The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (10 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
Time Period:
1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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Tobacco Leaf Journal

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! v 0 L. XVI. ---N 0 50. !ESTABLISHED 1864.] NEW YORK, SATURDAY, JANUARY 15, 1881 106 MAIDEN LANE ., Corner ot p...,.I Streec. WHOLE NO. 830 WEISS, ELLER & KAEPPEL, IMPORTERS OF THE BRAND. '' R OSE HAVANA TO ACC 0. 220 Pearl Street, New York. __ Y __ o_r_k_ .. ______ MCFALL & LAWSON 1 -MANUFACTURERS OF THE-'' EL CLUB DE -YATE '' KEY .,vyEST HAVANA CIGARS. Havana Scraps and Cuttings for Sale. J CHRISTIAN DUSEL. ea.l.era i.:a::a. FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC SMOKERS' ARTICLES; Manufactnrers'A[ents for all the PoDnlar Brands of Fine Cnt, Smokin[ and Pln[ Tobacco and Ci[arettes; Sole Agents for "V"a.::D.I.'ty Pa.l.r Tobacco and Sole A[cnts for Allen & RICHMOND GEM Tobacco & Ci[arcttes; Depot for Blackwell' Genuine Dvham-Jno. W. Carroll's Lone JackE. T. Pilldnton' Fruita & Flowero. Sole Agents of COPENHAGEN SNUFF; Importers of French Cigarette Paper, in Reams and Books ; JSro. 11 "DV M. LILDmTIIAL. M. LILIENTHAL a GO., BAY AKA I TO :B.A. CCC>, JSro. 177 :.:. .A.,Ta'EIR,O Box LuMBER, 1 CIGAR SPANISH CEDAR, DOMESTIC WOODS, IMITATION SPANISH CEDAR. IMPORTERS IN OUR OWN VESSEL 'oF SPANISH CEDAR and MAHOCANY. 6BB 'VV. S1..:x"tb. S"t., C1.n.o1n.n.a"t1.. '. ALMillALL .. a .. c o., 6-e 1as 'l:>J J A TRADE MARK "!MPQRTERS OF 'V' .A.N' .A.. TOBACCO, 16 CEX>A.R. -i*A liA'*#ft' d*"i&i! -DQNALDSO. N BROTHERS, S"team Li. "tb.ograpl:l.ic Pri:n. I ::E'":J:'V'E -TOBACCO LABELS AND SHOW CARDS ,. o. Box !IT9J,f 001&" "'5Z"" [No Labels kep' In Stock, MANUFACTURERS, Cor. Goerck & Third Sts., PRICE LIST OF CIGAR RIBBONS. llroad Yellow ............... 10:rdo 11.16 M ............... xo. I -8 .. 'tO ydo 1.66 \ .......... M 2 .... 6-8 .. 'tO :rd 1.46 .. .. .... M Ia 6-8 'tO ydo 1.16 II II 3.,,, 5 U 'JO J'a.. 1.25 llreacl :a..a ................. 1 ..... 5 'tO ydo 1.60 ....... ........... 2 .. li 70 ydo 1.60 ... .... ........ .. .. a ... 11 10 ydo llopa.Dol& .... 1 .... 11 70 ydo 1.80 .. ........... .... .. .. 2 .. .. 5 .. 70 ydo 1.60 .... ....... ..... ..... .. 3 .... 6 70 ydo 1.30 x ...... .,.. Red................. 1 .. .. .. 'I'O ,.do 1.36 M U '"''., o M 2 -l M 70 ydo 1.20 "' If \, ...... 0 0 0 n a ..... ,-s .. '70 7da 0.85 Karrcnr Yellow ...... ..... 1 ..... -l-8 'tO:rdo 1.30 M .......... ..... 2 -l-8 .. 'tOydo 1.20 .. .. .... .... ..... .. a ... -l-8 .. '2'0 ydo 0.80 Bo:z Bib bOll Red .... ......... .... a-s 70 ydo o.1o .:. Yellow ................ a-s '70 ;rd 0.65 LoO.dreo. (Chico) 1 .... 6 34 ydo UO -' ICJaioo). 2 .. 6 3-l ydo 0.9:; Loauee 1/:.U.. .... ......... 17 -,: 3-lydo 1.60 .. .. 2'l 3-l ydo 1.20 ... .... ..... a .... 13 .. 3-l ydo 1.10 "10 .. .. 13.. 3-lydo 1. .. "16 .... 7-8 .. 3-l ydo 0.90 ............. "20 . 13" 3-lydo 0.80 "60 ... 13-16.. 3-lyllo 0 ,. ............. "100 .. 5 3-l yda O. 35 '"YeL.,..RedStripe" f'0 .-13" 3-l7da O :,s o .. .. .. .. "10o .. :;-8 :Uydo 0o Red.. ............... .. 1 ..... 7-8 34 ydo 1-"0 .. ... ..... . .. 2 ... -13-16 u 34:yd 1.15 Jlroa4:Red 1Iwithyellowedaao .. 6 70;vda 1.66 11 IIJ. u --: 5 '70 yda 1.4:0 arrow" 11 -l 70 ydo 1.30 Jlroa4 Tell. al ....ftJa bl'D.eeda- M 10 ydo ).IJ!j ... lla red .. ... 6 70 yda I-23 Ua red, wldte &.Del blue edcoo ..... li-8 'tOydo 1-"6 Noriega. -.... 60 :rda )-I.A Extra Styles of Ribbons Made to Order. RIBBONS.CUT & PRINTED ANY SIZE AND.STYLE. All Order ProDJ.ptly Bll:eeoted, Term Cah, Prices of Cigar Boxes and Samples of Ribbons Sent on Application. REMOV:AL. WM. DEMUTH & CO. JIAli'UJ' A.Cil'URER.B OJ' MEERSCHAUM, :SRIAR AND APPLEWOOD PIPES, -AND-IMPORTERS OF SMOKERS' ARTICLES, 607 & 609. Broadway, 78 &; 80 MERCER STREET, CIGAR BOX LUMBER! SPECIAL PRICES to all Parties ordering 20,000 Feet A.lld upwards. Being SOLE 111AN11FACT1JRERS of the celebrated perfectly smooth and thoroughly seasoned Cut and Press-Dried lumber, We can offer to all manufacturers extra. I nducements in the lin e of C igar Box Cedar Boards and Veneers, Poplar Syca more, Butternut and Mahogany, a l so in Panel Woods and Brush Stock. Our Cedar Veneers applied to Poplar is much pre-ferred to imitation Cedar. ar" Full line FOREIGN and DOMESTIC WOODS ill Logs, Plank, Boards and Veneers. Send for Catalogue and Price Lla1. Geo. W.. Read & Co., 186 to 20;0.Lewls St., New York. HAVANA rrOBACCO. Any Infringement upon this TRADEMARK -:-I '\. )(...----)j... Will be prosecuted to the full Extent of the Law. WElL & CO., 65 PINE STREET, NEW YORK. { Ho.'17Wla, 111118. Pblladelpbia, 1828, RTER.S. 1636.. S. LININGTON'S SONS, IMPORTERS OF Havana Cigars & leaf Tobacco 216 Front Street, New York. Sole Agents Cor Celebrated Havana Brancl.a oC Paul and Virginia, La Celba, La Desaflo and Flor Selecta. :E:.a-. SUCCESSOR TO A. HEN & CO 4.8 (P, 0. Box 3628) IMPORTER OF MEERSCHAUM, BRIAR AND CLAY PIPES, SPECIALTY. OF MANUFACTURER SMOKERS' -OF--A..o.'ID-TOBACCONISTS' SUPPLIES. WOODEN SHOW FIGURES. Manufacturer' A cent for the Sale of' all Popular Brand oC VIRGINIA, NORTH CAROLINA & WESTERN MANUFACTURED, SMOKING & FINECUT TOBACCOS, Depot for A.LLEN &:: GINTER'S Rlchm.ond, Va,, Brand o'C SJDoklg Tobacco Cigarette; ::1. W. ()ARROLL'S "LONE :SA CK," ''BROWN DICK," etc.J E. T, PILKINTON & CO,!Ii CJelebratc d "FB111TS AND FLOWERS" Tobacco; 111ARB11RG BROS. "SEAL OF NORTH CJAROLINA,n LOIJISIANA PERI(lVE0 CJnt and In Carrots W. T. BLA.CJKWELL & CJO,'S GEN1JINE DIJRHA.M Tobacco. Wl!l. S. Kll!IBALL & CJO.S "VANITY FAIR" Tobacco and Cll(arette. Sole Agent for H. P. Jones & Co.'s "TAR HEEL" and "OCCONEECHEE" Sm.oktng Tobaccos; C. Campbell & Co.'s "THREE CITIES" Cigarettes, Tobacco, etc. FINECUT, Hanula.otured by SPAULDING &; MERRICK.-Old Glory, ot: tho Wet, l!weet Burley, Q.ueerf.. Bee, TrllDI.p, Wac Buc-le, In pall and barrel and TRA. VELER. SmoklDa. Dr PRICE LISTS FURNISHED ON APPLICATION. H, 8CJH11BART0 < AARON SOH11BART0 Wl!l, 8CJHIJB.&BT, H. S _CBUBART p a CO., IMPORTERS oF HAVANA SEED .LEAF TOBACCO, 160 "VVa"ter S"tree"t, N"e-vv "Y'ork. SILVER SURFACE FOIL. l'oll:a.:a::a.-u.:f'a.o1:-u.recl. by J. PATENTED MAY 11 and JULY 6, 1880. NOTICE I hereby ctven that all Peroon Making, Selllne, llslnc Tin Foll Ill lnftlncement of aid Letter Patent, will b e Prosecuted to the Full Extent. ot Law :aor In anch ca.-e A new and beautiful article of Foil for Tobacco & Cigar Manufacturers, Druggists, Florists, &c Fu:rnl&hed Plain br Ia Fane:r Dclcna of Color and Ornamenu.Uon, ALSO MAN11F.t.(JTURER OF P' O" PetJ s. Rolled to an7 Gauc" and Cn1 10 Size. Printing on. Tin FoU in Bro...., and Co1oro. ljj< Bottle Capo, all aizea, PlaiD and Colored, 1GB l.B27. ''COPENHAGEN .. SNUFF.'' &. B:R.O.g I ManufJcturers of the Celebrated Copenhagen Snuff and Cut & Dry Smoking Tobacco. \ Retail Store & Office: 81 Smithfield St. Factory: 6 & 7 Union St. & 112 Liberty St. P::U:::TTS::SUR.G-:S:. P.A.. GENERAL SELLING AGE:\''1':-,V. A ROBINSON, 124 WATER STREET, NE'\V Yonu:. E DEPO'J'$ -NF.'>V YORK, A.ugnstln & Dnsel, 11 \Varreo St. D. <>DE: & D!rd, 12 Con1mcree St. StlliliiJnan 8ros.9 St, S.\. VANNAH: Bendbelm B1os. 4; Co, NEW YORK, SATURDAY, JANUARY 15, 1 881. THE BREMEN LETTER. THE COMPLAINT ABOUT INSPECTIONS. Meeting of New York Factors, Buyers, Exporters and Inspectors of Western Leaf Tobacco. FULL REPORT OF PROCEEDINGS. United Stated Consul Grinnell will have no reason to complain of want of attention on the part of the representatives of the Western leaf tobacco trade of On Monday. afternoon a largel y attended meeting of New York to his letter relating to New York tobacco factorn was taken on the subJect by the trade here, of 'l'Hl TOBACCO in which complaint was made of and that a disposition is manifested to redreBs any t he man n e t o.E sampl ing Western leaf tobacco in New grievance that may b e shown to exist. As soon as the Yo r k mspectiOns. f d to b vestigated Mr Grinnell The meetmg was call e d to 01 det by Mr. L. B. Rad'll, matter r e en e can e 111 who nominated Mr. D L. 'Wallace for chairman. Mr. and his friends in Bl'emen may be assured a response Wallace being promptly elected, Mt. Edward Bu1ke will be forwarded to him that will convince h i m and of this journal, on motion of Mr. Pollard, was I them that good faith has been and will be observed in to act as !'lecreta_r.y. . Assummg pos1t10n t h e Cha1rman oatd :-I suppose the ou r mspect10ns first business b efore this meeting .is the readmp; of Mr. The tempor;1.ry tllness of one of correspondmg Grinnell's letter from the Jou1-nal of Commerce, that committee alone bas prevented an eaorlter reply. calls us together. MR. RADER read the letter as follows : THE TENEMENT HousEs.-In the Assembly, yesterday, Mr. Cohen introduced a bill to promote public health by regulating the manufacture of cigars in tenement in New York and Brooklyn. UNITED STATES CoNSULATE, BREMEN, Oct. 22, 1880 S D. Babcock, Esq., P1 esident Chamber of Commerce New York: SIR: I have the honor to advise you that there a r e SUTTER BROS.. Dealers ln LEAF TOBACco; Chicago, m Western Cigar wl1l find It to Ulelr advanta,ge to deal with UE


lht lobatto PUJIIIBHBD J:VDY llOBMKG BY lHE TOBlCCtJ LEAF PUBLISHIJIG COMPANY IOD MAfDI!N LANE, NEW YORIL COBNEB OP l" lft'BD'I' .. ABO lltJRKK -e.GlUFI' 01'-TJIE PA .... -GLB OOPIBII OJIB n:.ul U I!ONTHB 8UBSCRl'PI'ION8 ABROAD. Revfsed Rates for Advertisements M Llae One <1o1o-.n M over rwo Column One Column Ltoe ever Two lRIDn 55 .. ECJAL ADVERTISEMENTS ON READING HATTER PAGE. One Yea M Linea 2 Wide Columns 181) 146 126 NOTtCES WAJi'TS er CA11TION NOTICES ...... u One IaM &len 50 Cent !I Lin"" One JUontb *5 50 Lle T'WO l'tl8n&hs 8 50 Line Three JD:ontba 14 00 Lines Six lllontha 24 00 Linea Twelve lftonths 45 00 u--Tkree llllonUo 18 00 Lhlee !!ll:t< lllontbs 85 00 Llaee Twelve !Uonths 60 00 -ding !Uatter Advertisements on Jter cent on the abo"Ve prl e Betn uaneea Co-r AdTertlaement and 5,ubs rip -..llld alway be made pa)ab e by P 0 0 d o oy .;ioe k o TOBACCO LEA.F PUBLISHING CO Af er these letters were r ad the Chru man sa d Gentlemen w th n half an hour after read ng Mr Gnnne l,s letter n the Journal of Comme ce I was on :my way to consult my fellow comm ss on merchants as to the callmg of th s meet ng I thought t m )IOrtant as the letter says both for our good name and also to re es ;abl sh ou bus n;;ss and former trade that we have had w th Bremen I am rem nded that n 18 4 we had a meetillg at 47 Broad Street for the same pur :pose that th a meet ng IS called comp a nt hav ng been :reee ved and prmc pally from the same qua ter I re rollect that meet ng we 1 I know that then we mstructed the mspectors on two po nts first that they were to draw a sample frurly represen ng the bulk of &be hogshead and seeondl) that they were to place &he draws the hogshead m the same pos &ion m the sample that they were n the hogshead the ilraw from the top of the hogshead on the top the ..,. ddle n the llllddle and the bottom at the bottom I THE TOBAOCO LEAl'. -----I can only say n general way that we e o p Sflbou aca gosh pped and obacco n go ng to the other s de does men l8 found (ault "With If fault s found w th the tobacce n Brerp.en tllijre s necessarily cons derable ex pElnse ,and delay nhav og the matter settled while here n New York I I bel eve the manufacturers regard the thmg n a more liberal r t and when they buy one hundred hogsheads they ao not complam f some fall a little under because there are others that will run over In Bremen a party wil take one hundred hogsheads to )lis own pr vate wa ehouse do h s own sampl ng and then have an opportun ty to get arecla .rna\ on on one two or five hogsheads :wh ch may not come qu te up to th,e New York .samples but he says noth ng abdqt the of the lot wh ch :rp.ay over run somewhat MR P A1JLI -No on can be, :rp.ad4l pr vate samples anq,th5)Be experts fto not JDake comp arnts the are solid men and have no busmess to make compla nts MR GARTH The second hand dealers hen they first buy the tobacco take t nto therr warehouse and f they want a reclamat on they have to call n outs de experts MR PAULI No They sample the r tobacco gen erally n the warehouse of the mporteri! MR GARTH When I was over there I asked per m ss on to see the goods sampled I stated to o. fr end there I would like to see how you sample tobacco here and made an appo ntment w th him and the next day went over but the cooper master went around and stated w th all due deference to me the perm ss on to be p esent cou d not be granted MR PAULI Nobody lli a owed to be present when t s be ng done to nfiuence them one way or the other MR GARTH I had no nfiuence to use one way or the other I hadn t a dol ar s wo th of toba co there MR ABENHE M If you take the words of my fr end Mr Garth as thev a e spoken t wou d seem as f he attempts to p. ace thQ real cause of the fa ling off of the New York t ade for expo t n a rong d ec on The e may be somethmg n the statement that some peop e n Bremen may have some good eason or good cause for try ng to nfiuence othe s not to buy n New Yo k and t y ng o g e the New Yo k samp es a bad reputat on but I cons der t very wrong to mpute any such cha because e compla nts wh ch are J;nade about the New Yo k samp es come not from Bremen alone but they come f om evo y p ace to h ch you sb p tobacco I think that my fif een years bus ness expe ence here n Ne"' Yo k shows that I have al ays endeavored to rna uta n the New Yo k ma kets so fa as tobacco s concerned and I am the very last man who w 11 try to do anyth ng or say anythmg the New Yo ksamplesoraga nstthe New York nspecto s I know these ge t emen personally and I am sat sfied n ml own m nd that ne ther the nspectors nor the owners o the wa ehouses have the least nten t on oJ mak ng false samp es But h e we may gam say what s w tten from the othe s de we must not put the fan t n the wrong d rect on and attempt thereby to shie d New York and make the ev I through fVh ch New York bas ost a good dea of ts trade appear n ad fferent light f om hat t eally s If n Ant we p Bremen o anywhe e e se there a e one or more mpor e s who find t to her advantage to buy at the :West the e are ce tam y o he s n the same places who ou d buy n New York ill prefe ence to the West f sat sfied about the samp es Yo a e n the ong t ack the e The e s a comp a nt and a gene a complamt and I must say as my f end :M Reusens has sa d that we la ge buye, must have a ge deas n respect to th s mat e Cha man and a o he s he e know that I am the ast one to comp am about samp es I have not sa d a o d I have ece ved a good many comvlamts but I haven t got he samples and cannot ve y them A good deal has been sad about the d awmg of he samp es and s a fact that the n spec to s he e a e not ca efu enough The t mm ng of he samp e coot butes to make the samp e n Ne v Yo k appea a great deal better than t eal y s There s no doubt abou t If yo want to b dge hat over you w not come to the ght po nt and you w go on n he same way as you have done un I New Yo kw ll lose all the epu at on t has obta ned I have shown you by th ee e tracts from three d fferen t Jette one from B emen one f om An e p and one from Mar se lies the complrunts that come from those places The e s ce ta nly a fault somewhere n the New York s mp es Mr Reusens and myself and the o her gen tlemen do not make these complamts because as t has been stated f some fa off a 1 ttle there are some hogsheads that turn out better there s no d;my ng t But a g eat many samp e2 here are drawn ca eless y I have had proof of that royse f I have often exam ned tobacco he e before I sh t and found t as not saml? ed cor ec y I th nk the to bacco ought to be samp ed on four b eaks no matte whethe they put n fi teen lrn.nds or mo e I th nk t to be opened at four p aces and mstead of opemng t ght down on the same I ne they ought to open t on ones dehand then tu the hogshead a ound and open t on t e othv and we would get better samples MR ARKENBURGH It str kes me that the exporters and a o her men dea ng n tobacco who are buyers should be gove ned by mo o 1 be a v e vs With regard to the cha acter of those samples If they we e mo e familiar w th the aetna character of tobacco n all the changes through which t goes they would see that I beral ty shou d be extended n