The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (10 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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r v 0 L. XVI.---N 0. 4 9. fESTADLISHED 1864.] YORK, SATURDAY, JANUARY 8, 1881. WHOLE NO. 829 Tobacco. ill I & .Co._ \ '\\ ,8 .. ,,\ \ any Infringement CIGAR BQ' x Cautioned against \ '-) \ f thl B d o s ran -------All Parties are V. MARTINEZ YBOR & CO. I S<>LE :J::L\ii:PC>R.TER.B, 1 _90 Pear1 S"tree"t, N'e'Vv "York. WEISS, ELLER' & KAEPPEL, IMPORTERS .OF THE ROSE HAVANA BRAND'' TOB A CC 0. 220 Pearl Str.eet, New York. 33 Murray Street, New W. MCFALL & LAWSON -MANUFACTURERS OF THE-' '' EL CLUB DE .YATE KEY WEST HAVANA -CIGARS. Havana Scraps and Cuttings for Sale. J. CHRIST I AN D USEL. (P. 0. Box 2231 l GEO. W. AUGUSTIN, AUGUSTIN & DUSEL, (LATE OF A. HEN & CO.) a.:n.d. :l:n. FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC SMOKERS' ARTICLES; .A.15e:n.'t -ror CC>:E-E:::N':EI.A.G-E::N' S:::N'"'':J'"PP ; '' Importers of French Cigarette Paper, in Reams and Books ; :Mannfactnrers1 Agents for all the PoDnlar Brands of Fine cnt1 SmotinK and PinK Tobacco and Cigarettes; Sole Agents for 'Va.:o.l:ty Pa.i.r Tobacco and Cigarettes; Sole Agents for Allen & Ginter's IUCIDIOND GEM: Tobaeco l Ci[mtte: D.,P..t for Bl&okwell'o Genuine ;urham-.Tno. W.Carroll'o Lone Ja.ok-E, T.Pilldnton' Fruita & Flow.,.... I :N'o. 1:1,. "'CV' .A.:Et.:Et.E:N' 1!31T:Et.JI!lEIT, 1'oil EI"'DV' 'Y'O:Et.H'.. & LILnmTllAL. X. LUDXAII'. M. LILIENTHAL & co., l -.4 ,, TC>:EI.A..CCC>; :N'o. 177 :J?E..&.RX.." 1!31T:Et.EET, :N'E"'CV' Y'O:Et.H'.. l'IJ:A.NUFA.C'I'UREII.S OF-CIGAR, BOX SPANISH CEDAR, DOMESTIC WOODS, -IMITATION SPANISH CEDAR IMPORTERS IN OUR OWN VESSEL OF SPANISH CEDAR and MAHOCANY. 68B S:t:x:"th S"t., C:!"ti.a ALMIRALL & CO., ) 6-e 1as_ l>J J A IMPORTERS OF 'V' .A.l!V' .A. TOBACCO, 16 OEJDA.Z'I. &T:Et.EET .N'E"QV TRA.DE MARK. !liSf2M.i4:W.EM s DONALDSON BROTHERS, B"team. Li 'thographio Pri:n. "tersi' LABELS AND SHOW CARDS (), uo'x 2701 .] O.;F.' EV'ER. Y' :J:JE.SC:Et.:J::J?T:J:ON'. [N o Label8 kept In Stock, MANUF ACTDRERS, Cor. Goerck & Third st&, PRICE LIST OF CIGAR RIBBONS. lboa4 Yellcnr ............... :rlra ... 5-8broacl, 'JO:rclo IL'TI!J ............... Jfo. 1 .... 1)-8 '1'0 :rh 1.65 ....... 2 .... 5-8 '1'0 ;rdo 1.45 .. .. ... .. ..... ... .. 2a ... r;-s .. '1'0 ;rclo 1.15 ................. 3 ... li-8 .. '1'0 ;rclo 1.25 .. ad B.e41 .. ................. 1 ..... 1i 'lO;rclo .. 1.80 ... ............ ... 2 .... 5 '1'0 ;rdo 1.60 .. ......... ....... ... .. 3 .... lill '1'0 ;rclo 1.30 llopaaol& ................. .. .. 1 .... 5 '1'0 ;rclo 1.80 U oooooooo U 2oo oo 5 H '1'0 ;rclo 1-M) ...................... 3 .... /i-8 'lO,..U 1.30 !farrow Red................. 1 .... 70 yclo 1 .35 H "''"""'""" M 2 .... U '70 yclo 1.20 ................. 3 ..... 4 'tO;rdo 0.86 !farrow Yellow ............ } ..... 'lOydo 1.30 H U '"" oo oo M 2. oo 4 h '1'0 J'clo 1o20 .... ......... s .... 4-8" '1'0 ;rclo 0.80 Box R.l1J'bon Red .................... .'.:J-8 'tO;rda 0.'1'0 Yellow .. .............. 3 '1'0 yda 0.65 mpll;r B:l:eea&ed. Term a Oaoh, Prices of Cigar Boxes and Samples of Ribbons Sent on REMOVAL. ,. WM. DEMUq'H & CO. lUNUJ' AOTURlllRS OJ' MEERSCHAUM, BRlAR AM> APPLEWOOD PIPEI!, -AND--IMPORTERS OF SMOKERS' ARTICLEI!, 507 509 Broadway, 78 & SO MERCER STREET, CIGAR BOX LUMBER! SPECIAL PRICES to all Parties ordering 20,000 Feet A.Rd upwards. Belug SOLE MA.NlJPA.OTlJII.ERS of the celebrated perfectly smooth and thoroughly 86&Sened Cut and Press-Dried Lumber, We can offer to all manufacturers extra inducements In the line ot Cigar Box Cedar Boards and V&neers, Sycamore., Blltternut &nd Mahogany, also in Pan e l Woods and Brush Stock. Our Cedar Veneers applied to Poplar Is much p re>ferred to Imitation Cedar. pr Fullllne FOREIGN e.ft S. FUGUET & SONS, No. 231 CHESTNUT ST., PHILADEL.PHIA, IMPORTERS OF HAVANA CIGARS GENERAL AGJI:.NTS FOR SEIDENBfRG'S CIGARS Fine Domestic Cigars. I I Will be prosecuted to the full Extent of the Law. :J:J.\4:POR. TER.S. -Establiohed 1836.-s. LININGTON'S SONS, IMPORTERS OF Havana Cigars & Leaf Tobacco 216 Front Street, New York., Sole Agents :for Celebrated Havana Brands of Paul and Virginia, La Ceiba, La .Desable,:" Desaflo and Flor Selecta. SUC<.JESSO R TO A. HEN & CO. 11.8 X..:J:EIE:E'I.TY' (P, O. Box :N'E"'DV' Y'O:Et.::a;:, IMPORTER OF MEERSCHAUM, BRIAR AND CLAY. PIPES, SPECIALTY OF SMOKERS' -AND-TOBACCONISTS' SUPPLIES. MANUFACTURER -oFWOODEN SHOW FIGURES. lll:anufaclnrero Agenl Cor the Sale ol.' all Popular Brands oc VIRGINIA, NORTH CAROLINA & WESTERN MANUFACTURED, SMOKING & FINE-CUT TOBACCOS, D epot :for ALLEN 4c GINTER'S Blehm.ond, Va., Brands of' Smok .. g Tobaoeo and Cigarette; J. W. CA.II.II.OLL'S "LONE JA.OK," "DII.OWN DIOK," etc.; B. T, PILKINTON & CO.II Celebrated" FII.lJI'rS A.ND FLOWEII.S" SmokiDII' TobaeCOJ MABDUII.G DII.OS. "SEA.L OP NORTH OA.HOLINA.." PEDIQ.VE1 Cui and In carrots W. T. BL.I.cKWII:LL & GBNlJINE D UDHA.l'IJ: Tobacco, WD. S, KIMBALL & CO.S "VA.NITJ!' PAID" Tobacco and Cf&"aretteo. SoJe Agent for H. P. Jones 4 Co.'s "TAR H .E&:L'" and "OCCONEECHEE" Smoking Tobaccos; C. Campbell 4 Co.'s "THREE CITIES" Cigarettes, Tobacco, etc. FINE-CUT, 'b;r SPAULDING&; HERR.ICK:-Old Glory, Charm. oC the Weal, Swee& Durley, Q.ueen Dee, 'rru.mpa, Wig; Wag;, Dug;Ie, In pall and barrelo, and TRAVELED Smoklnco LISTS FURlUSHED ON APPLICATION Ho IIOH1JDA.R'r1 A.AII.ON 80H1JitA.RT, Wlllo B. SCHUBART & CO., $ IMPORTERS oF HAVANA SEED LEAF TOBACCO, o N'o. 160 "VVa"ter S"tree"t., N'e-vv 'York. SILVER SURFACE FOIL. :1\1.1: a.:n. "U.fa.o't" d. 1::> y J. PATENTED MAY U and JULY 6, 1880. NOTICE I hereby given 'that aJl Por8ons ll .la.kln_n, SeJUng-, or "Usi n g Tln Poll ln lut'.rlngem.en' oCaJd Letter Patent, wW be to the Fuu Extent ot'the Law provided tor 1n neh eaee. A new and beautiful article of Foil for Tobacco & Cigar Manufacturers, Druggists, &c FurJllohed Plain or In ll'aoey Deolgno oc color and OrnamentaUon, ALSO lii:A.NUFA.C'rlJDEK OP Ti.:D. a.:o.d. C> II. oiled to any Gaug;" and Cui to Size. Printing on Tin FoU in BroiUie and N Bottle Capo, all sizes, Plain and Colored, O:ftl.oe: 1GB :1\I.I:UX..EIE:Et.:E'I. 'Y 1!31T:Et.EET. N'E"QV 'Y C> :Fl. :IS.. SNUFF.'' dk; B:R.Oo!.) of the Celebrated Copenhagen Snuff and Cut & Dry Smoking Tobacco. Retail Store&. Office: 81 St. Factory: 5 & 7 Union St.&: 112 Liberty St. P:I:TTSBU::R..G-::S.:. P.A.. I GENERAL SELLI!\'G .<\.GE:\''!1':-,V. A.. RODINSO:>I, 124 'WATER STREET, l"E'\V YUII.K. ,_,riTd"\I,ES1 \ I.F: YORK: Augut!Jtln & II \Varreo. St. 'RJ,\LTIIUORE: Baxter & B:!rd, 12 St. Su8sJnan Bros., Wushh1gton St. S.'\. NNAH: Bendhelna. Bros. & Co. i r.T:h m i" f quoted, do not appear in the list of distinguished ret viewer s. Their hdpful \VOrk, however, is not forgotten. NEW YORK, SATURDAY. JANUAH.Y 8, 1 881. THE OUTLOOK FOR SEED. Our review of the Seed leaf trade published last week indicated a fair prospect for the current year, provided the crop of 1880 is bought at. figures which will admit of exporters handling it freely, otherwise the prospect is poor. The crop of 1880 is fully 275,000 cases, to which must be added the remaining portions of the 1879 and 1878 crops, altogether, perhaps, 50,000 cases. Of old and ne\V there is a visible stock b e fore us of not less than 325,000 ca.'les, and probably mom. Haste and prodigality, it will be seen, will be out of this year. 'l'HE BIG FLATS TOBACCO. A resilient of the Chemung Valley. New Ycrk State, in con versa ion with us a day or two since, referred to crop and t:ognaie matters in his section in the followir g words:-The Big Flats tobacco crop of 1880 is t he best we have had since 1869. Ic i s a large gi'Owth, of fine quality, and we have altogether from ren to t\,-e lve thousand cases of it. It has beeu bought up mainly by three pnc:kers and two cigar manufacturing A little has, of course, been secured by ot.her The tobacc o ui'Ought an average of from 14 to 15 cenrs a pOU]J.d. 11essrs. E. Hc.ffman & of New Ymk, haYe WESTERN LEAF. e r ecLed a large packing-house in Elmira, of \Ybich For full particulars r elating to our city 'a trade in .M:essrs. R. Lovell & Son a::e in cbarf(e, they being the \ t 1 f tob ceo in 1880 readers of 'l'HE ToBACCO general agents of the firm m th

I lht lobatrs PUBLIBHBD BVDY IU.TOBDAY IIOBNING BY ealHE TOBACCO LEAF" PUBLISHING COMPANY, 106 MArDEN LANE, NEW YORK. CORNEK OF PEABL STREET. .. ARD BURKE .. lliDrroL Q GRAFF BmlmJ:oaliUN.o.aiiL TEBJIIS OP THE PA.PEB. -GL& COPIES........ .... ........ ...... ..18 -YEAR ..... .-.Ill IIX IIONTHS .:.111 AMroAL SUBSCRl'PTIONS ABROAD. Revised Rates for Advertisements. H :lrineiJ One Column M Linea over .rwo Columaa Llnel!l One Column Lines over Twro Colum. 58 Line CollLIDa M LJne over Two Column One Line at bottom ec SPECIAL ADVERTISEMENTS Stx Three Months. :Months. u u 24 14 45 25 45 25 81> 45 $50 ON FlR.ST PAGE. One Year. 114 Llneo OTer Two Wide Columns \ $100 Line l 7 5 :14 Line Single Column 55 SPECIAL ADVERTISEMENTS ON READING MATTER PAGE. One SJ% Three Year Mouths. Months -LID.e OTer 2 Wide Column ass 141l> a26 XOTICES, WANTS or CAUTION NOTICES. a Llae One In.ertlon .. 50 Vent Llaeo One Month $1>.50 H Llae T'WO Months 8.50 H Line Three Month 14.00 IJ.Iaeo Six Monthe !14.00 Line Twebe Month 46.00 Llaeo Three Roath 18.00 Llae Sill< Jmontho 35.00 Llae TweJ"\'e Months 60.00 -.ling MaUer AdTertloe:ment on Editorial Pageo .. per cent. on the above price. Remittances Cor A.dYertJseDlenta and .. ou.Jd always be made -payable by P. 0. Order or oy -k to" TOBACCO LE"-11' PUBLISHING CO." IJsder no ClrcUD18tanees will "e deviate ftom the above 'I'HE FINANCIAL SITUATION AND THE CIGAR '.rAX. Durmg the month of December the reduction m the pubhc debt was $5,699,431, and for the Six months ihen oding nearly $43,000,000 The excess of surplus reve ue IS attributable to the mcreased receipts from cus trona and mternal revenue The enormous mcrease m the public revenues which lias marked the past year can be best shown by g1vmg ibe recetpts for the calendar year just ended compared with the calendar year 1879. Followmg 1s the exhibit Customs, Internal revenue, 1880 1879 $200,139,133 $153,448,844 131,240,466 116,617,597 28,117,141 23,487,490 Total, $359,496,740 $293,$53,931 It wtll be seen from these figures that the aggregate lteCetpts for the calendar year 1880 exceed those of 1879' .OOut $66,000,000 Now, m VIew of the satisfactory situatiOn, It may be pertmently asked, Do es anybody know why the c1gar tax should not be reduced at once to $4 per thousand, 1 Qricago has moved in the matter withm a few days, u Baltimore did some time ago Let the trade work all tot>ether for thiS absolute right 1 FAULTY INSPECTIONS. At a meeting of the New York Chamber of Com merce, held Thursday afternoon, U S Consul W F. Gnnnell, at Bremen, reported to the Chamber that ibere are many and bitter complamts m Bremen over the faulty work of the New York mspection, and be was requested to appeal to the Chamber for redress. Followmg IS Consul Grmnell's letter UNITED STATES CoNSULATE, I October 22, 1880. f B. D Babcock, Esq p,.eszdent Chambe1 of Commerce, New Y01k SIR I have the honor to advtse you that there are :many and bttter complamts m Bremen-the largest 1obacco market m Europe-of the New York mspec tion, and the prmc1pal Importers and merchants dealing exclusively m our tobacco have requested me 1o appeal to you for redtess The samples are unfwrly drawn," and, what seems 10 cause equal dtssajtsfactton, they are clipped, tnm med anq the stubs-and generally "fixed up," as only we know how to do Now the 1s sold almost mvanably by these samples "to arrive," and when the goods reac h here they are re aampled by dtsmterested experts, and the difference IS ao marked, the Bremen sample IS so rough and ragged, lhat the buyer declates an mfertouty and often makes (end gets) a clmm of 5 and 8 per cent ot 97, which IS a tlead loss .to the Importer. When, as IS more mfre4fUent, the claim is 10 per cent. or over, he can recover from the seller on your side But even then, as letter No 1 whtch I enclose says very truly, a buyer wants lbe kmd and quahty which he buys, and even the grantmg of his own reclamatiOn does not mdemmfy him equitably l respectfully request on behalf of our own commert:ial good name, as well as on that of the Bremen met chants, that you will cause the tobacco Inspectorsmore espeCially the hogshead" tobacco, 1, 2 Ken $ucky, Ohio Vtrgmiato draw samples honestiy and (what IS of greater consequenc.:e than at fir s t appears), cease chppmg and pressmg the stumps of the said IIIUllples The LoUISVIlle, Paducah and Clarksville 118Jllples are made up sattsfactonly, and If you will eause the illSpectors to adopt this style It will atd ill increasmg our busmess with th1s Important mart I am, sir, with great respect your very obedient arvant, W. F GRINNELL, Umted States Consul Havmg read thiS letter, Mr. Wallace, of Sawyer, Wallace & Co., promptly commumcated with the Broad SA-eet tobacco firms in relation to the matter on Fnday, and, as a consequence, the followmg call was at once prepared and signed -CALL FOR A MEETING. A meetmg of the factors, exporters, dealers, brokers and mspectors of Western leaf tobacco IS hereby called, 1o be held at the office of Messrs Pollard, Pettus & Co., 54. Broad Street, Monday, Januaiy lOth, at 1 P M., to actton upon the charges made through the United States Consul at Bremen to the President of the New York Chamber of Commerce (See letter m the Journal f Comm erce of!this date ) A full and punctual atten clance IS requested New York, January 7 D. L WALLACE, J A PAULl L B. RADER. THE GERMAN TOBACCO CROP. A coirespondent wntmg from Mannhe1m under date el Dec 16 reports that the sale of the new crop was pro ceedmg without interruption, and about three fourths ef the crop had been sold at the above date Some lots, )Iowever, are not properly cured The tobacco ill some instances was moist, and m a cond1t10n not favorable to the further development of the leaf. The crop milled m the towns of Nussloch, Rohrback and Letmen, were sold on an average at 26 to 33 marks per cwt, and :most of 1t was bought up for Bavanan mauufacturers. In the upper part of the Bavarmn Palatinate the crop was bought up at the rate of 25 to 30 marks per cwt. The managers of the Impenal manufactory at Birassburg bought a few thousand cwts of this product: Yrom Offenbach a correspondent reports that about 1,000 cwts of the new crop were bought up by dealers from Mannhetm. Pnces ranged from 28 to 34 marks pr cwt The correspondent reports that in this com aunrty about 130,!>00 marks were realized for the new en>p From Nuremberg: (Havana) a correspondent re prts tllat great activity prevails m that locality, and Ill!' new crop IS rapidly bought up by dealers, who pay -an average 31 marks per cwt. According to the Pfaelzer Zeitung, buyers have been Mtively engaged in the Palatinate inspecting and buy itlc up the new crop. In the Kaeferthal district about 1,100 cwts were bought at SO marks per cwt. At llt:hwegenheim, Lingenfeld and Offenbach nearly the whole crop has been disposed of. At Gommersheim about 600 cwts were sold, and at Ottersherm about 1,500 cwts were dtsposed of at rates ranging from 30 to 33 marks. In the Haa.rd dtitrict the whole crop has been diSposed of to dealers, amountmg to aliout 15,000 cwts. The prices ranged from 38 to 42 marks. In the Breis go.u district the new crop has been sold at rates ranging from 30 to 36 marks per cwt. In the Berg strassen district the whole crop has been bought, prices rangmg from 24 to 28 marks. From Hassloch, in the Palatmate, a correspondent reports that about 10,000 cwts of tobacco were produced m that locality this year, whtch will y1eld to the Government a tax of about 100 ,000 marks, whatever the priCes may be. In dtstnct most of the crop IS sold during the spnng. In the V Iernheim dtstrwt a large crop has been raised this year, which will ytel d to the Government a tax of about 150,000 marks THE LEVY BROTHERS' NEW CIGAR MANUFACTORY. On the block m Avenue C bounded on the north by Fourteenth, and the south by Thirteenth Streets, this City, the Messrs Levy Brothers have erected and are now occupymg another of those large and well ap pomted c1gar manufactories whwh wtthm the past few years have sprung up here to embellish the metropolis and mark the progress of the Cigar manufacturmg ill dustry of th1s country. It IS scarcely more than ten years smce Theodore, Armand and Stgtsmond Levy, who compnse the firm of Levy Brothers, left Philadel phia, where they had been engaged m the cigar trade, and established themselves m a modest way among the noted cigar manufacturers of New York. They were young, prepossessmg in manners, enterprismg and capable, and qmckly.brought themselves into fra ternal relations with all their fellow tradesmen here. They were prosperous from the start, and year by year have added to their gams, as well as reputatton, until now they rank among the prmces of the local ctgar trade. Their business IS large. extendmg to every part of the Umted States, and to Its flattering increase from month to month IS due the circumstance that they have been constrained to bmld a manufactory of their own. It IS somethmg less than two years, we sqould ;judge, smce the firm took possession of the establish ment which they have recently qUitted, corner of Avenue D and Tenth Street, where it was supposed when they entered 1t they