The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (10 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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) v 0 L. XVI.---N 0. 3 9 f.ESTABLISHED 1864.] NEW YORK, SATURDAY, OCTOBER 30, 1880. WHOLE NO. 819 SEIDENBERG & CO., 84 a 88 READE STR.EE-J:, NEW YORK, .ImpQrters of Havana Tobacco, ALSO MANUFACTURERS OF THE Ll ROSA ISP AIOLA KEY WEST HAVANA-CIGARS. .WEISS, ELLER & KAEPPEL, ."BOSE HAVA-NA 220 Pearl Street, New York. ---'1 lj __ N_P_ _a_a_m:_urr......;__a_y_s_t_r_e_e_t_, _N_e_w_:Y __ o_r_k. __ '""" .... .., .. MCFALL & LAWSON -MANUFACTURERS OF THE-EL GLUB IJE YATE and -ROYAL PALM KEY WEST HAVANA CIGARS Havana Scraps and Cuttings for Sale. 190 E-ea.:r1 &"t:ree't, OP =HAVANA TOBACCO= 1L 80H1JBAKT, ,. .&ADOlf 801111D.&DT, "Wllll, IMJHlJBABT, B. SCHUBAB.T r a CO., (i IMPORTERS oF HAVANA SEED:.LEAF TOBACCO, tl N"o. 160 S"tree"t., N"e"VV "Y'ork.. .. LILIDTllAL Jr. A. JIBlllQDIIMER. l.VI. LILIENTHAL a CO., _..1'-ro. -IUANlJII'ACTlJRI!RS OF-CIGAR BOX L UMBER, SPANlSH CEDAR, DOMESTIC WOODS, IIIITATION SPANISH CEDAR. IMPORTERS IN OUR OWN VESSEL OF SPANISH CEDAR and MAHOCANY. 68B Si.x:tb. S"t., 01:n.oi.:n.:n.a."t:l. ALlYIIRALL a CO., 6-e 1a.s 't>TRADE J J A MAR.K. ,. .. IMPORTERS OF 'V .A.N' A. TOBACCO, 18 OE:J:)AB. ..N'E'VV" 'DONALDSON: BROTHERS, &"team Li. "th.ograpb.ic Pri::n. 'ters, ;:TOBACCO LABELS AND SHOW .,, o Box 2791.] "Y' [No Labels k e p t In Sto ck. lVILLIA1I WICKE AUG ROESLER 'I \CKE & co., CIGAR BOX :DIA.NUF ACT DKERSt Cor. Goerek & Third sts., PRICE LIST OF CIGAR RIBBONS .... Y.u..r ........... ; ;, EJdioa.:.a-eliNM, IL'IIo oooo o o ,,.,,., ... 1 '',5-8 M '1'0 J'U 1.66 -""'" ........ 6-8 .. '2'0 ,... 1..46 ........ ....... .. .. 6-8 .. '1'0 ,.a. 1.16 ..... .... .. a .... a-8 .. 'I'O ,... 1.26 .._. .................. 1. .... 1-8 'I'O,.U 1.80 .. ..... .... ... .... M a .... 1 'I'O ,.a. 1.60 ................... a .... 1 .. 'l'o ,.a. LaO ...._. .......... ................ 1 .... 1-8 .. 'l'o,.a. 1.80 M ...................... .. ..... 1 .. 'JO ,. .. 1.60 .. ..... ..... .. .. .. .. .. a .. .. ,., 'I'O,... 1.30 -Bed.... ......... ... .. J .. .. 6-8 .. '1'0,... 1.36 ...... .. .. .. .. 1 ... 6-8 'JO ,.a. UO !' .. ................ a ..... i-s .. 'to,.a. oa -T.Uow ............. J .. ... ,-8 'I'O,.U 1.30 .. .. .. .. . ..... .. .... 6-8 .. '1'0 ,.a. 1.20 ............. a .... i-8 0.80 lloz IU'I!ltDD Bed ... .... ...... ... .... a-8 '1'0 J'U 0.'1'0 Yellow .................. a-s 'JO ,.a. 0.86 Lolubeo. (CJdoo) 1 .... 8-8 U J'U 1.10 e celebrated per:tect l y smooth and thoroughly 8eiiiOIIed Cut and Press-Dried Lum.ber, W e ea.n of!'er to all manufacturers extra Inducements in the llne o f C igar Box Ceda r Boards and Venee:rs, Poplar Sycamore, Butternut and Mahogany, also i n Panel Woods and Brush Stock. Our lledar Ve neers applied to Poplar Is much prferred to lmita\l o n Cedar. pr'"Fullllneii'OREIGN &n4 DOMESTIC WOODS In Logs, Plank, Bo ards a n d Ve neers. Sen4 Cor Catalope and Prlee List. Geo. W.. & Co., 186 to 200 Lewis New York, HAVANA TOBACCO. Any Infringement upon this TRADEMARK *-* I ,71 T & (., I I .A.-. 1 ----Will be prosecuted to the full Extent of the Law. 65 PINE STREET, NEW YORK. WElL & CO., l:::at!:P'OR. TER.&. B"ta J Havaaa, 1818. l PhllaclelpJda, 18111. 6 S. FUGUET & SONS, No. 231 C::HESTNVT ST., PHILADELPHIA, -Eoteltliah 1838.-s. LININGTON'S SONS, .IMPORTERS OF IMPORTHRS OF HAVANA CIGARS Havana Cigars & Leaf Tobacco 216 Front Street, New York. Sole Aeeuts f o r Celebr a ted Ha-y:ana Braa4a ot _Paul and VIrginia, La Celba, I La Desablef .. Desaflo and Flor Selecta. GDKlU.L AGIIlml J'OB SEIDENBERG'S KEY.WEST CIGARS. AUIO JLUroi'AO'l'OUlBS or Fine_1!omestlc II HEN & CO., ::N :m \IV IMPORTERS OF R A .ND CLAY PIPES. SPECIALTY OF MANUFACTURERS SMOKERS' -AND-TOBACCONISTS' \SUPPLIES. WOODEN SHOW FIGURES J CllRJaTw< DUBEL. (P, O, Box Z 231,) (Lnte o f .&, HEN k CO.}-IIUPOK'l'EKS k DEALERS I N FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC' SMOKERS' ARTICLES llannfactnrers' for all the Popular Brands Fine Cut, & TODil CCO & Cigarettes. Sole Agents.for 'Va:n.i.-ty Pa.i.r Tobacco a n d C igarettes; Sole.Agents for Allen &.Gmter's RICHMOND GEM: tobacco l Clprettea Depot for Blaokwell' O...W. Dur'bam-.JDO. w Carroll' Lone Jaok-E, T. Pilldaton' Fratt. .t; now-Eta. ''COPENHAGEN SNUFF.'' &, EIR.C>., of the Celebrated Copenhagen Snuff and Cut & Dry Smoking Tobacco. Retail Store A Office: 81 Smithfield St. Factory: 6 A 7 Union St. A 112 Liberty St. Pl:TTSBUR.G-:S:, P.A.. GENERAL SELLIN G AGEN T 1-, W A ROBINSON, 1Z4 W ATEK ST.IlEET, NEW TURK, W HOLESALE DEPOTS,-NEW TORK 1 Alle n & Co.1 '1'3 cJaambers !14. BALTI!II:OREI Baxte r k !llb't1. 1 2 8&. BOs roN 1 8nman Bro., Wa8hlngton St. SA VA NN A..H 1 B endhelm Broa & ' BoOe d to any and Cut to Size, on,Tln Foll Colon. Bottle Caps, all daeo, Plain and Colored, O:ftl.oe: :J..BB JSTE'VV" 9irJ rt ... ffi.ob 1l i"I"IW said in o u r arti cle, a n d in commenting upon our obse r l \:11 -"-"-"Y = -" vati o n s, embraces t h e opportunity to state in liis own =,_"""'..,oso==""""==="""";m!!'!l!"!""""""""""""'""'!! t renchant, yet courteous way, some of the r'lasons NEW YORK, S ATURDAY, OCTOBER 30, 1880. w h y i n his b e li ef, t h e tal k of, and even the reality of, a revenu e tariff is not to be dreaded. On reading his SOUTHWARD. the confidence of some person s whose Mr. Graff, Business Manager of THE TOBACCO L EAF, t ranquill i t y has bee n disturbed by the fear of a general will leave thi s c ity w ithin a few days on his customary reduction of the tariff in the event of the e l ection of annual visi t to the f riend s and patrons of the paper i n General Hancock will be restored. But other s on the So uthern States. We hope that he will find the perusing it will continue to remember that the Demo trade prosperous in the various sections of the country cratic party pledges itsel f to a revenue tariff in the through which be will pass; and that he w ill be cordi -Cincinnati Platform; that it has always advocated ally received as u sual, we know f rom past experien ce. such a tariff; that the reason it has not secured it is becau se it could not, and that if it were to be adopted THE ELECTION. as a Government measure it would be likel y to be \Vhen the next i ss u e of THE ToBACCO LEAF reaches very detrimental to American industry generall y, and our readers, a new president of the United States w ill to the tobacco industry especially. have been elected. It is the sincere hope of, all who A revenue tariff, such as :!.It David A Wells prohave the welfar e of the country at heart, that the man poses, an account of which appeared in t hese co lumns most deserving, most capable, shall be chosen to fill the last week, would be, unquestionably, for the best in place once honored by Washington, Lincoln and Grant. terests of A.lllel'ican producers and manufacturers; but would the Democratic -party if itl power give_us a tariff COL. BURWE LL'S L ET'.rER. of that vVe fear not. It occurs to us that on Col. W P. Burwell, the distinguished advocate and the tariff, as on the States' rights question, Democrats counsellor-at-law of Richmond, Va. has favored u s, are disposed to admit of no half-way measures. W hen as will be seen in another place, with an interesting they sa.y t he}l want a tariff for revenue only, they mean letter based upon a recent editorial in THE TOBi .. cco precisely that, and nothing more. They are willing, LEAF relative to the effect of a "Revenue Tariff" on presumably, to have their t a riff give incidenta l pro the tobacco industry of this country. tection if it will accidentally do so when established The Co l one l is kinQ. enough to approve of what we at the revenue point, but not without. This is a dis' su'.r'f'EB BROS Dealers i n LEAF TOBACCO, Chicago, m Western C igar Manufacturers will find it to their advantage to deal with u:::


' lht lobaccs PUBLISH&D EVERY BATUBDAY MORNING BY I)& THE TOBACCO LEAF PUBLISHING COMPANY, 106 MAIDEN LANE, NEW VORL CORNER 011' PEARL 8'l'BBET. S)W ARD BIJIII'm .. ....... .. .. .. .. .... .. .. .. EDrroa. G. GRA.FF .... Q.,.,,. ,., Buamzss -TII:&JII OP'THB PAPER. .:: .: ::. ::: :_::: : ::: ::: : .::: :. : :::::: :"' co &X l!!ONTHS ................. :.. ........................ 1.00 ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTIONS ABROAD. Q.u'U'l' ANO CANADA ......... .., ,,lft,()t a..'iD THE ....... -:.. 5.0. AliS'l'R.LLlA, ETC., via Er-."GLAI.'ll. ,.. ,, Cue.&............. ...................... ...... 15.04 Revised Rates for Advertisements. One Yelr. 11 s:g Sl Lht f'S One Ct)lutnu.... ... .... .. 4:1 JJ.8 t.lncs 0''cr 'l'n o CollltDI\S.. ... s-o Lines (jnhunn... ... ..... 8(') 18 l.lncs o 'cr '.Jl' "'o Colunnll.... .. 160 One Line at boUoul. o.f Page ...... Six Three :Urmths. M onths. s s 24 14 24 14 45 25 45 25 85 45 .......... $50 .. ECLAL ADVERTISEMENTS ON FlRST PAGE. 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U:ader :ao Ciroumstaneeo will we deriate from t Prices. position tha. t does not inspire either the gratitude or approval of the majority of our farmers, mechanics or manufacturers. They, for the most part, want pro tection against foreign competition in reality, not in name. Col. Burwellpertinently asks, "Did Mr. Tyler veto the tariff bill of 1842, although opposed to the principle of protection in it !" He also asks, "Did Mr .Dallas, a Pennsylvania pro then Vice-President, fail to give the casting vote in the Senate of the United States for the Demo cratic tariff of 1846 !" To these general interrogatories we r e ply, first: Mr. Tyler became President by the death of Geno;ral Harriaon, who was elected President by the Whigs. Presi dent Tyler was expected not to veto the tariff bill of 1842 but, unfortunately for his reputation a11d the Whig party, which he was supposed to represent, he did veto it. The bill was passed by the House, 116 to 103. It passed the Senate 2..! to 19, and was sent tO the President for his approval, who returned it with the words I forbid." Though a child at the time, we well the consternation of the Connecticut farmers and manufacturers, among whom we were boqw.nd brought up, when it was slowly and solemnly made known tha the accidental President had gone back on hi s party. S8Cond.-Tbe tariff act of 1846 was truly, as Col. Burwell says, a Democratic measure. It was more; it was a Democratic "revenue tariff." But, according to our reading and r ecollection, Vice-President Dallas had little option in the matter. The bill was passed in the Senate 28 to 'l7. and the House concurred in the amende..:J.J.t l)y which its was effec t ed. The bill hung in the Senate about three weeks. Senator Haywood, a North Carolina Democrat, resigne d his aeat before the vote w11.s taken. He was opposed to the tariff of 1842, as being too highly protective, and to the 'tariff biil of 1846 as being insufficient to provide the D606iiS8.l'Y revenue. Mr. Jarnagin, a .Whig Senator from Tennessee, who, though opposed to the bill hav ing been instructed by the Democratic legislature of his State, voted so as to secure the passage of the bill. The records of Congress show that it was Senator Jar na.p;in's vote, not Vice-President Dallas' that secured the tariff act. of 1846. To the Southern tobacco producers it makes little dif ference whether there is little or much foreign tobacco brought into this country. To the producers of the Northern and Middle States the quantity is regarded as having a bearing. The tobacco grown inthe South is used for chewing and smoking purposes. The tobac co grown in the Northern, Middle and Western States is used mainly for cigars, and Cuba, Brazil, Java and Germany may be made destructive competitors in. this field if allowed to become so by a low tariff on leaf tobacco. we could appropriate all Cuba's production without detriment to our producing or interests, but we could not conveniently find "stomach," as Othello says, for the spare product of Cuba, Brazil and Germany without injury to the digestive organs of our Northern, Middle and Western agricultural commu nities. That we could take without harm, as we previously intimated, and as Col. Burwell logically argues from our premises, all that Cuba could spare us, is a matter about which there can be no doubt, our average an nual imports from that country being between six and BSven million pounds. But the troubl e is that in. ad. justing a tariff it has to be made of uniform applica tion; so that, if Cuban tobacco come in at low duties; all other growths must be allowed to epjoy the same privilege. .As a whole, our farmers and cigar manufacturefl? are well satisfied with th. e present duties on leaf tobacco and cigars, and, unless some change .more to their advantage can be devised, it is not worth while to dis turb the existing regulations. LOCAL JO'r'rlNGS. -Mr. H. J Hickman, of Cincinnati, is in town. -Mr. H. Friedman sold this week 69 bales of Havana to a jobber. -Messrs. C H. Spitzner & Son sold this week 200 cases of low grade Pennsylvania. -Mr. John C Tiemeyer, of the firm of John C. Tie meyer & Co., of St. Louis, is on our market. -There were 500 cases of Pennsylvania sold this wee k by Messrs N. Lachenbruch & Bro. to Messrs. Lichtenstein Bros. & Co. -There were 100 cases of Pennsylvania and 75 cases of Connecticut wrappers sold during the week by Messrs Emanuel Hoffman & Son -Messrs. Foster, Hilson & Co., of the "Reliance" cigar factory, bought 200 cases of Pennsylvania from a prominent leaf dealer of Pearl Street. JAMAICA CIGARS ON EXHIB!TION.-The London. Tobac co Trade Review gives an account of the national ex hibition and market held at Islington during the week ending October 7. This exhibition was commenced last year, and will in future be held annually. I t is as well intendecl for the exhibits of cigar manufacturers as for those of brewers, wino merchants, and other classes of goods sold by licensed victuallers and hotel keepers. This year's exhibition is reported to have been a great success. The RevieW in its report, remarks<-Most of our readers have doubtless ere this tested the merits of Jamaica eigars: Opinions of course differ with regard to cigars as with regard to other things, and the tastes of even connoisseurs can not always b e relied upon. But there is no doubt that the Jamaica cigars have grown into some popularity, especially among those who like a mild smoke at a moderate price. We are pleased to note that samples of these cigars were displayed at the Exhibition, and were given away to those who might be expected to appreciate them. Mr. T. K. Bellis, of Jeffreys Square, E. C ., agent for the Jamaica Tobacco Growers' Asso ciation, had a stall whereon the products of that asso ciation were displayed, and attracted much attention. Those who tried these cigars at the Agricultural Hall expressed satisfaction with the quality and make of them. FREDERICK DB :BAB & COXPANY'S NEW YORK CIGAR MANUF'ACTORY. A few weeks since TBE ToBAooo LEAF published an editorial sketch referring favorably, and in some detail, to the "E1 Principe de Gales" cigar manufactory at Key West, Fla.., the productions of which are handled solely by the noted firm of Frederick de Bary & Co., cigar manufacturers and wine merchants and iiJ}.porters, 41 and jc3 Warren Street, thts city. Within a days past we have perliona;lly -visited the large rgcal cigar manufactory of this firm, situated Le tween Cannon and Lewis on the west ,and eas t, and Stanton.. and Rivli!gtOn the.nortk and south,' IIDd from the examination we gave it, feel justi fied inranking i t -with-t11e great esta;blishments of a similar kind for which New t telly 'beco e distinguished. \. The manufactory fronts on Cannon Street, embracing there five consecutive buildings, numbered respectively 92, 94, 96. 98 and 100 The eastern of -the e entral structure, which is five stories in height above the basement, comparatively-new nd of ornate pa_ttern, is con n ecte d with building crossing at right angles that gives to the western portion of the factory a form like that of a capitalletter T, t h e central part constftuting the upright or stem o f the fig ure. Beyond these two, across an open square, and facing on Lewis St.:eet, is a row of six buildings, ninn bered, in regular order, 87, 89, 91, 98, 95 and 97, which compose the extreme easterly side of 'the premises. .All the buildings, from front to rear, communicate and are accessible from one another. The factory, it is seeh from this description, is Cl/-pa, cious, and it m a y be here added that it is comple1e in every particular. .An arched, covered way, entered from C!l.nno n StPeet leads to the engine-room, where two b o ilel;S and a seventy-five horse power engine supply heat and mo tive' force f0r the whole place. Adjacent to this is the carpenters' and case-makers' department. The baling of tobacco stems for transportation is effected on this, the ground floor. Proceeding thence upward to what is called the first flo o r and passing through to the easterly wing, the casing-room is entered, where are seen all the ope.rations incident to -the moistening of leaf tobacco to fit it f o r handling, M also many cases and bales of the same material awaiting immersion. i An elevator runs from the centre of this floor iio the top o'f the building. On the seeond floor, front, the bacco is kept for awhile after boing put in case, and there, also, Havana leaf in bales is stored with samples of Seed l eaf. The bulk of the Hav used by the firm at tli!l factory is stored at their warehouse, 41 and 43 Warren Street, whence it isdelivered as required. stampers, 'vho also perform their very essential func leaf they have always large stocks at F. C. Linde & tions on thiS floor. The sweating-room, like every Co.'s and other inspection warehouses. about the place, is admirably devised, and i s Seed and Seed and Havana cigars only are made in noticeable for its magnitude not less than for its ser this factory, the c lear Havana cigars sold by the firm viceableness .Neatness everywhere prevails in.and coming from their factory at Key West; but every around the factory. variety, style and grade of manufacture w :ithin these The aim o t deBary & Co. in founding their limits is rQ.duced there, and all of the firm's pr-oduc New York appears to have b ee n to produce tiona the1'6, ;-s well as elsewhere, are of the most reliah ere a gra.llepf cigarS combining the best properties of ble character. Like the champagne in which theyour domestic and irhported tobaccos, and which, while deal, their wherever made, are noted for}heir sold at lower rates,'would favorably compare in excellence. lence with the choice brands made fG>r themselves and Before the cigars made at the Cannon Street estabOthers at Key West and Havana. That they have lishment are placed in the packers' hands t 1ey are succeeded in their object, if the one implied was the brought to the second floor and critically examined onx of cigars thirty yearP old, brought from Havana by a Mr. A Buckminster, of Manchester, N. H., on his retum from California, October 8,-1880. CARD FROH HORACE R. KELLY & CO., SUOCESSOBS TO ROBERT E. KELLY &: CO., 121 CHA.MBBBS, aad 103 BE&DB STS., NEW YORK. We take great pleasure in notifying the Trade that oa the 1st May last we entirely re-organized and re modelled our factory, having engaged as superintendent of same, MR. H. L. ROKOIIL, well known as a manufacturer of exceptional ability and E)Xperience. The greatest care has been exercised in the selection of tobaccos, and our personal attention will be fully devoted to the strictest supervision of all the factory details, so as to enable us to guarantP.e the production of the best possible results both in quality, as well as in the appearance of our cigars. We propose to continue in the manufacture of domestic cigar the same honorable mode of which has for so many years characterized the business of this firm. and it shall be our aim to produce the best goods at such reasonable prices as will insure to us the patronage and confidence of the la.rge dealers in these goods. Sample orders are respectfully re quested. HORACE R. KELLY & Co. -Thirteen million three hundred bushels of grain were shipped hence to Europe during the .Jast month in 146 steamers, 14 ships, 144 barks, and 11 brigs. The present indications of the grain trade for the ensuing month point to an immense business. Every vesse l in port that can carry grain has been chartered, and !!pace for parts of cargoes of .grain has been secured a month ahead. The large e levators are busy night and day loading vessels and the demand for more vessels is increasing. It is confidently ex pected fifteen million bushels will be shipped this month.