many cases Sam p e a hogshead of tohacco at a g ven t me of yeall take good care of that sample let the hogshead 1 e and pass th ough seve al months cool off and d y out send t ab oad and then draw a sample and compare t w th the samp e drawn here at a differe t trme of the year and there will be a diffe ence both externally and n te na y The e t lS a n ce pomt to determ ne hether the mtr ns c cha acter of that tobacco not ts super fie al appea ance but ts actual worth lS equal to the prev ous samp e That s a mce pont No"' I have heard them com pia n of an tern that has no bear ng on the n r ns c value of tobacco m ts pract cal pur poses the stubs bemg tr mmed Why my fr end we don t sell stubs They don t buy stubs or stems they buy tl e leaf Why then not ce the sty e of stubs You see that s an erro They are not nJured by hav ng the stubs tr mmed off Not a b t If that makes a sample look more valuable to the eye they a e dece v ng themselves They have spoken of a crooked hand. That has nothing to do w th ts mtrm s c worth It may be crooked and have the same mo sture and tne same p ab ty and the same e as t c ty and n every part cular be equal y adapted to p ac cal use as though t we e stra ght Is a man s ha r changed by ts bemg crooked Isn t t the same ha r whethe curled or stra gh I A 1 ttle more libe a ty s necessary Then agam you must remember that an nspector cannot draw an exact sample of a cask of tobacco v;e gh ng twelve or fourteen or s x teen hundred pounds by the exb b t of a spec men we gh ng four five or s x pounds but that mspecto can g ve an nd cat on of the character of that to bacco and that lS as far as he can go If some of that tobacco has ess length of eaf and s less desirab e that mspector ill put m a hand that represents the c aracter of the tobacco If the buyer s 1 bera see ng that one hand he ll make h s calculat ons n accordance He must not say to himself that there s only one bad hand to th rteen or fourteen that wont do That hand lS put the e to show hrm that n that hogshead there s that k nd of tobacco and he must JUdge f om ts fello "' lay ng alongs de of t and he must to hat extent that k nd of tobacco s found ill that hoglihead That tobacco d d not all g ow n one field and ;ron cannot have t all al ke. But t seems to me from what nas been sad that find ng that hand there he breaks the hogshead and he finds a g eat many hands that are a g eat deal bet er but be shou d expect to find more bad hands but his 1 beral ty must extend to cover that ObJect on I have no suggest ons to maJ,:e but only w sb to state what I k ow apout t You must not expect that an nspector can p obe a hogshead of tobac o as a man can run a rod f om one end of a flour cask or butter tub to the other If you undertake to get a more thorough and pos t ve spec men you let the w.r n and that dr es up and shr vels and moulds the tobacco There must be more I beral y nspectors and n erchants must be more 1 beral and you must not take too good care of he samples f you please One word as to the mode of dete m n ng whether the tobacco as a whole s equal to the samples A man buys 100 hogsheads of tobacco he has hiS eye on every one of them and he makes four class ficat ons of them Here l8 o that he est mates worth so and so another so much on y When he gets these home and has exam ned them we don t hear of h s return ng anyth ng and say ng You have wronged yourself. Th s hogshead lS better than the samp e No we don t hear that But 1 beral ty must be extended n th s quarter al3o But when there sa fallmg off how gu ckly he wr tes back though some run better Mr Po a d has spoken of the average That s the pont I vant to come at If there are 100 hogsheads average up the l ole Commence w th the samples That falls off Make a note of t Goon through the lot He e s one that ncreases one per cent that fa! s off Qne pe cent There s no g ound for com pia nt n that 100 hogshe ds because that ncrease of one per cent he d d not pay for and f he lS d sappo nted none per cent he s not harmed n the aggregate M:R ORR I do t know as I can exactly class my se as a bacco nspector n one way for the reputa t on wh ch attaches tself to the wspect1on w1th which JAN 15 I am connected applies perhaps more to the gentleman who ope ates t than to the firm who own the property But when the nspect on or the do ngs of that ID8POO t on are challenged then we WlBh to be co,ns dered as the 1:espons b e party I take t Sir that thLS com pia nt l8 more aga nst the nspect ons than ag11o nst the trade but I t kno\\ look ng at t n that 1 ght that I have ve y much to say on that feature for thiS reason That from what I have heard Sll'lce I came mto the room and t has been for the greater part what has been sa d by the factors I was not here when the meet ng opened I JUdge that those people w th whom we do bus ness day n and day out at the wspect on nto whose eyes we l<>Qk and who look nto our eyes as honest men IU\v:e f om the first to the last Bald i that they were sat afied mth what the nspectors were try ng to do In Ba;y ng th s I do not mean to nt mate that the nspectors cannot make m s akes because there s no bus ness that can be ca ed on and espec ally one of th s character n 'lh ch IDlStakes w 1 not oce\lr But I do bo d that whe tho e people w t11 whom we SIT( do ng buSinElSS co bmual y upho d us n our act ons m our attempt!! to do gh we may not dread what may be sa d of us by strange s hom we have never seen It occurs to me that the sh ppers have got t s mat ter very much n the r own hands If they th k that mlStakes e :he ntent onal or a c dental have c ept nto the nspect on noth ng s eas er fo them after they become possessed of a lot of tobacco than to e:o over to one of he nspectors and equest a rev e of 1t I think that I hav:e only heard oft o comp a n s made of the nspect on that I am connected w h n e e al years I don t remember the name of he gen eman who first made the comp a nt but I th nk h sa d he bad five hogsheads of toba co two of h had been so d and th ee vere st there I asked h m o name some pa ty to go w th h mse f and ook a he three and test them w th the samples m s s possess on He d d so and he came ba k and a d the rna e n ust be a m stake because he found them to cor espond w th h s samples The next came f om my f end on my eft M REmsens whom I am g ad to see be e He spoke n a fa r 1 beral and honest sp t and told me that some comp a nts had bsen made e at e o the sam pi ng of tobacco I sa d I was sor y to hear t but I WIShed h m to appo nt some member of the t ade n whom he had confidence and select ou of ou whole stock any number of hogsheads he ked call pon a comm ttee of the t ade to open them a com n ttee ap pomted by b mse f and the resu t be dete mmed ,He ente ta ned hat propos t on and he asked that 100 hogsheads of tobacco should be opened and exammed He appo nted Mr Wallace as the exammer You went to the nspec on After re exam nmg tliose 100 hogsheads taken p OIDlscuously from the stock of the entire nspect on I ece ved your repo t that the tobacco corresponded w th t e samples and you ex p essed your sat sfac on and sad you thought that eve yth ng was a 1 r gbt as d d also Mr Reusens That gave me an dea of the nteg ty and capac ty of the gent eman who ope ated tha t nspec on a d a so an dea that the trade we e thorough y s a sfied w th what vent on there I can onir say that the nstruc ons we g ve to Colone Mar n who s the ump re between the two partes we have no nte est n t are to do tha wh ch s fa and Rht w thout fea o favor and I be e e he does so mean ng of these re rna ks lS th s that as far as ou nspect on goes and I be e e e e y other nspecto des cs the same f any gentleman has any doub s as to the hones y o ab ty of he nspecto s s the eas est thing n he o d to test he cha acte of the tobacco w th the samp e be fo e t eaves the port of New Yo k Ooe o her f ct occu s to me New York lS not alone confined o the tobacco bus ness A most e e v su p us p oduc on of the Un ed Sa es fiQ.ds ts V>ay he e to be expo ted and my expe ence s that m eve y one of those trades comp a nts do at trmes come back that the goods when compa ed th the samp es a e not as o de ed There fo e tobacco does no s and a one n th s respect and you mus dra v you o n deduct ons f om these facts as to hether the pa t es on the o he s de are beyond the poss b I ty of makmg m stakes as to the bulk hen rece ed be ng diffe ent f om the samples he pu chased he e You must deem ne whe her or not the e s room for mlStake on thEUl" pa t as well as room for m1stake on the pa t of nspecto s he e MR JARV s We have bee th nk ng of this matter some t me and feel afte cons der ng t wei that the cha ge of unfll r samp nth s ma ket s not a JUSt one so far as our expe ence go s By look ng over our books as far back as I can go I find tha w th n the last e ght years we have nspected n th s ma ket over 200 000 hogsheads of tobacco a most all of wh ch has found s way to consump on n one ma ke or other all ove the o ld In refe ng to our ledge s we find that the eclamat ons ave age fess han $300 a year and are nea y equally d v ded b e t een the for e gn and home trade W th that exh b t "'e fee satlS fied that we have a ways g en you a a and honest mspect on and I believe be e the spec o s e pe r enced and capab and pe fo ms h s du y ons en t ous y there could be no be te system de sed than the p esent one for sampl ng and nspectrng tobacco The samp ng shou d be eft to the Judgment of t ill spector If you have confidence n him and f he knows his bus ness leave that to h m and e h m put up a pa eel that w ll fau-ly rep esent the tobacco as between man and man That we have always tr ed to do and on the average done t It lS true that there have been a great many changes m the tobacco nspect on bus ness for a few years past but our sam pies have never changed They have samp ed for this marKet for th rty years and have stood the test well and they "il contmue to sample n the way they have done n the past The CHA RMAN Could you by ncreas ng the s ze of your sample g ve a more correct representat on of the tobacco! MR JARv s At t mes we could and have tr ed 1t so far as the VIews of the trade would perm t us MA OR BERRY I wil Just remark that I have been a tobacco nspector for titteen years n Kentucky and New York and I thillk whilst n Kentucky I gave very genera sat sfaction there as I was appo nted one of the State nspectors feur by three Governors S nee I have been here I have discharged my duty as consc ent ous y and fa thfully as I knew how I don t cla m to be nfall ble nor do I think the Bremen in spectors a e nfallible if they do attach a lead tag to the samp e I th nk I can sample as fa rly as they do n B emen and I think I do do t All men are 1 able to nustakes but when a charge s madeaga nstme as one of the nspectors that I deliberately lDISrepresent a hogshead of tobacco I have but one reply to make-I cast the e n the I beler s teeth That sa 1 I have to say on that subJect I think as M:r Jarv s does that wet ytosampeasfarlyaswecan Wedontaiw ys put n the same number of hands and some are smaller ,and some are larger I try to represent t fairly m every nstance I don t th nk t would work very well ;o ha e a st pulated number of hands n every case For nstance I have rece ved tobacco from Green Rver whee s x hands would make an mmense bulk as large as fifteen bands of some of our tobacco Tlie CHA RMA:!i Do you thmk t would be better to brealt the hogshead four times would that help us any! MA OR BERRY I th nk not It nnght get a better )lamp e o break the hogshead four t mes but hen I suspect a hogshead of be ng fa se y packed I b eak t four t mes and somet mea s x trmes If there s any th ng susplC ous I brellk: t that.many t mea I agree w h you m your opemng remarks that the tobacco merchant has a r ght after bav ng a sample d awn to have t neat y presented to hrm I don t cl p to bacco Somet roes there mav be a little spng st eking ou that I take off but do not c p If you want your tobacco sampled as we used to do t at Lou ST lie we are the boys to do t It makes no diffe ence to us We can put t on a hogshead and t e t w th a strillg and dispense w h the red tape bus ness We can put m the samples n the order m wh ch the tobacco comes out of the hogshead MR SM TH oughly so that I can on y fol o v n an old track per haps But I w endeavor to make some fu ther ex planat on of the d fficulty m gett ng a str ct y correct samp e of tobacco and be ng the youngest man n the trade I w II ask you to mdu ge me m the p vilege of read ng my rema ks The al egat ons n th s letter so far as they charge a general and w llful unfa rness n the d awmg and makmg up of samples are untrue and the e s s arcely a shadow of foundat on for them That hogsheads of tobacco somet roes and not w frequently sample d fferently at d fferent nspect s not den ed and t s also qu te true that samp es dif fer ng mate "lally n value are dra 'In from the same hogshead at different t mes by the same nspector act ng under the same nfiuence and gu ded by the same rule of act on n each case Can you charge that n one case he s honest and the other dlShonest 1 Aga n there are gentlemen present who have expe nenced more or less annoyance at hav ng what rumed to be dup cate samp1es of a hogshead or hogsheads of tobacco vary a half and upwa ds per pound and speakmg from expenence l an say that no duty more unsat sfactory and vexat ous can be unposed on !loll n spector than to reqwre him to draw duplicate I!&IIlplee of a lot of tobacco Speak ng aga. n from exper ence I say tha' m at least 50 per cent of the tobacco passwg through iJI,


.. JAN. 1() here 1f the bulk be broken m tHree places and a suffiCient quant1ty taken from each to mali:e two breaks for a sample, that the duplicates thus made from bundles lymg contguous m the hogshead w1ll vary from slightly to a cent per pound That our sampling cannot be pesstently :j.nd syste matlCally fraudulent, 18 attested by the fact that hun, dreds upon hundreds of saruples drawn here are re turned to the Western rna kets e' ery season because of their mferwnty to the ones drawn at those pomts where are ma.d.e w a manner so satisfactory to the fast1d10us Bremen me1chant The fatrness of our mspectwn IS st1ll further and more strongly attested by the fact that of the many thousands of hogsheads sampled by us and broken up by the manufacturers large and small at our very doors scarcely a clatm 1s ever made upon us I believe I would be safe m the assertiOn that such clauns would not exceed 1f they equalled one tenth of one per cent of all the tobacco so opened unde1 our very e) es No gentlemen 1t cannot be true as charged If 1t were' and nad been so we should have a very different state of accounts m tlus market to day We should have bad under th f1auds as charged not hun dreds of thousands of dollars m suspended and wo1 Lh less claims agamstan mnummablecompany of brokers and disabled sb1ppere m the West but a family of happ),factors, w1th clean balance sheets and sm1lmg patrons m the West Tne expm ters VI ould have sus ta1ped and emb;u:rassments which wonld have prolon ged and. saddened the1r countenances "biCh now beam so bnghtly over the memoues of succesful ventures and then: wrath would have been so kufdled agamst the knaviSh-mspecto1s that we should all have been swept as by a cydone f1om tne scene of our ras calit1es aoo more worth) ones put m ou places, or else the whole system would have been radically changed The tr utb 1S the )los1t10n of an mspector rs such as to compel hun to act as a rule wrth reasonabl!l fa1rness Standmg as he does at that pivotal pomt where the mterests of seller and buyer meet and d1ve ge If he lean systematiCally to e1ther Side he makes of the other an open and a hfe long enemy and hiS busmess 1s rumed-h1s occupatiOn gone-for he can only ex1st by the JOrnt good will of the two mterests Speakmg tor myself, I can say that ade from all consideratiOns of JUStice between man and man thiS v1ew of my position has ever been present w1th me, and if I had bad no consCientwus motives thiS undemably correct policy would ha'e held me to the true lme of act10n COLONEL MARTIN -I can merely say thiS that there are very few factors or exporters that have any 1dea that m a lot of 500 hogsheads commg here of the great varrety and mixtures m that lot No two