The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (10 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
Time Period:
1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
Tobacco Leaf Journal

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10 Tile Celeltraled II ORIGlNAL J J GREEN SEAL" Eltabii.W..... "RED SEAL,'' ao1 CARom" & .. suNSRINE" 8oJlT VIRGiNIA. IIEEIISCHA.UJI IDIOXIKG oruBJ.coos, oort fi'Om Plug. IIOLli: UlroF.A.CTUJUI:B, 'N PDIE S'P&EET, lfEW YOBJ[. I.U.U.UUI.. & co. IIIANUFACTVIl&R.I 07 THE TOBACCOS 114 a HI LIITY STWT, XEW YOBJ[, U.. U. direct the atteotiea .t t.U Deaten iD Tolloacco tlae Ualled Si:atre and. the Wodd. to t!oetr CBLEBB.ATBD J SOLACE FINE-CUT OIIEWDrG TOBAOOO, la beta oDce .-ore aaau.factred aDder the baia.ed.iate aapenil--of the odglaator, MR. JOHN ANDERSON, &Ddnow atands, as formerly, witbouta rival. Orders -torw&rded through the usual ch&unel8 will FR. ENGE:LBACH, VV ::a:OL'E&A.X..EI DEPOT &AGENCY For F. W. I'ELGJJER lt. SON'S, llaltimo'e, T.obaooo .....t Cia:arette.. meet wtth prompt o.Uentlon. May Brothers, of French Cigarene Paper. Allcl SoleAcentiiD lbet7.8. forthe eol 2d AY--_,.. 8tla St.: JJEW YORK. 56 S. WASHlN,TON SOUARE, N. Y.l Oa-'1.1tic:>X1 i:c: S:.:n.tQik.ers. Owing to the numerous humbug patented substitutes U8ed in preparing cheap paper, we feel the imJX>rtance of calling public attention to O!!r wmp pers, which are made of the FINEST NA'l'URA'L RICE PAPER, umversally known to be the best; free from shellac, arsenic, and other deleterious drugs, which are required to render saliva-proof and toughen inferior paper. A careful examination of our Paper and Cigarettes will satisfy all of the great merits claimed. Examine each Cigarette and see that every one bears KINNEY BROS. facsimile signature. BUY NO OTHER. KINNEY TOBA""O CO., lld:anutacturenof tbetollowtng wellknown brando:Cap_OraJ., Sweet Caporal St. st. "James 32, Matinee. Entre Nous, Sport, Amb.,ssador, Union Club, Zetland. Veteran, &c. WBAVBR STBB.IlY IJ / CIHOICE OF SPBISI UCIIBICB r GWK LICOBICB ALL SPEIUI.TIES Fll PLUI AID FIIECUT TOBACCO. OLIVE OIL, TOIICA BlAIS, GUliS, FLAVORS. Powdered Licoriee Boot, .A.J!I'D PATEAT PO'W'DERED LJ:CORICE. '"'II STICK LICORICE W-.;. ldAVE THJ,. FAVORITE BRANDS:W. E. UPTEGROVE. Spanish Cedar FOR CIGAR BOXES, -&Jn>-Ci[ar Boi Makers' snvvues. Foot 1Oth & 11th st.. East Rivr. NEW YORK. The Mrs. G. B. Miller & Co. TOBACCO 9? Co1urnb1a S"t. 'York.. P:IIIT:IIJR. D. OOX..:It.I:Z:YSTB, E"'re:lcl.e:n.i:, lld:ANUFACTDREIIS OF THE CELEBRATED PLA1N FINECUT CHEWING TOBACCO in BLUE PAPERS lSI :N" "D" F :P s : .Ras,e-Sc.ented Maccaboy,Scotch, French Rappee,American Gentleman. s:.::o-N"' .A.L c:a:E-ogv:J:Y!JGr, o OL FoO. A.t.e, Plrt an Second Q.uaUt7 SD:J.oklnc, In Blue Paper SWEETENED FINECUT-Dark and Light Grape. Forest Rose. Club. )'IIA.l[ APPLE and PRIZE LEA.F FINE-CUT, In Foil. LICORICE THE STAMFORD MANUFACTURING GO., 18'7 JW(A."XT"):JIIl!IT 1\TE-.gv 'YO:E'I.::&::. 'l'loe 'l'rade b&IDg dem&Dded a Superior and Cheaper Article than that hitherto used, this Comp&ll7 ;.maouto.cturtag, &Dd olferfDg tor 1111le, LICORICE PASTE (under the old "Santoni" hr&D.d) of a QUA.LITY -at a PIUCE which CM hardly f:til to be acceptal>le to all giving It a trial Mellor & Rittenhouse,. 210 N". 2Qd S"t., Phi1ade1ph.:La, l1IA.NUFA.CTUKEKS 8F SP LICOB.IGE PASTE. --.Dedal a 'varded l'o-r "PurUy, (Jheapneu9 and General Eltcel leuee oC Dannfaetare." Also M. a R. Brand STICK LICORICE, all sizes. Alex. Fries & Bros.,. HANUFACTUB.ERS OF HAVANA CIGAR 44 College Place, New York. 46,48 & 6[, EAST SECOND ST., CINCINNATI, &:a:n.a.l.1ea-t EJo"t1:1e .D. Sen. -t c. o. D. 'X'oba.ooc:> -ogvc:>rk.s, lia.nufacturers of the Cel e brated 'American Eagle' II CLIPPER DEW DROP A.nd oCher Brands of FINE-CUT, -AJ.So- 'UNIVERSAL FAVORITE,' 'FAWN:' Co:a:n.:f'or1:,'' .And many other Grade$! and Brandl of IS!IIOIUNG TOBACCOS. 152 a 64 Larned Street West lOE'X':E'LO:Z:T, CHA.S B. HULL. Soe'y &nd 'I'reaa. !I:B:B TOB.A.OCO LB.A.I'. NOV. IS: -Allen&DliDDiiL PATERSON, N. J., BLACKWEI!L'S DURB:A:M ::N'c:,.,-and a Elea"U.ty. .. Blackwell's DURHAM CIGARETTES, The GtQICMI.s "U.ptQi:n. "the. ::1\S:a.rk.ei:. "CATARACT" r La Vuelta Abajo.'', Astonishing Results and Creat Saving of IExpenae by the new Improvement attained In the Process of extracting the natural flavor Sawing and Planing Mills FOIL cHEWING. SAW'IiG!ND PLANING FORCiGAR-BOxlllins. from Havana Tobacco. The Trade iB herewith notified of the laaportaa.t lm.proYemea.t of t.hla well-known extraet of H&Y&D.& toltaeeo, imported !rom Havana, lmpa.rt.ioc a LA.8TING PLA. VOBto Cigars, Cigarettes a.nd Tobacco. "He'\"efortlt. ao lllOre Aloollol ... r otlaer Spirits are req.&ed," "But mere Water wUlcU .. oiYe tlae V11ELTA ABA.JO EXTRACT ,I' "Wlalch reduoea tlae prioe efthe Flavor to a ........ Tritle." For the Jut three years tllil uarlvaled. Flavor has met with the grea.te.t &a proved ty the duplicate orders and flattering tee f lmonlals leeeiVed d&lly. :u; Plllt. $!1.00 ... .., -PBICE8 OF "LA. VUELTA ABA.I"O." I Galloq (8 pints). 6 Gallon Lots. 10 GaUoa Lots. $40.00 :'\:15 per Gallon. $30 per Gallon Term. 1 Net, c. o. J). One plot of La Vaelta Altjo wlll make ftve gallon otrong flavor, olmply by adding ti.Ye gallona of water. This quantity fa sut8cient to impregnate Fillers for about 40,000 to 60,oor Clg&rll, BEW A. BE OF IJIIITATION.-Every genuine bottle bears my name and address. James ,..C', SOLE AGENTFOR THE 'UNITED !STATES A.ND CA.NA.n:., 66 WARREN ST., NEW YORK CITY. Slua.'l Gaa. ] S. GANS' SON & CO., Brokers,. 84 and 86 WALL STREET, NEW YORK. "J M. ERTHI:IlER & SON, LICORICE .. PASTE ... W AIJ.IS ell CO. 141 WATER ST., NEW YORK. JOHN CATTUS, & TOEJ.A.0007ST:Z:&TB, SOLE AGENTS FOU NEW YOB&: AND VICINITY FOB GOODWIN & .o: CO.'S "OLD JUDGE." &D:Lok1-s Tobaocio -d. O:l.wareHAliiO tor ocher LeacUnc er PLUC TOBACCO AND CICARETTE8. Nos. 254 and 256 CANAL STREET, corner of ELM, NEW YORK. Y TOBACCO & CIGARETTES. u MILD "-Rare Old 'virginia; u HALVES "-Rare Old Per!que and VIrginia. Always Uniform a.nd ReUable. 7 First Prize MedalsVienna, 1873 ; Philadelphia, 1876; Paris, 18'l'8; 'lydney, 1880. I Special_ Concession by the French Covernment, and on Sale in a!l Civilized Countries. WM. S. KLMBALL & ROCHESTER, N.Y. Peer1ess Tobacco 'VU"ork.s. Tobac-co manufacturers and the trade in general are particularly requested ':0 examine and test the superior proper! of this LICORICE, which, being now brought to the highest perfection is of. {ered under the above sty' e of brand. We are also SOLE AGENTS for the brand 1'. G .&. G. 0. I 83 BEAVER sr .. NEW YORK. 1 ... Acknowledged by consumers to be the best in the market. .A.,ud for the brand of Lioarice Stic aomr. a. oo., Ia all respects equal to CALAHRIA. Consumers and Jobbers would do wetl to apply direct. Lleorlee a-t. lleleet -a Cll2baary,..._tly on haad. ARBU1MIAU, WAI.LIS l co.. 29 "' 31 EJ<)!lth Wlllla.m strm We b'gto call the attcoliou of Tobac co Manufa c turers and Dealers to this SUPERIOR AND PURE article. Sole for the States of North Carolina aud Vir j'iaia: MusRs. DAVENPORT & MORRIS, Rich mond, Va. LICORICE and Alleante. Selectt>d and Ordinary. ZURICALDAY & ARGi.JIMBAU, 88 BEAVER .STREET, -_ Y _ORK __ POWDERED liCORICE Finest Quality. llh.nufacturod at Poughkeep. io, N.Y. GIFFORD, SHERMAN & INNIS, 120 WILLIAM STREET, New York. JAMES G 0 S BoRNE Show Cards mounted on our Pa1ent CoJDposltton l'tloun18, and tlnisbe d with our Ena1nel \\'aterProol' Finish and framed, l oo k b etter, lil.flt l onger and are much cheaper than cards put up in trames and glass. They will not warp, cannot be punched, are n o t affected by change of weather, and ca.o be sa.1'ely shipped. TOBACCO BROKER 1 to 10,000 Sh?w Cards or Pictures Mounted at Short Notice IN ANY OF THE FOLLOWING STYLES : On Composition, with Enamel Finish, with Frames. =A _... .o:::o+., On Stretcher with namol Fiaish, ImltatioaBorder. Oa Binders' '-"-;:a; .JK:: o::::ll Ill Board. In Fram.,., Gllt or Walnut, with Gla01, M. RADER & SON, TUBACCO BROKERS 48 Broad Street, SPEC1l1IEN CA.RDS flolehed ac Short No lice, Free o1' Ch'!U'&e Estimates given, &udall orders promptly executed. Frames of all kinds, Square, or Circular, In Wal nut, Oak, Imitation flosewood or Cilt. THE HARRIS FINISmNG CO., Bo1e Established 1863 66 and 68 Murray St., New York. JOHN 'VV". CARROLL, .. Sole :Manufacturer of the Famous and Wer1d teuoned Braodof A SHACK VIRCINIA SMOKINC TOBACCOS, LONE JACK AND BROWN DICK, TOBACCO BROKER, Manufactory:TWELFTH STREET, LYNCHBURG, VA. 178 Pearl Street --""" prompt]T __,"" .... Prtoo Llo& --... ,.![ METROPOLITAN CIGAR MANUFACTORY. NEW YORK. ---, ______ u-SIGMUND J ACOBY GUSTAV JACOBY u-:N" l!lllil' nanufaeturera of all K.lnd oC STOGIES AND CIGARS, -S. JACOBY & CO., Wheeling, W.Va. "V" "V" MEDER & BRO., D'.l: WHEELYNGCUJ'STOGIES \ 200 CHATHAM SQUARE and 5 & 1 OOYER STREET, NEW YORK. TIPS and FINE CICARS, Wheeling, w. Va. AU Order,. Protnptlv Attened to. D. BUCHNER &. CO.,. O:L'\TEXD.A. 'X'OEJ.A.CCO -ogvo:E'I.:O::.&. and 175 DUANE STREET, NEW YORK. r Manufacturers of CHEWING and SMOKING TOBACCO. GOLD COIN ROYAL PUCK I Chewing Tobacco. I I CICARETTE8. CIGAR BOXES IUPDIOa K.A.KK a PIDJI& QU..t,LI'I'r a. Cedar "VV ood. :LUroF.A.Ol'llliD or .a.u. JalOl8 f1' Olga:r-Box Label& 293, 295 & 291 Monroe Street, 'YorJ&.. OFFICE: A.ddross-61 BROADWAY, P.O.Doxms. NZW YORK. Constantly on hand the Best Improved Ma.chiner, for CUTTING, GRANULATING AND SIEVING TOEACCO BY HAND OR Sl'EA:.U PO'I'ER. ar!rty of 1-Taehint>ry ror-Ci,f:ar ManufM Mtdt Granulating-Hn.vanaand Fill en; !or Ciga.l's, SLem .Hollers, Cjgarett.e Ma chine.'!, etc, For 8MOKINC TOBACCO, Flour, Salt, Bark, Sumac, Cuano, Crain, 4c. J'urnlahed with or without Pl'lnted Brand .. WK. S. CARROLL PROPRI1!:TOR OF LYNCHBURC, Va. S. A. ROBB, AUGUSTUS POLLACK, ManufaCturer of Cigars, "Wheeling'' Crown & _Seed STOGr:Z:ES,_ SEAL OF THE STATE OF WEST VA. And CROWN Smolring&Chew!ugTob&oool, WHEELING, Weot Virginia,11. S, Tbebean&l'uelrOOCialn the markets' of the United 8<&!88, and handled by the jobblq trade PllO!'llllr ..