OCT 30 I EXPORTS AND IMPORTS The Ch ef of the Bm eau of StatiStiCS m h1s quarterly report for the three months ended June 30 1880 g ves the follo vmg mfo mat on concern ng tobacco -Imported mto th s country durmg the three months ended June 30 1880 compared with the same per od m 1 8 9June30 Lbs Leaf Cgars 2 267 015 8 8 QUANTITIES 880 Lbs 759 355 6112 402 VALUES 1880 879 Lbs 6 486 6 9 280 Leaf $4 9 086 404 8 Ot.ber man lfac ures 86 402 Tobacco gro 'lth and marrufacture of tl s countiy ex ported durmg the fiscal year ended June compared with 1 ke exports m 18 9 durmg the same pe od of time QUANTITIES 1 880 8711 2590 87 32'2279540 2 583 2 29ll 15 883 3112:1 Inc ease 284 2 86 QUANTITIES 1880 1879 Inc.....,.e 882 840 87 604 5 236 41 32!l 70 28'l VALUES 1880 819 Inc.....,.. I;eaf 926 s 60 881 $282 545 Cigars 4 818 M 368 Other manufactures 83 07 80 4.42 a,285 Imported tobacco remammgm the varehouse June 30 1880 compared vith June 30 18 9 -Inc ease 400 Increase $246 484 546ti8 JENKINS & CO NEW YORK A meetmg was held on Wednesday last of the creditors of the above firm Nothmg defimte vas done m the way of settlement A comm ttee was g,ppomted to make a spec al exammatwnof the accountmg pre sented by the ass gnee a synops1s of which we gave m our 1ssue of October9 From particulars we learn that from January 187o to September 17 1880 the annual sales were as follo vs 1875 $1 440 830 88 1876 $1 076 592 80 1877 $1 319 939 6 1878 $976 203 04 18 9 $1 086 908 22 1880 $814,668 93 total from January 18 a to September 1880 $6 "15 143 63 The busmess expenses for the same perwd aggregated $404 483 34 or 6 02 per cent Under tl e head of per sonal expenses from 1875 to 1880 Mr Moore IS down for $23 602 10 and Jenk ns for $16 848 09 The bad debts checked off dur ng these years amounted m all to $ 109 29 58 Upon bemg asked If the firm vere ready to make any offers of settlement Mr Jenkins replied that they could not owmg to the bill filed for settmg aside the ass1gnment FORTHCOMDfG AUCTION SALE By John H Draper & Co 85 and 87 Front Street on Tuesday November 9th at 1.2 o clock noon m their store by order of A Juilha.rd Esq Ass gnee of Messrs Moore Jenkms & Co large and attractive sale of tobacco chewmg tobacco smok tobacco and snuff Goods can be exarmned day prev o u s by cata logue CORRE$PONDENCE. -I COL BURWELL ON THE TARIFF EDITOR TOBACCO LEAF -I read your recent article on the tar1ff as a.n element m the commg elect10n With mterest and espeCially the relatiOn of the present tariff to the tobacco ndustr es of the country You say truly f the present duty of 3oc per pound on leaf tobaci'S'J unmanufactured and not stemmed were abQ)_-'Illlea and the mportat10n of the ro.w leaf was allowed o come m free the productiOn of leaf m the tobacco States could not be affected m the least This 18 the great tobacco producmg country of the world and therefore fears the compet ton of the out Side world m the product10n of ra v leaf less than ,anv other country Certamly V1rgmm North Carolma Kent ICky Ten nessee :Missour southern Oh o and Indiana cannot be affected by such a repeal W1ll not the Seed leaf crop of Pennsylvan a and the Conne tiCut equally be unaffected by this repeal! Certa nly masmuch as these States make the wrappers and the Importat on of leaf vhiCh would come rna nly from Cuba would be fillers to be worked m conJunct on w th the Seed ltlaf wrappers of the two former States one would be the complement of the other and would lead to an 1m mense mcrease m the manufacture of c1gars m th s country givmg employment to thousands of work men m additiOn to those already employed n cigar makmg m the great Cites of Ne v York Brooklyn Jersey C ty and elsewhere This mcreased domest c supply would take the place largely of the quant1ty no v rmported from Havana Germany and other places A manufacturer of cigarettes here m R chmond desiroulil to 1mport some Turkrsh tobacco to g1ve a ftavor to his c garettes destmed to fill foreign orders made an ImportatiOn the mvo1ce cost of which was $39 on IVhiCh he had to pay a duty costs charges etc of $108 Here was a small amount of fore1gn leaf tobacco m no sense commg mto competitwn with any of American growth and essential to be worked m w1th a much larger quantity of Amencan tobacco yet by reason of some of the prov1s ons of this ab::;urd ta.nff. they are allowed to cnpple manufacturmg establishments workmg hundreds and thousands of boys and g1rls here and elsewhere Surely a reform of the tanff m th s respect on busmess pr nCiples would greatly conserve the mterests of ou workmg classes On the other hand the tobacco producmg States would hardly allow the tariff to be reduced on foreign made Cigar:s: c1garettes cheroot!! etc etc and thus mtroduce the cheap formR of German made goods mto th1s country certa1nly not while an mter nal revenue taxation of over 40 millions of dollars 1s rested on the1r productwns They would hardly consent that the cheap c1gars and Cigarettes of Germany and other countries should come mto com petit on with the higher priced chewmg and sruokmg tobaccos made of leaf of their product on rendered eo by the mternal revenue taxatwn of over .200 to 256 per cent on the average priCe of the raw enterwg mto these products Surely thererore t.he working men of the entire country may diSmiss -nese silly apprehenSions conJured up by politlCJ&ns THE TRADE IN WESTERN LEAF EDITeR TOBACCO LEAF I recently read Vlth much mterest your ed1t01 a l ent1tled The Duty of the Hour the com me 1ts made thereon by Alex of Nashville aud your ans er to that wnter S nee that t me I have closely v; ate! ed the New York market reports "1\lnch a e al vays of mte est to a Western man vhether h e s connected :v1th the tobacco trade or not Comparmg last months (Septembers) sales with those of October effected n Ne v Yo1k t seems to me that the speculative sp nt so loudly announced has faded a vay very qu ckly and that the few purchases made by speculato s m September have wma ned smgularly unassoc ated with a 1y followmg m October !\.lex s adviCe may lave been ve y serv ceable to h s own mterest but t seems to me that those who folio ved his adviCe w ll have reason for a long time to come to remember It through a senous defie1t m their cash ac count It appears that the artific ally advanced prices have caused the very natural result wh ch never fmls namely d1mm shed sales the sales n October hav mg been f ew and far bet veen and 1f Jt were not for a fe v purchases fo the Reg es New York would show a ve1 y poor busmess for the month I he seaso 1 bemg far advanced the European markets bemg burdened w1th a heavy load the Ne v York mar ket sbowmg over 50 000 hogsheads stock and the West ern markets havmg at last adv1ces ov e r 40 000 hogs heads and nobody kno ;vmg how much 1s yet to be sent on the new crop bemg soon ready to be marketed and the larger port10n of the Reg e requrrements bemg prov1ded for the questiOn anses Who will come m an l relieve us of these large vJsJble supplies 1 Pos sJbly the speculators vho by the r management have drivel the pnces up and the buyers off Or Alex of Nashv lie pe haps w1ll take a special tra n and go to New Y01i>: to buy all the tobacco he can find Havmg attentively atched the Western as veil as the New Yo k markets I come to the conclus10n that Alex w1th h s good adv ce has t 1ed to serve the outs1der by mducmg mnocent pa t es to pull the burn ng coals out of the fire The late speculat on vas caused m my Judgment by the machmatwns of m terested part1es m order to discourage the legitimate trade They hoped by an artifiCial advance to leave the field open next year to those who n the past have shown that they could use the West to press down the New York rna ket Respectfully voure LoOKER ON LoulSvJlle Ky Oct 26 1880 ENGLISH BOARD OF TRADE RETURNS The London Tobacco Trade Remew publishes m Its October number the monthly Board of Trade Returns The report says -After a pretty lengthened per od of recovery slow though 1t may have been n the home department of the trade the art cle of tobacco not unlike several others of commerc al nterest has lately g1ven s gns of a slacker rate of bus ne$S progresswn and as shown by the offic al accoUJlts Issued does not take the same advanced lead as It d1d a short trme before :Some ex cept10n ho ;vever must be made m favor of the m ports of tobacco mto the Uruted K ngdom wh1ch durmg the past month were beav cr tban n 1879 though less than one half those m September 1878 and the total for the fi st three quarters of the year was nearly m the same proportiOn as that for the smgle month The 1mports for the month of September amounted to 8 62o 619 pounds tobacco and 447 111 pounds manufactured and snuff total 9 073 027 pounds total v.alue 1 2 The mports for the rune months endmg Sep ember 30 amounted to 37 963 907 pounds unmanufactured and 2 689 906 pounds manufactured a1 d snuff total 40 653 813 pounds total value 012 311 It IS thA consumptiOn prmc1 pally that exhib ts a d1mmut on at present as com pa ed Vlth last year the duty pad entr es durmg September havmg been 108 320 pounds 1 ghter than m the same per od of 18"9 but there was nevertheless a sl ght mer ease on the quant ty entered for home use m 1878 and the total for the rune months retamed an Important gam over that of last year 'I he home consumpt10n for the past month amounted to 3 862 6o7 pounds unmanufactured and 102 866 man ufactmed and snuff total 3 96a 023 pounds For the past n ne mont! s the home consumpt on amQunted to 35 843 373 pounds unmanufactured and 978 334 po mds manufactured and snuff total 36 821 607 pounds Con trary to recent u.sage the slilpments of tobacco from hence have outgrown those of the previOUS ,Year which can be explamed by no other reason than the ex ports m September 18 9 were at an abnormally low pomt and therefore such .as m ght be easily exceeded at any t1me 'I he mpr.ovement however s sat1sfac tor) so far as t goes and the total for then ne months IS w1thm 77 pounds of that m the year already named The exports for this month end ng September 30 amounted to 758 101 pounds u manufactured and 145 919 pounds manufactmed and snuff total 904 018 pounds representmg a value of 810 The 1rnports for the n ne months endmg September 30 amounted to 6 058 020 pounds unmanufactured and 1 09a 390 pounds manufactured and snuff total 7 153 410 pounds total value 494 The-stocks m the bonded warehouses of the Umted K1ngdom durmg the month have aga n s l ghtly accumulated though by a Similar movement m 1 879 the cornpar son w th that year re rna ns much the same as 1t vas at the end of August but stocks n 1878 l av ng been greatly augmented the defic t now sh0 n IS ve y cons derable amountmg to 18 .o64 5')0 p ounds The whole amount of stock on hand IS composed of 109 698 Oo2 pounds unmanufactured and 3 181 635 pounds of manufactured and, snuff total 112 879 687 pounds Increase dunng Septembe 4 067 361 pounds TRADE-MARK MATTERS EX PARTE OLIVER Dectded t t the U S Patent Office May 31 1880 A geographiCal name although also the name of an h1stor cal personage IS not a J)loper s ubJect for trade mark reg stratwn Appl cat on of R W Oliver and J March 3 1880 MARBLE Applicants m th s case seek to register the word Rale gh as a trade mark for manufactured tobacco whether such ;votd be accompamed by a portra t of S r Walter Raleigh or not The Exam ner holds the word alone to be geographically descnptive when used upon tobacco 1t bemg the name of a leadmg mty of a tobacco gro v ng State and he has accordingly refused the reg; strat on It is contended on behalf of the appl cants that the word as he e used Js the name of a n h stoncal per sonage and that Jt \Tould be more 1 kely" to be assoCI ated with the than w th the place of that name In th1s statement of counsel I cannot concur S1tu ated as the c ty of Raleigh rs Ill the center of a to bacco gro mg the vast maJOr ty of persons and espeCially of the nhab1tants of tha sect on of the country as vel! as many else vhere 'I hose hi.Ston cal kno 'I ledge JS defective vould I thmk regard th s word as mdiCatJve of the place of manufacture The mere Circumstance that the name of a place IS also the name of a person cannot alter the fact that any manufacturer of tobacco m Rale gh and are doubtless such there vould have a perfect right to use th s mark upon his vares thus destroymg the ex elusiveness of the r1ght of user-an essent1al feature m a lawful trade mark-nor the fact that many and I thmk most persons would understand the mark as geographically descnphve The authorities are nu merous and conclusJve upon the pomt that as a rule geographical names are not proper subJects of trade marks (Ex parte Knapp 16 0 G 318 Marschmg &: Co 15 0 G 294 Cornwall &: Br08 12 0 G 312 ) There have been It IS t1 ue exceptions to thiS rule where the geograpb cal words employed were obv1 ously fanCitully used and vere of such a character that they could not be misunderstood as mdiCatmg the locality m wh1ch the goods were made but th18 THE TOBACCO STRAITON & STORM 1 \. ba 1d or r bbon of such shape and so attache:! to the es of a 11 annfactm er as to enable them to be 1ead ly d stmgu shed n the marke t may p operly be allo \Ted reg strat on as a trade rna k 2 I be me e fact that such str p or nbbon may a l so be the veh1cle of other matter cannot d etract from I ts efficienc) as a means of d st ngu shmg tl e goods upon vh ch Jt IS placed Appi catll)n of Stra1ton & Storm filed August 20 1 8 9 MARBLE Commzss Appl cants m th1s case seek mat k for CigarsA waved band or nbbon of rectilmear fmm longer than 1t 1s w de wh chIS fastened to the t vo ends of a c gar box and S"o placed with reference to the c gars with n the box as to be belo ;v some of sa.Id c ga1s and above the remam ng c gars The Exammer den es the reg strat on for the reason as he states n answer to apphcants appeal that'.