hogsheads are alike and m the same cask you will find very d1f ferent kmds, so much so that 1t must necessar1ly be left ent1rely to the JUdgment of the mspector as to what kmd of a sample wrll represent the bulk of that to bacco And as a hogshead of tobacco 18 not transpa rent you not bemg able to see through It as 3 ou c 1n through that wmdmv you are obliged to take a sample that w11I fa1rly represent 1t as ) ou .find It We ate obliged to conform to a rule that IS to sa) to break this tobacco to the rule and rf there are suspiCions restmg upon 1t we break 1t more but m the ordmmyway we take out a sample that will fmrly represent the bulk The CHAIRMAN -Can you g1ve us a sample Iepre sentmgthe bulk by breakmg less than fom umes! COLONEL MARTINWe are "lUlling to g1ve vou a four break 1f you want rt rt "ould be no hardsh1p upon us to do that But as to 1 ecommendmg rt there 1 s a questiOn m my mmd for thts q;ason -'Ihese to baccos befm e they reach here a e mspected m West ern houses two, three 01 fou1 times and 1t would astomsh you to see how that tobacco often comes to us and then m that shape to b1 eak rt agam 1t must necessarily put 1t m a worse shape It will dry out at the breaks and the stems will mould whme the air stMkes rt Of course we break 1t m fi esh places be cause we don t want to show mouldy stems and the Ciumbllng parts of the tobacco MR PAULI The buyer has to pay for that that mould ought to be m the sample CoLONEL 1oAR'l'IN -If you want us to break that to bacco as they do m the West we are w1llmg to do 1t lliR PAULI -I move that It be so ordered so as to show the mould CoLONEL 11ARTIN -We endeavor to make a fresh break here but If you want samples representmg tke mould and the d1y leaves why, allnght You always fin1 the outs1de more or l ess mouldy If gentlemen who are mterested m this thmg were to VISit theso rn spectwns any one or mme of them and take m the busmessf10m tbeu own observatiOn I tell you rt would be a mce day s work }IIR ABENHEIM -Have ou not, Colone l Martm a substitute somet1meQ-one to 1eplace you In Inakmg the sample J I Are you there yourself to sample each and eve1y hogshemt that, so far as my own busmess IS concerned, I will have to change 1t al together I can't send tobacco from New York; they won't have 1t, And I can't discover that they have THE TOBACCO I..EAF. a good reason for findmg fault So far as I am con cerned, I want to buy tobacco m New York I know what I can buy here but at the same t1me rf I send 1t to Antwerp my fnends the brokers and merchants say No we don't want to have anythmg to do wrth New York samples,' and that 1s before they have com pared 1t and before thev know anythmg about1t It1s at present s1mply a matter of preJudiCe, but what gave nse to 1t IS a questiOn I can 5 answer The CHAIRMAN -Have you any suggestiOns to make! MR GIRARD I don t know what remedy can be de v1sed I don t know what you can do to cover the ground A VorcE -Don't you thmk that bv puttmg m more hands m the sample, and by makmg It larger, you would help It some! MR GIRARD -I tlunk that IS about It But they ob Ject to the r1bbons on the sample It IS too mce for them Those brokers over there get mad at those r1b bons and they will even take off the nbbons befme they will examme the samples Thme rs somethmg about 1t that g1ves the sample a sort of an artlfiClal ap pearance I he CHAIRMAN -They thmk that they are buymg by the nbbon MR GIRARD -Yes They obJect to havmgthe sam pies shown upon a blanket upon the floor There are some merchantc that wont have 1t on the blanket 1t must be thiOwn on the bare floor, whether the flom IS swept or not other"ilSC they wont look at It They seem to have a great preJUdice agamst samples and It seems to me that the source of the thmg 1s the m1stake whiCh IS made by them m lookmg too much at the appearance of things They don t d1p deep enough mto the of the sample They will have a lot of samples wh1ch w1ll look neat and p1etty and they buy and afterwards they may find some iaults m the tobacco and then lay It to the samples My suggestwn would be Simply this T1y to g1ve the New York sam a much more natural appearance Don t fix them up I mean from the mspectors down to the factors not to try to put up a neat 01 mce paiCel but take them as they come not to try to make It look small and pretty but s1mply to make a solid sample and not mmd so much how It does look, stra1ght pretty Then I believe 1t would be a good suggestiOn ne'er to have less than a certam mmtmum of bulk I don t thmk srze or we1gbt w11l have much to do w1th It I am gomg to try to meet what I call the Ignorance or the pecullartt1es of the people on the other srde who look at thmgs so much m therr appearance If I ha\e a uniform bundle for a sample which IS mce lookmg and small they will know what kmd of tobacco rt Iepre sents and when the sample IS larger they will know that the tobacco 18 large MR LUHMANN My exper1ence shows the same dl1Ii culty as that stated by llfr Pauli Our fnends m Ant werp and Bremen have wr 1tten that 1t I S a most d1fficult thmg to trade w1th New York If we offer New York goods we cannot sell them unless we sell the m 1 or 2 ptgs below goods from the West We have beenslnppmg goods d1rect to factoues on the Comment, and they upon fi st are satisfied with the sampl es but a[ter exammmg the hogshead they eem to be d1s pleased as they tell us of fallmg off They get the 1dea that the samples represent a h ogshead packed m strmght Ia) ers mcely and 8mootbly and after an ex ammat1on they tell us that the hogshead Vales) exhibitiOn m 1879 Every box of p1l?es 1s guaranteed to hold a full count and 450 different pattems are made of the artiCle We call the attentiOn of the trade of th1s country to these facts REFERRING to a mmor editorial notiCe m another place m "h10h we announce that the formgn c1rcu latwn and patronage of THE LEAF IS steadily mCI eas mg we call the attentiOn of the tobacco merchants of th1s count y to an ad vet t1srnent on the last page of this Issue of Messrs Feldhe1m Jacobs & Co tobacco and c1gar me1 chants and manufacture! s of 72 Queen St1eet ll1elbourne V1ctorm Australia This fi11n IS One of the oldest m that l ocality and rehable m evety re spect They are the representatn es m that pa1 t cf the world of several Amencan andEnghsh tobacco houses As stated m the last 1ssu e of THE LEAF when refer to the removal of Mess1 s Foster H1lson & Co to their new factory corner Avenue D and Tenth Street Mr Max Il1lson the brother of Mr Hilson of that firm was g1ven an mte1est m theu busmess No person connected wrtb any firm IS more deservmg of ad vancement than Mr Max Hilson Ever smce tha fh m came mto eXIstence some years ago he has been their able representative abroad and he has certamly con trrbuted h1s share to the great success whwh this firm bas achieved Mr Hilson 113 held m great respect by his fnends and busmess acquamtan.ces LOCAL JOTTINGS -Mr H Fre1dmansoldalotof 100 balesl878Havana -Mr Lloyd, c1gar manufacturer, St LouiS rs m town -Mr F Marrero mgar manufacturer at Key West IS on the market -Messrs E Hoffman & Sou sold a lot of extra fine Connectrcut -Messrs Wei! & Co sold 130 bales of very fine Vu elta AbaJo -Mr J Helmench of St Loms 1s now VlSltmg the metropolis and buymg tobacco -Messrs Bunzl & Dorfmtzer sold 176 cases 1879 Pennsylvama to a manufacturer -Messrs L & E Ka11fman bought 60 cases 1879 Pennsylvama from E & G Fnend -Messrs N Lachenbruch & Bro sold 400 cases of 1879 Pennsylvama and Connect1cut -Schroeder & Bon bought 500 cases from C Sptzner & Son and sold several lots -Messrs E & G Frrend sold 125 cases 1879 Penn sylvama to out of town buyers, th1s week -Messrs Vega & Bernheim sold 400 bales Havana mcludmg 302 of 1879 and 98 of 1880 growths -Messrs V Martmez Ybor & Co sold 250 bales of therr Y & C brand at pnvate terms -Mr Re1d of the Hamilton (Ont ) C1gar Company VISlted Gotham on busmess thiS week -Mr I C Palamo, 01gar manufacturer N Y JS on our market makmg purchases -Mr Juhus Vetterlem, of lllessrs J Vetterlem & Co Philadelphia was m town durmg the week -Messrs Basch & F1scber bought 150 cases 1879 Pennsylvama from Messrs Arendt & Frmgant -Messrs H Schubart & Co sold 100 bales of Ha vana and about 100 cases Seed leaf both of 1879 crop -Messrs C H Sp1tzner & Son sold 500 cases low grade and also 200 cases of fine Pennsylvama of 1879 growth' -Messrs Gustav Salomon & Bros this ctty have made Mr F A Heyneman their ag13nt for the West ern States -Mr Jacob Mayer of Messrs Jacob Mayer & Co Lancaster Pa arnved m town on 'l'uesday on for h1s firm T H Collms of Cmcmnat1 agent for Mes-srs Foster Htlson & Co of th1s c1ty viSited the mettop olis th1s week -Messrs Lichtenstem Bros sold 60cases, cons1stmg of Pennsylvama and Connectrcut of 1879 growth to vanous parties -Basch & Ftscber sold 219 cases 1879 Pennsylvama to Hirsch hom & Bendherm, and bought 100 cases f rom Schroeder & Bon -Mr E D F F1sher mgat manufacturer of Council Bluffs Iowa, VlRited our market th1s week and pur chased some goods -Mr Fred Schulz d1sposed of 80 cases of 1879 Penn sylvama and ConnectiCut, and bought 200 cases of 1880 Pennsylvama, this week -Mr LotuS Halle accompamed by Mr W A Heyne man both of St Loms, "iele m town on Tuesday and favored us wrtb a pleasant VISit -Mr Ph Bonn of Wm E1senlohr & Co nacke1s and dealers m leaf tobacco Phi!R.delphla has been VlSitmg the market on busmess for hrs .firm -Mr Gustav Fuchs, the w1de awake Chicago mgm agent ISm town }IIr Fuchs IS agent for the Weste1 n for Messrs McCoy & Co this c1ty -Messrs F GarCla Bro & Co sold 100 bales of tbeu Flor de F G brand of Havana of 1880 growth, at pr1ces rangmg from 99c to 107c -Messrs M Neuburger & Co nurchased 312 cases 1879 Pennsylvama from Jos Mayerts Sons and sold several lots of Housatoruc and Pennsylvama' LIChtenstem Bros & Co bought 186 cases 1879 Penn sylvama from N Lachenbruch & Bro and 174 cases 1879 Pennsvlvama from C H Sprtzner '&Son -We had the pleasure of meetmg the gentlemanly representative of Messrs C A Jackson Petersbmg Va Mr C B Rame, on the market this week -Messrs Heppenhe1mer & Maurer lithographers of ths C1ty make another fine exh1b1t of the1r excellent wmkmansb1p m the publicatiOn of then calendar for 1881 \ -We are pleased to announce the convalescence of Mr G Fernandez 1mp01 ter of Havana tobacco and c1gars Pearl Street who has been ailing for a week or two past -Messrs Block & Lmdhe1m sold 50 cases of fine goods cons 1stmg of Housatomc and Lancaste1 tobaccos 30 cases bemg taken by a large New Yo1k State c1gar manufacturer -Mr Pretzfeld of Messrs & Bro P1tts burgh Pa was m the market th1s week The firm of Pretzfeld & Bro has been d1ssolved and w1ll be con tmued by Mr Wm Pietzfeld -Mr C E Gilman, the Western agent of Mr A Moonells mgar manufactmer of th1s City, started on h1s usual quarterly busmoss tour a few days smce Mr Gilman will VISit all the plmClpal pomts m the West Messrs Loms Ash & Co of this city have made Mr Loms Halle their agent for St Loms VlClmty In a sh01 t t1me they wll probably mcrease the tern tory allotted to h1m so as to cover the whole We5t and South -Mr Aug Drexel of ?;Iessrs Kampe & Drexel dealers m Havana and Seed leaf tobuccos, St Loms was m town th1s week and bought 100 cases old and new Pennsylvama from Messrs Gatl & Ax also a vega of Havana hom the same fitm Annual Tobacco Ueport uary 1, Sales m December Rece1pts m December Dehve11es m do Sales fm the year Rece1pts for the year Dehvenes do Stock Dec 31 QUOTATIONS 1880 3166 2111 3 633 65 001 52 536 58 488 7 639 1871. 36U 2 91S 3 8a9 58 0($ 48 853 48 623 13 591 187:1 181'1 3346 li,M L1gbt Heavy Colory Cut'g. Common lugs $3 75@ 4 25 $4 25@ 5 00 $6 50@ 7 SO Good lugs 4 25@ 5 00 5 00@ 6 00 8 00@10 w Common leaf 5 00@ 6 00 6 50@ 7 50 10 00 00 Medmm leaf 6 50(19 7 50 7 50@ 8 50 12 OQ@15 00 Good leaf 8 00@10 00 9 00@11 00 16 00@19 00 Fme leaf 10 00@12 00 11 00@13 00 20 00 00 Fre1ght, all rail to New York, to Balt1more, to Philadelphia, to Boston 43?fc ANNUAL STATISTICS of Western crop hhds at seaboa1d and aa Western markets 1880 18711 New York 84 836 70 521 New Orleans 5 270 318! Baltmure 3 314 4700 Philadelphia 3 809 2700 Rtchmond 11 000 8 200 Boston 4 036 2 600 ----Seaboard 112 265 91 9li3 Seaboard l87o 1874. 1873. 46 802 140 894 14() ili5 1880 18711 Lomsv!lle 52 536 48 85J Cmcmnatr 49 402 34 39.1S St LOUIS 14 020 15 6Gi Paducah 10 444 8377 Clarksville 16 566 14 43( Hopkmsv1lle 10 352 8 21!1 Nashville 4 167 4368 Evansv11Ie 4 550 4 9Qi ----Totals Western markets 162 037 139 151 1878 187? 18"o 1874 ur.s. Western markets 191 712 H4 742 161 246 68 640 181 438 JH,:a.w Stocks of Western tobacco m hhds Westmn mmketa and at seaboat d LOUISVIlle Cmcmnat1 St LoUis Paducah Cla1 ksv!lle Hopkmsville Nashvi lle Evansv11Ie 1880 7 639 3 88a 7 835 211 569 286 199 344 20 968 49 793 70 761 lSi'S. 13 591 4 321 8242 290 90S 790 17.5 29133 429UG 75,001 llfr A1berb Kramer of Webb & Co b1okers md dealers m leaf tobacco at Durham N C called u n tlns week Tlus enterprtsmg young firm have erected a commodwus packmg wa1ehouse for theu use at Durham 55 000 10 000 15 000 55,oot 13 OClJ 12,1)()1 -l\Ir N Green rmporter of Ciga1s St John N B was on om mat ket th1s week accomnamed by his son Mr Green leaves fo1 Europe by steamer Gennama to day (Satmday) on h1s usual busmess tour and will go as far as VIenna He w!ll be absent for about th1ee months We w1sh ll1r G1 een ,. pleasant JOUrney and safe return CARD FROM HORACE R KELLY & CO, co HILLIER BROS & CO PHILADELPHIA On Thursday last a final hearmg was heard m the case of Joseph Htlher of the above firm who 1s charged with procurmg goods from Mess1 s S Moore & Co under fals e pretenses llfl S Moore testified that about 820 000 worth of goods had been bought from them from March 1877 to August 1880 by the ac cused and that durmg the last named month a bill of $3 375 had been pmchaed from them by Hillier who 1epresented that h1s firm was worth $20 000 and was so lvent Lately the th1ee notes g1ven at the time of the purchase were presented but went to protest the firm havmg failed 'Ihe case bas been returned to the court vVe hear that Hilher Bros have offered 3373' cents Failures and Business Arrangements. (From BIUDSTREET 8 1 Business Changes, New Firms and Removals. ALJU.:.-IY N Y -Geo W Van Slyke & Co tobacco dissolved Ga -Shrofshtre & Ho"W ts Cigar comnnsston merchants dts solved 'V' R Sbrofsh1re contmues & & Co cigar and cigarette manufacturers now Fowkes Echemendta & Co cigar manufacturers Echemendfa. & Co succeed. DosroN Mass -Andrews &:: Hamel :wholesale cigars and tobacco diS solved J A Andrews ret1res now Andrews & Co C nmimlATI 0 F A Terbruggen & Co c gars dLSSOlved Albert mann retires F A Terbruggen continues W oodslde & Peyton robacco etc John B Portwood admitted now 'VoodSide Peyton & Co CoLmrnus 0 -J A Fa.1k:enbach &: Co cigars dissolved OBic.AGO Ill-M W Wheeler & Co cigar manufacturers dissolved M WhPeler retires M W Wheeler continues under same style A H Hunzmger sole agent t:or C Peper s tobaccos now the Hunzin ger Tobacco Co -Uhl Riebel, c1gars and tobacco dissolved now J ACuoN M1ch E W Chapin tobacco burnt out L.l.N8UfG Mlcb -D Behrendt tobacco burnt out Va -Smyth & Co robacco succM