.. NEW YORK, SATURDAY, NOVEMBER SEIDENBERG & CO VOL. xvr.---No. 41. fESTA.BLISHED 1864.] 13, 1880. WHOLE NO. 821 Nq. 33 lllurra.y Street, New York. MCFALL & LAWSON MANuFACTURERs OF THE_ EL CLUB DE YA TE and ROYAL PALM V. MARTINEZ YBOR & CO., ._ 1.90 Pea.rl. S"tree"t, l!lll"e-ar "Y'c:::rk, :J:::aii:PC>Fl. TEFI.& C>P =HAVANA TOBACCO= H. 80HVB,I.RT, A.ARON 8CHUBA.RT, W'IIJ:. IKJHUBA.B.T. H. SCHUBART CO., IMPORTERS oF HAVANA SEED: LEAF TOBACCO, e :N'"o. l..GO "V'Va"ter &"tree"t, :N'"e'V'V "Y:ork.. K. .t.. JllllllQDI C-'1.1<1<, M. LILIENTHAL OF & .co., HAVA!lA TOEI.A.CCO, N'o. E. D. ATEIRO CO., -!ll[A.NVFA.O T V R ERS OFCIGAR BOX LUMBER, SPANISH CEDAR, DOMESTIC WOODS, IMITATION SPANISH CEDAR. IMPORTERS IN OUR OWN VESSEL OF SPANISH CEDAR and MAHOCA,.Y. 685 Si.::x:"tb. S"t.,"t:l.. ALMIB.ALL a co., 6-e 1as 't>J J .IMPC::lTERS O F V .A.J.-. A. TOBACCO, TRADE MARK. > 16 CEX>.AB. STH.EEIT0 *bd-\D'Mt.'\J\11' i DOI'lALDSON BROTHERS, Li. "thographic Pri::n. "ters. T O BACCO LABELS AND SHOW 0 11. 0. Box 2 7 91.] O;F' E"V'EH. 'Y" X>E.BCR:J:PT:J:OJSr. [No Labe b k ept In Stock. 'tlft V4 ICKE & ., HAVANA TOBACCO. *----* Any Infringement CIGAR BOX upon this TRADEMARK : ''T (., I w ....4 I ...... ---..... Will be Prosecuted to the full Extent of the Law. Co lti.ANuF AOTURERS r. Goerck & i'hfrd Sts., -ss PINE sTREET:MEw YORK. WElL & 00., X:M:Poa-r::mas. LIST OF CIGAR RIBBONS .. .. ILTa M M ..... w ,::.,.. L6a M ... .. -6-fl tl ,a. 1.4.6 ._. ........... a .. ,.1 1.1a O .,., .,., ... ,.,0 M ).. ll 1.16 0 N """ oo oo N I I .. '70 :reb 1.80 ----................. .... a .... ,.. :reb ... .. ... ..... ... .. 1 5 8 TO ;reb 1.30 N ... ..... .. ..... ......... ::: : ,_. -TO,. .. 1.80 ...... ................ 8 TOJ'cb1.60 .. ........ TO -........... ...... 1 ,.... .1.30 .. .. ........, 'JO -" .. .. e . w .. ... 1.36 '""'" '""'"'" N 3 70J'cb 1..20 y,.. ..... .,. '70 "-" _......., N 1 4-8 M ,... .. ........... ....... ._8 -1.30 M 6oo _.. 'JO .. ---...... ........ ..... M' 3 -,... 1.20 --.... ...-.. '70 d N ;, .. -"""" " .,0 "'"3-8 N J' 0 Y:D.... ............ 3-8 N 0.'70 o ,. (Chioo).. N 1 .. 8-8 N y o.ea ... 'Olaloo>.. ....... -8 M IU .,.. IJ.O -Yea-. ...... .. .... .. 1 '7-8 M -IU .,.. 0.96 .... IU d .. ............ N ..... 'J-8 .. IU y 1..60 .... a .... ta-te -,... 1 ..20 : ............. N 10 .... J3I6.. 34 ,.. l.J.O .. ............. "'16 .... 'J-8 ;::reb 1.-.. ........ ..... -ao .... J3" ., .. o .so .. .. ........... -ao .... t:J-16" 34.,"" .. 34 yet o r. "'I: ............. "100--6-8 .. 3 .. .. .. : : r 0 .. 13 .. 3 g ;:3 100 .. 6-fj .. 34 cia 0 ................. u l .. TS w 34 7 o40 ...,_ ._. ....... ..... . e ..... J3.18 :rd 1..40 N M .. ll N li: --u N 1 N TO yd. uo ..J wiU. ...... : T 7 0 0:vd. L30 lla"'red" Da u .... 6 u '70 do f.1d, ldte &ad 0 J N ri .. eec. .... s-a -0 "C& "'"'" """"""" .... 6 M ao .. 1.46 Extra 'tylea of Rlbbona Made to )-a AND'STYLE. Prices of Cigar Boxesan ....... o .. b Ribbons Sent on of .. WM. DEMUTH & CO. IUNUJ' .O'l'UD:IIS 01' -MEERSCIIA.Ull ,;BRIAR AM> .A.PPLEWOOD PIPES, IMPORTERS OF SMOKERS' .ARTICLES, B:abl.:f.h.ed. JHavUAa, .. Philadoolpld&, 1828. S. FUGUET & SONS 1836.-No. 231 CHESTNUT sr .. S. LJNINGTON'S SONS DIPOBTHR.t! !!! CIGAiis Havana T SEIDENBERG'S KEY .. WEST CIGARS. 1 -216 Front Street, Now York Fine n;;;;;;um;s CtooarS. 1 / I Ha::a oc/1 e La Desable,' Desaflo and Flor SUCCESSOR TO A HEN & CO 4.8 LZBBliii.T"'!!r' ST IMPORTER OF MEERSCHAUM; ANiii:I.AYPiPEs SPECIALTY OF J SMOKERS' -AND TOBACCONISTS' SUPPLIES. MANUFACTURER WOODEN SHOW FIGURES. MaDu.tacture:r Aceat Cor th VIRGINIA, NORTH CAROLINA & WEST e lale oc all Popal..-Brand oc D epot !:r fiNE-CUT TOBACCOS, E. T. PILKINTON &: CO s' BBOWN DIC K etc.J oo and ClcareUeoJ IIJ:A& Celebra t e d "FRVIT BVRG B R OSt" S E A SAN D F J.OWERR" LOV I S I ANA. NORTH CA.BOLINA. -o.ktq Tobaeeo1 .......__...__ '8"'' --... --,. E C u e and In Car:rot s F INE-CUT, Manufactured loy SPAULDING&; MERRICK : -OldGlory, Oha n n oJ" tbe 'Vesa, Swe e t B u r ley, Queen Bee, T.ruDipB, Wig Wag Bog l e in paU a and barrels, and TRAVEL E R S.m.okJnc. PRICE LISTS FURNISHED ON APPLICATION.. 0 I i .J. CKJU.ST:l.AN Dustn.. (P, C), Hoi 2231 ) G:ao. 'fl, A',l90ftlll. .. .A..l[J"G .. dk. i ( L a t e o t A liEN & CO,)-UIPOR'V'ERS &: DE,?.LERS IN FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC SMOKERS' ARTICLES; Manufacturers: Ments for all the Popular Fine Gut: Smoking. & Plu[ Tobi1Gco & Sole Agent s f o r W'"aD.i.i-y Pa.:ir Tobacr::o and Cigarettes; 607 & 609 Broadway, Sole Agents for Allen & .. Ginter's GEM: Tobacco & Ci!arettos. Depot for Genuhte W. Oarroll' Lcnae .Jaok-E. T. Pilldllltou.'o Fruit. & Flo-78 & 80 MERCER STREET, NE"VV" "YORK.. CIGAR BOX LUMB-ER! SPECIAL PRICES to all Parties orderln& 20,000 Feet Alld upwards. Being SOLE !IIA.NUIIA.CTURRRS of Ule c e lebra ted, perfectly smooUl and Uloroughly aeaaoned Cut and Press-Dried Lumber, We can n1fer t o all manufacturers extra Inducem ents Jn the lin e of Cigar ltox Cedar Boards a n d Ve neers, Poplar. S yca more, Butternut and Hahoga.oy also i n Pane l Wooda and Brush Stock. Ou r Cedar V eneen app lied to Poplar l.o much prtoftlrred to l mltatJon Cedar. W" Full li ne FOREIGN and DO!ll[BIITI() WOODS iD Lop, Plank, Boards and V e n eers. Send Cor ()atalope ancl Price Llot. Geo. W .. Read & Co., 186 to200 Lewis St., Ne"' York. E&1:abl.ish.ed. l.82'7. ''COPENHAGEN SNUFF.'' ""WVE""W"":W..:,&:N' &.. EIR.O., of the Celebrated Copenhagen Snuff and .Cut & Dr_y Smoking Tobacco. Retail Store&. Office: 81 Smithfield St. Factory: 5 &. "7 Union St.&. 112 Liberty St. P.A.. GENERAL SELLIN G A. GENT t W. A. ROBINSO N 1 24-WATER STREET, NEW' YURK. WHOLESAL E DEPOTS .-NIHV YORKt ft.lle n &: Co.1 P 3 C h a111ber8 St. BALTIMORE: Bn:ter &: Rl...t, 1 2 C oJD.Dierce St. SU11i15mao D.ros.9 Wusrungton St. Si\VANNA.Ht D endhelm. Bros & (}o. J. A.. BELVIN, LOVI EEL V IN"". & l!IA.NVFA.CTVRE R S OF FINE CIGARS AND DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO, (6, 18 & 20 St., and 2, 4 & 6 Hall St., New York. SILVER SURFACE FOIL. by J. PATENTED MAY lland .JULY 6,1 8 80. NOTIC E I hereby ctve n all Persons Selllnc:, o r 'l.Js lng .rtn Poll In tn&lngement o r ald. L etters Patent, wlll b e ProlileCute d to the Full E :x'&ent o.r the Law provide d .cor In uch e ases. A new and beautiful article of Foil for Tobacco & Cigar Manufacturers, Druggists, &c Famishe d Plain or In Faney Dea l gne o f Color and Ornamentation. A.L S O ll:IA.NVF.&CT1JRER O F P..:a:re a.:n.d. O-ther Pc:::U.s. Rolle d to a n y Gange and C u t t o Siz e Prbatin&t on Tin FoU in :B'ronze and Colors Bottle Capo, all olzeo, Plain and C olored, O:fB.oe: 163 IBTH.EET, time. It is obvious, however, f rom what we posit i vel y \:11 \:11 y 1J know and remember of the offici"! data on this sub ...... ject, that the revenue from tobacco this year is likel v NEW Y ORK, SA.TUR D AY NOVEMBER 13, 1880. to exceed that obtained from the same source la;t year. '!'HE R E V ENUE FROM THE T OBACCO IN-It will be observed in com])ariug the figures in the 'l'EREST. tabl e for September 1 879 and 1880, that the fo llowing I n a paragraph to be fo und in another p lace in this excesses are shown for t he current year : -Cigars and n umber of THE LEAF will be seen the official returns of cheroots, $208,5i2.72; cigarettes, $39, 249.56; tobacco, the taxes r eceived d u r ing September from tbe tobacco $32,817.11; snuff, $8,672 86; d ealers in manufactured interest. All to l d they amount to $3,766,976.67; equa l tobacco, $2,804.58 In like proportion the excess is to $45 203,720.04 for the current year, against $38,870,visible almost throughout the entire li s t of tax-paying 1 40.08 for t h e yeatpreced i ng. Where we happen to be departments of the tobacco trade. In the matter of engaged writing thi s article we have not the returns to licenses or special taxes, as they are called, cigar the Office of t he Internal Revenue at Washinglon for manufacturers paid a ve r y few dollars less in Septem J uly from the same industry, and cannot, th, erefore, ber this year than last, but tobacco manufacturers fo r thou gh in possession o f them for August, make up a the same purpose pai d a few dollars more. Peddl el"l!' q u a rterly statemen t, as we would wish to do at thi s a l so we r e a trifle under this year, but d ealers n eaf :SUTtER Dealers in LEAF .. TOBACCO, Chica.gof DL :W:estern Cigar find it to their advantage to deaJ with u s


lit lobatto -.1'(JIIIJSHBD EVERY KOBlUNG ) 1 f whom be obtained( H. Merritt, of 89 Water from $50 Robert W. of&, Doolittle of 78 W?oste be $50; .and mer him $75: The priso!ler St t who was mduced to give h es against nun, O'f!-e of a fair and proved eire d him to one year 8 liD toslcco lEAF.. PUBLISijiNG cur w, 1015 IDEN LANE, YO tt. te Judge Cowing t: m ent in the pemtentiary. OO'ILND OF 1"UJ!oL ll'l'DIIl': EDrro&. prison ARD l!UBJ[I!: ... .... GJL&FI' ........ ,: .... .:.:.:..:.::..: TII:RM!I OF THE P&PEB Ill CmftiL BUBSCRIPJ"lONS ...... :-: .I&.Ol \la""" .. .. : .... ....... ::: 8MifKN. ETC via EsoJ..A!{D. ............................................ = Revised t'or v Mouths. blunt s. $8 0 ('ohtnlll ... $Z'! 14 Jil JL,Ilnes : ,"0 Colnun8 4-2 2.4 14 14 4 Z5 218 Lines Otn < ,Hlunan .. &0 1'"0. 5 t.S Lines 01el' 'l'wo <.;olutnlt.s.. 80 J,l .,.. Oue C<>lumn ... ... 160 ..... s o ..... 50 .5 'Llu !'ove' r T,vo ... 16 u.t bott.out. ol Page .. AGE. PECIAL ADVERTISEMENTS ON FIRST 6,. Year. I CJ.'""o -W\dEl coltnnu8 .... ...... ..... lll Lines-h .. . .. .. 55 .... 311AT'rE& PAGE. Six Throe ..f.::.':-. )[ouths. M p2if td c lumnA asr. S4a s !f(lt STOI!M-NKW -YoRIC. FFIOE oF. STRAITO and f.We herebyh that anrj infringeC1gars, and t e.pu I. Re istered Trade-mark No. ment of our .l-2s which trade-mark con 5,680, uated February YMBOL APPLIED DlREC'ILY _TO A. sists of a RECTANGULAR s nufacturing or sale of Cigars CIGA!J-, either bydtbe IPk_ will be rigidly prosecuted by bearmg such tra e-mar us. bl" h this notice in THE LEAF/' thde We pu IS J, 1 the Chicago Lea an United States. Tobaj,o Grocers' Review, 80 Western Toba11{)cho and no one can claim to that all sha ave n have acted in ignorance. STRAITON & SToRM. 814-826 C NY OF BosTON IN LIQUl MERCHANTS ToBACCO da of June last the DATION -On thhe ... 