The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (12 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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v o L. xvr. ---No. 3 6. fESTABLISHED 1864.] NEW YORK, SATURDAY, OCTOBER 9, 1880 WHOLE NO. 816 103 MAIDEN LANE. Corner or Ptout.S-t. SEIDENBERG & CO I' 84 a 88 R.EA.DE STREET, NEW YORK, Im :porters of Ha va,na ALSO MANUFACTURERS OF THE LA ROSA ESPANOLA KEY WEST HAV AN A.-CIGARS. WEISS, ELLER & KAEPPEL, IMPORTERS OF THE ROSE HAVANA BRAND'' TOBACCO. 220 Pear 1 Street, New York.: _N_e_w __ Y __ o_r_k. ___ MCFALL & LAWSON -MANUFACTURERS OF THE-EL CLUB DE YATE' and ROYAL PALM KEY WEST HAVANA CIGARS. Havana Scraps and Cuttings for Sale. V. MARTINE. Z YBOR & CO., 1&0 Pea.r1 S-tree"t, 'Y"erk, I :J::a5:PC>R.TER.& C>F =HAVANA TOBACCO= SEED LEAF TOBACCO, f; N"o. 160 'VVa'ter S-tree-t, Y"ork.. .. LILilmTll.U.., lYI.. LILIENTHAL a CO., BAYABA TOB.A.CCO, N'o. 177 N'E""'" -I!IA.NUFA.CTU.RiiQ,!I OFCIGAR BOX LUMBER, SPANISH CEDAR, DOMESTIC WOODS, IMITATION SPANISH CEDAR. IMPORTERS IN OUR OWN VESSEL OF SPANISH CEDAR and MAHOCANY. 6Bfi 'VV. S1:x'th S't., C:l:o.c:ln:o.a 't:l. ALlYIIIlALL & CO., 6-e 1as_ """ J J .t\ TRADE MARK. IMPORTERS OF V' .AN" A. TOBACCO, DONALDSON BROTHERS,, L:l 'thogra.ph1o Pri:n. i :li"X'V":E N'E'VV fTOBACGO LABELS AND SHOW CARDS_ "O, O.x 2791.] O;F' 'Y [No Labelo kep& Ia S&ock. BV'I".rEB. BROS., Dea.Iers In LEAF. TOBACCO, Chicaco 'W1LU.u{ WICKE, AUG. R OESLER & co., CIGAR BOX PRICE LIST OF. CIGAR RIBBONS. ._. Y.u.., ... ; ....... : ... ... .-a'ltao ..... 'IO,.U 11.'16 .................. 1 .... 6-8 'I07u LU ooo .,,..,,,,,.. N e .... 6-8 N 'JC) ,... 1.46 : .. Ia -6-8 .. 'TO ,.a. 1.16 M '''"-'""'" 3,.., IS N 'JO J'U 1.25 ._. Be4 ................. ].. .... 5S 'IO,.U L80 .... ...... .. ...... ..... e .... s-s 'Jo,.u 1..60 N ....................... 3 .... 1 .. 'IO,.U 1..38 lllopaaola ........................ 1 .... 6 .. '10,. .. 1.80 .... .. .. .. .. ...... .. .. .. e .... 5 .. 'IO ,..._ 1..60 ...................... 3 .... 5 'IO,.U LaO .&I'I'O'IIr Bed .............. .. 1 .... 4. 'JO 7da 1.M .. .. .. .. .. ..... .. .. .. 2... 4. .. '10,... L20 ................. 3 ..... 4. 'IO;rda 0.86 -Yellow ............. 1 ..... 6-fi 'JO,.U LaO ............. j ... 6-8 'JO;rda L20 HAVANA TOBACCO. Any Infringement I w. c. IWIII be prosecuted upon thfsl to the full ---. TRADE MARK ._.._ _____________ of the Law. WElL & 00., 65 PINE STREET, NEW YORK. El81;a. {Havana, --Jl!18. Philadelphia, 1828. .., S. FUGUET & SONS, No. 231 CHESTNUT ST., PmLADELI'HIA, IIPORTERS OF HAVANA CIGARS -Eotabllahed 1838.-s. LININGTON'S SONS, IMPORTERS OF Havana Cigars & Leaf Tobacco 216 Front Street, New York. Sole for Celebrated Havana Brande of Paul and VIrginia, La Celba, I La .. Desaflo and Flor Selecta. GBNERAL AGIIoNTS J'OR SEIDEN&ERG'S CIGARS .US0 JIANlll' AC'l 'lmKBS OJ' Fine I "'&@!; -.I .. ... .. .. .. .. .. 3 ... 4. .. '10 ;rda 0.80 ....... Bed ..................... -3-8 .. '10 ,. ... 0.'10 lj Yellow ................. s-8 '10 ;rdo 0.86 ''. .. ............ "100 .. 5-8 34:741 0.,35 '"YeLtr.ReclStripe& .. 5 0 .. 13" :U;r ... O.:MJ .. .. .. .. .. .. "100 .. 6-8 .. :u ;reb &4.0 : Rea ...... .... J . 'J-8 :u 7a. 1.1.0 .. ................. 2 .... 13 .. :u,... 1.16 ...a Bed U 'lritla 7ellow edc.. 5 'JO ;rda 1.16 .. .. UJ. u '.',; M 1 .. 707d lAO IU'l'OW" n .. .. s .. 'IO ,..._ LaO a....d. Yell. ..I with hl11e .... 6 '10 :rc1o 1.16 ... .. IIa reel u ... .. 'TO,... IJI5 4 io Ua :r'lid, white a.atl llllaeedceo .... /i-8 'IQ7da rtec ................................ ,&-8 .. 60,.u )-M IExtra Styles of Maq to rder. RIBBONS'(CUT & PRINTED ANY SIZE Aflb' STYLf. .&U Orclero Promp&IJ' B:l:eca&ecl. Termo (lada, Prices of Cigar Boxes and Samples of Ribbons Sent on Application. BEKOVAL. WM. DEMUTH & CO. IU.NUJ' OJ' MEERSCHAUM, BRIAR .ui> APPLEWOOD PIP118, IMPORTERS OF SMOKERS' ARTICLES, 501' & o'09 Broadway, 78 &; 80 MERCER STREET, CIGAR BOX LUMBER! SPECIAL PRICES to all Parties ordering 20;000 Feet And upwards. Be!Dg SOLE I!I.A.NUJIA.CTU.REBS of lhe celebrated perfectly smooth and thoroughly oeaooned Cut and Lumber, We can to all manufacturers lndncementAI the line of Cigar Box Cedar and Veneers, Poplar. Syca more, Butternut &nd Mahogany, alllo in Panel Woods and Brush S5ock. Our Cedar Veneers applied to Poplar is much prtferred to Imitation Cedar. ur Fullllne FOREIGN and DOI'IIESTIC WOODS In Logs. Plank, Boards and Veneers. Sencl Cor Catalope ancl Prlee Llo1, Geo. W.. Read & Co., 186 IMPORTERS OF MEERSCHAUM BRIAR ANP CLAY PIPES. SPECIALTY OF MANUFACTURERS SMOKERS' 'TOBACCONISTS' SUPPLIES. WOODEN SHOW FIGURES. lllaaataetarerot A- cor the Sale oC all Popular Braado or VIRGINIA, NORTH CAROLINA & WESTERN MANUFACTURED, SMOKING&. FINE CUT TOBACCOS. .A. .. n&a Jbr .J'OHl'i' II', A.LLEl'f ot: CO,tl Rlehmoa .. Va., Branclo oCSmoklnc 'l'obaeeeo IUlcl ct .. re&&e .. IA.I!I, A.YBEI' "HYco,., ete.-Depol Cor .J'. W. OA.H.ROLL'S "LONE .J'A.CK,., "JI'.ROWl'f DICK,tt e&e, LOUISIANA. PERiqUE, Cal ancl In Carrola, W. T. Blackwell & Co.'s Genuine DUB.HAM Tobacco. ;;;,-:;;. il. 8. KIIBALL & CO.'S "V' .A.N2:T"Y: F.A.XR. fobacco & Ciwottos. CJIAI,JI, eofi.R.&D ot: OO,tl eele:!>raled. LOG CAJI'IIf LOVE A.I!IONO THE BUSES -.,kla.Tobaeee, II.Al(UJ'.AOTUB.E'D TOBAOCO.-II'avoll'lte Dark lfawy, Eaclaanlr. -8al'lr lweel llloroel Dark l'fa'O'J", Hoaey and Peach and all Popular Brands or Faocy and Light "-.&-OUT, lllaJaalaotared br SPAULDIJfG 4: XI:B.RICK:-014 Glor70 ch ....... oc &lae W&o .,.._ 8arle7, qa-Bew, Trap .. WI& Wq, Bocle, In l'l.llo and Barrels. De .. l 1br B. T. PILKINTON 4: co.'S eelebra&ecl II'.RUIT8 AND II'LOWEIU ,and C:OI!IIIIOl"WlULTII lmolllq ... obaeeo. Depoe INO'Wtl tr Prlee Llf'lll'llldled oa .t.ppU .... ea. J. CwuSTUJ< Duai!L. .RK, WHOLESALE DEPO'J'S.-N"Il'V YO.RKt Allen & Co. 1'13 ChaD1bero St, RALTII!IOREI Barter ot: 12 Co:mDlerce St, ROI!lTONt Suoomaa Bros., Wushlngton St. SAVANNAH 1 BenclheiJD Broa. ot: Clo. SURFACE FOIL-:1 :D4a:u. -u.:ta.o't'l.11'ed by J. PATENTED MAY 11 and JULY 6, 1880. NOTICR la hereby ct:ven that all P .. .,sons m:akt:ug, Selllng, or Using rtn Poll 1: l..nfiolncement olf aatd LeUen. Patent, wlll b e Pro111ecut .... "\ to the Full Extent of the Law provided tor ln euch eaNee. A new and beautiful article of Foil fo, Tobacco & Cigar Manufacturers, Druggists, &c Pu.rnlshed PlaJn o:r In P"ancy DeslgnR of Color and Ornamentation. I!IANUF AVTU.RE.R OP P' Tb.:1 O" FQtJ:s. .Rolled u any Gauge and Cut to Size, 11 Jlrintblg oa Tin FoU In Bronze a11d Colors. Bottle Caps, all sizes, Plain anjl Colored, 168 'Y N'E""'" ht 1)7 It \t J:t ttf"" and proprietor of the Railroad Mills at Spotswood, .... # L N. J., which will attract universal attention. In design, color. and expression it is equal to the best work YORK, SATURDAY. OCTOBER 9, 1880. that has emanated from the bauds of that popular firm of artists. A domestic drawingroom, exquisitely axe-OBSERVE THEM. outed in varied tints, is made the scene of a full line Our Supplement pages this week will attract atten-display of the more popular manufactured by t"on illustrating as they do the enterprise of Messrs. General Helme. An elegantly-attired old gentleman, ;rederick De & Co., !lfr. Thomas H. Hall, who looks like a banker, feet gentlemen whose goods have made their names known outstretched, reclines m an easy chair m the fore all over the world. ground of the picture. Between the thumb and first fingers of his right hand he holds the remnants of a. EASTWARD. pinch of snuff with w 'hich hehas been regaling himself. On Monday Mr. Graff, our Business Manager, will The soothing quality of the snuff has lulled tho old start on his annual round of visits to friends and pat gentleman to sleep, and caused him to let slip f rom his rons of THE ToBAcco LEAF in the Eastern States. Con left hand a fac-simile of THE ToBAcco LEAF, No. 27, cerning the general excellence of the toba cco crop just volume '16, for which the somnolent hand is reaching, harvested in that section of our country, whereof much as if even while under the grateful spell which has been printed, our observant and efficient coadjutor Morpheus weaves for mortals, the owner of the hand is likeiy to have a good deal that is helpful to say in could not hear to part with his favorite paper. Cen his notes by the way. So, too, we trust he may of the trally across the surface of tho first page of THE ToBAO 'improved status of the manufacturing and commercial oo LEAF 3: train of cars in apparent motion is outlined interests of the many towns through which he will to symbolize tho Railroad Snuff and Tobacco Mills. have occasion tO 'pass. That he will be cordially re-Immediately below the whizzing appean. ceived, as usual, may be naturally infm:red. the inscription in full type, "Snuff and Tobacco: Goo_ vV. Helme, 133 Water Street, New York;" under this G. W. HELME'S NEW PICTURE. are type cards illustrating" Colorado" smoking tobacThe Messrs. Donaldson Brothers, lithographers, have co, "Prince Albert" smoking tobacco, and "Prince completed a picture, which is now being distributed, for Albert" c igarettes, manufactured by General Helme. General G. W. Helme, successor to Appleby & TM lith}lraphers' imprint a.nd other advertisements ro--,-150 ,. I 'tern CJ.ararr huufacturers wDl :D.nd it to their advantage to deal with w .....


lkt lobacco PUBLISHED EVERY liiATUBDAY lllOBZIING BY TOBACCtl LEAF" PUBLISHING COMPANY, 105 MAIDEN LANE, NEW CORNER OF PEARL STREET 5)WARD BURKE ........ ......... ........................ EDrroa. .JOHN G. GRAFF W BCl!INESSl!LtJ<4GD. TII:BII8 OF THB P&PBB. liNGLE OOPIEII 11 CIIJOTI. OlliB YIIAR .. t1 DO 8JX JIONTHS li.OO Advertisements. 14 Ltnes One CoJn1nn 14 Ltnel!f o-ver '.l' n o Co!untn8 28 Lines One t'ullliJIII 28 Lines over '1'\vo Colurnus fi,, Lines One Coluut n li6 Lines over T'vo <:oJutnus Oue Line at bottoru o1 One SL't Three Yelll :Months. Months. $2.> $11 es :1-5 24 14 41i 24 1 4 so 45 25 80 4-5 25 lUO S.'i $50 SPECIAL ADVERTISEMENTS ON :FIRST PAGE. 14 over T'vo 'VIdo Colunns 28 Ll ues 11 Llnes .Single Cql umu One YE-ar. $100 17'.; 55 SPECIAL ADVERTISEMEN'IS ON READING MATTER PAGE. One Snr Three Year Montlls. 14 Llucs over 2 'Vide Columns IS85 IS45 S2S NOTIC:ES, WANTS or CAUTION NOTICES 4 Llnc1!!1 8nc In crtlou 60 l.t LJne One M"ontl1 -$.S.50 14 Linea Two Months .. 8.50 Llue8 J 'hree lllonths 1-1.00 14. Llne!f Slx ro:ontho 24 00 14 Lines Twelve Months... 45.00 25 Lines Three Months 18.00 25 Line Six Montlts .. 35.00 25 Llues 'I welve JTioutlts 60.00 R ea4,1ug Matter Advert1!1emcnt8 on Edltorla) Pages 25 per cen!. on tile above prlee. ,JiJ -Under 11 '> Ci,oumstance will we deviate from the Prices. fill the balance of the page to the bottom At one Side of the o ld chair a boy and g 1rl are playfully engaged m t1ymg to induce a bull pup to test the m erits of the Railroad M1lls Scotch" snuff, a jar of whtch the b oy t s d elvmg mto he kneels upon t h e carpet Tw o boys are h elpmg themselves to snuff from grandpa's box as it rests upon a table c l ose to the d oz in g s1re A $pectacled dame and p retty maide n are sm1lmgly observing the mteresting tableau fro m an open door m the co1 ner of the room. A framed card embracmg an Illustration of the Railroad M ill s a ra1l road train, cit1zens, water v1ews, and the name G W. H elme, 133 Water S t r eet, New Y ork, crowns the pic ture, supplemente d by a meersch aum p1pe and packages of "'Prmce Albert" and Colorado tqbacco at the nght A l togethe r the scene IS ammated and -pretty. and IS creditabl e to both artists and owner A PLEASANT WEDDING. The ruarrwge, on Tuesday everung, of Mr Dav1d Lachenbruch and M1s s Ell a Memhard, of th1s City, was happtly c e l e btated, ac cording to arrangements, at Standard H a ll About three hundred gues t s were p1esent, m cludmg the followmg well known r epre sentatnes of the leaf tobacco and c1ga r interests of New Y01k Mr H Schubart and f arr. ily, Mr. A Scbubart and l ady, Mr F al k e n stein and lady, llfr M. Oppenheimer and l a dy, Mr A Cohn and lady, Mr Bunzl and family Mr Dorm1 tzer and family, Mr. FISCher ctlld lady, Mr. Rossin and sister, Mr M. Neu berger and lady. Mr E Bach and f amily, Mr B01em s k;. and lady, Mr Pmner a nd lady, Mr Kerbs and lady and daughter, Mr Haas and lady, Mr S. Jacoby and lady, G e o P L1es and l ady, Mr. J. Seiden b etg and lady. Mr L Wolf and l ady, Mr Tannert, Mt S "'Rosenwald, Mr J. Hoffman, Mr. J_ Erthe 1ler "Wallenberg, and }fr. F. Pentlarge. Mr. Rosenwald was chanman of the Reception Comm1ttee, and :l.ies3rs Rossm and T annert acted as ushers. vVhen the nuptial c eremony was concluded, the partiNpants were regaled w1th a sumptuous collation m the Hall, after which music, speeches, songs and general enjoyment filled up the interval unt1l the guests wtthdrew, and the wedded pair retired to make preparatiOns for an ext ende d bndal tour South and West. The occasi on was a pleasurable one in all tespects, and the good wishes of many friends will f o llow the young husband and wtfe wherever they go and wherever they ab1de. TRADE IN CALIFORNIA. Conversmg with Mr. John Straiton, of the firm of Strruton & Storm, ctgar manufacturers of this City, that gentleman gave to us his 'impressions relative to the cigar and tobacco mterests m Cahfornia-from which State, as already announced in these columns, he has recently returned-in the followmg words."The Califorma market has been flooded with East. ern trash in the shape of cigars, and is full of it to-day unsold. You can hardly go mto an 1mportmg house there which has been dealing in Eastern manufactures, the shelves of which are not more or less filled w1th un salable stock from the East. Fme goods are in favor the:-e, wherever they may happen to have been made. I brought with me an offic1al report of the c1gars manufactured and sold in the F1rst Internal Revenue Collectwn D1strict of California. m the last fiscal year. L s t me see it I can find it, here it is," Mr. Straiton said, after rummagmg a ttavelling-bag travel worn.CIGAR STAMPS SOLD, 1ST DISTRICT, CAL July, 1879 .. August, September, October, November .. D ecember, January, 1880 February, M:trch Ap1il, Ma:y, June. Exported. 229,750 191,950 62,150 99,725 99, 700 116 ,000 61,100 63,500 149,950 1 0 5,350 178,100 325,650 1 682,925 Tax Paid $48,733 20 49,463 55 95 60,437 40 48,319 95 41/,608 45 49,125 60 45,018 90 59,044 65 57,103 05 55,507 05 58,746 60 $ 635,471 35 105,9 11,890 1 ,682,925 Correct-A D S cROGGS 107,594, 815. E. F. BRAN, Deputy Collector September 6, 1880. These figures s h ow a considerable mcrease over those of the precedmg year. The tt ade m manufactured tobacco appear s to be very h eahhy m the Golden State. Here let m e say. I found nmeng the people there an an of contentment and a frankness and openness of character that were very ctgr eeable, and m favorable contrast wtth the dei xtea n o r of peop l e I have notiCed m my JOtlrneymgs else" h e 1e. Tra.ueappeared to be pedectly sound in all branches, parl1cubJ ly so among the JObb ers and large dealers. Tho Cbwese c tgarmakers gtving the revenue officers a grll'at deal of trouble by the refillmg of u se d boxes, and the Government has not force enough there to chec k the practice. The Chinamen, as soon as one is caught m an Illlctt act, by some stgn or species of telegraphy, make the fact known to one another throug h out the Chmese quarter, and, therefore, it is Impo ssi ble for tbe officers t o capture more than one on a smgle ra1d The G overnment ought to have more o ffi;wl heip ln Califorma, b ecause there 1s more labor for revenue officers in proportion, in that dtstrict, m my judgment, than in any other collectwn dtstrict of the country." TOBACCO Bl:RSED.-There were on the Isaac Bell, burned last weflk at Norfolk, 9 hhds and 35 trcs of tobacco, cons1gned to the care of Messrs W. 0. Smith & Co., of th1s c1ty, for E. Jonas & Bros., London. '.fHE TOB.ACdO LEAF. THE TOBACCO-BAG FILLING MACHlNE AT\ being, posatbly, twenty-five feet; so it will be seen, .rHE FAIR OF THE AMERICAN INSTITUTE. though wonderfully effective, the little space 1t re Mr. C C Clawson, a 'young man twentyfive years quires m pos1t10n adapts 1t to the smallest as well as oi age, of Bale1gh, N. C., has invented and placed on largest tob>