4. principal busmess m Seed leaf durmg the year was transacted m Oh1o tobaccOs, wh1ch were m steiLdY de p1and, owmg to the qualil\f. of the 1879 leaf About 2, 000 cases of Pennsy l vama tobacco were d1sposed of m the market The recetpts of Havana leaf dunng the past yE'ar amounted to 40,050 bales, agamst 8,390 bales m 1879, and 26 280 bales m 1878 Sal\!s dunnfl: the past year amounted to 41,010 bales, aga'\nst 11 260 m 1879, and 22 520 m 1878 The year closM w1th stock on hand aniountmg to 6,050 bales. Thei1ces durmg the past year varted from 650 to 1,400 p for the best quality of wrappers and 350 to 600 pf for medmm grades, 160 to 250 pfgs for the best quahtf of fillers, and 100 to 150 pfgs for common r;rades Tle tnarket m Havana leaf has been very act1ve durmg )le whole year. THE MA YO'R 01' HAaRISBURG. An esteemed correspondent wr tes us HARRISB G, PA Jan 12, 1881 ED ToBACCo LEAF -Dear Sir I "i'ves me great pleasure to mclose hetewtth a few chpp from the Ramsburg po.pers contawmg th e announce ent of eur worthy fnend Herma'n s elevation to the mayor ty of the Ctty of Mr Herman t s one of th mos romment tobacco JObbers m the mter10r of the l:ltate a an h tgh l y respected by all who know b1m, and most deservmg of the new honors bestowed upon htm May b1s shadow never grow less Resp ectfu lly yours, FREDBlUCK GRILL, w1th Lonllard Agency, l'htladelphta What the Rarnsburg Independent says -.A.s foreshadowed m the the Ctty Counctls last Saturday evemng elected John CJ Herman, E q Mayor o f the mty, to fill the vacancy occaswned by the 1estgnauon of John D Patter&on Esq Mr Herman ts a native of Londonderry township, tbts countv, and m hts early days removed wtth hts parents to York County, where he learned the trade of to baccomst He came to tbts ctty m 1865, and engaged 10 the tobacco busmess, at bts present locatiOn, 10 Thtrd Street His geme.l manner s and correct busmess 1habtts soon attracted a large custow, and h1s es tabhshmeut thnved r ap tdly until 1t now ranks as one of the l eadmg tobacco manufactories 10 Central Penn s ylvama Mr Herman IS a Repubhcan 10 poh tiCS, and although a strong parttsan, he never lets hts pohtJCal preferences wterfere w1th his SOCial or busmess reJattons In life, but IS equally courteous to all wtth whom he has 10ter course He posseses all the que.ltficatwns needed for the mayoralty chau, and bts s uccess as a busmess man gtves the very beat prom1e that b e will be equally successful Ill admm istermg the affaus of the ctty From the same paper. Nothmg could h ave been more appropnate than the election of John C Herm an Mayor of Harnsburg It was the office actually seekmg tile man. tl.te masses of a party, or what ,. better, the pecple of all parttes urgmg h1m to allow the u e of his name as a candtdate, because It 1s believed that be pos ses ses every quahty to make a crerhtable and effic1ent ch1ef mag1s trate The parly of whiCh he IS so honorable an adherent, and the people who know h1m so thoroughly, sought htm as a fit man tor the place to fill a v acancy 10 whtch be was elected by Connmls mght last We have every reason to know that Mr Hermon Will make a fatthful magtstrate He IS res,Pectable and rehable IIts personal character 1 s w1thout reproach He has no alh&nc es that are dt s reputable Hts re putatwn as a busmess man IS uublemtshed Hts pollttcal 1m pulses l're all generous Morally he IS mdependent and manly, never hes1tatmg to sanctiOn the ttght or shrmkmg to denounce the wrong He IS altogether an admual!ly orgamzed man, wtth quaht1es to enable htm to dtscbarge b1s new dutJCs at once 1n a manner credttable to himself and satiSfacto to \he people \ \t; C6 \ THE CONFIDENCE GAME. Edward Lilhe, a well known confidence operator, was captured and held for tr1al m the Tombs Court, a few days smce, aud the police are now on the track of one of hlb sk11lful confederates The story of the 1r op eratwns 1s a rather mterestmg one M1guel S Th1mon 18 a Key West tobacco merchant, hvmg at No 213 East Thuteenth BtreAt, and havmg an office at No 104 Ma1den Lane On December 18 he had engaged a pass age on the steamer Rw Grande for Key West, and boarded the vessel at Pter No 20, East r1ver He met a stranger who possessed an agreeable address, and whose easy manners and gemal conversatiOnal powers qmckly 1m pressed htm favorably The stranger sug gested that he should hke h1s company durmg a br1ef VISit to h1s hotel, and, as there was plenty of t1me be fore the depatture of the vessel, 1'h1mon accompamed him On the way the stranger sa1d he, too, mtended to go to Key West on the same steamer, and went on chattmg pleasanLiy about the prosuecttve enJoyment of his compamon's somety durmg the voyage, when a man haste'ned to the stde of Th1mon's new found f11end and spoke to him about h1s vahse The confidence man fetgned extreme annoyance, and took the messen ger to task for leavmg the valise unprotected, as 1t contamed, he sa1d, $2,000 m money, bestdes other val property .A. d1spute about the b1ll, w bwh had been a.-ranged between the two beforehand, followed, and the confidence man, who was Ed ward Ltlhe, pulled out a yellow envelope, contammg two bogus $1 000 U S bonds, "'"d handmg one to Thtmon, smilmgly 'asked h1m to cash 1t Th1mon sard he had only $50 w1th h1m and could not accommodate him "Oh, well," sa1d Ltlhe, "the btll 1s only $45, Jet me have that amount and I w11l repay you when we return to the vessel Th1mon counted out five ten dollar gold p1eces and handed them to Lilhe, who passed four to h1s confederate, and then begged 'flumon to go back to the steamer and watch hrs valuable baggage Unsus p1c10us st1ll, Tlnmon hastened back to the dock, and found the valuable baggage to be a myth and that the gemal stranger was not a passenger on the steamer He went to pohce headquarters at once and related his adventure He found the photograph of h1s agreeable fr1end m the Rogues' Gallery, and the pollee were d1 rected by telegraph to keep a lookout for Ltlhe He was captmed Both pnsoners pleaded gmlty when brought to trial, and Judge Cowmg seB.tenced tb,em to two years and srx months each m State pnson THE NEW BALTIMORE & OHIO RED BOOK. Wrth a v1ew to fam1harze people des1rmg to travel South and West or, mdeed, m almost any duectwn In tblS country, wtth the advantages offered by the Balt1 more & Ohto Ratlroad, the ma.nagets of that g1eat and dese1vedly popular natwual btgbway have pub hshed, under the auspwes of C K. Lord, General Pas senger Agent, a handsome 12mo volume of 112 pages, entttled TheN ew B & 0 Red Book," w btch con tams, m add1t10n to deta1ls of all kmds concermng the road, the Republican, DemocratiC and G1eenback vote of Congtesswnal d1stucts, by count1es, m every State m the Umon m 1878, and the vote m 1880, w1th the rna JOn ties both years, gams and losses, and the total vote for the same years, with gams and losses, the latter comp1led by .r. G Pangborn A second ed1t10n will be 1ssued m a few weeks, g1vmg tho Pres1dent1al returns by count1es m each State. The stattst1cal comptlatwus m the Red Book commend the book to all classes of readers, whtle the refe1ences to the character, runmng and management of the road make 1t a valuable gmde to every person havmg occasiOn to trave l by rail The follow1ng 1s an mterestmg account gtven m the Red Book of the way m wh1ch the Balt1more & Oh10 Ra1hoad connected "1th New Ymk Otty Wh1le the Balt1more & Ohw Rat! road as the first road ever constlUct ed JU thts countty, bad for l.talf a century or moJC held a comma ndmg posttlOn m the gteat nuhoad S)Stem of tbe coutment, sttll 1t lacked one term mal pumt to make tts I me complete That pomt was New Yotk Foi yearottspowetful nvals, the othet trunl, hnes, s u cceeded m st11ymg the e a s tward cou1s e of the B & 0 at Balttmme, sa) mg, tlgurattvely speak 1011 Thus far abalt thou come aad no Bu t tile B & 0 was not content to remam at at the 1JCtatwn of any llVI'l and determmed to t each New York wtth tts own trams It was sleeples 10 enCtgy and had a watchful eye upon the changes m tl.te s ttuatwn 1n Pluladelplna. Relations wtth the Ph1ladelpbta Wtlmmgtou & Balttm o re road were of the fnendly ehat acter, It bemg a Stllct ly ne'!_tl al hpe Phtladelphm was the Gibraltar til be ovecome and JUse bow the seemmg tmptegnahle hnes of competng compames were finally broken IS a matter of suffictent tnte1est to meut sqme detatl, Years ago the legtslatme of P e nnsylvat;ua grante'd a charter provtdmg for the con structwn of wharls known as the Junctwn r oa d. It connects the trucks 'of the Plnladelplua Wtlmmgton & Balttmor e the Phtladelphm & Readmg and the Pennsylv,mta wads By tLe tetms of tbe chartet thts five mtles of truck was to <>e omcl for by the tht ee roads named, and ea c h was to hav e equa.l pnvileges 10 the bandhng of trams upon It The fu st three and a half mtles "ere constructed wtthout any questwn, and then for some ttme work ceased Ftually Pennsylvnva Central took up the construclion and bmlt the one and u h a lf mtle s of \tack neccssaty to complete the Junctwn r oad The cost of bmldmg th1s t1 ack was sus tamed by the Pennsylvanm Ratlroad, 1t all, msteau of one tl.tad of th e btlls, and then con tended that t is nghts ul the use of the road were exclustve and ns hnvmg patd fo11 the trck enttre, no o1ber roBd c<>uld ltave 1\ny ngl>ts thereon As Wl\8 to be expected under the ctrcumstances, the othm two ro:.d&te s J sted thts assumptton and lltJgattQn follo\\ed, floS a mat tet of .cowsc. .A$lheJ3alumorr & Ob1o could get through Philadelpl.tta by n p other We:W' than over the JunctiOn road 1t JOmed With the two other hnes m carrymg on the smt 'l' he matter remamed unset tied for a long lime, the great roads en gaged m the legal contests taking every advantage that t!flent and money could secure m extendmg the law's delays Fmally the court of last res01 t "as reached and the dectston rendered whtch placed the JunctiOn track nt the pleasure of the three roads mstead of the one Thts was the signal for prompt action on the paJt of the Balttmore & Ohio road, and de.ptte all Lhe dtfficulltes thrown 1n 1ts way, and the strenuou seJforts of competmg hnes to prevent the consummatiOn of 1ts long chertshed plans, they were consummated, and New York was reached at last. El Principe de GaiOs CIGAR FACTORY -OFK ey -w-est. The C1gars of this Factory, under the well known Brands of El Principe de Gales -.A.NDLa. Perla. de Ca.yo Hueso. Manufac tured of new and best Vuelta .A.baJO Havana tobacco, and unexcelled in quality and by any of the Havana Factones, are now rece1ved m regular weekly shtpments by I FRED'K DEBARY & CO., 41 & 43 Warren St., New York, SOLE ACENTS. TOBACCO MARKET. NEW YORK. JANUARY 14. Western Leaf-So httle has been done m Western leaf the past week, and smce the begmnmg of the month, that there 1s not much to report The total sales smce the 1st mst. amount to 341 hhds, whereof Jobbers were buyers of the larger portiOn. The Reg1es are restmg, so far as th1s market 18 concerned, and m no branch of the trade are there any md10atwns of acttvJty. We heard a rumor that a large pp.rchase had been made w1thm a few days m one of the European mar kets for Reg1e purposes. We have been to the differ ent headquarters, but faded to obtam a ver1ficatwn of the mtelligence The rumor came to us, however, m such a shape as to mclme us to take 1t for granted that there was some foundatiOn for 1t. If 1t should prove true, the IS to be regretted, as transac twns ot th1s qatme, COilllng at a t1me when we are he set both by complamts at home of dull t1mes, and com plamts from abroad of our samples, as mdtcated m other columns, together w1th efforts of vanous kmds tendmg to d1vert busmess fiom New York, are calcu lated to depress the market The questiOn 1s naturally suggested, \Vhat IS to be the futme of the New York market 1f European markets can afford to undersell it! Messrs SAWYER, W ALLAOE & Co report to THE ToBACCO LEAF -The month opens qmetly with sales of 341 hogsheads, of whiCh 121 were for export, 26 to manufacturers and 194 to JObbers There st1ll contmues to be a httle mbbhng on the part of our Reg1e men, but they are very slow at the b1te lst week 2d week 3d week 4th week 5th week Total Januaty. 341 341 Recmpts th1s month Western. 1,879 hhds. Last year, From New Orleans do uo Baltunore do. do. Vugmm.... 163 do. Total .2, 042 hhds Total Exp't Manf Job'rs Specu Sales for the week Sales for the month 121 26 194 Exports !01 the week, 442 bhds For tne month, At New Orleans -Rece1pts from Jan 1 to Jan 8, 1881, 28 hhds, agmnst 27 hhds m 1880, sales th1s month, do, exports formgn, 17 hhds, domest1c, 1 hhd agamst 18 hhds m 1 880 Stock on hand and on shtpboal'll not cleared Jan 7, 465 hhds. VugtmaLeaf-With the exception of a few hogs heads of wrappers to manufacturers, and a few trans actwns for export account, we bear of no sales of 1m portance for the past week. The cold weather has retarded recetpts Seed Leaj-ID Seed leaf there has been very apprem able activity, reported sales for the week amountmg to 2,550 cases. w1th large transactwns m Pennsylvama, the appropnatwn of tb,1s sort amountmg to 2,000 cases of the growth of 1879 J S GANs bON & Co tobacco brokers, 84 and 86 Wall Street, report as follows -Act1v1ty has preva1led throughout the week Manufacturers and JObbers have freely mvested, and Pennsylvama, pa1 twularly wrap pery lots, meets w1th ready sale .A.ltbough prrcM pa1d are not qmte up to the sangmne hopes of many, 1t must not be forgotte n thlt the extreme figures ongm ally patd to producers do not adm1t of large profits -The transactiOns foot up 2,550 cases, d1v1ded as fol lows2 000 cs 300 cs 150 cs 100 cs 2,550 cs. 1879 Pennsylvama Ftllers Assorted ..... Wr11.ppers 1879 New England Seconds and Wrappers 1879 Ohw Sundues .. 6Y. 12 @20 .18 @40 12 @40 5 @13 9 @18 Spamsh-Tbe mqmry for Havana tobacco resulted m sales of 500 bales of fillets at 82 to 12 0c Manufactured-In manufactured tobacco a moderate busmess was done for home trade, w1th contmued m quay for bright ten figmes and llmch, at low pnces, and only at low priCes The sh1pments were 28 ,900 pounds Wholesale gi oce1 s state that the mqmry 1s meagre wtth them, not only for tobacco, but many other hnes of goods wh1 c h they deal m They aver that then travelers are gteatly Impeded by the bad 1 oads, and espec1ally at the South Smokmg-Smokmg has beenm fa1r request, both for local and mter1or account Ciqas-The mgar market IS unchanged, busmess contmumg fauly act1ve Ctgar Box Ceda1-Tbe quotations at present are MeXIcan ceda1, 11 to 12Y.c per foot, Cuban, 9Yz to llc. The movement of stock 1s small at th1s season of the year, and there 1s no matenal change of the amount of stock on hand smce last report Exchange -Mr 81mon Sternberger, Banker, re po1ts to '!'HE ToBACCO LEAF as follows -We BankelS, nommal rates me 481Yz@482 and 483Yz@484 for 60 days, an d demand sterlmg tespecttvely, Sclhug rates are for 60 days, 1 for demand Commermal, 60 days 479@t80 Pans-Bankers 3 days 522Y.@522% 60 davs, 525@520Ys Commercu;l, 60 days, Rewill'mat ksBankers a days, 95,60 days, 94Y. Com met eta!, 60 days, -Messrs Carey, Yale&; Lambert, lfre1ght Brokers r eport to THE TO.BACCO LEAF Tobacco Fretghts as follows -Liverpool, steam, 30s sail, s London steare, 30s sml, Glasgow, steam, 35s, at I Bnstol, steam Ms, sa1l Havre, steam, $14, sail, 35s Antwerp, steam 37s 6d sail, 35s. Hamburg, steam, 37s 6d, sat!, 35s, Bremen, steam. 37s Od satl, 3!js IMPORTS. The arnvals at the port Di New York from fore1gn ports for the week tncluded the followmg consignments'Bawe-H BatJer & Bro 6 pkgs pmes Savamlla-Ptm, Forwood & Co 110 seroons tobacco Tobasco-Ordet 1 box tobacco Vera OI"Uz-H Marquand! 25 bales tobacco Haoana-Tobacco--We1ss Eller & Kaeppel 178 bales Jos .A. Vega 60 do, .A. Gonzalez 129 do; Schroeder & Bon 94 do, H 8chubart & Co 150 do Strohn& Re1tzenstem 80 do, WCJI & Co 74 do, G Fernandez 64 de, F Alexandre & Sons 103 do, Order 32 do C1gars-G W Faber 8 cs, Purdy & NICholas 6 do Esberg Bacl.tman & Co 14do, Howard Ives 2 do, Chas TBauer & Co 4:do, .A. Bovmg & Co 2 ao, R 8 1 do, C F Hagan 10 do Patk & Tilford 11 dn, :Acker, Merrall & 17 do, S W Wclsl.t 1 do, Dowmng, <:>lteldon & Co 7 do, H 0\1 en 7 do R D Jackson 3 do F Alexandre & Sons 0 do Mm chants D1spalch Co 21 do, Order 6 do Otller at twles E Suzarte 8 cs p1cadma, 2 do pape1 Hece1p ts of hconce at port of Nelf York for week, reported expre ssly for THE ToBACCO LEAF -Weaver & Sterry, per Shannon, from Sav1lle, 385 pkgs (25, lbs) hconce root J C J.ic.A.ndrew, per A Felugo ftom Smyrna, 2 904 pkgs (855,495 lbs) do, Weaver & Sterry, per Carlos, from LISbon 20 pkgs (9 610 lb3) Spamsh hcorwe paste, do, per Shan nnon, from Savtlle, 20 pkgs do, W, 0 Sm tih & Co, per Denmark, from London 25 pkgs (0,138 lbs) do, P Har mouy's 8ons, per V Flo no, fwm N ap les, 20 pkgs licortce slicks, do per Ben Venne, fro m Tneste, 15 pkgs do, EXPORTS From the port Of New York to foreign pons for the week were as follows .dnlu>m-p--33 hbds. THE TOBACCO LEAF. Argenti'IUl Republtc-20 bbds, 5 cases, 50 pkgs (8000 lbs) mfd .Bremffl-102 bhd, 218 cases, 120 bales Bnl1sh East pkgo (200 lbs) mfd B1 .. N01 th Amencan Colomes-'iO bhds, 1 pkg (100 lbs) mfd B?'ttzsh West Indes-3 hbds, 1 case, 1 be.le, 51 pkgs l7,337 lbs) mfd Er18tol-14 hhds Canada--74 bales Ouba--10 pkgs (1000 lbs) mfd Copenltagen-21 eases DaniSh West Ind.u-2 hhds, 1 (100 lbs) mfd. :Dutch West pkgs (908 lbs) mfd. Ji'rench West hbds Gln.sgOIJJ--24 hhds Hambug-2 pks (170 lbs) mfd Bavti-12 hhds, 38 bales Liverpocl-68 hhds, 1 case, 8 bales, 7 pkgs (777 lbs) m!d London-62 hhds, 19 pkgs 13081 los) mfd. Nalla-58 bhds, 20 pkgs (1220 lbs) mf d. NarB0@ 9 9j.O@l2 12 VIRGINIA. LEAF. SEED LEAF, Flltera cis 5 @ 6 8 @19 10 @I2 11 @13 13 @15 @45 @00 @36 @45 @70 @12 @17 NBw Yoaa:-Crop Assorted lotsCommon to medium Good 8 @11 1t%@16 Oa1o-Crop 1879Assorted lots 'Vrappers WtSCO:NBDi-Crop 1H79Assorted lots Havana Seed Wrappers SPANISH LEAF, H.v.