The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (10 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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.. < v 0 L. X'VII. --N 0. 1. !ESTABLISHED 1864.] NEW YORK, SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 5,1881 Tobacco. il ;;:t \CKE \ '\\.8'' \ m OlGA. R BOX., agalnet \ \..J \ of this Brand. t\\\.l\'t\\ All Parties are -------' .. MABTINEZ YBOB. & CO. MA.NUFAO"IuRERS, Cor. Goerck & Third Sts., N"E'VV' "Y'C>Fl.::S.. ............... ............... a ... ...s 10 yola 'ld6 W EISS ELLER & K : A EPPEL .. ......... .. ...... 6-fl 'lOyola Ll& . .. .............. a .... o-8 10 7ola 1.11 _: :. :. . : : :: I ..................... a .... 6 'IO,.U L30 . . . ..-,. ...... Ja ...................... t .... 5 'lOyola 1.80 .. ...................... .. .... 6 '10 y .. 1.60 .. ............ .... .. ... ..... 6 .. '10 ,.ola 1.30 -"w :a.ct ................ 1 .... H 70 yola L31i ........... 1 ... H '10 yola 1.20 ................. a ........ s .. 'lOyola O.sA -Yellow .. ......... 1 ..... 4. 'lOyola 1.30 .. .. .. .. .. ..... 4.-8 .. '10 :rola 1.20 .. ............ .. .... 4.-8 '10 yola 0.80 ... !Ua-......................... 3-8 '10 ,.u 0.'10 .. y .uo ......... .... ... ...... 3-8 '10 :rola 0.86 Lta-" (( 1 .. -8 34. yola L1(j -:-' Pc:il s. Rolled to any and Cut to Size. Printinc on Till Foil in. BroDae and Colora. I Bottle Capo, all abeo, and Colored, O:fiJ.oe: 188 :1.\a:"''"X...EIEJ:E'I.Pt. 'Y' 131T:E'I..EEJT. N'E"'DV Y'O:E'I..:K E'ta 1o1:lhecl. SNUFF.'' &. ::EIR.O., Manutdcturersof the Celebrated Copenhagen Snuff and Cut & Dry Smoking Tobacco. Retail Store & Office: 81 Smithfield &t,' Factory: 6 & 7 Union St. A 112 Liberty St. l?:J:TTSBUR.G-EE, l?.A... I GB!IIBBA.J. SELLING AGENT 1 -W. A, &OBIINIGN1 124 WATER 8'1'REET, NEW 'l'tiiiiK. WHOLESALE DBPOT8,-NBW YOBKt AU11:1Utln cJc DuAel, II Warren' St. HALTIJIIOHE: Baxcer cJc Dl1'41, 12 Coa:ua.eree St. BOSTONz A.. B, 35 Central St. SA.VA..NN.&HI Hendhella Bro. & Co, .PROVIDENCE, B. 1.: Hoo&oon & Gorham, 43 We8'CD' Scree&. lht loba .cro GERMAN TOBACCO NEWS. NEW YORK, SATURDAY. FEBRUARY 5,1881 Lately the newspapers in Southern Germany published a rather sensational story, stating that at Mann-I heim, the great tobacco centre in that part of Germany. several loads of a certain kind of sea gtass had arrived.. THE RETAILERS AND TENEMENT HOUSES. It was rumored that this grass was to be used by Our retail cigar manufacturers all over the coantry tobacco manufa.cturers among tobacco. It was to be must have read with astonishment and regret the bill dyed, it was said, with tobacco juice and cut up like introduced in the House of Representatives by Hon. S tobacco. As the use of substitutes is prohibited, tlie S. Cox, of New York, to abolish tenement cigar facto-Government was called upon to make an investigation. ries. With equal astonisB.ment and regret they must It appears, however, that this g;nss was to be used iD have noticed in our last week's interviews the poor the manufacture of a. certain kind of patented cigarette prospect of any action being taken by. the large tene-paper, which, as was stated in the patent, is made ment house cigar manufacturers to prevent the passage from sea grass. of the bill. Chambers of boards of trade and other Retailers will not regret _the effort to abolish the mercantile organizations the following cities bave large tenement house factories, but they will perceive united in addressing a memorial to the central Governthat the passage of Mr. bill without ment, demanding the abolishment of the would compel all the retail mgar manufacturers m the tobacco .nanufactory in Strassburg, an outgrowth of United r:spectively e_mploy one .or m01:e the French Regie: Bremeu, Cassels, Coblenz, Duisburg. men, and who live m the bUildmgs. m which Elbing, Elberfeld, Cologne, Karlsruhe, Mannheim, fact:ories and stores are located, to d1scontmue t.heu Minden Munich, Reg(msburg, Treves, Leipzic, Lim bus mess. Perhaps not less two retailers burg, Brunswic, Bielefeld, Wurzburg, Vlesel, Ulm, Heill m the Clty of New York will be rUined by such an bronn Hanau Nuremberg Stralsund, and several enactment, and a similar misfortune will befall the others'. same class of tmdesmen in other cities. Mr Cox, of A d. t th 1 t t thl f th G course doos not contem late oin bevond the abolish ccor wg 0 e a es mon Y I ssue 0 e ermaa dp g g f b Stat1stw; the past mont the t e P raswgl 0 .. 18 1 'tdw en m etrbpre de Yt. le tliree princ ipal German 'tobacco llJark ets, were as folr evenuc aut tor1t1es, wou warrant e 1sco n mu1 At ,., rr t k .-a= qual1, .,.. OWS:-.Urezneu: \..ell UC -y, a vel ,..,..... wy, Ouance of every c1gar manufactory where a Journeyman k B 1 d 84 k r mar s; raz1, secc n s mill' s ; J .rg11na. was employed and the res1ded 2!j marks. At H'amburg: San Domingo 1 2 5 marks; To p1event such a calamity the r etailers of the coun B .1 11 k At h pf 1 1879 h h 1 raz1 a n1ar s J.Uann e1m; ae zer try must exert themselves, and thts whet e1 t e arge db' d 132 ks d f ttin. '"" ""rappers an m ers, ; o. or cu g, ......... tenement owners try to preserve the1r rights or not. k If Mr. Cox's bill is to be passed, it must be amended so mar s. 88 to exempt the retailers from its provisions, and to In Holland a new trade-mark law has been m force> secure this' exemption the retailers must at once send smce the 1st of January. and of the a c-ommittee to Washington with full power in the tobacco manufacturers have theu trade-marks re,;IB-matter. tered in Holland. Jf H JI01"'rBB BBOS.. Dealeni ha LEAF 70B.A.CCO, Chioaco-IlL Western CJ.aap will find It to ---cteal


= PUBLISHED EVERY UTURDAY llOBIIINIJ BY -THE TOBACCll LEAF" PUBLISHING COMPANY, MAIDEN LANE, NEW YORK,. CORNER OF PtiBI:"'STRD:r. ls'flRKE ........ .......... ,.. .. Enrro-.. G. GRA.FF .. .......... IIustnss M.uuau. TII:Rlll8 OP PAPER, lll'GLB OOPIES. ... .. ............ """""""""'"11 c-OM YI:AB ...... .,.,,.,,.,,, ..................... 14 00 IIX !dONTHS ...................................... '400 Revised Rates for Advertisements. 14 One Cohnnn 4-Lln-c!!i tHer 'luo Columns 28 1.-lne s On ... C hunn 11.8 L IRCS over 'li' uo COIUIJIH8 Ob Llues O u o Colunu.t 66 Lines < n rer J.'wo ColuJuns One Line a t b o t tOJll ot SPECIAL A:i>VE3.TISEl\iENi'S S a x Months. $U 24 24 45 45 85 Reading JDaUer Advenlomenla on E4Uortal Pace .SO per een,. on the above prlee. Bemlttaace Cur AderUaeea'&e and l!mbecrlptlons ahoul4 alway be made pa)'ablc by P o. 01 der or oy eJleck to" TOBACCO LEAF PUBLISHING <;o. From Nuremberg (Bavaria) a correspondent rewrts that! buyers have been lately in that locality buying up the new crop at the rate of about 82 marks per cwt. In the Schwabach diStrict considerable pur chases were made of a medium grade at 24 marks per cwt. CREDITS AND LOSSES. The losses entailed upon the tobacco merchants of "this city by the fmlure of the Cmcinnati c1gar manu_ :facturing firm referred to m another place, supple mentmg, as they do, other serious losses recently chromcled by us, and mcurred m the same way, Impel us to urge the adoption of some plan by whiCh the frequency and severrliy of these misfortUlles may be dJm1mshed. An indefinite contmuat10n of such wholesale spOliation of the hard-earned cap1tal 'of our Seed leaf and Spamsh tobacco merchants as has been recorded smce the commencement of the autumn can have no other 1ssue than the of the commercral standmg of a consrderablenuml-er 6f them; who rank h1gh m commercial mrcles. There is no USe m mincmg matters For the past four or five months an epidemiC of failures has prevailed, and large drams have thereby been made upon the resources mem bers of the leaf tobacco trade here. It IS t1me a remedy were found and applied. Neither the Astors nor Van derbilts can finanmally survive a perpetual leak m their exchequers By long, all too long, and too free cred1ts, tradesmen dealmg m Seed leaf and Havana tobaccos are all the time at the mercy of not only those who are trymg to do right, but are unfortunate, but also of those whose whole stock in trade cons18ts of "cheek" and the goods they manage to get trusted with. This anomaly tor 1t IS an anomaly, as rt ex1sts to the same extent m no other branch of mercantile trade-can be brought to a short, sharp and sudden end rf the defrauded t'!'n li esmen so will it. They have only to agree together l.d for the desired purpose. Tlie card of Mr Mwhaehs w1ll be found on the fifth page of thiS papel', and the followmg testrmo m::tl maybe found of to those who wrsh to g1ve "Hydro1te a tnal OFFICE OF M. FALX, Tobaccomst, 110 Chambers St., NEW YoRK, February, 1881. M. Esq, 202 Fulton St. eet, DEAR SIR -Please forward by Adams Express to Messrs. H. Wilkens & Oo, 181 West Pratt Street, Bal t1more, five gallons more of the mmstenmg fimd we had before. It IS excellent, and all you claim for 1t. Very truly yours, M. FALK. LOCAL .JOTTINGS. -Messrs. C. H Spttzner & Son sold several lots 1879 Ohio -Mr. A. Cohn sold several hundred cases 1879 Penn sylvama. -Mr. Lyman Abbott, of Boston, has been visiting the metropol18 th1s week. -Mr Joseph Schroeder, leaf dealer of Baltimore, is in Gotham, buymg tobacco -Mr. D Levy d1sposed of 190 cases of Penhsylvania to manufacturers th1s week. -Messrs L & E Kaufman bought 43 cases 1879 Pennsylvania from Mr. H Koemg. -Mr R T Faucett, tobacco manufacturer of Durham, N. C VISited our Ct$y this week. -Mr Hueff, an operator in Mexwan tobacco at Vera Cruz, Mex1co, has been on our mar1tet. -Messrs. Gustav Salomon & Bros sold 70 odd cases of different kmds of i:ieed leaf th1s week. -Messrs. Lrchtenstem Bros & Co sold 118 cases New York State to Mr Carl Upmann. -Messrs. II Schubart & Co sold 200 cases of Penn sylvama and 100 bales of Havana th1s week -Messrs E Hoffman & Son 200 cases Penn sy l vama and 50 cases of Connectwu t Havana Seed -Messrs '\Ve1l & Co sold 135 bales of very fine Vuelta AbaJO, of 1877 and 1879 gtOwths, this week Mr. S. wollenberg, the Water Street tobacco broker, th1s week disposed of 300 cases Pennsylvama Messrs Schwarz & Weileold 100 cases of very fine W!Sconsm Havana Seed to Messrs. S. Rossm & Sons -Messrs F :!.'hranda & Co sold SO bales of fine Vu elta AbaJO and Remedws to Messrs J L Gassert & Bro. Mr. R L. Tura, the Marden Lane Havana leaf dealer, returned from h1s busmess tour a day or two ago -MessrJ Lwhtenstem Bros sold 75 caRes of 1879 Pennsylvama to up-town Cigar manufacturers, th1s week. -Messrs F. Garma, Bro & Co sold th1s week 150 bales of the1r "Flor de F G." brand of Havar:a of 1880 cr-op -Messrs M Oppenheimer & Bro d1sposed of over 400 cases 1879 Ponnsylvama to two Water Street houses. -Mr. S. Kaufman, who was purchasmg in our mar ket last week, has duly established h1mself at 132 Duane Street. -Mr. H. Stahl, of 87 Secrdan. tot.S.coomst, chattel mortgage givea Business Changes, New Firms and Removals. 0BELSEA., Mass.-Geo M Stacy, cigar manufactur-er burnt out CINCINK NATI 0 &:"Bade, tobacco manufacturers d18soJved F. enneweg rew.ces, H & Son succeed CLEvELAND 0 -Isaac Pu;kthorn, CJ.gar box manufacturer now Pickthom .t. Weber F ciga r manufacturer, removed to 1Q5 St Clair Street; .new DERBY, Conn A Kapper Cigars, sold out GA..BDNER. M e.-F C Bachelder & Co cigar J.Danulacturers boughC Od Wm S Borue HAVAZIIA, Til -Rupert&: Lewis, to'Oacc o dissolved Luro.lJ!l'ER, Pa.-John Hull, and tobacco eold out to C Howard Campbell MERIDEN, Conn C Brennecke ci:gars-1 etc sold out to John H .Ba.rf.f, MOI'iROE. La -J L Steman, c gars ana t obacco, sold out MONTRE.AL., Ca'h -Lesser & W erthe 1m, Cigar manufacturers diuolYed b!e rt_heim retues, E. A Williams admitted, flrm now Mona Lease; -s Kaufman, cigar manufacturer, 182 Duane Street; De'fr ST PA-UL, Minn -Sy l Sylzbach t obacco and cagars, burnt out ST Lours, Mo-W S Wells, manufacturer s a gent forcJgars and tobaCco B Sp1egel admitted, now Wells & S p i ege l :RECEIPTS OF PENNSYLVANIA TOBACCO. Durmg the past month (January) the following firms m th1s c1ty receive d the a m ounts of Pennsyfvama tobacco opposite the1r names Cases, Basch & F1scher . . 196 L. & E Werthmmer.... 179 L Gershel & Bro . 2 Esberg, Bachman & Co... ... . . . 1 Ahner & Debts .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 10 M. Neuburger & Co. .. .. .. .. .. .... 198 A. S Rosenbaum &Co ................ 151 HavemeLers & Vgehus. . . . 2 A Blum ein & Co.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 21 G. Re1smann ..... . . . . . 19 H Koemg .. . .. .. .... ... .... 6 G. W. Gail &Ax .......... ........ 25 N. Lachenbruch & Bro..... .. .. .. .. .. 218 Spear & Held. .. .. .. .. .. .. ... .. .. .. 33 Fox, Dills & Co..... .. .. .. .. .. .. 43 A. Russey & Co. . . . . . 5 Sutro & Neumark .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 151 Bunzl & Dormrtzer.......... . 214 Schroeder & Bon .. .. .. .. .. ... .. 907 E & Co .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 106 Bloc &; Lindhe1m..... ...... .. .. .. .... 30 Joseph Mayer's Sons..... 53 Davrdson Bros... .. .. .. .. .. 100 LIChtenstem Bros 100 Chas. F. Tag & Son 20 G Salomon & Bro . . 73 Beuttenmueller & Netter.. 1 E Rosenwald & Bro.... 89 J. Eppinger & Co . . 66 F Schulz ... . .. .... 4 S Rossm & Son .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 63 Wm Eggert & Co.. 85 E Hoffman & Son. 15 A. Plate & Co . . . .. 24 E & G Friend & Co .. ................ 100 Arendt & Frmgant 61 M. Bondy...... .... ... .. ... 38 A. Cohn... .. .. 8 McCoy & Co. 101 G. Bence .. .. .. .. 102 C Langenbach & Co. 1 C H Sp1tzner & Son 214 Cohn & Stem 45 Cass & Bro.... 44 J Berlmer . 109 Frischen & R oess 1 S Mwhaelis & Co 1 H. Rennow 20 Order. 112 4,121 RECEIPTS O F NEW ENGLAND TOBACCO, the past month (January) the followmg firms m thts crty rece1ved the amounts of New England to bacco opposite therr names. Cases. SchwaiZ & Well .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 22 L Mueller. . . . . . 53 Wm Eggert & Co.. ... .. ... .. .... 5 D. Levy .............................. 155 Thos H. Hall..................... .. ... 35 A,. Cohn ... : .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..... 57 M Westhe1m & Co .. .. .. .. 53 A. Hussey & Co. .. .. .. .. .. 5 Redlich & Schmtzler..... .. .. .. .. 28 c. s. Ph1hps & Co...................... 9 H. Schubart & Co .... .. .. .. .. .. 1 G. H Denn&rline 59 Davrs & Day .. .. .. .. .. ... 64 F. Schulz .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 77 1!,. H. Lohmeyer........ .. .. .. 16 E. Rosenwald & Bro... 282 S Salomon & Son 18 L Arens Z7 '1'. Bristow 8 H Huck... 1 1 E A Haere 5 S Auerbach 18 I Frohlwgor 3 J P Baker 1 J P Hoeyle 1 J Delmonte. 3 A Blumlem & Co . . 11 Fox, D1lls & Co........... 14 F D Seale&Co .. .... .. 8 G. Bence. .... .. ..... .. 14 1,049 Special Correspondence' from Lancaster, Pa.. PA,_, Feb, 23, 1881, ED TOBACCO LEAF.-Dear Str: WJthmthe past ten days the '79 Ponnsylvama remammg m the c.Qunty has been eageily sought for by New York and other parties, and, w1th exceptwn of about 11uo0 cases, the county has been entirely cleared of o d goods. Al though tbe '80 crop 1s on all s1des to be the poorest this State has produced wtthm the past ten years especmlly predomlllatmg In wh1te-vemed and fle a bttten tobacco, neveo thele ss, m v1ew of. the re maikable a c t1v1ty 111 old g o o d s and therr extreme scarcity m th1s and the N e w York mat ket, a number of patties have begun purchasmg the new crop at what othe1 w1se would be consrde1ed 1emarkably extrava gant figures '\oVhen the present scat cuy of old Penn sylvl\ma and other growths of the '79 crop is taken mto cons1deratwn, and the fact that the new crop on account of rts coarse textu1e cannot be used before next October, the figures paid to g1'0wers at present to S()me extent may be just16ed, although they are ex t