OOT. 9 -"\Ve had a call from Mr Wm Cmtis, the repre stmtatrve of the well known tobacco manufacturmg firm of Messrs Holbrook Bros & Co of Lomsv1lle Ky who rs tra,ellmg through the Eastern States m the mter est of hrs firm -Mr C H Sprtzner Jr son of Mr C H Sp1tzner ofthefirmofMessrs C H Sp1tzner&Son oftlnscrty and who rs npw m Bremen has effected a sale of 1,100 cases of 1879 Oh10 Ibrs goes to show us that the export trade has not as yet come to a stand strll Busu1ess Troubles. MOORE JENKINS & CO, NEW YORK The followmg rtems are takon from th11 report of the assrgnee of this firm As Bets Cash stock, and furmture Open accounts Chas L C Replevmed Replevmed Nonunal $90,13425 136 174 75 $234,908 31 ,Actual $70,160 39 80,955 89 151116 28 8 599 31 159,715 59 $20 000 00 10 700 00 15 000 00 124 493 35 104 258 83 274 452 18 8 599 31 $283 051 49 Contmgent Amencan Exchange Nat Bank notes diSCOUnted $6 829 44 East Rrver 97,893 71 $104,223 15 The preferred credrtors are Chas Jenkms Trustee money loaned $20 000 w1th mterest L C money loaned, $10,700 wrth mterest Chas Jenkms, three demand notes grven for cash $15 000, wrth m terest East River Nat Bank $97 893 71 '[be firm hae grven notes for cgars bought by them to the followmg firms of thiS crty Messrs Smdenberg & Co $4 795 McCoy & Co $4 551 82 Lwhtenstem Bros & Co $9 558 SO Sutro & Newmark $13,712 99, Levy Bros $470 S Jacoby & Co $839 85 Morris Jacoby & Co $838 50, Brown & Earle $425 60 A Greenhall $492 60, neallS all of these firms have d1s posed of their notes by selling them On open accounts, the followmg sums are due all to firms of ths crty except when otherwiSe mentioned Messrs 1\. Moonehs, $83 75, P Lorillard & Co $9 60 Wm Demuth & Co, $10 50, Brown & Earle $712 60 Allen & Co, $1412, D H McA,Ipm. & Co, $39 20, S Jacoby & Co $173 25 McCoy & Co $1,166 17, Sutro &Newmark, $1644 33, Lichtenstem. Bros & Co, $411, M E McDowell & Co $290, G W Helme $88 25 L P & J Frank $75 80, M Jacoby & Co $1 048 60, S Otten berg $411 25 Thos Hoyt & Co $40 20 ._ W rse & B e ndhe1m $111 Wm Wtcke & Co $117 5D-, r Po balsltr : $577 17 :M Barranco & Co $517 90 Merchants Tobacco Co, Boston $492 48 Wyommg Crgnr Co Quakertown Pa $1fi2 95, S W Venable & Oo Peters burg, Va $285 71 Stewart Chapm & Co Toledo $46, E; P Pleasants & Son, Baltimore, $345 85 Stew art Ralph & Co Philadelphia, $199 28 W E Garrett & Sons, Philadelphra, $503 10 J De Voe & Sons, Spotswood N J, $264 50, J H Gregory, Key West, $333 25 Messrs Sutro & Newmark have replevmed 65 050 Cigars valued at $2 185 21 and Messrs S W Venable & Co 20 bxs tobacco, valued at $362 18 The stocks on hand cash etc are valued at nommally $90 222 05 actually, $70 268 19 of th1s the tobacco and snuff stocks are valued at $5 369 66 nommally (act u a lly 4 733 12), and crgars at $11 076 75 nommally (actually $8 555 83) Of the actual assets debtor's accounts con srdered good are valued at $410 82 partrally good $169 39, and had, $7 371 43 of the open accounts 52,705 91 are considered good Mr J enkms repm ts liabiliti es me a bond secured by mortgage, on the bmldmg occupred by the firm grven for the purchase money $90 000, and a bond for life msurance valued at $6 000 his assets are the bmldmg referred to, valued at $115 000, property of the actual value of $2 000 The amount due to the tobacco rs '$46 074 57$35 865 16 represented by notes and $10 209 41 by open We have not heard what the firm will pay as no meetmgs have as yet been held OLIVER & ROBINSON, RICHMOND VA shown that Indfana Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, Colo Jado Nevada and all States havmg no ports of entry, pard not one dollar of tariff revenues to the Govern ment A system of ratwcmatwn mvc.lvmg such a reduct to ad adsurdum, need I show, could not be mam tamed even though 1t threads the "greatest effort of the great New Yorker upon one of the greatest occa srons Take the mternal revenue figures of thrs speech they are equally at fault One would have supposed that Mr Conkhng would not agam have hazarded h1s great reputatiOn after he had forfe1ted the confidence whrch the country placed on the accuracy of hrs state menton this subJect m a great .speec h m the Senate m the sprmg of 1879 when he soughttomamtam that the South had no rrght to have a say as to the approprra tiOn of public moneys masmuch as 1t made com para trvely no contributiOn to the pubhc treasury It pard he sard a lttle formerly under a tobacco tax but under the d1ctat10n of the Southern element the North ern Democrats had stricken 13 mrlhons of dollars from this resource by reducmg the rate from 24 to 16 cen t s per pound When the rt>-Sult of tbe year 1mmedrately followmg th1s remarkably accurate statement of the great statesman-from May 1 1879 to May 1 1880showed that the1e was 4Yz mrlhons of dollars more pard mto the treasury from th1s great staple than ever be fore A rate then established by the Democratrc party which wrll 1f mamtamed for the next ten years brmg mor e than 50 mrlhons of d ollars annually 1nto the treas ury a sum whrch will nearly pay theentue mterest on the natrona! debt, after tbe Demo era tiC party funds rt m to bondsof3 and The prospenty of the present which the g1eat New Yc;>rker so largely claims for the financral policy of the Secretary of the Treasury and the Republican party, will be shown by these figures to be more due to the' statesmanship of the tobacco and cotton fields of the South, and the rwh harvests of the Northwest Respectfully, W P BURWELL PLOT AND COUNTER-PLOT. Under this headmg the Journal of Comnuwce makes the followmg remarks relative to the recent actiOn of the Crgar makers' InternatiOnal Umon m regard to future strikes -The programme lard down for the future gurdance of the Cijl;Br makers' Internatronal Umon would, but for one thmg put therremploye1s m a very trght and uncomfortable place It IS a very neat and cleanjlan on paper The Cigar makers pro pose to suspen str1kmguntil next spnng They do th1s not because they obJect to stnkes at any season Therr sole motive IS the prudential one of laymg up a fund out of the wages pard by employe1s untrl they have reserve enough to fight those employers success fully Meantrme, they grant mdulgences to any crgar makers who may be moved to strrke by such an out rage as a reductwn of wages If the employers would only be Iambhke and stuprdly allow therr hands to perfect thrs plau of astrrke m I881 wrthout takmg the least counter precautiOns rt would work beautifully But the trade umons do not have all the brams or money both of whrch come mto play m conductmg or res1stmg strikes The c1gar makers seem partrcularly wantmg m common sense m puttmg therr scheme on record, for they have thus forewarned their employ ers who will not fail to rmrtate the example of thmr hands They, too, can combme anJ. set asrde a fund and make e' ery preparatiOn to cope with the threat ened str1ke when rt comes off Two can p1ay at the game of stnkmg as the trade Jmons found out long ago And we see no reason why the game m the case of the Cigar makers should resqlt otherwise than as usual, m fav.or ef the employers WESTERN TOBACCO CROP REPORTS (Specml to THE ToB \ceo LEAF ) KENTUCKY Hmklev11le Oct 5 -The rams about whrch I "rote last week contmued only t)Vo or thr<;le days, but long euough to cause most of the tobacco on the hrll to begm to grow and prevent 1ts maturmg as early as rt would have done 'Ihe last days ram was vmy cold for a SeJ?tember ram, and remmded one very much of wmter The cold ram and h1gh wmd satrsfied people that as soon as the ram ceased there would be a destructive frost but m thiS they were m1staken On Wednesday of last week the clouds passed awav and the weather was mild and summer hke but on Thursday mornmg TH:& TOBACCO LEA.F. color The tobacco W1ll be brighter th1s yea r than last We have had some frost, but no damage has been done M Havrlandsvrlle Harrison Co, Oct 5 -Heavy frost has no\\ come mto exrstence and what httle tobacco rs not cut IS suffeung a severe attack but almost all IS cut and housed as well as sold Some few do not sell but a maJorrty of farmers have sold their crops 0 Owen County DUJtrwt Truesv1lle, Sept 29 -The tobacco crop IS very late and I thmk there rs not more than half a crop m thrs county I have seen some tobacco that wrll not make anythmg There 1s not much old tobacco on hand m thrs country C 0 Monterey Owen Co Sept 29 -Our planters are m the nudst of the1r tobacco cuttmg and they are cer tamly bemg blessed by an All Wure Providence m hav mg good and favorable weather for savmg therr to bacco, and I am glad to .say to you there has been the greatest out come m tobacco that I eve1 saw and every md1catron IS now favorable for a good deal of good and tobacco m the present crop I beheve there wrll be more good sound tobacco m this crop than there was m the last year s crop J S & Co Green Rtver Dtslrtet Provrdence, Sept 30 -The best part of the crop r s out but there rs considerable tobacco m the fields yet weather cool, and a sharp frost th1s m01;rung, but not enough to damage tobacco J & B Murray, Calloway County Sept 26 -'J'he second cuttmg of tobacco was good not large but tough to bacco wrth good body and not cut w1th the worms 'l'he last cuttmg will be good rf not cut with frost We are wartmg on the weather We are havmg 1 a1n at this trme A H & Bro Murray, Calloway County, Oct 2 -Smce rt ceaeed rammg we have had good weather I oee some cut tmg therr tobacco before gettmg r1pe If they would let their tobacco stand we would have some good late tobacco The weather rs fine at thrs time A H & BRO Dycusburg, Oct 2 -Under the mfiuence of another week of favorable weather the crop IS bemg housed m good condrtwn and 1s curmg all nght Some planters got scared and we fear have cut therr crop too green 'fhose who have been more prudent are reaping the benefits of the present good we11ther In quantrty we thmk the cropJ.B somewhat rmproved and m quality: 1t rs very much Improved smce our last 1eport S H C &Co SEED LEAF CROP REPORTS. (Spectal to TnE TOBAOCO LEAF) NEW YORK Baldwmsvrlle Ga z ette Sept 30 -There rs cons1der able actrvrty m our tobacco market Sales have been made of several lots Mr Rrchard Carroll of Van Buren sold 47 cases of the 1879 ci op, at 9 6 and 4c Mr ].fwhael Connors 11 cases on private terms and say 50 cases of other lots runnmg from 5 to 10 cents 10und One report says that Mr Carroll got 9 cents round There r s a very good mqmry for domestrc Havana but the truth of the matter rs but very little of thrs sort remams unsold If there was a good assortment of 1t, the demand and pnces would be good We quote rt norrunally at from 12 to 16c for runnmglots We see no good 1 eason "hy the old 1879 tobacco now remammg m the farmers hands should not all be taken wrthm a few weeks at reasonably frur priCes We have nothmg new to add m respect to our Onondaga tobacco other than the fact that the present crop r s a very fine one, and seems to be cunng m a satisfactory manner MASSACHUSETTS New England Homestead Oct 2 -Returns of respondents -Whately-Sales S P Whrte 27 cases of Seed leaf (not Iu s own Clop) to Jones of Hatfield for New York for lOc through and about 30 cases of Seed hrs own crop to Hoffma.n & Son of New Ymk at 12c through Ne" tobacco r s curmg down freely but so far as can be seen appears light m color East Whately-Graves Brothers have sold 7 cases of Havana fine goods to Hoffman & SonofNewYork at 16c through (5 cases of wrappers and 2 of fillers) C G & F A Crafts have sold 10 cases of H&vana through D A Graves of Northampton to Hay & Smrth of Philadelphia for 14Yzc round L G Stearns has sold 1 400 pounds of Havana to Levy of New York at 11c through Hatfield-As most of the Havana here rs Bold buyers are not as plenty and there I S very little stu: m Seed leaf We report sales E Hubbard 5 cases of Seed wrappers (hrs own crop) through D A Graves to Western par tres at 20c James Brrear 5 cases of Ha vana to Jacobs of New York for 15c through Hadley-Joseph Howe has sold 3 cases of Havana (1 of wrappers and 2 of seconds) to D A Graves of Northampton at 121'2' and 10c the only crop m town Export, that we know of Drckmson Brothers our focal deal Farmmgton Oct 1 -In reference to the tobacco ars, are domg a lively busmess bemg among the prospect I ,rii! now say tha t I 'thillk a hnlf a crof wrll largest shrppers m this part of the Stat<;) be a fan estnnate for the present yreld Most o rt 18 11, --1 now cut, and some of 1t cured up but a great deal of 1t I I P.ENNSYL VANIA was cut green, that whrch was cut npe rs good, but gen .,.: M B k Co 0 2 Th d f th rally small Old crop all off T G T '-r-enn s anor uc s Bt e en o 1s e week finds all the tobacco m thrs vrc1mty housed and Manon W1lliamon Co, Sept 29 -One half of our rt 1s as there was a bghtfrost yesterdaymormng tobacco crop IS housed, balance green yet' but little Some have _excellent crops while others have not M,r here, one tenth of crop or less, first cuttmg Louderback has the best' mop that he has grown for tobacco, frost may get balance Z B!!lveral years of about 15 acres I Le1denstwker has 8 TENNESSEE Heavy Clarksville Spnngfield Sept 28 -We a1e havmg cool ramy weather we need warm sunshme to :npen the tobacco About two thrrds of the crop rs rn the field Jet and one third of what IS out IS llpe, but we have had no good weather lately for cuttmg It w1ll reqmre three weeks or longer for rt all to rrpen C C B SP.rmgfield, Sept 30 -The weather IS clear and cool Our planters are busy cuttmg tobacco and wrth two more days of open weather, we thmk half of the c10p will be cut There rs a good deal of green tobacco yet and we fear It will have to be cut green, as 1t will be very late r1penmg C C B 14ght Clarksmlle Parrs, Oct 2 -We have had another week of fine for gathermg m the tobacco crop It has grown finely, but am well satisfied that under any crrcumstances we will not have more than half of our usual quantity What I have seen of the eat ly cuttmg has about half of the leaves rrpe and maturo:;..'!r while the others are not r1pe nor near as good we have had no frost yet to do any harm, and don t thmk rt wrll get much of our tobacco R D C Hadensville, Oct 1 -The late rams have made qmte a change m the last plantmg of tobacco, and 1f 1t could stand until the 15th, rt would make a very fine article but rt 1s now bemg cut green and m about ten days will all b e m, about half the crop rs now housed It rs bound to be a very short crop-say half as much m this sectwn afi was raised last year and the most of that cut green Everythmg looks toward better prrces for tobacco DB. S Hartsville, Oct 5 -If there rs no frost before Oct 20 we w1ll have one half of an average crop Late tobacco IS domg mcely, the weather bemg favorable though rather cool J G L acres of the best he has grown on h1s place Mrs A I Elhs has 30 acres, and rt was all good, some of the leaves measurmg 43 mches m length Wrth the addrtwnalmcrease of acres there will not probably be more than 200 cases over last year The early tobacco rs cmmg up very satrsfactonly The color IS dark, and the leaf of fino texture 1 E Lancaster and Express Oct 6 -Last week our local market was agam rather hvely, and at least 1 000 cases of the 1879 crop were drsposea of by comity to New York partres One sale of 600 cases was made on Thursday but the news d1d not leak out untrl Saturday Thrs was the sale of which we spoke last week as bemg under negotratron There are a number of buyers m our market lo okmg about them but they have not as yet let anybody know what they, are doml;$' They are exammmg both old and new tobacco, and rt IS altogether hkely that there will be some brg sales to rep01 t bt:fore fong The demand for first quality 1879 Lebacco rs !$OOd, and as tbe finer lots gf)ttmg rather scarce prrces have m the last wef)ks advanced 3 and 4c per pound For goods not the finest quahty the demand rs not et so great Runmng lots are quoted at 8c We have really nothing new to say of the new crop It rs all housed and m process ofcurmg Nomorecomplamts of pole sweat are heard srnce the "eather has become cooler and the prospects are fa v:orable El Principe de Gales CIGAR FACTORY, OF KEY WEST, FLA. TOBACCO MARKET. NEW YORK. OCTOBER 8 Westmn Leaf A satisfactory but not actrve de mand has prevarled m the local Western leaf market smce our last, the sales smce the first of the month amountmg to 993 hogsheads at unchanged pnces The market IS firm but beyond thrs there rs no feature to mentron The speculative movement IS sleepmg the sleep of the mnocent, rt rs apparently at rest Messrs SA WYER1 W ALLAOE & Co report to THE ToBAcco LEAF as fellows -After the large busmess of September, our market naturally opens qmet But still prepar at1ons are gomg on for future actrvrty The sales so far amount to 993 hogsheads, of w1uch 746 for export mostly Regres 162 to Jobbers 8 to cutters and 77 to ,manufacturers lst week 2 d week 3d week 4th week 5th week Total 760 272 2 075 1 757 5 500 401 591 700 1 156 3 600 375 661 344 265 3 300 2 6 5 230 293 3 412 4 300 318 680 762 354 2 450 384 763 296 1 707 3 150 306 169 253 1 47:& 2 200 98 2 11:!2 383 185 6 2 463 3 181 s 579 4 827 13 550 October 993 993 Receipts thiS month -Western 2 844 hhds Last year, From New Orleans do 2175" hhds 207 do do 481 do ao Ealtrmore 106 do do Vrrgrma 288 de Total 3 188 hhds Total 2 863 hncts Recmpts thrs year Western 67 091 hhds FromNewOrleans 268 do do Baltimore 324 do do :Vrrgrma 14 035 do Last year, 62 334 hhdo 849 do 1,289 do 15 335 do Total 81,718 hhds Total 79 807 hhds Exp t Manf Job rs Specu Unk. n Total Sales for the month 746 85 162 993 hds Export s fm th e week bhdl! For tne month 2911 bhds At New Orleansfrom Jan 1 to October 2, 1880 4 947 hhds, agamst 2 684 hhds m 187.9 sales this month, 18 do, exports foreign hhds domestiC hhds agarnst hhds m 1879 Stock on hand and on shrpbo11rd not cleared Oct 2, 1,146 hhds MONTHLY TOBACCO CIRCULARS SAWYEit WALLACE& Co -A:merwan Leaf m Sept 1880 (mcludmg3172 Vrrgrma) 16 094 bhds 1879 11 689 hhds 1878 18 801 hhds 1877 ,12 049 hhds 1876 12 461 bhds SmceJan 1 1880 (mcludinp;13 797Vrrgmla) 78 530hhds 1879 76 944 hhds 1878 126 815 hhds 1877 89 217 bhds 1876 104 155 hhds Exports m Sept 1880 13 464 hhds 1879 8 741 hhds 1878 17 441 hhd s 1877 18 327 hhds 1876 12 010hhds Smce Jan 1 1880 6.6 0 J 9 bhds 1879 48 875 hhds 1878 94 149 hhds 1877 75 478 hhds 1876 81 696 hhds Sales m Sept 1880 13 5a0 hhds 1879 S 525 1878 7 100 bhds 1877 5 100 hht!s 1876 4 500 Smce Jan 1 1880 44 850 hhds 1879 39 875 hbds 1878 44 SuO hbds 1877 39 700 bhds 1876 46 000 hhds ThiS firm have made an assrgnment to Mr W W Pool, therr book keeper Theu liabllrtres are sar d to be about $175 000 and therrtotal assets about the same figure, takmg the assets at cash values and the real estate at assessed values About $15 000 to $20,000 of the assets are sard to consrst of labels brands etc whwh are sard to be worthless to any one else We hear that the firm will grve up everythmg and w1ll d1ssolve The far lure IS regarded as an honor able one The firm assrgned all their stocks, etc m thiS crty to meet the claims of Mr H Wrrt Mathews them agent who has advanced them money to the amount of $30 000 I FOXEN, NEWMAN & CO DETROIT