&JU. FILLERB-C".ommon Uoofii -Fine Supenor Y..uu.-1 and n cuts assorted II cuts -$uKATRA 'VRAPPERS MANUFACTURED TOBACtJO. PRICES IN BoND-TAX 16 CBNTB PER POUND BLACKS-7>ij@l0 15 fil}25 7 @10 14 @18 12 @I8 1879Crolis 100 @110 115 @125 62>ij@ 67f!i 120 @1 50 @30 @30 Cll)45 @45 @36 lOs, l2s, s.nd J411ls13@16.t 18@23 5s 3sand :Navy lOs or Pocket l-'1eces Negrohead twis& CIGARS, perM I Seed, per !d 16@40 GRANULATED SMOKING TOBACCO, ll!edium to good 126@46 I Good to tine SNUFF. [Subject to discount ttl the wholesale trade Maccaboy 62@-65 JA.menca.n Gentleman Scotch and Lundytoot 62@.65 Rappee, French --@-72 -72@-76 SP.uil&B"G C" 'F G' WallisEx Pll&r u 1 (, & Co" .. Sterry Ex.'J "L& Rosa ''Huelva 11 "Magnet," us LICORIO'B PASTE. Ttruma-""'.8" '1 w s 'A U S' HQ1 "Star, 'Ill" up G n 18 18 18 IH 21 18 r "LA. VUELTA AHA.J'O" CIGAR FLAVOR, J lames Cbaskel 6& Warren Street New York J4 Pl00nt 1 Pmt 1 Gal (8 pmts) 5 Gal Lots 10 Gal tR S2 S6 00 $40 00, $35 per Gal $30 per I RECEIPTS, The domesttc rece1pts at the port of New York for the week were as follows -t 741 bh E Wertbetmer 40 do, Fox, Dtlls & Co 1 do, l:lutto & Newmark 151 do, Bunzl & Dorm1tzer' 41 do Schroeder & Bon 1l do E Sptnl!;atn & Co 112 do E & G Fnend & Co 20 do, C H Spttznet 1 do, Block & Lmdhetm 1l do, Joseph Mayer's Sons 30 do, .A. S Rosenbaum & Co 20 do, Otder 101i do G W Helme 13 cs mfd, 10 palls do, 5 pkgs do, 2 trcs snuff, 25 bbls do, 11 % bbls do, 269 bxs do B11 flte Cent1al Rilroad of JiettJ Jersey -Ltcbtenstem 100 cs, Dav1dson Bros 100 do, Chas F Tag & Son 1 do. 811 tlte New York and JiettJ Haren Steamboat .lli Schwarz & Wetl 13 cs L Moeller M do, Wm Eggert & owell & Co 8 cs mfd, 20M bxs do Wtse & Bendbetm 55 cs s mkg Jas M GtLidmer 58 rlo, .A. Hen 2 do SHerman lllo, Wm Broadhurst, Jr 2 cs mfd, L ,b'Maclebose 25 do, H A Stool h off 1 do, L :&[11ler 5 M !Jxs do, H W u t Mathews 5 bxs do. Bav St!lte Shoe and J.eather Company 8 cads do G W-Htllman 8 d-o I. Ash & Co2 cs H K .t F B Thurber & Co 1 do, S Jacoby & Co 1 do Epstem, Lewyn & Co 1 box do, Wm Heyenga 10 bxs ptpes, Wm Demutl.t & Co 10 do, Kinney 'fo CJo 1 box Otdcr 47 bltds 11 cs smkg, 50 do mfd, 5 bxs do, 4%; bxs do, 38 % hxs do, 10 Ya bxs do, 20 M bxs do, 20 1 16 bxs tto, 40 cads do, 30 .l4 cads do, 1 ilox samples HARTFORD, Conn., Jan 12 -Our speCial carrespon dent reports as follows -There has been a tamst01m here but 1t was not warm enough to dampen tobacco, consequently there ts nothmg domg m the new Clop Buyers have put chased all they care to on the poles Old tobacco remams dull QUOTATIONB-OLD TOBACCO Wtappers :fiue 20 to 30 do common 15 to 20 Secoads 10 to 12 F1llers 6 SPRINGFIELD, Mass., Jan 13 -!fir 0 B Butler, Packer and Jobber of Connectlc\lt Seed Leaf, reports to THE TOBACCO LEAF -The market contmues very qmet I have learned of but three sales of the crop m the past two weeka, and these were medmm lots, at low figures BOSTON Jan 11 -Our spectal correspondent reports Kentucky-1 he market w tins bt anch has been one of m acttvtty for two weeks, there bavmg been only a moderate de mand for export Sales 25 hhds for Afnca, 5 do for South .A.merwa Seed Leaf-There has oeen a very good mqmry for select leaf, Havana Seed and Pennsylvama, the latter bemg taken to a large extent lor medmm and low grade ctgars Havana-Rules htgh for stnctly fine quality fillers, wtth little or no demand for other gt ades Manufactured-Agents report a slow market. Ctgar s-Manufacturers sttll are bus.r on fine grades, for whtcb a good demand prevatls PHILADELPHIA, Jan 13 -Mr A R Fougero.y, To bacco Manufacturers' Agent, reports to THE TOBACCO LEAF The past week shows a gradual mcrease Ill demand for manufactured bard tobacco Orders have gone and arc gomg forward but owmg to the extraordmary amount of freight commg to the East, and the unexpected mtermptwn of trams from bad weather, rece1ph contmue bght to what they should be So far pnces hold firm and steady F'i'M OuiH-I"crease noticeable Smohng Tobacco-Demand moder&te, competition legwn (}!garsInqmry full of hfe Snuff-Demand all that could be expected boxes, 3, 908 cadd1e, 402 cases, and 168 pails of fine cuts &ed Loaf-Improveme nt In demand clatmed Ill every grade of Cll!:ar leaf Flales are not heavy but steady, and pnces firm Havana-F11l the btll and pm chasers are soon found Bogsltead Leaf-Movmg slowly Rece1pts for the week -126 cases Oonnecl!cut, 101 cases Pennsylvama, 16 cases Wtsconsm, 29 cases State Seed, 89 bales Havana, and 376 hhds of Vtrgmta and Western leaf tobacco Sales foot up -106 cases Connectwut, 138 cases Pennsyl vama, 22 cases Wisconsm, 10 cases Ohto, 18 ca ses State Seed, 64 bales Havana, and 36 hbds of V1rgm1a and Western leaf m transtt to manufacturer. Exported of leaf tobacco -To Ltverpool per steamer In dtana, 16,921 lbs. Western and Southern Markets. BALTIMORE, Jan 13 -J.1essrs Ed Wtschmeyer & Co Tobacco Oommtsswn Merchants, report to THE ToBACCO LEAF as follows -.A.s usual at thts season busmess 10 leaf tobacco IS at a standstill Rece1pts the past week were very small, and we hear of no transactiOns of e1ther Ohio or Mary land The crop of Maryland tobacco wbtcb was marketed the past year was m yteld abundant, and l'f excellent quahty, and w1th a steady good demand chtefiy for France aQd Holland, pnces we1e fitmly mamlamed all tbwngl.t the year Tbe new crop, some ht!le of wh1ch bas been 1ecetved, proves fatr m quahty, but It IS generally thought wtll 10 quanttty not exceed 22 000 Lhds, the smallest crop grown 10 tbts State for many years The crop marketed durmg the year JUSt ended was un usuallv small, but wtth a restncted demand there remamed at the close of the ) ear stock m all bands amouutmg to 7 399 hhds, and With a much larger crop to be forwarded In 1881 We renew QUOTATIONS. Maryland-lllfenor and frosted sound common .. good do m1ddhng gooo to fine red fancy upper country ground leaves new Ohto-mfeuor tfl good common. g1 eemsh and brown medmm to fine reG. common to medmm spangled fine spangled to yellow .A.u CUled medmm to fine ..... Kenttucky-trash common lugs .. good lugs common leaf m ed mm leaf .. good leaf .. fine to chowe Vugmta-commou and good lug common to me6mm leaf fatr to good leaf selectiOns stems. common to :fine $200@350 400@500 5 00@ 6 00 6 50@ 8 00 8 50@10 00 10 00@14 00 4 00@16 00 300@800 300@450 450@600 650@900 600@800 9 00@15 00 6 00@13 00 4 00@ 5 00 500@600 6 00@ 7 00 750@800 9 00@10 00 10 00@11 00 11 50@13 00 3 00@ 0 50 600@800 8 00@10 00 12 00@16 .oo 100@300 Manufactured Tobacco-Trade, wh1ch contmues fau for the 8eason, IS confined to wants of consumpl1on at unchanged pnces Exported thts week, 15,562 lbs to Ltverpool CINCINNATI, 0., Jan 12 -Messrs Prague & Matsan, Leaf 'l obacco BrokCis and Re dryers of Cuttmg Leaf and Plug Fillers, r eport to THE ToBACCO LEAF as follows -The knowl eoge on tbe part of m a nufacturers that the stock of old tobacco m our mark et was nea1ly 150U hhds less than was sup po sed, has had the effect to bnng many of them f01ward as eager purchas ers, and as a consequence we have to report an exceedmgly act1ve market Contmued unfavort.ble weather ptevents any cons1dmable movement of the new crop, prevent mg that from bemg larely su b stttute d as would doubtless be the case 1f 1t were obtamable Wh1le puces generally are htgiJer than at the close of the year, the marked advance 1s on the lo wer grades, 01 good s ubstt tutts fo1 the better sorts, whtch, because of then gt eat scarmty, seem to cut but little figure m the datly operatiOns of the market, and many a hbd which had been passed by most buyers dunng the fall wtth contempt, now bec omes a favonte, and brmgs puces that are double 1ts then value The btgh value of mf e11or old bas caused a steady advance m what httle new appears, and we quote $13 to 19 as the tange 1'01 med1um to fine fillers CLASSIFICATION OF SALES 200 hhds Mason County, Ky -45 at 2 70a5 90, 38 at 6a7 90, 21 at 8a9 30, 42 at 10al4 75, 29 at 15a19 75, II at 20 25a24 50 New 4 at 4.35a5, 2 at 6 80a7, 5 at 10 75a 14 75, 5 at 16 75a19 46 hhds (!%( Good Jugs 4.\;{@ 5Yz Common leaf 4%@ 6 Mellmm leaf 6%@ 8 Good leaf 8% Fme leaf SelectiOns.... 1271.@14 The upper grades are entirely nommal, as none are offering Oror recetpts m December, were 128 hhd s sales, 89 do, stock on hand January 1, 1881, 509 do DANVILLE, Va., Jan 12 -Paul 0 Venable Leaf To bacco Broker, reports to THE TOBACCO LEAF as ft>llows Amount of sales for December, 1880, 2,988,240 lbs, at an awrage of $6 32 per cwt Amount of sales from Oct 1, 1880, to Jan 1, 1881, 4,978,190 lbs, average pnce, $7 85 The low aver age of December was due to the very large pro port1on of very common tobacco offered Smce Jan 1 tbe sales have been very small until the past two or three days m whtch they have mcreased considerably, and promtse soon to be full Pnces contmue about the same as when last quoted DURHAIII, N. C., Jan 12 -Messrs Walker of the Farmers' Warehouse report to Tru.: ToBACCO LEAF For two or th1 ee weeks there has been but httle done m leaf tobacco For tlie past two days ounnarket bas ,shown some hfe, and whtle the roads a1e almost Impassable, a few farmers have found tbetr way through the mnd Buyers seem anx1ouo to see how the weed wtll start off The was as ,Jvely 118 we could have expected, w1th all the surroundwgs so unfavor able-cold ''"ather, etc Our quotations tb1s week wtll hardly be any cnteuon for tbemBiket We quote th1s week new tobacco2Yz@ 8% 4 @ 5 (l @ 6 6 @ 7Yz 7Yz@ 9 9 @12% 8 (gl14 4 @ 6 6 @ 8 8 @10 10 @14 7 @ 8 8 @12 12 @16 15 25 @40 HENDERSON, Ky., Jan 10 -Mr Posey Marshall reports to THE TeBACCo LEAF -Smce my last report our market has been cxceedmgly dull on account of the very severe cold spell wbtch we have had for several weeks past. The pnces keep up pretty well on all grades, trash rangmg from $1 to $2 20, lugs from $3 to $4.00, good grades from JAN15 $4 to $7 50 W J Marshall & Co sold IRBt Wedneaday IIG hhda at pretty fatr pnces Will have another sale to day. NEW ORLEANS, Jan S -The tobacco market, IS qu1et, Cuttmg gtades are quoted at 4% to 5%, and 6 c for lugs, and at 7 to 12c, and as btgl.t as )9c, fo1 leaf (sound colorycommanda.o advance of M to 2c For shtppmg uescnptwns we quote as lugs good, 4% low leaf, 5%( medmm, 67!. to 7 ; good and fine, 7Y. to 8, selectiOns, 10 to 12, STATEYENT OF TOBACCO. Stork on band September 1, 1880 .. .A.mved past S days .A.rnved prevwusly Exported past 3 days Exported previOusly ..... .. 1 1,318 Broken up for baling, City con sumplion, etc Hhda. 2,878 546 2,924 1,849 1,110 46li 239 269 1,878 67 to 92 57 to 62 112 to 42 to 112 32 to 34 36 to 42 37 to 50 34 to 42 38 to 48 37 to 40 34 to 43 42 to 77 The RICHMOND.-The followmg IS the report of the Rich mond tobacco market for the month of Deeember.Dreaks dunng December lSHO 1879 Inspections 6.28 hhds 578 hhds Uplands hhds hhds ReVIews 47 2 hhds 11(;7 hhds Total for the month 1,100 hhds 1,1811 hhds Inspections during month 628 hhds 578 hhds PJ-6VIOU8 2,8ti8 hhds 2 348 hhds 3,4D6 2,926 hhds Tobacco Stems Tobacco Stems, hhds hhds 8$ hhds 483 hhds 168 hhds I,B&lhhds 336 hhdl 2BIS hilda -483 hhds 168 hhds 2 219 hhds 574 hhds 2,17:lhhds 51lt

JAN.l5 POWDERED LIC,ORICE. Samples and Prices SPANISH LICORICE BOOT of FINEST POWDERED furnished. pn appliI to c. WARREN' & co., TOLEDO,. o:a:xo. F. GARCIA, BRO. & 'CO., . :B.A. VAN" A Importers of. "''" Leaf Tobacco l.67 ST.,. "YC>R.:K.. LOZANO, PENDAS XDI:I::E=80B.'TEI::E'l.& OJii" co., The L.P. & : .Gfl .Brand. E .I'IU.RX. -'V' .A. :N' .A. T 0 B.A. C DOS :E=8li!I.&.B.X.. STB.:J!JEJT. Y'OB.::S::. E_ :a:_ IMPORTER OF THE "Flor de E. H. Gato" Havana Tobacco, And Manufacturerof Key Havana Cigars, SIEBER;! J. A. BELVIN BELVIN & J!IA.NUF A.CTURERS OF FINE -CIGARS AND DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO, {6, t8 & 20 St., and 2, 4 & 6 Hall Pl., Coop!'!t::!::ute, New York. T HcE T 0 B A 0 e 0 L E A G.A.IL Ita c.l2_ & _M4. EA.Sr 17th sraur, :NEW.YOBB.. ,1 P.&.C::S::ER.S OF BEEX> X...E.&.F' -AND-.-IMPORTERS OF HAVANA TOBACCO.THE IMPORTATION of SUMATRA WRAPPERS A SPECIALITY.' ... : \ CARL:. UP OSee: 178 PJ;AR!-166 WATER NEW YORK. \ JOSEPH A. VEGA. JACOB BERNHEIM. II VEGA & BERNHEIM, Packer& a:n.d. X:D:1pe>r1:er& o:r HAVANA TOBACCO, 187 J?E.A.R.X.. STR.EE'X'r YOR.:a;:.. ESTREX...X....A. J.Sfo. :LG, :EI:.A. 'V' AN' A .. THR ) LADIES' PEARL. Berger & Buehler, Publl.ahed .,. S. P. Chestnut, D 1 D., --tl F1or de S. B. de Co. I 11 Park s&reee 0 B 0 N A.S.HVIL liE, TJ!.Nft)'. IMP.D .. .. !.c}CC I ATTENTION, CIGAR MANUFACTURERS! We have adapted our process to the wants ot manu facturers or jobbers who would like to sweat their to bacco themselves just as they may need it; and we have also made it entirely unnecessary to go to the ex pense of a steam haating apparatus. The sweating apparatus iii as portable and as easily moved about as a Seed leaf case. We have perfected an apparatus which is automatic in its working, running al night without any atten tion, of which we build TWO siZES, one to sweat 100 pounds at a time (or less), and suitable for a factory of two to eight hands; the larger size 408 pounds (or le:ssl, and suitable for a factory of eight to thirty_ hands. They will sweat, cure and color-the tobacco m from three to five days. Colors can be had just as dark M may be wished. The larger apparatus, which includes the heating arrangements, takes up but a trifle more room 'than a CMe of tobacco, it being 3 feet wide, 4 feet long, and stands 5 feet high, it being just large enoYgh to accom-modate one case of Seed leaf in its original case. We have put the price of the apparatus at such a low figure so as to place them within tho reacl:.t of every manufacturer in the land. They are portable in every respect, and can be worked, handlea or moved any where by a single individual: most flattering testimonials, from which we have se-lected one, from one of Philadelphia's (Pa.) noted cigar manufacturers, Mr. Frederick \Vambach: 212 E. Dauphin St., Philadelphia, Dec. 23, 1880. Messrs. C S. Philips & Co., 188 Pearl Street, N11w York: Gentlemen: I have resweated several cases of tobacco by your process and apparatus, and am highly pleased with the rflsult I would not be without your apparatus for double the price I paid you for it. The book of in structions you sent me is better than anything ever pub lished on resweating. Any one who reads your book and cannot resweat tobacco successfully, must be very dull of comprehension. Yours, FRED'K W Ali!BAOH. For further information and for circulars please ad dress the inventor and proprietors, 823 0. S. PB:ILIPS & Co.,188 Pearl St., New York. Speoi.a1 N"o"ti.oes. Cigars ASSIGNEE'S SALE. The undersigned begs leave to notify Dealers and the public in general that he is offering at Greatly Reduced Prices, the finest and best KEY WEST CIGARS of the well known establishment of berg Co. at their stote, 84 and 86 READE STREET, corner of Church. 828 JULIUS BUNZL, Assignee, TO LET .,-A large six-stor ement-house, 25 by 80, 12 rooms on a floor, suitable a cigar factory. 830-lt Apply at 175 Avenue corner 11th Street. WANTEDA Second-h bacco Cutter, in good order. State whether hand r, ower, name of maker and other particulars, and al ow est price. \. 830 B. S. & office of this paper. W .I\NTED-8ituatiou to s ll Leaf Tobacco, Cigars, or Chewmg and Smoking Tobacco in Indianapolis and "'\ State of Indiana; well acquainted with the trade; best reference. Addtess 830-2t JoHN A. HEIDLI!IGER, Indianapolis, Ind. W AN:rED.-:-A s!tuation b a oung man, aged 21, who res1des w1th h1s parents, is now, and has b for sev'heral a wholesale leaf to\ acco ouse. Ject, to bet himself. Be$t of references given. Address, ETENT, 830-lt TOBACCO LEAF office. FOR RENT.