FEB. 5 as are usually kept by persons m the 1 ke busmess or as contam a reasonably suffiCient record of hrs trans act10ns dunng such t ll'ee years or has greatly m creased hrs 1 abrl t es by carrymg on trade at a loss while msolvent or has contracted any debts provable under the bankruptcy petltwn wrthout havmg at the time of co t act ng the same any reasonable or prob able ground of expectatwn of bemg able to pay the same That the bankrupt (whether he be a trader or not) bas brought on hrs b1mkruptcy by rash and hazardou speculatwns or unJustrfiable extravagance m livmg or has put any of h s credrtors to unnecessary expense by frivo1ous or vexat ous defence to any actron to recover any debt or money due from h m or has commrtted any act by stat te made a mrsdemeanor m case of Iilrirkruptcy and has not been prosecuted for the same On motron rt was resolved to hold a spec al meet ng next Thursday to cons der the bankruptcy law ENTERING LEAF TOBACCO TREASURY DEPARTMENT OFFICE INTERNAL REV WASHINGTON Jan 27 1881 B F Patterson Esq Colletor 8th D str ct MempT ts Tennessee SIR -I am m rece pt of your letter of the 21 t mst m wh ch you call my attentron to the fact that Fo m No 77 r ev sed lu1s m addrt on to the columns for gross and net "erght a column a lso headed actual werght You ask to be mformed rf a leaf dealer must re wergh tobacco at the trme of rts recerpt whether t comes to hrm l oose by the wagon load or put up m pro;>per packages w th the we ght marked upon t and Illilke ent y of the actual we ght m hrs book or f he may not be a1 owed to enter the gross and net werghts only when I e recerves tobacco m packages on whrch are marked the gross and net "e1ghts You further mqurre rf he m st aga n re we gh the tobacco when he makes a sale or sh pment and how h s entrres are then to be made also 'II en he shall commence to keep books In reply vou are mfornned -1st WI en a leaf dealer purchases and rece ves loose tobacco by the wagon load he must enter the actual werght of e leaf at the t me of purchase and rece pt 2d Whe 1 leaf dealer buys tobacco wh ch has been put up at a packmg house or warehouse 'leighed and marked v th the gross net and tare werghts and t rs mvo ce d to hrm and pad fo accord ng to the number of pounds net we ght marked upon the pack a,ge he may enter only the gross and net we ghts so marked not be ng reqUired tore wergh srmply for the purpose of nak ng that entry H1 hrs book 3d. When a leaf dealer sells leaf tobacco to another dealer o to a kne>wn to be purchas ng leaf tobacco for export and makes out hrs nvo ce orb 11 of sale g v ng tbe number and kmd of packa!'CS and gross and net we ghts marked thereon he nll make corres pondu g e t es on h s leaf book 4th Wheneve a leaf dealer makes a sale of leaf tobacco to a manufacturer of tobacco snuff or c gars knowmg that thE) on t l e packages do not accur ately a d correctly represent the net li'etght of the tobacco con tamed therem he must re we gh before del veij and n add ton to the entr) m hrs book of the g ossa d ret ve ght as marked upon the packages he must also enter the actual werght of the leaf to bacco contruned therem at the t me of sale and de livery 5th The books of a leaf dealer must m all sales made to manufacturers show the actual we ght when the actual we ght drffers from the net werghts marked on the packages for the reason that all the books and f(ums used by manufacturers call for actual werght and they are requ red to revort that m render ther r accounts to collectors and through them to this office It has not been the practrce of th s office to requrre leaf dealers to furmsh themselves wrth new books to correspond wrth Form No 77 revtsed untrlrt rs ruther necessary or conv&ment for them to do so The Government books Form 77 furn shed to leaf dealers on the first day of January last should be kept 1n acordance w1th the nstructrons herem contamed Respectfully GREEN B RAUl! Co=rssroner F OREIGN TRADE MARKS FAIR Evers ncA the Supreme Court of the Un ted States declared tl e Trade rna k law unconst tutronal the effect of the dec swn has been much mrsunderstood m forergn countr es The belief seems to have gamed no little currency that the ent re fabrrc of I?roperty m trade marks has been swept away m th s country beyond the poss1h I ty o.f restorat on The latest phase of the matter rs the report that certam fore gn manufactu ers w ll declme to send therr products to the Farr of 1883 unlr rather survrval of the happy culftoms of former lays whrch w r ll alwa) s gtv to Eng! sh life the fo e w.ost place m the socral h story of the world The ele nents of th s well preserved rehc of Chnstmas JOYS m >alace and hall a e but shght y altered One cannot magme an old E gl sh baron w th a more rmpos ng or ncturesque or fwthful of retainers than the 500 work people gathered together at the mv1tation f the1r employers at St. Georges Hall on New Years '9 each bearutg m h s or her person the evidences of r'JDfort and contentment, and for the occasron of un ergned pleasure The only difference bewg they wed n o feudal al gtaoce to t he1r entertamer They ere there to enjoy a treat u hlS well-cared for asanst ants and the condrt ons wh ch bound them to therr lord were none the less powerful because they "ere frte and unconstramed and consrsted only of mutual mterests carefully and wisely adJusted and fartafully observed on both s des The feudal lord reappeared rr the form of a beneficent captam of mdust y whose gen al sway for h m the loyal adhesron of a body o! reta ners far more numerous than pard court to the ter to al baron of the olden t me and cer tamly more ha:r.o ly c rcumstanced n every way Then as to the b ll of fare a more damty drsh of entertamment was never set before a kmg The e were the del ghts of the dance the JOYS of musrc-lofty and msp r ng enough to have cha me:i Orpheus hrm self there was the spark) ng humor f the s age and finally there was the Masque Itself quamt prcturesque and dazzl ng a spectacle so rrch and 1 a e happ ly conce ved and effectually performed that t made a Ne v Years eve w th Copes a n event to be remem bered for a 1 fet me Fo months past the 1 500 employe es from the mana ger down to the youngest apprent ce have been a 1 agog v th the prepa at ons for the Ne v Years fest vr t es The b g factory has been vocal w th so g and dance and com c rehea sal A strange d oppmg n say half an hour before lcav ng off t n e the spa c ous rooms were Hum nated and the endless p ctu resquenes of the ter or vas m 1t s full and dazz ng array "auld hardlv have b e l eved hm senses whether he vas n a great palace of ndustry or m some regwn of enchantment the dAmzens wheieof oc up ed them selves "th a perpetual round of enterta nment He would have found m one room probably a comm ttee at work plannmg the details of the festrval m another a troupe of dramat c amateurs rehearsmg a scream ng farce m another a chorus of several hundred fine vo ces practrcmg hymns and songs w th a musrcal talent and tra n ng that would do credrt to any pubhr. performance m some quret corner of the bu ldmg skilled artiSts des gnmg and constructmg the brill ant masque costumes and n short the whole establiSh ment from top to bottom li'auld have been seen m a state of organ zed enJoyment antw patory of the great event of the year What would have surpnsed the as tomshed v s tor most of all v ould have been the fact that notwrthstand ng th s apparently complete absorp tron n mutual amusemen on the part of the workers dur ng the months of preparatron the bus ness wheel of the vast concern 'lent round vrth rts accustomed regularrty sweete perhaps m rts mot on wrth not s o much tensron but wrth not a turn less In fact the amusement of the workers served as ml for the machme a d the I em mscences of the m as consumma ted n the New Year s fete ;v 11 have the same effect for many months to come There IS no tea o disc pi ne breakmg down or work bemg neglected There rs too much establ shed cha acter at Copes for that Olivrously enough there was no 1 ecess ty to deco rate the spend d hall t would have been pamt ng the Jy to do so and Mess s Cope t)l.e efore sternly fo bade the slightest attempt at anythmg of the k nd The true complement to the arch tectural glor ea of the bu ld ng vas turn shed when rt becamE) filled w th a host of eager guests m prcturesque att e when the eager throng::noved about m the g aceful evolut ons of the mazy dance 'I hen the grand organ swelled forth rts entra cr g notes bmd ng as wrth a spell the mul t tude of eager 1 stene s and finally vhen as the last moments of the year ve e departmg a go geous pa geant moved through the hall fill ng wrth wonder and ad n atwn theenchanted ape tatots The round of amusements preced ng the Masque opened wrth a sue cessron of dances at the close of wb ch prelimmary sk rm sh of recreatron the guests were prepared for a musrcal divers on n the shape of a pmno and harme mum duet by M ss Rosa Cope (daughter of the sen or member of the firm) and Mr J J M.onk whose profes sronal servrces were retained for the occas on Then there was some more salta tonal exerc se and at the same t me a portron of the guests ere bemg enter tamed by a srde spl ttmg performance of Bardell v s Prckwrck wherem the dramat c amateurs from the factory competently performed therr allotted parts Agam as the moments sw ftiy fie the chorus of m strumental mus c once more held sway and Mrss Cope del ghted the v1srtors wrth her sk II on the prano The pleasures of the evemng were now m full sw ng and for upwa ds of an hour the great ball was grven over to the younger members of the guests to whom dancmg was the staple amusement of the occas on Srmulta neously the elders and the less eager guests we e hemg vanously catered for m other parts of the build ng the capacrous law courts and the exqu s tely appomted concert room be ng occup ed sev.erally w th llght the atr calrepresentat ons rehea sals 9f mus c and other devrces calculated to v hile 11. "\'l':ay the too fleetmg t me and render the farewell vrth the Old Year happy and Joyful Strll wrth all the exc tmg vhtrl of the dance the company had not forgotten the enchantment of the p ano as touched by the fa ry fingers of the lady ama teur and l'>11Ss Cope was constramed to grve another solo But the sands of the Old Year were now nearly run and so twas nme to p epare for b ddmg a t mrd fitt ng fare veil and according an equally fittmg we! come to hm successor The enormous throng of v I! t ors for accommodat on of whom the area and gallery were all too 1 m ted exc tedly sought the best posttrons from whrch to vrew the Masque-the yo nge men bers of the vork people fancrfu ly and tastefu ly decke d tor the occasron arranged themselves mto prcture"q te groups and tableaux I he spec a l guest" took the rap po nted paces avenues ve e formed and all were m breathless expectat on for the spectacle witch vas to follow The 1ep esentatron vhen t came to be real rzed vas all that the mos t exaggetated ant c patrons fo med of rt and the congratulatrons to the hosts of the evemng we e un versa! WESTERN TOBACCO CROP REPORTS (Spec a! to THE TOBACCo LEAF ) KENTUCKY Green Rtver Dtstrwt Dvcusburg Jan 29 -Smce our last report there has beeu more a<1t1v1ty m our tobacco matket and buyers are busy look ng at and buy ng the crop Pr ces be ng more sat stactory to planters we hear of several crops bemg sold at very full p1rces 2 to 3 for lugs 4% to 6 for leaf A few crops at 4% to 5 round mostly bought by stammers Leaf dealers beem slow to fol low up these pnces and we th nk expenence should teach them a lesson not soon to be forgotten We ha'e had a 'leek of very reasonable weather to handle tobacco and dehvenes wrll begm m a short Paducah Setwn Fulton Jan 28 -The weather s moderat ng and to bacco rs bemg moved a httle vrthout much an ma lron except a fe" mexpilr1enced cour try buyer'EI who have not yet cut the r eye teeth and like many have done m the last few yea s when operatmg "rth mo ey furmshed by comm ss on houses and wl o do not feel tberr respons b hty as they st out a I he e rs sor e n te est mamfested here m favor of ra s ng a c op of Burley as the te v that tr ed t last season nnd rt viii grow very wdl he e and rs much mo1e profitable than heavy leaf at present prr ces R A B TENNESSEE Upper Cumberlaruj Hartsvrlle Jan 25 -It has been some weeks s nee I wrote to yvu I have had noth ng to repo t but cold weather To day low ever the weather rs mce and I hope rt wrll contmue for a. whrl e Noth ng do ng m tobacco yet owmg m pa t to the bad weather I hope there wrll be a move soon F G L Sprmgfield Jan 26 -The weather cont nues cold About half of thto tobacco crop has been stupped but not much sold yet Buyers a e look ng around when the weather" rll admrt and seem to he wrll ng to pay about the same as t)ley pad last yettr but the crop bemg short the planters th nk they should have more C C B INDIANA Ftne Grade Rockport Jan 28 Pnces are firmer than when we last wrote you T e crop rs not so large as last year a d the general average of crops rs the poorest we have ever handled lackmg m color R S N MISSOURI St Lams Ja.n 29 The weekly report of the Peper Tolmcco Warehouse Co says -The entrre trade seem h1ghly pleased w1th the great 1mprovement m qual1ty oflastllfl880n sWh1te Bur Jey. producechnourState and of our large manufacturers, after s u bJtlet m g lt w THE TOBACCO all the tests necessary to determme rts peeuhar vrr tues have pronounced rt a success We are pleased to see that planters n our State are gomg to make an effort to grow whrte tobacco almost ent rely as they now see the folly of raJSmg darks when they can produce more pounds per acre of Bur ley and sell read ly at two or three trmes as much as the dark wrll brmg and rf there rs foundation for the reports com ng m that the wheat crop has been frozen out 1t will have the tendency to largely mcrease the acreage over former expectat ons S EED LEAF C ROP REPORTS. (Spec at to THE TOBAOCO LEAF ) NEW YORK Bald rv nsvrlle (Onondaga County) Gazette Jan 27Our market for old durmg th9 past ten s has been comfortably actrve Son e 300 cases are repo ted to have beeu s old by or g o ve s of the 1879 c op at p ces ang ng at f om 5 to Sc fo runn ng lots The sh pp ng g ades are be ng p eked up It would naturally occur to any one that the old stock ought to b e exhausted by th1s trme but t seems other vrse The count y s so large that frequently new lots crf the goods to choose from The sales amounted to over 500 cases all of wh ch were sold on prrvate terms Of these Jacob M Stauffer & Son of sold 120 cases to L Bamberl!;er & Co of Ph ladelJ?h a and Pe1 fer & Kend g of Salunga sold 163 cases to the same firm Of the other sales we have beer unable to learn anythmg but that they we e made Of thrs c op 1t s estrmated that there rs not more than 1 500 cases eft m the county OHIO M am shurg Bullettn Jan 29 -Planters are busy stnpp ng but a great portron of the crop remruns hang ng The veather rs too sever<;! fo extended transac trons Pr ces represent noth ng hut specral wants 'Of the trade and we are unable to quote wrth certa nty WISCONSIN M lton Junctron Jan 26 We are havmg cold dry weather whrch 1s very unfavorable for tobacco grow ers of th s State Now and then some of the most cour ageous wrll bundle up and venture out and buy a few crops One buyer m town to day from Canada who I learn has bought and pard all round for Spamsh and s look ng after old tobacco The growers are on the anx ous seat praymg for ram and m ld weather If t does