The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (10 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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.,, vo:t. xvr.---No. 52. rESTABLISHED 1864.] NEW YORK, SATVRDAY, 2'9, 1881. 105 MAIDEN LANE.. Oorner ot Peart .S&reec. WHOLE NO. 83g: .......... & &H "'" \ \\ & ,, \ \ any Infringement CIGAR BO,; HAVANA TOBACCO : A;ny l :nfrlngej'ment upon this TRADEMARK '*...:.---* : & : : Will be proseoutecl; CIUitloned agalnet \ ..., '-.J \ of t 'hls Brand. t\\\.l\YY" MANUF AilluRERS, Cor. Goerck & Third Sts., "Y R.:K. .. ... --. :JI.... to the fuU Extent of the Law. -------' '\. 190 Pear1 S"treet!J York. ELLER & KAEPPEL, j I ... ..: :: .220 Street, New York. -._. --4 1m._. _3_3_. _:m:_u.rr_. __ Y_o_r_ k_._._. & LAWSON JriANUFACTUREm OF THE. ,, E L CLUB DE YATE '' AVA.1NA CIGARS. Havana and Cuttings for Sale. I J. DUSEL. (P. o. Box .tl.AUGUSTIN & (LATE OF A HEN & CO. ) ; ; I'OBEIGN AND DOMESTIC SIIOKEB.S' ARTICLES; f I ". .. I luufaetnrers' Agents for an the Povnlar Brands of Fine Cnt, Smoiin[ and Ping Tobacco Cigarettes Sole Asents for "V'a.nt ty Fa.i.r Tobacco and Cigarettes; Bale AIQII!I for Allen & Ginter's BICBIIOND GEII Cigarettes; .I . DepotfalrBlaokareU'oGenu.beDnrham-.Jno.W.Carroll'aLoae.Jack-E,T.PilldAto:Q'sFruJu&Flowera. r ., Sole Agents of COPENHAGEN .SNUFF;. I : Importers of French Cigarette Paper. inl!Reams and Books ; ( No. 11 )(. LILIENTHAL. M LANDMAN.' M.A. BERNHEIMEB. M. LILmNTBAL & HAVANA AND. Y.A.RA -.{ TOB.A.CCOS, E. I. -JJI&NUFA.CTURI!DS OFCIGAR BOX SPANISH CEDAR, DO'HESTIC WOODS, IMITATION SPANISH CEDAR. IMPORTERS IN OUR OWN VESSEL OF SPANISH CEDAR and MAHOCANY. eaa-707 -vv. S:l.:x."th. Ci.:n.e>ln n a t:l. ALMIRALL a co., o.e 1aa. 't>J J A IiiPOB.TERS OF "V' .A.N' .A. TRADE MARK. TOBACCO, DONALDSON .BROTHERS, I Steam Li."th.o"rap:tl..:lc Pri.:n. "ters. ;.JOBAC, G O AND SHOW CARDS EI'VER. "'!!" I Oo 2'791,) [No Ln...,Ja kept In Stock, PRICE LIST OF Cl 8aooa4 YeDow,. .. -. J .... a .... R RIBBONS. broad, 7o,-ch IL'T5 '70rw. LM .. ................ .. .a-s "'Oyds '70 yd.o 1.1:; '70 ,.a. 1.2& '70:rila L60 "10 yde 1.50 '70 yd,a1 1.30 '70yd.o U!O 70T.. 1.:;() ... ....... ........ :J ... IIi-s Bread :a ..... -.. 1 .. 5-8 .. .. .. ...................... 25-8 ................... a .... 1 .. l:.paaola .. .... .. ............. 1 .... 5-8 ........ .. : ......... a .... 5-s .... 5-8 .n'OW' Bed................. 1 .. &-8 .. .. 2 ........ 8 ................... a ..... &-s .......,.. Y.UOW ........ 1 .... &-8 .. ''79 yds 1.30 70 yda 1.35 U .. K 2.-oo 4-8 h 70 yd.o LiO '70ydo 0.85 '70;r'do 1.30 '70 yd.o 1.20 70yila 0.80 '70 J'Wo 0."1'0 '70 ,..... 0.65 3i ,.a. 1.10 34 ydo 0.95 34 ydi" 1.00 34:rWi' 1.20 34' yda 1.10 34,ydo L3olyila 0.90 34. yrlo 0.80 34y4o 0.45 34yds o. :15 34yds 0"1)0 34:rds ............. a .... w Bas: Blbl:toa R.d, ..... 3-8 Yellcnr ................ 3 S. FUGUET & SONS, No. 231 CHESTNUT ST., PJDLADELJ'H.IA, IMPORTERS OF HA VAN! CIGARS KEYfi.\WEST CIGARS. 41..80 IILUIUi'4tl1.Ul\BBS o Fine Domestic. C.tga;rs. I/ Geo. W. Bea.d & Co .InANUPACJTUBEBS OJ.I .LUMBER! T1IE GROWING POPULAlllTY OF OUR Cut and PressDried CigarBox And other Lumber, as SOLELY !IIA.I!fVF .I.CT1JBED BY 'll'S, prevents our keeping stock on hand, toan;r extent. ax.d ma.nufacturerswill dowell to anticipate their wants, and c forward. orders some little tfme before r e qulring. We con tinue to manufacture 8panlsh Cedar, DiahoganJ't Sycamore, Butternut a.nd Poplar, at mostsa.Usfao toryprices, and shall shortly Introdu c e two new woods, whlcb. will be found very desirable. \\'he n ready tor market, our old and new cus t omers wiU be dul,y advised. Band and Veneer Sa .... and Board-Cutting Millo and W arerooou : 186 to 200 Lewis St., foot 5th & 6th Sts., E. R. 'York.. OFF:I:o:Eil: WElL & CO., 65 PINE STRE.ET, NEW YORK. :-=aT ... SUCCESSf>R TO A. HEN & CO. 4B L:I:!BEIB.. T"Y STREET, (J.>, O, Box 9028) "YC>B.::E, IMPORTER. OF BRIAR. AND CLAY PIPES, SPECIALTY OF MANUFACTURER .. J...J --QF. '' -AIID. _WOODEN . S HOW. FIGURE& SUPPLIES. I m:anafaetnren' for &ko Solo or all ropular Drand.l!lor VIRGINIA, NORTH CAROLINA & WESTERN MANUFACTURED; SMOKING & .FINE-CUT Dcpo& for ALLEN & GINTER'S Richmond, Va., Drand.l!l or Smoklll::; S. W. Cl.&.RBOLL'8 "LONE JAC.K,tt "'BB.OW_ N DICK,".ete.; 1 r E. T. riLKINTON & .co.s '' FIJUITS,.I.ND FLOWERS" Smoking Tol>aeeOf lJIABDUBG BROS. "SEAL OF NORTH C.I.ROLIN4.," LOVISI.I.NA J.>EBIQUE, Cu& aud'ln carrots w, T, BL.t.OKWI!LL & CJO.'S GENUINE DUDHA. JJI .Tobaeeo. W.lll, 8, KI.IIIDALL & co.s "V&NIT'I' I"A.IB" .Tobapco nnd Sole Agent for H. P. Jones & Co.'s uTAR and "OCCONEECHEE" Smoking Tobaccos;. C. 4 Co.'s THREE CI'J:IES" 4 Cigarettes, Tobacco, etc. Fnr.E-cll'T, Manafaotured h:r ISPAULDIJilG a: l!IERRICK:-014 GJory, CJharmor.tJae.Wea&, 8-t Queen-, Trllmpe, Wig Wac, Duglo, Ill pall nnd barreJ,o, and TBA.YELEB:IImoi J!reseeu&ed "' &he lfnll ot the Law p:rort&latl .fOJ: .Ia eueh .,._, A new and beautiful article of Foil fnr Tobacco & Cigar Manufacturers, Drugists, Plli'D18hod J.>Jaln or Ia Faille,-Dealgn.a of Col or and Ornamea&aUon. .I.LSO JJI.I.NUF.I.CTUKEB Oil' Pure .. T:I.D. B:ncJ. O"tl:ie:r Boiled. to an)' GaqA and Clot lo Size, Prindne on Tin FoU ill BroDZe and Colore. 1' Bottle Caps, all Flam and ColOre4, o:DJ.oe: 1ea ST:Ft.EET. &, EIR.O., Manufacturers of the Celebrated Copenhagen snuff and Cut & Dry Smoking Tobacco. : Retail Store & Office: 81 Smithfield St. Factolj: 54 '7 Union St. 4 112 Liberty St. PXTTSBU::R.G-::13:, PA.. GBlliERA.I.IilEI..LING A .GENTo-W, A. ROBJNi9N0 W4.T:Eil'STREBT, NEW TURK, WHOLESALE DEPOTS.NEW YORK I 4.ugoolln & Du8el, J l Warren 1St, DA.LTIJ'IlORE1 Dax&er a:-.... 12 CoiiUD.eree 8t. BOS'J.ON: A.. B.. MUcheJJ, 35 CentrulSt. MA..V&NN.&.H: Bcndhel.m. Broa. & vo. PROVIDENCE, B. I.: HuotooD & Gorham, 43 Weatmluater 81reet. NEW YORK, SATURDAY. JANUARY 29, 1881. accprdirigly, we find them proceeding to manufacture cigarettes withan energy and thoroughness as praise worthy as they have hibherto shown in the manufac.. ture of cigars. firm to deliver the "Owl" about three weeks ago. They haveGERMAN CROP NEWS. leased and fully equipped a factory of 75 feet in A correspondent writing from Mannheim under date breadth, 100 feet iii length, aud five stories in heigh6b of January 2, reports that the part of last year's for their manufacture. The new factory is located on crop in that locality has been disposed of to dealers. the corner of East Twenty-seventh Street and Fil8t During the week about 400 cwts were bought up in the Avenue, and embraces numbers 457, 459 and 461 on the towns of Roxheim, Robenheim and Nonnenhof at avenue. Fol" four or five months the firm have oon priees ranging from 23 to 25 marks per cwt. In the tile of and. for loag uppar palatinate, ne11r Landau, dealers were engaged .ttme have been. expertmentmg m the of in buying up the rest of the crop at prices previously tobacco Cigarette Reahzmg that a reported Since last report about 2 000 cwts of the superb ,arttele. wo1;1ld _be e;;:pected of them, they haYJ ne\V crop were bought up in the vicinity of Herxheim sought. to produce tt, and at prices ranging from 27 to 29 marks per. cwt, ex .. have m thetr aun. Th& elusive of the tax. At Freudenheim about 1 000 cwts Owl ts Ulfhke. any other. Ctgarette ever made, in were sold at :is to 28 marks per cwt. At Hassloch and materal-:-tf we except those from Schifferstadt .the rest of last year's crop was bought up and, the of which the oomt 30 to 32 marks per cwt posed bemg prapared m a manner to reveal 1!8 u a II tb t t 't ted A correspondent, writing from Nuremburg (Bavaria). ce enc3 e very ms an l lS tgru says, that most of last lear's crop in th4t locality ha9 been disposed of by the growers. THE OWL CIGARETTE. !li e s s rs. Straiten & Storm long ago made the "Owl" cigars familiar and popular articles of merchandise all over this broad continent; and now, it se e ms, the firm are disposed to make a btand of "Owl" cigarettes that is 1\Xpected to become as notable as their cigars of the same name. According to the returns to the Office of Internal Revenue, this firm made and de livered the past year 45,336,000 cigars. !liost people would suppose that these lmterprising manufacturers would be satisfied with this exhibit of their capacity for work and the' favor in which their proauction11 are held; without embarking in other fields of industrial endeavor. Their motto, however, is Onward," and, THE INCOME TAX CONSTlTUTil;>NAL. The Supreme Court of the United States, as will be seen b e low, has pronounced our late income tax constituti0nal. The readers of THE 1'0BA.CCO it m&J' appropriately be said in this connection, will easiJT remember that we have always expressed the opiQiOn that such would be 'the decision of the na.tioDal COtJrt of last resort whenever the question came proi>eri,.. before it for adjudication. ,The fact may be recalled now that THE LE.AB' assumed this position in oppositioa to the arguments of some of the daily journals, as, also, of some of its own correspondentB, within the past three years; citing in support. of its conclusiOIIII, by page and paragrol.pli, the definitions of "direct ,. indirect and income taxes' of Story and acknowledged authorities, on SO'l*J:EB BROS.; Dealers in LEAF TOBACCO. Chicago. Ill. Western C;,g&r WauuCacturers will find lt to their advautage to doa.J wlfih *-'t I


II lllikt cmobacrs PUBLISIIED EVERY IIATUBDAY lllOBIIING BY THE TOBACCO LEAF" PUBLISHlNG COMPANY, 106 MAIDEN LANI!, NEW YORK.. COBNER OJ' PEARL STllllET _.wARD JIURKE lORN G. GRAFF TEII1!18 OP TUB P&PBB. ID'GLE OOP!ES lllX lilONTBS .urtroAL SUilSCRlPl'IONS ABROAD. adtnrr Matter A.dvertlem.en18 on Editorial Paees er cent on the above price emittance :Cur A.dvertlseanen'C and Su bl!!lcrlptlous Id alway be Blade payable by P 0 Order or uy k 10 '' TOBA.CCO LE.l F PUBLISHING CO ) Va er ao C:::lrcom!!ltances '111 've deviate .from. the above Jrlces & $tisfactwn for many reasons to know that the ma ter so far as the past IS concerned has been finally set ed and as to the future 1t JS grat1fymg to be ass-pred that m case of natwnal need CAPITAL AC Q ED AND PRODUCTIVE as well as CAPITAL INVESTED ODUCING, can be made amenable to taxation ASffiNGTON Jan 25 -In 1867 the Collector of In al Revenue at Sprmgfield TIL, made d1stramt u the homestead of the Hon. Wm. M Sprmger of -tlla City now a promment member of Congress for -the urpose of collectmg an mcome tax whJCh Spnnger hoorneglected and refused to pay In March of that yoot the property was sold and was declared by the Coqector to be purchased by him for the Umted States Mr Sprmger failed to ava1l himself of the of the law wh1ch allowed h1m w1thm one ye after the sale to redeem his prOJ?8rty and m 1874 the executed a deed of 1t to the Uruted .Sta s In 1875 smt was brought by the Government m e Un\ted States C1rcmt Court at Spnngfteld to .flJ Mr Spunger from the premises It resulted m a .103 hhds of Western leaf tobacco at a considerable eoncess10n from the pnces previOusly asked The range of the figures pa1d cannot be accurately arrived at the tobacco has all been exa.mmed, an operation that m so large a lot cannot be perfol1Ped m much less thalli a month In round numbers Messrs Abenhe1m & Co bought over 9 000 hogsheads, and the Messrs Raynes between mght and mne hundred hogsheads As llefore stated notlnng like th1s transactiOn has ever before been knownm the tobacco trade mvolvmg, as Jt does not less than a m1lhon of dollars Both sellers and buyers mtght reasonably feel elated over the record but so far as we could perce1ve on mter v1ewmg tb'em they seemed to regard 1t as a matter of no specml moment The trade at large, howeve1 take a different y1ew accordmg to all concerned h1gh pra1se for the magmtude of the transactiOn It must be 1emembered wh1le applaudmg the pnn m the sale that, after all, the culmmatwn IS only w'bal bus been long waited for Divide up the 10 000 f now sold m one lot, among the past four months givmg to each 2 500 hogsheads and 1t will be seen that we have only had our legitimate share of t 1 ade Western buvers therefore, need not to the conclu,wn Lhat because our salable stIY the consumer w1th a. five or ten cent piece, accordmg to b1s desue Each subdtV'lSJOn has a bron zed shteld Impressed upon 1t bearmi:' the mscnptwn McAlpm & Co Excellent taste characterizes the preparatiOn of th1s brand of goods for the market, and 1t deserves the popularity 1t has a.cqmred For the general trade 1t IS put up m regulatiOn boxes of all !nzes The demand for the productions of Messrs McAipm & Co both plug and cut ts such. as to leave them m arrears m some of the1r orders. To their sell mg staff the firm has had the good fortune and JUdgment to add Mr T E Allen late of Allen & Co thiS City \ f RoBBED IN HIS OWN STORE PohcPman Frank J Fuchs of the Eldrtdge Street pollee statiOn entered ti;Je Essex !llarket Pollee Court Tuesday mornmg and ar ratgned at the bar before Pohce JustiCe Solon Sm1th a. well dressed young man named Peter John a.ged 23 years a. native of Greece reSidmg at 63 Chryst1e Street whom he charged wtth robberv The policeman test1 fied that about half past mne o c1ock Monday mght Mr Peter NICholas a c1gar dealer res1dm10 at 70 Bayard Street entered the Eldridge Street statiOn house and repm ted to Oaptam !