'Tobaclo co. unanimously Directors of t e l,Lerc a f th company Oct. 1, voted to 0 ue:tly assented to 1880 and the stoc o h any The machm 4 J.lnu over w e 0 .. ON NOTICES .. : : it ...... ;::o.;--ft:;&'i .. i::;:: : ................... : : :::::: u:oo sale 'of all.the propery pate.nt ery, apphances, f c., 1 all or singular, consist cere., are or fa e, machines, different ing 1n .of two P fs which no other machines and havmg 1 12x3 9x2J4 6x3, have, adapted to or' shapes, 32 6x1 4xf 7-12. A. so troncu s 9x2J4 32 frames fra{nes iiups; 12x3; 32 frames made by J. W. cups, 6x17' ;C32 Also four sets screw Card well & o., .10 h iron frames, made by presses (6 screws m eac Pkl : iron bands, segments, Cornelius & of hydraulic presses. etc. A.lso polishing po k" ckmg boxes. Large Machinery complete quality. All the lot of dry sycamore_ of the most modern and machinery apphan feet order good as new. 811-tf approved kmds, m pe r U, l1:!! Three Jllontb8 ......... : .::. .: : ............ 24.008 "J.tne SiX Month ....... ---.... 45. Ll e Twehe m:ootho ................ .. ; : : :::: .... 1.8.00 2 Lt:!e11 Three 1t[ontb8. .... .: :. ".'.'.'.' .... r. ... 3'5 .oo0 e !ll::J: Monthlf .... .. .... .. .... 60.0 tt:.e T..Velve lt[ontbw .......... 'on Editorial Pace Matter AdTe1'Uaemen Beadlnc. on the above price. 25 ee1l.fl' -- u we deviate from the a'beve Uder no Cirenmtancesp;icea. -d too were the stamps for tobacco were over, an so, t Altogether the tobacco and snuff sold rounds the month malq)s a very goo in a satisfactory man first quarter of the fiscal year ts for the ner. Comparatively th:S 1880, past two Septemb?rs were,. 'Gf 'the latter. of '"3 766,976.67, a difference mh pts as officially ., Ii A. t last t e rece1 $292,451.09. n ugus $3 572 572.40. published in columns, wereb '. _:and it is a fair th" fust quarter as a as1 s Takmg IB ield of revenue for 1880-1, .T BACOONIST -The-Anti HUMOR A e seems to have Socialist leg1slat10n of of incidental by-laws, or been up jY regulations, especially in off-hand an m b S cial-Democrats have some those where t e o s districts of Saxony. Max following, as m the deputies Kaiser, one of the few. 0 r of a cigar-shop m the German the milit!J:ry au the Saxon cap1 rrison issued an ordma.nce from frequenting Herr strictly for I mg ember .of the 1m- I calculatmg y that the Treasury Depart there 1s reason to b well satisfied with what menton Jun:e 30th ne_ e to uphold the national the tobacco rd:s:7 IS dOWD there Will finances, an t a rodm. the various bmeaus bn that b dy to be foun m be no o th bile to express or enterda:te who wilt. tax was reduced to six tam a regre Kaiser's lest t'hs t:m with political perial Parliament ou t y tobacconist is a man of heresies. The fue military order by insert humor. He has Ie t n the Dresden evemng ing an he contributes'with paper, theAben,,: .et this advertisement "begs.t? his pen. Herr .Do-ruser 1 il"ans but also to the m1h commend, not only to d. tobacco stores." He tary, his ":Vell;-assprted "as soon as they are specially "he has laid in a num dismissed," .to IS 8 e'd after eminent Socialists ber of chOice 'Oagar.s nam sted to try the NoS. 92, 94, 96, 98 & 100 Ca.nnon Street, YORK-, ,y'. teen cents a pound. : b 0 been made The comparative returns for July aVI g d d in available as we go to press, they are here appen e full:-July 1879 July, 1880. $1 09i 580.i6 1,282,931.83 Cigm:s and 2 491.60 1, 785. 21 Manufacturers ofmgars.47759.09 48,937.45 Snutf -. : t.: 1 992' 926.86 1,803, 713.33 T bacco of all descr1p wns sfamps for tobacco or snuff 483 30 647.40 intended for export2 551 07 1 782.07 Dealers in leaf. tobacco ...... : '458. 33 ..... Retail dealers 51091:95 52,774.12 Dealers m man actut '409 59 19't. 67 MA.nufacturers of tobacco.--1 256: 2 5 1,124.02 Peddlers of tobacco.-48 192.62 71,704.03 Cigarettes ---__ ._ .. _ The several sums, it will be noticed, foot up $10,605, 144.75, equal to $42,420,5'79. Every month thus far shows an increased business over that of the same periods last year. The total receipts from internal revenue since the commencement of the current fiscal year up to and in cluding Thursday last amount to $48,240,768. The re C'eipts fer the corresponding period of the previous fis cal year amounted to $43,780,93a, showing an increase in favoJ: ef the cur,rent flfil(la). year of $4,4591833. MINOR EDITORIALS AND NEWS ITEMS. Diru:OT !KPORTS.-The Becker Brothers, of Baltimore, received per steamer Saratoga, from Havana, 176 bales leaf tobacco on Wednesday. W A.NTED.-A. first-class salesman for the West by a prominent cigar manufacturing firm in New York. Address, with terms, etc., P. 0. Box 329, New York. 821-822 GooD WoRK,-Messrs. J. S. Gans' Son & Co., tobacco brokers, sold this week over 2,200 cases 1879 Pennsylvania tobacco, including ],,000 cases to G. Falk & Bro., 650 cases to Foster, Hilson & Co., and 450 cases to a prominent Water Street jobber. CALLED.-Mr. B. P. Frankfort, of the prominent Amsterdam firm of Urbach & Frankfort, leaf tobacco mercbants, who has been in town for several days, favoredus with a call on Monday. Mr. Frankfort is here in the interest of his house, and will remain in this country for a month or six weeks from this time. A CASE OF SWINDLING. -Mr. Fred. J. Kaldenberg, manufacturer and dealer in meershaum goods, of 125 Fulton Street, was greatly surprised.lately when he as certained that some party ,had been collecting in his name various sums of money from different parties in other cities. This led to the arrest of one Henry Merz by a detective, who was detailed to work up the case Merz was formerly in the employ of Mr. Kaldenberg. He is charged with swindling, among others, the follow ing persons of the following amounts: J. A.. Foster, Providence, $195; F. Stearns. Detro it, $500; Stender & Franklin, $152; W. E. Kuhn, Cincinnati, $350. SUMATRA. TOBACCO.-An experienc ed dealer to Sumatra tobacco, said to us at an interview :-The Sumatra crop of 1879 was about 60,000 bales of 175 pounds each, all of which has been sold, with the ex ception of about 5,000 bales, which will be on the mar ket before the end of this month-November. Of the 1880 crop nothing is expected to arrive in Holland before next :March. Prices, as indicated by sales in October-up to the 6th of that month, at least, in which 10,000 bales were offered-ruled from 10 to 20 per cent. higher than in the or Look ing ahead, and takmg mto consideratiOn the mmeased f avor in which Sumatra l eaf is held by manufacturers and dealers in Europe, I judge that the next season's business in this article will be an increased one. TRADE IN BALTIMORE.-Mr. Graff telegraphed us yes terday as follows :-Ohio-The French contract fo1 3,560 bhds has been filled, mostly with 1878 crop, by Messrs. Boninger Bros. About 2,000 hhds, chiefly low grades of 1878 and 1879, have presumably been talctm for Duisberg. Very little bought for Bremen and the other open markets. Stock in first hands, 5,000 hdds, mostly 1879 crop. Ma1"Yland-The amount for the French contract (101000 hhds) nearly all bought. Very little has been bougnt for Bremen. Holland has taken the usual quantity, but presented rather a dull market throughout. More than the usual quantity has been purchased for England, the 1879 crop containing much tobacco suitable for that market. Stock in first hands, 5,000 hhds, principally of the 1879 crop, of fair to good quality. SENTENCED FOR SWINDLING.-Leopold Gross, a cigar dealer, who gave his residence as 17 Thompson Street, was arraigned in the Court of General Sessions on Tuesday on an indictment charging him with obtaining mone:J( by false pretenses. The prisoner was charged with swindling a large number of merchants by obtain ing money on packages of Havana cigars, which he al leged were in the hands of express companies. His plan was to deposit a certain number of boxes of al leged imported cigars as se curity for the moneys ad vanced. The victims subsequently discovered that the cigars received by them as security were almost worth less. Among the persons swindled by Gross were Wm. and Revoluti?msts.' are the "Be bel "Lassalle kthe ht cf:ar, "Freiligrath Cigar," the Lieb T ublic smiles comCigar,, and vanetws. species of Rlacently at this is beyond the reach of Sozialisten gesetz." any cause o Factory No. B, "Third District. & Th London Tobacco Trade EA.BT INDIA TOBA.CCO.-win e remarks concerning toN Re akes folio g d t of d 1 ht k place on Monday, o-vtew m. E t I dia -Of all the pro uc s AY of Tlade. of Pluta e p ta, noothe Mattei'S of in-bacc_o cultivatiOn1t1ndfasorthnso m"any reports as tobacco, MR GRAFF'S NOTIS BY THEW 8 "' Hagen 1 d b e h d of vember '.ll'Lr .. "'. s of the trade were a cte Iqdu>none .. that in a country w ere d thank5 to the tobacco tra e tercst to the different Pht"!adelphi::L'S LObcco and it is certamly surpuslll.g so common-every peasI HEREBY exten my y k and Baltimore for the on and the prosperity or d the of. the bacco has not yet figured Philadelphia, _LanC en rue ros., s piess, evm, 1 f h h 8 9 G h l B F D"ll & c d s h d & B principal packers of Seed ea agree t at t e 1 7 tl.nun the of the brands of cigars for ers e ros., ox, 1 s o., an c oe er on, d d -v f N y k E b B h & c f s F Pennsylvama crop is goo property, an 1s movmg merly made by the Old house, ,ncludt'ng the very popu o ew or ; s erg, ac man o., o an ranI l h-h fi M f T 11 B f Ph'! d 1 hi Tl a ong mce y m spite of 1g gures. anu acturers Jar ones-" I. C." and "Night Cap." Thesoleagentfor Cisco; e er ros., 0 1 a e P a. 1 e represen.-are buying it readilv. New York City and the Middle States is Mr. H. Wirt atives of the above firms-left Lancaster this on _J __ ___ Mathews, 78 Warren Street, New York. These cigars an inspection tour. have always met with a ready sale, as they are made OUR good friend, Mr. Hiram Young, owner and pub of the finest materials, and under the new management lisher of the York, Pa., True Democrat, is doing good they will not be allowed to deteriorate. work "among the tobacco raisers of his district. Every CARD FROM HORACE R. KELLY & CO., TO ROBERT E. KELLY & CO., ON our first page of this week's issue will be found planter ought to support Mr. Young's I the card of Messrs. Belvin & Sieber, of this city, who ] HAD the pleasure of mootir1g Mr. Julian S. Carr, of have opened a cigar manufactory at 16, 18 and 20 the firm of W. T. Blackwell & Co., at the Philadelphia Seventh Street, and at 2 4 and 6 Hall Stroot. This of 1>fes!lrs. M. E. McDowell & Co. 1>1r. factory is a model one, having all the modern improve-Carr reports a very large business done by his firm menta necessary to the carrying on of the busiduring this year, and an average increase of 30 per ness. Messrs. Belvin & Sieber jntend making other clint. last year's sales of the genuine ;Bull Dur iruprovements which will add to .the size of the faC-\ ham" smoking tobacco. 