave's, :!rw retailing tiS different abapeo a.nd llzes, fruu tbe fuotory nt grea reduced rices. E.,. mouil wan"&llted uniform. Il siz e pmch be n o t It exchanged or m o ney rettu ned. 0 L t r aim it to give perfect satlsfaction to the trade. By u g U ir"ct from the factory you wiU 'S&V e all delay and commisslo ns. The only tnednl and !iploma &......Jed at the Centennial wao to the V. 8. iiollde'I'op N Rorthls "il'D'LO""'o' .. n:....:... -. ...., ....... vnoce 1 r. yrne and Halifax Ste., Petereburg, Va. J. CA.BBOLL'B "IANil UCE." LJDei;b;;;g VL'"""' ,.... JLUrUp.& 61' ALL TYLEB 01' 19Second District, Vlfglnla. oooDwfN& awwr TOBACCO, PLUGGiifWINGto'andsMiiNilel'iiiCcos: 'JACKSON'S BEST ""'a .... ,uo.. ,r-. 'l. "lVIRGI!JfA DARE" BR1'a-:r\. NAVTJI, h, 3o, B o Yo, S., 9a an410to 'A.NliOT LYLE" BRIGHT 5A.V 'II, 3a, 6e, 101. "UNION ..JA.OK u ir.t.JIOGANY sa, 1ft sa, tiJ.O "IT. J'Ail' DARK X" a, .-a,'h, 10-., PlliiiT::&I:R.B:B'U'D.G-, 'V' .S... several grada Bri,-IJ.t aW aadertbe follnlar t the EXPOSIT I O N sevtem-27, 1876, '.. *' THOJlliii.41VJl'2' 11 'fHfll :ronooo w.AS AWARDED "BET or GOr.D," .i, .. lVI: O.Alr." _...,rABoa -THE :JiiiGHEST PRIZE. so ... o 1 a1Ul ooQm: I -a,, We caU es..--cat atfle.......,n --th e manne-' rn o u r bck es t t'lte !.6Jlowlog are o v a .A-_ o ta for the lal_e_o r NUFAC -'RED :a,S ,_0 .. osed ;w .... ""b Urcbas'n w J n u .c-a. .ftg. up. neither D<"aler nor --;;t -..... l.A.""'-'"U Cad.d.y: bas"'" f g thlJtkmg b(\,l.S getting ours. Enr:v Bmt a n d w. V&N" A.Lft"''l'fB CO.t.J80entrallthart Bostou xa.. t : 1 """.. ... "' a lltri u J l8K Jlf'S f..i' u .... mto Jt l:>y n.di e. E\ery Plug ou r Tl-ad P mark P, A'AV.I.NA.GH, 41 Waba.&htA.v eaue ill.?" and"unot\oQd au GUaRANTEE 11 .. SOLD 1.1r .t.t.L AllllfG .JOBBE:&S THBOUGHOtl.,. STATES. .JOHN' Ctn clnnatJl 0 ; E. W, F'ro,DtSt., .._, W : DA. YO ol< l'II:&THE\VS, 00 If. 2d. St-., LoW., lll0.1 lse_.:: & e ,-dh-'-"'M'ew -.r -k\ .& -ents. w. u. HOFJI', Svth &: water sta., M

BuiuiS Directory or Admtilen. nw yon Lu-I r.bac:eO 1VC11Mci!IIA -Deblll, 1110 PMrl ll'rincut. 1911 PMrt 11. lila llfa--l'loc!bel'. UI-Oudoeo A,. H. 1!6 Broad Cllocldey A. D. Co. 88 B..-1 Crawford E. Ill. Son. 188 w ....... J:dmoDSton S S. dt Bro. 47 Broad ....,..wm;&:Co.lllll-. ,..._,., Jlenry, llalden r.M l'rlell4$. a.aeo.m..._J G. W. Gell.l&ll,ltl'Wat.r 8&rth D J., Son &: Co. 44 Br'Ojld. a-rt J. L .1: Bro. 157 .,;owery Gerobe1 L. .1: Bro. 191 Eearl. Baml>lli'K8' 1 /!r. f'.o. 151 Wuer Bellbroner, Joeephtl &: Co. lllt Malden Lane ---.tW---Ili!IM Hlnlcb, Vl""'!'!n& a 00. fn W-r 4 1111 .. 1CIIIIId A..,n. Koenig B '1'-.rl L&chenDrUch a: Bro. UW Water. Lederer .1: Fllebel, 218 Pearl. Le-na .. s.t--Lillie-"' fADs, tat-.... N ......... JLI'IaW ..... Ottinger Broc.nera. 48 Bro&IIL Owen F. E. Oppenheimer M. !88 Water 1!BioW1D G. 2:18 Pearl. Boirobllll: Stelueeae, 13t Waler Boeenwald E & Bros. 145 Water Salomon G.