\lla1re a darmg robbery He stated that while he was at hts residence about a half an hour previOus fom men entered h1s apartments They began a conversatiOn about buymg some cigars !l.nd he thought that they were customers Suddenly the four men sp1ang at him and while one of them pmwned h1s arms behmd h1s back the three others robbed h1m of his silver watch and cham and $18 50 m gold com The four men then left h1s apartments and escaped Captam Allane put Policeman Fuchs on the case and from a descriptiOn the pohceman arrested the prisoner who was pos1t1 vei;Y 1dent1fied by Mr Nwholas as the man who took h1s watch and money Captam Allatre also sent out a general alarm to the different pollee stat10ns m the mty to look out for the three other men and received word from Captam Kealy of the Mulbeny St eet statiOn that one of h1s officers had captured one of the men which answered the descu ptwn !vir N who las 'P!Uceeded to the statwn and recogmzed the priSOner as the one who pmwned h1s arms BUSINESS MENTION. ONE of the oldest tobacco firms w h1Ch has lately out of eXIstence IS that of Messrs Thos Hoyt & Co of th1s c1ty Established m 1847 the firm was very successful and for many years some of the most popular brands ot chewmg tobacco were manufactured by them A few weeks a.go we made br1ef mentwn of the fact that the enterpr1smg tobacco manufactllrers Messrs DaVId Buchner & Co of thiS mty proprietors of the popular Gold Com chewmg tobacco, had bought out the entue busmess of the former firm Mr A R Sm1th formerll of Messrs Hoyt & Co w1ll m future have charge o the manufacturmg of the brands that were made by Messrs Hoyt & Co the) bemg also under the care of the foreman of the late firm who was lD the emrloy of the old house for twenty five years and 1s ful y acquamted w1th the compos1t10n and ma mpulatwn of these brands Everythmg else except the machmery such as brands labels trade marks and all stock on hand, has been duly transferred to the new fact01y bmldmgs of Messrs Buchoer & Co at 173 and 175 Duane Street and the many well known brands-Sunnystde Nabob 'NatiOnal Hearts Dehght and others-w1ll hereafter be furmshed to the trade by the new manufacturers Messrs Buchner & Co rank among our leadmg tobacco manufacturers, and fully mer1t the1r great success m busmess Two c1ga.r manufacturers of prormnence of the 3d dtstrict, thiS City. are reported to have some of the1r ctgars under the surveillance of the Government FR.A.NX A. BARTLETT, EI!Q, IUI81Stant managmged1tor of the New Orleans .Democrat, called at our office a few days ago This gentleman will rema.m several weeks m New York. WE at"' sorry to state that Mr Dav1d H McAipm the veteran tobacco manufacturer has been tnck for several weeks We are happy to say that the gentle man s md1sposit10n 1s not of a serious characte1, how ever WE acknowledge the reCeipt of an mv1tat10n to be present at the unvellmg of Mttchell s Flymg Mer cury at the new factory of Mess s W1lham S K1m ball & Co of Rochester Satm day January 29 at eleven o clock ONE of San Francisco s leadmg tobacco me1 chants Mr M Esberg of the firm of Messrs Esberg Bach man & Co arrtved m our market a fe,v days ago Mr Esberg s headquarters are at hts firms office 98 Wilham At1eet !IIESSRS 8UTRO &; NEWMARK are about to erect an additiOnal CJgar manufactory on the co ner of Second Avenue and i:>eventy th1rd Street Ihts firm Jlil among the qmet but notably progressIve rep1 eoentatl ves of the CJgar manufacturmg mte1est of New York THE Hunzmger Ivbacco Company of ChiCago m form us that we should have sa1d m our report of the formation of the company m our last weeks Issue that they had a pa1d up cap1tal of $50 000 mstead of an authouzed cap1tal of the same amouut COL STERRY of the hconce 1mportmg house of Mess1 s Weaver & Sterry of th1s cttv sa1led last Vved nesday by steamer Gallia fm Em ope Col Sterry IS on h1s u sual sem1 annual tour to As1a Mmor m search of hcouce for h1s firm A pleasant tnp and a safe r e tum IS our wish to the Colonel WE had the pleasure of a call f1 om Mr W H Ham 1lton of the Dausman Tobacco Company of St Louts 'Fhis company lS one of the leadmg tobacco manufac turmg films of the West and Mr Harmlton reports that tneu last years busmess shows an mcrease of 40 per cent on that of the year MESSRS Gus MILLHISER and W J Cussen of RICh mond pa1d us a VISit at our office th1s week Both gentlemen are connected w1th the old house of M M1ll h1ser & Co manufactur'lrs of tobacco bags Mr Cussen has JUSt returned from a. Western busmess tour a.ud reporU! thl'l tobacco manufacturmg mterest out West m a prosperous cond1t10n EvERYTHING that comes from the factory of Messrs arburg Bros Balt1more Md IS of the best and their new all tobacco C1ga1 ette I en Mmutes, 1s no exception to th1s 1 ule These Cigarettes are made of pure Havana tobacco, of the best grades and are put up m handsome boxes, w1th a. representation upon them of the entrance of an opera house, m front of whwh stands a ve1 y swell young man--evidently havmg stepped out between the acts of one of those very pleasant but very naughty French operas to smoke for tl'ln rnmutes a Ten Mmutes There lR no doubt but that these Cigarettes w11l meet w1th a read.} and w1de sale MR C D STURTEVANT a member of the New Orleans firm of Messrs Bovee & Adams manufacturers of the corn husk mouthp1ece cigarettes IS at present m our City Mr Sturtevant reports an mcreased demand for his fi1m s goods m the Northern States The brands of thiS fitm are Little B1own Jug Havana all tobacco La Belle Penque Pocahontas Powhala11 Pebcan My Uncle Toby The firm also deals largely m genume St James Creole Pertque tobacco and has spec1al advantages for buymg and Bellmg th1s kmd of tobacco WE have JUSt learned that Mr John R Sutton long and favorably known as a manufacturer and JOb bet m thts c1ty, has made permanent arrangements with the bouse of John J Bagley & Co of Detroit Mtch Hereafter hts time and attentiOn will be devoted solely to the sale of all goods manufactured at the Mayflowec Tobacco Works There arc but few firms m the tobacco busmess who w1ll n ee d an mtlo duct10n to Mr Sutton but to those who have never met him we will say that we have been mt1mately acquamted w1th h1m smce h1s childhood and we feel assured that by li1s pleasant manners and umform go o d natu1e he wtll add many new names to hts al1 eady long bst of fnends and we congratulate Messrs John J Bagley & Co upon havmg-secured a hve man LOCAL JOTTINGS. -Mr A Cohn sold 300 cases of Pennsylvania -Mess1s Wei! & Co, th1s week sold 200 bales of fine Vuelta AbaJo -Mess's J L Gasse1 t & Bro sold 171 cases of Olnq durmg the week -Messrs I Hamburger & Co sold one or two lots of fine Havana at fatr pnces -Messrs F Mtrtmda & Co sold 230 bales of Havana Qf 1879 and 1880 growths th1s week -Mr Chas R Messmger, tobacco manufacturer of Toledo 0 was m town a da.y or two smce -Mr John Braud of Messrs John Brand&; Co of Elmira N Y visited our market this week -Messrs M Neuberger & Co have sold abom 300 cases mostly of Pennsylvama, to manufacturers -Messrs H Schuba.rt & Co sold over 200 bales of Havana and 200 cases of Seed leaf, of different kmds -Mr S Kaufman, the etgar manufacturer, bought from Messrs Block & Lmdlie1m, 25 cases of Hav .. na Seed leaf Messrs Gustav Salomon & Bros t)us week sold do cases, conslStmg of Pennsylvama and Connecticut growths -Mr S Abraham of Pearl Street has lefttdwn for 1,1pper New York: State, for the purpose of bdytng leaf for h1s firm -Messrs Block & Lmdhmm sold 150 of fine Fennsylvama and Housatomc to mgar manufacturers m thiS City -Mr Augustm of Messrs Augustm & Dusel, left city on Thursday for V1rg1ma, whither he goes m the mterest of h1s house I -Messrs J S Gans' Son & Co d1sposed of between five and stx hundred cases of fine 1819 for Messrs Kerbs & Sp1ess I -Mr R L Tura, the Maiden Lane Havana leaf left town on a. busmess tour on Tuesday He w1ll be1gone a week or two I -Mr 0 F Rawson of Messrs 0 F Rawson & Co Worcester Mass who had been on our market turned home last Saturday -Mr Wm H Wright ctgeb & Co of Phtla delph1a Pa The same house dt>posed of about 50 cases State Seed -Messrs Basch & FIScher sold 320 cases Pennsyl vama 110 cases to Messrs Wm Pretzfeld Pittsburgh 104 cases to Messr8 Kaufman Bros and 106 cases to a JObbmg bouse m thts c1ty -Messrs S Rossm & Sons, th1s week b-ought a very fine lot of nearly 400 hales of RemediOs of 1879 growth from Se1deuberg & Co The same !:irin sold durmg the week about 200 bales of Havana of 1879 crop -Mr S Kaufman forme1ly of the firm of S Ka.uf man & Co Atlanta, Ga which wa.s dissolved some months ago, has been lookmg around the market th1s week w1th a VIew to buymg leaf We understand Mt Kaufman has perfected arrangements to establiSh a ctgar fQ.Ctory m th1s mty at an oarly day BuMlness Troubles FOXEN NEWMAN & CO DETROIT We understand that thts firm bas settled w1th Its creditors at 25 per cent cash A JUdgment has lately been obtamed agamst them for $3 700 We hear that both of the pa1 tners a1 e now engaged m other bust ness, and that they have disposed of the stock they formerly had m the Detro1t Ctgar Co TRill PENINSULA. CIGAR UO DETROIT It 18 srud that this frulure 18 a veey bad one We hear that 1t IS probable that the secured creditors wit! abcorb nearly all the assets, and that the unsecured will get a very small percentage of their claiml. I' 11 JAN. 29 reporteq that Rothschlld Bros have boup;ht the stock of the old company and that Moebs the former manaJ,!:er of the company. has fo1 med a copartnership w1th S N Andre.vs of Flint Mu: ; h to manufacture mgars. ffiLLIER BROS & 00 PHILADELPHIA We hear that notw1thstandmg the fact that the Judge m tile case of Meosrs Haveme)ers & V1gehus agamst thts firm had ordered a d1ssolnt10n of the attachment that Messrs Havemeyers & V1gelms have obtamed Judgmelt for $1 500 Mr Lev1 Goldsrmth of Ph1ladelpha has been made ass1gnee m thiS case SEIDENBERG & 00 NEW YORK A meetmg of the credtors of this firm took place at thmr store 86 Reaae Street on Saturday Mr. W1lham A Thomson president of the Merchants Ex change Bank was chosen chairman and Mr August Roesler of Messrs \Vm W1cke & Co semetary Mr Lauterbach attorney for Messrs Se1denberg & Co explamed the cause of the fa!lure and made a state' ment of the affmrs of the firm which we have already published No propositiOn respectmg a settlement was made It was stated that the assets would real1Z8 about th1rty per cent to the unsecm ed creditors A committee, cons1stmg of Mess" M H Levm H K. Thm be1 of H K & 1! B Ihm ber & Co John L Jew ett together with the chairman of the meetmg were appomted to examme the affau'S of the fii m and report a plan for settlement A cons1det able quantity of thel tobacco and c1gars stored at the fiun s warehouse 8S Reade St1eet has been sold th1s week at qmte low pr1ces we hear JOSEPH LEWIS SAN FRANCISCO H IS reported on the stt eet that Joseph LeWIS merly of Lew1s Bros m San Francisco has failed and that $60 000 m notes payable m this ctty have become due and have not been paid The prmctpal creditors m th1s CJty are satd to be Messrs A S Rosenbaum & Co to whom 1t 18 satd he owes $9 300 Henry Fned man $6 000 Havemeyers & $8 000 Bunzl & Dorm1tzer $8 000 Wei! & Co $5 000 C H Spttzner & Son $8 000, and M H Levm $9 000 When Mr. Lewts came on from San Franc isco to New York, pur chasmg goods, he deposited the sum of $2a 000 w1th the bankmg house of J & W Sehgman & Co but we hear that 1t has been ascettamed that when he left New York he wtthdre\v the whole amount About a month or s1x weeks ago the repo1 t came from San Franmsco that he was selhng goods at auct10n wh1ch caused a great deal of talk m th1s market, but sus ptcJOn soon was allayed as tbe fitm was previOusly behaved to be rehable m every respect On Saturday 1t IS satd that some notes of the firm became due and as they were not patd tlley were protested resultmg m the collapse of the firm We hear that Messrs Wed &Co have disposed of all the1rnotes and that 11. house m th1s mty has obtamed an attachment LeWIS Reported Failures and Business Arrangement Business Changes, New F1rms and Removala. AUGUSTA Ga -Wileon & Co tobacco manufacturers dissolved business continued under same style by R E "1lson a d V. B .Moore BTNGJIUM:PON N Y -J B S mpson& Co ctgar manafact-urers dissolved. Ret ry T Alden retires Henry F antz tt.dmltted BOSTON -Slade & Cardy manufacturers of cheroots and cigarettes d1 solved Wm T 8 Cardy retires Geo H Slade continues unde; old 6 CHARLES CITY I a -Pomeroy & Devms tobacco dissolved Langdol! & P meroy succeed EAST SAGINAll., MlCh -Clark & Ellis, wholesale cigars etc advertises to c osc out. Feb 1 NEW Yorur:: -Tnomas Hoyt & Co tobacco ma ufacturers dissolved D Buchne & Co successors Bnd sole propr etors Ja.s T MacCa.ff:ray ctears deceased NoaTBAMPTON M&SS -Graves & Cooley dealers and commissioners of loot tobacco D A G aves and S R Coo l e y have formed a copartner ship u der the above style office and arehouee Ln the Hallroad. Steam Mills & Taylor \Ugar manufacturars d ssolved w. PAINEBV LLE 0 -C Morrill cJ.gar manufacturer now Inorr t1 & Jones. PETERSBURG Va. -1\la lin & Wallace tobacco IUL ufact.urers dissolved Pa-M A nathan & Co leaf tobacco .Me1er A nathan de-RICHHOND Va Salmon Hancock & Co tobacco manufacturers dis solved \V T Hancock continues under same style ToLEDO 0 -stewart Chapm & Co tobacco na t[acturers iissolved H Worthmgto A Ste.., and Wm rehre W S lsher' \\ ood &. Son succeed. REPLY OF THE COMMITTEE TO CONSUL GRINNELL'S LETTER The committee appomted January 10 as already announced m THE 'IOBA.CCO LEAF to prepare an appropnate reply to the letter from U S Consul Grm nell at B1emen complammg of New York samples of Western leaf tobacco reported on ThuJ'Sdav afternoon at a full meetmg of the Western leaf trade of the mty held at the office of Messrs Pollard Pettus &; Co 54 and 56 Broad Street where the mttial assembly on this subJect was convened The !pe6tmg was called to order at 1 p 111 Mr D L. Wallace m the chan, as on the former occasiOn The Chauman sa1d -We appomted a. comm1ttee at; the last meetmg to draw up a reply to the letter of the AmetJCan ()onsul at Bremen and to recommend any changes that we saw fit m the sampling and the j?UW.Otf up of samples of tobacco, so as to meet the named by h1m That committee had a long meetmg and uwn a letter I wtll ask :Mr Rader tl read after whkh I \\ 1ll talie the priVIlege of makiitg lew remarks Mr Rader read the letter as follows REPLY NEW YoRK January 19 1881, W F Grmnell U. S Ccmsul Bremen Germany-DEAR SIR -Your letter of October 22 last add t'l S D Babcock E!lq President of our Chamber o CJmmerce was