The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (10 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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I VOL. XVI.---N 0. 4 6. rESTABLISHED 1864.] NEW YORK, SATURDAY, DECEMBER 18, 1880. 103 MAIDEN LANE. CorDer of WHOLE NO. 826 SEIDENBERG & CO., 84 & 88 READE STREB-r, l\I.BW YORK, Im:porters of Ha,va,na, Toba,cco, ALSO MANUFACTURERS OF THE LA ROSA ESP A NOLA KEY WEST HAV WEISS, ELLER & KAEPPEL, IMPORTERS OF THE BOSE BRAND'' HAVANA TOBACCO. 220 Pearl New York. _3_3_M_urra __ Y_s_tr_. _e_e_t_,_N_e_w_Y __ o_r_k. __ MCFALL & LAWSON -MANUFACTURERS OF THE-EL GLUB o E YATE and ROYAL PALM KEY WEST HAVANA CIGARS. Scraps 0.:..d Cuttings for SaJe. -V. MARTINEZ YBOR & CO., 1.90 &"tree"t, "'V"c::rk, OF =HAVANA 11. scH1JDABT, G .&ABON SCH1JDABT, w:ra:. scHUDABT. SCBUBART' a CO., IMPORTERS oF HAVANA -TOBACCO, N"o. 1ao -vva-ter S"tree"t, N"e-vv 'Y'ork. ll. LAJm)[A.ll', .. J.: BJmlmliilllEB. lYI. LILIENTHAL --a :E:DII:::E"'C>lE'llTEJE'llii!J C>P BAY ABA TC>B.A.CCC>, :N'o. 177 ::E"'::BI..&.lE'llL II!JTJE'llE:BJT, 1\TE"VV OFCIGAR BOX LUMBER, SPANISH CEDAR, l .DOMESTIC WOODS, IMITATION SPANISH CEDAR. IMPORTERS IN OUR OWN VESSEL OF SPANISH CEDAR and MAHOCANY. 686"70"7 "VV. S::l.:x."th. S"t., O::l.:n.o::l.:n.:n.a"ti.. ALlYIIRALL & MARK. 6-e1as J J A 4 TRADE I J OF AN' .A. TOBACCO, 18 CE:DAB. STlE'llEET "'!CC>Fl.:E;;:.. --------=-=taes ') dit-W'i DONALDSON BROTHERS, S"tea.m. Li "th.ograph.ic Pri:n. TOBACGO LABELS AND SHOW CARDS 'II. o. Box. 21'91.) QOF" E'VEJE'll'Y :DESCR.:E:F"T:EC>1\T. [NoLabelskeptluStock. AUG ROESLER \CKE & CIGAR BOX MANUFACTURERS, Cor. Goerck & Third Sts., N'E"'VV' PRICE LIST OF CIGAR RIBBONS. ........ Y.U.Ow ............... Eztra.:.&-sbroad, 70:rde IL"'& .. .............. Jfo. 1 .... fi-8 .. "1'0 :rde 1.66 ...... 2 .. 6-8 "1'0 :ydo >1-'6 .. .. .. ... .. 2a .. .&-8 .. "1'0 :yd.o 1.15 .. .. ... .. .. .. 3 .... i "1'0 ,... 1.2& Bed .. ............... 1 ..... 5 "''O:rde 1.80 ................... 2 .... 1 "lOyd 1.60 .. ............ .... .. .. 3 .... 5-8 .. "1'0 :rde 1.30 HAVANA TOBACCO. Any Infringement upon this TRADEMARK *----* : & ------Will be prosecuted to the fqll Extent of the Law. OF'F':EO::m : WElL & 00., 65 PINE STREET I NEW YORK. :J:MPOR.TER.S .. EJI!II-ta. { Ho.vWla, :UH8 PhUade1phia, -1828. tt1 S. FUGUET & SONS, No. 231 CHESTNUT ST., PHILADELPHIA, IMPORTERS OF HAVANA CIGARS -Eatabliahed 1836.o S. LININGTON'S SONS, IMPORTERS OF Havana Cigars & leaf Tobacco &paaola ...................... 1 .... 5 "''O:rde 1.80 .... .. .. .... .......... 2 .... liS "1'0 :yde 1.60 216 Front Street, New York. GENERAL AGIIlNTS I'OR SEIDENBfRG'S CIGARS. ...................... 3 .... 1 "''Oydo L30 U70W .................... t .... ,-8 'I'O:r.t. 1.36 Sole Agents ror Cele"brated Havana Brande ot ALSO IU.NUJ' Aai 'U1U1AI8 OF ................ 2 .. 1 'TO;rde 1.20 .. ............... a ..... ,.s "''0 7.t. oa Jf&ft'Ow Yellcnr ............ 1 ..... 1-9 "''O:rde 1.30 Cigars. I I Paul and Virginia, La Ceiba, La Desabie,"' Desaflo and Flor Selecta. ............. 2 ... H "''Oyde 1.20 ............. 3 ... H 'fO ;rd 0.80 lloz Bed ................... ... :t-8 "''O;rde 0."1'0 Y.uow... .............. 3-fl 'fO yde 0.85 Llluboe.. ". (Oiafeo) 1 .... -.s :U :rd.o 1.10 IOJdao) .. 2 ----8-8 :U:yda 0.96 ._... 'lr.a............... 1 .... '1'-8 .. :Uyde 1.60 .. ............... 2.. '1-8 :Uyde 1.20 .. ............. 3----13-liS -:u yde 1.10 ............. "10... 13" :U;rd.o L .. ............ "J.5 ... !J-8 .. :U:rde 0.90 --SUCCESSOR TO A HEN & CO. -&8 L:EJBElE'llT"Y" &TR.::BI::BJT, (P. O. Box 8628) 1\T::BI"VV .. ................ 20 .. .. 13.. :u :ycb 0.80 ............. "6() .... 13" 3iycb o.u. IMPORTER OF MEERSCHAUM, BRIAR CLAY PIPES, .. ........... "100-6-8 .. :U:yd 0 .36 SPECIALTY OF MANUFACTURER YeL.-.BedStripee .. 150 .. 13" :U:rde O : &o 01 .. M .. .. Oo "100 .. 6-8 Si7de o.,o .SMOKI!RS' Be4... : ........... 1 ..... '1'-8 34 ydo 1.i(l 00 w ............... M 2 ..... )3" 3i:yde 1.15 ..... B.ecl U"'!itll:r.U0We4c .. 5 M "''O;rde 1.66 .. .. ID. iS "''Oych I-'0 -QF--AND-r1 t-8 .. "''O:rde L30 .._. Y .U.. ..I with 111 .ac.... 1 "1'0 7de L66 .. ... .. Da red u 000 .1 1'07cla L25 f Da :red, wll.lte aa4 TOBACCONISTS' SUPPLIES. SHOW FIGURES. Wue eclcu -... 5-a 'l'P;rc1a 1M Jl'orfeca .................................. 5S &Oyde Jtlanunt.c&oren A cent for the Sale of" all Popalar Brande oc Extra Styles of R lbbons Made to Order. RIBBONscuT & PRINTED ANY SIZE ANtrSTYLE. VIRGINIA, NORTH CAROLINA & WESTERN MANUFACTURED, SMOKING & FINE-CUT TOBACCOS, All Or4er Promptl:r .,...,..... Tel'lll Cah. Prices of Cigar Boxes and Samples of Ribbons Sent on Application. Depot for ALLEN & GINTER'S Richmond, Va., Brand or Snook .. g Tobaceo and 3. W. CABBOLL'S "LONE 3ACK:,or "DROWN DIC IIL," etco; E. T. PILKINTON & CO.II Celebrate .. "FR1JIT8 AND FLOWERS" SIDoklac TobaeeoJ l'IJ:ABDURG BROS. "SEAL OF NOBTH CAROLINA." LOUISIANA PERI(lVE, Cu* and In Carroto, REJIOVAL. WM. DEMUTH & CO. J IIU.lllW ACI'l'URERII 01' MEERSCHAUll, BRlAR AND APPLEWOOD PIP:m_ -AND---IMPORTERS OF SMOKERS' ARTICLES, 60'1 & 509 Broadway, 78 & 80 HEROER STREET, CIGAR BOX: L UM B .E.R!.-SPEC PRICES to all Parties orderiDg 20,000 Feet And upwards. BeiDg IIOLE JIIANUFACTUBEBS of Ule celebrated perfectly smooth and thoroughly s....,.ned Cut and Press-Dried. Lumb-er, W e can offer to a.ll manufacturera extra inducements in the line ot Cigar Box Cedar 8oards and Veneers, Poplar. Syca m ore, Butternut and Mahogany, also In Panel Woods and Brush Stock. Our L'edar Veneen appHed to Poplar Is muc h pnterred to lmitatiou Cedar. lJr FullliDe FOREIGN &Dd DOIIIESTIC WOODS Ill Logs, Plank, Boards and V eDeen. Send f"Gr Catalope and Prlee Lbt. Geo. W .. Read & Co., to 200 Lewis New W. T. BLACKWELL & CO.'S GENUINE D1JRHAJtl' Tobacco. Wltl. S. Kll'IJ:DALL & C O.S "VANIT!i" FAIK" Tobacc o and Sole Agent for H. P. Jones A Co.'s "TA-R HEEL" and "OCCONEECHEE" Smoking Tobaccos; C. Campbell A Co.'s "THREE CITIES" Cigarettes, Tobacco, etc. FINECUT, Manufactured b;r SPAULDING&; MERRICK:-Old Glory, CharD> or the Wee&, sw-eet Durley, (lnee n Dee, Tru01p10 Wig-Wag, In and baJ'relo, and TRA VELEB 1!ir PRICE LISTS FURNISHED ON APPLICATION. J. CllanrrWi DtiSBL. (P. o. Box ll2n.i a... 'W. A-- .A. "UG "UST::J:::N' ck, ::t:::I"US'FJ::J: ., 1 (Late or A. HEN & CO,)--Jl'IJ:PORTERS & DEALERS IN FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC SMOKERS' ARTICLES; MannfaGtnrers' for an the Pevnlar Brands Fine Cut, Smokin[ & Pln[ Tobi1cco. & Sole Agents for "Va:n.i'ty Tobacco and Cigarettes; Sole.Agents for Allen &.Ginter's RICJDIOND GEM: !obacco & Cilmttea Depot lor BlaokweU' G&ll..W.. Durbam-JDo. W. Carroll' Lone J ...,]t-E, T. PilkbltoJt' Fndto & Flow-1\To, 11 "'VV .A.lE'lllE'llE1\T II!JTJE'llEET, :N E"VV "COPENHAGEN"" SNUFF."I 'VVEV:lYI.A.:N' &, EIR.O., Manufllcturers of the Celebrated Copenhagen Snuff and Cut & Dry Smoking Tobacco. Retail Store A Office: Sl Smithfield St. Factory: 54 7 Union St. A 112 Liberty St. P.A.. GENERAL SELLING AGE:IITt-W. 11.. ROBIN!IION0 124 WATER STREET, NEW YOHK. WHOLESALE DEPOTS.-NinV Y4?RK: A11<"n 4:; C'l l'l'S SC. D ,\LTil'IJ:OREt Baxter & 1 -SILVER -SURFACE FOIL. :DII:a:D:u.:Ca.o"t-u.reCl by J. PATI;NTJ:D MAY 11 and JULY 6, 1880. NOTICE I hereb7 pven that oil Pc-..sono Making, Selling, or Uoln& TID Follin ofal Letter Patent, WUl be Proliccute d t o the Full Extent oC tla.e Law provided. :tOr 1n uch A new and beautiful article of Foil for Tobacco & Cigar Manufacturers, Druggists, Florisis, &c Fnrnlhed Plaln or In Fancy Deolr;ns of Color and OrnamentaUon. ALSO JtiANUFACTUB'EB OF P"ure T:i.n. and. O"tb.e:r Pc:tls. Boiled to any Gauc .. and Cut to S'-" e Printblc on TiD. F 0 U !.D. Bronze and. Colora. Bottle all olzeo, Plain and Colored, O:fD.oe 1 168 :DII:'C"L:EIEJlE'llPl. "Y" BTJE'llEET. 1\TE"VV "Y" C> 971':h!) 7fi. }r p t"' the sale of the n ew gl:'owth is progressing slowly. In \!)) \:,1/g a ."cg L -"'" thislocalitythepricepaidon an average is 33 marks pe r cwt. At Neckarau, Edrigen, and Friedrichsfeld, NEW YORK, SATURDAY. DECEMBER 18, 1880. none of the new crop has been on the poles At Seck enheim, a principal tobacco center, only two sample THE GERMAN TOBACCO CROPS. lots had been disposed of at a price ranging from 32 to A correspondcnt'writing from Mannheim, under date 34 marks. It appears that among producers the idea of November 25, reports that the sale of fall tobacco prevaila that buyer;; offer -prices about per cell;t in that locality was brought to a c lose in the middle of than last year, to cover w1th the difference m last month, prices for the new growth ranging. from pr1ce the tax they now have pay. 35 to 40 marks per cwt. The Pfaelzer Cowier reports of the growers decline to _sell, m that there was an eager demand for the new growth of of better priCes. From St. Leon, m the dlS_tnct of Baden and Pfae lz e r tobacco8 which were readily disW1essloch, reports thut durmg_the posed ot. At Heddesheim and vj_ernheim prices the mspect10n sale the n ew crop ranging from 32 to 38 marks per cwt were r ealized for m locality commenced. The pnces ranged, ac the new growth; and in some loc;:alities even 42 m'lrks cor?mg to color and qunhty, fl-om 28 to B5 mu1:ks, per cwt were paid, exclusive of the tux. It seems that. wh1ch seems to confirm the v1ew that md1rectly the the planters hav' e b ee n very careful in curing their ptoducers pay the tobacco tax. A correspondent tob acco which has been a g1:eat improv-ement. As far of the Pfae lzer r eports that ut Harthausen 'as regards the color of the n e w growth, Heddes h eim 3 ,000 cwts of the new growth w e r e d1sposed of has furnished in the aggrcgute a. ni ce brt)Wn leaf, while m the market at rangmg [rom 32 to 33 marks at Lampersheim, viernheim and Lorsch the new per cw_t. At Ingelhe1m the also all growth bas turned out to be the favorite bright yellow been d1sposed of, the average pnce prud bemg 30 to 34 color. At Plunkstadt and Eppelheim several hundreds marks per cwt. of cwts of the new crop has been hanging on the poles, The above gives an idea of the movement in the new but only a small portion of the same has been disposed growth at the southwestern German localities, of to buyers at prices ranging from 34 to 38 marks, as in the Palatinate and Baden. The Tabacks Zeitung this crop, b es ides being green and coarse, has not been furnishes an account of the market from a tobacco to properly treated in the curing process. cality in a more northern section of the German EmFrom Schewetzingen. a correspondent reports that pire-;-from Duderstadt, in the Harz Mouiltains. A


--.;-TERI!I!I OP THE PAPER. IIINGLE COPIES Ol'2:\ YEAR 81X li!ONTHS D Rates for Advertisements. 1 Lines One Colulnn 14 ovor I'\VO Colun1ns !18 LineN Ono omt now to be aimed at lS to shorten the credit account, and keep It short hereafte1 As m so many former mstances, dealers ill Seed leaf tobacco have been losers to a considerable extent by the late failure s The representatives of this trade are peculiarly liable to losses, owmg to the extent of the1r cred1ts and the want of means of many of the1r pat rons It WflS only a day or two ago that a successful merchant srud to us that the Seed leaf trade had reached a stage m wh1ch the mam functiOn vf the capttal c>f the wealthier members was to gratmtously contunute to the convemence of the poorer ones In thts terse sentence the gentleman sought to g1ve collo qural fm m to the fact that the cred1ts allowed small manufacturers and dealers, coupled With the other nsks mc1dent to the purchase and sale of Seed leaf, absorbed the profits that should from the prosecutiOn of the busmess The truth of this declara twn wrll be read!ly conceded by eery person who reflects that compet1t1on makes, or seems to make, both the pm chase of the Seed leaf crops m a green state and their salem a cmed state, the latter largely on trust, with all the chances that each Implies, a necessity In v1ew of Its mamfold nsks, the profits the sale of Seed leaf should, under the law of compensatiOn, be lmge, but per cont1a, because of these vety same risks, whiCh are perpetual, they are umfarmly small Some of the fa1lurcs of the past few weeks have swept away m a smgle hour from some rof our Seed leaf merchants m01e of therr hard earned gams than they have accumulated m the nast year It will be the dawrung of a better day when credite to rrch ap.d po01 al1ke are dtmmished m number amount _..... ... H F..B._O:M-HAV Mr I M Bon, of the & Bon, 1)lhose deaarture by t,he City o !4lexanq1 ta for about four wE7k.s ago, 1;p c.ity on Wednesday ill the steamer Saratog Though '6u gaged on busmess for his house, Bon ei).Joyed-his briel vacatiOn, as most of our merchants li who the sunny Island of Cuba On Mr Bon, m a hurried mterv1ew, spoke of his trip s10ns to a r epresentative o! THE 'OBACCO LEAF, as.. follows Connng home I saw what was J>erhaps the most re markaple race ever witnessed at sea The Otty of .Alexandrta followed the Saratoga out of the harbor of Havana sometrme after the latter's departure, and caught her about 11 o'clock_at rught, and__the twa.ships never lost sight of one another U!\tii the1r arrival m New York, the Saratoga beatmg the .Alexandrta-about. a mile or a m1le and a half to Sandy Hook, and both droppmg anchor together at Quarantille The distance traveled was about twelve hundred m1les and the c1r cumstance lS notable ill showmg the steamers to be so closely matched m sailing capac1ty I had a pleasant tnp both ways My first searches m the tobacco crop made me r egret very much that I had taken the trouble to go to Havana In fact, I was qmte disgusted Fmally I struck tobaccos from dis tncts that I like d very much, and that I thmk a1e the best tobaccos the t1 ad e has seen smce the crop of 1875, which was a very fine one These were Vueltas, from the Lorna d1str10tE'. In my estimatiOn the tobaccos of the Remates tl1s tncts were the finest last year Although they are good this year, they lack leaf and contam a great deal of scrappy fillers and are dear m price The new RemedJOs-that 1s, the crop of 1880-are very good, probably the best we have had for several years They find ;ready sale ill Havana, bemg taken out of the market rap1dly, l;>oth for the States and Ger many, at advancmg pnces The fine Partrdos are all bought up The 1880 crop was a very small one, and there never was a t1me when so httle fine tobacco 'Was to be had m Havana The CIOP of Partidos, usually 1unmng over 80,000 bales, was only 10,000 bales this year, of whiCh not more than 5,000 to 6,000 are fit for the States The crop of Vuelta AbaJO, whiCh annually averages 300,000 bales, was th1s year only 60,000, of V(hrch ot more than 30,000 to 35,000 bales are fit for the States The crop of RemediOs was 55,000 bales, whrch rs about an average, and of th1s 35,000 to 40,000 bales wrll be adapted to the wants of the States The crgars th1s year brought from Havana wrll sur pass m quahty those frorq the same somce m 1870 Th1s should be agreeable mtelhgence for smokers The for the new crop of leaf are excellent, mdeed, we1e never better The planters are very much please d Last week splendrd rams set m, and If there be not too great a f a ll, a sat1sfactor y yIeld may be an tlCipated with confidence OUR POSITION ON \vESTE:a.N LEAF. "That's rrght, keep on bearmg'" w1th a downV\ard wave of the hand, that was the salutatiOn accorded us by a dealer m Western leaf tob&cco as we met h1m o n the market a day or two ago Smce om pubhcat10n eady m September of an edttonal artwle entitled "The Duty of the Hour," the ImpressiOn appears to have gone abroad that THE TOBA.CCO LEAF was t1ymg to bear the Western leaf market In the mtenm we have received commumcatwns expressive of the fear that our purpose was to wnte down the market Oral