&: Jlki"ll '"'" mw-. r-.. &: Co. 114. 116 aDd 117 Uberty. Bn"""DM & J.xall, 101 Wal1 Boclmer D. & Co. 178 a.nd 1 7 5 Duane. Qo04w!n a Co. m7 &: !llll Water. Jtbmoy Broo. alb to 525 Weot 2ld Lortll&rd 1' & Co. 114 Water. llcAJpln D. B.&; Co. cor Avenue D aad Tetllb. lllUler a B. & Co. 117 OOiumbla. .ac ...... ,...,. ...... of Olgan. Adrian lll J Grand AI-George, 11011 Pearl Aab, Loula .1: Co. M and M Beade Boody &; Leaerer, 96 to 110 .&Horner Brwll81 James &: Co. 78 Bowery DeBary Fred. 5:: 00 .. 41 and 4S W arrea D!ngfelder Ill: Llbko, 1111 and 41 Fulton HeUbroner, Joeepba &: Co. 689-i9IJ Flro Ave. HlniCh D. &; Co. I:!ti ana 1:10 Blvln!rton Kaufman Broe. & Bondy, lflll &: 131 Gr&Dd. JacobY Morrlo & Co. 1!111-129 Broome. Jacoby 8.11: Co. too Chatham Sq IL 5 & 7 Do;rer K Murray ,l:,.':.:d .Br--,.t'!lc. Bokob! IE Stelnecke, 13! Waler Belclellberr & o. .,. and 81 -8Ca4Jelberr 11. & eo.. ell aad 0. u... Btnlton & Storm. -108 -ll'l'tb Sutro & ]lfewma1'l<.,. Pall&nl. n PMrl G. W: Gall & .b, !81 W a.$llr Gam!& F. Bro. &; Co. I67 Water Gaw:l& Al'ak41D, 167 WaTM Gaco E. s. 104 Oblllllbera I80 Pearl Jtedol.t:IIJ>I-1014-10111 :ld Aveaue LtUen H. ll Co. 1'17 Pot.l'l Llulncton'oliJrlon o/ .-, AllgiiAtln a: De10l, 11 Warren St. Demntb w ... a Co. 1107 &: 1109 -way Harvey &; Ford, 8tll Broadway Bea A 48 Ilbel't:r Kautmann Br<& &: Bondy, 118 aDd 1310rlacl Jtan.ulaeturm- of Pcut. McAndrew Jame. 0. 55 Water Stamford lllanllfacturing Co. 1117 Jlaldeo LaDe Weaver .t; 8tel'J'I" :U Cedar J..,.,n..w 0/ .l'A11 .il:atl& Elonntb BL Htropo,l)oo ......... oa..o; ll:f'ro o/Tobac:co 8lloto Conb aati-Labl!l.t. l'ona.ldaon Bros Fl hi-P. 0 Bo" 1'/Vl. TTraupanmt 4 Mattb.,..l!!lll. -&l' et Vue!ta Abajo" Fla"lf" Chaokel J., 66 ,..lll'I'On. MhO HIWIIIIO Olilar Flawor. Fries Alex. a Bt-oo. 44 Oollege Heppenhelmer &: Maurer, 22 and !II N WUlla.m New Yon< Labell'nblilblng 00. M BowerY Mjrs of O ld Judge Oigarettes. Goodwin .1: Co. Water. Mantelactj&fer.l nf Kinney Broc. @41inney To--.; 00. West ll2d. M.anu.jacturer of 11&11 Tb.omas B 76 Barclay Mn.frs. of t he Gl081 M outhpieco! Cigarettes. Ctcareue Co.; 44 Tompkins. llla,.fiiCI'Ionr OJ Orooto .. f'l" l'lril, T-.x..-...... Oroolre .Tobn I. 1111 Mu!berM' 1\Ianufacturer of Silvet Surface Foil. Crooke John J. 163 Mu!berr.r jlanujacturen'l of Ciuar Nouldl. Boryfefdt N. B. 5JO Bast Nineteenth Manufacturer of Metal and Wooden. Oipar .Mould&. Tb.e Mille r Dubrul & Peters Mfg Co 510 E 19tb Improved Tobacco Scrap Machine!! tor OigtJr Man.ufacturer3. llorgleldt N. H 510 Eas 19th and 156 Water Bealer in MachinefM', Toou and Materiall for Cirmr M.anutacturt!r&. Wattey11 e H. :!Hi Pear! Ban.kt.. Qerman-A.merJcan 60 'Vall InteJ"'tal boob. Jourgensen, C 30 aud 37 I .. il>err.y Foreign