published m,.our.newspaper of the a meetmg of the tobacco trade, t6 CO!JSider 1 w ts held on the fOth 1nst and the undersigned were, t at meetlng appomted.. a. committee to replv to 1 Owmg to the mdispositJon of one of our numhel' w could not a.r ange a conference until to day Whtle "e thank you for your kmdly mtentlon, and your efforts to facilitate busmess between our respective markets we regret that you considered 1t ylUI( unfair samples They are not so charged m Mr Haas' letter whiCh you enclose They are never so charged here where many hogsheads of their mspectwn aJfe broken up da1ly by manufacturere lllld balers We believe ou1 mspect01s to be conscientious men trymg consmentwuslv to pe1 f01 m a dJ.tflcult duty, VJZ 'Io g1 ve a fatr representatiOn of hogsheads, often uregularly packed and not mJrequently designedly falBe packed. I hat they somet1mes fall to giVe such correct representatiOn they themselves freely admit, but offermg to pay any well authenticated cla1m for reclamatiOn on th1s account, such claims amount annually to a very small sum We beg to send you herewuh a full report of srud and would call your attentiOn to the testimony of by far our largest the Reg1e buyers-that the1r deliveries average up to the New York samples. Thrs IS all that can reasonably be expected and should exonerate our mspectors from your most senous charge We beheve that the trouble between us does not ar1se from drawmg an unfa1r sample but to use Mr Haas' w01ds we attribute thts mamly to the manner m wh1ch these samples are gotte n up We know they are neater than thooe drawn m Bremen that we li88, or than those drawn at the Western b1eaks that you see, and 1t IS a dfficult questiOn how we can assimilate them to the latter When 11. sample JS filet drawn at the West 1t has usually a neat appearance and fairly represents both the quahty aud the handling of the bulk but wlthm five mmutes after a 18 of fered for sale 1ts sample has been hurnedly exa.uuned by perhaps twenty buyers 1ts leaves opened, and 1ts whole appearance often completdy changed A fresh sa.mple ftom that hogshead would naturally be more compact and of smoother appearance, though not m trmsJCally better than the ongmaloue ln this market wht;ue tobacco frequently remams a year unsold, sample must be tied more tirmly and care fully and must also be handled carefully both by buyer ami seller the1efme a fresh sample from the same hogshead though mtrmsteally equal to the or1gmal one If of recent date would natUJ ally show httle or no Improvement m appearance After freely conferrmg about the whole subJect we have thought proper to advtse that m future our export tobacco be sampled m four places, Instead of three that the s1ze of the sample be correspondmgly lUCI'tlased (where the bundles are small we would re commend a mmtmum of Sixteen m number, where they mcrease m sze above the ClarksvtU e type that tile number be left to the disctetlon of the mspector), that the draws be mvarJably put m the sample m the same relat1ve pos1t10n as taken out of the hogshead, that all hogshlll!.(ls found to be false packed be ao matktd on the Cask sample and certificate, t.hat no cltpptng or tnmmmg of samples be allowed, and that Bald be put up 811 plainly as JS eoD818tent With. We hope cbusee may be w your


buyers and assure them of the desre Gf our trade to a:td m every proper way m re esta.bhshmg the former commerce be'ween our markets We r cmam dear s 1r Yours respectfully R :M JarVls J. A Pauh Davtd L Wallace B Beny R T Pollard E T Toe! The Chatrma n resummg observed I am not sure that th1s lett<'r embod1es exactly the vte vs of every member of the committee perhapS if each member of the committee had written that letter to express hts own v1ews he would have written It differently but ou know as well as I that we cant al ;vays get ex what we want and thts l ette r 1B framed Ill a spirit of comp lOmise-what we thought was fatr and would smt the purpose We have made he1e s xteen bands as a mtmmum for small ttes m the sample and thM IS not l arger than our present sample but our Idea was that that 1s only to tepresent those hogs! eads that are very well assorted If we have a hogshead very carefully assorted s xteen hands will show the qual1ty as well as s txty hands We ntend that them spectors ;vtllmcrease that number of hands wheneve1 a hogshead ts 11 regula ly assorted until they have g1ven us a fair reptesentatiOn of all that IS m that hogshead W1thregard to tr mmmg samples either at the ware bouse or espec ally m our sample rooms there was tb1S suggestion made that I -would recommend to my brother factors and I would hke to see It pubhshed m the tobacco papers that the farmers hereafter tic wtth stnps as s done m V1rg ma There IS a temptatiOn to take off the tie leaf especially m home trade tobaccos for the butt of that ti e leaf will very frequently mould m the sample when 1t vtll not mould m the hogshead That 1s a temptatiOn that w-e all experience But If the planter n the Vi est as m Vtrg ma could be mduced to tte wtth a strip mstead of a leaf that obJeCtiOn would be obviated I should like to hear any remarks from anyone after wbtch we will put this letter to a vote !flo I have not beard It diStmctly read It wtll be rea for you agam II No one speakmg the Chatrman asked WI anyone move that th s letter be accepted as the voiCe of thts meetmg and that t be sent to :Mr Grmne!H :Mr Pollard so moved :Mr Reusens seconded the motiOn The motiOI' as earned un:1mm ously The Chairman then remarked! will have this letter forwarded through :Mr Babcock the Prestdent of the Chamber of Commerce to M Grmnell On mot on of M Crockett the thanks of the trade were tendered to the chairman and members of the committee for the r efforts n this matter The meetmg then adJourned, THE COMMITfEE TO WASHINGTON Messrs Crawford of E M Crawford & Son and DUls of Fox Dills & Co who vent to Wash ngton as tile teptesentat ves of the New Yo1k Leaf 'Iobacco Board of Tlade to attend a conventiOn wh ch was held m reference to the BankruJ!tC.Y btl! now pe d ng before Congress have lately etmned from the m ss on Thev state that th s conventiOn vas qmte a success About s xty or seventy delegates representmg boards of trade and mercantile orgamzat10ns tl roughout the country we1e assembled at Willards Hotel o 1 Wed nesday ,even ng the 19th mst and on the next dji,Y tbe Jud c a y Comm ttee of the House ap peared the1e to meet the d e legates and give them a m tefe e n ce to the matter The Jud c ary Comilllttee spent the hole even ng w1tl the conven t10n The v ews and opm ons of the trade ve1 e ex preBBed by tep esentat ves f on all the pr uc pal ctties of the Un on and the best endeuce that thA co nven twn was a complete success s tl at the Jud c t a y Com llllttee has s1 ce t epo1 ted Judge Lowell s btU VIIth the p oposed by the conventiOn The prmc pal amendment made by the convent on was made n sect on 83 which I elates to the bankrupts diSCharg e To tl s sect o the convent on added t h e words Or f he has wtthm one year befo1e h s bank r1p1ptcy know ugly made any false or fraudulent state ment to any pe1son o persons wbtch statement shall be made and subsc bed by Said b!mkrupt and made for the pu pose of be ng commumcated to the trade or to those from he has so ught to obtam Ciedtt Thts IS ruse ted n tl e b l to th ow some obl gat on on the mercant l e agenc es and to compel them to be more stuct 1 obta mg and fm msb g nfo mat on re gardmg the staid got ne1cant le firms If the bank rupt has made a false statement m uch It wtll be a bar to h s d scha ge To this same sectwn was also added a parag1 a p i pro vjjimg that the co u t o supe visor or a maJor ty of -' tffe c ed to s may author z e tl e ass gnee or Ciedito s to oppose the bankrupts d cha ge at the ex pense of the estate not exceed 1 g the sum stated n the orde 01 resolutiOn bO that all the cremtors-each m propor t on -may bea the costs of p oceedmgs mstttuted for that purpose CORRESPONDENCE SUMATRA TOBACCO NEW YORK January 25 1881 EDITOR TOBACCO LEAF -Considering the 1mmens1ty of the ctgat manufactur ng busmese m tiiB country and the fine results I ad from expenments wttl the Sumatra tobacco t see m s strange that th1s tobacco has recetved but I ttle notice m the Umted A connoisseur of t o bacco sa d not long ago that he d1d not know any tobacco "lteh bad as fine 9,uaht1es as that ratsed n the fa1 off 1sland of Sumatra fhe e s no dou\)t but that before long be used very exten sJvely for wrappm s It IS only a few years smce th s artiCle was first hrougl t to the not ce of European c1gar manufacturers and 1L only took a very short trme to make 1t co or any other character of bus1 ness On luesday and Wednesday of last week there was some p om se of a season for handling the crop but on Ihursday evenmg a regular sleet and snow sto m set m and smce that time everythmg has been frozen as hard as at any other t1mo durmg the long coot ued cold wmter We th nk there can be but little and perhaps nothmg done m tobacco before February and F eb1 u ary and :Mar h ate a ways ncet tam as a t me fo hand! ng tobacco But as the pt esent wmter has bee1 except onal m almost every pa t cular the t vo months alluded to may p ove favorable for working up tl e crop Last week we talked considerably wtth planters m regard to the 1881 crop and JUdgmg from what we coul'd hear on the subJect there will be no attempt m th s VICimty to mcrease the acreage of last year A great many people appear to be diSgu sted with the cultivatiOn of tobacco and no doubt will undertake the productiOn of sometbmg that promises a better profit fo1 labor It IS absolutely certam that export tobaccos have for the last five years pard very httle to the producer and certatQly worse than nothmg to the dealer Wtth these facts looking us m the face we find no encouragement to push the busmess. There are those here w bo wtll likely make an effort to produce the White Burley b11t most of our planters have no ccnfidence mils success and will tnerefore not undertake 1t3 culture The effort I thmk will be mamly m a small crop of the u sual variety well culttvated With the vtew of tmprovmg the quality This appears to be the general conclusiOn and that 1 t IS a wise one no one will quest on The one great =stake that our farmers have made for several years IS the fact that they have planted more toba<>.co than they could properly culttvate and as a rebult the greater part of the y1eld has been of mfer10r qualtty and not what the trade has demanded hence the accumulated stocks and the current low prices Far mers are aware of these thmgs and now promtse themselves to profit by the rather sad expel e1 ce o f past years Shou d their present expressed determ nat10n be faithfully ca r ed out no one will be the loser by It Good tobacco I S vhat everybody wants and we can never have It unless the area IS smalle and the cult1vat on better Two well cultivated acres have always pad better than four whe n badly man aged and why farmets have so long fruled to observe th s fact IS an uuanswe able problem But we confi dently th nk that n the future there viii be better Judgment mamfested on the pa1t of all who ate m teres ted pr ces must be p81d Therefore observe the movement of the entire trade gomg after the 1879 Pennsylvama Last week we had buyers m our little town every day from one to five represemmg New York Philadelphia. New 0 leans Chicago and San Franctsco houses all lookmg at samples and d1ffermg m prtce (on the same goods) as far as brams could make them I kno'!r of one mstance where a difference of $1 600 was made on one lot by two renowned dealers m s1de of twenty four hours They know what they are domg There are no 18 8 77 crops to fall back upon and the ctgar mdus t y ts m such a prom smg conditiOn that the 1879 will barely be sufficient to hold out uQtil the 1880 crop 18 1 worked m June 1881 as has been the case before espe Cially ConnectiCut seconds Three small packmgs were sold last week m our l ttle village and one m Landts ville For the latter I do not know the price nor the purchaser Hershey & Brother 80 cases to L Bam berger& Co Ph ladelplua at 13c th ough GochSifour & Grayb 11 90 cases to the same firm (supposed) 14c and a trifle better Mtller & Hershey 3o6 cases tolheie I S noth ng lef t mom VIllage but hal cut goods and some 1 8 cases s l ghtly cut h e ld by Miller &; Her shey Amongs.t City dealers there appears to be a general 1mpress10n that there will be a grsat effort for an unusually large productron but we feel warranted m saymg that the future wtll reveal the error of the Impression as appl ed to the export diBtncts No expre13810n of the people ndiCates any such an Idea m fact the reverse appears entirely true We cannot alw!l.ys safely rely on repot ts but we have reached the time when i!elf preservat on demands a change and there Iq little doubt that we shall have It Nothmg hae been done m the Paducah and Cairo markets smce our last report and nothmg can be uono until there IS a change m the w -eather whiCh may occur at any ttme and may not occur for some ttme 1 Warehousemen and the r agants are busy drummmg up custom and there Is a promise of 11. pretty hvely competttwn m the Paducah market this season GWS Mason County Dover Jan 22 Within the last few weeks much of the crop m this locahty has b ee n sold at h gh pnces Old land crops range from 12" to 15c ro nd prices for new land crops range as high as 18c from the ground up These are for the verv best tobaccos ;nth out be n g froz en 'Ihe crop Will fall short m th\,8 neighborhood at least one fifth of years growth The t obacco IS of very fine quahty T C W Shannon Ky Jan 20 -Silently the month ad vances There s noth ng to destroy but hve stock l:> tt much to bury The snow w th Its cold woo l muffies the feet of every sh ver ng thmg To day the sleet and ra 1 are falhng and tobacco str ppers vho are comfo tably housed are busy sort n g cuttmg and ty ng mto hands the seduct ve