-Wareho e Capacity 500 cases; locatio be loaded rigM on railroad fr able to responsible party. A 829 "WAREHOUSE, New Milford, Conn. nvenient. .Goods can house. Terms reason' BEM VAL The greater part of the apparatus being made of wood, it does not heat up the room in which it is run. The sweating can be done alongside of the workmen We hereby inform the Tobacco Trade of the United State.s generally,_ and our many friends in particular, that we have th1s day removed our office and entire swck of Havana Tobacco of the Flor de S. B. & Co." brand, to 215 Jefferson Avenue, Detroit Michigan Having admitted Mr. John Buehler, con: nected with the firm of John R. BeckAr & Co. of Cin cinnati, as a partner in our frrm, we w'.ill hereafter deal under the firm name of CAUTION. Again information reached us tlutt un principled manufacturers are imitating of our brands. This time it is ''Blunt Heads" cigar, on which we are protected by patent. We warn the public to beware of these counterfeits, and imitators will be prosecuted for infringement. The Attention of Cigar is respectfully called to our Large Stock of FINE RESWEATED 1878 PENNSYLVANIA WRAPPERS. The quality of these tobaccos is greatly enhanced b_y our Resweating Process, which is wholly a NATURAL one being entirely FREE from dyes and chemicals. oJ splendid dark colors, these goods are a lso excellent in quality and burn well. Manufactw-ers of fine cigars will find this stock particularly well adapted to all ED. & CO., their requirements. BARKER & W AGGNER, 829-tf : 29 S. Gay st., Baltimore, Md 820-832 :MilwaulceEl. BROWN & EARLE, I IVIanufacturers of Fine Cigars '-AND-Dealers in Leaf Tobacco, 'East 33d Street, n. OX..:t:'VER.,, 'V'a.., PROPRIETOR AND SUCCESSOR TO OLIVER & ROBINSON'S PlUG,. SMOKING TOBACCO and CIGARETTE BUSINESS. The celebrated other brands formerly I I l,U.NUFACTURERS -oF THE (JELERRATED ., ER.:J:E. C:J:Gr.A..'R. D. ,v. Crouse, HEADQUARTERS FOR FUSE AND IGNITING TAPES. G. W ()rouse, -:E:s'ta.'b1:1a :h.ed. & COMPANY, Ciga.1r 1'Ia.:.:.'L u1'a."t'Urers, --AND-I>ea1er& :ln. Pen.:nsy1"Va:n.i.a Ci.gars! Office: 643 Penn Street; Warehouses: 636 Court Street and 20 & 22 S. 6th Street, ; :R.E .. &.::J::DM"Gr, lP .A.. Buyers_ will lind it to their interest to correspond ...-ith uo, LI.Q U 0 Rl CE PASTE! The undersigned continues to manufacture and S-panish and Turkish Liquorice Paste, which he offei'S to t'he Trade Reduced Prices.' Manufacturers will find It 'to their interest to Bjpply to him before purchasing else where. Ja111es G. McAndrew, oo Water .. -.,.... ---. without inconvenience to them. After many 1111:. PhilipS! has perfected an apparatus that will sweat a single case of tobacco (or less quantity) as nice :t.nd dark as his larger sweat houses will 10, 20 or 50 cases at a time The r esult has more than met his best expectations. Every objectionable feature of former sweating pro cesses has positively been overcome. A uniform dark color is produced, and the tobacco retains its natural flavor and smell. Thw goods come from the sweat all reaty to work without any further manipulation what ever. One of our large-size portable apparatus, which is for one whole case or 400 pounds at a time, will sweat, cure, and color from 60 to 90 cases of tobacco per year. Consequently, it must not be considered that this is simply for small manufacturers, as a IJ?.anufacturer employing 150 hands needs only 4 or 5 of our apparatus to do all his sweating. They can be set on any floor, or any part of a floort and.they are all ready to go_ to work without any fi:x:mg or outlay, as they run Wlth out anv steam heating arrangements or cowl stoves. They do not have tope connected wjth any cbimney. They can be moved from one floor to another, or froin one building uo another, just as easily as an empty Seed leaf case. We ship the apparatus all ready to set up and go to work in less than l:ialf an hour from the time it is received. We offer them for sale at the exact cost of manufacture, which is !l30 (thirty dollars) each for the large size, and $15 (fifteen dollars) each for the small size, AND CHARGE A YEARLY ROYALTY ACCORD ING TO THE NUMBER OF CASES YOU WISH Tp SWEAT DUR ING THE YEAR; AND WE MAKE TIDS CHARGE SO VERY LIGHT THAT YOU WILL NOT AND CANNOT OBJECT TO IT. Our process is the only successful process in existence, and these machines will do the work required of them every time. No such thing as fail, an'd no such thing 799.825 I "MILLE. FLEURS;) THB FINEST HAND MADE HAVANA /CIGARS, IIIADE BY FOSTER, HILSON & CO. Cor. Avenue D and I Oth St., Send :for PrJco Lh:t. New York. 782-833 as spoiling tobacco with them. .To every pul'\)h&ser we give a J!rinted :pamphlet con_j J taining such full a.nd complete mstructwns about re sweating that you cannot fail. It goes into all the :TAKE ONE EVERY HOUR. details of Philips' process on both new and old goods. His vast experience in this line of business rende;:s this pamphlet alone of more value to you than the charge for royalty. Let us know how many hands you employ, and we will furnish you an estimate of doing your entire sweating on your own premises, where it can be done just to suit yourself. This is by far the cheapest and best process ever brought out, and will probably never be improved upon. Tho "DOCTOR'S PRESGRIPTIONJJ C:J:G-AR.. The Finest and Best Cigar in the U. S. FOR THE MONEY. CJIR(JULA.TES AS FREELY AND IS AS WELL KNOWN AS THEN, Y, HERALD. We would be pleased' to have all parties v isiting our city call and see us, that we may show them our appa-l By Unanimous Consent Pronounced ratus and the practical working of our The People's Choice. Every manufacturer who w1shes to unprove the quality of his tobacco, and secure well cured, dark I Especially Suitable

6 THE TOBACCO JAN.l5 CO. 1\r 104 Street, New York. IL:al .... PliSID, i' The abov e Brand or HAVANA TOBACCO CIGARETTES inade only by !'aOKT SIJ.IJLB.J:,, ) -::E"'. -a.aea.-:r-t Tobaooo.ID Baieo &114 HacahMda for J'oralgn ... ..,.., '. THO .... srB B.A.T L ':-,.-. 10:W i KANUFACTUBEBS OF AND DEALERS IN .li'l&.&a. --' t 1 OOSTj.V SALOMON SJ.LOKOX. PLUG AND SMOKING TOBACCO, cE oF BARCLAY, .. FINE-CUT TOBAGCO, .MANUFACTURER OP FINE CIGARS. SEEDLfAFIDTOBAGCO, Sole for JAMES B. PACE, Richmond, AND OTHE R VIRGINIA MANUFACTURER S .A.1so So1e for JNO. W. CARROLl'S CELEBRATED BRANDS, 'LONE JACK,' 'BROWN DICK,' ETc., ETC., Ero. -AND-SMOKING. TOBACCO. tHE VIRGINIA TOBACCO AGNCY, JAS. M TOBACCO MERCHANT, 84 FRONT STREET, NEVI YORK. EXPORT ORDER!! FOR PLUG TOBACCO PROMPTLY FILLED. J. W. MARTIN, 7::;1, &1:ree1:, N"e...,..,. 'Y'ork., {Premises lately occupied by BULKLEY & MOORE), Strait;;a 1iiorm, ; ;;I St.,:: pen e:uner, of CIGARS Leaf TObacco r 1 s. s. EDMONsToN&, BRO., 1 Dealers in Leaf Tobacco, -llo7 ,EI:E'l.C>.A.::J:> ST N"E"VV Y'C>:E'l.:&:.. Mason and Cutting Leaf a Specialty. WANUr.A.CTUJI.J:RS or FJJrnST CLEAR HAVANA 4war414 Ei&heA Ke4&1 lzhl.bWID, HAVANA CIGARS & LEAF TOBACCO. -.:Antonio 'Gonzalez, ., Dealers In Lea:C J 204,20fi and 208 EAST TWENTYSEVENTH STREET, NEW YORK. Water St., E&1:& b1i&hed 1841!1. J MANUFACTURER OF --==OIG No. 4'72 CRAND STREET, NEW YORK. N"e...,..,. 'Y'ork.. -CIU. F TAG & SOli, ..._,. ol SPANISH oad Dnlo'" 1D aH klaio o1 LEAF TOBACCO, 114 Front Street, .g KIJW ._,OK E.M. CRAWFORD& SON, 'V'. lnlportcr o( and Dealer In HAVANA LEAF TOBACCO A.nd JJJ:anucaeturer of Leaf Tobacco, ,FINE CIGARS ONLY, 110 "VVa1:er S1:ree1:, .Ne...,..,. Y'ork. 168 Water St., N"e"C:'V 'Y' ork.. DEALER IN PLUG and SMOKING TOBACCO, Ta:liii:.::E"'a.:ld a.:n.d for Ex.por1:. --;';DIPORTEB OF-Slr.:rd:ON' sT::R..A.US&, M. R. LEVIN, IKPOR'rER of HAVANA ORDERS FILLED PBOJJJ:PTLY FBOJJJ: STORE OR FACTORY. Sole Agent for the Justly Celebrated Brands, "ATLANTIC," "MAGNET," "SENATOR" IN PLUC AND CUT CAVENDISH MANUFA<:TUllEll OF TilE S:n1ok.:ln.c; Tobacco, C:lc;ar& d> Cic;are1;1:e, l..4l..O o _aE.Y S"t. R..i.cb.m.<>, v a.. r-r.l r. e. mmE. o F. LI"'D E t l l I SEED LEAF TOBACCO INSPECTION] i -TOBACCO INSPECTED OR SAMPLED.-. I COUNTRY SAMPLING PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO. J UcrtUlOI.tes given for every, and delivered Case by Cnse. as to number o f Certiflcata. N. B.-We also Sample In Merchants' Own Stores. P. C. LIN'DE &,. CO. PHILADELPHIA BRANCHES:E. w. DICKEnSON, comer Arch and Wate r Streets; JONAS ME'l'Z, 64 North Front St. HA.BTFOBD, Conn. :-A H. .:..'l'IIERTON, Ahret Ciga. Store, 176 State Street. I!IUFFIELD.t. Conn. : EDW. LANCASTER, FOREST, PRINCIPAL OFFICI S:-Ioi;<, WATEP. STREET, and lSZ to !Sol tiT WAREHOUSES : -112 WATER S'r!lEET; 74._ 76 and 78 GREENWICH STREET. and FUDSUN RIVER HAILR'lAD DKt>01', ST. JOH-"S l'ABX. CJ.-o ....._.uoa.. P. w. Conklln. A.. A. Hunt. C. C. Hamilton & Co. Seed Leaf Tobacco ectors. -A:rn>CITY WEIGHERS, 170 "VV'a"ter S"t., N"evv ""'"'<>rk. COUNTRY SAMPLINC. PROIV1PTLY ATTENDED TO. 11 ILAJ(CASTER. Pa., Bro.nola-153 Nortla QueCJI S t ; Henry R. Trost, Agent. HARTFO RD. Ct., Brnuch-154. State St.; B. F. Hurlbnrt, BENSEL & CO., TOBA.GGO INSPHGTORS, 178){ WATER STREET, NEW YORK, CHA'S FINKE& CO I TOBACCO INSPECTORS, f 59 WA TEH ST., NEW YORK. ()OVNTRY 8ATIIPJ,ING PROIUP'f.LY _ATTENDED TC? LANOAS...,..; Pa BRANcn{Ph!llipBomgeaoer Lanenater, Pa., Braneb:-F. OlTh'NINQ. ...,..._.., 1 Wm. DeHaYen HA1t1,141 N Queen St. (Smtrh' s Cigar Store.) SYRACUSE BRAN CH ........ G. P. Hier & Oo. Connecticut Branch:-H. B. OlMSTED, BALTIMORE BRANCH ... E Wischmeyer & Oo. 'East Hartford, HARTFORD BlU.NCH ........... W. 'Vcstphal. Edgcr,ou, 18., Brunclu-C. R. Bentley. I HAVANA lEAF TOBACCO I ISO Pearl Street; New GEO. W. HELME, S11ooeaaor to Appleby & Helme, MANUFACTURER OF THE CELEBRATED PaiNCE AIBBBT Ci.gaz t&es. 133 WATER STREET, NEW YORK. III.A.N17Jr.A.OT17BER OJr Boxes, ADd Importer or GERMAN CIGAR MOLDS,. ; (Sole Acent Cor BESSKS. OSENRRlJECK. &: ()0,) 315 to 321 E. Eleventh St. !ld NEW YORK. F. E. OWE;N, Commission Merchant, Virginia leaf T obaccoJ No, 39 BROAD STREET, N"e'QV 'Y'ork.. A. D. CHOCKLEY & CO., DEALEHS I N WESTERN, VIRCINIA, and NORTH CAROLINA LEAF TOBACCO, 38 Broad St., New York. FIRST PKrzE IIIEDAL CJ.A.R,L VIENNA EXHIBITION, 18'2'3. ,_.. MANUFACTURER OF MEERSCHAUM and AMBER GOODS, AND IMPORTER OF French Briar Pives and other Smokers' Articles, 69 WALKER STREET, Gf Corner B roadway, l" N"e...,..,. Y'ork.. And VIENNA., AU!ITBIA. Send for' Catalogue and Price-List, 88 I have n o travelltng salesmen. f FANCY SMOKING PIPES -IN-BRIER. AND FANCY WOODS MANUFACTURED )lY HARVEY a FORD, SALESROOM392 8BROADWAY. YORK. FACTORY-LEDGER Pt.A.CE, PHILADELPHI)t., ... HENRY SIEBERT, Buchanan & D. J .. GARTH, SON & co. Lyall, Tobacco and Ceneral Commission Merchants Commission Merchant, 44 BROAD STREET, :Y:. SALOMON, aa Br<>acl. s-t :l'JE"VV F. W..:. &. EJ. &.A.LO:Da:ON" PACKERS OF SEED "t -.UH> IMPOI:TERS !);;' and SG :BIE.A.:r.E:)DN' ::E.o.A.N"EJ, N"E"VV "Y"C>:E'l.::S:.. .1 10:1. A.LL ST., 'Y'C>:Fl.:H:. Cozn.zn.ercia1 Fao1:ory, Elrook.1y:n., N". "'llil liiAI'>lJFAOTUflE THE FOLI,OWING CELEBRATED BRANDS OF :PLU"G-Tc:>:EI.A.CCO: ::E"'LA.JSIET, FJ\NCY DARK NAVIES; N"E::E"'TU .NE, FANf:Y BRIGHT NAVIES; S TANDARD RlliGHT NAVIES; S.A.:I:LC>:E'l.'S C:Ja:O:I:CE, STANDARD DARK NAVIES The reputation of these gocds is world-wide, and the increasing sales ot them Is proot of their merits. EIE"VV .A.:Fl.E C>F :J:J.\l[:I:T.A.TXC>N"& Our Trade-Mark El-L is Embossed on every Plug. OFF:I:CBI!I; BOSTON: 31 Central Street; CINCINNATI: 69 West Second Street; CHICACO 1 9 Wabash Avenue ; SAN FRANCISCO:-316 Battery S*reet; PHILtADELPHIA: 39 North Front Street. MANUFACTURER OF C -IGAR BOXES AND'" SHOW FIGURES; '.lJJJ:POBTER OF AND DEALER. IN C:I:Gr.A.::E'I. ::E'I.:I:EIEIC>N"S, CIGAR MOULDS, PRESSES, STRAPS, CUTTERS, ETC., 179 & 181 Lewis Street, New York. .. Allldnds ot Figures cut to Order and R epaired In the Bet 8tyie. The Trade ''THREE CITIES'' Cigarette & Smoking Tobacco. GEO. CAMPBELL & CO., RICHMOND, VA., Are now the SOLE IIIANUFACTURERS oC the ":J'HHEE CITIES" Cla:a.reue and Smoking '.l'obact:o, lately manur.a.ctnretl. b7 'Vlll D .ol.VIES, OJ" Brooklyn, N. 1:' A. Ben, 43 Libe Street, Sole for New York. 125, 127 & 129 BROOME STREET, cor. of PITT ST., NEW YORK. GEO. W. HELME, ., !SUCCESSOR TO APPLEBY lUNUFAOTUREB OF THE Maccaboy, Rappee, Scotch, American Gentleman, Lundyfoot SJ.\l[C>:&::I:NG TOEI.A.OOC>; Via: PRINCE ALBERT, ll'tfCl!.ll TO!l, NAVY CLIPPINGS, To., A .t; lL 1 MILLS, PRINCE GO'l'IIA.Itl, No. 133 WATER and 85. PINE STREHS, New York. JrOB PRIVB LUT UDBeP OB API"LY AllABOVB. AND DEALER IN ALL KINDS OF LEAF TOBACCO, 162 Pearl $treet, New YoJk, S. OR.G-LEB.., Manutaeturer of FINE CIGARS, A.Dd Dealer In LEAF TOBACCO. 85 MURRAY STREET, NEW YORK. M:y Hrands:-"CnSA LTRRE." "CLIMAX." SCHOVERLING BROS., PACKERS AND Dl!:ALEBS IN SEED LEAF TOBACCOS 142 WATER STREET. N"e...,..,. 'Y'ork P acki ng Warehouse at New Milford, OomL. H. KOENIG, WHOLESALE DEALER IN HAVANA AND SHHH LBAf TC>:U.A.CCC>&, 226 PEARL ST., NEW YORK. 1 I. GAS811.RT. /{, I. GASSEil'!' J1 L. GASSERT & If COMIISSION MERCRANTS. A.liD DEALERS IN ALL KINDS OJ' LEAF TOBACCO, ID7 Bowery, New York. G. REISMANN. Commission Merchant, 228 PEARL' ST., NEW YORK: Hirsch, Victorius & Co. LHAF TOBACCO, 111 WATER ST., NEW YORK. FRED. SCHULZ, l Seed. Leaf And. Importer of Havana Tobacco, 213 Pearl St., New York. L. GERSREL & BRO PACKERS AND DEALERS IN SEED LEAP_TOBACCO! a 9 a PEARLSTREET 1l1 I.. GERSHi:i.,. 1.. C::.ll.SHF-1' NEW YORK. B. DIAZ & CO., B. D. &. Co. 0 H Q II TRADE 11ARL < .. 221 PEAJU. ST NEW YORY,


I JAN. 1 5 &Lua SPilrO.liUf, LU. HAUCBll.lOS. s.uron H Sl'fl'o'GAR!'f. E.SPINGARN&Co. IMPORTI::RS OF '"V A.N'" .A., AN D PACKERS OF LEAF. TOBACCO, 5 Burling Slip, New York. REYNES BtiOS. & Commission Merchants 46 &. 48 Exchange Place, S. :EI .A. '"V .A. N' .A. -ANDSEED LEAF TOBACCO, I 62 Water St., New York Basch & Fischer, IMPORTERS OF HAVANA And Packer e t SEED LEAF TOBACCO, 166 WATER STREET, Near M a id e n Lane, N E W Y 0 R K. Tho Gorman-..American Bank LEAF TOBACCO, 12S'" Ma-iften Lane. Gvs FRIo, N fW Y O K .t<'w.1BND1 ]a., R Vll -!!!:!.;__ e CUTHRIE a. CO., 225 FroDt Street. COMMISSION a BON, 178 STREET, NEW YORK,, IMPORTERS OF SPANISH. .I.ND PA.CJIUllftS OF DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCO: D. H. McALPIN & CO., :MANUFACTURERS OF THE CELEBRATED FINECUT: I VIRGIN LEAF and NAVY I TC>:EJ.A.0000 And all kinds of Smoking Tobacco. Also Mo.TJu!a.cturers or the wellknown Brands o Bright Chewing: 'own. 'onward,' I FriondshiD,' and I Sailor's Solaco.' l!lA.NUFACTOBY AND SALESRO OM : Cor. Avenue D and TBIIth Street, New York. ""' I TRADE :MARK: NEW DEAL.'' BALERS DF TOBACCO FOR EXPORT. ::rv.t::a:n: u .. :facturers o:f Fl ug Tobacco. t...f Tobaecopresse41nbaleo for Brands. "liO"eE liEAD" "tt":oAD LII'!.li'l'" "LITTLE liA'ICliE'"" xkan and Central American Ports, and. ether mar ag \ir kt. TOBACCO PAt 8 ,111111. !. a made to orde r at abort notice I .:' P ::E'1. Z lSI" T Z lSI" G-ar description at Ule Prl ... II"' !;OR PRICJES. AHNER & "DEHLS, DEAL ERS IN LEAP TOBACCO, .,pl90 PEARL STREET, r.=:: t=:: } NEW, YORK. OFFICE AND FACTORY: .LACHENBRUCH & BRO. LEAF AND UIPORTERS OF 164 WATER STREET, NEW YORK It oTIENBERG EllNEST FBEISB, (FOBUBLY Oi" THE FIRM Oir WALTER J'RIJCDKAN I; FBll:lO,) UIPORTER OF LBON4B.D ... PRIBDM4N, ...OB'l'BR.. 011' HAVANA TOBACCO, 203 Pearl Street, New York. TBJIIO. WOLI", J&. WM.-EGGEBT&CO. IMPORTERS OF HAVANA -'.ND PJ.CKEM OJ' SEED LEAF Tobacco 24D Pearl and 20 Cliff' Streets, New York. Jos H ... TheDlpaon, D. Sackett Moore,. Paul (Jalvl, T I EDY.uu> Bon!nr.ll.D, Is.u.o BoalnrJ.LD, HolllO' Jlo!aanr.ll.D, BIG....,. -.,.I.Ll" 1,.---------------. I E. RdSENW ALD & BRO.; I & or. Tobacco! 145 Water Street, New York. ARNOLD POLLAK, SOLE AGENT FOR THE PACIFIC COAST FOR Meura. KERBS & SPI E S S New York .. Mes srs, HORA C E R KELLY & CO., New York; Messrs. MUSSELMAN & CO. Loaiaville. & LIBKO, ----(8ueeeaon lo D. B. Ro.e.)-JOBBERS in. CHEWING & SMOKING TOBACCO .A..JSI" D ALSO MANUFACTURERS,,_ OF FINE CIGARS : ae do 4l. ::&""U.l.1:o:n. 1!11:ree1:0 JSre'PV "York.. ..-Beine &he J.Uanucae&urer. ancl O-wner of the eelebrated "LEO" ran4 oCicar, any lnCrlncemeut oC It 'Wrlll be d.eaU W"ltk aeeordlac &G law. LUBENSTEIN & GANS, WHCJ>LEIIALE DIU.LBRS IN SEED.AND HAVANA TOBACCOS; SOLE AGENTS AND IMPOBTERS QF '!mE GENUJNE W .t. M. C:J:G-.A..B... ::M:C>UL:DS, Presses, Straps & IMPOR T ERS OF GERMA-N It: SP.umm.riGAB RIBBONS : 131 1\/.l:a.icto:n. X...a,:n.e, N"e..,.,.. Vo:rk. CALIXTO LOPEZ, 610 East Nineteenth St., New York. 132, 134, 136, 138 &. 140 E. ad St., Cincinnati, O. A. PERSON, HABR'fMAN & lAugustus Treadwell, f onne rlJ;"with Howard Bros. A Read.l ll!IPURTIIR O.P FINE VUEL TA ABAJO TOBACCO & CIGARS ..&.1&4 Proprfe&er of tll.e Brand LA ISLA" .Per hl lmprtatloDa or To-, And Braud or Clttare '"Coney Island," 206 Pearl St:, New York SIMON STERNBER-GER, BANKER AND BROKER, l'T BROAD ST., NEW YORK, Pays particular attention to t h e Negotiation o.t Foreign Exchange and Loans. Executes Orders tor tb Pm-c hasa and Sale o! v Cali! Nevada. M i ni Q g Stoek in t h t : San Flancisco Stock E.:ichange. G. W. GRAVES, l> ... CKER O Y AN D DEALER IN SEED LEAF DANBURY, CONN. Pl1BLISH.lt0 AT 10 Lord Nelsoa st., Livervool, l'lucE (ENoLJBa) Where Subscriptions may be &ddressc 11:. JIECK, &.CO.,. Commission Merchants, 1 33 MEBClDERES STilET.,, Havana, .Cuba. ... I' I RICHl!EII:NG & C D., :::;' .. TC>B.A.CCC> and CZG-.A.:E=L II:' sg COMMISSfOI MERCHANlS lq -;.. a MERCADERES U.,. [ f. II:. Box 368) DUB, :-s ::::. .. "" BOSSELMANN & sctlROEDERt &. Ct.g&.r I C .ommission Merchants Lamparnla. 18, (P. 0. 650) lla.VB.JJ&