and Banlcera Sternberger Simo11, 44 Exchange Place. .Manuract1Lrer" of .r:::nm" Ti'iflnrea Demuth Wm. & Co. 500' 8: 509 Broadway, 78 & 80 Mercer RobbS. A. 195-Canal Strauss S. 17'9 and lSI Lewis Bole Manufpcturer oj tM Greea Seal Smoking Tobacco. Emmet W. C 74 Pine Imp.n-ters of JP'rencJ> Oigondte Paper. May Brotl1ers.10S Ct>JH.mercaal Tile Bradstreet Co. m Broadway Manufacturer of Cigar Boz Lumber. Read Goo. W. & Co. 186-200 Lewis Tobacco Freight Jirokna. SmU.h ,V 0 & Cor D8 Bxcbange Place Manutactweroutb tJay Kerckholr II: Co. 49 South C harleo Klemm Chas. H. a9 North Calvert Jlarrlott, G. H. Ill. 15 German llerlelo. iJl Kemper, 8 8 German Schroeder Joe. 8c Oo. South Cbarlee Wenc..:. E. E. 4tnLnd 48 South Chrules Wl8chrneye1 Ed. & Co. 39 &outh Calvert Dea le rs in Spanish. Cedar tor Oi(1ar Boxe1. Stow Ch&s:. W. & Co. Uhler's Alley. Jla.n u facturers ot. Oiga1s and ()fgarflttea. Baron&: Co N. E. ("01". Lombar d & Cheapside To6aceo Feigner F. W. lL South Charlee Gail .1: Ax, flU Barre ti.Wbura Brotbers. 145 to 149 South Obar!ee ,Tobacco a,m General .llerch:ml;t'" Vocke R E. & Co. & e. cor. Cbeapside and Lombard Stenl Bollen. Jt.,n,kholr G. & Co 49 Sout b Cb&riM Ptu;kertJ of Seed Leaf' and of Havana Tobauo. Becker Br08 98 Lombard JCerckholr Gee. Co. til Soutb Cbar!ee Tobacco. Shipping.4w.d Oommiui'Ga M:erchantl. Draoel, Rauschenberg .1: Co .. 11 8omb Gay. BOSTON, JIIMa. Cip_e;!r Mcmufactu,er' Ageat Kerrltt J. 11:,. 84 Doane JfoAttfact'lt7' 8 1"8 of !>lug T o baeJ Jlerch&Dt.s Tobacco Co 3 """ Cigar,_ Bad.dln. F. &:: J. A. M Union ,. Import..- of.-.... Din. 111 Bemis, Emery. Jr. 32 Central Whart Joaes Geo H 18 Water Importer ct Manu(o.cturer of M'lie C'fgar. WUdor Cha.s. W. Jr. 58ltllby and 98 Water Tobacco M.anufactu!"'8r s' Agetd&. ltl\tredlrO, Wm. P &; Co. 9 Central "!\'barf "BBltJ!ID. c.-y. TobaccO 0-ioolon JlereAa..,._ F&llensteiD "Ill. f. Bl\OOK.LTN, N.,Y. Manufacluter of llmoklng """ Fi--Oiil Ch,. ;.g Davies Wm. Water BUFJ'ALO, l'f, T. -l'bo*er O/ &ttl Lt4{. Levin P -119-114 ...,.,.,i" OliKl.&.dO. m Jl"/" king Tobacco 0 A. Peck. M M South Wate Naler& in Seed Leaf CMMi HatJOAA Tobncco. Beck A &::: Co. 44 -and 46 Dearborn. l!&adb.--If Wost RaDIIOIPfi Suliert B. Ill B! &otter 11rothers., 48<-Mlchlg&n A ..-enue Jian.frt O J Ch4luJing &:: Smoking Tob. heir A &r 0<>. 44 "'d 4u Dearborn W.holuale and M'/'r'' Ageau. S.,. R waen &: Co. 5i Lake and 4 1 State CINCDI:IIIjATI, O. Cigar BooJ '1'110 E. D. Albro Co., 88fl...7 W lltlt, Trost Samuel etrtb' Wholaale ])ln m gafT&Tiiliaccb Vln Dpolen in. Leo! lileye< Hv. &: Co. li -Toll oolnmiuio" M' .... hant ""'" II/r .Ag ... l. JUcliey Henry A 15 West Second Street. Mn/trl oj Impraftd Tobacco Jd_,inerJI, Tb6lllcGowan Pt;.'P Oo. 14111: 1g-1V :ld st -Jdl:tur.,.. oJ Chewi"tt """ Smoking Tobacco. Bpt!nce llroR. eo. al and w -Tblrd 2l>bac:oo. Semon Cb&l'lel,-toOoiUon I; !lemon. 