weed Pr ces are advanc ng rang ug from 11 to 16 round where the crops a r e sound and free from the tamt of Jack F ost 'Some parties thro v n their frozen tobacco and othe1s selltt at 5c per pound An extenstve sample r epo ts that 10 pe cent of the Mason County c op IS damaged by the ft ee z e Jan 24 -As our sti ppers progress wtth the1 work some a1e makmg as htgh as five var et es Thts IS occltB oned by 'he multitudmous k nds of freeze tl at the g eat narcot c has beeq subJected to We may claSSify the frozen leaf as fdllo vs the ted freeze the b 'Own f eeze the black f1 eeze the very: black f oz en and one planter who I as not the fear of the decalogue befo e h1s eyes says h s belongs to the d--n black f ee z e with no redeem ng quality On e of our ex 'tens t e pnzers gett ng scared at the btg mom"y !?a d for the c ap has so ld out bag and baggage at f om 13 to 14c ver pound hts o ;vn gro vmg Many lue .dehvermg m stnppmg order and are much pleased with the wetghts J E H Owen County D'LStr ct Monterey Jan 20 It has been some trme s nee I wrote you not havmg much of mterest to w tte s ne e the cur ng up and housmg of the last yea s crop of tobacco but as the mop Is now bemg str pped out and pteparmg fo rna ket I thought that someth1 g m tega d to the cond1t on priCes etc m ght be of mterest to some of your readers There IS much of the late cutt ng that IS b adly f10zen I thmk at least 20 per cent and I am satisfied that the quantity of rea1 good useful sound tobacco IS go ng to be much less than I thought It vould be last fall Our local buyers here a1e buymg qu te freely at b g prices paymg from 10 to 14c for crops round and tley seem to be very anx to buy even at these p ces I have been watching the matket w th a good deal of mte est and I must confess that I cannot p ossibly see any money fo1 the dealer at these p ces and I am of the opm on that many country dealers villlose money at such puces We have bought a good deal ou selves but bought early and at much l ess than It s :now be ng sold at the pnce has got too I gh for us We are now rece vmg qmte f eels the weather at tl1s time bemg soft and very f avorable for handling JSH Clarksmlle Pembroke Jan 18 -After several weeks of frost and snow tt has been rammg all of to day causmg the t obacco tog ve so that planters can strip The offer mgs at the breaks are small m consequence of the cold harosh weather There have heen no transactiOns m the country smce the holidays Planters are qmte firm In then views and hold with the expectatten of advanced figures R &; J SEED LEAF CROP REPORTS. (Spec &I to THE ToBAOCO Lll:&F ) NEW YORK The Baldw nsvtlle (Onondaga County) Gazette Jan ,20 We are mformed that Messrs E Hosenwald & IBro are buymg some 1879 lo v State thiS week for ex port through their agent 111r W A Allen at from 5 to 7c per pound for rJlnnmg lots We think they have not purchased to exceed 100 cases 1 One of the members of the firm of Cromer & Hoff of No 2 Water Street Balt more :Md IS here also tbuymg old State We learn he has pmchased a few celM pr es not gtven I here seems to be a good dema 1d zsprmgmg up here fo[ old State On Thursday and F tday we bad a ra ny spell and some ra sers succeeded m gettmg do vn pat t of thel.f goods Those who cannot vork at then tobacco now can enJOY theniSelves by s le ghmg as our roads were never 11 better condtt on bemg all a sheet of Ice With no present prospect of Its abatement CORRESPONDENT Lan,aster January 26 The followmg sales have been made smce my iast (Monday) -S & M Hagen P.etger 3 acres to Gochenaur & Graybill at 20 and 6 :A Gamber 2 acres to Hilke Ne York at 20 8 and 3 H :M Gochenaur 4 acies to Hilke supposed at 18 and I> A. Root 4 acres to A.ltsheu at 22 12 9 and 4 Jac W1ssle 2 aores to Benson St Loms at 22 8 and 4all m East Hempfield townshtp GmgriCh & Pickle sold 90 cases 1879 crop to John Moore at 14c through v CONNECTICUT North Hadley Jan 24 -A few sales were made last eek to Graves & Cooley of Northampton as follow!! -John Dwyer "acre at Yc J Partent 1 acre at 8c Perkms Yz acre at 8c all we believe m the uundle Joseph Salvo 1 acre at 9c sorted and boxed atriCk Lynch 8 cases 1879 at 9c through James Col ns 10 cases price not stated OHIO B1 own Ccrnnty D'LSt1zct Smiths Landng Jan 22-Wehave had "regular oom m the tobacco trade the past month Buyers are j\S busv as bees buymg crops at 12 14 and 15c round and t m str ppmg case whiCh will make It cost f om 1 to 2c more m good mder I fi1 d there IS fOn s de abl e frozen tobacco-more than was at fil'st But l ttle tobacco shipped from thiS region !Ls the 1 ve has been closed w th ICe the past month s nov open whwh will cause cons1de able to be sent to maiket W H W Seed Leaf D'LSt1 tct Amwell Jan 20 -Planters ate vaitmg patiently for a damp spell of weather so that they can take down tobacco for str ppmg The weather has been cold for th s country for over t o months With butf 1 ttle and old settlers they never knew the lllercury to fall belo"' zero so frequmtly m the same l ength oft me We delayed wntmg on this account, but to day there are md catiOns of a cl ange m the weather and threatens ra1q so tl:jat we may have mont to say n ot r next D J If I LEAFLETS -:Mr Thomas M e m nger of St Loms was purchas mg on o r market thiS veek We hear that qe bought qu te I a g e .l -The d vo ce smt of :Mrs Sarah L ewis &gamst her husband Ab1abam Lev !l the c gar manufacturer of. U Duane St eet vh ch t as been pendmg Ill the courts. !to some trme has I ttely assumed a new The tltvo ce s t IS based upon a charge of bigamy but Lewis IS no"' also charged vttb runn ng away wtth the Wife of lis I a ye Nathan Lev1 of 14 Dnane Street -r "0 men named Frank Fay of 238 West Thirty econd St eet J ol n Dillon of Twen y e ghth Street; ;vere ana gned m the J efferson :Market Pohce CGurt a lew days s ce c l a ged w th havmg entered the ctgar r.nanufacto y o f Geo ge Schaffner of 246 West Thirty fifth St eet ar d staaJ ng t h e efrom $100 worth of s In d efault o f $1 500 bail each they were com bi tted to await then tr al A L a ncaster Pa paper says -The trams arrlv mg m th s mty Monday evenmg caiued h ther qu1te FL number of tobacco bu) ers from New Y01 k and else where and aH of them this morn ng are ready for pusmess some of them leav ng the etty m s le1ghs and others b y rail on the Pennsylvama and Q Arryvllle ratlroads Several of our local dealers are al:;u m the count1y the r prmc pal obJeCt bemg It IS said to 1}3ecure what IS left of the 79 crop though It IS prob able they VIlli buy up a httle of the 80 crop 1EI Principe de GaiOs CIGAR FACTORY -OFThe Cigars of this Factory under the well known Brands of El Principe de Gales -ANDLa Perla. de Cayo Hueso I :Manufactured of new and best Vuelta Abajo Han.D& tobacco and unexcelled In quality and makft by any of the Havana Factortes are now rece ved tn._ regular FRED'K DE BARY & CO,. 41 & 43 Warren St NeVi York SOLE ACENTS. TOBACCO NEW YORK. JANUA.RY :Jg Weate.'1t Leaf-In the aggregate th& busmese of ust wee:k has beeh unprecedented m pomt-of ude the Reg e buyers havmg made larger 01 thetr accot nt than ever has before been known at. time m th s or any other market m thfil w'orii:L 'IM l;iuver fo France and Italy took 9 253 ho28be'ad& trom 'M'essrs Sa ;vyer Wallace & Co and 1\fes!lrs Re,Ynes B os and Co pmchased from the same firm hogsheads a total of 10 103 hogsheads AU togsbet the sales for the week were 10 223 hogsheads he :market )S every much relieved by the !lpproprJ& t10n of so large a quanttty of the accumulate..! 1Jtock and muc h eclat enoree both to buyers and sellenl for magmtude of their transactwns On callill uporu the buyers we rece ved confirmatiOn of the puronases, an expressiOn of satisfactiOn With the pncee as they were at a conatderable concessiOn ft om the rates asked the past three months We were mformed that. tl e quantity 1 ow n tl e ha ds of the 11< fully up to theu p esent requ 1ements so that thetr future ope1at ons wtll d epend upon the ba1gams that ma:f: b3 otfe ed to them :Mess s SAWYER WALLACE & Co r eport to THKTO)!.AO o astollo" s -We have J1ttle to say of themanket except wl at you already know the sales of the \Week lm ount ng to 10 2 .., h ds of wb c h 10 103 we em two. parcels to Reg eo sho ng othe w e a con'tinhed dull ness What change If any we shall make m

Seed Leaf-The reported sales ot .8eed .mceourlast revtew was 2,100 cases, of wh1ch 18,9 Pennsylvama was agam more largely purchased Oh10, of tho 1879 crop, "as also m good request, and we not sales of 600 cases ktnds and figures bmng !!liven below In 1879 New England transactions we1e to 150 cases A stm1lar quantity of New York, Gf. the sam& was 11Lken J. B GANB b'uN & Co tobacco brokers, 84 and SG Wall 8Ueet r eJl?rt as follows -Model ate acttvity has pre "9'1Uied: wtth sales of 2 100 cases, of whioh- :1,100 cs 1879 Pcnn,;ylv8.lllaFillers Assorte d Duck Island Wrnppers 1SO cs. 1879 New Elngland1110 cs 1879 l:ltate CliO cs 1879 Ohto, fillet'S Assorted Wrappers 100 cs Sundues 6% 12 @20 16 @20 18 @40 8 @20 7 @9 11 @15 9 @18 J,lOOcs Havana tobacco the mqmry has been qmte brtsk wtth 'sales of 1, 000 bales of fillers mcludmg bales of Remed10t1 at assignee's sales, at from 75c to tl.20 Manufactured-There bas been considerable mqmry the past week, pnDC JpaHy for low gtades of navy and bright 11 mcb Of the latter" e have no stock wl1at e.ver although we hear some IB expected 'fhere are aome fine pound offermg, but the demand lS bght It flllems to be the opm10n aruoDg the knowmg ones that f>OOd old stock tobaccos wtll be vety sca1 ce They are 8ell.l'Ce now, and "somebody w1ll be left out For eJI:port we note sb1pmenls of 74,475 pounds l:i' flWklng-For all popula1 g1 ades of smokmg to llaeco, the demand conlwues good both for local and .intenor account Cigars-Manuactmers and Importers report a ateady but not unusual mqu)J y for the past '1'1 eek Cigar-Boa: Cedar-'Ibe rua1 ket durmg the few -weeks has been qmet, and t.he movement of stock bBI! bMD shght The quotatiOns are MeXIcan cedar, cents, Cuban, 9)-i@Il E:l:cltange.-Mr. Srmon Sternberger, Banker, re ports to 'l'HE ToBACCO LEAP as follows -We quote-, iJaDII:ers nommal rates nre 4.82 and 484 for 60 d ays, and 4Jcmand' sterling respecl!vely Sellmg rates are 481 for 80 d o ys f or demand Comme1 cJul, GO days, 479 ParJS 3 da ys 60 dava, 52!> OommercJal, 60 days, .16 Re>ebmarlut-..::flnnkers 3 days, 95, 60 days, (lommercial 60 days 91 Market fi1m Freights -Messrs C:J.rey, Yale & Lambert li'retght Broken report to THX ToBACCO LEAF Tobacco Fre1ghts as :fellows'-Ltvepool, steam 80s 25s, London, stearc, 81)e, sml, Glasgow steam 3.Ss, Aatl, Bnstol, steam Bile, sad, Havre, steam sn!l, 35s Antwerp, steam 401, sa1l, Hamburg, steam, 40s, sail, 35s, Bremen, steam -4JIIB;aail 35s IMPORTS, The arr1vnla at the port of New Y ark from foretgn ports for the week mclnded lhe followml!: co:tsJgnmenta .BnMm-Kremelberg & Co 1 bale tobacco Ward & (Jo43 bales leaf Bawna-Tobacco -.A. S RDl'cnlJaum & Uo 122 bales, C Lopl'z 9do: We1l & Co 403 do G Salomon & Bros 50 do, H Mar ..,."c!t 27 do, We1s1, Eller & Kneppel 397 do G Falk & Bro :B:M do G W Ga1l & Ax 166 do, Scltroeder & Bon sa do, A H kovJlJe & Co 67 do M. & E Sal omon 62 do, Strobn & Reitzen *in do, Jill! E Ward & Co 28 du, C FHagen 155 do, Mer tllants Co 84 do, F Alexandre & E>uns 7 bags cutt1ngs T Bo.uer & Co !i cs AS Rosenbaum & Co 8 do, 11 Bons 6 do, H R Kelly & Co II do, G W Fahe r 19 4o Mtcbaeha & Levfa do, L P & J Frank 7 do, Esberg, khman & Co 8 do, F Gan:ta 1 do, W P Clyde & Co 4 rio, JJpse) Brockmann & L or bacher 4 do Park & Tilford 30 do, Acker }[errall & C o ndit 24 do Purd y & Ntcbollll! 8 do Down;ag, Sheldon & Co 11 do Knnburdt & Co 8 do, Wm A .A. ria & Co 3 do, J & W Behgmann & Co 3 do, W D Berklotz ldo M Bartholonnl do, JasE Ward & Co27 do, C F Hagan so de, Merchants DJSpatch Co 18 do. J)ispatoh Co 8 cs Receipts of licorice at port of New York !or week, rep ortoo apreuly for Tlm TO.BACCO LBAF -J C .McAndrew, per B :Madre from Smyrna, 5113 pk gs (I 415 398 lbs) hconce root :aecknagel & Co, per Idea, I:! myrna, 1776 pkgs (742,7:W lllo) do, and per Wasbtngton, from Smyrna, 43H6 pkgs ( t,472,lba) do, ZurJC&lday & Argutmhau, per Snareabrook from Jlala&a, 600 pkgs do, ana 60 pkgs (11,0110 lbe) Sp&nlSh liconce EXPORTS ::J'reiD the port of New York to !oretgn ports for lhe week ..-e as follows Nrua--50 hbds ,AMcerp-82 bhda, 4 pkg s ( 350 lb s ) m fd bbils, 850 casee 213 bale& ]JriiWl.A:Jutralaa--51 pkgs (13,394 lbl!) mfd Britilk Nurlh Co/omu-16 l1bds }lriiU1& Weal J1Uliu--5 hhdll, 8 cases, pkgs (18, 032 lbs mfd Collat'--22 bales bales, 1 7 pkgs (815 l bs\mfd ..DKtc.\ Guana-3 hlids DuUA Wol8t Jndw-.'i bales bbds, 57 pkgs (10,022 lbs) mfd. case Jkrt>-28 bbds, 21 cases, as bales bbds, 1 case. I.cnadon-88 hhdo, 111 pkgs 118,826 Jbs) mid X_._,_16 pk gs (544 l() s ) mfd bllds, 90 bal es, 1 pkg !be) mfd tt B. (I( Volom6ia-202 1 .. 1 es 101 pkgs (12,044 lbl!) mfd bhd, 1 ca6e, 61 bnlea, a6 pkga (4,498lbs) mfd. Jllq'ORTS ll'ROH THE PORT OF NEW YORK TO FOREIGN PORTS J'ROII JANUAaY 1, 1881, TO JAN, 28, 1881 llhds C a es Boles Lba mfd 60 177 105 41 1 1,985 10 115 27 778 1 21 2 50 60 17 100 12 27 1 802 20 1,198 S24 6 5 0 60 DOX:ES'IIC :aECEIPTL 80,261 4U,971 500,901 '1\e domestiC recelp!B at tbe port of New York for lhe week _.. aa follows hhdll 1&1 Ires, 1143 csleaf, 1115 do smkg 508 do mfd, i bo:a do, 115 bxs do, a7 bxsdo. 74 X bxs do, 109M 11:ae do. 25 bx do 489 cads do, 50 cads do, 85 !