would have room enough for all the busmess they would be hkely to command for a long time in the future Yet m this brief pertod there has been such growth in the demand for their produc trons as to make almost double their former capacity a necessity in order to meet 1 t THE NEW FACTORY. The new factory has capacity for the comfortable employment of one thousand Cigar makers, with a full complement, in addttton, of all other employees usually attached to a first class cigar manufactory. Havmg previously purchased the ground Site, the firm lard the corner-stone of the factory on the first of July, and from that time until the present scores of mechanics and artisans have been occupted in completmg It. As we wnte the work of fimshmg up IS bemg prosecuted The time mvolved ill erectmg It is a measure of the magnitude of the bmlding, the contractors working energetically and contmuuusly from the ment to the close The structure fronts on the easterly stde of Avenue C, embracing numbers 214, 216,218 and 220. Commencmg at Thirteenth Street, It extends along A venue C 103 feet towards Fourteenth Street, covermg more than half the mterval between the two streets. It has a depth towards the East R1ver ot 87 feet, and is five stories htgh above the wall It IS substantially built, and from bottom to top shows adaptatiOn to the purposes to whiCh It is devoted. The design of 1ts owners evidently was to make It at once servweah1e and comfortable The fasade IS tasteful m conceptiOn and executiOn, a broad entry-way leadmg to a receptton roo m centrally located on the first floor contributmg to 1ts attractiV6ness. Iron grating and railmg secure the area and wmdows of the basement Each story teems with wmdows on all sides, diffusmg abundant hght and ventilatiOn ill every part of the place. The figures 1880, representmg the year of 1ts erectton, are dnectly under the central projection ornamentmg the front eaves; and there, too, on an appropriate entablature the firm name mtght very well appear-and may if modesty do not prevent-to testify to the success of the Levy Brothers, as symbolized m the fine establishment they have earned and founded by patient, honest mdustry, m the short space of ten years. Their achievement IS as creditable to their business capacity as It IS to the City in which they are engaged m trade. Among all their fnends and patrons there will not be one who w1ll not say their success IS well deserved, and beyond this point co=endatton need not go THE DEPAR'l'lllENTS. Begmnmg on the basement floor, 1t may be satd, the room there is as light as day Itself, and the same may be sa1d here of every room in the building As at present arranged, the whole of the basement IS devoted to the storage, casmg and stnppng of tobacco, with the ex ception of the easterly sectwn, in whwh is a si-xteen horse-power engme and sixty horse power boii&r, which supply the motive force, mcluding that reqUired for the operation of the elevator, and heat for the prennses. The first floor is on a level w1th the streets surround ing 1t. The front por tton embraces the offices, the label room abuttmg the offices on the Thirteenth Street Side. The fimshmg, stock and salesrooms jire also on this floor as likewise are the receiving and deh vermg depart ments, a covered roadway entrance from Thirteenth Street extendmg to the wall of the engme room, lead mg directly to both, and makmg the receipt and de livery of goods operations quickly and easily accom plished. Besides th18 avenue of entrance and e:nt, there is the one already menttoned, whtch commumcates with the receptiOn room located at the front centre, and divides the tier of offices mtdway, and another one provided for the use of the operatives, the latter by successive flights of stmrs extendmg to the top of the bwldmg The second floor IS the manufacturmg department. It IS fitted up, as are all the floors, with lava tortes and recesses of all kmds for the use and con vemence of the workmen Neither labor nor expense has been spared there nor elsewhere about the premises to carry out the Idea of the owners, which was to make a model c1gar manufactory m every respect, and obtam for themselves facthttes for domg busmess on a vast and perfect scale Benches for 500 cigar makers ars arranged on this floor, gas, "1th patent rf'flectors, bemg provided throughout for the use of those con tmuing therr labor m the evemng The third fl.o01 IS one vast s" eatmg room, drvrded mto two compartments, and modeled after the most approved patterns How many cases of leaf can be put through the sweatmg p10cess there at one trme the wnter dtd not mqmre when he exannned rt, but rt is certam that mru1y hundred are w1thm the range of the room's capacity To the wnter th1s department seemed an especially mterestmg one, not only on account of 1ts magmtude, but also on account of Its novel features. On the fourth floor the and assortmg of to bacco IS done, a speCial compartment being reserved for the exammatlon of every sprig of tobacco that is consumed m the factory, the obJect of whwh scrutmy IS to guard agamst the mcorporatlon of anythmg un cleanly in the material converted into cigars. Neat ness IS a dominatmg charactenstte of the place from the basement to the attrc From th1s floor the material is passed in shutes to the second floor as required by the cigar-makers The packers are located on the fifth floor. Tables are there provided for fifty men, but there 18 space in TOBACCO LEAF. the room for an almost unlimited increase of the force. A water tank holding 1, 700 gallons, by wbtch the prem ises may be flooded m case of fire, ts one of the useful adJuncts of this floor A countmg room for the foreman of the packers embraces a portton of the floor of the packing department, as does a large room containmg the cigars brought up from the factory on the-elevator. From the latter apartment the cigars are rolled in to the packers as wanted. As will be seen from thts description, the Levy Brothers a commodious, well adapted and well arranged cigar manufactory, planned, constructed and owned by themselves. That their trade will mcrease with their increased facihties may be certaiuly inferred from the past and present popularity of the firm. On Thirteenth Street, opposite the southerly stde of the new factory, the firm have a branch establishment where about one hundred additional cigar-makers are employed. The firm confine their operatiOns to domestic ctgars ex<;lusively, making all grades and styles of these, and guaranteeing their productiOns to M of first quahty in respect of matenal and workmanship Thetr pur chases of leaf are made in this market, the theory of the brothers being that the buying of leaf tobacco from the farmers is one bra..nch of the tobacco trade, and the manufacturing of Cigars another. To have their Cigars made as they want them, they aver, reqmres all the time and attention they can spare, and they are content to leave the marketmg of leaf to the m e r chants, where it properly belongs They employ no travelling salesmen, all their goods being sold at the factory. MINOR EDITORIALS AND NEWS ITEMS. THE GOVERNOR'S TURN NEXT Detroit, Jan 6.-In the Republican Senatorial caucus, a seventh and final ballot was taken, annd great excrtement, and re suited as follows 0 D. Conger, 59, and John J. Bagley, 57. Mr. Conger was then declared the unammous nominee. THE STRIKING CIGAR )IAKERS-Except tdtes, pass for tm pertment or indiscreet." --+--O:r."E WIFE TOO MANY -A year ago Frank Lisk, a Bohemian cigar maker, marrted Anme Scherdmg m thts City Anme IS the daughter of an aged Bohemian couple have saved a few hundred dollars to kee,P them from want m their old age Ltsk took up hts quarters w1th the parents of hts wtfe. On Sunday last he went out for a walk, but failed to return His wife became alarmed, and went m search of him. She failed to find her husband, but discovered that before leavmg he had broken open a box in the bureau in the bedroom of the old couple and had stolen their httle fortune, amountmg to $625. Mrs. L1sk con tmued the search for her husband, and found him a few days ago at the house of a mutual friend m East Thtrd Street. Lisk confessed the theft, and his w1fe coaxed him to return home and to r efund to her parents $620 of the stolen money. He a'dmttted that ne had stolen the .'\on\lY for the purpose of return mg to Europe, wbere he had a wife and two children He was taken to the East 51st Street pollee statton, where hts wife appeared as complamant agamst htm At the station house Ltsk proposed that 1f lu s wtfe would wtthdraw the complrunt and give h1m $100, he would go to his first wtfe m Europe and never trouble her more Mrs L1sk wou1() not listen to this pi oposal, and her husband was locked up. BUSINESS MENTION. MESSRS. JARRARD & Co. have established a cigar manufactory at New Brunswick, N. J. This enterpnsmg firm possess the elements of success. MR. THEO. E. ALLEN, of the late firm of Allen & Co of th1s city, mforms us that he has made arrangements with the eminent firm of David H. McAlpm & Co of this City, to represent that firm as agent. Mr. Allen is lookmg for a smtable warehouse down town, where he will keep on hand a large stock of the manufactures of Messrs. McAlpm & Co WE publish, on the 5th page of this paper1 a sp"'ecial notice, wherem the advertiser states that he IS lookmg for a responsible firm for whom he may pack, buy or handle Connecticut Seed leaf tobacco. Bemg person ally acquamted With the party, we are pleased to state that he IS a responsible gentleman of many yea1 s' experience m growmg and handling leaf ill the Con nectteut Valley, where he lives. WE have noticed a new advertiSmg device produced by Messrs Donaldson Bros of th1s City, for Messrs W. T. Blackwell & Co of Durham, N. C for their long cut tobacco and Cigarettes. It IS m the form of an easel, aptly counterfettmg the handsome black wood ones now so popular. The engraved work IS m gold, the picture-a reproduction of a show card pro duced by the same house-that of a beautiful girl smokmg Blackwell 's Cigarettes, makmg a very neat and novel advertisement, which should help the sale of these well known goods WE are mformed that Mr. Bend berm, who was for many years wtth Messrs Kerbs & tlptess, has asso ctated himself wtth Mr. Louts Hirschhorn, until lately connected w1th LouiS Ash & Co., for the of engagmg m the cigar manufacturmg busmess on a latge scale m this city. ThiS IS a good, strong team, as both these gentlemen have practiCal experience ill this lme of busmess, extendmg through many years; and no traveller m these Umted States IS more favor ably known than Loms Hirschhorn. We wtsh them success. WE are mformed by Messrs A. Tread well and A. A. Plant, both of whom represent the tobacco bagginf! department of the old and reputable house of Meosrs. C. Person, Harnman & Co, of this City, that their trade m this special branch has largely mcreased dur mg the past year, and that they sell to all the leadmg manufacturers of smoking tobacco. Messrn. Person, Harriman & Co. have JUSt recerved a large variety of fancy stripes, urutatton Spamsh lmen, etc. Tobacco manufacturers will do well m remembermg thisfum. W'"E refer our reader!! to a card in the last column of the last page of this paper of Mr. Adolph Moonelis, manufac turer of ctgars, of this crty. Mr. Moonebs owns a very extensive establishment, and employs about 200 or 300 hands regularly. The bnlk of his trade IS m the better grades of Cigars, of which he sells annually milltons to the leadmg grocery houses of this crty and the country. Havmg been m existence for more than a dozen years, and havmg all the faCilitws needed, Mr. Moonelis can guarantee all tboae who may favor hrm wtth their orders that they will be carried out to thell' satisfac tion. l!R. D. LYON, JR who was formerly connected with the firm of Mesars Allen & Co., tobacco commission merchantil, of this City, as travellmg salesman, m forms us that he has been appomted agent for Messrs. Duke, Sons & Co., of Durham, N. C Mr. Lyon is an old and exJ;lenenced hand m our trnde, a large Circle of friends and patrons all over the country, and there IS no doubt he will satisfy both the firm he represents and those of the tobacco trade who may favor him with their orders. Mr. Lyon's field of operatton will include the City and State of New York and also the s1x New England States, with head quarters m this city at 133 Water Street. FROM a communication just received from the E. D .Albro Company, manufacturere of ctgar box lum ber, of Cmcmnat.I, we are pleased to state that this firm has met with great success durmg the past year, and we do not say too much when we say that thetr warehouse IS the most extensive m the United State!!. Here 1s to be found fine foreign cabinet woods, import ed dll'eCtly from Asia aad Africa, French walnut and mahogany of the most beautiful shades and fibre, m tile natural condition, juat as cut in the forests. The E. D. Albro Co. import these 1 woods. Not only m the Western States, but even to the Eastern manufacturers of fine fQ.rmture, thiS firm'shtp their Imported woods. In Cigar-box lumber, either Spamsli cedar or mutatiOn, the E. D Albro Co. are among the largest dealers on thts continent. One of therr own vessels the Stlver Wtng, runs between Mexico anlf other countries to New Orleans A feature of the office of this firm is the way m which the panels are embellished wrth the rarest woods found m this country Each panel rep resents a perfect sample of the goods m stock In their extensive saw mills they plane and fimsh all their own woods LOCAL JOTTINGS. -Messrs. F Garcia & Bro. sold 200 cases of Havana, of 1879 growth. -Mesers. Lichtenstein Bros sold 50 cases of 1879 Pennsylvama this week -Mr I L Spencer, of Su.Bield, Conn., has been in town {or a day or two pa&t. -Mr. Skiles, of Messrs. Sk1les & Frey, Lancaster, Pa was m town on Thursday -Mes srs. wet! & Co. sold 160 bales Havana of 1877 and 1879 crops, on private terms. -Messrs. E Hoffman & Son sold a lot of 100 cases of 1879 Pennsylvama this week. -Messrs R & W. H Lovell, of Big Flats, N.Y. favored us wrth a call thiS week. -Messrs C H Spttzner & Son have sold 100 cases of 1879 Pennsylvama durmg the week. -Messrs. A. S. Rosenbaum & Co. sold 100 cases 1879 Pennsylvania to Messrs. Monnae1 Bros -Messrs E & G Friend sold 200 cases of 1879 Penn sylvama to an up town Cigar manufactu1er. -Mr. S Seligson formerly of Messrs Bach & Co Troy, N Y, has been m town durmg the week. -Messrs H Schubart & Co sold 300 bales of Havana and 100 cases Pennsylvama, both of the 1879 crop. -Mr. D. Levy has r ecetve d this week a lot of 1880 Housatomc, and 1t IS turnmg out excellently. -Mr. Willy Btshop. son of Mr Joseph Btshop, the popular Hartfoid, Conn, packer. ISm the market. -Msssrs. S Lewis & Co of San Franmsco, bought some lots of H ousatomc, State and Pennsylvama to baccos this week. -Messrs F. Mtranda & Co sold this week 110 bales of Havana, of the 1879 and 1880 growths, at priCes ranging from 95c to $1. -Mr Lawrence Lottler, Jr, son of the Richmond, V!!., tobacco manufacturer, IS m town, accompamed by Mr. Cabell, of that ctty. -Messrs S Rossin & 8ons sold 100 cases 1879 Penn sylvama this week. Th1s firm have JUSt Jecetved 100 cases of their 1880 packing -Mr. LoUis Bremer, of Messrs Louis Bremer's Sons, Philadelphia, has been on the market durmg the week, and bought a lot of State Seed ("Flats.") -Mr L. Neuberger, of Messrs L Neuberger & Co, Seed leaf dealers, Cmcmnat1, has been m town this week. and purchased 100 cases (1879) Pennsylvama -Mr Fred Schulz has disposed of about 175 cases, consistmg of Pennsylvama and Connecticut, of dif ferent growths, to vartous parties, durmg the week Mr. A. Frazier, the New York representative of Messrs M E McDowell & Co has just returned from a busmess tnp to th;; Eastern States, and reports large orders tor the Durham Bull smokmg tobacco -Mr Heller and Mr Kollberg, of the newly estab lished firm of Messrs. Ehel & Co Chwago, are now in town makmg purchases of leaf tobacco for their firm They Will probably remam here for several days. -Messrs Block & Lmdhetm disposed of a fine vega of Havana to an out of-town buyer, at tbe very good price of $ 1 35. They also sold some mce small lots of Housatomc. -Among the promment gentlemen m town this week Identified wtth the house of P Lorillard & Co were Messrs : F. W Ruffne1, : of Cb1cago, representing the Northwest, John A. Ladd, familiarly c alled Chang." of St. LoUis, and T. C Barnes, representmg the South west. CARD FROM HORACE R. KELLY & CO., SUCCESSORS TO ROBERT E. KELLY & CO, 121 CHAlKDE&S, ancl lOS BE.A.DE STS., NEW YORK. We take great pleasure m nottfymg the Tradethat on the 1st May last we entirely re-orgamzed and re modelled our facto;ry, havmg engaged as superin tendent of same, MR H. L. ROKOHL, well known as a manufacturer of exceptiOnal ability and expenence. The greatest care has been exercised in the selectton of tobaccos, and our personal atten tton will be fully devoted to the strwtE:st supemston of all the factory details, so as to enable us to guarantee the productiOn of the best possible results both m quality, as well as m the appearance of our cigars. We propose to contmue in the manufacture of domestic cigars the same honorable mode of dealing whteh has for so many years charactenzed the busmess of thiS firm. and It shall be our arm to 11.roduce the best goods at such reasonable prices as will msure to us the patronage and confidence of the large dealers m 1;hese goods Sample orders are respectfully requested. HORACE R. KELLY & Co. .Business Troubles. E. & A. FRIEDMAN, ST. LOUIS, MO A meetmg of the New York credrtors of th1s firm was held em Thursday of this week, the obJect bemg to organize so that they could better press their clatms A colilllllttee, consrstmg of Messrs. Henry Rosenwald, of E. Rosenwald & Bro, G. Mayer, of Joseph Mayer's Sons, and Dills, of Fox, Dills & Co were appomted to act m behalf of these creditors at the meetillgs m St Loms. The firm has offered 25 cents, but It is not likely that the )?ropositton will be accepted until a fur ther mvesttgatton IS made mto the affairs of the house. HILLIER BROS. & CO., PHILADELPHIA. It is reported that the assets of this firm we said to be $15,ooo The followmg are satd to be credttors New York Ctty-Messrs. Fox, Dtlls & Co, $1,781 79, A. L & C L Holt, $1,535 67; Havemeyers & Vtge lius, $4,S64.07, Geo. P. Hter & Co., $1,617 87, F Mi randa & Co., $1,506.04, L. Neugass, $1,319 73, M & E. Salomon, $1,239.12; M Lilienthal & Co., $1,175 99, S. Ottenberg & Bro, $756; Kerbs & Sptess, $750. Sc hov erlmg & Bro., $1,037 90, L Moeller, $657.66 Phila delphia-Hay & Snnth, $3,700, S Moore & Company, $3,3 73.45; Sorver, Cook & Co., $2,491 82, L. Bamberger & Co., $1,463 98, Wm. Etsenlohr & Co, $1,184.64; M A. MonteJo $1,859 15, Batchelor Bros $2,297 76, J B. Hetl & Co., $2,206.19, Boltz, Clymer & Co, $1,000, T. J. Dunn & Do., $373.87, He1sler & Marshall, $297. Baltimore-Becker Bros., $1,083 48. Hartford, Conn. A G Pomeroy, $1,066 26. Lancaster, Pa.