(he matter sought to be reg stered does not amount to an arb t aiy symbol the ba1 d or label servmg the office of a mere l abel wh ch bes des the desc 1pt1ve matter contamed thereon may also contam matter md cat ve of oug n and o vne ship and thus serve as the veh ole of a Ia vful trade mark A contnvance des gn deviCe name sy nbol or other thmg to be a la 'lful trade mark must be of such a character that Its employment m conuectwn v th a partiCular com mod ty w llmd cats the or gm and ownersh p of that commod ty In support of h1s posJtJOn he has c1ted the folio vmg cases Ex parte Gm dmt (12 0 G 517! Han tngton v Libbey (lb d 188) and Ex parte Kane &: Co (9 0 G 105) I fall to see the pert nency of these references to the present case In the case of Gordon the alleged trade mark eons sted of a narrow strip of leaf tobacco placed as a wrapper around the mouth p1ece of a c1garette I he A.ctmg CommiSSioner refused the registratiOn upon the ground that the pume office of th1s wrapper was a, useful one and 1ts functwn as a trade maik was but merely mc1dental I shall have occas10n ho vever to reve1 t to th s decislOn In the case of Harrmgto t v Ltbb ey the cou t me ely deCided that the complamant could not enJOY the exclusive right to a decorative t n pal as a co lar receptacle although he had used the same and had registered tas at1ade mark The Com m ss10ner m Ex pa te Kane &: Co demed reg1s tratiOn of an alleged trade mark consistmg of gal van zed II on hoops placed upon liquor banels of dark color upon the g10und that the1r use was not n the par t1cular m stance an or gmal appropr at on as such hoops had long been used on other barrels and 1f ne v as appl ed to wh1skey barrels were not suffic ently dist ngmsh able from the same mark on other barrels to md cate ownership It I S not pretended that the d ev1ce em played by applicant m this case has any mechamcal functwn whatever nor IS 1t an old fo m of receptacle applied to a part cular use Indeed no references what ever are to show that strips or r1bbons have been attached to boxes of any descnpt1on m a manner re sembi ng th s It s srmply a waved band or r1bbon of rectilmear form of greater length than VIdth arrangeu m connect on with the box and contamed Cigais m a certam wa) There have been numerous defirutwns of a trade mark the difficulty seemmg to be to find one suffi CJently comprehensive to embrace the many means vhJch a manufacturer may" employ to dJstmgmsh his wares The Actmg CommiSSioner m the Gordon case before referred to says 'Ihus a box barrel or wrapper conta n ng merchan d se whatever Its form cannot per se be a trade mark but a name symbol figure letter form, or de v1ce cut stamped cast rmpressed or engraved thereto or m some other manner attached thereon or connected With the a ttcle 1tself may be a proper trade mark This statement IS fully 1mstamed by the case of Moor man v Hoge (2 Sawyer78) to wh1ch reference JS there made Surelv under so broad a defimt10n applicant!! rna k must find some place It 18 a deviCe attached to the box and connected with the art1cle Itself for the p 1 pose of mdicatmg the origm of the goods Wiil1t serve thiS An msp ctiOn of tl e 1llus trat on at such a distance that the prmted matter con tamed on the band cannot be read sho vs at a glance that applicants have attaohed to wares a deviCe by vh chIt can be readily distmgu1shed from the wares of another Th1s rs the purpose of a trade mark and th s pmpose appl cants have In my Judgment accom p1ished by a means which IS clearly comp ehended un der all the authoritative defimtwns of a lawful trade fnark In the case of Gordon the followmg language occurs wh ch although but a diCtum JS herem pont Perhaps thlS obJectwn (the useful functwns of the mouth piece of the c garette) would not l e if as m the case c ted by applicants-that of Mommer for wh1ch a trade mark vas for as lk band around a champagne bottle-a silk band was attached to the c garette or a colored p ece of paper or s milar deviCe connected there VIth for m such nstance the dev ce would ans ver no other purpose than tliat of a trade mark perform no mecbamcal funct on Th s language would seem to recogmze the propr1etr of grantmg regrstratwn for such malics as applicants The r ere fact that applicants stup can be made the 'eh ole of other matter wh1ch may const1tute a trade mal k does not detract from the effie ency of the stnp Itself as a means or dev ce ford Btlngu sh ng the wares upOI\ vh ch It lS placed The same ObJect on m ght be urged to a figure m the form of a star or crescent o othe fanc1ful shape for upon such as upon appii cants str p a trade rna k might be stamped. and yet these fane ful figures v thout any matter marked tl ereon would certa nly be understood as d st ngu sh mg marks m the trade as marks The Office has 1epeatedly allowed the of stnps ether of peculiar shape or attached_ m some d st nctiye man nt"r to vanous art cles as appears by the numerous cases to wh ch my atteutwn has been drawn 'lhe dec1s on of the Exammer IS reversed WESTERN TOBACCO CROP REPORTS Spec al to TIIE TOBACCO LEAF ) KE:!iTUCKY Hmklev1lle Oct 26 -For seve al days the weather has been qn1te eold with cons derable freezes for the last three mornmgs All the tobacco of any conse quence was cut and safely housed before the cold weather I have seen only t)Vo or: three which were frozen If reports from some of the counties m southern Kentucky be true there must be cons derable frosted tobacco m some places though I presume most eve y one cut h s tobacco evon if It was g ieen There 'las tunely warmng and nearly everybody took ad vantage of It There can be nothmg very Important to report m the trade at th1s trme Deale s from Padu cistrwt Berne Noble County Oct 22 The tobacco crop JS now all housed and IS mostly of good quality Ab.out half of It IS belllg au cured the balance bemg fired Accordmg to Baltunore PriCes our fired tobacco will have to be bought very low H W H M am1sburg Oct 25 -Our 1880 crop IS havmg a very good send off-contmued rams durmg: the last week or ten days putt'ing the crops m liigh case Some farmers have taken down and commenced str1ppmg The market w1ll soon oe IIyely frop;J. p,resent appear ances I notice among th!l ne ;v here Max Bamberger of L Bamberger & Co of Philadelphm Pa but have not beep able to hear of any purcliases made by hrm He like many others claims to be here only prospectmg The SpanlSh seed ntroduced here by Jacob Zimmer Esq rs creatmg qmte a st1r among our farmers the growth bemg very fine and leafy Mr Zimmer the enterpnsmg agent for Krohn Feiss & Oo of Cmcmnat lS bes eged by apphcatwns for the seed from our largest and best tobacco raisers The tobacco is locally known here as Z1mmer s Span sh and w II be much m demand J A L Batesv1lle Oct 26 -The tobacco 1s all about cured and the color of the crop 1s generally good No sales of the new crop G R A Senecaville Oct 26 -The weather has not been so favorable the past veek or ten days forcurmgtobacco but I do not hear of any damage yet All of the early tobacco taken m IS safe frost There are no buyers ndmg around yet and from all appearances they viii not be out very soon as most of them bought at figures last season that let them out at the httle end of the horn Eastern OhiO will have 12 000 to 15 000 hogsheads W B P McConnelsville Oct 25 -Our tobacco crop IS all taken m w1thout frost 1t IS of very good quality but not over half an average crop Planters are holdmg the r tobacco at from 4 to 7 dollars pe1 hundred rn the leaf but this IS above the VIews of buyers E M INDIANA Fme Gfrade Grandv1e v Ind Oct 18 -Smce my last the most of tbe tobacco m th s part of the country has been cut lmd what was not cut w th the krufe was cut by the frost last n ght the frost qu te seve e ICe froze Ya mch thiCk Muc,h of the tobacco was cut green last week was mostly cloudy and: ramy llUfavorable for casmg tobacco J C F SEED LEAF CROP REPORTS. (Spec al to TIIE TODAOCO LEAF ) YORK Ehmra Oct 20 -The tobacco boom of 1880 has struck the B1g Flats d stnct to such an extent that several of Jour New York packers landed m the Valley last veek and commenced buymg I thmk the pr ces ranged from 14 to 15c runnmg I know 1t to be the leafiest and finest crop grown m the Valley for the past 15 years Ihere I S nom stake m the purchase The whole crop IS now m the hands of two manufacturers a1 d t vo OI three packers Mr E Hoffman & Son the well kno vn dealers of your c ty are erectmg a large and commodiOus ware house m Elm1 a for the proper assortmg and handling of their recent purchases I he bu ldmg will have a stormg capacity of from 2 000 to 2 500 cases W H L Baldwinsville (Onondaga County) Gazette Oct 21 The sales of 1879 State m Onondaga and some of the adJO n ng count1es durmg the veek have been qu te heavy and thete IS a dlSpos ton to take all good and mdeed some mferwr lotfl at fa1r pnces Ihe sales amount to over 200 cases durmg the last srx or e ght days The New York State tobacco IS of excellent quality-especially the 1879 crop It bums wh1te and compactly and g1ves the manufacturer good sat1s fact1on We have to report the market the same as last week with a better demand The pr1ces ran!';e at from 5 to 10 cents for runnmg lots and perhaps we may say the average IS about 8 cents round for lots There 1s a good deal of lookmg about for Domestic Havana and wherever a parcel can be found It rs qmckly taken at a range of pr1ces from 10 to 16 cents for runnmg lots The 1880 crop lS curmg down well We have had a good ram-no snow and the effect on tobacco ha.s been magical-giVIng 1t better and more even colors and makmg 1t mo st and pliable 3 County ve cannot trace them yet and a1e therefore unable to g1ve details Ev1dently the buyers are here Mr Kerbs of the' firm of Ke bs & Sp ess Mr Albert Tag M M chael Tob n Mr Wm 'Nard Mt Thomas McCall :Hr E W Tucke Mr it N Shepard Messrs Tappan & Skm ner and others a e he e wh l e Mess s ];; Ro enwald & B os are not far r emove d f om ou ne1ghbo hood through theii agent Mr Wells A Allen Mt Thoma McCall of Plamvllle s the buyer or agent fo the firm of Kerbs & Sp1ess vh1le Mr E \V T cker s operatm for himself The recent sales of 1880 m sectiOn have been almost exclusively of the D"mest1c Ha a 1a a 1d Wil sons Hyb 1d vanet1es wh ch s of Havana make up The number of cases sold IS presumed to be about t vo thousand (2 000) durmg the last fi e or s x days this does not mclude the old 1879 ;vhiCl s movmg qmte br skly We give the names of qmte a number of gentlemen vho ru e repo ted to have sold as follows John Sm th De Witt Moyer Curt s Parks E W Tucker Mr My ron M lliman & Son James Havnes Frank Gayetty DavJd Wilson Mr Sm th on Jaycox s fa m John Harvev and son: m law John Schenck & Son F Adsit Chauncey B Russ A Dunham Lyman Maltby & Son and nume ous other lots tl e owners of vhJCh we cannot report at thrs trme with correctness The State leaf IS not cured down as vel! or advanced n cure as fa as the Havana The range of pr ces for the Havana has been from 10 to 18 cents fo nmng lots Messrs Phil)lp H1er & Son of the firm of H1er & Alduch are among the ne v buyers and me favor ably unpressed with Haynes Havana Mess s Geo P H1er & Oo are a lso unpressed favorably VJth W!l son s Hy br1d as Js ev deuced by the1r recent large purchases Th1s firm IS m the field surely Mess1s Kerbs & Sp1ess are lmge buytlrS of the 1880 DomestiC Havana also All mall t has been an exc1t ng week m tobacco c rcles Reports put the number of cases of the 1880 State Seed ecently bought on the Flats at 4 000 CONNECTICUT New England Homest ead Oct 23 -Wethe sfieldPuJchasers of chorea c1ops of tobacco have secured enough to n ake 1 000 cases m East Hartfo d and ts surroundmgs at from 15 to 23c round Thev have no follo vmg dealers generally bemg content to pay for vhat they have after mtelligent exammatwn Enough has been done however to establish sell ng pnces at present and a fe v veeks will determme vhether Jt v11l he the favonte crop for "lmter operatwns MASSACHUSETTS N ew Engla td Ho nestead Oct 24 -Southampton Tobacco 19 nearly all cured down The color JS um form and good bette as a whole than anythmg we have ever ra sed Some VIll begm taking do vn soon should ve have weather su1table for It Spr n gfield Repubhcan -The years tobacco crop n the Connect c t Valley bade farr when placed on the poles for curmg to be one of the Lest ever seen but excess vely d y weather has matured the plucked l eaves too rap dly makmg them full of white ve1nsand only of medmm texture I he Valley has grown 1t IS est1mated about 25 000 cases a fair crop n quant1ty vhile the area cultivated s a little larger than a year ago Havana Seed Js grown m this State than m Oonnect1cut but the low price prud for Jt m 79 has re suited m growers ra smg not more than one fourth as much th1s year as then 'lhe season has been good for r pen ng though the latter part of settmg out time the last of June was dry and the ground caked but the plant-s soon ere started well and grew luxur havmg JUSt-Pam enough to reach the proper he:rght and not so much that the nutnment of the soli was vashed a way fro nil the roots. Then the frost held off a,nd al lowed the leaves to r1pen and the crop was heralded as alniost he best ever grown For curmg an alter nat1on of damp and dry weather s requ1red makmg the leaves swell and 13hrmk until the r1ght texture JS acqurred and not allo ;vmg the vems to become thick and hard b11t a long stretch of dry weather has hur r1ed the process stiffened the vems lightened the color made the gram uneven and hurt the rolling quaht1es of the texture Tile s1ze however IS larger and there has been little pole sweat Some towns m Hartford County Conn report better leaves than th s but men who have travelled through the tobacco regiOns ag1ee that It has generally cured badly L1ttle has been bought yet but fifteen cents IS apr ce fre quently quoted though deale1s thmk th1s high It 1s possible that th1s may be a h gh figure pa d by dealers m some prom smg regton whose crop they hope to secure for themselves for a s ngle crop hopmg that neighbormg growers w1ll r use low er offers fiom other dealers until the t1me comes when thny will be forced to sell at a lower price PENNSYLVANIA Lancaster New Era Oct 23 Our local market m Seed leaf has not shown much actiVIty durmg the week closmg to day The total amount of sales sum up only 200 cases which IS the same amount preCisely that changed hands last week For the correspondmg week of last year the like amount vas sold There IS a good deal of mqu ry and buyers have been he1 e but 1f any thmg vas done by them the transactiOns have not yet beeome public property There 1s nothmg new to be said about the crop now m the barns All 1eports agree that It IS commg out very mcely so far as color IS concerned Of course tl e holes m the flea eaten leaves will not clolie but becon e more apparent as the curml? process goes on Many that believed their crops umnJured by th s cause are now undeceiVed So far we have not heard of any sales of new crop The electwn exCitement w h ch 1 uns very high here may have somethmg to do with this but at the same trme there are no present nd catiOns that anythmg w 11 be done soon At the present writmg the md1cations are that our hereabouts VIIl hardly real ze the h gh prices of last year Those whose crops were secured early m the season and without damage of any kmd w II doubtless find all the1r expectat ons realized but the much number who have not been equally for tunate :v ll have to content themselves w1th a lower range of pr ces than they hoped to rece1ve York Dtspatch Oct 24 -We have done all we could m the mterest of York County tobacco m this paper as the farmers and gro 'lers know York Oount;y never bad so much planted or a better crop than th1s year and yet our crop attracts noimyers and will not unt1l the Pres1dent al electiOn JS over and then It may not sell It depends on who IS elected The Free Trade or Tariff for Reve tue only party threatens ru n to th s great York County tobacco mterest The Solid South favors free trade and always d d The tar1ff on tobacco leaf Js 35 cents a pound Repeal this tariff and Pennsvlvarua and ConnectiCut tobacco IS rumed as 1t then comes m eompet1t10n with free Spamsh anj German tobacco and c gars Tobacco growers and cigar makers note th1s th1nk of th1s Lancaster Intell'l{lencer Oet 27 -There IS very little to be sad about our local market Not more than 250 cases of 1879 have been sold w1thm the past week Most of the foreign buyers have left the City presumably to go home and vote but perhaps because holdei s of the crop are a little st ff m the1r vie vs as to the value of the 1879 leaf Th1s st1ffness IS caused first by a general rumor that the fiea b1tten Pennsylvarua crop of 1880 IS curmg badly and second by a report that the Connec bent crop of 1880 IS no better How much truth there may be m these rumors will be ascertamed to some ex tent when the new crop Js taken from the poles and stripped and th1s cannot be done until a season of wet weather sets m Lancaliter Exarmner and Express Oct 27 -Our market last wee k vas exceed ngly dull and m all pwbability >'Ill remam so hll after the elect10n m No vember Only 200 cases of tobacco changed hands and now there are no buyers here from ad stance Though theNevYork 80 crop has beenalmost entnely sold some bought m Connect cut and a little p1cked up m the western part of this State we have not heard of a s ngle sale of the n e v crop m th s county But we hope for better t1mes m the tobacco busmess after the elec tiOn exCitement has abated The crop lS colonng mealy but there IS cons derable complamt of pole rot from all d1rect10ns caused by the unfavorable weather OHIO Seed Leaf Dtatrwt Amwell Oct 22 -No change m the tobacco market here smce our last The weather has been very dry but a molilerate ram havml? JUSt set m will be qu1te a help to the tobacco m th1s reg1on The early cut 18 curmg all nght and this ram will brmg out the late m good shape D J Elliston Statwn Oct 24 -Smce my last report we have had a favorable fall to house and save the to bacco crop some of which IS very good It was all housed m good t1me and w1ll turn out well There l8 some small t6bacco but the most of It will be of good color It will be clear-or the most of 1t--of Immense sales of the 1880 B g Flats and the adJacent distriCts are rel!orted Some 3 000 to 3 500 cases have been sold to d1fferent buyers Some half dozen or more promment houses have been on the grounds 11.11d transactiOns have been carried on m a 1 vely manner and on a scale to the sat1sfactwn of the growers We w1ll remmd our readers that no Domestic Havana IS rarsed on the B1g Flats and the reoont sales of the 1880 crop have all been of the Seed leaf var1ety Ansoma Oet 22 -Up to the present time the tobacco IS curmg finely The weather 18 the very beqt for a good cure We thmk there 18 no shed burn at all There has been no purchasers here yet and no o:ffenngs WEH MianusburgBulletm Oct 22 -Recent damp weather has been favorable to tobacco WA expect to receive samples of cured leaf soon and w1ll then be able to speak with some confidence as to the qualtty of the new crop Very little mterest IS manifested and few transactions are reported now except m German and bemg frozen m the house W P E Pendleton Count11 DUtnct Berry s Station Oct 22 -Nothing more to report Sales of the 1880 crop are m Onondaga \