testi{DOny to thfl same effect, m add1t10n to the above mtroductory 1rorucal mJunctwn, has come to hand Some frrends have courteously mtrmated that a trade JOUrnal, like THE TOBACCO LEAF, should confine Ita operatiOnS to the mere chromclmg of fa cts, and not mdulge m editorial comment on trade questions Re plymg m consecutrve order to these vanous mtima t10ns, we would say, first THE 'oBACCO LEAF 1s trymg ne1ther to bear nor bull the market, but to sustam 1t on a paymg and permanent basiS Second THE TOBA.OOO LEAF has passed the periOd of adolescence It IS patromzed but not owned by the tobacco trade It I S grateful for the support rt recerves, but 1t g1ves a full qutd pro quo to rts subscnbers and advertisers Strike a balance sheet at the end of every year and 1t will be seen that both publishers and patrons have performed the1r respective dut1es THE TOBACCO LEAF IS ::1. trade, commercial and newspaper combmed, and as the .exponent of any one of these departments of public effort, 1s entrtled to the pnvtlege of edrtonal comment on all subJects embraced m 1ts columns To lim1t 1ts funct10ns 1s to degradert, which nobody really seeks In The Duty of the Hour," and all subsequent ob servat10ns of a kmdred nature, we have contended that the best mterests of the New York factors, and tho Western leaf trade everywhere, would be sub served by sellmg as opportumty offered, rather than by holdmg m antiCipatiOn of a speculative advance m pnces At this moment we enter tam the same opm10n, nothmg more, nothmg less, though, at the same time, we are adv1sed that there never was an occasiOn when Reg1e sorts, from lugs to leaf, m v1ew of the reqmre ments, were as SQf"rce and valuable as at present The s1tuat10n to day JUStifies we rmagme, the positiOn we have assumed In Septembe r we saw speculative movements made by one or two pe1sons actmg m th1s ma1ket whereby reported sales" ere effected a tan ad vance of about a cent a pound Some subsequent sales to cover Immedrate wants were made at about this advance Wrth these transactwns the upward movement may be considered to have closed The transactiOns from the IDiddle of October up to the present t1me, fully verrfy our ex pressed fears that the advanced pnces would cause buy et s to stand back, the sales havtng been very sma.llm the mte rva.l, as related by us from week to weeK. At the same that the speculat1ve movement was made here, m leaf prmClpally, similar speculative purchases were made of lugs, chiefly m Lomsville, on wh1ch priCes were considerably advanced, but wrthout further effect the n or thereafter In November, when the dullne,s In New York cle arly mdicated that ad vanced pnces could not be 1eahzed, a strategiCal movement was made by purchasers ill one or two markets m Europe, ill order to stu up the New York market, but rt proved of no avail And even m New York the same strategy was resorted to, a sale seve ral hundred hogsheads of leaf bemg reported, wbrch failed of effect and fell still born on the market As a consequence of the attempts at speculatiOn, our stock here has accumulated to the extent of over 50,000 hogs heads, for whiCh there LS but a poor prospect of removal m the near future, the open markets m Em: ope mdrsputably overcrowded with unsalable stock, and the mam rehance here for an exodus, the buyers for foreign account, seemmg not to be m pressmg need The expectatiOns from the latter source appear to have been prediCated on an .erroneous ba.s1s As stated m our las t week's resume, some small sales have been made at a cone ess10n of a half to a cent a pound Some bnsmess m lugs was pendmg last week whete buyers and sellers were a half a cent apart, but nothmg has yet resulted from the negotia trons so far as we are mfo1med This week a few sales have been effected at a decline of a half cent a pound The Treasury Department on Thmsday purchased 200 000 ounces of fine sil Yer for deli ery at the San l!, rS:nmsco and NeVI Orleans Mmts -The Secretary of the Treasury on Thursday re ce1ved from an unkno\vn person, 1n an envelope post marked Newark, N J the sum of $200 The money has been deposrted m the Treas,ury on account of con scrcnce Thomas Hoyt & Co Mr. A R. Sn:ath formerly of the old firm, wrll have .charge of the sales, etc of this of the of Messi."S Buchner & Co. !MEssRS WISE & BENDHEUI, the wholesale tobacco msts, of 254-and 256 Qanal Ssree.t, th"IS crty, have bouglit part of stock and all the brandj! manufac ured by ..,Iessl'S Allen & Co of .173 Chamber Street, th1s 01ty, _and will fin all orders for the same, and also all 01ders that are now held by Messrs Allen _-_ & Go Messrs Wisek/ Bendherm pmd a higher figure THE -The week has been {u,ll of failures to th!!"a.ss1gnee ijlan these goods were appra1sed at at the very oment "'ife welie /THE FranCJpqo underjdate of Dec 3 IJenning "Heavy-Rtsks and 'Ltghfi, the sus rep0rts -Tb, oxl'l:t change of n'ote for the week 1s that pensiOn of pa-yments of a large al,}d estimable l oca l Mr Damel(Bruton has resigned. hrs agllnOles fon Marctgar and tobacco firm was about to be made pubhS -'burg Brow.', George Bence, and -Jacoby & Co, o{ N\)w Th"lSe accumulatmg misfortunes admomsh us all to be and will m the future ]Je w1th Jierman Heyne satisfied w1th a small cash rather than a large credit man Herman-Heyneman 1s sole the PaCific busmess Coast for Messrs Stra.1ton & Storm, New York, Messrs SoLD -The Merchants' Tobacco Company, of this crty and Bostonii have sold all their fixtures and brands to Messrs. Elwe Brackett&Hawes, of Boston Messrs Brackett & Hawes were formerly connected with the Pwneer Tobacco Company, and w1th Mr Elwell will contmue the busmess ill Boston Mr H W Hunt has no mterest whatever m the new firm or m the tobacco trade anywhere H e mforms us that he has other bUSlDCSS lD VleW1 anu If OD lllVCStigatiOD lt prOIDlSeS to be satisfactory, he may engage m 1t If not, he will remam out of busmess A MEMORIAL -Late ad viCes f10m Germany announce that the execut1ve orgamzatwn of the AssociatiOn of German Tobacco Manufacturers and Dealers has sub m1tted to the Federal Councrl a memoria l askmg that the Impertal Tobacco Manufactory at Strassburg a contmuatwn of the French Reg1e-be abolished, as a State mst1tut10n Thrl!! memorial 1s supportea by about forty chambers of co=erce and boards of trade m Germany, who look upon the Impenal manufactory as a precursor to the ultimate carrymg out of Prmce Bismarck's favorite schemea Goverrrment tobacco monopoly OUR IMMENSE EXPORTS -Washmgton, Dec 16 -The annual report of Joseph NliDIDo, Jr Chtef of the Bm eau of Statistics, on the foreip;n eommette of the Umted States was completed to day In regard to our export trade Mr Nrmmo says "The five leadmg artiCl es of export durmg the year ended June 30' 1880, were as follows Bread and breadswifs, 036 835, cotton, unmanufactured, $211,535,905, $127, 043,242, nnne1al mls, $36,218,625, tobacco, and manu factures of, $18,442 273 The Unrted St'at'es," he says, "already surpasses every other c6Untry m the magm tude of rts exports beth of breadstuffs and provisiOns 0FFIOE OF STRAITON & STOJW, NEW YoRK We hereby notify Dealers and Manufacturers of C1gat'S, and the public m general, that any mfnuge ment of our rrghts 1n R egisteted Trade-mark No 51680, dated February 28, 1878, whwh trade mark con S ists of a RECTANGULAR SYII!BOL APPLIED DffiECTLY TO A CIGAR, e1ther by the manufactnrmg or sale of drgars bearmg such trade mark, will be ngrdly prosecuted by US 1 We pubhsh thiS notiCe Ill THE TOBACCO LEAF the Umted States Tobacco Journal, the Chu: ago Leaf,' and Western ToQacco Journal and Groce1s' Review, so that all shall have notwe, and no on e can clarm to have acted m 1gnorance 814 826 STRAITON & STOR!Il INDUSTRIAL MONTHLY} OR DECEMBER -'J.'lns number con tams anwles on fore1gn t1 ade of the Umted States m 1880, mcrease d exports of foodstuff s the fans and book trade of LetpsiC cond1t10n of the"workmg classes of Russia, the comme1ce and mdustnes of Antwerp, the mtroductro n of machmery, the waste of hfe m England, ctnsus bulletms of population, noteworthy mdustrral establishments Jlleclian:tcs as tutors, and extlacts from the Halliwell manas crrpts, whiCh were presented to tne SIDithsbman InstitutiOn, g1vmg the !us tory of pnces between the ye!U s 16.5<> and 1750. The collectiOn compnses about seven thopsand !Jepalate documents, bound m fifty four volumes, '"hich are bow ill the hbrary of Congress The extracts are amusmg as well ab mterGs tmg Letters from the Umted States consuls are g1ven, to one of which we d esne to call The consul i t Crefeld, Rhemsh Prus1a, has arrangements to exhibit at the consulate sample artiCles of Amencan manufactures, whwh, with the c1rcula r s, cards, etc will be ari anged for the use of those desirmg mformat1Qn m regard to AmeriCan pro ducts Thts number completes the first volume of the Industrtal Monthly, wluch has n o w an estabhshed reputatiOn m Europe as well as m America Dr Young has our cQn,;ratulatmns for the past and b st f r the fut:ure, ALLEGED UNLAWFUL SALE OF TOBACCO -The Sun says -Robert Jackson, a Pole, who 1s rpJJ:arded by thll mternal revenue officers tis the ieaderl of the llllClt dealers m Cigars and tobacco m this c1ty, was charged before Umted States cdimmssioner Shrelds wrth re movmg unstamped <;Iga"''s 'fl'GII1 the 11b.ree-story dwell mg at 40 East First Street, which he uses as a factory The cc;mplamt was made by Agent Thomas J. Gnme son The factory -ts kept under constant surveillance, and the Government has se1zed 1t for the second ttme Nmety thousand CIJ!:IUS,,.qd p 000 Ppen and stock rhey employed at present 800 hands at Ke W'est t but d1q not o.\rl:J. th'e factory there, He thou lt 1t would be two we eks befm e a full statement coullt>e presented to the creditors :Mr. Julius Bunzl of Bunzl & Dornntzer, of this crty, 1s the assigDee LOCAL JOTTINGS, -Mr. B Baron, of the finn of Baron & C Bal more, 1s m town tr-L & E Kaufman bought 100 cases fine 1879 Pennsylvama wrappers -M Neuberger & Co sold 224 cases 1879 PeilllS 1 vama to E Bach & Son Y -S Rossm & Sons bought 200 cases 1879 Penns 1-v&ma f10m L Bamoerger & Co of Phrladelph1 a Y -Messts Emanual Hoffman & Son sold th1s week 45 cases of ConnectiCut wrappers their own packmg -Strruto n &Storm bought large lots of Seed leaf this week, mcludmg 500 cases 1879 Ponnsylvama and 500 cases 1879 WISconsm -Mr Chas Carter, manufacturer of crgars and packer of leaf tobacco, from Wmdsor Locks Conn was m town thiS week and paid us a fuendly viEtt CARD FROM HORACE R. KELLY & CO,, SUCCESSORS TO RODERT E, KELLY & 00, 121 CHAI!IRED.S, and 103 REA.DE STS., NEW YORK:, We take great pleasu1e ill notifymg the Trade that on the 1 s t May last we ent1rely re orga ruzed and re mode ll ed our factory, havmg engaged as superill tendent of same, MR H L ROKOliL .7ell known as a manufacturer of and expenence The g eatest care has been exerCised m the selectwn of tobaccos, and our personal attention w1ll be fully devoted to the str1ctest superviSIOn of all the factory details so as to enable us to guarantAe the productiOn of the best possible results both m quality, as well as m the appearance of our mgars W e propose to contmue m the manufacture of domestic cigars the same honorable mode of dealing whwh has fo r so many years character1zed the busme88 of th1s firm, and It shall be our arm to produce the best goods at such reasonable pnces as wtll msure to us the patronage and confidence of the large dealers m these r,;oods Sample orders are respectfully requested HORAOE R KELLY & Co FORTHCOMING AUCTION SALES. By Burdett & Dennis, 29 Burhng Slip on Tuesday Dec 21, at 10 o'clock, at the1r store, by' orde r of Co llector of the Port, Cigars Cigarettes etc se 1 zed for v10latron of the revenue laws At 142 Water Street, on Saturday, Dec at 11 o clock, a large assortment of plug tobacco and c1gar ettes, and 20,000 etgars, stored there by order of the Shenff of New York crty WASHINGTON. Exportation of Tobacco by Land Conveyarwe. THE BILL TO SUPPLY THE DEFECT IN THE NEW LAW. TAX ON EXPORTED TOBACCO TO BE ABOLISHED The Proposed Treaty w1th Various European Covernmenta. Our speCial sends us the followmg 1mpor taut letter WASHINGTON, Dec 16 A bill wa.s mtroduced m the House on Monday, by M1 Johnson, of V1rgmm, to supply a defect m the Export Bond Bill passed at the last sessiOn of Cong 1 es!! The mtroduct10n of this brll was mduced iJy the sug gestwn and recommendatwn of the CommissiOner of Internal Revenue m hrs annual report, regardmg fraudulent sh1pments of export manufactured tobacco m to Canada and Mexwo The defect 1 efers to the exportatiOn of tobacco, snuff and c1gars by railroad cars or othe r land conveyances It appears, the Commtsswner says, that m sttikmg a portwn of sectiOn 3 '385 of the Rev1s ed Statuteo, and substttutmg the amendatory proviSIOns of the new law, the Jan guage ot that part of sectiOn 3 ,385 relied upon a.s authonzmg exportatiOn by 1ailroad cars or othe1 land conveyances was through madvertance not res tmed The CommiSSIOner says he sees no good reason why the ex portatiOn of tobacc o snuff and Cigat s should be confined to vessels He, therefore, recommends the passage of a liill such as Mr Johnson mtroduced on Monday The bill simply 1 estores the prov ISlOn of the old law on th1s subJect Col Burwellrs of the opm10n that no law IS necessary on the subJect He thmks the Constrtutwn guarantees the rtght of exportation free of tax m-any way, and that legtslatwn nuthorizmg the sante IS superflous 'l'he CommiSSIOner would have the rtght to make such regulatrons a.s are necessary to prevent frauds agamst the revenue of the Government committed by any persons ma.kmg sh1pments by land for exportauon It the law was silent on the subJect of fraudulent shipments no prov1srons of law, or regu latiOns the CommiSSIOner could sanctron, could mter fere with the const1tut10nal nght of exporters Hers of the opm10n that the CommiSsioner could have so construed the law as to mclude this class of exporters, and could have made, as alrPady stated, such regula twns as would protect the Govemment agamst frauds upon the revenue In accordance With his suggestiOns, however the bill was mtroduced and lhere w1ll be no troub e to secure 1ts passage THE TAX ON EXPORT TOBACCO A bill was also mtroduced m the House on Monday by Mr O'Connor repealing the export tax on tobacco, snuff and cigars It recites m a preamble that a cer tam part of section 3 385 of the ReVIsed Statutes pro vtdes that an export tax of ten cents on each package of tobacco, snuff and Cigars be pa1d before the pack age lS authonzed to be exrorted, and that some of the Supreme Courts of Appea of the States have held that th1s clause rs opposeu to that clause of Federal Const1 tntwn whtcl:i mhrbJts Congress from laymg "any tax or duty on an article exported from any ::ltate "of any kmd or descnptron, for revenue purposes or other w1se The portiOn of the Revrsed Statutes which 1rh O'Connor's bill proposes to stnke out IS as follows "That all tobacco and snuff and c1gars mtended for Immediate export as aforesa1d, before bemg removed from the manufactory, shall have affixed to each package an engraved stamp mdrcatrve of such mten' t10n, to be provided and furmshed the several colle,c tors as m the case of stamps, and to be charged to them and accounted for m the same manner, and for the expense attendmg the and affixmg of such stamps ten cents shall be pa1d to the collector on m akiDg the entry for such transportatiOn Mr O'Connor proposes to urge the passage of hrs bill this wmter PROl'OSED TREATY lN REGARD TO EXPORT TOBACCO. At the last seaswn of Congress a Jomt rPsolutwn was passed treaty makmg power of the Government to negottate w1th the Governments of France.