>( cads do, s es and smkg, 4 do c1ga1'1!, 5 do cigarettes, :a buckets DM, 1 k8llll do, 8 trcs snutJ 46 b()ls do S80 b:u ao, 8 jars do, ll kep do, 8 cs liconce, 1 do samples, 8 bxs do, 1 ca pipes, lhJ t.u JWU .Railre>ac-Sawyer, Wallace & Co 84 hhds, ':a.ebaun&L,all 82 do Blakemore, Mayo & Co 7 do Pollard, Pd\UI & <.:o 4 do, J H Moore & Co H i do, Reynea Bros & Co a do, Toe!, Rose & Co 12 do, R Moore & Co 11 do, Order 152 4lo. ,u 11udMn Rieer .RaiWoad-Havemeyers & V1 94 & Fischer 100 do, Fred Schulz 24 cs anaa llailraad-Bchroeder & Bon 206 cs, I BewilDer 1011 do Fnschen & Roesal do, S M1cbaehs & Co 1 4o R Rennow 20 do, U888 & Bro 2 do Chas F Tag & Son I'll ..,; C B 8p1tzner & &>n 40 do, L & E Werlhetmer 01 do Geo Jleaee 102 do, AS Rosenbaum & Co 1 do, McCoy & Co 101 41o; a W Helme 10 cs mfd, 3 trcs snuff, 46 bhls do, 880 bxs do, H kega do. 8 Jars do IJv 1/u Central Railroad of Jtmy -W H Eggert & Co SO cs C H Spitzner & Son 1 7 0 do, E Halfman & Son 5 do, G .wDann 7 do, Biock & Lindbetm 19 do, Joseph Mayer's Sons -4do, Order 7 do 11J1 1M Ni!ID York a11d HOIDffl Sttamhoal IAM-11 Westhelm & Co 23 cs, D Levy 27 do, J Frobliuger 3 do J P Baker 1 do, J P Hoeyle 2 do Bv 1M JrN York and Hartfrmj Stu.mboaC Lne.J Delmonte, 3 ca .BM Uu Old Dommti171 BieMnBlUp LtM Kmney Tobacco Co llll hhdli, Oelr1chs & Co 6.5 do, J o bn Devenny 1 do, 6 trcs, 0 W Helme 11 hhds, 12 cads do Clark & Beaman 31 hhds, 2 bD samples W 0 Smith & Co 113 hhda 93 tres 25 cs smkg, 'l6 do rutd, 100 j!i lJxs do ll cs and C igarettes, 4 do c 1 gar eMea 1 do samples 2 hxs do, Thompson, & Co 1 hhd, 1 tre, i2 cs mfd 15jl( bxs do, 102 bxs do, 11> bxs do, 63 \(-bllS do, 7 bxs do, 807 c ad s do, 8 kegs do, 1 bx sami>Ies, lfB Owen 7 ucs, J D Ke1lly Jr 82 do, R A M1lls I do, P Lorillard & Co 18 do, 4 bxs samples, M E McDowell & Co 755 ca alkg 10 do mfd 8G }!l-eads do, B Wtrt Mathews 8 cs smkg, G )i-bu do, Ul 1 cs cigars, Wise & Bendhelm 122 ca iiJkr, 1 do JUfd, 11 cads do; Dohan, Carroll & Oo II cs mfd, 8 }{-bu do, 11 b:u do, 110 cadi do, Aupatin -' Duael 8 CIJ QUOTATIONS of WHOLESALE PRICES. l'ABTJCULAR NOTICE. B't'ery l"&iWe is supposed to be at an adnnoe on :tlrst eOI!rt, the prlaea obtainable by growers of tobacco, therefore, will always be somewhat ower tka.n tbeae qu otations. D.I.RI<. C'ommoo lugs Goodleat Dark wrappers RJUGBT Common mn.hoga.ny Good makogany 'WESTERN LEAF. cts KIID 6 6 @ 7 7\i@9 f% 12 @16 VIRGINIA. LEAF, 4 @ 4)ji 4W 6 @T lgl 9 9 @14 SEED LE-'F cl!i 5 @ 8 fl1j@ ." 8 @10 !0 1!112 11 @18 1 3 @15 @46 @20 @M @45 OfO @12 @17 THE TOBACCO LEAF. are n ow lmymp; vcrv freely Good pnces are eas1Iy ohta med for desuaule stuc k Havana1s 1n goo d request, and brmgs tull 11,6.-utes lrnpo1 t s Jan 8-W H Sb1rnpfermno 3 cases CJgaro Jan 8-Th o r lnmpfermnu, 1 do E H a lfman 2 do, Grommes & Ulllcb 2 co, Kautzler & Harg1s 8 do .Tan 10-Kallmao L1lienfie ld bale lenf tobacco Jan 17-Kaotzler & Harg1s 4 ca-es C l"'RIS J a n 25'--Lawrence & )larlm 2 do E Halfman 1 do Ru ssell & Co, 5 do Jan 2G-Lowenthal Kaufman & C o 5 c aes smokers' articles M anufact ured tobacc o JS m good demand With every p r os peel of a large mcrcasc of trade dunng the spnng month Cigars have been movwg very slowly, but tl1e trade for n ext month IS expected to be very Pnces range about the same as heicto!o re, w1th v er y httlc cha nge of any kmd CINCINNATI, 0,, J a n 26 -Mess rs Prague & Leaf 1 obacco Brokers and R e dryers of Cultme: Leaf and Plug F1tlers report to THE ToBACCO LEAl!' as f ollows -U ndcr mcreased receipts of new nnol a J ack of the b ette r kmds In the oJiennga o f old at auctiOn there has been a to w eak oess m the market for lea f to bacco for the p ast week, and while we make no c hange m quo tatiOns, mme satisfactory pur chuses of the new and low e r of o ld have been ma-Ta IS CDTB nR POVJU>. 7J1j@l0 16 @1111 7 @10 14 @18 12 @18 1879Crop 110 @ M5 88 @ 95 lOO @110 115 @111!1 liW @U.O Navy s, lOs and l'OCket Navy4<1, 5s,8und BJUOJm>-rUCKS-. "l'lec.., 18 030 Jill>8 140 It! & IB ..u.oh light-pr..OO 28 g46 Navy lOs or Poclatia-Demand good Quality IS all that IS needed Hugltead Leaf-kluderate 1uquuy Rece1pts for the v;eek -2111 CIISes Connecticut, 296 cases P ennsy lvallia 40 State Reed, 82 cases Ohio, 99 bales HtLvana, and 284 hhds of V ItgllliB and Wes\ern leaf tobacco Sales foot up -161 cases Oonnecti((nt, 186 cases Pennsyl vama, 29 Clll'e& Stat e 64 r,a.aes Oh1o, 71 bales Havana, and 12 hhds of VIrgJml\ and We.. tern leaf tobacco Western and Southern Markets. BALTIMORE, Jan 27 -Mesal'1! Ed. W1scbmeyer & Co 'l'ob acco (Jomm JilSIOD Merchants report to TilE '!'oiiAOCo Llt..()co, and the utter tmpos slh t hly to adv ance on plug (New crop IS selling to-day M 4c per pound btgher than laot year t this tim e ) Low g1ades are very qmet and nomm a l the demand for them be1nll tempor:mly stopped hy JOb J ots In the hands of dealers hemg closed out at reduced ligures Twi s t s and other styles are qm e l Fme cut CIJewiBg-Tllere 1 s no new developments for tbe year, except t he bupe of manufacturers that tho price o f t af Will mduc e plug manufacturers to cut qual11y, au d th e reby renew a preference for fine-eul Th1s nut likely t o be tbe case slllce th e re 1s enough of plug manufacturers who Wlll bold to um for m s tandards at nD) cost rather than sacnfice their reputatiOn 8mok1ng IS very qmet C1gars a1 e fuuly ucttve wtt h goo d prospects ahead f01 a n demo.nd at steady priCes A few small shops have bud str1kes the past week on sha;p c r work, but none have submitted to the ho.vmg ample stock on hand CLAiti{S"\('ILLE, Tenn Jan 26 -llessrs M H (Jlw k & l!ro 'l'oba.cco Brokers report to THE TOB!.CCO LEAF -Our weather contmucs very mclement 1etardmg the p1cpa ratwc and movement of the tobl\cco Clop Our sales for t he week endmg to day were o nly 21 hhds The m m ket wa s fi1m lllld unchanged Qt:OTATlONB. Oot111ll.on ings 3% !1% Good Jugs 4j!i@ Common let\! 6 Medium let\! 8 Good leaf Fine leaf 10,.@12 SelectiOns 12}2@14 All grades above mediUm leaf are nommal as n o n e appear up o n our bre aks, which are ally of p oor quahty and m soft order The r age for plantmg White Burley tobacco steadily m creases, and as none of the n a tiv e seed h as yet been s own, tb e sell ers of Whtte Burley seed are trym.e: to have our whole d!Stnct planted wtth that variety of the w eed Jo.n 19 -Our Arcnc weather ha s con tmu ed, and Is an df c ual stoppage to &By preparatiOn of the crop Ou r sa l es for th e weE!!< endmg" to llay were 12 bhds The market was st10ng and unch a n ged No grade a bove comm o n le af I S appeu1 mg Our section Jieems tq be gomg wild over the culuv"tlon oi the :Wh1te !Burley variety A firm bas come mto thiS section to sell thi r ty five lmshels of Whtte B nrl ey tobacco ,seed-enou g h to p lant all th e U mted 'states wes t o f the Moun tams The couniy papers are full of 1t, g1vmg long detailed descnp lions of manne1 of culnvatlng th1s fabwnable vanety, and givmg tbe people the choice of rniSJng Wlnt e Burk!y for 18c per lb, or Cla1kovttle" for 5c per lb, With greater y1eld p e r acre ot Wh1te llmley aHd lr88 cost of productwn, ns the l atte r IS cUied Without fire, Bremen and Enrlnnd 118 lon.rer W H nt ClurksvJlles ,"the Regie& wont pay for 1t t he cost of c u l t tva twn, and what 1ne tbe people to do1 and It IB more agreeable Jo sell tobacco at 18c than 5c Good bye '{)] llfkavllle tobacco.' DANVILLE. Va., Jan 26 -Paul C Venable Ileai To hacco Broker, reports to THB TOBACCO LB.u> as ft00@11'00 same week last year A few sofL-dayslas,t wee)!. far fine to "ChOice 11 00@13 00 mers to handle thmr crops, wh1cb no doubt wii1"llt! marlllowmg 1 ates -1877 Vuelta AbaJo asso1 ted, for the Umted States a n d local consumptiOn, from $30 k> 50 gold per qtl, f01 the 1878 leaf the puces ranged from $5 b mk not.-s to $25 gold per qtl, accordmg to the conSistency of tbe tobacco, the cb1ef outlets havmg been Gm maDy and Spam 'l'he 1879 Vuelta AbRJO yteld fetched from $50 to 65 gold per qtl for the U mteu 8tate' 1 Pa1 t1dos, to 50 gold per qtl, and Remedws from $._. to 45 golti per qtl F01 fine wrappers our cigar mat u 1acturers allowed flom $400 to 500 gold pet bale, and for good vegas $300 to 350 for lsts to 7ths 180 to 240 for sths 120 to 160 for 7ths 80 to 100 for 10ths 40 to 60 for lltha 30 to 40 for fille"s and capadUJ as Fan filler s for Germany b1 ought from $23 to 28 gold per qtl '.J:he refuse (botes) of Pa1ttdo leaf wassh1p{l(' to Germany m considerable quunt1ty at prrces rang111g from $8 50 to $12 gold per q t l 1881 Tobacco-l'he scant purchases of our manufactu rers were mostly at rate, exteudmg from $50 to 70 gold per bale, acco1 dmg t o a.sortment and hulk Fo1 ibe Umted Statea $50 to 60 goldperqtlhas been granted for Vuelta AbaJO, $45 to 50 gold per qtl for Par1iltloi and $35 to 45 gotd p e r qtl for .Remedios leaf L1ght eafy fillers of the latter desert pt10n wet e readtly taken up a& from $26 to 30 gold per qtl for the Bremen market, and select assorted goods of the same leaf brought !rum $29 to 42 gold per q1i [or the same destmatwn Low Vuelta AbaJO and Pa1 ttdo tillers were snapped up by our ClgB.l' ette manu!actui ers pr1ces Iangmg from $22 to 31 gold p e r qtl, and botes of the same descrtptwn at trom $1G to 26 gold per qtl CIGARS-The year 188 0 has been a most trymg one to our mauufactm ers, who on the st1 ength of the reporLed fa1lm e of the tobacco cro p and 10 anuotpatwn of a brl>k demand for cigars, latd m sock of the 1880 leaf Although tins tobacco was exueed mgly backwa1 d m cuuug, as there nottnng else available It was worked up whE=n sttll too crude, g1vmg rtse to mnumerable cor.oplamts, and the consequent cance1h:-g of many 01ders, so that the demand, whtch h a d never been ve1y acttve, dwmd,ed down to tle most m s1gmticant propot t1ons 'l'he changes whJtJh have occurred smce the pubhcatlOn of the last catalogue of pr1 ces, m are not of aDy great Manufacturers, though complammg that the prasent figures are unremunerative, could not, m the face of a langu1shmg busmllll8, make much alte1 a t10n A.H a rule reduced their scale ot workmg to the lowest poss1ble pomt, expect mg even1f the 1881leaf I S no cheaper 111 prtce, 1t will at least prove much more product 1ve than the mater Ial they are n6w forced to employ The cbtef feature of tne year has undoubtedly been the production of what 1s now culled cheap ctgars, made up of mtxtures of Remedios, Part1do, and other descnptwns of leaf Large quantities of these goode have been ahtpped to all the futeign matkets, to a certam extent replacmg the production of the fuctones (some 25 111 nullibet), which were forced to close up altogethet The good account we gave m our last report in reference to the new tobacco IS bemg fully borne oui by the cigars dehvered smce, 1t havmg been greatly benefited by some timely no1t.hers, whiCh are so necessary for tts speedy d evelopment Even the 1879 leaf, or rather what lB sull left of 1t, has been wonderfully.lmproved by satd n orthers, and IS now at least m proper workmg coudttlon, showmg that we were, after all, not much nnataken m havmg all along that growth a good character, b:y domg whtch we almost lost our own w1th the bulk of the experts' abtoad Although the demand IS rather slack the prod11ctu D IS madequate to t!Upply It, consequently, a com para 1 ttvely mudru ate bus llleB 3 IS only bemg transacted The steamer Braunschwetg whiCh left th1s week for Southampton, takes the fi1 st dehveues of new cigars\ from the lollowwg factones, vtz IDtmudad, Eleccion, and all of whiCh are dPservmg of speCial mentwn, owmg to the highly 1mprov d stan dat ti of thetr Cigai'S On the 7th m t the well known factory of D Jose Gener, propuetor of the b1ands La Escepcton and Las Glonas de was completely destroyed by fire, next to notlung of the large stock havmg been saved, the los s bet>tdea the lives of s1x persons who perished 1n the flames, 1S estimated at nearl) $250 000 gold 'l'he news of the dtluvml ram, whwh has fallen m the Vuelta AbaJo, destroymg to some extent the fine prospect.! whtch had been entertamed regardmg the mcom mg crop, has exercised a vet y depressmg mfluence o,n manuactmers, for at no ttme was the stock of raw matenal so low, and any unfavorable news from the countty at once gives a flesh tmpetus to the already extraOI dmanly b1gh pretensions of holders ExcHANGEs-The demand ts very hmtted, aftd raW have dechned somewhat durmg the month. We quote to day for commercml paper Stet ling, 60 days per cent. P R Marks, 60 days 1j!i@ 2,!4 Umted States, 60 days 8 @ 8.!4 11 do 3days 9 @ 9!>( 11 Francs, 66 days 3%@ 8 j!i 11 Spamsh gold... 103%@104 11 LON DOli, Jan 12 Orant, Chambera c\ Co. report to THE ToaAcoo LxAP fill foHowa -There baa beeu. notbmg of Importance tranapll'mg 1n this market durml!: J.he. past week, both home trade anu export burers have held ol[ from operatmg and there IS a general di mchnauon lo=n for etock In substltutes there has been only a moderate ness done We!!tern Leaf and Strips-The former of II t colors are 1n demand for stnpa there bas been lh t e lnqulr:J VIrgny& str1ps of fine ncb quality have been onght aftet Leaf has but a t11tlmg Marylnd moves oft slowly OhiO of fine, light color IS readily 10ld at full pncea t:avendt s h IS m m o derate demand Messrs John K Gilbert & Co's Circular aya -We I!hould like Lo direct the attentt o n of onr fr1e nds to the suhjeet of through freights, which have the1r dtsadvantagas as good The drawback bas been seen th1s year m tbe accumu lallon of tobacco m the bands of the railroads at the seaboard owa1tmg ocean f1 e ight Th1s 18, of course, ag&l118t tbe mterest. of th e ab1pper, who mcurs dela_y_ and Increased expenae of In s urance and o th er charg es We do not wtsh, even 1f 1t were possible, to mterf ere W it h a machmcry wh1ch, on the who]P0 works well, and affords a secunty to the constgnee In his early a dvance We think the diftlculttes may be met by such InstructiOn as s b1opers may feel It necessary to give lo theu agents m New York and other ports .MANILA, Dec ll -Measra Peele, Hnbbell & Co 'a etrcu lar saV1! -Leaf Tobacco-On the 13th m s t the followmg par cels ol1879 leaf Will be offered at pubhc auct10n 40 loU!, eL 50 qq -2000 qq No 3Iaahela, upset pnce $-OOqq. 20 do 100qq-2000qq Nc.4 do do 1740qq Cigars-At tbe auct1nn on the 26th ulto there were sold still mil at $6 00@20 par The nezt sale will talle plaoe on tbe 11th lD8t. 8\erling ExchaopWe quote mte for dratcluuix months c:redtt bills on London at f-1 this mall. gnm a; :fBEY, Packers a.nd DeaJers_ ba PennQ'lvan'a Leaf &laud Olllortb Duke Street.-tt.AJTCAS"tEB. PAr


