The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (10 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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y l VOL. XVI.--NO. 44. rnsTABLISHED ts64.] NEW YORK, SATURDAY, DECEMBER 4, 1880. 103 MAIDEN LANE..,. Corner or Peari .S-WHOLE NO. 824 I' 84 & 88 READE STREET, NEW YORK, Im:porters of Havana. Tobacco, ALSO MANUFACTURERS OF THE LA: 054 ESP AROLI KEY. WEST KAVAN A-CIGARS. WEISS, ELLER & KAEPPEL, S -.. aOSiBiiin, & . . . . . . H:::a ::::y ::A N A ... ... . . . .. TOBACCO. ............... ...... York. --=-j -:;-:- l(o. 33 Murray Street: New York. .. . . . . .. Mc p A LL e .... LAWSON ::::: : ...... : OL ......... ...... ... ..... lrA.NUF A.CJ'l'URERs OF THE-.. . . ... ..... . ..... ::::::.:KEY:::WEST.JHA VANA. CIGARS. -. Ha;::ana Scraps and Cuttings for Sale. V. MARTINEZ YBOR & CO., 190 ::.=aea.:r1 El"tree"t, :N'e'W' 'Y'e:rls., l:JY:POR.TER.Br OF VA.NA TOBACCO= B. SCJBVBA.KT, Q .I.A.K. Ol'l SCJH'UBA.KT, W!I'I, IICHVB.I.B.T, H. -SCHUBART & CO., 9 IMPORTERS oF HAVANA SEED LEAF-TOBACCO," N"o. 160 S'tree't, 'York. .. LAlmli.All'. lYI. LILIENTHAL. 8e CO., BAYA:NA TO:EI.A.OOO, N'o. 177 &T:FI.:m:mor. "S!"'O:FI.lEii::. 00., -li'IA.NUI!'A.CTVBERS OFCIGAR. BOX LUMBER,_ SPANISH CEDAR, DOMESTIC WOODS, IMITATION SPANISH CEDAR. IMPORTERS IN OUR OWN VESSEL OF SPANISH CEDAR and MAHOCANY. 68fi 'VV S:I.:x:.'th St., Cin.c:l.n.n.a "t:l.. ALlYIIRALL a: CO., 6-e 'l>TRADE o"'t J J A MARK. ,IMPORTERS OF .A..:N' A. TOBACCO, ::1.6 'Y'O:FI.:a;:. -------AEWE-"'?ZJJ. C we & DONALDSON. BROTHER. S, S'tea:rn. L:l. 'thographi.c Pri.n. 'ters, TOBACCO LABELS AND SHOW CARDS tt. o. Box 2'2'91.] ""![ ::J:>EISIO:FI.X:E"TXON', [N o Labe l kept Ia Stoek, WILLIAK WICKE, AUG. ROESLER \CKE & co., CIGAR BOX MANUFACTURERS, Cor. Goerck & Third Sts., "YOR.K.. PRICE LIST OF CIGAR .RIBBONS. .._. T.U.w ............... Eztft ... 5-81oroa4, 't07u U.'l& ............... JI'o. 1 .... 5-8 'tO 7cb L&6 ........ ....... 2 .... 6-8 'tO 7d l-'6 ............... Ia .. 5 'JO 7cb 1.14 ...... ........ a .... s-a 'JO Tc\!1 1.25 ._. -... ................. 1 ..... s-a .. 'J07u 1.80 .. .......................... 5-8 .. 't074a 1.60 ......... .... a .... s-a 10 7u 1.30 lllo!paaola ........................ 1 .... s-a .. 'Jo7a. 1.80 ...................... 2 .... s-a 10 7u 1.60 .. .... ... .... .. .. .. .. .. a .... 5 10 ,.a. LaO Jl'anoew :a.c1..... ... ..... .. .. 1 .... 4-8 '1'0 yu 1.3& .. ........................ 4-8 .. '70 ,. .. 1.20 .. .. .. .... .... ... .. .. a ..... 4-8 .. '70 ydo 0.8& .__. Yellow ............ 1 ..... 4-8 '%0yda 1.30 ................... 4 .. '%0yda 1.20 ......... ... a .... 4 'JO yda 0.80 a.. Becl ...................... a-s 'lO ,. .. o.'lo Y .now ................ a-s '70 yu -tl.M (CJaico) .. 1 .... 8 34 yda 1.10 .,-. ICJdoo) .. 2 .... 8 34 yu 0.96 ...,._ 'Jf.a............. 1 .... '7-8 3474a l.liO .. .............. 2 .... 7-8 .. 34,.... 1.20 J> ............. a .... 1a-15" 34 7a. 1.10 ...... : ...... to .... Ia-16" 347a. 1. .. ............ "15 .... 7-8 .. 34y4a 0.90 .. ............. "to .... 13-16 .. 34 ,... 0.80 ............. "60 .... 13-16" 3471ls o.,r. .. ............. "1,00 .. 6 34,-a. 0.3:-; TeL Bed Stri ..... t o .. 13" 34 yu o -oo .. .. ... .. .. "1oo .. 5-s .. 847cb 0.4o .. :ouoooo .. ) .'tS M 3j yda 1. .. ............ 13-18 .. 34, 7d.a 1..1& .._.B.a DwttJL7eUcnr ....... li-ll .. 70yu 1.56 '.. m K1 .. 6 .. 'tO :rU 1.40 ........ ri 4 70 ,... Lao .._. Y.U. ...I wHla 'blee4lc-. .... &a 'JOyu J.N,' .. -Da .. :red .. .. .. 5 .. '%0 J'd Ld f 11 Da M nd, wJdte aad .......... 1-8 .. '%0yda L66 Jl'edeCa .................. ,. ............. 6 607 .. Extra 8tylee of Ribbons Made to Order. RIBBONS.CUT & PRINTED ANY SIZE AND.STYLE. .I.U 01'41...-. Promp&IJ' aEeeac.d. Tel'lll c ..... Prices of Cigar Boll8s and Samples of Ribbons Sent ., Application. I WM. DEMUTH & C O. K&NUI'A<1l'UREBS QJ' MEERSCHAUM, BRIAR AND A.PPLEWOOD PIPJI2, -.AND--I?dJ'ORTERS OF SMOKERS' 607 & 609 Broadway, 78 & 80 MERCER STREET, CIGAR BOX LUMBER! SPECIAL PRICES to all Parties ordering 20,00() Feet And upwardo. BeiDg IOLB li'I:&.NUI!A.CJTUBEBS of the celebrated perfectly sm09th and thoroughly seasoned Cut and Press-Dried Lumber, We ean o ffer to all manufacturen: extra tD.ducements in the line of Cigar l:Jo:z: Ced&r Boards .and Veneers, Poplar. Sycamore, Butternut and Mahogany, also In Panel Woods and Brush Stock. Our Uedar Veneers applied 1<> Poplar Is .muc h pntferred to Imitation Cedar. ppFull line FOREIGN and DOlii:ESTICJ WOODS In Logs, Plank, Boards and Veneers. Send ror Cla1alope aa4 Lla1. Geo. W .. Read & Co., I 88 to 200 Lewis St York. HAVANA TOBACCO. Any lnfring!"ment upon this TRADEMARK *----* : & Will be prosecuted to the full Extent of the Law. OJI!"::IP:J:OE : .WElL & CO., l:JY:POR. TER.S. J Hav....,. 111118. :JD:a 1 PJdlad.iphla, 1818. S. FUGUET & SONS, Jl'o 231 CHESTNUT sri, PHILADELPHIA, -J;ota'blhhed 1836.s. LINrNGTON'S SONS, DriPOBTERS OF IMPORTERS OF HAVANA CIGARS Cigars & Leaf Tobacco 218 Front Street, New York. GBNERAL AGJ:.NT8 FOB SEIDENBERG'S CIGARS. AL80 IIU.Nll'J'AC'IUBEBS OF Fine Domestic Cigars. Sole A.cent ror Havana Braacb oC 'Paul and VIrginia, La Celba, La Desabler Desaflo and Flor Selecta. SUCCESSOR TO A.. HEN & CO. IMPORTER OF MEERSCHAUM, BRIAR AND CLAY PIPES, SPECIALTY OF M:ANUF ACTURER SMOKERS' -QF--AND-, TOBACCONISTS' SUPPLIES. WOODEN SHOW FIGURES. l'llanafiLetllJ'ert> A.pa1 ror Sale ot' aJI Popalar Br .. u oC VIRGINIA, NORTH CAROLINA & WESTERN MANUFActURED, SMOKING & FINE-CUT TOBACCOS, Depo1 f'or ALLEN & GINTEBII Rlelamood, Va,, Branu or Smoklac Tolleeo and Cllcare11e; :1, W. C.t.B-LL'S "LONE :SACK," ''BROWN DICK," etc.; 1 E. T, PILKINTON' k CO.'S Celebrated'' F:fl{!ITS A.ND FLOWERS" Smoklac Tobaeeo; li'IA.BBUKG BBOS.' "SE.t.L OF NORTH CA.BOLIN.t.,, I PERIQUE, e Proaeeote d w Full Extent of the Law proYlde .. ror ln a11clo eae .. A new and beautiful article .of Foil for & Cigar Manufacturers, Druggists; Floris;s, &c Furnlhe4 Platn or Ia FaaeJ' Det&n Color and Oraamenta&Jon, .t.LSO l'IIANUFA.()TUREB OF P"U.:re T:b1 'a.:n.d. 01:b.e:r Potln. Rolled to aoy Gaup and CJut '&o Size. PriJ&tlaa: oJ& Tbll'oU 1n Bro...., aad Colora. Bottle all abea, Plaia .._a Colored, O:!Boo: 168 JWI:UX..:B:ID:FI.R.Y' 1i'r.J 91! b f From the Palatinate it is reported that the business lt '. g at t g t a in 1879 tobacco is rather limited, although the quality of the crop is deemed superior to that of 1880. But .. NEW YORK, SATURDAY. DECEMBER 4, 1 880. there is a considerabl e demand for the new growth of this kind as Sandgrtlplperi, and nearly the GERMAN CROP REPORTS. whole stock has been disposed of. The plante::s are : A. cm;esponden t wr:iting f r om Mannheim, reports well satisfie d with the prices obtained. that a lively demand for the new crop continues. In the districts of Breisgau and Hesselheim the price reTOBACCO CIRCULARS DISCONTINUED. alized is about 36 marks per 50 kilogrammes, and Appended to their,monthly circulars, which appear about 25 to 30 marks for hailstruck lots, exclusive of in other columns. are announcements made by Messrs. the tax, amounting to about 8 marks per 50 kilos. In J. S Gans' Son & Co and Messrs. 1L .Rader & Son, the districts of Schniarzach, Gamhurst and Willstaedt leaf tobacco brokers, that they have respectively con produce rs' decline to sell their crops at these prices. In eluded to discontinue the publication of their monthly Heddesheiin about 300 cwts of the new crop, in a tobacco .circu lars. The current issue is the last that rather damaged condition, were disposed of at the will emanate for the present from the firm of J. S rate of 82 to 84 marks per cwt. Gans' Son & Co., and after their annual of January 1, A. correspondent, writing from Mnnnheim under da.te 1881 no further immediate ed ition is to be expected of Nov. 7, says:-During the past week most of the from M. Eade r & Son. This inte lligence will be re new crop of the district of the Buehlerthal was disceived with regret by many persons identified with posed of at 35 40 marks per 50 kilos These prices the tobacco industry who have oeen accustomed for are deemed very high, especially when it is consid ered j may years to welcome these gratuiLous chronicles that the quality of the 1880 crop is inferior to that of and abstracts" of the movements of the tobacco trade 1879. At Heddesheim, Viernheim, Lorsch imd Lam of this city. The reason assigned for the determina persheim some of the new crop was disposed of at tion of these gentlemen is the circumstance that the prices ranging from 33 to 38 marks per 50 kilogra=es, weekly tobacco trade have made th_eir periodi exclusive of the tax. Another correspondent states cals less of a than they were formerly, and that in. the districts of Heddesheim, Viernheim, Lorsch the position thus assumed is undoubtedly a tenablo and Lampersheim, about 4,000 cwts of the new crop one. Neverth,eless, their assistance, while withheld, has been disposed of at prices rnnging from 30 to 35 will be missed by tradesmen and journalists alike, as marks per 50 kilos. their resumes have always been helpful_aids of both SV1'1:ER BROS., Dealers iD LEAF TOBACCO, Chicago, D1. W esteru. Manufacturers wW fllld lt to their advantage to deal with w


2 PUBLIBHliD EVBBY IIA'l'DBDAY JlOlUIING BY 11THE,TDBACCO LEAF" PUBLISHING COMPANY, 106 MArDEN LAN., jNEW YORK. coRNEll oF lm!DT. .-wARD BURKE EDITOR. .JOHN G GRAFF llmlnfas AQUAL SUBSCRIPTIONS ABROAD. J4 Llne8 One C<>lnmn 14 over lnro Collunns 28 Ltue One (Jolunut 28 Lines over T\vo ()ohtnuuJ .56 LhlC8 Ouo Colutnn 58 Line over Two Co1nmn One Line at bottoiD oC Page 'Vader ao Ctrcv.matancn will....., deviate from the abeve PrieM. People to whom these two Circulars have regularly come, like Christmas offermgs, have, perhaps, never given a thought to the subJect of the amount of labor involved in their preparatiOn, yet each ed1t10n has required much correspondence, much attentiOn and special knowledge, and many rmles of travel in the collectiOn of data to adapt them to the pubhc need THE ToBACCO LEAF thanks both of these sterlmg :firms for the help they have given to 1t m past years, and IS recon-.:iled to the d1suse of their Circulars solely by their assurance that they will conhnue to garner stat1stws as heretofore and d18pense them when ap plied for THE DOUBLE TAX ON PERIQUE TOBACCO. A mamfest anomaly m our mternal revenue tax system IS the bifold ta.x to which Perique tobacco 1s sub jected This variety of tobacco is grown in the State of Louisiana, mamly m St James Par18h. The quantity annually produced is small, amountUig m the aggre gate to only a few thousand pounds, but the article IS so highly esteemed in tobacco-consummg cirCles every where that Its growth and sale might be very mate rially augmented if 1t were put in the matter of tax ation on an equality w1th other kmds of leaf tobacco. Ha.nufacturen of smokmg tobacco and Cigarettes a.pproprmte the most of the Penque tobacco that 1s grown, and when It leaves their hands converted mto tobacco or Cigarettes, as the case may be, it :finds Its way to the consumer charged With a tax of 32 cents a pound, if embodied in smokmg tobacco, when the regular tax on smoking tobacco 18 only 16 cents a pound1 and 74)6 cents when embodied in cigarettes weighing not more than three pounds per thousand. No other tobacco raised in the Umted States has to encounter m the Un1ted States an obstacle like this on Its way the markets of the world, and a better reason for 1ts bemg made an unfortunate exceptiOn than 18 afforded by the terms of the mternal revenue law must be adduced before reflecting men can that the exceptiOn 18 a necessary or a JUSt one. The mternal revenue law provides that tobacco pro pared m a way to fit 1t for consumptiOn, even without tM rud of machmery, :shall be subJect to tax, and 1t happens that Perique tobacco, both on account of Its m herent qualities and the manner in which It is put up for market-WhiCh IS lD crude rolls-can be COnsumed wtth more or less sat1sfact1on, where people are m clined to use 1t m the raw state, Without undergomg the process of manufacture Because of the maw pulabon which 1t undergoes m the natural state, I tis taxed m the h.ands of growers, and when converted mto manu factured products-smoking tobacco or cigarettes-It is taxed again, as before stated. But any of our other tobaccosmay be consumed m a state of nature, as well as Perique, and as they are not taxed m the hands of growers for that reason, or for the reason that they are pressed into cases and hogsheads to fit them for market, or for 1:1.11y other reason, it IS not fair, It is not JUSt, that Penque should be taxed untll1t has been act ually manufactured, as other tobaccos are when they are made amenable to taxat1en. To preserve Its diBtmct1ve character 1:1.11d aroma, Penque leaf tobacco, competent judges declare, must be prepared for the 'market m the way 1t lB found on sale, and to tax 1t on account of th1s need 1s as unJust as 1t would be to tax Seed leaf m cases or Kentucky leaf m hogsheads, becallSO of the handling and pressmg to which It had been subJected The at tention of LoU18Iana's Senatoi'B and Representatives m ccingrell llllgtlt properly be du-ected to this matter by those directly mterested. FOR THOSlil "ALWAYS WITH YOU." The sick and mfl.rm are always with us. Being help less they need and deserve the a1d of the able and char itable The wealthy are proVIded for, the poor must have the usistanoe of the benevolent, or they must suffer and perish With a v1ew to the more perfect mamtenance of the St Luke's, Mt. Smai, German, Presbyterum, Roosevelt, Woman's, Orthopedic, Man hattan Eye and Ear, York Opthalrmc, Nursery and Child's, H.ahhemann, House of Rest for Consump tives, St. Mary's Free for Children, New York Eye and Ear Infirmary, InstitutiOn for Rehef of Ruptured and Crippled, New York Infirmary for Women and Chil dren and Home for Incurables hospitals, wh1ch are, each and all, popular and long established mstitutions for the care and relief of suffermg humamty, cop1es of the followmg Circular, appealing for contnbutwns, have beeu sent to the pnnCipal mdustnal establ18h ments-mcludmg the great cigar manufa.ctones-of this City. The desire of the Committee, which comprises a representative of a promment New York leaf tobacco firm, Issumg this Circular and an accompany ing subscnptwn paper, is to have the het.d!l of large establ18hments sohc1t contributions-no matter how small-from their employees. These latter, as a rule, are the people sought to be helped by the mst1tut10ns above named, and every one of them, It IS eheved, will cheerfully contribute a m1te once a yenr to the support of those among them who may happen to be come helpless through physiCal mfirm1ty. CffiCULA.R LETTER TO PROPRIETORS OF INDUSTRIAL ESTABLISHJIENTS NEW YoRK, November 22, 1880. There are m this City about twenty charitable hosp1t als wh1ch provide annually m their beds for about 10 000 charity pat1ents These mstitutions llo not, hke oJr public hospitals, support the 1_>auper class They help, m t1me of swknessand need, mdustnous workmg men and the1rfam1hes whose means of self-support IS only temporarily exhausted. They receive patients of every natiOnality and of every form of rehg1ous belief. These hospitals generally, most o( them exclusively, depend upon the annual gifts of the benevolent to sup port their work. All of these mst1tutions have been invited to JOID our orgamzaiion. Seventeen of them have umted m a permanent association to be known as "The Hosv1tal Saturday and Sunday Association of New York City." We appeal sllllultaneously an!V,--annUaily to the charitable pubhc toward the support of our common work Eacn donor! is at hberty to contnbute to any m whwh he may be specially mterested We encoural'(e contributions to the common fund, which will be equitably divided accordmg to the work and needs of each of the assoCiated hospitals THE TOBACCO LEAF. it will not because it will not ha1le, the same confidence reposed m 1t, that 1t has n<:iw, fU!d has had for years past, and which has, as I have done so much to Increase the sales m this marleet S!