DEC 18 THE RICHMOND FIRE Tlre R chmond Wh g fu n shes add t onal details of tl e bur ng of Mr J Le gh Jones tobacco manufac to y Jl. R chmond Va not ced m the last ssue of THE TOBACCO LEAF The fire occur ed on Thu sday a week ago at 6 o clock n the afternoon It o g nated m the dry ng oom n the thrrd story and the ala m hav ng been g ven the firemen qu ckly responded w th two steame cs and a truck In a fe v m nutes after the two steamers got to wo k the fi e had ga ned such head vay that a second alarm was ordeied to be turned m 'Ih s brought out the ent e fire depa tme t and by half past 5 x o clock four eng nes were at wo k upon the flames Steamer No 5 wh ch has been almost unfit fo serv ce for a long t me broke do vn soon after t reached the fire and hence rendered no ad 'I be flames sp ead rap dly and n less than thirty five mmutes after the alarm had been turned m nearly t)le whole end of tl e factory nearest to Ma n S eet as a sol d sheet of flame The fi e 1 t up the lo ve po t on of the c ty and vas w tnessed by several thousand pe sons The H e s supposed to have caught f om the steam p pes The firemen at fi st d e ted the st earns on the west end of the facto y but the fire sp eadmg so ap dly soon consumed that end of the bmld A. large quant ty of manufactu ed tobacco vh ch was sto ed away 1n the w ng between the rna n bu ld ng and Yar!Jrough facto y as dest oyed by the fi e and water toge her A.!Jout 150 000 pounds ere & ved by men and boys ,.ho volunteered the r ser ces All the fixtures ha e been destroyed and tl e bu ld ng v th the except on of w ng ment oned was ent ely consumed. The loss on the facto y fixtures and stock s estrma ted to be about $20 000 The bu ld ng as nsured for $7 500 n the Mutual A.ssu ance Soc ety There was a so an nsuran e of $5 000 on the stock and $5 000 on the fixtu s n the R cl mond Bank ng and Insu ance Company The tobacco saved Yaii emoved to Mr J K Childrey s factory on Maw Street Mr Jones was attendmg a meet ng of tb.e Chamber of Comme ce whefl the fire broke out but reached the factory soon after the second alarm as sounded ABOUT WHITE VEINS PRETTY SMOKERS A. letter from Santa Fe New Mex co descr bes some pretty c garet e smokers The tra n stopped at Gal s teo and passen2:ers from Le Paso and A.lberquerque entered n large numbers because the next day was to be the annual graduat on of the students of the Chr st1an Brothers College and the commencement of the A.cademy of Our Lady of L ght was to occur There vas but one Pullman ca and t vas scantly occup ed I to tb s velvet cased br lliant l ttle flit t ng salon these solen n faced mmaculate lovers of 1 quor color luxury and mus1 hurr ed th far mo e eagerness and alacr ty than therr blood would have consented to but for the locomot ve ahead of us the hasty hab ts of wh cheven the Mex can had learned by outs de observat ons A.s the senor tas had no other u ethod of the r perturbed nerves they began to smoke h nde ed by the r nher ted abhor ence of express10n from screammg out Good gra c ous as you or I dear s ster would have done m sem hystencs The wretched conductor of the parlor car wrung h s hands He could not utter a sentence except perhaps he m ght have arranged a few orna mental words of Span sh profan ty and bes des could he have spoken the r dulcet language could he have ordered to the smok ng car those nat ve ar stocrats of Mex co hose mfantas senor tas and donnas! By no means 'Ihe r embro dered shawls wh ch they wore as gracefully as the Caatil an her ve 1 the r d amond ...ornaments wh ch gl stened and glowed allured and defied nterferen e and forbade an apphcat on to them 31 9oS 900 21 996 985 28 341148 GRAPE SUGAR IN COURT 5113 424 04 3 19 517 65 BATAV A N Y Dec 16 The case of .fohn L A.lberger agt C cero J Ham! n and the Buffa o Grape Sugar Company wh ch has JUS t resulted n a verd ct for the pia nt ff has exc ted great nterest By the verd ct the ff s awarded t venty three sl ares of stock valued at $335 224 37 w th profits thereon amount ng to $247 12 The case wa.s first tr ed n Buffalo last summer before a struck JUry that cou d not agree upon a ve d ct The tr a! JUSt concluded was begun November 31 before Just e Ha ght of the Supreme Court and a struck Jury The pla nt ff s case as p esented by the test mony s as follows In 1867 or 1868 Horace "W ll ams and A.rthur W Fox formed a copartnersh p carry ng on a brewery unde the firm name of Fox & W ll ams and a v nega fac THE TOBACCO The rece pts from revenue on Thursday v; ere $535 115 35 and from customs $719 486 4o -The real estate value of the tobacco facto es of Petersburg Va IS $68o 725 The numbe of hands employed s 3 134 amount of wages pa d $270 57 cost of matenal $2 125 467 gross products $3 069 909 -A.t Mount Ve non Chester County Pa on the Octoraro JUSt over the Lancaster County l ne a la.J ge tobi).CCo ba n of Mrs R P Johnson was burned about a week ago It s supposed that t ll'as set on fi e by t amps -The Man! e m Pa Se t el speal s of a manufac turer of that bo ougl who sold dur ng the month of November 995 850 c ga cs a large amount t an as sold by any other manufactu er n the adJo n ng coun t es dur ng the same t me A.ccord ng to tl e Co umb a Pa Cou -a t MesR s Ga ber Mell nger & Roland res d ng at Mountv I e are erect ng a large toba co a ehouse near that v 1 !age The cult vat on of tobacco s p og -ess n., m that lo al ty The Ne v England G oce has a very good l!lp n on of people engaged the tobacco bus ness It says Our tobaccon sts a e not excelled n JOV al ty gentle manly bea ng and bus ness qual ficat ons by any class of comme c al trade s n the c ty -:\. correspondent at Lowe!:' Rapho Pa wt tes The crop at a general average s not as good as that of 1879 al hough n some places excellent c ops have been a sed but the port on of fille s w 11 be la ger o vmg to the destruct on made on the c ops by the flea -W ston N C s a place where the tobacc;:, manufac ure const tutes the b ef bus n ess of the town The e a e no .. about t venty factor es for manufactur ng the leaf nto che ng and smok ng tobacco and thTee la ge wa -ehouses for the sale of the leaf From Lancaster Pa t s reported that a tobacco shed near Woodwa d H 11 Ce netery belong ng to Ph l p Betz vas bu m;d together w th ts contents It was filled w th leaf tobacco ow ned by Mr B and Thomas L ppe It s supposed that the fire W!LB the ork of an ncend ary Stepnen Kovats a c gar manufacture of 65 W llet Street while attempt ng Thursday even ng to board a mov ng t a on the east s de Elevated Road at Fifty th d S eet sl pped from the car and was dragged the lengtl of the platform He wasp eked up unconsc ous and removed to h s home He vas severely cut about the head and body A. Havana paper remarks G ow.e cs n the Vuelta AbaJO compla ned at the !Jeg nn ng of the week of the prolonged d outl vl ch threatened to cu ta I tl e com ng crop but at tbe l11st ho r our spec a l cor es pondent at San Juan y Mart nez announces that t had begun to ra n all ove r that local ty and t l at the tobacco so n Octobe as ell as all the ba ance s now secured Speak ng of the n po tance of gather ng rei able stat st cs concern ng the tobacco ndustry n th s country an exchange remarks It must be emem bered th s narcot c s g own nearly n eve y State n the Un on and p ctty extens ely n about three fourths of them Tobacco I as be orne domest cated and s made one of the farm c ops n one th d of all the count es n the Un ted States Th s s ng e fact s s uffic ent to show the great mportance of g ther ng togethe all the facts poss ble bear ng upon the n dustry A Lancaster Pa paper reports -The large new tobacco shed of John B Ku tz n Sal sbu y to p near the Wh te Horse conta n ng five acres of to bacco had a nar ow escape from destruct on by fire a few even ngs s n ee In a st pp ng room attached s a large old fash oned ood stove n ;vh c Ur Ku tz s so a boy of 14 years made a fire and left the bu ld ng Sho tly afterwards Mr Kurtz d scovered that spa ks from the stove had ,n ted the floor w ch was bu n ng qu te b lSkly It was ext ngu sl ed w1th but a tr fl ng damage -The Baldw ns lie Onondago Co nty Gazette rema s When ve con der that twenty five acres of Hybr d Havaua have been rased here th s year above former years t need not be regarded as be ng wonderf 1 te relato that vc have more wh te ve n s th s tl an n years past There are more wh te ve ns m the 1880 l!:rO vth of tobacco of the Domest c Havana var et es n Connect cut \'V scons n and Oh o th s season than ever before for the pla n reason that the g owe s have ra sed a mucl larger percentage of the hybr d sorts -In regard to tl e quest on of wl te ve ns an ex change remar s -rbere has been much spec ulatiOn w tlf reference to the cause of wh te ve n s n tobacco We bel eve no o e has been ablA to account for them n a sat sfacto y n anner They do ex st they mar the beauty of the leaf they nJ re ts usefulness and they a so ca se the tobacco to be less valuable n than f they d d not ex st We have not ed that under d fferent c cnms ances and mo e n some than n other yea s the leaf where they cro{' out seems to be very good though ve are of the op n on and bel e:ve the op non veil founded that the leaves where wh te ve ns are found are th nner and more fi msy than those grow ng alongs de of them w th dark vems WESTERN TOBACCO CROP REPORTS (SpeCial to Tm: TOBACCO LEAF ) Pm dleton County D str ct Catawba Dec 13 ng ne v to epo t The cold weather has nte fered w t1 operat ons n tobacco Farmers are tak ng advantage of every season fo str lpp ng Some purchases have bee made by deale s at the ange of pr ces last reported Prospects a e no v good fo seasonable wmther to hand e to M Boone County D str ct Ve ona Dec 13 -It has been several weeks s nee I have HOte We have had for seve a! days very cod weather for th s season of the year although the farfuers have been do ng well at str pp ng th r to bacco The e s scarcely a c op n th s v c n ty but what s more or less f ozen The firm of Kenne ly & Wh tson here have bought about 250 000 lbs at f om 6 to 14c pe lb Ihey have already ece ved about 60 000 lbs and they expect tore dry 300 hhds BQR MISSOURI Keytesv lie Dec 9 -'II e tobacco market IS fully open here now Shipp ng eaf s sell ng at 3),2' to 4c and \Vh te Burley at 7 2c Some' few crops have sold r.t 8 to 8)4c The c op will nearly all be so ld th the nex:t ten days F1eez ng has ruJured the late cutt ng. GWM Eastern Oh o D1stnct Berne Noble Co Dec 9 I was look n0 at some to bacco last veek and found t ery nfer or n qual ty The leaf s th nand chaffy espec 11 ly that from the new ground and nearly every c op has some f ozen tobacco n t I bel eve t s the commonest crop I ever looked at None sol:i yet Farmers a e ask n., too fo such trash H W H SEED lEAF CROP REPORTS Spec a to Tn& Toru oco LEAF) CONNECTICUT A.ND MASSACHUSETTS Hadley Dec 9 -Very 1 ttle strr n new goods for the past t vo or three eeks o v ng to the fact t can not be exammed be ng mostlv on the po es ) et as we have no wa m damp weather to dampen t do ll'n We hear of a fe v sales of old -Chas Clark 10 cases at ll)>2'c through E za \Vl te 8 do at llc through Jos Hove 10 do at 12)>2'c through all 1879 crop at re ve ghts to Hay & Su th of Ph ladelph a Wa en Ha .brook sold 4 cases 18 9 at 10c th ough to D A Graves of No thampton t e estate of Rufus Cook has about 45 cases of 1879 yet unso d CoRRESPoNDENT Amer an Cult vator Dec 9 A.t Hayden Stat on 1 lot of 2 acres of 1879 crop at 14c old we ghts and 1 of 1),2' acres at 16c re we ghts the 1880 c op not yet st pped o so ld A.t Westfield ou co respondent wr tes Local buyers a e p ck ng up the c op but mostly on st tly p vate te ms One lot of Havana 3 acres at 18c asso ted As e as I can learn the bulk oft e sal es ave been of Havana Seed a d ces have anged f om ).6 to 18c h ough as o ted A.t No thampton 1 lot of 2 tons nt 10c 2),2' to s at 11c 2 tons at llc 3 acres at llc a I n t e bund e A. m xed crop of Seed -and Hava a at 12Y.c the bundle A.t Hatfield Mye s & Co have been buy g no,. and then some that vas called extra n a 1 to Dece nber 4 about 30 ac es not before eported at 11 to 12Y.c n the bundle also 1 lot of 6 ac es at llc u the buud e and some cond t onal sales A.t Whately 1 lot of 7 acres Seed at 12c n the bundl 1lot of 2 acres at 11 )>2'c n bundle A.t South Deerfield A.ll a e anx tu damp weather'rwhen the rema nder of the c op w 11 be taken down have been offered 18c fo pa t and 16c fo the rema nder of my Havana but dec ned t th s m the bundle th nk t wo th more at Sunder land 2 lots of Seed sold fo 11 and 12c n the bundle A.t Deerfield the Rosen valds hav tl ty 1 ands at wo k assort ng New England Homestead Dec 11 -Returns of co respondents Hatfield Sales James Breor 11 cases 9 crop at 13)>2'c round marked we ght S G Hubba d 10 cases 79 at 10c ouud e e g ts t ro gh D A. Graves Will am H D ckenson 28 cases 79 ;vrappers at 12 2c marked ve ght to Hay & Sm th of Philadelph a Josepl us Craf s No th Hatfiehl 6 cases ne v Seed leaf at 12c to Geo ge F Myers & Co of Ne v York Hadley-Charles C ark has sold I s c op of 79 about 10 cases at 11)>2'c thro gh El Jah Wh te 8 cases at 19c th ough Joseph Howe 10 cases at 12)>2'c throu&"h all ve bel eve a e :ve gl t to & Sm th of Ph lade lpb a also Warren Holbrook 4 cases nt 10c to D A. G aves of Northampton and about one ton of new Havana Seed at 14c n the bundle to Wil 1 am Jones of Hatfield The D ckenson Brothe shave bought f om 100 to 200 cases of new Seed leaf fin e crops at fi e pr ces most y n the bundle Southampton Edson Hannum has sold h s tobacco for 13c asso ted and N H Lyman h s for 12c n the bundle B dwell & Loom s of Spr n.,fie d were the JlU base s Capt Aa on Strong & Sons and L eut F R Sheldon have so d the tobacco for He n the bundle to George Myers & Co of New Yo k North Hatfield-The tobacco market s qu et no sales hav ng been made although three or four buyers have v s ted the place Seve al have con menced sort ng the r crop and find that t y elds from th ee fourths to four fifths first elass v1appers The Havana n par t cular 18 very fine and we are confident that none v ll be sold at less than 16 to 20c A. S Jones & Son PENNSYL V A.NIA. Lancaste Neu; Era Dec 11 Dur ng the past weeh. avera! lots of over a hundred cases each and a num ber of smaller ones have been sold the aggregate mak ng about 300 cases wh ch 1s an ncrease of 100 ases over the sales of last week For the correspond ng veek of last ) ea 20.0 cases ve e d sposed of In the early part of the week Ye had several days of damp" eather "h ch enabled those g owers who had not taken down therr tol::acco to do so Many d d so and doubtless a good part of the crop w 11 be n salable cond t on before the close of