TELT-ER, Packers, Commission Merchants, and Wholesale Dealers in FOREIGN & DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCO, 117 NORTH THIRD STREET, PHILADELPHIA W .. ElSENLOHR & COr, PACKERS AND WHOLESALE DEALERS IN T 0 B A C c-o, 115 &. "VV"a;ter .St., Pb.llad.e.1pl1:J.a. 'N, E!SENl.OHR, -Pii!L. ll"ONN. TOBACCO LEA:F. JAN. Baltim.Gre A.dvertisem&nts. I _, "'VVM .A. BOYD & CO., DD'OATED AND DOHESTIC LEAF TOBACC0, No. 33 South Street. BALT:I:M:C>n.m.. Advertisements. AMBROSIA TOBAC'cO WORKS. W. G. MEIER & CO. SPENCE BROS. & CO. u A.Dti:EIFI.OB::J:A." Jl'lneo(lnt, "VV"::J: G oogtlti" A.Dtl: Smoking, Nos. 54 to 62 East Third Street, O::J:N'C:J:.N'N' A.T:J:, 0. LOUISVILLE, Ky, R. MEIER & CO., CINCINNATI, 0. LEAF l!IISCELLANEOUS HINSD.u.z BlnTR, B. H. SKrrs, Elfeh:D. &. GEO B BARN MANUFACTURERS OF ES, CONN. SEED LEAF -AND-Conn. Havana Tobacco, Warehouse Point, Connecticut -AND- I :"'rCNntr L. BAMBERGER & CO.J 70 Pine St., New York City. Packers and Dealers In LE.A.F And Manufacturers of LowCrade Cigars, No. 111 Arch St., Philadelphia, Pa. LEWIS BREMER'S SONS, Wholesale Dealers ia 'LEAF" AND MANUFACTtmED, TOBACCO, NO, 322 NORTH THIRD STREE'f, PHILADELPHIA. 1 II" A large assortment of all kinds' of LEAF ToBACCO consta.ntiv on hand.;ft BAY & SMITH, Packers, CommissiCil Merchants & Dealers in SEED LEAF tc HAVANA TOBACCO No. 35 North Water-st Philadelphia. And 214 STATE STREET, HARTFORD, CONN. John _Moore & Co.,. PACKE.RS OF SEED LEAF, 46 N. Water St. Philadelphia, Pa. M.E.McDowell & Go. 39 NORTH WATER STREET, PHILADELPHIA, SOLE A.GEN'TB FOR. LOTTIER'S Pa.per Teba.cce -ANDW. T. BLACKWELL & CO.'S Tobaaoo, -::New Boston, _Pittsburgh;' Chicago, St. Lonis and -.Stoeph Leeb, Bcnjam.ln Lobe, Jesepb. Leeb &. PACKERS A.ND IN Lea:f Tobacco, No. Ill North Third Street, PHILADELPHIA, -Warohouse-l2'l N<>rth Water St. PA.----J. RINALoirsrNi<'& co., DOHAN & TAI'rP.-TOB.A.CCC> -ANI>General Commission Merchants, 31 North Water Street -AND-' 30 North Delaware Avenue; BATCHElOR BROTHERS, The Only blanutacturers & KEfheEAST Tobacco Commission Merchants, 107 ARCH STREET, F. X. KELL Jr., HAPPY THOUGHT Tobacco Agency, ARCH ST., Phlladelphla, Pa, CJENERAL AGENT FOR WILSON &. McCALLAY'S cxa-..s...n.s, PLUC TOBACCOS. 1231 Chestnut, a.nd _.;...;;..;;,.;;;;.....;;.,.;;...;;;.;.;..;;,;;,.;,;,.;...._ 23 N. Second St., Joseph Wallace, (Successor to Coope r & \Y::tlter) JI[ANUFACTURER OF SJIOKING TOBAGCO 686 NORTH EIIF.VEIIITH ST,, Theobald & Oppenheimer. OF PINE CIGARS, AND DEALERS IN Spanish and Domestic Lear Tobacco, N.E.eorner Girard Ave.&: 7th Street, PHILADELPHIA, AGENTS >'OR TBE MIJ,LER. DUBRUL & PETERS CINeiNNATI CIGAR MOLDS, STRAPS, ETO. PHU.Ar;ELPHIA. PA. DAVID G. HIRSH, GUMPERT BROS., -:> Bxtenelve Manufacturer oC CIGAR MANUF AGTURERS.. CHE1i!' FACTORY-llSl2l s. 23d Street; PENNSYLVANIA SEED TOBACCO, STORE -1341 Cheotnut Street; 8 East Chestnut St., MANUFAarUBERS OF THE LANCASTER, p A. "Postal Card" Cigars .-r;oo,ooo oa H-a. B L. STEHMAN, S e. FRAN TZ. J. L. F.REY, J. L. WEIDLER. H. l. STEHMAN & CO., FREY & WEIDLER WHOLESALE TOBACCONISTS Dealen and Packers In Man}lfactuiefs of Cigars Leaf Tobacco 252 &: 25j North Qaeen Street, LANCASTER, PA. 213 Wt King Street, LA..N"CA.S'X'ER., :E"' .A.. J .A.CIC,SO:N' &, c:ie. CU' AU ftYLES OF 'SWEET NAVY CHEWING TOBACCO, .&Ill) mJ: em JCIIR.t..'l'liD BIWID OP 'JACKSON'S BEST! P:BJTEFI.BEIUB.G-, V" A.. l.i CENTEID. 'IAL EXPOSITION, September 27, 18T6, THIS TOBACCO WAS AWARDED ,...THE...._ HIGHEST PRIZE. We eall to the ID&IlDer In whioh our are {>Ut up, that neither Dealer nor Y,Rbe lm uop)pureh.o81ng other ,..,00,.. tblrunag ho getting ours. E\erv Butt and :Tt....--r .. :afcO EST" impi'M8ed lnto lt Qie. Plug our 1\"R.demark ., aa per annexed. TRY rr CNDER OUR GUARANTEE If not o te weropraenilt, we WILL PAY FREIGHT BO'!'H WAYS. IIOLD BY .6.t.L LEADJXG THBOUGHO'D'.t i!JlrlTED STATE& .'.Wise & Bendheim. Now York Agents. Ba.:re:n. :l'WLANUF AC1:'DJI,ERS CIGARS, AND OF THE ALLTOBACCO CIGARETTES "EXPRESS," and "NIC-NAC" Havana Cheroots. OUR ACENTS:-Messrs. WISE&. BENDHEIM, New York; N. B. MANNINC, Philadelphia. 363 WEST BALTIMORE STREET, J.\t.l:d., Fi-v-e :J3r<>1:hers :1.6-oz Po-u.:n.d.s, X...o:n.;;; J'oh.:n. as. :Br:l.;;;l::L 1; a.D.d. 3 Ce:n."t Pl."U.C, AND ALL OTHER POPULAR STYYl:S OF FINE NAVY TOBACCO, LC>U:I:SV":I:X...LE, ::a;:EN"'X'UC. ::a;:"'!iC. Sixth St., Cincinnati, 0. Aho Manufaotn!l'er of the Veneered Cedar Cigar-Bo:z: Lumber. Sample furnished on Application. Send for Price List, A. QIU Line of Labehl, and Ribbons kept: constantly on hand at 11Ian ucac(urer' Price JJ.COB WEIL, AARoN: KAfiN, E Wxn .. KAHN & CO. dl..uroY-.lCTURERS & WHOLESA.LB D&ALERS3 JN Cigars & Leaf Tobacco 113 Main St., Cincinnati, 0. HENRY GEISE, (BncceBSor to B. GEISE &: BRO .) &TEA. nil: CIGAR-BOX FACTORY, No. -93 CLAY STREET, CINCJNN.4.TI, 0, i' A. rUau., PRAGUE & MATSON, JAMES PHILIPS, For.merly with {), S. Phlllpa k Co, Tobacco Cnring :and Sweating, (Under C, S, PHILIPS! Patents.) -The only Successful Process Exlstence.Dark Colors Cuaranteed. Poor burning Tobacco made g o od. Old and Dried out goods renovated and pnt into good order Green, raw, light-colored or unsweated cured and to dark cqlors. ,70 Main St., Cincinnati, 0. BElfRY MEYER & CO., COMMISSION MERCHANTS, And Wholesale D ea lecs in OHIO AND. CONNECTICUT LEAF. TOBACCO, 4.6 Front St 0. C. 0. HOLYOKE, '''holesale Denier In Western Leaf T cbacco No. 98 Water Street, EIO&TON'. Clu&. W. WILD.a., Ja. WK. B Wmm. CHAS. W. WILDER, Jr., Importer and Manufacturer of FINE CIGARS, 68 Kilby 4 98 Water Sta., -BC>STC>N'. EMERY BEMIS, Jr. IMPORTER OF ::E3:.A. v .A..N' .A., A:!<'D DEALER IN SEED LEAF TOB!CCO, No. 32 Central Wharf, Elos"to:n., J.\t.l:ass. C. B. !l.V PACKER k .J'OBDER OF F. w. DOHRMANN.D Gonnocticnt LEAF LEAF TOBAGUO. BROKER la HAMPDEN STREET, LEAF TOBACCO BROKERS -.&..."iD-Chas. W. Stow a Co., M AHOGA.NYQ SAW MILt -DEALERS IN-I SPANISH CEDAR FO;R CIGAR-BOXES, UHLER..'S .ALLEY., Bet. Hanover&CharlesandLombald&PraUBts. -:BALTIMORE, Md, CfiiJ1zm LEAF ON COMMlliS!ON 94 W. Front St., Cin.cinnat!l. KY.; WA.LTON. KY. L. C. SCHEFFEY, MANUFAC'riJHERS' AGENT, Imported, Key West, Havana, New York, AND PENNSYLVANIA c ::1: G-.A. JR. s!ll 52 Fourth Avenue, near LOU:I:SV":I::X..LE, :EO:'Y'. GOODS SOLD TO JOBB::R S ONLY. l!1r CORRESPONDENCE SOLI CITED. S. E. cor. Vine & Fro.nt Sts., CINCINNATI. rAc.iiiu & LARN.oifuM G. w. wicKs & oo. Manufacturers or Choice Bri!.Dds or Manufacturers' A for tl:.e Sale of Plug To'bacco Vir[inia, Missouri, and Kentucky LOUISVILLE, Ky. TOBACCO. OUR AGENTS: 1&2WEST MAIN STREET, :S:.. W, G, ADAMS, NEW YORK, A.,IL, FOUGERAY, PHILADELPHIA RUDOLPH HENSCHEN, R.aE:vockeG.&ooco., GEO F GUNTHER -Manutaeturer oc TOBACCO A CENERAL I I I C. & R. DORMITZER & CO. CIGAR BOXES. COMMISSION MERCHANTS LBafTobacco&CottonHrokor 3 3 S &: 340 S. SHARP ST., S. E, cor. Cloea}olde k Lo'lllbard Sto, Elevonth and Main Streets, I Dealers & in LEAF TOBACCO, J.v.l:d.. (Entl'ance on Lombard Street,\ :E::'Y' J.v.l:d.. 2 NORTH MAIN ST., Bet. M ai n and S econ d Sts., ST. LOU::J:B. J.v.I:O. O.rders Proinptly Filled. ag-Leaf Tobacco Pressed in Bales a SpecialtY. RAUSCHENBERG & CO., TOBD.CCO,_..:SHIPPING & COMMISSION MERCHANTS. DlPORTEllS O F GER!IIA.N PO'J.' .t.SH and FERTILIZING SALT. ror' Llve tpool Lln.e o:f Steantel's and ReguJar Packet to Bremen, Ham' bur:r, Rotterdam n11d Amsterdam, 11 S. GAY STREET, BALTIMORE. E. E. WENCK,. G. H. M:. Marriott, TOBACCO SHIPPINC DEALER IN IMPORTED 4 DOMESTIC l E A F T 0 B A C C 0, 31 German St., Baltimore, Md. COMMISSION MERCtiANT 46_and 48 St. Charlee St., w. eor. Ioombarlu,, BalUJnore,lll .. DARK WRAPPERS CONSTANTLY ON HAND \V. K. HARRER. G. E WAG.GNER. BARKER & WAGGNER :EI: A. V" .A. N' A. sEEo/ EAFrooAcco. ap. Cer!'lan Street, (.'I l EI.A.LT:J:DtJ:o:a.:m. :M:D. 29 Soutll lay SL, Baltimore, lid. We Invite the attention of' Jl&nutacturera to our We tn.tte the attentfOB or Manaf'actaren to CMd' tltock of Dark Be-weated Wrappero, ot Stnck of DARK: KESWEATED WRAP which we make a specla.lty, PERl, ofwbich we ma'kie a Specia1ty MILLER & HERSHEY. THE YORK CIGAR CO. DEALERS IN AND PACKERS OF SEEDPELNENASFYLTVAONB, IAACCOJ PENNSYLVANIA CIGARS from $12 to $16 per Petersburg, Lancaster Co., Pa. Pa. 8, W, VENABLE, E. C. VENABLE, VENABLE & Co. Omce: Cor. Byrne and Halifax Sts., Petersburg, Va. Factory: 19 Second District, VIrginia. llanufacture and Olfer to the Trade the followlag Celel>raled Brnnd of PlUG GHEWING and -'SMOKING TOBACCOS : '' e-at.JtsE" BRIGHT NAVY, 11, X, S1, ._, 5a, 8s,'"llt 81, 81 aBd 101. -;;--"IT.. GEORQE" BRIQHT NAVY, 1, "' a., &a, &a, fa. 81,81 an410 .. "'"VVRGINIA DARE" BH.IGHT NAVT.11, Sa, &a, 61, 1t1 aJJ.diOI. '' ANNOT LYLE '' BRJQHT NA.. VT, 1a. 3a, 4:a Sa, 61, 71 81, 81 aad JOI. "VNION JACK MA.IIOGANY POUNDS, ,:_nd 61. ,. '' .T. JAM..Eil" DARK. POUNDS, Ji", 4, 5, O, 7, '8: Ua lOa. Also a variely of FIXE TWIST of several grades Bril'bt aud Mall.ogauy under the celebrated "BB.&lLT 0.1" GO:r.D," ck "r.IVJI OAK," "X .&.BOB," 'DII SOTO aad COKQVBl\OB.." The !P.llowm_g are OUR Ar-nts for the of MANUFACTURED GOODS:-(l, W T.I.Jir ALII'I'INJI: k CO, p, .; .a.. BAG Bill & CO.,_S N. ll'r<>Dt Street, Phiilile J'a.; lll, IL CIDIIIITI..t.l'l. Golvellton. Texu; W!W, F.. TINGLE. 0.; B. W, RBULING. 322 lllontgome!Y St.1 San Fral1eltoo; ':1'. Jl, H.LLA!VD_. !ndlaoapolis ,lna.; W. R. BOF'P_, South aod Water Sta., Baltimore, ltd:; {)-PER .. CO-" Cor. lllodl.ooll & Front Sta., Mempbi8, Ttml. W. a ..t.DAIW .. 97Wo.ter Stnet, N"" Yorit:. M, H. GUNTHER, of NeW', Choice _Brands of Imported Licorice always o n Cot:tnn Ltberal Cash Advi;WCCS mnde on Consign -W. S. O'NEIL, E. BIMM & SONS, PACker and Dealer ill P,._ck:ers of and In OHIO SEED LEAFTOBAGGO OHIO SEED LEAF TOBACCO Day'to.:n., C>. :J:::> .A. "'!iCT C> lSI 0. PP"'r4orrfer ll:xpon aDd Home Trade promP'b" -ndecl ""- Ordera PromptlT ..t.llended lo. ::.?. J. &C>RG-&. MANUFACTURERS OF ALL KINDS OF PLUG TOBACCO, C>. <>-u.r :X..ead.:l:n.c Elra:n.d.a : B::J:G-G-VN"." "Solid. CoiD:fort," ''Trade Dollar," WaTe," W. BEST, Chicago ; LOiliN PALMER, New York;\_ W. H Chicago. BBST. RUSSBLL & CO., (Suecessnn to JOHN C PARTRIDGE &. CO.,) TOBACCONISTS AND SOLE PROPRIETORS OF' THE GENUXNE ''GOLDEN CROWN'' CIGARS, 57 Lake Street and 41 State Street, 111. ALSO AGENTS FOR THE FOLLOWING WELL-KNOWN P. LOB.ILLARD & CO.l.New .York; CO., N.,.. York; W. T BLACKWJ:LL a 00,, Durham," C:.i, J. J BAGLilY .t. co,.., "JIA.TFLOWER," I>Mrolt, Jtlk:h. -J. w. CABBOLL'S "LONE LYnehburc, VL aod5'\V1N & CO.'S "OLD JUDGE" Tobacco andClga.rette HALL' S "BETWEEN THE ACTS" and F S. KINNEY'S CIGARJhTES. BANNER TOBAGC O \ SUCCBS"SORS TO NBVIN & MILLS, -193 & 195 Jeft"erson Ave., Detroit, (COID'Ell OF BATES STREET,) lii:ANUPACTURERS OF THE CELEBRATED BANNER BRAND FINE CUT. BET.rEB. THAN 'rBE BEST." .. 1 ILL .. .._. WB, 11, 'I'EFT. Vlf'e Preo. BB!II.J, Jl', B.I.ST05, SPRINCFIELD, MASS. E. l'tL FLACK, TOBACCO BROKER,. HOPKINSVILLE, KY, REFERENCES t Jno. c. Latham, Prea' t Bank of s E Pres't Planters' Bank, Hopkins;;;be; Sawyer, wall&ee 1 Co., New York; Spratt 4 Co., Louisville, Ky. HOLT, SCHAEFER & C'O.,. LYNCHBURC, VA., BUYERS A.."'D HA!IDLERS OF LEAP TOBACCO. W. F. KORMAN. W. W. BELVIN. NORMAN & BELVIN. Packers of Leaf Tobacco. FIN:& WRAPPERS &: SMOKERS A SPECIALTY, DANVILLE' VIRCINIA. Paul C. Venable, COMMISSION lEAF TOBACCO BROKER, :J:::>a-:11 -v-:ll.l.e. V" a. Duy11 Strictly on -.A."""ll. LEFTWiCH; Dealer In VIRGINIA LEAF TOBACCO f.A.N':J:::> S'X'Fl.:J:PS. -Abo Flue Virginia Manuf'rs Stems & Scraps C... Ly:n.oh. b-u.r;;, V" a.. I solicit correspondence with large manufactu r e r s and dealers m t h e United States and Europe,. and will furnish samples and prices on applicatioll. and will rna lee contracts. LADD TOBACCO CO., LEAF TOBACCO BUYERS, No. 21 North Main Street, ST. X..OU:I:S, J.\t.I:O. W. m:. LA.DD, President. B,. SUBERT, '. WHOLESALE DEALER IN :a: .A. v .A.N' .A. -AI."D-DOMESTIC LEAF TOBA'CCO, 231 East Randolph St., OIDCAGO, IJ,L. W. E. TOBACCO BROKER, Et:y. REFII:RENCES, BY PERmSSJO:<> l. 0. Latbam, Pres't Bank Hopklnsv!llo: B. B. Trice, Pres't Planters' Bank. Hopklru.vme, B. G Buckner Com Merohant, J. X. Gant & SOn, Com. Merchant, Wall&ee a: Co., New York; He!lll' .,.,;bert, New Y e rk; F. G.lnrln, Clarksville, Tennessee; H. B. Clark .t Bro., ()larbvtUe, Tennesoee; B. 1!'. Pres't lot Nt.t. B'k1 Clarksvllle1 'r. I BUT ONL ON OIWER. Oraers Sollcltea, H. CLARK & TOBACCO BROKERS JAS. A. HENDERSON & DEALERS IN VIrginia and North Caronna LEAF TOBACCO, .Da--vUJ.o, "V'a. Bmokera -Brlcht Leaf lli>Ml<T. Orderi liollclted. W, N, Sbol&oD, F. X. Burton, C. G.


JAN.l5 Bnsiness Directory of Admtlsen. JfEW YOJUt. Let>/ Tebacoo w....1: DeblB, 190 Pearl Arendt &: Frlngant. 193 Pearl Bloc!<&: Llndhelm, 1150 Pearl Barnes Geo. B. 70 Pine llamett B 1tl!l. Water Such .t Flocner. Iiiii Water. Cardozo A. H M Broad Chockle7 A D .t Co. 881lroe.d Crawford X. JL & Soo, 168 Wster. Edmonston S S .It Bro. 47 Broad Eggert Wm. &: Co. IUS Pearl. Friedman. Henry, 119 Maiden Lane Friend E &: G. &: Co. J29lllalden La-. G w. Gail&: A%, JIM! Water Garth D. J., Bon lit Co. 44 Broad. G&Mert J L lit Bro. 157 BowerJ' Qersbel L. .t Bro. 191 Pearl Bambun>;er L lll P.o. 151 w ... er EeUbroner, J-phs .t Co. 119 lllalden LaDe HI.rscb, Victorhm &: Co. 177 Water J[erbs & 8pie88 1014-1000 2d Avenuo Koenig H 2'16 Pearl L&ohenoruch & Bro 1M Water. Lederer lit Fischel, 213 Pearl. Le"rin M. H. 162 Pearl Le.y D 169Water Lebenstein &: Ua.ns. 181 Maiden L&u. Neuberger J)l. 172 lVater Newgass L 144 Water Ottinger Brotners, 48 BroM. Owen F. E Oppenheimer M. 138 Water llelsmann G. 228 Pearl. Boaenwald E. & Bros. 145 Water lloul,n S. lit Sons, 173 Water Salomon G. & Bro s. 2M Pearl Sawyer, WaUace Ill. Co. 47 BroadW&J' SchoverUng Bros. 142 Water Schroed er&: Bon, 176Water. Schubart H &: Ce. 1150 Water. Schulz Fred. Pearl Scoville A. H. &: Co. 170 Water. Siebert Henry, 66 Broad. Splngarn E c &: Co. 5 !lurling Slip. Steinecw:e R. 1St Water "Tag, Charles F. & Son. 1B4 J'ront. Upm&nn, C&rl, 178 Poor!. Warel1.0usga tor the Sale of and Smoking Tobacco. Allen & Co, 1':"3 and 175 Chamben Augustin & Dusel f1 Warren. Dohan, ti&lTOll & uo. 104 Front. DuBois Eugene. 75 Front. F. !16 s. WaehinZt<>n Squ""' eardiner J lll. 84 Front. Hen A. 43 Liberty. Bunt H. W. 69 'VIIllam Marttn J W., 74 Front 'Thompson, Moore & Co. 83 Front W.ise &: Bendhelm, 2&1 and 266 Canal Tobacco Balen tor .E:rpot1. Guthrie &; Co. 225 Front. Uaf ToBacco sweating. Phllipa C. s &: Co.l88 Pearl comm.usion MercAafttl Beynes :!:rllthers & Co., 4Gb. 48 Exchange Place. TobaccO Brolren. Cattus John. 83 l::leaver Ertheiler l\1. &: Bon, 141 Water. Eller M 116 Maiden Lane Gans' Son, J. !>. & Co. 84 and 86 Wall Osborne, James G. M Broad. Rade r r,1. & Son. 45 Broad Shack A. 178 PearJ Street. Jlanuf'a of Sm.oT,ing and Cheu:rin.o And ereou J ohn&; Co 114. 116 and 117 Liberty, iluchanan &; Lyall, 101 Wall Buchner D. &: Co 173 and 175 Duane. Goodwin&; Co '.!ITT&; W!I'Wafer. Helme Geo. w 183 Water an07 &: 509 Broadway H&rny & Jl'ord, 3112 Broadw&y Ha A. 43 Liberty Kaufmann BrOil. & Bondy, 119 and 131 Grand Manufacturers of Licorice Pcutc. Mdndrew James C 55 Water 8tam!onl Manulactuling Co. 157 llaldu LaDe Wea'f'er ..t Sterrv 24 Cedar lporter oj LCOf"ia .f'tJIIL Argulmbau, w allaoe lit Co. lie and 1118. William llchdrew JameB C. M Water Weaer &.: Sterry, Sf Cedar ZuricaldoJ' & Arglllmbau, 28 Be& .. _.. Jl lllac"iMf"ll. ll. Y Toh&coo Machine Co. 61 Broadway, 7'obac<:o Pr-... 6u.$hrle .t Co. Front J(cmufoctM .... or OofiiiO" -Erich B W. 81&-81!1 El.