rtot come soon str pp ng w 11 run along mto sprmg s work as they are bound to take pams m the r strrppmg We have what rs called t'he Wrscons n Tobacco Grow ers Assocratron Its abJect 18 for mutualrmprovement m the cult vatwn and handlmg and sale of the weed One feature rs to get a umform leaf by obtaimng the best Havana seed drrect from rts natrve country and plant ngrt the first year plant the u:nported the second year from seed grown from the Imported and so on untrlrt has been grown three years Then we have the desrred ar trcle An ether abJeCt lS to make the 17 000 tobacco manufactu ers u the Un ted States acqua nted wrth our !!;Oads so that they 'llll not be rmposed on and buy Wrscons ll for Connecticut or Pennsylvan a tobacco which g often done and to establ sh our to bacco m the markets of the world so that rt wrll not be marked f t VV th hopes that my next w ll brmg the news o a thaw and ram I lay my pen by for a week G H Stoughton Courter Jan 29 -The protracted cold weather st ll contmues rendermg rt rmposs ble to strip or m any 'lay handle the tobacco Our local buyers are purchasmg an occasronal crop of the 79 goods at pr ces rang ng f om 5 to Sc So far very few crops of the 80 broad or Seed leaf tobacco have been purchased but about one thrrd of the SO Spamsh has been bought at figures rang ng from 6 to 12 the preva hog prr e be ng 9 The farmers and dealers are a wart ng wrth rmpat ence and great aDxrety for a soft spell the farme s be ng espec ally anx ous to fimsh str pp ng be fore the comme cement of the sprmg s work Some of the farmers stnpped a part of the weed before rt vas n proper cond1tron and now when too late repent of tl e r folly El Principe de GaiOs CIGAR FACTORY -OFK ey -::w-est. The Crgars of thiS Factory t nder the well known Brands of E l Principe de Gale s -ANDde C a.y o Hueso Manufactured of n e w "nd b e s t Vuelta AbaJO Havana tobacco and unexcelled In quality a n d m akf'l by any of tbc Havana Factor es are now rece ved n regular FRED' K DEBARY & CO 41 & 4 3 Warren St New Y ork, SOLE t\CENTS. TOBACCO MARKET. NEW YORK. FEBRUARY 4 Jobbers. Export. hhds hhd.s 1881304; 11 427 1880-too 4 8711 We cont nue 'l..uotat ons for the present but the mceaaant. long cant nued !Jammermg of the a.ssa lauts somewha( 1rilalt ened the ga son and we may have to ah"r them next mbnU! when the dead and wounded are counted .MONTHLY STATEMII:NT OF THE STOCK AT II!BPEOTfONS Stock on hand Jan 1 1881 48 7481>-hds Rece ved s nee 2 608llllids 51 356 b1iiU s-o26 bhca 48 ss1 bhca bhd.i: sons 22 37 56 172 528 157 101 The En g sh rna kets are natu a ly depressed by th e r large stocks Last yea s unsatJSfacto -y mpo t p om ses a decl ne n va ue w h e good o d rather app ec ntes Bu the look aheud s g loomy enough unless stemmers consent to do a rertf moderate bus ness th s year Bremen contmues hopeful of an 1mproved demand from the mter or thrs year A purchase of some 1 200 hhds m Antwerp for the French Reg e rmparts more firnmess to that market Contmued cold weather still retards busmess at the Western breaks where pnces contmue very firm For the same reason very httle has yet been done m the country At last plantere m every sectron seem to have got Bmley on the brrun, and v th favormg seasons we expect an enormous growth of thrs varrety We hope they will canvas the1r plant beds and save us the annual groans about I the depredatrons of the fly We w1sh they would m future t e then crops'W th str ps mstead of leaf as generallv done m Vrrgmra The butt of the tre leaf often moulds m the sample and factors are tempted to pull them out but they have resolved hereafter m no ways to alter a sample as rt comes from the InspectiOn and therefore recommend thrs change of tre to the planter We must agam ask our shrppers to e:x:erc se patrence wrth us We hope m a few days to mfor m them of the number of hhds they have m our sales this month, but It w 11 be weeks before the pnce can be accurately dete m ned and accounts rendered We hope these Reg e transactrons here wrll not mfluence then m the sl ghtest n the purchase of the new crop vVe need more of them to offset the prevrous stagnat on and to reduce our still burdensome stock and unt 1 stocks e very vhere are reduced to an average we see no good ground for expectmg anv rmp1ovement m p ces We repeat what we sad last month that for dark crop& on the Ohro and lover G een R vers 4c w the Western D strrct and 5c m the Clarksvrlle are liB muQ h as the s tuatwn Justrfi es at present Remember all rs m the buymg A thmg well bought rs sold as poor R chard says We do not pretend to advrse our Burley frrendA It appears probable puces ll com nue h gh another year or at least till the portentous shado v of the conllllg crop falls upon the markets FROM JAN 1 600 hhds. 106 hhds. 684 hhds. 265 hhds. 419 hhds. 242 hhds. 81 hhd&. 2 396 bhds. From the c rcular of :Mr R Hagedorn we collate the follow ng synops s of exports from New York and New Orleans from Jan 1 to date-Tot a l Consumpt o n and on ships not cleared 1880 1881 hhds hhd& o67 (100 861 10:> 1 831 58& 446 37& 462 361 o22 liS 1 3 391 324 6 429 1 123 2 413 217 D sappeared from N Y and New Orleans 7 555 4 620 D J GARTH SoN & C c.-Bus ness durmg January was dull and un nterestmg until near the close of the month when Messrs M Abenherm & Co t4e repre sentatrves of the Italian and French Regles made a smgle purchase of 9,253 hhda from Messl'l! Qawyer Wallace & Co The sales were made at pnces whrch are very satmfactory to the sellers and was brought. aboqt only hy the se of D:lUCh patrence and &otch. jim ness otherwrse known as stubbornness Wrth th& except on of th s wh ch 1s the Jargest tobacco actron ever made and a sale of 850 hhds for Spa n our rna ket has not shown much life Manufacturers and Jobbers have both dealt spar ngly Thete rs a good demand for new Western wrappers and where th& texture and colors are su table good pr ces are obtam able We hope shrppe s vlll g ve th s tern proper attent on At a meet ng of the tobacco trade held last month 1t was tliought desrrable that pr Zfi!rs of tobacco should t e the bundles wrth str ps mstead of leaf as heretofore and we commend th s suggest on to both dealers m loose tobacco and to planters who prrze the r o 'In crops Warehouse stocks show only a small decrease but li'lll be mater ally reduced th s month by reason of free sh pments for Reg e account In Western markets new Burley tobacco cont nues hi!1jh and actrvc while other g owths remam unchanged 1 n value though rece pts of all k nds have been curtailed. owmg to the unusual severrty of the wmter J H 1-fooKE & Co -The past month opened wrth a. dull market whrch contmued untrl the 27th ult when rt was rei eved of the monotony by the unprecedented salem one lot of 9 253 hhds to the buyer for the French and Itahan Reg e and 850 hhds by the same house to the Spamsh Regre buyer Whrle the first tsansactron m rtself rs a ver y large one yet t must be remembered that the Reg e busmess &nee last September has been almost at a standst 11 and that the purchases of thrs month m a mannet on l y make up for the qu etness that. has prevarled We trust that break buyers and loose dealers as well w II not get exc ted over thrs and en large then op n ons as to the qualrty of the new crop and try to enhance ts value by yay ng more for 1t. than they otherwise wou d Wart qmetly and each one will get then share and at pr ces tbat will leave a marg n for profit A wo d now to our plante frrends and loose dealers Cons derable compla nt has been made from trme to trme about tobacco bemg carelessly packed that rs long and short leaf then agam leaf and lugs pr zed m the same hogshead We repeat agam that your tobacco w11l sell mo e readrly and real rze mo e money 1f carefully assorted and each grade puzed by rtself We would also recommend that each hand be tred wrth a str p !eat as the stem m the hea5 of the summer moulds the tobacco Use onlv five or srx leaves to the hand In ty ng brmg the leaf down over the stems so as to cover them well It wrll grve tlle tobacco a much neater and smoother appearance Unfavorable seasons for bandbng the crop has kept the offermg at the breaks qu te small The llttle that has been sold however seems to 1 ave brought full pncea both for heavy and the 1 ght Burley sorts Qurte a few reported &ed Lea.f The demanu for Seed leaf has been fa1rly actrve and sales of 2 218 casoo are reported Annexed arA the detarl s J 8 GANS ooN&Co tobacco brokers 84and86 WaJJ Street report as follows -We have a most satlSfac tory trade to report Jobbers and manufacturers bemg free b ryers, and useful w1 appers of all kmds are m demand total sales 2 21tl cases ef which I


\ etJ,218cs. ana-Tobacco-Guerra Bro 37 bales H Schubart & Co 100 do, We1ss, Eller & Kaeppel224 do, We1l & Co 470 do, G Fal k & Bro 816 do J A Vega 38 do, M & E 408 do, A Gonzalez 97 do 'Menendez & Co 10 do. V Martmez Ybor & Co 82 do, Strobn & Re11zenstem 60 do, Lozano, Pendas & Co .33 do, Jas E Ward & Co 77 do, Odto & zo 90 do, A l m1rall d; Co 91 do Cigars-Purdy & Nicholas 21 cs, M & E &lo mon 20 do, E P ascual2 do: G W Faher5 do, Esberg. Bachman & Co 1 do, Chas T B a u e r & Co2 do. S Sons 4 do, llOward Ives 19 do, Fisher & Keller 1 do, Dowmng, Sheldon & C o 6 lo, Park & Tilford 21 do Acker, Merrall & ConJtt 24 do, Wtl1s, Fargo & Co 1 do, W A AvLB& Cp3po, Brown Bros d; Co 4 do Jas E Ward, & Co 84 do, MerebantsDl8patc)l Co 28 do, Order 1 From the port -of New York to foreign ports for the week were as follows A.ntwer o-273 bhds. A.rg entrw Repu ? lz;}-70 hhds, 49 pkgs (5,204 lbs) mid bhrls, 210 cases, 851 bales Britilh Wut Indzes-5 hhds 14 cases, 34 bales 83 pkgs (7.968 lbs) mfd BrMtol-43 hbds ,Oawda-51 ba l es Ou/Ja-70 pkgs (14,405 lbs) mid Jilrerwh WC8t l ndzes-2 hhds 6enoa-17t5 bbd s Glat!gow-12 hhds, 2 1 cases, 2 bales, 11 pkgs (2,668lbs)mfd Hambu1g-2 c11ses BOllY/ e-8 hhds H ayt>--2 hbds n._.u.,....4o hh ds Li!bon-30 pkgs (3,'757) lbs mfd li.oerpool-1 00 hhds. London-65 hbds, 87 cases, 247 pkgs (81,809 lbs) mfd. l'Jlar8tJilles-S hhds. -NI'ftD Zealand-1 case < ]>lombia--56 l>cles, 150 pkgs (13 703 lbs) mfd. Voma!Ula-1 hhd, 8 pkgs (1,408 lbs) mfd. Ul'O,:rs li'ROK THE PORT OJ' NEW YORK TO J'OREIGN PORTS I'BOll J.Alii'V.A.Rll:" 1, 1881, TO J'EB, 4, 1881. Hhds. Cases. Bales Lbs mid liO 10 450 llli 48 27 20 868 988 1,544 72 375 6 1 21 116 2 50 53 62 1 178 277 413 188 58 1 1 214 27 90 21 361 47i 141 12 100.758 100 55' 248 lj9 344 ---:1,064 1,718 2 ,875 582,005 DOHES':UC:: RECEIPTS. The dome sLIC receipts at the port of New Y ork for the w eek were as follow s 1 ,085 bbd s 398 trcs, 30M trcs, 123 trcs, 459 cs smkg, 10 bxs do, 689 cs l eaf 5 bales do 2 pkgs do 5011 cs mfd, 68% bxs do 106 t bxs do 36 76 bxs d o .273 !4 bxs do, 50 bxs do, 6 t-i6th I.Jxs do, 2 8 0 cads do, 45 t cad s do, 235 !4 cads do, 261 cs .c1 gars 1 hx do, 1 bdle do, 9 cs cgsreltes, 9 bx samples, 1 cs p1 pe s,' 5 trcs snuff 46 b01s do 24 t hbl s do, 170 bxs do, 3 Jars do, 1 k eg do cons1gned as follows -By t11e 1/auroad-R lioore & Co2 hhds H Se1bert 97 do, Sawyer Wallace & Co 23 do, Polla rd Pettus & Co U1 do, P Wng h t & Sons HI do D J Garth, Son & Co 6 do, ]Blakem ore, Muyo & Co 8 do; :&I Pappenbe1mer 23 do, H A 'tfuau & Sons 7 do, Reynes Bros & Co 22 do, Order 76 hhds By the Hudson RlfJe'l' .Rauroad-Havemeyers & V1gehus 25 01, Order 87 hhds By tJu KatiLJ'IUli. Lme -P Lorillard & Cll 179 hhds, Order 11 do, 28 pkgs By the P enmyloanza. RailroadBasch & Fischer 130 cs. L & E Wertheimer 40 do. L Gersbtl & Bro 2 do; Esberg, Bachman &Co 1do, Abner & Debls10 do, M Neubmgerd: Co47do, AS :Rosenbaum & Co 20 do, Havemeyers & V1gehus 1 do, A 13luml em & Cu 10 do; G Re1smann :.l do, H K oen ig & Co 6 do, G W Ga1l & Ax 25 do, N Lach e nbruch & Bro 22 do, Spea r & Held 83 d o F ox, Dills & Co 41 d o G W Helme 22 cs ll\fd 5 trd snuff, 46 bbls do, 24 1 bbls do, 170 bxs do, 8 jars do 1 keg do By th e NN Ymk and NN Hatlm l3tJtmboat lAM Fox, D1lls & Co 14 cs Davia & Day 19 do, F D Seale & Co 3 do G Benc e 14 do D Levy 22 do, M Weslhe1m & Co 22 do, T H Hall33 do, S Salomon & Son 3 do By t/1.6 l.elr Yo1k and Bartjurd SUamboat 1!' flchul z 3 0 cs, A Blumletn & Co 11 do L evy B ros 29 do :SchwQrZ & Wetl9 rio E Rosenwald & Bro 6 do, Redlich & Schmtzler 22 do, C S Philips & Co 3 do, A Cohn 24 .-to. By th6 Uld Dom11wm 81Mmilh1p Lim -Kmney T o bacco Co 15 bbds, EII>'I Mueller & Co2 do. ,fohn D evenny 2 do, R :M All en & Co 4 hbds 2 trcs, P Lor1llard & Co2 h hds, 81 trcs, 2 bxs samples, FE Owen 20 do, 9 do, 1 do, Watjen, Toe! & ()o 85 hhds, 1 bx amples Thompoon, Moor e & Co 1 hhd, 192 .cs mfd 20 b:o" do, 6 %'-bxs do, a do, 10 %-bxs do, 64 cads do, R A J \!Llls 3 trcs Phil Hart 5 do, 1 bx sampl e A D Chockley & Co H d o, I do, W 0 Sm1th & Co 12 ttcs, 80 3ti trcs 2 o y. t r cs 16> cs mfd 11 do smkg. J D Ketlly Jr 15 trcs, 5 0 cssn kg, 15 lomfd, 67% bxs do,R W Cameron & Co98 t rcs, ME cDowd l & Co 20 cs s mk g, 2 do mfd, 25 M bxs an, 25 }II bxs do u cs Jas M Gardiner 3 cs sm kg, 25 do mfd, 5 2 iln E DuDms 34 cs mid 25 !4 bxs do, 24 cads do H W 1rt Math ews 1 cs mfd, 18 }4 bxs do, 12 cad do, 10 l!(. C!lds do 1 cs c t ga r s August m & Dusel 4 cs smkg, 2 oo cg"r A Hen32 cs smkg, 2 do mfd, John Nllrtoa & Soosl2 cs mid 1 1 bxs do, W1se & Bendhe1m 18 cs s mkg 8 cads mfd. Dolmn, Cart oil & Co Hi cs smkg, 8 t-bxs mfd, Abn e r & D eh l s 1 cs lef H K & F B Thurber & Co 200 cs smkg, J e ffr eys & C o 2 r o Ball Blair & Co 1 do; H Mandltl:mum 20 do, oC lU bxs do Blakemore, Mayo & Co a cs mfd. Jos D Evans & Co 1 do, G W Hillman 6 cads mfd, 6 76 bxs do, 6 1 16th hx' ''" L Mtller 24 cada mfd, 20 !a bxs do, Bny State Shoe & Lea I er C o 8 cads do; Auslln, Nichols & Co 28 .J4 bxs do A .l:i Le f t wwb I bx aamples; E Cohn & f\temhart 1 cs Order 29il hbda, 308 trcs, 80 cs smkg 27 do mfd, 1% bx .. si ib.U ao, 24 do, lto do, % bxs do, 66 cads do, 45 reads do, 22.5 cads do, bx samples, 1 cs Cigarettes GlasttDIM from Kq Wut-(For last three weeks)-F de B ar y & Co 25 cs E H Gato 27 do I & Co 13 do, J F B o rrnto 1 do J D Fish & Co 1 do, R D Standmger 1 do, L A s h & Co 28 d o Remtz & L eon 19 do N B Mannm11 12 do, J B Creagh 11 do Geo Alces 7 d o L Gordillo I do C F Lmdsey 1 do, L P & J l''r ao k 23 do, P Polnskt 7 do Park & E aton I do, P owe ll & Coleman 2 do, C H Oveiion 1 do DaVIS Bro s 2 do, E C Sm1th 1 do J B V ala3CO 1 d6, M Barra nco & Bros 2 do. F H L e g get t & Co 1 do, P Neumann 1 do, M cFall & Law son 12 do. 2 bal es scr ap s A Del Pmo 17 cs Cig br s, 1 bdle do, 1 box do, Perea Bros 7 cs Cii'&rs, 1 cs leaf H R Kelly & Co 17 cs c t gars, 3 bal es scraps; H K & F B Thurber & Co 3 csCigars, 1 pkg samples, Brenner & Pmkney 1 cs CI!Iars, 5 do plug, J J\1 Portundo 1 pkg scraps. QUOTATIONS of WHOLESALE PRICES. PARTICULAR NOTICE. Enr:r re-aale 1B to be at an advance on drst cost, the prfcea obtainable by groW'en o f tobacco, therefore, will alwayJ be 10111.ewhat ower tk&n tbeae quotations. WESTERN LBAJI'. cts .. 6 @ 7 9 12 @15 Run LUJ'Lugs Commsn Medium Good ....... Fine Selections VIBGINIA J.BAF. 4 @ 4"@ 6 c 7 Fine mahogany Commo n bright Good l!right F1oe briBt ... cto 5 c 6 7" 8 010 10 @12 11 018 18 015 7 ""9 Extra bnght 55 046 @811 @45 @70 IDIOK.EM BRIGHT. Common 8 9 @14 @12 Good 12 Fine I7 SBBD J.BAJI'. N"" l!lt-Crop 1819-Ftllers 5 C Wrappen common 13 @,15 NBWYORI[-Crop .a879Wrappera medium 16 Q20 Assorted lot&--Wrappers Jlne 26 Common to medium 8 011 Wrappers oeleclioDI 87" 45 Good l2Jil@16 Secouds 18 Ome>-Crop 1879Havana Seed 18 Assorted lots. .. PDMBYLv.o.u-Crop 1871-Wrappers 15 @.25 Aasorted lots, low 10 012 liiCOJlBI:i-Crop lti79do fair 18 @16 Assorted lots 7 @10 do 11De I! @211 Havana Seed 14 @18 Wrappers IS Wraypers ... 