We heal that the above have offered 25 cents but all the medrtors have not accepted The unsecured habrlit1es are sard to be $29 539 87 nommal assets reported at $8 000 They have had paper of other firms rt IS sard discounted at the bank for $30 000 a bnsk north wmd arose and by t\\ elve o clock 1t was apparent that there would be consrderable frost the next mormng There was qmte a pamc, and nearly everybody began to cut tobacco On Friday mornmg there was frost, but not enough to damage tobacco though cuttmg was by no means d1scontmued, and from that t1me until Saturday evenmg there was a great deal of green tobacco cut and housed There IS now m the field perhaps one thud of the crop, most 0f whrch should not be cut for at least two weeks and some of rt would scarcely mature under four weeks, but of thrs latter portiOn we expect nothmg unless a small quantity of green or frosted lugs On the 2d mst the weather agam moderated wrth mdwat1ons of ram whrch on the thrrd came down m a perfect storm On Sunday the 3d we had the heavrest ram we have had for two or three months The weather for ten days has been unfavorable to the late tobacco The people have been undec rded about what they should do One day they would expect a b1g frost, and perhaps the next day rt would be warm andramy I thmk It may be safely estnnated that at least one thr'rd of the crop of thrs county wrll be housed man rmmature cond1t10n Rome, Sept 28 -Tobacco has been domg well for the last three weeks "The first planting 1s about all cut and housed The largest portiOn of rt rs small, thm and light and will lug heavy The late plantmg rs all topped The cold snap we had about the 9th or lOth mst caused planters to top all late tobacco and mos\ of rt at srx to erght leaves If we do not have frost before Oct 25, rt will make some farr tobacco better than a portiOn of the early tobacco though the yreld Lancaster Intellzgence1 Oct 6 -There has been very considerable actrvrty m our local market durmg the past few days Not less than 800 cases of 1879leaf have been disposed of at good figures Though the pnces are kept prn ate, rt rs srud the ad vance m first class goods has been from 3 to 4c per pound, and that out s1de of Lancaster but few lots of really good leaf are to be found m the county Frrst class goods are eagerly sought by manufacturers many of whom buy directly from the packer mstead of from the Jobber, as hereto fore Medmm and mferwr goods do not go off so readily, and rt rs beheved that holders of such goods are a little too steep m the1r views, and that they wrll not dispose of their packmgs until they come down a peg or two Of the new crop httle can be added to what was sard last week Of coume rt IS too 'early as yet to state what the outcome may be but the present show 1s good A few lots that were cut earlv are reported to be ready for stuppmg but these are of course exceptiOnal lots At a meetmg of the Lancaster County Agricultural and Horticultural SoCiety, Mr Johnson Miller wrshed to add to h1s report that much of the tobacco smce rt was hung up showed srgns of havmg been damaged by msects In answer to a questiOn as to whether the damage was aone to the lea! before or after rt was hung up Mr Miller could not wrth certamty say but the damage was not notrced until after rt was on the poles In all respects-weather recerpts f xp(), o ,._.; Jiles -the past month was a notable one perhaps the most so on account of renewed speculatiOn remmdmg us somewhat of 1874 About them1ddle of the month one of the famous Western locusts' appeared ostensrbly m search of dry goods but ere hrs return home hiS long arm encucled some 1,500 hhds low grades whwh were 1mmedrately wr thdra wn from sale Shortly after wards when factors and Regie buyers were havmg therr customary wrangle over 2 400 substantial shrppmg leaf a golden hand shot out from Wall Street removed the bone of contentron and there was peace Varwus smaller parcels brought up the total for speculation to 5 357 hhds Regre buyers JOmed m lively toward the close of the month, and most of the 7 145 hhds for export was to them The home trade contmued qmet We note 373 to manufacturers and 675 to JOb bel s Smce January 1 the sales dtvrde, v1z -To l'!lo.nuf s Cutters Jobbers Exoort hhds hhds hhds hhds 18804 890 350 3 665 30 836 Speculators hhds 610 2 075 and. of therr own paper $19,100 CONTRIBU'l:IONS OF THE SOUTHERN AND NORTHERN STATES. EniTOR,TOB&C'Gp "LEAF,-I)J,ave .JUSt been attracted by a compans6n o f tlie exports North and South m a recent ISsue of your very valuable paper as furmshed by a Washmgton despatch, whwn f ask to correct, knowmg that you alwaY's desrre to be exactly accurate m the statrstrc" of and rmpart1al between the two sec twns of the country 1880 $288 036 835 127,043,212 36,218 625 $451,298 672 221 516 323 18 442,'273 3 258 230 2,132 154 Total $696 647 652 $578,913,529 It wrll thus be seen that of the $696 000 000 above grven representmg tbe value of the mam staples expo r ted by the two sectrons durmg the fiscal year 1880 the South contributed only$225 000 000 and of the $579 000 .()00 exported durwg the precedmg year only $210 000 000 Y uu wrU read1ly see that to get at the South s proper contnbut10n to these exports rt should be credited wrth forty nnlhon dollars of this amount, drawn from the States of Texas Mrssour1 Kentucky rennessee, Vrr gmra and Maryland and that 1t should moreover, be credrted With the value of at least 800 000 bales of cot ton, exported to the Northern mills, valued at about $45 000 000 $451298 672 40,000 000 $411298 672 $245 348 976 40 000 000 45 000,000 A eghty one as agamst two hundred and srx mrlbons of dollars Th1s exhibit of the shrv ment of breadstuffs etc was entirely exceptiOnal m the year 1879 due to an Immense crop m th1s country and a correspondmg falling off m European ones rhe proper comparrson would be to take a serres of years say the fifteen smce the war durmg whrch the South ern staple productiOns exported would foot up more t}an three thousand millions of dollars of gold values to tbe credit of the count1y bemg more than two thuds of the entrre gold and silver currency of the world Take the same penod of exportatiOn of bread stuffs provrswns and orl from the North and they would foot up no such grand product to add to the natrona! wealth Then the d espised South which m the langua!!;e of the great New Yorker m h1s recent speech at the Academy of by Its threatens the mtegr1ty of the pubhc credrt, really contnbutes more to support that credrt and has contnbtjted m th1s wav more to the resumptiOn of specre payments than the whole of the twenty two Northern States 1 If .this be so, "ell may' the country stand amazed at the temenly of Mr Conklmg m thiS ternble sectional / announcement and at the contrrbut10n whwh thrs remaikahle s peech makes to the stat1strcal literature of the country when he says, In 1879 customs reve 'ue ?J3{ 250 048 at Southern ports $2,145,506 South to tariff revenue, lYz per cent or 160" By tlfe-same process of reasonmg he might have About the hrghest estrmates l?laced upon our crop by those who have grven the subJect earnest attentroni IS srxty to S11(ty five per cent of an average Un ess somethmg occurs to prevent, we shall have some pretty fine tobaccos, better I believe, than any m the 79 crops I have seen a good many samples some of whwh are dQcidedlygood AS a lUle theeatly:plantmg, themost of wluch 1s cured, has good and fau breadth, though genemlly rather 1rght m substance There appears to be more pre15ald or mottled tobaccos, than there was m last years crop But really 1t IS too early to tell how these tobaccos may turn out At thiS time last year f whrte Burley J A M Other gentlemen who had grven the matter some at tentwn the belief that the tobacco was fiea brtten before rt was cut off, but the small punctures m the leaf were not notrced un.trl rt was hung up, and began to dry out OHIO Seed Leaf Distnct Ansoma Sept 29 -All the tobacco 1s safely housed and curmg up finely Several of our best crops were badly damaged by a local harl storm Yet 1t occurred qmte early and the top lea.ves grew raprdly and be came large and fine acreage was larger and the turn out very good better than last year The last years crop IS about all taken up W E H I WISCONSIN Seed Leaf Dtstrtet Madison Oct 2 -The weather IS fine for curmg the new crop m the sheds Some of the earliest cut r s cured down sufficrently to strip, and shows a very fine leaf, remarkably sound and whole and color good There rs some damage from shed burn some rust and occaswually a small prece mJured by the frost, but the damage IS hght compared wrth the heavy yreld and mcreased acreage Have not heard of any buyers for the new crop m thiS nerghborhood J R H Milton Junct1on Oct 2-We have no sale to report thrs week Tobacco rs domg finely There 1s a good prospect tor the erectron of another tobacco warehouse here a much needed Improvement m th1s town We have never had a permanent buy:er here but would have had one had there been a suitable bmldmg. The day IS not far distant however when we wrll have both for this 1s a good county for buyers to operate m CH Failures and Business Arrangements 187910 199 l 043 6 445 20 102 1878-6 438 1,084 3 961 32 928 25 3460 1877I 7 899 2 025 4 555 25" 270. 1876-6 473 1 870 2 341 31 710 We advance our quotatiOns al>out Yzc on leaf and 1c on good medmm to fine nch Clarks-ville l eaf, whwlnrst m small supply w1th a good retailinqulFY This however, only to new tobacco old leaf rs neglected, the home trade still confimng 1tsel,f to Mason Cou.nty and shrppers demandmg fresh and phable stock There r s havdly any Mason County now m first hands MONTHLY STATEMFNT OF THE 1STOCK AT INSPECTIONS Stock on hand Sept 1 1880 44 505 bhds Recer ved smce 12 009 bhds Deltvered smce 56 514 bhds 7 684 bhds 48 830 hhds 1880 1879 hhds hhds 37 607 42 294 28 023 27 907 9 706 4 616 4 8$1 1 983 1163 1 273 33 820 39 335 48 830 50 694 164 030 168 102 The English and German markets are dull Some few speculative orders have been filled on American account Loursville and Cmcmnati contmue to sell largely at very full prrces, the more southern markets are almost closed The weather hal! been all that could be desired for the growmg crop the early plantmg has been safely housed, and the latter has made the usual "astomshmg progress With a late frost th1s last plantmg promrses to yreld the best and heaviest sh1l? pmg leaf, but It rs strll generally green and some of 1t will likely be harvested unnpe It IS thought that, w1th the most favorable season henceforth the y1eld must be less last so m the regwns of heavy dark tobacco Now a word to our frrend Petroleum V Nasbv at Confedr1t ]( Roads Don t wr1te us to c lose out the remnants of your sh1pment of the year 1800 on thrs spuh on our market Th ese remnants lay as a werght on our mmds and we do our best to get nd of tliem although when we succeed we are generally scolded for the very low puce or the very h1gh charges or told that the sale los es $20 a hog.;hcad while a ne1gh bar reports that much profit" Your nerghbor hkely exaggerates, but 1f he makes any profit, 1t I B on desrr able new cro:p, not neglected remnants of old Don't hold yeur new tobacco out of the ma1ket or at an un attamable pnce Our present quotatrons are w1thm Yzc of the a' orage of the past ten years and although prrces wrll hke l y go hrgher when the deficrent supply rsmore apparent than at present yet a b1rd m tl e hand rs worth two m the bush On the other hand don t or de I your nel\ tobacco to be all closed out thm month or this year The forergn orders do not want rt all bought thrs month or this year and you must wart the convemence of buyers or sell at a reduced priCe to those who will wait B-Ch convemence Don task us for ad v1ce and accounts of sale twwe a week We sold far more ast month than our clerks can promptly take care of When the demand slackens they will catch up but we thmk It best to scald the p1g whrle the water 1s h o t and make the sausages afterwards Meantrme if Mrs Nasby asks you for tbat cahco dress you promrsed rf your crop brought 6c let her have rt, and depend upon rt we will advise sales and send ac counts as soon as we can correctly Some of your ne1ghborB already ask what they should grve for the growmg crop 0 Nasby never thmk of rt, or, 1f you thmk of rt never speak of rt, or at least don't wnte to us about It till after the new year


4 THE TOBACCO LEAF. UPORTS .OF TOBAOCO FROM NEW YORK FROM SEPT 1 TO 30, INCLUSIVE. 4,972 hhds 999 hhds 3,453 hhds 130 hhds 3,374 hhds 28/i hhds 251 hhds Thomas & Bra 34 do, Merchants Drspatch Co 16 do Hensel, Brockmann & Lorbacher 8 do, Downmg Sheldon & Co2 do, F Alexandre & Sons 74 do, Jas E Ward & Co 14 do, SFuguet & Sons, Philadelphla,4 do 15 hhds, M Rader & Son 20 do A D Chockley & Co 1 do. Kin ney Tobacco Co 4 do, Pollard Pettus & Co 4 do, FE Owen 7 hbd@ 24 Ires R Moore & Co 7 hhds, 1 bx samples Toe!, Rose & Co 50 do, 2 do, Oelnchs & Co 54 do, 4 do W 0 Sm1th & Co 161 hhds 50 trcs, 12 cs smkg, 1 tub, 8 cs c1garettes, 1 bx sam ples, Allen & Co 2 hhds, 50 cs smkg 5 do mfd, 80 bxs do P Lor1llard & Co 10 trcs, 1 bx samples, Thompson, 'Moore & Co 6 cs smkg, 84 do mfd. 18 do, 57 bxs do, 16 bxs do 13 kf bxs do, 158 cads 41 cads, 4 csmgarettes, 1 do mgar ettes ana smkg, M E AlcDowe I & Co 499 cs smk<>, 35 bxs do, 9 cs mfd W1se & Bendhe1m 10 cs smkg. 40 bales do, 2 cs mfd 32 cads do Jos D Evans & Co 16 cs mfd, 20% bxs do, 1 Clld do, E DuBois 877 cs mfd, 145 X bxs do 3 k( bxs do .Tas M Gardiner 50 cs mfEi 4 ;6 hxs do a K & F B 'Thurber & Co 120 cs smkg, 3 do mfd, L M1ller 20 l1! bxs mfd, 40 bxs do 8 cads do, Dohan, Carroll & Co 112 cs mfd, 105 bxs do, J Blank enstem 8 cs smkg, F H & Co 150 .ao A Hen & Co 53 do, C & F Schrerber 1 do C C Clawson 1 do Blakemore, Mayo & Co2 cs mfd Wm Broadhurst, Jr 1 do T J Hand 1 do, W A Leaman 40% bxs do, Carhart Bros 47 ).2' bxs do, Abner & Dehls 4 cs leaf Augustm & Dusel 4 cs cgarettes H M Allen & Co 1 bx samples, Herman, Baker & Co 1 do, B B Lyons & Co 1 hx p1pcs Order 22 bhds 4 trcs, 10 J4 trcs, 15 trcs, 11 cs smkg, 2 bxs do 72 cs mfd, 50 bxs do, 10 bxs do, 9 J4 bxs do, 75 Ys bxs do, 24 cads do, GO 72 cads do 50 bxs pipes, 2 cs do, 2 bxs samples Total 13,464 hhds Rece1pts of ltconce at port of New York for week, reported expressly for THE ToliACCo LEAF -Weaver & Sterry, per Volturno, from CadiZ, 1812 pkgs (208 698 lbs) bconce root Zuncalday & Argmmbau, per Scandmavmn, from Malaga, 7li pkgs (14,82llbs) Span1sh hconce paste, W 0 Sm1th & Co per Denmark, from London, 80 pkgs (6285 lbs) do, D1x & Co per Donan, from Naples, 80 pkgs (6560 lbs) hconce stiCks EXPOR.TS, From the cucular of Mr R. Hagedorn we collate the follow ing synopsis of exports from New York and New Orlell118 from Jan 1 to dateFrom the port of New York to ports for the week Total Consumption and on ships not cleared, etc 18'111 hhds 8,096 8,357 8,426 6 067 6 189 1,303 8,661 2,600 49,749 16,203 1880 lihds 17 660 6,053 14,785 6 994 7,o 1 0 1413 10,467 3 ,7()6 68, 6 3 8 6,786 D1sappeared from N Y and New Oile:>ns 65,952 75,423 D J GARTH, SoN & Co -Sales for S eptembe r have been 13,500 hhds, at advancmg pr1ces, of which about 8,000 hhds were taken by the legitimate trade, and the remamder by speculators ThiS IS a very satisfactory showmg for sellers, although those holdmg contracts for tile future delivery of tobacco do not look with favor on the speculative demand. It 1s unusual that our market should mamfest such strength JUst at a trme when the crop shows signs of Improvement, but the feeling has for some t1me been growmg that tobacco IS unduly low mpriCe, and that the quantity of tobacco smtable for known reqmrements 1s m small supply Further than this, It IS generally conceded that even wtth the most favorable weathel', the crop o{ 1880 (m those sectiOns wh1ch produce export tobacco), will fall much below an average m quantity It seems that all these causes workmg have been suffiCient to mduce speculators of means to mvest freely m Regte tobacco With the exceptiOn of a few pur chases on Western account, the quantity of Regte tobacco bought here on speculation has been about S, 700 hhds, and the purchase has been made wnh such secrecy, that the mampulators of this movement are unknown, but It does not 8eem reasonable to suppose that so much skill and professiOnal talent would have been displayed had the speculators not contemplated large purchases m the future The tendency IS toward higher prices, notwitlistandmg the advance already established. A notable feature of our market 18 the scarcity of clean heavy lugs. Western mal'kets are rapidly disposmg of their stocks at advancmg prices During the month the weather has been qmte favor able for the l!'rowmg crop, and the early plantmg has been secured m good condition About one half of the ncreage IS still standmg, and will make good tobacco 1f permitted to mature, whiCh will require about two weeks of favorable weather. J H MOORE & Co -American Leaf Tobacco-The past month opened with a firm feelmg, which gradually gamed strength, with a fa1r busmess domg for regular channels, and some small speculative lots, untli about the middle of the month, when the trade were surpriSed by purchases for the latter account of lal'ge parcels, first, about 1,200 hhds old tobacco, then 2,400 hhds heavy leaf, also about 700 hhds heavy leaf, which wer afterwards followed by other small lots of variOus grades, m all 5,357 hhds ThiS, with pur chases for leg1trmate purposes, swelled the total sales 'for the month to some 13 550, bemgthe largest busmess for any month dunng the year Numerous small pur chases were made early m the month for open markets, comprlSing riCh heavy Clarksville types, leaf and lugs, Africans for Boston, and low grades for the Mediter ranean Latterly, however, the busmess was confined mamly to Regte account, the advanced prlces havmg drrveu orders out of the market until increased hrmts can be obtained There has been very little mqmry for home trade sorts, beyond a few wrappers and some Masoa County, and at present there l8 but a limited. supply of these kmds m our market. The mar kets for shippmg sort3. With exceptiOn of LouiSVIlle, may now be termed closed for the season, pnces ruled 9.mte firm for all grades Reports from the crop con tmue seasons excellent, tobacco matur mg mcely, and without frost willg1ve us a good useful crop to handl" H'r m onr ad vices we are mduced to believe na'tl, as rega1ds quantity, rt will hardly equal the mcommg crop, and will probably yield about the same proportiOn of home trade and sh1ppmg grades The Enghsh markets contmue qmet and unchanged Bremen advwes report their market rather dull Antwerp advwes report purchases of several hundred hogsheads for American account, and a more active demand from regular buyel's Leaf-The VIrgmm leaf market has been active tlw p ,t. week, good sales havmg been made of bright and dark wrappers and smokers. Manufac turers are wrllmg to buy when the nght stocks a1 e offered. Fancy brights were scarce and command good pnces. Dark wrappers of tine quality are also scarce Seed Leaf -There has been a large busmess done m Seed leaf smce our previOus report, the sales reachmg 8,150 cases. All growths of 1879 tobacco have been m demand, with a very brisk mqmry for Pennsylvama, the a;ppropuat10ns of that variety, summmg up, as seen m Messrs Gans & Co 's review, 1,500 cases at from to cents The market IS m a very sound cond1t10n, and the prospect of a good fall trade excellent. J S. GA.Ns' SoN & Co t-. tobacco brokers, M and 86 Wall Street, report as follows has been an active demand for all sorts from manufa.Ctul'ers and JObbers, and although (exceptmg the transfer of a pac.kagl! of Housatomc, to a country packer I-aqd which was disposed of m t\\'o parcels) no very 1arge lots changed hands m blocks tlie week's result i11_grat1fymg Tohl sales, whiCh were 3150 cs, mclude 118 cases of OhiO for expo1 t. We also hear ef a sale of 700 cases of Ohio m Bremen, for account of a New York factor. We classify sales as follows1,500 cs Pcnnaylvama lots Wrappers 950 cs 1879 New EnglandSeconds Wrappers Havana Seed Housatomc assorted .. 