-.euth St. HODkell Jacob, 293 and !196llloaroe S. 179 and 181 Lewis Wlcb WUii&m .k eo. 158-161 -Deaii&J'D"' J. 11 and 18 Cannon Upccrovo W. E. 4M-f75 -Teaill z,.port.,. of Cigar Jloldl. llrlchs H W. Eleventh 8t. /llww Card .lr01&ftli"f1 Clt&d .n .. w.n.g, ..... llarrla l'llllllllnc Co. Ill ud IIIBIU1I&T 1; Ololf .... --LobellilteiD .t Otma. 1111 llaldea ....... l ... 114 THE TUe Sphinx) Cigar .. ... S .UT.RO 1..NtWMARKl e,INew York. ,. A!TOR 1 E& 1-No. 41 a and Dlatrl_ot & 7aa 3rd Dltrlet. ;span..,.-G......m. OIJil.r Ribbonl DET.KOJ.T, li!UoL HepP,Onheimar lit ll!a111'0;,.:!,"d II 1'1, Wllllanl .AICJft,./'rl of CMwtny mod -ng 7obac:co. Laue Barker X. C. &: Co. 74 and 76 Jeaeroon A .. 8tralJ88 Slm">n. 179 Lew18 Impqrtds of Tobacco Wm. .&: Co. Qoerck Berger & Buehler. 215 Jeffersou ATenu'e. .M' T of Tobacco ShOtD Cardl and LabeUI. Don4ldson Bros., Five PGints. P. 0. Bo:l: 2791. Dl1RHAJI. :If C. I Trmn.qJarent Glau Sigu. Manufacturer of Smolring T.obacoo. Matthews John,-tM A ... be>. 2khlt 27th BG BlaclrweU W. T. & Co Importer,,. La VueUG A.bajo "_El.aeor. Jllr oJ Blackwelra Durham Cigarette&. Chasl.:el J .. 66 Warren. Blackwell W. T. d: Co, lllf Ha"a"" Cigar lf'la-. EV AXSVILLI.. had. FriesAlex.llt'Bros. 44 College Pla.ce. ,.,obacco Commiuion.Merchanta. :lbrJacoo a"d Cigor Lobel4. MoiTb C. J. lit Co Jl'sppenhelmer lit MAllnH". N. WIIIWD Scotland, W. E. 460475 East Tenth Scotc" Clco Barker & Waggner, 29 South Gay Boyd W & Co. 33 South K ercl9 Broa.d. Importer ofllavana ct Dlr1 in Leaf Tobacco Bemis, Emery. Jr. 32 Central 'Vhart: Jones G eo. H. 98 Water Jmporter Manufacturer oj .Bine Cigara. Wilder Cha.s. W Jr. 58 Kilby and 98 Water Tobacco ManufactUrers' ...tgenU. Kittredge Wm. P lit Co. 9 Central Wharf Dealer in Wedern LeaJ Tobacco. Holyoke C. 0. 12 Central Whar!. Importer of Havana and .De&ler in Seed Leaf. Bemis, Jr. Emery, 32 Central Wharf. BREMEN, GermiUlJ Tobacco Com million Jlerch.anh. Fallenstein W F BUFFALO, N.Y. Dealer in Hawna an.d PaCker of Seed Leaf, Levin P. 112--114. Exchange CHICAGO,ru, Mnfrs o_f Poplar, Sycamore. and 1Ja&t Wood Cigar Boz Lumber. Baumer W m & Co. 67 and 6V 8. Canal st Agent jOY Ciyart OM Smoking 0. A. Peck, 51-53 South Water Wholeibacco and Agts. f0'1' Globe Jf'ineOut and &; Son' s Oigar Manufacturers' Supplier Schuberth lit C o 185 Vin Dealer.s in Spanish and Ciaar LeG/ 7'oblloco. Meyer Hv. &: Co. 46 FronG Tob Comna.iuion. and M.Jr Agn.t. Richey Henry A. 15 West Second Street. Mfl:ftra of Improved Tobacco .Alachiner.,. Tho McGowan Co. 141 &: 148 W. 2d st Manujacturer.s of FineOUt C'hetoiftil aM Smokina Tobacco. Spence Bros. &: Co. 52 and 54 East Third Leaf Tobacco .tJroltq, Dohrmann F. W. s. e.cor. Vine and P'roD1 Leaf Tobncco. Meier R. & Co Manujact'l.n er1 of Cigar and D6al'1 in Leaf Tobacwn & Co. 17 lit 19 W 2d street Dlr1 in Foreign Ouring ,.,,., Bweatlftg, Philips James, 70 Main st....t Tobaeto 'fl&!l Hurdocl< Jas. Jr. 165 Race. CLARKSVILLE, T..,.. Lea! Tobacco Brolcerl. Cl&rt B. H. lit Bro 1)MJkr in Seed Leal atld Ho'"'"" Jobber m aU /riMa JrOftUfGCtU""' Toiooeoo Semon Charles. suc......,r GolilloD & Semon. 132 Ontario DAJfBURY, CoDllo I'B<:i:er atld Dealer ;,. S..d 1.-.f Toboocoo Gra ... aG. w DANVILLE. Va. Pacten d: Dealer ;,. Le.., Tebo.cco. Norman & Bel"rin. l)ed.W't IISftd i LMJ,f Tobtlcoo.. Beaolenlon. James .A.&: Co C Brolr.m. Strictl!l 0" Order. VeDAble P. C. Pemberton&: Penn. Commiaion Brolcer O/ 1.-.f Tob /h&v.Jf, Stewart, Ralph &: Co. 141 Arch Street. .PackerJJ and Dealer& in Leaf TObacco. Loeb Joseph ll Co. Ill N. Third Street. PITTSBURGH, p,.. Manuj'ra of Snuff a-nd Smoking TobCJCco Weyman, Bros. 81 Smithfield t3t of u Long Thread & .. Banner Smok ing Tobacco and '' E::ecelsior Spun Roll. 11 Jenkinson R. & W. 287 Uberty street PacUrtoj Seed ct Dealers in Ha'tKln.a Tobacco. Pretz!sld Bros. 363 Liberty street READING. Pa. Man-ufacturer of Cigar&. Crouse&:: Company. 648 Penn and 636 Court. RICHMOND, Va., Manufacturer of Smoking Tobacco and Cigarette. Campbell Geo. & Co. OliverR. W. Manufacturms of Plug&: Smok'g Tobauo. Lyon A.. Ilol. & Co. l'llklnton E. T 1410 Gl"fJ'. 1-eC/ 7obacco Brolcer. W E Dibrell Manufacturers of Tobacco Baas. M Millhiser & Co. 1309 ROCHESTER, Jr. Y. Manufacturer of Tobacco. Wbalen R. & T 132 State Manujacturerl of ''Peerteu' and Plain Fin Cut Tobacco and "'Vanitll Fair" fJmoinng TOOOcco and Oigarettu. Kimball W. 8 & Co. SAlf FRANCISCO, Cal. Manujaotu?"e'l's' Agent. Pollak A. SPRINGFIELD, :Maoa Packer & Jobbers of Connecticut Leaf Tob'co. Smith B. lit Son, Hampden Butler C. B. ST. LOUIS, Mo. Toba""" W<>reMulu. Dormit&er C. &; R. lit Co. 123 Marltet .81<11"' of Lull Tobacoo. Ladd Tobacco Co 21 North Main Heier Adolphus lit Co. Manufactt. BarneoGeo.IJ. WESTFIELD.IJlaM. Pac""'" Ofts tl thousand, $6 per thousand. The duty o n "Foretgn Cigars is U.!50 fl: Ib, a.nd \e cent. ad ,alorem. Ciga.rettt'!S same duty as cigars. Imported Ciga.n, Cirarettos. and Cheroots o.lso lteat the prescribed IntND&l Revenue taxes, to be paid by stamps at the Custom House. The import duty on Lea! Tobacco .Is 35 cents '1'1 lb; Leaf 'l:obacco stenpned, 00 cents 'II lb; Manufactured Tolo_acco, OO"llents 'II lb; Scmpo, 00 cents 'I!! lb. Manutac tnred Tobacco and Scraps are also subject to the Internal Revenue tax ot 16 oents f!lb, and must be packed in conformity with Internal Revenue law and regulation. Scraps and cuttings, however, ma.y be withdrawn io bulk tor use in a tobacco, snuff, or cigar manufactory Without paymeu of the internal revenue tax. On Sumatra tobacco the import duty Is 35c gold per lb, and 10 per cent. ad valorem. ... and pipe bowls, 75 per cent. ad nJorem, and $1.!50 per groes; common clay pipes, 31 per cent. ad va.Iorem; parts of pipes, 75 cent. ad valorem; all smokers' articles, 75 per cenl. ad valoremj snUtf-boxe$ and chewing-tobacc o pouches,. 3U per cent. ad valorem. "' Foreign Duties on Tobacco. In .&....tria, France, Italy and Spain the tobacco commerce Is mODGpeo Uzed by under direction ot a Regie. In Germany the on leal tobacco Mid -ma lo 116 marll:a InUDm .. (100 American pounds equal to kilos.) In Holland the duty is 28 cents. gold, per 100 kllos=-(2S() Amerlcaa. lbs being eqllal to 127 ldlos). In RussiA the duty on Leat' Tobacco iJ 4 f!Ollbles 10 kopeks 11 pud: on IW>oldng Tobacco 26 roubles 40 kopeb 'II pud i and on Cif&rS 2 rouble& 20 kopeks :p pud. "The pud" is equal to .about. 86 Amenca.q lbs. In Tw:key the dvty is 60 cents, gold, per 11}6 Amenca.n ounees, In England the dut!ejil are Ol! Unma.nutactured:stezmed. or str_ipped and unstemmed, conu.ining 10 h or more of lllob-ture ln eTery 100 :Ibs welght thereof, 3s_j)cl. per lb; cont&lning less than 11 lbs of moisture, 3s IOd 'ljllb. On Manulac the above duties there iJ a charge ot 9 -w&reb8M ....... Oil au doocrlptlona. Uruguay-Manufactured tobacco, cigars and cigarettes, 35 per cent.. ad valorem; per cent. ud valonml In Chili the import dues on R leaf amount to $1.00 and all other kinds are tax'ed at the rate of Sl per kilogra.mme, while a ia:z: o f $5 per ldlogramme baa to be paid on c!gars. --Canadian Tobacco Duties and Excise. The following are the rates of now imposed ln C&nad& on the ...., rlous manufactures o! tobacco:-Ctgara and Cigarettes: 60 cent& 9 lb1 snd 20 per cent. ad valorem. Manut:actured Tobacco: 25 lb, ana per cent. M valorem. Snutr: 25 cents lb, and per cent. ad valorem. In lieu ot all duties--except license tees-now im posed on to ba.cco known as '" common Cana.dja.a twist,'' otherwise called "tobac blanc en torquette, u being the unpressed leaf rolled and t.....mted. and'made wholly t:rom raw tobacco, the growth at canada. &Dd upoa. raw Joaf, the growth ot: Canada, there shall be t_mposed, le'ried and col lected on every pound, or leu quantity than a peund, &D Jkciae duty ot tour cents. Table of W l)ights. KIIOIZ'ramme ......... . ., .. -. abea.t 1-15 poaada. Pud (Rll88i&n)oo 00 00 00.-oo ..... oo ..... equal to 811 poundl, A.m&rlall.. Duties in Newfoundland.-Manutactured and smoldng oob&cco,ot6e 'tlllb; cl11ars. 12.114 per mille, I,ld 6 per Cent. ad valoremi leal, unstriJ)ped and liD,Itemmod; Uc WI>; leaf, stripped and1temmea, 16c t1 1;), aboTe prices 1rl .A.m.erlca.D. money, I Value of Foreign Coins, uotria-l!arln, sliver, 41.8ceuts. Jo.pan-7en, gold. ; gold &114 Belgium-franc, gold and aillver, !M1. 7 centa. 19.8 cent&. LQ,eria-dl>llar, gold, 11. Bolivia.--bolivi&B.o,silTer,83.6 ceDtl.. iUTer, 80. 9 centL Brazll-mlln!IJ o! 1,0011 rels, gold, Nether orin, golliaDd llltr-., MJS cents. 40.2 cenW. British Possessions fa North Amero-Norway-croWD., gold,. AS ee1llil. 1....-dollar, gold, II. P&ru-ool, auver, 811. 6 centa. Central Americ&-peoo,; 88.6 c. Portu!lrai-mllreia ot 1,0011 refs, &old, ChW-peoo, &'Old, 91.2 centl. II 08. Denm&rl<-crown, gold *1.8 ceats:' Ruoola-roullle C( 100 lmpeb, 1111-. r-pe119, 811Ter, 83.8 cents. &6.8 t..-ent& -poUnd of 100 plasters, gold, Sandwich 11. 97.4. Spain-peseta o! 100 0011-I!Ol& France-franc, gold a eilnr, 19.3 cte and ellver, 11.1 ctmtL Great Britain-pound aterliDg, rold. Sweden-crown, got.t, 8 Sf, Swltzerland-frano, ud au....,. Qreoc&-dnicbm&, gold and au .. er, 19.3 cenl8. 111.8 cents. Trlpoli-mahbub of llO plasten, .. German Empire-mart. geld, 23.8 c. ver, 74.8 centa. or IDdi&-ropee of 1& aDD&a, lil'feF, TurJr:ey-pia.ster. 4.f. L llll.7oenta. United Statea ot ao;.,;nw.-.---llra,&Old and oiber, lU ct.. .u ..... 88.0 centa. ( (


10 Factory:-No. 8, 3d District, New and Salesroom:-41 & 43 Warren St. Ca.;atic::n. 'te e Owing to the numerous humbug patented substitutes used in preparing cheap paper, we fee l the importance of calling public attention to our wrap per:s, which are made of the FINEST NATURAL RICE PAPER, universally k-wn to b e tbe best; free from shellac, arsenic, and other deleterious drugs wbich are r equired to render saliva-]jroof and toughen inferior paper. A -careful examination of our Paper and Cigarettes will saJ;isfy all of the _great m e rits claimed. ExAmin e each Cigarette and see that every one bears KINNEY BROS.' fac-simil e s ignature. BUY NO OTHER. KINNEY TOBACCO CO,, Manufacturers ot the foDow!Dg well-known brands:CaRoral Sw:eet Caporal St. -James9 St. :Matinee; Entre Nous, Sport, Ambassador. Union Club, Zetland, Veteran, &c. \ TBB TOBACCO LEAF. JAN .l5 The r La Vuelti Abajo." Astonishing Results and Creat Saving of Expense by the new Improvement attained In the Process of extracting the natural flavor from Havana Tobacco. The Trade is herewith notified of. the lmportan.t lmproYelll_eD& of this well-known extract of Havaua tobaceo, imported from Havana, impa.rt.iog a L.&.S'I'ING PLA.. VOR to Cigars, Cigarettes and Tobacco. "Hencefortk no more Alcohol nor other are reqllired," -"But mere Water will di.oolve the VUELTA ABAJO EXTRACT," Which reduces the price of the Flavor to a mere 'l'rlBe." F o r the last three years this unrivaled Flavor ha.s met with the greatest success, aa proved ty the duplicate orders and ftatterlng testlmonlals received daily. PRICES OF "LA VUELTA. ABA..TO," )'.(Pint. 1 Pint. 1 Gallon (8 pints). 5 Gallon Lots. 10 Gallon Lots. $2.00 $6,00 lO,OO :'>35 per Gallon. $30 per Gallon. Tenn 1 Net. C. e. J). One pint 6r La Vuelta A.bajo wUl make f!ve gallJ)ns strong :flavor, simply by adding fl_ve gallons of water. This qu&Dtity iaEiu1llclent to impregnate Fillers tor about 4.0,000 to Cigars. DEWAR E OF IM:I'I: A. TION .-Every genuine bottle b ears my name and address, -Ob.a,skei, AGENT FOR THE UNITED STATE AND CA.NAD:, h 66 WARREN ST., NEW YORK CITY. .ADOLPH MOONELIS, MANUFACTURER OF CIGARS, OF THE -ANDSawing and Planing Mills! Cedar a:nd Jacob Henkell, sAwiNG .. MrnRs. cmiiiBDxEs N"o. 11 ll1d. 10 Oalt1lt10lt1 S1::ree-t, N"evv "Y"ork. B'l!l'lmiOB :MA.KB .t PBllDI: QUALITY or The Mrs. G. B. Miller & Co. TUBAC CO IANUPACTOIY 293,"295 & 297 Monroe Street, Co1"U.m'b1.a St. 'York. P:J!IT:J!I:E'I. :J:J. liiANUFA.CTURERS OF THE CELEBRATED PLAIN FINECUT CHEWING TOBACCO in BLUE PAPERS S:N'"':TFF&a Rose-Scented Maccaboy,Scotch, French Rappee,Amecican Gentleman. CC SIGN' ..A.L" C::EI::J!IVVIN"C7, One (,., l!'oU. A.Io, 1Ftrat and Second (luallty SDioktna, tn DIe Paper. SWEETENED FINE-CUT -Dark and Light Grape. Rose. Club, li:IAY APPLE nnd PRIZE LEAF FINECUT, In Foll, <::> c:d ..g E-o N"evv "Y"ork. Darla. PerrJ", kllltlJ. G&JU ]. S. GANS' SON & CO., Tobacco Brokers, 84 and 86 WALL STREET, NEW YORK. I FELDHEIM, JACOBS & co., I =-.. 1 Tobacco & Cigar Merchants & 1 PASTL WAJ:.J:.IS cA CO. Tobacco manufacturers and the trade in geReral are particularly requested examine and test the superior prope!1.-s of this LICORICE, which, being now brought to the highest perfection is of. {ered under the above sty'e of brand. We are SOLE AGENTS for the brand, 1'. G. A G. 0. Acknowledged by consumers to be the best in the market. A.lld for the brand of Stic M. EHl Ht.ILER & SON, 141 WATER ST., NEW YORK.JOHN CATTUS, 83 BEAVER ST., NEW YORK. JAMES G. OSBORNE, TOBACCO BROKER, Weh::EJI\.A.CCON"ISTS, SOLE .&GENTS FOit NEW YORK AND VICINITY FOR GOODWIN & CO.'S "OLD JUDGE." A.l8o for otber Leadln:: lUanuCactw.rer. of !'[) 8MOKII'11C, PL.UC T.OBACCO AND CICARETTES. Nos. 254 and 256 CANAL STREET, corner of ELM, NW YORK. LVANITY TOBACCO & CIGARETTES. MILD "-Rare Old VIrginia; "HALVES "-Rare Old Perique and VLrglnla. Always Uniform and Reliable. 7 First Prize Vienna 1873; Philadelphla, 1876; Paris, 1878; Sydney, 1880. Special Concession by the French Covernment, and on Sale in all Civilized Countries. turers, such as for Cutting and Granulating Havana and other Fillers for ClgiU'I!, Stem Rollers, Cigarette Hachines, etc. -=:a.a.c:;;..s= For SMOKINC TUtfACCO, Flour, Salt, Bark, Sumac, r Cuano, Crain, &c. r Furnished with or without P.rlnted Branda." ___________________, Chew and Smoke A. M. LYON & CO.'S C. W\Dti""Nr:J!JT, CHEWING TOBACCO, Selected and OrdlnarrNEW YORK. -WM_ S. KIMBALL 8L CO: N.Y. RICHMOND SOLE KANUI'.A.C'I'URER, 'U PINE STREET,, JIJEW YORK. wbichlia being once m-ore manufactured under the ZU RtCALDAY & ARGtJJM BAU immediate supeovisiDn o f the odginator, 1 MR. JOHN ANDERSON. ----------------and now ltands, as formerly, without a rival. Qro:ers forwe.rded through the usual chaunela will meet with prompt attention. a& BEAVER .STREET, JI"EW YORK Peer1ess Tobacco 'V'Vork.s. T. H. PURYEAR, TD GENUINE TD; Navy Tobacco :euy:m:a SCOTCH PIPES. Manu.faeturers oC all Kind or STOGwiEheSeliAngN ,DwC. R S, LEAP TOBACCO w.wHITE,GLASGOW,BRAND. WM. s. C.ARROLLt .. Highest Award, Sydney, N. s. W., 1819. PROPRIETOR oF Full Count in every Box, well Packed f.R I EN G E l 8 A c H VV::EI:C>X..EI& DEPOT &AGENCY :May Brothers, La:filriero of French Cigarene Paper. POWDERED LICORICE 'F-or F. W. FELGN'ER &: SON'S, Baltim.o1e, Tobacco Wild Cigarette :56 S. WASHINGTON SUUARE, N.Y., .a..! Bole ""en to In the U.S. for the eelebrated FBENCH GAMBIER CLAY PIPES. 101> 2d Av._ near 6th St.: [R<>U8e at Pruis.] NEW YORK. Finest Quality. Manufactured at Poqhkeepie, N. Y, GIFFORD, SHERMAN & INNIS, 120 WILLIAM -STREET, New York. MEDER & BRO., Paducah, Ky nannfacturen oC WHEELING STOGIES, URBACH & FRANKFORT, TIPS and.FINE CICARS, Importcrsoc Seed. Leaf Wheeling, W.Va. And Dealers In Sold by all Wholesale Dealers. TD 450 Hade, TD PARRY & CROSBIES, TOBACCO BROKERS,: .l.ll Ordero Promptly A.ttenc'leol to, Sumatra Tobacco. 6 IIIORTH JOHN sT., Block a Lindheim, Amsterdam, Holland. liverpool, England. 187' :M:.A.:J:X>Emil' "Y"C>E'US:. /?))L, __ /_,(?) ./ u FINE SEED LEAF & HAVANA TOBACCOS, '7t?7U qp.. LICORICE PASTE iTHE STAMFORD MANUFACTURING GO., N u;60cPEHARLNSTREEETR, PtEW.;R:..o 1 21.. a N'. 22d St., P1::1.11ade1pb1.a, D. B V ., _______ ......;;.__ ___ ....:... _______ li:I.A.lrUFACTURERS &F qN"EI:J:J.A. TO::EJI\.A.OOC> METROPOLITAN CIGAR MANUFAG' TORY OFFICE:-173 and 176 DUANE STREET, NEW YORK. 1 L I COB ICE pASTE Manufacwrers of CHEWING and SMOKING TOBACCO. "1:7 sroMUND JAcoBY, GUSTAv JAcoBY. 'U .. and General hxcel- noLO COl N ROYAL PUCK s JAcooy Alo M. & R. Brand STICK LICORICE, all sizes. Chewing Tobacco. CICARETTES. O & CO., C Eoltalltllobed K. C. BARKER & co. Tobacco VVork, Manufacturers ot the Celebrated 'American Eagle' "CLIPPER," .. DEW DROP," .&all oUter FINECUT, 1 'UNIVERSAL FAVORITEI''FAWN/ -i u C>ld. 0oZD.:f"or1:.'' or 82 & 84 Larned Street West X):J!IT:E'I.C>IT, :Dr!I:IO:S:. CHA8. B. ll1JLL, _.., aDd Treoo. U' V' :as: D'.l: 200 CHATHAM SOUARE s & 1 DOYER STREET, NEW YORK. LYNCHBURC, Va. ROBB, \


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