1311 ODtaric> D.A.lf]I'URY, c ...... ,.....,. .... Dealor ;,. -.ILie P. C. eo---."' l-.t 2'ollaooo Packllf' and Delllcl in OhiiJ &ea. 1llmm, R. a: Sons O'Nell'\11'. S. DETROIT, Mich. aow1 j)mof!{b.g 2-. Ba.rlr:er K'. C. & Co. 74 and '1'6 Jetrel'80D A DtrRHAM. N.c. anufcacturer of .&making Tobaceo. Blackwell w T & Co Jlfn oJ Blacl:u:eU' Durlw:m Ciarett.&. lliaclnvell W T. s. NEW ORLEANS. Ln.. Tob4eco Fac.to1 and Commissioll M e rch.:znt. Steven8o n John D. C. 194 Common. PADUCAH, R:y, Tobacco JJ,ol.:er. Puryear T. B PATERSON, N. J, MaaufacttwerB of CJunoin.g and '.i'moking To bacc<>, Snuff (l.nd Ci garB. Allen&: Dunnlt'!K, 65> &: G7 Van liop.ten Street PETERSBURG, Va. AfmlufaCI::urer ef Plug and 8mdlring Tobacoo and Deciln-B in .I;eaf Tobao. Veaable 8. W. & Co. Manufactums of Sweet hav y 0hewt.l1fl. Jackson C A. Ill: Co. Commimon Ba.ln &: Parru.c't PHILADELPHIA. Tobacco Bamberger L. &; Co. 111 Arch Batchelor Bros. 13'11 Chesnut Bremer' Lewis Soua, Third Dohan &; 107 Arch Elaenlohr W m II: Co. 115 Soutb Water Knecht .1: Co. 123 North Thm! McDowell M. !C. &:: ()>. 39 North Water HaT & SmW>. &> Nortb. Water Ralpb. I D. H .&: Co.riee PMU. Rittenhouse, North Twenty-8ocond Jlfr'a Agl-nt for Plug and Smoking Tokceo. Kelly F X Jr. 112 Arcb WholualoDealeroinLMJ/andll'/'dTobGcco. D., Hflil Jonn B. run South Second 00 ., Tb.e tax on all kinds of Manufactured centi 'Ill lb ; SDUJI', 16 cents lbi, Cigal'9. 16 tt thousand i Clnrlettes weighing not over 3 lbs W tbOOMDd, 71!.per thousand: Clga eiteo and Ch eroots weigbblg over 31bs 'Ill thousand, 1111 per t.houaand Tb.e duty on Cigars I s 12.50 'ill lb ud!lll'lll oenL ad"'""""" Clp-....,e duty M cig&rL Imported cigars, CUrarettes and Cheroots also b ear the prescribed Internal Revenue taxes, to I>e paid 'J?y &tamp8atthe Custofn House. The import dJltY on Leaf Tobacco Is 85 cents II 111; Leaf Tobacco stemmed, 60 cents. 'II ,. ; J(a.nufactured Tobacco, a; 50 cents !b Manufac tured Tobaooo and Scrape are also subject to the I oteroal BeYeOue tax ot 10 cents 1t1b, and must be packed In conformity with Internal JqJvenue law and regulat.ion. Scrape &nd. cuttillgs, however, may be withdrawn bolk for use lD a cobaooO, IDuft', ot clg&r manufactory Without pa.ymeo* ot the internalrelenue Oigar-Brn Labell and 1Wmming. Banis Geo. S &: So11. a. e, cor. 4th and Viae. Ma.nttfa c turer.s of Cig(J.r Mou&da'. U. 8. Solid Top Ci,ii:'ar Mould Co. cor and Nort h College Ave s. Gert.'t .Aqt .,or C ..4.. Ja.cbon. c:t Co.' "But." Wardle Geo F Manufacturers o j Ralph.' a Sootch Snutf, Stewan, Ralph 1/r. Co 141 Arab Street. PITTSBU'BGH, Pa. of and Saoking TolNicco Bros. 81 8mlt.hfteld Ill M11fr of "Long Threai:E" Uo.f Tobacco Broker. W E Dibrell of Tobacco 1Jag1. M M!U'IIIser .t CQ.. 