\_mplmg of tobacco cannot be 'urged/on' the plea as can be urged as regards cotton or any otlier staple But even if It could, why change when no ohe finds fault, or can reasonably find fault, with the present system Hospital Saturday this year IS on Christmas, Dec 25, and Hospital Sunday on Dec 26 Our first annual collectiOn last year aggregated about $26,000. We earnestly desue this year to the workmg men the opportumty, we believe they would cheer{ully embrace, of contr1butmg to ward a fund wh1ch would directly benefit them. To th1s end we have prepared circulars to workmgmen, explammg the obJects of the collectiOn, m both the English and German languages Let the warehousemen beware before they proceed too far m then resolve m trymg to control the busi ness m leaf tobaccq-more than I thmk they are en titled to They may not only IDJUre themselves, but the entire tobacco trade mterest of th1s City. The other pomts m the difference w1th the buyers I leave to adJust themselves, only let me remmd ware housemen that buyers have nghts as well as ware housemen have, and although the wa1ehousemen have Withdrawn from the Tobacco Board of Trade-which at one time they looked upon as the great bulwark of tbe tobacco trade here-t stll ?"emams the Tobacco Board of Trade, JUSt as much so as when the buyers left 1t m May, 1879. Other warehousemen may be found who w1ll JOm 1t whose samples will be guaran teed by mspectors elected equally by warehousemen and buyers, and the shipper will have a guarantee that he gets pa1d for every pound wh1ch the buyer pays for. ''\Till you kmdly ass1st us by d1stributmg copieS of c1rcular enclosed among your workmen, and by takmg up the collection for us on your pay day which 18 nearest to Hospital Saturday, December 251 If so, please :fill out and return the enclosed, and one or more of our collectiOn boxes will be sent to you By helpmg us m th1s matter you will confer a favor on Yours respectfully, THE An assoCiatiOn entitled the Hosp1tal Saturday and Sunday AssoCiatiOn of New York C1ty, of wh1ch Mr George S Baker of St. Luke's Hospital IS secretary, has been orgaruzed to advance th1s good work The subscriptiOn lists w1th the money collected, are to be taken on Monday, December 27, to Mr Gharles Lanier, treasmer, No. 26 Nassau Street, New York. We Judge there IS not a c1ga.r manufacturer mto whose hands the papers here r eferred to may fall wJ10 vnll not direct the attentiOn of his employees to them. THE LOUISVILLE WAREHOUSEMEN AND THE TOBACCO BOARD OF TRADE. Annexed IS presented something of the two Bides, as VIewed by two different observers, of the new Issue recently rrused between the tobacco warehousemen and buyers of Lowsville. Our regular correspondent fur mshes to ;.tS the commumcat10n first in order, whiCh conCisely, 1f partially, sets forth the pos1t1on and claims of the warehousemen. Fair Play seeks m the sec ond artiCle to g1ve expresSion to some of the prmCiples by which the buyers are mfluenced, his resume havmg b en or1gmally published m the Commercwl, from which paper 1t IS here copied The pendmg dispute, like the one prevwusly fought out, and, as supposed, amiCably settled m due course, IS one that ought never to have occurred, but now that it is m the arena of de bate, 1t must, we suppose, go through the VICISSitudes common to all thmgs m the nature of an argumentum ad homtnem. Th1s t1me, as before, the warehousemen seem to be Impressed with the Idfla that they can get along despite the refusal of co-operation on the part of the buyere, but m th1s mstance, as the former one, we Judge they miSCirlculate their chances. LOUISVILLE, KY., Nov. 24, '80. EDITOR TOBACCO LEAF:Some eight or mne months smce, to end the then enstmg trouble m our market caused by a portiOn of our buyers demandmg a reductiOn m warehouse fees, the proprietors of the eleven tobacco warehouses, members of the Tobacco Board of Trade, consented by way of comprormse to try, for a time, the new schedule1 that 18, to knock off 50c per hhd to the pmchaser ana charge 40c per month storage per hhd after 30 days from purchase, the formel' charge bemg t2 per hhd, 4 months free storage, and 25c per month thereafter The warehousemen (now of 13 warehouses), after a fa.Ir trial, finding they could barely hold their own on account of the cut of 50 cents m the first, and dnvmg the storage from them to pnvate storehouses where storage could be had cheaper, petitwned the Tobacco Board of Trade for an mcrease of fees, or have them put back to the old figures This propo81tlon was refer red to the Comrmttee on By Laws, composed of three warehousemen and three buyers, after severalmeffec tua.l to get the buyer portion of the committee to act, w1thoutsuccess, then havmg called ameetmg of the board to try to have the comrmttee Instructed to act in conformity w1th the sense of th1s meetmg, whiCh was, that the peht10n of the warehousemen should be granted." Nevertheless the comm1ttee d1d nothmg, so the proprietors of all the warehouses in the City deterrmned to withdraw from the Tobacco Board of TradeSO that they might carry on their busmess With out bemg hampered by laws of the board m regard to fees. The warehousemen then formed an associatiOn to be known as the Lou18ville Tobacco Warehousemen's AssociatiOn, with Mr. S., Jr., for president, and Mr. J. Lewers secretary. They also a.ppomted Messrs. D. Spaldmg and W. B Loughridge (our old Inspectors) to serve until successors are elected, which election comes off this evenmg, possibly. The three latter named gentlemen also withdrew from the board. Meetmgs of both factiOns were held yesterday, and committees appomted for conference, but after consurmng much time and many words, nothmg was accomplished. LEWERS. Edtor Louisville Commercml I respectfully space for the followmg remarks on a subject of the deepest rmportance to allmterested m the welfare and prosperity of Louisville as a tobacco market One of the great boasts of tobacco warehousemen m this City-and to which they pomted w1th pride, as havmg tended to make the Louisville tobacco market what It IS to-day -was the 1mpart1al1ty and fairness of Its samples, and correctness m the weights charged to the buyers and pa1d to the sellers who sh1p tobacco to be sold here. The rmpartmlity of the sampling was obtamed by the mspeetors bemg elected by warehousemen and buyers. The correctness of the weights wa.s guaran teed to both buyers and sellers by a committee of buy ers who mspected the books of each warehouse to see that they were correct as to the we1ght of every hogs head sold, such mspect1on haVIng been necessary to avOid cla.1ms by buyers and give satisfaction to sellers. There 18 no doubt whatever that the rmpart1al m spectwn, samples and JUSt wwghts have contnbuted very largely to the success of th18 as a buymg and selling market. Our great rival, Cincmna.ti, and other markets in the West, elect their Inspectors as we have done here, and to day Cincmnat1 samples stand on a par in foreign markets w1th those of Lomsville In the present difficulty between warehousemen and buyers the warehousemen aJ?pear determmed to change all tb1s, VIZ They insist upon buyers having no vo1ce m the mspect10n herea.tter, and, i{ not m18taken, that they !hall be no check hereafter on we1ghts. Why this determma.t1on on the part of the ware housemen for them only to appomt the mspectors ? This IS not the rst timtl the warehousemen have tr1ed th18 on. Some years ago, m 1872, I thmk. they claimed the exclusive right to elect mspectors What was the i."eSUlt ? The buyers would not buya hogshead of tlo bacco until that was altered-which was done m consequence of one of the warehouse :firms seemg the m JUStice and unfairness of such a proceedmg If 1t was unJUSt then, why not unJUSt now ? It 1s only fair to say, however, that the warehousemen are by no means a un1t m their determmat10n at present to have the ex clusive electiOn of mspectors. There are four, 1f not :five, of the thirteen warehousemen, who, to their credit be 1t said, have protested agrunst such inJUStiCe, but bemg m a mmor1ty, are compelled. a.gamst their will, to go w1th the others. What do we find m the Richmond, Va., market, where the buyers have no vOice m the election of their mspectors ? Is It not noto nous that scarcely a ho!15head of tobacco from that market can be sold by Iti! mspectwn samples. Ask our manufacturers how much more they will f;IVe per pound for V1rgm1a bright wrappers mspected m LoUis VIlle, as compared with those mspected m Richmond, and the answer 1s conclusive. What has IDJured the Richmond warket to such an extent but the want of confidence m 1ts mspect10n samples. What renders Lomsv1lle and Cmcmnat1 Slilllples so salable m conti nental markets m Europe, by which tobaccos are sold to arrive, but the confidence m their ins:pectwn samples -buyers m these foreign markets bemg aware tbat the mspectors here and m Cmcmnat1 are elected by buyers and warehousemen m JOmt session. If the samphng bas been done so fauly, and proved so satl8 factory, why this deterrmnatwn to change 1t i Let me suggest the answer Merely that some warehousemen can go to the country and tell farmers an:i dealers that the warehousemen now elect mspectors of the1r own, that they will see that nght samples are drawn, and a good price got accordmgly. They may talk M they please, and talk about their bemg ''all h, fJOO The :firm dealt m flour, wholesale tobacco and Cigars, etc THE PENINSULA CIGAR COIIIPANY, DETROIT. On the 26th mst. smtS by attachment were com menced agamlit th1s company m the SuperiOr Court, m Detroit, b1 tho Lion Brewmg Company of that city, DEC. 4 -on a chum of $12,000 or over, by the Coldwater Natwnal Bank for $9,000 to $10,000, by Marcus Burn stem for $7,000 to $8,000, aggregatmg tSO 000 m all At 10 45 A on that day an assignment executed to Ge01ge W. Bedle, Jr, who now reports thmr affars m the followmg condition Assets, $103,000, liabilities, $98,460. -The stock will not be suffiCient to satisfy more than the attachment The 12 000 "good receivable" were assigned to the Natwnal Bank and to A lves & Son, prior to the general asSlgll ment Vanous 1easons are advanced for the demoral Ized conditiOn of matte1 s, but no satisfactory one 18 _given, except thatrthey must have been much more reckless m givmg credits than wa.s supposed, and sharp has led to the sacnficmg of goods. The sheriff 18 now m of the concern The firm IS satd to owe to firms m this City $55,000 Among the creditors are reported the followmg firms Of th1s City Mes srs Fox, & Co, $7,500, A. Cohn. $5,400; C Lopez, 8,300_,_ L1chtenstem Bros, $2,958, Schroeder & Bon, $539, i::i Be1ger & Co, $2,947, S Barnett& Co $586, G Falk & Bro $7,400 Spear & Held $3 500, Arendt & Frmgant, $715, Fnschen & $833, F Schulz $1,540 Philadelplua Teller Bros $12,000 Hadley, Mass D1ckmson Bros, ts,soo Tlle creditors m this City have held a meetmg Tne failure IS sa1d to be a bad one, and has caused considerable comment CARD FROM HORACE R. KELLY & CO., SUCCESSORS TO ROBERT E KELLY /!!:;CO, llil CHA!IIBEAS, and lv3 STS., NEW YORK.. We take great pleasure m not1fymg the Trade that on the 1st May last we entirely re organiZed and re modelled our factory, havmg engaged as superin tendent of same, MR. H L. RoKom., well known as a manufacturer of exceptional ability and expenence. The greatest care has been exercised m the selection of tobaccos, and our personal attentiOn will be fully devoted to the strictest supervlSion of all the factory details, so as to epa.ble us to guarantee the productiOn of the best possible results both m quality; as well as in the appeara,n'Ce of our cigars. We propose to contmue m the manufacture of domestic CJgnn; the same honorable mode of dealing which has for so many years characterized the busmess of this firm, and 1t shall be our arm to :P,rodoce the best goods at such reasonable prices as will insure to us the pat1 onage and confidence of the large dealers in these goods Sample orders are respectfully re-quested. HORACE R. KELJ.y & r con demns a.s bitter aml sttoug Cuban tobacco farmel".B are a kind of eome11 They do not own a large extent of land; each of them, on an averag('. possesses rather more than thirty acret1 They know the1t busi ness well, they are a JOvial and uot a palLwulady honest class; they will cheat 1f they can. the end of September the operations of he Cuban tobacco farmer begm. At that time the seed IS sown m the sem1lleros, or plantmg beds, winch, as a rule, he htgher than the rest of the farm. At the end of October. after the land has been prepared, the young plants are placed lD lower ground. So much are they affected b) the caprices of the sea,sons, that there 1s only one very good crop every ffve years. There are two bad crops and two tolerable ones. Attempts have been made to get two cropS'm a year, but they have all failed. The tobacco plant, wh&ch grows to a height of from s1x to nme feet, and whose appearanceengravmgs havemade farmliar to most people, reqmres care. It' 1s assailed by three different kmds of 1nsects; one attacks the foot of the leaves: a second the under s1de of the leaves, a thnd devours the heart of'the plant A large ant, also, sometimes works J!:reat havoc Agmnst these pests the planter and his assistants w&KO ceueless war. Such of the tobacco farmei'S as W18h to produce a great deal of tobacco, without regard to the excellence of the article, leave the plant to Its natural growth, which IS sCientifically and otherwise obJectionable, for It IS on a process of thmnmg and prumng that a due dtffuswn of sap m the leaves depends, and consequently the quality of the tobacco At the beginnmg of January the tobacco 1s ready for cuttmg. If the harvest IS good, all the leaves are taken from the plants at once. Tobacco cons1stmg of those leaves IS called Temprano, or "Early R1pe." If, on the contrary, the harvest lS not good, the Immature leaves are left to grow. Tobacco formea of these leaves has the name of Ta.rd1o, or "Late R1pe In every re spect, appearance mcluded, the Temprano IS much superior to the Tard1o In the purchase of tobacco it is a pnnc1pal thing to ascertain how much or how httle Temprano aparcelcontalUS. Moreover, there are what are called bastard leaves, which grow after the leaves proper have been gathered. Just as the Tardio is mfe-.;. rior to the Temprano, so these bastard lea-ves are infe nor to the Tardio As soon as the tobacco IS cut, It IS placed on poles m a drymghouse. Ha.vmg dned for some t1me, the tobacco 18 mOistened, .and placed in large heaps to ferment. After the tobacco has duly fermented, It 1s sorted and packed. An mtermedmte process, however, 1s moistening the tobacco with strong Catalan wme and other mgredtents. When packed, the tobacco undergoes a second fermentation. Vanous wnters vanous modes of classifying the article. Samuel Hazard n;tentwns four classes. The first ts tbe Desecho, or Desecho Limpw, tbe leaf at the top of the plant, and the best, as ha.vmgbeen benefited to the utmost by sun, ram and dew, the second IS the desech1to, whose value 1s determmed by a somewhat lower pos1t10n on the plant, the thitd lS the libra, the small top leaf, the fourth, the, 18 the leaf nearest the root When the tobacco has been ha.rves ted and dressed, it 1s formed mto bundles called ga.vdlas Four ga.v!llas, tied together w1th strips of pahn


DEC. 4 MANILA TOBACCO 4 818 135 lbs m October last J ear and 4 289 033 lbs n October 1878 In the exports of tobacco there bas agmn been a retmn to very meagre amounts the sh pments from bene& durmg October not havmg gone beyond 691 lbs "hiCh we e even smaller than the scanty totals n the two preced ng yea s and the aggregate quantrty exported up to the 31st ult was "rthm a very narro v compass THE TOBACCO recent cold weather has caused some damage to the to bacco as I hear of some complamts of stem frozen to bacco Market qu et although some sales I ave been made Pnces generally average about lOc all round although some crops have been sold ash gh as 13 and 14c all round M Gt ee t Rtver Dtstnct Dycusburg Nov 27 -Smce wr1trng you last there has been no char ge m our tobacco market The last t" o veeks has been unfavorable for handling the crop We hear of more tobacco be ng damaged by freez ng It rs too early no v to form an opm on as to vhnt the planters will do m makmg the next crop but should pr ces rule low they w 11 not set a Ia ge crop SHO&Co Owen Cou tty DtStnct DEOEli!BER 3 A correSJ;londent vrrtmg f om Antwe p eports Smce I have adv sed the arnval at th18 port of the steamer Lydta t om Manila wrth a ful cargo of tobacco crop responsrble brokers have samEed a cer ta n n 1ber of bales (m ongutal packages) t en m propo twn to the s ze of tl e diff-erent lots rmported These samJJ les are no v on v ew at Messrs A Stem & Co 6 of th s c 1ty Our leadmg mland and Dutch buyers 1 ho cons d e r t conducrve to then mterest to JUdge fot tl emselves have al ead:y put m an appear ance Tl ough the samples of the cargo per Lgdta re cetved by rna l had already fully acquamttld us wrth 1ts super or qual ty an e.rdent des re ex sted on the part of the t ade to obtam fu ther panrculars as to color and I a m glad to be able to report that the very first bales of 1a Isabella exam ned after landmg proved thts not only to be extremely satrsfactory but by far exceeded the expectatwns enterta ned by those who me best able to form a competent JUdgment m such matters fu fact th s result rs chtetly due to the fores gbt dtllpla;)ed by our Importers vho bemg awate tl at Je mentatiOn (at any ttme a senous rtem to deal vrth) had been very prevalent last season Issued specml nstructrons to then agents th refe1ence to the packing of the sh1pment The la Ibabella ex Lydza combmes tth length of leaf an elastw broad ll.ud faultless cover of wh ch both the lo ver and upper parts a e most for the man facture of the very best cigars The 2a Isabella d fie s but sl ghtly from the 1a and s cons dermg tl e d ffe ence m value f illy vm th the propor t on ate pnce of the latter In fact I can safely state that on the "hole the leaf IS smoot! fine and glossy vrth great equal ty m color all ef whrch Vlll e able eventual buye s to manufac tu e veil assorted crgars capable to compete w th any first rate bra ds from prevrous good crops .A,s regards quality leaf etc last years produce can m my opm 10n be fully ranked Ntth that of 1873 Ntth thrs advantage ho vever that the cargo under report IS partrcularly flee from lUSt and worm eaten 1eA.ves The present shrpment further p oves that the Spamsh Govewment has yielded at length to the repeated remonstrances of the trade and has subst tuted for the careless and negligent classrficatron and assort ment former!) adopted a better and mo1e reliable one This c rc mstance cannot fail to be greatly m favor of buyers ntendmg to supply therr wants m our market the actro 1 of the Spamsh colon al authontres convey mg as 1t ere a moral guarantee which "as unfor tunatcly entrrely .. ntmg equally m connectiOn wrth the crop of 1873 as well as wrth those of otber years The l a and 2a Cagayan tobacco of whiCh the actual stock amounts to only 9 a d 149 bales shows as rega ds leaf a sl ght difference m qualrty compared uh the Isabella the leaf be ng partly th cker also infer or m color 0 vners wrll consequently take 10 per cent less for thrs sort whrch I consrder a very fan reduct on rne exports dur ng the first ten months of the year amounted to 6 unman Ifactmed manufac tured and snuff 1 249 297 lbs total 7 844 '754 lbs aga nst u73 lbs last year and 1 3 703 754 lbs the vear before The value of the exports dm ng the past ten months amounted to 598 agamst 237 durmg the cor espond ng penod of last year and o26 dunng the first ten months m The expo ts durmg the past month of October amounted to 437lbs unmanufactured and 1u3 907 lbs man I factmed and snuff total ff91 344 lbs value of these exports 104 Stocks m the "bonded warehouses of the Umted Kmgdom have been some vbat augmented durmg the month but wrthout alter\ng the1 relatrve posrt ons and the total for thrs year rema ns below that m 1879 wl le as contrasted wrth 1878 there rs a comparatr e de fie em;y amountmg to 20 1o8l209 lbs The stock on band on Octobe r 31 amountea to 113 357 082 lbs un manufactu ed and 3 lo4 668 lb s manufactured and snuff total 116 511 oO lbs mcrease durmg October 3 632 063lbs Monte1ey Nov 27 We have had qurte a cold spell m fact very unusual for the season Nearly an the late cutta g was damaged by the frost hardly a crop has escaped I do not kno v vhat wrll be the esult as to pnces J W F Paducah Sectwn Fulton Nov 21 We nov lave cold weather and plenty of sno Corn and cotton about half m the fields yet and but little over one half c 1 op of wheat so ved Many of our largest farmers have not sowed