12 @18 SPANISH LB.t.JI'. .8.\T.Al'.A F'IJ.La;a.-Oommoa l!'lne Superior Ya.Jo-1 &Dd n cuts _,rted Qcuts Smu.TJU. WR.PRM 88 11!1 100 no llS OlliS Ill%@ 00 IIIANVF.t.OT1JBBD TOBAOOO. J'JwDo n< Botm-T.u: 16 C...... PD l'otJND, _..,.._ Na'7 .._ l5o, 6o, !'-', 3tJ 11 &Dd Yocket N! 9-IDch llght-.,._.t 28 Gold ll&nJ llO 6 &Dd 111-IDch twllt 10 ct80 OliO OIG.t.BS. Ha .... na, perM tro@l80 I Seed, perM 16@40 Seed and BaTana X 400 90 GB.t.NVJ..t.TBD 8l'IJOK.ING TOB.t.OOO. llledlam to good Sll6@46 I Good to 11De : $46@120 Bl'flJJI'F. (Subject to dlacoanl to> the wholee&le trade. llaoeabo:r 62@-65 I American Gentleman Scotch &Dd Lund)'l'oot 62@-1111 Rappee, Freach --0-72 -72@-'111 8rA11'1811-"G.C" F. G" Walllsk' Pila.r tl o C.yCa.' "Lt, &Co" u St.erry Ex. "La Ro8&' "Huelva." 10Magnet," us. ,LIOOBICB PASTE, Tuuwl-18 "W.S" 28 "T W S" 18 'A V.S.' "G" 115 "Star," 'ifl "K" 28 up G n 2!1 28 2!1 1111 "J.A VV.RLTA. ABA.J"O" CIGAR FLAVOR. 18 18 18 21 18 19 loi Pint 1 Pint 1 Gal (8 pints). 1 5 Gal Lots 10 Gal Lot. $2 00 S8 00 $40 00. $35 per Gal $00 per Gal Eastern Markets. HARTFORD. Conn., Feb. 2.-0ur specwl rorrespon dent reports as follows -There IS no cbaoge m the situatton h er e smce last week Tbe w eat her contmues extremely cold, and the tobacco market inactive. QUOTATIONB-OLD TOBACCO Wrappers fiue............................ 20 to 80 do common .. .. .. .. .. .. 15 to 20 S.en,.ds ....... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 10 to 12 Fillers .. .. .'... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 6 I BOSTON, F e b 3 -Onr speCial correspondent reporls.-Tbe tobacco market h as ruled dull f o r two weeks, outside the d e111and for Immedi a te consumptiOn K entucky-Buyers ln this lme are scarce, and are awa1tin g the arnval of new before makm g purchases Good African s hippers are held firm, "1tb a to greater strength Exports aggtegate 120 hhds for Afnca, 10 t-hhds for South Amenca, and 20 bale s for th e Pwvmces S el Leaf-lnqutry m tbts branch bas been rather light de m a nd hemg for fine grades Havana l:leed and Pennsylvama, although a little cal11 s made for common amo ng t h e anments," "ho are slow to believe re spectmg this su1feung class o f goo ds Havana-An unus u a l demand bas s prun g up for fillers, wb!Ch arc held h1gh for finest, n nd the market IS firmer for mcdmm CigarsThe sa m e acllvtty prevails thai gove rned the mar ket plcVIOus to January, but 1 1 IS owmg to the mferwr qualit y of foreign Clgllr s, consume1s sat1s fymg their tustes and pockets by usmg those of home m an ufactur e Manufactured-Agents report a f air busmess, although the demand for expo r t bas o1f P,HILADELPHIA, Feb 3 -Mr A R Fougeray, To hacco Manufacturers' Agent renorts to THE TOBACco LEAP The past week shows a gradual decided Improv em en t m re ce1ptsand sa l es of manufactmed tobacco, m f ac t, dealers now cla1m all that 1s n eeded IS such w eathe r that orders can be e ceved, filled and shipped, at p1esent this I S Imposstble to comply With dsp atch F>ne Cuts-i\Io vmg grad u ally Smoking 'lObacco-Demand limtted Ciga s C o n s la n tly requned tf btll and pnce can be filled SnujfDemand all t hat can be as k ed Receipts-415 boxes, 7,288 caddws, 916 cases, and 310 p a d s of fine cuts S eed Lea{-Movmg m cely, all grades receive full sba1e, some fits! class packers have so l d $10,000 worth of Penns yl vamn at sp l e nd td figures for the Pacific Coast All gades meet 'Vlth approva l at full1lgures, 1f stock fills the bill Pro, peels s p lendid for the spnng trade very encomagmg for thiS b anch of busmess /Java11a-Sales fully up to the mark Hogltead Leaf'cilow but s ure Rece tpt s for the week -327 ConnectiCut, 419 cases Pennsylvama, 49 cnses State Seed, 71 cases Ohw, 69 bales Havana, and 101 hhds of Vngmta and Western leaf tobacco Soles foot up -279 cases Connecticut 624 cases P ennsyl vama, 23 ca s es Sta t e Seed, 5 1 cases OhiO, 56 bales Havana, and 11 bhds of Vngmta a nd Western l ea f tobacco Exported-To Liverpool, pet steamer lllmms, 40,246 lb s Western and Southern Markets. BALTIJ)IORE, F e b 3 -Messrs Ed WISchmeyer & Co 'l'obacco ComiD!SSIOD Merchants report to THE TllBACCo LEAl!' a s foll o ws -Receipts of leaf tobac co co ntinue nommal and market quiet, as IS usual ,durmg the wmter seaso n with hold e rs firmer m a nti cipatio n of the f u ture wants of shippers Of Ub10 w e n o t e sales of some 200 bhds taken by S hipp ers for Dmsburg on pnvat terms QVOTAT10!'8. d-infenor and frosted..... .. f 2 00@ 8 90 J!Qund common .. .. .. .. 4 00@ G 00 good do 5 00@ 6 00 nnddhng 6 50@ 8 00 good to line r e d 8 50@10 00 f a ncy 10 00@14 00 upper country 4 00@16 00 leaves new 8 00@ 8 00 Ohw-mfenor te good common 8 00@ 4 50 greerush a nd brown 4 50@ 6 00 medmll'l to fine ren, Le a f '1 obacco Brokers and R e -dryers of Cultmg Leaf and Plug FtJlers report to THE ToBACCo LEAP as follows -The hght st ock of sevceable old tobac<'O o n hand at the close o f the year caused manufactur e rs generally to become more liberal buyers than IS cu s t o mary tn January, the e1fect of which, not.. Wilhstaodmg the prevalence of cxt1 em e ly unfav01able weather for handling both old and new tobacco, the movem e nt at the auctwn wareh o uses hl\8 been the l arges t m the hi story of the marke t durmg the first month of the lear The demand has been chtefiy from tLe m a nufacturer s o p lug, and all 111ade s of both old and new suit11ble to their wants for the fir s t th1e e weeks of the month commanded extreme priCes, but smce the n, under more hberal and oJiermgs new has dec lined 1@2c. the market closmg steady at nearer mstde than outside quotations for new, and fully up to outstde quotatwns for the better grade of old The new crop, as thus far marketed, fully vertfies t,be promise oJ unusual usefulness made earhcr m the season, and will doubtless be taken by manufacturers m exceas of thetr this year's wants STATEMENT J'OR MONTH OF JA.NVA.RY, 1881. Hbda Stock on hand Jan 1, 1881 .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .... 3,885 Receipts durmg month ............ .. . .. .. 2 282 Total. ................................... 6,167 Deliveries during month . .. ...................... 2,90V Stock in warehouses Feb 1, 1881 ( actual count) ..... 3,258 do do 1880 .. .. .. .. .. .. 3,611 Actual aalea during the month ..... 2,600 QVOTATIONS. New. OuUtng UIJf-Com bright $mkglugs li 00@ 6 50 Melltum blight smokmg lugs. 6 50 7 50 Good do do 7 50 9 00 Common bright stripping lugs 6 50@ 7 50 Medtum do do do 8 00@ 9 00 Good do do do 10 00@12 00 Fme do do do 14 00@16 00 lledmm bnght leaf ........ 13 00 00 Good do .......... 16 00@17 50 Fme do .18 li0@20 00 XA.MIJI'ACTUBING-PLUG STOCK Common dark and trashy fillers 7 00@ 9 00 Med. tillers, some color and body 10 00@12 00 Goodtillers,redcolor&goodbody 14 00 00 Fmefillers,bnght do do 17 O l@19 00 Old 600@700 700 8 00@10 00 7 00 8 00 9 00@11 00 12 00 00 16 {J( @18 00 15 00@17 00 18 00@20 00 22 00@25 00 10 00@12 00 15 00 00 20 00 00 22 00@24 00 H A. RICHEY, tobacco and mgar broker, reports as fellows :-There IS as yet no life m the trade Orders fur conRumptiOn demands have been notably small the past month, and until the snow and ICe disappear there IS no prospect of improveme n t Some dealers estimate their sales m tobacco 40 per cent below the usual av erage, and accouBt for It largely m the enforced Idle neils th1s wmter of a great many labormg men, m the mtenor especially -Whilst this IS to some extent true, I doubt If It IS the real cause As stated m my review of the 1st ult many of the largest manufa.Qturers are canvassmg the retail trade extensively to mtroduce new brands, and 1f they cannot do any better they leave a box on sale, all of which mterfere with JObbers' de mands to some extent, and wlll eventually w1pe them out of extstt>nce unles s they choose to use their advan tages of buymg goods (mdependent of brands) at close figures an1 actively compete for the trade. No one charges manufacturers who canvass retail trade, direct or for J)bbers, With pnces, on the cont1ary, It IS to the1r mterest to mtroduce and mamtam the htgh est priCes possible to enable them to hold the Jobbers' margm, and at the same time reimburse tne heavy expen!kl they mcur. Why should the JObber allow hiS t1 ade to be mterfered with, mstead of f':Omg to work him self, select that he can buy at close cost of productiOn, and place to the trade a better article at lower priCes than the manufacturers can afford. Many have already woke up to th1s, 8.lld find profit and more plea.s ure to all concerned m the end. Leaf tobacco (White Bmley) con tmues to mamtam Its htgh pnce, but sprmg weather, not far distant, will loosen the new crop, and It I S hoped cause a declme at least suffiCient to allow goods produced a t current priCes without loss. There IS no p10spect of any de clme m priCe of plug tobacco thiS year. Fme cut chewmg lS steady at old prices. Smokmg IS m fatr demand Cigars are dull, and for some gades lower prices can be had on round lots One of the features m this line IS the s uspensiOn of the old and respectable firm of We1l, Kahn & Co, Cigar manufactuoers, of this City 'l'he puce of labor, dlsadvant&ges m supplymg s tock at fii st cost, added to other difficulties to contend with, disables our manufacturers to compete favorably m this !me with Eastern made goods CLARKSVILLE, Tenn., Feb 2 -Messr s 11 H Cla1 k & Bro Tobacco Brokers, repo r t to THE ToBACCO LEAF -Bad co ld "enthcr contmurs to 1estnct receipts a nd bu s m ess Our sales for the week c ndmg to day were 41 bbds The q u a l 1ty was poor, ordc 1 soft, and mrket Without mate11al c h ange QUOTATIONS. Common lugs .. 3Y.@ 4!4 Good lug s 5Y. Common leaf 6 Medmm l eaf 6Y. 8 Good l eaf 8%'@10 Fme l eaf 10Y.@l2 SelectiOns The Clop I S far bebmd m prep tratton a t )d w ill mo v e to mar ket unusually l ate operatwns are very backward 'I:'ll e wmte1 has been so cold and wet, the ground bemg soaked lik e a wet sponge, that no p l ant beds have as yet been burned Our rec e1pts 1u January were 138 hhds, sales 70 hhds. Stock on hand February 1 1881, 649 hhds DANVILLE, Va., Feb 3 -Paul C Venable, Leaf To bacco Broker, reports to THE TOBACCO LEAF as f<;llows We a r e now havmg very cold we11.ther, whtch h as greatly checked the of tobacc o and our sa l es are n o w about half as Jar2:e as last week Pnces contmue unchanged Our r ecei p ts w1ll m crease agam as soo n as the weather changes Sales fo r J anuary, 1881, 1 ,550 157. averuge priCe per cw t, $8 41 Sales f10m Oct 1, 1880, to F e b 1 1881, 6,537,347, av e rage puce per cwt, $7 99 QUOTATIONS Ftllers-Common dark lu gs Common dark leaf . Good do ... Common bnght leaf ... G ood do .. Smok e r s-Commo n MediUm Good Fme and extra .... Wrappers-Co mmon ... Medmm Good ........ Fme Extra ..... @4 @li @7 @ 6 @7 @ 8 @13 @12 @1R @26 0 HENDERSON, Ky., Jan 3 1 -llr. P osey Marshall reports t o THE TGBACCO LEAF -Smce my last rep ort to bacco h as be e n tben:ceipts have been h eavy and pnccs keep up h1gb Upon the whole 1 c onsi d er the present cro p very muc h overrated both m quahty and color On e half the crop m thts tobacco section has been sold, and fully o ne third deltver e d I give you the range of prices pa1d on the streets for l o o s e to bac co, both m loads and for crops Average run o f loads brmg from 50 to $2, trash, 25 to $4 25, lugs $4 liO to $7 50, good, fine crop, goo d lugs and trash, 5, a and 1, and l, 5% 3% aod l, 6. 4 and and 194. '8 and 7. a14 and I, 4 aod 1 W J & Co have sold 50 blids, pnces as follows good, 5 to lugs, 3 to 4}4, trash, 2 to 3 HOPKINSVILLE, Ky., Jan 29 -Mrc George V Thompson, Leaf Tobacco Broker, reoorts to THE TOBACCO LEAP -W1th the recent favorable weather for haodhng tobac co our rece1pts have greatly mcrell>'ed sales th week, 90 bhds, at unchan ged priCe s Much of the break consisted of common leaf m hi g h case. a few hbds fine l eaf so l d at9@l0%c, the higbest priCes obtamcd l bts season Receipts for the w ee k, 202 hbds, for the year, 844 hbd s sal es ror the week, 90 hhds, for the year, 430 hbds QVOTATIONS. Lugs-Common.. .. .. .. .......... 3 3%' M edmm .. .. .. .. .. .. 4 Good ....................... 4 Leaf-Common . . 5 6 Med1um .... .. ........... 6 @ 7 Good ....................... 7 ............................ 9 @11 LOUISVILLE, Feb 1-Mr Wm J Lewers, Leaf To bacco Auctt o neer. reports to T"HB TOBACCO Lli:Al" as foll o ws Receipts for week ending to-day 1150 hhds, agamst 300 bhds same we e k last year 1881 1880 1879 1878 R ece opts m m o n t h of Jan 2 ,66 0 8 897 1,124 4 ,104 D e h vc .es do do 3,041 4 418 1 ,751 8 439 Stock Feb 1 .. 7,25!1 12,808 12,784 0, 749 SALES FOR LAST FIVE DAYS IN JANUARY, ETC Wafehousu Week. M onth yU:, G1lhert .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 9 48 48 Pckett .. .. 201 714 714 Pke .. .. .. .. .. .. 26 92 92 Nmth Street . . 187 515 515 People's.. 4 90 90 Boone ?.. 1.. .. 7.5 255 255 Green Rtver .. .. .. .. .. 38 116 116 LOUISVIlle . 137 844 844 Falls C1ty . 164 608 603 Planters . 108 849 34Y Kentucky ABBOC!aiion 152 880 330 Farmers . . 110 316 316 Enterpnse 67 243 243 Totals .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 1,278 4 ,015 4,Q15 Year 1880 .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 1 ,29 7 4 ,632 4,6 R 2 Year 11!79 -'1 007 1 675 1 ,675 Year 1878 1 ,879 4, 744 4, 744 Sl\les for past five days and month of Januarv, diVIded as follows. Week. Year 566 2 ,095 200 912 ts5 206 Old revtews 127 8 0 2 of crop of 1880 to date 3693 hbds, 431!1 bhds of cr op o f 18i9 to date m 1880 Sales t o day (no t counted m abo ve) 308 hhds of which 226 hhds were n ew and 82 hhds old tobacco. at pnces rangmg from lower than a we ek ago on all bot h old and new, ex cept fine and se lec t leaf of the d11ferent d esc rtptLOns, these remam firm The bulk o f offerings IS from the Ken t ucky River counttes, mo s t of which for past several d a ys hns been m very soft order, and a great deal of It very poor stuff al that Of the fine crop s on sale th1s week, the selectwas of the crop have brought 19 to lo to day's s ales we had a better showing of tobacco from southern K entucky and lower Oh10 R1vercountes than for any week tilt s season, most of It m soft order but showmg good size, body and col o r Jugs ranging from 8%'c, and long silky, heavy, dark leaf up to 8%;c. QVOTATIONS-1880 CROP, Nondeocrlpt ,.-HeaT]' .Red Dark: .---cutUng ---*Red. Bright Common lugs Good lugs Common leal Good leaf Finele&f Selections 4 @4)4 4)4@ 4;i 4 @ 4;i 4}1,@5 506 6 1%@10 10 @I2Jil 11 @14 u @17 15 @18 I7 @19 18 020 19 Cll% 15Ji@7 6 7 @10 10 *Plug maKers' kinds _Bngbt wrappers nommal, a few Kentucky common at 8@ 13c also a f e w at prtvate sale, prices not reported. .MAYFIELD, Ky., Feb. 1 -Mr. W S Mell.::0 reports to l'HE ToBAcco Lx.uas follows -Since my last report there has nothmg transpired m our market worthy of' mentiOn. Our recetpts and sales still continue hght, owmg to the e:dremely col!l weather. I don't lhmk there will he muQh tobac c o offered before March or April, as It 1s tmpos s ible for the planters to handle 1t. There h11s nothing been done yet m to burnmg plant beds for another crop I have not heard of a single one being burned I quote as follows Lugs-Common . . 8 @ Medmm to Good .. .. .. .. 4 @ Leaf-Common... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 5 @ !Ied1um.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 6 @ Good ...................... 