'RoeHE&TER, Jl.anujrl. of 8m.okinf1 Gttd Ch.ewifl-9 Tob<.lccol and ()(gare(tes s F .Heso&:Co. Manujacturet" of Tobaeoo Wba1ea 1\ &; T 18i0 State J{Qftuja.c:turen of. ''Peerlal'' atld Pla&alv. Ct4t ToOOcco and VonitJI FtUr" 8moWft.t' Tob&cco a...t Olga,..ttu, Ktmb&JI W. 8. IL Co SAJf FRAl'fCISOO. Cal. Jor Slt'aikm I II 1>. Tba above In Amerloui Foretp Duties on !l'obacco. Ill A..-rla, rra-, IW:r and 8prJn &lie tobacco commeroelo JDOD!'fao liAII l>F Geftrumea&l -.. dlreoUoa of a a.gJe. In Gel'IIIIUIJ' tbe -...., -.... Ia 115 -..... eanaJ 110 10.40 c:en$1 por on l&rlpo aDd _..,. marlla per !IXT k:fk>. _.., .,qual CO ,..,01; oen,. per_., on manufactw'M toco """' crgan m -k 100 kll_....., eqU&I to aa:c11 potmd. 0.. lobotocO produced' In Germany, tbe taJdac .dreot -April 1 April!, 1880, to lllarcb 81, 18fl!1 Ill JI>Ub per 100 co :1.45 .-to per pound; from Apru 1, 1881, to -31, .liB, 110m ;a per 100 equal to'3,117 .,...., pBf poollld; from April 1, 1.81Dl, and W 45 marlla per 1110 -. -to 1.10 POl '>QIIII, In Belclum tbe lm-' ill rickonecl litter -....clair 11Jpol' a1. 'or tare. Tbe dnty Is 110 frantW (11.86 aold) 9 IOO CIC \erlean pounds equal to 41H ldloe.) In Holland tbe duty Ia ill 0811..,-frOlcl, per 100 American l>e beiDC eqll&l to 127 JdD). In -tbe duty on 1-" Tobacco Is 4 roubles 10 pad; oa limoki'14t_ Tobacco 26 roubl"" 40 kopeka 'Ill pud; aad on 2 roubtea 10 ,. pud. Tbe -pud., ia equal to about 36 Ame l>c. Ia Twll:.o:r t.he dt1ty Is 1!0 cents, gold, per 11!4j American lllllllC'ell. lD the dud are oa. Umnanufactured:-.mmecl ar atrl'P'Ped &Dd oilteamecl, oontalaing 10 lite or more of moiatbre iD eYery 100 lie r,.: .._t. Sa 6d per 1b; oontalnio.g lei8s tbaa. 10 l>e ot moloture, Be IOd ._ On llanu1ao&Ured tohAooo:-Cavendlab ud 1'--. 4a IOd 9 ; all-IOl'to,IDolud!nc cigarettes. 48 4d. In lldditioa ..,. &be al>cn'e cluU. &ben; II a ollarp of 9 -. -...._ .. all d-lpCioao. Uruguay-llauuta.etund tobacco, clgara and cigarettes. 35 'Per eent. ad valurem; per cent. ad 8ui'L ---lal"r. ,_., HHILBBOi!DOSBPHS c:l3 00 ., IIA.l'I'11A.C1'1111Bae o &89, 691, 693, 695,.111l II lit 111, I -.-11104-..-, ._. u z. J


. THE LEAF. i;E BACH, I "'gV::EI:OX.B8.A.Lo:m T it'GO DHPOT & AGHNGY or I'. W. n:LGtn:B. a: SOW'S, ttmor., To..._ -d 56 S.-wiSiiiNGTON SUUARE, N. Y.l lla.y Brothers, French Cigarette Paper, Aa4 Sole_,_. .. tile 17. s. roru.. .. ,.,..w FRENCH GAMBIER CLAY PIPES 186 ... .a..