a gram of wheat and many others had barely com menced sowmg when the cold v nter weather set m and too late now to do well Too cold to handle to bacco Some few crops sold to home dealers at 3 to 5c ro md bIt buvers are not so anx ous to buy as last season as nearly all of them vm e bu t mlast seasons purchases and will b e expected to u se bette1 JUdgment bas been taken down and strrpped A large number of g10 ers are now prepmed for the buyers whenevertbey come along We hear a good many compla nts from those who strrpJ;>ed tobacco very early m the season A good deal of rt heated and has grven the o vners no trouble some havmg hung up the leaves agam wtth We understand a goo many sales have been made durmg the week throughout the country but so far not many te/i!orts have 1eacned us In Ful ton to vnslup. R C Edwa ds sold % of an acre at 30 cents through John Long sold h s crop of 2 acres at 5 1 0 and 2o James F y so ld % of an acre at 8 10 and 16 In Ephrata townsh p ve kno of one sale at 5 8 and 20 wbtle offers of 3 8 and 21 ere made for several lots These are good pnces-better m fact than we vere prepa ed to hear at No doubt the lots sold me among the best m the market and are h ghe1 than wrll be pad for the g1eater port on of the crop but it enfo1ces the l esson that there rs more money m one aCie of really good tobacco than m tv.o acres of a n ndrfferent quaht) La 1caster Examtner and Express Dec 1 -In our market last week the on l y sales of the 79 c op reported amount to about 200 cases A sale of 261 cases by James Prangley made a veek or ten days ago1 has JUSt been reported More attentiOn rs bemg para ho vever to the 80 crop Farmers are takmg ad vantage of the favorable weather and large quantrt es ate be ng stupped and put m shape for the mspectwn of buye s vho are r d ng ove1 the county m Ia ge numbers all of whom seem resolved to sec Ire fine lots about 500 cases of wh1cb rt 18 estnnated have been so ld Pnces pard run from 20 to 30c for VI appei s 8c fo seconds and 5c for fille s Among tbe sales re ported are the folio vmg Will am D etn c h of Rob ers town 17f acres at 30 8 and 3c In arrd about Conestoga Centre John Warfel 6 to 7 acres at 23 8 and 3c Amos Warfel 6 to 7 acres at 21 8 and 3c H1ram Warfel 6 to 8 ac es at 23 10 and 3c John Clarke 2 acres at 23 8 and 3c and Dan el Rmeer 1 acre at 20 8 and 3c In ] ulton to vnship R C Edwards sold% of an ac1e at 30c tbroagh John Long sold hrs crop of 2 acres at 5 10 and 2uc .Tames Fry sold % of an acre at 3 10 and 16c In Ephrata townsh1p we kno v of one sale at 5 8 and 20c wh Je offers of 3 8 and 21c "ere made for sev erallots Ph I p 5 Mo vry of Wh te Oak Eden town shrp sold 74 of an acre at 3 5 and He to John Rrlde brand A lot of striCtly fine wrappers was sold m Salisbury to vnshiJ? at 30c In add tron to our local buyers the folio vmg have arnveen sold at pr ces of from 4 \o 8c GRA SEED LEAF CROP REPORTS. (Spec a] to TnE TOBAOOO LEAF) NEW YORK Baldwmsvrlle (Onondaga County) Gazette Nov 27 -The cold weather s curmg tobacco and all that s not tolerably ell dr ed do :vn (green leaves top leaves etc ) wrll nov go mto fat tobacco only su table for good manure when the weatherchangesmto a warm tempezatme and agam mOistens up the leaf of tobacco rt w1ll m many 11stances wheretthas not dr eddo n drrp that s to say the frost has froz<'n the green stalks and leaves and the superabundant JU ces they n vrll be let l oose n the fOI m of colored water (tobacco JU ce) and wrll 1un down on the plants and we want to suggest that hete such LS the case that the tobacco s m the dr pp ng state t should not b e d s turb<>d unt 1 the JU ces alluded to have di ed up leav mg the tobacco m good cond twn to take do vn from the poles If taken down m the drrppmg condrtron the JUices that flow from the green stalks and leaves will water streak and d scolor tne tobacco and mJure the sale From all that e can learn tl e con d 1 t on of the 1880 crop 18 good and rs domg veil on the poles New Holland Clarwn Nov 30 For several weeks past tbeze have been a few tobacco buyers avound lookmg at the crops but the only sal e thus far that we have heard of m this locality was made by 1\'[r Adam Overly of thrs place several days ag;o to Becker Bros of Baltimore of the crop of half an acre at 5 a,nd 22c We also leam that Mr Charles Mason of Sahsbury has sold a c1op of one aCie to Skiles &; Frey of Lan caster for u and 21c These are certamly good figures to begm wrth but we are told the tobacco was of extra qualrty OHIO 18801879-1878-1877-18 6-lst week 2d week 3d week 5th week. Total 760 272 2 071i 5 500 401 591 700 3 600 375 661 344 3 300 265 230 293 4 300 318 680 762 2 4a0 384 763 296 3 150 306 169 953 9 200 98 2 lll2 383 6 eoo 2 463 3 181 3 u79 13 550 993 7 3 220 5 300 1 37 299 1 355 967 9 900 Speculators. bhds 5 957 2 075 459 25 3 o34 Su 513 hhd. 5 245 hhds Under the headmg Havana and 1ts C gars a wnte n the No embe r ,J.ssuo of Cop'l s Tobacco Plant grves the followmg histoncal sketch and descr ptronof the ever fa thful sland under aspects best titted to the mcot1an cntbusrast Although speakmg of Cuba 1 t 1 s particularly Havana that attracts h s attentiOn On the 12th of October 1492 the wrrter proceeds Columbus set foot on Guanahanr an Island of the Bahama group Thts was the first land m the New World that he touched rhe 28th October presented to h1m somethmg very different from the msrgmficant Guanaham-magmficent Cuba by some called the Queen of tbe Antrlles by others the Pead of the An trUes Columbus wrshed to call the rsland Guana others thought Fernardma a more appropriate des gna twn but the nat1ve nA.llle Cuba has preva led Cuba how aver rs both a and a Spamsb word There was a very ktad and useful goddess Cuba who supposed to protect the slumber of chrldren and doubtless she still watches over children of a larger gro vtb when smokr:ilg Cubas they fall mto a de hcrously drowsy state The Spanu Ids the name of Cuba to a wooden barrel contalmng w ne oltve ml or any other liqurd The Spamsh Cuba .comes from the Latm Cuna whrch beSJdes meanmg a cask or barrel srgmfies also a drmk ng vessel Hence our cup -A New England exchange remarks -It would be well for tobacco growers to bear m m nd that dealers are al vays anxrous to have the1r packmgs m un form boxes as well as of umform quality m the assortment As a rule rt does not pay the grower to assort hJ,S c 1 op by what 1s usually k o vn as table assortmg and be wrll get no more for h1s crop than rf assorted ell mto three kmds as he str ps 1t For the dealer who sells hrs own packmg 1t IS very rmportant that he should be able to say that hrs pack ng rs uniform Stock on band Dec 50 268 JilidP It vas Htspamola that the Spanish first brought under then dommron and 1t was from Hrspamola that m 1511 Dtego Columbus the son of Chrrstopber Columbus and Vrceroy of H spamola sent Dtego Velasquez to co,nquer Cuba Ihis was an easy task Havmg ac comphsbed 1t Velasquez mtroduced slavery mto Cuba along vrth other Chnstran benefits He likewrsc sent forth or sanctiOned exploratory expedrtwns the strongest and most F.uccessfulof whrch was that under Cortes to Mexrco In ()uba as m other parts of the world the Sparuards were as lethargrc as colomzers as they had been prompt arod vlorous as conquerors Cuba dragged on a drowsy exrstence diversrfied by epu;odes such as the attacks of the buccaneers toward the close of the seventeenth century and the conquest of the rsland by the English m 1762 The English gave back the 1sland to Sparn and recerved Flortda as an equrvalent a grft made useless by the re volt of Englands North Amencan Colomes From Florrda man;t Spamsh colomsts flocked to Cuba, addmg alike tb 1ts wealth and 1ts populatiOn After the French Revolutron a still more Important class of colomsts mtelhgent French colon18ts-came from Hrs pamola By them the coffee culture was mrmensely extended and rmproved Early m the present century those msurrect10ns began wh ch ha""e hrtherto been so frmtless Cuba possesses everythmg fitted to make a country prosperous except good and wtse government an un surpassed geographrcal posrtron a gemal clrmate a prolific sot! mmeral wealth a marvellous extent of coast m proportiOn to the s1ze of the rsland excellent harbors and m Havana one of tt e pnmordral havens of the world Cuba has a populatron of about a nnl han and a half the vi te and colored portions bemg about equal If all rts resources were vigorously evolved Cuba could support a much larger:populatron It rs not much mo ethan a h nd ed years smce Cuba s agncaltural and commercral rmportance began to be felt m the markets of Europe. \Vhen undisturbed by msurrectrons Cuba pours about two mtll ons sterlmg mto the Spamsh treasury Of the commerce of the rsland more than s xty per cent centres m Havana Cuba s chief export s sugar amounting to nearlv e ghty three per cent Of manufactured tobacco rs exported about fom and a half per cent of tobacco m leaf neaiiy three per cent of coffee rather less than three and a half per cent M scellaneous artrcles m clud ng wax honey f1 mt preserves sponges and chocolate are exported to the extent of about t vo per cent There are-or at least there were-1 442 sugar 1 670 coffee and 10 000 tobacco plantatiOns ENGLISH BOARD OF TRADE RETURNS The London TObacco Trade Revtew m 1ts November 1SSUe remarks The latest officral accounts of the move ments of tobacco m the Uruted Kingdom are not of a very encouragmg nature the rmports for the past month alone present ng an mc1ease over those m 18-9 when they ,vere little more than half those recently enumerated The total for the ten months as may be supposed was consrderably m excess of that m the p:rev ous year bemg 15 998 527lbs latger but as com pared wrth 1878 both as regards the month and year to the same date the landmgs were of comparatrvely ltght amount The Imports durmg the past ten months of the year amounted to the folio vmg figures Un manufactured 46 284 837lbs manufactured and snuff ,&; 987 o34 lbs total 49 272 371 lbs Value of Imports 3o7 732 agamst 584 605 durmg the corresponding perwd of last year The rmports durmg the past month of October amounted to the followmg tigures Unmanufactured 8 320 930 lbs manufactured 297 628 lbs total 8 618 558 lbs The value of the rmports durmg the past month amounted to 421 aga nst 915 durmg the correspondmg month of last year and 848 m October 1878 The decrease wh ch was apparent m the clearances for September last became rather more matked m the subsequent month when they were 135 900 lbs bel?w those m October 1'8 9 and even 1U6 I ghter than m 1878 The aggregate duty-payments for the ten months however still re tamed an .unportant mcrease over those of last year although m comparrson wrth ls-s there remamed a .slight d1mmut10n l'he home consumption durmg the past ten months amounted to the followmg figures Unmanufactured f 39 918 584 Ibs manufactured and snuff 1 085 842 lbs total 41 093 842 lbs agamst tO 392 692 lbs durmg tke correspondmg per1od of last year and 41 202 t41 lbs durmg the first ten months m 1878 The home con sumptron durmg the past month of October was as fol lows Unmanufactured 4 075 211 lbs manufactured and snuff 107 024 lbll 4,182 j35 lbli agamst -A York (Pa ) paper remarks Th e busmess mter ests of York and York County would be greatly bene fited rf York had a dozen more extensrve tobacco packmg estabhshments 1 Z H Murphy of Wood bme rs bu ldmg a tobacco varehouse m Lpwer Chance ford 70 by 4o feet m drmens ons Mr John Bear of York Furnace has erected a fine tobacco warehouse also m Lower Chanceford townsh1p whrch will be used th1s season for the first ttme -Col J B Killebrew Comm ss oner of Agr culture of Tennessee and also Spec al Agent of the Umted States Census for the collect on of stat stiCs wrth refer ence to tobacco has m the prosecutiOn of hts dutres as such secured one of the Ia gest and most mterestmg displays of tobacco m tlae Uruted States It cons sts of one hundred varretres obtamed from every tobacco reg on m the country In connectiOn wrth t he has samples of the so il m "h ch each varrety rs grown Attached to each rs the pr ce pa d for th3 particular grade -In a Lancaster Pa cnmmal court the Quarter SessiOns a man named Chrrsttan Bear was lately charged w1th rece1vmg stolen goods Frve cases of leaf tobacco were stolen from the warehouse of B S Kendig & Co Ur as Kendig pleaded gu lty to the larceny of the tobacco whrch was valued at about $500 and through hrs confess on a part of the tobacco was recovered The larceny was commrtted m the month of October Unas Kendrg testified that he stole the tobacco and sold rt to Chnsttan Bear the defendant for $170 whiCh as about one thrrd rts market value -The great mdustnal and financral achievements of the Umted States m recent years IS extortmg homage from tbe press and representatrve men of the Old World The London Pall Mall Gazette says The re public of the Umted States hke the French Republic rs holdmg an ever mcreased proportwn of the natrona! debt m the hands of her own people What rs more the total amount rs bemg contmually reduced But rt 18 worthy of observatron that the mcreasmg depend ence upon Amerrcan sources of suppl;) must sooner or later almost dram th1s market of Amerrcan secuntres Everythmg mdeed pomts to the conclusron that Amerrca ts steadily mcreas ng m p1osper1ty and there 1s every reason to beheve that thrs rs no ..sudden spurt to be followed by a reactron but that the mcrease will steadily contmue WESTERN TOBACCO CROP REPORTS (Spec al to THE TOBACC,, LEAF ) KENTUCKY H nklevrlle Nov 30 -At present there IS nothmg w th us verv nterestmg m the tobacco trade The month JUSt closed has been the coldest ever known to Jacksons Pu chase consequently the tobacco mterest has been at a dead stand still Buyers have not vrsrted the county for a whole month therefore we have no transactiOns to note On Saturday the mst the veather moderated and smce then rt has been tha VIlli!,' rapidly Tobacco rs no" m order for handling for the first time for two or three veeks There will be con s derable pr z ng done th s veek provtded the weather does not aga n turn cold A v srt to the ne ghbormg ba1 ns reveals the fact that there rs consrderable frozen tobacco m the late cuttmg Yesterdav I saw t vo barns m "hrch a maJOrity of the tobacco was badly frozen The stems vere s" ollen and very soft rhe leaf also showed the effect of cold There IS no doubt tbat we shall have of thrs kmd of tobacco to contend wrth than any one expected There were n good many farmers who failed to fire the r late tobacco suffiCiently to krll tne stem and stalk and such tobacco rs badly frozen arld wrll ans ver only for mfenor lugs We look for some movement m tobacco soon as dealers generally have little or no stock on hand The buyer and seller ho "ever are at present some what apart but the trme lij now raprdly approachmg when somethmg must be done A great nl.any are m the habrt of sell ng before Chrrstmas and as that trme IS nearly here these part1eb will I kely close out soon on the best terms they can make The offer ngs m the markets at Paducah and Catro for three weeks have amounted to about nothmg Before the freeze there was qutte a bnsk busmess m Paducah m the loose tobacco trade but for the past t >rO weeks that depart ment of the trade was necessar ly very quret The cold and veathe has mduced a rather de spondent feelmg m the entrre trade G W S Mason County Distnct MASSACHUSETTS New England Homestead Nov 27 -Returns of cur respondents-Deerfield-Sales J H Stebbms 11c H C Rockwood lOc Seth F eld lOc all m the bundle F Clapp& Sons 12c assorted to Hmsdale Smrth & Son Northampton-Buyers are numerous 111 town but sales few We hear of some sales n the west part of tl e town El Sylvester about 3 ac es Ira 'I odd 2 acres to Allen of Enfield Ct at llc m the bundle E Allen about 2 acres part Havana and Rude a small lot to Graves & rucker of Northampton all Roberts Meadow tobacco Austm Ross at Florence 6 acres to Allen at 12 c m the bundle S A Bottom 13 cases 79 to D A Graves at llc through Theodo1 e Bartlett South Street 10 cases 79 toG aves & Tucker at 10c In thrs d striCt tobacco growers are buymg up outSide lots of the new crop qmte rap dly at pnces Iangmg from 10 to He for Seed and from 15 tq 19c for Havana Josephus Drafts sold hrs new crop m the bundle to Meyers Brothers of New York puce supposed to be about 12c Hatfield Dec 1 -Co ns de1abl e activrty has pre vatled here n new tobacco the past veek or two wrth a few sales of old S D Porter J D Porte S F B1llmgs C R Morton L L Peas & Bro Fred Carl Edwm Bramard & J Breor and Josephus Crafts (at North Hatfield) about 76 acres m all to Geo ] Meyer & Co of New York at prrces rangmg from 10 to 12c m the bundle for Seed leaf James Breor 11 cases 1879 at 13c round marked we ghts S G Hubbard 10 cases1879at10cround re weight throughD A Graves W.m H D ckerson 28 cases 1879 wrapners to Hay & Srmth of Philadelphia at 12. marked weight Q S PENNSYLVANIA Petersburg Nov 29 -Smce my last we have had cold w ntry weather snowmg three or four trmes m the course of one week wrth a depth atta ned of about five to SIX mches The thermometer was down to eleven degrees last Tuesday mortnng The roads are m a smooth level condrtron but not very good for sle ghmg If we had a cold freezmg spell slerghmg would be splend d and wrthout doubt would be en Joyed by our seekers of the weed No tobacco has been taken from the poles smce the begmmng of November except by such partres as have large cellars under therr sheds and can take rt and bang rt m their basements for a day or two when 1t will be mce and damp ready for stuppmg It rs now so arranged that Ith these cellars you can take your crop from the poles m such quantrtres at a trme as to fill the cellar strip rt and re fillrt untrltt rs fimshed-a dec ded rmprovement com pared to former periOds Forme1ly we had to wart until thawmg weather set m and then secure part or all of the crop but by hav ng the cellars made deep large aud tight the crop w1ll thaw out m from one to three days In our sectiOn about one fourth of the crop rs bemg strrpped on an average A maJOrity of ra1sers regret not havmg taken do ;vn all the u crops bemg then in the very best condrtron, and perfectly cured wrthout sustammg the least damage b;) str ppmg rt early Parties must bear m m nd that a good deal of tobacco was housed VIth us from the 16th of July to the 23d of August (ea ly crops) Others agam were