7 @8 N A S HVILLE, Tenn., Jan 31-W A. Bethel, Leaf Tobacc o Broker, reports to TH ToBACco LEAF as follows Our market hu n o t opened suffiCiently yet to gtve anything of mteres t Owmg to the contmued cold weather w e have not been able to do anythmg m the new crop until the last few d ays, whtcb has afforded some stnppmg weather, whtle the condition of the roads has been such as to pre vent any move ment to the markets. Statement for the month of January-Receipts, 10 hhds, sales, 44 do, stock, 174 do QVOTATIONS. Lugs.......... .. .. .... .. .. .. 3 60 4 00 Lug s extra good .. .. .. .. .. 4 26@ 4 50 L eaf-Co mm o n . . 4 M@ 5 00 Medmm to good 5 00@ 6 00 Selectwns, nommal 6 50@ 8 00 NEW ORLEANS, Jan 29 -The tobacco marke t con tmues qmet For de scnptwns w e qnote as follows -Low lugs, good, 4)4, low leaf, 5)4@5t, medmm, fii@l, good and fine 7t@S selectiOns, 16@12 STATEMENT OF TOBACCO 1 Hhds StO<'k on hand September 1, 1880 .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 2,378 Amved p as t 3 days........ .. .. .. .. .. 27 Arrtved prevwusly . . .. . 656 Exporte d p as t 8 days ..... 683 3,061 Exported prevwusl y . .. 1,372 Broken up for bahng, City c o n s umptl o n etc .. .. .. .. .. 1,372 1,290 2,662 Stock o n hand and on shtpboard do la s t year ... Inspec tion s of t o bac co from Sept I to date 899 538 A M Summers .. .... Las t y ea r .. i The d ema nd for manufactnred tobacco IS mod e rate 1,45 7 The quotatiOns a r e for 11 to 12mch -No 1 lbs, ext1a f ancy 67 to 92 fue 57wn Fme medtnm. 02 to 57 Good meamm 4z to 52 Common so und. 32 to 3 4 Bught comm o n m edmm 36 to 42 N hhds 68S hhds 6 1182 hhds 1,580 hhds 41116 hhds 600 hhds 8,691 hhds 1,867 hhds 9.986 hhds 940 hhds 10 926 hhds 1,2611 hhds 9,660 hhd!l 21166 bhds QUOTATIONS 8,856 hhds 1 ,1>00 hhds 9 856hhds I 679 hhds 8_,177 hhds 1,006 hhds Light Lea! HeBAC co LEAl' -Weather and roaJs still had. Offermgs 1mprovmg m qnahty, but smaller m amount Pnces for common grades sttlllow, finer grades showmg very slight advance QUOTATIONS Lugs-Frosted, common to tine 50@ 1 oO Dark common to m eomm.... 1 tO@ 2 50 Bnght common to mellmm 2 50 4 00 good to tine.. 4 00@ 5 50 Smokers-Bnght common to medium 4 OU@ 6 00 Bngbl good lo Jlne. II 110@ 8 00 do line to fancy . 8 00@12 50 Leaf-Datk common to medmm 3 OQ@ 4 00 Dl\ t k good to fine .. 4 00@ 7 00 B11ght common to medmm 4 00@ 6 00 goo d to fine 6 00@ 9 50 Yellew Wruppers-Common t o m edmm 10 00 6 00 Good to fine 20 00 Fme to fl\ncy . 80 70 00 Mahogany Wrappers-Com. to medmm 9 00@15 00 Gnod to fine ..... .. .. . 10 00@26 00 F10e to fancy.. .. .. .. .. ..... 20 00@45 00 BAN FRANCI SCO, Jan. 21.-Th e Merchant sayll:-0ur local manufacturers of cig&'B have not been run .. FEB. 5'mng thE>ir regular complement of hands durmg stock takmg and the makmg of their annual IIBttlements wnh the Internal Revenue Department. The next m tkrrupt10n to busmess will be the Chmese New Year U: the commg month Manufactured Tobacco-This trade IS very f air cons tdermg the seuson, and how heavil)' the large h'ouses of the mter10r and northern coast purchased last fall I Leaf-'l'h1s ttade IS fatr, and mdeed has piCked up 'a little Since tha holidays, though transacttons are yet small, hand-to-mouth affa1rs, and probably will be untU after the Chmese New Year. The q1o1ahty of the stock of Pennsylvania of 1879 I S thought by some to have Improved dunug the past two mouths. Prices are not sattsfactory to importers, and afford a very narrow margm over cost and fretght. The reports of the 1880 crop lead polders of 1879 to beheve that they will m the near future obtam better pnces for wrappers of the latter year than buyersaronow w g to Overland rece1pts of cigars and Consignees acteo L & E Wertheimer..... 18 2 12 640 Esberg, Bachman & Co.. 3 3 10:920 Falkenstem & Co 2 3 830 M1ehaelitschke Bros 2 10 8,470 Sanderson & Horn. 2,250 H Rosenfeld & Co 460 Welln1an, Peck & Co. 2,470 J A Dunkhouse.... .. 2 3 300 0 den stem & Co .. 240 W J Houston .. .. 540 AS R osenbaum .. .. 1 ,00 0 Roundtree & M... .. 1,890 'l' h os Earle.. . 1 ,300 W TRmd .... 100 H Sutliff .. .. .. 830 Neustadter Bros .. .. 1,410 J S Bowman . 450 Castle Bros . . 1 360 M & C Mangels .. .. .. 550 Agent P M S S Co .. 1 200 A F Evans .. .. .. .. 3:860 For Honolulu......... 1 4 1 810 Total Imports by sea and rrul :-51 870 lba, 22 ca&ell cigars, 28 cases c1garettes Exports, 5 ,742lbs tobacco, 18 cs, 2 pkgs cigars, 2 cs Cigarettes. ST. LOUIS, Mo., February 2 -Measrs. C. & R. Dor m1tzer & Co., leaf tobacco merchanu, report to THB TOB4000 LEAl' as follows Offenngs, receipts and deliveries at the tobacco warehOillell of St. LoU18 for January 1881. 1880. hhds. hhd& Stoek on hand Jan 2 .. .. .. ............. 78811 8031 Receipts tlunng January................ .. 270 821 1881. 1880 s1011 sua Deliv e ries to city........ .. 660 8115 Dehvenes for shipment.... 426 88 1 ---1086 686 Stock on band Feb. 1. .................... 7019 776'l Decrease of stock .............. .. .. .. 816 2615 Offermgs dunng the month 1881 1880. Originals .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 188 963 ReVIews.............. .. ... 42 107 -175 1070 The month of January passed Without any new feature of mterest on our market Old lugs, dark and co lOry, contmued m good demand and there bas also been some Inquiry for sound common leaf, re dried leaf generally has been ne glected. aad several lots have been withdrawn from the market and shipped to England Of new tobacco the receipts bave been very light so far, prmCipally on account of the unfavorable weather for hand Jmg the crop A few hogsheads of new lugs have been sold at $3 411 to $3. 70, and a small lot of very good new W IBC&nsin Burley bas been r e Je c ted, as follows 2 hhds seconds at f8.50 land '8 711, 4 hhds gocd to 1lne leaf at 711, t13. 25 and 16 The few hogslleads of (new Mts Eoun Burley which have been o1fered on our market so far show that our farmers have made considerable progress m rrusmg and handling this grade of tobacco We e s!imat e that from 8,000 to :1,1100 hogs heads of Burley tob acco have lieen ra1se d m our State l&at year, and allt!Ctpate a constderahl e mcrease this year. Foreign Mark e t s BREMEN.-Our Bremen correspondent furnishes the followmg account of the Seed leaf market at that port for the week ending Jan 13:-Recetpts, 615 cases Seed leaf, and 10 do cuttmgs from New York, and 136 cases from Baltimore; sales 615 cases sold be fore their arrival m port, and 10 Seed 'leaf cut tmgs; stock on hand, 2,750 cases Seed leaf, and 70 do cuttmgs PriCes ranged as follows -'Wrappers 70 to 250 pfgs, bmders, 55 to 75, fillers, 35 to 50. Tlie of Havana leaf durmg the week amounted to 119 bales from Havana, via New York; sales, 59 do; stock on hand, 6 870 bales. Prices -Wrappers, good and tine brown, 650 to 1 400 pfgs; wrappers, ordmary brown, 350 to 600 pfgs; wrappers, mtx-ed with fillers, 180 to 300 pfgs, fillers, 100 to 250 pfgs, average lots, 160 to 450 pfgs The following 1s a statement of the movement in hogshead tobacco m the Bremen m arket for the week endmg at the above date Bav Ohlo Scrubs Md Va Kv St&ns. 218 846 139 4i62 2,826 6,012 1 ,559 2!1 40 611 66 & 625 115 ll35 886 >05 7!'8 2,831 5 ,1137 1 ,6'U Delivered 22 6 41 47 821 rrt Stock on h&Dd Jan 1 3 213 880 164 66 1 2,881 5,21 6 1 ,1507 Sale s Sales on future dell" e r y 6 The rn a ket durmg the week contmued mactive o'nng partly to the msuffic1ent supply held for sale' and pat tly to the htgh puces demanded by holders' e xceeding the Vlews of buyers Consequently ttons m K entucky leaf were confined t o 72 hbds There was some demand for Ohw and Bay tobacco but as the amount of stock on hand IS small, w ere few, and were confine d to small lots LIVERPOOL, Jl\n 21 -Me ssrs Parry & Crosb1esreport tn TrrE ToBAcco LEAF as follo" s S m ce the I ssue of t he an nual cuculats t h e r e has been but little domg, and no change m o u t mnllI It might have had upon the leaf still remammg m the fields. -One Juhus Katzenberg was committed to priso m the Jefferson Market Pohce Court a few days ag--r; charged with stealmg from his employer, Mr. Horae Kelly, of 12 1 Chambers Street. Mr. Kelly discharg6( the priSoner about a month ago, when he had caugh hrm m the act of stealing a quantity of CJgarS. -""--'--"'" 'PAnnaylvamta. Leaf Tobacco, 81 aud 63 North-Duke Stz.eet. LAWCAS1'EB, PAt


FEB.5 F. GARCIA, BRO. & 00., -CStl'CCESSOB.S 01' FELIX :a:.A. v .A.N" ..a. Importers of 9 Leaf lobaeGo, 167 &T N"E':W' YOR.H... LOZANO, PENDAS Z:Da:PC>B.TE:E'l.S OF Brand. i' E. I rr IMPORTER OF THE B. li H. G-..A.TO, Havana 4nd M:anufa.ctwrer of Key West Havana Cigars, 1'\To. ::1.04. &TB.EI:BIT, TOB.:J:. BiYDROITE @ ..&. ::n.ew "ro'baooo Prder-vat:l.-ve J'-u.t the Trade :a.eec'l.l Keeps Fine Cut, Plug and Leaf Tdhacco and Cigar Hoiat, and prevent. llfoldine 1 b hia:hly recom mended by leading manufaoturerJ. Cheap and Economical. Price only 12 per Qalloa, or 25c per Pint. For further in!ormation address M. MICHAELIS, 202 Fulton Street, NEW YORK. S. A. BELVIN, LOWJJS IIIBBEK, & SIEBER, lll.&l'I'UP ACTVBBBS OF' FIN. E CJGARS AND DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO, .f8, 18 & 20 SeYentb St., and 2, 4 & 6 Hall Pl.,"" ..... New York. A STEAMBOAT Stl'ltR.UJEu AT WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE'S SXAP, from Ned here,' and he hurried away to get the lug-gage on board. From the San Francisco Newsletter. The natio11ally gratifying fact that Edwin Booth ha.!! just made so palpable a hit in London in Eichelieu calls to mind a little story told by our leading star to the writer one Sunday during his last visit here, while tak ing a look_ at !he Golden Gate from the lantern of the Point Bomta hghthouse. Once during the days of my early struf':gles m the "If it had been in any other quarter of the country I wouldn't have had the assurance to do as he said, but the ignorance of the clay-eaters or ordinary Virginians of thOSf'l days was marvellous;:so when old George Ruggles; who was do1ng Shulook, got to where be sharpens his knife on his shoes, I walked solemuly up to h1m and said:" You're bound to have the flesh, 1\re you 1 :profession," said "and we were mg down in Vngm1a, an odd thmg happened whiCh Il lustrates the shifts to which the 'poor player'. was then put in order to get along. We were playmg showing' they called it then-one night at a little place named Lee's Landing, and the tobacco warehouse -we had improvised into a .theatre was crowded by the ;planters for miles arou_nd. WI' Qad arranged-to take the weekly steamer whiCh expected would touch there late that night, and between the acts all busy packing up. -rhe pla:r Wa,'> 'The Merchant of Venice and we were just gomg on for the court-scene, w.'tere the Jew insists on his pound of flesh, when _we hea ,.d a whistle blow, and the manager came runnmg in say that the steamer had. arrived ahead of time, and would leave agam m ten mmutes. 'You bet your life.' said George, under the impression that he W!l.!! improvising very skillfully indeed. '' 1 Now, I'll make you one more dicker,' I continued. 'In addition to this bag of ducats. I'll throw in two kegs of niggerhead terback, a shotgun, and a couple of the best coon dogs in the State.' I'm blamed if I don't do it, said Shylock, much to the approbation of the audience. who were tobacco raisers and coon huntel'll from the ground up. "'And to show-there is no hard feeling.' said Portia, tucking up her legal gown, we'll wind up with a Vir ginny reel. "And as the prompter struck up 1 Money Musk' on his fiddle, we 'danced a couple of figures and made a break for the boat as the curtain fell, amid thunders of applause. .. As that was our only chance of getting down to the Chesape. 'lke, we were naturally a quandary. If. west op right here and explam,' sa1d the maqa.ger, "the audie nee will think they ru:e being and go in for a fret.' fight. The only thmg we IS for you fellows to get U:}l S?me sort nMural-lll!:e Impromptu ending for the and rmg down the drop. Go right ahead, ladies .'l.nd gentlemen, and take your cue ''When we got on board, the steamer's captain, who had witnessed the of the {llay with great delight,_ tendered troupe the complunent of a hot sup per, and remark:ed, as we sat down to what was a rare treat in those' palmy days of the drama:' "'I'd like to see the whole of that play some time, gentlemen. I'm blamed if I thought that fellow Shakespeare had so much to him. I BROWN & I Mauufacturers of Fine -ANDDealers iQ -Leaf mobacco, Nos. East 33d. Street, J!lll'e>-,;vo ""WV"es\'tba.TD, Tebaccc::. ::1: '1.. B.:l.oh:rn.o:a.c'l., "'O"a., PROPRIETOR AND SUCCESSOR TO OLIVER & SMOKING TOBACCO CIGARETTE BUSINESS. The celebrated B t ... PLUG SMOKING and all othor brands formerly ma._'te by O.Ll'VER I& ROBIXSON, lll ..:;;d;;e,;t;;o,;O:,;r,;;d;,:,e,;,;r===-====== 1=====---= = ----G. w. "rouee, G. w. H&D1aeh. D. w. Crouse, :"'D:a'bu.hec'l. :1886---r & COMPANY:' Ci ar 1.:n. Pe:n.:D.ey1 van1.a O::Lsar& Office: 643 Penn Street ; 636, Court Street and 20 & 22 S. 6th Street, P.A.. IF'Larce Buyet'll wtJJtlad it te tJaetr latereri to coi'J'ft)t-a with ua, LIQUORIOE PASTE! The undersigned continues to manufacture and Import Spanish and Turkish Liquorice Paste, which he offers to the Trade at Reduced Prices. Manufacturers will find lt to their Interest to apply to him before purchaslns elae where. James C.McAndrow, 55 Water StNett;."llew,Yol'k. ---. ----TH ... E TOBACCO LEAP-P.A.O:Jii:J!JB.& C>JI!"' X..EI.A.Jr J -AND-IMPORTERS OF HAVANA TOBACCO.-166 WATER STREET, NEW JOSEPH A. VEGA. ::1.&7 P:J!J.A.B.X.. &"rB.:EJET, :&:&TB.EX..X....&. ko. :La, iEC.A. "'0" I Berger a I Pl.or de s. B. db Co. I IMP.ORTERS OF HAVANA lEAF TOBACCO 2-f&'Jefferson Avenue, DETROIT, MICH. CIGAR MANUFACTURERS! We have adapted our process to the wants of manufacturers or jobbers who would like to sweat their to bacco themselves just as they may need it: and we have made it entirely unnecesaary to go to the ex pense of a steam hllating apparatus. The ilweating apparatus ill as portaple and as easily moved about as a Seed leaf case. We have verfected an apparatus which is automatic in its ,workmg, running all night without any attention, which we build TWO SIZES, one to 11weat 100 pounds at a time (or less), and suitable for a factory of two to eight hands; the larger size 40B !! greatly our His vast experience in this line of business renders Re_sweatm g Process, wh1ch l8 wholly aNA this pamphlet alone of more value to you than the I bemg _entirely FREE from dyes and chenucal8. Of charge for royalty. spleJ?dld dark colors, these goods are also In Let us know how many hands you employ, and we ql!ahty and _burn well. will furnish you an of doing_ your entire I w1l! find !hs stock particularly well ada.Pted t.o .all sweating your own where 1t can be done 1_ the1r reqmrements. BARKER&to smt yourself. ThiS IS by far the cheapest and 829-f! J9 S. Gay at:, Baltiinore, 1 I A. TELLEB, Packer, Commission Merchant, AND WHOJ,FJ!!ALE Dli:ALEB IN TOB.A.c;JCO, No. 233 NORTH SHIPPEN STREET, Pa. FREY'S famous ONE CENT'' CIGARETTES :DII:ac'l.e a.:a.c'l. E"''l. l.:I.Js..e "WV"es"t Ci.gars. A GREAT BIT. They have already become &8 staple &8 Clgars, _and are handled by theli!II.I!Wi! Wholesale Grocers, Tobacconists, Confectioners, and LiQuor Dealers THROUGHOUT THE UNITED PBJCB J>BB SINfiLE '.flff)lJIIAND, $11,fll, l'rtelt Jll 10 to IQ,IIOIIIA&!f, Ill 611 to lOO,OOO lo&, .. L. a. PR,EI'Y' & 00 Wells&Spl Mannfactarersl CICA...-r-TOB ... ; Sole Manufaoturere, CINCIN"NATI, 0. il!lltatlono ott.,_ nooularCipreUea In the market, which are made o()omJ:QOD ][eptuctir tobacoo and interior workmaitshlp. Our goods are made from, Pe11D87lvaola ADCl Colluelileut loblwoo, ud are IIIII olll.r lltiWdard goQds oC thla clasa made in AJnerl<:a. 'l'ldtt Paper 'tt'lll._ rG.B.&OOO "'!'' el,... .......... ..-..,.,_ ..,_., 'l'bole1161CBIAII1ItM'---a. loii4M........... -.