4 ,Zimmer's Sparush. The former commands 10c, but no Spanish,For Havana tobacco there has been modsales of the latter have yet' been reported. erste demand, and we note sales of 600 bales at from WISCONSIN. .Manufactured-For home consumptiOn there has Wisconsin (Edgerton) Tobacco Reparter Oct. 22 been a good mqmry smce our last report, but for ship Nothing new has transpired m this market during the ment sales apyear to have been luruted m number, the past week, and to the best of our knowledge buymg total transactiOns bemg for this purpose, as offietally has been discontmued for the present at least The reported, 46,114 pounds. The Ohver & Robmson disposition of the seems to be to make haste referred to last week m this column, whereof slowly and watt unttl tbe crop 1 s m a better state for 650 boxes were purchased by Messrs. Thompson, Moore examir'tat10n & Co., now upon the market, and m quality, va M Ito J t 0 t 23 Th h bee t rtety and style, seem calculated to meet the wants of 1 n unc IOI!, c -ere as n some s Ir tbe general trade. m tobacco, parttes from Cmcmnsti have been here Smoking-There has been a steady demand for all buymg, b_ought but one crop m this Immediate VICLmty ..popular kmds of smokmg tobacco, w1th an mcreaee of I have shtpped another car to Cmcmnstt, the storm of orders from the mtenor markets and towns. last E!aturday. the 16th, did a great deal of damage to Otgars-Contmued acttvity prevads in the cigar tobacco, four good s1zed sheds went down wtthm 3 market, and both manufacturers and Importers appear miles of me, on Catfish Prame, I am mformed, 37 to be buey sheds blew down, the tobacco was mainly cured and dr:y sod must make nothmg but fillere I am of the Ctgar-Box Cedar -The quotatLOns for the preeent opm10n that there IS not more than an average crop m week are MeXIcan cedar, cents per foot, quantity m this State. C H Cuban, cents Tl:).ere have been no new Patent Office Report. For the week ending October 26 INVENTIONS PATENTED Tobacco Case.-J W Stone, Lynchburg, Va., as signor to Myers, Bros & Co ReISSUe. arrtvals, and the movement m stock LS moderate Exchange -Mr. Stmon Sternberger, Banker, re ports to THE ToB Acco LEAF as follows -We quote-Bankers, nommal 1ntes nre and 485 for 60 days, and demand sterltng respectively, S ellmg rates are 482 for 60 esa.les of Seed leaf for the past week amounted to 2,150 cases, comprtsmgnesrly all varieties of the growth of 1879. and mcludmg 1,000 cases of Pennsylvama New England, New York and Oh10 tobaccos were m p;ood request J s GANS' SoN & Co, tobacco brokers, S. and 86 Wall Street, report 11.8 follows A fair amount of busmess has been done, ill fact more than can be expected on the eve of an exettmg electiOn, and wtth contmued dull reports from abroad. Total sales 2,150 cases, -144 bales Haytr.-7 hhds, ti bales Hull-72 hhds. Lrverpool-174 hhds, 15 cases London-92 hhds, 8 cases, 1 bale, 150 pkgs (20,021lbs) mfd .Rotllmium-35 hhds, 42 b ales Vll11tlZU, li1B Nash 58 do, H Se1bert 1 do E Ro se nwald & llro 110 cs, Order 724 hhds By Ute Hudson Rver .Ratlroad-E Rosenwald & Bro 73 cs, Ord e r 194 hhds, 29 cs By the Natwnal Lme -P Lorillard & Co 175 hhds, Kremel berg & Co 7 do, R Moore & do, Blak e more Mayo & Co 10 do, !:!awyer, Wallace & Co 17 do, D J Gatth, !:!on & Co 13 do, Order 82 do. By tM .Railroad-Schroeder & Bon 50 cs, G W Gail & Ax 187 do, H Fnedman 3 do, 1:! Abraham 18 do; E Sptngarn & Co 42 do; S Scholle 1 do, Bavemeyers & Vt gehus a do, Bondy & Lederer Fred Schultz 14 do, AS Rosenbaum Co 61 do, L & E Werthetmer 77 do. G W Helme 9 cs mfd, 3 bbls do, 10 pkgs do, 11 Ires snuff, 2a0 bxs do, 19 bbls do B1J the Ventral Railroad of New Jersey-F Schultz 12 cs, Mtller & Hers berg 5 do By tM New Y01 k and Ne"' Haven Steamboat IAneE Ro senwald& Bro 4 cs LIChtcnstem Bros 30 do, H G Taylor 84 do, M Westhe1m & Co 25 do, S Salomon & Son 46 do, A Blumlem & Co 6 do Brenner & Co2 do, Wm & Co 49 do W H Beard 1 do, H S Lakatske 2 do, J Berhner 7 do, L Arens 19 do, A H Seovtlle & Co2 bxs By tile .lletc Yo1 k and Ba1 if01-d Steamboll.t LineSchoverlicg Bros 15 cs, F Schultz 4 do, L Gershel & Bro 2 do By the New Ym k and Btetilmboat LtM -N Lachenbtuch & B1o 108 cs, E Spmgarn & Co 96 do, !:!chov erhog B r os 20 do Block & Lmdhe1m 1!0 do By tlte Old 1Jom1nw" Steamboat Line -Kmney Tobacco Co 5 hhds, J H llioo1e & Co 1 do, R Moore & Co 46 do, J A PaulL 24 do, Recknagel & Co 20 do, R 111 Allen& Co 1 do, FE Owen 33 hhds, 6 trcs, AD Chockley & Co 164 hhds, 6 tt cs, 1 bx sam pies, J D Ke1llv Jr 4 hh 9 Extra bright 45 9 @14 8110088 BRIGHT, Common 8 @12 Good 12 Fine 17 ILLY.AM..A. Fn.LKIUJ--Common Goool -Fine Superior Y .uu-1 and II cuta aaaorted llcuts SmuTJU. WJU.PPERS @12 @20 @18 7 @10 16 @IS 1879Crop. 1M) @ 86 88 @ 95 100 @110 115 @11!5 65 @ 70 120 @160 MA.N1JP A.CT1JRED TOBACCO. PIUCIS IN Bo!. BLACKSlOs, 1 28, and j(lbs12@15&; 17@26 Na.vyM, 58, &saud 14@18 &: 20 Navy lOs or Pocket l'l"".ea 14@:12 Negrohead 9:)@26@3!1 CIG"'RS. Hanna, per X 160@ 160 I Seed, per .M Seed perM 40@ 90 16@40 GR"'NlJLATED SMOKING TOBA.CCO. Medium to lfood tl6@46 I Good w line $46@1ll0 SNUFF. [Subject discount oo wholesale trade llaocaboy 61@-66 1 American Gentleman -0-71 Scotch and Lun6 1879 493 190 1,825 858 34,211 5,196 1871!.. 627 91 2,946 318 41,48 8 7 ,188 1877. . 980 180 4 180 551 37,546 7,808 1876 .. .. .. ..1 010 204 2,863 71i6 33,121 8,507 QUOTATIONS. Outtmg .Uaf-Common dark lugs Good dark lugs. Common dark leaf .. Good dark leaf Common brtght smokers lliedmm do do Good do do Common brtght stnppers llledmm do do Good do do Ftne do do Medmm brtght leaf ...... Good do do ....... Fme do do MANUFACTURING-PLUG STOCK Common dark and trashy fillers Med fillers, some color and body Good fillers red color and good body Fme fillers, brtght color and good body CLASSIFIOATION OF SALES. 350@4/iO 450@550 6 00@ 7 00 8 00@10 00 600@700 7 00@ 8 00 8 00@10 00 7 00@ 8 00 0 00@11 00 12 00@15 00 16 00@18 00 12 00@14 00 15 00@18 00 20 00@25 00 750@900 10 00@12 00 14 00@17 00 18 00@20 00 448 hhds and 3 boxes Mason County, Ky.-89 at $285 95, 89 at 6a7 95, 61 at 8a9 90, 109 at 10a14 75, 70 at 15a19 75 30 at 20a22 75 3 boxes ali, 4 40a20 00. 268 hhds Brown County, Ohto -44 at 3a5 95, 48 at 6a7 95. 56 at 8a9 80, 68 at 10a14. 75, 51 at 15a19. 75, 21 at 20a22 75 333 hhds and S boxes Owen County, Ky -62 at 4 15a 5 95, 65 at 6a7 90; 59 at 8a9 95, 88 at 10a14 75, S6 at 15a 19 75, 9 at 20s23, 3 boxes at 2a16 50 101 hhds Pendleton County, Ky 16 at 2 50a5 60; 16 at 6s7 85, 18 at 8a9 85, 20 at 10a14 75, 24 at 15a19 75, 7 at 20a25 75 4 hhds Boone County, Ky.-1 at 4 90, 1 at 6, 1 at 9.10, 1 at 14. 75. 3 hhds Catroll County, Ky.-1 at 5 65, 1 at 6 25; 1 at 12 50. 3 hhds West Virgmia.-1 at 7 10, 1 at 9 60, 1 at 11 .75. 7 hhds Southern Kentucky.-2 at 6 50a7 60; S at 17.25a19. 75, 2 at 20.50a21 60. 16 hhds and 2 boxes Indiana -7 at 4 05a5 95, S at 6.20a6.75, 4 at 8.00a8 25, 2 at 10 25a10.50, 3 boxes at 180 S7 hhds Eastern Ohio.-13 at 4 00s5 80, 6 at 6 OOs 7 50, 5 at 6 00a8 80; 12 at 10.00a14 75 1 at 15.75 22 hhds Bracken County, Ky -'3 at 4 00a5 80, 5 at 6 20a7.SO; 2 at 8,10a9.60, 7 at 10.00a14 50, 5 at 15.00s 18 75. 9 hhds Clermont County, Ohto -1 at 8.15, 5 at 11.00 a13 75, 2 a117.25a19 25, 1 at 2100 2 hhds Henry County, Ky.-1 at 18.00; 1 at 21.00. 15 hhds Grant Connty, Ky -7 at 4 25a5 00, 2 at 6 25 a7.60, 4 at 8.00a8 85, 1 at 18 00, 1 at 20. 75. 2 hhds MISSOUri at 0 8084 25, CLARKSVILLE, Tenn., Oct 27 -Messrs M H Clark & Bro Leaf Tobacco Brokers, report to THE TOBACCO LEAtr -Our sales for the week endmg to day were 1515 hhds Tbe market was Without mater1al change, though the market lacked ammatLOn, the sales bemg too small to attract much at tentton from buyets, who were unable to make up lots from the small amounts oftenng QUOTATIONS. Lugs-Common 4% Good .. 5 @ 6 Leaf-Common Medmm 7 @ Good 9 Fme leaf 11 Selecttons 13 @15 Our marlret vtrtunlly closed for the season some weeks a go, and mer e ly odds and en ds a nd remnants have been sold smcc Planters are much at t he poor results from t he crop JUSt ma1keted, and how shll greater atsmchnatwn to prepare for a full plantmg. But httle new ground ts bemg cleated, and an unusually large area 1s bemg sown m wheat probably the l a rgest ever kaown tn th1s c o untry, wh1ch mdtcat es a reduced area to be planted m tobacco tn 1881 The crop JUSt housed ts generally estimated at bemg 40 per cent less 'than the crop of 1879 DANV,ILLE, Va., Oct. 27 -Paul C Venable, Leaf To bacco Broker, roports to THE TOBACCO LEAF aB fellows -The w eather contmues dry With us, and our rece1pts are con fined to a few scattermg lot s of new tobacao As soon as new tobacco begms to come m freely I shall be able to make you tehable quotattons on 1t LOUISVILLE, Oct 27 -lllr Wm J Lewers, Leaf To ba cco Auctwneer, reports to THE TOBACCO LEAF as follows Rece1pts for week endmg to day, 210 hhds, agamst 50 hhds same w eek last year SALES FOR SIX DAYS ENDING WEDNESDAY, 27TH INST WarelWUIJel Week Month Year G1lbert. . .. 12 131 1,562 P1ckett .. 97 1,228 8,969 Ptke 37 549 2,811 Nmth Street 285 1,127 11,087 People's. 12 71 1,864 Boone 52 427 8,219 Green R1ver 107 2,008 Loutsvtlle 184 791 8,l549 Falls Ctty .. 76 346 4 109 Plant e rs' 205 668" 5 434 Kentucky AssoctattOn 75 367 3,246 Farmers 35 184 2 452 Enterprtse 267 447 3 388 Totals 1,337 6,443 Year 1879 969 S, 728 Year 1878 827 4,563 51,732 63,658 Foreign Markets. AMSTERDAM, Oct 16 -MeSBrs. Schaap & Van yeen, Tobacco Brokers, report ta THE TOBACOO!:!mce our last report we have to mentLOn the sales of 143 hhds Maryland, 24 do Kentucky, 628 bales Jav.a, 7,968 do Sumatra. Imported, 1 476 bales Java, 256 do Sumatra Stock to-day, 1178 hhds lllaryland, 181 do Kentucky, 7 do V1rgmia, 4,oo0 bales Engllsh East Indtan, 5,646 do Java, 5,493 Suwatra. On the 23d mst we have subscnptwns for 2.653 bales, and m t he b cg tnmng of the followmg month we expect our whole stoc k of Sumatra wtll be brought tn the market BREMEN.-Our Bremen correspondent furnishes us wtth the followmg statement of the transactiOns in Bremen for the week endmg Oct 7 -8sles, 200 oases Seed leaf, and 19 cases Seed leaf cuttmgs, stock on hand, 3, 750 cases, and 180 cases cuttmgs Prtces were quoted as follows W rappeL'S, 70 to 250 pfgs, bmdel'!l 60 to 75 do, fillers, 40 to o5 do Sales of Havana leaf amounted to 396 bales, receipts none, stock on hand 4,800 bales Prices tanged as follows -Wrappel'll' good and fine brown, 650 to 1 ,400 pfgs, wrappers, nary brown, 350 to 600 do, with fillers, 180 to 300 do, fillers. 100 to 250 do Late receipts of Havana leaf found a ready sale at good prtces. The followu1g IS a statement of the movement m Amencan hogshead tobaccos for the week endmg at the above date-Ohio Scrubs Md Va Kv Sterna 1061 200 948 2!!92 5,598 1,382 IO 175 188 185 l7ll 862 1,071 290 1,123 3,060 6,738 1 561 Delivered 4. 42 1!4 98 w Stock on b11.11d Oc& 7 318 1,071 29ll 1,081 3,016 5 685 1,469 Sales 47 51 91 Sales on future dellvery 426 The market durmg the week showed mcreased animatiOn as far as K entucky tobaccos were concerned. the salesamountmg to about 500 hhds, mostly composed of Clarksvtlle and Paducah leaf -Another correspondent says -Since last report of 7th mst. the hogshead tobacco market has been but moderately active. The followmg are the reported sales-Kentuckies-27 Kentucky medmm lugs at 30 pfgs 14 Paducah leaf at 50Y2_1 25 do at 53, 26 Clarksvtlles as: sorted at 51, 33 Lomsvules, c1gar tobacco, at 42. VIrgmis-18 old prrmmgs at 16 11low assorted at 12 brtght motbied leaf at lll.aryland-20 medmm assorted at 48 S6 do at 42 20 ground leaves at SO Bays--20 at-, 42 brown colory at 45. Stems-S4 Kentucky common stems at 7, 48 Kentucky strtpper stems at 9, 28 VIrgima stems at 11, 19 do dry stratght at Seed leaf showed quite an activity the past week. Some 400 500 cases ware sold at pri vate terms, and 1, 700 or 1,800 cases, mostly Ohios are reported dtspoeed of, Ohio runnmg lots selling at 45 to 47 pfgs Seed leaf cuttmgs also found sale, 1S4 cases Connecttcut cuttmgs sold at 43 to 45 pfgs LONDON, O c t. 13 -Messrs Grant, Chambers & Co. report to THE To:tucco LEAll' as follows -There ts no change to report m thts market durtng the past week But httle has b een done m Amertcan growths. buyers showmg no destre to mcrease thetr holdtngs FC'r export there has been more in qmry, but stocks here are very trifling Western !:!trtps Nothing of tmportance to note. Leaf for export has expenenced more mqmry Vtrgtma has been dealt m to a trifling extent Maryland and Ohio, when of bnght color, and in good conditton, meet a ready sale. Cavendtsh contmuea in fau re quest, low parcels are much wtmted. MELBOURNE, Sept 2 -Messrs Fraser & Oo., To bacco Brokers. report as follows -A better feeling LD tmper ted tobaCcos has been mantfest the past month, but &ales have been limited to the supply of ordinary trade reqmrements. It has been very dtll!cult to eftect the qmttance of any con stderahle quantity, exceptmg at rates whtch must result in a heavy loss to 1m porters, as the prtnctpal demand, espectally in the country J:ltstriCis. LS for cheap tobacco; and this want Is supplied by the Coloma! manufactured arttcle, which, however unwtlhng we may be to admtt the fact, ts unquestionably fast dtsplacmg tmported goods-not that the public prefer home made tobacco but rather that the relattvely low prtce at which tl 18 sold 1s more In agreement wtth the1r means The auctwn sales have been ummportant, probably about 220 pkgs Raven and Black Swan twtst, and about 75 pkgs Two !:leas and Over the Water, tens, have been sold, 60 pkgs T C Willilllll8' Aromnttcs have also been sold Now that the sprmg trade bas begun 1t l)lay be our pleas ure next month to report im proved busmess Ctgars-L1ght weight stlllm demand Some addJtLOnal sales have been made. Leaf-No transactions re ported QUOTATIONS TwiST (Importers' quotatiOns) la':trcs Barrett s Anchor :N"tl Black Swa n 1s SuppleJ ac k 1s !:!he llard's 1s, 1s 1d Rav e n . 1s 1s 5d St Andrews .... ........ 1s 0}4d 1s 1,%d TENS (Importers' quotatwns) % bxs Over the Water ls Royal Standard 1s Two Seas 1s 3d 1s 4d Venus 1s 2)id, 1s Derby 1s, Is 1d HALF PoUNDS (Importers' quotnttons) Barrett 's Crown Two Seas AROMATIC (lmpotters quotatwns) Casea 1s 2d 1s 3d 1s2d 1s 4d, 18 6d 1s 2d, 1s 3d Cases 1a ld 1s 2d 10ll@lld 1s4d@ls 5d Ltght pressed, m edmm 1s@ls 3d do fine .. .. . 2s P P, 5s and sundry s tzes, medmm .. Fme, do 1s 3d@1s 6d Fme Tw1st 1s CrGAllS Mantia Cortado, No 150s@li2s 6d do Nuevo . .... 65s@678 6d do Havana, No 2 .. 