-Skiles & Frey, $1,675 88, :Jas. Prangley, $2,576 12 Mr. Htllier, the father of the members of the firm, is said to be a creditor for $5,025, and Mr A Htlher for $3,420, whiCh latter amount IS stated to be secured. We hear that Messrs. Havemeyers & Vtgehus have obtamed a Judgment agamst this firm. Reported Failures and Business Arranl:'ementa. [From s. 1 B08TON, Mass -Alonzo Cuetara, toba.oco, chattel mortgage given !or $;1M BtTI'!'AL01 N Y -Ernst Kretschner (et al ), tobacco and Cigars, chattel mortgage &'JVen for f198 CrNcmNATI, 0 ---Jas E. cigars, chattel for 195 DENVER, Col-J J Bitter, cigars, realty mortgage given tor $250 JIMIY CITY, N J Cbas Grand, cigars, chattel mortg&&'egiven!or$881 Nrw YoRL-H Mausboch, cigars, condittonal bill of mle of tl.xtures tor $3000 Louis Weinhe!IDer, cigars, sherilr in poese8SJ.OD L Emrich, cigars, chattel mortgage given for 't 000 H TraeR"er c1gars, chattel given for $21)) UTie&. N T -F M Kendrick & CO, d cigars. Jll&rtm S Gottry ba.s been appointed receiver $0 close the businesa. Business New Firms and Removal.l. B.U.TJIIORJ<, Md -Herman Ellis & Co, wholesale tobacco, John L Me Dermott admitted. J W C Seitz & Co wholesale tobacco dealers and cigar manuractu. rers1 diB8olved by death or B F T Buckingham, style contmued by surv vl!l&' partners. 1 DtlBIJQUB, Ia -Atkins & Crabtree, tobacco; etc.; dissolved, Atkins .t Quade succeed. CITY, N. J, J.Jm Nn Yon. N. Y -P LoriUard & Co tobacco manufacturers, Pierre Lorlllard, Jr admitted Loui8VILL&, KY -Armstrong & Kaye, toh;OOo manufacturers, sold out to Robt Dun)op & Co Bethel&: Mattbews, leaf tobacco, dissolved, J J Bethel & Co succeed M..l.DDK>N, Wis -Chris cigan, deceased liiiLWAUUJC, WJBB Leldersdorf & Co proprietor& of the Western Steam Tobacco Works, linn norne changed to Lelderedorf .t Mendel Nsw You. N Y -Tbos. Fenner & Co. tobacco, etc Ed&&r L. Rockwell retll'ell Foster, Hilson & Co, cigar manllfacturers, Max H1lson admitted to an interest in firm, remeYed to Avenue D and Tenth Street LeY)" Bros, cigar remOTed to Avenue C and Thlrteeath Street D J. G&Zth. Son .t Co, tobacco commlulon merchants, dh!Ciolved, c X Garth and H Schroeder continue under....,. lltyle C Read, I Read, McCoy .t Co" cllrar manufactu,.,ra, A. 3" ScoTille, Fru>k McCoy. and Edw T XC\Jot Dae formed a copartenhip UDder the abo't"e Ryle & o., tobacco collllllllleion merchants, Wm Lulun&lua ad JAN. 8 THE NEW YORK LEAF TOBACCO BOARD 01' TRADE. The New York Leaf Tobacco Board of Trade held ita first monthly meetmg for the year 1881 at Its rooms 178 Pearl Street, on Tuesday. :Mr th; president of the board, occupied the chatr and the absence of Mr I Hamburger, the J. E. Hoffman acted as secretary pro tem. The attendance of members was not ve1y numerous, but a quorum bemg p1 esent the busmess of the meetmg was pro ceeded w1th. After the transactiOn of the usual routme busmess, a commumcatton of the New York Board of Trade )lnd TransportatiOn was read asKmg the co operation of the board m an actton to be taken to secure the early enactment by Congress of a nattonal banki upt law. The commurucatton reads as followsNEW YORK BOARD OF TRADE AND TRANSPORTATION 87 AND 89 PEARL STREET, 1 NEW YORK, DECE)[BER 28, 1880. To the New Y01k Leaf Tobacco Board of Trade,. The Nattonal Board of Tta d e, at 1ts recent meetmg m Washmgton, declaJed m favo1 of an eaily enact ment of a nattonal bankt upt law Durmg the meetmg there was an mformal dtscusston by the delegates m attendance from all parts of the country, as to the steps to be taken to secUie such enactment, and It was deemed very Important that t=edtate aDd speCial actiOn should be taken, not only by orgamzattons constrtutmg the National Board of Trade, but by all mercantile bodies, repreentmg general or spectal mterests, drrectly or mdnectly concerned and friendly to the pasasge, ammg this sessiOn of co'ng1ess, of an eqmtable bankrupt law, and one hkely to be perma nent The Sub Uommittee of the Executive Council of the Nattonal Board of Trade. t o which the subJect has been Ieferred, will meet m Washmgton on the 19th day of January, to consider the details of a btU to be presented m Congress, and It IS very desnable that other J;lai t1es mterested should be m that ctty at the same t1me, so that all may work m harmonv Your assoCiatiOn IS, therefore, cordmlly and. earnestly InVIted to send one or more representatiVes to the meetmg to be held at Willard's Hotel on Wednesday the 19th of January, 18131, at 8 o'clock; P M m further: ance of the obJeCt stated above Respectfully, DARWIN R JAMES, Secretary. P. S -Please advise this board if your orgamzation WIH send a deleg ate, or delegates. A resolution was passed, authortzmg the president to appomt t"o members to proceed to Washmgton as the representatives of the board m reference to thts mat ter The prestdent named Messrs Rosenwald and Crawford, who, however, declmed. The appomtment of delegates was therefore deferred, to gtve the presi dent trme to make a suitable selectton. The treasurer of the board, Mr. Lachenbruch, m pre sentmg hts annual account, reported a balance of $1,122.4!1 m the treasury. Patent Office Report. For the week ending Dec. 28, 1880 INVENTIONS PATENTED. Ciga1 Box.-J. 1\f. Roberts, Augusta, Ga Machme.-L. M BeJottes, assignor of one half to Fernandez & New York, N. Y Compressed Tobacco Smomng Tube.-Isaac Lindsley, Pawtucket, assignor to himself and Socrates Scholfield Providence, R I. Ftled Nov. 13 1879. Chum -1: The combmatton of an exterior tube made of tobacco rendered coherent by pressure With a separately made core of compressed tobacco, substantially as descnbed. 2. The combmatton of a tube made of tobacco rendered coherent by pressure with a tubular bushmg servmg to re-enfor ce the end of sa1d tube and prevent rt from crumbling m the mouth, substantially as described. 3. A tube of compressed tobacco provtded mteriorly wtth longttudmal nbs which are cut away for a short diStance at one end m order to provtde for the m sertton of a separately-formed smoke dehvermg tube. Manufacture of Cohe1ent Compressed Tobacco .-Isaac Lmdsley assignor to himself and Socrates Scholfiela, Providence, R I. Ftled July 12, 1880. Clarm.-1. The described process of manufacturmg tobacco, whwh consiSts in compressmg one charge of tobacco upon a p;revtously compressec.i charge m an open-ended dte by means of a plunger and forcmg the same through the said dte, substantially as described. 2. The described process of tobacco which conSists m compressmg one charge of tobacco upon a previously compressed charge m the larger chamber of a dte by means of a plunger and forcmg the satd charges of tobacco, as they advance mto and through a smaller chamber, whereby the Bald charges are more effectually Jomed to1each other, substantially as desert bed. 3 In a machme for manufacturmg bars of compressed tobacco by forcmg tobacco through a hollow die b,r means of a plunger, the combmation of the dte havmg a large and smaller chamber wrth a plunger fitted to work in the large chamber and pro vtdeJ With a comcal or protuberant face, whereby the succesSively compressed sections of the bar are more thoroughly JOmed to each other m passmg from the large to t)le smaller chamber, substantially as descri bed. 4. In a machine for manufacturmg bars of com prei!Sed tobacco by forcmg the tobacco tlu ough a hollow d1e by means of a pfunger, the combmat10n of the dieandplunger_wlth thegroovedmandtel, nhereby the bar of tobacco IS formed wtth mtel"lor !"ibs. as set forth 5 A bar of compressed tolMceu a transverse gram, made V-shaped or hollowed m its axial sectton. and contmned umformly m !lu ect10n throughout the bar, substantially ao;

J JAN. 8 Lancaster and the other by A S Rosenbaum & Co N y ._. S Rohrer S?f story bnck West Chestnut Street Havemeyers & Vigehus New York occupants A J Stemman S?f story brick North Market Street occupied JOmtly by Kerbs & Spiess Joseph Mayers Sons N Y and by L Bamberger & Co Phdadel ph1a J R Bitner 2 story bnck rear of Nos 216 and 220 North Queen Street unoccupied Ur ah B1tzer 17?: story br ck North Market Street m occup ed Charles F Tag 27?: story stone West Chestnut S F Moore c ty Jacob Hartman 2 story bnck West Chestnut Becker Brothers Baltrmore Chrn R ne 2 story brick North Market occupied bv himself C G Herr 2 story brick North Market Street occup ed by hlmself Skiles & Frey 3 story brick North Duke occupied by themselves and also rentmg the 3 story brick varehouse at No 7 East Grant Street belong mg to the estate of the late Emanuel C Re ga t Esq Jacob L Frey 27?: story br ck No 29 West Grant Street occup ed by Frey & We dler Samuel :Bausman 2 story br ck Manor Street E Sp ngarn & Co N Y Col Edw McGovern 27?: story br ck Walnut and Plum Streets N Lachenbruch & Bro N Y Jerem 11-h Campbell No 138 Nortl Ma y 1% story br ck H Schubart & Co N Y R H Brubake two 2 sto br cks w th basements Ship:P,en Street Aaron Teller Lancaster and A H Scoville & Co N Y Frankl n H Bare two 2 story bricks nth basements on Tobacco Avenue occupu:d respect vely by L & E Werthe mer N Y and M Rosenshe1m & Rro N Y Geo D Sprecher two 2 story br1ck ware houses w tl basements on Tobacco Avenue occupied respectively by M Oppenheimer and Messrs Schroe der & Bon all of New York Bunzl & Dorm tze 2 story br ck and basement Tobacco Avenue occup ed by themselves John R Russell 1 story brwk and basement 'Iobacco Avenue Jacob Mayer & Co Ph Ia delph a Hemy B Groff 3 story br ck and basement West Lemon Street occup ed by John C T emyer & Co St Lou s John Moore Ph1ladelph a and Joseph Lederman New York B B Mart n 2 story br ck and basement North Water Street Joseph Loeb & Co Phlladelph a A W Russell 1 sto y b ck and base ment North Prmce Street Arndt & Frmgant N Y M Paul tsch N Y and Jacob Mayer & Co Ph Ia delph a James P angley 1 story b ck w th base ment Manor Street Henry Freidman N Y and a 2 story b wk v1th basement on South Water Street occup ed by S Hernshe m of New Orleans H1rsh & Brother 2 story bnck with basement North Water Street L Gerschel & Bro N Isaac Stlrk & Bro 2 story br ck rear of Nos 8 and 10 East Kmg Street occup ed by St1rk & Co James Stewart 1storyframe and stone w1th basement Marshall Street unoccupied Amos Funk two 1 story frame and stone w1th base ment Marietta unoccupied Jacob Gable 2 story br ck with basement rear of No 540 East Kmg Street James Prangley CoL Ed w McGovern 1 story brick w1th basement New Holland turnpike occupied by M Ne vburger & Co N Y and Messrs Basch & Fischer N Y D G Hirsh 2 story br ck East Orange Street occup ed by h mself Tho nas Baumgardner two 3 story brwk warehouses with basements West Lemon Street occupied respectively by M H Levm New York and B S Kend g &Co Lancaster THE TOBACCO TRADE IN FRANCE THE MONOPOLY ESTABLISHED BY THE FIRST NAPOLEON WHAT THE REGIE DOES t velve or fourteen months The Q{)vernment makes nearly 15 ooo O@O pounds of snuff each year and sells 1t to consumers at $1 09 perJpound It also sells a small quantity of foreign manufactured snuff at $1 40 per pound The hab1t of chewmg tobacco IS rapidly spreadmg m France The sale of chewmg tobacco m 1861 amounted to 736 267 pounds and m 1873 to 2 088 750 pounds The regte manufactures no fine cut but confines the French buyer to natural leaf m twists The roles ordmatres are made 'bf 40 per cent VIrgm1a aqd Ken tucky and 60 per cent French tobacco The leaves are moiStened and tw sted mto a rope about half an mch m diameter These are sold for smokmg as well as chewmg If deE gned for chewmg they are steeped n concentrated JUice of tobacco and subJected to com pression The roles menu files are twists of the size of slender cords made of French tobacco They are steeped m concentrated tobacco JUICe compressed by hyd au! c force and des ccated m a current of hot a1r They are sold n balls which look 1 ke tarred yarn Molasses and 1 cor ce are not used The carrottes are similar to the roles ordtnatres and are used m Br ttany 'lo these three k nds of che v ng tobacco the French man s hmrted The monopoly which allo vs the tobacco che vers only twisted leaves gives to the smokers nothmg but fine cut The greater part of the smoking tobacco made and used m the Umted States cons sts of small flakes of dry leaf vhich has undergone treatment of var ous kinds The French smoker has noth ng of the sort In France the leaves are fed to the kn ves of gmllotmes wh ch cut them nto strmgy masses !Ike our fine cut The tobacco then conta ns 25 pe cent of water and 1s put mto a revolvmg drymg cyl nder m wh1ch 1t IS dr ed and freed f om albumen Cold a1r 1s then passed through It to dr ve out dust and heat It IS then packed m b1ns for several weeks and IS afterwards put up m packages we ghmg from40 grams upward Each package bears figures wh1ch g ve the date of manufacture the ve1ght the pr ce and the percentage of humid ty The p ces vary from $1 09 to $2 19 per pound Ihere 1s also a qual ty wh ch s sold to the Army and Navy and to hospitals at from 13 to 70 cents per pound The regte s methods of mak ng c gars are nearly the same as those m use here Those c gars which are sold for less than 10 centrmes cont L n 44 per cent of nat ve tobacco the fillmgs of those lihich are sold for 10 centimes are exclusively Mexwan and Braz 1 a tobacco and some of the wrappers are the best native leaves m makmg better Cigars Maryland V1rgnna and Kentucky leaves are used. At the Remlly factory near Paris some good cigars are made of Havana tobacco but the 1'egw admits that the Cubans make better crgars out of the same quality of leaf The regte began to make c garettes m 1843 and then only 9 900 pounds of them vere sold m a year now the annual sales are nearly 9oo ooo pounds Three classes of cigal ettes are now made-ctgarettes e t capo al ordt natre ctgarettes en caporal supeneur and c garettes du Levant or Tur k1sh cigarettes There are 52 var & tres and the pr ces range from $1 31 to $13 13 per pound THE TOBACCO LEAF. cause the trme IS rapidly approachmg when the pre parat10ns for another crop must begm and the people know that 1t will not do to hold their present crop unt I It prevente them from makmg proper arrange mente for a new one Informat on from dealers who have closel:y mvest1gated our crop satisfies us that the 1880 crop IS not as large as 1t has been estunated There IS no doubt that w1th us It IS a small production I cannot say from observation that this 1s true of the entire western district of Kentucky but of th s parti cular v1c rnty and county we know rt to be true By some of the best advised dealers m Paducah we have been mformed that our county Ballard has a larger crop than any other county m the Purchase and If this IS true certamly the general crop IS below the estimates which have been reported Dur ng the present month should the weather favor 1t there w ll probably be considerable tobacco sampled and offered on the Paducah markets but mless the priCe!! are pretty good the sales will be 1 m1ted to such as are compelled to sell For some weeks there have been no sales on the Ca1ro market G W S Dycusburg Jan 1 Smce wr1tmg you last we have had noth ng of rmportanee to note m this market rhe extreme cold weather suspended all k nds of bus ness NavigatiOn on the Oh o and Cumberland R ve s has been suspended The thermometer marked 8 deg below zero on the 28th of December but 1t s some what warmer to day v1th p ospect of the freeze let tmg up and busmess resummg Its wonted channel We hope soon to be able to report an act1ve tobacco SHO&Co Mason County Dtstnct Dover Dec 30 -It 1s some trme smce I have vrrtten to you I have been wa tmg to see what the current pr ce of tobacco would be n th s locality The pr1ce s pretty well fixed now by producers All average crops are held at l5u round Crops damaged by freezmg can be bought at less than the averagec