100 cs 1879 New York State Flats, p 400 cs 1879 OhiO, 7U @llc 100 cs 1879 W1sconsm, 6Uc 18 Spantsh -The mqmry for H!lvana has been br1sk, and we note sales of 700 bales fillers at 82@125, and 300 bales additiOnal at 122 were as follows Alua'/iU-338 hhds Anttcerp-29 hhds, 486 bales .Bo1 d& pkgs (3520, lbs) mfd Branl--2 pkgs (318 lbs) mfd Bremm-256 hhds, 382 cases, 910 bales B1 18/ol-84 hhds Brt-Wh Australta-15 hhds, 3 cases, 30pkgs (5302 lbs) mfd BNtUJh Guwna-13 hhds Br.tuh Hondura3-2 hbds, 28 pkgs (3 870 lbs) mfd B 1 1 t1.11h NQ1'1J! Amerurg-564 bales, 1 pkg (400 lbs) mfd H1111t>-8 hhds, 3 pkgs (109 lhs) mfd BMYJ e-772 hhds Hull--49 hhtls Loverpool-'126 hhds 34 pkgs (5155 lbs) mfd .L.ndon-846 hhds, 30 cases, 287 pkgs (46,I08lbs) mfd Ne1JJ Z,.lanmbla-287 balea, lili pkgs (4010 lbs) mfd cases, 10 bales JaPORTS FROM. THE PORT OF NEW YORK TO FOREIGlf PORTS FB.O:M JANUARY 1, 1880, TO OCT 8, 1880. Hhds Cases Bales Lbe mtd 768 5,513 188 442 11,697 244 4 20 ll 6,692 1,890 2,900 778 9,982 8,008 6,862 1,052 159 871 90 8,958 177 12,428 1 II 2 211 14 1,1!80 299 1,961 1 100 808 1 2 1 71 2,655 33,996 2,264 132 810 87 9,7811 191 liO 1 1,000 70,271 54,889 529,054 1,105 21,959 29,077 14,687 I5,428 85,048 319,91>6 81,(68 6,100 228,493 5112,729 7,006 7,6011 391,170 9,707 1,838 886 486 13,558 .Sl 4,565 8,928 5 8,860 1,038 454 5,610 684,265 1,151 1,215 8,883 1 ; 119,286 67 286 22,984 68,400 4,567,785 QUOTATIONS of WHOLESAL,E PRICES. PARTICULAR NOTICE. 8 @ 7 @ 9 9 @14 CIQ:A.RS. &........., per 111 $110@150 J Seed, per Jl Seed and 'Havana perM 40@ 00 c .. & c a 8 @10 10 012 11 CIS 18 @12 @17 @22;S @110 @7 @22 @25 7l @12 @llO @18 @10 @18 18'111Crof6 3 95 100 OliO 115 0125 M @70 92"0110 VI() 01110 111040 GR&NlJL.&.TED li.MOIUNG TOB.&.CCO. Medium to good $28046 J Good to line Sl'i'lJFF. 1 to dia<;ounl t<> the wholeoale Maooe.boy 62@-M JA.merican Gentleman Scotch and 1120-66 Freach SrJJ!I8li-"G C" "F Gn J wallis Ex.' dPilar" C yCa' "ll, &Co" "Huelva," "Magnet," us' LICORICE .P.&.STE. 'l'ulwu-.... 8." '"] w 8' .A. 0 8' UQU "Star,' 111. up G" DOMES'IIC RECEIPTS, --o-n -72@-76 18 18 18 18 21 18 19 Manufactured-The home trade m manufactured, or plug, tobacco has, apparently, been moderate, though we have to report 217 428 pounds for export Sales of bnght eleven mch !U e reported, at fair priCes, and more could have been placed at about a cent a pound under manufacturers' Ideas. Jobbers appeal' to be drs appomted m trade this fall, they havmg laid m extra supplies, m the hope 0f a livelier demand than has been experienced They contmue to complam of manufactmers underselling them m small lots m the country T!l.e domestiC receipts at t.1 e port of New York for the week were as follows Smoking-A trade IS announced m all popular brands of smokmg tobaccos 01gars-Manufacturers report an active demand, but small profits on their sales Exchange -Mr. Simon Sternberger, Banker, re ports to THE ToBAcco LEAF as follows -We quoteSterling qmet and dull Prrme asking rates and 484, selhng rates, and 488@488).2' Re1chsmarks, 98% @93 13 16 and 94%@9Djj4 Prune Pnr1s, 524% and 521}8 rates, and Exchange firm on account of SCIUC1ty of commerCial hrlls on the ma1ket Frei{Jhts -Messrs Carey, Yale & Lambert, Freight Brokers, report to THE ToBACCO LEAF Tobacco Fre1ghts as follows Lr.-erpool, steam 80s, sail 25s London, steam, 80s, sml, Glasgow steam, 30s, Rail Brrstol steam, 80s, sail, H >wre, steam, $I2, 'M Funch Edye & Co 106 hhds, Thompson, Moore & Co 2 do, W1se & Bendherm 99 cs 10 bbls mfd 83 palls do, 1 cs do, 6 ke g s do, 4 bbls snuff, H Mandelbaum 2 cs smkg, Austm N rchols & Co 25 bxs mfd Carhart Bri)S 35 do Co!Utunu (1om Savannah-R Moore & Co 68 hhds, D J Garth, Son & Co 24 do, J H Moore & Co 11 do, Blakemore, Mayo & Co 10 do, Sawyer, Wallace & Co 15 do Coastw!8e from Key West-Se1deoberg & Co 111 cs mgars, 26 bales scraps L P & J Frank 11 do, 10 do, J F Barotto 7 do 3 do G A Castellano 5 do, 31 do, F deBary & Co SO cs mgars L Ash & Co 29 do McFall & Lawson 16 do, M Barranco & Co 15 do, H R Kelly & Co 12 do Davies & Co 11 do, F H Leggett & Co 7 do, I Elhoger & Co 6 do, Perea Bros 4 do. A del Pioo 4 do, GarCia & PalaciO 8 do, J H Fowler 3 do, H K & F B Thurber & Co2 do, J D Fish 2 do, C H Overton 2 do, N B Maomng 2 do, Geo Alces 1 do, G Solomon 1 do, C F Lmdsey 1 do, Order 1 do, V Martmez Ybor & Co 9 bales scraps. Eastern Markets. HARTFORD. Conn., Oct. 6 -Our spec1al correspon dent reports as follows -The demand for leaf tobacco con tinues good, With prrces welt mamtamed As compared wrth former years there IS a email stock of old tobacco Oil hand The weather IS good, and the new crop Is cmmg dowu well It IS reported that most of the Havana Seed raised In Canaan, Conn., has been bought up at from 14 to 18c through on the poles QUOTATIONS Wrappers fine do common ...... Seconds ... Fillers 20 to 30 15 to 20 10 to 12 ft PHILADELPHIA, Oct. 7 -Mr A H Fougerar:.,;; bacco Manufacturers' Agent. reporlll to TJlE ToBAcco -A fau week's husmess can be claimed for manufacturedhard tobaCco Trade IS not heavy, but steady, and st1lllargely con fined to known local brands, prices hold firm. Ou18-Movmg pleasantly at full figures 8mok>ng-Not aa hriBk as expected. Fine grades still gradually Improymg Oiga1s-A very encouraging trade is being done by our local reliable manufacturers. Prices hold very regular &uff-Demaud very good Recerpts-748 boxes, 12,419 caddies, 864 caaes, and 461 pails of fine cuts Exported to Liverpool of manufactured tobacco, per steamer Lord Chve, 4000 lbs &8d Leaf-Trade m cigar Is grand The stocks here are good, and customers are numerous !:lome of our houses Will show a very large busmess for the Quaker C1ty For the future all looks bnght and hopeful Havana--Comes m and moves out mcely Hogshead Leaf doeo not seem to meet With the sale that 1t de serves m thts Receipts for the week -.559 cases ConnectiCut, 715 do Pennsylvllllm, 44 do Ohio, li9 do W1sconsm, 29 cases State Seed, 121 bales Havana, and 848 hhds of V1rgmiB and West ern leaf tobacco Sales foot up -404 cl\868 Connecticut, 600 cases Peonsyl vama, 38 cases Ohio, 48 cases W Isconsm, 20 cases State Seed, U2 bales Havana, IUld 84 hhds of VIrginia and Western leaf tobacoo E.x:ported of leaf tobacco-To Liverpool Vl8 steamer Lord Chve, 88,739 lbll. Western and Southern Markets. BALTIMORE, Oct 7 -Messr8 Ed W1schmeyer & Co l 'fobacco CommiSSIOn Merchants report to THE Tol!ACCo LEAl" as follows -Rece1pts of Maryland tobacco have fallen off still fm tber the past week, and tl1e marKet contmucs ver) strong unde1 the demand from sh1ppe1S who find It more ddll cult to make selectwns We hear of no sales of OhiO the past week, the state of the market IS unchanged QUOTATIONS JIIarJ land-mfenor and frosted sound common good do nnddhng good to line red .. fancy g. ound leaves new Ohw-mfeuor to good common greemsh and brown medmm to fine rell common to medmm spn.ogled fine spangled to yello" A1r CUI ed medmm to fine Kentucky-traSh common lugs good lugs common leaf medium leaf good leaf line leaf VIrginia-common and good lugs common to me8.1umleaf fair to good leaf selectiOns .. stems. commen to fine .. Inspected th1s week -543 hhds Maryland, $250@300 350@450 5 00@ 5 50 600@800 8 50@10 00 11 00@15 00 250@800 350@550 5 50@ 7 00 7 00@10 00 650 10 00@18 00 7 00@15 00 350@450 4 50@ 5 50 550@650 650@750 750@850 8 50@10 00 10 00@12 00 800@550 600@800 8 00@10 00 12 OQ@16 00 150@200 68 do Ohio ; 10 do Kentucky, total, 6I6 do Cleared same penod-Per bark Columbus for 606 hhds Maryland, 25 do Kentucky ; and 100 do V1rgm1a stems, per bark Mana M for Rotterdam, 485 hhds Maryland tobacco P'}r &\earner Herman, for Bremen, 188 hhds Maryland, 20 do Kentucky, 117 do tobacco, and 63 do stems, per bug Ercole for Marseilles, 441 hhds Maryland to bacco TOBACCO STATEMENT Jan 1, 1880 -Stock on haodm tobacco warehouses and on sh1pboard not cleared 23,055 hhds Inspected this week. 616 hhds Inspected previOusly this yeat 40 625 hhds 64,296 hhds Exports of Mary laud and Ohio January 1.. 26,530 hhds Sh1pped co!lStWISe and rli Inspected 5,100 hhds 31,630 hhds StQck ro wa1ehouse thiS day and on shipboard not cleared 32,006 hhds Stock same tlme m 1879 . . . 38,008 hhds Manufutured Tobacco-Our market rules steadv With a moderate trade demand for wants of consumptiOn Exported tb1s week, 11140 lbs to Demerara. Received per Richmond steamen, 143 pkgs CHICAGO, Ill., Ost 6 -Our special correspondent reports to THE Tol!ACCO LE-"F tobaccos con tmue m excellent demand Orders f8r smokmg compnse .. ll grades, though the demand IS mostly confined to cheap goods Fme cut IS m hvely request Latae shipments of flug are bemg made, all descnptioos have their fa1r share o orders Snuff IS selhng well P1pes and fancy goods have mcreased sales Manufacturers of cJgais report a good trade Lear dealers are very busy Sales are large The f<>llowmg Impor tabons are reported Knntzler & Hargis, 5 cases CIJ(ars, Sutter Bros 81 bales leaf Chapm & Gore, 3 cases cigars, Metzler, Rothschild & Co, 9 cs p1pes and smokers' artiCles CINCINNATI, 0., Oct 1 -Messrs Prague & M11tson, Leaf 'I obacco Brokers and Re dryers of Cutting Leaf and Plug Fillers, report to THE ToBACCO LEAF as follows -Notbmg of special Interest occurred durmg September affectmg the market for leaf tobacco Rece1pts from the country were large as were also the sales at auctwn, and the result of the month's husmeBB IS a reduction In stock of some 2000 hhds Pnces have been pmformlt strong for all grades, w1th a de mand, ch1efiy from manufacturers, sufilc1ently hberal to take everythmg sold That wh1ch now most mterests the t1ade IS, what Will he the volume and quahty of the new crop So much was wntten and said m July and early August to the effect that a full and useful crop was nn lmposs!blhty, that many will be loth to believe that so great n change could 9ccur as to enable us to report at present an exceedmgly favorable outlook, both as regards quantity and quahty Such, however, 1 the fact, and unless the future l>rmgs some IDJury such as house bum, barn mold or freeze, tbe crop of 1880 w111 be large m quantity, and more than ordmar1ly usefulm quality STATEMENT FOR MONTH OF SEPTEMBER, 1880 Bxs 1,400 350 450@550 6 00@ 7 00 8 00 00 -600@700 700@800 8 00@10 00 700@800 9 00@11 00 12 OO@lo 00 16 00 00 12 00 00 15 00@18 00 20 00@25 00 MANUFACTURING-PLUG STOCK Common dark and trashy fillers 7 50 9 00 !lied fille1s, some color and body ... 10 00@12 00 Good filler red co!Gr and good body 14 00@17 00 Fme fillers bnl(h L color and good body 18 00@20 00 CLARKSVILLE, Tenn., Oct 5 -Jilessrs M H Cla1 k & Bro Leaf Tobacco Brokers, report to THE TOBACCO LEAF -Our crop seems to have been marketed, as receipts are now only a few hhds weekly Our sales for the week endmg to day were 91 hhds The market was very strong though Irregular, at an advance of .!4 to upon the grades represen ted on the breaks QUOTATIONS. Lugs-Common 4)4@ 4% Good 5 @6 Leaf-Common 6).2' Medmm 7 Good .. 9 Fme leaf 11 @l2U SelectiOns 13 @15 The quahty of the offermgs was poor m the mam, but little classmg above common and medium leaf We had another cold snap last week, wmdmg up with a hght frost on the mormog of the 30th ult bemg the thud frost of the, the two prevwus occurrmg on the 13th and 14th nits the earhest that have perhaps occurred m thrrty years None of these frost8 however, were severe enough to b1te the crop m the field We are sorry, however, to be compelled to report that the last cold spell caused a pamc among the planters, who, from the penod of the year, expected a sweep ]ng, b1t10g frost. and durrog the 28th, 29th, and &Oth niLs cut their crops ught and lelt, Without regard to conditiOn, and a large amount of tobacco was cut utterly green, thus senously rcducmg the yJCld,of an already small crop, and nnmng 1ts quality It IS estu11ated that there 1s now left In the Jleld only 20 per cent of the crop, and that composed of very small late plants, wh1ch Will reqwre fully th1rty days yet to mature HENDERSON, Ky., Oct 4 -Mr Posey Marshall reports to THE T9BACCo LEAF -Smce my last report the crop has npeoed up.amazmgly I tbmk the farmers w1ll fimsh cuttmg th1s week We had a heavy mm here last rught. and this mormog It feels somewhat frosty No old tobacco selhog except a sale or two of trash stnps at 7@7).2'c HOPKINSVILLE, Ky., Oct 6 -Mr. George V Thompson, Leaf Tobacco Broker, to THE Tol!ACCO LEAF -The crop IS nearly all housed, and IS said to be as large, and of much better quahty, than last year Stock on hand Oct 1, 1019 hhdB, same trme last year, 1074 do, actual receipts for the year, 8894 do LOUISVILLE, Oct 6 -Mr Wm J Lewers, Leaf To bacco AuctiOneer, reports to THE TOl!Acco LJUII' as follows Receipts for week endmg to d,.y, 350 hhds, 1211 hhds same week last year SALES FOR SIX: DAYS ENDING WEDNESDAY, 6TH lli'ST. Wuk Jlonth Year G1lbert 45 29 1,460 Pickett 541 526 8,267 Pike 67 53 2,315 Nmth Street 285 240 10,200 People's 21 21 1,814 Boone 128 103 2,895 Green River 42 86 1,987 Lomsville 255 186 7,944 Falls C1ty 57 57 8,820 Planters' 138 98 4,864 Kentucky A..ssocmtion 111 93 2,972 Farmers' 62 45 2.818 EnterpriSe 54 47 2,988 1,806 1,534 750 1,374 1,002 1,836 722 1,402 53,789 49,378 60,931 48,935 8a.les for week and year d1V1ded as follows Week Year 991i 36,356 68 4,968 168 6,198 Old rev1ews 580 6,267 37,0S5 freah hhds crop of '79 sold to date agamst 30,757 do ,of crop of '78 to date 10 '79, and 54,884 do of crop of '77 to '78 Auctwn sales so far this month 1 074 hhds, the balance, 460 hhds, were pnvate sales Of the latter, nearly all were two or three years old-common lugs and low leaf, pnce or pur chaser It IS all bemgslnpped eastwa1d Weather pleasant throughout past week few cool mormngs and, poss1bly, light wb1te frosts m the country We have haa no frost as yet to lDJUre any vegetatiOn a few planters mo.y have become scared and cut then tobacco Most of the late planted tobacco IS upe or npenmg very fast, and will be safely housed durmg the present week Pnce. very strong on lu)!:s, and gooll to fine leaf, common dark leaf of alf descrrptions neglected, not buogmg more than ten per cent above pnce pa1d for lugs of the same crop No change necessary m quotutwns, outs1de figures hem)!: nearest pnces Fust hogshead of new crop (red) from Kentucky nver cuttmg d1stnct (common leaf, m fine order) sold at $U 10 per cwt QUOTATIONS. Bodied-. ,-----.. *Red Dark *Red Brtght Com lugs 3%@4 5 4 @ 8 7 @ 9 Good lugs 4 @4)4 5 @ 5 8 @11 0 @11 Com leaf 4].l@4% 5).2' 672 5 6 11 @13 @13 Good leaf 4%@5)4 8 6 @ 7 IS @Hi 13 @15 leaf . 8 @11 7 @II 15 @17 15 @19 Selectwos ..... 11 9 @ll 17 @20 19 @22).2' Bnght..,.rappers nominal none on breaks th11J week Duty, sour, frozen mouldy or very light we1ghts,one half to one cent less than above figures P!ugmakera' kmds. NASHVILLE, Tenn. Oct 4-W A Bethel, Leaf Tobacco Broker, reports to 'l1H.E ToBACCO LEAII' as follows -Our market Las been qu1et and firm throughout the week, pr1ees huvmg an upw.a1 d tendency: The weather is cool. threateomg frot With about one tbud of tbe tobacco cut If we can have one month Without frost to damage, we wrll have some mce small tobacco m the crop Reee1pts for September !"ales Stock In warehouse factory re dr1ed Common lugs Good do Common leaf !Medmm do Good do Fme do .... African sorts QUOTATLONB 1880 bhds 123 819 487 42 1879. hhds 271 144 1,168 .'3 75@ 400 4 2:1 4 4 75@ lHiO 550@600 6 60@ 700 700@900 750@800 PADUCAH; Ky., Oct 6 -ltr. 1' Tobacco Broker, reports to THE TOBACCO LEAF -Receipts f01 month of September, 446 hhds, sales 694 do Stock Oct 1, 8231lh'ds, agamst do Sept 1 'l'he season with us has almost closed What there rs sellmg IS composed largely of odds and ends and reviews, but few hbds that are good ever appeann"' Pnces are very firm, and at the close last week we1e fuil'y a quarter h1gher all round than the week before Lugs are especially sought after, and eagerly taken by both order and speculative buyers, and nothmg but trllSh now sells below 4c Durmg the past "eek we have bad IW)me qmte cool weather, and ooJthe .mght of the 29th ult a hght frost, which however, d1d no damage beyond causmg tobacco to be cut green We regret to say that this senous fault hiiJ! been quite general m th1s distnct But httle of the late plantmg had matured, yet the great bulk of It has been housed m an uonpe conditl on, and there IS now but little left m the field RICHMOND, Oct 7 -W E Ehbrell Leaf Tobacco Broker, reports to THE Tol!ACCO LEAF -Smce l!U!t report there has been nothmg of specral note Bngbt fillers have contmued act1ve. wrth fall offenngs, and are, perhaps, some what stronger Good datk lugs m demand, and small supply Black wrappers needed, and fine ones rarely offered wrappers qmet, except for extra quality, wbrcb bring outside prrcee. W1th rare exceptions, the few fine bnghts offered are smtable only for small work Wrth a small stock, and th1s ch1efiy of medmm grades, a firm marlret, at least, may be expected from thiS t1me out Our wrapper market IS bemg drawn on by all the smaller towns and manufacturers 10 the State, and':: oluers of good grades are not over anxious to sell ST. LOUIS, Dlo., October 1 -}!essrs C & R. Dor mitzer & Co 's Monthly Report says Offenngs, rece1pt8 and deliveries at the tobacco warehouses of St LomsStod dark lugs Good to tine colory lugs .. Cemmdn nondescnptleaf. C/Jmmon dark leaf Goo