8 THE TOBACCO J'.E ---. --. -----et, New York. i'. LDIDE. C F LIND E. ,., I .Y<>::RK. moTtEAFJ toaAcco TOBACCO INSPECTORS, 15! wJTEft ST., NEW YORK. Ce1l'Jni'IIY SA.lii"PLil!fQ PROIIIPrLY ATI'El!fDBD TO, Laa-r, Pa., Bl'IUieht-F. CUNNINGB.A.., 141 N. Queen St. (Smith's Cigar Store.) Bl'lllleht-H. B. OLMSTED, l!laA Hlll"l.lord, CoDa. jKqer&ou0 WI Braucht-C. R Bentley &, "Y' .&. 3o. 1 32 a. 134 MAIDEN LANE, 1\EW voaK,. -KAJrVI"ACTUJI.IUtS OF mffi8T GLHAR HAVANA CIGARa A...W 2IPeA KK&1 l878," fll11aaalphla, ALSO IKPOJI.TER.S 01' Es"ta b1:lsh.ed. 1826. GEO. W. HELME, Saooeaoorto.A.pplelly_&Helme, MANUFACTURER OF. THE CELEBRATED PBINCE T Ol&'&reties. 133 WATER STREET; lfEW .YORJL lii.A.l'f1l'F .A.ciTUBEB OF Ci-gar:-. Boxes, ...... .llllporter or GERMAN CIGAR MOLDS, (Sole .¢ tor JI(ESSBS. OSENBR1l'EOK o1: 00.) 315 to 321 E.' Eleventh St. u .. :NEW YORK. F. E. OWEN, A. D. CHOCKLEY & CO Merch$nt, .DEALEits IN Yi,r,inia Leaf Tobacco, WESTERN, VIRCINIA, and 0 NORTH C4-ROLINA No. 39 BROAD STREET, LEAFTOBACCO, 1 'York.. 38.Broad St., New York. FIRST PRIZE JDED.&L. EXHIBITION, 187iBHRSGHAlifalliTiBHR GOODS, AND IMPORTER C1F French Briar PiDCS ani other Sinotcrs' A.rticlllss 69 WALKER STREET, Comer Broadway, 'York.. A.nd'VIENNA., .1.1JSTBI.A., pr-' Send for Catalogue and Price-List..! as I have no trave lling salesmen. FANCY S:MOKING PIPES -IN-BRIER, AND FANCY WOODS MANUFACTURED BY HAR.VBY a FORD. SALESROoM-392 .sRd.a.DWAY JJEw yoaz:. F .&OTORY LEDGER 1 Pl. JLCE, PHIL.&DELPDilt.. HENRY siEBERT, Buchanan & Lyall, Tobaoco and.Ceneral.. 101 "'VV .ALL &'J;'., :NE"'VV Co:D1:D1ero:lal. ::E'"ao.,ory, ll3rookl.yn., lSI'. MANUI<' A y TURE THE FOLLOWING CELEBRATED BRANDS OF TOBA.CCO: PL.A.lSJ EJ'T', F A.NCY DARK. NAVIES! .. N':&JP'T''C' NE, F .&Nc ; y BRIGHT N .& VIES 1 ::IIJ':L'C'&:EE, ST.&ND.&RD BRIGHT NAVIES; O:EEQ:J:OE, ST.&,ND.I.RD DA.BK. NAVIES, Tbe reputa.tlon theoe gocds Is world-wide, and tho Increasing sales of them Is ot thelrmerlta. JEIEI"'VV .A.B.:BI O::E'" :J:JY::J:T.A.T:J:O:N".e. Our Trade-Mark n-x is Embossed on every Plug. O:Jr::E'":J:OEII!II: BOSTON 1 81 Central Street CINCINNATI: 89 West Second Street; CHICACO 1 9 Wabash Avenue; $AN FRAN CISCO : 318 Battery Street; 39 North Front Street. Es'ta bl.:lah.ed. 1811.1!1. J. ADR.X.,.fLN', MANUFACTURER OF +==:OIGA No. 472 CRAND STREET, N .EW YORK. ''THREE CITIES i J I t Cigarette & Tobacco. GED. CAMPBELL, &CO., RI_CHMOND, VA., Are now the SOLE 1UA.N1JFACT1JRERS the "THREE CITIES" -CIJJ. P. TAG & so, ......... ..r SPANISH aad Doalt.. all-i"u r1 J LE;AF TOB'ACCO, 184 Front Street, lUIW Z'O&t1 E.-M CRAWFORD & SON. teaf _Tobacco, 168 Water St., T'ork.." M. LEVIN; IKPOR'rER. of HAVANA LEAf'T"OiiGCo, 16 2 Pearl .Street, Me' 1 York. &. OR.G-Z. .. ER., ltlanufaetarer of FINE CIGARS, .&ad Deal.., lJl LEAF TOBACCO. 85 MURRAY STREfT, NEW YORK. M:y CU'IJA LIBRE. SCHOVERLING BROS., PACXERS Aim D&A.LZIIS IK SEED. LEft1 TOBACCOS 142 STRE.ET, 'York.. Packing Wsrehouseat NewMilford,ecm., H. KOENIG, I mAii'W"SiB" uu TOEI.A.OO<>s. 226 PEARL ST., NEW YORK. ,. L. GA&a.ltT, ( If. L. GASSltft J.< L. OASSER '{ & SROi. CODISSION AliD DlllALEBS m ALL XJNDS 07 LEAF, 187 Bowery, New 'fork G. l\EISM.ANDI CommissioJ:', Merchant, : LEA(1ifta1Cco, J'.a"PE!A.RUST. NEW Hirsch, Victorius& Co. LHAF ,TOBACCO, 111 WATER 'NEW YORK. FRED. H ULZ, 111 Paekar aad Daa1ar ill See(d Lea.1" .a... .a Importer d Tobacco,. _?.13 Pe1.ul St., New York. L._ & BRO.,) PACICliRS AND DEALERS IN SEED_, LBAP: 19. 1 T P.::ARL-STREET .l ... B. D. 'I'RAD:S IIAliX. 221 PEABI. ST' NEW YOlU". 0 H Q I' l i



s TB:E. TOBACOO .EAF. ..tfEB.5 .. .T EJR, ::EI::E&OS., Commission Merchants, aad Wholesale Dea.lers in REIGN & DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCO, NORTH THIRD STREIT, PHILADELPHIA. EISENLOHR & COr, PACKERS AI!ID WHOLESJ.U". DEALERS lN -r o D A c c--o, s. "VV"a;ter .S't., pbilad.e1pb.i.a. BAMBERGER & C O Packers and Dealers in ... .A..F TC>B.A.CCO, Manufacturers of LowCrade Cigars;. NO.lll Arch St., L EWIS BREMER.'S SONS, Wb( ,lesale Dealers i:a :AND KANl1FACTmtED TOBACCu, 322 NORTH THIRD STAEET, e"a,ssortme ,n.t kinds of LBAF ToBACCO constanllv on h11nd .,e Packers, Commission Knrchants &, Dealers in SEED LEAF tc TOBACCO 35 North Water-st Philadelphia. And 214 STATE STREET, HARTFORD, CONN. -. M.E.McDowell& Co. 39 NORTH WATER 8TREI!1',-PHILADELPHIA, &e>X.:m .4.G-E:N'T8 T. BLA.CKWELL & CO_.'S Ge::a.,P.1D.O &mok1...,., To'bAoco, New Y Bl'i Ba&tmn, Pittsbnrilr St. Louis ant Cine inn an. 4, _..-..... ..r. ,-. Joiiepla Lot.-.., Bea.Jam.lo La-be. Joseph Lc::eb &, Cc::., PACKERS AND DEALBB8 IN Lea. Tobacco, No. Ill North Third Street, PHILADELPHIA. -Wa?ehose-12"1 N"rth Water St. l ANCA"T"'R. PA.J:Sa.l tinun:o Ad veriselll&n ts. A. BOYD & CO., IIIIPO &TED AND DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCO, No. 33 South Street. .. &, _:tw:ANUF ACTUREBS OF CIGARS, .I.ND OF THE 'WELLItNOW!i .I.LL-TOB.I.(l00 CIG.I.BBTTES ., EXPRESS," and u Havana Cheroots. OUR ACENTS:-Messrs. WISE 4 BENDHEIM, New York; N. B. MANNINC, Philadelphia. 363 WEST BALTI'I\IOBE STREET, E1al.i::l2:111ore, 1\l!l:d. Western Advertisements. l!USCELLANEOUS ADVERTISEMENT& AMBROSIA TOBAcco woRKs. w. G. MEIER & co. HiisoiU: EsMifH &co. SPENCE BROS, & CO, Xy, ---;-i:he:rs :l.Ge>z Po"U.D.ds, ::t:.oao:D.5 John. a .... :EI:r:lCih't a::n.d Ell.ack., Ol.d B Oe::n.'t Pl.-u..,, AND ALL OTHER POPtJLA.R STY:tiii;:S OF FINE NAVY TOBACCO, ::LoC> "O":J:B 'V':J:::t:.o::t:..E, :K:EN'T"O"O.:K: Y'. CONN. SEED -AND-, Conn. Havana Tobacco, W areJ:-onae Point, Co:aaeotlcut 1 -AND70 Pine St., New York City C. 0. HOLYOKE, WhoJeale Dealer to western Leaf Tobacco AFRICAN SHIPPERS A SPECIALTY. STEAM CIGAR.BOX FACTORY 12 Central Wharf, Boston. TheL&.,:eotintheWest. Capaoity,2a.OOOBozesperWeek. GEORGE H. JONES, ._ :B.A. V .A.N .A. SEED LEAFTDBACCO 699 to--707 W. St., 0. Also Manufacturer of the Veneered Cedar CigarBo:z: Lumber. Sample v furnishod on Application. Send for Price-List, A. full Llne oC La.bel, Ed.Jrlngs and Rlbbon8 kep' constantly o.a :.JlaDd. a't )Uauunactarer' Prlce.s. f JAcoB Wxrc, AARON E A. Wort.. JAMES PHILIPS No. 98 Water Street, EIOEIIT<>N'. Cw.o. W. WtLDE&, Ja. w .. B. W ..... CHAS. W. WILDER,Jr., Importer &Jld M&llufact..rer ol WEI.L; KA:HN & CO. Formerly with {l', 'S. & co.' Tobacco Curing ;ana Sweating, FINE CIGARS, C & Leaf TobaCCO (Under I gars -The only Successful P r o ces s In Existence.-!?& Kilby 4 98 Water st 113 M S c O Dark Colors Cuaranteed. am t mcmnatl PooburnlogTobaccomadego od OldandDried BOSTON. 'I out good s and pnt into good order. Green, raw, llghtr coloed o r un s w eated E'M"E''RY BE...-TS J: HENRY GEISE, cured .LU..L r. (Bucceao to B. GEISE&: BRO.) 70 Main St., Ctnctnnatt, 0, IMPORTER oF &TEA.l.\ll; BERRY MEYER a co., :s:.A. .A., CIGAR-BOX FACTORY, SEED' LEAF TOBACCO N .o.' OHIO AND CONMEC'fiG"OJ -' > :A. Plw>Oll, 1. s. ILo.--. &.:EAF TOBACco: ... PRAGUE & MATSON' 4.6 C. B. BUTLER, ..,, PACKER & JOBBER OF LEAF BROKERS F. W. Connocticnt LEAF Tobacco. BE-DRYER!! OF CUTTIJfG X:.E.&F LEAF TOBAC(\0 BROVER U l'l 94 w. Front St., Clnclnnau. S E y & f t St r JlRY aoUSEB:-eo---.. x ... ; w........, .... J cor. me ron s., E .... FLACK, CINCINNATI. .w.. L. c. SCHEFFEl(, TOBACCO BROKER lii.&NtJFA.CTURERS' AGENT, Imported, Key West, Havana, New York, AND PENNSYLVAI'\IA 52 Fourth Avenne, near Main, ::t:..O U:J:S 'V':I:::t:..LE, :K: Y'. GOODS SOLD TO .JOBBERS ONLY. 1!F" CORRESPONDE N CE SOLI CiTED. I, / .,._ !'-J l ;..-1 1 1 L cc-._::cE-TIN \ \I _. v;JAS.MURDOGK,JR '-'t., __ ..,...-.,,.,. 'r'f'(np--J& DIE. --C.ITI'L::-.. ,...:...,!-.. StNENERAL AGENT FOR WILSON 4 McCALLAY'S l PLUC TOBACCOS. Theobald & Oppenheimer. lllANUJ' AOTURim8 011' PINE CIGARS, gr LeaC T obacco In Bales a Specialty, DRESEL, KAUSCHI:NBERG & CO., TOBACCO 'SHIPPING & COMMISSION _J MERCHANTS. J ll!IPORTEKS OF GEKJIIA.N POTA.fiH and FERTILIZING SA.LT. Acen .. for LIYerpool Line ot> Steamer aad Be .. a.lar Paeket to Bremen, a .... Rotterdam an4, Amterd .. a, 11 S. GAY STREET, BALTIMORE. G. H. :11. ltla.rrlott, E. E. WENCK,\ IMPORT:;r:;OMESTIC COMMISSION MERCHANT l E A f .. T 0 B A C C 0, 31 German St., Baltimore, Md. (Succeuoto Coope &; Waite. ) AND DII:ALERS IN ltl'ANUFACTURER OF Spanish and Domestic Lear Tobacco, .. w. eer, ... Balu-on,t. SNUFF aSJDKING TOBACCO Straet, il:er ld & K w. K. BAilKIUL G, WAGG,.Bil, 46_and 48 St. Chari St., DARK WR.U'PERS CO:MSTANTLY ON HAND. 886-6'1,1 N .. RTH !ELEVENTH BT.. e IMPORTERS BARKER & WA&&NER ; PHILADELPHIA. PA. DA GIKSH > :0: IMPOR'I'En aod DOMESTIC MG'AfiD!WAcrums: SEE! LEAF TOBACCO, N SYLVANIA SEED TOBACCO 29 Soutll IIIJ'SL, Blltlmtrt, IN. .,.I.CTOBY-113 s. 23d Street; PE N 1 STOKE_ 1341 Chetnat Street; We lnvtt& the &ttentloD of M:anutaeturerw to OUP 'W'ele.ttl the atteatlow. Gf Manafactarer. 1o oer ............. ._....,. .... _.,...,_ .... -. 8 East Chestnut St., tltoek of Dark Wrapper, ol Stock of DARK a:m-8WBATED WRAP .. THEfwYOWRK.CiGAR CO. H. 'L: STE!llLL'I, K e. J. L. I!'Bli:Y, J. L. WEIDLER. DEALERS l:i' A:\D 1' AC5:ETIS OF H L. STEHMAN & co .. I'KEY & WEIDLER PENNSYLVANIA PENNSYLVANIA CIGARS L DealfeniPabekeniD SEED LEAf TOBACCO, Manufacturers or Cigars ea o acco Petersburg, lancaster Co Pa. 'YC>:R:K., Pa. 1H a 1M Wertk LANCASTER, PA. 213 W eat Kine Street, P.A. a. :..a.. J .&.oYE&o:N" &, W .&LL ITTLEII OF SWEET NAVY CHEWING TOBACCO, A.UI TID: JJB.A.Jm 0., 'JACKSON'S BEST! PJIDT:I!J::E't.SEIU:R.G-, V .a... CEllTE.'INIAL EXPOSITION, Septembe Zl, lSTII, 'l'HU TOBACCO WA5 AWARDED mGHEST PRIZE. We oa11 oopec1at -tlon tG the Ill whloh oar PscllANU r Ao.;l U RlixrGL'ODS :e. W. V-'lt -'LII'I'Il'IB ol: COot_!ICeldnl Wb&rf Bostoa,llae., Po CA.VANAGH 4land4,Wabuh..Lv'lllue,Chlcago.IIU.; -A, 1 No B. c JIOTAW_, GalvMtoa, TeS': ll 1P, TJllfGLB. CIDclmlatl, 0 ; B. W ... 1:/LifiG, To DOLL-'IID_t !M!enpolla,.uw ; W a. IIOPa< l!outhli.Dd Wa e DaiUmnre, lid.; (lOOPER CI!:J OM -.t l!'ont Blo.. JlempWI, or-, w. a. oLD t ... V1 'tV"'-lll$reot, New York. B et. 1\Iai n nnd Seco nd Sts ST. ::t:..O"O":J:B, 1\I!I:C>. M. H. GUNTHER, of New Orlean.a, Ch o ice B ran d s o t Im porte d L ic ori c e alwa y s on Cn+:tnn Buyer band. Lib eral Cash A dvance s made on Consign COMIIIIISSION LEAF TOBACCO BROKER, ________ : ___ ments. W. S. O'NEIL, E. BIMM & SONS, :oa::n.V':ll.l.e, 'V'a.. Pac.keran.d.DealeriD Paekera oCa.nd. Denier In Buy on (_::onuul!ll!lltnn. OHIO SEED LEAF TOBACCO OHIO SEED LEAF TOBACCO :0.4.. Y'T'OJSJ, C>. Orolera PrOID)>ll)' A.Ueade4 te, ::J?. J. &C> G-MANUFACTURERS OF All KINDS OF PLUG TOBACCO, C>. 0-u.r ::t:.ooad:l::n.t; Elra::n.d :EIXG 'G-U"N" 1 u Soll4 (Jomf"ort," ''Trade Dollar," "Tidal WaYe," Blaek Dtam.o.-.d.'' STBisT. LO:Russiii'J.. (Succeooon to JOHN C. 'l>Ai<.TRIDGE I; CO.,) lVHOLESALE.TOBAOCONISTS AND SOLE PROPRIETORS 011' THE GEKUlNE 4 GOLDEN CROWN'' CIGARS, 57 Lake Street a11d 41 State Street, Chicago, 111. ALSO AC:ENTS FOR Tlfll: FOLLO'IfTNG WELL-KNOWN FIRMS:-. 't. LOilil.L.utD &: co.,_ Nw York; SEIDElfBtntG..! OQ., New Tort; w. or. BLACKli'UoL a Dur!Ym, "' c,;_ J. J BAGU::Y a oo .... Maa.'U'LOWER;" IIJcb, 1 W CARBOLL'B ML&RJI: JACJ[," l.yncht>urc, Va.. & CO.'S "OLD JUDGE ToiJMCo and Clga.n;t_ttj_!!ALL'S "BE.'TWII:EN TRE ACTS" and F. B. KINNEY'S CIGJL1