F ne ne v ground leaf rs held at 20c Very few sold so far but t11e anx ety of buyers makes produce s very pos t1ve that they will get their pr ce Very cold this morn ng -14 degrees below zero T C W Export Farmmgton Jan 1 -There IS noth ng of JIDportance to commun cates nee my last report We have had some of the coldest weather th s wmter that we have had m many years consequently 1t has been unfavor able for handlmg tobacco though some plru ters have fimshed str1ppmg and are ready for selling some have sold at pr ces say about what t sold fOI last year at this time some are holdmg for h gher pnces The to bacco shows hut httle heavy bod1ed and very I ttle of good length r G T TENNESSEE West Te tnessee Ralston Dec 31 :My reason for not writmg regularly IS that there s nothmg domg or done smce the tobacco was cured Market not yet opened and from present mdiCatwns 1t w1ll be late m the sp mg before anythmg IS done E C L Danbury Dec 27 -The packers are n full blast now and the crops roere very good and of splendid growkh The color 1s darker gene ally than any crop we ever had m the Housatomc Valley The farmers here begm to know the liants of the buyers that IS to plant no more than they can take good care of I never saw as many crops of such large growth and well matured as vere rased m the valley this year Unless we have more str pp ng weather the packers w1ll soon be out of tobacco I he seasons are too short l:>UBSCRIBER OHIO Eastern Ohw Dtstnct Dysons Dec 28 -The best tobacco IS all bought and the qual ty s generally good It was bought at from $3 to 6 per h mdred for the best heavy leaf Burley-good plug stock F T Batesville J a 1 3 -There has not been much done m the tobacco trade for the last week as the veather was cold and buvers d1d not make any effort to buy GRA McConnellsville Jan 3 Our tobacco crop IS pretty vel! bought up at prices rangJ.!lg from 3 to 4Y,c for fire cured and fo a1r cured we are pay ng 4 to 5c The quality IS ge erally p etty good The crop will be about half of an average one E M Brown County Dtstrwt leaf than that grown m Lancaster County owmg to rts havmg been topped too high There 1s a slight de velopment of white vems but otherwise the tobacco looks well, bemg entirely free from the ravages of the flea beetle Mr Neffs crop s two acres and some of the samples shown us were 36 mches long The sandy loam of the nver bottoms seems well adapted to the growth of the weed and the hkel hood IS the acreaf?;e set out m tobacco w1ll grow rap dly There are w thm a rad us of a few m les from Alexandna about 4o ooo pounds for sale all of wh ch could be exammed m a smgle day and could be bought reasonably It IS a field that seems to offer fa r mducements to buyers The Era adds -The eastern portiOn of this county seems to have l:een the most fortunate so far m d s posh g of the crop of the present year We add some more ;sales reported from that sectiOn John Cox sold 1% acres at 3 10 and 24c George Simpson sold three fourth of an acre at 3 9 and 25c Wilham Shirk disposed of two acres at 4 10 and 23c Samuel L ncoln had out about fifteen acres of the weed vh1c"h v1ll real ze h1m about $6 000 OHIO Eaton Jan 3 -Smce our last report there has been nothmg done m the way of tradmg m the leaf and ve y I ttle str pp ng of the new as the weather has been too extremely cold to handle tobacco even 1f 1t bad been taken down previOusly We might say the tobacco trade s at a stand still m th s locality No buyers lookmg around We have seen but very few samples of the new smce st 1pp ng has commenced J H M WISCONSIN Seed Loof Dtstnct Milton JunctiOn Jan 1 The past week has been very cold the mercury runmng down to 27 deg below zero wh1ch would debar transactions m tobacco 1f nothmg else Some of the farmers are find ng shed burn m therr crops some have rust but the bulk: of the crop s excellent I expect m a week or two to have somethmg of note to commun cate A cons derable quant ty of 78 tobacco remams unsoldm th1s VlCimty 'Ihe varehouse that I referred to some time IS to be put up mmed1ately There was a remonstrance agamst the compan es putt ng rt up by the busmess men of the ne1ghbormg to vn whiCh checked Its progress for a spell but those who are m a position to kno v say 1t IS to be put up at once C II El Principe de Gales CIGAR FACTORY -OF-""Key -w-est. The Cigars of this Factory under the well known :Brands of El Principe de Gales -ANDLa. Perla. de Cayo Hueso, l\1anufactured of new and best Vuelta AbaJO Havana tobacco and unexcelled 1n quality and mak0 by any of the Havana Factor es are now rece ved n regular weekly sh pments by FRED'K DEBARY & CO 41 & 43 Warren St, New York SOLE ACENTS. TOBACCO MARKET. Of wh ch 33 887 on sare agrunst 28 152 last yes.r We c.. count up some 5000 bes desm hands of sh ppersand speculatonr. but there st 11 rema n 10 000 hhds n our warehouses of to-= qual ty or ownersh p of "h ch no one seems cognizant The stocks of Western for sa e n all the seaboard marke s amotm& to 34 837 hhds agamst 29 000 a year ago 1880 hhds 8& 490 82 227 10 327 3 620 545 20 611 48 748 18'1S. hhds 41 2'15 29 557 7831 2 2'18 314 23 005 411}11 15n 568 146 2.c5 The EngliSh markets contmue depressed Antwerp and Bremen close dull v th more hope of Improve ment shortly Cold weather retards bus ness at the Weste n breaks as well as m the country The receipts at LoUisville and C nc nnatr consist pr nc pally of Burley from Eastern Kentucky and sell readily aA; 2c above pr ces <:urrent a year ago and the same advance rs pad for loose crops Stammers have made a begmnmg at about 5c on the Ohio we pre sume for select crops as we understand common Co fa r can be bought at 3@4C In the Clarksville dis tr ct we hear of 5%c pa1d by stemmers and as higb. as 7c by country pnzers In llhn4c year before IS d1aw mg general attent on to 1ts culture and 1t seems qUite probable that t nil largely diSplace other S)r ts The demand seems to be concentrating more and more oa two kmds the extremes of quality v z The Burley for home use (and m a smaller degree for export) and the dark s lky Clarksville and Western d1str ct for export notably to the Reg es and North of Europe. The stocks of these t vo var1et1es are small while tile mtermed ate sorts grown along the Oh o and lower Green r vers are m burdensome abundance It would seem desirable there fore that the Burley should be subst tuted for these mtermed ate and unpopular kmds, wh1ch can only be forced off at a priCe unremunerative to the farmer and deprec1at ng the others for wh1cb. they are taken as a substrtute We are not sure tW 1t would be prudent to extend 1ts gr wt.h fu ther a$ present because the extensiOn recommended would likely be sufficient to equalize the prices of both the popula vanet es We are still comparatively m the dark as to the qual ty of the Western crop but regre$ to hear that 1t has suffered some nJury from whwh w ll mcrease the proportion of low grades The V1rgm a crop s represented as mfer10r partiCularly the dark heavy leaf The product on of th s sort 111 also small httle more than half an average while the bnght or yellow tobacco sect on of that State and North Carolina may turn out nearly an average crop EXPORTS OF FROM DEC 1 i879 hhds 12 509 10 o20 1198() 1 999 hhda. 55 hhda. 1 213 hhds. 54 hhds. 1 369 hhds. 166 hhds. 190 hhds. 5 146 hhda:. 7 815 8 330 2071 13 899 3 790 70 914 23 304 92 188 8 66li D sappeared from N Y and New Orleans 94 218 101 047 WASHINGTON Dec 29 -It was Ill 1810 that the F1rst Napoleon after havmg made a thorough mvest gat on of the tobacco ndustry n France took from the people the manufacture of the plant and placed n the hands of the Government the tobacco monopoly which has existed until tb s day It 1s sa d that the J?rofits of the tobacco trade first became an obJect of h s cons1dera t10n at a grand ball g1ven at the Palace of the Turler1es m that year Among those who were present was a woman clothed m very costly garments and burdened With d amonds and othe preciOus stones The Empe ror asked for the name of this "oman and was told that she was the w1fe of a tobacco manufacturer Be fore the year ended the Emperor had decrded that to bacco should ad m support ng h s great arnnes and had turned over the whole mdustry except cult1 vat10n m the fields to the depa tment of h1s Government which wai equivalent to our Bureau of Inte nal Rev enue In thiS way was ebtablished a monopoly wh1ch has turned mto the French Treasury $1 5oo ooo ooo .,_ ______ A:merwan ctlt vators manufacturers and consu The regte sells Its goods only to specmlly author ze'd agents vho sell to the publ c at retail These agents are appo nted by the Government m recogmt10n of ser vices performed for the State by them or the rrelat1ves The r shops are called debtts de tabac and there are 4o ooo of tl:em m France The agents buy from the regte at a fixed scale of pr ces and must sell at other prwes equally defimte Their profit IS a little less than 10 per cent The regte 8C gars seem to be veil received and compla nts are rare The cheaper k nds are poor n quality but they are umform m compos t10n free from adulterat on and honestly made The egte manufactures and Imports Havana c gars Every brand vhiCh rs demanded by the public to a pay ng extent IS promptly put upon the market and 1t s sa d that these vho have made spec al ImportatiOns for pr vate use have gamed no advantage thereby The c gate tes a e well made unadulterated and umform m quality There has been much complamt about the quality of the wrappe -s and the Government s try ng to mtroduce better paper The French seem to be sat 1sfied with the regw 8 snuff the promment characters t cs of vh ch are punt)\ and pungency The e seems to be room for great mprovement m the manufactu e of smok ng tobacco Much of the aroma and strength of the leaf are exhausted by the d y ng processes hlle the tobacco Ism the heated cylmders But consumers do not complam havmg no Amer can smok ng tobacco w th whrch to compa -e the r own and the revenue from this source IS constantly ncreasmg It s repor ted that French che vmg tobacco IS raw rank and un sat sfactory to an American But the man who buys a package of the revw 8 goods can al "'avs be sure that he IS gettmg noth ng but tobacco the product ons of th s monopoly are pure and unadulterated It I as been charged by mterested persons that the eg e s goods are sometimes adulterated but mvest gatwn re veals no proof of the truth of th s assertion It Is also sad that the c1gar stumps etc which are p eked up by the poor m French Cities are made mto snuff by the Manchester Dec 31 -We have had very cold weather for some days-10 deg below zero The to bacco bus ness rs at a stand still Prwes remam at from 5 to 127fc Tho OhiO R__yer IS closed No nav1 NEW YORK. We are pamfully aware that there rs some senollll m stake m thiS last Item consumptiOn and on sh1p11 not cleared etc There IS seldom much tobacco oa sh pboard at this season and there IS no such vana t on m the consumptiOn of our manufacturer-s as 18 mdwated above If our stock m varehou:ses s g vea co rectly then the railroads do not report their re ce pts correctly The result however caused greatly lesser s the value of New York stat st cs We find the crop:s of last year (countmg VIrgm a 44 455 hh

I 4 ol rews of own ers In lookrng over the lbusmess of the year rt seems to us that 1t ought to have been a satrsfactm y one to all tradmg m the VI eed unless those who pa1d too much at the co,mmencement of the season for loose crops and we are aftald that some w1ll have the same experrence th1s year JUdgmg from prtces that are re ported as bemg pa1d m the ClarksVllle and Green R1ver sect10ns One thmg we must recollect that "hlle to bacco rs still reasonably cheap yet the stocks are mo1e than an average and the demand so slow that the chances are that the cost of carrymg will mme than eat up any advance that may occur befme sales could be effected The genet al post tron of the "eed seems to be a fan one on basts of present pr1ces at the sea board and th1s can be made still better prov1ded plant ers wrll keep the productiOn of heavy export styles to about the y1eld of the past year and m this way we can get a chance to work off more of the surplus stock The English markets contmue qmet and unchanged Bremen ad viCes report a hmtted busmess IIolders do not seem wrlbng to make any concess10ns Antwerp reports a fa1r demand though pnces for low grades do not leave any margm for p1 ofh JoHN CATTUS-Our market opened m January last qrute firm w1th a farr demand for export and con tmued to rule m th1s condrtlon dmmg the early p art pf the :!'ear w1th however alter nate dullness and reduced sales but yet a firm under tone st1mulated by act1ve andadvancmgmarkets m the West Later on rumors ot the growmg Clop we1e of a confltctmg nature but mostly pomted to a reduced harvest caused by too great a drouth and pr1ces assumed a strffemng ten dency and m many instances htgher figm es were paid but yet when the of the different large Emopean Reg1e contracts arrrved e1ther our prmcrpal exporters d1d not behave m permanently 1m proved pnceo or were forced by too great compet1tlon among the d1ffer ent cand1dates for such contracts cer taJ.n rt IS these contracts were taken at compmatrvelJ low pnces In ordmary years th1 m1ght have served as a damper upon our vanons matkets but had th1s trme qmte the cont1 ary effect and pnces grew fir mer and h1gber unttl finally dmml!: the month of Septem ber our market vented rtself by qmte an excrtement w1th sales of over 13 000 hhds for the month among whrch some 5 000 bhds on speculatiOn mostly of the heavy g1ades generally taken for Italy and a few of lugs Pnces expenenced at th1s time qmte a substantral use Afte r thrs penod om ma1ket calmed d o vn and later on became qmte dull and un mterestmg w1th ve1y hmtted trm suctiOns but yet re markable as tt IS to say priCes have remamed qmte firm and almost any attempt at a 1educt10n m values has met w 1th a refusal w1th the exceptiOn perhaps m a few mstances f01 Jots of lugs and lowe 1 gtades In the meanwh le these better figmos brought supplies flom the mter101 and concentrated them ht:re wluchforces us to go mto the new year \Hth a lmge stock of 48 700 hhds on hand Ihen the large v1S1ble supply m the prmcrpal places he1e and ill Europe should not be lost Sight of amountmg at the end of 18 8 0 to about 160 000 hhds agamst 153 000 hhds ill 1879 To thiS must be added the Dew crop whwh though only a three fourths average one m quantity will yet furmQh us 90 000 to 9o 000 hhds to the seaboatd To JUdge by these figures we shall certamly have no lack of tobacco and 1f the open Emopean ma1kets do not Improve and take from us a good round quantlt" we w1ll have to battle all the t1me w1th stocks whtcla ultrmalely cam ot fml to bear upon values In 10gm d to the quahty of the new crop as fat as can be lemned at th1s date the same may want m substance and tmmsh less m heavy and substantial gtades with a small part of the crop havmg been IDJUlecl by ftost The mec:hum and h ghter g1ades are sa1cl to be of useful quahty 'I he cond1t10n of the tobacco r s d escubed as good and w1th a fav01able pnzmg oeason the average quahty mav not tmn out to be mfenor to the crop of 1879 M RADER & SoN -Messrs M Rader & Son de> ate theu final annual to \Ithholdmg comments so theu vrews are not presented m thiS editiOn of 'IIIE LEAF V21 gmutLeaf-Sales of this vauetyhave been roam ly confined to out of to \'11 manufactm e1 s Cold weathe t has retarded r ece1pts but the fe v that have been examllled look ve1y well Present prospects m dwate that extr a fine bugbt wrappets will be sea ce Seed Leaf-The 1nqun y fat Seed leaf has embracnd New E1glu1d Pbllnsylvama Nev Y ork and Ohw growths of 1879 the t0talreportcd sales amountmg to < scs whereof 400 we1e Pennsylvama the popu h\1 ot thts vauety contmumg unabated J ;:; GANS ;:;o=--&Co tobaccobiOktns 84and8GWall Street report as follows -rhe year opened vnth a fau busllless 1ud tho week s sales foot up 988 cases drVlded as follo11 s 400 cs 1879 PennBylvama-Filleis Assorted V\ rappers 7 @ 8 12 @20 18 @'.1.0 2o0 cs 1 8r9 New EnglandSeconds and Wrappers 11 @37)>i 238 cs 1879 State 10 @ia 10 0 cs 1879 Ohw p t Spantsh-0 Havar a we note sales of GOO bp.lcs smce out las t 1 cpo t at from 82@$1 20 Manujactmed-Southern customers ha> e been m to vn loolong tor bnght 10 and 11mch under 30 cents o' wl ch nor1e are to be had There rs notlnng of the kmd to be had h e 1e of commiSSIOn m eiChants under {)1 over 30 cents G1ocers hold what stocks there a1e here of these styles and ftom them they can only be .had at from cents and up vards lbe marke t rs '6tead;y and busker ttade IS antrcrpated after the labor '()f balancmg boo! s for the year JUst ended '" conclu ded 'I h e exports were 223 311 pounds Smokmg-There has been a fan mqu1ry for smokmg tobacco ot all gt a des s-l! or c1ga1s we have to report as usual a steady and good demand Ctgar Box Cedm -The movement or stock bas been shght of late and there 1s little change m the amount of stock on hand the last repo1 t The quotatwns are MexiCan 11 @12Y. cents per foot Cuban cents Exchange -:Mr Srmon Sternberger pol t S to l :SE I OBACCO LEAF -Banke1s nonunal Iatcs a e demand steJIIUg 1 cspectJvely GO clays 481 for den und Pans-Banke1s 3 days 52o 8 GO davs 530 HeiChmn ks Banke1s 3 days days 04 Con me1 c al 60 d!