.. .. OCT. 9 POWDERED LICORICE. of FINEST PoWDERED on appH Samples and Prices ROOT cation to c. -C. w .4\BBEN a -., F. B 0. & _CO., --Ihlporters of LUi TQb8CCo, 167 'VVA.TER. ST., N"EVV rrhe :v.A-MIA. L.P.&.60 E MARK. co., V' A. N" .A. T C> :U A. CCC>,' B09 ::E"E.A.JR.X... STJR.EET. "Y"<>JR.:H:. A. TTEN"TIO:N' i The Cigar and Tobacco Trades of the 'lJnitct! S tates are her eby respectfully notifie d that we have assumed entire control of the business of the old nut! celebrated Cigar Fuctory, FLOR-DEl.. FUMAR EI:A. V .A..N" .A., CUBA.. Having secured the cream of the tobacco crops of 1879 and 1880, we are enabled to offer y.ou goods that will be found unequaled by any others manufactured on the I s land Res pectfully, ESTANILLO E_ :E:_ G-..A..TO, IMP O RTER OF THE F lor d e H. H. Gato Tobacco, And Manufacturer of West Havana Cigars, JSfe>. 104 STJR.EET. "Y"c:>JR.:H:. Spec:la1 N"o't:lces. FoR valuable Patent-right for a Cigar B unch Machine, which works long filler with only one binder ; makes best bunches; filler can never be twisted; and saves co nsiderably in wages. Inquire at or ad dress SIECKE & Co., 82 Clinton Street, third floor WANTED.A bright young man having a knowledge of the business, to learn Cigar Packmg under the tuition of a First-class Packer. Address APPRENTICE, office of TOBACCO LEAF. 814-816 I W ANTED. A man who thoroughly u nderstands h a ndling Leaf for Granulated Tobacccs, and manu factu r ing same. One who has some know ledge of C igarettes an<). has taste in making up packages pre ferred. 815-tf Address J. A. S., office of TOBACCO LEAF. -In a small room on the third floor of a tenem e n t house at 550 Vanderbil t Avenue, B rooklyn, two men named Henry Hill a n d Thomas T u r n e r have fo r some time beoen secretl y engaged in the manufacture of cigars, defrauding the Gtlver ntnent of the tax Fi nally, however, they were fo und out and on "W;edn es day were arrested by two revenue offi cers. About 300 cigars and a quantity of leaf tobacco we r e seized by the officers. Hill, it is stated, has been in trou b l e for a sirnilar cause. REJYJ:E>""V ..A..L_ BR0WN & EARLE, ::a'IANUF ACTUREBS OF PINE CIGARS, Have Removed to their New and Extensive Factory, 208, 206, 207 209 Eas't aad S'tree't, W:here the y wlll b e e n able d t o exeente the i r order s with p romptness and, the y trust, with s u c h tls l&.ctloll to their C u s t o mers wlli l ead to a J a rcel y I n c r e ased business. NE\ ... YORK., .l"a11. 1, 1880. ROBT w OLIVEB, WEST HAM TOBA<;CQ WGRKS, JOUK E. ROBINSON. &, -::E'I..:I:CEEnii:<>NZ> PROPRIETORS, "V':I:JR.G:I::N :I:.A.. l!l.anuf'acturer o ol' all Styles PLU G .an"D r.LU."UFACTURERS OF THE CELEBRATED 4545 4545 :E-L.A.N"ET" Brands Of Cigars, formerl y made by BUCHANAN & LYALL, of New Yor k. SOLE Mal."UFACTURERS of the CELEBRATED ---4545 r. C." WWeb Is now gaining a wide reputatio n. Also SOLE MANUFACTURERS of the l<"EW STYLE. : B.aJeigh Plug Smoking, with PATENT STAMP ATTACHED. NEW YORK OFFICE:-78 WARREN ST. : BOSTON OFFICE:9 CENTRAL WlU.I\F: H. WIRT MATTHEWS. Special A gent. W. P KITTREDGE &: CO., S pecial 'Ag'ts. HOLMES, & HA YDENS, NEW YORK r I'HIL'ADELPH U : BOSTON 1 49 C.l:IAM.BERS ST. 1}06 COMME R C E ST. FEDERAL ST. lliA.NUFACTURE.liS O F THE CELEBRATED C:J:G..A.:&, HEADQU ARTERS FOR FUSE AND IGNITING' TAPES. D. ,v. c r o use, G. ,v. Croule, G ,v. Hantsch --:marta 1&aa.--CROUSE & COMPANY, -Ciga,r ZWia.:.:1u.fa.c"tu.rers, --AND-Dea1er& :ln. Pe:n.:n.sy1va:n.:la C:lgars! Office: 643 Penn Stree. t; Warehouses: 636 Cou r t Street and 20 & 22 S. 6th Street, :E&EA.D:J:N"G, PA.. @"' Larg e Buyers ...-ill flud i t to their interest to correspond with ns;. LIQUORICE PASTE \ II The undersi g ned continues to manufactur e and Spanish a n d Tur k ish L iquorice Paste whlch h e t o the' Trade at R educed Prices. Manufacturer s will find it to their i nterest to apply to him before purchasing else where. C. McAndrew, ....... a unde r the ..... Of Cbe "'"'-wa_ ... __ Street N .. UU "* .,_,. .& 1 I.'"Ae \ LEAF-. i fZa _cr&yar.t e .512 & _5U EAST 11th. STREET NEW YOBK. ::E".A.O:B;BJR.& c:>::P SEE:%> L:EJ.A.::P -.AND-, -IMPORTERS 0-F HAVANA TOBACCO.THE UIPORTA.TION of SVIIA$,A W _RAPPERS A SPECIALITY. ,_ 166 WATER STREET, NEW YORK. CARL UPMANN, Otllce: 1'78 Pl!.ARL STREET, s JOSEPH A. VEGA. JACOB BERNHEIM. I I VEGA & BERNHEIM, ::E"!&l a:nc1. :I:ll:l::l.por1;era of -187 ::E"E.A.JR.X... STJR.EET, 'V"OE'i.:&:.. .I:S1' o ::L S :at .A. 'V" .A.JXT A. s. BE:Q.GEB a co., I THE LADIES' PEA_RL, Publlsbed by 6, P. Chestnut, Ill. 1 D., 11 Park Streee. P1or de s. :a. db Co. IMPORTERS OF HAVANA LEAF TOBACCO. NASHVILLE, TOil), Price $2.10 per AGl!1l)ID.. 70 PINE STREET, near Pearl St., NEW YORK. Orders received at the oftlce Pub llsher, or at the oftlce o f Tin !laoooo Llwr. ATTENTION, CIGAR MANUFACTURERS! We have adapted our process to the wants ot manu facturers or j obbe r s who would like to sweat t heir to bacco thelllse l ves just as t hey may need it; and we have a l so made it entirel y unnecessa1 y to go to the ex pen se of a steam heating np p a ratus. The s weating apparatus is as po rtable and as easily moved about as a Seed leaf case. We haTe perfected an apparatus which is automatic in its workmg, running all night without any atten tion, o( which we bnild TWO SIZES, one to sweat 100 pounds at a time (or less), and suitabl e for a factory of two to eight hands; the larger s ize 409 po unds (or l ess), and suitable for a factory of e ight to thirty hands. 1'hey w ill sweat, cure and co lor the tooacco in from three to five days. Colors can be had just as dark M may be wished. The larger apparatus, which includes the heating a r rangements, tak es u p bu\ a t r ifle more room than a case of tobacco, i t being 3 feet wide, 4 feet long, and stands 5 feet high, it being just l a rge enoli!gh to accom modate one case o f Seed leaf in its original case. We have put the pri ce of the apparatus at such a low figure so as to p lace them witlii n the reach of every manufacturer in the land. They are portable in every respect, and can be worked, handled or moved a ny where by a single individual. The greater part of the apparatus b e ing m a d e of woo d it does not heat up the room in which it is run. The sweating can be done alongside of t h e wo rkmen withou t inconvenience to them. M r Philips has been exper i menting cons tantl y to prod u ce a sweatin g apparatu s that woul d sweat a s in g l e case of t obacco (or less -:_ WAXED PAPER! SOMETHING l!W'E"WV' TOB.A.OOO A. TELLER,. Packer, Commission Merchant, AND WHOJ.FSALE DEALER IN LE.A.P No. 233 NORTH STREET, LAI'IIITC.A.STE:R., Pa. ... -Importer oc and D ealer In H A V ANA LEAF TOBACCO And ManufactUrer o f FINE HAVANA CIGARS ONLY, ::L::LO S1;ree1;, 'York.. METTLER & CO., WHOLESALE DEA):.ERS IN Manufactured Tobaccos, CICARS, SNUFF, &.c. &.c. No.l88 Water Street, New York BBTI'ER A.l.'ro CHEAPER THAN T:tN FOIL. MANUFACTURED BY S. HA..MMERSCHL.A.G._ No. 62 DEY STREET, NEW YORK. (llJOTA.T I ONI!I AND SAllJPL E !I FURNISHED O N -.sA V E M 0 N E Y B Y USING WAX _...._. .. _... REGENHARD:s;iiviLL "' aa :E)e-.r &tree-c. m-..... 1 This Paper will keep -TOBACCO CIGAR:G'l'TEs ahra,ya fNIII.;.;. ...._ tllt-!aYo r. The leadlng maullfaeturera use It, SeJ>d for Sample&. __ --r


/ 6 THE TOBACCO LEAF. OCT. 9 OF I BA VANA TOBACCO. .New York, Oct. 1st, 1880 The :fhctory of "EL PRINCIPE DE GALES" Key West Cigars, for a number of years well know11 to connoisseurs of fine cigars, has resumed work and is now in full operation, after. having allayed all difFerences with its workmen, whose exactions caused the managers to suspend / work for the past four months. / Being in possession of a stock of the finest Vuel.ta-Abajo purposely seJ.ected from the Crop of 1879, is the best the Island of Cuba has produced for six years past, the factory is now enabled to satisfy the most exacting demands, both as to quality and workmanship, and will supply theiT : customers, as before, with cigars made of the finest vuelta bajo .. .a:lonly The reputation of the. brands "EL PRINCIPE. DE GALES" and "LA PERLA DE CAYO-HUJ:SO having been earned by strictly adhering to. honest the facturers, now as before, will spare nothing to keep up the renown of their cigars as the successful rivals and competitors of Imported Hav.ana Oigars. Attracted by the wonderful success attained by the EL. PRINCIPE DE GALES Key West Factory, '$everal other factories have been established at that place within the last two years, and their owners, availing themselves of the credit and reputation enjoyed by these Key West Cigars, have lately introduced into their factories Domestic Tobacco manufactured alone in most cases, or mixed with Havana Leaf in some instances, ha. s enabled them to throw .on the market, at low so called Key West. Cigars, entitled to actual right to that name, as the apparent motive _has been to mis. lead th(;} public with an imitation of genuine Key West Havana Cigars. Genuine Key West are made only of Fine Havana Tobacco, an. d Messrs. V. MARTINEZ YBOB & CO., .of the "EL PRINCIPE DE GALES'' Faqtory. us that all tobacco used. in their factory .has always beent and will continue to be, :$e Fmes_b-Haval.liA Lea; with exclusion of all other, and gu, arantfe all Cigat:s of these Brands will be as represented. ."' co. e \ I SOLE .AGENTS FOll THE -. EL PRINCIPE d e GALES CIGAR FACTORY of KEY WEST, Fla.


. I -OCT. 9 'l::&.E TOBACCO L E.A.F The celebrate, d ''Between the Acts'' ALL TOBACCO Ci&'arettes, manufacttll'ed of_ the best Selected StOck, are noted for their pmity and cleanlineSs of Physicians recommend the Smoking of Tobacco In prefer,ence to Paper. Th8 .fumes of bu1Ding Paper are poisonOus and lnjuTioua -I . I Extract of a letter froin A. Sargent, Prof. of Phylsical Culture, Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass., to Stephen de Wolfe, M. D., an eminent physiCian of New York City: ----; '.'L.-. II MANUFACTURER, I I ,I I


TBE J.". E A l:". OCT, 9 TKE1BEST ALL-TOBACCO CIGARETTE EUGENE DU BOIS, : "BETWE.EN.THfAClS" GDIMISSIOJ Es"ta 1828. H. MESSENGER & C()., -----"'!"". __ 1 95 a"B.OKT D N, OARROLL & CO., Front New York. Loaf Tobacco,n Ci[ars and1 Licorico Pasta, Tile above Braad f HAVANA TOBACCO CrGAREl;TES NE JACK,' 'BROWN DICK,' :a:ra., ETC., ,-. ., -AND"WV"'. "WIT. R_A_G-T A G VIRGINIA TOBACCO AGENCY, :J.&BG. .TAS. GARDIN.EB., fOBACCO GOMMISSION MERCHANT, 84 FRONT STREET, NEW YORK. EXPORT ORDERS FOR PLUG TOBACCO PROliiPI'LT FILLBD. MANUFACTURERS OF FnffiST GLHAR HAVANA CIGARSI A'WVdl4 l!I4AI Z:rhlbltillll, 1876, thilr.4olph1a, ALSO IMPORTERS OT HAVANA CIGARS & LEAF TOBACCO. 222 GBEIIWICR STREIT. COR. OF BARCLAY! MANUFACTURER OF _A_RS,===No. 472 CRAND STREET, NEW YORK. .J'os. H. '1"1to.rnpi1on, D. Sackett lUoorc Paul Calvi. THOMPSON, MOORE & CO. CB.IS. F. TAG & SOl, r.,.rt.n ef SPANISH aad Dea ler Ia aH \i"a41 ef LEAF TOBACCO, 164 Front Str&et, .. W..-ow&. E. M. CRAWFORD & SON, Tobacco, 168 Water St., TOBACCOS FOR EXPURT, 83 Front' Street. New YOl11k. AND DEALER IN ALL KlNDs or MARTIN & DUNN, rNo. 74 Front Street, New York, I 1 I : HAVANA LEAF TOBACGO PlUG & SMOKING TOBACCO, 180 Pearl Street: New York. SJr.:lW:C>:N" ST:R..A."USS, LEAP TOBACCO, III&NuF.t.cTuaEa oF 162 Pearl Strut, New York. WAX P.A.XD AND FOR E.X.PC>R.T. JIDBRS FILLED PROMPTLY STORE OR FACTORY. I Sole Agents for the Justly Celebratea Brands _.LA.r4. Ct" "MAGNET," "SENATOR" IN PLUC AND CUT CAVENDISH. I SEED LEAF TOBACCO INSPECTION. I -TOBACCO INSPECTED OR SAMPLED.couNTRY SAMPLING PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO. Certlfte&tes given f o r every Case, and d e li vere d by Case, as to number o r Cert.ifice.te. N. B.-We also Sample In Merchants' Own Stores. p. C. L:J:N"DE &, CO. PHILADELPHIA BRANCHES:-& W. DICKERSON, oorner Arch 4Dd Wat e r Streets; J ONAS METZ, MNorth Front St. HA.RTII"OKD, Con.o, t A H ATHERTON, AbretCfgarStore,176 State Stree t. .IJFFIELD Conn. : -EDW. AUSTIN. LA.NCAS'I'JlH, Pa.:H.ENRY F O REST PlUNCIPAL OFFlCo S : 142 STREET, and 182 to 186 PEARL 'WABEHOUSES:-U2 WATER STREET; '74, 7 6 and '78 GREENWICH STREET. and l!UDSu:S RIVER RAI LROAD IJEPOT, ST. J OH'-' S PARK. Es"ta 1825. GEOM w. HELME, Saoo.,..or to Applelly & HeJme, MANUFACTURER OF THE CELEBRATED PBINCE ALBEBT"t"tes. I!IANUFACTUBBB OF Boxes, And Importer or GERMAN CIGAR MOLDS, (Sole for liiESSRS. OSENBBUEOK & 00.) 315 to 321 E. EJeventh St. :td NEW YORK. A. D. CHOCKLEY & CO., F. E. OWJ:N, DEALERS IN Commission; Merchant, WESTERN, and -Sae, 400 by 440 Poet.Virginia Leaf Tobacco NORTH CAROLINA J LEAF TOBACCO c IGAR" BOXES SHOW FIGURES; '.li!IPORTER OF AND DEALER IN B. C>R.G-LE:FI., m:anunaeenrer or FINE CIGARS,. And Dealer in LEAF TOBACCO, 85 MURRAY STREIT, NEW YORK. Dy Bru.nd:-"CUBA LIBRE,"' "CLlHAX." SCHOVERLING BROS., PACXER8 AND DICALIDI8 IN SEED .LEAF TOBACCOS 142 WATER STREET, Packing Warehouse at New Milford, Colla. H. KOENIG, WHOLESALE DEALER IN HAVANA AND SHBD LEAP TO.EIA.OOOI!!I, { L. B.T. & L. GASSEm.T J. L. GASSERT & BRO,, COMMISSION MERCHANTS. AND DEALERS IN ALL XINDS OJ" LEAF TO Ull Bow[! N'ZJ""l.?l\: G. REISD.IAJ\11\l> C ,omrnission Merchant, AND DKALBa, lN .ALl. KlKDS 01' No. 39 BROAD STREET, N""e""'::V Y'o:rk.. 38 Broad St., New York. I!IED. o\.L c. Hamilton. P. w. Conlr.lln. A... A. Hun&, C. Hamilton & Co. tEAF IOBACCO. -ANDCITY WEIGHERS, 170 !;iJ't ., .N:e-vv COUNTRY SAMPLINC .PRPMP:t"LY ATTEN!,)I[::D TO ----..... -LANCASTER, Po., Braneh-153 North Queen St., He:qey, R. 'frost, Agent. HARTFORD. Ct., Branch-lll'l State St.; B. F. Hurlburt, Agent. .. J. G.urm, crus. M. GARTH, :HK>""RY Scmw=o:a. HENRY SIEBERT, ..P. J .. GARTH, SON & CO., Tobacco and Ceneral'" Commission Merchants Commission Merchant, .o. 44 BROAD STREET, 68 Broad.. S"t. VJ:ENNA. EXHIBl'I'ION, 18'73. MANUFACTURER OF MEERSCHAUM & illER GOODS, AND U!POIITIDB or French Briar Piocs With Amber Month-Pili. No.69 WALKER8TREET,q, 1'\Te"VIIr York, &:ad VlEJfA .a:uii'DUA. SALESROOM-392,BROADWAY NEW YORK. FA(JTOllY'-LEDGER l<' 'lCE, PHILA.DELPHIA. BUCHANAN & L VALL, 1'\Te...,.,.. Y'o:rk.. 101 WALL STREET, NEW YORK. Commercial Fa.etory, Brooklyn, N. Y. vBENSEL & CO., CHA'S FINKE&CO liiANUFAcTURE THE FoLLoWING cELEBRATED BRANDs oF PLUG TOBACCO: t NEw YORK. .PL.A:N"ET, Fancy Na,V'les. (SUCCESSOR TO APPLEBY & HELHEJ, OF THE ''""''""'" Pa ... n .... ter, ... ..... , .. KJ:IIIG.' I :N"EPTU":N"E, do BRIGHT do ... :11m D e Hoven ., ll.Ul, 141 N. QaeeD II*, (Bmlth'w Olgv Stono). ; oonneettene urau..eJu-JL oLMSTim, FL Standard do do MILLS ...... W.V..,tphal. -Hutford,Oonn. S.AILC>:R,'S CJ:H:Q1ICEJ RAILROAD STANDAJil,!) DARK NA::VlES. SALOMON, E. S..U.OMON. fte reputation goods Is and tho Increasing sales of th} m Ia proof ot: tb'llt'mertl& SNUFF::: :Dfi. II& E. ..a..::a:m 9F zlli.Ezor..a..orzo:Ns. Maccaboy, French Rappee, Scotch, American Gentleman, Lundyfoot. PACKERS OF SEED LEAF. Our Trade-fllark :El-L is Embossed on Every Plug. a:M:o:Kz:NaTo:a..a..op9...:; .. C>:I!"::II"J:OES: Viz: PRI;NGE ALB]IRT,TCOJ.ORAJiO,_"UN'Lj !rOM, N:&VY CL.IPi'IlfGS, F .0-. ON, 31 Central :J::tj, TOM, .:F.&. -AND IMPORTERS 0 -g.o ftW Hav;:l., ana Tobacco and NATI, 69 eat econd Streett BATitbAD lOLLS, PRDI'OE ALBERT,...._,_ .... OLD BIOK.OBY. e> C CHICACO, 9 Wabash Avenue; '' C ......... _, :M;..a..:m:m:N Y'C>:RB:. I SAN Street. 133, WATER PINE NEW FOR PRICE LIST ADDRESS OR APPLY AS ABOVE. ... 228 PEARLST., NEW YORL Hirsch, Victorius & Co. LEAF T -OBACCO, Aad Importer of Havana Tobacco, 213 Pearl St., New York. L. GERSBIL & BRO.,) PACKERS AND DEALERS IN SEBD Ll!P 191 PEARL STREETti1 I NEW YORK B. DIAZ & CO., c::l II-..,co lol' 0 c::l u I.. .:cs; = Cl: ::: :c ; B. D. &. Co. TRADE MARX. 221 PEARL ST., NEW TOBY. } I t ..