1>1essrs. McDow!lll & Co., the tory-at present capable of containing 800 workmen. sqle agents for this brand and-Law.rence Lottier's Messrs. Belvin & Sieber also deal in leaf tobacco; and Richmond plug tobacco, report heavy sales at a fine assortment. will always be found at their sales-11nd Eastern agencies. Col. W. T. Blaekwell rooms in the factory. was the happy recipient a week ago of a in 1lU CH.'llnBERS, and lv3 READE srs., NEW YORK. We take great pleasure in notifying the Trade that on the 1st M a y last we entirely re-organized and re modelled our factory, having engaged as superin tendent of same, LOCAL JOTTINGS. -Mr. A.. R. Mitchel, of Boston, is in town. Mr. H. Friedman sold 100 cases Pennsylvania during the week. -Mr. Jos. Loeb, the Philadelphia leaf dealer, was in this market a few days ago. This week there was sold 640 cases of Pennsylvania by Messrs. Bunzl & Dormitzer to Messrs. G. Falk & Bro. Mr. Isidore Bon, of the firm of Schroeder & Bon, will sail next week in the steamer City of Alexandria for Havana. -Messrs. Havemeyers & Vigelius sold during the week 650 cases of Pennsylvania to Messrs. Foster, Hilson & Co. -Mr. E. _\..sch



4 pohcy of this market Is to keep trade It Will not be well to have an unwieldy accumulatiOn of stock here The way should be cleared for the new crop, v;hereby every branch of the trade will be benefited Thos H Ha119 cs, D Levy 1 do Lobenstem & Gans 15 do M WestheJm & Co 1 do, Fox Dtlls & Co 3 do, A S Rosenbaum & Co 21 d,. Wm E!!gert & Co 4 do A L & C L Holt 24 do, A Hussey & Co 28 do By tlte YO? k and Hatrtjorrl St6amlxlet Lim L Gersbel & Bro 7 cs, Fnschen & Roess 102 do C F Wahlig 17 do J Delmunte 11 do, F Schultz 24 do, G H Denerline 12 do 1st week 2d week 760 272 401 5111 375 661 265 230 3!8 680 384 763 306 169 98 2 lt12 2 463 3,181 993 773 November 137 299 3d week 2 075 700 34.4 293 762 296 253 383 3579 220 4th week 1 7o7 1,156 265 3,412 354 1,707 1 472 185 4 327 3,314 5th week 8,952 Rece1pts thiS month -Western 2,653 hhds Last year, 1,531 hhds 71 do From New Orleans do do Baltrmore 114 do. do Vrrgm1a 519 de Total 3,286 hhds Recetpts this year -Western 78,162 hhds From NewOrleana 359 do do Baltimore 438 do do VIrgmia 15,998 do Total 0 do 671 do Last year, 67,347 hhdF 1,425 do 1,337 do 17, 287 do Total 94 957 hhds Total 87,396 hhds Exp't Maof Job'rs Specu Unk'n Total Sales for the week, 94. 156 49 299 hds 207 178 51 436hds Exports for the week, 2 752 hhds For the month, 4,842 hds At New Orleans -Receipts from Jan 1 to Nov 6, 1880, 5,073 hhds, agamst 3 090 hhds m 1879 sales thiS month, 9 do, exports foreign, hhds, domestic. 14 hhds aga1nBt 14 hhds m 1879 Stock on hand and on shipboard not cleared Nov 6, 854 hhds JoHN CATTU!I-The November Circular of th1sgentle man, referrmg to October trade, says -With the ex oeptwn of some large transactwns for the of Fre.nce and Italy our market has been extremely dull, and sales for export to the open European markets and home trade wet e qmte ms1gmficant The aggregate transactiOns foot up 5 300 hhds, of whwh for export 4,200 bhds, manufacturers 350 do, JObbers 600 do, and speculatwn 150 do Prwes were firmly held at prevwus quotatwns Recetpts of WP.stern tobacco durmg the past month have been very large and dtd not fa1l to sV>ell our already b1g stock of warehouses to a very respectable figure The new crop has been safel y housed wtth the exceptwn of perhaps a small portiOn of rt bemg mJured by frost The estimates m regard to quanttty may be put down as a% average crop Leaf-The sales of thts variety of leaf have embraced extra fine bright wrappers together with dark wrappers and smokm s, but the general busmess of the week IS reported as wdtfferent. Seed Leaf-A good busmess has been done m Seed leaf 8tnce out last review the sales reported amount mg to 2 954 cases, whereof 2,500 cases were 1879 Penn sylvama leaf Having now reached the m1ddle of November, It IS mamfest that the close of the year 1880 1s not gomg to exh1b1t a large export trade m tb1s tobacco, though the footmg will exceed that of last year, the figures stand mg on November 1, accordmg to Messrs Gans' Son & Co 's Circular 1880, 24,602 cases, 1879, 18,400 Ctgar manufacturers, however, are certam to be liberal buy era thts year and next, as IS md1cated both by their operatwns m the market and the figures from the office of Internal Revenue elsewhere presented Puces for Seed leaf are not likely to rule high, but they wtll be firm and steady hereafter as heretofore, and gener ally, we Judge, remunerative J S GANS BoN & Co tobacco brokers, 84 and 86 Wall Street, report us follows -The filature of this week's busmess has been more ammatwn ill 1879 crop Penn sylvama tobaccos, the mer1ts of whwh are bemg dally more appreciated Total sales 2, 954 cases, mcludmg 2 ,500 cs 1879 Pelllli!ylvamaFillers 6% 7 Assorted lots 11 Wr<\ppers 18 200 cs 1879 New EnglandSeconds Wrappers 100 cs 1879 Wtsconsm-Havana Se!)d 54 cs 1879 Oh10, p t 100 cs sundues, 9@18c 11 16 @39% 15 Spamsh -Havana tobacco was ill good request, w1th sales of 600 bales at 82c$1 25, and 368 bales fine Vuelta at $1 25@1 27Y. Manufactured -A fa1r demand for plug tobacco lS reported for both home and foretgn account For the latter purpose we note shipments of 103 705 pounds, and hear of sales tperefor by a smgle local firm of 60,000 pounds for the week Smoking -A good steady mqmry was observable throughout the week for all desirable grades of smok 1Dg tollacco Cigars -The Cigar trade contmues unchanged, which me1m1 that the demand 1s fairly active. :Boa: Cedar.-The quotat10ns are unchanged slnce our last report The aggregate stock on hand amounts to about 6,000 logs Exchange -Mr S1mon Sternberger, Banker, re ports to 'IHE ToBACCO LEAF as follows -We quote-Bankers oommal rates are 482% and 485 for 60 days and demand sterling respectively Belhng rates are 482 for 60 days 483%, for demand. 60 days 480 Paria-Ba.nkers, 3 days 523_94. 60 davs, 526M CommercUil 60 days, 1127% ReichmarJts-Bankers 3 days, 60 days, 94M Commermal, 60 days, 93%, Market firm Freights -Messrs. Carey, Yale & Lambert Fre1ght Brokers report to THE ToBACCO LEAF Tobacco Freights as follows L1verpool, steam, 32s 6d sad, London, steam, 32s 6d 88.11, Glasgow steam, 35s, Rail, Bristol steam 35s, sa11, Havre steam, $12, sa1l, $8 Antwerp, steam 37a 6d sa1l 32s 6d Ham burg steam 37s 6d sa1I, 32s 6d, Bremen, steam, 37s 6d. satl 32s 6d IMPOltTS. The arrivals at the port of New York from foreign ports fo: the week Included the followmg consignments RotterdMn-G W Ga1l & Ax 128 pkgs tobacco, M a yer Bros & Co 1 cs do Order 37 bales do Ve.a &uz-H Mn1quandt 10 bales tobacco, Ladenburg Thalmann & C@ 1 cs c1 Met chants D1spatch Co 2 do -V ){ar tmez Ybor & Co 246 bales, Bruno, Dmz & Co 39 a Levy Bros 82 cs E Spm gam & Co 120 do L & E Werthennel" 48 do N Lachenbruct & Bro 237 do E Hoffman & Son 37 do, Hetl bronoer, Josephs & Co 102 do M W }fe ndel & Bro 10 do C S Phthps & Co 27 do, Fatmllll & Co 187 do, A Cohn 3 do, G W Helll!.e 27 bx. mfd, 6 pkgs do 8 trcs snuff 52 bbls do 389 bxs do 5 kegs do By tk Centwt R".Z' oad of Nt'JIJJ JC'l"BfJ!J -N Lacheobruch & Bro 66 cs, Schro eder & Bon 25 do A Cohn 44 do E H o ffman & Son 27 do, Ahnet & Dehls 20 do Lobenstem & Gaos 1 do By flw New Yo1k and New b"Uamboat Lf.M-By tl<8 Old 8tealmskp Line -Buchanan & Lyall 4 hhds P Hart 2 do, G W Hmme 7 do, Toe! Rose & Co 97 do P Lonllard & Co 51 hhds, 29 trcs 6 bxs samples F E Owen 11 do, 56 do 1 do John Devenny 15 hhds, W 0 Smith & Co 5 hhds, 7 trcs, 5 J,jl trcs 2 cs smkg, 235 cs mfd, 150 M: bxs do 2 cs mgarettes, Jrfimey Tobacco Co 1 hhd 1 cs tobacco bags, Thompson }foore & Co 6 hhds, 10 cs smkg 149 do mfd 50 %, bxs do 160 bxs do, 5 bxs do 20 }4 bxs do, 20 _% cads do 9 cs c1garettes 1 bx samples ME McDowell & Co 750 cs smkg 2 do mfd, 3 do c1garettes J11mes M Gardmer 47 cs mfd, 27 % bxs do, 98 M: bxs do. 52 cads do, J D Ke11ly, Jr 10 J4 trcs, 35 cs mfd 50 94 bxs do, ll8 % bxs do E Du Bms 9a cs mfd, 6 bxs do, 45 Y. bxs do, 95 J4 hxs do, 4 cads do, W1e & Bend he1m 2 cs smkg 1 cs mfd 4% bxs do Allen & Co 6 cs mfd, 9 cads do, 10% bxs do, H K & F B Thurber & Co 36 cs smkg, 1 do cigarettes, John Z1tleosen 10 cs mfd, 10 bxs do Dohan Ca1 roll & Co 22 cs mfd 10M: bxs do, Augustm & Dusel 4 cs smkg, 5 do mgarettes, Ulman & Barrucker 6 cs smkg, Peter Arens 1 do P A Butler 10 do H Wut Mathews 4 do, Wm Broadhurst, Jr 8 cs mfd J D Eva ns & Co 15 do L Miller 5 bxs do G W Hillman 36 cads do Bay" i:ltate Shoe and Leather Co 16 do, H Welsh 100% cads do, }! Abenhe1m & Co 2 bxs samples L F S Madehose 1 do order, 33 hhds 3 trcs, 8 cs smkg 13 do mfd 11 bxs do, 3o bxs do 90 M: bxs do 28 % bxs do, 18 cads do, 12 _% bxs do, :.!5 M: bxs do, 3 cs CIJ:ars, do pipes 25 bxs do By tk lVew York nd Ba!tw.or Tranaportatum Ltne F A Goetze & Bro 2 hhds, W 1se & Bendhe1m 2 cs smkg 2 kegs mfd 10 patls do, Je1f1eys & Co 1 cs smkg, N & J Cohn 1 do, A Blumlem & Co2 cs mfd, P Lonllard & Co2 do CoastwiU (10111 Key We.ot -Seidenberg & Co 55 cs mgars, 6 bales scraps H R Kelly & Co 2t do, LAsh & Co 19 do F de Bary & Co 11 do }fcFall & Lawson 18 do M Barranco & Bro 11 do A del Pmo 1!l do F H Leggett & Co 9 do G A Castel lano 7 do L P & J Frank 6 do Dav1es & Co 6 do, I EUmger & Co 5 do N B Manmng 2 do Remtz & Leon 2 do, Perea Bros 2 do H K & F B '1 hurber & Co 1 do, Powell & Coleman 1 do, J F Baretto 1 do, E H Gato 1 do, Order 7 do EXPORTS. From the port of New York to foreign ports for the week were as follows Allcante-526 hhds Antwerp-30 hhds, 192 cases, 35 bales, 15 pkgs (5,230 lbs) mfd A1gentm Republtc-53 hhds 27 pkgs (4,200 lbs) mfd BremPn-19 hhds 168 cases, 120 bales BntiJlk Wes! huiieB-15 hhds 2 cases 56 pkgs (2,870 lbs) mfd Canada-97 bales Central Anumca-1 case 75 bales Ouba-219 pkgs (46 868 lbs) mfd DaniJllt West hhds Ji'renck West lndus-14 hhds Genoa-1 081 hhds Giln altar-49 cases Glasgow-5 hbds Hamln!Jg-2 cases Hayti-21 hbds 31 bales Hull-28hhds hhds, 100 pkgs (15,296 lbs) mfd London-109 hbds 83 cases, 158 pkgs (27 808 lbs) mfd Memco-1 pkg (100 lbs) mfd P01tn Rico-15 bales 2 pkgs (333 lbo) mfd Rotterdam-27 h hds 307 cases lJ. S of Colombia-5 cases ,270 bale 8 pkgs {1,000 lbs) mfd EXPORTS FROM THE PORT OF NEW YORK TO FOREIGN PORTS FROM JANUARY 1, 1880, TO NOV 12, 1880 Hbds Cases Bales Lbs mfd 1,000 858 97 71 99,308 114 5,668 210 2,730 138 442 209 13 143 42,132 254 1 4 2 498 23 6 207 2 2 10 26 8 040 14 4M 1 438 1 510 3,230 328 37 .858 2,067 5,583 13 839 1 8 895 150 191 7,948 1,183 55 1,773 1 159 2 1 7 871 1,641 1,318 513 31 4,746 5 1 247 474 6,358 1,282 1 225 4,093 78 688 27 355 69,122 1,295,778 QUOTATIONS of WHOLESALE PRICES, PARTICULAR NOTICE. Every re--sale Is supposed to be at an advance on first cost, the pnces obtainable by growers of tobacco, tbe.refore, will &lways be somewhat ower tllan these quotations WESTERN LEAF, D.IJU<. COmmon lugs Good l:;_r. Low1ea Good leaf Dark wrapJters RRIOHT Common mahogany Good mallogany cts 6 @ 7 7lil@ f%@10 12 @15 VIRGINIA. 