the yea Tl e nvas on by the buyers of wh ch we spoke last veek 1 as already come to a close It look ed very for m dable but 1t p oved comparat vely harmless r ere was a great deal of scurrymg ove the co mtry and hund eds of crops vera exam ned but comparat vely few were bought It partook more of the nature of a reconno ssance than an attempt to br ng on a battle The have seen what the growers have and are apparently del berat ng on what they can afford to pay fer t Some sales t s true have been made perhaps 500 cases n all have been bought The buyers vho have gone reported that the farmers asked as much for the r crops as f they had been first class nstead of nfer or as manv of them are They say they cannot g ve as much for a flea beetle eaten lot of goods as for a fine one .As ne the pa ty seemed d sposed to make concess ons but 1 ttle busmess could be t ansacted The really fine crops they say are not more than one m eve11y e ght or ten and for these they we e wilhng to pay t ll rates Ihe sales that have come to our not ce vould seem to lend color to th s v e ;v as the pr ces pad have been on the whole very fa r From 18 to 30 cents have been pa d for wrappers vl ch v 11 pay the growers very well Lancaster Inqu er Dec 11 In West Cocalico J A. Stobe sold 1 acre to Skiles & Fry for 19 8 and 4 and J no H Hagy sold 2 acres to the same firm for 23 14 8 and 4 Nea El zabethtown 2),2' acres farmed by Thomas Stacks on land of JohnS G sh vas bought by D Lederman fo 23 8 and 3 S S Stacks of Spr ng Ga.Iden sold 2%' acres for 23 9 and 3 Mr Hebble of Pequea to vnsh p to Mr Oppenhe mer at 21 18 and 6 M L ndmuth of Conoy to Mr Lederman at 30 Mr Kenell of Gap at 20 Mr Snavely of Leaco k at 27 and John C ark of Conestoga at 23 8 and 3 John L Rohre of Sal shu y a ac es at 22 1() and 4 Joshua Lapp 4 acres at 20 and 10 Mr Ulr cb of Leacock at 27 and 5 BenJam n Be ler at 18 and 8 John Reeser to Samue Henderson at 21 and 5 George A.mmons at 23 and 4 John Stormfeltz of East Hempfield at 25 8 and 3 Nathan el Ge man Mt Joy 14 round Mor n & S gle have pjlrchased the crop of G G Worst of Sal sbury to vnship cons t ng of :!1) acre 31 and 6 the c op of Truman :::> ve gart about 2 acres 5 and Hen y W aldeman of East Hemp field at 28 and 3 ce ts In Ul ester County one of our buye s purchased Mrs E Kennedy s c op of 3 ac es at 21 and 6 from Wm R she 1,!4 ac es at 18 10 5 and 3 the first figure for :l3 n lea es F ank Ph 11 ps sold 2 acres at 20 10 6 and 3 Mad son Irv n 3 ac es at 22 for all but 500 pounds wh ch s to go n at 5 the sale w 11 net h m about $400 per acre John Dav dson 1M acres at 2 10 5 and 3 Dan el E Engle 1),2' acres at 20),2' 6 and 3 W l am E gle 1),2' ac es at 20 6 and 3 Cyrus Miller 4 acr s at 20 5 and 3 cents L ncaster New FA a Dec 11 So far th s year tl e sales of tobacco n thiS county have been compara t vely fe v but we bel eve that th ngs w11! soon become roo e 1 vely A. good many sales have been made ch have purposely been kept secret at the request of buyers n the hope that such a course w ll nfiuence t e rna ket and which t no doubt does to some extent We be eve the mo e that s known of what IS go ng on n the tobacco trade the mo e our tobacco g owe cs w 11 be benefited therefore t must prove of se v ce to make all sales as v dely known as poss ble W th th s v e v we begm the publicat on of such sales as ve have learned dur ng the veek SamuelS Stocks of Mt Joy townsh p sold h s crop of acres to Dav d Lederman at 3 9 and 23 John Charles of the uppe end got 5 and 20 for h s crop Jacob Barr sold 1 a e at 3 6 and 19 P H Emery sold his crop of 1 acre at 5 and 20 Whitehl}l Rech ac es at 3 5 10 and 20 the latte figure for all wrap pers above 24 ncl es n length John Reeser 1%' acres at 2 6 12-and 21 Isabella Glend nn ng i.!4 acres at 3 6 and 20 John P Swe gart 2 acres at 5 and 21 Joshua M Hanes 1)>2' acres at 4 and 22 all m the eastern end of Lancaster Count) In Chester County a Lancaster County buyer pur chased M s E Kennedy s crop of 8 acres at 6 and 21 from Wm R shel 1,!4 acres at 3 5 10 and 18 the lat te figure fo 23 n h leaves E rank Phillips sold 2 acres at 3 6 10 a d 20 Mad son Irv n 3 acres at 22 for all but 500 pounds wh ch 1s to go m at 5 the sale w 11 net hrm about $406 per acre John Davtdson 1).( acres at 3 5 10 and 21 Dan el E Engle 1% acres, at 3 6 and 20)>2' W 1 am Engle 1),2' acres at 3 6 and 20 Qyrus M ller 4 ac es at 3 5 and 20 Morrm & S gle have pUiebased the crop of G G "We of Sal sbury townsh p cons1stmg of X acre at 6 and 31 the crop of Truman Swe gart about 2 acres at 5 aud 22),2' Joseph Bailey of Chester County got 10 ounces of wrappers frem a smgle stalk of tobacco while Ma1shal Bailey had a stalk


4 yielded ounces of fine wrappers, besides seven leaves of filfers and seconds. DaVId Snavely, of Ebza bethtown sold his erop:at 5, 8 and 22. Mr Menno Brubaker' of the same place, was offered 25, but refused it, tls he has very fine goods and thinks It WOrth more it being 32 inches and undamaged. John Rohrer of Leacock, sold h1s crop of 4 acres, at 3, 10 and 23.' Henry Klug, of townshlp, bas about 1 acre of tobacco wb1ch he thmks about the best grown in the county. It was grown on new ground, and harvested before the beetle cam.e around. There IS aardly a hole m it, and the leaves are remarkably uniform in the matter of length. He was offered 5, 10 and 25 while it was sttll m the field, and the same price since 1t has been stripped. He asks a good deal more. York True Democrat, Dec. 14 -A reader of the DisPitch, m renewing h1s subscnptwn, sends us the followmg list of tobacc& growers, w1th the acreage, w1thm a radius of three miles of Shrewsbury :-C. Collins, 7 acres; Lewis Bowman, 5, C. Gable, 4; Wm. Wolf, 3, Wm. Martin, 1, Noah F. Wmemtller, 3, P. A. D1ehl, 3; Levi Attig, 3, Damel Stermer, 1; Wm. Bose, 3; W H. Sheffer, 3; Martm Shaub, 3, Edwill Miller, 3, Geo. McFatndge, 2; Milt.on Mellinger, 1, Geo D1ehl, 2, N. Me HaUlS, 1, Amos Baughman, 7, Geo. Butcher, 4; Thos. C Fulton, 4 Much of the above, espeCially the first three lots men t;,oned, IS equal, 1f not superwr, to any ra1sed m Lan caster County this season, and most of 1t 1s now bemg stripped and prepared for market W1thm a radmsof three miles of Shrewsbury there are more than 200 acres of good tobacco. York Dispatch, Dec. 14 -Robert J. Cunmngham, of Const1tutwn, this county, sold to Mr. Seiler, fo.r Sk1les &; Frey 4 acres of tobacco at 16, 5 and 3; that IS, as he makes but two grades m the buyer gets 300 pounds of the wrappers at 5c. ThiS is the only regular sale in the Lower End thus far known OHIO. SeMi Leaf Distrwt. Ansoma, Dec. 8.-The crop th1s year has cured up finely, and 1t IS more than an average crop. a soft spell m the weather last week there was consider able taken from the poles, and up to the present time no house burn has been reported No buyers yet. W.E H. Beville Dec 14 -The November freeze put the stalk m fine donditwn, and this present damp weather IS puttmg strippers to work qu1te hvely. No local buyers at present for e1ther old or new tobacco. The fine crops of old that they did not buy have been sold in the Cin oinnat1 market for more money than they would pay. Have heard of some pole burn, but not extenslve. W.L.P. WISCONSIN. Seed Leaf DUJtnct. Milton Junction, Dec 5 -Not much tobacco changmg hands at present. One crop sold a few days ago at 1%J.i!c for Spamsh and 8c for broad leaf. We had a fine thaw and rain, which has brought tobacco m case, and caused busy t1mes for those who have taken down their tobacco We expect buyers to be on the look out lOOn. C H. VIRGINIA. R1chmond Whig, Dec 13 -Durmg the past week a con liderable quant1ty of loose tobacco ra1sed m Chesterfield, Henrico, Hanover, Powhatan, Caroline, Louisa and Ameliacount1eshas been brought to the R1chmond market and some lots have commanded fine prices. Most of the'loose tobacco sold at the d1fferent warehouses in the city this season was grown m Chesterfield, Henrico and Powhn.tau count1es Should the weather prove favorable we look for larger receipts of loose tobacco the commg week. Some of the farmers have expenenced great difficulty m gettmg their to the market owmg to the bad conditiOn of the roads, occa swned by the recent rams On some roads the horses had to pull through mud more than a foot deep. NORTH CAROLINA. Knap of Reeds, Dsc 10 -The crop of tobacco 1s not as heavy as last year by at least one th1rd, though the pr1ce 1s full one-th1rd b1gher The color IS good, but the leaf 1s generally thm There was a great deal of tobacco thrown on the home market some three weeks ago, and the prwes were good. Smce that time there bas been but very little str1pped on account of the cold, frozen weather. The farmers are very late sowmg wheat, some have not finiShed yet. D. T. Reported Failures and Business Arrangements. Buw.u.o, N Y --Geo Berlingho1r, tobacco, chattel mortgage gtven tor 1120 renewal JoHMSTON, R L-John Gaddes, cig&rB, chattel gtven tor $800 L&J:BBURG Va -Albert Shiner, t.obact.-o, etc con1essed judgment tor fKLPB.U. Pa -John Gorton, cigar m&nu facturer, advertised to be sold out by the sberitl on tbe 16th lru;t PITTBBUBGB, Pa -J A :McConnell cigar manufacturer, judgmentaga.inst for $1100 8T JosJtPB, Mo -.J Lowenstein, wholesale and retail tobacco and cigars, assigned 8T Loma, Mo -Henry Fix, cigars, bill of sale for :tm Chas LeW18, ctgars, chattel mortgage given for $100 SAN E'IUNC18co, C&1 -Roscoe & CO. Clgar manufacturers, attached WI!BT Cu-mrER., Pa -Kennedy & Seeds, mgar manufacturers, sold out by the sberitl Business Changes, New Firms and Removal8. Duvu, Col-W01ner & 'Hene, cigars, sold out to Loeb & Well BAB.T.J'OJm, Conn.-Sm1th &; Emmons, c1gars etc sold out IRVINGTON, N J R W Osborn. cigars, etc deceased NJnr Yo ax 1 Hamburger & Co, wholesale leat tobacco, have formed U.mltled partnership under same style;, BpemaJ $36,0001 Sept 1, 1885 Beuttenmuller & Netter, dealen ln leal tobacco W Beuttenmuller and Charles Netter have formed a co partnership under theabove style, 188 W Street Louis N Pecare, tobacco manufacturer, sold out Thos Hoyt & Oo, tobacco manufacturers, sold out Stern berg & Anger, c1gar box manufacturers, damaged by :fire RI.OJDlOND Va..-James L Jones, tobacco manufacturer, burnt out SAN FRANCISOO 0& & Sternberg wholesa.lecigarmanula.ctu rera, burnt out 8T Loms, Mo.-W I :Magee&:: Co, cigars, dlssolved SoUTH BOSTo:N, Mass.-L. Edmunda, tobacco, burnt out Jas. A Glenn, lea.f toba.cco, burnt out El Principe de Gales CIGAR FACTORY -OFK ey--w-est_ The C1gars of thiS Factory, under the well known Brands of El Principe de Gales --AND-La, Perla de Cayo Hueso-Manubctured of new and best Vuelta AbnJO Havma tobacco. and unexcelled In quality and makf'l by any of the Havana Factones, are now rec etved Ill rvgular 'feekly sh1pmcnts b y FRED'K DEBARY & CO., 11 & 43 Warren St., New York, SOLE ACENTS. THE TOBACCO MARKET. NEW YORK. DECEMBER 17. Western Leaf-But little appears to have been done in Vi' estern leaf m this c1ty durmg the past week The market had closed when we managed to get time to enter 1t, and we, consequently, are unable to Lhe v1ews of factors, as 1s our custom, on the SituatiOn and prospect It was 4 o'clock P. M, Fnday when we readied Mr Wallace's sanctum in Broadway, and his usual contribution, along w1th others, 1s among the things wished for but not abtamable. The sales as reported were 107 hogsheads, of which 88 for export, 12 to manufacturers, and 7 to JObbers. For the month to date the reported sales were 275 bogsheads, whereof 163 were for expflrt, 62 to manufac turers and 50 to Jobbers. Buyers, presumably, are holdmg off for the opeDIDg of the new year, when, after accounts are made up, they hope for a turn m pnces m their favor. '"' .. -. .... -. 3d week. 4th week. ...-760 m 11,076 1,767 5,000 A01 591 700 1,166 7511 8,600 375 661 844 26li 1,6M s.soo 265 280 293 3,412 I 4,800 318 680 7112 354 2,450 384 763 1196 1,707 3,150 806 169 253 1,472 2,200 August 98 2,1112 888 185 8,952 a,eoo Sept ..... 2,463 8,181 8,579 4,827 18,56t October 998 778 22 0 8,814 5,800 November 137 299 1,85G 142 9Q7 2,900 December 168 107 276 Receipts this month.7111 hbds Western 1,959 hhds. Last year, From New Orleans 1 do. do. do. Baltimore do. 119 do. do. V1rgmm 574 de. 1,243 do_ Total. ... 2 534 hhds. Rece1pts th1s year Western 83,418 hhds. FromNewOrleans 360 do. do. Baltimore.. 439 do. do. VIrgmm. .17,119 do. Total.. 2,077 hhds. Last year, 69,842 hhd. 1,485 do. 1,519 do. 19,8!l0 do. Total. .. ... 101, 886 hhds. Total1 92,636 bhds Exp't. Manf. Job' rs. Specu Unk'n. Total Sales for the week 88 12 7 107 hds Sales for th6 month 163 62 50 275 hds Exports for the week, 580 hhds Foro the month, 3,827 hds. At New Orleans:-Recelpts from Jan. 1 to Dec. 11, 1880, hhds, against 3,163 hhds in 1879; sales this month, do, exports foreign, hhds; domestic, 1 hhd, against 1 hhd in 1879 Stock on hand and on shipboard not cleared Dec 11, 638 hbds. Virgtma Leaf-The d"emand for V1rgm1a leaf has been light, and we can only report sales of smokers and a few wrappers, the latter including some new crop to a local manutacturer. Seed Leaf-For Seed leaf the inquiry has been good, resultmg in sales of 2,100 cases, with 1879 Pennsy 1 vama leadmg m quant1ty. The market is firm and steady. J. S. GANs'SoN& Co, tobacco brokers, 84and 86 Wall Street, report as follows -Notw1thstandmg the heavy fa1lures m our Jme, trade bas been fairly active, with sales of 2,100 cases, of whJcb1,200 cs. 1879 Pollllilylvania Fillers Assorted .... Wrft.ppers .. @40 200 cs. 1879 New England Seconds and Wrappers 200 cs. 1879 Oh10 500 CS 1879 W lSCOnslU. 12 @35 p.t. 4 @13 2,100 CB. Spa.nislv-Of Havana fillers we note sales of 500 bales at from SSe. to $115. On one of our ed1torla.l pages some interesting obser vat10ns on Havana tobacco w1ll be found reported m an interview w1th Mr. I. M. Bon. Manufactured-There has been some Improvement m trade m th1s department s1nce our last report, mcreased orders coming m for bright 11-mch and low priced navy grades bnghts. The demand came from buyers who were apathetic a couple of moaths ago The exports were 90,583 pounds. Smoking-The demand for smoking tobacco has continued fairly active throughout the week. Cigars-There has been no chango of moment m the cigar market Trade IS moderately brisk. Cigar-Box Cedar-The present quotations are MeXI can cedar, 11 to 12 cents per foot; Cuban, to 11 cents. Stock on hand, about 1,500 logs The move ment of stock durmg the week has been slight. Exchange.