OCT. 9 2LUa 8PncGAttlf, ALEX. .ll.AUCIIHAUB. SuruEL H. SPINa-AnN. til E. SPINGA.RN & Co. IMPORTERS OF ::E3:A. v .A.N" .A., AND PACKERS OF SEED LEAF TOBACCO, 5 Burling Slip, w.i':rrSt. New York. R .EYNES BROS. & CO., Commission Merchants 46 It 48 Exchange Place, S. :a: .A. v .A. N" .A. -AND-SEED LEAF TOBACCO, 162 Water St., New York. Basch & Fischer, IMPORTERS OF HAVANA Aad Paeken ot SEED LEAF TOBACCO, IDD WATER STREET, HearMaldenLane, NEW YORK. Straiton a: Storm, MANUFACTURERS of CIGARS -Al!D-Dealers in LeaC Tobacco, 204, '206 and 208 EAST TWENTY-SEVENTH STREET, NEW YORK. D. H. McALPIN & CO., MANUFACTURERS OF THE CELEBRATED FINECUT: I VIRGIN LEAF and NAVY I And 8Jl. kinds of Smoking Tobacco. Alao Manu!octurer11 or the well-known Brands of Bright Plug Chewing: 'own. 'o_nwanl.' Friomlshiu. and 'Sailor's Solaco.' MANUFACTORY AND IIALESROO!I: Cor. Avenue D and Tenth Street, New York. SCBBODER & BON, 178 W,.TER STREIT, NEW YORK, IMPORTERS OF SPANISH AND PACIE'II.S OF D .OMESTIC LEAF TOB,ACCO. IIIPOBTER Or ftl Gonaan-!JiloriCilll Bant TOBA.c _10 W.&LL ft., :nw YO... -u 5 co 0 .. PITAL, 87110,000. I <"\ .&ZII''l' LOVZII. 0 JbwT facllltyalforoed to Dealmo uti Oo!TNJ)ODd Y o -. WCIU'. -w M. BGGEB'D a -co. ...... .. entAl co_,t with !!""ad Jl&nldDg. H. BOOHOLL, l'reol4ea&. !'I I!'. C aobler. E. A G. FRIND & CO., and ;)ea.!_e_!W Ia LEAf TOBACCO, I Rf' Ml!liden Lane, J., NEW YORK. t.sorARD FaiKI'fn. CUTHRIE & CO., CO:DISSION llERCILU1'1'S ...... BALDS OF TOBACCO FOR EIPORT. ._ T-,.._., Ia ba! far tile Weot I.-. .-.. oiiCI Can1.rol Aoaerlc:aa Porto,-. TOBACCO P.A. On Application .we -shall pleasure. in sending to any address. free, circulars":'of all our Manufactures. # ...__ -""'. ..... -- .,. 'l ; f).. TEI::E IIIA.LLEULE IKON SAJII:SOI'i .:JACK DKY GOODS, LA.Il.D, DRIED FRUIT, HA.Y AND ,TO:EI.A.COO :E=-R,EJSJL. This Presll Is onpplled with an excelleot attachment. used when preoalng In bo>:eo or caseo, In the shape o f fourroUe\-a on cams placed U:nder tbe and are eJe.Yatedor depressed by means or lever at aide o! Press, when ready to roll case off or on. The::"' R&me roUers, by depressing lever to it!l fullest extent, causes be be rollejt from oa.e pan: of the atore to thor. .: 145 Water St. New Y ork, "Feb 17, 1880. It gives U3 great plea.sur o to b a ahle to sta.te that alter using your No. 9 Pfeu:;iu o11r Easr.-Barttord aDd HOWI&tODio Valley, tbat It Is without i1oubt t)le best Pre81fJ"I'ermade, as otboLh time &Dd labor It has no equal E. BodLliWALD'!: Bso. t'iS Water St., New York, AprilS, 1879. In to yours of the 2d inst, w e beg leave to say, that tbo tobacco pre88 we roceived from you to a charm. It Js tbe bNt we h&v e ever aeen.. \Ve sb.all recommend It eheerfuUy. Soa&oEDD 8: lloN. 15 Rlvington St., New Yorl<. Mareb 25, 1879. Wohavehadyou.r8amsonPL'C88inua.elforsome time, duriD!t which It has JllveJl the a&tlotacllon. Its det&ll&nd labor-sa .Jog. qualitieS eapeclaiiT como:tena ft tO the trade. We unhesitatltigly declare it to be the bes t press we have ever seen. GLJ.CCUM &:: SCBL03SE& Now used and recommended to others b7 the follo"'iog named /parties !or packing_ tobacco in c ase'S t J no. W Love. 30:! Bowery; L o uis Kuttnauer &: Co. 123 .Jefferson Ave., Detroit,_,:&lich.; C. F. Wa.hlig, 29 First Bunzl&Dprmltzer, .Lancaster, Pa.; H. Colell, 202 1 Cbatham St.; C&rl Upmanu.' 178 Pearl St. i La.chenbruch It Bre., 1M Water St. New York, a.nd.othel'9. AND RECEIVING AND FORWARDING. AGENTS. (P. 0. Box 3,152.1 53 Exch8}1ge Place, NEW YORK. LAGHENBRUCH & BR P.&.CKEBS OF SEED LEA.F .AND DIPORTERS OF 164 WATER STREET, NE. W YORK, I EDli'.IJU) lloa!fw.u.D, lloa!fw-'LD, ll&nY --.,....,, --... ...... I I E. ROSENWALD & BRO.; I & of 145 Wa.ter Street, New York. ARNOLD POLLAK, SOLE AGENT FOP THE PACIFIC COAST FOR Measra. KERBS &; SPIESS. New York; Mesar&, HORACE R. KELLY. & CO., N.,.... York; MMsro. MUSSELMAN &; CO., Louiarillo. .A.N%) f ALSO MANUFA-CTURERS OF FINE CIGARS; liD clb 4ol. :.o-11:oD. &1::ree1:, 1"1re._. .-...... AelllaD-.-.Hn .. a OWDen or Ae eolebrato "LEO"._. h4eorJ&wUb aeeodlq &o law.-. NEUMAN & DINGLINGER, GENERAL LITHOGRAPHERS! -AND-SMOKING TOBACCO -FACWRYoll5;. RICHMOND; VIRCU'UA.-Sole Agent :--.A. Hen, 43 Liberty Street, New York. T::a:::El Tourist co-, .Manutac'tnrere of' tile Glass Mouthpiece Cigarettes, 44 TOMPKINS STIIEET, NEW YORK CITY. & D5'EJTTOC>, LEAF TOBACCO 'YPxmr.n, .. :s.y. JW:FEB'F:KOEifJ-lleJIIrath. Albritton .t ti&.to, lilaYfW4. &"" l!la.tiDaal Bank, Jr;r.; Wm. A. ... PrM. Fin& I!I&IIOD&I -. l'lldwlall, :E;r-.1 lleoodleo, !?"leallao LA. . X :EI"CT"'lr OB.:J:::niiiiiiiR..iiiliiilll- lDBENSlEIN &, GANs WHC!LEIIALI!: DEAL-II Ilf SEED' 'lND TOBACCOS; SOLE AGENTS AND IKPOBTEliS OF THE GII:NUJNE 'IV. & lit oxq...A.::a r Presses, & Cutterlil IMPORTERS OF UflSH 181 .A.,PERSbl!f; HAB,RIMAN & co .. -'! [Augu8tua Treadwell, formerly w!&h Howard Bros. It Reatt.l Tobacco Bagging. IMITATION AND LINEN FANCY STRIPES AUG. RICHT'ERING & c o.l. TC>::SA.OOO a:n.c1 OZG-.A.R. f BOSSELMANN & SCHROEDER, ; Tc:ba.occ: &. 0:18'&r Commission. Merchants.


10 "11, l!:lSENLOHR, L. BAMBERGE R & CO., PAOEERS AXD DEALERS IN iLE.A..P TC>EI.A.CCO, And Manufacturere o f Low-Crade Cigar s 111 ArCh St., Philadelphia, Pa. LEWIS so-Ns, Wholesale Dealers i:1 .. A N : D UANUF ACTtmED TOBACC!l. l HO. -322 NORT H THIRD S'fREE'f, PHILADELPHI_A. IF A la rg'e asso rtment of a ll kin d s o f' L EAF ToBA CC O constantl y on hll nct.Je; & SMirEH, Pac.kars, Kercha.nts & Dealers in .EE D LEAr tc HAVANA T()BACC d j ]Jo. 35 N orth And 214 STATE STREET, HAR'TFOftD','CGNN. M.E.lYicDowell.6c Co .39 NORTH WATER STREET, PHILADELPHIA, -aox..:m .A.Gr:EIN"T& FO::E'I. -Al\'Dw. T BLACKWELL &: CO.-'S o.oz:u:e '-, :x::n:7::E'I.ZE.A.DS: &zn.ok 1n Tobaooo, New Tort Boston! Pittsbor[ll1 Cllica[o, St. LoUis and B8T:&ai....-uu. J. SANK & CO. DoHAN & TAITT TC>BA.OOC> General ComnliSsiOo lercbants, Tobacco Commission Merchants, 31 Nort4t Water Street 107 ARCH STREET, _....,._ 30 North Delaware Avenue; u.s. TOp CIGAR MOULD"MANUFACT'G CO. Cor,]id!a & North Colle[e Avc:sl Pa. Is now retailing 118 ditfet-ent shapes and sizes. from tbe f6:l':tary r.t greaf'rv r educerl prices. Every moukl u niform. If si:-e ehased be not suitable. I t will 00 exchanged or money returned. Our a.1nt 1s to gfve pertect satisfaction to the trade. By p urchasing from tht factory you wHL ave all delay and commlss.lons. The medal and d i p loma a.warded at the Ceutennial was to the V. !B. Mould.. Ofllcia.l can be seen at tbe otncr&,t:!Omer Ridge o.ud North Co Uege Averlues. U S, SOLID TOP CIGAB lll OULD CO -.: BROTHERS, F. X. Y, Jr., HAPPY THOUGHT Agency, Joseph The ODI:r llaautaetureno & IHYtheHAST OXGr.A.:Ji'l.llil, 1231 CJo.taat, &lUI 23 N. Second St., PHILADELPHIA (Successol' to Cooper & Walter. ) MANUFACTURER OF ST., Phllad IJ>hla, Pa. llENERAL A G ENT rQR WILSON,&. McCALLA Y'S PLUC TOBACCO&: Theobald & Oppenheimer.liiA.NUII' AC'l'URERS 011' PINE CIGARS, SlffiFF TOBACCO Spanish anrDomBstlcRSL;f Tobacco I H8o4.,2 ELEVEIITH r., Jf E. eorner Girard Ave.&; 7th Street, PHILADELPHIA, PHILADELPHIA. PA. A GENTS roa THR MILLER. D UB R UL l/1: PETERS CINC INNATI CIGAR MOLDS, STRAPS, ETC. :DAVID G. HIRSH, 0Ex&enolve RaaatactRrer er T1tE YORK CIGA R CO. CHEAP CIGARS; -, ., :ENNSniAIIA SEED TOBACCO, PENNSYLVANIA CIGARS ; 8 EaC Chestnut St., .from $12 to $15 pe, rthousand. LANCASTER, P A. Pa. THE TOBACCO. OG'VJI. 9 -''-UVert.iSeJD&DUi, B.A..:R.O::N' &. CO., 1'WIANUFACTOREB.S OF CIGARS, A N D OF THE Wellknown All-Tobacco Cigarettes, E E S S.'' O U R AGENTS-IIIe .. r o Allen I< Co., Ne-w Yorkj ;Jnlluo Blankenoteln, New York.; N. B. ltlannln& Phllad.t!!lpkla. N. E. comer of lombard Street and Cheapside, BALTIMORE, MD. Aloell ......... _.of REJI.BE DE L& REINE BRIGHT Cl7T CA VENDISli I 'ioo -.&l"D-,, JL BISCHOFF'S GERJIAJI' SMOJUNG aJd etker BriUld.o of SMOKING TOUCCO, .A.loo HERB DE L& BEINE .. a ether Br&llda of Cl.GARET TES. :A. cea& Ia New York 1 FR. ENGELBACH, No. 56 SoutlrWashington Square. ._._ ___________________________________ ___ Western M I SCELLANEOUS ADVRRTIS'E:MENTS W. G. MEIER. & CO. HINSDALE SMITH1&. SON, LOUISVILLE K (Su ccesso rs t o H. SMITH & CO.) :r PACKERS AND JOBBERS OF R. MEIER & co., Connecticut Leaf C INCINNA TI, O. L B A F TOBACCO. i lfe'h.,.. &. ::a::es., OF 20 HAMPDEN ST., Springfield, Mass. HaNSPALU SMITH, E. H. SMITH. WILEY & CLINARD. DEALERS !N AL L GRADES North Garolina Loaf Tobacco, N". C. ORDERS S OLICITED, REFERENCES:W. N. Shelton, Danville, Va..; Hall Bros. and A. A. Shuford & Co., Hickory, N. c. F':i"'<7e :Br<>1;1::1.e r s :.LG-<>z :E"<>-u.:n.ds. L<>:n.c; J<>h.:n. as, :Br:l.c;h."t a:n.d B Ce:n."t, ,\ND ALL OTHER POPlJLAR STYJiijES OF FINE N ."-VY r O BACCO LOUIS "'C"IL:Z:...E GEORGE H. JONES, Importer of ::U:.A. V .A.N' A A.ati Dealer in SEED LEAF TOBACCO No. 98 Water Street, :B<>BT<>N". WIL B WIDI'IL CHAS. W. WILDER, Jr., Importer &lid MIUlulaeturer of FINE CIGARS, 699 to 707 W. Sixth St., Cincinnati, 0 .. 58 4 98 water Sts., Manufacture r o f the Ven'!4'red Cedar Lumber. BOSTON' furnished on Application. Send for Prute-Lit. A. full Llne oC Label and Ribbo n k. ep' eontantly oa hatld at .... Prlees. -I : T I E. .. FLACK, JACOB Wm., ,uaox. j E A Wom .. JAMES PHJLJ:PS. WElL KAHN & CO I With (), s, PhUlpo I< c .. T 0 BACCO B R 0 K E R, ..... cru:.RS l/1: WHOLJraALE DKALB I N Tobacco Cnring and Sweating, Cigars & Leaf Tobacco (Untler C. S, PHILIPSt Patenii!,J -The n n l y Proeess In Exlatenee. Dark Colors Cuaranteed. 113 Mal'n St.' C'rnc'lnnatl', D P oo r b u rni n g T obaceo made good. O l d and Dried out goods renovated and pnt into good order. G reen, raw. lightcolored or unsweated cured a n d brought to do.rk: colors. HOPKINSVILLE, KY. RBPEBENCEII Jno. 0. La&bam, Proo'S Bank or!U o_;, s. E. Trice, Proo't Plaaten Bank, Bopklnal'WO; B&wyer1 W&llace & Co New York; Spratt a: Co. LoWov!Ue, K,r. HENRY, MEYER & CO., 70 Main St., Cincinnati, 0 COMMISSION MERCHANTS, : HENRY GEISE, M. H. CLARK & OHIO C BR T O.o) R y -roBACCO BROKERS LEAF TOBA.CCO, . f -... IJ ........ 4o6 F,rent No. 93 CLAY STREET, I", .L 1. 8. CINCINNATI, O, PRAGUE & MATSON, F W DOHRMANN Lilli TOBAcco BnoW 94 w. s. E. cor. Vine & Front Sts., .RaYJ!OYBES:-<:"'-OT:rde:rB 9<>1:to:l1:ed. TACHAU & LANDRUM for the Sale o f w FN. N O ORMANRM.AN & BEwL. wV. I BNELVI11'. ______ ___.________ Manu!acturen ot Choice Brands or VIr[liDa, Missonn and Kentucky Chas. w. Stow a Co., TOBACCO, MAHOGANY. SAW L OUBAGENTs: IHWE&T MAIN STREET, DANVILLE VIRCINIA W. G. A.DA.JU:S NEW YORK. 1ooJ11.....U1e, -DEALEIIS INA, II., Y, PHILADELPHIA. GJOO. W, W J<:u, N Ftntn. EDW. J Fona. ;J, A. Dehln. ;Jr,0 St. Louis, Western A.geD I.. SPANISH CEDAR FOR CIGAR-BOXES, U::U:LER.'S .A.LLE"Y, Bet Hanov er & C harles and Lombard & Pratt Bts. BALTIMORE, Md. R. E. VOCK&---G. 1'. ][00:0:.-:Oa:D. -v a. Paul C. Venable, COIIDIISSION LEAF TOBACCO BROKER, :H.. El. 'VOO:EE.E &, CO., TOBACCO & GENERAL GODISSION MERCHANTS, Onere PrompU7 A&&e 10. II. B. .. !-Orleano, -Buya Strictly o n S. E. cor. Cheapside and Lombard .. Sts. BALTIMORE. w. s. O'NEIL, C. & R. DORMITZER & CO. JAS. A. & I Dealers & n M h t Virginia and North Carolina Leaf Tobacco PreJllled ji).Bate a Specialty. Packer&ndDealeriD : ere an s IU LEAF TOBACCO, I DRESEL, JlAUS, NB G k / CO., OHIO SHED LEAF TOBAGGO 1 s TOBACCO SRWPI.rm & COMMISSION MERCHANTS. :oay'to:n., o. HL-' w.l'I.SbellOD. F .X.Burton.O.G. OF P O TASH' and" ERTILIZING :._ Cholce B r&ndBo f L r corlce always o n .&:ge nts for" Liverpool Line oi' S t eaune r aDd Begu.Ja.r Paek. e to Brem en, to. Libe r a l Cash A vances made on Consign .. bur!ft R otterd a m aod A.D>aterdam. 11 S, GAY STREET, BALTIMORE. .W. G. LYNW, I JOS. SCHROEDER & CO., i . c:>-u.r x..ead:l:n.s Elra:D.d: EIXG G'U1'W'." & Gommissionllareh't F o r the of VIRCINIA LEAF TOBACCO I D.A.N""'C"ZX..X..EI, V" .A.. Lear a !lpeelalt:r. IJlvoleeo !Pvea Ir requeotecl. A. H. LEFWICH, Deale r Ia VIRGINIA LEAF TOBACCO Fine Virginia Manuf'rs' Stems & Scraps, "'C"a. Constant l y on band a s u p pl y o r !Me:me and Serapa, d a rk, medium and bright_, and C&D aJ ways tli I orders for h ome &Dd forefJril aem.&Dd. :SOLID COMFORT:' :TRADE DOLLAR,,' :TIDAL WAVE, 'BLACK DIAMOND/ Samplesandp r loeooe nton app11cauon. LADD :TOBACCO CO., WM o KIMD'.-::,T. 2. CO.'S"VANITY FAT!! T<1HJcU"G o RQ(jJ JESTJ'R, '<". Y.\ LEAF TOBAGGO BUYERS, No. 21 "North Main Street, ST. X..OUX&, :DI.I:<>. 'V; n LA.DD, Pre8ldent, B,. SUBBRT, WHOLESALE DEALE R IN -AND-DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCO, 23 r East Randolph St., CHICAGO, ILL. W. E. RAGSDALE, TOBACCO BROKER,, REFERENCES BY PmRMISfliON: I. C Latham, Pres t B&nlo: BANNER3 TOBAGCOiCOMPANY .. IIUCCESSOBS 'I'O NEVIN I< ltiJ:LLS, 193 &119.6 Ave., Detroit,, ... '-J ... (CORNER OF BATES STREET,) w A. BEr.,HEL j lii:A.N U F ACTlJREilS OF THB .&. BRAND FINE CUT. Leaf Tobacco 6 BROAD STREET, THE BES':J'." 111. 1. llllLLS, Pl'M. Wl!l. H, T.tiFT. Vlf'e P r e.. BENJ ,'JI' HAXTON, ller.. ..