488@508 do do Nuevo 70s Sw1ss, Ormond 34s 'LEAF (nommal) Imported, 8d@10d, Coloma!, 8@tid Stocks on hand-Melbourne, Aug 28, 1880-Total stock' iD bond Aug 28, 1880 -Manufactured-8 760 )4 trca and kegs, 2,298% bxs and bxs, 4,822 cs, nnmanufactured496 hhds and casks, 117 cs, 747 bxs, bales and bdls, Cigars-7U cases STOCKS IN ADJACENT lL\BKETS Mfd Unmfd. Ctgars. Year 1877 702 3,218 li0,71i1 Sydney, Aug 27, 18801 Adela tde, Aug 21, 1880 .. Brtsbane, Aug 20, 1880 Sales for week and year divided as follows Week. Year 798 39,379 Lbs Lbs 300, 70/i 110,376 62,6711 73,718 Lbs. 57,618 98,7M 1, 71 'l 52 5,466 213 6,865 Old revtews 274 6,988 18 hhds of th1s year's crop mcluded m above count of ong mal n e w, the balance ftesh kmds of crop of '79 We have sold 41,090 hhds of c10p of '711 to dl\te (mcludmg 1 729 hhds sold before Jan 1, 80) agamst <12,'258 hhds of crop of '78 to date tn '79, and l57,087 hhds crop '77 tn '73. Shtpments have been large thts month, and esttmated de crease tn stocks m the market ill about 3 500 hhds, Jeavmg stock for Nov 1st about 12 000 hhds, of wh1ch about 4,500 hhds bave never been ooened. Pnces kept full .up through last week, hut opened Monday last dull and shghtlylower 'The dechnl! contmu e u yesterdav and to day closmg ;)4 to lower on a ll lu gs and %c lower on common to good dark leaf. No change m top grades of any de scr1pt10n No bnght wrappers sold tbts week QUOTATIONS. Nonde8Crlpt BD, 25 mches Total number of feet, 85 1 6 The st!Jk IB '?. feet htgh and 7 mches m Circumference Mr. H. calls It a Garfield stalk -Ephrata (Pa ) .Revrew. -The total gram recetpts for August at Buffalo, ex ceed the largest movement of any precedmg or corres pondmg periOd by over 25,000,000 bushels, and bemg very nearly equal to the entire shtpments for the sea son of 1879, whtle the gsms m shtpment by canal for the season foot up nearly 20,000,000 bushels, and show an mcresse m toll revenues of $180,718, and clearances of boats, 2,300 over the season of 1879 -Accordlllg to the Collector's 1'6port the number of steerage passengers arrived at the port of New York from foreign countrtes during the fiscal yEar ending June SO, 1880, has been 263,726, from whom $11,992.9! dutws were collected Durmg the year endmg June 30, 1879, the number was 38,518, and durmg the previous year 70,442, the duttes bemg respectively $9,-202 28 and $6,455 39 The caom passengers ill 1878, 1879, and 1880 were 32 620, 43,!US, and 46 057, and the correspondmg duties $80,301i 25, $162,565.23, and *1111,-134 07. -The Chtef of the Bureau of Stattsttcs furmshes the followmg illform.otton with regs.rd to Imrmgratton: There arrived I Tl the eleven customs dtstricts of this country dunng last July, 56,123 passengers, of whom 49,922 were tmm1grants, and 3,922 ctLtzens of the Umted States, returned from abroad Of this total number of Imnugrants arnved, 11,388 were from Eng land, 1,251 from Scotland, 51 from Wales, 6 067 from Ireland, 11,275 from Germany, 2,006 from Austna.; 3,779 from Sweden, 1,743fromNorway, 908 from Den mark; 598 from France 148 from Switzerland, 24 from Spain, 148 from Holland, 75 from Belgium; 748 from Italy, 557 from Russia, 188 from Poland, 454 from Hungary, 865 from -0hma, 12,716 from Canada; 62 from Cuba, 442 from all other countries. During the ) ear ended Juue SO, 1880, 457,243 tmmtgrants arrived m the Umted States, an mcrease of 279,417 over the number arrtved durmg the precedmg fiscal year. The year of greatest tmmtgratton was the ftscal year 1873. when 459.,803 urumgrants arrived, exceeding the immtgrat10n of the last fiscal year by only 2,560. fiKILES & I'B.EY, Packers and Dealers in Pennsylvania, l-eaf 'robacco. 61 and 63 North Duke St,reet. LANCASTER. PA


I POWDERED LICORICE. Samples and Prices of FINEST POWDERED ROOT on appUcation to C. C. WARREN & co., TOLEDO, C>HJ:C>. F. GARCIA, BRO. & CO., C.: Fl.or de B. B. c:ro co. IMPORTERS OF HAVANA LEAF TOBACCO Prioe 12.10 per I 70 PINE STREET, near Pearl St., NEW YORK. ATTENTION, CI.GAR MANUFACTURERS I We have adapted our procll88 to the wantis of manu facturers or jobbers who would like to sweat their to bacco themselves just as they may need it; and we have also made it entirely to go to the ex pense of a steam heating apparatus. The sweating apparatus is as portable and as easily moved about sa a Seed leaf case. We have verfected an apfaratus which ilil automatic in its workwg, running al night without any atten tion, of which we build TWO SIZES, one to sweat 100 pounds at a time (or lees), and suitable for a factory of looted one, from the noted Ottawa, III., cigar manufacturers, Messrs. A. Hess & Co.:-MeBBrB. G S. Philips Go., 188 Pearl Street, Netv York: GENTB:-We received your second Re-t!weating Ap paratus, and are using both of them very successfully as your process is very simple &nd easy. We are get ting highly satisfactory results ouL of our leaf, and can recommend them heart ily to every cigar manufactu-rer. Very respectfully, A.. HEss & Co. Ottawa, III., Oct. 11, 1880. For further information and for circulars please ad dress the inventor and proprietors, I ':MILLE. t TBll J'DIU1' HANDMADE HAVANA CIGARS, ltlD n I'OSTER, HILSON & 00.. I No. 88 Bowery, New York. .-:.. ... .... ..... .... ;;J.;;;' TAKE ONE I:VI:IIY HOUII. ,.. Tho UDOCTOR'S PRHSCRIPTior O:J:G-.A.R.. The Finest and Best Cigar In the Do S. J'OR '1'liB KODT. CllllC17L.I.TBI AI :I'BBBLY A .. U .&8 -BLL K.NOWN .1.1 THB If, T. vppAL .. By Ulllnlmowo CoDMD& l'nmo-....4 I I The People's Choice. specially Suitable for FOSTER, HILSON & CD., Jfo. 36 BOWEBY, JfEW TOJUL 797-822 E. :a:_ G- A mo, twotoeighthands; theiargersize409pounds(orleMl, and suitable for a factory of eight to thirty hands. They will 11weat, cure and color the tobacco in from three to five days. Colors can be had just as dark as C S. PHILIPS&; Co., 811-823 188 PAn.rl St .rMt. Nflw Yorlr. Important ... Notice""' tf" Cigaf llannractartrs.1 lilY Patent for CIGARS WITH PBRPORA'J.'BD .. wa.a lBSued. in January, 1877. I torthwitb entered upoa the m&Dufactue of Cigars embodylnr; oald patented improoemea&. and, In &lbort "more ord8nJ begaD_topou'r lD. upon me Ui&al1r'Mable co an. IMPORTER OF THE E. H. Havana I which includes the heating a.r-... rangementl!, takes up but a trifie more room than a case of tobacco, it being 3 feet wide, 4 feet long, and stands 5 feet high, it being just Isrge enowgh to accommodate one case of Seed leaf in ita original case. We have put the price of the apparatus at such a low figure eo as to place them within the reaok of every manufacturer in the land. They are portaltle in every respect, and can be worked, handled or moved any where by a single individu&l. BRADSTREET'S llanufacturera hAd commenced to lnfrtne on m7 pa-t, aa4 Joa4 flooded the Southern and Weatem St&teo with olpra ID71mpro ement. I hAve taken steps to prosecute all a 1117-and 1 am convinced that In a ihort time no cfcara 1UoPIJr ..... oullll.._.._,... under my patent 11111 be tound In tho market. 1 now deem It &d. Yfsable and proper to otrer tor sale to on ter1Il8, license to manU.tacture UDder my paten*. A.llh ... JIUo ented can aleo be made an apparattia patented by me. uad u lic e nse to use these patents will be granted to oDfy a few JDADutacturen. there are proapecta of Jarr;e saleo to the IDI!Dufll$lnn oC tllieeo a.The clnr will eaally be recognized without the aid ot a &ra.t.matt. When tDese cigars are once fairly in the market. detJerawiU be comp611ed to look up the firma manufacturing them. And. Manufacturer of Key West Havana. Cigars, :N'o. i04 0:13:A.:D::EJ:IDR.& &T:J!'.:IDET. 'V'OR.:B::. Specia1 N'o't1ces. W ANTED.-A competent salesman of leaf tobacco both dome s tic and Havana. :Must be well acquainted Special Notice to Whom it May Concern. with the trade in this city and country, and be well recommende d. Addre ss for one week, stating salary Letters of R eg istratio n hav ing b een granted us by expected, S 0 P 0 Box 3209, New York City. Commissioner o f Patents a t washingto n, D C., unde r 819-lt late O ctobe r 5 on trade -mark .. P o s tal Card." and also --------------------nder d a t e O c to be r 12, o n trad e -mar k "Parole," as A RARE OPPORTUNITY.Wanted a first-class ands for c iga1s, a ll p ersons are h ereby cautioned Tobacco Cutter, in a factory located in the country. ainst u sing said tradem ark for c igars. A man with a family rre ferred A good house and GUMPERT BROS ., steady employment wil b e furnished. 1t 1 3 41 Philade lphia, Pa. 1t GEO. W HELME, 133 Water Street. -The W es t Indies are a go od m arket for manufac--The barn of Thomas Fur niss, near Oak Hill, Lan-red tobacc o from the Unite d States caster Co ., l'a was burnt lately. RE:MO-v ..A...L_ BROWN & I EARLE, ::tYIANUFACTURERS OF FINE CIGARS, La.1:e Sill.:J. Sii:J.B S1:ree1:, Have Remove4 to their New aad Eztenaive l'&<>tol'T, aoa, aoB, go7 200 Eas't aad S"tree't, ) Where they will be enabled to exeentfl 'their order with. proD'lptneiJ and, '&bey trut w11.h aaeh .. ttt&c'&lon to their wvW lead &o a larcel,-lacrea.ed badne NEW YORK, .Jan. 10 BOBT.W.OLIVER, WESTHAM 'TOBACCO WORKS, .JO HNJi:.ROBINSON. OT-:J:'VER, &, R,OBX::N"SON', R.:XO:EE:DII:O::LVZ>, PRO PRIETORS, "V':X::I!'l.G:XJSI :X .A.. J!lanufileturera of' all Styleo PLUG imd SMOKING TOBACCO, CIGARS anA VIGABE'J.'TES. SOLE OWNERS AND MANUFAai'URERS OF TH;E CELEBRATED &EDG:X" PL.A.::N'ET" Brands Ot Cig&nl, formerly made by BUCHANAN & LYALL. ot Now York. SOLE ld..I.Z.""UFACTURERS o f the CELEBRATED ___ c L 0-" Wbich 1s now ga.inlng a wide reputatloll.. Also SOLE IIIANUF AUI'URERS o t the NEW STYLE. Raleigh Plug Smoking, with PATENT REVENUE STAMP ATTACHED. :NEW YORK OFFICE:-78 WARREN ST.: BOSTON OFl'ICE:-9 CENTRAL Wll&BF: H. WIRT KATTHEWS, Special .Agent. W. P. KITTREDGE & CO., Speoial Aa'ta. HA '9 CHAJIB.E&S ST. 606 COIOIEBCE ST. ST, .lii4NUII'.I.C'J.'t7BERS 011' THE CELEBB.I.'J.'ED CXG.A.R, HEADQUARTERS FOR Fll'SF. AND IGJnTIKG TAPES. D. w. CJroaee, G. w. Vrouae, W, --:ID:a. b:U..hecl. 1886.--0ROUSE & COMPANY, -ANDDea1er& 1:n. Pe:n.:n.sy1va:n.1a Cigars! Office: 643 Penn Street ; Warehouses: 636 Court Street and 20 & 22 S. 6th Street, -' R,E.A.:J::::.:K::N"G, p .A.. r:r Larce Bu7era w:lll fbt.d it to their iatereot to oorrespona with ,.,, PASTE! The undersigned continues to manufacture and Import Spanish and Turkish Liquorice Paste, which he offers to the Trade at Reduced Prices. Manufacturel'll will flnd It to' their Interest to apply to him before purchas!ng elae where. C. McAndrew, ..--:reA under the ...... of.... 65 Water Street."' New york. _liall4>d: eita&uo _ --___ The part of the apparatus being made of wood, 1t does not heat up the room in which it is run. The sweating can be done alongside of the workmen without inconvenience to them. Mr. Philips mas been experimenting constantly to produce a sweating apparatus that would sweat a &in gle case of tobacco (or less q,uantity) as nice and dark as hili larger sweat houses w1!1 20 or 50 cases at a time. The result has more than met hill beet expectations. Every objectionable feature of former sweating pro cesses has positively been overcome. A. uniform dark color is proquced, and the tobacco retains its natural flavor and smell. The goods come from the sweat all really w work without any further manipulation whaj ever. One of our Iarge-11ize portable apparatus, which is. for 1>ne whole case or 400 pounds at a time, will sweat, cure, and color from 110 to 110 C&IM!II of tobacco per year. Cooaequently, it must not be considered that this is simply for small manufacture:n, as a manufacturer employing 150 hands needs ob}y 4 of our apparatus to do all his sweating. They ean be set on any fioor, or any part of a fioor, and they are all ready to t\) work without any fixing or outlay, as they run Without anv steam heating arrangement& or coal stoves. They do not have to be connected with any chimney. They can be moved from one fioor to another, or from one building to another, just as easily as an empty Seed leaf case. We ship the apparatus &II ready to set up and go to work in less than half an hour from the time it is received. We offer them for sale at the exact cost of manufacture, which is 130 (thirty dollars) each for the lsrge size, and $15 (fifteen dollars) each the small size, and a uearly royalty accordmg to the number of you wiM to 11weat during the year; and we make th!s so very that you will not and cannot obJect t-o 1t. Our process IS the only successful process in e.xistence, and thes.e JOI!achines will do the work required of them every time. No such thing as fail, and no such thing as spoiling to bacco with them. To every purchaser we give a printed vamphlet containing sucli full and complete instructwns about re' sweating that -you cannot fail. It goes into all the details of Philips' pr0C418111 on both new and old goods. His vast experience in this line of business renders this pamphlet alone of more value to you than the charge for royalty. Let us know how many hands you employ, and we will furnish you an eetimate of doing your entire sweating on your own premises, where it can be done just to suit yourself. This is by far the cheapest and best process ever brought out, and will probably never be improved upon. A SEMI-WEEKLY JOURNAL X..VOT&O TO Trade, Commerce, and Finance. THIS JOtnUC'AL covers a II(TOUDd tho extent ol which Ia occupied by no other publication, aod forma an ianlabt. wock o( rcfcrCDce to the merchant aod maaulacturer. R.aGlJu.a and COltRKSPONDIUfC&1 fumUiad by .. perU u.,....Iy for thia jo1U11al, from all lbo priadpal 1l'&de centret or thia country is embraced ia it. colUJDDL TK8 CONDITIOK AXD 7aOIPIICTI of the nrio\11 ..azkets ue auofully zMier and Manufacturer hould haTe a sw.t:-Boom Atted., under our on their own preml8ea. ThLt 1o tile beo& &Dd cheapeet In nlataDce. a01d til lliT..,.. way to obtaln d&rll: oolora, Full partlcularo &II to u,.,._ which are &Dd ,.roullro malled oa apploation. Send ua a case for irlal uuder our uw C. S. PMILIPS & CO., 188 Pearl S!..,_New York; 131 & I:t3 K. WATEK ST. PHILADELPHIA, P.&. 781-881 FOR SA.LE.-A. fresh eupply of 100,000pounda pnu ine "DE!ERTONGUE" FLAYOR for amoking tobacco IDBnufactnrera, in lots to 11uit purchasers, at lowest figures. MARBURO BRos., 145, 147 and 14g S. Charles Street, Baltimore. SCRAPS AND CUTTINGS FOR SALK. Apply to SEH>DBJUW & Co., 84. to 8& Reade Street, New York. '71&-PAPEBI SOllETIIIMG TO:EI.A.OCJO l. I\ L.A.MC.A.STE:EC,, Pa-S. HAMMERSCHLA.G. PUBL:::J:C SALE. By virtue of an Order of the Orpb&.Ds Court of Y ork C ountY,_ the under etgned Administrator of the eata.te of William McConkey, lAte of t ownship of Hellam, deceased, will expose at sal e at the publtc house of James Leece, in the b orough York County, Pa., on the 11th day of November, 1880, as 1 o'cloc1c, P. Jl. the follow inc able real estate, vb. :-A lot of ground, situate on tbe northeaat corner of Front and LocuBt Streets, fee t in width on Front Street. and extending eastwardly of unitorm Wfdth to the Susquehanna Rh'er. The improvements are alaqe a.nd aubetantially constructed THREE STORY BRICK WAREHOUSE, With cell&r feet, &nd & whart the entire width of the lot. Th"' property is Admirably Rituated for business of any kind, llaving fronts on two atreets the railroad on: the west, and the river on the.east. 'nle building w&s formerly used !or storing grain! but a number ha.s been 118ed aa a Tobacco Warehouse W r lghtflvllle belng most avor ably situated, relative to the l&rJte&t districts in thil county, an excellent opportunity ta aft'orded to purchaSe a desirable and well-adapted building for storing and packing tobacco, or same can be converted with little expenae into a manufacturing e stablishment. 819-820 f Cope's. Tobacco Plant: .1. !Kon&hly .JOUBNA.L for SIIIOK.Eilll. PARRY & CROSBIES, TOBACCO BROKERS, PU11L1111DW AT 10 Lord NelsoB St., LiTerDOOl, Elli. P...,. Two BaiLLDIU (EJoo!Litla) Pa AimUIL 1J'llere 8uiJ8criptlona may be aclclreaed, 01' to Tim ,.......,.,., omce. ._.... ............... n.,,...-.palto ... ...... I -6 NORTH JOHN ST., liverpool, England. No. 152' DI!Y STREET, NEW YORK. .UOTATIQK8 AKl') l.l..l!IPLES 11'17Bl!I'IIIIIBD Ol!l' APPLICA ...... BY USING REGEN HARD, SHEVILL & CO. 1111 :E'T .cr--. ... __. ..,..._, 'l'hl8 Paper TOBACCO and CIIGABBI'TES alw.p INolto .................. .. 'l'Q __ _,..,.._._H.