-Mr. Simon Sternberger, Banker, re ports to THE ToBACCO LEAl!' as follows -We quote -Bankers, nommal rates are and for 60 days, and demand sterlmg respect1vely, Selling rates are 479% for 60 days, 481 for demand. Commercial, 60 days. 477 ParlS Bankers, 8 days, l'i25%, 60 days, 527% Commerc18l, 60 days, 530 Re1chemarks-Bankers 8 days, 60 days, 94, CommerCial, 60 days, 93% Market firm1sh Carey, Yale & Lambert, Freight Brokers, report to THE TOBACCO LEAF Tobacco Fretghts as follows steam, 40s, sail, 27s 6d, London, steam, 40s, Sail, 27s 6d, Glasgow steam, 40s; Sail, ; Br!Btol, steam, 40s, sail, Havre, $12, sail Antwerp, steam 40s, sail, 32s 6d, Hamburg; steam, 40s, sail, 82s 6d, Bremen, steam, 40s, sail, 32s 6d. Market q u1et IMPORTS. The arnvals at the port of New York from foreign ports fo: the week mcluded the followmg co:ungnments Aspmwali--Order, 4 bales tobacco. Glaagow-Ordet, 150 bxs p1pes L,.rpooi--Turkish Importatwn Co, 10 cs tobacco. London-Per steamer "France," 20 bales tobacco. Rottm-da.m-E T Hopkins, 10 bales tobacco. Ha?Jana-Tobacco-Schroeder & Bon 5 bales, Wet! & Co 289 do. We1ss, Eller & Kaeppel220 do, M & E Salomon 45 do, Straiton & Storm 30 do, F Garcia, Bra & Co 275 do, V Martmez Ybor & Co 167 do, F Miranda & Co 108 do, A Gonzales 100 do, Perea Bros 44 do, Carl VQgt 10 do, C F Hagen 51 do; Jas E Ward & Co 205 do, Chas r Bauer & Co 45 do, Vega & Bernheim 101 do Cgars-Chas T Bauer & Co 23 cases, Howard Ives 9 do, W H Thomas & Bra 3 do; Purdy & Nichol81113 do, Schroeder & Bon 2 do, G W Fa her 10 do, Garcta & Palacwl do, F M VIgo 2 do, R Courtney & Bra 4 do, J A Forman 2 do, 0 B J enkms 2 do, F Alexandre & Sons 42 do, J & J W Sehgmann & Co 3 do, Dow rung, Shel don & Co 5 do, 1 Park & Tilford 35 do, C F Hagan 3 do, Acker, Morrall & Condit 25 do, Canadum Bank of Commerce, lll:erchants Dtspatch Co 14 do, Order, 7 do. Cle:arettes Acker, Merrall & Condit 1 case P1cadura-Aeker, ll:errall & Cond1t 1 case. Receipts of hcor1ce at port of New York for week, reportea expresslv for THE TonAcco LEAF & Sterry, p e r Roberts, from Sm;rrna 1034 pkgs (397,233 lbs) licorice root, Argmmbau, Walhs & Co, per Ganghus, from LlBQOD, 20 pkgs (9,094 lbs) Spamsh hconce paste, W 0 Sllllth & Co per Au guotma, from Bilbra, 4 pkgs (998 lbs) do, Zuncaldy & Argu1m bau, 50 pkgs (11,090 lbs) do, D1x & Co, per ltal1a, from Naples, 3 5 pkgs hconce sticks, and per Ben Vorlicb, 40 do, 1 ,034 bales (397,233 lbs) licor1ce root, per Roberts, from Smyrna, Weaver & Sterry EXPORTS From the port of New York to foreign ports for the week were as follows:AntWe1t>-24 hhds Republu--6 hhds, 100 cases 100 pkgs (16,800 lbs) mfd Bremm-86 hhds, 79 cases, 910 bales. Bni'WI Australu.-76 pgs (12,398 lbs) mfd BntiJJh Guuzna-3 hhds. Br1IW1 Honduras-1 hhd, 22 (1192lbs) mfd. B1"1lt8h North Ammcan Oolbnita-77 hhds Br1tt8ll Wtal pkgs (12,157 lbs) mfd. Oanada,-27 bales. Oentral Amerwa-7 pgs (590 lbS) mfd. Ohil>-18 pkgs (2,458 lbs) mfd Ouba-6 cases, 20 bales, 123 pkgs (19,400 lbs) mfd Dutch Wtat Indus-34 pkgs (5269 lbs) mfd Ji'rench West lnd!es-40 hhds. Glasgow-45 hhds, 80 pkgs (16,425 lbs) mfd, Bavre---45 hhds Hayt-8 hhds, 101 bales. L ""':pooL-139 hhds London-29 hhds, 16 cs, 5 pkgs (729 los) mfd Rotterdam-55 hhds. 268 cases, 83 bales U. S o f Colomb!a-16 bales 16 pkgs (2415 lbs) mfd Venezuela-1 hbd 16 bales, 30 pkgs (750 lbs) mfd. B:XPORTS FROJ\1 THE PORT OF NEW YORK TO FOREIGN PORTS FROM JANUARY 1, 1880, TO DEC 17, 1880 Hhds. Cases Bales Lbs mfd 1 ,00l 991! 105 71 153,540 114 4,584 2,733 138 462 214 14,088 1 44,148 45,76 1 390 1 4 2,650 24 6 214 52 2 10 26 2,748 8,085 14 454 15,523 1,553 2,078 131, 3,476 328 37 355,107 858 2,321 7,191 94,479 14,564 1 6,100 9,708 150 191 356,071 9 ,G27 1,297 55 819,809 1,8a7 1 7 ,006 159 2 10 7 14 10,807 2 502,513 901 9,707 1,761 1 ,759 596 13,558 31 4,565 9,630 5 3,360 1,898 606 6 977 868.42 3 1,390 1,237 4,338 1,36ff,985 89 048 31,716 75,483 3,004,674 DOMESTIC REt:EIPTS. The domestic receipts at the port of New York for the week were as follows -879 hhd s 7 4 t res, 20 ).4 trcs 2161 cases leaf, 16 bales do, 829 smkg 200 hales do, 45l case' mfd, 2 bbls do, 1 %' bbl do, 6 pkgs do, 50 % llxt< do 126 L>xs mmion SUamahp Ltne.-R MAllen & Co 15 hhds, FE Owen 1 do, M Abenhetm & Co 36 do, Peter Wnght & Son 1 do Kmney Tobacco Co 3 hhds, 2 trcs; P Lonllard & Co 28 hhds, 7 trcs, 2 bxs samples, W 0 Smtth & Co 11 hhds, 65 Ires, 3 cs smkg, 8 do ctgarettes, E K Alburtus 20 }4-trcs, 10 c> mfd, Thompson, Moore & Co2 cs smkg, 218 do mfd 1 bx do, 10 J.6 bxs do, 19M bxs do, 171 cads do, M E McDowell & Co 650 cs smkg, 200 tales do, 4 cslong cut smkg, 9 do mfd, H Wut Mathews 1 cs smkg 3 do mfd, 12 ).6-bxs do, Dohan, Car roll & Co 29 cs mfd, 20 cads do 5 U bxs do, 8 ).!1' bxs do, Augustm & Dusel 9 cs smkg, 1 do c1garettes, F H Leggett & Co 14 cs smkg 3 do mfd, Jas M Gnrdmcr 7 cs smkg, 29 do mfd, 21 .J,i bxs do, 32 cads do, J D K e llly Jr 49 cs mfd, 50 % bxs do, Clark & Seaman 8 )4: bxs mfd, 7 ).6 bxsdo, 83 J.i1 bxs do, 10 116th bxs do, Bogart & M0rgan 5 bxs mfd B J.6bxs do, 23 bxs do, E DuBms 2 es mfd, 10 bxs do, Allen & Co 50 cs smkg, A Hen 1!l do, P Hart 1 do J Blankenstem 40 do, C M School 2 do, Wise & Bendhem 8 do, R W Cameron & Co 27 cs mfd, H P Dver 16 do, H K& F B Thurber& Co 4 do, W G Adams 20 do, EM Crawford & Co 1 do, JosDEvans & Co 3 do, G W Hillman 1 cs mfd, 8 cads do, L Muller 19 bxs do, Carhart Bros 26 do, Henry Welch 10 do, Funcb, 'Erdye & Co 1 bx sanlples, Order 27hhds, 15 cs smkg, 3 do mfd 62 bxs do, 5 ).6-bxs do, 128 M bxs do, 22 1 6th bxs do, 20 bxs do 70 cads do, 52 cads do, 32 ,!4 cads do, 1 bx samples, 2 cs pipes, 15 bxs do Coa.Btw ... ,, l>m Key w .. t -Belden berg & Co 51 cs Cigars, 8 bales scrap!, F deBary & Co 17 do, H R Kelly & Co 17 do, Retmtz & Leon 13 do, LAsh & Co !I do, F H Leggett & Co 8 do, M Barranco & Bro 8 do; Bloch & Lmdhe1m 8 do, Perea Bros 6 do, W S Thurman 6 do, 11IcFall & Lawson 6 do, GarCia & PalaCio 5 do N B Man rung 5 do, I Elhnger & Co 4 do, I B Creagh 4 do L P & J Frank 3 do, Danes & Co 3 do, J F. Bar10to 3 do, H K & F B Thurber & Co 3 do, G Gerd1llo 3 do, G Alces 1 do, Order, 1 do, E H Gato & Co 8 bales scraps Coastwue frOITI New Orleam-Kinney Tobacco Co 26 pkgs. QUOTATIONS of WHOLESALE PRICES. PARTICULAR NOTICE. Every re--sale is supposed to be at an advance on drst cost, the pnoes obtainable by growers ot. tobaoco, therefore, will always be IJODlewhat ower tk&n these quotations.. WESTERN LEA.P. CIA! -i%@6 6 @ 7 9"@12 12 @15 VIRGINIA LEAP. eta 5 @ 6 7" 8 @10 10 @12 lt @IS 18 @15 o DAJUt Fine mahogany 25 @45 @20 @85 @45 @60 Common lugs Good lugs Common bngbt 15 6 @ 7 'j 9 9 @14 Good 26 Fine bript .. 85 Low le&f. Goodlear ...... Dark wrappers Extra bright SMOXERS BBIGH'l', RRlOHT Common mahogany Good malo.OK&DY Common 8 @12 @17 10 @!() Good 12 Fine 17 SEED LEAP. NBW 1879Fillers Wrappers common 18 @.15 N1tw YoRJ[-Qrop 1879Wrappers medium 16 @20 Assorted l ots--Wrappers fine 25 @35 Common to medium Wrappers selections Good 8 @ll Seeonds 10}i@18 Onto-Crop Seed 18 @25 Assorted lolA! Pl:NNSYLV.U.'"U.-Crop 1879Wrappers Assorted lots, low IO @12 ll'll!COMSI>--Crop Itli'9do fa1r 18 Assorted lots 1)ji@IO 15 @25 7 @10 14 @18 12 @18 do flne 18 @.22 Havana Sood Wrappers 18 @45 Wrappers SPANISH LEA.P. Ri.v..uu. Goo@100 120 @150 PRICES IN BoND-TAX 16 CENTS PER !'omm. 1 BRIGIITiJ-BL.lcu-Na.vy 4s, 58, 66, 311 17 W'D>s, lOs and 'Socket lOs, 12s, and MlJ>s 12@15& 17@25 Navy4-t, &!, Ssand -"""Pieces 18 light-pressed 28 Gold Bars SO 6 and IZ.wch tWlllt 18 ;>tbs 14@18 & 20 Navy lOs or Pocket Pieces 14@22 Negrohead twist CIGA.RS. Ha?&na, perM $50@150 1 Seed, per M 16@40 40@ 90 GRA.NlJLATED Sl!IOKfNG TOBA.CCO. Medium to good $26@46 I Good to line $46@120 SI"UPP. [Subject to discouttt tfl the wholesale trade Mace& boy -62@-65 1 American Gentleman Scotch and Lundyfoot -86 Rappee, Freach "G.C" "F G" "Wallis Ex. Pilar" ltD o.,Ca' "Lt, Qo" '' St.erry Ex. '4 "La. Roe& II "Huelv&," "Magnel," "8.' LICORICE PASTE. llll 28 28 25 27 28 22 23 22 22 'J.'u1W81<.. 8 ''T 'v S' 'A 0 8' "G" H Star," HH.11 "P G" Eastern Markets. --@-72 -72@-76 IS 18 18 IM 21 18 IQ HARTFORD, Conn., Dec 15 -Our speCial cGrrespon dent reports as follows -The market for old tobacco contmues qmet, and the same can be sa1d of the new 'l'he growers tbat sold m the early part of the season have been unable to get theil crops out up to presentt1me, butBle anxwusly looking for a damp spell. QUOTATIONS-OLD TOBACCO Wrappe1s fine do common Seconds .. Fillers 20 to 30 15 to 20 10 to 12 6 BOSTON, Dec 16 -Our spectal correspondent r eportsKentucky-'rhere appea1s to be a very strong feelmg for chotce grades sh1ppmg, and th1s descnptwn coutmues to sus lain very full pnces Sales for the we e k foot up 160 hhds for England and Afuca, and 20 bales and 5 J.i1 bhds for the West Indies Recetpts, 130 hhds Seed LQaf-A weakne ss IS prevalent m this hne owmg to the near approach of New Year, manufacturers only purchasmg enough to carry them over Some large sa les, however, have been made in Havana Seed for delivery m J anuary Havana-Thore appears to be a scarcity of desirable goods, and such rule qmte h1gh Cigars-There 1s a s teady demaud f or first class goods, and manufacturers a1e of the opm10n that With contmued scarc1ty of line Havana fillers, combmed w1th an pnce, that ctga rs must demand better pnces than are now pa1d llfanufactured-Contmues to be dealt out at whole s ale and agents state that an unus ual demand prevatls for export PHILADELPHIA, Dec 16 -Mr A. H To bacco Manufacturers' Agent, reports to THE TOBACCO LEAF -The past week's receipts m manufactmed bard tobacco sbow a falhn g off, owmg to the fact that the end of the year IS fast approachmg, when dealers take stocks and draw balances, so as to c ommenc e the ne" year With as d ea n a s hee f as posstble, therefore the dem an d for stock I S hgbt of the t1ade at present ar e hmtted Srrwkmg Tobacco-Ordered as needed only Cgars-Manufaelmers are busy prospects are eu couragmg for n ext year Snuff-Demand holds E>n excellent Rec epts-278 boxes, 4 ,828 cadd1eo, 492 cases, and 186 patls of fine cuts. &ed Leaf-The cigar leaf busmess fo1 the past week, as usual at this t1mc of the year, fell off, m amount of sales Manufacturers musb prepare for mveutory to the Government on the 1st of January, hence the busmcss done for the balance of thts month "tll be light Pnces, however, remam steady, w1th excellent prllspects fot a healthy pimg hade. Hooana.In demand at full quotatiOns Bogshead Leaf-l\1ovmg very slowly Rece1pts for the week -275 cases Connecticut. 399 cases Pennsylvama 48 cases Ohw, 20 cases State Seed 91 bales Hav ana, a nd 67 hhds of V1rgtma and Weste1n leaf tobacco Sales foot up -189 CIISes Connecticut, 231 cases Pennsyl vama 83 cases Ohw, 10 cases State Seed, 60 bales Havana, and 7 hhds of V ugtma and Western leaf Exported of leaf tobacco.-To Liverpool per steamer Lord Gough 14,898 lbs. Western and Southern Markets. BALTIMORE, Dec. 16 -Mesers. Ed. Wischmeyer & Co Tobacco Commtsswn Merchants, report to THE ToBAcco LEAF as "follows -Rece1fts of leaf tobacco contmue very light, 11nd the demand, as usua at this season, IS growmg slack, sales bemg limited to small lots, p1cked up by shippers to complete tbetr orders Pricea are without any material change. Of Ohw we note sales of some 100 hhds, taken by shippers QUOTATIONS. Maryland-infenor and frosted . ...... 2 00@ 3 110 sound common.. . 4 00@ 5 00 good do .. 5 00@ G 00 nuddhng .. .. .. .. .. 6 50@ 8 00 good to line red 8 50@10 00 fancy .. .. .. .. .. 10 00 00 upper country 4 00@16 00 ground leaves new 3 00@ 8 00 Ohio-Infenor to good common 3 00@ 4 50 greemsh and brown . .... 4 110@ 6 00 medmm to J)ne re As far as the c1gar market IS conce1ned, the season 18 very qlllet. Consequently the manufactories are m operatwn only on a hm1ted scale Manufacturers who confine the1r operatiOns to Vuelta AbaJO tobacco have ceased to use the 1880 growth alone, as the wrappers are too small, and the color of tbe leaf 1s too dark. Consequently m most manufacLor1es 1879 wrappers are used, w1th old and new fillers, and new wrappers are only used for very small mgars It 1s therefore hardly poss1ble to obtmn a clear 1880 cigar, nor clear 1879 c1gars. Probably the best goods are those made up of 1879 wrappers, w1th m1xed fillers. They are good in appearance and quality. Orders at the largest manufactones are scarce, but an active busmess lB done m cheap goods made up of clear 1880 Remed1os and Partido tobaccos, and large shipments are made for the Umted States and England. The quotat1ons of 'the exchange market are as follows: Sterlmg, 60 days . 19 @19 per cent, P. R Marks, 60 days 3 New York, 60 days... 8 11 '' do 3 days ... 9 @ Francs, 60 days. 4 @ 4 }4 '' SpaUISh gold ........... '' sang & FBEY, Packers a.nd Dealers in Peunsylvawda Leaf 'robacco, 61 aud 63 KorthDuke PAt /