---eo. .... (llouoe at l'M!a.] :.EW YORK. E!A V RB. s&.iJiPRY; 1111, ......... --TorJ&, TDS .lD IAIUPACTUBBBS. lfiH ucuBICJ r SPECW.TIES FH PLII AID FIIECUT TOBACCO. D111 v a OIL, TOICA BillS, GUMS, FL4 Powdered Boot, ..a..D PATENT POWDERED LJ:CORJ:CE.. 1'R STICK LICORICE .IIAVE TH!: FAVORITE BRANDS'Ali'D W. E. UPTEGSIOVE. Bpa.ntsh Cedar J'OB. CIGAR BOXES, --Ciiar BOI laton BtDJfia. Foot lOth i 11th Bt1 East RiT4lr, DW TORE. La Vueka Abajo." Astonishing Resulta and Creat laving of ExpenH by the Improvement attained In the Proces of extracting the natural flavor from Havana Tobacco, .. -. ..... _,. The Trade lo he...,with not111ed of the lapol'talll laproyeeal of illlo welllmowll u:lracl of Davaaa lobaceo,lmported from Hanna,lmpaning a L..I.8TING FL..I. VOBto Cigars, Cig&.rettes and Tob&.coo. PBI(JE8 OF .......... .tB..I..JO,I! 14 1 l'll.t -d! pints). iGalon Lota. to Gallon Lois. oo ..... (o;60 ess pet Gallon. o per Gallon. Term 1 Ne,, c. o. p. One pint of La Vaelta ..l.bajo will make 11..., gal1ou atronc llavor, limply by adding live gallona of water. lrhia quantiiJ' Ia BUI!Iclent to lm_....te Fillers for about <0,000 to liO,OOO cigara. BEW ..I.BE OF IJIIIT..I. TION.-Every genuine bottle bearo my name aDd address. J..........,es r:.Cb..a.skeJ.. SOLE ..I.GEI'fT JI'OB TDB Ul'fiTBD STATES Al'fD CJA.l'f.ADA0 66 WARREN 8T., NEW YORK CITY ...... ...... ]. S. GANS' SON & CO.,' Tobacco J Brokers, 84 and 86 WALL STREET, lEW YORK. LICORICE WAT.TJS dk co. Tobacco manufacturers and the trade in geaeral are particularly requested 10 examine and test the superior properties of this LICORICE, which; being now brought to the highest perfecti011 ia of. fered under the above style of brand. We are also SOLE AGENTS for the brand 1'. G. t1l. G. CJ. Acknowledged by consumers to be tho bat in the market. for the brand of Lic;:)rice Stic aGBii & GO., Ia all respects equal to CALABRIA. Consumers and Jobbers would do well to apply direct. ..... _._a-t, lleleat .. rdtaary, -.. DIIJ' OD haacJ, 1111.111, WAUIS a CO., 29 & 31 South 'William .... M. ERTHEILER & SON, TObacco 14r WATfR ST., NEW YORK. JOHN Tobacco 83 BfAYER ST.. NEW YORK. JAMES G. OSBORNE, TOBACCO BROKER, 54 Broad. S"t., RADER & SON, TOBACCO BROKERS .. 97 O.ol:W..'QJ ba:A &'t .. N'e"'gV "York.. &P AN"xs::a: LICORICE PASTE. PEI'X"W'i. :1:1. CIQLXLICNI"IBI, Pro:Ld.e-1:, IU.Ntli'AC'rUREBS OP"!''m CELEBRATED PLAIN FUJEC rtH WIIG in BLUE PAPERS RaseScuJed Maccaboy, Scotch,. French Rap pee, American 48 Broad Street, ::LV:DJ"'gV "r ::E'I.::S:.. A. SBACK., Wehtgtoeatl the.attentlon of T obacco Mai'ufor TOBACCO BROKER, taren aod Dealer. 'to tbb SUPERIOR AND URE article. Sole .Aaents for State of North!:arolinjl Vtr l J at'" M ...... woRp.Is, f'N"EX::a::JI:A. OFFICE:-173 and 176 DUANE STREET, NEW YORK. Manufe clurers of CHEWING and SMOKING TOBACCO. GOLD COIN ROYAL PUCK CICARETTES. = I:JB.A,G For 8MOKINC TOBACCO, Flour, Salt, Bark, Sumac, Cuano, Crain, 4c. Furnlahed with or without Prlllte4 BraaoJa.; WlL-S. CARKOW PROPBiftOB or LYNCHBURC, Va. AUGUSTUS POLLACK9 Hauulact.Per of Cigar., "Wheeling'' Crown & Seed SEAL OF THE STATE OF WEST VI. .And CJROWN WHEELIJ(&, W..t Vlqbda,--V S. 1!!:!!5an4


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