not all secured untrl a month later Three months of such warm weather rs ample time to cure tobacco Others who finrshed four or s1x weeks later have m ssed the warm favorable weather for curmg rt Buyers are plenty m our sectiOn but none has been sold because the large bulk of gro vers have only a small portron of the r crops strrpped and are not vilhng to sell unt l they can show more of tl:e r tobacco to the buyers Inqmrres by dealers are made of ra s"rS for a crop they th k would su t them but m the maJorrty of cases the ans 1/"er rs gtven m th s form We do 1 ot I keto sell w th but a portron to show you for you to pass your op n on on our crop Somet mes the answer IS re turned by the buyer m thrs form Oh vell what does that matter we know how you are puttmg up your tobacco as >re have bought rt before Just con tmue m assortmg rt as you are now and we w ll try and buy rt etc Bear m mmd I am speakmg of good lots Such s about the vrews of growers and dealers and as stated before none has been sold "rth us In other portrons of the county some has been rang mg m prrce from 1t 6 and 3 up to 30c (for very little) but 20 22 3 5 and 28c for wrappers 6 to lOc for seconds and 3 to 5c for fillers has been pard I kno v our vr crmty ha<> a good deal of good des rable tobacco that could be sold now 1f a prwe were placed on It by ratsers I kno of one mstance where 20c for wrappers was of fered for a lot of s1x acres and was refused Others I honestly believew1ll get a larger figure for therr tobacco as I know rt s fine large of dark colors and but very httle msect b tten There 18 but one lot of two acres stripped and fimshed m our entrre vrllage and 1s large fine dark obacco Buyers have been to see rt but 1t seems the grover s nearly always absent from home A ale of 80 cases 1879 was effected by Hershey Bros of our place to Mr Rerssman of your City and the to bacco sent on to New York; and when part was un loaded rt was telegraphed by Hershey Bros not to un load 1t from cars Ill New York For what cause such orders were grven I do not know Some 18 cases ,have arrtved and the balance rsstated to be on the way back agam CORRESPONDENT Mram1sburl'l Bullettn Nov 26 The weather rs cold wrth about srx mches of snow on the ground It IS not expected that any movement of mportance m this market Will take place before the first of April Samples are hard to get now as leaf hang ng n the sheds rs too dry to handle but we have two hands of German leaf grown by Mr John Ifert near Carroll ton Statron represent ng about 2 000 pounds The stock 18 the purest we have ever exam ned and the burmng quahtres we find by actual test are unex ceptronable The trouble wrth German tobacco hereabouts rs that the seed s not kept pure By adnnxture leaf bas grown almost as large as domestrc See d and wrll not hold fire Mr Ifert IS a smentrfic grower WlSCO.NSIN Seed Leaf Dtstrwt Janesville Noy 27 In my wport of the 15th mst you make me say there have been a few sales maue of 79 Havana from 7 to 10c 1t should have been 1880 No change to note rt rs dry and cold pros pects farr to contmue so W T P Stoughton Conner Nov 25 -Tobacco stnppmg has been commenced to some extent but the dry cold weather of the past week has been unfavorable for band! ng the weed Several buyers from abroad have been through th s section lately and have purchased a few crops of tbe 1880 Spamsh paymg from 8 to 12c per pound Our local buyers are makmg a iew J;>ur chases and are paymg farr pnces The mdrcatrons are that the 1880 crop of WISconsm tobacco wrll all be sold at as good prrces as were reahzed for that grown m 1879 Patent Office Report For the weeks ending Nov 23 and 30 1880 INVENTIONS PATENTED C1{}ar Cutte r -F C Miller Newport Ky assrgnor to H C Peters New York N Y Ctgar Mold F C Miller Newport Ky and H C Peters New York N Y Ctgar Mold Press W A & A Osenbruck Heme lmgen Germany Tobacco Pzpe -G RomiSb Vrenna AllStrra TRADE MARKS REGISTERED Plug Tobacco Smoktng Tobacco and Ctgarettes -Robert W Oliver and John E Robmson R chmond Va Applicat en filed July 10 1880 The pwtorrai representatiOn of Srr Walter Raleigh Cigars Czgarettes Smokmg and Chewmg Tobacco and Snuff -Philrp Whrtlock Richmond Va Apph catron fifed, November 13 1879 The word symbol Mozart Ctgars and Snuff -B schoff Schultz & Ca New York N Y Applicatron filed October 23 1880 "The fancrful term Sarah Bernhardt and the representa tron of the head and bust of the actress El Principe de Gales CIGAR FACTORY -OF-:Key The C1gars of thrs Factory under the well known Brands of El Principe de Gales -ANDLa. Perla. de Ca.yo Hueso. Manufactured of new and best Vue! a AbaJO Havana toba.cco and unexcelled In quality and make by any of the Havana Factorres are now rece ved m regular weekly sh pments by FRED'K DE BARY & CO, 41 & 43 Warren St, New York, SOLE ACENTS Reported Failures and Business Arra.ogements. [From BIWlll'l'lln'r 1 1 1880 1879 bbds bbds 38 812 41 752 30 462 99 459 10 889 8 087 4 067 2 54.3 743 680 q 28 021 98 628 oO 268 44 980 163 262 106 129 The Eng! sh markets contmue depressed and natur ally enough the flavor of the new rmport IS obJected to A rose by any other name would smell as sweet We re terate what we sard last month that the only way to help the large stocks of dry to bacco m tb1s market and England 18 to stop drymg for one year True the quality grown m the steJOIII m ng regrons rs not as much Irked by Regres as the finer fibered Clarksville and Paducah growths st llrt rs taken freely as reducers It should be bought lo v neatly tred the stem well cured then bulked down m soft order Wrth a dry stem It wrll carry lal'ge IDOlS ture safely most fault 18 found wrth over dryness 1he coarse Missoun growth will not do for this and if farmers wtll raise rt they must take their chance m England Bremen reports more hopefully The last rmJ.JOrt of Clarksville has been mostly d18posed of at a profit and old lugs have met a better mqwry at some ad vance though still below the parrty of th s Side J ob.7; bers are meetmg wrth a httle more response fron'I' manufacturers and this may be mcreased by the statement of the Fmance Mrmster that the Govern ment was thmking of an addrtronal mcrease of the duty Busmess at LouiSville and Cmcmnatr IS reduced m volume and unchanged m value Cold weather re tards operatrons m the country and we thmk httle wrll be done trll after New Year The recent dullness here has enabled us to make 'Up and send eff accounts of prevrous sales and we beg to thank our fnends for therr pat1ent mdulgence Now hke the boy who was ready for some one to grve hrm an egg he bad the salt-we are ready for buyers agam we have the le1sure Outsrde the cuttmg d strict where 1t rs fine the reports of the new crop are generally unfavorable The first plantmg 1s hght m body and c0lor the latter under s ze green and coarse but havmg a small pro portron of good German fillers ICXPORTS OF TOBACCO FROM NEW YORK FROM NOV 1 TO 30 INCLUSIVE 1 903 bbdB 740 bbdB 1 352 bbds 2o hhds 2 927 bbdB 453 bbds 213 bbds Total 7 613 bbds From the c rcular of Mr R Hagedorn we collate the follow ng synops sof exportsfromNewYork and New Orleans from Jan 1 to date 1879 1880 bbds bbds 10 385 23 547 10 194 8 173 10 941 16 47() 7 o55 8 124 7 488 9 032 2 071 3112 12 298 15 199 3 306 3 373 64 238 21 651 87 085 8 101 D sappeared from N Y and New 01leans So 889 95 136 JOHN CATTUS tobacco broker -The resume of past months busmess can be easily chromcled and the name of dull 18 not too strong an adJective Wrth the exception of a rew lots for Regre purposes the other demand for export has been very hmrted and that for manufactur ag purposes almost nothmg no wonder therefore that transactrons amount only to 2 900 hbds of wb ch for export 2 250 manufacturers 350 JObbers 100 and to speculators 200 Holders remam firm m therr 'VIews and argue the prospec trvely large wants for tobacco aga nst the actual brg stock on hand Recerpts of tobacco have been qurte liberal for the season and the aggregate receipts of the year surpass every ones calculatron In regard to the new crop nothing new can be smd the quality may have been mJured somewhat by early frosts whr h wtll agam enlarge the lower grades and m regard to the quantrty a three quarter average crop IS the nearest estrmate to be given Shalmon Nov 23 -The v. orst apprehensiOns of the weather prophet!> have been real zed and a large per centage of the green tobaccos have been frozen m the barns The speculatOI s ha' e been very busy r1dmg round samplmg the crops and several barns of to bacco have been sold at $10 $10 50 $11 and $11 50 per hundred all round m thrs and the Mayslick nerghbor hood On Fudav 19th mst the mercury fell to mne degrees below zero and the weather bas con tmued very cold ever smce Our wheat fields but lately sown are covered wrth a warm mantle of snow and the ICe IS formmg on pond and pool for the bar vesters Wrll wrrte more fully of the freeze and 1ts Lancaster ]few Era Nov 27 -We regret to be com pelled to state that on Wednesday mornmg cases of tobacco of tl e crop of 1879 were deetroyed m the fire that consumed the large warehouse of H B Groft' & Co It was owned by John C Tremyer Co who m addrtron lost a car load of tobacco lumber There was CiNCINK.&.TI 0 -----eh&s Melcher cigar box manufacturer chattel mort gage given t.or el 470 eflled Geo Pelstrillg cigar box ma.nutacturer rea ty mortgage g1ven for $800 D J GARTH SoN & Co -Our market durmg No vember has been very quret wrth sales of 2 !100 hhds of whrch about 1 050 hhds were taken by the con tractor for Spam No purchases of Importance have been made for France or Italy but holders are patrently wartmg for a renewal of th18 demand Our warehouse stocks show a shght decrease notwrthstanding the very hberalrece pts for the menth Prrces for smooth export tobacco are firmly mamtarned m sprte of the c rcumscrrbed busmess and the tone of our market IS strong for all sorts except dry leaf TransactiOns m the Western markets have been small both owmg to the !muted stocks now held there and on account of cold harsh weather whrch prevents the new crop from bemg handled Buyers and sellers m Loursville have taken advantage of this dull penod to havetherr annual disagreement about charges fees etc and sales tbere were for a time discontmued thus still further curtailmg the month s busmess In the m ter1or new tobacco Is changmg bands m a retail way at about last season ll pnces for export styles and at somewhat higher figures for Burleys resultll soon J B H Pendleton County Dutrtct Catawba Nov 26 -Nothmg new to report The an msurance of $15 000 on the property Lederman & Co tobacco dealers lost some machinery and empty cases Durmg the past few weeks a great deal of tobacco D&n el St of Stickney &: Gordon cigar-boxes, etc realty mort-HJ.=:0 Lake Allllt!n 1ob&cconlst lasolvent IJnn.l>IAPOLIS, lnd Lefarre Broo. wboleoa e tobacco etc ...,.lgned J........,. R. I -J H Saunders clgara chattel morta'alte given for $800 N,... You -J w Schnoor clg&nJ chattel mortgqo ror S4W renewed Bt

4 M RADER & SoN, tobacc"o brokers -The transactiOns m Kentucky tob,.cco duung the pMt month have been gmt.e lumted. Of the 2,900 hhus sold, over 1,000 hhds low grades, partly old stocks, were taken for 8pam, some 250 hhffermg IS concentrated 1n few hands and held st1ffiy, but there 1s au ab&ence of delllfl.lld at pres.ent There has been no compet1t10n from buyers the past s.eason for Oh10 leaf, the chief purchasmg bemg for France and Dmsburg, and all were confined to one hous.e Seed Leaj-J S. Ga.ns Son & Co m their monthly circular for December, eay regarding Seed leaf -The feature of the past month has been large transactiOns in Pennsylvama tobacco, both for consumptiOn and speculatiOn At last th1s origmally overrated, and subsequeutly much-abused crop bas become the favor ite. Not only have nearly all the finer packings been taken from first hands, but even before the close of the year we find the stock ol' tb1s s.ort, as well as of nearly 'all Seed leaf tobaccos, qmte reduced, all th1s m the face of dull busmess, and a \ery lliDlted export outlet, thus showmg that not only was the y1eldmg quality of last year's crop much over estimated, as we bad occasiOn to remark m our Circular of October 1, but our consump t10n has been greatly m excess of any heretofore pub lisbed estimates. The better cl'i88es of Oh10 crop of 1879 have latterly come greatly mto favor w1th manu facturers, for bmder and cheap wrapper purposes, wh1'"L ""'sconsm 1s neglected, and all other sorts have bee : .rmgly dealt m. Ohio, New York, SALES -CROP OF 1878. 150 cases, of wh1ch for export 100 cases, of which for export OROP OF 1879 New England 500 cases, of which for export N E Hav Seed 100 cases, of wh1ch for export Pennsylvama 8. 600 New York 350 Ohw, 1 200 W IBCOnSln. 200 W18 Hav Seed 100 1 cs do 'do do 300 do do do Total sales, 11,300 cases, of wh1ch for export do Exports of Seed leaf and cuttmgs smce Jan 1, 1880, 28,757 cases, same tune last year, 21 ,412 do, same t1me m 1878, 64,706 do In new crop, buying has commenced m Pennsyl varna As a crop tb1s IS a poor one, the leaf bemg very defect1ve, all est1matos agree as to the quantity bemg about 110 ,00 0 cases Moderate pnrchasmg has been done m New England, the productiOn bas been at least 40,000 cases, of which 10,000 cases Housatomc, 23 000 cases Hartford County, and 17,000 cases Massa chusetts, mcludmg about 2,000 cases Havana Seed In our last Issue we spoke of extensive ope1atwns on the "Flats, which has smce been followed m Onondaga County, but prmC!pally Havana Seed, of whiCh 3,000 cases w11I be made, the entire crop of this State bemg about 20,000 cases The Oh10 crop, of whwh we do not hear fiattermg reports, 1s a large one, though difficult to estunate, 50,000 to 55,000 cases w11l pwbably covent WlBconsm and Illmma will make some 55,000 cases, of which 25,000 cases Havana Seed, sa1d, however. not to be as good as that of 1879 'l'his a1 ticle, Havana Seed, of wh1ch our p1oduct10n IS mcreasmg, IS gettmg mto greater favor, and with more ca1e on the part of growers and packers, w1ll, m our op1mon, have a great future On the first of January, we wroto as follows Our mterests are too closely allied w1th producers, packers, ma.nufacture1s and exporters to wiSh to mJUie any one, and we trust that the 1879 cwp-or rather that part of it yet m prducers' hands-w1ll be purchased at more moderate figures than those so far paid (We flatter ourselves that long ere this, many packers w1shed that they would have heeded our advice) We are satisfied tlmt were our crop 250,000 to 300,000 cases, mstead of 175,000 (and wh1ch will ere many years be the case), It could be 1ea.dily dspos.ed of, and at pr1ces wh1ch would pay growers They must not expect to become rwh on each md1v1dual crop, butthey 13h111l always rece1ve a fa1r remune1at10n for the1r labor The mcreased productiOn then mentiOned hos aheady been made, and now more than ever a1e JUdiCious act10ns on the part of all necessary, let the CI op be bought, so that later on we can have a speculative movement as well as a large export, for Without both of these contmgenc1es our busmess must always re mam unsatl8factmy. Cuttmgs are m good demand, both f1 om exporters and manufacture1s, the fomer have not been able to do, by any means, as extensive a busmess durmg this year as m the last, good lots such as shippers want, are scarce, and manufacture1s themselves are the prmClpal consumers. MONTHLY STATEMENT OF STOCKS OF SPANISH NEW YORK, DEO 1, 1880 Havana Cuba Yara C1enfuegos Total Bales Bales Bales Bal"" Bales Stock Nov 1, '8 0 25,010 308 296 25,674 Rece1ved smce 4 U28 811.'1 476 287 6,586 Total 29,998 1 ,203 Sales & reshipm nts to Nov BU, 1880 6 ,8'i6 1.203 772 216 287 32,260 287 8 582 Stock Dec 1 1880 23,122 556 23,678 do do 1879 21,830 100 100 211 22 059 do do 1878 17,77S 27.'1 18,030 Our market for Havana leaf durmg the past month has been a peculiar one. from the fact that the a1 r1 vals of '80 crop nave confl1cted w1th the 1879 crop, to wbwh the trade have at last become accustomed, and w h1cb has really mateually Improved both m quality and 'burn, whereas, on the other band, we whether the 1880 crop w11l at a l sq1t our wants, yet qUite a quan tity, pnnc1pally Remedios, has been taken by Jobbers, whilst manufucturers have wisely confined tblllllbelves to 1879 tobaccos. Total sales were 4,500 bales. Of Yara several parcels of the 1880 crop arA offermg, but owmg to Its uncured state find no takers Nottee -The extens1ve cu culat10n of trade papers m cOnJunctiOn with the fact that the many JOUrnala pub hshed at al11mportant places of productiOn throughout Umted States, and forwbom we have the honor to report ths market weekly, render the ISSUing of a monthly rev1ew, to some extent. unnecessary We have, the1efore, concluded to d1scontmue the pubhcat10n of our heretofore regular monthly market rev1ews, mstead of whiCh we will henceforth be most happy to favor our friends w1th full wr1tten reports whenever reqmred, and to furmsh the trade m general v;ith all mf01 mat10n and stat18t1es (which latter can a.l ways be f mnd at our office), m our possessiOn. Manujas 12015 .t 17@21; Navys 14@18/UO@llll Navy lOs or Pocket Plecee 14@92 Negrohead twist CIGARS. Hanna, per II SMC1t9010 I Seed, per H 16040 Seed and Havana perM -400 GRANULATED SIUOKING TOBACCO, Hecllum to good 126@46 I Good to dne $460lll0 81'1lJFF. [Subject to discount oo the wholeoale trade. Maccaboy 62@-65 I Amencan Gentleman Scotch and Lundyfoot 61!@65 Rappee, Freacb --0-72 -72@-715 SP.umm'lQ C" "F G" Wallis Ex.' Pilar" "fC C.yCa' '"1.\, &Co" "'Sterry t.a Rosa" "Buelva" "Magnet,'' us. LICORICE PASTE, llll 28 28 JliS 28 22 23 22 22 'l.'v!waa... 8" "T W 8 A U.S' "G" "Star, I M" up G" Eastern Markets. 