DE0,18 POWDERED LICORICE. Samples and Prices of FINEST POWDERED SPANISH LICORICE ROOT furnished on appli cation to C. C. WABBEN & co.,. TOLEDO,. OUZO. F. GARCIA, & CO --- B.A. 0 0 1!109 STEI.EET. N"E'VU" h E. IMPORTER OF THE de H. H. i G-...A..TO, 1 ::s::_ And Manufacturer of Key West Havana. Cigars, I N"o. 104 STEI.EET. N"E'VU" Y"C>EI.H:. .J. A. BELVIN, LOUIS SIEBEB. & SIEBER, MANUFACTURERS OF FINE CIGARS AND DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO, 16, f8 & 20 St 4 & 6 Hall PI. coop::r::n:ute, Ntew York. -A Lancaster, Pa., exchange reports:-On Thursday night thieves .entered the tobacco barn of Adam Mow r e r, near Willow Street, Vvest Lampeter, and stole therefrom 400 pounds of tobacco. This is the second lot that was stolen in the vicinity recently. About 150 pounds of tobacco was lately stolen from Amos Har nish' s warehouse on the Willow Street pike. SITUATION established trade 826-lt '612 _&_6l,_ EAS'l' 17Ua ITBEET, lO:W-YOBK.:. OF &:EJED X..EJ.A..:IP 1 -AND,. ; ( -IMPORTERS OF HAVANA TOBACCO.- :.. ; ) THE IMPORTATION of SUIIATRA WRAPPERS A SPECIAUTY. '. .,# ( 166 WATER STREET,. NEW YORK \ CARL'7 UPM\NN, Otlloe: 178 PIJARL S'l'REET, ... :N :m \10 Speo:l.a1 N"o"t:l..oes. JOSEPH A VEGA. JACOB BERNHEIM. II & BERNHEIM, Farmers' Tobacco Warehouse Go. s E. Cor. :Main and 12tla. Sto., X..OUXIEI"VXX..X..E, K.Y"o a.:nd. Xzn.por1:ora Pees .TOBACCO, ADd eqoal17 dlvlcl.ed between Bu)'e.r and. Seller. Selling $1 .60 per hhd. 18'7 STEI.EET, TOEI.K.. Buying Fee, $1.60 per hhd. E.STEI.EX..X...A.. .No. 1G, "V .A...RJ!t,.. No Commission charged to Seller. Four (4) Months Free Storage to Seller; One (1j Month Free Storage to Buyer. -Berge. r & Buehler,. Publlllled liT 8. P. Chestnut, DJ D.1 11 Park S.reel, TDIII't JAMES E. CORIN, Manager, For the past ten years identified with the management of the old Farmers' Warehouse (Page & Co.), Louis ville, Ky. I F1or de B. Co. I NoTICE.We have sold the "Farmers' Warehouse" lease, fixtures and goodwill to the "Farmers' Tdbacco Warehouse Company, and commend them to our friends and patrons as worthy of the confidence they have se pounds (or JellS), and suitable for a factory of &ight to thirty hands. They will 3weat, cure and color the tobacco in from three to five days. Colors can be had just as dark 8$ may be wished The larger apparatus, which includes the heating ar rangements, takes up bui a trifle more room than a case of tobacco, it being 3 feet wide, 4 feet long, and stands 5 feet high, it being just large enoagh to accommodate one case of Seed feaf in its original case. We have put the price of the apparatus at such a low figure so as to place them within the reach of every manufacturer in the land. They are portagle in every respect, and can. be worked, handled or moved, any where by a single individual. The greater part of the apparatus being made of wood, it does not heat up ttte room in which it is run, The sweating can be done alongside of the workmen without inconvenience to them. Price $1.10 per ,._;:, Orden at the olllce d .. llaher, or -' tile omce ol TIDe.z.... 825-tf JoHN H. PAGE & Co. REMOVAL. We hereby inform the Tobacco Trade of the United most testimonials, from which we have seBtattlll generally, and our many friends in particular, lected one, from one of Lancaster Co.'s (Pa.) noted cigar that we have this day removed our office and entire manufacturers, Messra. Bennett & Haldeman:stook of Havana Tobacco of the Flor de S. B. & Co." November 17, 1880. brand, to 215 Jefferson Avenue, Detroit, Michigan. M88sr8. C. 8. Philips of CQ., 188 Pearl Street, NtJW York: Having admitted Mr. John Buehler, formerly con, Gentlemen:We just taken the first case out of nected with the firm of John R BMkAr & Co., of Cin the Sweating Apparatus, and are very much pleased cinnati, as a partner in our firm, we will hereafter deal with the result. It was thoroughly sweated dark and under the firm name of t.>ugh enough give immediately to the strippers. BERGER & BUEHLER. Yours very truly, BENNETT & HALDEMAN, Mar'etta Vesta P. 0. Lancaste11 Co. Pa. our patrons favors, we w1ll en1 '. deavor m tbe future to mer1t their patronage For mformation for Circulars please ad-BERGER & BUEHLER, dreBS the mventor and propr1etors, Importers of the Flor de 8. B. & Co. brand of Havana 823_835 188 Tobacco, 215 Jefferson Ave., Detroit, Mich. 825-t.f CAUTION. Again information has reached us that un principled manufacturers are imitating 110me of our brands. This time it is ''Blunt Heads" cigar, on which we are protected by patent. We warn the public to beware of these counterfeits, and imitators will be prosecuted for infringement. ED. ASCHERMANN & CO., 820-832 Milwaukee. W ANTED.-An experienced man to superintend a cigarette and smoking tobacco factory in Richmond, V a. None but those thoroughly qualified need address, stating salary expected, X, office of THE ToBACCO L&AF. FOR SALE.-Kinney To ac Cutter, in good order, second hand, $125. Can be n in operation at 5i5 to 525 West Twent -second St t. 822827 SCRAPS AND CU GS FOR SALE. Applyto -The Clarksville, Tenn., .Leaf remarks:-We said in our last issue that Mr. Luckett would be glad to buy a hhd of White Burley tobacco at $12 per hhd, when we intended to say 100 hhds. The idea is that if our planters could be induced to raise tobacco suited for home (consumption, they would find a: market here for it, and be better paid for their work. After many experiments Mr. Plrilips has perfected an apparatus that will sweat a single case of to bacco (or less quantity) as nice and dark as hili larger sweat houses will 10, 20 or 50 cases at a time The result has more than met best expectations. Every objectionable feature of former sweating pro cesses has positively been overcome. A uniform dark The Anentlon of c1gar Marlufactlrers color is produced, and the tobacco-retains iJ;s natural 1 flavor and smell. The goods come from the sweat all is respectfully called to our Large Stock of FIN."Ill RE-rea. lv FREE from dy-es and c cals. Of cure, and cQlor frOAt00--to"91fcases of tobacco per-year. n.epllenliid dark colors, thesegoor,s are also not be considered that this is quality and burn well. Manufacturers of fine cig;us srmply for small manufacturers, as a manufacturer will find this stock particularly well adapted to \ll employing 150 hands ntleds only 4 O.t'5 of our apparatus t .heir requirements. BARKER & W.A.GGNER, to do all his sweating. They can be set on any floor, PARTNER WITH :A.PIT L WANTED -Either active or special, to ass tin increasing facili ties in our established manufacturing __:__ ., ', work without any fixing or outlay, as they run without anv steam heating arrangements or coal stoves. in this city, and also to elop an export trade on goods manufactur and already demanded. BROWiN & 1 of Fi_ne Cigars 1 Dealers in Leaf Tol,acco, Nos. 203-209 East 33d Street, :N" "Y' erk..i l I Teba.cce l\ OX..X"VEEI., n use It, Seod tor


6 T B 'll T 0 B A 0 0 0 r. E A F DEC.18 GARROLL & CO., 104 Front Street, New York. -P. o.:aos. ... aea..--. L: T. H. MESSENGER & 00., >'if/ 'llli DIPOBTEJI8 Aim DEALEBS IN Loaf Pasta,.' .. 181 ... LA,NE. NEW YORK. -...;-Loat Tob&Oco Ill BUoa &Dd llopbeada tor J'orelgn -Ill. MANUFACTURERS OB' AND DEALERS IN PLUG AND SMOKING TOBACCO,. ....._.. Sole .Agents for JAMES B. PACE, Richmond, FINE-CUT TOBAGCO, CIGAB S, AND OTHER VIRGINIA MANUFACTURERS A.1so Bo1e .A.gen.'ts :for JNO. W. CARROLL'S CELEB.RATED BRANDS, 'LONE JACK,' 'BROWN DICK,' ETc ., ETC., ETc. -ANDR.A...G--T:AGsMoKING TOBACCO. TIE VIRGINIA TOBACCO AGENCY, :m.-ta.bU..h.ed :J.BB&. M: ,Q.&IU)INEB, TOBACCO GOIIISS.ION MERCHANT, 84 FRONT STREET, NEW YORK. ICltPORT ORDERS li'OR PLlJG TOBACCO PROIIPTLY FU.LICD, MARTIN a DUNN, 207 and 209 Water Street,. ffo 78 I s. s. EDMONSTON&. BRO.i I Dealers in Leaf Tobacco, 4. "7' C> ..4.JI:) 181 'X"... Y" C> :EI.:S:::. Mason County and Cutting Leaf a Specialty. El:i!B &, "Y' .A. I 30,-l' 132 A 134 MAIDEN LANE, NEW YORK, IIAHUFACTURIUlB OF FINEST OLEAR HAVANA CIGARS, Aw.W JliaheA He4&1 hlllblt.lm, l8T6, l'hlla4tlplda. ALSO IMPORTERS 0., HAVANA CIGARS & LEAF TOBACCO. Gonzalez, o -IMPORTER OF--_ No. '14 Front Street, New York, .r I HAVANA LEAF T .OBACGO I (Premleu laCelr oecupied ltJ' B1JLKLEY 4< MOOR.B,) 1PLUB & SMOiffiifTOBACCO, : TAX PAZDANFOREX:.l?'e>::A..T. GDERS FILLED PROMPTLYe FROM: STORE OR FACTORY. \ Sole Agents for the Justly Celebrated Brands, "ATLANTIC," ,:, 'MAGNET," "SENATOR" IN PLUC AND CUT CAVENDISH. F. C. LINDE. C F LINDE. J SEED LEAF TObACCO INSPECTION} -TOBACCO INSPECTED OR SAMPLED.coUNTRY SAMPLING PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO. Certillcates given for every Case, and delivered Case by Case, as to number of Certificate. N. B.-We also Sample In Merchants' Own Stores. F. C. &, CO. PHILADELPHIA BRANCHE,S :-E. W DICKERSON, corner Arch and Water Streets; METZ, 64 North Front St. HARTFORD, Coan, ;-A. H .. !>.THERTON, AhretCiglll" Store, 11"6 State Street !IUFPIELD Conn, : -EDW. AUSTJI>:. LANCASTER, P4\,l-oHENRY F ORFSr, PRINCIPAL OFFI(]II!S:-142 H ATER S T REET, and 18:l to PEARL t;r. WAREHOUSES :-U2 WATER ST!:EET; '74,_J6 and 'T8 GREE:t>"WJCH STREli:T. and UDSO N RIVER RAJLRf)AD DE!'UT, ST. JOHN' S PARK. G .180 New Es"tab1:1sb.ed. 1aga. GEO. W. HELME, .. S1l00811aor to Apple'll:y &: Helme, 1r1A.NUFACTURER OF THE CEI,EBRATED Ctga.retie&. t;i3 WATER STREET, NEW YORK. .. l!IAN1JF ACT1JBER OF ._, Boxes, And Importer ot GER.M'AN OIG.AR MOLDS, (Sole tor l!IESSBS, OSENBR1J.BCK 4< .315 to 321 E. Eleventh St. u NEW YORK. F. E; OWEN, A. D. CHOCKLEY & CO., Commission .Merchant, DEALERS IN Virginia Tobacco, No. 39 BROAD STREET, Y"ork. C. C, HamllCoa, F. W. Conklin. A, A, Hans, WESTERN, VIRCINIA, and NORTH CAROLINA LEAF TOBACCO, 38 Broad St., New York. FIRST PRIZ. E M.ED.U' VIENNA EXHIBITION0 1879. M.U."'UFACTUllER OF "' MEERSCHAUM and AMBER GOODS; AND IMPORTER OF French Briar Pipes and other Smokers' Articles, 69 WALKER STREET, & Corner Broadway, ij. York. And VIENNA, AUSTRIA, PIP'"" Sebd for Catalogue and PtlceList, as I have no t rave lling so.lesmen. C;C. Barililton a Co. Seed Leaf Tobacco -AND-CITY WEIGHERS, 170 S't., N'e-vv "York.. ALL-TUBAC EUGENE DU BOIS -. "BET"WEEN THE ACTS" csm mcuin. li'B.OKT STILIIB!.19 TheaboYeBrandof HAVANA TOBACCO CIGARETTES made only by -OUBl'AV SALOMON', SALOMON S.U.OIIOX. BERMAN S.U.OK b N e Gustav Salomon & Bros D!P()RTERS OF 114.LL, 222.., GREENWICH. STREET. COR. OF BARCLAY. JfEW YOB.& j BP -MANUFACTURER OP PINE CIGARS. .. mallK1ndaot SEED LEAF TOBACCO, St R64 Pearl St., New York:' Straiton a Oppenheimer, of Leaf TObacco Dealers 1n 204, and 208 EAST TWENTY-SEVENTH STREET, NEW YORK. 138 Water St., Y"ork. b1:lshed :1.0411. :a'.l:. J .A.:J:R.X.A.N" MANUFACTURER OF A RS,==-No. 472 CRAND STREET, NEW YORK. lm.portcr oC and Dealer In ,fiNE HAVANA CIGARS ONLY,. eBJ.S. F. TAG & SOl,: llio,ertono of SPANISH aad DoaiHo la aH k'fa.o of TOBACC0,1 184 Front Street, : KBW ..-ua. ..... ________________ E. M. CRAWFORD & SON. IMPORTERS AND DEALEBII IH Leaf Tobacco, 168 Water St., :N"e"OV "Y"e>rk. HAvANA !OBACCO I :1.10 .N'e""E>V York. M. H. LEVIN, of HAVANA CTGAR B -OXE'S _AND r. SHOW; 'illiPORTER:OF!AND DEAioli:B IN L' BPA:N":J:&::I3: oxa-..a..::n. n.x:a:ae>J:Sr&; -GERMN' CIGAR MOULDS, PRESSES, STRAPS, CUTTERS, ETC., ''THREE CJTIES'' Cigarette & Smoking GEO. CAMPBELL" & CO., RICHMOND, VA., Are now tho SOLE lli."-NUFACTURERS of the "THREE CITIES" Cl&'&reUe and SmokingTobacco, Jo.tely manu.caclured. by WM. DAVIES, o&Brooklyn, N. w-. A. Ben, 43 Street, Sole Agent for New York. AND DEALER IN ALL KlNDS o.-LEAP TOBACCOt' 162 Pearl .Street, New York. &. ORG-LE::A.., lUanutaeturer of FINE CIGARS, Dealer In LEAF TOBACCO, 85 MURRAY STREET, NEW YORK My Drand:-"CUBA LlBRE." "CLIMAX." SCHOVERUNG BROS., PACKERS AND DEALERS IN SEED LEAF TOBACCOS 142 WATER STREET, York. Packing Warehouse at New Milford, 001111. H. KOENIG, WHOLESALE DEALER IN HAVANA AND SBBD LEAP T<>BA.oce>s; 226 PEARL ST., NEW YORK. J. I.. GASSiti.T. 7 -J!, I.. CASSEl! '!; J.( L. GASSERT ct; BRO:: "' CODISSIDN MERCHANTS. AND DEALEBS IN ALL KINDS OJ' LEAF TOBACCO, 1&7 Bowery, New York. G. REISMANN. Commission Merchant, AND Dll.AUR JN ALL K IKDS 011' PEARitST., NEW YORK;. Hirsch, Victorius & Co.J LHAF 111 WATER ST., NEW YORK. COUNTRY SAMPLINC PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO. L4JfOASTER, Pa., Branc'la-153 North Queen 81;.; Heary-R. Troo1;, Aeen1;. j HARTFORD. Ct., Branoh-154, State St.; B. F. Hurlbnrt, Agent, FANOY SMOKING PIPES 125, 127. & 129 BROOME STREET, cor. of PITT ST., NEW YORK. F R E D s c H u L ., Paeker JUUl D-.ler ill -. I BENSEL & Co.; TOBACCO INSPECTORS, WATER STREET, JfEW YOB.K. --oLAN'CAST""' Pa BRANCH { Phillip B<>rngesser ... .., Wtn. DeHaven. SYRACUSE BRANCH ... ... G P. Hie r & Co. BALTUIORE BRANCH E. HARTFORD BRAN<.;H ..... ...... W estphal: CHA'S FINKE&CO 'TOBACCO INSPECTORS, .. 159 WATEH ST., NEW YORK. COUNTRY SA111PLING PROJ'IIPTioY ATTENDED TO, L .. .-, .......... ellt-J',OOJIRUIG-'1 lUll, 1a qa.. a. 01m111> .. aav O.nneedenl Rrallelu-B. OLMSTED, ... Banton!, OoDIL t>,J.GABTR, CIWI M.GJ.IlTil :HultYIIcmtoJEDD. HENRY SIEBERT, I o.J. GARTH, SON & CO., Tobacco and Ceneral" I Commission Merchants. Commission Merchant, I o. 44 BROAD sTREET, ea Broad B't. 1 York. -----E.SU,OMON. 1W.I:. II& E. P A 'CKERS OF SEED 1ft ... -Al>'D IMPORTERS 0;;'-Ha.--vanaTobaCCORlldCigars, BRIER WOODS G EO w HELME, HARVEY a FORD "' [Sucor.sso To APJ"LEBY a HELIIE], 1 liANUFACTURER OF THE BALESROO.IIrl-992 BROADW AYt6N 'EW YORK. FACTORY -,LEDGER Pl.llCE, PHILADELPRill, BUCHANAN & LYALL, 101 WALL STREET, NEW YORK. Oommercial Fa. tory, Brooklyn, N. Y. 111ANUFACTURE TH Ot.LOWING CELEBRATED BRANDS OP' TOBACCO: EIT, Fancy Dark Navies, 'V"l!W'E, do Bright do Standard do do OR.'S STANDARD DARK NAVIES. O::lf"F:J:OES: BOSTON r 31 Cen ral Street; CINCINNATI; Weat Second Street; CHICACO: 9 Wabash Avenue; SAN FR A CISCO 318 Battery Street; PHIL.A IL.PHIA: 89 North Front Street. SNUFF:; Maccaboy, trench Rappee, Scotclt, American Gentleman, Lundyfoot. 'V:i:::O.G-lCN"J!:.A.. "X"O:i3..a..oce>: Via: PRINCE ALBEnT, COLORAi)O, TOM, NA"\Tl{ CLIPPINGS, Q BLACK IRONSIDES, A. & H. "X"O:O.A.OOO EAILRP4J) PRlNCil AI:JU!RT, GOTHAH, OLD JUCKORY. .No. 133 WATER and 85 PINE STREETS,' New York. fO l'BI(I.II; l<.n' .t.DDB.BII Oa Ul'LT All Seed. Leaf All4 Importer of Havana Tobacco, Pearl St., New York. L. GERSBEL & BRO.,) PACKERS AND DEALERS IN ';. SEED-LEAP:TOBACCOl 191 -PEARL: STREET;) ... G .. NEW YORV 5o. GIUlSH IU.., \. "" B. DIAZ & 221 PEARL &T., YORF)


DEC. 1.8 8PJNo.ut!f1 ALEX. HAUCIIHAUS. SAMuEL H. E. SPINGARN & Co. e IMPORTERS OF v A.N' .A., AND PACKERS OF 1 SEED LEAF TOBACCO, 5 Burling Slip, w?t:rSt New York. REYNES BROS. & CO., Commission Merchants 46 &. 48 Exchange Place, S. v .A. N' .A. SEED LEAF TOBACCO, 162 Water St., New York. & Fischer, IMPORTERS OF HAVANA And Paekero ot SEED LEAF TOBACCO, 166 WATER STREET, NearMaldenLane, NEW YORK. 'l .SGBBODEB a BON, 178 w;.TER STREET, NEW YORK,, N. LAGHENBRUCH & BRO IMPORTERS OF SPANISH f .AND PACKE:aS OF I DOM'ESTIC 'LEAF TOBACCO PACXEI\S OF SEED LEAF AND IMPORTEI\8 OF 184 WATER STREET, NEW YORK. IlL H. OF& CO., THE CELEBRATED FINECUT: I VIRGIN LEAF and NAVY I 1 .&,-wazt -'IULD, laue llolllllnr.....,, Hlt:nr llolllllnrAK, SrG-I E. ROSENWALD & BRO.; I & of Tobacco, And aJl kinds of Smoking Tobacco. 145 Water Street, New IIIPOBTEB 01' Spanish Leaf Tobacco, 107 'V'U" .A.TE:Fl. &T., "YO::EI.:O:::. Also Manufacturers of the well-known Br&nds or Bright Plug Chewing: 'own. 'FriondshiD,' and 'Sailors Sola co.' MANUFACTORY AND SALESROOIII: ARNOLD POLLAK, J.EQNAB.D. :PRI;E!I)MAN, Tho Gorman Bank DlPORTEa.. 011' SOLE AGENT P'OR THE PACIFIC COAST FOR 60 WALL JrEW TOB.JL H AVA N A TO B A c co Mea ..... & co .. New; York; Cor. Avenue 0 and Tenth Street, New York. Co. Pearl Street, NewY,::k_:..,,&' wm. EGGEllT 4'CO. .... E. & G. FRIEND & CO., and ;)eaters lG LEAF TOBACCO, I 29' Lane. Gus FRtRNn, N EW FRtRND J YORK LEONARD FRJEND. ., CUTHRIE &. CO., 225 Front Street. H. DAUSMAN, President. GEo. J. CHAPMAN, Sect. 1 HAVANA JOBBERS in CHEWING & SMOKING TOBACCO SEED LEAF T b ...a..N":o o:z:<7...a..n.:moror:ma, 0 acco : ALSO MANUFACTURERS .... Of FINE 248 Pearl and 20 Cliff' Streets, New York. aa .., 4.1. :l!"u.l.'to:n. &'tree't, N"e"'PP7 "Yor:IIL. ..-Beine thel'llanafaetv.rer and Ownen ot: the eelebrated "LEO" ran of Clean, J' lnf'r:lneem.ent or U 'Will be deaU with aeeorcllas 'o law. Sol!f. H. Tho:mpeoa, D. Sacket1: Moore, Paul Calvi, COlDUSSION MERCII.ANT$, TRADE MARX: NEW DEAL." BALERS OF TOBAcCO FOR EXPORT. 1 :tv.Ia:n. u:facturers o:f Fl ug Tobacco. ..-L-.. L&a.ding Brands: "HORSE HEAD" "HEAD LIGH'l'" "LIT'l'LE JIA'l'CD'l'" Leof Tobacco presoed In ba!eo f<>r the West llodl8 llesican ao.d Central American Ports, and etller mar FACTORY, 16th & Poplar Sts. OFFICE & SALESROOM, sn & 513 N. 3rd St. ket TOBACCO PAflKED 11'< HOGSHEADS. G. FERNANDEZ, "VV. &. J.WELLOO,. .... N. W. cor. PEARL and ELM STREETS, NEW YORK. TOBACCO BB.OKEB. L 0 NE lfC'f" rirc Jii0ilf D 1 c K, CilW 8lld Tobacco Lallolmd Show Cards a HAVANA LEAF TOBAGGO ..