6 @ 7 9 9 14 10 @15 @*l Flllero @45 @20 @35 @45 @60 @12 @17 6@7l;l NEW ElfoLAJd to fine SN\JF'F'. [Subject to dtscounl to the wholesale trade Ma.cca.boy -62@65 I Amencan Gentleman Scotch B!ld Luodyfoot 6'1@-65 Rappee Freach G C" 'F G Wallis Ex. Pilar 'tCCyCa "l4.&Co' St.erry Ex I uLa Rosa.' "Huelva. "Ma.gnet 1181 LICORI!l Rodied-, , ----, *Rod Dark *Rod BN{/l!t Com lugs 3%,@4 4M:@ 4%, 4 @ 4Y. 6 @ 7% 6 @ 8 Good lugs 4 @47.( 4%,@ GM: /j 7% 8 @10 Com leaf 4M:@4Jl,i 5)4@ 6 5 @ 5%10 @12 10 @12 Good leaf 4J',i@5)4 6 @ 67o'12 @15 12 @15 Fmc leaf 772@11 672 8%15 @17 15 @19 Selectwns 11 @12% 8%@11 17 @20 19 @24% Bnght wrappers, none on market th1s week, pnce nommal *Plugmakers' kmds Wm G Meter & Co's report ts as follows -Freight, all rail, to New York, 38%c, Baltimore, 35Y.c, Ph1la delphia, 36%c, Boston, 43%c Our th1s year's crop estimate giVes -Kentucky and Tennessae d1stncte excepted) 65,000 hhds Indtana and IllmoiS 10,000 M1ssour1 15,000 East Kentucky (cuttmg diStricts) 55,000 As a crop, dlStmct m color and quality, used almost entirely for home consumpt10n, we g1ve a. separate est1mate for East Kentucky, the "colory cuttmg" dis tnct. The productiOn 'm all other districts 18 decreas mg. RICHMOND, Nov 10W E Dibrell, Leaf Tobacco Broker, reports to THE ToBACCO LEAF -Market contmues dull wtth only a few sales of brtght wrappers and smokers and common dark tJllers There are very few lots fine or good fillers or smokers offered, exceptmg common lugs and double old stock Our markets:Jtas been very qwet dur1ng the past week Weather favorable for heavy sales of loose, already commg 10 Some sales pr1mmgs and lugs at 2 to and leaf 4 to 6% m very h1gh order SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 29.-The Merchant says Busmess durmg the week m ctgars has been frurly brisk, but has not presented any feature ASpecmHy worthy of comment There have been no heavy buyers m the durmg the last ten days, and transactiOns, though numerous, have been on a smaller scale than earlier l!J, the season We have nothmg new to report m leaf The trade can hardly be said to have fairly opened yet Some of our manufacturers have enough leaf to carry them mto February, and many of them have stock enough to carry them till Christ mas Esberg, Bachman & Co are now fatrly established m thetr new quarters at the corner of Cahforma and Bat tery Streets In additiOn to the premises formerly oc cupted by A S Rosenbaum & Co they bave leased the adJommg store on Battery Street, makmg m all a warehouse 75x100 feet, contammg two stones and base ment 'rhe followmg IS a statement of the overland receipts of Cigars and tobacco L & E Werthmmer Esberg Bachman & Co FalkellStem & Co Mwhaelltschke Bros Sanderson & Horn Oppenheimer & Bro Lev1 & Co J A Drmkhouse H Rosenfeld & Co Newton Bros Castle Bros Jas Lew1s AMau&Co Buchanan & Lyall J D Culp&Co W J Houston E Bolo Taber, Harker & Co Corbett & Co Lohman&Co J H Todd Wellman, Peck & Co H Sutliff C Hoffman Cigarettes Cigars Tobacco Cases Cases Lbs 16 1 31,880 4 1 18 13 4 12,710 21,840 4,960 10,B30 9,410 300 360 6,860 2,540 &50 37,280 2,230 6,570 (50 bls) 5,890 1,420 7 28,470 1 1 2 600 2,130 1470 1,290 740 For Honolulu, H I 1 Tah1t1 380 Total Imports by sea and rail -185,020 lbs, 68 cases, and 26 bls tobacco, 49 cases cigars, 22 cases mga.rettes Exports, 100 lbs and 1 case tobacco, 8 cases cigars, 6 cases cigarettes Fo!eign Markets. BREMEN.-Our Bremen correspondent furmshes us w1th the followmg statement of the transactwns m for the week endmg Oct 21 -Receipts 1,206 cases from New York, sales, 726 do (before thetrarnval m port), also 136 do Seed leaf cuttmgs Stock on band, 4,490 cases Seed leaf, and 180 do Seed leaf cuttings Pr1ces were quoted as follows -Wrappers, 70 to 250 pfgs, bmders, 60 to 75 do, fillers, 40 to 55 pfgs Trans actwns m Seed leaf were qmte numerous, and were mostly made on future dehvery, many of these trans act10ns were, however, kept private There was also an mcreasmg busmess m Havana leaf, whwh was mamly confined to the Remedios growth The receipts from Havana. v1a New York amounted to 1,559 bales, NOV.l3 Sales 20 20 48 239 11!:1 Sales on future delivery 86 60 Busmess dmmg the first part of the week was qmet which however. d1d not affact the pnce of the different kmds' of hhd; tobaccos, although tranactwos were confined to small lots o! Kentucky Marylmd, Vugrma and Bay tobacco Subsequent telegiaphtc dispatches f10m the Umted States announcmg that the new crop m the Kentucky d1st1 1cts bad suffered from frostll caused some ar.tmatJoo m the ma1 ket, and some large lots of Kentucky tobacco changed hand s The sales amounted to about 520 hhds HAVANA.-Messrs J F Berndes & Co 'e tobacco report of Nov 6 says -Comparative statement of to baccoand ctgars shtpped from Have.naJanuary February March April May June July August September October Total r----1!!80---, 1879----., Tobacco C1gars Tobacco Ctgars bales No bales No 24,343 14 466,555 8,535 12,236,085 15,446 13,444 316 6,590 10,539 855 10,333 12,661,995 8,973 8,707,535 9,171 12,838,815 15,878 8,647,190 7,963 9,963,755 6,134 7,966 105 5 100 8,644,805 5,164 7,316 156 8,614 10,232,162 7 586 6,147,445 3, 706 9,802,880 5,370 6 631,945 8,317 7, 740 340 9,491 6,693,060 8,856 8,807,300 17,632 10,103,975 101 849 108,602,923 91,353 84,989,352 TOBACCO-Crop Prospects-The severe ram storm mentwned m the postscript. of our last 1ssue as havmg swept over a large sectwn of the Vuelta A.baJo, d1d a considerable amount of damage both to seed beds and the young plants which had already been transplanted. The calamity, however, was not as fatal as was at first antiCipated, and favorable weather havmg predomma. ted smce, the seedlings are reported to be makmg g 0od p1 ogress No sca1 c1ty of them IS at present antiC! pated, although they are rather dearer than conve ment to the poorer class (wh1ch 1s by fa.r the most numm ous) of planters, from f5 to $7 bank notes, per mille bemg allowed for them m the lowland diStrict&!. Many farmm shave already concluded the operatiOn of transplantmg, and by the middle, or at the latest, tho end, of the present month th1s process w1ll have been fimshed m the whole Vuelta AbaJO Part1dos-Ttansplantmg does not appear to have been so extensively effected m this region as m the Vuelta AbaJo Accordmg to last reports, the ch1ef obstacle would seem to be the htgh prtces commanded by As the acquiSitiOn of' these at rates w1thm tbe means of these notorwusly 1mpecumous farmers IS almost a Stne qua non condttton to msure a large mop, 1t lS to be feared that next year's y1eld will not be as large as tt mtght otherwtse have been. Remedws-No complamts from thts quarter have reached us, 1t may therefore be taken for granted thai; the seedlmgs are progressmg favorably Farmers are still unw1lhng to part w1th the unsold portwn of tho last crop at any abatement on the1r former h1gh pretentwns the sales effected m the mtertor have conse quently been ver;r few The prices 1eported as havmg been p a1d range from $43 to $45 gold per bale Gtbara-Smce our last Issue we have not heard of anythmg from this district callmg for special mentiOn. Yara-A.bout 4,000 bales are reported to remam a1i Manzanillo still unsold The very scant favor w1th which thts leaf has met m all the foreign markets has considerably damped the extreme expectatiOns of the dealers Probably, had no fraudulent attempt been made to mcrease the quanttty of thts descr1pt10n of leaf, the result would have been more satisfactory to the holders of the leg1tunate artwle A. sale of some 650 bales at $24 50 gold per qumtal has been reported. Stocks-The followmg figures showmg the present available stock m our ma1ket palpably demonstrate the wretched yteld of the 1880 crop-say Vuelta AbaJO, 11om 15 ,000 to 20,000 bales, Part1dos, 2,000 to 3 000 do Remedws, from 7,000 to 8,000 do ThiS IS undoubtedly a very poor show to make at the outset of the season, and this stock rs by no means suffiCient to supply the necessities of manufacturers and the exPOl t trade unt1l the II ext crop becomes avatlable A complete exhaustiOn of stock w1ll occur as soon as e.ny thmg hke a fatr demand mduces our manufacturers to resume work on the1r accustomed scalf', and the shippers for the Umted States have fatrly commenced to operate Market-Leafy fillers of Remedtos have been actively m9mred after for German markets, so mnch so that th1s style of goods 1s already gettmg scarce Shippers for the Umted States trade are operatmg With great cautton, and contmue hm1ting their purchases to sample lots of thts year's y1eld In consequence of the nearly complete stagnatwn of the c1gar trade our manuf!l.C are very moderate m thetr purchases, on the other hand, manufacturers are still actively engaged huntmg up refuse e.nd low fillers of both Vueba.AbaJo and Part1do or1gm at steadtly advancmg rates Sales e.nd Pr1ces--Thf'l busmess transll.Cted for Ger many durmg the past month amounted to about 3,000 bales of Remedios, assorted leaf, at from f32 to f34 gold per qtl and leafy fillers, containmg small wrap pers, at from f26 to $28 gold per qtl About 3,000 bales 1879 assorted Vuelta AbaJo were taken for the Umted States' trade at pr1ces wh1ch have not transpired, b\lt are estimated to have been m the neighborhood of from $45 to f50 gold per qtl Remedtos fillers, for the same market, fetched from $43 to $45 gold per qtl