18 18 18 18 21 18 19 HARTFORD. Conn., Dec 1 -Our spec,D correspon dent reports as follows -The mal ket for leaf tobacco contmnes dull The weather '" extremely cold (or thiS season of the year, w1th the nver frozen over and nav1gatwn closed The cold antt dry \\eather bas a tendency no doubt, to prevent movement 1n the new crop QUOTATIONS-OLD TOBACCO Wrappers fiuc 20 to SO do common 15 to 20 Seconds 10 to 12 F11lers 6 SPRINGFIELD, Mass., Dec 2 -"!Ir C B Butler, Packer and Jobber of ConnectiCut Seed Leaf reports to THE ToBACCO LEAF -The market bas been more active tb1s week than last l::lales of 200 cases are reported New tobacco IS commg 10 slowly, the weather not bavmg been favorable for stnpp10g PIDLADELPHIA, Dec 2 -Mr A R Fougeray, To bacco Manufacturers' Agent reoorta to THE ToBACco LEAP Wb1le mampulatmg bard tobaccos the past week proved dull and difficult, stllan mcreas e IS noticeabl e w1th an encouragmg prospect for the balance of the year Stocks 10 hands of )Ob bers are not heavy, and a sudden demand must make a dec1ded change in reqmrements hold steady for the goods sold Jl'i7UJ Outs-A steady Improvement 1s noticed Smohng Tobacco-A better feeling 1s claimed for granulated mushn bag goods, wbwh 1t 1s believed wrll soo n be f elt generally Otgars-Pleasaat bus mess d omg m all branches off very agreeably Uecelpts-482 boxes, 7,928 caddieS, 561 cases, and 346 pails of fine cuts Exported to Liverpool v1asteamer Pennsylvama, 1 case ctgar ettes &ed Leaf-The demand for all grades contmues much better than antiCipated for December Puces hold teady, and are satisfactory Hold e rs are b egmmng to fear a short stock of 1879 Pennsylvama, from the fact that 11 IS movmg off so rapidly Baoana,-Nwely handled at full quotatiOns 1f stock fills the bill Hogsllead Leaf-Moves off m a small way Recetpts for the week -307 cases Conneclicut, 5111 cases Pennsyivama, 40 cases Ob10, :W cases State Seed, 83 bales Hav ana and 396 libds of and Western leaf tobacco Sales foot up -278 Connect1cut, 392 cases Pennsyl vama, 33 caBes OhiO, 21 cases W1sconsm, 29 cases State Seed, 70 bales Havana and 5hbds of V1rgm1a:and We s tern leaf, also 62 bhds Wes tern 10 transit to manuf actme Exported to L verpool of West e rn leaf V 1a steawer Penn sylvanl8, 19,326 lbs; per steamer Indtana, 167, 647lbs, total 11:S6 U73 lb s Western and Southern Markets. BALTIMORE, Dec 2 -1\Iessrs Ed Wrscbmeyer & Co Tobacco Comm!SSIOD report to THE ToBACCO LEAF as follows -Recmpts of leaf tobacco were very small the past week and the market f o r i\Imyland rather slow, pallly on account of tbe colr.l una unfavorable fm handhng samples Desrrabl e grades, such as are reqmr e d to complete th e reqUirem ents o f the French contract, are h e ld firm New ground leaves are 10 good supply, of common, for "hwh there 1s little r.le1nand wb1le medmm and fine arf)' scarce and wanted For Obw the market 1s Without cbaBge The stock of tb1s descnpt10n offermg IS conceot1ated 10 few hands, and held st1ffiy, but tbere rs an absence of demand at present There has been no competitiOn from s the p"st season tile cb1ef purchasmg uemg fot France and Dmsburg, and both were con fined to one lwu se The F1ench contract for Ohio IS sa1d to be completed QUOTATIONS. Maryland-mfenor and frostL-d sound common good do rn1ddlmg go<>d to tine red fancy upper country leaves new Oh!O-mfenor to good common gr eemsh and brown medmm to fine reO@ 6 00 650@900 600@800 11 00@15 00 6 00@13 00 400@500 5 00@ 6 00 600@700 750@800 .11 00@10 00 10 00@11 00 11 50@13 00 300@550 6 00@ 8 00' 8 00@10 00 12 00@16 00 100@300 1 do V ugm1a, Cleared a&me penod-Per bak Marco Polo, for Havre, 453 hhdo OhiO, and 387 do Maryland tobacco, per bark HypatiR, for B"rdeaux, 923 bhds per steamer Kola, for Bre men, 112 hlids Maryland TOBACCO STATEIIIENT. Jan 1 1880 -Stock on hand m tobacco warehouses and on sbrpboard not cleared . 23,055 hbds Inspe cted th1s week 268 hhds Inspected ptevwusly th1s year. 44 186 hhds 67,509 hhds Exports of Maryl811d and Ohio mce January 1 34,095 hbds Shipped coastw1se and rQ mspected 7,200 bhds 41,295 hhds Stock m warehouse tb1s day and on sh1pboard not cleared 26 214 hhds Stock same time 10 1879 28,029 hhds Manu(actu?ed Toba,cco-We note a good fau 10qmry from the trade, but mostly for low and medmm grades, wh1le the better class of goods bas been rather neglected by buyers No change 10 pr1ces CINCINNATI, 0., Dec 1 -Messrs Prague & Matsl'ln, Leaf Tobacco Brokers anr.l Re dryers of Cutt10g Leaf and Plug F1llers, report to THE ToBACCO LEAP as follows -The cold weather, which bas bad the effect to not only stop the movement of the new tobocco but to also very largely curtail the otfermgs of the old at auctiOn, has at last moderated tn such an extent hat for the past two days fMrly large sales have been made at th e auctwn warehouses The demands of manufacturers dung the past two weeks bavmg been but poorly supplied, they are now generally very liberal takers of everytll1ne sUited to theu wants, causmg stronger pnce s (o r all grade s and out sde quotatiOns me more nearly reached than at any t1me dur mg the past SIX months No new commg forward, but 1f soft weather contmues, 1t may be looked form qmte liberal quanti t1es w1thm the next ten days 'fhe offenngs at auction for the week just closed, and the exp!led portiOn of the current moo'h and year, also com par1sons, were as f o llows r--:MONTH--. ,--YEAR--. Hbds Bn Hbds Bxs. Hbds Bxs 1880 1879. 1878 36Y 3 280 59,181 233 113 1,651 501 35,408 468 105 1 916 462 44,160 1817 ..... 1876 430 5 3,573 609 41,527 540 (i 2,588 486 36,861 STATEMENT FOR MONTH OF NOVEIIIBER, 1!!80. Stock m warehouses Dec 1 1880 do do 18711 Actual sales durmg the month ,QUOTATIONS OuUmg Leaf-Common d11rk lugs Good datk lugs Common dark leaf .. Good dark leaf Common bnght smokers !ledmm do do Good do do CQmmon strippers Med1um do do .... Good do do Fme do do llledmm bright leaf Good do do Fme do do Hhds 8,!116 1,461 10,371 3,002 7 875 4.640 2,622 Bxs 1,604 242 1 846 415 1,431 1,374 411 3 50@ 4 00 4 50@ 5 50 600@700 8 00@10 00 6 00@ 7 00 7 (j()@ 8 00 8 00@10 00 700@800 11 00@11 00 12 00@15 00 16 00@18 00 13 00@15 00 16 00@18 00 20 00@26 00 MANUFACTURING-PLUG STOCK Common dark and trashy fillers Med fillers. some color and body Good fillers, red color and good body F10e fillers bngbt color and good body OLASSIFIOATION OF SALES 8 00@10 00 10 00@14 00 16 00@18 00 111 00@23 00 140 hhds Mason County, Ky -29 at $2a5 90, 21 at 6a 7 90, 12 at 8a9 90, 34 at 10al4 75, 33 at 15a19 50, 11 at 20 50a22 25 58 hhds Brown County, 0-11 at 3 80a5 60, 6 at 6a7 90, 10 at 8a9 90, 9 at 10 25a13 75, 12 at 15a19 75, 10 at 20a22 75 96 hbds Owen County, Ky -13 at 4 20a5 95, 21 at 6a7 95, 11 at 8a9 50, 29 at 10a14 75, 19 at 15a19 75, 3 at 20a21 50, 2 boxes at 2 90a3 63 hbds Pendletvn County, Ky -18 at 2a5 95. 8 at 6a7 30, 12 at 8a9 75, 14 at 1Ual4 75, 10 at 15a19 1 at 20.50 1 box West VIrgml!l. at S 95 4 hbds and 2 boxes Southern Ky 1 at 2 85, 3 at 6 10a7 70, 2 boxes at 2.1l5 4 hbds Ind!ana-3 at 3 95a5 1 at 7 4 hhds Eastern Ohlo-1 at 5, 3 at 15 75al7 50 DANVILLE, Va., Nov 24 -Paul C Venable, Leaf To bacco Broker, reports to 'fHE ToBAcco LEAP as f"llows We hav e bad very cold weather s1nce the latter part of last week so that recetpLs are very much reduced, and sales are very small I quote no change m pnces QUOTATIONS (NEW TOBACCO) F11lers-Common da! k lugs 3 @ 4 Common dark l eaf 4 @ 5 Good do 5 @ 7 Common bnght leaf r; @ 7 Good do 7 @ 9 Smokers-Common 4 @ .'1 Medmm 5 @ 6 Go<>d 6 @8 Fme 8 @10 Wrappers-Common 8 @11 12 @15 Good .. .. 15 @20 F10e .. 20 @40 Extra 40 @50 Dec 1 -We have had abundant rams, w1th warme weathr, since my last report, and our ma1 ket r s now full But for the bad roads m the Gountry, our market would be crowded The offermgs of new tobacco make a poor show as to quality, but doubtless many fa mers are brmg10g m the1r l.aL cutt10gs, wh1cb were cut green and badly cuted otill, thete 1s a fall propo1 two of good bnght leaf, and a moderate supp ly of wrap pers There IS no matenal change m prtces EVANSVILLE, Ind., Dec. 1 -Mr C J Morris, To bacco Broker, reports to THE TOBACCo LEAF -I have !Jut little to report m tobacco Sales are hgbt, as are alo receipts Mark e t qmet and firm for all grades Receipts for November, 127 bbds, sales, 236 do, stock on hand Dec. 1, 307 do The weather has been extremely cold and harsh smce the 17th of November Capt C R Rudd, one of our tobacco 10spectors died on the mormng of November 30 Throughout the whole of h1s life Capt Rudd has been not only an active bus10ess man but has taken a leadmg part 10 public affa!ls, and h1s many fnends ex tend the1r sympathy to the bereaved wife and children Capt Rudd was 61 years of age H1s aJfable and gemal planner en deared h1m to both old and young, and hiS absence w1ll be BBdly m1ssed, espeCially to the }obacco fratern1ty of tb1s City "Peace to b1s ashes Mr Fl'!lnk P Byrnes was to day ap pomted by Judge Parrett to fill b1s unexpued term as 10spec tor HENDERSON, Ky., Nov 29 -Mr Posey Marshall reports to THE 'l;eBAcco LEAP -Smce my last report notb 10g has transprred of 10terest m our market Our farmers were alllookmg for a tobacco season dunng the late uow thaw, but unfortunately tb1s mornmg 1t has turned much colder One of our farmers, Mr Pb1lhps, sold his crop of 4000 lbs last week, and reahzed f or best good $6 20, best lugs 6 10 common good, 4 50, common lugs 3 50, no trash sold w1th the crop These pnccs are considered htgh All the buyers took part m bid dmg My Idea IS that pnces Will be fully up to last years Corn '" sellmg steadily at 30 to Soc LOUISVILLE, Nov 24 -Mr Wm. J Lewers, Leaf To bacco Ancuoneer \ reports to THE ToBACCO LEAF as followsRece1pts fot the week endmg to day, 150 hbds, agamat 120 do same week last year The weather for the past w ee k has been extremely cold, the mercury rangmg frsm free,mg po10t to 7 de grees all the t 1 me To oay we are havmg a hgbt snow w1th mdiCatwns of soft weather, alter which rece1pts w1ll be large. neatly all of wh1ch Will be of new crop, as the old 1s about all 10 the ma ket No sales for past two days Ther e are 220 hbds of tb1s 's crop sold to d ate, 42, 74i fresh hhds of 1879 sold to date, aga10st 34 071 bbds of crop of 1878 to dat e 10 and 60 221 bbds of crop of 1!177 to date 10 1878 Pnccs ha ve been unste:>dy on low grades of dark to baccos, goo d to fine o f all descnpuons steady Rnght wrap pers, common, 7 to 10 good, 10 to 15, fine, 15 to 25 for Ken tucky, Vrrgm1as nom mal rangmg from to 70c, as to quality New Tobaccos-Nondescnpt and common da1k crops, to 3% for lugs to 5% for leaf, only a few hhds sold -Quttmg kmds 4 to 5c for lug s of common crops to 9c for lugs of line cwps, and up to 17c for fine leaf MAYFIELD, Ky., Nov 30 W S 1rfelloo reports to THE ToBACCO LEAF as follows -Smce my last rep01t there bas nothmg trans...,! red m our market worthy of n o te Recernts and sales nte ve1y li_gbt The weather havmg been so cold 1t has kept the planters from strrpp!Mg their tobli.Cco, and unless we have a change soon, there w11l not be much done until after There are still bemg a few crops Bolr.l tore handlers at from 4 to 5c round I do not tbmk there will be much done before sprmg I quote as follows.QUOTATIONS. Lugs-Common 4 Good.. 4 J,eaf-Common 5 @ 5" 6 @ 6" Good 7 Select10os None offenng RIUH.MO ND,-Tbe followmg IS a statement of the RICh mood tobacco market for the month of November MONTHLY REPORT-DEC 1. Dreaks during November 1&10 lnspectlona 1,563 hhda Uplands hhds RevleWS 960 bhds Total for the monLb lnspecliOII8 during month Previo\18 21103 hhda 1563 hhds 1,515 hhds 2,868 Tobaceo Stems hhda hhda hhda 238 hhda 824 hhds 238 hhds 1 ,348 hhds 287 hhds 2 172 hhds 525 hhda OfT, dellv ies d ring month Common lugs Good lugs Low loaf Medium lea! Good lear Fine leaf Bright smokers Bnght and sun-cured 1Ulers Bright wrappel'1l Stems-liconce brown brlxht N e w pr1mings, 12 50 to 3 50 10 1111 hhds 1,558 hhds 11894 hhds 1 679 hhds 10,215 hbds 3 782 hhds QUOTATIONS dull 1879 1,23ihhda hhda 8711 hhda 2 Ill bhda 1 ,23'1 hhda I,ll6 hhda 2,349hhds Tobacco Stems. hhds bbda 1, 786 hhds 488 hhda 1 ,7 85 bhds 486 hhds 2.S78 bhda 1120 bhds bhds 1,006 hhds 10,874 hhds 1 ,232 hhds 11,606 hhds 1,763 hhds 9,848 hhds 1,699 hhds Heavy Leaf 4"'@ 5 5"'@ 6 6"'@ '"' 8 @ 9 10 @12 13 @15 @25 6 @40 15 @75 1)4@ IJ,i @ SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 19 -The Merchant says -The local trade m Cigars contmues br1sk, and our manufacturers have found no occas1on for reducmg the DEC. 4: number of theuhands. The demand for AtlantiC made Cigars contmues to he reasonably a"t1ve Manufac tured tobaccos are s.ellmg f1eely both for town and country demand, though we note the absence of the large buyers who gave such act1v1ty to the market ear her m the season The demand for leaf 1s fa1r, and some holders speak of an mcreased desu e on the part of manufacturers t_Q clos.e negotiatiOns for round lots. The followmg 1s a statement of the overland receipts of c1gars and tobacco -Consignees Cigarettes Cases L & E W erthe1mer Esberg Bachman & Co Falkenstem & Co MIChaehtschke Bros Sanderson & Horn .. Oppenhe1mlon & Bro H Rosenfeld & Co AMau&Co ...... Wellman, Peck & Co Mayr1sch Bros J A Drmkhouse Waterman & Dewey .... W J Houston & Co . Lohman & Gogbill Newton BroEr (} IA>om1s ... Wasserman & Co. Taber, Harker & Co Castle Bros H LeVi & Co Kosmmsky Bros Ad Lew1s &Co WM.uller 3 3 V wtor1a, V I Japan 1 Clgan c ..... 1 1 3 1 1 1 1 3 4 4 7 Tobacco. Lbo 16,370 21,720 1,300 2,670 11 670 900 4,900 4,270 920 1,280 150 1,220 1,670 3,8.20 800 2,600 1,300 700 930 2,150 Total imports by &ea. and rrul -8.2.970 lbs, 5 cs tobacco, 30 cases mgars, 9 cases Clgaettes. Exports, 4,225 lbs tobacco, 3 cases cigars, 3 cs cigarettes Foreign Markets. AMSTERDAM, Nov 13 -Messrs Schaap & Van Veen Tobacco Brokers, r eport to THE ToBACIIO LEAP The sales of Maryland tobacco amounted smce our last report to 121 hbds, and of Java and Sumatra to 1227 and 96 llales. wh1le 100 cases Seed leaf (still under s1ul) found buyers Im ported -146 hhds Maryland, 20 do Mason County, and 600 bales Java On the 16th mst 2049 bales Java w !II be brought 10to the market, partly by subscnpt1on and partly by public sale Perhaps tbese Will be the last ltits commg 10 the market thts .l year and then we Will have to wut for the new crop, wb1ch we tlust will Be m ore favorab l e than this one Stock to day -1186 hhds 20 eo obtamed are made the most of to prove the weak neMI of the market The sampling of the 1879 crop shows that the reports of mould on the tobacco were qmte correct. LONDON, Nov 17 -Messrs Grant, Chambere & Co. report to THE To11ACCO LEAP as follows -Nothing of Im portance bas transpued m Amencan tubacco durmg the past. week buyer!f bavmg shown no desue to operate beyond their 1mmed1ate need In export leaf there has been a tnflmg in qmry All descnpt10ns of useful substrtutes have been m ac t1ve dereand Western leaf, unless of good, light co lor is little 10qrnred for Stnps only 10 linuted request. In Vugm1a, both leaf and stnps, but a small bus ness WllS done the latter of line spmmng quality are scarce Maryland and Oh1o, of fine bt1ght color, me e ts a ready sale at fnll pnces Cavendish 18m moderate demand MANILA, Sept 9 -Sulzer & Co's Crgar and Leaf Tobacco Report says -C1gars Durmg the penod under re vrew only one sale took place on the 26th ult wben 4373 mil were d1soosed of for $53,818 The next sale IS to come off on the 13th mst Leaf Tobacco At the auction of the 7th mst. no t e nders were sent m for Caga)!:an, but the whole o( the !sa bela was sold The tenders falhng short were for 4250 qtls 3a Isnoola from $40 05 to $43 35 Isabela 1879 crop, may !Je co n sdere

DE0.4 POWDERED LICORICE. samples and Prices of FINEST POWDERED furnished on appU-SPANISH LICORICE ROOT cation to C. C. WABBEN & co., TOLEDO, o::a::ro. F. GARCIA, BRO. & CO., -!SUCCESSORS OF FELIX GARCIA,}. Importers ot' L;f f ObBCCo, 167 ST ., LOZANO, PENDAS & Xn.II:E"'C>B.TEIB.& OP co., The Brand. ''\;' lll MARK. .A. 'V .A. N'" .A. T 0 B .A. 0 0 0 !2109 &TB.EIET, :ISTE"'D'tr T'O:Fa.:&:, E. H. IMPORTER OF THE G-A.. TO, SIEBER;l J, A, JJilLVIN, BELVIN & IIIA.NVFA.CTUKERS OF FINE CIGARS AND DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO, .. f6, l8 & 20 St., and 2, 4 & 6 Hall Pl., New York. COPARTNERSHIP. -A cable despatch,' dated Naples, Dec. 1 announces Mr. Leo. Kalman has this day retired from the cigar that a largt\ tobacco manufactory in that city was importing nrm of Kalman Bros. destroyed by fire on Tuesday. It is reported that a nuJ?'-ber of lives were lost by the fire, and the lOEs is estimated at about four million francs. NoTICE.-The business formerly conducted under ____ fitm name of Kalman Bros w'ill be continued by Kal-. F?,R SALE.-A fresh supply of 100,000pounds g-:;;;r;; man Bros. & Bremer. me DEERTONGUE" FLAVOR for smoking tobacoo KAL:liAN BRos & BREMER. manufli.Cturers, in lots to suit purchasers, at lowest figures. MARBURG BROS., Chicago and ll1ilwaukee, Dec. 1, 1880. 145, 147 and 149' S. Charles Street. Baltimore. 6 ...+=-.n-. ADOLPH KALMAN. SCRAPS AND CUTTINGS FOR SALE. HUGo BREllER. Apply to EDDIE KuMAN. SEIDBNBERG & Co., 84 to 86 Reade Street, New York. 775-I \ .I 512 .t; _6U EAST 17th NEW YOB&-) :!. \ ::E".A.O:&:EB.& C>F SEED -AND-IMPORTERS OF HAVANA TOBACCO.-TBEIMPORTATIONofSUMAT.RA WRAPPERS A SPECIA-LITY. '-:.._..\ t t I r 168 WATER STREET, NEW YORK., CARD> UPMANN: (Miloe: 178 PJ!ARL \ JOSEPH A. VEGA. JACOB BERNHEIM. VEGA & BERNHEIM, a.:a.c1. Xll:l:l.por-ter HAVANA TOBACCO, 1.87 ::PE.A.B.:Lr BTB.EET, :ISTE"'D'tr TOB.::H:.. .I.STo. 1.<3, V' A. S BERGER a CO., THB LAlliES' PEARL. P1or d.e s. :a. c:'=' Co. Pu.bllahecl bT S. P. Chestnut, D .1 D., II Park SrM&o IMPORTERS Of HAVANA LEAF T:::m. Orden received at the omce Pu.b'70 PINE STREET, near Pearl St., NEW YORK. ll8her,or at &heomceo: TID._. .... _,....... ATTENTION CIGAR MANUFACTURERS 11 l most flattering testimoniais, from which ;e 1 looted one, from one of Lancaster Co.'s (Pa.) noted cigar We have adapted our process to the wants ot manu-manufacturers, Messril. Bennett & Haldeman:-facturers or jobbers who would like to sweat their to. November 17, 1880. bacco then1selves just as they may 'need it: and we .Messrs. C. S. Phtltps & Cf!., 188 Pearl Street, Nw York: have also made it entirely unnecessary to go to the ex We have JUSt taken the first case out of pense of a steam heating apparatus. The sweating th:!i! Sweatmg Apparatus, and are very much pleased apparatus is as portable and as easily moved about as w1th tbe result. I_t sweated_ dark and a Seed leaf case. t.>U'gh enough io g1ve Immediatefy to the strippers. We have perfected an app aratus which is automatic Yours very truly, BENNETT & HALDEMAN. i':l its workmg, running all night without any atten Manetta P. 0., Co.,.Pa. twn, of yvhich we build TWO siZES one to sweat 100 Foz further mformatwn and for Circulars pleas11 ad pounds ':1-t a tinie (or less), and suitable for a factory of dress -the inventor and proprietors, two to e1ght hands; the larger size 409 pounds (or less), C. S. PmLIPS & Co., and suitable for a factory of eight to thirty hands. 