.... i u i TRiiEsf ci&AiiT!E som. C DOHAN CARROll & co 'r: "BETWEEN THE ACTS" COMDSIOI mcmr. 1.04 SWeet, New York. PaBlO,. J .. amnc;o """""' ,,, !.'U'JI..=!::--" -?""" -&aea.-. x-r To-In-and Bopbfor l'orolgn J!ll- TIIO .... A.S B IIA.T L o l IL\NUFACTUREBS OF AND DEALERS JN ....... =-' ou v SAl.O >ION. BAWXON BALOIIDl'l, I HEUMAN SALOll0N. PLUG AND SMOKING TOBACCO co .. 222 OF BARCLAY, soJe.AJ!ents for JAMES B. PACE; Richmond,' FINE-CUT TOBAGCti; CIGARS, MANUFACTURER OF FINE CIGARS. SEEolEAfTOiAcco, 207 and 209 Water Street, No 78 BOWERY,-. NEW. YOR!t Ea'tabU...h.ed. 1aae. .. 264 Pearl St., New York:" I 11.ND OTHER VIRGINIA MANUFACTURERS. So1e Age :I;).. "t&1 :ror JNO. W. CARROLL'S CELEBRATED BRANDS, 'LONE JACK,' 'BROWr{ DICK,' Jrl'O., rro., ft'C., I THE VIRGINIA TOBACCO GKNCY, :m.tabUwbec'l 1 s. si EDMONSTON & BRO., 1 Dealers in Leaf Tobacco, 4.'7 BFl.C>.A..:J:::> ST "YC>:FI.:a;:.. Mason County and Cutting Leaf a Specialty. &, I I 32 & 134 MAIDEN LANE, NEW YO.ItK1 MANUI'ACTUllEJlS OF M. Oppenheimer, Straiton cJe Storui,. MANUF,ACTUR!RS of CIGARS Leaf TObacco, Dealers in. Leaf Tobacco, 204,, 20q and 208 EAST TWENTY-SEVENTH STREET, NEW YORK. B'X. MANUFACTURER OF ::. .. :., No. 472 CRAND STREET, NIEW YORK. 138 Water St., CI.IS. F. TAG & SOli, r...rten .t SP aJtd Deale1't Ia aH kia111 r1 LEAF TOB.ACCO, 184 Front Street, l'I'IIW E. M. CRAWFORD & SON, a'4S. M. =:MI FINEST CLEAR HAVANA CIGARa .Awarda4 Eia,hen ll!tdal lS'lG, .Phlla4elphll, ALSO IMPORTERS or DIPeRTERS AND DEALERe Dl leaf Tobacco, II:XPOR'I' ORDEBI 'FoO: PLUG TODA.COO PROliiPT T FILLJIID, IIDBRS FILLED PROIPTLY. FROI STORE_ OR FACTORY. Sole Agents for the Justly Brands .&'rLA:NTIC,'' 66ltlAGNET," J 1111 PLUC AND CUT CAVE.,.DISJt. C. F. LIND E. .,. HAVANA CIGARS & LEAF TOBACCO. Es"ta b1:lsl:l.ed 1825. GEO. W. HELME, Successor to Appleby & Helme, 1\lA.NUFACTURE R OF THE CELEBRATED -Cigar Boxes, .&nd Imponer ot GERMAN CIGAR MOLDS, (Sole f'or l!IEISRS, OSE!'IIDRUEO& & 00,) 315 to 321 E. Eleventh St. .. : NEW YORK. A. 0. CHOCKLEY & CO., F. E. OWEN, DEALERS IN Commission Merchant, Virginia Leaf WE'STERN,' VIRCINIA, and 'NORTH CAROLINA LEAF TOBACCO, I I r 38 aroad St., New York. No. 39 B .ROAD STREET, JSrevv "York.. 0, ..._IUon, F. 'W, Conklln. .& .&. Huna. C.; C. Bfunilton & Co. Seed Leaf Tobacco -ANDC.A.:R.L 'VIENN \. -EXHIRlT-ION, 1873. MANUFACTURER 01' MEERSGHAUJI. & AIBBR. GOODS, AND IIO'OBTEB OJo French Briar PiDes with Amber lonth-Pieea. CITY WEIGHERS, 1170 'VVa"ter &"t ., N"e'VV "York..No.69 Ne"'IOV" York, ar Send for Catalogues and Price-Lists, -&ad .VIEXXA, AlJSTBIA. as I h&\' e n o tra.veJling M 1 esmf" ll COUNTRY 8AMPLINC PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO. LAJfC.&aftJl, Pa., Br&llola-15.3 North Que.,.. St 1 H&Dry R.Trost, Agent. HARTFORD, Ct., Dranch-154 State St.J B. F. Hurlburt, Agent. ;. J. GUTB. CJUS. M. GARTB, SclmoEDza. .. HENRY SIEBERT, D. J. GARTH, SON & CO-., Tobacco and Ceneral'" Commission Merchants Gommission Merchant, .o. 44 aROAD STREET, FANCY SMOKING PIPES -INBRIER, AND FANCY WOODS MANUFACTURED BY HARVEY & SALESROOM-1192 BROADWAY 'NEW 'YORK, FACTORY!.LEDGE.._ J>l.,lcE, PHILADELPHIA.. BUCHANAN & tYAtt, 168 Water St., lm.porter oC and Dealer ln HAVANA LEAF TOBACCO "York, A.n' d of FINE HAVANA CIGARS ONLY, M. B. LEVIN, -w-ater s-tree-t "York. f HAVANA INQALL KINDS OF LBAF TOBACCO, CTGAR AND t SHOW FIGURES ; 162 Pearl Street, New York. '.lMPOHTEH;OF:AND DEALER IN B. <>R.G-LER., 1 S:E'"AJSr:J:&::EI: C:J:Cir.A.:FI. Fl.XBBC>JSr&; Manntlletnrer or CIGAR MOULDS, PRESSES, STRAPS, CUTTERS, ETC., FINE CIGARS, And Dealer ln :LEAF TOBACCO, 85 MURRAY STREET, NEW YORK. My Brand:-" CUBA LIBRE." "CLIMAX.'' SCHOVERLING BROS., PACKERS AND DEALERS D1 SEED LEAF TOBACCOS 142 WATER STREET, ') :N'ovv "York. PaclSI1 226 PEARL ST., NEW YORK. l & .181 Lewis Street, New York. i VEREA & VALDES, All Wnd8 oJ Figures Cut to Order nnd Repaired In tae Beet Style, : IMPORTERS OF Leaf Tobacco, .. ,.. I l..Bl.. Pear1 &"t. ]. L. GASSllU. II. L. GASS!tltT J. L. GASSERT ct COMIISSION MERCHANTS. AND DEALERS IN ALL KINDS or LEAF TOBACCO, 167 Bowery, New York. G. REISlUANl\l) Commission Merchant, LEAF. TOBACCO 228 PEARL' ST., NEW 1 Hirsch, Victorius & Cc LEAF TOBACCO, I 171 WATER ST., NEW YORK. FRED. SCHULZ, i P..,ker Dealer Ia And Importer ol Havana. Tobacco, Pearl St., New York. L GIRSBIL. & BR0.,1 PACURS AND DEALERS IN ........ :....-SEED LEAP J. _191 STREET 1D L. GtRIHI:t.._ S.. GR.RaHJI"..L..


OCT. 30 BLU!J 8JinmARM1 A L EX HAUCBKAtnl, s.urusL H SPlNOA.R.N, a E. SPINGARN &Co. e IMPO RTERS OF :::E3:A. VAN" A., AND PACKERS OF LEAF 5 Burling Slip, New REYNES BROS. & CO., Commission Merchants 46 A 48 Exchange Place, METTLER & CO., WHOLESALE DEALERS IN Manufactured Tobaccos, CICARS, SNUFF, &.c. &.c. No. 88 Water Street, New York. S. ::: .A. v A. N' .A. SEED LEAF TOBACCO, 162 Water St., New York. 60 WALL ST., XEW TOBIL CAPITAL, e7110,000. 1 ETery foclllty afforded to Dea\ers anll CorreopondeDts colllistent with Sound BallkiDg. H, ROCHOLL, President, ...... RJCADI!IG. Cubter. E. & G. FRIEND & CO., THE rOB.A.CCO SCBBODEB a BON, 178 W-"TER STREET, NEW YORK,, IMPORTERS OF SPANISH AND PACXEJl!!l 011' : DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCO. : I D. H. McA[PIN & CO., .. MANUFACTURERS O F THE CELEBRATED FINECUT: I VIRGIN LEAF and NAVY I .And all kinds of Smoking Tobacco. Also )tanuts.cturers of the wellknown Brands of Brigh t Plug Chewing: 'Own,' 'Onward/ and 'Sailor's Solaco.' }IANUl'ACTORY AND SALESROOM: Cor. Avenue D and Tenth Street, New York. N. LACHENBRUCH & BRO. PACKERS OF SEED LE.A...F AXD DIPORTER.S QF 164 WATER STREET, NEW YORK. p OTI'E..'illERO. HE.'-nY !.u.'N OTrn'?"RG. 1 OTTENBERG & EB.NEST FBEISE, Oi" TJIB Fm14 Oi' WALTJlB & lJ'IWD,) IJIPOBTEB 01' LB054B.D I'RIBD.MAN, HAVANA TOBACCO, 203 Pearl Street, New Yorr. 19IANUP.I.CT11BEB 011' THE 7 El>'I'.IJlD l!omnnr.lLD lalla l!omnnrALD, li:Joolr -....&U>, 8Jollll7IID I E. ROSENWALD & BRO.; I & of 145 Water Street, New York. Joll!l. H. Thontpson, D. S a c kett Moore, Palll Calrlo THOMPSON, MOORE & CO. TOBACCOS FOR EXPORT, 83 Front Street. New York. ARNOLD POLLAK, SOLE AGENT FOR THE PACIFIC COAST FOR Messrs. KERBS & SPIESS, N e w York; Meosrs, HORACE R. KELLY & CO., Jrew York; Meosra. MUSSELMAN & CO,, Loaiorille, r,DINGfEtDER tiBKO, --(Sccen '&o D._ B. BOIN.)--JOBBERS in CHEWING & SMOKING TOBACCO LEJ.f-foJri C C 0, .. Tooacc:' f R U ifl]'iffi .. FIQW R S" ALSO MANUfAtTURERS:O'ffiiiE' CIGARS ; Malden Lane. Leading :Brands. :O:OiSI H1AD HEAD LIGHT LIT'rLE RA.TCEm ia:a1ok.:t.:ns Tobacco. o:t.sar db 01sar-.. ae db 41.1 :8" 8-&ree-&, ::N'e._. 'Y'orliL ..:::::t+ h ..... v.-... _..Bel-theliif'aeturen .... OWJtenottheeelebrate4"LEO"I>I'IIIl ..... J NEW YORK. FACTORY,I6th&PoplarSts. 0FFICE&SALESROOM,5II&SI3N.3rdSt. 1410 ... 0 TUOD.!:::z ...., etCllcan,AilJ'lllhhiKe-eahl'ltwlll ... e.uwtdaaeeo...a..&elaw. LONAWD Fwt1t!fD. CUTHRIE a. CO., 226 F:roat Street. CCKKISSION ..... ULEIS OF TOBACCO FOR EXPORT. J.ol T-o prene4 In bal for tile Weot r.lla MeUcaa u d CeDtral Ame rlca u Portl, and. e f!ler mllf """' \ TOiiACCO u qKED IN H OGSHEADS. d _______ u b t G.I'EKNA.NDEZ, a g HA VAN! LHAF TOBAGGO .A.JSr:E:) O:EG-.A.R.&, tl06 Pearl Street, New York. L. NEWGASS, PACKER OF A.LL KIN D S OF SEED LEAF TOB AGCO, 144 Water St., New York. MILLER & HERSHEY. DEALERS D! AND PAC!>:Er.S OF SEED LEAF TOBACCO, Petersburg, Lancaster Co., Pa Internal Revenue Books T BeYeDllO Publlahii>g HOUM. 0. $J011RGENSEN9 30 & 3'f Lnn:R.TY ST., XEW YORJL l'.O.Boz1,8oa. llrudiJII Irons I Stencils a SDecialty. }i; Ketalllo Top .far Juq pe-., upw!Uo Ol'ller && ohort noli= P lRl :E lSI" T :E ::N" c;r,. or ....,. deeer!P'foll ., the l'rl-. llllJIOt .Oa PBICB .. UINER & DEHLS, 'TOBACCO I 180 PEARL STREET,. .NEW_lORX. LOPEZ, JJIIPOBT-0.11' FINE YUELTA ABAJD TOBACCO & CIGARS .An PropriMer ol' _.. Brand .. LA ISLA 11 ..... u. lape:nauoaaotT....._, Jhoaa4orctcan Coney Island," 206 Pearl St., New York SIMON STERNBERGEa BANKER AND BROKER, 11 BROAD S'J.'., XE)V YORK, Pays partic ular attention to t h e Negotiation of Foreign Excha.Dge and L oans. lilxecutes Ordel'!l for the Purchase and Sale of C&lilornJa. &nd Ne...-ada Minfog Stook in t h e Sa.n Francisco Stock Exbhange. G. W. GRAVES, \'oi.CKER OJ' AND DEALER IN LEAf TOBACCQ, __.,DANBURY, CONN. .. l THE MILLER, DUBRUL & PETERS MANUFACTURING CO., :aiii:.A.::N''C':Ir.A.OT'C'lR.::BIIlR.-O:IP' CJrea:se1ess " TI.D.-T-tned. a.nd. PJ.a-n e Top CIGAR MOLDS, CIGAR SHAPERS, &c. OFFICE Al!fD FACTORY: I OFI'IOE AlfD FACTOR 810 East Nineteenth Street, 132, 134, 136, 138 A 140 East :id Street, "York. C:l.n.o:l.n.n.a"t:l., o. On Application we shall take pleasure in sending to any address. free. circulars of all our Manufactures. T:EI:E UJ!IJX'V'EFI.BI.A.:Lt IIIALLBABLE :&:BON SAMSON .7AC X DRY GOODS, LARD, DRIED FRUIT, H A Y AND TOB.A.CCO P:E&E"S&. This Press Js supplied w ith an e:z:ce llent attachment. used when pressing in bo%es o r cases, in t h e shape o! fourroll e a s ou cams p laced unde r the platform or the and are elevated or depressed. by means or lever at side o! P ress, when 1-ea.dy to roll case oil or on. fhese same r o llers, by depressmg l ever to its fullest causes the Pressto be porroble, and can be rolled from part o.t the to another. REFERENCES. St., N e w York, F e b J7, 1 880. It gives us great p l ea.s urd to b a able to s tate tba.t after using your No. 2 Pre ss in our ware h o uses at Easr. Hart. :ford and Housatonic VaHey, that it is without doubt t b e best praM ev\j r made, as tor durabilitv and saving or both time and. labor it.luLs no equal. E. J..LD & Bno. 178 Water St. New York .. April3, 1879. In response to yours ot the 2d 1ns t. we b e g leave to say t hat the tobacco press w e r fieelved from you works to a chann. 1t l ,Q "' 5 e '!!Q ;a o II i>=. "' <>ill .. H o "' I = A\ .lj ,. wb: da Tobaeeo Preu No, I,Powerofll vetona, $40. No, i, P owe r o ften t ona, $60, .p,. ;.. : JOHN PAAR, Manufactory, 0l D2 Avenue D, NEW YORK CITY. l!KND FOB OIRCUT.Al!S oa Al'PLY ro -NEUMAN & DINGLINGER, GENERAL LITHOGRAPHERS N. W. cor. PEARL--and ElM STREETS, NEW YORK. IDid Tobacco Lanols and Show Cards a l'IIA.NUJI:ACTUBEB 0.11' THB ''Three Cities'' CIGARETTE 'Alo-o-SMOKING TOBACCO. FACTORY 15, RICHMOND, VIRCINIA.Sole Agent: A. Hen, 43 Liberty Street, New York. LEAF TOBACCO ::L\li:.A. Y'FZELDJ Al britton 4t Davia, Maylleld, X y ; B et\!71!-Bale. Preo. nm NaL!onal !rank Jilaylleld Ky.; W'm. A. -leo, Pres. Fint NalioDal Bull:, l'aducab, a;, ; B oad)eo, Wood &: Oo N011' Or!eul, .LA. :E ES'C''Y" &TlR.:Eoorx.o'Y' O:m" OlR.:EJ'WI::..... ..... LOBENSTEIN & GANS, WHl'LE8ALE DB.I.LBK!!I ll'f HAVANA TOBACCOS;' SOLE AGENTS AND IMPORTERS OF THE GENUINE W &: M. O:J:G-.A.Fl. :&lC>U::r...:O&, Presses, & Cutter.til, IMPORTERS OF GERMA.N .s; CIGAR RIBB ONS: 1.81. :DI.I:n:icl.en. :Lta.n.e, N'e...,.,.. York., A.._PERSON, HARRIMAN & 00., [Auguetue "T:readwell, formerly with Ho_ward a roe. A Read .Tobacco Baggin IMITATION SPANISH AND LINEN FANCY STRIPES :ror lE"..a1:-&1:ns Up & 459 Broome New-Yor EXILE L O B E CK, CKA8. E. BECK, &, CO., Commission 33 MERCADERES Havana., Cuba. LEVY BROTHERS N. H. BORG FELDT, 510 East 19th St., New Yort: : Qf WILEY & CliNARD, Au G I R I c H T E R I N G 8(, c 0. IL ezw-C>B.A.OOC> an.d CZG-.A.R.i I epOtand.Agency 1&11 -d :t.111ia .A. v :mw ua :D, o TD JlAxw.&.OMU 0. North Garolma Loaf Tobacco, eor-etTut.IIS-, fl ur lSI". O .b1 4421 444, 446 and Ui EAST TENTH STREET, NEW YORK. :U. If &:!11 TobFacreci?ght LEERET & BLASDEL, ')'.,jL-c:.../.o.. I 256 Canal Bt., cer .. mm,lcr Yur. or .