.. 1JmileSS Directory Of AdVCftiSCfL t:OUIB ASH, DA-viD l!EIR, BENJ. ASH y!!!!:. a SPX SS, Man t+facturers of Fine :Barnes Geo. B. 70 Pine WJ water And Dealers 1n LAP TOBACCO 1014, 1016, 1018, 1020 SECOND AVENUE (JhocldeyA.D.&co.asl'lroad '(6 Park York. 310, 312, 314 AND 316 FIFTY-FOURTH FACTORIES :-No, 412 2nd District & 723 3rd Dletrlot. :tv:m-ov -vo:a:s:. -Jni.oa. Enw' Wm. & Co. Pear1 J"rled,m&D. Henry, 11Y Maiden Lane l'rlend E & G. & Co. 129 Malden lADe. G. w. Gail & Ax, 1116 Water ()&rib D J .. Bon & Co. 44 Broad. o.-ert J L & Bro. 157 Bowery Qerlhel L. & Bro. 191 Pear1 l &. C-o. 151 w ... ter BeObroner, & Co. 119 Maiden Lane Btnleh. Vlctorius & Co 177 Water J[erbo &; Bpi ... 1014-1020 2d A vooue ][oenlg B 226 Pearl I.Acbenorucb & Bro. 164 Water. Lederer & Fischel, Pearl. IAYiD M. H. !62 Pear1 a-yD. 1611 Water NeulJerger M. 172 Water fiewi(&M L 144 Water Ottinger Brothers. 4 8 Broad. Owen F. E. OppenbeiJner 1\l. 138 Water ftellmODD G. 228 Pearl. BO'senwald E & Bros. 145 Water Roosln s. & Boos, !73 Water Salomon G. & Bros. 2M Pearl ea.wyer, Wa.Ua.ce & Co. 47 Broadway SohOTerlln-w Bros. tot: Water SChroeder & Bon, 178 Wa.ter Schnb&rt H & Co. 160 Water. -uls Fred. 213 Pearl .bert Henry. 68 Broad. SpiDpnl E. & co. 5 Durling SUp. Stelnee&:e R., 131 Water Tal: (Jbarlea F. & Bon. 184 i'ront. Up.,...D, C&rl. 178 Pearl. for th.e Sale OI and Smoking TobacCO&. Allen._ co, 173 a.nd 175 Cb&mben A....U & Duoelll Warren. Dob&ll, carroll & uo. 104 Fronl DuBoll -.,ugene. "m Front. lllqlebaeb If. 58 8 WubiOKtOn Square eardlner J. 1\l. 84 Front. Ben A. 43 Uberty. Bunt H. W. 69 Wilham, ll&rttn J w., 7'4 J'ront Thompson, M.oore & Co. 83 Fron', Wille & Bendheim, 264 and :i66 Canol Toba:: Bal.-. Guthrie & Co. 225 Front. Leaf ToloacOO SW.CJiif&IJ. PJdllp c. s &: Co. 188 Pearl Qom.rra...uioft. JlercMUfl Boyneoi!Ntbera 1/L Co., ti IlL 48 Exe-Plaee: Toba::Br"""Cattul John. 83 }Seaver Jllller Ill. 116 Malden Lane G&D8' Bon J. s. & (Jo. 84 and 86 WaD Oeberne, James G. M Jlader M. &: Boo. 48 Broad 8back A 178 Pearl Street. Jlonuf of 81n.oking and Chetcfnq TobaCCO Andenon John&, Co. 114. 11ft and 117 Uberty. BuchaDAD & Ly-all 101 Wall Buchner D. & Co. 173 and 175 Duane. Qoodwln & co. 'SYl & 209 Water. Helme Geo. W 133 Water and 85 Fine 1 E.tnney Broil. 51r, to 525 West 22d McAlpin D. H. & Co cor A-venue D aad Teeth. lllllet G. B & Co. 97 Manutacturer't of Ciaa.n.. Adrian H. J 472 Orand A8b, Louis & Co. 96 and 9S Reade Beh'in & Sieber, 16-20 7th stand 2-6 Ball at. Bondy & Leaerer, 96 to 110 Attorney Brussel James&: Co. 7'8 Bowery DeBarY F red. & Co 41 aud 4.., Warren Dingfelder & Libko, 39 and 41 Fulton BeUbroner, Josephs & Co. fiSQ-699 Fir-GAve.. JDrscb D. & Co. l!l:J a.nel 180 l[autman B1 0fl. & Bondy, 129 &: 181 ,Jacoby Morris & Co. 125-129 Broome. Jacoby s & Co. 200 Chatham Bq & 5&: 7 Doyer :K&nfman s. 132 Dtt.ane Street Kerbs s; Splesa, 1014 to 1020 Becolld A. &nd 310 to 814. Flftv-fou.rth LeTJ" Brae. A venue C &DQ 13th Street. Bros. &:: Co. :.m8 and rtO BowWJ' Lombard V. 110 Wator Love Joo. W. 6 Rivlngtoo lllende1 M W. &: Bro 15 1 Bowery ]l!oonells Adolph, 847-llljl 2d Avenue Orgler 8. 811 M.urra,y Qt-berg s. & Bros. ll6l1 and 264 Broadway Prapr X. \V. :-5 Courtlandt 'Jt. Slellleclte R., 131 Water 6lllchelberg l\1. & Co., 92 and 94 LibertJ' Btralton & Storm. 004-208 East 27th Sutro &-Newmark. 76 P&rk Place Upmann Carl, 178 Pearl Street. lmpo-rters of 811matra Wrapj1Garcia J'. Bro. & Co. 167 water i!Qato E. H 104 Chambers . 11\9 Wa&I!P llamUtoa C C &: co. 170 Water Undo F. C. &: Co. 14ll W-r lii&Ml""'Y. 'N. Y Tobacoo Maeblno Co 61 BrOIIdwar. TobacCO .IT-. &uthrle & Oo. 225 Front of c.gcw Erlcha H. W. 8111-lm J:aot El""oth k Boukoll Jacob, :.19ll and !l1lf -B. 1711and 181 Lew!& WJoa WUBam 11. eo. 1118-111 -DoiiNr m 0111ar. li&J'1MII' J. 11 ud cannon llP-" W. B. 4&-4'1& Eu&Telltlr. Import..o/ Cigar llol4a. Ericblo H W. 811>-8tliCMl BleTentb Ia. Silo. C.-d lloutl., ..... .n....w.,. ,. .._. J'lmldq Oo.ll udll--. 1 Jlall.,._.. B. 71-ft .. ttl .lolul, lllA-r,""' a .Sp0.7i-'i.Hh U.'ll.U v crnj..j tT' ( )J.yur kil, bufi.& & Maurer, 22 and 24 N WlWam Lobonllteln & G&DS, 101 Malden Lane Strauss Sim J n 179 Lewis Wleke Wm. & Co. 153-161 Qoerck of Tobacco Show Card.e' and Label&. Bros., Five Peinta. P. 0. Bos Impnrler f'" La Yuelta .Abajo ff'W.vor. Chaskel J., 66 Warren. )f,frt. H rwana Cigar Flavor. Fries Alex .&. Bros. 44 Cpl lege Place. a.n.d Cigar Heppenhe1mer &: Ma.un>r and 2+ N. 'VUllAm New YorK Publishing Co. 94 Bowery W. E. 465-415 Tenth Mjr of Old Judge" Oigarettel.. Goodwin & CO. 207209 Water. Manti(act>u.rers o.f Kinne y BTOB. Cigorl!lttu. Klncey Tobacco Co. 5 15-525 W est22d. .Manufacturer OJ Crooke 1 COmpound TiR Fora. TotJacoo .Med ium arnt Tian.e. Crooite John J. 1M 1\lu.lberrv Inan1,facturer of Silver Foil. Crooke John J. t6:J Mulb erry Manufacture. s of Cigar Mould.e Borgfeldt N. H. 510 East Nineteenth' of Sheet Metal and Wooden Cigar Mouktl. Miller, Dubrtll &: Pete,.. M!g Co. 510 E 19lh Tobacco Scrop Mac.\iM tor Oigor .. i\fanufacturen. Alanu_,...,.s of Chewing and Smoking 7 abaccO. Barker K.. C. It Co. 74 and 16 Jefterson Importl!Ts of Havana Tobacco. Berger & Buehler, 215 Jet'terson Av!!!_ue. DURHAM. N. C. Manu.(acturen of Smoking TobacCo. BlaelrweU W T & Co M.!rt o.t Blac1.-w.ell'l Durham. Oigarcttea, Bla.ckwell W. T ct Co. EV ANSVILL.I:., Ind. ,.obacco Commiasion. .MercAa...U.. .Monis C. J. & Co GLASGOW, Scotland, Scotch Clay Pipes. WhiteW. HARTFORD, CoiUl, ..Pa.ckertJ and D ealers in Seed Leaf Toba.tco Gershel L. &: Bro .. :!29 St&te Lee Geo 150 State :1,: HAVANA, Cuba. Tobacco and Cigar Commission Merchanta. Bosselmann cE: Schroeder. Lamuarilla 18 Lobeck & Co. 83 .Mercaderes Street, Richtering Aug. & Co. 3 Mercaderes street HOPKINSVILLE, KT Tobacco Brokera Bc:::o.d.y &-. x ed.erer,_ IU!WJ'.oLOO'UREBil o r Fine CigarS MENDEL & DRo ., lannfactllr8rs of Cigars If, .oL1ID DIIALEII8 IN ; LEAF TOBACCO, I 96 to I I 0 Attorney St., N'EI"'V 'YO:RH:, THE FlRid OF John Matthews, bt A,e;, 26th &: 2'lth St.., Nnr Y.dr, Uceoaees of tbe Tilghman Band BJ.aot Manu!acturen by other Patented Pl-oCeu. of. TransDaront ... SIGNS. Borgteldt N.H. 510 Eaot 19th and 1M Water ift Machinerp. Toots and ror Cipnr M.antacturera.. Flack E .M. Thompson Geo V Bagadale W. E 96 & 9S,B.EADE STB.EET,NEWYORK, o. IIS !;f B or\l owery, NeVIl Sltetcb .. ud Eotlmalell fumished oaapPuealloL Wa.tteyne H. Pearl Intenwl JU'trenue Bo9ka. Jolll'l" C 80 I'Dd II! Ubf>rty li'&rngn oft.d Domelfic Banken. Btenabel'l'er Simon, 4-4 Excb&nge P1&oe. Ma""locl'llrer of &ow Figura. Robb 8. A. 195 Canal 8 179 and 181 Lewle 8oi4 Mc>if<1CIU,...,. o} IM Ori(liaal -8ecll 8molring Emmet W C. 74 Pine JmporUrs of lr,.enclt. Paper. Augustin & Dusel 11 Warren )lay Brothers. lOfJ 2d C,_mercaal AgflaCie.a. Tbe Br&dotreet (',o. i7ll Broadway Ma.nujaotun!Ta of Cigar Box LuMHr. Road Geo. W. & Co. !86-200 Lewlo Tobacco Fr.&f/ht Brom. Smith W 0 .t Co. 53 Exchange Place Ma1111foctMrer o/ Cigar RibboN. Wicke Wm. & Co. cor. Goerck and Third Cigar-Box LabeZ. and Trimming .. Heppenheimer .t Maurer, !2 and 94 N. WilHam Neuman & DlnJZ"IinR"Hr, n. w cor. Pearl &: Elm Uptegrove W E 4&54711 East Tenth at II.&Du. facturera of W a.z Paper. Bammerschlag S. 62 .[)ey st Regenbard, Shevill & Co. M tley at Tobacco B&gpi,.g. Pe1110a. A. Harriman & Co. 457-459 Broome .Manu.facturera of the Erie Ciga.r Lighttn. Holmes, Booth & Hayaens, 49 Cb&mben ALBANY, If. Y. Manufacturer of Qreer'e A. Sons. ttl! Brea.d"\\ay ,... AII[STERDAJI, Hollaatl, lMJ)Of'ter of Seed and Dlr in Sumatra Tob. Urbach & Franldort. BALTIMORE, Jld. 7"obaAco WarehOt&.H&. Barker&; Waga-ne'i_29 SOuth Gay Boyd W A.. 8: co. "" South Kerckbolf & Co. !!ou ih Cnarleo Klemm Cha.s. B. 39 North Calert Marriott, G. H. M. :15 German Merlela & .Kemper, 39 Gf"lrnl&n WencK, E. E. 4ti and 48 South Charles Wiscbmeye1 Ed. &: Co. 39 South Calvert Dea.er8 in Spanish Cedar jor Boxu. Stow Cbas. W. & Co. Uhler' s Alley. Ma .... -uft..LCtu.,.er.! of Oigrt., s (lnd C1garettea Baron & Hainebach, 863 ,V. Baltimore St. Tobacco .Ma1l.uJacturtn"s. Gall & Ax, 28 Barre Marburg Brothe-rs. 145 to 149 South Charlel Totaacco and General Commission v ocke R. E. & Co. s. e. cor. Cheapside and Lombard Patent Stem Roller. KerckbOt'! G. & Co 49 Soutb Charleo Manufacture'" of (,';gar Boxes. Helll!cbeo Rudolph, a.nd 1140 B. Sharp. Packe>'B of seed Leaj and lmportw of Ha?Jana Tobacco. Becker'Bros. 98 Lombard Behrens John & Co. 20 Water st Kerckholt Oeo & Co 49 South Chartae Tobac co. Shipping a1\d CommU8ico Bemil. Emery. Jr. 32 Central Wharf Jones Oeo. H. 98 Water Jmporter Manufacturer of Fine Cigarl. Wilder Cbas. W. Jr. 58 lt.ilby and 98 Water Tobacco u/ru::turen' Agent. Kittredge Wm. P. & Co. 9 Central Wharf D e o.ler in W 'l'Qbacc o Holyoke C. 0. 