823-835 188 Pearl Street, New York. They will sweat, cure and color the tobacco in from three to five days. Colors can be had just as dark !!oil may be wished. The larger apparatus, which includes the heating ar rangements, takes up bui a trifle more roo:t;n. than a case of tobacco, it being 3 feet wide, 4 feet long, and stands 5 feet high, it being just large enowgh to accommodate one case of Seed leaf in its original case. We have put the price of the apparatus at such a low figure so as to place them within the reach of every manufacturer in the land. They are portable in ever;y respect, and can be worked, handled or moved anywhere by a single individual. The part of the apparatus being mac:le of wood, 1t does not heat up the room in which it is run. The sweating can be done alongside of the worlanen without inconvenience to them. After many experiments Mr. Philips has perfected an apparatus that will sweat a single case of to bacco (or less quantity) as nice and du.rk liB hiii larger sweat houses will 10, 20 or 50 cases at a time; The more th!lol\ met his best expectations. Every obJectiOnable feature of former sweating pro cesses has positively been overcome. A uniform dark color is produced, and the tobacco retains its natural and smell. The goods come from the sweat all ready .to work without any further manipulation what ever. One of our large-size portable apparatus, which is for one whole case or 400 pounds at a tin1e, will sweat, cure, and color from 60 to 90 cases of tobacco per year. Consequently, it must not be considered that this is simply for small manufacturers, as a manufacturer employing 150 hands needs only 4 or 5 of our apparatus to do all his sweating. They can be ret on any floor, or any of a door! and they are all ready to Ito to work without anv fi:ung or outlay, as they run with out any steam heating arrangements or coal stoves. They do not have to be connected with any chimney. They can be moved from one floor to another, or from one building ro another, just as easily as an empty Seed leaf case. We ship the apparatus all ready to set up and go to work in less than half an hour fror.n the time it-is received. We offer them for sale at t!te exact cost of manufacture, which is *30 (tbi'rty each for the large size, and $15 (fifteen dollars) eacll for the small size, AND CHARGE A YEARLY ROYALTY ACfJORD I ':MILLE TD FDIB8T HANDMADE .HAVANA CIGARS, lNG TO THE NUMBER OF CASES YOU WISH TO SWEAT DUR KJ.D. B1' IN G THE YII1AR; AND WE'!IlAIQI: THIS CHARGE so VERY rosTvo unsoN .... LIGHT THAT YOU WILL NOT AND CANNOT OBJECT TO IT ........, --g; --.. Our process is the on1y successful in existence" No. 36 Bowery, New York. ;__ and t hese machines will'tto the work required of ...;---.... -<..-..-hlln. ........ ., ... ____ ., __ !'lvery time. No such thing as fail, and no such thing 782-88.'1 as spoiling tobacco with them. To every purchii.Ber we give a printed pamphlet containing such full and complete instructions about resweating that you cannot fail. It goes into all the TAKE ONE EVERY HOUR. details of Philips' process on both new and old goods. His vast experience in this line of business renders ThO "llOGTOR'S PRESCRIPTION" this pamphlet alone of more value to you than the charge for royalty. I Let us know how many hands you employ, and we Cl:G-.A.R.. Bpec1a1 N"o"t1oe&. ""VV a.:n."t ed.. A partner with C!l-pital to engage with me in manu facturing the best Cigarette and Smoking Tobacco in America. Address FRANK JONES, Iron Duke" Cigarette Manufacturer 824-826 121 and 123 West St., Utica, N.Y. W AN'I'ED.-Situation as salesman in a tobacco warehouse by a resident of BaltiiD.QI'e. Best of references given. Address, ExPERIENCE, 824 Offiw. P_rior, Sweet Oronoke, Old Dominion C1gar Leaf, VIrgima Seed Leaf, Gold Drop, and Big Oronoke. A liberal discount to the trade on all varieties named. Address, J. T. BoGGESS, 820-832 Felicity, Clermont Co., 0. $100' Paid to an7 oDe litvU.g of Partiee iDg on our Pa&cDta, w Our new Improved Process for Re--Swen.ting Tobaccos a positive sueo.. cess t Flattering testimonials received from the most eminent Tobacco Dealers and Cigar :Manufacturers who bave adopted ouF process. Every Dealer and Manufacturer should have a Sweat--Room fitted up under our process on their own premises. This is the best and cheapest process in existence. a.nd the only 8U!"' way to obtain dark colors, Full particulars as to terms., which are reasonable, and circulars mailed on application Bend us a case for trta.l under our new procesa. C. S. PHILIPS & CO., 188 Pearl St., New York; 131 & 133 N. WATER ST. PHILADELPHI.I.,PA, The Attention of Cigar is respectfully called to our Large Stock of FINE RE SWEATED 1878 PENNSYLVANIA The quality of these tobaccos is greatly enhanced by our Re.sweatin_g Process which is wholly a NATURAL one, bemg entirely FREE from dyes and chemicals. Of splendid dark oolors, these goods are also in quality and burn well. Manufacturers of fine cigars will find this stock particularly well adapted to an their requirements. BARKER & WAGGNER 804-829.: 29 S. Gay st., Baltimore, ](d. +Important .. to ....' "My Patent tor CJGA.RS WITH PERFORATED HEA.D8 was issued in January, 1877. I !orthv.ith entered upon the manutact.u re or Cigars embodying sa.ld patented improvement. and. tn a short ttme. more orders began to pour in upou me than I was able to ftll Manufacturers had coinmenced to in!ri nge on my patent. and bad fiooded the Southern n.nd western Sto.tos with cigars containl.og my im provement. I have ta.ken steps to prosecute all ln:trlngers on my patent and I am conYi.nced that in a short time no cigars illeg8lly ma.nutactured under my patent will be found in the market. I now deem it and proper to otter for sale to manbracturers. on liberal terms, license to manufacture under:: my patent. As these pat ented cigMS can also be made v.':ith au apparatus _patented by me, and &s' license to use these patents will be granted to only u. few manu(a.ct.urers. there are prospects of large sales to the manufacturers of these cigars. The cigar will easily be recognized witheut the aid of a trad&mark. w hen these cigars are once fairly in the 1:ha.rket, de"alerswill be comp&Ued to look Up the firms manufacturing them. 57 CoLLEGE PLAcE, Nxw YoRK. JULIUS SCBALSOBA. will furnish you an estimate of doing your entire j The fl'nest and Best C'Jgar 1 0 the U. S. sweating on your own _premises, where it can be done just to suit yourself. is by far the cheapest and FOR THE :MONEY. (815-840) best process ever brought out, and will probauly never IS AS R. STEINECKE, b e improved upon. j CIKC11LA.'I'ES A.S FREELY A.ND We would be pleased to have all parties-visiting our I WELL KNOWN AS THE N. Y. H.II:BALD. [SuccESSOR TO RoKOHL & STEINECD.] city call and see us that we may show them our appa- .'By Unanimous Consent Pronou'lced MANUFACTURER OF FINE CICARS, ratlis and the Pl'a .ctical working _of our pro?ess. I I The People's Choice. 131 WATER STREET, NEW YOR.X, Every manufacturer who Wishes to tmprove the I qu--,lity of topacco, and secure well ctued, darJ I Especially Suitable f.or Druggists. I hereby call attention that I am the Sole ProJ?rietor sweated goods, without any trouble and for a certaint I of the following well-known brands of Cigars: PYR every time. sbould not fail to use oll:r proces_s and_s fOSTER, HILSON & CO., AMID," ''MERIT," "TROPICA." "KEY WEST FA-t W h t VORITE," "FAME," and" RENOWN," and all other para us. e ave a grea many m m vat'lf US 1 N 36 BOWER. y NEW YORK. parts of the country. and not one has faded of gh in brands formerly manufactured byRokohl & Steinecke. HOLMES, BOOTH & HA NEW YORK r PHILA.DELPHIJ\ 1 B< I)STON 1 4.9 CHAMBERS ST. COMIIEB.CE ar. )8 FE) J)EB.AL ST. WAXED PAPEB!A. Packer, CoDlD:' .. Is'aion Mercha.nt, AND WHf.JJ,J:SI.LE Dli'.A.LER IN BOHETBING N'E'WV' for TC>B.AOCJO IIIA.NI1ll'A.CT'UKERS OF THE CELEDKA'tED HEADQUARTE: AND IGNITIN G TAPES. BE'M'ER AKO OHEAPER THAN LE.AP TOlB.AOCC>, NORTJ. 4 SHIPP EN STREET, -D. W. Crouse, G. W. Crouse, G, W, Hall,>ICh, -:ms. ta b118h.ed., CODIPAN1r, Cig-a,r 1Y.l tanu:f"a.o "tu.rers, --AND--:J:>ea1er& 1:n. PE. n.sy1-va.j :t.1a. C1ga.r s Office: 643 Penn Street; Warehouses: L \36 Court Street1 and 2D & 22 S. 6th Street,. 'N'G, A.. nr" Larse Buyers will \heir intereat tiQIJORICE PASTE The unders lgned contr.nues to manufacture and Import Spanish and Turkish Llq uorice Paste, which he offers to the Trade at Reduced Prices. Manufacturers will flnd It to their Inter eet to appllf to hlim before purohas!ng else where. Jam es c:McAndrew, ---... ----. 11L.A1111111'0 Pa.. --URBACH & Importer of' Seed. Lea.f ADd Dealero 1D Sumatra. Toba.cco. Amsterdam, Holl'.tnd. AU!CUSTUS POLLACK, 'llanu.fa.oturer of Clt;aro, nWbreeliag'' I I!ITC>G-x:llll!l, SEAL OF THE STATE OF WEST VL And

\ 6 Es"ta b11shed. 1828. DOH,AN, CARROLL & KANUFACTUREBS OF AND DEALERS IN ,PLUG AND SMOKING TOBACCO, Sole for JAMES B. PACE, Richmond, AND OTHER VIRGINI A MANUFACTURERS .A.1&o So1e .A.. gen. "ts for JNO. W. CARROLL'S CELEBRATED BRANDS, 'LONE JACK,' 'BROWN DICK,' ETc., ETO., ETC. -ANDR A G-T :.A_ G-. SMOKING TOBACCO. TBI VIRGINIA TOBACCO AGENCY, E'tabl.:lah.ed. .TAS. M .. ,Q.&RDINIIR., 'I'OBICCO GOMIISSION MERCHANT, 84 FRONT STREET, NEW YORK. EXPORT ORDERS FOR P LUG TOBACCJO PROMPTLY FILLED. MARTIN & DUNN, THE TOBACCO DEd.4 EUGENE DU B O IS, GOAIMISSION MHBCIIWt IJS 3'1\0KT )l JfEW YORK. s: a. .. L ':-::AV SALOMON, SALOMON til T k e a.b o v e B rand of H A VANA-TOBACCO C I GARETTES m ade o nl r b y llElUIAN SALOMON. e -JAMES .BRUSSEL*& CO., 222 STREET. COR. OF BARCLAY, Gustav Sal omon & Bros :WPB..T. mns FILLED PROMPTLY FROM STORE OR FACTORY. Sole Agents for the Justly Celebrated Brands, "ATLANTIC," ''MAGNET," "SENATOR" IN PLUC AND CUT CAVENDISH'. F. C. LINDE. C. F. LINDE. I LEAF TOBACCO INSPECTION] -TOBACCO INSPECTED OR SAMPLED. coun:aY SAKPLING PROMPTLY AT'xENDED To. CerttacUes give n f o r every Case, and dellvered Case by Cnae, as to number ot C e rtificate. N. B.-We also Sample in Merchants'' Own Stores Es'ta b1:lsb.ed. 18!25. GEO. W. HELME, Snoceooor to,Applelly & Helme, M ANUFAC TURE R OF THE CELE BR ATED & :E"AN':J:S::EI: O:J:G-.A.:E'I. :R:J:EIEION'Sj :.. l!lanntac&urer or CIGAR MOULDS, PRESSES,. STRAPS, CUTTERS, ETC., r FINE CIGARS, A.nd Dealer In TOBACCO, 85 MURRAY STREET, NEW YORK 1Uy Hrautls:-"CUBA LIB RE," "CLIMAX." SCHOVERLING BROS P A CKERS AND DEALERS IN SEED LEAF TOBACCOS 142 WATE R STREET, Y'ork. P ack i ng W are h ou se a t New Con., H. KOENIG, WH: O L E S A L E DEALER IN :P:. 0. LXN'DE &, CO. PHILADELPHIA BRANCHES:lit W DICKERSON, c o m e r Ar c h and Water Streets; JQ.:l2 WATER 2TREE1'; 7 4._ 7 6 aud 'l' S GREENWICH S' l 'Rl!:E'l'. and FUDSON RIVER RAlL!If)AD lJE!'OT, ST JOH!\/ S PARK. EJi.gare &tes. i33 WATER STREET, NEW YORK. 226 PEARL ST., NEW YORK. 17'9 & l,Sl Lewis Street, New York. VEREA & VALDES, -All ktnd8 o t: Flgure o CJnl to Order and Repaired tn the Bee t l!lt:rle. IMPORTERS OF I tHavana Leaf Tobacco, 1 _81 Pear1 st. N 'Y'C>Fl.:B:. STAXDARD DARK NAVIES, c:::l The reputation or these goods is world-wide and the tncreastng sales or t ber:ii Ji p r oor o.t their menta. SNUFF a f t. <>F Maccaboy, Rappee, Scotoh, Americ a n Gentleman, lundyfoot. Our Trade-Mark B-L ts Embossed on every Plug. -vx::ao-:tN:x:A, I\IMQ K :z:'No: = OF::IPXO:EJBi Vbl: PRll'fC:t: AJ,JlJ!!J, T C(lLORADO, lJN C L E TOM, NAVY CLIPPUITGS, -c BOSTON 31 Central Street BLACK TOM, I RONSIDES, A.& H. Z: CINCiNNATI: 69 West Second Street 1 := CHICACO; 9 Wabash Avenue ia!LROAD MILLS, PRINCE ALBERT, GOTHAM, OLD HICKORY. ;l1 &AN FRANCisco= a1& street 1 lo. -133 WATER and 85 PINE STREETS, New York. TRADE HA.RX. PHILADII.PHIA; 89 North Front treet. J'Oa J>BI(lll LU'I' AIJDBE_. AJ>rL-r u ABOVE. 221 PE.UU. ST. NEW YORP B. Dl,AZ -& CO., I :1 B. D. &. Co.


DEC. 4 ELUS SPINOARN, d.I.&X HAOCBBAUS, SAMUEL H. SPl"-GAUN. E. SPINGARN & Co. 0 IMPORTERS OF v A..N' A.., Aim PACKERS OF LEAF TOBACCO, 5 Burling Slip, New York. REYNES BKos. & CO., Commission Merchants 46 a. 48 Exchange Place, S. BARNETT. .A:. v ,A. N" ,A. -ANDSEED LEAF TOBACCO, 162 Water St., New York. Basch & Fischer, IMPORTERS OF HAVANA Aud Packer of SEED LEAF TOBACCO, IDD WATER STREET, Nearllalden Laue, NEW YORK. E. & G. FRIEND & CO., :irq>arters a.nd ;leale.rslo LEAF TOBACCO, I 2f' Majden Lane. Gt71 FRIKHD,' N E EDwARD FRl&ND, Ja., W YORK LON.t..8n FRT&Nn tt CUTHRIE a. CO., 226 Fro11t Street. SCBBODER a BON,. 178 w.-TER STREET, NEW YORK,. IMPORTERS OF SPANISH .I.ND PACKEB.I!I 011' I DOM6STIC LEAF TOBACCO. D. H. McALPIN .& CO., JIIANUFACTURERS OF THE CELEBRATED FINECUT: I VIR&IN LEAF and NAVY I And aJI,kinds of Smoking Tobacco. A.1ao ld:auutacturers ot the well-known Brands of Bright Plug Chewing: own. 'onward.' 'FriondsbiD,' and 'Sailor's Solaco.' ..t..ND SALESROOM: ... ....... Cor. Avenue D and Tenth New York. N. LACHENBRUCH & BRO. PACKERS OF SEED LEAF AND IMPORTERS OF 164 WATER STREET, NEW YORK. I{ DTIENBERG &BROtl -FREISE,. (J'OJI.UBLY 01' THE FIBil 00' 'WALTD I'Bml>Jl.UI .t J1IJtiD,) IJIPOBTEB OP Leaf Tobacco,. 1ll'7 .A.T:J!JlR. ST., 'YOlR.::B:. IJ!ONARD I'RJJ!DM4:N --, 24D and 20 Cliff Street, New York. D. Sackett Paul (Jalvt. 7 I Blnr......, Boomnr.lLD, Ja.uo lloomnrLD IID&Y -...out, -a-......: ,. : 1.--E-_-R_o_s_E_N_W_A_L_D_&_B_&_o __ I Pacten & Hxnorters llf 145 Water Street, New ARNOLD 'POLLA. K, SOLE .AGENT FOR THE P.ACIFJC (JJJ.AS T FOR: :lleo ..... KERBS & SPIESS, Ne.,.. York; 1 :lleoor., HORACE R. KELLY eft CO.,J(-York; Me..,ro. MUSSELMAN eft DINGFELDER --(8aceeeeon to D. B. 1 JOBBERS in CHEWING & SMOKING' .TOB!ro& C:XG-.A.lR.:BI'T'T:BI& ALSO MANUFACTURERS OF FINE" ClGlRS ; : ,-ae .., -&1 :Jrsu.J:to:a. El't:ree"t,:slSI'e._.. Y"------11 _.Bela& the lllanataetarero and o ... aero or dte -eelelorde4 ....... oC(J(&an, a11y lnfrlncement or U wtll loe d ed&wlth ae_r...._ &o law.. THOMPSON, MOORE & CO. .-->=,. ---':c' -comssioN :M.ERCliAB'l'S; TRADEMARK: EWDEAL." TOBACCOS FOR EXPORT, NEUMAN & ALDs OF TOBACCO FOR EIPOIT. :::r:v.ran u:facturers o:f Fl ug Tobacco. Leading Brands: "EOBSE HEAD" '1EEAD LIGHT" "LITTLE :EA'l'CDT" G E U ERA L LITH 86 RA DUE! .. 'FACTORY, x6th & Poplar Sts. OFFICE & SALESROO'M, SII & 513 N. 3Td St. 83 Front Street. New York. 11 170 G:AFmwANDEi JOIIN-_:vv:-c.&RROLL, N. w. cor. PEARL and ELM STJIEfTS. &e lolel4aau!actureroltbeFa&Dt1lsudWerldrenowaedBraadef TOBACCO BBOBEB LONE iiC'i"Jiit fiOiif DIcK, Ci!ar and Tobaccu Labols Gait Dll'OBTD OF HAVANA LEAF TOBACCO C:XG-.A.lR-8, 808 Pearl Street, New York. L. NEWGASS, PACKER OF ALL KINDS 011' _SEEQ LEAF TOBACCO, ,-. Internal Revenue Books '1'IMo OrfcluiiDCeraal ileYOilllfJ Publlahlq Houoe. C. JOURGENSEN; 30 & 3'1' J.JBERTY ST., KEW YORK. P. 0. Bo:o: 1,11111. RruliJI Irons & stencils a SpootaltJ. li,; x.t.Wo Tap for Tobacco. "' ....... k>-"' obori llodoo. :R. :E lSI' 'T :E lSI' Go GC .,.,-cl-ptloa "' J.he Loweot Prlc8. JII'D oa PRJCBII, AHNER & DEIILS, DEALERS IN LEAP TOBACCO ""190 PEARL STREET, r=':: t:= t NEW YORK. CALIXTO LOPEZ, IMPDRTEB 0 .. FINE YUELTA ABAJD TOBACCO & CIGARS .1.114 Proprle&er oc U.e Brand LA ISLA" Per .Ill Illlpena&loa oCTo.._, And Brancl or Clpre '"Coney Island," 2DG Pearl St., New York SIMON STERNBERGER. BANKER AND BROKER, 1'1' BROAD ST., l'fEW YOIU[, Pays particular attention to the Negotlatloo ot Foreign Exchangu and LoaD8. Executes Orders t or the PurchaMJ dd Sale of Calitornta a:nd Nevada lUning Stock in the San F rancisCo Stock Ex.cbau&e., G. W. GRAVES, "P.r.CKER OF ..t..ND DI!'.ALER IN SEED LEAF TOBACCO, DANBURY, CONN. KETTLER & CO., f SNUFF, &c. &c. No. S8 Water Street, New York. :M.A. "YF::I:EL:O, y Manufactory :-TWELFTH STREET, LYNCHBURG, Yl --Orders Bo11o1 "ted.--0n1on """....,..p Jl!" 'CREASELESS VERTICAL TOP. TIN-LINED AND FLANGE TOP CIGAR MOLDS, CIGAR SHAPERS,. &c. -'D' N'X'VE:FI.S.A.'Xo !II:ALJ.EA.BLE IRON SA!II:SON JAC K DRY GOODS, LARD, DRIED FRVIT, H.<\.Y A.ND TC>:B.A.CCO P:R,E&&. This Press I s supplied with an excellent attachment. used when pressing in boxes or oases in the shape of four rolle1'S on placed under t h e platform or the Press, and are e levated or depressed by means o! lever at side of Press, when ready to roll case otf or on. .lfhese same rollers, by depressing lever to its fullest extent, causes the Press to be portabl e, a..a.d can be rolled from ot ibe store to another. REFERENCES. G 145 Water St .. New York, Feb. 17, 1680 It gives us !l'Te&t pleasure to be able to S(oate that alter using Your NO. 2 Pre!'!S in our at Easr.: Hart ford and Housatonic Valley, that it i s without doubt the best press ever IU!lde, as for dut'abilitv and saving of both time and labor it hns no equal. E. RodE.NWALD & BRo liS Water St., Ne\vYork. AprilS, 1 879 In respo nse to yours of the wo beg leave t o sa.y that the tobacco pl't!SS we rP.Ceived from you works to a charm. It 1"'1 the best we have ever seeJt. We shall recommend it cheerfully. ScHROEDER. &. BoN. 15 St., New York, March 2.'>, tBi'D We have had your Prt"!SS in se for som e time. which it has given the gruatest R&tisla.ctioo. Ita simpllcty of detail and labor-saving qualities eapeci&ll7 commend it t o the trade. W e unhesitatingly declare it to be the beat preu we have ever aeen. & SCHL03SUL to I.o u_iS _!t'!!tna.uer Cigarette & Smoking-Tobuoo. GEO. CAMPBELL & CD., VA., A '-_,..,. the MLE JII!A.N1Jli'ACTIJJIJj:B8,,.. t}le "TBaEJB Cl--01 and Smoking Tobaeeo, Ja11'1T ... Wlllo D.l. VIBS, o.C B""oli!IJ-,a1 N. li' -A. Ben, 43 Liberty Street, Slife-Agent k Ia York.-LQBENSTEI: N & GANS, IY:AI.K88 111'1' HAVANA SOLE AGENTS.A.NP I.MPORTERS OF TlQ; IUlNUJNE W &: M. C:J:G-AH. :M:OULDS, Presses, Straps & Cutter.; IMPORTERS QF GERlii'A.N & SP.lNI$!I C'IGAR :a.IBRONS: 1.81 Dll:ai.d.e:a. Lane. N'e'!DV York.. A. PERSQlV, HARRIMAN & CO.; Ttend'werr, formerly with Howard Bro. & Red.l Tobacco. -Bagging,. IMITATION S.PANISH ANI;):LJNEN FANCY STRIIII:S ; FOR PU,TTINC UP SMOKINC TOBACCO; M'f & 459. B"ome New -Y'9rk. I EMILE LOBECK,. CRAB. B.. .BECK. &. 00-. Commiss:ion Merchants, 33 MERCADERES mtEET, Cula.. : AUG. IUCHTERING-& CO., TOEI.A.OCO and O:J:G-.A.R. COMMISSION MERCIAITS 3 MERCADERES ST., [P. D. Box 368) HUUA, CUBAl BOSSELMANN SCHROEDER. :-, &, Cigar Commission Merchants LamparUJ.a, 18, [P. 0. BII 650) Hava,Ba.. W. A. BETHEL, Leaf .Tobacco Broker, 6 BROAD Cope's TQbacco Plant: .1. Monthly .l'Qt!RNAL Cor S!IIOKE&S. J'IVBLISJI&D AT 10 Lord St., LiVflr!lUIII, En[. Pa.Jca Two S&tU.INGS (ENous.tUP'l: Azrn.."UX. Where may be &da....ed, o r to Tu S ... <:coLE.u-011\ce .. ubicriptions, 75(."00.t8 ver aDDum. .............