........ D1 d1 'sa llirlt ta, .............. .. Poreip and Domestio Leaf 117 North Philadelphia. > "'==.'-=lV.. EISENLOHR & 0 0., PACKERS AND WHOLESALE DEALERS iN _... L 'E A F T 0 D A C C 0, ::13..0 &-'VU'ater St., W. EISE.'i'l.OHR, PiilL. B'ONN. I:. BAMBERGER & CO., PACKERS AND Di:ALERS I:N TC>:S..A..OCC>, And Manufacturers of Low Crade Cigars, 111 Arch St., Pa. LEWI' S BRIEMER'S SONS, Whf ,]esale Dealers i:l 'LEAF,. AND MANUFACTUitED TOEACC1)1 NO. 322 NORTH THIRD STREET, PH_ILADELPHmA. w A large assortment of all kinds of LEAF ToBAcc o constantlv on lumd.a WM S KIMBALL & CO.'S VANITY TOBACCO & CIGARETTES 'lfOB.A.OOO -AND--General Commission Merchants, Tobacco Commission 8 I North Water Street 107 ARCH STREET, _.,.,_ 30 North Delaware .Avenue, A 'U. S Sc:id. Tc::p CIGAR CO. Cor:_Rid[B & North Colle[e AVB1S, Pa. Is now r etaJiing 118 ditrerent shaues and sl7-es, from the at grea{ijrreducect ptices_ Every ntoukl wmrantL"Cl untfotm. If s1ze chased be not su.Ltab le. it will be exchanged Ot' money Our mm is to give petfect satisfaction to the trade. By purchaswg dn"tct from the factoty you wiU save all delay and commissions. The only medllL and;. !'fploma awarded at the Centennial was to the u. tJ. Mould. Oftleial documents cau be seen at the offtQS,_ R1Ddge0anCI\ North College Avenues. U S. SOLID TOP CUlAll. MOUL 0 H. WA1'1'EitaE, 218 p...,l St.,-York, DIPORTER A:ND HA:NUFACTUB.EB. OF ALL XDI'DS OF "VVM.. A. BOYP & CO., LEAF &. ce>., DS:ANUFACTURERS OF CIGARS, AKD OF THE Well-known AIITobacco Cigarettes, E ][2J :11,;!, E S &.'' OUR 1\.GENTS : -Itiessrs. Wlwc & Ne'v York; N. B. l'tlannlng, Phlla del1)hilLo N. E. corner of lombard Street and Cheapside, BALTIMORE, MD. W. Sto111r 4 -MAHOGANY 0 SAW MILL--DJ:ALEBS llf-SPANISH CEDAR FOB CIGAR-BOXEBt -UHLER.'& ALLEY, Bet. BALTIMORE, Md. -R. E. VOCKE.---G. F. KOOKE.-:R.e E. &, OC>., TOBAGGO & GENERAL GOMMISSION MERGHANTS, I S. E. cor. Cheap side and LombartSts. BAL TIMORE.JI: L Leaf Tobacco Pressed in Bales a Specialty. CLAY & WOOD PIPES, DRESEL, RAUSCHENBERG & CO., CIGAR & CIGARETTE TUBES,. TOBACCO SHIPPING & COMMISSION MERCHANTS. M h G d S k A 1 lli[PORTEHS OF GER!I[AN POTASH and FERTILIZING SALT. eersc aum ().() 51 mo ers rfJC es, &c. Agenos for Liverpool Line of Steamers and Regular Paeke&a to Bremen, Ham 168 :N. THIRD ST., PHILADELPHIA, Rotterdam 11 S. GAY STREET, BALTIIIOBE. BATCHELOR BROTHERS, The Ooly Manutoctnrera & IEfh"EAST O:J:G.AR.S 1231 Cheob11t, and 23 Jf. Seoond St., PHILADELPHIA F. X. KELLY, Jr., HAPPY THOUGHT Tobacco Agency, 112 'A.RCH ST,, Phlladelphla, Pa, 1 PLUC TOBACCOS. JDS. SC.HROEDER & co.. H. KLEJf]K, LEAP IANUFAClURER OF CIGARS, ,,. AND Ili:POBTJ:RS OJ! 4ND DEALJ!:R IN Tobacco, Tobacco 69H 8. c:JIAB.LES STREET, E. WENCK, 39 N, Ca!Tort Str-, :Ba1't:l:a1o:re, Dcl.. G. H. II. Marriott, (Sueceaaor to Cooper & Walter.) MA'II'UF ACTURER-OF DEALER IN MANUFAcmJRERS OF TOBACCO 8HIPPINC IMP.OltTED a. DOMESTIC PINE CIGARS, -.lliD-Pinze:r &, Brc:s., li[A.NUFACTUBEBS OF OUT. 30 HC(SDJ..LE SKITH, E H. SlflTB, ENos Slam. HINSDALE SMITH & CO., ---(Eo&abllohed 1840.)-. PACKERS AND JOBBERS OF Gonnocticnt soon-loaf Tooacco -Al'LTIS'VILLIE, :H:E:N'T'LTC. :&::"''Z". 12 Central Wharf, Boston. ST-EAM CIGAR.BOX FACTORY. The Largeoi; in the West. Capacity, 25,000 Boxes per Week, V .A.N' A ....... -: 699 to 707 W. Sixth. St., Cmcinnati, 0. JACOB WEIL, AAI b:An:N E. A. WEIL. JAMES PHILIPS. WElL KAHN & CO, 1 FormerlJ' wit!'(), s, PhiDpo & & WROLE!U.I.It DEAI.EDS I:N Tobacco Curmg and Sweatmg, C.lttars & leaf Tobacco 0 Dark Colors Cuaranteed. 113 Main St Cincinnati, 0. Green, raw, llght-colored or eared and brought to dark colors. BEIRY MBYER & CO., 70 MaiJII St., Cincinnati, 0. COMMISSION MERCHANTS, And Wholesale Dealers ht OHIO AND CONNECTICUT LEAF TOBACCO, W.A.l'IWiva,. 1.1.-.-' HENRY ElSE, (Successor to B. GEISE & BRO.) BTE.A:M: CIGAR-BOX FACTOR1, No. 93 CLAY STREET, PRAGUE & MATSON, F DOHRMANN, TOBACCO BROKER. oN colllllliSSioN S. E. cor. Vine & Front Sts., 94 W. Front St., Cln.clnnatll. CINCINNATI. J!KY KY.; W.wrox, KY. And Dealer in SEED_LEAF TOBACCO No. 98 Water Street, ESO&"rO:N'. Clua. W. WILDD, JL WK.B.Wmra. CHAS. W. WILDER, Jr., Importer and llanufaoturer of FINE CIGARS, 68 Kilby A 98 Water ,ta., BOSTON'. E. II. FLACK, TOBACCO BROKER, HOPKINSVILLE, KY. iiiEPJIBEI'fCBS t JDO. 0. Latham, Preo'l Bank of Hopld'!","'D'!i. s. B. Trice Pnlll't l'lalllen' Bank, B&wyerl. WallaeeLEB$ c:4' tHAF TOBACCO. <>:rcters Sol.:t.o:t.-ted. iAi:HAU 'iiDRMu aEiV1N."" _; Manufacturers ot Choice Brands VtriDIUa, Missorrn and Kentucky Packers of Leaf Tobacco. Plug Tobacco TOBA' ceo, FI:NE DANVILLE, VIRCINI.A. LOUISVILLE, Ky. IH WEST MAIN STREET, OUR AGENTS: B::y. ;s, A, Belvin, :Sr.,St.Louis,WesternAgeal. W, G. ADA!I[S, NEW YORK., GEO: W, Wcu. N Faan. Euw. J. FoaEL A., B., F'OUGERAY, PHILADELPHIA Paul C. Venable, COIIIIJ;SSION E. BDIM & SONS l GEO F I GUNTHER, X).A "YTO:N. o. I --11. H. GUNTHER, of New Orleana, OrCien PrompUT A.U.nded&o, Buyer. J AS, A. HENDERSON & C. & R. DORMITZER & CO. Y,irginia Carolina. Dealm & Commissilln Merchants in LEAF TOBACCO, J:.EAF. TOBACCO, W. S. O'NEIL, Packer and Dealer In Orders Solicited. 2 NORTH MAIN ST., Reforeneos:-W.N,Shelton, F. X. Burton. C. Go Bet. 1\Ia!n and Second Sts., Hdlla.nd. OHIO SEED LEAF TOBAGGO Day"to.n., C> ST. LO'LTIIB, \1\Q:O. Jllzpod ud B-.-JIOOIItP&lr --""-Choice of Licorice always on Liberal Cash A vances madt: o u Co i..sig n E-. J. &. OC>., MANUFACTURERS OF ALL KINDS OF PLUG TOBACCO, C>. <>-u.:r Lea.c1.1215 :Bra21cl.: ::EIXG W. G. LYNN, Doalor & Commission Morch't For tho Purehase ot VIRCINI.A LEAF TOBACCO :O.A:N''VXLILE, 'V .A. ar-Brlcht Lear a SpeelaltJ'. Ortclnat Invoice If requel"A. H. LEFTWICH, Dealer In VIRGINIA LEAF TOBACCO .&ad FiDe Virginia Manuf'rs' Stems & Scraps SJ.OIING TOBACCO H6T2 ELEVENTH n., P.A. SDanish Tobacco, COMMISSION MERCHANT l E A f T 0 B A C C 0, :N.E.oorner Girard Ave. & 'Tth Street, 46 _and 48 at. Charles at., 31 German St., Balti010re, Md. I I PHILADELPHIA. I w" lo B .. DARK WRAPPERS CONSTANTLY ON HAND. SOLID COMFORT,' 'TRADE DOLLAR,' TIDAL WAVE,' BLACK DIAMOND. X..y:a.oh'bu.rc, 'Va. Constantly on hand a large supW of S&e:ma -and dark, medJom and bright and caD &lwa.ys fill orders tor home and foreign dellilalld. i&mplee aud sent on application.. AGENTS J"'R 'I'BE MILLER, DUBRUL & PETERS o:r. o t re, CINCINNATI CIGAR lllOLDS, STRAPS. ETc M r:fl d w. K. JlARKER G. E WAGGl __ R. __ __ ,_, P __ a...._._ We invite the attention ot Manufacturers to our We Ievit the attentton of Manufacturer to our ot Dark Be-8...-ea,ed Wrappere, ot Stoclt. of DARK KESWEATED WRAP h:'Ch we make a specialty. PF.R8, we m:t'ke R Specialty. S, W VENABLE. E, C. VEN,\RLE, s.w. VENABLE & Co. J .A.C'ET NAVY,. 11, .f..s, Gs, & 1 'fa, I aaa-.o 'VlRGIN(A DlliGHT NAVY,la. 3, 6 6t,l.$raud, 10.. "'ANNO'I' LYLE" BRIGHT NAVY, .t. 3s, 4:,, li 6a, 81,81 aud. 10 HUNION' .JACK" ltiAHOGANY POUNDS, )taand.&s. "ST. JA..MEi" DARK. POUNDS, ))', 4, lh, Ga. ta, ill: 9 aa4 10 PE"rER.S:B'LT:Ft.G-, variety of FINE TWIST of Hl1eral g-rades Br ght and Mahogany under the foliow!Dr .t the CJEN1'E'II"NNAL EXPoSITION, September '%/, 1876, THIS 'l'OBACCO WAS AWARDED THE HIGHEST PRIZE. We cal1 especit\l attention to the manner In whioh our Packages are J?Ut up. that. neither Dealer Chewer m.a.r. be i" other thinking he ts getting ours. Every Butt and .uip--. ,JAC IS BS u per en. N-Yerk; ., l'a G. Inrin. Tezmeaee; )(. B. Clarll: &: B. lle&umoM. Pr'oe't 1lt Nal. B':t. Cl .. I BUY OlCLYOK OBDEIL W. A. BETHEL, Leaf Tobacco Broker, 0 8ROAD STR RE'T, :a1 .&.::a:-v:z:x.z..:m. Te:D.ZL.


OCT. 30 Busi11ess Directory of Ad mtiscrs. NEW YORI!j, Tobacoo WarenAhner & Dehls, 190 PearL Arendt & Fringant. 193 Pearl Barnett S. 162 Water T Basch & Fiscner. 155 Water. Cardozo A. H. 66 Broad Chockley A. D & Co. 38 Broad Crawtord E M & Son, 168 W! Edmonston S S. & Bro. 47 Broad Eggert Wm. & Co l>l5 Friedma.n, Henry, lHI Maiden Lane Friend E. & G. & Co. !29 Malden Lane. G. W GaU & Ar, 166 Water Garth D. J., Son & Co. 44 Broad. Gassert J. L & Bro. 157 Bowery Gershel L. & Bro 191 Pearl. I. &-. C:o. 151 Beilbroner, Josephs & Co. 119 M.aiden Helme Geo. w. 138 J.Va.ter and 85 Pine Hirsch, Victorlus 4l. Co. 177 Water Spiess 1014---10'"20 2d Avenue Koenig H Pearl Lachenoruc h & .Bro. 164 'Vater. Lederer & Fische l, 213 Pearl. Levin)!. H. 162 Pearl. Levy D. 169 Water Lobenstein & (1ans. 131 Maiden Lane. Neuberger M. 1i2 Newgass L. 144-Water Ottinger Brothers. 48 Broa4. Owen F. E Oppenheimer 1\1. 188 Reismann G. 228 Pearl. RakoW & Steinectre, 181 Water Rosenwald E. & Bros. 145 Water Salomon G. & Bros. 254 Pearl Sawyer, Wallace & Co. 47 Broadway ScbOverllng Brotl. 142 Water Schroeder & Bon 178 Water. Bebubart H & Co. 160 Water. Schulz Fred. 21S Pearl Siebert Henry, 68 Broad. Spingarn E. & Co. 513urling Slip. Tag, Charles F. & Bon. 184. J'rout. Upm&na, Carl, 178 Pearl. Wa>eho..,.s for tile Sale of a'fl.d Smoking Tobacooc Allen&:. Co, 173 and 175 Cham ben & Duselll Warren. Dollan. un.rroll &. vo. HH Front. Du?J,ols Eugene. 75 Front. Etllrlebach F. M 8. WR8htngton Squan Gardiner J. !d. 84 Front.. Hen A. & Co. 48 Liberty. Bunt H. 'V. 69 wnha.m Martln & Dunn, 74 J!"root Mettler & Co. 8s Water Thompson, Moore & Co. B3 Front Wise & Beudbeim, 264 an!( 266 Canal 1mportera of Mantra. Cigarl Linington's Sons, S., :Zl6 Front Tollacco Balers tor Eqxwt. Gutbrle & Co. 2l5 Front. Leaf Tollacco StHaliftll, PhUlp c. S &: Co.l88 Pearl Pearl's .A. Sons,. 61 Front Commt88ion Beynoallrothono & Co .. ti & 48 Exchallge Plaoe. Tobacco .Brokera. Cattus John. 83 J:seaver Erthe!ler M. & Son, 141 Water. Eller M. 116 Maiden Lane Gans' Son, J. B & Co. 84 and 86 Wall O&bame, James G. 54 Broad. Rader M. & Son. 48 Broad Shack .A. 178 Pearl Street. Manur of Smoking and Cheuli"'' T-. Andonon John & Co. 114. liS and liT Liberty. Buchanan & LyaU, 101 Wall Bucb.ner D. & Co. 178 and 175 Duane. Goodwin & Co. '1m & 209 Water. Kinney Broa. Mb to 525 "f oat 22d Lorlllard P. &: Co. 114 Water. lllcAlpin D. H. & Co cor Avenue D an4 T"'th. llliller G. B. & Co. 97 Columbi' Manufacturers of Oiqan. Adrian :ttl. J. 472 Grand A.lces George. 208 Pearl Ash, Louis & Co. 96 and 98 Reade Bondy & Leaerer, 96 to 110 Attorney Brussel James & Co. 78 Bowery DeBary Fred. & Co., 41 and 43 Wauen Dingfelder & Libko, 89 and 41 Fulton Hcilbroner, Josephs & Co. 689-699 Fint Ave. Hhsch D. & Co. l!ll and 130 RIY!ngSoD Ka.utma.n. Bros. & Bondy, 129 &: 181 Grand. Jacoby Morris&: Co. 125-129 Broome. Jacoby S. &: Co. 200 Chatham Sq & 5&: 7Doyer Kerbs s:. Spiess, 1014 to 1020 SeooDd. Av. and 310 to 314 Fittv-fourth Levy Bros, A venue D ana Tenth S'treet. Liehteustein Bros. & Co. 268 &nd 270 :Bowel'J' Lombard V. liO Water Love Jno. W. 6 Rivington W. & Bro. 15 12 Bowel')' Orgler 8. 85 Murray Otten berg B. & Bros. 1162 and 284 Broadway Prager 111. W. Courtlandt ':lt. Rokohl & Steinecke. 131 Water Seideubet'g & Ce. 84 and 86 Reade Stacholberg M. & Co., 92 and 94 Llber17 Stratton &: Storm. 20t-008 East 27th Sutro & 76 Park Place Upmann Carl, 178 Pearl Street. lmportes of Sumatra Wrappers. G. W. Gail& Ax, 166 Water Manufacturer of P'iM HaMna Brown & Earle, 203-209 East 88d Foster, Hilson dl Co. 3.5 Bowery l!&ncnez. H!'ya & Co. 180, 132, 184 .!lalllea Lane Importer of Havana Tol> Bros. & Bond'!;, 1111! and 181 Grand Manufacturers of LiOO't'i Pcute. McAndrew James C. M Water 13ta.mford Manufacturing Co. 1M' Maide.n Lane Weaver & Sterrv 24 Cedar j-oa.porters oj Lt.corice Rute. ti.rguimba.u, "\Valla.ce 8.: Co. 29 and 81 S. Wtllla.m McAndrew James C. 55 W atar Weaver & Sterry, 24 Cedar Zuricalday &: Arguimb&u, 28 Beaver Manujacture?'l of Potcdered Lirorioe. Gifford, Sherman&:: Innis, 100 WUllam R. Hillier1s Son & Co. Weaver & Sterry, 24 Ceda.r Seed Leaf 7'obacoo Bensel & Qo. Water Finke Charles.&; lio. 169 Water Hamilton C. C. & uo. 170 Water Lindo F. C. & Co. l@ Water Tobacco p,.,_,.., &ulhrio &: Co. 225 Manufacturers of O.gar Bo:N&. Erichs H. W. 315-321 East Eleventh St. Benkell Jacob, and 296 Monroe Strallll8 S. 179 and 181 Lewis Wicke William & Co. lM-161 Goorck Dealtt" in Spanim OigarBlJQI: Cedar. Uptetuoe W. E. (66..4715 East Tenth Impcwter CJ/ Cigar Molds. Erich H. W. 315-3\ll East Eleventh St. Show Card Mounting a'Nod Fi: niahing, 'the Harris Finishing Co 56 and ISr -"-. Lobenstein Gans.l31 Malden Liilie M'f'rs of Tobacco Show Cards and Labels. Donaldson Five Points. P. 0. Box 2791. Transparent Glass Signs. Mat th Joh11. lot Av. bet. 28th&; 27t h st Im.porter tJ.f La Puelta .Abajo Flav()r. Chn.ske l J ., 66 '\VB.rren. 1\V.,.s Havana Cigar Fla1.1or. Fries Alex:. & Bros. 44 College Place. To!Jac:ro LGJ>rters of Havana 7obaeco. Bros. 98 Lorn bard Kerckhoft Geo. & Co. 49 South Charles TCJbacCO. Shipping and Commission Merchant&. Dresel, Rauschenberg & Co .. 11 South Gay. BOSTON, Ma ... Cigar Manufactu1ers' .Agent Merritt J. W. 34 Doane Deater i'l HaVana and Domeatic Ltaf 7\>bacco and Cigars. Davenport &: Legg, 59 Broad. Importer of .Navcma d: Dlrs. in Leaf Tobauo Bemis, Emery. Jr. 32 Central Wharf Jones Geo. H. 98 Water lmporter tt Manufacturer of Fine Qigara. WUder Chas. W. Jr. 58 Kilby and 98 Water Tobacco Manufacturers' .Agents. Kittr(ldge Wm4 P. &: Co. 9 Cent;ral Whart Dealer in We.stern. Leaf 2'obacco. Holyoke C. 0. 12 Central Wharf. BREMEN, GerDl&Dy. To bflcco Comminion Merchant... J'a.Uenstein 1'V. F. BUFFALO, N, Y. Dealer in Htu'"na and Packer of Seed Leaf. Levin P. 112-114 Exchange CHICA-GO, Ill. Mnfn of Poplar, .Sycamore, Grained and Bass Wood Cigar BCJX Lumber. Ba11mer Wm. & Co. ti7 and fiV S. st .Agent fO'!' Cigars and' Chetftift{l and Smolrin.a 0. A. Pock, 51 South Water JVh.oletale {,g;::0.Leaf and Havana Beck A. & Co. 44 and 46 bearborn. Saadhagen Broe. J!l West Rand9lph Suber< B. 231 E. Randolph Sutter Jkothel"B, 46 and 48 Michigan A venue 'at Fine-Out Chewing & Tob. Beck A. & Co. 44 and 46 Dearborn Wlaoleaale Toba.cconiats and M'f'r' Aaen.u. Best, RUl8ell & Co. Lake and 41 State CINCINNATI, O. Cigar Balacco. Kelly F. X. Jr. ll2 Arch 'Wnolesal Deale>'S in Ltaf and M'/'d Tobacoo. Heil Jonn B. 631 South Second Label8 and Trimmings. Harris Geo. S. &: Son, s. e. cor. 4th and Vine. Manufacturers of Cigar MouMU. U.s. Solid Top cigar Mould Mtg Co. cor lUdf'! and North College Ave's. Gen'l .Aqt. 