OCT. 9 Bnsioess. Directory of Advertisers. NEW YORK. Leaf Tobacco W arehou. Ahner & Dehls, 100 Pearl. Arendt & Fringant. 198 Pearl Barnett S. 162 lVa.ter Basch & Flscner. Water. Cardozo A. H. G6 Broad Chockley A D. & Co. Crawtord E. 1'11. & Son, 168 W!l.Utr. Edmonston S S. & Bro. 47 Broad Eggert Wm. & Co. 245 Pearl. Friedman, Henry, 119 )1a1den Lane Friend E. & G. &: Co. 129 Malden Lane. G. ,y_ Gail & .A.."'[, 166 Water Garth D. J ., Son & Co. 44 Broad, Gassert J. L &. Bro. 157 Bowery Gersbel L. & Bro. 191 Pearl. Hamburger 1. & flo. 151 W'lter Heilbroner, Josephs & Co. 119 ftlaiden Laue Helme Geo. ,V, 133 }Vater e.nd 85 Pine Hirsch, Victoaius & Co. 177 'Vater Kerbs & Spiess 1014-10'20 2d A Koenig H 2'lG P earl La.chenoruch &. Bro. 164. Water. Lederer & Fischel, 213 Pearl. Levin 1\I. H. 1G2 Pear l. Levy D. 169 Water Lobenst.ein & (laus. 131 Maiden Laue. .Neuberger M. 172 l:Vater Ne,vgass L. 144 Water Ottinger B1otHers. 48 Broad. Owen lt"'. E. Oppenheimer M 138 'Vater Reismann G. 228 Pearl. Rokohl & StehwcK e, 131 \Vate r Rosenwalcl"E. & Bros. 145 Water Salomon G & B1'0s. 251 Pearl Sawyer, W allace&:: Co. 47 Broadwa.y Schoverltng Bros. 142 Water Schroeder & Bon 17'8 Water. SchubaJ'tH. & Ce. 160 Water. Schul z Fred. 213 Pearl Siebert Henry, 68 Broad. Spingarn E. & Co. 5 Burling Slip. Tag, Chades F. & Son. 184 lrrout. Upmu.un Cad. 1 't8 Pearl. l'Va 1ehott.SQS .{01' the Sale of Man.ujd.ctmed and Smolcing 7 'cbaccos. &: Co. 173 n.nd Chambers Augustin & Duse111 Warren. Dohan. carrvll & l.X). 104 Front. Eugene. 7ft Front. E.ngleba c h .F'. 56 S. Wnsllinzton Square Gardinm J. U. 8-t. Front. Hen A &: Co. 43 Liberty. Bunt H YV. G9 WUt1am Martin & Dunn, 74 Front M ettle r & CO. 88 'Vatet Thompson,. Moore&: CO. 83 Front Wise & Dendheim, 264 and 266 Canal lntportel'$ of Manda (.,'Jgarl. Linington"s sons, S., 216 Front Tobacco Balen jor bporl. Guthrie & Co. 225 Front. Leaf 'I'obacco :Sweating. Philip C. s. & Co. 188 Pearl :Pearl's A. Sons, 61 Front' com.nussion Me1chantl Reynes :rsrvthors & Co., 4fl & 48 Exchange Place. 1'oba cc o B1 okers. Catttis John. 83 }j;ea ve r Erthe-iler M. & Son, 1 4 1 Water. Eller :M. 116 :Maiden Laue Gans' Sou, J. s. & Uo. 84 and 86 W&ll Osborne, J3.mes G. 54 Br-oad. Rader m:. & Son. 4S Bt oad 'Shack A. 178 Pearl Street. Mau.:ufs of Smoking and Chewing TOtoacco!. Anderson J ohn & Co. 114. 116 and 117 Liberty. BuchaQ.&n & Lyall, 101 TV all Buchner D. & Co. 173 and 175 Duane. -Goodwin & Co. 2{17 &; 209 'Vater. Kinney Bros. 51b to 52;) West 22d Lorillard P. & Co. 114 'Vater. McAlpin D H. & Co. cor A venue D and Tenth. Miller G. B. & Co. 97 Columbia. Manutacturert of CJgara. Adria.n M. J 472 Grand 1 A.lces George. 203 Pearl Asb Louis & Co. 00 and 98 Reade Bondy & Lederer, 96 to 110 Attorney Brussel & Co. 78 Bowery DeBary Fred. & Co 41 and 43 War-ren :Oingfeld ea & Libko, 39 and 41 Fulton Beilbrouer, Josephs & Co. 689-699 First Ave. Birscb D. & Co. a.nct 130 IUvington Kaufman Bros. & Bondy, 129 & 181 Grand. Jacoby Morris & Co 125-129 Broome. Jacoby S. & Co. 200 Chatluun Sq & 5 &: 7 -l>Gyer Kerbs s. Spiess, 1014 to 1020 -6econd Av. and 810 to 314 Fiftv-fourth Levy Bros, A. venue Dana. Tenth Street. Llcb.tenstein Bros. & Co. 268 and 270 Bowery Lo:nbard V. 110 Water Love Jno. W. 6 Rivington Mendel 'b'L ,V, & Bro. 151 Bowery Orgler S. 80 Murray Ottenberg S & Bros. 26. 2 and 264 Broadway 1\1 w. 75 Courtlandt 'St. Bokohl & Steinecke, 181 Water Selden berg & Ce. M a n d 86 Reade Stache !berg !II. & Co., 92 and 94 Liberty Straiten & Storm, 204-.008 East 27th 'Sutro & Newmark. 76 Par k Place Upmann Carl, 178 Pearl Street. J rnportel's oj Surnatra. W1appers. '(i. W Gail & A:x, 166 Wat<>r Manufactu.rer of FiM HatJOaa ()&garL Brown & Earle, 203-209 33d Foster, HilsOn d! Co. 35 Bowery Sancnez, Hay a & Co. 13U, 132, 134 HaJ.dea. _lADe Importer of HavanB Tobacco attd Citlaf.a. Almirall J. J. 1 6 Cedar .Berger S. & Co. 7U fine DiazB. & Co. Fernandez G 206 Pearl l'reise E. 157 Water Friedman Leonard, 203 Pearl G. W. Gail & Ar, l.GO Water Garci a F. Bro. & Co 167 Water Garcia. & Palacio, 167 Water Gato E H. 104 chambers Gonzalez A. 180 Pearl Kerbs&:: Spiess 101 4-1020 2d Avenue Llllenthallll. &: Co. 177 Pear! Linington1s Sons, S. 216 Front Lombard V. 110 "" Lopez, Ca.l ix:to 200 Pearl Lozano, Pemlas & Co. 209 Pea.rl Messenger T H & Co. 161 Maiden LaDe. Miranda F &: Co. %22 Pearl 'SAlomon G. &:; B ros. 2M Pearl Sanchez, Hay a&:; Co. 18o, 132, 134 !i&ldea L&ne Seidenberg & Co 84 and 86 Reade CJolomon M. & E. & Maiden LAne 1)plngarn E. &: Co. 5 Burling S llp. Vega & Bernhe im, 187 Pearl 'Verea. & Valdes, 181 Pearl W oil & Co. 65 Pine W eiBs, Eller & Kaeppei, 1!20 Pearl Ybor V. 1\!artlnez & Co. 190 Pearl. Agent for Chewmg and Smoking Tobacco. Allen&: Co. 173 and 175 Chambers Augustin & DUBel, 11 Warren Hen A. & Co. 43 Liberty H W. 78 Warren Wise & Bendheim 264 and 266 C&uai .llanut..cturer W"l Oigorl. DeBary Fred' k & Co: 4 1 and 43 WarreD Gato E. H 10.t Obambers McFall & Lawson, 33 Murray Seidenberg & Co. 84 and.86 Beade JCanufacturer.s of MeerJCAaum. and Amber Good$. Demuth Wm. & Co. 507 & 509 Broadway W el8 Carl. 6Y Walker Kaufmann Bros. &:: B ondy, 1 2931 Gra.nd Importer f CIbacoo lnlpocUoa. BeiUIOl & Co. Water Finke Charles. & U<>. 159. Water Hamilton C. C. & co. 170 Wacer Linde F C. & Co. 142 Water Tobacco Pru.ien. Quthrie &: Co. 215 Front Manufacturers of Ctgor B!XNL Erichs H. W. East EleTebth St. Henkel! Jacob, 298 and 295 Monroe Straua B. 179 and 181 Lewis Wicke WUI!a m k Co. 108-101 Goero-tu & !tlaurer. 22 and 24 N. ;wllliam Lobenst<>in &: Gans. 101 Malden Lane aoerck Manufacturer of Tobacco Presses. Paa.r Johu 10:Z Avenue D Show Card .Mounting and Finishing. The Harris Finishwg Oo. 56 and M :MUJTay Importer of Cigar Molds Erichs H. W. ::S15-321 E-leY e nLli St. Straps, Cutter and GeMnan Oi-gar .Moulds. Lobenstein & Gans, 131 Maiden La.lte M'r,s of Tobacco Show Cards and I" onaltlsou Bros Five P1-> ints. P. 0 Box 2791. 2'n:lnspart"nt Signi. Matthews John, 1st Av. bet. :?6th cr. ;nth st fJ.f u L'l Vu.elta Abajo,. lllav.Jr. Chaskel J ., 66 W arreu. Mjrs Havana Ciga.1 Fla-vor Fries Alex. & Bros, 4-1 College Place. Tobacco LabeU. Heppenheimer &: Maurer, 22 and 24 N William Mj1s of Old Judge Oiga,ertes. Goodwill & Uo. 20i-209 Water. of Kinney B'ros.' Oiga,ette8. Kinney Tobacco Co. 615-525 'West22d. Manu.fa.ctLuers o.f Ciga,ettet. ,Hall Thomas R. 76 Barclay 1\lnf-rs. of the Gla.. Watteyne H. :c:H5 Pear! Banks. German-American, 50 Wall In.ternCLl Ret,enue Eool:s. Jourgensen, C. 30 and ::r, Llbert Y Fore -ign and Dorncstic Banlu-ra. Sternberger Simon, 44 Exchange Place. Manuro.ctnre nt ot Sfl.(}'l' Fi(Tures. Den1uth Wm. 8:. Co. 507 & 509 Broadway, and 78 & SO Mercer RobbS. A. 1!J5 Canal Strauss S. 17!: and 181 Lewis Sole .Manutactnn1 o] the Original Green. Seal Srnoking Tobacco. Emmet W. C. 74 Pine Impotters of Jrrencft. Ciga.,-et t e Paper-. M.ay Brothers. 105 2d A vt!nue .Ag1!ncies. The Bra.clstreet Co. Zi'9 Bro!Mlway Manufactmers of Cigar Box Lmltber. Read Geo." YV. &:: Co. Lewis Tobacco Freight B 1okers. Smith ,V. 0 & Co. 03 Exchange Place of Gigar Ribbon. Wicke 'Vm. &: Co. cor. Goercli: and Third Cigar-Box 4"bels and Heppenheimer & Mau1 er, 22 and 24 N. WIIUam Neuman & Din$(lin(rer. n. w, cor. Pearl &: Elm New York Label Publishing Co. 94 Bowery Manufacturers of Wax Paper. Hammerscbla.g S. 52 Dey st Regeuhard, Shevill & Co. M J)ey st Thbacco Baggi11g. Person A. Ha.rriinan & Co. 457-459 B foome Manufactmers of the Erie Qigar Lighte?. Holmes, Booth & Hayaen s 49 Chambers .t Tobacco Seeds of all Varieties. Alle.n R. a. & Co." 1!:!9 and Water ALBANY. n. Y. M,mujactu:rer-s of 1'obacco Gree r's A. Sons, ti22 Broadway BALTIMORE, Md. 1.'olHvco Watehousei'. Barker & Waggner, 29 South Gay Boyd W a. &: Co. 33 South Guntner L. w 9 $>uth uay Kerckhoi'r & Co. 49 South Charles KlemmCbas. H. :i!J North C a lvert Marrio t t, G. H. M :!5 German Merlela &: Kemper. 39 Ger mn.n Schroeder Jos. & Co. South Ohar1es E. E 46 a11d 48 South Clla1les Wischme.ret Ed & Co. 39 South Calvert Deale rs in Spanish Cedar tor Oigar Boxes. Stow Chas. W. & Co. Uhler's Alley. Manufacturers o1 Ciga1s and C1garettes. Baron&: Co., N E cor. Lombatd & Chcapside Tobacco 1\IUnujactttrerB. Felil;net F. W. & Son, 90 South Charles Gail&: Ax, 2S Barre Marhurg Brothers. 145 to 149 South Charles To baCco and General Comm.ission Merchant. Vocke R. E. & Co. s e. cor. Cheapside and Lombard Patent Stem Roller.s. Kerckhof'l' G. & Co., 49 South Charles Pac!Gers of Seed Leaj and Jmpwtm of Havana 7'obacc, 46 and 4S Michigan A venue Manfrs of Fine-Out Cllewi"g & Smoking Beck A. & Co 44 and 46 Dearborn 1.'obacccrn.ists and M'J '-r..!l1 .A genu. Best. RlSS8ll & Co r,7 Lake aud 41 S'ate CINCINNATI. 0. Oigar Bax Lumoor The E. D. Albro Co., 685-70':" W 6tb, Trost Samu e l W 699 to 707 West Sixtb Wholes ale Dl1s. ;n (}igars &; 1'obacc s in Ohio Seed. Bimm. F. &Sons O'Neil'W. S. DETROIT, Mich.'rs of and S moki'l1.9 7obacco. BS:i-ker K. C. & cO. 74 and 76 Jeffei"SOn Av DURHAM' N. C. :..lanufacllurers of Smoking 1'obacco. Blackwell W T. & Co o.t l!lackwell' s Durham Cigarettes. Blackwell \ll. T. & Co. :EV AN'SVILLl.. Ind. "'obucco Cammissio n Merchant,, .Morris C J. &: Co HANNIBAL, Mo. Ma1m/. "fall ki1td8 of Smolc'g Tobacco. Brown GP-o. HARTFORD, Conn. and Dealers in Sr!cd Leaf Tobao-co Gershel L. & Bro .. ::!29 Lee Geo. 150 State Hay & Smith. :.!14 State Willcox S. W. 5iU Main HAVANA, Cnbo.. and Olycu C (mnnissiun lltmchan ts Bosselmaun o; Schroeder, Lamparillu.lS Lobock &: Co. 8 Ofi c ios Richtering Aug. & Co. 3 Mercaderes street HICKORY, N. C. D ealc1'8 in Nol"ih Carolina Leaf Tobacco. Cliual"d. HOPKINSVILLE, Ky. :1'obacco Boker.s. Flack E. M Thompson Geo. \ 'v. E. LANCASTER, Pa. Dealers ut Leaf "l'obacco, Hirsh Da"id G. 8 East Chestmot st &: Frey, 61 and 63 North Duk.e Packet and Commission Metchant. Teller A. N. Shippen st. Manutactwers of Cigars H1rsh. Dav-id G. -LIVERPOOL. Eng. Cope Bros. & Co. 10 L o r d Nelson st Smythe Jf. W. & Co 1 0 North John LOUISVILLE, Ky. Pl:ug Mamtfactmms Finze r J & Hros 194 and 186 Jacob Tachau &::: Landrum. Lea.! Tobacco. :Meter W. G. &: Co. l'obacco Commission i1:fen:hunt.s. WtcksG. W &;Co.l52West.liain 1.'obaccCl Broken;. Callawuy James F. corner E:ghtb and Main Gunther George F. Lew1s llich" d 348 West Main Ateler "\Vm. G. & Co. 63 Se\l"enth Nash Geo P. Prazotr v.,r F 39-t West Ma i n LYNCHl3URG. Va. .Mann/(,ct-urer 'J f 7'obacco Carroll John W. Carroll Wm. S. Tob acc o Commitsion M e 1Cnanh. Holt, Schaefer & Co. Dlr in Virgini(' Leaf d: M.nfr s Sc1ap s & Stems. L eftwich A. Y MAYFIELD. Ky. Leaf 1'obacco Buyer. Melloo ,v_ S. MIDDLETOWN. O. Mannfactu?'CTS oj P lug 'lhbaccos. P. J & Co, NEW MILFORD, Conn. PH.clcers and Dealers in Seed Leaf. Schoverling Bros. NEW ORLEANS. La 2'obacco Facto1 and CmnmissioR Men:hlmt. Stevenson John D. C. 194 Common. PADUCAH, Ky. Tobacco Broker. Puryear T R PATERSON, N. J, Manufactme rs of Che-wing and Smoking .1.'o bacco Snuff and Cigars. Allen & 65 &: 07 VanHouten Street PETERSBURG, Va. Manufacmren ef Plug and Smoking Tobacco and in Leaf .1.'obacco. VenableS. W. & Co. Man1t{actm ers of Sweet (;hewmg. Jackson C.;...&: Co. Commission Merchants. Bain & Parrack PHILADELPHIA. 1.'obacco W a.,ehouBU. Bamberger & Co. 111 Arch Batchelor Bros. 12t n Chesnut Bremer's Le\\18 Sons, 322 North 'l'Wrd Dohan & Taitt lO'i Arch Elsenlo h r Wm. & Co. 115 South Water Knecht & Co. 123 North Thtrd McD owell M. lG. & Co. 89 N ortb Water Hay&: Smith, 3l'l North "\Vater Ralph I D. H & Co. 138 N. 3d Sank J Rinaldo & Co 32 North \Vat-er 'l'eller B ro"bers. 117 North Third JmporteJ nd Mfr of Zorn George, ]58 N. Third Street. ImpOrter$ of Bavana Cignr.-r and Agent& tor Reidenberg,s Key West Cigars. Fuguet, Stephen, &: Sons. 231 Chestnut. Lec r.f Tobacc'l Swea.ti' V .Philips C. S. & Co. 131 North'' ater. Manufacturer of Smlff ancf. SmokifJg Tobacoo. Wallace Jas. 666 t.o 672 North E leventh Man1tja cturers of Cioats Batchelor Bros., 1281 Chestnu t and 23 N. 2d Gumper t Y ros .. 1,3-11 Chestnut .. Theobald & Oppenheime r Girard Av. ct 'itb st Tobacco BroKer. Fougeray A. R. 33 North Front Jlfan1lfactlt1 'Bl'8 of Licmiu Paste. Mellor & Rittenhouse. 218 North Twenty-Second Mfr' 8 Agent (or Plug and Smoking Tofllacco. Kelly F. X. Jr. 112 Arch 'Wholesale Dealers in Leal and M'./'d Tobacco, HAil Jonn B. 531 South Second Boz Labels and TrirnrnintJ8 Harr is Geo. S. & Son, s. e. cor. 4th and Vine. _J\:lanufactme r s of Cigar U.S. So1id Top Mould Mfg Co. cor llld@"e and North College Ave s. Ge'll' t .Aqt. "or C. A. Jack.son ct Co.'.s Wardle Geo. F Mo.n1.dactu.rers of Ralph'111 Scotch Snuff. Stewart, "Ralph & Co 141 Arch Street PITTSBURGH, Pa. Manuf'J"S nf Snuff amt Smoking 7'obacco Woyman Bros. Sl Slllithfie l d dt .Mnfr s of ''Long Threna ,, & "1 Banner'' Smok ln.g Tobarco and Spmt. Roll." J e 11kinson R &: \V. 28i Llbe1ty street Packers af Se e d ct Deale1s in Hava na. T obacco. Pretzfold Bl'OS. 363 Llbt.