&.N":O O:J:G.A.:Fl.B, 806 Pearl Street, New York. L. NEWGASS, PACKER OF ALL KINDS OF SEED LEAF TOBACCO,: Internal Revenue Books Tile ClrlllDallAterD&I Revenue Publlshlng BOUSe. C. 30 .1: 3'1' LIBERTY ST.,l'fEW TOB.JL I RraniiDI a SDCCialty, JM TI!P for 'l'obaeeo JJJy pattena liiade so order at abort notice. 111! R ::1: N" T :J: N" G l ex .,. at the Lo-Prfoea. fll' ro PRicES. AHNER& LE!F 'TiiB!CCO -9190 PEARL STREET,('' t=: }_ -NEW YORK. ll'IIPOBTBB OP FINE VUELTt.AjAJO TOBACCO & CIGARS Anti Prop:rt-r bt' &he Brand ISLA" Por Ilia IJaperta&lona ot:Tob-, A Brana ot Clean '"Coney IsJ.a,nd," 206 Pearl St., New York SIMON STERNBERGER, BANKER AND BROKER, 11' BROAD. ST., MEW YORK, Pays particular attention to the Negotiation ot Fore1pn Exchange and Loans Executes Orders !or the Purchase and Sale o! California and Nevada Mining Stock in the Sao Francisco Stock ExchAnge. G. W. GRAVES, .,._CKER OF AND DEALER tN SEED LEAF TOBACCOJ 1 1Ji 1 .... a ..... ir;'ll;l .. 0 = 0 I! : "'Il II .. .. 0 ..... .. :M.A. 'YFIELD, 'Y Manufactory :-TWELFTH STREET, LYNCHBURG, VA --Orders "ted.--: enw. ...ueltecl...., lr.tteDded to. l'riae Lll*- I' THE MILLER, DUBRUL & PETERS MANUFACTURING CO., 1\II:.A.:N'UF.A.OTUR.EI:Fl.B OF cREASELESS VERTICAL TOP. TIN-LINED AND FLANGE TOP MOLDS, CIGAR SBAPE.RS, &c I OFFICE AND FACTORY: 510 East Nineteenth St., New York. 132, 134, 136, 138 &. 140 E. 2d St., Cincinnati, O. On Application we shall take pleasure In sending to any address, free, Circulars of all our Manufactures. LUBENSTEIN 8 GANS, WHCLEIJALE DEALERS IN SEED-AND HAVANA SOLE AGENTS AND IMPORTERS OF THE GENUJNE W & M. CIG-..A..R. Presses, Straps & Cutte";. DfPORTERS OF & SP.\NISH CIGAR RIBBONS; 181 'Y"or:J&. A. PERSON,. HARRIMAN & CO., [Augustus w ith Howard Bros. a. Read.l Tobacco -Bagging, IMITATION SPANISH AND LI .. EN FANCY STRIPES FOR PUTTINC UP SMOKINC TOBACCO. 4o'f. & 459 Broome Street, New York. I EMILE LOBECK, CRAB. E nEcK, Commission Merchants, 3 3 MERCADERES STREET, Havana, Cuba.. : AUG. RICHTERING &, CO., TC>B.A.CCC> a:n.d CIG-..A.R. C 'OMMISSION MERCHANTS c MERCAOERES 51., [P. 0. Borlfil) HAVANA, CUBA. BOSSELMANN SCHROEDER, Tc::ba.ccc:: &, Cigar Commission .Merchants


8 rr-ax.-...:sa.. Packers, Commission Merchants, and Wholesale Dealers in F8REIGN & DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCO, 11'7 NORTH THIRD STREET, PHILADELPHIA. .. EISENLOHR & 00., PACKERS AND WHOLESALE DEALERS IN -LEAF T 0 B A C 115 S. .S't., ..,, EISE::kJ.D. oro baooo, ; ._ New Iort BostD'ft, P1ttsbnriDi; Chicago; St. LoUis and. 'D'. &. &e seen at the offie4\ 2:uner RJdgu 0an North Collegi>Avenues. U S. SOLID TOP CIGAH MOULD C H. WATTEYWE, 216 Pearl St., We..,. York, So$ia Ac-t. .Joaeph Loeb, Roojalll.l.n Labe, Jaasep:b. Laaeb &, PA.CKERS A.ND DEA.LEHS IN Thea Tobacoo, No. Ill North Third Street, PHILADELPHIA, -wa.,.ehouse-12'l Nnrth Wo.teX" St l' .AJ'1r.A"'J.'''"R, PA.ESTA.BLIIIIIEB 181111. J. RINALDO SANK & CO., TO B.A. COO _.._,_ General Commission Merchants, 31 North Water Street 30 North Delaware Avenue, BATCHELOR BROTHERS, -The Only Ma.nura.cturers of the & KEY HAST C:I: G1r ..A..:E'l.IB, 1231 Chestnut, and 23 N. Second St .. PHILADELPHIA Send for Deserlptive P,ioo List. Joseph Wallace, (S uccesso r to Cooper &: W niter,) OF SJDKING TOBAGCO 666J N"RTH ELEVJ':NT:JI ST., DOHAN & TAI'rl'. Tobacco Commission Merchants, 10'7 .ARCH STREET, P lEEZL.A.:J:>ELE"lEE:J:,A.. F .X. KELLY, Jro, HAPPY THOUGHT Tobacco Agency, US A.BCH ST., Phlladeiphlu, Pa, 'GENERAL AGENT FOR WILSON 8c. McCALLAY'S PLUC TOBACCOS. Theobald & Oppenheimer, MANUFACTURERS OF FINE CIGARS, AND DEALERS IN snanish and Domestic Leaf N.E.corner'Girard Ave.& 'ith Street, PHILADELPHIA. AGENTS :roa TBK DUBRUL & PETERS CINCINNATI CIGAR MOLDS, STRAPS. ETC. PHILADi::LPHEA. P.A DAVID G. HIRSH, GUMPERT BROS., .....,.Exte'nahe MaD1lfacturer o:f C.. CIGAR MANUFACTURERS. FA.CJTORY-ll3 121 S. 23d Street; PENNSYLVANIA SEED TOBACCO, STOilE-1341 Cbe.tnul Street; E"lEE:I:L.A.:J:>ELE"lEE:J:.A.. 8 East CHestnut St., MANUFAC'TUBERS OF THE LANCASTER, p A. "Postal Card" Cigars. CfcanAI ..... .,.. oa Haad. H L. STEHMAN, .J. L FREY, J L WEIDLER. THE TOBACCO LEAF. DEC. 18 BiltiJD&re AcfveriiseJDente. Western Advertisements. MISCELLANEOUS ADERTISEMEtff8 .A.. BOYD & CO., AMitHOSIA TOBACCO WORKS. W. G. :MEIER & CO. Hrnsn.,& SJUTH, E H. 8>:N'" &, DIANUFAOTURERS OF CIGA,JIS, AND OF THE Well-known AIITobacco Cigarettes, [E A F T 0 BAG C 0 Fi.n.zer &, :BJ<"<>'thers :LG<>z E"<>'1.1n.d.s, L<>n.g J'<>hn. 9s, B Cen:t AND ALL OT:JIER POPULAR STY:JiliES OF FINE VY TODACJCJO, LC> 'U:J:S V':J:LLE, ::S.::EN'T'U C:S:. Y". -..U.."D-IMPORTERS of HAVANA,. 21, 23 & J5 HAMPDEN ST., nl.l:a. GEO. B. BARNES, CONN. SEED 'LEAF ...-ANDConn. Havana Tobacco, Warehouse Point, CoD.llecticut 70 Pine St., New York-City. C. 0. HOLYOKE, Wholesale Dealer In Western leaf Tobacco AFRICAN SHIPPERS A STEAM CIGAR. .BOX FACTORY. 12 Central Wharf, Bas;n The Largest in the West. Capaoit7, 25,000 Boxe per Week. G E 0 R G E HI J 0 N i: S, GIS ]Pt R, E s 011R A.GENTS:-:U.essro. Wlse & .// SEED LEAF, TOBACCO 699 to 70't W,. SixOl St., Cjncinnati, 0. Cigars & Leaf Tobacco 113 Main St., Cincinnati, 0 HENRY GEIS-E, (Successor to B. GEISE & BRO.) CIGARBOX FACTORY, No. 93 CLAY STREET, CINCINNATI, 0, Aod.Wbolesale Dealecs ill OHIO AND CONNECTICUT No. 98 Water Street, EIC>BTC>N', EMERY BEMIS, Jr., I IMPORTER OF =a.A. v .A., AND DEALER IN SEED LEAF TOBACCQ, No. 32 Central Wharf, ::EI<>&'t<>D., ....... LEAF TOBACCO 48 Front St.. o : C. B. B D TLER, 'II' PA.CKER & .J'OBBER OF -J.JiDF. w. DOHRMAN.N,e Connoctlcnt LEAF Tobacco., LEAP LEAF TOBAnflo BROviln 15 HAIIPDEN STREET, ON CO:MMISSION. uu Allil SPRINCFIELD, MASS. 94 W. Front St., / J!BY BQU8ES:-0oWNGTOM, KY.; WJ.Lmw, Kll'. S. E. cor. Vine & Front Sts.l CINCINH.A Tl. L. C. SCHEFFEY, MAN'IJFA.CTVBEH!I' AGENT, Imported, Key West, Havana, New Yol'k, A.ND PENNSYLV A.NIA. 5:2 Fourth Avonne, ncar Mnin, LC>'U:J:SV':I:LLE, GOODS SOLD TO JOBBERS ONLY. -l!!r SOLICITED Ghas. W. Stow a: Co., TACHAU&LAN.DRUM G. W. WICKS & C O. M A H 08AI_!:lAW M J ll 0 SPANISH CEDAR FOB CIGAR-BOXES, TOBACCO UBLER.'S LOUISVILLE, Ky. 1 ORE Md OURAGENTS: IB2WEST M.AIN STREET, :BALTIM W.G .&.D.&.MS,NEWYOHK. R. E. Voouc, A.. B., FOUGEBA.Y, PHtLADELPHIA. RUDOLPH HENSCHEN, R. E. VockeG. &ooco., GEO F GUNTHER Manucacturer' o:f TOBACCO & CENERAL I I J C A R B O XES COMMISSION MERCHANTS Loaf Tobacco & Cotton Brokor u38 & 340 S. SHARP ST., s. E cor. CJheopolde & Lombard Sto, I>:E'l.E, (Entrnnco on Lombard Skeet,) Eleventh and MaiD ,Streets, ::S:.A.LT:I::J:!4 C> 'U:Z:&'V:I:LLE, ::S.:: 'Y. tz:r" Orders I'rom.ptly FJllod. Tobncco Pressed. in Bales a Specialty. ., E. E. WENCK,. G. H. M. Marriott, TOBACCO SHIPPINC DEALERIN _......,._ IMPORTED DOMESTIC II. H. G17X'I'HER, of N...,. 'U:J:S, :LVJ:C>. Choice Brands o f Imported LJcorice always on han.A. Y"TC>JSI C>. Orden iorolllpll:J .& uended to, COMMISSION MERCHANT LEAF TOB A C .CO, :P. J. &, 46_and 4& st. Charles st., 31 German St., Baltimore, Md. MANUFACTURERS OF ALL KINDS OF PLUG TOBACCO, DARK WRAPPERs CONSTANTLY ON HAND-0. '! W, cor. Lom., .... IH,, BalUmore, ... C>-u.r EI:J:G-BARKKERR & WAGGNER ::EI:: .A. V' ..A.. N' ..A.. SEED fEAFTDBACCO. anod DBOMAES!,....CIC ro 39 Cerman Street, \1. :S.a.x ... 29 South GaJ St., Baltimore, 1111. W& invite the attention or Manufacturers to our aiook ot Dark Re""W"eated wrapper" of W e Invito the attenttoa of Manufacturers to tMlf which wem&kea.specialt7. Stock of DARK BE-SWEATED WRAP .;;.;_ __ ;.._ _______ P"F.RS, of which we rna.kt> .-Specialty. MILLER & HERSHEY. THE yoRK CIGAR CO. DEALERS IN A:-."D P AC!'."EI:S OF L011.IN PALMER, New York;\:_ W II. RUSSELL, Chicago. W, .BEST, Chicago; TOBACCO BROKER, HOPKINSVILLE, KY. HEFEBENCJE!I: Jno. C. Latham, Preo't Bank of Bopklns'rille S. E. Prea't Planters' BankLBopldnsrtlle; Sa"U'er, wall&ee Co., New Yor..; Spratt"' Co., Louiavllle, Ky. HOLT, SCHAEFER & C'O., LYNCHBURC, V.A., BUYERS .A..'ID HANDLERS OF LEAF TOBACCO.-C>rcl.ers B<>l.:Jo:t 1:ec1.. if. F. NO!WAN. W W BELV1N. NORMAN & BELVIN, Packers of Leaf rTobacca .. a: SHOKEJUI A. S,PB()IA.LTY, DANVILLE, VIRCINIA. C. Venable, OOIDDSSION LEAF TOBACCO BROKER, V'a.. Buy StrlcCJy OD CODIIDIelo.a.. a LEFTWicH; Dealer In VIRGINIA LEAF TOBACCO Alo Flue Virginia Manuf'rs Stems & Scraps. (',., V'a.. I solicit correspondence with large manufactu rers and dealers 1n the Unjted States and Europe,._ and will furnish sa.mplesa.ndprices onappllcatioll.,... and wiiJ make contracts. LADD TOBACCO CO.', LEAF TOBACCO -BUYERS, No. 21 North Main Street, &T. LO'U:J:S, 1\I.I:C>. w. M, LA.DD, Prea1den1. B. SUBERT, WHOLESALE DEALER IN -AND-DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCO,. BBST. B.USSE'L & CO., (Sueeessot11 to JOHN C. PAii.'l'RlDGE &. CO.,) H. L. STEHMAN & CO., FREY & WEIDLER PENNSYLVANIA ENNSYLVANIA CIGARS SEED LEAF TOBACCO, p 231 East Randolph St., CHICAGO, ILL. W. E. --L f T b fromSI2toSI6perthousand. :Manufacturers Of Cigars 08 0 8CC0 Petersburg, Lancaster Co., Pa. "Yo:H.:s.., :Pa.. 262 & 2M North Queen Street, 213 Weot KiDg Street, LANCASTER, PA. L.A...N'C..A..STE:E'l.,, E".A.. s. w. VE!\'.\RLE. -E, C. VENABLE, s.w. VENABLE & Co. Office: Cor. Byrne and Halifax Sts., Petersburg, Va. c:Je:A.J.A..CJWE'F!.....,.......y Factory: 19 Second District, Virginia. -llanufoeture and Offer to the ilbo toUowlag Celebraced Branda ot &WEET PLUG GHEWING and SMOKING TOBACCOS: Alii) 'fD BB.AXD OJ' 'EC"UPSE" BRIGHT NAVY. II -" 3, .f.-, 5t 6e., 'IJ's, 8, 9a.1ld 10 .. "8T,. GEORGE" BRIQlf: r NAVY, 1s, 3a, t,e, :a, 6 @1 I' 88, 8e aad.JOa.' JACKSON'S BEST' ''VIRGJNLA.DAillt BltiGHT 11AVY.1e,3e,5e,6e,9aaud10a. ( ''AN110T LYLE" BRIGHT NAVY, la. 3, M :;., Ge, 8e, ... and 10 'UN"ION .JACK" MAIIOGANV POUNDS, !t. "ST. JA.MEii" DA.U.K POUNDS, Jia. 4-a, 5, G T. 'l!ltii 9a aad lOa. of FINE TWI.ST of ae>o.cknges are put up. t h!lt neither D erue r nor Chewer rnu..}r be u_QOr. 'b_y _EUrcbasu\g'.otber {fOV'ts, thinking i s ,f:'Nt ing (lll!'S. E't-ry Butt and Caddy has "JA KSON..ll. BEST" Impressed into it hyaflj,.._ E,erv )'lug hns our Tmdt"-mark .strip ., JA.CKS If'S BEST" as pt>r diazram annexed. TH'Y rr UNDER OUR GUARA.l\'TEE, anditnotToliiidtobealltbatwe:-epresent. it, w e WILL PAY FREIGIIT BO"!'l:l WAYS. cO;OL)) Jl &l.L LEAllfNG JOBBERIS THROUGHOtJ.f. STATES. Wise & .Bendheim. :rft W York Agents. "BllAB.IIJ!I 01" GOr.D," c1c. "UVIl OAK,"" !I'ABOJI," 11 Dll SOTO '' aad 1 'C01\TQt1Elt011..'' The f0110'Wl11C nr"""""; K. & Bro. Clarkaville, Tenn .. ..,: B. F. Beaumoa'-l'n!ll't In Nat. t'larkvlllo, '1': 1 BUT ONLY ON GIRDER. vroe"'llulk:lted. M: H. CLARK & BROTHEl{ TOBACC BB.OKEBS ---' BOPKIIUYILWI, .. PUJIKl4li"<. ,..__ JA&. A. HENUERSON & DEALERS IN North LEAF TbBACCO, :J:>a:u. 'V':llle. V' a. Smokers and Bright Leat a SpeeiaiQ'. Orders Solicited. -W. N, Shelt<>n, F. X. Burton. c. a.


DEC. 18 Business Directory of Advertisers. NEW YORK. Leaf Tobacco w ..... -. Ahner & Dehls, 190 Pearl. Arendt & Frlnga.nt. 193 Pearl 1Jlock & Lindheim. 160 Pearl :Barnes Geo. B. 70 Pine Barnett S. 162 Water 8asch & Fiscner. 155 Water. T., Ca.lixoo. 206 Pearl Loza.uo, Pendas &: Co. 209 Pearl 111esoenger T. H & Co. 161 llaidon LaDe. :Miranda F. & Co. 222 :Pearl :8a.lomon G. & Bros. 254 Pea.rl Hay&&: Co. tao, 18'.!, 1M Halden Laoe Beldenbe11< & Co. S. and 86 Bee.d .qo1omon .M. & E. 85 Maiden lAne E. & Co. 5 Burling SUp. V!'l{ 4r. Bernhelm, 187 l'oarl Well&.: Go. 65 Pine wet ... Ell or&: Xae!>J>el, Bl PMtl "Ybor \'. M t\l'tinez & Co. 110 Pearl .Agent. JOr 01-""" -"'I 711-. A.llen ct Co. 1':':-la.nd 175 Chambers d.ugustin & Dusel, 11 W&I'Ten Her A. 48 Liberty ews H w. 7g Wan-en .e &: Bendbeiu1 264. and 1M Canal J J:fanu.fachwen of Key Weat Cigon, DeBary Fred'lc & Co. 41 and 43 w.......,n 41-ato E. H. 1M Cham ben llcFall &:: Lawson, 83 M.urTBI Seidenberg&: Co. 8t and 86 Beede Jlaauf(J(;turerr of !J:::d':hav:m afld Aaber' :Demuth Wm. &: Co. 507 &: 509 Broadway Wetfl Carl, 6Y Walker Eaut:mann Bros. & ..Bondy, 129-181 Grand rmporten "' Pipu. oDemulh Wm. & Co. WT & 601 llroadwa.J' Hun A. 4:3 Llber')" KaufmaUH nros. Jl. Bondy, 129 and 131 Grand. )Kay lhos. 1U.:l 2d Ave. Jlanufacturerl of Briar Pi.!' and lMporlen of SmokeJa' Articles. .Augustin&; Dusel, 11 Warren St. _Demulh Wlll. & Co. 507 & 600 Broadway .Ha.ney & Ford, Broadwa.J' Bet A. (II Liberty 't(aulmann Bros. & Bondy, 129 and 131 Graod 3/an. u_frrcturer of Licorice .P.ute. McA.tulrew James C. M"water :Stamford Manufacturing Co. J!aldea lAne "W ea'rer & Sterry 24 Cedar ltJJporterl OJ Ltcoriu .1\uU. l.rgulmbau, Wallace&: Co. :lO aDd 31 8. WWiarn fc.A..drew James C. M Wawr Ieaver &: Sterry, J4. Cedar uicald&.J' & Arguimbau, 28 Bea.,.er ICa .. Kjacco ShO!D Oarenbeimer 22 a.nd 2-1N. William Neuman & D inglinger, n. '"cor. Pearl &:: Elm ManufaCi;urers.of WR.% Paper. R amnlt::rschlag S 5,2 Dey !'L Reg euhard, Shevill & Oo. 55 Vey st :1'obacco Bagging. P erson A Harrimn n & C o 457 Broome Muu.u facttn e, uf i.e C i.yu.J' Lighte-r. Holmes. Booth & Hay ti ens. 49 Cham hers ALBANY, .N.Y. .3fmufacturm of 1'obacoo. Greer'M A.. Sons. $22 BaoA.d wo.y AMSTERDAM, Holland. Tmp nrte-rt: of S.:ed and DlrB in SumatJ'a Tob. Urbacl.:. &:: Frunk:!OJ t. BALTIMORE. Md. Tobar c o Barker & Wa.ggner, 29 South Gay Jlod W .l.. 8;; Co. 33 Sout h K erckholi & Co. 4 9 tiouth Charles Klemm Chns. H. 39 North Calvert rtlarrioU G H 111. 25 German rtlerlela t't Kemper, 3!t \V e J Jca.:. E. E. 4b and 48 Sonth Charles Ed. & Oo 39 Calvert D eattr in Spa:nish C edar jor Cipar Bozta. Sto w Chas. ,V, & Co. Uhler's Alley. nf r:ign.-M cmd.Ot(Jtnetttl. Baro n &: C o .. 8 ti3 W. imMe St. l'obCLcc o .Mmuqacturera. 1 oer F. W .S:.Son r5. 145 to 149 South CflariM Tob11ccn aml G e ne,. c'l Oonunission Mercha.ars Voc'L::e R. E.'&: Co. s. e cor. Chea.pside and L0111ba.rd Pate"t Str.rn Rollen Kerckhotr G So Co 49 South Charles .Manufacture'" of CifHt.r Baxe. Hensehen Rudolph, 3-18 a.nd StO S. Sharp of &ed Leaf and lmpqrter of Ha van a 1'obauo. Becker Bros. 98 Lombard Kerct.:.h ol! Geo & Co 4'J South Charle8 Tobm; co, Sh.ippin.g n.nct Co"';mi$liGn. Merchanta. Dresel. RAuschenberg &: Co 11 Soutb Gay. BOSTON. M ..... Ciqar Manufacturer&' Agent Memtt J. IV. 34 Dealerf h aft.d DomeUe Lea./ f'o.. \ luu:oo and Cigats. Davenport & Legg, 1>9 Broad. Im.parter:t of Ila:oana Dlrs. in Leaf Tobacco Bemks, Emery. Jr. 32 Cent:-al Wba.rt: .Jones Geo. H. !JS Wa.ter Importer be Fine. Cut and llmri J; Son' s Oigar Nar.ufactu>ers' Suppliu. Schubertb & Co. 185 Deo. Meyer Hv. &: Co. 46 Frent 'l'o b Cmnm is.sion Jterchant rend'a Ag.omt. Richer Henry A. 15 West Second Street. M,;,./ti'B of Tobacco llachin.et1f. The McGowan l!o. 141 It 14S W. 2d. s; Jlat&ujactu.rm of Fine.