'or C ..4.. Jackafm ct Co.' nBelt." Wardle.Geo. F Manufacturer of Ralph' Scotch Snv.JI. Stewart, Ralph & Co. 141 Arch Street. PITTSBURGH. Pa. Jla.uf'rs of Snulf and Smoking Tobacco Weyman Bros. 81 Smitbtleld Mn.frs of" Long Thread" & ''Ba-nner" S'm.ok inq Tobacco and "Excelsior Spun. Roll." Jenkinson R. &: W 287 Liberty street of Seed Dealers in Ba1.1ana Tebacco Pretzfeld Bros. 363 Liberty street READING. Pa. .Manufacturers of Cigar. Crouse & Company. 6&3 Penn and 636 Court. R.ICHJIOND, Va, Manufacturer of Smoking Tobacco and Cigar ettea. Da.vfesWm. Manifaetunl'8 of Ptug .t Srrwlig Tob{ 8 -'i ot\1. AND DEALEIIS IN TOBACO(), 96 to I I 0 Attorney St., 'YC>lE't.:&:.. THE FIRM OF John Matthews, lot Ave., 26th &: 27th St.., New York, Licensees of the Sand Blast proceu and :Manufacturers by other Patented Prooesse& o1 Transvaront GLASS *SIGNS. 96 & 98 READE STREET, NEW YORX. owery, New and ERtimates furnished on application.. tUJH,EISTEIN BROS. & CO., C:EGAR -AKUPACTURBRS, Importers and Manufacturers of & 129 & 131 Grand St., sRoNfDWAY, New York. llEFIANGB CIGAR MANUF AGTORY, D. co., 128 & 130 Rivington St., New York. TMo\RK IIGI&TEII&D .. AN,21. 1171t, C. B. BUTLER, PA.CKEH. & JOBBER 01' Gonnocticnt LEAF Tonacco, 15 HAMPDEN STREET, SPRINCFIELD, MASS. Canadian Tobacco Duties and Excise. The following are the rates ot duty now imposed in Canada on the Tarious manufactures of tobacco:-C1gars and Cigarette&: 60 cents IJ t1 20 per cent. ad vGlorem Manufactured Tobacco: 25 cents Ill lb. and 12}1 per cent. ad tmlorem. Snuff: 25 cent.s 'It lb, and per cent. ad valorem. In lieu of all Excise duties-except license fees-now im posed on tobacco known as common Canadlall twist," otherwise called "topac blanc en torquette," being the unpre-Med leaf rolled and tWl8ted, and made wholly from raw tobacco, ttie growth of Canada, and upoll raw the growth of Canada, there shall be imposed, levied and col lected on .every pound1 or less quanUty than a peund, an Excise duty o! four cents. Table of Weights. KllOJIT&InmO.,,. ,.., '"" .. ,. ..... ......... ,. ........ abwlll-11--pud (Russian) ................ .............. equal to 86 pounds, American. Duties in Newfoundland. Manufactured and smoking tobacco, I6e lfllb; cigars, $2 .64 per mille. and 5 per <;:ent. ad valoremi leaf, unstripped and unatemmed, 12c l!i Jb; leaf, stripped andstemmea, 16c.!fl 1b. The above prices in Amerlcau money. Foreign Duties on Tobaeco. lannfacturors' D. 0 SOB &-CO. M OEDAB. 8'1., lOlW TOO. for ant lliltlclol'iqulrild. FINE POWDERED LICORICE ROOT, I :I; L Rlf&lldo Extra Fine Powdered Licorice Root (b'ODl .. leet rool) Eureka RI'IUl4o PINE GB011ND AND GBA.N11L' A.'J.'BD DBBB TONG1l'Bo PINB GB011ND AND GBA.IV:(JJ.A. .... LA.11BEL LBA.VEI. PINE QB011ND LA. VBNDIIB PLOW EBII;-WHOLE GROUlrD or PO'WDEBIID. A.NI!IIEEDL A.LLiriCEJ ANGB .. ICJA, -CJLOVE8 -BABE COBIA.l'fDEB 8BED0 CJA.18JA 9B17DS. CARDA.IWOl!f ...... ClANBLLA. RABIE:, ClALA.IfiUII BOOTL BlCT. CALAB.KIA LICJOBIC .. GINGER BOOT.J. Q 11111 ABA aiCJ. JII.I.CJE.L_ LOVAGE OBJU.8ROOT B'ABI[.L -liT. JOHN'S BBBA:D, r.NQ11A V ALEBIA.N BOOWo BALIAIII TOL11, e .... ; OIL ALMOI'IDS. nut EDENTIA.L OILS, aD ldll .. __ .ALL goons "!!!J?'!!p l'!!! em 10p l!.ui'L Rm.lalo.... IWI'L .7....... nEitBRoiHrjosBms d3 co., IIIAN11FA.(lT11BBBS OF Belvin J. A. Jr. Dillen berg D. 120 N. 24. ; fgr &l'bqm_ _. In .A.ultrta, France, Italy and Spain the tobacco commerce Ia moaosw' llze4 by Goveroment, under direction of a Regie. In Germany the du*J' on leaf tobacco and. stems is SO marta per 100 kilogrammea. equal to 10.40 cente per on stripe and scraps 100 marks per 100 Jd1o. vammea.-equal t.o :-.a.05 cents per pound; on manufactured tobae co and cig&nJ 270 marks per 100 kilogrammes, equal to 3S.o:i cent. On t.obacoo produced In Gennany, the tax atr.e.r A.pri11, 1880:-From Aprfll, 1880 t.o March 31, 1881 20 ma* per 100 kilogrammes, equal to 2.45 cents per pound; from April l, 1881, t4 H&rch 31, tA82, SO markS per 100 kilogrammes. equal to 3.87 ceata PM' pound; from April 1. 1882, and 45 marks per 100 klloIP'&Dlmoo, equal to 11.110 -per pound. In Belgium tho impon is reckoned after 16 per cent. tor ia:re. '!'be duty iB 20 tranca (J3.86 gold) 100"" (100 pounds equal to 45!-6 kilos.) In Bolland the dutr iB 28 cents, goid, per 100 American l)a eqal to 12'i kilos). In RU&da tOe duty on Leal Tobacco is roubles 10 kopeks pudi imoking Tobacco 26 roubles 40 kopCks It pud; and on Cigars:.. roubaea 20 kopeks 11 pud. The pud" Is equal to about 36 American In Turkey the dw.ty is 50 cents, gold, per .A.m.erican eun<'es. In Engfaud the are on Unmauu(actured:lteQlllled ur stripped and unsternmed, conlalning IO Jbs or more of moisture in every 100 tbs wei bt thereof. 3s 6d per 1b; containing less than 10 h ot moilsture, 3s 10d. lb. Dn Manufactured tobacco:-Cavendish and 4s 10d ; all other sorts. including cigarettes, 4s 4,d. In additloa to tho above duties there Ia a charge of 'Ill oent. wareheuo e1aarpo oa all doacriptlona. .Bros. M{rs of Tobacco. De.usman Tobacco Co SYRACUSE. N. y, Manufa.ct"J+rers of Cigar Bo:r:ea. Leeret & Blasdel, 168 and 170 East Water TOLEDO,O. Manufacturer of and Smolri'fl(l Messinger ChMles R Mfrs of Powdered Liconce. Warren C. C. & Co. WAREHOUSE POINT, Conn. Packer of ct Dlr in C&nn Seed Leaf Tobacco. Barnes Geo. B WESTFIELD. Ma and Dealer in. Sud Len/ ToMcoo. BtJ8C.)Jm.a.nnJohn C WHEELING, W.Va. Man1.qacturer.!l of Wheeling 2'tp.1 c:t Fine Cigars. Hanke, Charles. 1425 Market street Looo. H. L. & Bro. Meder & Bro. Pollack, Augustus YORK, Pa. M'n't'ra of Oigara. York Co. Uruguay-Manufactured tobaccof. cigars and cigarettes, 35 per cent. ad valOTem; leaf, 25 per cent. ad vc.uorem. Value of Foreign Coins, .A.ustria-ftorin, silver. 41.8 cents. Belgium-franc, c-old and silver, 19.3 cents. Bolivia-boliviano, silver, 83.6 cents. Brazil-milreis of 1,000 rels, gold, 1sr1J:: in N orlh Amer. gold, 51. Central America-peso, silver, 83. & c. 91.2 cents. Denmark-crown. gold. 26.8 cents. Ecuador--peso, ft3.ti cents. Egy])i-pound of. )00 pia.sterb, golQ., $4 97.(. France-franc, gold&: silver, 19.3 cts Great Brit sterling, gold. $( 86.6;>. Greece-drachma, gold and eilver. 19.3 cents. GennanEmpire-Jllark, gold, ns e. btdJa-rupee of 16 silver, .. 89.'1 cents. ltall'-Ura, rold an4 oliver, !9.3 eta. Japan-yen, goldi gold" and sll'Y 99.7 conts. < LP>erla-R.2E. I r


10 FR.-ENGELBACH, May Brothers, "'VO'"::O::OX...EJSI.4.X...E TOBACCO DEPOT & AGENCY For F. W. FELGNER .t; SON' S Baltfmo1'e, Toba.coo &Dd Cigarettes. 56 S. WASHINGTON SOUARE, N. Y.l Iap;>rierto o f French Cigarette Paper, Alld Bole.t.ceolllln tbeU.B fortH eolebr&led FRENCH GAMBIER CLAY PIPES. 1 0 5 2d .&.-..., ne&r 6tll St., <9 [Houle at Paris.] NEW TOR Ca"'.:a:U_,::11 "te Owing to the numerou s h umbug patented s ubstitu tes u sed in preparing cheap paper, we fee l tbe importance o f callin g public atten t i on to o u r w r ap pers whiC h a r e mad e o f t h e FINEST NATURAL RICE P APER, umversall y to be the best; free from shellac, a r senic. and other d e l e t e ri ous drugs, which a r e req u ired to ;render saliv a-p roo f and _tou g h e n in_ f e ri o r_pap e r A careful examination o f our P aper and w11l s a t 1 s f y a ll o f the great m e r i t s clai med E xamine eac h Cigarette and see tha t e very one bears KINNE Y BROS.' fac-si mile s ignature. BUY NO OTHER. KINNEY TOBAOOO 00., l!lanufactu rel'8 of the follo w ing w e ll-kn own bra.nds :-Cap_ Oral, CaRoraJ: Sweet CaporaJ St. -James, St. Matinee, Entre Nous, Sport, Ambassador. Union Club .z-etland. Veteran, &c. waav '*R S'i'BBRY, ,IIPORTliiAifiliiUFicTURERS. .-J CHOICE 4.\NDS OF SPDISH LICOBIGI GIIBI LIGOBICB f ALL SPECIALTIES FOR PLUI AID FilE-CUT TOBACCO. OLIVE_ OIL, TOKe.& BlABs. I GUMS, k FL.& voas, Powdered Liooriee Root, .ARD PATENT PO'WDERED. 'N STICK LICORIC E WW. JL\VE THE FA.V ORIT1t BRAN DS': t :1!'. 8., I'IG.AS'III.Iol A1VD. G'U'ZOirDII. ': W. E. UPTEGROVE, Spa.ntsh Ceda.r i'OB: CIGAR BOXES, _...,.._ Cifar Boi laters' Supplies. fooUOth Ulth St.,East RiTilr. The Mrs. G. o: Miller & Co. TOBACCO IANIPACTOBY. :JD&T..AB:EIIrX&::O::EJ::O 1"776. 97 Col:1.:ayn b:l.a S"t. N"e-vv ::0. OOX...X...:J::N'.&, Pre:lden:t. MANUFA<11'1JRERS OF THE OELE B RATED PLAIN FINECUT CHEWING TOBACCO in BLUE PAPERS SN'"D"PP&a Rose-Scented Maccaboy,Scotch, French Rappee,American Gentleman. s:a:o-::N' .A.L ,, O::O::EJ"'VO'":J:N'Cr, Oae o .. PolL A.lo, ll'lrsC and Seeoad Clu.aHty Smoklnc, In Dlae Paper, SWEETENED FINE-CUT-. Dark and Light Grape. Forest Rose. Club. l!I:A.Y APPLE and PDIZE LEAF li'INECJ"VT, In Poll, LIGORICE PASTE. THE STAMFORD MANUFACTURING CO. '' 1G"7 l!W.4.:J:XJ:IDN' N'E"'D'V 'lbe 'l'rad e ba'ring d elll&llded a Superior and Cheaper Articl e than that hitherto used, this Com !l"'IY a.manufacturlng, and o ffering !O r sale, P.JCORICE PASTE (under the old uSa.nlord11 brand) of a Q U.A.Ll'l'Y &Dd a t & PRICE which can hardly tall to be acceptabl e to all ghing ft a trial. & Rittenhouse, 2l..B N". 22<1 S"t., l!I:AN"VF ACJT"VBEH!l &F an."'-LICORICE PASTE ..-r "P11rtl}', Cheapne .. aad General Ell:eel lenee oC Ma.a.ut'ae&" Also M. & R. Brand ST:ICK LICORICE, all sizes. Fries, & Bros., HANUF.A.CTURERS OF HAVANA CIGAR FLAVORJ 44 College Place, New York. 46,48 & 6f) EAST SECOND-ST., CINCINNATI, OHIO: .SI. &en. "t 0. 0. D. Tobacco "'D'Vork., Ka.nutacturers of the Celebrated 'American Eagle' "CLIPPER," "DEW DROP," ..&.lld other Braud of' F'INE CJ"VT, -A.LI!O-'ITNIVERSAL FAVORITE/ 'FAWN:' OoZlll:1:f'<>r1:," And other Grades and Brands of SIIIOIUNG TODACJCOS. ;., 62 & 64 Larned Street West ::OETB.OXT0 :B/E%0::0::. CJIIAll. Jl_ BUI'.L. _.,... .. d_ THE TOBACCO LB.&.I'. OCT. 30 BLACK DURHAM w H :LL'S Allen & Dll1lllin[, TOBACCO PATERSON, N. B LACKWEI!L'S DURH:A.M LONG:..cuT "MAGNOLIA" an.d. a Bea"U.-ty. Blackwell's DURH.AM CIGARETTES, The"t Ge.,d.s " "the :a-Ia:rk.e-t. -.L11'D-"CATARACT" r La Vuelta Abajo.""11 Astonlshfng Results and Creat Saving of Expense by the new Improvement attained In the Process of extracting the natural flavor from Havana Tobacco. The Trade Is herewith notified of. the important lmpro"VeiUent of this w e ll -known ext:ract of. Ha"Vana tobaeeo, imported from Havana, imparting a LA.8TING Jli.A VOB to Cigars, Cigarettes and Tobacco. H811oefortk ao more .A.lcokol nor otller Spirito! are l'equired," "But mere Water will dl .. olve tiLe VUELT.A. .&.B.A.oTO EXT:a.&CT," Whiok reduce the price of tlle Flavor to a oaere TrUie." For the ts st three years this urlvaled Flavor has met with tbe greates t success, as proved by the d u plic ate ordel'8 11attering test imo l>lals recei ved daily. PBICJES 011' "LA. Vt1ELT.I. .I.DA.J"O.? Pint. 1 Pint. 1 G all o n (8 pin ts). 5 Gallo n Lots. 1 0 Ga llo n Lots. $&.00 $6.00 4 0 .00 per Gallo n. so per Gall on Tel'Dl o : Nee, c. o. J), One pint of La Vuelta A..'bJo wUl make tlve gallo n s stron g Bavo r s i m p l y by a'ddlng tlve of w ater This quant ity i8 sutficlent to Impregnate Fillers f o r about 40,000 t o 501()0(" ciga.ra. HEW ABE 0 F' ll!I:IT A. TIO N .-Every genu!i>e bottle bears m y name and address, oQb.ask.ei, I. SOLE .&GENT II'OB THE t1NITED STATES .I.ND (J.I.N.&n:, 66 WARREN ST., NEW Y!lRK CITY. Darla Perr,., ]. S. GA.NS' SON & Tobacco Brokers, 84 and 86 WALL STREET, :l'-3f.:1 i:f N:.:. NEW YORK. c:; LICORICE ( PASTE. WAIJJS CQ Tobacco manufa ctu rers and the tude i n general are particularly requested to examine and test the superior properties of this LICORIC E, which, being now brought to the h ighest perfection is of fered under the above sty l e of b r and. We are also SOLE AGENTS for the brand 1'. G. t1l. G. O. Acknowledged by consumers to be tho beat in the market. Arid for the brand of Li<:orice Stic..'l IIOBJ. & 00., Ill all respects equal to CALABRIA. Consumers and Jobbers would do wel'l to appl y d ir ect. LJeorlce Root, SeJeet -d C!lt-dbaarF,-tlyoa haJUl, IRSUIMBIU, WILLIS l CO., 29 IG 31 South William StrN* LICORICE PASTE. W e htg t o call the' att- a.n.d"t-te A..l.o t'or Othe r L eadln: ltianutactarera of SMOKINC, PLUC TOBACCO AND CICARETTES. Nos. 254 "and 256 CANAL STREET, corner of ELM, NfW, YORK. [vANITY FAIR, TOBACCO & CIGARETTES. "MILD "-Rare Old VIrginia; "HAL YES "_.:_Rare Old Perique and VIrginia. Always Uniform and Reliable. 7 First Prize Medals-Vienn a 1878 ; Philad e lphia 1876 ; Paris, 1 8 78 ; Sydney 1880. Special Concession by the French Covernment, and on Sale In all Civilized Countries. WM. S. KLMBALL & CO. ROCHESTER, N.Y. Peer1ess Tobacco Pateated Hay 21, 1872. P.4.TEN'T Composition Card Mounts, 'Vith Enamel Water-Proof Finish. T::0::.4.N' G-Lt.4.BS. Show Cards mounted on our Patent CoDtposltlon ltlount:s, and finished w ith our Ename l Vater-Proof" Flnls h and framed, look better, longer and much cheaper than .cards put u p in tmmcs a n d glass. They will not warp, cannot he pun ched are not alfected by c h ango o weather, and can be safely shipped. 1 to 10 ,000 Show Cards or Pictures Mounted at Short Notice. IN A...'IT OF THE F OLLOW ING STYLES : On Composition, with Enamel Finish, with Frames. On Stretcher with Enamel Finish, Imitation Border. On Binder' Boar d In Frames, Gilt or Walnut, with Glas s SPECII.tlEN CJARDS 11nlo h c d at Short' Notice, Fre e of Charg;e Estimates given, a u d all orders promptly executed. Frames of all kinds, Square, Oval or Circular, in Wal nut, Oak, Imitation Rosewood or Cilt. THE HARRIS FINISHING CO., Dll:a.n. -u.:f'a.o1:-u.:rera, Est a b lished 1863. 66 and 68 Murray St., New York. GUSTAV JACOBY. mrar Manntactnrer & Dea1ar in Leaf fobacco, 6 Rilinrtou St., New York. No. 116 MAIDEN LANE, Jacob Henken; XAinJJ"oruu:a ow CIGAR BOXES Cedar Wood. 'IU.XOJ'OTtJDB OJ' .t.LL EDm8 OW Cigar-Box Labels. & 1297 Monroe Street, :N'e"''IIV' "York. .,.. For 8MOKINC TOBACCO, Flour, Salt, Bark, Sumac, Cuano, Crain, &c. Furnished wlt b o r wi t h o u t Printe d Branob,' WM: S. CARROLL; PROPRIETOR OF L YNCHBURC, Va. !D. BUCHNER & CO., C>N'E::t:x:t.4. TOB.4.00C> OFFICE:-173 and. 175 DUANE STREET, NEW YORK. Manufacturers of CHEWING and SMOKING TOBACCO. GOIN ROYAL PUCK Chewing Tobacco. CICARETTES. AUGUSTUS POllACK, Manufacturer o f Cigars, "Wheeling' Crown & Seed STOCr::t:ES,' SEAL OF THE STATE OF WEST VA. And CROWN Smoking&: ChewlngToha.ccoo, WHEELING, Weot S. The bestval.Uegoods in t h e mar-kets of the U niteclt States, and handled by t.he jobblDg trade gen::llf ..


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