and a lot of 1 000 bales ts reported to have been JUSt closed out at the f ormer figure Vuelta AbaJo leaf fetched from $55 to f60 gold per qtl. for export, and a parcel of about 600 bales of Part1dos 1s sa1d to have been stored for New York, at pnces rangmg from $46to $48 gold per qtl Refuse (botes) and low fillers of Vuelta AbaJO and l'artldos were sold to Cigarette manufacturers at from $27 to as h1gh as $34 gold per qtl, accordmg to th& staadard of the goods Porto Rtco--The 1mportat10n of thiS leaf amounted to 2,700 bales durmg October CIGARSW1th few exceptwnsour manufacturers are sttll workmg on a very hmtted scale, owmg to the con tmued slackness of the demand The c1gars made en tirely of new leaf appear to have given sat1Rfact1en and some Improvement ill the mqun y 1s to be expected as soon as they become more w1dely known Up to the present there are very few factO I HilS employmg the 1880 leaf exclustvely, the most promment JUSt now are La Legalidad and La M1el, over and above the good quality of the goods they are now p10ducmg they have the ad vantage of moderate pnces Of facto lies wm kmg miXed 1879 and 1880 I eat we may favora bly mentwn La Flor de Cuba, Manuel GarCia Leg1tr m1dad and La Afncana, the two latter make up some of the em rant Sizes exclusively of the 1880 leaf So far the Iut1mtdad factory gtves no s1gn of life, we are howeve1 mf01med that the managers me now m treaty for the pm chase of n first class vega, should they con elude tlus pm chase we may soon expect to recetve from 1t cigars that will consolidate tbe favorwhwh 1t has so long enJoyed m the market In consequence of the m txture of this year's tobacc > w1th that of 1879 which IS now employed. by almost all our manufac tmers, the c1gars now bemg turned out are on the whole much supenor to the goods of last season Ow mg to the extreme shortness of the crop thts year 1t may be taken for granted that mgars made wholly of 1880 tobacco will not be produced m any considerable quant1ty, certamly pot tor several months to come Exchanges-Owmg to the great scarCity of commerCial paper offermg, rates have advanced somewhat smce our last tssue m sp1te of the verJ hm1ted demand. We quote fol commerc1al paper Sterlmg, 60 days 18% per cent. P. R Marks, 60 days 2 @ 294 Umted States, 60 days 8%@ 9 do 3 days 9M 9%, Francs, 60 days 3%,@ 4 Spe.n1sh gold 107 @107% LIVERPOOL, Oct 25 -Messrs Parry & Crosbies report to TRE ToBACCo LE1F as follows -St nce our report of the 20th ult we hnve not heard of a smgle transactiOn worthy of partiCular not1ce But very fJJw buyers have mscte the1r ap pearance durmg the week, and these few only to.u:f.lply Im mediate or snectal wants Pnces may be quoted as firm. Market dull LONDON, Oct 27 -Messrs Grant, Chambers & Co. report to THE ToDACCO LEAF as foliows -There has been a tnfie more demand for some descnphons of Amerl(:an tobacco, but purchasers confine their operatiOns to selectiOns for Imme d1ate reqmrements In other growths termed substttutes there has been a j!Ood busmess done at full pnces Western Leaf and Stnps-1>1. the former httle bus been done for strtJlS only a moderate mqmry In Vugm1a some light leaf found buyera Holders are rather ewner m pnces dark stnps are wanted. Maryland and Ohio-In the former but a tnfimg demand, for the latter more mqmry For Cavendish but litlle demand bi'JI.F..S & l'BEY, Paekers DeaJers ill Penns7lva.nia. Leaf Tobacco, 61 PDd 63 PA


POWDERED LICORICE. of FINEST POWDERED furnished on appli-Samples and Prices ROOT cation to C. C. WABBEN. & co., TOLEDO,. OH:J:C>. F.Ga_ROIA, B BO. ---. :B:A VAN" A. Importers of .... : ... leaf Tobacco, l.67 ST., N"EVV LOZANO, PENDAS co., I X:DII:PO:E'I. T:BIR.B 0:11" IU1IX. Brand. V' .A. N" .A. o T 0 ;a .A. 0 0 0,' 1108 JPE.A.R.:Lo BTR.:BI::EIT. 'YOR.::S::. The Cigar and Tobacco Trades assumed entire control of notified that we have and cciebrated Cigar Factory, FUMAR Having secured the cream of the tobaccoJ:ropl and 1880, we are enabled to o:ffer you r'JJ......,-.Jit goods that will lie fo..nd unequaled by any on the Island. Respectfully, ESTANILLO Ca. E. H. G..A.TO, IMPORTER 01' THE "Flor de E. H. Gato Havana And Manufactm.Jer of Key West Havana Cigars, :;"'To. 104. S'rR.E::EI'r. 'YOR.::S::. -The exports of manufactured tobacco from Peters burg, Va., for week ending Oct. 23; amounted to 44,344 pounds. -The New England Grocer remarks: -We don't advise any one to form the habit of tobacco smoking but if any one is already a devotee of tobacco we urge him to use only tbe best bJ:ands There's plenty of good tobacco in the market and.tbere is no good reas on why anybody should use an inferior grade. -The gross income derived from toQacco by tobacco -growers in the United States. it has been estimated, .amounts to the sum of 22 million dollars. -'New England's tobacco representatives form a most important part of our commercial population.New England Grocer. -Mr. Jacob Hautman, a tobacco merchant in Wall Sl',r eet, residing at 206 East 1 0 5th Street, was on Tues da.y a.t the Jerome Park races relieved of $250 from his po.cket by one of.nhelight-fingered gentry. The latter, SCRAPS AND CUTTINGS FOR SALE. b nal ned John GTey, is, how.ever, riot enabled to enjoy Apply to his l ) lunde1:. he_was. caught in the act, and is now in SEIDENBERG & Co., 84 to 86 Reade Street, New York. priso. n awa1tmg h1s trral. 775'l RElVLO-v ..A..L. _,,, k EARLE, 1W'.ANUFACWRERS OF FINE CIGARS, "" :Loa1:e 911 918. S'treo"t, Have Rem:OTed to their New and Extenslve Faote..,., 2oa,. 205, 207 db Eas"t aad &'tree"t, ..... Where tbey wl11 b-., ennbled to exeCute their orders 'With promptne and, they t:ruat, "With auch aatllactlon to t .helr (;O.!Ifiii&OJDeriJ WlU lead to a larcely l.u.ereaaed baelae NE YORK, San. ,!J. ROBT.w.OLIVER, WESTHAM TOBACCO WORKS, JOHNll!. ROBINSON. OLXV'::B:ft, &, R.OB:J::N'SON', PROPRIETORS, X.&.. M 'anuCae1urero oC all Style PL (1.,;' and SltiOKING TOBACCO, CIGARS and CIGARETTES, SOLE OWNfRS AND .tt..'t!''UFACTURERS OF THE CELEBRATED CCSE:lYI:W:" a:n.d. Brands Ol Cigars, foroperl;r made by BUCHANAN & LYALL, of York. SOLE MANUFACTURERS oftha CELEBRATED ___ cc :J:. C."!!Os;--Whlch !a now gaining a wide raputatiOD. Also b'9;LE MANUFACTURERS of the NEW STYLE, Raleigh Plug Smoking,with PATENT REVENUE STAMP ATTACHED. NEW YOl\K OFFICE:--'78 WARREN ST,: BOSTON OFI'ICE:-9 CENTRAL H. WIRT M&TTHEWS, Special Agent. W. P. KITTREDGE & CO,. Special Ag ta. HOLMES, BOOTH & HA YDENS, PHJLA.DELPHIA 1 BOSTON I 6()6 VOMM'EBCE ST. :l8 I'EDE&,\.L ST. JD:A.NUPACTUBERS OJ!' THE CJELEBRATED "' ER.:KE CIQ.A.R, HEAnQuARTE:a.s FOR FUSE AND IGNITING TAPES: I Oiga.:r l Dea1ers :ln O:lgars! \ Office:. 643 Street ; Warehouses ; 636 Court Street and 20 & 22 S. 6th Street, eeerfect satisfaction will be the of a. ta1r tr1al of my ':!'he royal road to success is to plant only the best vanetres of seed and raise desirable st<;>ck, _which is always in demand 'at.high pricee. Re tail prrce,_ $7 per. 1 b, or $1 per oz. I can also furnish the followmg varieties of Virginia-grownseeti :-Yello-w Yellow. Sweet Oronoke, Old Dominion C1gar Leaf, Vrrgrma Seed Leaf, Gold Drop, aud Big A liberal discount to the trade on all varretles named. Address, J. T. BoGGESS, 820 832 Felicity, Clermont Co., 0. F?.R SALE.-A fresh supply of 100,000pounds genu me DEERTONGUE" FLAY OR for smol!:ing tobacea lllQnufacturers, in lots to suit purchasers, ai lowest figures. MARBUR<;i BRos., 14.5, 147 and 149 S. Charles Street. Baltimore. !he Attention of Cigar Manufacturers 1s respectfully called to our Large Stock of FINE n:m. SWE.ATED 1878 PENNSYLVANIA WRAPPERS. The quality these tobacC?s i_s greatly enhancec:l by ow: Re!'wtlatm g Process, wh1eh rs wholly a NATURALonet FREE from dyes and chemicals. Of dark colors, these good.s are also exeellent iJJ ql!ahty and burn well ... Manufacturers of fine eigara find stock particularly well adapted to all the1r requrrements. BARKER & W AGGNER, 779-tf 1 .IllS. Gay st Baltimore, Md. ,, Important"" Notice.,.. tO" Cigaf lannractlll'ers.1 My PlltAmt for CIGARS WITH PEBPOR.&TEe BE.& .. waa 188Ued.1n January, 1871. I forthwith entered upon the manut.alat. of Cigars embodylnt stJd patented and. ill a &bali Ume more orders bega.a to pour fu upon me than I wa. able to tw. lt:anutacturera bad commenced to infrlnge on IDT patent aM haCl dooded tho Southeru ud Weeteru States with ctg.,.. eont.,lulhg lll71m provement, I have \&ken 8tepl to proeecate all tntrtncen on m:r pa&ei. an4l I am convtnoed that in a ahort time 11o cigars Wec&llr m&nu:.....,._... uder my patent will be found in thto m&rket. I now doom It adlaable and proper to oJ!er for sale to maDntaot....,.., eu Uber&l ter'Dl8, to nuder m:r paieot. ..u these patnted clgan can also be made with an apparatua patented I>Y me ....a a lfcenl& '0 u.&e the&e )?!teUta will be &nmted. to Onl7 &few m&nutaclore there are proopecta of large aaleo to the manufaclunora ot tllcse Tho clllao' will .... n,. be recognized 'lritbeut the aid of a trade-mart When these cigars are oncefanly in the market, dealerswtll be compeJJeci to look: up tbe flrms mannfacturiog them. 07 ()QLLIIlOl'LAcB, NBw You. .nJLIUI ICHA!,qpra' (8111-a40) ;. $100 R.e'VIra.rcl. Paid te a&J' -IPvbotr bd'ormaUoa ef PM'tUa udlrlar bac oar Pateata. ., Oq.r new Improved Process for Re-SweaUoc Tobaccoe a polltl'l'e aa. cesat Flatterioc testimonials receive( from the m&' emlae' TebMca. Dealers and who havea4opC.d .,,.. prc>c-. Every De&l.Or &ad Manufacturer ahould h&"t.e a SwM-Boom Atted 'M'l under our proceM on tl:lefr own premt&et -.-This Ill :eS, f!'OlJl the factory, nt greatly reduced. J?rlce&. E't'ery mould warranted uniform. It size purchased be oot ollit&ble. It w!U be exchannd gr money returned. Our aim Is to give perfect satWactlon to the trade. By purchasing direct f<'OIIl the fMtory you wiU sae all delay aDd commtsslons_ The only medal nnd lema awarded at the Centennial wu to the u, 8. 8ol1cl'...-op oul.t. Plllc!'ll qpcu"lru>tl can l>e oeen atthe RIJgf,ll\1\11 l1 ll,iQJ,.W 'fQF'IJW'" .MfJVldTW. B. WA'l'tli'I.B, IP8 P-lft.. .. _.Yak,'a.t.q-t. SODTBIJJG :f"e:r TOB..A.CJOO AXU ODAPER TBU FOI I JU.NUJ'A.O'l'URBD BT S. No. 82 DEY STREET, NEW YORK. 4l110T.&TIONI AI'ID SADLES PUBI'IIIIJIBD 0111 SAVE M0NE --.;" '-' ..