>YS 93% 1l ttu;h Auot> aha-43 hhds 27 20 bales pkgs (14o "8G 11 s) mfd B t.h G-u ana-5 hhds B> z/Uih Nm th Ammzcan Colo ue-0 pkgs (6 104 lbs) mfd B '21 ah IV eat Indw-10 hhds 1 case 12 bales o:J pkgs (10 640 lbs) m f d C-anada--198 1 ales Cuba-'--4 pi s (706 lbs) mfd Um a-53 (11 Ull lbs) mfd Dantsl! If est Indzes-6 cases Dutch West Indws-16 pkgs (3300 lhs) mfd hhds 329 cases 4o pl1cFall & Lnwsen 10 do H R Kelly & Co 7 do Renrtz & Leon 4 do L Gard llo 4 do J B Creagh 3 do M Bar !lllCO & Bro 3 do I Ellinger & Co 3 do F H Leggett & Co 3 do L P & T Frank 3 db ME :&lcDowell & Uo 7 dlil Perea Bros 2 do J F Barreto 2 do N B Jlianmng 2 do Powell & Coleman 1 do E H Gato 1 do Geo Alces 1 do Order 1 do V J\fart nez Ybor & Co 10 bales stems II:XPORTS FROM THE PORT OF NEW YORK TO FOREIGN PORTS FROM JANUARY 1 1880 TO DEC 31 1880 Hhds 1 051 114 6 138 462 14 286 404 4 24 2 10 018 1 413 1 427 Case 120 4 o09 214 45 083 1 6 52 5& 26 14 2 402 328 2 342 1 152 1 364 1 2 7 2 1834 31 5 611 1243 Bales 71 454 37 7 532 191 97 14 75 145 5 863 193 QUOTATIONS of WHOLESALE PRICES. PARTICULAR NOTICE. Eve :y re sale s supposed to be at an advance on fl.rst cost the pr Qes obtamable b y growers ot tobaccO: therefore will always be some hat ower these quotations "\VESTERN LEAF SPANISH LEAF li.lV..L."iA FrLLE t.a Oommon Gool!l Fne Muper or Y ARA I and II cuts assorted II cuts SUMATRA \VRAPPERS J!IANlJF ACI URED I:OBACCO PRICES IN Boxo-TA.:X 16 PElt FOUND @30 @30 45 @4o @3o CIGARS IIavana p e r l'\1 $ 50@150 1 Seed perM Seed a d\ per !tl 40@ 90 8 @II 11%@16 15 @26 7 @ 10 11 @IS @18 1879C op 80 @ 88 @ 9 o 100 @110 115 @ 125 62J.!il1ovmg very ag1 eeably H ogltead Leaf-LnJ11ted demand Rece 1 ts for the "eek 8 0 cases Connecticut 110 cases Pennsyh 1111a 71 bales Havana and 105 hhds of Vngm a and Western leaf tobacco Sales foot up -92 cases Connecttqrt 134 cases Pennsyl van a 14 cases OhiO 19 cases W1consm 62 bales Havana 3 d 5 hhds of V g n a and Wes tern leaf Exported of leaf tobacco -'lo L verpool pm steamer P e nn sylvama 53 629 lbs of Western leaf Dec 30 -The past "eek bemg one day short and a.s all par lies are b Y p epa mg for lnv e nto res hut 1 ttle trade bas been done 01 de ued m hard tobaccos For the stock needed full figures a1e outa ne I Frne cuts ate moderately handled THE TOBACCO LEAF. Smoking tobacco at present Is m hm1ted request C movmg fauly Receipts 19.'; boxes 2798 cadd es 401 cases and 93 paIs of fine cuts Exported to L verpool v a steamer Ohw 1 mgarettes and 6960 lbs of manufactured tobacco Seed Leaf-Nearmg the new vear has caused as usual dull ness to prev8J.l however antcpatwns are br ght and encoUiag mg for next yea1 provided Cong1 ess will 8J.d Its Cit zens by passmg a JUdiCious bankrupt btl! Havana fauly handled Hogshead leaf very slow Hecetpts for the week -131 cases Connecltcut 184 do Penn sylvania 30 do State Seed 52 bales Havana and 126 hbds of Vugm1a and Western leaf tobacco Sales -82 cases Connec t cut 203 do Pennsylvama 10 do Oh o 20 do W sconsm 15 do State Seed 40 bales Havana and 5 hbds Vug ma and Western leaf tobacco Expolted of leaf tobacco to Liverpool per steamer OhiO Amencan Ime 38 720 lbs Western and Southern Markets. BALTIMORE, Jan 6 -Messrs Ed W1schmeyer & Co Tobacco Comm1sston :l!lercbants 1eport to THE fi)]UCCO LEAF as follows -Act1ve bu s mess m Mar} land and Olno to bacco 1s over for the wmter months Receipts a1e nommal and the weather 1s too cold to handle samples We g1ve you to day the statistics fo1 1880 a s follows block of leaf tobacco m bhds on hand Jan warehouses 23 055 hhds InspectiOns for 1880 Maryland Obw Kentucky Vngm a Coastwrse shipments of nnd Ol1o and taken manufactuteis Mat viand b) home 6 76" hhds 11 007 hhds 1 970 bbds BoO hbds 200 hbds 779 bbds 18 048 hhds 4o 367 bhds tiS 422 bhds 39 616 hl ds 28 806 hbds Re nspected 1>1a yland and Ohto Sbtpments of Kentucky and Vn gm1a coastwise 5 905 1 hds 979 hhds 286 bhds 7 170 hhds 21 636 hbds Leavmg stock m warehouses Jan 1 1881 Above stock rs d1str1buted as follows Ma-yland OhiO KJ and Va Hbrls Ht ds Hhds 6 24.0 3 652 60 4294 95 8o 360 2 772 !8 3 150 30 14 044 7 399 193 $ 2 00@ 3 1>0 4 00@ 5 ()(] 5 00@ 6 00 6 50@ 8 ()(] 8 o0@10 00 10 00@14 00 4 00@16 00 3 00@ 8 ()(] 300@450 4 uO@ 6 00 6 50(gt9 00 6 00@ 8 ()(] 9 00@15 00 6 00@18 00 4 00@ 0 00 500@600 6 00@.., 00 7 oO@ 8 00 9 00@10 00 10 00@11 00 11 50@13 ()(] 300@u50 6 00@ 8 00 8 00@10 00 12 00@16 00 100 Cash arnot nt of Lrs have .,had a boom m the last six months nevertheless th nume ous advances of wages higher Ier.f and an rmptoved quality p 1ces have 1emamed about tbe same m all but cbeap g a les rhe busmess has been laige but n @ t piOfitable to m anufacture s Smce wut ng tl e 1 reced rr 1t has transp e d tbnt the luges\ mauuf act er Jt tbe Un ted ::!lutes has let sed a "u chouc ll1 this City w til the vtew o f cauyrng a st0ck of C'oods here to suppJv demands and l unde1s t ana has en"aged a c01ps of sale s m e n to canvass reta I d rect Wliatevet may have mdu ce d thts p1obably the est ab hhment n the bus1 ness to adopt s ucl n etl ods I w )1 n o t su n se b e e but tl e fact wo 1 l d d!Cate an abru donn eut of o 1 g uuh y hei etofo ie 1 e e 1 I O> d dong s tr de to v d Ia ge n a gus of p oliL w1th cutu lly tlJe extmclion o f 1he JObuer I tli I deale IS genm a ll) will be plea ed at th e p10spect of rel el flam ca rym g heavy stocks by the n ab1l ty ( und e i thts arrang ement) to buy d :uly as they sell but 1s thts not gettmg back to the old plan o f dts\Jtbutwn through commts wn m e 1 chan t s lo 1g smce aba n l oned on accoimt of the heavy expense 1 c ed 1 Tl e te r deocy ((f the t mes s to va d mon o pol) nod the a b u l s hmcut o f m Lidlemen and t!le only sa l vatwu for the lut e 1 s to fl bt cJ elatiOn by Uigmg goods oltbe town select on on s uper vr meut and cheapness 1eu" dless of br a nus 01 lta de m a1ks Let the fight begm and may the best man v;m HOPKINSVILLE, Ky, Jan 5 -.Mr George V Thompson L eal lobacco Bwker reo orts to THE lonACOO LEAF -Our receipts contmue v el} 1 m con seq ence of the cold" eathe r ptevenung the plantei s from handhno-t1 e c 1ops Sales t o day ab nt hl ds at the folio vmg range o f pnces -Con 1 on t o good h gs 3 7u to 4 common n e dmm !llld goo d lenf o to 7 75 !em fwm Nuvember to November Ih s ;ear llhds Actual rec e 1pts fo pa st month "SO Actual ece 1 t s o tile yem 362 Sa es fo [ustn onth 177 S les lv the yea 190 8 pments f01 pa s t month 349 SJ1pments f o r the yeat n35 Stock on hand 2 8ti Same time l ast yem Hu l s 299 i:l4 77 1 0 138 1109 LOUISVILLE, Dec 28 -Mr Wm J L ewms Leaf To bucco Auctwnee repo ts t o THE TOBACCO LEAF as foll ows -Uecei J ts fot the week mdi.?Jl" t o day 90 hhas sales last 'Iuus day and F1 cla} 001 I hds sales s nee Sa les f 1 month of Decen ber y e ar 1880 1879 3 096 3 540 6o 131 o8 040' 2 111 2 09o 3 457 4 393 7 639 13 3.J5 3 156 080 2 644 3 622 13 3ti1 No change m t one of ma ket Quota twos same as last 1e p o it c d Na"g mon on 1 v e r suspended on account ot ce heavJ sno w on g wnnd aid n e cu v s x to ten deg ees alnve ze1o with p o peel of a co L nuance thus 1endeuug p aspects of rcc m pts f om the couut y ve y II hi fp1 some time RICHARD M LEWIS Leaf Tobacco Repo 1 t for J anum y says I he tobacco busmess of the ) eat Just clo.ed IS to be remembered as a very conseivative one and hee hom speculat1ve mfluences tl e demand at all t mes bemg go veined by the leg1o1mate requuements of the trade PI ICes ruled 1 the1 steady th10ughout th" yea1 varymg but l ttle except on Bmley leaf whrch flucLu atad conside.ablv at trmes as the demand may have been The yea1 cl0sed w1th a very firm f!)ehng on all g1ades Lugs are m hm1ted supply w1th an act1ve m quny wblte fillers and cuttmg leaf of the old crop are also very scmce with a r.1a1ked advance m pnces lately 'I he rece1pts of new tobacco excApt from the cuttn g d1stncts have been hght wrth puces 1angmg f1 om 3}4' to 4}4'c fm lugs and 4)>i to 6c fot common to good leaf no chmce leaf on. the market yet I he sales of the ne\\ crop of cuttmg and whrte tiller} leaf have been fau and the market has opened higher for these grades than 1t d1d last ) em by 2 to 3c per lb on good leaf I quote the market for new Bui!ey at 5}4' to10c foi trash to good lugs 11 to 16c for common to good leaf and 17 to 19c for selectiOns-one 01 two hhds sellmg at 20c Th1s market wrll sell a large quanttgy of Bmley to bacco thrs yem and sales of such w1ll be heavy JUSt as soon as the weather softens NASHVILLE, Tenn, Dec 31-W A Bethel Leaf Tobacco B oker reports to 'IRE roBACCO LEAF a.s follows Our rna l et IS at n st mdstiii and from present mdiCati(Ins s I keh to rcma n so for son e time to come fbe we the sun usualiJ cold and dry w th less mterest man lested than I have ever seen m the trade at an; ales do do 8 bbds 7 Lit Is 33159 bt lls 34i:l5 bhds PADUCAH, Jan 4-1>11 T H Puryear Leaf Tobacco Btoker repqrts to THE TOBACCo LEAF -Actualre ce pts fOI 1880 10 444 hhds actual mles 10 362 do stock on hand J anum y 1 1881 211 ao IUCH:niOND, Tan 5 -W E D1brell Leaf lobacco B oke I(}j)O ts to TrrE ToBACco LEAF -The Exchange h Ls lJeen c osed du11n the hoi d ys md there IS n th ng clo this "eek except some few sales ol bught filles anti omokeis whtch ade at p rese t t seems to have a better future than wrap pets uf the latte.t the1 e IS an ample stock of mediUm to good held for sale but of the finer g1ades the re IS but a I mtted sloe! to offe and none very line No cbanaes m t oba c co firms except that the comm1sswn house of Silas Shelbmn pa. Is w th Col r D N cal anti each will contmu< separ 1tcly and on their own account respect vely as sellers of leaf to bacco 'Ihe old concetn of Allen & Gwter has d1solved John F Allen retmng and :l!fr G nter contmumgthe smok ng and Cigaiette facto y under the old firm name 'I hey make the celeb1ated Gem CI<:>Uettc and fine cut SAN FRANCISCO, Dec 24 -The Merchant says -Pre par at10ns for the annual bus mess of acoouut of stock W1th tho p1evalence of ram has brought the JAN. S JObbmg trade both for cgars manufactured and leaf tobacco nearly to a standstill I he httle busmess there rs domg IS s1mply fillmg up the assortments of small 1 etail dealers m th1s crty and towns easrly reached by Imhoad Om local manufacturers of c1gats are work mg on stock for the sprmg trade rhe followmg 1s a statement of the overland rece1pts of c1gars and tobacco -Cons gnees Cigarettes Cigars Tobacco. Cases Cases Lbs L & E W ertb!)Imer Esberg Bachman & Co Falkenstem & Co Mwbaehtschke Bros Sanderson & Horn Oppenhermer & Bra 25 2 26 400 9 13 49 520 1 32 10 400 26 5 280 H Rosenfeld & Co AMau&Co Wellman Peck & Co J A Drmkhouse Englebtecht Fox & Co Dwyer & Co Tillmanu & Bendel Castle B10s Lohman & Goghrll MRosenbaum A S Rosenbaum H Suthff HHeyneman M Rosenshme L1ebes Bros Newton Bros A Pollack H Hellman Mayusch BIOs IX L Wadham&Oo MArmer 1 1 1 2 1 2 [} 1 2 2 2 1 'I Earle 1 M Ulmer 2 ECohen 4 7120 13 430 5140 7 720 1,760 2 000 1160 1710 16 490 9 260 630 231[}0 310 5 290 640 300 1950 270 430 3,930 Strayton & Rosse 1 Brown & Metline 1 F H Wilder 1 Eor S1dney 1 For VICtona 2 260 Total 1mp01 ts by sea and rail -299 080 lbs tobacco, 100 cases Cigars 43 cases c1gar ettes Exports 1 404lbs tobacco 46 cs cigars 2 cs Cigarettes ST LOUIS, lllo, January 3 -Messrs C & R Dor m1tze & Co leaf tobacco merchants report to THE ToBAC< LEAl!' as follows Offermgs rec e1pts and delivenes at the tobacco warehouses of St Loms for D e cember Stoek on band Dec 1 Rcce1pts uunng month For the Year Stock on hand Jan 2 Rece1pts durmg the year Stock on band Dec 31 OJienngs dunng the year Ot g nals Hev1e ws 1880 456 251 1880 6860 7372 1880 1879 hhds bhds. 7837 8181 705 532 8542 8713 142 328 707 570 7835 8032 165 798 1880 1879 8032 4993 14 03o 15 677 22 067 20 670 4664 7974 --14232 12 638 7835 8032 1880 1879 8384 13 119 2094 1750 To ta l Offer ngs 10 14 869 The stock on hand to day 7835 bbds agamst 8032 hhds same date las t year con s 1 sts to a large extent of re dr ed to bacco for which thete has been but little demand thls year and of Kentucky Burley stored at our wareh o 1ses for manu' factUiers account Tran s actiOns m om market have been ve y Jg h t the last month, and the dcmnnd has been confined to Juo-s col01y sm okers and good to fine Burley fillers These g ales a1e belrl firm at full puces whlle the quotatiOns arc rather nom1nal QUOTATIONS 3 25@ 3 75 4 00@ 4 50 5 00@ 8 00 4 00@ 4 50 4 oQ-Ii oo 5 00@ 5 75 5 00@ 6 00 6 00@ 7 00 700@900 9 00@12 00 5 50@ 8 00 10 50@18 ()(] 8 00@12 00 15 00@20 00 2o 00@35 00 45 00@55 00 Foreign Markets. -Om Bremen correspondent furmsbes the followmg account of the Seed leaf market at that port for the weAk endmg Dec 16 -Recmpts 235 cases sales G83 cases stock on hand 2 990 cases Seed leaf and 60 do cuttmgs Pnces we1 e quoted as follows wutppm s 70 to 250 pfgs bmders 55 to 7o fillers 35 to 50 I he 1 ecerpts of Ila> ana leaf dunng the week: amounted to 727 bales sales 733 bales stock on hand 6 OaO bales Pnces 1 anged a s follows -Wrappers good and fine bro vn 650 to 1 400 pfgs w1appers ordmary brown SuO to GOO pfgs "rappers mixed wrth fillers 180 to 300 pfs;s fillers 100 to 2o0 pfgs average lots 160 to 460 ptgs The an1val of fm ther supplies of Havapa leaf caused some anrmatwn m the market 'Ihe folio vmg IS a statement of the movement tn hogshead tobacco m the B1emen market for the week eudtng at the above date BO> Ohio Scrubs Md Va. Kv StemR 302 49o2 17lo7 1S6 969 1 7o m 40 006 969 1 0 99 ICYI 226 8 0 68 61 437 :lOS 920 3 OSCl 5 439 l 51o 848 24 248 lOo 572 2,844 5 191 1 410 Sales 24 95 248 105 Sales on lutu e del very 45 5 6 47 60 Altho 1gh the mmket contmued quret some a,rnmatwn was caused m the matl et by some new ar 11'als Of Kentucky leaf about 3oo hhds changed hands Iransact10ns m V 1rgm11l. leaf were confined to small sales lhe1e rs a good demand for Maryland tobacco and some sample lots wluch had arrived m the m.:uket found a ready sale Dunng the week about 50 hhds of fine bught colOI ed leaf changed hands ThCie were also a few tiai+sactwns m Bay and Oh1a tobaccos -Another correspondent under dat'e of Dec 14 re p01 ts as follows -The e bas been a fau degree of ac t1 v1tv m tobacco smce 1st mst espeCially for the t1me of year Sales reported were as follows -Kentucltes-10 hhds Mason County cutting at 46 pfgs 26 uo lugs at 28 5 do Paducah leaf at 52 9 do colmy manufactuung leaf LouiSVIlle at 72 32 do New Y01k lugs at 32 22 do New York assorted leaf at 42 8 do do at 50 46 do Clar ksvrlles assorted at 48 90 do leaf, dtve1spmcels at-41dolugsat29 60doCiarksvillea at total 349 hhds Vn gmras-11 bbds Reg1e reJectwn at 22 10 do low leaf fillers at 35 8 do do at 38 50 dn ers parcels at-267 do do at-36 do coloty leaf at 65 total 382 hhds' Marylands-27 hhds fine colory at o8 27 do assorted at o2 13 do common g10und leaves at 25 20 do at OhtoSI-14 hhds decided low medmm assorted at 44M 44 do at62 do m d1vers lots at 40 to 48 50 do assorl ted !tt 54 5 do do at 5o BaJ s-22 do ted at 54 45 do greemsh low assor ted at 38 Stem-26 hbds Vn gtma m drve1s parcels at 15 to 21 oO do Vugrma Danville average at 18',;' 33 do Vtr' gm1a medmm stems at 13 4 do Vrrgrma tinP ,.olory at. 21 oO do Vu gm1a Danv11le ave1 age at 18 o do V:Lrgima bghtly b10 n hcouced at 12 For Kentuck;v stuppers there "as no demand except for IjCh thick wbwh are not m stock Seed leaf has to the extent of about 600 cases low runmng Oluos fetclung 43 and 42 pfgs and h1gher assorted 4tl to 47 do At tlus wutmg there seems to be extstmg more demand than usual as rs frequently the case round about Christmas t1me LONDON, Dec 22 -:l!lessrs Grant Chambers & Co eport to TilE TOllACCO LEAF as follows -There bas been a very tnfl ng dem8J.ld for every descnptwn of Amencan to bacco durmg the past week buyers appear d smclined to one ate bevond their 1mmedlllte need Fvr export thete has also been llttle mqury small lots to close un parcels a.t low pnces compused tile only busmess Western leaf and stnps h 1ve attracted little attentron colory desert) twns only m de mand Matyland difficult to place Ohuf. when 1n good cond1 twn and of bnght color rs readtly placed at full pnces Vr gtma leaf slow of sale fine dark str1ps are m dem!Ultl Cav endiSh 1s m but moderate demand SKILES & FREY. Packers and Dealers in Pennsylvania Leaf 'l'obacco, 61 and 63 North Duke PAt