()ut Ch.etttit\il aM Smoking 2'obarco. Spence S.. Co. 52 and M East Third Len.f 1\Jb. Jlatc.Ja.r.tu' en of f..Cg.-n,d .l>t.aUtr1 ift Leaf Weil, Kfthn &. <1'l. tt::J .Mam Ma.ufacturer (l_f Sheet .lleta.l tmd liTOHden. ;':i?"'" MouJcU 'nle Dubrul &:. Peters Mfg Co. laG to 140 E. 2d. ToOIJC6I> Brokm-a. StricftJI on Ord-er. VenA.ble P. C. Pemberton & Pann. CommiMion Broker of Lea/ Tobacco. Pearson J. R. & CO. DAVENPORT.Iowa, Manufact"rer of Cigar Bo:r:e te Cigar Molck. Moeller B. F. cor. 5th st. and Western aYe. DAYTON, 0. Packer. and IMaler in OMMco Comm.iae:ion Holt, Schaefer&:; Co. Dlr in Virginia Lea J L?"eTB oj Ptttg 7'oba= Sorg P. J. & Co. NEW MILFORD, CoJUt.. Pukt:r and. Dealer in Leaf. Schoverling Bros. PADUCAH, Ky.. Tobacco .Btoker. Puryear T. R PA'l:ERSON, N. J, Jlcan.ujactuters of Ch e roing and Sanokittf) To bacco, Snuff and Cigars. Allen &:: Dunnlnt:, &' 67 V .au Houten Street PETERSBURG, Va. Mcumfacetcrera of Pt1l(} s of Sweet l'lllfJ1/ 0he1Mng. J...,_n C. A. It Co. Oomn,Wion Merchant..' & PHILADELPHIA Tobacco J.VatehO'tLU& Bamberger L. 8:. Co. 111 Arch Batchelor Bros. 1Z: U Chesnut Bremer's Lewis North Third Doh au & Tn.ltt 1117 A reb Eisenlohr Wrn. &: Co. 115 South lf.cDoweJI M. & Cb. !39 North Water Bay & Smith. 35 North Water Ralph I Il. H 8;; Cn. 138 N. Sd Sank J Co. 32 North Water Teller Jli .Noo-th Third ImporteTtt of Haul'lno Oigan aM for .. t;eid.enberg's f{,.y WeRt CigarR. Fuguet, St6phen, &: Sons, 231 Chestnut Tobaccl) SWeating. Pblllps C. S. &: Co. ISJ.\83 North Water. ..ltOAufacturer of S....u an4 Sm.oltift{J Tobaoao. Wallace Ja.s. 6G6 to 072 North EleYenth Jlanujaeturers of {)igart. Batchf'lor Bros .. l'lal and 23 N. 2d Gumpert. 1,341 Chestnut Tbeo1J6ld t. Oppenlleimer, Girard AT. d: 7tb St 2'ooaccn .Bf"'OIer. Fougera.y A R. 3a North Front Manttfacturerl PtUto. :llellor &:. Rittenhouse, i'JS North Twenty-Second Jf.ft''8 .Agent for Plu.g mtd Smolftf'l,(} Kelly F. X. Jr. 112 Arch 1-Vholean.le Dealera in Lea/ an.d M'J"d Tobc.oto. Hflil Jonn B. 081 South Second Oigar Box Label and Trimmingt. Harri8 Geo. S. &: Son, s. e. cor. 4th and Vine Manufacturer.! of Cigar JlouKi.a. U.S. Solid Top Mould llll'g Co. cor and North College A'\"e'e. .. Gen'l .AQt. C .A. Jachlof& c:t Co.'' "But." Wa.rdle Qeo. 'F .Alranufacturer of Ralph' Scotch Snu. Stewart, Ralph & Co. 1U Arch Street. ana Dealers in Lea! TobatcO. Loeb Joseph 6l. Co. 111 N. Third 8treet. PITTSBURGH. Pa. Jt .... of Srmff an<1 7'obacco \Vey1 'nati Bros. 81 Srnithfield dt Mn.jts nf .. Long ,,,,,.e,ri" ..:::: Bnnner" Smok-ing Tohn.t _ca mill Sptitl Roll. '1 Jenkinson' R & W 2S'i LlbertystnJet Pflr:kerl of Seed "ffl"' of Plug acco Broker. W. E. Dibrell .r:Vanufacturer o.f Tobacco Baga. H. M.illhiser & Co. 191:'9 ?tlain ROCHESTER. N. Y, .llrmufacturtw of 2'ubacoo. Whalen R. & T. 18'! State of u Pemle.u t and Plain FY. Gut TobaCCO a.ncl ''VI"lnltu Fair" Smoking Tobacco and Oiga.retcu. Klmb.,n w. s. & Co SAN "FRANCISCO. Cal. Aoent. Pollak A. SPRINGFIELD. Ma .. Pa.d:er &:: Jobbers of Connecticut Leaf R. k Son, 20 Hampden Butler C'. B. ST. LOUIS, Mo 'l'Hbacco 1V'arefl9U8el. Donntt.r:er C. R & Co. 12.'' Market ./lUll<' of LMf Tnbacurg Jf!''"'ctltrer u/ f':igar Bozu. J.,eereL &:. Hili and 1:0 Eaet Water TOLEDO.O ].ffrs of Pow. CC>., 128 & 130 Rivington St.. New York. TaAll MARK RQISTE8ED .lA N. 21. 181st. r Salesroom: 129 & 1 .31 Grand Street] New York. United States Internal Revenue Tn:x. The tax on O.U kinds of Manufactured Tobacco fs 16 cents 1jl Ib; Snurl' 16 c ents iQtb; Cigars, $fi fJ tbt'}uS&nd; Cigarettes weighiJJg not over a lbs \Q thnusand, 51.;5 per lihousand; Cignrettes and Cheroots weighing_ over thoU::;&nd, S6 per thousand. The duty on Foreign Cigars is 82.50 lb, and25 ad Cigarettes samu duty as cigon;. Imported Cii{O.rS, Cigarettes aod Cheroots also bear the nreecribedlriternal Revenue taxe s r.o paid stamps n.t the Custom House. The import duty on L eaf Tobacco is 35 cents :al Ib; Leaf Tobacco stemmed, 50 cents .Ma.nutactured W Jb; Scraps. 50centa If lb. Manufac tured Tobacc o nod Scraps are also subject to the Internal .Revenue tax ot 16 cents :til tb, and must be packed in conformity witll Internal Re"'enue low o.nd rt*ulation. Scraps and cuttings, howel'er, may be withdrawn in bulk for use in a tobacco, snutf, or cigar nu:r.nulll.ctorylrithout payment ot. the internal revenue tax.. Pipes n.nd pipe bowls, 75 per cent. od '\"aJorem, a.nd $1.50 'Per gross; common cloy pipes, 35 per cent. ad Yalorem; parts ot pipes, 75 per cent. ad valorem; all smokE'rs' articles, 75 cent. ad "'alorem; snutr-boxes .m l chewing-tobacco pouches, 3!i per cent. ad valorem. ForeiiP! Duties on Tobacco. (n France, Italy and Spain the tobacco commerce Is monopo. liz1...-d by Government, undQr dit"ection of a Regie. In Germany the du. on leaf tobacco aod atems is S5 marks per 100 k:Uogl"&mmes. equal to 10.40 cents per RQund; on strips and scrape 18:.> marK:s per lOU kflo gra.mmes, equal to cents pt>r pound; on manufactured tobac co a.ud :!:0 marks per 100 kilogrammes, equal to 33.08 cent. pe'r ,amd On tobu.cco produced in Gurmau.r, t ,he tax etroot &fWI" April 1, .. rbm April t, 1880, to Hareh 81, 1881 madal p_,r 100 K i!Clgram .mes, equal t.o 2.45 cents per pound; trom A..prif lr 1881, tn March .:Sl, lliS:!, &.! marKs per 100 k.ilogl'amJnee, equal to ll.G7 ceata_ pwr -pound; from April 1, 188'Z. and thereafter, 4.5 marks per 100 t:no!ifrnmmee, equal to 6 .10 eeDtll per f.iund. In Belglu_ m the. Jmpost lS reckoned after deductiBg 1:i per een tor tare. The duty Js tlO fr&nCII (50.86 gold) "\II tOO kllogramm .. (100 American pounds equal to kilos.) In Holland the duty is 28 cents. gold, per 100 American lba being eq\tal to 127 kilos). In the duty on Leaf Tobacco Is 4 M'Wtltles 10 kopeks t1 pud; on imoking roubles 40 Kopeks 11 pud; and on Cigars:! roubles 20 kopeks tt pud, The 11 pud n is equal to about 36 American Ibs. In Turkey the dw.ty is 50 ceuts, gold, per ll;t A.Jilerican ounc-es. In the dut!M are <>n Unmanutac,ured:ste.n:ned c stripped and unstemmed, containing II) 1':9 or more of' ture Ia -overy tOO tt>s 'Yefgbt tbereof. Ss GC. ,er 1bj containing less than l::i D>s Clf moiSlure, 3s Ilki Ib. On Manufac;;ured tobacco:-Cavendish &Du Negrohead, 4& 10d Jb; all other including cigarettea, 48 4d, In addition to the above duties there is a eharge of K t1 eeu.t. wareheue cb&rges on a.U descriptioDJJ, Uru!(Uay-1\lo.nufactured tobacco, cign1-s ::.ud tJ lJt.: r c e n t. n d lea.(, .25 per cent. 11d 'VIo1em. lu Chili tht} o n Ha.vaua hat: amnunt to SUK'l. nn(l nll oth .. r kinds are ta.x:t!Kl at the rate of $1 per kilut;, whiltJ a L:..L...:: ol $5 per l,;:ilogrnmme has to be paid on Canadian Duties nnd Excise. The l'ollowing are the rn.tes of duty now In canada on rious manufactur-es ol tobacco:-Cigars and Cigarettes: 00 cents lb, snd cent. ad ttalorem. Manufactured Tobacco: 2:; oenta" I>, and per cent;, Gd tlOlorem.. Snutr: cents lb, and per cent. ad 11-(tlmem., In lieu of aU Exciae duties-except li(.-enae fees-now lm posed on tobacco known aa common Ca.nndiaa otherwise called "tobac blaDe eo .. being the unpreMed Jeaf rolled and tWISted. 11.ncf made wbolly from raw tobacco, tbe growth Qt Canada.. and upon raw leal, the growth o! CanAda, there shan be Jmposed, le,.;ed and col lected on every pound, or less qua.nU ty than a peUD.d, a.o Excise duty o! four ce.nta. Table of Weights. ' B11relr.a ..._t\.. IPBB GBOVW .A.ND G&.A.511L.A. DBEB TON B, lriNE G-1JD ND GB.A.l'r11L.A. ... LA.11RBL LB.&: lriNE QB01JI'ID L BNDIEB FLOW BRS. WHOLE GROUJID or .A.NIIIEEDL A.LLSPUlB ,.,.. ()LOVES. (JA.SO.A.RILL.A. B.A. (lOBI.A.NDER SBBD_._ C.&BA. W A.}( SE-t ll BRBADt TONQ1J.A. BE.A.n, Oll.A.!iOB &087. IIA.LIU.X TOL11, -1 OIL OLIVB OIL '-'" ,a OIL .&LiiONDS. lolUer& B!liBl'ITI..I.L OILs, aD ALL i90DS 8BJ!!!D I'JID o 110 BAJl'r.!ma, II.UI'L .Jonoiii,7! HEILBRONHiJOBRPHS B.A. RUlli' &c:T1111EII.I or f )


lO Fred'k de Bar7 a Co. JIA.NIJFACTUB.ERS OF CIGARS. Factory:-No. 8 3d District, New York. and Salesroom:-41 & 43 Warren St. New York. C a 'U."tic:::n. "tc:: S::.I:K1ekers. Owing to the numerous humbug patented substitu tes u sed in preparing paper, weJ-eel the importance of public attention to our wrap pers, which are made o f the FINEST NATURAL RICE PAPER, universally known to be the best; free f rom shell ac, arsenic, and other deleterious drugs, w hich are required t o rende r salivap roof and t ou g h e n infe rior pap er. A. carefu l examination of our P a per and will sat isfy a ll of the great merits claimed. Examine each Cigare tte and see t h a t every one bears KINNEY BROS.' fac-simile signature. BUY NO OTHER. KINJfEY TOBACCO CO., Jl!anutacture ro of the followlng well-known brands:-Ca.:RoraJ Sweet CaporaJ St. -James, St. Matinee, Entre Nous, Ambassador. Union Club, z-etland, Veteran, &c. WEAVBR STBJlllY, (IIPORfiii!iii-iiiUficfiJBERS. ---' CHOICE OP SP DISH IJCOBIGI f SIIIHK LICOBICI f ILL SPECIAL TIES FOR PLUI AU FIIECUT TOBACCO. OLIVE OIL, TOICA BEARS. GUMS, FLAVORS, i Powdered Licoriee Boot, .A.J.'IITD PATENT PG'WDERED LJ:CORJ:CE. '* StiCK LICORICE W ... lolA VE T HI!. FAVORI T E B RANDS:-1". s., I"IGB'.&'!nlm .&JrD avzo:r.un. The Celebrat-ed "ORIGINAL : : f BREEN Eot&bl i hecl ..... "RED SEAL,,. re ROI i:AROTTE" & SUNSHINE" 8alJ'1'. VIRGINIA MEERSCHAUM SMOKING '1\)BAOCOB, cut from Virginia. P!ug. "'!EIV. 0. SOLE JLUroJ' AOI'URER, 'U PDrE STREET, NEW YORK. W. E. UPTEGROVE, Spa,ntsh Cedar roa: CIGAR BOXES, _.,.__ Ciro Box Iaten' sunlilll Foot lOtllilltll St., East Rim, NJ:W YORL THE TOBACCO LEAF. BLACK .WELL:Js' DURHAM T"OBACCO The &"ta.:o.d.a.rc:J. e>'f "the DEC. 18 PATERSON, N. J., DURHAM LONG-CUT "MAGNOLIA" ::N' c::'WV B.ea.d.y, a.:o.c:J. a. lEiea.-u:ty. Blackwell's D.URHAM QIGARETTES, The"t o-c::c::c:J.s 'U.pc:::o. "the :a'.l:a.:rk.e"t. r La Vuelt& Astonishing Results and Creat Saving of Expense by the new Improvement attained In the Process of extracting the natural flavor from Havana Tobacco. The Trade is herewith notified of the hnportant lmpro'Vem.ent o! this well known extrae t o! tobacco, import-ed from Hava na., a LASTING FLA. VOR to Cigars, Cigarettes and Tobacco. H enceforth no more Alcohol nor other Spfrita a,re required," "But mere Water ...-ill .u .. oJve the VUELTA EXTRACT," "Which reduoes the price of the Flavor to a mere Trifle." For the Jost three years thls Unr i v aled Flavor has met with the greatest success, as proved ty the duplicate orders and :flattering testimOnials received d&ily. PRICES OF "LA. VlJELTA. A.BA.SO,, l4 Pint, I Pin t. I Gallon (8 pin t..). 6 Gallo n Lot... 10 Gallon Lot... $2.00 $ 8 .00 U O.OO per Gallon. UO per Qallon. Tel11oo 1 Net, c. o. p. Oneplutof La Vuelta A.bajo will live gallons strong flavo r simply by_ adding five gallons ol water. This quantity ia saftlcient to impregna.t.e Fillef.s for about 40,000 to 501(10(' cigars. BEW A.BE OF l.ftiiTA.TION.-Every g<>llllille bottle bears my name &lid address -,Cha.skel., SOLE AGENT FOB THE lJNITED STA.TEII .&ND h 66 WARREN ST., NEW YORK CITY. Darluo Ferr]', -:z. a .... ]. S. GANS' SON & CO., Tobacco Brokers, i 84 and 86 WALL STREET, NEW YORK. "' LICORICE 1 PASTE. 'WATJ,IS CQ ::acii:.TJaA.. Tobae<>o man11facturers and the trade in geaeral are particul arly requested co examine and test the superior properties of th i s LICORIC E whi ch, being now brought to the highest perfection is of. {ered under the above style of brand. We are also SOLE AGENTS for the bund r. G. ilk G. 0. M. ERTHEILER & SON. 141 WATER ST., NEW YORK. JOHN CATTDS, TobaccO 83EAYER ST., NEW YORK. The Mrs. &. B. MiHer & Co. JDBACCO IANllFACTOBY. E&T.A.:Br:.:E&EEEX> 1.770. A.loo, Fin& and Seeond Quality In Blue PapeH. SWEETENED FINE-CUT-Dark and Light Grape. Forest Rose. Club. l!IA.Y APPLE and PRIZE LEAF FINE ClJT, In Foil. Alex. Fries & Bros., KAJI'DTACT'IJRE:RS 9F HAVANA CIGAR FLAVOR, 44 Con Pia B et. warre n nd Yor'"'" ege ce, JUurray Stree t, yy .n.. 46,48 a 60 EAST SECOND ST., CINCINNATI, OHIO. .11. X). 'WVXSE & SOLE. A.GE!YTS FOU NEW YORK A.ND VICINITY FOR GOODWIN & -t CO.'S "OLD JUDGE." &D1ok:l:ll15 Tobacco & Al110 AC"ent f'or oth8r Leadlnc oc SMOKINC, PLU. C TOBACCO AND. CICARETTt:S. "CATARACT" IIUPEBIOB IUJI:& .t PB.1IDII QUALl'l'Y Cedar ""VV ood. llAJIUI'.l.oruBim 01' :..U. IWlD8 OJ' Cigar-Box Labels. OFFICE: Address-61 BROADWAY, P.o:nox4118. NEW YORK. Constantly on band the Best Improved lliachlnery for CUTTING, GRANULATING AND SIEVIN G TOBACCO BY H.,ND OR STEAM POWER A large variety o t )fa.chinery for Cigal' Manutactu1srs. ""fur Cutting a.ud Havana and .. r Fi lltweforCigars, Ste m Hollers, Cigarette Kachines. etc. by consumers to be tho bat in the market. Arid for the brand of Licorice Stic.' JAMES G. OSBORNE, TOBACCO BRQKER, Nos. 254 and 256 CANAL STREET,. corner of ELM, YORK. [vANITY FAIR, lfOBI. A 00., Ia all rt!llpects equal to CALABRIA. Consumers and Jobbers would do wel l to appl y d i re c t. ldeorlee Boot, leleet aad CD.d'-"7, -tly OD haJOd, We h t g t o call t h e a t teDtiot.l o f T obaccQ Manufac tnren and D e alera to t b i a SUPERIOR AND PURE arti c le. Sol e for t h e S tates of Nortb.Carolloa a n d Vir &inl a : Mauks. DAVENPORT tti MORRIS, mond. Va. LIOORICB ROOT-.!.n..oa aad Select rd. O r d ia.&_r1 i:S4 Broad S"t., A. SII4CK, TOBACCO BROKER, 17 8 Pearl Street, J NEW YORK. TOBACCO & CIGARETTES. "MILD "-Rare Old VIrginia; "HALVES "-Rare Old Perique and VIrginia. Always Uniform and Reliable. 7 First Prize Medals-Vi enna. 1873; Philade l phia, 1 876; P a ri s, 1 878; 'Sydney, 1880. Special Concession by the French Covernment, and on Sale In all Civilized Countries. WM. S. KIMBALL a CO. ROCHESTER, N.Y. peer1ess Tobacco "'VV'"ork.s. Importers ot URBACH & FRANKFORT, '1'. H. PURYEAR, BU"YElR. For SMOKINC TOBACCO, Flour, Salt, Bark, Sumac, Cuano, Crain, ac. Furnlsbed with or with o u t Printe d Brand Chew and Smoke A. M. LYON & CO.'S "RICHMOND Nav y Tobacco. FR. ENGELBACH, May zuRICALDAY & ARGUIMBAU, LDAP -oT FOBCCO WM:. S. CARROLL A..X:..E TOBAOOO DEPOT & AGENCY Impilrle ... of French Cigarette Paper, .!.ad Ia theU, B lorthe celebrated o&her BraDd o-r F'INEC1JT, 1 'UNIVERSAL FAVoRITE! 'F AWN:' .. Oo:Itll1:f'or1:1 J And many other Grades and Brands o f SMOKING TOBACCO S e ,.&2 a 64 L arned S treet West CJIAS. B. HULL. Secy and Trea4 U BEAVER .STREET, JfEW YORK. GIFFORD, SHERMAN & INNIS, 120 WILLIAM STREET, New York. l!I anuf.ctnrere_ofaii Klnd or Sumatra Tobacco. .n 11. STOGIES AND CIGARS, Amsterdam, Holland. Paducah. Ky Wheeling,_ W. Va. MEDER& BRO., M anutllle&urer o r WHEELING STOGIES, TIPS and FINE CICARS, Wheeling, W. Va. I All Order Promptly A. tten ded to. t/ Block & Lindheim, FINE SEED LEAF & HAY ANA TOBACCOS, No. 160 PEARL STREET, NEW YORK. ) PROPRIETO R OF


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