\ JAN.29 ......... F. GARCIA., & 06., --::E'I. TE::E'I.& <>F co., E. ::S:. IMPORTER OF THE "Flor de H. H. Gato And Manufacturer of Key West Havana Cigars, N"o. 104 ST::E'I.EE:r. N"EVD" "Y"c:>::E'I.B:. LOUIS SIEBER. SIEBER, IIIA.NUFA.CTURER!I OF FINE CIGARS AND DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO, fa, f8 &: 20 St., and 2, 4 &: 6 Hall Pl.',""' New York. EJJGLISH BOARD OF TRADE R:J;TURNS, both pr\)vious years, which is more than coUld have The London Tobacco 'Trade Review, ir. its Janpary been expected a few months ago. issue, remarks:-'l'be last official monthly returns for The home consumption during the twelve months 1880 contain no new features of interesli so far as the ended Dec. 31 amounted to 48,261,775 pounds unmanu tobacco trade is concern!ld, merely confirming what factured, and 1,309,436 pounds manufactured tobacco has previously appeared in these columns; and we will and snuff; total, 49,571,211 pounds. The home conat, once proceed to note brie fly, by way of reminder, sumptimi during the month of December amounted to the general charac. teristics of the movements of to 4,151,066 pounds. bacco that have occurred in the United Kingdom The exports during the twelve months ended Dec. during the past year. Fiz:at of all, it that 31 amounted to 8,929,573 pounds, amounting in value the landinga recently have been on a s1m1lar to to ,145. The Review remarks: The shipments have those in December of 1879 and 1878, thus leavmg the been slack and diminutive nearly all the year through. relative comparison for 1880 the same as before, and Stecl<:s .of tobacco in the bonded warehouses .of the presenting the total for 1880 as amean between the United Kingdom have differed but slightly during the sc,anty and excessive supplies of the two preceding ;month .of December, that at the end of 1880 retaining pull a small surplus over the quantity held in 1879, imports during the twelve montha ended Doo jwhlle as compared-with that in 18!8, there was a 31 amounted' to 59,548,877 pounds unmanufactured !leficit of 15,309,236 pounds. and 3 674 994 pounds manufactured tobacco and snuff; The total amount of stock on hand on the 1st of Jan tqtal,'63,223 ,871 amounting in value to ,900,uary amounted to 120,215,996 pounds. 901. The imports durmg December amounted to 3,948,-933 pounds, amounting in value. to ,130 The Review adds: The month's entries for home use, though somewhat below those in 1879, were decidedly heavier than in 1878, and what is very satisfactory indeed, the year's duty payments exceeded those of -The New England G-rocer remarks:-Those who left off smoking about January 1st, are now making up for loSt time; which fact causes the !;obacconistsgreatly to rejoice, BROWN & EARLE-;! Manufacturers of FiDe, Cilarsl -AND-.,, Dealers in Leaf_ VO". <>X..X'VE::E'I., ::E'I.:loh.:i::non.d., 'Va., PROl'RIETOR SUCCESSOR TO OLIVER & ROBINSON'S PLUG, SMOKING TOBACCO and CIGARETTE BUSINESS; fh_ e celebrated R,:!!: other brands formerly I HOLMES, 8i HAYDENS, NBW YORK 1 \ PHIL.A.,.DBLPHIA. 1 BOSTON' s lc9 OB.UIBER5 ST. 000 COMMEBOB B'l'o 18 FEQERAL ST. lllA.!fQ&CTURER8 011' THE CEL.EBRA.TBD ER,XEI CXG.A.R. HEA.DQUAR'I'ERS FOR FUSF. Al'iD IGXITIWG TAPES. D. w. Croue, G. w. CronHe, G. W. Haataeh. Q' -Etabllh.ed. & COMPANY, f : O:I.R'ar Dea1ers 1.:n. va:n.1.a C1.gara Office: 643 Penn Street ; Warehouses : 636 Court Street anlt 20 & 22 S. 6th Street, R.E.A.:DXl!V'G,. ::E.A.. 7 or Large Buyel'll will .. d it to their intere-t to oorreopond with uo, LIQUORICE P .ASTE The undersigned continues to manufacture and Spanish and Turkish Liquorice Paste, which he offer'S to the Trade at Reduced Prices. Manufacturers will flnd it to their interest to apply to him before purchasing else where. 'r B ... B 0 B A 0 0 0 L E A 1'-G-. "WV. G.A.XX 1 I r ., 512 II:_ 614 EAST l'ith STREE'1'9 XEW. YOB& -AND-,-IMPORTERS OF HAVANA T'BACCO.THE DIPOB.TATION of SUMATRA WRAPPERS. A. SPEciALITY. !"' ; c : .. \ 166 WATER STREET, NEW YORK. UPMANN; . Oflloe: 178 Pl'1AR:.:O JACOB BERNHEJM. VEGA & BERNHEIM, Paok.era an.d. X:D1por'C;er o:f' .. E&T::E'I.EIX..X...A. .1ST o. :La. :EI:.A.:V .A..lSf 4. .. Berge;,;,. & THE'; LADIES' 0 PubHsbed liT S. P. Chestnut, D l D., 11 Park Street NA.SHVILILE, TUlV_. .Prioe $2.10 per AnmJ!m, OrdOl'll -elvJ>acco, and secure well cured, l Especially Suitable for Druggists. jJCeated goods, w1thout any trouble and for a certamty every time, should not fail to use ou_r and_ ap f fOSTER HILSON & CO. I paratus. We have a great many m use m varwus I I 1 parts of the country. and not one bas failed of giving -t Oor. Avenue D and lOth St .. Xew"'"Y"'iomrk;;r';...+entire satisfaction. We are constantly in receipt of the 8 2ii Speo:La1 N"O"'t1.oes .. FOR SALE ....: A Cigarette and Tobacco Factory ill complete running order. JoHN R. SUTTON,, 832-1t 194 Front Street, N.Y. FOR SALE.-Two Hundred Thousand Cigars uf various brands, packed in 1-20' boxes, from $t5.50 to $16.00; City-made goods. 831-833. Apply to B. GROTTA, 148WaterSt., N.Y .. REMOVAL. We hereby inform the Tobacco Trade of the United State. s generally, and our many friends in particular, that we have this day removed our office and stGck of Havana Tobaceo of the 'Flor de S. B. & co." brand, to 215 Jefferson Avenue, Detroit, Michigan. Having admitted Mr. John Buehler, formerly, COn nected with the firm of John R. Beckllr & Co. ofCin cinnati, as a partner in our firm, we will herealterdeal under the firm name of BERGER & BUEHLER_Thanking our patrons for past favors, we will en deavor in the future to merit their patroDRge. BE ,RGER & BUEHLER, Imp01;ters of the Flor de S. B. & Co. brand of Havana Tobacco, 215 Jefferson Ave., Detroit, Mich. 825--tf W ANTED.-a 'party who has bad fifteen years' ex perience in buying and packing Connecticut Leaf 'To, bacco, would like to buy, sort and pack for a reliable house. Has ample room for work and storage, and can give best of references in this <;ity. .. Address J. G. G Packer, ToBACCO LEAF Office.. ,; 829-tf FOR SALE.-A fresh supply of 100,000pounds genu ine "DEERTONGUE" FLAVOR for smoking tobacp() manufacturers, in lots to suit purchasers, at loW,esl. figures, MARBURG BRos., ; 145, 147 and 149 S. Charles Street, Baltimol,'e I ,opo Lbs TobacQo Seedfor I am now ready to fill orders for this celebrated vl\; : of tobacco seed, all grown the preilent season, an<\.rse,lected from a crop of over 100 acres. I can safely. recommend it to the trade to be second to none on the ,market. I respectfully Y'?ur orders, and Will ,guarantee perfect satlSfactwn will be the result of. a : .fair trial of my seed. The royal road to success is to plant only the best varieties of seed, 'and raise desirable stock, which is always in demand at high prices. Price, $5 per lb, ?1" 75 p1;1r _oz. I can also the followmg var1et1es of V trgima-grown seed: Yellow : or.onoke, Yellow Prior, Sweet Oronoke,.Old Dominion 'Cigar Leaf, Virginia Seed Leaf, Gold .Drop,. and: Big. 'oronoke. A liberal discolint to the trade on aU va.rieties named. Address, J. T. BoGGESs, 820-832 Felicity; Clermont CO., 0.: .:5100 R,e'QT'&rd; Paid to an7 one givblg :lnformatioa ol Partie iDfrinc"' iDe on our Pateato. Our new Improve d Process for Re-Sweating Tobaccos a pos1Uve sue. cessl Flattering testimonials received from the most eminent Tob.,cc6 'J)ealers and Cigar :Manufac turers who bave adopted OUP process. t Every Deal e r and Manufacturer should ha1;e a SweatcRoom fitted Up pnder our process on their oWn premises.: This is the best and cheapest proc69S in existence. and the only sure way to obtain dark colors, Full particuhu'S as to which are reasonable; an cents. Egypc-pound of 100 piasters. gold, $4 97.4. -France-franc, gold d: silver. 19.3 cts Great Britain-pound sterling, $4 86.6lij, gold and silver, 19,:l cents. German Empire-mark, gold, 2!!.8 c. India l'llpee of 16 aunas. silver, I 39.7 cents. ItalY-Un., gold and silver. 19.8 ct8. Milwaukee. Japan-yen, gold; gold and IllY 99.7 conta. Liberia-doll&r, gold, 11 Mexico-dollar, silver, 90.9 centa..,. NetherlaDds-tlol'lnt gold and .Uv, 40.2 coota. Norway-crown. gold, 26..8 cent&. PE:rru-sol. silver, 88.6 cents. ot. l,OOQ M rold, 08. Russia-roublo ot 100 kopeks, lilvu, 66.9 cent& Sandwich J,flando-- sUver t>::J.6 ccuu. WAXED PAPEB.I.. SO:METIDNG ....... I. Packer, Commission Merch;J,nt, AND WHOI.l".l!ALE DEALER IN s. lllANUFAOTURJID BY TIN FOIL .. t:'.' ,. No. 283 NORTH SHIPPEN STREET,. :J?a.. No. 62 -DEY STREET NEW YORK. .tJI !. I .11eT.t.TIONS A.!fD SA.IIIPLES FURNISHED Ol'l APPILifJA.TION.': J, WITSCH & lSCHMITT, (Jr. Y. LAfJJEL PUrJ3LISHIJT-G CO.,) SAVE MON-EY. 14 hWIPf Jt1w lark. BY USING -..., LIST OF. SOME OF THE NEW .AND VERY ORIGINAL I CIGAR BOX LABELS, PUBLISHED TmS WEEK: LA YAU:ROSA, YOUR HEALTH! RICHFIELD, REINA CUBANA; GOLDEN LEGEND, AQUARIA, LA BENITA, LIGHT GUARD, HOMESTEAD, LA CORTESIA, FIVE COLORS, : VERY .FINE, ST. IUCOTINE, CHIEF COOK, : OLD FANCY, PRETTY GOOD, ALWAYS CHEERFUL, FRESH, AIR. SAMPLES FURNISHED ON APPLICATION. ... .. WAX-PAPER' llANUJ'ACJ'rUBJD) BY REGENH.ARD, SHEV.ILL & CO. .. .. ... ./. Thla Paper w!U keep TOBACCO and OIGARETTm.w.;....r. ,.. ........... -: ta.-or, The leMIItc IIIIUilllacturera ....,lt. Send


. :ms"tabU&hed. :1.828. 1 ALL. JIIESSENGER & CO., U / BUGIRE DU BOiS, COIIISSIOJ mcwt PLUG ANifTMOKTNfTOBACCO, Cf Sole .Agents for JAMES B. PACE, Richmond, Al\"D O THER VIRGINIA MANUFACTURERS. A.1so So1e "ts ror JNO. W. CARROLL' S CELEBRATED BRANDS, 'LONE JACK,' 'B R OWN DICK,' E:rc ., ETc., ETc. .; -AND'WV'. .T.:J:P&' E T ,.A_ G-sMoKING TOBAOCO. I fRE VIRGINIA TOBACCO: AGENCY, E.-1:a.b:U..h.ecl. i : J AS. M. ,QARDINBB., tTOBACCO MBRCRANT, 84 FRONT STREET, NEW 'YORK. ;, EXPORT ORDERS FOR PLUG TOBA C V O PROJII:PTLT F I LL.BD. ; U'. &. Tc:::p CIGAR MOULD"MANUFACT'G CO. & North Ave's Pa. retailing 118 dl1ferent sba-and, from tbe f&etory at great reduced prices. Every mouJd wal'ranted uniWrm. If size ch be not sultable. It will be excbangetl or money reuu netl Our amt is to give perfect satisfaction to the trade. By tli aect f om t h e factory you wiU save all delay and commissions. The only t;nedal and awarded at the Centennial waa to Ute V 8 8oJldi>Top M:ould. Oftici&l documeD-ts can be seen at the R i dge ana North College Avenues. U S. SOLID TO I' CIGAS MOULD C O. IL WAT'l'lliME, 218 Pearl St., Jfew York, Sa&. ,Ac-t. .Jo H. TheDlpiJon, D. S ackett Moore,. Paul Valvl. : THOMPSON, MOORE & CO. -IOBAGCOS FOR EXPORT, ss Front Street. New Y ork. LINDE. c. F. UNDE. J SEED lEAF T0.8ACCO INSPECTION} -TOBACCO .INSPECTED OR SAMPLED.cotrNTR.Y SAMPLING PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO. Certitlc&tes given for every Case, and delivered Case by Case number of C:ertiflcate. N. 8.-We also Sample In Merchants' Own Stores. r. C. LXN'DE &; CO. PIIII.ADELPHIA BRANCHES:- E. W. DICXERSON, cotner Arch and Water Streets; JO:r.....-AS METZ, 64 North Front St. HART.PO&D, CJODD. 1-A. B. A.THERTON, Ahret Clga't' Store, 17'6 State Street. SUFFIELD._ Conn. 1 -EDW LA.NCAST EH, l.'a,:-HENBY FOREST. PRINCIPA-L OFFICIJS:142 -N.A.TEP. STREET, and 182 to l :S.; l EA.R(. bT. WAREHOUSES 1-142 WATER S'fREET; 7 4._ 76 and 18 GREENWICH STRE:E l'. nud l'UDSON RIVER RAILRf)AD DE.t:OT, ST. JOH.N' S l 'ARK. v c. Hamlltoa. F. w. Conklin. .t. A, Hnn&. C. Hamilton & Co. Seed Leaf -AND-. CITY WEIGHERS, 170 'VVa"ter S"t., 'V<>rk. COUNTRY SAMPLINC PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO. I LANCASTER., Pa., Branok-153 N o rth Queen S t ; Henry .. R.Troot, Agent. HARTFORD, Ct., B ranc h 1 M State St.l B F. lluxlbnrt, Agent. I BENSEL & CO., TOBACCO INSPECTORS, WATf;R STREET, NEW YOR.X. --<>. { PhillipBorngesser ;LANC ASTER,Pa., BRA.NCH Wm. DeHaven S YRACUSE BRANCH ........ G P. Hier & Co. BALTIMORE BRANCH ... E Wischmeyer & Co. ,!!RANCH ............ W. Westphal. CHA'S F INKE& CO TOBACCO INSPECTORS, 159 WATEH ST., NEW YORK COUNTRY S .t.!IIPLIN G PROJIU'Tiol' -\'l"l'ENDED TO, L a n c a s ter, Pa., B ranch:-F. CUNNING HAM, 141 N. Queen St. (Smith' s Cigar Store.) Conneetleut Dranch:-H B. OLMSTED, Easlt Hartford, Conn. Ed&ertun, Wis., Branch:-C. R. Bentley. FINE-CUT TOBACCO, ciG:ARS, 201 and 209 Water Street, Ito.: 18 BDWERJ,,.. NEWr YDRt lAIIli!S IIRUilllKL A. LIOBfitN8'11DM. S. S. EDMONSTON & B Dealers in. Leaf Tobacco, 4.7 &or "'!iX:::v. El:roo.k.J::v:n., N". MANUFACTURE THE FOLLOWIKG !JELEBBATED BRANDS OF Tobacco and C _eneral Merchants Commission Merchant, .o. 44 BROAD STREET, 68 Broad S"t N"e-vv "'!i