( ) '3AN.8 POWDERED LICORICE. Samples and Prices of FINEST POWDERED SPANISH LICORICE. ROOT furnished on appli-. cation to C. C. WARREN & GO., TOLEDO, C>:EJ:J:C>. F. GARCIA, BRO & CO., ---. :EI:.A.. v .A..N" .A. Importers of e leaf Tobacco, 167 'VV.A.TER. ST., N"E'VV LOZANO, PENDAS co., J :J:Da:E'" C>:E'I. TE:E'I.& C>F' The L.P.& GO Brand. E MARK. :EI .&. -v .A. :N' .A. To :a A. c co, BOB E'"EJ.A.:E'I.:Lt ST:E'I.EEJT, "Y'"C>:E'I.:H;:. E. ::S::. G-...A.TO, IMPORTER OF THE Jl de H. H. And Manufacturer of Key West Havana; Cigars, :N"o. 104 OHA.:L"'I..:EJE:El.S ST:E'l.EJ:BIIT, "YC>:E'l.::S::. SIEBER;sl .S. A.. BELVIN, BELVIN & !IIA.NUFA.CTUBERS OF FINE CIGARS \ AND DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO, 16, t8 & 20 St., and 2, 4 & 6 Hall Pl., New York. -The New England Grocer remarks:-It is a safe prediction that more tobacco will be consumed in 1881 than in any previous year in the wol'ld's history. -The New England Grocer, in its issue of Jan. l, remarks:-" No less than ten failures in the tobacco trade are this week reported by our enterprising New York contemporary, THE LEAF." It is a pity, though, that there were so many failures. -An English medical journal records the observations of a physician who has been great thoroughness the effect of tobacco smoking on boys. He took for this purpose thirty-eight boys from nine to fifteen years and examined them. In twenty-seven he discovered injurious traces of the a I 1trtwenty-two there were various diso.rders of the circulatiou and digestion, palpitation of the heart, and a more or less taste for strong drink. In twelve of the cases there were frequent bleedings of tho nose, ten had disturbed sleep, and. tweJ ve bad slight ulceration of the mucous membrane of the mouth, which disappeared on ceasing the use of tobacco for some days. FOR RENT.-Warehouse at New Milford, Conn. Capacity 500 cases; location convenient. Goods can be loaded right on 1ailroad from house. Ter!lls reason able to responsible party. Address, 829-830 '.' WAREHOUSE," TOBACCO LEAF OFFICE. CAUTION. Again information has reach.ed us that un principled manufacturers are imitating of our brands. This time it is "Blunt Heads cigar, on which we are protected by patent. We warn the public to beware of these counterfeits, and imitators will be prosecuted for infringement. ED. ASCHERMANN & CO., 820-832 Milwaukes. The Attention of Cigar Manufacturers is respectfully called to our Large Stock of FINE RE SWEA'l'ED 1878 PENNSYLVANIA WRAPPERS. The quality of these tobaccos is greatly enhanced by our Re_sw!ll1tin_g Process, which is wholly a NATURALone1 bemg entirely FREE from dyei and chemicals. Or splet?did dark colors, these goods are also excellent in quahty and burn well Manufacturers of fine cigar& ,.-il! find this stock particularly well adapted to a.ll their requirements. BARKER & WAGGNER, 804-829 29 S. Gay st., Baltimore Md BROWN & EARLE, I Dianufacturers of Fine Cigars -AND-Dealers in Leaf Tobacc o, Nos. 203-209 East 33d Street, Vc::rk.l Tc::ba.cco C>:Lt:J:"VE:n., :F' &EEl:J:l :LtEA.P -AND-' -IMPORTERS OF HAVANA TOBACCO.-THE.IMPORTATION of SUMATRA WRAPPERS A SPECIALITY. .. 166 WATER STREET, NEW YORK. CARL'. UPMANN, Ot!io: 178 P!;A.Rf STREET; JOSEPH A. VEGA, JACOB BERNHEIM. II iVEGA & BERNHEIM,, E'" :J::n::Lpor1;er or HA:VANA TOBACCO, 187 E'"E.A.:E'I.:Lt ST:E'l.EET, TO:E'l.:H;:. EST:E'l.E:Lt::Lo.A. .N"o. 16, ::EI:A. "V A..MA. .. Berger & THE LADIES' PEARL, Publlabecl .., 8. P. C-hestnut, D D., 11 Park S&reee NASBYILJ.Bo Teiii!J, Prioe 12.10 par AlmDm. --11 F1or .de S. :a. .. 1 Ordero reoeled at tho omce d Ql llaher, or at &ho omce of TUSn..X..... ATTENTION, CIGAR MANUFACTURERS! We have adapted our process to the wants ot manu facturers or jobbers who would like to sweat theil: to bacco themselves just as they may need it; and we have also made it entirely unnecessary to go to the expense of a steam hejating apparatus. The sweating apparatus ilil as portable and as easily moved about as a Seed leaf case. We have perfected an apparatus which is automatic in its workmg, running all night without any atten tion, of which we build TWO one to sweat 100 pounds at a time (otless), and smtable for a factory of two to eight hands; the larger size 409 pounds (or less), and suitable for a factory of !light to thirty hands. They will sweat, cure and color the tobacco in from three to five days. Colors can be had just as dark as may be wished. The larger apparatus, which includes the heating arrangements, takes up a trifle more room than a C!l8e of tobacco, it being 3 feet-wide, 4 feet long, and stands 5 feet high, it being just large enowgh to accommodate one case of Seed leaf in its original case, have put the price of the apparatus at such a low figure so as to place them witliin the reach of every manufacturer in the land. They are in every respect, and can be worked, handled or moved any where by a single individual. The greater part of the apparatus being made of wood, it does not heat up the room in which it is run. The sweating can be done alongside of the workmen without inconvenience to them. After many experiments Mr. Philiplil has perfected an apparatus that will sweat a single case of to bacco (or less quantity) as nice and dark as hiil larger sweat houses will 10, 20 or 50 cases at a time The result has more -than met his best expectations. Every objectionable feature of former sweating pro cesses has positively been overcome A uniform dark color is produced, and the tobacco retains its natural flavor and smell. The goods come from the sweat all reatly to work without any further manipulation whatever. One of our large-size portable apparatus, which is for one whole case or 400 pounds at a time, will sweat, cure, and color from 60 to 90 cases of tobacco per year. Consequently, it must not be considered that this is simply for small manufacturers, as a employing 150 hands needs only 4or1i of our apparaius to do all bis sweating. They can be set on any floor, or any part of a floor, and they are all ready to go to work without any fixing or outlay, as they run without any steam heating arrarrgements or coal stoves. not have to be connected with any chimney. most flattering testimonials, from which we have se lected one, from one of Philadelphia's (Pa.) noted cigar manufacturers, Mr, Frederick Wambach: 212 E. Dauvhin St., Philadelphia, Dec, 23, 1880. MllSsrs. C. S. Philtps & Co., 188 Pearl Street, Nsw York: Gentlemen: I have resweated several cases of tobacco by your process and apparatus, and am highly pleased with the rAsult. I would not be without your apparatus for double the price I paid you for it. The book of instructions you sent me is better than anything ever publisbed on resweating. Any one who read Iii your book and cannot resweat tobacco successfully, must be very dull of comprehension. Yours, 1!'RED'K WAMBACH. For' further information and for circulars please ad dtess the inventor and propt:'ietors, 823-835 C. S. Pll."ILTPS & Co., 188 Pearl St., New York. 799-825 THB FINEST HANDMADEHAVANA CIGARS; l!UD BT FOSTER, HIL.SON & CO. 'IIhey can be moved from one floor to another, or from one building to another, just as easily as an empty Seed leaf case. We ship the apparatus all ready to set up and go to work in less than half an hour from the time it i.!l received. We offer them for sale at the exact cost of manufacture, which is $30 (thirty dollars) each for the large size, and $15 (fifteen dollars) each for the small size, AND CHARGE A YEARLY RQYALTY ACCORD iNG TO THE NUMBER OF CASES YOU WlSH TO SWEAT !lUR ING THE YEAR; AND WE MAKE THIS CHARGE SO VERY l-IGHT THAT YOU WILL NOT AND OAJ.'NOT OBJECT TO IT. Our process is the only successful process in existence, andthesemachineswilldotheworkrequiredof them Cor. Avenue D and lOth St., New York. Send for Price Llt every time. No such thing as fail, and no such thing as spoiling tobacco with them. To every purchaser we give a printed pamphlet con 1 1 taining such full and complete instructiOns about reTAKE ONE EVERY HOUR. sweating that you cannot fail It .goes into all the details of Philips' process on both new and old goods. His. vast experience in this lin e of business renders ThO ullQGTOR'S PRESCRIPTION'' this pamphlet alone of more value to you the charge for royalty. Let us know how II.lany banns you employ, and we C,.. will furnish 'you an eiltimate of doing your entire .&.GAR.. sweating on your own premises, where it can be done The F"lnest and Best c1gar In the U S just to suit yourself. This is by far the cheapest and best process ever brought out, and will pro baLly never FOR THE M:O!fEY. 1 be improved Upon. (JJR()1JLA.TES AS FREELY A.ND IS AS We would be pleased to have all parties visiting our ELL KNOWN A.S TH.B N. Y. HEBALD. city call and see us, that we may show them our appa-l By Unanimous Consent Pronounced ratus and the practical working of our process. Th p 1 ch Every manufacturer who wishes to improve the I I e eop e s otce. quality of his tobacco, and secure well cu1ed, dark leated goods, without any trouble and for a cmtaint:; Especaally Sua table for Drug'glsts. every time, should not fail to use om' process and ap- FOSTED HILSON & CO paratus. We have a great many in use in various I I n, J:)ltrts of the country, and not one has failed of giving I Cor. Avenue D and lOth St New York. I ; eatire satisfaction. We are constantly in receipt of the -=-!gr;.;;....-1-l Speo1.a1 N"o"ti.oea. Farmers' Tobacco Warehouse Co. 8. E .Cor. llaia ....t Sta., :LtC> '17::1:& "V:J::Lt:J:,a:m, T Fees-:Reduced. llJ' cUvlclecl between aa,.er and .. u..,. Selling Fee, SJ.eo per hhd. Buying Fee, Sl.eo per hhd. No Commission charged to Seller. Four (4) Months Free Storage to Seller; One (1) Mon:th Free Storage to Buyer. JAMES E: COR IN, Manqer, For the past ten years identified with the managemens the old Farman' Warehouse (Page & Co.), Louill ville, Ky. have sold the "Fanners' Warehouse" lease, fixtures and good-will to the "Farmers' Tobacco Warehouse ComJ:lany, and commend them to our friends an4-patrons as worthy of the oonfiden<:e th97 have so kindly bestowed upon us. 825-tf JOHN H. P.AGIIi & Co. Cigars! Cigara! ASSIGNEE'S SA;tE. The undersigned begs leave to notify Dealeis and the public in general he is offering at Greatly Red\lceed Prices, the finest and best KEY WEST CIGARS of well-known establishment of Sei.d.e:n.bera d3 co. at their store, 84 and 86 READE STREET, corner Church. 828 JULIUS BUNZ:L, Assignee. REMOVAL. We hereby inform the Tob!lcco Trade of the United States generally, and our many friends in particular that we have this day removed our office and stock of Havana Tobacco of the "Flor de S. B. & Co." )>rand, to 215 Jefferson Avenue. Detroit Michigan Having Mr. John Buehler, con: n.ected_ With the firm _of John R BeckAr & Co., of Cin cmnat1, as a partner m our firm, we will hereafter deal under the firm name of BERGER & our patrons for past favors we will en deavor m the future to merit their P.atrodRge. BERGER & BUICHLER Importers of the Flor de S,_B. & Co. brand of HM"ana Tobacco. 215 Jefferson Ave., Detroit, Mich. 8.25-tf W: party who has had fifteen years' ex perience m buymg and packing Connecticut Leaf To?jl-CCo, would like to buy, sort and pack for a reliable house: Has ample room for work and storage and can g1ve best of references in this city. Address J. G, G., Packer, ToBACCO LEAF Office. 829-tf W party having had a number of years' e;x:per1ence m the trade, with considerablA means, de to enter as partner in a large sud well-eatablished C,lgar Business, Best of references giv.en and and all communications considered s.tnctly confidentiaL 828-830 Addrees, A., P. 0. Box ,,065, N.Y. City. FOR SALE.-A fresh supply of 100 OOOpounds genu me" DEERTONGUE" FLAVOR for'smoking tobacco manufacturers, in lots to 1uit purchasers, at lowest figures. M .uunma BRos., UIS, 147 and 149 S. Charles Street, Baltimore. 1,000 Lbs White Burley Tobacco Seed for Sale. I am now ready to fill orders for thia celebrated va nety of tobacco seed, all grown the present season, and selected a crop of over 100 acres, I can Bafely recommend 1t to the trade to be second to none on the market. I respectfully solicit your orders and will perfect satisfaction will be the of a fair trial of my seed. The royal road to success ia to plant only the best varieties of l!lled, and raise desirable which is always in demand at high price.. Price, $5 per lb, or 75 cents per oz. I can also furnish the followmg varieties of Virginia-grown seed :-Yellow Oronoke, Yellow Prior, Sweet Oronoke, Old Dominion Ciiar Leaf, Virginia Seed Leaf, Qold Drop, aud Big Oronoke. A liberal discount to the trade on all yarieties named. Address, J. T. BoGGI:IIII ,._ 820-838 Felicity. Clermont ex;,, 0. '$100 R.e'arard. Paid to an,-oae ai11'iai Jnfcirmati .. of P&rt!M inc on our P,.tc.ata. e Our new Improved Process lor Ra-Sweatinl' Toba.ocoa a Maecess! Flattering teetimonialll iecetved from the eminent Tobacco Dealer& and Cigar Manuta.cturers wbo ha.e &dop&ed ov proceM. Every Dealer and Manufacturer should h&1'e a Sweav.Boom tltted up under our process on their own premise&. This 11 the beat and cheapest process in existence. &Dd the 11in:sl7 aure way to obtain dark: colors. Full particulars as to terms, which are l'NSOnable. &nd clrculanl mailed on appl; cation. Send us a case tor trial under our new proceea. A. TELLER.,. WAX;ED PAPEBI Packer, Commission Merchant, AND WHOr,FSALE DEALEE IN LE.A.P TO:EI.A..COO, No. 233 NORTH SHIPPEN STREET, Pa.. R. STEINECKE, MANUFACTURER OF FINE -CIGARS, 131 Water Street, New York. AUGUSTUS POLLACK, Manufa.ctlll'er of Cicaro, Crown &Seed I!!ITC>C3r:XES, SEAl OF THE STATE OF WEST VA. And C.KO 'v N Smoking .t ChewlngTobaocoo, WHEELl:NG, Weot Virgbda;.:_cu, S. The best value 1

8 me"tabl.11!1l1ed 104 Front Street, New York. -ll?. o.""sos. .. aaa.-MANUFACTURERS OB' AND DEA I.ERS IN PLUG AND SMUKING TOBACCO, Sole .Agents for JAMES B. PACE, Richmond, AND OTHER VIRGINIA MANUFACTURERS-. Bole ..A.gen. "ts :ror JNO. W. CARROLL'S CELEBRATED BRANDS, 'LONE JACK,' 'BROWN DICK/ :ETo., ETC., O -ANDETC. SMOKING TOBACCO. THE VIRGINIA TOBACCO AGENCY, :J.aae. J AS. -GAilDINI:Il, TOBACCO MEBC.RANT, 84 FRONT STREET, NEW YORK. EXPORT ORDERI li'OR PLUG TOBACCO PROMPTLY FILLBDo lYIAB.TIN a DUNN, 74 y-e>rk., (Premises lately occupied by BULKLEY & MOORE) DEALERS IN PLUG and .SMOKING TOBACCO, a:n.d for ORDERS FILLED PRO!IIPTLY FRO!II STORE OR F.&C.TORY, Sole Agents for the Justly Celebrated Brands, "ATLANTIC," "SENATOR" IN PLUC AND. CUT CAVENDISH: :a. r.r. !IIAN1JFA. JTURER OF '.l'HE -IBilln;ok.:l.n.5 Te>baooo. C::Lgar d:o O:l.caret'te 14l.O Oary B"t.,Va. F 0. LINDE. C. F. LDIDE I SEED TOBACCO INSPECTION]" I ... -TOBACCO INSPECTED OR SAMP1LEO.-, COUNTRY SAMPLING PROMPTLY A TTENJ?ED TO. ;, L.\.NC ,\_STEK, FuREST. PRINCIPAL OFFIC S : -14!;', NATr.:P. STHEETJ a>1d 182 to !11! til'. WABEHOUSIIS :-U2 WATER 8T!tEET_; 74, 76 an 78 GREENWICH STRJ!:ET. and PUDS u N RIVER RAlLR'l..uJ IJKPOT, ST. JOH,_ 'S PARK. V. (J, Jr, W, Conklin, A., A., Hunl. C. B:-8miltou Co -Leaf Tobacco -AND-CITY WEIGHERS, 179 B"t., N'e-vv-Y'ork. COUNTRY SAMPLINC PROMP"':'LY ATTENDED TO. IILA.lfOASTER, Pa., Brancb11\3 North Qneen St; Henry R,Trost, Agent. Ct., Braach-154 State St.; B. F. Hnrlbnrt, Agent. j BENSEL & CO., ORA'S FINKE&CO TOBACCO INSPECTORS, GOODWIN' & Cf JAMESBRUSSEL& CO., IUlfll'I'WN 01' "' FINE-CUT TOBACCO, 207 and 209 Water Street, Ito 78. BOWERY, .. r 1 s. s. EDMONSTON& BRO., 1 I oealers in Leaf Tobacco, .. 7 BB.<>.A.D EIT...,. "YC>B.::a::. Mason County and Cutting Leaf a Specialty. &, .A. "' I 30, 132 & 134 MAIDEN LANE, NEW YOJIK, MAHUr.t,CTURERS or ......,:JI'JI, FINEST CLEAR HA VAN! CIGARS, Awar4e4 :mp..t, Kt4a1 lzldbltlcD, li'TS, lldl .. 'pbllo ALSO IHPOllTit RS O" HAVANA CIGARS & LEAF TOBACCO. Gonzalez, I OFTDBACCO I 180 Pearl Street,' New York. Es"ta "f::> "" &EO. W. HELME, Suooe1aor to Appleby & Helme, 1r1A.NUFAOTURER OF THE CELEBRATED i liiA.NlJPACTlJREB OP C1gar 'J Box:e1s, .&na or GERMAN CIGAR MOLDS, '; (Sole Ar:ent for MESSRS. OSENBBlJECK .. (10,) 315 to 321 E. Eleventh St. ll .. NEW YORK. .commission Merchant, Virginialeaf T No. 39 BROAD STREET, y-e>rk.. A. D. CHOCKLEY & CO., DEALERS IN WESTERN, VIRCINIA, and NORTH CAROLINA LEAF TOBACCO, 38 Broad St., New York FIRST PRIZE I'IIEDAL' VIENNA EXHIBITION, 1873, ?dANUFACTURER OJ' MEERSCHAUM and AMBER GOODS, AND IMPORTER OF FmGh Briar PiDes and other Smokers' Articles! 69 WALKER STREET, ;, Corner Broadway, JSr e"''V' 'Y' ork.. And VIENNA, AlJIITBIA. rJir' Send for C11tn.logue nnd PriceList. as I have no travelling Wesmen. _. FANCY SMOKING PIPES -INTOBAGGO INSPEGWDRS, 178" WATER NEW tO&JL BRIER, AND FANCY WOODS A'I"''ENillED TO, MANUFACTURED BY ---o-LANC ....,.,Pa. Bnnca{PhiWpBorngesser I Lancaster, Pa., Braoch:-F. HARVEY .D.. FORD .o:u,J .. ...._.., D.a-.1.' Wm. DeHaven. HAM, 141 N. Queen st. (Smith' s Cigar Stot e.) 11.: I SYRACUSE BR 011.. ...... G. P. Hier & Co. Connecticut Rranch:-H. B. OLMSTED, SALESROOM-392.BROADWAY ... NEW y(i'RK. BALTIMORE1l R 11'-CH ... E. Wischmeyer& Co. East Hartfo rd, Conn -FACTORY" LEDGER Dl ... t;, J GABi'B, CJU.S. 0ARTH, :HJmny !!cmtOEDD, HENRY SIEBERT, D. J. GARTH, SON & CO., and Ceneral., Commission Merchants Commission Merchant, .o. 44 BROAD STREET, 68 Broad S"t. N'EJ'Vtf' E su.on!ON' :a'%. E. PACKERS OF SEED -AND Il\IPORTEM 0c"-a Ha-vana Tobacco and ar; :Dt.r.A-ZD:IDN' X.A.:N'EI, T'<>B.::S::. ,Z: .. ,. .. a s:wwe : 8tli &z:tac:: n ;w B:uchanan & 101 .A.LL ST., Y"C>B.::S::. C:::e>:IXL:IXI.erc:lal. Fac1;e>ry, N". MA,NU FACTURE THE FOLLOWING CELEBRATED BlBA.OOO: PL.A.JSIET, FANCY DA.RK NAVIES; N":EIPTU.tSTE, FANCY BRIGHT NAVIES; FLU&::EE. STANDARD BBIGHT NAVIES; &.A.:J:LC>B.'IS O:EI:O:J:OEJ, STA.ND.&RD DARK NAVIJIS, The reputation ot these gocds fs world-wide, and the increasing soles of them Is proof of their merits. .A.B.E <>F :J:nti::J:T.A.TZ<>:N'&. Our Trade-Mark "H-L is Embossed on every Plug. O::E"F:J:CES I BOSTON : 31 Central Street; CINCINNATI: 69 West Second Street; CHICACO: 9 Wabash Avenue ; SAN FRANCISC0:,318 Battery Street; PHILADELPHIA; 39 North Front Street. F.UGEIE DU COMMISSION MHBCIIBT. Tlleabovellrandof HAVANA TOBACCO CIGARETTES made only by ,S ll'B.OlW'T STB.BJ:!!i, \ 1fEW YORK. TBOIVIAS : B. BALL, 222 GB.EERWICH STREET. COR. OF Gustav Salomon & Bros . Il\IPORTERS OF -uo-.MANUFACTURER OF PINE CIGARS. &adDealersmallKindsof 1aacz. SEED LEAF TOBACCO,, 264 Pearl St., New York: Straiton a Storm., m:. Oppenheimer, of CIGARS Leaf f0bacco Dealers 1n LeaC Tobacco, J 204, and 208 EAST TWENTY-SEVENTH STREET, NEW YORK. 138 Water St., a:. J OF ---===OIGA =No. 472 CRAND STREET, NEW YORK. ..... .... _...____... ----------Importer of and Dealer In HAVANA LEAF TOBACCO And Manufacturer of ,FINE HAVANA CIGARS ONLY, 110 Y"ork.. ST::R,.A..'DS&, MA.NlJFACTlJBER OF y-e>rk. -CIU. F. TAG & SDK. .... rtoro ol SPANISH .. d Dnloula all klaB..&.CC<>: Vur PIUNCE ALBERT, COLORADO, UNCLE TOll, NAVY CLIPPINGS, BLACK TOll, IRONSIDES, A. & H. a SA.ILROAD KILLS, PRilfOE ALBERT, GOTHAM, lo. 133 WATER and 85 PINE STREETS, New York. :FOB PBICB LilT OB .&PPLT .&S .&IIOVB. B. C>R.Q.LEH.. lttanutactul"er or FINE CIGARS, Dealer In LEAF TOBACCO. 85 MURRAY STREH, NEW YORK. lily Rranda:-"CUBA LIBRE," "CLIMAX." SCHOVERLING BROS PACKERS AND DEALERS IN SEED LEAF TOBAGGOS 142 WATER STREET, "York. P ac king Warehouse at New Milford, eoQ. H. KOENIG, WHOLESALE DEALER IN HAVANA AID SHED LBAF "Z'C>B.A.OO<>&. 226 PEARL ST., NEW YORK. 1 L. GASII! ItT. /!. L. GASS1!rl J.: L. GASSERT k COMMISSION MERCE: .'iTS. AND D&ALERS IN .A.LL KINDS OJ' LEAF TOBACCO, 187 Bowery, New York. G. REISMANN. CoJJatnission Merchant, LEAAFD&Ai'tia'icco. 228 PEARL'ST., NEW YORI; Hirsch, Victorius & LEAF TOBACCO,' 171 WATER ST., NEW YDRK. FRED I s c H u L z' Paeker .....t Dealer in Seed. And Importer of Havana Tobacco, 213 Pearl St., New York. L. GKRSIEL & BRO.,) PACKERS AND DEALERS IN ,;. """&'' SEED LEAF 4. TOBACCO, I PEARL" STREET;) 1... Glr:RSHii.., t;.. 'NEW YORK B. DIAZ & TRADE llA.IUt. 211 PE.t.BL ST., NEW TORY,