>rty street READING. p,., o_f Oig(Lr & Crouse&: Company, 643 Penn and 636 Conn. RICHMOND. v ... Man ujaclute r of Smoking and Fine Cut Chewin{} 1'obacco. Wro. '""'"factul'e r s o f I'l11g & Smok' g 1'obruco. .Pilkinton E. T. 1410 Carr. U(l( BJ'Oke.r ,V, E. Dibrell Manhjacturen of Toba<:co Baoa }L Millhiser & Co. 13f"-J Main ROCHESTER. N.Y Mattfts. of Smokinq and Chetoiu.g Tobaccos and Cigarette .... TOBACCO 11 LOUIS ASH, DAVID BEIR, BENJ. ASH' LOUIS ASH & CO. KERBS & SPIESS, Manufacturers of. Cigars, of CIGARS And Dealers in LEAF TOBACCO.,. 1014, 1016, 1018, 1020 SECOND AVENUE, 310, 312, 314 AND 316 FIFTYFOURTH STREET. ,Fine .L-,D DEALERS IN & BRIJ ., LEAF TOBACCO, 96 to 110 Attorney St., N'E'VV' 'YC>:El.::S:.. THE FIRl\1 OF .John Matthews, 1st Ave., 26th & 27th Sts., Y-k, of (I' Licensees o! the Tilghman Sand Blast process and 1U 11 U '.L!l[afS,. Manufacturers byotherPatentedProcesaeso! 96 & ':READE STREET, NEW YORK. IVo, I 5}{ a I TransDaront 'GLASS .! SIGNS. owery, Ne""' Sketches"-lld Etimatesfurnishedonapplication. s sw;; &t :rm:m::-...m..'!.s&P A. BRUSSEL, KAUFMANN BROS. & BONDY, Importers and Manufacturers of & 129 & 131 Grand St., ::<'EAR BROADWAY, New York. DEFIANCE CIGAR MANUFACTORY, D. CC>., 128 & 130 Rivington St.. New York. 229 East 41st Street. Salesroom: 12. 9 & 131 Grand Street; New York United States Internal Revenue Ta.x. The tax on all kinds or )!anufa.ctured Tobacco is 16 lb; Snuff, 16 cents <@ 1b; Cigars, $6 Cigarettes weighing not over 3 1bs qg thousand, St. 75 per thousand; and Cheroots weigb__Wg over. S: ibs thousand, 16 per thousand. The duty on Foreign Cigai'S is $2.50 lb, and 25 'tQ cent. ad valorem. Cigarettes same duty as c igars. lmportt-d Cl.e:ars, Cigarettes, and Cheroots also bear the prescribed Internal Revenue taxes, to bt) paid by stampso.tth e Custom Rouse. The import duty ou Leaf Tobacco is 35 cents lb; Leaf Tobacco s temmed. 50 cents lb; Manufactured 50 cents lb; Scraps, SO cents lb. Manufac tured Tobacco and Scraps are also s ubject to the Internal Revenue tax of 16 cents tl1b, and must be packed In conformity with Internal Revenue law and regulation. ScrapS and cuttings, however, may be withdrawn io bulk. for use in a. tobacco, snutr, or cigar manufactory without paymenli of the internal revenue tax. Canadian Tobacco Duties and Excise. Tbe following are the rates of duty now Imposed in Canada on the ..-a. rious manufactures of tobacco:-Cigars and Cigarettes: 60 cents =til' lb1 and 20 per cent. ad valorem. Manufactured Tobacco: 25 lb, ana 12!-ii per e:ent, ad valorem. Snuff': 25 cents .,. lb. and 12J. p e r cent, ad valorem. In li e u of all Excise duties-except license f ees-:-now 1m posed on tobacc:o known as ''common Canadiaa twist," otherwise called topac blanc en torquette," being the leaf rolled and twtsted, and made wholly from raw tobacco, the growth of Canada. and upon raw leaf, the growth of Canada., there shall bo imposed, levied and col lected on every pound, or less qua.n\ity th&n a. peund, an Excise duty of four cents. Table of Weights. Kilogramme ........ _. . .. . . . abe-ut 2-1!> pounda. Pud (Russian).......... . .. . .. .equn.l to 36 pounds, American Duties in Newfoundland. 1\Ian.ufacturad and smokin g tobacco, t6c :P 1b i clg'ans, S2.64 per mille, t3nd 5 p e r cent<. ud valorentj fear, nnstripped and UW!temmed 12c lb; lea!, stripped nndstemmed, 16c lb. .The above prices in American money. 51f0JJ1tftUpu*lU&er 1 E88BNTIAL oiLS, aD kiD ... l!pec1&l attentiOn ii'l' ... to II&Buf&cturen' ll..U.,.. .ALL GOODS !!HlPl'!D FREE 01'1 80.A.BD, II>JI'L limLJIROliJI&, II>JI'L J-AIIa. sa. ............ v. C. Th9 ?dcGowu.n .PG.lllp Co 141 & 143 w. 2d st Manuja.cturers of .Fi11e-Uut Ch.e-urinv and Smoking 1'obacco. B F. Hess & Co. Monujactwer of Tobacco. Whalen R & T. 182 State Foreign Duties on Tobacco In Austria, France, Italy and Spain the tobacco commerce Is Uzed by Goverument, under.:, direction of & In Germany the on leaf and stems is S:S llULrks per 100 kilogmmmes, equal to 10.40 cents per pound; on strips and scraps 180 marks per 100 kilogra.mmes1 equal to 22.05 cents J)(>'r pound; on manufactured taboo co and Clg&rs 270 marks per 100 kilogramme.s. equal to 33.08 cent. per pound. On tobacco pr<;Klnced in Germany, the tax taJdJ:lc: aftez' April 1, 1880:-From Aprill, 1880, to :March 31, 1881 20 ma..U per tOO kilogrammes, equal to 2.45 cents per pound; from_Apiii 1, 1881, to Haroh :u, 1R82, 80 marks per 100 ldlogrammes, equal' to 8.67 oeate pe"\' pound; !Pam April 1. 1882, and therea.fter, 46 mllrks per 100 kllO?grammeo, equal to 1.!!0 ooniAI per pound. In Belgium the impoon ls reckoned after deduct.lag 18 per cent. t o r tare. The duty l8 tranca ($3.86 gold) 1i 100 ldiOjlr&mm .. ( 100 American pounds equal to 45Jii kil os. ) In Holland the duty is 28 cen ta. gold. per 1 00 ki1os--(2SO Amerlen.n ll>l be!.Bg eqaal to W kilos). In Russia the duty on Lear' Tobacco is 1 roublea 10 lcopeks pud on ilmolting Tobacco 26 roubles 40 kopelao P\ldr and on 2 roublea 20 kopeks '(il pud. The "pud" Is equal to &Oout S6 Amencan lbs. la Turkey the dw.ty :18 50 centa, gold, per ll!oj A.merica..u. eunl:"e& In 'England the duties are Oil. Unmanulactured:lltemmed and unstemmed, containing tO lbs or more ot moisture in ry 100 lbs we!h' thereo!, >3s 6d per lb; contalnlng iesil tban HBILBRONBR. JOSEPHS do OC>., Spence qros. &:; Co. 52 -:'-nd M East Third Leaf Tobacco JJrokcr. Dohrmann F. W s e.cor. Vine and Front Leaf Tobacco. Meier R & Co. Jtlanufo.ctv-? ers of W:d:c:.nd in Lea/ wen, & Ct). 113 Mam Manufacturer" Gf Metal and Wo9den tiigar Mou.ldt The Miller, Dubrul & Peters Mfg Co. l:W to 140 E. 2d Tobacco Commi.uion Merchant.. Prague & :Matson. 94 West Front Monujactttret'B of Ci.gar-Bazu. Geise .Ben ry: \13 Clay Trost., S. W. 699-707 W Sixth Manufacturll!!r8 of Plu(l Tobacco. Clunet. Brhwu &: C_o. 1i & 19 W. 2d street Dlrs. in Foreign tt Domestic Leaf :1'obuco. Oberhelman John&: Co. 60 W. Front street Len! 'l'obacco Buyer. Wright Thos. H 47 W. Front street Tobacco Curing and Sweating, Philips James, 70 Mam street CLARKSVILLE, Te...., Lea! Tobacco Bro1rera. Clark :M. H. & Bro CLEVELAND. O. n.aZer "" Seed Leaf and Ha17Gna. Tobacco at&d Jobber in aU kin.ti.s T()b.ncco. Semon Cb&rles. successor to Goldson&: Semon. 132 Ontario DANBURY, Conn. hclerg D. 100 N. 2d, ; Ageut tor Ma.rburg Bros. Mfro of 7'obacco. Dausman Tobn.cco Co. SYRACUSE. N.Y. Manujacturera of Cigar Leeret & Bla.$d e l 188 and 170 East Water TOLEDO.O. Jtaflujacturer o f Chawi"9 and 8moktft.o I l>'8 of I'owdered Liwrwe. warren C C. & Co. WESTFIELD. Ma ... Podcer and Deal.,.,,. BuecbmA'DDloho C WHEELING, W.Va. M.aTioU]acfUrers of Wheeling Stogie._ Tipa tl: Fine Cigars. Hanke. Charles. ,1420 Market street L008. H. L & Bro. Meder &: Bro. Pollack, Augwrtm YORK. Pa. M 1n' f 'rs of' Cigars. York Clpr Co. TRADE MAIU!.1!;1STERED .JAN. 21. 1879. ll>l of moisture, 3o 10d ll>. On Manufactured tobacco:-C&vendlsh and 41 10d tt i all other 'aorta, ineludiq 4s 4d. 1D &dclitioa ki the above duties there is a charge of tf eent. w&reihe..e -._ oa ail d_.-iptlono. Uruguay-M&.nufa.ctured cigars and ciitarettes, 35 per cent. ad -valvrem; l eaf, 25 per cent. ad vuw1em Valne of Foreign Coins, .A.oJJtrla.--O.orin, ailver, 41.3 centlli. gold; gold and Ill Belgium -franc, 'Old and silver, 99.7 conts. 19.3 cents. Liberia-doll&r, gold, St. Bolivia-!bollvl&ao. sUver,83.6 cents. Mexico--dollar silver, 90. 9 cent& Brazil-milrela of. 1,000 reis, gold, NetherlaOOs-fiorin, gol4 a.nd sllv, 54.5 cents. 40.2 conts. 'British Po88e88ions bl North,..n. gold, 26.8 cents. lea--dollar, gold, IJ. Peru-sol, silver, 88.6 cents'. Central silver,88.Gc..1 Portugal-milreia of 1,000 reis, &old. gold, 91.2 cents. $1 08. 1 ot 100 k _opeks, ..-ver, tOO plasters, gold1 Sandwich lsiand&-dollar, gold, S1. $4 97.4. SpAin-peseta of 100 centimos, g<>W JAN.21. 1819 "SURETY" CIGAIL, '16 Corilaat .,.. Y-*; ::I."Q'o-&1oe.-Ail oa l'r totbe fllll-ot-lAw. Franpe-franc, gold&: silver, 19. 3 cts and silver. 19,3 cent& Great Britain-pound sterling, gold. Sweden--crown, gold, 2e.8 oenta. $4 EwitzerlaudfraDC. gold aad sil..-er, )0..-&-whi&-<,.... Dlrll'-lira, JrOld and oliver, 19 8 cte. silver, 83.6 cent.&. M&N11P .&.ClTllBEHS OP 6891 691; 6931 695,.i97 6991st An., \ Mlr. ud .oua sv-. ::I."Q'B"''1V' f.


dB p The Celebrated .JOHN ANDERSON & CO. "ORIGlNAL MANUFACTURERS OF THE } GREEN SEAL" SOLACBuu m TOBACCOS 1 U4 n& LIBlTY srn. Eotabllohed 8 "RED SEAL ,, lfi1W YOB.:S:, 1 SQ. I U.1 to dbeet the atten.tionof the DeaJen i n Toltacco :t RDf CAROTIE 11 & SUNS HillE" wo:td SOLACE FINE-CUT a. :llll!WEJ!WEEIT, BOLE lrUNUII'A.CTURICR, PIJiE S'JIBEET, l'I.EW YOB.K. CHEWDI'G TOBAOOO, which t1 being oace more mnufac tured. under tl.e imm.edlat sa.pervlsl.n o f the origla.ater, OCT. 9 BLACK DURHAM W H:LL'S TOBACCO Allen & Dunnin[, PATERSON, N. J., Blackwell's DURHAM CIGARETTES, "CATARACT" MR. JOHN ANDERSON. and now .tand.s, u formerly, without a rival Orders forwarded throagh the usual ehannela will m-l"ith prompt atlel1tlOD. FR. ENGELBACH, :atay Brothers, The"t u.pc::o. "the :1\'%a.rk.e"t. 'VV:U:C>X..:EJ&.A.X..EI TOB!OOO DEPOT & AGENCY For F. W. FELGNER & SON'S, :a.ItiaoJ .. Tollaooo &lld Claarottea. 56 S. WASHINGTON SSUARE, N. Y.l IJaporton of French Cigarette Paper. Sole AcX..X..::EJSr&, MA.NUFA.:E'I.H:. Thel'rade halng demaaded & Superior and Cheaper Article than that hitherto used, this ;..manufaoturlng,and otrertng for sale, LICORICE PASTE (under the old "Sanford" brand) of a QUA.LITY &nd at n. PRICE which can hardly !all to be acceptable to aU giving t t n trinl. lVItlllor & Rittenhouse, 218 'N'. !22d. S"t.,., J!JANVF AOTURERS &F SP .A.N':J:S::E-3: a:n.c.'l. PASTE. ..... . :0. 1848. K. c.-BARKER Tcobaooco 'VVork, Hanu!acturers of the Celebrated 'American Eagle' "CLIPPER II DEW DROP II .&iad other Braad oC PINECJUT. -.t.LIO-'UlUVER&AL FAVORITE,' 'FAWN:' C>l.d ADcl m&ny other Grades and Branda of 8lllOIUNG TOBA{)()OS, 62 a. 64 Larned Street West l!WE::ECI:U:. ClUB. .. BULL, -'7 ... We be.g to call the attention of Tobacco Manu f a c .. twero and Dealen to this SUPERIOR AND PURE article. Sole AReata for the States of North.Carolina aud Viraiala: Muns. DAVENPORT & MORRIS, Richmond, Va. LIOORICB ROOT-.t ... on and Alleante, Selected. and Ordlnar,;. ZURICALDAY & ARGUIMBA.U, 8B BEAVER .STREET, POWDERED LICORICE Finest Quality. Manufactured at Poughkeep;ie, N. Y. GIFFORD, SHERMAN & INNIS, 120 WILLIAM STREET, h York. TUBACCO BROKERS 48 Broad Street, JSTEI'VV 'YC>JR.:S::, A. sii.ACK, TOBACCO BROKER, 178 Pearl Street, MEW YORK. STOGIES AND CIGARS, Wheeling, w. Va. MEDER &BRO., Manutaetu:rera oc WHEELING STOGIES, TIPS and FINE CICARS, Wheeling, W.Va. A.ll O rde"r" PrompC;ly Attended to. Sawing arid Planing Mills an. d. ''VV'h1 "te-vvood. SAWING ANn PLANING FUR CIGAR-BOX_ MAKERS. J-:B.A. & E*:&:DS TC>EI.A.OOOJST::E&T," SOLE AGEI!iTS FOK NEW YORIL .&N VICINITY FOR GOODWIN "OLD JUDGE." FOIL CHEWING. MAURICE ELLER, BROKER, Leaf Tobacco and Gigars, No. 116 MAIDEN LANE, :Ne,..,.. 'York. Jacob Henkell, K.fJIUI' .a.Ol'UIID or CIGAR BOXES 80PlliD:J8 IUD .t PBDill: QUALI.'l'Y 0., Cedar "Wood. JlANUJ' .A.O'l't7BD OJ' .u.L 1CND8 0., Cigue-Box Label& Also Cor other oc 29!1,' 295 & 297 Monroe Stre .. SMOKINC, PLUC TOBACCO AND CICARETTES. il V\ Nos. 254 and 256 CANAL STREET, corner of ELM, NEW YORK. m-e,.... 'York. LVANITY _TOBACCO & CIGARETTES. "MILD "-Rare Old VIrginia; "HALVES "-Rare Old Perique and Virginia. Always Uniform and Reliable '1 First Prize MedalsVienna, 1873; 1876; Paris 1878; 'lyd ney 1880 Special Concession by the French Covernment, and on Sale in all Civili z e d Countries. WM. S. KLMBALL c!t CO. ROCHESTER, N.Y. Peerl.ess Tobacco 'VVork.s. Cope's Tobacco Plant: A !Uon,hly SOURNAL l"or SMOKERS, P UBLISIJBD AT lll.&NUFACTURER OF THE Cel.ebra.tec:1. a:nc:1. Prasra:n't ,FRUITS AND FLOWERS" &:D1oh:i.:nt; 're>baooo, O:Lsa.r cl!l C:Lsaree-. 14:1..0 Oary S"t. R.1ol:l.m.o:n.d., Va., METROPOLITAN CIGAR MANUFAGTORY. ;:.: I 'Aro>Y. amuv ooM ;:.: S. JACO.BY & CO., U' 1'W.I: 200 CHATHAM SQUARE and 5 & 1 DOYER STREET, NEW YORK. Cifar Manntactnrer & Dealer in Leaf Tobacco, 6 Rivin[tou St., New York. D BUCHNER & CO., : <> N"E::E:r:>.A. TOEI.A.COC> 'VV C>JR.:S::&. OFFICE : -173 and 176 DUANE STREET, NEW YORK. I Manufacwrers of CHEW-ING and SMOKING TOBACCO GOLD COIN ROYAL PUCK Chewing Tobacco. CICARETTES. -=::a.A. G S ::::!r For 8MOKINC Flour, Salt, Bark, Sumac, Cuano, Crain, .to -J!'urn!.shed with or without Printed BranGr-::EE&, SEAL OF THE STATE OF WEST Yl. And OROWN Bmoldng.t C1u>wtqTobacca.. WHEELDG, W-t Vircbda,-11 ...,, Tlle-nltleaoodllntloe......-of the Ual&e4 .......... b&adledbztbelobbllllln4e..........,.


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