JAN. 29 SPnlcJJ.IUI'. ALEX, H.AL"CIJlJ .. .UiS. SA.1ruEL H. 8PTh"G.U.!f. E.SPINGARN&Co. IMPORTERS or v .A..N' .A.., AND PACKERS OF LEAF TOBACCO, Slip, w:.:rse. New York. REYNES BROS. & CO., Commission Merchants a 48 Exchange Place, S. v A.N" .A. LEAF TOBACCO, 162 Water St., New York. Basch & Fischer, IMPORTERS OF HAVANA ADd Paclccrs of SEED LEAF TOBACCO, 166 WATE R STREET, NEW YORK. Tho GormanAm6rican Bank .. -LE.Af TOBACCO, ; 121< Lane. I SCBBODEB. & BON, 178 "oi:'thTER STREET, NEW YORK,. IMPORTERS OF SPANISH .oi.ND PACKERS OF : DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCO. D. H. McAlPIN & CO., M.A.NUF A.OTUREHS m' THE CELEBRATED FINECUT: I VIRGIN LEAF and NAVY I And all kinds of Smoking Tobacco .. Also Ma.nufg,cturers of the Brands of Bright Plug Chewing: 'Own,' r Onward,' I Friondsllip,' and 'Sailor's Solaco.'. M.L>roFACTORY AND f!ALESROOM: Cor. Avenue D and Tenth Street, New York. N.LACHENBRUCH & BRO._ PACKERS OF SEED LE..A.F AND IMPORTERS OF ::EI:a.-v-a.n.a 164 WATER STREET, NEW YORK I rs. DTIENBERG MANUFACTURERS OF FINE CIGARS,. 262 and 264 BOWERY, NEW YORK. ERNEST FB.EISE, OF THE FmM 0? WALTER li'IUliDlltAN & :mli:ISE,} DIPORTEB OF LEONARD PRIEJ)MAN, I DIPOR'l'ER. OF HAVANA TOBAC, 203 Pearl Street. New York. 'lUI. &lllflt.KT. WOLF, J& WM. EGGEBT 4: CO IMPORTERS OF HAVANA I E. ROSENWALD & BRO.; I & 145 Water Street, New York. J. WslYIAB.TIN,, 74 Fro:u: t S1:ree1:. N"e'PIT (Premises lately occupied by BULKLEY & DEALER IN PLUG and SMOKING TOBACCO, Ta.S:.-:E"a.f.d a.:u.d 1"or ORDERS FILLED PllOJU:PTLY FKOJU: STOKE OR F&CTOBl!". Sole Agent for the Justly Celebrated Brande, "ATLANTIC," "MAGNET," IN PLUC AND CUT CAVENDISH. ARNOLD POLLAK, SOLE AGENT FOR THE P L1CIFIG COAS'l' FOR nleesrs KERBS&:; New Ycrk; Messrs. HORACE' P.. KELLY&; CO., N""" Yorlt; SEED LEAF Tobacco &;;. 246 and 20 Cliff Streets, New York. -CUTHRIE a. CO., B. T. DINGFELDER. & _LIBHD, ....., 1 TRADE MARK: ''NEW DEAL." Ce1elora1:ed a.JD.d Fra.;;ra:u.1: ,, -(8-..,n &o D. E. Ko..,)-IILUSQfTQilCCO FOR EXPORT. o:r Plug Tobacco, ''fRUITS AND fLOWERS JOBBERS in CHEWING & SMOKING f11\BA.CCO" ._, t ... ;;: .... Leading Brands: "RORSE DAD" "BEAD LIGBT" "LITTLE :S:A'I'CBET" V Ports, and other...., Tobacco. Cf.;;a.r cl:t Cf.t;a.re1:1:e-. .A.:N":J:J OXG.A.::R..JIDTTEI&t ..... u.lCTORY J6th & Poplar Sts 0FFJCE & SALESROOM, SII & 513 N srd St ALSO MANUFACTURERS OF FIN" E TO"RM"C"O PAI1KFn 11" t-mr.tlons, 15 """'"per aooum, paot.....,..-., AUGUSTUS POLLACK, .: Kaaaf'aclt111'er of Claar, .. Wheeling'' Crown&Seed -TOGo:J:BjB, SEAL OF THE. STATE Of WEST VA. DIG, Wen V ... tile JDIIIII:etaof the Ud hudlecl '7 U..lobbb!l pene:!!!{ CIGAR. MOLDS,. SBAPEB.S, u;:C. LJ E. A.. .A.KD, Mannfactnrers' _Agent tbe S ale of Sample of 1 D Cigars .. and -Tobacco_, .No. 42 Wabash Aventie, Chicago, IHinoi. OFFICE AND FACTORY: OFFICE AND FACTORY: 610 East ftineteenth St., New York. 132, 134, 136, 138 a 140 E. 2d St., Cencennat1, 0. On Application we shall take pleasure In sending to. any _.addreas, free, Circulars of all our Manufactures. .A; P:B.SON, 'HARRIMAN & CO., .[Augustus "r: eadwell, formerly with Howard Bros. A Read.t Toli.c.c .... : : IMITA:TIQN $PANISH 'AND LINEN FANCY S"tRIPKS FOR PUTTINC UP SMOK-INC TOMACCO. 46,. 459 :Broo e New Yor'& iiiliBnDNHrlOsHPiis 1 db OQ., I IIIAIUJII'.A.CT11RIIa8 o 0:1:-G.A.R.S, Conlmission Merchants, T:O:E;I:&OOO' a:nd. OXG-.A.R. COMMISSION 'MERCHANTs a MERCADERES ST., [P. 0. Box 3681 HAVANA, CUBA. ..&liD RECEIVING AND FORWARDING AGEttTS, lP. 0. Box 3,152.1 53 Exchange Place, NEW vo "" : .. ''-. f


., TELLER, :EIR,O&., Packers, Commission Merchants, and Wholesale Dealers in FOREIGN & DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCO, 117 NORTH THIRD STREET, PHILADELPHIA. W' EISENLOHR & COr, PACKERS AND WHOLESALE DEALERS IN L E A F T 0 D A C c---o, 11f:J s. "VV"a;ter S't., Pl:1:1.l.acl.e1ph:l.a. W. E!SENLOHR, PHIL. BONN. L. BAMBERG;ER & CO., Packers an. d Dealers In LE.A.P And Manufacturers of LowCrade Cigars, No. i 11 Arch St., Pa. LEWI S BREMER'S SONS, Wholesale Dealers in I AND MANUFACTURED TOBACCO,/ NO. 322 NORTH THIRD STREET, PHILADELPHIA. large assortment of all kinds of LEAF ToBACCO constantly on hand .,e. & SMITH, Packers, Commissioa. Merchants &. Dealers in SEED lEAF tc HAVANA TOBACCO "No. 35 North Water-st., Philadelphia. a And 214.8TATE STREET, HARTFORD, CONN. John Moore & Co.,: PACKERS .OF SEED lEAF, 45 N. Water Philadelphia.. Pai. 39 NORTH WATER STREET, PHILADELPHIA, LOTTIER'S -ANDW. T. BlACKWElL & CO.'S New T6l't Boston, Lonis and Gintinnan. ,Joaeph Loea, Bea,JIIUD1n 'Labe, Je>sepb. Le>eb Cc::.s. PACKERS AND DEALERS IN I Lea No. Ill North Third Street, PHILADELPHIA, -Warehottoe-12fl North Water St. J JANCA!HIA. .' .GENTB :lOB 'l'Bll II!ILLER, DURKUL & PETERS CINCUINATI CIGAR KOLDS, ETC, THE TOBACCO LEAF. JAN.29 .Baltilnore Advertisem&nts. "VV"M. A. BOYD & CO., DIPG.RTED AND DOMESTIC LEAF No. 33 South Street. 1 EI.A.LTZM:C>Bm JEia.rc.:n. & :a2:ANUF ACTURERS OF CIGARS, AN:O OF THE WELLKNOWN ALLTORACCO CIGARE'J.'TES and "NIC-NAC" Havami Cheroots. OUR ACENTS:-M6ssrs. WISE It, BENDHEIM; New N. B. MANNINC, Philadelphia. 363 WEST BALTIMORE STREET, El\al.'tiltn.ore, W. Stow & Co., SAW MILL -DE.ALERS IN-$PANISH CEDAR FOR CIGAR-BOXES, U:l9:LER.'S .A.LLEY", Bet. Hanover & Charles and Lomb&'d 41 Prus., GEO B BARNEu MANUFACTURERS OF 0 0 gf :Ji":l"Ve :Brother 16-o X..o:a.s Joh.:a. a ... Elr:l5h1: .a.:a.d Ell..a.ok, Ol.d ll3:o:a.ety. B Oe:a.t :E-u.a; AND ALL OTHER POPULAR STYM'!S OF FINE NAVY TOJIA.CCO, X..O'U':J:S'V'XX..X..E, CONN. SEED LEAF -ANDConn, Havana Tobacco. W arelLoWie Point, C"""ecticut -AND-. 70 Pine St., New York City. C. 0. HOLYOKE, Wholeale Dea1er In Western Leaf Tobacco AFRICAN SHtPPERS A SPECIALTY. TEA M CIGAR.BOX FACTORY 12 Central Wharf, Boston. The Larr;eat In the Weat. Capaclt7, 25.000 Bo:o:e per Week, G E 0 R G E H 1 J 0 N E S J Importer of L :H.A. V .A.N.A, _ff SEED LEADFalTOBACCO 699 to 707 W. Sixth,. St., Cincinnati, 0. Also Manufacturer of the Veneered Cedar CigarBoz Lumber. Sample No. 98 Water Street, Clua. W, WILDU, Ja, W11.B.WIIIft. furnished on AppUcatlon. Send for A. tnll Line oC Labels, Edgings and Ribbons kepc conJJtautly on hand ac CHAS w WILDER J ManuCactureriiJ' Prices. .... r JAcon wm, AAIW X ""'" K A. JAMES PHILIPs 1 1 I ., WElL; KAHN & Formerly wUh c. s. Phl.llpa "' Co.. lm.porter and Manufacturer of .n!A.''UFACTIJRERS & WHOLESAL& DEAI.ERS lN Tobacco Curtng and Sweating, FINE CIGARS, C1gars & teaf Tobacco .. 68 Kilby a. 98 water sa.., 113. M s c 0 Dark Colors Cuaranteed. am t. mcmnatl PoorburningTobaccomadegood. OldandD,rled out goods renovated and pnt into good order. =::==::-=:-:::=::=:::=::--.;:.Green, raw, 1\ghtcolored or 1msweated EMERY BEMIS J HENRY GEISE cured and brougbttodarkcolors. r. (Successor to B. GEISE & BRO.) 70 Mail'! St., Cincinnati, .0. IMPORTER OF aT:m..a.Da: HENRY, MEYER 1: CO., :a: .A. v A.N' .A., ciGAR-Box FACTORY, coMMISSION ME,RCHANTs;' SEED LE.AFioB. ACC, o, No. 93 CLAY STREET, OHIO A AnctNwDholC'O oN N,EnCtftTlCUT No. 32 Central Wharf, .. CINCINNATI, 0.' Eloa'to:a., 1\ll:a-. f. A.. l'Uava, J. 8. llli.TIKIII, LEAF TOBA. CCO, C B BUTLE PRAGUE & MATSON,. 4R Front St .. 0.. PACKER & JODDER OF LEAF BROKERS F. W. DOHRMANN .. Cnnnocticnt LEAF Tobacco, RE-DRYER.S OF CU'TING LEAF L .EAF TOBAC(tO BROVUD lJ Ailll 94 W. Front St., Cincinnati. S E y & f t Sf J!KY H()UI!ES:-DLIL 10 'ILlL:r 1:. 'V' _,_ & DOMESTIC COMMISSION l E A F T 0 B A C C MANUFACTUR;ERSOF ALt KINDS OF PLUG TOBACCO, :atr:J:DDLETO"W:'N, <>. u : Ou.r X..ead:l:a.a Elra.:a.d LADD cc :EI. :E G G 31 German St., Baltimore, Md 8 W DARK WRAPPERS CONSTANTLY ON HAND. ror. Lo....,t. W, K. MAKKER G E. WAGONER, 46 and 48 St. Charles St., BARKER & WA&&NBR DAVID G. HJ,:RSB, li3:.A.'V'.A,N".A., 'mPORTEO BROS., tAf, fQfA'CCO LEAF TOBACCO BUYHRS. No. 21 North Main Street, &"X'. X..O'C':J:&, 1\11:0, nJGAR J!]UFAGTURERS .. 39 Cerman Street, FAcToaT-tts-Izr s. 23d street; PENNSYttAftiA SEED TOBACCO, 1\II::J:), 29 South GaJ St., ltl. -134:1 Chestllut Street; ---We Invite the attention ot M&nufacturen to our We lnYlt the attentloa of to our :E"EE:J:X....A.:J:)::ElX...Pli3:X.A.. 8 East Chestnut St., otoek of Dark e.sweate.d. Wrapper, 01 Stock of. 'DARK JlE-SWEA'l'En WRAP "P !4AtNUFAlCTURCERS OdF LANCASTER,--PA. ... wlolmakLEeR&Bpec&iai'Y.HERS''LIEY ofwyhicoh,RemKalnd.'' OS a. a,r !gars. Ahra.,. .. Baaa. n I w. BEST, Cblcqo; LOiliN PALME,R, N ... w ii. RUSSELL, Chlearo._ "IL nu:;: & J. L. WEIDLEIL PENNSYLV-ANIA cltAR. s 1 aBs-r. ausSBLL co., W. L P.reald.eaa, WHOLESALE DKALER IN .EtA. V .A.N.A.. .:.._AMDLEAF TOBACCO, 231 Eaat Rando.lph St., ILL, : L'. Defl.enaTDd p,.;bekerallni ; SEED LEAF TOBACCO, rrom $12to$15 perthou=sand., (Successors to JOHN c. PAI<.TRlDGE'I: CO.,l '.lanntacturers of Cigars ea i) acco LancasterCn.,Pc. "s?'Q:R:K., PA. f 1112 & 26 l!(ertJa Q...,.. StrHt. 213 West Kt.q .. 1 : ; .. AND SOLE PROPRIETORS THE GENUJ:l'IJE ; . &EftmENCES, BY, PERUISSIOR: I. 0. IAt.b&m, Pres't Bank Hopkinsville: ':. ---LANCASTER I PA. s .'!w VENAD.'LV& E .... .. : .. B LEfac;,. : ,, ,, GOLDi:N--,CROWN" 57 Lake Street and 41 state Street,Chlcago, Ul. Office: Cor. Byrne. and Halifax Sts., Petersburg, Ya: ALso A:GENTs FoR THE FOLL:OWING WELL-KNowN FIRMs,;.. 1 0 Factory 1,., Seco' nd District VIrginia :, c t 1!. WIIILLARD & co.,_N.,. York; SEIDEKBERG 1: co. il-Yortr: w. '1'. BL.t.CEWZLL 1: oo ... '""JA-W' ..... ........ -..:F c"11-.. 0 .. .U 1.o I j Durliam. .r<. U iS. J IIAGLilY 1: CO;'s "IIAU'LOWEJI." Do&rol&, lllcb. .. __ ll&llufacture &lid Olfar to the Trade tlbe foUowllag Celebrated Dr11n Y I W C4BROLL'B "LONE J.LCX," LFnohblq, Va. liA.Jr PL EWINGd SMOKING TOBAccos CO. S "OLD JUDGE" Tobacco "BETWEEN THE ACITB;" ahd hiEET .. .. r:. J'.B.KINNEYs IG F.'l. : JACKSON's 1 'VIRGlNfADARE. BKIGUT I BEST' t'ANNOT LVLE'' BRIGHT NA.VY,1a.3ii,4- 8&,61,'fl8a,OaaD.dlOa. ., BANNER To BAGCO co MPANY .._ 1 t '6UNION JACK" ltiA.II.OPANY POUNDS, Ma And 6s. "ST .JAM.Eii" DARK POUNDS, Ms, 4a, 51, Ga, 7a, Oa and lOa. : lf A great variety of_ FINE TWIST of seI!.rcbaollis other i

JAN. 29 ) Bnsi11ess Directory of Advertisers. NEW YORK. UIJ/ Tebacco JVar e hov.Ha .l.hner .t Dehls, 190 Pearl. Arends & J'rlngant. 193 Pearl Block .t Llndheim. 160 Pearl Bar,uea Geo. B. 70 Pine Barnett 8 lti2 Bucb a: Fleener. 155 Water. Cardozo A. R. e6 Broad Chockley A. D & Co. 38l!road Ora""ord 1:. M. & son. t68 w,.....r. Edmoa&oo S S. & Bro. 47 Broad Bow$ Wm. & Co. Pearl. J!'rie4maD, Henry, 11 Maiden LaDe J!'riend E & G. Ill. Co. 1211 Maiden L&no. G. W. Gail & U, 166 Water Ovth D.'J., Bon & Co. 44 Broad. QaMert J. L & Bro. Bowery Q...-1 L. & Bro. 191 Pearl Hamburger t. Clo. 151 W"-ter Bellbroner. Josephs & Co. 119 Ma.lden Lane Bii"8Ch, Vlctorius & Co 177 Water J[erbs a: SpieM 1014-1020 2d Koenig B. 2';]6 Pearl L&cbenorucb &:: Bro. 164 Lederer & Fischel, 213 Pearl. Levin M. H. !62 Pearl Levy D. ltlil Water Neuberger M. 172 Water L. 144 Water Brot11ers, 48 B1oaA. Owen F. E. Oppenheime r 1!1. 138 Water BeliJD&Illl G. 228 Pearl. R.-wald E. & Bros. 145 Water Jl,o8sln s & Sons, 173 Water Salomon G.&: Bros. 254. Pearl Sawyer, Wallace & Co. 4? Broadw&1 ScboverUng Bros. 142 Water Schroeder & Bon, 178 Water. llcllu'bf.n H. & Co. 160 Water. Schulz Fred. Pearl Siebert Henry. fiB Broad. Splugarn E. & Co. 5 Durllng Slip. Stetneca:e R., 131 Water Tag, Charles F. & Son. 184 J'ront. Upm&nm, carl. 178 Pearl. WCJf'ell.o'IUN for th.e Sale of Manufdc:tured and Smoking TobacCOI. Allen a: Co, 178 and 175 Chambe111 &: Duselll Warren. DobaD. uuroU & uo. 10411'ront.. DuBoil Eugene. 75 Ft"ont. llqlel>acb F 56 B. w .. blDir'On Squan Qardiner J. M 84 Front. Ben A. 43 Liberty HliDt H. W 69 Wllbam llart.ln J w., 74 l"ront Thompson, Moore&. Co. 83 Front Wloe .t Bendhelm, aud !166 Canal Tobacco Baler tcw Ea:pcwt. Guthrie & Co. 225 Front. Leaf ToOacco &c<<>IHojJ. I'Jdllp c. s. a: \88 Pearl MerohaftU lleyliOI Brothel'!! & Co.,li & 48 Exebange Plaoo 'Fo!mccO Broker&. OattuaJobn. Eller M. 116 1tla.idP.n Qana' Son J. s. & a.nd 86 Wall Oebeme,James G. MBroad. Rader M. & Son. 48 Broad 'Shack A. 178 Pearl Street. of Smoking and C'Ae:uli"'' Anderson John & Co. 114. 116 and 117 Liberty. Buchanan & Lyall, 101 Wall Buchner D. & Co. 173 and 175 Duane. Ooodwln & Co. W7 & 200 Water. Betme Geo.',V. 133 Water an(i 85 Pine Kinney IJr01 5lb to 525 West 22d 'McAlpin D. H & Co. cor A venue D and TeDtb. 11111er G. B. & Co. 97 ColumbiA. Manutacturm-. of Cioara. Adrian ll. J 472'Graud Aab, Louts & Co. 96 and 98 Reade Beltn & Sie,ber, 16 7th at and 2-6 Hall at. Bondy & Letterer, 96 to 1 tO Attorney BM18861 Jarri'es & Co. i'8 Bowery DeBary Fred. & Qo 41 and 4 3 Warren. Dingfelder & Li ,bko, $9 and 41 Fulton Bellbroner.' Josephs & Co. 689 First Ave. Blraeb D & Co. and. 1 80 Rhina-too Kaufman B1 01. & Bondy, 129 &: 131 Grand. .J'acoby Morris & Co. 125-129 Broome. Jacoby 8. &:: Co. 200 Chatham Sq & 6& 7 Doyer llterha &; Spiess. 1014 to 1020 Beeoud .l.v. and 810 to 314 :Filtv-loc.rth Levy Broa. Avenue C ana 13th Street. Broe. & Co. 268 and 2'10 Bowery Lomb&rd V. 110 Wal-CljJan. Brown .t Earle, 003-.009 East 38d l'wter, .an.on 5 Co. Avenue D and lOth St. .._Hay& Ill. CO. 13(), 182, !It llaldOD '-IMporU!' of H<>vana Tol>aceo Gild .l.lmlrall J. J. 1 Cedar DluB .t:Co. Fenw>dez G. 206 .Poarl I'NIIe:&. 167 Water Frlodman IAonard; 203 Pearl G. W. Gall & Ax, 166 Water Ovcl& J'. Bro. 8t Co. 161 Water oaco E. H. 104 Chambers Gouzaleo A 180 Pearl Kerbs&: Spiess 1014-10:11 2d AYenue Lilienthal M. & Co. 171 Pearl Lombard V. 110 Water Lopes, Callxto. 20G Pearl Looauo. Pend88 .t Co. 200 Pearl -nger T. H & Co. !61 Malden LaDe. Miranda F. Ill. Co. W2 Pearl ltouln 8. &: Sons, 173 Water 6&lomon G. & Bros. 254 Pearl Bancb.a:. Have & Co. 130, 18:2. 1M Laae 'Jolomon M. &: E. 85 Maiden Lane Spiogarn E. & Co. 5 Burling Slip. Vega & Bernheim, 187 Pearl Well& Co. 85 Pine Welas. EUer & K.aeppel, 220 Pearl Yhor V. Kartinez &:. Co. 190 Pearl ..tgent.Jor ChY Wlae & lJW. (}I_..S. Oilier. Ba,-.J. 11 &Dd 13 Connon Up-ve W. E. -..c'lll Jtoa Tu111 Ittoporter of Clgo.r Jll>lda, w. 81&-aetll:ut J:leemh II&. 'ft>e JIIM'II,_. of Ill's II lla1l !bomM B. ft Barci&J The Sphinx Cigar Factory SUTRO & NEWMARK, 76 Park Place,,New York. FACTORIES :-No. 412 Sind District 4 723 3rd Dletrlot. tyeJ-"j,j'" J'' ttu bot..a Heppenheimlj_r & Maurer. 22 &nd S4 N. Wli.IJam Lobeo.atein & Gans. 101 Maideo L&ne Stratl88 8im l n 17\1 Lewis Wicke Wm .t Co. 1611-161 Qoerck M'f'n of Tobooco Sh.oto Cara. and I..t:lmt. Doualdsou Bros.. Five P. 0. Boz: 2'791. TratUparen.t Gla4 Si(JfU. Matthews J'ob.n. liSt Av. bet. & 21th st ImpnrUr ,f" La Vuelta .ilbajo" .Fla-vor. Chaakel J., 66 Warren. MJri Havana Ct'gar Flavor. Fries Alex. 4 Bros. 44 CoUep Place. and Cigo r I..abeU. Maurer-. ;.::.! And :t4 N. wnuam New YorK Publishing Co. 94 Bowel"f Uptell!rove W E. 465-415 East Tenth :Aqrs of Old Judge" Oigaretle8. Goodwin & Co. 20i-209 Water. nf Kinney Brm. ()iga.nUu. Kinney Tobacco Co 6tr.-525 West22d. Kan.ufacturt>r OJ Crooke r Compound "" lf'oil. To&acco. Medium anl!t Tilrue. Orook'e John J 163 Mu1hP.rM' Manufacturer of Silver SUrface Foil. Crooke John J. 16.:3 MuJberrr Manufacture. .. of Cigar Borgfeldt N B. 510 East Nineteenth Jlanuja.cturer of Sh.eet Metal and Wooden. Cigar '!'be Miller, Dubrul &Pete1"8l\olfg Co. 510 E 19th Impnmed Tobacco Scrap Jlachtu tor Manujactut"er.t. Bol'gfeldt N. H 510 East 19th and 1515 Water BeaM:r in. Kach.inn,, Toou and .llatma.l.l tor J Cifi(Jr Watteyne H PM.r l GermanAmerlcan, 50 Wall internal Ret\m.ue Boerb. Jou.rpnsen, C. 80 and 37 Ubertr For eign and Donttatic Bankert. 