'J "' JAN. 8 'THE TOB-ACCO LEAFc < Er..u.s SPDiGARN, .ALEX. TIAUCBRAUS. SAMUEL H. SPINQA.IL'\, E.SPINGARN&Co. D!PORTERS OF SCHBODER 4 BON, N. LACHE.NBRUCH & BRO. H A. "V' .AN" AND PACKERS OF SEED LEAF TOBACCO, 5 'Burling Slip, New York. REYNES BROS. & CO., Commission Merchants 46 & 48 Exchange Place, S. :a; .A. v .A. N" :A. -ANDSEED LEAF TOBACCO, 162 Water St., New York. Basch & Fischer, IMPORTERS OF HAVANA .&ad Pnekers or SEED LEAF TOBACCO, 156 WATER STREET, NearMaldenLane, NEW YORK. Tho Gorman-Amorican Bank LEAF TOBACCO, 129' Lane, Gus FRIKND, NEW YO EowAltD FrnKND, RK t,nuoo. e ""'"" CUTHRIE a. CO., Front. Street. COMMISSION 178 STREET, NEW YORK,, IMPORTERS OF SPANISH A.ND PACKERS OF LEAF .. OF& CO., THE CELEBRATI;D FINECUT: 1 VIRGIN LEAF and NAVY I C::131:E'VVIN'G-TC>:B.A.CC?, And aJl kinds of Smoking Tobacco. Also Manufacturers of the well-known Brands ol Bright Plug Chewing: own. 'onward,' 'FriondshiD,' and 'Sailor's Solaco.' MANUFACTORY AND SALESROOM: I Cor. Avenue D and Tenth New York. P A,CKERS OF SEED LE.AF AND IMPORTERS OF 164 WATER STREET, NEW YORK. A. H. SCOVILLE. FRANK MoCOY .A.. :E31:. &c<"Ville &; 0<., Sueee..,on to PALJIIER & SCOVILLE, IMPORTERS AND JOBBERS OF LEAF TOBACCO No. I 70 WATER STREET, NEW YORK, p SIMON O'l'l'II;.,DERO. REXRY OTTE.'IllERO, HEr.l.:ANN OTTEN BERG & BROS ERNEST FREISE, (FOBUBLY OF THE FII!M Oi<' WALTER FRIEDlt1AN & J'R.EISE,) JIIPOBTEB OF LBONARD _I'R.IBD:MAN, DIPOR'I'ER ... 011' HAVANA TOBACCO, 203 Pearl Street, New -York. WK. JWGII.RT. !l'lDIQ, WOLF, JB. WM. BGGEBT & CO IMPORTERS OF HAVANA j I E. ROSENWALD & BRO.; I & 145 Street, New York.-' I -S. ROSSIN. .IlL ROj!SIN S. &, SON'S, PACKERS LEAF, IMP.ORTERS OF HAVANA TOBACCO, 1'78 'VV ST., ARNOLD POLLAK, SOLE AGENT POR THE PACIFIC COAST FOR Mossrs, KERBS & SPIESS. New York; Mossr,, HORAC:E R. KELLY & CO., New Yorl<; Metisrs. MUSSE!.MAN & CO., Louisville. "" TRADE :HARK: ''NEW DEAL." 0 TOBACCO FOR EXPORT. l\l.[an u:factu.rers o:f Fl ug Tobacco_ AND PACKERS OJ' .4.1'101":1:) O:J:G-.A.:R.EITTES' t.ear Tobacco pre .. in baleo f o r tile Weot ladlol Leading "'rands "H""'SE ""'" D ,; "HEAD LIG.H'r" "LITTLE HATCHE'" eDca u and Cent ralAmerican Ports, and otbet 'IDa! ,g SEED LEAF Tobacco ALSO MANUFACTURERS" OF FINE CIGARS: a 9 ct:t te>:n. Street, JST .,,..,.. ""Y' e>r k.. or-Deln)t 1he Manuf'aetnrers and Owner of the eelebrated "LEO" rand oCCtear, any tnirlngemeDt oC 'vlll be deaU with &o law. ket1. 1 TOllACCO PAF 'CREASELESS VERTICAL TOP, TIN-LINED AND FLANGE TOP CIGAR MOLDS;. CIGAR SHAPERS,. &c. t OFFICE AND FACTORY: 510 East Nineteenth St., New York. 132, '134, 1361 138 & 140 E. 2d St., Cincinnatt,'O, On Application we shall take pleasure 'In sending to' any address, free, Circulars of all our Manufactures. Manufacturers' Mills. R.-HILLIER'S SON & co. .S CEDAR ST., NEW YORK. "'Sampl turulehed," and special quot&Uou give. for any article required. FINE POWDERED LICORICE ROOT, I XL Brand. Extra Fine Powdered, licorice Root (fro:m. eelec'C roo&) Eureka Brand. FINE GB011ND AND GR.I.N11LATBD DEER TONG11E, FINE GB011ND AND GRANULATED LA11REL LEAVES, FINE GB011111D L.l. VEND.R FLOW WHOLE GROUND or POWDEBED, 8AII' L HlaLBRONn, B.ui'L JOOEPID, db JIIANVFACT11RERS OF TC> C:J:G-.A.n, og 0 Q; "! 0 ... N. W. cor. PEARL and ELM STR.EETS, NEW YORK. LDBENSTEIN & GANS, 'VHO,LESAI.E DEALERS IN SEED AND HAVANA AGE:ITS AII'D !:\!PORTERS OF THE GE:\.'UJNE W. & M. :c:I:G-.A..R. 1\ILOULDS, Presses, Straps & cutte:P.i; IlllPORTEllS Oil GERolA,N & SP.UHS H OIGAB RIBBONS: 131 :L\/Xaicten. I.oa:n.o, N'ew Ve>rk.., A. PERSON, HARRIMAN & CO., LAugustus Treadwell, formerly with Howard Bros. 11 Read.1 Tobacco-IMITATION SPANISH AND LINEN FANCY STRIPU I FOR PUTTINC UP SMOKINC TOBACCO, 451' & 459 Broome Street, New I E."ILE LOBECK.' CIIAS. E. B:if& &, Commission Merchant1, I ANGELICA., (]LOVES. CASB.A.CCC> a:n.d COMMISSION MERCHANl S 3 MERCADERES ST., [P. 0. Box 368} HAUNA. CUBA .. .a.:.EE. N. H. BORGFELDT. 510 East 19th St., New York. LEVY B:JtOTHERS, BOSSELMANN & SCHRDEDER,. JKan.:urao'tu.:rers of :MAURICE ELLER, ...._ 1 FINE CIGARS ... BROKER,,. ., .... gar cor .a.-ve:n.'U.e o db l..a't:n. s"t., : c W &AIL &AX Leaf Tobacco and Cigars, Commission Mercl\ants : No. 116 MAIDEN LANE, ( 1 JSI'e'VO' ""Y'<>rk.. 18, (P. 0. BOI 650) Hrbvana._ .,....,.....-- Toba!?c? LEERET & BLASDEL, -Freight '"-MANUFACLUKERS OF JOHN "VV'. CARB.OI.I., Brokers ;25U256Canalat.Jcor.lillll.ICWYOrt. c -e ioleManufactnreroltbeFamousandWorldrno-w<.edDrandof _--.---. 1gar YIRCINIA SMOKINC TOBACCOS, ./ 'RECEIVING AND,' FORWARDING AGENTS, WISE & BENDHEIM, Agts. 168 & 170 East Water St., LONE J BROWN DJCKi sYRAcusE, N. Y Manufactory:TWELFTH STREET, LYNCHP.iURG, VA. (P. 0. Box 3,152.) ,53 Exchange Place, NEW vc DEALERS IN ALL onHELATESTBTYLESof -*' CIGAR-BOX LABELS AN'D TRIIDIIII'GS, C..W. _...., ---1111!2 -


f I / THE TOBACCO LEA.:e. JAN. 8 TE#T.T.EJR; :EI:E&O&., Packers, Commission Merchants, and Wholesale Dealers in FOREIGN & DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCO, 117 NORTH THIRD STREET, PHILADELPHIA. W. EISENLOHR& __ OOr, PACKi:RS AND WHOLESALE DEALERS IN T 0 D A C c-o' 1115 &. 'ter S't., w. :EtSENLOHR, -Plillo. BONN. L. BAMBERGER & C9., .! PACKERS AND DilALERS IN .. E.A.P "' TC>::B.A.CCO, And Manufacturers of LowCrade CIBars, Ill Arch St., Phlla.delphia, Pa.. LEWI S BREMER'S SONS, Wholesale Dealers ia 1LEAF'' AND KANUFACTmtED TOBACCO, NO. 322 NORTH THIRD STREET, PHILADELPHIA. .. A large assortment of a:ll kinds oi LBAII' ToBACCO constap.tlv on hand .J!!_I WI! S KIMBAJ,L & CO s VANI1Y FAIR TOBACCO & ClGAF.E7TES ROOH:ESTER, N.Y. HAY & SMITH, Pa.ckars, Commisdfll Xercha.nts & Dealers in SEED LEAF tc HAVANA TOBACCO No. 35 North Water-st., Philadelphia. A.:_d 214 &TATE STREET, HARTFORD,CONN. M.E.McDowell& Co. 39 NORTH STREET, PHJLADELPHIA, _Pa.;per Tag Tc:ba,ccc: W. T. BLACKWELL & Gez:a:u.1D.o S:u1ok.:I.:D.c Tobacco, New .Yurt Bo,tonl Pittsburgh; Chicago, St. Lonis and Cincinnan. "U. &. Sel.icl. Tc:p i CtGAR MOULD.MANUFACT'G CO. 1 Cor.!RidiDJ & North Collage Ave'sl Philadelh\a, Pa. 1 .Baltimore Advenisem&nts. "VVM. A... BOYD & CO., IIIIPQ.RTED AND LEAF TOBACCO, 1\To. 33 South Street. &, CO., 1WA.N11FACTDREB.S OF CIGARS, AND OF THE WELLK.NOWN ALL-TOBACCO CIGABE'I'TES "EXPRESS," arid ., NIC-NAC" Havana Cheroots. OUR ACENTS :-Messrs. WISE A BENDHEIM, New York; N. B. MANNINC, Philadelphia. 363 WEST BALTIMORE STREET, :Bal.1::l%1:1e>re, D!Xd. Western Advertisements. AMBROSIA TOBACCO WORKS. W. G. MEIER & CO. SPENCE & CO. Pine-cut. .A.Z\1:1: ro SmoklD&'o No'S. 54 to 62 East Third Street, O:X:N'<;:':X.N'N" .A.TX0 0. LOUISV,ILLE, X;r. R. :MEIER & CO., CINCINNATI, 0, [EAF -TOBACCO. i:>fc:'h:r1 Pb1zer &, ::Brc:s., l'IIA.NUP&CTUREBS OP MISCELLANEOUS !DVRRTISEMENTS HnnmALB SouTH, E H. Slrrrll, E> ... Pe>'a1:11d .... Western Leaf Tobacco X...O:U.f!i J C>h.:U. Bs, :EIX":lf!ih.1; a.n.d :Bl.a..cb:.., B Oe:u.1: Pl.u..-, ,tND ALL O'I'HER POPULAR STYJijES OF FINE NAVY TOBACCO, .. .... 699 to 707 W. Sixth"' St., Cinc:binati, 0. Also Manulaoturer of tho Veneered Cedar Cigar-Boz Lumber. Sample furnished on Appllcation. Send for PriceLilot. A. f:u.ll Line oc Labelo, Edg_!_ngo and Rlllbono kep' eonotanny on hand at JU.anucacturera' Prtees. JACOB WE-lL, AARON KAHN, E. A W&IL. JAMES PHILIPS, FoQDerly wUb c. S, Philip k Co, AFRICAN SHIPPERS A SPECIALTY. :a;..a.. V A.N" A And Dealer in SEED LEAF TOBACCO No. 98 Water Street, Cllu. w. WILDU, Ja. Wx. B. CHAS.JW. WILDER, Jr., Importer and Manufacturer of WEIL,KAHN&CO. .aLuror..&CTIJR.Elis & WHOLESALE DEALERS! lN Tobacco Cnring aud Sweating; FINE CIGARS, (Under C. S PHILIPS Patento,) -The only Successful Process in E:rlstence Dark Colors Cuaran-teed. Cigars & Leaf Tobacco 113 Main St., Cincinnati; 0. HENRY GEISE, (Successor to B. GEISE & BRO.) STE..&.DIX .CIGAR-BOX FACTORY, Ntt. 93 C'LAY STREET, CINCINNATI, 0, t:A. l'n..t.ew&, PRAGUE & MATSON, LEAF TOBACCO BROKERS -ANDRE DRYERS OF CUTTING LEAF AND PLUG FILLERS ON COllMISSION. 9.4 W. Front St., Cincinnat4. ,J?R.Y HQUBES:--Co..,.GTOt<, Kv.; W.u.m" KY. L. C. SCHEFFEY, MANUFACTURERS' AGENT, lmDorted, Key Westl Havana, New York, AND PENNSYLVANIA 52"Fourth Avenue, nca.r Main, :l!3::'Y. Poor burning Tobacco made good. Old and Dried out goods renovated &nd pnt into good order. Green, raw, light-co lored or unsweated cured and broUght to dark colors. 70 Main St., Cincinnati, 0. BERRY ME .. fER & CO.; COMMISSION MERCHANTS, And Wboleu.le .Dealecs ia OHIO AND' -coNNECTICUT LEAF TOBACCO, 46 Frant St Ch)cinn'!!.ti. 0. F. DOHRMANN,4 LEAF TOBACC'O BROKER S. E. cor. Vine & Front Sts., CINCINNATI. 58 Kilby A 98 Water St8.1 -!' BC>BTC>::N". EMERY BE:MIS, Jr. @ IMPORTER OF :B;..A. VA::N" ..A., AND DEALER IN' SEED LEAF TQBACCO, 32 Central Wharf, (, ::13 <>'te>n., Z\l:l:a.s. C. B. BUTLER, PACKER & J'OBBER OP LEAF Tobacco, .1 1a HAMPDEN STREET, SPRINCFIELD, MASS. E. :M. FLACK, TOBACCO BROKER, HOPKINSVILLE, KY REFERENCES: lno. C. Latbam, Pres't Bank of Hopkil!S."ill'!i. s. E Prea't Planters' Bawyerl.. wallace & Co., New Yor;o.; Spratt&: Co. Louisville, Ky. Is J!cOw retailing 118 ditterent shapes and oi?,es, from tbe factory, at g_rea(Jy reduced prices. Every mouil warranted Ullllorm. If size Plfrcbased be not suitable. it will bG excbang811 or money 1-eturned. Our ann Is to give perfect satisfaction to the trade. By purchasing direct from the faCtory you wRl Sa;ye all delay &nd .commissions. The onlv meda l and at tbe Centennial was to the u. S. Mould. omcial documeDts ea.n be seen at !'oDd North CoUege.Avenues. U S. SOLID TOP CIGAB MOULD 00. B. til Peul St., Jf'ew York, S. Ac--t. .Jeaeph Loeb, BeD.JamlJa Labe. .GOODS SOLD TO JOBBERS ONLY. 1!r' CORRESPoNDENCE SOLICITED. HOLT, SCHAEFER & C"!h,. LYNCHBURC, VA,, BUYERS AND HANDLERS OF w. Co., TA.CHAU&LAN.DRUM G. w. WICKS & MAHOGANY., SAW MILL oof o: v;;;is;:;;t LEAF TOBACCO Jc:sepb. Lc:eb &, Cc:., ---.DB.ALJ:BSIN- f TOBACCO Se>l.:t.o1'ted. SPANISH CEDAR FOR CIGAR-BOXES, LOUISVILLE, Ky. J w. F. NORMAN. W. W. BELVIN. UHLER.'S NORMAN & BELVIN PACKERS AND DEA:LERS IN _Lea:f T9baooo, No. Ill North Third Street, PHILADELPHIA. -Warehonoo-121) North Water St., J ,ANCASTER. PA.-Bet. Hanover&Charles&D4Lomblird&PrattSts., -.-..,. .. ;-;8ALTIMORE, Md. w. c. YORK. IB2;!1ESJ R R.EE. Vocu;v k G. &F. Koocu. A. R. POUGERA:Y, PUHNILADELPHIA. c-& __ .ITeZ.ER o Packers of Leaf Tobacco. J. ,RtuCottsrttir& co., DOHAN & TAI'I"l', : -ro:Bacco Tobacco Commmsion RUDOLPH HENSCHEN, l!lana:faetnrer ot oc e 0' GEO F G THER nNE WRAPI'EJLS a. TOBAC.CO CENERAL I I A. SPECIALTY -.Am>-General .Collliilission Merchants, 107 ARCH STREET, CIGAR BOXES 338 & 340 S. SHARP ST., D!Xd. GOIMISSION MERCHANTS Loaf Tobacco & Cotton Brakor Dealers & commi&Sion Merchants in I DA. NVILLE VIRCINIA. S.E.eor,Cheapolde&LombardSto, Eleventh and Main Streets I Paul c. Venable, 31 North Water Street PEE:XX....A.DEX...PEE:X.A.. (Entrance on Lombard Street,) -r. ....... .....,. :XS :XX...X...E, Bet. !\lain and Second Sts., COIIliiiSSION -ABD-aO North Delawa!'e Avenue; ..-.;,;;;;--. ... --BATCHELOR BROTHERS, The Only Manufacturers & KEYtheEAST F. X. KELLY, Jr., HAPPY THOUGHT Tobacco Agency, ARCH sr., Phlladelpbla0 Pa, qENERA.L AGENT FOB WILSON A McCALLAY'S PLUC TOBACCOS. -Order Promptly Fl!led. Br Leaf Tobacco Pressed In Bales a Specialty. DRESEL, RAUSCHENBERG & CO., TOBACCO."SHIPPING & COMMISSION MERCHANTS. _:: IMPORTERS OP GERM&N POTASH and FERTILIZING SALT, A.genf"or Liverpool Line of Steamer and Paeket to Bremen,. Ham Rotterdam and Amnerdam, 11 S. GAY STREET, BALTIMORE. 1231 Cheotaut, and 23lf.Seoond St., _"'E. E. WENCK,, G. H. M. Marriott, Jheobald&Oppenh_eimer. ToaAcco aHIPPINc DEALERIN -.I.JII>-0 IMPORTED A DOMESTIC (Successor to Cooper & Walter. ) coMMISSION MERCHA.NT E A F : T n B A c c o, snanish 46_and 48 st cttarlea at., 31 German St., Baltimore, Md. SMOKING TOBAGGO :N, E. corner Girard Avo. & 'l'th Street, 81 W, eor, Lomar se., BaUbaore,BL DARK WRAPPERS OONSTANTLY ON HAND. : BARKERR & WAGGNER P HILADELP HIA. PA. DA G HmsH :B.A. v-.A. N .A.. &6672 NOR'J:H ELEVEliiTH liT,, -GUMPERT BROS., .. M...:ucaetureroce>. SE CO, LEAIFRTETODBIATCCO, CIGAR MANUFACTURERS. PA.CTORY-113 S, 23d Street! PENNSYLVANIA SEED TOBACCO, STORE -1341 Cheotnut Strce&! PEE:XX....A.DEX...PEE:X.A.. Q 8 East Chestnut St.,-MANUFACTUREI!8 OF THE LANCASTER, p A. "Postal Card" Cigars. ..-6oo,ooo etc--AI .... ,. .... Haacl. 29 South GaJ SL, Baltimore, IIIL We I.D.vite the attentJon o:t .Manutaeturera to our stock ot Dark Beweated .D"rappen, ot We invite the atteatto of Manufacturers to our which we m&ke a specla.lty. Stock of DARK II.E"SWEATED WRAP ---------.----PERS, of which we make a Special!..-. MILLER & HERSHEY, H. L. STEHMAN, S 0. FRANTZ. J. L. FREY, J. L. WEIDLER. DEALEF.S I:l A:SD PAC:s:ERS OF THE YiJRK CIGAR CO. H. L. STEHMAN & CO., FREY & WEIDLER PENNSYLVANIA : Delllero. andPackersln SEED LEAF TOBACCO, PENNSYL-\IANIA CIGARS Le f Tobacco fromSI2to$16perthousand. Manufacturers of Cigars a Petersburg, Lancaster Co., Pa. Pa. 112 & 2M1North c;lueen Street, 213 West Street, LANCASTER, PA. P.A.. s. w. YENARLE. VENABLE & Co. __ Oftlce: Cor. Byrne and Halifax Sts., Petersburg, Va. &,C'"-c: Factory: 19 District. Virginia. I IIAJf1JF I Kanufo.cture and Otrer to the Trade IIIla foUowiag Celebrated Brnnd of sWEm N.&V'YCHiWi5GioB.a.cco, i PlUG GHEWING SMOKING TOBACCOS. : ,MD 'lBZ CKLEBB.l'i118 JUUl1l) OJ' r ftnll"SE" BRIGHT NAVY, le, X a, 3t 4-s, k, &.,'7'1, Ia, 8-d 101. .JACKSON'S BEST' : 4 UNION .JACK" POUNDS; X .i.nd &a. .... "ST. JAMEil" DARK. POUNDS, )fs, h, 5a, 6a, 7'&, 9a &Jld. lOa, Also a great variety of FINE TWIST of several gtades Bright m:ip 3AC K EST" aa per annexed. TRY IT UNDE.R OUR GUARA..'ITEE; and If noHo we represenlllt, we WILL PAY FREIGIIT BOTH WAYS. ROLD BY A.LL LEADING JOBBERS THROUGHOU'F. STA'ES, : Wise & Bendheim. Nnw York Agents. p, CA. VA.NAGH, 41 and 4'3 Wabash. tA.venue, Chicago.. .; A,, HAGEN & CO,, 63 N. FrontStreet,.Phlladelp Pa.; N, H, CHB-I8TI.&N1 Galveston, Texas; W M. P, TINGLE, Cincinnati, 0.; E. W, REULING, 822 Montgomery St.1 San Francisco; T, II, HOLLAND__. Indianapolis, Ina.; W. R, HOFF_, South and Water Sts., Baltimore, Md.; COOPER 6:: Cor. :Madison & Front Memphis, Tenn. W. G. ADA. !liS, 97 Water Street, New York. ST. :X...C>"D":XS. LEAF TOB II. H. GUNTHER, of N-Orleano, Choice Brands of I,.icorice ru..lays on-ACCO BROKER Cot.ton Buyer. Liberal Cash A vances made on Cons.ign8 O:rder Prom.ptly .._,,ended &o. :P. J SO:R.G &. CC>., MANUFACTURERS OF ALL KINDS OF PLUG TOBACCO, C> :Bra.n.cJ.: cc ::&::KG GU'N'." "Solid "Trade Dollar,", "Tidal Wave," "Black Dlatnond.'' W. BEST,'ChlcasoJ W. 'H. RUSSELL, Cbicaao. LOII.IN PALMER, New York;l._: :.-BST. BUSSBLL & CO., (Successors to JOHN C. PAkTRIDGE & CO.,) AND SOLE PRO'PRIETORS OF TilE GENUXNE "GOLDEN CROWN" CIGARS, 57 Lake Street and 41 State Street, Chicago, Ill. ALSO AGENTS FOR THE FOL,LOWING WELL-KNOWN P. LORILLARD & OO.,_New Yotk; CO., New W T. BLA.CKWEX.L .t OQ., Durb&m, t< C,_;_ 1. J. IIAGLI:Y .t. 00.-.. Detroit, )IJch. 1. w. CAIIROLL'II "WNE lACK," Va. & CO.'S "OLD. JUDGE" Tobacco a.nd Cigarette HALL' S "BETWEEN TBE ACTS" and 11'. S. KINNEY'S CIGAi'ii;\Ti'ES. WM S KIMBA..WL"' CO'S 'iANIT> FAIR 1fJBi.CCG & ClSARETTES _KOOHESTl!:R N.Y. I BANNER TOBACC O COMPANY SUCCESSORS TO NEVIN & MILLS, 193 & 195 Jefferson Ave., Detroit, (CORNER OF B .ATES STREET,) MANUFA.CTUREltS' OF THE CELEBRATED a ANNER BRAND FINE CUT. "BETTER .. THAN THE WM .. H. '.f'EF'l' .. V if". e f_ .A.:N'D, -A.loo FlnQ Virginia Manuf'rs Stems & Scraps. C.'U.r5, V"a.. l solicit correspondence with large rei'$ and dealers 1n the United States and Europe. ll!ld w!U furnish samples and prices onappli<:atioo. -and will make contracts. LADD t TOBACCO, CO., LEAF TOBACCO BUYERS, No. 21 North Main Street, ST. X...OU:XS, D!XC> W. M. LA.DD, Preoldent, B. SUBER.T, WHOLESALE DEALER IN V ..A.::N" A DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCO, 231 Eaat Randolph St., CHICAqo, ILL. .!!'"'KBVJLLE, Too ...... BOPKINS'\'ILI08e .. 1 p&JJV(I&Bt; IE;:-JAS. A. HHNDHRSON & CO:I DEALERS IN. Virginia and North Carolina LEAF TOBACCO, XJan. V" a. Smokers and Bright Leaf a Specialty. Orders Solicited. Refereucea: -W, N, Sbelton, F. X. Burton, C. Q. Boli&Dd.