I I -' I'BB TOBAOao -Sole. Agents for JAME S B. PAC ] .Riclnno.nd, -T-'I' -- : -ONE J.AtK: Dealers in Leaf Tobacco, -AND_::__ 4.'7 El::R.O.A.X> ST.,. N'E'VV "Y"O:FI.:H:. Mason County .. and Cutting Leaf a Specialty. J\UGENE D U COIIMISSION MHBCHANT. !J$ iJ'B.Ol'fT STlUIEt'; 1_ __ XEW YO:aK. -.--.;4 GOS' r.A V S ALOM ON. IUS. J. TAG & Sti ll, 1 ........ ot SPANISH a n d lJu!t;. LANCAS TER, !',., ,.._HENR Y F9J;IEST. ,PRINCIPAL OFPIC U I : -12 ,VATKP. STREET and 18 2 t o '!Btl PEARL b'T. WATER S 1 'SEET: '2'4,_ '2'6 a n d '78 GREENWICH ST&El!:T. and FUIJSO N RtVER RA:lLWlAD IJE.P O T S '.l', J OH .t-' 5 PARK. o 180 Pearl Street; New York._, I I Es"ta J.agB. -;_}-. oJ l : & E 0 M I w. H E L M E' Succeor to Apple'hy & Behne. :MAl>\UFA.C T URER OF THE CELEBRATED PRINCE Jll[A.17JrA.OTURBR OP Boxes, '.Lil4 Importer or GERMAN ciGAR MOLDS, (Sole .&.cent 1'or M:ES!IRS, OS.ENBRUECK. & CO,) 315 to 321 E. Eleventh St. NEW YORK. .A. D. CHOCKLEY & CO F. E. OWEN, DE ALERS IN Merchant, Virginia teaf Tobacco, No. 39 BROAD STREET, WESTERN,. VI.RCINIA, and NORTH CAROLINA LEAF TOBACCO, ... P. W. Conk.Un. 38 Plroad St., New York FANCY SMOKING PIPES -INBRIER, AND FANCY WOODS MANUFACTURED B Y HARVEY & FORD11 SA.LESROOK.:._S92 .. NEW YORK. F ACTORT -LEDGER P '-I I CE, PHILADELPHIA., Fancy Dark Na.v1es. "'r'J':N'E, do BRIGHT do Standard do do '&_ ,DARK NAVIES, the lncr' ealea of th m Is p roof ot th.,jr IIIMIIa. XnoS::ET.A.T:E<>N' s. Embossed nn Every Plus. 'J&' BOSTON, ii'Central ":.CINCIWNA1:1,.D9 Weet Second etr..IJ. CHICACO, 9 Wabash Avenue; SAN FRANCISCO 318 _Battery Street' PHI&.ADII,.iiHfA, "qrth Fronl 8treQt, -CTltAR BtJlE_SANANDURSHOW FI&IJRES ; 'iMPORTER OP A.ND DEALER IN : s :PA.N:E&:EI: -GERM&N CIGAR MOULD'S, PRESSES, STRA_PS, CUTTERS, _ETC., 1 & 181 Lewis Street, New \ .ui kinds of Flr;ures Cut to Order an4 lD. the BeN Style, T:b.o u.ppU.ed.. .ft AND DEA Ll!:R I N ALL KINDS O F L'EAP-TO B ,AC CO, 162 Pearl Street, lew York. S. Maa:aft.cturer oC FINE CIGARS, : .&.ad Dealer Ia LEAF TOBACCO -.. --. ... '85 -MURRAY STREET, NEW YORK My Bi n n ds:-" CUBA LIB'R.E.. CLIMAX.'' SCHOVERLING _BROS., PACXERS AND DEALERS IN SEED LEAF -TOBACCOS 14S2 WATER STREET, "Y"orh. 1 Packing Warehouse at New Milford, H. KOENIG, BAvANJluAMD"SiliB'LEAI TO:Ei..&.ocos-. 226 PEARL ST., NEW YORK. VEREA & VALDES, IMPORTERS l Leaf Tobacco, 1Sl.. Penr1 St.. 'Y'<>:FI.:B:.. c 1 L. OASk at 14 L. GASSEII 'I' J .. L. & CODIS&ION MERCHANTS. AND A.LL lUNDt! O F ( E A F T 0 B A C C 0, I 87 BoVI!ery, 'Y;ork. G. Cointriissioh Merchant, 1 IAE =TOBACCO. YORK; Hirsch, Vieterius & Co. LRAF TD-BACCO .' 117 WATER ST., NEW YORK. 125, 127 & S{REET' CDJ. of PITT ST., -F R E D I H u L z' I GEO. W.-H-ELME, .,a. ... De.Jerln -:;) tsuccESSo:R To Seed Lea.f, "'" "llXNUF.XeTURU"" OF "THE .lbul Iaportilr of ; Tobacco,1 213 Pearl St., New York. \ L. GIRSBEL & BR0.,1 PACURS DEALERS IN ...... ...... \ SEED LEAP '-' 19:t PEARL STREETJl r.. G .. OHKi. NEW YORV 't;._ G&a5111U..o. \ t I .ll.. B.:. l)I-AZ & CO., til PEARL ST., NEW YORF, l


I:UAB 8PII'IOAK!', <1-Lla. HA.UCHB-'UB. SAMUEL H. SPlN'GA.R... ..... E.SPINGARN&Co. IMPORTERS OF :::: A. v .A.l"'1" .A.' AND PACKERS O F SEED .LEAF TOBACCO, :5 Bu.rling Slip, New York. REYNES BROS. & CO., Commission Me-rchants 46 A 48 Exchange Place, S. BARNETT .. :::: .A. v A. 1"'1" .A. -ANDSEED LEAF TOBACCO, 162 Water St New York. Basch & Fischer, IMPORTERS OF HAVANA Packer oC SEED LEAF TOBACCO, 166 WATER STREET, }{ear Malden Lane, NEW YORK. Tho Gorman-American Bank -THE LEAF T SCHBODER & BON, 178 STREET, NEW YORK,, N. LAGHENBRUCH & BRO. IMPORTERS OF SPANISH LEAF AND PACKE'RS OF DOM6STIC LEAF TOBACCO; AND IJIPORTERS OF "'V'&..:n.a. Tc: 164 WATER STREET, NEW YORK. I ED11'J.aJ> Bou>nr.w>, Is.uc Bosl:tnr.w>, l!uaT Roa>nr.w>, SIGIII:1liiD lloalnr,... ] D. H. McALPIN & CO., MANUFACTURERS OF THE CELEBRATED FINECUT: I VIRGIN lEAF and NAVY I j I E. ROSENWALD & BRO., I & of Tobacco, And aJl kinds of Smoking Tobacco. DIPOBTEB OF 146 Water Street, New York. A.l8o Jlal)ufactnrers of the well-known Brands or Bright Plug Chewing: Spanish Leaf Tobacco, 157 -.gv .A. &T., 'own.' I Onward,' FrionnsbiD,' ann I Solaco.'. LBONABD PBIED:M.&N .. MANUFACTORY AND SALESROOM: Cor. Avenue D and Tenth Street, New York. DIP()RTER.. 011' ARNOLD POLLAK, SOLE AGENT FOR THE PA'CIFIO COAST FOR HAVANA TOBACCO, 203 Pearl Street, New York M: ... oro. KERBS&: SPIESS, Ne,... York1 llleasr HORACE B., KELLY&: CO., New York1 11.,.111'11, IIUSSELMAlf &: CO., Loutmlle, ., .. TBJDO. WOLJ', JB. E. & G. FRIEND & CO., H. DAUSMAN, Jtesident. WM. EGGEBT a co and ; ) e a l ers b 'LEAF :TOBACCO, 12g' Maiden Lane. Gus FRIRNo, N fW EnwAR D F Na, ]K., YORK. --- CUTHRIE & CO., 22& Froat IKPOBTEB.S OF HAVANA AliD PJ.ULDS, Presses, Straps & Cutte" IMPORTEI!S OF GERMAN &. SP.U

.-.' .. .. \ T H T 0 B A C C 0 LEA. F. .::->hila.d.el'PJtia Ad.'ve:r:tiseDlent.. Western Advertisements A. BOYD & CO., DIPOATED AKD DOIIESTIC AMBROSIA TOBACCO WORKS. W. G. :MEIER. & CO. SPENCE BROS. & CO. LOUISVILLE, Ky. .A. nll: ::EJ R. OS :J:.A. R. MEIER & CO., -FINECUT. -vv :r 0.: -vv .A. nll: .CINCINNATI, 0. SilO XING. Nos. 54 to 62 East Third Street, O:J::N' O:J:.N':N" .A. T:J:, c::>. LEAP TOBACCO. Piu.ze:r &. rc:s., JIJ:A.N1JF A.CTURERS 011' NOV. 13 .MISCELLANEOUS ADVRRTISEMEHTS llnl.d. JEI:<>:nea1:y. B Oe:n1: P1-u.5, LEWIS BREMER'S SONS, AND ALL OTUER POPULAR STY:JiiES OF FJNE NAVY 12 Central W h arf, Boston .. Z..c::>U:J:B'V':J:X..X..E, LEAF W hCJles a l e Dealers in .. AND MANUF ACTTJRED TOBACC1 ) 1 FA-CTORY. f The Largeot in the"Weot, 'Capacity, 2,'i,OOO Boxes per Week. ::E3:.A. V' .A.:N" .A NO. NORTH 'THIRD STREE1, PHILADELPHIA. iiiJ' A l a rg e a s sortm e n t o f all kind s of LEAF ToBACCO constantly on h1nd._Q I And Dealer in B;A; & .. t Packers, CommissfCil Kerchnts & 'Dea.lers in 699 to 707 W. Sixth St., 0. Also Mwulfacturer-of the/Vea80red Cedar dillar-Bo:o: Lmaber. Sanu>l furnished on AJIPlieatioDo Send for PriceLiot. .. A. fUll Llne oc'Label; l E d;;:tni[O and RlbbB.AQCO -.llll>-DOHAN & TAIT'l', Tobacco Aloo IIADafaaturera of RERBE DE LA REINE BRIGHT CUT CAVENDISh -.l.l"'D-, H. BISCHOFF'S GERMAN SMOKIN G e.nd o t h r B ro.nd. o f SMOKING TOBACCO. Aloo )IERBE DE LA REINE and othor B randa of ClGARET l'ES. ; .l.gen&. ln Neu' York: FR. ENGELBACH, No. 56 Sout h W ashington Square. GhU. W. Stow a Co., MAHOGANY t) SAW. MILL .. Al.uuxs"V"xx..x..E, llll A.RCH ST., Phlle.delphla,Pe.. :H.. E. &, co., :C.&.TTc::>:bl, o. r II. H. GUNTHER, of New Orleana, 9ENERAL A GENT Foa 1 C 1"SSION MERCHANTS ,....,ttnn Buyer. 'S TOB!CUO & GENERAL OJrul J OMen Pro-puy .a.endetl '"' """... C. & R. DORMITZER & CU. Theobald lJ Opupenheimer, s. E: cor. Cheapside anH. lombard,.Sts. BAlTIMORE. I t w. Dealers & Commissi-on Merchants in 0 Lea( in Bales a Specialty. OHIO snEll LEAF TOBACCO LEAF TOBACCO, E--"'NE, CIGARS, DRESEL, RAUSCHENBERG & CO., ll 2 .. sT., Spanish Tobacco, Jr. E. OOrBer Girard Ave. & '7th Str8et. A. wen for Llver.Pool Line o r Steatners and. Regular Pae k e t to Bremen, Baa m e n t s PHILADELPHIA GE 1 lmrg, Roue.rdaDl and A.moterdam. 11 S. GAY STREET, BALTIMORE. A NTS J'OR TBB MILLER. DUBRUL & PETERS CINOINNATI C IGAR MOLDS STRAPS, E'l'o. DAVID G. HmSH, JOSe & CO., H. KLEl\01, .Extenolve l!lanulllc&urer of: SEED LEA.P MANUFACTURER OF CIGARS; CHEAP CIGARS; 'AND n!POXTERS OF AND DEALER IN PENNSYLVANiA PSEED ot:TOBACCO, LeaC Tobacco. 8 E t Ch 39 N Calvert Street. as estnut St., ::a.a..z..rrx:D4c::>JR.:m, :D4:J:J. :a l. LANCASTER, P A. a. 1::1.ZII:ll.<>re, 1'\l.l:et. w-r.oo,ooo ctg ..... AI ..... ,.. o1Haad, E. E. WENCK,, G. H. M. Marriott, DEALER IN ::.?. J. SO:R.G-&. Cc:>., MANUFACTURERS OF All KINDS .OF PLUG TOBACCO, nli:XDDLETO"VV:N", 0. c::>-u.:r X..ea.d.:l:n5 :Bra:o.d. 1 f5 ::EI X GG-'UJ!IIil" ,; J. L FREY, J L WEIDLER H Ll. STEHMAN s. 0. FRANTZ FREy & WEIDLER H. STEHMAN & CO., Dealero and Packen ln INC IMP'ORTED 4"-DOMESTIC COMMISSION MERCHANT L E A f T 0 It A C C 0, Leaf TObaCCO 46_and48 st. charles st., 31 German st., Baltimore; Md. Manufacturers of Cigars r ..W.cor.LoltarUS.,BaJU..Or;,B .. D ARK WRAPPERS CONSTANTLY O N HAND. 'SOLID COMFORT,' 'TRADE DOLLAR,' 'TIDAL WAVE,' 'BLACK DIAMOND.' 262 & 2&4 North QueeJI Street, 213 Weot Xing Street. .... erield & "':Tempew }{, G. E. WA&.Naa. LANCASTER, PA. Z..A..N'CA.STE:Ja, P.A.. .,uL ..,BARKER & WA{!(!NER W. IIBST, Chl_M N. Front St""'t, Phllade_..,l'a,; N. H. Teuo; .;JOHN 'I'ITU8, 0.; E. \\', REULING, 31A Front St.,llan ll'rancloco, oat. l'IIA YO & 420 N 2d St., St. Louio,l110.1 W. Jl. HOPI', .tWa terSto il.hlm ore, llld.; Yeml. COlli' En & CO. Oe r \lo.d iso o <.B.W&:I'J'IL CHAS. W. WILDER, Jr.t FINE CIGARS, 68 Kilby 4 98 Water Sta., BOSTON'. EMERY BEMIS, IMPORTER OF ::E3:A. v .A.:N" .A., AND DEALER IN SEED LEAF TOBACCO,. No. 32 Central Wharf, :B<>:<>:n, 1'\1.1: a. ___....=;.;;;;;;,;;.;;;..;;;;;;;....;;;;==-. C. B. BUTLER, PA.CKER & :rOBBER OF Gonnoctlcnt LEAF 15 HAMPDEN STREET, SPRINCFIELD, MASS. E. M. FLACK, TOBACCO BROKER, HOPKINSVILLE, KY. REFERENCES: Joo c. Latham, Pres't llauk or s E Trice Pres't Planters' BanJ.;._Ho pklnsVIlle; saw-Yer, Walla:rd.o:rl!l .J!31o 1ll....,-t1>ed.. W. F. NORHAN, 1 W. W B ,ELVIN. NORMAN & ; .. B.ELVIN, Packers or Leaf, Tooacco. FUIB WRAPPEBS a: SIIOXERS A. SPECIALTY, DANVILLE, VIRCINIA. Paul C. Venable, COMllttiSSION LEAF TOBACCO BROKER. :J:Ja.:n"V:ll.l.e, 'V' a. Buy Strictly on Conunllon. A. H. Dealer In VIRGINIA LEAF TOBACCO And FIDe Virginia Manuf'rs' Stems & Scraps Ly:noh. 9-u.r5. 'V' a Constantly o n hand a large s upply or l!ltem. and Serapa dark, medium and bright. and cau ial:way s flll o :;d ers fo r home and forei g n demand. fiamples and prices sen& o n application. LADD TOBACCO CO., LEAF TOBACGO BUYERS, No. 21 North Main Street, ST. Z..OU:J:S, 1'\I.I:C> w. 1!1. LA.DD1 Preolden&. B .. SUBERT, WHOLESALE DEALE R IN :a: .4. v .4. N' .A. -AMD-LEAF TOBACCO, 231 l!ast Randolph St., CHICAGO, ILL. W. E. RAGSDALE, ,_'lOIIACCO BROKER, JliiUI'ERENOBS, BY PERKlSSlON: .. J. K:. Ctim 'Mereb&Dt, I!&W,I'VsJ..U.C & Oe New Yo rk; Jia!!'ltlel-11-'Y.-Irl r; Teanee&ee i B. Clark ot OlarkoTille, Ten.De.M; & F. Beaumont, PIW't s.t Nat. 'f. I BUY ONLY OK QJUIER. Sollc!ted. W. A. BETHE L. ,. ) Leaf Tobacco Broker, 6 BROAD STREET, :DI1 .A.EE'V'ZX.X.JI!J, Te:n:o.. Cope's Tobacco Plant: .&. JIJ:ontbly .;JOUH"NA.L Cor SltiOKIUlS, PlJBLISBKD AT 10 Lord lf6lsOB St., Limpool, En!. Plua& Two SIIILLINos ( ENGLISH) P !: u Where Sublcrfptlons may be addressed, or to TBa Tmuooo L&u-O lll ce. Ameriee.o Suhocriptlons, 7 5 per &DIIWII, pao$o 8jJIIpald.