12 Central \\'barf. Impo1'ter of and in Seed Leaf. Bemis, Jr. Emery, '$Cental Wharf. BREMEN, Germ&Dy. Tobacco Commiuion Merc hant&. FaUeostolo "'. F BUFFALO, N. Y, D ea1er in and Packer of Uaf. Levin P. 11Z.114 Excha.nlle CHICAGO, IlL M.nfn o! Pop,art p-rained and .!Ja,u Wooa U1gar Box Lumber. Baamer Wm. & Co. 67 and flY S. Canal st .Agetd fo,. Cigar.a and Chetoing and Smoking Tobaccn. LANCASTER, p., Dealen '" .Ltat 'l'obGcco. Frey & Weidler, 213 W ICing "'t HlrBh Da>1d G. 8 Eas Cheonul&t 81dleH .&: l"rey 61 and. Ga North DtU::e arki Merclwlnf. Teller A 238 N Shippen sr.. Man-vfacturen of CXgar Hlrob David G. Stehman H. L. &: Co. 252-115( N Queen t, Cope Bros. & Co. 10 Lord N e lsoa l!lt 'l'obacco Brokers. Parry & Crocbieo 6 North Jobn Street LOUISVILLE, Ky. .Ptug Tobaceo Maftufaclurera. Flnser J & Bt'OII 194 aad 181 Jac:ob Tach au & Landrum. Leaf Tobacco. MelerW. G. & Co. Tobacco Comm&.aion Melkltdl. Wicks G W & Co J141n Mfrtt Agent. Schetrey L. C. :.2 Fourth A vfl. l 'obacco Brflker. C&Jlawa.y Jamee F comer Elghtb aDd ll.alD. Gunther George F LewiS Rich'd M 848 West Malo ll.eler Wm. G. &:: Co 68 8eYentb NaobGeo.P. Praa-of! W F. 394 West Main LYNCHBURG, v._ Manujacturl!!lt"' of Tobacco. Carroll John W. Carroll Wm. S. Tobac co ComMillion. .Jlercl&a...U. Holt, Schaefer &: Co. Dlr Virginia LeaJ 4 :r.-In.f"'l ScraP' ct Stem.. Le!twlcb A. il. llrlA YFIELD, Ky. Leaf ToPac:Pe Buuer. Melloo W. S. MELBOURNE, AustraUa. Tllbocco Vigt1.r Mt>rcl&at und Man.frt. Feldheim, Jacobs & Co. MIDDLETOWN. O. Manu]actu.e oj Plug l'obaoco1 Borg P. J. & Co. NEW JIIL'FOR.D, Conn. Packer and Dealer1 i11. Seed Lea/. Scboerling Bros. PADUCAH, Ky. TOOooco .Mroket". Puryear T R PATERSON, N. J, .M4Rutacturer of Chewing and Smoking To bacc<1, SnnD" and Cigars. Allen & 65 67 Van RouteD Street PETERSBURG, Va, 6f .Rug and Smoking Tobacco alld Deale.-. m Leaf 1'obacco. Venable 8 W. & Co. Mamtfacturer of {Jwut lraey C.,lutn71f. Jac-D C A. & Co. CommiuiOtl BalD & -Parrack PHILADELPHIA. Tobacco WarehOUNa. Bamberger L. & Co. 111 Arcb Batchelor Bt'08 1281 Chesnut Bremer's Lewis Sons, S22 North Third Doban &: Taitt 107 An:b Blsenlohr Wm. &: Co. 116 South Water McDoweU )L ..C. & Oo. 39 North Water Moore John&:: Co. 45 N Water. Bav It 35 North Water water Teller Bro"bers, 117 .Noath Third Importers of BaMnn. Cigar cind Agent for Seidert.berg'.! Key Wed""Oigars. i"uguet, Stephen, & Sons, 231 Chestnut Leaf Philips C. S. & Co. 131-18:! No rth Watet. Manufacturer of Snu and Smoking Tobacco. Wallace Jaa. 666 to 67'..! North Eleventh Maft'l:factrer of eioars. Ba.tcb elor Bros. 1231 Chestnut and 28 N 2d Gumpert Bros., 1 ,341 Chestnut Theobald & Oppenheimer, Girard Av. ct 7th st 2'ooacco Brour. Fougeray A R. 33 North Front. Manufactu? 'e'l'l of Licm-iee PMU. Menor& Rittephouse, 218 North Twenty-Second'a .Agent for Plug a11d Sm.oking Kelly F. X. Jr. 112 A rch Wholesale Dealers i n Leaf and M'f'd Tobacco Hell Jonn B. 531 South Second I KAUFMANN BROS. & BONDY, lmporte .. and .. of Ei[ar & 229 East a...... 129 & 131 Grand St., New York. Salesroom: 129. & 131 Grand street, New York. DEFIANCE. CIGAR MANUFAGTORl.. SAXONY BUNC.HlNG MACHINE. -oe S. KAUFMAN, MANUFACTURER OF ALL CRADES OF FINE CIGARS, No. 132 Duane Street, N'e.....r Y"ork.. TD OE11 DillE TD SCOTCH CLAY PIPES. W ; WHITE, GLASGOW, BRAND. o A. Peck. 51-53 South Water Wholesale Dea.iera in Seed. Ltaf aR.d Ha1HJt\CI Tobacco. Beck A. &; .Co. 44 and 46 Dearborn. 8a.Jldbagen Bros. 17 W RandQlpb Oiga1-Boz Labels and Trimmings. Harris Geo. S. & Son, s. e. cor. 4th and Vine. Awardl Sydney! N. S. W., 1879. FuU Count bl evel')' Box, well Paekecl. -D. :EJ::J:::Fl.SC:E3: OC>.; 'CA.PAVITYa 2000 Scrap Bnnchos ll6f Day. Silbert B. 23 t E RaDdolph Sutter Ih:otbel"i, 46 and 48 Michigan A venue M.anfi'l of .FtneOut Chewing &: Srnokin{l Tob. 'Beck A. &: Co. 44. and 46 Dearborn WholeJale 'l'obacconists and M'f'n' Best. & Co. 57 Lake and 41.8tate Woodward E A. 42 Av. CINCDOrATI, O. Oiga Boz Lumber. The E. D Albro Co., 6$-'ie"l W 6tk, Trost Samuel W., 699 to 707 West Sixth"' Wlw!tsale Dln in (,'igar do 'l'obaUD and Agts. for Globe FineOut a"!d Hal': is .t Son' s Oiga Manufacture Supplot. Scbuberth & Co. 185 Vlno Dealer.! in Spanish and Cig&r Leaf 7bbacco. Meye r By. & Co. 46 Front F. Tob. CmnmiiBio Br-.. Clark )L H & liro CLEVELAND. O, .DiaLer i ]Aaf o.tld. HIIM.!Otw Jobber i n.Uirit'l.IU ll4'fi'KfaehJred Sem.on Charlea. sueeeesor t.o Gola.oD .t Semon. JMOntano DANBURY, Co..., ,...,,_.and Dealer ... s .. d :z-t ara-a. w DA.lfVILLE. v .. Packer .t in Lm....-m LM.j Tollaeoo :Brokwl. Strictlw .. Order. P. (' .. Pemberton &: Penn, Cotft.Miaion 0/ Leal !'o&c:leco. Poanoo J R. .t: Co. DAV""NPORT.Iowa.' Jl""'vfocrnrer of Cign.r -ct Ot9'W Koldo. J(ooB .... r. cor, 6tit. fl. aDd W -nl &YO, DATTONo 0. .J'IildMr' ..a Durg Sroo Wolls & Spier I 120 Olive Mfr of Tobacc6. Da.wu:aan TobRCCO Co SYRACUSE. N.Y. Jtan.uf&CtU r 'M'I of Cigar J,eoret & BJ.Mdel, 168 and 170 East Water WAREHOUSE POINT, eo ... Packer Dlr '"' Cenn.. Seed .Ua/ Tobacco. Barnes Geo. B. WESTFIELD. Jl ,....,..,. .Dr pmmd; oa manutac,ured -..0 aod cigars jl\'0 .iiMir a 100 kl!ogrammeo, equal -., 88.08 .,.,.. per !JOUnd. On tobacco produced in Gennany, t.u oft'act after Aprill, Isq{):-ll'rom.Aprtl l 1880. to Jlarch31,ffJ/18111 Ill-I per 100 IDI01ld) 100 ldlogram...o (100 .ol.roerieo,n pounciB equal to 4DK ltilOa.) ln Holla.od t.b.e duty ia 2:8 centa. pkl. per tOO ldlCJe--ol;ftl ="1{; lbs being equal to 127 kilos). In the duty o n Leaf' Toll&cCO toubleo 10 kopeks pild o"' i!moking Tobacco :IIi roubleo 411.._. 'II pud; and 2 roubiea 00 kopeks tJ: pud. Th u pud" .oout a6 AmeriC&D lbs. Ia Tw-key the Is 110 cents, aold, perllK .\merican ounres. In England the are or. UnmanUtaeiurell:--:uned or otrlpued and =-emmed, concualDI Ulllo cr QIOI\8 of -ture In 100 ll>s bt thereof. 3s t; contabllnl -than II .. o1! moillture,"1110d 1>. OILM&Dutaa;urecl N....,._, 411 lOdl ; &II <>'bee ooru, ibCioldlq c.-. 411 In aMitlon w tbolibolre d'utlel there Ia Df 'II RUDOLPH HENSCHEN. ManuCac&;ore r oC CIGAR BOXES 338 & ST., :S.A.LoT.::t.n.!I:O:R:ID, t1r" Orders Promptly Pille._, B. STEINECKE, JIIANUJ'AcmJRER OF FINE CIGARS, I 3 t Water Street, New Yorl .....,._ OJl all Uruguay-llanufactured tobacco, cigars twd Clia.rettes, M .. n.d "tJUli,Te-Jn 26 per cent. ,,d In Chill the import' on Havnna haf amount to $1.511, and All ntbfoJp. kinds are tax ffl at tba rate o f S 1 pet whila u t&.X. or t:J pel: ldlogramme has \O be pM. id ou Dntles In Newfonndlnnd. Mnnrctured and smokilll: t otmccn Tfi<. '1111>; clj!ilro, IU4 and 6 pe1 t.-er1t! ud vulorem; teat nn..o,;trippeo and unatemmed.l*' & stl"lpped" andstemDled, 16c 1b. 'fhe abo""t'e pricea lD ruo uey. (Jana! ... DOW :\ ":: rlouo maoutaetm. of col>aceO--;;;r=.rod To-: 1111 -;=aDd wd 20 per cen t. t:Ut Jl&D ADd ..-..,: ... per_., od --Snalf: IIi ceo a. Ia-. :>BI"retn. lo llell Df &II beiM ,.,. .. .,....._ eD..t "-., .. ......-- ... rolle4ud ww.e4. 'iob&e bl&llCOD ---." ": ....... ...l.""!t nd made theN ::.J':., lmJIOM!I, WMd ... .,... raw leal', tile ----..-.... ......... ... !""Led OD ..,. ........ Gl' -.... -tloola a.--. olfo11roeuiL 1 moen : .... .. Plld ... ,. ..... ....... -.......... ..-


---.. F'actory:-No. 8, 3d District, and Salesroom:-41 & 43 Warren 'te> Owing to the numerous humbug patented. substitutes used in preparing cheap paoer, we feel the importance of calling public attention to our wrap pers, which are made of the FINEST NATURAL RICE PAPER, Wliversally known to b e the best; free from shellac, arsenic, and other deleterious drugs, which are requirE)d to render saliva-Jiroof and toughen inferior paper. A carefu l examination of our Paper and will satisfy all of the great m erits claimed. Examine each Cigarette and see that every one bears KINNEY BROS.' fac-simile signature. BUY NO OTHER. lUNNEY TOBACCO CO., Manutacturers ot tbe following well -known brands:CaRoral Sweet Caporal st.-James, ltlatinee, Entre Nous, Sport, Ambassador, Union Club, zetland, Veteran, &c. WBAVBB 114. OecSaz-f::r-* l!ilre"VV York, AND IANUPACTUBERS. SP DISH IJCoBIGKlCi GRill LICDBICH ALL SPECIALTIES FOI PLUI liD FIH-CUT TOBACCO. LIVE OIL, TOICA BEARS, GUMS, FLAVORS. Powdered Liooriee Boot, .AND PATENT PG'WDERED LJ:CORJ:CE..-w STl<.:K LlCORlCE1Wit KAVE THI\. FAVORlTJ: BRANDSo-* ..., 1'. S., I'ICIJ.'II'A'l'JIIJ.I .&Jr.D CIVZOI.DI'Z. Tho Celebrated .j--= ORIGlNAL GREEN SEAL" EstabHsbed .So. "RED SEAL,"' CAROTTE" & .. SUNSHIWE" IBIGH'l' VTRIHNIA llfEERSCJUUM !lMOKING 'l\)BACCOS, cut from Virginia Plui:. ""'V. 0, EIDDEIT, BOLE lllANUFACTURER, ... PDfE STR.EE'l', JrEW YOR.IIL FR. ENGELBACH, ""'V:EI:OX.EI&.S..X.JI!II TUBAtiGO DHPOT &!GHNCY : For F. W. FELGNER. & BON'S, JIAltt-.o..., To'baoco aad -. 56 S. WASHINGTON SUUARE, N. Y.l W. E. UPTEGROVE, Spa.nfsh Cedar i'OR CIGAR BOXES; _...,_ Box laken' Sunlios. Foot 1Oth & 11th st, East River, NEW YORL and now ata.ud s, as formerl y without a rival. Oniers f orwarded through the u8UA1 chaunelll will meet with prompt atteatiolt. ltlay 'rothers, Iajwrten of French Cigarene Paper. A:ad t.heU.B. fort.loe--FRENCH GAMBIER CLAY PIPES. \91> 2d Av ... ue, ,_,. 6th Bt.. \", [Houee at P1Y1s. J K W iYOR:K. LICORICE ,PASTE. THE STWORD IDUFACTURING GO., 1.8'7 :J!WE A I I :al!llr, N"Eli""'V 'fto,o l'Nde dem&llded a SUperior and Cheaper Article tl.m that hlth..-to aoed. t.bla


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