PACKERS ,I.ND WHOLESALE DE/Il.ERS IN' L E A F-T 0 D A C 115 S. St., & CO., -PACKERS AlfD Di::ALERS IN LE.A..P. TO::S.A..CCC>,' .And Manufacturers of LowCrade Cigars, 111 Arch St., Pa: Wh< ,}esa l e Dealers in AND UANUF ACTURED NO. 3il2 NORTH THIRD STREET, PHILADELPHIA. of all kinds of LEAF ToBACCO constantly on & SMI!J."!H, Packers, Commisaicm Kercha.nis &..Daa.ler in SEED LEAF tc HAVANA TOB COO No. 35 North Water-st Philadelphia. 214 STATE STREET, HARTFORD, CONN ./, n ... PM: .... 39 NORTH WATER STREET, PHILADELPHIA,--. : L 0 TT-1 E -AND- W .l. & CO.'S Hew YBrt' Boston, Cbica!o, St. .Louis and Clncinnan. U'. &. Sc::Ii.d Tep CO. CorlRid[ll'& North Colle[c Pa. Is now retalllng 118 different shapes ani Sizes, from the fsctory. at d reduc. ed prices. Every moutd warrantetl unitorm. If she c be..not suitable. ft will ba exchanged or money Our u1m is tp glve perfect sar.Jsfaction to the trade. By purchasmg dn-ect ft'otn Lhc factory you v.iH Save all delay and .commissions. The only m ed;-' l and itiploma e.wn.l;'ded 'at tbff Centennial was to the v. tB. Soli.d l)!'op Moul. Olllcia.l doowmmts can l>e seen at the offios, G) mer R1dge anil North College Avenues. U 8, SOLID TOP CIGAR MOULD CO. H. WATTEYR'E, 216 Pearl St., :New York. Solo. Acent. J"oeph Loeb, BeojaDlln Labc, Jesepb. Lc::eb &, Cc::., I T H E T 0 B A C C 0 L E A F. Baltimore Advertisem&n.ts. DllPQ AND DOMESTIC LEAF TOBAOGO, No. 33 South Street. _co., 1'IANUF AC']tlJ;R.ERs OF CIGARS, AND OF THE Well-known AIIT.obacc Cigarettes, E ::IE E S &.'' 011B A.GENTS:-llleslin. Wise & Bondhelm.,_ York; N. B. 1Uannlng.PhJJa ..trilplola. 963 W. BAHIMOR ST.. ALTDIORE, Ba. Western Advertisements. AMB'ROSIA TOBACCO WORKS. W. G. MEIER & CO. SPENCE BROS. & CO. LOUISVILLE, Ky."FineCnt, R. MEIER & CO,, .A.l.\1.1:" Smoking, CINCINNATI, 0. Nos. 54 to 62 East Third Street, l E A F _,_ T 0 B A C C 0. .A.TX, 0. JACOB wxn.. -AARON KAHN, K A. wm. JAMES PHILiiS, 'WElL, KAHN & CO. Formerly wUh c. s. Philip& & Co, ilUNWACTURERS & WHOLESALE D&ALERS IN .Cigars & Leaf Tobacco 113 Main St., Cincinnati, 0. HENRY GEISE, (Succ""""r to B. GEISE & BRO.) ClGAR-BOX FACTORY, No. 93 CLAY STREET, :/,_ < CINCINNA;J'I, 0, ........ PRAGUE & MATSON, LEAF TOBAGGO BROKERS -AND-RE-DRYER$ OF CUTTING LEAF AND PLUG FILLERS ON CO:M!USSION;. 94 W. Front St., Cincinnatll. IIRY HOUSES:-t PACKER OF AND DEALER IN CONNECTICUT SEED LEAF TOBACCO, Warehouse Point, Conn. C. 0. HOLYOKE, 'Vholcsalo Dealer lu Western Leaf Tobacco AFRICAN SHIPPERS A SPECIALTY. .12 Central Wharf, Boston. GEORGE H: JQNES, Importer of v .A..N' ..A. And Dealer in SEED LEAF TOBACCO No. 98 Water Street, BOSTON". ClwL W. WILDEK, Ja. WM. B. Wmra. WILDER, Jr., Importer and Manufacturer of FINE CIGARSJ 68 Kilby & 98 Water Sts., ., BOSTON'. EMERY BEMIS, Jr., Th!PORTER OF v .A.:N' .A., AND DEALER IN SEED LEAF TOBACCO, No. 32 Central Wharf, I"" (, B<>s't<>n., :1\ C. B. BUTLER, 1 'll/1 PACKER & JOBBER OF Gonnocticnt LEAF -Tobacco, -' 15 HAMPDEN .STREET, SPRINCFIELD, MASS. E. B. FLACK,. TOBACCO BROKER, HOPKINSVILLE, KY. REFERENCES: Jno. C. Latham, Prea't Bank of s. E. Tri<:!'J Prea't Planters' Bank, Hopldnsvwo; Sawyer, wallace 11< Co., New York; Spratt"' Co., Louisville. Ky. HOLT; SCHAEFER & DO LYN'CHBURC, VA., BUYERS AND HANDLERS 01!' LHAF TOBACCO. --....._ -"" -o Vir[inia, Missouri, and. Kentucky 6 TOBACCO Order& lB<>l.:lo"'ted. -T ob ac sPANisa_cmAR FoR_mGt'J0l-Bous, LOUISVILLE, Ky. -w.F.NORMAN. W.W.DELVJR. ? .... ""---.-_ u--=r:r.... ER.'& ax ,x "! NORMAN & BELVIu PACKERS AND DE.<\.LERS IN Be a No Ill No. rth Third Street PHILADELPHIA -. .. -, OURAGHNTS: 1152WI!ST MAIN STREET, 11, Bet. CharlesanctLombfird & TIMORE, Md. w. G. ADAJJJ:s, NEW YORK. x. u.:1. 1.1.1. :a;:.y k -_-.. RUDOLPH HENSCHEN R.E.Vocn,-..r-G.F.Koou.,PHILADELPHIA ..' _: Pac ersofLeafTobacco. SANK & GCO.: m.nacaetureroc GEO. F. GUNTHER, C. & R. DORMITZER & CO. 107 ARCH STREET, ... North '!!_ter Street :P:a:xx...A.:oE:J:JJF'::U::XA.. J:w.J:cJ.. COMJI[ISSION ll Ordero Prouiptly J"llled. ar Leaf Tobacco in Bales a Specialty. M, H. GUNTHER, of New Orleano, Choice Bmndsof Imported L icor ice alway on LEAF TOBACCO BROKER, ao North Delaware. AVenue, F X KELLy J r CoUon Buyer. hand. Liberal Cash Advances made on Consign P:a:::Ex..a.::c:mx.P:a:x ., DRESEL, RAUSCHENBERG & CO., ----------;;;m;;;.::"t&::;__ _______ BATCHELOR TOBACC0SHIPPING & COMMISSION MIRCHANJS. W E. & KEoy.f theEAST IU ARCH ST., Philadelphia, Pa, Ham-OHIO SEED LEAF TOBA"GO OHiun QEED T.l.JEAF TOBACCO Buy Strictly on Com.mlaaton. llENERAL AGENT FOR Rotterdam and Ameterdam, 11 S. GAY STREET, BALTIM:ORE, U IJ WILSON 8r. McC.ALL.AY'S PLUC TOBACCOS. Dealer Jn VIRGINI. A LEAF TOBACCO Joseph WaJlace, (Successor to Cooper & Walter. ) MANUFACTURER OF BNUFF TOBACCO 888 ELEVENTH .ST., Theobald & Oppenheimer, MANUFACTURERS OF PINE CIGARS, AND DEALERS IN Spanish and Domestia Leaf Tobacco; N. E. corner Girard Ave. & 'lth Street, PHILADELPHIA, AGENTS :roa THE MILLER, DUBRUL & PETERS CINCINNATI CIGAR ldOl:.DS, STRAPS, Ew. "'PH!LADELP'HI.A,_ P.A. DAVID G. HIRSH, GUMPERT B OS., -.BxtenlYe JJJ:anuf'acturer of Gl\ CIGAR MANUF AGTURERS. PACTORY-ll3l2l s. 23d Street; PENNSYLVANIA SEED TOBACCO, STORE-1341 Chestnut Street; i1NcAsTE!i; si? A. "P9stal Oa.rd" Cigars. ar60o,ooo eta--AI ...... 7.-Haad. H. L. STEHllN, S. 0 J. L. FREY, J. L WEIDf.En. E. E. WENCK,, G. H. :II; MaiTiott, TOBACCO SHIPPINQ IMPORTED & DPMESTIC COMMISSIDNMERCHANT L E A F T 0 B A c c 0' 46_and 48 st. Chares st., 31 German St., Baltimore, Md. S,W, eor, Lom.llarsc., .. DARK WRAPPERS "CONSTANTLY ON HAND. Merfeld & Kemper w K 'IJARKER E. WAGGNER. .A., BARKER & WAGGNER seE! LEArTOBA'Cco. :M::o. 29 South Gar St., Baltimore, MeL We invite the attentJon or Manufacturers to OUJ' 6 stock of Dark Re-s,veated Wrappers ol We invite the attention of to ourwhich we malr y Butt and A.. HA.G EN &: N. Frcint Street, Philade phi&, P&.; Ca.dlty has "JA KSOJf'!lo BEM'u into it by a Qie. Every Plug bas ou.r '1\ademark N. H. CHRIIJTI.&ll, Galveaton. Texas; strip H JACKS N'S BEST" as per"'a m Rnnc..xed. TRY IT UNDER OUR GUA.RA.NTEE "\I'M. F.. TINGLE, Cincinnati, 0.; &ad if not !ound to b e all tbat we represeni it, \Ye 'VlLL PAY FREIGHT BOTH WAYS. E. W. KEIJ LING, 322 Montgomery St., San Francisco; !IOLU B., A 't.L LEADING .JOBBERS THROUGHOU:t' U)'loTJ:TED STATES. T. Baltimore, Md.; COOPER CO-'-' Cor. MadiJJon & Front Sto Memphis, Tenn. Wise "endheim. Nnw York Agent& w. a. J:zpon and Home Trade atWDded .... Orden Fromptly A.Uended to. :E-. J. &, co MANUFACTURERS OF ALL KINDS OF PLUG <>. Ou.r ::Loead.:l.n.;; Bra.n.d.s: 4141 El X G-'l:.l' :N' ''8oll4 Comort," "Trade Dollar," "Tidal Wave,"' W. BKST,Chlcagol LOIUN PALMER, New York;\._ BBST. RUSSELL. & CO., (Successors to JOHN C, PMph:.:l.n.s -v-:ll.l.e :Et:. y. REFERENCES;"BY'PERjhs'SlO!'r: 1. 0. Latham, Prest Bank HopL'iils vill.!'\ B. Z. Trice, Pres't Plant81'8' Blink, Hopkiasvllle1 8. G ... Buckller Com: Merchant, u 3. X. Gant a &n, Com. Merchant, Bawyer.t Wallace a Co., New Yo;rk; tJeibert, New Y ert; tF. G.lrwfn, ClArksville. Tennessee; 'II.. H. Clark lt Bro.,

DEC.4 Business Directory of Advertisers. NEW YORK. Leaf Tobacco WarelwUBe&. Ahner & DehlS, 190 Pearl. Arendt &:. Fring&nt. 193 Pearl Block &: Lindheim, 160 J;'earl Barnett S. ltS2 Watel" Basch & Fiscner. 155 Water. Cardozo A. B. 66 Broad Oheckley A. D. & Co. 38 Broad Cra'l(tord E. M. & Son, 168 Wu;er. Edmonston S S &: Bro. 47 Broad Eggert Wm. & Co. 245 PearL Friedman, Henry, 119 Maiden Lane Friend E. & G. &: Co. 129 Malden Lane. G. W. Gail&: Ax, 166 Wat<>r Garth D J., Son & Co. 44 Broad. G..-rt J. L & Bro 157 Bowery Gershel L. &: Bro. 191 Pearl. Hamburger t. &': flo. 15 t W g,ter Heilbroner, Josephs & Co. 119 M&iden Hirsch, Victorius & Co. 17i Water Kerbo & Spiess 1014-1020 2d Avenue Koenig H.. 226 Pearl Lacbenorucb & .Bro. 164 Water. Lederer & Fischel. 213 Pe&rl. Lovin 1!1. H. 162 Pearl. Levy D. 169W&ter Lobenste!n & {tanB. 181 Maiden Lane. Neul>erger M. 172 Water Newpss L. 144 Water Ottinger Brothers, 48 BroaA. Owen F. E. Oppenheimer M. 138 Water Reismann G. 2:28 Pearl. Steinecke R., 131 Water Rosenwald E. & Bros. 145 Water Salomon G. & Bros. 254 Pearl B&wyer, Wallace & Co. 47 Broodway SchoverliDg Bros. 142 Schi'Oeder &:: Bon, 178 Water. Behub&rt H & Ce. 160 Water. Schulz Fred. 213 Pearl Bieber t Henry. 68 Btoad. Spingarn E. & Co. 5 Durling Slip. Tag, Charles F. & Son. 184 i"rout. Upmann, Ca.rl. 178 PeArl. Wa.1ehousgs jor tiLe Sale of and Smoking Tobaccos. Allen & Co, 1'i3 and 175 Cbamberw Augustin & Duselll Warren. Dohan, uarroll & uo. 104 Front. Du'Bois Epgene. 75 Front. F 56 S. W aabin&"<>n Square Gard!n ec J. 84 Front. Hen A. Liberty. -Hunt H. W 69 wnuam !liD ,.Un &: Dunn, 74 Front Mett.ler & Co. 88 Water ThOID1'6on Moore & Co. 88 Front Wlse & 264 and 266 Canal )ntporter& of Mc:mtra C'Juara. s o ns, S., 216 Front """ Tobacco Baler tor &pori. QutlUt(' & Co. 225 Front. Leaf To8acc0 &ceatit&g. J'idlip C. s & Co.l88 Pearl comm1.31ion Merchant Beyneo !lrothel1! & Co., 4i & 48 Exchallge Place. Tobacoo Bro'kert. Cattus John. 8S :ueaver Ertheller & Son,. HI Water. Eller M. 116 Malden Lane Gans' Son, J. S. & Co. 84 and 86 W&ll OobGrne. James G. 54 Broad. Bader M & Son. 48 Bro&d Shack A. 178 Pearl Street. Jlanuf's of SI"'l Tobdcooo. Anderson Johrl &: Co. 114, 116 and 117 Liberty, Buchanan &: Lyall, 101 Wall -Buchner D. & Oo. 178 and 176 Duane. Good. win&: Co. 207 & 009 Water. Helme Geo. W. 133 Water and 85 Pine JOnney BrOil 515 to l\l!5 Weet 2M l[eAipin D. IL &: Co. cor Avenue D and Tentb. l!llller G. B. & Co. ll7 Columbia. of CiQart. Adrian H. J. 472 Grand Aah, Louis & Co. 96 and 96 Reade Belvin &: Sieber, 16 7th stand 2-6 Hall at, Boady .t Leaerer, 96 to 110 Attornay Brussel James & co. 78 Bowery DeBary Fred. & Co .. 4land 43 Warren. Dlogfelde r 8:. Libko, 39 and 41 Fulton Rellbroner, Josephs&:; Co. 689-699 FlnJt HiroCh D. &: Co. 121! an4 180 Blv!ngron. Kaufman B1'08. & Bondy, 129 & 181 Gr&nd. Jacoby !lorris & Co. 1'111-129 Broome. Jacoby 8.&: Co,.2()0Chatbam 8q 7Doyer Kerbs & Spiess, 1014 to 1000 8eoODd A and 310 to 814 Fiftvfonrtb Bros A venue D ana. Tenth Street. Broe. & Co. :168 and liTO Bowery Lombard V. 110 Water J.o" Jno. w 6 Rivlngton l!lendel 11. W .t Bro. 151-2 Bowery Orgler 8. 85 MurraJ' Ottenberg S. &: Bros. 262 and Pr&ll"r M. W '" CourtlaDdt 5t. Steineeke B 181 Water lleldenberg & Co. 1!4 and 86 JIM4e B&ache[berg 1!1 .t Co., Ill and K lltr<on & Storm, 204C6 But ll'Tth ButrO .t Newmark, 76 Park l'laoe Upmann Carl, 178 Pearl Street. Importers of SumaiJra. Wrappers. G. W Gall & Ax, 166 Water Jlant\(actunrl of .J'lne Ha.Nt&G Brown & Earle, 203-2011 Eaot 83d Footer, HUlOn & Co. 36 Bowery lianc11ez. Ha, .t Co. 180. 1ZI, 1111 Jlaldea LAlla tmp<>rt-. .. f or,or .. Almil'll.ll J. J 16 l"edar Berger S. & Co. 7 0 Pine DlazB. &Co. Ferna.nde:r. G. 206 Pearl Freise E. 157 Water Frledm"n Pearl G W. Gail&: AX, 166 Water O&rela J'. Bro. & Co. 167 Water Gato E. H. 104 Chambers GonzalE"II! A 180 Pearl & Spies. 2cl .&.Yenue I.Jlitmthal ){. & Oo. 171 Pearl Sons. S. 216 Front Lombard V no Water Lopez, Calixto, 208 Pearl Looano, Pendao & Co. 101 Pearl MoileacerT.'H&Oo.tt11WdearMINDda F. & Oo.lllllll'arl Salomon G. & Br011. 2M Pearl llanch ... .II Co. 130, lZI, .IH Jlaldea ileldenbel'!r Co &I and 1!6 JIM4e 'SolomOil M. E. 811 MjUden toone Splngam E. a: Co. it lllil" V-.t Bernheim, -117 harl. Verea. &: YaJdeP, 1181 Pearl -Weil-t: Co. .... -. J>,ne Welao. Ell...-& 1110 ........ Ybor V. Co. 1110 hoort A!JORIJor Ch.,.,., Clftd 8lllolfloo AUOD & Co. 173 and 175 Obambel. Auguatlll. &: Dul61, 11 Warrea HOD A. 43 LibertY MathewoR W. 78W.r.rreD & Bendheim !IH an4 2116 Canal of Kq-Wd Clg. M aud 86 lle&4o lllcmto.foclunr o/ Jl- all4 .. ...,.,. Demuth Wm. & Co. 1107 .t 11011 --Y Weill Carl. 69 Wal\::er Kaufmann Broa. & Bondy, 129 Grand lm .porten f Clot-.Pq:Jea. llemuth Wm. & Co. 507 & 509 Broadway Han A. 4S Uberty Kaufmann Br ... d: Bondy, 129 &ad 131 Grand May Bros. 105 Ave. Jlan'l(acturers of Briar PIJHII alOCJ ZIIOJ>Orltr ofllntokero' .Ai'tfclel. Augustin & DusN, 11 Warren St. Domuth W'll. & Co. 507 &: 509 Broadway BarTey &; Ford, 3t2 Broadway Rea A 48 Ltbert1 Kaufmann Bros. & Bondy. 129 and 131 Orand Jla.nujaet.twer of PtulU and Matllrla!l tor Cipor Manutocturera. Watteyne H. 1116 Pearl Banks. German-American, 50 Wall Internal Boot.. Jourgensen, C. 80 and 87 Liberty Foreign and Domestic Banker'. Sternberger Simon. 44 Exchange Place. Manufacturers of S"f\O'. o 'vm. & Co. 507 & Broadway, and 78 &: 80 Mercer Bobb S. A. 195 Canal Strauss B. 179 and 181 Lewis Sole Manuj'act1trer of tM Original Gtwn &a! Sm.oklng Tobacoo. Emmet W. C. 74 Pine Importers of Cigarette Pa.pel". May 100 2d A CnmmerC"I.a l .AgencU.a. The Bradstreet Co. m Broad. way Manufacturers of Cigar Boo; Lumber'. Read Geo W & Co. 186-200 Lawis Tobacco Freight Broker1. Smith W. 0. & Co. 58 Exchange Place Manufacturers of 6igar Bibbom. Wlcke 'Vm. & Co. cor. Qoerck and Third CigarBOZ Labels and Trimming. Beppenheimer & 1\laurer. 22 and 24 N. WUUam Neum.a.n & Dinglingar, n, w. cor. Pearl & Elm Manufa.oturers of Wax Paper, Hammerschlag S. ft2 Dey st Regenhard, Shevlll & eo. 55 ney st Tobacco Bagging. Person A Harriman & Co. 45i -459 Broome Manufacturers of the Ji)l-ie Cigar Lighter. Holmes. Booth & lla.ldens. 49 Chambers ALBANY, N.Y. Manufacturer of Toltacoo. Greer's A. Sons. d22 Broadway AMSTERDAM, Holland. Impo,ter of Seed and Dlrs in-Sumatra Tob. Urbach & Frankfort. BALTIMORE, Jllld, Warehouse. Barker & Waggner, 211 South Gay Boyd W & Co. 83 South Kerckhot'l & Co. 49 tlouth Charlee Klemm ChaS. H. 89 North C&lvert Marriott, G. H. M. !5 Germ&n Merfeld & Kemper, 39 Getman WenCk, 'E. E. 4ti and 48 South Charles Wlschmeye Ed. & Co. 39 South Calvert Dealers in Spanish. Cedar JM Cigar Stow Chao. W. &: Co. Uhler's Alley. Manufacturer I of CigtJrs and Crgarette1. Baron & Co 36S W. Baltimore St. TobcUco Manufacturers. Feigner F. W. & Son, 90 South Char leo Gall & AX. 28 Barre :Marburg Brothers. 145 to 149 Soutli Ch&rleo ToboOCO a-nd General Comm.iiBion .Merchant& Vocke R. E. & Co. s. e cor. Cheapside and Lombard Patent Stem Rollers. Kerckhot'l G. &: Co .. 49 Charleo MB:tiufacturer of CiQCit" Boxu. Henschen Rudolph, 3.38 and 840 8 Sharp ... Packm of ,sad Leaf and lmpurter of Hrrm-rut 7'obacco Becker Lom.bard JterckhoiE (kn & 49 South Charles TobaCCO. Sltilti-n: t utd IJlmmissionMerchants. Dresel, & Co .. 11 South Gay. 1 BOSTON. llllaotl. Ci4u.r Moujacturen' ADMt Merritt J. il". 34 Doane 1 .. Hnron4 and lAG/ 21>ba<:oo and Cigar. Dav-port & Lega, b9 Broad. Im-porter of ct' Dlr1. in Leaf Tobaeco Bemis, Emery. Jr. 32 Oentrtf Whar! 'Jones Geo. B. 98 Water Jmport6r <:t Mnnu({lrtHrer of Fine Oigart. WUQer ChM. W. Jr. 58 Kilby and 98 na.ter Tobacco Monujacturera' .Agen-ta. Kittredge Wm. P. & Co. 9 Central Wharf Dealer in Wedern T...eaj Holyoke C. 0. 12 Central Wharf. Importe r of Havana a"d Dealer in Seed Leaf, Bemi.s, Jr. ltmery, gjCentral Wharf. BREJIIEN, GermanJ. Tobacco Commluioa Jferchot1&a. Yan.