NOV. 13 Business Directory of Advertisers. JIEW YORJL Leaf Tobacco War.,.__ Ahner .t Dehls, 190 Pearl .Arendt & Fring&nt. 193 Pearl Ba.mett W&ter Basch & Fiscner. 156 Water. Cardooo A. H. 66 Broad QC>Ckley A. D. & Co.'88 Broad Or&wtord E. M. & Son, 168 w ..... r. l!ldmoaoton S S. II. Bro. '71lroad Eggert Wm. & Oo. !Nil P8U'L "Friedman. Henry, 119 Maiden Lane l'deniiX &.G. -G. w. GaU & u, 166 Water Garth D. J Son .t Co. 44 Broad. G&Mert J. L & Bro. !57 Bowery Gerehel L. & Bro. 191 Pe&rl Bam burger I. b. C:o. 151 w,ter BellbiOiler, Jose]>lls &Co. 119 Malden Lane Helme Goo. W. 138 Water and !15 Pine Hirsch. Viotorlua ,a CO. 1'77 Water Ierbs &: Spll..o 1QI4-1000 2d Avenue Koenl.ff H.' 226 Pearl I.Achenoruch & Bro. 164 W&ter. Led.-& 2!3 Pearl. Le'f!lllf. H. 162 Pearl. Le..,.l>. 169 Water Lobenllein &: uans. 181 lllaiden Lane. Ne.-pr M. 172 Water Ne..._ L. 144 Water Ottlttger BrotDers. 48 Broatl. Owen F. E Oppenheimer lit 188 Waie't Bollmann G. 2211 Pearl. Boll<>b,l & sr-einecJaCCC sweati.ftg, Philip c. s. &; Co.l88 Pearl Pea.rt.'s A. Sons, 61 Front Conr.m'&Mion Beynesllrothers & Co., 4i lie 48 Exchange Pl&ce. Tobacco Bra""' C&ttWI John. 8a l:Je8.ver E.;oheUer M. & Son, 141 Water. Eller M. 116 Maiden Lane Gans' Bon, J. S. & Uo. 84 and 86 Wall Osberne, James G. M Broad. Bader M. & Son. 48 Broad Shack A. 178 Pearl Street. Man>' of Sm-o1ting and C'Mtoit14 Tobaeco. Anderson John & Co. 114. 116 and 117 Liberty, Buchanan & LyaU, 101 Wall Buchner D. & Co. 173 and 175 Goodwin & Co. '.1m & 209 Water. ]Dnney Broa. to 525 West 22d Lorillard P. & Co. 114 Water. :McAlpin D. H. & Co. cor Avenue D and Tenth. !lllle.-G. B. & Co. 97 Columbi&. .Jlanutacturert of Cigar&. Adrian M. J 472 Gran d Aloes George, 200 Pearl Allb, Louis & Co. 116 and 98 )le&de Belvin & Sieber, 16-20 7th stand 2-6 Ball st. Bondy & Leaerer, 96 to 110 Attorney Bmssel James & Co. 78 Bowery DeBary Fred. & Co 41 and 43 W&rren. Diti"gtelder & Libko, 39 and 41 Fulton Heilbroner, Josephs & Co. 689-699 Finlt Ave. Hirsch D. & Co. and ISO Rlvlngton. &&ulman Bros. & Bondy, 129 & 181 Grand. Jacoby Morris & Co. 125-129 Broome. J'ocohy S. & Co. 200 Chatham Bq &5& 7Doyer Kerbs &: Spiess, 1014 to 1000 8eaoDd A. and 810 to 814 Fittv-tourth Levy Avenue Dana Tenth Street. Bros. & Co. 268 a.nd 270 Boweey Lombard V. 110 Water Love Jno. W. 6 RivingtoD Hendel Ill. W &t Bro. 1-2 Bowery Orgler 8. & Murray Otten berg S. & Broo. 262 and 264 Broadway Prager M. W. '5 Courtland! '3t. Rokohllfl. Steinecl.::e, 181 Water Seidenberg Oe. M and 86 Reade Btachelberg M. &: Co .. 9-l and IN Uberty Btralton & Storm, 2114-208 East 27111 Butro &t Newmark. 76 Park Place Upmann Carl, 178 Pearl Street. Importe,.. of Sumatra Wrappers. G. W. Gall & Ax, 166 Water Ma.mifacturers of .Fine H(J-t.Qft.acoo anerg & Co. 84 a.nd 86 ReaM Ma.nujactu, e,s of Meersch.aum a.nd .Amber Goods. Demuth wm. & Co. 507 & Broadway Weis Carl, 69 Walker Kaufmann Bros. & .Bondy, 129 Grand hnporterl flf Clay Pipes. Demuth Wm. & Co. 507 &:: 009 Broadway Ben A. & Co. 43 Liberty Ka'u-fma.un Br0s. & Bondy, 129 and 131 Grand May Hros. 105 2d Ave. Manufacturers of Briar Pipes a'Md lm.porter of 8nt<>kerB' Articles. Augustin & DusE'l, 11 Warren St. Demuth Wm. & Co. 507 & 500 Broadway Haney & Ford, 892 Broadway BsH. A. 43 Ubersy Ka.ufmann Bros. & Bondy, 1%9 and 13l.Gra.nd of Licoriee M.cAndre"9'. .fames C. 55 Water Stamford Manufacturing Co. 157 Malden Lane 4 W.eav1'r & Sterrv 24 Cedar ln-r.porte1s Of Ltcorioe Pwte. A:rgnimbau, Wallace & Co. 29 and 31 S WUllam HcA.Il.drew Ja.mes C. 55 Water Weaver & Sterry, 24 Cedar Zuricalda.y & Arguimbau, 28 Beaver .Manujachtrers of Powdered Gilford, Sherman & Innis, 120 William R. HilUer's Son& CO. Weaver & Sterry, 24 Cedar Seed Leaf Tobacco l._tioK. Bensel & l'lo. 17870 Water Finke Charles. &< Oo. \59 Water Hamilton C. C. & co. 170 Water Linde F C & Co. 142 Water Tobacco Machinery, N. Y. Tobaceo Machine Co. 61 Broadway. TobacCO Pr.-n. & Co. 225 Front .Jla-nutacturers of Otgar Boz;u. ErichB H. W. East Eleventh St. Henk.ell Jacob, 293 Monroe Strauss B. 179 and 181 Lewis Wicke William olr. Co. 153-161 Goerek Dealer in 8pa..W. Oigar-Bee Cel>aooo Label&. Heppenbeimer & Maurer, 22 and N. Wllll&m Mjro of Old Judge" Oigarett88. Goodl\in.& CO. 207 Water. Ma.n'll(/actu:rers of Kinney Br08. Oigcwettu. Kinney Tobacco Co. ri15-525 West22d. llanujacturer Ot Oigo.rettea. Hall 76 Barclay MCJftt&/actureJ' OJ Crooke Compound Ttn Foil, Tobacco. Medium an& Tlutu. Crooke John J 163 Mulberrr 1\la.nufacturer of saver Surface Foil. Crooke John J. 163 MUlberry Manujacturet'R of Cigar Moulch. Borgteldt N.-H. 510 East Nineteenth Manu{acttLrers of Sheet ?1-ldcd and Wooden Cigar Moulds. !!'he Miller. Dubrul &: Peters :M'!g Co. 510 E 19th Impro.,ed Tobacco Scrap Ma.chine tar Cigar Manufacturers. Borgfeldt N. H 510 East 19th and 1M Water .Dealer in :Mach.iMr"JI, TooUJ and tor Cipn.r Manu.racturera. Wa.tteyne H 216 Pearl Banks. German-American, 60 Wall Internal Retrenue Books. Jourgensen, C. 30 and 37 Liberty Foreian and Dmnestic Bankert. Stember"R"8r Simon, 44 Exchange Place. Manufacturer. or f{ Fi(Jtl.rU. Demuth Wm. &: Co. 507 & 509 Broadway, and 78 & SO Meroet.. Bobb S. A. 195 Canal ( S JJ9.,._and 181 l.ewirt Sole MaJUiiJUuret OJ t1J. Original Grutl 8eGl 1'obacco. Emn'ult W. C. 'IfKPO:t'ten; of .ll'rend1'" Paper. May Brothers. 100 2a cmu.mercwl 4gencit.J. The Bradstreet Co. 279 Broadway Manufacturers of Cigar Box Lutnber. Bead Geo. W. &: Co. 186-000 Lewis Tobacco Freigh-t Brokers. Smith 'V. 0. & Co. 53 Exchange Place Manu(actwtert of Cigar Ribbon&. Wicke Wm. & Co. cor. Goerck and Third Cigar-Box Label8 and Tri-nuning. Beppenheimer & Maurer, 22 and 94 N. WD.Uam Neuman & Dinglini:'er. n. w. cor. Pearl &:: Elm New York Label Publishing Co. 94 Bowery M:anufaoturera of Wax Paper, Hammerschlag S. 52 Dey st Regenhard, Shevill &: Oo. M O e y st ,. Tobacco Bagging. Person A. Harriman & Co. 457-459 Broome Manufacturer$ of th-e Erie Cigar Lighter. Holmes. Booth & Hayaeos, 49 Cham hers Tobacco Seecl!l of ail Varteties. Allen R. H. & Co. 189 and 191 Water ALBANY. N.Y. Manujacturerl of Tolracoo. Greer's A. Sons, d22 Broadway BALTIMORE, M:d. Tobarco Warehouse&. Barker & Waggner7 29 South Gay Boyd W A. & Co. 33 South Guntner L. W. 9 Uay Kerck.hotr & Co. 49 Sou,th Klemm Chas. H. 39 North CalVert Marriott., G. H. M. Gennan!ela &. Kemper, 39 German Schroeder Jos. & Co. SOuth Charles Wenck. E. E. 4fo ami 48 South Charles Wischme:rm Ed. & Co. 39 South palvert Sprmish Cedar for Cigar Botzu. Stow Chas. W. & Co. Uhler's Alley. Manufacturer.! of Ciga,s and C1garettu. Baron & Co N. E. <;or. Lombard & Cheapside Tobacco Man.ufacturera. Feigner F. W. &: Son, 90 South Charles G&il & Ax. 2fi Barre Marburg Brothers, 145 to 14.1J South TobGc co and General Cmnmi1sion Merchants. Vocke R. E. &. Co, B. e. cor. Cheapside and Lombard Patent Stem Rollerl. Kerokhofl G. & Co .. 49 South Charlea Packers of Seed Ltaj and lmporw of Haana 11Jbacoo. Becker Bros. 98 Lombard K.erckhotf ,Geo. & Co. 49 South Charles Toba-cco. Shipping an.d Oom.miuion MercJumt.. Dresel, Rauschenberg & Co.. 11 South Gay. '.BO!!ITON. lila ... Cigctr Manufilcturers' J(erritt j. W. 84 Ddane Dealu '" Havana and Domettic .Lteaf To-, bacco cmd Cigars. Davenport & 59 Broad, Importer11 of .llavana DZr&. in Leaf Tobocco Bemis, Emery, Jr. 32 Central Whar! .Tones Geo. H. 98 Water 1 Importer d: of Oigora. Wilder Chas. W. Jr. liB !Glby and 98 Water Mcmufacturers' .A.gen.ta. Kittredge Wm. P. &; Co. 9 Central Wharf J)e&ler \:n Wf'tern Lea.f 7'obacco. Holyoke C. 0. 12 Central "1\'llart. Importer of Havana. aM Deater in. Seld ,Leaf, Bemis, Jr. Emery, ::i2Central Wha.rt. BREMEN, German7. Tobaa<:a<:acco Kelly I!'. X. Jr. 112 Arch Wholesale Dealers in Leaf and M'rd Toba.coo. HeU J onn B. 531 South Second Oiqm-Box and Trimmings. H8.l'l'ls Geo. 8. lie Son, o. e. 09r. 4tbjmd Vine, Manufacturers of Cigar Mounl-8. U.S. Solid Top Cigar Mould M!g Co. cor Ridge and North College Ave1s.. Gf;tl.'l .Aqt. 'or C .A. JocUoft ' and Dealer in Seed. L.f ToMcoo. Bu.achma'DliJobn C. WHEELING, W.Va. Hanu]a.cturer of "Wheeling stogiu, f'ipl Fin-e Cigars, Hanke. Charles. 1425 Market stree' Looe. H. L It Bro. Meder & Bro. Pol)ack, Augustus YORK, Pa. "M'n'f'rs oj Oi(Jors, Manufacturer of Cigar Boxe . 1 ,8, SECOND AVENUE, 310, 312, 3t4 AND 316 FIF'TYFOURTH S'l'REET. l-"TE"VV &. Lederer 1 MANUJ'AC!l'UREB8 01'" Clg .. s K AND DEA.LEBB IN LEAF 'l'OBACG.o,. 96 to I I 0,,. l-"TEI'VV Y"C>B.::&l.,. KAUFMANN BROS. & BONDY, 129 & 131 Grand St., New York. Salesroom: 129 & 131 Grand Street, New York. DEFIANCE CIGAR MANUFACTORY, :0. :'WV". Pra.ger,.' l!lAMUJ'ACTUlU!B QF THE 11179. / WILEY & CLINARD, DEALERS JN AJ.L GRA.D1J:S, North carolina Loaf .Tobacco, ::Ei::J:C:J:-i::C>:E'l. "'5?" 1ST. C. ORDERS SOJ,JC!TED. REFERENCES:-,V. N Shelton, Dan\"ille, Va.; Hall Btos. n.nd A A. Shufonl & Co., Hickory, N. C. JAS. A. HENDERSON & DE.A.Ll!:RS IN Virginia and North Carolina LEAF TOBACCO, :J:)a:n. 'V a. Smokers and Bright Leaf a Speelalty. Orders Solicited. Reforenceo: W. N, Shelton, F. X. Burton. C. G. Holland W. G. LYNN, Doalnr & commission MBrch't For the Purohase of YIRCINIA LEAF TOBACCO :J:) A..l-"T'V:J:::Lo ::Lo E, 'V .A.. Leaf a SpeclnUy. Invoice given If" requested Foreign Duties on Tobacco. \ In Austria., France, Italy and Spain t.he tobacco commerce is monopo. Uzed by Government, uudiirr direction ot a Regie. In Germ&ny l.b.e duty on lea-f tobacco and stems is s.J marks per 100 ldlogrammes. equal to 11.),40 cents per pound; on strips a.nd scraps 180 ma1k:s pev 100 kilo equal to 2:.!.05 ceut.s pt'L" pound; on!aciltred tobac co a.ud c gars 270 marks per 100 kilogramriles. equal to 33..08 centa pe r pound. On tobacco produced in Germany, the tax t.akin&' after April 1, 1880:-From A nril 1, 1880, to March 31, 188l 00 maRa per tOO kilogrammes. equal to .2.45 ceo's pe1 pound; from April 1, 1881, to March :>1, lSS:l, 3U markS per 100 kllogrammes, equal to 3J17 ceat. pound; from April 1, 1882, and thereafter, 45 marks 'Pet' 100 equal to cents pu pound. In Belgium tbe impoa1; )is atter deducti.Dg 1& per cet. for tare. The dU:ty is franca gold) 11 100 kilogrammee (100 American pounds equal t o kilos.) In Bolland the duty is 28 cents. gold, per 100 kilos-{2SO American 1 Jbs being to 127 kiloSf. In the duty on :l.oe&f Tobacco is 4 roubles til kopeks '1!1 pud:i on Smoking Tobacco 26 roubles 40 kopeks '1!1 pud; and on Cigars 2 roulit e120 kopeks ti pud. The L'-pud" is equal to about 36 A!'nerica.n lbs. In Turkey the dvty ts 50 eents. gold, per A.merlcan eunces. In England 'be duties are on. "Unmanulactured:Bte'.Jillled or !JU'lt\ved aud, containing 10 Jbs w more of ture la 100 1bs weiiht thereof. 3s 6d per 1b j oont.aining less than. a& of moisture, 8s 100. b. On Manufactured to"ba.Qoo:-Oavendish &1ll1 NegrWoead, 4a !Od ; all other sorts, cigarettes, 4s 4d. 1n to the dutl\ll! 'loere Ia & charge ot 11 .,.,.t, w.-.... on all deocriptlona. Uruguay-Manufactured tobo.ccoi cigars and eigarettes, 35 per cent ad valurem-; leaf.-25 per cent. ad -vu orem. Canadian Tobacco Duties and Excise. The !ollowi:ng are the rates of duty now In Canada. on the va rious ma.nuf.ctures of t.obaeco:-Cigars and Cigarettes: 60 cents 1b1 !.Dd 20 per cent. ad V(I.Jorem. Manufactured Tobacco: 25 cents 1Jlb, ana per cent. ad volot'em. Snutr: 25 cents lb, a:nd per cent. ,ad -vatorem In lieu of aJl Excise duties--except license fees-now un posed o-.i. tobn.cco known a.s .. common Canadia.a twist., oiherwise called toba.o blanc en t;orquette,, bei.llg the unpressed leat rolled and twisted, anff made wholly from raw ibe growth ot Canada, and upoo raw leaf., the grOll'.'th of canada, thwe shall be levied &ncl leoted on every pound, or less quality than a pC.mld, an ExclsQ iutr ot fou:e cents. Tablo of Weights. ][lloera.mme ........ _-. .......................... ..... ahonlt I-I& poaDda. Pud (Rw;s!an) ............................... "'',uel to 36 P?wt4s, American. Hlm.aBOIIU, IWI'L J--. co., l!I:AN17F ACT1711.EII.S OF 689, 691, 693, 699 1st An., \ Bet. 8Sth and 40th SWeta, ,.., l-"TEI"'V Y"O:E'I.K.


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