I JAN. 8 Business Directory of Advertisers. NEW YORK. Le<>f TGbacco Ware"'*Abnor Ill Dehls, 190 Pearl. Arendt &: Frjngant. 193 Pearl Block &J.J.ndheim, 160 Pearl Barnes Geo. B. 70 Pine Barnett 8. 162 lVater llaech & Flscner. 155 Water. Cardozo A. H. 66 Broad Chockley A. D. & Co. 38 Broad Orawr:ord E. :bt. &: Son, 168 W!Lter. Edmonston S S .& Bro. 47 Broad Eggert Wm .!: Co. 245 Pearl Friedman, Henry, 119 Maiden Lane J'rlend E. Ill G. /1!. Co. 129 Malden Lane. G. W. Gail & Ax, 166 Water Garth D. J., Son & Co. 44 Broad. Gassert J. L & Bro. !57 Bowery Qershol L. /1!. Bro. 191 Pearl. Hamburger I.&' no. 151 W'ter BeUbroner, Josephs & Co. 119 M&lden I..ane Hirsch, Victorlus & Co. 177 Water Kerbs &:; Spiess 1014-1020 2d A vtmue JCoenlg B. 226 Pearl Lacbenoruch & .Bro. 164 Water. Lederer & 218 Pearl. Levin M. H. 162 Pearl. Levy D. 169 Water Lebensteln & &ans. 131 Malden Lane. NeuBerger M. 112 lVater Newgass L. 144 Water Ottinger Brothers, 48 Broad.. owen F. E Oppenheime r :\! .138 Water ltei.9manu G. 228 Pearl. Rosenv-.ald E. & Bros. 145 Water Rossin S. & Sons, 173 Water Salomon G. & Bros. 254 Pearl Sawyer, & Co. 47 Broadway Schoverling Bros. 142 'Vater Schroeder & Bon, 178 Water. Bchubart H. & Ce. 160 Water. Schulz Fred. 218 Pearl Scoville A. H. & Co. 170 Water. Siebert Henry, 68 Broad. Splngarn E. Ill Co. 5 Burling Slip. Steinecx:e R., 181 Water Tag, Cba.rles..F. & Son. 184 li'rout. Upmann, Carl, 178 Pearl. Ware1,()U.Sts for the Sale of Manu/dd,....,. and Smoking Tobacooa. Allen&:: Co, 173 and 1% Chambers .&.wcustin & DuselJt Vfarren. Dohan, earroll &: liO. 104Front. DuBois Eugene. 75 Front. &nalebacll F. !l6 B. Waabin&'t<>D Squ&N ea.rdiner J. M. 84 Front. Hen A. 43 Liberty. Bunt H. W. 69 \VUlto.m llartln &: Dnnn, 74 Fron' Mettler & Co. 88 Water Thompson, Moore&: Co. 83 Front Wiae &:: Bendheim, 264 and 266 Canal Jmportera of Manda Cigar. Unlngton's sons, 8., 2i6 Front TobaCco Balera tor Expor1. Guthrie & Co. 225 Front. Leal To!Joo<:o BIDo<>liKg. Phllip C. s & Co.188 Pe&rl Commtssion Merchant& Beyneo Brothe.ra & Co., 4i & 48 Exchange Place. Tobacco BrOkerl. Oa.ttus John. 83lieaver ErtheUer M. & Son, 141 'Vater. 1tller M. 116 Maiden Lane Gans' Son, J. S. & Co. 84 and 86 Wall Osborne, James G. M Broad. Bader M. & Son. 48 Broad Shack A. 178 Pearl Slreet. llla,.u.r of Snooking and OMUiinq T<>/IlriKO To-. Allen ll: Co. 173 and 175 Cham ben A.uguttln &: Dusel, 11 Warren Hen A. 43 Liberty Mathews H W 78 Wa.r:ren Wise&: Bendheim 264 and !1116 Canal .JICI""f""turer of Key W m Cjgorl. DeBary & Co. 41 and 41 W"""" Gato E. H I ()I Cbambers lllcFoll & Lawson, 33llurray lleldenberg Ill Co. !14 and 86 Reade Jlanufacturen ? 1 allod .&. Demuth Wm. Ill Co. 007 /1!. 609 Broadway Wets Carl, 69 Walker Kaufmann Broo. It Bondy, 121131 Grand Importer f Clar_ Pipa. Demuth Wm. Ill Co. 50'1: &: 509 RroadW&J' l!en A 43 Liberty K:autmaun BrM. dt Bondy, 1119 and 131 Grand Jl(ay Broe. 105 !ld Ave. M"""fGCturer of BrkJr Pf,_ """ .lwoporNn of Smoker' .Artiola. Augwoti.n & Duoel, 11 Warren St. Demuth W'll. &: Co. 507 /1!. 609 BroadW&J' Barre.r & Ford, Broadw&J' Boa A. 411 Libert)" Kautmann Broe. &: Bondy, 1:19 and 131 Grud J(a..n.u/tJ.Cturen of Licorlee Pcutc. KaA.ndrew Ja.mee C 65 "Water lltamford llanufactur!Djf Co. llif :Balcl6ll LaDe WYer a: SterrT 2f Cedar l"'porter o} I..tcorice ArruJmban. Wallaee & Co. 119 and 81 B. 'IV1I*a llcUdrew James C. !IIi WaiM We&Yer& Ste.-.y, It Cedar Zurlcald&y & Argulmban, 118 BeaTer Jl-wcact"r"" of Poloderi""'Y. II Y Tobacoo Machine Co. II Br0..S11'11F. 8l&&llrie 4 Co. 1115 l'ronL Kriella H. W. lll!-llll l:utiCieYilDU. Bl. 11..n11 Jacob, llllll aad llliO Konroe -B. I'll aad 181 LAwlo Wicke William .t Oo. 11111-111 0--* _,.. .. 8pGMM a.--Olollor. .. ,.. .. J. 11 and IS Qoanon u......,...w ... -..aa ... 'l'wdl ...... ... tvd.lf--. .... .. ..-II'IIIIMIIIc ...... --.,.,HE TO.gAcco 9 The Sphinx) Cigar SUTRO & NEWMARK, 7'6 Park Pla.ce,INew York. _DII!trl.ct & 723 3rd Distrlet. Strap<, .... and Germa>l Cigar JtOIIIda. Lobenotoln & Qans, 131 Malden Lane Man.utactv.rert of Cigarette&. Ball Thomas B. 76 Barclay 8paniah and German. Oiga.r Ribbon.& Beppenheimer &: and 24 N. WtWam Lobenotoln /1!. Gans, 101 Jllalden La,ne Strauss Sim )D, 179 Lewis Wicke Wm. & Co. 1!18-161 Qoercll: M'fN of TobaCro 8lwu> Oardt and Labelf. Donaldson Bro11., Five P0ints. P. 0. Box 2791. Gl< Sigm, Matthews John, 1st Av. bet. 26th It 27th Impqrter tJ/" La Vuelta Abajo Flavor. Cbaskel J .. 66 Warren. Mfrs Havana Cigar Fla"Vor. Fries Alex .s; Bros. 44 College Place. To!JRqell & Co. 57 Lake and 41 State Woodward E. A. 42 Wabash Av. CINCINNATI. O, Oi,qar Box The E D. Albro Co .. 685-787 W. Trost Samuel W., 699 to 707 West Slxtb Wholesale Dln in Oigars &: Tobauo and Agts. for Glob& Fine-Cut andHaM'U &: &m s Oigar Supplia. Schuberth Ill Co. 185 VID .D<<>Iers ;,. ca!ld 04/ar IAGJ 7blloooo. Meyer Hv. /1!. Co. 46 FreD$ Tob. Commiuion Merchant and Mj'r'.f .Agwu Ill Co. 17 &: J9W. !ld street Dlr1. ;,. Foroigll rt Dom<1tic Leaf TobMco. Oberhelman John II. Co. 110 W. Front a\reel Le<>f Tobaceo Buy..-. Wrt;:ht Tboe. H 47W. Front atreel Tobacco O..ring cane! SwatiKg, .Pb.Uipe James, 7'0 Jla.i.n street Tobacco Tago. Murdock Ja11. Jr. 165 Race. CLARKSVILLE, T--. Lw/ TGbacco Brolo!n. at.r1< IL H. Ill Bro CLEVELAJifD. O, DfbcJoooJobber in all Jlli>ldt Jl<>nufcaclun!d 7\>i>ocoo. Semon Charlea, onceeooor lo Golllaon Ill l!emoo, !lit Ontario DAlOIURT. Ooaa. ...... lMIIor ;,. 8Nd lAQf 2'el>eeM. Qn.-..Q. w D.AlnriLLE. Va. l'tu!lcaN rt o-ur. ;,. LR/ Norman & Bel'l'bL Doalero ...... JJroWrt t .. IAQf 2'..._. Beadenoa. Jameo .A. 4 Co Sfrie!lr o..w. Vtnl&bleP.C. hmbel'toa .t Pean. Qoii&M-Broilon>fl/ -J.B..tCo. DAVEJIPOBT.Iewa. -.r-0/0'--. Clflllr ...... ........... .... -.-w.... DAYTON. O. Packers and Dealers in Ohio Seed. Btmm, E. &: Sons O'Nenw. s. DETROIT, Mich. of (Jh, and Smoking 7Dbacc0. Barker K. 0. It Co. 7t and 76 Jelfer!!On Av Importer of lfa.vftna Tobacco. Berger & Buehler. 215 Jefferson .Avenue. DURHAM. N.c. Manufacturers of Smoking Tobacco. Blackwell W T & Co Mfrs ot Blacktuelf.' D1trham Cigarettes. Blackwell W T. d'! Co. :EV ANSVILL!.. Ind. 1'obacco CommiBB'ion .Merchant&. Morris C. J. & Co HARTFORD, Conn. Pa.cke1s and Dealer ifi Seed Ltat Thbo.<'co Gershel L. Ill Bro., s. .. aling. Philips C. S & Co. 131 North Water. Manufacturer of Snu!f and Smoking Tobacco Wall&ee Jas. 666 to 672 North Eleventh Manufadwrer of C:Jiaarr. Batchelor Bros., 1231 Uhestnut and 23 N. Gumpert Bros., 1,341 Chestnut Theobald & Oppenheimer, Girard Av. rt 7th It ToDaccO Fougeray A. R. 33 North Front .Mr;,nufactu1er of Mellor & Rittenhouse, !USN orth Twenty-8econ. d llfr' Agent tor Plug a"d Smoking Tol>acco. KeUy F. X. Jr. 112 Arch! Dealers in Ua/ and M'ra Tobocto. Hell Jonn B. 531 South Second Oigar Boz Lal!el. and Trimmings. Harris Goo. S. & Son, s. e. cor. 4th and Vine .Mmtufactu.rers of Cigar MOUKI.J. U.S. Solid Top Cigar Mould Mfg Co. cor lUdge a.nd North CoUege Ave's. Gen.'l "or C. A Jacbcm II: Co. "Be.t." Wardle Geo. F Manufacturer of Ralpll.'1 Scotch 8n11.1f. Stewart, Ralph Ill Co. 141 Arch Street. Packers and Dealers in Lea/ Toba.oeo. Loeb Joseph ll. Co. !II N. Tbird tlreet. PITTSBURGH, Pa. of SnuJ! and Smoklna Tobacco Weyman Bros. 81 Smithfield St MnfrB of Long Thread" & "Ba11ner" Sm.c)k ing Tobacco a?ld Spun Roll." Jenkinson R. & W. 287 Liberty street Packerl oj Seed ct Dealers in Havana T&bacco Pretzfeld Bros. 388 Liberty street READING. Pa. Manufacturer of Cigar. Crouae & 643 Penn and 636 Court. RICHMOND, Va. Manufacturer of Smoking Tobacco and Oigar etle. Campbell Geo. & Co. OllnrR.W Manufacturers of Plug c1: Swwk'g A. M. /1!. Co. Pilkinton E. T. 1410 ilary. L., 128 & 130 Rivington St.. New York. HANUFACTUBEB Q-, THJ: I TUDE MAII.II.IWIISTUilD ..!AN. Zl. 1819. JU'1'Y" ma.&JL. ora Cerl'_., ....., -T_. :N'oUoe.-.AB .... ,_ ... .,.Ill I l&liloehll_ot........ East 41st Street. ., Salesroom: 129 & 131 Grand Street, New York. SAXONY BUNCHING MACHINE. CA.PA.CITY 1 2000 StraD Bnnchos DDr nay. Only Single Binder Required. "WV'a"ttey:u.e, 218 PEARL STREET, JI'EW YORK, Manfr. of CIGAR MOULD PRESSES & STRAPS, Amerlean A: German (Jigar Moul4 an4 Rlbbone, Machinery, Tool & Snpplle& Cor Mannftlctnrer oC ToHceo, Cigar-. tJlgarette 4ft:: Cigar Boie .. JOHN BEHRENS & CO.: Packers of Seed leaf --AND--.DEALERS IN HAVANA TOBACCO, No. 20 Water Street, EI..&.X..T'X::t\4 Table _of WeighU. .......... .... .............. ...-..11JIIIIIIIIIItil) Pud( .................................... ... rt -0 United States Internal Revenue Tax. or:., tax on all kinds of llanufactured Tobaooo ls16 """"' 9 I>; Sn1llr. 16 cents 9 11>;. Cigars, $6 '1!1 theusand; Cigarettes weighing not over B 1>8 'Ill thousand, 75 per thousand; Cigarettes and Cheroots weighing OS 3lbs '!I thousand, $G per thousand The duty on Foreign Clga.rais 12.50 Jb a.nd 2a 111 cent. ad -vcJloreJn.. Cigarettes same duty as cftgars. Impo Oil>: ...... Cigarettes, and Cheroots also bear the preocrlbed lllt<>rn&i Revenue taxes, to be paid by stamps at the CUstom Bouse. The import duty oa Leaf Tobacco is M cents 111 II>; Leaf Tobaooo stemmed, 60 cents 'II I>; Manufactured To8a.cco, tiOcents l}lb; Meents tt !b. Manuf&e tured Tobacco and Scraps are also subject to the Internal Revenue taz o! 10 lb, and must be packed in conform.Jtywith Internal Revenue law and regulation. Scraps and cuttings, however, may be withdr&WJI. in bulk for use in a tobacco, snuff, or cfga.r manufactory without pa.ym.enl of the internal revenue tax. Pipes and pipe bowls, 75 per cent. ad .,.Jorom, and $1.50 per grou; common clay pipes, 81 per cent. ad valorem; parts of pipes, 'm per ce:M. ad valorem; all smokem' articles, 70 per cent. ad valorem; suUftboUC rwd chewing-tobacco pouches, 3!.i per cent. ad valorem. Foreign Duties on Tobaec_o. lD Anatria, France, Italy and Spain the tobacco commeree II ....,ope. llzed by Government, direction ot Regie_ In Gei'IDIIIlT uae on leaf tobacco 8111<1 stems is 85 marks per 100 equal to 10.40 cents per poundi on strips and scrape 1'80 marks per tOO' kiJ.o. equal to 22.05 cents per pound; on manufactureO co and 270 marks per 100 kilogr"&lllllles, equal to 33 .. C811 .. per pound. On tobacco produced in Oerma.ny, tbe tal: eflect attar April 1, 1830:-From April 1, 1880, to :M&rch 31, 1.88h II IG8IIiiil per 100 kilogra.mmes, equal to 2.45 cents per pound; from April 1, Q81. &o March 31, 30 mark.s_ per 100 ldlogrammes, equal to 1,61' ..._ pw pound; from April 1, 188.2, and thereafter, 45 mo.r.U per, 110 -.:a.. grammoo, equal $0 5.110 oa1118 per pound. lD Belgium the reckoned deducting 15 per cent. for tare. The duty fa ., fra.ncs ($8.86 gold) 11 100 ltllor;rammeo (100 American pounds equal to kilos.) In Holl&ud the duty is 28 cents. gold, per 100 kilos-12'90 A.mericau 1bs eqa.l to 127 kilos). In the duty on Lear' Tobacco fa 4 10 kopeks tl pud on imoktng Tobacco 2ft roubles .a kopeJI;a .. pud; and on Cigars 2 roublea 20 kopeks 9 pud. "pud '' II ec:1ua1 ta bout 86 American ll>s. In Turkey the d>lty Is 60 centa, gold, per IlK &.merican ounC'eB,. In England the dut:es Oft Unmanufaemred:vte-zm.ed or stripped and unstemmed, cODJ&lnin 10 .. oc mom. of mc::Uture in eYery 100 lbs Wt'ight thereof. as 6d ver 1:1; conta.l.Jiin.g-. than lbc ot moistlire, 311 !Od l!llb. On llanufac;:urod tobacco:-Ca""odlah aa4 N.....-, 41 !Od 'Ill II>; all ot.ber 10...._ illcludlnc cil!'reUecf. (o 4d. bl addition co tho above dutleo there Is a cllr.rge of K 11 -..-!. obarireo Oil all deocrlptlono. Uruguay-Manufactured toba. ccol. cigars and cigarettes, 35 'per Cent a.d valorem. ; leaf, 25 per cent. (&d .r In Chill the import dues o n Ha.Ynno. leu( amount to St .M, and all other kinds are taxed at the rate of $1 per kilognunme, while a tax of J5 pel' ki.logramme has to be paid on cigars. Duties in Newfoundland Mn.nufnctured and smoking tobacco, t6c tl !b; dgars, II.OC per tnd 5 per cent. ad valorem feat, unstripped and UllJJtemmed, ltD WIt; Jeat. stripped u.ndlitemmed, 16c ft lb. The &boTe prlcea l.n Americul money, Value of Foreign Coins, A.ustrla-ftorin, .Uver, 41.3 cent.. gold &Dd aiJTer, 19.8 cents. Boliia-bollvlano, silver, 88,5 eent8. Brazil-milreia ot l,OOl reta, gold, 54.5 Ct'Dt8. Britlsh POII8ellldon In North Amer--i--.-dollar, gold, St. Centr&l America.-peso, silYer, 83.6 c.. Chtu-pe!O,I:'Oid, 91.2 Denmark-crown. gold. 26.8 cent& Ecuador-peso, 1:dlver, &.3.6 cents. Egypl-pound of 100 piaaters, r;old, 14 V7.4. France-franc, gold & sllver,19.3 cts Great Britain-pound sterling, $4 gold &Dd ailTer, 19.:!1 cents. Gorman Empire-mark, gold, 23.8 e of 16 a.nnaa. .U.ver, 39,7eent.s; 1&&17-lin>. a:old an4 aller. 19.3 cte. Japan-yeo, gold; sold aad 119.7 conto. Lil>erla-dollar, gold, 11. Mexlco-

,_ 10 Fred'k de,Bary & Co. M.ANUFACTURERS OF CIGARS. The &"ta.:o.d..a.rd.. c.f "the BLACKWECL'S DURHAM LONG-CUT Blackwell's DURHAM CIGARETTES, The"t G-c::o-ds "U.pc:::o. "the :D'Ia.rk.e't. JAN. 8 ADOLPH MOONELIS, MANUFACTURER OF CIGARS, 64 7', 649 & 651 2d Avenue, Between 35th and 36th Strs. NEW YORK ALLEN & .DUNNING, PATERSON, N.J., l\IANUFA.CTURERS OF 'THE JYia.g:n.eIia. -ANDCa."ta.ra.c't r La Vuelt& Abajo." -Sawing and Planing Cedar a:ncl. Jacob Henkell, Astonishing Results and Creat Saving of Expense by the new Improvement attained In the Process of extracting the natural flavor CIGAiiBOX'ES' N"o. 11 13 c.a.:n.:n.o:n. S1::ree1:, :JSre...,V Y"<>rk.. S'llPlmiOR MAKE & PRDtiE QUALI.TY 0., Factory:-No. 8, 3d District, New ----and Salesroom:-41 4 43. Warren St. Ca,"'.1 tillD:D. "te> Sxn..ek.e:rs. Owing to the numerous humbug patented substitutes used in preparing cheap pa_per, we feel the importance of calling attention to our pers, whJCh are made of the FINEST NATURAL RICE PAPER, universally known to be the best; free from shellac, arsenic, and other deleterious drugs, which are required to render saliva-"roof and toughen inferior paper. A careful examination of our Paper and Cigarettes will"satiscy all of the great merits claimed. Examine each Cigarette and see that every one bears KINNEY BROS.' fac-simile signature. BUY NO OTHER. KINNEY TOBACCO CO., Manutll .17'76. 9';? Co1 -u.m ::L"W' e-vv ""'F' ork. I>. OOX..X..IN"&, l MANUFAaruRERS OF THE CELEBRATED 'PLAIN FINECUT CHEWING TOBACCO in BLUE PAPERS &N""V'PP&: Rose-Scented Maccaboy, Scotch, French American S:J:G-::N' .A.L" One OJL FoU. :_j Also, Fh' and Seeoud Q.nnllty Smoking, In Rluo P{lper SWEETENED FINE-CUT -Dark and Light Grape. Forest Rose. Club. MAY APPLE and PlliZE LEAF FINEClJT, In Foll, .Alex. F ries MANUFACTURERS OF HA_VANA CIGAR 44 C ll PI Bet. warren and New y0 .. k 0 ege ace, Mnrray Streeto, A 46 48 &. 51) EAST SECOND-ST., CINCINNATI, B:a:n..a.11es1: :J3o1:'t1e, $2. Be:n.'t c. <>. I> "WVISE & T<>::EI.A..CCO:N"IBTS, SOLE AGENTS FOtc NEW YORK ,\.ND VICINI'rY FOR GOODWIN & ., OLD JUDGE." S:tt:1:1ok:>.:a.a; a:n.ct. A.l8o Agents for otlter Leadln; :r.IanutU.c&urer or SMOKH!C, PLUC TOBACCO ANP .CICARETTES. Nos. 254 anu 256 GANAl STREET, corner of ELM, NfW YORK. rvANITY FAIRJ TOBACCO & CIGARETTES. "MILD "-Rare Old Virginia i "HALVES "-Rare Old Perique and VIrginia. Always Uniform and. Reliable. '7 First MedalsVienna, 1873; Philadelphia, 1876; Paris, 1878; '!ydney, 1880. I Special Concession by the French Covernment, I .and on-Sale in all Civilized Countries. WM. S. KIMBALL &. CO. ROCHESTER, N.Y. Peer1ess Tobacco ""VVorks. POWDERED LICORICE STOGIES AND CIGAHSl Pntonted Mny_2I,_IS72_. -"--Wheeling, W. Va. I ft _. Composition Card Mounts, Finest (l.uaHty. Hanufactured at.Poua;hkeep>ie, N.Y. GIFFORD, SHERMAN& INNIS, 120 WILLIAM STREET, .New York. WHEEUNG. STOGIES, Show do.rds mounted. on our Pntcnt ColllllOSltion 1\'I:o-un ts, Antl fini shed with our TIPS and FINE CICARS, Enouncl 'aterProot'Finisl and frame'(!, lo o k lleoter,la t l on>;el', nnd nro much cheaper than cards put up in t'rnme!:J and 'l'hey willuvt warp, be punQh.ed. are not affe cted by t.:hn.ngc of ,..,oo.ther, and cau be snfcly shipped. Wheeling, Va. .All Order Promptly Attended to. 1 to 10,000 Show Cards or Pict,ros Mounted at Short Notice IN AN OF THE FOLLOIVING STYLES: On Composition, with Enamel Finish, with Frames Block 4 Lindheim, fiNE SEED LEAF & HAVANA TOBACCOS, On Stretcher with Enamel Finish, Imitation Border. On Binders' Board. In l 'rames, Gilt or Wa.lnnt, ,.,. .. th Glass. SPECIMEN ().\.liDS fi.n.lslled at Shor1 Notice, Free ..., Estimates given, aud all o rders promptly ex:e cutmJ. Frames of all Square, Oval or Circular, in Wal nut, Oak, Imitation Rosewood or Cilt. THE co., 1 Established 1863. 66 and 58 Murray St., Mellor & Rittenhouse, D ::L"W'. 29cl. I ., : METROPOLITAN CIGAR MANUFACTORY. MANlJFACTUilERS &F <>N'EI:J:>.A.. TO::EI.A..CC<> :. SP.A.::L"W'IS::E-3:. a::n.C\. OFFICE:-173 and,, 176 DUANE STREET, 'NEW YORK.; LICORICE PASTE. Manufacturers of CHEWING and SMOKING TOBACCO. : GOLD COIN ROYAL PUCK --1Jen1.oo.nlal Diedal aw-arded :for "Purity, OheapueB, and General Excel._ lenee oC m:annfacture.u Also M. 4 R. ll!rand STICK LICORICE, all sizes. ,. Jlanutacturen of the Celebrated I 'American Eagle' ':'CLIPPER," II OEW DROP," other Brand ot Fin':f -:-J.t.So- 'UNIVERSAL FAVOR1TE/ )JY(N/ u C>1cl. Co:IIXl.:r'or1:," Aiu1 many other Grades and Brands ot .. 8ltlOK:ING TOBACCOS. IJ2 &. 64 Larned West lkL:X:O::U: C1US. B. HULL, Beo'T ud Treu. CICRETTE8. f1 =-,.ro"Y, a S. JACOBY & CO., GUSTAV JACOBY l.W l!!Jr' 200 CHATHAM SQUARE arrd 5 & 1 DOYER STREET, NEW YORK. Ci&ar Mannractnrer & Dealer In Lear Tobacco, & -Rivin[ton St., New York. Cedar 'Wood. IUifUI' 4.C'l'URER OJ' .A.Lr.. EINDII OF Cigar-Box Labels. 293, & 297 Monroe Street, Y"ork.. ... OFFICE: Address-61 BROADWAY, P .O.Box4118. NEW YORK. Constantly on hand the Best Improved Machinery tor CUTTING, GRANULATING AND SIEVING TOBACCO BY HAND STEAM POWER. A large variety of )fachinery for Cigar turers. such filS for Cutting and Granulating Havana and other Fillers!orCigars, Stem Rollers, Cigarette Machlnea. etc, For SMOKlNC TOBACCO, Flour, Salt, Bark, Sumac, Cuano, Crain, &.c. Furnished with or without Printed Brand chew and Smoke A. M. lYON & CO.'S RICHMON:P Navy T _obacco .. WM. S. CARROLL PROPRJETOR OF


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