-a ,, .... BUYFALO, :N. Y, Dealer Itt _,... and Packer 0/ Seed LeQ/. Lovin P. llt-114 Exchanp CHICAOO,m. Jl'f6/TI of Poplar. Svcamore, Gr(lined and .Bcu.t Wood Cigar .Qoz Lumber. Ba11.mer Wm. & Co. 61 and 8. Canal st fur Cjgaro and CMtlli"'l and s.o/dtlf1 To'ba.cce. 0. A. Peck, 51 South Water Dealer In Seed Leaf HTobacco DETROIT,, Mich. Man1t/'N ot Chewtng a.nrth Eleventh MannfactureJ" of fJioars. Batchelor Bros. 1231 Chestnut and 23 N 2d Gumpert "Rros., 1,341 Chestnut Theobalil &:. Oppenheimer, Girard Av Leal a!lcf Jl'f'd Tobacco. Hell J oDD B. 581 South Beeond Cigar -1m: Labell and Trimming. Harris Goo. ll. & Son. 1. e c;pr. W. alid Manufacturers of Cigar Moua.da. 0. B. Solid Top Cigar Mould l!lfg Oo. cor llldtre and North College ATe's. 9M'l ..4olri"'l Tob. -A. .1: Co. 44 &ad 46 DearbOrn PITTSBURG, p,., Jlaurf' of8nu1f Smoking Tobacco Weyman BrOs. 81 Smitbfteld Stt!._Uqle Tobacconilta and M'f'rt' ,4.CJe1'U:. -. R-11 & Co. 57 Lake and 418tr.,. 'WoOCI:Ward E. A. 42 Wabash AT CINcnrJ(ATI, O. Ciilar lJqz J!.um!wr. The E D. Albro Co., W. 6tll, Troot samuel W.,IIIIUo 7111 West Bb CLEVELAND. o. Dttoler in Seed .uat and liaVtJ.ftQ. Tobacco attcl Jobber in aU kind& Ma7t.Ufacture!!d Semon Charles, successor to Goldson & Semon. 13'2 Ontario DANBURY, Clo-. and Deahr in Seed 1AQf 7bbGooe. Gr&G. W DANVILLE. Va. l'm"""""' Leaf To/xJ.fA<> Brolrlr&. StrlcU ... Ordolr. Ven&ble P C. Pemberton&: Penn. Com"''"''"" Broker of .,_.,.f Tobacco. Pe&raou J. R. & Co. DAVENPORT, Iowa. Manufacture r of Cigar Bo:ee c:t Cigar Mokb. Koeller H. F. cor. 5th st. and Western ave. DAYTON,O Packers and Deater& in Ohio Sud. Blmm, E. & Sons O'NellW. S. H[r of"'Long :l'JI,read ''liT. Banner'' Smol;. 1-ng Tobacco aod Ezcellior Spun. .Roll." Jenkinson R .t. W 287 Llberty.ltreet Pactur of Seed (t Dealer in Bavan.a T.baceo. Pret&feld Bros. 363 Liberty street '.i&DI:NG, .Pa \atofoclur.,., eroue lt CJOmpanf'r 648 :Penn and 686 Conn. lP JOIOND a. Jlonufacturero/ Smokin!i Tobocco s' .dgent Pollak A SPRINGFIELD. II- l'fXI:er& Jobbert of Connecticut J(mfTob'co. Rmlth R. & Son,l!O HADJpden Butler C. B ST. LOUIS, Jlo, Toboc:ee Dormltzer C .t R. &: Co. 123 l! Buver of Leaf Tobacco. Ladd Tobacco Co. 21 North Main Tobacco BUVfl'l. Moler Adolphus & Co. Manufacturer' .t1gent1. Dillenbera: D. Wl N 2d. ; Agent tor Karburg Bros. Mfrs nf Dausma.n Tobacco Co. SYRACUSE. :N.Y. llan-ujactu.rlfTI of Cigar Bo""IAont & Bl&adel ,' l68 and 1'10 Eaot WTOLEDO.O. Mfrs of Powdn'ed Warren C. C &; Co. WAREHOUSE POIJI'l', Clo-. Packer of d: Dlr in Cenn. &ed La./ Tobacco. Barnes Geo. :B. WESTFIELD, )Ia.. Poe-and Dealer;., Bud Lt4l 2'Ha-. BneebmunJobn C WHEELING, W. V )(Gn.U]a.cturer o.f 'Wheeling Tip 4 Fine Cigar8, Ha.nk.e. Charles. 1425 Market. street Loos. H. L .t: Bro. Meder & Bro. Pollack, Auguatus YORK, Pa. M'n'f'r oJ Cigars. Mayer Jacob A. 9 & 11 South ss York C!11:ar Co, DAVID BEIR, DBFIANGH CIGAR MANUFACTORY; :o. co., 128 & 130 Rivington St.. New York. JAN:ZI. 1879 'BENJ. ASH' i KE:QBS ,,.ce .SPJ:BSS. of Fine Cigars, And Dealers in LEAF .TOBACCO. 1014, 1016, 1018, 1020 SECOND AVENUE, 310, 312, 314 AND 316 FIFTY-FOURTH STREET. N'E'tl'V" Ele:o.d.y &, Lederer, M.UiUFAr Slb .. 'll thouaand, l!llpertho'aSand. Thednt;r 011 Forelgn.C!gan1J'l.50'1! lb, a.ud 25ft ceDt. ad valorem. Cigarettes U.m' e duty as cigars. lmportt-d Cigars, <...'igarettes, and Cheroots also bear the prescribed lotern&l Revenue tu:es, to be paid by stampi'J at tho Custom House. The import duty on Leaf Tobacco is 35 cents t1 lb; Lea.f Tobacco atemmed, e,G centa lb; To'Mcco, M cents t1 'Itt; ScraPf!. :fJb Manufac tured Tobacco and Scraps are also subject to the Internal ReTenue tnx o r 16 cents =tJlr>, and m\l8t be packed in conformity with Internal Revenue law And regulation. Scraps and cuttings, however. may be withdra.wn ia bulk tor use in a tobaboo,snuft', or clgai Dianutactory payment of the internal H'V&nue tax. Pipes and pipe bowls, ?5 j)er cent. ad Talorem;and tUSO per grou; 'common clay pipes, 85percent. ad valoremj part& of gipes, ad valorem; all smokers' articles, 76 per cent. ad valorem; snUtr-bQxes and chewfnli:tobacco S:J per cent. ad valorem. Foreign. Dutles on Tobacco, In Frauce, Italy and Spain the tobacco eommei!Oelll lhed by Government, und'tr direction of a Regie. In Germany the duty OD Leaf tobacco and stems is 86 mark! per 100 kilogrammes. to 10.4,0 cents per pound; on atrlps and acr8.p8 18> mark per :fOO kilQ. grammes equal to 22.05 cents per pQund; on manutacturid tobaGo co and cigars 270 marks per 100 kilogral'lllqe-"-.... Gitln pound. On tobacco produced ...)n Germa.ny, the C&:l: tatlq el!eet afte< April!, 1880:-From April1,)1880, t<;> l!lan:h 31, :;:110-per 190 ldlogrammes, 6q uaJ. to 2.45 cents per pound; ftom A 1, 1181, ta llarcb 31, 11'182, 30 marks. per 100 kilogrammes, equal to ceate_ pe-t pouDd; from April l, 1882, and thereafter, <15 marks per 100' kllo-ltl'SDlm-, equal to &.110 oeate per pound. In Belgium the impollli ls reckoned atter deduotiDI' 1& per oenf. for tare. The duty'IB go ($3.86 gold) 11 100 ldlotrJ'IIIIImM (100 ..A.merican kilos.) In Holland tbe duty Is 28 cents, gold, per 100 kilos-/2':!0 American 1>1 being eqal to 12i .kilos). In Russia the duty on Leaf'TObaOOo is 4 10 kopelal pud on imoldng TobaccO 26 fO kopeks t1 pud; and on roublei 20 kopeks -pud. The H pud" ls equal to 86 American lbs. Ill Turkey the d111ty 18 tiO cents, gold, per 11M 4.menean OUD("N. In England the duties Oil Unmanufactured:IKe'.ll!Ued or stripved and uwstemrned, comaining 10 D>s or more or moiS ture iu every 100 i:ls wai.gbt Lbereo!, 3s 6d per Jb; containing lesa than 1V .,. of molst.Ufe. Sa lOd t1 lb. On Manufactured tollaceo :--Cavendish aDd Negn>boad, 48 10d tjl lb; 1111 other sorto,lncludlng clgarettea, 4o 4d. In oddltioa kl the alloe dut.lao then 18 a eh&rp ot tjl OODt. warob-..,_ oa 1111 deeorlptiOIIL Uruguay-ManufaCtured tobacco\ cigars and clga.rettes, 35 per cent ad 'Valorem; leaf, per cent. ad vawrem. ln Chili the import dues on Havana leaf amount to $1.!50, and all other kinds are taxed at. the rate of $1 per while a tax of $5 per has to be paid on cigars. Duties ln Newfoundland. Manufactured and amoking tobacco, t6c 'I lb; cigars mUte. 1 and 5 per ceot. ud val01"em; leat, unstripped and unstemmed, 'tl :lbi leal, anda:temmed, 16c lb. The aboTe prices in American money. Canadian Tobacco Duties and Excise. The following are the rat-es of im.J)Oaed in Canada on tbe Tao riou1 manufactures of tobacco:an1 and Cigareue&: 110 cents 1> snd 20 per cent. ad valorem. Manu actured Tobacco: 25 cents '11 Jb, aDd per cent. od valot"em. Snuff: 25 cents fl !b, and per cent,

/ -THE TOBACCO LEAF. DEC 4 The Celebrated JOHN ANDERSON & CO. M AN UFACTURER S OF THESOLACHun TOBACCOS 114 116 LIBERTY STREET, NEW YORK, BL A DURHAM TOBACco The S'ta.:n.d.a.:rd. c-1" "the PATERSON, N. J., K&Dufactarero of the lleg to direct the attf"n .tion of the Deale r s i n Tobacc o throul'bo u t the U nited and the Wo:l d "VV. O. :l!l:all::aii::BIT, SOLE li!ANUFA CTUREB, to t hoi r CELEBRATED ,.. SOLACE FINE-CUT CHEWING TOBACCO, LONG-CUT "MAGNOLIA" ::N'e"GV' R.ea.d.y, a.:n..d. a. :Be&. PINE STREET, NEW YORK. FR. ENGELBACH, ":' 'VV':EEOLEIEI.&LE DEPOT & AGBNGY For F. W. FELGNER & SON' S Baltimoxe, Tobacco a.nd Cigarettes, 56 S. WASHINGTON SOUARE, N. Y.l May Brothers, LaJ>i'rtera o f F rench Cigarette Paper. Alld 8ole.A4'enta I a the U B. f o r tho eelobrated FRENCH GAMBIER CLAY PIPES. tOri 2d Avenue, near 6tJL St.-[Houoe at p,.rlo ] N"F:W YORK. Oa.-.1tien "te Szn.ek.ers. O w in g to t h e numerou s humbug pate nted s ubstitutes used i n pre paring eheap pa_per, we fee l the importance o f calling publ ic atten.tio n to o u r wrappers, whiCh are made of the FINEST NAT URAL RICE PAPE R, universally know n to be the best; free from shell ac, arsenic, and other d elete riou s drugs, whic h a r e req uir e d k> render saliva-proo f and toughe n inferio r pape r A careful examination of our Paper and Ci&"are,tes will satisfy all of t h e great merits claimed. Exa m i n e eac h CU:arette and see that every. one bears KINNE Y BROS. facsimil e sign a ture. ""BUY N O OTHER. KINJIEY TOBA.OCO 00., lllaau!act UlWS of the f o llo wing well -known brands:-Ca.ROral Sw.eet Ca.poraJ. St. St. :Matinee, Entre Nous, Sport, Ambassador, Union Club, Zetland, Veteran, &c. CIGARETTES,'t G-eed.s 'U.pen, 'the 1Yia.:rk.e't. r. La VueltB Abajo.''"'1 Astonishing ResultS and Creat Saving of Expense by the new. Improvement attained In the Process of extracting the natural flavor from Havana Tobacco. The Trad e is h erewith notifie d o f the Important lmprovenaent ot this w e ll known enrac t ot Havana tobaeco,lmported from Hav&D&, imparting a. FLA VOR to Ciga,rs, Cigarettes and Tobacco. HeJ&OefortJL no more A.lcolaolllor ot!Ler are r-uired" ,, Bat mere Water wUlcU,oolve tiLe VUELTA ABAJO EXTRACT,. W!a!ah redueM tiLe prlce of tiLe Flavor to a For the last three years this uar l vale d Flavor has met with t h e greatest success, ..,. p roved t y the duplicate orders and flattering testim onials received dally. PBICES OF "L. VUELTA AB._.O,n l4 Plat, I Pint, 1 Gallon (8 pl a ts), 5 Gallon Lots. 1 0 Gallo n Lots. $2,00 .6.00 .40.00 :0.!15 per G all o n. tao per (Jall on. Te.rm t N et, c. o. J). One plntot La A.bajo will make ftv e gall()Dfl stron g flavor, Blmp l y by adding tlve gallons o t w ater. This quantit y ilsuftlclent to impregnate Fillers fo r a bout 40 000 tow ()(I(' BEWARE OP I.IIIITATION.-Every genuine bottle bearam yname and address, & o SOLE AGE!liTS FOU NEW YOBK .ND VICINI'rY F'OR GOODWIN & OLD JUDGE." &:D:Lok.:l.:n.s Tobacco Ot.arette-. A.l.o .&=:eot e fOI' othe r Leaalnc Manutactaren or PLUC TOBACCO AND CICARETTES. "CATARACT" IIUPI:IIIOB llA.JCII: .t PRIJilC QUALl'l'l' Cedar "Wood. JU.NUI'.A.C'l"UBBB 01' .A.LL BINDS 01' -Cigar-Box Labels. 293,'295 & 297 Monroe Street. :N"e"'O7 York. -Patent Tobacco Mach nel".t Pa1ents.) z Ill a -c ,. Ja.mes Ch.a.skel., LE AGENT FOR THE UNITED STATES AND 66 WARREN ST., NEW YORK CITY. = Nos. 254 and 256 CANAL STREET, corner of ELM, NEW YORK. .Darla JPerr,., WBAVBR STBRRY.,-SPANISH .LICDBIGici Gill LICOBICB f ]. S. GANS' SON & CO., Tobacco Brokers, 84 and 86 WALL STREET, NEW YORK. ALL SPECIALTIES PLII AID FIIECUT TOBACCO. LICORICE i PASTE. OLIVE OIL, TOICA GUMS, FLAVORS, ... co.. Powd.ered Boot, ._ AND PATBJ!IT PGW'DERED LXCORJ:CE." '1'1 STICK LICOR.ICE Wli. IUVE THl. FAVORITE BR.\NDS:, Tobacco manu f acturers and the trade ... ._, li'IG.A'!P.IIJ.LI AXD GVSOI.IBZ. in ge11er al are parti cu l arly requested r.o W. E. UPTEGROVE, Spanish Cedar I'OR CIGAR BOXES, _..,._ Ci[ar Box latcrs' snuunos. examine and test t!le superior propertJIII of this LICORICE, whi ch, being now brought to the highest perfe ct ioa is of fered under the above sty'e of brand. We are also SOLE AGENTS foe tbe brand G. A G. G. Acknowledged by consumers to be the biat in the market. ADd for the braad of Lic:orice Stief 1 fOJJtlOtU 11th st., East River, m:w Yorut. aomz A Go., Ia all respects equal to CALABRIA. Consumers and ] obbers would do well to app ly di r e ct. M. ERTHl:JlER & SON, 141 WATER ST., NEW YOflK. JOHN CATTUS, 83 BEAVER ST., NEW YORK. JAMES G. OSBORNE, TOBACCO BROKER, TOBACCO & CIGARETTES._ \ "MILD "-Rare Old VIrginia; "HALVES"-Rare Old and VIrginia. Always Uniform a.nd Reliable. '7 First Prize MedalsVie nna, 1878; Philad e lphia, 1876 ; Pa.ri s 1878; S ydney 1880. Special Concession the French Covernment, and on Sale in all Civilized Countries. WM. S. KIMBALL A CO. ROCHESTER, N.Y. P .eer1ess Tobacco 'VV'ork.s. I H. &LARK & BROTHElt T. H. PURYEAR, BOPKINIJ ........... o .. Paducah, Ky. B8T.AB:&:J:SEEEXJ 1. '7'76. 97 Col:u.m.b:l.a B"t. 'York.. ::E"'BTBB. :0. OOLL::E:N"IEI, Lleorlce a-. Setocc e..iboarr, -.. atly OD haad ARGUUIBAU, WAUIS l CO., as & 3l South WilliAm B4 :::Broad. S"t., ToBACCOBaOKERs :=; 48 Broad Street. JIIANUFA.CTURERS OJI' THE CELEBRATED PUIN FINECUT CHEWING TOBACCO in BLUE PAPERS S1W'-.:7PPS: :Rase-Scented Maccaboy, French Rap pee, American Gentleman. SXQ-N" .A.L '' OEI:E'VV'::E:N"G-,_Oilo o .. PoD. .&.1-, Pln& and Seeond QnaUty Smokln.r, In Blue Paper .. SWEETENED FINE-CUT-Dark and Light Grape. Forest Rose. Club. 111 Y .PPLE and PRIZE F'INE-CUT, In F'oll, LICORICE PASTE. THE STAMFORD MANUFACTURING GO., .-.." il.a'7 7T':IID.'II" lt.a..4.1'IT:I!I, :N":m-vv voB.:H:. 'l'lle Trade hAIng demanded a SUperior and Cheaper Artic l e thAn that h i t herto usejl, ihla .;.manutacturing,and qtr:ering for aale, LICOID C E P ASTE (under the uSanford" brand)ot a Q UA.LITY ,iDd a t & PRICJ: which caa hanlly falllo be a cce p t a b l e to aU giving it a trial. Mellor a Rittenhouse,. 2l..B N'. ggd B"t., Ph.:l1a.de1ph.:La, .li'IAlUl J!"AVT UBEBS &II' .BP and. LIC-ORICE PASTE. .li'Ie4&1 &WIIJ"d ... Cor "Parity, Cheapae-, .... General E:o:cel Jence o' Also M. A R. Brand STICK LICORICE, all sizes. Alex. Fries a Bros., KA.N'DF ACTUR.ER.S OF HAVANA CIGAR 44 College Pla.ce, New York; 46,48 4 81J EAST SECOND ST., CINCINNA.TI; & :Sott1e0 $D. &e:n:t c. C>. XJ. E otaa.Jiohe d 1848, K. C. BARKER & CO. Tobacco ""VU'"o:rk.'"" llanufacttuera o f tb.e Cel ebrated 'American Eagle' "CLIPPER," DEW DROP," Alld o&her Braade ot: 'UNIVERSAL 'FAW N / C> Ooz:111:f"ort, many other Grades &nd Brands o f 81110KING TOBACCOS. e A 64 Larned Street West ::ET, ltoii:::E CEI:. CHAS. B. HULL, lleo 7 and Treao. :N":m'VV' VC>:E'I.:K:. Block a A.SB.&CB:, FINE SEED .LEAF & TOBACCOS, W e htg to call the atteatiotl o f Tobacco Manufa c t uren and D e alen t o tbia SUPERIOR AND P URE arti c le. Sole for t h e Stat e of North. C a r oli n a aDd VIrginia: .MusRS. D AVENPORT A M "ORRIS, Ric h mon d V a. LICORICE ROOT-.Ioragon ancl AllcaDte. a n d O r di u ary. TOBACCO BROKER, 1 ,78 Pearl Street, f NEW YORK. ZURICALDAY &. ARGUIMBAU,1.i Sl8 BEAVER .STREET, _TOB.K. ------STOGIES CIGARS, POWDERED LICORICE Finest Quality. Manufactured at Pouchkeepde, N .Y. GIFFORD, SHERMAN & -lNNIS, 120 WILLIAM New York. Wheeling, Va. ,.-EDEB.&BRO., WHEELING STOGIES, TIPS and FINE CICARS, Wheeling, W.Va. No. 160 PEARL STREET, NEW YORK. METRO PO LIT AN CIGAR MANUFACTORY. -.:7 SIGMUN D JACO BY, GUST A V JACOBY. -.:7 :N: 1.11111' X X c 0 u-v D'.l: 200 CHATHAM SQUARE and 5 1 DOVER STREET, NEW YORK. CU;ar Manntactnrer & Dealer in Lear fobacco, 6 RiVinrton St.! Jew York D. BUCDNER a CO.,. C>:N"E::E::o'.A. 'VVC>:E'I.::ES:l!l. OFFICE:-173 and 176 DU4NE STREET, ftEW YORK. ManufaciUrers of CHEWING and SMOKING TOBACCO. GOLD COIN .ROYAL PUCK, Chewing Tobacco. c 'ICARETTES. ...= = E= >-< $1:1 = :;;;:::; OFFICE: Ad dr ess G l BROADW AY, P 0. B o x 4118. N W YORK. Co n stant l y o n han d the lmproved.,....Machinery CUTTING, GRANULATIN G AND SIEVING TOBACCO BY HAND OR STEAM PO WER. A large vn1ie t y :Mn.chinel } f o r Cignr Ma.nuf'actm-ers, a s for C u tting anrl Ha.vaDa. a n d othe1 Fille i'Sf o r Cigars, Stem Cigarette Machine s e tc For &MOKINC TOBACCO, Flour, Salt, Bark, Sumac, Cuano, Crain, &tc. Furalsbed wi t h or without Printe d Brand Chew and Smoke A. M. LYON & cO.'S B.ICHMOND Navy Tobacco. Wit.. S. CARROLL; PROPRIETOR Oil'


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