8ternbenrer Slmon, 44 E-..change Place. Maftufocturer of .$\-nc Robb S. A. 195 Canal Stra\188 S. 179 and 181 Lewis 8ol4 MaJ\ufactut-er of the (h'iginal Grecm s..l &noking Tobacco. Jr.mmet W. C. 74 Piue Importer8 of Jt'renc/1. Oigaretl Paper. Augustin&. Dusel, 11 Warren May Brothers. 105 2d A 'tdDllA C(),tmeretal Agenck..1. 'nle BM:ui8treet Co. 279 Broa.o.way .Ma.nujacturn- of Cigar Box LtnN.ber. Read Geo W & Co. !86-WO Lewis Tobacco Flt:ipht Broken. Smith W. 0. & Co. 53 Exchange Place .Manufacturer of Cig,a.r Ribbou. Wicke Wm. &: Co. cor. Goerck and Third Cigar-Box Labels and Trinamtnga. Beppenheimer &: Maurer, 22 and 24 N. WIIUam Neuman & Dinelioe-er. n. w. Pearl &: Elm Uptegrove W.. E. 46:'1-475 East Tenth st lllanui'aoturera of Wa.z Paper. Haml'll.erschla g S. 52 Dey st Regenhard, Shevlll & Co. oey st Tobacco Bagging. Person A. Harriman & Co. 45'i-l59 Broome Manuft,ctures of the Erie Cigar Lightet. Holmes. Booth & Hayoens, 4lt Chambers ALBANY. If. Y .Manufuctun!ra of 10Ncco. Qreer' s A. Sons. 822 Broadway AMSTERDAM, Holland. Importer A of Seed and Dlra in Sumatra Tob. Urb&.ch &: Frankfort. BALTIMORE, Mel. Tobarco Warehouses. Barker & Waggner. 29 South Gay Boyd W .>.. 8: Co. 33 South Kerckhol'f & Co. 4& South Charles Klemm Cha.s. H. 89 North Calven Ma.rrj ot.t, G. H. l\1. :i German M erlela &. Kemper. 39 Gt>rman WencH:, E. E. 46 and 48 South Charles Wlschmeyel Ed. &: Co. 39 South Catvert in Spanish Cedar tor Cigar Boxea. Stow Cbas. W. & Co. Uhler's Alley. Manufacturers of r:igan nnd C,gareUe Baro n & Baine bach. 368 'V. Baltimore St. Toba cco Munujacturera Gall & Ax, 28 Barre Marburg Brothers. 145 to 149 South Charles Tob&Ceo and General Com.m.iuion Merchant._ Vocke R. E. & Co. s. e cor. Cheapside and Lombard Po.te11.t stem Roller&. Kerekhorl' G &: Co 49 South Charles Mtmufaclure'" of Cif)ar Boo:u. H enschen Rudolph, a.nd 340 8. Sharp. Paclwr of Seed Leaf and lmportm of Ha vana 1'o!Jou,o. Becker Bros. 98 Lombard Beht"e.ns John & Co. 20 Water st Kerokhoft Geo. & Co. 49 South Charles Tobacco. Shipping and Conamiuton Merchant.. Dresel. Rauscheuberg &: Co .. 11 South Ga.y. BOSTON. Maoo. Cig(lr Manufacturer.' Ageftt Merritt J W. 34 Doane l.)eo.krl '"' Havana and Domeatic Leaf 1b. bacco and Cigar.1. a: Lecc l>9 Broad. Importers oj ct Dlr1. in. fAa! Tobao Bemis, Emery. Jr. 32 Cenln.l Wharf J onee Qeo. H 98 Water Jmporier ct Manufactu,er of .Fine Cigara. Wilder Cha.s. W. Jr. 68 Kilby and 98 Water 7'ob4ccO Maw.ujacturera' ...tget... Wm. P. &:: Oo. 9 Central Wbart Dec.Ur in. Wedern. Tobacco. HOlyoke C. 0 12 Central Wharf. Importer of Havana. aftd DeaLr in &ed Lea(. Bemis. J r. Emery, a2Centl"al Wharf. BREMEN, a. ....... ,. TobRcco Comm-Jl....,hotK& J"aUenstela 1V. 'I' BUFFALO, lt. y, Dealer in Hl.tmna and Poc"r of .SUd Ltaf LeW"ln P 11':1-114 EicDanp CHICAGO. JJl. JI_Jt,fra of Pcwlar, .Sycamore. Grained and iJOMJ Wood. (Jigar Ben Ba1uaer W m. & Co. 67 and 8V S. Canal at ..tgenl frrr atld S.O.W"ll 0. A. Peck, S1o53 South Water w.Aoluale in. Seed Gnd BaVGtwl Tobacco. Beek A. & Co. 44 and 46 Dearborn. Salldba,cen Bros, 17 W*'st lta.nd9lpb 8ubert B. E H&ndolph Sutter llrot.her11, 4G and 48 lllcbtgan A YeDtM M.a.ft/rl of .FiM--Cut Chewin.g &: SmokiRQ Tob. Becll: A. & Co. 44 and 46 DeArborn Wh.oluale TobacConilt.. and M"f'ra Agenta. Beet. Rl8111ell & Co. 57 LAke and 41 State Woodward E Wabash Av. CINCINNATI. O. Oigar Box Lum!Jflr. The E. D AlbroCo.,686-707 W. 6th., Trost S&muel W., 699 to 7fT/ West Slxtb Wlwlesale Dl in Uigar d': lo!Jou,o and .Agts. fur Globe-Out and Harru d': Son's Oiga>' .Man!l[acturers' &pplU8. Schuberth & Co. 18& Vine Dealtsr.s in. SpaRiah and Cigar lAo.! TobGcco.. :Meyer Hv. & Co. 46 Frent Tob Comm.ilttion. Mercl'l.a.nt and Mfr' .Agent. Richey Henry A. 15 Second Street. Mnjtrc of Im.pr011f!d ToOacco Jloc1lineT'J' The McGowan Co 141&. 148 W. 2d It Jtan.ufocturer of llne-.Out CAewi"V atwl Smoking Tobacco. Spence llroo .t Co. 112 and 'l'bJrd Lt<>f Tobacco llrolO .!lro.Wn. CJ&rii:IL B. & Bro CLEVEL&KD. O. lJeG,ler '"' &td Lea./ and Baoan.a. Tobacco CJftd Jobber nll kin.dl Jtan.utactnt"etl Semon ChiLrles.wooeseor to Qollbon & Semon. 13i0ntanc DANBURY, ColUl. De<>W ;,. s .. a.Leo.f G. W DANVILLE. v .. ia LMf.Tob&cco. Norman &: Belvin. De4ta" o'ftd Broku1 ift Llaj Tobecco. Bendenoa.. JamM A. &' Co Com__, Leaj Toi>aMP Brolr#r" SlricllJ/ ... Order. Ven-.ble P. (" .. Pemberton ct; CommiaiOR of Lea/ J'bM.eeo. Pe&non J. R. .t Cc. DAVFXPORT.Icnra. JIGaK/oe...,..,. of Oif1M Bo'ti'B of Swut havy I-MtDt11f. Jr.ckllon C A Ill. Co. Com.mision Merchant. Baln & Parrack PHILADELPHIA. Tobacco Warehoutt. Bamberger L. & Co. 111 Arch Batchelor Bros. H!31 Cbetmut Bremer' s Lewis Sons 322 North Thlnl Dohan & Taitt 1()7 Arch Elsenlohr Wm. &' Co 115 South Water McDowell M. !C. & Co. 39' North Water Moore Jobn &:: N. Water. Hav 1 Nurth Water Ralph I D. H .t Co. 138 N 8d Sank J Rinaldo & Co. 32 North Water Teller Bro .. bers 117 tiorth Third of Bavn.n.n. Cigar and Agentafor Seidenberg' & We3t Cigar. l'uguet, 8tP.phen, &: Sons, i31 Chestnut ]Aaf Tobocc., BttMoting. Pblllpo C. S. & Co. 181-133 North Walels and Trimming&. Harris Geo. 8. & Sen, s e. cor. 4th and Vine. Manufacturers of Cigar MouKia U 8 Bolld Top Mould Mfg Co. cor Rld'f& and North College Ave's. Gen'l .Aot. 'M C .A. Jockton . Soo. H. L & Bro. Jleder & Bro. l'oJiack. Augmtuo ''f"'no all Yorlt CJp JO, 2'IP' TO'BAOOO L 'EAF. 5 LOUIB ABH, BENi ASH' KERBS a SPIESS. Manufacturers of Fine Cigars, DAVID BEIR, LOUIS ASH & CO. MANUFACTURERS of CIGARS 1 Dealers in LEAF TOBACCO 1014, 1016, 1018, 1020 SECOND AVENUE, 310, 312, 314 AND 316 FIFTYFOURTH STREET, 1\TE"''V 'Y'<>R.H:. Elo::o.d.y &. Lederer 1IU.NUJ' ACI'URERS OP 1 I 96 & 9S,BEADE STREET, NEW YORK. I Fine Cigars LEAF TOBACCO,: 961to 110 Attorney St., :NEJ"''V Y<>R..H:. LICHtENSTEIN BROS. & CO., C:ZGAR -AKUFACTVRBR ... ,. .. -. K .AUFMANN BRos. & BONDY, lmporte :El.EI, l\IEd. aF'" Orden Promptly FIUed. :a. STEINECKE, lL\NUJ' Acri'URER OF S ROSSIN. IlL ROSSIN. S. ROSSIN & SONS, PACKERS OF Seed. Lea:r, AND IMPORTERS OF HAVANA TOBACCO, 173 Water St., New York. R. FOUGERAY, Tobacco lannfactnrors A!l... 33, North Front $ United. States Internal 1:1.evcnue Tax. '"' The taX on all kinds of :rtlanufactund Tobacco ts 16 cents 1b; Snu1f,. 18 ceot8 :'l!}lb Clgan S6 tiJ theusa.nd; Cigarettes ..,eighlng not ever g .. 9 thousand, thousand; Cigal'ettes and oYer 31bs $tJ per thousand. The duty on Fore1gn .C1gars:b; fl.50ti' 1b cent. ad valorent.. same as huported ckars, Cigarettes, and Cheroots also beurtbe nrescnbed If:1t<>rnal Revenue taxes, to be paid by stamps at the Custom Houso. The 1m port duty OD Lea! Tobacco is M cents re 1b: Leaf' Tobacco stemmed. W cents Wt 'II; Manut:actured To8aooo, 50 cents:@ 1b; !50 cent.s '19 't.. Manufac tured Tobacco and Scraps are also subject to the loternal Reenue ta% ot 16 Jb. and must be packed int.:ontonni t.ywitb Internal Revenue ln.v.-and regulation. Scraps and cuttings,. however, may be In bulk !or use in a toba.cco, snutr, or ciga.t manufactory witbont payJDeD ot the internal revenue tax. On Sumatra tobACco the import duty is S5c gold per Ib, and 10 per ceJt.t. a.d valorem. PJpee and pfpe bowls, 75 per cent. ad and $1.W common clay pipes, 85 per ceBt. ad valorem; parts ot pe:r cent.. ad valorern all smokers' articles, 75 pPr cent. ad valorem; enutr'boxes and cbewfni.toba.cco pouches, S:i per cent. a.d valorem. 1 Dutle& Tobaeeo. j In Austria, France, Italy and tile tobn4.-eo cornmetM le Uzed by Government, undet" ctirectioa of a ReP. In Oe,...... UM on leaf t.obacco and stems is S3 u.rkll per WQ --.)to 10.40 cenu per pound; on strips aDd scrap& 180 marks per gru.nuu88, equal t.o cents per pou.od; 011. ma.uul__. co and ciga.rg 270 marks per 100 ktlogramrnes, equal to 3&01 per pound. On tQbacco prodaeed in Germany, tM t&a .,lfeos after April 1, 1880:-From April l"i).March 31, r8lt aUIIjt per 100 equal to 2.45-een.ts per pow1d; from A;;a 1. 81, &a: Mal'Cb :n, lH&!, 30 per 100 _.. pound: from April 1, 1882. anO tbereaft8'11', 4.5 mad& per Ida..,.......,.., to B.IIO oonte -powul. In tile ,__ is rtK"koned atter percent. 1.01: twe. The d1llty ie ($3.86 gold) 11 tOO ldlogramm,. 1100 Amorilan p o untlo equal to 4IJ6 kilos.) Jn Hol1and the duty is 28 centf, goLd, Jlt:r 100 ltikts---!290 Americaa h being equal W 12i kilos). Ia tite duty on ....r Tobaeeo Ia 6 roubk:!e 10 ko_pekt!l f pud; on imoking Tobacco 00 rou.Wea 40 lUllpelat pud; a.nd on roubles 21-kopekts :t pud. The "'pud '" ie _... 10 .&ouc. 36 Amencan lbs. Jn 'I'Drkey the dwty i:i oo .... U)6 American oun('es. In EngMd the ar., c.r. lJamanW'..etweci:a.e"Dmed or stripped aDd uUMemmed. CC*aUnhi :o ':.tor more of lltOL._ Wre Ia every JOO lbe weib' IMreot. 3s 6C :>"!r 11>; co.aaining 1-U.. :II .. '<>l IDOioture, 8s. 10d On ManuJMoure, and 1'% per cont. oolonma In lieu ot &11 Ezelle duUee-ea:QIJPC Uce.e f--no:J:i known .... commoa Canadi&a otberwlle ,. tobac bl&nc .tm lorqueiH." beiDJr the llDP...-leaf rolled and' made wlloHr tli:e raw leal,-tllo lri'Owth of .._ oball be ID ,.......,.., ..... lected OD ..-ylpO ...... 01' f111UIIIJ' a pilwld, M ---., __ __ Table of 1Dio-=.......................................... .. ....... Pad (Bu.iaah,:.a....,.A.u..a;, ..-J Aatwt 1 i I i .d j l


lQ Jrred'k deBary & Co. :t!ANUFAC'rURERS OF 6 and Salesroom:-41 08P"VJ.:t:ie:n. Q,;inp; to the numerous humbug patented. s ubstitut es u se d in preparing heap p a oer, we fee l the inrport!ln ce of call i n g publi c attentio n t o our wrap Jltn:s, which me made of the FINEST NA'fURAL RICE PAPER, u n i versally ku(lwn to be the best; free from she11ac, arsenic, and o ther d e leterious drugs, wbieh U h l rc quirq d tO render saliva-proof and t o ughe n infe rior paper. i A c;weful exnminaticn of our Paper and Cigarettes w i ) I sati sfy' all o f the nwrit.s clai11ted each Cig a re tte and see t h a t every one be ars KINNEY BROS. fnc \ simile signature. BUY NO O'l'HER. IUiiNEY TOBACCO CO., lllanufooturers ot the followin g well-known brands:Ct\J!Oral, Cap.oral Sweet Capo:ral mes9 St. Matinee, Entre Not.ts, Sport, Ambassador. Club, Veteran. &c. ; WBAVBB & STBBRY., mroRTiisAifi-IANiificTURERS. I!NISH. LICOBICBlC' J\AND S &ilm LIGUBICH ILL SPECIALTIES FOI PLUI AID FIIIIECUT TOBACCO. OLIVE OIL, TORC.l BEARS. GUMS, FL.l VORS, : Powdered Licorice Boot, .A.$D PATENT POWDERED LJ:COR.J:CE.. 1 \'f S TI'plt LICORICE WIO', IUVE T HI!. F AVORIT!i: BRANDS-.j ...., :.. a., .&li'D vzo%.11W1. f R.i ENGELBACH, '\10 :U:Q:J:..>ESA.X.. E TOB!CO DEPOT & AGEN C Y e l'or F. W. FELGNER & SON' S Tobaeeo and Cigarette 56,S. \!SHINGTON SQUARE, N.Y. v TOBACCO. whlc ll i s be in oace more ma nu ( ac t u re d under tile Immediate su.perv iiiioa. of the origin::. tor, MR. JOHN aDd now stands1 as formerlY} without a. rival. Orders forw-arded through the usual c hannels will meet wtth prompt atten tio n. May Brothers, lmF:IDN ."X...A.N'E, Tile l'node having demanded a Superior. and Cheaper Alticle t han thnt l.bJs.Com ))IIDJ otrerlng lor&Ue, LICORICE (under the old'o rd'' brand) of a QUALIT1' a which hardly fall to be acce):otable to all gi..-lng tt a trial. Mellor & Ritte nlloustf. 218 N'. 22d S't. Ph:1.1ade1pl:l.i.a, lD&NVFACTlJRERS &IP a:n.c:l G-R.EE:B.. "LICOB.ICE PASTE. ., I IIF"41en&Qanlal llledal awarded tor "Partt:r! Vheapnc, and Gcu e r a l Excel : lence of' naaurae,.ure." t Alo .M. & R. Brand S:TICK, LICORICE, all sizes. El!la.UIIhe t e ordrs and llatkrlng r.esUmo D)ala reooi ved dall,y. PRICJES OIP "LA. VUELTA. ABA..I"O." M Pint. 1 Ptnt. 1 G allon (8 plots). a Gallon Lots. 1 0 Gallon Lots. $2.00 $6.00 *<10.00 t36 per Gallon. $3 0 per G .Uon. Term.a: Net.. C., e. '.,JJ. One plntot La Vuelta AbeJo will ma.l Root. lleleet' aad -.tatly OD haD AB8UIM8lU, WALLIS l C0.1 99 at 3l Bluth WUDam Btreft W e htg t o call the atteaUou. of Tobacco Manufac-. toTers and Deale to to tblo SUP!i.R!OR AND PURE article. S ol e AR;ents for the State o f NorthCa ro ll u an d VIr gloia: M ...... DAVENPOBT II M QERIS, Rl. OC>X..X..X:NS, Prea1d.ez:o.-t. MANUFACTURERS O F THE CELEBRATED PLAIN FINEaCUT CHEWING TOBACCO in BLUE PAPERS S:N'U"FPS: Rose-Scented Maccaboy, Scotch, Rappee, Amertcan Gentleman. CC S::J:G-:J!V' AL One 011. PoD. .A.lso, First and Second QuniUy 8Dtok1D&"t lD Blue Papen. .g SWEETENED FINE-CUT-Dark and Light Grape. Forest Rose. Club. e-'IYI"-Y A.PPLE nnd PDIZE LEAF IPINE Cl7'1', In Poll, FELDHEIM, JACOBS & CO., Tobacco & Cigar Merchants & Jdannfactnrers, 72. Queen Street, Melbourne, V:l.c"tor "tra1J.a. "Jf."e> a:n.d. 011!fa.re1:1:-. J\l!lo A;:enltc Cor otlaer Leading lUanutacturere of SMO:r withoot Printed .. Chew and. Smoke I ; A. M. lYON & CO.'$ 11.ICHIIII0Nll-a T. H. BU'YEB.. -oF -IC0Tcuocm PIPE's. Navy Tobacco. U BEAVER .STREET, TO:RK. S TOGIES AND CIGARS, LEAP TOBACCO Wheeling, w. va. I WM. S. CARROLL; W. WWTE, GLASGOW, BRAND. Highest Award, Sydney, N. s. W., 1879. .. Fnll Count bl ev....,. Bo:o:, -well Packed. Sold by all Wholesale Dealers. DIEDEB. & BRO., Paducah, Ky. WHEEiTNGturSTOGIES URBACH 'I'D 450 Patterna Made TD POWDERED LIGORICE Quality. PARRY & CROSBIES. GIFFORD, SHERMAN & INNIS, 120 WILLIAM STREET, York. TIPS an_ d FINE CICARS,' Seed. Lea.:f" TOBACCO BROKERS, Wheeling; W, Va, And D eale;rs t n Sumatra Tobacco. 6 NORTH JOHN ST., A.U Order PromPtlr Attende d to. Block & FINE SEED LEAF KAVANA TOBACCOS, ....... .. _.. .o( "-. ''"""---. 4 ,.. -.y/ No. 160 PEARL STREET, NEW YORK. D. BUCHNER & co., ; c. Q:NEX:OA. TOEIA.OOO 0 I OFFICE:-173 and a i76 DUANE STREET, NE. W YORK ., Manufacturers of C HEWIN G and SMOKING TOBACCO. GOLD---COIN EWIN G TOBACCO Manufacturers of all Brands formerly Manufactured by Thos. Hoyt&. Co. WEBEg Oe>n4PX..:I!IT,E, Ute VonderfU OFlf.CIAL U, 8, CENTENNIAL REPORT. oJ iii o11e eombhleneral. _.., Att-: [Seal} J, L. bell, Seo........,.. A msterdam, Holland. Liverpool.. England. METROPOLITAN CIGAR MANUFAGTORY I SIG}!UND J ACOB Y CiUSTAV JACOBY 'U -:1: S. JACOBY & CO., c "'0'" 1'.1: :D2: 200 CHATHAM SQUARE and 5 & 1 DOYER STREET, NEW YORK LYNCHBURC, Ya. S. A. RO:SB,


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